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Top right: Seniors Jamie Sloas and 
Greg Winters participate in a snow- 
ball fight while in the third grade. 

Middle left: Seniors Lori Yaros, Nicole 
Dunn, Jennifer Woronecki, Junior Kellie 
Salisbury, Seniors Cheryl Sleeper, Kevin 
Krull, and Michael Sawyer have fun at a 
grade school birthday party. 

Middle right: Being cousins in the same 
grade and at the same high school 
have been enjoyable for Juniors Shan- 
non Cox and Heather Allen. 

Right: Senior Fellca Mola and Junior 
Amy Mola show that sisterhood can 
be fun. 

Bottom right: Seniors Jeanette 
Vaclavik, Mary Manfred, Kris Milne, 
dnd Katie Adair have fun at a fourth 
grade slumber party. 

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Looking Back at the Year. . .1992 

theme theme theme theme theme theme theme theme theme theme 

LIFE. It seems like we've 
been through practically the 
whole cycle of It. Elementary 
school, middle school, and 
high school memories will 
always be something to look 
back and smile, or even 
frown, upon. 

Remembering back to 
when we were first enrolled in 
kindergarten; back then we 
loved school. Playing with 
clay and coloring didn't 
seem so bad, but as the 
years progressed and the 
classes became more dif- 
ficult, the joy of going to 
school diminished. 

The excitement returned 

when we were finally able to 
go to the middle school. 
Even though we would be the 
little sixth graders, this was a 
major step in our lives. We 
were now switching rooms 
and teachers for classes and 
meeting new friends. As the 
years progressed, we finally 
became eighth graders, the 
big kids who knew all the ins 
and outs of middle school 
life. The experiences we had 
at the middle school helped 
us get ready for the high 

When we first arrived at 
HHS we were obnoxious, 
immature, and inexperienc- 

ed freshmen. The teachers 
and upperclass students 
made it clear that we were 
unliked, and we learned to 
grow up fast. As the years 
went by, we became ac- 
customed to high school 
and its atmosphere. 

Now that our high school 
years are almost over, we will 
be looking back on all that 
we've been through and 
what has happened to us. 
Our first high school formal 
dance, football and basket- 
ball homecomings, school 
plays, talent shows, and in- 
volvement in sports or clubs 

are memories that will never 
be forgotten. 

Memories that we will try 
to forget may include the first 
D- on our report card, study- 
ing all night to pass a test, 
arguments with teachers or 
friends, and waking up early 
every morning. These will be 
the moments in our lives 
when we are thankful that our 
schooling, from elementary 
to high school, are over. 

When looking back at the 
pages of life, the memories 
don't seem so bad. But who 
wants to go back and live our 
lives all over again? 

Top left: Seniors Tom Steffus, Jim 
Pope, Frank Maggio, and Shane 
Smith pose for a picture while in 
eighth grade. 

Top right: Mrs. Sawyer's seventh grade 
science class gets together for an end- 
of-the-year photo. 

Bottom left: Dressing up for a skit in 
freshman English is Senior Christine 

Bottom right: Seniors Sara Branden- 
burg, Kris Doerr, and Kellee Robb 
participate in a second grade Peter 
Rabbit play. 


Top left: Senior Willie Rich holds the team's state champi- 
onship plaque as Senior Frank Maggio holds his Phil Eskew 

Top right: Playing in the fountain at Purdue University are 
Seniors Martin Fox, Jennifer Smith, Jennifer Dickson, and 
Brian Fattore. 

Middle left: Always fighting over Mr. Tom Workman are 
Juniors Fleather Allen, Turyia Simic, Amy Mola, and Erica 

Middle right: This group of HHS students at the football 
Homecoming dance ham it up for the photographer. 

Bottom right: Juniors Stephanie Thomason, Chasity Pis- 
cione, and Freshman Tom Stroud are all smiles after 
performing in the Hoosier Dome. 

Memories of Student Life at HHS 

student life student life student life student life student life student life student life 

Student Life. Which grade 
level will be remembered as 
the most enjoyable and fun 
throughout your schooling? 
These seniors look back and 
recall certain memories they 
have about these grades. 

Katie Boston, 12: "Aside from 
my senior year, the most 
enjoyable year for me was 
my junior year. I met a lot of 
new people and became 
alittle more outgoing. I also 
think that my junior year was 
the year I started to achieve 
some goals, and those are 
the important things to do. I 
can leave this school know- 
ing I've accomplished some- 
thing for myself." 

Martin Fox, 12: "My most 
enjoyable year in school was 
my senior year. Of all the 
great experiences of my 
senior year, playing in and 

winning the state football title 
were the best. Also, there 
were many great parties, 
basketball games, and other 
fun activities." 

Michele Galvin, 12: "The 
most enjoyable and fun year 
throughout high school for 
me was my freshmen year. It 
was a new experience since 
I came from a Catholic 
grade school, and I enjoyed 
meeting a lot of new 

Kevin Krull, 12: "Senior year 
was the most memorable for 
me. Being co-captain of the 
football team that won two 
state titles and a runner-up, 
going to Africa for my senior 
trip, and graduating." 

Mary Manfred, 12: " Although 
I can't remember a year in 
my schooling that I haven't 

had fun, the year I seemed to 
have the most fun was my 
junior year. It seemed that 
there was never a time that I 
wouldn't be asking myself, 
"What's gonna' happin' 
next?" During the year there 
were many tears and 
downfalls, but for every one 
of them, there was always 
something to lift everyone's 
spirits up." 

for me. Mike Sawyer, Mike 
Hall, Laura Guillen, and I had 
fun dancing on the track to 
"The Bird," and making fun of 
Mrs. Butterball. Also, we were 
the terrors of Mundell, organ- 
izing clash days and sit-ins. 
Elementary school is the last 
time I can remember every- 
one being friends. Now- 
adays, everyone seems to 
be in their own clicks." 

Jake Inwin, 12: "My senior year 
was the best year for me. It 
will be the last time I see a lot 
of these people for a long 
time, so I am just having fun. 
There have been many 
great parties and get 
togethers that I will always 
remember through my life. 
Also, I will remember my 
teammates in basketball." 

Kris Templin, 12: "Fifth grade 
was the best year of school 

Celeste Goodwin, 12: "My 

sophomore year was the 
best because that was when 
I became friends with 
Jessica, Jenni, Nikki, and Abi, 
whom would later become 
my closest and most fun 
friends in the whole world. 
Nearly all of my high school 
memories include them, and 
it would be difficult to look 
back on my last three years 
of high school without re- 
membering the group." 

Top left: Senior Julie Poole, Juniors 
Natalie Sistanich, and Turyia Simic 
finalize their stay in Erlangen. Ger- 
many at a farewell party. 

Top right: The JV cheerleaders par- 
ticipated in a cheerleading camp at 
Notre Dame University. 

Bottom left: Taking time out of sum- 
mer cheerleading practice are 
Seniors Kriste Foerg, Amy Gaydos. 
Carrie Anderson, and Tami Sliz. 

Bottom right: Bundling up for a cold, 
home football game are Seniors 
Kelly Campbell and Stacey Dalton. 

Student Life 5 


( , 


Top left: Having a picnic at John 
Wood School are Seniors Kris 
Luedtke, Kristan Doerr, Michelle 
Rosenberg, and Frank Maggio. 

Top right: Seniors Jackie Hartt and 
Abi Joseph sit in amazement after 
the Merrilliville Pirates handed the 
Brickies its only loss by one point. 

Middle: Seniors Michael Sawyer and John 
Coons participate in the Homecoming 
parade as German hippies. 

V" * > 

Bottom right: Juniors Natalie Sistanich 
and Dan Butler view the scenery at 
Eagle's Nest in Germany. 

Bottom left: Seniors Greg Winters and 
Bill Manolopoulos lift Stacey Dalton 
off her feet at the Dunes. 

Memories of Student Life at HHS 

student life student life student life student life student life student life student life 

STUDENT LIFE. What will you 
remember most about HHS? 
There were many things that 
happened throughout the 
year. These seniors look 
back and recall certain 
memories of their schooling. 

Mark Anderson, 12: "One 
moment I remember was 
during the early part of out 
season. We had just 
received new Hobart tennis 
shirts for the season. The 
shirts had starched, stiff 
collars and had many 
buttons down the front, giving 
the shirts an almost formal 
look. We told Coach Wuch- 
ner that the shirts were too 
dressed-up looking, but he 
really didn't seem to get the 
message. That's when Tom 
Steffus, Brian Mercer, and I 
showed up at that match with 
our collars buttoned up 
wearing old, outdated ties. 

Coach didn't know what to 
think after that." 

Jennifer Dickson, 12: "My best 
memories of school activ- 
ities are when I went to 
Germany with the exchange 
program, going to dances 
with Brian, SADD lock-ins, 
meeting Mark Sharenbroich 
at the Student Council State 
Convention, and most of all, 
going to the dome and 
watching our team win the 
state championship. After 
the game, Mary Manfred 
took me into the locker room 
to see Brian, and I'll never 
forget how happy he was. 
That weekend was really fun, 
and I’ll never forget it." 

John Coons, 12: "The thing I 
will remember most about 
HHS is working with the 
theater group. For three 
years, I worked running lights 

and sound in the auditorium, 
and while I did this, I made 
many friends and learned a 
lot about the theater. Some 
of the best memories of my 
junior and senior years 
involve the time I spent with 
the group and the many 
hours I put In after school. The 
best memories of all these 
hours were dinner with Miss 
Mumaugh, and dinner at 
Dairy Queen with Mr. Wolff." 

Christine Mikusevich, 12: 

"There are many things I will 
always remember about my 
schooling. I'll never forget all 
the fun I had with my friends, 
or all the great memories we 
made together at football 
games, basketball games, 
parties, Germany, or even 
our nightly study groups. I'll 
never forget all the support 
and help I received from all 
my teachers, or the time I put 

into making the grades. I will 
miss everything and every- 
one here at HHS." 

Chadd Charbonneau, 12: "I 

will remember Mr. Brumley 
because of his great 
teaching techniques and 
especially Mrs. Cory for the 
many things she has taught 
me. I will remember my 
friends through the good, 
and even the bad, times 
we've had together." 

Sara Brandenburg, 12: "Some 
of my best memories 
throughout my schooling 
include Miss Schrader's 
honors biology class and our 
field trip to 'the Bog.' Also, Mr. 
Workman and how fun his 
A.P. U.S. History class was. 
My spring break trip to Africa 
was also a great memory. 
Most importantly. I'll never 
forget my friends." 

Top left: Seniors Tom Steffus, Sara Brandenburg, Michelle Rosenberg. 
Christine Mikusevich, and Michelle Feczko joined Mr. Tom Workman 
at Indiana University for Indiana History Day. 

Top right: The varsity cheerleaders formed a quick pyramid in the 
hallway of a dorm at Notre Dame University while attending a 
cheerleading camp. 

Bottom left: Wild and Crazy HHS fans cheered the Brickie football 
team to another state championship at the Hoosier Dome. 

Student Life 7 

Brickies Defeat M.C. Rogers 35-0 

homecoming homecoming homecoming homecoming homecoming 

Homecoming. It's been 
around for years and it will 
probably be around for 
many more to come. The 
annual Homecoming week, 
which fell on the week of Oct. 
13-18, has always been a 
tradition at HHS. This year 
was no different. 

Members of the Booster 
Club who wished to paint the 
windows downtown had to 
pay a $10 fee to paint. The 
fee was then returned to the 
girls after the windows were 
cleaned. This year many 
windows were left unpainted 
because of the new rule, but 
the tradition of painting 
windows continued. 

Booster Club was also in 
charge of the annual Spirit 
Week. The club gave a $5 
prize to the student who 
dressed the best for that 
particular day. 

Monday was proclaimed 
Disney Day, in which HHS 
students were able to show 
off their Walt Disney attire. 

Tuesday, students wore 
their favorite flannels and 
plaid shorts or shirts for Plaid 

Wednesday gave HHS 
students a chance to show 
everyone where they were 
going to college by parti- 
cipating in College Day. 

Thursday was Backwards 
Day, and Friday was the 
annual Purple and Gold Dress 
up Day. 

The winners for the dress 
up days included Juniors 
Amy Mola, and Zack Hill, 
Senior Mike Jewett, Soph- 
omore Mike Weeks and 
Freshman Tiffanni Pandazis. 

The Booster Club sponsor- 
ed the first annual Duck Creek 
Duck Race. Members of the 
club sold floatable ducks for 
$1, and the adoptee of the 
duck that won first place 
received $300, second place 
$200, third place $100, fourth 
place $50, fifth place $25, and 
last place $1. 

The winners of the race 

included Freshmen Melissa 
Walker, and Justin VanOuse, 
Mr. Dwight Mathis, and Fresh- 
man Jackie Coons. Other 
winners were from around 
the area. 

The second annual public 
bonfire and pep rally took 
place in the field across the 
street from the bandshell. 
Senior Michelle Feczko, 
school mayor, served as the 
master of ceremonies. The 
cheerleaders performed, 
the coaches and team 
captains talked, and the 
Homecoming finalists were 

Homecoming floats were 
again worked on at school. 
The Junior Class with their 
theme, "Raiders of the Lost 
Cause” placed first. The 
Genesius Players won in the 
club category by taking 
famous lines from famous 
works and making them into 
Brickie related sayings. 

The tradition of selling 

Homecoming mums was 
kept alive by the Quill and 
Scroll. Members sold mums 
at the football game and 
also during the school day 
for $3. 

The Homecoming football 
game against Michigan City 
Rogers resulted in a 35-0 win 
for the Brickies. Even though it 
rained throughout the game, 
the fans stayed to hear the 
results of the Homecoming 
court and witness another 
Brickie victory. 

The 1991 Football Home- 
coming queen was Senior 
Jennifer Dickson, and her 
court included Junior Erica 
Schest, Sophomore Jodi 
Lindsey, and Freshman 
Jackie Coons. 

After the game. Student 
Council sponsored a Home- 
coming dance that was from 
9:30-11:30 p.m. in the main 
gymnasium. The music was 
provided by Entertainment 

Top left: The Football Homecoming court included Freshman Jackie Coons. 
Sophomore Jodi Lindsey, Junior Erica Shest, and Senior Jennifer Dickson. 

Top right: During the rainy Homecoming game against Michigan City Rogers, 
Senior Gus Pantinas scores a touchdown for another Brickie win. 

Bottom right: These HHS ladies showed their spirit by participating in Booster 
Club's Spirit Week. On this particular day, students, as well as faculty, wore 
college sweatshirts of their choice. 

8 Football Homecoming 





o w 

Top left: Sophomore Sean Kaleta helps the Booster Club by 
fishing floatable plastic ducks out of Duck Creek. 

Top right: Junior Ed Casko, quarterback, runs for a gain in 
yards while being guarded by another Brickie player. 

Middle: During a Homecoming pep rally, senior students 
showed their disinterest towards the other classes by seeing 
what was in the news. 

Bottom left: After being crowned Homecoming Queen, 
Seniors Jennifer Dickson and her escort Mark Anderson are all 

Bottom right: Senior Brian Brown anxiously awaits the football 
team while waving a new Brickie flag. 

Football Homecoming 



Top left: Senior Amy Shy, Sylvia, reads the suggestions 
placed in the box by her students. 

Top right: Senior Ted Musick, Lennie Neumark, acts out 
the part of "the Hawk," while Junior Stephanie Thoma- 
son, Jill Norris, reports on a talking raven. 

Middle left: Playing the part of an equal rights activist is 
Senior Michelle Feczko, Edie Williams, 

Middle right: Senior Amy Gaydos, Linda Rosen, gives 
suggestions to the class about boys. 

Bottom left: Discussing lesson plans are Seniors David 
Thorsen, Paul Barringer, and Lori Yaros, Beatrice 

Theatre Class Presents Comedy 

fall play fall play fall play fall play fall play fall play fall play fall play fall play 

"Up The Down Staircase" 

was presented Nov. 13- 14 by 
the Genesius Players and 
performed by Miss Shirley 
Mumaugh's theater class. 

The annual fall play 
marked the third time the 
production had been pre- 
sented at HHS. The play, 
adapted from Bel Kaufman's 
popular novel, is about the 
exasperating experiences 
of a first year high school 
teacher. This was also a 
repeated presentation for 
Miss Mumaugh, the first 
being in 1982. 

Miss Mumaugh said that 
"Up The Down Staircase" has 
universal appeal; crossing all 
generations, and that was 
why she decided to do the 
comedy again. 

She added, "It is a timeless 
show that explores the 
thoughts and feelings of 
students, faculty, and ad- 

The leading roles for the 
girls included Seniors Amy 
Shy as Sylvia, Lori Yaros as 
Beatrice Schachter and 
Junior Sarah Laurlnas as Ellen. 

Lori said, "It was my first 
show with the Theatre, and I 
think this really relates to the 
things a lot of us go through." 

The leading male roles 
included Seniors Rick Heintz 
as Joe Ferone, Mike Jewett 
as J.J. McHabe, and David 
Thorsen as Paul Barringer. 

Rick said, “The thing I liked 
most about the play was 
playing the role of Joe 
because that role is so much 
like how I use to be, and the 
togetherness of the cast." 

Other characters included 
Seniors John Coons as Dr. 
Maxwell Clarke, Kriste Foerg 
as Ella Friedenberg, Angie 
Biemat as Frances Egan, and 
Karen Boy as Charlotte Wolf. 

Junior Hilary Philpott play- 
ed the role of Samatha 

Bester, Seniors Curt Jackson 
played Lou Martin, Ted 
Musick was Lennie Neumark, 
Junior Brandy Moore was 
Carole Blanca, Senior Shari 
Wheeler was Alice Blake, 
Junior Tanya Tallos was 
Vivian Paine, Sophomore 
Mike Weeks was Rusty 
O'Brian and Senior Amy 
Gaydos was Linda Rosen. 

Also included in the list of 
characters were Seniors 
Jane Fronczak as Josey 
Rodriguez, Cheryl Herrick as 
Carrie Blaine, Jeff Herrick as 
Harry Kagen, Kristen Templin 
as Elizabeth Ellis, Russell 
Govert as Charles Arrons, 
and Michelle Feczko as Edie 

Also, Juniors Stephanie 
Thomason as Jill Norris, 
Chasity Piscoine as Helen 
Arbuzzi, Colleen Shapley as 
Francine Gardner, Christina 
Such as Katherine, Soph- 
omores Cariann Stanley as 

Anne Borden, and Charlotte 
Sabotta as Sadie Finch. 

Charlotte said, "I remem- 
ber how it felt to be a part of 
the production and how 
special it made me feel. 
Seeing the dedication in all 
the performers really made it 

The stage manager for the 
show was Karen Boy and 
Kristen Templin. Michelle 
Feczko was the assistant 
director to Miss Mumaugh. 
Seniors John Coons, David 
Vaclavik, Shari Wheeler, 
Junior Chasity Piscione, and 
Sophomore Cariann Stanley 
were in charge of the lighting 
and spotlights, while Mr. 
Dean Wolff, Senior Russell 
Govert, and Freshman Ken 
Sailers were in charge of the 

The play began at 7 p.m. in 
the high school auditorium 
and tickets were sold at the 
door for $1. 

Top left: Seniors Kris Templin, Elizabeth Ellis, and 
Jeff Herrick, Harry Kagen, portray the smartest 
students in the class. 

Top right: Turning in their homework on time 
are Seniors Ted Musick, Lennie Neumark, 
Michelle Feczko, Edie Williams, and Jane Fron- 
czak, Josey Rodriguez. 

Bottom left: Characters from “Up the Down 
Staircase" act as if they were in school during 
this classroom setting. 

Fall Play 1 1 

Brickies Defeat Seymour 20-0 

state champs state champs state champs state champs state champs 

The Brickies dominated at 
state with a 20-0 victory over 
the Seymour Owls Nov. 30, at 
the Hoosier Dome in Indiana- 
polis. This was the Brickies 
third 4-A state championship 
in five years, and their ninth 
trip since 1979 to the final 

Junior Ed Casko, quarter- 
back, made both touch- 
downs in the game, while 
Senior Bill Manolopolous 
kicked two field goals and 
two PAT's (point after touch- 

Adding to the victory was 
Senior Frank Maggio being 
named winner of the Phil 

Eskew Award. He became 
the fifth Brickie to win the 

Nominations for the Eskew 
Award are made by the 
coaches, principal, athletic 
director and guidance 
director. The nominees must 
excel In the classroom as 
well as on the football field. 
He must also be involved in 
school and community 

The city of Hobart treated 
the champions to a parade 
and victory rally Dec. 1, as 
well as a community dance 
in the evening at HHS gym. 
HHS students had their own 

victory rally and sock hop in 
the main gym during sixth 
and seventh hours Dec. 2. 

Senior Howard Beasey 
said, "They were a very hard 
hitting team, but we hit just a 
little harder and, fortunately, 
came out on top." 

Senior Bill Manolopolous 
stated, "Winning the state 
championship was the best 
feeling in the world, and it 
was a great experience." 

Senior Gus Pantinas said, 
"Winning the game is a great 
memory that will stay with me 
forever and it was the best 
possible way to end your 

final game as a Brickie." 

Senior Mike Hansen said, 
"Winning was the greatest 
experience of my life, but the 
best part about it was the 

Senior Nandy Flores said, "I 
felt wonderful. I cried of joy, 
Winning was the best feeling 
in the world." 

The road to the dome 
included defeating Gary Wirt 
Oct. 25, 61-0; South Bend 
LaSalle Nov. 1, 41-12; South 
Bend Adams Nov. 8, 59-7; 
Andrean Nov. 15, 38-6; and 
Fort Wayne Wayne Nov. 22, 

Top left: After the Brickies won the state champi- 
onship, the city of Hobart threw a victory parade 
down Main Street. 

Top right: The scoreboard at the Hoosier Dome 
told it all. Brickies win 20-0! 

Middle right: The HHS marching band performed 
the pre-game and half-time shows because the 
other school's band did not attend the game. 

Bottom left: Senior Brian Fattore catches a pass 
thrown to him for a gain in yards which lead to 
the team's quest for a Brickie touchdown. 

Bottom right: The varsity cheerleaders helped get 
Brickie fans off their feet and into the winning spir- 

12 State Championship 

Top left: The members of the color 
guard show who they want to win by 
holding up letters spelling HOBART! 

Top right: Senior Bill Manolopolous 
celebrates after his kick Into the end 

Middle: Before the start of the game, 
the traditional prayer was said. This 
may be accredited to the Brickies' 

Bottom left: Seniors Michelle Rosen- 
berg and Kris Luedtke write H's on all 
the varsity cheerleader's faces. 

Top left: Senior Michelle Feczko works on painting a banner 
for the Senior Class during the pep rally. 

Top right: Scoring 31 points against Andrean is Senior Jim 
Pope doing what he does best, making baskets. 

Middle left: Junior Tom Reisinger, Seniors Willie Shearer. Brian Juris, 
Martin Fox, Kevin Krull, Mark Anderson, Dave Nlksich, Dave Bradley, 
Brian Fattore, and Dan Suroweic liven up the half time festivities. 

Middle right: Over-towering the Andrean player is Senior 
Jamie Sloas, who scored 16 points in the Homecoming win. 

Bottom left: Who likes the Class of 1992? “We do! We do!" was 
the answer during the pep rally Friday. 

14 Basketball Homecoming 

Bottom right: After being crowned king and queen, Seniors 
Tom Steffus and Christine Mikusevich are all smiles. 

Top right: The 1992 Basketball Homecoming court included Fresh- 
man Katherine Zlatic, Sophomore Christy Ksenak. Senior Tom Stef- 
fus. Junior Amy Mola, and Senior Christine Mikusevich. 

Bottom left: During the Battle Cry cheer at the pep rally, the 
seniors once again overpowered the underclassmen with signs, 
newspapers, and lots of spirit. 

Basketball Homecoming 15 

Brickies Clench Win Over Andrean 

homecoming homecoming homecoming homecoming homecoming 

Homecoming. The tra- 
dition of celebrating basket- 
ball at HHS continued during 
the week of February 3-7, on 
which Basketball Home- 
coming fell. 

The Booster Club once 
again sponsored the annual 
spirit week, and awarded $5 
to the student who dressed 
the best for that particular 
day. Monday was Hippie 
Day, Tuesday was Toga 
Day, Wednesday was Spring 
Break Day, Thursday was 
Andrean Day, and Friday 
was the traditional Purple and 
Gold Day. 

Thursday's Andrean Day 
was rejected by the adminis- 
tration, leaving the Booster 
Club to find a new category; 
however, the club did not 
come up with a theme in 
time to establish a day. 

The winners of the various 
dress up days included 

Sophomore Becky Fattore, 
Junior Tricia Burger, Junior 
Amy Mold, there was no 
winner for Thursday, and 
Freshman Megan Mullaney. 

The Booster Club also 
decorated the main lobby 
and sponsored the hot legs 
contest for the basketball 
players. Pictures of basket- 
ball players' legs were 
placed on containers and 
students voted by putting 
money into the container of 
the legs they thought were 
the hottest. Senior Jim Pope 
was awarded the title, as well 
as a pair of nylons and a 
huge Hershey's Kiss. 

During the last 20 minutes of 
school Friday, students were 
released for a pep rally in the 
main gym honoring those in 
winter sports. The Basketball 
Homecoming court was pre- 
sented, the marching band 
played the fight song, and 

several awards were given. 

Mr. Basketball was 
awarded to Senior Jim Pope, 
Mr. Wrestling went to Senior 
Willie Rich, Mr. Swimming 
was awarded to Senior Jason 
Schnabel, and Miss Gym- 
nastics went to Senior Kris 

The cheerleaders 
performed a dance to ‘Get 
Busy” and Too Legit to Quit," 
and also led the students in 
the Battle Cry cheer. 

On the night of the 
basketball game against the 
Andrean 59ers, the Home- 
coming results were given at 
half time. Senior Tom Steffus 
was crowned king and Senior 
Christine Mikusevich was 
crowned queen. The other 
winners included Junior Amy 
Mola, Sophomore Christy 
Ksenak, and Freshman 
Katherine Zlatic. 

When the Brickies first 

scored a basket, the student 
section celebrated by throw- 
ing confetti and spraying silly 
string in the air. The excite- 
ment continued throughout 
the game as the crowd 
witnessed the boys' varsity 
basketball team defeat 
Andrean 62-52. 

Senior Jim Pope had 32 
points and Senior Jamie 
Sloas added 16 points and 
eight rebounds. 

At the conclusion of the 
game, Hobart fans ran on to 
the basketball court to help 
the Brickies celebrate their 

Following the game. 
Student Council sponsored a 
Homecoming dance in the 
cafeteria. The entertainment 
was provided by B & B Music 
and the cost was $2. All 
students were required to 
show their HHS student IDs to 

Top left: The Brickyard turned Into a confetti and silly string cele- 
bration when the Brickies scored their first basket. The student 
section was especially loud and crazy for the Homecoming 

Clubs Sponsor Variety of Dances 

dances dances dances dances dances dances dances dances 

Top left: Posing for a Semi picture are Seniors Jenni Welter, and 
Celeste Goodwin, and Freshman Nicole Ferlus. The Semi was 
named, "Wonderful Tonight, and sponsored by NHS and Varsity 

Top right: Sweating up a storm at the Football Homecoming 
dance are Seniors Bryan Mercer, Jeff Cary , and Brian Spain. The 
35-0 Brickie victory gave students more reason to have fun and 

Middle left: Seniors Jennifer Dickson, Brian Fattore, and Michelle 
Feczko dress up as flappers for the Halloween Dance sponsored 
by Student Council. 

Middle right: Sporting their favorite "Dance Fever" move at the 
Basketball Homecoming dance are Seniors Tom Steffus, Jake 
Irwin, and Dan Suroweic. 

Bottom left: "Hey there! Take our pictures," pleads Freshmen 
Jackie Coons, Jennifer Oliver, and Breann Kutzer at the Basket- 
ball Homecoming dance. 

16 Dances 

Michelle Rosenberg Five Seniors tour 
awarded Young Africa during 

Woman title spring break 

Michelle Rosenberg was 
awarded the 1991 "Young 
Woman of the Year" title 
Nov. 24 at the high school 
auditorium. The pageant 
was open to all senior girls, 
and was sponsored by the 
Hobart Jaycees. 

Michelle said, "I can't 
explain how it felt to win the 
Hobart pageant. I never 
anticipated winning, so I 
guess I was emotionally 

She added, "Never before 
have I ever felt so excited, 
amazed, honored, and 

Kriste Foerg was awarded 
first runner-up, and Kristen 
Templin received second 

The non-finalist talent 
award was given to Patti 
Barnes, who dramatized a 
poem that she wrote. The 
scholastic award went to 
Michelle, and Amy Gaydos 
was voted "Spirit of the 
Young Woman of the Year" 
by the other girls involved in 
the pageant. 

For the talent portion of the 
competition, Michelle and 
Kriste danced, while Kristen 
did a dramatic scene. 

Michelle received a $700 
scholarship with the title, a 
$150 scholastic scholarship, 
and the chance to represent 
Hobart at the state Young 
Woman of the Year Pageant 
in Frankfort. 

Kriste received a $300 
scholarship, Kristen received 
a $250 scholarship, and Patti 
received a $100 scholarship. 

Other constestants in the 
pageant were Sara Branden- 
burg, Michelle Feczko, Erica 
Pollnow, Martha Rodriguez, 
Amy Shy, and Lori Yaros. 

At the Young Woman of 
the Year Pageant in Frankfort, 
February 3-7, Michelle was 
awarded a $500 scholastic 

Michelle said, "All of the 
memories from my week in 
Frankfort are irreplaceable in 
my heart. I guess the best 
memories are of the friends I 
made, and all of the fun 
times we shared together." 

While many HHS students 
spent their vacation in 
Florida or at home. Seniors 
Sara Brandenburg, Jane 
Fronczak, Jake Irwin, Kevin 
Krull, and Julie Poole, along 
with Miss Gail Schrader, her 
father, an HHS graduate, 
and a Liberty elementary 
school teacher spent their 
vacation touring Africa. 

The group boarded the 
plane March 18, for an eight- 
hour trip to Paris, France. The 
group toured the city, seeing 
the Eifel Tower, and the Notre 
Dame Cathedral. 

Sara said, "Paris was 
different than I expected. I 
was impressed by the Eifel 
Tower and Notre Dame 
Cathedral, but I was dis- 
appointed in the city as a 

From Paris, they spent 10 
hours flying to Kenya, Africa. 
Once there, the group had 
many exciting experiences. 

Jake said, "I guess seeing 
all the animals, especially 
the elephants, lions, and 
cheetah was the best part of 
the trip." 

Julie said, "The whole trip 
was great. The highlight 
would probably be when 
Sara and I almost got 
charged by elephants or 
maimed by baboons." 

After spending time in 
Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, 
the group had the chance to 
visit the Samburu National 
Reserve, Lake Nakuru, and 

the Masai Mara Game 
Reserves. While visiting the 
Masai, the group had the 
chance to talk to different 
people, take their pictures, 
and trade things with them. 

Jake said, "They really 
wanted ballpoint pens. They 
would almost give anything 
for them." 

Sara said, "We also traded 
bandanas, gum, candy, and 
pencils. It was really weird 
buying things because there 
were no set prices, you just 
bartered back and forth until 
an agreeable price was 

The group brought many 
souvenirs back to the states. 

Jane said, "I bought a ton 
of different bracelets and 
soap stone statues. Also, 
earings, a necklace, and a 

Kevin said, "The huge 
wood carving of a rhino I 
bought was my prize 
possesion. All the carvings I 
traded for were of great 

When the students 
returned to HHS, they all had 
stories to tell, pictures to 
share, and souvenirs to show 
from their enjoyable African 

Sara added. "The whole 
trip was just wonderful." 

Kevin said, "The trip was 
the best I've ever been on. I 
came home with new 
knowlege of Africa and a 
$4,000 sun tan." 

Young Woman of the Year, Senior Michelle Rosenberg and her court: Kris 
Templin, second runner-up, Patti Barnes, non-finalist talent award, Amy Gay- 
dos, Spirit of Young Woman Pageant, and Kriste Foerg, first runner-up. 

German exchange At Risk, Challenge 
program celebrates programs benefit 
10th anniversary HHS students 

Twenty-seven German 
students from Christian Ernst 
Gymnasium arrived at HHS 
April 11, which marked the 
exchange program's tenth 
anniversary between the two 

The German students 
stayed in Indiana for three 
weeks and visited such 
places as Valparaiso and 
Notre Dame Universities, 
Indianapolis, Chicago, and 
the Indiana Dunes. 

Many HHS students hosted 
students from CEG while they 
stayed in Hobart. 

Junior Vanessa and 
Freshman Jenny Lahie are 
hosting Stephanie Thoma, 
who said, “I love this country; 
it's wider and freer than 
Germany. And I like the 
people here very much; they 
are so kind and generous." 

Senior Jennifer Dickson and 
Freshman Cheryl Dickson are 
hosting Marc Feilbach. 
Jennifer said, "The best part 
about hosting has been 
meeting new people and 
getting a young person's 
point of view on what's going 
on in Germany." 

She added, "Marc speaks 
English very well and is a lot of 
fun to talk to; he's so nice." 

Freshman Mandy Bowers is 
hosting Monika Fruth, who 
said, “The family is very nice 
and the living here is nice 
too. You hear real spoken 
English and you can practice 
your English." 

When asked what she 
liked the best, Sita Backhaus 
said, “I liked the shopping in 
the mall because we have 
not so big stores in Germany. 
But I also liked school." 

The German students left 
Hobart May 1. 

The hosts and their guests 
were: Dorie Alfono, Sita 
Backhaus; Cally Bennet, 
Anke Meissner; Mandy 
Bowers, Monika Fruth; 
Amanda Coleman, Simone 
Neumuller; John and Jackie 
Coons, Anja Filler; Dan Butler, 
Armin Biller; Jennifer and 
Cheryl Dickson, Marc Feil- 
bach; Matt Dumbauld, 
Sasha Ubler; Denise Fossey, 
Stephan Ganzer; Kurt and 
Megan Homoky, Katrin 
Sunkel; Josh Bencze, Frank 
Nimmerfoh; Vanessa and 
Jenny Lahaie, Stephanie 
Thoma; Dan Larson, 
Sebastian Oetjen; Bill and 
Tina Manolopoulos, Silke 
Lenzkes; Courtney Mean- 
ovich, Silke Baumann; Jamie 
Miller, Elizabeth Friedsam; 
David Nobel, Christoph 
Kamplade; David Orr, 
Roderick von Wolffersdorff; 
Erica Pollnow, Katharine 
Weikl; Julie Poole, Andrec 
Kreuzers; Michael Sawyer 
Kirstin Hindrichs; Natali 
Sistanich, Katrin Friedsar 
Colleen Shapely, Birthe 
Alshuth; Danielle Simmons, 
Kristine Hiltl; Chris Smith, 
Sebastian Lehner; and Mr. 
and Mrs. Webber, Anenette 
Trumper and Christina Rehm. 

A new intervention 
program was established at 
HHS early in the school year 
by Mrs. Kate MacKenzie, 
which assisted students with 
academic difficulties and 
helped them work on 

Students involved in the At 
Risk Program were inter- 
viewed, had interprogress 
reports evaluated, and 
included those who were 
academically inclined, but 
were not doing well in the 

The program put six 
groups of 10 students in a 
"counseling mood" to seek 
improvement. The students 
met at various times through- 
out the week to talk about 
topics of their choice. 

Mrs. MacKenzie said that 
the groups talk about a wide 
range of subjects and 
added that the times in which 
the students meet is never 

Another new program, 
organized by Miss Roberta 
Hanley, began at HHS to 
benefit freshmen. 

The Challenge Program 
was targeted to attract 
students who had high test 
scores, high intelligence, 
and academic ability, but 
were unsuccessful in school. 

Ten students were 
involved with the program 

and selected out of 44 other 
freshmen. Selection was 
based on middle school and 
elementary school records. 

The program introduced 
the concept of "pass-pass." 
This meant that a student 
involved in the Challenge 
Program would either pass 
or fail tests and assignments. 
If the student did fail, he or 
she would take it over again 
until a passing score was 
achieved. The system was 
also used on report cards. 

Some of the advantages 
for those involved in the pro- 
gram included no grades or 
homework. Miss Hanley said 
that in the past, uncom- 
pleted homework was not 
done, which resulted in failing 

Miss Hanley mentioned 
that at first the students were 
doubtful about the program, 
because they worried about 
what others would say. She 
added that the students 
showed great interest, and 
better behavior, attitude, 
and attendance. 

Mrs. MacKenzie and Miss 
Hanley hope that in the 
future, both the At Risk and 
Challenge Programs will re- 
ceive money to help keep 
the programs successfully 

HHS students take 
part in Operation 
Snowball activity 

Mrs. Sark retires 
after teaching at 
HHS for 27 years 

Thirteen HHS students 
attended Indiana Operation 
Snowball April 10-13, at 
Highland Jr, High School. 

Operation Snowball 
brings teenagers and adults 
together in a cooperative 
effort to prevent chemical 
and alcohol dependency as 
well as other kinds of 
destructive behavior. Snow- 
ball helps develop a positive 
self-concept, leadership 
abilities, and communication 

Seniors Richard Heintz, 
Michael Sawyer, and Kristen 
Templin were selected by 
the adult and teen directors 
to be on staff for the event. 
To be on staff, students had 
to fill out applications, have 
letters of recommendation, 
and take part in an interview. 

Several HHS students 
participated in the Operation 
Snowball event; Seniors 
Anita Brown, Stacey Dalton, 
Abi Joseph, and Michelle 
Rosenberg, Juniors Tricia 
Burger, Kelly Duca, Angela 
Frank, and Turyia Simic, and 
Sophomores Laura Chiabai 
and Becky Fattore. 

Richard, Michael, Kristen, 
Anita, Stacey, and Abi had 
participated in an Operation 
Snowball before, but this was 
a new experience for the 

Kelly said, "I was nervous 
about going, but once I got 
there I really liked it." 

Becky said, "I was really 
excited. I was nervous too. I 
thought it was going to be fun 
to be able to meet all these 
people from other cities and 

During the weekend, 
several speakers came and 
spoke at the event. Their 
topics included the dangers 
of drinking and driving, drug 
addiction, sex, and sexually 
transmitted diseases. These 
and other topics were 
presented at large group 

Operation Snowball is not a 
treatment program and 
those who are in need of 
treatment for emotional or 
substance abuse problems 
are not appropriate parti- 
cipants. Snowball mainly 
focuses on attitudes and 
feelings as well as on 

When asked which 
speaker Tricia liked best she 
said, "Tom Tuffs, he showed 
us to be ourselves, to draw a 
line at a point we see right 
and wrong, and never cross 

The Hobart group also 
experienced small group 
sessions which provided a 
confedential setting to 
discuss the information pre- 
sented at the large group 
sessions. Each small group 
was staffed by two teen 
leaders and an adult person. 

Abi said, "My small group 
was the best. If I could have 
spent the whole weekend in 
that room I would have." 

She added, "I gained so 
many friends that I will 
remember my whole life. We 
all walked in as strangers, but 
walked out as best friends." 

Tricia said, "My small 
group was filled with people 
from all different back- 
grounds and life styles that 
came together and shared 
their deepest feelings. We 
grew closer than a lot of 
friends I have here at school 
because they simply lis- 
tened to what I had to say. 

She added, "They didn't 
tune me out and just sit there. 
They talked to me and really 
understood me, the real me 

Trying to explain what an 
Operation Snowball is like 
was hard for those who 
experienced the weekend 

"I want everyone to have a 
Snowball experience be- 
cause it's something you 
won't forget, " said Abi. 

Not only did HHS say good- 
bye to the class of 1992, but 
also to Mrs. Anita Sark who 
has been teaching at HHS for 
27 years. 

Throughout her career, 
Mrs. Sark has taught several 
courses including advanced 
algebra, college algebra, 
calculus, analytic geometry, 
trigonometry, and junior G.T. 

Mrs. Sark graduated from 
Cole Creek Central High 
School in Indiana. She later 
attended Indiana State 
University in Terre Haute. 

Mrs. Sark's favorite part of 
teaching is the interaction 
with the students, but dislikes 
grading the papers. She 
enjoys teaching analytic 
geometry the most. 

Mrs. Sark said, " In general, 
I will probably remember the 
extracurricular activities with 
the Math Club, like the Senior 
Aloha Dances and car 

Mrs. Sark plans on traveling 
to as many places as 
possible, such as the Orient 
and Egypt with her husband 
after retirement. 

Mrs. Anita Sark 

Bottom right: Honoring Mrs. Sark at a 
retirement dinner are Mrs. Jackie 
Rogers and Mr. Moe Rhody. Mrs. 
Armontrout, who retired in 1991, 
looks on. 

Mini Mag 19 

Genesius Players sponsor talent show 

spotlight zone spotlight zone spotlight zone spotlight zone spotlight zone spotlight zone 

The 1992 Talent Show, 
"The Spotlight Zone,” took 
place April 8-9 in the high 
school auditorium, and was 
sponsored by the Genesius 
Players. Tickets were $5 for 
two or $3 for one. 

Auditions for the talent 
show were Feb. 5. In Act 
One, Senior Jeff Herrick 
played "Classical Gas” on 
the piano. Senior Amy Shy 
danced to "Everything I Do,' 
while Senior Lori Yaros sang 
and played the piano. The 
freshmen cheerleaders per- 
formed “Tricky Image." Amy 
Shy sang "That's What Love 
is For." Freshman Jackie 
Coons danced to "Groove is 
in the Heart." Freshmen 
Becky Pouch played "New 
Orleans Blues” on the piano. 
The theatre class danced to 
"Thriller." Senior Kim Fugate 
sang the song "Daddy's 
Hands." Senior Kriste Foerg 

danced to “Unbelievable." 
Sophomore Charlotte Sab- 
otta read "The Ballad of 
Birmingham, and to end Act 
One, Sophomores Mike 
Weeks, Dan Corley, and 
Tom Janik's band played 
“Suspended Animation." 

Act Two began with the 
faculty's “A Mickey Mouse 
Organization." Wolffgang 
members sang “The Shoop- 
Shoop Song." Jackie Coons 
danced to "Fever." Senior 
Amy Gaydos played the 
marimba to "Sea Refrac- 
tions." Senior Mike Jewett 
sang "Beyond The Sea." 
Seniors Kristen Templin and 
Amy Shy danced to "Mama 
Said Knock You Out." Junior 
Amey Dickson and Senior 
Kim Fugate sang "The 
Rose." Junior Jill Schuchow 
played "Imagine" on the 
piano. "Emotions” was sung 
by Lori Yaros, and to end the 

show, the varsity cheer- 
leaders performed "Get 

Thirty-three acts tried out 
for a position in the 1992 talent 
show; however, 12 acts did 
not make it, according to 
Miss Shirley Mumaugh, club 
sponsor. There were also 17 
blackouts which auditioned, 
but only 10 made it. 

The masters of ceremonies 
were Seniors Curt Jackson, 
Mike Jewett, Ted Musick, 
and Kristen Templin, and 
Junior Stephanie Thompson. 

The blackouts were 
performed by Seniors Dave 
Vaclavik, Russ Govert, Curt 
Jackson, Rick Heintz, Shari 
Wheeler, Jeff Herrick, Amy 
Gaydos, Mike Jewett, Kris 
Templin and Kriste Foerg, 
Juniors Stephanie Thompson 
and Sarah Laurinas, and 
Sophomores Jill Schuchow 
and Emily Schroeder. 

When asked what he liked 
best about the talent show, 
Mike said, "The talent show 
was unpredictable this year. 
The auditorium was used 
more and the audience 
never knew where the next 
action would come from." 

Kris said, "Finding time to 
work together, and incor- 
porating all of the ideas into 
the show was the most 
difficult aspect of being an 

Miss Mumaugh said, *( The 
talent show) was more than a 
'dimension of sight and 
sound, ’ it was a blending of 
55 students, 21 acts, and two 
hours into a cohesive whole. 
Setbacks were overcome 
and a successful production 

The money earned from 
the Genesius Player's 1992 
talent show will help finance 
next year's show. 

Bottom left: Singing "That's What Love is For," a popular song by Amy Grant, is Senior Amy Shy. 

Bottom right: Seniors Curt Jackson, Mike Jewett, and Ted Musick, masters of ceremonies for the 
1992 talent show, welcome the audience back to the show after losing a friendly bet with the 
other M. C.'s. 

20 Talent Show 

Top right: After being crowned King and Queen of the 1992 
Prom, Seniors Jamie Sloas and Sara Brandenburg lead the annu- 
al royal dance. 

Top left: Leaving for Prom in his mother's convertible are Senioi 
Zack Fuller and Sophomore Shani Boyd. Shani didn't seem to 
mind getting her hair messed up by the wind. 

Middle right: Showing off their garters are Seniors Donna Soria 
Kris Luedtke, Nicole Jansen, Carrie Anderson, Kristan Doerr, Abi 
Joseph, and Tami Sliz. 

Middle left: Seniors Dave Niksich and Nikki Dunn take advantage 
of one of the slower songs played at Prom. 

Bottom left: Seniors Felicia Mola shows her excitement for the 
camera and Prom, while her date. Matt Greener, takes the 
event all in stride. 

Seniors Jaime Sloas and 
Sara Brandenburg were 
crowned King and Queen at 
the 1992 Junior-Senior Prom 
May 15, at the Hellenic 
Cultural Center (Greek Hall) in 

Sara said, "Jamie and I 
were both really nervous as 
we stood at the front of the 
room awaiting the results. 
When we heard our names, I 
was so excited and hapby. It 
was a perfect ending for 
both Prom night and our 
senior year." 

Seven other senior 
couples ran for the titles. 
They included David Bradley 
and Leigh Johnson, Nandy 
Flores and Nicole Jansen, 
Martin Fox and Jennifer 
Smith, Curt Jackson and Lori 
Yaros, Jason Skezas and Kim 
Nicoloff, Jason Solivais and 
Jennifer Randall, and Davie 
Vaclavik and Amy Gaydos. 

The doors opened at 5:30 
p.m. for anyone wishing to 
get pictures taken early. 
Pictures, ranging from $14- 
$44, were taken by Austin's 
Photography until 9 p.m. 

Dinner was served at 7 
p.m., and was catered by 
the Patio Restaurant. The 
menu included roast beef, 
chicken, mostaccioli , green 
beans, mashed potatoes, 
salad, and dinner rolls. 

Dancing began at 8 p.m. 
and lasted throughout the 
night. Music was provided 
by Scotty J, and the de- 
corations were done by 
Ruffles the Clown. 

The Prom Committee 
chose to have a Grand 
March at 11 p.m., which 
gave parents the opportunity 
to see everyone parade 
throughout the hall and out- 
side the building. 

Also at Prom, an official 

garter and bow tie removal 
ceremony took place. 

Tickets for “Set the Night to 
Music" were $40 per couple. 
All HHS juniors and seniors 
were able to purchase Prom 
tickets once all debts for 
both students had been 
paid. Sophomores were 
allowed to attend only if 
accompanied by an upper- 
classman. Seniors, juniors, 
and sophomores from other 
schools, and those 20 years 
of age and under were also 

The day after Prom, with 
only a couple hours of sleep, 
students ventured out to 
spend the day in Chicago. 
Indianapolis, and at Great 

The 1992 Junior Prom 
Committee included Tricia 
Burger, Shannon Cox, Cindy 
Evans, Amy Mola, Mandee 
Robb, Erica Schest, Michelle 

Schammert, Turiya Simic, 
Colleen Shapely, and Jenni 

Amy Mola, junior class 
president, said, "It (Prom) 
was a lot of hard work, but to 
see everything done made it 
all worth it." 

Erica Schest, junior class 
vice-president said, "This 
year for Prom 1992, we had a 
lot of changes that we 
thought added a little spark 
of fun to the atmosphere. For 
example, we had the 
exchanging of bow ties and 
garters, and had a Grand 
March, which everyone 
really enjoyed." 

The Junior Class sponsor is 
Mr. Michael Brown. 

’’Set the Night 
to Music” 

Jr. Sr. Prom '92 23 

Top left: With a little help from the 
chauffeur. Senior Christine Chiabai 
gets out of her limousine that took 
her and her date to Prom. 

Top right: Prom 1992, "Set the Night 
to Music" was held at the Greek Hall, 
shown all decorated for the occa- 

Bottom left: Many HHS students spent 
the day after Prom at Great America 
Amusement park in Gurnee, Illinois. 

Jr. Sr. Prom 

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown' 

spring musical spring musical spring musical spring musical spring musical 

The spring musical, 
"You're a Good Man, Charlie 
Brown" was presented by the 
HHS Fine Arts Department 
May 20-21, at 7 p.m. both 
nights in the auditorium. 

The musical, written by 
Clark Gesner and based on 
the "Peanuts” comic strip by 
Charles Schultz, was first per- 
formed on Broadway in 1967. 

Throughout the musical, 
the characters are faced 
with a series of conflicts. Linus 
tries giving up his blanket, but 
fails to do so. Lucy wants to 
become a queen, but is 
heartbroken to learn that it 
could never happen be- 
cause she is not of royalty. 
Patty bothers Snoopy to take 
her rabbit hunting, but they 
never find one. Snoopy is 
tired of being a dog be- 
cause he feels there is no 
hope for advancement. 

The main character. 

Charlie Brown, seemed to 
have it the worst. He had 
trouble getting a kit<~ to stay 
it. the air, getting o red-head 
to notice him, and winning 
baseball games. 

The senior cast included: 
Ted Musick, Charlie Brown; 
Russ Govert, Linus; Michael 
Jewett, Schroeder; Amy Shy, 
Patty; Lori Yaros, Lucy; and 
Curt Jackson, Snoopy. 

Mr. Dean Wolff directed 
the show and Junior Sarah 
Laurinas assisted him and 
controled the sound. Seniors 
Ivor John Coons, Kris Templin, 
and Shari Wheeler helped 
with the lighting, and several 
cast members, teachers, 
and parents helped with the 
setas and props. 

When asked why "Charlie 
Brown" was picked, Mr. Wolff 
mentioned that he took into 
consideration the number of 
male roles and female roles 

and if they would have 
enough students to fill the 
positions. He added that 
when looking for a musical. 
Miss Mumaugh, suggested 
"Charlie Brown." 

The instrumentalists 
included Juniors Stephanie 
Thomason, percussion; and 
Chasity Piscione, flute and 
piccolo; Mrs. Sheila Conry, 
piano; and Mr. Wolff, bass. 

Amy Shy helped 
choreograph several of the 
songs, including “My Blanket 
and Me," "The Baseball 
Game," and "Suppertime." 

When asked what she 
liked the best about the 
spring musical, Amy said, 
"The best part about the play 
was seeing if I could play the 
role of a little kid. I usually play 
older roles or those that I am 
equal to in age." 

She added, "I also 
enjoyed working with Mr. 


Russ said, "I enjoyed 
working on the sets and 
being able to spend more 
time with my friends." 

He added, "Over Prom 
weekend, I put in about 16 
hours working on the sets and 
props, along with Mr. Wolff 
and Miss Mumaugh." 

Tickets prices for the show 
were $3 and $2 for children 
underl2 years old. 

"You're a 

Above: The cast for "You’re a Good Man 
Charlie Brown" included: Seniors Mike Jewett, 
Schroeder; Ted Musick, Charlie Brown; Lori 
Yaros, Lucy; Curt Jackson, Snoopy; Amy Shy, 
Patty; and Russell Govert, Linus. 

Top right: Thinking about a pre-game strategy 
before playing the actual baseball game is 
Senior Ted Musick, Charlie Brown. 

Bottom right: Seniors Lori Yaros, Lucy, and Russ 
Govert, Linus, argue about whether or not 
Lucy can become a queen. 

24 Spring Musical 

Above: Giving Senior Ted Musick, 
Charlie Brown, some advice on 
improving his life is Senior Lori Yaros, 

Right: Senior Mike Jewett, Schroeder, 
plays the piano while Senior Lori 
Yaros, Lucy, sings along. 

Top right: Peering out of his dog 
house is Senior Curt Jackson as 

Top right: Trying to persuade Senior 
Ted Musick, Charlie Brown, to 
become a bench coach are Seniors 
Lori Yaros, Lucy, and Curt Jackson, 

Middle left: Playing on a teeter-totter 
during the show are Seniors Russ 
Govert, Linus, and Amy Shy, Patty. 

Bottom left: Senior Russ Govert sang 
"My Blanket and Me,' in which he 
tried giving up his blanket - it failed. 

Above: After spending four long 
years at HHS. Senior Leigh Johnsor 
grins with happiness that it's all over. 

Left: Despite the slight drizzles, par- 
ents and relatives waited outside the 
auditorium doors for good seats. 

Top left: Valedictorian Michelle 
Rosenberg spoke during the gradua- 
tion ceremony on school spirit, 
friendship, and the future. 

Top right: Before the graduates 
walked off stage. Senior Jason Sch- 
nabel gave the closing prayer, 

Middle left: School board membei 
Mr. James Mellon hands Senior John 
Custin his diploma. 

Bottom left: School Mayor Michelle 
Feczko spoke to the graduates ano 
guests about the many activities the 
Class of 1992 was involved in. 

HHS graduates 228 seniors from Class of '92 

graduation graduation graduation graduation graduation graduation graduation 

Graduation. The Class of 
1992 walked into the high 
school auditorium and down 
the aisles for the last time 
during baccalaureate and 
commencement exercises 
Thursday, June 4, at 7:30 p.m. 

After the processional, 
which was played by the 
band, Ivor John Coons gave 
the invocation. The guests 
were welcomed by senior 
class president Tom Steffus. 

Remarks were made to 
the graduates by Rev. Kevin 
McCarthy, former assistant 
pastor at St. Bridget Church. 

Christine Mikusevich, 
salutatorian, spoke about the 
history of the senior class, 
academics, and ambition. 

and Michelle Rosenberg, 
valedictorian, spoke about 
school spirit, friendship, and 
the future. 

When asked who had 
helped them most in school, 
Christine gave credit to her 
parents. She said, "They 
have always stood by me 
and challenged me to be 
successful. They believed in 
me and were always there to 
help me out when I needed 

Michelle mentioned her 
mom, stating, "My mom told 
me that I could do anything. 
Without her encourage- 
ment, I would have never 
succeeded in life." 

Following their speeches. 

comments were made by 
school board member Mr. 
James Dayhuff. 

School mayor Michelle 
Feczko spoke about the 
class activities, and Principal 
William Cope presented the 
Class of 1992 to Dr. Eric Wither- 
spoon, who accepted the 
class for the granting of their 

School board members 
Mrs. Sophie Wojihoski and 
Mr. James Mellon, assisted 
by Mr. Jack Leach and Miss 
Sherry Williams, presented 
the diplomas. 

After the diplomas were 
given, Tom Steffus led the 
graduating seniors in the 
turning of their tassels. 

The concert choir sang the 
Alma Mater and Jason 
Schnabel gave the bene- 
diction. The band ended the 
ceremony by playing the 
recession as the alumni 
marched out the doors and 
into their homerooms to 
receive their real diplomas. 

The Senior Class motto 
was "Labor Conquers all." 
The class flower was the tea 
rose, and the class colors 
were red and white. Mr. Jim 
Fisher was the class sponsor. 

The officers for the Class of 
1992 included: Tom Steffus. 
president; Stacey Dalton, 
vice-president; Erin Gilliana, 
secretary; and Christine 
Mikusevich, treasurer. 

Top left: Anxiously and nervously Top right: Salutatorian Christine Mikusevich spoke 
waiting to enter the auditorium are about the history of the Class of 1992, aca- 
Seniors Brian Brown, Anita Brown, demies, and ambition. 

Mike Bell. Sara Brandenburg, and 
Dave Bradley. 

Bottom right: Congratulating one of her class- 
mates on graduating is Senior Stacey Dalton. 

Above: Senior class president Tom 
Steffus led the seniors in the turning 
of their tassels. 

Graduation '92 27 

Seniors Awards 

senior class of 1992 senior class of 1992 

Several awards were given 
out at the 1 992 Senior Awards 
Ceremony Tuesday. May 22, 
in the auditorium. 

Valedictorian Michelle 
Rosenberg and Salutatorian 
Christine Mikusevich were 
given academic awards 
along with the top 10% of the 

Jennifer Budzielek was 

named Outstanding Senior in 
Art; Jackie Hartt, Outstanding 
Achievement in Drawing; 
Denise Hatfield and Felicia 
Mola, Outstanding Achieve- 
ment in Ceramics; Out- 
standing Achievement in GT 
Art, Jenni Woronecki and 
Jennifer Parris; Gary Gephart 
Scholarship for Fine Arts, 
Jennifer Parris. 

Varsity H gave awards to 
Christine Chiabai and Julie 
Poole. Spanish Club, SADD, 
and Genesius Players pre- 
sented several awards also. 

Outstanding Student 
Journalist Award went to 
Michael Sawyer; The Times 
Scholastic Journalism Award, 
Martha Rodriguez; and The 
Post-Tribune Most Valuable 
Staffer, Lori Jones. Quill and 

Scroll gave memberships to 

Martha Rodriguez, Lori 
Jones, Carrie Anderson, and 
Suzann Stevens 

Michelle Feczko and Matt 
Greener received Student 
Council Service Awards. 
Math Club gave scholarships 
to Sara Brandenbug, Matt 
Greener, and Michelle 

Other awards given that 
night included: Danforth 
Awards, Tom Steffus and 
Michelle Feczko; Athletic 
Award, Dan Surowiec; DAR, 
Christine Mikusevich; Hobart 
Rotary Scholarship, Tom 
Steffus and Leigh Johnson; Tri 
Kappa, John Coons and 
Christine Mikusevich; Optimist 
Club, Jennifer Dickson; Phi 
Beta Psi Scholarships, Kari 
Wilkinson and Michelle 
Rosenberg; Tandy Tech- 
nology Scholars' Award, Jeff 
Herrick, and Tylenol/Wal- 
greens, Michelle Rosenberg 
and Christine Mikusevich. 

Millikan. Valparaiso, IU, IUN, 
Purdue, Indiana State, and 
Western Michigan were 
colleges or universities that 
presented scholarships. 

Above: Receiving awards from Stu- 
dent Council are Seniors Michelle 
Feczko and Matt Greener. 

Middle right: The Optimist Club 
awarded Senior Jennifer Dickson o 
scholarship at the ceremony. 

Top right: Senior Michael Sawyer, 
Editor-in-Chief of the MEMORIES and 
HO-H! LIFE, receives the Outstanding 
Journalist Award from Mrs. Cynthia 

Bottom right: Mr. Tom Workman pre- 
sents Senior Julie Poole with a Varsity 
"FT scholarship. 

28 Senior Awards 


Top left: Members and coaches of the 
Spellbowl Team study words for their next 

Top right: Playing the tight song during the 
pep rally are members of the HHS march- 
ing band. 

Middle left: Seniors Lori Jones and Martha 
Rodriguez work on typing a story for the 
next issue of the HO-HI LIFE. 

Middle right: Radio and TV students ride 
down Main Street, which is the annual 
Homecoming parade route. 

Bottom left: Junior Tim Kitchen and Senior 
Angie Biernat observe children's behav-." ! 
iors in psychology class. 

Academics 29 

Spellbowl. Row 1: Becky Fattore, Mike Jewett. Jennifer Randall. John Coons, and 
Jeff Herrick. Row 2: Sarah Laurinas, Jamie Kutzer. Julie Balcerak, Missy Brandush. 
Tom Stround. and Anthony Bondi. 

Decathlon. Row 1: Mark Anderson, Michelle Feczko. John Coons, and Kris Templin. 
Row 2: Jamie Kutzer. Michael Hall. Lori Jones, and Scott Bilkey. 

Superbowl. Row 1: Christine Chiabai, John Coons. Michelle Feczko. Jamie Kutzer. 
Breann Kutzer, Lisa Budzielek. and Jackie Coons. Row 2: Jeff Herrick. Jane Fron- 
czak. Michelle Rosenberg. Anthony Bondi, and Marianna Delinck. 

30 Academic Teams 

Spell Bowl, Decathlon, 
Superbowl prepare and 
compete thru 91-92 

The Spell Bowl team. 
Academic Superbowl team 
and the Academic De- 
cathlon team put its heads 
together and competed at 
different times during the 1991- 
92 school year. 

Mrs. Shirley Coons and 
Miss Barbara Gerberick kept 
themselves busy through out 
the school year by coaching 
all three academic teams. 

This years Academic 
Decathlon team competed 
Jan. 25 at Hammond Morton 
High School. The group not 
only came in third place out 
of 1 1 schools, but it also had 
three individual winners. 

Senior Michelle Feczko, 
second-year member earn- 
ed two medals; a first place 
in literature and a third place 
on her speech. “I like the 
decathlon because it gives 
me a chance to compare 
myself academically with 
others my age," she 

Senior Mark Anderson, 
first-year member also 
received a medal. He 
earned a third place in social 

During the competition, 
each member took various 
written tests over subjects 
such as math, economics, 
fine arts, science, literature 
and social studies. In 
addition to that each 
member was required to 
write an essay, get 
interviewed, give a 
prepared speech along with 
an impromptu speech and 
participate in the super quiz. 

Since the super quiz was 
the last area of competition, 

the public was invited to 

"This part of the 
competition was con- 
ducted like a game show; 
every team member had 
the opportunity to answer 10 
questions about the 
environment; each correct 
answer won a point for your 
school," commented senior 
Michael Hall about the super 
quiz, his favorite part of the 

The superbowl team 
participated in two meets 
this school year. The first 
was March 12 at Valparaiso 
High School for the area 
meet and it placed ninth out 
of 10 schools. April 21, the 
group traveled to LaPorte 
High School where it placed 
last for it's sectional meet. 

The superbowl is different 
from decathlon though. For 
the superbowl, teams of 
three work together to come 
up with correct answers 
where as decathlon is based 
on the individual's scores. 

The spell bowl team also 
competed twice this year . 
The team placed last in the 
Duneland Conference meet 
against eight other schools, 
Oct. 14. 

In the Area Regional 
competition Oct. 22 the team 
placed third. 

Interested students were 
required to take a pretest, 
the highest scorers became 
candidates for the team, 
said Mrs. Coons and Miss 
Gerberick. Out of 38 people 
who took the pretest, 12 
made the team. There were 
10 spellers and two 

Doing environmental research for the Academic Decathlon team is Junior Jamie Kutzer 
and Senior Lori Jones. 

Seniors JefT Herrick and Mark Anderson review some superbowl material before their 
area meet in Valparaiso. 

Top right: Reviewing notes for a spellbowl competition are Seniors 
Michelle Rosenberg. Jennifer Randall, and Christine Chiabai 

Bottom right: Looking over an academic worksheet are Seniors 
Michelle Feczko and Jeff Herrick. 

Bottom left: Preparing for a spellbowl competition is Senior Jennifer 

Yearbook. Row 1: Michael Sawyer Row 2: Nikki Dunn. Stephanie Claussen, Lori 
Jones. Martha Rodriguez, and Anita Brown. Row 3: Suzann Stevens. Tracey 
Hupertz, Carrie Anderson, and Stacey Dalton. 

Newspaper. Row 1: Tara Normoyle and Michael Sawyer Row 2: Lori Jones, Martha 
Rodriguez. Carrie Anderson, and Stacey Dalton. 

Radio and TV. Row 1: Martha Rodriguez. Rochelle Steczo. Pam Tucker. Bill 
Manolopoulus. and Jason Bailey. Row 2: Brian Gulley and Russ Govert. 

32 Communications 

Memories, Ho-Hi Life, Radio 
and T.V. classes have a 
productive year 

The 1991-92 school year 
brought many changes to 
the HO-HI LIFE school news- 

The staff consisted of six 
people, opposed to eight 
the previous year. Senior 
Michael Sawyer returned to 
the staff making this his 
second year as editor. Not 
only were there three new 
staff members. Seniors 
Carrie Anderson, Lori Jones 
and Martha Rodriguez, but 
later in the year, there was a 
new look for the paper. Feb. 
27 was the day the HO-HI LIFE 
changed from the small, 
writing paper-sized news- 
paper to a tabloid-sized 
paper on newsprint. 

The 1992 Memories 
yearbook was put together 
by Michael Sawyer, year- 
book editor. Senior Anita 
Brown, people, Lori Jones 
and Senior Suzann Stevens 
academics. Juniors Step- 
hanie Claussen and Tracey 
Hupertz, sports. Senior Nikki 
Dunn, clubs, Carrie Anderson 
and Martha Rodriguez, ads. 
Senior Stacey Dalton, Martha 
Rodriguez and Sophomore 
Scott Patterson, photo- 

Mrs. Cynthia Lambeth was 
the adviser for both the 
yearbook and newspaper. 

The theme, "Looking Back 
at the Year... 1992” and the 
cover design were created 
by Michael Sawyer. The final 
details and artwork were 
done at a Waisworth 
Publishing Company year- 
book convention in Harvey, 

III. Oct. 1. 

The MEMORIES yearbook 
had a royal purple leathei 
cover, and contained book- 
man and advant guard fonts 
The yearbook also had nine 
pages with royal purple, 
turquoise, and lavender spol 
color on them. 

The radio and T.V. classes 
also had a productive year 
Not only did its show, "HTV 
air every Thursday night at 
6:05 pm on U.S. Cable 
Channel 16, but the group 
also participated in the 
Media Regional Fair March 7 
at Crown Point High School. 

The Media Fair, spon- 
sored by the Association o 
Indiana Media Educators 
judged various entrie: 
according to creativity 
communications, and crafts 
manship. Entries includec 
videos, audio, computer 
pictorials, and slide projects 

Students from grades 1-15 
participated in the fair. HHS't 
radio and T.V. class enterec 
two videos, "Kick the 
Pressure" and "The Fino 

"Kick The Pressure" tolc 
the story of a high schoo 
football star torn betweer 
throwing a game for mone\ 
or playing up to his potential 
"The Final Shot “ was aboui 
an athlete pressured to take 
drugs in order to play better. 

Although both videos wor 
first runner-up ribbons, onl^ 
"Best of Show" advancec 
down state. 

Mr. Dave Barancyk is the 
supervisor for the radio one 
T.V. classes. 

Jazz Band l-Row 1: Jessica Shreve, Wendy Swantko. Chasity Piscione. Jeremy 
Poegel, Jason Young, Jodi Llnsey. and Aric Gibson. Row 2: Jill Schwochow. Emily 
Schroeder. Joe Szymanskl, Adam Ludwig, Tina Such, Zack Lenzo, Ted Musick, Amy 
Gaydos, and Stephanie Thomason. Row 3: Tim Hurst. Missy Dallas, Anthony Bondi. 
Russ Mellon, and Danielle Bailev. 

Jazz Band II-Row 1: Chasity Piscione, Amv Gaydos. Karen Boy. Monica Stephens. 
Marcie Dallas, and Ken Sailors. Row 2: Mike Weeks. Michelle Roscoe. Michelle 
Hyland. Bill Hillestad, Joe Detterline, Cheryl Dickson, and Mr. Pacheco. Row 3: 
Nikki Scheuner, Steve Maravilla, Shannon Ludwig, Cally Bennett, and Jeff Herrick. 

The 103 members of the 
various HHS bands along 
with Mr. Jay Gephart, 
director of the groups, 
experienced many exciting 
concerts, competitions and 
trips through out the school 

To begin the year off, the 
marching band took a first 
place in Morris, III. Sept. 30 at 
the Corn Festival marching 
band contest. 

Mr. Gephart stated, "It's 
been an awfully long time; I 
can't even tell you the exact 
date, but I know it hasn't 
been within the last 10 or 15 
years, since the marching 
band has won a first place." 

Because the Hobart Brickie 
football team made it to the 
Indianapolis, State Champ- 
ionships once again, the 
band had the chance to 
perform both pre-game and 
half-time shows in the 
Hoosier Dome. 

Fifty-one band members 
also participated in the 
Indiana State School Music 
Association District Solo and 
Ensemble contest, at Boone 
Grove High School, Feb. 8. A 
total of 59 gold medals and 
44 silver medals were earned 
there. The gold medalists in 

Above: 1992 Concert band and Symphonic band. 

34 Band 

Marching band takes 1st 
place at Corn Festival, 
competes at Great America 

group I from this competition 
advanced to the state solo 
and ensemble contest, Feb. 
29, at North Central High 
School in Indianapolis. 

Gold medalists at this 
event included Senior Ted 
Musick, Juniors Adam 
Ludwig, Chasity Piscione, 
Wendy Swantko, Joe 
Szymanski and Stephanie 
Thomason, Sophomore 
Zack Lenzo and Freshman 
Tom Stround. 

At the HHS band awards 
concert. May 14 many 
students were honored. 

In the concert band three 
freshmen earned their varsity 
letter; Kim Jones, Natalie 
Poegel and Tom Stround. 

Varsity letters also went to 
Sophomores Stacey Boy, 
Cindy Govea, Kristy Koepke, 
Jenny Suprenant, Keith 
Tyner, Diane Widener, Nikki 
Wilson and Jason Young. 

Symphonic band 
members Cally Bennett, 
Anthony Bondi, Cheryl 
Dickson, Kristy Jones and 
Missy Lakomek earned their 
varsity letters as freshman 

Other varsity letters, in the 
symphonic band went to 
Sophomores Michelle Aug- 
ustinovich, Danielle Baily, 
Jodie Fox, Jodi Lindsey, 
Steve Maravilla, Jill Schwo- 
cho, Emily Schroeder, Angie 
Swain, Mike Weeks and 
Sandi Wirick; Junior Jessica 
Shreve and Senior Rick 

Seniors honored there 
were Katie Boston, Karen 
Boy, Tanya Collins, Amy 
Gaydos , Dan Hornung , Rick 
Heintz, Patti Hyland , Becky 
Gritton, Russ Mellon, Ted 
Musick and Shari Wheeler. 

Nearing the end of the 
year the group sold Easter 
candy, cheese and 
sausage, flowers and candy 
bars in order to raise enough 
money for a trip to Great 
America and Chicago, May 
22 and 23. 

Top left: Senior Amy Gaydos, drum major for the HHS marching band, 
directs its halftime performance at the Brickie Bowl. 

Top right: Members of the marching band took time out of their last 
hour classes to parade through the hallways of HHS. 

Marching Band. Row 1: Mike Weeks. Bill Shepard. Amy Gaydos. Ted Musick. Amey 
Dickson. Eric Ledyard. and Tom Stround. Row 2: Melissa Roscoe. Chasity Piscione. 
Kim Jones. Frank Monahan. Dan Corly, Karen Boy. Dave Ensign. Patti Hyland, 
Brandi Bartels. Jenny Szymanski, Jodie Fox. Lisa Schultz. Stephanie Thomason. 
Cheryl Dickson. Emily Schroeder and Natalie Poegel. Row 3: Tiffany Pandazis, Becky 
Pouch, Angel Tucker, Vanessa Miklo, Lisa Bell, Julie Stevens, Kelly Wright, April 
Feeler, Ken Saloirs. Lisa Schultz, Denise Bzibziak. Brandy Moore. Jill Schwochow, 
Kristie Jones. Kristy Koepke, and Bridgette Bissett. Row 4: Jill Hollar, Jessica Ring. 
Katrina Shearer. Michelle Augustinovich. Grant McBride. Brian Briggs, Angie Swain. 
Diane Widener. Jenny Givens, Missy Lakomek. Stacey Boy. Angie Frank. Jeremy 

Poegel, Carrie Massau. Dan Aguilar, and Missy Dallas. Row 5: Leonard Solomen. 
Adam Ludwig, Joe Szymanski, Zack Lenzo, Tina Such, Michelle Hyland. Brian 
Hicks. Joel Detterline, Tom Buckmaster. Jason Young, Jessica Shreve. Wendy 
Swantko, Jodi Lindsey. Bill Hillstad. Eric Hillestad. and Joe Monti. Row 6: Cally 
Bennett, Jessi Sweet, Eric Bella. Mitchel Roscoe, Walter Hack, Anthony Bondi. Tim 
Hurst, Steve Maravilla, Keith Tyner, Danielle Bailey. Marcie Dallas, Russ Mellon. 
Aric Gibson. Rick Heintz, Shannon Ludwig, and Sandi Wirick. Row 7: Katie Boston. 
Tanya Tallos, Jenny Suprenant. Angie Sell. Kristie Berg. Jamie Miller, Natalia Soria. 
Christe Stack. Tracey Gillian. Lena Jana, Cindy Govea, Michelle Roscoe. Becky Grit- 
ton. Shari Wheeler. Nikki Wilson, and Tanya Collins. 

Wolffgang row 1: Lori Yaros. Russ Govert, and Sarah Laurinas. Row 2: Felicia Mola. 
Amy Shy. Amey Dickson, and Dalia Rodriguez. Not pictured: Kim Fugate. 

Singing In the Fourth of July parade are Seniors Lori Yaros and Amy Shy. 

36 Choir 


Wolffgang goes down state; 
receives gold medal 
in small ensemble 

During the school year, 
Wolffgang performed ap- 
proximately 30 times for over 
10,000 people. Perform- 
ances included two 
concerts at the bandshell, 
the national anthem at both 
girls and boys Merrillville 
sectionals, twice at the 
Innsbrook Country Club, 
twice at Tiebel's Restaurant, 
and the Radisson ballroom 
in Merrillville. As well as, 
school choral concerts, the 
talent show, the football 
banquet, and various 
corporate and community 
groups. They also sang at, 
the Indiana State School 
Music Association regional 
and state contest in 

In the ISSMA contest, all 
Wolffgang members went 
down state. Wolffgang 
received first place in the 
small ensemble category. 
In a rare accomplishment. 
Senior Lori Yaros received 
state gold medals for 
soprano solo, alto solo, and 
tenor solo. 

Wolffgang consisted of 
the following members: 
Seniors Lori Yaros, Amy Shy, 
Kim Fugate, Russ Govert, 
and Felicia Mola; Juniors 
Amey Dickson, Dalia 
Rodriguez, and Sarah 

Concert choir perform- 
ances included the holiday 
concert in December, a 

concert at the First Christian 
Church, the Spring Concert, 
the ISSMA contest at the 
Michigan City Elston, an all- 
city festival and the Awards 
Concert May 12. 

The May Awards Concert 
featured several solos, 
duets, and choral numbers. 
The Outstanding Senior 
Awards went to Kim Fugate 
for outstanding section 
leader, participating in 
Wolffgang and for four years 
in concert choir, Amy Shy for 
four years in Wolffgang, 
state medals, most talented, 
and participation in the 
school musical, Russ Govert 
for outstanding technician, 
Wolffgang and concert 
choir, Lori Yaros for par- 
ticipation in Wolffgang for 
four years and for six medals 
at ISSMA, and Chris 

The choral department 
performed "You're a Good 
Man, Charlie Brown" for the 
school musical May 20 and 
21. It was written by Clark 
Gesner and based on the 
"Peanuts" comic strip by 
Charles Schultz. It was also 
originally performed on 
Broadway in 1967. 

The cast included Seniors 
Ted Musick, Charlie Brown; 
Russ Govert, Linus; Mike 
Jewett, Schroeder; Lori 
Yaros, Lucy; Amy Shy, Patty; 
and Curt Jackson, Snoopy. 

Mixed Choir 

Wolffgang members Lori Yaros, Sarah Laurinas. Dalia Rodriguez. Kim Fugate, and Felicia Mola per- 
form in the talent show. 

Junior Stephanie Thomason and Mr. Dean WolfF perform 
the fight song during a homecoming game. 




Choir 37 

Foreign language 
classes learn refusal 

German, Spanish, French 
and English classes at HHS 
made 1991-92 a fun and 
productive year. 

German classes started 
the year off with a new 
teacher named Mr. Thomas 
Martin. He replaced Ms. 
Eike Fischer for the first 
semester, so she could 
spend time with her new 
baby daughter. Mr. Martin 
said, "It was a lot smaller 
than I expected it to be," 
when asked what he thought 
of HHS. 

The German students had 
a visit of approximately 30 
German exchange students 
for a three week period. 
They toured places like 
Indianapolis, the Lighthouse 
in Michigan City, Chicago 
(after the flood went down). 
Crown Point high school, and 
many more places. 

Spanish classes studied 
the day of the dead. 
Spanish 7-8 and 9-10 took 
time out of regular classwork 
to learn some refusal skills 
during drug awareness 

French classes performed 
skits, wrote and illustrated 
short stories and received a 
few French culture days. 

French classes also took 
time out of regular classwork 
to learn refusal skills. 

Junior English students 
read "Huckleberry Finn" and 
"Grapes of Wrath." Skits 
were performed for 
"Huckleberry Finn" while 
posters and cakes were 
made for "Grapes of 

Sophomore English 
classes celebrated the Ides 
of March while studying 
"Julius Caesar." They also 
read "A Separate Peace" 
by John Knowles. 

Novel classes gave oral 
presentations on their 
independent novels. They 
also read many novels as a 
class throughout the 
semester such as "In Cold 

Senior composition 
classes improved their 
writing skills and were 
required to write their eight to 
ten page typed term paper. 

English teacher. Miss 
Nancy McMunn, went to 
China to teach English to 
adults who are high school 
English teachers. These 
teachers teach English in 
China as a foreign language. 

Top left: Juniors Mamee Luzzi and Shannon Ludwig act out their favorite scene from 
“The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” 

Middle left: Spanish students make a cake for their study on death and dying. 

Bottom left: Cruising down Main Street in hippie attire are the German Club Officers. 

38 Languages 

Marching down the streets of Hobart in the homecoming parade is the HHS 
Spanish Club. 

Mrs. Judy Lopez helps herself to a cake made from a scene of "The Grapes of 

Foreign language classes come together for pizza and a game of volleyball. 

perform in "The Lottery" for all 

Seniors Rick Heintz and Jane Fronczak 
English classes. 

Participating in the clubs annual softball game is Junior Shannon Cox. 

fsm - - W 

/ M - 



mm, mu 



V^.-, ■ 

'.ASS 'I 

Psychology II class 

Psychology II was added 
to the Social Studies Depart- 
ment. Mrs. Barbara Loverich 
took this class to Ree's 
Funeral Home and Miller's 
Merry Manor during their 
study on death and dying. A 
second trip was to the prison 
in Michigan City. Before the 
students went to the prison. 
Father Mike came to the 
school to talk of their visit. He 
requested that the students 
not carry a purse or wallet, 
not to wear shorts or jewelry 
and have a dollar for lunch, 
since the criminals walk 

Mrs. Loverich's first year 
psychology students brought 
in children from six months to 
six years old to study human 
development. Psychology I 
students also brought in a 
baby picture of themselves 
for other students to identify. 
The students did group 
experiments on the different 
scientific methods. They 
were offered a handwriting 
analysis and those that 
wished were hypnotized. At 
the end of the semester, Mrs. 
Loverich requested the 
students to write a letter to 
themselves. This letter was 
to tell of their life at that 
moment, maybe what they 
wore the day they wrote the 
letter. The student gave her a 
selfaddressed envelope 
and she mails it to them in 
one or; two years. Her 

geography classes buried 
the time capsule Dec. 6 
during geography aware- 
ness week. They were 
required to do an oral 
presentation on current 

Many U.S. History students 
were to read "1984" and "All 
Quiet On The Western Front” 
and tested on them in Mr. 
Dwight Mathis's class. He 
also kept his classes 
interested with many 
discussions and films on 
World War II. Meanwhile, Mr. 
Workman's A.P. U.S. History 
class read "The Jungle." 

In Introduction to Social 
Science students found out 
what it was like to be 

Mr. Cruzzen temporarily took 
over economics for Mr. 
Lopez for the year, trying his 
best to teach students on 
inflation, investment banking, 
etc. Mr. Cruzzen issued 
grades to his students while 
the students issued him his 
own grade. 

Mrs. Pam Hass's students 
were to sit in on a city council 
meeting, city court, school 
council meeting, etc., and 
then write a report on what 
they heard and get an official 
of the meeting's signature. 
Students took a U.S. 
citizenship test to show how 
much they know about the 
government, before they 
studied it. 

Top left: Unveiling the time capsule for burial is Senior Mike Hansen. 

Middle left: Juniors Heather Allen and Anne Johnson use their time wisely in A.P. History. 

Bottom left: Junior Aaron Burkhart works on a geography project with help from Mr. 

40 Social Studies 

Social Studies 41 

Top left: Freshman Stephanie Burrell experiences life in a 
wheelchair in introduction to social science. 

Top right: Juniors Tracy Shy and Pam Niedbala help their friend 
down the stairs for their study on human development in psychology. 

Middle left: Junior Rachael Coleman watches her friend ride his big 
wheel in psychology. 

Middle right: Mrs. Loverich and students await the burial of the 
time capsule. 

Bottom right: Mr. Cruzzen teaches economic students on invest- 
ment banking companies. 

Miss Barbara Gerberlck's sixth hour geometry class is making brightly colored origa- 
mi projects. 

Preparing to fly tile kite they built in honors geometry are Sophomores Laura Sopko. 
Shannon Fa via. and Michelle Boren. 

Designing string art projects is Sophomore Stacee Goodpaster along with Junior 
Mandee Robb. 

Math, Science classes 
participate in 
experiments, projects 

Keeping her geometry 
classes busy throughout the 
1991-92 school year was Miss 
Barabra Gerberick. 

In an attempt to make 
geometry “fun" Miss 
Gerberick planned inter- 
esting projects such as string 
art, where students took 
brightly colored poster 
board and string and 
created many neat 
geometric designs. 

She also taught her 
classes how to make 
origami projects. Origami is 
when one takes colored 
paper and folds it into 
boxes, balls or any other 

In her honors geometry 
class, the students made 
kites out of geometric 
shapes and also had the 
opportunity to fly them . 

In the algebra 
department , Mrs. Anita Sark 
taught her last year at HHS, 
due to retirement. 

As for the science 
classes, in biology 

sophomore students 
learned about human and 
animal anatomy and 
performed dissections on 
the earthworm and the fetal 


Juniors and Seniors 
in chemistry took part in 
various lab experiments. 
Also in the chemistry 
department, advanced 
chemistry, taught by Mr. Jim 
Fisher survived it's first year at 

In Miss Gail Schraders 
Medical Biology class, 
students had the opportunity 
to participate in many 
activities. To begin the year 
off, the class learned about 
life saving techniques, 
mainly concentrating on 
CPR. Students also spent a 
good portion of the last 
semester dissecting a cat in 
order to learn more about 
anatomy. Through out the 
year the "Med. Bio." 
students also took many trips 
to various hospitals in the 

Setting up the microscope during biology class is Sophomore Angie Brown. 

42 Science/Moth 

Medical biology students. Seniors Julie Poole and John Coons begin dissecting their cat 
for a class project. 

Sophomore students participated in a biology lab in Mr. Craig Buford's class. 

Science/Math 43 

Above: Senior Jennifer Randall works on some extra credit for art class. 

G/T Art Students 
Begin 6 Murals 

The fine arts and crafts 
department, taught by Mr. 
Dale Marcus offered a 
variety of courses in drawing, 
painting, ceramics, commer- 
cial art and gifted and 
talented art. 

G/ T art students started six 
different school murals. 
Business, drama, and band 
murals were among them. 
Murals were also painted in 
the boy's locker room, echo 
systems by the science 
rooms, and words of 
encouragement in the 

Students participated in 
the Christmas Art Show and 
Hobart's Tri Kappa Art Show. 

The Tri Kappa Art Show 
held in May, awarded Senior 
Jennifer Budzielek with Best of 
Show. In painting. Junior 
Jenny Powers received first 
place, Freshman Rafael 
Garcia second place, and 
Senior Jennifer Parris third 
place. For drawing, first 
place went to Junior Melissa 
Vichinsky, second place to 
Rafael Garcia, and third 
place to Junior Tom Goff. In 
G/T art. Senior Zac Fuller 
placed first. Senior John 
Binkley second and Junior 
Amy Mola third. Junior Chris 
Guzman received first place 
in commercial. Junior Christie 
Strothoff received second, 
and Freshman Sam Abegg 
received third. For 
ceramics, first place went to 
Jennifer Parris, second place 
went to Senior Patrice Hardy, 
and third place went to 
Senior John Zorek. Finally in 
handbuilding, freshmen 
Nicole Scheuner came in 
first. Senior Chad Harkins 
second, and Senior Ro- 
chelle Steczo third. 

Also in May, there was an 
art display held in the school 

Top left: Painting a swimming portrait is 
Senior Jason Schnabel. 

Middle left: Mr. Dale Marcus helps some 
students with a basketball poster. 

board meeting room at 
HMS, and a Senior Art 
display in the auditorium 
lobby ended the year. 

The gifted and talented 
classes did many interesting 
activities throughout the 
school year. 

The Sophomore G/T class 
was taught by Mrs. Jackie 
Rogers. The students went 
on a field trip to the Lake 
County Government Center 
which they visited the adult 
jail and the juvenile detention 
center. They also planned 
on going to the courthouse 
to sit in on a trial, but it 
happened to catch on fire 
that day. Another trip was to 
Indianapolis to the Indiana 
Future Problem Solving Bowl. 

The Junior G/T class was 
taught by Mrs. Barbara 
Shinovich. The students 
studied the following topics: 
leadership, giftedness, 
death and dying. Aids, 
abortion, terrorism, suicide, 
famous leaders and many 
more exciting topics. They 
took a field trip to Burns 
Funeral Home & Crematory 
and ended the year with a 
field trip to Purdue University. 

Senior G/T class was 
taught by Mrs. Vera Cory. 
Their topics dealt with the fall 
of the Soviet Union and our 
competition with Japan. 
They looked at the 
relationships and crime in our 
society today and solved a 
murder on a train. Following 
that they did Science 
password to get familiar with 
great accomplishments in 
science and technology. 
Philosophy was one of their 
major topics in which they 
selected individual philo- 
sophies. Finally, they went 
on field trips to Valporaiso 
University, IUN, and the Field 
Museum in Chicago. 

44 Art/Gt 

Top left: Senior G/T student. Christine Chiabai. dresses up as 
the Chinese philosopher. Confucious. 

Middle left: Senior Zac Fuller and Junior Turiya Simic paint a 
Spanish mural in the foreign language hallway. 

Bottom left: Senior G/T student Mark Anderson plays jeopardy. 

Top right: Junior Shannon Cox draws out the band mural. 

Middle right: Painting a portrait for G/T art class is Senior 
Michael Sawyer. 

Painting his Escort blue during auto shop is Senior Tony Yannuzzi. 

Carefully working with a machine in medal shop class is Junior Michael Mantai. 

Typing rapidly, in order to do well on a timed writing exercise is Senior Abi Joseph. 

Business class 
performs mock trial 

The business department 
worked hard this year on 
many projects and 

In business law, Mr. Bob 
Graham's classes per- 
formed a mock trial. In order 
to prepare for this. Junior 
Seng Bounnharaj and Senior 
Laurie Edge; prosecuting 
attorneys. Seniors Jeff Cary 
and Jason Solivais; defense 
attorneys along with Senior 
Katie Boston; trial judge went 
to the Lake County court 
house to see a trial. 

The attorneys and the 
judge received a booklet 
containing everything about 
the John Diamond trial. 
These things included a 
diagram of the truck stop, 
where the murder took 
place, Diamond's case file, 
an offense report, state- 
ments from witnesses, a 
copy of the autopsy, a 
report from the emergency 
room and a diagram of the 
pistole that did the killing. 

The witnesses played by 
Juniors Josh Cicillian, Todd 
Gleason and Katie Zaradich 
and Seniors Patti Hyland, 
Norm Purdue, Jessicd 
Stewart and Nandy Flores all 
read the part of the witness 
they played, learned the 
information from that and 
answered questions when 
examined by the attorneys. 

The court case the class 
did, was entitled "The People 
of the State VS. John 
Diamond." In the case, a 
Grand Jury has charged John 
Diamond, Nandy Flores with 
first degree murder in the 
shooting death of Trudi 
Doyle at the Truck Stop Cafe 
on Highway 33 outside of 
Marion, Indiana. 

"As a judge, I felt more 
involved and in control of 
what went on during the trial," 
stated Katie Boston. 

Seng said, ”1 thought it was 
a new experience for 
everyone because at first no 

one knew how to react, but 
afterwards we learned." 
She continued by saying, "I 
liked getting to cross- 
examine the defendants, it 
gave me a chance to 
express my feelings." 

The HHS computer 
classes; keyboarding, com- 
puter applications, basic 
programming and office 
procedures worked hard on 
activities throughout the 
school year. 

Mrs. Judy Harder's office 
procedure class did required 
units individually during the 
first semester with calc- 
ulating, transcribing and 

During the second 
semester, the class was able 
to pick many desired jobs 
from a list that contained 
many different assignments. 
Some were record keeping, 
database, computer act- 
ivites, bank teller, accounting 
clerk, or work on a typewriter. 

In wood classes, taught by 
Mr. Mike Zoladz, students 
made various projects 
throughout the year 
including; tables, desks, 
cabinets, gun racks, jewelry 
and music boxes, and cedar 

Auto mechanics had a 
lesson on the rebuilding and 
remodeling of engines. The 
class also had the 
opportunity to work on lawn 
mowers. The special project 
the class worked on was 
body and paint jobs. 

In medal shop, instructed 
by Mr. Hank Jarvis, 
students learned how to use 
many different machines. 
They also completed 
various individual projects 
throughout the coarse of the 
year. This year, Mr. Jarvis 
combined the works of both 
his architecture and meda’ 
students and designed and 
built a storage shed in the 
medals room. 

46 Business/Shop 

Staining a hope chest during second hour wood shop is Senior Karen Howerton. 

Top left: Senior Martin Fox concentrates on his year end typing test in Mr. Bob Gra- 
ham's last hour typing class. 

During business law's mock trial. Senior Katie Boston presided while Junior Josh Cicil- 
lian was cross-examined by Junior Seng Bounnharaj. 

Working well as a group on a 
machine in medal shop are stu- 
dents from Mr. Hank Jarvis's 
fourth hour class. 

Performing CPR in Mr. Lloyd Albrand’s health class is Freshmen Lisa Bell. 

Close to the end of the school year, the P. E. classes gathered in the gym to play basket- 

Both Home Ec., P.E. 
Departments keep busy 

Cooking, running, 
swimming, and sewing are 
just a few activities P.E. and 
home economic students 
participated in this school 

Gym classes, taught by 
Mrs. Carmen Dulhanty, Mr. 
Don Howell, and Mr. Tom 
Kerr kept busy with sports 
such as volleyball, football, 
handball, tennis, basketball, 
whiffle ball, soccer, hockey, 
badminton and swimming. 

Health and safety 
classes learned about CPR, 
adolescent problems, sex, 
personality disorders and, 
various parts of the human 

During the year the 
second annual Lift-a- Thon 
was also held. The money 
raised went to the Hobart 
Middle School , for the 
buliding of a new weight 

Nine HHS students 
received trophies for their Lift- 
a-Thon efforts. They were 
Seniors Nandy Flores, Kellee 
Robb, Holly Toering, and 
Suzy Cullen; Juniors Chris 
Sweet and Jim Rydlewski; 
Sophomores Rich Sturtridge 
and Phil Conrad along with 

Freshman Tisha Cox. 

Flores and Robb were 
top overall male and female 
contestants. Sturtridge was 
cited for bringing in the most 
pledge money for the 

Mrs. Diane Lawrence’s 
class were also kept busy 
during the school year. 

The family living class did 
group reports on the 
expense and procedures 
involved in planning and 
performing a wedding. 

Child development 
classes did reports on 
various birth defects and 
observed preschool 

The foods class held 
frequent labs where 
students learned how to 
prepare desserts and 
different types of bread. 
The foods class was also 
taught how to use many 
kitchen utensils and about 
the four basic food groups. 

The housing class 
created drawings of 
furnishings and decorated a 
home. The sewing classes 
did individual clothing 

48 Home Ec. and PE 

Living it L 

Varsity football: Row 1. Krlste Foerg, Carrie Anderson. Tami Sliz. Kris Luedtke. 
Michelle Rosenberg, and Jeanette Vaclavik. Row 2. Heather Allen, Amy Mola, Shan- 
non Camplan. Erica Schest. and Bridget Eden. 

JV football: Michelle Sevclk. Shani Boyd, Megan Anderson, Trever Rochletti, and 
Becky Fattore. 

Freshmen football. Row 1: Christy Nelson. Belinda Hernandez, and Carnie Yoder 
Row 2: Jessica Rich. Heather Ondo. and Valerie Heuring. 

50 Cheerleaders 

The varsity, junior varsity, and freshmen cheerleading squads join together 
in the Homecoming parade to march down Main Street while performing 
to “Our Boys will Shine Tonight." 

After spending money on toilet paper and crepe paper, the finished 
product is now ready for public view. The cheerleaders and Booster Club 
members spent lots of money and hours perfecting their works of art, 
mostly in the wee hours of the night. 

Basketball JV/Freshnien, Row 1: Michelle Sevcik. Heidi Wengel. Trever Rocchtetti. 
Shani Boyd, and Megan Anderson. Row 2: Heather Ondo. Christy Nelson. Belinda 
Hernandez, Jessica Rich, and Valerie Heuring. 

Varsity basketball: Heather Allen. Amy Mola, Erica Sehest, Amy Gavdos. Jeanette 
Vaclavik. Michelle Rosenberg. Kriste Foerg. Shannon Camplan, Tami Sllz. and Carrie 

Booster Club/Cheerleaders 51 

Booster Club. Row 1: Michelle Feczko. MicheUe Rosenberg. Sara Brandenburg. Shannon Cam- 
plan. Carrie Anderson, Julie Poole. Triela Burger. Kris Luedtke. Amy Mola. Erica Sehest, and 
Michelle Schammert. Row 2: Cindy Oslka. Heidi Wegel. Megan Anderson, Michelle Sevcik. Trever 
Rocchelttl, Becky Fattore. Rachael Coleman, Turlya Simlc, Heather Blossom, and Kelly 
Zvbarowskl. Row 3: Amy Crowder. Missy Brandush. Kris Gadberry. Jane Cornelius, Lisa Cym- 
balnik. Michelle Boren. Dawn German, Christy Nelson. Kelly Bums. Valerie Heuring. Jessica 
Rich, and Heather Ondo. 

Booster Club Sponsors 
Duck Race, Spirit Weeks 

The Booster Club, 
sponsored by Mrs. Jan Osika, 
planned and organized 
many events throughout the 

The club's first fund raiser of 
the year was the Duck Creek 
Duck Race Oct. 16, behind 
the middle school. Club 
members sold floatable, 
plastic ducks with numbers 
on them. The winners of the 
race received monetary 
awards of $300, $200, $100, 
$50, $25, and $1. 

The club also painted 
windows downtown Hobart, 
decorated the main lobby, 
and sponsored both the 
Football and Basketball 
Homecoming Spirit Weeks. 
Students who chose to 
participate were eligible to 
win $5 if chosen "best 
dressed" for that particular 

The club also sold balloons 
for Valentine's Day. 

The club's officers were 
Seniors Shannon Camplan, 
president; Carrie Anderson, 
vice-president; Julie Poole, 
secretary; and Junior Tricia 
Burger, treasurer. 

The varsity, junior varsity, 
and freshmen cheerleaders 
attended a UCA cheer- 
leading camp at St. Mary of 
the Woods College in South 
Bend June 24-27, where they 
won several awards. The 
varsity squad received a 
trophy for being a superior 
squad and several ribbons 
for excellency. 

The JV cheerleaders won 
first place at ICF regionals in 
Rockford, III, and received a 
spirit stick for being the most 
spirited squad. The squad 
also traveled to Opryland in 
Nashville, Tenn., to compete 
in lOCC's international cheer- 
leading competion. ranking 
15th out of 40 squads. 

The freshmen cheer- 
leaders received three first 
place ribbons, two seconds, 
and a trophy for being a 
superior squad at the UCA 

The cheerleaders 
sponsored a sock hop in the 
cafeteria March 20, and sold 
pizzas to buy two new sets of 
uniforms. The cheerleaders 
also sponsored the "Dancing 
to the Dome" dance Nov. 29. 

Senior Tami Sliz was the 
varsity cheerleading captain 
for football and Shannon 
Camplan was the caption for 
basketball. The JV football 
and basketball captains 
were Sophomores Becky 
Fattore and Trever Roc- 
chietti. The freshmen football 
and basketball captains 
were Christy Nelson and 
Jessica Rich. 

The cheerleader sponsors 
were Mrs. Marsha Kertz, 
varsity coach, Mrs. Dona 
Steinhauer, jv coach, Mrs. 
Mikell Drobak, freshman 
coach, and Ms. Ericd Skalba, 

Sophomore Sean Kaletta helps the 
Booster Club in its Duck Creek Duck 
Race fundraiser. 

Senior Jeff Herrick drives the Genesius Player's first float to appear in the 
Football Homecoming parade. The float drove away with top honors in 
the club category, Miss Shirley Mumaugh is the club's sponsor. 

Bowling Club. Row 1: Dana DePerio. Mike Wilson. Mike Jewett. Jeff Herrick, Zac 
Fuller. Jason Skezus. and Phil Jones. Row 2: Tanya Sullivan. Dean Daniels. Mike 
Grabek. Dave Cochran, Doug Tipold. and Dave Fowble. Row 3: Danielle Simmons. 
Alan Timmerman. John Coons. Kristen Pointer, and Michelle Be mat. 

Genesius Players. Row 1: Stephanie Thomason, Jane Fronczek. Russ Govert. Sarah 
Laurlnas. Mike Jewett. Lori Yaros. Kris Templin, Amy Shy. John Coons. David 
Vaclavik. Row 2: Vanessa Miklas. Cheryl Herrick. Shari Wheeler. Michelle Feezko. 
Jeff Herrick. Dave Thorsen. Hilary Philpott, Scott Tharp. Tanya Tallos. Shani Boyd, 
and Amy Gaydos. Row 3: Kim Fugate. Beckie Gritten, Stacy Boy, Karen Boy, Chasity 
Piseione. Richard Heintz. Christina Such, and Charlotte Sabotta. Row 4: Angela 
Biemat, Jenny Paris. Curt Jackson. Kriste Foerg, and Ted Musick. 

Many students, such as this group of seniors, involved themselves in The- 
atre and Genesius Players. Taking time out for a picture are Lori Yaros, 
David Thorsen, Amy Shy, John Coons, Kris Templin, Curt Jackson, Rick 
Heintz, and Jennifer Parris. 

After a long ride with the Bicycle Club, Senior Beckie Gritton takes a drink 
of water to cool off. 

52 Bicycle/Bowling Clubs 

Genesius Players Sponsor 
'Spotlight Zone’ 

The Genesius Players, 
sponsored by Miss Shirley 
Mumaugh, presented the 
1992 talent show, “The 
Spotlight Zone," April 8-9, in 
the auditorium. 

Auditions took place 
Feb. 5. Thirty-three acts tried 
out for a position in the talent 
show, but 12 acts did not 
make it. There were also 17 
blackouts who auditioned, 
but only 10 made it. 

The masters of 
ceremonies were Seniors 
Curt Jackson, Mike Jewett, 
Ted Musick, Kristen Templin, 
and Junior Stephanie Thoma- 

The Genesius Players 
were also busy rehearsing 
and presenting shows such 
as their fall play, "Up the 
Down Staircase" which was 
shown Nov. 13-14, their 
children's show, “The Lion, 
the Witch, and the 
Waredrobe" which was 
shown Feb. 25-27, and their 
presentations to the English 
classes May 7. 

The club participated in 
its first Football Homecoming 
parade, in which they took 
top honors in the club 

The officers were Seniors 
Mike Jewett, president; Amy 
Shy, vice-president; Kristen 
Templin, treasurer; Russell 
Govert, historian; Jane 
Fronczak, activities; and Lori 
Yaros and Junior Stephanie 
Thomason, public relations. 

The bowling club, 
sponsored by Mrs. Carolyn 
Moore, was added to the list 
of many others during the 
1991-92 school year. 

The members bowled at 
Cressmore Lanes every 
Thursday after school and 
received special discounts 
aiong with free shoe rental. 

Right: Playing the role of Vivian Paine 
is Junior Tanya Tallos. The Theatre 
Class presented "Up th Down Stair- 
case" Nov. 13-14. 

The purpose of the club was 
merely for fun and to get a 
better understanding for the 

The bowling club's officers 
were Seniors Dave Cochran, 
president; Phil Jones, vice- 
president; Mike Wilson, 
secretary; and Zac Fuller, 

The bicycle club, 
sponsored by Mr. James 
Fisher, kept active through- 
out the year. The club rode 
their bikes all over the area 
after school and on the 
weekends. Safety and fun 
are two important things that 
the bicycle club focuses on. 

The club also planned a 
spring picnic at the end of 
the school year. Most of the 
club's rides average from 10- 
40 miles, depending on the 
ability of the rider. 

The club's officers were 
Seniors Dan Hornung, pre- 
sident; Beckie Gritton, vice- 
president; Kim Fugate, 
secretary; and Brian Lucas, 

Theatre class and Genesius Club members. Seniors Curt Jackson. Mike Jewett, Ted 
Musick, Lori Yaros, Amy Shy, and Russ Govert took part in the spring musical, “You’re 
a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” 

Taking advantage of the shade from the trees while resting from their strenuous bike ride 
are Seniors Brian Lucas and Beckie Gritton. 

Genesius Players 53 

French Club. Row 1 :Patty Baines, Trisha Pouch. Jane Fronczak, Jenni Woronecki. 
Susan Ascbok, Amanda Bonner. Jennifer Parris. Jenny Pall. Becky Key. and Char- 
lotte Sabotta. Row 2: Koula Tsahas. Michelle Schammert. Christie Bowman. Tiffany 
Padaris. Cheryl Herrick. Richard Sapper. Hilary Philpott, Jackie Beach, Molly 
DeLeurere, and Christie Akincyk. Row 3: Jamie Kutzer, Richard Long. Karine Livin- 
good. Stacy Boy. Lisa Budzielek, Vanessa Miklas. David Orr. Dean Brad, and Brad 

German Club, Row 1: John Coons. Christine Mikusevich, Michael Sawyer, and 
Celeste Goodwin. Row 2: Erica Pollnow. Amanda Coleman, Julie Stephenson. 
Christina Such. Jeff Herrick. Natalie Sistanich, Jackie Coons, and Brtdgette Bisset. 

Spanish Club. Row 1: Mark Anderson. Dan Surowiec, Kristan Doerr. Tom Steffus. 
Marla Mathews. Sara Brandenburg. Christine Chiabai. Michelle Rosenberg. Jenny 
Jolevski. Leigh Johnson, and Don Sedoris. Row 2: Kimberly Fugate. Christa Turpin. 
Martha Rodriguez. Michelle Feczko. Julie Poole. Erin Gilliana. Jenny Rossi. Tracy 
Lewis. Lena Davis, and Ryan Cartwright. Row 3: Lisa Schultz. Heather Blossom. 
Amy Mola. Rachael Coleman, Mandee Robb. Stevan Mizemakowski. Ed Casko, Jere- 
my Smith, and Mike Stupar. Row 4: Christina Jimenez, Heather Curtis, Becky Palas, 
Heather Bass, Lena Coleman, Brian Kutzer. Kim Topping, and Rafael Garcia. 

54 German/French/Spanish Clubs 

Spanish Club members walked down the streets with club sponsor Mrs. Bar- 
bara Shinovich to throw out candy to spectators along Main Street. The club 
also had a decorated truck driving in front of them. 

German Club officers Michael Sawyer, John Coons, Celeste Goodwin, and 
Christine Mikusevich participate in the Football Homecoming parade as a 
group of Hippies riding along the parade route in a slug bug convertible. 

Riding in back of the French Club's entry are several dedicated members 
who braved the cold weather and joined in on the fun and excitement of 
Football Homecoming parades. 

French, German, Spanish 

Clubs Enter 

During Football Home- 
coming week, the French, 
German, and Spanish Clubs 
were busy working on floats 
to enter in the parade. 
Throughout the year, the 
foreign language clubs held 
numerous activities for their 
members to participate in. 

The French Club, spon- 
sored by Mrs. Debbie 
Olejnickzek, traveled up to 
Chicago, and while in the 
city, were able to eat at a 
French restaurant. 

The officers were: Junior 
Susan Acsbok, president; 
Senior Jennifer Randall, vice- 
president; Junior Amanda 
Bonner, secretary; and 
Senior Jennifer Parris, 

The German Club also took 
its annual trip to Chicago and 
helped the Kiwanis Club with 
their Peanut Day fundraiser. 

The biggest event for the 
club's members was hosting 
several German students 
from Erlangen, Germany. The 
exchange program marked 
the 10th anniversary between 
the two schools. The German 
students stayed in America 
for three weeks and visited 
many places, such as 
Chicago, Indianapolis, the 
Dunes and Notre Dame and 
Valparaiso Universities. 

The club's officers were: 
Seniors Christine Mikusevich, 
president; John Coons, vice- 
president; Celeste Goodwin, 
secretary; and Michael 
Sawyer' treasurer. 

The German Club, and 
Spanish Club also involved 
themselves in the annual 
Battle of the Clubs softball 

The Spanish Club, 
sponsored by Mrs. Barbara 
Shinovich, took its members 
to Casa Gallardo in Merrillville 

Junior Ryan Cartwright serves the volley- 
ball. while Junior Michael Stupar waits in 
anticipation to hit it back over. 


for dinner. The club planned 
to go Christmas caroling at 
Miller's Merry Manor, but too 
many people were sick so 
they cancelled it. 

The officers were: Seniors 
Sara Brandenburg, pres- 
ident; Christine Chiabai, vice- 
president; Maria Mathews, 
secretary; and Michelle 
Rosenberg, treasurer. 

All three clubs were busy 
selling candy to raise money 
for general purposes. The 
clubs also joined together 
and sponsored a volleyball 
game and pizza party the 
last day of school in the front 
lawn of the high school. 

Freshman Breann Kutzer works on paint- 
ing a banner for the Spanish Club during 
Football Homecoming week. 

Carrying a French flag while marching down Main Street are two members of the French 
Club. Juniors Amanda Bonner, vice-president, and Susan Ascbok. president, led the 
rest of the group down the parade route. 

Members of German. French, and Spanish Club joined together the last day of school to 
play volleyball and eat pizza on the high school’s front lawn to celebrate the closing of the 
school year. 

Helping to unwrap the pizzas are French Club members. Junior Jamie Kutzer and 
Amanda Bonner. The German, French, and Spanish Clubs provided pizza, pop. and 
chips for the volleyball players to snack on during the event. 

French/German/Spanish Clubs 55 

National Honor Society. Row 1: Sara Brandenburg. Christine Chiabai. Michelle 
Feczko, Kari Wilkinson. Mark Anderson. John Coons. Chadd Charbonneau, and 
Michelle Rosenberg. Row 2: Julie Poole. Angela Biemat. Jeff Herrick. Tom Steffus, 
Christtne Mikusevich. Lori Yaros. and Kris Templln. Row 3: Erin Gilliana. Dave 
Niksich. Frank Maggio. Dan Surowiee. and Jake Irwin. 

Varsity H. Row 1: Trlcia Burger, Tom Steffus. Martin Fox. Mark Anderson. Michelle 
Rosenberg. Christine Mikusevich. Sara Brandenburg. Christine Chiabai. Kris Luedtke, 
Wendy Swantko. and Julie Stephenson. Row 2: Kelly Harmon. Kellee Robb. Stacey Dalton, 
Julie Pbole. KrisTemplin. Michelle Feczko. Kari Wilkinson. Natalie Sistanich. Pete Deltnek, 
Ed Casko, and Jennifer Szymanski. Row 3: Abi Joseph. Dan Surowiee. Susie Djankovlch, 
Turiya Simic, John Coons. Jake Irwin. Dave Bradley. Tom Reisinger. and Bob Black. Row 
4: Mr. Moe Rhody, and Mr. Tom Workman. 

Student Council, Row 1: Mark Anderson, Christine Mikusevich. Erin Gilliana. Stacey 
Dalton. Tom Steffus. Colleen Shapley, Michelle Feczko. Michelle Boren. Michelle 
Rosenberg. Matt Greener, and Amy Mola. Row 2: Donna Soria. Julie Poole. Maria 
Mathews. Turiya Simic. Ericka Schest. Heather Blossom. Natalie Sistanich. Rachael 
Coleman. Kris Templin. and Sara Brandenburg. Row 3: John Coons, Dan Surowiee. 
Mark Feczko. Cindy Osika. Valerie Heuring. Becky Fattore, Kari Wilkinson, Julie 
Balcerak. and Scott Tharp. Row 4: Bill Hillestad. Karen Grosdanis. Kristy Kra- 
Jnovich, Jennifer Supermantt. Cindy Govea. Shannon Janis. and Kathleen String- 

Mayor Michelle Fezcko and Clerk Colleen Shapley ride with Mr. William 
Cope and Miss Sherry Williams during the Football Flomecoming Parade. 

Although the weather wasn't favorable, the good news from Clerk Colleen 
Shapley gave Freshman princess Jackie Coons all the good reason to smile 
and be happy. 

Flaving fun at a dance sponsored by Student Council are Seniors Michelle 
Fezcko. Katie Adair. Nicole Dunn. Jenni Welter, Maria Mathews, and 
Celeste Goodwin. 

NHS/H/Student Council 57 

NHS, Varsity H Sponsor 
'Wonderful Tonight' 

Left: After a long day at the State Conven- Above: Working to decorate the cafeteria 

tion in Goshen, Student Council mem- for the Semi-formal are Seniors John 

bers. Juniors Amy Mola, and Erica Schest Coons, Christine Mikusevich and Erin 
and Sophomores Julie Balcerak and Gilliana. 

Michelle Boren take a rest on their lug- 

The Varsity "H" Club, 
sponsored by Mr. Tom Work- 
man and Mr. Moe Rhody, 
and National Honor Society, 
(NHS) sponsored by Mrs. 
Jackie Rogers, were both 
busy planning and working 
on the Semi-formal dance 
"Wonderful Tonight," that 
took place Nov. 16, in the 

The music was provided 
by Kerry Kapica and the 
pictures were taken by 
Midstates Photography. 

NHS planned an 
Academic Booster Club, 
where they did things for the 
Spell Bowl and Academic 
Decathlon teams. The club 
also sold candy canes as a 
fundraiser for Christmas and 
participated in the annual 
"Battle of the Clubs" softball 
game, in which they came in 

The club's officers were: 
Seniors Ivor John Coons, 
president; Michelle Feczko, 
vice-president; Kari Wilkin- 
son, secretary; and Mark 
Anderson, treasurer. 

The Varsity "H" Club 
gathered food for the less 
unfortunate at Christmas 
time. The club also awarded 
Seniors Christine Chiabai and 
Julie Poole with scholarships. 

The officer included: 
Seniors Christine Mikusevich, 
president; Mark Anderson 
and Sara Brandenburg, vice- 
presidents; and Michelle 
Rosenberg, secretary and 

Student Council, 
sponsored by Mrs. Pamela 
Hass, held a variety of events 
for HHS students as well as for 
the community. 

The club organized the 
Football and Basketball 
Homecoming ceremonies 
and sponsored many post- 

game dances. 

A major accomplishment 
by Student Council was 
hosting the Battle of the 
Bands March 13, in the 
auditorium. This year, nine 
bands auditioned, but only 
six were selected to play. 
The previous year, the club 
cancelled the event. 

Student Council Sold 
candy grams at Halloween 
and held a Halloween dance 
to benefit UNICEF. 

During the Christmas 
holidays. Student Council 
members helped HEIDC with 
Breakfast with Santa at the 
middle school. The club also 
contributed canned and 
boxed items to the food 

The members also 
participated in several work- 
shops and conventions 
throughout the year. 

During the month of 
October, the club traveled to 
Lake Station Edison to take 
part in District 1 Workshops. 

Student Council then 
went to Goshen High School 
Nov. 9-10, to participate in the 
State Convention, where 
members stayed with host 
families over night. 

The Representative 
Assembly was at Tri Central 
High School in Sharpsville, IN, 
and took place April 24. 

Senior Career Day, April 30, 
was sponsored by Student 
Council and gave senior 
students the opportunity to 
experience a job of their 
liking for the day. 

The club gave money to 
the teacher's retirement fund 
and also contributed to the 
Hall of Scholars. 

Student Council was run by 
Senior Michelle Feczko, 
school mayor, and Junior 
Colleen Shapely, clerk. 

Quenching their thirst at Semi, co-sponsored by NHS and Varsity H, are Seniors Chris- 
tine Chiabai, Tom Steffus, Jennifer Smith, and Martin Fox. 

FCA. Row 1: Matt Dumbauld. Chris Erickson. John Coons. Josh Wallace. Jason 
Schnable, and Jeremy Smith. Row 2: Becky Pouch, Jamie Kutzer, Nicole Weimer, 
Kim Freeman. Brean Kutzer. Cindy Osika, and Marianna Delinck. Row 3: Jackie 
Coons. Dan Larson. Jason Rosenbaum, Clint Rosenbaum, and Mr. Bob Graham. 

Quill & Scroll. Row 1: Lori Jones. Stephanie Claussen, Suzann Stevens. Carrie 
Anderson, and Tracy Hupertz. Row 2: Tara Normoyle. Michael Sawyer and Nicole 
Dunn. Not pictured: Anita Brown and Donna Soria. 

SADD. Row 1: Rick Heintz. Stacey Dalton. Julie Poole, Michelle Feczko, Michael 
Sawyer. Michelle Rosenberg, Sara Brandenburg. Kris Luedtke. Abi Joseph. Matt 
Greener, and Mrs. Evelyn Dalton. Row 2: Erin Gllliana. Maria Mathews, John 
Coons, Donna Soria. Christine Chiabal. Kristan Doerr. Kris Templin, Destiny Woj- 
ciechowskl. Stacey Cassoday. and Chris Matle. Row 3: Melissa Lakomek. Jenny 
Givens, Angela Frank. Lelly Duca. Tyria Simic. Rachael Coleman. Natalie Soria, 
Christine Mlkusevich, Kari Wilkinson, and Kim Jones. Row 4: Jennifer Puentes. 
Megan Mullany, Karen Valdivia, Laura Chiabal. Becky Fattore, Shannon Janis. Jen- 
nlfer Suprenant. Chris Konja, and Hea ther Ondo. 


Looking over the last issue of the HO-HI LIFE are Quill and Scroll senior mem- 
bers Lori Jones and Suzann Stevens, The Senior Wills were placed in the school 
newspaper instead of booklets because the cost was too expensive. 

Hours before the SADD lock-in. Senior Michael Sawyer helped get things 
organized and ready. Michael folded schedules to help students know the 
times and places of certain events. 

Who ever said, “Three's a Crowd?" Not for Freshmen Marianna Delinck. 
Heather Gubocki, and Cindy Osika, who worked at FCA's pancake breakfasl 
held at Hobart Presbyterian Church. 

SADD sponsors Lock-in, 
Drug Awareness Week 

SADD (Students Against 
Drinking and other Drugs) 
kept active throughout the 
year by scheduling several 
events for both HHS students 
and SADD members. 

The club, sponsored by 
Mrs. Evelyn Dalton, planned 
a lock-in at HHS for all seniors 
and SADD members, along 
with one SADD member's 
guest, March 6-7. 

During the lock-in, students 
danced, played basketball, 
volleyball, watched movies, 
ate sloppy Joe's, and slept. 

The club also took part in 
Drug Awareness Week May 
11-15, leading up to Prom 

SADD members painted 
the front of the school that 
previous Friday with the 
saying, "Celebrate Sober. 
Celebrate Life. Prom 1992." 
Monday during school, the 
club passed out phamplets 
and after school, a wrecked 
car was placed in front of the 
school. The sign next to the 
mangled car read, "Drinking 
and driving wrecks more 
than just your car." 

Wednesday, students in 
English classes received a 
visit from the Grim Reaper, 
along with seven dead 
teenagers who represented 
the number of deaths that 
occur in one hour. 

Thursday, "Dead end to 
Drugs," was presented to 
those students attending 
Prom. Students looked into a 
coffin and saw their reflection 
surrounded by drug and 
alcohol related parapanalia. 

Friday, a speaker visited 
HHS, and spoke to all the 
grade levels on being aware 
of drugs and alcohol and 

The club's officers were 
Seniors Michael Sawyer, pre- 

sident; Michelle Rosenberg, 
vice-president; Kris Luedtke, 
secretary; and Sara Branden- 
burg, tresurer. 

FCA (Fellowship of Christian 
Atheletes) kept themselves 
busy selling candy bars 
throughout the month of 
October to help pay for the 
club's annual trip to Turkey 
Run May 8-10. While at 
Turkey Run, the group swam, 
canoed, played volleyball, 
and softball. They stayed at 
the FCA national head- 
quarters a few miles down 
the road. 

The club, sponsored by 
Mr. Rich Gram, also held its 
annual pancake breakfast 
at Hobart Presbyterian 

The club’s officers were 
Senior John Coons, pre- 
sident; Junior Josh Wallace, 
vice-president; Senior Tricia 
Pouch, secretary; and Chris 
Erickson, treasurer. 

Quill and Scroll, sponsored 
by Mrs. Cynthia Lambeth, 
sold their traditional Football 
Homecoming mums for $3.50 
during the month of October. 

At the end of the year, the 
club changed the Senior 
Wills booklet so they were 
accessible to all students. In- 
stead of buying the booklets 
for $1, the seniors paid $1 to 
enter their will in the last issue 
of the HO-HI LIFE school news- 

The club's officers were 
Seniors Michael Sawyer, 
president; Nikki Dunn, vice- 
president; Anita Brown, sec- 
retary; and Martha Rodri- 
guez, treasurer. 

During the SADD lock-in, HHS students played basketball, volleyball, swam, and 
watched movies, but the excitement was too much for Sophomore Jenny Pall, who chose 
to fall asleep in the main lobby. 

Cooking sausage in the kitchen of Hobart Presbyterian Church for FCA’s pancake and 
sausage breakfast is Senior John Coons. 

Quill and Scroll member. Senior Anita 
Brown reads the school newspaper after 
they were distributed on the last day of 

Math Club, Row 1: Sara Brandenburg, Michelle Rosenberg, Destiny Wojciechowski. 
and Jeff Herrick. Row 2: Julie Poole. Kari Wilkinson, and Dean Brad. Row 3:Sarah 
Laurinas and Mike Jewett. Top: Christine Chiabat 

Photography Club, Charlotte Sabotta. Michael Sawyer. Martha Rodriguez, and Scott 
Patterson. Not pictured: Stacey Dalton and Anita Brown. 

Writer's Club, Row 1: Jody Fox. Jessica Schreve. and Char- 
lotte Sabotta. Row 2: Shawn Elder. Mandy Bowers, and 
Jennl Woronecki. Row 3: Stacy Boy. Natalie Soria, and 
Vanessa Maiki. Row 4: Jaime Strom and Jennifer 

60 Math/Photo/Writer's Clubs 

Working to decorate the main gym for the Aloha Dance, sponsored by the 
Math Club, are Seniors Michelle Rosenberg and Sara Brandenburg. 

Keeping warm at the Battle of the Clubs softball game, sponsored by the 
Math Club, are Seniors Chadd Charbonneau, Dave Bradley, and Martin Fox. 

Sophomore Charlotte Sabotta delivers Senior Nikki Dunn a rose and a card 
for Valentine's Day. The event was sponsored by the Writer's Club. 

Math Club plans game, 
Aloha Senior's Dance 

The Math Club, sponsored 
by Mrs. Barbara Gerberick, 
planned many activities for 
its members, as well as the 
HHS student body. 

The club sponsored the 
annual Battle of the Clubs 
softball game May 9. at the 
girl's softball field. The 
German and Spanish Clubs, 
as well as National Honor 
Society participated with the 
Math Club. 

To raise money, the Math 
Club held a car wash and 
was also in charge of the 
Aloha Senior's Dance June 4, 
in the main gym. The 
entertainment was provided 
by Exuberance. 

The club's officers were: 
Seniors Michelle Rosenberg, 
president; Jeff Herrick, vice- 
president; Destiny Wojcie- 
howski. secretary; and Sara 
Brandenburg, treasurer. 

The Photography Club 
kept busy throughout the 
school year taking pictures 
of various events and 
activities. Several of the 
pictures taken by the club 
members were developed 
in the darkroom at HHS and 
used in the 1992 MEMORIES 

yearbook. Club members 
also took pictures at the 
Halloween dance and also 
with Santa in the main lobby. 

The officers included: 
Seniors Martha Rodriguez, 
president; Michael Sawyer, 
vice-president; Anita Brown, 
secretary; and Sophomore 
Charlotte Sabotta, treasurer. 

The Writer's Club, 
sponsored by Mrs. Carol 
Moore, held a Valentine's 
Day Dance in the cafeteria 
to raise money. They also 
sold Earth Day items during 
the month of April. 

The club also sold and 
delivered different colored 

roses for Valentine's Day. 

During National Teacher's 
YVeek. the club collected 
notes from students to give 
to HHS faculty and staff. 

The club wrote holiday 
stories for the Hobart Food 
Pantry and for those in 
pediatrics at St. Mary's in 

The officers were 
Sophomore Charlotte 
Sabotta, president; Jessica 
Shreve, vice-president; 
Jodie Fox, secretary; and 
Janette Ford, treasurer. 

Writer's Club members. Sophomores Shawn Elder and Natalie Soria, sort out the differ- 
ent colored roses to be delivered to students for Valentine's Day. 

Photography Club members Marta Rodriguez and Michael Sawyer take time out from 
taking pictures to get a snap shot with Santa. Mr. Dave Barancyk. 

Players respond to a wild pitch during the Battle of the Club's softball game, sponsored 
by the Math Club and held at the girl's softball field. 

Math/Photo/Writer's Clubs 61 

Congratulations 1992 
Hall of Scholars 

Michelle Rosenberg 

Kristen Templin 

Jeffrey Herrick 

Christine Mikusevich 

Christine Chiabai 

Donald "Jake” Irwin 

Sara Brandenburg Tom Steffus 

Ivor John Coons Jenni Woronecki 

Amy Patterson Kari Wilkinson 


Top right: Seniors Celeste Goodwin and Matt Greener work on 
completing the Senior Class float for Homecoming. 

Top left: Helping her class make a paper mache hammer out 
of newspapers, flour, and water for their float is Senior Maria 

Above: Juniors Heather Allen and Turyia Simic design their 
class float on paper during the week of Football Homecom- 

Bottom right: The sophomores display their finished class float 
titled, "Pound 'Em Bricks!" 



Mr. Mattix 


When the name Mr. Stewart 
Mattix is heard, many things 
come to mind; elementary 
school principal, assistant 
superintendent, or the voice of 
Brickie Bowl; but now Mr. Mattix 
is taking on yet another role, 

Mr. Mattix graduated from 
HHS in 1949 and attended Ball 
State University, where he 
earned his bachelors degree in 
elementary school education. 

After college, Mr. Mattix 
returned to Hobart stating, "I just 
felt that the community and the 
school system helped me grow 
and I just wanted to come back 
and pay my dues and help 
other people in the same way." 

He was the principal of 
George Earle elementary 
school from 1962, when it first 
opened, to 1985. In 1985 he 
became the principal of Ridge 
View school, until 1989. 

When Dr. Ray Golarz, former 
superintendent, resigned Dr. Eric 
Whiterspoon took his place and 
asked Mr. Mattix and Mr. Rick 
Gadberry to become the new 
assistant superintendents. 

Mr. Mattix's responsibilities 
included custodial workers, 
maintenance, buildings and 
grounds, construction, bus 
transportation and public 

Not only has Mr. Mattix 
announced for the football 
games in the Brickie Bowl for 34 
years, but he has also been 
active in many school and city 
events such as the plan 
commission, the park board 
and the Hobart Jaycees. 

Mr. Mattix said, "Watching 
the kids I've come in contact 
with over the years go from little 
kinder-garten students up to 
graduating seniors. Seeing 
them go into the community 
and do well for themselves." is 
what he will remember most 
about his past job experiences. 

After Mr. Mattix retires he will 
be supervising student teachers 
for Purdue in West Layfette and 
for Indiana University Northwest. 

Administrators: Mr. Stewart Mattix, assistant superintendent; Dr. Eric Witherspoon, superinten- 
dent; and Mr. Rick Gadberry, assistant superintendent. 



School Board Members: Row 1 — James Mellon, Rich Graham. Row 2 — Sophie Wojihoski, Catherine 
Wiseman. Row 3 — Brian Rosembaum. James Dayhuff, E. Randall McEuen. 


Mr. Leach 
moves up 

Principal William Cope 

Assistant Principal Jack Leach 

No one ever said 
moving up the ladder to a 
successful career was fast and 
easy, but Dr. Jack Leach has 
made his transitions from 
teacher to assistant principal to 
assistant superintendent seem 
just that; however, it has taken a 
lot of time and dedication. 

Dr. Leach graduated 
from Highland High School in 
1965, and then graduated from 
Hanover College in 1969, 
receiving a B.A. with speech 
and education majors and a 
minor in sociology. 

In 1974, he attended 
Purdue University Calumet to 
obtain an M.S. in education and 
speech. In 1977, he attended 
Purdue in West Lafayette for his 
English endorsement to have a 
professional teaching license. 

In 1988, he attended 
Purdue for his secondary 
administration certificate, and 
in 1991, he received his Ph.D. 
from Purdue in administration 

Dr. Leach began 
teaching English and speech at 
the junior high in 1969. In 1984, he 
moved to the high school to 
teach, and in 1987, he became 
the dean of students, in charge 
of student discipline. He was 
appointed assistant principal in 

In 1990-91, he left HHS on a 
sabbatical leave to work full 
time on his Ph.D. After returning 
to HHS, he became assistant 

Dr. Leach enjoyed being the 
assistant principal. He said that 
the best part of being the 
assistant principal was working 
with Mr. William Cope, Miss 
Williams, and the teachers 
towards common goals. 

He replaced Mr. 
Stewart Mattix June 30, and 
became in charge of 
maintenance and grounds, 
transportation, public relations, 
and the secondary curriculum. 

Dr. Leach looks forward 
to "contributing to make Hobart 
premier in Northwest Indiana 
and the state of Indiana." 

Assistant Principal Sherry Williams 

Athletic Director Gerald Hicks 




Lloyd Ahlbrand- Health. Dave 
Barancyk- Telecommunications. 
Advanced Television. Darryl 
Blink- Social Science, World His- 
tory, Geography. Charles Boston- 
Biology. Michael Brown- Govern- 
ment, Consumer Economics. 

Jonathan Brumley- Pre-Algebra, 
Physics, Honors Calculus. Craig 
Buford- Natural Resources, Gener- 
al Science, Biology. Garry 
Burkhart- Metals, Auto Shop. 
Shirley Coons- English, Composi- 
tion. Vera Cory- German, British 
Literature, Senior Composition, 
English, Senior G/T. 

Carmen Dulhanty- Physical Edu- 
cation. Elke Fischer- English, Ger- 
man. James Fisher- Chemistry, 
Advanced Chemistry. Sam Ford- 
General Science. Andrea Fressle- 
Developmental Reading, English. 

Denise Galovlc- Spanish. Jay 
Gephart- Music Theory, Band. 
Barbara Gerberlck- General Math, 
Honors Geometry, Geometry. Bob 
Graham- Keyhoarding, Business 
Law, Business Math. Michelle 
Haines- Special Education. 

Roberta Hanley- Challenge, Social 
Science. Judy Harder- Keyboard- 
ing, Office Procedures, Word Pro- 
cessing. Pamela Hass- Govern- 
ment, Consumer Econmics II, 
Sociology Dorothy Haussman- 
Library. Keith Hipskind- Guid- 

Don Howell- Physical Education. 
Rosalind Howell- Guidance Direc- 
tor. Hank Jarvis- Computer-aided 
Drafting, Metals, General Draft- 
ing. James Johnston- Health, Sub- 
stance Awareness. Thomas Kerr - 
Physical Education. 

Cynthia Lambeth- English, Jour- 
nalism, Memories, Ho-Ho Life. 
Diane Lawrence- Home Eco- 
nomics. Judy Lopez- AP English, 
Senior Composition, Novel, 
English. Barbara Loverich- Psy- 
chology H, Geography, Psycholo- 
gy. Dale Marcus- G/T Art, Ceram- 
ics, : 

66 Faculty 


Not Pictured- Don Hancock - 
Work Study, Computer Tech- 
nology, Keyboarding, Related 
Business. Art Henderlong- 
General Science. Vidal Lopez- 
Economics, Basic Program- 
ing, Computer Applications. 

Dwight Mathis- U. S. History. 
Earl McGuire-Business Math, 
Accounting, Consumer Eco- 
nomics. NancyMc Munn-Bsic 
English, English. Sharyl 
Mitchell- Pre-Algebra, Geome- 
try, Spanish. Jackie Moore- 

Creative Writing, English. 
Jan Osika- English. Bill Rich- 
Health. John Skaflsh- Gener- 
al Math, Algebra, Intermedi- 
ate Algebra. 

Shirley Mumaugh- Speech, The- 
ater, Challenge Advance Speech. 
Debbie Olejnicsek- French, tJ. S. 
History. Debbie Price- Learning 
Disabilities. Moe Rhody- World 
History. Jackie Rogers- Senior 
G/T, Applied Triginometry, Hon- 
ors Algebra, Algebra. Honors Trigi- 

Anita Sark- Intermldiate Algebra. 
College Algebra, Analytic Geome- 
try. Gail Schrader- Biology, Medi- 
cal Biology. Avis Sebby- English, 
Honors English. Kathleen Smith- 
Learning Disabilities. Debbie 
Steller- Guidance. 

Joan Storey- General Math, Geom- 
etry, Algebra. Dean Wolff- Concert 
Choir, Chorus, Wolffgang. Tom 
Workman- U. 8. History, A. P. His- 
tory. Robert Wozniak- Algebra, 
Pre-Algebra. Mike Zoladz- Woods. 



Welcome to Hobart 

City of 185 Unhappy Teachers 



The Hobart teachers association worked from August 31, 1991 until the end of the school year under 
an expired contract. 

Faculty 67 


Top right: Custodians, Row 1 : Mary Wojick, Karen Jor- 
dan, Row 2: Ron Martin, Maryann Hamilton, Tom 

Top left: Supervisors, Row 1: Joyce Locke and Mau- 
reen Hunter. Row 2: Ceci Schuman and Karen 

Middle right: Secretaries, Row 1: Sally Cope, Pat 
Luke, and Barb Potrebic. Row 2: Debbie Bartels, Patti 
Hicks, and Pat Nelson. 

Bottom right: Cafeteria staff. 

68 Staff 


Samuel Abegg 
Amanda Adair 
Kevin Albrecht 
Mare Alexander 
Michael Ames 
Jason Anderson 

Jennifer Anderson 
Steven Andrus 
Crystal Arocho 
Joyce Bailey 
Leonard Banks 
Guy Barney 

Heather Bass 
Susan Batey 
Eric Bella 
Nathan Bellar 
Cally Bennett 
Monica Bemat 

Nicole Berrios 
Nicole Berumen 
Brian Biggs 
Kevin Billingsly 
Matthew Blake 
Mieah Blanco 

Anthony Bondi 
Mandie Boren 
Mathew Borton 
Amanda Bowers 
Jason Bowman 
Jessica Brewer 

Terrence Brown 
Gregory Bucklew 
Lisa Budzielek 
Elizabeth Bunch 
Aimee Burger 
Timothy Burney 

Kelly Bumes 
Stephanie Burrell 
Stephanie Burton 
Doug Carpenter 
Christopher Cassoday 
Celeste Cedano 

Joseph Ceijak 
Brian Christian 
Lena Coleman 
Jackie Coons 
Christopher Costello 
Latlsha Cox 

Kelly Crisp 
Jason Cromwell 
Melissa Crosier 
Michael Csemak 
Heather Curtis 
Eric Cyprian 

Damon Dech 
Joshua Degnan 
Molly Deleurere 
Marianna Delinck 
Cheryl Dickson 
Mlanden DJankovich 

President: Janette Ford 

Vice-President: Valerie Heuring 

Secretary: Cynthia Osika 

Class Of 1995 69 

Louis Donaldson 
Gabriellc Dowdell 
Stephanie Dukes 
Milena Dukleskt 
Teddy Durbin 
Amy Edge 
Elizabeth Eitel 

Shawn Elder 
David Ensign 
Christopher Erickson 
Michael Evans 
Elaine Evans 
Kimberly Ezra 
Shawn Fannin 

Timothy Farster 
Mark Feczko 
April Feeler 
Denise Felton 
Jason Fiegle 
Jamie Flick 
Joel Flores 

Craig Foerg 
Janette Ford 
Kelly Ford 
David Fowble 
Karen Fox 
Heather Franz 
Anthony Gagliardi 

Timothy Galambus 
Kevin Galka 
Amanda Galliher 
Christina Galloy 
Rafael Garcia 
Kenneth Giotte 
Jennifer Givens 

Karen Golden 
Monica Gomez 
Ryan Goodrich 
Andrea Granzow 
Louise Granzow 
Heather Gubocki 
Gabriel Gutierrez 

Walter Hack 
Heather Hackett 
Brian Hall 
Kristine Hall 
William Hall 
Jessie Hamilton 
Christopher Hampton 

Cory Hamscher 
Kelli Hansen 
Cory Hanschcr 
Brandy Hart 
Carol Hayes 
Billy Haynes 
Jason Hedgepath 

Michael Henderson 
Belinda Hernandez 
Rosa Herrera 
Valerie Heuring 
Brian Hicks 
Donald Higgins 
Eric Hillstad 

Laura Hines 
Jessica Hock 
Jill Hollar 
Raymond Homak 
Richard Hummel 
Timothy Hurst 
Michele Hyland 

Eric Isakson 
Danny Ivankovich 
Thomas Jackson 
Christina Jimenez 
Derek Johnes 
Amy Johns 
Cary Johnson 


Kimberly Jones 
Kristina Jones 
John Kaszycki 
Amanda Kemp 
Ryan Kennedy 
Tony Ketchem 
Angela King 

Bryan Klaja 
Nicholas Klein 
Eric Koctara 
Christine Konja 
Thomas Kowalisyn 
Christopher Kuchta 
Breann Kutzer 

Shannon Kwiatkowski 
Shawn LaFevre 
Jennifer Lahaie 
Michael Lain 
Melissa Lakomek 
Eric Ledyard 
Jennifer Leitch 

Christopher Lewin 
Irene Loskoska 
Carrie Luedtke 
Kevin Luedtke 
Ryan Maicki 
Caridad Maldonado 
John Manning 

Crystal Marks 
Carrianne Massau 
Merlene Mathis 
John Mattull 
Danielle McDowell 
Michelle Miller 
Robert Minol 

John Monahan 
Joseph Monti 
Jeremy Moore 
Carrie Moreland 
Scott Morgan 
Megan Mullanev 
Christy Nelson 

Erica Nusbaum 
Christopher O'brien 
Connie Ochall 
Jennifer Oliver 
Cortney Olsen 
Heather Ondo 
David Orr 

Dalia Ortiz 
Cynthia Osika 
Steven Owen 
Rebecca Palas 
Peter Pandorf 
Cindy Paul 
Jacob Paulson 

Jennifer Penley 
Bryan Peterson 
David Philpott 
Ryan Podunovich 
Natalie Poegel 
Kara Pollock 
Donald Potrebic 

Becky Pouch 
Jennifer Puentes 
Marc Purtee 
Antliony Rebeck 
Jason Retzlaff 
James Reynolds 
Eric Rich 

Class Of 1995 71 

CLASS OF 1995 

Jessica Rich 
David Richards 
Michael RifTett 
Candls Rigdon 
Nathan Riley 
Jessica Ring 
David Rivas 

Justin Robertson 
Krystal Rodriguez 
Melissa Rodriguez 
Brian Rodziewicz 
Iris Rosado 
Melissa Roseoe 
Jason Rosenbaum 

Thomas Runk 
Kelly Rydlewski 
Kenneth Sailors 
Scott Savage 
Melissa Schammert 
Adam Scheeringa 
Amanda Seibal 

Katrina Shearer 
Jason Shelton 
William Shepard 
Karl Shepitka 
April Shupe 
Michael Sigman 
Rudolph Skolak 

Aaron Smith 
Amanda Smith 
Anthony Smith 
Ryan Smith 
Steven Smith 
William Sobkowicz 
Courtney Sollvals 

James Spencer 
Joshua Spencer 
Melissa Spririgman 
Steven Spurlock 
Sarah Stage 
Jenifer Stefanlch 
Dennis Stevens 

Jeffery Strickley 
Jamie Strom 
Thomas Stroud 
Nebojsa Stupar 
Jeffrey Sudroff 
Jessica Sweet 
Heather Tarchala 

Richard Termini 
William Tindle 
Jeffery Todd 
Kimberly Topping 
Erik Tripp 
John Tsahas 
Amos Tschopp 

Aaron Urbanlak 
Erin Valdivia 
Karen Valdivia 
Justin Van Ouse 
Jason Walker 
Samuel Walker 
Melissa Walker 

Amy Walkup 
Meladl Ward 
Christian West 
Dyan Wheeler 
Kelli White 
Melissa Wtberg 
Kelly Wright 

Jennifer Yager 
Cameron Yoder 
Kelly Zbyrowski 
Kelly Zelmcr 
Jaimie Zlvic 
Katherine Zlatic 


Stacy Allen 
William Allen 
Megan Anderson 
Ron Anderson 
Christopher Ard 

Bradley Ard 
Michele Augustinovich 
Danielle Bailey 
Julie Balcerak 
Carlin Barron 

Joshua Bencze 
Yvonne Bemat 
Denise Blecic 
George Blecic 
Jeffrey Bloom 

Neil Bolinger 
Kevin Bolton 
Kenny Bood 
Michelle Boren 
Stacy Boy 

Shani Boyd 
Robert Boyle 
Melissa Brandush 
Jason Brazell 
Justin Breitsprecher 

Angelique Brown 
Tommy Buckmaster 
Gary Bullington 
Kimberly Bunch 
Stephen Burton 

Daniel Butler 
Bonnie Byrd 
Luis Caballero 
Laura Chiabai 
Donovan Childers 

Diana Christman 
Lisa Cimbalnik 
Collen Cleary 
Joseph Clifford 
Richard Collins 

Dante Colza 
Eric Conrad 
Phillip Conrad 
Benjamin Coons 
Jane Cornelius 

Peter Corralez 
Amy Crowder 
Michael Cullen 
April Dagenais 
Gregory Dallas 

President: Michelle Boren 

Vice-President: Julie Balcerak 

Treasurer: Melissa Schiltz 

Secretary: Cristy Kraynovich 

Class Of 1994 73 

CLASS OF 1994 

Anthony Davis 

Dana Deperio 

Joel Detterline 

Jennifer Dobis 

Sophomore Football Homecoming candidates Jodi Lindsey, Sarah Rosenberg, and Heidi 
Wengel ride down Main Street during the annual parade. 

Dan Daurgherty 
Aniy Duran 
Anthony Edwards 
Angela Elkins 
Jason Ellenberger 
Chris Ensign 
Christopher Erikson 

Thomas Evans 
James Ewen 
Rebecca Fattore 
Shannon Favia 
Christina Feeler 
Nicole Ferlus 
Vance Flahartv 

Jodie Fox 
Frank Fritz 
Terry Fullen 
Charles Gabriel 
Kris Gadberry 
Misti Gamble 
Olivia George 

Dawn German 
Jennifer Gibson 
Tracy Gillilan 
Adriana Gomez 
Stacee Goodpaster 
Cindy Govea 
Susan Govert 

Darrin Grabek 
Randal Graham 
Karen Grosdanis 
Chad Gross 
Jennifer Hacker 
Jason Hamilton 
Kevin Hammonds 

Tina Hardy 
Nikki Harkins 
Eric Hartill 
Nathan Hiestand 
Kristin Hines 
Megan Homoky 
Jeremy Horn 

74 Sophomores 


Donald Hovis 
James Howerton 
Nancy Howerton 
Janice Hughes 
Christy Jackson 
Lena Jackson 
Thomas Janik 

Shannon Jams 
Jeannette Jasmick 
Bruce Johnson 
Christina Joos 
Sean Kaleta 
Emil Kegebein 
Stacy Kegebein 

Rebecca Key 
Amber Kidwell 
Brian Kincaide 
Jacob Klos 
Kristy Koepke 
Bryan Kowalisyn 
Kristy Krajnovich 

Eric Kratochvil 
Carrie Krebes 
Candice Ksenak 
Christine Ksenak 
Daniel Larson 
Amy Laurinas 
Steven Lemley 

Zachary Lenzo 
Joseph Leonard 
Theresa Lesczynski 
Jason Lindsey 
Jodi Lindsey 
Karin Livengood 
Richard Long 

Lora Lute 
Richard Mann 
William Mason 
Brian McGowan 
Courtney Meanovich 
Lisa Mergl 

Jennifer Michalowski 

Vanessa Miklas 
Karrie MiUan 
Marion Millan 
Amanda Miller 
Jamie Miller 
JefTery Minard 
Stacey Mindel 

Damelle Mole 
Eva Moser 
Anthony Moyers 
January Murchek 
Michael Murchek 
Kristopher Neace 
Kristy Neace 

Robert Neuberg 
David Noble 
Parrish Obermeyer 
Ronald Oldham 
Paul O'Malley 
Susie Djankovich 
Paul Oliver 

Antoinette Oliver 
Kelly Oros 
Phil Orosz 
Catherine Oslakovie 
Jennifer Pall 
Thomas Paterson 
Rachel Paul 

Closs Of 1994 75 

CLASS OF 1994 

William Paulson 
John Peterson 
Charles Pfister 
Steven Pierce 
Vince Puckett 
Lenny Rains 
Jason Randall 

Jay Rans 
Bryan Respecke 
Robert Riggsby 
Trever Rocchietti 
Mark Rogers 
Sarah Rosenberg 
Charlotte Sabotta 

Michael Samuels 
Nicole Samuels 
Craig Schiess 
Melissa Schiltz 
Juliann Schmell 
Emily Schroeder 
Andrew Schwuchow 

Jill Schwuchow 
Michelle Sevcik 
Mandy Sherer 
Danielle Simmons 
Angela Skezas 
Robert Smalley 
Daniel Smith 

Jeremy Smith 
Cari Snitchler 
Laura Sopko 
Lisa Sopko 
Christie Stack 
Cariann Stanley 
James Stauffer 

Adam St. Germain 
Rebecca Strayer 
Kathleen Stringfield 
Jennifer Strong 
Jeffrey Stupar 
Richard Sturtridge 
Misty Sobczak 

Christina Such 
Tanya Sullivan 
Jennifer Suprenant 
Angela Swain 
Melissa Thilmont 
Mathew Tietjen 
Jessica Tschopp 

Angel Tucker 
Kerry Tucker 
Keith Tyner 
Sarah Turner 
Jeffrey Underdahl 
Ryan Warren 
Charles Watts 

William Webdcll 
Michael Weeks 
Megan Welch 
Jim Ewen 
Heidi Wengel 
Amanda Wherry 
Bob Ulcini 

Deanne Wickstrom 
Cassandra Wirick 
Cathy Young 
Jason Young 
Tara Zakula 
David Zakutansky 
Rusty Zion 

76 Sophomores 




Susan Acsbok 
Heather Alford 
Heather Allen 
Shawn Ames 
Jeremy Anderson 

Kenneth Bachelder 
Matthew Balash 
James Banks 
Brandi Bartels 
Jacquelyn Beach 

Regina Beal 
Eric Bennett 
Heather Benson 
Kristina Berg 
Thomas Blosl 

Heather Blossom 
Johnathan Bowles 
Christie Bowman 
Tricla Burger 
Aaron Burkhart 

Kimberly Burney 
Stewart Butcha 
Denise B/.ibzlak 
Rodney Cardwell 
Brian Carnahan 

Ryan Cartwright 
Edward Casko 
Anthony Catania 
Kyle Charbonneau 
Joshua Clcillian 

James Ciesla 
David Cirak 
Stephanie Claussen 
Dawn Clemmons 
Corella Coady 

Rachael Coleman 
Robert Cook 
Allen Cooper 
Shannon Cox 
Christina Cruz 

Marcella Dallas 
Melissa Dallas 
Thomas Degnan 
Peter Delinck 
Amey Dickson 

Michael Dolan 
Jennifer Drennan 
Charity Dubovlch 
Kelly Duca 
Maurice Dukes 

Class of 1993 77 

President: Amy Mola 

Vice-President: Erica Schest 

Treasurer: BUI HlUstead 

Secretary: Natalie Sistanich 

CLASS OF 1993 

78 Juniors 

Patricia Duran 
Bridget Eden 
Cynthia Evans 
Roy Forrest 
Angela Frank 
Stacie Frank 
Kimberly Freeman 

Thomas Fronek 
Eric Furdo 
Christine Galambus 
Kelly Galka 
Edward Galliher 
Arlc Gibson 
Thomas Goff 

Connie Goldsworthy 
Jennifer Gomlk 
Kevin Gregor 
Augustine Gresser 
Brian Gulley 
Cheryl Guth 
Chris Guzman 

Pilar Haddlx 
Christine Hansen 
Drue Hardy 
Kelly Harmon 
Patrlc Heely 
Brian Heller 
Zacchary Hill 

Daniel Hilton 
William Hilstead 
Richard Holden 
Phil Holliday 
Kirk Homoky 
Paula House 
Stacey Hupertz 

Tracey Hupertz 
Jonathon Husiar 
Shannon Hutchens 
Erica Huttle 
Anne Johnson 
Michelle Jones 
Mark Juris 

Kelly Kavarie 
Robert Kayorle 
Cathy Kincalde 
Dan King 
Raymond King 
Tim Kitchen 
Jeffrey Klosky 

Kelly Klug 
Shannon Koeppen 
Chris Koscica 
Cathy Koves 
Cinthia Kraft 
Jamie Kutzer 
Sherry Kwlatkowski 

Vanessa Lahale 
Boja Latlnovlch 
Mllka Latinovlch 
Sarah Laurlnas 
Joshua Lessard 
Daniel Lewln 
Anna Lopez 

Pamela Lovall 
Adam Ludwig 
Shannon Ludwig 
Mamee Luzzt 
Carol MacDonald 
Michael Mantai 


Nicholas Martakis 
Stephanie Martin 
Amy McBrew 
Grant McBride 
Rebecca Mikash 
Arthur Miller 
Michael Millsap 

Steven Miztmakoski 
Amy Mola 
Frank Monahan 
Brandy Moore 
Kent Moore 
Heather Mosby 
Timothy Mueller 

John Neumeyer 
Pamela Niedbala 
Jason Norman 
James O'Brien 
Stacy Oglesby 
Richard Ornelas 
Tiffanni Pandazis 

Greg Papaevangelou 
Tracy Parcel 
Mark Partin 
Karl Pavlch 
Laurie Perunko 
Jason Petruska 
Hilary Philpott 

Chaslty Plscione 
AMno Pizano 
Jeremy Poegel 
Heather Potrebic 
Michael Potts 
Jennifer Powers 
Christina Vlchek 

Mark Quigley 
Damon Ramos 
Michael Rees 
Thomas Resinger 
Stephen Ret tig 
David Richards 
Kenneth Richmond 

Mandee Robb 
Diana Robinson 
April Rodriguez 
Dalia Rodriguez 
Michelle Roscoe 
Cliton Rosenbaum 
Jennifer Rossi 

Brian Rushing 
James Rydlewski 
Kellie Salisbury 
Richard Sapper 
Michelle Shammert 
Erica Schest 
Lisa Schultz 

Julie Shuman 
Malinda Scott 
Robert Segudovic 
Angela Sell 
Colleen Shapley 
James Shaw 
Rodney Shepttka 

Jessica Shreve 
Travis Shupe 
Tracy Shy 
Tuiiya Static 
Natalie Slstanich 
Christopher Smith 
Jeremy Smith 

Class Of 1993 79 

CLASS OF 1993 

Nicole Smith 

Tonya Smith 

Leonard Solomon 

Natalia Soria 

Jason Spain 
Julie Stephenson 
Jack Stephens 
Monica Stephens 
Christie Strothoff 
Wendy Swantko 
Christopher Sweet 

Randy Sylvester 
Jennifer Szymanski 
Joseph Szymanski 
Tanya Tailos 
Daniel Taylor 
Jerry Theodorakos 
Stephanie Thomason 

Julie Toering 
Sondra Tolliver 
Ostoja Tomich 
Rafael Torres 
David Trail 
Anthony Trezak 
Marc Tromble 

Henry Tschopp 
Pamala Tucker 
Kent VanDerkolk 
Kristi Vasquez 
Luke Visef 
David Vode 
Jill Wadell 

Kristy Walker 
Joshua Wallace 
John Walters 
Christopher Wells 
Kevin Welsch 
Katherina Zaradlch 
Christina Zorek 

80 Juniors 

CLASS OF 1992 

Senior Class officers: Tom Steffus, president; Erin Gilliana, treasurer; 
Stacey Dalton, vice-president; and Christine Mikusevich, secretary. 

Now that the Senior Class 
of 1992 has graduated from 
HHS, and SAT's, ACT’S, term 
papers, and college appli- 
cation are finished, we have 
a chance to look back over 
the past four years that we 
have spent at HHS. 

When we first walked 
through the doors as fresh- 
men, many changes took 
place. We experienced 
difficult classes, a larger at- 
mosphere, constant locker 
problems, and a few in- 
cidents of "bullying" from the 

As freshmen, Jennifer 
Dickson and Frank Maggio 
were crowned Football 
Homecoming princess and 
prince. Christine Mikusevich 
was crowned princess for 
Basketball Homecoming. 

As sophomores, we felt 
more relaxed and comfort- 
able with the high school's 

surroundings, and the fears 
and uncertainty we had as 
freshmen quickly diminished. 

During Football 
Homecoming, Kris Templin 
was crowned princess, while 
Shannon Camplan was 
crowned princess for Basket- 
boll Homecoming. We also 
won the Football Home- 
coming float competition 
with the theme, "Roast The 

When we were juniors, the 
anxiety of becoming one 
step closer to graduation 
grew stronger. We began 
taking things more seriously, 
such as grades, college 
preporation, and future 

Kris Luedtke was crowned 
Footbal Homecoming prin- 
cess, and Stacey Dalton was 
crowned Basketball Home- 
coming princess. We pulled 
through again at Football 

Homecoming with our float, 
“Torch Their Teepees’ 
winning for the second year 
in a row. 

As our senior year 
approached, a combination 
of feelings and attitudes 
spredd throughout the entire 
class. Many students chose 
to slack off on their studying 
and caught "Senioritis." How- 
ever, others kept their sights 
and goals on college and 
getting good grades. 

Because it was our last 
year at HHS, Seniors did put 
aside their books and 
studying to have some fun 
times also. Football games, 
dances, basketball games, 
and parties at friend's houses 
are memories that will never 
be forgotten. 

At Football Homecoming, 
Jennifer Dickson was crown- 
ed queen; Tom Steffus and 
Christine Mikusevich were 

crowned king and queen at 
Basketball Homecoming. 

The class colors are red 
and white, the class flower is 
the tea rose, and the class 
moto is, "Labor Conquers 

The officers for the Senior 
Class were Tom Steffus. 
president, Stacey Dalton, 
vice-president; Erin Gilliana, 
secretary; and Christine 
Mikusevich, treasurer. 

Tom commented," The 
thing I will remember most 
about the Senior Class is their 
desire to have a good time." 

Erin said, "I will remember 
how everyone always joked 
around in class, even with the 

Christine added, " The best 
part of my senior year was 
winning Homecoming queen 
for basketball. It was quite a 
surprise, qnd something I’ll 
remember the rest of my 

Seniors 81 


Kathleen Adair 

Howard Beasey 

Tracy Bachelder Jason Bailey James Balash Patricia Barnes 

Sherry Beird 

Angela Biernat 

Michael Biggs 

Scott Bilkey 

D. John Binkley 

Katie Boston 

82 Class of 1992 

+*£■ - 

CLASS OF 1992 

John Browning 

David Bradley 

Jennifer Budzielek 

Sara Brandenburg 

Junior Burgess 

Karen Boy 

Seniors 83 

Anita Brown 

Brian Brown 

Jason Burrell 

Kelly Campbell 

Best Dressed: Ferdi- 
nand Flores and 
Carrie Anderson 


John Custin 

Michael Dallas 

Stacey Dalton 

Dean Daniels Jennifer Dickson 


Kristan Doerr 

84 Class of 1 992 

Nicole Dunn 

Laurie Edge 

Kevin Fahey 

Brian Fattore 

CLASS OF 1992 

Cutest couple: Brian Fattore and Jennifer Dickson. 

Michelle Galvin 

Dave Garcia 


Most talented: 
Teddy Mustek and 
Amy Shy. 

Michael Grabek 

86 Class of 1992 


Dawn Granzow 

James Gonzales 

Jason Graves 

Celeste Goodwin 

Michael Greener 

Russell Govert 

Rebecca Gritton 

CLASS OF 1992 

Daniel Homung Karen Howerton Patricia Hyland Jake Irwin Curtis Jackson 

Seniors 87 

Robert Guinee 

Michael Hall 

Mark Hansen 

Michael Hansen 

Patrice Hardy 

Chad Harkins 

Robert Hartill 

Jackie Hartt 

Denise Hatfield 

Timothy Heard 

Richard Heintz 

Jason Herrera 

Cheryl Herrick 

Jeffrey Herrick 

Jamie Hopkins 


Nicole Jansen 

Lori Jones 

Kristin Jaskulski 

Michael Jewett 

Kevin Krull 

Kathy Leach 

Tracy Lewis 

Michael Locke 

James Lovall 

88 Class of 1992 

CLASS OF 1992 

Seniors 89 

Frank Maggio 

Christopher Mattie 

Class Clowns: 
Brian Juris and 
Jennifer Welter. 

Kristine Luedtke 

Chris Maris 

Mary Manfred 

Erik McDonald 


Katherine Neskes 

Russell Neuberg 

David Niksich Anastasia Niles 

Russ Mellon 

Bryan Mercer 

Robert Metts 

Kimberly Mudry 

Melissa Munchenburg 

Ted Musick 

Jenny Neunfeld 

Scott Newman 

Kimberly Nicoloff 

Tara Normoyle Joseph Nugent Daniel Ondo 

90 Class of 1992 

CLASS OF 1992 

Most Athletic: Brian Fattore and Kris Luedtke. 

Seniors 91 


Trisha Pouch 

William Rich 

Kellee Robb 

Michael Robison 

Martha Rodriguez 

Michelle Rosenberg 

Michael Sawyer 

Jason Schnabel 

Donald SeDoris 

William Sheare: 

Best Looking: Bill 
Manolopoulos and 
Jackie Hartt. 

92 Class of 1992 

CLASS OF 1992 

Dwight Smith 

Jennifer Sobkowicz 

Rochelle Steczo 

Thomas Steffus 

Suzann Stevens 

Tamara Sliz 

James Sloas 

Shane Smith 

William Smith 

Jayme Spencer 

Daniel Spiller 

Jessica Stewart Mark Stiburski 

Seniors 93 


Alan Timmerman Douglas Tipold 

Christy Todd Melinda Toering Anthony Tokarski 

Most Likely to 
Succeed: Ivor 
John Coons 
and Michelle 

94 Class of 7 992 

CLASS OF 1992 

Most Class Spir- 
it: Thomas Stef- 
fus and Kriste 

Krista Turpin Mark Underdahl David Vaclavik Jeannette Vaclavik Stephanie Walstra 

Nicole Weimer Jennifer Welter Shari Wheeler Kari Wilkinson Michael Willis 

Seniors 95 


Geodi Woods 

John Zorek 

The senior class of 
1992 show their disin- 
terest in the under- 
classmen as they show 
their school spirit. 

96 Class of 1992 

Michael Wilson 

Greg Winters 

Jennifer Woronecki Randy Yacko 

Cory Wisniewski 

Lorraine Yaros 

Christina Zaideman 


Top right: Enjoying the senior lunch provided by the 
cafeteria staff are Seniors Christine Mikusevich and Kari 

Top right: Dancing the night away at the "Aloha 
Senior's Dance" are Senior Frank Maggio and his under- 
cldss friend. Junior Heather Allen. 

Middle left: Participating in Underclassmen Helper's 
Day, formerly Slave Day, are Senior Joe Nugent and his 
"geeky" Freshman Mike Lain. 

Middle right: Showing off the Class of 1992 decorations 
from the Aloha Dance are Seniors Rochelle Steczo, Kim 
Nicoloff and Doug Tipold. 

Bottom left: All decked out in Hawaiian leis, palm tree 
and pineapple decorations are Seniors Destiny Woj- 
ciechowski and Julee Potter. 

Senior Privileges 97 

Fifty-two seniors were 
assigned positions in Student 
Council's Career Education 
Day April 30. Seniors who 
participated were required 
to have a "C" average and 
no more than nine ab- 
sences. three tardies, and no 

The following students held 
positions at Hobart City Hall: 
Michelle Feczko, mayor; 
Daniel Hornung, clerk; Nicole 
Jansen, code enforcer; 
Jeannette Vaclavik, building 
official; Matt Greener, judge; 
Cheryl Herrick, court clerk; 
Michelle Foreman, deputy 
court clerk; Norman Purdue, 
bailiff; and Martha Rodriguez 

The following were 
stationed at the police 
department: Michelle Rosen- 
berg, Tom Steffus. Christine 
Chiabai, Jeff Herrick, Mark 
Anderson, Frank Maggio, 
Dan Surowiec, Scott Bilkey, 
Curt Jackson, and Joe 

Seniors working for local 
businesses included: Kriste 
Foerg, Kellen's Florist; Destiny 
Wojciechowski, Gainer Bank; 
Lori Jones. Hobart Gazette; 
Kris Luedtke and Felicia 
Mola, Midstates Photo- 
graphy; Shane Smith. Hobart 
Federal; Karen Howerton, Dr. 
Ray's office; and Amy Shy, 
Frey's Dairy Queen. 

Jake Irwin, Christy Todd, 
Jennifer Sobkowicz, Suzann 
Stevens, and Donna Soria 
were located at St. Mary's 

Several seniors worked at 
elementary and nursery 
schools. They included: Kris 
Templin and Patrice Hardy, 
Jack and Jill Academy; Julie 
Poole, Stacy Cassoday, and 
Mary Manfred, Foreman; 
Stacey Dalton, Jennifer 
Smith, Mike Jewett, Paul 
McGee, and Chris Matie, 
Ridge View; Patti Hyland, 
George Earle; and Lori Yaros, 
Hobart Middle School. 

Seniors interested in taking 
part in Career Day, listed their 
top eight choices in order of 
prefererance. Positions were 
chosen by the student's 
grade point average. 

98 Senior Career Day 


Top: Playing the role of firemen are 
Seniors Kari Wilkinson, Maria Math- 
ews, Christine Mikusevich, David 
Vaclavik, Sara Brandenburg, Erin 
Gilliana, Kristan Doerr, and Tami Sliz. 

Middle left: As principal of Foreman 
School, Senior Julie Poole was able 
to give announcements over the 
public address system. 

Middle right: Seniors Kris Luedtke and 
Felicia Mola worked at Midstates 
Photography taking pictures for 
Career Day. 

Bottom right: Hobart Federal wel- 
comed Senior Shane Smith to work 
for them during Senior Career Day. 


Top left: Senior Michelle Feczko, school mayor, met Hobart Mayor Robert Mai- Bottom right: Fitting in with the crowd at Jack and Jill Academy are Seniors 
izzo during Career Day. Student Council, which Michelle heads, sponsored Kris Templin and Patrice Hardy, 
the event. 

Top right: Playing ball with Ridge View students is Senior Paul McGee, who 
was the school's gym teacher for the day. 

Middle left: Standing tall and proud to be police officers for the day are 
Seniors Curt Jackson, Nicole Jansen, Christine Chiabai, and Tom Steffus. 

Senior Career Day 99 


Deepak Bhojraj, M.D. 

Lake George Medical Center 

295 S. Wisconsin St. 

295 S. Wisconsin St. 

Hobart, IN 46342 

Hobart, IN 46342 



Dean J. Boldin, D.D.S. 

4004 Campbell Rd. 
Valparaiso, IN 46383 

Dr. Richard F. Cleary, 
Foot Doctor 

409 N. Wisconsin St. 
Hobart, IN 46342 

Dr. & Mrs. Ron Doneff 

1270 W. 4th St. 
Hobart, IN 46342 

Christine A. Faron, D.D.S. 

1005 Lincoln St. 
Hobart, IN 46342 

James M. Herrick, D.D.S. 

1414 E. Cleveland Ave. 
Hobart, IN 46342 

Harry Kneifel 

651 E. 3rd St. 
Hobart, IN 46342 

Marcus W. Malzcewski, 

295 S. Wisconsin St. 
Hobart, IN 46342 

Jarvis R. Peddicord, 
Attorney at Law 

111 W. 10th St. 
Hobart, IN 46342 

Robert B. Ray, D.D.S. 

7777 E. Ridge Rd, Suite A 
Hobart, IN 46342 

Robert R. Wylie, M.D. 

1400 S. Lake Park Ave. 
Medical Arts Building 
Suite 500 
Hobart, IN 46342 


Life in the 

Top right: The boys' cross country 
team takes time out after a meet to 
pile on top of each other at Robin- 
son Lake. 

Above: Senior Abi Joseph and 
Sophomore Heidi Wengel congratu- 
late each other after receiving good 

Middle right: After winning the class 
4A state football championship. 
Seniors Gus Pantinas, Frank Maggio. 
and Willie Rich celebrate their Victo- 

Right: Seniors John Coons. Mike Jewett, 
and Michael Sawyer, dress up their tennis 
uniforms with ties, while Dan Suroweic. 
Tom Steffus. Bryan Mercer, and Mark 
Anderson look on. 

Bottom: Varsity football managers 
Senior Mary Manfred, and Juniors 
Tina Zanolla and Tricia Duran ride in 
the Homecoming parade. 


Middle right: The 1991 varsity football 
captains. Seniors Brian Fattore. Mike 
Bell. Bill Manopoloulos. Martin Fox. Kevin 
Krull, and Mike Hansen, showed their 
team unification before the start of a 

Bottom right: Brickie players battled it out 
to the very end during the game against 
Merrillville: however, the Brickies fell short 
by one point. 

102 Varsity football 


Brickies capture 3rd 
Class 4-A state title 

The Brickies once again 
proved they were a champ- 
ionship team by defeating 
the Seymour Owls 20-0, Nov. 
30, at the Hoosier Dome in 

The No.1 ranked Brickies 
won their third Class 4-A 
championship title, and 
adding to the victory was 
Senior Frank Maggio winning 
the Phil Eskew Award for 
Mental Attitude. He became 
the fifth Brickie to win the 
award in Hobart's nine state 

In the Semi-State game 
against Fort Wayne Wayne, 
the Generals stunned the 
Brickies on a punt return in the 
first few minutes of the game; 
however, that was their last 
score until the last second of 
the game, and the Brickies 
won 27-15. 

The Brickies played 
Andrean in the Regionals 
and were once again vic- 
torious 38-6. 

During Sectionals, Hobart 
shut out Gary Wirt 61-0. The 
Brickies also defeated South 
Bend LaSalle 41-12 and South 
Bend Adams 59-17 during 

Sectional play-offs. 

On Parent's Night, Hobart 
lost to Merrillville in the last 
minute of play when the 
Pirates scored a touchdown 
to end the game 12-13. 

The Homecoming game 
against Michigan City Rogers 
was also a victorious shut- 
out. The Brickies won the 
game 35-0. 

The team was led by 
senior captains Bill Manolo- 
polous, Brian Fattore, Kevin 
Krull, Mike Bell, Mike Hansen, 
and Martin Fox. 

At the football banquet 
Dec. 15, several players re- 
ceived special awards. 
Senior Brian Fattore was 
named the Duneland Con- 
ference Offensive Player of 
the Year, and won the 
Offensive Back award. Senior 
Howard Beasey received 
the award for Pride/Hus- 
tle/Desire. Senior Mike Bell 
was named Defensive Line- 
man, while Senior Martin Fox 
was Offensive Lineman, and 
Senior Gus Pantinas was 
voted the Most Improved 

Opposite page: Celebrating touchdowns, good plays, and 
wins became a familiar sight for Senior Brian Fattore and 
Junior Greg Papaevangelou. 





Lew Wallace 





















MC Rogers 



Gary Wirt 



SB LaSalle 



SB Adams 






Ft. Wayne Wayne 15 




Row 1: Phil Dyniewski, Phil Jones, Brian Fattore. Mike Bell, Bill Manolopoulos, 
Mike Hansen, Martin Fox, Kevin Krull, Howard Beasey, and Gus Pantinas. Row 
2: Robert Segudovic, Ferdinand Flores, Jamie Sloas, Paul McGee, Willie Rich, 
Frank Maggio, Bob Arambula, Jim Lovall, Chad Harkins, Jason Skezas, and 
Don SeDoris. Row 3: Al Cooper, Jim O'Brien, Matt Balash, Brian Hellar. Aaron 
Burkhart, Pete Delinck, Mike Rees, Eddie Cdsko, Chris Sweet, Mark Tromble, 
Doug Tipold, and Dave Bradley. Row 4: Jim Rydlewski, Damon Ramos, Josh 

Cicillian, Bob Black, Tom Reisinger, Josh Wallace, Mark Juris, Mark Partin, Ron 
Skimehorn, Josh Skalba, Jerry Theodorakos, Josh Lessard, and Greg Papae- 
vangelou. Row 5: Sarah Rosenberg, Tricia Duran, Jeff Bloom Neil Bolinger, 
Kevin Hammonds, David Noble, Bill Allen, Brian Kincaide, Joe Leonard, Ryan 
Warren, Joe Clifford, Tina Zanolla. and Mary Manfred. Row 6: Dr. Mark Carter, 
Steve Balash, Dr. Joe Koscielniak, Jim McGee, Don Howell, Craig Buford, Don 
Rogers, Tom Kerr, Charles Boston, and Sam Ford. 

Bottom left: Keeping warm on the sidelines is Senior Frank Maggio. Frank won the Phil 
Eskew Award for mental attitude at the state football championship game. 

Bottom right: During the game against Andrean. the Brickies kept the 59er's score low. 
and added another win to their streak. 

Varsity football 103 

Opposite page: Brickie players congratulate one another on the good play that they took 
part in by embracing in a group huddle. 





Lew Wallace 





















MC Rogers 


Row 1: Bob Ulicini, Chad Dopiriak, Bryan Respecke, Jeremy Smith, Paul 
Oliver, Bob Riggsby, Randy Graham, and Rich Long. Row 2: Dan Butler, 
Bruce Johnson, Nathan Heistand, Parish Obermeyer, Brian Rushing, James 
Meece, Joe Clifford, Brian Kincaide, Ryan Warren, Joe Leonard, and Neil 
Bollinger. Row 3: Rich Ornelas, Mike Waugaman, Ron Oldham, Gary 

Bullington, Joe Smith, Phil Orosz, Josh Benze, Arthur Miller, Kevin Ham- 
monds, David Noble, and Phil Conrad. Row 4: Rick Mann, Don Childers, 
Tom Evans, Bill Allen, Ken Bood, Tom Lanick, Terry , and Phil Gymrek. Row 5: 
Steve Balash, Courtney Meanovich, Paul Wadovich, Tony Moyers, Paul Stir- 
gen, Charlie Watts, and Don Rogers. 


Hobart Opp 


Hammond Clark 






Lake Central 















MC Rogers 


Row 1: Jeff Todd, Dave Philpott, Chris Cassoday, Damon Deck, Mike Riffett. 
Brian Christian, Chris West, and Nate Bellar. Row 2: Joey Buckmaster, Jason 
Retzlaff, John Mattull, Chris Costello, Gabe Gutierrez, Josh Spencer, Derek 
Johns, Aaron Urbanik, and Mike Lain. Row 3: Matt Trent, John Tsahas, Mladen 

Djankovich, Aaron Smith, Jake Paulson, Craig Foerg, Joe Jolevski, Marty 
Webb, Jerry Noel, and Ryan Goodrich. Row 4: Dennis Stevens, Eric Kociarc: 
Jeremy Moore, Steve Spurlock, Ken Giotte, Bryan Klaja, and Erik Tripp. Row f 
Kelli Hansen, Bill Rich, Terry Watkins, Rich Lain, and Erin Valdivia. 


JV tackles 3rd 
undefeated season 

For the third year in a row, 
the junior varsity football 
team ended their season 
with an undefeated record 
of 8-0. 

Captains were Sopho- 
mores Neil Bollinger, Joe 
Leonard, and Dave Noble. 
Receiving honors at the fall 
banquet were; Junior Mark 
Partin, most valuable player 
and Sophomore Joe Smith, 
most improved. 

Coach Steve Balash, who 
has been the J.V. coach for 
20 years, said that his best 
memories of the season 
were, "going undefeated for 
the third year in a row and 
coming from behind to beat 
Valpo 22-21." 

“They were a hard work- 
ing, close group that played 
together," quoted Coach 

The freshman football 
team ended their season 
with a 3-5 record. 

Captains were sopho- 
mores Jeff Todd, Mike Lain, 
Jason Retzlaff, and Josh 
Spencer. Receiving awards 
at the fall banquet were; 
Dave Philpott, most improv- 
ed; Chris West, defensive 
back; and Eric Tripp, defens- 
ive line. Mike Riffett received 
the offensive back award 
while Jeff Todd was named 
offensive lineman. 

Coach Bill Rich's best 
memory of the season was 
"beating a good Chesterton 
team in the pouring rain." 

He ended by saying, "They 
need to work extremely hard 
on the weights before next 
season and they need to 
develop a positive mental 

Middle left: Senior Bill Manolopoulos kicks a field goal against Andrean. Bill 
had 28 field goals and 1 87 point after kicks which were both state records. 
Bottom left: While the coaches anxiously await on the sidelines. Junior Aaron 
Burkhart walks off the field with a smile of accomplishment on his face. 

Middle right. Senior Mary Manfred waits on Junior Robert Segudovic as he 
takes a water break during the game. 

106 Tennis 

Above right: Senior Sara Brandenburg hits the ball right over the net to give 
her a easy point. 

Right: Front row: Missy Brandush, Jenny Zdobylak, Michelle Rosenberg, Leigh 
Johnson, Christine Galumbus, and Kathy Kincaide. Back row: Cheryl Dickson, 
Emily Schroeder, Kelly Zybrowski, Valerie Heuring, Jill Schwuchow, and Shan- 
non Koeppen. 


Tennis conference team 
takes Celis for 2nd time 

The boys' varsity tennis 
team ended its season with a 
8-7 record, while the junior 
varsity team finished with a 6- 
7 record. 

Awards went to Senior 
captain Tom Steffus, most 
valuable player; Senior Mark 
Anderson, most improved; 
Senior Dan Surowiec, the 
Brickie spirit award; and 
Junior Matt Dumbauld, the 
Brickie support award. 

Hobart lost to Merrillville at 
sectionals 1-4, but placed 4th 
out of 13 teams at the High- 
land Invite. 

Some of Coach Tom 
Wuchner's best memories 
throughout the season were 
the good, competitive prac- 
tices, the support that each 
player gave one another, 
and the 10-man varsity. 

"This year's team was an 
intelligent, hard-working, fun- 
loving bunch of scholared 
athletes, “ said Coach Wuch- 

Senior Brian Mercer also 
contributed to the success of 
the season, who had a 
record of 9-6. Other Seniors 
who contributed to the 
teams success were John 
Coons, Mike Jewett, Mike 
MacDonald, and Michael 

Sophomore Carlos Celis 
made All-Duneland Confer- 
ence for the second con- 
secutive year, and in state 
singles he defeated a Merrill- 

ville player in the first round, 
but later was defeated by an 
opponent from Michigan City 

Coach Wuchner ended by 
saying, “Most of the team 
shared varsity playing time." 

The girls' tennis team 
ended its season with a 2-13 
record and the junior varsity 
with a record of 8-8. 

Captains for the '92 
season were Seniors Sara 
Brandenburg, Michelle Ros- 
enberg, and Leigh Johnson. 

At the spring awards 
banquet. Freshman Valerie 
Heuring was named most 
improved player and Bran- 
denburg was Miss Tennis. 
Others receiving recognition 
were Rosenberg and Jenny 

According to Coach Bob 
Bowser, "We were in the 
Merrillville sectional with Val- 
po, Adrean and Merrillville- 
three top teams in the area. 
We lost 1-4, but jenny 
Zdobylak won her match in 
straight sets.” 

He added, ”We attained 
our level of ability which does 
not reflect in the wins and 
losses. Girls tennis has the 
nucleus for some exciting 
tennis for next year.” 

• * * 

Opposite Page: Making tennis look easy to play is Senior Bryan Mercer as he 
gently returns the ball back over the net. 

Varsity: Row 1: Michael Sawyer, Mike Jewett, Mike Mac- John Coons, Mark Anderson, Matt Dumbald, and 
Donald, Carlos Celis, Tom Steffus, and Dan Suroweic. Coach Tom Wuchner. 

Row 2: Craig Scheiss, Ed Broadaway, Bryan Mercer, 


Girls' Tennis 







Crown Point 



Lake Station 









Boone Grove 



E C Central 









M C Rogers 















Lake Central 








, \ / fjj\ 

Vff , * iB 

V / ] < WM 

mm A u . 

Junior Varsity: Row 1: Joe Cerjak, Dave Richards. Scott 
Morgan, and David Orr, Row 2: Hutch Sobkowicz, Tim 

Galumbus, Eric Isakson, Bryan Peterson, Jeremy Ander- 
son, Kasey Phillips and Coach Bowser. 

Senior Dan Surowiec carefully 
watches the ball as he steps back to 
return it to his opponent. 

Tennis 107 

Opposite page: Taking a breath after a difficult race is Freshman Kathy Zalatic. 








New Praire 







LaPorte Invite 









MC Rogers 






Valparaiso Invite 


Crown Point 










Bishop Noll 



EC Central 







Row 1: Mandy Bowers, Amanda Seibal, Missy Springman, Amie Burger, Kathy 
Zlatic, Mandy Boren, Shawn Elder, and Amy Johns. Row 2: Coach Brigi+ta 
Robinson, Coach Marty Ruzbasan, Lora Lute, Heidi Wengel, Becky Key, Jenny 

Paul, Charlotte Sabotta, Janette Ford, and Coach Gary Davis. Row 3: 
Michelle Schammert, Jenee Szymanski, Kelly Harmon, Abigail Joseph, Jenny 
Gornik, and Tricia Burger. 

Above: Junior Tricia Burger concentrates on her stroke technique as she finishes her Above: Freshman Mandy Bowers completes a dive for her team, 

final lap. 

Several swimmers received 
awards at the fall banquet 
They included: Tricia Burger, 
most valuable player, 
Michelle Shammert, the 
Brickie Pride/Hustle/Desire 
award, Mandee Boren, most 
improved, and Freshman 
Aimee Burger received the 
highest G.P.A. award. 

The Varsity H towel con- 
sisted of Freshmen; Amy 
Johns, Kathy Zlatic, Mandy 
Bowers, Mandee Boren, 
Janette Ford; Junior Jenny 
Gornik and Senior Abi Joseph. 

When asked the best part 
of the season, Tricia said, 
"Winning conference and 
being named All-Duneland 
Conference was the highlight 
of my junior year." 

Abi Joseph said, "The 
whole season was great 
because it was my senior 
year and I was captain. Mr. 
Davis was a terrific coach." 

The girls' swim team, 
coached by Mr. Gary Davis 
and Miss. Brigitta Robinson, 
ended its season with a 7-7 
record. The team placed 7th 
at Conference with a 2-5 
record, 6th at the LaPorte 
Invite, and 4th at Valparaiso. 

Junior Tricia Burger qualified 
for state in the 100 breast and 
the 100 fly. 

The team placed 3rd at 
sectionals with the following 
finalists: Senior captain Abi 
Joseph, 100 breast; Juniors 
Tricia Burger, 100 fly and 100 
breast; Kelly Harmon, back- 
stroke; and Michelle Sham- 
mert, 200 and 500 free; 
Sophomores Becky Key, 
diving; Lora Lute, backstroke 
and 200 I.M., and Heidi 
Wengel, 200 I.M. and 500 
freestyle, and Freshmen 
Mandee Boren, diving; Kathy 
Zlatic, 50 and 100 free, and 
Amy Johns, 200 free. 

Middle left: Getting a good start in lane 
three is Sophomore Charolette Sabotta. 

Bottom left: After swimming a good meet. 
Brickie swimmers surround the official to 
talk to him. 

Bottom right: Watching their fellow team- 
mates on the side are Junior Tricia Burger 
and Senior Abi Joseph. 


Junior Tricia Burger 
only qualifier for state 

Girls ' Swimming 109 

Cross Country 

Girls end season 5th 
out of 16 at Semi-State, 
Boys 9th at Sectionals 

The boys' cross country 
team ended its season with a 
2-10 record. They placed 9th 
in both Sectionals and the 
Hobart Invite. The team also 
finished 7th at Valpo. 8th at 
Lake Central and 10th at the 
New Prairie Invite. 

Senior captain Mike Biggs 
was voted most improved 
and Sophomore Chris Galka 
received the most valuable 
player. Galka also finished 
15th in sectionals. 

Coach Lloyd Albrands 
comments of the team were, 
“We were young. We miss- 
ed Eric Hartill because of 
surgery. With the addition of 
the remaining ninth graders 
we should be an improved 
team next year." 

The girls' cross country 
team ended their season 
with a 1-1 1 record. The team 
placed 1st in the Gavit and 
Lowell Invites. The team also 
placed 2nd in the Lake Cent- 
ral Invite, Conference, Sec- 

tionals, and Regionals. At 
Semi-State, Hobart finished 
5th out of 16 schools. 

Receiving awards at the 
fall banquet were Sopho- 
more- Megan Pash, most 
valuable player and Soph- 
omore. Lisa Sopko, most 
improved. Freshman Mandy 
Kemp received the mental 
attitude award. 

Coach Don Hancock best 
memory of this year was, 
"Winning the Gavit Invite 
because it was our first meet 
and signaled the teams poten- 
tial. "They did an outstanding 
job. They have become rec- 
ognized in the state as a com- 
petitive group." said coach 

Becky Pouch was All- 
Conference and Megan Pash 
was All-State honorable ment- 
ion. "The girls developed a 
reputation as a strong team to 
be watched. They are now a 
recognized team at any 

Right: During a meet. Coach Alhbrand and these teammates stop for a 
quick pose. 

Above: Sophomore Susie Djankovich and Freshman Megan Pash struggle 
to make it to the finish line. 

1 10 Cross Country 

Opposite page: Keeping her hands warm during a long cross country meet is 
Freshman Becky Pouch. 











Bishop Noll 









MC Rogers 






Lew Wallace 






New Prairie Invite 


Lake Central 









Hobart Invite 

Row 1: Jason Petruska, Leonard Banks, Chris Galka, 
Scott Paterson, and John Manning. Row 2: Don Kolza, 
Mike Biggs, Tom Buckmaster, and Coach Lloyd Alh- 

Row 1: Jennifer Dobis, Laura Sopko, Lisa Sopko, and 
Susie Djankovich. Row 2: Megan Pash, Candy Ksenak, 
Jennifer Powers, Mandy Kemp, and Tricia Pouch. 




1st Hammond Gavit Invite 

22 New Prairie 


15 South Bend Wash. 49 

21 Bremen 


15 laPorte 


37 Chesterton 


20 Rogers 


18 Merrillville 


15 Munster 


15 Lew Wallace 


1st Lowell Invite 

2nd Central Invite 

45 Valparaiso 


31 Portage 


2nd Duneland 

2nd Sectionals 

2nd Regionals 

5th Semi State 

Cross Country ill 

Opposite page: Senior Jackie Hartt spikes the ball for the point. 


Opp. HHS 

Washington Twp. L 

Munster L 

EC Central L 

Griffith L 

Merrillville L 

Lowell W 

Wheeler L 

LaPorte L 

Whiting L 

Valparaiso L 

Bishop Noll L 

Andrean L 

MC Rogers L 

Chesterton L 

Hammond Morton L 
Gary Roosevelt W 

Lake Station L 

Portage L 

Varsity volleyball: Row 1, Amy Crowder, Jenny Welter, Jackie Hartt, and Kris Michelle Miller, Jackie Coons, Cary Johnson, Marianna Delinck, and Jamk 
Gadberry. Row 2: Amy Duran, Nicole Ferlus, Anna Lopez, Kim Freeman, Kutzer. 

Stacey Oglesby, and Coach Sherrie Matthews, Row 3, Jane Cornelius, 





EC Central 
















Bishop Noll 




MC Rogers 




Hammond Morton 


Gary Roosevelt 


Lake Station 




JV volleyball: Row 1, Megan Homoky, Jenny Hacker, Jenny Gibson, and man, and Stef Burrell. Row 3, Jane Cornelius, Jamie Kutzer, Amy Duran, anc 
Angie Brown. Row 2, Becky Palas, Lisa Budzielek, Stacy Kegebein, Dawn Ger- Coach Carmen Dulhanty. 

Girls Volleyball 113 

Middle left: During the game. Coach Sherrie Matthews and the players go 
over the last minute plans. 

Bottom left: Senior Jenni Welter dives to save the ball early in the game. 

Below: Waiting to see the opposing teams next move is Senior Jackie Hartt 
and Marianna Delinck. 


Team shows great effort 
in loss to Chesterton at 

The girl's varsity volleyball 
team, coached by Miss 
Sherrie Mathews, ended its 
season with a 5-17 record, 
while the junior varsity team, 
coached by Miss Carmen 
Dulhanty, ended its season 
with a 1-16 record. 

Miss Dulhanty said, "It was 
a great group of kids. We 
were very young and I am 
looking forward to the next 
couple of years." 

The captains for the '92 
team were Seniors Jackie 
Hartt and Jenni Welter. 

Special awards were 
given to Jackie Hartt, most 
valuable and top offensive 
player, Jenni Welter, top 

server. Sophomore Nicole 
Ferlus, top defensive player, 
and Sophomore Marianna, 
Delinck, Pride/Hustle/Desire 

Although the team lost to 
Chesterton in the first round of 
Sectionals, they showed 
great teamwork in the 
Hobart Tourney with a record 
of 3-1. In the Washington 
Twp. Tourney, the team 
finished with a record of 1-2. 

When asked what her 
favorite memory of the 
season was. Miss Dulhanty 
said, "Having the under- 
classmen working through 
the off season to prepare for 
the regular season. " 


Soph. Brian Kincaide 
competes at state 

The Boys' wrestling team 
ended its season with an 11-2 
record, and they also sent 
Sophomore Brian Kincaide 
to state. Adding to their 
victories were first place 
finishes in the Hobart Triple 
Dual, Conference, and 
Sectionals. The team 
placed 2nd in Regionals and 
9th in both Semi-State and 
the Mishawaka Invite. 

Captains for the '92 team 
were Seniors Willie Rich, Bill 
Manolopolous, and Mike 

Receiving awards at the 
winter banquet were Senior 
Willie Rich, most valuable 
player, while most improved 
went to Junior Matt Balash. 

Sophomore Brian Kincaide, 
who was the HHS student to 
make it to State, received 
sophomore MVP, and Junior 
Ken Bacheldor received the 
junior MVP award. 

Leading the team with 
most takedowns was Junior 
Matt Balash with 43. Senior 
Willie Rich and sophomore 
Brian Kincaide shared 
having the most pins with 14 

When asked to comment 
on this year's wrestling team. 
Coach Steve Balash said, 
"They were 11-2. They all 
worked hard and did a fine 
job for themselves and for 
their school." 

Top: Wrestlers watch their teammates as they wait for their turn to compete. 

Above: Preparing to take home the Sectional trophy are Willie Rich, Art Miller, 
and Mark Rogers. 

114 Wrestling 

Opposite page: Junior Matt Balash and Sophomore Bob Riggsby relax as 
they watch their teammates win. 





Lake Central 


Elkhart Central 











Hobart Triple Dual 


LaPorte Invite 




E. C. Central 






M, C. Rogers 








Hobart Invite 










Row 1: Shawn Ames, Eric Kratochvil, Jesse Hamilton, Mike Hogan, Ryan 
Galka, Nate Bellar, Marc Alexander, Walter Hack, and Mandee Robb. Row 2: 
Cooch Don Rogers, Megon Homoky, Phil Conrod, Eric Conrod, James 
Meece, Nathan Heistand, Dave Bradley, Ken Bacheldar, Brian Cox, Sean 

Goodrich, Rich Long, Brian Brown, Frank Fritz, Mary Manfred, and Steve Bal- 
ash. Row 3: Dan Bulter, Damon Ramos, Bob Riggsby, Art Miller, Willie Rich, Bill 
Manolopolous. Mike Bell, Robert Segudovic. Matt Balash, Brian Kincaide, Ron 
Skimehorn, Rafel Torres, and Mark Rogers. 

Top left: Struggling to get the reversal is Freshman Dave 

Top right: After Sectionals, these winning champs show off 
their trophy. 

Bottom right: Setting his man up for the takedown is Junior 
Ken Bacheldar. 

Boys Wrestling 115 


Surowiec receives Silver 
Bell award and is named 
to the All-State team 

The boys' varsity swim 
team ended its season with a 
record, along with a 1st place 
finish in the Calumet Christmas 

Captains for the team were 
Seniors Dan Surowiec and 
Jason Schnabel. 

Receiving awards at the 
winter banquet were Dan 
Surowiec, most valuable 
player, Jason Schnabel, Bob 
Dwight mental attitude award. 
Sophomore Dan Daugherty 
most improved, and Fresh- 
man Dave Richards the 
Brickie Pride/Hustle/Desire 

At Sectionals Hobart 
placed 4th out of 10 -teams. 
Dan Surowiec was Sectional 
champ in the 50 free and he 
placed 3rd in the 100 freestyle. 
Jason Schnabel placed 3rd in 
the 500 freestyle and 4th in the 
200 freestyle. 

In diving. Sophomore Phil 
Orosz placed 5th and Senior 
Jason Bailey placed 6th at 

Dan Surowiec was the first 
male swimmer from Hobart to 
qualify for state since 1984, 
where he placed 21st. and 
the first male swimmer for 
Hobart to be named to the All- 
State academic swim/dive 
team. He was also the 2nd 
HHS student to recieve the 
Silver Bell award. 

Jason Schnabel broke the 
1 1 year record in the 200 free 
with a time of 1:50.61. He was 
also part of the relay team 
with Dan Suroweic, Dan 
Daughterly, and Ben Coons 
who broke the record in the 
200 free relay. 

When asked about her 
best memories from this 
year's swimming and diving 
team. Coach Kicinski said, 
"Winning the first 1st place 
trophy at the Calumet Christ- 
mas Invite and finishing with 
an overall 500 season." 

She added, "They (the 
team) worked hard and are 
very young. They show great 
potential in the future." 

Middle right: Brickie diver concentrates on his dive for another win. 

Bottom right: During a meet, these three teammates relax as they watch their 
team add to another one of their victories. 

116 Boys Swimming/Diving 

Opposite page: Hunched in position on the starting block. Senior Dan Surowiec 
prepares to swim for a win. 

Row 1: Chris Erickson, Brian Biggs, Hutch Sobkowicz, Dan Daugherty, Kevin Ford, and Coach Pat Kicinski. Row 3: Lora Lute, Rick Mann, Mike Biggs, Jason 
Albrecht, Brian Christian, Matt Borton, and Amy Johns. Row 2: Coach Chris Schnabel, Jason Bailey. Dan Surowiec, Paul Waytovich, Jeremy Smith, Phil 
Pieroni, Dan Larson, P. J. Pandorf, Tony Csernak, Eric Ledyard, Ben Coons, Orosz, and Coach Marty Ruzbasan. 

Dave Richards, Mike Ames, Joe Cerjak, Scott Horgan, Kasey Phillips, Janette 

Above: Concentrating on his dive is Senior Jason Bailey 

Bovs Swimming/Diving 117 


















Morgan Twp. 



Hammond Morton 35 


East Chicago 



Kankakee Valley 












M. C. Rogers 















Crown Point 






Lake Station 






Crown Point 


Row 1: Nicole Weimer, Wendy Swantko. Lisa Mergl, and Cathy Kincaide. Row Niebala. Natile Sistanich, Jackie Beach. Cindy Osika, Megan Anderson, and 
2: Coach P. J. Wiggins. Monica Bernat. Angela Skezas, Tracy Shy, Pam Coach Moe Rhody. 

Row 1: Row 1: Marianna Delinck, Julie Batcerak. Michelle Boren, Lisa Cimbal- man, Kristy Neace, Dawn German, Jenny Zbobylak, Coach Richard Pash, 
nik. and Megan Pash. Row 2: Venessa Milkas, Melissa Schiltz, Shannon Ger- and Karin Livengood. 

118 Girls Basketball 

1 J 


Varsity team ends with 
21-9 record, Weimer led 
with 85 points 

The girls' varsity basketball 
team ended its season with a 
21-9 record, which included 
a 2-1 record in Sectionals. 
The freshman girl’s basket- 
ball team ended its season 
with a 6-1 1 record 

Senior captain Nicole 
Weimer led the team with 85 
points and Junior Wendy 
Swantko followed with 75 
points. Sophomore Angela 
Skezas was the leading 
rebounder with 97, and 
Sophomore Lisa Mergl led 
the team with 48 assists. 

Wendy Swantko was the 
winner of the Bob Hunt 

mental attitude award, who 
also set a school record by 
making 51 three-point shots. 

Receiving special awards 
included: Nicole Weimer, 

top gun; Angela Skezas, top 
rebounder; Sophomore Lisa 
Mergl, Miss Hustle; and 
Freshman Cindy Osika, most 

When asked to comment 
about his team. Coach 
Millard Rhody said, "We 
were very young and 
inexperienced, but as the 
season progressed, we 
became a very competitive 
team in Northwest Indiana." 

Top left: Shooting a three-pointer for the Lady Brickies is Senior Nicole Weimer. 
Middle left: Looking for someone to pass the ball to is Junior Wendy Swantko. 

















M. C. Rogers 









Lake Central 









Lake Central 












Crown Point 








Row 1: Mandy Kemp, Connie Ochall, Missy Springman, Mandie Boren. Moni- Paves, Breann Kutzer, Cally Bennett, and Jennifer Oliver. Cheryl Dickson, and 
ca Gomex, and Kristy Jones. Row 2: Coach Beth Benjamin. Brandy Hart, Erica Tom Martin. 

Row 1. Rich Lain, Keith Hipskind, Jim Lough, and Doug James. Row 2: Craig Lewis. Row 3: Paul O'Malley, Bryan Mercer, Matt Dumbald, Jamie Sloas, Jake 

Schiess, Darren Grabek, Ed Casko, Joe Nugent, Rob Hartill, and Tracy Irwan, Jim Pope, and Shane Smith. 

Row 1: Craig Scheiss, Paul O Malley, Coach Keith Hipskind, Coach Rich Lain, and Coach Jim Lough. Row 3: Neil Bolinger, Mark Juris, Kris Neace, Chris 
Coach Doug James, Darren Grabek, and Tracy Lewis. Row 2: Erik Hartill, Josh Ensigh, Mike Reese, Joe Leonard and Joe Clifford 
Skalba, Josh Wallace, Mark Partin, John Walters, Jason Randall, Chad Gross, 

120 Boys Basketball 


Brickies win Sectionals, 
make first Regional 
appearance in 20 years 

The boys' varsity basket- 
ball team, coached by Mr, 
Keith Hipskind, ended its 
season with a 20-5 record. 
Hobart made its first Regional 
appearance in 20 years after 
beating the Merrillville Pirates 
in Sectionals by one point, 
after losing to them in the 
regular season. In Regionals, 
Hobart slid past the West 
Side Cougars 49-42, but later 
lost to East Chicago Central 
55-43 to end the season. 

Hobart allowed their opp- 
onents to score only 42.5 
points per game, which 
named them one of the top 
defensive teams in Indiana. 

At the basketball awards 
banquet. Senior Jim Pope 
received the Bob Hunt 
Mental Attitude Award, most 
free throw award, most 
stickers award, and the 
Crown Point all opponent 
team award. Senior Jamie 
Sloas received the most 

rebounds award, most field 
goals award, and the top 
defensive award. 

Senior Shane Smith 
received the Brickie award, 
Senior Jake Irwin received 
Mr. Hustle, and Junior Ed 
Casko received the most 
assists award. 

The JV basketball team, 
coached by Mr. Rich Lain, 
ended its season with a 13-7 
record. The team's top 
scorer was Junior Josh Skalba 
with 207 points. Sophomore 
Chris Ensign was leading 
rebounder with 24 rebounds. 

The team scored an 
average of 40 points per 
game while allowing their 
opponents only 34.8 points 
per game. 

When aksed to comment 
on his team. Coach Lain said, 
"The team had super junior 
leadership and they were 
fine young men to work 

Left: Shooting for the lay up against Calumet is Senior Jim Pope 
Right: Concentrating on his form and shooting is Senior Jamie Sloas 

Row 1: Kevin Galka. Jeff Strichley, Jason Bowman, Eric Kociara, Chris O'Brien, Leonard Aaron Smith, Marc Purtee, Chris Erikson, Mike Evans, Tim Burney, 
ond Jonh Mattull. Row 2: Bryan Peterson, Matt Blake, Jim Reynolds, Jonh Tsa- Ryan Smith, and Coach Jeff Hartill. 
has, Ryan Maicki, Mike Lain, and Jeremy Moore. Row 3: Coach Dennis 


Boys finish season 
with winning record 

The J.V. Baseball team 
ended its season with a 11-12 
record. The team had three 
J.V. players. Bill Allen, Joe 
Clifford, and Chris Ensign, who 
moved up to varsity to start for 

"The best memories 
were a double header split 
against a tough Crown Point 
team and our five inning 38-6 
victory over Lake Station. 
Overall, we were sound as a 
team but we we're unfort- 
unate to lose guys ot the 
varsity team", said Coach 

The Boys varsity baseball 
team ended its season with 
a 19-10 record. 

The team was 6-6 in their 
conference and 13-4 non- 
confererce. They were 9-2 at 
home and 10-8 away. 
Hobart had an average of 6 
points per game and they 

allowed an average of 4 
points per game. 

Junior Mark Quigley was 
named most valuable play- 
er and Junior Josh Skalba 
was awarded most improv- 
ed. Receiving the most valu- 
able pitcher was Senior Paul 

Senior Paul McGee had 97 
strike outs which beat the old 
record of 92. He also had 18 
strike outs in one game to 
beat the record of 17. 
McGee tied the record of 
the most victories with 12. 

Coach Dwight Mathis' best 
memory of the season was, 
"The no-hitter against Gary 
Wirt." When asked about 
this years team he said, 
"They were over achievers 
and they had good support 
with teem members. 

■v — ~ 

Above: Going for the strike out is Senior Paul McGee 


Above: During the game, these players watch on as their teammates score 
to win. 

Above: Discussing a call between innings is Coach Dwight Mathis 





River Forest 









Crown Point 















M C Rogers 



Lake Station 












E. Chicago 



Gary Wirt 



G Roosevelt 



Ham Noll 





Row 1 : Pete Delinck, Robert Segudovic, Joe Nugent, Brian Rushing, Josh Skal- Paul McGee, William Shearer, Joe Clifford, Jeff Herrick, Jim Ciesla, and 
ba, Ed Casko, and Gus Pantinas. Row 2: Coach Dave Shafer, Mark Quigley, Coach Dwight Mathis. 

Above: Getting ready to throw the ball to first base is the catcher, Junior Eddie Casko 

Boys Baseball 123 





Hammond Gavit 5 


Crown Point 


















M C Rogers 
























M C Rogers 






Lake Central 








Row 1: Christine Ksenak, Susie Cullen, Anne Johnson, Jenny Sobkowicz, 
Wendy Swantko, and Nicole Ferlus. Row 2: Natalie Sistanich, Christina Zorek, 

Christine Mikusevich, Coach Riba, Pam Niedbala, Cindy Kraft, and Missy 

Row 1 : Chrystal Arocho, Michelle Miller, Mandy Boren, Kelly Burns.. Row 2: Melissa Shammert, Erica Pavese, Dawn Ger- Taking a few practice swings, Suzy 
man. Candy Ksenak. Cullen awaits her turn at bat. 

124 Girls Softball 

Thirteen proved lucky for Christine Mikusevich and Coach Rich Riba as he 
earned his 100th win this season. 


Girls end season 

with loss to Portage 

The girls' varsity soft- 
ball team, coached by 
Mr. Rich Riba, ended its 
season with a 5-14 

The team won only 
two Duneland Confer- 
ence (2-10) games and 
both of those came at 
the expense of Michi- 
gan City Rogers. 

At Sectionals, the team 
lost its first game 0-4 to 

At the spring sports 

banquet. Junior Natalie 
Sistanich received most 
valuable player. Senior 
captain Missy Munchen- 
burg was awarded best 
pitcher and senior cap- 
tain Christine Mikusevich 
was named best de- 
fensive player. Top hitter 
went to Senior Suzy 

Assistant softball 
coach was Sue Boswell. 

Another strike pitch leaves Christine Ksenak's hand. 

Christine Mikusevich prepares to lead off against Andrean. 

Softball 125 

Boys' Track 

Struggling to make it to the finish line is Senior Scott Bilkey. 

Freshman Hutch Sobkowicz races ahead of his opponents. 

Right: During the meet. 
Seniors Tom Steffus and 
Frank Maggio discuss the 
scores with Coach John- 

126 Boys Track 

Row 1: Mike Hansen, Hutch Sobkowicz, Kasey Phillips, Scott Morgan. Scott 
Peterson, Bryan Peterson, and Coach Steve Balash. Row 2: Scott Bilkey, Gabe 
Gutierez, Jason Petruska, Jeff Cary, Frank Maggio, and Tom Steffus. Row 3: 

Kevin Hammonds, Mark Juris, Shane Smith, Ryan Warren, Jason Solivais, Kyle 
Charbonneau, Tom Buckmaster, and Coach Lloyd Alhbrand. Row 4: Coach 
Johnston, Ryan Evans, and Matt Dumbald. 

With Coach Jim Johnston looking on. Junior Mark Juris attempts to clear his 

Boys Track 127 

Hurrying to beat the people behind him is Sophomore Chris Galka. 























M C Rogers 






E C Central 






Lake Central 





Trying to catch her opponent before the finish line is Senior Erin Gilliana. 

IRow 1: Karen Howerton, Erin Gilliana, Maria Matthews, and Jenny Randall. Missy Springman, and Jenny Lahaie. Row 3: Angela Skezas, Jenny Oliver 
Row 2: Toni Oliver, Mandy Kemp, Susie Djankovich, Lisa Sopko, Laura Sopko, Jenny Gibson, Magan Pash, Jenny Dobis, Anna Lopez, and Becky Pouch. 


Girls finish season 
with a 9-3 record 

The girls' track team ended 
its season with a 9-3 record, 
and a 2nd place finish in the 
Highland Invitational. 

Captains for the '92 season 
were Seniors Maria Mathews, 
Karen Howerton, Erin Gilliana, 
and Jennifer Randal. 

Receiving awards at the 
sprind banquet were. Fresh- 
man Missy Springman, Most 
Valuable player, and Sopho- 
more Lisa Sopko, Most 
Improved. Freshman Becky 
Pouch received the mental 
attitude award. Most Valu- 
able player in running events 
went to Sophomore Megan 
Pash, and in field events it 
went to Senior Maria 

Freshman Missy Springman 
was named All-Conference 

Tn the 100 and the 200 meter 

At Sectionals, Senior Maria 
Mathews advanced to Reg- 
ional in the shot put where 
she later qualified for the 
state championship. Sopho- 
more Megan Pash qualified 
in the 800 meter run in 
Regionals, and Lisa Sopko 
qualified in the 1600 meter run. 

Whan asked to comment 
about this years' team. 
Coach Don Hancock said," 
The team did a good job in 
most areas. Most of the 
points were scored by 
underclassmen and a few 
seniors. They were a very 
competetive team that 
finished the season with a 9-3 

Top: With the look of dedication. Freshman Becky Pouch, concentrates on 
her next run. 

Left: Struggling to make it to the finish line is Sophomore Susie Djankovich. 

Above: Running to set up for her jump in the long jump is Freshman Monica 

Girls' Track 129 


'It's All in the Heart' 

The girls' gymnastics 
team ended its season with a 
record of 4-3. The members 
set a new school record of 
108. 15 against Lowell. 

Ending up fourth in 
Sectionals, the team ad- 
vanced Senior Holly Toering 
and Sophomore Stacee 
Goodpaster to Regionals. 
Toering and Goodpaster qual- 
ified to state with Goodpaster 
all around and Toering on 
beam and vault. 

Down state Toering 
tied for second on vault and 
Goodpaster placed fourth on 
bars, fifth an beam, and fifth 
all around. This was the first 
time HHS had any gymnast 
place at a state meet. 

All records were 
broken this year with Toering 
a 9.65 on vault, 9.7 on bars, 
and 37.45 all around. 
Goodpaster holds a 9.3 on 
beam, and a 9.6 on floor. 

At the Winter Sports 

Banquet awards went to 
Senior Holly Toering for Most 
Valuable Player, Senior 
Captain Kris Luedtke for Pride 
Hustle Desire, Sophomore Ta- 
ra Zakula for Best Attitude, 
and Junior Tracey Hupertz for 
Most Improved. 

"This year's team was 
outstanding! We had 
strength in all four events. The 
best memories were beating 
Portage for the first time in 10 
years and being ranked sixth 
in state of Indiana," said 
Coach Sabra Coons. 

"This year's gymn- 
astic team improved 100 per- 
cent with the help from Holly 
and Stacee. The team stuck 
together and worked hard in 
the gym. There was a lot of 
pride, spirit, and dedication in 
all the girls. It'll probably be 
the best season for Hobart 
gymnastics," said Kris 

130 Gymnastics 

Top; Concentrating on her next big move on the balance beam Is Senior Kris 

Left: Showing strength and talent is Senior Holly Toering as she prepares to fin- 
ish her bar routine. 

Above: Preparing for her dismount off the beam is Sophomore Tara Zakula 


Hobart Opp 

W Portage L 

L Merrillville W 

L Valparaiso W 

Crown Point L 

Lowell L 

L Chesterton W 

W LaPorte L 

5th Conference 

4th Sectionals 

Top: Row 1: Kris Luedtke, Carrie Luedtke. and Tracey Hupertz. Row 2: Kristan 
Doerr, Cami Yoder, and Tara Zakula. Row 3: Holly Toering, and Stacee Good- 

Above left: While doing her beam routine Freshman Cami Yoder shows no 
nervousness at all. 

Left: Keeping her balance is Freshman Carrie Luedtke as she prepares to do 
a scale in her beam routine. 

Above: Showing grace and style is Sophomore Stacee Goodpaster as she 
begins her stunning floor routine. 

Girls Gymnastics 131 


Girls golf canceled, 
Boys team promising 

The Boys golf team 
ended its season with a 
5-14 record and the 
junior varsity team end- 
ed its season with a 3-8 

Captions for the '92 
season were Seniors 
Eric McDonald, Mark 
Anderson, Mike Mac- 
Donald, and Dan 

At the spring banquet 
awards went to Eric 
McDonald for Most 
Valuable Player, Most 
Improved went to Bob 

Riggsby, Mark Anderson 
received Most Dedi- 
cated, and Most Pro- 
mising went ot Bryan 

With his first year as 
boys' golf coach, Jon 
Brumleys comments of 
this years team were, "It 
was the best year 
we've had in a long 

Due to lack of 
interest, the girls golf 
team was canceled 
this year. 

Above: With total concentration. Senior Mark Anderson sets up for his next 





Lake Station 



M C Elston 



Crown Point 












E C Central 












River Forest 



M C Rogers 


Front: Andy Schwuchow, Jeff Minard, Jason Lindsey, Phil Orosz, Mike Rees, 
and Bryan Peterson. Back: Bob Riggsby, Chris Smith, Mike MacDonald, Eric 

132 Boys' Golf 

Furdo, Eric McDonald, Dan Suroweic, Paul Watovich, and Coach Jon 

Above: Studying for his next move is Senior Mike MacDonald. 

It's a Living 


Hobart /V 
federal ( |\. 


Top left: Senior Carrie Anderson 
spends most of her spare time either 
cheerleading or working at Out of 
Town, a new ladies' apparel shop 
downtown Hobart. 

Top right: Hobart Federal Savings 
and Loan Association is always 
eagerly awaiting to help its new cus- 
tomers, as well as its regular ones, at 
555 East Third Street in Hobart. 

Middle left: Hobart's St. Mary Medi- 
cal Center recently landscaped the 
surroundings of its property, and 
erected new entrance signs wel- 
coming patients and visitors to the 


Bottom left: Charter Hospital of 
Northwest Indiana is the newest busi- 
ness to be attracted to Hobart. The 
hospital deals with, and treats many 
adolescent problems that children 
toddy face. 

Advertising 133 

Michael Sawyer 

Dear Michael, 

General Douglas MacArthur's prayer for his son is the same one we challenge you 
with in our prayers. 

Build me a son, O Lord, who will be strong enough to know when he is weak, and 
brave enough to face himself when he is afraid; one who will be proud and 
unbending in honest defeat, and humble and gentle in victory. 

Build me a son whose wishbone will not be where his backbone should be; a son 
who will know Thee and that to know himself is the foundation stone of knowledge. 

Lead him, I pray, not in the path of ease and comfort, but under the stress and spur 
of difficulties and challenge. Here let him learn to stand up in the storm; here let 
him leam compassion for those who fail. 

Build me a son whose heart will be clean, whose goal will be high; a son who will 
master himself before he seeks to master other men; one who will leam to laugh, yet 
never forget how to weep; one who will teach into the future, yet never forget the 

And after all these things are his, add, pray, enough of a sense of humor, so that he 
may always be serious, yet never take himself too seriously. Give him humility, so 
that he may always remember the simplicity of greatness, the open mind of true 
wisdom, the meekness of true strength. 

Then I, his father, will dare to whisper, "I have not lived in vain." 

Love and Congratulations, 
Dad and Mom 

■ '• 





- . 

Good Luck and 
Happiness in all 
your future 

We Love You. 

Mom, Lee, 
Sue, Doug, 
Nick and Daniel 


if ■ 


We hope that today and always the love we 
have for you is reaching out and touching 
you-making your days a little brighter and 
your heart a little warmer. 

We hope that 

today and 
always you 
are aware of 
how special 
you are to 
us, and how 
lucky we 
feel to have 
you in our 

We love you! 

Mom & Dad 

134 Senior Ads 

Dear Christine, 

We are so proud of 
you. May all your 
dreams be fulfilled 
and your life be filled 
with happiness. 
Good luck, 

Dr. Chiabai! 

Mom & Dad 



Class of '92 



All State 



You'll always be 
our cup of tea. 

Jennifer Sobkowicz 

Mom, Dad 
& Hutch 

To Scott: 

May you always 
have clear skies and 
the winds be 
straight down your 

Happy Landings-- 


Love From 
Mom and Dad 





God gave you the talent to lead and so you're a 

He gave you the wisdom and patience to follow 
and so you follow. 

He gave you to us for a while, and now it's time for 
us not to lead you or follow you, but to let you know 
we'll stand beside you in all your future decisions. 
May God Bless you and keep you in His Hands. 

Lots of Love from Mom, Dad, Sis, Gizmo, too! 



Short in size 
But not 
in personality . 

from those who 
"Love you the most" 
and always 
want the best 
For you!! 










May your smile 
Always come shining 

As you reach success 
And your dreams come 

Shannon Camplan 


You're a very special young lady. 
We are so proud of you. Best of 
luck to your future. 

Our Deepest Love, 
Mom & Dad 

Greg Winters 



, * 

7fe brings a love that is filled with pride and joy as 
you graduate... and always, tool 
As you strive toward your hopes and dreams, 
may all your plans succeed and may you find real 
happiness wherever they may lead. 

Mom, Dad & Mike 


Christine Mikusevich 

Christine Diane Mikusevich 

We are very proud of you. 
May your future be filled 
with happiness and success. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Michelle & Jackie 

We are very proud of all your 
accomplishments. May all your 
dreams be fulfilled. 

Uncle Ronnie 
Auntie Barbara 





If you have faith in yourself, 
you can achieve incredible 

If you have faith in God, you 
can achieve the impossible. 

We have faith in you, and 
love you. 

Dad, Mom, Scott, Brian 

Congratulations Donna 

We love you and 
are very proud of 
you. we wish you 
all the happiness in 
the world. May all 
you dreams come 

Michelle Lynn 

We wish 
you the 
Thank you 
for being a 
part of our 

Mom & 


It wasn’t always easy, but you 
made it. You're very special to 
us. No matter what path your life 
takes we will always be there for 
you. Our dream for you is to 
achieve whatever you set out to 
do. You are a strong and 
courageous person. We are very 
proud of you. 

Mom and Dad 





You've been a joy to 
have for a daughter. 
We've always been 
proud of you and wish 
you the best in every- 
thing you do. This is only 
the beginning of a 
wonderful future. 

Mom, Dad, 
Wendy & Holly 

140 Senior Ads 




. . .She didn't 
know it couldn't 
be done so she 
went ahead and 
did it. 



Sara Brandenburg 


Congratulations Kim! 

Take all your enthusiasm and energy 
and use it in the future and you can 
accomplish anything! 

We Love You!! 
Mom and Dad 

Geodi Woods 

Bright eyes and 
ponytails. May you 
keep that charm 
and happiness 


We love you! 

Mom , Dad & Geoff 


We love you very much and are very proud 
of you. 

You're an intelligent, creative, unique and 
special person. 

Congratulations and best of luck in 

Love Always, 
Mom and Dad 

Patti Ann 

You are very 
special to us. 
You have made 
us so proud! 
Good luck in the 
future and may 
all your dreams 
come true! 

Mom, Dad 
& Tom 


There are two lasting 
bequests we can hope 
to give your children. 
One of these is roots, the 
other wings. 

(Hodding Carter) 

there’s no limit to how 
high you can fly! 

Mom, Dad, & Julie 

WL X * 

2 years young 

1 year young 


OK! I Admit it! I do love my brother. 
Well, most of the time. 


142 Senior Ads 

Deep Thinking My Girl 

(Twilight Zone) 


15 years young 

17 years young 

17 years young 

Jackie Leeanna Hartt 

18 years young 


We love 


you . 

Mom, Dad & Luke 

To My Anna, My Beslest Friend, 

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. If 
anyone looks deep into mine-they'll see you. I Love You. 
I'm so proud of you. May all your heart's desire become 

I Love You. 

"The student who earns A's on his report card has grasped 

M the idea and has found the real meaning of individuality. So 
has the youngster who has designed his own spaceship, who 
gives piano recitals, who paints pictures of the world 
around him, or who can name all the states and their 

-The Freeman (September ’91) by The Foundation for 
Economic Education, Inc., 30 S. Broadway, Irvington, NY 
1 0533 


You have enjoyed the companionship of many 
individuals during the past twelve years. May you 
always strive to maintain your individuality and 
continue to support those who may be struggling to 
find theirs. 

You bring so much joy to our lives! 

Mom & Dad 



We are 
proud of 


Roses are red 
Violets are blue- 
It's been a war-of- 

But you made it 

You'll always be 
my shining star— I 
am so proud of you. 





Jeff Cary Melissa Munchenburg 

?v \OTOGRAP/iy 


"Our portraits are guaranteed for a lifetime" 

401 Main Street, Hobart, Indiana 46342 

£>&£> Q-euxei zif 




Good Luck Class of 1992! 

From Your Friends at: 

‘Where Smart Shoppers Save* 

Serving you with Quality and Savings 
at our Convenient location: 

Hobart - 999 West Old Ridge Rd. 


A Full Service Psychiatric Hospital 
Offering Inpatient and Outpatient 
Treatment Programs for 
Children, Teens & Adults 

□ Emotional/Behavioral Problems 

□ Alcohol and Drug Abuse 

□ Free Consultation 

□ 24 Hours A Day 

Located near 1-65 on 101 West 61st Ave. 
and State Rd. 51, Hobart, In. 

1 - 800 - 722-4555 



Latch onto 
proven driving 




618 E. Third St. 


942-1148 or 462-4432 

Before you hit the 
road to work, your 
home or your 
favorite vacation 
spot, buckle up. 
Seatbelts save lives. 








630 Main Street 
Hobart, IN 46342 

His & Hers Bridal World 

" Everything for the girl and boy 
for that Special Occasion " 

201 South Illinois Street 
Hobart, Indiana 46342 








701 East Main Street 
Hobart, Indiana 




Jewel Shop 

237 Main Street 
Hobart, In. 

Shirley Seling 







and loan association 

HOBART, IN 46342 
(219) 942-1175 











£-n ±jla. 

216 Main St. 942-0004 


7799 East Ridge Rd. 
(Rt. 6 & 51) 
Hobart, In 46342 
(219) 947-4311 




Best Wishes Class of 1992 
George Kingsley, Inc. 

William J. Davis 


For Announcements, 
Class Rings, Caps, 

and Gowns. 

P.O. Box Route 130 
Hobart, Indiana 46342 



Hobart Banking Center 
66 Main 

North Ridge Banking Center 
7760 E. 37th Ave. 

Member FDIC 

The Value Difference 





530 East 3rd 

Hobart, Indiana 


201 Main Street 
Hobart, Indiana 



Sk&Vto Til 










HOURS 6 a.m. - 12 midnight 6 a.m. - 11 p.m. 


District 1 Workshop - Edison High School 

IASC State Convention -- Goshen High School 


Good Luck 
Class of '92 

"Lead a Life of Leadership" 

Members of the Council help with "Breakfast with 

Senior Michelle Feczko with Mark Scharenbroich at 
State Convention. 


8476 E. Ridge Road 
Hobart, IN 46342 

(219) 962-9338 

Isakson Motor Sales, 

Chrysler-Ply mouth 

Dependable Used Cars 
55 Center Street 
Hobart, Indiana 
942-1 761 

Burger Dairy 

1 51 S. Illinois Hobart, In. 




i lit!: IKti 


0 fUS(iHiEHla0i 







Michael Sawyer 

Michelle Rosenberg 


Kris Luedtke 


Sara Brandenburg 


Mrs. Evelyn Dalton 

ii l . i* i 


Serving the Hobart community for over 30 years 


• ' H 

Routes 6 & 51 
Hobart, Indiana 46342 


Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers, Inc. 
9300 Calumet Avenue 
Munster, Indiana 


Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers, Inc. 

A Whitman Company 


Hobart Southlake 

Optimist Club 



A Friend of Youth " 

109 West 43rd Ave. 
Gary, Indiana 46408 




We can satisfy the sweetest tooth 

7880 E. 37th Ave 
Hobart, Indiana 

Varsity "H" 

Letter winners 
dedicated to 
academic and 
excellence at 
Hobart High 

Roma's Pizza 

205 N. Wisconsin St. 
Hobart, Indiana 

* 942 - 2102 * 


Paul’s Place 

Carry Outs 

Pfculk Place 

Home of the 


1002 Lincoln Street 
Hobart, IN 46342 

609 West Ridge Road 
Hobart, Indiana 

The Memories staff congratulates 

Coach Don Howell 

on your induction into the 
Indiana Football 
Hall of Fame 
July 12, 1992 

26-year coaching record of 244-54-2 
13 titles in 18 years in the Duneland Conference 

three state titles 
nine semi-state titles 
11 regional championships 
13 consecutive sectional crowns 
71 straight home victories 
55 consecutive Duneland wins 
best record in state in the 1980's of 119-14 







Abegg, Samuel 69 
Adair, Amanda 69 
Adair, Katie 2, 56, 82 
Aguilar, Dan 35 
Ahlbrand, Lloyd 48. 66, 111, 


Aklncyk, Christie 54 
Albrecht, Kevin 69, 1 17 
Alexander, Marc 69. 1 15 
Alford, Heather 77 
Allen, Heather 2, 4, 40, 50, 51 , 
63, 77, 97 
Allen, Stacy 73 
Allen, William 73, 104 
Ames, Mike 69, 117 
Ames, Shawn 77, 115 
Anderson, Carrie 22. 32. 50, 51 , 
58,82, 133 
Anderson, Jason 69 
Anderson, Jennifer 69 
Anderson, Jeremy 77, 107 
Anderson, Mark 9, 14, 30, 31 , 
45,49.54,56, 82. 101. 107 
Anderson, Megan 50, 51 , 73, 

Anderson, Ron 73 
Andrus, Steven 69 
Antczak, James 82 
Arambula, Robert 82, 103 
Ard, Bradley 73 
Ard, Christopher 73 
Arend, Lisa 82 
Arocho, Crystal 69, 124 
Ascbok, Susan 54, 55, 77 
Augustlnovich, Michelle 35, 73 



Bachelder, Kenneth 77, 1 15 
Bachelder, Tracy 82 
Bailey, Danielle 34, 35, 73 
Bailey, Jason 32, 82. 117 
Bailey, Joyce 69 
Balash, James 82 
Balash, Matt 103. 115 
Balash, Matthew 77 
Balash, Steve 103, 104, 1 15. 127 
Balcerak, Julie 30, 56, 57, 73, 

Banks, James 77 

Banks, Leonard 69, 1 1 1 

Barancyk, Dave 33, 61 , 66 

Barnes, Patricia 1 7, 54, 82 

Barney, Guy 69 

Barron, Carlin 73 

Bartels, Brandi 35. 77 

Bartels, Debbie 68 

Bass, Heather 54, 69 

Batey, Susan 69 

Beach, Jackie 49. 54. 77, 118 

Beal, Regina 77 

Beasey, Howard 82, 103 

Beird, Sherry 82 

Bell, Usa 35, 48 

Bell, Mike 27, 82, 102, 103, 1 15 

Bella, Eric 35, 69 
Bellar, Nate 69. 104. 115 

Bencze, Joshua 73, 104 
Bennett, Cally 34, 35, 69. 1 19 
Bennett, Eric 77 
Benson, Heather 77 
Berg, Kristie 35. 77 

Bernat, Michelle 


Bernat, Monica 

69. 118 

Bernat, Yvonne 


Berrios, Nicole 


Berumen, Nicole 


Bialata, Chris 82 
Biernat, Angela 
29, 52. 56. 82 
Biggs, Brian 69, 1 17 
Biggs, Mike 82, 111, 117 
Bilkey, Scott 30. 82, 126, 127 
Billingsly, Kevin 69 
Binkley, D. John 82 
Bissett, Bridgette 35 
Black, Bob 56, 103 
Blake, Matthew 69, 121 
Blanco, Micah 69 
Blecic, Denise 73 
Blecic, George 73 
Blink, Darryl 40, 66 
Bloom, Jeffrey 73 
Blosl, Thomas 77 
Blossom, Heather 51 . 54, 56, 77 
Bolinger, Neil 73, 104, 120 
Bolton, Kevin 73 
Bondi, Anthony 30, 34, 35, 69 
Bonner, Amanda 54, 55 
Bood, Ken 73, 104 
Boren, Mandy 69, 108. 1 19. 124 
Boren, Michelle 42, 51 . 56, 57. 
73. 118 

Borton, Mathew 69. 117 
Boston, Charles 66, 103 
Boston, Katie 35, 47, 82 
Bounnharaj, Seng 47 
Bowers, Amanda 69 
Bowers, Mandy 60, 108 
Bowles, Johnathan 77 
Bowman, Christie 54, 77 
Bowman, Jason 69, 121 
Boy, Karen 34. 35. 48, 52, 83 
Boy, Stacy 35, 52, 54. 60. 73 
Boyd, Shani 22, 50, 51 , 52. 73 
Boyle, Robert 73 
Brad, Dean 52, 54, 60 
Bradley, Dave 14, 27, 43, 56, 

60, 83. 103, 115 

Brandenburg, Sara 3, 7, 22, 27, 
51.54,,83, 106 
Brandush, Missy 30, 51 ,73, 106 
Brazell, Jason 73 
Breitsprecher, Justin 36, 73 
Brewer, Jessica 69 
Briggs, Brian 35 
Broadaway, Ed 107 
Brown, Angelique 73 
Brown, Angie 1 12 
Brown, Anita 27, 32, 59, 83 
Brown, Brian 9, 27,83, 115 
Brown, Michael 66. 80 
Brown, Terrence 69 
Browning, John 83 
Brumley, Jonathan 66, 132 
Bucklew, Gregory 69 
Buckmaster, Joey 104 
Buckmaster, Tom 35. 73, 1 1 1, 

Budzielek, Jennifer 83 
Budzielek, Lisa 30. 54, 69, 1 12 
Buford, Craig 43, 66, 103 
Bullington, Gary 73, 104 
Bulter, Dan 1 15 
Bunch, Elizabeth 69 
Bunch, Kimberly 73 
Burger, Aimee 69, 108 
Burger, Tricia 51, 56, 77, 108, 


Burgess, Junior 83 

Burkhart, Aaron 40, 77, 103, 105 

Burkhart, Garry 66 
Burney, Kimberly 77 
Burney, Tim 69, 121 
Burns, Kelly 51,69, 124 
Burrell, Jason 83 

Burrell, Stephanie 41 , 69. 112 
Burton, Stephanie 69 
Burton, Stephen 73 
Butcha, Stewart 77 
Butler, Dan 6, 73.104 
Byrd, Bonnie 73 
Bzibziak, Denise 35, 36. 77 


Caballero, Luis 73 
Campbell, Kelly 5, 83 
Camplan, Shannon 50, 51, 84 
Cardwell, Rodney 77 
Carnahan, Brian 77 
Carpenter, Cindy 36 
Carpenter, Doug 69 
Cartwright, Ryan 54, 55, 77 
Cary, Jeff 84. 127 
Casko, Ed 9,54, 56. 77. 103, 
120. 123 

Cassoday, Chris 69, 104 
Cassoday, Stacey 58, 84 
Catania, Anthony 77 
Cedano, Celeste 69 
Cells, Carlos 107 
Cerjak, Joe 69, 107. 117 
Charbonneau, Chadd 56, 60 
Charbonneau, Kyle 77, 127 
Chiabai, Christine 23. 30, 31, 
45, 54,56, 57.58,60,62. 84, 

Chiabai, Laura 58. 73 
Childers, Don 73, 104 
Christian, Brian 69, 104, 1 17 
Christman, Diana 73 
Cicillian, Josh 47, 77. 103 
Ciesla, Jim 77. 123 
Cimbalnik, Lisa 73, 118 
Cirak, David 77 

Claussen, Stephanie 32. 33, 58, 


Cleary, Collen 73 
Clemmons, Dawn 77 
Clifford, Joe 73, 104, 120, 123 
Coady, Corella 77 
Cochran, Dave 52, 84 
Coleman, Amanda 84 
Coleman, Lena 54, 69 
Coleman, Rachael 41, 51, 54, 
56, 58, 77 
Collins, Richard 73 
Collins, Tanya 35, 84 
Colza, Dante 73 
Conrad, Eric 73, 115 
Conrad, Phil 73, 104, 115 
Cook, James 84 
Cook, Robert 77 
Coons, Ben 73, 117 
Coons, Jackie 8, 16, 21, 30, 56, 
58,69. 112 

Coons, John 6, 30, 43, 52, 54, 
56. 57,58,59. 101.62,84,94, 

Coons, Shirley 66 
Cooper, Allen 77, 103 
Cope, Sally 68 
Cope, William 49, 56, 65 
Corly, Dan 35 
Cornelius, Jane 5 1 , 73, 112 
Corralez, Peter 73 
Cory, Vera 66 
Costello, Chris 69, 104 
Cox, Brian 1 15 
Cox, Latisha 69 
Cox, Shannon 2, 39, 45, 77 
Crisp, Kelly 69 
Cromwell, Jason 69 
Crosier, Melissa 69 
Crowder, Amy 51, 73, 1 12 
Cruz, Christina 77 
Csernak, Michael 69 
Csernak, Tony 1 1 7 
Cuba, Jacqueline 84 
Cullen, Michael 73 
Cullen, Susie 124 
Curtis, Heather 54, 69 
Custin, John 26. 84 

Cymbalnik, Lisa 51 

Feczko, Michelle 7, 10, 1 1, 14, 

Goodrich, Ryan 70, 104 

Hicks, Brian 35, 70 

Cyprian, Eric 69 

26, 28,30.31,49,51.52,54, 

Goodrich, Sean 1 15 

Hicks, Gerald 65 

56, 58, 84, 85, 99 

Goodwin, Celeste 16, 54, 56, 

Hiestand, Nathan 74, 104, 1 15 


Feeler, April 35, 70 


Higgins, Donald 70 

Feeler, Christina 74 

Gornik, Jennifer 78, 108 

Hill, Zacchary 78 

Felton, Denise 70 

Govea, Cindy 35, 56, 74 

Hillestad, Bill 34, 35, 56, 77. 78 

Dagenais, April 73 

Ferlus, Nicole 16, 43, 74, 1 12, 

Govert, Russ 24, 25, 32, 36, 52, 

Hillestad, Eric 35. 70 

Dallas, Gregory 73 



Hilton, Daniel 78 

Dallas, Marcie 34, 35, 77 

Fezcko, Michelle 56 

Govert, Susan 74 

Hines, Kristin 74 

Dallas, Michael 84 

Fiegle, Jason 70 

Grabek, Darren 74, 120 

Hipskind, Keith 66. 120 

Dallas, Missy 34, 35, 77 

Fischer, Eike 66 

Grabek, Mike 52, 86 

Hock, Jessica 70 

Dalton, Stacey 5, 6, 27, 32, 56, 

Fisher, James 52, 66 

Graham, Bob 47, 58, 66 

Hogan, Mike 1 15 


Flaharty, Vance 74 

Graham, Randy 74, 104 

Holden, Richard 78 

Daniels, Dean 52, 84 

Flick, Jamie 70 

Granzow, Andrea 70 

Hollar, Jill 35, 70 

Daugherty, Dan 74, 117 

Flores, Ferdinand 84, 85, 103 

Granzow, Dawn 86 

Holliday, Phil 78 

Davis, Anthony 74 

Flores, Joel 70 

Granzow, Louise 70 

Homoky, Kirk 78 

Davis, Lena 54 

Foerg, Craig 70, 104 

Graves, Jason 86 

Homoky, Megan 74. 112, 1 15 

Deck, Damon 104 

Foerg, Kriste 5, 17, 48, 50, 51 , 

Greener, Matt 22, 28, 56, 58, 

Hopkins, Jamie 87 

Degnan, Joshua 69 

52, 84, 85. 95 


Horgan, Scott 1 17 

Degnan, Thomas 77 

Ford, Janette 69, 108, 1 17 

Gregor, Kevin 78 

Horn, Jeremy 74 

DeLeurere, Molly 54, 69 

Ford, Kelly 70 

Gresser, Augustine 78 

Homak, Raymond 70 

Delinck, Marianna 30, 58, 69, 

Ford, Sam 66, 103 

Gritton, Beckie 52, 53 

Hornung, Dan 52. 87 


Foreman, Michelle 84, 85 

Griffon, Becky 35, 86 

House, Paula 78 

Delinck, Pete 56, 77, 103, 123 

Forrest, Roy 78 

Grosdanis, Karen 56, 74 

Howell, Don 66, 103 

Deperio, Dana 52, 74 

Forszt, Jennifer 84, 85 

Gross, Chad 74, 120 

Howell, Rosalind 66 

Detterline, Joel 34, 35, 74 

Fowble, Dave 52. 70 

Gubocki, Heather 58. 70 

Howerton, James 75 

Dickson, Amey 35, 36, 77 

Fox, Jodie 35, 60, 74 

Guinee, Robert 87 

Howerton, Karen 47, 87, 128 

Dickson, Cheryl 34, 35, 69, 106, 

Fox, Karen 70 

Gulley, Brian 78 

Howerton, Nancy 75 


Fox, Marc 85 

Guth, Cheryl 36. 78 

Hughes, Janice 75 

Dickson, Jennifer 4, 8, 9, 16, 28, 

Fox, Martin 4, 14, 47, 56, 57, 60, 

Gutierrez, Gabe 70, 104, 127 

Hummel, Richard 70 


85, 102. 103 

Guzman, Chris 78 

Hunter, Maureen 68 

Djankovich, Mladen 69, 104 

Frank, Angela 35, 58, 78 

Gymrek, Phil 104 

Hupertz, Stacey 78 

Djankovich, Susie 56, 1 10, 1 1 1, 

Frank, Stacie 78 

Hupertz, Tracey 32, 33, 58, 78. 

128. 129 

Franz, Heather 70 

T T 


Dobis, Jennifer 74, 1 1 1, 128 

Freeman, Kim 58. 78, 112 


Hurst, Tim 34. 35, 70 

Doerr, Kristan 3, 6, 22, 54, 58, 

Fressle, Andrea 66 

Husiar, Jonathon 78 

84, 131 

Fritz, Frank 1 15 

Hack, Jessica 36 

Hutchens, Shannon 78 

Dolan, Michael 77 

Fronczak, Jane 1 1 , 30, 39, 52, 

Hack, Walter 35. 70, 115 

Huttle, Erica 78 

Donaldson, Louis 70 


Hacker, Jenny 74, 1 12 

Hyland, Michelle 34. 35. 70 

Dopiriak, Chad 104 

Fronek, Thomas 78 

Hackett, Heather 70 

Hyland, Patti 35, 87 

Dowdell, Gabrielle 70 

Fugate, Kim 21, 36, 37, 52. 54 

Haddix, Pilar 78 

Drennan, Jennifer 77 

Fullen, Terry 74 

Haines, Michelle 66 


Dubovich, Charity 77 

Fuller, Zac 22, 45, 52, 85 

Hall, Brian 70 


Duca, Kelly 58, 77 

Furdo, Eric 78, 132 

Hall, Kristine 70 

Dukes, Maurice 77 

Hall, Michael 30, 87 

Irwin, Jake 16, 56, 62, 87, 120 

Dukes, Stephanie 70 


Hall, William 70 

Isakson, Eric 70, 107 

Dukleski, Milena 70 


Hamilton, Jason 74 

Ivankovich, Danny 70 

Dulhanty, Carmen 66 

Hamilton, Jessie 70, 1 15 

Dumbauld, Matt 58, 107, 120 

Gabriel, Charles 74 

Hammonds, Kevin 74, 104, 127 


Dunn, Nikki 2, 22, 32, 56, 60, 84 

Gadberry, Kris 51 , 74, 1 12 

Hampton, Christopher 70 


Duran, Amy 74, 112 

Gadberry, Mr. Rick 64 

Hamscher, Cory 70 

Duran, Tricia 78, 101 

Gagliardi, Anthony 70 

Hancock, Don 67 

Jackson, Christy 75 

Durbin, Teddy 70 

Galambus, Christine 78, 106 

Hanley, Roberta 66 

Jackson, Curt 20, 21 , 24, 25, 52, 

Dyniewski, Phil 103 

Galambus, Timothy 70, 107 

Hansen, Christine 78 


Galka, Chris 111, 127 

Hansen, Kelli 70 

Jackson, Thomas 70 


Galka, Kelly 78 

Hansen, Mark 87 

Jana, Lena 35 

Galka, Kevin 70, 121 

Hansen, Mike 40, 87, 102, 103, 

Janik, Thomas 75 

Galka, Ryan 1 15 


Janis, Shannon 56, 58, 75 

Eden, Bridget 50, 78 

Galliher, Amanda 70 

Harder, Judy 66 

Jansen, Nicole 22, 88, 99 

Edge, Amy 70 

Galliher, Edward 78 

Hardy, Drue 78 

Jarvis, Hank 47, 66 

Edge, Laurie 84 

Galloy, Christina 70 

Hardy, Patrice 87, 99 

Jaskulski, Kristin 88 

Edwards, Anthony 74 

Galovic, Denise 66 

Hardy, Tina 74 

Jasmick, Jeannette 75 

Eifel, Elizabeth 70 

Galvin, Michelle 85 

Harkins, Chad 103 

Jewett, Mike 20, 21 , 24, 25. 30. 

Elder, Shawn 60, 61 , 108 

Gamble, Misti 74 

Harkins, Nikki 74 

52,53.88, 101, 107,60 

Elkins, Angela 74 

Garcia, Dave 85 

Harmon, Kelly 56, 78, 108 

Jimenez, Christina 54, 70 

Ellenberger, Jason 74 

Garcia, Rafael 54, 70 

Hart, Brandy 70, 1 19 

Johns, Amy 70, 108. 1 17 

Ensign, Chris 74, 1 20 

Gaydos, Amy 10, 17.34,35,51. 

Hartill, Eric 74. 120 

Johns, Derek 70. 104 

Ensign, Dave 35, 70 


Hartill, Rob 87, 120 

Johnson, Anne 40, 78, 124 

Erickson, Chris 58, 70, 74, 117, 

George, Olivia 74 

Hartt, Jackie 6, 48. 87, 92, 1 12 

Johnson, Bruce 75, 104 


Gephart, Jay 66 

Hass, Pamela 66 

Johnson, Cary 70, 1 12 

Evans, Cindy 78, 80 

Gerberick, Barbara 42, 66 

Hatfield, Denise 87 

Johnson, Leigh 26, 54, 88, 106 

Evans, Elaine 36, 70 

Germain, Adam St. 76 

Haussman, Dorothy 66 

Johnston, James 66 

Evans, Mike 70, 121 

German, Dawn 51, 74, 1 12, 

Hayes, Carol 70 

Jolevski, Jenny 54, 88 

Evans, Tom 74, 104 

118. 124 

Haynes, Billy 70 

Jolevski, Joe 104 

Ewen, James 74 

German, Shannon 1 18 

Heard, Timothy 87 

Jones, Kim 35, 58, 71 

Ezra, Kimberly 70 

Gibson, Aric 34, 35, 78 

Hedgepath, Jason 70 

Jones, Kristy 35, 71, 1 19 

Gibson, Jenny 74, 112, 128 

Heely, Patric 78 

Jones, Lori 29, 30. 31 , 32, 58, 88 

Gilliana, Erin 49, 54, 56, 57, 58, 

Heintz, Rick 35, 39, 52, 58, 87 

Jones, Michelle 78 


81.86, 128 

Heller, Brian 78, 103 

Jones, Phil 52. 88, 103 

Glllilan, Tracy 35, 74 

Henderlong, Art 67 

Joos, Christina 75 

Fahey, Kevin 84 

Giotte, Ken 70. 104 

Henderson, Michael 70 

Joseph, Abi 6, 22, 46. 56, 58, 

Fannin, Shawn 70 

Givens, Jenny 35, 58, 70 

Hernandez, Belinda 50, 70 

88. 101, 108, 109 

Farster, Timothy 70 

Goff, Thomas 78 

Herrera, Jason 87 

Juris, Brian 14, 88, 89 

Fattore, Becky 30, 50, 51 , 56, 

Golden, Karen 70 

Herrera, Rosa 70 

Juris, Mark 78. 103. 120, 127 

58, 74 

Gomez, Adriana 74 

Herrick, Cheryl 52, 54, 87 

Fattore, Brian 4, 12, 14, 84, 85, 

Gomez, Monica 70, 119, 129 

Herrick, Jeff 1 1 , 30. 31. 34, 52. 


102, 103 

Gonzales, James 86 

56.60.62,87. 123 


Favia, Shannon 42 

Goodpaster, Stacee 42, 74, 

Heuring, Valerie 50, 51 , 56, 69, 

Feczko, Mark 56, 70 


70. 106 

Kaleta, Sean 9, 51, 75 

Kalin, William 88 
Kasperek, Mike 88 
Kaszycki, John 71 
Kavarie, Kelly 78 
Kayorie, Robert 78 
Kegebein, Emil 75 
Kegebein, Michael 88 
Kegebein, Stacy 75, 1 12 
Kemp, Mandy 71. Ill, 119, 128 
Kennedy, Ryan 71 
Kerr, Tom 66, 103 
Ketchem, Tony 71 
Key, Becky 54, 75, 108 
Kidwell, Amber 75 
Klncaide, Brian 75, 104, 115 
Kincaide, Cathy 78, 106, 1 18 
King, Angela 71 
King, Danish 78 
King, Jeff 88 
King, Kathleen 88 
King, Raymond 78 
Kitchen, Tim 29, 78 
Klaja, Bryan 71, 104 
Kleeman, Nina 88 
Klein, Nicholas 71 
Klos, Jacob 75 
Klosky, Jeffrey 78 
Klug, Kelly 78 
Kociara, Eric 71, 104, 121 
Koepke, Kristy 35, 75 
Koeppen, Shannon 78, 106 
Kolza, Don 1 1 1 
Konja, Chris 58, 71 
Koscica, Chris 78 
Koves, Cathy 78 
Kowalisyn, Bryan 75 
Kowalisyn, Thomas 71 
Kraft, Cindy 78, 124 
Krajnovich, Kristy 56, 73, 75 
Kratochvil, Eric 75, 1 15 
Krebes, Carrie 75 
Krull, Kevin 2, 14,88, 102, 103 
Ksenak, Candy 75, 1 11 , 124 
Ksenak, Christine 15, 75, 124, 

Kuchta, Christopher 71 
Kutzer, Breann 30, 55, 58, 71, 

Kutzer, Brian 54 

Kutzer, Jamie 30, 31, 54, 55, 58, 
78. 112 

Kwiatkowski, Shannon 71 
Kwiatkowski, Sherry 78 


LaFevre, Shawn 71 
Lahaie, Jennifer 71, 128 
Lahaie, Vanessa 78 
Lain, Coach Rich 120 
Lain, Mike 71,97, 104, 121 
Lakomek, Melissa 35, 58, 71 
Lambeth, Cynthia 33, 66 
Lanick.Tom 104 
Larson, Dan 58, 75, 117 
Latlnovich, Boja 78 
Latinovich, Milka 78 
Laurinas, Amy 75 
Laurinas, Sarah 30, 36, 37. 52, 

Lawrence, Diane 48, 66 
Leach, Jack 65 
Leach, Kathy 88 
Ledyard, Eric 35. 71, 117 
Leitch, Jennifer 71 
Lemley, Steven 75 
Lenzo, Zack 34, 35. 75 
Leonard, Joe 75, 104, 120 
Lesczynski, Theresa 75 
Lessard, Joshua 78, 103 
Lewin, Christopher 71 
Lewln, Daniel 78 
Lewis, Tracy 54, 88, 120 
Lindsey, Jason 75, 1 32 
Lindsey, Jodi 8, 34. 35, 74 
Livengood, Karin 54, 75, 1 18 
Locke, Joyce 68 
Locke, Michael 88 

Long, Rich 54, 75. 104. 115 
Lopez, Anna 78, 1 12, 128 

Lopez, Judy 39, 66 
Lopez, Vidal 67 
Loskoska, Irene 71 
Lough, Coach Jim 120 
Lovall, Jim 88, 103 
Lovall, Pamela 78 
Loverich, Barbara 41 , 66 
Lucas, Bryan 53, 89 
Ludwig, Adam 34, 35, 78 
Ludwig, Shannon 34, 35, 38, 78 
Luedtke, Carrie 71, 131 
Luedtke, Kevin 71 
Luedtke, Kris 6, 13, 50.51,56, 
58,91,98. 130, 131,89 
Luke, Pat 68 
Lute, Lora 75, 108, 117 
Luzzi, Marnee 38, 78 


MacDonald, Carol 78 
MacDonald, Mike 89, 107, 132 
Maggio, Frank 3, 4, 6, 56, 89, 
97, 101, 103, 126, 127 
Maicki, Ryan 71, 121 
Maiki, Vanessa 60 
Maldonado, Caridad 71 
Manfred, Mary 2, 89. 101, 105. 

Mann, Rick 75, 104, 117 

Manning, John 71, 1 1 1 
Manolopoulos, Bill 6, 13, 32, 89, 
92. 102. 103, 105, 115 
Mantai, Michael 46, 78 
Maravilla, Steve 34, 35 
Marcus, Dale 44, 66 
Maris, Chris 89 
Marks, Crystal 71 
Martakis, Nicholas 79 
Martin, Stephanie 79 
Martin, Tom 1 19 
Mason, William 75 
Massau, Carrianne 35, 71 
Mathews, Maria 54, 56, 58, 63, 

Mathis, Dwight 67. 123 
Mathis, Merlene 71 
Matie, Chris 58. 89 
Matthews, Maria 128 
Mattix, Mr. Stewart 64 
Mattull, John 71, 104, 121 
McBrew, Amy 79 
McBride, Grant 35, 79 
McDonald, Eric 89, 132 
McDowell, Danielle 71 
McGee, Jim 103 
McGee, Paul 90, 99, 103, 123 
McGowan, Brian 75 
McGuire, Eari 67 
McLaughlin, Karen 68 
Meanovich, Courtney 75, 104 
Meece, James 104, 1 15 
Mehok, Ronald 90 
Mellon, Russ 34, 35 
Mercer, Bryan 16.90, 101, 107, 

Mergl, Lisa 75,118 
Metts, Robert 90 
Michalowski, Jennifer 75 
Mikash, Rebecca 79 
Miklas, Vanessa 35, 52, 54, 75, 

Mikusevich, Christine 3, 7, 14, 
15,27,49,54. 56, 57,58, 125, 
62,81,90,97,98, 124 

Millan, Karrie 75 
Millan, Marion 75 
Miller, Amanda 75 
Miller, Art 79, 104, 114. 115 
Miller, Jamie 35, 75 
Miller, Michelle 71, 1 12. 124 
Millsap, Michael 79 
Milne, Kris 2 
Minard, Jeff 75, 132 
Mindel, Stacey 75 
Mind, Robert 71 

Mitchell, Sharyl 67 
Mizimakoski, Steven 54, 79 
Mola, Amy 2, 4. 15, 50, 51 , 54, 
56. 57, 77, 79 

Mola, Felicia 2, 22, 36. 37. 90, 

Mole, Danielle 75 
Monahan, Frank 35, 79 
Monti, Joe 35. 71 
Moore, Brandy 35, 79 
Moore, Jeremy 71, 104, 121 
Moore, Kent 79 
Moreland, Carrie 71 
Morgan, Scott 71, 107, 127 
Mosby, Heather 79 
Moser, Eva 75 
Moyers, Tony 75. 104 
Mudry, Kimberly 90 
Mueller, Timothy 79 
Mullaney, Megan 58, 71 
Mumaugh, Shirley 52, 67 
Munchenburg, Melissa 90, 124 
Murchek, January 75 
Murchek, Michael 75 
Musick, Ted 10. 11,20.21,24, 
25. 34, 35, 52, 53, 86. 90 


Neace, Kristopher 75, 120 
Neace, Kristy 75, 1 18 
Nelson, Christy 50, 51, 71 
Neskes, Katherine 90 
Neuberg, Robert 75 
Neuberg, Russell 90 
Neumeyer, John 79 
Neunfeld, Jenny 90 
Newman, Scott 90 
Nicoloff, Kim 90. 97 
Niedbala, Pam 49, 79. 1 18, 124 
Niksich, Dave 14,22,56 
Niles, Anastasia 90 
Noble, David 75, 104 
Noel, Jerry 104 
Norman, Jason 79 
Normoyle, Tara 36, 58, 90 
Nugent, Joe 90. 97, 120. 123 


O’Brien, Chris 71, 121 
O'Brien, Jim 79, 103 
O'Malley, Paul 75. 120 
Obermeyer, Parrish 75, 104 
Ochall, Connie 71, 119 
Oglesby, Stacy 79, 1 12 
Ojankivich, Susie 75 
Oldham, Ron 75, 104 
Olejniczek, Debbie 67 
Oliver, Jennifer 16, 71, 1 19, 128 
Oliver, Paul 75, 104 
Oliver, Toni 75, 128 
Olsen, Cortney 71 
Ondo, Daniel 90 
Ondo, Heather 50, 51 , 58, 71 
Ornelas, Richard 79, 104 
Oros, Kelly 75 
Orosz, Phil 75. 104, 117, 132 
Orr, David 54,71,107 
Ortiz, Dalia 71 

Osika, Cindy 51 , 56, 58, 69, 7 1 . 

Osika, Jan 67 
Oslakovic, Catherine 75 
Ouse, Justin Van 72 
Owen, Steven 71 


Palas, Becky 54,71.112 
Pall, Jenny 54, 59. 75 
Pandazis, Tlffanni 35, 54, 79 
Pandorf, P.J. 71,117 
Pantinas, Gus 8, 101, 103. 123 
Papaevangelou, Greg 79, 103 
Paradis, Barry 91 

Parcel, Tracy 79 
Parris, Jennifer 52, 54, 91 
Partin, Mark 79, 103, 120 
Pash, Coach Richard 1 18 
Pash, Megan 110, 111. 118, 128 
Paterson, Scott 60, 75, 1 1 1 
Patterson, Amy 62 
Paul, Cindy 36, 71 
Paul, Jenny 108 
Paul, Rachel 36, 75 
Paulson, Jacob 71. 104 
Paulson, William 76 
Pavese, Erica 119, 124 
Pavich, Kari 79 
Pendleton, Brian 91 
Perunko, Laurie 79 
Peterson, Bryan 71, 107, 121, 
127, 132 

Peterson, John 76 
Peterson, Scott 127 
Petruska, Jason 79, 111, 127 
Pfister, Charles 76 
Phillips, Kasey 107, 117. 127 
Philpott, Dave 71. 104 
Philpott, Hilary 52. 54, 79 
Pierce, Steven 76 
Piscione, Chasity 4, 34. 35. 52, 

Pittman, Jerry 91 

Pizano, Alvino 79 

Podunovich, Ryan 71 

Poegel, Jeremy 34, 35, 79 

Poegel, Natalie 71 

Pointer, Kristen 52, 91 

Pollnow, Erica 91 

Pollock, Kara 71 

Poole, Julie 5, 28, 43. 51 . 54, 56. 

Pope, Jim 3, 14,91, 120 
Potrebic, Barb 68 
Potrebic, Donald 71 
Potrebic, Heather 79 
Potter, Juliet 91 . 97 
Potts, Michael 79 
Pouch, Becky 35,58. Ill, 128, 

Pouch, Trisha 54. 92. 1 1 1 
Powers, Jennifer 79, 1 1 1 
Price, Debbie 67 
Puckett, Vince 76 
Puentes, Jennifer 58, 71 
Purkey, Christina 79 
Purtee, Marc 71, 121 


Quigley, Mark 79, 123 


Rains, Lenny 76 
Ramos, Damon 79, 103, 1 15 
Randall, Jason 76, 120 
Randall, Jennifer 30, 31. 44, 128 
Rans, Jay 76 
Rebeck, Anthony 71 
Rees, Mike 79, 103, 132 
Reese, Mike 120 
Reisinger, Tom 14, 56, 79, 103 
Respecke, Bryan 76. 104 
Rettig, Stephen 79 
Retzlaff, Jason 71. 104 
Reynolds, James 71, 121 
Rhody, Moe 19.56,67, 118 
Riba, Coach 124 
Rich, Bill 67 
Rich, Eric 71 
Rich, Jessica 50, 51. 72 
Rich, Willie 4, 92, 101, 103. 114, 

Richards, David 72, 79, 107. 117 

Richmond, Kenneth 79 
Riffett, Michael 72. 104 
Rigdon, Candis 72 
Riggsby, Bob 76, 104. 115, 132 
Riley, Nathan 72 
Ring, Jessica 35 

Rivas, David 72 

Shupe, Travis 79 

Such, Tina 34, 35, 52, 76 

Walker, Kristy 80 

Robb, Kellee 3. 56, 92 

Shy, Amy 10, 20, 24, 25. 36. 52, 

Sudroff, Jeffrey 72 

Walker, Melissa 72 

Robb, Mandee 42, 54, 79, 115 

53, 86. 93 

Sullivan, Tanya 52, 76 

Walker, Samuel 72 

Robertson, Justin 72 

Shy, Tracy 79, 1 18 

Suprenant, Jennifer 35, 56, 58, 

Walkup, Amy 72 

Robinson, Diana 79 

Sigman, Michael 1 8, 72 


Wallace, Josh 58, 80, 103, 120 

Robison, Michael 92 

Simic, Turiya 4, 5, 45. 51 , 56. 58. 

Surowiec, Dan 14, 16, 49, 54, 

Walstra, Stephanie 95 

Rocchietti, Trever 50, 51 , 76 

63, 79 

56,94. 101. 107, 117, 132 

Walters, John 80, 120 

Rodriguez, April 79 

Simmons, Danielle 52, 76 

Swain, Angela 35, 76 

Ward, Meladi 72 

Rodriguez, Dalia 36, 37, 79 

Sistanich, Natalie 5. 6, 56, 77, 

Swantko, Wendy 34, 35. 56, 80, 

Warren, Ryan 76, 104, 127 

Rodriguez, Krystal 72 

79, 118, 124 

118, 119. 124 

Watts, Charles 76 

Rodriguez, Martha 29, 32, 54, 

Skafish, John 67 

Sweet, Chris 80, 103 

Watts, Charlie 104 


Skalba, Josh 103, 120, 123 

Sweet, Jessica 35, 72 

Waugaman, Mike 104 

Rodriguez, Melissa 72 

Skezas, Angela 76, 118, 128 

Sylvester, Randy 80 

Waytovich, Paul 104, 117, 132 

Rodzlewicz, Brian 72 

Skezas, Jason 52, 93, 103 

Szymanski, Jennifer 35, 56. 80, 

Webb, Marty 104 

Rogers, Don 103, 104, 115 

Skimehorn, Ron 103, 115 


Webdell, William 76 

Rogers, Jackie 19 

Skolak, Rudolph 72 

Szymanski, Joe 34, 35, 80 

Weeks, Mike 34, 35, 76 

Rogers, Mark 76, 114, 115 

Sleeper, Cheryl 2, 93 

Weimer, Nicole 58, 95, 1 18. 1 19 

Rosado, Iris 72 

Sliz, Tami 22. 50,51,93 


Welch, Megan 76 

Roscoe, Melissa 35, 72 

Sloas, Jamie 2, 14, 22, 93, 103, 


Wells, Christopher 80 

Roscoe, Michelle 34, 35, 79 


Welsch, Kevin 80 

Roscoe, Mitchel 35 

Smalley, Robert 76 

Tallos, Tanya 35, 52, 53, 80 

Welter, Jennifer 16, 56. 89. 95, 

Rosenbaum, Clint 58, 79 

Smith, Aaron 72, 104 

Tarchala, Heather 72 

112, 113 

Rosenbaum, Jason 58, 72 

Smith, Christopher 79, 132 

Taylor, Daniel 18. 80 

Wen, Jim 76 

Rosenberg, Michelle 6, 7, 13, 

Smith, Daniel 76 

Templln, Kris 11, 17,21.30,52, 

Wengel, Heidi 51, 74, 76, 101, 

17,26, 30,31,50,51,54,56, 

Smith, Dwight 93 

56, 58, 62, 94, 99 


58,60,62,94, 106 

Smith, Jennifer 4, 57, 93 

Tharp, Scott 52. 56 

West, Chris 72, 104 

Rosenberg, Sarah 74, 76 

Smith, Jeremy 54, 58, 79, 104, 

Theodorakos, Don 94 

Wheeler, Dyan 72 

Rossi, Jennifer 54, 79 


Theodorakos, Jerry 80, 103 

Wheeler, Shari 35. 52, 95 

Runk, Thomas 72 

Smith, Joe 104 

Thomason, Stephanie 4. 10, 21, 

Wherry, Amanda 76 

Rushing, Brian 79, 104, 123 

Smith, Kathleen 67 

34, 35, 37. 52. 80 

White, Kelli 72 

Rydlewskl, James 79, 103 

Smith, Matthew 93 

Thornberry, James 94 

Wiberg, Melissa 72 

Rydlewski, Kelly 72 

Smith, Nicole 80 

Thorsen, David 10,52 

Wickstrom, Deanne 76 

Smith, Ryan 72. 121 

Tietjen, Mathew 76 

Widener, Diane 35 


Smith, Shane 3,93, 98, 120. 127 

Timmerman, Alan 52, 94 

Wiggins, Coach P.J. 118 


Smith, Steven 72 

Tindle, William 72 

Wilkinson, Kari 56. 58. 60, 62, 

Smith, Tonya 80 

Tipold, Doug 33, 52. 94. 97, 103 


Sabotta, Charlotte 52, 54, 60, 

Smith, William 93 

Todd, Christy 94 

Williams, Sherry 49, 56. 65 

76, 108, 109 

Snitchler, Cart 76 

Todd, Jeffery 72. 104 

Willis, Michael 95 

Sailors, Ken 34, 35 

Sobkowicz, Hutch 107, 117, 

Toering, Holly 130, 131 

Wilson, Mike 52, 96 

Salisbury, Kellie 2, 79 

126. 127 

Toering, Julie 80 

Wilson, Nikki 35 

Samuels, Michael 76 

Sobkowicz, Jenny 93, 124 

Toering, Melinda 94 

Winters, Greg 2, 6, 96 

Samuels, Nicole 76 

Sobkowicz, William 72 

Tokarski, Anthony 94 

Wirick, Cassandra 35, 36, 76 

Sapper, Richard 54, 79 

Solivais, Courtney 72 

Tolliver, Sondra 80 

Wisniewski, Cory 96 

Sark, Anita 19, 67 

Solivais, Jason 127 

Tomich, Ostoja 80 

Witherspoon, Dr. Eric 64 

Savage, Scott 72 

Solomon, Leonard 35, 80 

Topping, Kimberly 54, 72 

Wojciechowski, Destiny 58, 60, 

Sawyer, Michael 2, 6, 28, 32, 

Sopko, Laura 42, 76, 1 1 1 , 128 

Torres, Rafael 80, 1 15 


33,45,54.58.60,61,92, 101, 

Sopko, Lisa 76, 1 1 1, 128 

Trail, David 80 

Wolff, Dean 37, 67 

107, 176 

Soria, Donna 22. 48, 56, 58, 93 

Trent, Matt 104 

Woods, Geodi 96 

Schammert, Melissa 72, 124 

Soria, Natalia 35, 58, 60, 61 , 80 

Trezak, Anthony 80 

Workman, Tom 4, 7, 56, 67 

Schammert, Michelle 51, 54, 

Spain, Bryan 93 

Tripp, Erik 72, 104 

Woronecki, Jennifer 2, 54, 60, 

79, 108 

Spain, Jason 80 

Tromble, Marc 80. 103 


Scheeringa, Adam 72 

Spencer, James 72 

Tsahas, John 72, 104, 121 

Wozniak, Robert 67 

Scheiss, Craig 107, 120 

Spencer, Jayme 93 

Tsahas, Koula 54 

Wright, Kelly 35, 72 

Schest, Erica 50, 51 , 56, 57, 77, 

Spencer, Josh 72, 104 

Tschopp, Amos 72 

Wuchner, Coach Tom 107 


Springman, Missy 72, 108, 1 19, 

Tschopp, Henry 80 

Scheuner, Nikki 34 


Tschopp, Jessica 76 

v - 

Schiess, Craig 76, 120 

Spurlock, Steve 72, 104 

Tucker, Angel 35, 76 


Schiltz, Melissa 73, 76, 118 

Stack, Christe 35, 76 

Tucker, Kerry 76 

Schmell, Juliann 76 

Stage, Sarah 36. 72 

Tucker, Pam 32, 80 

Yacko, Randy 96 

Schnabel, Jason 26, 44, 58, 92, 

Stanley, Cariann 76 

Turner, Sarah 76 

Yager, Jennifer 72 


Stauffer, James 76 

Turpin, Christa 54, 95 

Yannuzzi, Tony 46 

Schrader, Gail 43, 67 

Steczo, Rochelle 32, 93, 97 

Tyner, Keith 35, 76 

Yaros, Lori 2. 10, 21 , 24, 25, 36, 

Schreve, Jessica 60 

Stefanich, Jenifer 72 

37, 52. 53. 56, 96 

Schroeder, Emily 34, 76, 106 

Steffus, Tom 3. 7, 14, 15, 16, 27, 

T T 

Yoder, Cameron 50, 72, 131 

Schultz, Lisa 35, 54, 79 

43,54,56, 57,93.95,62,81, 


Young, Cathy 76 

Schuman, Ceci 68 

99, 101, 107. 126, 127 

Young, Jason 34, 35. 76 

Schwuchow, Andy 76, 132 

Steller, Debbie 67 

Ulicini, Bob 76, 104 

Schwuchow, Jill 34, 35, 76, 106 

Stephens, Jack 80 

Underdahl, Jeffrey 76 

Scott, Malinda 36, 79 

Stephens, Monica 34. 80 

Underdahl, Mark 95 


Sebby, Avis 67 

Stephenson, Julie 56, 80 

Urbanik, Aaron 72, 104 

SeDoris, Don 54, 92. 103 

Stevens, Dennis 72, 104 

Zaideman, Christina 36, 96 

Segudovic, Robert 79, 103. 105, 

Stevens, Julie 35 

T 7 

Zakula, David 76 

115, 123 

Stevens, Suzann 32, 58 


Zakula, Tara 76, 130, 131 

Seibal, Amanda 72, 108 

Stewart, Jessica 93 

Zanolla, Tina 101 

Sell, Angie 35, 79 

Stirgen, Paul 104 

Vaclavik, David 52, 95 

Zaradich, Katherina 80 

Sevcik, Michelle 50, 51 , 76 

Storey, Joan 67 

Vaclavik, Jeannette 2, 50, 51, 

Zdobylak, Jennifer 42, 106, 118 

Shapley, Colleen 49, 56, 79 

Strayer, Rebecca 76 


Zelmer, Kelly 36. 72 

Shaw, James 79 

Strickley, Jeffery 72, 121 

Valdivia, Erin 72 

Zion, Rusty 76 

Shearer, Katrina 35, 72 

Stringfield, Kathleen 56, 76 

Valdivia, Karen 58, 72 

Zivic, Jaimie 72 

Shearer, William 14,92, 123 

Strom, Jamie 72 

VanDerkolk, Kent 80 

Zlatic, Katherine 15, 72, 108 

Shelton, Jason 72 

Strong, Jennifer 76 

Vasquez, Kristi 80 

Zoladz, Mike 67 

Shepard, William 35, 72 

Strothoff, Christie 80 

Visef, Luke 80 

Zorek, Christina 80. 124 

Shepitka, Kari 72 

Stroud, Tom 4. 30. 35. 72 

Vode, David 80 

Zorek, John 96 

Shepitka, Rodney 79 

Stupar, Jeffrey 76 

Zybrowski, Kelly 51, 72, 106 

Sherer, Mandy 76 

Stupar, Mike 52, 54, 55 


Shest, Erica 4, 8 

Stupar, Nebojsa 72 


Shreve, Jessica 34, 35, 52, 79 

Sturtridge, Richard 76 

Shuman, Julie 79 

Stutesman, Robert 94 

Wadell, Jill 80 

Shupe, April 72 

Sobczak, Misty 76 

Walker, Jason 72 


Michael Sawyer 
Student Life 


Lori Jones 

Life Goes On 

Suzann Stevens 

Life Goes On 

Nikki Dunn 

Living it Up 

Anita Brown 

Social Life 

Michael Sawyer 

Life in the Fast 

Stephanie Clausen 

Life in the 
Fast Lane 

The Closing. Now that you 
have been through all 176 
pages, we thought you'd like 
to know what went on behind 
the making of a MEMORIES 

No one really knows all the 
work that goes into designing 
and publishing a yearbook 
from scratch. Perhaps the 
newcomers to the staff didn't 
know either, but throughout 
the year they learned that 
the work was hard, but well 
worth it. 

The year started out with 
six new members and three 
who had been on staff 
before. The MEMORIES staff 
total was eight. Another 
familiar face joined the team 
early in the year, making the 
grand total we had to work 
with nine. 

Everyone was assigned 
job positions by choice and 
persuadance, and the work 
began. We started out by 
thinking up new ideas and 
designing new layouts for 

each section, but most of all, 
we argued. Disagreements 
over the theme, cover 
design, number of pages, 
and staff member's laziness 
were finally worked out in the 

The next step everyone 
challenged was selling ads 
to local businesses to help 
finance the yearbook. Each 
member was encouraged to 
sell five ads. Beyond popular 
belief, leaving seventh hour 
to solicit ads was not one of 
our favorite things to do. 

Staff members were also 
responsible for getting their 
section accomplished by 
obtaining information, get- 
ting pictures taken, and 
creating artwork on their own. 
Each layout was originally 
done by the person or 
persons in charge of that 
particular section with occa- 
sional help here and there. 

Finally, the moment came 
to go over everything and 
look for mistakes and send 

the finalized copies away to 
the publishing company. 

This process has been 
greatly summarized, but the 
staff members put a lot of 
time and effort into making 
the 1992 MEMORIES yearbook 
one of the best at HHS. 

When Looking Back at the 
Year. . . 1992, Lori, Suzann. 
Nikki, Anita, Tracey, Steph- 
anie, Carrie, Martha, and 
Stacey, never forget the 
work that went into this book 
and the memories that were 
made in room 222. 

I will never forget the times 
we had talking, singing, 
dancing, fighting, and our 
annual "trash the room and 
pick it up" days. I will truely 
miss you all. 

Also, thank you to Mr. 
Gaydos and Scott Briggs 
from Midstates Photography, 
Bob Henning and Valdrie 
Tanke from Walsworth 
Publishing Company, Inc., 
and Mrs. Lambeth. Thanks 
for believing in me and 
putting up with me when I 
wasn't put upable with. (Nice 
word, eh?) 

To the Senior Class of 1992, 1 
trust that you will all strive to 
do the best in everything you 
set out to achieve. Good 
luck in the future. 

Congratulations to all, 

Michael T. Sawyer 

Tracey Hupertz ^ 

Life in the 
Fast Lane 

Carrie Anderson 

It's a Living 

Martha Rodriguez 
Advertising & 


Stacey Dalton 

Cynthia Lambeth 

Yearbook Advisor 

176 Closing 

MEMORIES Editor-In-Chief, Senior Michael Sawyer