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Full text of "Sacramento Police Department wanted bulletins, 1912-1927"

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; , -' K ,o"° l - Finger Prints 5/ 






Hoy Young, arr. with Geo. Dur 
’years Mcf p T ‘ F ™ ns - 03 Bu, '&- 






s Par-j 








uj-45 r 



I , Meyer. September K'. 1!»15. dismissed. 1 

I;«■ 11 i 11 < • n : til'.n; ; sin.:.; 13.'.; ^ 

luimis. a spinal :i imi. cons.-111. ill ly ^ 

| verv stooped, unable to walk erect. Age 

BH 1:2. nativity, California. 5.0; 130 lbs., eyes ^^^^BB \X 
; grey, hair d. chestnut, complexion dark. 

occupation massu<as F. 1'.: f. 1.; Itr It: \ 

A, 4 

5 li 



PARENT, alias Cobourn. s| SAMMY QAT 

Parent is better known by the name 
in, 145 lbs, dark auburn hair, fair complexi 
tillon: 73.3, 75.0, 91.2, 19.3, 14.7, 13.4,6 
of middle finger of left hand missing. 

Oates is 35 yrs, 5 ft 94 in, 140 lbs, m 
sallow complexion, light brown eyes. Berti 
15.6, 14.1, 6.0, 26.8, 11.1, 9.1, 46.1. 

The above described men are notori 
are badly wanted. We hold warrants for t 

45 4. 

I 1A 

L fflj 



i n3&ff , J 

bureau of tdetiecttives. ] r 

Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. i». 


Charles Devere, alias James Sweeney, 

‘ ar Si+W nir-Mted bv this department.! , , 

mblk-ation in’-Till-: I »KTK<’TI YK 

slias Arthur Denham, 29 yrs, 5 ft 9 In, 125 


- • s i u 

^ Jfk 

V .i 

r .401 

. l 


Hil HSI a K9 * ¥ '# { 

H Bi ■ P| 

mm ''-' Fjlpr l J !^H KI 

1 »,« :-i- ,wiJB| Pi 1 

IdLuiii p 1 Jmiii'I 


complexion. Bertillon: 82.5,82 0,96 7,19 7, 
15.5, 13.9, 7.1, 26.4, 11.9, 9.3, 48.2. He is a 
notorious confidence man. Claimed to be a 
retired capitalist. 

No. 3 gave the name of Major Faversham, 
about 50 yrs, 6 ft, 170 lbs, smooth shaven; 
military bearing; pronounced English accent. 
He claimed to be a capitalist. 

No. 4 gave the name of Thomas E. Os¬ 
borne, about 50 yrs, 5 ft 8 in, 200 lbs, heavy 
set, full face; chin shows double when sitting; 
dark hair, thin in front; eyes have a puffy 
appearance. He represented himself as a 
lawyer and ex-judge. 

No. 5 gave the name of Michael J. Biel, 
about 50 yrs, 5 ft 8 in, stout build, large 
features, Bmooth shaven. He represented 
himself as a contractor and took the part of 
I the man who had the Decatur Copper Mining 
stock for sale. 

No. 6 is a man about 27 yrs, 5 ft 7 in, 
slender build, black hair, smooth shaven. 

! His part was to rent the office for his “uncle,” 
the “judge,” and worked in conjunction with 
the brokers, who were all confederates of 


I bridge of nose, female head and bust tat- 
| tooed on right forearm. Bertillon: 71.7, 72.0, 

|'89.5, 19.5, 14.9, 13.6, 6.4, 25.8, 11.8, 9.3, 45’7. 

If arrested, notify Central. 

The following is a description of the con¬ 
fidence men who obtained $100,000 in cash j 
from Albert A. Charles of Kokomo, Ind., 
by use of Decatur Copper Mining stock and 
their mode of operation: 

No. 1 is Joe Weil, alias “The Yellow 
Kid,” 39 yrs, 5 ft 6 in, 135 to 140 lbs, slender 
build, dark chestnut hair, slate-blue eyes, 
fair complexion, full Vandyke beard, small 

C-T- />/■?— -gT 

& §0 

fleshy mole on left cheek. Bertillon: 95 5^ 

85 0, 92 0, 18 9, 15 0, 14 0, 7 0, 26 5, 12 1, 91.4, 
46.1. Picture taken in 1908. Weil is a very 
) dever confidence man. He represents him¬ 
self as Dr. J. K. Wile, James H. Wilson, a 
standard Oil engineer, and Walter H. 
1 Wheed, an attorney. 

No. 2 is Frank Tarbaux, alias William 
Hall, alias William Hay, 66 yrs, 5 ft 11 % in, 
167 lbs, gray hair and mustache, dark sallow 

No. 7 is James W. Head. He took th< 
part of the broker. Now incarcerated ii 
the Cook County jail. 

No. 8 is Fred K. Buckminster, alias K 
Fredericks. He took the part of the cap. 
italist and “steerer” for Weil. Now in the 
Cook County jail. 

To assist them in their business this gang 
had two issues of McClure’s Magazine, year 
1914, in which one showed the picture of the 
“Yellow Kid,” under the names of James H. 
Wilson and Walter H. Wheed, and lengthy 
articles as to the character, ability and effi¬ 
ciency as an employe of the Standard Oil 
Company. This was all a fake gotten up for 
the purpose of gaining the confidence of the 
intended victim. . . 

General Superintendent of Police 




r on left jaw. Be 
), 19 0, 14.7, 12 6, 5. 
oture taken March! 
confidence game. 


monroe. /AT ' j/J 
Bertlllon: 76.0, 79.0, 92 7, 

5 5,11.7, 8.8, 47.2. Piet- ) 

j which contained the fnoney having been switched on him). 

We hold United-States warrants for these men on the charge of LARCENY BY TRICK and T , 
| wiU £ LTfatL” ^ ^ and notify me by telegraS^ 1 ^office 


Major and Superintendent of Police, j 

April 9. 1919_ _Washington, D. C. 


^ "S W W J J i Alfred Cargile, alias C. A. Horst, alias 

S “Little Alf. ” 33 yrs. 5 ft 6 in. medium build, 

dark blond hair, sallow complexion. Ber- 
tillon: 67.6, 68 0, 98 5, 18 4,15.3, 12.8, 6.8,24 8, 
10 7, 8.2, 43.8. 

Harper Cole, 38 yrs, 6 ft, 160 lbs, slim 
build, dark array mixed hair; dignified bear- 
ing; neat dresser. He represented himself 
as an agent of Morgan & Co. 

R. Hudson, 42 yrs, 6 ft 6 in, 150 lbs, dark 
brown gray mixed hair, worn pompadour. 

J. Miller, 55 yrs, 5 ft 9 in, 200 lbs, dark 
gray mixed hair, full face. He represented 
himself as a cattle owner from Dallas, Tex 

The above described men obtained $15,i 
from Werner Roehl of San Francisco, Cal 
by means of a phony stock transaction 
any of them are arrested, wire Jr 


detective division 

GARRITY, General Superintendent_ 


The following described men are wanted in this city for conspiracy. 


140 lbs, dark auburn 
1, 13.4, 6.4, 26.0, 12.5, 

EDWARD COBOURN, alias Thomas Ev 
hair, middle finger of left hand deformed. 

9.5, 48.3. 


lbs, nose crooked. Bertillor 

hair. Bertillon: 74.6, 75.5, 91.1, 19.7, 15.4, 14.7, 6.5, 26. 

LAWRENCE CONWAY, 57 yrs, 5 ft 6 in, 150 lbs, mi 
in right ear; wears glasses. 

About June 19, 1919, the above descr 
A. W. Lohman of Wheatland, Iowa, on a 
obtained in Milwaukee, Wis. 

alias Eugene R. Allen, alias Edward R. Andei 
8i.o, 87.0, 91.9, 19.0, 15.5, 14.2, 7.0, 27.4, 12 
W. H. Peck, alias George Reynolds, 43 yrs, 5 f 
.7, 9.1, 47.9. 

ALFRED CARGILE, alias C. A. Horst, a 
33 yrs, 5 ft 6 in, medium build, dark blond 
plexion. Bertillon: 67.6, 68.0, 98.5, 18.4, 15 
10.7, 8.2, 43.8. 

HARPER COLE, 38 yrs, 6 ft 160 lbs, slli 
mixed hair; dignified bearing; 
himself as an agent of Morgan & Co. 

R HUDSON, 42 yrs, 5 ft 5 in, 150 lbs, dark brown gray 

build, dark gray 
neat dresser. He represented 


I. MILLER, 55 yrs>5 ft 9 in, 200 lbs, darK gray 
cattle owner from Ofallas, Texas. 

On or about April 30, Cargile, Cole, Hudsor 
n Werner Roehl of San Francisco, Calif., by i 
ioiv The money was obtained in Los Angeles 
Both of these conspiracies were started in 
i U t June 19, 1919, and the Roehl case about 
If nf the above men are arrested, wire 


Chief of Detectives 

Chicago, 111. 

No. 3:~ 


Ashton, Richard G. Sherman, R. G. Duke, Ross G. 

Has record as San Diego No. 2553, Long Beach 
No. 759, Los Angeles No. 14674, Bakersfield No. 
367. All arrests for bunco and vagrancy. 

ED. LOFTUS, alias James Moore, alias Kid 
Lewis, alias James Raymond, alias George Raymond, 
alias J. C. Mason, alias J. C'Wakefield, alias Wm. 
Lange. Has record as pickpocket in St. Louis, New 
Orleans, New York City. Shreveport, Kansas City, 
Oklahoma City, Niagara Falls, Jacksonville, Fla., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

Description: -Age 38; Height 5.5%; gray 

eyes; dark hrown hair; weight 130. 


No. 2:~ 

CHAS. DILLEY, alias Geo. Farley, alias Geo. 
Booth, alias Geo. Sheridan, alias Joe Ray, alias John 
H. Bates, alias Boots. Has record as pickpocket and 
bunco in Los Angeles, Fort Worth, Boston, Chicago, 
Milwaukee, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Cedar Rap¬ 
ids and Marion, Iowa, where he broke jail. 

Description:— Age 42; Height 5.5 V 2 ; Weight 

159; eyes, hazel; hair, light hrown. 
Formula:—a r is 

^ JOE FUREY^^^^r-^. 

e Reynolds, alias Ferguson, alias vf. H. Peck, white, 43 years old, 5 feet 
build, smooth face, light chestnut hair, very thin on top and mixed with 

ts: Hgt. 74.6; 0. arm 75.5; Trunk 911; H. lgt. 19.7; H. width 15.4; 
finger 11.7; L. finger 7. 1; F- arm 47.9. 

i?+f- //// • 

Joe Furey, alias George 
ches, 200 pounds, stout t 

Bertillon Measurements 
r 6.5; L. foot 26.5; M. f 

GEORGE W. POST. plexion florid; born in Canada; nc 

■small- born in Ohio* Bertil- beard; wears glasses. Bertillon—58.3} 1 

. on o' ns o. on •». i c n . n o ■ '65.0: 83.4; 18.5; 15.7; 13.5; 6.6; 25.2; i 

ted kindly notify the sheriff rear. 11 H ° r sc - la 1 l ,hal from rear. > 

Lauderdale, Fla., and Price 111 Ft - sr - 2 rear. If ar- 

attorneys. Miami, Fla., hv rested notify J. L. Mooney, Chief of 11 
detectives, Chicago. Ill, 

1RL H. REUTER, Inc., 
ritle Bldg., Philadelphia. Pa. 


of trial; Age 33; 5 ft. 2% ins.; 118 lbs 
hair black; eyes blue. Bertillon-: 59.2 
59.0; 85.8; 18.9; 15.3; 13.9; 6.6; 24.E 
11.0; 8.3; 42.4. Aliases: Harry Giffet 
Harry Collins. Looks like doper, 
arrested kindly notify James 1 
Hyatt, Chief of Police, Albany, N. 1 
He is said to belong in Phlladelphi 


1 9^f aA, Ot-v\. 4 . a£ 

Bfc C b]o- oo 0 

+* -**4k , (sDt. H t lUI 

Age 32 

Age, 38; height, 5.9; weight, 160 lbs.; eyes, brown; hair, 
dark brown; complexion, ruddy; occupation said to be moving 
picture showman. 

This man is wanted for the crime of Grand Larceny, having 
swindled a man out of Twenty Thousand Dollars in a fake 
stock deal. We have warrant for his arrest. 

Farrell is known to frequent Hot Springs, Arkansas, and 
points in Florida. 

Address all communications or wire information to 

District Attorney, Los Angeles County, 

Los Angeles, California 

MARCH 5, 1921 


Tuesday, March 6, 1923 

arrest this man for bunco swindle 

Womnt Fnr Grand Larceny Issued 

HAROLD PRESCOTT, 23 yrs., 6 ft. %in 210 lbs fair complexion 
light brown hair, blue-gray eyes born in Washington State. 

Bertillon: 85.0; 21.1; 16.0; 27.6 -12 5 ; ^8,47.7. 

Finger Print Classification; 1/1—R/U---00/00--15. ^ „ 

Send him or information concerning him to the Detective Burea . 



—— Hi-3 

.... Eleven To Serve From Seven 
To Ten Years; Eight Others 
'| c : Given Term Of Three To Ten 

SZ Years 

DENVER (Colo.). June 1 —C#)-- 
embers of Denver's 
- •‘million aolla.r buxiko ring 

^iven penitentiary sentences to- 

rS“ ^Aftecoverruling their motion for ... < ; 

' ' _ new trial. Judgo George B\ 

U: T)unfclee sentenced Lou D. Blonger. 

•/= called the ••brains" of t the 

*oven to ten years each in the 
= Colorado state prison. Eight other 

members of the convicted group of 
Is swindlers received sentences of 


Samuel M. Lytle, 1947. Dal- 

,ai BlkMx. SI. Bl. 5-71/2, 149, 37-19. 
Bertillon—9/1-R /U-Il/10-6/6. 
Report any information in re¬ 
gard to this man to the Detective Bu- 

JOSEPH J. KNOX, alias Jos. J. Fox, alias Lemm Zwithel, L. A. No. 

^^DESCRIPTION—Age 32 in 192 1. Weight 140 lbs., medium brown 
hair, 5 ft. 9% in., gray eyes. 


Finger print class., 21/17. /U I/00--21/23. 

We hold warrant. (Detective Bureau.) 

$100 REWARD 

For Information leading to the Arrest and Conviction of 


James S. Pater 


Description of Stanley Brazinski, alias James S. 
Pater: Aged 35 years (1928); height 5 feet 5 
inches; weight 140 pounds; medium light com¬ 
plexion, may have a small sandy mustache; part¬ 
ly bald on front of head; neat dresser; convincing 
talker and may be found in company of Elizabeth 
Kubancek about 28 years old; 5 feet 3 inches tall; 
weight about 130 pounds; dark complexion, black 
hair, who poses as his wife. 

only^t first cEssTotels^r^apartmlSs 0 " h™ 1 "* 8 ’ Pr ° m ° ted d ° g race track ‘ Stops 

Com|mny,”%47'(>miiWK^a| ,< avemie^ y chica^, n ilL, r 1'hon^ Regent 0321 I ~* 
Wire all information to the undersigned, g ' 

Dated June 21, 1928. 

Commissioner of Police, Chicago, Ill. 

;P E 0 T I D 1 

poor people. , 

#1 described as German Polish, S3 years old, 5*6" tall, stocky build, 
wore sailor straw hat, light suit, tan shoes, has long thick features, tooth 
in upper and lower javre missis, smooth face, ruddy complexion. Speaks i*er- 
man, Polish, and Good English. Known as Joe ffujan. 

#2 Looks like an Italian, 58 to 60 yrs old, 5’5" tall, 200 lbs, stocky 
build, smooth face, bald head, medium complexion, large drawn eyes, brown 
soft hat, dark suit with white pencil stripes, black plain low shoes. 

43 Is thought to have sent #1 and -J2. Is a Cousin to above loesers, 
named August Mian inis, 50 yrs ok, looks younger, short, medium build, 125 
lbs, single, dark complexion, black .eyes, dark hair, false teeth, light 
green straw hat, light suit, with white & red stripes, low black shoes. 

Please send any information obtainable to: 

Till lam F. O’Neil, Superintendent of Police 

Robert M. Oonnors, Chief Inspoctor- of-Polios 

arrest for grand t 

Felony warrant chafing 


A No 24854-M-5. 

H anted rat 


I hold felony fia:. 


1lowing parties. 
n . :V or Bunco ±s»n 
! : s.rfc 12 Dated 
3 •jki-.ia to this 

Description a? follows 
Ars about 35 fcelgn* b ] 

rc^-'nt 200 :tn. 'Io?vy built. 
Collection Ii S ho f Fair From 
.> 3 Uli sh xvon, fi :.i i onali ty 
.vuetr-ac, likes to play poke: 
r„sy be found siound gambling 

W. SMITH: Age 

196 pounds, black 

17 _ IO 10 
17 U 10 9 

Description of 

f, 5 feet 11% i 
lir, brown eyes. 

[Fingerprint classification 



ge 56, 5 feet 11 inches, 130 pounds, grey 
air, dark blue eyes, slender build. 
Fingerprint classification: 1 A 4 

Information for Capt. J. F. Williams or 
[urray and Tealer, Bunco Detail, Central 
fetective Division. 

OMs - 

DESCRIPTION: Age 30 years; height 5 feet l 
6^ inches; weight 135 pounds; complexion medium;! 
eyes chestnut; hair dark chestnut; build medium; I 
occupation con man. 

We hold indictment warrant charging BERN- I 
STEIN with the larceny of $8,000 in U. S. currency, I 
in this city, August 21, 1928, property of Samuel I 

Arrest, hold and wire at my expense. 

(icn£»% /Vail'S IICHAEL H. CROWLEY, 

October 8, 1928. Superintendent. 


Photo of George D. Ball, alias, Joseph D. Johnson, alias, George B. Mason, 
Taken at Memphis, Tenn., Sept. 2, 1925. 

Description: 55 years old, five feet eleven and one-half inches tall; weight, 166 lbs., medium 
stout build, light sandy hair, thin on top; florid complexion, grey eyes; he may have a small mus¬ 
tache and a goatee; he is well dressed, pleasant appearing, good talker; a golf player, makes wagers 
on games of golf, etc.; this man has throat trouble and coughs continually. 

Description of man giving the name Fred Condine: 39 to 50 years old, close to six feet tall, 
good build, smooth face, good head of hair, well dressed, convincing talker; has appearance of 
reserved business man. 

$1,000.00 REWARD 


Rochester, N. Y., June 10, 1926. 

On or about May 4, 1926, George David Ball, alias, Capt. G. D. Ball, alias, .Tos. D. Johnson 
alias, .1. D. Ziegler, alias, George B. Mason, alias, Joseph D. Clark, assisted by one Fred Condine 
swindled a citizen of this city out of $40,000.00 in cash, and stocks valued at $75,000.00, by mean 
of a confidence game. His true name is Joseph D. Johnson, and his home is in Chicago, Ill. 


George D. Ball makes a specialty ot visiting WinterResorts^!ucl^s^Jo^prings^Yrk!^It^| 
Clemens, Miami, Jacksonville, and other places, getting acquainted with wealthy people, plays golf, I 
and represents that he has large real estate holdings in Miami, Palm Beach and other places. After I 
he becomes acquainted with his victim, he arranges to meet casually the man known as Fred Condine, 
whom he represents as an agent of the J. P. Morgan Banking House, with inside knowledge of the 
stock market, etc., and then he tells the complainant that he and Condine are going in on a deal in 
which they intend to clean up a half million dollars: the next day he has Condine call on complain¬ 
ant, with himself and a third man, and they claim that the money is already made, and all that is 
necessary is for them to show that they had $.500,000.00: the third man had a brief case filled with 
money, and Ball, Condine and the third man and the complainant all agreed to put up a part of the 
$500,000.00. Ball induced the complainant to come to Rochester, N. \ where on May 4. 1926, I 
he obtained $40,000.00 in cash, and stocks valued at $75,000.00, to be held by Ball and Condine, as I 
collateral, to show the responsibility of the complainant. 

Ball took the cash and stocks and went to Kansas City, Mo., where he sold the stocks. 

Ball, alias, Capt. Ball, alias, Johnson, etc., has police records in Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, New I 
I Orleans, Pittsburgh, San Diego, and Memphis; he is known as a big mitt man, and for years has 
I been traveling on railroad trains and steamboats, fleecing travelers in card games, usually poker: he 
I usually has two or more confederates with him, and generally uses drawing room of some sleeping car. 

The complainant in this case has authorized me to offer a reward of $1,000.00 for the arrest of 
I Ball and Condine, or either of them, and their delivery to officer of this department. 

Please make a search for these men in your city or vicinity, and if found, arrest, hold and 
I wire, and I will send officer with necessary papers for their return to this city. 

J. M. QUIGLEY, Chief of Police. 


Department of Police 

Ref No. 2-2-7279 May 4, 1931. 

Mr. W. M. Hallanan, 
Chief of Police, 
Sacramento, Calif. 

Dear Sir: 

Replying to your letter of April 29, I beg to advise that we 
have been able to identify our "bunco" man as John B. Vlavich, 
alias John B Vlovich, John B. Valovich, John B. Volavich, 
known to the victim as Mike Bullatresh, described in o'Ur bulle¬ 
tin of April 23, 1931. 

I wrote for a photostatic copy of his finger prints and photo¬ 
graph and this I will send to you in a bulletin that I am now 
making up. 

I believe that Mr. Doyle is the same as John B. Vlavich, alias 
Mike Bullatresh for whom we are looking. I also find that 
Bullatresh is not a Greek, but may be an Austrian or Slavonian. 

I wish to thank you very much for your assistance in this matter. 

Very truly yours. 

R. N. Fredeen 
Chief of Police 


(Signed) L A McMURTRIE 
L. A. McMurtrie 
Charge of Record Bureau 


State of California 

April 29, 1931 

Mr. R. N. Fredeen, 

Chief of Police, 
Bellingham, Washington. 

Dear Sir: 

This will acknowledge receipt of your 
circular of April 23rd, reference number 2-2-7279, advising 
that a party in your city, George Kantor, had been swindled 
out of one thousand dollars by two confidence men. 

We made investigation of the California 
1931 License No. 4 A 55 17 and learned that it is registered 
to a Ford Coupe, to Mrs. M. Sistrunk, 1864 44th Street, Sac¬ 
ramento, legal owner San Joaquin Investment Company, P 0 1580, 
Stockton, California. 

This Ford Coupe was bought for Mrs Sis¬ 
trunk by a Mr. Doyle, to whom she was to be married; the man's 
description of Mike ^ulletresh tallies with Mrs. Doyle's de¬ 
scription with the exception that he is not a Greek. 

Mrs. Sistrunk made a payment on this Ford 
Coupe for April, 1931 from General Delivery, Seattle Washington; 
the Investment Company sent a registered letter to Klamath Falls, 
Oregon prior to receiving the Apri]. payment, but it was re¬ 
turned with the notation that she may be at 1418 J Street, this 
city, but she has not been there. 

We trust the above information will be 

of assistance to you. 

Very truly yours. 



W. M. Hallanan 
Chief of Police 


May 12, 1931 

Mr* R* N.) Fredeen, 

Chief of Police, 
Bellingham, Washington. 

Dear Sir: 

In response to your circular of May 9th, 
regarding bunco men, your file reference 2-2-7279. 

One of our officers interviewed Mrs. Hill, 
a sister to Mrs. Doyle (nee Sistrunk) and was told that 
the Doyles were in Spokane, Washington a week ago and 
would be up north six weeks yet, as she had had a letter 
from them. 

Also interviewed the representative of 
the San Joaquin Valley Securities Company, whose ad¬ 
dress is now the Forum Building, Sacramento, California, 
and was informed that they had received a payment on the 
car last week, which was sent by P 0 order from opokane, 

Trusting the above information will as¬ 
sist you, and thanking you for the photostatic copy of 
Bullatresh's fingerprints, I remain. 

Very truly yours, 

W. M. Hallanan 
Chief of Police 

co • Cj 


Department of Police 

REF. NO. 2-2-72-79 Ma Y 9 » 1931 

2nd Issue 

Dear Sir: 

On Tuesday, April 21, George hantor, xocax citizen, 
out of ^1000 by two confidence men using a tin box. 

One of the men has been positively identified as.being John B. 
Valovich, alias Volovich, alias Vlovich, alias Mike Bullatresh, 
the name he used here. I am enclosing a photostatic copy of 
his finger prints together with his photograph, description and 
record. Investigation leads us to believe that the two men for 
whom we are seeking were traveling in a Jewett Touring Car with 
1931 California license number 4 A 55 17. This license is 

registered to a Ford Coupe and was taken out by Mrs. M. Sistrunk, 

1864 44th street, oacramento. The legal owner is San 
Joaquin Investment Company, P 0 1580, Stockton, California. 

This Ford Coupe was bought for Mrs. Sistrunk by a Mr. Doyle to 

whom she was to be married. Mr. Doyle answeres very closely 

the description of Valovich. Mrs. Sistrunk made the April pay¬ 
ment on the Ford Coupe frcm General Delivery, Seattle, Washington. 

The description of number 2 is, age 50-60, weight 150-160, 5*8", 
light hair, light comp., med build, nationality believed to be 
Slavish. He wore a black suit with thin stripes. We have not 
been able to identify this man. 

A warrant has been issued charging Grand Larceny. If the above 
named man is arrested please hold and notify this office b. wire. 

L. A. McMurtrie 
Charge of Record Bureau 

R. N. Fredeen 
Chief of Police 




On February 28, 1930,’ a man by the name of Nicholas Des 
Camps was buncoed out of two thousand dollars in cash by the fol¬ 
lowing described bunco men who used the well known tin box and 
charity game. No. 1, 35 years; 5 ft. 8 in.; 170 lbs.; round face; 

charity game. No. 1, 35 year; . 
high cheek bones; medium complexion; black hair; wore gray over¬ 
coat and gray hat. No. 2, 30 years; 5 ft. 7 in.; 145 to 150 lbs., 
dark complexion; full face; wore black overcoat and black hat. 

One of the bunco men made Des Camps 1 acquaintance and 
after knowing him about four or five days, he told Des Camps that 
his father wanted to distribute several hundred thousand dollars 
to cripples on the streets. Des Camps was to be employed as the 
Seattle representative at a salary of five dollars per day. Des 
Camps was asked to post a two thousand dollar bond, so he offered 
his savings deposit book, but the man wanted cash, so Des Camps 
went to the Washington Mutual Bank, this city, and drew out the 
required two thousand dollars consisting of twenty new one-hundred 
dollar bills, serial numbers from L-00071430-A to L-00071449-A, 
Federal Reserve District No. 12. 

Upon coming out of the bank, Des Camps and the bunco man 
met a second man who produced a fake roll which was supposed to 
represent part of the money to be given to the cripples. The three 
then went to a hotel room. One of the men left and returned 
shortly with a tin 'strong box 1 in which to place the money. One 
of the men then took Des Camps ; money and was supposed to wrap it 
in a large red handkerchief and place it in the box with the 
other >roll*, but instead, he made the switch. The men then told 
Des Camps that they would let him take care of the box and money 
while they went out to attend to other business. After waiting 
three hours, Des Camps came to Police Headquarters and told the 
same old story. The 'roll' consisted of newspaper covered with 
three one dollar bills. ,. „ 

We are attaching herewith a photographic reproduction ol 
a finger print which was found on a moonshine bottle in the room 
occupied by the bunco men. Kindly keep a careful lookout for 
known bunco men who answer the above description. If anyone is 
found in possession of any of the above numbered bills, kindly 
question them carefully as to where and how they came into their 
possession. We might add that these men operated around employ¬ 
ment offices In this city. 

Any information that will assist us in apprehending or 
identifying these men will be appreciated 

O Yours very truly. 


Vl/Ust TfiOis ■ 7 

dt -j^fry*-- 


EXEIETAR — of GEORGE 1IA.501T - 3uspecrt # One 

J.H. MILTON — Suspect # 3 - 
Is Broker of “THE BIG EXCHANGE" 

J.H. BQTHSl — Suapact # 2 
Register St Claire Hotfel 
•San Joae,Calif ## 

/(MU ^, 

(V California 'H([ 
folke department 

Address All Correspondence To 

Aug. 25, 1931. 


Following detailed facts are forwarded 
you for your information In re Bunco of A.H. Harrington. 
We have no warrants as yet as we have no direct infor¬ 
mation as to complete identification of suspects, "but 
expect to have same very soon. It is requested that 
ali availabie information, pictures, etc., relative to 
simiar attacks, or of persons of similar descriptions. 
Attached hereto are exemplars of handwriting of suspects. 

Subject A.H. Harrington, Route 1, Box 315, Santa 
®oc Z ™£ a1 *’ alle S es was swindled out of §41,000.00: 
§25,000.00 while in the Few Californian Hotel, Room 721, 
Sacramento, Cal., and §16,000.00 while in the Hotel St. 
Marks, Oakland, Cal. 

AUG 2 b ibil 

Suspect Ho. 1: 

_ • * a ^orge Jason; hair gray, bald on top, eyes ?; 

height 5 6 , 160 lbs., 55 years of age, stout build; nation¬ 
ality, American; Dress, Dark suit, light hat, dark over¬ 
coat, well dressed; upper teeth gold, shows same when he 
talks or smiles. 

Suspect Ho. 2: 

Mr. J.H. Botha; white hair, very thin, eyes ?; 

5 . 4 , » , lbs *> 55 to 60 years old, white hair, very thin, 
sicxly looking, American, well dressed, carries a cain, 
smokes a pipe; looked like he made up for the part. 

Suspect Ho. 3: 

Mr. John H. Milton; dark hair, mixed slightly with 
gray, eyes ?; 6», 160 lbs., 40 years, very slim build; 
nationality American; dress very neat; walks with a swagger, 
stride sways his shoulders, wears a large diamond rim upon 
his right hand. * 

Time of attack: between July 27th and Aug. 6, 1931. 

Method pursued: These suspects through a number of 
appointments with complainant that led from address of com¬ 
plainant, Santa Cruz, Cal., to San Jose, Cal., Hotel St. 
Claire, Room 313 (Suspect Ho. 2 registered) to Sacramento, 
Cal., to Hotel Hew Californian, Room 721, (Suspect Ho. 1 
and complainant registered) and then to Oakland, Cal., 

St. Marks Hotel, Room 317 (Complainant registered); re¬ 
gister exemplars of handwriting attached. 



(Sy~ terni, iX \\ 
police department 

Address All Correspondence To 

Sheet Ho. 2. 

Suspect No. 1 appeared at ranch of complainant, 
and wished to make arrangements for his brotherinlaw for the 
purchase of this ranch; Aug. 26, 1931. Next day 1st suspect 
appeared with suspect No. 2 (brotherinlaw); all was satis¬ 
factory m re purchase. Next day suspect No. 1 appeared and 
advised complainant that suspect No. 1 wasill (j.H. Botha) 
and in San Jose Hotel St. Claire. All left for San Jose 
(ouspect No. 1 and complainant) met in hotel Room #315; Sus¬ 
pect No. 2 had important business to transact - left Suspect 
no. l and complainant in room; complainant wished to move his 
car to avoid traffic tag; Suspect #1 and complainant left room, 
reached car and moved same, walked about and'subseouently ob- 
Wal + e £ laying on street - contained valuable col¬ 
lateral, went back to room a,nd discovered address and 
telephone number of owner - called owner - Suspect No. 3. 

i° D, 1 appear ?! and identif, ied wallet; offered reward 
to ouspect No. 1 - would not accept same; Suspect #3 advised 
he was a Big Operator m 3+ocks" his home office in Chicago; 
Proved^same by having Clerk(?) go to Exchange with $300.00 for 
p aying one point raise - won $600.00 - played this won $1200. 
signed a credit slip for $50,000.00 sent suspect #1 to ex- 
^ e V he back bad won $100,000.00 - Auditor was coming 

to check credit - subsequently advising they w uld have to 
put up cash in order to balance Exchange's books. 

Tr Sl f s Pect #2 (J.H. Botha) appeared and gave Suspect #1 
(Ceo Nason) a check for $25,000.00 and $1,000.00 for expenses 
purchase ranch; he was leaving for Vancouver, B.C., and 
to U SarSi™ Su ® pect received a wire calling him 
-?i S i C 5+ m S nt0 e Cal *» transferred account to Sacramento, Cal., 

+ V? r -, D S Cra !^ e ? t0 " Com P la inant and suspect #1 (Mason) 
went to Hotel New Californian, Room 721. 

. Suspect #3 received a wire from his eastern connec¬ 
tions advising .hat they were not able to advance #50,000.00 

*25 C 0M r oo iwS ".lit .Upl Suspect #1 (Hkson) produced hie 
$20,uuo.00 check - Complainant was pursuaded to produce $25,000. 
all as given to suspect #1 (Mason) who went to Exchange - he 
S advi n sad everything was CK; Exchange was busy he 
w.uld go back m 15 minutes, returned to suspect #3 the San 
Jose Credit slip - same was burned up. 

A-, n r,nn S nD Ct o^ 3 save suspect #1 an additional credit slip 
* 2°-r?° 5 f u ® pect ^ ( I,kson ' returned but had made a 
mistake, be-ieved he had been instructed to rebet all again; 
they now needed an additional $25,000.00 to cover last b 
aredit account. 

Suspect #1 decided to go to Vancouver, B.C., to get 
more funds from his relatives - he left via Air Plane. Suspect #3 

IBIEF’S office' 

Tuesday, Mav 

arrest for felony_we hold warrant 


John Maffi, picture above Ital¬ 
ian, age 33 yrs., height 5 ft. 2 in 1 
weight 140 lbs., medium complexion! 

hair > br own eyes. Also arrest 
Maffi s two associates in the crime. 
No. 2 known as Louis Montello, Ital- 
f, n ’ f» e 35; height 5 ft. 6 in., weight 
160 lbs.; smooth shaven; light com¬ 
plexion; light hair, rather slender 
tace, wore grey overcoat, light*hat 
dark shoes. No. 3, charged as John 
u A tr oo name unkn °wn, Frenchman, 
about 38 yrs., 5 ft. 5 or 6 in.; heavy 
build; weight 180 to 200 lbs.; full 
tace, dark complexion, small mous¬ 
tache claimed to be unable to speak 
English, wore light grey suit, black 
hat dark shoes. These men are 
wanted for a bunko swindle in which 
they obtained $2,500 in this city on 
or about April 24, 1923. Warrant for 
grand larceny for the arrest of the 
three men issued. Send them or in- 
lormation concerning them to the De¬ 
tective Bureau for Hawtrey-Trainor. 


n/"ii-;s wl0 ' Italian ' L - A - N °- ,5672 - 

medium complexion.' 111/2 m '' 145 ,ks " dark brown eyes, chestnut 


FIORENZOS MUSSO, L. A. No. 15818, age 32 yrs., 5 ft., 714 in 177 
lbs., hazel eyes, medium light brown hair, fair complexion *’ 1 

We hold felony warrant, charging grand larceny via the bunco route for 
these two men, who with another man by the name of John Maffi, buncoed f 
Louis Kaderli out of $2,500. 

Report any information in regard to these men to the Detective Bureau. I 
(Hawtrey & Trainor.) ; 

'* medium build, full face. 


joe Leitch, 23 yrs, 5 ft 9 in, slim build, 
dark hair, small mustache; neat _dressser; 


Arrest two Austrians named Anton 
ienka, alias Tony Senak, and Andrew 
suskovic, alias Andy Ruska. 

Scenka is 30 yrs, 5 ft 6 in, 158 lbs, light 


iair, dark florid complexion, hazel- 
hairy mole on right cheek near 
. Bertillon: 67.8, 76.0, 86.8, 
.0, 26.9, 11.2, 9.0, 47.0. 

8 yrs, 5 ft 5 in, 164 lbs, dark 
air complexion, yellow-slate; 


18.2, 16.5, 14. 

chestnut hai 

Adam Adai 

Mike Mind/ 


Bertillon: 65.0, 72.0, 89.5, 18.5, 


La Banco. 
De Guise 



n, faint tattoo mark on front of left 
m, Bertillon; 69.4, 73.5, 89.7,19.2,14.7, 
1 26 0, 11.2, 8.8, 46.4. 
ica, is 26 yrs, 5 ft 6 in, 135 lbs, light 
i hair, gray eyes. 

Banco if 32 yrs, 5 ft 4 in, 145 lbs, gray 

| foreart 

joe borick. 


blue eyes 

1 16.4, 6.4, 27.8, 12.2, 10 0, 
The charity game. I 
Borich, is in custody. 
Central. _ 






r Wi 






mg: | 

AX' 11