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^ ! V'^MHED 



Paris, Moodi^, April 25, 1994 

No. 34^71 

HanU U(WA|(m Fcaw-ftMC 

A police photogra|rfier taldi^ pictures at the site of die car-boml^ Stniday m Jcdiaimesbiffg near the ANC (rfOces. Nine pe<^ dted. 

9 Die ia Johannesburg Bomb Blast 

By William Gaibome 
’ and Paul Taylor 

Waskmgttm Post Stance 

JOHANNESBURG — A car bomb iw^ 
central Johannesbuig near two African NaliDD- 
al Congress offices on &mday. 48 hours bdore 
the Stan of South Africa's elections, kiOing 9 
people and wounding 92. 

Alihough the bombing appeared to be in- 
tended to disrupt the election and iniimiclate 
voters, party l^ers across a Iwoad pditk^ 
spectrum condemned it as a “coldly actT and 
said it would achieve nothing except to 
strens^en the detenxunation of most Sooth' 
.Africans to vote. 

The bomb, which poUoe estimated wagbea 
70 to 90 kilograms 1 155 to 200 pounds), explod- 
ed a block from both the national and r^Umal 
beadquaners of the ANC. 

Among the victims was an ANC candidate 
for the regional assembly of the new nwiracim 
Pariiamenu Susan Keane, who was killed as she 
was dri\ing to the r^onal headquarter for a 

others who died were pedestrians a^ 
sidewalk vendors who were near where the 

bomb blasted a deep crater. 

Alihougii both the police and the said 
th^' were not yet prepaid 
for the attack, suspicion immediately pomted 

toward white extremists intent on disrupting 
the voting, whkh is expected to pn^ the 
ANC into power. 

The ANCs preadent, Ndson Mandela, wto 
appeared subdued as he arrived for a rally in 
Durban, urged the 100,000 siqiporters there to 
* 1 eave die of mainiainnig law and order 
vWi the security force.** 

Mr. Mandela returned immedialely to Ji> 
hannesbnr& saying he would discuss the attack 
with Piesidmt FreikrikW. de KJ^ ^ - . 

-South- A&xaVtdiBisler of iaw-oild br&r, 
Hernus Kri^ said in a statement: *nTbose who 
bdieve they will i»eyeDt or duanpt the dection 
su^ teiTorism have.cooqtlet^ ndssed the 
bus. Such ntindless acts of terrorism will not 
stop die Inrth of democracy in South Africa.** 
And Mr. de Kleik's Natkmal Party issued a 
state nwnt ur^ng the police to ajqndiaid those 
responahle qnickly, saying that **South Aftica 
r^tvnrtf affnn i diis kind of terrorist deed.” 
Several people ^rix> said they_ were wi tnesses 
gave rqxNlas and ANC officials vai)^ ac- 
coonts of events immediate ly leading up to the 
blast They ranged &x>m seemg a white man 
leaving a white Audi sedan that appeared to be 
emi Hmg wnrilfe, to observing two white pdice- 
myn seardnng a Uack sedan near the site of the 
explosi on after detaining two black men, 
ndke Coload Steve SenekaJ said he could 

adcal said he could 

U.S. Fear; Tokyo May Balk 
In a Showdown on Korea 

By David E. Sanger 

New York Times Swnee 

TOKYO — As Japan struggled to f(^ a 
new ^eminent over the last wo weda a 
ISig-^rtiig dispute broke out ^ 
iteSjveming coalition over m issue tMt to 

dsoSlS: alien ticffl of dm Ch^ admi^ 

tratioo' If sanctions are impost on N <^ 
SS^'or a mUitary confronuiiKffl <kydc^ 
ToS™ rady » sWe funy «di the 

^ was a. dK top 

TWense Vilbam J. Periy s agenda when Ite ^ 
Fri^trith ^lomu Haia, who is foi- 
Fnoay wtin orime minister on 


the shaky gpvenune^ 

Hie aigummts ove^ ^ ^ 

qokHdy most powerful 

debate touched oft W Ozawa, 

behind-iheOTes ^Some a “nor- 

overwh^ that would in- 

mal nauon. In his a United Nations 

dude a wfllia^ per- 

or the United * 

“ftw SodaHsts, 5«,£5^^S^^g it a 
lion, haw ^PP*^--eace consiitution," and 
have obiected to wy a year sent from 

$600 nrilhop to 
Japan to North K«^ 

uSied States is 

Hie major ooncOTfwtne^ in JaP“ «> 

whether it u.mrh military action 

casS^bostfliiies on the 
against the North m case « 

Korean PeninsulB. American mflitary and dip- 
lomatic ftfBemia in To^to have been sketching 
out Slid) scenarios for months, though 

have said little about it for fear of undennining 

Japan*s gpverammL 

under gristing J^anese laws and regula- 
tions, United States military forces are prohib- 
ited from usmg Jiq>anese aviation fud, Japa- 
nese ho^tds or JiQMaiese ammimition in thdr 
operaticos frcBD bases here. 

Moreover, under the 34-y»r-old secunW 
treaty betw^ the two countries, the United 
St ptea would not be p er mi tted to run continu- 
ous CMDbat operaiioos from their bases here, 
and might not M able to use them to enforce an 
e^^nmie emlwi^ against North Korea, 
American militaiy plaiuters say. Japan's own 

navy wonld nd be pennitted to resupply Amer- 
ican forces at sea. 

In recent veeics, Japanem have gone 

to some lengdis to (tffer laxv^ assurances that 
if the Nwth Korean situation worsens, 1am 
and rules will quiekly be But Ameri- 

can and some Japanese officials say they fear 
that the dianges could oome too late and would 

be quickly enmeshed in a heated natitmal de- 

They say they are with us,” said a senior 


Serbs Pull Back Weapons 
In Face of NATO Threat 

not confirm any of the rqx»K but he said two- 
pdicemen were on patrol in the immediate 
vidniiy, one of whom was slightly wounded. 
Coload Seoekat said there was “no indication 
whatsoever from the patrol'* that they were 
aware of an imminent e]q>I05ion. 

He said, however, that the bomb exploded in 
or undemeath a white Audi sedan, which was 
oon^etdy destroyed. 

The force oS the otplosimi diaitered windows 
in InnUmgs in a three-block radius. . 

'^4AuUiiadlie& fearing another attack, erisc^ 
coils q( Taxor wire around the 'ANC headqixv- 
ters and deployed armored vdndesin the vidn- 

Tedeyo Sexwale, ANC reload chairman and 
the jmrty’s candidate to lead the r^onal le^- 

See BLAST, Page 2 


170 in Hospital 
Killed in Rwanda 

NICOSIA (Reoicrs) — About 170 peo- 
ple^ mostly patients, in a sou them Rwanda 
m^ital were IdO^ Sunday, the latest 
massacre in the central African countiy*s 
ciril war, a medical md agency said. 

In a rq>oct from the nembbmmgBanm- 
di, gtveo to Rollers in Nicosia, uoctois 
Without Borders said It was pulling out aQ 
its staff in son them Rwanda. 

R^ed artide, Rase 4. 

By Roger Cohen 

New York Times Sariee 

ZAGREB, Croatia — Bosnian Serbian 
forces, bowing to a NATO ultimanim, retreated 
Sunday from Gorazde as the United Natkms 
and bMTOpiqieied over differences and deter- 
mined that xmmediate air strikes against the 
Sabs were no limga warranted. 

The Sabian withdrawal was spotty, inta- 
spersed with mortar and snipa fire, and cleariy 
fdl short of the conditioiis set by the North 
Atlantic Treaty Organization for the Serbs to 
avmd air strikes. But Yasoshi Akashi, the senior 
UN official here and the man who rebuffed 
NATO requests to bomb on Sanuday, declared 
that the mmnentum achieved was sa^acloiy. 

‘'The situation is not perfect, but the progi^ 
is substantial,'* he said. **If you apply a strict 
standard you will not be totally satined. But 
the Serbs have mov^ from renisal, to rduc- 
tance, to comf^ance and now toward full com- 
pfian^ and you have to consida this.” 

The Seri>s now face a second NATO deadline 
— the withdrawal of their heavy weapons be- 
yond 20 Itikmeten jl2 miles) fitan Gorazde by 
1 AM. GMT on Wednesd^. Mr. Akashi said 
there wotdd be ”001 much fierilnlity on that 

“There have been disarooiniments in the 
past in my dealing with the ^bian leadership, 
but I feel this riiould not deta me from n^ti- 
ating,” Mr. Akariii said. **I do not have the 
luxury (tf hi^ moral and ethical stan- 
dards. I teve to nogotiaie to the end, and now I 
am expecting the Serbs to come iq> to our 
expectations in thnr compliance.” 

UN peacekeeping forces, comprised chiefly 
of a UKrainian company and 14 militaiy olv 
servers, dq>lqj[ed Sunday <» both banks of the 
Drina Riva in Gorazde mth a nusaon to 
iqiort on compliance mtb the cease-fire and 
the extent oX the Sabian withdrawal Their 
reports suggested a tense bnt margiaally im- 
proved situatictt. 

Sabian forces were said to have withdrawn 

thdr tanVe and Ng guns bqrond a ritsianeg of 
three kOosneters from the dty centa, hut sonte 
infantry and light arms remained within this 

As they retreated, Mr. Akashi said, the Serbs 
burned Muslim homes and New up the town*s 
water-treatmem plant A Bosnian Army motar 
hit the town's arms factory, he said. 

The eontmnizig acts (rf wolenoe and the pres- 
ence of Serbian troops within the three-kilome- 
ter ra^us 6[ the diy center woe in dear viola- 
tion ot NATO's nitimamm, whidt said the 
Serbs would face air strikes if they did not 

The UN to a plan for massive air assanhs 
arooid Goiazde • Bomb Sob^ bridges, h^- 
idhan urges in attack on U.S. policy. 1 

immediately cease thdr assault on the UN- 
declared **safe area” and withdraw thdr forces 
b^ond 3 kilometers by ea^ Sunday morning. 

But as at Sangevo in february, where he 
diose to exodse restraint although the Sabian 
mthdrawal of heavy weapons was not conqilet- 
ed by a NATO deadime. Mr. Akastu again 
opted fa prudence. The presence of UN forces 
in Gorazde now makes NATO air strikes much 

A major reason for Mr. Akashi's stance is 
cleariy that a NATO assault would pose a (firect 
threat to the more than 16,000 UN persomel in 
Bosnia. The Sobs have tdd Mr. Akadn they 
wQl be “merciless” toward UN forces in tbe 
event of air strikes. 

Mr. Akashi*s porition prompted a sharp 
dash Saturday with Manfred Wbma, the 
NATO secretiuy-genaal who was in favor of 
bombing the SoM when tb^ failed to heed 
NATO's ultimatum to tbe letta. 

The dispute undasccned the difficult ci 
reooqdling an avpwedN neutral UN peace- 
toping nSsrioa with NATO plans to use force 
in a way that could quickly endanga the peace- 

But Sunday the UN and NATO closed ranks. 

Ueutenant Gaeral Bertrand de Lapresle, 
commander ot UN forces in the forma Yugo- 
slavia, said in Zagreb that be was in regular 
contact tbe NATO commanda in charge of air 
opoatitxis ova Bosnia, Admiral Ldgbton W. 

^th Jr., and there were no Terences (tf view 
between them. 

“We have been taBdog evoy day and night 
and our poinis of view are in complete accor- 
dance,” M said. 

Howeva, it is dear that NATO and tbe 
United Nations here have in fact bad great 
diffia^ in lecondling their views. 

NATO is eager to prove its credibility, which 
to been less than convincing ova the two 
years of the Bosnian war and was undermined 
eailia tins month when two pinprick air at- 
tacks on Gorazde failed to tot the Serbian 

But Mr. Akashi and the lieutenant general 
who commands the UN troops in Bosnia. Sir 
Midiad Rose, are nuich more concerned about 
the risk to thdr personnel and to the faltoing 
quest fa a peace settlemenL “Nobody is idling 
us wto the next stage would be afta an air 
strike,” Mr. Akashi sud. 

These proUems woe evident Sunday as the 
British ^ Frendi govamnents, which had 
endorsed the NATO dedsiou, balked at send- 
ing peacekeeping foroes into Gorazde to moni- 
ta the cease-fire because of the danga they 
mi^t face. 

In the end, UN officials said, a British eesn- 
pany did set out from Sarqevo, with a platoon 
of Rusrians and a platoon of E^tians, bnt the 
French dedined. The forces will jdn the Ukrai- 
nians already in the town. 

Mr. Aka^ said he was encouraged by the 
fact that there had been no fire against UN 
posonnel in Gorazde and the evacuation of 
wooded in ax bdicopters was proceeding. 
Bridie and French helicopters evacuating 85 
wounded Muslims arrived in Sangevo Sunday 

European Currency Dream Revives 

By Tom Buerkle 

liuemat 'umal HenM Tribane 

' BRl>SSE!:S — The promts of a single 
Eoropeao currency lata this decade, conrid- 
ered virtually deadjust a few months ago in 
\be wake of rq>caicd monetaiy crises, are 
be^ taken ve^ seriously once again by 
pobudans and investors. 

Ute newfound optimism is driven by the 
remarkable statHlity of exchange rates in Eu- 
rope since narrow fluctuation limits were 
abandoned last August, a stability that has 
endured decile tbe turmoi] in finandal mar- 
kets caused by the recent upsurge in interest 
rates wc^dwide, officials and analysts say. 

Wth tbe notable exception of Britain, Eu- 
ropean governments have continued to peg 

thdr policies and currendes to Gomany’s 
instead ctf taking advantage of the lifting of 
tight exchange-rate limits to slash, rates ag- 

“The upshot is that thdr monetaiy poliqr, 
even rdnforced. is now geared solely to the 

even rdnforced. is now geared solely to the 
objective of exdtange-rate stability,” Hein- 
rid Mattbes. the European Caannsaon’s 
d(^Qr directa-general fa ecoDomic and fi- 
nancial affairs, wrote in tbe latest issue of the 
German bimonthly Intereconomics. Tliat 
poli^ goal has brought ioflation and interest 
rates togetha than eva, a key require- 
ment fa ad van dug to economie and mone- 
tary union. 

Moreova, early agns of an economic re- 
covery, tbot^ a fedle one, and tbe slow but 

stea^ reduction in Goman rates are idn-- 
fordne the determination governments to 
hold the course and are Lacrea.ting the likeli- 
hood of lower budget defidts. another key 
sugle-cmrency criteriou. 

“It does oot look awkward anymore to 
envisage a move toward monetaiy union in 
1997 or 1999,” tbe two target dates specified 
in tbe Maastricht Treaty on European Union, 
said Bruno de Maigiet, secietary-gen^ of 
the Assodation fa tbe Moietaiy Union of 

Gndiam Bishop, an economist at Salomon 
Broiliera in London, recently advised clients 
that there was “a significant probability” of a 
tin gig currency among some European 
See CURRENCY, Page 6 

Viewing Nixouj, at Home and Abroad 

By William Pf af f 

haavahiial HeraU Tribme 

PARIS — Throu^out his political Ufetiine, 
Richard Nixon was a fi^ire of bitia controver- 
sy and passionate emotion among Americans, 
and a cause of nusunderstanding between 
Americans and foreigners. The mistmdastand- 
ing abroad existed among those uho admired 
him as well as those who haled him iro until bis 
Hwith of a stroke Friday in a New Yoik Gty 
hospital at the age of 81. 

At the Stan of his caiea, his r^otation in 
Enit^wasgeDerally thatofavQIaiii,whichbe 
was DOL Now be is geaerally consida^ abroad 
to have been a maja statesman, and tbe victim 

ctf pol i tic ** con^)iraQr; but tiiat is not true 

In bis early politica] caiea, as a young con- 
gressman in tbe ISMOs and tbe beguming of the 
1 950s, he was visible abroad only in connection 


with the Alga Hiss ea^ in the context of that 
wave of congressioDal investigations of the real 
and alleged Communist and fdlow-traveling 
linlfg of officials and promiiiaii persons that 
today is giwn the sunimafy, if inentet, designa- 
tion “McCartityism.” 

In Weston Europe, the Communist parties 
and Soviet pn^»gaiida agendes describe Mc- 

Carthyism as the rise of fascism in America. 
Mr. Nixon acquired the relation abroad (rf a 
disr^taUe ^ dangerous rightist poUtidan. 
This deriv^ from a rnuunderatandi^ both of 
McCaiitiiyian and of Ridiard Nixon. 

McCanhyism was a revival ctf an dd-fash- 
io^ American style of populist xenMbobia, 
in the trolilion d the anti-Bdsbevik, anti- 
nnun-Jiigt and in^dtly anti-Semitic hysteria 
that fdlowed tbe First Wald War, and the 
Miri-irtHm mnt mid anii-Catholic movements 
of the 19tE century. It had no connection to 
fosdsm. There has oeva been an American 

The difference between Ridiaid Nixoi and 

See NIXON, Page 6 

A Political Legacy With Lingeriug Echo 

By David S. Broder 
and Thomas B. Edsall 

WaMagnm Post Seniee 

WASHINGTON — In his lifetime, 
Ridiard Nixoi changed campaigning, changed 
tbe fundamental geography and demogrmhy of 
American peptics, dtan^ the R^bhcan 
Party and Ranged the nature of the relation- 
<ht pg between the l^jslative and executive 
branches d government and between the 
American people and their prerident. 

He was lesponsiblei, aunoug otha thi ngs , fa 
wiafcing both communism and oime central 
issues. He sanctioned tbe Gist televised p^- 
ddiates aj^ starred in the first tdevised 

“town meetings.” He uunuied the Republican 
“^thern strai^y” and played a crucial role in 
shifting the centa of poW in that party from 
Eastern progresrives to Western cansavativea 
He brought the RqiubUcan Party back from 

Ridnd MShons raxun, Ak most pozdng and 

the vara of extinction in tbe mid-1960s and 
plunged it into eriris in tbe mid-1970s. As a 
t^i^ct his Watei|ate downfall a new 
generation of Democratic legislators demol- 
udied the old powa structure on Capitol Hill 
u^e prodding Congress to assert its powers. 

Thousands of today’s ixilitica] f^res, from 
Dan Qoayle to Bill and HDlaiy GintOD, cut 
their pcdihcal teeth woritiog fa or against Mr. 

AO this and moe is part of tbe political 
l^aey of the man who died late Friday at the 
age of 81. 

Knowing that be had neither tbe persoiality 
na tbe appearance that would bring eaty polit- 
ical success, Mr. Nixon developed a tactical 
intelligence about politics that — even in his 
post-White House years — made him a mentor 
to scores of ambitious younga l^ublicans. 

He was one of the first politicians in the 

See LEGACY, Phge 6 

Investor in Moscow Circus With No Net T**® Benea* ihe Water 

j^ntiestana Prices ^ 


BA Qatar KOORtals 

noon..l-^CFA R^nlon.—U^FP 

\ ...E.P'®*®® SoudiArobIfl«9J®^ 
*.......9.00 FF sS5^....960CFA 

..960 CFA gpoJn 

* .....300 Dr. Tunisia ....LOW 5jn 


By Fred Hiatt, 

Wasku^iua Past Sertiee 

MOSCOW — Some months ago, the peo- 
ple who lun tbe famed Moscow Cin^ soured 
at a contract th^ had sen^ witii an Ameri- 
can firm .re spruce up ihdr concession and 
souvenir stands. So, vtitfa the hdp of Mos- 
cow’s mayor, they set but to break the con- 

The resulting imbroglio,' whkh reached a 
dimax a week ago when tbe American man- 
agef fto Moscow in fear, feamzes auctions 
of extortion aid harassmenl the wocrag of 
Russia's best-loved down and swooi^ 
nids by Ri^'s State Economic uime 
Unit, much iniponnded cottMt-candy ma- 
chines fa allegedly undersized portions. 

A key figure in tbe partnerslup was shot in 
a cmitraet mnider last August, a oime that 

was apparentiy unrelated to tbe jcut venture 
twt bad dire cotsequences fa iL 
Beyond the saladcw details, the case says 
n »u.h about tbe disenchantment tto has 
erowD between Russia and the United States 
their romantic flirtations of two 3 ^ 

^ “When tbe hisioy of the third w™ war 

is^tien.” the circus dirccta and fomwr 
clown, Yuri Nikulin, is said to haw 1 ^ 
narked, ‘It wffl be remembered that Ar- 
ea’s captuic of Russia b^ froui the Mos- 
cow . 

The ugly diquite comes at a tune 
many AmUam busmess 
a rapacious Russian 

a soSfweign investors than welcome thra. 
At the same time, it dentonstraire 
etan Rsoitnient of the West and Western 
businesses that are only — the phrase « 

out like an insult — “here to make a profit 

It atgn demaistntes, according to the 
American parma in tbe failed dreus mar^ 
riage, the weakness d the rule d law here. To 
end an agreement it thaudu unfair, the Mos- 
cow Gnnis Houidated item ra a “leasdioU- 
ingoompany,” reconstituted hsrif as a “hmit- 
m company” — and dedared the coitract 

money ana etrort ana iangi»e inupeny we 
put into the place,” said David Chambers, 
deputy general cminsel of Delaware Noth, 
the U.S. partna in the venture, “and then 
say, Thank you very iniieb, now please go 
away.’ " 

“A contract was signed. This is a fad, 
Maxim Nikulin, 38, son and d^uty of the 
circus’s Iqendaiy directa, said m an inta- 
view. “But this contract was uigust, unfair.” 


By Bany James 

InUnaNonal HeraU Tribme 

CALAIS, France — Evoi befoe its inaugu- 
ration by Queen Elizabeth n end President 
Fran 9 ds Kfittorand oi May 6 , the 
Tunnd is chii^EnDg away at tto indifference 
with which English and 
French r^aid each otha 
across tto Strait of Do- 

The $15 bOlion cannd 
now stands completed f T 
but idle as engineers caT' ^ ^ 
ly out thousands of <^- 
ationa! and safety dtecks. Already a year late, 
the Eurotunnd consortium will start btnldiDg 
iq> hd^t and sovices soot but fuD 

qMrations are still many .months aw^. 

MeamritOe, fory oompanies are going all out 
to capture ihdr market snar e and build up a war 

chest to figbt tbe tumd when it qsens. One 
prmnotion during slack winter montiis was to 

($U 0 ) fa a rounri-tiip. It means that residents 
m East Kmt and northern France have been 
traveling back and forth by tto tens of thou- 
sands, getting to know one another’s shi^ 
restaurants and habits. 

The cliffs of Dova hova lamaiiTingiy white 
on tbe horizon, yet until recently, many Froidi 
people had oeva bothered to venture into tto 

land d what they call the ndafs. Now they 
come back laden with eJothes, doa knockers, 
waDpapa, and even — bagiieues beware — 
Fngfirii sliced bread. 

Most Britons come to Calais with one thing 
in mind: They stodt up on duty-free liqua on 
tto ferry and can bity virtually as mwm bea 
and wine as they like m France at prices much 
Iowa than those at hone. 

Unda Enropean Union single maiket rules, 
EU residents are entitled to import as mudi 
liqua as thqr like fa “personal us^ provided 

See CHUNNEL» Pkge 4 



Page 2 


NATO Is Prepared 
For Huge Air Attack 
Around Gorazde 

By Rick Atkinson 

IVaduigton Pat Semce 

NAPLES —The North Atlantic 

a detaQed plan for massivo air 
strikes around Gorazde in an effort 
10 crush Bosniao SeriNan militaiy 
units and force the Serbian leader- 
ship bade to the bngaining table. 
fniiitni y souiccs Said Sunday. 

The air atta^ whidi wo^ tar^ 
get at least two-dozen ammunition 
storagg sites, fuel dumps, com- 
mand bunkers and mm emplace- 
ments within a 20 -toloineta' (12- 
mile) radius around Gorazde, 
could be la»ndied iinmediatdy if 
Serbian forces resumed their sbdl- 
iog of the battered dty, the sources 

“The idea.” an oQidal said, 

*\rould be to inalm it somethh^ the 
Serbs would never, ever, ever want 
to experience again.” 

Sura an intense and protracted 

hnmhiTig campaign, whkh COuld 
last nwer the course several days, 
would mark a dramatic escalation 
from the mirprick, tit-for-iat at- 
tacks on April 10 and 1 1 

in support of beri^ra United Na- 
tions forces in Gorazde. 

NATO officials said Sunday that 
dni ply the threat al such wholesale 
bombing, which would require ap- 
proval from senior UN (Vidals, 
ma y have contributed to the Serbs’ 
from the outsldrts of Gor- 

Neverthdess. NATO {danners 
reco^iize several potential pitf^ 
in broaderung the air attach in- 
riiuting the prospect diat Serbiaa 
soldiers could retaliate against the 
13,000 UN troops in Bosnia and 
the difficulty — demonstrated in 
Vietnam and eisewtere — of for^ 
h^ a recalcitrant ueaqr to n^li- 
ate by bombing him into submis- 

NATO's hi^iest anlhority, the 
North Atlantic CoundL agreed 
Ftid^ to authorize air attacks un- 
less Serbian forces immediatidy 
halted thdf borrdwrdment of Gor- 
azde and withdrew aD heavy we^ 
ons from a **military exclusion 
zone,” extending for 20 kilometers 
fitan the town’s center, Wednes- 
day morning. 

NATO's plan for attackirm Ser- 
bian targets around Gorazxle has 
been developed by Ueutenant 
General Jos(^ W. Ashy, emn- 
numder of NATO air forces in 
soatbtn Eur^ie, and his staff. 
General Ashy has nearly 200 

NATO combat planes and support 
aircraft available at bases in Italy, 
France, Germany, Britain and 
aboard three carriers in the Adriat- 

In reccDt wmnihs^ that air fleet 
has been beefed up with gran^ 
attack planes such as the U.S. Air 
Force F-15^ which is capable <rf 
laiinghTfig piedsiai-guided muni- 

The masave attadc envisioned in 
thecorrent NATO plan reflects the 
^ulosc^dqr of Admiral Ld^tOU 
w. Smith, Jrn NATO commander 
in southern Europe, that over- 
i^ieiminfi force is more likely to 
achieve me deazed political results 
t^ tentative, limited strikes, ac- 
cording to NATO sources. The 
sources said that philosophy was 
shared by Admiral wtb's recently 
dqsarted predecessw in Naples, 
Amniral Jeremy M. Boorda. 

Smilar sweeping attacks have 
been drafted, if needed, to ennne 
the security of Bihac, Srebreni^ 
Tuzla and Zq>a, other UN-desigr 
nated **safe areas” vriiere NATO 
has demande d ^ withdrawal of 
heavy Serb weapons within a lOr 
iitinmfifT radius, according to mili- 
tary sources. 

**But if it came to pass around 
Gorazde and it worked, there 
wouldn’t be a need to do it any- 
vriiere d^” an oCGoer said. 

Although Serbian anti-airci^t 
gnnn era mDCROstrated their at^^ 
to ^loot down NATO jets last we^ 
by destroying a Bridw Sea Harris 
over Gorazde with a surface-to-air 
missDe, NATO planners hope that 
a broad air canqiaign could be con- 
ducted with minimal lo^es. 

In contrast to the dose air stq>- 
port offered thus far, the intense 
attadts envisioned under the cur- 
rent plan woidd not require inlots 
to fly dose and posonaL” as 
Adimral Smith recently put it, in 
coordinating their strikm vrith UN 
forward air contrdlers. 

Yet the challenges (rf eriscerai- 

ing Serbian forces within the exdu- 
sion zones around the safe areas are 
still fcmnidable. Much of the ter- 
rain is mountainous and foested. 
affording opportunities for con- 
cealment to forces particularly 
adq>t at camouflage. 

Although reconnaissance air- 
craft and smdlites have taken thou- 
sands of phoiogr^hs of Serbian 
positions, scune pj^tial taints, 
such as artflleiy pieces, are h@ily 
mot^e and cx^ be difOcult to 



Instruments tor Professksnals 

A Seitim gimer liildiig ailraiilage «f a bre»k bi the fi^iang SoDday at Gorazde as liK 

Pullback Follows Russians About-Face 

By Michael Specter 

Nen> York Tima Sorriee 

MOSCOW — In a diplomatic about-face 
Rnwia dr opped all ol^ectioos to NATO’s 
fh rffir to bnmh the Boslian Sobs around Gor- 
azde^ a few hours later the Serbs an- 
nounced that a leneat had b^^un. 

**Tbe Bosniai* Serb^ military command baa 
criminally defied the elementaiy norms of hu- 
manity,” Foidgn Minister Andrei V. Kozyrev 
told the Interfax News Agen^. ”The only alter- 
native to air strikes is nranpHanee by the Bosni- 
an Seriis with their commitments.” 

Serbian leaders appeared to be craiqilsdi^ 
Sunday with the North Atlantic Treaty Qi^ni- 
yy ti^ iitiimamm to poll hade tioops and weap- 


For the Rusrians, vriio have struggled to play 
an essential role in effmls toward peace in 
Bftgnia, the retreat will be seen as a triimqih. 
Nothing dse, ndtber threats nor diploinaQr. 

Slopped the shdling, so the ocmchiskm that the 
Riiggans* Ktaterngnt was influential IS hard to 

On Friday, Mr. Ko^rev warned NATO not 
to nnnsidgT aif Strikes against the Serbs and 
threatened to withdraw the 800 Russian peaoe- 

The reversal underlines the juggling act Rus- 
sian have perform^ for two years. 

Rusrianas always had stioi^ ties to the Serbs 
and now, as Rusaa becomes viably more na- 
tionalist it has tri^ to avoid jeopardizmg 
those Nor e«n the government afford to 
angpr <yntrists and figbtists in PariiamenL 
On the other hand, President Boris N. Ydt- 
sin does not want to alienate the WesL 
At the balance faas been inqiosrible to 
mamta'm. Even Saturday, as Mr. Kasyrev was 
/iennimring the Seibs, his ambassador to the 
United Nations, Yuli M. Vcxonisov said the 
UN dedami to extend its bombing threat 

Bomb Serbs’ Bridges, Moynihan Urges 

By Kathy Saw}^ 

tVtakii^ion Post Swncr 

WASHINGTON —The admin- 
istration’s pdk^ in Bosnia came 
uiider blisto^ assanlt a promi- 
nent Democrat on Sunday as Sena- 
tor Daniel Patridt Moynihan caDed 
fqr the imme diate lifm^crf the UN 
aims entiiargo against tiie fonner 
Yugoslavia and the bmnbing 
Sab bridges on the Danube River. 

"We are in the process of shred- 
ding the entire le^ order we put 
into jdace at tbe end Worid War 
; IL” the New York Donocrat said 
in an angry appearance on an ABC 
news program. 

He caUed for the embargo cm 
Bosnian Mnriims to be lifted *'al^ 
solute^, unilaterally and imme d i - 
at^.” It should not be necessary 
fw United Stales itself to go to 
war in Bosnia, be sad. **We ^bould 
give the Bosnians the diance to 
^ ai d themselves” in the face of 

aggresaon hy the Sertis that is 
“c riminal/ te added. "It’s geno- 

He said the Serbs had "invaded 
another country, a. member of the 
United Nations, in violation of the 

"Then they have qi^ically as- 
sociated themselves with genodde, 
in vkdation cd the genodde treaty, 
of vriiidi we are a member, and is 
our law, and in Gorazde, the 
fourth Geneva convention on the 
treatrocDt Of dvQians during war- 

The Serbs leaders, he said, 
should be tried as war criminals. 

These assertions W an iidluen- 
tial member of the Foreign Rela- 
tions Coamuttee could foreshadow 
a move by the Democratic-led 
OxKTKS to try to force President 
BUlUinton to adcq>t a more activ- 
ist tpprosdL A d^te on the issue 
in the Senate last wedc showed a 

ladt ctf gnihimasm for the presi- 
dent’s policy but disagreement as 
to whether the United States 
sbcMild beoHiie more deep^ in- 
volved in the conflicL 
Mr. Moynihan di5q>nted ado^ 
claims that the United 
States did not have the right to lift 
the arms embargo without UN ap- 
proval Noting that he had served 
as prerident the UN Security 
Cbuni^ he said the current dflem- 
ma "was q)ecffically contenqilated 
as a probl^ vriien the diarter was 
drafted at Dumbarton Oaks, about 
IS blodcs from here, and that is 
why Article 5 1 says "ootl^ in this 
charter ^l»«n interfere with the in- 
herent right of individual or coDeo- 
tive s^-defense.” 

"It’s a question of law,” he said. 
"We have the inherent i^t under 
Aitide 51 to lift the emtogo.” 
Asbed vriiether he would favor 
boml^ Belgrade, the capital of 

yond Gorazde to an other UN "safe areas” was 

Mr. Kozyrev’s fleice new podtioo. so £ffer- 
eat ffom ones he has hdd, also dxrws a ^lit 

between the conservative Ddense Minisay and 

the Western-leaning Fordgn Kfinistry. 

As soon as he and his medal oncn for the 
Wrtwwati wy nn, VitaH L Gruntin, itafized that 
their di pinmafie effort was not taken seriously 
by the Seri)s, both men began to denounce 

them. The Defense Mmistiy, <m the otha haxKi, 
argued that apposition to the Serbs was not 

The newsmq>er Izvestia, however, said Satnr- 
day in an emtoiial "Our professmnal patriots 
always talk about "qiedal ntiations with Ser- 

"What does that mean?" it added. "Api»ovd 
of everything the Serbs do^ eveirif th^ cennmit 
a dime?” 

Seiina, he responded: "I would not 
have a bridge left on the Danube. 
Not one bridge. I wouldn’t bcanb 
the dty.” 

Mr. Moynihan at (me prnnt i^- 
for his b^y cemtremed 
outr^C, commenting to the pro- 
gram h^ David Bnnldey, "hray- 
be I sbcmld down h^” 

His vebemence ermtrasted stark- 
ly trith the earlkr a(q)earaiice on 
^ same broadcast (rf Secretary (rf 
State Wanen NL Quistqrfaer. ^ 
peaiii^ unpertnrbed and cautious- 
ly optimistic about the Bosnian at- 
uation. be said the NATO 
ultimatum issued Friday "seemed 
to be wodting." 

He restated the adounisbation 
position that Waslmigton did not 
have the right to lift the arms en»> 
bargo on its own, notii% (hm there 
was an "explidt UN re^tion” to 
apply the embargo to Bosnia. 


Generals Defied ffim, Yeltsin Says 

LONDON (Railiirs) - 

■ showdown with hard-Hneis in bullet persuaded 

Only the killing of a spedal forces ofCcff smy 
the ot^ members oS the due units to foh^ iwsk “The View 
parliament bufldiug, BCCOrding 10 CXtiactS • -jv. S unday 

SHte Wn-extractT&whi^ ^ 

^N^Ydtsin’saccoimtcoiifinnedtbathcram^ i 

October because of resisaiice W the army w 

wae tmly hang^ by a tineacL” M wrote. Although thOT ^ 
mflitaiy^bSMi soon after the OcwUi 

makes dear that the reastance to his orders went nnidi further man ne 
admoMec^cd at the time. 

land and PLO Starting Final Stage 

CAIRO (Reutcre) — PLO and Isradi n^iiawis began what rm^ 

the last weeft of talks on Sunday before they sign an 

withdrawal and Palestinian sdf-rnle m the Gaza Strip and the West Bank 

The dnef PLO negodaux, Nabfl Shaath, said that if all wmt well, 
fTiainmin YasseF Arafat and Fordgn kfinisitf Sunum Peres could come 
to Odro lata in ^vreek to prepare for a signing eeremcn^ next weA 
Mr. Arafat and Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin are expeorf » /go 

agreonent in Cairo, crowning five monlhs <rf w<»k oopractical details of 

the sdf-n^ plan land and fie Palestine liberation Oigannatum agned 

today for a possible meeting on Thuis- 
dav betweeaPezes and Arafat, hoping that the sigimti« ot the agr» 
ment will place on the tUrd, fourth or fifth of May, • Economics 
Mfnigipr g«tT«m SietFcct sdd in JerusalenL 

Ri^tist R>ised to Win in El Salvador 

S& SALVADOR (WP) — The ri^tist presidential candidate Ar- 
mando CaWabn Sol appwed headed to a resounding victoiy Sunday in 

the first peactime deeuons in El Salvador in 64 years. , . - , . 

A poo public Saturday m’ght predicted that Mr. Calde- 

rtn. of the l^onaUst Republican Alliance, would receive about 70 

percent of the vote. The predicted that Rubta Zamora, the candidate 

ofa threo-pariy leftist coaKlion, woold receive about 30 percOTl 

VrKer turnout, with rainsumns in the afternoon, rqmeared liglu 
day In the first round of preridential dections, hdd March 20, Mr. 
Cddeidn obtained 49 percent of the vote, just short of the necessary . 
majority. Mr. Zamora lecdved 25 pereenL “ 


A Ws^ of Looking at Geneva 

GENEVA (Reutos) — Tbe landst^ of Geneva found itsdf ti^ 
formed on Sunday \xy 100 small white staircases erected by a bitisfa 
fiimmoirer to rfTer die cift a new Dersocctive on itsdf. 

At sites around the Old Town and on the shores of Geneva s tare 
residents »"<i virittns stood in line to climb to and_s(iuint thiou^ tiny 
pffp h ^ al views many bad seen thousands of tunes, yet had never 
thought to pause over. _ ^ 

l^lOB^y exhibition, "Stairs,” is the idea of the Peter Greenaway, 
whose films such as "The Draughtsman's Contract” and "Drowning by 
Number^ have bemused audiences tot over a decade. Mri Greeitaww 
said that he had uied to express bis exa^ieratiro the cemfinrad 
HwyrMi , where the imaM is too rigidly fiamed in time and ^>aca The 

exhn»tioi 4 with dm anmeiice and actors Dieting into one. was a kmd (M 

•movie in itsdf, he said 

l>aiB WoiU Airfioes srid it would stop offering direct flights from New 

York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Berlin and Munich on 
July 1 because of relocation of aircraft for the airline's new nonstop 
sovice to Yienna and additional service to Rome. (Rttam) 

Zitobabm has «K pwiiWri ootpiUi^ and prenatal services at m^ 

faos{Mtals as a strike fm* raises by junior doct^^read 

<;'fnfra l MiictBary was ope^ Sunday, markin g a 

victory for coiservatiiniists who canq>aigned to protect the area around 
•Lake NeiisiedL Almost half the park’s 14,000 hectares (35,000 acres) lies 
in Hungary, vdiile the rest is on the Austrian side of the border. (AFf) 

RanUng and gpvenDDcnt offices will be dosed cr services curtailed in 
the Mirawing countocs and their dqiendendes this wedt because of 
national and idigious holidays: 

MONDAY: AnstmEa. Egypt, Italy. Macao, New Zealand. NicaragBa, Ponogal. 

Sd Lanka, SwazDaod. 

TUESDAY: Af^gmistan. Tanzania. 

WEEH^IESDAY: SSena Leone, Shmsda. Togo. 

FRIDAY: Cyprus, Dcmnarfc, Ethiopia. Greece, Jqian, Lebanon. Skna Leone. 
SATURDAY: Netberlands, Zaire. 

Sources: J.P. Raders, 

BLAST: Bomb in Johannesbui^ 

7 1 a V' ^ 


Close coopoation with pOols and 
■vMtion experts ensUes BicilUzig 
to ountinue tmpnjving its dmnagiaph 
d eagns all the time. 

The Chrononiat feahns a selfwinding 
medunical movement a rotating bead 
and a screw^odied crown. 

This insiniineni is water-resistant 
down to 100 meters. 

P.O. Box 1132 


Tbi.: 41 65/51 1131 
Fax.:41 65/53 1009 

CoBtinned Iran Pige 1 

lature said that there had been 
"lots of threat^ daring the final 
dj^ of campaig nhzg but that UO 
one tdqiboned a warning before 

AnUtorities said no groups had 
taken le^xmability for the attack. 

Mr. Sexwate, in a news confer- 
ence, caQed oa ANC supp o n ers to 
remain calm in the face m what be 
called "this cowardly action in- 
tended to frighten away voters." 

He said there was not enough 
sponable, but stressed that the mo- 
tive was "dearly intended to send 
indkattons (rf negativity througb- 
oot the country and abroad so peo- 
ple will be discouraged about de- 
mocraCT in South Aftica.” 

Sexwale sou^t to reassure 
voters who n^t be afiaid to go to 
dection stations Wednesday and 
Thursday because of the boffllnngs, 
saying that thoe would be "lots of 
protection” Crom security forces, 
the Independent Electoral Com- 
micann aod international observ- 

Within the first hour after the 
exi^<» at 9:50 A.M., people 
were fining out ^licaiicms for 
voter idoitification cards at the 
Central Methodist Church, just 
tluree Mocks away. "It’s part of life 
here,” said Kenneth Bga, 25, as be 
wait^ for his card. “Fm not 
scared. Fm gang to vote." 

But in fact, even though there 
was a series of about 40 bombings 
in January and Fdmiaiy attribute 
to rightists, large-scale car bomb- 
ings are immenai in Sooth Africa. 

While Mr. Mandda ctmeentrat- 
ed on the Natal strooghold M the 
Zulu-based inlratha Freedom Par- 
ty, meanwhile, the Inkatba presi- 
dent. Chief Mangosutbu Buthd^ 
hdd his first ^ only rally in 
Soweto, the ^ant lown^p south 
of here where the ANC is expecting 
to win mcTO than 80 percent of the 

As about 8,000 supporters 
chanted. Chief Buiheted blasted 
the ANC ttx "unrealistically and 
unfairly” raising the cqiectations 
of the masses. 

WWn Troops 
To Jump Again 
In Normandy 

The Aaodated Press 

SAN DIEGO — World 
War II American paratroops 
won a go-ahead to commemo-' 
rate the 50th aimiversaiy (tf D- 
Day by making ibeir junqis all 
over again. 

About 33 members of the 
Return to Normandy Assoda- 
tkm vriU be allowed to jump at 
the condnsion of an mbmate 
ceremony in Fiance on June 5, 
Lieutenant Colonel Alfred 
Lott said at the Pentagon. 

"We are all exdled aod 
leased that the Pentagon has 
finally blessed us to do it," 
said Max Gutoot, a Sjogeanl 
during the war. "We wilJjusqi 
right after the young ones." 

For liability reasons, the 
Pentagon was reluctant to 
have the vets Join young 
troops. It demanded the dida 
ffiwfi , all in tbcdr late 60s to 
mid-SOs, practice fiisL Tb^ 
(fid in Febro^. After two 
days of letraiiung, the 33 men 
suited up and jumped at 3,000 
feet (about 1,000 meters), 
landing safefy in a muddy San 

Italy Parliament Speaker Draws Fire 
For Her Praise of a Mussolini Policy 


ROME — Tbe new leader of die 
linver house of Pariiament, Irene 
Rvetti, was facing a flood cS criti- 
cism Simday for perceived anti-S&' 
fflitic and pro-fascist remarks. 

With ha dection to that post 
this month. Miss Pivetti, 31, a 
member of tbe federalist Northon 
f jMgiift, became tbe youngest par- 
liamentary speaka m It^ once 

But her first wedt in tbe post was 
called a "(fisaster" by La Repubb- 
lica new^iaper after e««lw‘ng criti- 
cism from Roman Catholics, Jews 
and feminists. 

The latest furor erroted over an 
interview that Miss Piv^ a con- 
servative Roman Catbcriic, gave to 
tbe weekly Italia Settimanale. in 
wfaidi die voiced admiiatioa for 
the polides toward women ot the 
Fascist dictator Benito MussolinL 

WhQe Miss Pivetti said she did 
not support fascism, she said she 
"coukl see all the good things fas- 
cism did fM* Italy.' 

"Mussdini had the most ad- 
vanced pKiIicy toward women — 
and nothing was done after him in 
those aieasj^ she said. 

Una Ansdmi, a former Quis- 
tian Democrat aod Wold War II 

resislaiice fighter, said Miss Pivetti 
needed a hittory lesson. 

"If fascism, vriiose *^ood things' 
she praises^ had had its way we 
wouldn’t even have a PaifiamenL" 
NGss Ansdmi said 

Under fascism, women were 
banned from most high-level jobs 
and had no right to vote. They 
lecdved state aid for having several 

ehiMr en. 

"Everyone knows Mussolini’s 
family polides were based on the 
veiy drates of war," said Bqipe 
Dd Cdle, a oommeniaior on Ch- 
olic affairs. 

"The fami^ was simply under- 
stood as tbe factory of tte future 
filters of an inqierial Italy." be 

bfiss Pivetti has said her lenurks 
"referred to the prewar sodal reali- 
ty in Italy" and were taken out of 

But tl^ added to concern over 
the politics of the rightist Freedom 
ADianoe led 1^ tbe media m^nate 
SOvio Berlusconi, vriiich won last 
month’s ^neral (dections. 

Its mun partners indude the 
Northern League and the neo-fas- 
dst National Alliance, triwse lead- 
er, (Ranfranco Fnu, Iasi month 
called Mussolini “the greatest 
Ktat^CTwn (be century." 

Miss Pivetti, a fonner Journalist, 
has been a mmher Fariiameiit 
since 1992. 

Her critics r^ard herasardi- 
aoos radical whose comments have 
bmdered on the anti-Semitic. Some 
d her remarits were cited year 
tbe World Jewish Council in a 
report on anti-Semitism. 

“1 think it’s d™ the world knew 
about Irene Pivetti,” said TbIUa 
Zevl president of Ital/s Union of 
Jewish Commnnities. "I woidd caB 
her a fundamentalist Catholic 
whose riews on the church’s <fia^ 
logue with Judaism and other refaP 
gions are out of date.” 

Mrs. Zevi recalled Miss Pivettfs 
(fisaaeement with Pope John 
11 wwa be proedaimed Jews tbe 
"elder brotiieis" d GhrigrianK. 

"Pivettfs comment was: T don’t 
see wlqr people vdx) bdong to a 
false rdxgion should be eonadered 
our dder brothers.* ” dw said. 

Miss Pivetti has d ^a id ffd heisdf 
by saying that no good Catholic 
denies his rdi^on is the one true 

The Anti- Defamation League 
B’lud B’rith said Miss Pivettfs 
riews predated tbe 1965 Secmid 
Vatican Council, when the Vatican, 
repudiated tbe notion of collective 

Jewish guilt for the cru(ifixH». 

Talks Between 

To call from country to country, or back to the U.S., dial the WorldPhone number of the country you're calling from. 


(Avidtable from publk caidphoneonl)‘-> 









Cayman blaods 















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Docnlpieui RqinbUc 

(Ouuide of Cairo, dul 



([LiEimed availabilin- in 








02 first) 335-5770 

eisiEm Certnon)-.) 




Haiti (CO« 









(Available Irom mosi 














major aues.) 

B.) 080011 





Use your MC Card.* local lelcphone card or oil coUecL.aiU al ifae same low nics. 
iCOCwmiy'lo-couiiirTallin^milaNc .Uw noi bcmilable urthm aD menuiMul ImDons Ccrun 
icaiiQions appiv 4 Lnsnied jvad^hnr ▼ Wja (or icctrid dbl MX A AvjlLibk (mb IAOATSL 
publu phono mIv. Rju Jepvnds ^ onijn *n Mcw* tl*w«n.>U“*al**™awv“*loiBaiiicr. 

* Not avallMe (rain pubbe pav phene 4 Pubbe phens may icquiie dcpoSi ti a4n w phene hnd loc dul MIC. 

ImprimeparOS^iitt, ySruedel'EvaKgUe. TSOlSParis. 

NeiherlaiidsiCC)4 l 

Nciheriands AndllestCO^ OOU 


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Peni(OutsKle of Lima, dial 190 iiis. ) 
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Uniguay 000-412 

U.S. Virgin IsIandsiCQ I -800-888-8000 
Vatican City (CO 172-1022 

Veneauekfrf 800-1114-0 

Let It Take You Around the World. 

^ From MCI 




Congressmen Vow 
Action on Quality 
Of Air in Jetliners 



Page 3 

se 4 

Martin Tolchin' . 

L^v ?LS^ Patrick J. 



lhai was 

« “'s««icidc before 

iQ Australia, one of more 
™ .20 countries requiring such 
spraying, and would introduce ies- 
P««eci Americans w?o 
uavel to those coumries. 

*'"**• J^resemaiive 
J^es L. Obersiar, Democrat of 
Minnesota, who is chairman of the 
avtauon subcommittee of the Pub- 
lic Works and TransportBlioD 
Lo™tiee. scheduled a hearing 
lor May I8_on the problems of av 
quality in airiine cabins on domes- 
tic nights. 

He said the hearings would focus 
on the health effects of a SO oercenl 
reduction of fresh air in airlme eal^ 
ins that occurred in the late 1980s, 
and whether this unduly exposed 
passengers to bacteria, viruses, ca^ 
twn dioxide and fumes from mate- 
rials used to construct or maintain 
the cabins. 

The hearings will also study in- 
secticide spraying and whether 

enmifino ckAiiU eitll Ka *^*^**Utted 



in airline cabins,” he said. 
Lths from car accidents were 

Mr. Le^ noted that countries 
in the Caribbean, South American 
and the Sooth Pacific require the 
spraying (rf d-phenothrin 30 mhi- 
utes before a flight lands to loll 
disease-bearing insects. 

With the veniDation ttnued off, 
he said, ffieht attendants walk 
down the ^nying the insec- 
tkdde, which then settles <» the 
sldn ^ doihing of passengers and 
crew and is inhaled 

H» U.S. Environmental Protec- 
tion Agency has said that even 
though the msecticide has low tox- 
icity to humans, the sprayh^ could 
create medical probleans for peo^ 
with allei^es, dtemical sensitiv- 
ities, asthma and other re^ratoiy 

have complained of beadad 


Future Darkens 
For Teenagers 


American teenagers are having ba- 
bies, tttiing arrested or being lolled 
by biHlets each year, according to a 
survey released Sunday. 

The annual “Kids Count Data 
book” said that more 6 percent of 

nausea, fatigue; seizures and, in exr 
treme cases, memory loss, a reduO’ 
tkm in costive skills or a de- 
pressed immune system. 

would like to see puUic of^ 
ion and the power of persuasion 
end the practice, ” Mr. Lealw said, 
”but if that doesn’t work, i dnnk 
we have a Intimate right to enact 
IttjsiatioD to protect Americans 
\rao tniveL" 

He said he was seddng a world- 
wide campiigii wonting M the pe^ 
ils to thehsOA of passengers and 
crew members from spraying insec- 

Mr. Leahy also said tlut he 
wanted all tickets to countries r^ 
quiring sudt trying to bear a 
large ydlgw law sa^png, '*Wani- 
ing: wfll be sprayM with pesti- 

^ during this flight” 

United Airlines and American 
Aiding ududi fly to the^Cuftb^ 

million — are growing up in “oifr 
tressed neighboriioods” where tbdr 

the children under 18 — or nc^y 4 
million - 
tressed D( 
future is gloomy. 

Among the findings of the year- 
long study was that the number of 
babies bora to single teenagers 
jumped 20 percent between 1985 
and 1991. Violent death among 
teenagers aged IS to 19 were up 13 
percent from 1985 to 1991, vriiile 


shohly betoe the spraying occurs, 
tini^ a travder speofically re- 
quests such information when 
' la tided, tbeadriines* spokesmen 

Mr. Leahy, vriw is also chair m an 
of the foreign operations subcom- 
mittee of the Appropriations 
nriMan, said he plaimed to use his 
tfirtiienee as an overseer of fneigu 
aid to persuade govemmoitB to 
ooomW witii a request made Iqi the 
admimstiatioa last wedeend tlut 
they disdose whether they require 
the qui^ing ctf insecticides. 

White House CounseVs Steadying Hand 

By David £. Rosenbaum 

jVm> York Times SeMee 

WASHINGTON — Six weeks 
after Lloyd N. Cutierjerined the 
st^ to stanch the l^lewater 
hemorrhage, his influence on 
White House strategy un- 

mistakable last we& 
liiBt was when Hillary Rodr 
bam OintoD brdee her silence 
and Added every question re- 
DOTten could come iq) with about 
her faimly’s finances. It was a 
manifestation of the 
ise Mr. Cutler made when ' 
came White House couusd to 
make public all tiie facts on hand 
about the Qintons’ invesments. 

After the session Friday, Mr. 
Cutler dudaimed credit for Mrs. 
CfinloD's dedsimi to go public, 
s^ng in a tdephone conversa* 
dooUiBt everyone at the White 
House agreed th^ it was the 
proper course. 

w others on the staff said it 
wcN^ never have hiTOened be- 
fore Mr. Cutler arriim and im- 
pressed on the Qintons the im- 
portance (rf opomess. 

In an intendew last wedt, Mr. 
Cutler told how be thinks the 
Whitewater story wiD end. 

**It win just peter ouC’ he said. 
**11 will Imve everybody some- 
HiaMtisTied, becBUse we’tc 
not going to get a jury veidiet in 
the end, guilty or not guilQi. 
Ihete will be questions that can’t 
he answered. But pet^le mil lose 
isteresL 1 don’t see anytiimg that 
even remotely resembles Iran- 
contra, Wate^te, any kind of 
misconduct wmle in office.” 

At first, bis strategy of 
ness led to embarraaring . . . 
*«r*««tty when the White House 
account of Mrs. Qinion’s com- 
fflodily trading kqn changma 
day aher day. Mr. Cutler said 
sum mistakes were the inescap- 
able ccmsequence of trying to ^ 
iitfonnation out quidtb- 
’You’re damned if vou do and 
damned if you don't.’^Mr. Cutler 

“These 15-year-old facts are so 
compe ted and come from so 
many different record sources 
that’s ven difficult to get aU (rf 
it sti^t,''^be said. "And every 
di^ you have to compromiBe b^ 
tween the press’s demand — 
they're gmng to write the story 
anyway, and televisum has to 

meet its deadlmes and the law- 
yer’s derire to make sore you have 
It absolutely straight and have 
<T!iim!tteH aO the factual material 
you can your bands cm.” 
J(^ D. Podesta, the White 
House staff secretary v4io has 

One resntt of Ihe inffaKDce of Uoyd N. Cufien 

been assimed to field prea inqui- 
ries on^^tewater, said the 
mood in the White House had 
dianged for the better since Mr. 
Culler arrived. 

The president's young advisers 
bad cemfidence that hv. Cutler 
was steeled in the ways of Wash- 
ington ara knew how to deal with 
moblems like Whitewater, Mr. 
FOdesta said.' 

Although no one will say so for 
attribution, the prevailing view 
on the staff is tlut Mr. Cutler’s 
predecessor, Bernard W. Nuss- 
Mum, inadvertent^ damaged the 
Clintons by appealing to their 
prelection for secrecy about 
tbdr financial affairs. Mr. Cutler, 
it is said, convim^ the Clintons 
tiut they n^ed to make every- 
thing public, the sooner the bet- 

The most Mr. Cutler would say 
about this was that questions 

about the Omtons' perstmal fi- 
nances had perhaps been taken 
too seriously in the past by tbdr 
staff. “If u^d taken it more 

S jhtly, we ndj^t have been better 
f,” he said. 

Mr. Cutler arrived at the White 
House on March 8 as develop- 
meals in the Whitewater case 

By the t 

the White House, several admin- 
istration officials had been lab- 
to testify about the 
meetings bdore a ^ud iiuy. Mr. 
Nussbaum, sriio attended some 
tit the meetings, had rerigned. 

Wto his cqipointment was an- 
nounced, Mr. Cutler declared, 
**In govenunent, as in other as- 
pects of life, trust is the cenn of 
the realm, I pledge n^self to 
do what I can to assure that trust 
w maintaine d.** 

He signed on to work without 

pay as a ”a>edal governmeni em- 
ployee,” wbidi means that he can 
continue to duw a salary from 
his law firm, is not suigect to 
some of the conflict-of-interest 
nties and can serve only 130 
woridng days, a period that win 
lutunfil lam summer. 

From Hme to time, Mr. Cutler 
has dqiped into other issues. He is 
heading the White House staff 
seardiTor a new Supreme Court 
justice to replace Hany A Black- 

He hdped devdop the legal ra- 
tionale to the adminisiration's 
new p(^ of expending police 
fOT (hugs and weapons 

tww tcrf hu been 

spent on Wfailewater. he said, and 

he assumes that that will conti^ 
throu^ congressional hea ring s 
on the matter, whicdi be said he 
egqiects will b^n in Jane. 


Perot Gets Back Talk From Grass Roots 

WASHINGTON ^ Just two months after holding its first nation- 
al leaderriiip convention. Ross Perot's United We Stand America 
has frffn \iy a series of internal battles that have ted to the 

removal or the resignation of at least six eieaed state chairmen and 
threaten elected leaders elsewhere. 

Power struggles between the grass-roots, elected leadership and 
cbe Dallas-led paid staff have len once-loyal foDowers of Mr. Perot 
disappointed and disilluriooed and threaten to weaken bis organiza- 
tion as an effective political force. 

Florida. Tennessee, Vermont Rhode Island, Washington and 
Aia«iwi have changed state chairmen since initial state elections were 
hrid. Another power stru^ is under way in California. “The 
organization was created in large measure by active and decent and 
Bo^people all over the counto," said Mark Benson, who was a 
Eongr^onal district leader in Rorida before quitting. “But at 
point Perot iu fact really does want to put together an organization 
of automatons who are out there as window dressing, whom te (^ 
use for credibility but whom he does not need for anythmg else. 
Sharon Holman, Mr. Perot’s chief spok^oman, acknowWged 

that' — — - . . , 

wonderful things happening. 

Mr Perot’s staffrecruited stale (lireciors to raariageoperaii^ in 

each of the 50 slates. These state directors, paid by the Dallas 
headquarters, were reqwnsible for organizing dections that pro- 
dum a board of directors and a state chairman in each state, dorig 
with congressional district coordinators in almost every distnct in 
tbe country. 

But the elected leaders complain that any attempts to make 
rhofipg b the organization or to initiate programs not almdy 
approved by Dallas have been met with resistance or silence. Some 
they are victims of character assosunaiion. 

On Feb. 6, with tbe state leaders standing with him. Mr. Perot told 
reporten: "This is tbdr organization. They run it, they control it, 
they make decisions." 

But Sandy Mellen. who resigned as Rhode Island chairmw Apnl 
1 1 , said those words seem empty today. “If you’re going to do it to 
the cameras, you ought to actually do it,” she said. f wf) 

tor Steams Ovar Astronauts’ Trips 

WASHINGTON — Astronauts at the Johnson Space Center in 
Houston have flown two-seater supersonic jets to Colorado Spmgs 
on weekends during sId season as well as to New Orleans and Fort 
Laiirfwttaie, Florida, according to the NASA’s mspector-generw. 

While tbe astronauts said they were fulfilling the fluht t^ 
required of them each month, some lawmakers criticized the flights 
to resort dties. which cost about S2.000 an hour. 

S>natrw Jqs^ I. Liebeiman. the Connecticut Democrat who is 
ebainoan of the Governmental Affairs subcommiuee on joyem- 
ment regulation and information, said the audit rmit, whim was 
ptqmreo^ the inspector-general and ma^ pubfic m February, 
raises quauons about the purpose of the trips. 

"There ou^t to be more comprehensive reflations and requi^ 
meats to document the flights that are being \bxsq to make rare ^ 
are solely for proficiency training and not personal use, he sam. 

Carla Corcoran, deputy assistant inspcctor-reneral of the Nation- 
al Aeronautics and Space Administration, who oversaw the aim, 
said bis office had no evidence of "joyriding.” fivlT; 


Bill Clinton n^Hrewing the 80th annual White House correspop- 
(tents* dfamer about what be has learned from the Whi^aler affair 
“Do not borrow money, do not lend money, do not make m^y and 
for gorxiness sake, do not lose money." f Raters/ 

QStA: Toward Greater StabUUy in Peru 

.. .. _ . . e . 1 ... Tm._s nP (h* i*J«nhnnA enmnanv. We were able tC 

Efram Goldenberg Schreiber, the prime 
minister of Pent, was a businessman^- 
dalizing in import-export trade wifi7 w 
was asked last summer by President At- 
berto Fvdimori to join the gpvemm^ as 
foreign minister. Mr. Goldenberg, ww 
been prime miruster since FAruary, wiB be 
in Europe for a series of official visits next 
month He discussed Peru s econam and 
political outlook with Alan Fnedman of 
the Intemati^ Herald Tribune. 

Q. In April 1992. Presidmt ra^ 

ne^ed Peru’s constitution, disralyed the Na- 
Sl Congress. 

rested iournalisis and politicians. Under to 
new constitution he wiUta allowed 
^!dadon next year to a wcond fiv^ 

ISSTwtot can ymsey to 

about the state of democracy in Perm 

A. You have to understand th at m P eru we 

. (..'Tl./l hti tMrrmuts bfr 

had 25.1M 

g^;:^Sd SSenced to life in ^ 
STv^rSmb was thro wn at to U.S. 

Enibas^ in T-i™ four monto ago. Where 
are you cm controlliDg lororism? 

A It is a thing (d to past to a great extent. 
Sure, we still have srnne terrorism probkans, 
but 90 percent of to terrorist leados are in 
jail Peni is no longer a country under terror- 
ist thieaL . V • 

Q. But what about that recent bomb m 


A it was hardly a bomb. The U.S. Embas- 
sy was hardly touched. 


Q. Is ghbwtig Path stiO working with to 
drug lords in Peru? 

of to tdcplume company. We were able to 
do tins because teirorism is not a problem 
anynxxe. We are binlduig a sound economic 
base, and we have Rnanoal stabiliiy to the 
first time in many years. 

Q. Yet your poli^ was supposed to be lo 
transfer privatization revenues to social de- 
vdopment programs, to alleviating poverty. 
Untu now your structural adjustment pro- 
gram with to International Monetary Fund 
allows only S4M ™T«nn of privatization 
nXHiey to go to to anti-poverty program. 
How can you do morel? 

A. Ibe ntinister of economy and finan^ 

^ MAHMiaatiMte With thfi 

A Probably, yes, ^ wblem may ended negotiations with to 

remain. But we^t realW ^f^iaWadiington last week. The IMF^ 

problem in Pbru. You ^ a to protom 

tbe United States and Europe. It is a pnjblem ^ investment prcgects. 

doing abc».U««> 

Q. Let's talk about economic reform. Fw- 
eign investors are suddoily coating bade to 
your country. And you are in to process n 
privatiring your state tdqibODe company. 

what is your status rqiort? 

A We raised S2 InDioa to just 35 percent 

state-owned companies. 

And we have to contrctiinflatioiL This year 

our inflation target is anxind 20 percent In 

1990 the inflattoi rate was 7,650 percent In 

1991 it was ISO percent In 1992 it was 70 
percent and last year it was 39 percent 

Away From Politics 

, forei^ 
) make it 
j for their 
lerto Ro" 
ules from 
28 other 
the first 
nd repre- 
’s govern- 

ba would 

10 wait 

ible to 
. SiM 

/ con- 
y, ^ 
n the 

• ThesaedmeaMDan^wa »- 

tM 4 fodtet canying a se cret m m- 

tarv osyload was put off because of 

bad weather, the U.S. Afr Rwee 
sakL Tbe blastoff was rescheduled 
to Ibes^. Publitod rraorts ^ 
the rocket is canjii^ a SI bfflkm 
dectrcmic eavesdropping satellite. 

• A bos swoved off a UMbuV k 
the Adteondaek monntaiM and 
roiled off an embankment killing a 

pg gynppf and rrj**ting 21. Most of 
thepmSmgers, w women and^- 
were letuining to New y<» 
Qw after risiting inmate rdauves 
at Dannenxaa prison. 

• Hemopfato who were Wedrf 
frith the AIDS vtras through blood- 
dotting products have been rafu^ 
oermiito by a New Jersey ji^ 
W sue as a group. The lawsuit is 
bdieved to be to fiisi attempt at 
dass-aetiem status on that issue. 

• The d» before he was in danger 

of loshig Ms job as presMent d 
Howard Universiiy, Franki™ G- 
Tgwtfw was named president oi^ 
UnWereity of Texas at Dallas. ™ 
fuAfA debate over his mcrresmgly 
n phattied tenure at Howard. 

w 11 r docto whose cfincs peifm 

re re TOjiaceot of tbe abOT- 
laoas in Missis^pi, Tboinas W. 
Tucker, was found guilty of profes- 
wftnai ndsccmduct, and to stare 
bo^ suspended ms li- 
cense to a year. He was foon4 
amnng other things, to have al- 
bwed~ workers who were not doc- 
Uxs to perfeatn preUminary abor- 
tion procedures while he was 
absent naiurs. ap. syt, wp 


hotel metropole 


Since 1854 


The only Grand Hotel 
locate in tiie heart c> 
Geneva's business 
arid shoring center. 

Air conditioned. 

34, qud Genard^daon 

1211 Genevas 
Tele9c42^-Fac311 1350 


tiTT. 12.4j 




<310 471*0806 edb 23 

pax or send dritibd nMinta; 




MriropolHan Rs« i ^date lianaaeiiwnt Ud. 

For Lrestors interested to purchaslne 


Our company handles (5 

investment: the 

the investor, the accounhng, »e le^i 
the lease and administration foUiwing rental. 

In the last two years all return 

handled for various investors, brougm a >edny 

ofl5%-17%. ^ oriAnniJSS 

iKUestTwenf possibiliUes are fmm S0,0W U S?. 

TAl /Fax: 00 36 1 112 00 68, 

If you do businsss wrth Eastern Europs, you’ll probably ksep running up against 
questions like ‘Whaf s the best way to get from London to Tirana?- or “Which airline will 
fly me from Amsterdam to Odessa?" or "Which is the fastest connection from Milano to 
Bucharest?". For answers to questions like these, consult the Austrian Airlines Timetable. 
For decades now, we at Austrian have been operating ideally coordinated services between 
Eastern and Western Europe. As the table shows, the best connection between West and 
East will tend to be with Austrian Airlines. Any travel agency or Austrian Airlines Office will 
be glad to provide details of the good connections we maintain for you in Eastern Europe. 

IVe/come To 















Taking the Time 
To Ensure Safety 

Terrorist Attacks and Fires 
I*res&itlhe Gr&itest Bisks 

ImenKOkml HenU Tribme 
CALAJS, France — TheOian- 
od TvaasL one oi Enrope's big- 
gest oonstniction projects, is also 
its Uggest securi^ heada^ 

Hie first few months opera- 
tions in the tumid could be vital 
to its suooes^ since even the sm^ 
est incident is Ukdy to have a large 
psydiokqpcal effe^ 

A few months ago, forescample, 
aBritish tabloid newspaper ran an 
alamdst hwxOine, **111111161 Melt- 
down !” Over a story about a mmor 
short-drcDiU That was not en- 
couraging to potential passengers 
jqjpjttwive about riding d^ 
undv the seabed. 

A recent rmort by the Research 
Institute for tne Study of Conflict 
and Terrorism, in London, gave 
the tunnel top maihs for safety. Its 
author, Richard Qutterbnck, 
called tlw timnd **far more secure 
than the Lwdoo Underground 
railway sysioB.” 

Eurotunnel the British-French 
consorthoD. h^ spent more than 
S171 millioD on secnri^ and says 
safeQT is its top priority. It has 
ddff^ introdiKang full service in 
the tunnel for several more 
mcHitlK, {Mitly to allow for the 
completioD (tf exhaustive diedcs 
on the system. 

The size and symbolic value of 
the prcgect make the tunnd an 
obvious target for tencvist or^nir 
zatims like die Irish Republican 
Anm. The British govenunent le- 
ceoto' announced that it would 
call for antomaUc life imprison- 
ment for anyone found guihy of 
attaddng the tuimeL 
Eurotuiind officials will not 
discuss measures tb^ have adapt- 
ed 10 combat lenorim 
Because the tunnd has a single 
entry and exit, Mr. Qutterbuck 
said, tbore is more incentive for 
terorists to **to grab the faeadUnes 
by bloddng it, by a temnst ad 
by sabotage or by a hoax call’* 

As in any complex under- 
gmmd system, the biggest danger 
IS ftom me and toxic fumes. Tim 
are 150 Uomeiers (93 nules) of 
tunnels, inctod^ separate ones 
for each direction, and a central 
service tunnel 

In the event of a serioos fire, 
passengers eoold be evacoated 
through the centra] service tcmnd, 
which is protected by fireproof 

Some cheimcals, nudear mate- 
rial and other potentially Amy r. 
Qus matoials be bamed frmn 

There irill be a risk of fire from 
the fud in cars, boss and tnida, 
which win be whisked through the 
tunnelmi trains csfiable of travel- 
ing up to 160 kflometos an hoar. 
Passengers will remain in their 

cars daring thejour^, a fact that 
has been strongly critnxzed by the 
fireiira's union in Britain and \iy 
the ferry companies, which since 
1974 have been obliged to sepa- 
rate passengers from meir vehicles 
during the cFOsang. 

Ead 800-meter-long shuttle 
train will cany six crew members 
to make sure, among other things, 
that passengers do not smoke. 

Stud^ procedure in case of a 
fire would be to get the train into 
the (^>oi air as soon as possible. 
The dosed shuttle wag^ have 
fire dom designed to resist blazes 
for enoD^ time to get to special 
locations where fires can be 
snxithercd with foam. If a serious 
fire enqited and a train had to 
stop, crew members would tackle 
the blare by evacuatmg pass^ 
gers and flooding the area mth 
balon gas. 

If an erelosion occurs, the blast 
would fdww tbe path of least re- 
sistance — the tunnd itself — 
rather than detroy the tunnd lin- 
ing, experts say. Trains wQl travel 
between concrete guides to ensure 
that even if they dierail they can- 
not tof^le over. 

Every coal minei knows that 
the Ukdiest cause (rf death under- 
eround is not flame but toxic 
nunes, such as odorless carbon 
monoxide, which can race 
through n tunnd faster than a 
miin i-an nuL To comb^t ihw dan- 
ger, the service timnd is slightly 
prmsnrized to kea dangoous 
gas« out, wfane the system is 
equ^qiedwith veodlatrestobriag 
dean air in. 

Other risks being considered in- 

• Flooding. Ejqierts say this is 
highly unlikdy because the three 
fmmrfji that maVe op the ^tem 
were drilled throu^ stable dialk 
deep beneath riie seabed. Rock 
extracted fracD the Dover end was 
so dry that it had to be doused 
anth water to keep down dust 

w Earthquakes. The Channd is 
not a tremor zone, but the p^- 
bility of quakes was taken into 
account in the tunnd design. 
“Even if there were an earthquake 
<x a laire explosion in the tunnd 
or on tne the ehalt marl 
would seal itsdf without letting in 
the sea,** Mr. Clotterbuck said 

• Rabies. Britain is free of ra- 
bies and France is not To prevent 
any antmals slip ping through the 
strict British quarantine laws, 
Euratimnd has sunk fences deep 
in the earth and equipped the tun- 
nds vrith “stun mats^ to immobi- 
lize ■wimak that get thiough the 
on ter defenses, experts say the 
greater danger is fiom donesne 
pets imported filially by passen- 


A train heatBng into the tmmel 

Dewrti^/Asaa ft Mc *-Pi aw 

on toe Froicfa side to a test noL Offidais ai« pr^Mihig for the 6 inangaratka cenmonies. 

In the TunneVs Future^ Another Tunnel 

By Ei^ Ipsea 

tiuematlatel HmU THInme 

LONDON —What win be the 
Qiannd Toimd’s impact 25 years 
from now? 

In a quarter-centtuy, Paris and 
Biussds are esqxcted to be only a 
shade more than two hours away 
from Lrmdon by lafl. As mmiy as 
15 minkBi people will be tnafewg 
the trip eve^r year — iq) to 800 a 
train <» 60 tidns a day. 

By then, tourists and business- 
ma boaod for overnight 
the Contmoii will rub elbows 
with a new ^leries, the trans- 

Otunnal nvnmitfr . 

“The tunnd will be a phyaeal 
manifestation of European 
Uni^** said Kdth Speed, co- 
Aatmian of the British palia- 
mentary oq the Oun- 

od TnnncL 

But will it be much else? 

On toe eve of the May 6 open- 
ing ceremonies to tbe fi^ fixed, 
aD- weather link be tw een Britain 
and tbe Continent, experts agire 
thai in 25 years toe tunnd will 
have been a success. But wifl it live 
up to its prcnnotioiul hypo? 

“1 the fTmtiwd T imnd is 
a bit like 1992 and toe promise of 
a angle Enropean market," said 
Alain Giiyoinardi. depo^ daxec- 
tor the European Insbmte at 
toe London Scbm of EcoDomics. 
**lt was thoD0rt that 1992 would 
diang e the way people live, and it 

‘The fact is that for aO toe 
faoQiria surrounding the tunnd, its 
act^ phyaeal impact is liiiut^" 
be sail “First <tf aB, by most 
estimates h wiD aiiqjly provide an 

altem^vB to existing ferry and 
airplane aerrioes. In other n^vds, 
it win divert tra^ not create it" 

Eurotonnd, tbe compare that 
holds tbe Itcease to nm toe tunnd, 
estimates that it will increase 
Cbannd passenger travel by only 
i^ercent, and fi^t traffic not at 

“It will not con^etdy revolu- 
tiomre trade wito tmope,'* said 
Richard Turner, poli^ director 

AssodaUon. *‘First of all, it 
doesn’t have the capadQ ami sec- 
ondly, it is only in one place." 

Even at peak eapad^, the nm- 
nd c(^d only handle a quarter of 
toe total fr^ht moring between 
Britain and Europe. Also, itsitmte 
from the south of En^and to 
Dortoem France is wdl out of the 
way of the traditional heavy fk>w 
of industrial goods b etw e en the 
British Midlands and nortbeni 
Europe, most of wfa^ moves ^ 

But by 25 years from now there 
wiD very likdy be a massive new 
oonstniction prqecl — a second 

<Tmnn#l tnnngl 

“If an toe ^owth fiairts are 
ri^t then the tunnd wul be ap- 

proaching its cuadty in another 
20 yarv said Gwyn Prosser, tbe 

tenninos, in FoOrestoce. 

WhOe tbe nmnei is unlikdy in 
25 years to have parked a locu- 
tion in transport, lifestyles or poli- 
tics, its inqnct noDctbdess be 
huge, esped^ in Britain. With 
it, the Britain gah» its first ail- 
weather link to toe marheia. the 

business and the tourist 

destinatioQS of the Continent For 
Continentals kmg accustomed to 
easy travd between thdr own na- 
tions, the ptospeet of quick aeces 
to Britain is not that big a factor. 

One m^cr effect of toe omnd 
is that an increasing number of 
iotematkmal companies may be 
moving to Britain. 

Card Paaowc, head of ^obal 
transpt^tion at McKins^ ft 
Ca consultants in Amsterdam, 
predicts an rebalancug 

^ Eiut^ The one eadstence of a 
fast rail link beneath the Channel 
he aigues, will shift Europe’s eco- 
nomic focal pant westwards. 

“If 1 were sittine in a board 
room in Sin^pore; New York or 
Tekyo," Mr. Pamiwe said. “1 
woold DOW be looking at sonthon 
England as my entry pdnt into 

He predicts a huge flow of 
“bram industries," sum as oon- 
puter software and other higb- 
u^molo^ companies into the 
area to lake advantage of tbe ease 
of access to vast Continental mar- 
kets from an En^sb-spealong 

Just as major airports have be- 
come magnets for evoything from 
hotels and conference cenieis to 
distribution and service oiganiza- 
lioQS, regional termiDals Eke Ash- 
ford on toe Eoglish side ^ the 
Channd and Life on the French 
side are Ekely to see majm influx- 
es of new burinessesL 

One key question concerns tbe 
cultural and poEticai in^»ct of 
tbe tunnel Many observe pre- 
dict that easier, mote-frequent 
Channel crossmss wiD lay 10 rest 

Britain’s island mentaliQr and its 
often oneasy idatioos with the 
rest of Enrope. 

*T think m 25 years we will 
realize that our fiuin doe lie 
■ the rest of the European 
Unkm," said Peter Sd^ a Labor 

w^^airs the cfa^d^umel 

As Britain finally draws closer 
to its Continental neigbbois, Mr. 
Sm^ dso foresees a oian^ of its 
so-wed roecial idationship with 
tbe Umted States. “M^rbe we win 
stop garing wistfully across tbe 
Atlantie at what mighi have 
been," he said. 

Bot it is as a commenaal com- 
petitor that tbe tmmd wiD likdy 
achieve its greatest intact — me 
that promises to reach fat b^ond 
its own enstomers to encoa^ass 
all those travdng between Britain 
and the Continent 

By offering an alternative to 
feny services and airlines, the tim- 
nd win have a profound impact 
on both toe qna^ and pricing oi 
its rivals* operations. That chii^ 
is already evident at tbe feny 
companies operating out of Dover 
and Calais, which uve cut prices 
and upgraded the quality of (heir 

The impact on toe airiines has 
yet to be fdt but most experts 
predict it will be great Pmi WB- 
liams a sp okeswoman for BAA, 
the privatized operator of the 
three iwam London-arca airpoits, 
said toe auports expecsed to lose 
one third of them- passengers 
bound to Bnissds and I^ris to 
toe Channd Timnd. EuiDtnnnd 
puts that figure at 50 percent 

me up 10 lOU XUameUiS an noor. gas. oc aoju. rust vn ou, ay luuai u, luc Diitaiu ua udi an- uiw uiai cosici, unn^io{ucuL utc vkhuhh iiuiucl. i.4uvu 

J^assepgen wiU remain in their — BARRYJAMES estimate hiriDanqily provide an weather link to toe martea. toe Channd crossmss wiD lay lo rest puts that fignre at 50 percen: 

OILINIVEIjS Anlif^paiion and Aimety Both Sides as Island and Continent Prepare to Come Together 

Ctndnoed from 1 Unian, but in Keol there appears to be a tiMCantinent or vice versa, aocording to English nationaUsis oppose toe tunnel toe tunnd could, by creating overcaf 

. . -j . 1 . . • . 1 . ^ ^ growing sense of ndgfaborimess. real estate people. for shortening a distance “that we al- ty, dose down some marginal fdiy 1 

they have paid the tax m the country of -gj-. gnatacts Trevor KaL a sockesmaa for the Na- readv too short." to Quote Lord and re^l in ud to 15,0W lost jobs 

they have paid the tax in the country of 

•Stordceepers and pito m southeast 
England siy to^ are bang ruined by the 
flood cd imports. Bat one supermarket 
chain. Tesoo’s, has set stores in France 
to grab sane of the bnsmess, and another 
cham, Seinsbuiy’s, recently an- 
nouncedplans to open a large supermar- 
ket in Calais. 

The presence of large numbm of 
French tourists goes nrrrmarlfwt in the 
Kent cathedral ci^ of Canterbmy, but 
provides a wdcome iigectioo into toe 
economies of depressed coastal towns 
like Folkesttme. It recently laid on free 
coffees and bus tours and deployed 
Fiencfa-q>eaking schoolchildren to make 
enws- diann el travdcxs fed wdCOUie. 

The British government exudes aloof- 
ness and skepticism about the European 

Uniaii, but in Keol there appears to be a 
growing sense of nd^brnfaness. 

“East Kent now has more ecu tacts 
with the amtii of France than wito most 
other r»ons of Britain," said Gwyo 
Prosser, toe Kent Coon^ Council's hm 
of European affairs. Insularity, wdrile it 
stiO exists, is bred^ down as people 
realize that it is earier to go dioppmg in 
Calais toan Loudon, Mr. Broaser said. 

Kent has joined whfa govemment ad- 
mznistraticos in nortfaenz France and 
E^um to form toe Trans-Manche Re- 
^ 00 . vdiidi is ^gjble to z^ooal financ- 
ing from the European Unkm. A spekes- 
man for the county ooimdl sdd Kiou had 
received £47 miUiai in Enrope an funds 
since 1987 to projects that inaude coop- 
eration on edition, eomloyiirat, tour- 
ism, transportation and the arvtronmenL 

So far, tbe slowly developing sense of 
re^ooalira has not trandated into any 
large movement of peq>lefrom Britain to 

tbe Cantinent or vice versa, aocording to 
real estate people. 

Trevor Kat, a sptkcsmaa to the Na- 
timial Asweiatiem of Estate Agents in 
Britain, said reliable transportation 
tfarood the tunnd inevitably wOl tempt 
more Britons to bny secondary or even 
primary homes across toe channel espe- 
dally ptttiesaoial people vtoo can work 
fmn home and toose v^ can take trans- 
port costs off their taxes. 

The tide is unlikdy to flow the other 
way, be said, because homes are much 
more eq>ensive in southern England. 

Mr. Prosser, on the other hand, said 
the idea of la:^ oombera of people mov- 
ing to France was "fandw" because 
eau side had deqdy ingnuned habits 
and traditions. Nor, unless the tunnd 
reduces its prices — rangmgfrom£125to 
£310 for a round t^wrthacar — could 
be see mock inoeative for people to live in 
one country and com, mute to tbe other. 

English nationaUsis oppose toe tunnel 
for shortening a distance “that we al- 
ready find too short," to quote Lord 
Palnm^Uxi, a I9to century prime mmis- 

Many people in Kent ^ipose the tim- 
nd for specific ecosomic reasons. Like 
some in Cal^ they fear it could tom 
their towns imo backwaters. Much de- 
pends on how well tbe ferries meet toe 


Doitr s toe world's busiest passenger 
port, vrito 18.4 rniDioa departures and 
entries last year, and Calais is second, 
wito about 16 miiiion passengers in 1993. 
The tunnd will Inpass both towns. Higfa- 
^Med trains wiD speed passengers be- 
tween Paris and Loudon in less than 
three hours, while shuttle trains will move 
cars and freight directly From one lugb- 
way system tti another in about one hour. 

According to tbe Kent Inqiact Study 
on economic prospects, tbe opeinsg df 

the timiid could, by creating overcap^ 
ty, dose down some muraial lines 
and result in up to 15,000 lost jobs. 

But the tunnd is expected to create 
new business rather than merely take 
passengers and height away froia tbe 
ferries. Tbe two ferry operators are intiD- 
docing huge new ships that will enable 
than to offer a sendee that is at least as 
rqnlar and almost as fast at tbe tunnel 
as wdl as being sianficantly cheaper. No 
one is writing off tbe ferries. 

Nor is tbe tunnd a mere omnection 
under the Chaimd. It is the bub of a 
network of new highways ou dtber end 
and is connected to Faiu although nor 
yet to London, by higb-^iesd raflw:^ 

Tbe tunnd “puts Calms and toe sur- 
rounding ingion more in the heart of 
Europe," said Roland Deplace, toe Ca- 
lais rqncsentative of France’s govern- 
ment planning agen^. 

Rwaiidci Talks Fail 
To Get Started as 
F ighting Rages On 

VieAssetiated Prm 

NAIROBI — Rd>d and govem- 
ment lotces exefayged heaiy mor- 
tar and gunfire in the Rwandan 
tfi pK, on Sondny, and 
gntu emment eavoys failed to diow 
tq> for o^tiattois in Tanzania. 

The ^ting has been tsm- 

tionally heavy today," said Ab^ 
Kat^ a United Natkxts ^Kkes- 
man hi fCigalL 

Radio Fiance Intenationale^ said 
Sunday that massacres were con- 
tinuing in Rwanda’s second-largest 
city, Butare, 75 kilometers (45 
mdes) southwest of K^bU. Tbe re- 
pot was monitored by the BBC 

Tbe waidiwofd is the dimioa- 
tk» of those wtoo are consideied 
enemies, a^ no ooeis ^ared: ttoil- 
dren, wives, baMes," said toe Red 
Cross official was not idoiti- 

Mr. Kaltia, intennewed 1^ tde- 
pbone horn Kigali sud govern- 
ment rqiresentatives did not toow 
im in the nmiheastem Zaire town 
a Goma on Saturday, where a UN 
I^aM was waiting to take toem to 

He said militaiy officers in Kiga- 
li tdd tile United Nations on Sun- 
day that they were unaNe to con- 
tact offfeims in Gitanuna, 38 
lohnnetexs sontbwest of KigaH, 
where the government fled the 
fi^umg two wedcs aga 

Tbm wiQ be not talks to 

sure," said Kassim Mwawado, a 
Tanzanian Foreign Ministry offi- 
dul in tbe oortheni Tanzanian 
town of Arusha, whm toe talks 
woe to be hdd. He said the 
seniadve of the rebd Rwandan Pa- 
triotic Front h^ just teff the ttr^ 
Pfff s i ile n t Ali Hassan Mwinyi of 
Taozaztia invited Rwanda’s gov- 
ennnent and ite rebds for talks to 

end the cacnase, whidi has eiaiaed 
..... . _« inn nfifi Tinnln 

Some 2 Rwandans have 
fled their hbtn^ and thousands 
mote are barricaded in bnildtngs. 
The viotenoe b^an a day after toe 
pretidents oi Rwanda and Buninfi 
died is a mysterious plane crarii in 
K^li on April 6. 

The fighting is between goveoi- 

meat forces, dominated tbe ma- 
jority Hutu, and the rdbds, vdio are 
fflO^ muKnity Tutas. Hutu and 
Ttitsis have fowl for poGtical su- 
pr emaiy since toe country’s iade- 
peskdence ffom Bd^nm in 1961 
The rdids declared a unOatenl 
cease-fbe to bqjn nndnight Mou- 
(tey mi coodtitHi that tiie govern- 
ment end all IdOings in areas h 
controls wiifam 96 hmns. 

The rebels also demanded that 
the goyenment aco^t an interna- 

tirtnal wiqitiiy into tM kilKng B and 
aDow thore fonnd guilty to be tried. 

Mr. Kabia said 32 fordgnos. 
vriiQ had been under die protection 
trf the ^ Cross, were evacuated to 
Ko^ on Sunday. 

CIRCUS: Moscow Business Bisks 

Goatoraed from FSfie 1 
He added, “Our claims are mostly 
of a moral natnre." 

The origjnal contract was rigned 
abmt two years ago and was weir 

A subsidiary of Delaware North, 
a com^y b^ed in Boffak), New 
Yo^ TMmed a 20-yw Joint ven- 
ture wito the circios, wito an option 
to extend it for 20 more years. Tbe 
American company, wuch man- 
ages the Boston Ganlen and is tbe 
largest caterer for major league 
barebaU, {xomised to upgrade (he 
quali^ and variety of concessions 

Ddaware North would receive 
75 percent of aD cooicessioD-Telated 
revenue— revenue from the arcus 
itself was not involved — and a 
consultant the circus had hired to 
find a foreign partner would re- 
ceive 7.S pcrcenl Mr. Chambers 

Mr. Chambers acknowledged 
(hat tbe remainiiig I7.S percent 
share for the dreus was snaD, but 
he said it was not unreasonable 
given tbe risks of the venture. 

Maxim NOailin said his father. 
DOW 73, agreed out of naivete Yuri 
Nikulin, a lubboy-faced, sad-eyed 
down and movie actor of unques- 
tioned gonus, “never had any con- 
nection to business," his son ex- 

Things proceeded smoothly for 
more than a year. But in August 
1993, toe cireus dire^, 
Mikhail Sedov, was shot and killed 
outside his ^»jtmenL Both sdes 
^ his murder — a contraa slay- 
ing. acoonlmg to the police — was 
not rdated to tbe joint ventniv. But 
Mr. Sedov had been ibe chief go- 

That was terribly Hatnaging to 
us," Mr. Chambers said, “lines of 
commanicatioD became very nmd- 
died. There were fights over bis 
successor, competitions and jealou- 
sies, and we were tbe odd man ooL" 

Last fall toe Moscow toeyw, 
Yuri Luzhkov, issued a decree de- 
claring the jtmi venture iUegal At 
a Jan. 31 meetiire with Mr. Lu^ 
kov. toe U.S. ambassador, Thomas 
R. Pickering, eiq>ressed concern 
that Moscow's dty gm^nuDeot 
seemed to be eocour^mg efforts to 
force out the American company. 

accoidiag to Ddavrare North. Mr, 
Luzhkov responded that the 
“Americans' were ™»iring mo 
money,” but said he hqpM the oon- 
tiaet conld be ren^tiated. 

At that point, Delaware North 
was wiDiog to reo^otiate, givhig 
the dreus a Itngerjpercentage than 
the ori^al 17.5 percent, Mr. 
Chambers sakL But Jan Visser, 
wianaging dircoor of Defamie 
Ncaws Enropean operatioDS, said 
the circus’s proposal was a ntxh 
starter 85 percent to (be dreus, no 
exclusive n^ts to concessioos for 
the joint venture and a term of only' 
two years. 

“Coder sodi terms, we couldn’t 
eves recover our investment" Mr. 
Visser said. 

To whiefa, Maxim Niknlin re- 
spQodei sarcastic^ in a Russian 
new^»per interview, ‘Yon know,- 
we are teady (o cry like children, 
heating such hard words from these 
real American guys." He added, 
“And they hadn't invested any- 

At that point accordmg toDela- 
ware North, b^an a “j^tteni of 
harassment phyaeal threats, at- 
tempted extortion and nusinfonna- 
txm by our Rnsaan partno', aimed 
at forcing us out” tax inspec- 
tors froze toe joint venture’s bant 
accounts and sealed its office, 

Amoicais working for tbe joint 
venture also received physical and 
other threats, causing the company 
to Qy them home “on an emeigency 
basis for their safety," the company 

Id u interview Friday, Maxim 
Nikulin dismissed mai^ of these 
all^atims. He accused Ddaware 
North of overstating its investment 
and hiding profits so it ccwld take 
home a la^ share. 

Mr. hninilin said the eroeiience 
with Ddaware North h^ tai^i 
him not to trust Amajcan con mi - 

“Fffl fully aware that there are 
very few serious, respectable com- 
panies willing to take toe risk of 
mvesiing be sakL Their 
main is to make some mone^ 
and disappear." 

Mr. Chambers said: “Z believe 
that many Americans, even today, 
are guite stany-qFed about to 
Russian maricet. We have encour- 
aged them to be realistic" 



tf you^ a South African living abroad or traveUing overseas on business or holiday on April 
26, you 'Win be able to vote in me country’s first frilSr democratic election. 

Airangements for voting fetcilitles have been made through South African embassies and 
consulates where these are established. Where South Africa has no embassies or consulates, 
arrangements have been made for the use of other locations. 


'IhefoDowizig persons are entitled to vote if th^ are 18 years or older 
South African cttizezis or citizens tbe TBVC countries 

b) immig rants -with penuanent residence permits or exempted ficom holding such permits 

c) former South African dtfaens ifatng jn South Africa 

d) the spouses or children of a South African dtizen or former South African citizen 


Eligible voters should produce one of the following identification documents at the polling 

a valid South African passport 

an identify document either the old dark blue -version or the new green version 
identity documents Issued by thdIBVC states 
d) ax^ of the three versions of reference books 

6) a green plastic identity card 

NOTE: 0 No eliglblUty documents will be issued on 26 April 1994 

Persons arriving at the polling station -without one of the abovementloned 
eligibility documents will not be permitted to vote. 


Tuesday, April 26 has been set aside as the onfy day for -votl 
South Africa. These stations will be open -between 07:00 anri 19 : 


at voting stations outside 
local time. 

Voters will be required to produce their voter eligibility iriffn*ifiratiriT 7 anrf have their finfiers 
marked with ink. 

The ballot peqiers will be sealed in separate envelopes which will be placed in a third before 
being returned to South Africa for counting. The envdopes for the Provincial ballot will have 
tbe name of the Province on it 


£fyou have any enquiries regarding the dectiozu 

a) Call the Independent Electoral Commission toll free at (09-27-111 f40i-90fini 
(intemational) or 0800-11-8000 (South Africa). The EC’s toll-free line onmtifl^ 
24 hours a day, seven a week. ^ 

bi Call the SA Embas^, Paris: 45-55-92-37 


SA Ck>nsulate General, Marseille: 91-22-66-33 


Voting stations in FRANCE will be situated at the following places; 

SAEmbas^ SA Consulate General 

59 Qual d'Orsay 408 Avenue du Prado 

75007 PARIS 13008 MARSEILLE 




M u 


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) Address 


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NKON: A Different Picture at Home and Overseas 

S^tor Josqph McCartlw was that 
the Hiss case involved senoixs accu- 
sations ci espionage, altiiou^ 

Hiss was eventually convicted oniy. 
n p^u^. Mr. Nixon’s politick 
^loitatiofi of the affair was crude, 
but in his pursuit of Mr. Hiu he 
dealt with real issuer which was 
not the case f<» Senator McCarthy. 

What became known as McCar- 
th^nsm was the demago^c harass- 
tnrat of large numbers of people 

demonstrations and belonged to 
Comimint^ front OTganiiations, or 
to the Cominunist Party itself, tar- 
ing the years when to do all of that 
was not only perfonly legal but 
politically correct. 

^ Mr. Nixon’s period as Dwight D. 
Hsenhower's vice president caused 
foreign observers to take a second 
look at him, as Mr. Eisenhower was 
aQ but universaiiy admired abroad 
for sober and responable conduct 
of American foreign poU<^. 

It did not have the same effect in 
the United States, sioce Mr. Eisen- 
hower’s endorsement of his vice 
president’s candidature for the 
ptesidency io 1960 was so Iuke> ' 
warm as to amount to a disavowal. 

Mr. Nixon was elected president 
in 1968 because in the midst of the 
great and decisive American na- 
tional crisis provoked by the Viet- 
nam War. Mr. Nixon promised a 

way out — and because he was a 
censer^ttive, he seemed csq)^leof 
{novidihg that way out, winch his 
rival, Lyn^ B. Johnson's vice 
pedant, Hubert R Hun^hr^, 
did noL 

The doubts that penUted-abroad 
abont Mr. Nixon’s judg^ot and 
political nmliw wre not really 
disspated miil the beguming of 
the 1970s, late in his first preaden- 
tial term. Hie causes for this 
change were ids poli^ of detente 
with the Soviet Union and his 
arms-control agreements with 
Moscow, his opening of U.$. ida- 
tiofis with China and his withdraw- 
al of American forces from Viet- 

This last was no victory, but was 
'seen abroad as a nasoaabiy adrail 
disguise for inevit^tle defeat This 
was the exact contr^ to what Mr. 
Nixon, and his Secretary of State, 
Hemy A Kisringer, .claimed was 
the case. Tlieir denials were taken 
abit^ ausiakeoly, as subtlety. 
Many were also ready to accept 
Mr. Nixon’s areument that domes- 
tic critics had dedsivety under- 
mined the U.S. position in Viet- 

Mr. Nixon and Mr. Kissinger 
said that ehanging the terms of 
the American rmationsh^ with 
Moscow, and by establishing rela- 
tions wth China, tl^ were con- 
ducting a classic politics of power 

balance. The reality was that China 
tdayed the. American link against 
Its ^viet rival, to no profit to the 
Unit^ States. The opening to 
Moscow would have btto mud) 
more difficult for a Democratic ad- 
ministiatirei, however, and it con-' 
tributed to that ferment in Soviet 
political aides which eventually 
was to produce glasmat and peres- 

Mr. Nixon's downfdl in the Wa- 
teigate scandal was generally mis- 
peredyed abroad as the result of a 
politi^ plot. The sign^cauce 
Americans attached to his vicla- 
tion, in ihis affair, both of the law 
and (tf his constitutiona] position, 
was not generally understood. 

Wiretapi»ng and burglary of a 
rival party's premises seemed in 
many West European and Adan 
political drcles to be dqilorable 
but unsurprisii^ forms of political 
condncL Amencans were thought 
“puritans" for bfcomtng so excited 
about it a judgment nhich i^red 
the fact tiiat the cultural origin of 
Ameikao sodcQr is indeed C^viu- 
ist and F^tan. 

Thus the 37th president was seen 
abroad, when tus political career 
ended, as more wctim than wrt^- 
doa. His subsequmt fchabililatioo 
in American cpinioa as a foreign 
poUcy mse man owed much to the 
fact that abroad he had never lost 
that iqiutation. 

LEGACY: Lingering Changes in Political Geography 

Gontimied from Page 1 

postwar period to reco^iize the po- 
tential of anti-communism, and be 
madi» that issue bis tiadeoiark in 
the three California House and 
Senate f-arnpaigns he woo from 
1946 to 1950. 

Twenty years later, when cam- 
pus and urban riots and the street 
warfare at the Democratic conven- 
tion of 19^ignji«l public opinion, 
it was Mr. Nixon who pushed the 
“law and order" issue to the center 
of the stage — where it has re- 
mained ever since. 

Despite his homely looks and his 
grave, humorless style, he was one 
of the first nation^ pcditidans to 
recognize the power television 
and try to use it systematically to 
his advantage. 

He saved his vice-preridential 
place on the 1952 Republican tidc- 
et — after controversy arose over a 
privately finaiiced expense fund in 
his Senate office — ■ by malring a 
televised a^>eal dire^y to the 
Amencan voters. 

The success of that “Checkers 
speech” and the renown he won as 
vice president with his telerised 
“kitchen debate" with Nikita S. 
Kiinischev instilled enough confi- 
dence in Mr. Nixon (hat be encour- 
aged Dmgbl D. Eisenhower to si^ 

legislation in 1960 setting up the 
fust televised preridential debates. 

He lost those debates — espe- 
cially the first one. wiih the laisest 
audience — to Jttim F. Kenney, 
'and that may well have been the 
margin ^ Us hairbreadth defeat 

But in his dogged way, Mr. Nix- 
on kept after it, and when be ran 
a pi n m 1^8 the “Ask Richard 
Nixon" sessions, staged by the trie- 
viaon adviser Roger AUes vdih 
carefuDy screened but seemingly 
ordinary voters, became the fore- 
runners of i^t is now a standard 
campaign fonnaL 

Mr. Nixon was a oudai transi- 
tion figure in the history of the 
modem Republican Party. For the 
better part of four decades, only 
Mr. Eisenhower, the smiling and 
rictoiious World War II com- 
mander, was able to break the 
Democrats’ grip on the White 
House. When Barry Goldwater lost 
by a landslide to Lyndon B. John- 
son in 1964, serious talk arose 
about the problematic future of the 

But Mr. hfixon hdped nurse it 
bade to health, cainpmgamg con- 
stanily for the party in the highly 
suocettful ttudienn campaign of 
1 966, though he was nomisaDy just 
a New York QQr lawyer, and then 

npdattning the piCSideDtial ZKXin- 

nation in 1968. 

(a sh rg Ik 


Both his presidency and his cam- 
paigns of 1^ and 1972 embodied 
the Struve to bridge the gulf be- 
tween a mainstreflin Republican 
Party and an emerging papism of 
the ri ght that encomp^sed hostil- 
ity to the civil fights revolution. 
auEer towanl the sexual liberation 
and free ^peedi toovements the 
19^ and the hvd-hat attack on 
the anti-Vieinam War movement. 

Watergate transformed Ameri- 
can politics. The scandal and the 
freced resi^tion of the president 
sharply inaeas^ public ^trust of 
and cynicism tosrard govenuneni, 
justified a wide range of congnss- 
sionally imposed restrictions on 
presidential power and authority, 
hriped to ^ve birth to an iofluen- 
tial gneration of Democrats, and 
gaw impetus to the eongresrional 
reforms <k the mid-1970s. 

The focus of this distrust on the 
preridency created a favorable cli- 
mate io Conmess (or the enactment 

the War Powers Act, which re- 
quired presideDtial notification of 
Congren witfam 48 hours of troop 
deploy^ts and coneressioaal au- 
thorization w ithin 60 days. The 
measure was passed at the hdghl of 
the Watergate controversy, after 
Mr. Nixon had dismissed Ardii- 
bald Cox as ^qjedal pntfecuior. 

Mr. Nixon left few msututions 
— or pec^le — of his era un- 


Fears More 
Assaults on 

By Pliilxp Shenon 


SINGAPORE — Anti-Chinese 
riots in Indonesia have led to one' 
Hwth and have aJariDdl ^)vem- 
meot and buriness leadeg'wbo feat 
that the violenoe could spread to 
other parts of the vast ^theast 
>^ian nation, which has an eebno- 
njy dominated by etlm^ Qunese 
families and a work force consist- 
iog tnatniy etiutic Malays. 

The riots b^an the week bef m 
last in Medan, Indonesia's thod 
largest paialyziog the north 
Sum^ran area for several da^ as 
thousands of la^rers took to the 
streets to dmiand higbei wages Bod 
an ^Uosrion for the death last 
cDontn of a union activisL 

On Ajnil IS, an ethnic Chinese 
factory owner, Kwok Joe Lip, S3, 
was stooed and beaten to death m 
his car as he tri^ to drive to his 
factory in hopes of proteodng it 
from the cixn^ rioters in Me- 
dan. More than 100 shops and 
busnesses owned by ethmc Qu- 
oese families in the dty were said to 
have been vandalized. 

Tuesday, thousands looters 
were repo^ to have descended 
with muiteles and iroQ picks on a 
shopping in central Medan 
owned fay Chmese. 

The ethnm citinese who make 
up mtiy about 3 peremt of the 
pqpulatiofi of Indonesia, quiddy 
became tar^ of the demon- 
strarors, as they nave in years past 

Leaflets that drculated arsoeg 
the crowds described ^ wealth 
ethnic Chinese families and 
charged t^ were exploitisg Indo- 
neaan factory workers, who are 
mostly of etfa^ Malay storiL 

The success the Qimese is 
widely envied — and resented — in 
indnmKia an arcliipelago of 180 
inilliaQ people and toe fourth most 
populous nation. The avsage an- 
nual per capita inemne is about 

Toquefl the riots, the Indonesian 
Ani^ flooded the streets of Medan 
with up to 2,500 stddiers and has 
warn^ unkm leaders against try- 
ing to revive the demonstrations. 

“Jakarta has been a relativdy 
nerraus pl^ this week.** a dipk^ 
mat said. “Thera have been lots of 
runmrs about copycat riots here; 
incidents in. the predmninantiy 
Chinese parts of town. None of 
that is true. There have been no 
inddents in Jakarta. But the ru- 
mors are an indication of the level 
of nervousness among the Qiinese 
population here.**. 

t J 


■ r j 

Hrong Oinh Kbrn/Agmcc FraMePK-ic 

FROM U.S. TO VIETNAM, WITH RHYTHM — A ago io Hanoi anoouiidiig concerts the 
singer John Denver to be held mi May 1-L He is also scheduled to peifcMrm in Ho Qd Minh Gty. 
Mr. Denver is the first Arnerican anger to pofonn in Vietnam since the end Mtire vritfin 19^ 

Hata, Awaiting Nod^ Lists His Goals 

TOKYO — Tsutomu Hata. Ja- 
pan's prime minister-designate, 
promised Sunday to lead efforts to 
slash govemmem red tape, revamp 
the tax system and reduce the huge 
trade surplus. 

Mr. Haia, destined to become 
pime minis ter in a formal vote on 
Monday, denied -speculaiioa that 
an ally. Ichiro Ozawa, would con- 
trol .policy-making as backstage 
boss u) the s^le of the long-govem- 
ing Liberal Democratic Party. 

“It's a fabrication to ay that 
we^ setting up our own two-tiered 

power stiucnire," said Mr. Haia, 
currently foreign minister, speak- 
ing in a broadcast interview. 

“I believe all of tbecoalitioo par- 
ties must take part in dedding what 
to do about the many issues.” Ik 
said.-in^catiqg that his emphasis 
would be on consensus-buOding 
Mr. Hati^ who wiD rah against 
ca^dates put up .by the Liberal 
Demociats and oibCT opporition 
parties, is certain to win b^use of 
the coalition's mqority in the deci- 
sive lower bouse. 

He promised Sunday to pass the 
now-overdue national budget for 

CURRENCY: Europe’s Dream Reviving Once Again 

OntBiied fioD 1 

Vnioo countries in 1999. and that 
investors “diould not exclude the 
possibOily” of it happening in 

Getting there is far from assured. 
Europe have to pull itself out 
of recession if countries axe lo meet 
the economic criteria for a single 
currency, and the surge of more 
than one percentage point in long- 
term mieresi rates this year threat- 
ens to throttle the recovery. 

“Without renewed growth and a 
return to accqilable levels of un- 
employment, we will be con- 
deiTUied to continued introspection 
and despair," Economics Commis- 
sioner Henning Christopbersen 
told (be monetary union associa- 
tion’s annual meeting in Paris earii- 
a this month. 

Nevertheless, the sanw financial 
markets that wrecked Europe's ex- 
char^raie mechanism last Au- 
gust'now point clearly to a single 
currency in this decade. 

With the exception of the British 
pound and the Italian lira, which 
were forced put of the ERM in 
1992, and the Creek drachma, 
which, has never been a member, 
every EU currency exc^i the Por- 
tuguese escudo was trading Friday 
within a 4.5 percent of the others, 
the ERM’s old fluauatioo band. 

Lbog-tenn interest rates also 
have converged more closely 
around Gennany’s grid, the bench- 
mark for Europe. Yields on ID-year 
French bonds dipped briefly below 

' Goman levels late Iasi year.' and 
even though ihe falling popularity 
of the govenunent of Prirse-Mirtis- 
ter Edouard Balladur has put pres- 
sure on the franc in recent weeks, 
FroiA bond yields have risen lo 
only , one-third of a point above 
Gennan yidds. 

Mr. Bi^opsaid tbeanall margjh 
indicated that the market was not 
pricing In any franc depredation 
ovo lo years. 

The secret to the stability was the 
decision by EU offidais last AU& I 
to widen current fluciualioo 
bands to plus or minus 15 percent 
from 2.25 peroeuL Although re- 
garded at the linK as an admission 
of the inabili^ of goveraroeots to 
defend their interests in a SI trii- 
lion-a-day global market for cur- 
rendes. it proved lo be an eff ec- 

live mechanism for containing 

Unlike the old system, where 
tight trading limits aad mandatory 
government intervsntioo allowed 
speculators to sell EU curmaes 
without risk in the hope of forcing a 
devaluation that gave them .wind- 
fall profits, exch^ge rates .can 
swing sharply lip or down in the 
currency ^siem. ending the era of 

The sword of Damocles of se- 
vere exchange-rate. penaJtiro is 
hanging over them aU . the time," 
Mr. .Malihes wrote. “Fairly large 
speculative upheavals to exchange 
rales can no longer occur, and this 
aeeordiitgly. eases exchange-rate 

atpeciatkms and hence' the pres- 
sure OD imeret rates.’* 

Increasingly, EU officials talk of 
leaving the fluctuation majgiiis as 
they are rather than trying to reun- 
pore narrow bands in the lun-up to 
a single current. Indeed, £U ror- 
dgu munstds shelved any talk of 
narrow bands at their informal 
meelii^ in Athens last month. 

Andit Swings. Jiead of foragn 
exchange trading at Kredietbank in 
Brussels, said that made sense. Try- 
ing to return to oartow bands “\rill 
invite speculators again to mounl 
on attack," -be said. 

Based on Salmnon's forecasts, 
Mr. Bisb^) said Denmaik, Germa- 
ny, Ireland, Luxembourg and the 
Netherlands could well meet the 
single-currency requirements at the 
end of 1996. The Uition could ot^ 
tain the n^ori^ needed to actually 
make ibeju^ the follo wing year 
Belgium or France trim thor bud- 
get deficits .toward the Maastridit 
ceiling of 3 percent of gross domes- 
tic product. 

Gettiag a majority win be more 
difficult if Sweden, Finland, Nor- 
wsff and Austria -emer the Union 
next year, since only the latter will 
meet the d^cit standard. 

Determining how to interpret 
(1» Maastricht deficit requirements 
will be a political footb^ over the 
next two yeara The commission is 
coDSidei^ irays of forcing bud- 
get discTpIme and is expected to 
report to finance ministers in the 
second half of this year. 






- OppectwMes is Oiiaa 
to Repartl'aBd CoBstndliu 

Presented brstafFTsinshua and Peoplas 
UnFversOes. B6iint China liweantent Bank, 
ijKCompaniesand UMIST Stall 
Bustness approaches, qxntuntties. dUHail- 
menc ano pfDpedy dwelopmmt in Qilna 

Pamela Hyde, 

Centre for ftQpeityt)evelopTnen t 
and Manaigewe n fc UMICT 
Mandiester. England 
Teu 061-200 4318-Ftoe 061-200 4217 


. inmi iwI bBa l Conference of 
’ .HoaS^ MaoufdiiureR flCHM) 
Cbariotte'Cov e atiop Ceoter,tJSA 
'hie ICHM b hefddtedajrpiioriothe cpenitigol 
the irnsnattonl Heiej Ej^mtiw. M the 
■ Cbnimncc. hosl^ manutodoeis wiH hear ther 
cnifterpatts ftw'nony cboatnes dixus 
future o< the uQifctolNaev inwixL 'Ihw wiU 
abo eniw promaCions on the d°haliauon of 

hc^. the uiltutiy^ land tedv^^ 
cniertts'aid Ihe W u a uy 

qualltrnanaeanert preeiani. 
NadondAssodadonofHosieiyManiifadwen, . 
Td.: (7041 (704) 36^20M . 

north CAROUNA 


BS 94: Client Saver Reporting for 

Europe's leoding confoence and exhi- 
bition on Executive and Management 
Information Systems. A unique 
QWiferehceprograninie whi^ gathers 

TiVJ»' i i iiTwi [• i1 illil 

practitioners and case studies, with 
the aim of helping organisations link 
QS to business goals. 

QMuai Bestoes Melligefice 
F^- 081^44 9020 


luteraatioad Heatoiy £:^p0ghioa QKE} 
Qiariotte Mentanefise Mart 

The IHE ollmnianuractiireis From srouKl 

rtK a supettor setting h which to 


the o.ilv ttadeshow. lic 

entirely to the di^tlay of hodery manutoe- 
tunne sitoplies and seiviees 

Jeamiette E. RoUnsoa, 
InieiTiationri Ho si ery AssodaUon 
TeL (7041 367-0913 
. PSK(7IM13fi2<3050 


JUNE 15-16 


Asia wd the Padfle 

The conference, orte of Asia's leading 
ettergy forums, will be addressed ^ 
sep^ in die oil industry fioin the 
world OMer. 


Brenda Ha^ity, 
internation'ad Her^d TVfbune, 

TeL;{44 71)836 4d02 

Fast (44 71) 836 0717 


1994-95, Rfomnng the tax system 
and drafting measures to reduce 
Tol^o's ciinmic trade surplus with 
the Uruted Stales. He emphasized 
der^ulatitm to reduce government 
red tape. - 

“I want to proceed with deregu- 
lation,'' he sa^ “because itTl hdp 
open markets and create new types 
.ofindnstiiesL'*’.: ' ^ 

Japan has come under UiS. pres- 
sure to reduce income taxes and 
omfaaul its tax system to rectify an 
imb^aDoe that places the wogfat 
heavfly on direct taxes os oppo^ 
to indirect taxes. 

China, Eye 
Sets Free 
A Dissident 

By Lena H. Sun 

jjpadiingien Pest Service 
BEllTNG — China has rdeas© 
one of the two key leaders of in 
1989 pro-democracy movement t 
an apparent attempt to improve it 
human rights ifliage; sik weeks be 
fore Fluent Bill Clinton mm 
decide whether to extend China' 
favorable trade status. 

' Wang Jiffltao, 35, who was isen 
tea*d in 1991 to ISyearsin prisor 
was released on memcal parole. H 
was allowed to meet with his famil, 

at the aiiport here for about half ai 
hour before boarding a flight fo 
New York, where he is oroected.t. 
undergo treatment for uver an< 
heart trmible. 

He-was' accmiipaiiied by ^ on 
ptoyee (tf the U.S. Embassy ui3ey 
ing, and “iotdted fine," accofdin 
to a U.S, d^lomaL 
[At Kennedy aiiport in Ne« 
YoiL Nn.' Wang, quoted by Rei 
ters,' ^d ^tuiday, “I bdieve ther 
wW be further pn^ress and devel 
opirtouts in my country and in tb 
near, futnre I thinlc others - like m 
will be rdeased.*! 

. Chinese offidais “only notifie 
us at fbe last miaute, wbra- tiie 
came to the house abemt 7 A.M., 
Mr. Wang's mother, Ge Yume 
.said in a telephone intervidi 
^^When we beard this news, we wei 
very hqpy. It riidws (hat the Uni 
ed States is very concem^ abot 
his health, and we are.gratefoL" ' 
Under an ducutive ordet issae 
by Mr. Clmroii year, 'Chio 
must show “sigznTicant, overa 
pFc^jess" io several homu li^' 
areas, indwfing the tieatmeat of r 

dent can renew the frad^ statu 
•wiiidi allows in. Chinese imports i 
the lowest tariffs. The deadnne h 
renewal is June 3. 

Mr. Wangisnot lik^ to be enou^ 
to meet the conditions laid out i 
Mr. Qhiton's executive orderl 
. The offidal Xinhna press agei 
cy, quoting a spokesman for ti 
Jttstire Muiistiy. said .Mr. War 
“has left for medical ireatma 
abroad after the. Chinese judfd 
authorities rdttsed him on oail ai 
cordiiig to law on account of tl 
conditions of his niness." 

; But Mr. Wang, who suffers fra 
heart disease and chronic b^atit 
B, has long sought his release c 
medical parole. His ddention b* 
been publicized by his wife. He 
Xiaotian.'who is studying ai O 
Jumbia University in New Yori 

and hk f3^ ba g b^ atnftng 

cdnsistditly iais^ by huin^ 
groups and Weslero government 
mduding the United Sutes. 

. The autbixities continue to hoi 
tiie counts most prominent pi 
Jitied dissMent, Wd JiagT^eog 


Backing for U.'S. 

Cmtinned fnmi 1 
American dffidal who has bee 
d^Iy involved in the issue. “But 
think all of us have our doubt 
eq>Mai)y ^ven the weakness of 
cunent government" 

Militaiy offidais here note-tbi 
siace 19^. the United' States ah 
Japan have, been negouatiiig 
cross-servidog agreement . tht 
wmild allow for routine use of eac 
other's supplies and in!rtflHa tions - 
rimtlar to s^reemaits. the Unite 
States has in Malaysia, Thailan 
and South Korea but that it hi 
run into political ob^ctes. 

Exeqn for Mr. Ozawa, who 
the closest ally of Prime Ministe 
designate Hata, Japanese poUt 
dans have said almost nothing j 
public about the North Korea 
threat beyond making vague pron 
ises to ^ “^thin Japanese law" 
the United Nations imposes sani 

But in the last week, Mr. Qzan 
has repeatedly con^tiained that ti 
country has no institution for cris 
management — a decades-long u 
boo on security issues herehas pn 
veoted the fonnation of a nation: 
security council or a unified intell 
gence operation. 

"If it comes to a trade embai| 
and a maritime blockade, we can 
do anything unless we are prq^are 
to reform domestic law with eme 
geot^ legislBtiQii." Mr. Ozawa'tol 
coalition leaders last week. 

MAY 3^ 




(33-1)46 37 93 70 



Page 7 


Richard Nixon, 1913-94: 
**iiuuph and Tumult 

of the Watergate Scandal 
^nded to Obscure His Accomplishments 

ft,. i_t. .. 1 

% John Herbers 

To millions a** 

N«oo was ihc Miifaous 

.Polilician of his and fascinaiing 

mtelligence and ionT" a nian of high 

nspcci^ Sv 

so motiva^ bv *“** he vas 

abused his *ai he 

cover-ups. ^ resorted to lies and 

grouS^S h? Jot him OB the 

gogum and defa^tiS* *5^“ through dema- 
he insDiri 

thSi^tbJ paniwlarly 

“0 - 

bnnjjlttious roller-coasicr 

ruin »nri*^i^r ’ wival, trium^ 

siaiesmaii. as an elder 

ladK reeved the honors and acco- 

“^y would have if he had not 
^ presidency in the face 
^e cover-up of a 
^eap ^huc^ b^ary of Democratic Par^ 
Md other lUegal acts ot domestic espitJ 
documemed Oval Ofiice tape re- 

St^ be never confessed the “high oimes and 
msderoea^R*' of which he wm accused in 
anicjes of impeachment, approved by the 
House JudKaary Committee, that precipitated 
to resignation in August 1974. 
u ‘‘^^.?epresidentdoesii,ihaiinafcesj!l^” 
be tt"? David Frost in a cd^rated televi^n 
interview three years after be was pardoned by 
to successor. Gerald R. Ford. 

So strong was the stigma of Watergate that it 
tended to obscure Mr. Nixon's accomphsh- 
meots. tn foreign affairs, with Henry A. Kuan- 
ger as national security ^viser and secretary of 
state, these included establishing rdations with 
Communist China, initiaring detente and nu- 
cleOT arms control treaties with the Soviet 
Union, and opening tte way for ^ypt to br^ 
with the Soviet bloc. 

(n the domestic area, his record appears 
better through the prism of subsequent events, 
several scholars say, than it did at tte time In 
his administ/ation, a huge expansioo of the 
food stamp program went a long way toward 
lessening hunger in America. The Envircnim^- 
tal Protection Act aothoiized vast resonrees 
and regulation for cleaning the country's air, 
land and water. 

Mr. Nixon resh^red the Siqneme Court 
through his appointmeiU of a chitf justice and 
three associate justices on a basis of ideology 
persuasion. _ 

Yet bis accomplishments woe marred by his 
methods, his motives and his amlnguities. End- 
ing the long divisive war in Southed Asa took 
four vears from the ume be was elected ptesi- 
denf bn a peace pledge, yeare in wiach Ameri- 
can society was scsitm by riots and rebellions 
pgajnsi (be efforts to force peace tbrougb 
bombings and incursioDS into new terriuny. 

In all matters be centralized power around 
himself and a few aides in the White House and 
sought to broaden the authority of the exeoi- 
tive branch at the expense of Congress and the 
courts. He tried to use the bureaucracy against 
political foes. 

It was Mr. Nixon’s persemahty and character 
that most caught tbe attentiOTi Americans as, 
always amid great controvo^, be went from 

Southern California to tbe House of Represen- 
tatives, to the Senate, to the White House as 
yyyjp h t D. Eisenhower's rice president, to tbe 
presmoicy. and to private d&zeu as the first 
president to have resigned the office. In be- 
tween. he was defeated for the preside by 
Jdin F. Kennedy in 1960 and m 19^ 
governor of California by Edmund G. “Par 
Brown. . . . , 

' He had no Fixed idecdogy, DO particular place 

on the poliiicaJ spectrum. He was a loner with 
DO lay^in g alliances with other prominent Re- 
publiira^eadeis. . 

His Ufe was a senes ot ccmtiadictiOQS. He 

preached the ample Protestaot OThie of hard 
wmk and mOTaliiy and was prim in dress and 
manner. Yet the Watergate tapes, as wdl as the 
testimony OT some assodates, showed that he 
could be profan^ amoral and power-driven. 

He invited crises and, until the Watergate 
scandals dosed in, thrived on the^ but he fdt 
depressed after a vUnoOT and in times OT tran- 
quillity, as be wrote in w book “Sx Crises.” 

The future president was bom on Jan. 9, 
1913, the second of five sons, in Yoiba Linda, 
California, then a fanning communiQr OT 200 
people near Los Angdes. His father owned a 
genra store and fQhng statum. 

He daydreamed of nraway places: worked 
hard in sebod; ledured his brothers to be more 
consdentious; played football with zest even 
tbcugh he was not good at it; pursued music, 
ae^ and debating and craipeted for leader- 
ship poacioas in school, and went toar tunes a 
week to a fundamentalist Quaker churdi. 

After in^ school, be wanted to go to Har^ 
vaid or Yue. But there was no money for that 
So be stayed four more yearn in the community 
he wished deqreratdy to escape and entered 
Whittier COTlege. There be riiaipeoed his delat- 
ing taksis, was OTect^ president of the fresh- 
man dass and of the student bo^ for dure 
years, and toOT; acting lessons. 

Graduating from wliittier second in his 
da^ Mr. mon won a scfaolarriup to the Duke 
Uiuversity Law SdiooL He was deeted presi- 
dent OT die Duke Bar Association and graduat- 
ed thiid in his dass. He was admiued to the 
California bar in November 1937. 

He became aedre in dvic gRwps, taught 
Sunday sdiool and acted in a HtUe themer 
soup. It was in tlM theater that he met TBduia 
Catbeiine who lat^t Qiping and short- 
hud at Wlnttier School Tb^ were roai^ 
lied in 1940. 

• When die United States entered Worid War 
Q, Mr. Nixon became a lawyer with tbe Office 
of Price Administration, an experience he 
loathed. After seven months he ^t a navy 
commissioD and became an qieratioas oQicer 
with the South Pacific Combat Air Transport 


At war's end he was suipii^ to receive a 
te^fiomacommittreof Califoniia R^mbli- 
cang adong if he was interested in runnim Tot 
C emgress. mjtuiqied ai die chance ro challenge 
Jeny Vooilus. a Rve-ienn incumbent and a 
New Orel libe^ 

When the campaim for the 1946 dection 
began, Mr. Nixcxi. m behind his opponent, 
d^oped a technique he would use over the 
years: discredit your c^iponent befrae your own 
cannnign starts. 

Nbr. Kixon issued a statement billing lumsdf 
as a “dean, forthright youi^ American who 
fought for the defose OT his country in the 
stir&ng mud and jungles OT the Solcmunis,*' 
vriiich be bad n 0 t, jriii]e his oppement “stayed 
sOTdybdihDd'Cie'frontinWashmgt^ . 

Zd another statement, whh referaice to the 
political actiem committee the Cemgress of 
Industrial Orgaoizatioos, he said: “1 wdoome 
the cmioritioQ OT die PAC «ddi iu Comni^^ 
principles and huge slush fund." 

Mr. Vocdiis's ddense that the PAC had not 
endorsed faim and that it was not Communisi 
(hd not keep Mr. Nixoo from winuog. 

Tbe Al^ Hiss case made Mr. a na- 
tKK^ cel^ty. In Auaist 1948, Mr. Hiss, a 
liiAly lepuded former^te Department offi- 
duT was accused by Whittaker Oiambers, a 
fonner Cotmonisi and then a senior editm at 
Time of having given Mr. Cbambets 

secret govemmesit documents for ddiveiy to 
the Soviet Unioa in 1937 and 1938. Mi, Hiss 

denied the diatges and swore he did not know 
**a main nsimed Whittaker Chambers.** 

The matter might have been dromied bad 
Mr. Nixoo DOT dogg^y pursued it as Dead OT a 
qrecial subcoDunittre cn the House Committre 
on Un-American Activities. After Mr. I£ss 
filed a fibd smt against Mr. Chambers, the 
lOTtOT produced five lOTls of nscrofilm of dcrcu- 
ments be said bad been passed to him by Mr. 
IfissL hfr. Jfiss was mdieted for ^ 

after two trials was coaricted in 1^. 

Day of Mourning Wednesday 

IVashingioH Pest Sem'ce 
WASHINCmJN — Prerideni Bin Ointon 
has declared Wednesday a nauonal day of 

be fSwD at half-staff, including at 

al^iid. Man Tim.) on u ite 

-^ Rwnnnd Billy 

gSSISny or staK. Honor A. lOsan- 

Nw Yoriu bypassing 

Rotunda OT the CapitOT. Mr. Nixon will be 
buried cm the Ubraiy grounds next to his wife; 
Fat, who died last year. 

In his procLamatum and in a srearate 
sage to Cengress, Mr. QintOTi said the nation 

*\vill always owe turn a spe^ dOTit for open- 
ing diploimtic doors to Mjing and Moscow 
during his presadenqf.*’ 

Mr. f^intnn also pnused Mr. Nixon s ef- 
forts to in^iove die nation’s wdfaiA 1^^ 
cOToicement and health care systen&_ 
K^y OX3cnonor, 3^. Nbma’s adnuoisira- 
tive assutant, told Ihe Associated Press Sat- 
urday that 1^. >^xon's daughters “are very 
upset and distraught.*' „ 

“They are glad to know that he's at rest, 
she said. 

A fTtwiw* adminisiration ofiicial said Mr. 
Nixon's dedaon to fozgo a state cerememy 
had been made in die last year or so during 
consultations with the Defoise Department 
dBvoe that oversees state funerals. Pemagpn 
officials dedined commeoL 


PftPTPAITrtg A PrtT.mrTAN;rinflfwfepfrftmlaftjltiAflri!NiTnB wavii^frnniflliaKri^iteraftM-rprfgningftii Ang. 0^l974;nia^fa»gwririini«i-lagilaf;aiinfliii1QriQ»talfingnartm 

the “kitcbeo detete" NQdta S. EhndideT m 19^ addressh^ American siridiers in Smidi Vietnam m 19^, and dimi^ whh fttee Modster Zboo Ekdai nf ciiu in l^Z 

In 19S0, Mr. Nixon, who had his eye on tbe 
Senate seat vacated by Sheridan Downqr, a 
Democrat, was sopported by major California 
new^epers and unopposed in the RqinMi ca D 
ptima^. Rreresentative Helen Gahagan Doi%- 
las; a liberaf supporter OT the Truman aihiunis- 
tratioD, emei^ as the Democratic candidate-. 

From the o^mnmg Mir. Nixon set out to 
discredit Ids (»ponent*s to tbe Ameri- 
can syst^ He distribute more than half a 
mOlioo jnnk-cOTored fliers that said Mrs. Del- 
las bad “deservedly earned the title OT 'the pi^ 

Mrs. Dou^as was actually denounced by 
pro-Gommunist poups as a *^c^rtalist war- 
mof^," and it was in tte canqiaigQ t^t Mr. 
N^on was Gisi calie *Tridcy LM^** But be 
won by 680JI00 votes after a campaign that 
n^liu Democrats with anti-Nix<Ki ammuni- 
tion for years. 

It seemed strai^ to some that Dvright D. 
Eisehower, running for presidem as a moder- 
ate, pideed Richard Nixon as his tunning mate 
in 19S2, althoD^ poliiically it made sense in 
many reflects. But tbe cancan was bardy 
undrew^vdien it was revealed that 78 wealthy 
C^ornia busmessmen had raised S18.235 to 
pOTitical expend for Mr. Nbum. 

His defense was a virtuoso peifonnance. He 
maintained that he had done nothing wrong, 
disdosed his mm^agies and other iinancing to 
diow be was in faa poor and in dd>t, attadeed 
Communism and a^ed pe^e to tell the. Re- 
pulAcan National Comniittre whether th^ 
thou^t he should lesigD. 

Hu best remembered remarks were in refOT- 
eaice to bis wife and a dog named Checkers. 

• “Fat and I have the satisfaction that every 
dime that we\e got is famiestly ours. 1 should 
say this — that I%t doesn’t have a nunk coat. 
Bm siw does have a reqieclable RcpuUican 

Ihen he said a man in Tens had given the 
.family a codter roanid, '*bladc and white and 

*AaA our little girl, Irida, the 6-yw-old, 
T it Cbeckers. And yon know the Idds love 
the dog, and I just want to this right now, 
that r^aidless of what they about it, we’re 
igOTiig to keq> iL" 

Piuilic reqioDse was overwbdmxngly favor- 
able; and lie remained on tbe tideet 

There was also the “Idtdieo ddiate” with 
Nikita S. Khni^diev, while Mr. Nixon was oti 
a txb to Moscow in 1959 to open an American 
exhmt at a fair. In the kitchen OT a model home, 
the two men engaged in a foB^ dialM^ <m the 
idative merits of the Cfqntatist and Siviei sys- 


They stood jowl to jowl, the Soviet leader 
jaUring Mr. Nixon’s chest for eiz^ 
phasis. The outcome was inoondusive, but Mr. 
Nixon WOTi at home for die foroeful 

miiTiiier in wUch he defended the American 

After tbe Eisenbower-Nixem ticket won 
a ywi in 1956 by a wi^ marrin, Mr. hfixon was 
mccessful in groomiitg himself for the 1960 
pieadeniial nomiiiatioD, wfaidi he won on the 
&st balloL In an effort to ^^leal to the “East- 
ern establishment," he chose Henry Cabot 
Lodge of Massadiusetts as his luanizm mate. 
The Democtaiic tidret was Senatra John F. 
Kennedy OT Massadiaseus and Senator Lyn- 
dOTi B. Johnson of Texas. 

The fawnpw^ went badly Crom the b^iii- 
tiing For the mst Hma in his career, Mr. Nix<» 
was on tbe defenrive, forced to defend tbe 
Eisenhower record and to his reputation as an 
imfair campaigner. 

StiU, Mr. Nixoo canqiaigiied as doggedly as 
ever, a:^ the outcome was extraordmarily 
dose. In the popular vote Mr. Kennedy led 1^' 
113J100 out OT 68B ouIKmi cast It was Mr. 
Nhum's first defeat and tbe last be would ac- 
cept graciously. ^ . 

At 48, Mr. Nixon returned to Cahfonua and 
entoed the 1962 race for governor against Pat 
Brawn, tbe liberal Democrat meumbent It was. 

another tumultuous but the voters 

seeuied to recognize what Mr. Nixoo admitted 
in Us memoiis; He did not irelly want to be 
govenior, he wanted to be preatot 

The i^t OT his defeat he was in a foul mood. 
He felt be had beat abused by the press, and 
vriien pressed to make a statement, be marched 
into (he press room and made an angiy fare- 
weU-io-pratics ^leech that indnded tlie Une, 
“You won’t have Nixon to Itidi around any^ 
mne, because, gentlemeu, this is my last press 


Ever resiles^ he moved to New York as a 
se nio r panner in a Wall Street law firm. 

But he qient little time as a lawyer. He 
worked at becoming pmidenL Tbe crushing 
defeat of its 1964 nominee, Barry Goldwater, 
left the Rr^ubHcan Far^ in a shambles. It was 
Mr. Nucon who moved in and did the drudgery 
of reboildiii^ a constituency. 

He was “me new new Nixon." and on Jan. 
31, 1968, he formally announced Us candidacy 
fcH- the preridency. He rOTled earily through the 
piimaiies, and won tbe nominatiOTi on tiie first 
ballot at the convention in hfiarni Beadi. 

President Johnson vrithdrew as a candidate 
because of the opposition to the Vietnam War. 
Senator Robert F. Komedy was assassinated in 
Los Angdes in Jiine. Vice President Huben H. 
Humph^ was nominated by the Denxicrats. 

At 55, Mr. Nixon seemed to have matured 
and put the excesses of bis ymitb bdiind him. 
His mastezy OT foragn affairs and the prospects 
that be woidd bring an era of reforms after 
years of hastily ena^ “Great Society" pro- 
grams appealed to many. 

Mr. Nixon won the pedlar vote by a narrow 

margin and got 301 dedoral votes u> 191 for 
Mr. Hnnqihi^ and 46 for Governor George C. 
Wallace OT Alabama, on a tUrd-par^ ticket. 

Dei^ his promises in tbe campaign and as 
preridat to cut badt on govemmeot qiendiiig, 
Mir. Nixon's record was otherwise. One reason 
was that he had a liber^ Democratic Ccmgiess. 
Another was tto he did befieve in many inno- 
vations for govemmeot aid, and in the 1970s 
there was a strong piibfic demand fw such 

Most OT Mr. Nixon’s enerries, however, were 
spent in foreim affaira He tried u> fulfill his 
pledge to end the Viemam War, which had 
draped on for four years; through wdiat he 
povatdy called “the madman tbe^.” and it 
did not worL Mr. Nixon sought to convey to 
North Ifietnam a message that be was so ob- 
sessed by Communist aggresrion that be would 
do anythiire to force a settiement the United 
States 00 ^ acc^L 

In 1973, U.S. forces withdrew from Vietnam 
unto terms main beGeved could have been 
obtained when Mr Nuou was inaugurated in 
1969. But Mr. Nixon smm^ toameed with 
that assessment The “p»ce with honor," 
wludi pKTliirifid the return of American prison- 
ers, was simposed to protect the independence 
OT South Remain. Still, just more than two 
years later. North Vietnamese troops took over 
tbe country. 

In February 1972, Mr. Nixon made a trium- 
j^iant trip to Quna to establisfa relations with 
munist trireover, followed in May by the first OT 
three wmwTrii nn**itip witii Leow I. Brezhnev 
and other Soviet toid^ 

Over aU. tbe Nixon era was a period OT 
idaxed lenaons b e tw ee n the world’s two great- 
est powers, and progress in crenmeice and 
ooltural exchanges. 

IKfith the advantage of being in office, Mr. 
Nixon m to 1972 campaign was able to exceed 
his 2968 pofonnance in contrr^g to image 
he wiriiM to portray on televiaon, of a strong, 
moderate orient who could get things done. 
Voters at the center were so disgustful OT Sena- 
tor George McGovern and bis leftist siq^otters 
that to South Dakota Dmoorai never sremed 
to be within striking distance cf victory. 

On June 17, five men enmloyed by the Com- 
mittee to Re-dect the President were arrested in 

a burglary at to Democratic National Com- 
mittee headquarters in tbe Wateigate eooqilac 
in Washington, and two others were atroted 
laid. White He^ officials, including the pres- 
ident, (fismissed to bursary as a stund act by 
overzrafous campaign worl^ and me defen- 
dants ihemsdves ssld that no <me dose to 2^. 
Nixon was involved. 

Tto Donocrats* efforts to turn to inddent 
into a cainpaign issue had hnle effect, and Mr. 
Nixon’s victory was oveiwdidmmg. 

He had bardy onbaiked on his second term, 
however, when the Wateigate scandals b^ao to 
consume virtually all OT ms aieiri^ 

Judge Joim J. Sirica OT Federal District Court 
threatooed long jail terms for to defendants, 
and James W. McCord, convicted on b^axy 
diaiges in Jannaiy, lespcmded by promiriiig to 
tdl ^ in retain fra lenieai^. He implicMed 
John W. Dean 3d, to White House counsel, 
who also began to talk. 

Mr. Dean’s full stozy was disdosed in to 
summer in tdevised hrarings before to sdect 
committee of tbe Senate that had been set up to 
investigale to matter. He told OT Whhe House 
involvement in Wateigate from the day of to 
burglary emward. 

OQ July 16, Ainandcr P. Butterfidd, a for- 
mer aide, disdosed to the Senate committee 
that Mr. Nixrai had secretly taped conversa- 
tirais in his Oval Office almost from to begin- 
ning OT his preddency. 


Uiere b^an a long series OT suruggles by 
Gmgressioi^ comnuttees and prosecutras to 
obtam to pertinem tapes, wi^ Mr. bfixon 
ressimg on to theory that a dispute within to 
executive brandi or a dilute between Con- 
gress and tbejprerideai was not subject to the 
jurisdiction oT tbe federal crents, and tot to 
prerideni’s private counsds were protected in 
otto to mamtain to efficient operation OT 

As to dilute continued, a paralld but unre- 
lated crias came to a head: Vice Preadeot ^piro 
T. Agnew, a former govCTor of Maryland, was 
charged in July 1973 with tal^ mqo^ from 
ctncractms uto sOTidted business with Ma^- 
land; to prosecutors said the ]»actice contin- 
ued even when he was vice prraideot. 

On Oct, 10, Mr. Agnew ^reed to resigu and 
pleaded no contest to one count of income tax 
evasion. Two days later, Mr. Nixon named 
I^resemative Graald R. Ford OT bfiefa^ as 
vice preadeoi. 

His sdectioo OT to wdl-liked House mmor- 

leadra was seen as a way to avrad another 
confiontation with Congress, winch had to ap- 
prove to dioice. But as to diarges unfOTdro, 

Mr. Nixem seemed to lose much of his political 
jodgmenL The “Saturday Night Massaae" of 
Oct 20, 1973, was a case in poinL 

After Archibald Cox; to spedal Watergate 
proseemor, refused to agree to a Nixrai plan for 
access to to White House tqies, thepresideat 
ordered Attorney General Elliot L. Richardson 
to fW«w««g htin 

Mr. Richardson refused, and reagned. His 
dqxi^, Vfiniam D. todrelsbaiis, also refused, 
and was Fmally, Sobidtor General 

Robert H. Brak, as acting attorney gdiat^ 
dismissed Mr. CosL 

The action caused a mig or erosioo of supped 
for to pRsideot Calls for his Tesiguntion 

The president quicl^ idented on the sub- 
poenaed tqpes» after disclosing that two OT to 
nine tapes were tnijaan g and a thir d had an 
unesqilazned ISl^minute “gap," and he an- 
nounced that he would n»me a new qiedal 

Soon to new prosecutor, Leon Jaworslri, 
want^ more trqies. The Senate Watergate com- 
untiee wanted tqies. Tbe House Jndidaiy 
Committee wanted tapes. 

The tapes and otbCT evidence from the inves- 
tigations eventually showed in great detail as- 
pects OT the side" OT the Nixon presiden- 
cy that had been concealed from public view, 
particularly Nixon's personal mvOTvanent 
in to c»ver-up. Not only did be pirmose paymg 
hush mrai^ to the Wateigate defendants to 
ke^ them from implicating to White House, 
he also ordered a halt to to investigation by to 

In late July, to House Judidia^ Committee, 
with mWons OT Americans watdimg, dehTierai- 
ed articles of impeachment. At to end OT to 
month, with some Republicans jraning to ma- 
jori9 Democzats, tbe eomminee charged that 
violation OT to constitutioDal duty to take 
care that to Im be faithfully executed." Rich- 
ard Nixon had “prevented, obstructed and im- 
peded to admimstradou of justice." 

It seemed almost certam that to full House 
would topreridem, and his chances 

OT avowing convictum by to Senate were be- 
gjnmng to seem little be^. 

Mr/Nixon’s dosest aides Ir^an an orches- 
trated effort to lead bim to a decirion that his 
oto dioioe was to leave office volootaiify. 

On Ai^ 7 he met with hte fami^ and rides 
and that oidt, foOowmg constitutioiial proce- 
dure, Mr. Nixon infon^ Mr. Kisringer that 
he h^ decided to stqi down. Mr. Ford was 
inframed to next morning. 

At 9 PM. on Ai^ 8, the president appeared 
on tdeviarai and announced be would rraign at 
noon to next day. 

Tributes by National Leaders 

Los /(Hgete Times Serriee 

Worid leaders paid tribute over to week- 
end to Ridiazd Nixon as a international 
statesman who achieved diplomatic triumphs 
fiom Moscow to Bepog. 

In a wrim statement Saturday, Preadent 
Brais N. Ydtrin OT Rusaa s^ “I am 
shocked by to datb not only of an extiaof^ 
dix^ man but also OT raie of to greatest 
pOTitidans in the world. 

*T became convinced that be was raie OT the 
first fflrira world pr^tkuns udio have under- 
stood Russia, and nnderatood what it was 
fighting for," Mr. Yeltrin srid. 

In China, uhrae Mr. Nixon’s drjdranacy 
led to tbe reopening OT idations, leaders 
praised to former president fra bringing 
both countries closer. 

In a tdegram OT cmidolence, Presideat 
Fiang Zemin and Prime Nfinister Li Ptiog 
saluted Mr. Nixou as “a pOTiticUn with stra-, 
tegic loQg-tenn vision and poliiica] courage*' 

CJnnese tdevirion began its Saturday news 
programs vriA the report OT Mr. Nixon’s 
drath. The New China News Aaeney de- 
scribed Mr. Nu^ wbo risited Gnna five 
times after bis historic February 1972 trip, as 
“an old friend OT to Oaosse people.^ 

In other reaction fiom around the wrafd: 

• Prime hfinister JOTm Major praised Mr. 
Nixon 'Tor to tirdess «o» fra a better 
underatandzQg briween East and West." 

• Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin said Mr. 
Nixon had defied to worid ty supporting 
Israel in to 1973 Middle East war. “Israd 
lost a friend. 1 persra^y lost a personal 
fiiend," Mr. Raw said. 

• Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa 
prai^ Mr. Nixon's efforts to tnmrove post- 
world War n rdatiODs, particularly to 1972 
return OT its southenunost island, Okinawa. 

Vietnam’s Fradgn Ministry bad only a 
raie-seDteBce reaction to Mr. Nixon's death: 
“May he rest in peace.” 

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MONDAY, APRIL 25, 1994 





raBLeHBD wm the new york times and the Washington pott 

Nixon; A Political Odyssey 


If not tte Awiinant pftiitMOT tiingj he gy** in 1968 and liis a^^esls to a restl» wfaito 

was study most dmable. ll dnis came as mkldle dass in 1972 b^ied popula^ ladal 

sttncthing of ^ mjj ij suposc; wbeo JiE died ^ipeals as a nariwa] ca nqytg n taoic At the 

FridiQratthaagaorSlidiatRicfaard^xonhad same tim^ seeing fittle dmce, he ordered ^ 
sonehow faSed to survive t«ne itself. Justice Dqiaitinent to contniiie di s mantHn g 

It iSt of oouse, the mult^le offenses assod- the chial school system in the Soutk^ 

ated with Watergate for which Mr. Nnon is TTiough he was im more an activto wi ^ 
iinineifiatdy rentemb^: the ‘‘dirty kicks’’ envizoninenttbanhewasonGrarigh^Mr. 
catnpaigi^ the cmivictioD of so many his Nixon conectly sensed a growh^ pu^ ^ 
associates for perimy and obstruction of jus- petite for a deancr America andm^ thn 

tice and, fhud^, his own resignation to avoid concern the centerpiece of his 1970 State of 
an almost certain iaqieachiiieDt proceeding, the Unkm address, months More tlte ftel 
This bttrayal irf the public trust remains the Earth Day. His made it easier^ for 

granite flaw that forever ban Mr. Nixon from Congress to pass two senuna^eca <rf l^sla- 

the pantheon of great presidaits. tioo. the Ctean Air Act of 1970 and tite Clean 

Yct he ffl d urrd rfh^ race, Jiki an he Water Aci of 1972. Mr. Nixon also sought to 

hai survived Pieadent Dwight Esenbower’s reshape the nation's wc^are system in 
doubts about his fi t nes s to be vice president, a the same manner Bfll Qinton proposes 
sairowlossof the presidency to John Kennedy aitbaliuleinoie effort and alot morel 
in 1960 and a hiniMiMting <Weai in Us try for (be Senate, he might have done so. 
the Califonna govetncMsh4> in 196^ By sheer But policy issues do not aocowt f 
win he hte w^ harfc to a semjifa"** of fascinatioa with a man who comtnned i 
re^iectabflity, turning himself into an dder rity and ambition in es^losive measu 
qateeiiMn and an adyfagr to presidents. was ecpiany capable ci snesipected Idnd 

Thcougbout this ^de of vKtoiy, defeat, di»- and staggering vmdicdveness. Nor do 
grace and res urr e cti on he provided Americans of pdiqr or idedogy expl^ why, 
with a lodestar fcv ihdr potitica] bdiefs: they hei^t of his powers and facmg a 
a dmi i wd or df tfs ’rt ffd him, bui (here was veiy nent in Geoige McGovern, be encoun 
little neutral ground. Future historians wQlf^ pattern of Ql^al bdiavior that nltimati 
it hard to ignore a man who so transfixed his stroyed his preadenqr. 
oontenqKffanes. But vdiai to maice of him now? A provistena] answer may be foun 

With one or two excqitions, contemporary phrase Mr. Nixon often ^lied to hi 
dnoniciers agree that Mr. Nixon was at hu “At bottom, I am a pc^tical man.** H 
best on the ialemational stage. Fordgn policy these words proudly, as if to mock their 
was unquestionably his first love and there tualsaixl moralists be des^nsed, but inti 
were notable triunqjhs, most famously the thqi might wdl serve as an epitaph. For 
n pfning (0 and the first stiat^c anns were meant to suggest a talent for maxii 

t^reemeni witii Moscow. But the SALT-1 political opportumdes, (hey also impfi 
treaty was not without serious flaws, and his absence any guiding moral eoomassi: 
tortured coot from ^^emam remains hugely a burning dedication to political surriv 
^y>n tr o wTdai; history may ^ve him and hb Mr. Nixon would have found such 
rhj^f strat^st, Henry Kissingier, a mMe mod- sessment too narrow, but any frir read 
est grade than thqr have awanM ibemsdves. the record snggescs that Wate^te wa 
Gonvendy, most students 1^ tend^ to the eni^anie of a career m which he la 
underrate his domestic acbievements. As Tom as much energy on neutralriing or desc 
Wicker diserves in his book on Mr. Nixon, his oppcmeots as on cultivating allies. J 
“One o( Us,” the 37tfa president was hardly a that a perfect memofy for real and im 
visionaiy or crusader. Ite was, instead, a insnlts, and it is possible to see why he 
sluewd pragmatist with excqpticmal antennae tioned the activities that brou^t him c 
and the abQity to tom (niblic thsoontents to — THE NEW YORK TIM 

Frnm tn ^tnturg> ^ engaged boldly wii 

rrom onamew ouuure soviet union and undertook to carry hu 

Only weeks after Mr. Nixon resigned the alcmg as with his China initiative on jot 
presidea^in 1974,hebecafflevayillaiidwas it did not mud care to make (althougli 
beheved to be at the edge of death. For an of this aped or smoothed his al^ty tea 
organization such as The Watiungton Post, the end be sought in Vietnam), 
i^cb had played a part in pursuing, repoA- Similariy, ibm were in Mr. Nixon's 
ing and editoimlly denounemg the activities dency at least dalliances, and sonn 
that eventually forced 1^ out of office, and moe, wnth a varies domestic fef<Ki 
wl^ had iocuned both his wrath and his welfare, on medical care and on the err 
various attempts at retaliation, it was daunt- ment among others, that were berid fi 
ing to try to figure out how we could now sit time; some ^ them look even better n 
down and write ao olxtaary appreciation of the light of subsequent right-wing re 
fns career. But Mr. Maon was spared ~ and and left-wii^ mousiiKss in govenunem 
so, in an excee^ngly imnor ^in-ofT of lus In his presidential years, de^te soid 
go^ fortune, were large s^ments <rf the pte and some policies that pomted the 
American press he so detested, who did not way. Mr. Nixon ended up playing a raw 
koowhowtobidadvfifarewditoamanthey of radal politics, not unlike the McCar 
had so iccently and for so long been fighting indulgences that marked his eailier c 
vritb and who were wriebrng in disccmifart at And for aD his 1968 campaign pled 
th^os^ (rf having to do so. “bring us together,” he was too oftmar 

The 20 yean that £ive gone by since then readily given to “enemies list” Qrpe poll 
have certamly not nairawed, lei akme obliler- weakness for vdudi he eventually ^d a 
ated, the unbridgeable gap between those of er price than the oigects of his animus i 
ns believed — andcontinoeto— thattbe But that was not the sum total of then 

Watergate offenses for whkh Mr. Nixon was his haiKhwodc. Along with tbe dart sid 
puiushed woe sinjster and dangerous, and the reseatfolness, Nb. Nixoo had a bug 
those who bdieved — andstiUdo — thathe imaginative coooqii of tiie American pre 
was uignstly bounded from t^ioe. cyr^ what h could acoompGdi, a coiice( 

But those. 20 years have afforded a little not all <tf Us successors hm shared. H 
merdful distance and detachment and made wiDing to think Ug and take big risks on 
it easer for tbe late preadenfs antagonists to notable OGcaaons. To tbe immense anno 
see his career in a longer pe rq iective. Bill oflboseofusvho^reatsomuchtimelod 
CUnton, who fancies faiii^ the “Comeback combat with him, Mr. Nixan always lik 
Kid” arid who has shown an undeniable gift say that he was “not a qitiner.” The extn 
for resilience, is as nothing in this respect to nary, ledeoptive journey be undertodt 
Kb. Nixon, throughout his Ufe showed an tiimiM to stature in the last two deca^ 
incrediUe capacity to pick up and Stan over, fife proved that he was sur^ right about 
It was in fact an airiding worry and jdee —THE WASHINGTON PO. 

anumg Democrats bom the days of his earii- 
est pdhical setbacks that Mr. I^xon — seem- 
ing rgected once and for all — would be ^ ^ 

back{ and astonishingly, he always was. x/uWT OOHUII^M 

Ihis took gnts. A man whose actions and 
leinariB over a lifetiniem politics had revealed I Wfima ffiator y WiH 
even for a pUitician, an omisaally anxkws, ^ ^ 

wipiifing oo D c eTD wilh his f^nita- Watergate will not be fergotteo 

tion, his hi« of nsmect by his Nixon s daD m managing what could 

contenporaries and by history, was alwt^ beemne tlw lif^and-dei^ struggle oi 
wining to further ridicule humiUation Cold War is valued by many historians 
in his efforts to ^art over and gain beck lost Nixon was moreprogressh« than his Rq 
graund. This be would do in tbe aftermath of can successors on cavQ rights issues. The 
political disasters that would have caused al- welfare reform proposal (plains 
most anymie dse to give ip and gp h om e, tnents of Mr. Nixon's family as si stance 
The audacity tins reflected turned up m his v'hidi was torpoioed by conservatives, 
particular achrevements in office, as well as in i neyv adinir^ Mr. Nixon. 1 thou| 

Mwiv* nf ftiA dnmast i c mitiAti ves he gippnriAH at hypocritical (rf him to denounce Hany 
lost for a time but did not conplete. The man for uang rough language that was su 

/yning /rf rttft T I S grw nrnmfwt tn fhina nFtar tO Ml. NIxOD'S OWD private ta^ 1 Wai 
decades of iwnrecogmtioa and in the face of palled by Mr. Nixon’s destructive, Red- 
great no iiti<wi hostility on tbe part of tbe public mS canpaigns, J wanted him to end the a 
(wfaidi Mr. Nixon had done much to Vietnam. 1 wanted him to acknowledge 
rpwBis alw^ Q**d as lExW b»r a m ths< Watergate was wrong. But I share the sa< 

ButoftenasnottiieiecitaleDdsattliatpcwit, ^ ^ admirers. He was a tiiy, conplii 
and tboe is no Exhibit B. This is wrong. We who fought his way to the top 
wouU add tbe near-equal acfaieveineatirf open- unHkely beghmings. As presideot. be v 
ing up the«nimeDt to inncfa expanded visionary dplomat who made the world r 

di plrtmatie tteaKng t with the Aiabstaleanf the ^ an ex-prndent, he VW a patriot 

Middle It is often fmgotten that tbe Susred bis wisdom with his snccessots. 
late raxoB years, relations betwe e n America imps lustcny will be kind to him, after a] 
and aD of those states were hostile. — Lou Cannon, in The WaMtKjton Pe 

frith a Mule more effort and a lot more hdp in 
the Senate, he might have done so. 

But p^cy issues do not account for our 
fasdnatioD wi A a man who comtnned insecu- 
rity and amUtiofl in esplosive measure and 
was equally capable oi mierpected Idndoesses 
and staggering vin^ctiveiiess. Nor do issues 
of pdi^ or idedogy explain why, at the 
lui^t of Us powers and facmg a oppo- 
nent in Gecuge McGovern, be encouraged a 
pattern of 01^ b^vior that ultimatefy de- 
stroyed his preadenqr. 

A provistena] answer be found in a 
plutue Mr. Nixon often iqplied to himself; 
“At bottom, I am a pt^tical mao.** He used 
these wosds proudly, as if to mock tbe intellec- 
tuals aixl fflOiUists be desfnsed, but in the end 
they might serve as an epitaph. For if t^ 

were ineant to suggest a talent for maxumzing 
political opportumdes, (hey also implied tbe 
absence any guidiiig moral eoopass besides 
a burning dedication to political surrivaL 

Mr. Nbum would have found such an as- 
sessment too narrow, but any far reading of 
the record snggescs that Wate^te was only 
the endgame of a career m wfaidi he lavished 
as much energy on neutraliang or destrqying 
Us oppemeots as on cultivating allies. Add to 
that a perfect memofy for real and tmagmatf 
inmlts, and it is possible to see why he sano- 
tiooed the activities that brou^t him down. 


Mr. Nixon also engaged boldly with the 
Soviet Union and undertook to carry his par^ 
alcmg as with Us China initiative on journeys 
it did not mud care to make (although none 
of this sped or smoothed Us al^ty to achieve 
tbe end be sought in Yietnam). 

Similariy, ibm were in Mr. Nixon's pm- 
dency at least dalliances, and vifnetiin» 
mme, wnth a varies trf domestic reftKins on 
welfare, on medical care and on the eoriroo- 
ment among others, that were btrid for the 
time; some ^ them look even better now in 
the light of subsequent right-wing reaction 
and left-wii^ mousiness in government. 

In Us presidential years, dc^te some peo- 
ple and some policies that pomted the other 
way. Mr. Nixon ended up playing a raw gam 
of radal politics, not unlike tbe McCarthyite 
indulgeoces that marked his earlier career. 
And for aD Us 1968 campaign plec^ to 
“bring us together,” he was too often and too 
readily given to “enemies list” Qrpe politi^ a 
weakness for vdud he eventuaUy ^d a U^- 
er price than tbe otgects of Us animus did. 

But that was not the sum total of tbe man or 
Us bantSwodc. Along witb tbe dart side and 
the leseatfulxiess, Nb. Nixoo had a large and 
hnagmarivewpogii of the American piesiden- 
cy w4iat h could acoompGdi, a concept tiiat 
not all (tf Us successors bm shared He was 
willing to tUnk Ug and take big risks on sooK 
notable OGcaaona. To tbe immcsire annoyaDce 
of those of us vd» ^lent so much time lo^ed in 
combat with him, Mr. Nixan always fiked to 
say that he was “not a qitiner.” Hie extraonfi- 
naiy, jedeogitive journey be undertodt from 
tiimne to stature in the last two deca^ of Us 
fife proved that he was sur^ right about that. 




While Waie^te win not be forgotten, Mr. 
Nixon's diD in manag in g what could have 
beemne the life-and-dei& struggle of the 
Cold War is valued by many historians. Mr. 
Nixon was more progressive than Us Republi- 
can successors on ci'm rights issues. The Clin- 
ton welfare reform prqp^ contains de- 
ments of Mr. Nixon's fa^y assistance plan, 
whidi was torpedoed by conservatives. 

I never adiniied Kb. Nixon. 1 thought it 
hypocritical o( Um to denounce Ha^ Tni- 

man far gang mu gh language that wag ^tnilar 

to Mr. Nixon’s own private talk- 1 was rqi- 
palled by Mr. Nixon’s destructive. Red-bait- 
ing canqiaigDS. J wanted him to end the war in 
Vietnam. 1 wanted Um to admowlei^ that 
Watergate was wrong. But I share the 
of Us admirers. He was a tiiy, cor^Ucated 
man who fought his way to the top from 
iinHkdy beghmings. As presidem. be was a 
vitionary dqilomat who made the world safer. 
As an ex-pr»dent, he was a patriot 
shared Us wisdom with Us snccessots. Per- 
haps Ustoiy win be kind to him, after aD. 

— Lou Cannon, in The WoMi^^ Post 

International Herald Tnbune 



RICHARD McCLEAN, nMisher dt Chief £vi«A‘nr 
JOHN VINOCUR.£ttCHAv&finr A V&vftaUn 
• ROBERT J. IX3NAHUE *JWATHAN GAGE, Aoneowii/ nimr Etiier 

* RENE BONDY. AAEUer * JAMES McLEOD, AAertraw Dvkv*' 

*JUANrrALCASPARI.AiiW7uar«Kil£rne&T>wnrOv(itrr* ROBERTFARRa,GRutginDinRr,£iiRyv 

IiMenutkswlHeniUTribwic. 181 Avenue CJoriesKleGaulle, 92521 NeuUly-wr-Seine. Htince. 
TeL : (l)>l6.t7.9.tJXX Fax : Gn;. 4637J165I; Adv. 4ti.n52.fl inlonet; IHTiMiRkcniie 

Gtfitorjfr/tiu: MiAiaet KcimMm. 5 Canterhm RL Smapree TA fISiJi 472-77SK Fac lH5} 2TL25H 
Mu.^ Or.AiitRn^lX Knagpihl. SO Chuteaer RtL. Hang Ar«K TA 8S2-V322.IIH8. Fax 837-9222-//W 
Cm Her. Gemun-: IV bgaethrh. FrieJrkhar. 15. NH2iFnad^ui/M. TA (0ffil7267S. Fax (06191 72 7J 10 
PmUS: Mkhaei Owrv. XS» ThinlAw. Hm- Ynk KY. IWZl leL \2!2} 732 JW Fax (212} ISS-KIFS 
L'.K. Athenivag Offur: Ai Ltmg Am. Lmiiim H'r2. Tel. tU7hHJti-IIIQ2. Fas: t07ll 2^2234. 
SA. an I'd/vu/ tie i.2(JU.IJHil RCS Nmtterre B 7.i2tl2H2h. Cfnnmn.voii Parilaiee Ho. 61337 
? lVU.b«ennidnKifHmddTiian’. Alt riffy.\n^r\nL ISSN: 








^ i9?f 

elder , 



The MekmchoUe ToU 

Of Ambition’s Fervor 

By George F. Will 

^^/AgflNG TON - No 

W what Its combrnatma of in- cgff rmoh i never have 

SSSK^quire abOTi a tm>iM 
priinarity by tenacity mDst seetEk at w 

even more mdancholy. In Ric^ JJ® 

Mmc-s long do* thicugh ymous a. 

iBBhaiid disgrace aid partel_te^_ 


In 1948, he bad the right bunch 
ingua estabfisbment rally around Mr. 
Hiss, Mr. Nixoo hmed Us gmicisin 
and stoked Us resentmen t s. 

iic WOO au f 

hy intdtectnals. A man with a gnaw- 
ing sense of Us mferzor educatioik he 

neverthdess brought into Us admm- 
istratiott two Harvard professors as 
fbreiga pdicy and domestic ponqr 
advisers — Henry Kissinger 

DmghiEirai&jeopaidizedtiy Ox 

finimnai ueaiings oi a sore noi un- f**^™-**^ - 

cormnonTSe time, Mr. Nixon, 

steadily more cynical, saved Uinsdf Schlesingerand Aito 

vSX'taS^iqteech before 

tire largest tderiaonaudieaoe in his- able measure <rf 
tTl-. riwi enwuann of tne central 

(ory m that time. prpgram the e 

Inl960,hek>sithepresid«ncybya gpvetnMrs 
tUn inarm and perhaps fraud. visor, Mr. n 
In 19(«ri8 years after he had last y** more 1^ 
won an deletion on Us own, he won a L3m(wn J<w 
43 percent victoiy. tl. In the Ni 

Andif in 1973 Us lawyers had not governmenta 
sent the Watergate committee a taltotortiOT 

^ nariMinal Safnt 

As Elder Statesman, Remember Him Kindly 

8XUVQ UlCOaUiV uawwvwaa v 

program the eqiansion of the central 
govemmenf s ^ as sode^s su{^- 
visor, Mr. Nixon's adnumstratKm 
was toore liberal than any, other than 
Lyndon Jdmson’s, since Worid War 
It. In the Nixon yeais, the federal 
government created the Eavironmen- 
patifwal ^ety and nealtii Admntis- 
tratioD: it began racial quotas and 

W ASHINGTON — In the last two decades of 
his loig and turbulent life, Ridiard Nixon 
worked hacd at hawing the global elder states- 
man Us time despite the disgrace of Watergate. 
He h^ in that final grand endeavor at 

the hour of his death Fiid^ ni^L 
For America's 37th pnaaent, fonagn poikyoas 
mission in office; sol^ and salvation in deraL 
Mr. lion's active eugi^mat abroad and his 
geoeraDy crafted foreign affairs bodts and 
could not erase tbe stain of his involve- 
ment in the nation's most notorious obstruction of 
justice case. Nor was Mr. Nixon naive enough to 
tUnk they would — that he could “reh^tilitaie” 
Umseif ID U.S. pofitics by elder statesmanship, an 
mtention frequent^ in^ted to him by critics. 

^ endeavor was imereat, 1 coiiduded as I 
listened to Um give several n^or talks on foteigD 
affairs and read Us books in recent ^ars. 
Nixon set out not to reeafl his foreigD policy 
<MvwnpU<hmen K, J)||t (g wihflwea fham with the 
DOqMTtisan, constructive murffidal diplomacy be 
puiwied after reagoing the presidency. 

As a result. Us forerga poBcy accortqtiisUneats 
are likdy to loom la^ in mstoiy than th^ other- 
wise womd. His poH^ faDmes in Vietnam and in 
seoning a lasting ^ente with Moscow shrink, 
utile tm successes in China and the K£ddle East 
takeoaanextrajdowinli^tof Uscampaiga to be 
Ihe Fodgu Pctiicy IVcri^t of lUs century. 

In contrast to ^ overiy entbusUstic embrace of 
Ijeonid Biedmev. h is hard to fault Mr. Nixon's 
ckar-eyed appraisal of the dedtive events and per- 
sonalities of the final yean of the Soviet Unioa aiul 
the ppeoing phase of Rusaac Federation He 

By Jim Hoa^and 

prodded George Bosh on fading Bods Ydisin at a 
crucial moment in 1992. After Us most recent to 

Moscow, he had vahidrle advice to offer tbe Qmion 
gdaumstiarioD on oterhanfiag aid to Russia and 
broadeDine in die cx-Soviet Umon. 

I heard Um summarize those views three weeks 
ago in Wadib^;t(n in what turned out to be his final 
extensive foregn poliiy presentatinL Foe 90 nnit- 
utes, tte 81-yev-oad Nreon stood before a group of 
30 cf us and wititottf aipr nc4es ddivered a coa^- 
ling penuasive analy&s of Mr. Ydtsin's cucreu 
predicamest, Jqran's fritine, Easlan Europe's secn- 
ritypraoqeupanoDS and otha fordgn pdi^ topics. 

Tne Nixra shrewdness so apparent in Us deal- 
ings with world leaders — am so absent in Us 

pgrtiemariy through Us remarks about the Russian 
extremist politidan, Yladimir ZUrinovsliy. Mr. 
Nixon portrayed the Russian as an ovencKhing 
opportnnist ready to say anything to win votes. 

Mr. Zhirinov^’s anti-Jewish ravinm were in 
large part eiectofd »tgMi»t>nn Mr. Nixem said. 
What seemed far more real and heartfelt mre the 
extreme anti-Mutiim sentiments Mr. 2urinovsky 
voiced in their meedsg but which he has not 
«n phMped in pnblic. Tbe ZUiinovsl^' pbenome- 
noo probably reached its Ugfawaier mad: to D^ 
cembet^s demons in Rusaa, Mr. NLxon believed. 
Kfr. Zhirixiqvsky beo^ied from the vacmim left by 
tiM jailing in Ckitober of Alexuder Ruiskoi and 
oiha Yeltsin opponents. Their release after tbe 
dectioD means there is a conservative anti-Yelt- 

nn alternative that is also anti-ZUrinovsliy. 

Kfr. NuunparticoIa% enphasized to Us aum- 
ence Americas need to take mto account Russia’s 
recent huunfiatkui detenmuatioii to rmain its 
digniQr. Respecting dimW inraa the 

k^ m efforts m crahmg a stabte new U.S.-Russian 
idadoQshq), he iodicaied 

Loring arid r^ammg digm^ was a sulgect Mr. 
Nixon knew a lot about recognized easily in 
the case of others. He had no dtance to mover Us 
digi^ throu^ domestic pieties after Watergate. 
It was only cnerating on the worid stage as a 
privaiedtizmuiat he could do that, as he dm after 
his by John Kenn^ in 1960. 

Mr. Nixon’s final remark to his Wariungton 
audience was simultaneoudy pnzriing aiui re^- 
^ As he sat down, he tecmled “that it is exactly 
^yem since John F. Kennedy and I arrived in 
WasUngton to serae in Congress together,” at a 
cm^ moment in defining America's role after 
victory in World War D. 

Wl^ lecaD Mr. Kennedy before this grot^ An 
answer offered by othera tbm who knew Mr. Nixtm 
far better than I: Tbe former president wanted to 

gmplMwy » >h*t he aw/t Mr Ifwwwrfy, whtL* pnlitiral 

rivals; shared a commoD view of America’s role m 
the Cold War wodd and of the need for active, 
wngjiigBH American leadership in foteign affairs. 

Mr. Nixon’s last gfont endeavor was to persuade 
Us cunent successor and Us countrymen that, de- 
qnte tire end of tire Cold War, the nra for Ameri- 
can leadoRdiq} in foiciKn aFTaint icmains dear and 
constanL Histoiy. wUmmust judge Um harshly in 
rafaer wiys; wiD loiicmber huB Idndly for inaL 
The Washington Peat 

A U,S, Health Corps Can Do the Prevention Work aitkaiUlJ^’^tese til the oiltn 

X values undo siege, be became a ves 

N ew YORK — Tbe most re- 
markable lUng about the de- 
bate over health care reform in (be 
United States is how little has been 
sud about health. 

Policymakers address eveiy flaw 
in tbe system cioqit its most piev- 
oos one: Americans five less h^thy 
and droller lives than people in 
most other industrialized ooun tries. 

The Ointon jdan aud its congres- 
sional coapebtois will not bring 
about the unpiu v um eats in bealih 
dun lie witUn gra^ We need new 
ways to make sure everyims gets the 
handfiil of services proved to {nu- 
vent disease and extend life. 

Too few people M tire vaedna- 
tioos that fneveat imectkns and the 

maimiif» ^imin«t, SUieaiS CX- 

ammatians that can detect oervicaL 
breast and odon cancen wfaDe they 
are stiD cuiaUe, Nor do most people 
with Ugh Uood pressure or devuM 
efadestm receive effective treat- 
ment that caninevcat strokes ud 
diovascalar diaeases account for half 
of aD deaths in (be United States. 

Tbe Qinmn proposal recognize! 
(he imponance of promotiiig good 
health and meventing disease, but it 
banks <xi the most oqpeosive and 
least effective of its poficy options 

By Michael Alderman and Don^ias Shenaon 

deliver tire ineventive goods: im- bear effective in ddivering preven- 
ntig access to doctors. livecaretoaneDtiiepopoJatioa.A5 

E^qreaence suggests that piovid- tire British experience suggests, it 
; such access ckres not in itself will take more than a raise m pbysi- 
□slaie into (be delivary of pie- dans’ pay to ensure that everyone 
itive services. gets (he services t^ need. 

:orty-six years ago, tire National Perhaps (be Unit^ Stales can do 
iltfa Servwe was established in better. America should abandon iu 
tain te guarautee everyone ao- refiance on doettus to achieve pie- 
s to a genealist doctor. While vention. Just as local sdiool au- 
tiAbeaUh has i mp ro v ed, the gap tboiities are responsible for provid- 
t separates tbe most from tire ing primary and secondary 

to deliver tire ineventive goods: im- 
proving access to doctors. 

Eqrecience suggests that piovid- 
such access ckres not in itself 
translate into (be delivary of pre- 
ventive services. 

Forty-six years ago, tire National 
Health Servwe was established in 
Britain to guarautee everyoue ac- 
cess to a generalist doctor. While 
British bealth has i mp ro v ed, the gap 
(hat separates tbe most from tlw 
least fortanate has widened since 
1948. Poor people have hi^rer rates 
of vhriraUyev^diseas^ nrduding 
tiroee in wUch preveative services 
could make a difference. 

Goaded by tbe penisteDce of pre- 
ventable dratirs, tbe British nave 
abandoned the bdief that guaiao- 
leed access to doctors assures tbe 
ddiveiy of these services. now 
pay dccion tt) focus on pieveutioo. 

But it is uodear wbetner this wfll 


do the job: Studies rnx>^ in Tbe 
British Journal of Meoiciae in Janu- 
ary revealed that efforts in the doc- 
u^s t^fico to reduce (be risk of 
stroke and Iwart attack have bad 
tittle if any impact 
Medkal care systems do best in 
serving the sidL They have sever 

educatkm to all a public bealth 
corps buDt on local health d^azt- 
nrents could take lespousibifity for 
a cnminumty*g preveotioD neo^ 
Ad accoimlable autboci^ would 
deliver to eadi mdividuaL sek or 
wdL the clinical procedures that 
counL Most can be provided by 
tramed tedmkians, with none and 
pbysidan supervision. Tbe cost 
would be a tiny framion of the trD- 
licn ddlars the country reends each 
yev for medical care, ami tbe payeff 
m improved health would be nu^ 
Tbe Qinton plan acknowledges 
the imporuace of an effective pub- 
lic bealtii service and indudes nii- 
tiaiives to streamlme oommunity- 
based actmties. But these things are 
hardly central to the plan, whicb 

does not even guarantee them a 
source oTfinancing. 

As long as America places the 
respoosflwQr for prevention in the 
hands of (Ikm who encounter only 
a small part of tbe population and 
whose aim is to cure rathe’ than ’ 
deter diseas^ tbe most powerful 
weaptns against premature dntb 
win never be effectivdy used. 

ResponsilrifiQr for (be roblic's 
health must be waaMigiMH Guaran- 
teed access to care for aD Is a com- 
mendable objective. But aiprments 
about cost piysiciaDs* fees; ngula- 
tioD and tax consequences tbxeaten 
to obscure tbe real purpose of care. 

If America oontunies to focus on 
ways to finance tbe treatment (rf dis- 
eases rather than on ways to prevent 
tiiem, tiw qpportuni^ to in^nore tbe 
nation’s bmth wiD be missed. Re- 
form must be about better health, 
Dot^ better access to doctc^ 

Tk iwo are not tire sann*, ud 
should not be confused. 

Michael Alderman is diairman, 
and Dott^as Shettson a professor, ^ 
the d^pahme/u ^ epwmiok^ a 
the Montefiore Meaeal Center/At- 
bert Einstein C<dlea of MetSdne. 
Th^ contributed this comment to 
The New York Times. 

set-aades; Mr. Nixon ravored an. 
enQmroas“faidiistiiBlpdxy” protect, . 
the federal funding of the supersonic 
passenger air craft he proposed a 
guaranteed annual mcome; he insti- 
tuted wage' and priM COOtzuls, the 
nxrst smsqnirg intiuacai of the state 
into socie^ aoce the New Deal; he 
was sntitten by John ConnaDy, a 
Tory Democrat with a zest for gov^ 
e mmenl rinminarinn nf matkete. 

Mr. Jfixon's lugmt adiievemcxit 
was the opening to Qrina. But as tbe 

episodes of ^ory, but 

aidritect of dktente be probably pro- 
long the life of the Soviet Umon. 
And althou^ he fan^ himself at 
daggen drawn with the nation’s intel- 
lecttral elit^ be joined the fbrri^ 
poficy efltem iirakiirg a fdirir of arras 
control whh the Sow Union. That 
project was until it was 

uniimxviant: iinposrible because of 
the §0^ Union's hegaDOonic aims, 
then unioporiant because tbe Soviet 
Union was implodiirg. 

Mr. Nbum was spectaculady 01- 
smted by taarperameiit to becoore 
pitsktoDl far tire late 1960s, a moment 
of extienw cultural fragmeniatioa. 
Traditional political preopcopations 
with ecooMnic. izdistribniMms. were 
being siqrplanted by anxiety abom 
the disint^ratioa of the cnltural uni- 
ty of tire postwar period. Ladang an 
aiticulalw defease of the cultural 
values undo sieg^ be became a vessd 
of smddeiiirg animoaties. 

Id tbe House of RqTreseotatives, 
where Ms ascent to national promi- 
oeoct bnan with Ms cuafrontatioD 
of Mr. Ms career was closed by 
tbe Judkaaiy Committee’s fanpadi- 
mait heariu p H»i gmgining 2nyieary 

were ^rem usiiig Ms reputation for 
stateoaft to regain some of the pub- 
lics reflect, and even the affeetkm 
tiiat ofim accrues to tbe tmaaon^ 
Until Ms forced retiremem from 
active pctiitics, the adds of resent- 
meols'bad ulcerated his personality 
until sdf-pi^ was its strongest fac- 
ulty. Politics IS mostly taiv, a lot of it 
sm^ taOc with strangers, at which 
Mr. bfixon was never oomfortable. 
Rarely, and never contentedly, em- 
ployed other than at politi^ he 
measured out his life in forksfui of 
c h icken & la king witb contributors 
and coun^ ctmm&en. That is not 
good for the soul. 

In his narionaPy (devised farewdl 
to Ms staff in the East Room on Aug. 

9, 1974, he read Hreodore Roose- 
vdi's words about the death of his 
vffe: “And when my heart’s dewiest 
died, the light went from my life 
forever.” Tfam equation of tire loss of 

political office to the death of a loved 

one was terri^ring testimony to the ' 
tdl ambition can take on character, 
Washingtoa Post Writers Grot^. 

V‘* • 

\Hiat Price America’s Moral Failure in Bosnia? Disillusion at Home 

B udapest — when American 
politicians and generals discuss 
Bosnia, they (rfieo have Vi^nam on 
their nunds. Their wamix^ about 
quagmires, arissioa ci^ and the 
shortooniuigs of air strikes idate to 
Vietnam and tire lessons that should 
have been learned from iL But they 
are igDoriiig tbe most ideyaut lessen: 
A government that is deceptive aod 
acts immorally will undermine its 
cre^Dity with tbe governed, partic- 
ularly the yoimgre gerreratirai. 

Every generation has its waters 
sheds, ror Gecm Bush’s geoeratkm, 
it was World war II andte Cold 
War. For KD Qinton's, it was Viet- 
nam and Watergate. I am 33 years 
wMdi nestles me amid Geueradon X 
and tbe^uppies. and for us Bosnia is 
trirnjnginm a watershed of djfiinuflfln. 
nesktent Qmtoa by opemog fahm^ 
up to justified crititum about byppo- 
nsy w appeasement, is deqreiung 
the tqnithy of younger Ammeans 
who want a government they can 
spea and bdHeve in. 

It might be true that most members 
of niy generatiou could not find Bo^ 
nia on a mq>, let alone Goiazde. ^t 
you do not ne^ to understand BaOtan 
pofitics to realize drat the UX govern- 
ment has failed to aaxmyfish the bare 
miniflittm, whidi is to do triiai ii says 
it win do 00 an issue that it has defined 
as one of good vosus ev3. 

The god of reffing back tbe Seibs 
was long ago abandoned, but at least, 
we vrere assured last ym, America 
and its allies at (be Imited Nations 
protect tix “safe areas” -Gor- 

By Peter Bfaaes 

azde, Znti, Srebrenica. Sarajevo, 
Tuzla andBQiac. HeM has been slow. 

The sad story of Bomia’s demise, 
ixesMed over by America aod its al- 
ues, is not new. Tbe i nuninen t faD of 
Goraz^ is just another nail in its 
coffin, hmrTMr ed into place by Ihe 
Sertis and observed by the rest of the 
wodd. But boause Gorazde^s fall has 
received spectacular media ceverage, 
and in tM obvious disacr^ of Mr. 
CSotoo's laugbaMe pdiqr foroosuin- 
ing tbe Ser^ Amencans are getting a 
suDveraive, S perhaps accurate, mes- 
sage ou the eremng news: Thor gov- 
enrment is hoompeteat and tmiDoral 
DisDu^ is not new tomy gea^ 
tion. We have had Watergate. Oliver 
North and tbe Iran-ooctn affair, some 
bai timet ia the job market and, more 
reoeatiy, Whhevrater. But eves during 
nv hroefcritical days a decade as 
emioi^ page editor of the student 
newspaper at Universty of Cali- 
fonria at BeritdQf, I thought tbe gov- 
eimnem could do grod chui^ 

Bui now Bosnia. Tbe foie^ poiiQr 
erqreris talk about America^ loss of 
credibility on tbe global stage. I worry 
about sn nwhfng more iotsoaie, aboiu 
the loss of credibility between Ameri- 

ca’sgovemmem and its governed. An 

m^ortant bond is bang frayed. This 
increases my worries about tbe future 

ctf t^oousoy. 

Kfy bomeiowii, 1^ Angeles, has 
endured sufferings in the past year 
that are alm^ bibUcal —rue, floods, 
earthquake. Its oonbiblkal iribula- 

boos indude high unenqrlqyiuent, 
enKsome crime, race riots and urban 
decay. IsAmeacafai a tailqun? I don’l 
know. NMrody does. But we aD know, 

that it naedg to get mmfwig again. That 

cannni happen unl ess pet^le have 
hope; aod unless tb^ hare a govern- 
mem that tb^ trust 
I am living overseas, so it mighi 
seteD uDwarramed for me to talk 
about “my” geDeratioo. But 1 visit 
AmcriGa ofieo cso^ to stay in 
touch. Thanks to tbe wooders of satel- 
lite television, I watch American net- 
work news brfore going to sleep — I 
proba^ see it more often than my 
peera in tbe United Stales. I am also 
part of tbe qiber crowd, so every day I 
bg on to CtmruServe and browse 
through the (riobal Crises buQetm 
board, a compitfer tatlfmg gtop fOT 
sudi world issues as Bosnia. 

When p^le post messages on tbe 
Gkrbal Crises buUetin bMfd, tb^ 
have undrama tic headlin es sudi as 
“Serb Attack on Gorazd&” The mes- 
SB^ are c^ien interesting and pro- 
vocative. During the pastTew days I 
WHsced that new peoftie; not the “r%- 
ulars,” were posting messa^ Got- 
azde has touched th^ There was an 
nousual faeadlfaie on a long message 
posted by a oewoomer vriio could^t 
believe America was standing on tbe 
Adelines. The headline was single: 
“Pain So Deep in tbe SouL” 

The failure to protect Gorazde 
crystallizes a^ deqaeos the Ameri- 
can gotvenrment’s failure in the past 

two years (a failure that was nursed 
into life by a Repubficau administia- 
tion). President CUnton could have 
stood up to the Seririan attack on 
Gorazde long ago and, in a «man 
w^, retired our trust far government 
to do the ri^t thing, or all^ try to. 
He managed to regain a bit or credi- 

biliiy by staring down the Serbs ovn- 

Sarqevo eariier this y^. But with 
Gorazde, he feD fl^ lire Higniidmi 
gew with eadr Serluan sbdl »tiat hit 
Gorazde*s hoqntaL 

The writer reported on the Btmlan 
war for The Wt^gton Post in 1992 * 
^1993. He is ai leave to write a 
book about (he conflict. 


1894: l&iiontown Strife 

NEW YORK — A serious distur- 
banoe Is reptnted from Umontown, 
Pa. A ocke-woiker on strike having 
been arrested, a body fifty wranen 
went to tire poUce^tation and de- 
manded for ins release. This bong 
refused, the women fiercely aifaidw? 
tire sheriff's pc^ Mro were com- 
pelled to use tw weqx>n& A number . 
of women were fdled vrith dubs or 
beaten with rifle stodts, othos re- 
oereed bayonet wDundL ‘The sitiiaiion 
in the town is described as alarming. 

1919: ItafyandtheSSavs 

PARIS -- Sem BeneDi, the Italian 
poet and dramatist, has written for 
the Herald the following com- 
ments on PresideDt Wilson's manifes- 
to for Italy; President Wi]^ evi- 
dently oonri^ onr people as on the 
plane of an African etdoay, dominat- 
ed by the will ^ a few ambitious 
men; and with tbe greatest ignMaiice 
of our histoiy, he does not reem to 

Imow even that this war was waged 
IV the wiide Italian people against 
ibo» enemies whom Mr. Wlson now 

sfuads and protects with aU Ms affeo- 

t|« ud stiength against us. Those : 
®“*™e^yesterday, were called Abs- 
tna^ To-day, the Austm- Hungur - 

lao anpire having disam 

gjl Yugo^fiS-Iihai iZ 

Slavs. But tl^ do not cease 
fact to be less and, there- 
fore, jes enemies of Roman and Ital- 
ic cayihzation, which tbe Slavs for 
centuries have worked to destroy. . 

1944: Amerfean'l^ii^ a 


2 m the Hollands area m the fim 

heWDuK^^?? Japaneso- 
^iS2h£ ? 9*!“a are advano- 
jug luridly from Tanahmetah Bay* 

5^ ‘ 



■ .- it 

Internationa! Herald Tribune, Monday, April 35, 1994 

Page 9 

^ Blind 
To All News but Bad News 

By Carl Gewinz 

P f-f^nuuonalHrraUiTnbuw 

the ^ reassessing the depOi 

there sviU be ^keis and concluding £at 

pnces. TTie exiMi is eroding 

w»<* prices across 

mon^-markeiiatei^Tra^hvn^ Bundesbank cut its 

pr^s wetsk’s qwSLr-o^^i P0‘“' after the 

and are ready to use anv^ooiSi'’ burned this year 

luni^ to seU what 

*™^t Investors *are ready 

„jV , to us as if investors . ^ 

beUeve Eu- *® nse any oppoitiinity 
ropean bond prices wiU rise are *-v in ^ 

^g fonwtlogfioui^^S 

they have reached pain thresh- 

TOniiSSSu^^^asSt Se!S?^ ® 

Addina .7?®'?'’ ® Swiss banker commented, 

in cih^k^^l^^“”'®^ volatility. Althoui volume 
activity in ^ ^ relativeSr modest, 

the henchinari)*^J*?^*® ** robust with daily price movetnenis in 
n^riv Hrt. ki Beutahc mark market now avera^g half a pc^t, 
W? what die market was accustomed^ 
erowth nrfLLiL^’^ duwly linked to the reassessment under way of 
no^ ™ Geniaany and the impact faster-than-expected 

^ have on short-term interest rSites. 

Rexiodt expects growth 
of 1 exceeding 1.5 percent, up from the earlier forecast 

, percwL was not welcomed; the futures market now prices the 
^ m Short-term German rates at 5 percent in September, nhe 
Wai^ made a s imilar comment over the 
By end-year, three-month money is priced at 5.17 per- 
cent The current rate U 5.44 poo^ 

^Pcr-senaiive enidronment” one analyst obseved. 
Th« s a hastened sensitivity to what faster growth will mean 
for wnd ^elds following the dreadful first-quarter experience of 
the umled States and Britain.*’ 

Joanne Perez at Banque Indosuez in Paris noted: **Pes5imi5m 
<wr tte longer-tem evolution of interest rates proves a m^or 
obstacle to a sustained recovery in European bond markets.** 
New-issue activity remains subdued; the daring few who approach 
the market are mostly confined to short-dated paper of five years. 

Germany's L4md»kreditbank Baden-Wfirttembuig, or I^Bank, 
tapp^ the market for 2 billion DM with five-year notes in a global 
offering, the second ever in this market The global formula allowed 
a laf^-than-nonnal size, assuring trading liquidity that is especial- 
ly prized these days. “Buy-and-hold investors are just not there," 
one manager commeDted. **so liquidity is at a premiiun.** 


IntemaOonaJ Herald Tribune <if 

Worid Index 

iniemanonai tierata I noune 
Worid SUxA Index, corr^)osed i?g ^ 
0f280mtemafynaByinvestal^ ] 2 | - jlfi-'-V -'Vr 

yeacks ^zm 25 countries. i-i7 . ' a SAh ., . 

•stocks bom 25 exfur^ries, ii7 
cxvnpdddhy Soomberg ]j| 
BusmessNews. ii4 



Week ending April 22, i -j f 
daily dosings. i;>o 
Jan. 1992 s 100. 

'.'y^' V ,'v’ 

InjurtHal Sectors/Weekend dose 

jMm tfifiM % 

4S2M 4f^ 

daw cwngt 

4BW* * 

pMwqv 110,61 11033 40.07 
UtBHtea 119.07119.12 -0J4 

^pihd^ods lttJ3110i6 -fOJS 
119 .07 1ia.ii= BmlMetMs 12Qg12237 -1.76 

n„.~, 115.43117.17 -TJ5 ConsumerGood.OT09 95a _i] 5 L 
«.c.^ i24.7m».72 .oa 


Cross Rates 

•, r \" 

April 22 

„ ei iLB S.F Yen cs peHta 
I * wm* ~ £»• u* “*“■ 

Ksr S ns s s :s;. S s. S 

" iJS S..S ■S.-iSS 

•ss. s Tii: IS S. s 

^ S iS ■S ™ - SS. S s:- - s 

™*** «KW uM xsn •*» "iSi tmt* - uw* i4cr ww* 

2J^ lUP o*a# w "" ^ „u, is« w» 

“ 1.W 0^ ^ «a 

ISDR 'Xte turn ^ J!^l^ran^ondZurt^_!l*X^^ 

Family and Business at Kohlberg 

The reins have been passed this year 
fromfadteriosonatRMergdi Ca, the 
leveraged buyout firm founded by Jerome 
KoMb&g. vAtoai^wasrmer^thefoundas 
of KxMberg Krcrtis, Roberts & Co. James 
KohBxrg 36, is natv managing parmer a} 
the firm, luhich is based in Mount Kisco, 
Hew Yak, while Jawne; 68, etmUtmes 
fiiU-time as senior partn&. James Kohl- 
bag dtared ids views on the buymu husi- 
nes with Susan AntiUa of The Hew York 

Q. What do you make of an the h>TO about 
the yel-to-bo-seea infonnadon iughway? 

A. Tbads do questUm there was a of 
hype. And more than fayp^ people were pay- 
ing for revenues that were in saoaeoiie’s iinagi- 
natiop — h*s stiD a fanta^. As a buanessman, 
1 don’t know how you vaJue that — how you 
pay for that Wto you look at the peojde who 
have made massive fortunes in difierent indus- 
tries; from Sam Walton to KU Ca^ none of 
them started cut with tUs ^and viaon of vdiai 
die worid would be like in IS years. 

Q. You mean ih^ found something people 
needed right away. Uke pos and pans? 

A. Pots and pans. Or a software program 
that would nm a compter. I don't mean to 
suggest that those men dcui’t have vision, 
because viaon is an important pan of being 
suooissfuL But so are ]M 1 s and pans and the 
perq)le who need than now. 


Q. So you ate ninning the firm now? 

A. Yes. 1 have the title of managing part- 
ner, but it really is run as a ream. 

Q. How have your investors done? 

A Our record is north of 50 percent aver- 
age annua] return from the time the fund 
started in January 1988 with S305 millioiL 

Q. And DOW you’re starting a new fund? 

A. Yes. W^re going for $250 mOlion and 
are over 90 percent invested. 

Q. What’s been happening with the com- 
panies in yoor first fund? 

A. We four public in 1993 (ABT Co., 
ABC Rail Products, Nonbwestem Sted & 
Wire and Wellnlt Corp.) and ^d one second- 
Biy offering. We sold a fifth one — CrosUnd 
Mbrtg^ Grossland was one of our quictet 

exits. We bought it for S80 miOkni in Decem- 
ber 1992 and are closing the sale in two weeks 
at S132 million. 


Q. How do you pick companies 

A. When we &st started, we had the tradi- 
tional criteiia that aU the investment compa- 
nies talk about: stable companies vrith stable 
cash flow, good historical cash generation, 
lots of assets. But over time, what we’ve 
added to that is the aiuliQr to invest in more 
troubled atnatioos — companies vriiose bal- 
ance dieets are oveilevera^ or who have 
gotten into tronbte for o&r reasons. 

Q. What’s been Kohlberg & Co.’$ big^ 

A. ABT, a building products company that 
we bought in October 1992 fcx $95 n^on. 
and todt miblic in June 1993 at $15 a share. 
And 1*11 tdl yoQ before you even that our 

worst was Colorado nime C^, 

Q- What went wrong at Cdorado Prime? 

A Oh, a lot of thiqgSL The primary mistake 
(rmkly was extending a bndge loan that 
rdied on a “highly confident" letter from 
Ihexel fiumham Lamherl 

China Expects 
17% Inflation, 
Missing Target 

Just Can’t 
Get Going 

By Carl Gewirtz 

/fireiMtHM/ HmM Tribrne 

PARIS — It was the dream sce- 
nario that the foreign-excha^ 
maikei was suppo^ to be waiiiiig 
for A cut of one-eighth percentage 
pdnt in German mo^-markei 
rates, followii^ the prmous week's 
qnaiteopoint det^e in floor and 
ceiling nies, and a quarter-point 
increase in U.S. rates. 

This was the material to get the 
dollar started on its kmg^qiected 
tydieal rise against the Deutsche 

Dealers certainly tbou^t so. But 
when they realized th^ were the 
only ones in the maritet they re- 
treated —and so did tbedoUv. It 
ended last wedc trading at 1.6882 
DM, below the previous week’s 
dosmglevel of 1.7145 DM. 

"It’s all been fully antidpated," 
one (h^gruntied tra^ eiqil^ed. 

"1^ market has been so focused 
(ui the didlar's poientiai orade, ev- 
eryone is so buHTsh, that mere’s no 
tno menhim beiund any upward 
movement," said Mich^ &mk- 
hacdt at Hessiscbe JLandesbank in 

The mqor disappointment, oi>- 
serveis said, stems from the rela- 
tively tinud aze and drawn-out 
timing of btHh the U.SL rate in- 
creases and the German redno- 
tionsL But analysts also dted a 
number of other factors to account 
for the maikei's disflhiaon vdth the 
dollar. Buse inchide: 

• An upward revirion in likdy 
growth tins year in Gomany, rais- 
ing questions about how low inter- 
est rates fall. 

• Concern about Ihe widening 
UJS. current-account deficit, i^icb 
is expected to add some $2^ bil- 
lion ^ year to the stock of dollars 
bdd outride the United States. 

• Dollar sales by European and 
Arian central banks unrelated to 


World Bank Backs Asia on Trade 

By Alan Friedman 

Inuntaumai HeraU Tribune 

PARIS — A Strongly worded 
can for Europe to ‘’embrace, not 

perous aiierging ectmoories of East 
Asia is to be isaied in Brussels on 
Monday by Gautam S. a 
World Bank vice president in 
charge of theregiDn. 

In the speech, an advance copy 
of which was obuuned by the Inter- 
national Herald Tribune, Mr. Kaji 
contended that Europ^s fear of 
lasing jobs and competitiveness to 
low-wage manufacturers in coun- 
tries aid as Shtgmore and Malay- 
ria was "mirola^" 

The Worid Bank ofiiciaL putting 
~ ’ sensitive issues in viroildtra^ 
(hat enhancing trade ties with 
the regjcni (rffered "the best long- 

term prospecu fcx job growth and 
economic security m Eur^” 

He said Europe could not l^is- 
laie its economic security and 
should accqit that the lov^w^e 
nations of East Asia would eventu- 
ally offer new expcm markets and 
oppmtunities tor isvestmeci in 
public works and enrironmenial 

Mr. kiyi iqected what he de- 
scribed as the European Union’s 
"feeling ibol the dev^ping coun- 
tries of East Aria have an unfair 
advant^ that they are not pl^ 
ing by the rules." He said it was 
"aiude^ about cmiyretitioii from 
East Aria that inspired recent heat- 
ed discussions among members of 
the General Agreonat <xi Tariffs 
arid TVade about linkiiig trade rules 
to wages and woiiang conditions. 

Ibe speedi is in many ways a 

rqrfy to countries sudi as the Unit- 
ed States and France that have 
been nrgng links between worirers* 
lights axi world trade. This link, 
conridered a pretense for protec- 
tionisro by officials of several East 
Arian government was urged by 
Vice Picrideni A1 Gore of the Unit- 
ed States dorii^ his roeecb on 
April 14 at the signing of the Uru- 
guay Round trade anmd among 
125 GATT members. 

Mr. K^‘i conceded that (here was 
“sonm ground" for oQDce^ 
rap^ with lower trade protectkio 
thmi Aria but fai^ier wages and bet- 
ter wolung omditions, may be sub- 
si(Szing uk Asia’s economic suc- 
cess. He also sad East Asian nations 
riiould reduce their tariffs. But be 
oonduded that "the world is big 
enou^ to accommodate both a 

See TRADE, Page 10 

Crm^kd fy Staff Fna Kipat^B 

BEIJING — An economisi 
working for Ouna’s calnnet has 
forecast that nationwide inflaticm 
wSl hit 17 percent this year, missing 
the ^ivenmieat's 20 pen^t taigeL 

In an article Saturday in the mfi- 
dal DaOy, Ma Jiantang, an 
ecouonust in the State Couodl's 
Devd(^»nent and Research Cen- 
ter, ato piedScted that prices in 35 
1«^ and tnedium-azed Chinese 
dties wonld jonq) 1^ an avera^ of 
22 percent tins year. 

FaHii-f tUs mcoih, a State Statis- 
tical Bureau report estimated that 
China’s econcnny would grow this 
year 1^ 1 1 .5 perrat, well above the 
9 percent ta^ set Prime Kfinis- 
ter Li Peog in March. 

The combination of high growth 
and high mflation threat^ to un- 
dermine C^a's economic re- 
forms, Ma said in the artide. 

"Checking further price hikes 
and maintaining price stal^ty is 
vital to the success of China’s re- 
form and eoonmnic develcqimeDi 
this year," he said. 

In a related development the 
Belle’s Da^. another officaal or- 
gan, roioited Saturday that the 
State Cbundl would ban futures 
trading in steel coal and sugar to 
prevent speculation on these com:- 
modities from furiing inflation. 

A State Council notice forbids 
all futtzres contracts in and 
Sled with a delivery date after OcL 
1. It «»il« for a similar ban on coal 

China’s economy last you grew 
13.4 percent, and nationwide infla- 
tion ran at 13 percent for the year. 
In the first three months of 1994, 
that rate riiot up to an annual rate 

of 20.1 percem natkmwide and 
24.5 percMt in major cities. 

The govenunent responded to 
the increase by capiung prices of- 
baric goods out of concern that 
in&tion cmtid fuel sodal unrest 

Mr. Ma endixsed that policy, say- 
ing the government riiould dd^ 
plans to UFt pike ocntrols fw crude 
(A dectrid^, freight tran^ortation 
and housing rents. China 
planned to allow comnanies to raise 
the price of these products tins yev 
in an attenqit to attract domestic 
and foreign investmeoi to these in- 
dustries and alleviate sbcxtages. 

The Quna Daily Buriness Week- 
ly said Sunday that Begi^ was 
considering allowing foidgn in- 
vestment in the manufaciure of 
lamdecuical generators. 

Westin^iottse Electric Oxp. and 
Siemens AG are reportedly eager to 
take np the challenge. 

Many of China's existing ^nera- 
tois are imported, but at grrat ex- 
pense, and ftffiriais quoted in the 
report said boosting domestic ^- 
erator prodoction uirougb foreign 
investment was the only way out of 
the supply crisis. 

Sep^tdy, the China Daily re- 
poitM Smiirday that labor unions 
would enjoy eiqranded rights in 
stale enterprises under new <^idal 

An AQ China Federation of 
Trade Union document defining 
the of unions nnder a "modem 
enterprise system" stipulates that 
tiiey are to be empowered with 
rights involving labor contracts 
and to be gjven representation on 
the board. 

The document is to be submitted 
to the State ConnciL 

fBbom2>ev;g AFF) 

Expatriates Pan for Gold in the New Prague 

By Heoiy Copelaad 

Speaal to the HtraU Tribune 

PRAGUE — Maura Griffm is the Syl- 
via Beach of her generation. Together with 
four partners, the 29-year-old former As~ 
sodated Press rqxxter owns and operates 
^ Globe, a combiuattrai cafe and store 
for second-hand Qighsh-langu^ books 
that opened in Pra^ last July. 

Packed floor to coUng with books and 
wall to wall with 
yonng expats, the 
Globe recalk the di- 
sheveled buzEof Kfiss 
Beadi’s Shalixspeare 
& Co., the Paris book- 
store that served as 
bank and bookshdf 
for denizens of the 
Lost Generation. 

Altbot^ the (Kobe’s bestsellers are 
Henry ^Uer and Ernest Hemiigway, its 
generatiofi is not bsL Ms. Griffin's pit- 
tnms wear Gore-Tex, not ber^ and they 
are more liki^ to be writing business 
plans tiian ficti^ A back-cover notation 
on an Ecooc^t left by one Globe patron 
sums up their dreams: "S15 n»i™*n x 
$300,000 • $4.5 miDion." 

The Gl(^ is just one of a considlatirm 

<d establishments opened in Pn^iue 
Americans, most of them under 3' 
There’s Red Hot & Blue; Jo’s Bar. Buffalo 
BiDs. and, fat anyone locking for a beer 
and big-screen television. Sport Bar Praha. 

According to the United Natioas Eco- 
aomic Omnoisricm for Eurcfie, fordgpers 
esiaUiriied3,900vieacuiesin the Czech Re- 
public through the third quarter of 1993, 
pliffi^Ug vacant market nidies. the legacy 
of Europe's centralizied ecooonues. 

In 1989, Czedioriovakia's privaie sector 
accounted for only 4 percent of grros do- 
mestic product, compared with 29 percent 
in Fdand and up to 22 pocent in Hungary, 
accordhm to fig^ coupled in the 1993 
Annual Eennomic Review of the Eurqpean 
Bank for Recoosuiiction and Devdtp 
meoL With so much ground to make ip 
Czechoslovakia's fxivate sector catapultra 
into hyper-growth after 1989. swdhng 40 
penxot a yev, a rale four tirnes (he averr^ 
for other private secton in the rrajon. 

"A ctayicuouriy large share" of roreigD 
investment in Eastern Europe ^ipe^ to 
have gone into the service sector, paiticular- 
ly tourism, because of kiw start-up costs 
and the prevalence of demands imfinwi by 
Slate ffionopedtes, the EBRD noted. 

Indeed, 3l-year-old Scott Otto, owner 
of Sport Bar Praha, said be often serves 

people like himsdf, young entrepreneurs 
who have oHne to Pr^e to try to provide 
"services that pec^le here nee^ but don't 
know that tb^ need." 

"A lot of young Americans crane in. have 
a beer, and we oongiaie notes," he said. 
"One guy imprats mhletic gear, another 
brings 01 bic^es. a couple of guys from 
San Frandsoo are ti^ng to start a businessr 
services center." Others have started an 
aloyment agency, a pure water vendor, 

‘ a scdtwaie company. 

In Oett^XT 1991. Mr. Otto quit Ins job in 
New York as a corporate finance consul- 
tant at Ernst & Yauag to move to Pra^ 
He ^lent three tncnibs Ijsaiiung C^edL then 
staitM looking for business c^ipoitunities. 
He considered opening a tennis resort 
Iiutead, Mr. Otto ^t his pnts bar, 
ffiodi^ on an establitiunent near his 
apartment in New York. He raised 
to Roovaie a space that now con- 
tains four tdevisions, two pool tables, a 
basketball madtin^ a dart board, two b^ 
20 t^es and an atUetic clothiim store. 

Another entrepreneur, Glenn ^dter, 
came tO Pragoe in the s umm er 1992 
“vrith a van. a couple of bikes, a computer 
and a lot ^ ideas." Bdaad him lay an 
unfimsbed grad sdiool paper on privatiza- 
tion in Czeoiodovakia, ah^ ^ mxa a 15- 

year lease on 200 square metos (Z150 
square feet) ttf prime estate just ^ (he 
dn’s central square. 

Now IS Czechs work for the 28-year-dd 
Americait serving New (Means^ie food 
at Red Hot & Bhies, ius 60-seat estaUi^ 
menL Waitresses pull down nearly as mudi 
in a wedc as CZe^ doctors cam monthly, 
Mr. Spideer said. He and his panna are 
stiQ leainiiig the tricks of their trade, and 
they only recently realized that a cash 
ter can bdp d<^ customer unffic. 

Hk Globe’s owners, mostiy former jour- 
nalists, are also leanting about business. 
Th^ called on fiiends with business de- 
grees f(x help writing their busness plaa 
The group miscalculated badly, Ms. Cnffin 
said, prcyecting sales of two books an hour. 
In fa^ uno bocks were sold on openi^ 
day and have since settled at about 2u 

books per boor. 

While the CBbbe depends on its aoona- 
tive patrons, at ^port Bar Praha, wiuch 
opened last August tudf the patrons on an 
aver^ ni^t are Czechs. Eiefore the bar 
opened, CSecfa friends warned Mr. Otto, 
"peofrie here don’t gp to a bar to waidi 
roorts. They didn’t rralizB that was because 
mm was no place to ga" 

Ar/icles in this series r^pear every other 

Deutsche Bank Takes the Offensive 

By Brandon Mitcbener 

Juumaieiial HeraU Thbww 

FRANKFURT — After two 
weeks of being bashed about its 
handling of louis to 8 missing real 
estate mafflate. Deutsdie Bank 
AG plans to bad bade on Mondw, 
even as prosecutors go through the 
Iwnk's ma on the affair. 

Hilmar Kopper, the bank’s 

rftaiwnan aS W^ 35 tWO fdlOW 

board members, Geoig Krupp and 
Ulrich Wdss, are to face the press 
to “explain the facts of the 
case tom the bank's 

nnint nf view and the craisequepces 
for the bank," according to an invi- 

juri g in g from previous com- 
ments, the wtU assert (h^ it 
was trideed by Jfiigen Sefandder 
and his wife into lending them 
DKxiey wdl in excess ci their bua- 
ness needs. 

Mr. Kraiper has alrearfy conce^ 
ed that mere may be "systemie 
p^lems" to son«, and angry 
Deutsche Bank shardioldeis are 
riftmaniting the resignations of 
those reqxmable. 

Politicians, meanwfaOe, are pro- 
poang new limits on (he rnfluenix 

hanira in (be German economy. 
■SgwirtT r wiwA as of the Opposition 
Snriai Democratic Party and the 
Free Democratic Party, the junior 
coalition partner in Bonn, said over 

Schndder about "imconvindng 
potitions" in his annual statement 
of assets and fiatnfities in February, 
"posably crambuting to his fed- 
ing (rf being found out" 

Tte bank had stopped lending to 
Mr. Sehnadw in the summer of 
19^ after deddiog it had "lent Mr. 
S^eida enough;” Mr. Ko(^ 
told German tdeviskm. 

Preriousiy, offidals of Deutsche 
Ramlr ai^ other creditors had said 
they had no reason to suspect Mr. 
Sdin^er of wnmgdrang or even 
Ivwig in diffiailties until April 7, 
when a courier ddivered a farewdl 
later dated April 4 that was ad- 
dressed to Mr. weiss. 

In the letter, Mr. Schneider 
as^ for a two-year holiday fiom 
interest payments and an emergen- 
cy loan of 80 miUion DM. He also 
more or less suggested that the 
ba^ his UggBSt angle creditra, 
assume autboriy for his businesses 

vriule he went on vacaticHi to avead 

According lo a qwkesman, the 
bi^ innnediately contacted bey 
associates of the magnate at his 
mem licddiQg cranpai^, Dr. JQigen 
Sdmeider AG, who reedved a 
pm[aT letter. They invited us to 
come out to Konigstein,** the 
spok^an said, wbm ba^ and 
coomany officials compared notes 
at me ^duiddef headquarters for 
ibe next four days. 

German media have described 
the discussioas as a "search” of the 
Schneider headquarters, a descrip- 
tion that the bulk’s cl^ spdres- 
man, Hdmut Kartmann, denied. 
"Whcsi our team bad a question 
they couldn’t answer, th^ went 
in to the next room and look^ into 
files, or showed them to us," he 
said. "It was never a search." 

Norrethdess, a spokesfvoinan for 

See DEU1BCHE, Page 11 

iij» oj(i» uw «BS5 tan MW >•»« the wedteod that bom the banks 

Ism liS ** ^ shareheddings in Genaan 

oosingekiAmeWfumLenUin^-^^ Companies and ite bmks r^ 

e: tp tev one ueu^t b: ru bur geg tatinf i gg} (besT bosrds sbould be 




Araei^BM 05NI 


Astf.MM. U-WV 
.. Brain ovi. luani 
jhc niBM sv— una 
^ Cwcnnw vn a 

DoHUikram &a 3I 
BBypLPPwia xaajA 
PtaunarWH SST 



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KawotrldWr 0^ 

fMUV.riB9. *** 

Cwranw f g.* 

H.ZMkBdS ^MI9 
MWW.araBe W 


Portcspido IW.14 
Soudirwol ViK 
5JM.S 145V7 






















DauMOamar* tjPO 

^ - sMov aWBV 90^ 

4MOV ®T2_r*dinr 1J791 1<»»3 ’•**' 

"fiS ^ £m lows vox 

« IXSTB IrfOW — IMtiliMMM 

Bone BW* a/ (W 

LUC . were im- 

mediatdy dismissed as decdon- 
year p qfer*, they have put the 
hwnif OB the defensive: 

One of the rnain questions to be 
answered is how much Deutsdie 
Bant knew before the Schnaders 
disamieared, leaving it end about 
40 other institutions holding roore 
than S bOfion Deutsche marks 
($2,95 bflliOD) m lOUs hacked by 
property that may be worth less 
than ibai touu. 

Mr. Kqiper revealed last week 
that ^ bmt had questioned Mr. 


Soci^ anonyme 
Registered office: 

15, avenue Emile Reuter, Luxembourg 
R.C. Luxembourg B 21 167 

Follovring the change of ownership in me Management 
Company, artide 1 and artide 19 of the Man^ement regula- 
tions of Scottish World Fund has been amended by the repla- 
cement of ihe reference Id Gefinor Uroited, Nassau, Bahamas 
by ttie reference to Gefirvir Bank Limited, Grand Cayman, and 
ttie prospectus has been updated consequently. 

Luxembourg, April 20tii, 1994. 

Martin Currie Gefinor Fund 
Mana gement Company S A 

Soddtd Generale Alsacienne de Banque 
Luxembourg Branch 

Om^ Seamascer Professional. 
Self-winding chronomecer 
in scainless steel 

wateT-resiscaac to 300 m/1000 ft. 

Swiss made dnee 1848. 



The sign of excellence 

e 7 


ut r T T — o B’-?' » T a 7 •? f» 

* Page 10 


U.S. Boom Boosts 
Orders for Tools 

At U.S, Presses for Growth 

TRADE: Wodd Bank Supports Asia on Jobs Lmk 

Bhombvg Busiiiea News 

Wi^HINGTON — American 
madiiae ttxri orders rose 25.8 per- 
cent in Mardi from F^ruary, bol- 
stered by the strong U.S. econo- 
the Association of 
Manufacturing Technology said 
on Sunday. 

On a year-on-year basis, the in- 
crease was 4.4 pocenL Oidets for 
machine tods, wind] cut and siu^ 
mctai f(v carmakers and other in- 
dustrial companies are closely 
watched by economists as a gai^ 
of factory ou^t and business in- 

Tool orders totaled S346.80 mil- 
lion during March, up from 
S27S.65 milhoQ in February. 

**Dom»tic orders continued 

their strong pace, gjvmg us the best 

first quarter since 1980,'* said Al- 
bert Moore, president of the trade 
group. “New coital spending fore- 

casts by U.S. manufacturers should 
translate into a good 1994 for the 

Demand for U5. machine tools 
is weaker outside the country 1^ 
ca us ft economic slowdowns in 
Europe and Jr^an and because of 

a Ss peiS^e^ine iSm Janu- 
ary, previously rq>orted as a de- 
crease of percent. 

By category, orders for metal- 
cutting tools increased 25.8 percent 
in Mardi from a month eariier. to 
S231 J5 million. Orders for metal 
forming tools rose 2S.9 percent to 
$nS.5S million. 

Shipments increased 115 per- 
cent in March, to $3MJ) million, 
while the badJog of orders, which 
tracks machine tod makers’ abQiQr 
to meet demand, increased 2.8 per- 
oent to SI.S98 bmioo. 

The Assoemted Press 

WASHINGTON — Hie United States pressed 
J^>an and Gemumy to do more to stimulate thdr 
domestic economies as finance officials from the 
world’s seven ridiest industrial countries conferred 
Sunday on the threat to global growth posed by 
lisii^ mt^t rates. 

Finance officials and central bank presidents of 
the Group d Seven — the United States, Japan, 
Germany, Britain, France; Italy and Camda — 
met hdifnd closed doors at Dumbarton House in 
Washingtoo's GocKgetown discricL 

The &7 talks were bring held in advance of the 
annuri spring meetings of tte )7$-naiion Intema- 
tfonal Monetary Fnna and its sister ieoding agen- 
cy, the World Bank. 

W^e IMF economists are forecasting that the 
global economy in 1994 riiould turn in its 1^ 
pofonnance in five years, that is due primarily to 
ime;q)6cte^ strong growth in the Umted States. 

The IMF has actually revised downward its 
expectatimis for gro^ in J^)an and Germany. 

Treasun Secretary Uoyd Boitsen said in ad- 
vance cf the talks that Germany ritould cut interest 
rates and Japan needs to do more to stimulate 
domestic demand to improve the ^bal eeoaotafs 
growth prospects. 

Mr. Bentsen was particularly pointed in his 
comments about Japan. IV adirinistratioa has 
been pressuiing Japan to make a tax cui perma- 
nent and take other measures to boost domestic 
demand as a way of reducing America's record S60 
billion trade de^t with that country. 

F inance from Other countries are con- 

cerned about the recent jump in long-term interest 
rates in the United States that was trigKred by 
credit ti g h tening on the part (A the Federal Reser\'e 

U.S. officials have insisted that financial mar- 
kets have ovoTcacted to the Fed's small tightening 

In advance titt group meeting, Mr. Bentsen 
held a series of ooe-on-one talks Sunday morning 
with from Rusaa, Japan and Germany. 

A Treasury (tfficiaL spealdng M condition that 
his name not ^ used, told reporters (hat Mr. 
Bentsen bad a ‘‘useful discussiw" with Finance 
Minister Hirt^iisa Fujii of Japan in which Mr. 
Bentsen had pressed the Japanese to go further 
with government stimulus measures. 

Mr. Fujii told reporters that he had stressed to 
Bouseu the «ignifi«ifini» of die srimulos measures 
already taken by J^an. 

Gontimied Iron Page 9 
Thrivi ng East Asia and a strong Eu- 
ixq)eaa Conmunity.” The two re- 
rioDS, be said, need each other. 

Compariim Eurc^'s “ircpida- 
tkm" about the threat posed E^t 
Atian ecemomies to UK choice the 
Eurt^wan Union faced when it ^ 
mittM ^Kxn and Portugal Mr. Kiyi 
said: “Look at the consequences 
since then, both f<v the Einttpean 
Union and for tf^countries. Thar 
trade and gross domestic product 
have steadily chmb^ — and so has 
the Gmummi^'' 

■ Latin Americans Bridle 

Fotrign NGoisters frcci Latin 
America and Europe pledged Sa(- 
ur^y to jmotly i^ieci human 
rights tadde so^ problems to 

foster develq)menl, but the Latin 
.Americans fi^y r^'eoed any li^ 
betwees these sen^uve social is- 
sues and trade, Reuters rq)oned 
from Sao Paula 

“We’re ve^ clear on this, that it's 
not aimn^jriate to esutiilish any 
kind or co^iUHialities." said Die- 
go Parades, the foreign minisier of 

“Free trade, not ooudition^ty, 
is the best wy to h^ the Brazilian 
worker,” said Criso Amorim, for- 
w gn minis ter of BraziL 
l^tin American concern ovw 
attempts by Europe to tie trade 
suv*sR 10 prickly issues like bimaii 
ri gh ts., child Isbor or woilcrs 
rights 'were apparent during a tw 
day meeting of Eun^rean Umon 
and Rio Group ministers that end- 
ed Saturday. 

It was the first meeting of two 
large North-South r^nal groups 
since the historic signing last wedc 
of the Uruguay Round world trade 

The dedaratiottissued at the end 
of the sao Paulo meeting reflected 
the Latin American position 1^ 
stating: Rio Group ministers 

igect die unilateral application oS 
any political ecmiomic, social ^ 
environmental linlu^ rending 
market access in international 
trade relations.'* 

Theodoros Pantos, Greece’s 
alternate foreign raster, said that 
Europe could not abandon its oon- 
cem over social issues, but he said 
the European Union would 

take Latin America's porition into 
account when conridoriiig trade 
with the iqpOD. 

Addres^ feara in Latin Ameri- 
ca that the r^oo might be in dan- 

position with Enrc^ Mr, Paoga- 
los said theEimop^ maiket was 
open fw buaness. 

“The European Union is the fre- 
est trar&ag partner in the world 

According to Etuopean Union 
figures, Utin American esqxKts to- 
Eonqre fdl to 22 billion European 
curroKy units (S^.I4 Mllion) in 
1993 fnm 25 billitm Ecus in 1990. 

In contrast, European exports to 
Latin America junq^ to 23 bOfiou 
Ecus in 1993 from IS bSlioa Ecus 
in 1990. 






every Saturday 


Spd See 

Con Mat pnee yki Trsv issuer Cen Mat Price ym Trsv 

Issuer Con vat Price vie Trsv 

issuer Cen Mar Price YW Trsr 


Can (Mat Price yio trsv 

Provided by Credit Suisse First 
Boston LimHed, London, Te<; 
322 40 00. Prices may vary 
according to market conditions 
and other factors. April 22 

international HERAU> TRIBlfNE, MONDAY, APRIL 25, 1994 

Page 1 1 


A i 

The Case of the Misbehaving Yield Curve 


^200 1997 0.125 99m _ 

■** Ow^nwnihUbcr. M oncolBb fa. feB0.1SVDwnifwfiont 

»10«0. nOcWer. I'Wbody Inrt.) 

tlOO 19^ 0^ 99% T ^ ■ — 

rvn Omt a^nomh Lbor. Nonedtafala. Pm 020%. ILP. Mo>goi 


^ Ncuiooole 


lnt‘ | 

L-Finance NV 

Caisse Ceotroie de 
Immo bifer 

CrWit Locat'd^ ’ 

£150 1999 0.1875 99J25 

2001 Ojss lOOjo" 

9H 99j^ 

1999 6 9920 

Over S^noflili Lbsr. CofloUe at par (roffi 1997. ^0.4525%. 
(KieiiMrt Bemon UdJ 

Under frmmth Lber. Minimum coupon « ld% umU 1997. 
mroanom k 52% Mtfif 1999. finom 1999. rhe noia beCMa 
eoteWe eo por and pay a 52% coupon. Fe« 020%. (Mttufai- 
iN Rn a nce lntl| 

NonuJIufcile. Fees 1%. (Owe Irmestrrwnt Bonfc Lid] 

Ff 1^ 2002 6 9Z83 

Wl 350 2004 6U 9954 

NonedlGUB slew isMk Pew 025% (DMMdtf Bard AGb J.P. 
Morgars Sdomon BreihefSi) 

NencdWe. with ouMaidna isnm, ram Mlel lo 4 
MBon froick. Fees 02^ (Crhdh Lyemeik| 

By Flo.vd Ncwrts 

yard 70wr Sfntif 

NEW YORK — A funay thing happened 
when the Fede^ Reserve Board set out to 
raise interest raus this year. The ones they 
warned to raise went up only gnid^gty. But 
others zoomed skyward. 

Call it the case of the misbehaving yield 
curve. Sbon-ttrm rates have moved less than 
the Fed seemed to have wanted, while long> 
term rates rase more. Moreover, rates on 
corporate and mumctpol bonds have risen 
more than those on Treasuries. 

None of this is what was forecast, either by 
the Fed or by most private economists. The 
logic was that with tn/ladon obviously not a 
big threat, a Fed tigbieniog would reassure 
investors and long bond rates would not go 
up nearly as much as sfami rates. 

In fact, the rise in short rates has been 
almost gnidging. The Fed has pushed up the 
federal funds rate — t^ nle banks charge 

00 loans to each other— bw three-quarters of 
a percentage pmm, to 3.75 percent 

But thm-moDtb Treasury bill rates have 
climbed only ab^ three-fiftte of a point and 
the increase in the rates that bonks pay to 
savers has been much less than that in some 


cases weQ under half a percentage ptwt 
Meanwfaak, rates on lostger bonds are up one 
percentage point and in some cases more. 

Both the bond and stock markets haw 
taken big inis since the Fed acted. &t last 
week both markets took the latest Fed ti^t- 
ening with more aplomb than they had the 
previous two. 

TTie bdiwether 30-year Treasury bond end- ■ 
ed the week yielding 7.23 peicent* down from 
7.29 per c ent at the end or the previous neeL 
as its price rose, altho^ the return is abwt 
one percentage i^t h@>er than it was befme 
the Fed started tightening. At the other end of 

the maturity spectrum, the two-year ooie 
yielded SiS at the close of Fri^ trading, up 
f^ram 5.47 the week before, as hs price felL 

The stock market lost a mere 12.79 points, 
to 3.648.6R as measured b.v the Dow Jones 
industrial average. 

The markets’ muted reaction to the latest 
Fed move may reflect the lack of altemaiive 

Mutual funds are seeing less cash flow out 
the banks, confronted with uninspir- 
ing loan demand, see no reason to bid for 
funds. Instead, ih<^ hope to push up their 
profit m^ns a bit — a fact that may yei 
help to give new life to bank stodcs. 

On the other side, the rise in kmg-term 
interest rates reflects a number of market 
realities. When rates staned to rise, a lot of 
managers with leveraged bets on lower rates 
bad lo sell, and sell fasL 

A few years ago, accounting rules let 
banks bi d? lo^es on bonds, not to mention 
mortgage loans, when rates turned up, as 

long as the bonds were not sold. Now. as the 
econmnist Henry Kaufman points out, such 
losses are gener^y rqToned in any case, so 
there is less wceoiive to hold on when the 
bond market turns down. 

Mr. Kaufman contended ibat the way 
rates are behaving is uitlikely to have much 
impact on the economy. A new recesrion 
w(^d be much more likdv if short-rates 
were in danger of getting aliove long-term 
rates, and the fact nothing like that is hap- 
pening is very gpod news. 

That has not stopped some on Wall Street 
from starting to worry that the Fed is gmt^ 
to keep ti^tening un^ U strangles econonuc 
gixiwth. Evidently, they' b^eve that while 
low interest rates took a long time to help the 
economy, higher ones can quick^- kill it. 

Such fears will eveni^ly be proved 
wreo^ When that happens, do not be sur- 
prised if the stock market mounts a big roliy 
as investors conclude that higher intensi 
rates are no problem. 

Abbey Nahonol 
j^reosury Se rvices 
Toyota M ol^ Cr^ 

nv 150.000 2004 9H ITOjo 

Baofferedtt9827S. Noneolable. Feat 1%. (ABN AMO toe 

Cdloblc at par from 1996. Fau 2%. (Crodita Haficm.] 

1999 8% 101.657' 

CS200 1999 8V1 101245 




Nenecaable. fta 1%%. IDouhdw Bwk AO LamIwi.} 

tMHand « 99.61 NomSIobla. fatt 1M. {Dowo Europe 

Y 20,000 1999 325 100,15 NonoAibla. te, a2SX. (Merrai Lyr^h lrt\] 

OiJjAR; Circumstances Conspire Against Currency 

Continued from 9 

the Bank of Japan's efforts to keep 
the yen from appreciatin g , 

Central banks "have been siroae 
sellers over the past eight or nine 
^ys noied Rainer Marian at 
v.redii Suisse in Zurich. 

The^ling has not been speciac- 
\i\y. Mr. Burckh^di observed. 

But a couple of million, consiani- 
ly, he adcM, has become a weight 
on the markeL 

Traders offer a multitude of ex- 
plaoaticns for the sales. Some say 
the banks are selling on behalf of the 
Malaysian central h.niV, which is 
supposedly stiU unwinding losing 
positions built up by its former man- 
agezneni. Others suspect there is a 
rebalancing going on in Europe 
aimed at i^uctng holdings of <M- 
lars in favor of marks. 

Whatever the motivation, deal- 
ers agree thai such selling in a mar- 
ket already lacking conviction has 
greatly du^isfaed volatility. Tbat 
ouicome alone could justify the 
ceatrsl'bank actions, as officials 
nave greater control in markets 
where price movements are nsla- 
tivelv small. "It makes their inier- 
ventloQS more influential," ooe an- 
alyst commeau. 

Resarding current investor de- 
manil W'ilbam Dudley at Gold- 
man. Sach-s & Co. in Londoo cgbh 
tenued ihat “Ll.S. inieresl rales 
haNc not increased itumciently nor 
.'luve German rates decDaed 

enoogb*' to pull ad tfitinnal money 
into doUar-denominated invest- 
ments. "There arc no big portft^ 
shifts into the dollar under way." 
he said. 

This, SI a time when the outflow 
from the United States remains 
heavy due to the winning trade 
defidu means that those wto are 
acquiring dollars “require a risk 
premium." Mr. Dudley added. "To 
nM ddlar assets means you have 
to expect the dollar to appredate.” 
And at current Irnds tne dollar 
does not appeu to offer that per- 
spective, he sdd. 

"The ddlar is not so uodervalned 
as is populariy assumed." he said 
He noted (hat estimated measures of 
the ddlaris pufdasiDg power parity 
(rf around 1 DM overstate 
where the dollar should be." In his 
view, that parity is somewhere 
aroo^ 1.75 DM and given the in- 
creased ririt pnsniom oa the dollar 
"it’s logical that the dollar should 
trade at some dbcouuL" 

Fun 0*Ndll at Swiss Bank Coip. 
in London farther argues that the 
upward rerisUms in expected Ger- 
man growth this year mean that 
"there is a basic reassessment 
al^t Germany under way. It's not 
the basket case on competitiveness 
that most pei^e thoi^ht; if s on 
the voge (tf a agniricant reversal 
vrith growth increaang and infla- 
tion beaded lower, to below 2 par- 
cent neu year. 

"Tbe nuBkd is slowb* coming to 

L®UTSCHE: Schneider Defense 

ContiMKd from Page 9 

ihe FranlJun district proseptor’s 
office, which is now investigating 
the Schneiders for fraud, said it was 
"disiurbcd" by Deutsche Bail’s 
access to privileged infonnation 
nnd that it would begin seardiing 
the bank’s files on Mon^y. 

Despite exposure totaling \2 bil- 
lion DM to Ihe Schodder group, a 
loose alliance of companies owned 
bv Mr. Schneider and his wife, 
Deutsche Bank has taken pains to 
distance ibelf from itt debtor. 
"Deuiahe Bank is not the finan- 
cier of the Schneider ^oup.” it ^d 
in a stateineiu 00 .April 13. one day 
before it filed suit against the 
Schneiders for fraud 
Mr. Hartmann said Mr. Koppa 
had never met the developer, "w- 
Schneider didn't come Md go m 
every board member s office, Mr. 
Hanmann said . 

But Mr. Schneider himself, m ms 
lelier to Mr. Weiss, wrow about a 
close relationship: “IJeutsche 
Bank, along wih its 
bantina subsidiaries, faw the mg- 
aest sl^ of our total l^. 

and is also involved m the 

most important oogoing arqects 
(Bonbdiner Palms, Hota Rose 
and Bdraencenter). In addition, 
Deutsche Bank has the most far- 
r iMching htformaricHi about OUT as- 

■ Banker Sues Dentsdie 
Two newspapers, the Wiesba- 
dener Kuiier and the Darmstadter 
Echo, Saturday that a retired 
duef of a le^onal German bank 
bad filed a l^al complaint against 
Deuts^ Bank with the Frankfurt 
state prosecutor, accor£ng to a 
Roiters dispatch from Frankfim. 

Fritz H. Haase reportedly al- 
lied that Deutsche Bw "failed to 
(oeet the wwTiiiwuin requirements’’ 
for cbedting and dispensing loans 
to the Strader groi^ Spokesmen 
for Deutsche Bau aro me Prank- 
fun prosecutor’s office had oo im- 
me^te confirmatimi of the suiL 
The wed^ Der Smegd that 

Dratsebe Bmik had let 240 mSfion 
DM that Mr. Sdmtider had bdd in 
SMtzerland slip through hs.fbigjBrs 
by acting too riowly. A qiokesman 
coofinued the bank was trying lo 
track down the funds but deeimed 
to confirm the sum in question. 


Stock Indexes 

Ui meJStatM Aprs 

DJ Ufil. 

DJ Trans, 

S&plOO 4'*^ 

FTSE n» 

FT 30 


& «« 


APT IS Cir*e 
3A61X7 —025% 

^9i2* +as9» 

U1025 -0.«» 
41121 +M5J 
446.18 +032% 
5,84,1 +024% 

247AS +0.12% 

Monoy Rates 

Discount rote 
prime rata 
Federal lunds rate 






20.164. —099% 
1200/42 +a61 % 
923626 — 29S% 

muo — b31 % 

Coll money 
Xnonth mteitonk 
oei B iony 
Colt money 
3 .monlMntertionk 

Bonk Dose rote 
Coll money 
3.monm Interbank 


London PLiTL flx5 36925 37720 —125% 

Apr 22 

Apr 15 


























1 — HcraF 


Plow Printed IN 

fDR SAME day 

reward the Bundesbank for hs obsti- 
nacy in lowering interest rates," Mr. 
OTvein said. “It has carried (he Ger- 
man economy tbou^ a masavdy 
diffiadt period of tiansitioa and the 
rewards are starting to shw up. The 
mariM is beug forced to reassess 
the Deutsche iiurk." 

"In an environment where the 
market is worried about inflalion," 
says Mr. O’Neill "there are only 
tbree central baiiks in the world 
that can be trusted: the Bundes- 
bank, the Swiss National Bank and 
(he New Zealand authmities." 

While Mr. 0*NeiD maintains a 
loi^beld <qrinioa that the dollar 
cradedown to around 1.60 DM 
by mid-year — a view now more 
widely shami — other analysts 
c onthuie to argue rlmi the mark's 
strength is transitory and will be 
reveised once the full amount of 
U.& inoeases and Goman redac- 
tions in interest rates become vis- 
ble later in the year. 

Thisis tbeviewoTNorben Wal- 
tear at Deutsdie Rank in Frankfurt 
and Aviiush Persaod of J.P. Mor- 
gan & Ca in Londort 

They argue that the market 
judg^ by the performance of in- 
terest-rate foiorcs prices — has lost 
its bwiTifig^ The prices show that 
three-month interhaok rates in De- 
cember are eiqwcted to be 5. 14 per- 
cent on marks and 5.79 percent on 
ddliars. Tliat is a spread of 65 baris 
poims in favor the dollar, down 
from a diffeceotial of 90 basis 
points *gq«4wwt a week earlier. 

But the Morgan fmecast has 
German rates well bdow 5 percent 
and U.S. rates qiproadnng 6 per- 

"Once the miadset is broken oo 
where interest rates are headed, the 
do llar wfil be free to posh higher,” 
Mr. Peisaud asserted. 

Kidder Says 
2d Trader 

By Steve Lohr 

Nets York Times Semre 

NEW YORK — Kidder. Pea- 
body A Co. has said that it dis- 
ctaaf^ a second trader for coo- 
cealmg kisses, a that broader 
piriUems were emer^g at the se- 
curities firm. 

The trader, Neil Margolin, was 
the second person to be dismissed 
by Kidder afur being accused of 
illicit trading activities. 

Mr. Marlin’s concealed losses. 
Kidder said late Friday, amounted 
to about SlOmiliioD. IMy said i^t 
the hid^ losses did not result in 
losses for any Kiditer customers or 
other l»okeage Anns. 

The latest incident is minor, 
compared with the ^ot that Kidder 
disclosed a wedc ago after it dis- 
missed Joseph Jmt, the bead of the 
firm’s goveminffli securities try- 
ing desk. An iomnial review of 
trading practices found that he had 
conducted an elaborate trading 
scheme to create $3^ million m 
fake profits and cooc^ SKKl iml- 
lioo in leases. 

Still the two episodes, comingin 

r * *: succession, raised questk«is 
t the quality of the superviaoo 
of trading practices at Kidder. 

Mr. Margolin, who had been at 
Kidder rince 1986, worked on the 
firm’s imeztst-raie swaps i ;lgsk A 
Kidder executive said be had been 
dismissed on Thursday after be 
"confessed to wrongdenng." 

Helen Keehner, a Kidder 
spokeswoman, said the concealed 
losses totaled less than $10 millicn. 
The shortfall she said, would be 
covered by "nonnal operating re- 
serves,” and not require a sp^aJ 
char w sgainst earnings of either 
Kid^ or its corporate parent. 
General Bectrk Co. 

Kidder said the Margolin case 
was separate freun the sebeme tluii 
hfr. Jdt was said to have engt- 
neered on the government desk. 

After Mr. Jett was dismissed 
Kidder also suspended six other 
empfa ^e^ who haw not been 

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shall preseiH a iSter conUining its rompTcic "’a.hng -ddr^ 

The bid delivery *T» be on July 

Voluntarios da Patria Street, 5th floor, CuritibrPK 

The Bidding will be ruled t y: U% SLiScf 9 Wl- 

Tusohnien sa forth by State tfecrcc n. 700, doted September V, J i , 
IDBbiSTO procedure and by farther conditions herein suled and 
also in the &ntraGt Documents. 

The Week Ahead: World Economic Calendar, April 25 - 29 

A soweua of sw MMAiF Mwoffuc ano 
SonM Hsraia TMuna ty eMMmbars 8 us 1 - 


>Aetua» HettgKM* Fttiuaivraiai 

Toiqie Japan AutoniDoas UanulBcnir. 
efs AaMcuSon snnouneaa ManSi rehida 

IfffiQWwm LNilsya. the U& computw 

mskar, srmounee tM ■ 

oi 1 % tegiaMi hsadquanais in Sngapora 
Earslnga aspaolaa CIL HolQinos, 
Guangzhou imMaiiant, Shanghai Patfo- 

• Aptl as iiUiai John Ciabb, inw. 
aging candor of raeydar Sinismaial. to 
aOOmas SeewiMs hmuto et Aurtraha 
on tne Murtiy'a fcitiue. 

Tokre tndtwtriai Bank of Japan to re. 
laaia acenome loraea at lor tiaeal iSM. 
TWkye SumAeiM Bank rVaPflanl To. 
shio Monkawa to gam an maugunl pram 
et Japan Barkan Asaoemiien. 

Eamlnga -t>-***^ Allied inOuaums hv 
mmatfonei AmhcM Noktini^ IMG Hokl- 
inga. Siena Be ew em e Tachnotogy. 
aJt^S 7 rmhafra Cenauffierprma 
Max tor Match quarter. Forecaac RIae M 
05 pareani, lor annual gam el 1 5 paicere 
in year. 

Ke^ Kong Sharia in Chaerfui Hold- 
ings, a ilnancmt aaMoas company, dua (a 
begin trading on the Kong K 019 atock 

T«too Japsi Automobila Manutaeba- 
an AsaodaPon anneuficaa March wahiela 

Tekye umuiyet Trade and indusuyra- 
leasas March miail y** Ml Muditol 
prtductfon figiiraa 

Eamlnga — T-**-** Ailiad Praparttas 
(W). QW\» Trara atte u mdenm hwastr 
mem Hong Kong. Guangdong invaat- 
manl Um Namm. Tungtao Bramry. 
aspHIta CmSisrie rnmnilanamr- 
ege weak l y earning s mrFetniiiY quarter. 
FttBcaat: Siigitt itaa 
Hong Kong Match provisional mar- 
chondaB nda igures. 

Tokyo Uanogemeni and CoonCnmion 

AgatiQr anneunces M arch unempleymirB 
rata, Tokyo staaoonsumar petea index for 
April and naOenwde CPI tor March. 
EMnga aqpactod today AKied Group, 
Dynamie Hektetgs, Hongkong Toy Can- 
Hrintarr.aPonal, Maanahan Iran 4 SiaM. 
a AprB SB firtriWiH John Mw acn ai. 
iMnaging direcior « financial aenricee 
and property groia) Lend Lease Corp., to 
adoieiit SecuriHaa irmtitula ol Aueuaha 
on iMng the acononae rollar«oasler. 
Hoag Ki^ Herbert Hui. axacutiva Ot. 
rector nd head ot hsfing dnrielen at the 
Hong Kang Stock totehenge. to epeak on 
Pm role or me Hong Kang Slock mantel in 
ramno money tor China ara other pans at 


Expaatad tBIa weak FranMurt- 
Uarah preduoar pnea index, r ara caac 
Up G1 psremt in momh. up 0.3percant tn 


Fmektort March 155 from touim-quai^ 
tar basaL Fbracaa up 14.D peicaM in 

a April 27 Aewterdam Canral bank 
annuM press c o ntarenca. 

Cole^ B^ar annual inaeting. 
a Aprn 28 Aflwtow la m CantrW bank 
publishes annual lapan. 

AaiMat Bundasbankce un e tf iwe n Bng. 
Nrla Final tourttHhianar groas domee- 

rnpinlmDin Tate Damark A/S dmres 
lo be Usmd on Copenhagen Stock Ea- 
ehanga. Amertean depositary raeelpts 
listed on New York Stock Exchange. 
Eatnliva ex p aclid impanel ( 2 iemieal 

aAprB2B Copenhsgan DanlWimsr- 
ksts closed tor general ptrapsr d^r. 

Parts March unemployment rale. Fota- 
casc 125 percaitL 

AwddM FsbruBiytndeaalancaFDra- 
CHk 6.7 MMon deuMhe merits auiplut in 
month. Febmaiy current acoounl. Fore* 
eaec 25 bSUon DM defiett m momh. 
FiisMat March Ito busMmas caitmie. 
Brute eta A^ eanstmm shea mdex. 
Forecast: Up 25 paroant to year. 
Frankturt April natlenat cost ot living • 
Fralitoinary. P m e crat Up 02 pweam m 
month, up 50 peraam m year. 

BHotoge erraacoed Arbed, Stamane. 
a ApcB 28 Leadon FksHiuartar pra- 
fimlnwy grass demesbe product For^ 
eesfc Up 0.7 p eiea m In quarBr, up 25 
peteanin year. 

Luxambeurg EU finanea minietare’ 

Proaldurt Daulaeha Bank preaa conter- 
anea on Schnaider ptepany. 

UMW Oostog data tor bids lor Ban- 

a April 28 Fnakkirt Su leading Q«- 
man aoonomic tommiona preeam ibair 
epttog rttoon on the e co n an y. 

UmlM AprI Co n tedar a son of Bntish 
Industry metiMy and quanany MumcW 
bende survey. 

Eamfegrt nrpeciad Aktp Nobel. Soars 
PCD, Ma i o c OsaBsnz. 


Tsehnotogfae. Amenea warn Arriines, 
AWiland Coal, Capliad Cftlas/ ABC. Check- 
ers Dtivs-ln Restauram, Conaofidaed Ed- 
ison. Eaton. Kaaer Aluminum, LGAE Eiv 
Btgy, M/ACom Inc.. Manpower, Martn 
Ua/iatta. Mirage Resorts, Oshkosh 
rGoah.. U5. Surgtoel Corp. 
a Ape8 28 washlnglM March exist- 
ing home i 

Qouanmani lo announoe ree- 
cua plan for naben's eigM aUr^ banks. 
dmerfbiD, (Mtonia Appts Computar 
CEO MidemI SpirxPw and Novell irm. 
CEO Robert Fnaikanborg dost new stta- 
wgle rehritorahlp 
Saoitta Boeing annual jnes cn g. 
TarHita imamalionai Busineu Ma- 
chtoea annusl masting. 
Emahi^BqMBlHt Alnandsr AAlaxarv- 

der, Borden, Grumman, LyomtoU Petro- 
ch emic a t. National Steel, Oak lixtustnes, 
Sears Canada, Stanley Works, Time 
Vtorrier. U5. Healthcare. 
sAprBSa NewYerfc 71m Conterenca 
Bpaid ns survey ot consumer 

eonfidenca tor ApnL 

Wartdagton Fkitt-quaner amptoyment 

Cwaeaa Venezuelan inveswient Fund 
ol Sto tt own e d aitHrm Aaroposiai. 

North Branch, New Jersey Merck annu- 
al meeting. 

enmage Armco annual meeting. 
EMktagt expaeted AFLAC. Airborne 
Freight Aldus. CompUSA, ComFkitervl- 
slon, Freatwrt-McMoRan. Freaport- 
McMoRan Copper & Goto, Frseport- 
McMoRan Resource Partners. Hareee, 
tngaw oU -Rand. Northern Tcieeom, Pep- 
stoOL ‘ 

a April 27 WMbtogton March dura- 
bla goods ordats. 

nortda Wastinghouse an- 
mtal meeting. 

IMaa Exxon annuat meeting. 

ASardi NaitensBank annual ineeiiiig. 
Wilmingtoa Detaware Hercules annual 

mea li ng. 

WDadagten, Daimnre Du Poru annual 

Eanringa axpa cto d AUagheny Ludkim. 
Ambac. BCE. Oolasce. Electronm Data 
Systams, Ford, GMAC, (SM Hughes, OuH 
Cmda Reaourees. Jetteraon PlloL Kan- 
sas City Southern Industries, 3M, Murphy 
OB, Nawmot u Gold. N ewmont Mining, 
Nortolk Seuttmm, Oryx Energy, 
a Apr* 28 WaaMi^tM hMnI eeu- 
mate ot gross donmsile product growth 
tor the first quarter. 

WasMaglen Plrat-QUBrier profits 
Groton, Cemmetieul Pfizer annual 

Eminga aspmi a rt Albarto-Cuiver, A.T. 
Crass General Motors imaseo, interna- 
tional FiBMors b Fragrances Intertan. 
jotmaon 4 Johnson, Kemper. Pltnay- 
Bowes. TranaCarmda ^eunee. 
a AprtI 2B Waahlimton U.S. agneuF 
tura pttoas tor April. 

BtoMdagton Mareh new hone sales. 
•WaMilmjlnn March personal ineonie 

Safra Republic Holdings S.A. 


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Board of Directors of the Company that the Annual General Meeting of 
Shareholders of SAFRA REPUBLIC HOLDINGS S.A. ("SRH") will be held at the H6iel Royal, 
12, Boulevard Royal. Luxembouis, 

on May 11, 1994 at 11.00 a.m. 

for the purpose of considering and voting on the following matters: 

}. Chairman’s Statement. 

2. Statutory Auditors’ Report. 

3. Approval of the unconsolidated financial statements of the parent company only, for the year ended 
December 31, 1993. 

4. Discharge of the Directors and of the Statutory Auditors concerning their duties relative to the year 
ended December 31, 1993. 

5. Approval of the proposed reduction of USS 1,131.633 to tbe reserve for treasury shares. 

6. Approval of the proposed distribution of a dividend of USS 2.75 per common share and carrying forward 
of the balance of tbe profit. 

7. Election of tbe Board of Directors and of the Statutory Auditors for a new one year term. All the Directors 
are eligible and stand for re-election. 

8. Approval of the consolidated financial statements of the Company for the year ended December 31, 1 993. 

9. Approval of a proposal to create an Executive Committee of the Board to comprise Directors. 

1 0. Approval of a proposal to change the dividend policy of the Company to make interim dividend payments. 

1 1 . Authorisation to the Board of Directors to allow the Company to purchase up to 1 0% of common stock in 
open market transactions to be held in treasury. 

12. Miscellaneous and individual proposals. 


Any shareholder whose shares are in bearer fonn and 
who wishes to attend tbe Annual General Meeting must 
produce a depositary receipt or present his share oeitifl- 
caies 10 gain admission. 

A shareholder wishing to be represented at the meeting 
must lodge a proxy, duly complttsd. together with a 
depositary receipt at the register^ offices of SRH at 32, 
Boulevard Royal, Luxembourg, not later than May 9, 
1994 at 5 p.m. The sbatebolder in^ obt^ the deposita- 
ry receipt and if required, the form of proxy, from any of 
the banks listed below by lod^g tbe share certificates at 
their offices or by airan^g for the bank by whom his 
certificates are held to aosify any of tbe banks listed that 
shares are so held. 

Any shareholder whose shares are registered will 
receive a notice of the Annual General Meeting at his 
address on the register, together with a form of proxy for 
use at the meeting. The proxy should be lodged at SRH’s 
offices in accordance with tbe above instructious. 

The Board of Directors 

The remittance of tbe form of proxy will not preclude 
shareholders from attending in person and voting at the 
meeting if they so desire. 

All the resolutions covered by the Agenda may be pas- 
sed by a simple majority of aii shares represented at tbe 

Shareholders may obtain copies of the documentation 
listed hereunder 

1. This notice 

2. The 1993 Annual Report iuchutiog the Chainnan's 
Statement, the Statutory Auditors' Report, the con- 
solidated and parent company only unconsolidated 
financial statements 

at the Company’s registered office and from any of 
the banks at the following addresses: 

* Union de Banques Suisses, Bahnhitfstrasse 45. 8021 Zuridi 
* Uoioii de Banqoes Suisses (Luxembot^) SJA, 36-38 Grand-Rue. 201 1 Luxembourg 
* Republic National Bank of New York, 30 Mooument Sueet, London K3R 8NB 
* Republic National Bank of New Yoric (Suisse) S.A, 2, place du Lac. 1204 Geneva 
Repibltc National Bank of New York (Suisse) S JL, Via Canova 1 , 6900 Lugano 
Rei^lic NatKBial Bank of New Y oric (Suisse) S.A.. Siockesstrasse 37, 8002 Zurich 
* Republic National Bank of New York (Luxembourg) SA.. 32. Boulevard Royal 2449 Luxembourg 
Republic National Bask of New York (France). (idace Veoddme. 75001 Paris 

Republie National Bank of New York (France), 2. avenue Montaigne, 7S008 Paris 
Republic National Bank of New York (France), Sporting d'Hiver, 2, avenue Rrinease Alice, 980Q6 Monte Carlo 
Republic National Bank of New York (Guernsey) lid, Sarnia House, Le Truebot. Sl Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands 
Republic National Bank of New York (Gibraltar) Lid, NqKune House, Marina Bay, Gibraltar 

* Paying Agent of Sa£ra Republic Holdings S A. 

Page 12 

Close of trodltigffidqy, April 22. 

INTERNATTONAL herald tribune, MONDAY, APRIL 25, 1994 

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LesfSSewftSw LOST diet FdNawLatfOwf PeNoRW LatfOsB nNom usf 09* MNeBwLrtOse 

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d Name Lost Qve Fd Nome tori On* I nNeme Lost 

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FdNoiM LMOse »N«ne L8s>aSe ?^Tis 

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Fattomus»a*e Fd Nome LbG owe *J0 


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CMGrp 14.47 +.15 MuGAb 


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OoBGrn 3009—31 Toxgxl/ 
giRAMn >£07-41 'nCIBp 
gw^n31.9S^ TWASAi 
mSdi) 1£«TA4 UtilAp 
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R.HI 1009 T& AiiMuH 
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Gwthlnp 1009 —07 Caoufl)] 
UMMcp 1172 CopWldi 

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Premiei’P 006 —ill 
SelMUP 11J4 4-419 
STBd 9J9 . 

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Grincp 1742— .IS nducopR 1^ ^19 
HYBdP 1149 — -ia S9WMISlReP_ _ 

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USGwSe 4.73 <-jn 
UtWMS 9.17 4.18 
VATF 1147 >43 

inHGrp 1743 —11 

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Gn^P 10,13 . 

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milEan 3575 +42 

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VAMAP 1044 +42 

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TCCart 1149— 43 eccelMidPSlBI — II 
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TCSCPt OSS— 35 BlOiip) 1B4S — 46 

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(Continued From Page 17) 

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i$ now available on aay of publication. 

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.. 70 8Vi, TVb 74% - 

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3(95U 3346 SVb— IVb 

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_ 1579 9W 8V* BW —4% 
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.. IMS 3W 3 3 —4* 

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.. 64M SV* 3W 4W ♦ W 
.. 794104b 9W 9W — W 
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Z 749 34b 34% 34b -W 
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I 3445 1346 law 13 — W 

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.. TBS 944 8V% 846 
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_418 4SW 40 42V, 4111% 

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_ B16W I6W 16Vb +W 
.. 4IM 7W 6 6Vb —146 
1,7 IM 3 21h 216 _ 

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.. 1450 ISW 1346 134b — W 
. 42ssav% 34V% » —Vi 
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_ aa BW 74b SVb ♦ w 

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_ 2555 17% IW 17% 

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ao1.734303a lOVb 1BW— 37b 

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3306 7W 646 67% 

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3J Stt SVb 44b S 
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_ 2527 746 6W 746 _ 

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73 146 1W IM 
7424 4W 34% 3V% —4b 
734821 inbaOVii iVu 
a 2V6 9W 3W —6b 
13« I8W 1746 174b — V6 
717W I7V6 ITVb —46 
148217V6 1S ISW— 1W 
9 74b 446 7 
1638 54% 47* SVb — Vb 
1611 IVb 7b 11B +VH 
1810V6 lO'A 10M ♦!% 
234 3V6 3 3Vb 
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1OT M J SW — V|* 
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..loaiabbM 30 —iw 
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IM6W S46 S'A —46 
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J 614 10W 9V* 946 — W 
« 3191SW W ♦!* 

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22 249W 47Vb 49W— 1 

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J 1174 13W 1146 MW tW 
1.7 sn» zru ^ 

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652 MW SV6 2SV, — W 
7M SV6 4V6 5 —'A 

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573 3^ 3^ 3w M 

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0415 141% 1466- . 

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..48893 20 B46aB4b+2M 

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sai94b 1846 194b +W 
14BS1446 134b ^ — ' 
1419 aw 194b aw— 3 
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42112846 aw MW +3 
3390 3446 MW 3166—346 
6385 256% 23W a ~ 

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1051 746 7 7 — M 

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1043 S4b 4W 5 -W 

8894 14 114% I1W— 24fa 

1440 64b SW SW —W 

8533 17W ISW 16W - 

213W I3W 13W +1V6 
_ 2U3 SVb 4W SW 
^ 1028 3466 334b 23 — 1,^ 

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_ aav, 32 n —3 

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7M 746 — W 

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_ 073 5 SW 54* — W 
I.M 1X1 3IM17W ISM 16 — fb 

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a J 145 13V, I3W 1346 —46 
>. 1232aW 33H 33W — W 
.. M16W ISVb 1646 — W 
_ 19SS 7 6V* 6V* — V* 

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_ 711W 11W 11V6 ♦** 

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.. 364925lM,33'ya — IVm 




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„ 20,7 • 7'4 7W — M 

_ ai3W I3W 13W —4* 
JBellA M 9W 74* 746 —3 
-3SM32W 19 aV*.1W 
_ 10938 TV* 64* 6IW, -W, 
..793ai2W 13 MV* ♦K, 
_ 35011 MW lOW — W 
„ 3997 9W 7W 8V* —1 
_ 146538 MW 54 MW— 101% 
_ IBB TV* 646 64* — W 

AO 1.9 10842IW MW 3066-16% 
AO 3J 236 18W 174% MV* ♦ '% 
43313W 104i I1M— 1 
_ 74620W 174b 19 



Oiv Y10 Uw Ose Pipe 

MeaSeSk IJ8 
M o d G r 
M e dlmg 
Me tfe wte 
M B Oerd 
M m lood 
MMIonP J6 
ASetn onax 
M e m w e 

_ 50 2W IV* 2 ♦ W 

_ 304 T% 1 1 — > 

„ 17B31CM 9M -12 

_ 197 6W 46k 64b — W 

_ 120 134b 11’* n — W 
_ 902 3T.* 294b 3346 ♦ W 
_ 1410134* ,2W IM »W 
_ 1S41 6'% 5 S4% — J% 

„ I3S4 2V* IW IW — J2 
.16 1 J 736 171* 16'% 16V, — W 
XI S83MW MW 344* —■A 
JsiW m SW 646 — W 
r 19 MiA MW 14W — w 
_ 607 S’/* SVi, 3Vi, — W 

_ 194 2 |4% 3 — W 

- Ml 41% 4W 44b - 

_ 07 7W 6W 7W • .4* 

_ 1688 •'* ’/i, W — S, 

.. 244 24h 34b 2Vu — Vi, 

_ 416 0 746 8 - 

AS 2J 11M314* 1946 aW - 
_ 9031 '/a V* « —Mi 

_ iai wi, 'm Va —Vb 

_ 110 W W Vb - 

.. 2037 184* 16 17M— IW 

_ 1783 34b 3W 3V* — Vb 
_ 553 10'* 9W MW — W 

_ inSIbW 14W ISM — M 
.> a IW T.b IW —4% 
_ 3in 64, m 6W — ’m 
_iai9l3V* llVb 1146— 1 
I Im 1646 ISW 1546— IW 

.. 160 3W 2M 3W — Vh 

_ 30 546 5 SM - 

XI 1499 6 51% SM • M 

j3e 3 1 % Aw-T'" 

I sSlSsi* 3?" w^-.g 

_ 1358134b 134b 134* -W 
_ 0470 MW nw 134% 



Dttf YM lOQbKgn Lew Cbe Owe 


A/U4MWIB _ 203 '« 'A '* - 

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MutRndii ..lomaws? 27W .. 

MuHAir 1J2I U 374 aw 19V, 1946— IV, 

MulSvgs .. a»16 94, 13 — 3V* 

Mveogn _ 9S931IW 9Vi 11 ,IV, 

Mylex .. a?4 S4b 44* SWi. ,Va 














MOL Into 

MS Con- 

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MoWSlCB J4e 
MOcin .I6e 

iwown t 
MortiFn J5e 
AtaiCao JO 
MnhSB Ai 
MrshSu A4 
Moshls JO 
Mon« _ 
MdFdBe A3 

_ 45013 94* 1P4 —4* 

_ 01OVb 9 9 — IM 

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_ dosaw 304* 3IW ♦9 h 

« 274 8 7V6 746 ♦;* 

.. 955 1746 17 1746 ♦Vb 

JOelJ 431»h1S 15 

.10 AITMOiaW 214b MM ♦14b 
_ 310 7 64h 6M —V* 

Z 390 sw 516 SVi, 

_ 99011M low 11 — M 

I 346 aw 7W 7W — W 
.. 8SMMW 3SV* 26 — 3M 
.. 2855 live 94* II ♦W 
.. 4234 6W 4» JWt— RT h 
16 3A a SW 4V, 4V* — M 
. 172 14W 134% 134* _4b 
.. 07 44b 4Vb 4W —4%, 
_ 1305 MM 746 ID ♦> 
_ 310 SM 440 SW *1* 
.. 204 IH W I —16 

_ 4831 23 3146 32 

AO IJ 3MaW M aoM 

_2ias 3M 34b 3Vi, +VH 
_ 33M 9W BWb 9 
J8 XO 103 29 2746 MW ♦ A 

~ 2J 11D3SM 3* 34 — M 

„ SD614M 14 MVb -W 
_ 855 54* 4W 5 —46 

_ 376 IW IW I4h« — Vu 

_ 07315V6 1116 laA— 246 
..I44S15W 13W ISW, *Vu 
SJ 31933 33MM 
_ 17M S 4M 5 + M 

.. 6M 5M 4W SW 
.. 3MI3 18 13 ♦lb 

_ 780 32 M 31V* 

J 4936 31 a +5 

X9 396) 304b 19'A l9Vi — W 
.. 1640 S4b 4M M ♦!% 
.. 140 SM 5 SW — 16 

_ 029 8W 74b 74% _ 

_ 3733 4W 4 4'A —'6 

A 15014 13W MW ♦!% 

J S57I20M 19W MVb 4W 
. 345 3M 3 346 ♦W 

_ a 44b 4W 416 — W 
1 4V6 4M 4'.6 
_ 020 846 4M 7 — 4« 

“ 2436^ 31M-1V* 

J M OM 8 816 +16 

« 7907 low 746 816—2^ 
_ 570 aw 746 8, +46 

_ IIS 5w m sy* +w 
_ 34saw IfW 31W — Jb 
X3 8B16M ISM 154b — W 
844194%, 19V, I9W .. 

M^S J8 3J Miiw: i|'' 19 -'A 

Merev .. 14652 IW 7 »m 8 

MrchBo .17e J 56124 Wa » ♦|'a 
M arBlNVIJO 3.0 ITS » ® "3 

Mwefinb JO 2J MM ^ ?iu. 
ftAMYlrt .. 93SM ITVb 17W— 146 

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WtoridDia .13 IJ 597 9V* 8 9 ♦'% 

MerSto J4D 2A 3)0 low M 10 - 

MeePIS .. 9 34* 34* 346 — 

Z 2249 3W 24% 21% —W 
MdSa .. 9719174% 14W 16V6 — W 

MvUMI _ in 5V* 4W 5 ♦M 

MerilCD 12 J 500 CO 21 SW +1Vi 

iSSSS Z 0MS17 ISW 17 ♦I , 

MMCoa .. 33 316 34h 246 +16 

JuMM 1 1227 1I>% 91% I1W+1W 

Meihanx _ 10934104% 94b lOW —46 

SSemdB .a J 2917W 17 1PA ♦w 

MHldA M A 34481646 154* I5M-1 

jaol ujl i ...1459*191% isW 19 ♦!% 






MidAmpf 1J1 
. NBdAns 
MdCenn A4 

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.. 937174b MV* I6W — W 
_ 107BIS UW 1316 -46 
2233 3 av« TnW ^1, 

a XO 40810V* 9W 9W 'Vb 

..I33a41'6 38 41 ^4* 

1J0 3J 54MV, a M +V* 

2J0 X11I8034S46 614* 654b + 1Vii 

.. 246010 9W 9V« — Vu 

>. 36M 8 64* n% — *6 

_ S54613W IIW 12 —4b 

_ 01 54* 4W 4W —4* 

..34059 0 19W aw— 14b 

_ 978SS M 31M —4* 

22M 5 4W 44b — V* 

800 IM, 1 1 W — W 

22757av< 19M 25M +1M 
920 64b 4W 5W 
4445 S'A 
. 680 S'A 
1395 7 
. 7*9 IW 
605 44* 

.13457 7M 


Moslaid JSe J 
MgsenOixiJl 3.7 
Maasbk J4 2J 
Mastec >. 


M 3Jx14M a'~ 291% 39W ♦V* 

" S»V% S MW +M 

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... 238 3W IW IW —4b 

.3*516 IS 154* —4b 

_ 9M13 a IIW ♦S'A 

4J ia low 9V* 916 —1 
4J 0 low IDVh 10V6 I- 
19 344521 20M 30V% — A 

„ 707 8W 8W 8M — '* 

_ ia 9'6 8W BW 

_ S1BW17 law+iw 

-328 746 7W ^ ^*W 

IJ II7S37 ^ 

590 194* I6W 1JV6 
50 0 0 

loa 33<6 a 

4044 846 
_ 70 4W . 

>. 14541IVI 0 
_ 733 104b 9W 

Z ^.^0 » 








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I loioio «ls. 

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Z II 144 14% PA ♦-!% 
A8 241 
A4 3J 

_aw S' St +*4 

au'6 MM ISW - 

44b 44b —4b 

5 51% _ 

4W 5 +W 

64b S4b —V, 

IVm IVi, — Vb 

4W 446 +16 

6M 7 +'A 

13a25Wa'*34W - 

_ 833 54b 446 514 + 'A 

_213ia99M S'A a46 +6W 
_ 274 6W SW 5W —I 

_ 30811V* 94* 10 —46 

_ 1885 17V, 1546 16W —Vi 

_ 3337 39 27W 2BW '1 

&1 07 144* 1346 MW — 

6A aSW 274* ^ +Vb 
.60257 SOW 4IW 48W— 146 

_ XS 1131246 13 12V, +V, 

NuSEuS a 2J 20111% 11 11 

m£^ 1JS AI H?” 

MidFn -• 547 816 av* 21 W — 

MMICp .loe J ISM 3046 S'* 29W 

S IJ S32*A3)W32M - 

_ 27MI4V6 916 13 — IM 
.. 37 546 446 54* +W 

.. 273 3V% 3W 3W +M 
XI 5877 2516 MW 344* +M 
_ 3890 214% HW 21 
... sa 3W 3W 2W 
_ 2011 MW low .. 
2J 280 39W 40M —46 

X3 0aM3D4*aiA +9% 
_ 1838101% 8V* 9M— IM 
aiosMiv 11 n —14b 
XO a 144* I41A MM - 
_. ITMIS 13V* 14VV - 
I JO 3J 10Hlb 374* 2eM +W 
Z.iaS1046 17 l« — W 

.. 0 34% 2Vb 2V6 —'A 

MOOi a 3J 423 74b 64* 7 — M 

«O0»S A6 1.9 ^MW 3M HW-IW 

,1 9BI933W SW 33W ♦}% 
.1 9564SW a4b S^ — W 
.. 7971 aM IBW 11^-«M 
.. 9 9M 8M 8M - 

z ai 14 124* 1» -4b 

“«Sw f-B r T?s 
E ^ 

_ 3M |m 4 * — W 

MBirttr J2 
Mines) S3 
MinrtttS 1J4 
Mbirdc .. 
MissVIy JO 

N-VtaMt _. 6M 5 4W 5 ♦« 

NABASt 1Se28A 238 I'm S PA 

NACRe .16 A 48na46 944% 2T6 -3 
MAITCS J31 SL8 MI9 5W 3W 4 —I 
nSsC S 2J 40 31 194*21 ♦!% 

I^BeO A6bX7 100 17V* 17 17V, ♦ iM 

« _ i0Mli,S 15 — IW 

_ 2SH1<*Vt I IW — "A, 

A6e J laaW 54*6 5SM —V. 

.. IMIS I34u 1346 — 3*', 
A8 xe 3401646 16 I44i ♦ *6 
_ 365 3W 24b 346 ♦!* 

_ SI3 MW 16 IM —fb 

_ ,70B s 416 44* -Vn 
18)8 44. W W — > 
Nimn 93 3W 146 3W *W 

Nomias Jle .1 3«M MV6 MW +'^ 
NBiilc 10 a* BW 9 +w 

Nariamr _ isM IVm 4% w -Vh 

,1 — . .. 30 446 4 44* ♦ W 

J2 4J »ir 16 164b *M 

Mik+x", _ SI2 41b 6 e — W 


N0^ .. laifViM 18 —I'A 

gggS .. 13 IVh IV. IVb — Vb 

l.14t AS 190 164* 16M 1M6 ♦)% 

MOvBn A8b 2A 0SW MW 364* —4* 

KKSr’ r 7§i%iJ^.W I 

Ziams s!w^-3v< 

Snow I 314 3M 24h 246 +W 

Moinea JOr IJ gi34* MW 1»_+W 

74 4'A 34* 3M — ■* 

21 39V, 38 SW+IW 

IM IW 8 a — w 

357 646 54% 51% +W 

544 54* 5M S4b - 

SaiDW 84* 94* — 4h 

795 5W 44* 44* —1, 

1 13M 12W I3'A ~ 

118 18 18 ♦! 

_ 260 TV* 6'A 6*6 -I 
JMtlJ 118 2W 346 ^ - 

_ 105 6Vh 51* 54* —'A 
.. OMM 35W 384* ♦!* 
363713V* 11M 12'A — W 
.. 90 41* PA 4W +4b 

_ 2340 104% 94* 9>% —4* 
.. 10 a 7W B 

_ 70 8W 71% BV* 

...1159219 1646 19 +14* 

JO 1 J 637 1546 1446 15 -M 

.. 64navh 24U a'.'* +2 

.. 30 44% 4V% 4W 

.. 40M 18 19M — 1* 

_ 7MIM 2SW ^—1 
J 13031 19M 20V, +W 

.. 640 4'Vu 34, 4 — W 

_ 1056 5W 4W SW — 1* 
.. 6M 14b I I'A — W 
_ 80S 35V% 350— IM 

_ _ _S9S4914W 8M MV*— 3W 

Mftfr o'kg son «'A SM aw— 3V6 

SifiS" _ 70 6V* 5 SV, -W 

NwkCmB _ 3DM 6V* 44b 6W ♦ W 

NM0 _3B8B4l74b 134, I7V% ♦W 

- 20SPW. BW m ^ 

Nwkimwt — 10 7W 6W 6W — 

Nwkimpt 2J0 A9 kina aw i 







































J6 ,0 fSSS ^ 

^ ^“3SSf,‘-s:Af62-> 


SB 9l'l07n 0'% 4J!"* ^1,.; 

^ 1S?5 

in 71, 7 7 —,1 

SB8 9 OW 8’* — * 

.62469 14-% 13', 

26 0I9'-, IS 1 

SJ 774 34W »'•, 

56 4'% «'% 

z S!2.V4 1®B^*. m- =-‘ 

_ 09 4W 4' . J'.' —9 

_1549S 16W IS 16^ V“ 
..US46S 254, 

AGSW*, M'k lYi, 

Z 129 4 34, 3+, ,r 

„ M15», 15', I54» \J 

_ 289910 r% 9'i -i;" 
.. 0 3W 3W — ‘ 

_ 1422 1**!, IW I'V'* 

_ S6ia 1I5W1I8 — 

1 J M 13' J 12^> 13 ’ S 

380 5V, JW S', 

_ 07211, »'% 20V> —’A 

_ aai3 i2'-j 12'; 






NMns J2 3A 

SSSS J6 ij 


NlPuA - 

NiPraB — 


NelRecd - 

NiSadt J4 2J 

NSedns J6 Xi 




MeSnT .16 

Craiinued from Page 1? 


At g Gl0EBg;s 

Eurobofid YfeWc 

Apt. KAer li Vr birb Yr • 


























Italian lire 





Danish krona 










ECU. 1009 torni 





ECU. mdmlenn 









0 *? 
















Soune; Lmembeurs Stock Evdionpe 



_ IS 1346 13 1346 —1% 

.. 7677 746 646 64* —W 

7731146 9W 11M ♦I'A 
_ 359 4V* 4 4 

_ 354 74* 7 rW — W 

_ 459 7 6W 6V, — '„ 
37 IJ 30017 16 17 +1 

_ 274 61% 54* 6W ♦ 46 

r.Bwn SB XO 8503)4* 194% 21 +1 

fWRWm JO SJ x91 9M 9 JM ♦ W 

6iSI5S ?46 S’* 

.. I1MI8W 17 ITVit— «u 

.. 10 «W 3M 44b ♦!% 

.. 3543 946 84% 9W — V% 
.. 1111 10 11 +'A 

.lOTSDSflWO 01%— I'A 
JO IJ 401146 II 111* — W 

_ 200 IS 131% 14 —46 

Jl J 09 6 S6 SVb — W 

_ 0 6W SW 6 — W 

_3404S36M 3246 HW — •% 
_ 384 13V* IIW 11'Mt - 

_ 7M 1 TV, TV, — Vu 
.971 BJ 30114* 104* 11 +4b 

PnojT _ia9B7W SW 6*b +W 

ISSrpI U5 SJ 4S390i,aW39<Vti + 1iVu 
NodCP — 930 7W 6W 44b — 

NoSeCT .. 30475 1'Mi IMi IWu +Yu 

mSm J4 IJ 0174b 171% 174* +16 

Noonev JOO 7J IS SM PA sw 






















Weekly Sales 

Prtxi u r, Maibet 


t Wed 

StfolaWe 270 WJO 

Cenwerl 5JP — 

FBIb 7.10 9.0 

ECP SJ’A.’D X971.0 

Total SJ446D 3089S 


$ Nans 

SlreigMs I7J70.W 284890 

envert. 58838 4S0 



TaM n.9B80 32.MII1I 

Soura: Euneiear, CMrf. 

Apr. 21 

s Nans 

49!S MSS 
11JGI0 081S 
I2A47.0 AS44S 

$ NonS 

rjf6.99 305 30 
1S9S 1.4SXI0 
01040 3J39S 
9J79S a.3»S 
9151X0 S4.1T3J0 



JMooroP - 


MorviOp .Mb.J 
MemOo -15 XI 
MMcem .04 


7M 7M 

7V6 Mb 7^^ 

19V* 19M + W 

ii* Hit Ia :g 

_ e loM 9 ^ ^ 

z S'* “i: 

Ubor Rates Apr.s 

l-mepw 3.10001* 6+nonth 
UJ.S 315/14 4'* 4“*' 

DeuRdiemerfe SW SW F*. 

PfOndtNmn 5rt 5V, STIi 

Fmeoireiic a 1/1* b S 15.34 

ECU S'* 41/14 6 

Yea 25/14 :S/1* 37/14 

Sources: UeyOs Bank, Pai/ters. 



Hand delivery is now available 
Just call; (42) 23 502 
"Independent Albanian 
Economic Tribune" 

% \ Vk 

The environment benefits when waste 
is turned into usefui materiai 

Our air is becoming cleaner, 

"ecydlng in production plane ea»s 

tf,e burden on the environment and conserves resources 

How Bayer conserves resources by recycling: 

There was a time when the importance of using 
raw materials efficiently was not appreciated to 
the same extent it is today. Many things that were 
formerly disposed of as waste are now recycled 
or have become the starting products for new 

For example, sulphur dioxide is collected in 
flue-gas precipitators and converted into sulphuric 
add. Hydrochloric add, a by-product of chlorination 
processes, is returned to the manufEteturing cyde. 
Polluted solvents are.reprocessed, and useful sub- 
stances are recovered from waste water wnth the help 
of modem separation techniques. As a result, raw 
materials are conserved and the burden on the 
environment caused by emissions is eased. 

Environmentally acceptable operations ml 
responsible conduct are, to us, important 
steps forward in preserving the natural 
basis of life for generations to coma 

We would be happy to provide more information upon request 
Please write to Bayer AG. Public Relations Department (KI), 
51368 Leverkusen. Germany. 



Expertise with Responsibility 


■ Page 14' 


es Grape Nuts and Kool-Aid a Third Turkish Is Oosed 

■ By Malcolm W. Browne 

Nw Yi}Hi Tima Service 

t^NOI — Fifij American com- 
panies hopii^ to do business here 
have concluded ibe first U.& iratte 
fair in Vietnam since the war ended 
in 1975. 

Hundreds of thousands of curi- 
ous residents paid 20 cents to 
tour the booths, called Vietnasier- 
ics Expo '94, and sample a few 
wa^. school teachers sent 
their students to the Giaag Vo Ex- 
hibition Center to practice their 
Euglisb with the visiting salesmen, 
and the suidems oflen peppered 
ibe Americans with friendly per- 
sonal questions. 

Among the exchanges 'at the 
four-day fair Vietnamese viators 
learned how to withdraw money (it 
was fake) from American cash ma> 
chines, and American entrepre- 
neurs leaned tiiat Vietnamese are 
not fond of potato chips. 

The exhilntioD had' been orga- 
nized before President . Bill Clinton 
lifted the U.S. trade 'emba^ on 
.Vietnam on Feb. 3. As i result, 
company representatives had pre- 
pared to talk business and few had 
brought products for sale. At a 
General Foods stand, visitors 
gawked at packages of Grape Nuts, 
Kool-.Aid and chocolate-drink mix, 
but there were no samples or sales. 

“How do they etqpecl us to like 
their food if ^ won’t let us uy 
it?* a distqqxiinted smdent said. 

D^te its long isotalum frcm the 
Umtoi Slates, Vietnam is wdl ac^ 
quainted with the dectronic prod- 
ucts familiar to most Americans — 
J^umese-made tdevirim sets, com- 

p^«disk playm and vjdeocasseue greatly maiked-^ prices. 

Cola arrived in the country eadi Pepsi-Cola flavor concentrate the 
year throngh Singapme and Thai- day before embargo was lifted 
land before the end of the embargo. nnH twyin distributing the drink an 
Laboratories in Hanm are equated hour after the \^te House an- 
witb computers and analytical nounced the aid of die trade ban; 
equipment made by Hewlett-Pack- *'Hus fair has been a leanung 
aid Col and other U.S. companies, experience for everyone," said 
aD bought dtroughmtennediaries at llmoithy Edward Minges. general 

playtfS. Even in Vietnam s poorest, 
most remote hamlets, videotapes of 
Vidnamese movies and shows can 
te bought orieo^ 

Large quanUdes of American- 
made products have been smuggled 
into Vietnam, but th^ are expen* 

About 2 millioD bottles of Coca- 

manag er of &am Snack Co^ a Unit 

neaiea . “As Of l«3ay .there isflo Other b^mihe^^^ 

ISTANBUL— Authorities ord^Ufc Turkish 
In^ & ExS^ Bank dosed on Sunday. in Turki^ Ora^ 

Tbe bank, known as Impcx, was the third to be The pnvate Marmafa ^ ^ -jYr 

dosed in xwo weeks after a run on deposiu by from accgiUng d^iosits iMl Thu^y, ^ 

. rmpex,ownedbythepnrateay^^^^^ 

assets of 8 trillion lira (5261 million) _and_^al- • ™ 


Societe d’lnveiiti&seinent a Capital Variable 
Kansallis House, Place de I'EtoOe 
B.P. 2174 L-1021 Luxemboai^ 

R.C. Nn B 20095 


.\t the- Annual General Meeting held on March 31. 1994. it 
was decided tu pay a dividend of VSS O.OS (cents) per share on 
or after April 28. 1M94 to shareholders of record on April 7, 
1<^^4 .:nd to holders of bearer shores upon presentation of 
coupon No S. 

43. Boulevard Royal 

The United States Travel and Tourism AdminfStraCioa 
(USTTA) intends to contract with a qualified responsible 
firni to provide warehouse and customer order filling 
scr\'ices for the distribution of the USTT.\ HOLIDAY 
PLAT'iNER in France and Germany'. The conCracur shall 
directly receive and fill individual consumer orders for the 
FL.ANNER, and perform the same serv'ices for orders 
received from the U.S. Government and the European 
travel trade. The USHA will provide the PLANNERS as 
Government Furnished Property' (GPP) to the contractor 
for inventory and distribution free of charge. The 
contractor's cost of operations (warehousing, inventoiyii^, 
cost of taking orders), and a reasonable profit shall be 
passed onto the indrridual consumer via the retail price of 
obuining a PLANNER. The contractor may be r^uired to 
iransport GfP from current warehouse locations in Europe 
to Us own facility. The contractor is required to have its 
operating facility m Europe. 

interested parties should r^uea a copy of the 
solicitation (number 52SATS-U}00-55) in wriUngfrom 
Mr. Max Ollejuiorff at the American Embasst^ (T/nTA), 
k 2, Avenue Gabriel, "55*8*3 Paris, Cedex 08, France, j 

• -.1-0 

Agfiwe Fnmee-Preae 

LONDON — Harrods, the London deparUDcnt store, has parted 
company acrimoiuouriy vnth its managitm director. 

Ham^ said Sunday that Peter BoUiger, the executive, resigned 
because he was going to be fired for “incompetence,’' while he argued that 
the owner, Mohammed al-Fayed interfered with his work. 

Mr. BeWga, a 49-yeaiM)ld Swiss naaonal who bad held the Job since 
1991, was quot^ inThe Mail on Sunday as saying; “There are 5,000 staff 
and they have to know whom to report to.” 

He sud of Mr. Fayed: “He likes to feel he is running the cennpany totally 
by hinself. He will even go behind a counter and cut salami. 

But Mr. Bohiger acknowledged that he resigned after receiving a letter 
April 7 tofonniag hfin <rf bis unminent dismissal. 

Hairods said the reason for his planned dismissal was the “unfavor- 
able” result of an audit Harrods suhridiaiy of whidi he was presideot , 

and mismanagemeiit of funds earmarked for the refuibishnent of a ' 
warehouse center. 

Deep Cuts for Olympic Air 


ATHENS — Greece has pul forward a drastic plan fa* restructur- 
ing the indebted Olympic Airiines, tncluding early retiiement for 
1,74S woikeis and a four-year wage freeze. Transport Minista 
inannts HaialaiDbous sad on Sunday. 

Mr. Haralambous, who announced the plan to the Olympic 
workforce and management on Saturday, gave some further dei^s 
in a radio interview. said 1,745 woriem would have to take eariy 
retirement, of whom would go in 1994. and wages would be 
frozen at 19^ levels for the next four years. 

Mr. Haralambous said the pix^ram would be presented to the 
European ComniissiQn in May. Cnreece is bt^g to get permission 
from theCmninission to write ofiOlympic's debt, estimated at some 
S1.2 billion. 

Mr. Haralambous, ato became transport minister ^en the 
Socialists won national dections last October, sad the restructuring 
would cost the state 427 blffion drachmas (52 billkm). 

Other measures indude an immediate halt to Olympic's Athens- 
Tdlsyo and Athens-Queago service. In a second phase, Olympic 
wotw also halt flights to Australia, Canada, Amsuraam and Vien- 
na, ^sai^ 


It's never been easier lo subscribe 
and save wiiti our new toll free service. 
Just call us today at 05 437 437. 

Vietnamese visitors, accustomed of F^Co based in Thailand, 
to statfrOOotioQed nuikctiog onder “We've learned, for one thing, that 
a communist r^inie, were startled the* Vietnamese like sweetened 
by the vignous couopetiuon at the things, barbecue-flavored com 
fail. Pom-Cda, for instance, wtidi chips and many otha American 
is not as wdl known in Vlemam as snacks, not jwtato chips.” 
Coca-Cola, has moved quickly to Many enterprises offered sez- 
c^)tuie a share of the market. vices and goods aimed at improv- 
PepsiCo Inc. imported the flm ing Vietnam's roads and communi- 
— - - . cations s^iems. At a di^lay by 

VlelAam Investment Information 
p •_ 1 ^# i ^ CdiisultiiigCoro.,whichisbasedm 

LiXltS J? ICyiltlTIO* San Diego and helped organize the 
O O show. dsitOTS insisted models of 

a-Preae a prefabricated bridge that can be 

Ion department store, has parted quickly put across a river or canal 
urinp director. f® carry heavy traffic. 

. less in trade finance and coiporate banking. Its 
. current owners acquired it id 1991 frbin the fugi- 
tive Turk^ Cypriot bustnesmaa Asil Nadir, fo^ 

. raer chairman of the collapsed conglonn^e Pdly 
Peck Imematiimal PLC. 

' The Treasury said admmistration of Impex wftf 
being lenqiorarily transferred to the stat&run Em- 
lakb^ to make payments. 

On Satuntay, Impex sad that it did not have a 
liquidi^ problem and was meeting its obEgaiions. . 
It sa'd its only difficult was debt relations with a 
SxriK bank, which it did not identic*. 

. The Treasaiy. trying to control an econcmiic. 
crisis marked a sha^ rise in imeresi rates and 
the Era's depredation. said.Impex was the last of 
Turkey’s 70 banks to be in trouble. . 

CT savings with high interest rates. ^ 

But growng uncertainly since the 


confidenecin ihebanlOngsysicmspark^^ 

small hanks. Tbe dollar has ganed llS.percem 
a gainst the lira since January. •' 

Last week, a (e^'sfative coDunitta apwoved a 
bill on central bank autonomy, adding a dai^ to . 
enable the central bank to extend ciwt W hanks 
squeezed by sudden, withdrawals in rim« of nnaU" 
dal crisis. ^ . , , • ' 

• Industry Minister Tahir Kosciold ihe corniffli- 

tee that the rush to withdraw deposits duri^ cri^ 

thrwaienwt hank s' “Even big- banks can t re^t 

sudi sudden withdrawals. The clause in the law is a - 

security valve;” he said. 


Attention visitors 
from the U.S. ! 



reens. iBiraeft ko vmms + onncL 2 
reonB. eioinO Tds 44 |D|3Z3 73ffiS 


give you lessons you'll never forget. 

*" • ’’ 1,‘v - — — 

If SpaBisH-^&yvs you lost for words, you can enrol on a specialist language course 
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■ Os ^ Passion 

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hU AonpAMO miMMeentf - , 
MM nocton ~j 

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Mv infs eny btidkig \ 
cecmiAnnnft.' j 





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273-^300 Qcote Itef; T1 

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SEd ftts 

Moorer, There’s Life After Holyfield and Boxing 

IISTERNATIONAL herald tribune, MONDAY, APRIL 25, 1994 

Pa|;e 15 

Michael Moorer, ri^t, pounded Erander Holyfidd to bectune die first Idt-handed dumpiooL 

Nearing FloHda, Yamaha 

^ Leads Whitbread Race 

The Asscaated Preu 

TORT LAUDERDAl^ Honda —Theyachi Yamaha was still 
luamg as worid-class ^ing yachts approached the ead of the fifth 
leg of the Whitbread Round -nie Wo^Rao. 

Yam^ a Japanese-New Zealand Whitbread dO yacbi, was 
r^Jorted just off the Bahamian island <rf Beuthera, 238 miles (384 
■ult^elersj from the finish line, race officials Saturday. The 
yacht was expected to reach Fon Lauderdale on Sunday. 

Intrum Justiiia was 1 17 miles behind, averaging 1 1.8 a knot 

faster than Yamaha. 

‘’It's great to get into a bit more pr e ssur e,” said Ross Fidd. 
Yao^a’s skipper. '’1 never thought i*d say it, hut I am happy to be 
rockin' and rollin’ on our way home.” 

Field added that duftag Friday's dinner on board Yamaha, the 
crew consumed the last of their full rations. 

On Friday, members of U.S. Women's Challenge, dte all-^man 
crew that had been in the race, filed a S13 minion sah in U.& District 
Court The crew, along with a former crew member, Nance Frank, 
named Yamaha Motor Ca. Heineken Breweries, Ocean Ventures 
Management and the Whitbread Round the World Race in (he suit 

It charges that Yamaha and Ocean Veatures, ccHXvners of the UJS. 
Women's Challenges boat interfered with ^xxisorsf^ negotiations 
with Heineken, causing the strapped team to withdraw on Ocl 30. 

French Sailboat 
Shatters Mark 

Autissier called it a wondetM aip 
in a wonderful boat after she and 
her tbroo-ttua crew sailed the 
French Ecureiril Poitou-Cha- 
rentes 2 into the San Francisco Bay 
on Friday n^t to end a vpy^ 
fromNew York in a record-shatter- 
ing £2 days, 3 hours, 55 minutes, 
The French vessd is a light tnon- 
rfiull with a fairiy anaO saO area. 
The ballasts were replaced by a 
bydnuiGc, laterally pivoting ud. 
Her rig indodes a ixiwqmt that 
can also move laterally. 

The prerious record o( 76 days, 
23 hoars, was set in 1969byGeap 
Kdesnikovs of rjmada and crew- 
man Steve P^toigilL Earlier dtat 
year, solo U.S. sailor Wantn Lute 
had done it in 80 days, 20 boors, 17 

Autissier, 37, sailed with Luc 
Bartissol, 7&\ foscal Bdmanl, 42 
and Lionel LonondK^ 33. 

By Gerald Eskeoazi 

New Yerk Tima Senitt 

LAS VEGAS— Michael Moorer 
is the new beavywei^t champion 
(tf (he world, but be was thinkiag of 
how oke it would be m quit 

StOl partly omoealed bdiind his 
ever-pieseni dark glas^ Moorer 
dis po sed Saturday a side that he 
has kept frtnn the public through 
much <tf his career. It is a career 
that had peaked the sight befom 
sriieo meim^cally, but also is furi- 
ous bursts, he wrested away 
Evander Hdyfield's two beavy- 
wd^t crowns with a m^ority ded- 

"It’s not iauxirlant for me to 
unify the title’^be said. "I'm 35-0 
with 30 KOs. Pin going to make 
niyadf All you do when you 
win is just ime more xaooeyT 

And that could mean that, xritb- 
in a year or so Moorer, 26, wtD go 
back to school 

"J want to get into law enforee- 
moit.*' sdd the chami»cu, who has 
had three pubUcazed brushes with 
the law. 

But Moorer is also a law-eo- 
foraement buff. He is a member of 
the Deirdt auxiliary pcdioe. Some- 
tunes, he goes ak^ «> police nuts. 

His entourage inchxks police ttf- 

fkxrs, one of whom helped remove 
bis wife, Bobtne, from his apan- 
meot last year during a dome&dc 
dispute. Moorer is snarated and in 
a prolonged divorce Wnte. 

His 2&monthKdd son. Micfaad 
n, is in the middle of the case. 
Moorer bad been bitter all week 
that his wife would not allow the 
b(^ CO visit him in Las Vegas. 

"I want to gin back to Detroit 
and see him,*’ said Moorer. 

Ihere is nothiiig on his mind 

right now, he said. His body is 
battered, although not as badlv as 

"I don't know who Pm gotog to 
fight next," said Moorer. "why do 
people always want to know who 
you're going to fight next right af- 
ter you’ve h^ a hard fig htT* 

After the fi^u Moorer was 
treated at a hospital for a bad 
bruke on Ins left dhow, which 
might have a riigbt fracture. Holy- 
field, meanwhile; remained in the 
hospital ovetm^t because of dehy- 
dration and a possiNy tom Im 
rotator cuff. He also has a rix-sdteb 
cut on his left qrelid. He was to be 
released Sunday. 

Moorer became the first left- 
hander to win a heavyweight 
crown. Computerized statistics 

show that Moorer landed an as- 
tounding 180 jabs to Hoh’fidd’s 36. 
And it was those jabs that helped 
put him m possessioa of the World 
tfoxtng Assoriadoo and Interna- 
tional Boxing Federation crowns. 

Moorer, who wiU earn as much 
as S5 milliw for his victory, said he 
doesn’t care abtnt facing Lennox 
Lewis, who bdds the Woiid Boxing 
Council title, altbou^ some box- 
ing observers esqtress skepddsm 
about Moorer’s mtentkms. They 
think he may want an easy fight 
a^unst a lesw tmponenl baore he 
thinks about Les^ 

In any event, boxing will remain 
without a single ruler this year for 
its most impmiant diviskm. Le^ 
had alreatfy rigned to meet Holy- 
fidd in a unificadon bout in No- 
vember, a bout that became moot 
with Holyfidd’s defeat 

Moorer now is the seventh filt- 
er to doiffl all or part of the heaw- 
wagbt crown, going bade to Mike 
Tyson in 1990. And it do^'t ap- 
that there win be any unifica- 
tion soon. 

To Moorer, the title brings a re- 
sponsibiH^' he hasn’t alutys exhib- 
ited. despite his perfem reconl 
"I don^t know if I can go through 

evoythiim wiUi Michad ^dn,” his 
trainer, Teddy Atlas, admitted, 
even in the flush of victory. 

Atlas rductantly took on Moorer 
earlier year, knowing that the 
fighter frequently ai^oed with his 
traineis about wodong out Adas 
even sat down on Moorei’s stool 
after the d^th round Friday to 
embarrass Moorer into fighting 
more aggressively. 

"He has proUeans taking con- 
trol" said Allas. "But after he got 
iqi frois the second-round knora- 
down, he showed he cared." 

And win Atlas stay now? 

"I guess so," he said. "Maybe. 
We'D see. Maybe PU move on." 

But Allas said he hoped that 
winning (he beavywd^l crowns 
would ehaigP Moorer, dting the 
boxing adage that winning the title 
inmroves a lighter 30 percent 
Moorer, tteigh, doran’t appear 
to have a pasrion for the perics or 
^bdism of being (be ehasgiioa. 
ahhoi^ he does acknoMedge that 
there is a lesponaUli^. 

"Ii's the eHtome," said Satui^ 
day. "There’s a lot of things (hat 
come altmg with it PDiust have to 
be reat^ for it 1 gues&" 

He didn't sound as if be relished 
the burden. It just doesn’t seem to 

World Cup Tickets Back on Sale^ in U.S. 

Cta^hdby OaSuffFnm Dispatdui 

NEW YORK •— A four-day 
'Mvatei'' sale of single ikkels for 
World Cim braan Sunday 

in the X^ited Suues, further con- 
fusing what tickets are, are not or 
w31 be availible fiv the soccer tour- 
fnwienl tha t b^llS Juse 17. 

Allbou^ open to the public, 
otdy a limted number of people 
were iaforaied of the sale through a 
letter ftom WoiM C19 USA orga- 
nizeis, its senior press officer, Jeff 
Iddson, amfirmed Saturday. 

"It was intended to give people 
«4 k) were tout out in the first pri- 
vate sale, oilur members of 
(U.S.) soccer family and people 
who have been eall^ the pnoUe 
infonnatiai hue about ticket bv^ 
ability," Iddson said. 

The organizBrs have announced 
a Thursday news conference to de- 
tail piawn to sdl nwti! avail- 
able Iw axn^ and FTFA-aflili- 
ated ledWations that had not 
exercised thdr ri^t to buy aU the 
ddrets available to them. 

Tickets for about 37 of the 48 
first-round, seoood-round and quar- 
terfinal i^ortedh^ wiD be 

available by caDing a toD-fiee num- 
ber, 806-769-199A in the United 
Slates, with a maximum (tf 1 0 tickets 
per person pa game aSowed. 

Idel^ said the sin^ogame pri- 
vate sale win end Wednoday and 
the pul^ sale wiU begin "some- 
lime after Thursday." 

On the other hud, U.S. travd 
ageodes senlog tidtet packages ap- 
pear to be fitt^g that th^ have 
more unsold seats than expreted. 

Premium parkagpR that indude 
hotel and air fares have found few> 
er takers than expected, even 
though many detegations from out- 
side the bon country have found 
tickets hard to come 19. 

"Only in the last few days has 
World Cup allowed us to sdD tick- 
ets without hotel accomodatirais.’’ 
said Dennis Taylor, preadent of 
Measure Break, a Chicago travel 

He said his agency stfl] had seats 

for matches in Watoa^gtoo, Chica- 
go. New York and San Fianeuco. 

The organizers stiD have piemi- 
um packages for as much as 
$10,000. .A spedal padiage for the 

CMwifinals fiwate jq LoS Ang^ 

les r emains available for S2.S00. 

• The deadlme for World Cup 
teams to submit their 22-man ros- 
ters has set at midnight, Cen- 
tral European Hme, on Friday, 
June 3. The rosters are to be an- 
nounced 12 hours later by FIFA. 

• Lennart Johansstm, the head 

of UEFA, Sunday he suppli- 

ed the Fiendi federation’s deosion 
to relegate Olyn^que MarseiDe to 
the serand di^on because of the 
bribery case invdving team, 
but aid he was ‘^rery surprised that 
the judgement w as so sevoe." 

"Now that the FPF has made its 
dedsioD, we lift our suspension" 
imposed Last fall Johansson added. 
"Thus. MarseiUe is free I 0 play in 
the Eiux^iean Cups next season." 

MaisdDe's financial director, 
Alain Laroche, said earlier that 

Bernard Troie; the team's presi- 
dent, would contest the federa- 
tion’s smetiom through the dvil 
courts and, likely. Imo^ the 
French National OlynqMc Cmn- 
minee, the only spraling appeal 
procedure (pea to him. 

Tapie and Jean-Pierre Bernds, 
Olympique's former general secre- 
taiy, were barred Friday nigbtfrom 
aU future activity in French soccer. 

Three playffi involveil Jean- 
Jacques Eydue of MatsdUe and 
Cfarisiophe Roben and Jorge Bunu- 
diaga M Valendomes, woe sus- 
pended until July 1, 1996. 'Tte 
would keep Burnjchaga from play- 
ing for Argcntte in the World Cop. 

* Eric the Frendxmao 

voted Emt^’s player of the year 
by his feQow pnriesaonaU. i^e a 
^caUy flamboyant retom tram 
suspeasiim with both goals in the 2- 
0 vicioiy over Mandister Qty on 
Saturday ihat ro-ignite Manchester 
United’s flagging championship 

(AP, AFP, Reuters) 

be tire most important thing to him. 

"I want to do something else,” be 
said. "I could retire because of 
what Fve accom plished. '" 

Yet, he can be motivated. Atlas 
discovered early on in training that 
Moorer wants to be called a Vming. 
So Mien tbeie were tough moments 
against Holy^d, Atlas screamed 
"YouYe a Vtking!" That motivated 
him, along with the unusual sight of 
Allas sittuig is his sux^ droudnfe 
"Do you want to change places 
with me?" 

Passion? There must be plen^ 
fora man to win the title. After his 
news confeieace Saturday, Moorer 
asked: "Wiy are they tallrag about 
Evander’s sbouldei? Why don’t 
they respect me? Talk about 
Evander’s shoulder takes away 
something from me." 

He left Brooklyn, New York, 
when he was young and moved 
with his mother and five brothers 
and sistms fo Mooessea ouis^ 
Pittsbingh. When he begw a box- 
ing career, be moved to Detrcat. 

"The times be gpt into trouble was 
when he went bkk to Mbnesseo," 
said his praoKM^, KD Koeosld Jr. 

KcKcra said Moorer's police 
problems happened because people 
"settle differences in the street in 

"You can’t disrespect him,'’ Ko- 
zersld said. "He'D walk away Fran 
it now.” 

But not in 1989, vtoen he was 
arrested in a street brawl that pitted 
blades against whites. Two years 
later, he was charged with hiltinga 
poboe officer, who eventually sued 
him and won a six-figiire dvd suiL 
And in Decmnber in Detroit, words 
in a ni^tdub led to a shouting 
match with two women and a fight 
with their escorts. 

*77iat’s behind him," said JCo- 

His manager, John Davimos, 
said that the new champion might 

really not be cai^t up m symbol- 
ism, that he nmy be teDmg the truth 
about wanting a tonpler life. 

"1 thin If tus attitude is that Mi- 
chael Moorer is not in this for his- 
lory," said Davimos. 

• In a stuniimg upset on the UD- 
deroard. Junior Jones Jones lost his 
WBA butamweigbl title when be 
was stopped in the llih round by 
his fdlow American Midiad 
Johnson. Jones bad been unbeaten 
in 32 fights. 

John John Molina of Puerto Rico, 
gom Vaigas of Mexico, retained his 
IBF jutriof ligbtweighi crown. 


OTC Consolidated trading tor week 

r ended Friday, April 22. 


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SwiWSM - 39211 

SMiWiwr - 81 4 

Swtaher . <70 44 

SvQs'rt -14*811 

snoses -43*0484 

SuWwi - 11»S4 

SvIwnPd - 11718 

Svrmjn . Its 184 

StvTMlc .1103154 

SvinfK - 28 84 

SirmeOie - 2065 m 

\!SS£y^ 0 

Svreig - 86 44 

Ovnoor — SS721 

Svnron - .si7 34 

svneren . 7M 94 

Svneflc - >01 10 

Svneosvs —3709542 

Svnno - 1 H 1 3 

Svnsb - 168 34 

SVbSttS .12 J 40016 
Svennd - 350 54 

SvaoinlK .. 061 16 

SV9IC0 - 903D4 

114 194 —4 Tlmanl 10 3J 

- Mil 5 

>. 16 I 

- 870134 
JO 2J 507 04 

- 84 44 

- 2491 416 

- 170134 

- 780 I 
0 IJ 5531234 
J7 IJini7334 

- OUT 

- 339SU 

- 1014 04 

- 120 5 
-I04S9 I4i 

- 5 4 

.16 IJ 175 13U 

.. m 44 

- 39V75WU 

- 30117 

- OM73 

- 158 194 

- 2(8 44 

- 1306 34 

. 585 4 

- I7WS4 
_ 1103 6 

- 4355104 
-1389 184 

M &.I »13 

_ M0I14 

- 3iS 94 

- 40 64 

- 901A6 

- 00 74 
0O1J 780 
00 IJ 36068 


- 100 n, 

- 310124 

- 11 s Oh 
-173921 194 

- 0*84 
- 1750 124 

- 13S15 

- 240 44 


JI .1 6489154 

- 06*104 
_ *881*4 

154 106 - Tormlbi 

114 134 +4 TWreTea 
64 7 - Tom 

- 2 34 

- 309194 

- 15U 0 

124 134—14 TenRaBl - 3**ll4 

84 84 +4 TbrTcil - 1015124 

1* 174 —4 THr8*n - 85 34 

II 114 *4 TnerDun -513 6 

17 174 *4 ThoinaaQ _ 88164 

16'% M4— 94 nimUAs J4 IJ 1019 
19*6 84.4 TlMIsn 20*7.1 400 314 
306 S4 —4 TlwnAV 0 IJ 
1* 16 _ 3bni -840534 

It 124 +4 IDSVS - 1649 34 

04454*1 JOOCd -ims 

334 8 - TMOftl -208114 

114 134 v4 TMMrk - IS 94 

84 94 +4 Tioara _ 7M 4 

84 9 —4 TliiBSr - M 7 

0 304—14 TMdvM - 1417154 

1*4 84*14 TaddAO 0 IJ 30 44 
04 984 ^4 TodhUlOr - 18 14 

M 44 —4 TWdbF J7» J 0406 
KA 114—14 181(4808 - 4M 34 

234 M »4 Tn*PlC6 0»3J 40154 
44 44 —4 IWcnofen 10b 2J 83*4 
*4 4 - 1bPP» 0 4J 90e *4 

44 44 —9 ToPS.60< - IIS 74 . 

64 8 «.174 TorRov — 100 44 

13 134 *4 'IWICenr - 37019 

64 64 t 4 Tdtrrel - 20174 

214 «4 ‘rbwrAfr 06 Jx220 *4 

134 134 -46 tracorM 

8 8 — Traor 

84 84 - TVaeSun 

31 S 64 iireieAu 
34 44 *4 TmiPIn 
64 604 — Vu TitlLss 
64 64 —4 TmMUA 
194 784 *1 TVoiln 
17 174*14 TmSWSI 

154 84 *24 TmMw 
84 234—1 . 

8 31 *2 TnvnMs 

204 214-JVi, TmRoOs 
M M — Trnsnl 

- 10 54 

- 1401 74 

- ms 

- 8124 
Si A.\ 20144 

Tnenaa's Mi .1 17318 
TmReOs - 3780 

54 54 - Trnsnl - ims29i» 

{4 54—14 TrOMhUSO - 111313 

74 79k m^yo 74*06 J91 4J 91 144 

5 S —4 TrevPn - 5*4 34 

19 19 —14 TroodCD .16 1.0 1817U 

74 94 *4 Tmwek 10 2S 9B7S4 

914S4— 14 TMeon - IIS 34 

^ 354 *4 THO^ - J<215W 

34 24 *4 TriodSv - SS 5>A 

154 154 —4 TrloiBc - 0104 

5U 54 - TriPaO _ MM 12*6 

14 f5 ♦R 

II 194 - 

5U 64 — lS 
7 94 '»l 

13 14 —4 

24 34 *4 
34 Sit — VW 
84 9 -J6 

14 34 t1 

4 44 *4 
114 134 *4 

5 3(4 *4 

0W 8 *1 

S 964—14 
104 II •♦H 

4 4- 

4 44 —4 

84 94—14 
41 04*24 

84 S4 *24 
94 10 —4 

164 174 —4 
144 >44 —4 

5 0—4 

74 74 — W 
1BV6 20 — «k 

174 104 +4 
34 Tlk —4 
19 194 — >A 

34 34 —4 
BV6 84 —4 
54 04—14 
334 S >J4 
94 24 —4 

14 2'.6 —4 

15 154 — U 

*4 54 —4 
» 1*4—14 

154 194 —4 

44 5 

I 1 —4 

174 124 .. 

104 9 *4 

4 44 *Vk 

34 44 
114 134 *4 
4 1 

904 84—14 
84 84 *4 
64 64 —4 
194 194 —4 
04 04 —4 
74 74 *4 
6 , 4 - 

J . V 6 
4 134 —4 
4 4 —4 

54 54 — 4i 
15 17 41H 

0 694—94 

174 114 *-1 
4 44 —4 

1H 84 —4 

SV 6 54 —4 
94 104 *4 
164 It'A *4 
11 11 - 
104 114 +4 
TO 04 —4 
64 64 - 

114 134 - 

sx 04—94 
04 494—14 
a 314 . _vm 

4 74 

44 54 *4 
114 134 *4 


84 224 —4 
104 11 —14 
U 144 —4 

fl4 13 —14 

13 144 *14 
ID 104 —4 
154 164 *4 
414 4S 4-1 


114 I 2 C —4 
114 134 - 

34 34 *-4 
54 K —4 
A S4— 14 
mo 174 —4 
284 994—14 
n 8 *14 

04 0VW— 14 

14 9 —4 

164 104—3 
I1V6 11V6 - 

14 14 

^ ^ 

104 11 —4 
34 <4 *-4 
134 14 *4 

04 04—14 
34 34 —4 
144 154 *4 

5 S —34 

64 64 —4 
64 74 *4 


184 164—14 

9 9—4 

54 54 —4 
74 74 - 

a 994 — R 
124 igo *a 
134 1JM— I 
34 24 ♦4 
194 194 —4 

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10 10 

4 «L *l& 

184 2W *14 
174 154 - 

1V4 94 

174 194 — Vp 
M 14 —4 

24 24 - 

16V^ 164 - 

354 254 *4 
94 24 — *W 
144 144 —4 

5 3 

m 104 *1V6 
124 124 —4 








Wv m 1O4H01 

0b XI 3194 
10 5J 1010 
. 5S7 64 

- 215 94 

- 1931 94 

- 3112 44 
_ MI7 64 

- P6144 

- 250194 

- ni 144 ' 

10 *lk 

0 * J iS 1% 

10 XI 8584 ' 
0 X7 715 164 1 
.15* XI 9176 04 

- 40 54 

- 0 44 

- 625 54 

- 10 74 

20 IJ 18154 1 
0 J 015204 ' 

>94 194 

if iL. 

104 134 
P* 6 
•4 04 

•4 rj 
84 IP 
S <4 
54 54 
134 134- 
104 104- 
134 144 
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144 144 
64 7 - 

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64 *4- 

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1*4 904 

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01 - 3 0 

.16 XI an 74 
0* J 3S 124 

- 255 34 
. 1712 64 

- 951*10 ' 

- 935114 

- 1MI14' 
_ 3776 54 

- 1*0154 1 

- 470584 1 

- 0174 1 

.*7*1.Tx183 04 I 

- 181 44 

5 8 

74 74 
114 194 
3 3 

*4 54 

15 164- 
94 10 - 
104 1016 
44 44 
144 15*6 
184 » 

16 16 

0 804 • 

44 *4 

_ 20 174 

0 3J 8*1 S 
0BX6 1M9 54 

- IS 44 
10 X7 6 274 

_ 148 44 

- SM911H 

- 130 *4 

- 308 54 
_ 1141 94 

- 3SI7 

- 40 4 

- 4341144 

_ 513 54 

- 2993 54 

_ 170114 

- 13H84 
0» IJ 38 54 

- S 54 

.18 1.1 45*11 

_ 3729 Se 

- 828 54 

- 369 34 

10 SJ 50274 
X0 SJ *87234 
10O4J 9 8 

1061X4 307 74 
20 5J 0684 

- «08U 

0 X7 30214 

10 6J 20)174 
0 1.1 76H394 
JB IJ 3D87714 

10 28 5S4 

- 21*9 64 

- 10274 

- 16S164 
0bX2 395364 

10b 3J 347 S4 

- 5(2104 
0 3J 31 1*4 
M 3J2301S4 

20 U 40244 

_ 641 54 

- *264104 
SO 1J15*a84C4 

- 86 44 


.40 X* 98 14 

- I0S4 

- *40134 

- S7S1*4 
0 IJ 1»8 
.lO* J M2354 

10 X6 9004 

- 14)6 04 

- *98 74 
0e J 1993 04 

- 10 34 

- 02 

_ 901 64 

- 176 9 

- 12 s 34 

_ 30 04 

10 4J 1604 

1.17 7J 71 17 

_ 40 34 

- 499S 

- 180 6 
0 3J 342334 

174 *4 
54 - 

44 —4 
44 *0k 
11*H *9% 

B!*— I 

44 —4 

84 —4 
17 - 


134 —4 
5 —4 

54 - 

11 —4 

84 v9 

104 —4 
74 —Vi. 
WW *Ve 

V —4 
334 +4 


364 —4 


S4 *4 
84 *4 
164 *4 
S4— 3 
04 c4 
04 »4 
m —4 
SV6 4-4 
364 +4 

1*4 ♦V6 
954 c-W 
S4 —4 
44 —4 
104 44 
44 —4 
84 *4 
S84 *4 
14 *14 

04 -*4 
134 *-3 
1*4 *14 


34 —4 

3 —4 
*4 *4 

14 —4 


04 —4 

0 —4 

164 —4 

354 *4 
54 *4 
a +4 
74 ■•■4 

5 —4 

WCTOm _ 4*64 74 6 

WD0 30aA7 30 0 414 

WLRR2 32 IJ 98084 04 
WPlCrp _ 50M 3 

W^Gp SelDJ 3XBWi. 34 
WKRTEn _ 51*1 04 64 

WRTU 2JS 105 991 8 194 

WV3 - 615 34 34 

WSMP - 8 54 54 

WTD - 300 34 94 

WVSm - S1S4 14 

WbfelB( - IS 4 34 

WMbrO 0 IJ 3257154 274 
WOliInt - N7 9 5 

MWOBa -ISS00 04 

wuaoi - 047134 1X4 

WMr 0 XJ 377104 104 
WondGR - 1S4 104 104 

nmXBb -3P10M4 M4 

WoreCdt - 3012 8 74 

WWTdc - latVe 41/u 

wemn - 38 i 74 

WsHBtP - 0M4 16 

WF& 0b42 25084 04 
WdinC t - 1117 34 34 
WMSs .0 3J1S477 I94 154 
WJvSpK^ X7 156964^ 
WWSpfD60 6J 84 

WX^P(E1.0 5J 1S224 294 
waiidW - 0 84 54 

WMrWi - 5 2 2 

WUIV^h -117S1S4 124 

WotlUns JS a SI8»84 
WbsPS J4 S 2915 04 04 
Wowr 0 2J 15 164 164 
WeteDbld - 170164 154 
WbORl 0bXS 11004 194 
Weein i.lOtiQJ 1011 104 

WeB5c - 4400 64 44 

«MUr _ 3S73174 K), 

WMM0 - 330S4 194 

VtfOlms -7UI384M4 

Wrtdd* - IS 7 64 

Warners .12 J T5S04 04 
WOfbnes 04 X2 800 254 

wncdCA - 3n 4 vi> 

WsIQrtR. JO IJ 8124 114 
vretUor - 13(704 M4 

WWtaU 0 2J Jd17 164 
WNiwIn 0 IJ 18584 234 
Woronei J2 9J1 sis sow 364 
WOdCoB .13* J 30154 15 
WSlatS -11*44194 164 

VO M Icr te d - 10)9124 124 

wSooks 0r2J 0164 154 
wsiaeel - 117 5 74 

WMldTe - 148*4 14 

WrsMPb - 766413 II 

WSIWbir - 2308 18 

Wrelon -. M74 64 

WSSvS - 2143174 16 

Watpec - 45 34 24 

WMwOn - 6707 54 74 

WMSuA - 916 44 34 

WMrPr I 0 O 6 J 1884 214 
WleycB 00 23 6 S4 SW 

wnon .»• - 0 *4 84 

WheoNy 04 J 168114 104 
MOWcRm' - 400 0 

WMMdS 40 24 I3M334 84 
WhlFdS - 3014184 174 

WholOsH - 00 14 74 

Whjftys - 4101* 164 

WfiOd-U - 813174 164 

Vt^A 1.10 U 004 U 
WBlomta .M X1I268S47 43 

- 766419 II 

- 2308 18 

-. M 74 64 

- 2143174 16 

- 45 34 24 

- 6707 84 74 

- 916 44 34 
L3 1884 214 
!J 6S4 SW 

- 0 *4 84 
J 168114 104 

- 400 0 



- 0 34 9 

-11365 354 314 









v Bik_ 




VM 10 

0 IJ 16384 
0 as 32SS11 

- 66014 

06 ^ 

M 24 ll0l% 
0 IJ 1404154 

- as 44 

0 X3 303S4 
-20383 74 

- S00 

- 110 64 

- 347 84 
0 1.9 140 234 

_ 506 17 

- 30 54 

- 138 * 


-3318 21 
_ *0 24 
30 X* 0 74 
-MOn 174 

- 01*4 
0 23 ,d01B4 
32a SJ 209144 

.. 60 64 

- 130 IS 

- 349SI34 
_ 1*17 5 

- *79 14 

- 301 84 

- UI1 134 

- 53H84 

- 1341164 
S2 23 10S4 

- 1677 74 
_ *0 24 

- 3RI017 

- 58 44 

- 710374 

- 31010 

44 44 —4 
134 134 *4 
304 204 —4 
94 104 ■•■4 

12 12 —a 

194 134—14 
S4 U *4 

14 2 44 

194 134 44 
144 154 *4 
4 44 —4 

S4 S4 *4 
54 64 *4 

304 04— >4i 
54 64 _ 

74 04 —4 
204 31 -04 

15 1SW— 14 

44 «VW —4, 
•4 04 —4 
64 7 —4 

04 84 —4 

154 164-J4 
IWh 34 - 

44 74 *4 
1S4 17 *4 

1* 19 —14 

174 174 —4 
M 144 * 4 
54 64 *4 

134 134—14 
124 13 -4 

7 74 —4 

14 14 —4 
74 74 —4 
tCh 104—14 
84 254-0^ 
154 l6<Vw <-4, 

5 S — 4 
64 74 *4 

3 2—4 
144 154 *4 

4 44 +4 
84 04 —4 
AS 4Se *34 

WBinTrs 10 4j I1U84 S4 
WIntfUvr - 350 94. 44 
Wb«l94 - IS104 9 

WbltnpRs 0 4 WI34 M 

WbeCT - 180 0 04 

WSebn 30 20 140154 144 
wendwre - 177716 144 

Hbodhd 34 S3 105416 144 

WIMOS S6 23 02*4 SW 

WMACP - 78 15 17 

WertPd* .13 1j ^ 94 34 
WWIhp* 36 IJ 61804 1*4 
Wvmon - 11*7 64 54 

64 —4 
a +4 
^4 -14 

3Vii *(S 
34 *4 
84 —4 
24 —4 

Sm -J/'w 
144 *4 
4 +4 

0 _ 
54 *4 
04 *3 
134 —4 
104 —4 
104 - 

»4— WW 

74 —4 

4VW — Vu 
74 *4 

14 - 

214 +Vu 
34 *Vu 
194 —4 

04 +4 

H4— 34 
84 - 

8W *4 

iVa *14 

5 —3 

0W— 14 
164 —4 
04 *4 
104 —4 
54 —4 
17 —4 

8 —14 

09 —1 
64 *4 
84 —4 

194 -4 
17 —4 

S'A - 
294 _ 

154 *4 
104 —4 
124 —4 
164 +4 
74 —4 
* —4 

114 —4 
84 *34 

164 —4 
34 *4 

04 *4 

34 — W 
84 —4 
344 +14 
84 —14 
114 +4 
0 *3 

234 +4 
184 +4 

5 —4 
184 —4 

0 — l" 

334 —4 
S4 —4 
PVu +v« 
94 —4 
IJ4 *4 
71 *1 

154 *4 
SW *4 
174 *4 
84 —4 
194 —4 
S4 -I.'. 

- 520 34 34 34 —4 

J ^294 8 8+4 

- 778 134 12 124—1 

- nor 2*6 24 24 +4 
-3015514 <54 504 +14 
-X379S334 194 84 —4 
_ 15*2 164 1<4 154 —4 

- 3 IW 14 14 _ 

- 12S84 204 304 +1 

- 9413 16W IS 154 —4 

VoOoimCP .U 4J1409S84 304 314 — 4 
VosCtth - 8 14 14 14 - 

VgrkFn JO X9 1108 8 8 —4 

VOrIcRs _ m 44 34 <4 

Yggnker - 377617 16 164 —40 





- 0174 
-14^ 94 

Z 054114 
-180 irA 

- 181 34 

- 68084 
X* 6990W 

- 10*8 34 
-19113 254 

- 492 74 

- 8M1I4 

- 938 3 

- M 74 

- 3317 34 
_ 301 94 

164 164 *4 
84 94 +4 
34 24 +4 
104 104 —4 
934 04—74 
IS 174 +14 
24 34 +4 
0 84 *14 

a 354 *4 
34 94 —4 
164 in»— 54 
64 74 _ 

*4 »W *I 

3Vu 3 +4 

84 84 —4 


Page 16 

















By Mai 


paues hop 



have coaci 
fair in Viei 
in 1975. 

ous reddei 
tour the b 
ica Expo 
wares. Hi 
their siudt 
hibition ( 
English w 
and the : 




















O N D A Y 


BuUetsFhush in Triumph^ Unseld Quitsas Coach 


The Asiockited has 
Wes Unseld announced his tesig- 
natioa Sunday after seven years as 
the coech of the Washington Bul- 
lets, immediate^ after his team fin- 
ish^ its season with a 117-99 vic- 
tory over the Charlotth Hornets. 

When the game ended, Unseld 
annotmced to the crowd is Lan- 
dover, Maiyland, that this would 
be his last game as coach, and that 
he will return sesct year in a Croat 
office cap^^. A Hall of Famer 
and Eve-time All-Star as a player, 
Unsdd was admired as a co^ but 

finished with a 202-345 record. Ihe 
Bullets were 24-58 this season. 

Kmcks 92, Bcfe 76: Patrick Ew- 
ing scored 25 points and New Ycuit 


conference record. New York al- 
ready was assured the second seed 
and the third. 

The Bulls will move across the 
street next seasmi to the United 

used its ringed defense to win the 
reguIar^easoD NBA finale at iua- 
toric Chicago Sta^um. 

The Kni^ (57-25) finished tied 
with Atlanta for the best record in 
the Easton Omferem^ but the 
Hawks had already dinched the ' 
top seed 00 the bods of a better 

Hawks 93, Ma^ 89: Atlanta, 
playing at home, dinched home- 
court advantage tlnoud the East- 
ern Confoence playoffs as Stacey 
Augmmi, vto had & pdnts and 1 1 
rdKHmds, en^ the scoring on a 
dunk with 26 seconds (dt 

The Hawks won their fourth di- 
visioD title ance moving to Atlanta 
in 1968. Tbey play Miami in the 
besl-(rf-5 first round of the play- 

Shaqnille OT^eal, battliim San 
Antonio's David RohinsM^ the 
league sco^ title, led the . 
wi&27pdslsand 19 rdiounds. I 
was averaging 29J13 points with 
one game left Sunday night against 
New JersOT. Robinson was avoag- 
ix^ 29266 points beading into w 
regular-season finale against the 
Lm Angeks CEppeis. 

Wairioirs 126, Lafceis 91: Chris 
Webber scored 27 pomts to lead six 
Warriors in double figures as Gdd- 
C3} Smie haxided viatu^ Los An^ 
lesa francbis^rectffdumth straipit 
loss in Johnson's next-to- 

Snug lot Bis ICO: Kenn 
Johnson scored 20 pdnts, Cedric 
Cd)aOos had 18 ana Phoenix hdd 
off Sactameato's furlw last-min- 
ute rally to d^ its reg^ season 
with a seven-game udnning streaL 
The Suns will play (jdda State 
in the first round of the playoffs. 


Major LeaguwStancEnga 



sv^. Branllay m.HR-PlArWa,Canlni U). 

BW N2 OW-S 7 S 
QflC 9 I 

z. SRiHii, Mlall (7). Memenlito (7). oiwey 
(7), ToMw »). Whits (•) and GoH; Smottc. 
Stanton (St. Wohlers (7) and O'Brtaa W— t 
SAtMlr M. L- 8m o»l. 74 5*— WWfo <», 
HRs— Pmsburoh. Merlin (2). Atlontw Tor< 





osn (3). 






Hendon OX on 880-4 7 i 






5f. LMH Nf NI NO— f » t 






Drabok. Hempten (41. Roynelas 17). Mt. 

At (I 

Now York 





Wlinems (9),Te. Jenoi (91 ondSorveisi Cot- 






mtar. Hobvon («). PetoelM (7). Murphy (7) 



M Poppes. tV-Murphy, )-). (.-Ml. WH- 

or al 






liomA AI. HR-St. Louta. Altaoo ID. 







ewenoe 4N 8 m oio- 7 » i 






Celerode oN ON 801-4 7 0 







Boilu, Bouftata (ft end wnMtii: Hvkev. 





Maori (6>.M.Munn (V andGirerdLShoefhr 



(i). W-BonkA 34 b-Horkoy.O-l. HR-Chl- 






enga Soso 13). 






Now York ON 088 I3B-3 8 0 






son FrendiN ON on Ni— 1 2 8 






B.JOMA Franco (91 omstlnnelt; Portugai. 

H o w York 

■■M Division 

W L Pei. OB 

M S .722 - 

V ■ A2I 

7 0 JOB 4 

• 7 .lOI 








St. Louta 






















Wort Division 

10 B J56 - 

i ■ JN 1 

7 11 J07 a 

S M DU 5W 

Burba (U and MenoMrtnp. Jo. Rood (I). 
W— B. Janos. >1. L^Pertugok 2-1. 
Sv-Pronee <4). HRs-New YerK Soeifl (», 
BwTdts (1). San Pranebeo. MeGoa (2). 
f W cdoiaMa bm no aat—s o o 

SOD Dione on ou oix-s lo a 

BosMo. Sloamib (S). Andorson (7). Wool (O) 
end DeaNen; Ashbv. M. OevM (0), Hofbnon 
W 0 H 8 AdotiHD. W— < Ul ft nen. l-ft L- W Mi.» 
1 HRs^hllodtipMe. ChaniBfrlaln (I). San 
DioOG D. Boll 15). PUntlor 14). Ausmui (2). 
Montrsol 022 200 0 Mm7 10 0 


Rmtor, HtTMlo (4), Show i4). seen (I). 
Relos (7) end D. PMclwr. Snoltr <0li Con- 
dioM. MCOOMM 14). OroHort IS), Oott (». 
Warm (i) and Piasn. w— Show. l-l. Can- 
dtottl. s-l, 5V— Belas (2). HRs— MontrooL L. 
WoHwr (3). LM Anooloi, Snydor 141. 

Friday*! LlnaScoraa 

Saturday*! Una Scoraa 

1. Bv-^iervty lo). HR— RoHda Sontlage 0). 
Chicago ON ON NS-S I 1 

Cetorode 221 Oto-4 w i 

Morgan. Crim (4). IWev (0). PlNOC II) ond 
WtBdno; Harrio and Dlrardl. W— Harm. i-i. 
L MorB on .O-AH ns ChlceQfcMevm.Cci» 
redo. VMN ID. Young m. Blchtiit C7). 
NtwYOvR ON IN ON-1 S 1 

Sen Preoeiia m I2i ote-N 14 i 

HHifii«i.roWiodor )4).Liiilefi |7) end Stbi- 
nott; HMcerson. Rogoro (■). M. jodtion (9) 
end Menwnrlno. Rood 17). w-Hlewroon. 1-0. 
LF-Hlllman.M HRs-Scoi Prandoee.D. Low- 
D (I ),Ma WWfom 17). amreirdn n )/ CiBidnn 
12 ). 

Pimourth on ON ON-4 n o 

AllonM IN IN NO-1 7 1 

Twntin. Minor W). eoitard (ii, VVhJf, (7) 
end Slouetiit Avorv. McMldtotl |7I, Station 
(7). Wohlers IT) end Ixeei. W-Boliord, 1-a 
L-McMIdlool, 1-1. 

Heaton OH 410 ni-u fO 1 

St. Loom oil no iN-s 5 i 

Kile. & WKIIams (7), Edom 10). HwdMc <91 
endSorvelA EiaeWe iv); Aretfn. Urboni |41. 
Hotayen IS). R. Rodrlnuti <7). PeleelM III 
end T. Meeriff. W-Kllo. M. b-Areetw, 1-1 
H Rs llBuoton. Moirten ID. Plidoy (4). boh 
(I). Oonnols (3)j St. LmMt. 2oUo 2 (5). 
PWhNolohln ONINNI-t 8 0 

Sea Dioio no 3N ou-o ia a 

Rtvora Mason 15). Sleeumh 171 end Doiil- 
Ion; E)Uett.Mausir(a},PAMar»nM »)ond 
Aiismui. W-MOMir, 1-0. L-RIvera M. 
Sv— PA MartMoi. 1. HRs-Son DIoge. 
Gwvrsi 12); PhllodelBnia. D. HeiiM <21. 
Mooirggi on ON Ni u-^ n o 

LNRiOOlN an ON IN N-O « 0 

HgndtrsarwBoutfiir (3). B.Honrv (41. Hort- 
d)o (7l,ScgH W). Rohe ID) end D. PWchir. 
SPOhr (•). L Wthstar (10); R. Mertlnob Dool 
171. OoH (7). Td. Worrtll (Ii. Mtflewoll (10) 
and Ptea. W -Bco H . 1-1. L-MeOemIL (M. 
5v--llelna.4.Hno ■LwAnoalso.Wallaeh(4). 
H. RoddouR (3): Mont root. L woMor 111. 


NBA Standings 


W L 




59 a 




47 33 



ANgw Jersey 

45 N 




42 40 




32 47 




34 57 




23 SO 

Central DIvtalon 




57 a 




a X 




47 a 




48 a 




41 40 




a 41 




a o 




W L 



V Houston 

N a 



x-Sen Antonie 

54 27 




52 a 




41 40 




a 41 




13 » 





52 » 




51 a 



K-GoWon Stale 

a n 




47 a 




a 41 




a 54 




V 54 



CoBfoniia ON m m-t n t 

Btnen in ON ltl-4 11 1 

PHiloy, B. Poi w r so n fi>. Sanuon »h loi- 
(irto If) and Mvors: VMa. Horrls IT) w)d 
Rowland. W - l lor rto . 1-1, b-Sonmn. IM. 
HR— BNloi. Coorof 13). 

ONdend on iio loi-H H i 

NOWYOHI ON an IlK-l 7 0 

Dorllna, RovH (4). Nuna (7). Taylor (l) 
and SMtibaeii; OMcs Komltnltekl (3). Poll 
(7). Hew* 17) and sionftv. W-Konlfnltda 
I-a L - Rmi. 0-1. 5v -Howt (2). HRi-Odk- 
land. aMntoadi Ii). Now York. O'Ntlll (51. B. 
Wllliami (3). 

Mhwoiela m W NO-9 S 1 

Torenfo an ON 4N-0 (1 f 

Eiickson. Willis U). Trambiov IT) and wei- 
beck; Hoirtosn and Bereort.W-HffntawbD-1. 
L— EdcksoA. 14k HRp-Tonnla WMM |4), 
Carter (7). 

tNHIo 001 IN NP-f f I 

Boltlmera ON 111 Ns-t 7 1 

nomhiA J. Nttaon (i). King Uh Oaaaage 
(71 and HoMlimni McDonald, Poelo (7). Us 
Smith (7) and TbdteTt. W— McDonald. 00. 
U— momma. 2-a, Ov— to. Smith (0). 
HRi— Sootflo, Jefferson (2). Boniiiwro. Br. 
Andonon (3). 

Ootrall 111 M 000-3 « 0 

CWcnoe 103 IN n»-7 0 I 

Boletior, S. Oovis (3). Grooni (i). Gordlfwr 
(71. Boevrr (0) ond Krovtor: sandorsen. As- 
l ontnochor (I). McCeoklll (71 end Karkovlet. 
V|U4mndorsoa24LL--B*kMr.()a NR»--Dg' 
trait. WMtaker(4).aiicaae.Thonm(l).VOff- 
lure (4), 

Kernes Cllv OM no IN-I 12 I 

Mlfwoukeo m ON SB-f H I 

AnMir, Meenonlo M), Ptdsrdo (7). Ment- 
eemorv (f) end MecfsKmo. Mom, (4); Na- 
varro, Scenloi M. Orosco (7) end Harper, 
MNtwnv (I). w o r oNB. V4L b-Montaemonr, 
0-I.HRs— KeniasCltv.Jeynor(2),Hamonn(S). 

ON M Nl-l W I 

an ON 4M-4 13 I 

Merrio. Swan (7). Mooe (7) end S. AlonMr; 
Reeori. Honorcutt (7) ond Redriguot 
W-Roeori, 1-1 L-Merris. l-l HR-Texosb 
strenei (3). 

Piortda on in iN-a s 1 

rnniinoti on on ao»-« 4 o 

HouNb R. (jOWN (7). Y. Peru (71 ondSontL 

eee; SoiHoy. J. Ruffin »). J. Brentity (I) and 
Dersott. W-SmHov. M. L-R. Lowlb 1-1. 

OotMonifO OM 110 ON-0 7 2 

Bestoa IN OH ON— 3 II 1 

Dopseih LoHom 15). Dreho (0) end Mvorw 
Tumor (S) ; Oorwin. Rvon III. RuNtll (7) ond 
Vollo. W— Darwin, 3-1. L-Dopsen, t-l 
Sv— RuHOll IS). HR— BNton, Crtonwoll (S), 
Ooktaod IN ON 337— i • 0 

Now York SN m h«-i r i 

von POPPOL OriltvirM ID. Rloholtl (5). 
Taylor ||) and Hetnend, ntinhdDi (I) i Mul- 
hoUonA WIdcmen III. Homoncbt 17} and 
IWkos. MMMvIMtand. 24. L— Van Penpti, 0- 
ISv— Homendn la). HRs 0oklond.8trron 
(3). Sierra (7). Breslut II ). Now York. aNglll 
Ii). MMttnoly ID. 

soeftil ON 2N NO-3 4 f 

Bommort oh no oiic-^ i o 

SaikoM. TMgpon |7). Dovb (II end Haul- 
man; F o m etmo i . Mills (|), Pool* (0). Smith 
(71 and Hoii«*.W-PealOi 14. L-Thionin.01 
Sv-Smltn (7). HRs-SeglHo. Plrkl (3). Bam- 
more. Palmeiro |3), 

MkntMfo m an 310-4 ia s 

TonON 3N BN IIX-0 13 I 

Punda.TroRinmv (i).Aaidlora 111 and Wol- 
bock: Lottor. Costum (7). wnrlwni (0), C3>- 
dorgt (0). Ttmffn iSi and Bordora. VP-bilfor. 
24.L-4>ullilQ.01Sv-Tlnitln 01. HRs-Mln- 
iwsota KnoWfwdi (1). Toranta. Cortor (i). 
WhHo (5). 

Kansas CUT BN ON DO-4 I 1 

Mllwmicoo IN ON ns-4 11 1 

Oondoa Brow (7). Belinda 17). Mognanto 
(•) ml Mom, MorttorlcnD ll)J vmrrm 
KM8r (7), LIOM lO). Petters (9) and NUaen. 
Doimt 3H on 080-3 s 0 

CM o o go ON ON tap-f M 0 

Giriltcksea Beovor (7) and TWtMon; Atwo- 
rob McCoNUI (7) end Korkovlce. W-UU- 
vortt, 4-0. L— Gtrillekoeni IH1. Sv— MeCeoklll 
l1).HRs-Dttrelt,TramnMll (3), PItIdar (S). 
CMngo. Karkevico (4). 

OfVOIand 2N 3N N1-M W 3 

Tokos 2N IN 88^ y 13 1 

Nobhelb M. Tumor (2), Swan li),Mose (il. 
Parr (7) end l Atemor. Pono (2); Brown. 
Honeycutt (I), Howtll II). Henke (I) end J. 
Ortt.w WHa24,L-J(onfcei, l-aSy^en- 
(41. HRs-Clivoiand. Murrey (4). Themt »). 

Plorlda MB MB 881-8 7 1 

eieelniMN OM OM 000-4 7 0 

Bema Hfmends 17), Horvov (7) end Sonll- 
eee; Horaoa McElroy (7). CertoHO (I) end 

Tlia Michael Jordan Watch 

PRIDAY^OAMBi Jordan wenM -tar-4 witn 
en inftoM Untie. RBi. one stolon bes». two 
otrffcHutt (Nfd iwe euieuft (n rteht ftaU 
SATURDAYS GAME; -lerdon went2-tar4 
with e Nnele. deuMt end two RBI in ttio Ber^ 
onr 74 victery aver the Nashville xpross. He 
elw grounded out end struck out twice. He 
ecHiohi two fly Mis in Ham ttoM. 

SEASON TO DATE: Jordon ll betiHie J33 
nAior-43). He Is orroiiNS In )i ehences. 

KUnetwd bsst conferinei record 
o-dhKhid elavett berth 
v<llnGhod division title 


WOlhiMieii IS 27 tt a«-7i 

CIBVilend N N II 30-117 

c: HW 04 44 n wniiemi 0-12 4-M 11 Ro- 
oounds— wesMnutan40(Ouaiiottai3).ciove- 

Japanaaa Leagues 

Control Loowe 



































2 vy 







Saturday^ Resoits 
Han sh ln 1. Vomiurl D 
Yokutl 1 ChunlcM 4, 10 Innings 
Yokohomo z HlraDilma 1 

5viday*i Reutls 
Yomkirt 5, HonsUn 4 
CtwnlcM 2. Yakvlt b M inninga 
Hiroshima 1 Vblcahama 4 

PocHIc League 






























Nlppen Horn 












land 47 (PMIIS 7). Awitls-4moMnoton M 
IGuglWtu SI, Clovelond 37 INLPrlca ID. 
Portieiid 31 as a a4-iif 

MhUMHla a 21 N 3F-IN 

PiCRoWnHOV-IIIO-lsaDreKltr 1-107-12 
a M: Lootlnar Mi 24 K RMer 10-li M a 
Rohowidi PortlCiid Si (Ortxler 10), Mkint- 
solo 54 (Looitner 10). AiMsti— Portland B 
IStricklend 7). Mtnmsota 31 IM. Wllltams. 

Utah a 31 a a-)i3 

Dtiivor a a a ai— m 

U : Molene 1042 «>12 30. Stockton 7-14 4-5 17. 
HenwoTk 1^14 M 17. 0: Abduf-Rout 13- » 3-2 
a. siltn Ml M 21. RoMWdt-Utoh 44 (MO- 
(Stockton 7), Denver IS (Pock 4|. 
PMIOdO t OtllO 17 a a 33- N 

indtaM 33 N a 23-ia 

P: Barros4-1S 24 12. Graham 7-14 14 11 >: 
SfliHs 174* 04 4A Scott 5-704 IA Robondb— 
PhllocMphla47 (Wcoltwrspooik Kidd 7). IndL 
cm N (Smtts 11). Aesists-PMladolPiila 17 
(Bnrrai. Austin, Dawkins 3). indloiMi .a 
(Workman II). 

aoshM M 17 a II I 14-M8 

CMCOUO 17 a a 17 i A- 78 

B: Perish 4>1 04 14 Brown 1242 14.15 40. Ci 
Pippon 11-31 MO 31 Armstrong Mi 34 IA 
tUboonds— Boston dO (Ptneknoy )7). CMcoge 
N IPIppen m.Aaslils— Boston 17 (Brown 5), 
Pticaoo a (Pbmwk Ar ms t ro ng 7L 

Heoftofl ai a a ii-» 

DgDos a a a 3i-w7 

NiThorpoAIIM1 19, K. smith 4-D4-417I.D: 
Mamburn 1040 MO 20, Jackson AM M H 
mboinoii lioHBlonN(Ttterpe l5).Dplha48 

SeeANanlo a n 27 17-P 

soollta 12 a a ID-N 

S: RoWnsonMI 11-l43f^Dol NtoroMSM 
3Z.S: Pgr1(lns7-lsa417,Pltm1AHi43iJlo. 
bouids— Sen Antenlon (Rodman 1l),SiattlB 
4i (McMillan 7). Auhdo-otn Antonio 13 (Dei 
Nogre 7), SoeiNt 17 (SdtrgnwA AlcMMNn 5). 

Ootrall V a 31 1A-M3 

ciwrtetti If a a 3F-1N 

D: E(H0tt7-924l7.7taWfen1M«1-131.e: 
Mournliw 14431M537. E. JohtwonM4M30. 
RobouoN BotrullN (Mint, wood ioi.Oion 
lotto 47 (Moiinilm 12). An UM D otr eW a 
(Hunttr IV. chortottf a nomm w. 
erMb a a a it-n 

AiMHta a a a v-m 

O: Scott 741 AI 30, (PNeel MS 1A17 O. A; 
Willis A17A7IL Augmon A14 4432. ReboaoA 
•-Orlande a (ONoel 17), AltanM a (Wlttls 
m fimiti ThlrwitlrTlI (HortowuyTI.Atlan- 
10 a IBImrtoefc 15). 

Uk Lokon a a 15 29-7) 

ooidn SUM « a a 2 A-ia 

LJL: Smith A17 M 11 Jordwi A14 34 11 
OA: W ob b o r 1AltM027,5p r i w i M A1l 14 )A 
Aioxond8rAW24llRikggoN Uw Anoetes 
a (ChrlsllA Rembta. Jordon 01, (Mdon Steto 
a (Webber ni. Assiut ln Anaoiw a 
(Oirtftta wen EMS/i GetaWi StaU57 OMA 
bor. Mulllfb SprowilL Jctw io on 5). 

MewNifcio II a N a— IN 

NHvJeraty a a n a^ia 

M: Baker 7-13 44 1A Day AD 4-i M NJI.: 

Bolefflin Ml AI 30. GNIlein M3 A4 11 Ri- 
bogndb-Milwaukoo 4S (Bekor 12). Now Jer- 
sty a (Celoman IV. ANisti— Milwaukee 17 
(Neraien 7), Now Jersey 44 (Andoroen 17). 
Mint a 17 IS 2S- 01 

lodiuw a a a sa-im 

M: Cetao AM 24 1% Silkely 7-13 A3 17, i: 
Sfflils AI I AI Ii, MHtar 7.10 74 24. RoBOOiidA 
— Mk*nl44 (Sotkalv 15). indimSf (NnltsID). 
Aiilill-AMeinl 17 (CeiH 5), Indiana a 
(5mm. workmans). 

s ocTNBOt ii u a a a si-ia 

PboiMx a a a a-4n 

S; VTotab 1140 A7 32. Wllaen A7 Ai IA P: 
Coboltao AM 3-4 IA K. Jehnun M4 A4 31 
lUtiminilB nnrmmmtit H (Pofynln li), 
PheonlK tt (Bofbloy 14). Aw l ns Oocra 
mente a ( W8bb I), Ptainfai a ( K. jelmen 8}. 

oeifa a 3 1 >-s 

SL LAtflf 112 0-4 

nm Partad-L SL Lovil. Shanahan 2 1 Jon- 
nov)* 5:a. PenoRtas— H3r0t8ib Del (hoN- 
lns).1 !S; McRoASn. (MgiMtfcWno). 10:N; 
Boxen, stL (btarforwiee). M:a.- crefAOof 
(rouel^). Udi. 

Secead Pert ed - A DbHoa Kiett 3 (Motvl. 
Chi*).2:a im.xst (jwtarMHtar 1 (Shano- 
lMn),4!l1.AEWloAChiRlDl (CoveHInLLA 
dvora). 7ia (PP). S. pallob Modono 3 
(Efclund, Osirlal. 7J7. p gi d dttes - lta btru. 
StL ( l n tar taroi m ).t;4lt Heustov.NL (inter- 
taidnei). 3:17; RodmIa StL (hIgh-sllektaA 
i:1V Hgtcher, Ool (heoklm). M:a: Chose. 
StL (wsomtsinantnio eenduO). 14:51 
a. LoulA Komenov A Mgi. PonettlN 'Met 
vfcfiidbDel (htglHf tddns). 1:40; Evaaon.Oal 
( cr e a p u io eKli w). 3;i7. 

Overflmo-A Oollai. CevNilnl 1 (CeurtnoiL 
Meda ne L B:M (eg). ftanb U y- Nod ve d. StL 
IMdIno). l:n. 

Vwli on goa l Ba i lee A1SA3-31. SI. iMilt 
1A1A1AA-N: gewiTNar uwMi rl iiol t lB i 
^>oBB»3ofyy5k(.a>rtiflo<5? o o(iWot Dal- 
lOAWahaluhfSO (40 shg|»44sgvu). St Louts. 
JeMuh, A3 ei-3i). 

Dolnll 3 1 8-3 

Sea JON 8 1 1-3 

dv), 1:51 1 Detroit. OeearalM 2 (Poderev. 
Koelev), I3:RL P ono Mtai M er e, SJ (heek- 

TtUdf ukiil A WUN l)ii ntan. J( «iBy 3{P |- 
vortca, Khrttiid)}. 1!42 (po). % Wo Mnotan* 
Pouilnl (P(vMiARoeWt).17:N(enl.P«»t‘ 
Mos-PIvenka Was {holding}. wsU- . . 

Shota oa SON PhtUturgh 2-74- g- Wy 
bigien 1A7-10-31; oowtfulsy opport*^ 
8 PHUb u r w i BotV W BO Hnotoe > of>i NSS 
8 PIf ti bl lia i, BOfTOON 14 
nvM). WB UUn gteOi Boowm 34 (32-21). 
BOMon ' ^ 

ftMlllimt 3 1 7*^ 

Pkit lW id D RonlidBl. Muller 3 (BgA 
boil, boewr). SMO (np). Z MbNcmI. Mullor 4 
(DosienlnAPopuvlGl.lOiM (M-lMomrocd. 

-4hau An (hokiins).4M; DatgnBOutt. fiAen 

lhM4Hddns>.B:0V Dotiotar BN (uflBPerts- 

OMnlihi eonduet). 10M1: MerolA Boo minor- 



ROMM sgRodgy (il tin SOAMtaBtiiBr (»7- 
mlM) rONi 1, Jbhun Mueotuw, Belgium, OB- 
MG Moulliicta i hours, a rntnuroA a sec- 
onds; 1 Bruno Cenohlotta Italy. OonHoy 
Sol lea same tlmt; 1 Morce SalHnrt. Italy, 
GB-MG MoulINcta. 7 seconds behind; A AA 
borto VoM. Italy. Gowtu-Beilen, sjj & Do- 
Stmn Reolca. NeHieriends. TVM. si.; 7. (Uowi 
dto CMopwort. Italy. Carrera JeOno-Tosaonl. 
At.; 1 Ooronf Rue. Pronci. Bannto. aJ.) A 
Atatiord Vhwneiwr Prartco. Fesfln»Aiidwm 
bij IA DldlN Rotis^ PnxKO GAN. it. 

WorMCdPstondliincenerfhreracci]! L 

AndrM TdKtdt. Moldava, Mods.- LDtto.'f7 
<5owl S» BoHon.a; 4 FoMo Bahtalg, Italy. GB- 
MG MaolHIclo. O; % (He). Evgeny Benda 
Russia. Ce tr ls nBollon; Franco BcdlcrfnL Ita- 
ty.Mopoel-CIa; Gtanrri Bugna Hatv.PoKLa; 
strona, Uidtod Stoloi. Motoratio. 35. 


lu t io d u y' s RiMis 
Da lei 7. anw 4 
Lotto A Nippon Hum 2 
Orix vA Kintetsu, ppd. ruin 
Sundpyd Rgautts 
Lotto 11, Ntopoi Ham 2 
Orta A Kbitatau2 

To subgata# in FroiMD 

05 437 437 

(Nooks 10). AuUts lleuefen 18 (Couoll 8), 
Denes 17 (Lover 5). 

Now York a a 11 3»-ia 

iwiwaoiuo a 17 If 30- a 

N.Y.S Ewino A* 6422. Smith 7-13 3-4 17. M: 
Baker 7-M A4 IA Murdock AH 54 IA Re- 
hnimdi trtw voili a (Oakwv 9). Miiweukoo 
M (Bokar 13). AsNt t i Now York B (Rwtag, 
Anthony i). Mltweukoe a (Murdock io). 
UACIpsori V V a 31-IV 

Pbeunix N 43 31 a-m 

UA.: Vuwht IA18 1-1 a. Oehort A1B 1-1 19, 
P: Molerlo A17$4 SA Groan All 34 17. Rt- 
feoundP-La AneoMya (Vaught 7 1>, phooittk 
47 (Greon M). ANliti—Loi Angolos a (Jock- 
ion 7). pheonis 41 (K. Jetpisen 13). 

cataldnia open 

Laodhif oeeree oflor Sonduy^ Bool round 
ol iho dirs 4NM8 tauraumont oe me POI-7A 
Atamitar HTn-raro} pus ootf cm 
couru In Puta. Spain: 

Jon CecoruA Argonflne 7AN4747-87S 
joen-lMils Gvopy. Pmee fMMATl— 3a 
Rumil CJaydoa England 7A7A87-45-877 
Sum Tor ranee, England 
Wovne Rpgy, Auetrelta 
Adorn Huntar. England 
Gordon Brand Jr« England TOTAiATD— ai 
Ptirrt PulkA S widin 71-714A7S-481 

Mark Meutand, England 703A71-47-3K 
Mneeta GerrtdA S poM 7Aw a N OH 

Prank NOMlA Now Zealand 7MA71-73-8N 
Ret lot Goesoa South Africa 744A8A7S-N3 




Mu).3m4i NerteaSJ4tr1pplng1.5:53; Nenen, 
SJ (hoMria). 19:01 

Stcand Portad- A Sen Jch. Goudreou i 
(Dohloa Pfdersen}. )7:M (sp). A Detralt. 
Burr z (DruBor. CMeeaen). )7:3i. Poneltlo^ 
— OwT. Dot (dotav of eamo).3!S3: Cronia SJ 
(imowlne).imf:eoHuy.Dol (sleahlnuliftlfi 
CteearoHL Dot (eeatta t ita rtarmce). naii 
CMeHon, DM (etauwtng). 1S:2 l 

Taw Portend, Sen JoM.MnkBrevZ (Lor- 
iev. Oof (hetataaL4:17; podorav. Dot (hook- 
ing). 17ML 

Shota on geoA-Oelrali A144-3a Son JON A 
Q<- SfepoWN-otayoggortanHl w Petrel) 0 
0(4; Sen JoNSefi; i n elNi ni tm i l nwmyl iT 
0 (ashots-BsDVN). Sob JOH, IrtM, 1-2 (3M7). 
eataorv 0 8 «-4 

VMieoevar g 0 2-3 

WfitPtflod NoHA P enott l N Brown, ven 
OdKOLVOn (rmiiirfNtlniliT TO, BuraVen 
Unfortareneo), BMV Mectanta Col (olbew- 
iMl.M:M: Vawnay.Cel (lnlorferaneo).l4;37; 
Bura van IMMtaHddng), lira 

Second P miMl ll w i i. Ponollieo— Sulltveiw 
Cdt (Mtrtargner). aot: Geagarr bgneta 
aorvtdbyWtaiz(taemaBYinon),«:4S; Buta 
van, molar (beardng).i:i2: Otto, Cel (iiigth 
•Hekiag), ii:sA 

TWrd PerfoA-(. Catgarv, Weta l (Ptounr, 
Roktrls). 3:a A Venceuvor. Memouo 1 (DI- 
duck. Mcletyro). i:3S. Z Cotgory, Ptaury 3 
(Roberts), na. A Canary, Rebuts 1 (Rol- 
chtL Musll). il:2X A Vaoeeuvor. Adams 1 
(BuTA Craven). 11:42. a Cetsorv. Floury X 
17MS (on). PoneltloM. Bebydi, Von (hold- 
ing), 7:a; Brawn. Yen (heWInw.MtlD; Mur- 
zvn. Von ( oun d wc i a ngi. mhx 

SholsenioaloCalBary lA7-10-37.Vaneeu> 
vgr AM-iD-as sown p(gy eppertoettt ei 
^utaery 0 of If Vaneouvtr 3 of i/ MrtiA 
Catgarv. Vernon. Ai (a ihe)i-M iovh). 
Vuncouvtr. MeLoon. 14 (3631). 

N7W Jorooy i 8 O-l 

■uffota 3 ( 2-S 

PM Pirtad— I.NOW Jtrwy.Ortvtrl (Mae- 
LioaSttv«iB}.7:11 (pg).XBuf(ato.PrM)oyi 
(l lu wor ch uk, Mteflor). 15:N (op). X Buffalo. 
Khmyltv 1 IMeffHnv, BeilNrl. 15:4X Ptnol- 
tm Cerpiiilir, N J (ctaewlne),3:44i ttawor- 
ehuk. But (lnttrtargtieg),4MI; SmMIk. But 
(heldtae). 7:SI; Munt Buf (cr w pMte d dng). 
l:N; DeneykA NJ (InttrtaraiKt). 11 :Mi Abe- 
lln, NJ (erau-dMCklna). I3iiz Petusa NX 
deublo miner (rouUiinA un s eortomannk* 
eonduet). t5:a; Roy, Buf (rougMng), IAN; 
Benwby. But (uaawtsmannkt conduct), 
usa: MHIon. NJ (dturglns). MsDA 

Second P miod A Now Jorsiy, Urniioux I 
(MocLoon. Cevpantor ). 1 :0, & BuftalA Khmv- 
Mv 3 (MOV), 3:1A A New Jortoy. MncLeon T 
(Slovens. Rldier). 1S:a (en). Pei Mil t l e i Co r 
ptMer.NJ Inwghine), ).*17; Hbiok. Bufrumd 
(boarNnal. 4M0; GuerOi. NJ (rauahing), rmi.' 
Smwillk. But (roughing). 7:M; Petuox NX ma- 
ter (fighting).! A* Ruy. Bub mokir (fiptitlnu), 
Ills: IMoDar. Buf (hoUiig). 1i:44; Smehfik, But 
(crno-cliocking), 17MZ 
. ThW Pgnod-^. Buftaloi, Proslev Z (Snwtt- 
Ilk), :3Z 1 Buftala. Roy 1 (Bcui5i«r). 11MS. 
Powoffles— R e y. BuL mator-mtaconUuct 
(IKriitlng). IDS; Borneby. But. meler-mlo- 
cenduct (floMIng). lira: Pthjsb NX moln^ 
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— N ow Jeraor 2 of 4; Buftota f of 4; fOantA 
How JiTNY. Broduor. A3 la shots4S 
suvN). BuftalA Heuk. 24 (8MB). 
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(Peake. Rukta). 4:51. z Plttabureh. Stroke 1 
(Jggr). M:1Z PHWtty-Stavonir Pit (rough- 
hig). 7:21 

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(Jurwau, HoMior). 13:47, P enelt tM fT ai cl x 
Pit ( N eN U ng). 2:N; Junoou. Was (otaOMno). 
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mwlsieib Pit (cro M dudanb). a:eOi 

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net,Mon.miner-in(scendud (roogfilng). 10:01 ; 
Murray. Boo {skNMng). 12:23: Hugtwz Bn 
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Mraneo). U:2I. 

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Rtandteu Vi (IS Nwii-10 Nvis). M en treeL 
Roy AI (4V3F). 

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CWCONO 5 T t-4 

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lek. Cntmv). :47. Z ChtMOA Amonta 3 (Qw- 
BOA Sutar), an tpg). Z OiheoA Murphy 1 
(WMnrldi). na. a Toronto, Eliott 1 (Ctarta 
Oilmeiir). M:l5 (pp).& Twwita, Bora 1 (ZoMl 
OebWML 17dB. P e n ot tt N Rouoa Ter ilntar- 
taroBco). 1 :4i; Bara, Ter (MitaetleMoB), l:ai 
RuuttUaChl (eno6Mwekbii).3M7.‘ ShentAChl 
(8la8Mni).7:)7; WBMrWbCM (hMuBHeking), 
17:1A* Sutar. CM (irtppinu). 17«. 

SfcMd py r log A Terenta. MIraney l 
(Qonnor. Eliott). 1N0 (w). 7. Chicago, 
Amenta 3 (Reanlek). 15:51 Ponomob-NonA 
TWri Pirtad-A ChtcMA Amenta 4 (Rpon- 
(cta MWnrtaR). 1:3); Z Terenta, Eltalt.2 (An- 
drayGhuk,Gllmeur},i:H (ppL lta ncIttai Mir- 
enov.Tor (etbowing),i:45: chonoAChl (twkfne 
Mdd. 4:43: Andreydi u k, Ter (hoMno oHclO. 
ftatf roifinrt 04 (MortatanNi. tltaS; M» 
rmwi TnrtmiM cfiirktiwl li irThfitiipnimt 
— Tertnto 1SA15-31 Chtaoko 1AA14-33. 

Puw t f May oggoiluoMN Tx enta 3 of i; 
CMcegotbf A'omOob— T onniAPulvirwAI (N 
NMo a aovN). CMcmA BoHeur. 14 OMf). 
Detroit 3 T 0-1 

SunJON 8 3 V-4 

PM Portad 1, OMroib (XecargNI z (Pa 
deroy,K0Ugy).7:17.Z Dolntt. Jehnsenl (PrV 
mggu. S hypperd),aai. P inoli m OdNilSJ 
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Seeand Porttd z Sen Jaw. P odoroon 1 
(Kroupo. Dudwwio), 3:41 (ihl. A Ooirgll. 
Drcpar 1. i:(IZ 1 Son Jbia LNlonev 2 (ON- 
nty. Etlk), li:S5 (pp). Po n otitaa Nar t otaSJ 
(lolortoronM). 3dl; Kratov, Dot UntorlOA 
8HGi). I0:v; McCarty, ON (iiooldng}. iiiu 

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ionev.Oioninh).8:3i Panoity Ptaboil, Dot 
(reuoMita). 12:11 

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114— B: puwordtav MPgerfgglHN Detroit 0 
bivSenJoNloiaigeittaa Dotrdt.ONeoAA 
1 (B atiota-ll ioyN). sen JeOA irbA 34 (3631). 

— — Bramort Z PC Cetogne 1 

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JSLSrSdi Z FC NUrgmbora 1 
£Sn DortmundZeWiiie Wga^ 

ala Dartmiind.31.' Bo**’' LnverlnNNVli) Be- 
a; wtarder Bremee. V(B 

SjyEBOrt, FC CotegnA end MSV DuINjew^ 

ev. at Dvneffio 

NurtmborA 26; SC FrbttwrA Wottao- 

acAald.21; V(B trlezlA 17. - 


cggiieri 1 AC Milan 0 
intameienaig Z AS Rome 2 
Gfnoo 2, AielenM 1 
LbiIdZ LeecbO 
HOPOII Z Ponna 0 
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Roggim 1. sempderta 1 
Toiine 1. Pggglo 4 

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4S: sampdartoM; long 42; Porm^; ^ 
pell oM 1011141, Mi Rome end Peggie, 33: 
intanw U et iB ta. OvmenNO gt id GoBOft V/ 
CogttarL N; ftaegtene end Ptorann. a: 
UdkwH. 2I| Alolonm, 18; LeccA ii. 

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Sportbis de Giion 1. Atbocoti o 
votanelo Z zorosoig 0 

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Rodno do SNitandgr Z AHotla d» MediM 8 
Ltaido Z Dfporttvede Lo Coraob 0 
CWtaA BanratanoA 
Reel Madrid a Rtel Saetaded a 
Tinorlta Z Reel Ovtado 2 
StaPdlneo; Pegorlbm- do Lo CenmA tt 
pofnta; BoreafenAN; Rue(Medrtd,43/ZarN» 

n.a; AWoltada BiibaeondStvlita.a; Velan- 
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end Rod OvtadA IS; Atoeedo end Tmortta. 34; 
met sotiodedi tt; legmnoA V; Cottaa) A»i- 

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Z Vitaly SdwrtoA BglNWA 16388 
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Z (ggiuria MansHnUM. GntoA 7AI7 . - 
Z Non Tnernei BrfWn, 9AI7 

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Z Eric PoulodA r ienc A 7.7M 
X(tlo) Li Denahua.lwlt2irtanZand VNoiy 
Merlnidi, crkrabM, Zdtt 


1, Yuri Chadd. Helv. TTV 
Z Pout O'NMIL imiied sibma 7-7a 
Z (Ho) Den BurincA Renenta. nnd Vetarl 
B t taM i L Owm en w 7.700 

Z Vttety schofbA BotaruA 7474 
Z U HleodiueM. OttaA MM 
Z Ym HongchuL Seutti KoroAfiN 


South Africa L Bmbebwt e 

SC i taorwiro an 1. Wlltam ll Tifburg 3 
wv vonto Z Rode JC Karkrada 8 
NAC Broda Z VNeoH Artawm 2 
RKC Wbetwllfc Z (tambuwr lyoauntardan 0 
PC Twonto Bnsclitda t, PC Utrodit 0 
PC V otandnm 1 sgerto R Mta nl em I 
Go Ahood Eoitao Z Alex AiMlanlam I 
PC Gramneort A Mostfrteh; 3 
stendhife; Alex Aimlordom, N pekrts} 
Fovoneord Retlordam, 45; PSV Eindhoven, 
48; Rodn JC KorkrodA 3ll VHooM Amhtm, 
31; NAC Breda and PC DMOnta enicfiidAin 
Wiliam 1) TUbUhA 3V MW Moo ehkJ i h H; 
Sporto Rotterdam NHf PC Velindom. Nl Ge 
Ahead CaolorDovanler.a; SC H ooro n voon, 
a: PC Utrecht and WV Venta. 34; PC Gr» 
nineon, St RKC Woolwllk, H; Combuur 
Locuwordin. 17. 

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Choiooa 1. LoodB ( 

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wed Hem 1. Ltwerwool 2 
Btackburn X Qu eo n V Park Rengors I 
Stiodinns Mondwstar Undid, tt points: 
Btaekburn, N; NoweeitlA 71; ArsenoL 70; 
LoedA iv Shoffleld Wednesdey. ii; Uver- 
pooLdO; Wfn*tadon,a: QNttrt Park tag- 
on. N; Aston villA 54; Noraddi end Ceyom 
try, 47; Wool Hem. 47: ChataoA 44; 
IMendweterCIty.ea; Tettontwi i iend ipowldi. 
42; evortan,41) SauthamMoAa; ShefflaW 
Uni tea N; oidhwn. ai Swkidoiv a. 


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Z Zodaii SupoIa Himoary, 9S37 
Z ivoa Ivoptav. Betona.'fdN 
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Z Rudem Charipov. UkratriA 7412 
,Z Aind Nomev. RuNta. 7STS 

1, Okw GeggoA RemenlA 7ii2 
Z Svetlana awrMnA Rueota, MH 
Z Lovkile A W oNvf c L RemanfA fjn 


Z SveMm CherMnA ftu w i o. 7S7S 
Z Dtng Koehetkovo. Russia 74H 
'Botaoco Bean 

L Shonnon NWMr. UnltMl SUMA«S» 
Z Uila PocOUDoyeVA UkratoA 9.717 
Z Dxeno F u br Mw wA RimlA.ZTta 
pioer Emrctat 

1. Dlnu KedwIfcovA RonIa 7ASD 
Z Levlnto MUoscnrtcL RommlA 7437 
Z Oino Gogoun, Romoftta. 9J43 


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Afidrel Atadmdpr (4), (MrcdM. defc Yov- 
genv tcetaMkov, Rwsofa 74 (14), 84; SargI 
Brugiiera (S). Speiii dal Stetan Edbenr (2). 
Sweden, 84. 74 (74). 


Medvedev del Bruguera 74. i-1, 64 . 
In B ui xo ki H H 

itaieeta StoglnA semittaNa 
Arantxa Sandira Vlearta (1). Spata def. 
SoblRt Heck (41, Oarnaiy, 64 XI ; (w Ma 
I dL Cruetta. def. A tagdotene Metatra (3X 
Buioarfa A7, 64. 64 


SendMi del. Molelk 64 64 


Porta Si. Germehi 1, Lora 2 
Nantes Z veienctonnH 1 


ITHACA' Nem od Mindy Quige wemetiV 
Bocenr end eHtataiit track coach. 




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Page 1 



Beating Pirates, 

Braves End Skid 

^ Asaoaaud Pros 

innS -M^ux ended Atlantal * »bo entered the 

}"f®* streak in a IS- a? in ihar Jasi five 

[SS^® “ Sunday. piiSa a tf®% ““cfwd 14 hits off ihiee 
mre^>tter and suiluik*ou^ Nw Yorit pitchers. 

1 [as iheBiSfcs^ Hickerson iimited the 

*^ i553?*51™‘“'3‘0.^aSui^ to five hits in seven inningi 

“ )5^n“g his eamed-nm **"*® .**“ ax-gawe loshtt streak. 

la«trh«.:r“**'*^ leofhis !2*to™8 «8ht hits as dorado 
•astn ratte^ defeated viatioig rthiraon 

liJ xj *^*'ha“der, who has won . bidding for the first com- 

Jc NaUonal League Cy Young P|®*^B*“eshutom in team history. 

iw straight yeaii walked Cubs tmifl Mark Grace 

n<»e in his seco nd comnL.!.. p^rr^ <rfT the nmih with a shmle and 
VI DemckMayfonowedwiihahome 

NL KOLiN DlIp ™“- Harris struck out ei^t and 

this i8f>aym and nn:t xi! ! — walkrf three in Colorado's first 

Aug. 15 It was hi? /}*“tow smce cc^leie game of the season, 
game and 15ih^hufouL^ complete had three hits, in- 

AUanta barfn^ k“j , a solo homer, for the Rodc- 

streak this lone dnr?n? j ®**“® Ytsaa% hit an inside-the- 

five sirsMohi^® <ircCTed park homer in the eighth inmng 

bMv aoamet to advan- his seventh h<xne run of the season. 
^ ^P^of 3. B.* 1 PindMumier 

nmner thrown c«i ai Laikms throw home on a grounder 

thefounk in Ihc ninth, and FtofMTwtm in 

Atlanta got a nio in the wwni ^nptin a t L 
when Cooke aalked FredM^Sr led off the 

and Dave CaDagher and ninth with a smglc gainst Hector 

singte to eSjuSw Otnro^ was Carr, 

basei McGriff scored wS^viS 2?® league wth 58 stolen 

hit into aSepS.""“ 

The Braves chased c5*e in the Taubensee s 

seventh. Lcinke led off took third a 

hnitiff of the vear hSlirt?« /SS mS sacrifice by Benito Santiaga Rick 
aodDdoo^S^ Renteria foDowed with a grounder 

SIiifto®Suj“fdMbfe^^ . ■'f™? Hctu^o iMfchai two 

SSSi2?“'' '™- 

a ^ree-run homer mto the second 

deck as the Reds beat Florida. ^ Onfiaals 5: In SL 

Sanders tripled in the fint, dou- Lo^^K«in ^ 
bled in the fourth and homefed in a home, and Steve Finley had 

the fifth, aU off Chris Hammond. *“ts and drove m ^ runs to 
Tom Browning (2-0) pitched a bad a sea- 

ihie^hitter for his second strai^t so^hign i8 hi^ 
complete pr-^^ ®®“« ^ "“*• 

CanHnak l Astros 4; Beinaid pldwdaearw-^wiihfiw 
GOk^ scoral on a wUd pitch by ^ 

Mike Hampton to cap a three-nm ^““5 md scM twice. 

dghih, and Sl Lods rallied past Rookie JaM Mooton Int a giarid 
visiting Houston. S^- 5? ^ “^ *“**»• ^ 


when Ray Lankford led off with a ?®pfl Me altow^ three runs 
double off Shane Reynolds. Gregg and three hits m s« mn^ 
Jefferies pulihig S4. Eapw R Do^gBS 6: In Los An- 

within a run, took third on Todd gdes, Lenny Webster Wi a iwo-nm 
Zdle's single off Tom and hoinerm the 11 thinning off Roger 
scored on Cakey’s fieldo’s choice McDowdl to Bfi Montreal to their 
ETOiMdoul. fifth straight wctoiy, 

Brian Jordan’s double sent Gil- _ . *1^^ was ™*^by acoDi- 
key to third, and Gilkey scored on ®on in sawt r^ht Gw bcMm 
the wdd pitch by Hampton, the ouffi^ RadMonto 


Ridi Rodriguez pitdied two in- SWdds in the sevatL D^tddds 
lings for the wctoiy. lay mohonfcss cm the fi^ for sev- 

h games played Satardav: ““Otes bdore bemg earned 

Pliifesd. B^I:7te Braves ^ <» a stretebe- wearing a n^ 
ost their fourth straight game bi^ He sustained a ooown 
when Pitisburgh’s K«£ Young andjw a hospital over- 

dngled home the tie-breaking run *“8“ w ow^tion. 

bde ninth in Atlanta. x ? f* ^USi^ 

The Braves began the season had three RBI*, aa^ with one 
with a 13-1 recori McDowdL Pinch hitter 

Yting. batting .095 (2-for-21) en- Ken |BU, a h^treal pilchff, then 
wiiJg^ game, bad two hits. His to,®®«®^ 

Sin tlS^tb followed singles Webster, who played for WBnn^ 
Sri^uKdhdtlerDaveOaikandDoa ta last seas^ ^ a 3-1 pi^ 
^gbt off Gi^ MchfidiaeL over the m Icft-center fw his 
^ub 10, Mefs I; Matt W3- fiisl two National League RBIs. 
iatfic Royce Clayton and hfike Padres 8, Phillies 2; Tony 
Beniamin eacfa hit two-nffl homers Gwynn went 54or-5 with a home 
iS the Giants broke out of a hitting run and tied a dub record by soor- 
jumn and beat New York in San ing four nms. hfliog San Diego 
?ranosco visiting Philadelphia. 

last 'fiofliis 

Award two straighT^ear^ wS 

WI. roundup 

AUanta badn'i had a ln«ino 

dtey dropped 
^t*?^8*** last April 25-29.^^ 
» J?® failed to take ^van- 
^ against Steve Cooke, hitting 
?f!rt ^ double plays in the 
first tbTK lonings and having a 

Atlmta got a run in the second 

^Davc Gallagher and allowed a 
angle to David Justice, loading the 
basei McGriff sooed when Javier 
Logte On into a dcnibie play. 

The Braves chased Cooke in the 
seventh. Lcmke led off with his first 
homer of the year, Maddux doubled 
andDeioa Sanders had a b unt sin- 
gle. Rdiever Dan Miceli then struck 
Jeff BlauM and got Teny ftn- 
dleton to hit into a doable play. 

Reds S, Marfins 2: In Cincinnati, 
Regme Sanders bounced two hits 
off the centerfield fence, ihm drove 
a diree-run homer into the second 
deck as the Reds beat Florida. 

Sanders tripled in the first, dou- 
bled in the fourth and homered in 
the fifth, all off Chris Hammond. 

Tran Browning (2-0) pitched a 
ihre^hitter for lus second strai^t 
coo^ilete game. 

CanHnak S, Astros 4: Bernard 
G ^9 scored on a wild pil^ by 
Mike Hampton to cap a three-run 
eighth, and Sl Louis rallied past 
visiting Houston. 

Sl Louis trailed 4-2 in the eighth 
when Ray Lankford led off with a 
double off Siane Reyntri^ Gre^ 
Jefferies singled, puli^ St Louis 
within a run. tocMt third on Todd 
Zefle's single off Tom Edens and 
scrand on Gilk^'s fielder’s dunce 

Brian Jordan’s double sent Gil- 
key to third, and Gilkey scored on 
the wild pitd] by Hanqiton, the 
fourth piraier of the looing. 

Ridi Rodriguez pitdied two is- 
niogs for the victory. 

7n games played ootimiav.' 

Pirates ti. Briires 1: The Braves 
lost tbdr fourth strai^t game 
when Pittsburgh's Kevm Young 
singled home the ti^breaking run 
in the ninth in AtlaouL 

The Braves began the season 
with a 13-1 record. 

Young, tatting .095 (2-for-21) en- 
tering the game, bad two bits. His 
dngi.. in the ninth followed siogles 

by pincfa-hitler Dave Oaik and Don 

Slaueht off Gr^ McKfidiad. 

10, MeCs 1; Matt Wil- 
liams, Royce Clayton and bfike 
B fnjamin each hit two-nm hoin^ 
as (he Giants brdte out of a hitting 
slump and beat New York in San 

Bengals Make Wilkinson Top Pick 
In NFL Draft, Colts Take Faulk 2d 

The Aaeciaitd prat 

NEW YORK ~ It took the Cin- 
cinnati Ben^ 30 seconds to take 
Dan WUkauon, the Ohio Slate de- 
fensive tackle known as ’’Big Dad- 
dy," 00 Suttd^ as underdasimeD 
a^ain dominated the National 
J^tbaS League draft 
Now let’s see how long it takes 
die traditionally t^i-fisied Ben- 
gals to sign to the ^ ! nick in the 

The fr4oot-3 (1.9-meterX 315- 
poond (141-kiIaeram) Willdnsoo. 
who plajM 0 ^ two years of col- 
let rootbaD, is hailed as the next 
R^gie White or Cortez Kennedy 
—a domiaairt inside bttU wbo can 
stop the nm and rush the passer. 

Two more un^^eydaMman fol- 
lowed — Marshall Faulk of San 
Diego State taken by fodianapolis 
and qnartfltadc Heath Shula of 
Tennessee, who went to Washing- 
ton as tta heir apparent to the le- 
leued Rypien. 

New England then took Use first 
senior, defensive end Willie 
McGinest; the Ct^ts dealt with the 
Rams and used their second first- 
round pick on Nebraska Imebadter 
Trev Alberts and ihm Tampa Bay 
chose Fresno State quarrerbau 
Trent Oitfer, another juoior. After 
San Francisco chose Notre Dame 
defensive tackle Bryant Young, Se- 
attle went for an^er defensve 
linwnaw g»m AdafflS Of TCMS 
A&M, maitmg five of the top eight 
cbmees undenlassmen. 

The Rams, who origioally were 
scheduled to pick fifth, were active 
traders in t^ draft 
Brst th^ traded down from 
fifth to seventh, allowing the Colts 
to take Alberts. Then th^ dealt 
down from seventh, San 

Fraociseo the pidc and the ri^ts to 
.. . choose Younft a defensive tackle 

Seattle’s Roger Saikdd practiced keqwigtittbaBoDOufiiigeis,if from Notre Dame the 49ers will use 
not in tile puk, after Rafad htmiered to Baltimore. 

to shore ihdr oveirized but un- 
deracfaievuig defenave frooL 
San Francisco, meanwhile, got 
that mck without up 
their Na Is — just the first of the 
two, Na 15 overall The Nineis 
also rave up a sectmd and third. 

Wukinscai was chosen by the 
Bengals dmite a request 1^ his 
agent, Leigh Steiab^ to trade 
bun to a team willing lo pay the 
more than S2 mink»i a yem be 
wants. Sternberg, who has rqpre- 
sented five of £e last ax playm 
taken Na 1, normally has pidt 
siraed before the dr^L 
But WQkinson, grew up in 
l^ayioo, about an hour’s wve 
north of Cindnnad, said “Pm con- 
fident we can reach agreemenL** 
And the Ben^s apparently nev^ 
Cf heataled. 

General Manager Mike Brown 
said 21 other teams contacted him 
about trading up for VfilkinsoD but 
added, *T never came dose to trad- 


Brown made li^t cd the salary 
squabble, pretending to place a 
dralar MB in the hand of a me-size, 
Uack-and-white cutout of Wilkin- 
son bron^t into the media room 
after Ih^ pideed him. 

"Signmg is always a bit of a 
dKHC;’' Brown said. ”1 have faith 
we win ^ it done. We about al- 
ways gpt it daut” 

The Rams, who normally don’t 
deal during tta draft, and tta49en, 
who almost always do, what the 

Patriots were escpected to do — use 
the fourth to deal to a r«am 
that wanted Differ. 

But nobody^caBed coach-general 
manager BDlPaicdls with the right 
deal and be settled for McGinest, 
whom be mi^t ham gotten lower. 
McGinest is a 2SS-pound pass 
rasher he hopes be can turn mto 
another Lawrence Ti^lor. 

New England to^ most of hs 

aDoited IS minutes before sdecti^ 
McGinest He was iu^ressive in 
postseason workouts and his stodc 
dwt up as the draft approached. 

Earlier, San Francisco traded 
B3I jRomanowsld to the 
Philade^bia Pjgigs for third- and 
9xtb-round ;»dts. 

The Eagles iqi the second of 
three picks tb^ owned in the third 
rouDO, the lOOlh overall and the 
second of three picks they owned in 
the axth round, the 190tii overalL 

In Romanowskl they got a six- 
year veteran who was Sao Francis- 
co’s top tadder the past two seasons. 

He IS expected to replace line- 
backo' Seth Joyner, who dgned as a 
free agent last week with the Arizo- 
na f*wmin«1s. 

■ EaHier, Frank Litsky of The 
New York Times reported: 

Year after year, NFL teams 
spaid hundreds of thousands rrf 
dollars scmiling college players, 
locking for the next Lawrence Tay- 
lor or Emmitt Smith or Dan Ma^ 

And yi^ after yrar, when the 
draft arrives, some teams will 
scxDdiow pass on a Ta^or or Smith 
or Marino and take a young hero 
who w3I struggle just to last a few 
years in the pros. 

annual lefuitnshing exer- 
a hig^y inexact sdence, is 
with us again. The draft Sun- 
day with two rounds and wiB con- 
clude Monday srith five rounds. 

Each team’s bran trust — general 
manager, head coadi, dire^ of 
coD^ scouting and maybe owner 
— would make its picks from a war 
room in its offices a home. It would 
lelepbcoe tbe names to draft bead- 
quartere in New Ycik Q^, where 
draft expens in the media and the 
public geBay would instant^ turn 
thmtihc np DT thumbs down. 

This year, tbe draft is especially 

difficult for tbe teams. Each team's 
sala^ cap of $34,60^000 limits its 
alnlity to sign veteran free agents to 
fiB needs. Srune of those ne^ are 
undear, because many free agents 
are still unsigned, so teams enter 
the draft not sure they can solve all 
th^ personnel problems there. 
And even if they do well for them- 
self the crop of eligible draftees 
looks ordinaiy this year. 

'There is more uncertainty, 
more urgency than ever before,” 
said Joel Buf baum, who studies 
the draft year round for Pro Foot- 
ball We^y. Tou can't take a guy 
and not have him contribute right 
away. The days when you drafted 
for the future are over. The future is 
DOW, because free ^ency can rob 
^ of ita future. So teams have to 
Bve 1^ tenttinally 31 patients.” 

Some of those teams already 
seem terminally 01 because of bad 
seastms last year. But because 
teams draft in inverse order of the 
previous year's finish, some 1993 
losers may start gening better if 
th^ take one of the four players 
who rank weD rtiiove the others in 
this draft 

Those four are defoisive tackle 
Wnioiison, running back Faulk 
and quarterbacks Shuler and 
Differ. But even the day of the 
draft wfaidi player would go to 
n4u‘ch ream was uncertain. 

There mi^t be other trades. One 
report Satiuday said a dtree-way 
di^ had been completed m which 
the Minnesota Vikings would send 
defensive end Chris EXotemao to 
tbe Pittsburg Steders for the 
Stedeis’ fiist-round dunce, tbe 
17tb overaB. Tbe Sleelers would 
then send Doleman to the Atlanta 
Falccots for wide reedver Mike 
Pritchard. The Sleelers would wind 
up with three first-round picks in a 
row: 17, 18 and 19. 

Abbott 3-Hits the A’s as Yankees Win 5th Straight 

The AssodaieJ Prea 

Jun Abbott held Oakland lutless 
fortiMi innings, and Don Mattingly 
bii ins second bomer in two days as 
New York Yankees beat the 
Athletics, ^2, on Sunday in New 
Yack for their fifth s&^t victoiy. 

Abbott (2-2), vdio pitdied a no- 
iutier last Sept 4 at home ^junsi 
Qevdmid, stopped tbe A’s until 
Geronimo Berroa Uqoped an op- 
poate-field angle to li^t 

Abbott aBowed cue luo on three 
hits in dgbt innings. He struck out 
ax and walked ff and sent Oak- 
land to its axih coosBcntive loss. 
Jeff Reardon pitdied the ninth and 
gave up a imicb-hit home ran to 
MBre Aldrf 

Mattingly, bomerlcss in the Yan- 
kees' tint 15 umes, ocnnected for 
a three-run soot off Bob Wddi 
a four-rao third inning. Luis 
Polya’s sacrifice fiy produced the 
first ran, and Welch waBwd Wade 
bdore Mattingly homered. 

New- York added two runs in the 
seventh when ht Kdly anded and 

scored on Poloma’s wind-blown 
u^e. Fdoma scored when John 
Briscoe’s first pitch to Boggs was a 

After Boroe angled with one 
out in tbe sewnth, Abbott walked 
Maik McGwire mi four pitdtes. 
Ruben Siem fdknved with an RBI 
an^ but Terry Sieinbacfa ground- 
ed into an inning-ending double 


Ifoinera 7, Oriols 6; Ken Grif- 
fey Jr. Int a long thiee-run bomer in 
ite ei^ih mwing, capping a four- 
run raBy that lifted Seattle pan 

Tnuling, 6-3, Seattle loaded the 


bases in the dghlh against Jamie 
Moyer. Brad Pennington came in 
and threw a wild pitta, allowing a 
nut to score. 

Griffey lut Fenningtou's next 
jnlch wdl over the 25-foot wall in 
ritat lus fifth hong of tbe season. 

Red SoK S, Angels 4a Scott Coo- 
per hh a pair of sdo homen and 
made an acrobatic defensive play 
at third base as the Red Sox won 
didr sxth strai^i over ^dng 

It was (be ninth straighl loss at 
Feznny Park for (he A^ls, who 
are 1-7 hi ono-iuo games this season. 

Cooper homered to right in the 
fourth and bit bis fifth Of the season 
into tile screes atop the left-fidd 
fence in tbe sixth. iEle also starred hi 
tbe fidd. With a nnmer on Gist and 
iKXie out in tbe fifth. Cooper dived 
to his ri^i to stop Ton Salmon’s 
shot doira the fme and made the 
throw in time to first ' 

Aaron Sde (^) aBowed four 
runs OQ five Uis and five waBcs for 

Brewen 7, Rpyab 0: Rkky Bones 
pitdied tbe fiist tautout of his ca- 
reer, scattering six hits and ieadistg 
^waukee over visiting Kansas 

Bones {3-1 J. makmg Iris 74(b stait 
in the ma fora ended the game by 
gening Dave Heodenco lo ground 
into a double pL^ with the bases 

Bones struck out three and 
walked one in his Moond complete 
game of tbe season and fifth of Iris 
career. He did not aDow a runner 
past seextod base imlB the nbih. 

I%ais 7, Bhie 3: AJex Cole 
led (0 tbe game with the first borne 
nm d his career, seodiag risiting 
Minnesota over Toronto and sto|^ 

ping ibe Mug Jays' six-gaine trin- 

Orie, who had never connected in 
1 ,3 1 7 Bi-bais. hxl Juan Guzman’s 2- 1 
pitta 390 feet over the fence in ri^- 
ceoter. Kevin Tapani (1-1) kept tbe 
Tvrins ahead the rest of (be wqr, 
ending their three-game losing 
siieaL He g^ tip three tuns in 
sevBu^his inmngs. 

Joe Caiter inciHMd bis team RBI 
record for AptH to 28, driving in a 
nm mtb a groundout in the thud. 

In gama played Satwxby: 

Bae Jnjfs 8, Tw&os 6; Cuter bo- 
mered and broke his own teamre- 
coid for RBIs in April, Icadiim Tb- 
rooto pan vishmg hfinnesoto for its 
slxlb stn^l victi^. 

Mike Tmlbi ptebed out of a 
bascs-loaded, noout jam in tbe 
dghfii v> preserve a 7-6 lend. 

Carta- had a sacrifice Qy in tbe 
fiisi inniiig and a two-nm boour in 
a four-ran axth. Carta, who drove 
ID 25 runs Ian April le^ tbe ma- 
jors with 27 RBIs and is tied with 
teammate Carlos Ddgado with 

Yaikees 8, Addetfes 6; Paul 
O’NeiB hit bis secoud carea grand 
stam and drove in five runs as tbe 

Yankees taased Oakland’s Todd 
Van Peupd in the first imiing in 

Don Mattm^y also bomeied as 
the Yanlcees won ihcir fourth in a 
row. Ruben Sena. Gaarinio Ba- 
roa md Scott Breaus hnnaed in 
Oakland's fifth consecutive loss. 

Van Poppd waBced ax and left 
afta gettiu only two ouls in the 
Bin. Teny MuBionaiid was the wia- 
na and Xsvia Hanandez pitdied 
tbe ninth for Iris thud save. 

Red Sw 5, Ai^eb 3: In Boston. 
Tim Natality hit a pair of run- 
scoring singles and Mike Greatwdl 
bad a two-nm boma as tbe Red Sox 
stomed Califoraia for their fifth 
siia^t victory. 

Orioles 4, MaiBcn 3: Leo Go- 
mez angled home die go-ahead ran 
in the ei^fb a^ Lee Smhb got bis 
ninib save fasta than any ph^ m 
mqor4eagiie Iristoty as BaltuDme 

Holes opoied the Balti- 
more eigbtb with a single oB Bobt^ 
TV^teo and took seoemd ot a sacri- 
fice: Afta a waBr to Mark McLe- 
more. Gosez bled aai^ 

Smith pitched a perfect ninth to 
get his second save in two days. He 

has nine saves in 16 gpmes. breaking 
the record of 20 games set by Dennis 
Eckerd^ in 1988. 

Biicviefs 3, Royab 2i Bill Spim 
singled honre tbe go-abead run in 
the eighth mning to lift the Brewers 
past Kansas Gty in Milwaukee. 

Matt Mieske Singled with one out 
in the eighth off Sian Belinda .md 
Danyl Hanriltcni singed with two 
outs a g^insi Mike Magnanie Skiers 
foBowed with a singfe to rj^t field 
White SoK 9, TIgefs 3; Lance 
Johnson’s bases-IoaiM triple lu^ 
lifted a six-run first iimiDg as Qii- 
cago defeated visiting Detroit 
Tbe White Sox, who have woo rix 
of their last seven, scored aD their 
runs in tbe fust with two outs. Rta- 
m Vomira went 4-for-S for Ctucago, 
winch bad a season-higb 16 hits. 

toa Texas, Eddie Murray led dT the 
oinib vrith a homa off Tom Henke 
as Qevdand rallied to vrin. 

The Indians trailed 9-6 but scored 
three nms in the dgbtb to lie it fim 
Ibome Ui a two-nm boc^, his 
thiid, and anotba nm scoed when 
Henke threw a pitta. 

Jose Mesa gave up two runs in 
three imrings tat gd tbe vicioiy. 


Scherbo Adds 2 Golds, Hope 

BRISBANE, Australia (AP) - Vitali Seberta of Bdarus 
_ u ClinHmi in (he vault BUd the Donzoft- 

Rangers Sweep Past Islanders, 
And Stars Eliminate the Blues 

with three golds and a broora if n« the oj^uua 

“Maybe this wiD help me for sponsorship and 

ing,’’ smd Scherbo, who currently recaves a grant of S70 a 

^th from the Belarus govcrnmfflt 
“aSmon MBla of the Umied 
I crowit got her ^ 

* (See ScordMudfor other medabsts) 

Cooeres Wins Catalonia Open 

“a 2-uS.^TO for a Hm«Jay 
foui^bot leadtoto Sunday’s final 
“ North Caioli- 

in second place. 

Frendi Horse Wins in Tolgo 

mW was was second, m 

.C oDcm.laa mffl i te BjM ^ 



Jota. M=e 


die Italian by a whed olava seeking to make 

Mac Su^ 18. tta ^“gg^a^^nenl in bis right 
lire mqor tegue& 1^ 

shoidda and won’t pitta agMUiiK^^ 

five wee jt^ die jl had fonnaBy 

^ Tlie Umvoa^ « gajt Conference as 

^accepted an invitetioBtojoui the JMg MS 


Mark Mesaa scored two goals, in- 
cluding the tie-breaka in the second 
poiod. as the New York JUitgers 
beat the New York Islanders, 5-2, 
Sunday to sweep their National 
Hotkey Lei^ friayoff series in 
Umon^cv I'w YorlL 
The Rangas fdl btaiod 2-0 as the 
Idanders came out strong trying to 
avoid their first four-game s«eqi in 
playoff hisuxy. 

But the Rmtgera thoj semed five 
straight goals to move into the second 
roond ra tbe Emtera Conference 
plwikfs starting next Sund^. 

It was the Rim^’ first forv-game 
sweep in the playoffs since 1972, 
against Chiraga but it didn't look 
IBcdy eariy in tbe game, xririch the 
Islanders doorittated. 

They lock a 2-0 lead on their first 
two sltols, by Steve Thomas and Dan 
Plante. The Ranga goaltend a Mike 
Ridita previously had gjven up just 
one goal on 72 Islanda shots. 

But the Rangers came back with 

n Alexei Kovalev, Sogd Zu- 
issia, Slewa Laima and 
Me^a again. 

Thomas scored on a riap shot from 
the light drde at 1:28 with the Is- 
landers on a powa play. JRiehta ap- 
peaied soeoted on tbe shot Plante 
made it 2-0 with bis first NHL goal 
He took a cross-ke pass from Pierre 
Torgeon and tipped thepota into the 
on c/ft Rkbta’s stick at 7:24. 

The Rangers then tota control 
Kovalev scored fiom the dot in the 
^(tadeat 11:59 of the fiist period. 
The puta siodded ova tbe gtw line 
onto the of Tghwtq* g^ienda 
Rod HextaK who was down. Zi^ 
niiid<> it 2-2 with a Kapsboi from above 
the ri^t drde at 3:^ the second. 
Messia put the Rangers ahead 

when he stole tito puta ftom Islanders 
^enseman Vladbur Malakhov jnst 
inside the blue line, went in and beat 

HextaB between 1^ pads from tbe 

lower left dide at )0;21 

Larma made it 4-2 with a rebound 
goal at 8:34 and Mesaa cUnefaed it 
with a brc^wjQr goal at 17:08. 

Stars 2, Blues 1: In St Loiris, Mike 
Modano scored both Daltes goals, 
i pffhn^ing the game-winoa on a pow- 
a play with 3:49 to {day. as tbe Stan 
conmleted a four-gsjae sweep. 

Modano took a pass from Russ 
CourtnaB and sccutd lu fifto goal of 
tbe playoffs from tbe right cirde. Tbe 


goal came with Steve Di^tesne in tbe 
pesaity box for bockmg asd li^t 
afta the Blues’ peaalQr-kiUa, Rick 
Zombo, had broken his stick. 

li was the tl^ time in four games 
that DaUas put away tbe Blua late. 
The Stars scored twice in the final 
3:49 to win Game 1, 5-3, and got a 
rare overtime powa-plw ^») from 
Paul CavalBni to take Game 3. 5-4, 
Friday ni^t 

Stan in all Tour games. Blues goalie 
Cuita Joseph didn’t allow a first- 
period goal in 61 shots for the senes, 
nrhe Blues woe outshot 12-6 in tbe 
first poiod but got the only goal Phil 
Housley’s second of tbe pta^s, <» a 
powa play at 7:22. Housfcy took a 
cross-ice pass from Brendan Siana- 

ban a^ scored on a shot from tbe top 

of tbe t^t dide that Wakaluk got 

his glove on but couldn’t hold. 

iSflas tied it at 15:47 of tiie second 

period on Modano’s fourth goal of tbe 
Syofe RresecoDds^atr^po^ 

penally expired on St Louis s Kevin 
fSr. Modano fired a shot w Jo- 
seph’s litat taoulda after a flurry of 
sctiviQF aroimd tta Bhies’ net 
In other pones: 

5, Bnitas 2: Patrick Roy, 
Montreal’s Wfrgame goahe, got out 
of a boroital tad Saturday xnommg 

and 1 2 hours later stopped 39 shots as 
ibe CinadieM beat viatu^ Boston to 
square the soies at 2-2. 

Roy was bosiriialized for two days 
because tK appendicitis and there 
woe fears he would require suigoy. 
which w^d h^ fuushed farm for 
this series. But ita condition respond- 
ed to antibiotics. 

He skated onto tbe Montreal Fo- 
pim )ce to a siandnig ovation and 
stopped tta first 12 shots be faced. He 
was at his best in powo^lay sinia- 
tions, stopping Boston cmd oo six 
oppon unities. 

Kick MuBa scored twice and Flsoi 
I^etro got anotha on powa plays 
for Mootreal as the Canadiens scored 
on three of their first five taots 
against tta Boston go^ Vincem 
Riendean. Guy Caibraneau’s goal in 
ibe fink nrinute of tbe secondpeciod 
gave Montreal a4-2edge afta Boston 
tad cut ita margia tooaeragoafs by 
Adam Oates and Ted Douato. Ed 
Rouan adM anotha for Montreal in 
the third period. 

Oqatab 4, PenguBS Ir WashuagtoD 
goehe Don Beaupre stopped aB but 
one of tbe 22 sbcM he fac^ and Joe 
Juneau and Dimitri Kbiisticb eata 
tad a goal and an assist to help stop 
visiting Pittsburgh. Peia Boodia 
scored the go-ahead goal in tbe sec- 
ond period. 

Mario took only two 

shots in tta first 40 mid tbe 

Penguins iiiaiiaged just seven shots in 
the final peri^ nttsborgh's lone 
goal came on a 55-foot slap taot by 
Martin Strata m tbe first petiqd. 

With the score 1-1. wadrisgton 
iota (be lead for good at 13:47 of the 
second period on Bondra’s second 
goal of uie playoffs. ^iTuIe dto Poi- 
gning were in the midst oi a fine 
rJmnge, Boodra took tbe puck into 
the Pittsburg zone and sent a back- 
pass to Juneau, who gave it bacL 
Bondra brought tbe puta to tbe frou 
tbe net spun around, and slid a 
shot past goiie Tom Bairassa 

Sabres S, DerOs 3: In Baffakt, 
Wayne Presley and Yuri Khmytev 

each scored twice as the series finaBy 

See Oitmli/ilaiicn 

Goalie Eli fidfoir toniled (be Maple Leafs* Bfike Artner and stopped a shot in Odcago’s 5-4 victoiy. 

showed offense. The teams bad man- 
agta osdy a combined ei^t go^ in 
tta first three games, whh neifha 

fff tn managing mOTO ih™ tWO ID any 

John MacLean had a goal and two 
assists for (be Devils and bad a 
dtance to tie it when it was 4-3 early 
in die tlurd with goalie Dominik Ha- 
sdi sprawled out and a leboimd 
bountng in the crease. But MacLean 
put it ova the net 

BhcUiaiiks 5k Miple Le^ 4: In 
Oiicagn, Ttay Amoote scored fonr 
floals i^inst TVmota tyinga Bladi- 

bawks ^yoff record set Denis Sa- 
vaid (gainst the Miqtle m 1986. 

Amonte scored tvrice in the first 
2:07, doubling Chitagu’s ouqnit fnxn 
the first two games cenobined, and 
had one eata hi the second and thud 

Skadts 4, Red W^Bgs 3: Sergei Ma- 
karov broke a 3-3 tie with a goal in tbe 
third period to Detzmt in San 
Jose. Danm 2-ff in the first period, the 
Sharks got their offense for the 

fust thne smce Game 1, scenng three 
unanswered goals. Igm Larionov had 

a goal and an assist and goalie Arturs 
libe Slopped 21 of 24 shots. 

Makarov broke the tie with bis 
third goal 6:35 into ibe final period 
on a 2H3fr-2 taeakaway. 

On Friday, the Red Wings had tak- 
en a 2-1 leu m the seiia as rotate 
Chris Osgood stopped 22 shots to 
help San Jose, 3-2. Osgood, who 
stopped 22 shots is a 4-0 victoiy in 
Game 2 and Uanked the Sbaita the 
<aiN previous time he faced them, 
didn’t give up a goal until late in the 
second period by Rob Gaudreait 
Tlutt ended Osgood’s streak of oxve 
than 1S7 seoeless minutes a gainst tta 

names 4, Camefcs 2: Theoren 
Fletny scored two goals, iodudiqg tbe 
tie4>rea]ca in tbe third period, as vis- 
iting Calg^ beat Vancouva to t^ 
a 2 p 1 lead in tbe series on Priilay. 



:i I 











































A Food Critic Plays the ‘Honesty’ Card 

Christopher Petkanas 

P ARIS — GiUes Podlowski does not 
protest ^fbea people call hm the new 
Oimon^, who was bora Maurice Ed- 
nusd Samand in Angos in 1871 ‘‘Cui'* 
had a turnip nose and dewlaps ame c<^- 
005 and rating than thoM of a frw- 
nuige tuil^ fnnn the norths Vendte, 
thou{(h it is of course not >h^ qu^ties 
Pudlowsld, who is h3Mut«wwp enou^ but 
unmistakably w^fed, seeks to emulate. 




An oceastonal series 
drout people for whan 
style is a way cfl^ 


the navigates that netberland be- 
twccD the almost and nearly, and that 

Bess fish senvd here is inm^table) 

to justify the prices oi a great resiauranL" 
He goes on to recount, deadpan, how a 
wai^ trickled wine onto the butter, Aen 
dropped a fork on the knees of a dino 
wl^ dealing the table. The tuna that was 
supposed to be gaznlAed triih ratatouIDe 
came with sempiternal baby v^etables 
t qflwiri. In toms of piesentanon, a honey 
paifait was wralhy of a canteen. In ck»- 
|, Pndlowski advised the owner, 
Semandou, to ^ some ' 

La Cagoudle's rating: a knife and f< 
to ample deem (fiw kni 

In 1927 a public rtferendum in France 
declaTed Qunonsky the Fimce of Gastro- 
nomes. The title with the old man in 
1936. Would Pudlowski be against a-ieriv- 
al diununed iq> is his honor? It does not 
seem fikdy. 

Uke so many food critics, PudlowsI^ 43 
and a parUcular chan^pion of the 
of bis native Lorraine, wears twin badges 
(tf abstdute auth^^ Cn^t’s good/ that’s 
noO and grumpy msatisfactioD (‘‘Noth- 
ing has come from America m the 
realm (tf cooking has ever traveled any* 
wberc else”). 

He has wrinea books on eati^ in Al- 
sace and wedeendiog around Paris, but the 
title that has made him matter is “Le 
Guide Pudlowski de Paris Gourmand” 
(J.-C LattteX now in its fourth year. 

In it he pl^ the ”hooesty” card, some- 
times roiig^, penniim the kind of add 
reviews that inspire jawsuhs, rncluding 
one frmn R^e during her days at Le- 
dqyen. (Onveniently, PudlowskTs broth- 
er is a lawyer.) But this can hardly be 
considered a bad thing. So much French 
restaurant* criticism is slavish, velvet- 
gloved, mushy, empty, a yawn-maidng rec- 
natioo of diaia and tbw ingredients. So 
much of it reeks of oo-tfae-house cognac 

Notmtbstaoding PudlowskTs protec- 
tionist and h Knlcei M slaimmng of Ameri- 
ca, whkh only subtracts from h^ autbor- 
iQr, mak^ him seem small and silly, the 
English-reading, Paris-eariDg public 
would be well seVed by a ftunwtioa 
his book. Hop^y, it would not include 
the irritaiing advertisements that give the 
present edition a sli^itly dtdnous. oom- 
promised feel and that make it almost as 
much ^ a ma garine as a book, even if 
tliere is a tradition this sort of puUka- 
tion in France. 

Of the resiaiinnt La C^oinBe, whidb 
Other critics have foumd a neariy cosmic, 
statc-of-tbe-an fish eiq^ence, Pudlowski 
writes that the service is “moddng,” that 

^ ^_.._juvesandasmaiiy 

forks equal grand hoce\ and a plate shat- 
tered in three ineoes indicatmg a dis^ 

pomtmg (three vdrole plates desig- 
i Paris). Other 

nateoneofthebesttal^ui.. .. 

sysdjols indude a kettle (good quality^ 
price nqqxrrt) and the Arc de Trioomhe (a 
pl^ df historic interest). A bit muddled, 
the rating system itsi^ needs deamng op. 

If more parallels were needed to deci 
Pudlowski Qtt of the *90s, they are 
easily found. Both men are seen as self- 

styled hteraiy intdlectuals. *%In Petit 
Vieux Ka Ptopre” (“A Oean Old 
M y n**) is signed by the lascivious humm^ 

Wniy but attributed to CumonslQr- Ten 
years ago at asfi 34, Pndlowski thought it 
not the least bn early to write his autobiog- 
raphy, which posed the central question: 
Is it possible to be more French than the 
Ffotra if oneisa first-^eaerarioo Frencb- 
man? One of the first things he tells you 
about bimsrif is that be is a firsi-genera- 
tioQ French Jew born to Poliah parents. 

After *Tioncsty,” the other card Pod- 
krwski plays in his guide is indeed tte 
hteraiy one. Having started out as a book 
critic, an activity be sffl pursues, he says 
the combinatioQ of his fanged frankness 
and tte spunliy wi^-driven quality of his 
reviews is nnbntable. What m is t^fing to 
bei^ it goes without saying is Micfadin, 
which piibfisfaes 600,000 copies of its 
annual gi^ and wlu^ PudlmsU le* 
a>ecls for its rigor but pootpoohs as 
*Wtei” His other bugbear is C^t Mil- 
lau, winch prims 200,000 o^nes of its 
sur^, and udndi he, who once contribut- 
ed to it, dismisses as “la:t — Gault Millau 
is atwaw one hour bdmid ff s tronomic 
time.” Fourteen thousand copies cS Pud- 
lowski’sgnidehave been brought out siuce 


Gilto Pudlowski, food critic, has penned Ae kmd of reviews tint inquie lawsuits. 

reader decides PAmbroirie is worth three 
stars, wfaidi is vdtat die tire pmle give it,, 
then it’s I who am wrong. But if be decides 
it's ody wor^ two plates, whidi is what I 
say it is, well, it means you probably 
sliouldtt’t throw oat your ‘Guide Pud- 

Dry, restless and distracted in conversa- 
rion. lie agrees diaC his career as a food 

all sunmers down to this: Will the 
day ever come when three of his plates 
mean as modi to the jtubilK; as as 
dvds, as three I^dhelm stars? 

“Yes, the real issue is right there. If the 

While most restaurant critics would 
Ugrae (hat anonymity and paying ooc's 
own way are at least derirabte, not Pud- 
lowskL “Those are false problems, Ameri- 
can problems. What do you wan t me to do, 
wear a mask? The chef doesn't have talent 
because he recognizes you. I reserve under 
my own name, and wfaether I pay or not 
doesn’t affect my opinion. I am tbie end- 
ian of the pleasures of others, my role is to 
remain neutral, and I have no trouble 
doing this. Apichis lost a plate this year, 
and they*re ay friends. We even went to 
Mairak^ togetherP* 

Neither will Pudlowski concede that 
hrmd&on kitdien experience is useful to a 

food scribe. ‘'Thinldcg that yon have to 
cook in order to write about coedmg is 
another very American point of view. My 
job is to ^te. A guy IQte Cra% Cbfixnne, 
he makes me lai^ When an American 
talks of food, in any case; there’s some- 
th^ unnamral abont it For the Frendi, 
cuisme is something natoral, cultoraL It’s 
in our edocation, our families. Don’t get 
me wn:^ 7 love Americans. My view of 
the Utdtra States is not McDcmal(fs and 
Walt IKsn^.” 

Ciimcmsl^s faio^niAer, Simoa Arbd- 
lot, wrote that tracing the gastna o me’s 
life ‘’throi^ the cariy part of the coitoiy 
means rrining all the gay ostenratios 
the ‘boulevaid,’ and br^thing again the 
perfumed air of what is called labelle 
epoqne.’ ” Pudlowski has already had a 
good wiiifi. 

of the New York dKOrating pirn PariA- 


WaysandMeam: Coming Up Pronto 

By ^^Uiam Safire 

W ashington — “Wevc 

come a ways in journalism, 
too," 1 wrote in this ^>aoe lecendy. 

was that vre've^ S^ag additiooal pockets in 
pitt^tol^iwtwfanhadl Albany, Sew York, 

meant to ay we had , ^ andSyiSse,NcwYoik,asw^as 

Washington, D. C., to eastern 
Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, to 
j CT.fVactem Kew Yodt inriuding 
New York Oty,” says the man 
from Tawifias, pointii^ to a map 

far, 1 would have wrinea a laig 
vrith the Moy ringular, as in dte 
Vir^nia Slims denan “You’ve 
comealOQgw^j b^.** 

Why, did it seem mme natu- 

ral to write the unnxNSfied wny as 
wga? Majte because weW cane a 
way would be ca tfuse d with weVe 
cone OHuy, widi its difieRDt mean- 
mgtrf^we'W left o u r moorings.’’ Or 
p1^ly^v»Iw ^^TW«v^ tOpll^alittl^"™l- 
*®5Vhy not ‘we’ve come a twry’?” 

wrote the ea^ eiisDaxed Joe \^se- 

iy, d Deafidd, Massachusetts. *T 
hm a fiiead aften says a/y- 
wtys, and it jdts me slightly as_ I 

M she should be saying anyiray 


On the other hand, the cw tS 
Gitfcftft Loms Herman, oiNew 
Yesk, writes; ‘Youi use (ri u 
will, dt course, incor the wrath ci a 

idimd yon for not knoiring 
d^erence b et w e en singular and 

A bevy of cow^s, accofdiog to 
dteoouzi&yffligercDmiylou Harris; 
screes with the cdloq^ usage: *1 
Imow the finirii fine’s in sight,” go 
the words to a 19^ Lainie Maim 
song on ha Imest album. ‘'But I still 
have a to the coDec- 

live nenn, is a 300-year-dd word of 
mystetioiis Middle FngBsh oii^ 

because h is often used to gtoim 

hirds, and is **«^»***^ with ' 
fitecative bey oi beauties the word 
hasgrir^asedstconnoiatiOD dot 
I heremtix igecL) 

Most usage bodes assume that d 
way is the more common usage, but 
fix^nistk: geogr^beis say it seems 
that a bade to 1588 in 

bn in Eastern Shore and in ^ 
BortbCT" Sbeoandbah VaUay, vrith 
a mere scattering in the South. But 
the u vag g of ways;, as in “a little 
ways,”Th^ all throughout the 
yjiiricnc area, im and down the 
Fagf^ SeSboaia and out toward 
the MidwesL ‘Tor the Lamsas snr- 
vey, wys is deariy the dondnant 
for^ no matter what the hiutd- 
books may prefer.” 

This patim of dStocaice si^ 
gests two lltings about wy/wtys: 
”IPqy was a featnre in use early in 
Aroerican as SBggffited by 
its presence in the easteraJPennsyk 
vania. New York Dntdi. and Esk* 
era Shore rntal rdic areas,” sam 
the linguistic atlas-maker, “and the 
Southeni distributUm originating 
fim (he old plantarian center d 
Qadestan.” Today, the tom i»y 
is a featnre of the lar^ dries of the 
Atlantic Cotridm', inOneiiced by 
Philaddirtria and New York. 

Hunk about drat; Hie distribu- 
tirm of dialea is riot stix^ region- 
al, but on occaskm is ntban vs. 
rural within a r^km. (Yon knew 
than dty folks ^e^finu^wbo'- 
ever they come from.) 

Atywqys (a Soatfaem and Sonth 
hfidland didect foira of aymy^ 
rimilar to ibn jocular as a 
variant of a/murw), the fingiusUc 
alias-makers have come a ways is 

StodrilUt T BPiftnal Pnalish thoudl 

they have a long way to ga (I 
wtmder if the modifier makes al] 
the difference?) Keqi at it, Lamsas; 


source of reetitu^ the course of 
those (A the straig}n and narrow. 
Our curious expression about, 
speedy Bcticn rmt awy exists in 
BiSdn as straff ewqy. 

But whafs the basis for 
awty, vAidt was corned 1818 as 
sHde light mvqy.^ (No iradential 
shn intended.) it*s an idioni, wfaidi 
means that its are not 

pre^dabte firm those of Its parts, 
can break It down wtm the 
dan of American S^peech quan^, 
now denng lesrercfa in Whea- 
tret, Qinas: 

, *■ 

this sense, m^ be meue prevalent, 

and rmor teach os about 1 
American Endish. 

‘The difierence between way 
and wiys has an inieresting aieal 
distiibntioii,” says WBliun A. 
Kreizsdunar Jr„ <x the Umveirity 
o£ Georgia. He carries on the work 
of the great word geognidter Ifims 
Knrath, and serves as editor in 
chief of the Linguistic Atlas of the 
MitMle and Sooth Adnitic States, 
known by its acitaim Lamsas. 

” B^ny occois in alt^ band fimn 
Richmond, Virginia, through 

“My wife asked roe to do some- 
thing or other yekerday,” writes 
R r"yahn Jr., of The New Ynker, 
“and vriien I rqified *Right awiqr* 
she was flabbergasted. That got os 
botii to ihtnWng about the phrase 
and hs ori^ ^y should righr 
and liave anything to do witi^^ 
‘immediately’ or ‘pronto’?” 

Hxst to Cassidy, chief edi- 
to (tf the T^tnioiiaiy m Amedcan 
Rqgioaal Eo^ish:' He notes (hat 
right means “str^t” and is cog- 
nate with, the Latin recre^ meanb^ 
“stteldied out Idee a cord" and the 

has a kog histoiy as an 
rihht c^err can be 
fomd in a documem dated 1200, 
whidi was soon followed by other 
intaaifien of time; rmht in (to 
dawning of a d^) and ripu now.. 
Tto tmi^toial use of this adveib to 
emphasis was tnnsfened to s- 
pimsions of plaro: r(gte dbiw^ rigte 
ri^ wimyaL 

What about mwiy, in its cuttois 
sense of immediacy An ea^ Eng- 
lish tmnslatioi rtrf the Bible has a 
line with that sense:. *Ye can not 
beareit nn^” which the Oxford 
Fn^ish Dictionary interprets as 
*Y<nthwitii, toecto, without hea- 
tatioa ee dd^ roiefbr c(£loquial 
in incentive sentences, - as Fire 
awqyl « proceed at mioe to fire.” 

Charles DidteDS noticed tins as 
,an Americaaisoi on a visit here: “ 
TOiriff, tf yon please,’ said 1 to to 
waito *R^ away? said the wait- 
er. I saw now that Ti^ away* and 
‘Directly’ were one and the same 

Let Professor Algeo sum up to 
devdopmeat of to phrase: 
amy immediately' devekped ia 
American combming a 

common, anoeat, and freqneirtxae 
of r^t as an inteosifia with a 
timitra, dd, and infireqirat use of 
nwqy to mean Hrmnediatdy’ (as 
also in Fire awtyO. lU^ awty is 
nnwrin use Himnghnnt to Pngfidi- - 

speal^ wreid, thou^ mainiy in 
Ires fookl language.” . 

That does it; sorry 1 couldn’t grt 
around to dns sooner. 

iVcir Kvit' TSner Serriee 



j^yean on Plage 14 







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total I 



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7 M 4 pc 



4/99 Ml 

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11/52 pe 21/73 

1060 Ml 

14 A 7 


7/44 e 

11 /S B 



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lOtal ■ 



7 M Ml 

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7 /a Ml 



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5 M 3 e 



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11 /S pe 



Total « 


1960 pe 



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17 /ei 

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9/19 e 


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nta 3 e 

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13 /S e 



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8 M 8 pe 


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1/34 e 


17 M 2 

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9 M 8 pe 

SLPMwWwg 13 A 

0 /S B 

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3/27 Ml 


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4 taS e 

11 ta 2 

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7 M 4 pe 

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11/92 pc 


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19 ta 8 

7/44 pe 



19 ta 4 

ia «3 PC 

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i 6 /ei pe 3am 

10 «i e 

Forecast to Tuesday through TTiursday, as pFQvidad by Aocu-Weather. 
.TV- .U 



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pe 37/90 

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pe 3403 

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som pe 
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1 UKesome 
eagles or tires 
. chronicler 

10 Price 

14 'Now me 
' down . . .” 
10 Patron saint of 



It 'Miss — 

01 Journalists 
Joseph and 



08 Actor Peter 

I Fleet cats 

North America 

Wachingtoa IXC., wB have 
wiiin weather for the Meson 
Tuesday threuWi Thursday, 
and then wO be eerne sun- 
shine each day. Thunder- 
stanns wff be on the prowl in 
Deltas, and there could be 
severe weather. The weak 
wO be qulia (My In Calgary 


wind end showers will 
Sweep through nwtfiweatem 
Eurm Tuesday and Wed- 
nesday. Seme rain wID fan 
on south to middta Prance, 
Seltzorland and seuthom 

Gormany. France through 

Germeny win bo sunnier 
Thursday. Italy win have 
passing shewsra; swi will 
werm $ain and PottugsL 


Flsln will wst mkhfls China 
sutfi ss Shto^ Tuesday 
Into Wednesday. These 
tains wO alA sstk to Jta»n 
and southern Keree mid- 
week. North Chine such se 
Beijing will heve sun and 
drying winds. Shenzsn. 
Hong Kcmg and Taiwan wH 
be jiBSiBy Tuesdsy; show- 
ers may tcNow. 

19 M 11/92 S 20 OS 14/97 pe 
22/73 14/57 • 2 S/ 7 B 1 S /56 pO 
19 /ee loiso a zana ie«i pe 
31/70 im pe am it/s pe 
9im 20/79 di 3202 8600 pe 
2 Sm 1203 pe 24 ns 1407 Ol 
aom rue a leoe looo pe 

Sohition to Pnde of Afnil 22 

North America 





Middle East 

Latin America 

Ibdop tbawnei 

Ik Low W M|h Lew 

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2003 14/57 pe 22173 14/57 pe 


21/70 e/46 pe 
21/70 11/32 pe 
3408 1209 a 
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1504 5MS a 
1504 9/« a 
39/91 9/48 a 
9Sn0221/70 a 

BeaiM/Una 2909 1804 o, 2902 ISOt pe 

CWKM 90/99 24/75 pe 91/59 24/75 pe 

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PtodeJwwke 3609 2009 pe 27/90 21/70 pe 

SwPmb 3^ a 99/73 9M e 

tagewkewe ii w. p&owOrOouW.&crouOr.WiW M i wi .HfwnPwiMiint'iah. Wa nBiTaariMi _ 
r,Hcs.WWBMiw. M WMS. t cra cs ii a id doe pHWldad by /LeemMaew r , Inc, o 1994 

San Ran 

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pe 11/52 
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pe 1702 
pe 20 /B 8 
m 12/59 
m 29/73 
pe 2902 
1 9109 
• 1909 
pe 29/94 
t M/57 
pe 17/98 
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pe 21/70 

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pe 17/02 
Ml 1609 
M> 1702 

■ S7/90 

1/34 pe 
17/92 pe 
1009 pe 
7M4 ah 
1/34 Ml 
9/48 pe 
21/79 pe 
21/70 pe 
12/58 pe 
23/79 pe 
002 1 
3/S7 pc 
22/71 pe 
12/68 pe 
1305 pe 
9/48 pc 
9/43 pe 
409 pe 
1407 pe 

□Ddma □□□ 

□QQSS □□□[! □;□□□ 

□□ED SEDQ H}\nn3 
□□□□ QDED0 □□[!□□ 
EiaUB □QS □□□□□ 

01 Comic Costeflo 
02 -— incognita 
34 Psalms word 
20 ’Bon' words 

37 Appear 

40 Bit of clowning 

43 Soup 

44 Cattle can 
47 Shortly 

40 End of a tunnel, 
00 Came in 

•S Fellow crew 

■0 'Fantastici' 

os 1949 hit* ki 

Love With Amy* 
Cl Sky-hued flovw 

04 Broadcasts 
00 Asserts 




B Tennis’s Agassi 
T Collectors' cars 

e Robert Morse 
stage role 

10 Shut up 

13 Leave hastily 

'Quardkng ' 

10 LAce Pisa's 



43 Cuts 
oe Pulses 
4ta Owns 197 to 
Oe Protected, as 
the feet 

S3 Curse 

S4 Taj Mahal stia 
ee also serve 
who ..." 



■outlie: Suffix . . 

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ss Broadway tune 

' River 

soTen odds 

37 Not with it 




2e Northern 

3S Vietnam’s 
3S One-way 

Thivd in a woiid without borders, time zones 

or language barriers. 

Imagine a world where you can call country to country as easily as you can from home. And 
reach the US. direedy from over 125 countries. Converse with someone who doesn’t q>eak your . 
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customer serrice representative. 

To receive your Tree waHet card of ASa^AoxssNumbere, just dal Che access number of 
tfKOCTuritfyyourefriarid ask Tor Customer Service 





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