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Full text of "A list of the Roman Catholics in the county of York in 1604. [microform] Transcribed from the original ms. in the Bodleian library"

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IN 1604. 




IN 1604. 











| HE following list of the Recusants and Noncommuni- 
cants in Yorkshire in .1 604 is preserved in a folio paper 
book among the Rawlinson Manuscripts (B. 452) in the 
Bodleian Library. It is slightly imperfect. Two leaves are 
lost at the beginning, and several others have been much 
injured by damp. The editor is not aware that any other 
copy of this return is in existence except the transcript taken 
by his own hand, from which the accompanying imprint has 
been made. Of its authenticity there can be no doubt. The 


handwriting and the minute family details it discloses, are 
each alone sufficient to prove that it is a genuine return. Of 
its usefulness or interest to modern readers, there may well be 
more than one opinion. As to its genealogical importance 
there can be no doubt, but there are many, and that not among 
the entirely uninstructed classes only, who look upon such 
knowledge, when it does not relate to persons whose names 
figure in the peerage, or what they are pleased to call the 
History of England, as well nigh worthless ; with' such 
people it would show great want of humility to argue. There 
is, however, another reason far different from the genealogical, 
or purely antiquarian one, why this record is worthy of 
consideration. Although we have of late years made some 


steps in that direction, we have by no means as yet got 
rid of the vile habit of seeing all things in the past through 
the coloured medium of our own theological prejudices. The 
history of the changes of religion in the sixteenth century, 
of the triumphs of the victors, and the misfortunes of the 
vanquished, has in every country in Europe been the source 
of a mendacious literature, perfectly unique in its kind. The 
advocates of change, and the adherents of the old order of 
things, however they might differ on other matters, were in 
perfect harmony as to their plan of writing history. In 
England we have suffered most from the unscrupulousness 
of those who defended the Reformation, because here their 
cause triumphed, and the Protestant authors were consequently 
more numerous and more widely read, but the spirit on each 
side has been the same. "An adequate parallel to their 
bitterness, their shabbiness, their shirking, their habitual 
disregard of honour and veracity, is hardly afforded even by 
the so-called ' Anti- Jacobin ' press during the revolutionary 
and Imperial wars."*. 

It is not too much to say that there is hardly any one, 
except those few who have made the religious history of their 
country an express object of study, who has a true notion of 
what was the state of the Roman Catholic population of 
England during the reign of Elizabeth and the two first kings 
of the house of Stewart. 

The Editor has not endeavoured in any manner to supply 
the deficiency. The few notes he has given are almost solely 
genealogical, but he would not be doing his duty if he 

Sir Francis Palgrave, Hist, of Normandy and Eng., I. xlvi. 



neglected to draw attention to two things which are specially 
worthy of observation. Firstly, that although this list does 
not include the whole of the places within the county of 
York, almost all the old historical families of the shire are 
represented therein ; and secondly, that the inquisitorial 
proceedings of the government officials were not confined, 
. as so many fancy them to have been, to persons who, from 
their high position, had it in their power factiously to oppose 
the Government in Church and State, but that poor farm 
labourers, servant maids, tailors, and fishermen were, as much 
as their social superiors, the objects of strict scrutiny. 

That the cruel penal laws which disgraced our statute book 
were not always carried out in their full severity to the 
letter is certain, but the amount of bloodshed they occasioned 
has been much underrated, and the domestic misery of which 
they were the cause, scarcely even dwelt upon. The perse- 
cutors and their victims have alike passed away, for the most 
part unremembered ; well content, no doubt, "to be as though, 
they had not been, to be found in the register of God, not in 
the record of man."* But is it not fitting that we some- 
times should turn our mind from the luxuries of this self- 
indulgent time to those well-nigh forgotten ancestors of ours, 
who, for the sake of what they believed to be the truth, were 
content to put in peril, and oftentimes to sacrifice, all the 
objects which are commonly thought to make life desirable ? 

I have received assistance in various genealogical matters 
from Thomas Burton, Esq., Charles Jackson, Esq., David 
Laing, Esq., LL.D., Arthur Larken, Esq., the Rev. James 

* Sir Tho. Browne, Hydriotaphia, V. 

viii PREFACE. 

Raine, M.A., and John Sykes, Esq., M.D., F.S.A., to each of 
whom I wish to express my gratitude for the trouble they 
have taken in answering my inquiries. 

For help in the matter of the Index I am indebted to my 
daughters, Florence and Edith. 


vii. 'June, 1872. 



IN 1604. 

nne Rookeby 

[Certificates were the year 

Thomas Savile ge[ntleman]* 

Vnreverent receiving Mathew Haigh yeman at Easter last 
when he should haue received the comunion, the bread being 
given him, did not eat it, but conveyed it into his book and 
likewise did not drink ye wine, as him selfe hath synce re- 
ported, but onely toke it into his mouthe.t 

* The name of the place has perished. It is no doubt Kexborough, pronounced 
Kesper, hi the parish of Darton. Thomas Savile, of Kexborough, gent., 3rd son of 
Nicholas Savile, of Newhall and the Haigh, in Kexborough, by his wife Jane, 
daughter of Thomas Foxcroft. Thomas married Mary, daughter of Thomas 
Burdet of Birthwait, and by her had issue two sons, Francis (his heir) and Thomas, 
the person mentioned above. The first ancestor of this noble family who can be 
proved by record evidence is a Sir John Savile, who flourished temp. Edward I. 
There is a story to be found in many places, that the Yorkshire Saviles were a 
branch of the Italian house of Savelli. It is perhaps impossible to disprove it, 
but we may safely consign the legend to the waste-paper basket. It does not bear 
a single note of authenticity. The family, there is little reason to doubt, took its 
name from Savile hall, in the township of Dodworth and parish of Silkston, near 
the northern branch of the river Dove. Arms, argent, on a bend sable 3 owls 
of the field. Whitaker's Loidis and Elmete, 272-311. Hunter, South Yorkshire, 
ii. 260, 374-376. Savile Corresp. Camden Soc., i. Shirley, Noblemen and Gentle- 
men of Eng. sub nom. 

h Mathew Haigh was, in all probability, a person whose ancestors had taken 
their family name from one of the two places South, or Upper Haigh, and West, 



SlLKESTON parish. 

homas Champney yeoman of Dodworth ; Jayne Shackle- 
ton seruant to Thomas Champney ; John Walker 
seruant to William Oxley. Recusants no time set. 

Stephen Trigott ; Margaret his wief. Verie obstinate 
wilfull Recusants. 

WORSEBROUGH Chappelrie. 

ohn Holmes gent, of ye age of x or xj yeres, son to 
Mres Holmes of Brampton in ye parish of Wathe. A 

Isabell Rockley wief of Jervace Rockley Esq. Noncommu- 


ic]haell Wentworth Esq in the 


or Nether Haigh which exist in this township. H&ge (Anglo-Saxon), Haegh 
(Dutch), Haye (French) a hedge, a fence, an enclosure. The Scottish antiquaries 
have claimed a Pictish lineage for the Haighs of Bemerside. Their authenticated 
pedigree begins with a Petrus de Haga, who, in all probability, took his name 
from the enclosure with which his home was fenced about. The prophecy attri- 
buted to Thomas the Rimer, 

"Betide, betide, whate'er betide, 
Haigh shall be Haigh of Bemerside." 

has given the Scottish family a wide-spread fame, such as their yeomen or peasant 
namesakes of Yorkshire have no claim to. 

* Daughter of Christopher Anderson, of Lostock, in Lancashire ; the head of a 
well-known Catholic family. Her grandson, Francis Rockley, served on the Royal 
side during the great Civil war, and was in consequence compelled to compound 
for his estate in the sum of 39O/. Thoresby, Ducat. Lead. ed. 1816, p. 29 ; Dring. 
Cat. of Compounders, 95. 

j- The name of the place is torn off. There can be no doubt that the restora- 
tion is correct. 


teacheth the .... Michaell Wentworth 
to the church & to receive* 

CAIETHORNE parishe. 

eatrix Barnebyt wief of Tho. Barneby Esqr. Robert 
Barnebye sonne of ye said Tho. Barneby. Isabell 
Barneby, Dorathie Barnby doughters of ye said Thomas. 
Alice Walton servant to ye said Thomas Barneby. Margaret 
Champney wedow, Charles Champney, Nicholas Champney, 
sonnes of ye said Margaret. Elizabeth Champney wief of ye 
said Nicholas, and all there children. Arthur Burdett gent, 
Mary his wief.J ffrances Tyngle & Michaell seruants to ye 
said Arthure. Alice Walker wief to Charles Walker. Recu- 
sants, but no tyme is sett downe. 

SEMYNARY PRIESTES. ffrances Barneby son of Tho. 
Barneby Esqr. & Parcival Champney otherwise popishly 
called Anthony, being both semynary priestes, haue resorted 

* Michael Wentworth, son and heir of Thomas Wentworth, of Mendom, in 
Suffolk, by his wife Susan, daughter of Christopher Hopton, of Armley. Michael 
Wentworth purchased about the year 1599 the estate of Wolley from the Wood- 
ruffe family, who had possessed it from the time of Richard II., or earlier. Richard, 
the last of the line who is given in the printed pedigrees, married Elizabeth, 
daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Percy, seventh Earl of Northumberland, by 
whom he had issue. 

f Beatrix, daughter of Thomas Burdett of Birthwait. Her husband's father 
married Beatrix, daughter of Sir Thomas Waterton of Walton Hall. The eldest 
son of Thomas and Beatrix was Sir Charles Barnby, Kt. He married Hester, 
daughter of Daniel Disney, of Norton Disney, co. Lincoln. It would seem that 
this lady was a Roman Catholic in 1624. Mr. Hunter gives, without quoting any 
authority, a list of the recusants presented in this parish in 1624. The names are 
Lady Barnby, Ann Barnby, wife of Mr. Barnby, Isabell Barnby, a daughter of 
Thomas Barnby, Esq., James Beaumont, Ann Beaumont, his daughter, and 
Margaret Rodes. Hunter, S. Yorks., ii. 233, 234. 

$ This Arthur Burdett does not appear in any pedigree that I have seen. He 
was probably a near relative, perhaps brother of Beatrix Burdett, above mentioned. 

The seminary priests were the Catholic secular clergy, who had received 
their education at the colleges established abroad, for the purpose of providing 

B 2 


dyuers tymes within this xij moneths last past to the houses 
of Thomas Barneby esqr. & Margaret Champney as the 
presentor haue heard 

A child of .... to be popish .... in the house 
...... one of the sen Anthony 


Champ[ney] .... It is not cer . . . 

Certify ed by esqr in 

tow sh vnder ye 

hand of or other officer. 



hey say that they haue not any Re[cusants or] non- 
communicants in there parish nor any p[erson] offend- 
ing contrary to ye Articles. 

WALLES Chappell. 

hey answere and say that they haue nether Jesuytes 
Semynaries nor Recusantes within their Chappelrie & 
that all the inhabitantes ar obedient to his majesties lawes. 

clergy for the English mission. There were institutions for this purpose at Douay, 
Rome, Valladolid, Seville, Madrid, St. Lucar, St. Omer, Esquerchin, Paris, and 
Lisbon. The oldest of these was Douay, founded in 1568 by William Allen, S.T.P. 
cardinal and archbishop of Mechlin. The priests educated at these places were 
called seminary priests, to distinguish them from the Jesuits and members of other 
religious orders, who were employed in ministering to the spiritual -wants of 
the English catholics during the times of persecution. Some interesting Notices of 
the English Colleges and Convents established on the Continent after the Dissolution 
of the Religious Houses in England, were compiled by the late Hon. Edward Petre, 
and edited after his death by the Rev. F. C. Hussenbeth. It is much to be 
regretted that the latter gentleman, who is so thoroughly well fitted to the task, 
did not add to the work from his own stores, and give us, what is still so much 
wanted, a history of our foreign religious houses, which should take rank with 
Dodsworth and Dugdale's great work on those that were swept away by the great 
Tudor revolt from Rome. 


hey make ye like answer to all ye Articles. 


| hey make ye like answer, save that they say yt Mr. 
Thomas Weisbye* hath not of late come to ye church 
for ye space of a moneth or thereaboutes by reason they had 
not a mynister aucthorised. And that Mr. Raulf Weisby did 
not comunycate at Easter last by ye reason aforesaid. 

. . . . Article that .... have not any .... 

. . . . ke answer 


. . . . Tymothye Witham gent, for that 

with Mrs. Margaret Harbrede .... himself from the 

. . . . Article yt he doth not repair to ye [churc]h 
vpon sabboth or holye days nor hath received the communion. 

George Wynder servant to ye said wedow Harebred. A 
noncommunicant . 

* Thomas and Ralf Westby were sons of Ralf Westby of Ravenfield, who 
married Ann, daughter of Hugh Wyrral of Loversal. It wquld seem that this 
family became extinct in or about 1634. The estate, however^ passed to a George 
Westby, who does not seem to have asserted any claim to connexion with the old 
family. These latter Westbys took the side of the in the great CiyU 


hey answer that they have not any thing to present. 

hey make the like answer. 


esbye did not rec. ye holy co[mmunion] for 

that she euerie day expect[ed] bed and yt Sir 

Thomas Reresby* .... did not receive after her 
delyuerye. Noncommunicants. 

Noncommunicants Easter last. Roger Dames servant to 
ye said Sir Thomas did not rec. at Easter last bycause said he 
was not in charity but said that he wold afterwards receive. 
John Shenield a maid seruant did not [receive] at Easter last 
by ye reason aforesaid. George Eglesemef a Scottishe man, 
a scolemaster wich teacheth ye children of Sir Thomas 
Reresby. A Recusant. 

* The family of Reresby, or Reisby, as it has been sometimes spelt, are said to 
have been of Lincolnshire extraction, and to take their name from a place in that 
county. This is, however, very doubtful. They were settled at Thriberg, in the 
reign of Edward III. Sir Thomas Reresby, Kt., was a justice of peace in the 
4Oth Elizabeth ; it is not therefore probable that he was a Roman Catholic. He 
died in 1619. His wife was Mary (or according to Dugdale, Margery), daughter of 
Sir John Monson, of South Carlton, co. Lincoln, Kt. Three of Sir Thomas's 
paternal aunts had intermarried with members of Lincolnshire families of gentle 
blood : Ellen to Marmaduke Tyrwhitt, of Scotter, at which place she was buried 
6th April, 1608 ; Elizabeth to Francis Copledike of Harrington, son of Sir John 
Copledike, Kt, and his wife Elizabeth Littlebury ; and Margaret to Ralf Bowyer 
of Bottesford. Scotter, Par. Reg., Dugdale, Visitation of Yorks., 1665-6, p. 182 ; 
Notices of Fam. of Tyrwhitt, p. 48 ; MS. Queen's Coll. Oxf. f. 22, p. 14 ; 
Hunter, South Yorks., ii. 39. 

t George Eglisham, M.D. Educated at Louvain, and led for several years 
the life of a wandering scholar. For an account of his works see Bohn's Lowndes, sub 
nom. Dempster i Historia Eccle siastica Gentis Scotorum, Bononiae, 1627. 4to. p. 271. 



| homas Ashley* late seruant to Sir Robert Swiftf came 
not to ye parish church of a year till Easter last yt he 
came to receive &c. 


I hey present John Gifford j of Chichester Esqr being lord 
of yt manor of Hutton Pannell yt he remayned there 
fromeye 2 of Aprill till ye 17 of ye same and came not to the 


illiam Clayton, Issabell his wief ; Recusants for 9 yers 


res Anne Holmes, Elizabeth her doughter, and a maid- 
seruant of hirs whos name they know not. Recusants 
for 2 yeres 

* A family of the name of Ashley, which ranked with the gentry, were living 
at Todwick Grange in the I7th century. They did not register their pedigree at 
the visitations. This person is probably one of them. In those days there was 
nothing necessarily menial in the word servant. 

f There can be no doubt that this is Sir Robert Swifte, Kt, of Rotherham, who 
was baptized at Sheffield, 5th December, 1568, and died at Doncaster, 14$! 
March, 1625. High Sheriff of Yorkshire, 42 Eliz. William Monk Mason, Hist, 
of St. Patrick's Cath. Dublin, p. 225. 

$ In the 43rd Elizabeth this estate, " the lands of John Gifford, a recusant," were 
leased to Henry Gifford for 21 years. The estate came into the possession of this 
family in the reign of Mary, and seems to have passed from them at about the 
period when this return was made. It is not a great stretch of probability to sup- 
pose that John Gifford had taken this long journey from the south to make 
arrangements for the alienation of the property. Sir Richard Hutton, Serjeant-at 
law, one of the judges in the great ship-money case who gave their judgment 
against the king, became the next proprietor. Hunter, ii. 142. 


An old priest. They present yt there was one Mr Smyth 
an old Priest found in ye house of the said Anne Holmes by 
Mr. Chaworth & Mr. Rookby, what his answar was, or how 
they ordered ye cause ye presenters know not. 


obert Burton of Langtoft gent. . . . Alice Burton his 
wief, Elizabeth Storth rem .... in the house of 
John Storth of Letwell, hath bene there synce Martinmas last 
& came not to ye church. 

Fugitive. Nicholas Storth brother to ye said, a fugitive 
person cometh often to ye house [of the] said Jo. Storth 
& neuer cometh to ye church. 


illiam Crouder a poore man, he haith been excommuni- 
cated for 12 yeres ; non communicant. 


he son of Mr. Bellamy* & Mr. ffrench ; did not comu- 
nicate Eastef last vpon some occasion. 

Oxley wedow, late wief of Edmond Oxley 

* The Bellamy family were of Markham in Nottinghamshire. Robert Bellamy 
of Markham and of Lambcote Grange, in the parish of Stainton, was settled in 
the latter place in 1570. His son, Original Bellamy, died 2Oth September, 1619, 
aged 80. It is this gentleman's son, also quaintly named Original, who is 
mentioned in the text. Their estate of Lambcote Grange had been part of the 
domain of the neighbouring abbey of Roche. Hunter, South Yorks., i. 259. 

The Christian name Original was used by the Babbingtons of Rampton. Lin- 
colnshire antiquaries will remember Mr. Original Peart, the Puritan Burgess of 
Lincoln. Oryginald Smyth was fined at a court of the manor of Kirton in 
Lindsey for an assault upon John Base in the xx year of Elizabeth. 


hath soiourned there for one yeare or thereaboutes & came not 
to ye church & yt she is now fled and gone a Recusant. 

Margaret ye wief of Richard Revell of Stannington. Thomas 
Revell there son of xx yeres of age. Non communicants at 
Easter last. 


ellene Greaves of Waddislay in yt parish wedow. Mary, 
her doughter Recusants for many years. 


r. Reresbye kepeth a farme in yt towne & hath 

had servants contynuallye almost a yeare & some of 
them never came at church. Recusants 

SHEFFIELD paroch. 

|illiam Rawson,* Roger Howton, William ffraunkyshe, 
Wenefrede the wief of Raufe Eluyshe, Nicholas Clay- 
ton, wief of Laurence Clayton. Recusants for xij yeres. 
Laurence Clayton. Noncommunicant at Easter. 
James Holland, William Sampson, Nicoles Beete, Richard 
Horner, Robert Geslyn, John Batley. Schoolmasters & come 
not to ye church. 


illiam Spark doth soiourne there. Noncommunicant 
since Easter last. 

* William Rawson was a tanner at Sheffield, in the reign of Edward VI. His 
will was proved in 155- His great-grandson, William, is probably the person 
mentioned here. In latter life he was of Walkley. Hunter, ffallamsh,, 224. 


wief of Georg Adwick hath remayned there synce 
ye 2 of February. A Recusant 


nne Skyers seruant to Mres. Wombwell.* Noncommu- 


jjhe ladye Mannours,J William Bradwell gentleman hus- 
band of ye said ladye, Thomplinsyn Harp a .... 
seruant. Recusants since June last in that parish. 

Thomas Powthrell esquier, Ellen his wief, Nicholas Booth, 
Thomas Palmer, Anthony Cowling, Richard Crashley & 4 other 
seruantes in the same house. Recusants for ye like tyme. 

Tryte Cook yeoman, Mary his wief, Anne Plattes late 
widow. Noncommunicants for j yere last. Yet one of the 
churchwardens doth affirme, as is certefied, yt they did receive 
on Easter even last in there owne house by Tho. Nicholson 
curate of Carleton. 


| dward Bray, an old recusant Anne Horsfield seruant to 
Mr. Henry P'kyn of little Bramwith ; noncommunicant 
this last yere. 

Certified by Wm Rookeby & John Mauleverer. 
the presentments as they received theme. 

* William Wombwell, of Wombwell, in the parish of Darfield, had three wives. 
I have not seen evidence to prove which of them was alive at the date of the 
present return. They were (i), Anne, daughter of John Saville of Stanley; (2), 
Mary, daughter of William Rockley of Rockley ; (3), Olave, daughter of 
William Burnell. Thoresby, Ducatus Lead. 68. 

+ The name of the place is lost. 

J Sir Thomas Manners, fourth son of Thomas, first Earl of Rutland, married 
Theodocia, daughter of Sir Thomas Newton, by whom he had issue a son, Charles, 



francis Strangwayes, a Recusant. 


Frances Bretton wedow of Bretton, Dorothie Bretton her 
doughter ; old Recusants. 


|ohn Armitage alias Hern, James Hallowes William 

Longley; non communicants for j yere past. 
Mariage furth of ye parish. Richard Daghton, Sybill his 
wief : John Turner, Margaret his wief : Humfrey Armitage, 
Elizabeth his wief ; Thomas Brook party to ye said manages. 

ALMENBURY parish. 

ichard Beamont* of Lydiat, John Robt of Nether- 
throngue non communicants no tyme set downe. 

and two daughters. Sir Thomas Manners died in 1591? and after his death, his 
widow Theodocia, married William Brad well, gent. They were both living in 1605. 
Turnham Hall, in the parish of Hemmingbrough, was left by the will of the first 
earl to his son Sir Thomas. It is probable that his widow enjoyed the survivor- 
ship, and that it was here that she and her husband were living when this catalogue 
of papists was made out. 

* One of the Beaumonts of Whitley. Arms, Gules, a lion rampant between eight 
crescents argent ; langued and armed azure. According to Whitaker, the parish 
register of Almonbury contains the following memorial of one of this family : 

I 5S7- "Beaumont Henry, de Lockwood, sepultus erat vij (Aug) sub occasu 
solis peste seu plaga. mortals ideoque per uxorem et puellulam sepultus est, quas 
eum super equi dorsum adferebant. " Loidis, p. 330. 


Robert Beaumont Edward ffox ; for not comyng to ye 
church vpon sabboth dayes. 


|francis Jackson of Sharkeston gent ; a Recusant since 
Easter last ; Anne Jackson wief of said Francis a 
Recusant 4 or 5 yeres ; Jayne Jackson wedow an old 

Recusantes reteynd. The said ffrancis Jackson kepeth ser- 
untes in his house which come not to ye church ut patet 

Anne White, Anne Shillito seruntes reteyned in ye house of 
ffrancis Jackson ; Recusants for a yeare. 

A baptisme. ffrancis Jackson had a child secretelye bap- 
tized which was borne in October last. 

BRADFORTH parish. 
ecret marrag. William Williamson, Issabell Snipe. 


Jr. Bryan Stapilton of Altoftes, a Recusant Anne Staple- 
ton, Mary Stapleton his daughters Recusants. 
Mistris Jackson of Snitall widow Recusant. Mary Thym- 
bleby wief of Mr. John Thimbleby* of Snitall a Recusant 
j yeare. Mr. John Thimblely, noncommunicant 

* This was a member of an old Lincolnshire family. They were originally of 
Poolham Manor, near Horncastle ; but subsequently, by the marriage of Richard 
Thimbleby with Elizabeth, sister and co-heiress of Sir Godfrey Hilton of Irnham, 
that estate came into the family. The family were always adherents of the Roman 
Catholic religion. At the restoration of the old faith under Mary, Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Thimbleby, a nun, lent a cope and a chasuble to the church of Irnham, which 
were reclaimed by Mr. John Thimbleby on the accession of Elizabeth. The John 


A scolemaster a Recusant. One Lancaster a scole- 

master reteyned by ye said Mr. Thirhblely. 


illiam Gascoigne, Ellynor his supposed wief, Bridget 
Hunt, Mary Hemsworth ; Recusants for 12 yeares. 

John Chamberlane in house with ye said Gascoigne ; William 
Hargrave son of William Hargrave ; Recusants 2 years. 

Jayne Leigh serunt to ye said William Gascoigne George 
Parker; noncommunicants. 

Secretly maried William Gascoigne aforesaid, Elynor his 

Robert Gravenore of Carleton, came not to church since 
Aprill last. 

WAKEFIELD parish. 

|ettris Arthrington wief to Arthrington gent : noncom- 
Richard Netlam a Recusant for j yere. 


jobert Wentworth gent, of Hollinghurst, Anne his wief, 
ffrances Mallet doughter to ye said Anne, Jayne Went- 
worth doughter to ye said Robert. Recusants since 25 March 


| argaret Alott doughter of Robert Alott ; a Recusant 
3 yeres. 

Thimbleby mentioned in the text was probably the grandson of the above. The 
male line of the Lincolnshire Thimblebys ended in 1 712, on the death of another 
John Thimbleby of Irnham. His heiress, Mary, had married Thomas Clifford, 
of Chillington, co. Stafford. The estate passed out of her descendants' hands, by 
sale, but a few years ago. 


Strangers harbored William Milburne, Robert Hare ; har- 
boured ij strangers, viz : Xpofer Milburne, and Thomas Mil- 

Certefyed by vs, Robert Key, William Rams- 
den, John Armitage, Henry fifarror. 

William Wilson, son of William Wilson of Fryeston [and] 
Bridget his wief have soiourned in the house of Robert Ogle- 
thorp of Rawden aboute halfe a yeare : Recusants. 

Secret baptism. The said Wilson and his wief had a child 
there secretlie baptysed in ye house of ye said Robert Ogle- 
thorpe, which they say was baptised there by ye minister of 
Mounkfryeston, where they remayned before with their father 
Mr. Wilson. 


ennett Haule, wief of John Haull yeoman ; an old 


Margaret Mather wief of Christopher Mather gent. Recu- 
sant for j yeare. 

Thomas Mather, Christopher Mather, John Mather, Dorothy 
Mather, Helen Mather, Elizabeth Beckwith, sonnes and 
doughters of ye said Christopher Mather ; noncommunicants 
for j yeare. 


BARWICK parish. 

ohn Gascoigne* Esqr of Barnebow, Anne his wief 
Robert Lambert his serving man, Laurence Wilson 

* A member of a very old Yorkshire family sprung from the Chief Justice. The 
John Gascoigne here mentioned married Anne, daughter of John Ingleby of Lauk- 
land, a younger branch of the Inglebys of Ripley. Dugd. Visit. Ebor., 46, 289 ; 
Loidis & Elmete, I 80. 


masterof his colemyns,* Edward Bennet his milner at Hillome, 
Elizabeth Harrison a seruant, Ellene Ellys a seruant, Katheren 

. ; . . am a seruant, Elizabeth Wortley an antient 
seruant there, she is thought to be a dangerous Recusant in 
persuading, her surname is not certainly knowne : Recusants 

Mary Ellis, wief of John Ellys Esq. a Recusant. 

Thomas Thompson, Mr John Gascoigne his shepparde, Joan 
his wife, Mawd ffeild, wife to Robert ffeild, labourer, Barbury 
wief of John Robinson, seruant to Mr Gascoigne, Nicholas 
Harrison, a young man, a weaver, Isabell Massie an old woman, 
Margaret Massie wief of Cuthbert Massie, Ellyne Vevers wief 
to Richard Vevers, Mr Gascoyne serunt, John Slater an old poore 
man, Elizabeth Gilson a poor wedow, Recusants for j yere. 

Mawd e Gascoigne mother to Jo. Gascoigne Esqr.f a Recu- 

Secret baptism Mr. John Gascoigne his children weare all 
secretlye baptized & none of them came to ye church nether 
is it knowne where they were baptised.| 


sabell Pulleyn wedow, an old woman, an old Recusant 
Isabell Prince, wedow, Margaret ye wief of Henry 
Hemsworth of Roch : noncommunicants at Easter last. 

* A hand $S" is put in the margin to this person's name. 

f- Daughter of .... Ardington of Adwyke le Street. 

\ &$* attached to this entry. 

The Pulleyns of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire have been said to be sprung from 
Flemish Protestant settlers who came over with Sir Cornelius Vermeuyden to 
drain the level of Hatfield Chase, in the reign of Charles I. This entry alone would 
disprove the assertion. The name is of constant occurrence in records from an early 
period. Its derivation is obscure. Perhaps the Anglo-Norman Pulleyn, French 
Poulain, a colt, is its parent. Pullen is an old English word for poultry e.g., 
" Item almanner of pullen with Dukks, vjs. viijd." Invent. Jofi. Nevill de 
Faldingworth, 1 553- 



i frances Dyneley wief to George Dyneley gent : Recusant 

2 yeres. 

Elizabeth Watkyn wief of Peter Watkyn : an old Recusant 
Margaret Mountforte wedow an old gent, George Dyneley 
gent, Mary Talbott : noncommunicants for j yere. 

ohn Sawer of Parlington husbandman a Recusant synce 

ye 25 of March 1603 
Suzane Sauer wief of the said John an old Recusant 7 yeres ; 
Alice Sauer wedow, mother of ye said John an old Recusant. 
Agnes Smith wief of Edward Smyth husbandman a Recu- 
sant 3 yeres. 


[ ycalye Wright wedow, Elizabeth Wright doughter to ye 

said Cycly, Recusants 10 monethes. 
Meriall Hardwick wief of Robert Hardwick, William 
Hardwick his son : Recusants synce ye death of hir late 



orothy Thompson wief of William Thompson, a Recu- 
sant for 2 yeres. 
Hugh Shereburne of Eshalt Esqr, Elizabeth his wief, Doro- 
thy Ingham there seruant ; noncommunicants for j yere past. 
Robert ffauconbridge seruant to William Middleton Esqr. 
of Barley : Recusant for j yere past. 


I ossamond Arthington* wief of Cyrill Ardington Esq. 
Recusant, 2 yere. 

* Rosomond daughter of William Hawksworth of Hawksworth, by his wife 
Rosomond, daughter of Thomas Lyster of Westby. 



lementt Hogdson of Allerton Grange gent, Katheren his 
wief, Edith Corker* of Chappell Allerton wedow, 
Jennet Judson of Moretowne wedow, Anthony West of Milne- 
hill clothier, Richard Mennes of Whitebirkes yeoman, Eliza- 
beth Atkinson of Leedes spinster, Margaret Lumbyf of ye 
same wedow, Elizabeth Cromock of ye same wedow, Xpofer 
Atkinson of ye same clothier: Recusants. 

John HoptonJ of Armeley esquier, Jane his wief, John 
Gascoigne his seruant, Mary Killingbeck wief of Thomas of 
Knawstrop tanner : Noncommunicants. 

Secret mariage. Clement Hodgson, Katheren his wief 
secretly married. 

Secret babtisame. Andrew Hodgson, Vrsuley Hodgson, 
Issabell Hodgson, children of said Clement Hodgson. 

Certefyed by Sir Thomas Bland & 
Henry ffarror. 

GYSBURNE parish. 

lice Morton wedow, Dorothy ye wief of Gilbert Watson 
gentleman : Noncommunicants. 

* Query as to this name. 

t A local surname, taken from the village of Lumby near Pontefract. 

% The representative of a family that had been settled here from an early period. 

His wife Joan or Jane was the daughter of one of the Thomas Gascoigns who 

were flourishing in the latter half of the 1 6th century. I have not seen evidence 

to prove which. He died I3th November, 1615. His son and heir Ralf was 




icoles Duckworth* & his wief Recusants, also they 
kept in there house for half a yere past a woman thought 
to be a Recusant 

Christofer Homes a Recusant. 


illiam Anion, John Henthorne yonger, Agnes Waring 
widow, Agnes wief of John Henthorne, Margaret 
Clerk, Margery wief of Henry Spencer, Thomas Lond. 
Recusants synce her late majesties death. 

Isherwood wief of Richard Isherwod, Margery 
Nicholson, thought to haue bene at a masse latelie at. 

Load wief of Thomas Load, a noncommunicant. 

Middleton wief of Edward Middleton, 

Dewherst wief of James Dewherst, she is conformed. 

Holden wief of Richard Holden, Holden wief 
of Thomas Holden, Shearburne wief of Bartholomew 

Shereburne, Holden wief of Robert Holden 

Wynckcliffe wief of Thomas Wyncliffe, Robert Reading, 
Pilkington wief of Richard Pilkington : Recusants. 

by his first wife, Mary, daughter of Roger Nowell, the father of Sir Ingram 
Hopton, Knt, who was baptized 23rd February, 1614, and slain at Winceby fight 
near Horncastle nth October, 1643. A lozenge-shaped piece of canvas, like 
a hatchment, still hangs in Horncastle Church, on which are painted his arms 
and an inscription setting forth how he met his death "in the attempt of seiz- 
ing the arch-rebel in the bloody skirmish near Winceby." No name is given, 
but of course by the arch-rebel is meant the future Lord Protector. Ducatus 
Lead., 188. 

* The author of the Patronymica Britannica derives this surname from the office 
of Dykeward. It much more probably comes from some local name. 



[ ir Stephen Tempest* knight, dame Katheren his wief, 
Henry Tempest, Georg Barty seruant to Sir Stephen : 
Thomas Harrison seruant to Sir Stephen : Recusant. 


sabell ye Lady Shearburne, Ellen Wood : Recusants. 
Richard Sherebure, gentleman hir sonn sometymes 
at ye Inne of Cort and sometymes at home in ye countrye. 

Thomas Cook, Richard Whitehead, Roger Walmesley, 
William Ha worth, Ambros Pudsayf gent, ffrances his wief, 
John Pudsay, his wief, wief of Richard 

Pudsay, Jayne dwelling with Anthony Silverwood : Non- 


wief of James Phillip, Gartret wief of William 
Wardale, Thomas Goodgeon : Recusants. 

ffrancis Goodgion and his wief, John Morehouse, Jayne 
Wardle : Noncommunicants. 

* Sir Stephen Tempest, Knt, had two wives. By the first, Anne, daughter of 
Edmund Eltofts of Farnhill, he had daughters only ; by the second, Katherine, 
daughter of Henry Lawson of Neesham hi the bishopric of Durham, he had nine 
sons, among them Major John Tempest, who was slain in Ireland at the taking of 
Tredagh. This family have always remained attached to the old religion. 

t The Pudseys were a very ancient family settled at Bolton-in-Craven before 
the wars of the Roses. Their arms were vert a chevron between three mullets or. 
The Ambrose in the text was probably the person whom Dugdale describes as 
Ambrose Pudsey of High Close, in St. John's parish, who married (i) a daughter 
of .... Plaice, of Dinsdale in the bishopric of Durham ; and (2) Jane, daughter 
of Edward Wilkinson of Northallerton. Ambrose was however a common 
Christian name in the family, so that the identification is by no means certain. 

C 2 



obert Wadeforth, Gregory Slater, scolemasteris : not set 
downe whether Recusants or no.* 


aurence Tailor, Stephen Morvell scolemasters : it is not 
certefyed whether they be Recusants or no. 


ichard Hindle, a scolemaster no (sic) or whether he 
be a Recusant or no. 


verid wief of Laurence Lister esqr. : Recusant. 

Richard Bawdwen a scolmaster : not certefyd whether 
he be a Recusant or no. 


I illiam Pudsay esqr., Raulf Hargraves, Noncommunicant. 
William Brigg, scolemaster. 

lizabeth ye wief of ffrancis Lofthouse, Recusant. 

* This entry has been run through with a pen. 

f- The church here has a stone altar with five crosses upon it, and an inscription 
on a board under the same in these words : 

" Ambrosius Pudsay, armiger et patronus ecclesise de Bolton, dedit et erexit 
hoc altare, Ao. Di. 1703." 

Two of the bells are memorials of the old lords of the place : 

I. S'c'e Joh'is baptist' ora pro a'i'abus Joh'is pudsay, militis et Marie con- 
sorte sue. 

II. S'c'e Pauli ora pro a'i'abus Henrici Pudsey et Margarete sorte sue. 
Until 1838 this church was not floored beneath the pews, but according to the 

old custom strewn with straw. 


argaret ffranckland wedow, Recusant. 

ames Bellowses gent, Mary his wief, noncommunicants. 


Swinglehust* his wief Noncommunicants. 

William King, Robert Boune, Christofer Tailor, school- 
masters, not certified whether Recusants or no. 


armaduke Readman esqr., Ann his wief, ffrancis Read- 
man, Margaret his wief, Agnes Battye, his seruant, 
Richard Battye, Anne wief of William Readman, Anthony 
Turner, seruant to Marmaduke Redman, Jeffery Redman, 
Edward Morecroft, Avelyn wief of William Readman, Mary 
Brockden, Bryan Metcalf,f Elizabeth his wief: Recusants. 
Jennet wief of James Richardson, Noncommunicant. 

nne Readman, a Recusant. 

* This strange surname is not in Mr. Lower's collection. The termination shows 
it to be local. Probably it is a conniption of Swinedalehurstj the wood of the dale 
of the swine. Swingle is a north country name for a spindle. It may therefore 
possibly mean the wood in the dale where the Spindle-trees (Euonymus) grow. 

t James Metcalf of Nappa served at the Battle of Agincourt, and from him 
the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Metcalfs have claimed to be sprung. The name 
of Brian more than once occurs among his undoubted descendants. 



athren wief of Robert Constable gent., Robert Guye, 
Richard Webster, Jennett Nicholson, Ellyn wief of 
William Readmayn : Recusants. 

Robert Constable gent, Jennet wief of Thomas Simpson, 

The said Robert Constable had a childe secretlye baptysed 
in March or April 1603. 


| lizabeth ffarrand* wedow, Noncommunicant. 

Certified by Sir Richard Tempest & Mr. 
Thomas Heyber ingrossed in a faire paper 
without ye originall presentments. 


|ohn Man, William Turner late seruant to Sir Tho. Leedes 
& now sometymes lodged at ye house of Parcivall 
Dwess (?) of Vlleskelf, Recusant. 

Elizabeth Righton wief to Thomas Righton of ye age of 80 
yeres, she cometh to church but being frantic sayeth she will 
not receive ye comunyon, Noncommunicant. 


I orothyf the wief of John Tyndale gent, Jane ye wife of 
Robert Nelson yeoman, Edeth the wief of William 

* Probably Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Blenkinsop of Helbeck, co. West- 
moreland, who married William Ferrand of Skipton-in-Craven. 

f Daughter of Martin Anne of Frickley, by his second wife, Frances, daughter 


Robinson gent, Isabell Heptenstall seruant to ye said Robert 
Nelson : Recusants for j yere. 
' Richard Nelson of Brotherton, Noncommunicant. 


I ichard Nicholson Barnard Stafford his wief : 

Recusants for many years. 

A dangerous Recusant, Agnes Rawson, wedow. 

Jane ye wief of ffrancis Hymsworth,* a notorious recusant. 

Jane Man, a poore woman, Margaret ye wief of Bryan 
Wharlale, Margaret ye wief of John Barneby yeoman, William 
Middleton a poore old man, ffrancis Rawson wief of Tho 
Rawson : Recusants for a yeare or more. 

Resort of Semynaryes. Agnes Rawson aforesaid, as is pre- 
sented vpon report, hath had semynaries or Jesuytes dyuers 
tymes resorting to her house & that some of her seruants have 
confessed that they found dyuers things in her barne as cope,f 
challice, bookes & such like thinges as they vse for masse, but 
the names of tjie priestes they know not. 

Running" Recusant or Messanger among \tkem~\. They also 

of Ralf Angier of Redness. Her ancestors were settled at Frickley, in the parish 
of Hooton Pagnell, in the reign of Edward II. The origin of the name is obscure. 
We may be pretty sure that the guess which makes it out to be a woman's Christian 
name taken as a surname is a blunder. In the early period of their history they 
are frequently spoken of as D'Anne, which indicates aTterritorial origin. Hunter, 
South Yorks., ii. 148. 

* This person took his name from a village near Pontefract now called Hems- 
worth. It is the Hamelesuurde or Hilmeuuord of the Domesday survey, the Him- 
melsworth of the fovirteenth and Hymnesworth of the fifteenth century. The name 
was often spelt Himsworth until a very recent period, and the common people, 
more conservative than some of those who think themselves their betters, still 
retain the old pronunciation. 

) Of course we cannot wonder at the idle tattle of servants, especially when those 
in authority hold out inducements to them to act as spies on the households in which 
they live ; but it does seem strange that the presence of a cope should have been 
considered evidence by those who drew up these papers that mass had been said. 
The cope is the processional vestment, which is never used by the celebrant at the 
Holy Sacrifice. 


present that there is one John, a Tayler whose surname they 
cannot lerne, but commonly is called John of no parish which 
hath resorted to ye house of the said Agnes Rawson for theise 
7 years or more & is thought to be a dangerous fellow & a 
common messenger from one Recusant to an other, and neuer 
came to ye church. 

A Recusant reteyned by Agnes Rawson. William Midelton, 
a Recusant doth sojourne with ye said Agnes Rawson & hath 
bene going & coming for 2 or 3 yeres last past. 

William Blackestone gent, haith, for ye most part, resorted 
by ye space of 4 months to ye house of one Richard New- 
some inkeeper, & haith not resorted to ye church above two 
tymes nor received ye holy communion. 

Agnes Rawson* a nourisher & mayntyner of Recusants. 
Jayne wief of Francis Hymsworth, a Recusant maynteynde 
for 7 yeres last by Agnes Rawson aforesaid, ffrances Raw- 
son daughter of Thomas Rawson a Recusant of 22 yeres old, 
brought vp by ye said Agnes Rawson. William Middleton 
haith bene kept in her house by ye space of one yere and 
came not to church. 

Secret baptisme. Jane Hymsworth had a child in the house 
of wedow Rawson, but who was ye father, or if, or where, or 
by whome it was baptized it is not knowne. 

Margaret the wief of Brian Wharldale, Margaret ye wief of 
John Barneby yeoman, Johanna Maie a pore old woman : 
Recusants synce the 25 March 1603. 

* This zealous lady is probably the Agnes, daughter and heiress of William 
Gascoigne, Esq., who is stated in Burke's Hist, of the Commoners, vol. ii. p. 47, 
to have married William, eldest son of William Rawson of Bradford, who we are 
told acquired by her the manor and estate of Shipley. Reference for this fact is 
made to the Heralds' Visitation of Yorkshire for 1666, but I have not succeeded in 
finding any confirmation of the statement in the printed copy of that record, either 
where one would naturally look for it, under Rawson of Shipley, p. 258, or under 
Gascoigne of Barnbow, p. 289. 



argaret the wief of William Hungate Esqr., William 
Hungate gent, Johanna his wife, Phillipp Hungate, 
Katheren Hungate, James Richardson, John Tailor 
his wief : Recusants. 

William Hungate Esqr.,* Nicholes his butler, 

William Cook, Ralph Babthorpe, Noncommunicants. 

LEDSHAM parish. 

j|eter Wytham gent, Elizabeth his wief : Recusants. 
Richard Jackson the elder, a fugitive Recusant. 
William Ellys gent, Katheren his wief, Thomazen Ellys 
wedow, William Coupland, ffrances Coupland : Recusants. 

* This was the sixth William Hungate in direct succession from William Hun- 
gate of Bornby, who married Margery, daughter of Sir Anthony Ughbred of Kexby. 
After his death the lady seems to have again encountered the sorrows of wedlock, 
for in the will of John Pickering of York, proved 6th August, 1471, there is a 
bequest to "Dominse Margaretse Normanvell, nuper uxori Willielmi Hungate 
armigeri, unum annulum aureum cum pereles fere circumspectis." The person 
named in the text married Margaret, daughter and heiress of Roger Sotheby of 
Pocklington, and had issue, (i) Sir William Hungate, Knt., who married Jane, 
daughter of George Middleton of Leighton, in the co. pal. of Lancaster, and died 
without issue in 1634 ; (2) Sir Philip Hungate, created a baronet I5th August, 
1642, an officer in the army of Charles I. He married Dorothy, daughter of Roger 
Lee of Hatfield and widow of Andrew Young of Bourn, co. York. His estates 
were confiscated for his loyalty by act of Parliament in 1652. This loyal gentle- 
man did not live to see the Restoration and to have his property restored to him. 
He died in 1655. His only son Francis, a colonel in the service of the King, was 
slain at Chester, not however before he had continued the line by marrying Joan, 
second daughter of Robert Middleton of Leighton, and becoming the father of Sir 
Francis, the second baronet ; (3) Thomas Hungate, who was in custody in 1643 
for having supported the Royal cause. 

The Katherine Hungate mentioned in the text was a daughter, seemingly the 
third, of William and Margaret. She married Christopher Babthorp of Drax. 
Test. Ebor., iii. 191 ; Com. Jour.) iii. 39, vii. 157; Ducatus Lead. , 246; Visit. 
Ebor., 266. 


Georg Wansworth gent, Elizabeth the wief of Thomas 
Pease : Noncommunicants. 

Secret babtisme at Witkmris house. William Stables* wief 
of Pontefract bare a mans (sic) child at ye house of Peter 
Wytham in Fairburne about the 13 of February last, but where 
it was baptized, it is not knowne. Agnes Stanfield was ye 


FENTON paroch. 

obert Halliley, Alice Dalby, remayning in ye house 
of William Halliley of Litle Fenton, Recusants for 
dyuers yeres. 

Elizabeth the wief of Edward Newby, gent, a Recusant for 
a yeare & a half. 

Clare the daughter of Elizabeth Grene doth sometyme 
resort to ye house of her mother, Noncommunicant. 

Richard Lilburnef late scolemaster of Kirkby Wharf, a 
Recusant since August last. 

Elizabeth Grene wedow, a Recusant since September last. 

ffrances ye wief of Gervise Newby gent, Noncommunicant 
at Easter last. 

* This is, I think, William Stables who was Mayor of Pontefract in 1593. His 
son and successor was another William, who married Elizabeth, daughter of .... 
Copeland. This person had a son, Richard, who married Isabell Bywater, a 
Pontefract lady, whose father was an alderman of that corporation, and, if 1 am not 
mistaken, mayor in 1610. Their eldest son, William Stables of Tanskelfe, was a 
lieutenant of horse in the Royal army and one of the volunteers for the defence of 
Pontefract castle during the first siege in December, 1644. Ralf Thoresby had 
seen a deed relating to this family dated 1429. Boothroyd^s Pontefract, 454 ; 
Drakes Pontefract Castle, Surtees Soc., 3-5 ; Ducatus Lead., 99. 

f* There is a strong probability, but as far as I am aware no proof, that this 
person was a cadet of the family of Lilburne, of Thickley Puncherdon, in the 
bishopric of Durham. This race took its name from the village of Lilburne in 
Northumberland. In the seventeenth century there were three brothers, all of 
some celebrity John, Richard, and Henry. By far the most notable of them was 
John, the famous agitator, who, after a life spent in contest with authority, died on 
Saturday, 2gth August, 1657, and was buried> a characteristic row taking place at 
the funeral, in the churchyard adjoining Bedlam. How different those sentiments 


Ambrose Newby, Cicyly Newby, children of Edward 
Newby, Noncommunicants at Easter last. 


enry Aclam gent, & his wief who came to 

ye said towne about midsommer last & not synce 
to ye church : Recusant. 

Mres Margery Constable who hath remayned in the house 

were which Charles I. called " democratical" from the passionate ignorance of our 
own time, which thinks it has kinship with them because it uses some of the same 
party catch-words, is shown by the conduct of John Lilburn on one of his trials. 
It was in 1642, when serving as a captain in the army of the Parliament, he had 
the misfortune to fall into the hands of the Royalists. The King had not then 
begun to treat his antagonists as belligerents, so the captive was indicted at Oxford 
for high treason under the style of John Lilburn, yeoman. At the risk of his life 
he refused to plead to this, saying he was not a yeoman but a gentleman. 
The following epigram on his death was once popular : 

" Untimely 'cause so late ; and late because 
To save much mischief, it no sooner was. 
Is John departed ? and is Lilburne gone ? 
Farewell to both, to Lilburne and to John ! 
Yet being gone, take this advice from me, 
Let them not both in one grave buried be, 
Here lay ye John ; lay Lilbum there about, 
For if they both should meet they wou'd fall out. " 

Richard Lilburn was one of the King's judges, and signed the warrant for his 
execution. He was imprisoned for life at the Restoration at the isle of St. Nicholas, 
near Plymouth. Death liberated him in August, 1665, aged 52. 

Henry Lilburn was also an officer in the Parliamentary army in 1648. He was 
governor of Tynemouth castle. On the Qth of August of that year he and the 
greater part of the garrison revolted to the King. Sir Arthur Haselrig, the 
governor of Newcastle, at once despatched Col. Ashfield and Major Cobham with 
orders to storm the place. Many of the soldiers were put to the sword, among 
others the governor, whose head is said to have been smitten off and stuck upon a 
pole. Thomas Lelburn was parson of Atcliffe, co. Lincoln, in 1545. In his will, 
proved l8th May, 1546, he mentions " Welliam Oggull," his kinsman. I shall 
be glad if any one can show the connexion of this Thomas and of Richard the 
schoolmaster with the house of Thickley Puncherdon. Rush-worth, v. 83, vii. 1227 ; 
Col. of Epigrams, 1737, vol. ii. No. cccxxv. ; Cromwelliana, 168 ; Carlytts Cromw. 

iii- 3I5- 


of the said Mr. Acklam, hath not come to ye church synce she 
came thither which was about ye feast of St. Andrew last. 


Newsom wief of Francis Newsome of Willowby 
Hall gent ; a Recusant synce November last. 


| ndrew Yong, gent., Dorothie his wife, Noncommunicants 

for j yere last past. 
Margaret Nutthall of Newhey, Uxor Collum, Uxor Cherry* 
wief of Lawrence, ffrandeband of Hambleton : 


jjichael Constable gent, his wief, Dorothie 

Baxter wief of Marmaduke Baxter, Noncommunicants. 
William Smythe, Noncommunicant synce ye 25 of March 

his wife a Recusant for ye like tyme. 
Alice Watkinson wief of John Watkinson, Recusant. 
The wief of William Rusholme, Noncommunicant. 
Richard Girdler, Authure Holte & his wief, 


* The author of the Patronymica, Britannica says that this surname is of French 
Huguenot origin, from the families of De Cheries, Seigneurs de Brauvel, Beauval, &c. , 
in Normandy. For this information he refers to a genealogical work, popular in 
spite, or perhaps in consequence, of its inaccuracy. The present entry will convince 
most persons that such an origin cannot always be claimed for the name of Cherry. 
If this is not found sufficient, the evidence of a daughter of the princely house of 
Mowbray, who died in or before 1451, will be conclusive. By her will, among 
other bequests, Hawesia Aske, widow of Roger Aske, of Aske near Richmond, 
made the following provision : " Lego, Johannse Chery, famulse meae sex vaccas 
et xls. ad suum maritagram." Test. Ebor., ii. 146. 


Robert Barkar, Edward Batman, John Johnson, 
Addyman wedow, Noncommunicants. 


wief of John Walker, Edward Ramsey, Lyonell 
Clerk, his wief, wief of Thomas Watson, 

Bryan Mannering, gent, his wief, wief 

of Henry Norrys, Marye Vynce, Marye Tayler, 
the wief of Brian Ingram, Agnes Browne, Robert Poules, 
William Poules, the wief of Thomas Poules,. the 

wief of William Heptenstall, the wief of Richard 

Girdler, Richard Cooke, the wief of Robert 

Poules: Recusants. 

Richard Stapleton* Esqr., George Stapleton gent, Robert 
Stapleton gent, William Akes, Thomas Tyson, Annable 
Scott, Noncommunicants. 


I illiam Nelson of Hillome, a Recusant for 6 yeres. 

Mary Nicholson seruant to ye said William Nelson, 
Recusant for half a year. 

Isabell Hamond wief of William Hamond, gent. Recusant 
for half a yer. 

Richard Jackson, Richard Nicholson, they repair often to 
ye house of ye said William Nelson, Recusants. 


ohn Bellasse of Birkyn, his wief, Phillip 

Belasse his sonne, Noncommunicants at Easter last. 

* Third, but eldest surviving son of Brian Stapylton of Carlton, by his second 
wife, Elizabeth, daughter of George, second Lord Darcy, -whose father, the first lord, 
had suffered attainder and death for his participation in the Pilgrimage of Grace. 
Robert Stapylton married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Henry Pierpont, of Holme 
Pierpont, co. Nottingham. 


Thomas Roger of Chappell Haddlesay, his 

wief, Noncommunicants at Easter last. 

William Lockwoodd of Chappell Haddlesay, Noncommuni- 
cant at Easter last. 

Margery Alleyne, wief of Anthony All eyne of Templehirst, 
Recusant for 12 monthes last. 

Mrs Conyers of Temple Hirst, Cuthbert Conyers her son, 
Noncommunicants at Easter last. 

John Belay of Templehurst, Noncommunicant at Easter 

A running Recusant :* John Baxter, alias John of no parish, 
he resorteth often to the houses of John Cowper & Henry 
Watkyn of West Hadlesey. See presentment of Shereburne 
for him. 


ady Plumpton wief of Sir Edward Plompton knight, 

Recusants for ij yeres. 
John Barlielayes,f Anne a maid seruant, John Harrington, 
margaret Herman seruants to Sir Edward Plumpton, 
Recusants for 2 yeres. 

Jayne Paver wief of Richard Paver gent, Jayne Ingleby 
wedow,J Recusants for 2 yeres. 

* A <^r hand is attached to this entry. 

f This singular name does not seem to have been hitherto observed by those 
interested in family nomenclature. Its derivation is obvious. The first owner has 
taken his name from his residence at or near to the Barley lea. 

J Sampson Ingleby was steward to Henry ninth Earl of Northumberland for his 
Yorkshire estates. He was the fifth son of Sir William Ingleby, of Ripley, Knt, 
sometime treasurer of Berwick. According to Thoresby, he died July 1 8th, 1604. 
That industrious antiquary says that his wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John 


George Gelstrop gent his wief, Recusants for j 

yeare in that parishe. 

Sir Edward Plumpton knight,* William Reynoldes scole- 
master, William Thompson, a lynyng weaver, Damer his wief, 
William Woodburne, William Swaile,f Dorothie his wief, 
Solomon Swaile there son, William Ramesden husbandman, 
William Wilson Bailif his wief, William Godfrey, 

ffrancis Chapman tanner, Rennie Swynburne servant to Sir 
Edward Plompton, noncommunicants for j yere. 

William Thompson, Damer Kendolle, his supposed wife ; 
secretlie married. 

Laurence Muncke, Jayne Pallor whom he vseth as his wief, 
secretlie maried. 

York. This must be an error unless he married twice and she was his first wife. 
Dugdale seems to give the match correctly. He says she was Jane, daughter of 
.... Lambert, of Killinghall, co. York. Arms Sable an efoile of six points 
argent. Visit. JSbor., 30; Ducatus Lead., 192. 

* Sir Edward Plumpton was the representative of an old gentilitial family which 
took its patronymic from the village of Plumpton. They were fervent Roman 
Catholics. His father, Sir William, married Anne, daughter of Edward Griffin of 
Dingley, a Northamptonshire gentleman who had filled the office of Attorney- 
General in the reign of Queen Mary. He married (i) Frances, daughter of William 
Arthington of Arthington, I3th September, 1599, by whose issue the line was 
continued ; and secondly, in 1664, Frances, daughter of Richard Chamney, who 
seems to have died s. p. Yorkshire antiquaries and all others who are interested 
in the social life of our ancestors are indebted to him for having transcribed, and 
thus preserved for future ages, the large collection of letters known as the Plumpton 
Correspondence. With one exception, it is the -most important collection of the 
private correspondence of the latter middle ages that has come down to us. His 
eldest son John, who married Anne, daughter of Richard Townelly of Townelly, in 
the county palatine of Lancaster, was mortally wounded "ex parte regis" at Marston 
Moor. He died and was buried at Knaresborough very shortly after. 

Robert Plumpton, the last of the line, was born 23rd April, 1721, and died at 
Cambrai, 8th August, 1749. He conformed to Protestantism, but through the 
influence of his aunt Anne, a Benedictine nun at that place, returned to the 
faith of his ancestors before his death. Arms Azure five fusils or, each charged 
with three escallop shells. Plumpton Corresp., passim. 

f There can be little doubt that William Swale and Solomon were of the family 
of Swale Hall and South Stainley. They do not however occur in any pedi- 
gree that I have seen. Solomon was a common family name of theirs. 



ichard fforrest of Staveley laborer, Jayne his wief. 
Recusants 16 yeres. 

Anne Edmbndson doughter of William Edmondson of 
Loftus hill, Recusant for 10 yeres. 

Richard Gibson sonne of Anne. Gibson wedow, Recusant 
for 8 yeres 

Robert Gibson of Staveley gent, Recusant since May day 

Mris fFrances Watson wedow haith remayned there synce 
ye first of november last, Recusant since november last. 

Vrsula Burton, Margaret Burneston seruants to ye said 
Mris Watson, Recusants there synce there comyng thither 
vt supra. 

Anne Gibson of Staveley wedow, Recusant synce Xmas last. 

John Garforth milner, Recusant since Andrew tide last. 


francis Yong of Arkenden, Margaret his wief, Margaret 
Mounkton single woman, Elizabeth Tunstall vidua, 
Agnes Hebden vidua : Recusants for 7 yeres. 

Sir ffrancis Trapps knight Lady Trapps his wief,* 

* This old Catholic family continued until very recent days in the possession of 
their estate at Nidd Hall, near Knaresborough. Several of them served the King 
in the great Civil War. . Mr. Robert Trappes had a commission granted to him by 
the Earl of Newcastle in 1642. Husband's Col. ofRemon., i. 903. 

Robert Trappes, a member of this family, in the preceding century settled in 
London, and enriched himself as a goldsmith. On 3Oth July, 1568, Roger Man- 
wood, Serjeant-at-law, and Richard Heywood, executors of the will of Joane 
Trappes, late of London, widow, sold certain lands to Lincoln College, Oxford, 
towards founding four scholars for ever in the said college, which scholars were to 
be called the scholars of Robert Trapps, goldsmith, and of Joane his wife. John 


William Slingsby* gent, Edward Burnard gent, John 
Johnson yeoman, William Earle Sadler, Robert Gibson senior, 
Ellen wief of John Ingland, Robert Sympson a poore youth, 
Ellen wief of William Sympson, Issabell wief of John Knagges, 
Margaret wief of Gilbert Ward, Roger Poynton, a workman 
at forge, Margaret his wief, Jennett Sizey wief of John Sizey ; 
noncommunicants for 12 months. 

ffrancis Yonge, Margaret his wief ; secretlye marreyed. 

ffrancis Yong aforesaid & Margaret his wief hath had v 
children secretlye baptised, secret baptisme. 

Henry Craven of Knaresbrough, Thomas Mushe thelder, 
Recusants synce ye 25 March 1603. 

Trappes and his two wives were buried at St. Leonards, Foster Lane, and over 
them was a gravestone thus inscribed in brass : 

" When the bels be merely roung, 
And the masse devoutly song, 
And the mete merely eaten, 

" Then shall Robert Trappis, his wyfFs and his chyldren, quite be forgetten. 

" Wherefore Jesu, that of Mary sproung, 
Set theyr soulys the saynts amoung, 
Though it be vndeservyd on their syde, 

" Yet, good Lord, let them evermore thy mercy abyde, 

And of your cherite 
For their souls say a pater noster and an aue. " 

On labels from their mouths was the following : 

" Jsfonrta SErtnitas units Bens, nmmre nolus 
<$t ancillis tttfs sptrantibus in tc. 
mattr Bet, memento md. 
3tsu mercg, ICaaw Ijelp." 

Boyes 1 Sandwich, 251, quoting Weave}', Funeral Man. 179. 

The arms of Trappes are an indirect pun on the name Argent three cattraps 

* A member of the family of Slingsby of Scriven. It is possible, but not 
probable, that it may be Sir William Slingsby, Knt, son of Francis Slingsby, 
and Mary, "only sister of Thomas and Henry Percy, Earls of Northumber- 
land," whom a marble effigy in Knaresborough church yet keeps before the eyes 
of men in the manner in which he lived. 



race Wyths of Copgrave, Recusant for 3 monthes. 


|eorg Dowson, ffrances his wief, Recusants for 19 yeres. 
Georg Dowson aforesaid, ffrances his wief secretlye 
Thomas Hebden,* Suzan his wief, secretlye maried. 


_ . nne Malham wief of Xpofer Malham gent, Anne Mal- 
ham wief of Stephen Malham gent, Dorothye Rippley 

* In the late Mr. John Richard Walbran's Memorials of Fountains Abbey a John 
Hebden is mentioned as holding certain property valued at xxvjs. viijd. of the abbey 
lately dissolved. That learned antiquary suggests that "it is by no means unlikely 
that he sprung from the ancient house of Hebden of Hebden, in the parish of 
Burnsall, about six miles from Coldstoneford, the ancestor of which, Uchtred son 
of Dolfyn, obtained the manor from Roger de Mowbray about the middle of the 
twelfth century." p. 346. The person in the text was probably of the kin of the 
abbey tenant. 

-\- Kirkby Malesart, Malsarde, Malsett, Malsherd, Malsert or Malzeard, is a 
small town, within the liberty of St. Peter near Masham. Here was once a 
chief stronghold of the Mowbrays. When Roger de Mowbray joined in" the re- . 
bellion of Prince Henry against his father, Henry II., in 1176, this fortress fell 
into the hands of the King by surrender, and was soon after dismantled. No 
remains of it appear, but fragments of sculptured stone, marking the spot where 
it stood, have more than once been turned up. 

This place is memorable for another circumstance. Generations ago there 
lived here a certain old man, a member of the Society of Friends, called Christo- 
pher Pinkney. He was very superstitious, and used frequently to entertain his 
more sceptical neighbours with accounts of divine revelations of which he had 
been the channel. One cold winter's night, as he and his wife were sitting 
warming themselves by the fire-side previous to retiring to rest, a loud blow was 
heard on the window shutter, and a deep voice addressed him thus : " Christopher 
Pinkney, take down thy staff from behind thy door, and go forth and smash the 
windows of the wicked steeple-house at Kirkby Malzeard." Christopher, doubting 


wief of William Rippley yeoman, Anne Rownethwate wief of 
William Rownethwate yeoman, ffrances Atkinson widow ; 


[obert Armystead glover, Dorathie his wief, Michael! 
Bayne, smith, Dorathie Loftus wedow, Lucy Walker 
wief of Micha Walker, carpenter, Recusants. 

enry Duffeild yeoman, Recusant. 


lison Buck wedow, William Currier, his wief, 


Leonarde Horseman th elder husbandman, a Recusant 
synce ye 25 of March 1603. 

Agnes his wief, an old Recusant. 
Agnes Beckwith wedow, a Recusant. 


wief of ffabian Ha wood gent, a recusant for a 

perhaps his own perception, said to his wife, ' ' Dost thou hear the voice of the 
Lord?" She, full of faith, replied, "Yea, verily ! Go then, do even as it has 
been commanded thee." So Christopher took his stick, and sallying forth to the 
church, broke such of the windows as were within reach. The voice he had heard 
was that of the village glazier, whose name I think was Green. He had watched 
the poor fanatic's proceedings, and lost no time in laying an information, thus 
securing to himself half the penalty. The grateful churchwardens also gave him 
the job of mending the shattered panes. 

D 2 



homas Wells husbandman, Anne his wief, Recusants 
for a year. 


ames Buck yeoman, Isabell his wief, George Malthouse"* 
yeoman, Jennett his wief, Richard Brafifertonf hus- 
bandman, Isabell his wief, Burnett wedow nuper 
vxor Riccardi Burnet. Recusants. 


tephen Malham gentleman, Anne his wief, Christopher 
Malham gentleman, Anne his wief, Gilbert Atkinson 
yeoman, Dorithy his wief, ffrances his mother, Thomas Abbot, 
lynen webster, Dorothie Rippley wief of William Rippley, 
Anne Rownethwate wief of William Rownethwate, Leonard 
Walton yeoman, Jayne his wief, Elizabeth Russell! an old 
layme woman, Johan Walton wief of William Walton 
joyner, Robert Armystead of Grewelthorpe, Dorothye his 

* The name of Malthus, rendered illustrious by the discoverer of the law of 
population, is a corruption or rather an old form of this name. A family so called 
lived for several generations at Northorpe, near Kirton-in-Lindsey. Their bap- 
tisms and obits occur in both forms in the parish register. 

\- This person's ancestors had no doubt taken their name from Brafferton, near 
Darlington, in the bishopric of Durham. 

J This old woman was, we may be pretty sure, a peasant, and would have been 
not a little surprised at the magnificent descent which we have seen attributed to 
those who bear the name of Russell. The Norman Lords of Rosel, who were a 
younger branch of the house of Briquebec, have, it is pretty certain, nothing 
whatever to do with many who bear this name. It is in most cases a common 
local contraction. John of the Rush-well became John Russell, just as in the 
common speech of the northern shires John Burwell of to-day becomes John 


wief, Myles Robinson of the same, Lucye Walker wief of 
Michaell Walker, Mychaell Bayne, Jennet Walker wief of 
Laurence Walker, Dorothye Loftus wedow, of Grewelthorp, 
Henry Duffeild of Gowhay, Issabell Bayne of Aserley an 
idiot, Henry Conyers of Aserley gent, his wief, 

Geffrey East of Mickley mayson, Alison Buck of Dalla, 
William Currier of Dalla, his wief, Leonard Horsman 

thelder, Agnes his wief of Dalla, Agnes Beckwith widow of 
Dalla, John Beckwith of Dalla husbandman, ffrancis Beck- 
with & Jennet his wief, Anne Potter wief of Richard Potter 
slater, Isabell Owthwate of Dalla wedow, Ellyn Owthwate 
alias Welles of Dalla, Suzan Swaile wief of William Swaile* 
of Dalla, John Bell of Dalla, Thomas Wells of Swetton, 
Anne his wief, Isabell Wood wedow of Misses 
Haywood wief of ffabyan Hawood gentleman of Larton, 

Robert Digges alias Diks of Brayman gentleman, 
his wief, John Shipperde seruant to Mr. Dykes, laborer, 
William Wyborne, laborer, his wief, John Craven, 

his wief, Craven wedow, Dorothy Cravenf 

her doughter, Margaret Richardson a poore woman, Jane 
Ingleby wief of Thomas Ingleby gentleman,^ Whele- 

house wief of William Whelehouse, Burnet wedow, 

late wief of Richard Burnet, Burnet wief of 

James Burnet cowper, William Stephenson tanner, 

* Probably one of the family of South. Stainley. He 'is not in Dugdale's pedi- 

+ The family took its name from Craven, in this county. William de Craven 
was of Raudon in 1316. The branch from which the baronial house of Craven 
have sprung was of Appletreewick. Collins 1 Peerage, ed. 1735, "" 2 96 ; 
Kirkby"s Inquest (Surtees Soc.), 347- 

t This may be Thomas Ingleby, Esquire, who died circa 1615, whose spouse 
was a daughter of Sir Ralph Lawson of Brough Hall. Dugdale's Visitation, 46. 


his wief, Dorothye Burnet wedow, William Burnett husband- 
man, Agnes ffarnill wief of John ffarnill turner, Thomas 
Briggs laborer, Elizabeth Curryar wedow, Myles Earle his 
seruant, Bancks gentleman, his maid : 

Noncommunicants of late tyme. 

Agnes Buck wief of William Buck tailor, Laurence 
Damson yeoman, William Whelehouse cowper, John Oddye 
husbandman, Isabell West wief of Robert West yeoman, 
Agnes West his mother, William ffavell tailor, Dorothye his 
wief, Rowland Sutton gentleman, his wief, Margaret 

Snow wief of John Snow, Barbary Elsworth wief of Robert 
Elsworth yeoman, Randall Penyngton cowper, Laurence 
Buck yeoman, Agnes Dowgill wief of Francis Dowgill, James 
Buck, his wief, George Malthouse, his 

wief, Richard Brafferton, his wief, Beasten 

wedow late wief of William Beastyn, Thomas Thompson 
yeoman, Ellyn his wief, Samuel Hardcastle tanner, Xpofer 
Hodgson laborer, Elizabeth his wief, Henry Buck husband- 
man, ffrances his wief, Agnes wief of Richard Buck hus- 
bandman) Thomas Burgesse yeoman, his wief, John 
Skaiffe yonger yeoman, his wief, Samson Lupton 
yeoman, John Elsworth yeoman, James Gregory laborer, 
William Bell laborer. Noncommunicants but no tyme sett 

George Malthouse of Harwith had a child secretlye baptized. 

Richard Brafferton had a child also secretlye baptised. 

The said Georg Malthouse & Jennet his wief were secretlye 

Richard Brafferton & Isabell his wief, secretly married. 
. Chappelryes which have not certifyed* Staynebeck vp & Stay- 

A sign thus ||g is attached. 


nebeck being tow hamblettis or chappelryes & within the parish 
of Kirkby Malserd haue maid defalt in not certifying there pre- 
sentmentes according to their othe vpon delyuery of the 


1 ancelott Harrington, James Ward of Flassby ; Non- 
communicants, yet ye presentmentes say that they are 
given to vnderstand yt ye persons aforenamed did participate 
[in] the holy sacrament at Easter last at Allerton Maulever 
where there lady & mistres have there abode. 


enry Suttell gent ; a Recusant, Thomas Suttell his 
sonne who hath contynewed with his said father & 
came not to ye church for ye space of 3 monthes last ; 

RlPON cum libertatibus.* 

ROSSGATE. Jefferson a poore wedow, Robert 

Jefferson her sonne, Anne Jefferson her doughter* 
Jennet her seruant, Harryson, wedow 

poore, James Webster, his wief, Web- 

ster wedow layme, Bayne wedow poore, Thomas 

Bradley, his wief, William Bryane there seruant, 

Henry Warwick spurrier, f his wief, 

Warwick wedow, Robert Warwick, ffrauncis Warwick, John 
Warwick, wief of Roger Smyrthwate. 

* In many of the following entries within Ripon and its liberties the notes as to 
recusancy or non-communion have been left out in the MS. They are given here 
in every case where they occur. 

f Ripon was in former days noted for its spurs ; " as true as Ripon rowels " was 
a well understood proverb. The steel was said to be so well tempered that the 


\ ESTGATE. John Hodgson, his weif, Thomas 

Thornton locksmyth, his wief, Martin 

Ashe his seruant, John Kendall and euery of his seruants, 
Anne Middleton poore, John Thornton a yong man, 
William Hunter poore, Thomas Hunter poore, Sycily Hunter, 
Rauf Peake* 

ONDGATE. William Chanler poore, Bridget Chauner 
his sister, John Geldhart poore. 

IKELGATE. Henry Atkinson, Henry Lewys, 

wief of Xpofer ffranck gentleman, Thomas Bond* 
his wief, Margaret seruant to ye said Xpofer 

pricks might be struck through a shilling ; no impossible feat surely, when we 
remember the thinness of the hammered money. 
Ben Jonson says 

" Why there's an angel if my spurs 
Be not right Ripon." 

Staple of News, i. 3. 

Davenant, in The Wits, makes one of his characters exclaim 

" Whip one with wire, headed with rowels of 
Sharp Ripon spurs." 

When James I. was at this place he was presented with a pair of spurs which 
cost five pounds. 

This trade has become extinct here ; but I have seen those who could re- 
member the last of the spurriers. Wares' Gloss. Walbran, Guide to Ripon, 1851, 


* This is very probably a contracted form of Peacock. The latter name is so 

pronounced by the common people in many parts of the north of England and 
elsewhere. A family of Peacock of the yeoman class lived at or near Ripon at 
this time, and Ralf was a family name of theirs. The family of Peak or Peke, of 
Warton, near Gainsborough, were almost certainly a younger branch of the 
Peacoeks, or Pacocks of Blyton. 



IHAROW. Robert Broune husbandman, Anne Broune 
his sister, Richard Broune, his wief, Alice 

Broune, Thomas Wympe. 

IAWLEY. wief of William Norton* gent, 

John Thackereyf a yong man, William Askwith yeo- 

IHORNETON. wief of William Walworth gentle- 

man, White wedow, Christian seruant to 

ye said William Walworth, Robert Darley webster 
his wief, John Wilkes webster, his wief, 

wief of George Crowe, Edmond Ledgrard glover, 
Gregson wedow, Margaret Leedome, Henry Shaw tailor, 
Alice Cawdbeck, George Spence fletcher, his wief, 

wief of William Marshall, Shau wedow, Jayne 

Shau her doughter, Margaret Lambert, Samuell Thacke- 
rey yeoman, his wief, Henry Darley yeoman, 

William Aire laborer, his wief, . Lowson 

wedow, Jackson wedow, fTrancis ffawcet, 

* Grandson of Richard Norton, of Norton, who was attainted for the rising in 
the North. His father was Edward Norton, the third son ; his mother was Cecelie 
Boynton. He married Margaret, daughter and heiress of William Welbury, of 
Newton in Cleveland. Dugd. Visit, Ebor. 40. 

f This person was probably a member of the same family as that from which 
the illustrious novelist sprung. The name is no doubt taken from some Yorkshire 
locality ; but I am not aware that it has been identified. The ancestors of the 
author of Vanity Fair lived, in the seventeenth century, at Hampthwaite, a little 
village on the river Nidd, about three miles from Ripley. The name may be 
traced in that neighbourhood as far back as 1336, when John de Thakura held of 
the house of Fountains certain lands at Hartwith. The pedigree of this family has 
been ably treated by a writer in the Herald and Genealogist, ii. 315-328, 440-455. 
Some additional information as to persons of this name may be seen in Walbran's 
Memorials of Fountains, 343. 


weif of James Turner, William Abbott 

fEWICK. Gibson wedow. 

ULDFEILD. Thomas Wildman, his wief, Mar- 

maduk Wildman, his wief. 

TAMERGATE. wief of Richard Reynard, 

her doughter, Edward Salkeld piper, 
his wief, his doughter. 

jfJUJuSHOPTON cum SUTTON. Mres. Johnson, 

wief of Robert Suttell & his famulye. 

HORP. John Slater Wright. 

j]KELTON. John Wright laborer, his wife, 

Wright wedow, lame, Barbary Taylor, Bar- 
bary Webster. 

IARK.INGTON. Richard Ash tailor, wief of 

Gilbert Lowson, Elizabeth wife of John Browne. 
Grace Buck wedow, Jennet Skelden spinster, 
wief of William Halliday, wief of Nynyan 

Broune, Anne Allanson spinster, Recusants synce ye kinges 
majesties entrance. 

NGARTHORP. Edward Ellis chirurgion, wief 

of John Ward, wief of Thomas Kendall, 

wief of William Roger. 


AWLEY. wief of Richard Thackuray, Ellen 

Barrow seruant to William Norton, William Askwith. 

[HORNTON. William Walworth gentleman, John Bar- 

rowes, Anne Halliday. 
Scolemasteris recusantes Henry Lewes, a teacher in Mr. 
Frankes house, Mr. Bond, teacher. 

Secret mariages James Webster, Thomas Bradley, Henry 
Warwick, Thomas Thorneton, supposed to be maried by old 

IIPPON. Henry Warwick ij children secretlye baptized. 
Robert Suttell of Bushopton ij or 3 children secretlye 
baptised. John Wright of Skelton ij or 3 children secretlie 
baptized. Richard Broune of Sharow one child secretlie 

Elizabeth Ward, wief of Marmaduke Ward, Margaret 
Popleton wief of Tho. Popleton, Dorothye fifurbanck wief 
of Rauff ff, Margery Pickard wedow, Jennet Ward wief of 
John Ward, Ellyne Popleton wief of William Popleton, 

Georg Vetty, secretly marryed vnto Margaret Pyp. 

o cause of presentment. 


ames Bowlton, Elizabeth Walmesley ; these 2 fled a 
litle before Easter last into Lankishire and at there 
returne back they had received comunion th . . . . & 
wold bring certificat thereof. 



atheren the wief of Henry Norton* gentleman doth 
remayne in Borrowbridg; an old Recusant, ffrances 
Lock seruant to ye said Kateren ; a Recusant for a year 
or more. 

* Richard Norton, of Norton Conyers, the Catholic sufferer for the rising in the 
North, married Susan, daughter of Richard Nevill Lord Latimer. His eldest son 
Francis was the father of the person whose wife is mentioned in the text. The 
editor is indebted for the following pedigree almost entirely to a friend on whose 
genealogical accuracy it is safe to put the fullest trust : 

William Wymbishe of=Agnes dau. of Nicholas Bernake. 
Nocton co. Lincoln. I 

Hugh Wymbishe, 
eldest son, ob. s. p. 

Nicholas Wymbishe, 
of Nocton, clerk, 2nd 

John Wymbishe= 
3d son, of Nocton. 
Held lands at 
the time of his 
death at Dunston 
and Flixborough 
co. Lincoln. 



Thomas Wymbishe, of No cton,= 
eldest son. Mayor of Lincoln, 


John Wymbish. 

John Wymbishe= 
of Nocton. Died 
30 Sep. 1526. 

=Joanne, 2 dau. 
of Sir Thomas 
Knight, of 

Thomas. F 

^atherine=John Heneage 
of Hainton. 

=Mary, dau. of Sir 
Nicholas Byron, 
of Hibbaldstowe & 
Cadney, co. Lincoln, 
married 1507. 

Nicholas = 
Will proved 
at Lincoln 
29 July, 

dau. of 
of Harps- 
well, living 

Thomas Wymbishe, Christopher Wymbishe= 
said to have been of Nocton. Died 3 
an idiot, but proved April, 1530. 
not to be so. 

Thomas Wymbishe=Elizabeth dau. Frances=Sir Richard 
of Nocton. Died of Gilbert Lord Tounley, of 

s. p. 1531- Tailboys. Tounley, in 

Co. Pal. 


Henry Norton of=Katherine, daughter of 
Burroughbridge. William Tankard, of 

Branton, co. York. 

The lady who is here 

described as an old 


Alice Abraa=Frances Norton of 
or Albreda. Norton Conyers. 
He had issue by 
a concubine, whose 
name is unknown, 
a son Francis 
Norton who con- 
tinued the line ille- 
gitimately for at 
least three genera- 

John, ob. s. p. 
Theophilus, ob. s. p. 
Basil, ob. s. p. 


Edmond Tanckard* gentleman ; Recusant for 3 yeres. 
ffrances the wief of the said Edmond ; Noncommunicant. 
James Tankard* gentleman, Samuel Pulleyne ; the[y] 
soiourne in Burrowbridg. 

Alice the wief of Henry Gibson tailor, Kateren Pulleyne 
doughter of ye said Alice ; old Recusants. 

William Morgan sa'dler haith resorted to Borrowbridge half 
a yeare & came not to church ; Recusant. 

Henry Gibson aforenamed ; Recusant synce ye 20 of 
March 1603. 


|homas Gilstripp gentleman, Elizabeth his wief; old 


I argaret Phillipp wief of James Phillip of the Storthes 
husband [man], noncommumcant 2 yeres, Recusant 3 

* James and Edmund Tankard were respectively the 2nd and 5th sons of 
Thomas Tankard of Boroughbridge. They both died sine f role mascula. 

h The hall here was the seat of the Claphams. I have not heard that their 
Protestantism was ever called in question. They were a notable race long before 
the Reformation. Their burial vault in Bolton Priory, where vague tradition 
attests that they and their predecessors, the Mauleverers, were buried upright, still 
attracts the attention of the wanderer. 

' ' Pass, pass who will, yon chantry door, 
And through the chink on the fractured floor 
Look down and see a griesly sight ; 
A vault where the bodies are buried upright ! 
There face by face, and hand by hand, 
The Claphams and Mauleverers stand ; 
And in his place, among son and sire, 
Is John de Clapham, that fierce esquire, 
A valiant man, and a man of dread 
In the ruthless wars of "the White and the Red ; 
Who dragged Earl Pembroke from Banbury Church, 
And smote off his head on the stones of the porch." 

White Doe of Rylstone. 


Garthred Wardle wief of William Wardle & Jayne Wardle 
there doughter ; Noncommunicants j yere. 


| illiam Oram* a tailor, Jennet his wief, James Ward 
husbandman, Anne his supposed wief, Xpofer Nether- 
wood husbandman, Margaret his supposed wief, Elizabeth 
Broune wedow, Agnes Wright wedow, Thomas Louson a 
wright ; Recusants for 1 2 yeres or mo. 

Jane Lowsonf an old woman in that parishe ; I yere 

Robert Oram a tailor haith stand excommunicate 7 
yeres but will not seke for absolucion. 

Hellen Cundall kept in ye service of James Ward euer 
synce Martynmas last came not to church ; a Recusant, a 
seruant reteyned. 

James Ward aforesaid and Anne his supposed wief living 
together ; secretlie marled. 

Xpofer Netherwood, Margaret his supposed wief lyving 
together ; secret mariage. 


ohn Pulleyne of the chappell, Mary Shearburne, Mar- 

garet Grange ; Recusants no tyme set doune. 

Alice Holme an old woman, lately come thither ; Noncom- 
municant at Easter last. 

* A local surname taken from Ouram, near Halifax. 

1* This is a rare surname. It is obviously a form of Lawson i.e., filius 


NYDD paroch. 

dward Wilkes gresman, Margaret his wief, Alice Wilkes 

his mother, an old Recusant. 
Jenet Hay widowe, an old Recusant 
Humfrey Metcalf,* an old Recusant 

Elizabeth Wilkes wief of William Wilkes, an old Recusant. 
Jennet Johnson wedow ; Noncommunicant at Easter last 

RIPPLEY paroch. 

illiam Reynardson blacksmith, Jennet wief of ffrancis 
Rynardson, Jennet Atkington wedow, Dearlove 

wedow 'dist't Alice Dearlove wedow, Thomas Buck black- 
smith, Katheren Browne wief of Thomas Browne glover, 
Mary Hall wief of William Hall yeoman, Gregory Wilkingson 
labourer, his wief, Cecelye there seruant, Jane Pallicer 

wief of William PallyserJ yeoman, Lucy Wilson wief of 
Rychard Wilson, Anne Wheelehouse wedow, Elizabeth 
seruant at Ripley Hall, Anne Simpson wief of William 

* Sir James Metcalf, of Nappa, son of "Thomas Metcalfe, Chancellour of ye 
Dutchy of Lancaster, temp. R. 3," had a son Humphrey, who may have been the 
person, but I think he must have been dead before. The Metcalfes were a widely 
spread family in Yorkshire and Lindsey. One of them, Peter Metcalfe, of Glan- 
ford Bridge, co. Lincoln, married Bridget More, the heiress of the Mores of 
Barnborough, and thus took the representation of that line and the earlier one of 
Cresacre into his family. Their grandson Thomas Peter Metcalfe assumed the 
name and arms of More. The estate of Barnborough had been in the possession 
of his ancestors from the time of Edward I. Sad to tell, it was sold but a few 
years back. 

The Metcalfes bear for coat armour argent three calves passant sable, a pun 
upon their name. 

f This word is obscure. I may not have read it aright. It is possibly a con- 
traction for deceased. 

J This surname is probably a corruption of the French Pelletier, a skinner. 


Simpson, Anne Atkinson spinster, John Ingleby* gentleman, 
Mres. Ingleby his wief, Thomas Yorkef gentleman, ffrances 
Yorke his wief, Leonard Smith seruant to Mres. John Ingleby, 
two women seruants to Mr. John Ingleby, one other man 
seruant to Mr. Ingleby, Grace Robinson wief of Georg 
Robinson mason, Henry Whelphouse cowper, his wief, 

Vynce Whelphouse, James Whelphouse sons to Henry Whelp- 
house, Edward Whelphouse cowper, William Penyngton 
laborer, Jane Radcliffe wedow, George Atkinson butcher, 
Margaret Geldard wief of John Geldard, Agnes Jefferay 
wedow, William Wheelhouse tailor, seruant to Mr. 

Parker, Agnes Hardestye wief of John Hardestie, Isabell 
Browne wief of William Browne, Leonarde GrimeJ shoe- 
maker : recusants for 7 years at least. 

* John Ingleby, sixth son of Sir William Ingleby, of Ripley, and his wife Anne, 
daughter of William Mallory, of Studley, married a daughter of Sir William 
Babthorpe, of Babthorpe, in Nottinghamshire. Dugdale says her name was 
Anne. Thoresby gives Katherine. Visit. Ebor. 30. Ducatus Lead. 192. , 

The Inglebys had reason enough to hate Protestantism. Many of their kin had 
suffered for the old religion fine and imprisonment, and but a few years before, the 
blood of Francis, the fourth son of Sir William, had been shed for the faith. He 
"was an alumnus and priest of Douay College during his residence at Rheims, 
and was ordained and sent upon the English mission, anno 1584. He laboured 
with great fruit in the northern parts of this kingdom, in the worst of times, where, 
at length, he was apprehended, tried, and condemned, barely for being a priest, 
ordained by authority derived from the see of Rome, and remaining in this king- 
dom. He suffered at York on the 3rd of June, 1586." Chattoner's Missionary 
Priests, ed. 1844, i. 197. 

f The Yorkes and Inglebys were connections by marriage. Peter Yorke, of 
Goulthwayt, eldest son of Sir John Yorke, married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir 
William Ingleby. Their second son, Thomas, marrie_d Frances Babthorpe, sister 
of John Ingleby's wife- Arms -azure, a saltire argent. They bear a monkey's 
head for crest. There is a tradition that this strange badge was assumed because 
a member of this family first brought that animal into England. Visit. Ebor. 92 ; 
Burke 's Commoners, iv. 744. 

$ A Scandinavian personal name become hereditary. It forms a part of many 
names of places in those parts of England where the Danish influence was power- 
ful e.g., Grimsby, Grimsthorpe, Grimes Dyke, Grimblethorpe, Grimoldby, It 


Symon Wythes, ffrancis Ardington, Thomas Haxby, 
Edward Wells, William Pallicer, Thomas Birkbeck, Thomas 
GoutKwaite, Jennet Percivall wief of Rauf Percivall, 
Hopwood wedow, George Robinson mason, William Rad- 
cliffe yeoman, John Geldard, his wief, Jane Beane wief 

of Ralf Beane, George Dracop, his wief, William Grime, 

his wief: Noncommunicants. 

They present that there hath bene at dyuers tymes within 
this xij monethes resort of strangers as it is verily thought 
of Semynary priests to Newton Hall. And one of ye priestes 
is named by ye name of Salter. & to that house do resort in 
great companys many of the recusantes aforesaid. In which 
house it is thought there be sundry conveyances & secret 

Francis Reynardson kepeth in his house Thomas Buck a 
Recusant, John Cutler a Recusant, Gregory Wilkinson kepeth 
in his house Cicilye a woman Recusant. John 

Ingleby kepeth in his house two men & iij maid seruantes 
Recusants, Henry Whelehouse kepeth in his house ij sonnes 
& a daughter Recusantes. 

Recusants reteyned Dearelove wedow kepeth in 

her house Alice Dearlove a recusant, William Browne kepeth 

is equivalent to our Black thus, NORSE Grima, a spot or smut, especially on the 
face. DAN. Grime, OLD SWEDISH Grima, by metaphor a mask. The name was 
not uncommon in early times. As well as the mythical Grime, who is said to have 
founded Grimsby, we have Grim, a Lincoln moneyer, 976-1013 ; William Grim, 
one of the military tenants of the monastery of Abingdon, 1066-1087 ; Simon 
Grim, of Hythe, who had licence to sell his ship, likewise named Grim, to Guio- 
marius of Lyons, 1216 ; Robert Grym, who held lands at Upton, Denton, Shald- 
wick, and other places in Huntingdonshire in 1297 ; and Edward Gryme, who 
was churchwarden of Syston, in Lincolnshire, 1566. Rep. of Line. Archl. Soc., 
l %59> P- 3 J Chron. Monast. Abingdon. ii. 5 ; Hardy, Descrip. of Patent Rolls, 
22 ; Cal. Inq. P.M., i. 146 ; Peacock's Invent, of Churrh Goods, 149 ; Atkinson's 
Gloss, of Cleveland Dialect, 232. 



George Atkinson a Recusant, William Gryme kepeth Leonard 
Grym a Recusant. 

William Browne of Billinghall secretlie married to Issabell 
his reputed wief. 

Gregory Wilkinson, George Atkinson, Anne wief of William 
Simpson younger, Margaret wief of John Geldard, Recusantes 
within 12 moneths last. 

FERNEHAM parishe. 

| alter Knaresbrough of Ferimsby yeoman, Mary his wief, 
Richard Knaresborough, Alice Knaresbrough his 
children, Margaret Walkingham wedow, Mawde his daughter, 
Anne the wief of Edward Bickardale tailor, Recusants 6 

Recusants Reteyned Richard Bottomeley, Peter Benson, 
Elizabeth Bickerdike, Mary Clemett, Recusants kept in 
house with ye said Walter Knaresbroughe. 

Jayne wief of Edward Bickardyke* of Farneham gentleman ; 
Recusant for 12 yeres. 

Mary wief of Richard Tunstall of Farneham husbandman, 
Recusant for 6 yeres. 

Elizabeth Bickerdike spinster, remayning with her brother 
Edward Bickerdike of Farneham, Recusant for 2 yeres. 

John Pulleyn of Scotton Esqr. his wief, 

Dynys Baynbrig gent. his wief : Noncommum- 

cants for j yere. 

Rauf Hart Carter wedow & one commonly called 

Mickell Peg of Ferinsby ; Recusants synce michaelmas last. 

* In 1616, or the following year, a Robert Bickerdike, who is said to have 
been born at Low Hall, in Yorkshire, suffered death, as in cases of treason, at 
York. His only crime is stated to have been his " being reconciled to the Church 
of Rome, and refusing to go to church." Challoner's Memoirs of Missionary 
Priests, i. 203. 


ALDBURGH paroch. 
ames Simpson of Aldburgh yeoman, Recusant 16 yeres. 


rancis Barwick of Roclif, Jayne vxor eius, old Recusants. 

Jayne Beckwith of Roclif, an old Recusant. 
Isabell Beckwith her doughter, a Recusant for a yeare. 
Anne Barwick spinster, a poore maid, an old Recusant 

MYNSKIP paroch. 

orothy wief of Mathew Wright, Noncommunicant. 

ffrancis Barwick being a poore man doth teach children 
to write & rede. 


| nne Banck alias Hoppton, Jane Banck her sister, Recu- 
sants 1 6 yeres. 

Elizabeth Banck a gentle woman, Jennet Allenson wedow, 
Johan Lowson wedow, noncommunicants for j yere. 


| ennet Whelehouse alias Grange wief of James Whele- 
house alias Grange. 2 Hellyne Browne wedow. 

3 Barbury wief of Thomas Atkinson an old blynd woman. 

4 Agnes Ingland wedow. 5 Leonarde Atkinson ; old Recusants. 


eter Dicconson tanner ; Recusant 3 yeres. 
Elizabeth Dicconson doughter of William Dicconson 

th' elder of Kirkby hall ; Recusant 4 yeres. 

E 2 



Jarmaduke Raiden, recusant 15 yeres. 

Johan Carr alias Buck spinster, old Recusant. 
Mary Bell wief of William Bell, Recusant 6 yeres. 
Secret baptisme William Bell had one doughter called 
ffrances Bell secretlie baptised. 


(pofer Bayne, Alice his wief, Katheren his doughter, 
Thomas Ward his wief; noncommuni- 

cants j yere. 


I ennet wief of Thomas Gill of Yewden, noncommunicant 

j yere 

Katheren the wief of Anthony Radclif, Noncommunicant 
William Lambert of Whelehouse, Dorothie Atkinson his 
seruant, wief of William Ward of Fellbeck, 

Dorothye wief of Rauf Stubbyn, Noncommunicants j yere. 

ffrancis Gowthwate his wief, Jayne wief of 

Humfrey Gowthwate, noncommunicants. 


atheren Ardington* a gentlewoman, Robert Hardcastle 
his wief old people, Katheren ye wief of 

* This lady was, we may presume, a member of an old family which took its 
name from Arthington near Leeds. There is reason for believing that Ralf Arth- 
ington, a member of this family, was an ensign in the King's army during the Great 
Rebellion, and a prisoner when the Earl of Manchester stormed Lincoln Castle on 
the 6th of May, 1644. If so, the name is misprinted Armington in the contem- 
porary list. Arms Argent, a fess between three escallops sable. Ducatus 
Lead. 8; True Relation of Taking of Lincoln, 1644-5. 


Thomas Hardcastle smyth, John Chapman scolemaster, 
his wief, William Pullen a spurrier ; Recusants. 


Smyth wedow, ffrancis Smyth tanner, Marmaduke 
Smyth an old poore man, rFrancis Buck, Anne his wief, Anne 
wief of Nynyan Spurret sadler, Xpofer Dawson a pore man, 
Anne the wief of John Laxton, poore, Jennet wief of William 
Lambart, John Stapp lynnen webster, Jane his wief; Re- 

A scolemaster John Chapman aforenamed a Recusant doth 
teach children. 

John Stapp had a child baptised about St. Thomas before 
Xmas 1603 but where or by whome it is not knowne, and that 
he had other of his children also secretlie baptised. 

Certefyed by Sir Maugor 
Vavasor* & Sir Henry 
Good rick, f knightes. 


| llane Bateson grocer, Anne Waddington wief of Walter 
Waddington gentleman, Elizabeth Stable wief of 
William Stable^ of Tanshelf, Robert Layton yeoman, Bonyface 

* Was the representative of the Weston line of this very ancient house. He 
married Johanna, daughter of John Saville of Stanley. The Vavasours of Weston 
differenced the old bearing or, a fess dancette sable, by a crescent in chief. 

f Sir Henry Goodrick of Ribston, died 1641. He married Jane, daughter of 
Sir John Saville of Methley, one of the Barons of the Exchequer. Visit. Ebor. 


J See note ante p. 26. 


Tateham, Roger Ward of Carleton : Noncommunicants I 

Thomas Oglethorpe* of Knottingley gent, Simon Beck- 
with gentleman,f Christopher Harrison, Ellen Booth, Thomas 
Cook of East Hardwick, Noncommunicants i yere. 

John Hippon, a stranger, sonne of Anne Waddington, dothe 
resort to ye house of Walter Waddington & doth not come 
to church : Recusant. 

* The Oglethorpes took their name from a village so called near York. Dug- 
dale gives two pedigrees of the family in his visitation of 1665-6, but I am not 
able certainly to identify the person in the text. It is not improbable that he is 
Thomas, the second son of John Oglethorpe, of Oglethorpe. That person married 
a daughter of one of the Vavasours of Haselwood who we may certainly assume 
to have been a Catholic. 

t A long note in Walbran's Memorials of Fountains (323), which embodies nearly 
everything that the most unwearied research could discover concerning this family, 
will well repay perusal to those persons for whom the picturesque details of 
family history have a charm. In the fourteenth century they were settled at Clint, 
in the parish of Ripley. No Simon Beckwith occurs among the names mentioned 
by Mr. Walbran. I presume it is but a guess that this person was a near relative 
of Roger Beckwith of Aldborough, whose son William was of Thurcroft, in the 
parish of Laughton en le Morthen. Roger had another son, Matthew. He was a 
Captain in the Parliamentary army, Justice of Peace 1650, Commissioner of 
Assessment 1656. He lived at Tanfield, near Masham, in a house down by the 
river-side which had once been the abode of Lady Maud Marmion's chantry priests. 
As may be imagined, such a person was not popular with the clergy after the 
Restoration. Once, when making some additions to his house, he, following the 
taste of his time, inserted over the door a stone inscribed 


whereupon Mr. Littleton, the parson of the parish, who lived on the other side 
of the way, wrote over his portal 

" I do not heed the man the more 
That hangs religion at his door." 

Beckwith's stone had been covered over with stucco, and nearly forgotten. A few 
years ago the editor, passing through the village, was shown it as a curiosity by 
the present owner of the property. It had been discovered but a few days before, 
while the old buildings, - rich with so many quaint memories, were once more 


William Stable of Tanshelf had a child but where it was 
baptized it is not knowne. 

Certified by Thomas Cattell* 
Maior & others. 


jary Mountney wief of Thomas Mountney esqr. of 

Wheatley, an old Recusant. 
Jennet ffenton wedow, late wief of Richard ffenton esqr 
deceased, Recusant of late yeres. 

Dorothye Elwes wief of Stephen Elwes, Recusant I yere. 
John Oxley of Hexthropp/<27w/& de Doncaster : a Recusant 
i yere. 

Certefyed by Leonard Huscroftf 


Richard Levett alderman. 
John Carlill alderman. 

undergoing that process which, when applied to churches, is, by grim sarcasm, . 
called restoration. It was purchased for a trifle, and is now preserved at Bottes- 
ford. Of Mr. Littleton's inscription he could hear no tidings. 

* Thomas Chattell was Mayor in 1603. Boothroyd 1 s Pontefract, 454. 

f He is called Hussycroft by Dr. Millar in his catalogue of the Mayors. He 
died during his mayoralty, in the month of May, and was succeeded by John 
Carnill. Either he or a namesake had filled the same office in 1595. He is no 
doubt the same person as the Alderman John Carlill, who joined with the Mayor 
in this certificate. A Richard Levett had been Mayor in 1596, and the name 
occurs again in the like post in 1608. There was a gentilitial family of this 
name at Melton near Wath upon Dearne, at this period. 


MICKLITH* ward. 

Thomas Archer laborer, Elizabeth Wanvpp wief of Robert 
Wanvp,t Recusants 4 yeares. 

John Myn lately come to that parishe ; .Recusant. 
Ellen Hutton wedow ; noncommunicant I yeare. 


|homas Tailor goldsmyth, Anne his wief, John Tailor 
his brother, Dorothye Browne wedow, Anne her 
doughter : Recusants. 

* Micklegate is the entrance of the city from the London road. The upper 
portion was probably built in the reign of Edward III. ; the lower is of uncertain 
date. In 1827 a characteristic act of the citizens irreparably injured this ancient relic. 
They removed the barbican, and made a second large arch through the wall for 
the convenience of foot people. An ugly opening of a similar kind had '.been made 
by their grandfathers in the middle of the last century. 

t Wanhope is a good old word for despair e.g., 

" For her mother had hangd herselfe, 
& her one sister quicke was delfe, 
& for that her father did amisse, 
& her brother was strangled I-wis, 
Her other sister a whore stronge, 
That harlotts was ever among, 
Almost for sorrow & for thought 
In -wan-hope shee was brought. " 

Merline, \. 732, Percy Folio i. 445. 

" For god forbedithe -wanhope, 
for that a horrible synne ys." 

RusselFs Boke of Nurture, ed. Furnivall, 119. 

We cannot, however, suppose that anybody out of a religious allegory would bear 
so depressing a name. There cannot be much doubt that it is local. Hope means 
a hill, and is often found in composition, as in Midhope, Middlehope, Blenkinsopp, 
Swinhope, Hopekirk, and Hopewell. Walter Wanhop was a lieutenant of foot 
among the Scotch prisoners after the battle of Dunbar. True Rel. of routing of the 
Scotish Army. Reprint, 1806. 


BUSHOPHILL thelder. 

[homas Beckwith gentleman his wief, Margaret 

White his seruant : Recusants. 
Willian Birnard gentleman : Noncommunicant 3 yeres. 
Robert Thompson of Middlethorp, John Day of Dring- 
houses, Noncommunicants 7 yeres. 

MOUNCK ward. 
CHRISTES parish. 

lizabeth ffoxgill wief of George ffoxgill, Recusant 7 

ST. SAMPSONS parishe; 

dith Sharp wief of Richard Sharp tailor, Recusant 16 


Secret baptisme Thomas Myn, Mary his wief; they dwelt in 
that parishe half a yere within which tyme they had a child 
secretly baptized. Recusants. 


I ohn ffletcher, William ffletcher his sonne Rosse 

wedow, Mary Tiplady her servant, John Jackson 

his wief Knowles wedow 

Thwynge wief of William Twynge esq. old Recusants. 


ane Waddy wedow, Issabell Vender wedow, poor women : 
Recusants 8 yeres. 


ST. MAURICE parishe. 
ohn Smyth, Recusant I yere. 

William Cawood, Anne his wief, noncommunicants at 
Easter last. 

BELFRAY parish. 

| ohn Standeven thelder, William Branton, Ann his 
doughter, Mary Wither, Elizabeth Rap, Vxor Gillyott, 
William ffleckley his wief : Recusants one yere or 


Secret mariage They say that ye said Elizabeth Rap was 
married by some semynary priest as they thinck. 

Secret mariage They say that ye said William ffrickley and 
his wief were maried by some popish [priest] as they thynck. 

ST. WlLFRlDES of ye said parish. 

jhomas Vdall his wief, ffrancis Thorpe 

his wief: Recusants and noncommunicants in their 
parish I yere. 


ohn Standeven the younger his wief; non- 

communicants I yeare. 


obert Thompson, seruant to Mathew Pearson tailor, 
an obstinate Recusant for 3 or 4 yeres. 


Christopher Harbart gentleman, brother to Thomas 
Harbarte Lord Maior, sometymes remayning at ye lord Maior 
his house, but cometh not to church ; Recusant. 



enry Wright, aphoticary, Robert Lampton draper, 
William Plowman milner, Lucy his wief ; Recusants. 

ichard Browne, glover ; Recusant synce March 1603. 

ST. LAWRENCE parish. 

[lizabeth Dalby wedow of good estate, Recusant 

i yere viz. sync March 1603. 
A recusant mayntayned Katheren Grenebury late wief of 
Richard Grenebury deceased, a sojourner with ye said Eliza 
Dalby, Recusant. 

ST. NICHOLAS parish, 
argaret Tayler, Recusant. 

ST. MARGARET parishe. 

ohn Whitfeild, an old man, a teacher vpon ye lute, a 

Thomasyn Barkar wedow : an obstinate Recusant. 


ST. DYNNES parishe.* 


lice Carlile, Recusant. 

MARSTON parochia. 

]ary Thwates wedow, William Thwates, Ellynor his 
wief, Barbary Gaile, Jayne Thompson, seruant to ye 
said Mary Thwates, Recusants i yere. 


obert Northorp yeoman, Recusant 7 yeres, Richard 
Clitherowf yeoman, Anne Wilkinson, wief of Mills 

* St. Denis. 

t The family of Clitherow were yeomen of good standing, but not, I think, in 
the rank of gentry. They took their name from Clitherow, in the County Pala- 
tine of Lancaster, but some of them were settled in Yorkshire in the middle of 
the fifteenth century. In 1464 John Aldwyk, Alderman of Hull, mentions Hugh 
Cliderhowe in his will. In 1454 " William Clyderhowe, of Kyngeston opon Hull, 
marchand, mighty of mynd and of hayll witt," left his body to be buried in St. 
Mary's Church by his father's side. About the same time we find a Richard 
Clitheroe chaplain at Bolton in Wensleydale. The name has a painful interest 
from having been borne by Margaret Middleton, the martyr, whose prolonged 
tortures and death in York Castle, endured solely for the purpose of preserving the 
lives of others, is among the most harrowing incidents in the long tragedy of Tudor 
persecution. The simple narrative of the old writer is better than any words of 
mine: "On the 26th of March (some say the 25th) of this or the foregoing 
year, for authors are divided about the time, Mrs. Margaret Clithero, whose 
maiden name was Middleton, a gentlewoman of a good family in York- 
shire, was pressed to death at York. She was prosecuted, under that violent 
persecution raised in those times, by the Earl of Huntington, Lord President 
of the North. The crime she was charged with was relieving and harbour- 
ing priests. She refused to plead, that she might not bring others into danger 


Wilkinson ; Henry Hesket yeoman, John ffockere labourer, 
Robert Shaw thelder, yeoman, Jane his wief, Germayne Shaw 
his son, Epham Shaw his doughter, Mrs. Whaithe wedow, not 
perfect in mind as they say. Noncommunicants i yere. 


jhomas Tailor gentleman, steward to ye Earle of Cum- 
berland,* who for ye most part is at ye manor of 
Skipton, & his wief who remayneth in that parish, 

Recusants i yere. 

John Tailor, Noncommunicant at Easter last. 
Jayne Spynck, seruant to the said Mr. Tailor, Rauf Hartley : 
Noncommunicants at Easter last. 


ady Katheryne ffairfax,f wief of Sir Thomas ffairfax 
haith not come to the parish church within this twelve 

by her conviction, or be accessary to the jurymen's sins in condemning the 
innocent, and therefore, as the law appoints in such cases, she was pressed to 
death. She bore this cruel torment with invincible patience, often repeating in 
the way to execution that this -way to heaven was as short as any other. Her hus- 
band was forced into banishment. Her little children, who wept and lamented for 
their mother, were taken up, and being questioned concerning the articles of their 
religion, and answering as they had been taught by her, were severely whipped ; 
and the eldest, who was but twelve years old, was cast into prison. Her life 
was written by the reverend and learned Mr. John Mush, her director, who, after 
many years labouring with great fruit in the English mission, after having suffered 
prisons and chains, and received even the sentence of death for his faith, died at 
length in his bed, in a good old age, in 1617." Challoner's Missionary Priests, 
1844, i. 202. 

* George Clifford, the third Earl, son of Henry, the second Earl, and his spouse, 
Anne, daughter of second William Lord Dacres of the North. He married 
Margaret, daughter of Francis, second Earl of Bedford, and died in 1605. There 
is a pedigree of the family in the Ducatus Leodinensis, 60. 

f First wife of Sir Thomas Fairfax, first Viscount Emley. She was the eldest 
daughter of Sir Henry Constable of Burton Constable, whose son and heir, Sir 
Henry, was created Viscount Dunbar by James I. 


moneth last, but haith bene at an other church as is reported 
and did not receive ye holy communion at Easter last ; Non- 
communicant at Easter last. 

Thomasyn Dakyns, Recusant I yere. 

Elizabeth Walker, noncommunicant at Easter last. 

Katheren Wilson did not receive the holie communion at 
her parish church, but saythe she received it at another place ; 
Noncommunicant at Easter last. 


[hey say that there is one Georg Concett gent dwelling 
at Howden which cometh sundry times to ye house of 
Reynold Consett of Thorparch gentleman his brother & 
haith so resorted many yeares yet never cometh to the 

res. Wharton thelder, noncommunicant at Easter last. 


| ary ffairfax, doughter of Cuthbert ffairfax, noncommu- 
nicant Easter last. 
Raulf ffairfax gentleman who dwelleth at Dimsley & 
sometimes resorting into ye said parish to ye house of Cuth- 
bert ffairfax, for a fortneth together or there aboutes & 
cometh not to ye church. 

Certify ed by Thomas Herbert Maior. 

James Birkly, Thomas Mosely, 


RICHMOND parishe. 

Lady Gascoigne wief of Sir William Gascoigne 
knighte, Robert Atkinson glasier, Robert Gibson, Nicholas 
Bacon cord winers, William Atkinson yeoman, Bridget Atkin- 
son spinster, his doughter the wief of Leonard 

Beckwith gentleman : Recusantes. 

John Johnson a Recusant, but not a papisticall Recusant. 

Marie wife of Arthure Hutchenson marcer, Marie Heighing- 
ton wedowe, John Close sadler ; Recusantes for a yeare. 

Anne Tailler wedowe, Marie Hutchenson, Marie Heighing- 
ton, John Close. 


MlDLEHAM parishe. 
dward Clarkson, noncommunicant. 


[rs. Margaret Scrop wedowe, Henry Scrope,* Xpofer 
Scrope gentlemen, Richard Skelton, Marie Beseley, 
Isabel Sparling her servantes, Jane Harrison servant to Mr. 
Raphe Withes. Recusantes & haue bene long. 

* Members of the great Northern house of Lescrop, Scopp, or Scroop or Scrope. 
The pedigree is an unbroken chain from the Norman Conquest to the present day. 
Few families have been more distinguished by the high places they have filled in 
Church and State. The Scrope and Grosvenor controversy as to the right to bear 
azure a bend or, will occur to every antiquary. Among the children of this noble 
race was Richard Scroope, Archbishop of York, who was murdered, almost with- 
out form of trial, 

" In the ruthless wars of the White and the Red," 
and afterwards worshipped as a saint by his countrymen, although the seal of 


Jane Chambers wedow, a noncommunicant. 

Secret mariage Xpofer Scrope Marie Beseley. It is re- 
ported they should be marryed but by whom or who were 
present not known. 

FlNGALL parishe. 

HlDSEWELL parishe. 
mnia bene. 

canonization never sanctioned their devotion. Another perhaps not less .memo- 
rable, but noteworthy for very different reasons, was Adrian Scroope, the regicide. 
He belonged to the extreme section of the Independents. Throughout the war he 
did his duty faithfully, but had the unhappiness to survive the Restoration, and 
after going through a form of trial which had little more pretension to legality 
than that in consequence of which his noble predecessor suffered, he undenvent. 
the horrible death which was then awarded to traitors. He seems to have met his 
punishment a doom from the mere mental contemplation of which we now turn 
in sickened, horror with strangely stoic heroism. On the morning of his execu- 
tion "he slept so sound that he snored, and was obliged to be waked when the 
sledge came for him." His last words, spoken but a few moments before the 
executioner began his horrid butchery, showed that even at such a time he could 
not forget the race from which he sprung : " I will not tell you what my breeding 
hath been, because it is not good for any man, especially at such a time as this, 
to boast of his lineage nor breeding ; but this I will say, I was born and bred a 
gentleman." The relationship of the persons mentioned in the text will be seen 
by the annexed fragment of pedigree : 

Henry Lord Scroope of Boltoti,=EIizabeth, dau. of Henry Percy III., Earl of North- 
died 1506. 1 umberland, and his wife, Eleanor Poynings. 

John Scroope of Spenithorn, II. son.=Philis, dau. of Ralf Rokeby of Morton. 

Henry Scroope of Spenithorn. =Margaret, dau. and heiress of Symon Conyers of Danby- 

I upon- Yore. " ' 

I. Francis=Dorothy dau. II. Henry, III. Christopher=Margaret or IIII. John=Anne, 
ob. s. p. of Anthony s. p. Mary, dau. dau. of 

Caterick of of .... .... 

Stanwick. Beesley Thoresby. ' 


Visit. Ebor. 1665-6, 36. Shirley's Noblemen and Gentlemen oj England, 287. 
Woble's Regicides, ii. 200. Blorfs Rutland, 5-8. .. 



|arie wief of George Carter of Spenithorne, Ede Shyping- 
dell seruant to Mr. fifrancis Scrope ; Recusantes for 
. diuerse yeares last past. 

Margaret wife of Mr. Henrie Ashe a Recusant for one whole 

yeare last past. 

GOVERHAM parishe.* 

[nthonie Bainbriggef his mother and his wife noncom- 
municants at Easter last. They allege the[y] are not 
in charity. 

* The editor makes no apology for inserting here a notelet concerning Cover- 
ham. Abbey, communicated to him some twelve or fourteen years ago by one who 
. had recently visited the place : " You ask about Coverham. There is little left 
of which to tell.. It was a Premonstratensian house, founded by Helewisia Glan- 
ville, daughter of Ralf, the Lord Chief Justice. The first site was at Swainby, in 
Pickhall parish, but her son Ralf Fitz Robert, Lord of Middleham, moved the 
brethren here. It never can have been a place of much wealth or political impor- 
tance. A little before the final conflagration, when the wheat and the tares of mo- 
nasticism were alike burnt up, there were only twenty brethren. One of the Abbots 
was a Rokeby, Christopher by name. I am not able to attach him to the parent 
stem, but there cannot be any doubt of what race he came. Coverham bore the 
Nevil saltire without difference of colour for its arms. It had shared in the princely 
patronage of that great house, and, it seems, was at least heraldically grateful. 
The church, as far as can be made out, was mainly an Early English building. It 
has been sadly 'ruinated.' The present state of the ruins is disgraceful beyond 
expression. I find no fault that they are not trimly kept, but they might at least 
be allowed to sink 'peacefully into decay. Their desecration is as complete as the 
most uneducated fanatic could' desire. When I was there some pigs were wander- 
ing about the sacred enclosure, and a heap of manure rotted on the spot where the 
high altar had stood. Two monumental effigies of colossal size were grubbed up 
out of the ruins some time ago, and are now stuck upright against the posts of the 
gateway of a neighbouring garden. Both are interesting, one especially so, as it 
is the vera effigies of Ralf, son of Robert Neville, who was buried here in 1331. 
The figure is surrounded by a representation of a stag hunt. It has been engraved 
by Gough, and*it is well that some at least of its spirit is so far beyond the reach 
of destruction. If excavations were made it is probable that other interesting 
objects would be found, but it is better they should remain where they are till the 
times mend." We hope the above description is not a picture of the present state 
of this interesting ruin. ' 

Myles Coverdale, Bishop of Exeter, was born here in 1488. 

t The peo.ple of this surname probably sprung from the village so named near 



Mr. Edward Topham and Anne his wife, he allegeth that 
he hath no abyding place within this parysh & his wife is 
not xviij yeares old, but when he is satled in some place he 
will receive according to law. Noncommunicants at Easter 

HAWKSWELL paryshe. 
mnia bene. 

DOWNEHOLME paryshe. 

jlizabeth Hagston spinster, a Recusant long, Jane Har- 

land, a Recusant since xxv Marcii 1603. 
Anne Scrope wife of John Scrope* gentleman by reason 
she is not in charitie ; a noncommunicant. 

Ralphe Hagston, Katheren wief of Mathew Hagston, non- 

EASTWITTON parishe. 

jorothie wife of Thomas Ascough the younger, a Recusant. 
Thomas Ascough thelder,f Anne his wief, Thomas 
Ascough junior, John Harrison, Jane Harrison his sister, non- 

Askrigg, in this county. Cardinal Christopher Bainbridge, the most noteworthy 
of them, was born at Hilton, near Appleby, in Westmorland. His tomb is in the 
cloister of the English College at Rome. Thomas Bainbrige, of Tunstall, and 
Ellen his wife, were returned as Recusants in 1669. In the same year Mary 
Bainbrigg of Newcastle was informed against for being present at a Non- 
conformist conventicle. There are some memoranda concerning persons of this 
family in Notes and Queries, iii. s. vol. iii. 489, iv. 1 6. 

* See note ante. This John was the fourth son of Henry. 

t Probably one of the Ayscoughs, of Skewersby, from whom also sprung Sir 
Edward Ayscough, of South Kelsey, co. Lincoln, who is said to have been the 
father of Anne Ayscough, the Protestant martyr. 


WENSLOWE parish. 

latheren Russell wedowe, Anne Waite widowe,* Thomas 
Wilson and his wief Isabell Hoppst poore, Mary 
Wallar poore, Dorothie ffawcett poore, Ellen Harrison poore, 
Thomas Hillarie of Ridmor, Recusants & have bene long. 

Parcyvell Thompson, Jane Thompson, William ffosse, 
Kirtian Colles, Jane Emontson ; no ncommuni cants since the 
xxvth of March 1603. 

AYSKARTH parishe. 

jalentine ffawcett, Bridgett wief of Raffe Spence of Bear- 
park gentleman, Elizabeth wief of Roger Metcalf of 
Bearpark gentleman, ffrancis Midletvn ; Recusants. 

Roger Metcalfe, Thomas Midleham, John Sadler, Jeffrey 
Hamond ; noncommunicants. 

Secret mariage Ralphe Spence and Bridget his wief haue 
bene maryed secretlie, but by whom they know not. 

GRINTON parishe. 

olomon Swaile gent,J Anne his wief, Agnes Stockdale, 
wife of Reginold Stockdale, Anne wife of John Garthe, 

* This uncommon surname is found in the churchwardens' accounts of Louth, 
co. Lincoln, in the early part of the reign of Henry VIII. Its possessors were 
tradesmen. A wait originally meant a watchman ; in latter times it came to 
mean a Christmas minstrel. 

+. Hopp and Hopps are forms of Hope, a North-country word for hill. 

No doubt one of the very prolific race of Swale, of Swale Hall and South Stainby. 
Several members of this family still remain attached to the ancient faith. A Solomon 
Swale, but certainly not this one, was created a Baronet 2ist June, 1660. The 
title is said in the ordinary books of reference to be extinct. Three of the future 
Baronet's brothers served in the royal armies during the troubles. Their arms are 
said to represent the river Swale, from, which they took their name Azure a bend 
nebule argent. 

Perhaps an offshoot of the family of Garth, of Hedlam, in the Bishopric of 

F 2 


Allicen Tayler spinster, Thomas White of Ruckroft yeoman, 
Barbara his wife, Marie wief of Roger Gower of Healey 
gentleman, Ralf Kearton of Gunnerside yeoman, Allicen his 
wief, George Kearton his vncle, Anthonie Kearton, John 
Kearton his sons, Jane Kearton his daughter, Issabell wife 
of George Kearton yeoman, Agnes Kearton widowe, Issabell 
Alderson widowe, Agnes Metcalfe widowe, Agnes Robinson 
widowe, Issabell Robinsonher daughter, Elizabeth wife of Jeffrey 
Metcalf yeoman, Elizabeth wife of Brian Metcalf yeoman, 
James Wharton taylier, Epham his wife, Margaret Metcalfe 
wedowe, Margaret wife of George Waitbie yeoman, Alicen wife 
of John Addeson laborer ; Recusantes for diuers yeares last. 

Allicen wife of Ralphe Collier of Grinton yeoman, Dorothie 
wief of Richard Metcalfe of Reeth yeoman, Jennet Gibson 
widowe, Phillise Simpson widowe, William Blaides of Healey 
yeoman, Agnes his wief, Agnes the wief of John Hutchenson 
smith, Agnes Hutchenson, Issabe (sic} Hutchenson his 
daughters, Agnes Metcalf, Elizabeth Metcalf, daughters of 
Brian Metcalf of Gunnerside yeoman. Recusantes since xxv 
March 1603. 

George Alderson of Cogden yeoman, Mathew Blades of 
Grinton laborer, William Blades of Whityside yeoman, 
Isabell wife of Symond Douglas* of Reeth yeoman, Issabell 

* A Scot, or one of Scottish lineage, who had strayed over the Border and 
settled at Reeth. Perhaps he had fled for the sake of his religion, for carefully as 
Catholics were sought after here, the scrutiny was far more microscopic in Scotland. 
He was, it will be observed, a noncommtmicant, not a recusant, therefore perhaps 
not a very determined "papist." He may have been only a wandering Scot, a cattle 
dealer, perhaps, who had preferred marrying a widow and settling down as a farmer 
in a Yorkshire dale to the wild life of the Borders. If he were really a Douglas by 
lineage, not merely a retainer who had assumed the name, we see that the noblest 
blood of feudal Scotland was already blending with that of the common people. 

George Douglas, a Scottish secular priest, was executed at York in the reign of 
Elizabeth, " for persuading the queen's subjects to the Catholic religion. " He is said 
to have been of Douay, but this is doubtful. Challoner's Missionary Priests, i. 2ic. 


Milner her daughter, Brian Hall sonne of Xpofer Hall of 
Sturflett Hall yeoman, Margery Hall her daughter, Reynold 
Alderson of Yealey yeoman, Edward Stubley seruant to Henry 
Girlington of Fremington gentleman, Margaret wife of Xpofer 
Atkinson of Reeth yeoman, George Kearton of Gunnerside 
yeoman, Jane Douglas seruant to Ralf Milner, William Paycock* 
yeoman, Issabell his wief, John Waitbie, Henrie Waitbie sons 
of George Waitbie yeoman, Margerie Metcalfe the daughter 
of Jeffrey Metcalfe yeoman, James Harrison thelder, Agnes 
Harrison his daughter, Xpofer Robinson weaver, Phillice his 
wife, John Buckton, Jane his wife, noncommunicants since 
Easter 1603. 

Richard Lumasses, Thomas Lumasses, thes two alledge 

they were not in charitie: noncommunicants since Easter 1603. 
George Kearson of Gunnerside, two sonnes baptised & 

not at the parish churche, the one called James, about fower 

yeares old thother John borne about Maye 1603, but where 

or when they were baptised they know not. 

MUKAR parishe. 

| eorge Metcalfe, Anne wife of James Milner, Alice wife 
of Edward Clarkson, Margaret Metcalf wedow, Marie 
wife of Ralph Alderson, Anne Metcalfe spinster, Alice wife 
of Jeffrey Wharton ; Recusants. 

WEST W^ITTON parishe. 
mnia bene. 


BOLTON parishe. 

wife of Leonard Calvert of Kipling, noncommuni- 
cant at Easter last. 


Private mariages George Smithson, his wife, John 

Lafeilde, his wife, Harker, his 

wife, marryed with out lycense or bandes asking. 

DANBIE WISKE parishe. 

|atheren wife of Thomas Coniers Esquier, Grace wife of 
Marmaduke Simpson yeoman, Xpofer Conyers gentle- 
man, ffrances his wife, Marmaduke Conyers gentleman, 
Margerie Epplebie, Margeret Holden is poore widowes, Chris- 
tabell Gaterd, a poore woman, Henrie Whorlton, Elizabeth 
his wife, William Rayson a poore old man, Recusants of long 

Thomas Howton, John Pratt a poore old man, John Simp- 
son, Johan wife of Thomas Gainforth, Giles Atkinson, Anne 
his wife, Elizabeth Newton his seruant ; noncommunicants. 

Thomas Conyers Esquier, George Coniers gent, Marma- 
duke Simpson yeoman ; noncommunicants at Easter last, for 
they were & yet are at London. 

KIRKBY WISKE parishe. 
mnia bene. 

MANSFEILD parishe. 

[ane wife of Thomas Bailes, Marmaduke Parkin, Dorothie 
wife of Thomas Wilson, Elizabeth Peereth, Roberte 
Ranoldson ; Recusantes for diuers yeares last past. 

John Acrigge of Pearcebridge, Jane his wife, Recusantes 
since the death of our late quene. 

Anne Witham of Cliff wedowe, Recusant 2 yeares last. 
Nicholas Tindall, Issabell Browne her seruantes, Recusants 
i yeare last. 


John Witham, Recusant 6 monthes last. 

John Witham aforesaid, noncommunicant at Easter last. 

Marmaduke Wiseman, Jane Blackburne spinster, John 
Wilson, John Richardson, Mundaie his wife, Thomas Bailes, 
Anne his doughter, fallen from there obedience since martin- 
mas last. 

LANGTON parishe. 
llinor wife of Richard Cleasbie gentleman, Recusant. 

mitted by reason of infection there.* 


BARTON MARIE parishe. 

SOUTH COWTON parishe. 

SMETON parishe. 

ERIHOLME parishe. 
mnia bene. 

* The Great Plague of 1600-1603. During the time of the greatest mortality, 
3000 persons a week died in London and Westminster. The deaths in those cities 
were calculated at 30,000 in all. This visitation raged in many rural districts and 
small towns with a virulence equal at least to that which it manifested in the great 
centres of population. It is the custom in the present day to attribute almost all 
the sad calamities of infectious disease to dirt, bad water, and want of fresh air. 
The belief of those who watched the progress of these pestilences in former days 
was the old and now discredited one that they were mainly the result of atmo- 
spheric causes : 

" Obscura ccelo labitur Phcebi soror ; 

Tristisque mundus nubilo pallet novo : 

Nullum serenis noctibus sidus micat ; 

Sed gravis et ater incubat terris vapor." 

The fact that the dwellers in rural districts have frequently suffered so severely 
is. surely an evidence that the olcl opinion was not entirely without foundation. 



res. Margaret ffrancke* of Kneton wedowe, Jane ffrancke 
her daughter, Bryan Smithson of Cowton Grange, 
William Coulson [of] Mowton, Anne his wife, Thomas Midle- 
ton, of Midleton Tyers, William Thompson of the same ; 
Recusants for x or xij yeres last, or aboue. 

ffrancis Askwith of Moulton, Bryan Hutchenson of Midle- 
ton Tyers, Margerie wife of Henrie Wright e, John Midleton 
of the same, Alice wife of John Ovington of Kneton ; non- 
communicants and also recusantes for a yeare last past. 

Xpofer Smithson about 20 yeares old, Brian Smithson 
about 1 8 yeares old, both sons of Bryan Smithson, who as is 
reported and supposed, come not to churche nor have com- 
municated hitherto. 

Smithson wedowe, t mother to Brian Smithson, 
Thomas Richardson of Cowton Grainge, Thomas Wright of 
Moulton, Jennet wife of Lionard Tollerd of Middleton, 
Askewith wedowe, mother to the said ffrances Askwith. 
Old people and some of them blinde. Recusants and noncom- 
municants of informitie & notwilfull recusancy as is supposed. 

Secret mariage. William Cowlton of Moulton, a child borne 
about, or a little before her late majesties death, not brought 
and baptised at the parish church ; He saith his name is Xpofer 
& was baptized at Moulton, but how or by whome he will 
tell when he is called for. 

George ffranckej late of Kneton esqr, Elizabeth his wife, 

* Margaret, daughter of John Butler of Nunnington. Her husband was Henry 
Frank, son of Lionard Frank of Knighton, and his wife, Alice Metcalfe, 
daughter of Sir James, of Nappa Hall. 

t ' Mortua ' in the margin. 

+ Eldest son of the before-mentioned Henry Franck. lie married Elizabeth, 
eldest daughter and co-heiress of William Beckwith of Clynt. Visit. Ebor. 79. . 


about a yeare agoe removed with his familie unto Romell 
Churche* parishe. He cometh often to Kneton on the 
Lordes dayes, but cometh not to churche, nor communi- 
cateth. Recusant and noncommunicant for 8 or 9 yeres at 
the least. 


SCRATON parishe. 
mnia bene. 


atheren daughter of Richard Davill, Recusant divers 
yeares past. 

HIPSWELL chapplerie. 
mnia bene. 

CATHERICKE parishe. 

ichard Cholmley gentleman, his wife, Henry 

Wilson, noncommunicants for a yeare last past. 

mnia bene. 

MASSAM parishe. 

sabell wife of Xpofer Danbief of Massam gentleman, 
Constance wife of Richard Beckwith yeoman, Kathe- 

* Romaldkirk, near Barnard Castle. 

t Christopher, son of Sir Christopher Danby of Masham, who married 
Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Lord Latimer. Christopher and James Danby, 


rine wife of Robert Norton* of Swinton, gentleman, Katherine 
Bailes, his servant, ffrances Boyes seruant to Richard Robin- 
son yeoman, Xpofer Baine yeoman, Magdalen his wife, Xpofer 
Baine his sonne; Recusantes for the space of 2 yeare last 

Xpofer Thexton of Swinton taylor, Cecell the wife of John 
Jackson, a blinde man, Xpofer Renger webster, Ellen his 
wife, Suzan Atkinson of Moreheades wedowe, ffrances Atkin- 
son her daughter, John Atkinson, Margaret his wife, Jenet 
wife of George Jackson, Thomas King her sonne, Issabell 
wife of Thomas Rayner, Marie Burton seruant to Mr. James 
Danbie, Jenet wife of Richard Smithson, Agnes Smithson 
wedowe, Anthony Crosbie collyer, ffrances his wife, Jane wife 
of Thomas Wrighte, Ralf Lucas, Dorothie his wife, Magdelne 

his brothers, are mentioned in the succeeding paragraph. Their elder brother, Sir 
Thomas, married Mary, daughter of Ralf Nevill, fourth Earl of Westmorland, 
and through him the representation of the line was continued. Their genealogy begins 
with John of Danby, whose daughter Armatrude is said to have married "Ed- 
mond Stringent, who came in with the Conqueror." It can be supported by 
record evidence to a very distant period, but we fear that the earliest links in the 
chain have not that advantage. 

The singular name of Abstrupus was a common one in this house in latter times. 
The main stem became extinct in the male line in the early part of this century. 
Diicatus Lead. 202. 

* Grandson of Richard Norton, of Norton, near Ripon, who was attainted for 
the rising in the North : 

"When the Percies' crescent set in blood." 

Robert married Catherine, daughter and heiress of John Stavely of Swinton. The 
arms of the family are azure, a maunche ermine, over all a bend or. This branch 
differenced the ancestral shield by a canton gules. In several of the Yorkshire 
churches, notably at that of Wath near Ripon, the arms on the Norton tombs have 
been wantonly mutilated. It is believed this atrocity was committed by those who 
executed the royal vengeance after the suppression of that unfortunate revolt against 
Tudor tyranny. The highly wrought religious feeling of the Nortons on that oc- 
casion is indicated by the fact that while the other leaders bore their arms and 
badges as battle insignia 

" The Nortons ancyent had the cross 
And the five wounds our Lord did beare. " 


wife of ffrancis Atkinson of Healey yeoman, Dorothie 
Bradwith wedowe, Luce wife of Edward Jackson tailler, 
William Jackson webster, Jenet Johnson wedowe, John 
Gleadston of Ellington webster, John Sturdie yeoman, 
Margaret Gill wedowe, Anne wife of William Cowper, 
Katherine Langdaile wedow, Jane Langdaile her daughter, 
Margaret Boggle,* Ann Thwaites ; Recusantes for diuers 
yeares last past and all or most of them poore. . 

Marmaduke Danbie of Massam gentleman, Margaret his 
wife, Xpofer Danbie his sonne, John Dodsworthf gentleman, 
from home this Easter, Robert Dodsworth gentleman, Mar- 
garet Mayson standeth excommunicate, John Normanvell of 
Swinton gentleman, Robert Norton gentleman, John Renger 
webster, Henrie Chater, Margaret wife of Robert Chater, 
Katherine Haber . standeth excommunicate, Xpofer Danbie 
gentleman at London this Easter, John Kirkbie of Pickersgill 

* This is probably a contraction of some local name, perhaps Burghill or Bog- 

+ John Dodsworth of Thornton Watlass, married Winifrede, daughter and 
heiress of John Warde of Barton. It would be impossible for me, who have been 
so much indebted to his labours, to forget to mention here the name of Roger 
Dodsworth, the most industrious of the Yorkshire antiquaries. The man to whom 
we owe far more than to any other one person the preservation of what little we 
know of the family history of the noblest of the English shires, and to whom we 
are indebted, at least as much as to Sir William Dugdale, for the collection of the 
treasures of the Monasticon. Upwards of one hundred and sixty volumes of his 
manuscripts are preserved in Bodley's Library, and of these one hundred and 
twenty-two are in his own handwriting. No better words can be found by me 
than those used by Thomas Hearne, when moved to unwonted fervour by the 
contemplation of the results of that well-spent life : "I never look upon these 
volumes, and I have frequent occasion to inspect them, without the utmost sur- 
prise and wonder; and I cannot but bless God that He was pleased out of His 
infinite goodness and mercy to raise up so pious and diligent a person, that should 
by His blessing so effectually discover and preserve such a noble treasure of 
antiquities as is contained in those volumes." It seems hard that he who has done 
so much for others has found no biographer. He was certainly a cadet of the 
family of Dodsworth of Thornton Watlass. See what little is known of him and 
his in Hunter's Three Catalogues^ 59 et seqq. 


at Mowthroppe, James Danby of Ellinton gent, William 
Gleadston, Robert Wyvell of Burton gentleman, The Ladie 
Anne wife of Sir Marmaduke Wivell Icnighte, possessed with 
a palsie, Jane wife of Christopher Wivell* Esqr. with childe, 
Alice Eller spinster, Brian Burton yeoman, Elizabeth his wife, 
ffrancis Hoopes of North Cote, Dorothie his wife, Jane Hoopes 
wedowe, Anthonie Hoopes yeoman, Anthony Beckwith of 
. Notwith Cote.yeoman, Thomas Mathesson standeth excommu- 
nicate, Thomas Salpwicke of Healey gentleman, Magdalene 
his wife, William Wintersgill of Fearbie thelder, John Jack- 
son of Fearbie cordwiner, Jane his wife ; noncommunicants no 
tyme expressed. 

Recusantes reteyned. Xpofer Wyvell Esquier hath kept for 
ye space of 24 monthes, in his seruice William Johnson a 
milner but will put him awaie presently. Robert Norton hath 
kepte in his house for 7 or 8 monethes Katherine Wailes 
& also Xpofer Barton for two monethes. Richard Robinson 
hath kept in his seruice ffrancis Boyes some 4 monethes or 
there aboutes. 

Secret Mariage. Ralf Lucas and Dorothie his wife haue 
bene secretlye marryed, but they know not by whome, when or 
where they were married. 

Private baptisme John Atkinson of Eshehead had a child 
secretlye baptized & amongst the good wyves as him self 

William Bourdell of Massam, Roger Srnurthwait of the same, 
Margaret his wife, John Smurthwaite there sonne, Thomas 
Walter webster, Nathaniel Smith, William Thexton of 

* Christopher Wyvill, of Constable Burton, was the eldest son of Sir Manna- 
duke Wyvill, Knt. He married Jane, daughter of Sir Robert Stapleton of Wighill, 
and dying in his father's lifetime, left behind him four sons and six daughters. 
The line was continued by his eldest son Thomas, who married a daughter of a 
Catholic house, Isabella, heiress of Sir William Gascoigne of Sleclbury. 



Swinton yeoman, Jane wife of Richard Beckwith yeoman ; 
Recusantes since xxv Marcii 1603 & not before. 

Eden wife of John Tewtin of Ellinstringe, William Tutin 
of the same, Thomas Sampson, his wife, noncom- 


WATLAS parishe. 

WELL parishe. 

mnia bene. 

BEDAL parishe. 

| lizabeth Younge late wife of Richard Young deceased, 
Elizabeth Lodge widow, Sissile ffoster wedowe, 
Marrnaduke Pearcie all of Bedall ; Recusants. 

John Collinson of Great Crackall, Edmond ffoster, Alice 
his wife, Peter Scott, noncommunicants a yeare last past. 

HORNBIE parishe. 

jhomas Darcie of Hornbie Esquier, Elizabeth his wife, 
John Girlington of Hackforth, Christopher his wife, 
Ellinor wife of John Beckwith Junior, Recusants for 12 monthes 

Oswald Metcalfe aged & senceless ; noncommunicant. 

Emet Hawe a poore old woman, 'noncommunicant for a 
yeare last. 

Reciisantes Reteyned. The said Mr. Darcie, Esqr, doth kepe 
in his house one Thomas whose surname they know not & 
his wife. - 

Edward Carr, Ambrose Midleton, Marie Winde, his seruants. 

William Wilson a Reyu'.* 

* Probably a clerical error, but for what I will not guess. 


Scolmaster reteyned. William Mease a scolmaster to the 
said Mr. Girlington. 

Roger Robinson, Robert Mennell,Ann Bapthorppe, Margerie 
Grisbie ; servantes to Mr. Girlington, did come to the church 
to service but receaved not the comunion, yet saie they will 
receiue according to ther Master's direction. Noncommuni- 
cants. Theise ij last were sicke but promised then (sic) they 
are well to comunicate. 

BOWES parishe. 

jlizabeth Alarson widow releived by Phillipp Brunskell 
who marryed her daughter. A Recusant for diuers 
yeares last past. 


mnia bene. 

RlJMBERKIRKE* parishe. 

|rs. Elizabeth ffranke,t ffrances Bainbrigge, Sithe Robin- 
son : Recusantes. 
Private baptisme. Mr. George ffrankef hath a child lately 
not known to be baptized. 

homas Brenche Recusant diuers yeres. 

* Romaldkirk, near Barnard Castle. 

f George Franke, son and heir of Henry Franke of Knighton, by his wife 
Margaret, daughter of John Butler of Nunnington. He married Elizabeth, 
eldest daughter and co-heir of William Beckwith of Clynt. They were con- 
nected by marriage with several of the notable Roman Catholic houses. Visit, 
Ebor. 79. 


Katherine Cootes spinster; a Recusant since Martinmas 1602. 

Thomas Rookebie* knighte, Lady Margaret his wife, Mary 
Blaides, his servant, Dorothie Hildreth alias Robson widowe, 
Margaret wife of John Home : Noncommunicants for a yeare 

Secret Mariag Thomas Brenche reporteth he is married to 
the said Katherine Cootes but by whome or when they know 

Private baptisme Thomas Rookebie knight and his lady had 
a younge childe within these 3 monethes. Thomas Brenche 
& his said supposed wife had a young child within these 3 
monethes, neither of thes baptised at the parishe churche. 

Lady Margaret Rookebie predicta, Dorothie Hildreth alias 
Robson ; Recusants since 25 Marcii 1603. 


| ithe wife of Thomas Pareman, Jane Langstaffe widow ; 
Thes ij did not com at Easter last by reason of some 
greafes betwene them, but came to ye church ye last sabath & 
promised to receive^ at the next comunion. Noncommuni- 
cants at Easter last. 

* Son of John Rokeby, of Rokeby and Mortham, the head of main stem of this 
very ancient and honourable family. Several members of the younger branches 
embraced Protestantism in a very decided form, but the elder line remained attached 
to the old way of serving God. John, above mentioned, suffered bitterly for his 
faith. In 1584 we find him in the Fleet Prison, "religionis causa," probably 
because he could not or would not pay some fine that had been imposed. His 
wife was Anne Thweng. Their son, Sir Thomas, married Margaret, daughter of 
Sir Ralf Lawson, of Brough Hall, in Richmondshire, an old Catholic family. Sir 
Thomas Rokeby sold the domain, from which his ancestors had taken their name, 
to Mr. William Robinson, one of whose descendants was made an Irish peer, 
under the title of Lord Rokeby. The peers did not inherit even in the female 
line a drop of the Rokeby blood. 

t This word is crossed out of the manuscript. 



I ane Wycliffe widowe, Meriall wife of William Wycliffe,* 
Esquier, Recusant for diuers yeares last. 

John Girlington sonne of Nynian Girlington gentleman, 
Margerie wife of Robert Blackburne yeoman, Margaret wife 
of John Wyclif gent, Thomas Wyclif, Thomas Thwaites, John 
Tayler, Ellen Tayler his daughter. Noncommunicants for 
a yeare last past. 

Private baptisme Ninian Girlington gentleman had a childe 
borne in his house, by his daughter Margaret, the supposed 
wife of George Smithson of Newsom, but by whom when or 
where it was christened they know not. 

Ninian Girlington of Girlington gentleman, John Girling- 
ton his sonne, Margaret Tailer daughter of John Tailler ; 
Recusants since xxv Marcii 1603. 


uthbert Bailes, Marthey his wife, Isabell wife of John 
Thirkeld, Jane wife of William West, Elizabeth wife 

* The Wycliffes had been settled here from the reign of Edward I. and probably 
at an earlier period. Some have thought that John Wycliffe the Reformer was of 
this house. The editor declines to give an opinion on a point on which there is, 
at present, no evidence. That he was born at or near the village of Wycliffe seems 
certain ; cf. Shirley's Fasc* Zizan. x., and the authorities there quoted. William 

Wycliffe, was the son of John and his first wife, Elizabeth, daughter of 

Parkinson. He married secondly a daughter, whose Christian name I have not 
seen recorded, of Robert Thorkild. This person I have no doiibt was the "Jane 
Wyclif widow " who had been a recusant for ' ' divers yeares. " William Wycliffe 
had two wives : (r) Dorothy, daughter and heiress of John Peace, of Halnetby ; 
(2) Muriel, daughter of Sir William Eure. The family is believed to be extinct. 
Mr. Raine has informed me that Mr. Surtees, the Durham historian, was anxious 
to find a genuine Rokeby or Wycliffe that he might provide for him, but was never 
able to do so. He adds that he believes some of the latter race still linger in the 
neighbourhood of Hexham. Archteologia sSliana, Aug. 1860, p. 19. Paulson's 
Holderness, ii. 239. 


of Xpofer Spowner, Recusants for divers yeares last 

ffrancis Thirkild a noncommunicant. 

STANWICKES parishe. 

Jnthonie Cathericke* Esquier, Josies (sic) his wief, Jane 
Watson, Alice Ashton, Anthonie Metcalfe gent, Ellin 
his wife, Margerie Lambart widowe, Margeret Cathericke 
widowe, William Cathericke gentleman, John Cathericke 
gentleman, Ellenor Cathericke, Richard Nicholson of Kirk- 
brigge, Grace his wife, Xpofer Nicholson, Richard Nicholson 
junior, Anne Nicholson, Edward Dalton of Awdbroughe, 
Dorothie his wife, Robarte Younge, his wife, Eliza- 

beth Minikyne,f Humes wedowe, Elizabeth Mayson, 

Grace Manfeild, Jenet ffirbancke, Agnes Manfeilde, Margaret 
Manfeilde, Margerie Manfeilde, Guy Watson, his 

wife, William Atkinson, his wife, Dorothie Wilson, 

Simond Dobison, Jane his wife, Anthony Wilde Jenet Wilde, 
Isabell Kinge, Thomas Sadler, Margerie his wife, Agnes 
Welfoote, Robert Barker of Caudwell, Thomas Robinson of 
the same, Thomas Braishawe of the Hie close, Marie, Applebie 
Richard Spencer, his wife, Jennet Cope, Margaret 

wife of Roger Atkinson of Laiton, Nicholas Mettam gentle- 
man, Anne Garthe, Anne Neesome, Recusantes. 

* A William Catterick was concerned in one of those small tumults which broke 
out in Yorkshire about the time of the Pilgrimage of Grace. Walbran's Fountains, 
271. John Catterick, Esq., and Margaret his wife, John Catterick, gentleman, 
Isabel, Maiy, and Margaret Catterick, spinsters, and Isabel Catterick, widow, are 
given under Carlton, in a list of Recusants taken in 1665-6. Depositions from 
York Castle, 136. 

t A mere nickname. The word is not out of use in the North of England, but 
it very seldom 'occurs in literature ; it has, however, found its way into some of our 
glossaries, e.g., Skinner: "Minneken, ab Anglo-Saxon Minicene, monialis, 
monacha, q. d. monachina, nobis, deflexo. parum sensu, Delicatulam & 
Comptulam puellam designat." 



Marie Dent, Jennet Dent, Peter Applebie, Isabell Applebie 
of the High Close. George Howde, Mathew Wilde, Jennet 
Robinson, Agnes Morland, Alice Linskaile, Margerie Helcote, 
Alice Bawcocke, William Smithe, Robert Smith e, Peter 
Burton, John Butler of CawdwelL John Butler, Elizabeth 
his wife, Raffe Manfeilde, his wife, Margerie Man- 

feilde, Anthonie Rome, his wife, Richard ffetham, 

Margerie ffetham, Grace servant to Richard ffetham, Marie 
Codd, Stephen ffurbancke, Leonard his man, Jennet 

ffoster, John Manfeild junior, Thomas Manfeilde, Xpofer 
Recubie, William Wilde senior, Marie Wilde, Muriell Carter, 
wife of Henrie Smith, Elizabeth Walker, Richard 
Piburne, Jennet his wife, Leonard Wethereld, John Welfett, 
Martin Carter, William Wilde, John Rainardson, his 

wife, Ann Blenkinsopp, Robert Cootes, his wife of 

A tidbroughe. Roger Atkinson, Dorothie Mettam, Emott 
Atkinson, Anne Thompson, Jane Atkinson, Thomas Neeson, 
Jennet Smithe ; Noncommunnicants. 

Private baptisme Anthonie Cattericke Esqr., Anthonie 
' Metcalfe gentleman, Richard Nicholson, Edward Dalton, 
William Atkinson, John Welfott ; euerie of thes persons had 
a child borne within the said parishe & none of theme baptized 
at the parish churche ; by whome, when or where they knowe 

GILLING parishe. 

Jane Gascoigne of Sadburie wedowe, a Recusant for diuers 

yeares last past. 
John Rainardson servant to ye said Mres. Gascoigne ; non- 

Peter Culsaie, Ann wife of John Hugganson. Theis ij 
receaved not at Easter last but promised to receive at the 
next comunion. Noncommunicants new. 


FFORCET parishe. 

[illiam Grainger a vagrant person, Jennet Berrie wedowe, 
Jenet Ovington of Epplebie wedow, Allison wife of 
George Lowes of the same. Mrs. Elizabeth Pudsey of Bar- 
forth widow, Ambrose Pudsey* now or late of Barforth 
gentleman, John Brewster of the same an old man, Robarte 
Dixon yeoman, Anne his wife, William Dixon his sonne, 
Jennet Stringer of Little Hooton, wedowe, Henrie Stringer 
her sonne, Katherine his wife, ffrancis Emerson of Ovington 
carpenter, Xpofer Dente of Carkinges, Helen wife of George 
Hawe of the same. Recusants for diuers yeares. 

Anne wife of ffrancis Allen of fForcett yeoman, Eden 
ffirbancke Ivnitique, Robert Berrie yeoman, Isabell wife of 
Symond Pearson of the same, George Lowes of Epplebie, 
a vagrant person, Henrie ffishborne yeoman, Margaret Gibson 
widowe, Mabell wife of Henrie Burton, Allison Carter, 
Elizabeth wife of William ffarrand, Elizabeth Hill widowe, 
Anne wife of Anthony Gibson, Elizabeth ffoster spinster, 
Isabell an old woman, Robert Applebie, Ambrose 

Newtowne ; Margaret Cuthbertson, Jenet Grisbye, servants to 
Mres. Pudsey of Barforth widowe, ffrancis Newton yeoman, 
Robert Clayton of Hegholme, Marie Dent widowe ; Non- 
communicants for diuers yeares last past. 

Anthony Ovington of Ovington yeoman, Elizabeth Oving- 
ton widowe, Isabell wife of William Bierley. Theis 3 last so 
old as not able to come to the church to communicate, but 
are willing. 

Secrete manages Ambrose Pudsey now or late of Barforth 
reputed to be secretly married to Mres. Dent of Pearsbrigge, 
but where or when they knowe not. Elizabeth fforster of 

Vide ante, sub Longpreston. 
G 2 


Carleton likewise reputed to be secretly marryed with one 
James Thompson of Melsonbie but by whome, when or where 
they know not. Thomas Lyones & Grace Pearson servants 
to Mr. Mennell of Kilvington* reputed to be secretlie marryed. 

Private Baptisme Henrie Slinger the younger of Litle 
Hooton had a child the last somer not baptised at the parishe 
churche, by whom when or where they knowe not. Thomas 
Liones & Grace his wife aboue named had a childe borne about 
Martinmas at fforcett, supposed to be secretly baptised in 
ffranc Rearson house there, father of the said Grace. 

Roberte Applebie, Ambrose Newcome, Margaret Cuthbert- 
son, Jennet Grisbie, ffrances Newcome, Henry Slinger the 
younger, his wife, George Lowes, Henrie ffishbourne, 

Margaret Gibson wedowe, Elizabeth ffoster, Xpofer Dent of 
Carkinge. Noncommunicants since the xxvth of March 1603. 

Marriages John Dent, Allison his wife, John Coltman, 
Elinor his wife. Recusantes for d'uers yeares last past. 

Privat baptism? John Dent two children borne, John Colt- 
man one childe borne ; and all secretlye baptized by whom, 
when or where they knowe not. 

EASBIE parishe. 
ane Harrison spinster poor lame woman, a Recusant. 

* In the twelfth century this family were resident at Hilton in -Cleveland. In 
or about 1556 they became of Kilvington. The person mentioned here was the 
eldest son of Roger Meynell of North Kilvington, who married Margaret, daughter 
and co-heiress of Anthony Catterick of Stanwick. He joined the Catholic insur- 
rection of 1569, under the Earls of Northumberland and Westmorland, and thus 
incurred the penalties of high treason, but received the royal pardon. Thomas, 
his son and successor, was born in 1564. He married (i) Winifred, daughter of 
Thomas Pudsey of Barforth, and (2) Mary Gale. In 1600 he was committed to 
gaol as a Recusant. His place of confinement was the Blockhouse at Kingston- 
upon- Hull, from whence in the following year he was removed to York Castle. In 
1604 he received a general pardon from King James. Burke 's Commonej's, i. 403. 
Shirley's Noblemen and Gentlemen of England, 304. 


John Watson Joyner ; a noncommunicant for diuers yeares 
last past. 


|francis Goodrigg, Anne his wife, Elizabeth Harrison 
widpwe, Margaret Colling widowe, John Bell, Eden 
Ponsenbie spinster, Gavin Collinge, Richard Shaw alias Blacke 
Dicke, George Swier, Richard Mennell gentleman, 
Richardson wedowe, Ellyn Smythe wedow, Marie wife of 
Anthony Smithson, George Smithson, Margaret his wife, John 
Smithson gentleman, Cuthbert Chapman, Margaret Chapman, 
Margaret Smithson widowe ; Recusants for diuers yeares last 

Brian Hall, Allan Cootes, Robert Collinge, George Collinge, 
William Mires, .James Ponsenbie, William Swinney, Beele 
Wycliffe, noncommunicants this last yeare. 

Agnes Layton promiseth to communicate hereafter. 

Alice Barton, her husband promiseth she shall communicate 
when the curate doeth call her. 

Secrete mariage ffraunces Goodrigges, George Smithson, 
haue been maryed by whome, when, or where they knowe 

Privat baptisms Richard Shawe alias Black Dick, had a 
childe borne in his house & not baptized at the parish 
churche, neither know they when, by whome or where. 


frauncis Tunstall* Esquier, Elizabeth his wife, Cuthbert 
Pudseyf gentleman, Gerard ffawden, William Collinge 

* I think, but am by no means sure, that this is Francis Tunstall of Thurland, 
who married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Gascoyne, of Sudbury. 
t Vide under Longpreston. 


ffrancis Macldeson, John Moore alias Baw, Olyver whose 
surname they know not, ffrances Lecke, George. Slater, 
John Hackforthe, ffrancis Claxton,* Ellen Swainston ; Mabell 
Watson, Elizabeth Thompson seruantes to ye said Francis 
Tunstall, John Thompson, Elizabeth Shawe, Anne wife of 
William Dent of Scargill, Elizabeth wife of John Johnson of 
yeoman ; Recusant es. 

ffrancis Goodrigge of Ravensworth, John Smithson of 
Newsam; Lately corned from beyond the seas & diuers 
others resort to ye house of ye said Francis Tunstall, but 
come not to ye churche. Recusantes. 

Scolemaster Gerard ffawden, a Recusant before named dothe 
teache Francis Tunstall his children. 

MELSONBY parishe. 

jjobert Gaterd, Elizabeth his wife, his man 

servant, his mayde servant whose names 

ther master will not give in. 

William Gaterd, Gabriel Wylde a bastard, both dwell with 
widow Gaterd ; Richard ffilton alias Stephenson a bastarde, 
his wife, John Stenesbye his man, Nicholas 
Hall, his wife, Edward Pearson, Elizabeth his wife, 

ffrances Smithson his mother in lawe, his man 

servant, Margerie Gower, Elizabeth Gaterd, Grace Garbott ; 
all fallen awaie since the deathe of ye late Quene's majestic. 

* No doubt this person was one of the Claxtons of the County Palatine of Durham, 
a family which suffered severely for its participation in the Northern rising. 
Surtees's beautiful ballad of Claxton's Lament, gives a poetic interest to a family 
whose misfortunes in endeavouring to bring about a counter revolution should give 
them a corner in the memory of all those who take higher than partizan views of 
the religious history of their forefathers. 

Robert Claxton of Old Park was the person whose misfortunes the poem was 
meant to keep in memory, but the author was misled by a slip of the pen or failing 
memory to write the name Francis. 


Raffe Wilson, Richard Whitfeilde servantes to Roberta 
Thompson, Margerie wife of Edward Gower, Gerard Garbott, 
James Thompson, Anthonie Thomson, John Thompson an 
old man, Thomas Wilson, John Wilson sonnes of Xpofer 
Wilson, Recusantes. 

Roberte Smithson, Edward Gower, noncommunicants. 

Seducer Marke a milner, hath diuers tymes frequented the 
houses of Edward Gaterd & Richard Stephenson which 
milner is a great persuader of the people to recusancie. 

Robert Gaterd was marryed with a masse, secretly long since. 

Secret mariage James Thompson, John Raynaldson servant 
to wedow Gascpigne ; are reported to be marryed secretly 
but by whom where or when they know not 

Priuat baptisme Robert Gaterd, Richard ffethon alias 
Stephenson ; had either of them a childe borne & baptized 
but not at the parishe church. 


WATH parishe. 

|uthbert Simpson of Norton Conyers, Dorothie his wife, 
Margaret wife of John Harrison the younger, Elizabeth 
daughter of John Harrison thelder; noncommunicants for 
one whole yeare last past. 

arie Bulmer an old woman, a Recusant. 

PlCHALL parishe. 
mnia bene. 


CUNDALL parishe. 

ohn fforde of Cundall, Ellen his wife, did not receive at 
Easter last ; noncommunicants. 


Jarmaduke Willson, his wife; did forbeare to 

communicate for that they and theire neighbors are 
*not in charitie by reason of suites. Noncommunicants. 

Brian Wilson, Simond Milner, John Thompson, William 
Keye, his wife. Theis received not the holy com- 

munion at the parishe church, but at some other place. 

BURNISTON parishe. 

|eorge Jackson of Gateribre Esquier, Jane his 

wife, ffrancis Gatenbre of the same gentleman, Jane 
his wife, George Micharell of .... Newton gentleman, 
Jane his wife, Recusantes for fower yeares last past. 

George Jackson before named hath received into his service 
ffrancis Strangwish thes 3 yeares being a Recusant. 

Secret mariage ffrancis Gatenbie before named was maryed 
at Gatenbie by one Wilson a Catholique or popish priest 

Priuat baptisme ffrancis Gatenbie hath also had three 
children baptized by popishe preistes for anie thinge knowne 
to the contrarye. 


wife of Thomas Tankard Esquier, a Recusant. 
Secret maryage Thomas Bawhinnye clerk is reported to 
have solempnized a mariag in the house of Wilfride Dobbey. 
William Gibson gentleman, a Recusant for a yeare last past. 


.- William Wilson "before named, Katherine his wife ; Nohr 

communicants for a yeare last past. 

Subscribed by Sir Thomas Lascells* knight & 
Mr.. Timothy Huttonf Esquier. But not under 
the curates, churchwardens & sworne mens 

ohn SaireJ Esquier, a Recusant a longe tyme. 

Richard Saire, Helen his wife, Elizabeth Saire widowe, 
Cuthbert Potter tattler, Mary his wife, Jane wife of Thomas 
Simpson,- Richard Staney, Dorothie his wife, wife of 

* The ancestors of the Earls of Harewood sprung from the village of Hinder- 
skelfe, in the wapentake of Bulmer. John de Lascelles held divers lands there 
in the gth of Edward II. His son, another John, was called " Filius Johannis, 
alias Jackson," and the family for many generations were known by either name. 
The person mentioned in the text was the eldest son of Robert Lascelles, or Jack- 
son, of Gauthorpe and Eryholme Grange, in the parish of Hovingham, who married 
Dorothy Newport. " His son, who is not described as a knight in Whitaker's 
pedigree (Loidis and Elmete, 168) had livery of his estate in the 1st of Elizabeth, 
and died i6th James I. He married Margery, daughter of Sir William Saint 
Quihtin of Harpham. The present Earl of Harewood descends from his brother, 
Francis Lascelles, alias Jackson, who married Anne, daughter of John Charter of 
North- Allerton, served the office of High Sheriff, 1605, and had the honour of 
knighthood conferred upon him the same year. He married Elizabeth, daughter 
of Sir George Bowes of Streatham in the Bishopric of Durham, and left numerous 
issue. Arch, sEliana, Aug. 1860, p. 49. 

t Sir Timothy Hutton of Marske was the eldest son of Matthew Hutton, Arch- 
bishop of York, 1595-1605, by his 2nd wife, Beatrix, daughter of Sir Thomas 
Fincham of Owtwell in the Isle of Ely. He was born 1569. 

J I have never seen a pedigree of this family. Several of them are mentioned 
in the lists of Recusants given in Mr. Raine's Depositions from York Castle. . 


Richard Cockes, Laurence Wells, Grace his wife ; Recusants 
for two years last past. 

. Recusantes reteyned. John Saire before named kepeth 
George Hodgson, & Jane Wilson servants & .Recusantes in 
his house. 

Secret mariag Cuthbert Potter Marie Ward maryed together 
as they confesse but when, where or by whome they know not. 

Private baptisme Richard Cocke ij children baptized by the 
midwife since Xpnmas last, as he saieth, but where, when, or 
by whome they knqwe not. 

George Hodgson, Jane Wilson, Richard Cock, Barnard 
Pearson, Anne his wife ; Recusants since the 25 of March 
1603, but came to church before. 

GYRSBIE parishe. 

| eorge Stockdale of Girsbie with in Sockburne parish, in 
the countie of Durham a Recusant X yeres. 

Horsley widow, a poore woman, Recusantes old. 
George Conyers of Sockburne Esquier, Hodgson 

widowe late wife of Thomas Hodgson ; Recusantes a yeare 
& a halfe. 

Leonard Hoggard, a man of small wealth in Girsby 
Agnes wife of John Conyers ; Recusantes since 25 Marcii 
1603 & not before. 

Agnes wife of the said John Conyers ; Noncommunicant 
at Easter last. 


(, . ... 

]argaret wife of James Parkinson of Litle Smeaton, a 

blind woman ; Recusant 3 yeares. 
James Arthure XX tie yeares of age ; a Recusant this last 
yeare. . 


Recetter of npncommunicants. Anne Wood of Birkbie hath 
harbored & yet dothe her sister excommunicated for 2 
children begotten in fornication & a noncommunicant thes 
2O tie yeares. 

LEAKE parishe. 

|nne wife of Thomas Danbie* of leake, Elizabeth wife of 
Thomas Jackson, John Parkinson of Knaton ; Re- 

Miles Danbie of Barwith,Jenet Thompson, widowe, Marie 
Danbie, noncommunicants. 

Private baptisme Anne Danbie aforenamed was delivered 
of a child 4 Junii last, not baptised at the parishe churche, 
and where, when or by whome they know not. 

SlGSTON parishe. 

jssabell Jefferson, a poore old woman ; noncommunicant 
at Easter last. 

Mary wife of Valentine Metcalf, late of Otterington har- 
boured with Xpofer Marwood of Winton for half a yeare last ; 
non com at Easter last. 

Privat baptisme Richard Best late farmer of Sigston 
parsonage, a child born about 24 Maii last, not baptized at 
the parishe churche, nor where, when or by whome is it 

Richard Best, ffaith his wife ; now removed to Hawnebye, 
they went to church before 25 Marcii 1603, but not after during 
thereabout (sic) till after Martinmas last. Recusants new. 

* A junior branch of the house of Danby (see under Massam). Anne, the wife of 
Thomas, was daughter and co-heir of Ralf Anger. Their grandson, Thomas Danby, 
was slain, ex farte regis, at the battle of Naseby. Visit. Ebor. 93. 


THORNTON Streete. 

|homas Mennell* of North Kelvington Esquier, Leonard 
Brackenbury gentleman, Jenet Mattison wedpwe, 
Jenet Webster wedowe, Richard Talbott, a poore gentleman & 
his wife, Dorothie wief of ffrances Scroopef of Spenithorne ; 
Recusants old. 

Christofer Jeffreson, Dorothie his wife, Thomas Palliser, 
Dorothie his wife, Helen ffowberye spinster, Margerye wife of 
Xpofer Almond, Thomas Johnson, Thomas Lyones, Grace his 
wife ; Noncommunicants a yeare & more last. 

Thomas Cooke, Gilbert Browne, Richard Robinson, Dorothie 
Watson, spinster ; servants to Mr. Thomas Mennell ; noncom- 
municants about ij yeares. 

Suspicon of private baptisme Thomas Palliser weaver, a 
childe lately borne, which he saith he will cause to be bap- 
tised priuately but yet is not. 


jelen Metcalfe daughter to Vincent Metcalf of poore 

estate ; a Recusant ij yeares. 
Phillis Slidmer, a poore spinster ; noncommunicant ; sus- 


John Hunter groome, Anne Walton ; Recusantes excom- 
municate & refuse, not wilfully but lack of fees, to 
absolve them ; Recusants excommunicate. 

* See note under Forcet. f See note under Thornton Stewart. 



[argaret Gatenbie, wedow in house with William Bowes 
of Ellerbeck since 25 Marcii 1603. Recusants & 

Reteyne\r\ of Recusants Leonard Walker of Ouer Silton 
reteyneth Martyn Peart of Munkhouse, for a yeare last past ; 


| pofer Conyers Esquier, a recusant 20 yeares ; John 
Marshall a poore man, his wife, 14 yeares ; 

Robert Conyers gentleman, his wife, Isabell wife of 

George Wrighte about X yeares ; John Conyers gentleman, 
his wife, Richard Hutton a poore old man, about 
12 yeares. Roger Conyers gentleman, his wife, 

Marye Watson a poore old woman ; about 7 yeares. 

Helen wife of Richard Stockdale gentleman, 2 yeares ; 
Recusantes old. 

Scolemaster noncommunicant. Xpofer Newstead, by Richard 
Stockdale reteyned to teache ye youth of the parishe, cometh 
to the church but did not comunicate last Easter. 

Henry Routhe yeoman, his wife, before the xxvth 

of March 1603 came to ye church but now is a Recusant 


nne wife of Lyonell Kenerhewe ; Recusant 5 yeares last. 

Lyonell Kenerhewe a poore laborer"; noncommunicant 
about 5 yeares. 



| ames Grayson came to church last yeare, noncommu- 

nicant at Easter last. 
The rest of the parishes omnia bene. 

The Justices certifie they durst not deale with the same for 
feare of thinfection. 

Certified by William Mauluerer* 
& Charles Laytonf 
. vnder ther oune handes 
& not by the curates 
& other officers. 

STOKESLEY parishe. 

Jeter Brasse, draper & husbandman, Anne his wife, 
Margaret Rochester his servant, William Barthram 
pewterer, Meryall his wife, Richard Wilkinson peuterer, 
Isabell his wife, Christopher Wilkinson his servant, George 
Harryson pedlar, Bartholomew George pewterer, Margerie 
his wife, Robert Warmworthe, Margaret his wife a pedlar, 

* William Maleverer of Wodersome married Eleanor daughter of Richard- Aid- 
borough of Aldborough. Their eldest son James married Beatrice, daughter of Sir 
Timothy Hutton of Marske. Visit. Ebor. 97. 

f Son of Francis Layton of West Layton and Kirkby Hill, who died in 1609, 
aged seventy. The Laytons were a Protestant family, and the Yorkshire Catholics 
had good reason to remember them as such. Richard Layton, D.D., great-uncle to 
the above-named Francis, was one of Henry the Eighth's visitors to the northern 
monasteries. Several of his letters still survive to show the manner in which he 
did his work. Anthony Wood sums up his character in one brief sentence when 
he says of him that "he did much to please the unlimited desire of the king."-; 
Cf. J. H. Blunt, Reforma. of Church of Eng., 303, 328, 358. Wright, Sup- 
pression of Monasteries, 96, 100. 


Thomas Morley cordwayner, Anne his wife, she dare not 
communicate for her husband, Nicholas Browne, his servant 
Xpofer Mitchinson tanner, Margaret his wife, Leonard Hutch- 
inson his brother a tanner, Margerie wife of William Swin- 
bancke, Agnes Morley widow, Henry Warmworthe tailer, 
Robert Madderson cordwayner, Robert Anderson butcher, 
Marie his wife ; Recusantes new "since 35 March" 1603. 

Jane wife of George Harrison before named, Alice Harrison 
his daughter ; Recusantes old. 

Jane Smalshankes ; noncommunicant since Easter 1603. 

Recetter of persons suspected Chnskofer Hutchmson a resetter 
of strange persons suspected. 

Secret mariage Robarte Warmworth, Margarett Harrison 
his supposed wife; suspected to be secretly marryed by a 
popishe preist about Egton. ' 

Priuate baptisme Bartholomewe George had a childe borne 
in January last which he refused to bring to the church to be 
baptized and since, as they heare, it was baptized, secretlie 
at Mr. Barthram house, with some popish preist, for two 
strangers were sene ther in the night tyme suspected to be 

Churchwarde disobedient. Thomas Morley churchwarden 
being sworne refused to ioyne in the presentment because he 
knew more than the rest as is supposed. 

GlSBROUGH parishe. 

illiam Bales husbandman, Margerye his wife, Lancelot 
Bales, Thomas Jolsey* carpenter, Agnes wife of 

* Andrew Jowsey of Egton may have been of kin with this man. He was 
charged, gth December, 1678, with being a priest. Denied the fact, but refused 
the oaths of allegiance and supremacy. He was acquitted. Depos. from York 
Castle, 232. 


George Hewgill, Isabell Tockettes daughter of George 
Tocketts* Esquier, Elizabeth Veley servant to Marmaduke 
Bowes of Appleton gentleman, George Hewgill laborer, 
Meriall wife of Symon Clarke of Hutton ; Recusantes old. 

Suzan wife of John Thompson parish dark of Gisburghe, . 
Jane Wetherheld widowe, Anne wife of Peter Buckton of 
Tockettes, George Tockettes Esquier, Launcelot Bales, An- 
tho'nye Bales, sonnes of William Bales, Phillis Sim daughter 
of John Sym, Alice Clarke daughter of Symon Clarke; 
Recusantes within thes ij yeares. 

Priuat baptisme William Bales had a chylde called Mar- 
garet baptized at home about 6 yeares synce but by whome 
they knowe not ; Leonard Corneforth fuller a child named 
Richard, secretly baptised about 2Oth of November last. 

Robert Hoggard of Lockerhouse had a childe named Joan 
baptized about the first of the month by a popish preist, as is 
supposed for fre confesseth there was water & salt vsed. 

Marie wife of John Watson, Anne Duffitt, Robarte Hoggard, 
Anne his wife, Grace ffell spinster, Leonarde Corneforth, Jane 
his wife, Elizabeth wife of Xpofer Cawdbecke, Alice Laverocke, 
widowe, Margaret wife of John Hansill clarke, Margaret 
Hesledon widowe, Jane Gradon servant to Thomas Jolsey, 
William Pencock locksmith, Margaret his wife, John Sym 
gentleman, Johan his wife, Helen Sym there daughter, Hawise 
wife of John Lume yeoman, Margaret wife of William Robin- 
son laborer, Alice wife of Nicholas Patton yeoman, Marie 

.. . * This person married Elizabeth, daughter of Hutton of Hunwyke in the 

bishopric of Durham. He died about 1626, aged seventy. Dugdale's pedigree does 
not give him a daughter Isabell j there is, however, an Elizabeth, presumably the 
same person, who married Francis Thompson of Scarborough. His grandson, 
Roger Tocketts of Tocketts married Cornelia, daughter of Marcus Van Valken- 
burgh, one of the Dutchmen who settled on the level of Hatfield Chase for the 
purpose of draining the waste lands. Visit. Ebor. 320. De la Primes Diary, 285. 


Hawrigge servant to William Bales, -Alike Allison wedowe ; 
Obstinate Recusants since Easter Anno 1603. 


| ohn Hodgson of Growmanhurst, Jane his wife, William 
Whitfeild, Margery his wife, Edward Sympson of 
Egton cordwayner, Katheren his wife, Emott Cockerel! 
widowe, Robert Hodgson of Mirkebecke tanner, Jane Barton 
of Lindberhill widowe, Anne wife of Richard Smith of 
Egton-bwgg*end yeoman, Dorothie wife of Ralphe Salvin 
' thelder Esquier, Xpofer Sympson of Egtpn cordwayner, 
Dorothie his wife, John Roe laborer his wife, 

John Marshall laborer, Agnes his wife, Elizabeth wife of 
Henry Pearson of Whitegill, Browne husbandman, 

Anne wife of William Fetherston of Egton Wood husband- 
man, Marie wife of Xpofer White of Egton Wood fuller, 
Katheren wife of Xpofer Harwood of Leaserigg laborer, Jane 
wife of Mathew Dieconson of Egton labourer, Xpofer Consett 
glover, Helen his wife, Jane Graison widowe, Elizabeth wife 
of George Knagges cordwayner, Jane wife of John Whitfeild 
husbandman, Jane Ppsgate of Kif kdale widowe, Isabell wife 

t * 

of John Tomlin of Westonby laborer, Isabell wife of George 
Viccars husbandman, Mathewe Lynton of Growman carpenter. 
Recusants for viij yeares last past. 

Recttsantes reteyned Jane Posgate* doth keep in her house 
William Posgate* her father, a Recusant who teacheth 


* These people were clearly relatives of Nicholas Postgate, the Catholic martyr, 
but the exact degree of relationship will probably for ever remain uncertain. 

An entry a little further on shows that Jane Posgate was a widow ; whether her 
name was the same before marriage, as is possible, or whether William Posgate, who 
is there called her father, was only so by marriage is doubtful. It seems however 
highly probable that one of the children mentioned as being privately baptized was 
the future martyr. He was born at Kirkdale House in the parish of Egton in York- 
shire about the end of the sixteenth century. His parents had been great sufferers 

H , 


children & also Marmaduke Fetch & Jane Smallwood Recu- 
santes. Ninian Smithson keepeth Isabell Holme her servant ; 
a Recusant. 

Xpofer Conset, Ellis Knagges ; Chrofer Simpson, Dorothie 
Pearson; Henrie Lawson, Dorothie Marshall ; George Knagges, 
Ellis Dowson; Xpofer Tailler, Jane Burton; all thes lyve 
together as man & wife & suspected to be secretly marry ed. 

ffrancis Cook of Growman, Marie his wife, Andrewe Cook, 

for their religion. He was admitted convictor at Douay College in 1621; took the 
college oath 1623 ; promoted to minor orders Dec. 28th, 1624 ; Sub-Deacon 
Dec. 1 8th, 1627 ; Deacon March i8th, 1628 ; and Priest March 2oth of the 
same year. He was sent on the English mission June 29th, 5:630. Nearly fifty years 
of his life were spent in his native county in fulfilling the dangerous duties of his 
office. His residence in the latter part of his life was upon a heath-clad moor 
about two miles from Mulgrave Castle and five miles from Whitby, called Blacka- 
moor. The old man. would probably have gone to the grave in peace by a natural 
death had not the popular mind been driven to fury by the supposed discoveries 
of the inventors of the Popish plot. These falsehoods stimulated the persecuting 
zeal not only of those misguided people who sincerely thought they did God 
service by hunting Catholic priests to death, but also of every unprincipled ruffian 
who did not shrink from swearing away a man's life for reward. 

" He was apprehended by one Reeves, an exciseman, an implacable enemy of 
Catholics, at the house of Matthew Lythis,at Little-Beck, near Whitby,and was, with 
his harbourer, committed to York gaol. When his trial came on, he was indicted for 
high treason, not as a plotter, but as a priest. The witnesses that appeared against 
him were Elizabeth Wood, Elizabeth Baxter, and Richard Morrice. These deposed, 
that they had seen him baptize and exercise other priestly functions ; and upon their 
evidence he was found guilty by his jury, and condemned to die ; which sentence 
was no ways unwelcome to him, who had been learning to die all his life-time. 

" The day allotted for his triumphant exit, was the 7th of August, 1679 ; on which 
day in the morning, amongst other visitors, went to see him, Mrs. Fairfax, wife 
to Mr. Charles Fairfax of York, and Mrs. Meynel of Kilvington. These ladies 
having done their devotions, went together to his room, to take their last leave of 
him and to crave his blessing. The confessor seeing them in great concern, 
whereas he was cheerful, came up to them, and laying his right hand upon the one, 
and his left upon the other, they being both at that time big with child, he spoke 
these words to them : Be of good heart, children ;you shall both be delivered oj sons, 
and they will be both saved. Immediately afterwards he was laid upon a sledge, 
and drawn through the streets, to the place of execution, where he suffered with 
great constancy. The two ladies were soon after brought to bed of sons, who were 
both baptized, and both died in their infancy. This, says the Rev. Mr. Knares- 


his wife, Richard Smith of Egton brigge, Ninian 
Smithson, of Kirkdale bancke, Anne his wife, Henrie Dale of 
Okebar Holme, Isabell his wife, Dorothie Dale their daughter, 
Margerie wife of Robert White of Kirkedale bank, Peter 
Colson, Ellis Knagges of Shortwayt, George Viccars, John 

borough, in a paper which I have now before me, was told me by Mrs. Fairfax, 
one of the parties, the 5th of October, 1705. 

At the gallows he spoke little ; the substance of his words was ' I die in the 
Catholic religion, out of which there is no salvation; Mr. Sheriff, you know I die not 
for the plot, but for my religion. I pray God bless the king and the royal family. Be 
pleased, Mr. Sheriff, to acquaint his Majesty, that I never offended him in any 
manner of way. I pray God give him his grace, and the light of truth. I forgive all that 
have wronged me and brought me to this death, and I desire forgiveness of all people.' 
He was executed according to sentence ; his quartered body was given to his friends, 
and interred. One of his hands is preserved in Douay College. The following in- 
scription was put upon a copper-plate, and thrown into his coffin : 

" ' Here lies that reverend and pious divine, Dr. Nicholas Postgate, who was 
educated in the English College at Douay. And after he had laboured fifty years 
(to the admirable benefit and conversion of hundreds of souls) was at last advanced 
to a glorious crown of martyrdom, at the city of York, on the 7th of August, 1679, 
having been priest 51 years, aged 82.' 

"The unhappy Reeves, who apprehended him, never had the 2O/. reward which 
he looked for ; but after having suffered for some time an extreme torture in body 
and mind, was found drowned in a small brook." Chattonet's Mem. of Missionary 
Priests, ii. 401. 

Thomas Ward, the author of the Errata of the Protestant Bible, knew him well. 
He speaks of him as 

"A reverend priest, devout and good, 

" Whose spotless life in length was spun 

" To eighty years and three times one. 

" Sweet his behaviour, grave his speech, 

" He did by good example teach ; 

" His love, right bent, his will resign'd, 

" Serene his look, and calm his mind ; 

" His sanctity to that degree, 

" As angels live, so lived he." 

Canto iv. ed. 1716, p. 396. 

Further on he tells us that his abode was a dismal hermitage, sheltered not by 
wood but by snowdrifts. It is possible that those who have an intimate local 
knowledge of the neighbourhood may still be able to identify the spot. 

Mr. Raine has published the depositions which were taken on Postgate's arrest. 
s. from York Castle, 230. 

H 2 


Whi'tfeild of Egton, William Pearson of Mirkhousesyde, Anne 
his wife, Isabell Boyes, Ellis wife of Raphe Harewood, Recu- 
santes since 25 Marcii 1603, & not before. 

Private baptismes Edward Sympson, Henry Lawson, George 
Knagges, Xpofer Consett, Jane Posgate widowe, John Roe, 
Raphe Harwood : All these have had children baptized pri- 
vately of late yeares. 


| ames Jen, Margery his wife ; Recusantes old. 

Agnes there daughter a Recusant since March 1603 ; 
Recusant new. 


[icholas Gower of Staynesbye Esquier noncommunicant 

2 yeares. 

ffrideswede wife of Nicholas Gower, Elizabeth Hill her 
servant, Anne wife of John Lucas gentleman, Dorothie 
Gower a poore gentlewoman, Elizabeth Jackson an old poor 
widowe, Phillis Massam a poore spinster, Robert Gower gentle- 
man reteyn[er] to Sir Raff Grey* knight as he sayeth. Recu- 
santes old. 


argery wifq of Persivell Applebie yeoman, Meriall Swayn- 
ston a poore widowe, Isabell Cully a poore widowe, 

* Sir Ralph Grey of Horton, afterwards of Chillingham, son of Sir Ralph Grey of 
Chillingham, by his wife Isabell, daughter and co-heiress of Sir Thomas Grey of 
Horton. Sir Ralph the younger married Dorothy, daughter of Sir Thomas Mallet 
of Enmore, the widow of Sir Thomas Palmer. He died Sept. 7th, 1623. His body 
awaits the resurrection in the chancel of Chillingham church. He four times filled 
the office of High Sheriff for Northumberland viz., 1582,1591, 1593, i6ll;M.P. 
for Northumberland in 1604. Rains' s North Durham, 226. 


Anne Gotham spinster, a poore old woman, Recusantes of 
old. ' ' : 

Recusant reteyned Richard Gascoigne of Cold Inglebie 
gentleman hath for the most part of this last half yeare 
reteyned one Richard Pattericke, singleman, & a weaver who 
is a Recusant. 

Priuat baptisme. Meriall Swamson, a woman child about 
V yeares old suspected to be baptized after the popishe 
manner, but where, when or by whome they knowe not. 

Jane wife of Peter Hunter weaver, Elizabeth Willis a poore 
spinster, Recusants since 25 Marcii 1603. 

CRAWTHORNE parishe. 

jridgett Crawthorne widow a Recusant 20 yeares ; Thomas 
Crawthorne* Esquier, Katheren his wife Recusants 
about 3 or 4 yeres ; John Tiplady reteyned by ye said Mr. 
Crawthorne, Jane his wife; Alexander Welfote, Margaret 
his wife, very poore & perverse Recusants 8 or 9 yers ; Recu- 
santes old. 

ffrancis ffulthroppe of ffoxtori gentleman, Anne his wife ; 
Recusants since xpent last. 

Rec^^santes reteyned Thomas Crawthorne Esquier keepeth 
in his howse these servantes Recusants viz. George Spenceley, 
John Blackbeard, Richard Hosie, Anne Stockdale, Jane 
for 12 moneth. 

Priitat, baptisme John Tipladie had a child privately baptized 
about Candlemas last, where or by whome they know not. 

John Buttrie, Margaret wife of Raffe Sleightholme poore, 

* Thomas Crathorne of Crathorne died circa 1637. His spouse was Kathe- 
rine, daughter and co-heiress of Edmond Richart of Swinington, co. Norfolk. Visit* 
Ebor. 145. 

f" Christmas. ' 


Jennet Middleton, widowe, Agnes Mothersall widowe ; Recu- 
sants this last yeare & not before. 


John Coles cometh not to ye church bycause he is ex- 
communicate, but would if he were absolved ; 
Recusant excommunicate. 

WHORLETON parishe. 

jhomas Wilson of Pottoe, his wife, William 

Wilson his "sonne, Margaret Wilson daughter, George 
Wrighte, wife of Henrie Waterton,* Jane Stockton 

widowe, Helen Ellerby ; old Recusantes very poore. 

Recusant reteyned. William Bate of West Lathes kepeth 
one ffrancis More a Recusant in his house thes 12 monethes. 

William Coates, Elizabeth Foxe ; noncommunicants this 
last yeare. 


ohn Inglebyef of Rudbye Esquier, John Grace with 
gentleman, bedridd ; Recusantes old. 

* Here is a man bearing a knightly name catalogued among the "very poore." 
He cannot but have been one of the race who take their name from Waterton in 
the Isle of Axholme. The Yorkshire branch, which has been settled for ages at 
Walton Hall, and of which the late Charles Waterton was the representative, 
still remain faithful to the old religion. The Lincolnshire offshoots, of which there 
were two "or three, are believed to have become extinct long ago. 

t Probably, but by no means certainly, this is the John Ingleby who married 
(i) Isabell, daughter of N. Tpwnley of Royle, co. Pal. Lane. ; (2) Mary, daughter 
of Sir Thomas Lake. This person's father was Thomas Ingleby, who died in 
1585, aged twenty-one years ; his wife was Alice Lawson of Brough Hall. 
Ducatus Lead. 192. 



jobert Bowes yeoman, of small abilitye, Margerie his 
wife, James Bowes, Margarett Bowes, Phillis Bowes, 
Marmaduke Lodge, poore ; old Recusantes. 

Margaret Best, a very aged and poore widowe, Elizabeth 
Renerhewe, a poore spinster, John Johnson a poore tailer, 
his wife, Recusantes since 25 Marcii 1603. 


| obert Thomson, Alice his wife, harbored near one yeare 

by Thomas Wood of Glaysdale, Recusantes. 
'Private baptisme. Robert Thomson predictus had a child 
secretly baptized after the popishe manner, as is supposed, 
but where, when or by whome they cannot tell. 

wife of Nicholas Rudd who before the 25 of Marche 
1603 came to the churche & communicated at Easter is since 
become a Recusant new. 


dith wife of Thomas Bawmer zealous in Religion, Meriall 
Yoward, widowe ; Noncommunicant at Easter last. 


] pofer ffarnaby his wife, Alexander Wilson, 

his wife ; Recusants for a yeare last. 
Recusantes reteyned: Rym[er] widowe reteyneth, 

John Ascoughe, Thomas Hewgill reteyneth John Wilson. 

Priuat baptisme ; Alexander Wilson caused a child to be 
baptized secretly & not at the churche, but wher, when or by 
whome they knowe not. 



ary wife of William Strangwais gentleman ; noncom- 
municant for a yeare last past. 


j|dward Buck a poore man, Allison Thompson, Elizabeth 
Clifton -poore widowes, Margery Thomson ; old Re- 

ffrancis Saire gentleman poore ; a non communicant. 
Xpofer Pottes, an excommunicate person. 
A seducer ffrancis Tailer, resorteth into their parish, a seducer 
of the people contrary to the lawe. 


fhomas Man [of] Castleaventon, Suzan his wife, William 
Grayson of Pickton, Jane his wife, Elizabeth wife of 
Thomas Hird ; Recusants for a yeare & a half. 

ffrancis Welfoote of Pickton ; noncommunicant for a yeare. 

Recusantes reteyned; Thomas Man kepeth in his house or 
service Xpofer Harrison, Stephen Beades, Myles Symon, 
Jane Buttrye Recusantes. ; 

George Gale of Kirkleaventon kepeth in his house ffrancis 
Ingram, Sythe Hall, as his servants being Recusants. 

Ralphe Wilson reteyneth William Simpson Recusant. 

Secret mariage Thomas Man his wife ; maryed 

secretly by whom or where vnknowne. 

Margaret Rose, Isabell Rose, William Simpson, Isabell 
Maxwell, George Gayle yeoman, Margaret his wife, John 
Goldesborough, John Gibson his servant, Katheren Brigges 
spinster, Anne wife of Thomas Rudd, Richard Warde, Marye 
his wife, Jane Orton spinster; before -25 March 1603 thes all 
repared to the church & since are become wilfull Recusantes. 



Jilliam Milner, Allison his wife, Agnes wife of Robert 
Allenbye, Jane wife of Robert Nelson, Alice wife of 
John Staynhous, Robert Sawer, Elizabeth Staynhous ; Recu- 
sants 8 or 9 yeares but poore laborers. 

Robert Trotter Esquier, Margaret his wife ; noncommuni- 
cants this last yeare. 

Priuat baptisme Xpofer Burdon husbandman had a childe 
secretly baptised, where and by whome they know not. " 

Robert Allanbye, Joan wife of William Nelson, Jane wife of 
Richard Locke, Jebbs widowe Burton 

widowe r Averell wife of Xpofer Burdon, John Staynehous, 
Thomas Staynhous, Richard Staynhous ; Poore labouring 
people which came to church before the xxvth of Marche 
1603 & since are become Recusantes. Recusantes new. 


j|ohn Baybrigge, Katheren his wife, Mary Bainbrigge his 
daughter, John Hebb, Jane his wife, Mary Finder, 
"William Harte, Jane his wife ; notorious Recusantes for 7 or 
8 yeares last being poore fishermen. 

Secrete Mariag- Thomas Hewgill, Helen his wife; supposed 

to be maryed secretly but where, or by whofrie they know not. 

Priuat baptisme Thomas Sympson, ffrancis Trewhitt/* 

John Hart younger; euerieof them a chylde baptized secretly, 

but by whome, where or when they know not. 

* I am unable to connect this person with any of the branches of the family of 
Tyrwhitt ; of some one of which he was undoubtedly a scion. They took their name 
from a village now called Trewhytt in Cpquetdale in Northumberland. Members 
of the family were settled at Kettleby, Stainfield, Bottesford, Scotter, and Camer- 
ingham in Lincolnshire. A privately printed memoir entitled Notkes and Remains 
of The Family of TyrwJiitt contains much curious information concerning them.' 


John Hart, thelder, Margaret his wife, John Hart younger, 
Marie his wife, Thomas Simpson, his wife, Thomas 

Berryman,* Agnes wife of John Finder, Elizabeth wife of 
William Hobb, Thomas Hodgson, Thomas Hewgill, Helen 
his wife, Anne wife of Richard Stephenson, Margery Harrison, 
John Sympson, Jenet Boyes, Rowland Pattyson, Elizabeth his 
wife, Helen Berryman, George Norton ; poore fishermen & 
laboring people who did before the 25 of March 1603 come 
to church & since are become Recusantes. 


arie wife of Edward Goodyeare, a Recusant of almost 
ij yeares. 


Recusant reteyned. Thomas Wilie reteyned one Thomas 
Tockettest gentleman a Recusant since Whitsuntyde last. 


|argarett Pattison of Skinningrave 18 years, Josian Patti- 
son her daughter 16 yeares, Dorothie wife of Richard 
Hart vj yeares, William Deane of Skyninggrame fisherman, 
obstinate 5. Recusantes old. 

* Berryman probably means a thrasher. Berry is an old North-country word, now 
nearly but I believe not quite extinct, meaning to thrash, beat, or strike. It occurs 
in the following rude rhyme still associated with Hart Hall in Glaisdale : 

*' Gin Hob mun hae nowght but a hardin hamp, 
He'll come nae mairnowther to berry nor stamp." 

Old Norse, beria, ; Old Swedish, bceria ; Norse, lerja ; Old Danish, btzrgha, to 
thrash. J. C, Atkinson's Glossary of the Cleveland Dialect, 41, 243. 
t This person does not occur in Dugdale's short pedigree of the family. 


Thomas Leife, Isabell Leife, Helen Lambe ; Noncom- 
municants old. 

Helen Kirke spinster noncommunicant this last & not 
before : Noncommunicant new. 

Recusantes Reteyned. Jane Boyes of Skinningrave reteynethe 
Rowland Pattison milner & Anne his wife Recusants and the 
said Rowland Pattison reteyneth with him Oliver Pattison his 
brother & his wife Recusantes. 

Secret mariage William Sympson & Elizabeth Gibson his 
supposed wife marryed {as themselues confes) by a priest in 
York Castell.* 

Priuat baptisme. Rowland Pattison had one childe baptized 
at home by widowe Maie the midwife. 

Helen Pattison spinster daughter of Margaret Patteson, 
Richard Hart fisherman, William Sympson cordwayner, 
Elizabeth his supposed wife, Thomas Gibson apprentice to 
William Simpson, Jane wife of William Deane, Margaret 
Robinson widowe, George Leif fisherman : Recusants since 
xxvth Marcii 1603. 


Recusant reteyned Nicholas Conyers of Belby reteyneth 
Edwarde Hirst in his house being a Recusant who saith he 
will come to church. 

* Here is a curious picture of the working of the old penal laws. These poor 
people had been in York .Castle, most likely for some offence connected with the 
practice of their religion, and there, even in the jaws of the grave as it were, had' 
found a minister of God to join them in holy matrimony. Probably the celebrant 
was some missioner from beyond sea who had fallen into the clutches of the civil 
power and had long before these pages were written received his martyr's crown. 
If it were not so, and a priest from, the outer world had visited them in their con- 
finement for the purpose of exercising his sacred functions, he did so at a risk which 
required little less courage and far more wariness and circumspection than martyr- 
dom itself. 



Recusante reteyned Edmond Mennell Esquier reteyneth in 
his service ffrancis Mitchell, Jane Strangwais, Elizabeth 
Strangwais : Recusantes. 


]illiam Walker of Middleton kept in his house one 

Anthony Breckenbuire & his wife Recusantes. 
Cuthbert Clerkson, Isabell his wife, Isabell Myton : become 
Recusantes since 25 Marcii 1603. 


Jrs. Katheren Radclif of Vgthorpe, Raffe Hardinge 
gentleman, Dorothy Harding gentlewoman, Dorothie 
Menvell, Raffe Radcliffe gentleman, Henry Ridley, Anne wife 
of William Radcliffe gentleman, Isabell wife of Thomas 
Readman a poore gentleman, John Raye, Jane his wife, 
Agnes wife of Xpofer Thorpe, Robert Harland, Jane his wife, 
Elizabeth wife of Gregory Wardell, Elizabeth Locke, Mary 
Pickering her daughter ; Recusantes old. 

Recusantes reteyned Mrs Katheren Radcliffe reteyneth in 
her service, Symon Ridley, Helen Massam, ffrancis Salvin, 
Marie Willye, Elenor Menvill, Jane Harding ; Recusantes. 

William Radclif gentleman reteynethe Thomas Atkinson, 
Isabell Cockerell, Dorothie Aysleybye Recusantes. 

Secret marriages John Hogg, Joan his wife, John Ray, Jane 
his wife : secretly marryed where or by whome they knowe 

Priuat baptisme John Hogge iij children secretly baptized. 
Roberte Harland one childe this last yeare. 


George Manor, Gregorie Ward ell, Walter Sleightholme, 
Cuthberte Hodgson, Isabell his wife; theis came to church 
before 25 Marcii 1603 but since Recusants, 


]obert Simpson a turbulent Recusant, Elizabeth his wife, 
Robert Walker his servant a journeyman, Isabell 
Tailler a poore widowe, Dorothie wife of William Barton 
thelder, fisherman ; Recusants old. 

Secret mariage Roberte Sympson before named was secretly 

Privat baptisme Robert Sympson hath also had fower 
children baptized, not according to lawe. 

Seducer, Dorothie Menvill of Vgthorpe an obstinate Re- 
cusant doth allure others of meaner sorte to forbeare to come 
to ye churche. , 

The rest of the parsons viccars &c. within the 
other parishes of the Wapontack of Langbarghe 
certifie omnia bene. 
Subscribed by 

Ch Laton, John Cunstable Esquires 

of ther oune collection 

& not vnder the presenters handes. 


Acklam widowe wife of John Watson, 

Margaret wife of Thomas Spenley, Elizabeth Denton, Eliza- 


beth Boyes daughter of George Boyes, Henrye Fairfax 
his wife, Elizabeth wife of George Douthward, 

wife of Raphe ifairfax, John Lamme, George 
Marsingale, his wife, John Stonas husbandman, 

Christopher Stonas, his wife, Richard Jackson 

tailler, his wife, Henrie Jackson glover ; William 

Cooke, . Bell weavers, Edward Posgate* laborer ; 

Recusantes old. 

Recusant reteyned William Boyes of Staineskar, reteyned 

Tailer a Recusant in his house. 

Secrete mariage Xpofer Stonas, George Marsingall, Henrie 
ffairfax, are suspected to be secretly marryed not knowne 

Private baptisine Leonarde Donnington had a childe bap- 
tized in his house which he promised to bring to the church 
to be confirmed. 

John Watson husbandman, Ralphe Fairfax, Recusantes 
since xxv Marcii 1603. 

George Cockerell presenteth his owne wife Elizabeth for 
absenting herself from church ij yeres last. 

Certified by Henry Cholmleyt Knight 
under the presenters hands also. 

* Vide ante, sub Egton. 

V The Cholmeleys of Whitby were sprung from a notable Cheshire family, 
at present represented by George Horatio Cholmondeley, second Marquis of Chol- 
mondeley. The founder of the Whitby branch was Hugh Cholmondeley, who 
married Katherine, daughter of William Shierstow, temp. Edward III. 

In 1545, Sir Richard Cholmley, the "great black knight of the north," as he 
was afterwards called, purchased the demesne of Whitby Abbey, and in 1555 the 
manors of Whitby, Leirpol, Whitby-Lathes, Stainsacres, and Hawkesgarth. His 
first wife was Margaret, daughter of Lord Conyers ; his second, Katherine, 
daughter of Henry first Earl of Cumberland, widow of John Lord Scrope of Bolton. 

Sir Henry Cholmley, the person who signed this certificate, was the only son of 
Sir Richard by his second wife. In or about 1599 he married Margaret, daughter 
of Sir William Babthorpe. He was knighted by James I. in 1663. In the latter 


HOVINGHAM parishe. 

lizabeth wife of George Holtbie xj yeares, Katheren 
wife of Guy Gildert, laborer xj yeares, Richard Lee a 
poore old man viij yeares, Gilbert Almaine a cowper 
his wife ij yeares, Henrye Wilden of Shackleton Graing 1 
gentleman xj yeares, Phillice Blackburne his servant v yeares, 
John ffranklyn of Coltonloft warriner, his wife ij 

yeares, Anne wife of Edward Sealing of Hovingham laborer 
xj yeares, Phillice wife of Bennet Crathorne laborer xj yeares, 
Jane Clarkson a poore widowe xj yeares, Katherine Theaker 
a poore woman xj yeares, John Harrison alias Gilbert laborer 
xj yeares, Prudom wife of Henry Skelton husbandman vj 
yeares, Alice wife of Thomas Grene laborer vj yeares, Alice 
wife of Richard Thornton a poore laborer old ij yeres, 
Nicholas Bullock gentleman of Southolme vj yeares, William 
Almaine of Shackleton a poore old man xj yeares, Roberte 
Goodrick of Birckhacke his wife, Mary Frodingham* 

single woman, Cuthberte Tailer a poore old man ; Recusantes 

Elizabeth wife of Thomas Bullocke of South Holme gentle- 
man last yeare, Katheren wife of Robert Daveson a pore 
man of Shackleton, wife of Cuthberte Tailer last 

yeare, Henrie Skelton husbandman of Hovingham, Katherin 
wife of Robert Hardwicke husbandman, Anne wife of Thomas 
Hicke yeoman, Margaret wife of William Robinson yeoman, 

part of his life he retired to York, near which city he met his death by a fall from 
his horse in i6r4. His body received sepulture in the church of St. John, at the 
lower end of Micklegate, in that city. Arms gules, two helmets in chief argent, 
garnished or, and in base a garb of the third. Charlton's Whitby, 290-304. 

* There are two Frodinghams in England one in Holderness, the other in 
Lindsey. From one of these, probably the former, this name has been derived. 


Anne Yates spinster, Jane Edward servant to Thomas Hicke, 
Margaret wife of Thomas Bowell Smith, Cuthbert Litlefeare 
a fidler, Jane Sheildes a servant to Henrie Skelton. Recusants 
for one yeare last. 

Recusantes reteyned Henrie Skelton predictus reteyneth in 
his house Mres Hunter his wives mother and Mar- 

garet Hunter her daughter j Recusantes thes 4 yeres. 

Private baptisme. Bennet Crathorne of Hovingham ij 
children, Roberte Goodridge of Kirkhaye ij children privately 
baptized with in thes viij yeares. 

illiam Harte, William Stellinge ; Recusants old. 


argerye wife of Marmaduke Raysyn of Broughton, non- 
communicant the last Easter. 

GILLINGE parishe. 

Jose Ros widowe, Mary Sugden her servant, before Easter 
1603 came to the church & communion but not since. 
Recusants new. 

" Anthonye Lowdye his wife, noncommunicants 

since Julie last & grow obstinate. 

SPONTON cum membris. 

| illiam Turner of Rosedall, William Dobson Tailer, did 
not receive this xij monethes, Emot Boyes receiued 
not at Easter last, Margaret wife of Allan Hill, of Farndall- 
end did not receiue at Easter last : Noncommunicants new. 


mnia bene. 


sabell wife of Peter Northe, Barberye Gower, Richard 
Cowlson, Recusants for a yeare. 


jgnes Pearson widowe, George Pearson her sonne, 
Roberte ffisher, Robert Johnson ther servants, and one 
woman servant of theres, Recusants for a yeare; Lancelot 
Bullocke, Margeret his wife, receued since Xpenmas last, 
Robert Younge a poore man since Shrovetide last ; Recusants 


I mnia bene. 


tephen Kirke, Agnes his wife, Recusants for a yeare last. 




NEW MALTON Saint Michaells. 

Chappell of Saint Leonards in 'NEW MALTON. 



mnia bene. 


| ranees Thornton, wife of William Thornton Esquier, 
Dorothie, wife of Roberte Thornton* gentleman, 
James Allanbye of Newton, a servant, John Butler of Stone- 
grave : Noncommunicants ij yeares last. 

Certified by Thomas Daylle & 
Thomas Norcliffef Esquiers, but 
not vnder the ministers owne handes 
& the rest, &c. 


FFYLINGE parishe. 

Jrancis Aislabie gentleman, Bridgett his wife, John 
Readman his servant, Margerie Thwinge, 'John 
Howlforth, Emett his wife, Ellen wife of Xpofer Paite, 
Thomas White, Anne , Elizabeth Huntrodes his maide 

servants, Ellis Chapman widow, William Chapman, Eliza- 
beth his wife, Jane Chapman his daughter, Margaret Biggin 

* Dorothy, daughter of Thomas Metham of Metham, was the first wife of Robert 
Thornton of East Newton. After her death he again encountered the pains and 
perils of matrimony with Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard Darley of Butter- 
crambe, as his companion. Visit. Efror. 67. 

t Thomas Norcliffe of Great Somersall, son of Stephen Norcliffe, married 
Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Ealand of Carlinghow. His fourth son, Manna- 
duke, who married Mary, daughter of William Dolman, signed the Yorkshire 
petition against billeting, 25th July, 1640. Visit. Ebor. 341. Ruskworth, vol. ii. 
pt. ii. pp. 1215, 1231. 


wedowe, Margerye Watson, Margerett But/man, a poore 
wedowe, Elizabeth wife of John Carlile, Richard Huntrodes 
the younger poore, Mawde Smyth poore, Ellis Hunterodes 
a poore widowe, Jennett Lovell a poore wedowe : Recusantes 
many yeares. 

Secret Marriage: Xpofer Butiman a poore man, Barbara 
his wife : confes they were maryed but will not tell where. 

Privat baptisme: Margaret Biggin had a child about 
candlemas last, but not knowne where it was baptized. 

John Carlell, Elizabeth White wedowe, Ellis wife of 
Mathew Huntrodes : theis came to church before xxv 
Marcii 1603 & are Recusants since : Recusantes new. 

Thomas Aslabie, Suzan his wife : thes came to church 
but did not communicate at Easter last : Noncommunicants 

ESKDALE chappelery. 

feorge Posgate,* Isabell his wife, Alice wife of Richard 
Ableson, Ellis ffotherley, wedowe, Anne wife of Henry 
ffotherley, Elizabeth wife of James Hebborne, Robert Hill, 
Elizabeth his wife, William Posgate the younger, ffrances 
wife of Robert Hudson, James Brewster, Mary Brewster his 
daughter, Parcyvell Chapman : Recusants viij yeares. 

Recusantes reteyned: Stephen Mills hath reteyned Elizabeth 
Hudson a Recusant 3 monethes. George Posgate hath re- 
teyned Katheren Jeffrason 2 yeres, being a Recusant all that 
tyme, John Chapman of Sleightes hath reteyned Agnes 
Cockerill a Recusant u yeares. Richard Tailforth of Fair- 
head hath reteyned into his house lately Roberte Thompson 
& his wife two Recusantes. 

Vide ante, p. 97. 
I 2 


Priuat baptisme John Hill one childe privately baptised 
& not at churche : George Posgate, Issabell his wife 3 chil- 
dren privately baptized, James Hibborne, Elizabeth his 
wife i child. 

John Hill, Anne his wife, Anne wife of Xpofer Suggatt, 
John Chapman the younger of the Sleightes, Elizabeth his 
wife, Anne Cockerill his servant, James Hebborne, Elizabeth 
Huntley widowe, Storey wedowe, Thomas Storey her 

sonne, Jane Storey, Hellen Storey her daughters : Recusantes 
since 25 Marcii 1603 "& not before. 

.VGGLEBARBY chapplery. 

| ichard Tailforth a Recusant xiiij yeares, James Posgate, 
Margery his supposed wife viij yeares, Isabell wife of 
William Posgate, Elizabeth Postgate there daughter 8 yeares : 
Recusantes old. 

Recusants reteyned: ^ James Postgate and Margery have 
reteyned George North & Ellis Brickell Recusantes for 5 
monethes. > 

Secret marriage James Postgate, Margerye his wife, 
Richard Taylforth, Margeret his wife, thes were not marryed 
at the church but secretly not knowne where. 

Priuat baptisme James Postgate and Margery have had 
children together & none of them baptized at churche but 

Ellis wife [of] Henry Gunteley, Isabell wife of Edward 
Kneshaw, Anne Cockerell of the Sleighthall, Jennet Harrison> 
George North servant to James Postgate, Elizabeth Wood- 
house : Recusantes since xxv Marcii & not before. 


SNEBY parishe. 

homas Strangwayes, Isabell wife of ffrancis Foster, 
poore, Recusants a yeare & a half last. 

All these presentmentes not certified by 
anie Justices of peace, but by the ministers 
constables and churchwardens vnder 
there owne handes. 


SUTTON parishe. 

Jatheren wife of Robert Browne, Agnes Clarke wedowe 
late wife of Xpofer Clarke ; Recusantes for many 


j]homas Hungate 'gentleman, Dorothie his wife, noncom- 

municants ij years last. 
Secret mariage Xpofer Horsley, Elizabeth Nettleton sus- 
pected to be secretly marryed. 


ecret 'mariage Lawrence Knagges secretly marryed 
not knowne where. 


nne wife of ffrancis ffairfax gentleman, noncdmmunicant 
at Easter last. 



| ichard Sugdall a tailor, a Recusant since midsomer 


ijpofer Baine, Jane his wife, Bridget wife of Edward 

Beseley gentleman, Recusants for 20 years last. 
Katheren wife of Richard Tarte a Recusant 3 yeares. 
Secret mariage William Beisley, Anne his wife, secretly 
marryed about Lammas last. 

Edward Beseley gentleman, William Beseley, Anne his 
wife, Recusantes since 25 Marcii 1603 & not before. 

Recusant reteyned Edward Beseley reteyneth Edward 
Whalley alias Goodreck, a Recusant since Lammas last. 


[rsalay Bainton, Janie Vertue, spinsters, Recusantes 

3 yeares. 

Thomas Milburne gentleman, noncommunicant a yeare. 
Noncommunicant reteyned. Thomas Milburne fredictus 
reteyneth Robert Shawe & Elizabeth Grene, noncommuni- 
cants for a yeare. 


|eth Holme Esquier, Grace his wife, Robert Sturdie 
laborer, Jane his wife, Margaret Darbie widow, Mar- 
garet Pearson widow, Ellis Spender widowe, Agnes ffoster 
widowe, Alice Webster, widow ; Recusantes 4 yeares past. 

Robert Holme gentleman, Roberte Thomson his servant ; 
noncommunicants for a yeare. 

Teacher of children ; Luce Scaife wife of Thomas Scaife ; 
she also teacheth children ; a Recusant since 25 Marcii 1603 
& not before. 



\ecusant reteyned: William fibster* of Earswicke gentle- 
man doth reteyn in his service Jayne a recusant 
ij yeares. 

* William Foster, or Forster, of Erdswyke, was sprung from-the gentle race of 
Forster of Adderstone, or Etherston, in Northumberland. The origin of the name 
is obvious ; some who bore it have, even in recent days, used a mark of contraction 
to show that it is a form of Forrester.- Their paternal coat tells of the sights and 
sounds of the merry greenwood. 

g, {ram \t bare, % faalirru: fcms 0f grme, 
^ forster &ras \t saijjlg tts $ $iem, 

might have been in the mind of him who first decorated his shield with argent a 
chevron- between three bugle horns sable. They frequently set about their arms a 
rhyming motto. For the music of the verse we can say little, but the spirit of 
family affection and reverence for the memory of those who have passed away and 
left their "worthynes" as a treasure to their offspring, is very touching. These 
verses are often found in Northumberland inscribed over the doors of houses which 
once belonged to the Forsters, and upon their grave slabs : 

" f*i s bmlie %m 
" STa mgttitt tfmr 
" |rat te\it\ our parents 
" Hailf left s to possess*." 

Thomas Forster, the Jacobite general of 1715, was of Adderstone. More fortunate 
than many of his fellow royalists, he escaped beyond the reach of the vindictiveness 
of the'Hanoverian government. He died, at Boulogne in 1737. His body was 
brought over to Dover and buried there in the following year, but shortly afterwards 
removed to sleep with its kin in the family vault at Bamborough. Probably none 
of the clans of the English side of the Border were more widely spread or more 
numerous than the Forsters; they' were scattered "in almost every village and 
hamlet in the northern wards of Northumberland, and almost all of them desiring 
to be buried Christianly in the choir of St. Aidan, at Bamborough, which, spacious 
though it be, must literally be paved with the skulls of Forster." There is no 
family in the north country whose history, could it find a fitting chronicler, 
would be more interesting than this. The labour would indeed go unrewarded in 
fame or money, but it would throw more real light on the ways of our forefathers 
than any one of those many partisan histories that are popular only because they 
are supposed to prove certain foregone conclusions in politics, morals, and 
theology, but which really are for all purposes of information of far less value than 
the chronicle plays of Shakspeare or the novels of Sir Walter Scott. William 
Forster, who retained the recusant called Jayne, whose name the Commissioners 
had forgotten or been unable to find out, married a north-country lady named 


Ann Bouthe spinster, Recusant since Xpen* last. 
Recusant reteyned : Raffe Hurst gentleman reteyned 
William Clitherowe a Recusant. 


I alne wife of Edward Brudburie cometh to the churche 
but hath not communicated 2 yeres. Noncommum- 


lizabeth Browne spinster, a Recusant ij yeres. 

Richard Weare, Elizabeth his wife excommunicate 3 
yeares ; William Wood excommunicate ij yeares ; non- 
communicantes quia excommunicati. 


]rs. Vrseley Cholmeley,f Richard Cholmley Esquier, 
William Rawden, Anne his wife, Isabell Martyn wife 
of Raphe Martin laborer, Jane Eston servant to the said Mr. 
Cholmley, Edward Chapman ; Recusantes many yeares. 

Elizabeth Martyn servant to William Rawden, Roger 
Best, William Martin, Jane Ellis, servant to Richard Cholmley 

Longley. His son Richard was an adherent of the Royal cause in its misfortunes. 
Charles II. created him a baronet in 1649. He lived long enough to rejoice over 
the Restoration, not long enough to witness the godless behaviour which followed. 
His wife was Joane, daughter of .... Middleton of Leighton, in the County 
Palatine of Lancaster. His son Richard, the second baronet, married Clare, 
daughter of Anthony Meynell of Kilvington, and had issue Richard, who died 
sine prole, when the honour became extinct. Raine's North Durham, 306-308. 
'Visit. Ebor. 71. 

* Christmas. 

^ Ursula, daughter and heiress of Ralphe Aslaby of South Dalton, married Mar- 
maduke Cholmley, eldest son of Roger Cholmley of Branderby ; they died without 


Esquier, Rachel! wife of Xpofer Hebden yeoman, Thomas 
Masterman, Sissaley Rawden widow, Elizabeth wife of 
Richard Thornton laborer, Edward Chapman servant to 
Richard Cholmley, Bridgett Aslaby servant to Richard 
Cholmley, William Duke apprentice to Richard Houls- 
wathe ; Anne Cottingham, Anne Wardell servants to 
Vrseley Cholmley ; Recusants since 25 Marcii 1603 & not 

Strang persons reteyned". Memorandum that many straing- 
persons repaire to the house of Mres Vrsaley Cholmley which 
come not to the churche & there hath bene Seminaryes kept 
in her house. 

Secret mariage Richard Cholmley Esquier maryed with 
Mary Hungate in the presence of John Wilson, William 
Martin, Hugh Hope & Christopher Danyell in a fell with a 
popishe priest, as they here.* 


Jlizabeth wife of Thomas Wilden gentleman, Thomas 

Wildon the younger ; Recusantes diuers yeares. 
Recusantes reteyned. Thomas Wildon predictus reteyneth 
in his house Agnes Bowland & Jaine ffisher his servants : 
Recusantes for i yere last past. 

* Here is the record of a picturesque scene. The lady and her lover dare not 
marry in her father's house for fear of spies, so an appointment is made to meet at 
some secluded nook on the wild moorlands ; a priest is ready at the risk of his life 
to perform the rite, and the wedding party return home without discovery. - Such 
incidents must have been very frequent during the darker periods of the English 
persecution. The lady was daughter of William Hungate of Saxton. She is called 
Catherine in Dugdale's pedigree. After this husband's death she married Sir 
William, Howard, third son of William Howard and Elizabeth, daughter of 
Thomas Lord Dacres of Gillesland. 


Margaret Calam who before the xxvth daie of Marche 
1603 dyd repaire to church & receiued the communion, but 
at Easter last refused to communicate ; Noncommunicant at 
Easter last. 


Recusant reteyned Nicholas ffairfax* of Sandhuton Garainge 
gentleman reteyneth in his service & house Anne Thwenge 
a Recusant for half a yeare. 

Nicholas ffairfax predictus Jayne his wife : Noncommuni- 
cants for a yeare last. 

Certified by Sir William Bainbrigh Knight, 
Richard Darley Esquier vnder their owne handes 
and not subscribed by the ministers curates church- 
wardens and other officers, &c.t 

Aprill xxiiii. 
- 1604. 



The presentments of ye ministers churchwardens 
&c. concerning Recusantes in ye East Rydeing of 
the County of York vnto certain articles, &c. 


Jargery Dickenson who lived with her brother Thomas 
Walker about two yeares last, now departed vpon this 
inquire : a Recusant for two yeares last past. 

* Nicholas Fairfax, of Sand Hutton Grange, son of Cuthbert Fairfax of Acester, 
married Jane, daughter and co-heiress of Ralf Hungate of Sand Hutton. 
t Seven pages of the volume following this entry are blank. 



Jargery ye wife of William Ellerker gentleman, Margery 
ye wife of Brian Medcalf gentleman, the wife of 
Thomas Medcalf not named ; Recusantes for vij yeares last 

John Hebblestowe* and his wife came not to church since 
Martinmas last. 

Recusant retained Isabell Ellsthorpe servant to William 
Ellerker of ye said parishe came not to ye church for a 
yeare and a halfe last past. 

William Ellerker gentleman, Raphe Constable gentleman 
have not of a long time communicated, noncommunicants. 

Brian Medcalf gentleman, Thomas Medcalf yeoman non- 
communicantes for two yeares last. 


jobert Owston and Jaine his f wife, Jennet Monckeman 

widowe, recusantes for vii yeares last past. 
Secret baptisme The said Robert Ouston had a child about 
two yeares since which was not knowen when or where it was 

Suspected personne William Yonge now or late of Hacknes 
hath often resorted for a yeare last vnto Thomas Blontes house 
at Halsham aforesaid but never came to ye church there. 


[obert Thorpef and Mary his wife, Mr. Thorpe gentle- 
man, Recusantes for iiij or yeares last past. 

* This name is probably taken from a village in the hundred of Manley in 
Lindsey, said by tradition to be the burial-place of Saint Hibald or Higbald. 

t Robert Thorpe of Welwick Thorpe, son and heir of Stephen Thorpe of 
that place, by his spouse Frances, daughter of Nicholas Rudstone of Hayton, 


A Lunatick person. Anne* Wright wife of William Wright 
gentleman hath long absented her self from ye church, as is 
thought, in respect that she is lunatick. 

A suspected person : One Robert Thorp, f naming himself 
Anthony Berry hath continewed there in ye state of a gentle- 
man, but not come to ye church in that time. 

married for his first wife Mary Skerne. His second wife, Frances was 

a widow on April 2Oth, 1608. Paulson's Holderness, vol. ii. 515. 

* The following pedigree, from Paulson's History of Holderness, ii. 516, shows 
the position of Anne Wright in the family, and the connexion with the Gunpowder 

John Wright, of PlowIand=Alice, dau. and coheiress of 

Hall, came from Kent into 

John Ryther. 

Yorkshire 33 Hen. VIII. 
Anne, dau. of Thomas == Robert Wright, of=Ursula, dau. of Nicholas 

Grimston, of Grim- 
ston Garth. 

Plowland Hall ; 
bur. at Welivick 
18 July, 1594. 

Rudstone of Hayton and 
his 2nd wife, Jane, dau. of 
Sir William Mallory of 

Anne. Anne, dau. of=William Wright of John, bap. Christopher, Ursula. 
Martha. Robert Thornton Plowland. Jan. 16, 1568, Gunpowder Martha, 
of East Newton. Gunpowder conspirator. Alice. 
* conspirator. 

At the east end of the north isle of Welwick church is a slab with the brass 
effigies of William and Anne Wright ; beneath their feet is this inscription : " Here 
lies interred ye bodies of Willm Wright of Plewland Esqre & Ann his wife who 
after they had lived lovingly together ye space of 50 yeares in the feare of God & 
love of men, finished a faire pilgrimage to a Joyfvll Paradice. Ann, ye 28 of 
Deer, in ye year of grace 1618 & ye said Willm ye 23 of Avgvst A. Dni. 1621 
whose sovles God hath in his blessed keeping. Memoria Justi vivet in Sternum." 
It 'would be interesting to know whether Anne Wright were really a lunatic person, 
or whether, as is riot impossible, she may have resorted to a strange method of 
dissimulation that she might be held excused from joining in religious services 
which were hateful to her. 

John and Christopher Wright, the Powder Plot fanatics, were slain at Holbeach 
with arms in their hands, and thus escaped .the extreme penalties of high treason. 

t No doubt one of the Thorpes of Welwick Thorpe. His place in the pedigree 
is not clear. He may have been a priest ; the alias would rather lead to that 

Robert Thorpe, the priest who suffered in 1591, was, I think, of this family. 
Bishop Challoner gives the following account, of him (vol. ii. p. 264), compiled 
from the Douay diary and catalogues, from Ribadeneira, chap. 7, Champney's 
manuscript, and the relation of the Lady Babthorpe : 

"Robert Thorpe was born- in Yorkshire, and was an alumnus and priest of Douay 



| ohn Wells and Mary his wife, Katheren Marshall wife of 
Peter Marshall rich man, John Dutchman and Ellis 
his wife verie poor ; Recusantes. ' 

Secret mariages And it is further certified that the said 

College, during its residence at Rheims ; from, whence he was sent upon the English 
mission, May 9th, 1585. He employed his labours in Yorkshire, his native country. 
Dr. Champney, who was acquainted with him, writes of him as follows : ' This holy 
priest, whom I knew in my younger days, and to whom I have often confessed my 
sins, had laboured for a long time, and with very great fruit, in the vineyard of the 
Lord. He was a man of low stature, of infirm health, and but indifferent in point 
of learning, but of great devotion and piety ; but though he was naturally timorous 
and weak, yet he suffered death for the Catholic faith with great constancy and 

" The manner of his apprehension is thus related by the lady Babthorpe, who 
then lived in that country, but after her husband's decease, became a nun at 
Louvain. 'To my remembrance,' says she, 'it is twenty-nine years since we 
were committed to Sheriff- Hutton castle : the president (of the North) was then 
the Earl of Huntingdon, and the archbishop's name was Piers, who had been a 
priest. And for the manner of Mr. Thorp's taking and death, I can remember 
no more, but that on a Palm- Sunday's evening, (or rather on the eve of Palm 
Sunday), he was, by an evil neighbour, seen to go into Thomas -Watkinson's 
house ; or, as some said, that neighbour saw some of Thomas Watkinson's ser- 
vants get palms, which was sufficient to assure them that he had a priest in his 
house, for they knew well that priests used much to come to his house ; 
but they could not be sure of the time ; so now thinking they were sure' 
of one, they went with speed to one Mr. John Gates, a -justice of peace, living in 
Houldone, some three miles off, one who was always ready on such evil employ- 
ments ; who, with his company, came so early on Palm- Sunday in the morning, 
that, as I heard, they took them in their beds, and carried them away to York, 
where they were martyred. The manner of their deaths I remember not, only 
this, that the good old man (Watkinson) was offered his ljf if he would go to 
church, which he refusing, was martyred with the priest. ' 

" This Thomas Watkinson, who suffered with Mr. Thorp, was a yeoman of 
Menthorpe, in Yorkshire, a good religious Catholic, who lived a kind of solitary 
life, and afforded what aid and assistance he could to the missioners. He suffered 
with great constancy, though naturally he was also timorous, and now advanced 
in years. Mr. Thorpe was condemned merely upon account of his priesthood ; 
and Mr. Watkinson merely for harbouring priests. The former was hanged, 
drawn, and quartered ; the latter only hanged. They suffered at York, May 31, 



Wells, Marshall and Dutchman have been lately married but 
by whome or in what place it is not knowen. 

Secret baptismes The said Weller hath had three children 
borne but where or by whom they were baptised it is not 
knowen. And ye said Marshall had a sonne and ye said 
Dutchman another child borne there but not knowen when or 
by whom they were baptised. 

Elinor Headon wif of Brian Headon* gentleman and Elinor 
Headon wif of Henrie Headon* gentleman ; Recusants since 
Easter 1603. 

A recusant reteyned Alice Hardie, servant to ye said Henry 
Headon, a Recusant since that time. 

Elizabeth Dutchman, sister to ye said John, a noncommu- 
nicant of longe time : a noncommunicant retained. 


[ane Browne, wife of John Browne, a Recusant for vij 


John Philpottes wife of William Philpott poor man, a 
Recusant since ye xxvth of March 1603. A new Recusant, 


A suspected person Raphe Brighamt gentleman hath resorted 
to that Towne verie much for a yeare last past to his mother, 
having also landes there, but came not to ye church during 

that time. 


* Brian Hedon, son and heir of John Hedon of Marton, by his wife Agnes, a 
daughter of one of the Constables of Freshmarsh, married Helen, daughter of 
Robert Pickering of Flamborough, for his third wife. Before this he had been 
twice wedded : 1st, to a daughter of Ralph Constable ; 2nd, to Jane, daughter of 
Sir Ralph Ellerker. By the Flamborough lady he was father of Henry Hedon, 
aged eight years in 1584, who married Elinor, daughter of Robert Saltmarsh of 
Saltmarsh. ' 

t He was the son of Francis Brigham and his wife Margaret, daughter .of 
Gilbert Warter of Cranswick. Ralf was aged one year in 1584. He married and 




recusant reteined: Henry Constable gentleman, Marie 
his supposed wife, Elizabeth Tirwhitt her sister, with 
Anne a waiting woman to ye said Marie, have remained there 
ix or x weekes at ye house of Michael Constable* Esquier, 
& came not to ye church during that time. Recusantes for 
ix or x weekes last. 

had seven or more children. I have not seen his spouse's name. Mr. Brigham, 
who I conceive was this person, was one of the collectors fqr gathering recusants' 
money for carrying on the war against Scotland in 1638. He, Lord Dunbar, and 
Mr. Langdail served for the East Riding. He died in 1656. Rush-worth, ii. 826. 
Paulson's Holderness, ii. 269. 

* A tabular pedigree will best show the relationship of these persons : 

Sir John Constable=Agnes, dau. of Sir J ohn Metham of Metham. 

ist Wife : Eleanor=Ralph Constable, of=and Wife : Anne. dau. 
------ William Strick . 

dau. and heiress of 

St. Sepulchre's 
Garth, died 6 Apr. , 

Eleanor=Thomas Alured, Jane= Thornton, 
of Charter-House. 


ist Wife : Sibilla=r= Michael =2nd Wife : Margery, dau. of 

IS>L vv lie : oipma- 
dau. of 



^iiu vr lie . J-vxcli 

John Daking. 


died 29 

Baron of 

Nov., 161 


Anne died Henry aged=Mary, dau. of 
10 July, 1619. 4 years, 1584 Tyrwhitt. 



Mary. = Leonard Robinson of Newton Garth. 

Mary Tyrwhitt, who married Henry Constable, and her sister Elizabeth, were 
certainly daughters of the powerful Lincolnshire house of that name. Their place 
in the pedigree I have not ascertained. The Tyrwhitts were greatly enriched on 
the fall of the religious houses, and some of them were zealous Protestants ; others 
remained attached to the elder faith. In 1580, William Tyrwhitt, of Kellilby, and 
Elizabeth his wife, Robert Tyrwhitt, John Tyrwhitt, Marmaduke Tyrwhitt, and 
Nicholas Tyrwhitt, clerk, were indicted for hearing Mass. Lansd. MSS. 30. 
No. 75. 



[argaret Fenwick wife of George Fenwick gentleman. 
Thomas Calen, a husbandman and Susan his. wife and 
Isabel Calen his mother : new Recusants since ye death of ye 
late good queen Elizabeth. 


]rs. Joane Metham widdow, Walter Errington gentleman, 
Recusantes for two yeares and more ; Francis Creswell, 
wife of Francis Creswell gentleman, a Recusant for one yeare 
and three monthes: new Recusantes. 

A suspected scolemaster Cuthbert Belton hath remained in 
ye house of Mr. Raphe Cresswell as a scholemaster to his 
children about fower monethes last, but came not to ye church 
in that time. 

Raphe Creswell gentleman, Francis Creswell gentleman, 
Roger Clitherow yeoman, and Ellinor his wife : noncommu- 
nicants for a yeare and more last past. 


illiam Kendall and Wiliam Aslabie gentleman, non- 
communicants for one yeare last. 


|rs. Anne Creswell, widdowe, a noncommunicant for a ~ 

yeare last and since excommunicat : noncommunicant 
for a yeare last past. 

The certificate for Holdernes before mentioned 
was made by Sir Lancelot Alford* knight and 

* Son of John Alford of Holt, by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Sir I. 
Pickeringe of Holt. He was knighted by King James at York, on lyth April, 
1603. He married Anne, daughter and heiress of Sir William Knolles of Bylton. 
Arms gules, six fears or, a chief of the second. Paulson's. Holderness, iii. 315. 


John Aired* Esquier vnder theire handes, being by 
them reduced into a breife noote, but not any of 
thoriginall presentmentes themselves being cer- 


homas Jackson, Suzanna Cooke, poore ; Recusantes ex- 

Certified by .Richard Collinson Maior of Headon 
and Mr. Thomas Pearsone recorder there, vnder 
the hands of Thomas Tod, clerke, minister there, 
Mathew Harden, Thomas Burton churchwardens, 
Xpofer Treasur,. Richard Brian constables, Richard 
Ingram and William Ambler swornemen. 


jjfrauncis Bullocke laborer, and his wife, Recusantes 


William Spetchf butcher and his wife, widdow 

Clarke, Michaell Thompson butcher and his wife, William 
Toppinge glover : noncommunicants. 

* The family of Aired or Alured, as they more frequently wrote their name, 
were settled in the neighbourhood of Hedon ; they were in the lower rank of the 
gentry. I am not aware that any pedigree of the race has been published. A John 
Alured was M.P. for the borough of Hedon in the Long Parliament. He entered 
the army at the beginning of the great Civil War, and rose to be a colonel of horse. 
He served as one of the King's judges, and signed the warrant for execution. His 
own death took place before the Restoration, but his name was put in the Act of 
Attainder and his estates forfeited. Two of his kinsmen, Lancelot and Matthew 
Alured, were active servants of the Parliament. 

t Spetch, in the folk speech of Yorkshire, means a patch. I have never heard 
it used on this side the Humber, but we used to have it far in the south of Lincoln- 
shire e.g., 1605 " To Thomas Jenkinson, brickmayson, for chalke, haire, and 
spetches." Leva-ton Church Accts. in Arch&ologia, xli. 367. The personal name 
of Fetch, which is found at Kirton in Lindsey and elsewhere, is much more 
probably a form of Spetch than of the Norman Peche, which is quaintly Latinized 
De Peccato. 



George Wolfe, John Newit merchant, Robert Burton, and 
William Maxwell merchantes ; Recusants. 

Robert Bennington yeoman, noncommunicant since March 

Raiphe fibster yeoman and widdow ffree noncommunicants 
since 1603. 


| ohn Thompsone, Anne Craven laitelie kept in the howse 
of Robert Dalton* Esquier and departed from thence 
vpon Easter even last ; new Recusants. 

Anne Dalton mother to the said Robert Dalton, Elizabeth 
his wife, Thomas Dalton his sonne, Robert Bacon ye younger, 
Anne his wife, and- Margaret Crathorne : Recusants since 
Marche 1603. 

Certified by the Maior and Aldermen of Kinges- 
ton vpon Hull, vnder the hands of the mynisters, 
churchwardens, constables and sworne men. 

* A pedigree of this family may be seen in BurkJs Hist, of the Commoners, 
i. 528. A monumental inscription in the church of the Holy Trinity, Kingston- 
upon-Hull, still commemorates the father of this Robert Dalton, as follows : 

" Here Ijjet^ t^o'as balton i^rise manor of Kingston frpon bjill tnardjjante of i\t 
staple $ bentexer fo'jja bgeb ge ixij bag *& lannatg an'o b'm'ni 1590 in ge faitfj of 
tljr'ste & ful ^ope of ge resnrettio' to Igfe jtenal." 

On a brass plate, over the heads of incised figures of a man and two women, 
are these words : 

" S^is SCfjo' gl8H<TO first msrwir gum SSffalher fcibofo bg fo|ro' ^ ^atr no f^ilbn # 
ama^nn ^irfo^tt gafrg^tw to ^r gob: Sirfa^it of d!b flnig^t * bg ^tr 
six sanms & fytt ga&g^tes frioj ^.ob; |o^n, Milliam, ^feillip, (Ebfo : ^ ^o: 
li^ : & ^ttsattna. ^e frras faise ^onest Sc ^obntifnll. Hi bieb being of t^e age 
o.f 74 in t^e feare of gob anb lobe of all goob nwn, bj^os* beatb, t^e poors nnu^ 

Robert Dalton of Myton, Button, Southcotes, Stone-Ferry, and Dryppol, mar- 
ried Elizabeth, eldest daughter and co-heiress of Raphe Constable of North Park, 
and had by her seven sons and one daughter, Anne, the wife of Robert Bacon of 
North Ferriby. Visit. Ebor. 143. 



jjlizabeth Percye widdowe, late wife of Edward Percy 

deceased, Recusant for one whole yeare last past. 
William Jackson tanner and William Fennell noncommu- 
nicants since Easter last. 

Richard Griffith alias Griffen tailor, noncommunicant for 
a long tyme. 

Certefied by the maior and gouernors of Beuerley 
vnder the hands of the mynisters, churchwardens & 
sworne men. 


illiam Sparke a Recusant, Recusant. 

Noncommunicant reteined ; Jaine Ashe servant to Xpofer 
Maltbie gentleman ; noncommunicant for a yeare past. 


lien Legge wife of John Legge ; Recusant for one yeare 

ohn Metham a verie old man ; Recusant. 

Thomas Metham Esquier ; noncommunicant for one yeare 


ane Mounckton wife of Phillippe Mounckton Recusant 
since Whitsontide, 1604. 

K 2 


ohn Thompson and Elizabeth his wife ; Recusantes. 

ichard Vavasor, a Recusant ; Recusant. 


[homas Jerom and Anne his supposed wife ; Recusantes 

for 4 years last. 
Secret baptisme : And the said Thomas Jerom had a child 
but where it was christened, it is not knowen. 


lizabeth Doullman* widdow, Recusant for one yeare 

* This family was settled in the neighbourhood of Pickering in the reign of 

Edward the Third. They were of Pocklington in the. 1 5th century. Thomas 

Dolman, son and heir of William Dolman of that place, was aged twenty-three in 

38 Henry VIII. (Inq. P.M.) He probably conformed to Protestantism, as we find 

him a Justice of Peace in 1584. His death took place 3rd April, 1589. His wife, the 

"widdow" of the present return, was Elizabeth, daughter of John Vavasour, and 

sister and heiress of Peter Vavasour of Spaldington. Her will bears date igth 

Nov. 1614. They had issue, 1st, Sir Robert Dolman, Knight, who married 

Eleanor, daughter of Sir William Mallory of Studley, who died nth March, 

1628, from whom the present representative of the family is sprung ; 2nd,, John 

Dolman, of Gray's Inn, who died sine prole, 1586 ; 3rd, Marmaduke Dolman of 

Messingham, co. Lincoln ; 4th, Peter ; and 5th,. William ; and three daughters, 

Anne, Bridget, and Jane. The above Marmaduke is said to have been in arms 

for the king, and to have lost his life at Marston Moor. A traditionary account 

of his burial has even been handed down, but there seems to be some error, for if 

alive then, he must have been far too aged to do battle with the sword. His son 

Marmaduke was of Bottesford, co. Lincoln. He married Anne, daughter of 

John Shaw, the owner of the dissolved preceptory of Knights Hospitallers at that 

place. The lady was buried with her kin in their aisle in Bottesford Church, nth 

April, 1652. This Marmaduke was certainly in arms for the king, and lost his 

estate thereby (Commons Journals, vii. 202). He would have escaped with a 

fine had he not in 1648, when all rational hope for the success of the royal cause 


Recusant reteined William Doullman gentleman, and one 
Richard his servant ; Recusants for half a yeare last 

Recusant reteined Ellen Baiston servant to the said Eliza- 
beth Doullman ; Recusant for iiij yeares last. 

obert Hewes Esquier ; Recusant since Marche 1603. 

was over, joined with his tenants and other followers the body of rash adventurers 
who, hoping that the country would rise to deliver the imprisoned monarch, 
attacked Lincoln Castle, and released from custody all the felons confined therein. 
After this questionable exploit they marched on to Gainsburgh, where they 
arrived on Saturday, the 1st of July. Mr. Edward Rossetter, of Somerby near 
Brigg (the Sir Edward Rossetter of the Restoration) was a near neighbour of Mr. 
Dolman's, but then a distinguished officer in the service of the Parliament ; at this 
time he was in command of Belvoir Castle. No sooner did the news reach him of 
the wild doings in Lindsey than he gave the alarm to his brother officers at Notting- 
ham, Leicester, Northampton, and Derby. Their troops were soon got together, 
. and when united they amounted to about five hundred and fifty men. With these 
Rossetter marched in the direction of the Royalists. On his way he fell in with a 
troop of horse from Lynn, under the command of Captain Taylor. On Monday 
night they slept in a field at Waddington near Lincoln. At three o'clock they 
marched through the city, and there the Colonel gained knowledge of the fact 
that the Cavaliers had departed from Gainsburgh in the direction of Newark. 
Rossetter at once' gave chase, and arrived at Newark that evening, when he found 
that the party of whom he was in search were quartered at the little village of 
Bingham, some six miles away. The forces of the Parliament were in motion 
again early 'on Wednesday morning. They came up with the Cavaliers in a large 
field of beans in the parish of Willoughby, about seven miles from Nottingham. 
The battle was stubborn, and for some little time doubtful, but the Puritans were 
completely victorious. In this fight Mr. Marmaduke Dolman and many others of 
the Catholic gentry of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire were made prisoners. The 

official list may be seen in A n Impartial relation of the great victoiy obtained 

by the conjoyned forces under the command of 'Col. JSdw. Rossetter 

July 5, 1648. It is also given in an abbreviated and somewhat corrupted 

form in Rush-worth, part iv. vol. ii. p. 1184. This gallant gentleman did not 
live to regain his estate. He was buried at Bottesford, 2Oth Dec., 1654. 
The arms of the family have been variously given : Dugdale blazons them 
Azure a fess dancettee or, between eight garbs of the second, banded gules. Accord- 
ing to Yorke there were only six garbs. The seals of the family attached to title 

deeds among the Bottesford Manor records give the arms as a chevron 

between six garbs 



j ichard Barker, Anne his wife, Jaine Barker, John Barker 
thelder, John Barker younger, Elizabeth his wife, 
Anne Vavasour wife of Peter Vavasour, Katherin and Eliza- 
beth Vavasour, daughters of the said Peter, and Issabell Bell 
of the parish of Bubwith ; Recusants for diuers yeares. 

John Patchet, Jennet his wife, and Richard Vavasour of the 
parishe of Bubwith ; Recusants for two yeares last. 

Allison Newbecke, Peter Howburne, John Hothum, Isabell 
Parker, alias Elliot spinster, William Baibe, John Weatherall, 
Agnes his wife, Ellinor Skotton, Robert Raineforth, William 
Cloudesdaile, Robert ffewell of the parishe of Bubwith 
aforesaid ; Recusants since ye first of ffebruary last. 

Secret mariage John Barker was married when and where is 
not knowen. 

Secret baptisms John Barker the younger within the parish 
of Bubwith, had by Elizabeth his wife one childe, but where 
it was christened it is not knowne. 

arvis Smith a Recusant ; Recusant for diuers yeares. 


he Lady Ellerker, wife of Sir Raiphe Ellerker* and 
Bartholomewe fforcer ; Recusants for diuers yeares. 

* Sir Ralf Ellerker of Risby was the eldest son and heir of Edward Ellerker, 
by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Robert Constable of Everingham. He 
married Anne, daughter of Thomas Dalton of Nuttles Hall, and died A.D. 1641. 
Arms Argent a fess dancetlee between three talbots 1 heads erased sable. Paulson's 
Holderncss, i. 394. 



enrie Browne, Alice his wife, & Alice Browne his 
daughter ; Recusants for one yeare last. 

homazine Gaile widdow, Recusant for 14 yeares. 

Recusant reteaned : John' Burton, Robert Gibson, Laurence 
Hutton and Agnes Mapperley, servantes vnto the said Tho- 
mazin Gaile ; Recusants for six yeares last. 

Recusant reteaned The said Thomazin Gaile haith two 
other maid servantes who since Martinmas last have not 
corned to the church : new Recusants. 

An old woman whose name is Elizabeth : Recusant for one 
yeare last 


[rsula Doulman, wife of Marmaduke Doulman"* gentleman, 

Recusant for one yeare last. 
Recusant reteaned : Peter and Katherin, servantes to the 
saide Marmaduke Doullman ; Recusantes for v monthes last. 
Dorothie Peat ; Recusant for 2 yeares. 


illiam Langdalet Esquier and Elizabeth his wife, Recu- 
sants for one yeare. 

* Third son of Thomas Dolman of Pocklington (vide ante). He married Ursula, 
daughter of John Rudston of Hayton, and widow of Christopher Langley of 

t The pedigree begins with a certain Patricius de Langdale, who is said to have 
nourished in the early part of the reign of Edward III. How far the early parts 
can be supported by record evidence I do not know. This William was the son 
and heir of Richard Langdale of Estrop, by his spouse Idiosa, daughter and 
one of the co-heiresses of Marmaduke Thorkeld of that place. William married 



[tephen Parker and John Grimston, servantes to Sir 
Marmaduke Grimston* knight ; recusants since Xpin- 
mas last. 

The Ladie Grimston ; noncommunicant for one yeare last. 


ane Holme wife of William Holme : Recusant since 
ye-XXVth of March 1603. 

Certefied by Sir Phillippe,f Sir Thomas 

MethamJ knightes and Richerd Hodgson 

twice : 1st, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Philip Constable of Everingham ; this 
lady died August, '1604. 2nd, Bridget, daughter of Thomas Metham of Metham, 
and widow of Thomas Hoppon of Armley ; she died March, 1627. Her 
husband survived until 27th September, 1645. Paulson's Holderness, ii. 254. 

* Sir Marmaduke Grimston, eldest son and heir of Thomas Grimston, of 
Grimston Garth and Goodmanham, by his wife Dorothy, daughter and heiress of 
Marmaduke Thwayts of Smeton. He married Frances, daughter of George Gill, 
of . . . '. . co. Hertford. Sir Marmaduke had, according to Dugdale's pedigree, 
a brother who bore the same Christian name. This Marmaduke married Anne, 
daughter of Sir William Dalton of Hawkeswell. It will be observed that Sir 
Marmaduke had a servant called John Grimston, no doubt a relative. We have so 
long passed out of that state of society where the attendants of the gentry were 
often their equals in blood, that it is sometimes necessary to point out that the word 
servant attached to a man or a woman's name in documents before the middle of 
the seventeenth century does not indicate that the persons so described were 
of peasant lineage. 

+ The surname of this worthy knight has been left out by the person who 
made the transcript from the original returns. It is probable Sir Philip 
Stapylton, of Warter near Pocklington, was the person meant. 

$ Sir Thomas Metham was the eldest son and heir of Thomas Metham of 
Metham, by his wife Katherine, daughter of Sir William Bellassys of New- 
borough. He married Barbara, daughter of Sir Philip Constable of Everingham. 
Sir Thomas was slain ex farte regis at Marston Moor. The fact of his being in a 
position to make this return shows that at that time he was not a Roman Catholic. 
Most of his relatives were attached to the old religion. His nephew, Lieutenant- 
Colonel Jordan Metham, \vho was killed in the service of the king at Pontefract 
Castle, is stated by Bishop Challoner to have been a Catholic. 


HpWDEN parishe. 

jjpofer Ashe of Howden yeoman, Recusant since the 

xxv of March 1603. 
Cicile Peacocke wife of John Peacocke & George Conset 
of Howden aforesaide Recusantes. 

iles Eskrigge, a Recusante. 


|argaret wife of Thomas Killingbecke an obstinate 
Recusant and dangerous seducer. 

Recusants reteined : Ann Bartrom servant to the said 
Thomas Killingbecke Recusant since the xxv of March 

Recusant reteined Henrie servant to the said Thomas 

Killingbecke and a little maid whose name is unknowen : 

A suspected seminarie : And there hath resorted to the 
said Thomas Killingbeckes house one Ellis professinge him- 
selfe a joiner but likely to be a Jesuite or Semenarie by his 
seducinge of the people and the reuerent confidence which 
thes persones reposed in him. 


illiam Craven, an obstinate persone : an obstinate 


aurence Craven, Elizabeth his wife and Issabell Vnder- 
wood Recusants since ye xxv of March 1603. 


Ellen Nutburne servaunt vnto the said Laurence Craven, 
Recusant since ye tyme aforesaid, a pestilent seducer of 
others & a comon intelligencer. 


ulian Starkie widdowe and Margaret wife of John 
Audas : Recusants since the said xxv of March. 

he wife of Anthonie Dawson : noncommunicant. 


] lice Ellerker wife of Robert Ellerker gentleman a 
Recusant and the said Robert Ellerker a new 

Barbara Ellerker : noncommunicant. 


j]arie Ashbie wife of Richarde Ashbie, and there hath 
resorted vnto the howse of the said Richerd Ashbie 
one Anne Craven sister vnto the said Ashbie, an obstinate 
Recusant, but where she dwelleth now it is not certainlie 
knowen, savinge it is supposed that she remaneth at fferribie 
in Hullshier with one Mr. Dallton : Recusant since, 

March 1603. 


homas Sherewood gentleman : noncommunicant at 
Easter last. 

Certified under the hands of Sir Hughe 
Bethell* knight and William 
Hildyard Esquier. 

* Sir Hugh Bethell was grandson of Thomas Bethell of Maunsell, co. Hereford. 
He was married thrice : 1st, to Joan, daughter of Stephens, of. ... 



HEMBROUGHE parishe. 

francis Dunington, wif of John Dunington, vxor Baxter, 
Dorothie Hewtin, vxor Widdowes and Margaret 
Proudfoote of Hembroughe : Recusantes. 

Katheren Stable wife of Henry Stable : noncommunicant. 

jhomas Newit, Dorothie his wife, .Richard Garrak,* 

Agnes Garrake : Recusants. 
Recusants reteaned : Vxor Breccan and Richard Ellerbie her 
servant, Agnes Durham wife of Richard Durham, and Eliza- 
beth Ellisone, wife of John Ellisone. 

Thomas ffreman, Margaret his wife, vxor Sking, Thomas 

Howdale milner, Agnes his wife, Agnes Empsone wife of 

George Empsone, vxor Newit, Thomas Newit her sone, 

John Dawsone, William ffreman, Marie his wife, John 

Ellison, and Richard Clarke : noncommunicants. 

Secret Mariages : Olwer Ellerlie and Dorothie his wife : 
Walter Cobcroft and Margeret his wife, secretlie married. 


|ir Raiphe Babthorpe ,and Sir William Babthorpe 
knightes : Noncommunicants. 

co. Devon, ob. s.p.; 2nd, to Anne, daughter of Sir William Mallory of Studley ; 3rd, 
to Jane, daughter of Thomas Young, Archbishop of York, 1561-68. This lady out- 
lived her husband, and married, secondly, Sir George Butler. She died without 
issue by either husband. Sir Hugh Bethell had by his second wife one daughter, 
Grizilda, who married Sir John Wray, of Glentworth, co. Lincoln. 

* These persons perhaps took their name from Garwick, or Garrick, a hamlet 
in the parish of Heckington, near Sleaford. David Garrick, the dramatist, was 
sprang from a noble family of Bordeaux, named De la Garrique. David Garrick, the 
founder of the English branch of the family, fled from Bordeaux in 1685, to escape 
from religious persecution. He died in 1694. His son Peter, afterwards a lieu- 
tenant of dragoons, was David Garrick's father. Notes and Queries, fourth series, 
vol. iv. p. 198. 


Grace wife of the said Sir Raiphe Babthorpe, Vrsula wife 

of the said Sir William Babthorpe, ffrauncis Babthorpe, 

Cuthbert Wawde, Xpofer Deales, Jennet his wife, Elizabeth 

Robinsone, vxor Aske, Marie Nellson, Robert Snawdon and 

his wife : Recusants. 



|lizabeth Birlestone wife of Humfrey Birlestone, Marie 
Nuttall, William Parker, Rowland fireman, Agnes 
his wife, John fFreman, Agnes Nellsone, Margerie Black- 
burne, and Agnes Babthorpe : Recusantes. 

Agnes Willcock, Arthure Standishe, Marmaduke ffauxe,* 
William Babthorpe, and Elizabeth Parker : Noncommunicants. 

ennet Dillcocke Recusant. 

illiam Grenewell noncommunicant. 

Barbary wife of the said William Grenewell, Elizabeth 
Pickeringe, wife of Robert Pickeringe, and Richard Bab-, 
thorpe Recusants. 

NABURNE parishe. 

j|ohn Palmesf Esquier, noncommunicant for one yeare 

* Perhaps Marmaduke Fawkes of South Duffield, who married Joan, daughter 
and heiress of James Blancherd of Bowthorp. Visit. Ebor. 29. 

t This person married Joan, daughter of Sir George D'Awney of Seazay. His 
son, Sir George, had to wife Katherine, daughter of Sir Ralph Babthorpe of 
Osgodby. Visit. Ebor. 222. 


Johan Palmes wife of the said John Palmes Esquier, 

Recusant reteaned Sir George Palmes knight, Katheren 
his wife, Leonard Gower servant to the said Sir George 
Palmes knight, Dionis Wilden, Dorothie Pearsone, Margaret 
Archer wife of Thomas Archer: Recusants for one whole 
yeare last. 

Recusant reieined ffrancis Tinckler servant to the saide 
John Palmes Esquier : Recusant for one yeare last. 

Thomas Babthorpe gentleman, Marie Aske, and Ellis 
Archer straungers and do often resorte to the house of the 
said John Palmes Esquier : Recusantes. 

Secrete mariage: The said George Palmes knighte and 
Ladie Katherin his wife have bene called by waie of Sitacons 
into the Consistorie courte at Yorke to prove there mariage, 
vehemently suspected to have bene married by some popishe 
priest, but how it is, it is not knowen, and they are presented 
to haue bene secretlie married.* 

THORGANBY parish, 
atherin Haxbie new Recusant. 

RlCKALL Parish. 

Noncommunicant reteined'. Thomas Lambe, servant vnto 

Mr. Shillitoe, of the aige of xxiiij or xxv yeares ; non- 

William Tewke, noncommunicant for one yeare last. 

* There are no depositions at York which throw any light upon this marriage ; 
the family have been, for a long period members of the National Church. 



ndrewe Wetherall of Kellfeild and William Stillington* 

John ffox, noncommunicant for one yeare last. 

WHELDRAKE parishe. 
icholas Braye, Recusant for 2 yeares & a halfe. 

Agnes wife of the said Nicholas Bray Recusant for ix or 
x yeares. 

Recusant reteined Anne Baxter servant vnto the saide 
Nicholas Bray ; Recusant for five monthes or thereabouts. 

Certified by William Hildyard and Jonas 
Waterhousef Esquiers. 


homas Conyers Recusant. 

arie Isones widdowe, a Recusant.' 

? Eldest son of Thomas Stillington of Kelfield, whose wife was a Hungate of 
Saxton. William Stillington died unmarried. His brother Thomas was Pro- 
fessor of Divinity at Louvain. Visit. Ebor. 215. 

f A younger son of Gregory Waterhouse of Syddall, by his wife Margaret, 
daughter of Nicholas Tempest of Bracewell. He married Judith, daughter of 
Francis Rodes, sergeant-at-law and Justice of the Common Pleas. Hunter, South 
Yorkshire, i. 118 ; ii. 130. 



argaret Welburie, a Recusant ; Recusant for 3 yeares, of 
late departed from thence. 

WESTON parish. 

Jhomas Coniers, Roger Conyers, resortinge to the howse 
of one William Brice of Meinthorpe in the parish 
aforesaid ; Recusant for one yeare & now departed from thence. 


Dawney of East Heslerton, noncommunicant at 
Easter last. 

Certified by Sir Henrie Griffith knight, William 
Watkinson, and Thomas Sothabie Esquiers, vnder 
the hands of the ministers, churchwardens, con- 
stables, and sworne man. 



argaret Tindall, widdow. 

ichard Ellerton Recusante ; Recusant at Easter last. 

FOWLTON parishe. 

] lice Morris wife of William Morris, & Robert Norman veil 
of West fflotenbie ; noncommunicant for one whole 
yeare last. 

* The name of this place has perished ; a fragment of the first letter of the word 
remains, which seems to have been A. 



ohn Carleill gentleman ; noncommunicant for one yeare 


homas Crosse ; Recusant for 14 months last. 

Certefied by Sir Henrie Griffeth knight, William 
Watkinson and Thomas Sothabie Esquiers vnder 
the handes of the ministers, churchwardens and 




Acaster "Malbys, 62 
Acklam, 104 
Addle, 16 
Agbrig, n 
Aldburgh, 51 
Almenbury, II 
Aluertonshire, 89 
Appleton in le Strete, 112 
Appleton super Wiske, 103 
Arkengarth Dale, 78 
Arksey, 9 
Arncliffe, 20 
Assleby, 137 
Aturcke, 128 
Augton, 132 
Auldfeild, 42 
Aynderbre Staple, 71 
Aynstie, 60 
Ayskarth, 67 
Ayton Magna, 103 

T3ARKSTON Ashe, 22 
* J Barleby, 140 
Barneby upon Dune, 10 
Barningham, 85 
Barton Cuthbert, 71 
Barton Marie, 71 
Barwick, 14 
Beamesley, 45 
Bedal, 77 
Benbolme, 128 
Bentham, 21 
Beverley, 131 
Bewerley Pasture, 5 2 
Bilsdale, 113 
Bilton, 6 1 
Birkbie, 90 
Birkyn, 29 
Bishopside, 52 
Bolton, 20, 69 

Bolton Pearcie, 62 
Bondgate, 40 
Bossall, 122 
Bowes, 78 
Bowthorpe, 140 
Brackenholme, 140 
Bradfield, 8 
Bradforth, 12 
Bransbie, 120 
Brantingham, 138 
Brayton, 28 
Bridlington, 144 
Brighton, 134 
Brignell, 79 
Britton, 106 
Brompton, 92 
Brotherton, 22 
Broughtbn, 19 
Bubwith, 134 
Buckrose, 142 
Buhner, '117 
Burnefall, 20 
Burniston, 88 
Burrowbridg, 44 
Burswick, 123 
Burton, 113 
Burton Leonard, 46 
Bushopton cum Sutton, 42 

^ Cantley, 5 
Carleton, 29 
Carlton, 22 
Cathericke, 73 
Catton, 132 
Cawood, 27 
Claro, 30 
Cliffe, 139 
Copgi-ave, 134 
Cottingham, 131 
3overham, 65 

Cowthorpe, 43 
Crawthorne, 101 
Croftbn, n 
Cundall, 88 

- L/ Dalkhe, 35 
Danbie Wiske, 70 
Danby, 103 
Darfeild, 10 
Dickring, 143 
Doncaster, 55 
Downeholme, 66 
Drax, 28 
Dunington, 12$ 

- L( : Easbie, 84 
Easington, 107 
Easingwold, 120 
Eastrirgton, 138 
Eastroppe, 135 
Eastwitton, 66 
Edson, Great, 114 
Egton, 97 
Ellerker, 138 
Emley, 13 
Eriholme, 71 
Eskdale, 115 
Eucrosse, 17 

pENTON, 26 

Ferneham, 50 
Fewston, 46 
Fingall, 64 
Flambrough, 144 
Forcett, 83 
Fowlton, 143 
Foxholes, 143 
Freckley, 7 
Fylinge, 114 



n ARGRAVE, 20 
*-* Gawtray, 35 
Gevendale, 136 
Giggleswick, 21 
Gilling, 82 
Gilling, East, 69 
Gillinge, 112 
Gisbrough, 95 
Goldesbrough, 39 
Goodmanham, 136 
Great Edson, 1 14 
Great Worsale, 89 
Grewelthorpe, 35 
Grinton, 67 
Gyrsbie, 90 
Gysburne, 17 

** Halsham, 123 
Halton, 6 1 
Hamesthwate, 51 
Hang, East, 73 
Hang, West, 63 
Harthall, 131 
Hartwith, 36 
Haton, 131 
Hawkswell, 66 
Haxbie, 120 
Headon, 128 
Healey, 60 
Helmsley, 112 
Helperthorpe, 142 
Hembroughe, 139 
Heslerton, East and West, 


Hewick, 42 
Hickleton, 8 
Hideswell, 64 
Hilton, 108 
Hinderskelfe, 118 
Hinderwell, 109 
Hipswell, 73 
Holderness, 122 
Hornbie, 77 
Horneby, 93 
Horton, 21 
Hovingham, in 
Howden, 137 
Howdenshire, 137 
Huddersfield, n 
Humbleton, 128 
Hunsingore, 34 
Hunsley, 135 
Huntington, 118 
Hutton Bonville, 93 
Huton Long Villes, 80 

Hutton Pannell, 7 
Huttons Ambo, 117 

TLKLEY, 1 6 

Ingarthorp, 42 
Inglebie juxta Grenehowe, 

Ingleton, 22 

l^AINGHAM, 122 
^ Kighley, 18 
Kildale, 102 

Kingeston upon Hull, 129 
Kippax, 15 
Kirkdall, 113 
Kirkby, 20 

Kirkby Malzeard, 34; 36 
Kirkbie on the More, 88 
Kirkby Overblowes, 45 
Kirkbie Ravensworth, 85 
Kirkdighton, 39 
Kirkebiestethan, 73 
Kirkby Wharf, 22 
Kirkby Wiske, 70 
Kirkleaventon, 104 
Kirklington, 87 
Knaresbrough, 32 
Knedlington, 138 

Laverton, 35 
Leake, 91 
Leckenfeilde, 131 
Ledsham, 25 
Leedes, 17 
Letwell, 8 
Linton, 137 
Lofthouse, 106 
Longbargh, 94 
Longpreston 19 
Lounsborough, 133 
Lunde, 139 
Lythe, 108 

1TJ - Markington, 42 
Marston, 60 
Marton, 125 
Massam, 73 
Melsonby, 86 
Menthroppe, 140 
Metham, 137 
Middleton, 108 
Midleton Tyers, 72 
Midleham, 63 
Millington, 135 

Mitton, 1 8 
Monckfrieston, 29 
Morley, n 
Mukar, 69 
Mynskip, 51 


1 New Malton, 113 
Newland, 137 
Normanton, 12 
Normanbie, 113 
Normington, 113 
North Cave, 131 
North Ferribie, 130 
North Ottrington, 92" 
"Norton, 142 
Nunkeeleing; 128 
Nunmonckton, 43 
Nydd, 47 

f)LD MALTON, 113 

^ Osgodby, 189 

Osmotherley, 93 

Oswaldkirke, 113 

Otley, 1 6 

Overton, 118 

Owze and Darwent, 139 

Patrick Branton, 73 
Pichall, 87 
Pickering Lythe, 1 14 
Pocklington, 132 
Pontefract, 53 
Preston, 127 

- Lt Raskall, 120 
Richmond, 63 
Richmondshire, 87 
Rickall, 141 
Ripon, 39, 43 
Rippley, 47 
Risbie, 134 
Roclif, 51 
Rookbie, 78 
Rotherham, 5 
Roth well, 13 
Rowsbye, 109 
Rudby in Hutton, 102 
Rumberkirke, 78 
Rydall, in 

Sawley, 41, 43 


Saxton, 25 
Scawton, 113 
Scraton, 73 
Seamer, 100 
Selby, 28 
Sheffield, 9 
Sherburne, 23 
Sherif Hutton, 118 
Sharow, 41 
Sigston, 91 
Silkston, 2 
Skeckling, 123 
Skelgate, 40 
Skelton, 42, 105 
Skipton, 19 
Sky rack, 14 
Slaideburne, 21 
Slingesbie, 113 
Smeton, 71 
Sneby, 117 
South Cowton, 71 
South Driffeilde, 140 
Spaldington, 132 
Spenithorne, 65 
Spofforthe, 30 
Sponton, 112 
Sprotleie, 126 
Staincliffe, 17 
Stamergate, 42 
Stanwickes, 81 
Staueley cum Slenynetfirth, 

52 ' 

Staveley, 32 
Staynton, 8 

Staynton cum Thonabye 


Stillingflete, 141 
StiJlington, 117 
Stokesley, 94 
Stonegrave, 114 
Strafforth, 4 
Stratforthe, 78 
Strensall, 119 
Swetton, 36 
Swillington, 16 
Sutton, 117 


Thorganby, 141 
Thornabye, loo 
Thornehill, 13 
Thorneton, 20, 41, 43 
Thornton, 21 
Thornton Stewart, 63 
Thorp, 42 
Thorparch, 62 
Thorpe Basset, 143 
Thorp-Salven, 6 
Thornton Streete, 92 
Todwick, 7 
Triburgh, 6 
Turington, 121 


Upleadome, 106 
Usburne Magna, 51 

fT Walkington, 138 

Walles, 4 

Warnefeild, 12 

Wath, 87 

Wath super Dearne, 7 

Watlas, 77 

Weaverthorpe, 142 

Well, 77 

Welweek, 123 

Wenslowe, 67 
Westerdale, 106 
Westgate, 40 
Weston, 143 
West Runcton, 94 
West Tanfield, 88 
West Witton, 69 
Wheldrake, 142 
Whfston, 5 
Whixley, 51 
Whitbie, 109 
Whitkirk, 14 
Whorleton, 102 
Wilberfosse, 135 
Winsloe, 36 
Wolley, 2 
Woodhall, 140 
Worsall, Great, 89 
Worsbrough, 2 
Wyclif, 80 
Wytton, 126 

VARME, 104 
A York, 56 
Yowkefleete, 138 

L 2 


" Abbot, William, 42 
Ableson, Alice, 115 
Ableson, Richard, 115 
Aclam, , 109 
Aclam, Henry, ^27 
Acrigge, Jane, 70 
Acrigge, John, 70 

, Alison, 68 
Addeson, John, 68 
Addyman, , 29 
Adwick, George, 10 
Aire, William, 41 
Aislabie, Bridget, 1 14 
Aislabie, Francis, 114 
Akes, Will, 29 
Alarson, Elizabeth, 78 
Aldborough, Eleanor, 94 
Aldborough, Richard, 94 
Alderson, George, 68 
Alderson, Isabell, 68 
Alderson, Mary, 69 
Alderson, Ralf, 69 
Alderson, Reynold, 69 
Aldwyk, John, 60 
Alford, John, 128 
Alford, Sir Lancelot, 128 
Allanbye, James, 114 
Allanbye, Robert, 105 
Allanson, Anne, 42 
Allen, Anne, 83 
Allen, Francis, 83 
Allen, Will, 4 
Allenbye, Agnes, 105 
Allenbye, Robert, 105 
Allenson, Jenet, 5 1 
Alleyne, Anthony, 30 
Alleyne, Margery, 30 
Allison, Alice, 97 
Almaine, Gilbert, in 
Almaine, William, in 
Almond, Christopher, 92 
Almond, Margery, 92 

Alott, Margaret, 13 
Aired, , 129 
Aired, John, 129 
Alured, John, 129 
Alured, Lancelot, 129 
Alured, Mathew, 129 
Alured, Thomas, 127 
Ambler, William, 129 
Anderson, Chr., 2 
Anderson, Mary, 95 
Anderson, Robert, 95 
Anger, Anne, 91 
Anger, Ralf, 91 
Angier, Frances, 22 
Angier, Ralf, 23 
Anion, Will., 18 
Anne, Martin, 22 
Applebie, Isabell, 82 
Applebie, Mary, .81 
Applebie, Peter, 82 
Applebie, Robert, 83, 84 
Appleby, Margery, 100 
Appleby, Percival, loo 
Archer, Ellis, 141 
Archer, Margaret, 141 
Archer, Thomas, 56, 141 
Ardington, , 15 
'Ardington, Cyril, 1 6 
Ardington, Francis, 49 
Ardington, Catherine, 52 
Armington, Ralf, 52 
Armitage, Eliz., II 
Armitage, Humphrey, II 
Armitage, John, n, 14 
Armystead, Dorothy, 35, 


Armystead, Robert, 35, 36 
Arthington, ,13 
Arthington, Beatrice, 13 
Arthington, Frances, 31 
Arthington, Ralf, 52 
Arthington, Rosamond, 16 
Arthington, Will., 31 

Arthure, James, 90 
Ascough, Anne, 66 
Ascough, Dorothy, 66 
Ascough. John, 103 
Ascough, Thomas, sen. , 66 
Ascough, Thomas, jun., 66 
Ash, Richard, 42 
Ashbie, Mary, 138 
Ashbie, Richard, 138 
Ashe, Christopher, 137 
Ashe, Henry, 65 
Ashe, Jane, 131 
Ashe, Martin, 40 
Ashe, Margaret, 65 
Ashe, Roger, 28 
Ashfield, Col., 27 
Ashley, Tho., 7 
Ashton, Alice, 8 1 
Aske, , 140 
Aske, Hawesia, 28 
Aske, Mary, 141 
Askwith, Francis, 72 
Askwith, William, 41, 43 
Aslabie, Susan, 115 
Aslabie, Thomas, 115 
Atkinson, Jenet, 47 
Atkinson, Anne, 48, 70 
Atkinson, Barbara, 51 
Atkinson, Bridget, 63 
Atkinson, Christopher, 17, 


Atkinson, Dorothy, 36, 52 
Atkinson, Emot, 82 
Atkinson, Elizabeth, 17 
Atkinson, Francis, 35, 36, 

74, 75 

Atkinson, George, 48, 50 
Atkinson, Gilbert, 36 
Atkinson, Giles, 70 
Atkinson, Henry, 40 
Atkinson, Jane, 82 
Atkinson, John, 74 76 
Atkinson, Leonard, 51 



Atkinson, Magdeline, 75 
Atkinson, Margaret, 69, 

74, 81 

Atkinson, Robert, 63 
Atkinson, Roger, 81, 82 
Atkinson, Susan, 74 
Atkinson, Thomas, 51, 


Atkinson, William, 81, 82 
Atkinson, William, 63 
Aslabie, William, 128 
Aslaby, Bridget, 121 
Aslaby, Ralf, 120 
Aslaby, Ursula, 120 
Audas, Margeret, 138 
Audas, John, 138 
Ayscough, Anne, 66 
Ayscough, Sir Edward, 66 
Aysleybye Dorothy, 108 

D 48 

Babthorpe, Agnes, 140 
Babthorp, Christopher, 25 
Babthorpe, Frances, 48 
Babthorpe, Francis, 140 
Babthorpe, Grace, 140 
Babthorpe, Katherine, 48, 


Babthorpe, Lady, 124, 125 
Babthorpe, Margaret, HO 
Babthorpe, Sir Ralf, 139, 


Babthorpe, Ralf, 25 
Babthorpe, Richard, 140 
Babthorpe, Thomas, 141 
Babthorpe, Ursula, 140 
Babthorpe, Sir William, 

48, no, 139, 140 
Babthorpe, William, 140 
Babthorpe, see Bapthorppe 
Bacon, Anne, 130 
Bacon, Nicholas, 63 
Bacon, Robert, 130 
Baibe, William, 134 
Bailes, Anne, "jl 
Bailes, Cuthbert, 80 
Bailes, Katherine, 74 
Bailes, Martha, 80 
Bailes, Thomas, 70, 71 
Bainbridge, Christopher, 66 
Bainbrige, Ellen, 66 
Bainbrige, SirWilliam, 122 
Bainbrige, Thomas, 66 
Bainbrigge, Anthony, 65 
Bainbrigge, Frances, 78 

Bainbrigg, Mary, 66, 105 
Baine, Christopher, 74, 118 
Baine, Jane, 118 
Baine, Magdalen, 74 
Bainton, Ursula, 118 
Baiston, Ellen, 133 
Bales, Anthony, 96 
Bales, Lancelot, 95, 96 
Bales, Margery, 95, 96 
Bales, William, 95, 96, 97 
Banck, Anne, 51 
Banck, Elizabeth, 51 
Banck, Jane, 51 
Bancks, , 38 
Bapthorpe, Anne, 78 
Barkar, Rob., 29 
Barkar. Thomasine, 59 
Barker, Anne, 134 
Barker, Elizabeth, 134 
Barker, Jane, 134 
Barker, John, sen., 134 
Barker, John, jun., 134 
Barker, John, 134 
Barker, Richard, 134 
Barker, Robert, 81 
Barlielayes, John, 30 
Barnby, Isabell, 3 
Barnby, Anne, 3 
Barnby, Sir Chas., 3 
Barneby, Beatrix, 3 
Barneby, Dorothy, 3 . 
Barneby, Fra., 3 
Barneby, Isabel, 3 
Barnet, James, 37 
Barneby, John, 23, 24 
Barneby, Marg., 23, 24 
Barneby, Rob., 3 
Barneby, Thos., 3, 4 
Baron, Sibylla, 127 
Baron, William, 127 
Barthram, Mr., 95 
Barthram, Muriel, 94 
Barthram, William, 94 
Barton, Alice, 85 
Barton, Christopher, 76 
Barton, Dorothy, 109 
Barton, Jane, 97 
Barton, Ursula, 32 
Barton, William, sen., 109 
Barton, Anne, 137 
Barty, Geo., 19 
Barrow, Ellen, 43 
Barrowes, John, 43 
Barwick, Anne, 51 
Barwick, Frances, 51 
Barwick, Jane, 5 1 

Base, John, 8 
Bate, William, 102 
Bateson, Allan, 53 
Batley, John, 9 
Batman, Edward, 29 
Battye, Agnes, 21 
Battye, Ric., 21 
Baw, John, 86 
Bawdwen, Ric., 20 
Bawhinny, Thomas, 88 
Bawmer, Edith, 103 
Bawmer, Thomas, 103 
Bawcocke, Alice, 82 
Baxter, , 139 
Baxter, Anne, 142 
Baxter, Dorothy, 28 
Baxter, Elizabeth, 98 
Baxter, John, 30 
Baxter, Marmaduke, 28 
Baynbrig, Denis, 50 
Baybrigge, John, 105 
Baybrigge, Katherine, 105 
Bayne, , 39 
Bayne, Alice, 5 2 
Bayne, Christopher, 52 
Bayne, Isabel, 37 
Bayne, Katherine, 52 
Bayne, Michael, 35, 37 
Beades, Stephen, 104 
Beamont, Ric., n 
Beane, Jane, 49 
Beane, Ralf, 49 
Beastyn, William, 38 
Beaumont, Anne, 3 
Beaumont, Hen., n 
Beaumont, James, 3 
Beaumont, Rob., 12 
Beaumont, see Beamont 
Beckwith, Anthony, 76 
Beckwith, Agnes, 35, 37 
Beckwith, Constance, 73 
Beckwith, Eleanor, 77 
Beckwith, Eliz., 14, 72, 78 
Beckwith, Frances, 37 
Beckwith, Isabell, 51 
Beckwith, Jane, 77 
Beckwith, Jenet, 37 
Beckwith, John, 37 
Beckwith, John, jun., 77 
Beckwith, Leonard, 63 
Beckwith, Matthew, 54 
Beckwith, Richard, 73, 77 
Beckwith, Roger, 54 
Beckwith, Simon, 54 
Beckwith, William, 54, 72, 



Beckwith, Thomas, 57 
Bedford, Francis Earl -of, 


Beete, Nich., 9 
Beisley, Anne, 118 
Beisley, William, 118 
Belay, John, 30 
Bell, , 1 10 
Best, Faith, 91 
Bell, Frances, 52 
Bell, Isabel, 134 
Bell, John, 37, 85 
Bell, Mary, 52 
Bell, William, 38, 52 
Bellamy, , 8 
Bellamy, Original, 8 
Bellamy, Rob., 8 
Bellasse, John, 29 
Bellasse, Phillip, 29 
Bellassys, Katherine, 136 
Bellassys, Sir William, 136 
Bellowses, Mary, 21 
Bellowses, James, 21 
Belton, Cuthbert, 128 
Bennet, Edward, 15 
Bennington, Robert, 130 
Bernake, Nicholas, 44 
Berrie, Jenet, 83 
Berrie, Robert, 83 
Berry, Anthony, 124 
Berryman, Helen, 106 
Berryman, Thomas, 106 
Benson, Peter, 50 
Bernard, William, 57 
Beesley, Margaret, 64 
Beseley, Bridget, 118 
Beseley, Edward, 118 
Beseley, Mary, 63, 64 
Best, Margaret, 103 
Best, Richard, 91 
Best, Roger, 120 
Bethell, Sir Hugh, 138 
Bickardale, Anne, 50 
Bickardale, Edward, 50 
Bickardike, Edward, 50 
Bickerdike, Elizabeth, 50 
Bickerdike, Robert, 50 
Bierley, Isabell, 83 
Bierley, William, 83 
Biggin, Margaret, 114, 115 
Birkbeck, Thomas, 49 
Birlcly, James, 62 * 
Birlestone, Elizabeth, 140 
Birlestone, Humphrey, 140 
Blackburne, Phillis, ill 
Blackbume, Jane, 71 

Blackburne, Margery, 80, 


Blackburne, Robert, 80 
Blackboard, John, 101 
Blackstone, Will., 24 
Blades, Matthew, 68 
Blades, William, 68 
Blaides, Agnes, 68 
Blaides, Mary, 79 
Blaides, William, 68 
Blancherd, James, 140 
Blancherd, Joan, 140 
Bland, Sir Thomas, 17 
Blenkinsop, Anne, 82 
Blenkinsop, Elizabeth, 22 
Blenkinsop, Thomas, 22 
Blonte, Thomas, 123 
Boggle, Margaret, 75 
Bond, , 43 
Bond, Thomas, 40 
Booth, Ellen, 54 
Booth, Nicholas, 10 
Bottomley, Richard, 50 
Boune, Robert, 21 
Bourdell, William, 76 
Bouth, Anne, 120 
Bowell, Margaret, 112 
Bowell, Thomas, 112 
Bowland, Agnes, 121 
Bowlton, James, 113 
Bowes, Elizabeth, 89 
Bowes, Sir George, 89 
Bowes, James, 103 
Bowes, Margery, 103 
Bowes, Margaret, 103 
Bowes, Marmaduke, 96 
Bowes, Phillis, 103 
Bowes, Robert, 103 
Bowes, William, 93 
Bowyer, Ralf, 6 
Boyes, Elizabeth, no 
Boyes, Emot, 112 
Boyes, Francis, 74, 76 
Boyes, George, no 
Boyes, Isabell, 100 
Boyes, Jane, 107 
Boyes, Janet, 106 
Boyes, William, no 
Boynton, Cicely, 41 
Brackenbury, Leonard, 9 
Bradley, Thomas, 39, 43 
Bradwith, Dorothy, 75 
Bradwell, Will., 10, 11 
Brafferton, Isabell, 36, 3 
Brafferton, Richard, 36, 38 
Braishawe, Thomas, 81 

Jranton, Anne, 58 
Branton, William, 58 
Brasse, Anne, 94 
Brasse, Peter, 94 
Braye, Agnes, 142 
Braye, Edw., 10 
Braye, Nicholas, 142 
Brayne, William, 39 
Breccan, , 139 
Breckenbuire, Anthony, 


Brenche, Thomas, 78, 79 
Bretton, Dorothy, II 
Bretton, Francis, II 
Brewster, James, 115 
Brewster, John, 83 
Brewster, Mary, 115 
Brian, Richard, 129 
Brice, William, 143 
Brickell, Ellis, 116 
Brigg, Will., 20 
Brigges, Katherine, 104 
Briggs, Thomas, 38 
Brigham, , 127 
Brigham, Francis, 126 
Brigham, Ralf, 126 
Brockden, Mary, 21 
Brook, Tho., II 
Browne, ,97 
Browne, Agnes, 29 
Browne, Alice, 41, 135 
Browne, Anne, 41, 56 
Browne, Dorothy, 56 
Browne, Elizabeth, 42, 46, 

1 20 

Browne, Gilbert, 92 
Browne, Helen, 51 
Browne, Henry, 135 
Browne, Isabell, 48, 50, 


Browne, Jane, 126 
Browne, John, 42, 126 
Browne, Katherine, 47, 


Browne, Nicholas, 95 
Browne, Ninian, 42 
Browne, Richard, 41, 43, 


Browne, Robert, 41, 117 
Browne, Thomas, 47 
Browne, William, 48, 49, 

Brudburie, Jane, 120 

Brudburie, Edward, 120 
Brunskell, Phillip, 78 
Buck, Agnes, 38 


Buck, Alison, 35, 37 
Buck, Anne, 53 
Buck, Edward, 104 
Buck, Frances, 38, 53 
Buck, Grace, 42 
Buck, Henry, 38 
Buck, Isabell, 36 
Buck, James, 36, 38 
Buck, Johanna, 52 
Buck, Laurence, 38 
Buck, Richard, 38 
Buck, Thomas, 47 
Buck, William, 38 
Buckton, Anne, 96 
Buckton, Jane, 69 
Buckton, John, 69 
Buckton, Peter, 96 
Bultner, Mary, 87 
Bullock, Nicholas, in 
Bullocke, Elizabeth, in 
Bullocke, Francis, 129 
Bullocke, Lancelot, 113 
Bullocke, Margaret, 113 
Bullocke, Thomas, in 
Burdet, Beatrix, 3 
Burdet, Thomas, I, 3 
Burdett, Arthur, 3 
Burdett, Mary, 3 
Burdon, Averel, 105 
Burdon, Christopher, 105 
Burgesse, Thomas, 38 
Burnard, Edw., 33 
Burnell, Olave, 10 
Burnell, Will., 10 
Burneston, Margaret, 32 
Burnet, , 36 
Burnet, Dorothy, 38 
Burnet, Richard, 36, 37 
Burnet, William, 38 
Butiman, Barbara, 115 
Butiman, Christopher, 115 
Butler, Elizabeth, 82 
Butler, John, 72, 78, 82, 


Butler, Margaret, 72, 78 
Burton, , 105 
Burton, Alice, 8 
Burton, Brian, 76 
Burton, Elizabeth, 76 
Burton, Henry, 83 
Burton, Jane, 99 
Burton, John, 135 
Burton, Mabel, 83 
Burton, Mary, 74 
Burton, Peter, 82 
Burton, Rob., 8, 130 

Burton, Thomas, 129 
Buttrie, John, 101 
Buttrie, Margeret, 101 
Buttrye, Jane, 104 
Butyman, Margeret, 115 
Byron, Mary, 44 
Byron, Sir Nicholas, 44 
Bywater, Isabel, 26 


^ 122 

Calen, Isabel, 128 
Calen, Susan, 128 
Calen, Thomas, 128 
Calvert, Leonard, 69 
Carleill-, John, 144 
Carlile, Alice, 60 
Carlile, John, 115 
Carlill, John, 55 
Carnill, John, 55 
Carr, Edward, 77 
Carr, Johanna, 52 
Carter, , 50 
Carter, Allison, 83 
Carter, George, 65 
Carter, Martin, 82 
Carter, Mary, 65 
Carter, Muriel, 82 
Caterick, Anthony, 64 
Caterick, Dorothy, 64 
Cathericke, Anthony, 81, 

82, 84 - 

Cathericke, Elleanor, 81 
Cathericke, John, 81 
Cathericke, Josies, 81 
Cathericke, Margaret, 81, 


Cathericke, William, 81 
Catterick, Isabel, 81 . 
Catterick, Mary, 81 
Cattell, Thomas, 55 
Cawdbeck, Alice, 41 
Cawdbecke, Elizabeth, 96 
Cawdbecke, Christopher, 


Cawood, Anne, 58 
Cawood, William, 58 
Challoner, Bishop, 124, 


Chamberlaine, John, 13 
Chambers, Jane, 64 
Chamney, Frances, 31 
Chamney, Richard, 31 
Chanler, William, 40 
Chapman, Jane, 114 
Chapman, Cuthbert, 85 

Chapman, Edward, 120, 

CBapman, Elizabeth, 114, 


Chapman, Ellis, 114 
Chapman, Frances, 31 
Chapman, John, 53 
Chapman, John, jun., 116 
Chapman, Margaret, 85 
Chapman, Percival, 115 
Chapman, William, 114 
Champney, Anthony, 3, 4 
Champney, Dr. 125 
Champney, Cha., 3 
Champney, Eliz., 3 
Champney, Marg., 3, 4 
Champney, Nich., 3 
Champney, Percival, 3 
Champney, Tho., 2 
Charter, Anne, 89 
Chater, Margaret, 75 
Chater, Henry, 75 
Charter, John, 89 
Chater, Robert, 75 
Chattell, Thomas, 55 
Cherry, , 28 
Chery, Johanna, 28 
Cholmley, Henry, no 
Cholmley, Marmaduke, 

1 20 
Cholmley, Sir Richard, 

Cholmeley, Richard, 73, 

120, 121 

Cholmley, Roger, 120 
Cholmeley, Ursula, 120 
Cholmondeley, George 
. Horatio, no 
Cholmondeley, Hugh, no 
Cholmondeley, Marquis of, 

1 10 

Channer, Bridget, 40 
Chaworth, , 8 
Clarke, , 129 
Clarke, Agnes, 117 
Clarke, Alice, 96 
Clarke, Christopher, 117 
Clarke, Muriel, 96 
Clarke, Richard, 139 
Clarke, Simon, 96 
Clapham, John de, 45 
Clarkson, Alice, 69 
Clarkson, Edward, 63, 6c 
Clarkson, Jane, 1 1 1 
Claxton, Francis, 86 
Claxton, Robert, 86 



Clayton, Isabel, 7 
Clayton, Law., 9 
Clayton, Nich., 9 
Clayton, Robert, 83 
Clayton, Will., 7 
Cleasbie, Eleanor, 71 * 
Cleasbie, Richard, 71 
Clemet, Mary, 50 
Clerk, Lionel, 29 
Clerk, Marg., 18 
Clerkson, Cuthbert, 108 
Clerkson, Isabel, 108 
Cliderhowe, Hugh, 60 
Clifton, Eleanor, 127 
Clifton, Elizabeth, 104 
Clifford, George, 61 
Clifford, Tho., 13 
Clithero, Margaret, 60 
Clitherow, Richard, 60 
Clitherow, Roger, 128 
Clitherow, Eleanor, 128 
Clitherow, see Cliderhowe 
Clitherowe, William, 120 
Clitheroe, Richard, 60 
Cloudesdaile, William, 134 
Close, John, 63 
Clyderhowe, William, 60 
Coates, William, 102 
Cobcroft, Margaret, 139 
Cobcroft, Walter, 139 
Cobham, Major, 27 
Cocke, Richard, 90 
Cockes, Richard, 90 
Cockerell, Emot, 97 
Cockerell, Elizabeth, no 
Cockerell, George, no 
Cockerell, Isabel, 108 
Coles, John, 102 
Cockerill, Agnes, 115 
Cockerill, Anne, 116 
Codd, Mary, 82 
Collier, Allison, 68 
Collier, Ralf, 68 
Colling, Margaret, 85 
Collinge, George, 85 
Collinge, Gavin, 85 
Collinge, Robert, 85 
Collinge, William, 85 
Collinson, John, 77 
Collinson, Richard, 129 
Collum, . , 28 
Colson, Peter, 99 
Coltman, Elinor, 84 
Coltman, John, 84 
Conset, Christopher, 97, 
98, loo 

Concett, George, 62, 137 
Consett, Helen, 97 
Consett, Reynold, 62 
Constable, Agnes, 126 
Constable, Catherine, 127 
Constable, Barbara, 136 
Constable, Elizabeth, 130, 

134, 136 

Constable, Henry, 127 
Constable, Jane, 127 
Constable, Sir John, 127 - 
Constable, Katherine, 22 
Constable, Mary, 127 
Constable, Margerey, 27 
Constable, Michael, 28, 


Constable, Sir Phillip, 136 
Constable, Ralf, 123, 126, 

127, 130 

Constable, Sir Robert, 134 
Constable, Robert, 22 
Constable, see Cunstable 
Conyers, Agnes, 90 
Coniers, Catherine, 7 
Conyers, Christopher, 70, 


Conyers, Cuthbert, 30 
Conyers, Frances, 70 
Conyers, George, 70, 90 
Conyers, Henry, 37 
Conyers, John, 90, 93 
Conyers, Lord, no 
Conyers, Margaret, 64, no 
Conyers, Marmaduke, 70 
Conyers, Nicholas, 107 
Conyers, Mrs., 30 
Conyers, Robert, 93 
Conyers, Roger, 93,143 
Conyers, Symon, 64 
Conyers, Thomas, 70, 142, 

Cook, Andrew, 99 
Cook, Francis, 99 
Cook, Mary, 10, 99 
Cook, Susanna, 129 
Cook, Thomas, 19,54 
Cook, Tryte, to 
Cook, .Will., 25 
Cooke," Ric. , 29 
Cooke, Thomas, 92 
Cooke, William, 100 
Cootes, Allan, 85 
Cootes, Katherine, 79 
Cootes, Robert, 82 
Cope, Jenet, 81 
Copeland, Elizabeth, 26 

Copledyke, Francis, 6 
Copledyke, Sir John, 6 
Corker, Edith, 17 
Corneforth, Jane, 96 
Corneforth, Leonard, 96 
Corneforth, Richard, 96 
Gotham, Anne, 101 
Cottingham, Anne 
Cowper, Anne, 75 
Cowper, John, 30 
Cowper, William, 75 
Coupland, Frances, 25 
Coupland, Will., 25 
Cowlson, Anne, 72 
Cowlson, Richard, 113 
Cowlson, William, 72 
Cowling, Anth., 10 
Cowlton, William, 72 
Coverdale, Miles, 65 
Cowlton, Christopher, 72 
Crathorne, Bennet, in, 


Crathorne, Margaret, 130 
Crathorne, Phillis, in 
Crashley, Ric., 10 
Craven, Anne, 130,138 
Craven, Dorothy, 37 
Craven, Elizabeth, 137 
Craven, Henry, 33 
Craven, John, 37 
Craven, Laurence, 137, 


Craven, William de, 37 
Craven, William, 137 
Crawthorne, Bridget, 101, 
Crawthorne, Katherine, 


Crawthorne, Thomas, 101 
Cresacre, Family of, 47 
Creswell, Anne, 128 
Creswell, Francis, 128 
Cresswell, Ralf, 128 
Crosbie, Francis, 74 
Crosbie, Anthony, 74 
Crosse, Thomas, 144 
Grander, Will., $ 
Cromock, Elizabeth, Vj 
Crowe, George, 41 
Cully, Isabell, 100 
Culsaie, Peter, 82 
Cumberland, Henry Earl 

of, no 

Cundall, Helen, 46 
Cunstable, John, 109 
Currier, William, 35, 37 
Curryar, Elizabeth, 38 



Cuthbertson, Margaret, 83, 

Cutler, John, 49 

Dacres, Elizabeth, 121 
Dacres, Thomas Lord, 121 
Dacres, William Lord, 61 
Daghton, Ric., II 
Daghton, Sibyl, II 
Dalby, Alice, 26 
Dalby, Elizabeth, 59 
Daking, John, 127 
Daking, Margery, 127 
Dakyns, Thon.asine, 62 
Dale, Dorothy, 99 
Dale, Henry, eg 
Dale, Isabel, 99 
Dal ton, Anne. 130, 136 
Dalton, Dorothie, 81 
Dalton, Elizabeth, 130 
Dalton, Edward, 81, 82, 


Dalton, John, 130 
Dalton, Phillip, 130 
Dalton, Robert, 130 
Dalton, Susanna, 130 
Dalton, Thomas, 130, 134 
Dalton, Sir William, 136 
Dalton, William, 130 
Dallton, Mr., 138 
Dames, Roger, 6 
Damson, Laurence, 38 
Dan by, Anne, 91 
Danby, Armatrude, 74 
Danby, Sir Christopher, 73 
Danby, Christopher, 73, 75 
Danby, Elizabeth, 74 
Danby, James, 74,76 
Danby, John, 74 
Danbie, Margaret, 75 
Danbie, Marmaduke, 75 
Danbie, Mary, 91 
Danbie, Miles, 91 
Danby, Sir Thomas, 74 
Danbie, Thomas, 91 
Danyell, Christopher, 121 
Darbie, Margaret, 118 
Darcy, Elizabeth, 29, 77 
Darcy, George Lord, 29 
Darcy, Thomas, 77 
Darley, Elizabeth, 114 
Darley, Henry, 41 
Darley, Sir Richard, 1 14 
Darley, Richard, 122 
Darley, Robert, 41 ' 

Daveson, Katherine, ill 
Daveson, Robert, ill 
Davill, Katherine, 73 
Davill, Richard, 73 
D'Awney, Sir George, 140 
D'Awney, Joan, 140 
Dawney, , 143 
Dawson, Anthony, 138 
Dawson, Christopher, 53 
Dawson, John, 139 
Day, John, 57 
Daylle, Thomas, 114 
Deales, Christopher, 140 
Deales, Jenet, 140 
Deane, William, 106 
Dearlove, Alice, 47, 49 
De Cheries, , 28 
Deane, Jane, 107 
Deane, William, 107 
Dent, Allison, 84 
Dent, Anne, 86 
Dent, Christopher, 83, 84 
Dent, Jenet, 82 
Dent, John, 84 
Dent, Mary, 82 
Dent, William, 86 
Dent, Mary, 83 
Dent, Mrs., 83 
Denton, Elizabeth, 109 
De Peccato, , 129 
Dewherst, James, 1 8 
Dicconson, Elizabeth, 5 1 
Dicconson, Jane, 97 
Dicconson, Mathew, 97 
Dicconson, William, 51 
Dickenson, Margery, 122 
Digges, Robert, 37 
Diks, Robert, 37 
Dillcocke, Jenet, 140 
Dilton, Thomas, 130 
Dilton, see Dalton . 
Disney, Daniel, 3 
Disney, Hester, 3 
Dixon, Anne r 83 
Dixon, Robert, 83 
Dixon, William, 83 
Dobbey, Wilfride, 88 
Dobison, Jane, 8 1 
Dobison, Simon, 81 
Dobson, William, 112 
Dodsworth, John, 75 
Dodsworth, Robert, 75 
Dodsworth, Roger, 75 
Dolfyn, 34 
Dolman, Anne, 132 
Dolman, Bridget, 132 

Dolman, Jane, 132 
Dolman, John, 132 
Dolman, Marmaduke, 132, 

Dolman, Mary, 114 
Dolman, Peter, 132 
Dolman, Sir Robert, 132 
Dolman, Thomas, 132, 135 
Dolman, William, 114, 132 
Dolman, see Doulman 
Donnington, Leonard, no 
Douglas, George, 68 
Douglas, Isabell, 68 
Douglas, Jane, 69 
Douglas, Simon, 68 
Doullman, Elizabeth, 132 
Doulman, Marmaduke, 135 
Doulman, Ursula, 135 
Doullman, William, 133 
Douthward, Elizabeth, no 
Dowgill, Agnes, 38 
Dowgill, Francis, 38 
Dowson, Ellis, 99 
Dowson, Geo., 34 
Dowson, Frances, 34 
Dracop, George, 49 
Duckworth, Nich., 18 
Duffield, Henry, 35, 37 
Duffitt, Anne, 96 
Duke, William, 121 
Dugdale, Sir William, 75 
Dunbar, Lord, 6l, 127 
Dunington, Francis, 139 
Dunington, John, 139 
Durham, Agnes, 139 
Durham, Richard, 139 
Dutchman, Ellis, 125 
Dutchman, Elizabeth, 126 
Dutchman, John, 125, 126 
Dwess, Percival, 22 
Dykes, Mr., 37 
Dyneley, Frances, 16 
Dyneley, George, 16 

TELLER, Alice, 76 
-*- 1 Ellerbie, Dorothy, 139 
Ellerbie, Oliver, 139 
Ellerbie, Richard, 139 
Ellerbie, Helen, 102 
Ellerker, Alice, 138 
Ellerker, Barbara, 138 
Ellerker, Edward, 134 
Ellerker, Lady, 134 
Ellerker, Margery, 123 
Ellerker, Sir Ralf, 126, 



Ellerker, Robert, 138 
Ellerker, William, 123 
Ellerton, Richard, 143 
Elliot, Isabel, 134 
Ellis, Edward, 42 
Ellis, Jane, 120 
Ellis, Mary, 15 
Ellis, , 137 
Ellison, John, 139 
Ellisone, Elizabeth, 139 
Ellsthorpe, Isabel, 123 
Ellys, Ellen, 15 
Ellys, John, 15 
Ellys, Kath., 25 
Ellys, Thomsine, 25 
Ellys, Will., 25 
Elsworth, Barbara, 38 
Elsworth, John, 38 
Elsworth, Robert, 38 
Eltofts, Anne, 19 
Eltofts, Edmund, 19 
Elwes, Dorothy, 55 
Elwes, Stephen, 55 
Eluyshe, Ralf, 9 
Eluyshe, Winefride, 9 
Ealand, Elizabeth, 114 
Ealand, Robert, 114 
Earle, Miles, 38 
Earle, Will., 33 
East, Geoffery, 37 
Edmondson, Anne, 32 
Edmondson, Will., 32 
Edward, Jane, 112 
Egleseme, Geo., 6 
Eglisham, George, 6 
Empsone, Agnes, 139 
Empsone, George, 139 
Emerson, Francis, 83 
Emley, Viscount, 61 
Eppleby, Margerie, 70 
Errington, Walter, 128 
Eskrigge, Miles, 137 
Eston, Jane, 120 
Eure, Muriel, 80 
Eure, Sir William, 80 

r TOPHER, 103 

Farnill, Agnes, 38 
Farnill, John, 38 
Farrand, Elizabeth, 22, 83 
Farrand, William, 83 
Farror, Hen., 14, 17 
Fairfax, Anne, 117 
Fairfax, Charles, 98 
Fairfax, Cuthbert, 62, 122 

Fairfax, Francis, 117 
Fairfax, Sir Henry, 6 1 
Fairfax, Henry, no 
Fairfax, Jane, 122 
Fairfax, Lady Katherine, 


Fairfax, Mary, 62 
Fairfax, Mrs., 98 
Fairfax, Nicholas, 122 
Fairfax, Ralf, 62, no 
Fairfax, Sir Thomas, 6l 
Fauxe, Marmaduke, 140 
Favell, Dorothy, 38 
Favell, William, 38 
Fawcett, Dorothy, 67 
Fawcet, Francis, 41 
Fawelen, Gerard, 85, 86 
Fell, Grace, 96 
Fennell, William, 131 
Fenton, Jenet, 55 
Fenton, Richard, 55 
Fenwick, George, 128 
Fenwick, Margaret, 128 
Ferrant, Will., 22 
Fetham, Margery, 82 
Fetham, Richard, 82 
Fetherston, Anne, 97 
Fetherston, William, 97 
Fethon, Richard, 87 
Fewell, Robert, 134 
Fisher, Jane, 12 1 
Fisher, Robert, 113 
Firbancke, Eden, 83 
Firbancke, Jenet, 8 1 
Fishborne, Henry, 83, 84 
Filton, Richard, 86 
Fincham, Beatrix, 89 
Fincham, Sir Thomas, 89 
Fitz Robert, Ralf, 65 
Fleckley, William, 58 
Fletcher, John, 57 
Fletcher, William, 57 
Fockere, John, 61 
Forcer, Bartholomew, 134 
Forde, Ellen, 88 
Forde, John, 88 
Forest, Jane, 32 
Forest, Ric., 32 
Forster, Elizabeth, 83 
Forster, Richard, 119, I2O 
Forster, Thomas, 119 
Forster, William, 119 
Foster, Agnes, 118 
Foster, Alice, 77 
Foster, Elizabeth, 83, 84 
Foster, Edmond, 77 

Foster, Francis, 117 
Foster, Jenet, 82 
Foster, Isabel, 117 
Foster, Ralf, 130 
Foster, Sissile, 77 
Foster, William, 119 
Fotherley, Anne, 115 
Fotherley, Ellis, 115 
Fotherley, Henry, 115 
Fox, Edward, 12 
Fox, John, 142 
Foxcroft, Tho., I 
Foxe, Elizabeth, 102 
Foxgill, Elizabeth, 57 
Foxgill, George, 57 
Fowberye, Helen, 92 
Furbanck, Dorothy, 43 
Furbanck, Ralf, 43 
Furbancke, Stephen, 82 
Fulthroppe, Anne, 101 
Fulthroppe, Francis, loi 
Franck, Christopher, 40 
Francke, Elizabeth, 72 
Fraricke, George, 72 
Francke, Jane, 7 2 
Franckland, Mary, 21 
Frandebrand, Laurence, zi 
Francke, Elizabeth, 78 
Francke, George, 78 
Francke, Henry, 72, 78 
Francke, Leonard, 72 
Francke, Mr., 43 
Francke, Margaret, 72 
Francklyn, John, ill 
Fraunkyshe, Will., 9 
Freman, Agnes, 140 
Freman, John, 140 
Freman, Margaret, 139 
Freman, Mary, 139 
Freman, Thomas, 139 
Freman, Rowland, 140 
Freman, William, 139 
French, , 8 
Frodingham, Mary, in 


Gaile, Thomasine, 135 
Gainforth, Thomas, 70 
Gale, George, 104 
Gale, Mary, 84 
Galle, Thomasine, 135 
Garbott, Gerard, 81 
Garbott, Grace, 86 
Garforth, John, 32 
Garthe, Anne, 67, 81 



Garthe, John, 67 
Garrak, Agnes, 139 
Garrak, Richard, 139 
Gascoigne, Anne, 14 
Gascoigne, Agnes, 24 
Gascoigne, Eleanor, 13 
Gascoigne, Elizabeth, 85 
Gascoigne, Isabella, 76 
Gascoigne, Jane, 17, 82 
Gascoigne, John, 14, 15, 17 
Gascoigne, Lady, 63 
Gascoigne, Maud, 15 
Gascoigne, Richard, 35, 


Gascoigne, Tho., 17 
Gascoigne, Sir William, 

63, 76 

Gascoigne, William, 13, 24 
Gascoigne, , 87 
Gates, John, 125 
Gatenbie, Margaret, 93 
Gatred, Christabel, 70 
Gaterd, Edward, 87 
Gaterd, Elizabeth, 86 
Gatred, Robert, 86, 87 
Gatred, William, 86 
Gayle, George, 104 
Gayle, Margaret, 104 
Geldard, John, 40, 48, 49, 


Geldard, Margaret, 50 
George, Bartholomew, 94, 


Gelstrok, George, 31 
George, Margery, 94 
Geslyn, Robert, 9 
Gibson, Anne, 32, 83 
Gibson, Anthony, 83 
Gibson, Elizabeth, 15, 107 
" Gibson, Henry, 45 
Gibson, Jenet, 68 
Gibson, John, 104 
Gibson, Margaret, 83, 84 
Gibson, Ric., 32 
Gibson, Rob., 32, 33, 63, 


Gibson, Thomas, 107 
Gibson, William, 88 
Gibson, , 42 
Gifford, Hen., 7 
Gifford, John, 7 
Gilbert, John, III 
Gildert, Guy, ill 
Gildert, Katherine, III 
Gill, Francis, 136 
Gill, George, 136 

Gill, Jenet, 52 
Gill, Margaret, 75 
Gill, Thomas, 52 
Gillyott, , 58 
Gilstripp, Elizabeth, 45 
Gilstripp, Thomas, 45 
Girdler, Ric., 28, 29 
Girlington, Christopher, 77 
Girlington', Henry, 69 
Girlington, John, 77, 78, 80 
Girlington, Margaret, 80 
Girlington, Ninyan, 80 
Gleadston, John, 75 
Gleadston, William, 76 
GlanvUle, Helewisia, 65 
Glanville, Ralf, 65 
Gowthwaite, Humphrey, 


Godfrey, Will., 31 
Goldesborough, John, 104 
Goodgeon, Tho., 19 
Goodgion, Francis, 19 
Goodreck, Edward, 118 
Goodrick, Sir Henry, 53 
Goodrick, Robert, Hi 
Goodridge, Robert, 112 
Goodrigg, Anne, 85 
Goodrigg, Francis, 85, 86 
Goodrigges, Frances, 85 
Goodyeare, Edward, 106 
Goodyeare, Mary, 106 
Gough, , 66 
Gower, Barberye, 113 
Gower, Edward, 87 
Gower, Dorothy, loo 
Gower, Fredeswede, 100 
Gower, Leonard, 141 
Gower, Margeiy, 86, 87 
Gower, Mary, 68 
Gower, Nicholas, roo 
Gower, Robert, 100 
Gower, Roger, 68 
Gowthwate, Jane, 52 
Gowthwate, Francis, 52 
Gowthwaite, Thomas, 49 
Gracewith, John, 102 
Gradon, Jane, 96 
Grainger, William, 83 
Graison, Jane, 97 
Grange, Jenet, 51 
Grange, James, 51 
Grange, Margaret, 46 
Gravenore, Rob., 13 
Grayson, Jane, 104 
Grayson, James, 94 
Grayson, William, 104 

Greaves, Helen, 9 
Greaves, Mary, 9 
Green, , 35 
Gregory, James, 38 
Gregson, , 41 
Grene, Alice, ill 
Grene, Clare, 26 
Grene, Elizabeth, 26,118 
Grene, Thomas, III 
Grenebury, Katheren, 59 
Grenebury, Richard, 59 
Grenewell, Barbara, 140 
Grenewell, William, 140 
Grey, Isabel, 100 
Grey, Sir Ralf, 100 
Grey, Sir Thomas, 106 
Griffin, Anne, 31 
Griffin, Edward, 31 
Griffin, Richard, 131 
Griffith, Sir Henry, 143, 


Griffith, Richard, 131 
Grim 1 
Grime I 49 
Grim, Simon, 49 
Grim, William, 49 
Grime, Leonard, 48 
Grime, William, 49 
Grimston, Anne, 124 
Grimston, John, 136 
Grimston, Lady, 136 
Grimston, Sir Marmaduke, 

Grimston, Thomas, 124, 


Grisbie, Jenet, 84 
Grisbie, Margery, 78 
Grisbye, Jenet, 83 
Grosvenor, , 63 
Grymm, Leonard, 50 
Grym, Robert, 49 
Gryme, Edward, 49 
Gryme, William, 50 
Guidomarius of Lions, 49 
Gunteley, Ellis, 116 
Gunteley, Henry, 116 
Guye, Rob., 22 

11 RINE, 75 
Hackforth, John, 86 
Haga, Peter de, 2 
Hagston, Elizabeth, 66 
Hagston, Katherine, 66 
Hagston, Matthew, 66 
Hagston, Ralf, 66 



Haigh, Matthew, I 
Hall, Brian, 69, 85 
Hall, Christopher, 69 
Hall, Mary, 47 
Hall, Margaret, 69 
Hall, Nicholas, 86 
Hall, Sythe, 104 
Hall, William, 47 
Halliday, Anne, 43 
Halliday, William, 42 
Halliley, Robert, 26 
Halliley, William, 26 
Hallowes, James, II 
Hamond, Isabell, 26 
Hamond, Jefferey, 67 
Hamond, William, 29 
Hansil, John, 96 
Hansill, Margaret, 96 
Hardie, Alice, 126 
Harbart, Christopher, 59 
Harbarte, Thomas, 59 
Harbrede, Margaret, 5 
Hardcastle, Robert, 52 
Hardcastle, Samuel, 38 
Hardcastle, Thomas, 53 
Harden, Matthew, 129 
Hardestye, Agnes, 48 
Hardestye, John, 48 
Harding, Dorothy, 108 
Harding, Jane, 108 
Harding, Ralf, 108 
Hardwicke, Katherine, ill 
Hardwick, Muriel, 16 
Hardwicke,' Robert, 16, 


Hardwick, William, 16 
Hare, Robert, 14 
Harewood, Earl of, 89 
Harewood, Ellis, 100 
Hargrove, William, 13 
Hargraves, Ralf, 20 
Harker, , 70 
Harland, Jane, 66, 108 
Harp, Thomasine, 10 
Harrington, John, 30 
Harrington, Lancelot, 39 
Harrison, Agnes, 69 
Harrison, Alice, 95 
Harrison, Christopher, 54, 

Harrison, Elizabeth, 15, 

85, 87 

Harrison, Ellen, 67 
Harrison, George, 95 
Harrison, John, 66, 87, in 
Harrison, James, sen., 69 

Harrison, Jane, 63, 84 


Harrison, Jenet, 116 
Harrison, Margaret, 87 

95, 106 

Harrison, Nicholas, 15 
Harrison, Thomas, 19 
Harrison, , 39 
Harryson, George, 94 
Hart, Dorothy, 106 
Hart, John, 105, 106 
Hart, John, jun., 106 
Hart, Margaret, 106 
Hart, Mary, 106 
Hart, Ralf, 50 
Hart, Richard, 106, 107 
Harte, Jane, 105 
Harte, William, 105, 112 
Hartley, Ralf, 6 1 
Harwood, Christopher, 97 
Harwood, Katherine, 97 
Harwood, Raphe, 100 
Haselrig, Sir Arthur, 27 
Hawe, Emot, 77 
Hawe, George, 83 
Hawe, Helen, 83 
Haule, Jenet, 14 
Haule, John, 14 
Hawksworth, Rosomond, 


Hawksworth, William, 16 
Hawood, Fabran, 35 
Haworth, William, 19 
Hawrigge, Mary, 97" 
Haxbie, Katherine, 141 
Haxby, Thomas, 49 
Hay, Jenet, 47 
Haywood, Fabran, 37 
Headon, Brian, 126 
Headon, Eleanor, 126 
Hearne, Thomas, 75 
Hebb, Jane, 105 
Hebb, John, 105 
Hebblestowe, John, 123 
Hebborne, Elizabeth, 115 
Hebborne, James, 115, 116 
Hebden, Agnes, 32 
Hebden, Christopher, 121 
3ebden, John, 34 
rlebden, Rachel, 121 
iebden, Susan, 34 
Jebden, Thomas, 34 
-ledon, John, 126 
leighington, Mary, 63 
lelcote, Margery, 82 
lemsworth, Henry, 15 

Hemsworth, Mary, 13 
Hesworth, Margaret, 15 
Heneage, John, 44 
Henthorne, Agnes, 18 
Henthorne, John, 18 
Heptenstall, Isabell, 23 
Heptenstall, William, 29 
Herbert, Thomas, 62 
Herman, Margeret, 30 
Hern, John, n 
Hesket, Henry, 61 
Hesledon, Margaret, 96 
Hewes, Robert, 133 
Hewgill, Agnes, 96 
Hewgill, George, 96 
Hewgill, Helen, 105, 106 
Hewgill, Thomas, 103, 

105, 106 

Hewtin, Dorothy, 139 
Heyber, Thomas, 22 
Heywood, 32 
Hibborne, Elizabeth, 116 
Hibborne, James, 116 
Hicke, Anne, in 
Hicke, Thomas, in, 112 
Hildreth, Dorothy, 79 
Hildyard, William, 138, 


Hill, Allan, 112 
Hill, Anne, 116 
Hill, Elizabeth, 83, 100, 


Hill, John, 116 
Hill, Margaret, 112 
Hill, Robert, 115 
Hillarie, Thomas, 67 
Hilton, Sir Godfrey, 12 
Hilton, Elizabeth, 12 
Hindle, Richard, 20 
rlippon, John, 54 
rlird, Elizabeth, 104 
'-iird, Thomas, 104 
rlirst, Edward, 107 
lobb, Elizabeth, 106 
lobb, William, 106 
lodgson, Andrew, 17 
lodgson, Clement, 17 
lodgson, Christopher, 38 
lodgson, Cuthbert, 109 
lodgson, Elizabeth, 38 
lodgson, George, 90 
lodgson, Isabel, 17, 109 
rlodgson, Jane, 97 
-lodgson, John, 40, 97 
iodgson, Katherine, i 
lodgson, Richard, 136 



Hodgson, Robert, 97 
Hodgson, Thomas, 90, 


Hodgson, Ursula, 17 
Hodgson, , 90 
Hogg, Joan, 108 
Hogg, John, 1 08 
Hoggard, Anne, 96 
Hoggard, Joan, 96 
Hoggard, Leonard, 90 
Hoggard, Robert, 96 
Holden, Margaret, 70 
Holden, Richard, 18 
Holden, Robert, 18 
Holden, Thomas, 18 
Holland, James, 9 
Holme, Alice, 46 
Holme, Grace, 118 
Holme, Jane, 136 
Holme, Isabel, 98 
Holme, Robert, 118 
Holme, Seth, 118 
Holme, William, 136 
Holmes, Anne, 7 
Holmes, Christopher, 18 
x Holmes, Elizabeth, 7, 8 
Holmes, John, 2 
Holmes, Mrs., 2 
Holtbie, Elizabeth, in 
Holtbie, George, in 
Holte, Arthur, 28 
Hoopes, Anthony, 76 
Hoopes, Dorothy, 76 
Hoopes, Francis, 76 
Hoopes, Jane, 76 
Hope, Hugh, 121 
Hoppon, Anne, 51 
Hoppon, Thomas, 136 
Hopps, Isabel, 67 
Hopton, Christopher, 3 
Hop ton, Sir Ingram, 18 
Hopton, Jane, 17 
Hopton, John, 17 
Hopton, Ralf, 17 
Hopton, Susan, 3 
Hopwood, , 49 
Home, John, 79 
Home, Margaret, 79 
Home, Richard, 9 
Horseman, Agnes, 35, 37 
Horseman, Leonard, 35 

Horsfield, Anne, 10 

Horsley, , 90 

Horsley, Christopher, 117 

Hosie, Richard, roi 

lotham, John, 134 
loulswathe, Richard, 121 
Howard, Sir William, 121 
Howard, William, 121 
rlorburne, Peter, 134 
Howdale, Agnes, 139 
rlowdale, Thomas, 139 
Howde, George, 82 
rlowlforth, Emot, 114 
Howlforth, John, 114 
Howton, Roger, 9 
Howton, Thomas, 70 
Hudson, Elizabeth, 115 
Hudson, Frances, 115 
Hudson, Robert, 115 
Hugganson, Anne, 82 
Hugganson, John, 82 
Humes, , 81 
Hungate, Katherine, 25, 


Hungate, Dorothy, 117 
Hungate, Jane, 122 
Hungate, Johanna, 25 
Hungate, Sir Francis, 25 
Hungate, Mary, 121 
Hungate, Mary, 25 
Hungate, Sir Phillip, 25 
Hungate, Phillip, 25 
Hungate, Ralf, 122 
Hungate, Thomas, 25, 


Hungate, Sir William, 25 
Hungate, William, 25, 


Hungate, , 142 
Hunt, Bridget, 13 
Hunter, Jane, 101 
Hunter, John, 92 
Hunter, Margaret, 112 
Hunter, Mr., 3 
Hunter, Mrs., 112 
Hunter, Peter, 101 
Hunter, Sycily, 40 
Hunter, Thomas, 40 
Hunter, William, 40 
Huntington, Earl of, 60, 


Huntley, Elizabeth, 116 
Huntrodes, Elizabeth, 
Huntrodes, Ellis, 115 
Huntrodes, Mathew, 115 
Huntrodes, Richard, jun., 


Hurst, Ralf, 120 
Huscroft, Leonard, 55 
Husenbeth, F. C., 4 

rlutchenson, Agnes, 68 
rlutchenson, Arthur, 63 
Hutchenson, Brian, 72 
Hutchenson, Christopher, 


Hutchenson, Isabel, 68 
Hutchenson, John, 68 
Hutchenson, Leonard, 95 
Hutchenson, Mary, 63 
Hutton, Beatrice, 94 
Hutton, Elizabeth, 96 
Hutton, Ellen, 56 
Hutton, Laurence, 135 
Hutton, Matthew, 89 
Hutton, Richard, 93 
Hutton, Sir Richard, 7 
Hutton, Timothy, 94, 89 
Hymsworth, Francis, 23, 

Hymsworth, Jane, 23, 24 


A 5i 

Ingland, Ellen, 33 
Ingland, John, 33 
Ingram, Frances, 104 
Ingram, Richard, 129 
Ingleby, Anne, 14 
Ingleby, Elizabeth, 48 
Ingleby, Francis, 48 
Ingleby, Jane, 30, 37 
Ingleby, John, 14, 48, 49, 


Ingleby, Sampson, 30 
Ingleby, Sir William, 48 
Ingleby, William, 30 
Ingleby, Thomas, 37, 102 
Ingleby, Brian, 29 
Ingleby, Mrs., 48 
Isnes, Mary, 142 
Isherwood, Richard, 13 
Isherwood, , 18 

" Jackson, Cecile, 74 
Jackson, Edward, 75 
Jackson, Elizabeth, 91, 


Jackson, Frances, 12, 89 
Jackson, George, 74, 88 
Jackson, Henry, no 
Jackson, Jane, 12, 76, 88 
Jackson, Jenet, 74 
Jackson, John, 57, 74, 76, 

Jackson, Lucy, 75 

i 5 8 


Jackson, Richard, 25, 29, 


Jackson, Robert, 89 
Jackson, Thomas, 91, 


Jackson, William, 75, 131 
Jackson, , 121 
Jebbs, , .105 
Jefferay, Agnes, 48 
Jefferson, Anne, 39 
Jeffreson, Christopher, 92 
Jeffreson, Dorothy, 92 
Jeffreson, Isabel, 91 
Jeffreson, Katherine, 115 
Jeffreson, Robert, 39 

Jen, Agnes, 100 
en, James, loo 
en, Margery, 100 
Jenkinson, Thomas, 129 
Jerom, Anne, 132 
Jerom, Thomas, 132 
Johnson, Elizabeth, 86 
Johnson, Jenet, 47, 75 
Johnson, John, 29, 33, 6 

86, 103 

Johnson, Robert, 113 
Johnson, Thomas, 92 
Johnson, William, 79 
Johnson, Mrs., 42 
Jolsey, Thomas, 95, 96 
Jowsey, Andrew; 95 
Judson, Jenet, 17 


Kearton, Alison, 68 
Kearton, Anthony, 68 
Kearton, George, 68, 69 
Kearton, Isabel, 68 
Kearton, Jane, 68 
Kearton, John, 68 
Kearton, Ralf, 68 
Kearson, George, 69 
Kearson, James, 69 
Kearson, John, 69 
Kendall, John, 40 
Kendall, Thomas, 42 
Kendall, William, 128 
Kendolle, Damarw, 31 
Kenerhewe, Anne, 93 
Kenerhewe, Lyonel, 93 
Key, Robert, 14 
Key, William, 88 
Killingbeck, Margaret, 

Killingbeck, Mary, 17 

Killingbeck, Thomas, 137 
King, Isabel, 81 
King, Thomas, 74 
King, William, 21 
Kirkbie, John, 75 
Kirke, Agnes, 113 
Kirke, Helen, 107 
Kirke, Stephen, 113 
Knagges, Ellis, 98, 99 
Knagges, Elizabeth, 97 
Knagges, George, 97, 98, 


Knagges, Isabel, 33 
Knagges, John, 33 
Knagges, Laurence, 117 
Knaresborough, Alice, 50 
Knaresborough, Mary, 50 
Knaresborough, Richard, 

Knaresborough, Walter, 


Knaresborough, Mr., 98 
Kneshaw, Edward, 116 
Kneshaw, Isabel, 116 
Knight, Sir Thomas, 44 
Knolles, Anne, 128 
Knolles, Sir William, 128 
Knowles, , 57 

T AFEILDE, John, 70 

Lake, Mary, 102 
Lake, Sir Thomas, 102 
Lambart, Margery, 8 1 
Lambe, Helen, 107 
Lambe, Thomas, 141 
Lambert, Jane, 31 
Lambert, Jenet, 53 
Lambert, Margaret, 41 
Lambert, Rob., 14 
Lambert, William, 52, 53, 
Lamme, John, no 
Lampton, Robert, 59 
Lancaster, , 13 
Langdaile, Katherine, 75 
Langdail, Mr., 127 
Langdale, Elizabeth, 135 
Langdaile, Jane, 75 
Langdale, Patricius de, 135 
Langdale, Richard, 135 
Langdale, William t 135 . 
Langley, Christopher, 135 
Langstaffe, Jane, 79 
Lascelles, Frances, 89 
Lascelles, John de, 89 
~,ascelles, Robert, 89 

ascells, Sir Thomas, 89 

Latimer, Richard Lord, 74 
Laverocke, Alice, 96 
Laws on, Alice, 102 
Lawson, Henry, 19, 98, 


Lawson, Katherine, 19 
Lawson, Margaret, 79 
Lawson, Sir Ralf, 37, 79 
Laxton, Anne, 53 
Laxton, John, 53 
Layton, Agnes, 85 
Layton, Charles, 94 
Layton, Ch., 109 
Layton, Frances, 94 
Layton, Richard, 94 
Layton, Robert, 53 
Ledgrard, Edmond, 41 
Lecke, Frances, 86 
Lee, Dorothy, 25 
Lee, Richard, ill 
Lee, Roger, 25 
Leedes, Sir Tho., 22 
Leedome, Margaret, 41 
Legge, Ellen, 131 
Le gge, John, 131 
Leif, George, 107 
Leife, Isabel, 107 
Leife, Thomas, 107 
Leigh, Jane, 13 
Lelburn, Thomas, 27 
Lescrop, see Scrope, 63 
Levett, Richard, 55 
Lewes, Henry, 43 
Lewys, Henry, 40 
Linskaile, Alice, 82 
Lilburn, Henry, 26, 27 
Lilburn, John, 26, 27 
Lilburn, Richard, 26, 27 
Liones, Grace, 84 
Lister, Everild, 20 
Lister, Laurence, 20 
Littlebury, Eliz., 6 
Littlefeare, Cuthbert, 112 
Littleton, Mr., 54, 55 
Load, Thomas, 1 8 
Lock, Francis, 44 
Locke, Elizabeth, 108 
Locke, Jane, 105 
Locke, Richard, 105 
~iOckwoodd, Will., 30 
L,odge, Elizabeth, 77 
L,odge, Marmaduke, 103 
Lofthouse, Francis, 20 
1/oftus, Dorothy, 37 
l,oftus, Dorothy, 35 
Lofthouse, Elizabeth, 20 



Lond, Thos., 18 
Longley, Will., II 
Longley, ,119 
Lowson, Jane, 46 
Louson, Thomas, 46 
Lovell, Jenet, 115 
Lowdye, Anthony, 112 
Lowes, Allison, 83 
Lowes, George, 83, 84 
Lowson, Gilbert, 42 
Lowson, Johanna, 51 
Lowson, , 41 
Lucas, Anne, 100 
Lucas, Dorothy, 74, 76 
Lucas, John, loo 
Lucas, Ralf, 74, 76 
Lumasses, Richard, 69 
Lumasses, Thomas, 69 
Lumby, Mary, 17 
Lume, Hawise, 96 
Lume, John, 96 
Lupton, Samson, 38 
Lynton, Mathew, 97 
Lyones, Grace, 92 
Lyones, Thomas, 84, 92 
Lyster, Rosamond, 16 
Lyster, Tho., 1 6 
Lythis, Mathew, 98 

1V1 bert, 95 
Maddeson, Francis, 86 
Male, Johanna, 24 
Maleverer, James, 94 
Marmion, Lady Maud, 54 
Mauleverer, John, ro 
Malham, Anne, 34, 36 
Malham, Christopher, 34, 


Malham, Stephen, 34, 36 
Mallet, Dorothy, 100 
Mallet, Frances, 13 
Mallet, Sir Thomas, loo 
Maltbie, Christopher, 131 
Mallory, Anne, 48 
Mallory, Eleanor, 132 
Mallory, Jane, 124 
Mallory, Sir William, 124, 


Mallory, William, 48 
Malthouse, George, 36, 


Malthouse, Jenet, 36, 38 . 
Man, Jane, 23 
Man, John, ,22 
Man, Thomas, 104 

Man, Susan, 104 
Mannering, Bryan, 29 
Manfeild, Agnes, 8 1 
Manfeild, Grace, 81 
Manfeild, John, 82 
Manfeilde, Margaret, 81,82 
Manfeilde, Ralf, 82 
Manfeilde, Thomas, 82 
Mann, George, 109 
Manners, Charles, 10 
Manners, Sir Tho., 10 
Mann ours, Lady, 10 
Martyn, Elizabeth, 120 
Martyn, Isabell, 120 
Manwood, Roger, 32 
Mapperley, Agnes, 135 
Marshall, Agnes, 97 
Marshall, Dorothy, 98 
Marshall, John, 93, 97 
Marshall, Katherine, 125 
Marshall, Peter, 125, 126 
Marshall, William, 41 
Marsinghall, George, no 
Martin, Ralf, 120 
Martin, William, 120, 121 
Marwood, Christopher, 91 
Massam, Helen, 108 
Massam, Phillis, 100 
Massie, Cuthbert, 15 
Massie, Isabel, 15 
Massie, Marg., 15 
Masterman, Thomas, 121 
Matter, Christopher, 14 
Mather, Dorothy, 14 
Mather, Helen, 14 
Mather, John, 14 
Mather, Marg., 14 
Mather, Tho., 14 
Mathesson, Thomas, 76 
Mattison, Jenet, 92 
Mauluerer, William, 94 
Maxwell, Isabell, 104 
Maxwell, William, 130 
Mayson, Elizabeth, 81 
Mayson, Margaret, 75 
Mease, William, 78 ' 
Mennell, Edmond, 108 
Mennell, Mr., 84 
Mennell, Thomas, 92 
Mennell, Richard, 85 
Mennell, Robert, 78 
Mennis, Ric., 17 
Menvell, Dorothy, 108, 


Menvill, Eleanor, 108 
Metham, Agnes, 127 


Bridget, 136 
Dorothy, 114 
Joane, 128 
Sir John, 127 
John, 131 
Jordan, 136 
Sir Thomas, 136 
Thomas, 114, 

Metham, see Mettam 
Metcalf, Agnes, 68 
Metcalfe, Anne, 69 
Metcalfe, Anthony, 8 1, 82 
Metcalfe, Alice, 72 
Metcalf, Brian, 21, 68, 


Metcalf, Dorothy, 68 
Metcalf, Elizabeth, 21, 67, 


Metcalfe, Ellen, 81 
Metcalfe, George, 69 
Metcalf, Helen, 92 
Metcalf, Humphrey, 47 
Metcalf, Sir James, 47, 72 
Metcalf, James, 21 
Metcalf, JefFery, 68, 69 
Metcalfe, Margerie, 69, 


Metcalfe, Margaret, 68, 69 
Metcalf, Mary, 91 
Metcalfe, Oswald, 77 
Metcalf, Richard, 68 
Metcalf, Roger, 67 
Medcalf, Thomas, 47, 123 
Metcalf, Thomas Peter, 47 
Metcalf, Peter, 47 
Metcalf, Valentine, 91 
Metcalf, Vincent, 92 
Mettam, Dorothie, 82 
Mettam, Nicholas, 81 
Meynel, Mrs., 98 
Meynell, Anthony, 120 
Meynell, Clare, 120 
Meynell, Roger, 84 
Meynell, Thomas, 84 
Micharell, George, 88 
Micharell, Jane, 88 
Midleham, Thomas, 67 
Middleton, Anne, 40 
Midleton, Ambrose, 77 
Middleton, Edw., 18 
Midletvn, Francis, 67 
Middleton, Geo., 25 
Middleton, Jane, 25 
Middleton, Jenet, 102 
Middleton, Joan, 25, 120 



Midleton, John, 72 
Middleton, Margaret, 60 
Middleton, Rob.-, 25 
Midleton, Thomas, 72 
Middleton, William, 16, 

23, 24 

Milburne, Christopher, 14 
Milburne, Thomas, 14, 118 
Milburne, Will., 14 
Millar, Dr., 55 
Milner, Allison, 105 
Milner, Isabell, 69 
Milner, James, 69 
Milner, Ralf, 69 
Milner, Simon, 88 
Milner, William, 105 
Mills, Stephen, 115 
Minikyne, Elizabeth, 81 
Mires, William, 85 
Mitchell, Francis, 108 
Mitchinson, Christopher, 

Mitchinson, Margaret, 95 
Monckeman, Jenet, 123 
Monson, Sir John, 6 
Monson, Marg., 6 
Monson, Mary, 6 
Moore, John, 86 
More, Bridget, 47 
More, Francis, 102 
Morecroft, Edw., 21 
Morehouse, John, 19 
Moreton, Alice, 17 
Morgan, William, 45 
Morland, Agnes, 82 
Morley, Agnes, 95 
Morley, Anne, 95 
Morley, Thomas, 95 
Morrice, Richard, 98 
Morris, Alice, 143 
Morris, William, 143 
Morvell, Stephen, 20 
Mosely, Thomas, 62 
Mothersall, Agnes, 102 
Mounckton, Jane, 131 
Mounckton, Phillip, 131 
Mounkton, Margaret, 32 
Mountforte, Margaret, 16 
Mountney, Mary, 55 
.Mountney, Thomas, 55 
Mowbray, Roger, 34 
Muncke, Laurence, 3 1 
Mush, John, 61 
Mushe, Thomas, 33 
Myton, Isabel, 108 
Myn, John, 56 

Myn, Mary, 57 
Myn, Thomas, 57 

TtfEESOME, Anne, 81 
- L ~ Neesome, Thomas, 


Nellsone, Agnes, 140 
Nellson, Marie, 140 
Nelson, Joan, 105 
Nelson, Jane, 22, 105 
Nelson, Ric., 23 
Nelson, Rob., 22, 23, 105 
Nelson, Will., 29, 105 
Netlam, Ric., 13 
Netherwood, Christopher, 


Netherwood, Margaret, 46 
Newbick, Allison, 134 
Newby, Ambrose, 27 
Newby, Cecely, 27 
Newby, Edward, 26, 27 
Newby, Elizabeth, 26 
Newby, Frances, 26 
Newby, Gervace, 26 
Newcome, Ambrose, 84 
Newit, Dorothy, 139 
Newit, John, 130 
Newit, Thomas, 139 
Newit, , 139 
Newport, Dorothy, 89 
Newsome, Ric., 24 
Newstead, Christopher, 93 
Newton, Elizabeth, 70 
Newton, Francis, 83 
Newton, Theodocia, 10 
Newton, Sir Tho., 10 
Newton, Ambrose, 83 
Nettleton, Elizabeth, 117 
Nevil, Richard, Lord La- 
timer, 44 
Nevill, Mary, 74 
Nevill, Ralf, 74 
Neville, Roger, 65 
Nevil, Susan, 44 
Neville, Ralf, 65 
Newcome, Frances, 84 
Newsome, Francis, 28 
Nicholson, Anne, 81 
Nicholson, Christopher, 8 1 
Nicholson, Grace, 81 
Nicholson, Jenet, 22 
Nicholson, Margeret, 18 
Nicholson, Mary, 29 
Nicholson, Richard, 23, 29, 
81, 82 

Nicholson, Richard, jun., 


Nicholson, Tho., 10 
Norcliffe, Marmaduke, 1 14 
Norcliffe, Steven, 114 
Norcliffe, Thomas, 114 
Normanvell, John, 75 
Normanvell, Margeret, 25 
Normanvell, Robert, 143 
Norrys, Hen., 29 
North, George, 116 
North, Isabell, 113 
North, Peter, 113 / 

Northorp, Robert, 60 
Northumberland, Earl of, 

30, 84 

Norton, Basil, 44 
Norton, Edward, 41 
Norton, Francis, 44 
Norton, George, 106 
Norton, Henry, 44 
Norton, Katherine, 44, 74 
Norton, Richard, 41, 44, 


Norton, Robert, 74, 75, 76 
Norton, Theophilus, 44 
Norton, William, 41, 43 
S'owell, Mary, 18 
Nowell, Roger, 18 
Nutburne, Ellen, 138 
Nutthall, Margaret, 28 
Nuttall, Mary, 140 

, JOHN, 38 

Oggull, Will., 27 
Oglethorpe, John, 54 
Oglethorp, Rob., 14 
Oglethorpe, Thomas, 54 
Oram, Jenet, 46 
Oram, Robert, 46 
Oram, William, 46 
Ovington, Alice, 72 
Ovington, Anthony, 83 
Ovington, Elizabeth, 83 
Ovington, Jenet, 83 
Ovington, John, 
Orton, Jane, 104 
Owston, Jane, 123 
Owston,, Robert, 123 
Owthwate, Ellen, 37 
Owthwate, Isabell, 37 
Oxley, Edmond, 8 
Oxley, John, 55 
Oxley, William, 2 
Oxley, , 8 , 




A PHER, 114 
Paite, Ellen, 114 
Pallicer, Jane, 47 
Pallicer, William, 49 
Palliser, Dorothy, 92 
Palliser, Thomas, 92 
Pallyser, William, 47 
Palmer, Sir Thomas, 100 
Palmer, Tho., 10 
Palmes, Sir George, 141 
Palmes, Sir George, 140 
Palmes, Lady Katharine, 


Palmes, John, 140, 141 
Pallor, Jayne, 31 
Pareman, Sithe, 79 
Pareman, Thomas, 79 
Parker, Elizabeth, 140 
Parker, George, 13 
Parker, Isabel, 134 
Parker, Mr., 48 
Parker, Stephen, 136 
Parker, William, 140 
Parkin, Hen., 10 
Parkinson, Elizabeth, So 
Parkinson, James, 90 
Parkinson, John, 91 
Parkinson, Margeret, 90 
Parkin, Marmaduke, 70 
Patchet, Jenet, 134 
Patchet, John, 134 
Pattericke, Richard, 101 
Pattison, Anne, 107 
Pattison, Helen, 107 
Pattison, Josian, 106 
Pattison, Margaret, 106, 


Pattison, Oliver, 107 
Pattison, Rowland, 107 
Patton, Alice, 96 
Patton, Nicholas, 96 
Pattyson, Elizabeth, 106 
Pattyson, Rowland, 1 06 
Paver, Jane, 30 
Paver, Ric., 30 
Paycock, Isabell, 69 
Paycock, William, 69 
Peace, Dorothy, 80 
Peace, John, 80 
Peacock, Family of, 40 
Peacocke; Cicile, 137 
Peacocke, John, 137 
Peacock, see Paycock 
Peak, Family of, 40 
Peake, Ralf, 40 

Pearcie, Marmaduke, 77 
Pearson, Anne, 99, 100 
Pearson, Agnes, 113 
Pearson, Barnard, 90 
Pearson, Dorothy, 98, 141 
Pearson, Edward, 86 
Pearson, Elizabeth, 86, 97 
Pearson, George, 113 
Pearson, Grace, 84 
Pearson, Henry, 97 
Pearson, Isabel, 83 
Pearson, Margeret, 118 
Pearson, Matthew, 58 
Pearson, Symond, 83 
Pearsone, Thomas, 129 
Pearson, William, loo 
Peart, Martin, 93 
Peart, Original, 8 
Pease, Elizabeth, 26 
Pease, Thomas, 26 
Peat, Dorothy, 135 
Peereth, Elizabeth, 70 
Peche, , 129 
Peg, Mickell, 50 
Pencock, Margaret, 96 
Pencock, William, 96 
Penyngton, Randal, 88 
Penyngton, William, 48 
Percivall, Jenet, 49 
Percivall, Ralf, 49 
Percy, Edward, 131 
Percy, Elizabeth, 3, 64, 

Percy, Henry, Earl of 

Northumberland, 33, 64 
Percy, Mary, 33 
Percy, Thomas, Earl of 

Northumberland, 33 
Percy, Thomas, 3 
Percy, see Pearcie 
Fetch, Marmaduke, 98 
Fetch, , 129 
Petre, Edward, 4 
Phillip, James, 19, 45 
Phillipp, Margaret, 45 
Philpott, William, 126 
Philpottes, John, 126 
Piburne, Jenet, 82 
Piburne, Richard, 82 
Pickard, Margery, 43 
Pickering, Elizabeth, 128, 


Pickering, Helen, 126 
Pickering, Sir I., 128 
Pickering, John, 25 
Pickering, Mary, 108 

Pickering, Robert, 126., 


Pierpont, Elizabeth, 29 
Pierpont, Sir Hen., 29 
Piers, Abp., 125 
Pilkington, Ric., 18 
Finder, John, 106 
Finder, Mary, 105 
Pinkney, Christopher, 34 
Plaice, , 19 
Plattes, Anne, 10 
Plowman, Lucy, 59 
Plowman, William, 59 
Plumpton, Anne, 31 
Plumpton, Sir Edward, 

30, 3 1 

Plumpton, John, 31 
Plumpton, Lady, 30 
Plumpton, Rob., 31 
Plumpton, Sir Will., 31 
Posgate, Edward, no 
Posgate, George, 115, 116 
Posgate, William, jun., 115 
Posgate, Isabel, 115, 116 
Posgate, Jane, 97, 100 
Posgate, James, 116 
Posgate, Margery, 116 
Posgate, William, 97, 116 
Postgate, Elizabeth, 116 
Postgate, Jane, 97 
Postgate, Nicholas, 97, 99 
Postgate, William, 97 
Popleton, Ellen, 43 
Popleton, Margaret, 43 
Popleton, Thomas, 43 
Popleton, William, 43 
Potter, Anne, 37 
Potter, Cuthbert, 89, 90 
Potter, Mary, 89 
Potter, Richard, 87 
Pottes, Christopher, 104 
Poules, Robert, 29 
Poules, Tho., 29 
Poules, Will., 29 
Ponsenbie, Eden, 85 
Ponsenbie, James, 85 
Powthrell, Ellen, 10 
Powthrell, Tho., 10 
Poynings, Eleanor, 64 
Poynton, Margaret, 33 
Poynton, Roger, 33 
Pratt, John, 70 
Price, Isabel, 15 
Proudfoote, Margaret, 139 
Pudsay, Ambrose, 19, 83 
Pudsay, Cuthbert, 85 




Pudsay, Elizabeth, 83 
Pudsay, Frances, 19 
Pudsay, Hen., 20 
Pudsay, John, 19, 20 
Pudsay, Margaret, 20 
Pudsay, Mary, 20 
Pudsay, Richard, 19 
Pudsay, Thomas, 84 
Pudsay, "William, 20 
Pudsay, Winefrede, 84 
Pullen, William, 53 
Pulleyn, Isabel, 15 
Pulleyne, John, 46, 5 
Pulleyne, Katherine, 45 
Pulleyne, Samuel, 45 
Pyp, Margaret, 43 


-^ 108 

Radcliffe, Anthony, 52 
Radcliffe, Jane, 48 
Radcliffe, Katherine, 52, 


Radcliffe, Ralf, 108 
Radcliffe, William, 49, 


Raiden, Marmaduke, 52 
Rainardson, John, 82 
Raine, James, 80, 99 
Raineforth, Robert, 134 
Ramsden, William, 14, 31 
Ramsey, Edward, 29 
Ranoldson, Robert, 70 
Rap, Elizabeth, 58 
Rawden, Anne, 120 
Rawden, Siciley, 121 
Rawden, William, 120 
Rawson, Agnes, 23, 24 
Rawson, Frances, 23, 24 
Rawson, Tho., 23, 24 
Rawson, William, 9, 24 
Raye, Jane, 108 
Raye, John, 108 
Raynaldson, John, 87 
Rayner, Isabell, 74 
Rayner, Thomas, 74 
Rayson, William, 70 
Raysyn, Margery, 112 
Raysyn, Marmaduke, 112 
Reading, Rob., 18 
Readman, Anne, 21 
Readman, Evelyn, 21 
Readman, Francis, 21 
Readman, Isabel, 108 
Readman, Jeffery, zr 

Readman, John, 114 
Readman, Margaret, 21 
Readman, Marmaduke, 21 
Readman, Thomas, 108 
Readman, Will., 21 
Readmayn, Ellen, 22 
Redmayn, Will., 22 
Recubie, Christopher, 82 
Reeves, , 98, 99 
Renger, Christopher, 74 
Renger, Ellen, 74 
Renger, John, 75 
Renerhew, Elizabeth, 103 
Renerhew, Margaret, 103 
Reresby, Marg., 6 
Reresby, Sir Tho., 6 
Reresbye, , 9 
Revell, Marg., 9 
Revell, Ric., 9 
Revell, Tho., 9 
Reynard, Richard, 42 
Reynardson, Francis, 47, 


Reynardson, Jenet, 47 
Reynardson, William, 47 
Reynolds, Will., 31 
Ribadeneira, , 124 
Richart, Edmond, 101 
Richardson, James, 21 
Richardson, John, 71 
Richardson, Jenet, 21 
Richardson, Margaret, 37 
Richardson, Mundaie, 7 1 
Richardson, Thomas, 72 
Richardson, , 85 
Richart, Katherine, 101 
Ridley, Henry, 108 
Ridley, Simon, 108 
Righton, Elizabeth, 22 
Righton, Thomas, 22 
Ripley, William, 35 
Rippley, William, 36 
Rippley, Dorothy, 34, 36 
Richardson, James, 25 
Robinson, Agnes, 68 
Robinson, Christopher, 69 
Robinson, Edith, 22 
Robinsone, Elizabeth, 140 
Robinson, George, 48, 49 
Robinson, Grace, 48 
Robinson, Isabell, 68 
Robinson, Jenet, 82 
Robinson, Margeret, 96, 

107, in 

Robinson, Miles, 37 
Robinson, Philis, 69 

Robinson, Richard, 74, 

76, 92 
Robinson, Roger, 78 
Robinson, Sithe, 78 
Robinson, Thomas, 81 
Robinson, Will., 23, 79, 

96, ill 

Robson, Dorothy, 79 
Robt, John, II 
Rochester, Margaret, 94 
Rockley, Isabel, 2 
Rockley, Fra., 2 
Rockley, Gervase, 2 / 
Rockley, Mary, 10 
Rodes, Judith, 142 
Rodes, Francis, 142 
Rodes, Marg., 3 
Roe, John, roo 
Roe, John, 97 
Roger, William, 42 
Roger, Tho., 30 
Rome, Anthony, 82 
Rokeby, Christopher, 65 
Rokeby, John, 79 
Rokeby, Lord, 79 
Rokeby, Philis, 64 
Rokeby, Ralf, 64 
Rokeby, Sir Thomas, 79 
Rokby, , 8 
Rookebie, Lady Margaret, 

Rookebie, Sir Thomas, 79 

Rookely, Anne, I 
Rookley, William, 10 
Ros, Rose, 112 
Rose, Isabel, 104 
Rose, Margaret, 104 
Rosse, , 57, 
Rosetter, Sir Edward, 133 
Rownthwate, Anne, 35, 


Rownthwate, William, 35, 


Routhe, Henry, 93 
Rudd, Anne, 104 
Rudd, Thomas, 104 
Rudd, Nicholas, 103 
Rudston, John, 135 
Rudstoh, Ursula, 135 
Rudstone, Frances, 123 
Rudstone, Nicholas, 123, 


Rudstone, Ursula, 124 
Rusholme, Will., 28 
Russell, Elizabeth, 36 
Russell, Katherine, 77 



Russell, Lady Margaret, 6 
Rutland, Earl of, to 
Rymer, , 103 
Ryther, Alice, 124 
Ryther, John, 124 

Saint Quintin, Sir Wil 

liam, 89 

Saire, Elizabeth, 89 
Saire, Francis, 104 
Saire, Helen, 89 
Saire, John, 89 
Saire, Richard, 89 
Saire, John, 90 
Sadler, John, 67 
Sadler, Margerie, 81 
Sadler, Thomas, 81 
Salkeld, Edward, 42 
Salpwicke, Magdalen, 76 
Salpwicke, Thomas, 76 
Salter, , 49 
Saltmarsh, Elinor, 126 
Saltmarsh, Robert, 126 
Salvin, Dorothy, 97 
Salvin, Francis, 108 
Salvin, Ralf, 97 
Sampson, Thomas, 77 
Sampson, Will., 9 
Savile, Anne, 10 
Savile, Fra., I 
Saville, Johanna, 53 
Savile, John, 10, 53 
Saville, Nicholas, I 
Saville, Thomas, I 
Sawer, Alice, 16 
Sawer, John, 16 
Sawer, Robert, 105 
Sauer, Susan, 16 
Scaif, Luce, 118 
Scaif, Thomas, 118 
Scott, Annabel, 29 
Scott, Peter, 77 
Scroope, Dorothy, 92 
Scroope, Francis, 92 
Scrope, Adrian, 64 
Scrope, Anne, 66 
Scrope, Christopher, 63, 


Scrope, Francis, 64, 65 
Scrope, Henry Lord, 64 
Scrope, Henry, 63, 66 
Scrope, John Lord, 1 10 
Scrope, John, 64, 66 
Scrope, Katherine, no 

Scrope, Margaret, 63 
Scrope, Richard, 63 
Sealing, Anne, in 
Sealing, Edward, in 
Shackleton, Jane, 2 
Sharp, Edith, 57 
Sharp, Richard, 57 
Shau, Jane, 41 
Shaw, Anne, 132 
Shaw, Elizabeth, 86 
Shaw, Epham., 61 
Shaw, German, 61 
Shaw, Henry, 41 
Shaw, Jane, 61 
Shaw, Richard, 85 
Shaw, Robert, sen., 2, 61 
Shaw, Robert, 118 
Shearbume, Bartholomew, 


Shearburne, Isabell, 19 
Shearbume, Mary, 46 
Sheildes, Jane, 112 
Shenild, John, 6 
Shereburne, Hugh, 16 
Shereburne, Elizabeth, 16 
Sherebure, Richard, 19 
Sherewood, Thomas, 138 
Shierston, Katherine, no 
Shierston, William, no 
Shillito, Anne, 12 
Shillitoe, -, 141 
Shipperde, John, 37 
Shypingdell, Ede, 65 
Silverwood, Anthony, 19 
Sim, Phillis, 96 
Simpson, Anne, 47, 50 
Simpson, Christopher, 98 
Simpson, Cuthbert, 87 
Simpson, Dorothy, 87 
Simpson, Elizabeth, 109 
Simpson, Grace, 70 
Simpson, James, 51 
Simpson, Jane, 89 
Simpson, Jenet, 22 
Simpson, Johanna, 70 
Simpson, John, 70 
Simpson, Marmaduke, 70 
simpson, Philis, 8 
Simpson, Robert, 109 
Simpson, Thomas, 22, 89, 

Simpson, William, 48, 50, 

104, 107 
Simpson, see Sympson 
Sizey, Jenet, 33 
Sizey, John, 33 

Skaiffe, John, 38 
Skelden, Jenet, 42 
Skelton, Henry, in, 112 
Skelton, Prudence, in 
Skelton, Richard, 63 
Skerne, Mary, 124 
Sking, , 139 
Skotton, Eleanor, 134 
Skyers, Anne, 10 
Slater, George, 86 
Slater, Gregory, 20 
Slater, John, 15, 42 
Sleightholme, Ralf, 101 
Sleightholme, Walter, 109 
Slidmer, Phillis, 92 
Slinger, Henry, 84 
Slinger, Henry, jun., 84 
Slingsby, Francis, 33 
Slingsby, Sir William, 33 
Slingsby, William, 33 
Smallwood, Jane, 98 
Smalshankes, Jane, 95 
Smith, Agnes, 16 
Smith, Anne, 97 
Smith, Jarvis, 134 
Smith, Jenet, 82 
Smith, Henry, 82 
Smith, Leonard, 48 
Smith, Nathaniel, 76 
Smith, Richard, 97, 99 
Smith, Robert, 82 
Smith, William, 82 
Smithson, Anne, 99 
Smithson, Agnes, 74 
Smithson, Anthony, 85 
Smithson, Bryan, J2 
Smithson, Christopher, 72 
Smithson, Frances, 86 
mithson, George, 70, 80, 

8 .5 
Smithson, Jenet, 74 

Smithson, John, 85, 86 
Smithson, Margeret, 80, 

8 .5 
hnithson, Mary, 85 

imithson, Ninian, 98, QQ 
imithson, Richard, 74 * 
imithson, Robert, 87 
imurthwait, John, 76 
imurthwait, Margeret, 76 
Imurthwait, Roger, 76 
imyrthwate, Roger, 39 
imyth, Edw., 16 
.rnythe, Ellen, 85 
myth, Francis, 53 
myth, John, 58 

M 2 



Smyth, Marmaduke, 53 
Smyth, Maud, 115 
Smyth, Original, 8 
Smyth, William, 28 
Smyth, , 8 
Snawdon, Robert, 140 
Snipe, Isabel, 12 
Snow, John, 38 
Snow, Margaret, 38 
Sothabie, Thomas, 143, 


Sotheby, Margaret, 25 
Sotheby, Roger, 25 
Spark, Will., 9, 131 
Sparling, Isabell, 63 
Spence, Bridget, 67 
Spence, George, 41 
Spence, Ralf, 67 
Spenceley, George, 101 
Spencer, Henry, 18 
Spencer, Margeret, 1 8 
Spencer, Richard, 81 
Spender, Ellis, 118 
Spenley, Margaret, 109 
Spenley, Thomas, 109 
Spetch, William, 129 
Spowner, Christopher, 81 
Spowner, Elizabeth, 81 
Spurret, Anne, 53 
Spurret, Ninyan, 53 
Spynch, Jane, 6 1 
Stable, Elizabeth, 53 
Stable, Henry, 139 
Stable, Katherine, 139 
Stable, William, 53, 55 
Stables, Ricard, 26 
Stables, William, 26 
Stafford, Bernard, 23 
Stanfield, Agnes, 26 
Standishe, Arthur, 140 
Standeven, John, 58 
Standeven, John, jun., 58 
Stanly, Dorothy, 89 
Stanly, Richard, 89 
Stapilton, Brian, 12 
Stapleton, Anne, 12 
Sltapleton, Geo., 29 
Stapleton, Jane, 76 
Stapleton, Mary, 12 
Stapylton, Sir Phillip, 


Stapleton, Richard, 29 
Stapleton, Robert, 29, 76 
Stapp, Jane, 53 
Stapp, John, 53 
Stapylton, Brian, 29 

Stapylton, Robert, 29 
Starkie, Julian, 138 
Stavely, John, 74 
Staynhous, Alice, 105 
Staynhous, Elizabeth, 105 
Staynhous, John, 105 
Staynhous, Richard, 105 
Staynhous, Thomas, 105 
Stellinge, William, 112 
Stenesbye, John, 86 
Stephensbn, Anne, 106 
Stephenson, William, 37 
Stephenson, Richard, 86, 

87, 106 

Stillington, Thomas, 142 
Stillington, William, 142 
Stockdale, Agnes, 67 
Stockdale, Anne, 101 
Stockdale, George, 90 
Stockdale, Helen, 93 
Stockdale, Reginald, 67 
Stockdale, Richard, 93 
Stockton, Jane, 102 
Stonas, Christopher, no 
Stonas, John, no 
Storey, Helen, 116 
Storey, Jane, 116 
Storey, Thomas, 116 
Storey, , 116' 
Strangwais, Elizabeth, 


Strangwais, Jane, 108 
Strangwais, Vi illiam, 104 
Strangwayes, Francis, n 
Strangwayes, Thomas, 117 
Strangwish, Francis, 88 
Strickland, Anne, 127 
Strickland, Sir William, 


Stringent, Edmond, 74 
Stroth, Eliz., 8 
Stringer, Henry, 83 
Stringer, Jenet, 83 
Stringer, Katherine, 83 
Stroth, Nicholas, 8 
Stroth, John, 8 
Stubbyn, Ralf, 52 
Stubley, Edward, 69 
Sturdie, Jane, 118 
Sturdie, John, 75 
Sturdie, Robert, 118 
Sugdall, Richard, 118 
Suggatt, Mary, 112 
Sugden, Christopher, 116 
Surtees, Robert, 80 
Suttell, Henry, 39 

Suttell, Robert, 42, 43 
Suttell, Thomas, 39 
Suttpn, Rowland, 38 
Swaile, Anne, 67 
Swaile, Dorothy, 31 
Swaile, Solomon, 31, 67 
Swaile, Susan, 37 
Swaile, William, 31, 37 
Swainson, Ellen, 86 
Swainson, Muriel, 100, 


Swier, George, 85 
Swift, Sir Rob., 7 
Swinbancke, William, 95 ' 
Swinbancke, Margerie, 95 
Swinglehurst, , 21 
Swinney, William, 85 
Swynburne, Rennie, 31 
Sym, Helen, 96 
Sym, Johanna, 96 
Sym, John, 96 
Sympson, Christopher, 97 
Sympson, Dorothy, 97 
Sympson, Edward, 97, 


Sympson, Elizabeth, 107 
Sympson, Ellen, 33 
Sympson, John, 106 
Sympson, Katherine, 97 
Sympson, Robert, 33, 109 
Sympson, Thomas, 105 
Sympson, William, 33, 

Symon, Miles, 104 

- 1 - Talbott, Richard, 92 
Talboys, Gilbert Lord, 44 
Tailer, Cuthbert, III 
Tailer, Francis, 104 
Tailer, John, 80 
Tailer, Margaret, 80 
Tailer, , no 
Tailforth, Richard, 115, 


Tailler, Christopher, 99 .- 
Tailler, Isabel, 109 
Tailor, Christopher, 21 
Tailor, Laurence, 20 
Tailor, John, 25, 56, 61 
Tailor, Thomas, 56, 6 r 
Tanckard, Edmond, 45 
Tanckard, Frances, 45 
Tankard, Katherine, 44 
Tankard, James, 45 
Tankard, Thomas, 45, 88 



Tankard, William, 44 
Tarte, Katharine, 118 
Tarte, Richard, 118 
Tateham, Boniface, $4 
Tayler, Alison, 68 
Tayler, Ellen, 80 
Tayler, John, 80 
Tayler, Margaret, 59 
Tayler, Mary, 29 
Taylor, Barbara, 42 
Taylor, , 133 
Taylforth, Richard, 116 
Taylforth, Margeret, 116 
Tempest, Henry, 19 
Tempest, Katherine, 19 
Tempest, John, 19 
Tempest, Margaret, 142 
Tempest, Nicholas, 142 
Tempest, Sir Stephen, 19 
Tempest, Sir Richard, 22 
Tewke, William, 141 
Tewtin, Eden, 77 
Tewtin, John, 77 
Thackery, John, 41 
Thackery, Samuel, 41 
Thackuray, Richard, 43 
Thakura, John de, 41 
Theaher, Katherine, in 
Thexton, Christopher, 74 
Thexton, William, 76 
Thimbleby, Elizabeth, 12 
Thimbleby, John, 12, 13 
Thimbleby, Mary, 13 
Thimbleby, Richard, 12 
Thimbleby, see Thymble- 


Thirkild, Francis, 81 
Thirkeld, Isabel, 80 
Thirkeld, John, 80 
Thirkeld, Robert, 80 
Thomson, Alice, 103 
Thompson, Alison, 104 
Thompson, Anne, 82 
Thompson, Anthony, 87 
Thompson, Daniaris, 31 
Thompson, Dorothy, 16 
Thompson, Elizabeth, 86, 


Thompson, Ellen, 38 
Thompson, Francis, 96 
Thompson, James, 84, 87 
Thompson, Jane, 60 
Thompson, Jenet, 91 
Thomson, John, 87 
Thompson, John, 86, 88, 

96, 130, 132 

Thompson, Margery, '104 
Thompson, Michael, 129 
Thompson, Percivall, 67 
Thompson, Robert, 57, 58, 

87, 103, 115, 118 
Thompson, Susan, 96 
Thompson, Thomas, 15, 

Thompson, William, 16, 

3i, 72 

Thoresby, Anne, 64 
Thoresby, Ralf, 26 
Thorkeld, Idiosa, 135 
Thorkeld, Marmaduke, 


Thornton, Alice, III 
Thornton, Anne, 124 
Thornton, Dorothea, 114 
Thornton, Elizabeth, 121 
Thornton, Frances, 114 
Thornton, John, 40 
Thornton, Richard, III, 

Thornton, Robert, 114, 


Thornton, William, 114 
Thornton, Thomas, 40, 43 
Thornton, , 127 
Thorpe, Agnes, 108 
Thorpe, Christopher, 108 
Thorpe, Mary, 123 
Thorpe, Robert, 123, 124 
Thorpe, Stephen, 123 
Thorpe, , 58, 123 
Thwaites, Anne, 75 
Thwaites, Thomas, 80 
Thwates, Elleanor, 60 
Thwates, Mary, 60 
Thwates, William, 60 
Thwayts, Dorothy, 136 
Thwayts, Marmaduke, 136 
Thwenge, Anne, 79, 122 
Thwenge, Margery, 114 
Thwenge, William, 57 
Thymbleby, John, 12, 13 
Thymbleby, Mary, 12 
Tinckler, Francis, 141 
Tindall, Margaret, 143 
Tindall, Nicholas, 70 
Tingle, Mich., 3 
Tiplady, Jane, 101 
Tiplady, John, 101 
Tiplady, Mary, 57 
Tirwhit, Anne, 130 
Tirwhit, Sir Robert, 130 
Tockettes, George, 96 

Tockettes, Isabell, 96 
Tockitts, Roger, 96 
Tockettes, Thomas, 106 
Tod, Thomas, 129 
Tollerd, Jenet, 72 
Tollerd, Leonard, 72 
Tomlin, Isabel, 97 
Tomlin, John, 97 
Topham, Anne, 66 
Topham, Edward, 66 
Toppinge, William, 129 
Towneley, Anne, 31 
Towneley, Ric., 31 
Townley, Isabel, 102 
Townley, N., 102 
Townley, Sir Richard, 44 
Trappes, Joane, 32 
Trappes, Robert, 32, 33 
Trapps, Sir Francis, 32 
Trapps, Lady, 32 
Tresur, Christopher, 129 
Trotter, Margeret, 105 
Trotter, Robert, 105 
Trewhitt, Francis, 105 
Trigott, Mary, 2 
Trigott, Steph., 2 
Tunstall, Francis, 85, 86 
Tunstall, Elizabeth, 32, 85 
Tunstall, Richard, 50 
Turner, Anthony, 21 
Turner, James, 42 
Turner, John, II 
Turner, Margaret, II 
Turner, William, 22, 112 
Turwhitt, Elizabeth, 127 
Tutin, William, 77 
Tyndale, Dorothy, 22 
Tyndale, John, 22 
Tyngle, Francis, 3 
Tyrwhitt, Elizabeth, 127 
Tyrwhitt, Mary, 127 
Tyrwhitt, John, 127 
Tyrwhitt, Marmaduke, 6, 


Tyrwhitt, Nicholas, 127 
Tyrwhitt, Robert, 127 
Tyrwhitt, William, 127" 
Tyrwhitt, see Tirwhit, Tre- 
whitt, and Turwhitt 
Tyson, Thomas, 29 

u Udall, Thomas, 58 
Ughbred, Sir Anth., 25 
Ughbred, Margery, 25 
Underwood, Isabel, 137 




Vavasour, Elizabeth, 132 


Vavasour, John, 132 
Vavasour, Katherine, 13^ 
Vavasour, Sir Mauger, 5; 
Vavasour, Peter, 132, 13^ 
Vavasour, Richard, 132, 


Vavasour, , 54 

Van Valkenburgh, Cor- 
nelia, 96 

Van Valkenburgh, Marcus, 

Veley, Elizabeth, 96 

Vender, Isabell, 57 

Vermeuyden, Sir Corne- 
lius, 15 

Vertue, Jane, 118 

Vetty, George, 43 

Vevers, Ellen, 15 

Vevers, Richard, 15 

Viccars, George, 97, 99 

Viccars, Isabel, 97 

Vynce, Mary, 29 

vy ANNE, 53, 54 
Waddington, Walter, 54 
Waddy, Jane, 57 
Wadeforth, Rob., 20 
Wailes, Katherine, 76 
Waitbie, George, 68, 69 
Waitbie, Henry, 69 
Waitbie, John, 69 
Waitbie, Margeret, 68 
Waite, Anne, 67 
Walbran, John Richard, 


Walker, Alice, 3 
Walker, Anne, 130 
Walker, Charles, 3 
Walker, Elizabeth, 62, 82 
Walker, Jenet, 37 
Walker, John, 2, 29 
Walker, Laurence, 37 
Walker, Leonard, 93 
Walker, Lucy, 35, 37 
Walker, Micha, 35, 37 
Walker, Robert, 109 
Walker, Thomas, 122 
Walker, William, 108 
Walkingham, Mawde, 50 
Walkingham, Margaret, 

Waller, Mary, 67 
Walmesley, Elizabeth, 4; 
Walmesley, Roger, 19 
Walton, Alice, 3 
Walton, Anne, 92 
Walton, Jane, 36 
Walton, Joanna, 36 
Walton, Leonard, 36 
Walton, William, 36 
Walworth, William, 41 


Wansworth, Geo., 26 
Wanvpp, Elizabeth, 56 
Wanvp, Robert, 56 
Ward, Anne, 46 
Ward, Dorothy, 52 
Ward, Elizabeth, 43 
Ward, Gilbert, 33 
Ward, James, 39, 46 
Ward, Jenet, 43 
Ward, John, 42, 43, 75 
Ward, Margeret, 33 
Ward, Mary, 90, 104 
Ward, Marmaduke, 43 
Warde, Richard, 104 
Ward, Roger, 54 
Ward, Thomas, 52, 99 
Ward, William, 52 
Wardale, Gertrude, 19, 


Wardell, Elizabeth, 108 
Wardell, Gregory, 108, 


Wardell, Jane, 19, 46 
Wardale, Will., 19, 46 
Warde, Winefrede, 75 
Waring, Agnes, 18 
Warmworth, Henry, 95 
Warmouthe, Margeret, 94 
Warmouthe, Robert, 94, 


Warter, Gilbert, 126 
Warter, Margaret, 126 
Waterhouse, Gregory, 142 
Waterhouse, Jonas, 142 
Waterton, Beatrix, 3 
Waterton, Charles, 102 
Waterton, Henry, 102 
Watkinson, Alice, 28 
Watkinson, John, 28 
Watkinson, Thomas, 125 
Watkinson, William, 143, 


Watkin, Elizabeth, 16 
Watkyn, Henry, 30 
Watkyn, Peter, 16 

Watson, Dorothy, 17, 92 
Watson, Frances, 32 
Watson, Gilbert, 17 
Watson, Guy, 81 
Watson, Jane, 81 
Watson, John, 96, 109, 


Watson, Mabel, 86 
Watson, Mary, 93, 96 
Watson, Margery, 115 
Watson, Thomas, 29 
Walter, Thomas, 76 
Wawde, Francis, 140 
Warwick, Francis, 39 
Warwick, Henry, 39, 43 
Warwick, John, 39 
Warwick, Robert, 39 
Weare, Elizabeth, 120 
Weare, Richard, 120 
Weatherall, Agnes, 134 
Weatherall, Andrew, 142 
Weatherall, John, 134 
Wethereld, Leonard, 82 
Webster, Alice, 118 
Webster, Barbara, 42 
Webster, James, 39, 43 
Webster, Jenet, 92 
Webster, Richard, 22 
Welbury, Margaret, 41, 


Welbury, William, 41 
Welfett, John, 82 
Welfoote, Agnes, 8 1 
Welfoote, Francis, 104 
Welfote, Alexander, .101 
Welfott, John, 82 
Welfott, Margaret, 101 
Weisby, Ralf, 5 
Weisbye, Thomas, 5 
Wells, Anne, 36, 37 
Wells, Edward, 49 
Wells, Ellen, 37 
Wells, Grace, 90 
Wells, John, 125, 126 
Wells, Laurence, 90 
Wells, Mary, 125 
Wells, Thomas, 36, 37 
Wentworth, Anne, 13 
Went worth, Jane, 13 
kVentworth, Michael, 2, 3 
Wentworth, Robert, 13 
Wentworth, Thomas, 3 
A^est, Agnes, 38 
West, Anthony, 17 
West, Isabel, 38 
West, Jane, 80, 96 



Wesf, Robert, 38 
West, William, 80 
Westby, George, 5 
Westby, Ralf, 5 
Westby, Thomas, 5 
Westmoreland, Earl of, 

74, 84 

Whaithe, , 61 
Whalley, Edward, 118 
Whardale, Brian, 23, 24 
Whardale, Margery, 23, 


Wharton, Alice, 69 
Wharton, Effam, 68 
Wharton, James, 68 
Wharton, Jeffery, 69 
Wharton, Mrs., sen., 62 
Wheelehouse, Anne, 47 
Wheelehouse, William, 48 
Whelehouse, James, 51 
Whelehouse, Jenet, 51 
Whelphouse, Edward, 48 
Whelphouse, Henry, 48, 


Whelphouse, James, 48 
Whelphouse, Vynce, 48 
Whelphouse, William, 37, 


White, Anne, 12 
White, Barbara, 68 
White, Christopher, 97 
White, Elizabeth, 115 
White, Margaret, 57, 99 
White, Mary, 97 
White, Robert, 99 
White, Thomas, 68, 114 
White, , 41 
Whitehead, Richard, 19 
Whitfeild, Jane, 97 
Whitfeild, John, 59, 97, 


Whitfeild, Margery, 97 
Whitfeild, Richard, 87 
Whitfeild, William, 97 
Whorlton, Elizabeth, 70 
Whorlton, Henry, 70 
Widdowes, , 139 
Wilde, Anthony, 81 
Wilde, Jenet, 81 
Wilde, Mary, 82 
Wilde, Matthew, 82 
Wilde, William, sen., 82 
Wilde, William, 82 
Wilclen, Dionis, 141 
Wiklen, Elizabeth, 121 
Wilden, Henry, in 

Wilden, Thomas, 1 21 
Wilden, Thomas, jun. , 121 
Wildman, Marmaduke, 42 
Wildman, Thomas, 42 
Wilie, Thomas, 106 
Wilkes, Alice, 47 
Wilkes, Edward, 47 
Wilkes, Elizabeth, 47 
Wilkes, John, 41 
Wilkes, Margaret, 47 
Wilkes, William, 47 
Wilkingson, Gregory, 47 
Wilkinson, Anne, 60 
Wilkinson, Christopher, 


Wilkinson, -Edward, 19 
Wilkinson, Gregory, 49, 

Wilkinson, Isabel, 94 

Wilkinson, Jane, 19 
Wilkinson, Richard, 94 
Wilkinson, Miles, 60 
Willcock, Agnes, 140 
Willis, Elizabeth, 101 
Williamson, William, 12 
Willye, Mary, 108 
Wilson, Alexander, 103 
Wilson, Brian, 88 
Wilson, Bridget, 14 
Wilson, Christopher, 87 
Wilson, Dorothy, 70, 81 
Wilson, Henry, 73 
Wilson, Jane, 90 
Wilson, John, 71, 87, 103, 


Wilson, Katherine, 62, 89 
Wilson, Laurence, 14 
Wilson, Lucy, 47 
Wilson, Margaret, 102 
Wilson, Marmaduke, 88 
Wilson, Ralf, 87, 104 
Wilson, Richard, 47 
Wilson, Thomas, 67, 70, 

87, 102 
Wilson, William, 14, 31, 

77, 89, 102 
Wilson, , 88 
Winde, Mary, 77 
Wingfield, William, 44 
Wintersgill, William, 76 
Wiseman, Marmaduke, 71 
Witchcott, John, 44 
Witchcott, Margaret, 44 
Wilham, Anne, 70 
Wit'ham, John, 71 
Withani, Timothy, 5 

Wither, Mary, 58 
Wither, Ralf, 63 
Wivell, Christopher, 76 
Wivell, Jane, 76 
Wivell, Lady Anne, 76 
Wivell, Sir Marmaduke, 


Wolfe, George, 130 
Wombwell, William, 10 
Wood, Anne, 91 
Wood, Anthony, 94 . 
Wood, Elizabeth, 98 
Wood, Ellen, 19 
Wood, Isabel, 37 
Wood, Thomas, 103 
Woodburne, William, 31, 


Woodhouse, Elizabeth, 


Woodruffe, Richard, 3 
Wortley, Elizabeth, 15 
Wright, Agnes, 46 
Wright, Alice, 124 
Wright, Anne, 124 
Wright, Cecily, 16 
Wright, Christopher, 124 
Wright, Dorothy, 51 
Wright, Elizabeth, 16 
Wright, George, 93, 102 
Wright, Henry, 59, 72 
Wright, Isabel, 93 
Wright, Jane, 74 
Wright, John, 42, 43, 124 
Wright, Margaret, 72 
Wright, Martha, 124 
Wright, Mathew, 51 
Wright, Robert, 124 
Wright, Thomas, 72, 74 
Wright, Ursula, 124 
Wright, William, 124 
Wy borne, William, 37 
Wycliffe, Beele, 85 
Wycliffe, Jane, 80 
Wycliffe, John, 80 
Wycliffe, Murial, 80 
Wycliffe, Margaret, 80 
Wycliffe, Thomas, 80 
Wycliffe, William, 80 
Wylde, Gabriel, 86 
Wymbish, Albreda, 44 
Wymbish, Alice, 44 
Wymbish, Christopher, 44 
Wymbish, Elizabeth, 44 
Wymbish, Frances, 44 
Wymbish, Hugh, 44 
Wymbish, John, 44 

1 68 


Wymbish, Katherine, 44 
Wymbish, Nicholas, 44 
Wymbish, Thomas, 44 
Wymbish, William, 44 
Wympe, Alice, 41 
Wyncliffe, Thomas, 18 
Wynder, George, 5 
Wyrrall, Hugh, 5 
Wytham, Elizabeth, 25 
Wytham, Peter, 25, 26 
Wythes, Grace, 34 

Wythes, Symon, 49 
Wyvell, SirMarmaduke, 76 
Wyvell, Robert, 76 
Wyvill, Thomas, 76 
Wyvill, see Wivell 


* Young, Andrew, 25, 


Young, Dorothy, 28 
Young, Elizabeth, 77 

Young, Francis, 32, 33 
Young, Margaret, 32, 33 
Younge, Richard, 77 
Younge, Robert, 81, 113 
Young, William, 123 
York, Eliz., 30 
Yorke, Frances, 48 
York, Sir John, 31, 48 
Yorke, Peter, 48 
Yorke, Thomas, 48 
Yoward, Muriel, 103 



~"^ ,.vv< 

c;^ +Y fsJ