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On lO"OV17, t* Officer 1. P© P#13979 operating as rnarKpd pafrol unit 3Ma reeponded to ah 
active shooter call located at the ppute 91 cohpert diwtly across from the Mandalay Bay as initial reports 
stated the shooter wa$ inside the concert venue. Upon aitlval at Reno and Gitesj just nodh east Of the venue, ( 
exited my patrOl vehicle. Ond entered the venue in order to assist responding Officers .With searching for.the 
stiopter. While maKing rny way to the west side of the venuOi it was later found opt and broadcasted via radio 
that the shooter was in fact in the Mahdalay Bay tower overlooking the concert venue. The next pridhty was to 
get as many patrpns pf the venuO out toward the north east to get to iiyiS arid safe^, l^yeptf and othpr Officers 
conducted sweeps of the venue in order to det as rriany people but as possible wijh veterans, off duty f trsi 

responders and security staff helping as v(bll' 

After the concert vpnue cleared, we were tasked by a IT on sdehe at Reno and Giles to conduct 
site security for on Reno as they got as many Casualties out as possible: Alter bMs were Completely 
vacated we then were tasked with shutting down the intersection of Rend and Giles to keep civtiians and press 
Opt of the area to preseive: the area for crime scene personnel add detectives to arrive until we were relieved at 
0000 the next morning. 

Date and Time Report: 1Q-Q6-17 & 165£ ■ Offio^n , , L. De Souxa , ^ , ■ p#; 13979 

Approved By: ..^.. ' Officer: ' ■ PJt: _ ;. 

SiplMATUBEl , _. 

■ vvordhuo 

Paga 1 



evqnt#: 171001-3519 

Route S1 Hgrvqst Active Shootpr,, , 

^.SUBJECT ^ ^ ^ 


REPORTING:_^_ Potroi __ OCCURRENCE; ' '' . : Ccac,. ■' .' ,, 

DATE TIME tocATiONOF ?90l $ ios VoQ^s ^lyd.tas Vsgas, Nv 

'OCCURRED; . 10/01/17 GgOB Hours " ..OCCURRENCE: | ^ 


On 10/01 /17 at GpRroximately 2210 hours I, Officer E, Saari, P#13992 was ^Iressing but at CCAC and 
preparing for my overtime assignment at the Flbnet HbHywopd; when muitipie officers ran towards their pars 
and warned me of an active shooter at Mandatay Bay; i turned my radio on and could haar the details of 
officers down and continuous shots of fire, l attempted to get a patrol bar. put none was avaiiaPle, So 1 left in 
hiy personal vehicle. I sent out a quick group text to advise my sguad of the sltuationn As) Was heading 
towards the venue, I cabled my overtime partner Officer A. Prazier, F#9t 52 who stated he was already at 
Planet Hollywood; 1 swung by Planet Hollywood, picked up Praier and We headed toward the vOnue^ As we 
were en route, It was advised to byoid Laa Vegas Bfvd, due suspect shpotinb down the Blvd. Our plan was tq 
arrive frbrh the back off Of; Reno. At approxirhately hourS/w® ^hVed at;Tropicana/K^^^ Sgt Heldt 
requested officers to her location to set up a Medical Triage center at trOpibana/Tas Vegas Bivd, so we 
diverted there due to being in the area. 

Officers rnade contact with Sgt Heldt, Who directed us to cghtaot CCFC members to form a Forpe Protection 
Tearb; Officer Fraxief and j joined a team of 4 CGFD members arid were directed to make entry into the 
Tropicana Hotel due to multiple victims with gunshot wounds. Our tearn made threb separata entries into the 
Tropicana Hotel to help multiple victims. Several victims approached our tebm who could walk and were 
directed to tbe Triage center, whilegthera were fobded on a gurney and were cardedgut. Our team still made 
entry into the casino when there wap two separate threats of active shooter bglis inside the New York New 
York Casirio and Tropicana Hotel. 

anti Time of Report: 10/Q6/17 2230 hours OJlicen E. Saah P^tf; 13992 

Approved 9y: ' ^ ' Oftloer; , A, Ffa:zier , , ' P#; 9l5ig| 

SiOrtAWwe; :, 

Page l 

UMPl) ) ’ WOPD ?010 



‘’Click to Edit Event# on All Pqgesi" ,, ... Event#: tl.V17100100$61S 
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_ 1 October Shooting , _ , _ ,, 

subject „ 


REPORTING:_ Traffic 

blViSlONoP . ^ ^ ^ . 

OCCURRENCE; , Conv^ptlpn Cantar Area Commanti 

pate a TIME ^ ibCATJONOF 

OCCURREO; 10/01/2017 @ 2208 Hour$ OCCURRENCE: 

3950 Vegas Blvd 


On 10/01/2017 at apprcXimaMy 2215 hCuic, I was getting ready for ,my normal patrol shift at my msidertcO: i 
recoived a text message from, a, member of sguad reference a f^oasibie act,ive shooter in, pohventioh Center 
Area Command* i retrieved my r^dio frorh the,'charger and.,began to listen to the radidtrartc* I logged onto the 
Convention Center Area Command channel at 2224 hours, gathered my work items, and began to travel to the 

While in route to the scene, I heard there wea going to be a command post set up at the intersection of 
Vegas .Blyd end Tropicana; I, beOan to head:,towards,the,ihter$ec^^^ later learned the CP being set up at 
another location/1 arrived at thb tnterseption.of, tropicana and Las Vegas .^Ivd;at 2237 hours;. Upon my arrival, 

! was directed to secure the intersection. 1 was told fhe intersection was going to, be .used by medical personal 
as a .triage area^ | was,also advised there was a shooter, With a riffe, ori.orle Of the floors Of the .Mandalay Bay* 
We Were advised ,lt was not known if we iri the direct line,Of fire* CCFD , personal positioned their vehicles, in a 
maiior, to bOst provide co,yer from possible gunfire towards the triage erea* I wds. tn contact W>ih 9f^cer 
Hamrh.erbeck via phorle and directed him ,to the intersection to assist 

I, was arrived on s.cene for approximately 30 minutes prior to switching to sfeAC:Tadio channel to,assign myself 
to''th,e actual event. ■ 

i was, able to secure traffic cones, from a stopped, con^ruction vehicle ih the area. We were able to redirect alt 
Southbound vehicle traffic on las Vegas Blvd to .WestbpurtdTropioana and to northbound las Vegas Blvd: Afl 
westbound traffic on Tropicana was redirected to northbound Las Vegas Blvd. Officer Hammerbeck arrived a 
short time, later* 

As the triage area was being set up, we began, to direct alt northbound traffic op Las yegas Blvd, from the 
scene, to,eastbQund Tropicana. Vehicles began to approach our position flashing their iights ,and honking their 
horns. Citizens were selHransporting victirps with gunshot injuries to the triage area* We were able to carry 
victims .^nd assist victims from the vehicles and get them to the triage area for transport to the hospital; There 
was a specifip,vehicle which returned to. the triage area rhultiple times with different victims. Several arriving 
vehicles were simply trying to leave the area and we were able to direct them around the triage areS* Our .main 

WMPD 92 : WORD !P10 




Event#! ltVl7l001003519 

focus was to get the victims to the medical personal We were also attempting tp keep the only travel lane 
open, so northbound traffic, from the scene, could safely exit the area without endangering the Safety of the , 
medical personal or victims; 

We assisted fire and medical personal with lifting victims over the metal fence separating the .Tropicana Hotel 
property with the roadway. There were several gunshot, victirns carried to the location by citizens. We were direct the walking wounded to safety and triage the actual gunshot Victims- We vvere able tp direct 
concerned citizens away from the threat towards a Safer area- We also advised concerned citizens, asststy to check the inside of the Tropicdna Hotel for viotihis. Citizens were, advising up there 
were gunshot victims inside the hotel- Victims, arrived, at the triage area on office, chairs, bell hop carts and 
even in a wheelbarrow: Ail but one df the. victims were transported from the scene, to area hospitals, VVe .alSo 
addressed foot traffic on Trbplcana and tas Vegas Blvd, to Include media persohal, directing them to positions 
of safety while attempting to keep the triage area seciire: 

This continued for the first hour at the scene, With vehicle traffic diminishing.thrpughout that time/1 had 
received text messages from Sgt, Anderson, Who was on off duty, att^h^pting to, confirm the , pufrent locations of 
members of TRir We were, directed to rally at the traffic building if yve had not arrived at a specific location ■ 

As arriving victims ceased, vwe rallied v^ith th^ other members of TR11 at the traffic building, Officer Hartner, 
who.was the.acting^gt foftRH this eveping,,Was'requp^teditp'tesddhd td the,.I rodd wlth.QffiCer . 
Hartner, to,the CP to obtain bur next orderi, . 

Offlpens frorp TR11 were directed fo close westbound traffic from Paradise Rd; advised to block traffic 

on, Paradise from Tropibana to .Sahara; Officers from TR,11 .were operating as two man linifs and self-: open intersections. We Closed down traffic for approximately 30 minutes beford ,being advised to 
open, roads north of iropicana. Officer continued to. close Tropicaha at Kovat. , , , , 

Officer Hartner, Officer Hammerbeck, Officer Ware and t , were directed to respond to Sunrise Hospital for the 
escort of Officer Hart^eld to the Clark County borOner^s Office. We were joined by .fhedn duty. rnernber Of 
TRil .before departing thO hospital. We were able to.complete the escort of Officer Hartfleld with the members 
ofthelVMPD Honor Guard, 

Officers from TR11 departed the Coroner's Office and secured at their residences. 



Active Shoogr 

Event#: 171001-3519 




OCCURRED; , ■ ' _ ,10-6-17/2300, . , , OCCURRENCE; 3B60,.S.,Ue Vegss Blvd. LV/MV 89109 . 


On 10-l-i7 at approx.. 2200 hrs., I, Officer C. Gibson P# 14009, along with Officer Fangan P# 16097, while 
operating as rparked patrol unit 3IVI3, respohded to an active shootef at the Route 91 Harvest Restiv^. While 
en route to the festival, units broadcast that the shooting was coming from the Mandalay 6ay Hotel. We then 
responded to the hotel on Las Vegas Ptvdi Upon our arrival vye parked bur patrol vehicle in front of the Luxor 
after which } linked up with 3gt, Riddle and approx. 9 other ofticers and we approached the Mandalay Bay 
through the parking lot of the Luxor arid entered the north side of the Mandalay Bay Casino through the House 
of Blues, Once inside the Mandalay Bay OasinOi 1 took 4 Officers and separated from Sgt Riddle at which time 
we cleared the east Side of the casino along with the shops near the front of the hotel; We then cleared the 
Lobby area and the main etevatom at which time we linked up yvith Sgt; Bauman and yyere taske 
Securing the elevators. We then began receiving evacuees and escorted them to the Michael Uacksoin Theater. 
After escorting evacuees, we we^'O sent to secure the Mandalay B^y valet Where We were for the rest of the 

O^te anigi Tims of Report: 



C. Qibson , . 

P#: 14009 

Approved Bv: 

P..Hetdt . 


■ ' P#:- 






Event#: I7tdai»3519 


Synopsis: \ 

Detective Hefner P#14027 operating in a plain clothes capacity response to the active shooter event from 
Mandalay Bay Hotel on the night of Octoberio*^ 2017 at approximately 2210 hours. 

t respohded to thO area ot Trbpicana Boulevard and las Vegas Boulevard, wearing a tactical vest 'rtiith the 
word "Police'^ oh the front and back a$ well as a IVMPD fabric badge on the front-1, also deployed my rifle in 
r^s^pse to the threat of a shooter horn an elevated position of advantage with high powered : 

set up an over watch position on the pedestrian bridge betWeeri Exoalibur and Tr^ With On NHP 

officer. There we positioned ourselves in a manner to Observe the foot arid vehicular traffic coming north bound 
from the area of MandaiaV- Bay, We provided minor; medical treatment to people injured ih various forme and 
provided directiorl tp the medical triage bdihg established by €CFp and other medicat personnel in the 
intersection of Tropicana and^t.v BLVD/ will providing protection for the medical units working on Injured , „ 

AS calls continued to come Jn about shooters possible being in other casinos we continued tp prbvide an over 
watchlrom New York New York, Tropicaria Hptel Excatibiir and Caesarsv those threats were alt dlscOyerecJ tO 
be false in nature. At approximately 0230 hours on the 2^ of October, 1 was requested by my supervisor to 
rally up with the remainder of my Squad on the driveway south of the Luxor between Excailbur and luxor. 

Once there we continued to provide direction to civilians and assess thread pr reported thread as they came 
through dispatch- At s^proximately 0400 hours Detective Price P#7207, Sgt t- Stovall P#7415 arid I were 
dispatched to assist Henderson FD with the confrontation of a suspicious person stuck in an exterior 
decorative structure of the sputh tower of Excaiibun pet. Price and 1 rpde in a Fp ladder truck With a 
Henderson Firefighter which hoisted us up to the subject stuck in the fapade of the building, tho subject was 
determined to be an employee of Excalibur who fell from the roof dowri this facade and began screaming for 
help once he reach the lowest ipyel of the structure, (See attached phptos), Aher working with Henderson Fp 
vife continued to provide site security as a strike team between Luxor and Excatibur, until relieved in the 

Date and Time of Boport; 

10 ^ 10 ^ 17^200 


A. HSfner 




Evehtff; 171001^3519 



Event#: LLV1710019d3ai9 

Active Shooter 






. ' ■ . . CCAC:, ■ 


10-01-17 2200 hpurs 



, Route 91 Hgrvest.Festival 

Active shooter r^^ponse by CGI 9 

QC19 i$ comprised of one Sergeant and three Detectives {working hours are 1900 hours to 06G0 
Wednesday through Sunday,) 

Sergeant Jon David P# 7694 
Detective C, Vaughan P# 14032 
Petective 8, SchnUelle P# 144SG 
detective p. Rosequist P# 12^68 

At approximately 2330 hours Sergeant David adViSed all Detectives; to respond to CCAO, per 
Uputenam Burst, Sergeant David, Detective Rpsequist and li detective Vapghan responded to 
CCAP from our residences. Detective Schhuellp was working overtirne at UMC, monitoring an 
inmate, Detective Schnuell© requested relief from a Correctional Sergeant 

Sergeant David; Detective Rosequist and t responded to c;CAO at approximately 0Qp6 hours, 
wearing pfain clothes. Sergeant David, Detective Rosequist and I responded to SCAG comniand 
post al approximately oO^p hours. Detective Sctinuelle was advised to Wait until there was a 
deployment location, 

CQlP Was deployed to the Thomas and Mack to assist with obtaining voluntary statements from 
witnesses. Detective Schnyelle joined CGI 9 at the Thomas and Mack. Detectives assisted with 
handing out and collecting voluntary statements, and sending those with credible information to 
homicide for further interviews: Detectives also with helping provide information to citizens 

displaced due to the shooting. Detectives were advised to go back to the $CAC CP, for 

Dflite Time of Report; .. 

10/11/171946 hours 

___ Officer: 

C. Vaughan , 

P#: 1403S 

Approved By; 




LVMPD fifi (flovJ/aO * WOHO fiQTQ 



Event #: ltY17l00lOO3«l19 

CC19 Detectives and Sergeant were redeployed to east of the Route 91 venue. Detectives were 
directed to obtain any voluntary statements from witnesses in the area and to check video at the 
church. As detectives entered the church's suiveiiiance room, patrol officers were already attenipted 
to download the video surveillance onto a flash drive, 1 did observed video from the church; the video 
did not show the shooter, only victims running through the parking lot 

While obtaining statements at the Route 91 vCnUe, Detectives rriade contact with a victim where he 
was with his wife at the event His wife was shot at killed On scene and was Waiting to speak with 
Homicide Detectives, Sergeant David and Detective Roseguist drove the suspect to the Thomas and 
Mack to be interviewed by Homicide Detectives, They then responded back to the Route 91 venue, 
Detecti\/es -were provided the contact information of: 

Detectives responded in the Loft of the MOM Hotel/ petectives 

obtained a voluntary statemenRrom WjlPpand inside his room Who w^m also at the 

Route 9T event 

Detective^ did not conduct any taped interview or handle any evidence, other than voiuritary 
statements. This Officer's Reported was written for the entire spuad of CC19 due to the fact they 
worked together in obtaining administrative evidence, The squad spbke with or obtained 
appro?cirnateiy 30 voluntary statements and recovered approximately andther 26 names of additional 
witnesses that left before voluntary statements could be obtained. All statements and other victim's 
narries wefe released to Homicide the next day, 

US VEGAS metropoutan fouce pepartmemt 


Event^^: 171001-351$ 

Officer's Report for Active ^hooter 

■'susjycT .■.'. 







. LpCAmONOF , 

10/1/17:2200 hours OCCUpRENpEi 

Route 91 

On 10/1/171 worked the route 9,1 Harvest Festival I was partnered with Officer M. Tran P#16921 and we were 
assigned '‘Interior patrol west of the grass area/' Our shift was: scheduled from 1 TOO^dOOO, We;!were 
standing next to the guard rail that separated the general access area to the yIP tents that was located on the 
west side oUhe venue. 

When the first shots occurred, Tran and \ sorted walking south to investigate and 1 was looking; in the air 
because it sounded (ike fireworks^ t remember a few lAPO officers that were hanging out vvith us said “get it 
boys" as we wajked away, yyhile stiti walking towanis the stage? e second volley wept off and j realised that 
something wasn't right: There warn a few people Sending around soniedne laying doy/n pn t^ 
left. We turried and looked and saw a female laying on her back with a guOshot wound to her right eye. A man 
was holding her head (c^spihej and looked at me and asked for help. The female'd guhshot ^ound was 
pieeding severely. Jhe blopd; was running Snd guShing out of Her eye and spilling into her nose and rnouth- At 
this point Tran cali^ out a 41SA on event 5 ohannei, 1 told the mate to turn Her onto her side so she can 
breathe and he said no bepapse she was having a seizure. The feipale Was violently shakingl The third volley 
rang out arid I heard impacts hittirig in frpnt of rhe (unknown how far away they Struck, but it seemed Within 10 
feet). At this point everyone started screaming and i told everyone to move; The volleys were definitely coming 
from. lhe gate 1 area and sounded jike they were :right outside the main fence., Tran and! ran-back tovirards , the 
VIP tent. There were people laying down and running tor coven trari told some people to get down and knelt 
with thdmat the base of the tent , 

1 continued to hear volleys which sounded like; they were corning from the Bivd Just outside the fence, 1 drew 
my weapon and ran up the stairs in the VIP tent because! knew there was another set of stairs on the south 
side. 1 was telling people to get down as 1 rap. After I went down the south set of stairs, 1 realized that there 
was not an exit so I ran along the perimeter fence northbound to reach gate 2,1 exited through the gate and 
got behind a 4^5 foot brick wail that runs parallel with Las Vegas Blvd. Then myself arid anbther officer ran 
south along the wall. At this time, it still sounded like the shooter was close and f was trying to get to the threat 
When we reached the end of the vyall, we were at Mandalay bay/Blvd. there were about 5 officers arid 10 
civilians behind, the wall. As more shots rang out approximately 7 more officers jumped dyer; the wall Coming 
west to east to get behind cover. We how reatl;^ed the shots were coming from an elevated position, and wO 
ware in a horrible spot, I told everyone around to remove their traflic vests. The shooting continued for what 

OatB and rnme of Report: _ ' -' Ofltcer:_ W. Stutzman 14902 

Approved Sy; • ' Oflloef: ; p#; 


0 WOI^P ^ in 




Evsnrfft 171001-3519 

seemed like 30 minutes. We started tefllnp ^i! the civilians to move northbound and back Into the grounds. 
There was a guy that could not stand or walk due to an unknown injury and i myself and Officer Pyan 
Courtney( 1 think it was him) picked him up and ran him northbound and then into the grounds were we 
dropped him off to other people that were helping. 

When the shooting finally stopped, there were 3 sergeants and about 15 officers. VVe split into groups of three 
and ran across the Blvd going from cover to cover. On the other side of the Blvd y/e jumped oyer a fence and 
ran through a parking lot on the west side of the Blvd. two groups went in through the Vdiet and the strike team 
1 was with entered through the House of Blues. At this time, We still thought there were mUftiple shooters and 
began to clear the casino floor df the Mandalay bay. When yve got to the Michael Jackson Theater* we realised 
that there were 1300 people Inside; pue to the amount of people and officers We had* We locked ourselves in 
the Theater and sat on the exits until we were cleared to go back for debrief- 

On 10/08/2017, ^ approximately 22^0 houm, I, Officer A. Buric P#t 4904 was on <1uty working at northeast 
when I was dispatched lb the Active Shpoter at the Mandalay Bay Hotel l wasi directed to the CP at SOiith 
Central Area Command where 1 was placed into a Force Proteolioh Team with Clark County Fire;: I yyas 
equipped with my ballistic helmet, rifle plates, as well as a shotgun. We were dispatched to several medlcai 
calls most ol which were found to be unfounded or handled by another unit prior to our arrivaL We Were 
dispatched to the piablos Cantina bar for a minor rpedical call which was handled by fire, 1 also assisted with 
clearing parts of the Delano Hotel Which we foiirfd to be safe and assisted in escorting citizens out of the hotel 

Derte and Time, of Report: 10/08/2017 18Q0 Officer; , , .A- , Buhc , , P#; 14904 

Approved By; , ' Officer; , p#; 


r.vMf’P aa (Rov,a/ai) * woho soio 





_ ' _ Active Shpotar , , 

' 'SUfiJEOT; ■''■,■ 


REPORTING: . ^VB OCCURt=lENCE: ^ ^ , ' ' CQAC '■ ' 


OCCURRED; , 10/01/2017 220,8 hoUfS . OCOURReNCE; , . OQAQ^Mandalay B^y 


On 1 p/01 /2b 17t at 2^08 hours, i Officer R, Camacho P# i 4905 and 1. Bell R# 13591 1 ware on a yehicte 
stop in the area pf Desert Inn/Paradis© in South Central Area Command {SCAC>. W© heard over the radio that 
there vyas an active shooter in Convention Center Area Command {GCAC)i We switched our radio over to 
CCAC, and heard the dispatchers advising Officer^ that the active phooter was located f^ssihiy at the 
tyiandalay Bay, We drove our patrol vehicle and parked at RenO/Oites las vegas, Nevada, As we arrived we 
heard gunshots corning from the Mandalay Bay^ There was a large crowd of injured citizens vyalHing towards 
us and were asking for help. Although we wanted to provide medical aid, we had to stop the threat that was 
actively going on. 

Due to the shooter having an etOVated pOsitjon and uhknovvn where he was located, we dOOided to don 
our plate carrier and deploy dur riflOs, We began to run on foot from B©no/Qi|es and mad^ pur way to the 
lyiandalay Bay as the shots were still beirig fired. We met with a groupbf Officers who were taking a position of 
cover near the northeast corner of the property. VVe formed a five man element and made eptiy into the 
Mandalay Say via the House of Blues entrance. There was already a tearn of Officers Oh the target floor of the 
fy/iaridalay Bay so we decided to stay on the casino floor and began to clear it. 

Aftpr the threat was stopped, vye met with a Force l^rotOction Team at the valet area of the Mandalay 
Bay. We continued to provide lethal coverage for the ForOe protection Team, and waiting for re^assignment. 
W© then went to the Comrhand Post, where we were tasked with going to the scene and providO site security, 
and were relieved at 0900 hours on 10/02/2017. 

Dsta afid Time of Report; ; : 


Officer; . 

R. Camacho 

P#: 14905 

Aoprovod By: 

UJ. leon 


1. Bell 

F#: 13591; 





Ev^nt#; 171001000S6S 

Active Shooter 

^ ^ .■ gyBj^cr ' p™-™ — 




OCCURRED; . 10/01/17-gage hours . . OCCURBENOE: . ,. 3950 S laS Vegas Blvd LVj NV SStOS 


On 10/01/17 at 220Q hours i^hilo operating as marked patrol unit 3M7 i Officer G, Dobpins P# 14910 was at ; 
CCAC completing Officer Fa^pzcasares P# 16450 DQP and heard an overtime unit at route 91 harvest featjvai 
located at Reng/Haven Las Vegas Nevada 69109, calling shoots being fired and later called an active shooter, 
We immediately jump back inside the patrol car and yyent coda 3, until we reach the location.. Upon getting 
closer the location we heard a loud rapid gun fire that seemed to be coming froth a tiigh powOred riffle and 
immediately stopped and got out of the vehicle and took cover. 

The shots were going on for five minutes vyhiie we tried to evacuate civilians and direct them to a location. 
Few minutes later, there were mOttiple ddople ruhning and cdme to us asking for medipai assistance due to 
being shot at. Vye direOtod the victims to the rear of our vehidlea due to still heaiihg rapid shots being fired to 
give them some type pf cover sincd we didn’t have anyiidea lA^ere thO shots Were coming frdrti^ A Couple 
more minutes in several more victims Were coming tb our direction asking for help. Three ambulance arrived 
on oUr lOcatibn and started taking multiple victims irlside their: vehicle and immediately transported them to the 
nearest hbspital available, : ; 

As more time pass there were more injured civilians running to our location yeiiing lor help for themselves, 
families and friends that gotten phot from the festival, Mapy more civilians with thpir personal truck were 
transporting injured people to our location and were asking direction to the nearest hospital. Due to an 
overwhelming number of injured civilians waiting to be transported to the hospitdi t decided to leave my trainee 
with another senior Officer In Order to be able to transport more injured civilians that needed tp fae transported 
to the hospital, i was able to transpbrt 6 injured Oiyilians tO UMC and headed back to the locafipn to assist 
more injured civilians and to get bapk with my trainee to see if he’s doing ok. 

Upon arrival there were multiple people that still needed transport and was being attended by other Metro 
Officers including my trainee. For the rest of the night my trainee stayed with me and was task to clear out 
buildings to find more victims and evacuate them, and was also assign fo watch and secure dead bodies until 
they were able to pick them up, The Sergeant in charge at the time made sure we stayed at bur location to 
give security to the injured civilians and to the decease. For Ihewihoie night until we got relieve of our duties 
we were alternating in evacuating civilians and washing over families that had a decease member. 

Date ani^j Time of Report: 



G. Dobbins 

m 14910 

Approved Sy; 




tVMPD oa J - WOflO 




Event UV1710O1OQ3519 

, Mandalay Bay Shooting 




Patrol . , 






3950 S.Las,Vegas,Blvd, IVN aSlOO 

On 1Q/01/17, t Officer A- Jacob P# 149S1 was supposed to be off (TPisJ) frorff Work. At approximately 22^6 
hours, I saw the initial breakihg news FOX 5 reporting of possible active shooter on the strip, i drove to the 
staUpn OGAG, grabbed a patrol vehicle and logged in as (1 lyiS^) by approximately 22:40 hours. 

I attempted to assign myself to the call through MDt blit I was not successful I drove toward Mandplay Bay 
Where the active shooter was and 1 saw soipe ambulances ^ Kdval and Tropicana so 1 stopped there. 1 put in 
my tactical vest and deployed my rifle to provide security for victims arid direct them toward to the ambulances, 
1 (inked up with other twd LVMFP Officers at the scene to gain more inforrriation^ 

At that tirne there was dodther reporting of shooting iriside the Xropicaria Casinp. i drpvO to the f ropicana 
Casino and linked up with some Officers from (CC15) pGAG Flex to formulate a strike team tp oidar the 
Tropidana Casino, 

Additionally, there was a radib traffic of shooting inside the Paria Casino, and tliafs When I arid the Officers 
from 0016 drove to the Paris: We Cleared the Paris Gasipo and linked up With Sgt. pbad^ who was in 

charge of us at that time, Sgt Obasi asked us to drive to the Bellagio since there was another reporting of 
another shooter by the valet area, Onpe it Was determined there w^^ only Victims by the Bellagio and no actiye 
shooters we were assigned to secure and evacuate the pedestrians' bridges dh Harmon and las Vegas Bivd. 

Once it was determined that the active shooter was naturalized we checked in with CP and we were assigned 
to link up with the coroner and GSI to help them identify and move 419s bodies at Giles and Aii Baba La 

Date and tlma of Baport; .10/06/1 Officer; , , Amssl Jacob p#: 14921 

Approved By: Sat Gr^ppry Everett Offfoer: p#; 

SKjWAnJPE; .. ' 

Pape 1 


“CJHcK tcf r-^<fiicfr 



Evwt#: LLV 1710010 P 3^19 







OCCURRED: 10 / 1/17 2308 HOURS . OCCURRENCE: 3950 S. Us VEgas fetvd Us Vegag, NV 


At :appro>ctmately 2200 hpurs on 10/1/171 Officer S* OarreU #14943 had beep adjusted out for previous 
time worked and was at my residence when i receive a notice that there was active shooter at the 
Mandalay Bay Hofei, I immediately got into my persona! vehicle and return^ to CCAG, dressed but, logged 
on as 3M4, and began towards Tropicana/las Vegas Blvd in a patrol vehicle code a: Radio traffic indicated 
that medical staging was being oonduqted at this liiterseptioh arid officers were needed. 

As ,l continued on towards the, medical staging point radio traffic indicated a:possibte shopter inside of 
the Tropicana Hotel l met with other officers under Sgt. pbasSi's sdudd who were proceeding to the 
Tfopicana Hotet, After arriving at the Tropioana Hotel we ensured the area was: safe and then received reports 

through radio traffic pf another possible shbpter at thd Paris Hotel rprdcedded with 
Paris HotelWhere WP helped clear the main cdsirid floor: OnCe this was completed and the area was deemed 
safe, we received another repod of a possible shooter at the Bellagio Hotel I then detached from the striise 
team under Bgt. Qbassi and proceeded with Qfficer Crete #15887 as wdH as seVeral other officers tp secure 
the Bellagio. Wo ran across Las Vegas Blvd and into the Bellagip Hotel whore we rhet with plainclothes units 
and ciearad the Bellasiio main casinp floor as Well as several restaurants and back kitchen areae before the 
code 4 was given fpr tile Beilagio Hpfei 

1 then proceeded with this team to Tropicana/Las Vegas Blyd on foot and assisted the medical staging 

' area. ' 

and Tlriie of Report: 

10/8/17 2300 




Aporov&d Sv: 

_ Officeri 

.., F#: 

t.VMPO $3 (Rov.6fllI), WORD KUO 



Ev^ntff: tlVl7100l>35^9 
, Active ghootqr _ ' ■ ,■ 




OCCURRED; , , 10 - 0 V 2017 & MO hrs . , OCCURRENCE: 3 lyC[. Las V^gas, NV 89110 , 

' ■ 

On 1 p^01 -17, at approximately 2210 hours, Sgt, Fv Obasi P# 6642, sent out a group message to our squacl, 
0016, that there was an active shooter incident that was on going at Mandalay Bay-Due to Sunday night to 
Monday morning being our squatf s RDO, Sgt- Obasi requested any ayailable body to head in to the caft; 

i, Officer J, Arteaga, 14993, replied th# I would be en roUte, via the group messagOj and left my hohie at 
approximately 222S hburs, I arrived at Convention Center Area Command at approximately 2245 hours, 
dressed put/grabbed gear, and got inside a patrol SUV wi^ three other officers, vyp immediately responded to 
the Tropicana hotel where there was ra<^'p traffic describing a possible active shooter* and thdf the triage SMT 
area, was actively beirig' shot at-'' . ' 

I deployed the following gear and/pr weapons; IVMPD shotgun. 

While at Tropicana hotel, we made a strike team consisting of two more officers. Once we walked on property, 
and met with dthpr officers already located at the Tropicana homij wa determined there V^as no active shOpter 
inside- There were many citizens standing in open areas around the hotel and they were advisep to head in to 
the casino area until told otherwise^ 

Sgt. Obasi adyised he was at the Chateau nightclub conducting a sweep add for ouf now six officer-strike team 
to meet him at the Paris Hotel- We arrived at the Paris hotel valbt area and walked through the casino floor; 
there were numerous citizens who were being directed and escorted by security and officers to clear the 
casino floor. Sgt. Obasi advised that we would head tO SGAC in order to be assigned a strike team number. 
While in our patrol vehicles driving south bourld on The Strip, there Was radio traffic to Immediately cover the 
pedestrian bridges above Harmon and Us Vegas Bivd, and to keep tberh clean 

Sgt. Obasi re-directed our strike tearn to cover the pedestrian bridges between: Cosmopolitan, Aria* Planet 
Hollywood, and Harley Davidson buildings. The casinos began to lock down their properties and many tourists 
were left wandering on The Strip and on the pedestrian bridges. For approximately 1 V^-2 hOMi^ we directed 
tourists and civilians to continue moving and to slay off the pedestrian bridges. 

Date and Tlmp of Report; 

10 - 07 ^ 17 a 2143 hrs 

Officer; , 


, ni 14996 . 

Appioved Bv; 



t;VMPI)B2|Rov,£lWlV; WORD 2010: 




Ev^nt#; ^171001-3519 

Sgt, Obasi made phone calts to the CP at SCAC to determine where oitr efforts were needed. We reported to 
SCAC and waited to be deployed to the next area. 

At approximately 0530 hours, our striKe team (#50). was directed to report to the east gate ar^a of the Route 
91 Festival/We were told we would be assisting ID technicians in photographing and moving the deceased: 
VVe arrived at ttie intersection of All Baba/Giles and we worked in four officer teams to place the deceased in 
the black bags and sheets provided by the coroners. 

Our strike team was relieved at approximately 07OO hours, and our strike team drove back to CCAG. 



Events: 171001-3519 

_ Activo Shooter 

“"suSlcr ^ ^ ^ 


REPORTING; Toudst Safety Divis)or>/DTAC OCCURBENCE: tourist Safely Dlyision/CQAC 


OCCURRED; 1(Vl/2017/3g09 hours „ OCCURRENCE: 3901. S.LasVe^as Bjvd IVN 69119.. 


On October Jenn Smith P#15000, wBa attending the ^oute 91 ihr^e day coantiy music 

festival with|^M||||M|B$ 9 t Jesse Kommel^Bdrnstetn P#9045, my brotherllMliiiMHI his 
We attende(^WBnS5TTrom the first night, yirhich was on September 29^, ^0i7, just priortp the first shots 
that rang out^ a little after 2200 hours, we were standirig on the right side of the stage (if facing) near the VIP 

When the first volley of shots rang out we ail initially thought that it was a malfunction with the speakers, I 
remember the confusion among the four of us and evetyone else around us, Thdre Vyere a small group of 
peppie that b^an running, but we Stood still thlriking that it wds jOst the sfieakerS having issues^ then we 
heard the second set of volleys start ahd that’s when We knew that it Wasn't the speakers, the Oouncia of the 
rounds just continually fihng is something i’H never forget, Thai’s when the chaos bepah. 

People; began screaming and running in every which direction^ At this point we could at least tell that the shots 
were cCmihg from the west, in the direction of the Mandalay Bay, We did not Know how many sHootOrs there 
were or if they were on foot in the venue. We did know that we needed to find some sort pf cover and start 
moving in a direction away from the gdnfirev Jesse and my thoughts were: to get my brother ahd his girifilehcj 
away and to safety and then try and stay behind the rriost covdr we could find. From where we were standing 
listening to the music we ran northwest to a cerhent wail that was a barrier between Las Vegds Blvd and the 
venue. We knew this was going to be our best choice of cover at this time, Little dip we know at that time that 
the suspect was shooting from the 32™^ floor of the Mandalay Bay. 

There were people everywhere yelling, running, and froaen in time, we started moving northwest towards 
Reno it was just continual gunfire that seeiridd to last forever. As we were running yye tried to hold cover as 
best as we could. 1 remember it being very dark and hard to See, there were people just ^a^ing put and not 
moving. I remember yelling at these people that weren’t moving that this was gunfire and that they needed to 
move and move now because they were sitting ducks, 1 still did not know if thdre were shooters on the move or 
in the venue, We did dur best to get people tp rhove to We^. 

At this ppint, i hadn’t come into contact with any victims yet, but as 1 was running I noticed an cider female 
laying on! the ground, 1 stopped to help her get up. This was the start of the reality of what was going on, 1 don't 

Dais and Time of Report: 

10/6/2017/0400 hours 


J. Smith , 

P#i 1S000 

Approved Sy: 


__ F#:..'. 






Event 171001-3519 

remember if she was shot or hurt, but rny only 0 oal was to get her up and get her to safety. People were 
running around her almost trampling her. The female Was just frozen on the ground and I was having difficulty 
getting Her up. The fear in her voice made me realize that i needed to be level headed and he a crutch for the 
people around me that were in shock and needed assistance getting to safety* 

After I got the unkno\wn female up, off the. ground 1 came into contact.with my first shooting victim. At this time 1 
had lost JessO, my brother, and his girlfriend, but 1 Knew they werO headed to safety. My first shooting Victim 
, was an unknown male in his early $ 0 ’s. He was shot, 1 believe, in the right lower leg hear his oatf. 1 remember 
the fear in His wife/girJfriend's voice; she was screaming that h0‘d been shot, t identified myself as a poiice 
officer and pararhedic. i asked him where he was. shot and hc told me his ,ieg. Pue to being, off duty vvith ho, 
equipment I began holding pressure to his leg With my hands, I advised them that we needed to move to 
safety, At that moment it seerned like rriofe and more people were approaching with diftereht injuries, 1 put the 
man^s wife’s hand on his injuries and told her to hold pressure, l made contact with ah: unknown on duty 
LVMPD officer that was also helping injured citizens to see if there were any further urates on the situation; 

! got separated from the injured man and started helping a group Of injured people that congregated near the 
main entrance of the venue, 1 werit to a few injured people to assess their injuries anci hold prOssurO if need be. 
. An unkripwn; citizen, brought a pick-up truck to where we, were and We .loaded a grpup of injured people in the 
back to take them to hiedicai; i remember specifically ,a, male ,With a hOad, wound of some sort ahd another . 
male with dn arm ihjury, I sprawled myself over bptb victirhs and did my best to ,hold pres^^ 
until ,we met with, an ambulance. When we finally me ^th ah ambu lan op i recogniz eci two paramedics that i 
,had worKed: With,,at AMR before, hiring on at Metro i hei ped ^ (||| load a 

male named jllllpiwjth a significant 03VV to his right forearm' ribs/^|®need 0 d an 

extra hand during thb tmnsp ort so t offered to ride in With her bei ng that there were limited resources at this 
point. We trarispofted^dpo UMC TrOuma. On the: way to UMGjJp was ip fear thqt he Was gOing to die. l 
tried my best in comforting him and keeping him calm. I assistedll^Kri Qottjng (V access on^jj(||ehd any 
other care he needed. 

When we arrived at UMG it was pure cHaos; UMO staff and EMS were running i^round helping multiple patients 
all at one time. There was blopd, equiprne nj, ari d plothing everywhere. It seemed like every second a new 
person was coming in. l assisted ih getting|||||moved hospital gurney. Since there were so many 

patients and not eno ugh sta ff due to having to Cad extra h elp 1 s tayed at UMC to assistwith anything that they 
heeded. I stayed withU^ until he was taken to surgery, had critical injuries and needed a central line 
ASAP, (A central line is a targe catheter that is placed into a large vein such as In the neck, chest, groin or 
veins in the arms). There was no one else to help the physician so 1 assisted him. l have never assisted or 
seen one done in person. Once|||jj||was rushed to sutgety, no less than a minute iafer 1 was helping the 
UMC medical staff with another victim. From here on put the injuries seemed to get worse, l continued to move 
from gurney to gurney rendering whatever treatment needed to be done- Whether it was GP'R, assisting in ,, , 
intubations, iVs, etc. The staff was more than generous in letting me assist, helping me clean up due to having 
blood on my body and clothes, and getting me clean scrubs to change into as i was still dressed in the shorts 
and tank top l wore to the concert. I continued to help render.aid until about 0330, hours When things started to 
slow down and enough staff had shown up to fake over, At this point I Was physically and mentally exhausted. 

While at the hospital 1 finally made contact vyith Jesse arret he assured me that he was safe along with my 
brother and his girlfriend, Jesse told me thaf When we got split up he made,contact with ah officer that he used 
to work with at Northeast Area Command and other officers and they formed a strike team> ThOy all werit back 
into the venue when shots were still ririging out in the multi-story VIP area to cover high ground. The YiP area 



Event 171001-3519 

was iocatect on the west side of the venue just e^st of Las Vegas Blvd, They assisted In getting citizens and 
victims to safety and they afi held that position until they were told that the threat was neutralized- 

Everyone that I came in contact with that night - whether it be lyMPD officers, out of state/off duty pffioers, 
Paramedics, EMTs, Firefighters, Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons, ilospital orderlies, security, and Citizens 
everyone did an amazing job, was very professional, and worKed extrernety hard in such a tragic situation, l am 
extremely proud to cali myself an LYMPD officer and to be a native of Las Vegas. 



Events: 171001^3519 



BEPOBJING: _ Gang Vice auresu occUBBE^CE: Gai^g.^cforoement 


OCCURRED; _ 10/p1/gQ17 g210 hOUrs _ OCCURRENCE: 3950 Vegas Blvd, tV, NV, S9119 


At Approximately 2210 hours on October 1 “V20171. Officer B: Ulrich P# 156b9 was operating as Marl^ed Oang 
Enforcement Unit 0034.1 was bn a ride-a-long with Gang Investigators at HQ. We were listening to the radio 
traffic reference an active shooter going on at Oohyention Center Area Command; We immediately left HQ. My 
partner and I accidently split up, t drove a Gang Ehforcemerit Patrol GUV from HQ; 1 arrived to the area shortly 
after the call came out> 1 ran from Troptcana and the Blvd to the Luxor OjDellsk as the final stiots {unknown to 
nie at the tlmp) were being fired, i assisted in directing people across the street to safpr location which Was 
directly to the west of the Route 91 concert* When ihe shooting stopped we provided cover fdr approximately 
70^00 people to run northbound from the Luxor tp get them to a Safer area^ Shortly affer i provided my CAT 
Torniquetto an unknown firefighferto apply on a 

I located several CCAC patrol officers along With a Sgt call sign 011, We formed strike )m> team outside the 
Luxor and we were going to go inside to cle^ the bottom floor and croSs into the Mandalay Say to avoid the 
direct line of the sight frdm the unknown number Of gunnien involved in the incident Prior tp entering the iiuXor 
1 located p possible explosive device on the back of a Black Audi QS barked In the Luxor Valet Security 
advised us that the two occupants parked the vehicle immediately left the vehicle; The possible explosive 
device was a large grey plastic pipe with multi-colored wires sticking out of it along with additional wires 
sticking out of the trunk area* 1 advised the command post of the device. After advising them Armor was 
dispatched the area. The device turned out to not be ah explostvei ; \ / 

Shortly after this we helped to secure the Luxpr property until approximately 0900 hours: 

Dme and Tima ol Reoqrt; 

. 10/7/171500. 



P#; 15009. 

AixJfovad By: 


■ p#: ' ' ; , 

LVMPDflS * woRoaoio 





Svent#; 171001-3«19 

Mandaisy Bsy Shooting 



Oangs/Vic© Bureau / G80 




DATES time 


10/1/17 3300 hrs„ 



3950 S,. las Veg, 9 S B)Vd, LV, N,V 89119. 

*Body Worn Camera Available 

On 10/1/17 at approximately 22Q6 hours, !, C>fficer P, Boffetli P#1^p13 and Officer J, E$pad0s P#13347 were 
operating as marked gang enforcement Onit 0063 when we resfXJhded to the shooting near the Boute 91 
Harvest Festival at las Vegas Blvd/and Giles* Officer Sspadas and I parked at a distance at Beno and Haven 
St* in order to deploy my rifle arid plate carrier. Shots Were still beirig fired upon arrivat and we were not surd 
where the shooting was coming from, .We observed hundred^ of people running .eastbound in a panic, aS; 
multiple victims with punshot wounds approached our vehicle* The first male tP approach us was being carded 
by. two; people, with a gunshot Wound tg tha.b^k. o^ trying to,d 

told them to disregai^ ^ l applied my personal tourniquet above his wOurid, after applying latex gloVds, Wore 
victims approached Officers reference an ambulance»so 1 had them stage on the sidewalk and passed out 
handfuls of latex gloves to those who could provide first aid. A; medic continued to provide aid to those we had 
triaged on the sidewalk, as Officer fespad^ joined a Strike team that Was approaching eouthbpund on Haveh 
St, from Bono: We later m their etack and continued bounding tovyards Las Vegas: Blyd, Within ten minutes or 
so, we were abie to cross over the SouIeyaf;d and make entry into the House of Blues, inside of the Mandalay 
Bay, We then joined Sergeant SkenandorO's strike team* who were giving verbal commands to non’Comptiant 
subjects exiting the elevator area We wem then tasked with protecting the 1,300^^ guests who Were sheltered- 
in-place inside of the Michael Jackson Theater, from any turtfier threats: we theri assisted W‘th organizing 
evacuations from the theater, to the buses that were staging in the west alley* 

Date and Time of Report: 

10/7/17 1630 hrs , 



H; 16013 

Approved By: 

T. Stova!! 


j, Bsoadas 

P#: , 13347 






Hvgnt#; UV171Q01Q03519 

_ 4l5AAClriV£ SHOOTER _ ' , '. 



RgPORTlNC;_ , ' ' , ■ . '„ <^<^CURRENCe: .SCAC ^ , _^ 


OCCURRED: 10-1^17 2203 ' ■'' ;• OCOCRREISOE: Mandalay Bay 3950 S. U$ Vegps. Slvd, 


I Officer M* Fetherstdn P# 1 ^022 working 1 S6$E over traffic control for the route 91 festival at the 
intersection of Reno and las Vegas Blvd. I Was oh the west side of Las Vegas Blvd- directing traffic for 
pedestrian’s going to and from the festival I then heard what sounded like shots being fired dUt it then stopped 
and believed it was possibly fireworks: i then was looked around trying to see where the sound had possibly 
came from when f then heard several more shdts being fired, f then heard pn the radio that vvd had several 
subjects shot inside the festival i heard the shots still being tired and i yOHed at people crossing Las ybgas 
Blydv to run west bound on Beho and get out of the area. (Officer J. Beaspn P# 141 ei 159S^ who was also 
working traffic control at the same location and was in the center median of Las Vegas Blvd With his vehicle 
thdt whs parked in the median yell; he needed me. t I'dn over to Officer Beason Who stated be hab a rifle and 
needed me to drive fern. After Officer Season put on his tack vest and dot his rifle we got into his vehicle and 
heard that the shots were pomihg possibly from Mandalay Bay. 1 then drbve pfi the far west side of las Vegas 
Blvd; straight up to the ihtersectiori of W, lyiandatay Say Bd. and parked on the Northeast corner of the 
Mandalay Bdy property: land Officer Season then got but pf the , vehicle and ran. to .coyer and worked bur way 
forward trying to get close enough to locate Where the shots were Coming from- As we were acWancing forward 
we could then see abbut half yvay up on the far north side of Mandalay Bay a large amount of smoke coming 
from a, Window along with, the pound. Of more, shots being fired., Officer Beason attempted to get on the radio to 
call out yrbere the shooter was located but was unable to, wp then kept ad^ncing trying td stay behind cover 
as much ap possible until we then went under a covering to a lower level that was covered and wpre able to 
make it into the lower level of Mandalay Bay. 

Once inside the hotel we attempted to locate security but Were unable to find any, I make contact with an 
employee who tried calling security on the phone but stated they weren’t answering. We then made our way up 
the escalators to the next floor looking for elevators or stairs. Oh bur way up the escalators a security guard 
then ran up right behind uS and stated that the shooter was possibly on ;the 32^'* floor and that he would take us 
up in the elevators. AH three of u$ made it to the elevators and went up to the 32^ floor. Once on the floor we 
found several security personal were already there. Security stated that the shopter was in the suite at the end 
of the hallway but that the shooter had shot several rounds down the hatiwdy hitting one of the security guards 
in the leg. Officer Beason got on the radio and gave the floor and room number of the shooter, The security 
guard that was hit stated it was in his calf but that he was ok and that it wasn't bleeding that bad. Security also 
stated that the doors to the room were possibly barricaded. Security said that there were stairs that came out 

Date artU Report: _ 10-5-17 2330 Officer: M, FETHERSTON ; P#: TS022 

Approved By: ...;...,_. , Officer: , .1.....'...■.., ,,' P#; . ... 


LmPt> $2 . WOEO 2Q10 




Evem m lLViyi001003519 

right by the door to the suite but the doors had also had a bracket of some kind on It so they were unable to 
open the doon Officer Season then asked about a food cart that was located just in front dft the room in the 
hallway near the door but security stated th^t they didn’t kriow why the carl was there and that it shouldn’t be 

I and Officer Season then talked about what we should db vvhich we both thought we should advance as it was 
unknown if the shooter was still shooting or nqi tt was then that we observed several other officers coming 
from another hallway, Or^ce all the officers Were there We tpld them what security had just told us and we split 
into teams arid got keys to open alt the doors from security, vye then ail went over a plan that we were going to 
advance and clear every room as wO went to get people out We had several officers with rifles So they went 
first and held cover On the suite at the end, of the hailway. We then started clearing ropms and; advancing down 
the hallway. 

After several rooms we stoi^ed and rested while taiking about hovi^ far to advance because if the doors were 
barricaded we wouldn’t be able to get into the room, We then decided to advance to the nOxt set pf doprs and 
after; clearing the rooms we held there waiting for swat to arrive, ^ time a swat officer arrived and 
came up to us and stated to hold where we were and that other swat oriicers Were making their way to the 
stairs that ware right by the suite, While waiting for the other officers td get into ptaCe we advance to the riext 
set of doors arid cleared them and found that one of the rooms had a small baby that Was all alone hbwever ■ 
the people in tii.e; room directly across the hdilWay stated thai they heeded to gOi the baby tfipt ;was in that 
room. The swat officer grabbed the baby and the people from across the hall and sent thern up fhe hallWay tp 
get out. We then waited until thd other officers aiirived in the!stairwell just outside the buite prid we then had 
swaf snipers arriye arid set tip in the hailway vVith us; Once the other officers arrived the swat officer With Us 
slated that they Were going to breach the door and to get behind cover and our ears, they then breached 
the doors arid waited to SOe If there wap any response. After a short time tHedfficei^ in the staitWeii Went into 
the suite and we adyancCd to the next set of doors and cleared them Cut, The officers state that they had one 
suspect down in the room. Swat then stated that they were goirtg to breach; another door that was in the room 
so We took cover again. Affdr the breach werit off vye advanced to the last eetpf dOorp and clCaredThe rooms, 

Swat then stated that they were clear in the room and that they wanted officers to go through and re-check 
every room. We then rO'Checked all the rooms and cleared and evacuated alt the other rooms on the entire 
floor. Swat had detectives stay on the suite to secure it and myself, Officer Season, and another officer Stayed 
in the center cbrrldor of the floor near the elevators with Security to secure the entire floor. 

My body worn camera yi^as actiyated but the battery started dyeing sometime during the incident but it is 
unknown when. 



Evgni#: iyip01-3519 

M, Arhburgey P#14809 (BQUtg, 91), . „ _ ' 




OCCURRED; 10/1/201/ et^proximateiy £200 hOUfS occurrence: las Vppas Village 3901 Us VegRS.Rtvd S 

On 10/1 /2017 i was attending the Route Ol Harvest Festival while off duty/1 was attending the Concert with my 
fiance, and a. trtend- i was unarmed.due to the. venue not allowing, off duty officers to bring weapons into the facility. 
My firearm wes secured inside my vehicle along with my tactical vest which parked in a dirt lot south east of the 
venue:! was unable to make it back to my vehicle to retrieve those items during the incident/ 

The details listed below are the artttons (took during the event: 

During the final performance, Jason Aldean took the stage* .The three of us Were standing brt, the grass area on the 
east Side of the. stage npar the fpnde that separates the stage and the crowd; There ,waS b^eiy any room to move 
due to the amount of people that were in th© Watching the performance. 

Around the end of the fourth song l heard approximately 3 loud pops which 1 believed at Jlrst to be ftrecracl^ers, 1 
looked around to see. if ,1 could apotWherp it was comihg from/l remembbr seeing smpke npar the center of, the 
crowd on the, east side of the stage. Thinking that iswhere the iirecrackers were setoff I continued watching the ,, 
performance, A few short moments later I heard another round of pops, ahd this time I, kney^/ something wasn't right \ 
recognized the sound to be rhore consistent with gunfire, than a firecracker. 

As the second round of pops went off I, remember seeing the crowd start to become uneasy. People .began. looking 
around: and asking what the, sound was. I did not want to create a pariic but 1 knew that I needed to start having 
, people clear the area. I told my flano6 arid ouf friend, along with people In our area, that We needed, to start walking 
to the east and we needed to find an exit. As 1 began to try and move people i heard raplrt gunfire. I immediately 
thought that there was an active shooter inside of, the venue. Thinking the shooter wCs near due to how loud the 

Date and of Report: 1 /20/2018 at 0300 hours Officer; , ' M. Ambumey , F#: 14^6$ 

Af^rovod By: , , ■ , ' Otficer: ; , • , , , ^ ^ ,■ ^ ^ ■ 

SKjHATVnE? _^_ ' 





Emnt #: tm71001003S1$ 

gunfire was I Immediatety shoved my fiance and dur,friend to the ground and laid, on top of them in an attempt to 
shield them. I told, them as soon as it stops (referring to the gunfire) to get up and that we oan't stay here. 

As the shots continued to be fired l looked up and scanned around the venue to try and spot where the shooter was. 
Directly behind us l sa\v a femaie who was bleeding from the face and nepk area and. appeared to be suffering from 
a gunshot wound. There was a ton of cdmmotion going .on during this time and the female. ^vas lying on the ground 
and being trampled, on by people attempting to escape the area. I did my best to cover the female. Another male 
who was near us picked the female up and began to carry her east through the venue. 

At this point there was two rounds of gunfire that had went off in.very close, time frames. After theaeoohd round of 
gunfire went off 1 lifted my fiance and friend up and began to push them east towards the Cpca-Cola suites,. As we 
were moving 1 remained hypched over both of them doing my best to cover them .v/hlle atso keeping an eye out for 
any possible shooters. At this time 1 thought there were multiple shooters inside of the venue.! rerriember hearing 
multiple gunshots going off at what sounded, like the same ,tinie. in hindsight I 'reatize i was ,hearing the initial 
gunshots followed by the bullets striking the metal.Cpca-ppta,suites. , . 

, As we gpl to the east side of the Coca-Cola suites another round Of gunfire erupted this time I oOuld hear the 
bullets Mriking near us and hitting the metai .obj^ts we were sending behind. ,^tiil.thinking there was mUltipie . 
shooters inside of the veriue 1 thought We Were getting close to whOre ohe. of the shootdrs w^s. D,ub to, there being, 
so many people running,and shoving peop^ there was noWhere. for us,tp,go, ,1 again laid on top of my fiance and our 
friend in an attempt to shield them from gunfire.:i told them that if i got hit to stay urider me.and do not move. As 1 
was lying on fr)p of them people were tramplirig over top of us trying to escape the area, i believe at this point) 
received an injury to my right knee, I did not notice my knee Was injured until later that everjinfr,so.! am unable to pin 
point when the injury actually occurred. 

Once the guhflre stopped again l looked around and did not see any shooters. I quickly got everyone up and we 
began to move north along the east aid® of the OoCa-Cotasuites. We flnatly found an exit on Giles street and began 
to run east bourid where we had to crawl through a whole in a fence which led into a dirt parking lot. 

As we were running I spotted a white female who was sitting on the ground and leaning on a white sUv. The female 
was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to her cheSt: 1 quickly assessed and realized that.she was deceased. 
There was still gunfire going off at this time so 1 toid the people who were standing around the ,victim to run. 

We continued running east bound through the parking lot when a truck drove by us. As it slowed down t assisted my 
fiance and our friend into the tailgate of the truck and! jumped in behind them. 

Working in Convention Center Area Command 1 knew the area and Knew routes that would lead u$ out of the area, 



Event UV171Q01003ai9 

As we were driving I was giving the truck driver directipns. I noticed a large group of people were Oinning east , 
towards an airport hangar which,! knew led to a dead end v\^here they would be cornered with nowhere to go, (told 
the driver to drive towards the group of ,people and I began yeiiing at everyone to run back westbound towards 
Haven I then directed people to, run southbound on Haven Knowlrtg that would lead people away from the dead 

t directed the truck driver south on Haven and had him drive through a parking lot and oyer,,a dirt hill which led us , 
out onto Las Vegas Blvd. At,this point I did not .hear anymore gunfire going off I directed, the driver to South Central 
Area Command so that I could possibly grab sorhe gear and go,back to assist, however! cou|d, .1 rhet up with a 
Sergeant who was at the entrance gate to SCAp and he informed me thatthbre was; reports the shooting was 
coming from Mandalay Bay, The Sergeant ,then said there was reports of active s.hooters ,all Over the strip. At this 
, point I realised I needed to get my fiance out of the area because it was still unsafe, 

I directed the driver to the 1-15 entrance near the Town Square Malt l Once we entered the freeway northbound on 
, the hl5 wp hit, traffic thpt was at ,a .dead stop,... . 

While in traffic) saw numerous SWAT; unmarked, and medical vehicles attemptihg to get through traffic ih the 
emergency lane. Traffic was biocKihg all of the emergency vehicles from getting ,through, I immediateiyjumped out 
of the tailgate and ran to the lead emergency vehicle who was a Metro officer ahd showed him my badge, I told him 
to foildw me as I began northbourid, on thefreeway. 

As.,! was running porthbound 1 was identifyirig rhyself ,0® a police .ojfficertp every yehiclO that was blocking the 
emergency lane, i directed tmffic and moved vehicies as needed enough to get ail of the emergency vehicles 
through traffic, I ran northbound, on the freeway doing this for approximately 2 miles until the emergency vehicles 
were able to get through traffic. On the way back to the truck I noticed vehicles again had begun blocking the 
emergency lane. Knowing more emergency vehicles would be coming I held up my badge every 100 yards or so 
and yelled for help, I asked for numerous citizens to help:me and e)(plaihed I needed them to spread out along, the 
emergency lane and keep vehicles from blocking the lane, 

1 had a few hundred citizens that without hesitation assisted me and spread out along 2 miles of the freeway and 
Kept it open tor emergency vehicles. Without those citizens help it would have beeri a much longer delay in getting 
emergency personnel to the scene. 

While making my way back to the truck my fiancb was in 1 spotted another truck with numerous people in the 
taitgate, I ran over to check on them and noticed the entire tailgate was filled with blood* ,There was a person who 
had multiple gunshot wounds lying in the truck, 1 attempted to give aid until an ambulance finally made it through 
traffic to the truck along with an NHP Officer, The person did not survive. 



EvsRt #! LLV17100l003ai$ 

Knowing the amhulano^ would be needed tor victims who were stilt alive t escorted the ambulance southbound on 
the 1-1S and got them through traffic back Onto Las Vegas Blvd, 

For approximately 30 minutes I remained on the frOeway assisting tn getting emergency vehicles through traffic until 
they stopped coming, At that point we found our way out of the area where we were picked up. by femity*) finally 
made it out of the area around 0330-0400 hours,. 

That was the extent of my involvement for that night. ,l returned to work the following shift at GOAC to assist in 
normal duties. 



Ev^ntff: 171001^3519 

'__ Mass Shooting Incident a t R ou^ Si Harvest Festival 



REPORTiNQ: inveBtigstivs Services Division qccubrenqe: (nvestigativa ServicB^ Oivisign 

PATE & TIME uocation'OF Mandstay Bsy Mot©! 

OCCURRED; ,10/01/17 2216,HRS oOCUBBENbE: 3^50 VagasBlvd UN 8910? 

..... . .I. .. ... . .....,.... 


On October 01,2017, at approximately 2215 hours, I, Dett Costolio, R#0l 39i was at home in bed y^en I 
began to receive multiple text messeQbs abput the active shooter incident that was occurring. Upon reviewing 
the text messages, i (earned that there was an active shooter incident occurring at the Route gi music festival 
near the Mandalay Bay Casino. I quickly turned on my department issued radio and discovered the information 
was accurate and that officers and civilians were actively being fired upon by ah unknown suSpect or suspects. 
The radio traffic indicated the action Was ongoing and could possibly be the actions of multiple suspects, 1 
immediately began getting ready to respond to the incident, A short time later 1 was notified via text message 
from my superylspr, ^gt. R: y\/hlteley,that my team, ClU i was to respond to the Strip and assemble at the 
command pok located at South Central Area Command, Upon arri^^^^^ i placed my ^Ci^yest; and 
issued helmet on and reported into the staging area, A short tirne later my eritire team plus a contingency 
arrived Who consisted of the following; 

• Detective Josh Costello 

• bote<^ive Casey bairyrhpie 

• bateoiive Kenneth Ruzifcka 

• Detective Jake tegrpw 

• Detective Robert Gmntham 

• Detective Jeremy Vance 

• Detective Richard Moreno 

• Officer Kyle Prior 

• Sgt R, Whitetey 

A short time after arriving at the staging area, 1 was designated as Strike Team 1 consisting of myseff and the 
above-listed Individuals, We were tasked to respond to the Mandalay Bay and assiM With any possible threats 
that rriighi stilt be active. We were attached to It, John Leon who was tasked with setting up a fonvard 
operating area for SWAT to W^rk frothr Qur team initially set out on foot from sCac heading toward Mandalay 
Bay. Approximately halfway to the hotel we met up with tVMPD SWAT team and Were transported indide of 
the Bear armored vehicle and driven to the lower valley of fyiandaiay Bay where we established abase for 
operatioris, Our team established site security and picked up straggler citizens arid escorted them to the 

Date iand Time of Report; 

10/11/17 2100 


bm. J. Gosteito 

F#: 9139 

Approved Bv: 


,F#! , 


l,VWPP 02 * WORD 3010 




,, , Evsntff: 171OQV3510 

Michael Jackson theatre where a group of 1300 to 1600 citizens were being stageO for safety purposes. Our 
team cpiiectively escorted 10-^20 individuals to the thok er, During our tim e at the lower valet area, a wouhded 
cttizen* later identified as Mandalay ^a^eourity Offthe hotel suffering from a 
gunshot wouhd to his leg, i grabbe<^||||ipand assisted htrn to a^ndelay Bay security vehicle that was 
parked in the lower valet area. I thenha^^ security officer inside of the v ehicle driv e us to the medical 
staging area at las Vegas Blvd/RusseiL Once at medical staging, i assisted^||||M in exiting the vehicle and 
placed him into a waiting ambulance. After he waa under rhedical care 1 had the secS'ity Officer drl^ me back 
to the lower valet where t rejoined my strike team. 

A short time later we were tasked to clear alt the hotel rooms at the Mandalay Bay ensuring there were no 
outstanding suspects and attempting to locate Officer Hartfieid, ^6 at the tirne^was said to foO missingv W 
were given a universal key^fop for the hotel room doors, and oUr team then proceeded to clear fbur (4) floors 
consisting of approximately 600 indiyiduaf rooms. We cleared the entire hotel in cCnjunction with several other 
teams at the direction Of IVMPD SWAt, Once the entire hotel was secured, we returned to the staging area 
and awaited re-assignment At approximately 0630 hpufs our team was released from duty. At that time our 
team returned home and secured our shift. 

d^e^on services division 


Event#; 171001003619 

Routs 91 ActiysStiooter 

division . ' , DIVISION OF , 

PEPORTINC: Traffic TR 33 ■ ' ..; ■ OCCURRENCE; , . Spscial svsnts overtitos, 

date 3( time 




On 10/01/20171 Officer J/^ehgel p#^710 Was assigned spadal events overtime cal) sign 164 SE, 
worWoo enforcement for the route Harvest festival- i was tasked to enforce traffic violations around the 
venue, specifically vehiciOa dropping off for the venue Impeding traffic. I made 32 stops and wrote 40 
citations for Impeding traffic to speeding. 

I finished my last stop at 2130 hours on Gi)es for the violations of speed and using cell phone without 
hands free, l then parked my motor on thd back side of the event near gate 4A and hegan mv odiint for 
the total hurnher of Vlolatlbns issued as instructed atbribfmgi l gave mv totals tb the pom post 
and met up yfith Officer d;;Ba^ed p^^ At app*id?^ime^*V hoursi took ^rtcer Bassett 

hbdy damera and went to trafhe^t^^^^ off bur body cameras. Vifhiie St traffic, i heard the radio traffic 
shots fired with several injures to head and chest. 

I then responded back to the ihterspctloh of Fussatl and L^s Vegas Blvd along with Officer J. Barker 
p#3g85^ We began diverting traffic aWay from the shooter, a ford pickup truck was traveling south with 
several injured people in the back and we Waived them to ebntihue. Patrol arrived and set up )h the 
north tb west turn lane and I told him to gb further South and stop the traffic from getting past tha 
weicoma to Las Vegas sign. 

Price arrived and advised several of us that we were now a strike team and we then formed up and 
ran from the InterSeotIbn to Mandalay bay making entrance Into the Shark reef hail. From there we 
cleared the patrons and hdd thehi go Into the Michael backsdh room. Our team thep met With another 
strike team at tpe elevators with security personneL One team then Started on the 2*^ Poor and the 
other team went above the target floor. Myself and Officer Barker stayed at the ground fbor and 
secu'fed the elevators.' 

After SWAT came down and several teams had cteareb the casino floor and relieVe us, we then 
retreated back to the intersection of Bussell and Las Vegas BiVd. 



Event#: 171001-3518 

October l3t Active, Shooter Incident 


PlViSiON . 

Organi^tiohs) Development Bureau 



Organizationar Development BureOu 


October. i.aoi 7 


Route. 91 Festiyat , . 


This officer"? rebort is beihg written on l^hatf Of Police Recruit Ryar) l:evy#16624. 

On tne night of October 1,2017, Recruit Levy was in the area of ttie Houte 91 Music festival, visiting 
his Orandmother at her place of ernpioyrrient which is focated to the east of the festival grounds. While with 
his Grandmother, Recruit Levy described hearing a series of loud poomS echoing off the boiidings tb hi$ west 
As Recruit Levy exited the business to determine the source of the noise, he imrnediately saw hundr^s of 
people fleeing towards him; instinctualty and oouragepusiy^R^^ a htedicarbagi froni his 

vehicle and began to run towards the festival grounds as he was able to then determine that the soufOe oithe 
sounds was automatic gun fire. Recruit 4evy said he could Hear and feel the bullets striking the ground around 
him as he searched for people in heed of asslstahce. Recruit Levy encountered a ferhaie with multiple gunshot 
wounds, applying a tourniquet and attempting to stop the bieectingi unfortunately the femaib suffered a mortal 
head wound. Whjie Recruit teyy was still under fire from the assailant he attempted to desist more victims. 
Recruit levy encountered a male who was attempting to help his Wife, who had already passed away. Recmit 
Levy was able to console the mate^ then discovering that the male had aide been shot multiple times. Recruit 
Levy was able to apply initial treatment to the male until he was passed over to paramedics that had arrived, 
possibly saving his life. This horrific scenario played but multiple tinfie? as Recruit Levy continued to provide 
first aid to the many people that had suffered injuries. 

As a TAG Officer at the academy, l recently spoke with Sergeant G: Everett # 8916 that was on the 
scene that night, who told me about a recruit that was assisting Victims of the shooting: It was deternfiihed that 
it was Recruit LeVy he was speaking about. The Sergeant remarked about his bravery and unselfish desire to 

help others in the face pf danger. 

Date Tim^ ot Report; , , 11/27/3017^1200 


M. Boone! 

P#; , 7930 

Approved By; 








Ev^m#; 1T1001"3$19 

Throughout the academy, Recruit Levy has shown the characteristics of^oned police officer. 
Recruit Levy tpoK action on the night of October 1®*, without hesimtion, as a protector of the citizens,of QlarK 
Courity, showing great courage and respect for others, These actions exemplify the values set forth in the 
l,C,A.RrE. acronym, 



Mandalay Bay^Activs Shpotg r , 


Event#; tlvl71001003519 








OCCURRENCE; 3$0l S, Las Vegas Bfvd, LV, NV, 89119 

NARt^ATIVE: \ ^ 

SCAC'CF; . , , , ■ ■ 

a Hank P#688e-Ueutenfeint, BAc-BAlO, 

0. Munson P#5847-Ucutenant SGAC^$G11 
A. Ua PiS^9B46-Sorgoant SGAC"^C33; 

Force Protection Team (FPt) #l7i 

R. Fryman f^9799- $ergaant/FPT team leafier CCAC CC23B! Arriva^i otf dutyv 
J. Harnandez P#7771« FPT Assistant Team Leader, 3WAT-H$32. Arrived off duty. 
V. Diaspara P#l:4104. $EAC-S€35; On duty from CEAG. 

T, Engel P#i 5270; GGAC-CC1 3B. On duty vvorking OT, 

A, Mermini P#1S610; SBAMCSa* On dutyfroiTi^ ^^^ 
p, Torres P# 15241. CCAC^CG32B. pn duty working OT, 

L BecKP# 4722, Parole and Prodafioni On duty with P&P. 

,$WAT; ■ 

J, Rothenburg P#13449 {Z25). SWAT^Red Team/Z34 
L, Fincher P#503a (Z12). SWAT-BlUe team/Z36 

Uas Vegas Fire&Rescue Department Team {LVFHp)#7: 
Three male and one femaiet unknown names or unit humhen 

Oai0 and Tirn® of Report: 

Approved 8y: 





R, Fryman 

uvweoes ^woRomio 



Events; Ilvl7l00100351^ 

On 10-01^17 at approximately 22?0hra I. Sergeant R, Fryman W799, waa in bpa at my reeidance when I 
l^egan receiving phone calta and te^ messages stating that the^e was an active shoo^r on the strip, i 
immediately gctdressed and drove in my POV to las Vegas Bivd and parked on the median just north of the 
Welcome to Us Vegas sign in front of SCAC; 

My truck contairis a Truck Vault with IVMpD green BDU's. rifle, handgun with holster and magazines with 
holster, 1 dressed out on the median and headed to the OP location in the parking lot of BCAC^ 

At the OP I assempied a team and made contact vyith U, Hank and Sgt lee, who was acting as It, Hariks 
scrihe, U Hank informed me that my team would be pPT#l 7 and directed us north of the CP to las Vegas 
Blvd and Ru^eli where It Munson assigned LVFRD#7 to our team. 

FPT#17 and LVFRD#7 deployed from Us Vegds Blvd and Russell northbound on foot td the Route 91 concert 

The teem stopped at the southwest comer of the fairgrounds, as Officer HernandO^ and 1 made eritry into the 
Route.,9„1 .concert'ground!?.'. 

Officer Hernando^ end I moved northeast through the center of the fair grounds and made contact with another 
unknown FRT, It was determined at that hme that FPTfit17 and tVFRD#7 ware needed at Mandalay Bay where 
they were requesting a PPT on FO's radio channel 

FPT#17 and lVFRp#7 crossed westbound across Us Vegas Blvb to the Mandalay Bay main yaldt, where 
they teamed; up With SyvAT Officers Roth^nburg artd Fincher FPT#lf and lVFRp#7 then systematically 
cleared the casino level wifb SWAT Officer® Rothenburg and Fincher, eventually ending up at the Michael 
Jackson,Theater,,^ ^ 

At the theater LVFRD#7 rendered aid to an unknown number of Citizens in the theater ^AT Officers 
Rothenburg and Fincher broke off from the team at that tirne. 

Once LVFRD#7 finished rendering aid, FP^17 arid tVFRP#7 exited the Mandalay Bay on the Westslde of the 
buildingi FPT#17 and IVFRC^7 then assisted with evacuations to the busses staged on Mandalay Bay Rd just 
east of Luxor Dr. 

At approximately 0430hrs on 10-02-17, after evacuations were completed, FPT#17 and lVFRD#7 returned to 
the SCAC CP where they disbanded at approximately OSObhrS, 

i returned home briefly to see my wife, then returned to CCAC and began my shift at approximately 094$hrs, 



Events: 171001-351^ 

■ _ 1 October ^vent1710DV3519 _ , ' . . 



REPORTING; , HWAQ investigations _ OCCURRENCE': _ . 


PCCURREC;_ 10/1/17 aaiS hoUrs : , ,, OcQURRENCe: . Spring V^ilsy Hpspilal ,. 


Investigative detectives from NW29 responded to Spring Valley Hospital to identify and interview victims from 
the active shooter event on i 0/l7l7 at approximately 2315 hours. At the hoSpital there were 39 victims with 
primarily gunshot wounds and 3 deceased (total of ^ victims). Inforrnatioh on Known victims was personally 
handed to the FIT/CIRT front office at HQ by 3gt RibaOk on the morning of 1 b/2/17 around Q700 hours. 

Detective personnel that responded were; 

KirK Jordan, 3715 
Teresa Modgv 4191" 


Sgt; Steve Riback, 5749 

Dat^ and Tima of Report 

11/22/17 at lOaS hours 


P#: 5749 

ApuXoved By: 

_ Offloer:, 

P#:, ' ' . 






Evept#: 171001-3S19 

■' _^_ Route 91 Musip F^^tivat/Mandalay B^y H8spoh$e , 

■ , ^ .\ ■ SUBJECT'' —r™™™ r"- '^7 :.,, 


REPORTING; _ Homeland Secufity Divisipn, , ,, occurrence: Tourist Safety Division 

DATE ^ TIME . ; lOcATioNoF Wi Lae Vegas Btvd. Las Vegas, 

OCCURRED: ,,, iQ/oyi? # approximately 3200 hours OCCURRENCE: , , . Novat^a39119 _ 


Lieutenant Jeff Coday P707p 
Sergeant Craig Punh P8253 
Sergeant Cody Futwiler P01S7 
petective William Schpen P4798 
Detective Lui$ NoiTis P5104 
Detective Nikki lyiahcfllas P6427 
Detective Todd Humphrey P7317 

Detective Dav!d''Arboreeh'P7533''"' ■ ■ 

Detective Cynthia Hurtado Pez^R 

Above listed personnel were later identified ^ Strike Team 30** 


On October 1.2017, at approximately 2228 hpum, Sgt Dunn sent a squad text advising of the Actiye 
Shooter incident occurring at the Roiite 01 Music Festfvat/ Mandalay Bay* 6gt Dunn further advised to get our 
uniforms and equipment ready to respond* At approximately 2300 hours, Sgt Dunn advised the listed 
personnel to meet at the Special investigations office (at HO), where wd vvbuld brief and respond as a group to 
the Command Post (OP), which was Ideated at the South Cahtraf Area Command, 

The listed personnel arrived at HO and subsequently responded to the CP. Sgt Dunn notified CP 
personnel tHaf he had a team ready for deploymOni Sgt Dunn was advised that our team would be deployed 
as Strike Team 36, but we were advised lo stand by for further orders; A short time later, the CP advised our 
Strike Team to meet.with the EMS/ Fire CP personnel and get further instrudtions regarding our response to, a 
Staging arda near Tropicana aha Las Vegas B!vd* While preparing to deploy, we were advised to disregard 
and to stand by for further orders. 

of Report: .Jl 0/10/17 D845 hours officer: Detective 0, Arboreen P#: 7533 

Approved By: D; P#S253 Officer: ' . 


tVMP0^2 (ftovSffll) > VW>RO 2010: 




Event#; 171001-3910 

LiOMtenant Coctay responded to the CP and was assigned by Opt* Peliatler (1C) to assist U. HanK 
(Staging Manager) with coordinating relief for the officers originally ^signed to the Route 91 special event. In 
coordination with it. Hank and it. Yatomi, and as resources became available, Route 01 event officers were 
relieved of their post so they could return to, the CP- . 

At approximately 013d hours, CP personnel advised Sgt. Dunn and Strike Team 36 personnel tp 
respond to thd Southern Hills Hospital, located w/Sunset Rp. iae Vegas, Nevada 39146, where 
numerous victims were being treated for injuries ranging from gunshot wounds to fc^bken bones, as a result of 
the incident, Sgi Dunn was further advised to have his Strike Team personnel conduct interviews of the 
victims* collect and impound all related evidence and secure the hospital pending additionai victims who may 
be seifTransporting or arriving via, ambuiande from other area hospitals. Sgt- Futwiter also responded to the 
Southern Hills Hospital upon returning to las Vegas from Phopnix, Arizona and being made aware of the 
incident and Strike team 36’s orders from the CP, 

Strike Team 36 personnel subsequently responded to the Southern Hills Hospital and interviewed following 

wa® hot present at the Houte 91 Festival She was playing craps at the Mirage O^ihd arid;injured her 
leg during the subsequent evacuation, as a rdsult of the Unfotinded Active Shooter reports that fdiiowed the 
actual Active Shooter at Route $1/Mandalay Bay, 

IHIV stated She Was standing n ear the ce nter bar, in front of the main stage, She heafd the gunfire, but did 
not see the shooter or his location, ^^|^||stated it spunddd tike the gunfire whs coming from the Mandalay 
Bay, She injured her left ankle While, fuhning away, , 

was in th e.Neon Lounge at the time of the shooting, ^([|heard the gunfirei but did not sea the shooter 
dr his location, p||||§Btated It spuhded like the gunfire was Coming from the Mandalay Bay. She injured her left 
ankle while ruhhTng aWay, 

was not interviewed because she was discharged prior to our arrival, 

are married and visiting from Oregon. They were standing in front of the main stage 
ey heard **flr ecfacKers ,’^ T here was, a break and then they thought they heard 
fire crackers *'again. At that P^>ht||||||||||§ andi||||H| saw the performers run Off stage. As they turned to 
unvM|M was shot in the leg, SiniUitaneousIWWnKnOwn female next to them Vras shot in the head and 
ell trroijrouind 

■ stated he observed 'Hashes” coming from t he Mandalay Bay hotel tower, approximately 3 or 4 floors 
m the rooftop. Both fUMHHPMHlHPstated they heard gunshots as they were fteeingJ|M|||H 
stated they fled and hid behind the Coca Cota Suites, located east of the main stage. ilfliH 



Evsnt #; 


state<i the suites were 3 stories high and they could hear the rounds ricocheting off of the structure while they 
were hiding* 

ft was later determined 

was shot in the upper left, thigh and had additional buKet fragmor^ts in his left 

■ Stated she was with her daughter f||| at the Bpute 91 Country Harvest Festival. It was approximately . 

ours and they were in the center pTtne crowds (n frdnt of the nhain stage* watching Jason Atdean 
pedorm. They heard loud bangs, but thought th ey wer^e ftrewoil<s; Jason Aldean continued to perform, so no 
one in attendance thought anything was V^rprig. m||then said she observed Jason Aldean rqn off the stage 
and peopie began running. 

ubsequentiy rari away fropi the Wandaiay Bay a nd tow ard^ the Hooters Casino. Idipisfipped 
ediateiy felt a burning sensation on hotleft foDtt|||Hi the shooting seemed to get Ipiider 
and felt tike the rounds were closer. BothMHiMlll^ot up plflhe ground and hid in somebushes; 
waitihg for the shOpting to stop* They then ran all the way to Hooters pasirio and into an unknown room with 
other pedpie, possibly room 446, : : ^ ^ ^ 

went into the bathro om and realized she had been shot in her left foot aotyjft buttock* Ihey; 
imrhediately called 1 andMH was transported to So uthern H ills Hospital. iBfconfirmed her mother's 

story and said thet her phone was drop ped at the concertti^Ultatdd there mlfTS yldeo of the incident pn her 
cell phone. A oitizpri putportediy fpurid cpn phone end is keeping in contact with another family member 
to, later return the phone. , Neither Or knew where the shots were coming from. ■ 

stated she w as at the Ro ute. 91 Country Harvest Festival At approximately 2200 hours, Jason 
Aidean Was performi ng, 3aid she Was siitirig in the graSs area With fripnds, approxi mately IQp feet 

from the main stage. to hear pang'' noises that sounded like BB gun shpts. iHHlliloitiatly 

thought it Wes a part of the Cohdert, but the performers stopped playing and rah off the stage, 

The crowd theri began to duck and run aWay as the shpts continued,IHillAi stated the shots sounded far 
away and there were a lot of theni, which she further described as teri round s, at a time. $he said it almost 
sounded (ike multiple shootings at:one time, but could not be sure. said she saw multiple pepple 

bleeding and running. 

jj^Hgillteated she ran tow ards the Hp oters Casino, in a North East directioni arid felt like Pe got hit by a 
paint ball on the right buttock.1B|BiP^l^n saW her right hand and sawbldod on it. She finally made it to the 
Hooters Casino and ran into a restaurhnt Bhe said 9i 1 was callad and was she was subsequently transported 
to Sunrise Hospital. Once she arrived at Sunrise Hospital, hospital personnel advised her they could not treat 
her until tomorrow because of the shear amount of victims who were arriving at the hopital 

■ stated her boirfrien 

came and picked her up and frahsponea ner to 5C 
spect nor see where the shots were dolming from. 

m Hills Hospital. 


stated she did not 

The aforementioned detectives photographed the injured and secured numerous iterris of evidence, 
which included bullets and bullet fragments that were surgically removed from several of the victims, along with 
s^eral items of bloody clothing the victims Were wearing at the time they were shot. These items were later 
impoundedunder LVMPD Event#17100i'-3619, at LVMPp Headquarters. , ' 

US VEOAS mstbopomtan powce department 


Event 171001^3519 

On 10/00/17, at approximately 1100 hour®, Strike Team 30 personnel were advised we could dear from 
Southern Hills Hospital and secure. Lieutenant Coday was relieved at the SCAQ CP and returned to HQ, 
securing at . approximately 1130 hours. 

End of Report. 



Event#: ttV171COl003S19 

Maf^dalay Bay Aqtivp ShoQt^i^ 









10/1/20172200 hrs 

, , , LOCATlON OP 


, Mandalay Bay/ Route 9i concert 


I, Officer B, Brosnahan, P#13927, operating as a uniformed SWAT officer; c^ij sign zaa, did;respond to tfie 
Mandalay Bay active shooter event on io/1/?b;i 7 at 2215 hrs, i was off duty when I received a text message 
from my supervisor, Sgt, Wiggins stating that there was an active shooter at the Manddtay Bay, and that I, 
along with the entire SVVAT team was to respond:! drove my iinmari^d rrietro vehicle code 3; logging on as 1 
was enroutOv While listening to the radio, details>fOre scattered and unclear as to the number of shooters, their 
locations, and how many locations they had attackOd/Bather than pulling up to Mandalay Say directly, and in 
to an ambush, a supervisor got on the SWAT 1 radio channel, drid instrucf^ ail SWAT personnel to meet at 
SbAC to stage and deploy from there* 

Once artivedi the assistant team leader, syvAT Officer K. Stephens, told me he needed me tg deploy as a 
sniper, so ( grabbed my sniper gear, to include my LaBue >308 semi-automatic shipdr rifle, l then linked up with 
SWAT Officer C* Mikkeison, and:drove in his truck to Mandalay Bay, We arrived at the 4 season's entrance, 
and immediately encountered;40 plus civilians taking cover and asking fpr help- f^ikkelsdn and I escorted the 
crown to lV Biyd and directed them south towards the patrol perimeter, 

Mikkeison and I then entered the 4 season's entrance Id Mandalay Say, We ware able to lopate an elevator, 
and took it to the 35*^ floor, the lowest floor that codld get to on that elevator. We had heard radio traffic that 
the shooter Was on the 32™* floor, and in a suite, where he was shooting at the Bdute 91 harvest festival 
concert. Once pn the 35“' floor, we found stairs and took those down to the 32^ floor. We entered the haiiway, 
and immediately to our left, found a suite at the end of the hallway. With a partially open dbor. We didn’t know if 
this was the suite the shooter was in, so we entered and cleared the suite, not finding anypne inside. Mikkeison 
and I then made pur way to the center rotunda of the 32^^ floor, and contacted seyaral officers, and Mandalay 
Bay employees. They directed us towards the suspect's suite* Looking down the wing of the suspect’s suite, 
we could see at the end of the hallway, the double doors to the suite. The left door as you look at It had do;!:ens 
of bullet holes in it We also observed that several patrol and plain clothes officers, and T SWAT; officer, 

O’Donnell, were halfway down the suspect hall, and taking cover in the hotel room alcoves. Mikkeison and i 
ran down the hallway to those officers, and set up as a sniper tedm, covering the suspect’s doors. 

The officers informed us they had not heard gunfire come from the room for several rolnutps. SWAT Officer 
Hancock then broadcast on the GCAG channel that he wps entering the suspect hallway from the stairwell, 

Date and Time at Report: _ 11/14/2017 1449hrs Officer; _ B. Bfosnahan P#: 13927 

Approved By: . ^ .. Officer:' ' .:..,.... 

StONAtVRK: . , 

iVMrJD ea (Rev.6/(H) • v/opo sjio 

LAB V^OA$ MCTOPOyiAN P0UC6 Pf partm^nt 


Event #; LLV171001003519 

next to the 3U$pect'$ to hang an exploaive breach, MiKkelspn and i covered their movements; The 
breach was detonated, and the left door did come free from the hinges* only hanging up on the interior door 
return. The breach team then tore the door an the way down, and slowly entered the suite. After the team 
entered, and MikKelson and I were out of play, we were set to be a downed officer rescue team. Once a 
sedond charge went off inside of the suite, and we heard a discharge of a firearm, MiKKelaon and I made the 
decision to enter the suite in case the team ran short of bodies, By the time We entered, the suite; arid 
adjoining room were cleared, and the suspect Was found dead inside; 

The suspect had apparently shot himself in the head with a silver revolver. Inside of the roorvi vye observed at 
least 18 AR style rifles, with various type of accessories on them, hundreds of loaded rifle magazines, cameras 
attached to the backs of the doors, looking through the peep holes, a tube run from the bedroom of the suttd, 
into the suite, monitors, and yarious other: items. There Were huhdreda of spent shell casings on the suite floor, 
a sledgehammer, and two broken out windows, pne in the main suite and the other in the adjoin hotel room; 
The suspect had also run 2 cameras to a room service cart that was sffti in the hallway. Hancock was able to 
ideate the suspect ID and broadcast the info. 1 broadcast oyef the SWAT 1 channel that the suspect had been 
located, that we used explosive charges, arid that the suite was code 4. The suite was then turned over to 
uniformed patrol officers, and Mikkelson and i made our way downstairs to link up with other SWAT personnel 
to begin looking for additional suspects. 

VVe Cleared a luggage sto^age/yaipt area thatseveral hotel pUeste, security; and yaiet workers had taken cover 
in. Among the group, was a security officer that had been shot in the leg on the floor. 1 escorted hirh to our 
AT doctor for treatment. The team 1 was with the cleared the SPA area of the Mandalay bay, finding 2 
employees hiding in thp manager*s office. We escorted them to safely. We Were; then tasked along with the 
entire SWAT team, to go floor by fidor, and dear every hotel room in the Mandalay bay. Once thd rooms were 
deared, we all met back at $fcAC to debrief. 



,Mapdalay.Bay Incident 
SuaiECT , , 

Event 4 : LtVlClOOl00351fl 




OCCURRED: __ 10/01/^017^200 _OcCMRBENCE: 3950 S . las Vegas 3lvd. IVN 8^119 

On 10/01/2017 ,1 Officer Carrasco P#9038 v^ile off duty received a daflout and was activated at 
approximately 2200 Hours for an active shooter event at M^dalay Bay Oasino located at 3950 $, las v^as 
Blvd- LVN 89119. After receiving a text message from rtiy supervisor and the communicator (st^Od en-rgute 
to the Mandalay Bay basino; 

1 responded code 3 in my department vehicle to the dosionated stage location of Bouth Centraf area command. 
Upon arriyal f dressed out into my LVMPp SWAT uniforrn, 1 met up With several Other arriving SWAT and 
Search and Bescue officers and formed an active shooter strike ioath. pur team was given direction from the 
Swat obrhmander to go to the Mahda^^^^ Our strike team cleared seyaral feprs^p^^ 
have any suspect CohtaOt. Onpe the scerie was determined safe and turn^ over to ihyestigators; We 
returned to the stage ipcatipn and attended a debriefv 

Dale and Time ol Report: . 


, Officer: 

T. Carrasco 

Approved Sy: 

T: Mueller 


tvMFD flaiRpVie/tn) >:WOR0 aolo 

Ffiipo 1 



Events: UV171001003l^19 

Mandalay Bay incident 












3S50 S. las Vegas Blvd. Ly,N 39119 

On 1 p/01/20171 Offioor J. CollipgwcQd P#9033 while off duty received a callopt and wa activated at 
approximately 2200 hours for an Active shooter at Mandalay hay Casino located at 3950 S, las Vepas Blyd 
lyN 89119. After receiving a text message from niy supervisor and the communicator) started en-route to the 
Mandalay Bay Casino. 

Once 1 arrived to the area I heard reports of another active shooter at New York New York Casino, t advised 
; CP over the air on SWAT 1 that i was making entry to New York New York Casino, ( made contact with a few 
patrol officers and made entry, it vvas quickly realised that we didhi have another actiye shpqter here and l 
linked up with; Sgt, t^ehpucb^^ at ImpicanO ahd las; V^as felyd. Vye theh linked up WitH a patrol abfive shodter 
team and moved on foot from Tropicana and las Vegas 8lvd to Mandalay Bay Casino. Once at Mandalay Bay 
wo carried out our mission to secure and make safe the Mandalay Bay. Once it Was determined safe, we were 
advised to return to the staging area at SQAC and dePrief the incident 

Date and Time ot Repod: 



,J, Collinpwood . 

P#: 9033 

Approved Bv; 

T, Mueller 


PJf: , 



Page l 




' _ , _ , Mapd^lay Bay Active ^hQQter ,, , 


REPORTING: _ Homeland Bqcurtty, Division OCCURRENCE: , . CQAC 

DATE a TIME COCAtlON OF ;39SP Las V#gas BlVd- Us Ve^^S. 

OCCURRED; , 1 , 0 -Qi - 17 Approximately 220 P,Hours ,: , occurrence; , ' ■ ' ,, •.- "39119 - ■ ' 

IlilAR My g; 

On 10*01 * 17 at appro?dmateiy 2200 hours, t Sgt. Todd Mueller acting as the Team Leader for the LVMPD 
SWAT Blue Teanri received information of a possible active shoofer at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. I also received 
inforrnation from It VV, Muddier that the shOotpr Was possibly ip an elevated position and that we were td meet 
at the South Central Area Command, l passed this information oyer the radio on $Wat 1 tp the responding 
SWAT Officers. 

Once I arrived at South Central Area Command l met up with U Muddler to receive any additippal information 
he may have;, Lt Huddterpdyiee^ had notping more and that he was heading to the comm 

Ithen got with my Assist^t teaim tea^OP SWAT Officer Kevin Stephans, and 
operators into several active shooter teams, OnbO the teams were established l Oontacted the command post 
and advised them that we were heading to Mandalay Bay, U HUddler copied me and advised that he did not 
have any hard intelligence yet as to where the shooting Was coming ;frprn or where the shooter was located. 

The teams then started northbound on Las Vpgas Boulevard toward the Mandalay Bayi When We reached the 
front entrance of the Four Seasons we made our way through the inteHor to the Mandalay Bay to avoid being 
seen by the suspept. At that hme we 3^1! didn1 know for sure vdiere the stispect was or if there was more than 
one suspect. We started to receive information from the command pbst that patrol officers were bn the 32"^ 
floor and that we had BWAT perponnel on the 32^* floor as Well My team made our Way to iho Plavatom in the 
main lobby of Mandalay Bay in an attempt to get up to the 32™'floor; 

The bpmmunioatipns with the command post and the area command channel were very proKen up due to the 
interior of the hotel. We heard broKen traffic on the area command channel that possible suspects were coming 
down fhe eievatdrs, We set up in the rpain ibb© near the elevators and waited tor the suspects. During this time 
we received information from the command post that another active shobter was occurring at the New York 
New York Hotel, One of the other $VVAT tearns then camp over the air and said that thpy were heading to the 
New York New York Hotel to assist. My team stayed at the Mandalay Bay to address the possible suspects 
coming down the elevator. After several minutes the command post informed us that the information about the 
suspects coming down the elevators wbs unfounded and that the elevators were all now shut down. 

Date and Tima ef Report: 

11"0$"2017 1940 


. . . "■ R#: 

Approved Sy: 


■ ' >#: 


IVMPt} £2 WOFiO 2010 



Event#: 17100V3519 

The team that responded to the New York New York returned to the Mandalay Bay after finding out the 
information about the active shooter at a second location was atsp unfounded. 

Both teams then met up with a security officer for lyiandalay Bay who unidoked the exterior door leading to the 
stairs. Both teams moved up the stairs to the 32^ fioor. As vye were making our way up the stairSj wO received 
information that the teams oh the 32*^ floor had already made entiy into the suspect's room and that the 
suspect was down. Officer Stephens and I then divided up the teams to clear each floor; As the flobrs were 
being cleared nothing additional was located^ We cleared from the 2^^^ floor to.the rOdf. The. command, post 
ordered us to leave one team on the roof to hold that position so (did. 

1 then received instruction from Lt Huddler in the comnhand post to set up a forward staging area; I told him 
that it woUid be the east facing yalet area of Mandalay ^y; Once aH pf the teams were ;in the vaiet area, I 
received direction fipm the Lt* Huddler to organise several teams With medipai personnel from the fire 
department to clear every floor and every room. A Mandalay Bay security guard gave Officer Stephens multiple 
master keys and 1 divided them up amongst several teams. Once ali of the tearhs were sent upstairs all of tpe 
roorns were cleared. Nothing additional wes found. We returned the master keys to MOndalay Bay security. All 
of the teams from SWAT then returned bOOk to South Central Area Command for an operational debrief. 



eW#: 171001-3S19 


. '/suaiScf ' 




Airport eumau 



DATE,& time 




S757 Wayne Newton 


October 1,ao.i 7 at the Rout^SI Festival. . 

pn QpTI I received 3 ph0b9 call from hpme that tWa an acW^ situation:^Oin^ oh at the Strip; 
tnfimediatety l got dressOcI fmm home and self-deployed to the MhCarran Airport, l arhyed at lyibCai'ran Airport 
simultaneously with my Lt Hd^h Grimm who also self-depioyeti. At that point myself; Lt Noah Grimm, $gt Joe 
Simmons grabbed our tactical ^oar and ydhicto and wOnt to the west side of the aidteld, pnce we got to the 
west side of the aittld 1 had made cdritact with $6me strike team officers and got a brief in which they told us 
mere were hundi^Ods still inside, the West side hangars, yye also came in cotitaot with concert goers trom 

Route 91 concert inside the Atlantic Aviation Terrninal- Some were injured from trying to get away from the 
shooter at the Mandalay Bay, $ome y/ith np shbeS or shirts^ We immediately tried to find transportation for the 
victirris who ran: For a large portion of the night myself It, Orimm. U Weiskopf aiid Sgt: Simmons had to deaf 
many hangafs and business offices that were damaged by concert goers trying to get aWay from thb shooting. 
We had cleared dozens of hangars, door to door, top to bdttorn; We had found dd^ens of broken windows, 
gates, doors fforh people trying to hide. We had also found a iergb biobd frail gging through a business on 
airport property frorn people trying to get away arid find coyer, vye continued throughout the night into the 
morning making sure ther^e were no injured victims inside the hangar or businesses, 


of Report: -—('l'-i 28 - 20 "IT': .. <^cer; ^nfl[nttfi?rr ytA nd y) ' V i^t}i H rtt ^ — 

.'.. .' ' . _ ''■ ' ' ^ .' ',: . , . . ,;; . I ., . ' '. _; 

Approved By; 


IVMR) (Rav.S/^)0 < WOflO Kllt) 




Event 171001-3519 

Mandaiay Bay Shootihg 

■ "'CuaiicT,"' ’ ' 




: Patrol 




10/01/17 OTShrs, 

, location OP 


, Mandalay Bay 


On 10/01 /17 at appro?cimately 22p5hra, t <5. Jackson P#13418, Operating as marked patrpl onit 798, 

conducted graveyard briefing at SC^C with SC12 & SC13. While listening to SCAC radio channel and 
conducting briefing l heard the dispatcher say that there was an Active Shopter on: CCAC. i advised everyone 
to turn on their radio OCAC, as we had a possible Active Shogter. A few minutes later based on the radio 
traffic, I directed all graveyard patrol Officers to deploy to the Active Shooter incident .As officers were loading 
up their pafroi vehicles, \ escorted Oklahoma University representatives Out of the building and to the front 
parking,tot. • 

1 put On my rifle carrier racKed:a round in rhy rifl^^^^ I pidOed hiy rifle in th^^ front seat next to me and f 
put the gate Of S(yAd As I was leaving SpAfc, Heard one of my troops say over the radlp the Blyd ne^ed to 
be shut down, I made fhp deOiston to shut down ait northbound trdffit oh the Blvd in an pttempt to prevent ariy 
additiphal injuries, I parked my pa^ol vehicle on the Blvd directly in froht of the entrance to SCAB Where t: 
deployed my rifle. I requesfed ah additional unit to assist with shutting down all northbound vehicle arid 
pedestrian traffic on the Blvd, Once an additional unit arriv^, a CP Was set up in the front of SCAC and units 
were being deployed to forward operating ideations. 

1 requested several BTC puses to fhe Had^y Davison business to assist with extracting and transporting 
witnesses and bystander^ from further harm. ! acted as the pseudo medical staging area, controlling the 
direotiph and, flow of rnedical vehicles. .. 

Two of my troops. Officer T. Thai & Officer $, Usfe contacted me from inside the Mandalay Bay 
Security/sufveitlance office. Officer Thai remained in constant communication with me as he worked with 
security. Officer Thai advised me over the phone that the target suite was registered to Stephen PaddOck and 
three other women. Officer Thai adViaed that Paddock bhecked in 09/28/17 and w^s due to check put 
10/02/17. Officer Thai advised that he wasnl able to get on the radio and provide updates. I took Officer 
Thai’s information and broadcast it over SCAC radio channel. 

All graveyard officers remained in constant communication with me throughout the Incident. 

Date and Time of Report; 10/01/17(^2205 ' Officer: G. JeoKspn ' PU\ ,1,3419 

Approved By; , Officer; , , , . . P#: , , 

IVMPO BS (Pijv,awt) • WORD 2010 




"CliqK tp Edit Dflid/rime of Report" 

, , Event# on All Pages" 


landalgy Bay Active ghooter 

Event#: 171001^519 

;■ DIVISION qijyiSiONOf 



' occurred; 

10447/2200 Hours 



3950,^ las Vegas Blvd 




Officer E. Morgan P# 5651 
Officers. Mafia P#5839 

"tocatioii,' . 

Mandalay Saylas Ve^as Btvd. 

On 10447 l and Officer Sean Malta were called out In reference to an actiyO shooter at the Mandalay Bay. 
^pon our arrival at SCAC we joined ^ strike tpani lieaiiiihO into the Mar^dalay Bay and headed for the 32*^ floor. 
We got tp about the 28^ floor when a strike team entered the suspect’s room and located Kim. Wa were 
ihstrocted to keep sweeping floors as at that time it was reported thpt there were other shooters; We swept 
numerous floors until we were called to return to the ground floor vaiet. We did not locate any vlcftims or other 
shooters during the sweeps: Once down in valet we were given master keys to the rooms and directed to go 
and open all rooms to check for victims Our team respofided and wOd^ed several floors along with many other 



gvsnt#: 1T10014S19 

XHcktoEt^ttDstsmmeofRepofV- , , , 

' Oct 1 Active ^hooter _., . 




wAnoNOP ■ ; ^ ^ ^ ' 

OCCURRED; 10/1/17 _ , OCCURRENCE: : Maod^lgy Bay, RputeOl CoRcert 


bn cm 1, a017^ I, Sgt M Harris, ajorigwith Officers R vprc«^, K McCgn^ M English, D Newton and Sgt J 
BitsKo, was at Moon Valley Nursery at a ^5/ Eastern for new dog training, A$ we waited td hegin, we heard the 
radio dispatch of the active shooter, BHsKo and Newton iihmediately assigned therhselves ar^ left Moon 
Valley, The rest of us put on our duty unlfonn (we were dressed down for tmining and decoy training) dhd 
responded code 3, 

1 went imrnediatOfy to SCAC and assisted It p Hank with mnnihg the! the fropt parking lot. 

Other K$ iJhHS arrived arid were aasished tasifs from the staging area! I was ft the oorhmand'post/staging 
area' for possibly 1 hour before Lt Yatomi arrived' was: gulckly tpsit^ with oheckihg in with ihe strip 
properties betweeri Sahara arid Flarnihgo, determining their status, If Jhey had any injuries inside related! to the 
shooting, etc, i joined up with her and we completed that taSk within! an hour or so: We toOk the properties on 
the east side of the Boulevard and yye tOsked ke Sgt d Duncan and KS O^per J iedogar with the v/est siOa 
properties; ' 

When we completed that, we assisted the Special Events personnel at the Route 91 scene, 1^ore ward rpany 
officers still On scene that had been working sincp 1300 hours,: It Was now ^rourki 0$0p-640d, We worked on 
accounting tdr all th® officers assigned to the event, getting thern reHayed pnd securing the Scene: there were 
still bodies on Giles that were not being guarded by police and Giles wad not very secure. Making sure the 
scene was secure and staffed with fresh officers was our task until we secured at aroutid 0930 hours; 

Ofliie and Tima of Report: 10 / 17/19 @ 2030 Offtopr; 

Approved Sy: U Y YatOini #04 , 02 Offikash 


L\mPe U itKvv^ant); WORO3fl10: 




, Mandalay Bay Active, Shooter 





OCQUBRED: . 10/01/2017, gSOShr^, , OCCURBiNCE; , Msh<jaisy Bay , 


FYi Qn the above listed date and timei li Officer M. Burris F^#S0^4. vyhile working as SWAt personnel unit Z3^, 
was assigned to an active shooter event at the Mandalay Bay. ( responded to t^e Staging area of the parking 
iot of the SCAC, as per Lt Huddlef's orders^ Upon arrival, myself and nuhierpus other SVVAT personnel 
dawned our entry gear, armed with handguns, rifles^ and shock locks. Teams were quickly assembled amongst 
SVVAT personnel and began to move foAvard to the Mandalay Bay. Entry was made thraugh the main doors on 
the Southeast corner. Due to intel oyer the radio that the suspect may be coming down the elevators, bur team 
held cover on the neaity elevator hub. Hotel systems then shut down the public efeyatprs. Upon contact with 
security we attempted to find the hotel service elevator, of which the secuhty officer op hand could hot advise 
oh. A secOnd ^epuri^ officer then gbvb us a<^ass; to: the ^tainveil where we phtetob and began escenbing the 
stairs. After toe team on the target floor breached th® room and iocated thb suspect the team split pp and 
began clearing floors starting with the 31 ""floor, the team I was on started pfearing on floor 33, My team and I 
then continued clearing floors of suspects and victirhs all the way up to the rOof of the Mandatay Bay We Were 
thpn told to rally with other teams and pD in the valet section. Upon rallying we were assigned a couple of FD 
personnel and wefe sent back into the Mandalay Bay with master hotel keys and multiple teams and began 
clearing every floor and every robrri for potential suspects and Victims,, No more suspects or victims were , 
tocafed. Upon finishing our Clearing of the building we Werb told to return to SCAG for debrief. 

Pate and Time Q( Report: . 10 / 2 a/£ 0 l .7 Burris, Matthew . ps: ■ 6094 

'ApprovedBy: __ J, Wig gins _ 'Officer; ,. , , ' 


Pape 1 

XVMPD fla (Rpv;lMiy rWOROaOlO: 



Event#: I7l0010q3^1$ 

Mandalay gay Active Shooter ' 

^ ^ ^ ^ SUBJECT ^ ^ ^ ^ 

DIVISION division OP 

REPORTING: Hohtsland Security Divipion , OCCURRENCE: . ToUhstSiatty Division , 


OCCURRED: _ . 10/01/2017 3203 HRS , , OCCURRENCE: ' ,3950.$; ^ Vegas , BN NV 


On 10/1/SOI 7 at 2210 hours whit^ driving my department vehicle 1 heard a hroadcRst of an active shooter at 
Mandajay Bay Hotel-1 immediately switched to Conyentipn penter radio channel Upon hearing officers 
confirming that there yyas an active shooter, iseif-dispatchod myself and sent a text tp $vvAT management 
and CNt members-1 then responded to the $WAt hangar to deploy the TQP, once a command post iocation 
was given. After 1 arrived at SPAC, l sent up TOC outside of the TASS Office for the sWAT paptain/Ueutenant 
and CNT Team loader to worR out of. pufing the event i monitor^ SPAC radio channel and help coordinator 
officers between SAR and S\A/AT. 

LVMPD WanD&Olg: 

Page 1 



gv^nt#: 171001003519 

, October 1st/Route Festival ^ 

: ; .:.sgaiecT ^ , ■ , : 


REFORTiNO; Community Policing / Bolden Area Command ocouRRENCi; Coventlon Center Area Command 


OOCURRED: October 1st 2017 OCCURRENCE: Routo 0,1 Festival 


OFFICERS INVOLVED; Dold^n Area Command 

SefiOdant David Watts Pi5f8463 . 

Officer Bichard Biurrus weiO 
Officer Oordie Bush P#9301 
Officer Regina Coward P#4006 
Officer Myron William^ P#14075 
Officer Benjamen Cobb F#14099 

:,DET.AlU: ■'■■■'■;; 

Ort October 1**; 2017* 1 Serigeant David Watts P#8463 along with the above iist^ bffioere responded frorn 
home to Bolden Area Oornniand to dress out and prepare to deploy on the strip. Once officers were ready to^ 
go, we were advised by the OOC to provide security for Bolden Area Command as it vyas not known if there 
was more thhn one shooter the above fisted team provided security for the area commahd throughout the 


bat? and Om? of Report: October 23 fd 2017 at 1330 ,hours Officer: Q.WattS P#; 6403 

Approved By; , Officer: p#: 





BvmUi 171001003519 

, Offlpar'^ Repprt For AcXWq $^Qoter ^tthe Bouta 91 Festivai _ . _ 

^ ^ .;.™ ^ SUBJECT ^ ^ ^ 


BFFORTINQ: Tourfet Safety Division / SQB , ocgurrsnce: Tourist Safely Division./OCAC 

DAieaTiME LOCATtONOF 'THo Villago Ipr 3901 South Us Vegas 

OCCURRED: 1Q/QI/17 ^ SgQB Hours . OOCURRFNGF:, ; , B}yd. Us Vsga$, NV 89109 


Upon hearing atoout the current incictent t immeciiately responded to the DOfe and pagan activating the ABX: 
Roster, since I vyas one of the deyeiopers of the>oster* Throughout the night, i assisted in notificatioris for the 
activation. Later in the morning, I responded to the Village. Ldt, briefly, to walk out pur SEC Cbcilla Rodriguez 
and recover her radio base siatfeh, i then responded to SCAC to help with the morning deployment of ABX- 

Date and Time of Report; 

10/24/17 0715 


d. Rich 

P#: 9052 

Approved By; 




IVMPP aa (Fiav.&w I) V WORD £010 

Psige 1 




Route 91 Festival 


division OlViSiONOF 

REPORTtNO:_ Oang/Vice BumRU pCOORRiNCH: Cpnvontion Center _ 

DATE 4 TIME LOCATION OF 3960 S Lrs Vegas Blvd Us Vogas, NV 

OCCURRED:' , , ,,10/01/17 2230HpUfg . . , , ;OCCURRENCE: ■ ' ' ' , ; 'WHS.'.' 


On 10/01/17, at appro><fniatoly Z230 hour®, I, Dot O, paaO© F#14760;waa on duty working in a plain ctotnea 
capacity witti the OangA/ice bureau, as I am assigned; My squad seff dispatched to the Cqrnnianci Post at 
South Central Area Gommarld uppn hearing the radio traffic of an active shooter at the Mandalay Bay* Upon 
arriving, we were assigned to dear the Pads Hotel and Casino. WC wore ahta to do so with assistance from 
other officers and then were assigned to the front Wqlkway between Paris Hotel arid ^all/s Hotel until we were 
■feiieyed''by'''dayshift;.' ■ 

HZ • WORD »10 




Event#: ttV171001003ai9 

Mandalay Bay incident 








DATE & time I„ocatjon OF S. las VsQas 0lyd, Las, Vegas 

dCCURBED: , l0/Q|/a0l7-g145 , OCCURRENCE; Hevaija 39119 

On 10/01/20171 Officer J. Bfown P# 9162 w^ile off duty received a callout and was activated at approximately 
2200 hours reference an aCtive ehooter eveht that was taking place at Mandalay Bay Hotel and casino located 
at 3950 $. Las Vegas Slvd. Las Vegas Nevada 89119, After receiving a text message arid communicator 1 
started en^oute, utilising alt emergency equipment to the general area of Las Vegas Bivd; arid Russel! RPad, 
While emroute 1 was monitoring the SWAT 1 channel and had oPtained inforrnation from doth ATI Stephens 
and Lt Huddler to arrive and stage at South Gentml Area Command due to multiple attacks and suspects 
being reported, Upon arriving to the advised stage location i; dressed out and began to take directipri from the 
SWAT Commandan Once;the direction was given I corri^ ogt the piission: that was set fdrih by SWA^ 
Commander ■Muddler until the ,^cdne was determined safOv price the scene wa^ determined safe and ,re|eas^ 
to investigating entities I was then advised to return to the initial stage location for a de-bridf Of the incident. 

Dat0 and Timo of Report: 


■ Office 

Jair Brown 

P#: 009182 

Apptoved Sy: 

T, Mullar 


P#: ■' 


t.VMPD {FtQV,fi/ 01 ) ^ WOt^O 




Evsm#; 17W1-3S19 

Rf$pqn®© b RoutaOlHarvE^t! Muafe Fe^^v^l Active SliooW 



REPORtiNO: ft/lajof Vioi^by Rj^P£iOtii^ SubEtJ ocouI^renOe; Rqp petait 


OCCURRED: .10^1-20!^7 @2g08 

. UOCATfbHOF ,39Q1, $t la®VagE&Styd, 

osiOWE^OE; ; La^ y^as^ Wg^llO : 

On 1P-M7 atapproxfmabiy 2^14 tour®, l tjataotiva 0. Jatopn* F#96$Qr teamed mat Tarawa® to acttve 
ahoobr ^nt working at the Matoal^ Bay Caaiho ato the Rodte ^1 Qmmn acroas tho atmet, Hearing the 
radio traffic arid ackndwfedging there weib numbem of caaMaito®. i eontapt with my cNih of 

command^ Sergeant D. Bricssoni and thep started to h^d that way pode3. At ap|;:iroximet©)y 2236 to 2240 
hour®, I arrived in the area of E. Mandalay and piles Street; were I located two additional patrol unite Who 

wane on foot: I picked them up, and drpve them west to the Lae Vegaa Bivd and 0; Mandalay Bay, where We 
exitedv 1 could see that numeroua i>atoi o^tore vi^fe taking cover pehind thdir patrol vehicle and other^^i^^ 

;;.tto. beet may. could. Upon those two etefa exitln^^ 

Mated At mat time, t wab tot aura Were ihe suspect was Put believed ho was sorneWhera ori 

MandalayBay Casmowto:i high grouto advantage. I men drove back east onB, Wnda^^^^ to GlIes 

Street, then proceeded north ori Pii^S; At this time I could see people atljl leaylbg thefeativarfrcm asouth east 
gate, that was dpen; so [ drove into th^Boute, festival area and,, pulled up into .the eastern Infield; just .north of 
the main stage* i was in my departrnent yehiple, a plpck podge Ourahgc, Which had emergency equipment to 
include iligms,and siren* .As ( parked In the Infield t left my emergency lights to ,ahd exited my vehicle. At this 
fime, ,it appeared to ms' that, there may approximamiy SOO-TOQO pecple toll inside the event They were, , 
etottered throughout and lcpuld seemat there were still they were moving op their 

own ato headed east out of the event. As I exited rpy vabicle 1 ntocto that there was to unknowfi Hispanic 
female down approximately to feto tom my toveys side d i werit to tpe mar of my vehicle to^ 

pieced my heavy vpst bn, which inctudes toramio plates^ aipng with a balOtoC helmet, then grabbed rhy rifle, 
pef^ontotmt^amedbtoatoabalKsfi At sorne point, (observed two additfe^^^ 
wearing the tVMFD bike uniform sb 1 grabbto thenrt to help tod' end to detoytoafic myself to ito enforcement, 
as I work in a covert capacity and did not resemble a police officer other than some Velcro pdlloe tottods on 
my vest; At this tirnai wS began to move. Our plan was to reCheck those injured people who were tying doym 
in the infieid, checking for signs of fife; The fito Hispanic female 1 had Initially seen was 419 as wp werit to her 
first. Our team ther^ prpceedto to the west Infidid and started to move back through this area south and west 
towards the main stage fe hopefully help those lying in the field. As we moVedi we made contact with a- 
lieutenant (Lt R* Spenper» P# 75$S)> and a Sergeant {do not recall hfe name)* At One point, the lights were 
shut off and the infield Was extremely dark, As we continued to move, we yellpd Out for any injured victims or 

Ddtdancf.TJf^i^ofRfl^rt: 1.0-9.6,17 ^ 163,0houfe Defective B, JecKsori' ft: .., 

ay: Sgt 0.. EdCSSOn, P# 4897 ' H: ' 

StoXATurfe: • „ . 

SS i|F‘4Vj(y0l). WORD ^ 



Emkm 171001^619 

people who wem tekirtg oover or hic^’ng. Ope <# the patrol officers use^l my shlpld to try to pr6>^de us some 
sPrt Pf cover (ffiinimsi, as It Is only m Ilia hatlistic rating) as vye moved from each victim. They Kept K facing 
the Mandalay Bay, and we moVad as ijest we could behind it Upon reaching each victim along the middle 
barrier, we then moved to the west portion Of the fietC Urtfdiiunatety, every victim we made it to, had scored 
fatal injurieSj if 1 mcall, we checked a total of I T victims, all of whom Were 419, WO now moved to the 
portlorr of the event and began oieprlng the VIP emaSi restroome, and unrier the stage and platforms, looking 
for additional casualties or people hiding; As we found mom people, we were able to rnove them back across 
the held to the east and elthpr ^cort them to the exit or pass them off to additiopai pfficem: Eventually, we 
made pur way to the aboth west comer of the event where numerous performers and crew mernbem were 
sheltering in piece inside theirs buses. At some point during this time, radio traffic epritinuod to provide 
informatfoniOadingustobelievethottheremaybeadditoaleventsmDvmgnodhMpthestrip, AMhistlme, 
myself and a few addffionai officers and another medic began to move hoif^h to continue; tp lo^ for casualties 
who may hot have, been located yet At some time after we rhoved north ! was eventually able to link up with 
membern Of my sgUed and the other aouads fmm Major Members from ail three squads (MV21, 

.MV22 arid MV33 and tieuteharit Udyd), theii cleared tiie eitUrb; Route; 91 property , Purihg this timOi we located 
numerous addiifonai peopie who were sheltering inside of smaiter buildings, in ohe partioular ama at the 
northern end of the event we located <^oer E. Hutohasoh, W 7080, who had a group of citiaens (7 h 9) with him 

After this emire area was clear, moonsOlldated at 

Major violators Section UeUtenaht 
Ueutemm.E; Uoyd, F#.3980 ,, 

Mvai ■' ■ '■,■■■ ■ .. ' '■ ' '■ ' ' '■ , .■ ■ 

Sergeant d;'Bmery^ F#''39B6,. 

S. Seek, 6276' 

T. Cord,:p# 38^4: . ' ' 

D, fiawkins, 1^9151 

L Theobald; W8097 

Sergeant P.ZirOs,P# 4239 
G. Ulienthal P# 529b 
T. Schoer^ing. P# 4498 
L RfnOtti, P#.9036 

K. Ahdersoh^ F^S754 
J, Beckeiie, P# 8299 

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'■Click to Edit Evam# on ALL Pages" , EWnt #: 171001-361$ 


Mshdsby Bay Actiys ghootsr _ 


- REPORTING: , _ ■ ■ ' ^ ^ OPCORR^NCE: CCAC 

Date 6 TIME 

.OCCURRED: ^_ 10^1^17 2200 

, lOCAtlONOF, 

3950 B Vsgas Blvd 



Sgt. J. Punoad P#71$7 
Officer J.teda^arP#741l 
Office Q, Dardolo P#9823 
Officer t: HemseyP#14040 
Unknown Detective 

■'.'.Ipcations; .■''■■■'' ■'■; ■'"'■ ■■' " "■ ,; ■■■:' ■ 'j ' ''' , ', " ' 

^ New York New York >1otel " 37$6 S las V^es ^lvd 
Beita^io Hotel - 3600 S Las Vegas Btyd , . 

Tfopfeana Hptei--3601 S Us Ve^as Blvd ^ ^ ^ ^ 

Caesars Palace Hotel - 3670 B Las Vpgas Bivd 

' 'On 10-1-171 was called out reference the active shooter at the Mandalay: Bay. Upon arrival at SCAC Area 
' Gorrimand reports of another active shooter were called in at New Yprt^ New York hotpl and casino. A strike 
tearn consisting of Bergearit J. Duncan H#7167, Officer J. Udogar P#7411. dfficer 0. pamoie F^823* Officer 
t: HPmsey P#14040, and an Unkhpwn Plain Clothes Detective responded to the New York New Yofk^ A^ a 
teanri We cleared the casino fioof and oorififrned thPre was nOt another active shooter^ Anpther activeehooter 
^S called in at BoJIagio which we responded to and corifirrned there was not ahothecactive shooter. Another 
6atl yi/Os placed into the Tropicana Which we responded to and confirmed that thei^ Was no active shpoter,- A 
^,tall of a maie going into the rear of Caesar*e Palace with a rifle was broadcast VVe responded there to find 
that the VP of security was iii plain clothes and was the subject with the rifle. We thpn Staged pt Tropicana dnd 
Las Vegas Blvd to be readily available if another incident camd out, 

Bgt Duncan Was contacted by LT Y, Yatomi F#6402. We were tasked to contact eaph hoteiop the west Side of 
S Las Vegas pivd starting from the SLS Hotel and moving south to the Monte Carlo. At each hotel we met with 
' a representative to gather Intel on if there was a strike team at the location, if any people were injured, if the 
hotel viras on a lockdown, and if they were advised to re-open. 



■: Event#: 

- We were later told to 90 to the scene of the Route 91 conoert and search the area for 
Vnight be alive and hiding, We did not locate any further survivors. 

more survivors who 



"Click AIL Pagetf* yi0ai>3S19 

"ClfCktoedlttiatfi^imaoff^iHtrr "PRINV 

___ Mandalay Bay Active ^Wter _ ' , _ 

^ ^ ■ ;■'■■■:.- :■■'■:.;; '^5aicT* ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ■' ' '' 



Officers: , 

SglJ.Dwncan W157 
Officer 4. M^iogarP#7411 
Office 0, Damole R#9$a3 
Officer I, Hemsey F#14040 
Unknown Detective 


New .York New York Hiptel -3790 a las Y^gae Blvd 
Seftegit) Hotel ^ 3600 s Us Vegas Btvd 
Tropicana Hotel-3301: S Ue Vegas $lvd 
Caesars Pafece Hotel- 3$V6 S Us Vegas ilvd 

On 10“V171 was cajlOd out reference the a(^i\^e shooter at tlie Mandalay Bay. Upon arrival at 3CAC Area 
Cominand reports of another actWe shooter were called in at New York New York hotel and casino. A strike 
tearn consisting of Sergearrt J. DuncanJ. ledpgar P#74l pfficer O. Darnole P#9823, Officer 
T, Hemsey f^14040, and an Unknown Plain Clothes petectiye responded to the NOw York New York. As a 
tearh we cleared the casino floor and confirmed there was not another active shdOter. Another active shooter 
was called in at Bellagio which we respondeil to and Oonfimted there was not another active ^hopter. Another 
call was placed into the Tropicana which we responded to and confirmed that there was no active shooter, A 
call of a male gplpg into the rear of Caesafs Palace with a rifle was broadcast vVe responded there to find 
that theyp of seOurity was in plain clothes and v^s the subject with the rifle. We then staged at Tropicana and 
Las Vegas Blvd to be readily available if another incident came out 

Sgt Duncan vyas contacted by LT V, Yatomi P#6402, We were tasked to contact each hotel on the west side of 
S Us Vegas Blvd starting from the SIS Hotel arid moving south to the Mpnte Carlo. At each hotel we rnet with 
a representative to gather intel on if there was a strike team at the location, if any people were Injured, if the 






PATS a T»iwa 

10-1-17 2200 Hours 


occuaneo; . 







Evont#: 171001^519 

Wo wore later told to go to the soen^ of the Route 91 conoert and search the area for any more survivors who 
might he ath^ and hidlnd: We did not locate any further survivors. 



''C»i(Ato‘^tieveMi^otiAllRsigps’’ Evarttife I7l0d1-3819 

"OicK Edit Dat^/Timecf Report" vmr 

IVtan<Jaiay Bay Acte Siiootef __ 

.' I . ' , | I 1 . 11 ' | I 11 ^ | I 11 I N ^, I " | ] < [" '' , ., ' , ,... . . 





10/01/17 221^Hourfe, 





MaA<iiaiay HotElaadCaEiRO 


On 10/01/171, Qfficer AJbe P# 10^46 m<^ <>fficjer 0. Awodo P# l^ marked patrol uMvOBa. 
Upon hearing the oaii Of an aotis/e shooter at the Mahd'ai^y lBay Hotel ancI Ca^lnp, we wont to our rally , point in 
pTAO. Dnco wo arrived at tho r^ily point we dphnod duf Mac Tap geoA 

After we wore geared up we proceeded to and Premont and. then we went and vyalked upend down , 

Fremont Street ecannlng and looking for a poeoible secondary attack. 

62 y WCRD^^tfl; 

X«dc (0 Eott D^te/Tfme of 

UfS V^AS metropolitan )>0 we l>EliAKTMfeHT 


^C.UPl^to^tEvMj^oiiAk^Pw'* Evont#: 171001-3619 

:. - 

MEO^alay $ay,AQt^ 

. ' , " .. ^ . ^ 



ooourfiEnOe? , . _ PEt^l 

.DATE 6 time 

OCCURRED;_ 10/01/3017 ggiS 

, Iocationof 



On ,10/01/17,! Officer, C. AoevedO. a,long with Officer A/ lb© were. patrol unit 3^2; Upon 

hearing the call of an active shooter at: the Man^jtalay , Say Hotel caslno/we went \4 ot^r rally jcloint in DTAC. 
Onpe arrived the rally point Vve Oonhep Qur Mac Tac gear. 

After We were geared up. wo proceeded to 3*^ ,and FremOnt and then, we went and welke^ up and down 

Fremont Street scanning looking for a possible secondary aftaoK. 

LVMPO ftS (fUwfflOt)'WHp HHO 



jygntjf: :I71001003591 

Aqtivs Shooter ^v^nt on IQ/01/17 , . , _ 



REPORTING; ,, _ Potrol , _ -■ OCCURRENCE: O y o i l i m o . ' _^ ^ 

DATE a.TIME LOCATION OF 3901 S Vogos Blvd, Lqs Vegas, l>)v 

OCCURRED: _ 10/01/173315 OCCURRENOE: , ,, 89119. _ 

I Officer pA Miller P #5619 was yvorking overtime at The Route 91 musics festival located af 3901 S; Las vegas 
Blvd on 10/01/17,1 was working as mark^ overtime unit 167SE. ( was assigned to the ppst located on (^iies 
and All Baba, at the emergency gates and medieat tent on the eastside of the yenUe. My rnarked patrpt unit 
was located in the median on Giles in front ofthe Cathotio Church located there. My responsibility consisted of 
the exit gate on the east end of thd venue and the parking lot located on the chur(ih grounds. On the inside of 
that gate there was a medical tent along with other food tents, J was wearing the assigned uniform of the day 
along with a bright yellow traffic safety vest 

J vyas posted at that locatton afouhd 2215 hours in front of the Gate 4A, when I heard; what sounded to me; at; 
first ilKd fireworks, as J Ibok^ Up to IpOk for the JlghtS trdm the fireworks: I immsbi^fely noticed lhaf fhe gates 
opened up andastamped of people came rushing at me, rnany of these people were telling me that someone 
was shooting inside the venue, i was soon approached by; others who stated to me that they had been shot, I 
immediately told the Victims to get behind my patrol vehicle and to take cpVer, and that I would get therh 
medical help^ l continuecj to yell for others to, dpntinue. running North and East, dt this same time i hoard,bullets 
hitting the street close to me. i Kept yelling for people to find cover and get down. I stood up and began to 
attempt to find where the shooting was coming from. Several individuals told me that they believed the 
shooting was coming from the Mandalay :Bay Hotel, I realized thatiwas surrounded by many gunshots victims 
and began to hand out iDumiguets and other medical supplies to the victims. At onb point i had a female puli 
up next to nrie driving a patrol vehidte wite a ferhale victim in the passenger seat Who was bleeding out, along 
with a m^te injured in the back seat of the patrol vehicle,! told the female to get out of the car and i drove the 
temaie victim to the corner of Kbval and Tropicana where rhedical was posting up a triage area. After I returned 
to my original location I continued to help victims and continued to teirpCopie to continue moving north toward 

After the shooting and the original chaos ended medical began to show up at that location and the mediba! 
command post was formed at my location, I then began to serve as protection for all the rhediCat personnel as 
wall as other units arriving in the area. I was also posted at that gate as action teams entered the venue from 
that area to begin the clearing of the venue. Many people continued to be found hiding ip many hiding areas of 
the venue, i also served as protection for deceased victims at that location, i was at that location unfit about 
0600 hours when I was relieved by other officers, 

Date and Tima of Report: 

10 / 06/17 0815 


D: Milter 

PI: . 5619 

Approved By; 



Sk^natVre: . 

LVMjPt> (RdvJ/d 1) . WORO saiQ 








Evmm 171001-3519 

Actions Taken By ARMOR Operators during Route 91 Event 
, , sueJECT 



■ BOB ' 


, , GOAQ, 

dates TIME 

1,0/0172017 2203 



.3950 S las VegaS Blvd, Las Vegas NV 


On October 1,2017 at appwximately 2227 hours, I, Off, Bo^er Haskins (LVMPD #5774, Ciafi sign ARMI). was 
serving as the Acting Setgbant for the ARMOR Section. (received a phone, call fmrh Capt Pete BoffeltL Capt 
BoffelH stated, "Active Shooter, at the Mandalay Say, Have the team on standby", I immediately notified at! 
members of the ARMor Section of the information, and received confirmation frorniatl.merhbers of the unit. Ail 
sever) ARMOR personnei (dii calf and off call) responded they were available arid ready to deploy wlthlri $ 

Due to the nature of the event, t had the bn'^call unit Immediately roll The On^cail unit consisted of: . , 

Patrick Hatligan (DPS #42$: Call sign ARMS) 

Matt Downing (LVMPO; #8260, Call sign ARMS) 

Brian Godkih(NtVPD #1883,9^1 

Trooper Halilgan and Detective Oobkin responded with the Henderson Response vehicle (with 2 Robotic 
piatforrns), from the ARMOR Hangar, While Detective Downing reported,,South„pentral Area'. 

Cpnimand (SCAC). 1 responded to the Hangar and prepfied the County^ Response vehioW (With 2 Robotic 
Platforms) for deployment. Upon arrival, Downirig linked up with LVMPD BWAl; pffjeers and moved forward as 
Strike Team 2!ebra 1, Halligah arid Godkiri arrived arid linked with LVMPP patrol drtcers moving to respond to 
reports of additional shooters at other properties such as Cosmo and New York, New Vork, 

Officer Wavie Reed (HPD #1002, Call sign ARM4) notified me that he was befrig deployed as part of the 
Henderson SWAT Team to the area 

I requested, all other members of ARMOR available, respond, to SCAC and rally with me at the County , 
Response Vehicle: 

Sam Sotprid {LVMPO #5979, Call sign ABM8) 

, Gabriel Brown (IVMPD #914Ai Call sign ARMS) 

Capt Boffetli Was notified of a suspicious vehicle in the valet section of the Luxor hotel and Palled to notify me. 
The vehicle, a black 4-door Audi Wagbri, had pulled into the Luxor valet, when 4 young men ran out of vehicle 
and through casino. I contacted Halligan and directed him to meet with Captain BOffelll on the north side of the 

Date and Time ef ngport: 10/5/2017 1 SCO OJffc^r; , . R. HaskiCS , p#: .5774 

Approved By: P, Boffelli Officer: p#; 


LVMPLi as - worD^oio 




fyqnt#; 171001-3S19 

Luxor Hotel, BoffelJl requested a recon of the vehicle and Inforrhed we would then wait for the response from 
LVFH to further mitigate what was found: Hailigan requested to continue moving forward as conducting a 
recon without bomb.iechnicians would bp.fruitless. Captain BoffelH then directed Halligan forward, to clear 
additional properties and the pedestrian bridges on Las Vegas Bivd (LVBB), After it was determined there, 
were no additional threats north of the. Mandalay Bay, Hailigan and Godkin responded to the intersection of. 
Tropicana and Las Vegas Bivd and formed Force Protection Team 3 with fire department persbnrieL Force 
Protection, 3 was directed to the Mandaiay Bay gaslno fevel to continue clearing and searching for any victims 
that may be in need of treatment 

I arrived with the County resporise vehicle and linked up with Redd, ^lorio, and Brown, We proceeded to the 
Reno/LVBS, staging area for response to the suspicious vehicle.. .We met With the btlQWing personnel at the 


U$. Marshall J. Minnlch with Exptpsive Detection Dog (EDO), Suki (Call sign ARMOR 30) 

LVFR Chief Cooper 

LVFR O0RNE3 {led by Capt a Nudd) 

LT;2ackery Burns 
LVFR Senior Bomb Tech S. Olsen 
LVFR Senior Borrib Tech L Brown 
lVFr Bomb Tech G. Henderson 
LVFR BombTech R. Brooks 
, .LVFB.BbmbTech:M:Dundan'.- 
' '■ LyFB'BombTech'A, Lewis ' ■ 

ARMOR radios were, provided to LVFR senior personnel ,td, ensure com,munication, .Minnich (w/ Suki) and 
Soiorjo swept the area to ensure no secondary devipes were ip the 

Capt Bo^elii had LuxOr security meet with us, A quick briefing was held and SBT Qlsen was amenable to 
having Officers proceed forward to get "eyes oh" the vehicle; Officer Reed ^HDS Ceitihed Bothb Technician) 
and i proceeded to get closer td vehicle with binoculars to reatyfigosepiafearj^eek to identify *'e(ectronic 
equipment'’attached to rear pf vehide. Ucense plate was red^im^PHHI 

It was decided td: utilize a robot tor closer vlewv Reed operated the ROV while BbT Brown and BT Henderson 
observed. The license plate returned to from SNCTC to a new Audi 4 door wagon registered td the Delphi 
Corporation: A check of the Delphi Corporation rOveaied they were a company that specialized in autondmdus 
vehicles; The object secured to the back of the Audi matched.descriptions, of LIDAR system used on selT 
driving cars, With the additional informations BTs approached vehicle and d.eclared safe upon closer, view. 

The vehicle was a self-drivirig car* Haskine' ARMOR personnel were requested to assist NlVPD SWAT in 
traveliiiig to Mesquite to serve warrant on suspect's residence, LVFR personnel moved to Town Square to 
await further iristruotione. 

The suspect's vehicle was located in the main valet lot of the Mandalay Bay , Hotel* Halllgan’s team proceeded 
to the vehicle in the lower parking garage, IVMPD K& EDO units, Off* English arid Off. Vorce, conducted 
sweeps around vehicle and received no indications from EDO, Once a search warrant was obtained, the 
Window was breached and K9 Suki was deployed and gave a positive alert pn a hyloii bag in the rear storage, 
compartment Jhe .bag was partially open ,and Minnich observed white prills Inside. The white prills were 
consistent with possible Ammonium nitrate, per Minnich's training arid experience. Halligari returned td thd 
upper section to notify Captain BoffeltL It was determined that LVFR bomb, techs were needed .and Hatligan 
then proceeded back to vehicle with LVFR SBR Brown to begin a recon for the mitigation of the vehicle, FBI 
SABT Towery and Moder also went down the parking garage and conducted a, reedn, to begin planning 

At this time, Halligan and Godkin were requested to meet Sgt Macdonald from LVMPD Fit at the SWAT 
Command Post in order to sweep the suspects room for possible explosive materiaL Minnich {and EDO Suki) 



Event #; 171001*3519 

were sent to assist. Downing linked up with this team at the SWAT GP. Hatligan's team proceeded to 32™* 
floor with Minnich and EDD, Due to the large amount of expended and available ammunition, the EDO was not 
able to be utilized In the room. A sweep of the room revealed no explosive material, Components or hazards. 

Bpmb Technicians evaluated bag and found no explosive device. The vehicle was deemed sajfe by Bomb 
Technicians. They located a small baggie of white prills believed to be Ammonium Nitrate. The following, 
personnel were associated with this event: 

DPS Trooper, P, Halligan {ARM3) 

NLVPD Oet GodKin {ARM9) 

LVMPD pet. Downing {ABM5) 

US Depu^ Marshal Minnich (ARM2p) 

LVFR Sypniewicz 

NLVPD was dispatched to serve a search Warrant on the subject's residence in Mbsqulte. The following , 
personnel assisted NLVPD: 

LVMPD Haskins (ARM1) 

HPD.Reed (ARM4).,//HD,S^CGrtified Bomb, 

LVMPD Bfowrt (ARMS) 

■'■■■ ■.■iVMpp,$oiorib,(ARMB)' ■'■v,; ^ 

LTZack Burns 

Upon arrival in Mesquite* NtVPP $WAT and ARMOR conducted a brief with Mesquite PD and proceeded to 
residence: SVVAT utilized a ram to remove garage door and ARMOR Rpbot {T6) from County Response 
dlatform proceeded to enter garage, Thd area was largely empty and clean. The 34 corner of the garage 
contained shelving units wifh neatly stacked and aJigiied amihunition and blips of various caliber. A gun sdfe 
Was opposite, of the, shelf. . ' 

The robot was able to open fhO door to the hOuse and enter the residence from the garage. The front door 
showed np signs pf tampering or bobby trap: The hoUse contained minimal furniture and possessions^ The 
closets wore empty, The beds consisted of box-^Sprlngs and mattresses, but no bedframO. Humidifiers were 
located in every room. The humidifiers were checked by the robot to ensure they were not hazardous. After 
searching the vast majority of residence With the robot, NLVPD SWAT made entry and cleared the residence. 

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Mandalay Bay ^tlyp ShootOr _ , 





OCCURRED; 10/01/17 




(Strip Property AccoUfitsMIity Acsignmant/Ra^ Open) 

UY;YatomiP# 640 a 

Sgt. M. HarriE P#98e5 

Sgt J] Pubcan Pf7i57 

plficerT Kemsey W4p40 ; 

/ Officer J;'lpdpgar'P#74;i ,i ' 

Officer q;Dafnol0P#9aa3 

(Route 91 Church CF) 

Lt Y. Vatomi Pmoa 
tt: R. Spencer p# 7596 
Sgt M, ButmerF#a420 
Sgt: M. Hams fwaas 
Sgt Van Nest P3Sfl4l90 
Officer Ryan Rotta P#13422 
Officer C. Sims F#15054 
Officers, Rich P#143P0 
Officer M, Kinney Pff9352 


las Vegas Blvp- From SIS hotel and Casino to Monte Carlo Hotel arid Casino 
Route 91-Church CP 

On 10/01/171 self-deployed to (he Active Shooter incident 6n las Vegas BlydV Upon arrival I received direction 
from the commend post to account for injuries; witnesses and Strike Teams for every hotel ori the strip starting 
on the north end. We Were also to hegin re-opening the strip properties who were ! on herd lock downs 

LVMfVfSlRftv.ftOll ^10 

P<i90 i 

.............. H... ...... ........ .... ........................ ........... ..................... .. 



Event#; 171001->:>S1» 

unnecessarily as the scene was identified and new isolated on the south end of the strip. I divided my team in 
two and covered the properties. Team one consisted of Sgt Harris and md dhd team two consisted of Sgt 
Duncan and three K9 Of^cers. Contact Was made With each pror^rty rehre^ntative and direction was given to 
direct pedestrian and vehicutar traffic north. yVe updated the irifo via phone to the pp since the radio traffic was 
too heavy. This was conducted up to the Monte Carto Hoter and Casino vWrere a hard iopk down was still 

We then proceeded to the Route 91 location: Once I arrived in the area I observed a large amount of people 
standing around the crime scepes where deceased casualties were located, this consisted of officerSt medical 
personnel, victims, and witnesses. I proceeded to the parking jot located directly to the rear of the venue Where 
I obseived an tVMPD mohile <mmmand vehicle* No one was using if at the 

We had several officers, witnesses, victims and crime scenes: yVe designated the IdCatidn as the Church 
Command utilizing the IvMRfe) mobile command vehicle. This Was after i was able to contact the CP via phone 
to detemtine one vyas not already erected in order tb avoid duplicating efforts; They advised no command was 
identified nor implemented yet; The officers listed above for this toc^ion began to assist In o^anlaing information 
which consisted of but not limited to; 

^ Locating/accQuriting for offioers who Were on the $p8Cial Events lAP (majbrity pf the officers on location 
were assigned to the event orr OT) by phone apd current location; 

'* ■■yarifytng'perimeteraSslgrtmentsy'sabuhng'-behmeter'V'- 

• Separate victirns frorn Immediate crirne Scene areas 
>. Rotating'relief 

• Getting identification of witnesses on scene and coordinated information to PD detectives 

In the early morning hours we coordiriated relief bodies Worn the CP and the Church CP Was released to Sgt. 
Calarco, There were severai additional officers: i may have not mentipned hbwevdr these IndiVidMats were 
instrumental in putting the post together, accounting for officers and or assisting with assignments. The post was 
reriambd tdviiai^s tbb end to Ops Post 91 by the Incident Cbmmah^^ Updates W^m booitJinaied thrpugh the 
main CP which was now at HQ. 



Event iSC 17lbQ1"3519 

"Rout^ $1 H^rv^st Festival ^ Active Shooter , incldenr 
. , SUBJECT , 








OCCURRED: __ 10/01/2017g23Q houf^ OCCURRENCE: ■■ ./ ; _ , ■ . : 

.^i/^RRAXiySl ' 

On Sunday, Saptembor 30*^ 2017 at approximately 223p hour$, l Detective Robert Harris p#6420 was at my 
residerice preparing to go to slOep for the ©veriing, 1 immediately started receiving mullipte phone calls alerting 
me to an "active shooter’* incident iorprogress oh Las Vega® fouieyard; i immediately grabbed my patrol radio 
and tuned it to *‘SCAC" channel and heard bohtirmation of the news reports. My wife turrieh on the channel 3 
news and began relaying the information she was receiving as well i grabbed clothing along with any tactical 
gear and firearms within my irnmediate access and explained to my with that l had to go. My wife, now visibly 
upspt, begged me not to go, and only after a thorough explanation, told rne to be careful and update her of my 
status when possible/ 

After loading my yehicia with tacticat gear, i contacted my brother, Officer David Garris b#3986, to advise him 
of the situation and determine his location, He explained that he was aware of the incident and was cuirently 
enroute to the CpAG to obtain his marKed patrol vehicle and rally with his squad mates. 1 explained tp him that 
I bad received; ho communication from my sMperviOidn or guidance as to any deployment; plans, it was at thdt 
time that we agreed l would meet with him and report to the command post being established at SGAC, 

Upon arrival at CO AO, my brother and I, along with several of his squad member's began a caravan to ^QAC. 
vyhile dnving southbound on las Vegas boulevard, the SCAC radio channel was apu^z with nOnstop radio 
chatter advising of active shooter sifuatidns at Cae^ar’s palace, the Setlagib .Hbtet and Oasino, alonp witb 
several other strip, resort properties.. 11 was at thi^ moment that we ait realized that we may be dealing with a 
very weli-cobrdina|ed attacK, with an; unknown potential for several suspect’s ahd mass causalities. 1 retail 
hearing a dispatch communicafion advising of threO female suspect’s armed with weapons near a dumpster 
and a male running on tropicana Boulevard, with,,a,firearm., Morhents later ! heard an update advising that 
three women were being taken into custody and several firearms were iopated to the rear of a dumpster in an 
unknown area. Unable to drive southbound on ta$ Vegas Boulevard due to vehicle dnd pedestrian traffic, we 
were forced to take an alternate route onto Koval Lane to E. Reno Ayenue, Giles $treet, and eventually 
emerging back on to las Vegas Boulevard. While passing the east entrance to the ’’Route 91 Hatyesf 
Festival/ we observed several decoasad victirin's lying near the roadway and large groups of people dressed in 
western wear fleeing the scene. White in the area, I contacted a clo^e friend and fellow off-duty metro police 
officer (Shawn Ford p#9063) who l was advised by my wife, was attending thO ’’Route 91 Harvest Festivar* as 
a patron when he became pirined down by gunfire: 1 advisOd Ford via text message, that wb were arriving the 

md Tima of Report: 10/09/2017 lyOhpur^ Officer: Robert Garris p#: 642$ , 

Approved By: ' . , ■ Officer! • ' . , ^ _ P#: 


LVMPP s? . WOR0 

Page 1 



Evc>m#: 171001-3519 

mm and were avattabfe to extract him if neceissatV' Ford advised that he was safe, We continued to SCAC to 
check in at the command post 

One we arrived at the SCAC command post, we v^ere Immediately advised to checK-in with Our names and 
petsonnei numbers. We were fliven the call sign '‘9m93’' and designated as '‘Strike Team 30,'' assigned to 8gt. 
Shawn Romprey p#7p62. Shortly thereafter, wo wore advised to TOve” from the north erid Of the "l^oute 01 
Harvest FestivaP* to Harmon Avenue on Las Vegas SoUleyard, in order to hiairitain a “polipe presence" in the 
area and provide for "quick response" to Ony further crirhinal activityv Vifhile driving northbound oh Las Vegas 
Boulevard, we observed another deceased victim lying in the intersection of tropicaha Avenue and Las Vegas 
Boulevard- It was explained that the victim had been loaded into a wheel barrow and had been brought to the 
intersection to escape the gunfire and locate an ambuiance. We maintained are area of assignment until 
approximately 0630 hours, when we were advised to secure with LL Yes^riia Vafpmi p^6402, in the church 
parking lot located at Giles Street and E, Reno Avenue- 

Upon securing, I text messaged and left a voicemail fOr my Sergeant, Wlike King p#4aa6, advising him of my 
location and on-duty status for the active shooter incident. Approximately thirty minutes later, I received a 
phone call from rhy Ueutenaht, Terry Bernard p#4634, asking where i was,,l explained to him that I responded 
to the "Route 91 Harvest FestiVar active shooter incidentlate Sunday everiing October ii^V He asked if I had 
been vvofl^ing "oyertirne/' 1 stated; that 1 had ndt, I responded because Of the urgency and severity of the 
ihpidentas it was happening in redflirhe; Lb;^rnard expieiried thaiwe Wet^b hd^ dn; ”^B^ our: 

squad was responsible for securing the IVMPD Headquarter Buildings, I abked him if anyone else from our 
detail responded to the active shooter and was told '-a lot of people did," and our resources Were now spread 
pretty tbin. i offered to inimediately dress out and respond to headquarters: I was told to stay by my: phone. 
Approximately rifteen minutes later, 1 received a phorie call from my Sergearit, Mike King p#f4896 (retired). King 
asked me again vvhere I was last riight, I explained the entire Phaln of evepf's again arid was asked specifioaiiy 
who I worked for, what time I responded, where 1 was assigned, What my call sign was, who 1 worked with, 
what time t securPd, and who I secured with- i answered every question thoroughly and was again advised to 
stay near my phone, I repeated my wiNingness to immediately drees out and respond to headquarters butwas 
again told to stay near my phone. Now realizing that niy supervision was not Supportive of my decision to 
respond to the active shooter incident the: evening prior,: J began to immediately d^Oss out iri patroi uniform. 
While getting dressed 1 received a second phone call frorri Sergeant King advising mo to dress put and 
respond immediately to headquarters and be prepared to work until at least 1800 hours that evening (Monday 

Upon arriving at LVMPp Headquarters! Was greeted by my Sergeant who t apologized td for the 
"misunderstanding" last evening. He advised that he vvas happy I eaid that and assigned me to a fixed post 
within building "B" on the first floor That is where 1 stayed until 1900 hours Monday October 1 A/8 Roster 
continued until vvednesday October 4*^ at 18Q0 hours. . 

I believe without hesitation that my setf-initiated or self-dispatched response to the *^80016 91 Harvest Festival 
Active Shooter Incidenf was not only necessary but It Was thp morally and ethically responsible thing to do. To 
be at home, not receiving any guidance or direction, witnessing a mass casualty tricident (infolding in real time, 
and not responding, would have been reprehensible. Eighteen years’ worth of training and experience guided 
my decisions that night and f would respond in kind if presented with the same circumstances again. 



October 01 Shooting 

Ev^r;t#: 171001^519 






Convention Center 


IO-OV17 at approxiioataiy 2^10 hours* 


Mandaiay Bay Report 

FYlOn 10 t 01-17 at aj^proxim^tely 2210 hours* (officer B. F^iggan F6995 and Officer F, Oiiniore P605S we pn 
duty at the McCarran Airport. Wa werp notified that there was an active shooter at the Mandatay Bay Resort/ 
las Vegas Strip The victipia were IfeOlng the area and breaching the Airport perimeter. VVe responded to the 
West side of the WcCarran Airport In vehicle #973B, 

Our first assignment was to secure thO Atlantic airfield. While there wo assisted with numerous yiptims 
that were fleeing the crime scene. 

Next we Were assigned to the insieje perimeter arid secure any victims and /dr breaches we found, vve 
assisted nurnerous people at the Greaser’s hanger dnd the PoKencom harigor. 

we Were assigned tO seopm the putside perirp the Quail business center,; buring this time 
we continued to locate numerous victims and we directed them how to safely leave the area* 

During this time we assisted approximately 200 victihis (my estimate) to buses that were provided by 
the airport to escort people to the Thomas and MacKr 

Respectfully Submitted 
Officer Bill Biggan PgBgl 

Date afid Time of Rerjoit 
Appueved By; . 

10-09-171600 hours 



B. Riggan 

P#: 6996 


Pfl; 6068 







Mandslffly gay Shooting 







10/01/17 2214 hours 


, OCCURRENCE: , los Vogas Blvd. / Russell Rd; 


On 10/01/17, at approximately 2214 hours/1, lieutenant Dori Koien, W0O7, received, a phone call from 
Sergeant Johri Ohebrecistos, P#5263, who was supervising Fusion Watch operations at tyiviPP 
Headquarters. Sgt Ohebrecistos advised, me, of an active shooter incident at the Route 9i co,ncert, at ,which 
point i immediately, be^an responding frorh.home. I initially begari heading,towards LVMpd Headquarters 
so i could assist in,managing the related watch desk and Reai.Time Crime Center operations* However, , 
while monitoring the radio traffic of the incident, I noticed there was still a need for additional command 
and , control personnel at the scene;,As such, l began heading tq the .Mandalay ;^ay hotel At the same time, 

, I,advised Sergeant qhebr^dstps to mairitaincpntroj of .Fusion Watch operations an contacted director., , 
Patdck Baldwin to assist with related mahagement poi^ionr , : 

At approximately 2243 hours, i arrived in th^ ^rea of of the incident and parked off,of Las Vegas,,Boulevard, 
and Russell,, near ,SCV\C By this time, a Command Post (CP) was .still being estabjished in the front parkirig. 
lot of the station ,. I ,made Contact with lieutenant Michael V/bich, P#M35,,who Was the , 

saw at this CP, lieutenant Welch stated he,Could use help esmhlishing.a liaison at the medical CP: I 
advised him \ wpuld handle this.responsibility and responded to Las Vegas Boulevard South and Russell, 
where IVFD and CCFD were establish]rig a medical CR 

, Upon arrival, I observed approximately seven fire and medical vehicles parked, in the South.bound lanes, of 
las Vegas Boulevard, just. South of Russell t immediately identified the medical person in charge, who 
stated there were two medical cO,m,mand posts: one North of the incident and one South of the incident I, 
advised him I would stage with him at the "Medical South CP'* and function as the lVMPD liaison for; 
these CPs. He advised the North, CP and we began relaying information between the IVMPD and , 
two medical CPs, 

I then assessed the immediate area of the Medical South CP end realized there were no other officers 
present to conduct security. The suspect had not yet been located and there were.muitipie reports of 
additional shooters in the area. As such, 1 contacted the LVMPD CP and, requested a strike teani to my 
location to establish security for the Medical South CP, I was routed to lieutenant Carlos Hartk, ,P#6B$6, 

.D$te and Time df Report; ' Offfar: ^ . . D..: Koren ' pj^: 9007 

Approved By: ' ' ' ' Officer: ■ , . ■ P#; 


tVHPO 82 1 • WORO 2018 




.1410014519 ^ ; „„ 

who ms establishing the staging ^rea. lieutenant Hank made note of my request and advised he would 
be sending me a strike team. Shortly after, a strike team of apj^rokimatety six officers arrived at the, the, 
Medical South ,CP. i advised the team to establish a. ,sacurtty perimeter around the Medkai South CP. f 
also advised them to keep citizens moving Southbound out of ttie immediate area. 

At approximately 2259 hours, we received reporting of additional.shooters near Tropicana, At this time, a 
nuhfiber of IVMPD traffic officers and personnel from another law ,enforcem6nt agency'Ci.e: HPD, 

NlVPD or NHP) arrived at the medkai South CP. These officers were better suited to take over the 
CP perimeter and assist with traffic control, which alleviated my dnginai strike team to assist in responding, 
to the reports of additional shooters. 

At approximately 231,9 hdurs, the medical, IC advised me Of reports that there were gunshot victims hiding 
in their vehicles in front of the Mandalay B,ay valiet arpa. He asked if Officers could confirm this .information 
anp transport potential victims to a safe zone, l contacted the staging manager and requested another 
strike team to, assist with this request Once the team arrived, i sent them to check the area but no 
additional victims were found,. 

At, approximately 2354 hours, ] began co,ordin.ating, additional force, protection teams ^o help medkai 
pemo.nneraddm^ the ,gi^.yi/lng nOmberpfme.cikat calls, . , 

prepared, to deploy into the area. AS such, I contacted lieutenant Hank, and requested seven 
additional force protection teams as soon as it was feasibie. 

These force protection team^ began arrivingpfie to two at time> ( paired pach tearn with a medical 
response tearh as soon as they arrived. They were then,ta$ked to escort the medical personnel into the 
warm zone to check for victims and mspohd to medical calls for service: Some of the strike teams 
responded into the warm zone in vehicles, while others responded on foot. Most of the teams had at . 
.least five officers and, some had upw3rds.:0f ten or mprei lEventualiy seven fqfce;protection wane 
dispatched to address medical calls for service. 

At approximately 2323 hours, AMR personnel at the Medical South CP advised their units were being shot 
at, .this information was reported to the IVMPO CP. but strike, teams in the area could not confirm any 
additional shooters. 

At approximately 0008 hours, there were more IVMPD force protection teams at the Medical South CP 
than available medical personnel The medical iC stated they had exhausted all of their resources that were 
trained and equipped for entering the Warm zone, I then advised, the CP and staging manager that we no 
. longer needed any additional force protection teams. 

At approximately 003,0 hours, lieutenant, Greg Munson, P#5847, arrived to the Medical South CP tp assist 
with the coordination of force protection teams, lieutenant Munson and i began logging which force 
protection teams were being sent into the warm zone and the status of each team, 

At approximately 0100 hours, we received reports, of a gunshot Victim, at Giles. and Reno, at which ppint 
another force protection team was sent to this location. 



Event#: 141001-3519 

At approximately 0130 hours, 1 was contacted by Captain Chris Darcy, P#4225, who was located at,the, 
Deployment pperations Center at IVMPD headquarters. Captairi Darcy asked, if i could transfer my on¬ 
scene responsibilities and respond to headquarters to assist with the inteliioence and inVestiqative portion 
of the incident, t transferred corrimand of the Medical South CP to UeMtena.nt Muhspn .at approximately 
0151 hours, at which point there was some .teyei of stabilisation,. At approximately ,0230 hours, I arrived at 
HQ and began assisting with the follow up,investigation and 'mtelligenco operation. 

On October 1,2017 at approximately i?230 houi:e, I received information via te^d message of an active shooter 
at thO Route 01 pooceft aorpas from the Mandalay Bay, My squad, BV2S Rlex, was immediately notified via cell 
phone and put dn alert, AfthoMgh they were off duty, they began heading to Spring Valley Area Coimmand to 
sta0e and await further inetruotion; I met my team at SVAP end ohariged into uniform, Ueutenant Given had 
already arrived at the station and gave orders for my squad to caravar> to the steging area at South Central Area 
Command My officers, along Spilng Valley Officer Penney, arrived at the stagihQ area; where wd received 
the unit designator Strike learn 2S, We immediately deployed to thd front entrance of M^i^daiay Bay Casino 

We; along with another strike team led by Sgt, Roybal, were responsible for clearing the exterior pdrimeter of 
the Mpndalay Bay complex, iricluding the convention center and associated parking structures.; This took 
approximately five hours. Afier cbrnpleting dur sweep, we returned to the CP at SPAC to await furthpf 
instf Motipns, we ware hot redeployed before receiVihg dayshift mlibf. Our involvement ended approximately 

My team consisted of the follovying personnel: 

Sgt: Dave Walker F# 09213 

Officer Nate Schuller P# 09314 

Officer Josh Garber P# 09323 

Officer Zach Davis P# 13944 

Officer Travis Busby P# 09330 

Office!' Chris Penney P# 13644 

LVMPO Iffl r V VTORD ^010 



Eyerrt#; JXV171001003619 


' ^ ^ ^ SUBJECT : ^ 

D\mm , DivmioNop 


DATE a TIME location OF 

OCCURRED: , 10-1-17 2200 Hours, OCCURRENOH; WlOft/l VlllaQe LVB/WandalRy Bay Dr, 

I.. ... . .. . 




On P^obor 1®120^7 l^Sgt, Ju$tin N^4f Was on^ 705SE^' an^ vy#s ijl to / 

tbo TritodOf^ df tiia Route/di Festival at ihe MPM: VliiaQO. My sbiftwas isbd-^do! The majbrity of the 
Overtim© assignment was un-aventfiil and consisted of checking on officers at their posts and managing their 
breaks. ■■: , 

Shortly before 2200 hours myself and Sgt Stuart Richmond R#937i {720SE) yvere just,north, of the main 
audience at the malri stage. Jason Aldean had just begun his second song ‘'Rolling down a dirt mad." Officers 
Casey piarkspn and Tara Brosriahan were on post just west of Us in front of one Of the pars* Dispatch had 
advised that eyent security haid a disorderly female outside the event on Las Vegas Blyd and was requesting 
assistance. Officers Clarkson ^nd Brosriahan reeporided ahd Bgt Richmond and myseiHbnbv^^ 

We arrived at Las Vegas Blvd just north of ga^ 2B near the abandoned hbWt. The femate was not combative 
and officers were able to quickly assist her and her boyfriend into a taxi to leave the event Both officers, Sgt, 
Richmond and I all left southbound to go back into the event 

We walked south toward Mundalay Bay Dr. and ware just east of Las Vegas Blvd walking along a brick wall 
approximately 4-5* in height. We heard a few loud popping noises which We Initially thought may be fireworks. 
As we looked at each other another burst of fire was heard, this time lasting around 5 seconds or s6. We 
immediately recognized that as gunfire, it was apparentthat the shots were coming from the west side of tha 

Date and Ttm® pf Report: 

10-9-17 1005 hours 

j. Vari Nest 

ni 14196 

Approved Sy: 

_ _ _ 

. ' Officer; • 



(tVMPD ffifc (Riw.e/01} ‘ WORP 2010 

Page 1 



Evsnt#: LLV171001003S19 

My initial thought was that a 415A was occurring somewhere around the Mandalay Bay or thO Luxor and it was 
likely between two parties* We gave radio tragic of the 434's on our channel which was EVENT 5, I crouched 
slightly below the wait and peeked over in an effort to locate where the shots were coming from. I anticipated a 
vehicle may flee the scene and wanted to get a good took and description* Boon after another and even 
longer burst of gunfire was heard, this ts when t realized this was not a typical shooting or any type of "drive by" 
style shooting. It was apparent the fire was coming from e high powered fully automatic fifia 

Dispatch announced the event would be handled on CGAC channel and (began to change my channel (this is 
where the video released to the media begins). After changing my radio channel i began to slowly make my 
way toward the gunfire and the event, $gt. Richmond aiortg with Officers Oterkson and Brpspahan had already 
ran north and taken a position behind patrol cars in the intersection of Mandalay Bay and the Blvd. (This was 
presumed and not known for sure). As I walked south I Immediately Started addressing those inside the event 
Who were looking put to get down and run eastbOund* At this: time i still did not know the gun fire wes directed 

i walked south toward Mandalay Bay Drive and rhade several attempts to locate the gunfire, I Intended to walk 
out toward Mandalay Bay Drive to locate Sgt Richmond and the otherpffiders. I had several officers behind 
me as we walked in a line toward the intersection, While looking bet^eri the erids of the wall (south) and 
chairr. link fence another round of fire be9^n.: I Stepped sputh whdn: l fdlt debpe hitting rhe in thp face and the 
top of my heed; i saw debris |iy over uS and:|eit seve^i pieces of whati esSMtha^^w^^ 
ground hitting me. I could hear the impacts and realized they were right next to us arid that we and the pffiCers 
oh the Blvd were the target 

The gunshots were veiy loud and It was very obvious they yi^re comthg from a high powered rifle, due to the 
duration of shooting I assumed there may be several guns or one large "belt-fed" style rifle. :the rounds 
appeared to be hitting the Weii we were next to and the ground in front Of us. ) immediately directed ail the 
officers behind me to take go back the other direction (as there was no cover to the spUth) and take a position 
of coyer behind the waif *Note, this alley way is outside df the event fencing and runs along Las Vegas Blvd 
across from Mandalay Bdy. 

The gunfire continued for several long bursts and appeared to be going over our heads. There was a large 
group of citizens attempting to flee the area, I addressed therri and ordered them to get down arid against the 
wall. ] continued to order officers and citizens against the wall and to remain behind cover. It was apparent 
that we were being shot at and the suspact(s) had superior weaponry. My rifle and body armor were in the 
back of my patrol car which was on th^ opposite side of the event, I could riot leave the citizens end officers at 
that time to attempt to retrieve It 

I broadcasted radio traffic of our position and situation with the citizens. 

The large group of citizens were eager to flee and wanted to am over the wall to the Luxor parking lot or Ndrth 
down the atiey Way. l ordered them tb stay as l feared they would become a large target for the shooter if they 
ran. Myself and the other officers crouched over, the citizens with our hand guns ,dreWn in Case any suspect(s) 
entered the alley way. The citizens were safer being kept behind the well then to be fleeing as the shoofmg 

I broadcasted radio traffic for officers to avoid arriving east of Mandalay or on the Boulevard at all as thaf s 
where the shots were being fired and I feared officers arriving and being shot at 



evRht #; UV171001003E19 

Radio traffic wrs given that the shots \vere cominp from the Mandalay Bay out of a window. As I looked at the 
building (was not able to locate which window the shots were cdming from. Due the ell gold surface of the 
building it was difficult to distinguish floors and rooms, I knew the distance was well over a few hundred yards 
and that our hand guns were insufficient to return fire at that distance even if we located the shooter. 

While standing over the citizens Officers Clarkson arid Brosnahan ran back into the alley way from the street, 
Clarkson was holding his neck as it was bleeding, Clarkson and Brosnahanjoined us as we took cover and 
assisted in keeping the crowd controlled and calm, I knelt over Clarkson so I could shine my flashlight at his 
wdund, it appeared minor with minimal blood flow and i did not realize the severity of the injury at,the time:: i, 
told him it ms a ^’nicK'' as l was assuming he was hit with the sarhe debris j Was: It waS later teamed a 
fragment had entered his neck, Officer Clarkson continued tb assist Us and waited to get himself help. 

During the time,behind the wall, several off duty officers ffpm other jarlsdictipns. wdre attempting to go out into 
the street and confront the Shooter, the officers appeared, inapnated and were unarmed! I very aggressively 
ordered the off duty officers and Other citizens to stay behind the cdver Some of the officers had to be 
physically held by tVMPp officers not to leave the area and one w^s detained in handcuffs as he was 
attempting to enter the street where buliets were impacting, 

Sgt Andrew,Bauman,.arrived Justhdrth of us, along With officers, Ciarkspni Brosnahan and other LVMPD., ; „ 
pfficem {whom I did pot know}: we dedddd to eVacUatefie Citizens to ah area W cbuld fled from: Cffldafs 
Coordinated the route and Officers fclarkson and Brosnahan decided on groups Of fiyo- the plan was to escort 
a group of five citizens north; down the vyRll until there was an opening in the; event gates: From there they 
could go east into the gate and east out of the event to the very east end: Due the fact there was a large 
break In the wall <opeh chain link fence visible to suspect) all uniformed officers including myself would stand in 
front of the citizens as they ran by it in case vwe took fire again hopefully providing sorhe type Of protection from 
incoming gunfire until the citizens made it across the open area. Sgt, Bauman stood behind a comer of the 
brfck wall with a rifle deployed pointed toward the Mahdatey while we escorted the groups: 

After we had cioarod all the citizens put of the area t noticed Officer Clarkson sitting against the vi^all. I advised 
for his partner Officer Brosnahan and several other officers tp get Clarkson out Of the area by low crawlirig or 
crouching beipw the wat! going north, f ordered over the radio for a designated unit to be at the North end for 
transport for the injured officer: The team of officers took Clarkson and moved out, I walked with them until 
they were out of the line of fire and headed toward safety or a vehicle: 

After returning to the area behirid the wall I observed that several officers had arrived and stacked against the 
wall. I did not want officers here afware just pinned down here and it bad position for us to be }n, I 
broadcasted traffic for officers not to respond to the position any longer. I ordered these officers to enter the 
event and begin evacuating citizens: it Was apparent that the event hap suffered several Casualties <radio 
traffic) and I wanted to ensure no other citizens would be shot I ordered the officers to enter arid clear citizens 
from the fence line and then push them east out the east gates; 

I entered the event and began to observe several wounded and deceased amongst the crowd in front of the 
main stage. I ordered for those that could to leave the area as I anticipated more gun fire: Those who were 
injured were being assisted by Off duty BMT’s, PC's and Veterans, When approached by on© of these service 
members or off duty first responders i asked them to assist by pushing the remainder of the crowd out of the 
area and down to the east gates. 



EvEot ttVlHoOIOOggig 

It took a long time to get citizens out of the area and! requested officers to assist over the radio, t ordered 
citizens to leave those that were deceased and leave the event for their own safety, at this point i had no 
information to confirm there would not tm more gun fjre, I wanted to minimize casualties by having everyone 
out, most of the time I was yeiling for people to go ea^t and exit the event. 

After giving direction to citizens end those offering assistance 1 was made aware of performers from the event 
being on buses behind the stage, 1 addressed this as an issue due tp th^ faot they ^vere in the line of fire I 
rnade contact with the manager of the artiste who was very hesi^nt to evacuate thd performers, i spoke with 
Officer Sims and made a plan to provide an escort for all the people on ;the buses to exit the event with police 
■ escorts. . ■ „ 

As i began to address the manager again we learned that there Were several other shootings taking place at 
nearby properties, this was even broadcasted by a female officer over the radio when she broadcasted “active 
shooter at the F^aris,** Due to this infbrmatipn I did npf fee! we had a safe place td serid morie citizens and we 
advised them to shelter in place, however we would still provide an esodrt if they wanted us to. 

It Spencer arrived to the buses a short time later and was brought up to date on the situation, he agreed to 
keep the performers on the buses and to form a small perimeter around the busesi At this point I did hot feel 1 
was being useful in tfiis arpa and expressed to the Mi l vyaf going tp leave thp area; td ldad a sthke team at orie 
of the nearby lodatiohs being broadcasted as haying actii/e shodtbf^.: : 

A tearn of several unknown officers had made their way back to the buses, one being from a specialized unit 
as he had a beard (possibly frorh svvat or HOP), 1 told them 1 would assist them as the supervisor, We made 
our Way to Whicles to go to another property. AftoMinaliy getting to my car l dhwned my armor and fine. At 
this point we had Captain Larkin and Chief Zimmerman arriye to the event. VVe were asked to stay and 
conduct a final sweep of the property to ensure everyone had exited; 

While cbhducting the sweep t learned fhe surveHtance trailer or:CP for the event (loodted at the south end 
behind the Nashville stage) stilt had civilian employees arrd Office^ Steve Hutchason inbide. I assigned hvo 
officera with ones to take up a post over the trailer untir we confirmed wq had no oUtetendin^ sUspects. 

After the sweep 1 spent the rest of the tirhe attempting to secure the scene: Them were several gatee that 
anyone could access, The crime scene was very large with countless deceased Viptima spread throughout, I 
wanted to ensure that no one could enter the eyem and disturb the scene or take photos, etc; I had difficulty in 
getting enough officers to establish the proper containment I felt We needed mom officers to contain 
scene as 1 walked the perimeter several times and continued to find the perimeter lacked integrity, r placed as 
many officers as possible around the scene and voiced my concerns to the PP before being secured around 
0800 hours that morning. 

request that v^omever is reading this 0/R please view my RWp {P#14198) as there Were many officers 
who I relied on heavily and do not know their names, They can possibly be identifi^ in the camera footage, 
Piease contact me with any questions. 

The following is a list of officers I can confirm were present and assisting: 



Evsr>t tLVl71O01O035i» 

Casey Clarkson P# 9170 (suffered neck wound and helped escort) 

Tara Brosnfeihan P# 13732 (assisted officer Clarkson, coordinated escorts to include officer Clarkson) 

Sgt Aridrew Bauman P#9982 (provided cover for escorts) 

Ceorge Smith F# S75B (escorts) 

Brian Rich p# 14300 (assisted with performers in buses) 

Sgt. Justin Van Nest P#14198 
Enterprise Area Command 

U3 VeQAS metfiopoutan pouce dep abtment 


gveht#: 17100100351$ 

, . Mandalay ShQQtlng _ • ' ' 

SUBJECT ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 


RiPOBTiNt?: , Homeland Security . . ogcuRReNCB . , , HSST 

DATE^iTiMi ^QCATiQNOF , 3950,6-las,Vegeis,0lvdy,UsVegBs/NV 

OCCURRED: ,1(VQl/20l7 ^^ __ OCCURRENCE: . ■ , . , 09119 


On 10/01/17 ^t 2208 hrs, I, Offipor D. Tilley P#U2Ga and Officer B, Young P#13236, white gporating as 
SAT3, received notification of active shooter occurring at the Route 91 festM direCtty east of the Mandalay 
Bay Hotel and Casino* Prohn each of our homes, as we were off duty, m rallied at HeadC|uarters and 
immediately made our way to the Route 91 stage- As we arrived on the Las Ve^as Strip, ,per dispatch, there 
were active shooters at the New York, New York Hotel and Casino* Officer Young and l arrived at the vatet of 
the New York, New York where wa met with a SWAT Officer and formpd a three man element and Oegun 
clearing the casino floor- After gaining Intel from several s^urity guards at the casino, it was determined there 
were no shooters present or gun shots 

Officer Young and 1 returned to pur patrol vehicle and drove to the Paris Motel and Casino, where 
dispatch advised us of another active shooter inside. When We arrived to the Paris wO rallied up with other 
Officers and cleared the casino floor yVhiie inside, wO directed hundreds of soared patrons to a Conference 
room where we were told was acpid arda, This area had Oh dkit door legcling outside and numerous security 
guards Were present directing people to saW' Again, after gaining Intel, it Was deliermined there Were no 
shooters present or gun shots heard; 

Officer Ypung and I made our way paok toy^^ards the Route 91 area, just east of the venue, We yvere 
told concert goers Were hiding in the office building^ and airplane hangars, Vve witnessed hroken windows, 
barricaded doorways, torn fences and blood traits. Officer Young and! cleared the offices and hangars, which 
led to the discovery of about a hundred;peopie hiding; We rhet with airport Officers who then directed the 
people to a bus that extracted them to the Thomas and Mack; 

After the clearing the offices and hangars, we drove to the command post at South Central Area 
Command, We were told to go to the Mandalay Bay valet and rrieet up With one of the SWAT Officers there. 
We were assigned a Force Protection team, which consisted of several other Officers and Fire Department 
personnel. We cleared several floors and hundreds of hotel rooms inside the Mandalay Bay, 

Date ^nd Timg ot Report: 

10/12/2017-1340 hrs 


David Tilley 


Approved Sy; 


Brian Young 



Raqe 1 



Evom#: 171001003519 

Onco all of the floors were cleOr^, we ratKed up with the other HSST Officers near the command post 
We were assigned to stage at Tropicana and La$ Vegas Blvd. to guard one of the deceased concert goers until 
the coroner and criminalistics arrived Once they arrived, we left to secure4 

IAS vew m^thofoutan POUCE pepAmME(^ 

O^piCEB’S report 


' . _ i October Shooting re^pon$s 


REPQRTtNO: Investigative Services Division / Gangs occurrence; , Toyrist Safety Divisibn/ CGAC 


occmmo: , _ 10/01/2017 £203 __ OCCURRENCE: 30SQSLVBlvd Us Vegas,, NV 091,19 

On October 1®* 2017 at 2211 hours I was notified about an active shooter at the conceit grounds across from 
Mandalay Bay. i immediately left my residence code to the command post. We ware then notified of an all call 
for the SWAT/CNT units, 

i was then attached to SWAT M- Muddier for the duration of the event as hisliason. 

DateandTIm^of B^pprt: ,10/06/2017 2140 hours ofiicer: EDDINGTON Pi;:: 

Approved By: ^ ^ ' Offtoer: P#; 



Page 1 



vjFrivcn ,o niisir^wn i 

Evflht#; LtVl71Q01Q0351^ 








.1d/01/20172200 „ 

location OF ,, 




Qn 10/01/2017 ai roughly 2200 hours/while operating as marked unifomied patrol unit 31341 was heading 
towards a domestic dispute in the area of Warm springs and las Vegas Btvd: Over our channel (SCAQ) i heard 
a K9 officer jump on the air requesting to be assigned to the: active shooter in CCAC, l imfhedi^teiy grabbed 
my microphone and requested to be dispatched to the incident as well, t switched my vehicle radio oyer to 
CCAC and could hear actual shooting sounds in the officer’s micrdphonp. 1 initiated my lights and sirens and 
drove as fast as i could towards the Mandalay bay Without knowing any details. 

As I got Closer to Maridalay bay, rdughly at Bussei) pd i o6servdd rio police cars, in front of md: and I Wasn’t 
exactly sure where the gunfire Was coming from. On the radio all j could hbar was t^fficers requesting to stop 
traffic on Las Vegas Blvd to prevent the vehicles from being shot at it w^ at this time | fjnaily learned the 
active shooter was shpoting frorn the floor inside the Mandalay bayi Realizing i was directly uridpr thp:; 
Mandalay bay ! did what 1 had to dp and blocked traffic to prevent citizens from becoming casuaitiesi all north 
bound traffic towards Mandalay bay Was shut down on the Blvd; 

I was eventually relieved by an unrhOrkOd patrol unit, i quickly jufnped back in my patrol vehicle heading south 
towards 3GA0 were the incident command post was being set up; | parked my pqtro! Vehicle Sideways in the 
mredt and immediately becanre the primary tr^fic coordinator :for every responding unit. I was able to stage atl 
ambulances in one lane for Immediate evacuation as well as Bre trucks. Requested ail responding Henderson 
units to pam in one lane along with other marked units to Keep an open lane. Directed every responding 
ATf^ and homeland security towards designated parking where 1 Wanted them. Than directing evSry 
responding CAT bus exactly what lane to travel down and where to go, All this coordination wds to keep the 
area clear and organized in order for deployment of strike teams as well as SWAT teams. Without my direct 
superviaion directing all this traffic for such a major incident it would have been chaos. 

Date and Tme of Roport; 


Officer; , 


P#: 14873 

Aooiovod By: 


Off tow: 

_ m . 




Mandalay ^ay Shooting 

event#; tLV17100100$519 




pate 4 TIME 


South Central Patrol Dtvison 


Convention Center 

10/01/17@22P8 hours 


pccuRRENpE: 3950 S Us.Vegas Blvd, {Mandalay Bay), 

BWC Footage Available 

October i Ht, 2017 ^ 2200 Cyrave Sliift: It st^ed just like any other shift- SC 12 and SC 13 were in bOefing going 
over crime hot spots etc. Sergeant Jackson stops and tells «s there is a possible footing at the strip. V/e 
switched our radios to Convention Center apd there was radio silence; We continued bripfing, and therr \ve 
heard the next volley of radio ti'affic. Officer® sayihg shots, fed* rnuKipIe people doyvn, active shooter. We : 
could hear the automatic gunfire in the background. We all get lip ^d start running to our cars. I didnU have a 
C!^ so I jumped in with one of rriy squad maies^ We quickly drove to my POV and I dawned my gear and wc 
started heading towards Mandalay Bay. As vvC were leaving the smtlbn, one of the office^ oh scene* called but 
that the shooter was in an elevated position somewhere in the Mandalay Bay. Knowing that we didhH drive up 
Las Vegas Blvd. We turned West on Russell arid drove id the rear of Mandrilay Bay from Frank Siriatra. We get 
to tire loading dqci^; pd start moving into the casino. At this tiihe two Enterprise officers pulled in behind us. 

We entered the! Mandrilay Bay loading dock and everyone in there was completely oblivious to what w^s 
happening. But Security started getting the radio traffic. Wc saw a security guard and asked him to take us to 
the central camera room. When we enter the room, we didn’t have radio signal and were not getting updates. 
The coverage the security lobm had was abysmal and I had my rifle with me and knew I wpuld be better 
utilized somewhere else. I asked the security guard where the shooting was coming riom and he said possibly 
the 32nd floor. J asked him to take me there. They had temporarily shut down the elevatom but he said the 
employee elevators were still working. He takes me to the employee elevators arid I go to the 32rid floor. 

Date arid Time of Report: 






$. tiske 

p#: i4aaa 

:l,VMPDM:{Ri)v,fl/0(l> WORD 2010: 

Page 1 



Event m LLVtyi001Q035l9 

As I get to the 32nd Oeor, there is a team of officers already there. They had just started inoying up the hallway 
towards the shooters suite. I rendes^vous with them and we systematically start clearing rooms* After we clear a 
section which Was 4 rooms we advanced to the next section* While we were doing this^ we were hearing radio 
traffic of shootings at New York New Yorl^, An Explosive pevice at Luxor Valet* It sounded like a MumM 
attack. That being said we notice a cart near the shooters door and U was very out of place* Wp believed it was 
possibly booby trapped. We pressed forward and continued to clear rooms* We got to a ceriain point and jidsted 
up and treated it like a barricade. The suspect wasn't firing and we believed he had bpoby trapped the cart near 
his door with explosives* We had three rifles pointed down i^ange at all tirheS* When someone was tired we 
would swap out positions* I had never worked with these officers l^fore but we all work^ very well together: 
$WAT technicians arrive at our location a little later. I recall there being 3 of them with us* There was also a 
team in the stairwell which was right next to the shooters ropm* 

Sergeant Matchko arrives at our location and gives us a brief of what*s going on, SWAT places a chafge on tlie 
shooters doorypeyblpw the charge and goin,: After they make entry our team continue to clear the remaining 
rooms. Every room was cleared* When all was said and done, wC walked uii to thO shooters roomand noticed 
that oht of place cart had camera's pointing down the hallway at uS; tt was definitely one of those eye opening 
moments, the entire time we Were in the hallway the shoOtei'knew Our location* 

The scene was safe then we hear radio maffic of a shooting at Paris* There was a big group of us that got into an 
elevator and we started walking towards the East Valet. I didn't have a car but security asked us if we needed 
one* I said yes, We were trying to get to Earis bet we were ihte^pted by a cbptlun who told ns to hold our 
position* He later reassigned us to West Valet of Mandalay Bay (next to Light) to watch oyer the people that 

were silting there. That basically concluded my night 



Event#: 171001003519 

Mandalay Boy S^Qoting 





. Patrol/CCAC 12 


10 / 01/2017 2210 ,, 


3950 S- las Vegas Blvd. IV, NV 89109 


On October 01,2017 at ^20Q hoyrs, i. Officer Guynn P# 14891 wa® in the Conyeotion Canter Area Oonnniancl 
(CCAG) briefing ropm when Sgt G- Everett P# 8915 stated that they are saying giih shots have beeh fired at 
Boute 91. Officer J, Citelli P# 16435 and 1 departed CCAC i:?arKing garage en rodte to Route 91 Concdrl which 
was East of las Vegas Bivd at Mandafay Bay tocated at the abdve address. 

We arrived near Reno Ave and Ouke Ellington Way. As we started to exit the vehicle, an unknown white male 
adult approach me and stated that he had a gunshot wound to his left hip area,! was able to flag doWn an 
ambulance to render care, We^ stafto<^ to formulate a strike team with several other oMcers when people 
started to run from hlprthbound Haven St and Eastbound Reno Ave towards us saying they have bepri shot 
and the shooter was in the direction of the:Route91 Oohcert^ WIth One pffeer driving a SUy, the 
started West down Reno AVe ahd headed ^oiith down Haven St until WO barhe to a found-a^bout; At this point, 
Officer Citelilahd i spilt up. 

Police Detective J, Sulek p# 13749, Officer J, Serrano P# 14871, and I used vehicles in fheidirt parking lot east 
of the concert as cpyer to leap frog to Giles St. As we made our way to Giles SI we tried to go in the direction 
of people that hiding. We cleared them out ^ went continued through thd parklng idt. When we gdt tb 
Route 91 venue, we started to Clear put the venue, vye met up with another atrike team and thpn divided up- 
Sulek and Serrano got on top of a VIR lounges: next to a billboard sign to maintain eyes on the Mandalay Bay 
and iuxpr Casinos as we knew that the shbpter was cpmirig from the Mpnddlay Bay and possibly the Ibxor. d^ 
Pelley, R# i d 167 and 1 provided over watch fOr SuleK and Serrano, Pblley ahd I then escorted the last three 
individuals Out to Cas Vegas Blvd and North to Reno Aye. We then advised the three individuals to continue 
East down Reno Ave and then head to Hooters QaCino, 

Pelley and 1 returned to the area of Gate 4A where we met with a Hornicide Detective that asked us tp escort 
maintenance personnel around the yenue. We were tasked with making sure the maintenance personnel did 
not disturb apy evidence that would be pertinent to the investigation. Maintenance personnel were tasked With 
turning off the burners that were used to cook food. 

After escorting maintenance, I stood guard on Giles near the East Entrance until we were relieved, 

Date and Tlniieof Report; ...... 

10072017 , 0130 , 


T, Guynn 

. P#: 14891 

Approved By: 

Sf)t. G, Everett , , 


_, ' P#: 






EventJ^; tLV171001003S19 

Officer Report for Active Shooter. 







date ^ TIMS 



10/01/17 : , , OCCURRENCE: 

, Route 91 Festiyei , 

On 10/10/17 at appi^oximatefy 2210 hours, rOfficer C* Mirancia^Rociriguei F#16311 was sitting ifi the NWA^ 
briefing room listening to briefing and then briefing was interrupted by a swing shift Sergeant We were told that 
there was an active shooter that is ocOurriog right now and det^'ls are saying that it is coming from the 
Mandalay Say. The, Sergeant told everyone it would be best to get ready to log on and be prepared for 
anything that may happen: 

t Officer Ivlimncia-Bbdriguez knew tHat our sguad wOs the one that is in the box for a Mactac activation, so my 
partner M, Schena F#15273 and I told everyone to get their gear ready tg go, i then sent a message oiit to the 
^quad to fbeet at the riortheastgbrhergf tbe NWAC parking V 

activation, We then wait^ for oUr Sergeant fOf the nigtit, J, pean ^^ 57 gave lis instruction tp wait for 
our dispatcher;to give us the activation before v/e can go anywhere. We were ready and definitely want to 
leave as soon as po^ible to help out our brothers and any victims, Sgt. J, Dean then instructed its tp drive to 
the rally point arid be ready with aii our gear. We arrived at the rally point at West Cliff and Bainbcw and a few 
mprnents later our dispatcher aclivatbd us to head over to the Command Post 

Upon arrival at SCAC. gur tOam went tO make contact with the leading officer to check in and he assigned us 
as atriKe;team 7,0ur squad was partnered up with the PO Detectives frpm NWAO. When our strike team was 
called up to head to a location, we were told tb go tp the CfbmWeil basino to blear it and rhake sure there are 
no issueSvOur squad jumped into the vehicles and then we traveled northbound on the Us Vegas Blvd, 
prepared for anything that may come our direction, As we crossed f^usseli. wq were able to hear oh thO radio 
that there are reports coming in from additional shooters at the Tropicana/then the New York Casino and then 
the Aria Casino, We continued to drive northbound arid ;was able to see the festival to pur right hand side. We 
approached the intersection df the Tropicana and saw the Triage set lip at the intersection with a iPt of biood 
on the ground, There were medioaf staff assisting with peppie that had injuries. We thpri continued down the 
strip and went to park the vehicles at the Flamingo Circle, 

Upon arrival we immediately started to tell people to go inside the casino arid to remain inside. Sgt J, Dean 
made contact with security and asked if there has been any issues or gUn firing inside the casino and was told 
no. We then stayed outside and continued to listen to radio traffic, We then heard reports of shOoting occurring 
at the Harrah's Casino. We knew that wa were not too far away from the casino so we walked as a group north 

Date end Time of Reixitt; 


Officer; C. Miranda-Bodriquez 

' P#; 15311 

Approved py; 

Officer: . 

, P#: 






, Event#; tLVl71Qqi003519 

on the east side vvatk towards the casino, On the way there we tdtd people to stay inside and the side walk was 
closed. We got to the llnq casino and was informed that Officers arriveci at the Harrahs and were adfe to 
confirm that it was code 4 and there were nd gun shots inside the casino, Our strike team then turned around 
and walked back to the Cromwell and spoke to people on the way back- The people were concerned about 
what was going on and wanted to know why they could not go outside. We cohtiriued to advise that they need 
to go back inside for their safety. We theri arrived back at the Cromwell casino and secured the area. 

At the Cromwell 1 was initially located on the bridge that goes over north and south of Flamingo. 1 was making 
sure to look at high windows and make sure that nobody looked suspicious in the crowd. I also made sure to 
talk to my squad td let thorn know if I noticed anyone suspicious add thqn wo wodid address it. On the other 
bridge We had North Las Vegas SWAT watching over the area. We continued to monitor the bridges and told 
people to stay inside the casino phtii it is safe to Come but, there wpre people that Were confused and wanted 
to know why other casinos were not letting them inside. We expl^ned to them what Was going on and that 
some casinos were not letting anyone in or out. They were ha^py to. hear that; the Oromweil was going to let 
them inside, A few hours went by and then bur strike team was infohned by Noilh Las Vegas SWAi was going 
to leave and make their way to do the search warrant in MOsqutte. ■ 

Officer Schena ahd 1 then went to the bridge that links the Crorrrwell to Caesars Palace, There was not many 
people that passed by and things were code 4 on pur end. VVe wbre able to get a bteak to get some food in us 
by the 6PR in the Crbth^bil that Security'kindly offered t6us.:,\^^^ 

north of the Monte Cadp were 'told to Open the doors aiid let people in and out. We rerhained on the post in 
front of the Cromwel) until we were relieved in the morning by day shift Officers, 



Evwt#: tLVl7l00l003518 

i^oute 91 A otl^^e Shooter 
SU^HCT , . 



DATE^KME , ^ . ^ LOPATIONOF ,. ' ,.: ^ ^ 

pCCUBRED:_ Octoborl, 2017 , OCCURRENCE: , , . Routa 91 Festival 

On pctober 1,2017 at approjcimately 220$ hours, I. Officer S* Hayner P#l 489e while assigned to the 
Northeast Area Command (NEAC) on spuad NE13 was Activated as an "In the box'* squad and told by Sgt- 
Weaver to rally in front NEAC to prepare to respond to an aciivp shooter at l^andalay Bay. Upori arriving at the 
rally point, NE13 Sqiiad split up into twp man teams taKing four marked patrol vehicles to South Central Area 
Comrnand (SCAC) where a Command Post (ClP) Was setup. Upon pur arrival to the GP, Sgt Weaver took 
direct command of four officers and created a strike team white! was assigned to take command of three 
remaining officers and oreate a secondary strike team, 

Wd checked in with the CP and were provided in^trqpfibns to hipbifep to thp M^M Besdit and Casino to $how 
unifprrhed presence as Well as be a strike team ih the event thdt police betion hOed to bp taken withiri; the 
resort. Throughout the night, we were able to relay information to civilians on where to go if they were 
displaced from area hotels as well as provide information When area hotels and suHace streets were becoming 
available for civilians to return to, 

Date and Time of Report: ^^ O c tober 8, 2017 0010 Hours Offioer; , S. Haynsf . , p#; 1489S 

Approved By: • ' ' Offloer! P#; 


LVMPO es (Iftflrtii.S/Ol}:;; WDfiOE^ 




Event ili iyi00V35ia 


,,.V,;'. III , „ II 11 , 1111 , I II , l|l| , ll , I . ■ 

■ W^BCT:, 


REpQRTiNa; Community Orientated FoNctng ocpURt^^NCE: , , Tourist Safety , _ 


OCCUR(=iED: IOtO^-IT 0^00 ! OCOURRENCe: 8upnSe.H0spitai , , 


Aa result of the active shooter inciclertt, I Sgt. Rips #6402 was activated as an Honor Guard member, Qn 10- 
02*17 at approximately 0300 hours 1 vyaS con^jted by the Honor Guard Ueutenantft, Rader #6099.1 then 
assembled a three officer tearn (Officemieahy,#902i, $aari #13993, and ^sCartin^9406). 1 wasfiso 
contacted by Officer Rundell #8719. Rundeli was assigned to the Body Camera de^ll anb was Oflicer 
Hartfield's partner. 

Officer Rundell waited to be a part of helping his partner therefore he accompanied me and the responding 
team to Sunrise Hospital. The Honor (Suard team and t then guarded the body Of Officer Hartfietd #9008 who 
,hdd deeri'kiiied by .gun'jire' during'the, incidpnt';■,, ' ^ , ' ' ■ ' 

i then contacted Officer Hartner #7451 ip traffic. He was the acting; for traffic^ He was able to assemble 7 
motor Officers tb' hdiP bscprt Officer Hartfield to the corners office, Again; after the escort '‘we"; as a group 
rendered honors to officer Hartfieldi At approxirhateiy 0730 we foid^ an American fldg and it was left his body 
in preparation of the impending funeral. 

Dale and Tme of Report: ^ 

10/06/171400: , 


$qt KBios 

■ F#: 8422 

Aporoved Bv: , 

Oftioer: . 







Ev0ht#: LLV171001003519 


-H ^ ^ ^ ^ .■. ■"’"’'"'''"suijicT ^ ^ ^ ■" 

pIVtSfONt ^ ^ ^ OlvisiONOF 



OCCURRED: , 10/01/201.7 - HRS: _^ OCCURRENCE; VEQAS BLVD> LV, NV 89T09 

blteAIlYS; ' 

Qri 10/01 /SOI 7,1, Officer U. Kolarik P#15052, was working as marked traffic unit ti l 00.The 1 October 
shooting had begun prior to me beginning my sbift. After i logged on, myself and several bther Traffic Officers 
met up at NWAC and were seht several directives pn where to rally up as a sguad to await further instructions, 
we uitimatdiy ended up at the Traffic substation. 

At sorne point later in the evening we were given the orders we were needed to help with road closures in the 
area,! first went with Officer C. Schneider P#14196 to the Intersection of Howard Hughes Dr, at Paradise Rd, 
which ended up being; a miOtake; We were tb^n redirected to block private editing onto westb^^ 

£; Trapicane Avd west df Paradise Rd^ Mpf a shpd tithe: doing that I the intersection of: £; : 

Tropicana Aye arid Kovaf In to continue to block all westbound traffic pri E, Tropicana Aye, 3everai vehicles 
were seen traveling through a private driveWay on the southeast comer of tfie intersection in an attempt to gain 
access to southbound Koval In, south of E Tropicana Aye, which Uitirhately makes a turn to the west and 
becomes E, Reno Aye, which led directly into the crime scene arid behind the Route 91 Harydst venue on 
Oiles St 1 moved my LVMpD Police Motprcycle to the private lot at ^060 KOva) In arid prevented vehicles from 
entering southbound Koyal in. 

After 1 was relieved by Henderson PD Officers on Koval In, I went to SunrisO Hospital to assist with the escort 
of Officer C. Hartfield's body to the Clark County pproher’s Office. The procession waS fed by Officer j. Nelson 
p#i4OO0, Once arrived at the Coroner's Office, $01K. Rios Jr, P#8422, gave commands to thb Officer's as 
Officer C. Hartfield’s body was removed from the Mortuary van and iritd the Coroner's Office, 

It should be noted Officer B, Walford P#l$033 was on the entry team which first werit into the shooters room 
on the 32"^ floor of iViandaJay Bay and he along with the other Officers and $OT on that team are true heroes. 

Officer C. Clarkson and B, Cook are heroes and we are all lucky they are stilt with us. 

D^ite Httie of Report; 




P#; 15052 

Aoppovod By: 

Officer: ■ 

,, P#: 





Event #: UV171001Q03519 



Active Shooter. Route 91 Festival 

Event#: 171001-3519 








Oqtobor 1,2017 #: 2208hrs 


3950 S. Las Vegas Blvct 


On the above fiate at approx. 223phrs t logged on for the start of my shift as T;190. 1 responded to NWAC 
where) met with other motor officers as the listed event was Mnfbidin^. We iistened to the radio tteffic and as a 
group rode to the traffic bureau where we stpod by waiting for a position to filL l, along vyith Officer Brandon 
McFarlane #13740 ware assigned to a traffic collision in NE area cdnimand and after completing that accident 
investigation Officer MoFadane and l assisted with traffic control in the area of Troplcana/Paradise. I was there 
briefly before 1 moved to asisist with traffic control at Tropickna/Koval. From there i aiohg with Other motor 
officers on my sguad directed to the GP at SGAC where we were assigned to assist honor guard 
Sergeant K. Rios at Sunrise Hoepitai with the transporting of Officer Gharieston Hartfieid to the cprorier's office: 

Oate«iwJ’nmeofRepott: October B, 20iy.@ 2303hr$ Officer: ^ Mattf|ew Ware Pisf: 9p84 

Ap^PcivedByi ^ • ' , '' , , ' , Offi<?gr;, , ■ , , P#: _ • ^ 

SKiWATUBgl _ ._ ' 




Route-^l Shooting. 

event 17ldO>3S19 








10/01/1:7 2Sb5hr$ 


Routd 9i Festival Area 

On 10/1/17 at apprbj^irriately 2^05 houm, 1 Officer R. Thiel© P#15356 along with Officer J. Mitbhetl 
P#15337, were operating as marked patrol unit aitiSA in suppprt of piir sguad's {CCI GTplain clothes: operation. 
When the Initial call Of shots fifed in the area of the Rout© 91 cpnpert was broadcasted, we were traveling e^t 
bourid on Sierra Vista just west of the Convention Center Area Gpmmadd, 

We immediately advised dispatch via an/‘AM'' that w© were in^rout© code 1 Are route to the incident 
location was as follows; S/B Paradise to Coiporate, vy/B corpcrate to Howard Hughes 3/B; Howard Hughes to 
Flamingo* W/B Flamingo to Koval, 3/B Koval to Peiio/W/B Reno to Giles, and S/B Giles to tif© vicinity gate 5, 
At thip pointvve exited our vehipte due to ^e large amount pf p^estriah: traffic fUnnihg N/B; on from the 

Route 61 concert yeriue, W© immediately attempted to assess the situation as we believed the gUn fire was 
Coming from the southwest Of our location iriside the Houte 91 venue, Additionatly, at this time approximately 
50 to do individuals, somp Of which were suffering from mipor to sever© injufies, whidh we doiievpd to be 
gunshot wounds, As Officer Mitchell provided ®edurity> I secured the. medicai Kit frorfi the rear of our patrol 
unit, I was then contacted by a white male adult, who was suffering from gunshot wounds to this right leg 
(above the Knee) and right forearm, :The white rnale stated he was an off duty paramedic, and ptated he nOed 
a tourniquet i applied the tourniquet to his right leg, above the Wound, Sirhuitanepusiy, Officer Mitchell and 
myself were directing pedestrians to continue to leave the arepi by running N/B on Giles towards RenOf 
Furthermore, 1 was approached by several pedestri^s. stating they were Off duty medical personnel, asking 
what 1 needed them to do, At this time, we allowed the off-duty medical personnel to treat and depi virfth thp 
wounded While w© soured our Vests and long guns from the rear of the patrol unit Officer Mitchel secured his 
patrol rifle and ! secure my shotgun. 

When then traveled on foot, to what we believe to be gate 6, entered the venue traveling south behind 
several tents inside the eastern fence line. We made this decision for two reasons; 1.) W© still believed that 
the shpoting was coming from inside the venue and 2.) Our Sgt, Sgt Bauman (790) was pinned down by gun 
fire somewhere in the vinicity of Las Vegas Blvd and Mandalay Bdy, the later was believed to be: true 
because 790 was requesting a strike team Over the radio, and then went silent after volley of automatic gun 
fire. VVhen we arrived, to the area of Las Vegas Blvd and Mandalay Bay (inside the vehue) we linked up with 
approximately 10 to 15 other LVMPD officers/who were seeking cOveir behih^the brick vval! paralleling las 
Vegas Blyd, Officer Mitchell and i decided to keep pushing north along the brick wall^ vyith 5 to 6 other officers, 

D^te and Tima of Bapod: 

10/7/17 0100 hrS 


n. Thiele 

PM: 15356 

Ai:^fOVaU By: 



P#; 1,5337 


impo {S3 mnv.sA)!), wono 




Ev^ntti 171001-3S19 

(n an attempt to find a safe place to exit the venue and cross las Vegas Blvd. After several attempts we 
determined it was not safe to cross las Vegas Blvd* instead we decided to move east through the middle of 
the Route 91 venue, directing pedestrians to leave the venue immediately. As this was occurring, Officar 
Mitchell advised me that 8m63 observed a white male adult wearing black fatigues with a dUffle bag entering a 
motor home in the Motel 6 parking lot located on the sdutfiwest corner of Tropicana and KovaL Upon returning 
to out patrol unit, which was still parked on Giles; we decided Ip go to ame3'$ location and assist them in 
dealing with their situation. 

upon arrival, we parked Our patrol unit to the south of 8m63*s location and proceeded on foot to their 
patrol unit At this time, we were informed that Officer S. Wittwer P#152t 3 sustained what he believed tp be a 
broken ankle. Additionally, we were approached by a wfhite male adult wearing a Pallas Oowboy BB cap, wpo 
stated the older white male currently standing outside the motor home with; hie dog, had entered the motor 
home with a black ddffle bag wearing dafk colored fatigues. Furthermore, he s^ted when older white rnale 
exited the motor home he Was wearing a completely different set of clothing and no black bag. Baded on the 
above facts ahd circumstances myself, Officer Mitchell and a BWAT medic know only to us as "Bmitty" 
challenged the individual standing by the mptor home. The older white male was subsepuentiy detained, 
moved to location across Koval, and placed into handcuffs. The older white male stated his wife was in their 
hotel room at Motel 6 and the only reason be was at the motor home was to check on his parrot The older 
white.maie gavo verbal consistent to search his rhotor home. Ti^yselfj pfficer lyijtchali and Bmitty returned to 
rnotdr hprne to cohduCt a search tOr Weapons, Whiph fnet Wi^ negative results. While were searching the 
motor home, the older white male was turned over;to Officer A. Uf P#15392w After retuning back across the 
streel the older white male was conipliant but seemed completely confused about the whole situation. We 
again was asked what he was doing in the area, and why we was seen entering the motor home in ope set of 
clothes and exiting in anpther set- A second search of the mptpr home was conducted by Bmitty, and during 
this search he located a back style bag which contained an empty holster. When the older white hiale was 
asked about the empty holster, he stated th^ h and gun was under th e^vers pn the. bed in the motor home. 
The white male adult was verbally identified asflilHNlilBHHHk 

At this point Smitty treat^ Officer VVittwer for hls (eg injury and secured him a medical transport. 

Officer Wittwer was transported to Spring Valley Hospital. Irhmediateiy following Officer Wittwer being 
transported^ numerous broadcasts came across the radio about possible gun shots at hurherbus other hotel 
properties, one of which described a man with a gun at the tropicana Hotel Valet At which time Smitty and 1 
proceeded to the Tropipana Hotel on foot, and Officers Mitchell and Uf stayed in the area of Motel securing 
Mattingly as well as a make shift casualty collection point and keeping nbn-essential personnel from traveling 
S/B on Kpvat towards the Route 91 Venue. 

Once Smitty and I arrived at the Tropicana Hotel, we linked up With several other officers and it was 
determined that there was no threat at the Tropicana, however we Wem advised by security personnel that 
there was an individual In hotel room 2b44 with a GSW to the head, Along with several other officers and 
medical personnel we made our way to the above mehfiohCd hotel room, but other hotel patrons stated the 
GSW victim has already left in the elevator. Upon returning to the ground floor medical personnel received this 
patron and transported him to a local hospital. 

After finishing up at the Tropicana, Smitty and J relocated ourselves to the, staging area, located at 
Tropicana Ave and las Vegas Blvd. A short while later 1 was assigned to Force Protection (FP) Team 2 under 
Sgt Jivapong. While assigned to FP2 consisting of IVMPQ officers and Fire Fighters we responded to several 
hotel properties which included but were not limited to the Excalibur, Luxor, Delano and Diabio's bar and Grill, 
Nothing significant occurred at any of the properties occurred except for clearing a VIP restaurant on the top 



Ivent#; lTiqoi-3^19 

floor of the Delano, We assisted in moving approximately 40 persons frpm the restaurant which included 
patrons and employees. 

Upon completion at the Deianp^ we returned to the staging area and shortly after I Was reunited with 
CC16 personnel at Las Vegas Blvd and Mandalay Bay, 



Event#: 171001-3519 

pick-up truck ha<i stopped right behind us and began grabbing as many people to put in the bed ^ they could 
to take to the hospital* I direpted a woman To help the female 1 was with and make sure she got into the truck. 
Officer Thiele and f had hin out of medical s.uppties .andwe Know we needed to start moving forward towards 
the shooting* 1 grabbed my rifle and plate carrier while Officer Thiele covered our position^ then switched so he 
could put his gear on* \ lead us, with 4 other officers who had made it to our position, south along the east 
fence of the fairgrounds under concealment from the Windows the shooting was coming from* We made it to 
Gate $ and as we entered the fairground we ran into another team of 10-12 officers who Joined our group, I 
was the only rifle so 1 lead us around the inside of the venue to the sOuth and skirted under concealment untli 
we made it to the west wall that was immediately east of las Vegas Blvd, The whole group hunkered down at 
that point trying to find a way across las Vegas BlVd safely, It wa^ clear as We rnoved north along the wall that 
we couldn’t risk running across the street, We would have been too easy a target and anyone trying to get to ps 
to save us could easily get hit tdo* I Knew at this point that 4 officers were already at the room, the shooting 
outside had stopped and teams Were headed to breach the room* 

At this tirno 6Me3 came over thp mdio and advised that a possible suspect Wearing black fatigues with 
a black duffle bag had been seen entering a motor home parked at the MotOi a pear Tropicana and Koval. 1 
decided the best we could do at this time is go tp assist them* Officer Thiele and i then headpd east straight 
across the fairground, pushing the people still In the to, leave to the east* Officer Thiele and i exited 

the area out Gate 6 arid jumped in pur patrOi car* vve drpve back down Beno to Koval, Located aMa3, who 
was taking coverbehind a Fire gnginP tew^ dafK^ just horth Of 5060 S Kpvai^ 

16218, was covered down on the rnotorhome he had called out: It was then we realized that Officer Wittwer 
was also injured, he stated he think he broke hts arikie (W© lUtpr found put hp shattered his teg), J took point on 
covering the motorhomo and the eldpriy white male who was standing OuWlGle facing us, he appeWed to be: 
smoking* Officer Thiple and I then crossed Koval and took the man into custody withouf incident^ The man 
had dropped a black Fanny Pack that only contained a lot of tpbaoco. After securing the man behind the Rre 
Engine, Officer Thiele, a Swat Medical named “Smitty” and I went and cleared opt tpe rnotorhome to check it 
for weapons and explosives* The black duffle back was located and only contained clothes, There was found 
in the rnotorhome a worn down tan learner holster belt that had a fixed blade knife-and 2 magazines but hp 
firearm was in the hoister' The firearm was under the covers on the bpd, un der p p arrot the man had in his 
rnotorhome* the man was later Verbally Identified Us 

did no t have a SCOPE record, but it appeared hts brother did for traffic things. After further questioning the 
mu he had stated that he and his wifefwho was of Aslan descent), were visiting from California and were 
supposed to be leaving the next day*fllfeaid he had done 4 year in the navy and he owned a gun that was 
in th emoto rhome* Some quesUonjhg^Hdidn't seem to follow but this at the time appeared to be from his 
patient during the time he was kept in custody and did not say or apt in any Way that made him 
appear to be related to What waeQo|ng on With the shooting* I made several attempt to reach the OP to inform 
them about the rnotorhome and|m|fp fhay wanted to question him-1 was not able to get a hold of 
gone at the CP due to the computers crashing and the cell towers going down I made the decision to release 

After the rnotorhome had been cleared Officer Thiele and the swat medic '^Smitty” ran on foot from 
Koval along Tropicana Ave to the Tropicana Where reports of a victim with a gunshot wound tO the hedd had 
been found, I stayed with Officer Lif due to her partner, Officer Wittwer. being transported to the hospital for 
his injuries. Officer Uf and l stayed with the makeshift medical post to protect it from a shooter possibly trying 
to find an easy target* We were still receiving over the radio multiple reports of shootings along the Strip- 
Officer lif and 1 attempted to clear the parking tot and office buildings alCng Koval and Rend to find any 
wounded and injured to push them towards the medical personnel. We found several people hiding near the 
airport fence that had a few injured with them. We also found a group smashing a window to one of the office 
buildings attempting to seek shelter. We cleared them out and pushed them towards the medical area* We 



Ev^m #: 171001^3619 

then formed a road block with pur patrol carp tb Keep people from driving towards the shooting scene and 
spent the next few hours moving people away from the shooting area, 

At one point reports of a Shooter inside of Coco’s restaurant caused Officer lif and 1 to sprint over to the 
location where the shooter had been reported, the radio traffic Said 3 people were down. When we arrived vye 
found 30“40 people hiding inside the restaurant. A few of the people had injuries;but only one had a gunshot 
wound to her lower leg from the initial shooting. The area was safe and y^e called for medical to pick the girl 
with the injury up and then went back to where our patrol cars were acting as a road block; Officer lif arid I 
stayed at this location Keeping people from going towards the shooting scene until traffic units had set up at 
Troplcana and Koval and our Sgt (790) called us over to Mandalay Bay and has Vegas Blvd arpund 0600 
hours. Officer Thiele joined us there a short time later. The spuad stayed at this location until we were told to 
secure-' ■ 




Active Shooter . 








10-01-172208 . 





On 10-0M7 shortly after 2200 hours, I Officer I Hruska P#15307, along With my partner Offeer G Amundson 
P#12969, operating as IVMPp inarked patrot unit 3DP90, received a MACTAC Activation via 
eommunicatidhs/We ran to our vehicle and quickly met the rest of our $duad, 6V31, along with' the graveyard 
*1n the box’' squad at our designated rally point. Once arrived 1 put on my helmet, secured my gOs mask and 
deployed my shotgun. We received the brief frorn Sgt J Roybal P#7623, and quickly got into vehicles to drive 
code 3 to the Command Post 

After arriving at the Command Post at SCAG, formed Strike Team 23, anb deployed to Luxor and ixcallbur 
due to hearing reports that therp were shots fired at those hotels. We formed two elements and moved through 
Excafibur, holding a post and tiding to find; any shootihg victims, pur equ^.V^aCj then A and 

we were advised we were going to do Force prbteptibh. Our ^uad epfit off add myseff, Officer Amundson, 
Officer S Lphmann #13335 and Officer C Vargas P#15044 formed Strike Team 23 A and we drove first to LV 
Slvd/Troptoana and then td Rooters Casino for reassignment, At Hooters, my Strike Team joined with 
firefighters from City ROscue 22 i(FQ Strike team 11) where We rode in the rescue with the firefighters to go to 
Mandalay Bay to continue our ForcbPro efforts. 

At Mandalay: Bay^ we worked with other Officersi firefighters! and Strike Tearns to deaf floors and rooms at 
Mandalay Bay and Four Seasons, Along with SWAT,; K9, FBI and FC vy^ deared over 700 roortiS in the tower, 
searching for any other victims or anything of a euepidouS nature: 

bate and Time of Repott;, 

10 * 09'-17 2200 


1 HrUsHa 

m ,15357 

Aponaved By; 


_^ F«: , 


t.VMPD ea ‘ WORD^lO 

Pa^ 1 



^ ^ ^suaicr 

Event#: 171001-3519 





GC31 Patl^ol 

10/1/17 2200 






• Mandalay B^y 

On Ip/1/17 at around 2200 tipurs T Officer M. dohncpn {P#16105) white operating as marKed patrot unit 3M12 
was on a 4t6B. The call was over and t w^s about to go eat lunch at 2200 houre a$ a result of this I was 
parKed at the Cosmopolitan about to cheCK put fpr iUnch. 

At around 2201 hours a unit yeilep. '“Shots fired" at The Fairgrounds where Route 91 was taking place, I 
immediately hopped on the air after another unit saidy “Show me in route pode 3" and said, ’‘3M12 same^ I 
then hppped back on Las Vegas ELVP from Cosrho and headed south towards the fairgrounds across the 
street from the Liixor. I rolled Code P the-entire way, I arrived at the scene in 1 minute'Vyhiie driving: t heard 
automatic gun fir$ bpt vyaS unable to notice where it p^e from; brfginpl radio traffic said Abtive Phboter at the 
Fair Grounds,' 

I parked my car On Las Vegas BLVp in between the Fair Grounds and The Luypr, I did hot hear any shots 
being fired at this time. I could hear the screams and remember a panicl^ed group hear the one of the 
entrances, I deployed my $hot Gun and rah towards that entrarice into the Fairgrounds, Officer J, dories 
arrived right after me and we both headed for the entrance. I noticed a large crowed gathering at the entrance 
some with gunshot Wounds and multiple people bleeding, They asked me ^hat to do and I Shouted, ““Get out 
of herer and pointed north. The group of people began running nprth towards TropiCana op Las Vegas Blvd, 
Officer Jones and! ware about to make entrance into the Fair Grounds when the atitomatic gunfire began 
again. We immediately noted and knew that it was coming frpm Mandalay Bay dnd not the Fairgrounds, Ws 
knew that in prder to protect and save lives we had to get tp the shooter. 

Officer Jones and l ran back across the street towards the LuAor as shots were still being firpd. At the Lukor we 
met up with approximately 7 other Officers, 1 remember repeatedly stated, “Keep moving 1" and “Don‘t stop." 

We formed a Strike team ahd made a puick plan, ( was second in the stack with my shotgun. The whole time 
we could still hear gun shots, vye observed they were coming from high up in the Hotel. V\/e headed through 
the Luxor and told security to shut the plaCe down. We then ran out the south side of Luxor and together as a 
strike team we ran to Mandalay Bay and entered the through valet at the North East Side on the comer of Las 
Vegas Blvd and Mandalay Bay, The shots lasted for around 6 9 minutes. The gun shots stopped as we 
entered the Mandalay Bay, Fearing the subject was trying to escape and unaware of the number of shooters 
we determined to lock down the Casino Floor as we made our way to the elevators. 

0#te and Time of Rdpod: 

Approved Sy; 




M. Johnson 



LVMPD az , v^oro mio 



Bfmm 171001-3519 

As we made our way through the casino we got everyone on the ground and began patting people down and 
looking for those who needed medical as w© continue towai'ds the elevator. After traveling through the casino 
and clearing it and the patrons we heard over the air that enough units were on the floor. As a result our 
team began clearing the entire casino floor looKlnp for injured people and suspects that ware involved that 
might have attempted to leave the Hotel. 

As we Were doing this the call came out that there were active shooters at different locations. We ^lit our 
strike team and 6 of us left tp find and handle those other shodtprst Officers dones, Chase, Thaot)old and i (as 
well as two i don't recall), loaded up int6 a marked patrof ^UV and stertad heading towards Paris Hotel fpr a 
444 that came over the radio. You could hear the panic over the radio as we headed that way. After w® cleared 
the casino floor and observed no shots fired we began to head to the next shots tired al; the Beiiagio> We again 
did the same thing and noted that no shots had beeri fired after talking with security and detrpns. We then 
headed toward an ambulance that was apparently taking rounds, that pail waS discontinued while en route. 

We then went to another Hotel (I don't recall the name) in regards to more shots being heard dnd active 
assailants walking around with long guns. That call was again proven to not be abcurate. 

At about that time we began Force Protection and formed as Force Protection teams 6 and S with the fire 

, departnient in front of Hooters, My assignment WA® ^9 Medical persohnel as they worked 

on thosd with Injuries; We first went !io fAd-ex Where a; victirh WaS at. Upon arriyAl we found a White Male 

adult with a gunshot wound to the leg. W© provide security as the victim was assessed and necessary medical 
aid was applied They loaded the individual up onto a stretcher and at this Same'time another victiih was found 
on the casino floor w<th multiple gunshot wounds. We provide security as the blebding was stopped by medical 
personal, We then provide security arid escorted the two victims to thp back of MCM bn the east side, where 
AMR was and they were transported to the hospital. We then were sent to Fat Burger in regards to another 
victim with gunshot wounds. Upon, arrival We met with their security who said no One that location with, 
any injuries. After clearing the restaurant we determined there was no victims there. 

we then were dispatched back to Mandalay bay and began clearing all the rooms. We did this to ensure there 
were no other victims or suspects on the premise. We cleared about 4-6 floors containing almost 100 rooms 
each. Medical personal followed us as we cleared each room. We also advised residents there to stay in their 
rooms for the night. 

After all this we returned to the command post and were relieved by other officers. 1 started my regular shift at 
1600 hours on 10/1/17 and logged off the following day at approximately 0800 hours. 



Event#: 171001^3519 

Active Shooter Mandalay Bgy 

Division Reporting: ■ ^ ' ' y;'"”■”'"' 

. . SWAT . ' ■ 

Date & Time Occurred: Location of Occurrerice: , ■ 

10/01/2017 , , . 3950 u$ Vaoaa Bivd 

On 10-01-2017 at 21581 SerQsant Wiggins P#7659' receivad a text message from it Huddier that there wao an 
Active Shooter at the Mandalay Bay and to bO enroute. 1 sent a, text message out to the Snipers al^ut the active, 
shooter and to be enroute. While ehfoute, i was on the SWAT. 1 channel and there was pot a tot of information , 
peing put out so i switched oyer to QCAC chanrieL As I pUHed up to the Mandalay Say on .the south side I heard 
that there was possibly two or three shOolers in the Mandalay, Say, i guipkly got dressed and ran into the , 
Mandalay Bay looking for officers to form an active With, 

Once t reached the main elevator banks SWAT operators Billy Marx and Sean Q'donnell shpwed up. Wa grabbed 
two patrol officerswho ,w,efe,clbse:and headedTOthe tbb.floor.of the Meridafay Bay; Atthis tirne . 

we did not know where any suspects were. We .assumed they'Were Yanddmiy. t^oamihg the cadind! We decided, to 
go to the top floor and then work dowp using the call sign 71 tob.ra 

Once in the Foundatiop room (the top floor) we encountered about; 100 bebpiei We rounded them up and then 
searchet^ the top floor for suspects. As w® were finishing clearing the, fop floor we received into over ouf SWAT 
sirPplex channel that the suspect was on the ,32"^ floor and that operator Handcock was bn that floor with officers: 

My team then descended to the floor. Once fhOre Handcock and his team had already made entry and 
located the suspect deceased. My team was thep. reassigned to, start.ciearing other, areas; About half hour later, 
ait of SWAT Was teamed up with FD and ihstfucted to clear the Maridaiay Bay floor by floor,; rdbm by room looking 
for additionarinjured victims and other suspects. Once this was done and we had cleared the Mandalay Bay for 
victims and suspect we were stood down and called by the SCAC to debrief. 

Date of Report; Officer #1: , F#:. Officer #2: Pm 

10/22/2017 _ 4, Wiggins , 7569 _^_ , , . _ 

Approved By: (Signature) Officer Signature; 

Lt Huddle 

l,VMf>0 4$.4|Rov. t0Mt}W9fiEl20^0 



■ Ev^t#t 1T10O1-3519 

Mandalay Bay Active $hootor . ■ 

suajECT , 



DATE a time ' , location OF 

OCCURRED: , 1P/1/17-2205. _ OCCURRENCE: 

3pS0 B. las 

On 10/1/2017 at ^proximatOIy 2210 hours, t was notified via text frpm 8gt. Mueiler that an active shootei* 
incident was taking place at the Manpatay Bay hotel and casino, l was at the LVMPO range* along With officers 
Ferrin, Ferrante, Burris* and Singh at the time of our notification. VVe caravanned from the range towards the 
Mandalay Bay* and were advised over SWAT 1 to stage at SCAG due to the inteiHgence given that there were 
multiple shooters and the possibility of multiple locations. Once arrived at SCAC, 1 dressed into my entry Kit 
and began moving towards the Mandalay Bay- We were directed to the north side 6f the S^AO front parking lot 
where wC were divided into teams prior to deploying tovyerds the incident. 

Our team entered the Mendaiay Bay near the south east corner of the building . White inside, information was 
given that the possible suspect Was making his way down the elevator^ to the mdin casino floor. Our team held 
in the elevator area in anticipation that the suspect Was coming down. The elevators were learned to be 
inoperable as we held our positions^ Members of our team made coritact with security who yvas unable direct 
us to a functioning service elevator. We were able to locate a staircase that the tpam began to ascend once wo 
learned the suspect was believed to be on the 31 ^ floor. As the team was ruhhing up the we were made 
aware that officers Hancock and O'Donnell along with patrol and K9 wCre breaching the suspects* room with 
an explosive breach, They advised the suspect was deceased and that the room was cleared pur team then 
continued up the stairs until we reached the roof. We then split into separate teams to begin cleariog each floor 
and each mom, attempting to locate more possible suspects and victims- 5ur tepm clbar^ multipie fibers until 
we were notified by the cbrhmarid post that the hotel was deemed cleared. We were theri fold to return to 
SCAC where the command post was located for the initial debrief / 



^vent#: 17l00l-3gl9 

Active Shooter Man^ialay Bay 










3950 Us Vega$ hivd . 

On 10/01/17 at 2208 hours,!, Officer W. Qermpseh P#6742 operating asZepra 18 got notified by Sgt 
Mueller to respond to an active shooter at the Mandalay Bay. While en route I got notified on swat one to 
respond to SOAC; At SOAQ we deployed in several five men active shooter tpams to Mandalay Bay. Vyhen we 
arrived at the Mandalay Bay we guickly realized the elevatpm were shut down and diverted to the st^rs^ As 1 
was ascending the stairs we got information over the radio the suspect was down up on the 32™* floor in room 
135.1 vvas then notified over the radio to respond to the yalet area and regrpup with other Swat team members 
as a guick respond team if need. 1 was then assign to lead a force protection team into the Mandalay Bay 
casino floor to clear it and look fpr possible victims. After the casino floor yyas cleamd I waS then assign to 
several guest floors td render the; guest rppfhs saf^ from dhy Other possible sudpectd>; , / 

0^9 and Time of Repprt: ^ Ofncer: , P#: 

Appra'^d.By: ' - ^ ^ ■ . Officer , P#: 



Page l 



, Events: 17l001|^3gi9 

1 October Shootino 

^ ^ ^ SUBJECT ^ ^ ^ ;■ ■■■■■ ' ^ 


REPOt^tiNG:_ Community Ppll^lng Division occurrence; Tourist SSfSty Division 


OCCURRED; _ l0-1-g017/2a07hrs , . . OCCURRENCE: 3960 S> Us Vegas BiV<d LV, NV 69119 

On 10"1 -2013 at approximately 2200jjours; i, Officer M; Truax P# I375g was attentling the Route 91 Harvest 
Festival concert with my husband^l® tocated at 3950 S. Las Vegas BlvO LV» f^V 39106. ^4|panct I were 
standing at stage right* approximately 30 feet east of the vendoriovy* and 90 feet north Of the m^n stage; 
when vye heard aperies of loud bangs. We initially assessed the noises tp pe fireworks, or a speaker 
malfunction; We stood in the concert venue and continued to hear twb more volleys of what sounded 
increasingly like gunshots. We were ufiable to determine where the sounds were originating from, and our first 
concern was a gunman/gunmen inside the venue itself. As we saw the majority of the event crowd begin to, 
egress to the east; and towards us, we recognized we need tp stay ahead of the crowd surge and exited out 
giate-e'onto ,G)les.'St where ,we;had-'par1<dd:.'''' 

Our first stop.was to fake concealment immediately pro^mate to gate 6, where We triOd tp assess the situation. 
We were accompanied by four CSC Security personnel also attempting ip determine what was occurring. At 
the next break in giinfire, we rnoved into Oifes Street and tpok cover behind a marked IVMpp SQV* we 
looked into the venue, we saw injured but mobile victims moving towards the dirt parking lot east of OiieS, 
Injuries appeared to be due to falls related to the crowd surge, as opposed to gunfire^ At some point, this 
vehicle moved; possibly by a female civilian. As tlie crowd density increased, and Without cover, we moved 
into the dirt lot so my husband could phone info his leadership at MQM <jorpor^te Security: While he was 
making his report* I helped ao approximately 23 year old WFA with a possible gunshot wound to the upper left 
arm. i applied pressure and attempted to calm the WfA- A civilian With a pipkup truck pulled up and offered to 
take her to get medicai attention, and she left. Another approximately 35 year old WMA approached vvHh a 
possible separated shoulder and we helped him as well. 

After approximately ten minutes we no longer heard gunshots, Wa decided to go to our vehicle. I observed 
vehicles were leaving the parking lot and some taking individuals to the hospital; We started driving away from 
the venue and towards MGM on Giles $t We w ere stopped and asKOd if we would take an injured female to 
the hospital. We loaded a female named her husband anb another female into the back of our vehicle 
and transported her to Sunrise HospitaL After we left Sunrise we drove to 4^|Pwbrk at MGM. f-Yl 

Dale and Time of Report: 

10-16-2017/1340 hrs 


. M. Truax 


Approved Bv: 








Route 91 Participation . , . , 


REPORTING: NWAC ,, . qccurDhnce: _ ManpstayBay 


OCCURRED: 10/01/2017 2^00 hCuys __ OCCURRENCei Mandsley Ray _ . 

fclABBAIIVi; ' 

Route 01 participation 

On October 1,2017J, Officer 0, Martinez P# 14360 working on NW11 at the time of the incident was working 
on graveyard for Sergeant J. Dean P# 0157^ 

I started my shift at 2200 houm but briefih^ waS interrupted due to the Route 91 shooting that was in progress* 
t was cleared and assigned to UMC hbspitai initially to help with bodies pOming in frorh the cohcert. Upon 
Arrival Officer J, Wegh6rst P# 15301 and Officer B* Crosby p# 15717 wOrei^so from rny squad Nyv 11 and we 
were assigned with 3 North Us Vi^aS Officers to gear up add head to the Cbrnmand Po^ at SCAC,: 

We arrived the CP and from there we were assigned as Strike Team 15 to head towards the east side df 
las Vegas Bivd evacMating;^ sending them east of las Vegas Bivd and then nbdh tp find taxi's/cabs 
and watching for other shoptem dr threats* Byentualiy we made it to the Unq otearing it compteteiy of civilians 
and making sure all stores were evacuated making pur way towards Harrah’s Hotel and Casino. Once at 
Harrah‘s We guarded all entrances checking guept for hotel, cards and backpacks until around 1000 hours on 
October 2,2dl7, We then wOre released back to the CP after no further incidences to debrief and head back to 
:NWAC. , 

We then cleared and secured: 

of Report;. _ 01/22/2018 0930 . __ Oftioet: Martinez , , Pjf: . 1^ 30 

Approved By:, . Sqt. p#6S30 Officer: , , , Pi: , , , 


liVMPO «2 (RflV.5«J 1 ):> WOFlOSOtO 

Pegs 1 



Events: 117171001003519 

__ 1 October / Rpute.9l incident for Bolcien 33 squad, 

^ ^ ;■'■■■ y-'-'-' ^ ^ SU^EQT ^ ^ ^ ,, 




OCCURRED: 1(V1/17 g210 hOUrs , __ OCCURRiNCE: , Mandalay Bay Hotel / Rqute $1 

On Octot^er 1 20171 was operating as marked p^tfot sergeant 759AVithin the Boidan Area 0ommand,and supervising 
squad BA33, which is primarily respohsibie tor patroHing, William Epst area; my squad was the ^'In the Bdx’' squad for BAG 
during that swirtg shift. At apprqkimatety-^l 6; hdtirs i was x^ntaoted via ceil by the Bolden dispatcher Who advised me 
that there was an active shooter situation occurririg at the Manddtay Bay hoteU immediately switphpd rny primary vehicle 
, radio to the GGAC channel and heard the emergency radio traffic being broadcast by units that were working the Boute 
91 Harvest Festival,, 1 specifioaiiy heard what sobhd^d like automatic weapon fire in the background, and officers . 
screaming that multiple subjects were doWri; including officers, being shot; I advised the Bolden dispatcher to begin 
sending alt BA33 units to.the BAG MAGTAC rally point for response to the Incident. 1 also .advised, over the Bolden radio 
channel that all S.A33. units were to clear off their calls add Immediately respond to the rally pqint 

, Upon arrival.,tp.the rally point, 1 donned rpy beayy afm0r* .hetrnet.and patrol riflp, pod recalled; .Boidqn dispatch,fbr an 
. 'Update; . Over Ihe course of the hekt 1,b fninutbs,; Units' from; BASa- began ,tb;afHve; the; raiiy: p^ and. doh their, heavy gear, 
Sgt; Cord Overson operating as marked patrol sergeant 769 arrived to, tbe rally point to assist rne and, help liaison with 
dispatch and .monitor .Bolden ,chanhel and .the other, channel. Upon .arrival of the majority of rny Uhite* I waS advised by, 
dispatch that the possible suspect had.been likely .located and contain,ed, and to awplt further instructions, After speaking 
with.Sgt. Overson, and ba^ed orf my experience and knowledge from ;working within thd counter-terrorism .section, 1, 

. decided to split rny team into thrpe groups'The f>fst group were my most tactipaiiy proficient officers, .several of which v.. 

, were mernbers of the mACTAG Cadre, I advised them that we. would be the g;roup ,bf officers that responded to the 
, command post pr any sScpnd \yave .attack, My sOcond group was instructed id respond , to. UmC Trquma and pfdvide site 
security,and.force protection, as I feared a coordinated, attack against that critical infrastructure would result in catastrophe 
for the.entire valley. The third group I directed, to.respond to lVMPD:headquarters;as several minutes pripf to fhe attack, 
Hp units had secured for the nightp and the, BNP’^O./ OpC.would need additidharprptectJdhtbr incidqnt m^^ 

,Onceth8 teams for UMC and HQ were deployed; 1 fnstructed.fhy team .ttiatwe.would Immediately respond,to,any 
additional attacks, as i i^s anticipating a second wave attack. After several minUtes,, and ,based.ori .the .multiple calls 
being received of ,^’actlye sho0ter'', by dispatch, my team,deployed to, the command .post,at,SCAG, Upon arrival, l .dhecked 
in with tho incident CommandeMt C; Hank, who assigned a trooper front the Nevada MighWay Pdtrol (Jacob Fisher 
P#679), as well as an pff-duty FO from, SBAC who had solHeported to the scene (Off, Satitoyo P,13^42). Alrnost as , 
soon as my team checked !n, reports of an active shooter were called in over the radio by another ,LVMPQ sergearif at the 
Paris Casino, and Lt. Hank deployed ,my tearn to the. location as Strike, Team 13. We arrived the ,Paris Hotel, and made 
entry via the north entranoe into the casirio. Once inside; no gunfire, or casualties were ,located, and rny teafrii along with 
another strike, team cleared the casino fioor and left the casino. 

Shortly, thereafter Dispatch advised report of an active shpoter at the Beliagb, and) could heat over my portable radio 
what sounded like gunfite. My team immediately crossed the.pedestrian bridge frofh Baiiy^s en route to Beilagio. Once at 
the bridge entrance, we encountered members of the NtVPD SW AT team who, advised there was no gunfire, which was 
confirmed by dispatch who was in contact with .Eetlaglo Security / Survelilance. My team secured from the area and 
departed back for the CP, however the medical triage point that was set up at Tropicana and; las Vegas. Blvd. blocked our 
path back. (decided to stage my team qs force protection for.tha medical triage area, aS there were not enough officers to 

Dat? and Timed Report: _ 1/26/16 _ Qfltogr: Sgt, A. Packe, F#; 7417 

App'fovedBy: ■ . ' , , Officer; P#: . ' 

StoNATCfte: _. _ ' 




Event#: LLVI7100100351$ 

protect th e rescue opera tions occurring there, it was during this time th^t I encountered celebrity poKer playe r and internet 
sensationlBHMHI^ eaverat members ot his entourage inside the triage area. I obg^y^^VHiilfrioKfng up a 
deceased subject in an attempt to place the subject iri an ambulance. Upon realizing who^jpifHlasTTwderedbjm and 
those with him to exit the area immediately, to which they compiled, 

After approximately one hour, i was advised that there were; hundreds of. concert goers who had taken shelter within the 
Tropicana Hotel in the convention area in the back Of the property, and only a harfdfut pt NLVFD officers who were, 
guarding them {There Were a ,total of six NLVPO, officers in the Tropicana); My team ( responded to the Tropicana to ,assist 
them and take command of the situation there. Upon arrival, f met several officers from, NtVFP^ and learned there were 
no police supervisors on scene: They estimated hundreds of. concert goers.were sheitereCl within the casino, many, of 
them intoxicated ang distraught, with several of them growing .impatient My team and 1 walked to the convention area 
, where i estimate approximately 10.00 concert gpers had taken shelter, I immediately coordinated with hotel, management 
,and security to ensure that everyone had access to some, kind of fooddnd water. I also ensured that bathroom fapitittes 
were being maiiitalnedi as they could become overwheimed by the crowd, I ensured there.was no one in the hotel Who 
was injured, to the point that required imrnediete. medical attOfitiofi, of which there were none,: 

Several guests, were highly distraught, as they had family members at the concert who had beeri shot and transported to 
the hospital,,! had these few guests escorted Outof the hotel s.6 they could obtain trapsportatibn to, (heir ipvedones. Once 
these guests were clear, I addressed the crowds who,were Sheltered inside of the two convention halls, with a bullhorn t 
had requested from hotel security:! wasefraid.the crowd ebUfd become upset.with having no information, and) decided to 
ask for their patience .and cooperation team worked to.get them back home or to their respective hotel properties. I, 
advised th,a crowd the suspect from,the shooting was;deceased and we were confident there;,Was n,o outstanding threat: 
Prior to, and after addressing lhe„crowd., they gave my team, and. Other officers astaridiog pyation,, After Speaking to them, 

I could see they were calm , and appreciative ,pf the updated ■ 

, My team and 1: proceeded to ,get the gubsts cieared. out. of ,the Trppicaha. ,The first guests;tio leave, were those who: were , 
staying within the Tfppicana: 0ver ,the npkt several ,hpurs, we cleared Cut the convention;area of the guesfe/w^fle.seeking 
out any potential witnesses tp the iricident^ .No one on scene was able to prpvide,any critical ,information,frptn the attack. 
Once the property was cleared of, concert goers^ my tepm debriefed; With ,T rppicana management,and security, and 
cleared the prop.eiiy, returning,;;tb the CP at ^GAG, Shortly thereafter, we, were cleared from the GP and returned to BAC , 
to,secure (Approximately pCbO Hours) 

Offipersassigned to ,Strike Toam ,13: 

*, Sgt Ashton Facke 7417 . 

• 0ff. Blake Dixon 14105. 

* Off: Qreg Anton 18049 

* Off;, Antonio Scott 1479a , 

♦ . Off, TU Keller 12750 , 

*, Off.M.Santoyo 13942(Self-reportedfromhohfie) 
f Trp. Jacob Fisher 579 (NHF) 

Additional officers assigned to, ba 33 on Oct 1: 

, * Off; Mike Nolan 379,4 
w Off. Stuart Bowman 10030 

• Off. Nathan Hoeffner 13820 

• Off. Carmen Tirado 9369 

, * Off. Courtney Rlchardsonl47$8 

• , Off. Ben pobb 14099 (Off. Cobb was TFN that shift for SWAT school and actually attended the Route 91 concert 
off duty. Off. Cobb took immediate action at the concert to assist in evacuations and self-dispatched to BAC to tog 
on and assist, with operations). 

• Off, Robert Harder 16310 (FTBP) 

• Off. Francisco Mazon 16231 (FTEP) 



Ev^nt #: UV1710Q1003519 

Oft Justin Pease 16277 (FTEP) 

Oft Richard Fierce 16229 (FTEP) , , 

Off. David Tengrenl 6228 (FTEPj 
Off. Jose Vargas 16245 (FTEP) 



Active Shooter 




, EAO 




10/01/17 2208, 


3950 S, Les Vegas Btvd 

On 10/01/171 Officer N* Saritiaop P# 13025 was on a 421A and heard the dispatcher broadcast an Active 
Shooter at Mandalay Say Casino I then self<lispatoh to the event and started that way. 

Dispatch broadcasted to units to block the nearest intersection to Mandalay Bay, 

My self and Officer J, Larsen P#13651 block the intersection of Polaris/Haclerida and al$o Atdeberan/Haciencia 
to keep traffic from crossing the 1:15 freeway- 

We ^ayed unfil we. were relieved at 0800 hdurs, 

and Time of Report; 10/01/17 2208 : Offlogn HnSantiaOp p#: 13025 

Approved By: , , . ,, , , Qftioer; , . Pff; . 

StGNATVfte: ' 


Page 1 



Evflpt#: 17100V3^1^ 

__;_ RputOl Actlvc Shooter Incident , 





OCCURRED: __ 10/1/17.2208 , OCCURRENCE; SQSO S. tV SIVD, LV, NY 82119 . , 


On ttie m?ove date ^d time j/pfficar Hagber^ P#6351 Was cpnlacted by my supervisor* Sgt Mi Marlow P# 
S204 pf the active shooter event occurring at Mandalay |iay. Due to the overwhelming inagnitu^e of the 
unfolding event, Marlow planned to have Officers B/Corder P# 4§92 and R. Ramos P# remain in the 
resident area* allowing myself along with Oncers Landers P# 6073 and M. Mitchell P# 6273 to respond to 
Mandalay Say and assist I responded to the location d’reptly ^rom my residence. 

1 arrived at the staging area at SCAC and was Immediately assigned to Fbrce Prelection Team 2 with Officer 
Mitchell and Officer Landers. This was under the cornmand of $gt Q, diyapong 93^6; bur rhissions for this 
eyantconsisted pf providing seeudiiy for the GCFO Gaswdity Collet: f^pinilOii^ted In the 
BLVD and Trbpicana. VVe aiso responded to reports of shbts fired and casualties at various: strip properties 
and evacuated patrons and staff from the RiVea Restaurant located on fhe dS’l’ floor pf the Peiano Las Vegas:! 
used no force nor observed any officers bn rhy team ufce force during the ificident 

D^te and Time of Report: 



0. landbRs 


Approved By; 



iVMPD 8 ^ {Fr 0 v, 8 /i>i] wono ZOIO 





B/mit: OclOtMrl 

_ . ' _ October 1 OH for Evsnts Planning. ' 

. ^ ^ ^ ^ " WjiCT''"*’'"™"’"'' ^ ^ ■ 


BEppBTtNG:_ Tpurist S^tety OOCUBBENCE: __ iQurist Safety 


OCCURRED: ^ Oc t ober ^ 1st>2017 , , OCCURRENCE; , VillageLot/IVMPQHeadqu^rt^s 


On October 1*', 2t)17,1 woke at approximately 2230 hours whan itty Wife aaid a friend had called her kbout a 
mass shooting at the Route 91 Festival acr*os$ from lyiandai^y Bay; I immediately grabbed my radio and 
dressed out while listening tp the radio traffic, before quickiy leaving my house to head towards the scene- 
while en route 1 called U. Bell, to ask for where he wanted me and my squad to resbonci. He said tb begin 
getting ready and he would call me back to advise, so 1 continued towa^d^ the scene. While en route* they 
updated on the radio that the suspect was down and the shootin^ had stopped, knowing that Events Flanning 
is responsible for pot only the Route 91 event, but also the ABX activation and squdd assignments, I made the 
determination to head to HQ to assist at the QOG, I called all of my officers; first contirming that Officer Tim 
Frederick Planning Coordinator pbpilia RddhquO^ p#7a^ly whd 

in me 6 p, were okdy. 

Once ! knew they were alright, t sent Officer Rick Marini P#9e39 to head do^n to T-Mobile arena to monitor 
camerasi as Ci Bell had called me back and asked that 1 send one officer to T^MCbiiei since they haW camera 
feeds into all MGM properties. 1 instructed the rest of the squad to respond to HQ to assist with ^ttirig up the 
DOC and handljpg siteeecuhty; at HQ, Upon arrival at Headquarters, I responded to the i;VMPD Action room 
where the DOC was being set up. Over the course af me next hour, my o^icers finished trickling in. Officers 
John GpokP#325i* Gordon McONe Pi^883, Rick Npgues P#^e22, Jasdn Rich P#90^2 arid Uustin White 
P#893^ responded to HO, We worked with DOE Sergeants Braden Schrag and Ivan Chaifnan tp provide initial 
site security for HQ, and my officers began managing entry and exit for the hallway entrance outside the action 
room; 1 immediately contacted ^t. Aitee Burnett with oCiTSi and asked her tp have her Headquarters officers 
respond to assist with site security and manage entry to building B. She had to call and wake up tier people, 
and! recalled her to advise we needed their keys also to access the rooms that were originally designated for 
the family of victims and rooms for the media to be briefed. Once her officers showed up, they assisted with 
site security and accessing rooms. 

My team was directed to begin the ABX Level 4 roster activation to call in ali IVMPD OfficerSi Department 
wide* Captain Vinny Cannito was in charge of maktrig the notifications to Captains, while my squad put 
together the squad assignments for where existing officers were stationed; in addition to compiling 
assignments for up and down the strip for the next operational period, which would begin at 0600 hours- At the 
direction of Assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly, 4 person Strike Teams were to be placed at each hotel along the strip 

Oats and ’Hms of ReDOrt: 



Sot. Allan Larsen 


Approved Bv: 

Lt Kendall Bsl) 








Evftnl#:^_ October 1 _ 

corridor. This was because we stifl had not detdrmih^ if the shooter had acted alone, or vyas part of a 
coordinated attack. We also had to set up staffing coverage for the Crime Scene at the MGM Village tot where 
the shooting occurred, Mandalay Bay Hotel, The Family Resource Center that was later establish at the Las 
Vegas Convention Center, The Davis Funeral Home where Charleston's body was located, and the Coroners 
office where numerous victims'hodies had been mbyed. 

Over the next several hours we coordinated which squads would be relieving the various locations that needed 
relief for the next shift, and we forwarded this information to the respebtive Captains arid Lieutenants over 
these squads: i was also tasked with being the Liason wim all other jurisdictions that were offering to send Law 
Entorcement Resources, and I coordinated the use of these jurisdictions in staffing! the crime scenes and for 
site security at LVMPD Headquarters. Iri addition to performing the above tasks, my team was responsible for 
ensuring that all squads were accounted fpri and We were the point of contact for any officers or squads who 
did not show up to relieve their posts as directed. 

Over the course of the first few ddys after the incident, everyone in friy section worked 14-18 hour days at 
Headquarters to help mobilize, coordinate and adjust resources as the needs at the crime scene diminished. 
We were also tasked with meeting with Secret {Service arid arranging for the President of the United 
State$(POTU$) visit that occurred just days after the event. These arrangements included running the route 
the President wqUid t^e, andcooitfinating Sbcurity measures fpr his visit to LVMPp hea^uarters, in addition 
to working with bur Public Safety Partners to acquire the additional rnanpowei^ needed from bther jurisdictions 
to properly staff the event 

These responsibiiities were in addition to bur normal operations during ari already busy montht which required 
everyone oh my tearn to put in countless hours ensuring everything was covered, in the Immediate aftermath 
of the tragic shooting, we saw an Influx of additibnal requests for ovoillme officers at events. We were 
not always able to accommodate ai! these additional requests^ but did the best we cbuld under the 
circumstances, ensuring that aii large events had some Police presence, The Vice Pr^ident of the United 
States (VPQTUS) also visited a few days after the President of the United States did, further stretching bur 
already strained resources, 

1 was very impressed with the hard w^rk and dedication that my Events Planning Officers and Events Piannirig 
Coordinators put in during this critical incident and in the days thereafter, in sblte of the long hours and 
unrealistic expectations that were plqoed bri them, they rose to the occasion and we were successful in 
accomplishing everything that was needed from us. while i seek nothing for myself, 1 hope that they will be 
properly recognized for their hard work arid dedicallori In light of their exceptional performance. 



Event#: 171001-3519 , 

Routs 91 Shooting 

^'suajEcf ' ’' ' ' 



Community Policing 

. oCCURRENce: 

Northwest Area Command 




Mandalay, Bay Hotel and Casino 


On 10-01-^017, LVMPD dispatch recelvod multiple calls of an active shooter occurring on the Las Vegas Strip* 
specifically occurring at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, Dispatch guickly uijdated this as a ’‘Mass Casualty’' 
event and activated ali area command in the box scjuads. 

On, the day of the event, Myself {Sgt M, Rui2 F#6794); W, Sylva P^408p, d, Mott P#7464, and, B. Kenton 
P#8884 vyere operating as plain clothes detectives with the NWAC patrol investigations* OncVlhe ratiio traffic 
had been broadcast all of the above listed detectives proceeded tO dawn our tactical gear and respond to the 

While en route to the dvent units were advised to stage in the parking Ibt of South-central Area Command, My 
detectives and i proceeded to that location where were assigned to striKe team #7 and sent to the area of the 
CromwelMo address reports of additional shooters, 

Once arrived to the Cronriweii, My team wasmet with officers frorh MW AC graveyard shift, being led by Sgt, J, 
Dean P^^1S7, Together both teams addressed additional reports of possible active shooters. At) reports were 
found to be unsubstantiated^ 

Approximately £0”30 mihutes after our arriv^, detectives were joined by mernbers of NLVPD SWAT who 
assisted in securing the surrounding casinos, It should be noted that during the event NIVPD did not have a 
direct line Qf communication as the dvent was never assigned a mutual aid channel* 

Issues arising from our assignment included tack of available communication with other agericies to traffic 
control (both pedestrian and vehicle). As a supervisor on scene, it was immediateiy evident that man-power 
was limited and the availability to complete a complete closure of the las Vegas Strip was very difficult if not 
irnpossible, 1 would howevbr suggest using blockades placed by hotel security as well as assistance in freeway 
and strip vehicular traffic with Nevada Highway patrol, Should an active shooter be mobile on the strip it would 
have been nearly impossible to engage duo to the possibility of civilian casuatties, in response to 
communication issues, it is my belief the event should have been transferred to a mutual aid charinel, where 
every assisting agency would have access. 

Date end Time of Retsort! 



Sgt* M* Ruiz, 

H: 6794 

Approved By: 

Sgt. M. Ruiz 

. Officer: 

■ R#! 


t-VMPQ 82 (Rftv,e«H) * WORPMfO 

Fags 1 



Ev?m'#: ...171001^3^1 9 .■. 

Once our assignment had t^een completed, myself and the detectives assigned to me were requested by Capt, 
S. larRin P#6234 to respond to the venue (scene of the event), papt. i^rRin requested that our team respond 
to that location and dear the venue, searching for possible suspect and/dr victims^ 

Upon our arrival to the scene, detectives made entry into the venue with the assistance of Sgt d. Duncan 
{LVMFD K9) and an unknovm officers assigned to the Fusion Center from Boulder City Folice-Detectives and 
Officers vs^ere then tasked with the gruesome assignment of searching the area of the wor^ mass shooting in 
this nation’s history. 

As is well known at this point, officers encountered dozens of victims lying lifeless of the grounds of the festival. 
Despite the horrific scene. Officers and Detectives methodically searched the grounds for any signs of viotime 
who may have needed assistance or possible suspects who had not yet been; identified/This search took 
severat hours and was ultimately completed as responding investigative units were arriving. No survivors were 
found to be on prernises. 

At the condUsibn of our involvement detectives were debriefed by responding investigators and asked to assist 
with security personnel who were staged at the rear pf thO venue. 

(((Completed on behalf of NW39))) 



Ewnt#: 171001-3619 

__ Manadsly Bsy Active Shooter ______ 



Vtce/Oangs Bureau 

division Of 




10/01/17 23:30 to OSOO 



Mandalay Bay HCtat and CasinC, 3950 
LVe^,LV,NV. 89109 


On 10/01/17 at apF^roximataly 2330 hours, l Datecti^^ A, PatruKi, p#0647, was avyokan by a phbne calf frdm a 
V1 s^uad mata. They ir^formed ma of the aotive shooter incident and that wo were alt being cafled out and that 
we were to report in uniform to CCAC for further instructions. After arrtyir^g at CGAC our squad was aasigried 
to conduct a show of polipe presence in front of the yVynn Hotel and Casino, 3131 tySS, LV, NV On 
10/02/i 7 at approximately 0800 hours we were dismissed and told we would be on 12 hour shifts ih uniform 
until further notice, 

AP/ap' ■ 

Pats and Tims of Report: 

02/16/IB 1950 hours 


Ai Petruiii 

P#; 6847 

Approved By: 

C. Feck, 6112 




ILVMPP e? tRflvMl^T VWt® :»10 

Pag« 1 



Event#; LLV 17 W 100351 $ 










, 10/01/17 2210 HOURS 


, , 396OS IVBLVD.,LVN89110 



NAl^RAItyE; ' 

On 10/01/171 Officer Th Muis P# 14826 was worKinQ overtime at the Route 91 Counlty Music Festival, working 
in a traffic control capacity, directing pedestrian traffic at Renp/S Iv Blvi At approximately 2210 hours, I was 
standing on the south side ot Reno ori the center median of the Bivd talking with Officer J; Beaeon P ^ 1418i, 
when we heard a volley of what we Peiieved to he tireworks. We then immediately heard a second volley that 
spunded more likegunshots, but it sounded like fully automatic fire and Vo were inVisbelief that it could be , 
what we wPre thinking: When we heard the third volley starting, we started looking for possible fireworks, and 
very shortly after, someone got on the radio screaming about a 41SA inside the venue, 

At that; time,! imm^iateiy rah pack to the Arcb whei^ my vehicle but oh my hfle piate^^c 

and deploy my rifle, i duickly donhed my plate carrier, chambered a roUnd in my rile, and saw J Biddle P # 
9306 also depioying his rifle. We quickly determined that we Weren't going to have time to attempt to don our 
heimpts, and that we needed to head south on foot asap. We switched our radios to dcAO to Work the 
incident; and both ran south ph the sivd after yelling at multiple people to run north away from the gun shots. 
We Advanced Bduth runriing, using the trees in the center median as concealment, as wO had no cover, arid 
the information had bden broadcast that the shots was coming from the Mandalay Bay. We continued south 
directing fleeing people to continue running north away from the shots, as a lot of civilians appeared to be 
disoriented 4nd unaware of Where the shots wpre coming from, As we eontihupd south and potcloser to the 
Mandalay Bay, we crossed West across the Sivd juSt north of the Sphirik, as we oOuld this a$ cover tarie^^^^ 
because we could hear we were getting closer to the shots. Wb continued south using the small Sphinxes on 
the far eapt arid of the tuxdr parking tot as conOealment, and linked up With three more officers and forrned a 
strike team. 

We briefly paused there, attempting to formulate a plan as to how we would be able to best approach the 
Mandalay Bay: While there waiting for Sgt Riddle and the other officers on scene to quickly formulate a plan to 
advance further south, three civilians crossed the Blyd towards us and were extfemeiy panicked, and appeared 
to be wanting to follow us. They were completely terrified, not realizing that we were heading towards the 
shooter. I attempted to shield them with my body as the shots were still going off, and I was at Idast weking a 
rifle rated plate carrier. I tried to tel) them multiple times to run north, pointing for teom to run to the other side 
Of fha Sphinx, as there was sorne good cover that way. The group had one male and two females, and one of 
the females stood up and immediately fell yelling Ouch as she did. I quickly assessed to see if she had been 

0^0 and Tlm^ Q( Report; 10/07/17 0005 Officer: T. MUt$ P#; 14826 

Appn>vedey; , , ■ , , , . ' ■ ' . ■ Otneef: ' p#: ^ 

Sld^^ATunE:_, _ 

WMPD es (n0v.a/ot woFtp 20<D 

Page 1 



Event #: LLV171001003519 

shot, and it appeared that she hadn't. I had td physlcatfy grap the three of them as best I copld while keeping 
myself in between them and the shooter, and push them to the east so they could run north to some covei". 
When I was confident that they ware behind good hard cover and running in the dght direction, i was able to 
link back up with the strike team. 

We determined dur most successful aVeniie of approach wddld be to head to the west more, and approach 
from the north through the southeast park of the Luxor parkiiig lot, using the darkness and vehicles as cover 
and concealment. We eventually mad© ourway across fifl^daiay Bay Rd after briefly linking up with another 
Strike team, and utilizing a bounding dverwatch technique to continue advancing-At that polrtt, We made entry 
with; direction from some casino employees Who Were hiding outside, on the north side employee entrance. 
From that pomt, Sgt Riddle led one strike team to the right{west), and mysdlf and the other strike tearn went 
(eft(east), I stayed with the other stirike team as they had no rifle carriers with them. Both teams procdeded to 
clear the casino floor separately, directing any civilians we encountered to get outside on the north side of the 
casino floor, We initially had reports of multiple shooters, and we were prepared for and fully expected tp 
encounter resistance from a second shooter as we tried to rriake our way to the elevators: While w© 
advancing wp cleared out as muCh as we could, as we were no longer hearing any gun shots onqe we got 
inside the casino floor. We cleared a couple restrooms, and approximately four to fivS store fronts as we were 
advancing; We encountered a sniall group of ppople hiding behind a casino bar area, and iriMructed them on 
' where to';fiee. 

We eventually made opr way to the main entrance, by the valet section of the casino floor, just Inside. We 
ended up holding that area just outside of the main eleyator bank. We were not able to head upstairs,! as-the 
elevators Were shut down by the time we reached them, and we already h^d one team upstairs. Once swat 
breached trie room and conducted a brief preliminary investigation^ it wee apparent that there was only one 
SbPoteri but we Were still recSiying call after call pf adtiv© Shooters on other strip properties. AfterHOlding oh : 
the elevators for some time, myself and the other Officer I was there with (neyergdl his name) w©r© 
outside to the valet area to regroup. 

While outside we Were going to be re'assignod to form a perimeter around the casino, but t ended Up getting 
assigned with Rescue Task Force One, because t had a rihe deployed. We made ent^ back fiitb the casino 
and stood by there for further instructions with the task force. We were receiving mOdiCai calls through our FP 
partners that we were assigned with, but we were being told to hold off on responding to those calls by the 
command post for some reason, which we were never given, it seemed like there was a laCk of goof 
information being relayed back and forth, and at me ground level, the communication with the CP did not seOm 
efficient or ffuid. This was frustrating, as We were standing by With a capable rescue team to aid the wounded 
in the Mandalay bay, and Were being told to not respond to those; Calls for help, 

Eventually, at approximately 0400 hours, our rescue task teres was recalled to the staging area (at SOAC) to 
stahd by for further instructions, and we stood by there for approximately 30 to 45 minutes, the Fp element of 
our task fpree was redirected, and we were reassigned as strike team 49; Shortly after that, the overtime 
officers were called over to assist with figuring put Which overtime units Wete still present and deployed, and 
We were instructed to secure from there. From that point, a group of four of us walked from SCAC, to Rend/S 
LV Btvd where our vehicles were, as the FO element of our task force had been redirected, and we were using 
their County Fire and Rescue ambulance as transportation for the rescue task fprCe. 

Once arrived there, wo checked out with special events in the church parking lot at approximately 0500^ and 
were sent to debrief. From there I arrived back to SVAC to secure at approximately 060d hours. 



^A14 Active 3hootor,Response 

Event#: ttV17100l003519 











3950 3 Las Vegas BlvO IVN 89119 

.N A B.RAHy.S 

Gn 10/07/17 at 2205 hours, I, Brennan Childers P#14$33 as marked patrol unit 105 was in the AGIO office at 
EAC when I heard of a 415A on CCAQ feeing broadcasted on BA0*s radio channel It was also at te time that 
I heard a detective runriing down the hallway to presumably tell e'/aryone who was in the briefing roorh. Upon 
hearing this, I ran to my patrol vehicle. 

initially, i went to our rally point at Sunset/Jones, missing the info of going straight to SGA^i I then met up with 
my squad at SCAP who Was still dawning their riot hplmets and gas masks, Once with the squad, 1 took down 
everyone's, names^ P#’s, call signs, etc and gave them to our sergeant A; Hee, VVe Wore asstgried as Strike 

ft felt as though we were standing by for a long period of time, in retrospect, I felt this way because my radio 
Was on SCAC, unaware of the adfidP being taken on CPAC. iriittaHy, we were aoaigned to Reno/PiieS and 
were told that peOp|e were ‘pinned down’ in vehicles, and we vi^re unsure if the shooter was still looking dOwn 
on the area, I Was not aware at the time that we Vyere at the venue, as 1 thought it was across the street within 
the footprint of the Mandalay Bay. 

We were ah scene for maybe 5 minutes, before we were reassigned to the intersection of Four Seasons and 
the Boulevard, We met with some other officers, and assisted in evacuating people who were in businesses 
along the e^t side of the strip, south of the ypnue. Again, we Were unaware if the shootarfs) wes/were still 
■actively watching,'; ■ 

Once the buildings were secure, We spent an extended period of time at this inferseotidn, instructing 
pedestrians to walk south and addressing suspicious vehicles arid pedestrians that Were leaving the Mandalay 
Bay, My primary partner was Officer pharit Prtsbrey P#14751. We stood at the southwest corner of the Four 
Seasons/Boulevard Intersection. It was here that w® saw Instagram videos of the shooting, speculated there 
was only one shopter, and ultimately got word that the room had been breached and a suspdct was down. 
However, the influx of calls stating that there wafo ^'IO down at the intersection of Trop arid The Boulevard'" and 
shots fired at Hooters, NYHY, Tropicaha, MOM, etc caused us alarrii, thinking that there may havO been more 

At one point, Sergeant Hee left and took with him two of the people in pur strike team to handle pePple 
sheltering in the Michael Jackson Theatre at the Maridalay Bay. Officer Prisferey and i stayed at the 
intersection under,the direction of lieutenant Desimone, On two occasions, U Desimone left the intersection in 

0$te QdU Time of, Report: 
Approved By: __ 

10 / 10/2017 




P#: 14033 

Pff; ' 


tVMPP «£ ^ WORD 




Event#; LLV171001003519 

his vehicle, l;)ut returned quicKiy.) wouldn't say that it was alt that big of a deal that he Jeft, We also had another 
officer who was working the venue, v^o had a rifle; We stayed there for over an hour, before a cal! on the radio 
asked for available officers to come back to the QR for reassignrrient 

Officer Prisbrey and I wOnt back to the CP, and were eventually reassigned to another strike team that was 
helping Sergeant Van Nest hold a perimeter on the yenue for evidentiary purr>oses. it was here that i was able 
to see the broken windows at the Mandalay Bay; the blood trail northbound on the sidewalk, several 419's 
inside the venue, and several shot patrol care. Sergeant Vah Nest is sdmeone 1 look up to, and 1 was happy to 
be there with him, Prisbrey and I stayed there for an extended period of time, moving along news reporters 
who were setting up nearby arid having pedestrians on the other side of the street continue southbound; 

Around 0600, Prisbrey volunteered to help mbtor officers shut down westbound Tropicana, east of the strip. 
We aided them with cones, tape, and our vehicles. It was at this time that 1 obseryed otie 419 in the center of 
Trop/LVB and another on the southeast corner in front of Hooters near a 401, We remained there aiding them 
until we were relieved by Hendersbn PD around 0720 hours. Then we went back to the CR, |got back in my 
patrol car, and we ended our shift 

Sergeant Hee, who was aware of the fact that Oharii and I were at the scene of the carnage, did an amazing 
job in making sure, we were okay, in, the clays following, he vyent above.dnd bpyond.fdr us, ! was borh and 
raised in this city, and this was a devastating day for me. Since then* i pave been overwhelmed by the 
communily outreach, the stpriea of heroism, and tpe overall eniotipn associated with this call. ; 

Vegas Strong, 

OfficerBrennan Childers, 1483,0 ^ 

EAU ■■ 



Event#: 171001-3519 

Route 91 Harvest Active Shooter 



Petrol . 




10/61/2017 2208 Hours 

Location OF 


3901 ias Vegas Bivd IVN 69109 

On 10/01/2017 at approjtimately ^205 hpurs I, Officer J, Miller P# 14836 vyas off duty attandin^ tha Rdut^;9l 
Harvest Festival; I was standing, in;the grass ar^a stage left with my fianc4,when 1 heard a few ioOcl, hangs that 
sounded like gun shots, 1 imrh^i^ely grabbed fiance and crouched low to the ground, i recognized that the 
gunshots were corining from the vvest so 1 grabbed my fiance ^nd begdn to run eastbound and started to yell for 
people to rtin. What sounded like automatic gunfire begdn for long periods, A large group and 1 rnade it to the 
north side of the VIP suites on the east side of the festival. There was a large fence without any openings for 
people to escape, i grabbed my fiance and helped her oyer the fence and then I climbed oveHhe tence, /^ the 
gunshots continued my fianca and 1 started to run southbound^ We made it to a draindoe ditch that was South 
Of the fesiivai grounds with appro^dmafciy 6^8 people ihat faliowod us> i toid to everyone to stay low since there 
was a few feet of did and rocks providing us coven i announced to the group that was with us that Iwas an off 
duty! Police Officer told everyone to Stay low and follow fhe as we ran south along the ditch. 

During a pause in gunfire T noticed there was an apartment complex to pur east, i told everypna to follow me 
and run to the apartments which are located at 5316 Danville Ln, CVN 89119.1 knocked on an apartment door 
attempting to gain access to the apaftment which was unsuccessful. The group and iThen kept ruhning east 
towards the las Vegas Sands CPrp Hangar, there Was a private security officer that was letting people into 
the building, vye ran into the building to take cover, 1 Immediately began td call dispatch and other Officers in 
atterript to pain more information apoMt the attack.:) was notified by dispatch that there were multipie calls of 
shootings happening at casinos along the strip, 1 advised dispatch of Our locatiqh and was advised to waif at 
the airport hangar until uniformed Officers arrived. There were approximately 90 people inside the dirport 
hangar with us, I announced tO everyone that was an off duty RpliCe Offioer and toid everyone to remain calm 
and to shelter in place until uniform^ Officers arrived. The security officer grabbed a fftst aid kit and rny fiance 
began to treat people who had minor injuries. Approximately two hours later 3 Metro Airport Officers arrived 
and advised everyone a bus was coming to transport everyone to the Thomas and Mack; We all were then 
transported to the Thomas and l\^ack. 

Dati? and nme qI Report: ^ 


. U, Miller . . „ 

P#: 14B35 

Approved By: 




iuVMPO a? 0 ■ WORD SOIQ 




Event#: 171001-3^19 

Mandalay Bay Aoiiv^. Shooter 










, occurrence; 


************ ***^**^******’***^*** 

On 10/01/17 at approximately 2^po hours OffiOor 0, bet yillar P# 14$51 While operating as overtime officer 
177SE was assigned to work the Route 91 harvest festival event, f was assigned to gate 3, Which is located on 
S. Las Vegas Blvd just south of Rena Approximately at this time 1 he^d a volley Of gun fire coming from south 
of my location: As i made my way south down tas Vegas Blyd I heard a tot pf screaming corning from inside 
the festivat and i decided to hop a wall into the festival; 1 then heard another volley of gun fire apd this time 1 
could hear it comirig fmrh the area of the Mandalay Bay. i then hopped the wall back on to Las V^as Blvd and 
paired up With another officer who Had deployed his rjfle and became his spotter. As We Continued south pound 
on the BLVD on the east sideof the street we saw a feW units arriving-in the nodhee^t oorner o 
Blvd and E. Mandalay bay RD; While attempting fp move aCross the BLVd towards Mandalay Bay another 
volley of shots began. We alt took cpver behind the engine block of a patrol ford explorer and we could hear 
the impacts ahd shrapnel flylrig around us as well as the sound of the bullets hitting our patrol vehiClos; After 
the Shots stopped we retreated to better cover which Was a pony wall jUst east of bur location; When we made 
it to that wall we observed that there was already officers and civilian there taking coyer; Another Volley of 
shots rang but and we continued to take cover as well as to direct people to stay doWn behind Cover, My self 
and another bffioer ran over to a light generator that Was iliumihatihg our group ahd shut if off soThat We woUld 
be less visible. After the shots seized we began to ev^<5oate civilians north bound through the covef of the 
Wall. After tpe civilians Were evacuatedr two sergeants formed two strike teams and we bounded and over 
watched across the BLVD and into the Manddlay bay wherb We cleared the first floor. 

Time pf Report:. . 



C. Del Villar 

P#: 14851 

Approved By: 




1.VMPDsa (Rov^l). WORD 20)0 




EvBnt^SI: LlV171OOi003S19 

Active 3h0Otef - Routg 91 Fe^tivsl _ 


REPORTING:_ QommuHtty Policing Division ,: occurrence; Qbnventipn Qgntor Aroo Command 

PATE & TIME todATiONOF Route 91 Festival Across from Mandalay 

OCCURRED: . , 10/1/50172230 . . OCCURRENCE: ,■ ■ ■ . -Bay . 


On 10/1/2017.1, Officer K. Kim (P#148^5), was assigned to work overtime at CGDC from 1 $00 to 0600 
hours, due to the fact that I was working at CGDC, I did not have my Bpdy Wohi camera with me. 

Officer T. O’Neill {PW^7) was also working overtime iri a neighboring module. 

At approximately 2210 hours, I received word that there was an active shooter on the Strip near 
Mandalay Bay at the Route 91 Festival i immediately notified Officer O’Neill and we both began to monitor the 
radio. At the time, it was reported that the shooter was still actively shooting at the Mandalay Bay. Radio traffic 
s^ted that there Were multiple casualties and officers were actively taking ; 

I asked the Corrections Officer in charge of the module if she could hold the moduie herself; she told 
me she could and a movement CO also arrived to assist her. Officer O’Neill also received permission to leave 
his-pbst. :' 

Officer O’Neill arid t met with GCDC Sergeants end lieutenants; After ensuring that our ppsts wOre 
covered, we Were then given permissiOri to leave our posts to assist with the Situation. Officer p’Neill had a 
department vehicle for the overtime assignment; I jumped into hi$ yehicie arid we both headed down fo the 
Strip to assist. Radio traffic announced that there were, possibly more active shooters inside the New York New 
York, Tropicana, Beiiagio, Aria, Cosmopolitan, and Baris. Due to the fact that there ware numerous properties 
reporting active shboters/shots fired, Officer O’Neill and 1 headed towards the nearest caSirio from our location 
which was the Beiiagio, At the time, the Beiiagio was reportirig an active shooter with shots fired near the : 
employee entrance. Details stated that a shooter possibly exit^ a White truck. 

Officer O’Neill and 1 joined a K9 unit and DTAG units at the Beiiagio. Officers Cleared the truck and 
immediate areas at the Beiiagio as well as directed citizens and empioyees out of the area. Officers quickly 
realised that the truck belonged to a security supervisor who works at the Beiiagio and no shots were fired. 
Officer O’Neill and I directed citizens inside the building and gave security direction to have all citizens and 
employees shelter in place until further instructions were given by police. 

While leaving the Beiiagio, dispatch reported ah active shooter at New York New York, Officer O'Neill 
and 1 headed towards Toshiba Plaza, Citizens were still walking in the area: We began directing citizens to 
shelter in place at the nearest casino. We also directed security to have citizens and empipyees shelter in 
place until further instructions were given by police. 

Oate and Tima ol Report: 

10/10/20171630 . 

'Officer: ■ ■ 

K. Kim 

P#: . 14055 

Aw>TOVed By: 




tVlV|IP0 ea ^ WORD 20 Iff 

Pago 1 



Evenlff: tLV171(i0l00S519 

Officer 0‘Neilt and (then hpard that there may possibly be a shooter inside the ^ria; dispatch also 
reported that the bridges were not secure and many citizens, were stjl! uSing bridge accesses to get outside. 
We arrived in the area and saw citizens walking on the bridges. We immi^iately began giving citizens 
instructions to seek shelter inside the casinos/Qfficer O'Nbili and I cleared the bridges to the casino; we also 
made contact with security at Planet Hollywood, Aria, and the CoSniopolitan to give instructions to not let any 
citizens outside and to shelter in place until further notice. SWAT arrived in the area to Cjear the casinos: 
Officer Q*Neiii and i hold the bridges to ensure no citizens or suspects carho behind SWAT as they cleared the 

Once it was determined that there were no additional active; shooters at any other Strip properties, 
Officer O’Naiil and I went to the Command Post to await further instructions; Officers at the CP were lined up in 
striKe learns waiting for assignments. We then received phone calls frOrn ht Barrett from Northwest Area 
Command to return to station. Officer O'Neiii and I headed back to NWAC to answer calls for service. 



Event#: 171001003519 


Active Shooter M^n<1alayB^y 10/01/17 __ 







OCCURRED: 10/01/17 

location OF 

, 39bl.S. LVB!vd ■, 


FYlOn iO/1/2017,1, Officer t p'Neitt (P#6067), was assigned to work overtime at CGDC from ISOO to 06p0 
hours. Due to the fact that l was working at CCDC, I did not Have my Body Worn Camiera with me. 

Officer K. Kim {P#14855) wBs also working overtime iri a neighhoring mociule; 

At approximately 2210 howrs^ I receiveci word that there was an active shooter on the Strip from Officer Kim 
and we both began to monitor the radio: At the time, it was reported that the shpoter was still apfively 
shooting at the Mandalay Bay. Radio traffic stated that there were multij^le Casualties and officers were 
activety taking fire, 

I asked the COfrectidhS Officer In charge 6f th^ rhddule if she ^oMld hold the module Heirsdif; she told hfie she 
could and a movement CO also arrived to assist hen Officer Kirri alsb received perihission to leave his post. 

Officer kirn and l met with CCDC Sergeants and Ueutehants. After ensuring that our posts Were covered, we 
were then given permission to leave our pohs to assist with the situation, 

t had a department vehicle for the overtime assignment; Officer Kim jumped imp my vehicle and we both 
headed down to the Strip, Radio traffic announced that there were possibly more active shooters inside the 
New York New Tropicana, Beltagid, Aria,:Co^fhopdlit^n, and;Paris, &ue to the fact that there were 
numerous properties reporting active shooters/shbts fired, Officer Ktm and i beaded towards the nearest 
casino from our location on 115, which was the Bellagio, At the time, the BeJlagio was reporting an active 
shooter \vith shots fired hear the employee entrance, Detaits stated that a shooter possibly exited a White 

Officer Kjm and! assisted K9 and DTAG units in clearing citizens and ernployees in the area as well as clearing 
the truck and immediate areas at the Bellagio, Officers quickly realized that the truck belonged to a security 
supervisor who works at the Beliagio, Officer Kim and 1 directed citizens inside the building and gave security 
direction to have ail citizens and employees shelter in place until further instructions v^ere given by police. 
While leaving the Bellagio, dispatch reported an active shooter at New York New York. Officer Kim and 1 
headed towards Toshiba Plaza. Citizens were still walking in the area. We began directing dtizehs to shelter in 
place at the nearest casino, clearing Toshiba Plaza of citizens. We also directed security to have citizens and 
employees shelter in place until further instructions were given by police. 

Date arid Time of Report: 


Officer: , 

TlmothvK O’Neill 

P#: 08067 

Approved Bv; 


Kathryn M, Kim 

p#: 14665 


L,VMPtl W . WORO Wio 



event #t iyiooiQ03gii9 

Officer Kim and I then heard that thdre may possibly be a shOQter inside the Aria; dispatch also reported that 
the bridges were not secure and many citizens were still using bridge accesses to get outside. VVe arrived in 
the area and immediately began giving citizens instirMctions to seek Shelter Inside the casinos. Officer Kim and I 
cleared the bridges to the casinb; we also made contact with security at Planet Hollywood, Aria; and the 
Cosmopolitan to give instructions to not let any citizens outside and to shelter in place until further nbtico^ 
SWAT arrived in the area to clear the casinos; Officer Kim and I held the bridge^ to ensure no citizens pr; 
suspects came behind SWAT as they cleared the buildings. 

drice It was determined that there were no additional active shooters at ahy other Strip properties, Officer 
Kim and I vvent to the Command Post to await further instriictfoni 



Evm^i ^LV171001003$19 

Active Shooler Response - Rout^ 91 H^fvsstfestival,, 



, Qartg/Vice Bureau 












Oh October 1 "'j 2017, at appro?timately 2208 hours* While operating as marked lae Vegas Metropolitan 
Police Department'^Oang Enforcement Unit “GCOO;^ I Officer K, Menon (P# 14805)* and OfficerM* Eshe (P# 
14839) were the acting sergeants for Gang Enforcement (G6p) units. At the time* we wd*'0 conducting 
operations in front of the Beilagio, 3600 South Las Vegas Boulevard* Las Vegas, NV 89100. After initiating a 
vehicle stop, we heard the initial radio traffic broadcast over CCAC reporting an active shooter at the Mandalay 
Bay, 3950 South Las Vegas Boulevard. We imrnediately returned the paperwork from the subject wo had 
stopped* and seif'dispatched to tfie Mandalay Bay, arriving approximately 2 mihutes after the initial radio 

During the initiai radio transmissions, we understood there to be On actiye shooter at “stage left/' but did 
not hear which stage, specihcally, thp officers were identifying. We knew that the Mandalay had rnuitiple 
venues on their property* including their pool area, House of Blues, etc; Ouf imihediate reaction was to 
respond to the main property, form a QBF and enter the hotel. 

As we appmached the intersection of South LaC Vepas Boulevard at Mandalay Bay Road, we could 
clearly hear, what sounded like fuliy-automatic gunfire, followed by the sound of bullets whizzihg by our patrol 
yehicie. Simultaneously, we began hearing thattho shots were being fired from inside thd Mandalay Bayi 
directly towards our location. 

We made an immediate eastbbund turn from South las Vegas Boulevard onto Mandalay Bay Road, 
where we bailed out and look cover behind the engine biCcK of our patrol vehicle. Ih between volleys of fire, 
Officer Eshe and! were able to retrieve our tac-vests, rifle, patrol trauma Kits, and personal 'iFAKs/' 

DUririg the volleys of fire, pn multiple occasions* Officer Eshe and 1 were forced to leave coyer to 
prevent persons fleeing the concert from inadvertently running pack into the line of fire. Additionally, we were 
forced to leave cover to prevent civilians from driving west pn Mandalay Bay Road towards SOiith Las Vegas 
Boulevard, again, directly into the tine of fire. Lastly, we were forced to leave cover to prevent the theft of an 
unlocked, unmarked, white LVMPD pick-up truck which had been parked in the center of Giles Street at ,East 
Mandalay Bay Road for traffic control during the concert. 

Osyte Time of Report 

10 / 07 / 20.17 


K. Menon 



At^roved By: 


M. Eshe 


14639 ,, 



P 9001 



Eygnt m LLV171001003519 

After af^proximatety 10 minutoa, we mpvad east towards Giles Street; where we assisted several 
Injured concertgoers climbing over the chain (ink fence. At this poihl, Officer Eshe end 1 provided basic life 
support to the walking wounded using toumiqoetS, as well as pufcK-GIpt gau 2 :e from our patrol trauma kits. 

We then linked up with a 3 officer element from CCAG - Officers M. Scott (P#16139), and G. Sims {F# 
16143); both of whom are FTEP trainees, as welt as Officer X Johnson {p# 160Q4), Having formed a 5-rnan 
element, we entered the Route 91 Harvest Festival using the sputhernrhost entrance off Giles Street, and 
moved south toward the stage, where we began pushing conceit attehdees northward, out of the line of fire, 
and towards the slowly amassing EMS assets at East Berio Ave and Giles Street 

At about this tirne, reports of an active shooter at the iropicana began coming in. We moved our 5- 
man element into the southwest parking tot of the tropicaha, and moved northwards, wrapping around the 
frorit of the hotel. Along the Way, we interviewed several pedestrians asking if they heard shots from within the 
Tropicana, arid all responded in the negative. We deduced that the Tropicana had received walking-wounded 
from the Route 91 concert, and that whomever called in the active shooter at the Tropicana Had misinterpreted 
the situation. After broadcasting this Information, wo then received reports of ah active shooter at New York, 
New York, pur 5-rnan element ran towards South Las Vegas Boulevard, jumped the traffic barrier, jogged 
across the bputeyard, and Jumped another traffic barrier, where we also learned there was no active shpoter. 
We then linked up with LVMPp SWAT, becoming part of 583Z, Sgt Pennucqrs QBF. 

After becoming part of SS^Z's QRF, We moved: hastily towards stopping bniy briefly 

at the Luxor Hptel where we spotted what ihitiaily appeared to be a vehipte born improvised explosive device. 
Once at the Mandalay 6ay, we made entry through the main lobby, and headed to the 30'*’ floor, where we 
began clearing flopr-by-flOor. 

After approximately an hour inside Mandalay Say, 583Z moved us but oLthe hotel, and back to the 
Route 91 Harvest location, to provide protection for FMS assets. At this point, 663Z released our initial 5-man 
element, and we became QRF-a, taking a position along with Sgt StoVail at the north valet of the Luxor HoteL 

At approximately 0600, Officers Scott, Bims, and Johnson were recalled by their sergeant. Officer 
Eshe and { remained on post until 0900 hours when relieved by A-roster officers: 



i i luV I twi > ft- 

Event#; 171001-3519 

Mandalay Bay Shooting 





division OF 




10/1/17 2210. 


396Q S Las Vegas Bivd LVN 69109 

On 1.0/1/17 apprpximl^tely 2200 I Officer J. Serreno P# 1^71 operating as PD195 stnd Detective 4, SMleh. F# 
13749 operating as FD113, heard oyer the redid ahoiit the active ehooter at the Route. 91 Harvest Festival located at 
MGM Village located at 3901 s Las Vegas B)vd. Dot* Sulek and I imrnediateJy began driving towards the festival. 

We arrived near Heno/Duke Eifington and were immediately met by several citizens who, were running from the festival, 
advising us that rnuitlple people were injured and that there was a shooter inside the festival.; Det, ,9dlek and I ,both- 
donned our tac vests and grabbed our rifles. We were able to assemble a strike team with, several Qfficers in the , 
using a rharked patrol vehicle, we began heading tdwards the,festival westbound on. Renp before turning soutHbound on 
Haven,St. Several citteens were still running from, the fpsttya! and were ad.vising us that the shootbr Wa^,still inside the; 
festival. As we Continued.southbound on Haven $t, we kept advising Whoeyer we ,oanie acrbss to doritihuO to,head 
northbound on Haven St toyvards aafeb^. We eventually came to a stop at a round-about on south Haven $t^ 

Det. SuieK. Otficar I,. Guynn P ,# 14391 * and. * then entered the dirt parking idt dlrectiy south of Ati Saba, In. There. Wdre 
several citons that were still taking cover behind vehioleSv and anywhere else they could/Citizens were still advising that 
there was an active shooter somewhere near the yenue^ We continued, to advise citizens to keep heading tdwerds the 
way we came, in'an attempt to many citizens. oUt of the area as ,possible. We Used bounding over watch to ,push 
westbound through the dirt parking tot to get to the venue as guicKly as we could while ahvising ,cltizen$ where to gp who 
were still hunkered down. yVe finally approached Giles St and ran Westbound across the street Where.we met up with 
anbtheir strike team and made entry thrpugh the eastside of the venue. . ■ 

We quickly formed up with the, other Officers and made entry and began clearing out the venue the bbst.we couldj still 
telling citizens to head out the way we came in. Our strike team then made, contact with other Officers still in the center of 
the venue who advised that the west, side of the venue had not been Cleared yet. As we, bqgan clearing the west side of 
the venue, w® came in contact with Sgt, J. (^ommeLBernsteln p# ,9045, who was off duty attending the event. Sgt. 
Kommet-Bernstein had a small group of Officers and citizens with hfmi We then began moving back edsibound through, 
the venue white Det Sulek and I provided coverage with our rifleS. As the ditizens Were escorted oiit of the venue, Det. 
Sulek, Sgt Kommel-Barsteln, Officer Guynn. Officer J, Pelley, P# 16167, and i then headed toward the top of the ViP 
lounges next to the billboard to maintain coverage Of Mandalay Bay (stiit unaware of the status of the shooter) and the 
Luxor (as we were advised that there may be another possible shooter at Luxor). yVe maintained our ppsitions on the top 
of the, VIP lounge for approximately a hour and a half before we were advised to come down by Officers Who began 
locking down the scene. 

Date Timie of Roport: 

. . 10/7/170723 ,: 



P#: 14B71 

Approved By; 




LVMPD sa {Rdv.S/ 01) . Wonp BO to 

Page 1 



Event #! 


.. . . . 

Det Sulok and 1 then reported to the CP and joined Strike team 47. We were then advieed to head to Sally’s Casino to 
provide property security until we Were relived around OBOb hour®. 



Emii#: tlViyi001003S1^ 

. Active Shcoter . , ■ 

, ■ ' SUBJECT' 


REPORTING: Gang Unit , OCOURRENOE; Gonyphtion Ccntgr.Arpa CQmmand 

DATE&TIME LOCATIOnOf 3SS0 S: Las VegssSlvd.Veg^S, NV 

OpCURRED:_ TO/01/17 3209 HoUrs , , ■ OCCURRENCE: . , , . 89119 „ , 


Qn 10/01/17 bX approximately 3300 hours, I, Officer J. Marin P# 13023 operating as marled patrol unit OCeS 
respond^ to thd active shooter eveht that occurred at 3950 Vegaa Btvd, las Vegas, NV 89119. ( was 
initially on vacatipn, however, when i was notified pf the evaht I Went into worK/ 

Upon arrival, ] was assigned to Sergeant T. Stovall's P# 7415 investigative squad staged west of Reno/las 
Vegas Blvd las Vegas, NV 89119. Qur role was to cover the north entrance of the luxor hotel keeping the 
area clear of any citizens and not to allow any person into the Luxor hotelj Officers Werp jjrepared to clear the 
hotel if it was: called upon us to do so fpr any possiole additional suspects. 1 stayed on post along with the other 
Officers and Detectives till wo were relieved the following hndrhing, : 

Dpito and Tinio 61 Report; 10/07/17ISOQ Officer; MEtrin , ?U: lSb26 

Approved By: Officer: P#: 

, SlQNATynS! , .. 





Event#! tLViyiOQ1Q03S19 

RQUt0:9l Shoojjng _ 



date TIME , , U5CAT10NOF 

OCCURRED:_ 10/01/1 7 2208 OOOURRENCE: 3050. laS V^gas Bm ,tVN 691Q9 


On 10/01/17 at apfiroximatejy 1 hours I, dfficor B; Rcb&jris P# 15039 was holified by Sgt* Obasl F?# 5842 
of an active shooter located at the address of 3950 las Vegd^ Btvd LVN 89100 (Mandalay Bay), The 
message stated there were over lOO^^ victims at the Route 91 concert just east of the Mandalay Bay andSgl 
Obasi v/as en route. During this time t had lust returned td my residence in the Northwest area off of Durango 
and El Gapitan from a family event, i immediately changed into green BDU pants, a plain black shirt and then 
contacted another officer on my squad Richard Bass 14730. Officer Bass and i agreed to meet op and ride 
into work together since we lived (n the same area^ptHcer BSss and l then left^ the drea of our homes at 
abproximately 2220 hours. While en route to Conyentioh Center Area Pommaod, 1 logged myself on as unit 
,0M50,aOd''BaSsas.'unit8M.'.: ' 

Once we arrived at Convention Center Area Command at ^proximately 2335 hours, we grabbed our tactical 
vests, gun belts and ran out to our patrol vehicle #10350. Minutes later were then en route code 3 to the 
address of 3790 las Vegas Bivd IVN 89109 (New Vork New York) due to dispatch stating there were reports 
Of an active shooter at that location. Upon our airiyal wq rhet with Sgl Obasi and other Officers and went into 
New York New York conducting a "Casino Sweep" rheaning we cleared and secured the casinO flOor, 

Once New York New York was cleared, dispatch broadcasted that multipie qallers were claiming that there 
were active shooters ih the surrounding;casinps and areas. Based upon the information from dispatch we then 
made our way through the T'^Mobiie arena properly and Monte Carlo. A lyietrb Vice unit then broadcasted there 
was a report of an active shooter at the Paris (3655 las Vepas Blvd LVN 83109); so we then drove our vehicle 
code 3 to that location and conducted another casino sweep. During the caeinp sweeps, all night clubs and 
bars were also checked inside the casinos. 

Once the Paris was cleared we then staged on the bridges at the intersection: of Harmon and Las Vegas Blvd, 
Shortly after, Officer Bass and! drove to the command post at the intersection of Trdpicana and Las Vegas 
Bivd- Where we were directed by a Sargent to assist at Hooters (116 E Tropicana IVN S9109). While at 
Hooters, a person with a gunshot wound was reported to be at MQM (3799 las Vegas Blvd IVN 89109) so we 
met with four other officers along with units from the fire department and EMT>, and began making our way 

Date end Timeef Report: 



B. Robbins 

; P#: 15023 

Approved By: 








Event #: tLVl7lOOl003gi9 

Once at MOM we ^poke with security staff and older officers who were already there in which nothing was 
seen or heard regarding a person with a gunshot wound. We thep went back to Hooters and was directed to 
head to the command post baqk at Tropicana arid las Vegas Blvd, ®gt. Obasi then contacted us and asked for 
us to meet him at South Centra! Area Command to await further instructions which we did^ 

Sergeant Obasi advised us that our squad would bp assisting the coroners and CSI with the deceased victims 
(ocated at the MGM Festival Grounds. Wp arrived at the crime scene at approximately 0500 hours and began 
helping both the coroners and CSi until we were relieved by day shift at approximately 0645 hours. Officer 
Bass and i stored our gear back into our lockers and! returned to my residence at approximately 0745 hours. 





^ ^ ^ : SUBJECT ^ ^ ^ 



datbatime ^ ^ locationof. 



On October 1 2017,1, off duty Officer S, Folder P#15040» was maOe award of an active sbooter critical 
incident event going on at the Route 9,1 music festivatn i left the Downtown Summerlin area and proceeded to 
CCAO to dress but and head towards the event. Upon airivat 1 went the intersection of tropicana and Las 
Vegas Sivdj which was the casualty coliaotibni point, to join d force protection team, Due to the amount of 
Officers that arrived,we Were not u^d on end of the teams, so myself andmy spuad stayed at the casualty 
collection point and stood watch over one of the casualties until relieved at approximately 06OO hrs. 

i»nd Time of Reoort: 

10/7/17 2039 

.. Officer; 



Approved By: 

. Ofllcef; 



LVMPD ea (RErv.&/01) ^ WORD 




Events; 171001^351^ 

Route91 FostlvaiSRooting . _ , ' ■' . 

—^ ""silalcf ^ " :'■.■■■' ■ , , 




Tourist Safety Dlyison 




10/01/17 2205 Hours 


3901 S; Us Vgeas,Bjvd ,lV,TJV.SS10S , 




On October 10,2017, at approxirRmeJy 2200 Hours, t oMcer C, Sims, P# 15004, was worKtng as 183SE along 
with Officer R, Rbtta, P# 13422, atthe '^fioute Ol Festival/' before the shooting took ^iace Rotta and myself 
were dealing with an individual who had taken a bottle of alcohol from ohe of the vendors in front 6f the "House 
of Blues'' bar* We then heard what sounded to be fireworks coming from the middle of the crowd approximately 
20 yards from us and we began to move fohivard towards the sound* Seconds later we heard arid saw muzzle 
flashes coming from a middle window at the Mandajay Bay Casino and saW bullets striking individuals that 
wore in arm’s length to us* We wpre advising people to get down and find cOver. The neare^ coyer was the 
Housp of Blues bar so we began to direct people to run into there* Both of us began to render aid tp those who 
,V^ete. hear US by, appiying tourhiogets, usipp pieces :qi clothing. tp .stop.bidOdIng arid !any, other,,wey.pppsible to,, 
help* I then ran into the House of Blues bar becpu^e a crowd wad forming msidb and it wpan't ajlowirig anyone 
else to enter and enable them to escape from thO shooting, 1 directed the people inside the bar to go out of the 
back of the bar and hide in the back so that they wputd have rhore cover from the bullets, Whon outside behind 
the bar there was an open gate that fed to Giles St* and 1 told all the people that were near mp to run out Of the 
gate, onge the shooting stopped and help anyorle that needed hblp* I ftad multiple people Who Were ofMut^ 
nurses, military and police officers from other departments Who wanted to Help in ariy way possible, I told those 
who wanted to stay and help that it was totally up to them and what the obvioue risk was*! then stood inside of 
one of the vendor booths alongside the House of ?ldes bar and rendered aid to a few individuals. l\^orhenis 
later i was Joined by a couple other LVMPb officers. We then formulated a plan which was to move forward 
along the outside Of the bar ^nd help anyone we came across- bnce we got away from the bpr; we moved 
forward along the fence line in the direction in which people were running frorp* The fence line led us behind 
the stage area where we came cross numerous trailers that the event staff were working in prior to the 
shooting, Along the way we ran into medioat supplies that were on a medic cart and obtalried all of it including 
the gurney* Our team worked quickly arid methodically began to ciearthe trailers, unknown areas and vehicles- 
In the southwest portion of the festival grounds we came across the VIP trailers which were occupied by Jason 
Aidean, his wife and multiple other erhployees. We cleared the area that led us up to the grass field area in 
front of the stage which was being cleared by another squad* Both squads met behind the trailers and came up 
with a plan to escort the VlP's and employees out ssifely^ I had obtained yap keys from an ihdividuat that was 
running out of the event in the southwest portion where we were located' Approximately 20-30 minutes later 
we were able to use that van to shuttle the VIP's and employees safely out of the festival grounds to the church 
parking lot off of Giles St, OnCe all of the festival grounds were clear all teams were.instructed to exit the , 

Eind Time of Report! 

10/12/171430 Hours 


, C, Sims 

P#: 15054 

Approved By: 



S)0NA-tVn«: . 

) ^'.WQRoaoiO' 




Event f; 1710014519 

grounds and go back to the Command post at the Church parking lot White back at the Command Post, It 
Yatomi instructed myself and twp other officers to get the riames and any information of afl individuals at the 
command post We also helped her with the incident log that had all officers that were working the event and 
their location, any victims and witnesses. Within a couple of hours, of being at the command post we were, 
relieved and sent to the House of Blues bar back inside the event for a debrief then shortly after that we 
secured for the day. 



Evwt#; l,iV1?100100351S 

Active. Shooter 







10/01/2017 2209 Hours 



3901B, las Vegas.Bivd iv, Nv 
39119/3950 S. Us Vegas Bivd IV. NV, 
39119 \ 


On 10/1/171, Officer BrSncipn BurKs-Chapmsn P#15055 responded toifte Coirifndnd Post located at Sooth 
pentral Area command at approximately 2300 hours on my regular day off in response tp the Active Shooter 
event for the Mandalay Bay and Route 91, % squad rhade contact with U. Hank to receive our assignment. 
My squad was assipned as strike tearn 30 with two teams being 30A and 300, My call sign fpr the evening was 
30B, We were dispatched as a roving unit to show presence on tas Vegas Blvd, North ar^d South between 
Tropicana and Harmon, 

We made contact with LT. Yatomi and cleared at the command post at approxirnately 0630 hours which was 
located within a church parking lot at 55 E, Reno Ave*, LaS Vegas. NV 39119, Fpllowinp the event, my squad 
w^ assigned to the MGM as: B-rpster through lOM/i7, where provided officers presence in the area and 
handle and incidents which occurred on property. 

Date and Tfma of Raport: ^ 

10/01/20172209 Hours 


B. Burks-Chapman . 

.P#: . 15065 

Aoprovad By: 


■ . P#: 



page 1 



iwnt #: UV171001003519 


subject. • , 








LOCATION OF 3^50 S. La$ Vsgas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 

bn 10/01 /17 at approximately 2235 hours, whilo off duty at foy home f learned of the active shooter incident at 
the Route 91 Harvest Festival via the news and responded to Convention Center Ared Command (CCAC) to 
assist as needed''' 

1 arrived at CCAC and located IT- R. Maupin P# S923 and asked how I couid assistwith the incident- LT- 
Maupin told me that due to the fact f was on modified duty t could not respond to the scene, however he could 
usO my assistance in contacting all CbAC Sergeants (CGTS) and starting a fult station call out- IT, Maupin 
pegan pulling phone nurribers for Of the §Gt’s and l began contacting each of them to: notify them of the 
incident and need to come in* (fogged the location of all SGt^s iaifeady working and informed off duty SG^^s to 
call their staff arid report to CCAC, 

As Officers and ^GT’S began to arrive I directed them to the briOfirig rooni and Completed a roll call so that IT, 
Maupin would have an accurate list of start who were present and cogtd provide a briefing; tt Maupin then 
held a briefing and began assigning Officers to SQT‘s out to the inciderit* OnCe all Orticers and SOT'S were 
assigned and clear of the station IT, Maupin released me to return home at approximately 0200 on 10/02/17, 

and Tirna of Report; 

10/10/17 0988 , . 



■ 15064 

Approved Bv: 

Officer: . 

.■ F#:. 


L,vwif 0 ea \) ’ woftp Hgi g 




'‘Ci)cKtoEdft£v0f)t#Qfl ALi-Fag^'‘ FvsntH^: LLVtTI 00100351$ 

"Click to Edit Date/rime of Report" *PRtNt" 

■ . . . .^_ 1 ,pctoberActfy e 9totar. ' . .; _ 

I ^ ^ ^ liuEicT' ' I ^ ^ T 


REPORTING; , Patrol SEAC OCCURRENCE: , Tourist Safety Oivision/COAC 


OCCURRED: , 10/1/2017 ,2205_■ OCCURRENCE: ■ 3950 $. V^gaS Blvd , , 

On October 1 st, 20171 respohded to $CAC along wj^ my supervisor Sergeant 1;, Reyes p# 13129 and call sign 
of 800, This response was regarding the active assailant incident un4cr X/VMFp event 
LLV171001003519. Wc deployed from SEAC to SCAC as aO In the box s^pad which was directed by Captain 
John Pelletier, Upon our arrival at SCAC, I assisted my Serge^t with assembling an incident command post in 
the front parking lot of SCAC, Once command was transferred from my Sergemit to Gaptaiii John Pelletier, we 
were subsequently deployed as itclkp team 3, Qur mission was to arrive at and blear the ground floor of the 
New York New York Hotel and Caeino as cemmnnications receivod multiple reports of an additional active 
assailant at thp frOntJobby of the said casino^ Redeployed dnfbot frbin SCAC and ariiVedaf bur post, 
were stero victims, suspects, or casualties to report: Ate we secured the casino, we were directed to gain 
access td the T-Mobile arenas surveillance system and establish site security for the T-Mdhile ar^a and the 
Monte Carlo Hotel and CaSiUO. Once dayshift officers logged on,-we were relieved from our post arid secured 
for the day. „ 

Datp, and Time qf Report; 
Approved By: _ 

10/09/2017 0630 

S ^t L, Reyes 

) • WORD 2010: 

Page 1 



Evgntjf: 171001003519 









. 10/01/201722:05 

location OF 3050 S. Us Vegas BLVD. Us Vegas, NV 
OCCURRENCE: , , , 001 T9 


On 10/01/^017 atappi^oximatoiy 23:10 hpurs, I Officer P. Hinkel, P# 15074 acting as mail^ed patrol unit 103 
was in the briefing room for briefing when a Detective entered the room and stated there was reports of an 
active shopter at the Mandalay Say Hotel, l then responded to SOAC at approximately 22;25 hours and was 
assigned to Strike Team 1 which was led by Sgt, Hee 13584/ Wa wera then directed to rescue any citizens 
in the area of Four Seasons and Las Vpgas BLVD. When wa arrived, there were no injured citizens at that 
location so we then did traffic control and citizen evacuation at that location under U/ Desimone F# 4713^ 

After that part of my strike team was advised by it, Desimone to rhept up with other unite jos'de the Michaei 
Jackson; theatre to clear ait of the backstage area. Once the backstage was Cleared and no threats were 
present, I w^ placed in a hallway covering two ekits until the citizens ahd the becKsfage personnei were told 
to exit the theatre. 

Once all personnel were out, 1 was told to go check in at SCAC Where Ttheh was told dayshift was in place and 
! could go back to EAC, 

Dale and Tima of Report; 

10/07/2017 22:20 


P. Hinkel 

H: 15074 

Approved $y: 




tVHpD 84:(RiW;s/li1|-WOfffi 



Event#; tm 71001 Q 03519 

Officer's Report for Active Shooter 





MandaiRy Bay Hotel St Resorts 

phi 0 *i * 17 * I Pipti hiptna wheti ttipie teiwrtit aictive 

"N^caft'd iripni:kBdw-•■■',,; 

that ha had aevea ofhitf^ at ihpatatioh tf ahdii iata^ dlaPhtcto 

RptdhpTdtdRa W^h afriyaf at $9^^; fta^hh^ jh ytth the atadihaiaahader add 

daalqnatpd ws as atrJkp ta^ih ati t^ta^ ^ oiiith to twvpr the t^hara on 

the veqaa Biydv Qwt; ^asat waa dtyiddid of topr; ^triito toam ^ stfiKa team ^7A; pait at^kp 

team 'a^A ^fiaro vira wai^ ipy^Rq appreximet^ly or 1 p-it'jl 7* j^tar in the: mominq; edihe team ^7 aad STA ■ 

qathatpd:MP:td: taityed two Offtbare vifhby^ y?oi^n(3>/enime ^ tatar Wp^Wara ! 

feiived. Sdi* Fiefcher: tehaoke^ baak in; with thb afaptha atJSCAC and; Wpia told do.^bK fd N^AC apd dp hpW: 

Date and Time at Report; _ 10/11/17 AT 1600 Officer;_ . G. Djnh , , Fn^: 16Q84 

Appmved Sy: ' ■ ,, , ' , ,, , ■Officer: ' , , ■ , ' ' ' ,'' ' F#: 

SldNATURfi* _^_: 

:i.VMPD:'fi£:(RoVi 8 rtH|.-'WOnD:a 0 ( 0 ' 

Page 1 



Event#: 171001-3519 

Active Shooter . , 








tO/ 01 / 17^2205 , 


Mandalay Bay/Routc 91 



I Officer R;BMc!1anari F#15094 was a$st$ting patrol with a DUl search warrant at CCDG when the call came 
out in regards to an active shooter at Mandalay Bay/Route 91 at approjcimately 22pp' Ujron comi^atinQ the 
second blOod draw at approKirtiatety 2366 hours op 10/01/17 i want in rbule to traffic bureau and wait^ for 
further direction: At approximately 0300 hours i responded to the intersection of Tmpicana/Kovai and 
conducted road closures and traffic control until relieved by Henderson Rt)|at 0730, 

Date And Time of Report: 

10 / 10 / 17-2250 



P#; 15^94 

Approved Sy; 

. Officer: 



Pag$ 1 



wrl R l^rwl 1 w %4fl I t 

Event#: ttVl7l001^3519 

Officar*s Report for Actlva Shooter 








10/01/17 2203 HrS 


Las Vegas.Blvd. (Strip) 

On 10/01 /17 at approximately Hpom while oonductihg routine ynmarked patrol in the:Northeast Area 
Command (NEAC), (, Officer 0. Savino P#16100 alongside Officer J> Pappas Nfl 5112 Was advised through 
dispatch of a shooting occurring In CPnvention Center Area Command (CQAC). VVhiJe iiatening to CCAC; radio 
traffic! couief hear what sounded as continuous gunfire along wifh several Officers calling out an ‘’Active 
Shooter/’ f notified the remaining mempers of my Squad Officer 8. Moore P#1431$ and Officer A, Buric 
P#14904 of the occurring events. Officers Mbpre, Buric, Pappas, and 1 setf-dispatch to assist in the ongoing 
situation. , ■ ■ 

We-Arrived at South pentrat Area Comniand (SpAC) vyhiph was ddtefmined tb be the command 
incident. Due to the information coming in, as beihg. possible muitipie shooters; a plan yvbs set upto stpp and 
eliminate ail threats. We formed as a Strike Tearn with several addition resident Officers of LVMPD under the 
supervision of Sgt. Charles divapong P#933e In an attempt to stop any active shooters, We responded to the 
area of Tropicana/las Vegas Blvd after reports of an abtive shooter at the tropicana Hotei/a Gasfr^o, ttiis 
information was later found to be false. 

After reports that members of IViyipO had the sole and only suspect in custody at MOhdatay Bay Hotel & 
Casino for the shooting our StriKp Team switched to a Force Protection Team* Our Force Protection Te^ 
provided safety for Firefightefs from las Vegas Fire Department while responding tb yiefinis from the shooting. 

Our Force Proteclipn Team responded to several locations with les Vpgas Fire Department to include the 
Tropicana Hotel, Bxcatibur Hotel, and Diablo Cantina in an attempt to locate victims of the shooting. We later 
received confirmation of dozens of citizens located at the Delano Hotel that had been sheltering in place since 
the shooting began hours earlier, Our team arrived at Delano and evacuated the citizens who were sheltering 
in place at the Delano since the shooting. 

After it was deem safe our team arrived back at the command post at SCAG and was released around 0700 

Date and Tifne of Report: 



C. Savlno , 

P#; 15100 

Approved By: 




Page 1 



Event^f: 171001-3519 

Aotivs Shooter Incident Detaiis Strike Team, 31B 
' SU^ECT' 







date & TIME 




, Las Vegas Blvd/Beno 


On 10 / 01/3017 Officers from NE31 responded to the active shooter incident at the Route 91 hatvSstfestiyai. 
Upon Officer's arrival^ the squad vvas split in to tvw separate strike teaniS, one vi(as ted by Sgt J, Glover P# 
1397e and titted strike team SlA^ Officer A: Propp P# 16100 lead tfie other strike team: which was titled strike 
team 31B. My strike team was made Up of 4 officers including myself. The other officers were^ Officer M. 
Mutiigan P# 15667y Officer J. Porter P# 16363, and Officer Hv Syam^Kopf P# 14867 who had a rifle deployed* 
My team was sent to Las Vegas Blvd and Tropicana to assist with fprce protection and other acWve shooter 
calls that were going out My team met with several members of thS Clark County :Pire Department and then 
began to db force protection sb that the fire department members could render aid on victims who fled the 
concert vehub- My tbarn y^as sent to Expalibur first as there: was: a fepod of a gunshot Wound (GSW) ylptirn 
inside the Excaiibur We moved on foot in a diarriond forrhatton With fire department imeriibers ihsido opr 
diamond fbrrhation to provide force protectjon and moved to the Excalibur whSre we locaWd a rhale who was 
laying On the; ground; the male was uninjured and we found that the report of the GW was that male, as 
security and other people Inside stated that there Wqre ho: Wuhded^ j^ We theri left expalibur and headed 
to the basement Of the Luxor as we had reports that there ware multiple yictima in the loading dock afei ; Grice 
we arrived at the buxor we found multiple ,subjects who were iayirig against the ,walfs;as the hotel had them , 
stay there until the hotel was nO longer on lockdowri;yve moved through the hallWays In the basement asking 
anyone to raise their hand if they are Injured or has someone injured near them: We located an Oldefty female 
who stated that her hip was hurt because she was trampled. We continued bn and told the female that help 
would adive later bn as, we were looking for more serious ,injuries* We, cleared the basCnient and did riot, locate 
any other yiptlms. We then moved to the Mandalay Bay to search for victims but were reassigned to helping 
clear floors. Once we arrived at Mandatey Bay, we joined strike team 31A ahd became an 8 mdn element to 
help SWAT clear the rest of the floors at Mandalay Bay. 

and time of Report: 

10/06/2017 , 


, A, Propp 

P#: 15106 

Approved By: 


LVMPO flii . WDfiO eolo 

Pago 1 



Event m 171001-3519 

ACTIVE Shooter response 









10/1/17 2200 




On i 0/1 /17 at ^proxlmately 22G0 hours> 1 Officer J; P^jCias P# 15112, afong with Officer C* Savino P# 
15100, were wcrRino as unmarked/uniformed patrol unit 8P5 in NEAC Ly, Ny. ( vvas advised ovar the radio of 
Officers takinO tire on CCAC’s chaninei, switched over and listened to the traffic. After hearing gunfire and 
"Active Shooter” over the radio, Savino Contacted bur acting Sgt, Officer B. Moore P# 1431810 see if OCAC 
required bur response: After a short period of time Moore viras advised by a Supervisor were cleared to 
^ assist:bhd, head, to C.GApr 

Savino and i arrived at the corhmahd post at SCAO ( deployed my rifle and waited for further 
instructions. A strike team was fbrmed with the NEAG flex officers, three resident officers, two gang detectives 
and two CGAC Sgts„ 3gt. divapong, and Dennis. Our team was dispatched to the TrOptcana hotel due to 
receiving reports of AMR taking gunfire at Trbpicana and Vegas Blvd. My team loaded iritO the bed of a 
resident Officers marked Ford Pick-up and we rode into whdt was deemed a hot zone. Arriving 1 observed a 
female who was down m the street and not consclbus and set up a position: Of bover behtrid the concrete 
barricades on las Vegas BlVD. 

We observed: v/indows for b short Whiib and after not soeihg threats or taking gunfire’ we started to 
evacuate people that were taking shelter in front of our piacb of cover. VVe helped multiple people over the 
barrier to places of cover behind us, While continuing to scan Windows add the front door of the Tropicana. A 
\vhite male adult with black hair and a black beard, wearing a dark t-shirt and light pants jumped pver the 
taarrior with another shiftless White male after being ordered to take cover behind Officers: The shirtless White 
male stated to me “do you kn ow who this is? " referring to the bearded male^ and then s^fedttat^^s a 
famous social media cetebrttyfl|||HVIP9 ^ recognized the heafded male to be HPHHV 

Sgt. bennis took myself and a few other Officers into the first fiopr of the Tropicana to check bn 
wounded subjects and to ensure there was not a threat in the Casino/itiaih lobby. After going through thb main 
lobby an Officer advised me that a medical unit w^o had reported to him that a subject Was shot in the head 
inside Tropicana. 1 was given a gurnby by medical personnel and we returned into the Tropjcana to extract the 
casualty. When we got to the area of the: supposed victim he was being carried by two other subjects Who 
stated thby would get him to safety following the path we had just cleared entering to the ambplbnce waiting at 
the front entrance. 

Date and Urns ot Report:. . 1-0/13/17 OiRper:_ J.PAPPAS , 15112 

Approved By: , Ofttcer: P#: 

SWNATUttE:. _ 




Event#; 171001-3519 

We then returned to our original dismount position on Las Vegas Bivd where a County FP, battalion 
chief was attempting to form a rescue team of medical pers onnel and Offic ers to enter Mandalay Bay hotel As 
this plan was being formulated the male 1 recognized to beflMIMHVoame up to me and asKed me if he 
could help, I advised him to get to safety, and subsequently he advised me that he was an off-duty New 
Mexico police officer* When 1 asked him for his credentials he produced a goid in color badge with numbers cut 
out on the bottom* I did not believe him to be a police officer due to a recent federal case where he had tO give 
a public service announcement on safe shooting: At no point did he produce any identification card with his ^ 
name or department on it, only the badge- 

After dismissing the social media celebrity, a rescue team was formed and our mission vyas to check on 
the Officers and subjects who were taking shelter in the Michael dackson Theatre in dhe Maridatay bay- Sgt 
Dennis led the team, which contained Metro Officers and Clark County Fire Fighters- We gathered in a County 
FD* ambulance and drove to Mandalay Bay- After confirming no one had been hurt and advising everyone to 
shelter in place, we held in the main Valet and waited further instruction,. 

Eventually my team was driven back to BCAC (command post), and awaited a second dispatch- We 
were relieved by responding day shift units and cleared to go back to NEAC* 



Ev^ntjji: ttVl71OO:lpO3510 

^_ Routs 91 Active ^liootsr _ ,' 




OCCURFtEP: .^_ 10/01/17 3203 , , OCCURRENCE: . 3950 S., LpS VogaS BlvU.LV NV 89119, 

This is the series of events as i; Officer D, Moyer P# 15734 rememher them. 

On October 1st 2017 my saiiad was in briefing at $CAC: After a few minutes into briefing 5gt Jackson told 
everyone to turn on their radios as there is a potential active shooter in CCAQ, Everyone; turn bn their radios 
and switched to CCACs channel. VVithin seconds we heard an Overtime Officer screaming for help and that 
there was an active shooter at the festival near gate 7, 

Without hesitation, l along with everyone eise in the briefing room jumped up and ran out of the briefing room 
to pur patrol vehicles, l got info the drivers spat and OfficerWebb jumped into the passenger s^^^ 
vehicle, j remember turn the lights to code 3 and flooring the patrol vehicle as we left SCAC heaping to the 
festival grounds. 

yyhile approaching the; area, I noticed that traffic Was not blocked on the Blvd at Mandalay Bay Bd. Qnce we 
reached the intersection of Mandalay Bay and the Blvd» {swuhg the patrol car inTront of north bound traffic. 
This is when I noticed a group of civilians orobOhing down behind a metal box ori the sidewalk. ] drovp the 
vehicle up to them to help provide coyer for them frorh the shooting as we had no idea wherb it was coming 
from.■ ■ v ^ .. ' ■' y.';''y.''''\ '. ■,; '■; 'y,' ■ ' 

once parked, we exited the vehicle and) immediately heard automatic gun fire coming from an unknown 
direction, I went to the back of the patrol vehicle to get my personal shotgun, extra shotgun ammo and my 
tactical vest with rifle rated plates in it. This is when I realised that the shooting Was coming from fhe Mandalay 
Bay Hotel which Was behind me, i could tell that the shooting was going over our heads and not right at us. 
Grabbing me gear i ran to the front of the vehicle where the Officer Webb was at and put my tactical vest on. 
This is also when Officer Collins and an Arrny Soldier came to seek cover with us behind the vehicle; 

We heard a break in the fire and started to tell the group of civilians next to tis tO run eastboubd, away frorh the 
gun fire, I started to scan the area for threats and noticed that Officer Ruth wes pinned down behind a Crown 
Victoria patrol vehicle about twenty feet north of my position and he was trying to control a civilian who was 

Date fflitt Time of Report: 

, 10 / 07/17 2300 


, 0 , Mover 

p#; 1 S 734 

Approved Bv: 









trying to run into the gun fire. I ran to Officer Ruth and along vyith another Officer got therh to a tetter area for 
cover, We were able to push a bit north to an area that had Explore Patrol Vehicle that offered better cover. 

This is when I was met up with an unknown LVMFD Sgt* who had an Australian accent, who was pinned down 
with more civilians. His, body camera footage was some thatvvas shared with the media, showing him pushing 
back the sarhe civilian that Officer Ruth was holding back. 

The $gt told rhe to go in-front pf the brick wall to our east and get coyer behind a tree so i could cover hirfi to 
get the civilians over the brick wall. Once at the wall! did a quick peek over the Wall and saw more IVMPD 
Officers and recognized one, Sgt Bauman, l informed Bauman that Vye had civilians with us and we are 
sending them over, while I provide ooVer the other Sgt help the civilians over the wall Once all Of thenri were 
over the wali I climbed over. 

I took a second to account for my gear and make sure I w^s ready for what may coma ne?(L I went up to Sgt 
Bauman and asked where he needed me. this is when Sgt Bauman started to put together strike teams to 
push into the Mandalay Bay: Sgt Bauman asked me to run, point since I had a shotgun and a tactical vest. We 
came up with a plan to bound across the Blvd and to stop at patrol vehicle tO ensure there were secure before 
we pushed forward. 

I pushed west to the center median With Officer Ruth providing rear cover, Once set our team joined us to 
provide cover as we apain pushed forward, tp the west side of the Bivd; Once across I observed two civilians 
crouching down on the south side of Martdalay Bay Rd nekt to the landscaping. We carhe up with a plan to 
rescue them and bounded to them* I Provide cover a$ other Officers got the back across the street to safety^ 

The team rejoined me at my position and we started pushing to the front entrance of the Mandalay Bay. We 
noticed another strike team ci'psslng from the buxor parking lot just West of us. Sgt Bauman told me to. find a 
way through the landscaping to push parallel with them-! found a break in the bushes pushed forward. We 
ended up On the upper Vaiet at the front entrance. As we cleared fopyard we noticed that, a grbup of Officer had 
already.,cleared the entrance to the casino floor.! pushed forward and,found a grbup of hotel security officers' 
that Came from the lobby. I directed the security officers to take coyer away ffom the entrance and to hold a 
group of civilians with them as one of the security officers was armed! 

t informed Sgt Bauman that there was no Officer covering the lobby area. He had our strike team push into the 
lobby to clear it and hold it. While clearing the area | located another sihgie hotel security officer by a bank of 
elevators, hie informed rne that he had the access keys to the elevators, I told him to head towards Sgt 
Bauman and slay with him, As we still cleared myself and Officer Ruth held a position in the lobby with Sgt 
Bauman while the rest of our team cleared the hotel registration office. 

While holding me lobby i heard that SWAT was able to place breaching charges on the door to the shooters 
room and rhade enter. After bolding the lobby for a few more minutes, W^o LVMPD SWat Officers camd my 
way and directed me that I was going With them up to the floor where the shooting Was coming from. We went 
to the 32nd floor of the tower and helped dear some of the last rooms to search for more shooters. 

Once all the rooms were cleared we consolidated and took an elevator back down to the lobby, At this time 
dispatch was getting a lot of calls about shootings at other strip properties. The SWAT Officers were tasked 
with another mission left us in the main valet, l was going to rejoin Bgt Bauman when a IVMPD Captain told 
me and others to stand by in the yalet and provide cover for him while he helped direct resources at the 
Mahdaiay Bay, After a few ho directed Officer Ciske and another to get a vehicle and bring it back so he could 



EveGt m aV17lQ01003S19 

use us in a different area. Once the Officers returned the Captain directed us to go to the west valet as there 
was a group of civilians there and no Officers there to provide protection to them* 

Once in the West valet, I observed grou);^ of civilians in the gar^e area and still in the entrance of the 
shopping areas of the hotel. I directed all the ctyiliahs into an area where 1 thought best i cout(;i protect them Out 
in the valet drop off area, 1 estimated about one hundred civilians were In our area. Officer UsKe and the other 
Officer went inside to clear out any civitians they found in the area, l remairied out with the group of civilians to 
provide them with protection. I had a ipt of them come up and ask what was going on, if they could leave the 
area and if (Knew if there were more attacks happening at other areas dh the sthd- i let them know we area 
work on get the whole strip on lockdown to make sure everyone is safe. One group came up to me a tet me 
know they were off-duty Officers from another agency in California ■ One of thern tost his phone and wanted to 
go look for it inside the hotel, instead 1 let him use mine to call his family- , , ^ 

We held that position for a few hours- Eventually the civilians were led away from my position, Thfe is when l 
had a chance to call my Sgt to let him know where I was at. After a bit Cgt Jackson called me back a let me 
know that we need to head to the staging area to gat sent back out in strike teams. After Returning to SOAC no 
further slgnlhcant events happened; 

US VEGAS metropolitan^ f^UCE DEPAHTMEKr 


Event «:EtV1710010Q3«19 







' ^ ■ 'CCAc: , ' : 


10/01/17 #2300 , 


3001 S Las Vegas BLVD lV, nV 39110 

I, S; Hitl“Hale P#161l6t was off duty att^ncfing the Route 9i Harvest Festival With ^ group of friendl l was 
standing in the rniddte of the side west main ^^age cro^ af)f)rdximatefy:^0 yards frpml the st^ge. t3uring the 
concert i heard ari unknown loud echoing noise coming from the south west corner of ttiO festival grounds for 
approximately fiyC to ten seconds. Approximately 1%30 seconds went by and the same loud noise occurred for 
five to ten seconds^ During those fiVe to ten sdcoiids the music stopped playing and screens on each: side of 
the stage went black, People in the crowd started to kneel and dUck to the ground and a few people take off 
running. Approximately another 16-30 seconds goes by and the same iopd noise occurs again, During this 
round Of noise \ got peppered in the face with an unknown object. During the same round pf noise the whole 
crowd takes off running. At this time I determined the (Oud noiSes to be gun firOvt rah to th e west Just south of 
th^. Coca-Dpia VIP area-, 1 got separated f rom my oroMp. of friends :e xpect fo r one; .1 

continued to the Idur foot Weill just off of tas Vegas BlVdjadvf^edllHBtp take 
wail Was lined with people taking coyer from the Contiriueiis gun fife. At fhe Waif I camO into contact yiri^ a male 
shot in the arm. 1 removed mV belt arid attempted to apply It as a tourniquet, At the wall i identified the shots 
not to be coming f rom the ground but somewhere in the Maridatay Bay toWers, Unknown where the mala With 
the gun shot wen t.lM^and I continued north bound along the wall until there Was a break iri the wall- There iV 
advised ^(Hrand multiple other people taking cover at this area of the wall to run and take cpver at the Cuxor ; 
Obetisk. 1 believed at the Obelisk We Would be out of the tine of fire. At the Obelisk I carrie into contact with two 
LVMPP uniformed Offi cers wit h tap vest and rifles, I advised them i betieyed theshots to be coming from the 
Mandalay B ay towe rs, MWIand l continued to the south sid^ of the Excalibuf where we check Cach other for 
any injuries; m|||and I then continued to the weS* side of the ^xcalibur where we came into contact with a; 
Sergeant bearing a tac vest and n'fle- The Sergeant command uC tp sit oh the oround , I asked him if we could 
keep moving and had to show him :my lyMPP ID card for hjm to let us leave.fljjlV^nd I Continued to the 
west side Of the P16, where we were picked dp by his father; During this time ahd thoUgh out the night 1 
contact member of my squad that was working that night for intet. 

O^teanaTlfyieofR^pgrt: ___ 

10/10/17 #2030 . 

H, Officer; 

, $.Hi)kHale 

, P#: , 16116 , 

AEMfoved By: 

Offlcer: , 



UVMFO S!! (R0V*8«H) 'WQRPaOlO 

PaQ6 1 


OFFICER’S report 


Active Shooter - Mandalay Say/ftoute 91 Concert ' . 




BA 34 

Division OF 


Enterprise Area Qommand , 


10 / 01 / 2017(^2209 hours 



, 3950 S, Las Vegas Blyd„.LV, NV, .89119 


On 10/1/2017, at approximately 2209 hours» an active shooter Oait came out at the ManOaiay Bay resort 
located at 3960 S* las Vegas Bivd., LV, NV, 89119, | was at rhy residence on my lunch break in the area of W, 
Tropicana Ave., and 3- Durango Dr,, LV, NV, 89147* virtien the call came out Being a rifle certified officer, i put 
on my iifle plate Carrier, grabbed my rifle, and immediately rolled code 3 to the Mandalay Bay, 

Once 1 arrived, i parked my vehicle juSt south of the t/landalay Bay at the intersection of W* Russel! Rd, 
and S. tas Vegas Btvd; There, I met a nuniber; of officers, to include pdtective M* ponaidspn, P# 12935. 

Officer J, Barker, P# $088; Officer J, Benge), P# 8710, and a few other officers. Prom there, the group of us ran 
on foot towards the Mandalay Bay, Once inside the Mandaiay Bay, we began evacuating everyone from inside 
of the hotel, advising them there was an active shOoter evOnt which had already claimed many casualties, 

Our group of officers eventually made it to the elevator area on the ground floor with the help of 
security, where we met up with a few more officers, to include Officers BunitsKy. P# 6541 , M, Thiele, P# 
9199, and SWAT Sgt. J, Wiggins^ P# 7559, Sgt, Wiggins, another SWAT Officer, and 1 decided to go to the top 
floor of the Mandalay Bay, as we were still trying to locate the shooter. The three of us plus a few other patrol 
officers went to the top floor where the five or six of us cleared the nightclub called The Poundation, There, the 
group of us five to six officers cleared the 46"' floor of the Mandaiay Bay and successfully identified everyone 

Date and Time gf Retjort: 

10 / 09/2017 (g) 2319 hours 

, Officer; 


P#; 16121 

Approved Bv: 

_ ' .Officer; 




Pafle 1 



Event #; Ltvi710010035^9 

to not be a threat, Sgt. Wiggins, the other SWAT officer and i then rodndeci up everyone on the top fiber into 
the main bar room, briefed them on the incident at hand, and advised them to shelter in place until further 

From there, the three of us reaii^ed we had sornehow been separated frbm the other three officers who 
had come up to the 46^ hoor with us, aS they had split from us. We decided that, due to the exigency of the 
situation at hand, we did not haye time to attempt to regroup- Sgt. Wiggihs, the other SWAT officer and I 
proceeded to worK our way down approximately two to three floors, taking our time to clear each fiopr and any 
room which was found to be unlocked. 

While clearing pne of the floors, we heard information of there possibly being shots fired at the New 
York New York, Sgt, Wiggins, the other SWAT officer apd ideoided tO; attempt to make our way down to the 
New Yo»k New York, as we had not received an update of anymore $hok being fired inside pf the Mandalay 
Bay in at least twenty mjnutes; By the time We drove dpwp to the New York New York, we Were able to 
determine that the report was untrue, and made our way back to the Mahdafay Bay, Frprri there, we met up 
with approximately seven more SWAT officers, tp include SWAT Ohlcers K Knowfes, P# 7^22, and J. Deel, 

P# 9149, to name a few. We heard information of the shooter possibly being on the 32'^ floor, Aoknowledging 
the possibility of there being more than just one shooter, I accompanied the seven SWAT officers plus Sgt; 
Wiggins to One phhe surrounding floors, where we proceeded to clear appf^pximatety four to five more floors of 
the Mandalay Bay* clearing each unlocked room We came across, 

Sgt. Wiggins advised us that a strike team consisting of patrol and SWAT officers had located the room 
the shooter was in on the 32'^ floor and were preparing to breach the door. Our team made our way up to 31®* 
floor and made our way to the 32™^ floor through the stairwell, where the team had just finished breaching the 
shooter’s hotel room and pronounced him deceased. Due to there bping no more reports of gunfire in a 
significant amount of time, we made our way downstairs to the ground floor, From there 1 broke off from Sgt. 
Wiggins and his team and met up with my sergeant, Sgt S. Skenandore, P# 13340, at the Michael Jackson 



Event#! UViyi0010Q35l9 

theatre. From there, I assisted Sgt^Skenandbre in evacuating the 1600 people who were inside of the theatre 
until I cleared at approximately 0730 hours on 10/2/2017, 



"C^ifjK to t-tjli ivv0rii^f OFS At,.;, 


MmdaiEy Bay Active Shooter intitdent 

; \ sUat^t'. ■■■ ' ■ ■ ■ ■'. 

Evantif: |,LV1710p10q3S19 



Community Policing. DMelon 


Tourist Safety Division 


10/0a/t7 2£03 

LOCATIONOF RCUtO 91 FestIval/MGM Village 3907 $ Las 
OCCURRENCE: . vegas Boulevard 89109 

On 16 / 02/17 at approximately 2200 hours, 1 Officer 6 ; Fei^nando:^ F# 15132 was at Bolden Area command for 
Command Briefing to begin our shift when we were alerted that an active shooter incident was taking place at 
the Mandalay bay. initially bpgan response protocols however we were not in the box for MACtAp 
activation. BA14 activated and responded to the incident. 

BA 1 1 (My Squad) responded to UMC Hospitai to block off roads and begin hardening access points due to the 
situation. I Was the sole unit that self-dispatched to Valley Hospital and spoke with the Charge nurse advising 
her pf ; the situation. Bhe asked me if she needed to set up incident cpmmahci anp call people in tp which f 
replied yes, I advised her that I v/as the only officer on scene and that if pho; saw anything suspiCiCus to oati me 
ori my ceil phone, t cannot recall how iong I was there at the hospital 6 y myself and i helped moVe one victirn 
from the back seat of an unmarked patrol vehicle onto a table while nurses were getting ready to begin triage. 

Sergeant Btleu arrived on scene and began taking command at the hospital. After the incident slowly subsided 
i was relieved from my post arid began taking calls for service; 

Dsrte and nime of Report: 

10/09/17 021S 



P#; . ,15132 

Approved By: 






Eyma: tLVi7lOOi-35i9 









DATE a time 


location OF 

3901 d Las Vegas Btvd. Las Vegas, NV 



, 89119 .. 



On 10/1/17. at approximately 17C)0 hours, I, Officer M, Tran P# 15221 and Officer W^StutzmanP# 14902, 
operating as marKed patrol unit iSSSEj was working overtime as interior patrol unitSi at the Riddle 91 fedlival, 
at 3901S-Us Veg^ B!vd, Las Vegas, NV 89119. 

Officer Stutsman and L were tasked with foot patrol in the main gi^ fidid, direc^y stage left. At approxim^^ 
2200 hours, iiuhng the performanoc of J^on Aldean, whiiei standing adput (3040) yards dWay from left of; the 
main stage, we heard a volley pf expioding noises coming frdm the southwest dkectidh of the venU, i asked 
Officer ^tutiman if there were supposed to be fireworks associated with Aidean^s performance* ^tutxrnan 
stated he did hot recall being Informed of any fireworks: We decided to make our way to the front of the stage 
to deterrninO What the noise was. As we wdre Walking towards the stage, i obseryed a group of pepP^^ 
stahding over another person laying on the flOor. ( staged to run over to the Person laying oh the ground to 
determine if it was fight, and the subject was knocked unconscious. When ( arrived to the person iaying on the 
ground, I observed a female with a wound on her right eye. There Was copipus ahiount of blood flowing out Of 
her eye, and I deterinined It was a gurishot wound; i immediately called out over the radio,; **c6ntrol, I05se, r : 
have a 415a. stage left, I have a female with a GSW to her fade, roli medlcarv As i Was caliihg it out, i recall the 
performers: on stage stopped playing,: and the large stadium spotlights turnOd oh; shiping down on the grass 
area. The female with the gunshot wound began having bioOd flowing into her mouth, Officer Stuteman vyas 
attempting to roll the female onto her side when we heard a vOHey of explosions, which vyd determined how, 
was gunshots. 

When the volley of gunshots rang out, I began to yell for concertgoers to "get down'*. 1 ran northwest to the first 
cover I could find and laid on top of the person closest to me. I looked Up and realised Officer Stuixman, 
jumped a barrier and proceeded into the Neon Lounge VlF^ section. We were separated from this moment until 
dSOO hours. While I was behind cover, ther^e was another volley of gunfire that I heard, A oonpertgoer ran up to 
me and advised me it was coming from the Mandaiay Bay Hotel, I looked towards the Mandalay 9ay, and 
observed a flickering light in the middle of the hotel, 1 went on the radio and stated “it's coming from the 

Dat® and Time tyf Report: 



', M; Tran ^ ■ 

m : 15221 

A^rovod By: 




iVMPO Bi! y i WORD 




EvRntff:, „ ^ ^ ; ^ ^ ^ Liyi^0 0 V3519 

Mandalay Bay, the shooter is at the Mandalay Bay." i decided to leave my cover and head south to determine 
if there was an exit. When (approached the stage, 1 heard another volley of gunfire coming from the direction 
of Mandalay Bay, (took cover next to the VtP restrooms, and observed a targe majority of cdnoertgoers also 
taking cover, I kept telling people to get down and get to cover. While I was taking cover at this area, there was 
another volley of gunfire that rang out! laid on top of a coricertgoer in an attempt to shield them frOm the 
gunfire. There were multiple concertgoers, who: requested my assistance In evacuating irijured, I advised them 
to take cover, due to the fact, 1 did not Know where the suspect shooting location. During this time, 1 obseived 
Officer T. Frederick P# 9793, approaching from the north towards my position, Officer Frederick was operating 
as the event command post fOP) call sign that night 

t slated to Frederick we needed to evacuate injured out but we needed an open exit, 1 suggested t Would get a 
patrol vehicle, and attempt to crash through the fence to create an oj^iiing. Officer Frederick stated ttie fence 
is linked together very tightly and that plan would ngt work; Officer Frederick arid 1, began to move west, 
towards gate 1A, l removed my traffic-vest atthis time, due to the fact l belipved it would give away my 
location. We made it outside the gate, aod met with strike teaips who wer^ posted on concrete wall just west of 
the gate, Sgt, Van Nest P# 1419^ and Sgt. Bauman P# 996^, were by the Wall and wais advised to start 
evacuating cbncertgoers, who wbre also taking cpVer by the concrete wall, Frederick and I, began evacuating 
conoertgoersbackinsidetheconcertvenuefhroughgate 1A. 

While back inside the venue^ a c^ncertgoer:iippmached me and afei<od for my a^si^tahce^T^^^^ led 

me tp just east oTthe Nebri Ubunge VIP area, where i observed an injured male, who wos shot iri the spinal 
area. 1 was advised they wanted to use a battle guard, to place injured bn, ahd use as gufne^ to evacuate, A 
concertgoer tfien approached with a wheelbarrow, i; along with (a) concertgoers placed the injured maleic 
the wheelbarrow. The (2) concertgoers began to puli the wheelbbnroW; while i was in the rear assisting with 
pushing. We made it to gate 4a, next to the mbdicai tent and i proceed to assist with more evacuations; 

As 1 head back towards the main stage, I observed another strike tearrl lining up to proceed forward.! recall 
.Officer T, Ppraita P# 13912, along with fits trainee, in a stack preparing tb move to cover, We moved south 
, towards the tour busses, which were just west of the main stage., We cleared thp area, as we travelled, , ;. , 
searching for concertgoers and injured, When we arrived at thp sopthWest corner of the venubj I met up with 
Officer T. Albright P#, 12960 and Officer G, Mpanally P# 13911, who were ofMuty but were attending the 
concert, I stayed with Officer Albright and Officer Mcanally for the remainder of the night beginning at this point. 

We formed a strike team and began to proceed to the tour biisSes/where there were muttipie concertgoers 
sheltering in inside. VVe were advised to assist in guiding civilians fforn the bus to a safe zone east of the 
venue, located by Giles and Ail ^aba. The civiliaris inside the tour bus ware esbbrted to the safe zone, arid 
when they arrived safOiy, we proceeded back inside to the venue. When we returned tb the venue, we 
determined there were no more concertgoers left inside- Jason Aldebri and his crew, decided to shelter in- 
place and remained in the tour bus. Officer Albright, Officer Mcanally and l^, secured, gate 4a, until We were 
feiieved of our post. 



Ewt#: 171001-3519 

. Active Bhootor 

, SUto.ECT 



CCAC ^ Patrol 




date TIME 


, . • lOGATlCNOF 

Route ,91 

On 10/1/17 \ Officer D. TCrrss P #15841 and Officer T. Engel P #15270 wore operating as 85SE overtime unit 
at Dave Buster's located in Downtown Summerlin. Qur detail started at 1900 hours and lasted until G030 

At approximately 2210 houra Officer T. Engel received a person phone call and was advised of the shooting in 
CCAC. We listened to the radio traffic for a few minutes and heard the:seyeri^ of the call. We advised the 
Dave $L Buster's manger of the situation ahd headed towards SCAD where we heard the comrhand pdst was 
set up at 

We left DaVe a Busie^ at approximately 223Q hours and when we arrived at sgAC we were doth placed on 
Sgt pryman’s StnKe team. We were tasked with escorfing fire and EMS personnel into the Mandalay Bay to 
render aid to, the remaining victims., We cleared the oasiiio floor with ohe of the swattearhs unito tryirig to 
locate more victinris. Most rernaining individuals were sheltered in place in the Michael Jackson Theater. 

Data and Tme of Report: .; 

10/6/17 SODD 


D, Torres 

P#; , 15241 

Approved By: 





Rage 1 



ivgnt^: 171001-3519 

.Active, Shpoter 




CGAC - Patrol 






10/1/17 , 


Route ,91 

htAB^ATME; ■ 

On 10/1/17 i Officer D. Torr^ (^ #19241 an<3 Officer T, Engel P #152^0 Were operating as gSSlE overtime unit 
at pave & Puster’s iocated in Powntown Sumirieiiin, Our detaif st^ed at 1900 hours and last^ until G030 

At approximately 2210 hours Officer t- Engel received a personal phone call an0 was advised of the shooting 
in CCAC, We listened to the radio traffic for a few minutes and heard the severity of the caii; We advised the 
Pave 8t, Buster’s nlanger of the situation and headed towards SCAC where we heard the command post was 
■set up at 

VVe left Dave ^ Busters at approximately 2230 hours and when we arrived at SpAC; W^ wOre both placed on 
$gt pryman’s Strike teaijit We were tasked with escorting fire and EMS parsonnei into the Mandalay Bay to 
render aid to the rerriaining victims. VVe cleared the castfip floor with ope of the sv^at teams units trying to 
locate more victinis. Most remaining individuals were sheltered ip place in the Michael Jackson Theater. 

After 1 Officer!, Engel joined my squad CC:13& for they yoiuntarify Came in and started checking roonis with 

them at the Mandalay Bay^ 

Date and Time ol Report: 

10/6/17 2000 


D. Torres 

P#: . 15241 

Approved Bv: 

dflicer: , 



Page 1 

Vehlclte Use^; LVMPD Manned Paitrol SUV ~ #10539 

Area of Responsibility: University Medical Center-1800 W, Charleston Bivd las Vegasi Nevada 89106 

On 1 o/OE/17, at apiprd?cimateiy 2208 hours, information was received While in briefing at Bolden Area 
Command of an active shbotOr at the Mandalay Bay, Sst d* Ballejos advised Us that We would need to secure 
UMC T'f'auma and begin shutting down the roadwdys after receiving inforrhatioh that an tVMPD Officer had 
Suffered a gunshot wound and Was On route to UMC Medical 

Myself and Officer B; Potter (P#i 6370) were placed at the intersection of Gold Ring Ave and Shadow Ln 
ensuring that only authorized personnel entered the area. 

Time o( Report: _ 10/0,8/2017 & 0321 Ofneor: , L Ferris P#: , 15244 

Approved By: , , . : , , Qtticor: , Pff: 





Event#: iViyi00l0035l$ 

,, Active Shooter ; . 





OCCURRED: 10/01/17 220E Howts OCCURRENCE: . , DJAC 

On TO/01/17 at approximately 2205 hours, t Officer R, Ucerio P# 15258 Operating as marked patrol unit 3p4 
was inside the CCDC facility booking when dispatch's broadcast an Active Shooter over the radio* $gt. oalied 
for units to rally point* DT32 responded to Stratosphere within minutes and secured all the parking area and 
ihspecting ail the car going in and out of the parking. 1 Officer licOno posted on the south side parking garage 
of the building casino. 



Ewt#i ILV171OD1OO3510 

Active ^hooter Route 01 Cbnoort 




DlVisiOI'i OF, 





. 10/01/17 2236 


Troplcana/ Las Vegas. Blvd, LV, NV 89109 




On* 10/01/17* at aDout 2230 hoyra, i. Officer M* Drake P#15260, wfille operating as m^rKed patrol unit iF44, 
responded to the area Of Tropicana/ Las Vegas 6lvdi Las VagaS, NV 89109, reference an acilve shooter 

My sduad* NE13* had just finished in briefing at NHAC when we were informed of an active shooteir at Mandaty 
Bay casino. Our squad was the in thq bw squad for NEAC. I quickiy loaded the vehicle and rallied qt the 
secondary ralfy point in front of the station and donned MACTAo gear^ ^gt B. vyeaver, loaded in my vehicle 
10618, and we trayeiied code 3 down the freeway to $qAC. Upon arrival wd formed strike teams and ware 
assigned, to'Mi3M,','0i:a,nd Hotei/Qasi.n0i'-' 

Upon arrival at MOM Grand Hotel/Casind we secured the Las Vegas Blyd sidewalk aod building entrances and 
cleared the strip of tourists and civilian foot tragic and redirected vehicle traffic off the strip.; We coordinated 
with tiptei security to communicate with estimated i *000 displaced guests of affected hotels to gather arid 
reldoate to a designated point behirid the hotel for transport through city busses to Thomas and Mack for 
evacuation and shelter, . 

We were relieved at aprox 0800 hours 1G/02/17 and returned td the NEAC station for deactivation. 

Deite and Time of Report: 

10/08/2017, , 


M. Drake 

m 16280 

Approved By; 

, , Officer; , 

' ' P#: 

L,vMH} ea (pev.s«)l}' word mto 


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'■Clidt toEd« Event# qfi All pages' Event#; ILV171001063519 

XIIcK to Edit Oai0^jfTi$ of Report" '^PRfNT'* ^ ^ ^ 




REPORTING: Comniunity Polfefng occurrenoe; . . SEACPatrtol 


OCCURRED: 1Q/01/17 22:08 , , , OCCURRENCE:. Route .91 Festival/ ivisnCalay B^y , 


On October l^'i 20171 responded to GCAO along with my $uparvisor ^erge^nt U Royes p# 13129 and call 
sign of 8p0. Thfe response was regarding the active assailant incident under LVMPD event 
ILV1710010P3519- We deployed from $^C to GCAC as ah in the bdx squad vi^loh was directed by Captain 
John Pelletier. Mppn our arrival at SCAC, I assMdd my Sergeant \A^ith assdmbiing an incident ccmhfahd: post 
in the front parking lot of ,SCAC, Once command was transferred from rhy Sergeant ,to Captain J.ohn Reiietier. 
we were subsequently deployed as strike team 3; Our mission was to arriVp at and clear the ground floor pf . 
the New York New York Hptdl and Casino as communications received multipie reports of an additipnai active 
assailant at the front lobby of the said casino. AA/e deployed on fbptfrom $0AC end arrived at otir post. There 
were zero victims, suspects, or casualties to report. After we secured the casino* vye were directed to gain 
access to the T-Mbbi|e arenas surveillance system and establish site seeprity for the T-Mbbile areha and the 
Monte Carlo Hotel end: Oasirio; ohoe dayshih officers logged bh, we were relieved frqm our post arid PeCured 
forthedayi, ■ ' ' 

of Report! _ 10/9/17 07:22 _ Qffieor! , M, PACHECO _ P#: 16232 

Apprpve<i By; SGT. L REYES 13129, _ OWicen 

t.\A«PO K {Aau.BWn: WORD 2010 



■ Evem#: tmyi00l003gl9 

Active Shooter 





OCCURRED: , 10/02/17 0030 hOurs OCCURRENCE; 3901 S U$. 8lv<i IVN ,09109 

■. ' .'■.^ . . I .. . . 

MBBAIlVi: ' 

Late in the evening of 10/1/17, new reports startetl coming fn regarding ao active 
shooter near the Mandalay bay resort. Several officers from my squad, NE34, 
gathered at the station and wanted to go see what we could do to: help. Our Sgt 
atriVep and called NEAG dispatehed and let them krtpwyve Were seven officers and a 
Sgt ready td respond if heeded- A short time later dispatched recajled Sgt and told 
hifn to report to the staging area located at SCAC. Upon our arrival at Egac Sgt 
checked in with the staging manager and were designated as, strike team 37. Later 
we were assigned to be roving patrols and to coyer the area from Harmon to Sahara 
on the Las Vegas Elvd. We had been patrolling for about an hour vyhen three of us 
officers aiid our Sgt were told to try and obtain video from a Catholic churdh located 
at Reno and diles. When we arrived at the church we were unable to find an 
emergency number. I was able to research the address arid was able to find the 
number of the secretary of the church. I asked her to come to the church in hopes 
that we could obtain some type of video of the shooting, Once the secretary arrived 

Dat^ and Tinwql Report: _ 10/6/17 2152 hour$ _ Officer: , C.Hart p#: 10277 

Approved By: • , ' , ■ , Officer / ,■ F#; 


Pape T 



Ewit#: LLV171Q01003819 

we were able to watch the vWeo but unable to make a copy. She was instructed, 
once her IT guy arrived to make a copy of all the videos we requested and call 311. 

In the morning of 10/2/17, the unit at the church \yas tasked with reliving the 
overtime officers who had been at the event all night. We relived two officers and 
shortly we were relived. Sgt checked back in with the staging manager at SCAC and 
we were told to go home. We all left the area and returned to NEAC. 



, Active shooter 

Events: 1710013519 



, Patrol /NW1 2 




: Ooitimurtity, Policing , 

dates TIME 


10/1/17 2200-0930 




During this svent NW12 was the In-the-Bpx sguad for NWAO- Our squad was:activated and instructed to 
respond to SOAC CP for further instraction. Upon oUr arrival we were assigned as ^rike 7, Strike Team 7 
was assigned responsibility for the Crdmwell and Ore’s Night clubp. We travetfed North up the Vegas Bivd 
through the triage point and past Route 91 

Wa were posted at the Cromwell to ppsure security there. While there we responded to Trppicana to 
investigate ah active shooter call which was false. While at the dromweii Strike Teani 7 manned the walking 
bridges to prevent i^destrian fcpt traffic On the Blvd and mairi^in order, 

Nothing of hote qccurf'ed while there arid Officers continued to aid pedestrians and maihtain order until relieved 
by Payshift Units. 

Oatq and lime of Beport: 1tV11/171920 , Officer; M. SCHEMA , P#: 15278 

Af^rbvod By; '. . Ofticdr; ^ ^ ; ' ■ • ^ p#: , 


LVMPo . wof^o 

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Evgntff: ULV171001003519 

Msndslay Bay Aotivs Shooter Response 









, 10 / 1/17 220,8 

location OF, 

. ,3950 $ Las Vegas BlvdLVNV 89110 . 

BWC Video Available. 

On 1 p/1 /17 at ^20a hours 1 Officer M: Smith P#15315 was in briefio^ at Bbiden Area Command in preparation 
to (og on for graveyard shift pattoi. Upop receiving riotificatioh of me active shooter event, I and the rest of the 
officers on my sqyad (BA14} responded to the command post Which Was set up at South Central Area 
Command, where we were designated as BtriKo Team 2; 

Strike Team 2 was dispatched from the command post and tasked with invobtigating reports of a suspicious 
vehiple with wires hanging 0 tpe Lu^pr yAiet pad^ing Ipt due to poncerns that an: 

device (tBD) was concealed in! the vehicle. We Ipcated the veWo ahd secured the: arep, keeping citizens pack 
a safe distance from the valet parking lot until ARMOR could investigate the vehicle: ARMO^ later arrived and 
investigated, and ultimately deterrriined that the vehicle was npt an lEO, 

Strike Team 2 then tasked with securing the Luxor hotel to provide security apd enforce a lockdown. I was 
posted at the rear entrance of the tuxor where I worked With Luxor security officers and other LVMPD officers 
to maintain thp lOckdown and provide security until the lockdown was lifted, 

'Strike Tearn 2 Was then tasked with maintaining perimeter secuhW around the l^ndatay Bay and Delano 
hotels, I was posted at Mandalay Bay Dr. and Luxor Dr, where l Worked with M 
and other LVMpd officers to mairitain the integrity of the perirhetef around Mandftlay Bay by preventing 
civilians from entering the perimeter, 1 remained at that post until relieved. 

Date anU time of Report: 10/7/17 0530 Officer; M, Smith ' Hi 1S315 

Approved By: _, . , .'.:. , . ' Oftiper: -P#: 





EvenU: LlVl7l0pl0035l9 

_ _ Route 92 Festival, Active Shooter . , _ 



BEPORTiNG: , Boldon Area Command , ., , OCCURRENCE; Convention Qehter Area CorpmanU , 


OCCURRED: 10/01/17-2908, . ..: ^ OCCURRENCE: . Mandalay,Bay 3950 S Us Vegas Blvd 


On the 1*^ ctay of October, 2017^ at approximately 2^0^, hours, IVtylPp Communication^ reoeived a call 
in reference to an active ehopter at the l^anpalay Bay. Details stated an active shooter was firing automatic 
gunfire from the Mandalay Bay Hotel into a crowd of people att^hding the Route 91 festival and multiple 
civilians were shot 

1, Officer D, Spivey, P# 15328, was sitting in :the briefing room at BAG when an officer entered the room 
and stated an active shooter was on the Strip. Bolden 14 (my squkf) \vas the designat^^^ the box” squad of 
the night. We were directed to moot: in front of BAG to put on pur Tactical geah We yverp then directed to 

meet at ^CAQ (epmmap^ Oncp artlved^tSCAfii BAT4: vvap des^^ 

2. Cfrike ream 2 Was assigned to locate pnei seCure a pdssibie vehicie bbmb in a suspicious vehicle with wirps 
hanging out of it, which was parked in the valef section of the buxor Hotel. 

Strike Tepm 2 was divided into tvvo groups. One group vvas tp be on thd north side of thO frppt parking 
lot and the other on the south side of the parking ipt> * was oh the south sibe of the parking lot, which was 
dlreptiy north of the Mandalay Bay. We located thC suspicious vehicle, which was a newdr rhpdel black Audi 
SUV* parked in the valet located on the west side of the parking 16t pf the Luxor Hotel. The vehicle had 
Unknown square objects and wires taped to the tailgate. There was also video surveillance from hotel security 
which showed the vehicle get dropped off with tour individuals exiting the vehicle and run ihtp the casino. 

Strike team 2 secured the parking lot and maintained 560 dpgfoes of lethal Coverage. Armor arrived on scene 
and discovered there were no explosives In the vehicle. 

Strike Team 2 Was then assigned to assist Luxor Hotel with security during a lockdown of thb hptek 
Once the Luxor was rip longer on lockdown, I was assigned to the northwest side of the Delano Hotel to 
redirect crowds from entering the hotel which was still on lockdown. I remained at this location until 1 was 
relieved by dayshift units, 

O^te outline of Report: _ 10/08/17-0451 Qfflofer: D. Spivey ,, P4: 15328 

ApprW^d By: ' . Officer: ,■ p#: 

SiQWATVng; _ 

Pnge 1