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un^a . • . 


CATALOG No. 303 








(See pages 47 and 48) 

Catalog Finding List 


The Universal Line . 4—27 

The Universal Desk 5- 9 

Stationary Desk and Chair. No. 206 10. 11 

Stationary and Chair. No. 2M 12. ].') 

Commercial Class Desks ] j. ],5 

Typewriter Desks 12. 1-1 

Talilet-arni Chairs 

Pedestal Type _ 1 6. I 7 

Movable Type 18. 19. 29. HO 


Posture Ty|)e 20. 21. 2JJ 

Steel Folding 34-38 

Portahle. l\lap]e-Franie 39 

Auditorium 40-43 

Stadium .|4 

Tables 22-26 

Chair-Desks 30-31 

Condiination Desk. No, 101 32. :\:] 

Orthopedic Attachments 27 

Class Memorials 45 

Seating Sizes and ArrangemenLs ,. 46 

Branch Offices and Distributor.s , 47. |8 

to the School Officials of America 

In this edition of Seating for' American Schools we submit for your con- 
sideration striking advances in modern school furniture designing. Now, 
beautiful, practical streamlining comes into the classroom and auditorium 
together with new standards of serviceability, educational adaptability, 
hygienic comfort and outstanding new contributions to sight conservation 
for all pupils. 

TiiHOUGii THE years, both commendation atul criticism on our j)rogressively 
improved products have been accumulated and analyzed. Continuously, our 
research investigators have studied seating in the classroom. Our engineers 
have developed greatly improved methods of construction. Designers have 
achieved startling advances in artistic styling. Each new model has been 
proved through rigorous testing. 

Better values than ever before are offered in the new products. There are 
literally countless improvements, both visible and invisible. New production 
methods and new equipment make possible new economies and greater 
dollar values. 

In offering these new products to tlie school officials of America, we 
pledge you that no ideal, no quality standard, no use-value hitherto achieved 
through our long experience and quality leadership has been sacrificed. 

Instead, our fixed policy insures ever higher standards through continuing 
laboratory research and testing and ceaseless insjiection vigilance. You are 
assured of prompt service from large warehouse stocks, and of guaranteed 
satisfaction in every transaction. 

Our representatives at the home office and at the branch and distributor 
offices listed on pages 47 and 48 will be glad to submit samples, prices and 
other information and to render any desired assistance toward solving your 
seating problems. 




l^lVe't^Cll Ideal 


yNiVEKSAL in a trade designation applied by the Anierican Seating Company 
specifically to a pupiVs desk and generically to an extensive line of 
classroom seating. Universal is both a name and an ideal. 


i ci:yJieal .^^JJ^et^nanAj^: 

a design contributing most effectively to the good posture, sight con- 
servation, healtli and comfort of every occupant, in the light of those 
anatomical facts which are universal among growing human beings. 

the utmost flexibility in adaptation to individual variations in size and 
proportions, together with rigid adherence to tlie essentials wliich are 
universally applicable to all. 

a basic design universally suited to every age and level of instruc- 
tion, yet variable to best meet the peculiar requirements of each. 

a diversified line of pupils' desks, tables and chairs suited to every 
method of instruction, to every plan of administration and manage- 
ment, to every school requirement. 

the most perfect adaptability to varying light conditions, classroom 
arrangements, group and activity programs, as well as to individual 
learning efficiency. 

the highest possible standards of materials, construction and finish, 
of tasteful designing and of dependable engineering, of durability, 
economy and satisfactory service in every unit and continuous prog- 
ress toward ever higher standards through research, testing and 

artistic harmony in color and design throughout the entire 
Universal line, such that all the varied and diversified classroom 
equipment of The Universalized School shall be harmonious in itself 
and with any architectural environment. 

The Universal Ideal is a standard by which to 
judge the Universal Desk and the Universal Line. 

ttt^ici tk 

te^ef^Uf^ici iKc 



y y /\M ERIC AIM J 



— in addition to all the unquestioned superiorities in posture and comfort; 
in materials, finish and construction; in use values and satisfactory service, 
which we have heretofore built into this great leader — 

No. 333 


sight-saving reading rest feature of unprecedented efficiency; 

one-piece steel book-box of increased strength, capacity and beauty; 

modernized frame design; foot-rests for better posture and comfort; 

streamlined styling throughout which brings to classroom seating 
functional beauty in the modern spirit of artistic design. 




Classroom Seati/^g 

Through many years the American Universal 
Desk lias lieen (lie acknowledged leader in ]iii2;li grade 
school sealing. It lias had many an imitator Init never 
an equal. Two-diirds of a million in dailv use have 
established unircrsfil salisfdctioii in llie \merican 
Universal Desk. 

Continuous research, designing, engineering and test- 
ing, now enable us to offer important new features 
never before available in classroom seating, while 
retaining and improving every quality feature and use 
value of the former unit. In every detail the American 
I niversal Desk is better than ever. 



The siniplilit'd hook-rest makes ihe Ameiieaii I niversal the 
iiiDsl eftectivc sight-conservation unit ever develo|)ed — not 
only for the unfortunates in sight-saving classes — luit to 
jjrotect every pupil in every class from the clangers of 

By a simple turning movement — no sliding ]>arts. no 
catches or locking devices — the hook-rest is ])laced wherever 
it ^vill hold the hook in the position most favorahle to 
maximum page illumination, to best visual angle and focus, 
to the minimum of eye-strain w ith the maximum of comfort 
and good posture. 

Variable heights and numerous combinations of sloj)e and 
distance of the hook are available by placing the ^vritino- 
surface at level or intermediate pos-ition. 

Desk surface is available for writing or drawing and interior 
of book-box is accessible while Ijook-rest is in use. 

Drawing boards and large books may lie securelv snjiported 
in many jjositions. 

Operation of the book-rest is easy, natural and quiet. 

Tf jr AM ERI CAM j 


Classroom Seatiivg 


Education costs too much if impaired vision is 
part of the price paid. Defective eye-sif2;ht is a cruel 
and needless tax to levy ujion children. Young eyes 
must be protected from work conditions which un- 
necessarily ag<j;ravate tlie eye-burden of much reading. 
Arcliilecls, illuminating engineers, printers, medical 
and liealth departmenls, and special class facilities, 
are contributing lo tlie program of eye-protection, but 
a vital i)ar[ — the adajjting of reading conditions to 
tlie limiting facts of human anatomy — rests upon 
the designers of classroom seating. 

The rub])ei' facing of the book-rest utilizes the ^veight of tlie 
book to hokl it iirmly in the jjosition selected, protects the 
finish of the desk toji. and serves as a gnard to prevent 
marring the front of the desk. 

The one-piece steel hook-box has extra Uirge capacity: 
elegant, smooth rounded lines and coiUact surfaces; and 
round-rolled edges. 

A steel plate closes front portion of box while book-rest is 
in use. Ink-well is flush with this plate and an inconspicuous 
metal lined pen hole gives access to it when rest is closed. 

Seat, hack and desk-top are trinnned in attractive modern 
styling wliich accentuates comfort and functional values. 
The new style of ])ressed steel back-su])ports ])rovides extra 
strength with a flowing contour and absence of visible screw 

The redesigned frame accents the strcamliued beauty of the 
unit and provides foot-rests which add to comfort and ])os- 
tural effectiveness. Fhitings minimize the marring of the 
metal Finish from foot contacts. 

T y A M ER I CA /V J 


Classroom Seatiivg 

Outstanding Structural Features 

Lifting Lid Book-Box. One-piece steel structure^an inverted 
"turret-top." Round-rolled edges, smooth sanitary form and fin- 
ish inside and out. Larger book capacity and more knee and leg 
room than ever before. Solid maple top — reinforced with steel 
splines — extra-durable lacquer finish — level and two sloped 
writing positions — rounded in-turning hinge line cannot catch 
or pinch any thing. Super-strength sector blade hinges attached 
direct from box sides to steel splines — completely housed ■ — no 
exposed moving parts — no wood screws. Non-slam friction 
control is adjustable for permanently quiet action. 

Universal Seat. Every detail of form and dimension is scientifically determined. Erect sitting is relaxed, 
more comfortable, more natural, less fatiguing than any other position in this seat. Self-adjusting lower back 
rail, and scoop with no rearward elevation fit every occupant. Seat swdvels 45 degrees each way to silent cusliioned 
stop. Swivel has large bearing area and adjustment means which insure permanently smooth and silent operation. 
Note the smooth lines and absence of screw heads in the extra strong back braces. 

Universal Frame. Connecting member is one-piece heavy steel tubing. Foot-rest base fluted to minimize 
marring of finish. Solid steel glides II/2" diameter. Rubber shoes available. Unobtrusive, full rounded, never- 
failing height adjustment clamps. Maximum of strength, rigidity, stability— yet light in weight and easy to move. 




Seat Height 


Total 1 

to Back 








14 -18 " 



9 and 10" 

10 and 11" 

11 and 12y2" 



1 Seat swiveling requires 3-inch additional floor space. 

2 Both spacings provided for in seat construction. 

•■< Size A equipped with X seat {l^VjxnW) is available as Size AA. 

• • • 

Covered by patents and patents applied for. 

The Universal Desk No. 334 is identical with the 
No. 333 shown on the preceding pages in all respects 
except the adjustable reading-rest features. 

It has, in improved design, all the quality features and 
use values of the standard American Universal Desk 
of former years. The thousands of ardent admirers of 
the old No. 234 Universal are assured that its successor 
is inferior in no detail, superior in manv. 


No. 235 American Universal Desk with Study-Top 

An eminently desirable correct-posture movable desk for use where book box is not required. A handy book-rack 

(5x11 inches) attached under the seat is available. 
Strong — durable — convenient^ — light — economical — -attractive — with abundant knee and leg room. 

• • • 

Recommended for high-school classrooms, study halls, and rooms provided with individual lockers. 
Rigid study-top is trimmed with rounded edge metal apron. 

• • • 

Working surface is identical with that of the regular American Universal Desk, 17^x23% inches, with 

correct posture writing slope of 2lA inches. 

American Universal frame with height adjustments for seat and desk. American Universal posture seat 

with self-adjusting back-rail and swivel. 


The tubular pedestal consists of a steel column, 2^/2" 
diameter, integrally locked to floor plate and desk 
flange by an interior heavy non-stretch boll. An ex- 
tremely strong and rigid construction which will doubt- 
less outlast any school building and withstand any 
school usage. 

The cast floor plate is specially designed to secure a 
close fitting floor contact as strong and permanent as 
the floor itself. Seat floor plate is 10" diameter and 
that for the desk is 12" (hameter. off'sel lo counteracl 
leverage strain. Installation is simjde and exception- 
ally durable. 

No. Z06—Non- Adjustable Study-Top Desk and Seat 

Recommended for High Schools 

Furnished in any size assortment. 

Desks — at low edge — 26, 27, 28, 29 or 30 inches. 

Seats — at high point — 15, 16, 17 or 18 inches. 

Study-toj) desks, height 28 inches. 

.'/// adjustable form of the No. 206 Tubular Pedestal 
is also available. This pedestal i.s c(|uii)ped with the 
regular I niversal adjustment clamp and reinforced 
steel desk flange. 

Either the non-adjustable or the adjustable form of 
tubular desk pedestal is furnished with the Better- 
Sight, Lifting-Lid, or Open Front book-box, or with 
the regular or Sight-Saving Study-Top of the Universal 
line. Either may be used in connection with our No. 
214 adjustable-swivel-pedestal seat base or with the 
No. 206 non-adjustable tubular |)edeslal seat. In these 
various combinations there is available a choice of 
practically every modern ty|)e of stationary .school 

Woods are of selected hard maple, smooth, rounde<l 
and finished in school-furniture-brown, durably lac- 
quered. Metal finished in oven baked taupe enamel of 
best quality. 

American L niversal cjuality throughout. 
Satisfaction guaranteed. 



No. 206 Non-Adjustable Tubular Pedestal Desk with No. 214 Adjustable Swivel Seat 

A rigid, stationary, adjustable or non-adjustable desk and seal. 

Janitor's joy — easy floor cleaning. 

Abundant leg room — easy of ingress and egress. 

J • • • 

Available with Lifting Lid or Open-Front book-box or with Study-Top as desired. 

American Universal correct posture adjustable, swivel seat with self-adjusting back-rail. 

• • • 

Gives classrooms a particularly neat and clear appearance. 

• • • 

A durable, economical unit of American Universal quality. 



No. 214 Study-Top Desk 

For High-School Classroom and Study-Mall 

No book storage at desk. 

Extra knee and leg room. 

Study-top trimmed with neat round-edged apron. 

Used with No. 214 adjustable pedestal seat. 

Adjustments provide adequate size assortments. 

Desk height (near edge) 24 to 28 inches. 

Strong — durable — economical — convenient — popular. 

Desk Standards of No. 214 are formed of our specially 
designed triangular steel tubing, rolled in our own 
machines, with rigidly braced brackets under the desk- 
top, and a particularly strong and secure adjustment 
clamping device. The sanitary foot construction, con- 
tinuous with the tubular legs, affords a spring tension 
floor attachment which prevents screws working loose. 
Built to withstand severest school usage indefinitely. 

Dimensions No. 214 Desk and Seat 








17% X 231^" 



14 ^17i/>" 


11 —14" 




No. 214-R Typewriter Desk 

Size AA with Typist Seat 

Best for tlie Typewriter Room. 

Strong, sturdy, steady, safe. 

Quiet, convenient, compact, economical. 

Saves floor space and janitor work. 

Typewriters fastened to this desk are safe. 

Eliminates bumping, scraping, tipping and breaking of 

furniture or machines. 

Round top back gives extra comfort and elbow room. 

Loose furniture is out of place in the typing room. 

Height adjustment, 25^/2 to 29^/^ inches. 

Top sizes: A, 16x23'/2 inches; AA, 18x30 inches. 

Seat Pedestal is an oval shaped 
conical design, engineered to 
resist severest strains. Dirt- 
proof floor contact has spring 
tension screw hold. Cone sec- 
tions are of heavy gauge steel, 
mechanically engaged and per- 
manently welded. Universal 
never-failing height adjustment 
clamp. Cushioned swivel move- 
ment is readily adjustable to in- 
sure permanent smoothness. 



Stationary Adjustable No. 214 

Showing Universal Open-Front Book-Box. Top, 17^> inches x 23^/0 inches. 

Universal Lifting-Lid boxes optionaL 

Pedestal seat — adjustable — swivel — correct posture. 

Embodies Universal posture, comfort, sanitary and structural superiority. 

• • • 

Very popular and widely used for high schools. 

• • • 

Close-fitting, sanitary, spring tension floor attachments are permanent. 

Three overlapping sizes adjustable to meet every need. 

Height adjustments simple, sure and lasting. 

• • • 

Seat swivel movement of ninety degrees is silent, cushioned and permanently smooth. 

• • • " 

American Universal Quality Throughout — Satisfactory Service Guaranteed. 




No. 217, Sire X (Top, 21 x 26 in.) 
with No. 214 Adjustable Seat 

The distinctive requirements of bookkeeping and other 
classes of the Commercial Department are (a) large 
box capacity for the accommodation of numerous 
books, blanks, forms and stationery, (b) extra large 
working surface for using these forms, (c) a handy 
place to lay some of them aside temporarily, (d) a 
reduced slope of desk-top to prevent forms slipping off, 
and (e) all in the most compact space practicable. 

No. 217 Desks are specially designed to meet these re- 
quirements most effectively and economically. 

Our triangular steel tubing construction has been fully 
tested through more than a quarter of a century on 
millions of school desks. It is almost limitless in 
strength, durability and sturdy rigidity. The sanitary 
foot construction is continuous with the tubing and 
affords a live tension floor contact which prevents floor 
screws working loose. 

The lifting-lid boxes are equipped with adjustable-ten- 
sion friction hinges, providing permanently silent oper- 
ation. Steel hinge sector blades attach directly from 
box ends to steel splines of lid, with no wood screws, 
practically eliminating warping or splitting of top or 
breaking of hinges or hinge attachment. Hinges com- 
pletely housed. In-rounded hinge line prevents pinch- 
ing of papers, pencils, etc. 

Dimensions — No 217 


Desk To[j 

Height Range of Top, High Point 

Height Range of Chair 

Height Range of Settee 

Recommended Spacing Back to Back 
with shelves 

22 X 30" 




15. 17" 


No. 214 Typewriter Desk 

Wood parts of selected hard maple, well rounded and 
smoothed, school-furniture-brown color, with highest 
quality, extra durable lacquer finish. 

For The Typing Room 

Universal Typewriter Desk No. 214. Adjustable. The 
most compact, convenient, rigid, durable and economi- 
cal desk for typewriting classes. (See page 12 for fur- 
ther description.) 



Adjustable — No. 217 

The standard for 
Commercial Classes 


Business Colleges 
High Schools 

No. 217y2, Size XX (top, 22 x 30 inches) with Settee 

Extra Large tvorking surface and book storage facilities. 

Lifting-lid box with Universal adjustable-tension non-slam friction hinges. Top equipped with broad pen trough, red 

and black ink wells, and optional book shelf 7% x 24 in., 9 in. high. 

• • • 

Supplied with either No. 214 adjustable pedestal swivel seat, American Universal posture and comfort design, or 

with adjustable settee as shown in figure above. 
Settee enables instructor to sit beside student while examining work and permits double sitting for departmental 


• • • 

Standards of triangular steel tubing. Cross-braced desk brackets of great strength and rigidity. Permanently secure 

adjustment locking device. 

• • • 

Maximum working facilities in minimum floor space. 

Maximum efficiency and convenience with minimum janitor service or upkeep expense. 

Strong, durable, attractive, sanitary and economical. 

• • • 

American Universal Quality — The Best — Satisfactory Service Guaranteed. 



No. 271 Universal Posture Seat 

Self-Adjusting Back Rail 

No. 271-R Upholstered Posture Back 

Round Comfort Form 

This is the standard American Universal correct-pos- 
ture seat and back with self-adjusting lower back-rail. 
All selected hard maple, tlioroughly rounded and 
smoothed and finished with extra durable lacquer. 
Stocked in standard school-furniture-brown. 

This round-lop correct-posture upholstered j)ad back 
is particularly comfortable and attractive in appear- 
ance. The form permits free elbow movement for 
working on the tablet-arm. Rear of pad is smooth 
birch ply-wood. Face is upholstered in form-fit curva- 
ture with Du Pont Cavalon. 

Seats: Size X (15^x17 inches) ox* A (14x16 inches) 17 inches high. 

Tablet arm seats attached to the floor are subjected to 
severe leverage strains in college and university lec- 
ture rooms. These pedestal seats are specially designed, 
constructed and tested to meet such conditions. 

The handy round-edged pressed-steel book-rack (5x11 inches) is optional 
on all styles of pedestal tablet-arm seats. 



No. 272 University Type 

7-Ply Back 

No. 272-C University Type 

Upholstered Back 

These full-length theatre chair backs give an extremely dignified and hand- 
some appearance to the finest university lecture rooms. They are particularly 
desirable when seats are installed on risers, to protect the occupant from 
the feet of those behind. Furnished, as shown, with rounded edge 7-ply, 
^-inch beautiful birch grain face, or with upholstered panel. 

Seats: Size X, 153/^ x 17 inches, 17 inches high 

These heavy duty steel pedestals may be considered as 
built-in equipment which will probably withstand the 
hard usage of college and university lecture rooms 
as long as the buildings themselves. 

Large oval floor base (9 x 11-/^ inches) fits close to 
floor with a spring tension which prevents screws work- 
ing loose. The seat flange has similar spring tension 
contact. Screws are staggered to prevent any two in the 
same grain line. Parts are of die-formed cold-rolled 
steel, mechanically interlocked and integrally welded. 

Arm supports are smooth, lieavy, tubular-steel col- 
umns with top and bottom brackets of die-formed 
steel, shaped to jKovide triangular bracing both longi- 
tudinally and laterally, with brackets encircling the 
columns and solidly welded. The lower bracket is both 
screwed and bolted to the solid seat. Rear end of arm 
attached by triangular braced bracket. An extremely 
strong, rigid and durable construction. 

Back-braces are built to resist severe strains. Heavily 
reinforced corner bracing, firmly screwed to seat in 
three directions. 

* • • 

American Universal Quality Throughout 



No. 276 University Type 

7-Ply Back 

No. 274-R Upholstered Back 

Adjustable or Non-adjustable 

An Exceptionally Attractive, Comfortable 



Light Weight 

The solid back type is preferred in some universities. 
It presents an impressive and dignified appearance 
and prevents using the rear of the seat as a foot rest. 

We can supply (with Size X seat) our 7-ply deep 
curve, and upholstered panel styles. Rear of hack is 
finely finished, smooth hirch face ply. 

Adjustable or non-adjustable base. 

Satisfactory service guaranteed. 

This round-top upholstered form provides a genuinely 
correct-posture chair of surprising comfort and attrac- 
tiveness. Back has a smooth ply-wood rear face; front 
soft upholstered in DuPont Cavalon. 

The rounded form of the back permits of free arm 
movement. The unit is fine enough for any office and 
is particularly convenient and popular for secretarial 
use. Makes an outstandingly beautiful lecture room 
installation. Light, easily moved on steel gliders, or 
casters if desired. Minimizes fatigue and eye-strain. 

An astonishingly fine product for the price. Unsur- 
passed in use values at any price. 

American Universal Tablet-Arm Chairs have a distinctive slope of chair and 
tablet-arm scientifically designed for the comfort and good posture of the users. 

Handy Pressed-Steel Book-Racks (5x11 inches) as shoivii on No. 273 available as extras on all styles. 



and Economical Line o£ Tablet-Arm Chairs 

Strong ' Finely Finished * Correct Posture 

Tubular steel column supported by Universal die-formed steel legs, securely and neatly welded, with solid steel 
glides (11/2 in. diameter) mechanically fastened and brazed to prevent loosening. Large bearing area oi seat 

flange prevents loosening or splitting of seat. 
Smooth tubular tablet-arm support has no edges of contact with clothing. Strong encircling brackets support arm 
rigidly; bolted and screwed to seat; bolted and braced to back support. Heavy steel back braces bossed and rein- 
forced to provide unusual strength and pleasing appearance. 
Steel parts finished in oven-baked taupe enamel. 
Seat height adjustable 14 to 18 inches. American Universal never-failing adjustment clamp. 
IFoods of selected northern hard maple, full rounded corners and edges, smooth sanded, school-furniture-brovvn 
finish, extra-durable lacquer. Back slats rounded, lower slat self-adjusting to fit the human form m constantly 
varying positions and sizes. Seal is the distinctive Universal correct posture form, with no ridge rearward, 

encouraging fullest use of back support, discouraging slouching. 






Size A 

17 in. or Adjustable 

16 in. 

17 in. 

14 in. 
151/2 in. 

24. in. 
21 in. 

12 in. 
12 in. 

Size X 

17 in. or Adjnstahle 

All styles have solid steel, smooth- face glides. May be equipped ivith casters or rubber shoes as required. 



No, 283 17 inches high 

Seat 14 X 16 inches 

For Teacher, Classroom, Library and 

General Utility Purposes 

No. 283 15 inches high 

Seat 12 X 14 inches 

For Intermediate Grades and 

Kindergarten Teachers 

No. 283 11 inches high 

Seat IOV2 X 12 inches 

For Primary Grades 

The American Universal style and quality made avail- 
able in movable chairs of eight sizes, for general class- 
room, teachers' and all-purpose uses. Stock sizes, 11, 
13, 15 and 17 inch seat height. 

Each is a true correct-posture chair, with the special 
form of the Universal seat, the self-adjusting lower 
back rail and carefully determined slopes, curvatures 
and dimensions. 

Strong to resist all school usage indefinitely, rounded 
corners and edges to avoid discomforts and all tearing 

hazards, durably finished to maintain the original 
attractive appearance for a surprisingly long time. 
Large diameter solid steel gliders to slide easily and 
quietly and to avoid denting linoleum or scratching 
the finest floors. (Rubber shoes available, too.) 

A handy, handsome line of cliairs worthy of the finest 
classrooms and priced witliin reach of the average. 
Finished to harmonize with any surroundings and par- 
ticularly with American Universal tables or other 
American Universal seating. 

This company's Research Department has devoted years to studies of anatomy and hygiene as related 
to problems of sitting and the design of seating. 

Its conclusions are not mere sales propaganda but are authoritative scientific principles. Tiiese 
principles determine the dimensions and design of every seat unit to whicli this company applies the 

term Posture. 

American Seating Company posture chairs are positively conducive to the maintenance of correct 
posture and to the minimizing of sitting fatigue. 



No. 299.R Typist Style N°- 297 Teacher's Style 

Seal Height, (wilhoul casters) Non-Adjustable, 17 inches; Adjustable, 14 to 18 inches 
Seat Size, IS'A x 17 inches 

A very comfortable, fatigue-minimizing, correct-posture chair 
for desk use, typists and all seated workers. Extensively used 
in many large offices — including our own. 

The unique, rounded back form provides support just where 
it does the most good and permits complete freedom of arm 
and elbow movement. Back is upholstered in best imitation 
leather with smooth birch ply rear face. 

Attractive in appearance, well and durably finished, nothing 

to get loose. 

Strong, light, handy, convenient and low priced. 

Furnished with X size seat: adjustable height or non-adjust- 
able. Casters add 21/4 inches to seat height. 

This is a low-priced chair but at many times the price it 
would be chea]3er than the teacher energy it may conserve. 
It is a correct-posture chair, making erect sitting easy, natural 
and restful, minimizing fatigue. It is an attractive, dignified 
unit, and yet light, easily handled and convenient. The well- 
rounded back ''support,' upholstered in durable imitation 
leather, is a soothing comfort to any teacher's back. Rear face 
of back is a smooth finished birch ply. 
Seat is American Universal design. 

Strong base unit of steel tubing and die formed steel legs 
with Tolid steel gliders. Ecpiipped with rubber shoes or with 
casters if desired. Height adjustable or non-adjustable. 
Fine maple wood in school-furniture-brown and metal m 
over-baked taupe enamel harmonize with any American 
Universal seating. 

The term "posture chair" is inaccurately applied to many products having no rightful claim to this 

distinction. Mere short seats, low backs, or back supports requiring individual adjustment do not 

necessarily contribute to good posture or reduced fatigue and may do quite the contrary. 

Simplicity characterizes American Seating posture features. 



30x72 inches. 20 inches high 

Kindergarten Project Table 

Strength and rigidity attained through bracket attach- 
ment of standards and wide "backbone" bracing at 
center, which are invisible in illustrations and in use. 

30 X 72 inches. 24V2 inches high 

Elementary Library and Project Table 

The splendid values in this line of Universal Panel 
Standard Tables are possible only through our unique 
equipment and quantity production of standard sizes. 

• • • 

Thirty Sizes Carried in Stock 



' ' ''■^'^^^ 


24 X 48" 






24 X 66'' 






30 X 60" 






30 X 72" 






36 X 60" 






36 X 72" 






^ ^ :>f 
Strong ply-wood book compartments optional on all sizes. Used on one or both sides. 

24 X 66 inches. 27 inches high 

Sewing and Grade Work Table 
Ideal Kindergarten Table in 20-inch Height 

24 X 48 inches. 29 inches high 

Teacher's and General Purpose Table 
Two-pupil Classroom Use 




Library or Board Room Table — 36 x 72 inches 

All-purpose Tables of Outstanding Beauty and Serviceability, 
In the fine furniture class at school budget prices. 

■k -k -k 

These striking tables are characterized by attractive grain effects of the rotarj-cut birch surface, durably finished 
with heavy coats of the best quality lacquer. The heavy casein-glued cored ply construction, protected and rein- 
forced by perfectly joined and mortised maple framing, has an appearance equal to that of very expensive solid 

wood, and an incomparably greater resistance to warping, checking, splitting or other deterioration. 
No corner legs, stretchers, or other structural parts interfering with knees and limbs at any part of sides or ends. 
No marring or splintering of wood legs or framing. No weak or loosening glue joints. Unaffected by temperature. 
Graceful, pressed-steel standards of surplus strength in tubular design; die-formed tubular legs and solid steel 

glides of large diameter. Rubber shoes available. 

•k ir ^^' 

Maximum strength, rigidity and satisfactory service. 

American Universal construction and quality. 

In these tables we offer remarkable values and guaranteed satisfaction- 

For every purpose from Kindergarten to Office or Library. 



Progressive Table No. 128, Lifting Lid 

Progressive Table No. 128, Reading Top 

No. 250 Progressive Chair 

No, 250 Progressive Chair 

A new and highly distinctive style chair. Strikingly attractive modern 
lines and American Universal quality. 

Chair frame is a continuous bent steel tubing structure, securely welded 
at joining points and engineered to resist strains in every direction. 
Provides a strength, rigidity and durability unique in bent tube chair 
construction, and specially designed to withstand school uses and abuses. 
Has broad, non-tipping floor base. Solid steel Universal feet. Oven- 
baked taupe enamel. 

Five-ply formed wood seat is securely riveted to frame and the seven-ply 
deep-curved comfort shaped back support is pivoted with limited self- 
adjusting movement to rear frame. 

Made in 11 in., 13 in., 15 in. and 17 in. heights. 

• • • 

Strong ' Durable ' Sanitary • Light ' Durably Finished 




Unit classroom tables of remarkably beautiful modern 
design. Top (18x24") of fine finished hard maple 
with well rounded corners and edges. The embossed 
steel end and rear panels combine with the oval shaped 
tubing of the standards and the graceful Universal 
legs to make an exceptionally pleasing and dignified 
piece of classroom furniture. 

Universal desk flanges connect box with standards, 
insuring strength, rigidity and durability beyond all 
requirements. Under side of box is smooth and free of 
structural projections, screw heads are countersunk and 
all edges are rounded. No scratching or tearing haz- 
ards. Excessive movement of chairs, necessitated by 
four-post tables, is largely eliminated. 

Lifting-lid type has American Universal friction hinge, 
non-slam, invisible on closed box. 

Reading-top type locks at five slopes. Released at a 
touch. A sight-saving table unit. 

• • • 

Extra large book-box capacity. 

• • • 

Stock heights: 20", 22", 24", 26" and 28". 

Progressive Table No. 128 

Universal Desk book- 
boxes, open front or lift- 
ing lid, and study-top, as 
on Nos. 206, 214 and 235, 
are also available with 
the oval tubular stand- 
ards described above. 

This provides in movable 
table form the postural 
and sight protective ad- 
vantages of the sloping 
working surface of the 
Universal Desk. 

Heights (at near edge) 
No. 90: 19l/>", 211/->", 
231/1/', 253/>" and 271/7"; 
No. 92: 27". Desk slope 






Progressive Desk No. 92 

Progressive Desk No. 90 



Tubular Type Classroom Tables 

Tubular Unit Table (29 inches high) 

Ply- wood Top 18 X 24 inches 

Tubular Dual Table (24 inches high) 

Maple Frame, Cored Ply Top 20 x 48 inches 

Individual Table 

This is a remarkable value for all small-table purposes. For 
individual pupil use in classrooms of all grades, occasional 
use by lecturers, teachers, and others: in offices, special 
rooms, corridors and on the platform. 

An especially light, handy, sanitary and attractive unit table 
of superabundant strength, rigidity and durability. 

The Universal type tubular standards are inserted through 
the U-shaped steel brackets and mechanically braced and 
welded. The rigid attachment of brackets to the table top is 
reinforced by a wood stretcher from bracket to bracket on the 
far side. Metal finished in oven-baked taupe enamel. 

The five-ply book shelf is an optional accessory: not a struc- 
tural member. 

The seven-ply, yg-inch top. 18 x 24 inches, is plied in our own 
factory. Best obtainable hardwood plies are cemented with 
water-proof casein glue. Edges and corners rounded to pre- 
vent chipping. Will not split or peel. Attractively grained 
selected birch face plies. Stained school-furniture-brown and 
finished with extra durable lacquer which excels in perform- 
ance tests. 

No corner legs to mar or splinter. No glue joints to work 
loose. No splitting, checking or opening of seam joints. Will 
outlast and stand more hard usage without deterioration than 
any wood frame construction at any ])rice. 

Two 'Pupil Table 

For double seating in classroom use, a desirable substitute 
for the typical teacher's desk, and an attractive table for 
general purposes. 

Has the cored ply-wood, maple framed top which is used on 
the panel standard type of Universal tables with the tubular 
type standards. 

Top 20x48 inches, fl/o inches thick. Made in five heights. 

Two compartment book shelf is optional. 

An incomparable value in the low price range. 

Heights foi Every Grade 







20 X 48" 


18 X 24" 

20 X 48" 

24 V^" 

18 X 24" 

20 X 48" 


18 X 24" 

20 X 48" 


IB X 24" 

20 X 48" 

For Chairs See — American Universal Posture Chair No. 283 — American Envoy Posture Chair No. 368. 

American Progressive Tubular Chair No. 250. 

• • 

American Universal quality - 

Satisfaction guaranteed. 



Orthopedic Attachments 

We particularly recommend the New Universal Better- 
Sight Desk box for use with these leg attachments, 
though any of the Universal desk boxes or tops may 
be used. 

The seat is the American Universal correct-posture seat 
with swivel and self-adjusting back-rail. Upholstered 
pad forms are available. 

A circular, "For the Comfort of the Crippled Child," 
suggests special adaptations of back and desk for indi- 
vidual cases. 

These special attachments should be used only under 
the direction of or with the approval of the orthopedist 
or nurse in charge. 

No. 303 American Sight-Saving Book Easel 

Every child with vision below normal should at least have this 
simple means of conserving eye-sight, as an aid in keeping up 
with his grade and keeping out of sight-saving classes. 

An inexpensive adjustable book easel readily attached to any 
desk or table, level or sloped. 

A boon for the afflicted. An economy for the school. A con- 
venience for every student and reader. 

An all metal swinging device which holds any book at an 
an<;le of 60° at all usable positions over the working area. 
Turns to the most effective light angle. .Swings to any position 
at a touch. 

Cannot be projected beyond desk area in any direction. 

.Silent. Strong. Durable. No slides or catches. Nothing to 
get out of order. Does not interfere with writing surface. 
A valuable accessory for any study desk or table. 

Any desk can now be made a sight-saving desk. 

It is the American Universal Ideal that our seating 
products shall be better than merely physically harm- 
less. They must contribute positively to forming habits 
of good posture and to minimizing of eye-strain. 

With these special attachments, we go farther and offer 
a contribution toward the correction of physical infir- 
mities and the alleviation of suffering. 

The purpose of these orthopedic attachments is two- 
fold: first, to provide a secure and comfortable support 
for tlie diseased or injured limbs; second, to make 
possible erect and wholesome sitting posture for chil- 
dren suffering from leg or spinal infirmities. 

The double foot-support attaches to the tubular sup- 
port of the Universal Desk by means of a yoke pro- 
vided with a set screw bolt for height adjustment. A 
shaped wood foot-rest, adjustable for both length and 
slope, is provided on either side of the support. On 
each rest there is a removable sliding stirrup, adjusted 
to provide a resisting surface against which the sole 
of the foot may rest. 

The separate leg supports may be attached under either 
or both sides of the seat as required. A shaped rest 
supports the calf of the leg, adjusts to the proper dis- 
tance from the seat, and is elevated to the angle desired 
by a downward pressure on a lever operated by the 
child from the seat. With the aid of the seat swivel, 
the child elevates the leg and turns it into the foot-rest 
support without assistance as shown in the cut above. 
When not in use the leg-rest is turned under the seat. 



i^i^aH^id^civia w y ameri can 


Classroom Seatijg 

Chairs, Desks and Tablet-Arm Chairs 

Constructed on a monosleel principle new to the seating industry. 
Combining beauty, posture, comfort, lightness, sfrengt/i and economy in a 

degree naer before attainable. 

I. ■ 



4MBRI C4^f 


Classroom Seatijg 

Appearance. The vigorous, sweeping curves of the Auiericnn Envoy line; the smooth rounded sur- 
faces, the clean-cut functional heauty, were developed in collaboration with outstanding modern indus- 
trial designers. The story is told without Avords. 

Posture and Comfort. Unhampered by the structural limitations of wood or of metal bars or strips, 
a higher perfection in postural design has been realized, 

Monosleel side frames provide greatest strength at points of greatest strain. Cross members are joined 
to side frames by series of multiple welds. Endless troubles arising from welds and rivets are eliminated. 

Rigidity of the new construction eliminates all squeaks and rattles by eliminating the joints which 

cause them. 

Great increase of strength, resistance to strains in every direction, is attained with important 
decrease in weighty and greater ease of sliding, lifting and handling. 

Self-adjusting lower back-rails on every unit with a new, noiseless spring pivot device. 

All edges of seat woods are fully protected from battering and splintering by the smooth steel frame 
which extends beyond sides and front edge. Rear edge of seat follows the round of the back rails and 

is housed in the steel frame. 

Silent steel gliders, rubber insulated, are standard on all units and reduce the noise of sliding or 
bano-ing to an absolute minimum on any type of floor. 

American ENVOY Posture Chairs 

No. 368 

These truly beautiful classroom chairs are remarkably strong, light and easy to 

handle. They are particularly comfortable for regular use with tables and convenient 

for grouping and supplementary activities. 

Silent rubber-cushioned glides and self-adjusting lower backrails. 








Classroom Seati/Jg 

The American Envoy line has withstood, in our laboratory, tests of cUirability equivalent to long years of 
severest classroom usage. We protect customers from every doubt and uncertainty by our gtiaranlee of satisfac- 
tion. You assume no risks as to use values. Our stake in the success of this line means that it must satisfy you. 

A special steel is used ivhich withstands the forming operations and severest usage without fracture. 

All plywood is made in our own plant by the best methods and equipment known for the particular requirements. 
It combines strength, and lightness com])arable to that of the steel itself, and with the sjiecial steel affords units of 
ideal structural resilience and durability. The .protection of all edges from chipping or battering eliminates the 

only valid objection to high quality plywood. 

Our own American lacquer finish has been proved by countless tests and years of experience to be unequalled in 
its resistance to every kind of school use and abuse. All units of the Envoy line are finished in "school furniture 

brown" lacquer and oven-baked taupe enamel. 

• • • 

American Enioy Classroom Soalitig covered by patents and patents applied for. 

American ENVOY Tablet-Arm Chairs 

We believe these two units offer unapproachable values in the 
low-priced tablet-arm chair field. 

New perfection in posture and comfort qualities are attained 
by the deep curved back rails, the self-adjusting lower rail 
with silent pivoting device, the redesigned seat form and the 
precise placing of the tablet-arm. 

The rigid formed-steel arm support, securely attached. to the 

frame, presents a smooth rounded contact surface. 

Silent, rubber cushioned glides on all units. 

Made only in 17-inch seat heights. Tablet-arms 24 x 12 inches. 

No. 380 provides a sanitary, roomy book cabinet. Book 

drawer, as shown in No. 362 Envoy Desk, is optional. 

No. 378 

No. 380 





Classroom Seatijo 

Exit Angle-Iron — Though we liave made and sold lliem by hundreds of thousands and have invariably made 
them the best of their kind, this Company has never ceased to feel thai, because of inherent unsightliness and 
structural limitations, the '"angle-iron" type of seating iniits are unworthy of modern educational progress. After 
years of experiment with many types of construction, our Research. Engineering and Testing Departments have 
perfected a new kind of unit so superior in every respect to "angle-iron" construction that we are no longer justi- 
fied in retaining the latter in our lines. We invite attention to the striking contrasts. 

American ENVOY Desk 

No. 362 

We unreservedly ])resent this new classroom desk as the strongest, lightest, quietest, 
most durable, most comfortable and most beautiful of its ty])e ever built. 

The American Universal tubular support and never-failing 
clamp provide quick and practical adjustment of desk top by 
the loosening of a single holt. Heavy-gauge front stile and 
special method of attaching tubular support afford unequalled 
strength and rigidity. 

All feet equipped with rubber cushioned hard steel gliders. 
Book drawer runs silently between fibre bearings and wood 
guide, with rubber cushioned stops. Surprisingly quiet. 

Large capacity book drawer is optional. If omitted, desk pro- 
vides open book cabinet as shown in No. 380 American Envoy 
Tablet-Arm Chair. 

Exceptionally effective for comfort and good posture, are the 
deep-curved hack rails with self-adjusting lower rail mounted 
on silent spring-tension pivots. 

Made in three sizes, perfectly proportioned in all dimensions 
lO 17-inch, L5-inch, and 13-inch seat heights. 



Made from heavy-gauge rolled strip steel 
formed into triangular tubing. 

Sanitary foot formed directly from tri- 
angular tubing provides a spring tension 
which prevents floor screws working loose. 

The noiseless and boltless seat hinge acts 
on a simple eccentric principle, non-wear- 
ing, and is permanently riveted in construc- 
tion. Seat is close folding. 

Woods are attached by a continuous ser- 
pentine dovetail method. A serpentine steel 
member firmly welded to the frame pro- 
vides a permanent live tension grip through 
practically the entire width of desk top, 
back and seat. 

All metal parts are of sanitary design, 
smooth surface, taujie color hard-baked 

Dimensions: No. 101 




No. 2 

No. 3 

No. 4 

No. 5 

Length of Top, Single Desk. 

Width of Top 

Height of Top, Near Edge 

Height of Seat. High Point. 
Recommended Spacing 
Back to Back 





28 Vi" 











American Tubular Steel Recitation Seats 

American Tubular Steel Recitation Seats are superior 
in strength and therefore more economical than similar 
equipment with cast metal or ordinary steel supports. 

Standards — Triangular shaped steel tubing electrically 
welded. Same construction as No. 101 Desk. 

Finish of Steel Parts — Taupe enamel — baked on at 
high temperature. 

Woods — Hard maple, school-furniture-brown finish. 
Made only in 6-foot length No. 2 size. 

Tablet Arms — Available if wanted, but when used the 
seat cannot be folded. 



No. 101 American Tubular Steel Combination Desk 

Millions in satisfactory use attest the supremacy of this great leader. 

• * • 

A desk that has made school furniture history. 

Known from Coast to Coast and Overseas 

You can see the reason by inspecting installations in your vicinity. 

Without a peer among combination desks in economy, durability, rigidity, sanitary design 

and surface, and graceful lines. 

• * * 

Wood is selected, clear, close-grained northern hard maple; kiln conditioned to precise standard; perfectly glue- 
joined; smooth finished with well rounded corners and edges; school-furniture-brown stamed with a lacquer hnish 

that stands first in all comparative performance tests. 

When properly installed. No. 101 becomes a built-in feature which will outlast the building. The first installations, 

after a quarter-century of service, are still in perfect condition except for surface finish. 

Seat hinges are still silent, smooth acting and strong. 

• + + 

Comfortable, attractive, convenient, fine- finished. American Seating guarantee of satisfactory service. 



Une(jiialled for 

Real Comfort — Actually a Posture Folding Chair Quality of Finish Silence in Use and in Handling 

Strength Stability Durability Freedom from Catching or Pinching Hazards 

Variety of Styles Diversified Usefulness Graceful, Dignified Appearance Smooth, Clean Lines 

American Tubular Steel Folding Chairs are made to serve. 
They were designed and developed to meet every ideal of 
what a folding chair should be, regardless of cost or of the 

engineering difliculties encountered. The low price at which 
they are offered is incidental to thorough engineering, un- 
paralleled equi])nienl and quantity production. 



''The Folding Forties" 

The phenomenal success of this line is due to the remarkable 
values we have been able to build into these chairs, to the 
wide range of their adaptability, to their surprisingly com- 
fortable design, to their limitless strength and durability, to 
the satisfaction which they invariably give and to the unquali- 
fied guarantee with which they are sold. 
Ply-wood and upholstered styles are unequalled for any 
purpose for which an easily removable unit is desirable; such 
as assembly seating in combination auditorium-gymnasium, 
school, church, church school, hotel, lodge and other assem- 
bly halls; lor temporary and occasional seating, for waiting 
rooms, platform, lunch rooms, music rooms, and supple- 
mentary uses everywhere. 

Styles in special colors or in chrome plate with black or 
s|)ecial upholstering are fine enough for card-taltle or party 
use in the finest homes, or for any ollice or waiting room 

The all-steel style, with postural I y correct pressed-steel seat 
and back forms, is particularly adapted for factory workers, 
gymnasium or stadium service, porch, picnic, lawn and other 
outdoor or severe usage. Stadium type with steel frame and 
solid hardwood slat seat is adapted for severe service in or 

Nos. 47 and 49 — Upholstered Chairs 

Seat and back in durable DuPont Cavalon upholstering over 
felted cotton, with taupe enamel on metal. Metal housing 
protects seat edge. Available in triple-plate chrome finish 
and durable black upholstering. Special color combinations 
on quantity orders. 

Nos. 44 and 48 — Ply-wood Chairs 

Pojjular-priced. general-purjiose chair with round edge, 
casein glued, five-ply seat in 
walnut stain and lacquer 
Enameled steel frame and back 
])anel. A surprisingly comfort- 
able, real posture chair. 






Cross Section 
(Aclual Size) 

The mail! frame is reinjorced 
at the hinge section by a solid 
bar within the tube. 


storage trucks, clamps, etc. 
See paye 38. 



Folding Forties Construction 

Frame — Long legs are one piece of triangular steel 
tubing with turned-in welded seam, reinforced with 
solid steel bar at point of bending strain. Rear legs 
of same material pivoted to carry strain vertically. 
The solid steel cross-rods are shouldered and riveted 
to frame. A chair structure of unequalled strength 
and durability. 

Formed steel hack panel is inserted and welded into 
the tubing. Lower edge round rolled. Posture-formed 
seat pivots on main frame and link action folds seat 

and rear legs in one easy, silent motion. No sliding 
or binding parts. Front edge of seat protected by 
rounding or metal housing; rear edge by cross-rod. 

Feet are drawn steel gliders equipped with replace- 
able moulded rubber shoes. Cannot injure finest floors. 

Standard finish is hard-baked taupe enamel on metal, 
school-furniture-brown long lasting lacquer on best 
birch face ply-wood seats, and DuPont Cavalon uphol- 
stering. The best obtainable quality throughout. 

No. 41 — Stadium Type Chair 

For severe service in or out-of-doors. Steel frame and hack 
panel, with five solid liardvvood slats formino^ a comfortably 
contoured seat, saddled at front for under-knee ease. Two 
Parkerized steel dowels hold slats in position, with entire 
assendily securely bolted to seat frame. Baked lau])e enamel 
on metal, seat in natural oiled finish or brown enamel. 

No. 43 — All Steel Chair 

Scientifically designed to minimize fatigue. Combines real 
comfort Avith strength, lightness, durability, smoothness and 
cleanliness. Formed steel seat and back. Baked taupe enamel 
finish over all. 



Auditorium Type ivith Independent Fold Seat 

No, 50, Ply-wood Seat and Steel back panel. 
No. 51, Upholstered Seat and back panel. 

Ingenious hinge mechanism permits independent folding of seat which 
allows adequate passing room at conventional row spacing of 30" in 
auditorium arrangement. Seat supports and front cross-braces, as shown 
in illustration, j^ermit standing back into chair space. 

By means of bolts and 
clamps, chairs are se- 
curely held in sections 
of 2 or 3. Combinations 
of these sections make 
any desired row length. 
Sections used in con- 
junction with threshold 
strips make stationary 
seating within the intent 
of fire regulations. 

Frame is the same as 
in llie Folding Forties. 
Seat is 5-ply. j\-". 

Adjustable friction check 
prevents slamming of 

Entire section is folded 
liy lifting one seat sup- 
|iort. which facilitates 
rajjid floor clearance. 

An Outstanding 

Value in 

Low Priced Chairs 

No. 66 — • a splendid value in a low-priced, light- 
weight, all-steel, flat-folding. X-type chair. For 
indoor and outdoor use. Double beaded channel 
pressed steel construction. Best in its price class. 



A Complete Folding Chair Service 

Double-Tier Storage Truck No. 2 

Time and labor costs in clearing a hall 
make rapid movement important. This 
(Inul)le-tier truck is designed for stor- 
ing chairs wherp space height is avail- 
able. All-steel construction, finished in 
taupe enamel, two fixed and two swivel 
silent, rubber-tired wheels. Capacity 
100 chairs, weight 19.5 pounds, height 
80", platform 66" x .36". 

Midget Truck No, 3 

Light running, wood-aufl-steei 
construction. Four rubber-tired 
swivel wheels. Capacity 12 chairs, 
height 33". platform 31" x 18". 
Weight 30 lbs. 


Auditorium Pitch 

Nos. 41, 44, and 47 

Table Pitch 

No. 43, All-sleel 
No. 48, Ply-wood 
No. 49, Upholstered 

The ideal chair for auditoriiini 
use requires a back and seat pitch 
which permits complete relaxation. 

For seated workers, for dining 
purposes and other forms of seated 
activity, the ideal chair has a back 
pitch which allows the occupant 
efficient use of the su])j)orting back 
areas while in a more erect sitting 

However, either the Auditorium or Table pitch chairs admir- 
ably and adequately meet every requirement for comfort and 
are su])erior in every way to most chairs people are obliged 
to sit in. 



Single-Tier Storage Truck No. 1 

This single-tier truck facilitates rapid clearance of halls 
and auditoriums. All steel with undersluiig frame. Chairs 
are racked rigidly on Iheir feet. Two fixed and two swivel 
rubber-lired wheels. Ca|)acity .50 chairs, weight 110 pounds, 
overall height 41". platform f^fi" \ ?,6" . 

Understage Truck No. 5 

For handling and storing chairs clamped in sections or 
singles and where understage space is limited. All steel 
underslung frame. Two fixed and two swivel rubber-tired 
wheels. Capacity 45 or more chairs, weight 140 pound* 
height 23", platform 111" x 46". 

No. 44 Chairs clamped in sections 

Clamps for Sectional Grouping — Ingenious clamps have 
been devised for uniting chairs in fixed sections. Where 
but two chairs are to be grouped, a neat all-metal clamp is 
adequate as shown. For sections of three or more chairs, 
a combination of metal clamp and wood stretcher is avail- 
able. Chairs spaced one or two inches apart. 




Frame — -Flawless hard maple tliroughoiit. Legs 
steam bent. Straight grained reinforcing tie-bars 
mortised and screwed to legs, and braced to end 
legs by pressed-steel brackets. All exposed faces 
and edges smooth rounded and finished. 

Seal and Back — 5-ply liardwood. 7/16 inch thick, 
casein glned, selected grain birch face plies. Ply- 
wood is made in our own factory by the best 
methods and equipment kno\\n and is warranted to 
he the best obtainable. Backs are securely housed 
and fastened into each leg. 

Hinges — Our patented double-pivot floating type 
hinges are self-adajiting to adjust to floor irregulari- 
ties with even distribution of strain and elimination 
of squeaks. The hinge play insures that all short 
legs lock solidly between the reinforcing tie-bars 
regardless of load distribution or uneven floors. 
Insures maximum strength, durability, smooth action 
and silent service. 

No. 601 Ply-wood 

A very popular cliair widcfy used for convertilile audi- 
torium |>urposes in schools, cliurcfies. cluirch schools, 
lodges, community centers and various assemldy halls. 
The leader in the low-priced field. 

No. 602 — Upholstered Over Cotton Felt Pads 

with DU PONT CAVALON in a 

choice of colors. 

Rich looking, especially comfortable and very popular 
for piii>lir auditorium |)urposes. 

Quality in Portable Chairs 

The American Seating Company's line of Maple- 
Frame Portable Assembly Chairs has proved its 
outstanding superiority through wide usage over 
many years. 

It is characterized by the finest selecled materials. 

warranted flawless: by thorough workmanship and 

close attention to every detail of design and 


Attention is called to the structural provisions for 
resisting diagonal strains and rough treatment in 
handling, to the hinge device which distributes loads 
directly lo solidly locked legs and thus avoids 
strains, deterioration, rocking and noises regardless 
of floor irregularities. 

These products have been subjected to the most 
grueling laboratory tests. 



The value of any auditorium is in the attendance it 
draws, whether returns are in ticket sales or in cul- 
ture and community spirit. Empty seats are wasted 
money. Theatre managers find that the most com- 
fortable seats pay the largest dividends; that Bodi- 
form chairs pay for themselves at the box olfices — 
besides saving in maintenance costs. 

Choice of Artistic Color Comhimitions 


No. 10-M 


Restfui Chairs 

In (ill the history of public seating no chairs have 
ever inet with such widespread acclaim and approval 
— ■ as expressed by the long list of orders and installa- 
tions, the enthusiastic testimony of owners and man- 
agers, and the spontaneous admiration of patrons. 

Reasons for their unparalleled popularity include: 

Striking modern streamlined beauty. 

Harmonizing color combinations. 

Maximum comfort — through scientific contours and resil- 
iency instead of clumsy bigness and softness. 

More room at standard spacing for sitting and for |)assing. 

Facility of movement for auditorium crowds. 

New, use-tested |jrinciple of automatic seat-fold action. 

hivisible, invincible. com|)letely self-adapt- 
ing hinge construction. 

Elimination of pinching, tearing, scratch- 
ing, tripping and stumbling hazards. 

Managers report better housekeeping at less 
than half the cost. 

Quick replacement of damaged uidiolstery 
by any attendant. New method of uphol- 
stering eliminates tacks and wood. 

New designing and engineering, new 
materials, new construction methods, 
thoroughly tested and proved, replace 
\ the traditional in every detail. 

\ Economy in sjiace. in maintenance 

and in long service lite. 

Economy through greater ]jatron 

Page 40 







Avion chairs are an incomparable value in low 
priced, attractive and remarkably comfortable audi- 
torium chairs. They are the product ol the same 
tlesigning and engineering skill, the same thorough 
research, testing" and inspection, the same unparalleled 
production facilities, wliich produced the peerless 
Bodiform chairs. 

New coiislruclioii principles throughout achievt.^ iifw liiirli 
.-^tandavfls of comfort, durahility and scrviceahihlx , 

l^^nd standards of taste and beauty in the s|)iril of hkkIcii) 
artistic design. 

BaUdrearing hinges with easy, silent, balanced 

New American spring-arch seat construction, 
graduated to body pressure, provides maxi- 
mum comfort. No obsolete coil springs. 

Upholstered in DuPont Cavalon and in 
mohair worsted . each proved by thorougl) 
testing to afford maximum service in use. 

Seat covers quickly. chea])ly replaced by the 
custodian, by tiie simplest upholstery method 
ever devised — no tacks, no wood, no troidjle. 
no delay. 

Seat and back pitch adapted to an\- lloor 

Choice of spring or padded back; or [>ly-\vood 
backs either plain or metalclad. 




Page 41 

Experience proves that tor school and community 
purposes, the invitingly sealed auditorium commands 
respect, multiplies voluntary attendance, enhances 
interest in, attention to. and enjoyment of programs: 
that attractive, comfortable upholstered chairs are 
less subject to vandalism and careless abuse. Only 
the well-seated auditorium truly becomes the center 
of commimity interest. life and pride. 

For liie ullifiKtte in voiiijorl — both in the new chair and 
through long years of service — we particularly recom- 
mend our Foam Rubber Cushion over Spring-Arch 
Support. A\'ailable in Bodiform and Avion chairs only. 

Choice of Artistic Color Coinhiiiations 

No. 11-M 


We are able lo offer incoiii])aral)le values in aiidi- 
lorium sealing because of iiii])arallelcd ])rocUictioji 
tacililies and equipmenl: because of endless re- 
seaicli. testing: and inspection: and liecause of a 
bighly trained and experienced body of su])erior 

Our ])rices are low because ol" economical quantitv 
jjroduction. modern iiiethods and equii)ment. avoid- 
ance of wasteful errors, wide distribution and invari- 
able customer salisl'aclion. 

No. 11-034 — with No. 104 Standard, Upholstered Seat, 
Metalclad Plywood Back. 

The Avion with 5-pIy Metalclad back — an exceptionallv 
attractive and serviceable imit for the school auditorium. 

This very popular Colonial design, with deep curved back 
and long-roil seat. Metalclad on all edges, silent ball-bearing 
hinges, solid arm rests securely attached, offers the finest 
quality and values obtainable in a non-upholstered chair. 

10 \l{ ^^^" Available — 

X^"Xt1 The outstanding; beauty and sui)erioritie5 
of tlie American Bodiform standards, seat and hinge 
construction in combination with j)lvwood backs — - 
U|)holstered, metal-clad or plain. 

This 12-M line provides in a medium priced anil 
many of the distinctive values of the peerless Bodi- 
form chairs (see page 40). It is the meeting point 
of high ideals and the limited budt^et. 

Metalclad Auditorium Chairs 

Melalclfid is an extruded alumiinun channel molding with 
itUerior ridged formalion which is forced into the wood umler 
hydraulic pressure, insuring a i)ermanently inseparable altach- 
menl. It imparts a strikingly rich appearance and insures 
long lasting beauty and service b\ preventing chipping oi 
roughening of [ilyuood edges. 

No. 11-034 — with No. 139 Standard, Metalclad 
Plywood Back and Seat. 



Make use of our engineering service. In ihe seating of an auditorium there are innumeraljle 
technical problems relating to floor materials and construction, dimensions of inclines, risers, spac- 
ing and sight lines, ventilators, aisle lights, acoustics and installation difficulties. Our engineering 
corps have unequalled experience in this highly special field. Their advisory assistance is available 
to architects and school officials without charge or obligation. Expensive errors may be avoided by 
consulting them in the early stages of planning. Customers have told us that our advisory service 
sometimes saves in building costs more than the price of the seating. 

Let us take over your seating worries. Satisfaction is guaranteed. 

j\o. 11-153 Tablet-arm Type with /\o. 198 Standard — This \ery suc- 
ces-sfid. strong, quiet drop-h^af tahlet-arm is complelely rigid 
\vhen in use; entirely oiU of the way under llie seat when not 
in use. Raised and U)\veied while uceujjant is seated. Arm 
is drop]3ed as one rises from the seat. Does not hloek passage- 
wax when not in use. 

^hiy he adtled at a'ly lime to aU. aheinate. or as many chairs 
as desirecL A\ailahle with No. 198 end standard as shown 
or on middle standards with ends of other styles. 

A'o. 11-153 with iSo. 139 Sltntdard — This end standard 
carries a dignified and authoritative design adapted from the 
decorative motif of the Upsal Mansion which is regarded as 
America's finest architectural exjiression of the Georgian 
Colonial period. 

Equipped with a deep-curved 7-ply hack and long roll 5-]>ly 
comfort seat, with silent ball-bearing hinges and securely 
atlached solid arm-rests, this chair offers a dependable low- 
])riced auditorium seating unit in fine quality and artistic 

In view of the exceptionally high standards of our plywood 
manufacturing: the superior workmanship, materials and 
finish used in these chairs; our rigid testing and inspection 
l»olicy: we are confident that here is the greatest value ever 
offered at its price level. 



No. 75 Riser Tjrpe 

From many a local school stadium to the finest of the big 
league ball parks, this Company's stadium seating is render- 
ing splendid trouble-proof service. These chairs are built 
to withstand the hardest usage and exposure. 

The riser type chair is particularly popular because of the 
clear leg and passage room and the greatly reduced costs 
ot cleaning. 

Frames are ot a special high-grade shock and weather resis- 
tant cast nietak with a simple, durable seat hinge of great 

No. 69 Floor Type 

strength. Bolts, steel tenons and slat spacers are treated 
to resist rusting. Arm-rests are broad and smooUi polished. 
Metal is finished with a special durable out-door green 
enamel; woods in the same or natural oil finish as desired. 
Seats are made with five heavy, solid wood slats, doweled 
with two steel rods, spacers between slats, securely boltetl 
to seat arms. Backs are either flat or deep-curved type, and 
are made with five steel-rod doweled slats, or with diree wide 
or narrow slats; all ends fully housed. 

Make use of our engineering service. In the seating of an auditorium or stadium there arise in- 
(mmerable technical details relating to the materials and construction of floors, inclines, risers 
and grades, sight lines, spacing, ventilators, aisle lights, acoustics, installation dilTiculties and 
other problems. Errors and oversights easily occur in such matters and often prove very expen- 
sive. We maintain a corps of engineers whose training and experience in this highly special field 
are unequalled. Their advisory assistance is available to architects and school officials without 
cliargc or obligation. For the sake of economy consult us in the early stages of your planning. 

Our designers will be glad to advise regarding tire adaptation of chair designs to your decorative 
scheme by means of color and covering material selections, or in the develo])meut of new designs. 
At Grand Rapids we have the most extensive and best equipped plant and the most experienced 
organization of engineers and workers ever devoted to the production of auditorium and other 
public seating. They are all at your service, not only to provide the best values obtainable in 
seating for all public purposes, but to insure an economical and completely satisfactory installa- 
tion on every job. large or small, elaborate or inexpensive. 

Let us take over your seating ivorries. 


Can there be a more 
distinctively beautiful 
memorial than a finely 
carved wood portrait? 
\\ hat more worthy trib- 
ute to a distinguished 
citizen, educator or 
benefactor wliom the 
school or graduating 
class desires to honor? 
Or a carved reproduc- 
tion of an historic 
event of local interest? 
Life-like portraits, stat- 
luu) and pictures in 
enduring wood are 
made from photo- 
graphs. Estimates on 

Perhaps a beautiful 
reading stand, bench 
or table, carved with 
school and class names 
and symbols? Special 
or standard designs 
submitted on inquiry. 

Whether a simple inex|jensive piece of fine quality is wanted or the 
most elaborate of memorials in wood, we invite your inquiries. 

There's a unique dignity, beauty and warmth in fine wood memorials 
not possible in other materials. 

The Architectural Woodworking Department of the American Seating 
Company supplies high-grade pews, chancels, ecclesiastical furniture 
and carvings for the finest of American chapels, churches and cathe- 
drals; and artistic woodwork for all types of interior memorials. 
The work of our Master Carvers is America's best and ranks with the 
world's finest. 



Tlie correct Keut lieighl for aii individual cannot be determined from his 
stundiiig lieiglit or any other measure except this simple rule: When 
the pupil is erectly seated with feet squarely on the floor there must be 
no pressure from the forward edge of the seat under the knees. If the 
seat is well formed there is no objection to its being an inch or two 
lower than this height limit, but it must not he higher 

The height of the writing surface should be such that when pupil is 
erectly seated, shoulders well down, and elbows fairly close to the sides, 
ivith palms ilat on the desk, both forearms in writing position will 
be in full contact with the surface. However, unless the desk toj) has a 
slope of at least one inch in six, the jioint of reading or writing will 
be so far from the eyes as to necessitate stooping. There is no pos- 
turally or visually correct height for reading or writing on a flat top 
desk or table. 

Adjustments are designed to provide perfect liostural and comfort 
conditions in individual seating and to provide any desired assortment 
of sizes for seating used by different groups. It is not practical to 
readjust between classes or from day to day. Only a few adjustments 
annually in any room are necessary or desirable. 

The American Seating Company's lines of classroom sealing have been 
designed to meet as accurately as possible the size requirements of 
every class group in the simplest practicable niaruiei-. 

Grade Distribution of American Universal 

Adjustable Desks 

Size {'. is suited for any pupils in Grades I to III inclusive. 
Size H is suited for any pupils in Grades II to VI inclusive. 
Size A is suited for pupils in Grades V through High School with pos 

sibly a few exceptions in the highest grades. 
.Size A A is suited for high school and college students and adults. 

This highly ilexible adjustability makes the Univeisal Desk esi)ecially 
well suited for rural ami other ungraded classes. 

Non-adjustable desks and seats are furnished for High School ami Col- 
lege use in any desired assortment of heights, and the assortment 
should be made with leference to the grou])s which will make the 
most use of them. 


Toiis only are adjustable to individual needs. 

Distribution is made on the basis of seat height, as follows: 

Size C is suited for pupils in Grades II and III. 

Size B is suited for pupils in Grades III to V and many in Grade VI, 

Size A is suited for Grades VI and higher, including many atlults. 

.Size AA is suited for large high school pupils ami adults. 

No. 101 Combination Desks 

(^om])lete adjustment to individual requirements is impossible with 
rigid nonadjustal)le equi])menl. The Hrst essential is that seats must 
not be too high for any pupils. Low seats are unobjectionable, though 
desks too low result in interference with the knees of tall children. The 
lollowing distribution of sizes based on forty pupils in a class, has been 
found generally satisfactory. 

sizt; 5 4 3 2 1 

Grade II 40 

HI 20 20 

IV 30 10 

V 10 30 

VI 30 10 

junior High School 10 30 

Senior High School and Adults 40 

Table and Chair Distribution 

For kindergarten or ])rimary uses, table lops should lie nine inches or 
ten inches above seat height, but four inches clearance for legs must 
he preserved between chair seat and under side of table structure. For 
upper grades, difTerence should be 10"- 12" with six-inch clearance. 

Seat heights: Kindergarten, 10-11: I, 11-12: II-HI, 12-14; IV-V, 13-15' 
VI, 14-161/2: VII-VIII, 15-17: High School-Adult, 1618. 

The modern ideal of classroom equipment requires a conqjletely individualized seating unit for each pupil 
and at least one large table for group projects and activities, with several light chairs for use at the table or 
separately. Movable seating and small classes permit freedom in movement and placing of seats. Whether 
movable or stationary, seating should never be used so that window light .shines directly into the eyes of 
pupils as they sit erect at their work, nor so that free passageway to and from the exit is obstructed for any 
pupil. Teacher's desk should not be at the left-front corner of the room. 

'//>/>///////////////, ■ ■'///P77777Z 


-! ,- 

Traditional straight line arrniigeinciil. 411 
sittings. PiipiLs in Icft-rrar imrlion of room 
MilTer from window iilarf. Small 
accommodated with diffiLiilty at front, K 
si.Yth row may be aciommodatcd by elim- 
inating alternate aislps (or if small size 
combination desks are used.) 

v ///v///////////y///^//////////// 





^u uu i 

-y/y////,-' ////>// ////////: 

Two-pujiil tilhU*.-- with loose chairs, 36 
sittings. Space (12") allowed for iiiovc- 
tnent of chairs is inadequate for use with 
table drawers. Other arrangements of this 
equipment involve bad lightin<; conditions, 
blocking of passageways or inadequate 
chair space. 

Diagonal arrangement. Flexible for :I8 to 
■II sittings as shown. Ideal lighlinj; 
position at every desk (inchtding one for 
left-handed pupil). .Abundant open space 
for large table and various class activi- 
ties. Preferred location for teacher's 



H. M. TALIAFERRO, President 

ENNIS P. WHITLEY, General Sales Manager 


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