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■I|bMbW JaUujif IB ■■• •wsp'J'M^st 
ml — Bbsted a steer** eg a eAfCfta- 

t*V 1ufSS.a**»'eBUaw\SJsn»Ml IllflSjap- 

Albert Dunvr gav«* the world a 
.prophecy of 'future vrood-cngmvlrp 

m war ' ; 

.Noonociwi wftnens tlio Bnffwrlnga 
of tu© baby, without feelings of ex- 
treme pity: for thea« Buffering, how- 
#v«, »r. BuH'siIh<by Syrup is the 

For strengthening and rehabilitat- 
ing the digestive organs thero is no 
better wiedicirio than Litxndor. At 
■all druggleta. Price only 25 cents. 

Until 1878, cotton-spinning wo» per- 
formed by tlio hand spinning wheel. 

o of them \ 


[Copyright, 1888, by American Press Association.] 






bo without its 

oasjss, la acaiccv 

without episodes. 

No Mich barren. 
eXistenco, however, 
luis been mine. 

On tho contrary, 
Its past is heaped 
up ami running 
over with events of 
greater or less im- 
portance, which 
now, as my sunset 
* '-' approaches, grow luminous and nssrimo 
! ^shapes that are Startling in their fidelity. 
^^^■-■Stw^Vrt'dtory-ot^a'sooa-woniRnrs life, I 
<- havi torn' two pages. Oiws'vras written in a 
mist of Doubt; tfcoother beneath the glorious- 
* ^ixrtd^tarcbdt&aigbt. After years of uu- 
■ . ^eiftalBty, a«p>ih<« has beootna-to her a per- 
■etwlal bow of promise. 

- What these two pages reveal of truth, only 
,~ ijmsssed a* before, mtemilies a memory that 
' WW abide with me until the grave's iuipeue-. 

- trnWeshsdwanroWtM and dispelled, 
.r^--Th* scenes of thU:navr*Uv*--avo-"on.lot!' 
: ^<figiiaUtibii."v ■ 

fe ; - Alnjoet shnnltaneously I had reached my 
ifef'tHrtb^wmth year and the thirty-fifth pur- 

,«ttei of south latitude. The turtle back, pc- 

■W^fchnnunf eity of Montevideo very .comfort** 

^ housed me among its one hunched thou- 

?*nad inhabitants. There were, probably, 

that many of us at that time, although I 

«s*w 4wd » whole opportunity to <. ei if > the 

feed tenses, «pne afUaiiwn.aK I stood at 

the portal of tint hospitable English club, X 

- MMwhrt idtotioally tried to count tho peo- 

' aW going book and tortS, crossing anX re- 

eroeungths l*la*» OowUtucioa; but I soon 

ejrt^ weary <* vW mdooWKUHw to amp and 

- ana swinging, buwhMTaud otflug, the csjr- 
. 'ffcweew*? and stmt car ru»h So, resign- 
: -sdly, I faced about, went deliberately up- 

ftiaV brother . 
uosnwpoUtes who hod neenaboru usfore that 
. anarter of tbe wortd-wu quite ready for 
■ tW . ■ 

I esuU isat spank the every day language i 
; -. at my tonponry fellow citisene; yet friends 

*»ty charm- . 
- tag,**d Deca«btr% puln beat warmly at i 
■'■■■"■I ■• eifbty decrees of ttiereaboata, } 

, Tfcs pmtioae month, and, ta fact, the last 
weak tn It, found ma Wteriaji as tfa* BraiU- 
Llaaeayilai Teera T aa<l awatted tbearrtyal J 
<< a tteaaMr oocarade. H-marcar*"- — ' 
P4 ^ maa* »da>amedbima< fst nam fc 
BaUa, Tans be escaped a geaalae bowling, ! 
mti spUAtariWBparo, wakb bad Rltea me a ; 
■■ tawaadtambbidea of -what a bard blow j 
•«K AarawoaUj Is la tbe riobaty of Okbo 1 
Woe * - i 

Wbsa w* were again t oiitfair, I quickly ; 
Isfcwud a cbaaga la OaarBa Samili'm Ue 

aaarta4MB»a«f«a4 fbtai far eJebtwatacta 

fScoi-so llnmiltim; 
Llniik 1h»o!;:'. 

incidentally, li" l«"l i' 1 '' 1 ">« tl,n - he wa8 
i-mrricd, bo! nmrfn no l«rt!»«i- roforeacn to 
f.iiiitly r.ffuirn. IIo t'lainicd to represent a 
Now England- iiiHimEaetwrins company, 
whoso inoin "fflccs wcro in Boston. I imtu- 
rally suppose Hint his wifo was living at or 
near that city. Hi» almost atudied reticence 
abont-'doinestie araociatlou* prevented mo 
f i-om making oven ordinary inquiries. I was 
to lenrii more, howovor, and Boon; but not 
all from htm. 

To describo Gi'orgo Hamilton in his moods, 
or at bin worst, or best, would result tho same. 
An attract-iv.- man, hocaslly gafnod and held 
esteem, Men and women alike wore fasoi- 
rtitcl bv bin nlivriieal baautv and.lntoHootaal 
stfoiigtb. 1 had boon proud of his individual 

On tho third ovoniujt, nftor ho had rejoined 
me, he ouiin hurriedly Into my room at the 
Hotel los Estrnngcros. His agitation was ill 
concealed. Throwing himsoir, full length, 
upon a bmitboo lounge, ho rested his bead in 
ono hand and looked fixedly at mo. This 
wo3 a uow phase of his recent singular be- 
havior. . . 

After a few moments, ho sprang to his 
feet, and began pacing the room. Then, snd- 
ilonly halting in his walk, he excitedly said; 

"I am .miserable! Pardon mo, sauor;-! owo 
you apology and explanation." 
■"Hoither," was my curt reply. 
Without seeming to notle'o qr care for tho 
manner of my interjection,- ho continued: 

"Ob, yea, Ido; for outwardly lam no longer 
tho man to whom you freely extended un 
honorable, sympathetic friendship. Meeting 
casually, os all earth's travelers do, tho pass- 
ing acquaintance has, with me, ripeuod into 
sincere regard. You may not wholly ap- 
preciate the bitterness of a necessity now 
forced upon mo or the heartache that cornea 
with it; but hero wo part. When you return 
to tho States bunt nioup. It will bo pleasant 
to rubenrso old times." . ' ■ . 

"What! "I osclaimed; "do you not intond 
joining mo on my further southern voyage)" 
"To the River Plate cities? Not It is im- 
possible, sanor." 

"In turn, pal-don me," I said. ''But may 
I ask why this alteration in your former 
business plans!" 

' "Well," be responded, with soino hesitancy, 
as ho walked to a balcony window overlook- 
lag tho picturesque, starlit landscapa and the 
rugged mountain frowning cutr;mca to Kioa 
spacious harbor, "I ospoctol tout question, 
yet do not want to reply to it. I know how 
awkward this interview would be, but could 
iiot oinbark to-morrow for Lisbon and Liver- 
pool without seeing you," 

"You certainly havo a right to withhold 
3<niideuces that imta now wero unsolicited. 
Ra»vTnber t Hamilton, I was never inquisi- 
tive about your private matter* !" : 

courleousty relirte<) tho ua«, oxronomg ma 
other "uand, and resting it, caressingly, on ia# j 
"Bueaas aoches, enro ftniigo." 

"Good night, Hsmiltou," I oxolaimed, im- 
pulsively. "To-morrow: my parting words 
will be, 'Wood voyage'and good luOk.' As _ . . . 
you nr« speeded away, I shall often repeat J overwhelmed 


^ b^wwer, my busbe^, We art ^ 
byafeulf tbat-'i"- : *tTrlbla-'t»:Oont«nplsti^^^ 
*xi'kob'c>oliti}r: ..mysslf .' ^fc : b|i»-' ■ -IJa^fS..-, 

not now in ■ -SoUi Amerioa^ wr will: :b*aiar' 
rs^fn'totbis- , sset^^it, : .'V:Hi»'na^i\ba^ 
for' It.: waa' bontirabJy givsa -. to : ' : ine; la imar^:- 
rlaga. :: 'r^id.of-.yoiurs. 

a'-.i»'r-th» frlsbd 
"o( no linmaii biing otber than '"hiinsetf. -Ha 
'K'Httorty, brMUlly.s^ittsb'r'* '■.'■''' ■ 
,''"1 said, sonora, ibai w«itm« itcqueiiibyL 
There it sometimes a distinction between that 
and solid frietidship. ' Wo have recently 
par tod .company In Hio." 

At Ibis anuotincemrat. she clinched her 
bandit, us if in. agony, jfer frame visibly 
shook, and Ixrr p««ak*at» mgftwm was so 
great that {.feared btber gUMta might see it 
But mcrrinwnt r*n riot; and each couple w 
coterl« was absorbed" in Its own enjoyment. 
Quickly recovering her Oornpoenre, Mrs. 
Hamilton asked: 

"Ani' you sura that your acquaintance was 
my basbaudl 1 .' 
"He called you La gerena." 
"Only in derision. 'I 

"So, I cannot think it, Histoao whoa 
Rj'caking that name (only heard by me onco 
Irom his lips) was ono ©£ affection seemingly 
choked by some bittor disappointment." 

Then I bricOy told her all that I knew of 
hbn wliom 1 bad so greatly liked; Bow, »a 
fellow voyagers, wc bad first met on aStooni- 
er'sdfcbia .Sow Yorli harbor; of our pleas- 
urable Eocial intercourse; his hist evening 
with mo; (ho brokaa appointment on tho 
Sova, and my suspicions as to tho reason for 
his strange nethHi; t>t my subsequently find- 
ing tho loc!;et, and hovr Its {tortralt tmabled 
mo to reeogubtt her at thoTeafro Soils. 

"You say," she replied, "tiiat Gcorgo Ham- 
ilton must have preceded or followed you to 
"Snch is iny opinion, sonora," 
"Whyshoold Hot for your 
sake, surely; nor yiQvjfor bis own. With mo 
(eo cruelly deceived) no cannot hope to be 
reconciled. Booides, ho is outlawed In Brazil 
aid tlio River Pkito republics for heavy de- 
falcations. n ■ ■ 

A light broke upon me, Tbe mystery was 
bemg solved, and by an accidental friend of 
the family. . There were two Goorge Hamil- 
tOES^ and La Serena imagined tbat .she bad 
married the wrong one. It bad been my 
friend's father'a name, I knew. He bad one 
day told' mo that about the time of his father's 
death, la Mossnchasetts, the name had been 
adroitly used by a swindler in South iimerir. 
ca, who obtained large sums of money 1 

"YoubeeamoGeorgo Hamilton's wife hero, 
in Montevideo, senoral" was now my leading 

"So," she said, "at Pm-is, Though I was 
born in Uruguay, my education was com- 
pletod abroad. I never knew George Ham- 
ilton in this country. Just as we wero pre- 
pariugforoar borne coming here, the Euro- 
pean newspapers began to print the accounts 
of my husband's crimes. The knowledge that, 
by boly bonds, I was allied to such a man 
*■■■■•■■■ He was in Xiverpdolai- 


He stepped HghHy across the borrldor, 
opened the wicket and passed to tho quiet 
street beyond. 

Next morning breakfast was dispatched 
with some nervousness. Pully on hour and 
a half before the advertised time tw saOing 
I stepped oh board the Neva. Passenger fol- 
lowed passenger nimbly up the gangway; 
but no Hamilton appeared. I went to.and 
oufco't the saloon and the minor cabins, and 
searched for him until the g«hg sojinOed tp 
clear ship. On questioning the first officer as 
to whether my friend bad actually taken 
paBsageon that steamer, he referred n» to 
the purssr.who said tbat no such mitt* or 
name was booked, PerpUHtedand ebagrined 
at this Infonnation, I went over the Neva's 
port side and was briskly rowed ashore., 
BomethinK; toU ms that 1 bad been duped 
and purposely — that my late mysterious 
companion bad a reason f or bis condnot 
which was all potent to hini, but wWcb I. 
migbtaev«ktiow,;:^.:v ?'■«'' ; _ ; ' 

' That ulgjiii, at tt»o hotel, when Ikloked o« 
my sboea Toefore rsttrine;, my Wt ; foot sfrnek 
asmaUobject on the floor by the. lounge. 
Stooping down, I pt«ked-up a velvetwi 
clasp locket Toneblng its spring, I <*wthA 
faca of a woman of exquiilt© lovauness, >\ Sha 
was in.■SpanJsh.«6atinw.^>H«T■■*M•f.::"b*•. 
■eaofaing eyes fairly glistened -in ■;tba-ruiaaa« ! 
tore,. whioh was an adW0ttabtej»ini^ on 
dropped hy ^KamUtan when be threw bipaelf 
on the lounge' tha eveuing,heforoi; I ©araftuly 
nbuwdittu my wia^, J *ith 4^i?ar nieaiKtt' 
torn. ■ 

"WasthisLaSerenal "Wb»t was her bla- 
tory) Why sfe be avoid so veerbMB a 
womaaf Was sho biswifef WonU 1 e*er 
nastberr 4 Tlwsa a<U fattem«aUous brought 
BOfloiatioa that' was sa«afae»»fTv al^wbgh 
aabsdoxer and over egnlsu ii.loagttI*Kl 
,...-.-..■.■■-,;. t- . ^ JuantaQlgtble 

ranging for onr passage, I had not yet left 
Londoh. When -X did quit the English nie- 

mtAAR una an/KDiLY vr. 
tboughU. I felt now as if horswn wasborst- 
ing tlipmgh m huge, dense beak of clouds. 
1 Itad become almost childish in my imp** 
tionc«. The Lmtdon mail had come hi. A 
copy of Th«. Dally Telegraph, nearly five 
weeks' old, had been torn from Its wrapper. 
X picked It up, and glanced here and th*r* 
through its news columns. This paragraph 
burntintomy brain: - 

George -fuMtklneoa. alias HnmUtou, who, aereral 
years ego. committed a series of aatouiHUng Ipr- 
Kertes on a nnmher of South American bankers, 
has Imen arrested la Binninghsin. Ills identity 
ims been fully establiatied. 

Joyously was tho birth of another year 
proclaimed fay tbe chimes of Harris. Peal 
after peal roso and swelled and died away in 
the echoes of a bustling town. Big and little, 
rloh and poor, Montevideo's ono hundred 
thousand wero in holiday attire. Tim broad 
harbor was a sea of color. Flags and stream- 
ers fluttered 'every where. At S o'clock I 
joined a party at the "mole," and was rowed 

out to the Narcissus. Lieut. 8 cordially 

wolcomed mo at tho gangway. . Scarcely had j 
X stepped on board when he said : 

"Jocelyn and his friend are in the ward- 
room. Let us look at Mr. Qeorgo at once i" 
"Agreed," said I, as I followed him across 
the deck. 

Before we had gone ten paces there was a 
cry from tho water. A pleasure boat had 
been capsized by a sudden flaw of wind. 
Help was close at band, bat there was too 
much of it. Tbreo persons were seen cling- 
. ing to the boat Then the waves parted, and 
'nwoman'sheadandarmheoamevisible. Sho 
clutched wildly at the air and sank- again. 
At that moment I missed Lieut. S-— , who-' 
had been watching tho scene with keenest in- 
terest. He had swung h itn ** lf dowu tho side 
of the Narcissus and was swimming toward 
tlio unfortunates. But another aud more 
powerful stroke was in advance of the in- 
trepid Englishman. How my heart beat! 
Again tho woman's head showed above tho 
water's surface. I turned away my face., It 
■was . La Serena, drowning, within reach of 
uittuynnnsof etecl, 

Hal a cheer ( Another, and yet another! 
The foremost swimmer, they say, has caught 
heri and bears her sturdily upv. I -cannot soo 
.distinctly/ for ^ tears have walled to my ayes.". 
How the mist fa gone. Surely I know- , that 
proud bead, that smile so winning. Yea, it' 
Is G«or^H»miitoiiti;siM| La Serena receives 
back her Ufa from him she gave it to in those 
first happy days hi Paris. '„":■■■'■ 

There wasn't a ^ery successful He w Year's 
banquet in the ward rooitt of the Narcissus, 
but everybody seemed Battened. No lives had 
been lost. There was a daring deed to be 
talked abont by gallant men. Litiut, B— - 
(lad a fresh laurel, Thosnrgnonwasdelighted, 
with the anabridged history of "Mr. George," 
and voted him the noblest Yankee .he had 
ever met saying to me decoronslyi. . : 
"Ita the old Wood, you know, and you.fel- i 
lows have iraprovedlt!" — . y, 

' I would like to tell you about the high fe»- ! 
i house, but 
that scene you can picture to suit yonr most 
9x««vagant f ancisB. . /•,...: ' : 

GwatBriWn surrendered thebogns George 
Hamilton. I gave: up th« ^ loctot ■ Itnmor 
• meddlfiig with Lieut, S— --, and ha 
„ _ thetrna r a» and ^ devotod esiwsa of 

HO»inijsTWIl C a t. PswlW 


M& Bill TiBber 

Inmnowprapiredto flU orders for 
Hetnlook I 

Prloea low a.nd quality aitra good. 

Thoee oont«iip!a1 win 

nndtt to thttir sidTnntaga to give 

meaoa.: Alno a 

ooiuplete stoek of . 




rapsTHti glng 

|«Ba.■kBB>1■u'sl^','>k^n'^..SA';^^tsa:::' , ' 

Insurance j^e.ntw. 

OUBflJtableCV , -ci« Repnssatvd. 
£«n pronpUy Ai.d -'nfrlrs^ur^^n):! 
•oaat tl)« Fnlw. torta* BMr^. .. 

N. H. H-- nana. U D. • 


»* far^ : 

asiCnMida r 
■s«UI7a m. I b. m •furT 



Thoe. a. Poole.' 

Deputy Sheriff mfl. DeUctip* 

Al! k!;ide >f i-riminai snd Civil oasei 

thoroupHly jiuf^tig^'eii. C-nmlnal 

eud Givii pttiw r* :«»«v*4 in ell ■■■■'■. 

tnrwof UieUmon. All conV- 

mniiicHtitiiiR and busih*** • - 

Ktricity foofideottat. 


Having done business In the Volted States for 
yenrH, our nputation end responsibility M> esUIn 
Utlied. Wo want three men la your vtciaUr to 
represent us, to whom exclusive territory will be 
Riven. Handsome outHt free. Salary and ex- 
penses or coDimtsKion "paltl weekly. Steady em- 
ployment tlio year round . Write us at once for 
terms. Hardy stock a specialty. 

MAY BEOTHEi!S. Nurserymen. 

Rochester N.Y. 






Fultoiutm Mry 

I bave purchased of A. P. Daviithe 
Fulton Steam Laundry in tbe Whita- 
ker block Oneida street which is 
equipped with the fltteBfe machinery 
for laundry work. I hare engaged 
first clasa workiuen and I am prepar- 
ed to pot out laundry work equal to 
any in thi« vicinity, work guaranteed. 
Qiveuea trial. 


— n«*i*i is— 


FultooS. Y. 

H. L. LAKE, M. D. 

Worth Jive Dollars a Box. 

P. 8; Hasioni 

ste Fills 
QfebiB Pills 


m^ : ^ 

^TwttTe": days afiirwaid lwaa,-a3. .b"as"--i 
rtady been written, «sm Of Udsdavioeo's o 

eCabsUlianc halt saoc* ristttg aber* fthsto 
otods left Rs *r»ary Baek la nWwator »d, 
threw Hbsattsmwsa> 

i tsmsa Cross the 

Tbe vast, toaraUke auditortsau of Teatro 
Botts biasail wtth baaaty, gaHautty, assUw^ 
bIshb aad ttgbt. ItSMlail mshleasa; prond <4 
their CMmtrysaan, T»ed with natives of the 
Ikwda UrtsMfd aod with saaaj suaapni, 
thssi wtthia-ta ;-#oiBsn»asJr»Jsrt 

'■■^.■ix-ratKoncpTioif.;,;- >" : ;-;v.- 

■itwas foretura to tbe ^protection vt ; 
my goodfriehds in France, : Tuero bis been 
no word -/.tit-, iny liusbaml, ea^pt what you 
In-iug me, ImJce I discarded hbn. AtthohoteX ; 
InLonaott I left a. letter for ^ him, telling him 
thatbemust never dare tttBeeknie." ■;:•: 
■aorar'V:':'j- : 

"Impbssiblai : The evidence y was direct and 
. iohviuoing; r K:«;*n5ru^ribed: ; af :' tto ,b«a;; 
Mtore. had been much ssaediti Braidh 
a&nuatlybiseory was given, and even bis 

person d es cr ibed." 

: ■^Tbere have ^:l«eii 'cases of false persona- 


: H 'Prave b> qo that this is .onc.1V" alio ei- 

^taw^'^f>*l^Tj:tc^^-:tha* I've, irrnnged-; 

mTbunbe^i^rove that h« is true sod hon-., 

oraUe as was that man, uo* dead, wanes 

name be bear*-, prow tbu,andal!of th;s, 
■'at^--sis;-wbuw» 7 * ns»ye«j T aro "for .you for- 
'fw(*T'.i^J:'''!'"--^- ; . 

; m,'to do more than 

' b 0a, o* mock -n»«! There wane, 

a* nhnaa, hi my dreams; 

nut I ewaaa to huptsaaasls You hava 
nM in yaurscU. Iieut 

an: ■ ■iwii ii.|.»fpii; ■—" .-*™^»-« M 
uUjtowaerslsAgjinwssx te 


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bts, bas. xrosa 



•hr€rtasH8 Cfti-eiully Fitted, 

OmcgHOUBS— Fromatoli a. m.. from i 
to S p.m. sad from? to 8 p.m. 

Office: Grand Cetifrai Bloe't, 


The Old BeHable 






Caskets and Coffins 


And latest improved Tee Caskets Sir kssptag the 

:': :: : ..dead,. ' 

Hearse and Carriages 


.^*D:Oit : *Ho|eriim<«tt>Ti<ii. ■■'"';:: 

DoTou Wanf Work. 

We want good men to act .-.« t;\N%*AS6Isa, 

QBNXRA.I. or BTaTK AGE,iTii. We: « ill 

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For toil psrtieakin-, swb-«i. 

Ho. 10BSSt81xt««Ut!ia„i' vTr-L-LCit. 
... or315 w"*j»jh k\r . (■■iwrt-.i . . .4 

iTaTNl^s WANTED .."v"*^"- 

A:"!fBrratl*«ofi:seilinrKi« a. .^* ■■oi,d.. :*■:.: 
Hsats. \I>e*psrate. Kiicn'riWl ; ' Hfcir-i3ivatith ' 

- -— ir a^eat r" - 

lie GMfllE WIW .. - 

iiibrtnz any o'jsti'Uvtion Or ir_ 
•KuKWltj: of the sjsiem. 11 
&en scanrtiiisg to Hie direo- 
onsgi^eii wiiii each Hox, they 

will soor. rtJiioie femaJtw of ad 

no;, stosound and robust health. 
Tor a w. oJtsi^mseh, jiajpait ed 
livestioi), and all dlsoroers ui 

n»d a few doses willhetouod to 
worfc wonders upon the most, 
mportsnt organs In UMhanuut, 
iiisbhiK*. ■ They strengthen the 
-'iofe muscular injt*«mv «*!-■>» 
s Song tost oomi 

^b '<l£i lUM 4iAl&*': 'tit ■ A1HI 


»*te«gifc and 
cMeMcnx* *id\ 


1 rsj>n;os>«Uk'BABi|n«A * 

line lullHtfo dollara of gotrt enln 
wetgfae g.flBB poooda ot arotrdopo;*. 

la Lai 1*7***. m'^^ot 8aJr« la 
'Hall, Gee 8ev* *o-r "*ed a» a 

t.iiisicrienerar of the human frame. Thesea*e 

ab%s-M of st*;ietiri and $^$*^££ft& 

■T««-tii-'i^-'ii«w*BS. : and'-d^wliwted.»:in^ 
n&MUJM* « tbe l^ost sale of any 
tnttlWno la the world. 


OKito OM BX«««*r »?■• •" •<~"') r 
!•«,»••>»* <• <••<>' * M "'™* fl* 

.lU, IMU (nittr «~> - rtl »" "•••"•*• 
hand tmij la •*• «•»••»« "■"••* •• 

bmrtSdwi Cooatj . _ 

•«<>■ auto-: »-i* 


P akeht. 

I am prepared to supply to the people 
of Fulton and vicinity (ram either of 

BreiH, Can. CMers, 

Ana til klsdi K B*k«n' Uosai of tin) 
BMtQulllT. Tbediolea««lwkt>f 


Cmcfcera T c*nf pw poaad - or 4 pMUKto 




S«k,A«.,M,-- 1.M..S.*. « 

c. w. 


^3t«ehtrfToi'tB, l'natHiiiiit-l)**!!'* nervous 
laJPhyitttU UsW ay .■n.t-.rJ-*.. -»Woed* < 


• * 

'■■ ^Avoa'.aciltilfui i).rcund'-T»,~.^ 

... ..... _ ...^^-.^..(uj; gilt,, l>tiia,:pn}fW 

«oBMBicd : .l:l.Tilaia.w^- "~ 
™»s Fr«e> -it f'»>w* 
:iwlbor, ^n>. J 

SSX#»^fa«o''f»' -■ js%uHiisi*tj /*««rfa 


O. A. MO* A 0O 



fnd VaaVaawlkatbrnf 

LAKE aa^. 0C3AH J1SH, 

Claau iii Shel', \>yw«»«r_ 
tlie Qua--c. 

OcSflB >Ml Wr *'£• rL! 

■ IMd-n* •>«! 

ad hat «4Jk Chat Tha Bapofilau 
wWoh ha flart«d a jear ago was dtt- 
aontlosacL *rh» papar waa a bright 
one bat storting In a saiall town 
what* thaw was airaady «n ; aateb- 
Hahed papar waa a basardoos vaatora 
; and trfttoont doubt prorata ooproflto- 
ble. v v . Mr, Tlionaa annoanaaa that ba 
will »t*rt an UlastAtadfwaaUy pap»r 
In Oswego about Marsh 1st. 

B« ware of Ointmenta *WO*rt*rrl» 
that contain Meroiiry, 

as Uereary will : .a»or«ljr; : destroy tb«; 
sens* "of smell and ooB)p)*t«ly derangs 
the wljole systatn whsn entaringr it 
through tlt«; vuiaani swrfaoas, Saab, 
artlelss shouiiinsver b« awd azMpt 
on prosoi 
alcia&s, as the damage thay r.U do 

■ibiy dsriVs itom tbeni. Hall'sCa- 
lied by JP. J. 
Oheney ft Co., Toletlo, O., oontalns 
no ineroary, jiod la taken Internally, 
and aot* dirfctiy upon the blood and 
inuoue aurfaoss of the syifcsM; In 
Jail's Catarrh Core h» sow 
and get the gt) it it taken later- 

ually and made in Toledo, Ohio, by 
P. J. Oheney o> Oo- ' 

WTSold by Druggists, price 75c per 
bottle. '. ■ -. 88w* 

A Fa**/ Ola V«Hirim*«* 

There are ft good many notlom loil jt 

Nobody believed, for example, that 
all women wear tight shoss. 

That all oltib man drink too much 
and don't go home Sill morning, 

That the children of fashionable 
people are no"* well taken oars of. 

That all boarding house tables are 
bad.i ■ t 

: That all women wear tight stays. 

That all women lay the seeds for 
rapid eonatimption by getting their 
petticoats wet on rainy days. 

That all women are Jealous of each 

That all women are underpaid. 

That'all minoe pies are Indigestible, 

That a little candy is unhealthy. 

That your way is the right way, 
and ujftte is the wrong. 

.Nobody believes any of these things 
except the people who live such nar- 
row lives that they think nothing 
good liaises they approve of it. 

Aovioa to H&tatM— Are you duturbMSt 
night sod broken 1 :of your rest by a stok child 
at&erlaitafld Wjtnk with to* pain, of CuUtos 
Taethr Raoaeaa atoniM and km* bottteof "Mm 
WlDa*ov'a tsooUdac Srnip" fwOhUdraavsMbiBc. 
ItBTShwItiMswuiibw. HwlUrollere tha poor 
■ lllUfl aufforer lntiMdisMlr. Mpend upon it, 
toother*; theft ia no' ttJaUk« about It. It cures 

r^iUMliiAsciaistitm, lvee too* sod energy 

ofoa* of the oMeat 

end beet I «raata vphjramaaa and nursee la- the 
Batted State*, «*< for arte by all Irofsteta 
i Frloo twaadr-flnioww a 
bottle. Be sure arid art for "Maa. wwkov'i 
IK>cmui>aflTnup, , >aodtakaBOoUMr. asyl 

Abarrel of rloe weighs WOpoundf. 

(.; Just received at Draper's the larg- 
sataml finest, stook of Watches and 
Jewelry ever in town. Also an ele- 
gant line all ' new patterns Jewelry 
and PlatM-ware.:; !btxamine these ziew 
and stylish goods. (roods are made 
-ahd sold for oae-half what they were 
a few years a#o. Judge -these good** 
for yourself. , 81 tt 

-The average human life is thirty- 
one years. 

V A barrel vt Sour weighs 196 pounds. 

mari^ white soaps, 

represented to be 
"just as good as the Ivory." 
They are not. 
but like 
; all counterfeits, 
they lack 
the peculiar 
and remarkable 
qualities of 
the genuine. 
Ivory Soap 

insist upon having It 
Tis soM everywhere. 

enaeed tbesn, bat inert fcuasf raw : 
fS«i*lasKl«Ad I ssall tssok sha atalm 

The flgaraa givan la s«y Oft* arUale; 
showing disrsa is to naabf of wool 

■aaottd hand and I And on 
mt the aaasos isporte tha daeraaae 
waa more thsn ws* stated. The eor- 
raetflgciraaai on pages 

0S9aud MS Oanaos of ISTtt tha nnnber 
of woolen saUts in U. 0. Is givatk as 
S,m, value of prodnat ISOMiUlon do)- 
Uirs, on pa%«^ l t tW #>^ 
of ISW, Ch* nuuioerof wooian mflls la 
gtvan as 1W0, value of product 10 mill- 
llnndollani. Will the Patriot again 
kindly acknowlMjg« : lte;arror,; 

Tfae population of tiw tJnltad States 
inorMaiNl from tSTi 38S0 about IS 
mllllotisor nearly one-third the wool- 
en mills with very high protection in- 
creased tUefr total product only 8 per 
cent; tills is certainly not a good show 
lng for protaetlon. 

Great Brltaa offers good proof- of 
the truth of the proposition that free 
wool would not Injure the wool grow^ 
Or. 8h«' h«s put no taxes on Import- 
ed wool for many years and on an 
aiea less than one-half that of the 
state of Texas alone has 84 million 
sheep (my athority for this is John- 
son's Oyolopedla edition of 1894.) 

Tlie' United States had by the oen 
sus of 1880 only W million sheep. 

The Patriot says, when we produce 
enough of any particular thing to 
supply the home demand then it 
needs no protection. This Is quite a 
change of opinion since the time of 
the last campaign when It was urging 
farmers to vote for protection and 
telling them how necessary it was for 
them to have a protective tariff on 
their wheat, corn, oheese etc. How it 
says they do not need any protection, 
because It fa true of them as well as of 
cotton, that enough Is produced for 
home use- 

The Idea tbat because worklngmen 
in the United States are paid more 
per day than workingmen in most 
other countries and that consequent- 
ly their labor to do a given piece of 
work, Is more costly, can not be prov- 
en, On the eontary we have good and 
undisputed evidence; to show that in 
the two most Important lines of man- 
ufaaturiiig, nainely: taxtiles and iron, 
the labor cost Is no greater here than 
In England or Germany therefor free 
trade would not close our f rotoriefl or 
shops. ■■■■■■-" 

That tree trade does not reduce 
wages has been clearly proven In 

Mr. llobt. Giffen who is an author- 
ity shows the large advance In wages 
gatnud by Bngliflh workers in the 
last So years since the adoption of 
partial free trade, the reason for the 
pauperism and lower wages of Eng- 
land, Is not free trade but her system 
of land monopoly which allows a 
small minority of her people to absorb 
the largest share of the wealth pro- 
duced but which the landlords do 
nothing to learn, the ^English people 
are siinpiy robbed of a part of their 
earoitigs-- ■ 

If our tariff oould be abolished so 
that we might trade freely with all 
the world, our naturaX advantages' 
are&o many »d ability 

;h ess' men 
so great, w might easily become the 
greatest manufacturing county of the 
world. B.C.Eogere. 

6tor«« and Parties rappUed at 
wholeeals i tw wltti alf kinds of 

Candles and Ifnta. D. O. I>rapar haa 
just received over On^THboiaiid lib's, 
of Candy and Handradaof Ib's of unw 
I&itB, besides Mr* Green Is now mak- 
all kinds of BngUab Candlea and th*-v 
are snld only at Dra,pw*SL Try ttn>se 
Candles and see the duTaraaaa. 8Sw> 


■ njwpi'tojsTiiiiiini , 

iMkMtriJrfslMsslsm. rtsassessav 


sf Um wtalsa Arrsa-a re» 

■ : iwttfcjjwe^:' Irosssi-; lasfl- ' safe: 
■d aefoat lha ttsatBy boirdsr. 


nsar en unsasast ssrsesn '•( 'weaMh iato 

■anpa. T fc>_ciT lM a»d ww -ld awats» ala ftiU 

report, wtw jassass taaafss^.' 

. 'Bata ! ai**wortiSM'ri^ a-ia^iirfaaryra- 

port by tJmi. B^fctra, irw* nidcmlsjma, so te 

■peak, ft*** af '.(is*- aql- 

taringai ' ;"■■■ 

"DJiracaly an laavhig Tanbaya •oma.had a 
btAtmnr, Than.Wagothitoooiuitrtai WlUi- 
ou* food and hatioaaM* tarrtbla.rjk»a.- -the 
inattTe* Bbot a^■r•a> : jstaily«. V-Wsipsi oa Dan. 
l«Vias7, waraaxdMfd Albart : W]*naa, wa bad 
lTOoutof 41imaa tfa 
ooald not thaaixwe«<rtMtiiKnUajaadha4 
to wtora 1» nttai'.v AlbMrt Ifyaaa*. 

Harai**''baut:a:stoet4rWs,aB4'X ■tarttd 
back to a plao* >M bum dowa tba rirar to 
aria* kp ev slek. : .*', »■;■+ :.' 

Oooga aad i was' 

taougbt to oa an opao,fraa«y ooantry. la 
tUibiw#w«lastoatof SW 2*n*ib*n mtna 
.s«kuars.'" : Th'« jtra* ea nmta''to'SlM/peaba. : ''' 
Vmicm«tm B^oalaaviog'tlwAlltMrtiTr- 
aaaa-aai Ibsaa.a^aywral ' ao un SOn,. In this- 
toast for fewaawai k s waUvadoaroataaad 
%aaL and, tbongk wa hunted and flataad, not 
ItUag eooU wa bring in. Of couth Our 

Paua dtad usttdoga, and! wa wbitat wars 
about pagx*4 out when, we raaehad 

wmmui xua* Avanua assooiatkmi suns-' 

nfa >» aAOAMora 

tWham Matin was tajwtad,] 

ma was wrtttoo lad Aupttt, wfaaa tha 

axpadluoQ was sUU flv* mootba' Joohrty 

freat EaaattMtr, wales : }vi baa just raacsad 

Tba f»<^r»oaM tha 0^co a ooa*roraiy which 

rsa>AttBarcpe oiflKr tha roata choaan. It 

was icatotta that ; ;0tajuayi to reS^h'aiad're-' 

ttm:|k«4aPa^.aka^"kam^ta^ aaeof 

shras roB feaa rr oa Mombaaa thrOngh . tha 

Brtthk poaiaasliw aorthward^ to Wajalait : 

ln" : tha 

rasa, dlraaaly to tba Vtotorla nyanaa and 
Baaaaioyo to 

. . E)anasJByike:.aBd;: 
AAar raoatvbw too^ advlca ^ 

partet .Airlsa and ap the wast coast and 
'" -^—"" "-- - of tltaOoago; 

actios and its ratalts, a 

hlM tta notoi "CUaaaa" Gordon bagaa 

w nsk ef rsaaoiat Osntral Arrioa firan 

barbaftaaaadthesUvetrada, Ba wrsstsd 

daro*tossstiea from sha Arab atava 

sntnusox It. Be ra> 
ISHS^asieapUalal Iado,dUa nr« 
ssssa AtsswtlBwaabad a natto 

and ssrmtoa anay of 6.080, had 

ssaay eoaessi and adsdeos and; si 

Hon of 4,080 — 


htoipiii slil sad i n w aisiid Uaxaad baps 
fjjxaj BSTft -as ejAaff. .Ta Ua thea 
tBrasl ts|aa Ssan FHaav bat died (prohatty 
ky vk daaps l batata ssahta g aa III is, and ; 

BwaasaaBasaxoI In ssasada ronraa. aaara 
»1ilfiail ■» il milmMirtlM 


■SltoPh»stoaaaialii^iM t» oxanssla, 

a.MBsawT^TSsdT Goods at WU- 
ftaiDay Dns feWe, GejtMaasJaawba- 

ssluufB. *i5tr 

saHa %sysaw s8^a»*sssdsiaak8 

aaasa»es»lBastoa7 s»ssa> af tbast 
l sa |n sajaa;wsa<ag ska araas e raalnd toaa ai, 

•baas es&dnaTbaartBr ' Bs> ssast Is 

T— 1 *S1 if liiasia asnlisajs Ika 

sea ef two Was* BiiMiiaTeaaeMst ss- 

ssato of aba B a affco o aa aad the okesttr 
sokelsr, knew Sha i all I of htoga, saal 

ivaassii«a«Te>n iiiawrana. 

If a 

!.V; ■■-. 
iWaswibTOTOst, Dae. SO, 1SS8. 
''green Omrattiuui" be repug'- 
nani to tbe td«a of Dierry ssahlog, wbst 
mnatbenld of a (^hrtoltuaa day tbat 
is six. balmy .tbat " overooata l»a«e to be 
diavMnltrd, aixt ibftMir la heavy and 
tnolm ; itiHj ivt'i-yilHtJit on*) touches 1« 
fii««y from 0? That.wae. (lie sort of 
0hi1.imB9<l»j Wwjjlugtjm was' favored 
witlifor ihi*y*};,r of grace. 

Tjiitf '"famity rose betiitics in the 
White Houiie and by iitsvWn ...o'oloufc' 
il.l M«(isk» of clul<li»|j delight 
runs; tbrouRb the corridor* of tlie 
msiwdm. There never was a family 
I stronger affection he- 
twenn nil its inembcrsV Mrs. Uarrtson'a 
mourni»i{ over her sister, Mrs. &>rd 
iatt'inj[>«ire'i by tioue of that fanhiona- 
bl« pliiloNopliy that curbs sisterly af- 
feotlou salt exists in these advanced 
days. The President's affection for his 
grand-children comes as near idolatry 
as his nature allows. So you may be 
sure that the stockfnga we're ' filled, in 
tbe moat orthodox manner aud there 
was a ChrlstinHs tree loaded with the 
usual preeciite. President Harrison, 
lettniliigwith probably little regret that 
there would be no Bervicea Rt dia 
church the clmrch of the Covenant, 
spent all day Witli the children, assist- 
ing in their amusentuuts. There wct'<> 
picture books add dolls and cars and 
wsgona galore. 

1'heoiily member of the cabinet ab- 
sent from the city on CJirtsiittas day wsb 
John Wanauiaker, arid the only one to 
attend church waa Secretary Tracy. 4.11 
the cabinet famUles spent the day very 
quietly, save that of Secretary Bust who 
had such of the Wiaoonsfu Congressmen 
as happened to be in town at dinner in 
the evening, 

Quite a number Of Congressmen Spent 
t he day in the city, not feeling able to> 
spare the time to go home; A" 
groat many, including Senators Chand- 
ler and XngaEIS, had their entire 
families with them, 

The ancient social argument about 
the Order of precedence in the .receiving 
liueatthe White House receptions haa 
revived for the winter, and is now be 
i«8 waged with all the weapons of 
wordy warfare. The occasion is found 
In Hrs, Harrison's appointment of her 
daughter, M to represent ber 

at the New ; h et . 

self will be obliged to be absent in view 
of the: recent deathof Mrs, Scott-Lord; 
The' dicon toned sfflrm that the place of 
honor in the enforced absence of the 
Presitlent's wjfitt belongs to the Vicer 
Presidenys wife. They go further In 
aaying tliat Mr«. McKee'a husband hay- 
ing no place in official life, she is nOt 
entitled to therecognitipn. 

I by the provision 
for receiving the Judges or the Supreme 
court of the District of Columbia with 
fhe ^aatieeof the; tTnited Btntes Superb 
rior Court, while Senators attd B#pre- 
ssntatlvea coot their Steels in waiting,: 
The difference between tweedle dee 
and tweedle dum is ^ very stropgly mark-r 
edfn our Damocratlo country. 

On the very last (rain to carry peoplf* 
out for the Christmas holidays was Sen- 
ator Krarts. Amid a merry chattering 
throng of young people, the old m»n 
croaehed far down . in . bis chair- silent 
and listless. On the "book above bis 
bead danced his aaete&t tUk bat, look- 
log more detspidated than aver by con- 
trast With lha surronadbxgs> : Thare to- 
sosaething pathetio in the plotnre of a 
tired and feeble oJJ nan going 
to a Obrlatiaat dinner tlto^'ak st 
will not allow bint . to a 
Eoarta .has aged terribly in a yaar. 
Tbe tosaples km wasstsdto tba teat 
degree, the con^toxtoa hi liha parob- 

aottos of anrroamdlna., aave whaa aba. 
la townvaraattee. H« «UI aft by the 

• Utotaair. wltk it kgr 
mmmi aadhto rt|U band iteiH luo 


at tit Ins KaBm. Um tmtbm of Uw 
HM«e,ha anowa hla aga mom Ikaa 
JM Baala nam «od xm fa <ka> 
Nav Ten «aha or Ua ka wtB apeaa 

aNaal lajal aalilaj kaa»a u tka 

Mawm Fatter by HUehJae: Into hla 
neUeaee aed tBtonalnt him that It 
ma hla Ud Urthoay. Ba wea badl; 
wpriaal bat all had a (fool Una 

A woman who once' puts 
on Ball* < i wear that 

make as long; as she lives. 

That is why the makers 
do as they do. ■ , 

What do they do? 

They tell every store in the 
United States to take Ball's 
corset back id return the 
money paid for it any time 
within three weeks, If the 
woman that buy* it don't like 

Do the stores do that? 

They do if they have Ball's 
corset They are glad to; 
it costs them nothing, j 

Your store has a primer 
on Corsets for you, •},.*,,. 





BISTORT. .....; 

In twelve octavo vedumes of 8W pagea each. M 
aeparata and epmpiete hfatoriea. l,s» illastra- 
tratioM, ic,0W Jwgts. By twajtj- well-known 
authors and acbolara,: 

Tbe material b aUJJjfiW and baa bees preparad 
apeciallr forthlavrorh; A aYaphic looountotttM 
great people* of tha world fro tnihoeuUaMUnws 
to.ttw praaent da»; ahowlnf the influence of «aeh 
nation on thopro UUensab" 

mtwaaung and omw uuBrucUTa, ft. to'prb*' 
nounosd by all: "The fincM hUtortoal work ever 
puhhihsd." ' 

"Thia aerisB la lncompantbte In Inatractira vai- 
no to atudenta and, *s."— Boatott 


^Rapared as it ta by our beat writeis upon the 
iHibject, the gertea w|l] .become a TALUABLB i 
TJBRARY of national hJatory."— N^ ■■%■ {School 

*^Tho pabUabers have placed &aa reader* 

nnd«roblUgatiofla. , VNaWonal i^abyteriaa. 

sotb *sr arjWcRiPTibK onlt. 


O. P, PUTKAM'S bX>N»» 

..'.', Sna«cn9iirs>ia':s»«'as»^^ 

87 St., New York, 



HBPtB iipi S8T10W . 

AnaiunNnenta ham bean made for tba oomlng 

year wbloh win auuntala for tha Baviaw ita na^ 

led Fosftioa, ataona; Icala, aad Nader 

anUai to avaryraadwr hi Amaiica who da- 

tossopaaraaatof Um t&naa. raox mort* 

avaav riai« or tboi okt ud acma vii.1. 
oa>nr rsa >t aavKaasaranvi 

bythaloramoataienoC the tlma. nOSatilj bj 
oaniTov ai ar on i> Tndaaad Froteotloh ta choir 
baartng nponiha Sawlopaaaant of Amarteaai f ni- 
wMry aad Oanuaaroa, hai w aa u tka twohtiMt fh- 

Msjiaia hi* rwtsjt titjH, » • Tw. 


» Beat roarteeath Bbaat. Raw Talk. 

V. u,.f ^> 


irajwt. SM|a>dB>_b_ 


AsdlW Rests. tasfBtvi 
Children s Rockers in Great Vt 

Good Bargains fcr the 

Be sure tbat you do not alias 

Ventilating j 

ST0TE, ' 

It yon want Sntniitar Heat In your 
bonsa this wlbt«r. .'.■■■■.: 

;;.ls^;a>4aiby. . 


P. H. CASE, Broker. 

Watches, Piamonds, Jewelry, 
FuMitiire. in use, without ra- 
in oval. Personal and Real 
Bitat*. Valuable Notei 
\ Transaetlons strictly Oonftdsnttal. 
, isT'Gffloe first doOrsonth of Savings 
Bank, first Btreet, Fttiton. 

To YoigjpKetiiurs! 

Fvoa) t a all B rides. 

vtper sad an than- friends and aequalntaa- 
cMfeoiighogt the Patted atalaaano^ Canada, 


■'■■■.■ ^y^wa^mtYxm'Aa \ \ 

A Wedding Present. 

To oveprj. navly narrlad ooopla whoaa addraas 

' x^anoHt^ndlngforttUapreaentare reou 
teaanda«a>7of;apat^oontaiB^ a, noth™™ 
thah^niarrtasA;oT«atM. other evMonca mat shall 
aan^tyar» aaonabh >proofUi«tth«raw 1 ~ 
Uadto tUinaaaafawnaderjaiaabOTa offdfc 

; ;.>Tim/i?bi xt. 

f 9 

HaV* Ton:: 



Not s Liqnicl j 
or Snmff. 



jl v partMia .» applied into aaeh noaMl and la 
Bs^roaable. FrioeMce&htat Drnsvtau: hr maU 
rsa^atarad, » eta, KLT ffhOTHKfia, 

..:..;.. W,Warraa»i: HewTork. 



Herthwestern Masonic 




Itamembarafa la more than doable 
any other ot the kind known on 
raeord. It baa no equal. 
Average eoat per tl.000 for the poet 
all jean »«.»«. 
E. B. HABT, Solicitor 

B. C. BRO^ 

Having ptirchaasd or Bchenuk 4 FfMter the Cosl 
Yard, at Lower Oswego Falls, I am now pre- 
pared to supply all with the Celebrated 

Scranton Coal! 

Which is the best in the mavket. It has no equal. 

Leave your orders at the W. V. Telegraph 

OfBoe, First Street. 

T. E. RIOB. 

Blrdsall's New Bakery! 

Lewis House Block, ■ . Cayuga tlttcuL 

Is folly equipped and froni it can be ot.toine.1 the flaest B*ksi>si 

Goods. Elegant Ice Cream Parlors have been fitted »pV | J 

The Confectionery Department contains everything fresh sad »■»* 

Fruit of every kind in its season can be obtained hers. 

Crackers are made fresh every day. 

The Bakery, Ice Cream Parlors, Confectionery and Fruit Deprt 

ments are complete in every ^particular. 


School Supply Agency,. 

E. G. BLANKMA1T. Manager "*" 

Central Square, . Oswego County, N . 




833 Warren Street 

Stsaocsb, IT. T., 

au isa vat ettuOT 


MaUEa m alt* xjsm or-. 

scaooi SUPPLIES. 

-srecUL aoot roB the- - 

"Publio Sahool £ 

WOorrespondence Solicited. : ; 


You want good reading for the Winter months. 
We've got two offers to make yon. 

The g"«t Cosmopolitan Magazine, one yesr, mil Tn Trsi»» 
one year for (3.40. 

The excellent literary magazine, The New land FlreaJd* 
one year and Th* Tocxs one year for »l.«o. 

If yon are not familiar with these excellent nuguises call sV 1 
Tits Timss office and see sample copies. We know ikey i 

gOOd.' .:■■..■■ 

^y~Cash most come with every order. t.yi 

Sarcoid or new subscribers can take advantage et either St-''! 
hese two offers. 

tVAlways send 10 cents extra for postage, when. Tun fui 
goes ant of Oswego County. 




J AA. B. FAHWJB_KV», Editor. 

omd4mrO>4*gwl*IIm* To t mt lt t 

kuphamtt Heavm toptamim. 

... BoiTOliT>OMJliorAle(l«oiiDOouti« 
«d Inat #«•*. tfint The RnputilltMn 
wbtoll hnntnrted nyMrago *m dlf 
e«ntian«d: !th« pufNir w« * bright 
on* ' bat etnrtfiuj In n aumll town: 
wh«re there w«M> nlrendr *** *•***>- 
llxbed paper wm a haxnrdoua venture 

: and without doubt proved iiuprofltn- 
bin, mniMHithat fee 

Will , start *» iUueti l kt*di*«iltlsr papar 

.Be w«re of Omtmentii f^r Catarrh 

that contain M*srcnry^ 
as Mercury will niifely dvitroi' th« 
the w!»ole system when eut»riD(r it 
through tU«:Jnuomi w. Suah 

articles should never b* «w4 Mtwpt 
on prenorlpMorift from reputabln ph y- 
niclauH, an tho dainaRO they will do 
, are ten (old to the good you can pon- 
sibly ■..derive troth them, Hall'* Ca- 
tarrh Care* liiaoBfaotured by I". J. 
Cheney 6c Co., Toledo, O., eoutnljia 
no mercury, aud In taken Internally, 
and act* directly upon the blood and 
ummiB stirfaooK of the «ty*tei». In 
bdying Watr« Catarrh Cure be iinre 
and get the genuine, it fa taken Inter- 
nally and made in Toledo, Ohio, by 
F.J. Cheney & Oo. ' 

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bottle. __________ 83w * 

A i*«W Old FWgriMMa'. 

Thore are a good many notions long 

Nobody believed, for example, that 
all Women wear tight dhoei. 

That all eltib men drink too much 
and don't go boms till morning, 

That the children of fashionable 
people are not well taken care of. 

Thut all boarding houete tablet are 

That all women wear tight itaya. 

That all women lay the seeds for 
rapid consumption by getting their 
pettlooatH wet on rainy days. 

That all women are jealous of eaob 

That all women are underpaid. 

That all tutnoD pies are indigestible. 

That a little candy is unhealthy. 

That your way 1b the right way, 
and inlhe is the wrong. 

Nobody believes any of these thlngi 
except the people who live euoh nar- 
row Uvos that they think nothing 
good unless they approve of it. 

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thai of Mr. TM-i-r,t__ F-ttrfc* m*% 

•Mfc '*■ .■' Wf«M|tv|lwt '<«■* 

abwwa aafl 1 lit itj ^tmmitb It 

Saivl* tte MMJl Uft^t t* b« 
faanjr irhaa; It _lt«vpt« to ptova t 
chanuiulMr of wortaa mUtodid not 
de*r»aas from _W» to MW, aad wt* 
eiodo* **$& frM wwihriil did 
not da«ra_M thaa.*! I hava not 
claimed thai irMikt auUwrtal da- 
oroaaed than, bat th_4 tamd raw na- 
tarial Md and I Mill thmk the elali 
i«trn« r 

The ngurea given la my flrat artleie 
atiowtog d.a^Waia in «qji_|h*r : ^ ,v wooi- 
•n uflli between 1970 and 1W0, w*r« 
i«eoml liauid and i Aim : on ;;!lo««klibg 
ai the banaoi utipawt* in* de«r«aia6 
.wai more .:.ijh»ik : . : .wjirti atatad. Th« oor- 
ra^tflgarwareaii followa, on pagea 
080 and 099 Cetuua of 18TO th* number 
of woolen milU) in IT. 8- J» glvan '■■■■»» 
»,8to» v*l.i« of product I«0milUon dol~ 
lara, on page* l,Wu and 1,1W) Gaiwil* 
of ISSft, thff number of vroolan mifiit in 
given as 1W0, value of product 18 ml'- 
lion dolors. Will th* Patriot again 
kindly ««kn0wl»da*# it* error. 

The population of th* tTnitad - States 
inoreasud from 1970 to 1880 about 1% 
millions or nearly ohe-tliird the wool. 
u mills with very high protection in- 
creased their total product only a por 
e*nt.thlsis oertalnly not a good show- 
ing for protection. 

Qreat Brltan off/era good proof, of 
the truth of the proposition that free 
wool would not injur* the wool grow- 
er. She' has put no taxes on import- 
ed wool for many years and on »n 
area leas than one-half that of the 
statu of Texan alone ha" 84 million 
sheep (my athority for this la John- 
son 1 * Cyclopedia edition of 1890.) 

Tho' United State* had by the oon 
hub of 1880 only 85 million aheap, 

Tho Patriot e&ya, when we produce 
enough of any partinular thing to 
supply the home demand then it 
needs no protection. This is quite a 
chunge of opinion ainoe th* time of 
the last campaign when it was urging 
fanners to vote for protection and 
telling them how neoeaaary It was for 
them to have a protective tariff on 
their wheat, corn, cheese eto. Now it 
Bays they do not need any protection, 
because It is true of them as well as of 
cotton, that enough is produced for 
home nee. 

The Idea that because workingmen 
In tho United States are paid more 
per day than workinginen in most 
other countries and that oousequent- 
ly their labor to do a given piece of 
work, la more ooatly, cannot be prov- 
en, On the contary we have good and 
undisputed evidence; to show that in 
the two most important lines of raan- 
ufaeturing, namely: taxtilee and iron, 
the lubor coat is no greater here than 
in England or Germany therefor free 
trade would not oloae our frotoriea or 

That tree trade does not reduce 
wages has boen dearly proven in 

Mr. llobt. GHffen who is an author- 
ity ehows the large advanoo in wages 
gained by English workers in the 
laBt SO years since the adoption of 
partial free trade, the reason for the 
pauperism and lower wages of Eng- 
land, is not free trade but her system 
of land monopoly whioh allows a 
small minority of her people to absorb 
the largest share of tho wealth pro- 
duced but Which the landlords do 
nothing to learn, the English people 
are simply robbed of a part of thelv 

If our turiff could he abolished so 
that wemight trade freely with all 
the world, our natural advantages 
are so ma ny and the skill and ability 
of Our meohaulos and bUBibess' men 
so greats we might easily become the 
greatest ihanafa,cturlng county of the 
world. E.C.Rogers. 

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f_t!_iMM ■:■'■«•« 

_WC_B tmti to a m i ti aw h i l ■*•■' Apptft eax* 

biMnt-at^ -la-fell. 


■ TaeB**tT<ajb^ri>-riwaPaH_lit. 

1 iiu k ttr m m. 

4M»k» iiaaaJww* »• 

'v A**-.«» ^a»(na* aad 

a» 4a_dly ta m* Aryan ram MmS 
Ai vmfim BMeH b* lad te watt far Mm aawe*- 
t-ta to»_)p-_l «f a naslre <_«UlnM-Ml 
M*(»e<|kae»;.wltolMV»*xvlor^ wtoOS** 
*aal* waW o a ' aay.]^ W« ; !^ie^ :: *a4'a fch 
ra4e.mi*ar»y''aara«».' &'twafl4> ; 'th«t&a«M. 
Marlar and .dirwnly nndar ; : iiw.asjiiia*r * '■*' 
'larns ■■ ::.|a_Haaraaa .' ! ra«io*' '; .favaaaWe : 'te . : *•' 
baakh «a4 view X tW'wlUi» : j|L*y__--a ta- 
anpU for ibe nwoUaa of ! a ■hJgfc olTfllaa 
awl that «aS: 

and weJB-J-ed a«riMl.~'Uw 'deadly, bonlar, 
Afrina mvr h* *i-Ubad inm *hm oeatar ml 
pnar mi un into 

Barppa. altahfafull 

raiport with inSntaa IntaraM. 

Ba*»;ar*.*woiUwa*ro*» a praUrctfaary r«- 
port by lient. Htalra, *»6 minor i*ettt», so to* 
■>pva-,glv<m as nwra ladlcatcini of the anf- 
faringa; ' 

"CireeUy on laaviac Tambwya mm* had a 
badferar. Tli«nw»|(o> Into countrlta with- 
ont food and kat men at * terrible ra*e.- Tb* 
_aUvaa aitota iraatinaay. When; o» Dec. 
», US7, wa naobed Albert 'Kyaaaa, wa had 
110 out of 414 men that left Yambuye, W* 
could nc* than oonnack with Krafn.-ajid had 
to ret— rn 190 mile* weat of Albert Ify«_(«, 
Kara we built a atrong (6ft, aad I aUrtad 
hack to a jrtaee JKR mUw down the rirar to 
brt»K «p our *Mc * . * * 

"*Onaof oargraatHtdaagan has been from 
starvation la the imnww forest between the 
Coag* and the Albert Kjajua, wbleb waa 
tfceofht to be aa opan^aniy country, tn 
thts foreaVwa Io»t out of 000 Zanalbars aom* 
sflO; ala> W Somali, boytaad about 40 Nubian 
wUlera. Thla wni an route" to the pasha, 
Tfeekaaof Ufa itoo* lea-rlog 1 tha Albert Vj- 
aaaa baa bean general— eoine S00, la tldi* 
foraet for three weehi w* lirad on roeta and 
*_agf, and, thonsh wa hunted and flahed, not 
atbitig eoald wa bring In. Of course our 
poor men died like dogs, and we whttei were 
jnat about p«gK*d out when , w* reaobad 

•Bn»in lUfifinus Assoctanoir %vtu>- 
naii lAOAHOTa 

fWhate Krata "wee Injured,] 
ds was written last Augtiit, when th* 
expedition was aUll flv*. aiontb** journey 
from JSensibsr, whiclt it baa jart reached 
Th* faota recall the fleroe oontoovany whioh 
raged in Bttropa over the rout* oboeen. It 
waa lariated that. BtanJey, to ranch and re- 
Uar* Marin Pi «b*uM have tiitkan *•* of 
three r oa tta ' f rom Stonbanv through th* 
SrttUi ptmua-Bpa nortfaward to Wadalal.{ 
Ironi M aga a a o y o, jp the German projacto* 
rata, dlniotly to tbe Victoria Kyansa and 
aoRna it, or, thirdly, from Baganoyo to 
Ink* Taaaaajika and theno* northward. 
AfMf raoalTttg nsflch adrloe from African 
■xptorsttf'Sai embarked his a-peditlon 

from Xanalbar, MUed around tti* soatbarn 
the weet ooaatand 

aJ t r ata n « 

brWf hlatorfa-1 tkatoh moat be stadled. 

In 1*74 the noted MCblnew" Oordon b*f*n 
A* it Afrtoa from 

.barmw^:and,^*d*. ' He wrwtad 
aiinwa-natliaaotion from tha Aran alnva 
hnnSw«, : :and'Mt.-X)nln; . Fasha ' fe Gka-aun 
" Mat, real nattM gohninnri la 197* to 
an tha northern provlooe of it, B* re- 
Md tbare, Ui «ajdtal at Lndo, tUl a law 
lhsa_nm Atone tlaaah* had a nattv* 
and %jptlaa aray of a.000, had 

•Jsn «C «,0go,aQ0 peopte agahtst tha aktv* 
trade, tn she wea_W_w,-3 Hahat, tha "aao- 
afohaai-iad," and anaitad an Arab arn- 
land rahaU-w anejaat the Bria_h UgjV- 
i gavemnwsrt In -a* Bondan. ■ 
mamacred tbe _mn <rf BWn Paaha 
B-pn u ianwetrf tfeaioadan. CkwdenV 
' rdered hhn t _a4 hope 

•£ B Mnhdl than 
m, Ut died forafanhlj 

. MAbtanMpri 

•kn_Bi «• <)•«• Pk— BUB _I baa 

mtt, m IB — *__; tt. Oai _ 
L_i_ a_>* «W_ o> «• 

A tall lln* of Ptaab Qooda at Wll- 
IUbb' Urac Stora. Ii«t hLi Brio*. b«- 
lOf* yon buy. SS it 


*» omw* •» |n**fnan, 


■ in i|i,maWastsn_>s»S-an-- 

nf sW J ■■l-ma-l *aemnml-a 

anrl.lT^MIhatUch.aad wrfe a l_My*n- 
snmla eaOmata o* th* _• of the araaa Waea. 
.lnnumvw*em_ng lb. _n-t -eflaal _M, 
and a ddm g tamaaeealr s* «w knowWien at 
m*a» aeDed >t - b_ mnfe to 

.daad.aa ttM.m-k Of au<_e_ aa^UrSra'' Tan 
«t«* Swn.WnVdi p* ekM h- 

-WAJ»Hin4iV«!V:|| J »t'C<rJKM, . 
trrma our Hwilar OomapoadentV 
WAflHisroTOiF, Dee, ao, 1889. 
'■■ a ■ ^greeh Chratmaa" be repug- 
nant to the idea of merry making, what 
uet |)«l *a1d of a C'ltrlstmse day that 
.SA'balaiy M 1 **' OViercoats .ba**' to fee 
.jjcurdnd> Kiiii tho uir is heavy and 
Oi"! Mild i n.-ryilii?l;{ ohu 3Uchi'S |# 
iyfcy frptu !■? Thitt whs the B«rt of 
iuic(mii3dii> \Vw,hhigtou wns-fitvOred 
with for thia yo.-.r of graw,' 

'I'ho farttily rtnin h^tiixes in Hie 
White Holies and by noveh ■ o'clouk 
«iM HlitiefeB of cliildiHh (loliglit 
r»nR ihronah tho corridura of the 
tdiini. There, never whs « family 
that dviticpd airyngor affection be- 
m «it ita nirimfierH, Mrs. Hurvison'n 
mourning over her niat»r. Mrs. Lord 
ti'mjieroi by none -of that f nab iona- 
« piilhwopliy that curbs sisterly af- 
fection us it exists io these advanced 
drtye. The Presldeut 1 * ftlfeotiion for his 
gmnd-ohildren comes as near idolatry 
as his nature allows. 9o you may be 
that the Blockings were filled in 
tho most orthodox manner ..and there 
waa a Cliristmiis tree loaded with the 
uaual presents. President Harrison, 
teai'Dingwith probably little regret that 
thoro would be no servioeB at lua 
church the church of the Covenant, 
spout all day With the ohildreo, assist-', 
iug in tbeir amuaeuiBute. Tl'cro wero 
picture hooks aud dolls and cars and 
wfigona gaioro. 

't'heouiy member of the cabinet ab- 
aeut from the oity.on Christinas day waB 
ohn; Waoamaker, and the only one to 
attend cmirch was Secretary, Tracy. All 
the cabinet families Bpent the day very 
quietly, eave that of Secretary Bust who 
had such of the Wisconsin Congressmen 
as happened to be in town at dinner in 
the evenfog. 

Quite a number of Congressmen spent 
t be day In the city, not feeling able to-. 
spare the time to go housed A~ 
great many, including Senators Chand- 
ler and lugalle, had their entire 
families with them. 

The anoient social argument about 
the order of precedence in the .TeeeiWng 
line at the White House receptions haa 
revived for tho winter, and is now be 
ug waged with all. the weapons of 
wordy warfare. The occasion is found 
In Hra. Harrison „ appointment of her 
daughter, Mrs, MoKee; to represent her 
at the Mew Year's reception, as she her- 
ssif wilt bo obliged to be absent in view 
of the recent deathof Mrs, Seott-Iiord. 
The' diconteaed aflarm that the place of 
honor in the enforced absence of the 
PieSident'a wire belongs to the. Vice.- 
President's 'wife. They go further in 
saying that. Mrs. -McKeVs husband hav- 
ing no place in offlolal life, she ianot 
entitled to the recognition. 

Another row is raised by the provision' 
for receiving the Judgea of the Supreoae 
court of the District of Columbia with 
the JusticQof the tTnUed States Suner- 
rior Court, while Senators snd Rf pre". 
sentatives cool their heels in waiting. 
The difference between tweedle dee 
and twsedle duni ^ is ^Very strongly mark- 
ed ia our Democratic country. 

On the very last fraiii to ry people.- 
oiit for theChristmas holidays Was Sen- 
ator Evarte. Amid a merry chattering 
throng of young people, the old rmih 
cronched far down in his chair silent 
and listless. On the hook above his 
head danced his ancient sUk hat, look- 
ing more delapfdated than *ver by con- 
traat with th* sunoDodlngs. There Is 
something pathetic in the picture ■ of a 
tired and feeble old man going home 
to;a Christmas dinner that nio : atomacn ' 
will not illow him to ant, Senntor 
Eenrta haa aged terribly in a year. 
Th* temple* have wnistedto tbe laat 
degree, the oompleilon la like parch- 
msnt and th* 
notice of aurroemdingii, save when _* 
U Inounyaraaiion. Hi will sit by th* 
boor l>nri*d in n big ohair, with is legs 
cfonsed and his right hand tharst into 
his trowaen : pocket, "> without a 
moveeenwnt; With the e-oantioo of 
of Fig Iron KeUey, tb* rntbev of lb* 
Honae.b* ahene his age more tbnn 
any man In oonginaa. and yet in that 
Near Tork, offloa ot his bn will eunkd 
naif Mwt boUday seastm pJanptog inn 
aUnst; legal bnule* known to tb* 

a«:_a*_fc(T. e^«_« 
it— <e.e,_ewr d.imip. 

Mb*e>«* lam* •»*» 

Hw — W i Odu-imw »» «»l, 

•rawdri koan. Tba iiitn1»l»i»i«l 

LMt niandar •— nine W. P. _.w- 
•i waa ntlarad of auiaa of lita oata 
wttaoat Ua aoaaaiit. 

"boat twah» 
tr MoDda and mlgbbon aarpranl 
Ahraai Pottar by narahjafr Into bl. 
raaldeooa and Infomlot him ihat )i 
waa hla 08d blribday. U. waa badlj 
aarp^faad bat all liad a good UMa 
iiwt tK« aarne^ 

A woman who jonceputs 
on Ball's conet will wear that 
> she lives. 

That is why the makers 
do as they do. i ., 

What do they do? 

They tell every store in the 
United States to take Ball's 
corset back and return the 
money paid for it any time 
within three weeks, if the 
woman that buys It don't like 

Do the stores do that ? 

They do H they have Ball's 
corset They are glad to; 
it costs them nothing, -j 

Your store has a primer 
on Corsets for you, vs s . 
un—aq—ama. w — l anunt 






In twelve oatayo volumes of 600 page* each. 94 
separate and complete histories. 1.S00 Ulaatra- 
trtttiofis. 10,090 pages. By twenty well-known 
authom and acholars, * 

ThB material !■ all i NEv? and baa been preparea 
epecially Cor thla work. A graphic account of the 
great peoples or the world from tbe earliest times 
to the present day ; showing tbe influence of each 
nation oa the progreai ol ciTilliation, Inteaeely 
toteregUiig and meet instructive. It Is pro- 
aounced by .all; "The finest historical wort erer 

' Thla aeries is Incomparable in instructive Tel* 
to student? «id. general feeders."— Boston 
"Prepared as it Is by. our best writers upon the 
abject, the mHm will become * VALUABLE 
rJBKARY ot national htotory."— N. Y. School 
The publtohera hive placed American raadera 
80I_> BIT SUifflGBIPTION 0S.£.T..' ; 
Agents wanl 
Very libera! teraii. 
For further informStion address 

G..-P, PUTNAM'S ■ONg, 
87 and 29 W23d St^ New Tork, 



InH lifficai BoTiii . 

Arrangements hate been Made for the commt 
year which will tttaBitidn for tha Mamnw ita an- 
riTaifed poaflitm amoof periodlcele, and render 
ft ea*n\ttaltpa»arjr reader in America who da- 
sirei to teep abreast ot the .tlm*.v->i|ion:.n(WTa 
» nm'«.Wwo*';'''.'o» : 'oc»n^^ 
,s»anir'finu» ov:'ntiji^ : >tpo)DanMnii^ 
:»*,*ai|Ui»^o»_r raa-Woaa ar'.aanutiairrixrra. 


The iCortbeoitiinC rolume; fU ba «Jgoa_sed by 
by the foremost « 

eeotfoTeroy on ITaa Trade«»d| > roteotioh hi ttietr 

.bearina. oikw the dendopentent iot''-Asim&M*1»f 

dtntry «nd pniuneroe, between aba two : wm' i &- 

mt^tti^atiaeaniaHof KogtsBd Sad Araerica* 

THE EIGHT &0tf. W. B. aLAS«_OHZ 

_ «o , 


TUa A-csartoa, enibractni: tha most ImpoHan* 

eonn«a_ta_a»ai perledt- 


I But roartaanili Btraal, Naw Tnrk. 


franhtoarl. hi|ii .ilwm 
ras-ian*o_, kn«ar. Ha «w t 



tattan ReAars. 

Bunloo Easels, Fancy Utah 

HUe Stands, FincyWblas" 

AndFootResU. Tin Knart Asnrt&ant of ' 
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Estate. Valuable Notat 
\Trau»ettons ■trictlyConfldantial. 

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Bank, First Streat, Falton. 

Fvoa taeOI Brides. 

N'oOoe ts hereby sl*en to all tbe readers oC this 
;j>»perandaU their Mends and acqualntah- 
ceat£rou_bo)il the Vaiwd States and Canada, 



A Wedding Present. 

To coople whose address 

"_Wcentatopaypoetaire— Is; seat to the Mb- 
Usher Kithi* on* far from th* daf of their 
■mamaQt, ■ . ... ■ ■*.....■-■ .■ 

fersooe sending fortius present axe requested 
toeeBdacppf otapapercontaiBina; a notice of 
nee that shall 
amooat toareaaooablaproot bey are antl- 

Usd to the nvaMalae under tie ab on offa_i 
'■:> ___.-■ 'Address,'.. ■.'.■■■■■■*+■: 

"THE HOUSEHOLD." Brattlsboro, Vt. ■ 


Not a Liquid I 

or Snnff. .„__ _____ 


A particle Is applied Into each nostril and Is 
agreeable. PdceeOcentaat DnuorMts: bymeil 
registered, » ots; KLT iwDTHEBB, 

M Warren Si Now York 


THE " ■ . . • 

Kerthwestern Masonic 



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any other of the kind known on 
record. It has no equal. 
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Goods. Elegant Ice Cream Parlors have been fitted »p. f J 

The Contectionery Department contains everything fresh and M- '" J 

Frnit of every kind in its season can be obtained here. 

Crackers are made fresh every day . 

The Bakery, Ice Cream Parlors, Confectionery and Fruit Oaprt 

ments are complete in every particular. 


School Supply Agency. 

E. Q. BLAHKMAlf. Manager 

Central Square, 


Oswego County, S 

-DEAL8B tS A3A, K»»R.or~ 



ELECTiieliLLairiia co,, 

332WamH Street. ' 

Sraucoaa, N. Y., 


~1 i Ifultil ITnilleasna 



"Fublio Snliool JoiarnaL" 

•a"dofre»pon4e_ce Sollcrtcd. 


You want good reading for the Winter months. 

We've got two offera to make yon. 

The great Cosmopolitan Magazine, one year. «ad Tjtis 5"in_. 
one year for $2,40. 

The excellent literary magazine, The Sew ISnjtlaad FIraaida 
one yeariand T«s Timks on* yaar for list). 

If yon are not familiar with these excellent mayuinM call at 
Tim Times office andae* sample copies. IV* know >k«y aw 

t_T*Cash mutt come with every order. ;-iv' 

&TOI or new subscribers can take advantage at either ir 
hese two offers. 

t_T*Alwaya send 10 cent* extra for postagn, wt 
goes out of Oswego County. 



oor pent Clearing Sale. Wn ia«n4 to auke thia 

.'-■ - -_-i< 

Sftle ever made in Pull 



Oar Line of Good* contains the most 


For Gentlemen that you could possibly 

D. C. MORE & GO. 

The Reliable One Price Clothiers, 


Oneida Street, - - Fulton, H. Y. 


l*in rn rt» h a. 

LMk ■»■.*!. 

•ikkiniiKbiMa lb. ,*p; 

V. 4k A. -hMtftH tar. auri. 
«T«ryt blm hi «li tfcrtr **p*rta mf. 

tendMlMlllMitbor »•»«■»' »I«M 

watelnMa to jMn*«r*« f«M tod or 

THii I'll i;i'0N TIMES 

WcitMaMMter* ■***- X, IStMt. 


Train* k*r* Ifcliim sutlon ** follow*; 

DavSxprMM. 8;0fl(t. mi 

N«w Vork and Vti\l*A*}pht* Kitpre** . . . . i I i'SS *. m 

BtttSMtutiM ai Kx]>refw 3:»7ij, m 

BjmeuseXiipwi*... ..,,.......-. ;. r»:SSr», si. 

K»* Yort »na Phil, JSJght KipreiM H:M) 

Now fork m4 ShIJ«d«lpl»l» Expret 

BtMntbMt Eiprow.. 

n»r i^tprvM'- 

,...19:00 it. 

„ _ u:-IH(i. 

fi«w York Mid Fhf Uctoplite Kxprsw Tifiilp. 

JBiwnJof.Eipfew ■■ -(>;*<• p. 

lh»1)i« «, m., "Mid B:06p. i»„ tr«ln§ v. 
run «und*T*. .... 

uriMtHtpUifC c«M »tt»oli*il to nfjflit oJipreen for 
BiwYorVmarfilMMloipWu. , , „ , 

A. K. 80HWAHK, Ass't. fliipt. 


coi mo Moitva. 

Ontario Night Kxprewi, ...... A 

Oiweso Kt yr«f — *> 

Vnttgiit »ua Accommodation ' 

Oswego Bsy Erprws < • ■ 

•'PHO£N1X LINb,' 

Trains ta*ve Fulton station an fallen 
' . Ji'iSa' 

Bifitf 11:06 



Vor Syracuse, 
Tor Oswego, 

Mr-Train" going north lenvo Oio Broadway 
AtpoU minutes earlier. All trains will stopnt 
botli depots, 

■'PMsenferiSre requested to purchase tickets 
before Mrterlns the etirs. An excess ulinrge or 
TIGS GENTS Will bo collected ' " "~ 

paid on tb» tnln>. " 


0. RUST'S 

for Oswego left tit the Dry 
Goods store of J. B. Sullivan. 


Clarence Ton Eyok of Waterloo is a 
guest of his uncle, Harry Comstoek 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Do Rusba of 
Syracuse were here over Christmas. 

T. B. Barnhart of PitfcBburg, Pa., 
was a guest at L. B. Babcock's lost 

Mr*. D. 0. More is in Chenango 
Forks, called there by the illness of 
bar parents. 

W. A. GIssier, Gon'l, Rec'y of the 
B.B. Y, M.C. A., Oswego, was in 
town on Monday. 

Sam Doyle and wife of Cortland 
war* her* during the post week. 
. They returned Monday. 

MlsaMary C. Loomia after a short 
Titit to friends in the east will go to 
St. Louis, Mich., for the winter. 

Ambrfete Chase, formerly a trustee 
of Fulion, who went to Mansfield, 
Ohio, about a year ago, !a in town. 

Mrs. B.'-K. Dad* and her ton Georga 
8. Dad* left for Chicago last week 
whare the family is now located. 

0. W. rairgnera, prmoipal of th„ 
Xingshoroagh tJnion Bebool, was in 
Jnltonf< ie past 


Win. M. / 'OfriflUh, assistant state 
•seerstary of thaTohg Men's Ohristian 
- JLMool st«t«iU*4o a flying 

visit hers 

D. B. Salmon, Mr. and Mrs. Edward 
Salmon; Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Salmon 
-*nd; Mist Liiiia Wells of Syracuse, to- 
igathsr with. Miss Lacy Salmon of 
Vassar Oollega and Mr. and Mm. Gv 
Hi> Balmott of this Tillage, mad* up a 
)sl««Muit family gathering at Mr. K. 
J. Sal mon^ laat Friday. 

An TJunaanl Clwb Ofii»r. 

Ths Forvk is the foremost review 
of lWiog, snbjeots, and It has more 
smthoritatlra contributors than any 
pthar periodical (including nearly 800 
of the ablest writers and most dlstln. 
gulshed workers on both aides of the 
AthutUe). Tha prite of Thb Foitutf 
IstBayaar. Wa bava made a specta 
vntngaasfit whereby w« can fill or- 
dan for Tarn Tuotaad Tbbs Fobum 
tot ^0. 

WoH'shuaoos bread at Bsrses' « 

• •t e.s.4 


Frt'd M. MelrUyre dltsd Tuesday, 
Doo. 8J, at 8 a, m., after an illnsss of 
nearly three years. The deeejwed 
wai horn in this village in 1848 and 
wiia consequently 47 years of ago 
Ho 1ms always resided fu Fulton, lmv 
inKjt»(;onefcrk forsevoral llnus, Mr 
Mfllntyro'H fater died when he was 
seven years old and bis mother a lit 
tie over two y oar 8 ago. Ho loaves a 
v/\U\ two Bona, John and Fred, 
three sinters, Mrs. Henry V. Speneer 
ofMoxioo, Mra. O. W. Morton of Ful- 
ton rind Mrs. Frank M. Baker of 8yra. 
oiiso. Mr. Molntyre was a kfnd- 
heartcd mail and neighbor and the 
family have the sympathy of the 
community in their sad affliction. 
Funeral servioes will be hold at the 
UnivorKaliut oliureh Friday, at a p, 
in., B«v. A. U, Hutchins of Syraouee, 
an old friend of thb family, will con- 
duct the services assisted by Rqv. B. 

William P, White died*al his home 
in tho Patterson block on Onofda St. 
Saturday, Dec. 28, 1880, at the ago of 
4S years. Tho deceased was a broth- 
er of Mrs. Charles Calkins. Ho was 
a soldier of tho late war, being a 
member of the 184th regiment N. Y 
S. V., having enlisted at Central 
Square. Tho funeral was under tho 
charge, of Post Sohenek G. A. B. of 
this village. Services conducted by 
Kov. W. Demnater Chase wero held 
in tho Methodlat church yesterday at 
1 p. m. Tho remains wore taken to 
Central Square for 'burial. C. T. 
White of Woloott, uncle of the de- 
eensed, J. W. Wiiite of New Haven, 
Conn., and W. A. White of Syracuse, 
brothers, were here to attend tho fu- 

Th* UaM for loreatory i» at hand 
and Boaw ^"^ 

tlona bVfora ft ia takf n. Take adran- 
tag* oftha opportantty 

On Monday^ D« -^ Mr. Patrick 
OtU and MiM I*lixle FUtpaf rlek were 
united ia marriage by the Rev. Fath- 
er Kearney at tha pathollc church. 

A pisaaantdanelag party was held 
In th« dining room of the L*wi* 
House on Christinas «ve. Supper 
was servvd to about forty in the large 
halt w here t he tablt bad been spread, 

Teachers' Institute for the flrafc 
commissioner's district will be held 
in Fulton commencing Jan. £7 and 
continuing fire days. 8. H. Albro, A. 
M., Is the conductor and an excellent 
program is announced. 

The employ** of JameS Fanning 
prssented him with nflneset of draft- 
ing tools Christmas. Prentice Yeo- 
mans acting as a committee of one 
made the selection and purchased the 
present at Syracuse. ; 

Cards are out announcing the -tnar- 
riago of Miss Florence Markhaui of 
Utlcato Arthur T. Smith of Herki- 
mer, on Wednesday, Js>. 8, 1890. The 
ceremony will be performed at the 
South Street M. E. church in Utica. 


«r t. MMtyiirlkpSi 

Aay teat, ftaa, H in* tmn 

A grand New Year's Party will be 
given at Church's hall this evening. 
The committee having it In charge 
aroC. M. Allen, O. Q-; Chauncey, Q. 
3. Webb, J. H. Case and A. H. Bm- 
sriok. Musio by Drosoher of Syra- 

Mrs. H. Wetberby died of pneuuio- 

niant the home of Harry Com3took 
corner of Erie and Sixth streets, on 
Friday, Dec. 37, J889, at tho age of 63 
years. She was a 3ieter of Mrs. Oom- 
Btock and had livod with the family 
for the past ten years. Two other 
sisters survive her, Mrs. Aust of 0«- 
densburg, who was present at the fu- 
neral, and Mia. Wells of Rochester. 
Funeral Bervices conducted by Rev 
W. Dempster Chase wore held at the 
house Sunday afternoon. 

Joshua Gifford, who has been serv- 
ing a life sentonea In Auburn prison 
for the murder of his wife in South 
Granny on New Year's day, 1882, died 
in prison Christmas day. He was 83 
years old, the oldest inmate in that 

I^wis Wright, age 78, died Friday, 
Dec. 27, 1839. Funeral Monday at 1 
p. m. Interment at Mt. Pleasant. 

Oysters and Clams at B. O. Briggs' 
oor. Sixth and Caynga. Sfjtf 

■ To TeHcberw of the tim fmtrict. 

The Teacher's Institute will occur 
Jaaunry 27th. at Fulton. The only 
examination before March will occur 
January ntb, at the Normal building, 
Oswego, N, Y. AU applicants are ex- 
pected to present themselves prompt- 
Sums of #400, $500 and $750 wanted 
on first mortgage. 

Buy H. P. Wilson's "I. X. i." 

P. Wilson's "I. 
cream bread, 8 cents a loaf. 

A big out fn Teas and Spices at B. 
C. Briggs, corner Sixth and Cayuga 

«•.. ". mat 

■ ^^i^wi.f^rrajlKWH^^ 

Mrs. Dr. Wright and sen of Syra- 
cubs are spending a few dnys at liar 

Miss Clara Swire spank Christmas 
week at hwrtiome in Clay. 

Chat. Uatemsn and family ha*a been 
spending a few days with friends In 

Misa, Usud MSson U Thjltlnt l«r 
her brother In Phosaix. 

Mr. B. L. Hsmltm's rather aad 
brother ln»» bwen maxiog liw a abort 

Mr. and Mr* K. W. Co* aa«o basaoa 
the skk lut rot U« part two waeka, bat 
ara impr«viag bow. Mr. On kaa rat- 
bb fmiu aa4 will mora to Pbomm hi tha 
•prtog. UevtUbsgnaUyaKlaaaakara. 

Tha nautmtaf Mn 
naMaot of t)us atoto 

MIbs Kato Strong, a maiden hid y 
residing at J. H. Morton's, stepped 
upon an ioy porch last Sunday morn- 
ing, falling and fracturing the thigh 
bone. Drs. Hall and Marsh was 
oalled and reduced the fracture. She 
is now doing well under tho treatment 
of Dr. Hall 

The heavy,wind"the day after Ohrist- 
mes did considerable damage here. 
Dead limbs of trees and hero and 
there a tree itself was seen, blown 
down, and a number of signs wer 
torn off. The roof of the new part of 
E. H. French's house was blown over; 
tho other part of the house and into 
tho front yard. 'Fortunately no on© 
was injured. The tin roof was also 
torn off from a part of Dr. Pardee's 
house. " 

■iila l i i by lUv. B, Brwmtag «t tho 
DalvoraallataliBrali of Vattoo. Tha 
raaktaasa waadaaorated, not alabor 
au bat vary taatfly, with •vvrmroena 
and towara, with wedding ball and 
areb ~ ondar wbiah tba party .sCaod 
daring lb* wtlag eersoHNiy. 

Tb« brideamaid aad groomamaa war* 
Mlas Dateher and Mr. TbomasSaalth; 

•f, br v'tber to the bride; Tbs i brideV 
drew was of vary beautiful Cbtheae 
wbita silk, ■'**■ train, L with /further 
adornment of ''bridal veil and rosea 
White."-'. .. 

Mewrs. Barnhart of Pittsburg, Pa.. 
Poiu^royof Pbosnlx, Cook t JG." A;", -'lot- 
Fulton, and Baldwin of Syracuse, 
were the ushers. 

The presents were elegatify useful 
and ornamental, and many of the*** 
costly, aitdaontimerousas to number 
uinety-eiglit, The wedding^rwts and. 
$50 in cash being two of . the many, 
thefirst.froioMrs. M. K«el*;r, grand- 
mother of the bride, and the' latter 
from the father of the bridegroom. 
The present givers were all the way 
from Balfhiiore, M;d., to Pittsburgh, 
Fa^. and all round and about, Fulton 
friends being among the hiuueroua 
ones. The supper was an elegant af- 
fair and heartily enjoyed by the 
guests. The bridal party. started for 
Singhatuton to remain a "short time, 
thence to Harrieburg, Pa, and violn 
ity, from whence in a wvek thoy will 
sefctiedown to practical life in Bald- 
winsvjlle for the present, ', and every-, 
body says "joy go with them," 

There wero present from Fulton, 
Rev. and Mrs. Brunning, Mrs. M. 
Keeler, Mr, and Mrs. Fred Keoler, 
Mr. and Mrs. James Keoler, Mr. and 
Mrs. Starr Hill, Mr. and Mrs. C. Mil 
ler, Miss Ida Miller, Mr. and Mrs. 
Amos Youiaane, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. 
Cook, Mr. and Mrs, Frank Connell, 
Miss Helen Patterson, Mr. *h& Mrs. 
W. H. Patterson, Mrs. Van Buren, 
Misses Cora and Fannio Van Buron, 
'Oscar" and. Clarence Babcock, Miss 
Emma Connell, H. P. de Forest, Mias 
Bertha Lee, Mr. Edward and Miss 
Lena Babcook, Miss Louise Ferris 
and eome others, and ahost from oth- 
er plaoos, numbering in all one hun- 
dred and thirty. 

• | l|la H aw^a»»$«> yil >| 

■ •irttipilnibaa, »< 

A mm^ar of aaeaaban o* JhOtow 
Chaptor B, A. M. sHaWid tha faaar- 
al of WUUam B. Cnriagaaa* Oawago 

. riKENSX lilfEX: AT «l»E9 fl . 

I. H. Bronnsteiu'e bankrupt stock 
of Clothing has been sold at Sheriff's 
Sale to J. M. Mortens & Co. ot Syra- 
euse, by whom the.old reliable house, 
13 and 15 North Salioa St., was i-eop- 
•ned on Saturday, Dec. 28, for the 
purpose of closing out the entire stock 
at eost. They will give the public at 
large a great opportunity to bay 
their clothing for very little money. 
Mr. Brounstein will be general man- 
ager and will bo pleased to see his 
old friends. 

The Ciiflstmas uret.- tu : iue Metho- 
difct otiurcii Friday evening brought 
joy to a large nuuiUer. i*etti. ■ J. F. 
uooper as Santa Glaus gave out pres- 

t-s wittiout tisui^r co the ulitfdteu 
present and older oeoyl* came in for 
their share too. ' i'atuuui Greeu was 
presented witli a beautiful plusli 
rocker by the church members, iiev. 
Mr. Chase with a fine book rack by 
his Bible class. Mr. Bacon with a 
sec of standard works by tbe Sunday 
school and Mr. Redhead aUo received 
a valuable gift. About WO enjoyed 
the supper that had bean prepared. 

1 have investigated the matter con- 
cerning the two' girls that Dr. M.J. 
Lefsvre, known as the Indian doctor 
has taken under bar charge -and I. 
find everything altright and proper. 

JohsL, GAXXXS8, 
Dec. 31 st, 1888. ■£ \. Fulton. 

A good«« tea for 35o at B; C. 
Briggs% Cay ugft street. - 39tf 

Baking Powder .13a per pound at 
B. C. Briggs', eornar Sixth and Gayu-v 
sa.Sta. . ■_: ' ■. . ' t»tf-' 

Tba dopot, ibis fall* for robes and 
bUnks ta to at MoCnlly V tf 

Naw style* of Wall Paper at Wil- 
liams' Drug Store. tL 

linaa Gt»o«U am d Cloaks. 
for avorybody, wa bar* one largo 
oonatar flllod with DMas Goods that 
wo axo atoaing oat at out. 


HolMay Goods of overy daaoriptlon 
at WUttaaas* Drag etora atMl tetail»d 
at wbo htaala pHoaa. »tf 

Tin Toya, Woodoa Toys, Iron Toys 
aad all klula «f Toys akoapar tlaw 
ororatlLM. WBHaaN' 81 tf 

MnHlds pfc— k>oa to bo m«o- 

■ In August lttBt B. E. Phillips' drug 
store was badly damaged by fire. 
The stock was also damaged by fire 
and water. After a settlement had 
been reached with the insurance com- 
panies Mr. Phillips proceeded to close 
out his damaged stock, and b'v liberal 
advertising the people in thiss' viciui- 
ty knew where to go to get drugs, 
proprietory medicines, &c, at a re 
markably low figure. The goods dis 
appeared like snow flakes on a warm 
day, and he then turned his attentior 
to rebuilding and remodeling hii 
store whieh is. now completed and 
stands on First street an ornament to 
the locality and tbe village. A plate- 
glass front and doors of the latest 
at-yle and finish form the front of the 
store, while within everything is io 
keeping with the external appear- 
ance. New show eases, counters, 
box drawers ahd wood work through- 
out is Been on either side, while a set 
bottles of the finest Bioko adorn the 
shelves. The entirely new and large 
stock of drags and medicines is up 
with Mr. Phillips' established reputa- 
tion, and having no old stock he can 
justly claim to have tho finest estab- 
lishment ot the kind in this locality. 
Straight goods carefully prepared is 
what is wanted, and this is what you 
are sure of getting every time at Phil- 

It w 

tkat'DoV Waoaswhaal UtolAOftppa 
but U wss awwd la aot ol od t ha t U h a rt 
only sprang b MoOtety Joko on cot 
of tha boya 

Mlat mted with as 

elegant pleoecrf atlvar taMa aarrlee 
by tbe wuiora of tha Aoadaaay; at bbs 
elose of school on Friday last.— Pbm* 
nix Regittar. - 

A special Union moating will be 
held Jo the Baptist 
day evenin 

reference to the eoiulog of. Mr. David-, 
sou theavajlgahst. - ' 

Do you reailxe that you «an, gat 
Tub Times aad New England Fire 
side one yearfbr $1.00, or Tm TiMM 
and The Cosmopolitan: one year for 
$2.40. See adverUseDMnt. 

B«v. h Xuth- 

eKin church Oswego was given a no- 
ahluious call last Sunday evenlidg; to 
asBume the pastorate of -the CohgrB- 
gatlonal church ' Os wegO' Falls, Th* : 
salary is said to be $900. 

day eith- 
er at theMethodiKsahurehor between 
the church and Sixth street, on One!-' 
da, a plain gold ring with the initials 
F. B." on it The finder willcoh- 
fer a great favor tothe owiaer by re- 
turning to Thk TIMKS office. 

Mm. L. K. Wither has sold, her 
place in the south part, of Fulton, 
which includes Wilber's grove; to Dr. 
Palmer of N. .J, for a- consideration 
of $2,700.00. Mr. A. G. Tilden aoting 
as real estate agent.— -Oswego Fails 

TNat, J. a BgMamt. 

Tfcafaflowtagatotnas p g ^ii . d of- 
«••»>-*.. B, Oos^n; O. e, b. 
Ftsmk Marsh; a. a A. atttten L «., 
WnX Fany; B. & B. O., 1^ ffhntm**; 
U a ». O^ X. H. Broakai 'a\ & ▼. O.. 

B. B. 8L. ». M«s;Lak. B. C 
■MfffA T>M * - jm - ■ i — ni hskw t a lU il 
by Dlatriet Dapaty BnmA : *4^T 
O. WBaoa, aoalstad by a H. WoleOtt 
«Orand Ms too regular 



oondlUoa withoror M» aottvo 
bora. Dagnaa aio baing oonfamd 
oqeaadldataaatnaariy avary 

At ihelast regt 
lodga It .was- votwl to oxatiidr an iavi- 
Ution to Oswegatehie Lodge t© «< 
and;wifaMsa thair dsgrea work __ 
-Wa^hiasday f.T«nlng, : ^an. & - Tfala b>^ 
Tltationba* boaat A baa- 

quat (iven Ui« ing br«ih- 

ren at tha Lewis boons after tho worit 
on that •venlng. 

T, O. Wilson, RN,>., of Neaht^. 
wanta Lodge, was made D. D. G. M. 
at the annual meeting of the Grond 
Lodge lb #o^i qq 

Jatt. S lie will iniUU tha officers of 
Oawojgatehie ; 
Ou Jan. 8 those of Lycoming Lodgo 

tha offloers of Beacon Light Lbdga 
No. 46t Of New Haven. On Jan, $lhe 
offloers of Ah waga Lodge No, *» of 
Southwest Oswego, and on J)ua. 7 th« 
officers of < Lodge No. 77 

of Phojnix, 

«»njt Jtnraw. 

The following are the Volney and 
Granby grand jurors selected by the 
Board of Supervisors:— • 

Volney— Harry F*-Seymoux T 0eorge 
Ward, Fred Vant, Peter Klein, Bar- 
ley Simmons, Morgan: Van Buren, 
Cyrus Howard, Walter Bradley, 'Chas. 
Whitaker, Amos Wolever, Edgar L, 
Coe, Loveil Johnson, John Mtrton, 
Austin Loo Abram Lewis, Heman 
Rowlea, Monroe v v Ke^oids, K .Jamiss; 
Waugh. Frod Jewett, Henry Owen. 
Harvey Bowsn, Jay M. Piper, D. D. 
Eyaos, DwightEno, Charles W* Has- 

Granby— Al W. 

Palmer, IX Charlaa Case, Marvin A. 
Thomaon, William H. Sammervilla, : 
t harlas Wllker. John Frawlav, Aliuou 
Wilcox. Oliver Payne, Hubert Dann, 
ChauneeyC. Stawart, George Wood; 
Cliarles A. BaynokU, Harvey Stew- 
art; ; John Cmyan, : Kayes D. Pieree, 
WaliaeaW. Walla. 

Holiday eoods I Holiday Goods I 
At the Syraaaaa Drug Store. 

To Oar Sahner l bora 

appearad lu oor eolaans eonw now! 
a— oondnga spaelal arrange- 
wttjh Br. B. J. KSBDaLL Co , or 
hovgh FaUs, Vt. pabUaberT of 
'A Oasalasa o* the Bora* and hto Dfs- 

C. M. Sabin received as a Christmas 
present from R. M. Ardrey of Buffalo 
a life-sired crayon picture of his fath 
er, the late H. N. Sabln, mad* by Ru- 
dolf, one of Buffalo's finest artists, 
Tho fineness of execution and natur- 
al look do the artist, great credit, and 
the picture is highly prized by Mr 
Sabin. . ; ' ; . :.' ;'■ . . ' '.'■ 

Nineteen singers, mostly from Os- 
wego Falls, tollowihg an "old coun- 
try|' custom, rode about town Christ- 
inas eve serenading..'-' friends. The 
music was good, and we are Informed 
that it was surpassed only by the 
ability the singers displayed In con- 
suming the viands placed before 
thein at the different stops.: 

At the regular convocation of Ful-: 
ton chapter, R. A. M., Tuesday even- 
ing of last week,the following officers 
were elecied for the ensuing year: D. 
Pardee, H. P.; S. Parmelee.; E. K., 
John H. Merton E. S.;R. E. Phillips, 
Treasurer; A. J. Snow, secretary; 
The ofilcers were installed by H." P., 
William B. Howard, except Dr. Par- 
dee who is absent. 

An article beaded, "A Millionaire's 
Ruse," going the rounds of the pa- 
pers, is a pleasant fiction, at least it 
is so believed to be hare. Tbe party 
owning the farm adjoining tbe Retrof 
Salt Mining Co., at York, Livingston 
county, Is F. A. Gray, father of Mrs. 
A. G. Gilbert of this village. Mr. Gil- 
bert is in close communication with 
Mr. Gray and understands he isnego- 
tiating with parties in Scranton, Pa., 
for the purchase of this farm. It is 
believed to be the richest salt terri- 
tory in the Western New York region. 
— Fulton Cor. Oswego Times. 

A very quiet wedding took place on 
Christmas night at about seven 
o'clock .at the residence of the bride's 
parents on Fourth street, the con- 
tracting parties being Miss I. Gertie 
Ottmanof FaltontoSamA. Harrison 
of Oswego Falls. . Rev. B. Brunning 
wsj officiating clergyman, Tbe im- 
mediate relatives were the only 
guests, and no attempts were made at 
display as'a wadding" party, A fine 
wedding lunch was served and a gen 
erai social evening spent, ths : bride's 
brotbvV, D. W: Ottman of Jersey Cl^f, 
being home, it bfingliis birthday. 
Pleasant compliments were paid tha 
happyoouple; amid so starts another 
pair on the journey of life together. 

■. The New 1 Beoeptlon to be the rooms of the Young 
Men's Christian Association this eve- 
ning will not be an elaborata affair 
but ft' is gotten up with the ideaof 
making everyone foal at. home, and 
trying «ttry means poasibla to make 
It thougiy enjoyable. It will be in- 
formed^ a prominent feature being 
aoelabllily among ail. Befreanments 
will be served by a oommlttee of lad 
let; others reeeivtng thoae^ who -oome 
and a moaleaJ program of :: an excel- 
lent character; basboea arranged. 
Don't let anything pie rent yonr sail- 
ing; If only for a few Bsinirtee- Every 
man; old and yooog> Is eocdlaUyi in- 
▼itad. i Go; and a hearty weJeoaae Is 
la store fer yon. 

Bennett* Stewart, and A. B. Bey 
of tho Boston Baanar hat* kindly 
to add sums arMHinnal de- 

eoratlenn to the B i sesn t a i tra r tive 
appeamnee of the roesna, and Mr. : 
Biletul hn* kindly pwttoa peano for 
th* nuaalfis tbm mnt m«B ha 
oawnaB^a^rwi r/ a w ryhihirlted 
to iiiwii renttitng athiiw — watt. 



Tne l^iirnt Api»rapriaU«M Kxaasst^. 
At the annual meeting held on 
Charter Election day last March the 
sum of $l,70Q was appropriated for 
streetlighting.' This fund.ii exhaust- 
ed or will be on the llth day of Janu- 
ary. As we understand it the Board 
o' Trustees have not this power to en- 
ttrjliito an agreement to continue the 
street lighting for a short time or un- 
til next Charter Election unless thsy 
are willing to become personally re- 
sponsible that the company wfil be 
paid. This, we understand, they do 
not care to do. 

They however have tho legal power 
to make a contract for a year, and 
this is what they should do in our 
opinion if a contract could be made 
at the figures which are now being! 
paid. This, we think, would be en- 
tirely ■satisfactory to a large majority 
of tax-payers within, the oorporatibn. 
The priiie tlm'irijiage:^ now paying is 
f 47 a ligb^ per ^ear ^r-tt Hghts.mak- 
ing a to 141 of $^803 jfor twelvemonths' 
street lighting. The' price is reasona- 
ble compared with, the prises paid in 
other places for arc lights, and it is 
the only kind of street bgbtlng that 
will ever be satisfactory. We cannot 
afford to be without lights atthis sea- 
of tbe year, and the mttrmars 
about town to the effect that lights 
wiil be secured from another source 
slower figure originated from the 
babbling of an official who in the 
iiassic language of the ancients is 
termed a "sore head;" The Board 
wiil probably consider the question at 
ts meeting this evening. ■ 

Daneing School, 

The Beeond term of Miss Tucker's 
dancing school will commence Satur- 
day, Jan. 4th, at Armory HalL Chil- 
dren— beginners at 2p.m., advanced 
at 3 p.m. 

Wednesday evening, Jan. 8th, for 
hidiesandgentlemen-^beginneraat t 
p. m., advanced scholars at 8 p. m. 

Terms, $5.00 for twelve lessons, 
.$3.00 for half term. Payable in ad- 

T * noe ' ". ■- '...■■'.' ■■-•"■/""" : < *■*'*:. 

The late 
Loomis. For particulaTs"ioqafre of 
Hiss Mary C. Loomia, Cor. Third and 
Erie Streets. artieolars 

inquire of Chas. B. Bennett, Oor. 4th 
and Broadway. .. ; $it£ 

Fob .j'SAiifc-rA fs 
ecres, pleassntly located, one mile 
Fast of Fulton vfilage tra Fay street 
for fjoitber partmalars loqalre of 
Mrs. 8. 1« Tarlbr, fourth treat op- 
poeltetbe park, or at thtoontbe. MU 

tho dJnwfan* ehqrafaee 
»*«M aneak lor a few 

mhsaAai eaoh^npon tbo emb}eetr near ■ 
«t the fr l adl t ldnal hearta, 

Mr. A. T. Oanon, Baare ur y of the 
Yoang Men's OhvtoUan Inwalallim. 
wna the tnt on* ealled apon. Be 
■poke enrnertly to the yoohg roam, 
•nd ta behalf of the young men, 
sfaowliig 4bat saiptoy^n mhouH take 
Mhttoreettn^yoongnwn In their 
H aps njmni l and endeavor to help.ln 
C«1f)n«Bhamtn the right path. Be 
» cMi d ont the dirnee and rossohat- 
bUBhto of Christian voonj men' and 
the oamrae they should pamne, 

Mr. Cottwas next ealled and In a 
few well eboaen remarks dwelt, eepe- 
oikoy, ttponthe need of more etody 
ofOod'sword. "..-.:- '•*: 

Mr. F. B' Baeoo followed andatat- 
ed that he desltsd to pnt hhmseU on 
rooord as being in hearty sympathy 
with this movement, and that hit In- 
terest In the 1,000 young people ot 
*>itoh and Oewego FalU was well 
kjno wft, aod:« 

would reoisT. ■opporti 

K, B, Bedhead being eaUed said he 

:<Ud ; not '.»ve»..-»pr*arihg'. 

Wore n& andienee wltn sueh * feel- 
ing of solemn ^ 

that time, After a few zuloDte* of 
•arnest exhortatloa jie broogbt hi« 
remarks to a, eloae by tayfaiitttbat we 
moat have faith as If »i] depended 
npon Qod, and work at if all depend- 
sd upon us. 

^Alteraingiiig.D.W. Gardner was 
the next to respond. Heseemedvery 
««ply| impressed with the import- 
attee of the oeeetfon t aaying that it 
*as quite possible that he should 
never appear again before those as- 
sembled, and therefore acespted the 
opportunity of speaking a word for 
Jesus Christ to those who! have not 
accepted Him as their Saviour. 

R»v. Dr. Rankin followed in a moat 
exeellent address, dwelling more «- 
peeiallyopona.-few of the dangers 
Hkely to be met with, and offered 
words of kindly warning. He spoke 
against the danger of a spirit 61 critl. 
cism 1. e. becoming dissatisfied and 
critical if the coming evangelist in his 
personal appearance, manner or con- 
duct of the meeting", it not up to an- 
ticipations, alio he referred to the 
danger of the other two denomina- 
tions remaining away when the meet- 
ings are held at the church of the 
other, layihgspecialemphatison the* 
necessity of attendance upon all, no 
matter in which church held. One or 
two other points were dwelt upon in 
an. equally able mann«r, all being 
timely, practical and to the point. 

The last to address the meeting was 
Rev. J. O. Breaker, who in bis utual 
able and eloquent manner spoke of 
the need of more activity, more prac- 
tical christian living, iess prayer for 
the Holy spirit to come upon us, who 
he declared to be among us, already 
here. He is a thorough believer in 
prayer and its power, but laid stress 
upon the Importance of each prof su- 
ing Christian being up and doing. 
In a few well chosen remarks and 
quoting God's word as authority he 
spoke of the certainty of eternal pun- 
ishment to those who die without the 
redemption that is in the blood of 
Jesus Christ. He is a thorough be- 
liever in what he preaohse and 
preaehei what he belierea. 

Rev. Chase addtdafsw brief words, 
a number of selections ware sung 
from Gospel Hymns No. during the 
evening, and after a closing one Rev^ 
Dr. Rankin was called upon to pro- 
nounce the benediction. The con- 
gregation we* *n exceptionally atten- 
tive one and the ehureb was fairly 


. Ital' ■ ..:.. 
■oo jorvht juto^fr 

0> THB TOBTtnW wnhLt*", 
-.-... -"WItL«l(:"TO : ni^;OT : i- 

im Bsnoaiiax abd 

■: " ".; ■':■■' '.; ■ WOii djrr TnOD ■ 
OR, ■!■■. 


mm m « 

uia» M 

Btrr wo? 

aatm •■■ 
TO*»t tor Qimaai -k 


■ '.■■■ Tiniit: 

rr, ■ ^, .- - : ;. 

wtn»Y rail 

WAlttB AMD TAffnB 

op aix ouiouvromsv, 













Oayoga Strset, - Fulton, N. Y; 

Paper Hanging! 
Plain ana Ornamental, 

* a *«*0"»»«t«d. o^odlufanaaaiaMB i 

Oreads ean be Mb at my hmm$, Ot«eM n;o 
. fsln.w-st .&glMtW»Vtow,lr^w«V'. " 

Pert Office Ad Jphs. on : 

* ok Salv. House, barn, and three 
acres of land. Plenty of fruit and 
water. Situated eornar of Sixth and 
Clark streets. 

Inquire of Mrs. Frank Sweet, 

tf 101 Cay og a 8L 


Owing to a ebnngo In burintm I 
wish bi dupoee or the following prop. 
erty ( >ue eorrel breeding' mara, etev- ; 
en years old weight ITt pounde, one: 
liorer'eolt. 17 months old, ebeehnut, 
white star lu furehoad, one white fore 
fout. good tire, one thoroughbred 
Jeney bull, 18 months old, eolor 
miulrn-l grey to black with white 
flpotn, grandalre "Bxlle of St. Lam- 
b*>n' of Koeheeter. dam Scovens 1 
"Gram Greenwood " Thto la deaim- 
bte property aad will be eekt reaeea- 
able P B MA*aar, 

«lf Qflberte hUUm. 

Tliey say Brigge h> tolling gioeertoa 
very eheap. Cor. Stxth and Cayugn. 

1 bavethe beet Mo tea fa the vil- 
lage. & C. Brigga, earner HUth and 
Cayugn. •> tf 

Von SALn-At * bargain. A fine 
eberry desk soluble for a lodge room 
f office. Call and see itat myatore. 
■"' '■-■.-'- ;;. V;B.O.;-Bno iry.-" 

Inventory Sale 
■ ; fOBOM-tUK, . ;; 
For the next week we ball offer 

dueed prleee to reduee afoek before 
taethkf a ventory, «nll ni and ate what 
bargains we wfll offer yodv 

O. B, OSAjmu, Jf Co. 

Mie above pieture represents a Koen. 
There air esTtrai kinds of >otie f 'and 
all differ in disposihun, and lotelleafc; < 
There are Virgfny Koon«, Halrriron | 
Eooos snd I Koons. Tbe Koah 

differs from the frog and tad Id i 
ttt far* habiti bathing, while the I 
and frog takes panickuler pride la fro* < 
kent baths and kleeh bide, Koon as a 
Wilis Jtont*nt to let the wasbio 
goseglt : 

htodt of Koon in genrel. Bom Tsnau 
get tteed and tome don't which mter. 
AKeea* :: 

aotls. tpeoiely If the \ urkeys aad oktafe- 
ensnate tbsie, and noun beppsut to 
be fa site. The above ■ 
poard to represent a Koon in trebbff, 
with very tlfm ehsnuer uv getttn out mr 
It vary sooa, X*ny uv -eur worthy 
patpalafr to just such a straigbt inato. 
hard tlmea, and iu order to meet the de- 
mand of the pruple I ba*« jaet re- 
r^eatlrhed my ruck of 


ead beg to subnet f r lupeMhw a 
ohoice line of 
HIU4I, .ftriSTStlAIKifML. 

■ CAttffls\ ■ 
Ageedatoek of Fitie aitai-mitry and a ::■] 
InBlhmofCliok'esndpurs Confeo- :' 
tfc a ery; Ths nsaal tuppi/ . 
■■ ef pare awdettadsrd 
tad all Fropttetary Artielae may arm,; 
_Jw noted. Very n^apeotfaliy, ZL 
. B.C. OIK 

— - , 

V«*wj»r«Vife fa K«w <* «*«•* ' 4 
. Tl» *.*&***«• ««ff«»f««M 

April dn.u:h rttflHMiita fr *«*™ 

*«U*i*tn(t » 111 not wee**. l.OOMW 

The only Mtabto w«y *• *** J K * r# 

box'., lard f ■ d<>..i«e«l« dm 1* to bay 
jt in leaf and have J I r«iw1.*redln o»«'» 

HnQcera *>t ••*•' und * r pot-P 1 * * 9 
are eioellei... This j>laft ■*■!«■ °< 
letting the upper part ot tit. pot be 
come dryer than other wim. and mum 
the io!i .» *«>U aerated, while root* la 
tlM water will (tot »» «■* "»> il 't ur « * h « 

plant n»<?d»- 

I>advi.1e'coiii>MiM«i ww* '«*"* P* r 
uaplta »f it. people iIimi doe* ««y 
other city In Ain*H«», Tim laoteal 
fluid I- cAurltlf rrd an •iilliluw for the 
41-kmiio irnlnoi) In tli* 1 atiimt-plut". 

Varl<4j 1" afway* pfcanliiB ami *t 
tbia -*a«oti ittiidr » Uttl* hew to hare 
" 4U1tereiir<4i from last Jear *t ****•• 
ctrnt, It l* ort*« iW *•*>* **,*»** 
lilmngt* ft* ■* wiimH vipoiid-, *U'J ■* 
plonriitK ft* vrtien a Iftrtfa «nm ifl ••»* 

W.i.t«rdft.ryl«K 1 witlKr«duallyfoi'cfr> 

prvKfi'Mlvf dalrymtui Into more In 

k tt-mlvw Hyott'tuoi Wter cow*, butt** 

maintaln-ei!, ami im (wwvr aerep, and 

yo-ftit.lj' aitti ilif'f Mo; «oJHnK l» » ftU »' 

' of it* jV?r»*M wiH take the pla«« vmy 

■ Iprst'ly dl Hit* Hunujujv pastui'i pt 

' ""\W» bnmthcw nmnt. *nff>r, «-»d 
wh«>tiiU»k«itju"t mrmijijtuuUK'aJom" 
ie bUtwd" who knows tlmf pah. and 
tm,ff«rfntf nuft be eurt-d bj HamitioN 

AHh«.ti#lt no h»v 

coW'-irtlUDi, 1*»UV Coujrb tf>nm 
. Ib UHit bail «* «U drug ftoros lor 3a 

- mi" riitfri.u -i'iei , v<<;. 

Jlibhon fans ftfe'lihed for yoiipg 

„ Slcst fvcniupr drps»c» hnvp hIbwvpb 

JputliM frirniuiugs arc Casliionable 

Vl<jlimc«» liave appoarod on dressy 
tviute* ttuletw. 

8t>lM| fiaveliiif? cloakg have a 
joclty «fcp to match. ' k 

"■ t^diHins i« ffvtvtd (or drens front*, 

gtlglit paiih'i' pffcot^ »pijfanm»ow» 
ly importptl JPreneb kowup,. 
' MotttmellMe flHiltnn (iittttupkd miw 
,' ltn> rlvrflw fcitlli* fur ball dresuw. 

Mkny of tl.t* new Kngtish tt»qu«8ar* 
if-otupWed wholly of f (tattlers. 

SUvWmI t.iu«H(»#, *hU««f, eta., *r# 
~ t»*d foif m M aueiit o;» n«* or tulle. 
- -ftsaV beaver and r*eo*x»n «,re very 
'popular fur- (onrhnmlng jankets, 

Vermis 11 mti*t <» a now material 
lor x mortii >4 robi'u and drppalog 

' - Tait-qpluivd (j1o<U K<*wtk« are mad** 

vtr> »1r*>»> li> It^lnn trlniui»l «ltli 

black velVft and K^t braid. j 

ChateJalue bagu made- of tar, with- 
silver «oc^*«oiie», are uped Vlth the 
•houlderfapeH now In vogur. A muff 
itoiiiauhVoeKwilth theiDi ; 

ftao€«h tw^e^B, heavy Bng-lleh olie 

i .«tatfl. : ".<?erraan .broadoloth aod idiaUar 

4prot«''.ttve vooleiis will ;bc worn' dor*: 

:■ iDg ;L* KdTamtH of oolder weather. \: 

L--w v*tv.'t Lcdio^i tu wear wltK 

tulle ftklrte are uiadewlih great plaln- 

ii^&saud are nut round: at- the waiat 

- hne"ki«tead. of being polntod. ■■■■■' >■ 

WliiUtHnlri-<-«-il kid uioueqQetalre 

gi vfn are w«ru wlih white ^veuiog 

ge*ua, eud ar« even n»«l eiU&alWly 

wltb ooterwl dreeMiw Wbite aatta 

allyiv^« slmuiil always he worn «tth 



r» bxbaomM^ maw* "*" 

IT (WflCS SklEMjUMEtt, 




. Itrtb'.M .u i m i rtnl H^*, 
Hiafi U«l W*! 1 i 




Tb* I« buw sod ise Phimbw wIU, 


Is Aupnt wta* *«rr aklw. 

T^wa eariM «toai t»w »*r*W«srta* 
Ttw p»M «U1 ta» aewa w Mas. 

And trwn Uw iwtaci pBV sT tliM 

Will frtok ti* MbMefa *» 
Tb« f<HM7 »w ah JOtae «B vack , 
CTtoaMMoMlctae. — ii lm ii n ) 
*gr how* aad ▼•** *a»0rt«fM «t 
AW), wkM ta*'«MW»«,<w»«, iter •«« 

ABd y«* wltfe ■orro* i« ft flnwfht; 


out* kbv urn m tin aoor. 


iNUi Kiim.BiMDmC0.iDlW M»«L - .-_^ »^ MMWri- 

DOM" «T DKlllOim» "K* °™ BOM** 

K...IKK-. »>HI. BKMKI.IWIII «1 RMM « . B<«ro«, Mi«. 

« Miilii,! BM Mr. *Mtr <»■ 

«ijnr«l»w««i atiw f>7ta« <!■• 

M D « p »t tadi ■• i I'm 



•ftttMMyelwrged tbut 




Win. will . ill un W 

SOOn A." erf'' - ')Ur«tJI»WTTM 

Wo!!fs!\ ; !: ; - parting 

■ >■• J r1t*|*lfpl»a 

_^„ Mi« I.HP- ' -" * 

HUMlwKw (d«nn.I<-uWiraAa,i 
■>« (I *» y ■■■ I'iira *■ 

0/ftA«m c < 

Wiii. I. ii a Haf'- Cure 

Hnruotr MpU-M 

OM IMtl «W> Ma ■■ 

■HC-lkC SW 


i Minu insi w LmR sn 




IUim uticMi Iqraani 
writenudbrawnmrtana . 
Urc Uaea o« aolWty taaa m, •*» faMka. 



orpart; or "lataail.- Jt k awar laaia. 
tnaal, bat it abat ahfafa »•»• Irtillan 

Framp: r^i-f !■■ akk h«»wi« dii- 
BlneM, nauira, ^nimrlpailoa, |ialB 1r 
tlM^ue tfiiarantw^ to tboaa Mhak 
<krwrn LlttK PUIa ~ 
tlaaK :8wall priat: OuudA «1« 


o ewer-Art. «« Muk a«, a x. 

TbePoraT!l«.y««r«-» Tm Tuo. om t«-» 

OardlwllMnlW-'Tea. Mtl That- 
b^lRNnalthaJaUanliom • to 4 
•vary acwtttootk^— Lowall Halt 

Bu-'Talab>;oar Snt year at aol- 
Ho— Y«a. H^wdldyoo aaowtbatr- 
B bo » fcaaw by tbo way yuar »nn« 
folt aroaod 8M. Th« maasln are not 
•o (ally doTaloped aeva eoQior's.^ 
— Doatou Heiald. 

Ador«r<aitar a reboke by the. old 
lady)-l dldutaloyoa. I only pre- 
twded I vae goiaa to. Why did you 
eaUtoyoar eaotuerf 

8weetUlrl(reoentaatly>-I-I dida't 
know abe was Id tl» bouw.- New 
York Weekly. 

Mr. Loootto-Are yougettln( ready 
to fo to the ball to-nlg> ht. HarUT 

■to. Loeatu- 1 oai.'t mane op my 
DlDd "luu to net. 

Mr. Loaatta— Well, (or roodaeae' 
■aka, wear •waolMao.'— Pock. 

Mrs. Wlake- Bo you bare taken an- 
other eotupanlon " (or better or-wone!'.: 

In. Seeoudtrip-Only (or better, 
my dear, lie oao't poetlbly be »ore« 
than the otherone waa.^-Terre Haote 

Indbrnant lAdy (to usher, at thea- 
ter)— "Pleaae order that man In front 
to raatore hU bat. I ean't see at all." 
Dihar-"Oh, that hat la all right, 
am Xt Isn't a man. It's Dr Mary 
Walker. "-New fork Weekly 

She Coold Not Aeeept— Ooello- 
"MUs Weekawken, will yon honor 
me wltb your eoatpaoy to the opera 
on. Tbaradayr' MIH Weekawken- 
■*Vm eorry, but a lot of my frlendv 
are to giro ine a earprise party that 
night, and I'm ezpeeted to stay at 
borne. "-Monsey. Weekly. 

Tommy entered the parlor where 
bit iatoter Mamie was entertaining her 
beet yottng man; MI wonld like 
bare yoor sister for a Chrlstmae prre- 
ant'Toinniy. Will yon give her to 
n»r' "Can't," aaidTontmy. "When 
I aangbt Hu Dndelgh klaauw bar the 
other night, sbaaald: 'Now Tommy, 
ooat 0re ate away,' and I aald 1 
wouldn't ••- Jndge. 

Thro, leotila eurrente Ie a klllln' 
ao many peopia In New York, that 1 
won't ran any rtika with them green 
aarnav I pat np but niiniiMr." laid 
adearaMkvly la rraakford yeater 
day.ari tharafor* OKpeiad all large 
hue whlah had been ropoaluc In tLe 
paapj -l-nll»d»lpala Boeord. 

A ahrls* aaant f rata tha parlor, aud 
the aeoth w ranted lata Ika room In 

rwe,. .iMiwaa 

d P»lr.rh rwWf 

»>?» etttwut UNn. 


t^?eaV7r>M WeL Oar pita car. h 

_ ^ ******* IWII ii mm, : t*t: ■Htitt.w/ t« 

HMtuvtlaaefM ttw t-al mwMr e>TllMi 

uMtlOT-*-**. l^«W*tTaaVtM</kadMM«.to 

,Y«* •(* lM(«t» eh"** •>*U rv*pt>r«Nl T»»r»r>o»HT to ■ 
tM Urn* uiH>r«r t-rfor- oat tam*jr*l»rf Uwo*-«aty 
..»o-» P ," m ti^ ,«w. ol elf OevwL to j*» -' 
TiH.w" at V+hm, uw tht> Hl< 4» of Jonnwr, Me. 
nt,lit»'i).ik 'illio rttornnrrt thvm Mxi U>*«« 10 
i...„. ,.:. .l,: ..._.. ----'■■rty. jj^li 

..,.», ■■ n-'-e-trr f.^ U>t|a»in>nl "( »*****• 
nClfUfa-rnUnl umM . 

Ami >C Mir <.r thr BxrittM tnicrVMrH. toe utvtor 

ilwjt.K.'f I 4 «.iy.^ ivv* It*-) »re ii-plhoe tO : 
-■■•.vif by lltrtrxiurit^M » t)vr h»*i* wn> or If 
1^ * hart* rniiw IliHl I ivt ■/ »W' tr ""'l ■PI* , F ** 

•riro>tl)r>*itvlnte<l ivfiiiihe^^inf llwwurw" 
tect w f«(n«« i« tin >«i a iPMrdi-Ui »ill bw «4» 

for 'ti&n't f» u»t i*kw I"'"* 

IiinilntW' \Wfnif. «« )<**f CMMd 

■ tii t'>i-Aiiir.n(rVy-<;ftrtirm^lMttmt^i'*% ■■■:■:■: 

I ll..r til. .Lllt,^ .f IkmiiL to %» 

* t iKr * IVm.i iiirtUniMj ta« 
IlinOBV uf Kiitomitfr in »«• \r*r «•• 
LimiiHtnU r>vl>l iniiMli >"l Htt K itihlT alno 

K liftVlll 
S-«ir.. S ,i1r- OT .1* f*,iiP-.»»i«i->! OtUrt Of 
PIPER ft HI. E _, 

„mh» .i« » Fulton (t l 


blKl U> In MWa 


ill rwt t+- : 

hi* »fflr*> In AlbM*. unm TiMter Jmiuait Ma. 

■■fewlr«*-ft-**i««t'w6e*« : - ■Th»\w«**W"l»»: , liM:ft*'.;. : --: 
umliet'wjfmrRUlr *n« w>n |iruporuH«r «*»* 

•CTDyT(p;iiilM , >jT.. , i.lM[ti': l VMi;:*0iiin;s(6n^ 
luKHtui^iottheniW if Vw fo r t *"■ <l*-"Jfj 
i>MetI&f K»*ioa«l-:or^lSl»t*>»n)(l in »w>tiw»*jlt: j 
vllU-(mfUHt*r,^**iMor*tKHtl(> tlittSiiMrm' ■ 
tMidMst Of Pw*(K Wiitli* tor th*;«»t)«Bte*»'-! ■':■:;. 

tM'Mie«Umi>ot'U^. : nnI»not''pit^ 

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imprtvlnii Kft^HwWfwt wt,tl* oiom Frik ftkiaij^ 

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Dr. Agol's Pills 

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Buy whiic is is ("heap! 
Purest, Cleanest, Bast. 



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Aad atii*t* kw* *** r ** t '" ,M ""' 
Briat* at** - " to comfort anil to-ctwp", 
A re* above wHatcsrlu wmld IwM ; 
totals 'If* pWaaaat tt> be old 
•t* pleasant ih«t Kma* w««tAii.i, 
^ftnfeetaftwearttie harder land. 
The* joat l*y»wl the «'"t*n U lf >. 
ThsAserfdeniver l«l>* wide, 
■W# miter In U» d«-nr*itil fold; 
111 this 'tla pteawHit to bo'oM. 

. And when we <1r*w m near M"'« v<-w. 

^v o ■ ; Aii* lie«r Mi* sullen river suiw. 

■■■':■: ■■'■:' Aad earthly sights'Krow faint owl aim . 

v QUff i*Ktlf «fe»rOr *» <'» r ' ,im - 

-■ ;': . Whoeey* «..' used I uphold i 
MUU**tispleawiiHti> bo old. 
■' ■ And so wo nnirinor not (it a. II, 
"As aye's night tlotli 'round ns fait. 
■' put Upward loolc with ral'lh'ti clem* v.'"-. 
■ : ■ r Beynfid tho earth, lwyt»id|h» sav, 
TO jMper walla and otvrata of gold, 
'. , . Ami there 'none ovw <ln grow uhl. 
;,-■'■■ — Otirhiiliiii at WoiU. 



"'■•he Centemttnl Hall and the lliiiiloiirjiiiit- 
ttM*~"Th*t Fellow Flstt"— To« Many 
Descendant* of revolutionary Klvoa™ Itrll- 
tiant Trlnmpli or McAllister. 

When ,the groat mogulo of Now York 
■''society were preparing; (or tho centennial 
:b*ll to fetko place lu April, 16B9, tho «reat 
*m*r«liii!Br Ictf. tlio ellto, Ward MeAUIotor, 
"unuiputiucoiiimiind. But tboro wna mur- 
-ij-Mtrlilf" nmd dlijcoutont nmoug tho hosta who 
'm*pix*d to hold posts of houor at tho ball, and 
•on* who, w-es referred to by McAllietor ae 
.'■Hh*t feliovf Finb,"org«niBcd o rovolt and 
Hticcoodofl In drlviiig tho 
grand mnrohat from hfs 
Word McAllister 

£;hdi'ow, dlacomfltcd, 
v(ng tho Hold to tho 
•ntniy. Hirtory ropoatm 

wtu-ar |-n->M-Mi 

L W. K. VA.-J- 

:itMtf. • A fallen 

'enemy if fasmpo- 

:r*rily, crushed 

iiwmlly -.riBQB 

1 sTentuully and MB3. fibrkjb loiullard. 
glTWiwgoo'd as ho (-ot Napoleon I thrashed 
the Prusdann in 1607, but tho Emperor W111- 
iun tbmshod tho French In 1870. Ward 
MoAlUstoi- withdrew muttering in 18S9, 
(inly to come .to tho front with vigor for 

^ Jiui. 1, 1K», to give tho granderst How 
Year; ball Now York has over . eebn. A 

Mtrfttegio moro in social army, it mrtlces Oon. 

-Qr«nt'8 operations ta the rear of Viokaburg 
»Kpe«f Jikent-itaiooforolKsptol. And est for 
"tl-it fellow Fiah,"herBoelvo3 no raoro atten- 
tion in the matter of iin invitation than if he 
were tho cottnnonesb kind of a yellow dog. 
MoAllUtOT's fort as mi orfianiwr is in prt- 

■yateBOoliilrtffairs. Uodooanot think itpos- 

'•ihletoni(il-el-tr--epnb)icbalbaBi-oceiB. In 
Attempting to morghnl tho descendants of the 
patriots who founded the government in 11W) 
be fonnd himself f nee to face with bo numev- 
■■''-b-tt-Mi offspring that he was panic stricken. 
'31*-^ were the descendants of tho WiwMn-*- 

■ tons, 100,000 Strang; though considering that 
■■■'•isrtwfe and Martha Waaulngton— bis only 

•wlfo~h»d no children, the claims of these 

• been qiwtioa»hle. ITien 

•-sitaMtbe frliit of i Abagail Adamr 

"^aWAitning from Masiachvwatte wid rendering 

'the qaot* fi-oni that st«t* more thau full. 

'WneathettoKcendant* of all the pntribtaof 

'17» were consldwed, MoAUlater found him- 

.riPBlt *t the head of an anny beside whkh 

: ^erie* hWrtaWere a corporal's g-aartL.-.B*-' 

l-rttdmi. ho wm in the position of certain "regfa- 

:]M n alQcera during the clidl wat, who had a 

; : :jt^-^cw>p»ct fdr a battalion of regulars and 

'iit^i»nterap«rem An army of volunteer*. ; 

■ Cleiii JIcAlHstef deterrnined to organiwa 
iiw-dalJUiny on a braa new plan. The regu- 

: : ilant of 'Mi*. "YoritwMieiy were to be the basis, 
ti., tbOM regulart who are •eota of 

: ■.'■^/T»ti KcAiUster. Oaeh«ndredAndtWenty- 
:-fiv# fepree-mtatl-'e men in society were to 
-cgabtofibe tl00 each, Here McAllister got 
; ■ tfa«;-*w--jjrth of tha Scotch clan, ayft^ln, eacii 
;5«bicribaT ! re-^ ,| riug : twelve tickeU. ;.■■.-.■ 

T . vlfeAUUtw has brought the organttatioQ of 

:-^» tall to ■■* fine art. Few people imagine 

thig up 

l-xmfom'wltt-mietmhxliy-.. ^e«Ar«Agt*At 

«iaii-f ■ dUBcultleK. 

; The tUAQAgar must 

beone in whom tile 

'vnaaio-rtayaot socieigr 

have fi^ooafldeaoe. 

But S-<» T-^wfc wc-totT 
io *Wnii..iip.* lti;-.Wiw4;-: -tHj*' "Hp**}* '■**>*•'■■ 
m.U.1 »1.-A> U>« swwl Vaa-d-rtUs T>rs-Afa* 
tW MMgbt of bi> aUtllc-aa i» beaf ■{(•• th* New -fork:'* best tmmlUm asaOkt-' 

bearUJ io mark an era ia socdafUfe ia Am~- 
k^Knara whk* U exteodtag all «f«r tfcw 
wwfcL Tb*prw««*»aaof Ueatl str->*a«-a* 
^lu^fc-.. u .l— «wror*a«br--*A».aad 

anriugtlw p-wt fewdf^MiMMwMlW** 
TtmtioiiMmt»t th****-**^** ate -f ia nn s 

Kaiw^tatt-tt-jrlaf : t*> firt'*»1t.'»*..*»y:^ 
ittte bo«-a t>t * rlctt jpock iNtekarf 

Ward Mc*lti*t*r (Ww tt«at » *s a atfr 
take to leave ««t the dowagara at greae Wk 
WliatW meaiH. by dowmgar-t ■*** ,-**«*. 
)k^,hufcltHiayll*»«wn»i»acI Wta..«-fi 
to promit(«nt married wo«-aa-» fcafftsg :t#fi**- 
U«a feBttheniortdiwgAtowtotfc*^ 
of the (lirta «re those who are i»Uad ywshg 
tnarried wfflmefi. 

Mr. McAllh'Wr'f- gaai-ss ie Ij«* ma»(ra»t«-l 

from tho fact thai; while he ma-la Slaw Yorli 
eocl^ty th<* bMi« for hla sootal istort, h* 
Also determfnwl to bring (u aew blood. A* a 
Nttccf-Wul imprcswrjo most tw tmtimmllj 
bi-injEiw-c -)»(i new prinaa do-maa, atoAlHat»-r 
will introdtico iiovelUeelntoirJefMhi-raa*"* 
Ho Is on tho watch for j-wuig ladUa, wlaa, ad- 
tor tho intrainotion tie glvea taam, will ■nake 
a suucrswi by their own beaaty and tatoota, 
Ho can deter mino a geuins for Social auoeass 
mi rt>n<lily as Napoleon could pkk owta Jttno*. 
Irani tho ranks ot his array. Th» 
lisfdeti obliged to keep the ran Of etraa- 
(jwa illslingulshetl in tho social WOfhl 
of othor places and coantries Who TO»y b« 
In Now York when hlu hall Is given, Wiier- 
over ho ilndu thoso who will lend eohit to the 
occanion thoy iu-o talcen under Ids especial 
raro and put in ivlth tho expectation tttat 
thoy will inoSco their aociid fortunes and add 
ti> JlnAllIator'a glory as a social organiser. 

With fiueh n coinprohensive plan the great 
Now York hall ould not fall to l» * •««««». 
IVu", that which is mipiK»ed to lx> tbe inain- 
aprhic of tho wiiolo affair mAj" not bo a very 
noble one; but this la only inferred after all. 
There In one, howovor, who must be content 
' to rood tho account* of It hi the next morn- 
inR'n paper, while gr*en with envy. He Is 
"that follow Fish." 

Among thoan of this latter class prominent 
at tho Now Year ball, perhaps tho wealthiest 
in Mrs. William It. Vanderbilt. Mrs. Ven- 
der hilt was MIsh Alva Hurray BrnHb. Bin 
may date her prominenca soolaUy from tlta 
time when tho Vanderbllts raided socieiy in 
tholr fancy dress ball seme years ago, and 
then and thoro battered dew» the doors, 
Since that ttmo eh* baa grawa rapidly in so- 
cial favor and has heoomaa leader. 
' Mi-s. I'lerro Lorillard, Jr., f* aootberot tbe 
young marriod women favored with JacAlUs- 
tor'H inv itation. Mrs. LoriQard U tt* wife of 
Piorro Loi-illord's oldest son. She to aa 
thorax, having written a clever novel called 
"Those Frotty St. George Qirlf, 1 " She has a 
town houne, but spends most of the yen- at 
Tusodo. Indeed, New York is getting to be 
Euoh a great overgrown pile of brick and 
mortar, and tho sorronnding country in so 
beautiful, that oven tho wealth And fashion 
spend little time thoro. 

Several years ago Miss May Brady was 
tskon from tho ranks of the girls and placed 
— in those oif the married 

by Mr. Charles A. 
Stevens. She was a hallo 
as a girl, and Is now a 
beUo as a married 

MKfl. ». ItOOKE!VBr.t AND 
M«a W. D. BLOAKB. 

of New York's oldest and 
most respected judges, 
Her husband fsono of tho 
ownera of tho Hobokon 
ferry linos, .tmldoa blocks wgmt kkpard. 

■ MSI fcllsMtels l l B ls l isJ g saaeaaadfc 
M>se^s^|a«ai« yeaais»alm ^siigsVRsa 

:*%:.• aajaw^lsaia^sMWirts^^lpB^^ 
fe Jss T ss y l . 1 1 a j. .l l fl i III . IjC.j. I ., t i ll « J ; 



is to deco- 

t iba jta^iar _ 

atiwae jaainstaj^ «bs. o a anngN«. 

«M ^theur peculiarl- 


.^Taaakneeses and dwtrtbnto -favors among 

•^■■alsNBSi m ■■. aa-to mate ,;.th«ui gi> round and 

ts*tt» same tune uot wound their sen- 

4BBMllti«t. The govendag idvAs ara not 

3ts» «t>» artuy regulatKiM or the coustt- 

taMpn of- U>e United States. They an 

-. -^mk*. like fee nnwrmeaEtigllsfa couabtution, 

ea Is bum upon [•rweden.t Ward Mc- 

BJstar bavlng taken in the tubjcribw*, they 

«lh*raalboria; a»»rt of board ot dirao- 

; Yet the raft) m«n^««inenl> rests with 

"Mar, Ily m oomnioci i-onsaat ho is rec* 

daa the leader, and all data* are left 

of railroad lino& Cotiso- 
_quently tho wife has plenty of 
rnto bor beauty. 

Mrs. Elliot Roosovolt waa the daughter of 
tho Uto Vulentiue G. Hall. She is a blonde, 
witli largo light blue eycBand A profusion of 
light hair. Bhe.hsis boon married about Ave 

Mrs. William DouglasaSloaaoisoBaof tho 
richest women in her own right ia New 
York. She ia tho daughter Of the late Will- 
iam H. Vandorbilt, and the wife of one of 
tho members of the firm of J, &, 3, BIoam. 
Sbo lives in ouo of tho famous VanderbUt 
miiusiona, built Eomo yoara ago on Fifth avo- 
nuo between Fifty-first and Fifty^seoond 
etreeta. Mrs. ■Sloauo is personally a very at- 
tractive and beautiful woman. 

Mrs. Marshall Orme Wilson is called the 
"baauty" of tho Actors. Before her 
rlage' shw was Miss Caroline Astor, the 
youngest of the living daughtara of Mr. Will- 
iam Astor. The father of Mr. Wilson spent 
hiaoai'lylife inthoeouth, and by "running 
tho blockade" laid tho foundation for a for- 
tune Still tho husband's means are coa- 
sidorod a mere bagatelle eocapared with tbe 
great wealth of his wife- 

Todropthe matrons and take up a miss, 
Hiss Louisa Shepard is on* of the proninenfi 
figures of tho ball. She is the oldest ohfldof 
Hon. Elliott F, Shepard, who majfriad ft 
daughter of tho late WUHani H. VanaTerbat. 
MissBhepard Itos only been "out" abonta 
year. She ia noted for her charitable works, 
and is ono of tho King's Daughters. 

Vh* T^i^.i/haee. •* tiie.s> Called ..**<*•*- 
■ *««•' -j|aee««a*»-~*,. Hae C*a»* U»;«*' 

Avawlar Iwtatnml* ft* Over * CesWtarjr. 
: wlita OewtlASMm'fjtiMg**. . 

Tb* epanlngo* Oklahoma, and thanoova- 
nMnt to but tie m mtlad ObaroikM wtOtt 
have beoogb tbe <**r«a*ss.«»o» aierft'.be- 
for* tie owiatry, ao4 tfcers la the sswal «- 
vistcw oif parties anwrng the Tndla0s-~«iMi for 
giving tip tfeeir pecnlUr Mganlamtteb, dlrtd- 
Ing thalr lands In aevaralty and Iwoowlag 
ordtaary Aw dUaeUft; tfce (Mhbar for; 

Dnitfng *U the cMlbsd tribes ma en* "Bar 
tfatt" and malntalnaag their oomaaraUr* Me- 
latioe a little longer, 

TW ww« conservative, however, adatf* 
that ''lands la asveraJty''AiMloltiBsissfalp nasi 
eventually come— "It fa but a njw— tton of 
Mn»s, H they say, "but w# do not want t» ba 
pushed; give a* Urn* to prepare f<«r It" And 
tbe most radical admit tlutt thaoonservattvss 
are doing much to prepare; schools, cattrcfees 
and newejsapert are fairly alwadant, and the 
progress of the Cherokee* laadneatloei and 
property Is quite enoowraglag. Hut, say ttie 
oenservatives, if we cease to bold land in 
common, bmskti a farn* to each fiunily; and 
allow white nten tw settle o« the rest, the 
poorer class of Indians will soeu lose their 
faxmw, "contriving white men will gat swat 
of the land, and aa soon as they have sf ma- 
jority in tho new state they will oppress as in 
a thousand ways by petty enctlons aud in- 
tricate laws. Give ns mora ttma." 

And thfe has been the pleaof tbeCherokees 
line* 1785, when they made their first treaty 
with tlio new American republic At the 
close oil tho revolutionary war a large num- 
ber of tliom peoplo in North and South Caro- 
lina who were stigma tfawd as Tories, hat are 
more politely referred to in British Wstory •■ 
"United Empire Loyalists," orosssd the 
mountains and toonted ABWBg th» Cherokeea 
They were men ot ability ft** good character, 
largdy Bcotoh In blood ahd Presbyterian In 
leHgkm; they est np looms, mUla, scJjooJsaiiid 
chnrobes in "Cbsrekee 5 OeargiA, M attd with 
their aid the already progressive Cherokeea 
progressed «o rapidly that byl«9 they h*^ a 
tolerably well organhted g^rreriMnant, with 
written laws. May «, 1817, delegates from 
flfty-four towns convened, and a written 
eoneUtntioo was adopted. Kver since the 
Cherokeea have been a "nation." 

The white) man pressed upon them and 
tftey began to move westward. Then come 
that remarkable national debate m which 
congressmen argued long about tho national 
rights of the Cfterofcees, orators depicted 
tlwlr wrongs and'poeto sang of their primi- 
tive virtues. It ended in the expulsion of all 
the tribe from Georgia and adjacent states, 
and in 1830 they reorganised their nation in 
the Indian territory. From die Tennessee in 
Carolina to the Tennessee in AlabomA tho 
local names testify of their former presence— 
Chickamauga and Chattanooga, Etowah and 
Councseuga, Kenesaw and Oostenaula, Since 
their first treaty with the United States after 
the constitution vras adopted— it bears the 
honored signature of GJoorgo WaJshlngtoii— 
jkeyhavo coded «J ,000,000 acres of land and 
have but 7,000,000 loft. Yet the clamorous 
cry of tho white man ia for "moroi" 

In 1800 tl» 13,000 Chorokees formed, per 
haps, the richest rural community In the 
United States. It was estimated that their 
livo stock, at current rates, would have 
aroounted to 117,000 f oi- oach famUy. Their 
invested funds for their lands returned an in- 
come sufficient for schools and colleges. Tho 
war left them with nothing bub tbe baro 
land. Theirstockbad beendriven into Kansas 
and TesnB— "Jayhawketl," "conflscntod," if 
you please— and as tUo majority went with tho 

:WaK,e<:llw OslasjH— lift saftlili. fl 

wttbavalfasswy t, IB gll I sarfO 
He hiaaeU. kkwysr 'and to ntM.ati i 

ksMwMas of their laa«ua«e Bad sesdtosBta 
Hk la fer saDirig at a g*cd prkta W. P, 
nialaiiml.of " ■ 

■»>wMy . aa.1 UwrW«n ajMka -1*fc tbe as 

ea^ot*ss«a'witi> m Oil ml iiiilli linij 
atodalsA THaotbrr ansMtor rrosntkU 
trh*, Ueat-y BeU. I« isW h* .«av** « asatt 

. Tbaoswek or :(*.■.: nation».ali»Ma 
■Mllty. The Boti J»mpk A Heahs, < 

iuatsee, is' 6,1 years or i i iiiI H at, 

(Swrokae scliools, and em-red thresh ««• war. 
In tte' Condfedarau'ariBy...'' TIM ti 'ssas M s t 1 , 
ILobert Hoa«, k a gi»*s4soo.'«f tfaa tsMous 
J<An"B<Ja«,'wi»0 ,wa*'; chief 

lh* war ba : tbe *"«i«ral army. 
ssrved that minm .of theae wen saow very 
little i™WJ>ulian (ea**r<w, e»d Ufc. a «ri 
oucractttiat there ar* CbjaxAtea ifa«nlHas of 

.jjbi* CaueasUn blood, which have ye* been 
in the nation for many gaoeratkmA Sons* 
arad>st>si»dAtat« of children captured In the 
earliest wars with tho whites, some of mls- 
■(onariea who Mttled In the tribe early in the 
Kightamth cc»tury, and mwy more o( the 
Tories, above m«rttio«ftri. B«t tnawy who 
seem pnrs Caucaslaii have oohskierabls Id- 
dian blood, and Otitdren of the same family 
often vary from the extreme Caucaafan type 
to Indian features'- ob dsGncd as ttioae of « 
quarter blood. 


abosst tt/eBowerf ttaaasDa W ssssVeSalhs 
g l .aadhaatotaBtreoearlL IWhb- 

knnsawvs* ta-y did or wky ttsry did aot»- 

' ^'tM«flpr_M't^ 

. ThaMeaoos* war ravtred patriotism, A 
third aaa ori a rlcm waa formed and It raissd 
Unite a sumo* money, secured a handsome 
corner stotta and got It laid. Than oocurred 
tbe moat hspoawg demonstration Maw Tork 
eanaL l > tvald*wt Polk honored Um oocaetoc 
witii his presenoe. With hta In tbe proeca- 
several other governors, and all the promt 
nant men of the ntatffi And metropolis. The 
mUitary display was tretneudoua. Every or- 
gaahmtioo in tie city and nearly every onaln 
the state and adjacent regions was there and 
Hajnilton square was pocked with people, 


Tbe "Obstinate Jsea" af Use Cream *ary 
- : tl : I* Made OBkaserr. ' 

Citiaen John ^Culver, «t Bvaaatod^a Chi- 
cago n. Crowd* 
follow him in the street; In the Methodist 
church whers worskip* U»». coagregataoa 
is noticeaWy Increased by people w*6 corns 
specially to see hint; innocent children -iky 
off as he wears theiai on tfa« strait, «ad : na» 
fellowa are beard to axclaun: "Tbsrwl Tnat^s 
him! TJmuVs the maul" wbfla pevpfa wat 
inore politeness extend the Index aagWr be- 
hind btt bock to eaU the attention 6* their 
friends--^''nionstraJri digito iatud, 1 ' 
used to say in Rdeo*. 7 

EEisr«tid*n«i (of which a ptctnre is aa- 
nexed) ia >>ifer.-.:aidt^ and even tlua sinipla 
aign attrActa <»w«ilfc; V Hebas fooad Hfa ia 
Otdcago simply »r.s^--fc4..'^pj*ng- 

to move away. He ift ostraciasd sotWIy, 
critkfeedperawtally, gaasdat o ffs u ssvft V r**d 
damned generally. AU tWa ' - •- - 

frjnnpuii :,!*•. corporate matttbara or sub- 
'^-^■ftaraBAeAsa that hareftgiwedla Sw 
fcsan ft y roryearA Wkat lAakeathea. 
k taaasr tnaa uitaar paosVa of brain, m . 
" «Bt nSAMtawat ne qua knttwal XtW 
^tknitsj baie noMUtuWil tiwss- 
ritoln a ScdkA / , ,, aa.1 lba> bave ihe 
' kfjtha |iM l—M 1 fc Uy^, <* 
■ WoaaVaasaa bmj havailsd 
hue to* a raw euno nader 
: as*.* Ifeare am tknsa 


J, r 1 


ByaaxHiup. uuion obat. 

Confederate Stataa, they were bead to have 
forfeited tbeir rights as against tha United 
States, Bat the government rastered tbttr 
former sterns to a consk)srable axtant, by «h* 
geoeraltreat- iaat^-*l^tweptt»tkl»stsfea A 
tnaniAtKl tbe United Statsa VnsntnAtara 
dates a new poUtkal division 
Ti>ego**r!uae»t reserved tAarignt; W aettla 

They had lpogfoUowed 

^^frawftMdt^ e«Ber.-tr^ss<:'nnd^n«<sr: 
lass Utan ^^xtaen et^etocto are rejrnssatsd : 
ln'tos> V^Htrnkns^HMS^*'fi<aHtlkASMV^ 
of (snssla, own throasa Has H -i i-a , JU 
anuat, ganwpAwa, TJass wa mi. •adWyana'; 
dotass, to feaUa rasnMBts of Mkegnsft, Cad- 

lMig aanerisawa with wblto iHgrAlaton 
hae devaloped asnesag » saasa ef the 

shrewdast dipUsaata in tfaa world. 

Xx-CUsf J. W. Boehyhead, who basi leog 
repreaaatad that at Waabuagtna. b a aa»tnh 
for any white saaa <ha Is of mbssl btood) in 
dtamthneadpdlacsdskuV Be aalnagato 
what fa called tbe * TTalsoAsr aarty— that is, 
ha wants all the tribes ia thalnsnaa tsrr" 

tiusaaowsa nona. acifAvon wour. 
attntnrnnomwoAiMt. a*sjAwm««to«BBOH. 

Tbe Ch*T0*aa» are eflinicaUy tt» aristocra- 
cy of Amarioan lodians. They are, fn fact, 
WieiUope and the pride o* tbnnoe. If thoy 
caraioa reach a high cfvHixatkori and found a 
psrmanent Indian state, then none of tho 
race can. But no race can be suddenly civil- 
ised; nono can pass from barbarism to a 
staple condition of enlightenment. With 
ability to maiutatu it, in less than ten genera- 
tion* There must botimefor the internal 
organism to slowly change so as to maintain 
harmony with the improvement in externals. 
Otherwise tho too rapid inflow of impreseions 
on nnpreparod nerve centers breaks them 
down. Vorce a roca like the Kanakas or 
Hottentots to travel over tho vast Interval 
b et wee n primitive man and civilized man in 
one generation, and you will kill theraca— 
that is, unless It rovolte and reverts to 

The Cherokocs have in two canturiea trav- 
ersed at least thrco^onrtbs of the way, be- 
tween tho red man of tho forest and the white 
man of villago, form and city. The Angla- 
Saxonswera At least five centuries in trav- 
ersing the same Many good reasons are ofr 
fored why tho Cherokoos should bo granted 
more timo and their whole country not yet 
thrown open to white settlement. If they 
can induce all tho civilized tribes to combine, 
and by degrees adopt and civil tao other tribes, 
tho world may yot see an aboriginal commu- 
nity of eomo huudredaof tboiisande develop 
a high ctvllizatJon-^a progressive and proa- 
peroiB "stato of Oklahoma." 


Absolutely Pure. 

tbao the ordinary kinds, and cannot be .sold In; 
competition with the multitude of lowtest,, short 
weiftbt.aluht or phosphate powders. SoWoniyin 
Cans. HovalI 

-.,' ■'MTewTork.:. 

t*«acnhla*»' *e on»iwr< 
•hear ssparaes natkm 

■ennnst aad mshitsin 
Jrty m thaydeveaep 

aataM Ha owm a naa ooUaa aaAmtatkai 

aad b suurassful so tiBshaiw. 
Jea) B. Mayes, now prissgaal chief of the 
lan,lBAnaU«»n( Qaof*rat,ba* msat h> 
•arrikiry (a ha yealh. Ha ssrv«l wtih 
AMttea m the Uesdadsrata amy, nshag 
teraakof seajar He a oapsasd to the 


aC a swke« gn TSS TJia ss f .U>Blanss-«g 
~ sfceoaa sad Caisaih Phli tfta 
• m ronB.U»exsewtrv» > b« 

; \ A»*s*|siiss'B» ; ;.- :!■ 

To men a to deli gMs, busi- 

Hess is an interrtii)tioii; to Bach as 
are «61d io delightB is an entertains 
ment For *hlch reason it was eaid 
to one who /coniiQiendM a ;duH man 
fornls apj'licatiop, '-2fo thapks to 
him; if he had no bnsine&a he w^onld 
hare nothing to d6."~Steele; ■. 

To arrive at perfection a man 
should have very sincere friends, or 
inveterate em would 

be niarje sendihU) of Ms good or ill 
coudtiet, either by the eensureH of the 
one or the admonitions of the other*. 

There is no dispute managed with- 
out a passion, &ud yet there is scarce 
a dispute vorth a I'wesiou.— Slier-- 

No enjoynient, however iuoon^ider- 
able, is eonnned to the present mo- 
ment. A inao is the happier for life 
for baring iu*<I« <>■!«•■ an agrvaahle 
toar, or Ufed for. any length of tint* 
with pleaaaut imh^iIa, ur rnjojwl any 
onojsiuerabJe iiitwrTal <•' inuooent 
Iriaaanre.— Sidney Smith. 

II we dkl bat koww how LiUU >Afme 
eaiaiy tan treat tfarnga tltat Uwy pon 
■ajs, Uinn WDtsId aot be mneh enr y 
ia ta>« wo#M.-Vo«,ng. 

Hotto retarm one good ooaee fur 
aajfllbar. b DaUaauut; bat to ntarn 
•^forisnodigdiaboHaal. ffaaiaan 
toaaaHAT »vaa of tUa aort, wb» tlw 


Absolutely Pure. 

S: . 'Ce«if^a*ae^.I^'ra;'6ie««S Cvearavirartari'.' 
WBBtBtsaAonfttoHodAtand a. little Staw*. 
aUweMt*lwaytfuna*DriiL tacoMparsble 
focstrstiirth, o«rityand*twla»onsoeaA Hht 

moaucal. fl 

aiott •*m«oV*L Cntmlm* •• Annv-nta. 
Alon^ tlate. Phctr*ats; *r f>«««r tmnnrjtr. 
*8af« for drs>Srttlo« «u rfifivulHfc" 9a(diR tant 
•attt, aBo.<^aA«iURf^Mfr.,SrraenseiN.X'. 

Tan WASHnraroH komokikt. 
Bcv. Dr. Vermilyea offered prayer. Governor 
Young, trowel in hand, "laid the corner 
^tone,"ond the ladies covered It wtth flowers. 
Tho inscription on tits stone tells ute story of 
She time and occasion, vir, i 

Thb comer atone of a 

to tho : 

on the; 

toOen.WasblnEton,atYorktown, : 

~ "'— -*- of ttie ■ 

— „ Asso-oftho : 

; CSiyoI Hew York. : 

Patriotic speeches wore made and money 
banded in, and then— what! Nothing appar- 
ently, for the monument did not rise. Boys 
playing In the square for years after wards 
destroyed tho shed over the cornerstone. Too 
square, very- high land ariginallyj was grad- 
ed down as the city grew, And finally the 
land was sold. In 1667 one Terence Farley, 
alderman, got a big contract to cart the sur- 
plus dirt to tbe '•swamp*' below, and presum- 
ably carted a way toe corner stone, for it dis- 
appeared. And no mAnknowetii of its loca- 
tion unto thwdiiy. Intsrest in ^•nhjectbe- 
ing revived, there a» rnany qoerias as to 
what became of toa inonay, the nismentoos 
under tba-stone itself. Bat those woo coald 
answer are desd,i»dndiag Mr, Barley.' bit 
KOt a Indlcrons onteonie for a great city en- 
terprise! AndsUghHyhi 


The Woory Olfcr Futa »3«5,000 Into a 

The Ubraryftad art buUding erected by 
the city of MinneapoUs waafcnnaUyonsnsd 
tothegeoeraipubBc on Dec 16. Tneinsti- 
tution, watch will hereafter be% feature of 
the northwest, is a nmnWpal affair created 
bythannionofsmral societies with then* 
treasoras under one root 

TbeMinneapoH* AtknesSMii, the Mtonssota 
Academy .'.of acianbat and the Minneapolis 
Society «C ' VuM Art* ■■ aav% hajn ; the ' reposi- 
tories for toeu- respective deptrtniM^ and 
the plan of a pwUtoKbrwry which mlauV 
mrted in the fining of Dea J6, drew them 
together in ASpJrttof pnnueanternrisa Ben* 
8ft,000T0l«niss,nemaroosr*m tJn ts an^ 
abtosdeattnespea u nens now became access- 
ible to the wama population free of expenst. 

Tk* library 1 
board tlftctsd fot^ the parpjae^ and notde- 
psadsnt npoa- the dtty eeanetL -Tk* ' new. 
ntfUtogisof LakaSaperior ■Hustons sad 
.r«d''.'brid^': ; Is ;tlnM : '!Slarla»',anoWJM'rbBa»< 
ment, lofty g; and la nreproot 

~ - ' thearrsiis'saisntifor bookdeMrsry, 

and U^dfas^y of rstnhsuny there 

arcorrnnodatk siaf art' and ' 

TasbalUUg aad alto east ISaVm The 
fhaai wara prot T ed by Use hans of etty 
heaailBr flMOB*, prlvaa* aaUsflaillu asof 
laadWakdSkere ai al n dar by apta l ari safca m 
■ffarty ateaaud deHsn haw* Jaa hsea «- 

aa iUasj Be. 


efpopaaar U fi sS « .^ to whteh set- 
skAasaoaatof tta^osnaavareewsly 

vr. I>, OSBORNE 

■ Jorwy^Xox',. 

■' -AMT>- 


oh Haho. 

Just around the comer at No, 1 Grand fXiira 
Block you will And us and we would like to see 
everybody. W,'l\OSn6BNX. 








Aimt *<hlln 

Why don'l ,<n try fmif?' IJtUe 
Un,mi Ttaj •!•• P<«1«»««""» 
far dlk h«ta«b«. sod >ll Uia llu 
bj diBHitand Mm f>ulj 

.jam biihiinu" 









Hod Bill Timber 

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Hemlock Bill Timber from the best; 

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Office «t tho Falton Saving, B%afc, 

K. HI HaYiland, M.^ 

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Offleo and Beskleoce N Oneida St.* Fulloa, H. T . 

OmceaoorstUi;a. m. 13to8 p, m. after! 

p. m. and Batiffday afternoons, Bpedai 

attention t^ren to dbeases of wonwn 

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Nervous and Bilious disorders. 
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and a f enf doses Will be found to 
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important organs In the human 
machine. They strengthen tho 
whole muscular system, reatoro 
tho loag : lest complexion, bring 
back the keen edge of appetite 
aud arouse to action with the 
ROSEBUD of health the whole 

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Baxpei?* Keliwii County VBte- 

Icey ieandhwneenfcw years before the 

tetion in lis own State as it po*6essee 

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HaV« TOOi 

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Untold MiseriE: 

■ttautioa, ItDttvaiintsttorunnttlnis d>» vMIn 

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Single OoDin Three CenU 

iTtomJ fet Ityfeaattif fa Wf.l 1" 

laA paa/trwa-ai-h*? ^"^ "" ; "■ 

7 Tl« p-eaaant, l«r>, t» tJi.«U that Stf-j, 

lut alow* ttiM dirt !>■■ »'»»'' w" ■'■ 
Awl ««*i»t ^l* 1 »«" «' liJ1,t 1S!, ' :: 
in tfjjtt 'tU pWwmt to *)<• oifi ■ 

I* of MMj«fi)(f4 iWPtu*t, teit. 
Amt»<in U fcno* 1'*'* "' !l " ' 
^ ItriBjj* m*J'--f« to cswfoW asvl to <*»'*■?. 
K rest «iwn. what '****»» c«»W ! ^''' ; 
flitSIri '!N plf«w*nl f> '«' <'!<'/ 

* ; ■■■'$!* pie*want tf'** ! " "i' a VJI ' |itft, " t - 
■ ' -wiarfett *» w t!w !>"^.-r ,H "' 1 ' 

■■. •*lky<i»;WG't' very deeper wt*1«. 
■■i\V« e«ter hs tJ<0 <!"■■"' <"'' t<,Il! ' 
: :iii| this :-**fe i>!<?wnut to be old. 

. And heat the sullen flw auiw, 
'">m4 efti'tWy sights jjwif fniutiiihttHiii 
.. Oar vblflJi a leaver to f-"' '''"'. 
Who says, tt«< asud I u|>l>i>l<! ; 
Infills 'tis jtleiwaiK '" tn»ol<l. 
Anrlfto wo murmur mil. at is II, 
AS ago's nllfftt doth 'ruiiinl " f > (,!l1 - 
Bat Upward took with fttidt'n ckvir i-y 
' Bayonet Hieearti), iioyoiiil >Si<- «'<)', 
To jasper walla n»<i nSnsUd of geld , 
Ami there nwio ever &<> K r " w » 1,1 - 

-(JiirUKhiiLnl i 



' '¥h* Cotittwntal BolJ stull tlto Ui>i>i<mimnt.- 

, mM _ "Th..6 Follow FlBh"— Too Many 
l»K»cnmSan!;j of 11.0 vol utioiisiry Hli-cn— Itrll- 
(mat 'S'rlntDpJi of EScAlHftfcr-. 

WIipb .tho groat; moguli) of Now Yoi'k 
'"'SKW'oty wei'fl proparlus ftn' ttio ceabmnlal 
Ibsii to tislco jjlftca In April, 1839, tho (?reafc 
. amirsbaler of tho ell to, Ward MeAUtetor, 
-WI8 pat iu commaml. But thorn wm (iim-- 
■mutfaig.'and dliscontonfc amonji tlio hosts wlif) 
>Mph ! ed tg hold' poatei of honor at tho ball, ntul 
■oaa who, wca referred to by McAUistor na 
■"ttiftt (slimy. JlsV'' organised R revolt anil 
:i;iiJc(l iu itrlvii![j tho 
grand timrriiBl from his 
prafc. Word M«Aliiste r 
withdrew, disfcomfltaJ, 
fevtiiff tho Hold to Hio 
iicniy. Hintory roirantn 

i Usually 

■ eventually and mbs. puseoe lokili. 
'■ RivGiiEsgood EiahoRot. Napoleou I thrftshod 

tho Pruisiaun in 1S07, but tho Bmporor Will- 
lorn -thrashed tho liVoacli in 1870, Wan! 
McAllistor withdrew jnuttoring in 1889, 
esly to come to the front with vigor for 
Jan. 1, 1S0O, to gi?o tho grandest Wow 
Year ball Wow Yorlt lira ovor caan. A 

. strategic movo in social array, It makes Go". 

"Gr«at'0oporatiQHHinthi> reav o£ Vickaburg 

. appear lihoRgamooEcroigsplol. And on for 
"th*t fellow Fish," UoVocalvca iio mora attaii- 
tfon In tha matter ot an invitation than If ho 
were the commonosfc kind of c. yollow dog. 
McAllieter'a fort as an organiser in in pvi- 

'VfttasoeiBlaffnliu lla daw not thinlc itpos- 

■ '..libfe to nial« large public bnlh o> BBocesa. In 
-Attempting to ntavehaltbo doaeoadanta of tho 

(sttvlote v;ho founded tho government in 17ij9 

' lie Conad hinifasK f«co to faco with eo nuniRi'- 

■•ousanoffiaprins that no was panic striokca. 

■.■■'Tbero'wei'otliorkisosiidaats of tlioWoaUng- 

;tons, 100,000 atvoag; though considering that 

'iih»t'go nad .-Martha Washington— his only 

-wife— had no children, the clalma of tSieas 

■pooplQ seem to have boon qnastionablo. Then 

'Cftnifttiis ffuit o! John acd Ahagail Adam? 

i'Mjormtajf from Messachusotta and voadea-iag 

:the quota (rofii -tUat . state mora than' full. 

■\\Tiea tha descendants of dl tho patriots of 

1789 were eonsicloccd, McAllistui' £oiiad : hiin- 

,!«elj at tho head- of .an ormy .beside whioh 

.. "Xwies ' host3 wera a corporals guard. . Ea- 

■: mldee ho vaiain.tUe position of osrtain "regu- 

: iiw" afflcers dnruig tbo civil wsr, who had a 

: ■ ;gr*ftty£«pect tdjr a battalion o£ regulars and 

;gt«it.-contemprfrom an array of volnattOTs. 

■ ' Sat MoAUi3ti5r dsteifRiincd to orgwiiiea 

.{aocial.sriiiyoaa bran now plsn. Theregu- 

■ i.Urs of Kow Vorksodety ware to be tlio bstsls, 
:i : e.jtho» regulars who ara adliMenO of 

: 'Word McAllistsr. Ons hundrsd and twenty- 
■■■:Ava tepreM^feativa me» in society wes-a to 
ctubwartba. . llflO each, Hoto MoAillster got 
; " • H» "«treT»gtb: of the Scotch oka sjfef:^ eacfe 
• ■j-wisw.riU**' receiving twelva tlokets.- 
'..'"' "'McAllist-ei-aas brought tko organisation of 
;.-.>'.» ft Sae-art. Slaw. people' .Imagioo 

■ ■'■*b*t tiiere. is : so (UfficulB about- getting sp 
;/:V«uci.aaaa"iurKacc(asfuHy. There aro a great 

' ma a y difficulties. 
The macagor must 
bo am in wnoffl tbe 

v iiesJastnys.Qf society 
b»v# full c^n&dcnec. 

■ ■.-Jiiij, ^"■;W "ViilflS- *•»!«&¥■ *k» wm 

fcttsfai.-*:! (ii^a'H* l-W^tl *h« , 'I.V^»jr' t .dij'». : 
, i .! / ,,{]««"* V«n*WW(t »»«««** 
•■t& w'=f*''i* fsf hi* 'iniUiwt* *<t liw ..»|<y»;iiMiF. 

t*sf.-<t tlKw «bw'iiL-fcjr**«i-.. ; 'l'i»i«<*«.i»C"»*r. 
Mmid » tr-mtk *n *rr* i« *>i-J*l*|tr».l« A««*- 
i»*, »n'»ra which is e*1*w]J*i*-jrilp«'--*)»* 
'vorW;'- "'fli« i»ret«»*i»fi* *«E- >»«xl. : - *«:*■■*!»*•'• 

tt*e gigauUii Ki^umulniki!)*'. hy 1w*t?i#u»l«i 

w*Jiirt-iiti<;Ht«E (Iiflfct»iHiwr4«E ■#* i .«*i**io« 
n^wwiyy. What's *w *ri«WJWit *« * *hr«*d- 
Uv* c«*t r trying to ^fct ■««*#! tb* w*y*>r 
the &««« r>f a ricfe porit pwiliwl 

WnnJ M«AJli»fe;r <!l#(ri»» -«»*t it tort-ww 
tutiii* to Iw «!!& tb!? dowpf***** *Ef*** Mi*. 
WljuS-fet* towwj* by (iow«gers dwi-not»i>' 
r« i ju.' V *s>i!SStmaybo*ai l iBli»d tfe*t lis refer* 
la proBiiiWRt tH(i.ffl*i wo»iMB* ImviM* **mi- 
li'-a liDf tho-moat <Si«iger<iH« to «m* temtm&t 
of* ibo I'ieh :*ra thaeo who rts calls* youmfC 
ajaj-risd women. 

frostt tho fu«S tliafc whUo tiff »i*l# New YerJf 
£Krt;iuty tho Ijas^ for Iif« iwctal effort, ii« 
iitea dalorasfBed to ttriu^ lu.tmw feta&i As rt 
citcwKsfitl JnifiTc-mrio iH«*t t»# «M»t).«ttiiMy 
lji-in^!i:K out now prtoB. dooms, WoADW*? 
will introttueo Hovnltifl* iato l«l* fut«r» b«llf<. 
Ho <5 on tlio wateh for yonug: Udi**, wihw, *(- 
hw tho lntriMiuction ho gives them, will rank* 
a bhcwiski by tote owa bsauty «ad i»l««tt. 
Ko «m dctcrwtlno a Rcniu-f for social succflM 
us* readily iui K»|w!saa could pick out a Junut 
Groin tho rssaku of bin amty. Tfess 
lioft'f-lM obliged to lecop tlio run of utewi- 
Kcrii dlatinjjulalied in tlio social world 
of olhor plftura awl oonntrica who may ba 
lo Wow York when hlrs ball h.&vm. Wlacr- 
ovor ho tlndii thoso who will lond saint to tiw 
otrciisiinn tiioy uro taken mider bis espiwlrtl 
euro rind put in with tho oipectntlori thai 
llioy will niiilso th(«lr social fortonPM itnd add 
to MoAlllator's t;h>ry wi ft social orgssdwir- 

W ith liuch ft <'Otnprohcnnlvo plan f;ho great 
Now York Imll could not fall to ha a eaccsra, 
"I'ruo, flint which la enipj^seil to bo tho mj*!k- 
sprhifi of tho whnlo nff^ir nifly not bo o very 
nobly oho; but thin ia only lufcrred eftos- &U. 
Thoro in ono, hovro^or, who miiGt bo contssit 
to roiid tho accounts of it in tho rbk6 mem- 
Ihr'b pBp«i', whilo grcca with raivy. J^o !n 
"tbrst follow Fi-Jh." 

Amonjt tltoad of this tettsr oleiSJ proroip.ont 
at tho Wow Year bail, ptarhapa tho weRlt-Mrat 
in Mm. Willinm 1C, VcndnrbUt. ' Mra. Va»- 
dorbilfcwa-T Mha Alvn Musray- Ssiith. Sha 
moy data hor pxotntasnee Racially trwa tho 
tirr.o when tiia VnndwbUta raided wocioty in 
thoir fo.iicy drtesa bsdl eaiao years a^Vi, «ad 
thou mid thoro battered daws *bo doom, 
Siuco that timo sho has gjTtwn rapidly la so- 
cial favor ruid has Ih'coedbr leader. 
' Mrn. Pierre LoriHapd, Jr., is «sotfeoyaf the 
youitR morrlod vwraoti Savarcd with MeAJUb- 
t^ir'n invitation. Mm. LoriHftrd fo th* wif» ot 
Fiorro Tjorllhinl'n oidesi: bob. She !a mi au- 
thoress, having written a clavor ssotoI orifed 
"Tlwsra Frotty Ht. «corg« (Jirlra." Sho Emk a 
town hoiiHo, but Rpr-nda most of the year &3 
Tusodo. Indeed, Mow York is KotKag So ba 
such ti gn>nt ovorsrown pllo ei! bricfe aaij 
mortar, and tho aurrowadins cauntvy fa co 
beautiful, that oven the wealth nssd £*s!i£on 
tjpend littio thno there, 

Sovoriil years n^o Mia Meiy Bi*ady wca' 
taken f rota tho ranta of tho gfcla and ^»cad 
la thosa of tha mart-fed 
women by Mr. Cawles A. 
Stavcoa Bisd wae a bsJla 
oa n girl, (sad fs HGW Q 
balb as a man-feel wchsei. 
H<a- father ' la 

- *vAw*w »ifai b». W-^MiWh^gy j Miitig w fr *?, 
*»*b4>n »ymp*tW« "«t b* (• obl««d t* 




r-.-with'theeo -juaiuatayfl 11K ^ 

■>">»ai4 ;Jlifiu* : -..pffl?uSdri- ■■.'. 

..f'-itha. ■■■■■H«- -jBHsb tuow ho v.- t& humor tli=iar 

■■■j-^fsrintsesea. aisd distj-Uiiito ..-iavoi-a among 
HbMa, wi «u ta iiiiLo Ltv."i ^> icjnd and 
■*> 4,1 1* sa-no time n mi d tL u s*-:a- 
4btlUt«^ Tiio gnvcr.Jjt; u.c-l; si-e noi 

'Mik#- ■■tlio- ai*mv rosukttons ■*. conatl- 

«or» bus tin 1 \ iwr * -U I it hat mt wti n, 
which «b Wdi np-'t. 'tucd ar "W*r43Ie- 
Alldt«r having fciktu au ->« ■= liucruwr*, thuv 
wst4wr-Mnlh.iT!*, iw t of twwri rf auee- 

J^ifeiiri,- ■■ :^t^Q ■: .roftl- ■■i!!3>ri^»M;Wtr ?rft>ts"Mtb 
-JteAMUli* Itvjicgun.iK'OHwmtl., tefec- 
4gttbtod«ftib#I«kdor.Atia*ll d»t»u- uro Jeft 

■v,i;H:vA»ft»i(E.--:-;ii»-. : «orp!>r*t«-.-mc«tl>*ra or suh-- 

«Mitwnar«n«iaM tn«i hvlvs.flgurv^iu \"-w 

»rt»gcmr f-vyw*, Wh*t makc« ri»>j» 

Jtt fl i Wtwr ta*n Mthta- poop!^ o.' br*un, mo- 

Wlttr uwl r*fict>mont no oi.e kiKif<x ~ti* 

T «|B«cb. lhas the> bit\* i-o4«Utut&J theui- 

IMtvw ink* 'Vwloij,'' awl tlwj lnnr» th« 

, ■W iT to bMk np the i>r«toi>tt<>n Bom« u£ 

i 1Mb or* "hlu« UikmU," ndiu in*y fan rnll<>il 

* *imK braKb," «hd» ujt * f«w cuiiw un>n r 

^^-*» baad^rf ~*rtt ob*i* Th«r» u-» U>o*- 

^ i«H* D« »«d Db bttfur* Uie.r hum, whtw« 

SfrVflMAIiWIwrvw tt» l>utch hurpw of two 

' ■■£* "bo Iiv*J ni !»■ klu b*n, n«i| | 

. Than k tte owr* n*.«r oid i ooi 

n 'rtftt miacMIn aH dwari 

• «t tWDMofe baiw, sad k- 

■ pmaidi Of *Mt ««bwh. TUb 

i,rna. u. aoosBVBLK and 

T.IKB. W. 1>. OLOAHE, 

of Sow York's oldest find 

luoirf; respected jndge-a. 

Ilw husband ioono of tho 

owners, of tho Hobokosl 

forry litwis, hesidea blocto 

of railroad lines. Gortco- 

quuntly tho wife) has plenty of niea&a to doco- 

'rato hor beauty. 

Tdre. Elliot Rooiiovolt was tho daughter of 
tho kto Vnlontino G. Hall. Sho fa a bloado, 
ivith large light bluo oyos nnd s profusion of 
light, hair. Hho him been married about Ave 

Mrs. William Douglass Sloano ta oao of tho 
richest women in her own rJ$)6 In How 
York. She in tho daughter oi the late WtH- 
iitm H. Vanderbilt, and tho vrtfo of 03.Q of 
tho inoinberB of tho Grav of J". &. J. Stoano. 
She lives in onaol tha fncaoin VasasJerMt 
mansions, built Eomo ycara ego on Fifth 
nuo between Fifty-first and Fiffey^scooad 
Bti-oota. Mra-Sloano is paxaonally a vary ©b- 
tracflvo and beautiful 

Mrs. Marshall OrmoWilsoD (a called 41jo 
"beauty" of tho Actors. Before hor raasr- 
linso dio \vas Miss CaroliKO . .Aster, 
yottnge-stof tho liv-ins daufihtciB of Mr. "Wlll- 
iani Astor. Tho father of Mff, WiUton epcafi 
hia early life inthosoath, mid by "ranaing 
tho blockado" laid tho foundation for a for- 
tune. Still tho husband's means are coa- 
isidereti a moro bagatello coaapared with tho 
great wealth of his wife. 

To drop the. matrons sud tak^ upamiss. 
Hiss liouiss Shepard is ono of tho jircaaiaaEt 
Ogurcs of tho ball. Bho is tho eldest child of 
Hon. Elliott F. S'uopard, ■who ■■ married « 
daughter of the lato William H. ?4ndepbilt. 
MtssBhspard has only been "oat" sbouta 
year. ' 3ho is uotod for her charitablQ works, 
and is 020 of'-tho KiBg^s Biiught«rs. 


Vh* XMrnt, Thm* «f flw> So CiStact "Cber- 
olc** Qvmti-»*"--tt «a« Com* ftp . ; »t 

'&%* openiutt of GliWioniii, «nd the movo- 
iwnt to -tor/ the m c*U*J <ih«fflk«« w»»t*6 
h»Y9 lirii-ttiftht tiw CJ**rf»k*«i tWiC* nwro fc«- 
fer* t-h* (HMintry,.««i* tfcsr* i* *tw mmw! , tll- 
vtaion of p»rtt*s (utwnjf tlw Inui*tt»"«)iie for 
glvte« Hp their p*cnli«r org«Hlr*tio*), ditid- 
iftg: th*ir tend* (« »v«ritliy swl becoming 
(irditmry Amwlcan o|l.l«en-i; th# ofcb*r lor- 
otiiUng *U «« eirilrasa bi)m iato ow« "!(*• 
«on" Mid umintMhim *h«* r cooipamilv:- tao- 
Iwtfon « Utile iongw. 

Th* mort cotMH?rr*tive, haw*vi)r, wlmit 
th»fe "I«ud« inwevcrslty" fcnd dti««Mft»ljp must 
evofjtanlly con»s—"ifc in bat » *j«#*t!ou of 
tlmfl," tiifsy Kiy, "biit w« do not wanfc to b» 
{HiKhMt; Rife «3 tinso to prop*** for It" And 
the most rwHcal wdaiit that thow*af#rv»£lTe« 
urn doing mtwh to profwvo; «;hoob, ohiirchae 
and B«w*i.i«pora uro fsirly «!>mid*wt, and tti« 
profir««»<jf tha Cherokees hi oducfttion wid 
property is qaito enouM raging. But* «*y iii« 
(!on*jrvfttivoH, if woeenso to hold l*nd tn 
common, wsign * £«r»i to ««ch fm«%, »nd 
allow whlfo ra«n to wettlo oo the r«S, th« 
pooTot- alius of IjmIjkos -will eoen Iqm tliirfr 
fartafi, "contriving whito mea will g*t stimii 
ot tho land, «tid as soou os they b*V#rfm»- 
jorlty In fcha noir ei^tto thoy will oppro* m la 
a tbosjsatul wayo by potty' exactions' unci in- 
tricate la*i»E. Qlvo us moio thna" 

And this hao been thftpleaof the Clici-okwa 
Eim^o Ytetl, whon they Bindo tltoir first tr«*ty 
with tiso now Amta^o«n repnbl!c AS tha 
elose of tho revolutionary w#r * large wtra- 
fcor o! thoon people in North «wtd Scatb Cero- 
litwi who woro Btigumtisod as Torlea, bo6 nro 
more politely referred to in Kritkh history an 
"Unifed Empiro. Loysltste," oroeHed tho 
mountnliui and locatoA mnoiag th* Cherofcscs. 
Thoy wero men of BUUty wui good ehMitetc-?, 
largely Scotch ha Mood kund 2?lYMi>yt*risn is* 
gtili^i<Hs; they ao6 tap looms, mills, schoote and 
oharehea in "Cherekwi Ge«|rht, i ' «ad with 
their aid tho already prograarive Ober«Sce.ea 
programed bo rupidly that by 1S09 ^!*y hsd a 
kderabSy well ©rganb-.od govwro.nMEfe, with 
written lawn. M»y 6, 1517, dde^afera from 
fifty -four towna eonveood, and. a, wsiStea 
oonat>itut!oa waa edojstesi Kfc? eIeco tha 
Chsroheoo havo been a "nRtloa." 

Tiso wblto ksgq prweod upoia thctn Gnd 
thoy b3{;an to movo westward. Thou coma 
that ranmrimblo siKtional debate Jn which 
congressman tsrguod long about &a national 
righta of tho Gh&ratexa, orators depicted 
thotr. wrongs and'posts ESEg of thetr pritni- 
Uvo virtues. IS OBdsd to 4ho «xpalali>n of all 
tbo triba from Georgia s3iS adjacent etatos, 
and in 1SB9 thoy roorganlscd thoir natiisi in 
tho Indian teTitory. Fi"ora tho Tennessee in 
Cai-olinn to tho Toonffisssa in Alabama tho 
local namca testify of their f ormor precohce— 
Chiokaioauga and Cliafitanoog&, Etowah cud 
Connesauga, Koegjsw and Oosfionanla, Binca 
thoir arct treaty with tho United States e£ ter 
tha eoastltutlon was ndopted — 16 bosra tho 
honored El^naturs of Gcorgo IVaahlngtoa— 
isy havo ceded 61,000,000 aerea of land and 
havo but 7,(MO,000 Wt. TcD tbo elanioroua 
cry of tQQV7hltoman ia for "mora!" 

In 1G58 the 1S.CS0 Clioro^Bsa formed, par 
bapa, tho r(che36 rural community in ' tho 
United States. If woo estimated that their 
livo (stock, at current vatsi, voald havo 
cmonntcd to 817,000 for cactj femily. Their 
invested fnndo for their lands roturnsd an in- 
come eufilolent for ochoolo and colisgea. Tho 
war loft them with nothing but tho bare 
land. ThoirGtockbadboaiidriveaintoKansas 
and Texas— "Jay hav/ ked : ," " confiscated," if 
you pieaso— and as tho niu jority wont with tbo 

tti«*.«»i^4*.w!>ji*ti:f«<*ioi»|* Jadt*"'JC 3t. 

;w-itti ttqiMl Bxmavy ■;'.'irt:Ki^Up**riA CW 

Km ;»'•»* *iit«.l*, r M^l^'ni>li*i(I.:ov,toiaAA' 

.'•ttMthnfUll bltt 

.knom'lmi^'.of i3i*ir : iabl^'uii^:iMl.aM»tbMitn, 

■ii« ..(•:'■ i »:■. uiiink. ^4 ■ *' k«oA 3<r<&>*. . ' : yf..y. . 

H»nd«*fiii,"of ' i 

hi«&i)nti»%n-W);' tb«..'l.^tHtct : iaiun thi* .;**«■ 

m*iof itjj « id l-teref/irw ftpcutlui; »i Ut.ih* MMMr ' 
*i.M» of *. ; HUii,:*'*th »lhKO(t.'-i»«(itt*u«ftiqr.'- lie-- 1 
bind him, ■ ■ Tso Ottio? *cn«fe»" .'fronCthmt.iii*- 
ti-fct r H(-.l.f)V-Ilt;i, i*aiKj.frtfJiy.*.»f*iiiin«-- ■ 
'. Th»offldJd>;<i£ tfeo wftiiojit *r#*l» motti* 
ability, -ffti* -a*:?.. Jsseph- A. BaUm, ohte* 
jutttiCA, !»«? yssrs. «r..f «^, *iw-«d«»t«4 : -»t^ 
C^hRi-okw *ehisp-1s, jh.k" sa*vi«l threwth "tiw w*r 
tu 'ths' GuitoterAte '«i'6*y, Ttw.-ittswetw, 
i'lotwre B*>w., ' *3 .» ■ jg£*i.Kfcraa *>< th*' ■(Vui.nsus- 
John Rwn, wIm Was ciifeC ^n^CTiilTrt «t t'h« 
ni%*i(J« for forty yowa, Ifowrv^l ti^aiijh 
the war hi tiso Federal rtrmy. ■ ItwiUbfte*?- 
swrtjil t;mt jsaaa ef tl«sw s»t«ii gUioii' v*;*y 

e?.i» fact *h»!; ■ tlsBfft iwe Rborokso fi».*iH*3 ot 
,.((aro Ciwcasbn hldoii, w!(kh h«yo yasWrn' 
in tho nation for fiiatsy g«»wrRtiou«. B&nse! 
>>re d^fc'jHdfrtjJa nt childiws cnntwsd Is £h« 
earfic-iS w/ira with ths' wfeieesj.'sosss cf Eisi> 
etpiiBrlias who zel'dod its tho triba eavty in tas 
Eiglitofflsth cGssCtjcy, &tid atssy moro «J %o 
TflricH Khovo rsiwilloaad. BuS ranaj vrtio 
w^e!B {Mtro CattsaRiaa feava coissidcrab&a Zsi- 
dHd b!oo<5, and chiMgo!i of £ha sttssio fejssiiy 
;ry £roin tho eaU'emo Caacnefa 


OwAm:'. ; »*»r 3Mir:TW«v«tr;il 

.. 'K«w Torfcefty :««diy. 
f«ih«««hi th* motiTuMot U— . 81w tori* 
tlMt M* will met » in ii imiw > to 0«. 
Unu>v.«nd UhM H will h* «, tMMty«^a 

«fatj, Uii**i:'i '"■' 

to Ir.diaii features e 
o i t"(iI^"t(. v !• hlaod. 

dsfhicd £ 


The "Oagtinjite 'Mm" jut th* Cromin JoiM 1 

Cithcec johs Culver, of Bvnastosa.a Chi- 
cago snfeBi-h, 1« an unhappy wxa. Crewd* 
follow bitu ia tho street; in the H«thodisf 
churiih where ..ho worrfiipe tlife. cooiirt^mtfoB 
is iioUoeahiy iaoPcaBed by j*op5a who TOnw 
specially to. see him; hmoeiMtfi chitdrw* jjfay. 
offi. as ha nears .thtea.'ott the strwi, *ad 'ru'd* 
follows are hisu*d to «tei*hn; *'The«wi That'* 
hisni- I'bftfc's the mwir' whil* ipaopl* with. 
moro $K>Kteif*a extend the index finjci>r be- 
liind his bank . to eaJS tho attention ef theh" 
£riends—"mon5trHfi tiigita fenid," »3 we 
taod io **y hi Itosae. " . 

: His . reeideaco (of ■whfcU.a pict'itte,is an- 
uK»jd>..iB . "f or . euls," nud «y»a thig lonipte 
Rigii atti'Mte erowds, , \Hc has , found Uf* in 
Chie^go shnply msupportftbl* : »nd «■ sob* 
to move away, Jte. is :ert**ci*s*l;.iod*l!3F» 
: -'etitieisod pLraoufcily,' *t<jff«*ihr*l3r akd 
■damued:geiieratl>% ' All US* bt*xmKh**c*a 

, •?* *^"»^ 0I * W% .T W> 


SCSBTHBAtS . .. 6M*,*0» SKAT. . . 

Coafederato States, thoy wew hcU to- have 
forf«4te<l their righie as ogaiut tt» TJaitad 
States, Ea£ the goMnicOMit rtrtotwl flair 
former status to a oousidwabl* sxtatt, by tt» 
genwalteaarjof I86ft~ttie1swtiiti«tfc bskwMB 
thAhnaad theXTaited StatK : Fr^ tkatfra 
dafes a new polltie*! eUririon aj^nctlMDv 
Tt& gor*cum*nt roterrfld tba ri(ht to MitUe 
dther tribe* al^aj;" ttafr'- 'w aiiaw i '. fcordec: 
They had ltogti£km at »&&■ 

ingfracnMntoHdf otharbrlbM, aad^BOw «o 

ha th* *'tn*ar^wa Nattoo," from Uta Ba*waM» 
o« Canada, .d*«n ihw>*|[h tt» Bfaaoaa, Jfc.. 
aauw, Qoai^iawa, IMbwww as4„ W>wt- 

dotbtw,.. to : fMtt». zMuutatt &f lttb«««, Oa*- 
■do«''«a'dJ3^ap«w«.' ";,".■ . 
, ' &*»(.. «iyeiHi*iNCia'': , »ritb >hit» a«foiiator« 
haa' ■: d«Y*lop*d,.''',awjp*ig; "..t^M» '' .aawa'.oi .' : thfe- 
. abrax4M«' dipioiiida lh"a»a ; iiiiiarW. ■'..■'' 

,K*rC»sipt j; TTvlhrth*yhA«a, *bo ba> loaf 
ref>r*Mm&d t*«t» at "WaAinttoo, in a matcli 
'.for any witf taituitt ':(fca, ] jnljuri ^ btood) -mi 
diwrvatlon a*4 polihtal skill. Ha bafaMfs to 
what ix called th« '''SaHoiwl" : jwuriy—ilwitifa!^ 
he muata aU tiia triifa»!«iii th« Indhth *!*rUory. 
t*«omhii>« 1» ooa-xovarmnMit aad maintain 
;.tb^' t»iMraii* : 'natKi^iij^^ 
matate. Ht eww m flaa -eottcwi plantation 
and i» SiKxtsaf ul InhUaiDcaa. ^ , 

: Joal B. Jitayos, now .::p«iJB«^a^.^c|a|a£,of ifa«.. 
■naiioin, i* a iw,iiy»-. of-.'.(3ac*ihii,^ l*uit.' ipsafe-.tft. 
tb« territory in hia yeutk. Ha aarra* with 
d*Htin«*>a«i in the Cbtttesjer**» an»y t rJaJmi 
;*o-tlwi^l;'':of' ; .»najw;"''..'H*:'' i ia:oi^ 
*ala of the 'OntM" laud«.aad iaaMathat 
the gowned baa mo pow«c to aalt timrn nn4or. : 
■ion: iM'paopla mnM'Vota. an- 
te fbat affaet bafOr* itr*n b« 

Tba Cbcnlaa coVcrtaMattmikaUHMCof Uw 
Craska, SamnoWa and Cbocbaw-Ctuctaaawa, 
■ rayuUKaii » Ilthj lbs anrabn ti ralU.1 

apu-r how iff ifa* coaanl la rallad tha hn«a> 
of oblate, and tha lowar Um 
Ib practte, tmwainar, : tha 

CS3«F'«il8T10SSO.»i£3. dB»AM»aiiS»DKESO:!. 

The Ciwrofese pjto ethsk-aliy ti» as-ieSoora- 
cy <eS : AE»aiKia ' Jxriltes. 'Biay' rs-8, ia fcc£, 
tbo hoijo &a& a© prte9 <rl iSso rafio. K thoy 
eannca ronsh a high eWiiiettiaa oad Sound a 
BBTsasaenG Itjaiaa ■ 'Gtnfis, feca d«eo of tho 
rasa con.' But no reco caa bo EUddoaly civil- 
faffid; nono can pasi frooa barhfcrSsjjj to a 
staj^o comditlora o£ oaUghtciiEttast, Trtth 
B&SIiity to KHuVtoin it, in Izm Shais6en gosefo- 
Uasn. Ksk> musu ba Jims for tho intc-sTjal 
orgssisffis to dowly ohauso co ea to Effiainfeiin 
hayEstKHy wafih tha imisrovemsut ia oEtcruab. 
OQitrwfeo tho too rapid UaSowof imprffiKionQ 
oa anprspsrcrl norvo cont-oxa hrca!u3 theia 
do^ra, E'orca a raco lihb 6hs Krinaiaas or 
H^teatototo ten, vol ovor tha vest, interval' 
tefiwbsn jijiniitiva smsn end d-vilissd man in 
cT.o {Jo&Eratibn, and you v/Ul kill thornos— 
that ■ 1% uolcra it rovolta and rovorts to 

Tho Choro&oss bavo in two conturiea trav- 
oread at leant thrca-f ourthB of the way, ba- 
i«7coa tho red man of tho forest and tha white 
man of village, farm raid city. Too Anglo- 
Salens least five centuries in trav- 
ereing tbo-samo. PiJany good reasons are of-: 
forod why tho ChErohoca should bo. granted 
moro; timo and their t7holo country not yet 
thrown open to whita eaStJomsnt. If thoy 
can induce all tho clviliswl tribes to combine, 
cxid by degrees adopi emd eivilka other tribes, 
tho world may yet &33 an aboriginal commu- 
nity of soma hundreds of thoucinds dovolop 
tihigh civilization— a projjre^ivo and pros- 
porpun "Gtato of 0k^aho3ia. 17 

..._.. .. . 'tomb* «M 

RrooBd* mad baa' ioat att ttnatia M ; lfe-.. tlM th>> 
ta^laks>tluh^d«ip««c«iw,at«| iriftdy 

iiimmtn* «.. ■««*" iuwiana» t u**«r* at 
Ammiem**i*94*ma. : 

«k rtrtrai 
e£ patrioOw 

.Tiiai yaar-.oC WmU*&(to>* WH^mA Vmclb- 
imm ■l u iimhii l that^mo^aa^i to bfaa 
KM0diia**k« ciUawoa,. 

ft r a w aipi ' d •M'ohtaJiMdaolMrlar, Hooooaow 

Int.- A.*«wya*ra latoc ' .a n a ih at a ^wnJa U gc 
I'M fonMri, aa4tfcafc|^aaltea#1^aa3«r*. 
a *ia Jm .. SatcdtMii. aijttara— than an apm-mc-. 
&m, Wmxm*Jk ealiad a par> t h*tw«Ml m*%F* 
ttxtin kad St^r-nioth atnwtn and Thitd «»ct: 
Fowftft aTanika; bsfc wowto an* of thayfanih 
eat rackniut th*«Mt aids. Bhtbauatad by 
tha labor oC ««uriae» ttta, %«' AWodaiioa 
Si-oopa* aM dW. 

Tb«Max!c*a war r«yived patrioU«n. A 
thixA awociatloo was formed «nd it ndtwl 
qnjio • a«m of money, 9ecun*l a hanihtaran 
eoroer «tone and apt it Isdd, Wien occurred 
ttej mart imponing aemoMrtTatlMi Hew Tork 
had witoemed rincathBCoinpletioa of tlw Sri* 
canal. Pr**Ul«wt Polk houoirad the oeokafan 
with his pra»»jiC9. With hitti iu the proeca- 
6?o;s were Goycmor Young, of Sow Yerb, «»3 
a-3-iTO*'a» other governors, aad «U thepromi- 
E?*a6 nxiti of tho siatto atsd motajpolii!. The 
mHitaiy dlsplfty wao tremMidous. Every cr- 
gaoiwttjDa in Uio eity and nearly cv&ryonein 
tlw atato and adjasent raglo-us w*3 thero aad 
Hamilton equaro sras psclicd with pcopt 


Absolutely Pure. 

^<?imfn*i»»»i.lf yareGMi^j Cream .Tartan 
8ue*t BioarborWteSoda, and ■» litto Starch- 
FaHw«l«ht.'*lwftya.i]n]ft>nR.' XacomparabiQ 
tav strwif tft, parity anawboHworacneas, Tlse 
Most, economical, '*7o****i*i#.<w»'A»M«eni{s, 
Alum. liinre^ Phtjsjsh^ie, ftr flther impurirj-. 
,, 3ftfefordys)V!i>Miffiai!diav!'%U')«.'"Soi£(t»*oi:3 
.anitf. G«0. (J UASToWiJ, Mfr.,Syraoujie, W.S". 




Je-wale c, 

Business Cards. 

MMKIttA Bite nee Job Malm. VhM 

— ASB™ . . 

.OS Hasd. 

■jnstareusa thbeonsiiratlTo. 1 Gra^a Ceatra 
Block you will Gad aa aaa . ivo w«u!d SiSra to beo 
everybody. ■ VF , P. 03BOEH3. 






Ecv. Dr, Vsrmilysa offered pmyer. Governor 
"STouns, trowei in hacd, ''laid tho corner 
p£oEO,"tuid the ladies covered it with Sowera 
Tho inGcriptioaon tho stcna tails tho story of 
tho timo and occasion, via : 

This ci 

ir stone of a moKamsat to tho 


Absolutely Pure. 

eompEtitioa wita the multitude of iowtsst,. eheft' 
■we£gut.amsn o? phosphMB powders. Bold oniyia 
cans. Bottal EakSSS Fo«flKnCo.,iOS Wall.S?. 

: GeoigoWaBit ^ 

: was laid wit& o NH2Cnie3 on the : 

: ism day of October, 164?, : 
; tbo anniversary of tho surrender of 

Lord OomwaHSs : 

: to Gen. IVashinr'Wnv at Ycrhtown, ; 

: A. S. 1733, . : 

: unde? the ousnicGo of tho : 

: Weshlngtc: J^ozsument icso. of tho : 

: GVv o£ Hew York ■ ' : 

Eatriotao Epesschea. wera. wads aM monay 
hashed in, asid thest— whatfl ■ Nothing appar- 
ently, for thb moausnsafc fiia aaSrbe. Boya 
playtes In the Ea.narafo? 'years dft-ffipwsrds" 
de3firoy>£tlthadhsi3o'7G?9i3c<iriierEfeona Tha 
Gqooro, very higfo lastdt originally^ was grac- 
ed down C3 tho eifty grew, aasi Snally tho 
laadwcossM.". XalO&t 020 tefones Iferloy, 
aldarmEu, goB a 1% coairaet Eo cssr& Sio eur- . 
pluo dirt, to tho "swamp 1 ' below, cmd psesrum- 
nhly cartel o,wa,f th» easiier.efaJaB, £^ 16 dia- 
appsai-ed. . And wi> wan fasavettUt of. i£e loca- 
tion unto thSail&y. '■ faterett la tfae BSbJeeiibe- 
ing rsviyod, Sh£?o es©:.sisiay qasrieB as to 
■whatbscoas) ofi-tSss msBoy B tho aaoisstoca. 
under th^stoio ■ Ifiselfi. But-t&OBo who could 
answer ero dead, iuctadiiig Sfr. ISsb? Joy.'' Zq 16 
not a judicroas ou£copa» for ia gFCBt'eity oa- 
icrprieaB And Eligh.t3y hmsMxi&ssQ 


■ Toinea-.addioteato'fieligMs, basi-- 
-uessls'-as- iEterruptioia; to 'ssaSi' as- 
Me. adld.tb ■d6ligiits-'is;aa"enter4aiai 
iuent. For wliloh reason it \vas eatfi 
toons who aoiiioieaded a daii jaaa 
forhls appMeatiori, *'3ffo' Shaisks -to 
biia; s? he bad no basJaeaa he wjj^ald 
:bavecotSsiag to "do. "—Steele; ' 
■"To' ;airivQ;--aii-.perJe6tIoa. .a' iaan' 
sbonldliava verysineere. £dends, o? 
invieterate enemies; Ueeaosp he would 
tsB.made 88nsife!a"-Qf.-'h'Is" , g6oS- , er HV 
ttondaet, either by the eynsaresoi' the 
■obe:*>r'tlie.admoBitiGOs'..'of : tiieQfeliSfs.''. 
■~0x$gene$. ':■ 

: ; '.; 'Ttifire/ dispute .'.aiauaged..w!6hr' ', 
.QatA'j>»sstQri/'ftad'-j'6!;.thepe":is smsco. ■ 
■.a^'tiisput6'''.-. : wortfe' , ..'a-' : pd£sioc.'^Sh 
iac^,5'.A. ,;; .:' ■■"::' ■ 

No euj'oyiHantv'iiGwove.K.iBeoiistO'cr.- : 
ttljle, Is '-confined to iibe pyeiieat jiio- 
'na*»i* .vA-'infcn is tii.e. lia|ipier, for Mfe, 
'for feaTing" miuife 'one&. : ftiv.-.^gre^able : .' 
ttj«r 1 -oir,li«^.i6r - -a'nylebgt|h:';'ci£-v'^^ 
with pleasant peopH or eujoyerf any 
oon>id«ra,ble interval- *tf umoeeat 
pt^aaute.— SWney Smith. 

If w« did bnt know tiuvr little boiuh 
ftojoy tli« great, thing* thai tliey p«*- 
tli<>rK would not htv itiucli t'livy 
Id the world,— TLt.un*. 

Wot to return one Kt>o<I office for 
•aothar, it iobiioiAu. hot lo retaru 
aril far Rtxnl it ili«l»»lif»l Thcr* an 
too many K*«n of this wirt, who In* 
tiny owa, tb« nraiw tbmj bata, 
Tbare tt noUiiBs mora thagarau 
than tooblica Utaw poupla, iur wban 


■*♦-■■■ * ■■■ . ■ 


Tao rnxswur- ©I6y' Futffl. S323.000 Beta q 
MaesiflcenS. BuildiB^ 

The iibraryiBsd 1 -arfc building erected Iby 
Sho city of M3aB»peiis was formally opened 
to the gaawalpablio ok D*a 16. The insti- 
toaoa, which win- hareaftw h*a.&atnra'sS 
ftfeo.jaortbwiastjii'a ajaoleipai affair created 
EJyfchs.uniosi.of aevaral sooWiefl with ih&fe 
ercaEisrea HBdeP ojoa'iroot . . 

'She HinaBapoHa AtbeojecKa, tha WnnmcA* 
Academy dt ScJacctaabd tiia-MiaoeapoJlB 
Eaoicly «t Wix* Arts : hair* basi 'the "..repoti- 
tfficlesfc-r their raapectivts departmaati, and 
th» "plaS' of a publkj library which eainii- 
E*ted is ^{^BDioc of I>bo. 16, drew; them 
fegeSjepiaai(4tft^pofalic*nt«rpriia Soma 
39,900 Yoroinee, tMmWoxuipBiatinjp and>vala- 
Eable adebUfio apMimena bow became aeceat- 
£fc36 to the wboia population Ccae of e^penaa, 

'■*H». B&rary i» tontroltod by a separata 
feoard ejacfead fer tbe : |Maijoaft ( aad notda- 
l«id*at upoa ; tha city isoaneiL The saw 
feaiiding isof LakaSupatier aaadatone aM 
E*d hfick, is threa ttoriaa abo»».th* baai* 
aoaaf, lofty and luopoiiag, and i» flreproaL 
Baatdai th&a 

3-aadia« aad AaditplayOf paiotiajrj, ihem 
oat.' ark and 
actaioa' ■ 

nrtlHfi DollaniBii, 


Are admitted by thousands 
be: worth Fiva DollaraaBoE for 
Nervous and Bilious disorders, 
such as wind and pain in the 
stomach, sick headache, giddi- 
nexi, fullness and swelling after 
meals, disainessand drowelnesm 
cold cliilla, flushioes of beat, 
!os3 of appetite, shortness of 
breath, eostivenesa, blotches on 
aliin, disturbed Bieep, rrlghtEul 
dreams, and all nervoua and 
trembling Becsations, fie. Every 
sufferer is' earnestly invited to 
try ono box of thesfi Pills and 
they 'will be aelinOwled^ed to 
be Woirlh Fivo JS'oliaffo ■ a 

For fomale3 of all agea these 
Pills are invaluable, as a few 
doaeaof themcariy oG all au- 
a, and bring about all that 
___jquired. No female should 
bewfUioutthem. Thare is no bo found to equal 
the GfjOBE PIIX9 for re- 
moving any obstruction or ir- 
•egulnrity of the system, if 
flken according to the Srec- 
tions given with each boa:, they 

ill soon restore females of all 

»<-8 to sound and robust health. 

For a wealt Gtomacii, Impaired 
..Sge-ition, and nil disorders of 
and « few dozes trillbs found to 
wotIe wonders upon the most 
imporumt organa in tho human 
maohine. They strengthen the 
whole muscular eyctem, reston* 
Uieloud-lostcomplcslon. bring 
baclt tho besfl edge of appetite 
aud arouse to action with tho 
K03EBUD of health the whoto 

phjaical energy of the human frame. Theso ara 
tho "FACTS'^aamitted by thousands, Cfmbraclng 
aU cfcsse3 of society, and one of tho best guaran- 
tees to the nervous and debilitated Is that the 
GLOBE E2IiI.S have the largest sale of any 
medieino in the world. 

Sold at retail by all druggisto. In boEes, prlca 
asc. usr bos. If theao Plus canuot be. obtained 
from your druggist, the? will he sent by mall on 
receipt of price, mention this paper. 
L. BttOWN, Proprietor, 1E8 Duono St.^tTew York 

Wm Pffls 

Bisfe Pis. 
Slolis Pills 
State Fills 
Stele fills 
Slois Pis 
Sbise fills 
fi* Kite 
f=!ia Kite 
.!o!)i Pills 



imtel Bin Timber 

S a» sow prepared 'to HU orders ?op 
HeaiScok Bin Timber- i?oyi th© beot : 

Pennsylvania Hemloak. 

Prices Sow and qoaiity extra good. 

Thoee coafeompiatiGg buUdiag will 

iissd It to &bdir advesstage to give 

me o oa!l before" bujr ing. AI20 a 

■ oompiete BtQpk e>$ ■ 






1 bava pupehBGsd of A. P. DewJo the 
B'ulton Steam Laundry in tho Whita- 
U8P block : Oneida street v/hlch le 
equipped with the finest machinery 
for laundry work. I h&ve engaged 
first alasa workmen and I am prepar- 
ed to put out laundry ■work equal to 
any in this vicinity, work guaranteed, 
Give ua a'trial. 

Paper' Hanging 

• qw»^. AU<«llMni>taJ?',' 

™ , ^ H^UtOOS€R.\fTAS. 

Offltoima St»pS1t«ts«Mi MtMaH,' 

Insurance .Agents. 

Old ReiiaMe Companies K,jj»rGaent«*J. 
Loss proragtts- «na (atrly adjtutaa.' 
WSeoat tho Falton Savicgs B*n», 

H. H. Hairiland, M.1). 

BaespsEj Plpdm aj ktym, 

Omca Hcara EiH 7 a. ,a. !3 t» S , E ,, sfee ? 

p. in. anil Esturtoy oftcmosna, Spw:^ 

atteatioa givaa to dfs&wsj ot v;<K3aa 

Thos. a. Poole, 

All fcinda of Criminal and Civi! cassa 

''iTO-osjghly iaveatifiatett Crinjma? 

and tsvil papers served ia- all 

psinsof the Union. ASicojy- 

municatioita tmd basitU'Eia 

■ Gtriotly oouSdontial, 


— Z)HAL!3E ia— ■ 




." . naxasit; . ; . 

■HwlKiikMjaiic awl Mteooat *3as,tf)uv Tba 
atawia- waraA pirwirtwl.'- by : :.t**V'ia»a«" rf *i*f:: 
Ixwlafor tlOUOOO. privata matribatfoaa of 
asa/XOukl Uw.nwujuo.kc br a^prvvrtatUM. 
«*l!raa>sk*»d: **tUi* ■ aa«;^- 'haaa.*x- : 
ptndad iaianr I 

Ifca W*«oltectioti - ; 'jib* «W<hta : iO* ,*■!■-■ 
a»W«rao«;.iiuiiadal, ■ib*'vt&mtfM--l&*i 
Athewamm, and oooaiatiiia: at kna; arto o< 
aad»« aaJ Kiantiffe puhfieaaiooa, and a d«- 
partwit <rf popoiar lltarataro, to which ad- 
dttiaaa to tfa>anwnator »l*,O0Oh*TaraCaiitrj 

Anayat*ia«» Aaw that ik* bart aauta 
am kaad aawat; gray ayad a*aa, «ha ava 

. ._.„.,...... ^ ;1?r i M B^g;j^.diA.'.*3P«; 

Why don't ton try Carter 1 * ritlle 
lATWpillat They area pooitlrecure 
for aiek h«a«Uehe, ami all rhe ills 
prndaaed by di«»raerp*l liver. Only 
one pllladose.. 

A (Uttmr u aud lo b* a b«wt who 
blflttb a^lbm Hot it w Iwnl t» 
tawvibaanrnNf fflaoda. «»^ "™ *° 
Atoaqalouaadruli of probataUuus. 
toraaam.oWiape-b ie aacUHt, aodutb 
rrknad.-f}lr WaJt~r 


oe the Old Ssatucfeys^ls are/stsadj-ly. 

ines'easing . In' favor ■ .with ' ihoas ' psopte" 
who eeefe. absoSiits -'.purity- combined 
witfs ihaif salty* and isselloW Ssyor to lis- 
found onty In the genuine pto&nos of 
'•Oid'KaihSnck,','- •■.■". 

Harpers Nclsoa Coanty Whta- 
key S3 aadiiasfceen for yoara i3«for& the 
g«biieaEd'iiasas : well msfiiied a repifc- 
fetion-irsli3 0E7Si- Stats .as.;i6 gasssssaa 

JOSS3 &■. LiPB^iaiS, 
Sole £gea£s, - :FaHoa,H..Y." -tf-' 


Sot ft'Idqox^ 

A l-arUcleni«pplte4 Jnv eaCK ManUi* la 

aansoibte.: S«ceS0t«nt8»t J'WWf^.hj *" n 


■ tut 1*# Hab>>' a«raw7 -wk Meady 
■■■-"■ ■■-■■^■-^■■^■- ■ i ami aiM ri 



®Ino Old j^sSteWo ' 


' ' ..AMD 

ryiHiTiil i£AL£B 

Kappa ooBitsatl? on band ct his stara oa' First Bt 
tbo llnoot and beet cdectod etoo!j ol jjooflo In iits lla 

Castete aadCsffiag. 

0! every variety oflbe most 'approvca pattosnstij 

hand anil furnished to order. AW tbo lutest 



And Latest Improved IcoCcGheta for aesplss tho 

(Seas'. ■ 

lean mi Carnages 



— ASUB— 

f)NEio* Street pikERY 

I'aasprepafad-to-.''3iii3ply fio She geopla- 
of Fulton sad violnifiy from eiteierof . ■ 

'.'■:.. £ne iafeose Mectioaed Bakeries : 

Bread, Cai«s Cnicim 

Aod'aiii'StliiaBeiBake^.'Gci^a of the 

■Be3t'QasSit^-"10iS^io!ceBt;6£se&cf - 

Gr&ck&sB t cSEte spes pousd'o? 4- goaoSa- 
■ 'for'SS jjepta- 
■ ;g?if ". : . ''Proprietor 

UMWador laoa." 




C. W. Streeter 




Beoi36mi GutnJBlKk 

Boolb B1J. ita«kU Vtmt. 

ruLToa. ». t. 

H. L. LAKE, M, D. 


^•aiassjes Carefully Fitted. 
OFFICE HOrjJIS-Prom to 11 a. ej,. £keu S 
to 5 p. m. and from ? to 8 p.m. 

Office: Grand Central Bloafe, 

ONEIDA. STItEET - ~ ' BtsStoiu ^. U. 

li fill Want Work, 

We want Kood men to act ea OAHVA£2&<a, 

GENERAL or STAT15 AQEKT3. . T/s,. Wili 

Civo'a iiuarnntaed eommtHBica. 

For full pnrticulara, udssress, 


Ko. 10 East Slatecntli St„ Now York 0^!? 

or 3ir, Woteuh Avo., Ohtasgo. 




wasoa . a»oaca»* :«*--,*iW9li . 

ABsientifleaaa etanaftwi'Foisutaf M«i(oti TrtftfM'ca 


nar»>*l a Vc ilit> I i e* ftto£l»ol 

.Untold Miseries 

'OT«Saj(»aoB,l!»'«'vafluasiw3 urJiSiijig She vMim 
f*W«K/B«*iBei»*tJiaafBwfcSorE6*iai.UeI*iieH l . . 

Avoid ussidifui EEttaGflors,-. 1"o?£e»«:thitirS«»J 
■work. JtMa'(a3ii*Wpa^,?oynl0vo.-,JJ«*Uitfsi . 
Wuding, satoM&l, full -gilt. f'riac,«ii!y#l,»by - 
jaaitcOoil-Baia.esuBeBlaiiapininnrsssjjet'.-. I«u»f . 
tratiVeI?roi5WrtEs , F«e,-lf i'M-eppsy »5«t-'Th»'' 
sHstiBSUlihiHl ftuac?, Wm. H. I , ai , ter<-ijJ:- , i?wJ'S... 
cclSeff tno COLD AH& L.t-EB MKDAL 

from tha Nations! .aisdidai-.-ABsociMfen* 
for *he 'PRIXK" BSSA v . on :H rRVQUB. an* 
PHySICAtOEBlUtV. Ur.f.ivi'..vrii]a*«oi}a. . 
■ df/AesSitast. I'fey*taisiia inay tiu tiouj-!(!tear«omlj 
aeatiallyi l»r «iall er in pnreon, at livg effie* of , 
Ko.'ABaSfincn SI., 5'»rs!on, Slnsw., lo wiw^'ast . 
gr^sra for t>oot:s o 

■a 'tor -.di,-lvo,ak:ali -ha' 


Cafeats* Trade Marfes and i'oujrrfttit* 

OWain^aasIctBfir-'bstiacsa Sa feeU.;S..¥irt*«t 
■ ©vs. office fit epposits Sho U. S. Patent Offtee,. . 
b&2-»* can ohtam Patents in legti mne thaa tho** - 
reniot«»oittWASEISG3:DS. ■...;: 

®6B&mmx>m dbawisq. w*«atj»t»«to 

.patwitahUlijtos of ■BfearitavaBa.ifa maJnt/HO... 

Werefwhereto the Fostinaeter, tha' ; S<8*"Ql!' . 
Koney Order mvj. -and t-a ofBelato gt..tha'lJ* 8. . . 
Patent. Office. For cE^ctiliM-, a>ilr?o t iwimiMi. 
refwrHcw -to aciaslciiente is year cnr»- *«»(♦ or 
eeiiiity, write to ■ ' -..-. ■__ ■ : - ■ 

C. A. SHOW « 00 

■ ... ■ :.0pE«!S9?GSsaEOSica. syae^foatoh. D."0. .v 



Fred VanTasrrelkentog 


Keep CoBsteatSy on Eaaia BS3 fctodf cf 


■'■■; Clams ia SlielJ, Oysters by.; 
.'•:. the Qwvt. .-.-.'■ 

Ojstsi's for SsKiday Bianssa. roecired .cr«y. 
■ .gaSarjisy rnerning-. Iieave.yoSJ- : 

Orders and- We will Fill Them ' 

-. Froflipt'y- Gcofe PeiiFered to all p«fa of "■'.'"■ 

...-■■ ihn.vmxg?..: .■ .-.■.;.:■■ W- " 

The Bcj's Holiday. 

TljeBestVautli'sTapsreyarBibhahad.. .... 


yp-jaJe'fcrailitwwaea'an, £r&*5vmim 

TiMiiir SanhAiaafttoM iub- 

Dtoo Bfrfft, Oawayo, Sa4ttftf*y, Ja», 
«, SMk at Um •«« of TI jwm. 

r«l t-H kat tha 


Idc Lodtf* «C I. O. O. F. *#M a^-dHtoT 

•♦•aji ' 



J AS. B. FAIROBIKVr, Alitor. 

ImfthtipUahiQthe TruthMltHev 
and dmoHbtna what l*e. Tote**** 
oOcrwto (tan it **wm (a m* ««WW 
fatohorf in that ttOling in **.*•«- it 

kuplttmd Heaven ta place me. 


Q%v, Hubtkd 1ms been iiomiouted 
Speaker of the AwemWy. This will 
ba hla sixth term In the chair »«d will 
bo longer than *»y other poason lias 
held the P«W on ^________. 

Hon, W.N. etrnnaSwTstftrtifld for 
Albany Saturday, where he wIU rcp- 
renmt thl* mtrM in State legJalR- 
tiim People in this vicinity will 
Vatoli with interest hia work during 
the ooininff setmlon and the best wish- 
es, of *W io^rUUhfm^^^^ 

THM Mexico .Iaclependant inaager- 
ateiitheKew Year and it« twonty- 
ninth birthday with nn entirely new 
dreei. Brother Humphries In to b« 
congratulated on tboilnc appearance 
that his paper presents and the abili- 
ty with which ho has conducted it 
daring the time that another local 
pnpor existed and nindo ntroufr, efforts 
to •■downhini." 

AN exehango eaye that ono third of 
the fools in the country think thoy can 
bent a lawyer In expounding H»o law. 
One-half think thoy can boat the doc- 
tor healing the stele. Two thirds of 
tbem think they eau put tlio Diintetor 
In a hole preaching tho gospel; and 
'all of them think thoy can boat tho 
editor running a ne wspaper. 

It la apparently a fact that wharf- 
age ifl exhorbltant and elevator charg- 
es on canal grain extortionate atNow 
York and Buffalo. These excessive 
charges arc detrimental to a large 
ntnnber of persona in Pulton and vi- 
cinity who make their living out of 
boating. To fludy»ut what can be done 
about fcbia and how to remedy the 
«vil, the Canal and Harbor Protec- 
tion Union of N. Tl. state have called 
a Mass Meeting to be held at Cooper 
Institute N. Y. onFHday[Jan.24when 
addresses will be made by prominent 
speakers. Tide meeting will be of es- 
pecial interest to boatman who gen- 
erally look in vain for relief from ex- 
tortions that makes their Hcanoji'tj 
work unprofitable. 

The Board of Supervisors complet- 
ed their work at Oswego last Satur- 
day and adjourned sine die. Volney's 
representative, W. B. Howard lias 
been particularly active in looking 
after the county's b.% well aa tho 
town's interest. He has laid out a 
course in regard to assessment of 
personal property that if dilligently 
followed will produce a satisfactory 
result to the masses. One of the 
last committee reports adopted by 
tlie Board was the following: 

Mr.Howardtfrom the committee to 
consult with the county treasurer In 
relation to fundinc tho floating In- 
debtedness reported that Indebted- 
ness at about $70,000. Tlio 
coinmittoe recommended bonds to the 
Amount of $7,000 to b*> paid In ten in- 
BtaUments. He eaid.that the debt 
could be funded at 3 or 8j per cent. 
The committee also reported the 
proper form of tho bonds and direct- 
ed the clerk and county treasurer to 
formulate a petition to the legislature 
to procure tlio passnge of an enabl- 
• tag act. ■ 

The action of Oartor's Little t*ivev 
Pilli m pleasant, mild and natural. 
They gently stimulate the liver, and 
regtilato the bowels, butdonotpurge, 
Thoy are sure to pleaso. Try them. 

«ptU 14 m baraod Aboafc * y«tv« 
■C«. Ho than voni to Otwssjo and 
kopt tho Ontario How* for ht« 
•/taw* Th*o h« formed a portnor- 
«hlp with C W. Ott and ran tho 
HaallHon HotiM «vor aMioo, Ho 
tatToea wife and throe ohlldron. two 
ton* and onedauffhtor --< JV*no\ 
Frod R. Boreh, and Mr*. B. <*- Mo 
^arlandj Funoral wrvtofa were hold 
hi OtwMftoyMtorday and th« remain* 
brought U> Fill km for IuU>nn«»t.- ■■' 

John H urphrTatfi) A, died of con- 
liuniption, Monday, Jan* M, im. 
S*aheraVw»« bfild frot^ tlw; Oathoiio 
church thin morai**- at 10 o'clock, 
Hj#*i»itcr died ot the »*«»« Mn<>»m 
l«*t September and his- father a few 
W'tcks ag o. 

Ban'l Pattenraffo 4(J your*, died of 
pneumonia 'XuamUy, .Tan. 7th, ISM 
Funeral services conducted by Itev. 
Mr. K(n«f wiH he bold from tlio house 
of th« : deceased's brother-in-law at 
tho upper landing, to-morrow, at JO 

Bradfitreet'fl reports 11,'Mfi failuros 
In tho United Btatcs for tho year- 1B8!>, 
with liabilities of ©WO,i30O,49O and 
assets $70,S!li>,7ili>. Thlo in ft larger 
mtmher of fttHurea noil greater lia- 
bilttieH than for any your lathe paet 
live. The increase in tlio number of 
failures ovitr 18S8 in 1,183; increase in 
l!abifitl<?f, ft2l>,m,0H8; hmreuae in 
aaseLi, 8,&fi9,85H. Now York city had 
078-foiluro in 1889, with HnblHtieH of 
$10.58»,080,asnetn of &-3,0S«,78!>. (tgaliwt 
02i> fidhiroH In \m, with llabilatien at 
$17,022,880 and iwwota of §7,07S,H70. 
Throughout tho country tliift year 
tho middle Biaten hiwe bad tho great- 
est numborof fuitnrus— 2,!>12— and the 
WPRtorn statofi come next with 2,758. 

Of tho eastern, middle, southern, 
and western utatoR tho eastern have 
had the foweat number <>t fadui 
—1,071. This lnimber, liowover, 
preitontslliibllitk'H of $;S8,l>2r>,r>05 wliicii 
are greater liuvn tho liabilities in any 
section of the 4 fxcept hi the ntiddlo 
Btatt'ft, whore they wero $41,722,008. 
In the Kouthem utates there were 
1,009 failures, with liabilities of $10,- 
481,820, and in tlio western 2,7. r >(i 
failurtm, with lotal llabilitii>» of §37,- 
1)85,847. In each of the fmir section" 
the AHWjts wen? ahout ouo-lmlf of the 

J>. K. SuMh; V. e. f Walter 
B. &, Arthur Ootomt, P. 0L, A. *. 
Ooo; Tfiai, a BUawortb; B. B. IT. 
4*.,I)*nioll>ab6teiI» 0. V. O.. Bd. 
Potior; W. TlHoa Coot Ooo. a O. 
Z*wtoo; R. B. V. O., J. Blrdlek; L. B, 
V. Q., R Proaoor: Chap., Bov. B. V. 
NaoblU, J. G.. Uoo. ProaMr; O. <?., 
M. Hubtmrd. Tha IturtollatloA waa 
pubiio and r^looted erodUl on oor 
firand Offleera, .'After tho IflOrtalla- 
tlon tapper waa Hrred-by tbo ladieo 
at {;:<>«•'» hall, whleb ired that tho 
(htd Fellow.' ladies can g«t up a 
Krahd repa«t. The raport of the Hoft- 
rotary 8how«(l that thoy had received 
oevpnteen iiHimboro; dorloe the Jant 
ter|«, :' 

Oiiati. If, t'Jark, ati old and redpeot- 
ed jreiildeut ot' the town of. yoiney 
died' .at- bin late ■roWdeiiii!* Bittirday, 
Sun. tth, -iSi: \ oi paralyelA. The fu- 
neral bceiii . ->d Monday, at Mount 

The many fiicndnof Ktdia Hublxird 
ivtjohiwi beot'i a cripple- and did not 
walk for seventeen yours will rejoice 
to learn that she is on her feet again 
as good as alio ever was, 

l#I»0ttl«l CorFtriponsleiica to Tittt Times.) 

Ex-Super vifior B.H. Trimble is very 
sick with inflammation of the bowels. 
Dr. fJrcen Is attending him, 

Win. fiaffoy, tho blacksmith of 
Palormo Centre announces that 
ho ho* reduced priees in uhoeing of 
hoiHcu. For netting shoos Bcentn, for 
now hhoea 15 conte each and job 
work at proportionately low prices. 

(i, 1>. Trimble is said, to have 
bought another ohoeso factory 
known aa the piaho factory in <iran- 

Mm. O. P. Jenniiiga has gone to 
C'ortlaud on a visit to her son. 

The Now Tear's Party at the Paler- 
mo Centre House was well attended 
coiiHidering the bad night and the 
roads. Kvcryoue who attended was 
satisfied that, the Palermo Cen- 
tre House is the place to bav"« a good 

The most that is bothering "farmers 
in tins town now are taxes and 
whether they will have to pay their 
Bohemian oats notes. One man hii B 
a suit commenced against him by 
parlies in Lock port on a Bohemian 
oat note which they bold. 

m— i*«»* mi Ill 
»— I I III! I« 


Prom report: 


obtained from 
State treasurers throughout tlio 
country The World figures out an in- 
crease in thin Boimtry'H taxable 
property sineo 18S0 of $0,083,000, and 
lt» actual wealth i?I8.f«2,OO0,O00, Tbo 
total wealth is $01,4011,000,000, exchi- 
hJvo of public propnrty.and §:j, 000,000- 
000 ot property Invested and owned 
abroad. The assessed valuo of taxed 
property and actual wealth at differ- 
ent times has been: 

Assessed value— 1880. $6,887,031,140; 
1800, ^13,084,000,005; 1870, $11,842,780- 
800; 1880, 16,903,003,643; 1880, 33,710,- 

Actual wealth— 1850, 813,053,400 - 
780; 1800, $31,201,310,670; 1870, §SW,- 
008,518,507; 1880, §43,042,000,000; 1889; 

The wealth of the United States 
now exceeds the total wealth of the 
whole world at any time previous to 
the middle of tho 18th century, and 
tho amount invested abroad is alone 
equal to the national wealth of Pori 
ugal and and Denmark. 

NoiiltK tir 


(Sixwfiil Corrosqjowlonco to Tug TuiiiH.) 

Cards aro out for tho marriage of 
Mish Prao. Jj. Ituss of this place to 
Mr.- Will H. Ounbar of Gasport, Wi- 
«garaCo., to take place oii Wednes- 
day evening, Jan. '8. 

Mr. and Mrs. (J. S. Calkins enter- 
tained about twenty of their friends 
on Now Year's day. 

'S"I*o 'Fax DEntln. 

Following if* tho ratio of taxation 
as fixed by the 8(ipervisorf-|figujiog on 
a basis of $100 valuation: 

Albion 1.40, Ainboy 1.100, Uuylston 
1.23, Cuustantfa 2.70, Oranby.017,Han- 
nibal 2.83, Hastings 1.07, Mexico .98,' 
Hew Haven 1.15, Orwell 1.40, Oswego 
1.07, City 1.20, Palermo 1.18, Pasieh 
1.1)5, Redfiold 1.04, Richland 1.70. San- 
dy Creek 1.78, Sohruippel 1.144, Scriba 
1.12, Volney 1.80, West Monroe .00, 
WilliauiKtowi) 1,14. 

Last year tho ntdo in' 1 Oswego was 
.00. Only in four towns in tbo county 
is the ratio reduced. 

Beware of Ointments for Catarrh 
that contain Mercury, 

as Meroury will suroly destroy the 
ueuse of emoll and completely derange 
the whole system when entering it 
through the mucus eerfaoea. Sueh 
articles Bhouldnevor be used except 
on proscriptions from reputable phy- 
aloiaoe, as the damago they will do 
are ton fold to the good yoa can poa- 
olbly derive from them. Stall's Ca- 
tarrh Core, mannfactured by F. J. 
Cboney ft Co., Toledo, O., contains 
no'morcury, and is taken internally, 
and aoto direotly upon the blood and 
moons surfaees of the syBtem. In 

bnylng Uall'i Catarrh Cure be sure 
-and get the genuine, .it is taken inter- 
nalfy andnuvie in Toledo, Ohio, by 
■P. J. Ohoney ACo. 
laTBoW by Prugglats, prioe 75o per 

bottlo. '- 33w4. 

ioTioa to *(*ta*M.— At* yoa- disnirbMrt 
slriitalSttrokMiae. tout net bj a sick chuU 


Ho Who a Vermont I.ail mid .S«li»l«r una 
Ih en Iowa Mull. 

Capt, Eldin J. Hurtsliora, of Iowa, l»i» 
beoo* appointed cashier of tbo sQJ'fjtiati^at- 
armsoC thobousoof representatives at Wash- 
ington, to nuccccd SUcutt, wboao fligl't loft 
bo many members to luoara for lost cajjli. 
The offioo ia a very peculiar ouo in law, and 
tha unuaoal manner oi conducting thobu^i- 
noes Has -made it' oho or absolute' trasfc-HJhflt 
is, It is desirable teba-ra aa inenmbent whoso 
intogritycan bo relied on, rsgardleaaof bonik 
auil liigal eDouritios, 
Tho sorgeont-at-oi-nis loigbt bo colled a 
— bo unite functions 

rarely committed 
to ono person. He 
1b at ouce tbo peace 
ofllcor, tho con- 
stable, thes tainiti- 
tcrial ofBcer and 
tveasarer of tbu 
honsoas anoCBcial 
body.oud by long 
sustiuned custom 
be has . beeoina tbo 
banker oi! tbo mem- 
bars aa individuals. 
Ia strictaees of law 
tho_ repi^fientaii^! 
casfi at tba closo of 
tbsj often draw in 

composite ofQcial, 


lnun*di»Wj\ D*P**id upon It, 
Kta-n^DdaUk* mboni it; It cvtit* 

•MOBmnav euraa win^Oooc, fottma Uw Outua, 
-"---^^frj-^iA"" --i>it' iiOiliia linn «ml «&«rcr 
^WC5Sa5a53aT , SKflTJa*w'« aoothS. 

Sa»«ai ^f^S' 1 *■"* ,J ,b *. f * ] '" 
: Ki»d a«a amV U " tw m t. 

BnTr— - — " W 

jiiuiBipaarV"^'*"' *»*> 

b €Otitl*d to bis salary 

«ach moQtb. Ia practi 

ftdvanco, tho c^iiar holding till tho salary 

bdla due and quite as often tboy leave their 

money in tbo cashier's bands till long after 

it is due. Henco tho ensa with whicb Silcott 

got away with their funds. 

-Captv Hartshorn is fc aativo of Vcraiont, 
4? years of age. He enlistod at tb&bexinnitts 
of the war ia the Hftocnth Vermont volun- 
teers, and at the end of a year waa .m*do a 
captain in tho Soventecnih Vermont, ia 
which hoeerrM to the end of tbo vrar, tak- 
ing part in all the battles of the Army of ih© 
Botomux. He studied law in tho ofSca of 
Judg* Proctor, of Rutland, Vt., and in ISK1 
located in the practice at ISounetsbui'g. Ia, 
3hlSS8-l»'waselsatcdt6 ths Iowa faosse ot 
»pr«wt«itlves And. in BT5 to'.tb« »ii*te 
In 1879 0* *'*3 re^tocWd, thm nerring tea 
yrm eoatuiuously in -the legidatarw. ^» 
k*oB^-iT»s'to.*tcf .****airerot- J**li> Alto 
couBtyi Ho f**iBfiti of faiaily, higlil; 
tp«ct«d AaUpopuaayiOid 
onblen4?b*d integrity; 

VTilil^u 0. unison, .a' *SH kir;.wn .ycaug 
man *if South Caiisacivditd ' rcctstly.fiooi 
nwsuinpUon, c»iiS*d bv a -toy whistle, ohiefc 
. h«"a.wr,liu*iri when' h» wa»,2" "jaart oiL^-Al-; 
iTH>st con^aoUy from: the day Wswauowed 
th« tov.untU to* Jay of hi* dMtb a* niftevd. 
Tb» ^y>iciwi*wk0-«ifen4«d biindvrfttK.ata 
ilbww -saTth^Jtevervtinw he hraaUiea ilia 
toy TTcrtild^ whiette Uiroogh his langs and 
: eww* ■ Bttik i h; i paia i H« wat 23 '.*«*» ot am, 
Mtd ll*«l with b(a mother at &W Eafgha 
-■'" .PWlaoriplualaQnirw. 

is «j'Bnt*l a mm o! 

There are; 
many white soaps, 

represented to be 
"just as good as the Ivory.' 
They are not, ■ 
but like 
all counterfeits, 
they lack 
the peculiar 
and remarkable 
qualities of 

the genuine. ■! 

Ask for 
Ivory Soap 
.and:,. ''■.■■.-. 

insist upon having it. 
Tis sold everywhere,; 

I hmpprobaoodol A. P, DarUthe 
. 9mm BIMIT Laondry Id tbo Whita- 
QnoWo rtroot ubiob to 

A woman who once puts: 
on Ball's corset will wear that 
make as long as sh& lives; 

That is why the makers 
do as they do, ■■ 

What do they do ? 

They tell every store in the 
United States to take Ball's 
corset back and return the 
money paid for it any time 
within three weeks, if the 
woman that buys it dori'^ like 

Do the stores do that? 

They do if they have Ball's 
corset They are, glad to; 
it costs them nothing, ^v 

Your, store has a pruner 
on Corsets for you. ^,, 


JoaVToooiini the larg- 

est and flooat otock of Watohoo aud 
Jowolry ovor In town. Ako an elor 
cant line all now Mttoraa Jowolrj 
•nd Phud-vin, Bumlna Umm now 
and otyllab good*, Oooda aro wado 
and aoU (or oa*b»K wb«4 the? woro 
nfow ^onra ago. fwdco thooo coods 
forXMnatf, r " 


"Now, ttmUauM*, whatdoyoo tWnko* 
thatr Mked Mm«. Val<na, drawfaw 
txpiU a littln nutuVit <colorod ^ro1:>aoa;a 
:nwfk|»f;i) of purwniibeadiiiof a»uhatanoo 
remmhlinjz tu) tho 

heart of *w?h a ligfat Uk« Ui«*of tho 
.ftiiCKt opol, aadl beinjg;: generally ot th* 
color of which n'Qepeak aocruabed rtraw- 
"What aro ilunm stone*?" , 
"I think thft niK;i(lsc9 boauiiftot,** I ro- 
ptietl. "But yolt uiutf tell me wKiat tbo 
stones are. Cor I can not ev 
lift vo never twen anything like them, a« 
do thoy tJtlly with any descriptions that 
I rcKiemtwr." 
Sfmo. Valois looked pleased. 
"Ah, inadamo, I cannot tell you," nine 
said, epraading Iier hands abroad, "nor 
can any one, I believe. Thoy have been 
examined by many people learned in 
such things ivitbout having a name 
given to them. Thoy aro pretty now, but 
when tho warmth of tho wearer's neck 
acta upon Utoni they glow liko rubies. 
Tbo littlo cLis)|j tilsio liccomos transparent, 
:uh1 yonpeo that a toad ia carved uponit. 
It baa been in our family a centaury and 
a hiilf , atid ninny celebrated jowolers and 
lapidarios have oe«n it. I never dreamed 
that I (should bo the first to get a clow to 
the mystery, but I think I have dono so. 
It" was by reading your Shakespeare, 
madamo. You look astonished, but it is 
true. I nin much indebted to yoter 
ShaJUeapeare," naid Mmo. Valois. "What 
a wonderful man ho was! It vraa 
while reading bis plays that I solved 
a problem that has puzzled many gener- 
ations of our fumily. You remember 
what ho ciaid: 

" 'Likeatoad, ugly and venomous,otiH 
hides a precious jewel in his head.*" 

"My necklace, I am assured, fa modo 
of those jewels that ore mentioned by 
your Shakespeare. I will toll you my 
reasons for thinking go: 

"You must know that I have in Avi- 
gnon a very old yet still very pretty cha- 
teau which I now lease to an American. 
"A hundred and fifty years ago our 
family resided there, and ono day a Va- 
loia brought home ■ to the chateau a very 
gay and pretty Parisian wife. Mmo. 
Valois, coming a young bride to her hus- 
band's chateau in Avignon, thought it 
gray and gloomy, and felt that, after 
Paris, it was very stupid. To be sure, 
there was a great garden, but it was eo 
infested with toads that at first her walks 
among the borders always ended in her 
ilying homeward in an agony of terror, 
crying out that the little wretches wero 
too disgusting to endure. 

"One day, however, aa she sat upon a 
bench beside an old stone fountain she 
heard close to her a little singing noise 
and saw squatting close beside her on the- 
bench a little toad. It ant quite still and 
made this littlo plaintive musical sound 
continually. Its eyes were fixed upon 
her and she noticed that they Were very- 

" 'Poor little thing/ she said to herself . 
'Really, it looks hungry.' And,having& 
little cake in her pocket, she crumbled it 
upon the bench. 

"The toad looked at her as she did so, 
and when Bhe 3aid kindly: 

" 'There, Toady, is your breakfast,' &6 
hopped forward, and eat every crumb. 
Then it did a strange thing. It sat upon 
its haunches and touched its fore feet to 
its forehead as an Oriental does to make 
an obeisance, and hopped away. 

"The next day Mme. Valoie awoke 
thinking of the toad, and whenever she 
eat anything she liked very much she 
saved some bits, saying Toady would like 
that, and at sunset she went t£ the foun- 
tain, carrying a basket, and sat down 
upon the old bench. 

"Not five minute^ had she been seated 
there when Bhe heaxd the soft, singing 
sound, and there spiting to the benoh be- 
side her the toad she had fed the day be- 
fore and four of theWost charming little 
toads any ono over saw, evidently S£mo. 
Toad's family. " 

"She eat in the middle with two on 
each side of her, and they eat thecnimbs 
Mme. Valois gave them, and when all 
were gone Mme. Toad made a saluta- 
tion as on the first occasion, and hopped 
away backward as people are expected 
to retire from the royal presence, and 
Mme, Valois went home and wrote in 
■ her journal— which is preserved to this 
day~ail the parHculara I have recounted 

'VSh© was now quite in love with Mmo. 
Toad, and every day slie went at tho 
same boar to feed the littlo creatures. 
She was very young and very much 
afraid of her husband^ who was a very 
grave, elderly ^ man, and did not liko 
nonsense, so she did not tell him any- 
thing about all this, but .kept tho secret 
for her diary until winter came. Then 
indeed she was obliged to confide tho 
matter to her maid, for the dearth of in- 
sects caused a famine ' among the toads, 
or so she supposed, for when «ho went to 
the fountain hundreda of themcamo and 
squatted about her with pleading looks 
m their little bottle Bhaped eye*, and all 
their oringlyV' 

^Wiien ahe saw them thua: aaasmblod 
for the_ first time, Mme. Valois mado 
ihemtiiisBpeech; - 

"'My pretty iittlo toads, I fewo you 
all. You are my temmto— being bora 
apon my ground. I aawra yon yoaahatt 
not rtarvo. Eyory nwrnhig and ovory 
Bvening you vhall bo fod.' 

"After tiua ^tho maid always carriad a- ; 
baaket of food to fl»o bonch and madasaa 
dirtributed It. Th« army o* toad* pwal- 
[owod thouu* crnmh, Kmo.^Mdttaak' 
inghoraa at tot, and away «^ hop* 
ped. AUthia and iMoh niora ato ha« 
written in hOr diary. 
^Tim«, pirn i on, aad «na day tttetta 
im« a baby to the - L *""' 

bttte gbt *" 
bat** did not _ 
day the (aald «sd tham 
her. Aaaaofcxytobodaao— .— - - 
hnrhaby-. -Ah, peWa, whan yo- anaUo 
Wtate aW» J«'*l».»a*' ; 


now Ml Uu« ah« mnat tall 
ha* amabawl all, and eo ate did: and after 
that tbo toe* wero fed *v«y winter 'm 
long aa tbie hhaa. Valob, of whom 1 
hm told yon. lived. Ab». hnaa. Toad 
mtntaJned term* ot the moot tnttnaate 
frhndehip with tho family, ae tar aa • 
toadnUght 1 yrt tho toadt an al- 

way*fadtntho winter at tbo Chatean 
Vafcohi, and tW wpeklat^ is gi y«"in ;-.*qT- tibM 
eldeat daughter. Sou came tome, i 
itfal*ha, having -read the acconnt rtt 
"yottir : .-filiak' 

necklaco of my ahoMteeHii ia made.*!— 
MaryKyle thjhut in Fireside Companion. 

awj tea tee fete teg. 



ChWMid by a Dwr. 
The earjy settlers, of Illinote hunted 
deer not only to obtain venison, but to, 
Iirotact their corn. The deer would eat 
the corn from the cob,withoat tearing 
oif the husk or breaking down thostallca, 
so that what looked h'ke a fine field of 
corn might yield scarcely a kernel. 

The hunters usually went on horse- 
back, and when a deer was killed, it waa 
a common practice to tie it to the horart 
tail, and In this manner drag it home. 
A story which is told of Nicholas Jones 
is a rather remarkable oue, but is con- 
firmed by old settlers in Money Crock, 

Sir. Jones was ono dayoa a hunt in 
tho timber, and shot a deer in the nock 
and stunned it, Not having a butcher 
knife, ho neglected to kill it, but tied it 
to his mate's tail and started homeward. 
He had gono only a- few steps across 
Money creek, when his maro stopped, 
and Jones felt a jerk. 

booking around, he saw that the buck 
had come to life, and at that moment 
waa trying to goro the mare with its 
antlers. He whipped the maro Into a 
gallop, and did not allow her to slacken 
her pace for an instant all tho way 
home, for fear of thooo menacing horns 
in tho rear. 

A farm wagon stood, in his clearing 
near the house. Ho ran the horse in a 
circle around the wagon, shouting mean- 
while to his wife: "Jane, Jane, fetch the 
butcher knife, the butcher imffe!" 

Jane was afraid to approach very 
near, and Jones dared notstop just then, 
eo tho race around tbo wagon continued. 
At length tho deer's horns became en- 
tangled in the wagon wheel, and the 
huntsman was quick to seize the. ad- 
vantage, and quickly dispatched Hie 
buck. — Youi" " ~ 





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Yard, at Lower Oswego Falls, I am now pro- 
pared to supply all with the Celebrated 

Scranton Coal! 

Which is the best in the market. It has &v/ equal. 

Leave your orders at the W. U. Telegraph 

Office, First Street. 


The remarkable fact was discovered 
that in canals and rivers the micro-organ- 
isms slowly subside. The water of the 
Thames .yielded 690 colonies per drop 
J near the surf ace, and 8,760 colonies per 
drop close to the bottom. At Sunbury 
there were found in a sample which was 
taken above some black rand no less 
than 280,000 colonies per drop. But in 
the sea water round the coast of England 
the organisms aro more, numerous near 
the surf ace. Samples titken off the old 
pier at Brighton In July wore found to 
yield 780 colonies per drop near the Sur- 
face, and only 10 at the bottom. : The 
water supplied to London by the Middle- 
Bex and Grand Junction companies.varied 
in purity according to the season. In 
May a drop contained 7 germs, in July 
45, and in November S. These are re- 
markable facts.— New York Telegram. 

Coma Off the Perch. 

The jewels owned by the king of Siam 
are valued at $8,000,000 in cold cash, 
and he even has an umbrella worth 
$3,000. No heathen has any legal right 
to fling on any such scollops in this day 
and age, and we respectfully suggest to 
tho burglaring fraternity that they at^ 
tend to business.— Detroit Free Press. 

Free to all Brides. 

Notice ts bereby riven to an the readers of this 
p*par and all their friends and *cqa»tataii- 
cei tfirouaaont tie United State* vai Canada, 
tbat * 



. A Wed^ng Present. 

To. every newly married couple whose addrwa 
and 10 cents to pay ppstaee— is sent to tho pun- 
llsber within on# yea* from the date of their 

Peraojis aendtog for this pi«setit are requested 
to aend u copy of a paper containing » notice of 
their marriage, or some other evidence that ■ball 

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eitherl"— Harper's Bsjcar. 





In twelve octavo volumes of 800 pages each. 84 
separate and complete histories. 1,200 illustra- 
trationa. 10,000 pages. By twenty well-known 
authors and scholars, % ' - 

Tb© material ia ail NEW and baa been prepare J 
speelaUy for this work. A graphic account of the 
great peoples of the world from the earliest tunes 
to the present day; showing tho influence of each 
nation on the progress of civilisation. Intensely 
interesting and most Instructive. It la pro- 
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■ Lowest Prfcea. . 



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C. W. Streeter 

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8«36Ttli GlltlllBlKa 

"Thla aeries iaineomparable in iDBtractlve val- 
ue to students and general readers."— Boston 

"Prepared as it la by oar beet writers upon the 
subject, the series, will become a YALUABI^i 

LIBRARY of national history."— N. T. Sehoo 

"The publishers have placed American readers 
ondef obligations. * '—National Presbyterian , 
Agents wanted HEBE and In adjoining towns. 
Very liberal terms. 
For farther information address 


. lasut, ". 

27 and SO W 23d St., New York. 


lorl American liriif. 

a»aiure«ieata ^ha»e been naada for las eonung 
year wMch wflt maintain for tha Haranf its aa 
ritallainoslUoa amoag perlodieaim, and reader 
ft ■saentiai to araty readsr hi America who d«~ 

■ttea to aaap shrtast of the tttatm. 3rao« ir 
to norac Tones o* oowujroiiw nrraaat 
mu STaut «r mui n»om«E am aotiow' 
nnuiuoriiiHMW w mmmwawi 

ItefottheoatlmsTOtaa* will bs sigmilMd by 
Use dlscnwaua of aaasHoas ot high gafcao Jatews. 
briimtotwocmtwKot Uw tfaw, a«<»btr by ..« 
uwUoiaii OKTiSsa Tn sas i aJftB l se sl o a in taiebr 




"FuMio Sonooi Jout?nal.' ! 

larGorrespondencf Solicited,' 

FULTOtl. H. 1. 

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Trains ienvo Fulton Btiitioii ftB followm 
a : >l3 6:37 


i"#or 'Syracuse, 
s-^fw 0«we«o, 
:v - : 'HfTfftlns ( 

depots minuti 
^*6fch. .depot*.. 

'■'■''■. "pMsengera nro requenlcd 
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:id ontho traUia." 

puruhnro tlciceto 

_ 'xupwa choi«o of 

lolloctoil whoi'o fares aro 




for Oswego Falls can be left nt the 
Uooda more of J. R. Sullivan. 

,.':' Hugh Sherman and Winnie Tuft re- 

turned from their Western hunting 

trip lost week. 
.The Miuees Rose, Winnie and Aline 

DurkiD of Waterloo visited friends 
•Yhero last-week. 

^'■■'■'Osoar'Babi'Ook 1ms returned from a 
^'vifeittoNaw York and is now at hi: 
'■ ifftther's L. B. BabcooU'a. 

Capt. Joshua Vose, of Providence 
; |R. I.,IiaB been -visiting here.a-gueet of 
//Shiaieister, Mrs. L. B. Baboook. 

Mc and Mrs. E-.R. Redhead and F. 

tB, Goedjon are in Utiea to-day at- 
: ;tonding .the Smith -Markham wed- 

/; -iHnfc, - 

y/; 3iarry ^toueburgh has gone to 

^Rochester, where)he has a position in 

'onB'Of tho largest cabinet shops in 
; ^tbe.Stafce.- '■ 

Voting ltt«n*e chfinttH" j»ti«i«ilaM*on- 

Report for December— vl«t* to 
room", 1,130, average per day, 43, 
cftltB made, 3fi«, jryinuiwium clawes, 
average 8, Lyceum 31, average 
10£, prayer meetings, 23, average, 7f, 
lecture, 450, concert, 550, young men's 
meeting 87S, average 74 8-S, Invita- 
tions to aamo 045, Invitations to Now 
Year's reception 300, oorantlttao liieot- 
iugs 2, new mombero, M, renewals S, 
subHorlptionfi Hoourod 0, letterB re- 
ceived 02, letters written, 45. DurUi(f 
thin last month, boya between tho ago 
of 11 and 16, have been allowed tho 
use of 'our rooms, with games, road- 
ingmntter, &«., and havo boon taught 
in Uf<ht gymnaatioa. They lind these 
prlvile^eo only tho last tliroo Hatur- 
dayti of tho month and 00 of tho boya 
have availed themselves of them. Wo 
aro encouraged, not only because of 
tho number, but, also, because of 
their gentlemanly conduct and ualng 
of tho rooms oa not abusing thorn, 
he young iuon'n mooting of laat 
Sunday who addressed by R«v. E. 
Davidson (n an exceedingly praofcloal 
manner. The weather, although un- 
favorable, did not provont 100 men, 
young aiid :1 old, from being preiont to 
listen to words of wladom and powor. 

BaiderwtUK IHet> MtaHley. 

F ulton, Jan. 7.— At a regular meet 
lug of tho Young Men'o Democratic 
Reform Club, tho following preamble 
and reBolutionn wor» unanimoualy 
adopted : 

WhoreflB, Walter Bradley, on© of 
our members Is an applicant for ap- 
pointment aa Superintendent of Re- 
pairs of section Mo. 3 of tbo Oswogo 

Resolved, That Mr.- Bradley, with 
his long experience in work connect- 
ed directly or indirectly with repah-B 
upon tho canal, his untarniHued 
character, his prompt and mature 
buBlneas ability, and his fidelity to 
public trust white holding public 
ollicG, demonstrate that he has no 
peer for siioh position on tho line ol 
t-atd canal 

Resolved, That we earnestly urge 
the appointment ot said Bradley for 
such position, and that tho Secretary 
forward to Hon. Edward Hannan, 
Superintendent of Pablio Works, a 
copy of these resolutions. 

John N. Sharp, President. 
Frank S. Randall, Secretary. 

'^Miesltertte Q-ilbert after viBiting 
|ii»«Ve«al days in .Syracuse went to 
i ^RdoheBter where she now ia visiting 

■:pwlth relative s. 

. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Adaifc, went 
Monday to West Amboy to attend 
the "funeral of Mrs. Adsltfa brother-in- 
»<iw, Mr. P» Matt arson. 
1 Mrs, H. C. 'Howe is now a guest at 
A, KlceVhftving rented her house on 
Fourth street. She expects to spend 
' th.e winter in WashingtoB. 

It^ Beyniour Bailey, son of, James 
;^-Balley, who left Eulton over ten 
s- " ywfcrs ago was in town tor a day thla 
1 - week. He has returned to Boston, 
sa-'»h,erehe la now lo/oated . 

MiM Bertha Taylor left last week 

:fot"Roch«flter where sh0 will attend 

■ -<th« buBinew oollego. She was ac- 

'■-. 'oftmpfc Dted. there by feer broth ar Guy. 

~<Dt. J^iJi Stephens of Washington 

: T0. O. has been in Fulton for a few 

AayaJookingafterhiBmany interests 

tat*. Ha returned yesteiday. The 

^doctor It a aouAoisseur on whist and 

5«lp4ay» the best same ol anyone who 

r;-ili««» or visits in S*nlton. ■ Jtia a source 

«t mrpriw to him that therti are not 

a faw; whist player* at leatfc h» re. 

Mr*. i\ I>. VaaWa^nen liett on | 
SatQrdAT last for Dr. Strong's Sanita- : 
■ ttvm at Saratoga for a tew week's 
KMt and niedieal treatmaat Mrs. 
VaaWageaen has be«n MtuBned to 
tta houiM dnw laxt July by an in- 
^•iTiohar kue* Th«rft ar*> proba- 
^.'-.fc*Htt<H now that aha will soon hare 
A aaoaplate oh uf bar limb airain. 

VM'i faaooa bread at B«ne«-* 


The following letter from one of 
our leading oltizona concerning Prof. 
Bradley, tlys Optician who is to be at 
C. R. Nichols' from from Jan. 14th to 
24th speaks for itself: 

Fulton, N. T.,Dec.7, 18B9. 
Pkop. Bradlex, Optician, 

Watkins, N. Y. 

Dear Sir— The eyeglasses you fur- 
nished eonie four years ago for my 
wife proved all that you claimed for 
them and more than pleased her 
after using them. We would cheer 
fully recommend you to our neigh- 
bors and would like to see you when 
in town. "Xours, 

88 w 2 ' W. B. H A.&S, 

Tax. Colle^tor*s Notice. 

Notice is hereby giveaWo tho Taxable inbafai- 
tanta of tho Town ot VoliWf , Oswego county, N_ 
Y„ that I, tho uudoraiBned, Collector ot Taxea ia 
nndtoraald Town, aay<> received the W«rr*nt 
CorUioColloctiotiof Taxes for th» year 1819, Sn& 
that I will attend as follows: '■'■■■■.''■ 

AtthoprlgEs Hotel; Ssueca HUl, on Moudw, 
January Wth. 1800. 

At Harvey L ^pv,-ens' at Druce's Comer**, on 
Thursday, January Mth. 

AtR. E.PUiUips' Drug Store, on First Blreef 
Fulton, on all other days (except Sundays) for 
Thirty $Q> Days from the. d»W howofcfcom 
o'clock in the loreooon untU4 o-'olock ia th««t«r. 
noon, £01 tlio purpose or raeelvinc payment of 
Tasea. J.H.MBKTOK.OsBsctor. 

Datod Fulton, H. Y-. Jan. 8tMflff . 
They aay Briggs is selUng groceries 
very cheap; Cor. Sixth and Cayuga, 

Km O. *. Aan« m» JUatta Park 
hawa of tbto *10a«v I* d»l-w»r 

... it wm nfIb Ttotu* ** *»• 

T«aatej ■Mfslat **••* "» *»**•* °* 
Vansk **• iaaariy and th« 
•ootattto evniplaMMartroyad, 

Ota; O. Cooper baa bwiffbt out bis 
partnar, Mr. Bbbia'i IntarMS in lbs- 
oaodlO««ni*tor«, oa Cayuga street 
and wJUnow run Itaasola proprietor, 

<J, tta.tbid Vstroke of paralyiiB in 
the poi*-*ffl«», Tbuwtday,aw4 was ,*•>. 
atrt^d to his home. It was not a **- 
vera stroka and Mr. *w**Js^«atn out. 

Mrs. J. <m Breaker'* umbrella %as 
taken by mistake from the X Jt C. A, 
rooms on Kaw Year's ev«iiU)«. If the 
p«rson that «ot it will return it to her 
^isyeanj-scelve their own. 

B. E. Davldsou, the evangalist will 
preach at the dongregaHonal "efanrbb' 
Oswego Falls, next Sunday morning. 
Jin will «i»o hold a meeting at the 
samaplace Saturday evening, at 7:30. 

Tho Oswego County AoBooiafcion of 
Union Ex -Prisonernj of War will have 
their annual meeting tor the election 
of officers to-morrow at 3 p. m, at the 
rooms of J. D, O'Brien post, at Oswe- 
go. ____„____„ 

One of tho most enjoyable social 
parties of tho s«a«on wn» that givon 
*t Church's hall. Now Year's night. 
About forty couple were present and 
thoroughly enjoyed the dancing to 
oxcellentinusio furnished by Drogher 

of Syra cuse. ^ 

Prof. Bradley will make his regular 
visit to Fulton thio year, Jan. 14 to 34 
slopping aa usual at C. R. Nichols, 
store. Lot all who have any trouble 
with the eyes remember that his 
work is equal to any in the State and 
often ho has made perfect vision for 
people when aban doned by others 
A private social party will be held 
at the Lewis Houso Parlors, Wednes- 
day, Jan. 15- Mualowillbe furniahed 
by a'flrst-olnso orohostra and supper 
served. . The committee |in charge 
aro R. H. McKay, Geo. Holder), Geo. 
Kotohorson and Ed. MoEwen. Floor 
managers, Charles Reynolds and 

Louis (Joman. 

Largo cards posted in tho engine 
houae, on Frat street, announce that 
no one but members of the depart- 
ment will hereafter bo allowed to go 
into and use the lower rooms. If 
gambling has boon done there in the 
past, as reported,, It is a J wise move 
on tho part of the Chief and assist- 
ants to iK'o that it is stopped in the 

Hiram Lodge No. 144 Free and Ac- 
cepted Masons of Fulton with about 
200 members in good standing is en- 
joying prosperity and there is every 
prospect of a largo number joining the 
ranks this seaaon. At a special meet- 
ing held last week the newly elected 
officers clothed in the new robes 
worked the third degree with great 
credit to themselves and the lodge. 

Tho party that passed the punched 
ten cent piece on ub last .week can 
hardly expect to be forgiven. If it 
were paeeed on a merchant or any 
other professional or business man 
than an editor it would be a pardon- 
able sin, But on an editor. Ye Clods! 
■we cannot conceive on anyone base 
enough to do such a thing. We keep 
it aa a revelation of some one's hard 
heartedness also because we do not 
know of anyone 1 ©ol enough to take 
it even on a dark nigh t. 

A new organization wag formed in 
this village on 'Thursday last the 
Campbell Tent, Independent Order of 
Reohabites. The following officers 
were Installed: 

P. O. R., J. M. Campbell; O. R., 
Henry Keefe; D. R;, Guy Waiigh; 
Sh'd.,, J. R. Waugh;.Le\\, H. D. 
O'Hare ; Secretary, Geo. Wilson V 
R. S., Geo. Campbell; F. S-, Fred 
Browni I. ©.., Guy Jones; O. &., 
W. Rector. Supporters, Myron Plais- 
ted, Ge o. Smith. . 

Ladies Newmftrkots $2.05,83.95 
and 85.O0, worth double the 
price. Now Is the time to buy a 
Cloak at J. C. O'BRIEN'S. 

X. BL Mtaad ttaswht that tha 
booaa «M tbtbMt ysaaa far bfan 
■aaclr all day Monday. H« bad a 
tooah at it. 

Pnak Sears sras twan psorfoa: alone 
JrlntBoraatattherat* of a mile an 
hour, all bundled up. ieaald he bad 
a badeold. 

A. It. Jiey.eHinf- to, the nouftlusion 
a fpw days ago that ImhI and »ot bns- 
''.th.iB; Bo*to'nV'B«Kaa : f;.' :, i«f*s -pi* 
plaeefor him.- 

'0*#lrtfr : B.- Tr««;^» out a«ain, bnt 
says there 1* h« t uii in wjreitiUnir, wltli 

FranX Counell Of the finu of Con 
nell 4 Paltersoh haan't dealt out dry 
goodn for »ever«l days, : 

It ig reported that 'JiMuea Pratt of 
ilochester, S.Y., formerly of .-thin 
p!ac«, is down with he prevailing 
diHeaao, and Keieigh'MoBler has gone 
there to take care of his busincM. 
for a few dftjs. 

"I've got it bo bad I can scarcely 
walk." said Joe Lalonde as he walked 
mournfully from his blacksmith shop, 
toward his homo yesterday morning. 
John Cox of this office has it, being 
unable to report for duty Monday. 
Fred Lockwood, olork for Bristol, 
board* with him and had to go home 
ty help him sneeze Monday. 

Fred C Church on Third at. has 
been confined to tho house with it, 
for ten or twelve days; but ia now tnv 

Hudson Snyder, Is still on the re- 
tired list of those a.(nictea with the 
"Russian" bitt is much /better. 

La Grippe lH,;in one particular, like 
the inflnito Father, it is no respecter 
of persons; for all olassesfeel ifcspow. 
er, although nons fatally hero that 
■we havo heard of. 

Mr. Haynes 'of the Orm lof Haynea 
& Switzer, Oav;ego Falls, has put in 
all the time for several days at his 
home on Rochester street. 

Pieepiration stood out iu beads on 
T. D. Lewis' head last Monday and 
as he started for home he said: "I've 
B ot it " We think he has; we havo 
not seen him since. 

Mr& J. R. Fairgrievo and baby now 
visiting in Troy have both gone 
through a -siege -of it. It was very 
prevalent there. 

M. V. Connell claims the honor of 
being the ilrat to experience the sen- 
sations peculiar to the disease. He 
laid up for a few days. 

Miss Edith Barber has been confin- 
ed to the house and -most of the time 
to her bed. 

Lang Foster has moved about the 
bank tor the past few days with an 
expression on his face that would iu- 
indicate to anyone that did not know 
him that life was hardly worth living. 
Joe LaPrairie had to quit business 
earlySaturday night. He is just be - 
ginning to be himself again. 

F. G. Spencer of the firm of Mead, 
Stranahan & Spehcer was confined 
to the house the most of last week 
with the fashionable epidemic His 
mother, Mrs. H. V. Spencer, ot Mex- 
ico was here attending to his wants. 

Miss Gilbert preceptrese was una- 
ble to report Monday at the school. 
Prof. Clapphasto make an additon- 
al "grip" occasionally in consequence^ 
Don't shoot please. 

Miss King was compelled to dis- 
miss the scholars in her room yester- 
day and. go home. 

Dora.the daughter of John Barker, 
baa had the influenza or something 
that has required medical treat- 
. merit. 

"Huddle" Race is having a rather 
never* attabk of it und Mrs. N. H. Gil- 
belt and daughter Lena have not en. 
tirely escaped. 

Rev. W. H. Tryon, the'P. M. minis- 
ter and three others in his family 
have been hardly able to attend to 
their duties for several days. 

Mr. Greenland, jeweler at Draper's 
sayshe-hasn't.but he has. 

O. Henderson smarted to go away 
on a business trip Monday but was 
"gripped" and went home to bed in 


Vaablactoa's birtbdey ts the n*it 

Nocmh-6o«W Baaln« fowd«r &io*r 
stUcaod promotas the beat qnaiitiee 
in behtnn 

Bheriff VanBuren baa been serious- 
ly ill during the pmst week but is re- 
ported as much improved. 

Hon. \N. N. Stranahan wu one of 
theMereUrirvat the lerislatlTe re- 
pnbliean caucus at Albany, Monday: 

It is reported tha* tw*nj^-brie 
horses Ob George ^Ward's farm, abont 
four miles north of this tillage! are 
suffering front a disease that very 
much renemblea the nature of the 
JE.a Grippe, . 

The village school opened Monday 
with an unusually light attendance, 
owing to the bad condition of the 
country roadH and the fact that a 
large number of the scholars are 
afflicted with a mild form of the pre- 
vailing epidemic, La Grippe. 

, The joint installation of ofDcera of 
tho G. A. R. Post and W. R. C. which 
was to occur this evening has been 
postponed until One week from to- 
night on account of sickness, "La 
Grippo" apparently s hasa hold on* a 
number o( the newly elected officers. 

i''i i r- 

""M^a^a^^^a* ^K^^^S^h iJ 

- ^^^paif^^™^^^l^a" (■> w ' 

' ajPtLM'. ytmmitiiMi ISmM^ I I' -■ 1 £ii II ii : 1 ii " - 1 ■! ; S 'x'i ' ; 

■■■■a aasap flppv^wi aesnMa ■Baeaw 
tbeawwglMst. «C Xavtoswflla Jfaja 
Wbw *aa* ******* Ita 4,o-stoeka» 
tamnnsi nims aftfci T. M, O. A- Mr. 
DavUsan gava a vary ■pga^fMfa* 

•SeatfTa addnsa of twenty adnatea 
to a rary kvgs ««BlMrla« ol tha 
yoaof bmii. In Uia evesnas; a splen- 
did aadleoee wae peeaant at the M. B. 
Chureh te sptte of tha ilPB ie— snt 
weather to llsteo to fate first eerbion 
which made a moat favorable fmprear 
sion. Another larce aadleoee was 
present Monday eTenlng; at the Bap- 
tist chureh and heard a very earnest 
and praetlaal sermon directed more 
particularly to the members of the He made a deep Jiuprea- 
slon upon his 

Mr. Davidson Is notallcensational In 
his wsy5,doea not aim at exeltement 
but e,piM>a1s larirely to the reason. 
Uo ih earnest, practical and sensible, 
warm hearted anii .genial in ihaniaerB 
and always makes a bosfe of friends 
wherever he goes both among the 
young and old. He has been eDgajg- 
ed about twelve years in evaQgelisUe^ 
labor and hasi been very Buece»sful 
Ho comes without any stipulation, aa 
to renumeration whiush Is left purely 
as a voluntary niatter on the part of 
the people. Meetings will be held 
every day thla week except Saturday/ 
at3:43and7:30p, m. at tho Baptist 
church to which alt are cordially in- 

John W. Wilson, ■ member ,of the 
hai-dware rllrm of Loomls & Wilson 
wag married Thursday, Jan. 3, 1800, 
to Miss Emma Gnlle of Oswego Falls, 
by Rev. B. Brunning. They have 
settled down to clomestio life ot the 
corner of Sixth and Utioa streets. 


Uwm Bowm. luwaa* seised tin pmae 

.Rov.B, Brunning goes to Oswego 
to preach nest Sunday, and in the 
evening, he preaches a special ser- 
mon to the Masonic fraternity of 
that city, who will turn out* we un- 
derstand, in 0, body. Rev. Irving 
Towsloy will be at the Universalist 
church hers in exchange. 

A special train on the N. Y.O & W. 
railroad will bring here this evening 
at about 8 o'clock a large nnmber of 
members of Oswegathchie Lodge I. 
O. O. F, of Oswego. Neahtawnnta 
lodge of this village will do degree 
work for the benefit of the visiting 
brethren after which they will give 
them a banquet at the Lewis 

The weather warrants the stateg 
ment and we have the word of Dan 
Roach to Btill further verify it, 
that a snake was seen and killed at 
Horseshoe Falls, a few miles up the 
river on New Year's day. Snake 
stories are always recieved with more 
or less incredulity, but we have this 
as a fact. 

It is probable that Rev. Geo. W. 
Dell will not accept the call to be- 
come pastor of the Congregational 
church at Oswego Falls. He recently 
announced that it rested entirely 
with his church members whether he 
should accept or not. On Sunday 
evening a set of resolutions were 
passed to use all efforts to have hi: 
in Oswego. 

I have the best SOe tea in the vil- 
lage. B. C. Briggs* corner Sixth atid 
Cayuga. StttI 

ot every de- 

•AHlLWUliaas 1 . a if 

• and Otasat B. O. Briga* 

l^-fSevftAdina wanted 

Stephens Opera House. 

Engagement Estraordinary; 
One Night Only, 

Saturday, Jan'y. 11th. 

The Manaceraent Ukegreat p\»a»ure 

In announcing nn Bneasomeat 


Thb DurtureuiMSD AcTBamr 


Who win appmc u> few lUratau 




Frederick Clark 

Prof. Bradley the celebrated Opti-r 
oiah at O. s! Nichols Jewelry store, 
again Jan, ltto24 S5w3 

For 1890. The BrjiUDiKG Aim Lo AK 
NEWS, hitherto wholly devoted to 
building association matters, has 
added to itBelf a Law, a Household, 
and a Youths' Department, not to 
mention miaeeHany, poems, funny 
paragraphs and stories— some of thoiii 
with a moral about owning your own. 
homo. In fact, it is a home paper 
throughout! ehoQkful from cover to 
oover of matter useful to the home- 
seeker, the home-builder or home- 
keeper. It has no theories whatever. 
but gives its whole mind to 
both praettcal and practicable. Cap^ 
italist and working-matt alike will 
find it good to theuse of edj*y'' n (C- : 
Published mohthlyt at No. ia Spruce, 
Bt, New Xoirk Cily, tor one dollar a 
year. Sample ^ copy free on applica- 
tion. ■ -__^ 

fiOc, Itte. and $100 swid up. 

Unclaimed li«tt«irB. 

Tha foUowlng letters remain up- 
ealled for in the Fulton P. O. Jan. 8, 
'}88fc ■■■'■:■... 

AlbeftSaalsbnry, Chaa. Blair.Cbas. 
Thompaon, Cbaa. Behremp, Jennie 
pnakat-, KltnjkbathFattaraon, Mrs. La 
Saga, W*. Kent, M ra. Andrew erey, 
6m Vranah, S. M. Walker, Mra 
Ww. Ooso-n. 

Persons eaUlng tor the above plena* 
ae^'^TartiBad" . 

'. P. M- 

W. G.; Gage hod the full benefit of 
a "La Grippe" esperlenoe for several 
days and Is willing to testily that its 
nO fun to have the same. 

Mrs. O. O. Hannis has the most 

severe attack of anyone in town. 

She ia reported as dangerously ill. v 

Fred Weirs of the Woodruff house 

has a severe dosoofit. 

F. W. Richardsop says that life has 
not been very rosy for the past "week, 
He keeps at wrok but don't smile as 
niuch as usual. :,-.»' ■■ ^. ■ 

Mra.- Hannah \Fish* Mrs. James 
Looniis, Mrs. HaU Pooler, Mrs. Jas. 
Sheridan, Mrs- J°*> ^Hennett and Mte. 
J. SiPaluier, are ahiong /those that 
are jkeepiag »P t° the ti mes and have 
ha4or/are8tiUhayh?git; : 

Job-Bennett Of the firin of Bennett 
;i/|re : w^^.hasa^evere;atta '■■/.. 

Samuel Andrews on Highland 
street i» not enjoying much comfort 
: .a^y^hereatApK«eht,/but. finds^/hw/ 
bed the most or*he ^rae ih» pniiy 
piac* where lite i*at aH endurable. 

MM. Fred Gardner vis ve*y sick ^ aijd 
it^a saiot that, influenxa augment* &« 

C. H. Gardner smiled as his neighr 
bor Ed. Cole eame out a few days 
ago after undergoing a week's siege 
oftbeepidemie. Tuebootis now on 
the other foot and Ed. smilea 

Cameron Banadlot 11 severely 
alBbied. H» straggled against It as 
toasaebeeonklbata-Ml to give op 
and to now eoaflned to the boose. 

Harrr Battsr to reported aa having 
It qalta aarerrty eonptteatad wltb 


W.&eVsvamnpadnpftm. n»p»- 
aag«t)tor' bntng WAap for tsvenal 
- i» fc * qfcamlon tt ha wtl 

•njft? tteOdd XWIovg 
•a^M, tf bate ate* «* 

Au article from F. E. Rogers on the 
Tariff and "Single Tax" questioni 
reply to the Patriot article is 
avoidably left out of this issue. The 
question of tariff particularly, is one 
of great interest to the country at 
large and when ably discussed we are 
willing to give a reasonable amount 
of space in our paper. Mr. Rogers' 
article will appear nest week. 

H. MoKiernan has the sole agency 
in this locality for the celebrated 
Barnard&Wollace improved Washing 
Machine. Best on earth. Ic will wash 
anything from a Lace Collar to a 
Bedquilt in a per/ect manner without 
hand rubbing. Call and examine it 
at -his place oh First street, opposite 
the Savings Bank and be your own 
judge'of its merits. 

The Russian Influenza now has the 
'grip' on alarge number of Fultonian s 
and to them as well a3 others it may 
be an advantage to know that the 
following is the prescription recom- 
mended bv the New York Board of 
Health for this disease: Spray the 
affected membranes with a 10 per 
eent. solution of quinine freely and 
frequently and take four or five times 
adayapiUmadeasfolIows: Quinine, 
3 grains; camphor, :J grain; extract of 
belladonna, ?-g*ain- 

A special rendezvous of Lake On- 
tario Consistory, No. 12, ancient and 
accepted Scottish Rite is to be held 
at the Consistory: /ChambeFS hx Ma- 
sonic Temple^ Oswego, this/eyening. 
The Grajid Coinuiander-in-Chief and 
other officers of the Grand Consis- 
tory of the. State of New ^York will be 
present. ^Of ^he "thirty-second 
degree Masons of Fulton, the fpUow- 
iugiare among those that will attend: 
— (^^v Emeus, / j. H. Case, R. E. 
JPhUlips, S. Farmalee, J;, Ford Morris 
and Ty P- ^ewis, ■■■ '"..:■■ ".■ 
: The C. M. B. A. society of Oswego 
Falls: held * niusMsai Enterfcainmeat 
andBanquet at their new haU in 
the SuUiVan blocks at; OpWego Falls 
last Thursday evening; * It was well 
attended by friends of the organ- 
izallon at home and abroad. Father 
Barley Opened the eiercisea wlrh 
prayen Instrumental music wits 
furnished by Parker's orehestra and 
vocal music by members. The most 
notable event of the evening however, 
was the soprano solo entitled "Mar- 
gareta of Long Ago" rendered by 
Miss Boa* Duram ot Waterloo 

A fall line of Plm* Geod» at W.l 
flams' Drag rKoiv «>«t Ins pricph* 
tore yo obay. ^__ »*r 

Tbe Oarttand road earl to the beat 
la tha ■mikas. HaU at MeCally'a tr 

Do jwn~reaetoe~ that you can get 
TBaTnOBand Raw Rnglnnd Flre- 
•Ue on year fo* •!», er Taa Tiiua 

amiTheCiiim ■ on* T*" 'or 

ft* aeead n l tosmim t. 


On Monday evening, next McCar- 
thy & Reynolds* company will pre- 
sent tho Irish Comedy drama. "The 
Dear Irish Boy" at the opera house. 
In speaking of the play the N. Y. 
Times says: 

'Dan McCarthy, of -"True Irish 
Hearts" fame, brought out a «ew 
play. "The Dear Irish Boy," atthe 
Windsor on Monday night. It Romp- 
ed at once into success. "The Dear 
Irish Boy" is built uppn somewhat 
familiar Hibernian lines. It is full of 

it and song, bag pipes and dances, 
and a vein of pathos runs through— 
inaword, it is a rollicking Irish play. 
Dan McCarthy enacts the hero,- and 
he is ably supported by Mr. Gus 
Reynolds, who is classed as being one 
of the best character actors in the 
profession, and in this play he sub- 
sains his reputation, for bis imper- 
sonation of McClutcney was a piece 
of acting eeldam seen on any stage, 
and he deserved the well earned ap- 
plause he received. ■ Reynolds is sim- 
ply immense." 

Misa Jane Coombs the well known 
actress will be at the opera house, 
Saturday evening next. The Cincin- 
nati Commercial of recent date 
speaks as follows of the actress and 
her play. 

"Miss Jane Coombs appeared last 
night as L 'Lu,dy Dedlock'? and "Hor- 
tense" in Charles Dickens' Bleak 
House, to a large audience and gave 
as Lady Dedtock one of the most 
finished, artistic and beautiful per- 
formances of female characters that 
has ever been Seen on our stage. In 
the impassioned scene in the third 
act she reached the most intense ex- 
pression of passionate aciing and re- 
ceived an enthusiastic recall after the 
fourth act when she disclosed her 
identity to her child, the audienee 
was moved to tears for> the repentant 
mother. Miss Coombs' regal beauty, 
magnificent voice and exquisite graee 
captured every heart in the large au- 
dience. As Hortense the revengeful 
lady's maid, Miss Coombs achieved a 
distinct success, playing it with all 
the abandon of a French woman who 
when goaded to desperation by Tul- 
kinghorn, deliberately plans and ac- 
complishes bis murder. The sup- 
porting company was very fine and 
gave such representations as will not 
be forgotten. The interest in the 
piece was sustained to a close; it is 
surprising that so much of the story 
could be so well told. 

L am.Meadnmd>th« 
esmnrefor Mr. WUttanw and plaead 
the property hi eharge ot bapoty 
T. & Poole and C a Mgr- 
phy. Theodore C. Colea, a son-in- 
law of Mr. Williams, Is now eoodoat- 
lag the hotel and will OonHnue In 
eharge. Henry Wise to forthe pres- 
ent acting as>lerfc. The hotel seems 
to have been an unprofitable Invest- 
ment to many who have taken It 
About three years ago Mr. Williams 
took a five yt of It but soon 

bad to go back to ertown. His 

son-in-law and nephew: then assumed 
the management, A Mr*. Cross of 
Wetartown then purehaa«d the fur- 
nHureof Mr, Williams^ p»ym« some 
moher down and gWing «. ohatt*-! 
mortgage lor the Herson 
run the hotel until Mr, Holkine,th« 
late proprietor, eame ar-1 took; pos- 
session. He paid ottt*l,f>.>i) and there 
is every reason to sttppoae that he 
Uals lost every cent of it. He proved 
very popular with the public during 
the brief: time that he run it, and e»- 
tablurhed a reputation that the hotel 
never before had for the excellent 
dinners served. It is evident now 
however that this was done at a loss. 


Bills of Lumber to furnish on short 
notice. Prices below oompotition, 
and satisfaction guaranteed. Call on 
or address C. W. Chajpke, Palermo, 

N.: Y. ■ ■ : .' : ' 8 S w 4- 

To Rbst— Furnished rooms at No. 
1 Seneca street. Only a minutes walk 
from the gun works, inquire of J. B. 
Bernhard at Johnston's Hardware, if 


The late residence of Mrs. Lewis E. 

Loomis. For particulars inquire of 

Ohas. R. Bennett, Comer *4th and 

Broadway. gltf 

For Salie.— A farm of twenty-five 
eeres, pleasantly located, one mile 
Fast of Fulton village on Fay street 
for further particulars inquire of 
Mrs. S. L. Taylor, Fourth street op- 
positethe park, or at thisofflce; 28tf 



NKW YEAR. ' - 



THAT W 18N W« 




TKt< ■ 


The Cut prices at C. ft. Nichols 
Jewelry Store on his whole stock 
of Watches, Jewelry and Silver- 
ware, will be conllnaed for the 
next 30 days. 35w2 

anstaiiailon SofT OIIIcckh. 

At a regular meetiog of Fulton Di- 
vision No. 17," Sons of Temperance, 
held at their hall, Jan'y- 3d, 1890, the 
following officers were installed by 
P. G. W. P., Frank Diits, assisted by 
P. W. P., A.E. Worden as G. Cora : 

W. P.; Mrs. S. E. Foster. W. A„Mr. 
Matthew Beitter; R. S.. G. C. Bart- 
ley; A. R, S., Cassie G. Sykes;. F. S., 
R. H . Buck ; Treas. Mrs. J. L. Parker; 
Chap., Mrs. S. A. Darrow; Con. Mr. 
Jesse R. Waugh ; A. C, Mra. Rose 
A. Watson; I. S., Mrs. R. 3. Dens- 
more: O. S., Mr. Win. M. Weddel. 
. G. C. Bartley, R. S. 

For Sai.b. House, barn, and three 
acres of land. Plenty of fruit arid 
water. Situated corner of Sixth and 
Clark streets. 

Inquire of Mrs. Frank Sweet, 

tf mCayug a St. 


Owing to a change in business I 
wish to dispose of the following prop- 
erty; One sorrel breeding mare, elev- 
en years old, weight 97G pounds; one 
horse colt, 17 months old, chestnut, 
white star in forehead, one white fore 
foot, good Bire; one thoroughbred 
Jersey bull, 18 months old, color 
squirrel grey to black with white 
spots, grandsire "Exile of St. Lam- 
bert" of Rochester, dam Stevens' 
"Grace Greenwood." This is desira- 
ble property and will be sold reason- 
able. F. E. Masoh, 

21tf Gilberts Mills. 


The Oswego Falls Tannery will buy 
hark until Jan. 20th, 1890, after which 
time $bey will discontinue buying tin 
til next season. No old hark will be 
bought at any price after Jan. SO. 
81 tf D. J. Hajsiborgkr. 

;■'■ ir.ia--.--..-.:---.-,' ■■ 


80MB jf.iis.yvjiuirvf 




.- 0Sv ; ; V ;/.-. :///■;/-/,;./:.' 



BIT jsro.TBT"ijrgt' 

■■'■■%». ■ :.■;■ ■* : 

SRKKTHE . ' >S-' 

TSABE Ot CAimertJS . 
A GOOP THIKQ WHss ■' ,■ 

■ n - '■'■' 















" Kotbing Too SoiHm a Caitat," 

Peebles & Go. 

Cayuga Street, - Fulton, N. Y. 

Dancing School. 

The second term of Miss Tucker's 
dancing school will commence Satur- 
day, Jan. 4th, at Armory Hail. Chil- 
dren—beginners at S p. m., advanced 
at 8 p. m. - ■ 

Wednesday evening, Jan. 8th, for 
ladies and gentlemen— beginners at 7 
p. m., advanced scholars at 8 p. m. 

Terms, $5.00 for twelve lessons, 
$3.00 for half term. Payable in ad- 
vance. .84w2 ■ 

*«Paritj^twngtu-- P«rf«aon. s 

-Paper Hanging! 

Plain ana Ornamental. 

All Work Guaranteed, Good Reteronc*e Qlrm 

Ordora can ba loft at my houES, 0»w«f» 

Falls.or&t EsftleBtoit'a Storo, Ii'ultoa. 

Post Ofiico AdUrosa, Oawego FaHi, H. X - 

Attend the Cloak Sale at 


Teachem' Examination. - 

The winter examination for teach' 
ere of the first commissioner district 
will occur at the Oswego Normal 
building, Saturday, Jan. il,at9a. m, 

The Teacher's Institute will occur 
at Fulton, Jan . 27. : 

A good 40c tea for 25c at B. C, 
Briggs', Cayuga street, ' ' SBtf 

Baking Powder 12c per pound a 
B. C. Briggs?, corner Sixth and Cayu- 
ga Sts. 2Sit 

Thoptepot, this fail, for robes and 
blanke ts is at ^cCullT's. tf 

Tin Toys, Wooden Toys, Iron Toys 
and a31 kinds ol Toys cheaper than 
ever at M. M. Wlliiams'; 8% tf 

; F^r S; T., isn. lrt, I9W. / 
Board met poriw toit&iimiaitaa,, 

/^fw»Wj..^!toeijt/WJa*»,M3. ; W 

'appeared.- ..;. 

Mr. Wolerar mm tftt mreK committee report- 
ed :U»at::Ui* jfliriee ':?£» : ^oiarui'»lr^ -i^^lnv. 


Absolutely the B»st. 

MtlielogredientfluaedtomaVlag this powder 
are puHMied on esery label, Tiie purity of tne 
iogredliinte and tb* acieMiflo accuracy with 
fffiiah they are combined .render Clerelaad's au. 

Sior in strength and et&cieney to aB? other 
iisg powder ittaiiufactured. 
FoOdraiaed.With this powder does cot dry up, 
aawhen made with bafcfeg; powder eanUbaiiig 
ammoBla; bat keeps moist sria sweet, and la pal- 
atableand wholesoma. v Hct biscuit and griddle; 
Sakee made with it can &» eatea fey dy»peptlt» 
wichimptujiQ'. . . ... .. 

It 'doosDot contain ammonia, alum, lima or 
other adulterant. Tfaese are facia, Touched for 
by government and ■ Stat* Chemists, Boards ot 
Health,:jW!d eniiiiept scientistB. .; 

-'":' Clkvxlaxb Ru&ra Powbeb Co., 
.:.-'. . 8l.and63F«ItoiiSt.,Sew.yofiE. 

. ai ito <iuat* alen JHMI 
l»a«t «aa Sfe*cU>d W pnr 

Om ntottoe Uw rreMJiSt 

t s«>Mn»l for om weak. 

sjtvia BK'a cun*. pm i M . 

< 1 an<lie*aMl Bake Stoffs at U C. 
Krlggii, nor Willi andtfeyagastreetM. 


A big cut in Tea* and »pi*M at B 
C. Briggs, eemer Slslb and Cayuga 

Stephens Opera House. 

Limited Engagement, Positively one 
Sight Only. ; 

Monday, Jan'y; 13th. 

A Legitimate Irish Playf 

McOaTtbT k Mil's Go, 

-In the" New Pipfcoresque Irish . 
^■'^^■'■■CoIheciy/■■. Dr» ; 

The Dear Irish Boy, 

fBy J>an lleCarthy,) 

Charming Bongs and Dances. 

— ^-«ODOCtO,WlTH 


Mechanical Effects 

Strong Cast of Characters. 
Piieea 7B, HO, 35 and », 

Seats o n sale at Gigeler'a d rag store. 

A Oatlerer is said to be a heart who 
hit^tfa smiling But It Is ban) to 
know Uieoi from Mends, they aro so 
obeeqvtonsaad foil of protestations. 
for as a waif rasesuMea a dog, so doth 
a flatterer a rrl«nd.-Slr Walter 

The ahove picttno rppresents a Kqob, 
Ih are air several Itiads of Koons, and 
all differ in (iispoaibun, uml intelleok. r 
Dhare are Virginy Koon*. Hairrisoa / 
Kooasaiid Hayrack Goons. Tfie KOon 
differs from the frog and tud in respeck 
tu biz habits of bathing, while the tud 
and frog lakea'particlsuler pride in fie- 
kent baths and kteen hide, Koon as a 
rull is konWH lo let the waehin bsaosae 
go neglected, ' Thi'* might be said of all 
kinds of Koon in genrel. Sum JCooiss 
get tree i and eome don't which oitsr^ 
AKooncan ginerJy clime a tree on short 
notlB, if3ecialy it the turkeys and chifik- 
ens roste ibare, and noun happens to , 
be in site. The above picture h! sup- 
posed to represent a Keen iu trobbsl, 
with very slim ehaacee u? gettm out uy 
it very scon. Mvny »r our worthy 
pecpeiaJr in jaBtGueh a etfaight thase 
hard limeg, and in ortier .to meet the de- : 
maiid of the people I have Jiiat r*r 
pientiihod my stock of , 


and big to submit fox inspection a . 
choice line of '■ 
V-'-V , -CA38S. .. 
Agoodstock of Fine . stationery/ and a// 
full line of Oft oietf Bliw pare Ctmfecr 
*.':. itionery. The u3h*1 sspply 
..■■of pureand.etaua«?4;' ::i - 
and ail ProprieUiry Article's ■/ msy : alao / 
.■:.'■:■; be :»otedi/.yery..S>spHrf8fiy* '■'.:'■/. 



No. 2« ffrand Opera House, 

Bo all ciasses oECoflectiiig, 

Send for Hate*. 
Through tlieli «vilcm «ttle 
nwiifc< nr- 111.1 ■ ■ pixnijUly in 
an; l'lin "( ilieataie. 

umOM asitjtijMe. 

a aMd> dfalHW* » 

- - •"• d * J 

3!Ha-*i "«• vnu <* ~" d,B * 

HUM dim* th«r f«o« «k>™»»' 
3T .M—l— ■"r »>"»P ■»* n " r * '* 

i^h p.Jor«d br tlmp-lwHW IB 

Bra m b« t^xol »««»■ «» "5 P ' 
UtoM"db<> l»fl»re<l » good «••' 

Jwn manor, in th« «prl»«. 

S .. Tork .Ut. I» leportri I to havo 
prodded tart .««h. «■«*.*« 5"^» 
if homy, l»t«is •M«»a«i only by 

Plfi •» lMjteooinuineH o( food m 

'J&St wfth their weight, but 

whcrTpenned «j> for fattening they 

expend 'only awnftH proportion of it 

to tan**' »P » nfroftl taa *' M ?! , "ta 
auefltly they increase rapWIy J" 
fieri* and fet, and Are considered eco- 
nomical meat producers. 

Profitable feeding oiuat bo steady 
feeding-in spazrootio feeding the 
feasts may do actual barm, and tbo 
short rations surely entail loss. 

If yon eaffer from loss of appetite, 
imperfect digestion, insomnia, torpor 
of the liver, otc, Laxador will relieve 
and care you in 24 bourn Pnee 2G 

D Q, Owens, Druggist, Altoonn, 
Pa,, writes:-Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup 
■ has ft wonderful reputation; mother*, 
will have no other. It la the best. 

SlnJto a tHoto oi ■«. 
Peed puts the moat fleeh on young 

Koep pieces oi chalk where Iho 
young animate can lick them- 

The shelter that shuts out botl; 
pure and eoid air Is not a profitable 

Every animal muat speak for itself, 
and only its pedigree can speak for 
its offspring. 

The coining farmer will truatlewt to 
his eye and more to foot-rules ami 
pound weights. 

The value of pedigree is not in its 
vouching for ancestry, but in its 
vouching for offspring. 

Riist and rot do more for the imple- 
ment maker in winter than wear and 
tear do in summer. 

The secrets of largo yields always 
and everywhere are rich soil, good 
seed, and thorough tillage. 

The farmer who makes Ihh own 
pork and beef puts another bond on 
health and pays himself tor bo doing. 
In making men out of boyn, and 
women out of girls, consider that the 
character of the material lias some 
thing to do with how to out to the 
best-, advantage. 

A good crop of both corn and weeds 
cannot be grown on the same ground 
at the saino time, any more than two 
railway trains can pass each other 
ont he same track. —American Agri- 

Wo shall never cease to indorse Dr. 
Bull's Cough Byrup; for without it 
our paper would have been short of 
reading matter this week; we had a 
shocking cough and a fearful cold.— 
- Weekly Union. 
Don't sigh with pains or burns or ac- 
But use Salvation Oil, the greatest 

AH <1H Friday. 
Lee surrendered on Friday. 
Moscow was burned on Friday. 
Shakspearo was born on Friday. 
Washington was born on Friday. 
America was discovered on Friday. 
Richmond -was evacuated on Friday. 
The Baatile waa destroyed on Fri- 
day. • 

The Mayflower was landed on Fri- 

Queen Victoria was married on Fri- 
/dfty. v 

Fort/Sumter was bombarded on 

King Charles I. was beheaded on 

Napoleon Bonaparte was born on 

' Julias Cojsar was assassinated on 

The battle of Marengo was fought 
on Friday. 

The battle of Waterloo was fought 
on Friday. 

■ Joan ot Aro was burned at the stake 
on Friday. 

The battle of Bunker Hilt was 
fought on Friday. 

The battle of New Orleans was 
fought on Friday. 

The Declaration of Independence 
was sign ed on Friday. 

To Our Subscribers 

appeared in our columns some time 
since, announcing a special arrange- 
inent ■with. Dr. B. J. Kbh»all Go., of 
Enosbargn. Falls, Yt., publishers of 
"A Treatise on the Horse and hisDIs- 
eases," whereby our subscribers were 
enabled to obtain a copy of that val- 
uable work tfRBK by sending their 
address to ; B. " J. KKNDAiL & Co. 
■',■'./; (and enclosing two-cent : stamp for 
mailing . same) is renewed for a 
limited period. W* 1 trust all will 
: avj»Il theinselves of the opportunity 
K- . : ^ work. To 

■every lover of the Horse it is indie 
pensable, as It treat 
;: nerali the diMases which afflict this 
nobl« animal. ItB. phenomenal sale 
throughout the ted Htataa and 
Canada, make it standard authority. 
Mfmiitm tkit paper traen muling for 
"7¥sa«m v 85 m 3 

tHt Atvmmm cowir**-"**- 

pa^v *• 1M Hall «•* 


«*1 OaHMdtlM ■ 

ilWiNeHUi VwTOJaUon did '**•* 

tobT-iniir* w-"a nm»«iarR*etar»«* "* 
rioting «r M Imlnlcwl ^«rf : 


br»v»» old <s!lirar, not iu the jjccL-ct* ot tbo 
milit*ry conclnvo, JocJincid t-o submit to 
«tT«t»od w»w nUot down. FortnmUXy M" 
wouekIs woro not tiwrtitl. In noma «r ma 
proirintfei tbero won wBeifdiswoiitant for a 
time, «nd tboto hus lately borm snloun riot- 
ing in Bio. 

HeVort-lWilcea, naiv that tlio tlilUK b «"™\ 
{mperlnlijits 'aud coti3orvativc3 of tlio bntUn' 
clawe* »pp»*s" Q 8 ftiiEiona &» mniro tlio iww 
•yrtein* fmcGfm iw urn tlio stMltmi nn-l rv 

Onowny woll ptawv tbo eokllom Unit, for 
the revolution WW* osuluslcoly tin «iTnfi 
tho nrroy. Tlio curious toaiuro of 16 is 
all tho now micro nro comiiarntlvoly ofeictiro 
mcu. BriKslliana In other cmintrlon conf«t"t 
Mjuucmont that mvh man should h™vo been 
olovatcd to powor, aud prof«ra a \tollvt thnt 
mow of moro promiuoiica and oajwrtonro ni|l 
goon Buccoed tiiorn, Engllali and Amcr 
obseirverB, ou tlio oth«r lwwu.1, fioa nothing lo 
Justify 0iicl> nu execution. Of tlio ctRt.t 
now acttug w »diufn^tmloi*a of tho pi 
nlonnl RovoruiucJit not moro thnu two 
l«on hoard of abroad, mid Uion';li tiio iv 
Ihu) Iwan oarioufl nbout thorn for a mo 
litSU very Htilo in known. 

Gen. Deod«r<> ila Kini*c(--'i, now iirwilil 
may 1«> sot dor/n «^i tbo author «f Clio r«\ 
Hon. Ho ennio out of tho war with I' 
(juny tho idol of tbo so!»lW>t, nml liy orj<i 
iiiS nmiii-iwcial, H«iiii-in)litio»l rlnltn tm 
tho ofBcoru, groduitlly nttnoiuxl thoni Hi 
fortunes, and Introducou 1 his i;oliomo f> 
rovolutiou w> Kriulimiry and eroitlouBly that 
tho mattor was* ai^ood «i dw:-M(Ml bofov 
Imperial authorities woro tiwnro of any thing 
dODgorou.'). When tlio soldi 
moro i>ay Don* Pedro'. 

To Cgt 


d B»«f n ktHMMMri 

Omj* trUl, U 
t*} •"ItW^t. •**■-' B«t W«Mld Mt ftWaB 

«Gort'» ItUMfWlUs wm. XUil totaw BfWM 
•aibtfledwlttVll, and did not irwt My rtlMfc 


Wlieu I fc^saifi- " talci»»a^. J*e^*/-*ww»p*W0»:. 
I wan jeciiH;; .>-eil ; .'iolienu>lB, «ttB«rt«m- 
» great deal i-.'.di' dyij>«P*ta; . «»4 W» ««*■ 
IhatjUUracs I •;.«« lnwdly •twwt. Itoulwdv 
MMlliNt tor sw.Me tlmc,Mk* ; »-|wrtou.ta-«w*-- 
immj»U(Jn. irowfs K»w««rin* dW in* w. 
in(»hg(>«uiHr: i wonder rtiwMitf*iw*tt«ww.- 
Mirt nyffloiidr. nc(jiwntly*i»w*t«'lt-" .»*«' 
Em-a A. Gor.v, ui Terrace Wt»«. BMton. 


Sold hy iilttfniittlirt*- *' t *•* ("r »■ >WI««*<P , r 
ty O. I. B00I> * CO., ApotlMK»rtW r I***«. »•» 

10O Poses One Dollar 

v'."^. ,i^" ""';. 








• J fe^,* 

1-P13THB - 





asnhan Remedy.! 

BshauKti-dNfir«efsHIecp]e»wieHs, «ud tli« UU«r M whteh (mow from Overtaxation iot-Ui 

licad wlmt Mra. Jtrwoi; Ca>i«WM. of KewTork aay*: 

118 WashiSOWK Fuoi, N»w Yoss, April 30, 188*. 
'Bo»bb»' ItoT At. RBMKirtR3.Ci),. Boston. H«aa. 

tnviinmxinntm'tr ROYAL NERVINE TONIC. WtttmiM&ialtkfttt* -mrm aimpijt mfroctOoiu. 


KOOEIta 1 ROYAL REMEDIES CO., - 41 EssaX St., BostOW, MASS. 


Ope rati vca wl io art 
closely confined in 
tho niBlfj audwork- 

!oliopa; Clorko, who 
1I9 not proenro buC- 
l adoat tworoBO, r.nil 
nil tvIiosto conflnocl 

ii tiiuo Ut < 


toro tlioy enmo t 

popiilittion na Br 
a military ooi>y of tli 
Bocioty m woll ns of r 
of nilKod blood nrnl n 

il, tbo 

. tlio 

ad Moj 


, For tiwno dcathtj 
iRHloua #i><!lli3. do- 

l)C—* — '■■•""— 


Lnilico hi dcllontoll 

honllhf who ftro ollll 


■111 QlircfJUI.FIIUli lilTSOtS. 

¥1,080 witl-bopftldl 
niii>¥fJi)Ci* for ncanow hero HCL-1 

' ' *-«; pawn Brrrrats will] 

. not assist or euro. It 

■inns BiiiTJifl, 
„ 'i'lioy v.ill not then tow. 

i, ho wcnU end sickly. 

„..ncrat Dobilitj 
nccdaagontlo tonio 

(Tbo filfLTUUK JflT- 

T.rttt, end you \i'" 
ot bo trouhlcd. 

Don't bo ■Rlthout. 
jotUo. Try It; yon 

ClcniiGo t!i« vitiated I 
bloodwhcn yoa sco] 
its impurlllcS bumt- 
Ibbi throusa tlio skinl 
In rimp!c3. Blotches,!; 

uidBorea. Itdy oof 

!a dooro.clKHiid ust iuunimc 3htxer3, 

and bcolUi irill fol-1 


» Bouiidb BriTEna 

•■ willlniildyonupondi 


healthy. ' 

tw* co*vetA'iff, . 

Who will call on W. J. Watson, Druggist will receive 

Which is a Safe Cure. 

succeeds iu overcom- ' When a man haidoae a good thing 

i»{f liia diapoHition to taik too much 
iio writes too much. 

--'"" eS®,. 

comes rank in tho nrmy; MibMrvimiw is do- 
mandi.Ml mid yielded without nrftumont ok (>> 
Its rigbtfulnosis and almost witiiont thought 
of it. Tho army consists nominally of a poaco 
establishment of 15,000 mon, with provision 
for doubling it iitonco in cusouf wur; and, 
m usual in such countries, tho military 
outhoritics oxweiso thoir prerogative of in- 
creasing or diminishing it Komowhnt arbitra- 
rily, as their political or other schemes may 
requiro. Tbo ordinary navy consists of sonio 
60 steam vocals, with 3^3 guns and 5.TO1 sea- 
man — a very rospootablo navy, indeed, for a 
fourth class power. 

Somo-of tbo cities of Brazil, tho older ones 
and espsciaUy Rio, present very odd combi- 
nations of tho Old World and tho No«\ Tho 
and the dwellings as 
closely crowded togother as if land woro as 
precious aa in Portugal, while just outside of 
many cities, especially Para, ono passes at 
oaco to a wastu — often toa tropical jungle or 
wilderness. The discosorera of tho Bay of 
Rio imagined they wera onttH'ing tiaa mouth 
of another Amasou or oven an opening to 
&ie western ocean, and in this Eauguino spirit 
ttanaodit tho "River of January. " It does 
not. In fact, oven receive tTh&t should 
called a river, as nono of tbo mountain 
streams that flow into it fire navigable. 
Across the bay are soma very roomy suburbs, 
but in Bio itself tbo streets aro so narrow 
that tne place has a curiously pinched up ap- 
pearancb, and the strange? thinks 200,000 a 
big estimate of the population, which is at 
leait tureotimes that large. 

The neit feature to atriko tho visitor is tlie 
air of extremo age, It is, indeed, about three 
centuries old, but looks as old as any old ca- 
thedral town in Portugal. It ia built for 
time, too; tbo piers arc of massive granite 
blocks, and tbo public buildings generally 
are of a sort that will endure (if the place 
continues exempt from earthquakes) until 
solid rook disintegrates by time. But these 
am the loattof tho odd features of the place. 
The moaiitaiiis aro so near tfiat the Rio 
rwident* of ton todit convenient to escape 
- --■-•■ * -ottl 

"Boss wouldn't -blanket him in 
the stable. Said it wasn't no use." 

FREE—QqI from your dealer free, tlie 
s.4 Book. It has handsome pictures and 
valuable information about horses. 

Two or three dollftta for a s/a Horaa 
Blanket will make your horse worth mora 
and i>nt less to keep warm. 

i5» Five Mile 
5/A Boss Stable 
5/A Electric 
8/ft Extra Tesl 

30 other styles at prices to suit every- 
body. If you can't get them from your 
dmlor. write UB. 



Manur'l by v.'ji. avbss & sows. PMlada., who 
ma'.;o ' b^ famous Horse Brand Baker Blankets, 

To nesloct yoursoH If troubled with 
any disease of the kidneys? No, it is 
dangerous; and if you are so afflicted 
attend to yourself now. Do not wait, 
but use Sulphur Bitters at once. 
They cured ine when I waa given up 
to die by several physicians.— Jona- 
than Ham, Boston. 

Out of every ten statements made 
by the average man, he will finally 
deny nine of them. 

Ouo Fact 
Is worth a column of rhetoric, said 
an American statesman. It is a fact, 
established by the testimony ot thous- 
ands of people, that Hood's Sarsapa- 
rilla does cure scrofula, salt rheum, 
and other diseases or affections aris- 
ing from impure state or low condi- 
tion of the blood. It also overcomes 
that tired feeling, creates a good ap- 
petite, and gives strength to every 
part of the system. Try it. 

Jioston enjoys the honor of haying 
introduced the first Tuskish bath in 
Auierica on April 38, 1861. 

quickly cured by SMlob's Cure. We 
guarantee it. Sold by W. J. Watson. 

Jug Tavern is the name of a pros- 
perous village in Georgia. 

'•H ACKMETACK," a lasting and Era- 
grant perfume. Price 25 aud 60 cauta. 
Sold by W. J. Watoon. 41eow. 

(ien. Butler weighs 215 pounds and 
is a vigorous man yet, in spits of hia 

advancing years. 

For lame buck, side or chest, 
Shiioh's Porous Plaster. Pries 35 cents 
Sold by W. J, Wateon. 

Man gives the" compliments, but 
woman pays for them. 

Bronchitis immediately relieved by 
Shiioh's Core. Sold by W. 3, Watsonv 

he sits down to -rest, but when he has 
done a bad.tbJng he losea no time in 
doing another. 

Those persons who do not need 
Iron, but who are troubled with Ner- 
vousness and Dyspepsia, will And in 
Carter's Little Nerve Pills a most de- 
sirable article. They if* mostly used, 
in combination -with .Carter's Little 
Liver Pills, and in this way often ex- 
ert a most magical effect. Take just 
one pill of each kind immediately 
after eating and yoa will be free from 
Indigestion and Dyspepsia. In vials 
at 25 cents. Try thtsm. 

The trouble with your pretty man 
is that he Is too pretty to be useful, 
and not pretty enough to be orna- 

AeiEi irons: Ffftendu AboDt -ie. 
Your cough can be cured. We know 

beat of tho 

0»m from 'the intonso 

be hoped they are Tight? for some of tho 
busiest thoroughfares are but ten or twelve 
feet wide, and carriages aro only allowed to 
mova one way in them, l^eturning by another 
ktrwt .■ p - . ■ 


Griddle Cakes 

Ta-Ka-Kote also nurtcs delicious. GEMS, MTJF 


it because Kemp's Balaam has cured 
so many eouehs and colds 'in this 
community. Its remarkable sale has 
been won entirely by by : its genuine 
merit. Ask some friend who has used 
is what he thinks of Kemp's Balsam. 
There is no medicine bo pure, none so 
effective. Sample bottles free. Large 
bottles BOe. and $1 at druggists. 8Sw4 

H<rwadlHra tb* haaabl^t Ifwtan 

Mmttta W MlifliHiktlal Mtbe 

"8m wh*t I cot in nry aioeklnc, 
■aid ft Cbl«a«o firi «IM ont 

a: pi«Ao froaa :'''K*r hong up ho**. 
KawTork Jodroiil, 

Qro«nd pteA for a\ n*w joke, Tariay- 
tionatobQ fornlah«d by «ontm«t<Hr-— 
"It Hm taken a firmer hold on th« 
pablla than afoGinty." "WhatD 
"£» Qrippapr^ (Pn«tomt» with 

Dan^tar algnal,— "Ht, there! (Jet oft 
". 'TChat'i 
nothing man. I am a member of the 
Princeton foot-ball team.''— Time. 

Poeta are born, atr, n hasaldhaught- 
Uy m he rolled up his manuaeript. 

"And I'm dOfrgoned 'adrry.tortV* 
said the •ditor.-^lCarehiunt Tntreler. 
Every niiuhaatt'ta mission. Jfelth- 
er baa every man a. mansion.— Life. 
"What is the baby crying aboutt" 
"Oh, nothing ittuob. He wanti to 
eat the Christmas tree."— Puok. 

Husband (during a quarrel)— * 'We 
Bhall never meet in heaven," Wife — 
"O yes, we may. There is plenty of 
time for yon to reform yet."— Yankee 

"Mercy, John, the carpet must bo 
on fire some wherel" 

li Ob, no, that odor comes from one 
of those cigars you gave me. "Your 
brother is sinoking it lu the next 
room."— Puck. 

The consistent minister will not 
preach steadily for two hours upon 
the iniquity of lying, and then bland- 
ly ask one of the leading members 
of the congregation how he liked the 
sermon.— Soiuerviile Journal. 

Wbiaay— "Let me have a dollar's 
worth of court plaster." Druggist— 
"All right. Been buying & bicycler 11 
"Noj 1 am shaving myself."— Chicago 

Briggs— Young Smithars is a friend 
of yours, ts he not!" Bragg*— "Ob, 
yes." Briggs— "Does he ever recite 
any of his poetry to yon!" Bragg*— 
"Certainly not. Didn't I Just tell you 
he is a friend of mine'*"— Terre Haute 

As She is Spoke.— He— "Now that 
you have made ine the happiest ot 
mortals, can I kiss you?" She (Bos- 
ton)— ''Never having Uad any person- 
al experience of your oseulatbry abil- 
ities, Mr. Gesner, I do not know if 
you can, but yoa may."- Philadel- 
phia Inquirer. 

The Usual Conditions— Mamma— 
"Bobby, I noticed that your little sis- 
ter took the smaller apple. Did you 
let her have her choice, as I told yon 
tot" Bobby— "Yes, I told her Bhe 
could have the little one or none, and 
she chose the little one. "—Peck's Sun. 
The original "Mary" who had a lit- 
tle lamb" is dead, but the human pro- 
totype of the American hog can be 
found on any accommodation train. 
—New Haven Palladium. 

"Say, pa, you mast have strong 
"Why, Jimmy?" 

"Nothin'; only I found a lot of red, 
white and blue lozenges in your over 
coat pocket the other day and there 
ain't a fellow in the neighborhood 
that can bite 'em.— New York Sun. 

,*aaW^a««'Ke!«Maw. ^^' ^* .*"* "■ . ; 

tea;w tka: fHnm***-'--^--- ■^~ 
J«*r *^e«p««avf. 
MaxK^-At4l(o»of B<«. T. W. 

WIwb ob« o( ih* day* r»lt *™ * teml Koa*« 
lecwirt, except »t Pi»e«aje, -will b« h«d oSTSa. % 
day pruviow U«nb>. 

F.l'ltllj wni«u« 

nm«:,--ka*tt|f .;^aka«'^: 

Notice to Present Claim*. 

^» pijwiwice of an ■M^M-awtl* by ib« \ 
■ wight, osvaro e^wiy Ji*'-' :-^---» 

„„ of Ih^wmbw, iS». wwi£&:ja-, 
all .the ciudiicm iftid w*Mai 

as^iuat iJiitrirow Qre««,iatalyd 

I'eoiwllsiUe,- In the ^Mr\4.Q*Z*£WW': 
miliar tto librae of A»nt«o^Ow«;'thWia&.: ; i«?.' 
mk tncte*f , July vMittod, t« th«' MhibHtMr^UWi ■'■* 

gNtt.™ «»= l*5»BtofhtoCT*dlt««i. atUM.H» • 
om™ of flWt ■ *„»loa, Fulton SartBaT^EK,: 

iwrufetlwigihdayof Martrh, IMS:" , *.' ™ ~- 

AttoTEura Cor Assignw - ^ 

A»lglMMII. : 


* Bi^'e.aracooraHl a**. aud-Ind«|Kud«atl'" 

1 ,, Mary Ann ir'ftrtoj ot Kofrirtown.K.Jii 
Wirloy, Crtilmrino i<*Ml«r. Mary Karl*'* 
i-artey, Axiua Farhiy. J>3t»lN«ii, ^«l4; 
Sv^*Ml»-P«'.';l«hMitls.-Jolm i : .. 


n-ho avuw from Uua dtotrewtnr complaint; 
but fortunaWy their goodnea* does not end 
here, aud those who once try them will And 
Ihiy w01 not ba wiiiing to do wltnout them. 
But attar aualck toad 

la utabana of to a any Sns that htm !■ whero 
wa maka ow. gwat boaat Our puts cure ft 
whHB othen do not. 

Cutraa'a hrmx Lrvja Viux arawry wnau 
andTaryaaaytotate. OnoortwoplHamako 
a doae. They aro ttriet5y -vegatabloand do 
notartooor wvm, but by their gentlo action 
pbiaVap who naa them. InvlaSatJaccutp; 
(rfoforst, 8oW OTerywhero, or aentby matt. 
M»n JBKfflM CO., Snr Toft. 

UlUk Smlftk 



Cleanses and beautifies the hair. 
Promotes a luxuiiint cronth. 
H»v*> Fill* to Bettor* Gray 
1 HafrloitoVenthnjI Color. 

"ivcnts Dmsdrult »nd hulr folllo* 

-erally of t:a: w ,, „■«„,; Junn 

rtey mid tAthOTine Sailih. ittonm *!Ter«i nlaoni, 
lY'sldwicis arc unknown and eaontrt^wroili- 
lno.ii ry foj that purpose ho a*c«rulni:4; «**'■' : 
l I 'AfiV* hl!i ^,? t '*£■ * ,ld n * xt »f kin ■*«■■"■.■■■■■■ 
nuHFartoj anrt Owen Parley t deeea=td, whose. ■- 
i-nl namoa, ogeM, ana places ot reeltlenoB «re 
itm-ii, and cannot after diligent inquiry r«r : 
pnronu b« a Euer t«lnod ; anS to Uw wirtow"r\ . 
(ntUw.Rmlmsstor kin of Mary Rood, d* 

'" * c f r »' nanwa, age? and plaoM of : . 

unknown, anj cannot «rter dlllkent : 
„ . . - --- .-at purpose ha ascei'WmwIilWtif-k. : 

\ . : Hhto't Miillln and Knto Hellly Parley, aev- : 
orally of J'olney, R. Y., and to all ntt«r tmmm 
ntCTMWd hi itw mtata of Patrick Fartoy, l«ft of • 
fins Town of Vo!nt>y. in Uio Cuuntv of OawKo,N. 
Y.,ds?cDaFcd, either a» creditors, Ogatas, next «l 
ttnoilK?r«If.o KpndfirepIliiR. 
\\ litn'M Gather no Forloy. adminisiratrlx »r tii<> 
coods, chatiols ami crMilfctof said Patrick Farley, 
deceived, box miwlo appllratiou for autlieritv to 
mortEas??, k'Bw) or sell tho real property oMhe 
sajd deceased, for tlics payment othls debls. &c. 
tmrv hon-hy elteil and roqulrod personaliy to 
ui nujtrar thiforo uur SurroKatnof Hii* toiintv 
of Osnvtto .at the ofilca of G. Q David, in. tho 
V lilufw of Fulton, on tho 0th day of January, 18B&. 
at 10 o clock m the forenoon, uieu and therai) 
show cauEo «liy a liccreo should not be raidn^R? 
rectlt)Ethe,lisposi!ionof tlio real proiwHy of tho 
said d«eei'ent Patvlcit Csrlav.orEonmctithi'rtHif 
on may bi necc*-ary for tho payment of bis dehta 
and funeral expenses. 

And ifnnyof tlie persons inturt'stcd bo'nnder ■ 
tho ogc of twenty-oiio yeava, thov aro raoulrtd to 
nppearby their fiiiard.nii. it they ha?0 ono. or if 
they have nonp, that they appear and opplv tor 
one to be appointed, orln tho event ot th«ir neg- 
lect or failure to do po, a ptardlan will bfi nn- 
poliite.1 by tho SurroRato to represent and set- 
tnr thsni in tbo proceedings. 

In witness wharapr, mo havo eansod' 
tho Reftlof ofilce oroui'BaldSurrQaatB'5: 
-Oonrtof tlie county of Oswego, to ho- 
ti.:i-e«nloaffls«l. Wilnesc FrnnelsSavid^ 
(t. s.i SurroBiite of tlio Bald county, at the- 
village of Plimiiix, in Raid eount.y t the> 
it ih day of November, hi tuo year oner 
thousand eight hundred tmdeiirmy-BinQ.. 

K. DAViD, 
Snrrogato of tlio Surrogate 'k GonrS, al y 
Oaivego Connty 

Attorneys, Fulton, N. V. 



Balvktlon Oil figftft *&$& 





fOKS- Pursuant, to fliianicr fiGti 

of tho Lihvs of mm, wwik'i] propoanlii will bo ro- 
ceived by tim Superintendent of J'ubllo Worica at; 
hia offlca in Altmny. until Tuesday, Jiunmry Mtlu.' 
1S90, 'fit 13 o'cloolt noon of that, dar, fnp tho fol- 
lowing pieeew of work: The work will. ho bid for 
and let separately, and ever)' proposal for each 
piece of work hereinafter dt'stfniated must he 
accompanied by drafts on «ome wood banfelng 
institution of ilie city of New York or Albany, : 
iauitedby National or, Stare imrdw In Rood credit 
within tlio State, payable ut Hlnht, Io ib Huporlu- 
tendeat of Publfo Works for the amounts es- 
pressed b ' 

estimated quantities for improving 6ha- Qlens 
Falls feeder of tho Chnmplaln -ennal; (No. !.)■ Fcf 
improvlnj; r.TO lineal foef-of (lie Uleria i ? nll» feed- 
er of the Chain plain' canal running westward 
from a nolnt fjfliv feet. ■ westerly from bf'Weo So. 
8; (No. !M For impvevliiir '31)0 lineal fftet of 
(Hens Kails Feoil or, westward from woaterly cad 
of brMftB So, 8 i (No, a.) For iHillrllng waste 
weir, wpillwiw nml nfuleowny ut ei.mlilnod Locliu 
'J and a. Glens Falls !''( o-ler. 3 batllns erid-dmin- 
ina; '1.T0D i.abie rardtioxcnvntlnn nf earth, dto.i 
J ,000 enbio ynrdK exeavntfon of meli; W cuhto. 

Ohriatmas trees are declared to be 
going out of 'fashion in New York 


Kemtuiiftbe KeseH.V 
s MiuSiiitl Curtitin", PhunBi'ld, III., 
'■"•' "' -(aht: 

A. man may be a fool, but it be 
kaapa silent he may be considered 

Wbmt S wtefed tot f*nfs with tbos* 
n»rtfal»»».ill|»fc- saHr^arlashw. Ufa 
-MtnTlfr" ' ■■-I**—*' " r— **• 
\ X MtaUariM yon tonsn 


When stuleriagfrosn a Coogh orColot 
may be treated irith . 



ith^lfaianttotbeta ate and doaathe 

vork. IindrtonhaTipgXIB|>U Take 

mother: hfee^can^Jhcparedby 

Man Uboratltat be nay eo>-v fo 
iara Mlenaal but b* seldom knows 
wban tobegln the enjoywen t; 


qpaMisfcM""'"" ' 
. ~*m*r .ttfc».^.f"*-''- a 

.... ...... atntf went. Hint Bi>e 

fvfiited }\*r ii tnomli -by !H*r : : fanitly phy-: 
su'.Kni,A»u*-^wwt.w.(ifsft lie toiiliiershe 
'a as -a J ftrfi)7ess 'vMmt of -consumption 
juifVtiuutiwirtrU^in^euiMVlcurvbi'r. Her 
(IntjjStst' : is«ifiiifstt'5, Dt'-'-Kiiig's Now 
'Dkcovcs-v -h*r OxtwHiiption; she bought 
aboU-te aria to Jivr 'df light fcuhd- her- 
'ssU iieiieiitted trv-m the firai doee. She 
^itnimeil'M'tii us.- arai yfter taking ten 
iwrttfef.*, foiitid . :lM*rseif sotiftil *>id *«ii, 
now dt«e' 1 i*t own linugewiirfc and i« a« 
Avil as shts.«*«r-- whs. Free tr!nl liottlea 
uLihitt UreHl Discovery at B.E. Phiiltps' 
dmsitbte, large >oul»50e. 'and tl-lW 

Cuvier connidvni it probable that 
whales sometimes live 1,000 years. 

Tt— -a* «.H«»J«»ri aSraaB 

The lives of great men are full of 
failures but it does not make & man 
great for him to invite failure. 

need for Constipation, Loss Of Appetite, 
Dizziness, and all symptoms of DyBpep- 
8ia. PsicelOaad 75 cents per bottle. 
Sold by w; J. Watson. ~ 40eow 

Coin braeeletshaVe appatentiy tak- 
en a fresh start in fashion. 

Buckea> ArMiJa. Salye 

Tlie beBt Salve in the world for. Cuta, 
Bruises, Sote8,Cfcera,SattBUearOiFeTer 
Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains 
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, .- andepo* 
itively cures PileB or no pay required. 
It ia guaranteed to give eatiBfaction, bit 
money refunded. FricelHcentsperixfc, 
Foruale by ft. E. ■' Phillips. -.- . 

Legitime, the misfit president of 
Haytl, has become quit© a lion] in 
Paris.. . 

Happy H««siers. 

VVm-Timuions, Poatma&ter of Idaville> 
Ind., writes; "Etectrio Bitters has done 
more for me .-tban' ail .■■ other medicines 
combined, for that bad feeling arUing 
rrom Kidney and l.i¥er trouble,*' Jobrt 
Uwlits farmer and stocltmian, of sKttM 
piae?, -'b-ind Electric BiHera to be..lJH 
be*t Eidoey aitd Iii*er m»rticiiw>. made 
me feel like* hew man^ J,'-.W.::'T3af* 
ner, liardware, merchant Mine vtown; 
aaje: Electric BilieW^jdaitto ,!">*■« 
for a niantbat 'fc all'tun :diwr-n'»aa do»( 
trare whether ti*- li ea or dies; be fuand 
new 8tnriigUi,got'd*pp*tlW»ad W«Jan* 
like -In* bad;*' uew Waae on life, Oaly 
Stic, a hoitl*- at K. K. PliilllpaV tnif atora. 

The' women bate a l""V but -;t^rjf* 
foreei n»an to be -one. 


The mischief of it is, that, though 
traveling takes the conceit out of a 
man, coming back pots more in. . 

Interested People. 

Advertising a patent medicine in 
the peculiar way in which the pro- 
prietor of Kemp 8 Balsam for Coughs 
and Colds does is indeed wonderful. 
He authorizes all druggists to give 
those who call for it a sample bottle 
fre4 t that they may j;ry it before pur- 
chasing. The large bottles are S0e. 
artd$L We advise a trial. It may 
save you from consumption. S3w4 

A man is never old enough to gat 
married until he is so old he does not 
ears for marrying. 

Does Experieae* CoaDt?T 

It does, in every line of business, 
and especially in compounding, and 
preparing medicines. This -Is. iHus- 
trated in the graat snperiority of 
Hood's Sarsaparilla over other pxep- 
aratioas, as shownby.the remarkable 
cures it hM accompUflbed. 

The head of ^eflnilDf 0- I- Hood 
& Co. is a thoronghiy ;wmpeteb,t,ahd; 
experienced pharmacist, having de- 
yot«d his whole; life to |he stady and 
actual preparation oi men^etaes. He 
is also amember of th# Ma#sacnuMttfl 
and Ani»rib»o i PhajmiS^tttteal As»b- 
ciaiions, and continues actively de^ 
-voted fo Mpa^TildBJer Uaa-na^rjaratiah 
of *«a man*«fca« *the hnainswi con- 
neeted with Hoad^a aa r wpa rt lla, 

Hehee th« I paculiar 

Werit of aoorTai ^CMpiufiU* to , bnllfe 
upon the most i 

tion. Inita prepajratlon there isji^ 
resented all the knowledge whleli 
modem rasaarch in medieal sefenae) 
bM d»^alb:pea, comblnad with loo« 
eiiwrience, brain- work aud eiperi-, 
ment. It is only n«c«Hajry to gir«: 
tbis med ioine * fair^riai to realiie its 
great a oratWe Talue, 

How mneh ntoraagrjraettb^tlui^ 

^wan^- fe>-faUiy^ 

la L*Ua the maaaiinc of aairr la 
"Hail; «od fl«.va Ton"! naad a* » 
greeting wbao. tbo —*Urt% pUsma 
MMrgad UM elUca of fltJiopa. ; By 
stag aaiaaad veliabaa 

Tba> UUIe&t uswa inthearowd laaejt* 
to aland In (rasfc. 

asrf uSr c i a fa pnl l aar ■■>—*■ 


aqana, jettar. tbmffi 

S^^IMdtM+mm **+•**>**■ wh.4*».fc>*.ba«—i ao. 

m*m**<Wi a*to iW^wJfcntnn, enottng 

aj ssH f i n ara* i l ssfi l Bpn» steajaantjfev 

■ " sjr«n»UK< 


Derangementof the liver, with con- 
silpation, injures the complexion, in- 
duce pimples, sallow skin,' Bemove 
the eanse by using Carter's Little 
Liver pais. One a dose. Try them. 

0o»*'a for Snepperaa 

Police Inspector Barnes, of Boston, 

gave the Evening Transcript^ of that 

city, the following catalogue of 

"don'ts" for the benefit of shoppers:— 


Don't carry a pooketbook in your 

Don't carry a pooketbook in a very 
loose^raoket which hangs away from 
the person. 

Don't lay your handbag, containing, 
your .pooketbook, on Aha counter of 
a store, while you walk across the 
room to * 

Don't wear a watcii in a pocket on 
outside of dress. 

Don't wear chatelaine watches. 

Don't judge strangers by their 

Don't stand long in the same spot 
ina crowd. 

,. . *oa Iras.: ■ . 

Don't go into a crowrl with your 
outer coat nhbnttoned. , 

, Don't carry vahiabies'in your outer 

Don't make too great a display of 
yotar jewelry. 

Don't carry money hi the pocket on 
this tight-hand side of your ^ trousers; 
pickpockets axpeot to flnd money 
there; '■ 

Don't -forget that you are iust as 
likely s* »nybo}dy ^ else to be a. victim 

rf pickpOCkCtg. ;-; : -. . ' '■ ■,"■ ;'■; 

;';■ Tba hot%$»$ion ^ pnlhe «rth is 
'on the southwestern coast of Peril*, 
where Persia borders the itulf of the 
aanie nana. For forty consecutive 

idaya in the moatha »f Jniy an4 An- 
goitt -. th#'^tiwr«owet4* 
kaawn not to fail lower than 10O«3 
nit** or day, and -io oftanrhn op *i» 
mcfa as M8* In tha aftarnoott. At 
Bsdafte, in the mm tar of .tha torrid 
part of th« torrid bast, as UMOgh It 

' waa»natar»^UitaMtann to -na** thi» 

raaaost m uaabamrani. as poaatbJa, no 


waUa *flO,J»a*aava» *» f*#t doap, 

• yat a eoaaf*asa tl v»ly BMuaafosi 

JaAlo»*asnwI«*to Mva tbara, 
fjniiiani— Hiiiags wtOafc;lwaak from 
ta»«s* 1 

: nn^-dlr«S|i anos«.. 1km 

aajfrtaAW la uUarairl try dlveia, 


Half the price of tin or shingles! 
water-tight on Hat orateep surface, ami 
put It on. Sample free if you mentli 

Indiana Paint & Roof Co., 

42 West Broadivny. Now Yoili, 

Dr. iagol ! s Pll 

J to 01? ? 


Are tar scpKRion to anything evi 
pspala. Siclt Headache, Coostip;! 
ing toe Blood. Sugar coated. 

r made for Dyo 
ion, and purify- 

Sold by all Druggist 

; fi^i enbl'c 

; 1,*SJ'. 

""• -"-liiij 

linlnir; lOOfiilhl.! ynrd>* proe 
LOST cubic yards eimcrme \ 
vnrd« vertteiil wall In come 
Wl elible yaniK rl|> rap; 'm 
masonry Indumntid WoKlev.- 
la.enort. is. M. wiiife on it i 
M.; 10,001 ff, ]!. Ji. H-hid' i 
per M. ; 3B..WH ft. 1). M. 
planlt per M. ; Tiro Mqiiar 

i?.i5tl poiiiidn siiilies and 
funilshivl by State-- iMJe 

wtdlst.nwal 3I.M.?!KM , 

rap«ioi'e«tS1.l», $-:0 00. Tliufollcm 
estlmnted quant ILir?, for (No. 41 Improving the 
Onrida i-iht: -$!,<?&> cubic varda ('xcavntlon- 
under water: tUKXI lineal fei't «liib' enk plica fur- 
nishedan.l itiivcn; u.CQO feet K. il. v.hite oa!i 
timber; l.ftX* puuinln wion^hl in n. 

The ntiMtiritjj of deposit nwiired for each of 
the above pii;ei^ nf work mi tfir> ( 'Immpiniii eanaii 
BreasfoBowp; 1-Vir N'o. 1. $VW: for S'.. 3. STfiC;. 
for So. ;i. SW». The amount <U' dep.j.-it ['.-■|oired 
with bid for (N'o. I.) Impiovinjf Omdda iiv.;r !s. 

inry: 1,6-13 enh 

windfaK copfni 

e yards cmirsed 


-r and plank jier 

hnber and plank 

loett fiinh^'r and 

urdH poliilhiK old wall; 

; W.ipoundH cast Iron; 

i. Dodflct materfab. 

; r .(«'d«of old vertical: 

' " yarda of rip- 


— Madf: by— 
D. G. WEABE, EI. t>., Falrport, K- Y. 



Bay while it is Cheap ! 
Purest, Cleanest, Best. 





CBiri make Sandsome aalarlea pasWng.'oar STEEL 
WISZ: bOO« StA-TS, Erery honachoW nced3 one. 
Xftetal comnilsalotuipaid, Addieas 

R- Vlirtsiti^nil 105 Chamber Street, 


MASOHA, Clainnont. Vt 

Im.ttw^Sanj jnr to 
Vegetable Oil ! 

It la as good as Llnseed.aheaper and guarint^.-3, 
"•' I'ainto mixta with fhUOSl do not fade ;. 

? 2K Union street, Ofean, H-T. 


plec-.- of w 

amount ol 
contract <; 
tie 32.000. 

.t of lahoi 

bond n-nnlred for eitohi 
irk numbererl 1 ami 3 Cliamnlain canaL- 
i-ni -if eonlrnet will Im S!.(W«i the< 
bond for the faithful .|ku formanpo oS 
H-M'cutloiiof contract for 1 nod 3 will 

The in n i-u nt of labor bond f or picco of 

numliei-ed 3. on execution of eintract, will 

beSl.OO); .ho amount ot bond for falthfid per- 
formance of contract on eKecntion or contract, 
will be S1.0C0. Amount of labor bond for Oneida 
River Improvement on execution of contract Is. 
31.000. Amount of bond for faithful pefform- 
uneo of contract on eseeiilfon Of contract fa 

Tlie plan^. maps, specifications, forms of con- 
tract, together with regulations and conditions 
governing the ieUinpr of such contract, and all 
other neeefsory paf-ern with which tlio proposers 
will bo required p. co.itply, nil! bo read? for ex- 
amination for 8voo"ays prior to the data of tho 
letting at tiieofilec of tiie supt-rlnt^ndent of P"h~ 
lie n-,irk<< in Albany. All propc^alu for each of 
tlie above pieces of work muht be add raised to- 
the Superln'endent of J'liblio Worln ct Albany, 
and raaat '* endorsed on envelops "Propiisal for' 
Public Wori:,"' and the trorli proposed for roust 
be designated. ..II of tho abovn itofJc must bo 
completed on or l>efora tho 20th day of April, 1639. 
The risht Ih rescTi-.. d to reject coy or all blda. 

Albany, I^ec. !» I'** 



>■ *V. -V'^ *' ^k-Shca^ 


Cununwr. . 

ubiu's warn ml 

I^IISjrWISf^'v^Vv 1 ^ ™ PV'J 


--* — .. 


■ J****.".-- '" *i ,-- 


$1,25 n Year in Advance. 

"TheAlwtnctiiidBriarOliraiiolaartkeTiisB, to Show Virlw Hot Own Fwtaim. Bona Har Own lout." 


TOLDIII 2!i fflJHBM 36 


INFORMATION BEGA :■}.-.!■'■< .a i>!£ RE- 

Itfte Canoes «f Tlpi»>» Tilt— A Ba-Yoiut! 
rillOS" "" * b « CuiiK'j— Traveling: la •» 
l i Hammock ,-r- JWap «t ■ St:iOK*j"fl Stout* 
■ : ■ Acrmru tbo r.jntltii.nt, 

-, .. The great canoes or Tipped Tib's flotilla aro 

■ from .CO to 100 foot In length, la countrac- 

■ tfoa tiioy are mere dugouts made front ttio 
trunks of trees hollo wed out by ax and tiro. 
They have fiti'0»s:t)< enough to bus tain the 
stre&B of paceina tho rapids In tlio Congo, and 
carry lmmomjo quantities of gomta stored 
a vray underneath tlio awniasot- 1; an 11: a cloth. 
Tho flotilla of 'fippc«) Tll> in cofiMiiondod by 
Arabs, but manned by native slaves. Tho 
Arabs have navlgated'tho Congo (or many 
years, and by friendly nlhancM r/ltli tbo 
fisher tribes of natives have boeouio in a «ens» 
tho niastoru of navigation on tho great water- 
way of Control Africa. 

Tho fisher tribes of tho Conpo nro mi hido- 
pendent cliiai of natives, fortified, bo to 
speak, tu thair righto of nionnjioly by tlio 
impregnable positions! they tnko-tin in t.iio 
midst of rocky cataract bedw, wliero neither 
hostile neighboro nor intrimlvo Arabs i:mi 
reach thorn, Stanley snyu of them that they 
live Indus trioun nnd inventive. Jit the tiireatg 
of their villages tlio Hah cuivrs attend lines of 
CUi'itiK platforms; the old men aro weaving 
jjurso ncf a ami ttlovtei ; tho able bodied men are. 
at basket work, while the othors wmvo rat- 
tan hawsers. Tho women are preparing 
broad, .({rinding camwood, usod in dyeing, 
sifting meal, pound iiiR corn or rnnldui; oruek- 
ory. On tho water side are tliu eanoew rights, 
. doing odd Jobs— binding n split how, n, apl it 
stern or a leaky crack, or perhaps cwtUiij? 
out a decayed part and preparing a piece of 
planti; to replace it. 

Tho river itself, guarded by theso dusky 
people, ia not only ift famous waterway, but 
a niagniflootit river, bonutif til in Hoeuoryns 
well. Tho picturesque* Rhine, according to 
Stanley, is only a microscopic, miniature) of 
tho ConRo, and the latter only laekn lUiine 
Bteamora with wino and food and other ac- 
commodations to emable tho- traveler to boo 
its beauties properly. As for tho Father of 
Waters — the Mississippi— tha Congo in one 
and a half times lontfor and from eight to ton 
times broader. Along any of the numorons 
channels of tho African river the traveler 
will iseo nioro beauty nnd variety of vegeta- 
tion than on the bunks of tho Mississippi. 
Besides, thorn ore its crocodiles, its, hippopot- 
ami, ite elephants, its buffaloes (red end 
white), its parrots, its flocks of ibw, and other 
picturesque objeete to iond interest and 
grandeur. The traveler in Central Africa fa 
not, howover, confined to water routes ex- 
clusively, and rrtion ho travoreea tho regions 
occupied by friendly tribes the hammock 
affords a pleasant and easy mode of "doing" 
tho tropical region. Knowlodgo of tho iu-_ 
terior is gained by hammock traveling, and 
the sick are often transported in thin manner. 
Some of Clio most interesting features of a 
journey up tho river Congo are tho Beetles in 
tho interior, but often the eyo rests upon 
them alongshore. Such is tho village shown 
in tho Illustration— drawn from a sketch by 
Herbert Wav& for Tho Illustrated London 
News— a settlement of tho lln-yniissl. From 
tha water Is seen a broad Inyo leading up to a 
grove of oil palms and bananas, with com- 
pact and tidy lor>lriujr houses interspersed 
Among thoni, The pooplo are described by 
Johnston, tho naturalist, asilnor looking than 
any nice seen on tho Congo, "Sotuo of the 
men are perfect Grook stattioa as regards their 
splendid development and tho pose of their 

The Ba-yaaai have certain cruel customs, 
but are in many respects much superior to 
some other natives of the great river. They 
mnko pottery, knives, hatchets and articles 
of furniture,- and trado with neighboring 
tribes, They aro fond of music and have a 
native instrument of tho dulcimer class. 
They are also clover ushorinoa and cultivate 
iruits, vegetables, tobacco and other prod- 

- nets. According to ethnologists tho Ba- 
yauziaronot of the negro race, but belong 
to tha "BautuV family. They are well shaped 
■and tall, as may bo seen in tho cat, the fig- 
ures hnyiug been photographed by Mr, Her- 
bert Word, for whom tho subjects posed with 
considerable interest. Those people usually 
dress their hair, which is of great Strength, 
docoratively, especially tho warriors, who 
twist it into weird, horn like shapes, 

Fvr nil their peaceful measures and rela- 
tions of comity with tho usher tribes, it wiil 
ha Ki»en that tho Arab mariners travel well 
armed. The regions bordering on the river 

. -a^i inhabited by tribes that may or may not 
resent the incursion of the stranger. Tho 
dangers to be encountered by explorers and 
traders do not always eomofrom muscular 
races, however, and the great forest region 
below tho north bend of the Congo and toor- 


dering on the Sanliurru is found to he infest- 
ed bynomod hunters of '.pismy .staturo not 
pleasant to enr-onnter at a disadvantage. Tho 
TMoisknovm as t^e.Bntwa dwarfs, TIray 
aro foand scattered over districts extending 
mfcny huudred milei The : - explorer Dr. 
■W6U soma time since made a sttjdj' of this 
people 1e their dart and sunless haunts. He 
towid them living ia "grass huts in Glosters of 
.;■■ sigat- pr ten' families, moAingfrom -placo to 
^»c*iasaMChof gama :Th*y wre oi cotteo 
broim color, arid! the. adulta «« from i feet 
.aittcfees to .4 feet 1H inches Ml, the averaga 
:-::^Wai »bouM te*t 5 iuch««. .Th«y aro oom- 
> ,p*ct Wd. .witt' built, aad idalttuJfy wield tho 

Vfbm bUuU&x tbeyltein Mmbush for the 

■^mUt^ R«na, «d:p«i««liuftBl6«i«nde3^ 

pttftati mtA rftlwttm nai. Their arrows 

.,., ..,..,... •barfawJ.wfcat fteyre- 

nain Imbadibd in LU BMh. A* flchters the 
Bafcw* ara np^tad to ba pngnActoua and 
flCtr. Beim HOgtA, Om 7 at«L »ouatM>lr 

, apw ttWMan^woaBafegwtiktUliiKwith 
HkalrpaiBotMdwMpom JtMj ara eaonibals 
and tba nibm of udiar trltata mn i u fi«r )f 
than. Tho pxeumw Unafad. >b (raw**] 
lb* Bcttn eoDBU-y last yev, NM wariMi to 
anad tfaad-arb, baflaaas tkay pamit boom 

tim *t«*m«r, c3*rm>ijniijc i»t* *-wk>' : **«v-w*p>*>* 
or mwi.Wging lik^ moukoyittmai : tits lim)» «t 
tetmi. to get ■«, f sir ntns«ef th« wiiit* nW» 

lit thin eonnectiun tho t oIlDnririg ntx.oiint of 

Cetitral Africa wut hero Iwfor* mentioned, 
m«y »otl>jina^p)-o]|>riat«, l|i'!Fi*iiuarj- y 1SS&, 
5£r. F, B. Ai'uot, n young SeotoS' 'itiiwi&tnry 
who had nlready uhowu i^iii.-irfewl^u capaoicy 
for African travel, reached tho hi'g'J Oareii- 
g;tnKo tribe, nlmoat osKCtly midway between 
tho Atlantic and Inilfau oceans, hi about IU 
dcgii. nonth latitude, Jlo dcofded to Bottle 
there, and unlwnj ho ban lately left the. conn- 
try hcx> fihira ilieti alonoiw tho Iicartof Africa 
aruonjs this inu>rest.iiiK and hitherto unknown 
ptople. Vur rsoino yeai"fl tho unnto at this 
country 1ms appeared on tho maps as «aran- 
gnnja. Richard and Uotini nppronched with- 
in a r.hort diiitiince of the tribo on tho north 
and. tno route i.rf Capello and Ivcua Kliirlod 
tiiuir (os-ritory on tho couth, but /lrnofc Is the 
iiral to doatrlbo I he country and pooplo. 

In 1BHH lie wai living near tlio JLnflra river, 
one of tho head r.trmtu-i of tho -G0tt%a, two 
inontliii' journey from the uc-mat; widto nta- 
tlon on IjbIto iHyawn, It ia tho country of tim 
powerful Chlof J\li«liid«, who cordially wel- 
comed tho white "t.raitger when ho immo (« 
him ac.rosa tho contlnont with a few native 
nttondant't and n.<U:l leave to eetll.-. Mr. 
Arnot lias but id « hoiiw at MnUuru, the Inrgo 
nndutraitKling town of the chief. All the 
country U thickly populated, nnd in a two 
p Arnot counted forty-threo vil- 

Jtl'lg*) JrViilift^ili Jt'(lt*;r»01>i the :fottHil*f "'5! 
CiloV.iraii' * -tltjIcgaSo to -.tim .'iwayiocliU'^xm- 
.grow ami w«s tho author at . tlio . fsmou* 
."Virginia pfwn". for/formlilK tho Puion. 
Jasnei SIad>KOH.who bniifcup Wiitjr hall, pre 1 . 
wtoied is? tho sarao coiiveisSioi*,: -ttw "New 

Jemy pian," 


tif tho 

n people 

For n. longtime 
d(iifcin:dtoii].eai( t, 
hellrt.taddrem.-d them. Tin-y re Or to ll.o 
whito miiii'f country hh the hell of I ho black,., 
StoritFiOf the cnirsldnj'Hof tho osport fdavo 
trade have reached their far inland liouio. 
They imy that the white miui'u land ollerj 
tirjthing'but ruiucry and slavery (.. the negra 
Mr. Aran!, grudtmlly giilnci.1 their nympn(liy 
( bycarin;; for Ih.iir flick. The 
poloticy of ht'i medierd wttill mm lilm faiim 

I !i\v\ 

li Hi- 

fitnmgo liMCiv, t 
soil. All the liu 
i-lcd tiion tell A 
daogeroiiH for ( 
day's toll withou 
feed the HhmImi 
(iiirengau'/", it c 




rilU II 

(hat it would be 
) homo after their 
buudloof wood to 
light. Woman in 
not. a down trod- 
icrpurtsof Africa. 
She b<)liove:i rdio bus rightis, dares to n:«,-ert 
them, and I ho minsjonnry creditst her with 
^rcat tnleiit and fluency no (i ncold. 

One would suppose, from the immense 
quantity '•!' grain ralcod, that Ihero would 
nlivny!! beau abundance „f f uo d. A largo 
part of tho groin, however, is need in brow- 

gtanlhy'b noum 
ing beei-, which in wtorod in receptacle'! niado 
of bark and holding thirty or forty gallons. 
Everybody k free to drink everybody else's 
beer ay long as it lasts, and in a fow days tho 
fruits of many weeks of toil aro consumed. 
The beer does not oieito quarrels, no it is 
chiefly Bomiiolent. 

In October tho land is spaded for tho next 
crop. Tho chief himself often goes to tho 
fields in his litter, accompanied by Ids mu- 
sicians, and watches tho long files of Ids sub- 
jects at thoir labors. Ho inspires groat fear 
among his people, for his govern mont is so- 
vero, although ho doea not employ torture ns 
a means of punishment. Tho death penalty 
is inflicted for grave crimes, but not for acta 
of sorcery, as In most parts of snvago Africa. 
Ilero nnd tlioro ono sees groups of ton or 
twelve men fastened togathor with an Iron 
chain while working;, in the 'fields. They wo 
thus punished for minor offend'. 

Unlike many important African rulers, 
Uoahido lias no body of counselors, but gov- 
erns unaided, listeria to all whocomo to him, 
and, in the missionary's opinion, Ills decisions 
aro usually just and good. Cases aro submit- 
ted to him wherever ho may he, and at ail 
hours of tho day. ' In -transacting business 
with his people ho has around htm none of the 
notables or Bub-chiefs of his country, but only 
his pages and women, and ho will not tolorato 
tho presence of persons who attend simply to 
listou to the proceedings. Unless they have 
business with him be. sends thorn quickly on 
their way. 

The balm ami peace which roign ia tho 
country, Mr. Arnot says, aro quito remarka- 
ble, it is ouly, however, because Hoshide's 
people aro for stronger than their neighbors, 
who lead anything but a peaceful existence. 
Moshido often sends out expeditions against 
his neighbors for tho sola purpose of plunder. 
The men aro killed, their women and chil- 
dren are drasgod iuto captivity and their 
ivory is soised. 

Mrs. Hove recently*''" ioto from-Lako Tnn- 
gauyiki that tho ovU?,.,o£ tho-.'slavo trade, 
ns tho world sees them along tlio coasts, are 
trifling compared with tho miseries inflicted 
upon scores of unfortunate tribES. by the in- 
ternal slave trade. Mosbide'a slavo c 
vans aro sent (nmdreds of miles west to 
Bihe. Arabs who have reached his country 
also purchase, many of his captives. As all 
his human spoils aro women and children, 
the females of Garenganse largely outnum- 
ber tlio male population;, -.-atad-' polygamy is 
eittensiyely practiced. '' 

Mr. Arnot hasahigiiopS»ioa.Oi tho salubrity 
of this country a round tho chief heaisouroes 
of the Congo. He ia apparently one of the 
exceptional white men" who can live and 
thrive iu- equatorial' Africa, 'Two mission- 
aries left tho coast months ago tojoln him, 
and before this, .it is 'probable, 'that the most 
isolated among ino white soioiirnersdu Africa 
has had the pleasure of'agaiu'groetmg men 
of his own raco. .../.'-, v.y-' ..,-"-,■■ ■*.■: 

Clio hall wn«l 
in IfO. They r; 
wox-i ".i-.i.-d i, 

, and IVhlg hall 
ho have long 

rept the 

inlf . 

1 to 

nllii .juacHy aliho, wit.harchi- 
.ei:f,uro Kiniiliir t.) H ( .i old MX*'. Titey will he 
mill, of imirlHo, and will Ctet. C'35,0iig each, 
jliany of thm.ld (Jroirlt and itoinan btnld- 

iver the eoliiuni 1 un.fer the roof. Tli.-s<: 


oft ^ 

■itf :il 

of ■ 


i tin 

of (ho Vale and 
rriiH.-.iiuii le:iini'.. JViii'.'ol'Hi making a "toucl 
down," hlmiild l«» put. in Iho iippropi-fnt' 

Tiie new ptiVf-i'-id l;ilinrai,i.ryof Brown mil 
vcrtiily, 1', ktioivn na Ullt:on ball, Is 

wnUndviin.-rd h iviii-iiHic.T). Tin* building 

i:. iimned nil.;i- i!i'oi !; e R VviLiuu, founder of 
I ho IJimilVinl (.'licmicnl works, and it will l.o 
devolodt.i phvneal vwnw. The bn«einetit 
will a hvlmraioi-i- room, rirrjom f.r 

shop., en-ilnei, nnd ihu nectary machinery. 
ThrouidMLl i ho building there will he special 
const.iiieiitnis dmijMicd for scientific experi- 
ments. A portion of the roof will ho finished 
nna plntforsii for open air astronomical ob- 
fjervntions, and ono jcablo will havo a mm dial. 
A unite of rooms will bo dovotod to photo- 


graphic apparatus. The main laboratory on 
the llret floor is :M*i0fwt nud hi 17 foot high. 
The interior of tho building will havo every 
modern appliance that can servo tho purposa 
of its design and will bo well tiupplied with 
tho very best apparatus for experiment dud 
for liciciititic instruction. 

The architectural features of tho hall will 
bo attractive. The front is 61 feet, the height 
70 feet. The foundation is of red westerly 
granite, and tho walls above are of Seokonk 
ttono having tho natural fnco, with window 
trimmings of Nova Scotia olivo sCono. Tho 
dormers are to bo oliyo atone. Tho roof will 
bo of alaifl, and, with tho chimneys and dor- 
mers, will bo red, as a contrast ito tho light 
stone of tho walls, Tho main entrance is tba 
arched recess in tho center, and within the' 
wch are granite tablets for inscriptions. Tha 
main lecture room Is bask of tho vestibulo, 
and is 32x40 feet, with n. height of 20 foot. 
This looturo room is connected on ono Eido 
with small rooms for tho .professor and his 
assistants, the library and some of : tho appa- 
ratus rooms. 

Tho construction of the building is substan- 
tial throughout. Tbo inside walls will show 
tho brick in oven hiyors of red mortar, and 
tho ourfaco will bo highly polished. Tho ceil- 
ings between the beams will be of piaster. 
Floors aud roof are to bo of plaiiic. Tlioro 
will bo hut little wood finish, mid that is con- 
fined to tho doors and windows, vestibule and 
stairs. Asii and oak will bo used. 

Tho sito of Wilson hall is In tho middle 
campus of tho university aud tho building Is 
plainly visible from the street. 


Two New Ralls at iMneeUiifi' aud'Oii* at 
■Brown.:.;, .;.:■-■-* 

That there is au iritiinrito coaneoUon- be- 
tween bono ■ and Kiusfele-aad'ineritabiaevelop- 
meut, is Illustrated by Princeton college. :At 
any rata she illustrates that coll ego growth" 
follows aftaf tho growth of bono ami rims- 
cio, for having beaten tho other colleges -at 
fcotbMju sua: is.teariiiH.dowuthG-hallsof h,er 
two literary societies to build now ouca "* ' 

^9J^£^SSSjJ*t 3 

';_-. ,03t^-^p;siaii : ^; ; -::.'-/;/''lV: 
-Th*3».Ut««rr'.t^^ta«in ! |iioit:'CibBa(e« : ar«. 
usually obsolete »ff»ira, which hav« b*m «- 
placed m spirit, it not inatocm, by the Q***k 
letter Kocietiw. In Brincatoo tha libyarr 
soci¥Uesiha\ebeeni>roi»ctod byth«facuUr 
by lu«pin£ up a oonatmat wvfara aaaJaat 
tha Orawk lauw ■oel«<to»«. Thara an »> 
iJ.apbn.-f iKwk latmr ndatM in Pnr<^ 
ton aekuowIedcadinKKnqQcndy.iI thay ex- 
ili uk-i -i O.invWa.dloBiliaMac* 

A«ajha,k In li» hat oanurr fcnnr* wm 
iw«Utararr>incMUoi inoll Naanw hul at 
PrtoMton. ,k. Wall MmHi and ika fU. 
Daaliac aocaatfaa. OH«tahaW, ■ 

E'hantout Fish. 
A stream near.Bonton, Tenn., ia Eaid to bo 
full of phantom fish. Standing on the^ rooks 
mid lookiiig down into tho water tho eyo can 
seo hundreds of trout, some of thorn remark- 
ably large, darting about the pools or rostiiig 
with' tho gentle motion peculiar to tSieir 
tribe. Tho angler casta hia lino into quo of 
theso pools, literally swarming w it& Sen to 
all appearances, and no matter how attract- 
ive the fly or bow skillful tho Bahorman ho 
never gets a Cite',' As ", plentiful as thoy PSom 
to bo uo one has over yet been ablo to catch 
u;troutin that stream. Tho fish pay no at- 
tention to the' hook or line, and when tho 
bait is tbuown, at them, or an attempt la 
made to spear them, the instrument has tha 
appearance of passing through the fish, bus , 
ho is not«sught; when tho-bsjborsjpear ia 
removed : he fe still in tho water.— Chicago 
Times,' ■ 


Absolutely Pure, 

This powder iiuvcr vcrte. A marcel of purltj; 
fitrcnf^li and whoRsiOTiKiiess. 3Iore dcwoinio 
lliiin tlwer.lliiiiry Itlmhi, ami cannot heboid in 
eoiiipetiHou w»li inn innltliuile of lowtissrf. ehoi't 
ivejp-hf.nliirn or plio-nliat.i nowrters." Holfi onlv In 
oniw. Hovat. (UKiNo I'awmcn t'o..lW. W«ll st. 
K.hv Yorlt. 




ia of n 

Man FUm 





or, who- 

e death t< 
combined t 


ml In a 


wps boll M K.atni,rl dipt. 

of siilli.-lcut m-i-ii, to fiS»,r«ct the attention of 
noh'tealitvnir, li-at than Leli;li Hunt, nnd 
ns a diploma In;, wv f.;uf<:cpd»d In averting a 
war betivf..,,,, the Unitid .States and 8paio. 

George llem'v Hokcr was born ni, Philadel- 
phia in 1!LM. ill, family, originally French, 
romoved to Hdlhmd, and thence to England. 
There becoming ideotilied with -tho "QuaTt- 
erfi," they emigrated lo America mid i.ettled 
in tho City of Brotherly Love. Mr. Colter 
was educated at Princeton college, whero ho 
was graduated at Ji), and soon after married 
and wout abroad. Ho had written vorses at 
college, aud While abroad wrote more, pub- 
liehing a volume iu 18i7, on his return. In 
184» ho publishod 
"Cnlayno,"a trag- 
edy. It was tho 
first marked s ac- 
cess he attained, 
and was played to 
admiring audiences 
in England and 
tho United States. 




Betrothal," "Fran- 
cesca da Rimini" 
and "Anno Bo- 
loyu." Ho also 
wroto many short 

-■''■ Uttthina New Coder the Sua. 
. : James E. ' Utubataettsr . tells a , story which 
illustrates onb-of tha tricks- in the; patent-' 
businesa. He drears a peculiar, old fashioned 
*ntch chain, with a ring for a fob, hanging 
from a vest buttonhole. It was gtvea to hJm 
by his father, who had worn it many years. 
A day or two aso hi> visited 1 a-joweiryEiioro' 
apd asked t< 

T^he urbane clerk "handed "q#£ a.'"tray, and, 
holding ono chain .dclieately-^between- bis 
white thumb aud forefrngor, said: 'There- is 
t&o latest thing out. It n*4- just^boon |*at- 
ented,."^ "Why, it's jost lae^oOnoJ.ivair^.-. 
Mr. Umbstaetter said, and ho compared tho 
ehains. Tho designs were Identical, but tha 
Btw -|rafcSHt« was bona fide,— Pifct*burg; Dis- 
patch. '" "'■' " " .' ..' "." ""■'■ 

•y ^;:;;;/; ;?: 1t^»- i !!eir;fflJ, | -. ' '-;y.-' 

.;'"3Ui'i' Joueti^. sfi3 ;"t.hi;''c,it>- editorto && 
■yuubfji-ep^rter, ""wiil you" 'stop ''tai tha"' desk, 
pfeaiof" . 

-'■l*Ye3,-sir."' ' ' ■'"■■■ " --. '. 

'•You^ copy lobkg ( rather : odd. Tou Jiava 
■axitteu ;tt nH rtith ifcblu* pencil:^ : 

^'Tos, sir;;Ithos^ht it might as a-eU go 
Uiat way first as Inst.— Mctohait Tjraveler. 

Eyery woiaan who sailers froiii 
Sick Headacbe,. ana Svibo dislike tci 
take bitter doses, should try Carter's 
IiittSe Liver Pilis. 'They afee the 
easiest of all iaiedteineB to take^ \%;\ 
"positive core for tli^aUovedisfcress&iigf: 
conipiatnt;; give prorio-pt relief -.iit i>y«- 
l>ep»ift and Indigestion prevent, wad. 
'cure Constipation mud Flle^.yAB^uy. 
to fake as sugar. Only one piQ a 
do-e. Price 25 c-rnt*. If you tTy 
tbem yoa;»ill not be witUout theux^v * 

i;v.-r>i>tn> in rulti.n nnd li'lnity lit- Mil>aeriti«r> lo Tiik TlHBS 
■ hat tti^v may n«t fail to l«arii fir tb* 
Imp'jrtn.iit li><-al ntenU tha^are dally 
uneurrinir and the indoomemta that; 
it* culv^nhws, tba loeal raerebaata 
arn rouitant^ oaTartag. IteaH b« a: 
borrower but a aaiMaHbarasd la (Ms 
aaBBMiion MHNtBber tht two gramft 

Hunt regarded him as the best sonnet 
of his time. 

In lS5y Bobcr dined one day with Daniel 
Webster at a dinner party given by the lat- 
ter hi Washington. Webster had been speak- 
ing to his guests on the relations then exist- 
ing between the United States and England. 
Buddonly turning to young Baker he said: 
"I think you have expressed the true seati-. 
ment concerning this subject in that admira- 
blesonnet of yours." He then recited tho lines 
referred to to the party much to Doker's sur- 
prise, who sat listening to the splendid per- 
formance in elocution doubtlesa with great 
Leariind Cordelia] 'Twos an ancient tale - 

Before thy Shakespeare gave it deathless fame; 

The timua havo changed, the moral is tho same. 
8o lil;o an outcast, dowerless and |>;l1g, 
Thy. daughter wout; and in a foreign, gnlo 

Spread her young banner, till its sway became ' 

A wonder to tlio nations. Days of shame 
Areeloso upon llieej prophets raise their wail, 
.When the rude Cossack, with au outstretched 
. hand, ' "■ 

■Points Ida Ion;; spear across tho narrow sea— 

"Lo, there is iinslandl" when thy destiny 
Storms on thy straw crowned head, and thon dost 

Weak, helpless, mad, a byword in the laud- 
God grant thy daughter a Cordelia be I 
Mr. Bolter wrote very prettily in the way 
of light love verses. Here is a dainty bit 
which reminds one of some of Leigh Hunt's 


This slip of paper touched thy gentle hand, 

fioubUcss was sunned hsneath thy' radiant 

Perhaps had clearer honor, aad did lio 
Upon thy bosom, or was proudly fanned 
Within thy fragrant breath. At my command 
A thousand fancies, growing as they fly, 
To maddening sweetness, file ray vision by, 
And mingle golden vapors with the sand, . , 
That times tny iilie being. Sens el ess' things ■ 
' Btin-t Into dignity bcueath thy touch, 
Mount from tlio earth on love's ecstatic wings, 
And to lay eyas seem scared, If from such 

I draw such rapture, who may say how much, 
Wert thou the tnemo of my imaginings; 
But Mr. Doker's maiu work was in di- 
plomacy. During the civil war ho was an 
indefatigable worker in the Uiiioa causa- 
Isemg ouo of tho organizers of the' Union 
League elub, of ■ &iladelph'ia, " for the .pur-' 
pose of standing- fcy.-. the.- ■ government Be-, 
sides tins ho devoted tjis service of 
the Union. When .Grant-, became president 
.hemndeJtlr, Boker ''minister to ■'. Turkey," ■' Ho' 
sbop showed great talent for-tlio-wbrk before 
[. hlin, aud left Tarkoy-with-t-h©- approval of 
■tha' United' States, goyenimcnt ^u^ She good 
, will of the sulta30. .From, this mission ho was 
; promoted to -St. Petersoarg. :' "'■:■ '■'•". 
: .-:;'fwms ministar-to Etiaeia" tfaa Virgmius a£r 
fair:,toccgrred.:. :. ~& vwaufen'. outrage on a. 
TJnit«d §t»tes.$aip bad', .been .psrpstratedby 
^Ihe'ciiEcai^'oi; a; Spanish. ves'saL ' President 
:G-7atttWad , ;Tary'ffittea^*'bppl3^'to' : 'eow^tO 
■ war^^thi.SnaiiI,...buti..tbB.'"ca^ 
i^thaif.war.or;. : i}Q apology, from-the SpoE^n. 

• 3From Washington £astrnc6ioU3 wero seat 
;to1 .United ; .Statte5 miEdsierii abroad to^iidS'avi^jaift':3foa?inaa«rt^^usoof.th6.Un.itedSto,t-es. -All 
the'effo.rfe'.-o'r those:..wlio foilo's:ed'the53;.ih- 
sSrucfcions faiTed; osc&pt In 3fr. Baker's casa. 
Tiio' work -requirsa grca't" eelicacy,:-anS"-tho 
to thwart tiie, Ampricaas^efCorts. .^However, 
he aucoeSied £|i inducing iPrifnea ^rfschakoiT 
,'to seni ihstructions ^/theRuManiaiiiistei'. 
at. .Madrid- tutiiig grbmid-in favor of- ..the- 
United States. '.'. This. K!^sd....;.thft.-Qu^ti9a,: 
. Spain apologi^J fo;- the. yirginina.oEfmVaad 
war was av^fr&cL. .'■'■'.'■ : ' -~'-- 

'.-'■' --3&;' -Boiar'Twas-'-'dTOt^ess; aided -'.by'the 
.^riei^yi^latiQiisbejiWMttiK^iaiuid Amer- 

^'a. : ltet.i5if;wiff'.Tes3jeis : , Saw- -'^prk .'tjnriajj ' 
tha civil war.' B»t fee uuquntioiwblfKataed: 
a p»t aaoandeocy over tl» C»ar Aiexander 
and hia ..saunter ^ of^stattt: Both reqaeated 
tiathwtonuasmmisx^r ioKos*ia might be 
prWodfatt- Wheu hi> *nec«aor artiTwi a* 
St. ftcenburGr .c u ranted uat 0>x^Rcbakoff 
aakltohim; ;-^l«anE* ay taatlam «ia4 
tojwjfflj. :- lof act, I'itt not turo tbatfaaa 
yoa ai all, for iWtaantrtiatarauiuTayas 
on af«wn» %A ana JaaHi-njra or mx IrnaU 
fioaar- pa. 

For bmb/ yaafv Hr. BoMnFaaa 
<M»U SB tniPU| K Mpbia T aad[t ia dt» 
e3ffiurtaiUaUa s vaa,Twl«Tasd Hoa** wara 
W f» laka an aaUrart ia Uji CaataMuaJ «a- 
fahUi.« vt lttl. Ua bad a Ona banry. ts 
watc* ha riaroaad Uih|| d.tna« Ua latar 
«mja " 

XI tfceaa rm «aa a apaatAa far any: 
ob* nimuiaalila, Oum Gatta*** UMt 


Bingfo OoDieB Thne Oatt 



*•«« . : .ral«t« .-AtKMit tW 
■■.'■■M*a Bea»'-art Hrfw*»» !*■■*> watl^ ««. 
,. W*rt tike iiuw—it vm"m**» twmnu 
*o.»y Tried oa Aaltnata. 

TJie general term of the iupr«na court «( 
Wwstatoof NewYork havina; dacidad thai 
ti» law for electrical execution £• oonatita- 
tiona!, Kemmfcr, the first murdarar wham It 
W tntjisscted must dm in the n*w way, has feu* 
«tie«llgiit chance. Thocaao nowjomtotba 
court of appcah. If it oonflnna tba decWon 
of*homwcr court, aiter nutch praHmihary 
local discussion, electricity will take the place 
of hanging in Now York statei and KemmW 
T»id inaDguratotho new^process, 
■'■v'fiiB' acewmnlmtcd obiociuy of centuries 1» 
SatlriM-ed about, tho gibbet, rt ban naver be*** 
consi'lercd a rcspoctablo method of aeudtng a 
persoii out' of the 
world; political 
prisoners in Eng- 
land Tor many cen- 
turies were execut- 
ed ^-unless it was 
intended to espe- 
cially demean them 
—by decapitation, 
the prisoner being 
led on to tho scaf- 
fold, and, kneeling 
i'beforo the "block," 
laid hia neck upon 
It, and tho heads- 
man revered tho 
head with one blow 
of tho as. This was altogether too respecta- 
ble a method for ono who hail stolen a sheep 
and (n that case tho offender was swung off 
by tho iiigthod in vogue today. 

The day has doubtless passed when people 
may ho executed in the United States for 
'anything except tho lower order of crimes. 
President Uneoln, at tho close of tho civil 
war, inaugurated a new departure in not 
prosecuting tlio Confederate leaders, and tho 
precedent ho thou established will doubtless 
stand. This leaven capital punishment only 
for murderers, and in many of tho states 
there is no death penalty whatever; while. in 
U>i electric execution tho condemned at least 
escapes whatever of Ignominy attaches to a 
felon's death by evading tho gihbofc, 

Ono visiting almost any modern manufac- 
turing establishment today will eso the mo- 
tive power by which Kemmler is to bo ex- 
ecuted. This is nn ordinary dynamo. The 
accessories, such as the "fatal lover" and tho 
"chair of death," aro reserved for prisons. 
There, when a prisoner is to bo executed, ho 
is led In to the execution room by thoso in 
charge and is placed upon the chair of death, 
to which he is strapped. A wire leads to hia 
head and wires to his toes. The current la 
put through the wires and death comes eo 
speedily that tho victim feelo no pain what- 
ever. That is to say, this is the opinion of 
those favoring electrocution. The opponents 
thereof hold that it is at least possible that 
much torture will result. Recent experi- 
ments have, however, resulted in instan- 
taneous death to various domestic animals. 

DyiTAHQ at AtTEtnsrr, 
Thus far there has been a eousiderabla 
effort to prevent linemen and others being 
killed by tho .electrlo current, and on equal 
effort on the part of prosecuting attorneys to 
bo permitted to kill Kemmler. Yet a largo 
number of people have died accidentally, 
wlulo Kemmler, who baa been duly convict- 
ed and sentenced, to death, still remains olive. 
Ko court has thus for stood between an inno- 
cent citizen and a fallen wire charged with 
death current, Tho court of appeals still 
stands between Kemmler and tho chair of 
death. If this fails him ho will famish tha 
fli-st case of death by what may bo called tho 
Nineteenth century method. 

There is at least ono thing advantageous to 
the condemned in this process over hanging. 
In the latter he is compelled to stand upon 
his feet at a moment when there would nat- 
urally come a noryous sinking, in the for- 
mer ho Is Buffered to redine comfortably, and 
in his position somewhat resembles a man in 
a barber's chair, tbo posture suggesting what 
is often seen in a barber shop— a "shave'' ami 
a "shine" at the same time. This is certainly 
a more humane method of compelling him to 
meet death than by forcing him to stand till 
the last moment during the harrowing de- 
tails aud then jerlring him into.tbo air. 


&AKlN c 


Absolutely Pure, 

- C *?J? t, *"_ , * N ' lt * 1 * uro Crape Cream Tartar, 
Bnejt Bioarbonatoeoda, and a littlo Starch. 
FuHwei B ht,»Way*n:ojform. ■Im.-omptttaKe 

fors#nnitli.:j!(iirUrandwh<ileEoi«eae^. The 
ip-Mt' ; :e*oo : omliral.--'-,Ci»*!t'*(i.» **■ Amtstmin ■ 
ei ri P-v' I ''? 1 ' ei 'Phospbate, or other irajiiiritj-; 
8afofoivdjsj>opt!caaadinvnli.!a. ,, £airf(n«ns 
•niv. GbovC. Ha^-forr, Ulr., Syracuse, N r ■ 

^KJsasEKa%^~*- - •" ,1, -• 







Worm Fiyb DollarsaBox . 

■■■■...".- 1KB *i»Al. laVJOL- ' 
.TaecaBei3'im^rtaitt : :fT0ttt.tiM..f!a^. : 6Bai 
the law/if it is declared to baaMatttatfanal, 
will stand for future lanmM, and 

hangingwill i» no mora known in New York 
;wno- hava 
been Sentenced- to daatn are intflreste4, and 
the fate of m«ny who ahall conunit crubat 
in, the future hangs upon t be decWoo. o< U»» 
conrt. /, It is probable that in tba and tnto 
last ao ved, a»d all mur-- 

derers in future will die by t^ Ughtnittf 
formerly auppoaed to be «viaW».^ tha 
ugerof « deity, now chained by tba aei«itfc- 
totogiv*coni&»'t and itfa to tia * 
and deatb to tlAgnaty. 

> v;-13te» are no ; mm ■ Grx&^ind: 

Clanan brjgande now aiding from Jn rt ica; £a 
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br uaioff CarUr'a I J tile Uver Yi\l* t 
tbao b y any olhar maaiu. 

A rtiSALmJECrOB tna wtth taca 
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'dffiaSi5»5=Sa : 

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- ■ Zaaati* ' 

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^■■.'(j^-W*^.-^^;-*^..- -j 

| apaamajayaja^ f 





Adiirtw ♦>! ammxuamamm. 

JTa H F Ali5itt«V«. Editor. 

I can't htlp letttnathc Truth <"/^T 
anidctcriMngtchatlix. SfodMerflw 
other*** than it •eem, <» ™ "7" 
/oiKtood to that cattlne in which it 
hupleaKd Heaven toftaceme. 

placed on 

AFTEti drilling * hole l.CWfoot nto 
the «rmmd and elnhing ^SOO in a 
vain effort to strike natural ga S , the 
BoonvillB syndicate has snapondM 

Ik the list of ABsembly Committees 
announced Monday evening Oflwego 
county's ropreaentativ«3 fared well. 
Str&uftimn being plaood on the im- 
portant Judiciary and bein K made 
chairman of the Committee on Privl- 
aud Elections. SelloeU was 
tho Coimnitteo of Ways 
and Means, Canals and Federal Hala- 
tions Of tho Senate appointments 
Sloan ia chairman of tbo Important 
Finance Committee and also of Griev- 
ances. He in also on the Committee 

on Canals. 

AccOBPiaa to oouie of tho medical 
dictionaries, "LaGnppo" comes from 
Kripper (to floize), and according to 
others from tho Polish word chrypka, 
which mcanfl hoarseneaa. In the 
opinion of a great many eminent 
authorities, however, it comes from 
exposing one's self to tho gormu. You 
can take your choice. Horo io tho 
advice of an eminent Boston physi- 
cian to a peroon who wanted a pre- 
ventive againot the grlir.-"Do aa I 
do. Don't bid tho devil good morn- 
ing until you meet him. Don't take 
Anything, for there In no prevontlvo." 
—Boaton Herald. ^_ 

CHIEF Factory Inspector Connolly 
made bis report to tho Legislature- 
It was brief but full of Interest and 
shows gratifying results from tho 
work of factory inspectors. Sovoral 
recommendations were mado among 
which were the following: That mer- 
cantile houses bo subjected to the 
samo restrictions as factories in re- 
gard to women and children; that a 
compulsory education law bo passed; 
that inspectors be authorized to reg- 
ulate the speed of elevators and pro- 
hibit the us© of such as are not proper- 
ly guarded; that examining boards 
bo created for stationary engineers; 
that steam boiler inspectors bo ap- 
pointed; that Factory Inspectors bo 
given power to condemn unsafe man- 
ufacturing buildings; prohibiting the 
overcrowding of work rooms, and 
condemning improper ventilation and 


/l BPuoi SBetwooos Eob8ibIHjciiiie.I flairanats- 
The January number of the NORTH 
American Review will be rendered 
memorable by one of the most bril- 
liant features which have ever ap- 
peared in an American periodical. 
This is & discussion between tho Rt. 
Hon. W. E, Gladstone and Hon. J. 
G. Blaine on the Tariff, Mr. Glad- 
stone advocating Free Trade and Mr. 
Blaine Protection Whatever can be 
said on one side and the other of this 
subjeot will be eaid in those urtlolws 
in the -most telling and impressive 
way by these two great masters of 
controversy. Mr. Gladstone's article 
will occupy between twenty and 
thirty pagea of the Reviiew, and Mr. 
Blaine's reply will be about the same 
length, 'if not longer. It will be a 
battle ofinte lie otual giants. 

The artioles will be published slnk- 
ulfcaneously, by Mr. Gladstone's cori- 
' sent, and, as they take up bo much 
space, this isBue ot the Review will 
/ be enlarged to admit of tho usual 
amintjer and variety of papers on im- 
portant and timely topics. 

«1|000 so Da Given Away. 

The 'Orange County Farmer says: 
"At the request of President Wood of 
the New "Xork State Society, the 
editor ot the Farmer judged the 
exhibit of vegetables under the 
charge of James Viek, Seedsman, of 
Rochester, N. Y, This firm offered 
$450 in prize for the best and second 
best of certain varieties of the follow- 
ing six vegetables grown from seed 
purchased of them: Potatoes, Toma- 
toes, Celery, Cauliflower, Cabbage 
and Musk Melon. Almostevery State; 
in the Union was represented in the; 
competition. The display was mar- 
velous, and It was the moat dffleult 
tank of the kind that he undertook, 
owing to the uniform excellence of the 
exhibits. This display attracted m 
muenattentionasany feature of the 
fair, and reflected great credit on 
both the originators and competitors." 

I)«ar0lr;~A*leW.jas« wtsn |o ap- 
pear m a feMflar of Beets, 1 woeJd 
like to eomeft my mi s t s ** la regard 
to woolen nlUe ptodaees. Ik was 
•Up of the pen and not InUoUowO. 

I •UK loslet howovar that fee tariff 
on wool banefiU osttfaer th« firmer 
nor jronnafaeturer. If the tariff ;©n 
wool doee not #M*ble the JtariiiOT' ;to 
g*t * bettei- fvie* for hi« ?HxX Uian 
ue could g»t #ithontihthe» it Is of 
no benefit whatever. 

That protection ha* not ghret. the 
larintr&egood prices for his wool *» 
h* bad dortng what the protectionist* 
call "tne-frM trade 'period,"'.* easily 
proven by a variety ot sources; I will 
mention but two authorities for this, 
but more could be named if necessary. 
In 1883 the National Wool Groweie' 
Association said "the price of wool 
from 1854 to ItiOO under a low tariff, 
was .44$ cents to tho grower, while to- 
day under the tariff of 1867 (the high- 
est we, havo over had) it is only 80 
cents. In 1888 Senator Fry© of 
Maine, a protectionist, speaking of 
tho wool tariff of 1807 paid "domentlc 
wools havo gone down In price from 
tho time tbo Morrill tariff was enact- 
ed, until to-day. 

The patriot eaid in a former articlo 
that the object and effect of tho tariff 
was to reduce tho price of the tlilnga 
protected. I contend that tho object 
ot the tariff is to glvo those who aro 
protected, the power to get higher 
prices for the commodities tboy pro- 
duce, than could bo got without tho 
aid of the tariff, and this I think is 
tho main bcnotlt it confers. Where 
prices havo been reduced it 1b ba- 
cautjo of improvements In methodu of 
production and exchange, which 
would havo operated without the Rid 
of any tariff. 

Tho tariff is oololy for tho benefit of 
tho laud monopolist and capftaNnt. 

Our system or taxation, and the 
tariff is a part of it, hasj resulted i» 
the concentration of tho greater part 
of tho wealth of our country in tho 
hands of a email minority of tho peo- 
ple. Mr. Thomas G. Shearman, an 
eminent lawyer of Brooklyn, W. Y., 
has ohown in an article In tho No- 
vember Forum, that 40,000 persons 
own one-half the wealth of the United 
States and 2S0.000 personw own 75 to 
80 per cent, of it. This ia woreo even 
than England. 

Mr. Sherman's facts and reasoning 
havo not boon been disproved. He 
gave a list of 70 persona and corpora- 
tions whoso aKgregato wealth was 
2,700,000,000 dollars. Tho article haB 
caused a great amount of discussion 
and offortfj have been mado to show 
that ho is wrong. This has called out 
a second article from htm printed re- 
cently in the Bpringaeld, Mass., Re- 
publican. In hie last article ho 
speaks about tho tariff as follows:— 

Tho present accumulation of wealth 
in a few hands waaoertainly not ov- 
erstated in the Forum for November. 
The errors of understatement which 
have been since ascertained far out- 
weigh all errors in the way of ovor- 
stotomont which have even been sug- 
gested. And this concentration is 
certain to go on with increased veloc- 
ity. Thus far, if I understand you 
correctly, you and I agree. But you 
question the correctness of mv belief 
that a radical reform in taxation 
would suffice to reverse this current 
toward excessive concentration of 
wealth and to seoure an equitable 
distribution. Permit me to indicate 
briefly the ground of my opinions. 
Iu the first place you have overesti- 
mated the proportion which local 
taxation bears to federal taxation. 
In round numbers, federal taxation, 
all of whioh is confessedly indirect, 
has amounted to nearly $400,000,000 
per annum, while looal taxation has 
averaged only $300,000,000. More- 
over, I have never claimed that the 
tariff alone us responsible for the un- 
equal burdenB cast upon the poor; 
although I do claim that it is, to its 
fullest extent, the worst of any one 
form of taxation. The essential evil 
liea in indirect taxation; no matter of 
what Itind. Now internal revenue 
taxes und all taxes upon personal 
property are, in their nature, indirect. \ 
All taxes upon buildings and other 
improvemeuts upon the land are also 
indirect. All of thetse taxes, no mat 
ter whether levied by the nation or 
by the state or city, bear with enor- 
mous disproportion upon the poor. 
They are paid by men, not according 
to their ability, but according to 
their expenditures. The peculiar 
vice of the tariff consists in its adding 
to the sina Of all other formB of taxa- 
tion the crime of directly taxing the 
poor for the benefit of the rich; but 
every form ot indireot taxation ex- 
empts the rich in order to cast more 
burdens upon the poor. No one real- 
ly disputes this Who is sufficiently in- 
telligent and candid to be worth reas- 
oning with. Of course you have not 
diBputedit; but I think that you have, 
overlooked the conclusions which ore- 
necesBarlly to be inferred from it. 

Even if tho claim of the protection- 
ists that the tariff does not increase 
the price of domestic goods(whtch ib, 
of course, absurd) should be conced- 
ed, the only result would be to reduce 
by about one-tbird the burden which 
I claim to be thrown upon the poorer 
classes. There would still he .an. an- 
nual burden of not less than $500,000 
000 cast upon the poor, in excess or 
their just share. This, it must always 
be borne in mind, is taken out of their 
possible savings, and therefore repre- 
sents an annual deduotion from the 
wealth of the poor, and in effect an 
annual addition to the wealth of the 
rich. In thirty years, which u 1 the 
usual estimate of a generation, there 
would be, even upon the protection- 
ist theory, #15,000,000,000 unjustly de- 
ducted from the savings of the poor 

lt«MMtuoii fend valaas, bdUI w* 
d>av «PM> *"•* «°« •""•a *** **! 
« im m»i of fforanawDt: «h* ?•*«■•»• 
tMiac dlvtt-d bsAwMn lotml gonra 
nt«nU, state gormnmnAm and the 

Rh«r»l fjov«nin"»tt as tba rsvsaae 
>« dl£et *»*•* kino* dl*W«<t W- 
t*s*n th» local and state ffovar 
nianU, or a r 

mad* by tho general (ovarninent 
upon the states and paid by thi>m 

from revenue* obHetted hv tttts iwau- 

«*r. ■'■■"'. " ■» 

ThetfnBletaxisnota ui on land, 

and thwrwor* would not fall on the 

use of laud and beeonie a tax on la~ 

I* Is a tax, net on land^ but on the 
value of laud. Thus it would not fall 
on all land, but only on valuable land, 
KlidotithV not in proportion to the 
useniade >jf ', hut in proportion to 
its val«e-t!*«) premium which the 
user of land i-i««t pay to the owner, 
either in purchase money or in rent, 
for peruitenk'n to »se valuable l»nd. 
It would tin. bo a tax, notouthe use 
orhnnrovein ttof laud, but on the 
ownership uf land, taking what 
would otherwise go to tin* owner »s 
owner and not as user.' 

Id assetiKmnnts under tho single tax 
all value* created by individual nso 
or Improvement would bo excluded, 
and the only value taken Into consid- 
eration would ho the value attaching 
to tho bare land by reason of neigh- 
borhood, etc. Thus fchofnrmor would 
have no more taxeH to pay than the 
speculator who held a similar piece of 
lurid idle, and the man who on a city 
lot erected a valuable building would 
bo taxed no more tlmu tho man who 
hold a similar Jot vacant. 

Tho single tax, in short, would rail 
upon men to contribute to tho public 
rcvenueB not in proportion to what 
tlioy produce or aoaimiulato, but in 
proportion to the value of the natur- 
al opportunities thoy hold. It would 
compel thorn to pay just as much for 
holding land idle as for putting It to 
Ita fullest use. 

K*tie+Ki, Swrteaow, h-rtdHM, 
O tmtJv * to**** 

"■'/'^.t^Aitill >:■: 

KMttbpa. h*T*c*M>. kartchaol 
TtoiTrMM *M WtV aMtUa. 

. '^*(U : m*>;i»b*<*-;'''.'',', 
■ ■■: to wiMUw-WSafflh.'' '■''■-.'.''■■' 

With *h*t ■.•wtde Rl«Mittc, 

■'Acrci«itfc*.*HI*A:tViBlic. ' " 

Ki'rlchiw, kerlcb«t; kertdwa! 
Tfte Krippe it no rtwpwtw 

or i»ffl<Mi* f Ko. 

It is *, vesy Hector. . 
Kcrt«bi>o, k«rtcbM>. kcrtjboot 
.tiiy Qculil Tvifh All liis millions 

Can't bribe tills toe. 

And couldn't though 
His niilJfoas they were hillloas. 

Kerfchoo, kertclioo, kortcJiooi 
What blows among tho banted 
V/hftt clwiun iiote* 

From i3oft!«at tliro*ts 
Anil prdiceesea* ^roboacci! 
ItcfcSioo, feorifliort, kui'SaltDt*! 
BincR sclciioo much afraid ia, 
YOU KIOTO within 

A circlo, npln 
Rnctt liomo, O Srlppo, W> Hadcsl 

— Uo«toa Journal. 

I f 

.i.*PiyPlK?*JWr- . Jrg!" 

«SM«f thafl 


iMt tha vtanaa wan bsUsr snltod to 

Tna PiiHsn* Slid Mis. Hamsoawf 

IB Um IsM ruasa nsfata tfc« •aruas* 
gwsa* arritad. Bsnr ahsry Btoiaa was « 

The single tax, therefore*, would— 
1 Take the weight of taxation off 
of the agricultural distrleto when land 
has little or no value irr,capectivo of 
Improvements, nnd put it on towns 
and cities whore bare land rises to a 
value of millions of dollarspor aero. 

3 l>ispo«se with a multiplicity ot 
taxes and a horde of taxgathers, sim- 
plify government and greatly reduce 
its coat. 

a J>o away with the fraud, corrup- 
tion and gross inequality inseparable 
from our present methods of taxation, 
which allow the rich to escape while 
th>y grind the poor. Land cannot be 
hid or carried off, and its value can 
be ascertained with greater case and 
cortainty than any other. 

A Give ua with all tho world as per- 
fect freedom of trade an now exists 
between the statec of our Union, thus 
enabling our people to share through 
free oxcliangos in all tho advantages 
which nature has given toothorcoun- 
trles, or whioh tho peculiar skill of 
other peoples has enabled tiietu to 
attain. It would destroy the trusts, 
monopolies, and coiruptiona whioh 
aro the outgrowths of the tariff. It 
would do away with the fines and 
penalties now levied on any one who 
improves a farm, erects a house, 
builds a machine, or in any way adds 
to the general stock of wealth. It 
would leave every ono freo to apply 
labor or expend capital in production 
or exchange without fine or restric- 
tion, and would leave to each the full 
product of his exertion. 

5. It would, on the other hand, by 
taking for public uses that value 
which attaches to land by reason of 
the growth and improvement of the 
community, make the holding of 
land unprofitable to the mere owner 
and profitable only to the user. ^It 
would thus make it impossible for 
epeoulators and monopolists to hod 
natural opportunities unused or only 
half used, and would throw open to 
labor the Illimitable field of employ- 
ment whioh the earth offers to man. 
It would thus solve the labor problem, 
do away with involuntary poverty, 
raise wages in all occupations to the 
full earnings of labor, make overpro- 
duction impossible until all human 
wants are satisfied, render labor sav- 
ing inventions a blessing to all, and 
cau-e such an enormons production 
and such an equitable distribution of 
wealth as would give to all comfort, 
leisure and participation in the ad- 
vantages ot an advancing civilization. 

1 whioh the 

(Sjwafftl CorrrapomicBce to TueTibeS-) 

Tho patrons of the Parish cheese 
factory hold theiraunual meeting last 
Tuesday, The officers for the ensu- 
ing year are Harvev Palmer, PreS. ; 
Ed. Palmer, Kec'y-. J" **• Jossly, 
TroHH. »nd B. I). Edick and L. I). 
Pickens salesman. The report of the 
tin.l«Kttuui for 1880 if* as follows: num- 
ber of pounds of milk reo«tved into 
tho factory, ) ,583,937 ; number of 
pounds of eheeso manufactured 106,- 
008—i«i,i(f)l lbs. more than In 1888; 
amount of money received, $14,533.83 
paid patrons 912,835.78, paid com- 
pany $1,650.09. On an average during 
the year it tookO.B lbs. of milk to 
make one pound of oheose. Wo do 
not publish the foregoing on purpose 
to make a good showing of itself, 
but toiilustrato to dairymen the suc- 
cess of making the kind of oheeso we 
make. Our cheese is made to tickle 
the palate of Brother Jonathan not 
John Bull. It is truly a cream 
cheese and iu 1889 it was sold in Cloyo- 
land, Ohio, at £ of a cent above the 
Ut-ica ruling. We make full cream 
cheese the whole season. The pat- 
rons of tho factory expressed them- 
selves in favor of all manufacturers 
branding their cheese— if full cream 
as such; if skimmed as ouoh and a 
petition will be sent to the Legisla- 
ture to pass a law compelling each 
manufacturer to do so. It is mani- 
festly unjust to make full cream 
cheese eome in competition with skim 
milk as has been done. 

The vital statistics of Parish, for 
1889, show 20 deaths, 10 males and 10 
females. There were 2 deaths in Jan. 
2 in Feb., 3 in March, 4in April, 2 in 
May, 1 in June, 1 in July, 1 in Aug- 
ust, 2 in Sept. 1 in Oct., 2 in Dec. 
There were 4 deaths under 10 years 
of age, 1 between 20 and 40, between 
50 and 00, 2 between 60 and 70, 4 be- 
tween 70 and 80 and 4 over 80. There 
were 6 married men, 6 married wo- 
men, 2 widowers, S widows, one child 
3 years old and 8 infants. Our death 

bfwrr Mtotoostsd «• in* card* of fcrrfta- 
tioa. Sx-Spsakav sad Mr.. CritoU 

w«r4 th* *&i' : lm*r':,1!^&.::'ltoW. 
wen wWta iahla ■■ ^asevattt, .wnjkio;; >' ■ an 
fanOTatkm at (Mate dfo^ 
ner wooWbavabsssi served at ntH after 
sevan had not bwifnsas of Importancs 
d«lay«d several ioeaW. 

No disintswated wltosas of the pro- 
cesdings of ib* House sine* the r*- 
cwm can predict an early ad joanunent 
of the present session. The path of 
Speaker Bs«d Is not going to b* a 
smooth one that much was settled on 
Tuesday. The row began with Mr. Mo* 
Comas of ICaryhrod that the House go 
Into aoemmittee of the whole for the 
consideration of the -District. of Colum- 
bia appropriation bill; that the debate 
should last *. certain number of hours 
and in consideration of the hill the raise 
of the last House should be in effect. It 
Is unusual to go into committee by reso- 
lution, the usual wayhelog by simple 
motion. Mr. Becfceoridge, of Kentucky, 
opposed the resolution, as it involved 
ibe adoption of rules. 

Mr. Reed promptly decided Mr. Beok- 
enridge out of order, whereupon the 
Kentuckwo appealed. The appeal was 
decided by Mr. Reed ss not sustained, 
though the Democrats claim that the 
vote being without recapitulation by 
the clerk Is a matter of considerable 
doubt. Tho meaning of an appeal 
each oases has considerable gravity, as 
it is seldom made by a minority, from a j 
Speaker's ruling, unless the minority j 
feels that the decision at issue Is grossly 
partisan and unfair. 

Mr. Carlisle ia announced as having 
his war paint on and to be particularly 
aggrieved at Mr. Reed's conduct. As a 
member of the committee on Rules he 
holds that he should have been consult- 
ed about the rules. Yet, he says, tbere 
has been no session of the committee to 
his knowledge, and that if any now 
rules have been adopted lie does not 
know it. Mr.- McKinley defends Mr. 
Reed's actiOD In not verifying the list of 
yeas and noya on tho appeal, by the 
fact the Houbo bos no rules and there- 
fore the Speaker w«e not obligated to 
order the ol'erk to make a recapitula- 

The equanimity of the the Senate was 
rudely disturbed yesterday by tho ac- 
tion of Senator Vorbess in dragging in 
Col. Dudley's "Blocks of Five letter" 
Senator Vorhees' arraignment ot Col. 
Dudley was a casfully considered effort, 
and will undoubtedly call out a strong 
reply from a chosen mouthpiece of the 
other party. 

Some amusing complications arioe is 
administrating the affairs of the House 
without rules. The other day Congress* 
man Anderson, of Kansas, annoyed the 
Speaker by openly smoking on the 
Houes floor, ?b8 Speaker glared and 
sent a deputy Sergeant-at-Armg to in- 
form the member that "the rules of the 
House forbid smoking on the flooa:." 
The Western member sent back hie com- 

*«r -- ± 


beery ef whsa assl »sa4 c n sil pi pmssa » m tasay Htiasav sssev- 
ttajnetassa t*» oso* of that g*ed east- n 1 11 j isrfca^ssanxfcaa s»— »■ 
. » .... ... ._,.._■.: ...._■„ ^m--^ sMrMsaasas. aTfeaksi ikiltliiit rn*as 


lOMII. T., JlHI.Sjni. IBS*. 

r rwwa t , ft ts t ss s t *p4 » rail Board. 
ThSMlSwIssot tho SMt m act su ; iwrs read saJ. 


ortwsfwUieaMne «apraiMrnndi: 

Vanoa Wsa« Wots* Oo.BrdrsAtnatal, II 0«« 

rt*lBwM-«,ptl«Hill',. MOB 

amosWolmr,. >.....- >W 

Fiaaos'rhwM.iirtattoic, MW 

0. K. HfetoKvtfock, M« 

f.K.WUHa,oosi for court room SB0 

Kr. Boyd sppeMsd wuh sod m oovdmI tor 
M««n. Man ud McHaptais, compWaluf 0* 
indsrstsndbvpeUMlrvrsnilSNsad oa lourta 
strsMiMwrtti* laOnwd, 

bswionoaotWuaissKrtlot* U* sasttst. srss 
ratsmdto tiwsWMt OoainlttMi. 

TtwreitowlDi; rMoiuttcn wh offwsd by Trusts* 
a>IlQffK end oa motion or TrusU* Hies sdoptsd; 
JEtMOhed; VbMttMproposttkm ot Um OIummM 
tWtrtoConipaoTpMSSBtsdtouin Board AprB 
Mb. 18»,(M iifblfiif thsstrssts of tUs ttttesj* 
toe <md yesr from Kay -1st. 19», b* *&*&•&. 

Ittvilna. Tlist said coanpsny bs and tbtj 
bwebr •» wtmlred to axscuts a bond to *n 
smouatsndwlUi«arlt]w*pproT«d byu*» Fral- 
dent of this iriDagsto 0» suns sttsot as uw 
bond given on tbo.cantiactfor UahUng stmts. 
On motion of Tnnt*t Bice, 
BesolTSd. Tsstth* TSlsgs sttorosy prspars a 
proper eontrsct wtth &• »td OKJssns Haste's 


Bamboo^EaMs, Faacy Flush Rockers, 

Kile Stands, I^ncy TaUes 

AndFoot Rests. The Finest Assortment of Work 

Baskets everlShown. 

Children's Rockers in Great Variety. 

Good Bargains for Everybody. 

Be sore that you do not miss them. 




Oa motion the Bo»nl .diemmed for twowMto. 

Kabo never mAa »p or 
down or breaks. It ltdoM 
in a year, you shall haT* your 
money back, and jn mean it, 
- The steel» may br«ak— 
the best of »ttetofcat» thefr 
limits of strength* But Kabo 
has no breaMng-Mmit t% 8* 
doesn't break at all. •-. . ' 

And the Kabo «w»«t u 
perfect in form. **>* 

We have a primer w Cot- 
sets for you, 



Having purchased ol Schenck & Foster the Coal 
Yard, at Lower Oswego Falls, I am now pre- 
pared to supply all with the Celebrated 

Scranton Coal! 

Which is the best in the market. It has iw equal. 

Leave yoar orders at the W. U. Telegraph 

Office, First Street. 

5*» B. RICK. 







PB.0TISI6»S 9 

SS Oneida Sfcrset. 


s New Bakery! 

Lewis House Block, - - - Cayuga Street, 

Is fully equipped and from it can be obtained the finest Baker's 

Soods. Elegant Ice Cream Parlors have been fitted up. 

The Confectionery Department contains everything fresh and new 

Fruit of every kind in its season can be obtained here. 

Crackers are made fresh every day . 

The Bakery, Ice Cream Parlors, Confectionery and Fruit Deprt 

ments are complete in every particular . 


■ate is about 10 to 1,000 persona, piiments and begged to be informed 
*inciA 'RS there has been a decrease of ! ro hen she rules were < 

This firm offers $1,000.00 in cash this . uw „ mw „ v „ .„~„ «,. ._ -- . . 

■ year- -to be competed (or at the j and. unjustly lett in tbe htkttfa ot the 
XUtauft State Fair. Every person -Ttehu the atnipl* result of taxation 
growing vegetables should send 10 > *5£iMb*wfare, % staple matter of 
cent* for a copy of Viok's Floral j uiathemalleat demonstration, that iu- 
It coBtstdireot taxation alone U q.nite snffl- 

tiuide,and learn the facte. 
nothing to try. 

Bevare of Ointments forCSatarrli 

tuat contain Moceu^, 
as Mercury will surely <ie6troy th« 
sense of smeli and completely derange 
the whole system when entering it 
through trie mucus serlaoes. Such 
artioies should never be used except 
on prescriptions from reputable phy- 
iielans,as ihe dam*K« they ttUI do 
are ten fold to the good you oan pos- 
sibly d«*i T * from them. Hairs Ca- 
tarrh Cure, mannfaetnred by. F. J. 
Cheney ft Co.. Toledo, O., eontsins 
no asatoiiry, and la taken Internally, 
and aata directly npoa the btood and 
■»•«• MWteees of the syatanv In 
ba y ing HalTs Catarrh Core be sore 
«u4g«t Ike genotne, U to taken Urter- 
T ..... .. OW*, by 

cient to account for the concentration 
ot wealth hvthe hands of a small mi- 
nority, and that indirect taxation 
aUme'is certain to keep up. this con- 
centration in the futurt, .■■Other-caus* 
*s 'there ^ donbtiess aie; but ho one 
cause, no* any ten causes, ean be 
pointed out, which hare such a con- 
tromns;, inflexible; infallible ^result in 
this dlreeiloh^ea one .^Muee^ot'-iiiaiT 
reet taxatlen. :Aboliehindirect taxa- 
ttoo and you 

fsh lar« indivldnal fortunes; bet 
ent enneint and aYoJd the eaonuous 
«oddlsa*trooseo&eanUe.tloii «birli Is 
now goto* on. The only real ques- 
tion £ whether Indirect taxation can 
be abolished, and aboUehed foaslit; 
ently wttb ieattee to all I •— 
that it eaa be 

The ethical principles 
eingle tax is based are: 

1 Bach man ia entitled to all that 
his labor produces. Therefore no tas 
ahoul'l be levied on tbe produots of 
labor. ■ 

S. All men are equally entitled to 
wn&t God has created and to what is 
gainrd by the general growth andlnv 
provement of the community of which 
they are tt part. Therefore, no one 
should be permitted to hold natural 
opportunities without a fair return to 
alt for any special privilege thus ac- 
corded to him, and that value which 
tho growth and improvement of the 
community attaches to land should 
be taken for the use of the commun- 

Tbe Excitement iVo* pvor. 
The rush on the droggt'WstiH con- 
tinues and dally scores of people call 
for a bottle of Kemp's Balsam for the 
Throat and Lungs for the core of 
Coughs; Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma 
and Consumption. Kemp's Ralsam, 
the standard family remedy, ia sold 
on a guarantee and never fails to giye 
entire satisfaction, price 600. and *l. 
Trial size free, 

Wort's famous bread at Benes's 

There are 

many white soaps, 


represented to be 

"just as good as the Ivory. 1 

They are not. 

but like 

ai! counterfeits, 

they lack 

the peculiar 

and remarkable 


trie genuine* 

Ask for 

Ivory Soap 

insist upon having it; 
'Tis sold everywhere. 

Jaettee «• any s u aa «iir a n to, |H bai n e r . 
Wow erne oerfy fcaed 1 egreW tana. ^ m9km ^ tmi ^ mm 

Ut» ■a»shwii^h|fcatot i animal -taw ■.' 1BJ|1J 

Since '89 there has been a decrease 
death rate in this town. There were 
8 deaths iu the village corporation 

The ofnoerH of the Parish ©range 
were installed Jan. 7, 1890, W. M... 
L. D. Pickens; Overseer, C. U. Ford, 
lecturer, R. C. Robertson, Chaplain, 
Mrs. H. ■ Ludingtpn, Treaa.; Wm. 
Ediok; Sec'y., Ed. Palmer. The 
grange is in good condition. 

The cuckoo whistle of our Typo 
Writer factory can be heard for sev- 
eral mil' a. 

Ttie story has come to uo well au- 
thenticated of an instance ina neigh- 
boring town. Two pernono lot to 
another person Zi tjhoop to doable in 
four years. The four yearo will ex- 
pire tho fourth day of March nost. 
A few dayo since one of the persona 

I who lot the ahsep called to ace tho 
sheep, now 48, and found thorn iust 
tjhuared in the cold weather. Here ia 
••something worthy of tbe attention 
of the society for tbe prevention of 
cruelty to animals. 

Hon. Harry Palmer has sold Mb 
store a£ tho village to Charles Le- 
Clair and Frank Butler. 

There are many in this place who 
have had colds. Some call it La 
Grippe. \ 

Our school is doing finely. Wo are 
greatly in need of more room and 
more teachors. Thanks, to Prof. 
Clapp for his wise counsel heretofore 
giveaa s. ■ .-.. ■;';■ _ ; 

xo-mgni aa* "xw-aswoew Ni«nt< 
And each, day Juid night' during 
this week you. cangatat all drnggista* 
Eemp's Balsam for the Tnroatand 
Lungs, acknowledged to be the moat 
successful remedy for the core ot: 
Coughs, Cronpv Bronchitis, Whoop- 
iug Cough, Asthina and Consumption. 
0et a bottle to-day and keep it al- 
ways in the house, so you can cheek 
your cold at ouce. Price 50c and $1. 
Sample bottl efree. ; »w-t 

- : vaaaay Cm««. " 

There wasa. d*nce at the Volney 
Centre house last Friday night. 
Those preeent are mostly from thi» 
place. ';:■';'■ 

Bber Gardner, Cunt llason, Snaie 
UMt. and Millie Piper entertained 
**La Grippe*' hurt week. 

HraV James Saekett ha* gone, to 
Fniton ^ for a abort yiett. 
- Av'a *to*se and wife: are *>s tbe; 
■Uklbn. I>r. Hall of ^attoa attends 

Balle end Clara Weaoaa 
ut Satarday at Central 

n tk* Vofawy Oaaftta ju ali wba 


when the rules were adopted. 

Speaker Reed and Representative 
Cannon yesterday called upon Repre- 
sentative Band&U at bis residence and 
administered the oath of office. H?. 
Randall io the enforced confinement ol 
seiek chamber and against the edvice 
of his physioioB, beeps abreast with the 
newBof tlie day. His room is littered 
with papera and official reports. The 
CongreBSional Record ia thoroughly 
read each day and all., the New York, 
Philadelphia and Washington papers 
receives full attention. The latest re- 
views and msgastines fill out the time. 
Yesterday he talKed long and earnestly 
apropos of the North American Review 
debate between Mr. Glsdstone and Mr. 
Blaine, on the relative merits of free 
trade and protection. A etgn of return- 
ing strength is in tbe symptom that he 
managed to avoid the issue with alt bt 
old time adroitness. 

Noveltiee and Knowledge 

A new book of attractive reading, 
brimful of good things worth know- 
ing and illustrated, is Just issued. It 
contains a large collection of valuable 
autographs, excellent receipts for 
plain dishes, humor in rhyme ami 
proBe, monthly calenders, and ««n be 
had of aU druggists and dMlerc, or, 
by sending a two-oenfc atamp to tha 
publishers. An important feature of 
the work is its, offer of Free HusJe, 
which offer Is set tortb therein, and 
byproouring the book, at once, any 
one canbeeuppued with a choice se- 
lection. The ltttie volume to the St. 
Jacob's Oil: Calender for 188»-», pnb- 
llshed by the Charlee A.yogeler Com- 
pany Baltlmors, Md It Is fully tbe 
aqtlal of any of its pred» a ■ssors In ttie 
intcrert of the Oreat Remedy for 
Palii, St. 'iTawOfeXNfc whoW virtues 
never abate, and whose bopularlty 
never wanes. Th* deasand t or both 
book and 

JostreeeWed at Draper's the larg- 
est and fuw«t stock of Watches and 

My Fancy Line off 

Ib unsurpassed and includes the Cele- 
brated Canastote Corn as well aa 
all other ohoieo brands of all 
kinds of gooeite. 
All ©roeeries fend Provisions of tho 
best quality. 

School Supply Agency, 

B. S. 3LAIKMAI, Manager- 

Central Square, - -. Oswego County, N .Y. 





If you want Boromer Heat In yoap 

tionse this winter. 

For Sale by 

A. J. SNOW,- Fulton- 




™ Public SelLOol. Sjmv^nm** 

«e"CorreBpondenca Solicited. 


(Ut lu» all new: — * 


•ad it.lWb fooda. 8«ala a™ aiad. 
aaSaafa tor%»« half1»>at ther -way 


LaADs, Silrerwaro^ Watcbes 

Xeweat Stationwy nnd Best 

Stock ot 

In Town. 

OwldaStewt, - »nUon, K. » 

Tax Cal l ja W t KaOaa. 

«bit»» » iii l a » li n » •» 1 


No. 96 Gnuid Open Hoiue, 


Do all ol ofColleotiag, 

Scwl (or Bate*. . 
Thn»0i thair «y«tem fettle 
aeata an ■•de promptly to 

You want good reading for the Wintei in 

We're got two offers to make you. 

Tlie great Cosmopolitan Magazine, one j 
one year tot »2.40. 

The excellent literary magazine, The New England f': reside 
one year and The TiMEa one year for SI - i 
' II you are not familiar with, these exce 
Taa Tiicbs office and see sample copied 


gyCaah must come witn every order. 
KSfOldoruew snbseribeis can take 
hese two offers. 

Bf*Alway» w* ^ oeivts extra for posta, 
goee oat ot Oawego Con»ty 

and Tub Times 

igazines call &t 
know tiiey are 

advantage of eitlier o 


when T bs TlH£» 

D. H. C ASE, Broker. 

^atcliee, Wamonds, Jewelry, 
Fnraltnre, In Tiee, without re- 
moval. Pereoaal and K«l 
Batate. TaluableNotee 

4aaa aaaea at 0a^ap> 


We we-pTemreiL to d<? sH iinde cii 

Job Frmtiag , 

liesa and dtspaseh or the mort. 


: ■ TIOKB1S, PBOGBWiS.:, rfSJ 


-":*.■„■««.■ ;. 
All prtM"* I" *• I** ■•lie 1 at the Trtwa. .■' 
AT TOR TO LTOH/tlaUHflfftBi.-.. 

^waeJ^r'^s^**^"*''^ ! 

What tlie weather ha. been! Tlw twit U we have quit. • ha** 

.:■■■■ Stock of ' 

Overcoats, Ulsters, Winter Suits, 

Hats, Caps, Gloves, Mittens, Underwea , 
Hosiery, etc. 

That roust be sold if low pries will do -it. Tier. i« no deception 
about this. 

B.C. MOBE & CO. 

The Reliable One Price Clothiers, 


Fulton, N. Y. 

Oneida Street, 


We«in««'lnp? Jan. 15, .H!lO. 



Trctno leavo Fulton ntstlon its rollons; 

ooibo eovjn. 

New Yoffcowd piiiiwlelpliift'Expresi. . . . II :'« ft- m 

Blnslitimton and ElnHro impress »j;« p- *" 

SviScbsh Express 1 :a , J „ p ' ,n - 

NewYorltaudFtill. HlRlrt Esprcai 8:H>p.i» 

ooma worth 
New Yorlr ami PhttadoljAta Esprc£3....ft:0«o. la 

■ SteautborH Express • - - - - « ;™ J|- j» 

Kow York Mid Plitledrfpliift atopics-*'. . - -7:03 p. ni 
P-venlng Esprttr °' 19 " "' 

lite 8:03 a. t 
rim SuniinjB. 

did Q:05 ]i. u>„ iraluu will 
attached to night express foi 

See/ VorU null Philadelphia. 

A. K. BaiHYJUiz. Aeo't. Sup! 


Outisrlo Nlffht Kxpress . 

Accommodation . 

i)»nct'o bay Kspril. 


Troloa leavo Fulton station as followu: 

^S^' 8:1 i':»S ^ *» *='« 
ra"Ei-alns going nortli leave tlio Broadway 
d^SMIwrtS earlier. All (rates «U otopat 
■ ootu depots- 

•TooBdigom ore requested to purcbos* Uckots 
;Woreent?rUiKlboi;oro. An excess cluwp> of 
TOToSSra Bill bo collected where faroa — 
paid «n 'he Iroina. " 

Tlio ttrouamtnln Clothing' Steele. 

J. M.Kertono & Co., who. recently 
bought at sheriff ealo the largo and ' 
ooinpUito etoolt of ready made cloth- 
ing of I. H, Broonatoin at the old 
Yafceo stores on Worth Salloft sireofc, 
now offers It at retail at greatly re- 
duced prices. In foot, J. M. Mortens 
& Co, wilt close out as near as may bo 
In the nest (10 days, as May 1st the 
store ia to be vacated, The charac- 
ter of the utook carried at this store 
U) well known, and Its superiority, 
with the low prloes at which It Is to 
be aold, will without doubt secure its 
rapid sale. As an Investment, It will 
pay you to buy olothiog from this 
stock tn advaneo of real needs, as the 
chance is one not likely to ooeur 
again very coon. _ 

The following I" » sample of let- 
ters that we like to rooolvoa* It pleas- 
es in) to know that our effort* to give 
a complete epitoiuo of Fulton and ito 
■surroundings are appreciated. W« 
see by the letter head that the writer 
la now captain of polio© at Saginaw, 
Mich. It reads: 

SAGJMAW, MlOH., Jan. 9, 'Stt. 
Editor Times : 

Enclosed please find postofiloo 
order for amount of ray nubsorlptlon, 
It always gives mo great pleasure to 
read Tuk FultoS TIMES and to 
know what io going on at my old 
homo. Respectfully Yours, 

O. T. M03IBH- 

<l«krwfillMlMUaAGHyB>JL 0iw«- 

go fclnitofMit 

The ahtaoey at Lnpottc'e W«*k- 
isnJtta shop blew over «sd «•■»• OP** 

the high wind of Monday ■ 

Jame* Morrow bu pttr»ih«*ed of tfc* 
pint Kattotua B«tk, * building on 
FtWtSlr»«t opposite th« Ctw-ktOftW, 
now oonpM by A- G, I*inpb#r« M 

ft h*f B ^*^Vi^__^_^^^ ; . 

Th« niftrri«»c« Qt B.S.BIIHn«»th* 
«lioe m«rchw»t of Oawngo .BWIi, *o «!•• 
S»wah3>. Bartwell *if 8herbnrn« Four 

Corn«r« in unnonneerl to ocnur on j but wilt teller* ^ycWrownimind*, 
Wgdiicilday, jan> 33d- 

]> Grippe »e«m»to bo reJuxlflK '"■«* 
power In fbl< vicinity am fn th« coun- 
try at large. It it eitlmated tliftt 
there are at present however about 
900 «*ten In iho villafre- : _ 

The r«uovated GltteeKU Bank Inthe 
Lewis house block on Fir«fe rtro«» Is 
nearly ready for occupancy and will 
b* the finest bank interior In the 
county, when completed. m 

An exchange »»yiJ country news- 
paper pubiishera soon find out who 
are tho honest and dislioiioKt men in 
a community. Tho BUb«eription Ilflfc 
toils the story. It Is an unfailing cri-, 

Mrlt»d tirMdr by th* foUowtes per- 
•oiuv-Mr*. kUHM. P. Dottj* ft,«0 
•ad Mr. J. C. WliMB •aHS. both of 
H«w York; a friond In K i mi i Ufty 
•SiCOO. aod Mr. H, B. CbAmb«fteln, 
Denver. Col.. ««.««Il Wo give tbi. 
Item beoaiue tbe mom of the latter 
gehUeVMJn famiHar one io pat 


Tber* are a ^ifeft ol ..;dor m^inob«i* 
who h*T* neBlwtfd paying; their dnee 
for *&i* prwflnt y«ar, if y<i>u mtil oil 
and pay them it will not only nelpoe, 
' " We 
dope that all have started the new 
year right by paying their blUs, and 
ammig thereat don't forget the one 
yott owe ue. We cannot (tve on. eith- 
er wind at nyjnpathy, or both, the lat T 
ter I* aoeept«Ut« »t any time, hut re- 
member that lomething more *ub; 
ntantlal Ik intiflh more neeettary. : 
No. meeting will be held in oux 
rooms next Sunday afternoon, but 
there will be one for men only In the 
Methodidt church In the evening at 
7 o'ejfoak. It will be actdreMed by 
Evangelist Davidflon. Ete iure you 
go and hear him. 

alF. ■ 
■iBAoenl ya>d wne badly dentonl- 
iied by Mendaye gale. 

The boi rmetory ibat down last 
agafaa laei weak attar girtag emph>r 
oMHii to a large nnmber of banda f or 
Mtarai mootha. 

Collector J. H. Merton !■ nowool- 
ltMtthg town tftxee at B. K Pblllipe' 
itore. Bend 1 hla oottee. 

W. A. .LaFontain will eellftt pubHo 
auction on Thursday, January 23d, at 
10 a.m., a largo quantity of fanning 
nteiiBllo, iiouaohold goods and fltock 
at hia roaldonco ono and one-balf 
milea east of Seneca Hill. 

A farmers' Institute will be held to- 
day and to-morrow at Windsor Opera 
House, Phtonls, whore able speakera 
will diBcusa Isauea that should bo of 
vital interest to all practical farmers 
and dairymen io tho county. 

John Dygerfc, one of tho oldest roei- 
donto of Schrmppel, died Wednesday, 
Jan. 8, at his home ia Phronli at the 
ago of B3 years. He was in good 
health until the day before hia death 
when he had ft stroke of paralysis. 



(or OBwego Falls can be left ftt the Dry 
Goods etom of J. R. Sullivan. 

Eva and Addte Montague are visit 
ng friend s in Syracuse. 

Mies Mabel Baker 1b on a two 
months visit io her slater, Mrs. Ida 

Raw ao n of Oneida. 

B. Bauder es-Seoretary of the I' 
M. C. A. is visiting in town. He l a 

located atByraou se. 

MrB. B. Brmining started this 
vjiiorning fov a few weeks visit with 
t her .daugh ter at Alliens, Pa. 

E. A. Cook has secured a position 
•with McCarthy & Co. of Syracuse and 
nvill take up his re sidence the re. 

Bert Chapman, who has been clerk 
.-for Draper, started Monday for Mott- 
v5'-llo where he has a position in a 

p cper lupl. 

Chur'ee Greeu, bookkeeper at C. E. 
fjhappell & Co'a. bas gone to Syra- 
case wh ere he" V»» *a k « B cour3e ia 
Welle Business Qo » e g°- __ 

Rev. B. Brannlng line' tosen ** ll 1 ® d 
East, by telegraph, on bUh^ Geee » t0 be 

iftbsenttenor twelve days. ^**«vioa» 
will be suspended ia the tfntvers?"^' 

tchnreh, by consent of the Trusteed 

.for two Sundays. 

Summer showers and bahuybreesea 
unake up the program of the we ether 
we have had in the East this winter, 
while cyclones and blizzards are re- 
ported as being abundant In the 
West. Truly a remarkable winter. 

Post Sehenok Q, ' A. B. and the 
Wouaan'f Relief Corps installed their 
officers at their rooms in the Dexter 
block, last evening. Quite a little 
eseitement was caused by lire catch- 
ing in the electric light switob. box 
which set are to the side wall. It was 
extinguished before serious damage 
•was done. 

Fulton, Jan. IS, >90. 
We the undersigned, Grocer* of 
Fulton, agree to close oar respective 
stores at eight o'olook, except Satur- 
day nights, until April 38, '90. Com- 
mencing Monday, Jan. SO, '80: 
1. T. Miller, Geo. A. Berxee, 

W. Sylveeter, F. 8. Russell, 
E. JT: Kobinson, Gary & Snyder, 


I^cOsbMF JoIt««*e Bcwaro. 
Frank Tousoy, tho publisher, re 
oently seoured Monroe H. Bosenfleld, 
the well-known musical composer, to 
write a song that would effectually 
put an end to the MoGinty enovmlty 
which baa become a murderous fad. 
To this end Mr. Rosenflold Qubinlttod 
yesterday to the publisher s compo- 
sition entitled "I'll Paralyze tho Man 
That Says McGinty!" The chorus is 
as follows: — 
You outflit to 'to eooii mo Holt him find Btlck lilm 

ami liiolt Itlm; 
You ought to 'vo TiCou mo whalo him and nell him 
to tlio floor . 
iBlwidaJotio of&ny kind, no matter what 
it bo, 
But I'll paralyse tho man that uayo ElcGlnty I 

—N. Y. World. 

James Morrow, 
D. 0. Draper. 

TheTnembereofHeahtawaata lodge 
K0.8SI, O. O. F. exemplified the 
work of the initiatory and ftrat de- 
gree at their rooms last Wednesday 
*vening K to about sixty Odd Fellows 
wto came by special train, froa 
■ Oswego. They w ere met ^t the train 
by *l» ^ local order and escorted 1» 
tbeir hnU bended by the Fulton band. 
Attnr tbe degree work an exeeUent 
baaqaet was served at the Lewis 
Howe where an addrees of weteone 
was made by ox-lMssrlet AHoruy 
atoad, whloh wne repUed to by M 
nMst Wftrta, Othar spunnhas w 
sand* and some ftnenraates J ee l se tl 
rsndarsd. A grand ttm* M around 

EBcbmS 'FSaSti. 
Tbo following is a partial Het of 
those whom Prof. Bradley, the Opti- 
cian has tested and Btted with glaee - 
gb in Fulton. He is now at C. E, 
Wiehola store and remains until Jan. 
25, 1800. 

Russell Carter, Mre. Busaoll Carter. 
Frank Coates, Daniel O'Connell, 
James Arden, Mra. J. D. Draper, 
A. W. Lewis, Mrs. Matteson, 
E. D. Chapman, Miss Mary Lester, 
Louisa Piper, Mrs. Fred Bennett, 
Mrs. J. A. Osboro, 
Mrs*. Henry Cain, 
Mrs. Jas. Caldwell, 
Mrs. Eliza Edwards, 
Mrs. W.G.Gage, Mrs. J. A. Osborn, 
J. E. Hodges, Uta.HL Southworth, 
Eva Messenger, Miss Mary Caae, 
Addle Brown, Mrs. J. Bennett, 
Mra, J. C.T uokor, Mrs. O, H enderson. 
pauk *a«cuoiw. 
..^©anntialmeetlngiand eleotions 
ft A fc^eers of the Citiieas *nd First 
SaUona^anks ware held yesterday 
*ttewi»g officers elected. 

, M. Case; Vice Free., 

^shier, S. F. Case; 

Case, C. M. Lee, 

John Forbes, 
Mrs. A. Bristol, 
D. L. Goff, 
Frank Clark, 

and the fo* 

Pres., Georgt' 
Jao. H. Case; 
Directors, Geo. M. 

Jno. H. Case, George 
Case, B. E. JSichola, S, 
Chesbro, H. G. Hull. 

■»K»«ogg, B. F. 

,H»rt, F. 3. 

Pres., D. W. Gardner; Vice* 
Abram JEmerick; Cash., Amos 


mans; Book-keeper, LangdonO. a t 
teri Ass't. >dBook-kesper, Frank ^ 


J>. W. Gardner, A. Emeriok, M. J. 
Gere, H. C. Gardner, Atvin Bioe, L. 
G. Seymour, Albert L» Lee. 

Tho slander suitof Albortine Smed- 
ley vs. Morgan VanBuren, In which 
plaintiff charged defendant with 
malting derogatory remarks to her 
character, was summed up and given 
to the Jury Monday afternoon. A 
verdict for the plaintiff in tho oum of 
one dollar was rendered. . 

Cassell & Company of Hew York 
city have now In preeB to bo Issued 
this month, a discrlptive and charac- 
ter novel, entitled David Todd, The 
Romance of his Life and Loving, by 
David Maclure of Newark, W. J. 
Mr. Maclure is a son-in-law of Mr. J. 
D. Foster of thiavillage, and is known 

to man y In Fulton. 

Mrs. Melvina Youngs waa granted 
a vordlot of $1,000 last week agaiaet 
the village of Oswego Falls for in- 
juries received by falling on a detect- 
ive sidewalk last summer. The case 
was tried in Oswego on Wednesday 
last before Judge Churchill and a 
jury. M. F. Stephens and G. S. 
Piper appeared for the village and 8, 
B. Mead for Mrs. Yotmge. Tbe caae 
will probably be appealed. 

Everyone in Fulton and vicinity 
should be a subscriber to The Timies 
that they may not fail to learn of the 
important local events thatlare daily 
occurring and the inducements that 
advertises, the .local merchants 
are constantly offering. Don't be a 
borrower but a subscriber and in this 
connection remember the two great 
magazines, The New England Fireside 
and tho Cosmopolitan that we are 
now offering as premiums for a slight 
advance in the price of The Times. 

The Evangelistic meetings under 
the direction of Rev. E. E. Davidson 
continue to grow in interest and 
power. Though the night was very 
rainy an audienoe completely filling 
the Presbyterian church listened to 
an .impressive and eloquent sermon 
by the evangelist last Sunday even- 
ing. Meetings will-beheld at 8:45 and 
7:80 p. m. every day this week except 
Saturday at the Presbyterian church 
to which all are invited. 

Next; Sunday- evening at 7 p. m» 
Mr. Davidson will address a meeting 
for men only at the Methodist church: 
and a meeting for women will be held 
at the same hour at one of the other 
'oirarcbeB. Tt is hoped that both, 
cbardhes may be packed fu ll. 

Tbe Cat prices at O. B» Nichols 
Jewelry Store on Ills whole stock 
of Watches, Jewelry and Sttwr- 
wsre, will be continued., for the 
next SO days. 3g g g_ 

The depot, this fall, for robe* and 
blankets is at McGullyV tf 

tunc turf Jftrven, 

It is protmbKo that all work at the 
factory will ho run out uext weokaad 
the factory closed. There is some 
probability that » settlement will bo 
reached trad eomo action taken in 
February on Inference drawn from 
the following press dispatch:— 

Faovii>EHCJC, B, I., Jan. IS.— Tho 
attempt to settle tho affairs of tho 
Riverside and Oswego Mills Company 
at 60 eonts on the dollar, or 73 cents, 
SO cents In cash and tho balance in 
stock, has failed, and tho assignors 
have ordered a sale at auction Feb- 
ruary 6th, of all the vast property at 
Olneyville, v/hleh comprises oao of 
the finest woolen goods mills in the 
country. This ia thought to bo atest 
of tho strength of the Jailliard party 
as against the Chapine. It is report- 
ed that tbo mill, employing about 
a,000 hands, will not be shutdown. 

B. J, Blder he* •* Bdlson bhoao 
graph *t his ^reiWnrsvnt^^^Slrsfc/^iBt. 1 ; 
which attracts considerable atten- 
tion. ; - '/.■ • .. ;■'.'■:'■/•■ y.;-;'''; ^:_ ,- 

Hiss Ella Xasher owing to poor 
health has resigned her position In 
the Union School. JIIss Bmma Grig 
son has been appointed to fill the 
vacancy. ■ '. 

Mrs. Lucy Thorp of Oswego Falls 
fell on the icy walk near her hons'e. 
Sunday afternoon and fractured her 
hip. itr. Lfcke was called and is now 
attending her. 

F. C Mosher has received notiflci- 
tion that through the influence of 
Hon. N. N. Stranahan he has been 
appointed Messenger in the Assem- 
bly at Albany. He left tbts morning 
to enter upon his duties. 

All that will take te&ohsra to board 
during institute week which cont- 
inences January 37ta, will confer a 
great favor by sending their names 
and the number that tiwy can accom- 
modate to George Williams, Oswego 

Mrs. Harry Clark of Fulton, form- 
erly of Fairdale, is to receive a back 
pension on account of the death of 
ber husband, amounting to about 
$1,400,00 and a monthly allowance 
during the rest of her life.— Oswego 
Falls Observer. 

Qmwcgo Fali« Agricultural Soctoiv's 
Annual Bleottnsv 
The annual mooting of the Oswego 
Falls Agricultural Society was held 
last week pursurant to notice and 
tho following officers ©looted for the 
ensuing year: 

H. H. Merriam, President; Willavd 
Johnson 1st Vice-President; B. D00-: 
little, 2d Vice-President; Ambrose 
Gregg, I. B, OsboFne,Trusteos, (three 
years); Charles Nichols, Treasurer; D„ 
H. Gilbert, Secretary. 

W. B. Phelps of Oswego resigned 
his position as Vice-President which 
he has held for twelve years, owing 
to ill health. i' '■ 

The ofHcers of the society were au- 
thorized to borrow an amount not to 
exceed $8,500 provided it could be oe- 
cured at 6 per cent, to pay present 
mortgage anddebts. 

The following is the treasurer's and 
secretary's report: 

Balance on hand at annual meeing,183t), S 01 30 
Recoived for tickets cold at fair ot 1680, 2 SIS 29 
Rontot grounds during Mr. 174 35 

Kent ot grounda during aummar, -35 00 

Ccsh borrowed, £00 00 

§3 73475; 

Paid lo Premiums and EspongKi at fair, S3 083 ED 

Our venerable townsman M. Ediek 
has left with us for perusal a history 
of Herkimer county, containing much 
that is oi interest in this historic lo 
cality. Mr. Ediok isanafcive of that 
county and tells some interesting 
stories connected with its early his- 

Cards are out announcing the 
marriage Hewitt Baldwin and Miss 
Minne Hogan which will occur at tbe 
home of tho bride's parents in 
Oswego Falls, Thursday, Jan. 38i" 
3 p.m. Both are in tho employ of 
Morrill Bros. 

Datnnoo on hand Est 61 

Mortgage on (jrounda 4 300 

Ono note. 1 0D0 

One note, 200 

Interest duo on mortuoEQ S330 



To introduce ourselves as busi- 
ness men and Boot and Shoe 
dealers to the People of Fulton 
and vicinity wo offer to divide 
our profits with yon for a few 
days. Come in and prove for 
yourselves that we mean Tinai- 

Sttceesso rs to P. E, Crood jon. 

The ladies of Fulton ftnd vicinity 
can have a relief spring placed on 
their sewing machine of whatever 
make it may fae by sending their ad- . 
dress and No. of street to Jay T. 
Palmer, Fulxon, N. Y. . 33w4 

. The Oswego papers report at con- 
siderable length and speak very high, 
lyof the sermon preached to the - 
Masonic order in the Universalist 
church in thit city by Ber; B. Bron^ 
ning of this place. 

. Sums of ♦*», «500 and $750 wanted 
on first mortgage. 

Mkau, Stbasahjjs * Spshgbs, 

Prof. Bradley the optician is now 
stopping at C. R. Nichols' store, 
where he can be seen until January 
25th. Let all who have any trouble 
with tho eyes remember that his 
work is equal to any in the State and 
often he has made perfect Vision for 
people when abandoned by others. 

Watson A. -Butte and Verner Sbat' 
tuck have purchased F. E. Goodjon'a 
shoe store on Oneida street", and took 
possession last week. Both have 
been clerks for Mr, Goodjon and, are 
well Versed in the businesB. We wel- 
come them to the business ranks of 
Fulton and wish them ©very success 
In their enterprise. 

A silver medal prize speaking con- 
test will be held at the Palermo Cen< 
tre church Iriday evening of thfe 
iveek. The contestants will be May 
Merwin, Ettie Davis, Laura Hawks, 
Clarence Jones, Virgil Salisbury and 
Bert Green. There will also be eoIo 
and duett singing by Lena Eelsey, 
Vola Hills, Josie Babeock, Glen Bab- 
cock and Nina Babeock, and recita- 
tions by Kittle McDonald and Ethel 

J. C. Dresser has sold out the John- 
son House on Second street to Albert 
Hubbard and W. G LaFontain, 
The new proprietors have a Ave years 
lease of the place and will take pos- 
session on Eeb'y* Is*- Mr. Hubbard 
has for several years conducted a ho- 
tel at the Thousand -''Island's, while 
Mr. LaFontain is well and favorably 
known in this vicinity. The. new 
proprietors will do well with the ho- 
tel. . ■ ' . ' : ' . ■' '■'.•.'. . ' 

Bev. Father P. J. Kearney, priest 
of the Roman CathoUo church, fell at 
his house on Fourth street last Sat- 
aturday evening and broke both 
bonesof his left leg inst above the 
ankle., Drs. Marsh and Hall were 
called and reduced the fracture 
Father Kearney Is now doing as well 
as could be expected under tbe cir- 
cumstances, but the break is pro- 
nounced by the physicians as « bad 
one and it will be pome time before 
the patient will be oat again. The 
accident was caused by his stepping 
on » spool of thread. 

X I..? 


Buy H. P. Wflson's "L 

f ream bread, Scents a loaf. 

bsdy eyoa Us bibiwiI oiimj ef a*U 
ssatsd bstag, im en exferi a nos net 
eosa esse ae *err tser 1 pessesM Uwt neew 
have « riitfct to aope for, nWk less ex- 
■set Ik Walter BaJSM a* BrisUbid, 
M*m.. wbobsgaa Uf e in Moosob, Maes., 
Nov. 1* I7W, is ressarkabie Id aavfag 
ee well pneerad bis riultty. BU 
mind isyetalesr and much of booiiy 
vigor renuins to hlm^ 

Nomnilarrsceptloa was b«ld;Tuv*~ 
day, Nov. 1»; 1B8B, hullo tbe afterooon 
bis fti«n«!u sad eeighbora dropped la 
at luih-J thvir conv*nlene« to the oum~ 
ber of kb>)nt Btcy, wd many more wuuU 
gl»dly have c*tttKl l»d the we*lherbe«n 
f tforable. One f eiehd (rota Colorado- 
who hsd pisntted » coue was pre vented 
by tbe suew ;.''block«ti:' but seat "a gen«r' 
ous check, showing his interflat iu the 
occasion. FoUt generations were prvJl 
: ent, hiH daughter* ~ sirs. 6. M. Hender- 
eoa of Fulten, N, Y,, among them. 
Gilts of Bpecla , wera .offered as token- of 
love mid eatceuii. s wrote his 

autograpb lUQnv times during the day, 
ami in *:very way eetuied to.' enjoy the 
occaBiun. When reminded that the ev- 
eMiug. was' nearly spent and that the uu- 
u&tttil exurtfon might overtaak his 
itreogth, ihaoidgenftTmiin, at ilia Us- 
ual hour, wtnded his wny lo tho wood- 
ehed a»d got reaily tao kindlinga for the 
ing fire, (often mailo by himself,) 
rounding out the iloy with the ttgaiari- 
tyoflmbtl; that hua chuiac.cnzvti Ms 
life Mr. Uaynca attributes his tongevity 
to hie gr^at regularity ft hubtt, oad 
temperance in eating sind diintsing. 
He lnw ahvaia simdo it a point to rise 
from the tabit- before eating to satiety, 
and baa bttii eytry way methodical. 
He has nevr Itaiia tit o( siciitiras, aud 
believes that boiled victualp, j »hnny- 
cafee, milk, etc., are much better for 
till than the rk-brr food u^ed to-diiv'. 

Mr. itujiva wunL to Brtinfi.M when 
18 monthsolii lo live with hia grand- 
father, Jonas Haynes. When 18 years 
of age he learned the clothier's trade of 
a Mr. Flint "-and wont to work for Mr. 
Clapp at Bast BrirafU-ld, and when 
Clapp removed to Swanaea, K. H„ he 
accompanied him, afterward working 
for tbe same man atVohiey, N. Y. She 
tailoring business becoming each year 
less valuable Mr, Haynes learned the 
trade of carpenter and builder, and 
helped put up the first block built ia 
byracuss, W. Y., also esca- 

v tiled a quarter sectiou— S8 rods— of tbe 
Erie canal, doing the work alone except 
having one man's help for two .weekp ( 
He never used tobacco, and though not 
addicted to the use of whiskey, made 
use of it while at work on the cauat 
rather than drink euch water as was to 
be had, thus to a great extent escaping 
the ague that prostrated ao many. 

When Mr. Haynes settled in Volney, 
it had leas than 300 inhabitants, now it 
ia divided into three towns- with over 
35.000 inhabitants. He took up SO acres 
of land and built a log kou^a 18 feet 
square at fli st and larger as he Could 
afford, carrying ou hia farm and carpen- 
tering for othere, walking from hia farm 
CO Fulton (a distance of nearly 9 miles) 
Monday moroing in time for a duy'a 
work, and going home after work Siit- 
urdsy aighf, many a time carrying 100 
pounds of meal on hia bock. 

There was no school house near, and 
one of the first things done aftur build- 
ing for himself a house was- to build a 
echool house. The Siat cemetery in 
Volney was luid out by him, lie made 
the coffin for !he firat person buried 
therein, and officiated at the funeral. 
Hia first wife being 'amoug the first to 
be Interred in this cemetery, now called 
North Volney cemetery. When be 
first came to Vomey in 1816 he eaye 
that deer were thicker here than sheep 
are now, that ."beats were aUo plenty, 
,nd almost every day In-lIuriB were 

He returned to Brimfibldin 1848, aud 
settled on Haytiea' hill on the. place 
which hie grandfather Jonas firet took 
upand baa lived there since. Mr. H. 
has u ntil recently received many let- 
Ears and answered them with hiB 1 
hand. He has had twowi^ea, marryiug 
StiUy Bogere of Wales in May 1.H1Q, and 
Lticinda Ferry of palmer in May 1843. 
Hit second wife is bale and hearty and 
almost S3 years of age. His children! 
all by hia first wife, were: — Sally, John- 
uihan, Miranda, l>aniel,Orpbaj and Lo- 
risa, the three latter still living, Daniel 
at Brimrield, Mas?., Mre, Orpha M. Heu- 
derson and Mre, Lorisa H, Burey at 
Fultwn, N. y, . ■ 

In 'politics a staunch Bspubiicao, in 
business strictly honest and reliable, he 
has been, to use bis own words, "a3 lit- 
tle beholden to his fellow mortals as 
most men." He is very kindly and 
charitable in quiet ways, doing good to 
those about him. 

Among the many letters received by 
Mr. Haynes on bis birthday was the foi- 

;WWJ» r*m*t*!tom tea rwihd ^tfcssV k» itm* la 
■ ■-'; - stujbainin. «riRMt'; ,;: : 
i*4 ;*bms gtJlop .rMMlwiutd Um «ubihwni w 

.:!..':«tl».- ! 

aluu^rMyMnil'wHtwIiwr 'ixbw}*. m. hm4t*& 

'■■ yets* ttwfajj:'- ■■-..■■ 
.'-XMeMld wd'ttnNdcMM itttlMrroui^ n* imt 

/.ttertotSwtoW'. ■■■:■■"'■■'■ 
irnHabiai wl»o Juw Utia to be** vt*j-, T «*j old 
ThwacirctorooatildUM, no mtttw wh« ymx 

. niuuw,' 
An4 iito m clwer in ohoru*— Hor: •;:> tor Orwrim 
;H»jn*t. % * 9 



A donation is to be given in L. "WJ 
Austin's Hall at Granby Centre Fri- 
day evening Jan'y. 34 for tho benefit 
of Mr. Charles Atwood. All aro cor* 
dially invitedto attend. Mr, Atwood 
has labored very hard at Granby 
Centre in tho interest of roligion, 
neither asking or receiving unangial 

:;-:;v..:. : '*sT>iujsujrsi«ladBV 

. WXSBatJ..' " 




»stk JOBSsr,ro*rvtTT : ■-■■.■ 


wittTwr tomuTot 
ik aiaoAfflB. 4j«> 

wiL£,oire , rjtoto 

■°»i- '-.-' 




■ : WK '' 

KEEK' THE '— s 




THEY saa 

IT, ■• 

A team of horses belonging to 
Waugh Bro's. attached to tbe front 
wheels of a cart dashed down 1st St. 
about 10:45 this morning. Thoy went 
across the lower bridge, up First 
street in' Oswego Falls and turned 
the lane that leads to ' Hank" Brad- 
shaw's, the driver's house, whore 
they stopped. They started at 
Broadway. Ho serious damage waa 
donb as far as wo could ascertain, 

Horace W. .Race died of congestion 
of the brain on Monday morning.Jan. 
18, 189&,at the ago of 48 years. He was 
aeon of Mrs. Nancy Baeeanda broth 
er of Mrs. K. H. Gilbert and Mrs. 
Clayton Kenyon. He had lived with 
N. H. Gilbert and family for the past 
ten years. Funeral services conducted 
bythe Rev.Dr.Bankin will be hold at 
the house corner of Rochester and 
Fourth streets this afternoon at 3 

Mrs. Cynthia A. Perron age 1% 
years died at tbe residence of her 
daughter Mrs. Harry Hubbard on 
the Osgood farm a milo soath of 
Fulton on Wednesday, Jan'y. 8, 1890. 
Funeral services, conducted by Rev. 
J. N. Fulford of Gilberts Mills, were 
held Saturday. Interment at Mt. 

For Sale — A good paying busness 
at a great bargain. Reason for sell- 
ing given on application. Inquire 
for particulars at S. J. Panaiter's 
Model Shop over Vienna Bakery, 
on First street. tf. 

A bright girl 14 to 18 years old, who 
has been to school and writes & good 
hand. Call after 6 p. in. 

Mobrill Bros. 


Bills of Lumber to furnish on short 
notice. Prices below competition, 
and satisfaction guaranteed. Cnll on 
or address C. W. Chafee, Palermo, 

N.X. 83 w 4 


wants and tastes 

op ali* ous customei3. 

it pays tuem to stay 

with us aud 




m>$ CL0THIK8, 
Bors cumuia, 





Ion fed far , faUitr," 

es k €0. 

Cayuga Street, - Fulfcoa, jr. ¥. 

Tin Toys, Wooden Toys, Iron Toy* 
and all kinds of Toys cheaper than 
over at M. M, Williams'. S3 if 

Candies and Bake Stuffs at B. O. 
Brtggs, cor. Sixth and Cayuga streets, 


A big out In Teas and Spices at B. 
C. Brlggs, corner Sixth aud Cayuga 
Sta. «}fcf 

New styles of Wall Paper At Wis* 
liftlns' Drug Store. 'If. 

Prof. Bradley the celebrated Opti- 
cian at C. R. Niohols Jewelry stare 
again Jan. 14 to 24. 85 w3 

To Rbht— Furnished rooms at Ho, 
7 Seneca street. Only e, minutes v/alk 
from the gun works, inquire of J. B. 
Bernhavd at Johnston's Hardware, tf 


The late residence of '. Mrs. Lewis E. 

Loomis, For particulars inquire of 

Chaa. R. Bennett, Corner 4th and 

Broadway. 81tf 

Fob Sale.— A farm of twenty-five 
eereg, pleasantly located, one mils 
Fast of Fulton village on Fay (street 
for further particulars inquire of 
Mrs. S. L. Taylor, Fourth. 'street op- 
positethe park, or at tliigofuoe. 28tf 

3Pap©r KCang^ng! 

Plain ana Ornamentals 

AU Work Guaranteed- Good HercraaoM Qilm 

Ordem can bo loft at my Iioi^o, Qimwt 

Fells, oi- at EsG^atojj'o Stoi-o, S'U.ltCs. 

Poot Offlco Addreaj. Oawego E"aIiS. H. H 


The foUowlnr UtUr. Irani <ra* of 
our Iwdlnlg oiUx«ni «ono«mins Prof. 
Br«U«y, th.OptioUu who U to b« »t 
O. K. NlohoU'trwn from J»n. l«h to 
atth apotka tor ttaolk 

Fnlloii, 17. t., Dm. 1, UN. 
P»o*. BlutK OjiU«i»m y 

Wktklu, N. T. 

_ .. -lowr^»iirt»«*^forv v*t 

•itorwdac than. Wo wooid o h o w 
Mtr-iMOMi -^m ear walg b . 
boraa«4 woaJAhko to aoo jvm w&m 



JHard Times Prices in Boots and Shoes 

at Nettleton's Shoe Store. 

Look at our Bargain Counter 
Below are a few of many bargains to be found on IT. 
Tan Sole Calf Boot, Solid, worth $250 
Calf Boot, wortn 

FobSalh. House, barn, Bndthres 
acres o{ iaad. Plenty of fruit and 
water. Situated corner of Sixtu and 
Clark streets. 

Inquire of Mrs. EYank Sweet, 

tf 104 Cayuga St. 


Owinjr to a change in buainesa I 
wish to dispose of the following prop- 
erty: One sorrei breeding mare, elev- 
en years old, weight 675 pounds; one 
horse colt, 17 inonths old, chestnut, 
whitestar in forehead, one white fore 
foot, good sire; one thoroughbred 
Jersey bol!, 18 months old, color 
squirrel grey to black with wbito 
spots, grandsire "Exile of St. Lam- 
bert" of Eoebester, dam Stevens' 
"Grae» Greenwood." This is desira- 
ble property and will be sold reason- 
able. F. E. MAiC-K, 

Sltf Oiiberta Mfflbl. 


The Oswego Fails Tannery wM bay 
bark until Jan. 20th, 1896, after which 
time they wili discontinue boying nn 
til next «e*son. Ho old bark will be 
bought at any price after Jan. 30. 
Sltf B. J. HAMBmtOBl. 


Ntan's A Calf Batton Shoe, 

AlWs A Calf Balmoral Shoe's m f 1 ^* 

Bo 5 ^s Calf Boot M4 

_ ChUdsCah Best Setad, 

A LJS^s^»rttoD Fine, 





AlaastatelT tha> *»••«, 

Saw* -i^tm'at t iliii"* m. 
i*Si a n a » w •*" 

Sirllty* KrgaiBS will not last long. 

The above picture represents a stooir. 
Thare sir several kinds of Koons, »nd 
«U differ in disposihan, sBd mtellecfc. 
Tfasre sre Virginy Koon», HsiKison 
Koonsano Hayrack Koona. The Kooo 
differs from tbe frog and tud in rsspesk ; 
tnbithsbitsof bathing, while the tud 
and frog takes psrtickuler pride In fce- 
kent bsths and kleen hide, KooD.'as * 
rull is kont^nt to let the wsshin bisxMM 
go neglected, Thi? might be »sid of •» 
kinds of Koon in genrtii. Sam Koons 
get treel and some don't which otke*. 
A Koon can ginerly climea tree onsaos* - 
notis, sfecisly if the turkeys and ehiek- ; 
eaenstetiisre, and noun happens to 
to in site. The Voove picture is *up- 
to represent a Kooom trobbsl, • 
with rtry slim chances u? getttitoat «v : 
it -ntj soon. Huny nv our worths' 
pwpslsir in jast-snch a strsight -•*•»•.?:/ 
hard limes, end in order wm«t the As- ^ 
msndif the people I have just te-v 


and bag. to aubmit for inap***^** • : 

choice line of *^^ 

pEBftntaS, BiCKBT roWDlM. 

BIBD8, ■*knSt*H*XB*l*U 



AgooaatockofP'oa alaHooary a»«l a> 

fall Uaa of unoioa and pare Uostee- 

tknery. Tbe aa»el aaafl, 

of par* a«4 e l aea l a t e 

OBVoe ami> nnioanaV 

end all Preprieaaiy Arttplea aaatjr «S*. 
ba aoud. Vnj B aa a a nf aur/, 




!&/i ! ^.,l/vJicJU»« 

ttood rtoek. *** «•» •■* «~* 

.•belter •» •■wn tf t. ta l» poattry Mn^ 
AMort yoar wed*, md n»*» » »* 

tag-, ■■■;:■ 

Potato** ia the W«t »re worth 
more to feed th« to m*rlL«t 

Ik,w prfew »«* «I«*P proportion 
iimrt be mad* to go hand In Hand 

I* yoan^tlee^ atoaak to «** »*- 
ejilnerj when yon V«t «■ * w *y- now 

More work on teu land, and more 
product for the amonnt oi work well 
done, taunt bo the rule of the fu- 

Fifteen to 20 per cent, loss than last 
year I* tho report of the western 
foacco leal crop. 

While yon are about it you may as 
well raise a, good animal as a poor 
one. It costs no more and pays much 
better than a scrub, 

In planning for crops romeuibc: 
that more men have fail by trying to 
cultivate too much land than too lit- 

Oats are being exported in larger 
quantities than whhlUo French and 
Engllflh marltetfi. 

Official reports place the butter 
product for the year at t,800,00t>,000 
pounds, and the eheeie product at 
400,000,000 pounds, approximately. 

Ifc haa been estimated that India 
raleoe one bushel of wheat per hood 
of her population, the United Staten 
eeven traehels per head and South 
Auotralia IB bushels. 
""There were forty competitor for 
the prize of $10,000 offered by the 
Illinois State Grange for & device to 
bind (train with otraw, and the 
euoeeeeful Inventor, to whom the 
prize wan •warded, ia •»« to have de- 
clined it, having received larger 
offers for hie machi ne and pat ents. 

"Happy i" the man who has his 
quiver full of thew"— of botttee of 
Salvation Oil, the greatest euro on 
earth for pain. Price only 25 couta. 

Mothers nhoold never fall to keep 
Dr. Bull's Ooogb Syrup convenient in 
order to relieve their little ones of 
«ough speedily and surely. M oouIh. 

ApHerMixa ftw lawtMofro. 
If the many excellent precepts 
which And their way Into prlntj were 
properly heeded wo should have more 
prosperous ynrallete. ffor example, 
lieten to theae bits of wisdom: It does 
not pay to borrow money in order to 
ptirolmoo more land. It 1b an old 
truth that "an acre of land has no 
limit to itcproduotive capacity." The 
true 'farmer prefers a email farm well 
titled. The manure that is spread on 
two aeres wiil give better results if 
applied to one aore, while the coBt of 
tillage will bo lees. No farmer can 
afford to buy more land until ho has 
brought up that already in lite pos- 
oeoeion to the highest degree of fer- 
tility. _____ 

®ms Coif Jfosvlc. 
A poultry fancier tella us that oata 
make an excellent change in the 
grain ration and answers admirably 
for hens which are somewhat fat, yet 
laying, aa they serve better for lay- 
ing heno tlian (or any other class of 
poultry. For chicks they are best 
when ground and scalded, but they 
may be fed to hotter advantage in 
the whole grains to adults. They are 
cheap' considering their value for 
food, and during the Summer season 
they may be fed alone with good re- 
sults, as they are not heating and 
contain a large proportion of egg 

Catarrh originates in sorofulons 
taint. Hood'a Sarsaparilla purifies 
the blood, and thus permanently 
cures oatarrh. 

Don't. deceive or frighten, by bug- 
bears, children into obedience. 

Don't tell the faults or cute sayings 
/ of your ohildinhis presence. 

Don'j? manif est a spirit of partial- 
ity. Children are sure to detect thiB. 

Don't encourage in a small ohild 
that for which you will punish him 
when older. 

When you promise a ohild anything 
don't forget to fulfill the promise to 
the letter. 

Don't be constantly menacing a 
childwtth 'TU whip you," or "I'll 
put a stick, over yon." 

Don't let Mm see in you a trace of 
the 'Tm-biBge^than-yoa-and-you've' 
got-to mind" spirit. 

Don't punish, a child in anger, but 
- let hiin see that you dislike ths task 
and potfonuit for bis good. 

Don't do and say ''things for the 
»ke of oausing him to show anger, 
and then scold him because he does 

Don't trample mercilessly under 
foot the wishes of a ohild, but respect 
them as far as possible. 

Don't eay, "Oh, do bush op" or 
**B6tf t bother me with so many ques' 
tiont," when a child questions you. 

Don't feel it b«meath your dignity 
to give a child the reason of a refnsal 
if practicable to do bo; if it is not, 
your termer eoudaftt should have in- 
spired such cooMencs toward yon 
that he will cheerfully submit,thongh 
he does not understand your mo- 

WSmb I Mad of ttaa own of otbc* 
<lar» I fa* inattm* to mr to mjaalf; 
j"Wn«f aniart m#o H*«d; tb«n Id Mm - 
pajhmXi to tbe«e «• have now." 

Bat I* it m>T On* moment'* lioiiMt 
tblokliur will nOnvluee a tliou(tliK"l 
person that *u<*h 1* not tin- m«. 

The difference lf*tw**l» tin* pant 
and piwiaiit i», that in former day* 
only a few wwre Mnart; now a umart 

In other: daya .MUflfe were great 
preaeherB in the pulpit -AM.. who;, 
domWfl* ar.he r«iwl« «r hfmra tho s«r^ 
mom of Talnmdge or Spurgeon, but 
that the pufplK stiil contaiiiwnennjf|.w> 
can talk m if live thoughts wore eeut 
them from above? 

In the past lived mighty men of 
business, wlio laid out railroads, 
planted cities, and dug ont rivers. 
Now tliey fiteep i" their qnl<-fc ^mvei>i 
but others have taken their planes 
who have brought their worksi to a 
higher state of perfection ~Ihfin they 
aver dreamed of. 

What a wonder was the daily pro«a 
of the metropolis of tbe BmpJre Btato 
forty years ago. It's pony express 
and other methods of auqniring news 
dazzled the readers. Orctat were the 
elder Bennett and Watson Wobb. 
Hut how they would wonder, if alive 
now. at the hulky dailies of 1HD0- 
holding more news hi them iiwiw- 
times in one edition than they gave 
to the people in a week. And as to 
quality what « chunge, >io more are 
seen the display-heads of old:— "Lut-, 
est News from Kurope— -Arrival of the 
Europiv—Hix Days' Later News from 
the Old World." For the smart men 
of tbe present itavo made the procur- 
ing of news from Knropc more easy 
than it wan formerly to learn what 
was going on at Albany. 

Men worn smart when they rcdmwd 
the average trip from America to 
Kngland from live woeltH to fourteen 
days. Hut now you can cross the 
Hnnic ocean in less than seven days. 

What wonderful men must them 
have been who in (.he past had the 
courage to cross the mighty prairies 
of the West, in defiance of buffalos. 
liut a new pace arose that dotted 
these same pruirioH with hoim 
planted corn on farmn that had to bo 
ploughed by uleem; and as to the 
biiflalo, they have praoiically exter- 
minated the whole breed. 

Forty years ago, in (he city whore 1 
live, some keen men put out. the old 
oil lamps, and, amid the cheers of the 
citizens, inaugurated a new way of 
illuminating the night by gas. Oreafc 
was gas; but now something not 
like tho Queen of Night lights np 
street m front of my residence, 
electric wire gives forth that wh 
ilazzlcs tile eyes and turns night into 

Years ago the inventive genius of 
man conceived the idea of the stage 
coach, which gave ;io those who. 
could not afford to keep a horse 
and wagon a chance to stray away 
from homo in search ol knowledge, or 
to go on a business trip, for that ad- 
vance tho inventors deserved thanks 
But the men of the presant have 
laid aside the coach and-four, and 
now the iron-horse draws along, 
in palace .coaches, people by the 
thousands at a speed that would 
have startled tho iuohT advanced of 
their ancestors. The good old i urn- 
pike, too, lias boon suporeeded by tho 
elevated railroad. 

" Men in other days wore smart to 
do away with the old methods of hus- 
bandry; hut they never even imagin- 
ed some of tho wonderful inventions 
that this generation lias produced to 
till the soil and duoroase hard work, 
Not many years ago whenever a 
building was erected smart hod-car- 
riers could be seen climbing ladders 
with loads of brick on their shoulders 
that astonished those who were fee- 
ble and weak. But those tough men 
have about disappeared, as tho bright 
men of the present have constructed 
a hod-carrier that stands in the cel- 
lar and can do more work in an hour 
than some of the old kind could in a 
day. There was always one peon 
lllarity about the old-fashioned hod- 
oarrie — smoke was seen continually 
coining from his pipe. But the now 
one gives forth more smoke than the 
old, and never stops to waste time by 
knocking out the ashes. 

The men of olden times read the 
newspaper perhapaonly once a week. 
Now men read the morning and even- 
ing papers. How much better they 
are off for so doing is a question, 

But the most marked difference be- 
tween the men of tho past and the 
present is the fact that those of the 
present are less brutal. There has 
come over mau a more refined spirit, 
the*- result of years of religious influ- 
ence and more general education 
among the people. 

The men of to-day are smarter and 
better than their forefathers were; 
and so with the boys. And may it 
continue so to be is the 'earnest wish 
of every good man and woman. 

What a world this will be when ail 
shall love Christ and hold daily com* 
ulnnion with him!— N. X. Witness. 



]> r ukliw MOW* *»*l»"«>«. 
Ihn nniuUil. «ure. It bu "" 
„IKO ,h» otter mMto-toi't UW 

•m ««■« uU • va**-w*:g l 3!!* 

;«olelo» tot tt» ai~4". "*»» <* *"• 
e«e,i«imJlr«>*ini 1IT""*'";" 
BToII.1., » ««ro w'trf ,j»W«»:B«H*(0!W- 
" My dwigMerMM* nm«W« *iU».Kt"t- 
ulo«sw)rflner" r i(to!i««:eum*rtl6*«am<mll'* 
old illlrteNMuuvatt JMWOW. *»TO» 
(Mined Cn l»r in**,' aBtom of ««* »«<* 
groitlnjto tli» »E« 01 » til««"'» ««,*«"»« 
• tniinlnil ioralorovci tliw»e«». W*e»« 

Mr Hooawu.- wuliiMfiirofM "to »« 
nil .Indication" «' «»Iol* e«tl«ly ™s- 
;i|>pc«r<Ml, *»13 now fil'O »<*"•* *° J »" * » c!titI tf 
clili'l." J.S.O*»l-u,»l,H»»«i8M.W.J. 
H.J1. BetroretoKctoiilj 

Hood's Sar»«parilla 

luMWdlonnlm. Vt«*fl* "•""■""!"»« 

| J yC.l.JII)OO*C0..*V0^1»''^ 1 " l »'^ W0 ' I ' MM •- 

IOO 0o»» Oiio-Oollor 












A una Sold In tbted 

Itaad wlittt Mr 
:3 Co., lUr.itttn. Bm 

318 WMHiMeroii Pi^c* , H*W Yokk, AprH SO, 19». 

(ieiiH-men •—Invln fcel itinst that atxt aliould hnow ike Jrwltf wonder/i)! remits T have txnerl- 

«„,;,i hi imiiiriiMitr KttYAl, NtHlVlNii TONIC. The. iiwMidtate effect* ««re tiKvW mfracvUm', 

Ui»{"^a^ficf»A^t^U^Ma: IteipeclftdlB Yo*r* UBS. P.h* VAUPJIKIJ,. 



A personal friend of John D. 

Rockefeller eBtlmafcen his wealth at 

$120,000,(K19 iiiid predicts that in ten 

ira lie will be the richest man on 


i.-; (mill. .ii toita l<'»Ki lilt(;i'rit.g 
i. fill i.i el; n- -he to iobUMt lieidtl) 

,,.-■„!,•( H" life i»f tl>o imii- 

Su.-h « ritniiisni.le event io 
•<l ii. ii><> tnctfi'rry ami tlie agen- 
■etty tli" IV «»\ ht'itlih Uh» Ik-mi »t- 
< gi\ii' fully blo«ae<i. He»o« it *9 


I'd in praiHi* 

my feel tli-y "W© 
1:1 ii>u toltealtl), to ilio une of 
Alterative u.itl Ton if. If yon 
t-.i with stuy ilittenoi. of Kid- 
i.i a u. nine.), of long or chort 
■ in will Hnrely find relief by 
uii-io ii.tterH. flo'<i at fiOc. and 
IioiHt- ai. R. E. Pbillipn* drug 

Mar^mll Wilder, the clever dwarf 
huiuorint, tnado his first appearance 
on the stage on the back of Joseph 
■Teffei-Hon in "Rip Van Winkle." 

The Tut pit and tlte Stsgo- 

lt-v, ii. M. Shrout, Pastor United 
I{,c(timi i 'lunch, Blue Mound, Kan., 
fifty*-: "I fe' l it n»y duty to tell what 
w-jiniertf J.»c King'ii New Discovery has 
done for me. My lungn were badly (lis- 
ensed, mill my purifier* thought I could 
live only a few weeks. I took Ave Ijot- 
tlett of Or. King's iTew Discovery and 
am bouikI and well, gaining 36 lbs. in 

Artltur Love, Mnuager Love's Funny 
Foiled (Jombination, writes: "After a 
thorough irial mid convincing evidence 
" am confident Dr. King's New Discov- 
ery for coneiiuip'ion, beats 'em all, and 
cureu when everything else fails. Tba 
gi-cai eta kindness I can do my many 
thimfiu.d friends is to urge them to try 
it," Iree trial bottles nt R. E. Phillipsi* 
(i vug store. Eegulur eize OOc. and §100. 

nv \vw. Avbfs a 90X8, Pluladn., who 
: (;i moua Horae Itraua Uaker Blanketa. 




Ta-Kii-Kalte also mnlrea delicioiia GEMS, H1UF 
mm tro'd KJDDINGS. 


,A W M H i tBtrt Hmnouttl l..tnk St«CK 

Mr. Ho-wardmadecjome interesting 
remarks in connection with his re- 
port in th» coowe of which he stated 
|h»t th« greateat -was in, connection : 
with the of personal 

property Bhowlnn tbat in 1878 the aa- 
■■■■ i nent of peraonal Property wan 
*«Vlj OBiB-tentb. of the entire as- 
OQ-Giity, while 
to-day, It ia l«aa than .oi.-.i twentieth 
and dpetown for th« flrtt t'n:« in the 
UatOfyof the eovnty, oomet wlibout 
adoHar of a wo aa c d panoniv i rop- 
■■:«*»■'■ . 

Thfc evfl hM been pointed m> 
eltartybyatr. I^wwd and if a few 
q< hip aa ll iayiw eafr teto the work 
K H wild «qoal tanl the iu- 

ISIrs. Jefferson Davis is at work 
the autobiography of her husband, 
which was unfinished at the time of 
his death. It will soon be ready for 

George ; Wilh«m Gnrt-fe says that 
(Jrover Cleveland is theniost popular 
living American. -, It is so because he 
represent* a rause that has right in 

it. ■: ,- ; 





Half the price of tin -or sbrbglea? Guarnntesfl 
water-tieht on flat or steep surfaue, aud you can 
put it on. Sample tree it you miction this 

. Indiana Paiht & RopF.Oo,, K Y. 

43 West Broadway. New York. 

. A Vflirmg; '.flloHwichL 
Oao of the yoangeat. nSbnarchs in 
tho w»rld ia King 'fhantat potentate 
of Annain. Ho is nine years of age, 
very precocious, and fully conscious 
of tho importance of his position. Be 
is solemn and thoughtful, disdains all 
childish sports, and spends all hia 
time in the seclusion of his palace, 
studying, conversing with agedconn- 
eellors and pouring over books and 
manuscripts. He is learning Ghinase 
and French, and shows remarkable 
aptitude in tbe acquisition of foreign 
tongues. He is very arbitrary and 
exacting, and bis teachers stand in 
great awe of him.— New York World. 

Noah Armstrong, owner of the 
great race horse Spokane, reports 
that hia famous steed cleared about 
1,000 during the past season. 

positive cine for Catarrh, Diphtheria 
and Canker -Mint tit. Sold by W. J. Wat 

won. 41eow. t 

Prince Bismarck is fond of Ameri- 
can apples. A barrel of pippins was 
recently forwarded to him from New 
York City. 

b to mothers'.— Are you disturbed at 
id broken of your rest by - "'"" " K "'' 
HiiUwiiiKimd crying. with the paii 

u .^w r »— — CuttinR 
and'geta bottleoE "Mrs- 

Ttioili? If 

■ ' "inKSyn 

.v= .«."^ eumbie. -. 

little snfferyr lui mediately. Deppno <JP< 
motliore; there is no mistake about it. « - .- „ 
Dysenterv and Dlarrhcea, regulates the StomttOli 
tuid Bowels, cures Wind Colic, softens the Gums, 
reduces Inllammation, and gives tone and energy 
to the whole system. "Mrs. WtasWwV Soothing 
Syrup" for children teething 13 P'ea^int to too 
taste and is the prescription off one of tno oldest 
and best female physicians and nurses in tts. 
United States, and is for sale by all drugfrfsts 
hrongliout the world. Price tweaty-fivo cents n 
bottle. Be sure and ash-*or "Mrs. Winsujit'" 
SOOthino Svanr." and toko no Other. 53yl 

Man was mado to mouxn bat need 
ho suffer unnecessarily? for' every 
poleon there la an antidote and hap- 
pily Bludbilder is the antidote to 
many evils that poison man's exist- 
ence. This great vegetable speoifio 
is the most valuable that medical re- 
search has succeeded in wresting 
from the secret depths Of science. ' It 
is a surprisingly controlling ' power in ' 
eases of cancer and tumors, it reduces 
glandular swellings, alleviates epilep- 
sy, regulates tho bowels, promotes 
digestion, tones the stomachy induces 
sleep, sustains against fatigue and 
expels scrofulous and all other blood 
derangements. Price $1.00. Sold by 
all druggists. 

Brevet Brig-Gen. Bobert, Clary, U. 
S. A., retired, is the only survivor of 
thcolaasof 1828 at West Point since 
the death of Jefferson Davis. 
Face cured. Sulphur Bitters -will 
cure the worst ease of skin' disease; 
from a common pimple' on the faeo to 
that awful disease scrofula, it' is the 
beat medicine to use in all oases of 
such stubborn and deep-seated dis- 
ease. Bo not delay; use' Sulphur 
Bitters and drive the humor from 
your blood. 

Nearly ninety members of the pres- 
ent Congress wer* in the confederate 
army in stations ranging from private 
soldier to major-general. 

Always avoid harsh purgative pills. 
They first make you sick and then 
leave you constipated. Carter's Skit- 
tle Liver Pills regulate tho bowels 
and make you well. Dose, one pill. 

Mr. expresses the opin- 
ion that in making plays the writing 
of the dialogue is a matter of small 
importance. The tank's the thing. 






In twelve octavo volumes of ..80S pages each, 34 
separate and complete uisfojfes. i,S» uluscra- 
trations. 10,009 pages. By "twenty vet!-known 
authors and GchoJars. 

The materia] is all KEW and baa been prepared 
epeoially for this work, A graphic account o? the 
great peoples of the world from tbe earliest times 


sent das 

Henry M. Stanley, the African ex- 
plorer, lectured in Jefferson City, 
Mo., in 1S50 to seven people, three of 
whom were deadheada. Since that 
time Stanley has grown faster than 
Jefferson City. ^^_^__ 

CATAREfTljURED. '»«' aUh and eweec 
breatli secured, bySbiloh's Catarrh Ko- 
meciy. frice CO vvnle. Nasal Injectot 
free. Sold i.y W. J. Watson. 40eow 

Arabi Pacha is growing gray and 
haggard in esile, und looltfj a dozen 
yeara older than he is. 

iLp Wnrlil therv is bat one cn»c, 
Dr. Baluca' Uoldea Specific. "^* 

It can ba ci^eo in a cap or tea or coffee witooat 
the knowledge or the person talcing It, effecting a 
speedy orparmaaent cure, wbettter the patient is 
a moderate drinker or an aJchohouc wrecSc,: 
Thousands of dronlcatds have been eared who 
nave taken tba Golden Specific in their coffee 
without their knowledge, and to^ay beiieTe Qiey 
nuic drinking of theirowu free irill. No harmful 
effect results from its admlciilraiion. Cures 
guaranteed- Send for circular and fuSpartieu-r 
ars. Address in confidence, Go!,DEi SptciricCo;, 
1S3 Kace Street, C incianati, O. 

-. . ain 

The bride of the Greek heir appar-: 
eat is astonishing Athens "with, 'her 
artistic talent, which she has inherit- 
ed from her mother, the Empress 


Conga or Cold 

subject, the s 

inal .history. 

'"Tbe pubiisbers hiive placed American rp3dcrs 
nder obligations."— N*tioa*i Preah jtcrian - 

sold By suBsetittiaps omjs:. 

AgenUmoih tofcns. 

'ery iibewtitennF. '.'.. 

&. P. VVT&AM?& JSONS* 
■:.tfm*mc* ;;-'■'_: 

ST audit W23d St^3UnwT*A. 


Of the Superior Court writes: From 
mental ezhaustion, my nervous sys- 
tem became shattered, and I was 
utterly unable to sleep nights. Sul- 
phur Bitters oured me, and my sleep 
is bow sound, sweet, and refreshing. 

The oldest living alumnus of Prince- 
ton College is John Berkeley Qrinl- 
ball; of Charleston, S. C, of the class 
of 1810. 

To Our Subscribers 

appeared in our columns somo time 
since, announcing a epeoial arrange- 
ment with Dr. B. J. Kendall Co., of 
Euosburgh Falls, Vt., publishers of 
"A Treatise on the Horse and hisDis- 
eases," whereby our subscribers wore 
enabled to obtain a copy of that val- 
uable work pbek by sending their 
ddress to B. J. KxVDAXL « o . 
(and encloBtng two-cent stamp for 
mailing same) Is renewed for 
limited period. We trust all will 
avail themselves 'of toe opportunity 
of obt*intog this valuable work. To 
every lover of the Horse it iB indis 
pensable, as it treats in a simple man 
neraU the diseases- which afSict this 
noble animal Its phenomenal sale 
throughout the United ■ States and 
Canada, mak« it standard authorfty, 
Mention this paper when tending for 
"Treatite, 1 " i 25 nv 8 

ojaartar till toHBOtfow^-nttstmrs; 
.Ofafooisla." ■■ 

Thalafnanxanai bwom so eom- 
Wo that It ll M Itwstr tnUinitittf . 
It It* sort of so to 

■psak.—BOBfam TraBsarlpt. 

FauUrPrtdo-Uttla Elsie Endsr- 
eott(o( Boston)— "Mawwa, wfaon you 
get to Heaven; won't you b« an Kn< 

as«^i,si^i**^pii*iL;' ':■'■.:'' 

The ktng of has jttafe nta»ried 

tweuty': new wiv^s^ajod yet people 
talk ab>ut 8iam eaw.-^Huiehlnnon 


An Omaha man has an egg he 

olalniB he has kept for ten years. It 
must be a decade egg of eourse, 
Tonkers Steteemah. 

When you see a man who kisses his 
children inpublie^ you may be pretty 
suro that he keeps the seats of their 
pantaloons well United at home.— 
Burlington Free Prese. 

Vou say that both duellists fell 
dead." "Yes." "Great heavensl 
What were the weapons usedl" "The 
American toy pistol."— Epoch. 

Every once in a while the banana 
peel looms up asasad reminder oftba 
roller skating craxe.— Merchant Trav- 

About the easiest way to raise the 
wind is simply to oast a draft.—Balti- 
more American. 

Dentist — "Do you wont to take 
I«agbing-gas?" Visitor— "Not Mil af- 
ter do toof is out. boss— reckon I'll 
feel mo' like laogfara* den."— Puck. 

Politician — f'Wero you ever up for 
anything out west?" Returned 
Boomer— "O. yes; I was np twice." 
Politician — "What fori" Returned 
Boomer — "Horse-stealing and ar- 
son."— Life. 

Tommy— "Pa, may I ask you a 
question?" Pa — "Certainly, my 
child." Tommy— "Well, where is the 
wind when it doesn't blow?"— From 
the German, in Texas Sittings. 

The Small Boy's Way.— Mr. Med- 
ford— "Your son seems very indus- 
trious." Mrs. Bedford— "To a oer 
tain extent. He is always doing 
something when it is time to go to 
bed."— Paok. 

She— "You ara such a solitary 
Mr. Sileby, I should think you would 
got lonesome." He — "O, no, I enjoy 
being by myself." She (thought- 
fully— "I don't eee how you ean."— 
Burlington Free Press. 

Physician (to Mrs. Col. Blood, : of 
Kentucky)— "How did your husband 
pass the night, , Mrs. Blood?" Mrs. 
Blood — "He seemed quite comforta- 
ble, sir, and asked for water several; 
times." Physician (with a grave 
look)— "H'm— still Sighty. ,1 ~Boiton 

In a Bowery Eestaorant.— Custom- 
er— "This is vegetable soup. I or- 
dered chicken." Waiter (examining 
1 the soup)— "Dat's so, sir, my mistake. 
I fought dem celery tops wus feath- 
ers."— Life. 

Florence (looking at some bonnets 
in a milliner's window)— "Ob, Jen', 
aren't they lovely?" Jennie (loo km S 
across the street)— "Yes, indeed! ■■Es- 
pecially the one with the side- whie- 
kera."— Lawrence American. 

The following inscription is' to be 
read on a gravestone in Pare la 
Chaise:— "Here lies Gabriel X., my 
adored spouse, an angeil I shall 
never get over her lossl ° p ° 
Here lies Henriette X., my second 
wife, an angel aleol"— New York Led- 

fa* ttWIVI *S>! «B«« aTSL 
O0> MntMBttaM. &X.&.TAH. 


SM-* <*ym*»w^ * .CCWOMDIW Ml ait* 

Piuni AiUwLtw iSVa'^ITftB N U qmim 
--' PrU» K^wdlxt UW U>M < 

vmrj aar^fa H V . Jum Jtay 

StMtCo— At o«c« at Ssm, T. W. WttMH-ir 1b ' ■ 

a«T to Api«, Juir i*a.o<*i*«!ir ■■■■ ^ ■■ ■■■■■■ ^ -v-m 

Vjamm-J ». Iu.lrl.r. ( rt* rtl ,Uwoffl-*iiri Part* 
t"iitlw Thuradar la April July an I **p 

t ^hea.pws-«f H» il*j» ■**.« aa a' le g«J . holiday-- h 


^a«a*fc*rSVI«»-ODa»4h-r««( n *l 
' ■,K«UAT, Brmaiit 

day prcTloos Uwreto; 

F. DAVID, B a- 


>'ltt=i-a*rot,j- ordered luxt Oietenivsof awrCctiii-vi' 
tyCcmt mid Cotsrt «f Spsstona of tli« GOHntjr of '■• 
Oawetro, . te held, and the samoftro hereby *p-' ..■'■ 
pclutwl M». . WfceM. until tanittv order, #li tt* ■■ 
wmts* and p!aws bdow KtiiU'd: 
Third Monday,, ot jrWv. Coiut House, .PiilaaW.-; ). 
Second . •• >■ April " . ,l &*%■*.<•■. 
Hrat Tuesday - Sept.. " '• PutW*I. .;; 

Second j! on day " thta. •• •• O-^wPftb, 

Trial jurors ars required to attrwl «ach tfraVJ ■; ' 
m tho second dey thereof, but no Or*nd Jury will 
ik> s«nai! or reiiuired to «ut nd. 

im\M at JJcsico, OsvfcKo a ol ui«% N. v.,- tttn. 

Oswego Count? JudKe.' . . 

to Present Claims. 

ii ordi' 

-, tbo Hon. 5t 

nmty Judge, on the STtli 
- ••—• !a h*reui> «i>ren to 

L. Wright,, O: 

d.iy ot IHxwul ..,_. 

all ilio en»dit(ira and i; 
?5 itln ^ A»> hf wss' OrcB^Tafedy-dd^.M&fiSfis 
I'eonellvKU'. In ttui County <iC Oswego. H. 1 
'"-*-■ - ot Aiubrost'QreejSt that they. • 

ifit liicir elalmti, with t!» v. 

wifletii la Urn subscriber, tiie 
osslt;nei) of Hit- null! Ambry,*! 
>nt'.,t of bin crtdttort), at (lie t«w 


OIHw of rio 

Uuilrtinil. in the ViHtKM, «t Fuhu,. 
in IStli day of Mcrpli, IIWD 


but fortWMtelr tlwrir goodM*« does cot end 
bu*, nA thowwho once ttj them will find 
UwM BtU»pill*i^lu»hl« In to main ways that 
tber wjn not. t» -wVaiBft to do WiOiout Utem. 


w* iTMk* oar gtt»t cost*. Qax pBit euro it 
nhUft otbm do net. 

Oubnt's tariat'lam Pilis «ro Tery small 
KodTwraMTtoUto. Ona or two pills make 
a dow. Tmt «ts rtrlotly vegetawoaod do 
uotBTipeor pan*. Imtbr their gentIo_ «ctlo» 
phawaUwboanfbem. teTiaSstiKcents; 
B»for|l. 8oW •«rjwliBr«, orsentbymaa 

Mixa usuan k.* v™ Tot. 

bit M k Wftfei 


TO THii 

iisricei Bniit. 

Arranironii-titrt lm\t> been mado Cor Iho cbntiiiii 
yearwhlfii will mafniiifii for iho Review lia um 
rivalled posliir.n umoiift pt'i iodicols, and render 
it csscDtiiil (i> pviT.v lfiidcr in Amoriea wlio do- 
airea to kot'p abivawt of the limes. Fiioa month 





TBe forthcoming volume will Uo sis«a!f7ed by 
tho diECUEgion of I'lwstfona of high publlo luti-rest 
by tlio foremost men of Ilio timo, notably by a, 
controvoisj- on Frco TiMdo and Protection in tlw! r 
bearing opon tlio duveloiiomoBt of Anit'ricau In- 
dustry Mid Commerce, between the two 
mous living Etatesuien o£ EngUmd and 




Cleinxes and beautifies the hair, 

Promota * liucudant growth. 

'lwar Falta 1» Rattora Ony 

HatrtolUVoBthfttl Color. 

, „Mr«ntaI>vritraff *ndtulrfjJll^ 

•1AS1KS Q. Dl.ALNK. 
, embracing tho mo^t ii 




Dr. Agols Fills 

Bnofcan'8 Arnica Salvo 
Tho bc3t Salve io the world for Cats, 
Bruises, Sores, TJlcere.SsH Kheam, F«tot 
Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands, CMlbliuna 
Coras, and iiU Skiri Eroptiomr, and pos 
itiv^y cures Piles or no-psy req.uii«d. 
It is guaranteed to give Baiwfsctton, iH 
money refunded. Price 35 centsperpoii 
For sale brB> E. Phillips. 






Its mrnberabip it bmh* Umm» <e«U 
«ay oth«r ol tb* kiad kM)n o^ 
ranfd. lit 
Avarag* oosfc -par I 


Capt Douglass Oettinger, retired, 
is the oldest H Yin* officer of the Unit- 
ed States Marine Corps. 

AltE YOU MADE miserable br Indi- 
gestioa, CoostipatioB; dizsiaew, £>o«a oi 
Appslite, Tallow Skin? ibsWUili- 

serla* nosltlVe com. Sold by W. X 
Watson. 41sow. 

BaiLOH'S CUBBT will immediately 
talker* Croup, Whooping Cough and 

toDcUiii, IM l«itm. 

Filtei St&ai \min 

X naT»xmrtd^se4 
Ftolkn Ssestsa lAmadry in tbs Whlta- 
k*sr bloest Onaid* stMet wbiah is 
eqsdnfHd wtth tbs flnes* — uhlifij 
for susXIij wsjsk. I *ts estga, 
iwt slass wnitTssiiii —d lasapisfBM 
^tos^evtioasdfTVWw ««a*J to 
sov tariHai vlstadHw.sasvIk s^s,i*asjtiil. 

"Dashaway" all opinm. ptepara- 
tions and give only Dr. Bull's Baby 
Syrap'to the babiea It is the only 
remedy which contains no opiates. 

If yoff have been over-eating your- 
self, take a dose of Laxador before 
you have something worse. It is tho 
best remedy in each caseB. Price only 
23 cents. 

One Oar a REUlloaaire* 

George SJnthonr, born and raised 
in New Philadelphia, O., a poor boy, 
started west about fifteen years ago, 
determined to make bis fortune. He 
became a faro gambler, and In a few 
years was worth #500,000. Slutboar 
was anxioos to be worth amillion be- 
fore returning to his old home, and 
one night, when the room was filled 
with well-known sporting men, many 
of them worth their half million, be 
determined to try for a big strike. 
Lock again favored binv and by 3 
o'clockin the morning ha had broken 
the bank and won enough to make 
his fortune eonnt a cool million. Be 
was hot satisfiad; with, this, bat kept 
on playing the next night. That 
very night ho began losing, and be- 
fore morning every dollar ne had 
won the night beforo had vanished. 
He was a xoiUionaire, however, for 
one short day. Even with this losa 
he was still possessed of ample for' 
tone, bat he began playing a desper- 
sttegame,; riskiog thoosands of dol- 
lanats>tun«,hat laek was against 
him. Hfs princely fortune entirely 
disappeared. The sad sequel to the 
ease is that he has been brought 
home hopeJrStsly insane, finally it 
was found naeessary to ;e , him to 
the County lanrmary, where; he is 
• ward.-— 
Seranton Bepubliean. 

tBATHAC] be so 

^nkkkly nored by fliiUofc's e«* We 


Itiaaaid^ibAtBllt RyeUln«r«asing 
his bank aeaouit by about flfOOO 1 a 

. r ws*k-.frali : hisiiirtttihl8^.8^Mtsafaln^ 

,,.. "eACKMsTtACK,- 
ntsats aerfaaMA, Pries 
•UWIsrW.J Wssm 

He. Bstae's 
WssOib 1 * Is «■ i^fsst to ■aghud. 

Aaawaad dh i fcfi 

Are tor sdpebiob to anything ever mi 
peptla. Slclt Headaclio, Coastipatlon 
lOEf t*io Blood. Sugar coated. 

Sold by aU Drwgg^ 13 . 

ide for Dya- 
aiid purify- 

— Maph bv~ 
D. Q. WBAEE, M. V., ^airport, N. Y. 



Buy while it is Cheap ! 
Parsst, Cleanest, Best. 


ThiB discussion 
cat, will begin in llie Junuiiry number. 

It iBacigiiirieani tact-naiiliowiiiK ibo unparal- 
leled pojndarlty and iiscfulncai of ihis periodical, 
and its wide- iiiiluenco upon public opiuloa— tliat 
the circulation of Tint Mouth AtieiiiatH Itsvt&v/ 
is greater ti.uji that of all oihor American and 
lisli RoviuivB combined. 

Subscription Price, i'usiagc Prcpaiil, $3 a Year, 

3 East Fourteenth Street, N^w York. 
34 w 2 

(pE p TEL" F,asTinaN) 


Gilnltt) lu Amor- 
. in tlio world con- 
niieiiient ofO. U, 

Tlio lar«B9t and fiiw«t 0B«^ 
lea, with the finest 11-itli Hi 
ncGieii, will open (umlur 
Bariiom, of While Muuiiini 
lpno. January is(h . 'iicln 1 
St. Louis and Iron Slouiita 

1 i tiOlltllU! 



^>mI <l!H t .i ( -<;limi 1 



» 5 

I moat 

) I K A 1 1 





Can make baudjomeeatartes ptiblilng our KTEUL 
WKtK OOOK MATS. Every household oead-* one. 
Lib«r*t cowmissloos paid, jlddri*-. 

RTUAUBCflll 100 Chamber Street. 


. .... Climate und 
. _. , Loci t inn In thaSouJi 
31ANCHA. Clofroioot, V; 

Sin luf if Ritliag J«f to 


Vegetable Oil! 

It la a3gd<Hl as Litisaod.elieapsr and guaranteed. 
jaiuts mixed mtbtMsOii do not fsde! 
VEGErEAfeL&Oii. CO. 

D. H. CASE, Broker. 

Watches, Biainonds, 'Jeweliy, 

Famltare, in nee, without re- 

tiiG¥al. Personal an^ Heal 

Estate. Valnable Notes 


Transactions strictly Confidential. 
•arOlBTce first door south of Sayings 
Bank, First Street, FaJtou- 

LETTER HBADS, V.\ m'lH.Klfi, 
DODGIflKS. riANfJKI'.s, 
OKDT.H Ol- 1>AN(.'E8 

All pritile'I i» l)^ '-'^ ^ l J''f at tlie 
Lowest I'rirf.. 

at the r'yr/rT.}.\'T[::[E-;oi<vr:: 

Tie H«at Smtccmfol !«•*«»» di*oer- 

ered, aa it la certain (a i» tBtcu and doe» 

notlilsta, Be&aptootbtiow. 



■ Eaopew 


i if natOKn. 


(Ak. 'Hill •"■ »" Tb—. ►*. 
■■■l*MJ|l>l''<M 1 J»»"d»i 

SlMWCQD, su», Sar.X, 108, 

OK.S.J.XhiMUiCa. , , ■_ 

jmm Mm I fci"» tiancjt cwriiajsd your to 



(MTlaa.^adf»a*« *■*»* " • mntmti't tSiii- 
MMDtteXiOT Xaoadir Maniac. 



.-/T« — *— " 


wSSrraat K<*aalPi 


OMUL'S $p*m JiL 

SS*STaSSfc£B3«ME , rr 





■ ■' !" »■ 





* ttfl w Vt it m 

$t.25a Year in Adfinos. 


HarOwnFMtam. 8mib Hv On hag* 1 

Single Oooifl Three Cute 


•noy-work, ' 

out Ui»* Turk; . .. 

But nrtdtttMikr I** tim'tt ffim .«*ut* dm •»' 

■ the »taer*, 
A*' Uifl cloud* &«r *« (ook «%-w*T«l up, M> 
though I wuc to fault 
. Ann turn (»r&*^wifcl»WI^ »#■»&«« 

An' then— well, through th» turromt thm <*> ox 
'■";'■ -o* mine Je« fll«l 
It»«oiit«t mighty lotiif, y* kiww, MtMftlttiittw 

•sswitftiw hero. 
A-makta' Uffl's n*U I>ur1» «°W* iwtwJ out bo glad 

mn' clear. 
As* curoiu* o'er tho p'inw o' thorw '*tUy*d 

tb'lck In liw i*»y, 
AM* palshunHllto *-*mlliii' on throirsbout «wh 

di-eary tiny— 
An* that's wot make* tlifa lamp como up *o' Mop 

tlie lucrlcas luff 
Each timo I *ut au' rszo real hard at, ttimt ole 

So, when nightfall beglm to call us to our evenia' 

Sly boya nn'mo on Hooded kneo our tremblta' 

thanks reveal 
To him for morclrci wo'^o received Uiroagliout the 

tollsoma doy, 
Wlicu our poor feet Jts»' encmed to want to lead u* 

Su6 tlio timo wIjou nil oiir troubles fly tiway oa 

light cz chaff 
la when ws Rytiier "round ou' gOEO nt "raoMiofa" 

Thodcarolo fnco anillos at us csour solcen drop 

An' wo talk ia hiinliy wliinjiora of tho Rood tlmo 

lonrr aso. 
But tlieu wo fed wo can't appeal n#in the 8u 

promo .lodge, 
Wlio knows wot'n beat an' uiltea to rcat tlio lovod 

onco from tiior dradno; 
An* go tlio cup o' pence aa' Joy an' (jflpiilncca tro 

When wo haul down tlio boolc on* roio at 
"in other's'* fotyitrartl 

-K. 0. Taploy 

'■You cmi't teach tin old dog now 
tricks," said old Jiulgo Dewey, of Yel- 
low Mound City, when Ufa wifo begged 
hitn for tlio third tlrao to reraembor to 
eat with his fork at her approaching din- 
iicr party; "I'll try not to forgot, my 
dear, but I wasn't brought tip to it. 
.Folks ought to do what they nro brought 
up to," 

Ho did not reiuouibur at tho dinner 
party. Hie knifo went to his mouth a 
•dozen times. Next day, when tho fam- 
ily was dining alone, thu old jud^o de- 
tected bin youngest Hon, Frank, with hio 
knifo at bit) lips. 

"Eatinp; with your knifo, air? Leavo 
tho tubio!" thundered tho old judge. 
"You'll eat brtJad and milk till further 

"Really; papa, I think you aro too 
hard on poor Frankie," said Mra. Dewey, 
ae the little fellow loft tho tabic. The 
faces of the elder boys nnd tho grown up 
daughters showed that they agreed with 
thoir mother. 

"Ho ate with his knife," growled the 
old man, 

"So did you at tho dinner," retorted 
Mrs. Dewey, severely. 

"Don't 1 know itl" returned tho judge. 
Don't I know itl I eat with my knife 
because 1 wag brought up to it, but that 
boy wasn't brought up to it. Mono of 
my children was brought up to it, and if 
I catch one of 'em doing it, as sure aa I 
live, I'll lock 'em up on spoon victuals 
till they learn tho mo of a fork!"— 
Youth'a Companion. 

Tho Now "I'lngor" JPrnyot 1 Boole. 
Henry Frowdo, of Oxford univorBity, 

has designed a. series of prayer books, the 
novelty and merit of which consist alike 
in their diminutive sine and tho beauty 
of their binding. It is difficult to believe 
tliat awoolt of nearly 700 pages will go 
into the waistcoat pocket or into the puree, 
but such ie the delicacy of tho workmau- 
shlp and the compactness of the binding 
that no difficulty will bo found in such a 
method of carriage. Tho tiny volume, 
bound in morocco and velvet, which Mr. 
Frowde has called tho "Finger" prayer 
book, weighs about three-quarters of an 
ounce, is only one inch in breadth, three 
and a Half inches in length and one-third 
of an inch in thickness. To get 670 pagea 
.and two morocco covers into tho thick- 
ness of one-third of an inch ia a marvel 
of paper making and binding. Ona speci- 
men is contrived to hang on the chate- 
laine; a case is made of silver, consisting 
■of a double cross, one for each of tho vel- 
vet covers of the book, and luisbothadds 
to the beahty of tho volume and serveato 
keep it rn a compact form. A ring is 
added, which serves for attachment to a 
chain. An edition is also issued without 
the calendar and the occasional services, 
thus reducing the thickness by one-third 
and the weight to about half an ounce. — 
London Times. 


THEM IN THE pt-D >W3Ht0, 

A Peculiar Privilege. 
It appears that only two persona enjoy 
the privilege of driving to the Vatican 
with a one horsa vehicle. One of them 
ia the commissary general of the holy in- 
quisition and tho other the Prussian am- 
bassador accredited to tho Holy See. Tho 
letter's privilege owea its origin to rather 
soimterestinpcircumstance. A Prussian 
ambassador some Years ago drove up one 
day in & single horse" carriage and pre- 
sented himself for admission at the gates 
of tho Vatican leading into the court 
yard; but, iu pursuance of their orders, 
he was ref uWladmii&ipgt, except on foot, 
by the Swiss guard. Cemg forced to 
yield, he complained with some bitter- 
ness to Cardinal Antoneili, secretary of 
•■atateto Pius IX, who said he would refer 
the matter to his hplineas. Plus XX, upon 
bearing of the incident, immediately gave 
•orders thai henceforth his excellency, 
the Prussian ambassador, was to be al- 
lowed admittance ouui quocumque quad- 
mpede.— Chicago Times, 

Ventured, * Surmise. 

"Susie," said Willie to his sister, "what 
aro Blackfeet Indians?" 

"What are what?^ 

"Blackfeet Indians." 

"1 dou ! t ; know, Tm butc," saidSuBie, 
"what the expression can dean, unieaa 
those wicked traders hare been «Uing 
the poor Indians nome of the hosiery that 
ia .warranted aot to. (a^ht"^kfcKi»nt 
: ; Traveler.. ■. 

■..■:■'.■;.'/ A«. : ir«iai;-'..v 
Our old and, Talucti friend, Batolatwti; 
called on us )Mt«v«riin ; g;-^ .■ 

Aa a family medietas .we eanuot 
t . j l.htli y r^oinmeud lAiadur. tli» 
fani'.u-li u« hold remcity. U«.lniulil 
always be k^pt oo hand. 

Ii rtfH'ilatM thn (•ow»1k i eures 
diarrhea*, diMBtftry tad -wind eollo, 
la fact Dr Bnlh Baby Bfrap aot B 
prompUy aod t*b,f t Bu l l y to ail mm 

Wllllw l^ll«r» X Mpmn ** * «ir 'ftwrn t'mktta, 

OM »r Which Wat Itaw*' V—A— Wm jfi mm A 't 
OutlKfs «i>« a k' mt m i 'Agmimmi fhtm. ' 

JkAmlttiag tho iinpoifMlewtn acounftry 
whicH htvt anionarchlcal JTorittof KOTern- 
mentthat the splendor and 4.ig»itT'0f 
the aovcreigti ghouM be maf»lal»«d. Tha 
Ijondoa Daily New* remark* that "thet* 
are extravagant aa well a* r^aaonabla 
methods of maintalninB all tHaaplendor 
and dignity that may be daalrable, and 
few people who give thenMeirea tlw 
troviblo of inquiring into the tubject will 
bo found to deny that an «normoiiii 
amount of money baa. been rieedlwwlj' 
wonted in connection with royal yacht*. 

Groat Britain S» far .from lieuijr the 
only country in wMch »uch »ra«l*ful ox- 
l>endituro has occurred and in occurring. 
Husiiia is a great transgressor in this re- 
spect. Tho lato ckrt already powwwed 
half a dosMn capital yachts when he gave 
ordera for tho building of tho notorious 
JJvadio. SIio waa to bo tho largest and 
moat magnificent as well an tho moat 
original yacht in tho world. Unlike all 
other vcRflcls of the kind, alio waa to !» 
constructed with a beam equal to two- 
thirdnof her length, go that oho might 
not roll, and the Imperial family might 
be spared tho horroro of ccatiickncsg. 
8ho wan to be imppliod with three cicrows 
an that olio might bo handy «a well ao 
f«Ftt. And upon lior opnclouo deck was 
to bo built a veritable palace. Tho piano 
were carried out, and the Livodio. was 
launched at: Oovan in 1836. 


I"robably no one knows what oho 
cost, but it in certain that from first to 
lust considerably more than £500,000 was 
expended on her. Yet her imperial own- 
er would have nothing to say to her. An 
a yacht she wns acoloaual failure, and 
today she io only tmef ill as a kind of float- 
ing barracks in tho Black oca. Tho pres- 
ent czar is, nevertheless, expending a 
fm-ther £500,000 over a new vessel, 
which in to be called the Polarnaia 
ZiVWiU, and which, tihould alio bo a mto- 
cetw, will haveall the magnificence, near- 
ly all the eizo and more than tho speed 
and handini'Ufi of tho disoredited Noah's 
ark in which his majenty once hoped to 
take bis pleasure. 

Tho exav's ostiavaganc© does not in- 
jure uu. Neither does the yachting ex- 
travagance of the young German emper- 
or, who, although ho poaseusea in tho 
Hohenzollern one of tho prettiest and 
most comfortablooraftof the kind afloat, 
has .just applied to his faithfttl subjects 
for a grant of money equal to £325,000 
iu order that he may build himself a now 
yacht. These ejtamples are interesting 
to tho British taxpayer only because 
they illustrate what appears to bo a very 
general tendency on the part of the Eu- 
ropean royalties. It is not until the tax- 
payer comes to consider the royal yacht 
question as it affects 'him personally that 
he osperieuces any very discomforting 

Her majesty at present enjoys tho .us© 
of four yachts and tenders. The yachts 
aro tho Victoria and Albert and tho Os- 
borne and tho tenders, which for all prac- 
tical purposes aro yachts also, and the 
Alberta and tho Elfin. The oldest of the 
four is tho littlo yacht ElQn, which was 
built at Chatham in 1840, and whish is of 
only ninty -three tons displacement, Sho 
originully cost £0,168, or about £60 7s, a 
ton. The Enchantress, tho present ad- 
miralty yacht, ia a beautifully fitted 
craft of 1,000 tons displacement, yet her 
original coat was rather less than £47 a 
ton. It ia clear, therefore, that, at tho 
outset, the Elfin was an expensive ba*> 
gain. Sho has now been in existence 
forty years, and, during that period, with- 
out reckoning the wages of the crew and 
tho price of her consumable stores, she 
has cost an additional sum of over £40,- 
000,' or, on the average, more than £1,000 
a year, her total cost up to date being 
about £47,000. It is aa if an ordinary 
citizen had bought a house for £6,000 
forty years ago and had since spent £41,- 
000, not in adding to it, but simply keep- 
ing it in repair. The little Elfin at this 
moment has cost tho country over £500 
for every ton of her displacement, 


Next of the four in point of ace is the 
Victoria and Albert, the largest of the 
royal yachts. She is of 3,470 tons dis- 
placement and was built at Pembroke in 
1863. Her original costi inclusive of in- 
cidental dockyard charges, was £176,830, 
or over £?l a ton, She, too, wae^expen- 
Give at the outset. In the tLdrty-foor 
years which have since elapsed — setting 
aside as before the wage3 of berorew 
and the price of her consumable stores — 
she has cost, including incidentals, an 
additional sum of more than £337,000, 
or on the average nearly £13,000 a year 
—her total cost up to date beings rough- 
ly speaking, £505,000. As she lies in 
Portsmouth harbor today she has cost 
the country about £225 for every ton of 
her displacement Third in seniority is 
the Alberta, which was built iu 1863 at 
Pembroke, and which is of $70 tons dis- 
placement. We regret that We have not 
succeeded "in finding out the exact 
cost of this vessel. We arc informed 
that it is about '£70,000.' ' 

We believe it to be more; but, accept- 
ing the estimate, we pass on to the 
fourth and newest of the royal yachts, 
the Osborne. Sue waa built at Pem- 
broke in I87i> : anii .7i* .of ■?$& ton* diar 
placement. ■'. 
her original cost ** 

OOff. or about £73 8i. a totu In tha nine- 
teen years that have ginca «xp**ed ■*• 
haaccat, includiug incidentala,:;*™!..**- 
eluding w^n an«i prioa of parianaUa 
atorai, over £150,000, or nmtkf ,<8,O0Oa 
rear. Then* luw, tiierefota, baan aunlt 
: in her usuai of about £I5t for avary ton 
of her displacement, or aom« £395,000 tn 
all, and tha expesditura UmA has baao 
incurred ontna tabrio and. foznitan ol 
llm four royal yaoUi ■ dm lam than 
£•80.000. W» haw vm* ffwfe tot 

■uppoaiag tkal % to vmrj. 

over £l 1 O0Q a MOv 1W ai 
tun par ton ;o< ' 
mora Ibaa OO 
: «.«a, and Mm trtftf •«« • 
vavato ia afana » yam. 

plaoa In a yacbL Tba criminal osat of 
th« Inconstant, Including Inddontata, 
traajunt o*«r £88*,00u, or tinder £80 a 

*oo; ; 7i!H^'i»?al*H*^ 

bar a MUfct ow £1*»,000, of aay 14M.00O 

in all. Thbi rapcaamu m. tnan £79 a 

ton, or twy lJttl«-:'m^'tluiii ona-tlUrd 

of th* coat iiwr ton of tba tpm royal 


The old**t of our ironclada, tba Itlack take another cawSi *a» launched 
in lf»U »*id i* therefore # approrittiafrty 
tt)« aara« age as the aver»iE« royal yacht. 
She ia of 8,2(6 tons dispI*cem«nt-*-«b<jnt 
ttwioo that of all the royal yacbta— and 
ahfthad'eoatnp todat* £740^0W in round 
numbers, or very little mor« than £80 a 
ton. "Vet in her twfttity^ji^ht year*' **- 
irtencaahe ItM aecn a grwit amotmfc of 
service, ami when wo cwntrant her cost 
per ton with that of tho Elfln— £80 with 
£M0— with that of tho Victoria and Al- 
bert— £80 to £!2S-~or with that of tho 
Odborao-- £80 with £153— it Ixwomea very 
evident either tliat eho is very cheap or 
that the yachta aro terribly ex pensivo, 
Tho tatter in. no doubt, the fact and the 
main reason of it ia not far to (teek. 

Dill tlm JUoc Ri'XKntt? 

Billy Lynch fcelloantoryaboutadogho 
utsed to own in Chicago, which goca far 
toward provinj; that a brute can reason. 
Ho bad a iino Bt. Bernard which was a 
good retriever, and on Sundays would 
take him about half a block from' his 
house on Indiana avenue nnd lot him 
carry the papers borne bo purchnt'ed from 
tho newnboy. One morning it wan rain- 
ing, and Hilly Raid ho spoke to tho dog 
juiit as Ik* would to a child, arid told him 
that ho didn't cam about walking over 
to the corner, mo he might as well take 
the nickel nnd go and get the paper. Ho 
wrapped a nick?! up in a piece of paper 
and gave it to tho dog, which inmiodi- 
utoly went to the corner and waited for 
the boy, Hilly watched hitn and saw 
that In? got the paper all right, and was 
bo ploam.vl (but the nest Sunday ho re- 
peated the experiment, and tho nextSun- 
day did the hmivi thing. 

Tlio following Sunday he overslept 
himself and was awakened by a scratch? 
big at his window. Getting lip ho saw 
that his dog had come out of the back 
yard into a little passageway between 
bin bedroom and a neighboring house 
and way endeavoring to wake him up. 
Knowing it was Sunday, ho gave the 
dog a nickel and told him to go and get 
the paper, which ho did. Billy was 
awake next Sunday, but concluded to 
seo what his dog would do, and, euro 
enough, it camo around to tho window 
and scratched. Tho next Sunday and 
tho next were tried, and the dog was 
always on limo. Now, whether the dog 
know when Sunday came or was aware 
of tho fact by tho newsboys being more 
vociferous on those days is not known, 
but ho was thoroughly tested and would 
not come to the window except Sun- 
days. Billy thinks that the dbg reasoned; 
that it would be a hard tusk for any one 
to say that ho didn't. — Helena (Mont.) 

Transplauttii£ KvorsreenH. 

During the month of AugUsfc I wit- 
nessed the transplanting of several hun- 
dred Austrian and Scotoh pines, writes 
Joseph Heehan in Garden and Forest. 
The result was the loss of nearly the 
whole lot, and it was such a surprise to 
me that I think the facts in regard to it 
worth recording. Tho weather was all 
that could bo wished for, being warm 
and moist, and the soil waa in ii% same 
condition. Tho pines had been gp*>wing 
oloso together in rows and were from 
four to five feet high. As they were not 
as busby as could bo wished, we thought 
best to prune them in well, and after the 
transplanting a man was sent with 
shears toclip them closely. This he did, 
cutting off all the latest growth, taking 
from six to ten inches from the branches. 
Out of 300 plants all were so trimmed 
except some half dozen, which wero pur- 
posely le£fc Unpruned to see which would 
do the better. At that time I confident- 
ly expected that the pruned trees would 
show the benefit of tho work. However, 
they soon began to turn brown, and in 
the end every one died, while every one 
of the few left unpruned are alive today. 

As soon as it was observed bow the 
matter was going to end another row 
was set out, unpruned, and all the plants 
in it are thriving today. No doubt the 
severe pruning was the cause: of this 
failure. All the younger or active foli- 
age had been cut away, leaving only that 
which was past its usefulness and which 
was about ready to drop off. The trees, 
Avere, in fact, in just the same condition 
that a deciduous tree would have been if 
stripped of all its leaves in the middle of 
summer. ; It wag a costly but a valuable 
lesson, and one worth putting on record 
as a warning to others. 

But He \*Ul Be Confined. 

A New Brunswick man has been found 
guilty of murder while insane, but the 
Canadians won't turn him loose to kill 
6dmebody else. He will be shut Up just 
aa tightly as if Ma head was loyel, and 
given the remainder of his life'to "think 
it over" and get ready to die. Out cli- 
mate is different, you know.— 'Detroit 
Free Press. . 

Seuttllnr a Ship. 

Inquiring Boy—Pa, what '.■.&a:'''S*il6tti: 
mean by scuttling a ship? '; '■;; 'V"" 

J?4'. {worried over family cxpeiifies}— 
They mean, ni that they put a big 

hole in it like tho brie which :Bridget*a 
■cuttle baa made in that last ton of coat 
— New Xorit Weekly, X ; 

; . Belief frflin, etcfc [ache. Draws- 
ineaav Kansea, DiizineM, Pain in the 
Side, scnarJnteed to those using Car- 
ter's Little Liver I'HIs. The*» com- 
plaints are nearly always eanaad by 
torpid lifer and oonstipated bowela. 
Reatore these organs to their proper 
faoetloas and the trouble oeaaea, 
Carter nLiltI« IJvit Fill, will do this 
evary Mm* One pill Is a dues. Ihd't 
ror««4 thfa Prtoe ftS c-nta. 

A bin will be lotradojwd teaao«r«sB 
to iDoreaaa the pay of raJIway postal 
•Jerks. ThereamaboalT.WOof Ibejie 
oAelaJs and Uaetr p i sa ua t pay risayi 


MBtar gives la 
Netara an aaooasfcof a tana puma arbJoV 
wseeshibfUdUltoMaiaa. Mr. Wltttob, 
Uw oawr of the pama, bad devoted 
eighteen aoontbe to the Uaiaiag of the 
sttunal. Proofs of thai training were 
:f^veDi ode'. er<rniag ..:'aV\the: etpra / of ; tbe:; 

The beast .not having been fed for 
twenty-four hours, iu maater trailed 

plBoeioi!.'r«*at over- her noes :aod: 
niouth, which i-the puma did not attempt 
to eat until tho *ord was given, aa to ». 
dog, CtocaaiOTjat attempts' were made, 
butatwistof the oar fay Mr. WitUch 
was enough to control her. "~-- 

Whert meat was placed a few yards 
away^the putua fetchedifc by word of 
command, and pen meat to 

be taken from her mouth by her- mairter, 
who fondled her as he would a cat. 

A very tins dog, a ero« between a 
pure setter and a praro St. Bernard, 5 
years old, namod Bruce, is on inti- 
mate and even affectionato terms with 
]jjbe puma, who allowoil Win to remove 
meat placed upon her jawa, and to eat 
it. On one occasion tho puma, who is 
of teu allowed to range tho house, the 
dog and Mr. Wittich slept together ia 
the same bed, and tho master was wak- 
ened by the puma attacking somo one 
who came to rouse him In tho early 

When tho pijma in tied up, tho dog 
goes to sleep alongside her, and kisses 
her, and tho puma responda with a 
short, aharp bark of greeting. Tho 
puma.followii her master through tho 
atreeta of tho town, but has torn to 
pieces several otrango dogs when unac- 
companied by her friend Bruce. 

Mr. Wittich believes that this is tho 
only puma known to bo in captivity and 
comparatively tamo. In training her 
ho has chiefly used the whip. Her 
memory is short, and three weeks* in- 
tertniHsion of the performance necessi- 
tates much extra training and trouble. 

So i no FVmm .About "llelltrn." 

Charley Howard was talking toISurko, 
the old book store, man a few evenings 
ago, when n stranger fresh from New 
Orleans clipped up, saying to Mr. Burke: 

"What will you give for a big lock of 
Jefferson Davis' hair?" 

"Ah! Ihavo plenty of it," answered 
Mr. Burke. "Quite a quantity." 

Then aa the stranger walked away 
surprised that any one should have tho 
treasure ho thought so valuable, Mr. 
Burke said: * 

"Tho truth ^ I have everything a relio 
hunter wants. I have hair from the 
head of many distinguished men dead or 
alivo. Maybe you wouldn't believe it, 
but one-quarter the money I put into my 
house came from the sale of hair off 
Oeorge Washington's head." 

"Do you know," Mr. Burke went on, 
"that the relio hunter is the biggest fool 
on earth. Any ralio bo may want has 
no value. It is simply a question of how 
much he is able to pay. I can always 
size a man up as he comes in and am 
therefore able to hit him just right. 

"Take a battlefield relic," said Mr. 
Burke after a pause, "I go home, say, 
and get my wife to mark a half dozen 
pieces of ribbon as I want it. Then I 
pound two bullets together and fasten to 
the ribbon. They aro bullets, you know, 
which met in mid air on tho Kenesaw 
field. I put one in the showcase with 
the card and the others in a drawer. A 
relio hunter buys the only one, but as 
soon as he is gone the drawer is opened 
and another takes it3 place. They cost 
about a dime and bring in a five. "—At- 
lanta Constitution. 

Ito Keep Ttousofb la Sfoape. 

A well dressed man recently entered a 
leading men's furnishers store and asked 
to be shown suspenders. Presently after 
due investigation he selected a certain 
style and inquired of the salesm&n how 
many pairs he had in stock. Eight was 
the numbar and ho took tho lot, the 
clerk meanwhile looking at the custom- 
er with a suspicion as to his sanity. 
There was method in tho man's mad- 
ness. "You Gee," said he, "when one 
has a pair of suspenders for each pair of 
trousers and one hangs the trousers by 
the suspenders from the closet nail, the 
dependant weight keeps the trousers in 
shape and the 'bag' out of tho knees. 
Moreover," continued this practical lat- 
ter day Beau Brummell, "think of the 
waste of the time involved in. the chang- 
ing of one's suspenders every timsone 
changes one's trousers, let atone the 
.bother. ; 

"And then consider in such a case the 
wear and tear in both suspenders and 
trousers. Besides, one pair of trousers 
may be longer or shorter than another, 
and the suspenders, if they have not to 
be changed, once adjusted properly, the 
procesaof hoisting up or down, whish 
cauaea an expenditure; of time and pa- 
tience, is done away with. It, is in- 
finitelypleasantej* and decidedly cheaper 
in the end to have a dozes pair of braces 
on hand, u exclaimed the axgnnientative 
toff in a tone of conviction, ai he picked 
up his package" and stroda out of the 
doorway.-^Clothier and Fuxnisher. 

Htof j 

Lir ., 

'-''Feeding 1 
Pred l-eacli, of ABaoniia, has some fine 
podltry, and hebelievwib feedingfhem 
as regularly as be eats his own meala 
He is unable to vbe at honte at night be- 
■fore the chickens go ■ to roost, and in_ 
order that they may be fed without; fail 
he baa rigged up '>h apparatus, which 
works like acbarm. TheuBuai qusatity 
*f cornis plsiced in a ^ can, wMidiia 
suspended froi and weighted. 

'..Aa ^ajarni *Iock' iri f^e outer coop reJeaaai 
the string ut ilia, can 

tarns, bottom side up and the corn is 
scaUered. There are four coops and 
each has its can;all working at the same 
tuat,^N<w Haven Palladia in. 

"Been having troableT asked 
traveling man of another. 

"Oirt gone back on yooT 
"No, but her father baa." 

"Ko, la a wsatry ■eearu-r "-Bler- 

Mi& Utsms. Bsaltb of Junes, Ohio, 

vrRess I hawa osssj every resaedy 

,fev atak hnaihrtii I aoulsl luar of fer 

fvaas pss^sMsssa yeagsa, bs* Castor*. 


■..]:■ :':': : - : .^timc^^^'t^tt,- ;■'. 

About Bve minotes ago! gave out 
a letter U> be pot in ty|>e by the com- 
poaitor»thalh«uut uieto thinktog, 
«ad otighi to make every reader of 
the Witvkba follow suit. 
; The suoetancs of the letter is that 
witue fanners oa» only g«t one and 
one-half cents a pound for fat cattle. 

When I flr»t saw the statement in 
the Witskss I thought there mnBt bo 
some mistake in the flgores; but I am 
aorry to say that such is not the fact, 
but that - positive evidence has been 
reoeivedat this office that the facts 
are as stated. 

Aa tho success of »Kr»oalturis,ts 
means the success of the nation, such 
a 'statement ought to have the effect 
of forcing public attention on the 
questiott "What is the mat tor? 1 * «nd 
some kind of solution oughi to ,bo ar- 
rived at. 

The farmers must be in a. terrible 
way when they aro compelled to sell 
their product at saoh ruinous low 
prices as those at present current in 
tho prairie states. 

Ab a class they liavo been very pa 
tient, never complaining of long 
hours. Who ever has heard of a 
movement among tho farmers favor- 
ing tho eight-hour law? Yet they 
work as hard, if not harder, than any 
other class of men. 

While manufacturing interests 
have betn more than protected by 
the Government the fanner has been 
practically let alone. Almost every 
implement that he uses he is com- \ 
pelted to pay protection duty on, I 
whilit everything lie has for t-alo is i 
unprotected. Suwh a, condition of j 
itffairi) iirnkeH it lia^d work for him in j 
Iiia struggle for ^xistouce. Itailroedri j 
are started for tin- benefit of the far- 
mers so as to enable them to carry! 
what they produce to some good mar- 
ket; and it is a good idea, the only 
drawback being that the freight and 
other charges soiiietiiiieo sweep away 
the farmer's profits, and more too. 

It is no use suggesting that the for- ' 
liier and his family should live more 
economically and work more hours, 
for the truth is that in both these 
ways the farm household has arrived 
at the place where there can be no 
change made in that direction. Fath- 
er, mother, sons and daughters, as a 
rule, Have done their whole duty on 
the farms of this country, 

And it does seem to me that the 
farmers have tried everything. Their 
lands have been forced to the utmost 
by all kinds of fertilizers; the horses 
have been worked until you could 
almost hang your hat on their gothic- 
shaped sides; their farm-houeeB have 
been (where possible) used in the 
summer to house a dozen or less city 
folks, greatly to the discomfort of 
those who ought to have a little ease 
and comfort during the "dog days;" 
and, os a last resort, some of the 
farmers spend their spare winter 
hours in following the profession of 
book agents, or some other way of 
earning an honest penny. 

There must be soine close thinking 
done to help the farmer. His profes- 
sion.ought to be the most respected 
and best paying in the country— for 
it is the most useful of all. 

But a business that presents only 
hard work and no play can never 
have any charms for the young men 
of this or any other generation. 
When it can be shown that there is a 
good living iu working a farm fewer 
young men will try to get a living by 
their wits — which often means a job 
in the penitentiary. 

Ia the great scramble for a living 
give the farmer a show. He is a ne- 
cessity, for his toil means the produc- 
tion of that which gives life to others. 

The best brains of the country 
ought to/be set to work to help solve 
the problem, What shall be done to 
help the farmers? 

One thing is certain, an effort must 
be made to prevent the farmers being 
taxed to death. It is impossible for 
them to hold their own. and pay exor- 
bitant taxes for the support of a herd 
of unnecessary officials. And they 
must cease borrowing money at ten 
and twelve per cent, interest for the 
purpose of improving the land. 

Is the poverty of some ot the far- 
mers of this land overdrawn? From 
letters received, stating their inabili- 
ty to raise even one dollar to sub- 
Berifae for a newspaper, I shonld say 
it is not. 

Agricultural pursuits mast always 
be the backbone of this country's 
success. It shonld be a land dotted 
all over with happy farm-homes 
whose prosperity would take the 
edge off the chiilingblasts that often 
come -"over a manufacturing commun- 
ity.': There is safety for this nation 
in protecting ■ and fostering its agri- 
cultaral interests. 

I am ao advocateof what is teriaed 
a paternal government;, but I do be- 
lieve 1» having a government that 
will protect its bent citizens from the 
grip of those who would make mince- 
meat of them. 

, Let the farmers live to e*Jc>5* some 
of the comforts and luxuries they 
work so hard to procure for others. 
The farmer's family should not have 
to eat what is not good enough to be 
aokd to toe residents # our cMIes. 

A ehauageought to take place Foon; 
and there is a ehanee for good statee- 
to solve -Lite question ot 
~K. T. Witness. 

ABoMeblrih and fortaoe, though 
tfcMj bmJm not a bad mu gontl. yet 
thaw an a real adnutag* to *> "<" 
UiyaaM,to psaea all vlrtoss In tbe 


Absolutely Pure, 

Tiiis powcipr nMW varies." A dihitpI of nurlfv 
KtrengUi aiid vholi-riiiniE-iirra. Jlori; somnmiic 
than t!S* oi-diuary t;inrt», nnd c.-mn^E In* sold In 
cotiipetitiun viith thoiiiulIiUi.le.oC loivi^t short 
i'oi[;ui,a!itm or [iliosftiiftl-' pi hv Jits.' fi'UI 'otiiv in 
Cttias, Kosai. IliiitKc Powr.Kit V«.. W, WuH si, 
New V»rb. 

Hop Mastery 

ssjss Ejffiffisr™* ™ ' t **"° "• < "* 

ShMhif Mj*nt o» olironio. no mutter wliere iocatod W 
ow cm»ed. JleWj iniUnOr ta tbe ^l-ptweclol uudh 
riailBropactiMof tb»llo Wjuten. 

'*? t l*Jfi5* : S •?*t*?B. <,! *W! : r ■tavattlMeaa.vastkirt 
•nd nMwwl tabMlta »b4 Wjw, ™- ~™-™* 
MPP M.JWTRRS .Miwtf 1m or bvttate. Are 

toai TMjbttO jUWnis a jotebtato or imitatfon. AU 
C*o«MBo9nHtw«U)owtJw pRHjrtstDJBelenatMai 




Wl PiTB ita 'Ecx. 

lobe Fills 
lale Pills 
Hole Fills 
lobe rills 


•Hilft'orai- i 

Globs Fie 

Globe Pills 
Slobs Pills 


a admitted lij" thnusn.nil; 

* of Itiesb 1'il 

Worth Five iloilni'H v 

For fetuales of all o^es tliest 
[lis nre invulnubte. ns a, f'0* 
wus w" titiiiu ujirry oil nil iui- 

-■■■ nnd bring iibout nil ilia' 

it the: 


lie (JI.OI1E PIIjIjS Coi- 
uoviiit; uiiy otaii'otjioii or 
■ctfiiltinty of tho yMt-in. 
ttlwn nccordmf; to ilie ulr 

ligestiuti. and all'disordfra <■ 
beliver.tlwy act lite "3IAGIC. 
.nd a fe* U'ists will be found I 

line They Hirsm;>ilit'H Ilio 
o iiiuseK'ftf first em. re; " 
the ionK-losl complexion. I 
' tlm IteeuedKe ,of aim 


h L -ulL[i thu wiiol 
nmo. Thcsa ar 

physical energy of the Iiuman frnm 

lie "FACTS'* ftdi»itle(i t>y tiiouwin 

all classes ot society, nmi otife of tin 

lees to the nervous and dt-bllitutcu is uu-.i tne. 

CSLOBE I'lhhB twwe tliu hiryust Baio o£ any 

mtdicine in tile world. 

Sold /it retail by all drusfiists. In boxes. pi-ie» 
S3e. per bos. IE these Pills oanii-.t be olrtsiiMjd 
from your dnJgKist. they will He sent by mail on 
receipt of price. Mention tliH ijajxx. 
L. BEOWN, Pi'opriotor, 133-Duaas St-.Kew York 



Laffl&B, Silverware, Watclies 


Newest.- Shuionery, anil Best 
Stock of 


, In Town. 

Oneida Street, - Fulton, N. T. 

Of the Old Kentucky style are .ijte:* 
ihcreaBicg in favor with those people 
who Bselt absolute purity coinbinHl 
with tBat fruity and mallow flavor to !>- 
fonndonly in the genuine prcclnui 'of 
'Old Saintuck.', 

Harper's Nelson County l^iiis- 
key is and has been for year* before the 
public and has as well raerited a repi)- 
tatidnin i.tsown Htste as it ■■ poesies' 
■abroad.' . 

Sole Agents, FuHon. '33; IT. tf 

Ha?« Ton 

C^Iv ' " ; ' 

«*'-' ,-. 

CREAM BALM fjwfffa^ " s/ 

lteuedy ! 

Not a Liquid I 
or 8iu£ 


— ASD- 

iiloel Bill fills? 

I am now prepared to fill orders for 
Hemlock Bill Timber from the best 

Pennsylvania Hemlock. 

Piiet-s low and qmility extra good. 

Those (!ont.t»iipiat.i»5? buikliitf,- will 

lind it lo tln-ir advantage to p;ive 

me a call bi'fove buviiifj, Alto a 

eomv'!*-*t« stock of 

urn psiiinaiii, 


O SUSf. 

The old Ituliabio 

i,' : »3 Ai iii« ji4 "A"' I;* ..'.i;,... X'i-a i;4 


fySjaiTMSSK iEAiia 

ICGi'[ii9C(tiiHU)iitl>tiii liiiiiu at. bio ototu on Ficot 8 

lll'O iilK-Bl Eillrl bl)s:. Sell CtU(l BtOok Of (iOflllK 111 lllfl llO 

Caskets aad Coffins 

Of every vitriulyof tliu most approved jmtternco 
hand mid Cutalf hvd to ot'der. All tbu luloat 


Hearse and Carriages 


Alao every tiling i"b;i n i^:if cl lov tavln;; otit auUdr'eBS 



I am j.n i^ucid (o wijiply to tlio rjt>»»[e 

of Ftihot. iitid vicinity from eitlier of 

llio above mentioned Uiilieriea 

Bread. Calces Grackors, 

And Hilifinds oi Biil(pr»' Gooils of tin 
E,'!-t Qualily, Tlie ciioiCTet atocli of 

Oo:n.:£'©c - fc±o:ja.e:c;3r 

Orfiekeca 7 cotitc per pound or 4 pounds 
for 2ft cents 
87if Fronrielor 


Has Moved hia 


„ ippttoi into r*rh iMMtrJI • -d M 




B0Bffl3Sfial MUM 

South Side Oneida Street, 

. «B9 . 

school be 


■■■.; SYRACUSE. H.V..^ , ,_ 

SrfciM)T» in? Amrth-m^ Co!i«([(jj£mmtl,Cst«- 

:.,';, .;. ..;■■■■■ fc.ft.qr^NliBAF*8*att«x..'. 


■*w»te«*.fti t!j«ft«.-ir* 

w„«.»j2£irs.u,EM. , R r r?S 




atlas Enowweaa, 


Business Cards, 

Paper Hanging 

im pm>»H*i to do *\1 Wnas Of JftHntW *d 
Jecoi%UnK!n t!ia!^.tsl\'to. S'ai*r"ItwiKi^ - ■ 

Insurance A.gents. 

Old Uellable Coinpaniesi RepreBenfcetl. 

Loss promptly and fairly adjusted. 
Office at the Fulton Eavin™« Bank. 

N, H. Haviland/M. 3D. 

SomeDpabu Plivsichn mi hi'^% 

OlilUB ond lifsidonca ,'fi Ont-ida St,, I'-ulloil, N. Y. 

Office Hours till r a. m, HMo :: p. m. nltRr'f 

p.m. nnd Saturday nftcrnoonu, Bpocial 

attention etven tn rttscnBoa or wuioau 

mid children, 

Thos. G. Poole/ 

Deputy Sharif and Detective 

ind Civil canea 
t-d. Crinitlial 
■rved iu nit 

All hfudo of Or 

ttnii-uu{.|>lv iii 

C. S. EOGl.liSTON. 

— D K.U.Kit JS— 


Fulton W. IT, 

IT. L, L A1CE 3 M„ X>„ 


•STGlasRes 'Carefully Fitted. 

OFFICE HOURS-FromOtoii a. m., from 8 
to Bp; iu. and from? to 8 p. in. 

Ofllce: firand Central Block, 
ONEIDA STKEEST - - Fulton, N. Y. 

Do Yon Want Work, 

Wo want good man to act rs CANVASSINfjf, 

GEN Eli AT, or STATE AGENTS. WwiiJ ■■ 

glv« a e^arnnteed pnlary or CJi'iraissvoB. 

for full partloulans.addrewr 


No. JO Sixteenth St„ Nf.«-"ier!i;0ity 

or iii Wall wli 'Aw. . Oliloa^n, '■" 


ABciiaOHaaaa etnndu.d Jfoimlar lilciiicnl Ttealicsc 
thoErrotaof yoiitli.I'reTnattiroUOtlltn^Kcrvor 
eqi] Fhyaloal JJclillity, Initiuiltk-o of tlie lllc ' 

IfcjBiiltiBg trom Folly. Vlc^, liiiwvtmcv, Kswhsch or 
Orortasutlon.EriervaanLMiitd nnllnliift ilw vlctlia 
£orWo*lt,Bu«ncs»,t!ioM.iiri-iedci-fJc.'.dft!ttoli«ioa 1 -. 
Avoid ttasldlful protftiidere. Voesciia llila gfeiS'. 
wort.. XtconlalnaM'ipnt'W.m-.T.ISivo. HustHitvH 
bladics, cmboffiod, full ffilt. I'rlce; unly S1,"C b? ■ 
mdJ, BC8^p3id. concealed J» plain wrapper, illlie- 
tttHlvo ProsBaetua Freo, ii yuu apply now- iM 
dUHaaalaJjed nuihor, Ww. Jl. Vatkeriht . »«. Jjr 
colvca «J0 GOLD AM0 JEWELteD -fSEBAU 
from -tho Wationai tJiemiai Assocrstlsn,.- 
for the PRIXE ESSflV on TlFiRVOUS attil 
PHYSJCfii-DSeiLITV, l>r.r-':'-<:;r.<iutfa&>n*}~ 
Of Aealntant I'liy^lclana may i:a enr^ i. tc-d- CDS3- 
dentlnllv, by tn;UI or in jn'i-aou, i.! ih's efflegoi 
TIJS l'KA!!0!»Y ■MV.i>lCAT t 1 NSTlTHKii. 
No.4i:iillim'?ifi.., rr,«i«n, ii*B*s., iowlionittJj 
ifdera for h',ul:2 or IttlP-s Ibr n(' ! -'iw, eltoulil 3J3 ■ 
awsoedas above. 


Caveats, Trude liarta nM Copyi'Jgfife 

. ivtaloed. and othorijusdJiess-lrt the U. S, Paicai : 
Uliico ntteuded to for .JiOJJBIiATE FEES. 

Our ollloo t, (j[!|«adt*: ttsa'V, (i. I'aU'.ntOHleo, 
ond wecanobicin ■P»teii£ni« leia tints than tDess 

Send MODEL OK DRAWING. WefidWsaciJte 
patentafjili y free at •■bnrt't- : nnd we mato H0 

Woreterhereto t tie. Postmaster, tlio fiost, -.ef ■■: 
Shmey Order UJv„ nmi to ofilcfela of ilia v, ». : 
Patent OJilco. For (;ircu.lar,. «difco, tatmz est& 
referenee^to-acUiaicIlKiita fa your ov/a . 
couotv, crfte to 

. (I.A.SKOW ■S.CO' . 
Oppcaita Pat^at OffiijK. W/isiifriirton, f>; G. 



Fred TaaVanvalkesteg 


Keep Coaafanl!? oit Land ail Jdntb of . .... 

LAKE and 002M FISH/ 

Clams in Shell, Oysters by /. 
the Quart- 

Oysters -for Saniidy" , DiDije*s recWved ^v«"jr , 
Saturday laomirtij. ■Leavv Itoof-'. : 

Orders and We will-Fill Therm: 

. ■ pKimpOy. Goods Peiiwred to ai; psrti-os'.'.-r.v. 
: ■tbe-?flla«e/.' ' -.Stf'-.v 

The Boy's Holiday. 

The KMt ToaU '- J" u p c r crer PtiM.slnsd,, 


.-. . Eramlwilw First Suipljer- ■.■.:■.■.■.:.:■.■:,;',.'.■. 

''For;«lJ«' , .tir:'^i;aeiriKli)ai!ni 


rftott«l*o*tOflW-»»t ITuitw, J*- *-. ^, 
■Monti rim— —*-*«— 

■ ■■■:■" : ■,'F,.0.VaKWA#*KW.. 

. rroprtefw 
JA»7~H. 'FAHU4*IKVK J JK.»Hl;ir- 

i&mMp letting the Truth a» I vUw 
and deterfbing what Xtee. Todemsrtbe 
othtrutUe than it tern* to me would 
faUeMod in. thattxtUing in wMt* it 


THE new prison site cominiesfon at 
Albany, Monday, reported favorably 
to locating the now Sing Sing prison 
in, tbe to wn of Eao pus, Ulster county. 

Hon. JauIeTHJPl^KanVf North 
Bay, has been appointed assistant 
superintendent of public works for the 
middle division of the Erie canal, to 
euBcced John Stebbina, i-erin-nod. Kin 
headquarters will bo in Syracuse. 

A GREAT (wow storm caiiHiiitf unpar- 
alleled blockadtfS has pasbed over 
Montana, Oregon, Waaliiityton *"»<■ 
California, during the pant week, 
causing the death of many human 
lives and thousands of cattle and 

QKta. Spinner, ox treasurer of the 
United States, now n.-arly 00 yeartj of 
ago, writes from Jacltaonvllh', Pin., 
to say that ho ia sorely afaiotcd. Ho 
.b almost blind. Ho «ay«: "Can Junt 
see to write, but can't coo to road my 
own writing." _____ 

"WuiQKicr and quinine is the boat 
thing to Btavo it of?," nays the (saloon- 
keeper. "Keep it out of tho house by 
using plenty of coal and having your 
rooms well heated," nays the oo«i 
dealer. "Let mo ooll you Bonto onti- 
pyrino for It," aaye tho druggist. 
"Tinted glassea will relieve tho pain 
in the head," hinta the ooculist. 
"Keep well wrapped up," ifl the ad- 
• vice of tho olothior. "And above all 
tilings," urges the physician, "don't 
take any quack romedtca, but get a 
do ttor to prescribe tor you at once. 1 
—Philadelphia Record. 

Aeoopdoaconof tho town of Perry, 
Me,, telle a startling story regarding 
his curious experience while killing 
S iowlo. He wus preparing for an ex- 
tensive Now Year's dinner and killed 
three fowls. Tho last one, instead of 
flopping around like an ordinary hen 
and dying when its head was out off 
got ap and walked about ten feet 
laid an egg and gave up tho ghost. 
Jn the meantime tho fowl's head 
caoklod for nearly a minute, before 
that, too, became quiet. 

tlt Itv 

prifaUd in tbe Toronto MLt 

'Thar* **>■ fn '■«■ aboat AM) p*w 
■on* «nploy*rd «* o w j m mi the 
Bt. L-WMOM rift-, lb IMS thar* 
*«r« partaafM 100.;: Tli«n *«• lw( 
■amnier thirty ■!■ Iiutala, ampafcl* irf 
ueommodatlog 4,000 penMMDt. 1 .: CMi 
y«a*m ag» tbe bottle eonld aoaoin- 
niodata •caroely 1,006 p*opi«. B«iid<Hl 
tb**« there *rs noi 
boaaei with * e*pa»>ity of SOOixami*. 

tag^e uned ewlunlfriy tor ettttimor 
mldant*. _ , rom*l,0«,000t«*l ( «50,000 
was ttpent on the river last nummer 
by tonrldtM, oxelmtivc of railroad 

farein." .. .- / 

MlAVMHALX* P. Wit-WBtt in Now "York 
city's society clown. That ii hie 
profession, and you are no doubt 
aware of him a« r merry little hunch- 
back who recites comic ttfcorio* with 
grotesque facial ordnmccs. Well, ho 
is under engagement, to Mrs. Corne- 
lius Vandorbilt, not as a merry man 
ip her own parjlore, like a jester in a 
loediffival rotirt—although the little 
fellow does make fun occasionally at 
Vandorbilt assemblages— but to visit 
hospitals and be comic to tho patients. 
Ho goos on a regular weekly round 
of inetltntiono, giving «n hour'o en- 
tertainment in each for aa many of 
tho inmatou as are able to gather 
tlieiniieiveu into an audience. After 
thin itt over, h« pairae» through the 
wtmlK und telb brieliy numerous an- 
ecdoien to tlm.-c who cau't out of 

TUti Gtnto Afificiiniiirnl Hoolcty ami *t"> 
N«»t Htato Fair. 
ALBANY, Jan. 39. —There will be 
two fui-iMur's iiiBtilutefi held, in con- 
nection with tho annual meeting of 
the Mew York «tate Hgricultnrat bo- 
oiofcy, Wednoiiday and Thursday. 
Tho election for olttcern of the society 
will bo very spirited. Bo'h sides 
maintain that they have enough 
pioxioH to carry their point. 'J'iie 
main point at iusue is' tho board of 
truutoefl, whieli Ims the deelgnntloii 
of the place for holdiug tho next utato 
fair, Tho present oQloem are in iavor 
of a permanent location, having set- 
tled on Syracuse aa the place, and 
authorized the erection of bulldinga 
and fences on the grounds set apart 
for tho soeiety. Tho anti-permanent 
tilte men hope to put a board in con- 
trol that will favor the rotation or 
"roving fiite;" that in, hold the fair 
eacli succeeding year at a different 
place from tho laat one. Tho election 
will occur at noon, Weimeuday, and 
it is likely that more than twotlilrda 
of the 1.7«0 members will voto by 
pros 1 cm. 

THE question ot the aite for the 
World's Pair to be held in 1802 oontin-, 
ues to be a matter for considerable 
discussion and much interest. Speak- 
er Eeed of the House of Representa- 
tives on Monday appointed the fair 
eommittea. On -location of tho fair 
the committee stands as follows:— 

For Chicago, Hitt and Springer; 
for St. Louis, Hatch and Frank; for 
2Tew York, Helden and Flower; for 
Washington, Bowden and Wilson. 

The chairman, Mr. Candler, Is sat- 
isfactory to all tho contending par- 
ties aa one not committed to the in- 
terests of any parti cular city. 

The letter left behind by n dejected 
woman who ended her life last week 
in New York by jumping from the 
upper story of a tenementhouse gives 
a iield of inquiry that one of the en- 
terpriBing metropolitan newspapers is 
delving into. The letter read:— 
"I've the satisfaction of knowing 
. that I have tried and could not obtain 
any/honest work, not even scrubbing. 
I could hoVe got plenty of shady 
work from those who advertise for 
housekeepers and then, when you see 
them, gently insinuate that you must 
add wifely duties to domestic arrange- 
ments. There are plenty such in this 
ctfcj, but I do not approve of such 
economy. I have been bo indignant 
that I would like to have shot the top 
of the heads off the old fools." 

When Jules Verne, the French nov- 
©JeBt -wrote his book "Around the 
World In Eighty Days" and disoribed 
thft adventures of his hero Phileas 
Fogg in accomplishing the task It 
■was considered a great stretch of the 
imagination to have his hero make 
the journey in that time. On -Novem- 
ber 13, two young .American women, 
Nellie Biy sent by the enterprising 
New "Kork World and Miss Bislami 
gent by the Cosmopolitan Magazine 
■tarted to make the trip ia the least 
time possible. The former traveling 
East and the latter West. Each is 
'. now on the final lap andjoles Verne's 
imagtowy trip will without donbt be 
beaten by from five to ten days by 
; fbbth. Truly everything is In a con- 
■ . «tant state of advancement and what 
-:. : .' ; 4oiild not a tew years ago but be con- 
>tiieEed as notion ia now easily sur- 
: paiied by realitlei. 

Jil* late fa«» ffMrtajr. ::««•- 

of teffiinwfliNi of ftto *<mm«K a«*d 
fortr foar yw*. Mr. Hnbbard «•• 
born at Ht. PtMMtDt, VohMy, a*d 
baa always mm4* tUh rfeinJty bU 
boow, Th« rnovral waa.hsld from 
hto lau mldeuee Thomtay, Jan. l% : 
th« H«r. Hr. Cwm* of tb* . Berlb* 
\g. ■ 1>«oeaMd 
Itmvm « wlf> and two *mall boyi to 
mourn hf* Iokk. Tb#y bavti tht »yra- 
p«thy of tbe who)* flOMmoilHy lit 
their bier eave went, 

Mm"C, O. |>awton of I*fce Vipw 
ia is pending » few days with JTrl«iid(( 

Mrs. Edward Potter w«u called 'i-b. 
Waterford, N. Y-, Tuesday or last 
week, on account of the illneee of Her 
brother, Mr. At well Parker.. 

Mrs. Wni IV Law ton, took some 

rong bottle thoi 
hing scrioue Jihiese. 
was called^ and the 
if danger, 
i MoDorniott are on 

inedicino fim:; ill 
other day, i .u.i 
Dr. C. M* * . 
lady la now o 

John and > 
tho hick Ifpf. 

■ ■■)^oi-!VOil on Uic miico. 

Colonel Robert Gf. Ingersoll line been 
in Washington this weok but ho lias 
not called at the esecntlvo inansion. 
Bince the experience with Hio Repub- 
Icrtn National oomuilttee, when iio 
wan denied tho opportunity to advo- 
cate the elaiuiH of Gre»liain, Colonel 
lngernoll line not had thoaotfvt) inter— 
est in goventinent which ho wan 
wont to display. Some one asked 
hhn In one of the capital corridors a 
fewdayw ago: "ilav • you been to tin 
White Moumo recently." 

"No," he nmtwert-d In a. deliberate 
emphatic wiay. "I do not believe I 
have seen Mr. Harrison cince bin in- 
auguration nor tilnce hlu election for 
that niattiir." 

"You are not 'out' with with tli 
adniinftration, mo yon?" 

"No—oh, no. ■ I am about in tho 
position of the woman at the revival 
meeting: She sat there, prim and dc 
mure, with here- little handkerchief 
tolded up and lying on her lap wiien 
some one come up to her and said: 
'Sister, do you not love Jesus?' ttho 
straightened up a little and after 
a minute repled: 'Well, that's a 
rather slrong expression to use but I 
can say thin, I've got nothing ag'tn 
him.' "—Now York Tribune. 

gmmmOtrnm vMlu« to .:■. 

P mm bat W mair had 1+ I 

auow. aod tba townt poiM 

*d by tba Ui wa a B iUftT * h. 

4 Atg M m abora i«ro, one murnlm at 

1» dag r era, : aixl - 1 bo otl 

that 90 d*tTr#««. For . aaaa 

tlm thariDODKiMr Indloatod «f dafjiaa* 

or mora: »nd ou oa« oaoaaloa ahowad 

as high as (HI 

da>ymu;/ro> or )«•» rmln f«lL 

o*.ni* in wu-ni, with rain and likewise 

rain, on th« toi, IHh, th, lltb, 

and lUlli . Snow rail I^laabaaoa tfa* 

gtllvone inch on the Kb, one on the 

10th, ono on the 15th tndoo* on tba 

iflfch. j anow f«H «*riy 

in the iilornibg and ..'wa» gon« ' br 

jdight. Th coldWt ■ taprnlox thia 

month thu) 

the..)?th. Tho nc*t coldest was 18 

on the flth, The warm morning* were 

57 o 2d, 50° on tho «ch, ao« on tht 

IJJth, and 4S» on tha 20th. On nine 

mornings this month the hmrcurj* 

stood above freezing point. Sleighing 

was had last winter from December 

ISth, to tho 24th inclusive, and not 

any more until Jan. Slat, when seven 

to eigth -inches. of enow fell which 

furnished sleighing for tho reBt or the 

month. In December 1888, there 

were eight inches of anow and in Jan. 

24 incheo. ' The coldest morning in 

December, 1888, was 50 bekw i 

and the coldest in January, 1889, 

3° above. 


We offer One Hundred Dollar* for 

any case of Catarrh that cannot bo 

cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure, 

F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., 

Toledo, O. 
We, tho undersigned, hnvo known 
F. J. Cheney for the last 10 years, 
and believe him perfectly honorable 
in all business transactions and ilnan- 
clally able to carry out any obligation 
made by their Arm. 
Wbst & Trpax, Wholesale Druggists, 

Toledo, O. 
Wamhng, K.innan & Marvin, 

Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. 
E. H. Van Hcesen, Cashier, Toledo 
Natipual Bank, Toledo, O. 
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter- 
nally^ acting directly upon the blood 
and mucus surfaces of the system. 
Prlco 76o. per hottle. Sold by alt 
Druggists. H7 w 4 

Hi DDau AnnlDmiisa WtjriiiaiSo ppoporiiiono 
— BEllI B:'tS»HC«a. 

Some idea of the enormous passen- 
ger traffic of the great railways may 
be obtained by inspecting the annual 
report or the New York Central rail- 
road which has just been made pub- 
lic. . 

In 1883 this great company carried 
for the first time in its history more 
than 10,000,000 passengers; in 1885 the 
number carried during the year had 
increased to nearly 13,000,000, and in 
USD there were transported on its 
trains more than 18,000,000 paBSeU- 

The Albany & Schenectady railroad 
chartered in 182C as the Mohawk & 
Hudson, was opened September 19th 
1831, and was the flrBt railroad built 
in the State of New York. In 1847tDe 
name was changed to Albany & 
Schenectady. In 1853 this road was 
consolidated with nine other small 
lines, forming the New York Central, 
and in 1830 this company was consoli- 
dated with the Hudson River rail- 
road, forming what has since been 
known as the New York Central & 
Hudson^ River railroad. 

In 1881 the Mohawk & Hudson car- 
ried but a, few passengers', last year 
the New- York Central & Hudson Riv- 
er railroad carried more than 18,000, 

To-mgbt ana To-ioiocrow NlKlit. 

And each day and night during 
this week you oanget at all druggists 1 
Kemp'a Balsam for the Throat and 
Lungs, acknowledged to be the most 
sueeeBsful remedy for the cure of 
Coughs, Croup, Bronchitis, Whoop- 
iug Cough, Asthma and Consumption. 
Get a bottle to-day and keep it al- 
ways in the house, so youeau check 
yoar cold at once. Price 50e. and $1. 
Sample bottle free. 8Sw4 

(Hpnclnl Correspondence I" The TiM'^t, ) 

Mr. Halsteud of Palermo and 
Messrs. Piper, At water and (iardnei 
of this place have sold their tobacco 
to Mr. Blakemau of Little Utlca, 
agent tor Llderman for nine cents 
per pound. Messrs. Gorton, Reid, 
Morne end Whitney have not yet 
Hold tlioirn. 

A gentleman living in thin place 
told us lie was feeding his poultry 
"Bohemian Oats." On this expen- 
sive food they produce plenty of eggs, 
which he sella for 18 cents per dozen, 
Who «ayn farmers farming does not 

In giving a list of those afflicted 
with tho "grippe" last week we omit- 
ted the name of MIsb Ruth Piper who 
had the honor of being the firet vic- 

\muol Baldwin istalkiug of selling 
his place at the Corners, and moving 
his farm in the spring. 
Irs. Nancy Sackett who was injur- 
ed by the wind blowing off the top 
of the Mexico stage in which Bhe was 
Iding is still confined to her bed. 

Jay Piper sold ten fine hogs at $8.00 
per hundred last week, and there are 
plenty more on this street. If the 
farmers here didn't raise any any 
potatoes thoy have plenty of pork. 

There are 

many white soaps, 


represented to be 

"just as good as the Ivory. ,E ' 

They are not. 

but like 

all counterfeits, 

they lack 

the peculiar 

and remarkable 

qualities of 

the genuine. 

Ask for 

Ivory Soap 


insist upon having it 

'Tis sold everywhere. 

A fall line of Plush Goods at Will 
flams' Drag Store. Get his prleesbe- 
lore yon buy. 33tf 


Friendship improves happfnosp, and 
abates misery, by doubling our joyi 
and dividing our grief.— Addison. 

Men of the noblest dispositions 
think themselvefi happienfc when oth- 
om chare their happiness with them. 
— Taylor. 

Certain trifling Qtivra ait as disgrace 
fully on a character of elegance, aa a 
ragged button on a court coat. 

Conduct hi the great profession" : 
Behavior is the perpetual revealing 
of Urf. What a man does, tells uo 
what he is.— F. D. Huntington. 

A sound economy Is a sound under- 
standing brought into action. It is 
calculation realized; it isthe doctrine 
of proportion reduced to practice; it 
is foreseeing contingencies and pro- 
viding against them; it is espeotlng 
contingencies and being prepared for 
them.— Johnson. 

Books are a guide In youth, and an 
entertainment for age. They pup- 
port us under solitude, and keep us 
from becoming a burden to ourselves. 
They help us to compose our cares 
and our passions, to lay our disap- 
pointments to sleep. When we are 
weary of the living we may repair to 
the dead, who have nothing of peev- 
ishness, pride or design in their con- 
versation. — Collier. 

In company it is a very great fault 
to be more forward in setting one's 
self off, and talking to show one?s 
parts, than to learn the worth, and 
to be truly acquainted with the abili- 
ties of other men. He that makes it 
his business not to know, but to be 
known, is like a foolish tradesman, 
who makes all the baste he can to sell 
ol? his old stock, but takes no 
thought of laying in anynew.— Ch&r- 

SHILHO'S CURE will immediately re- 
lieve Croup, WhoepingCough and Bron- 
chitis. Hold by H, C. Giealer opposite 
the opera house, 87eow 



Korthwestern Masonie 




Its membership is more than double 
any other of the kind known on 
record. It has no equal. 
Average cost per §1,000 for tho post 
Bis years $6.6B. 
E. E. HART, BoUeltor. 

<rbe Excitement Wet Or«r 
The rash on the druggists atill con- 
tinues and daily Bcoreg of people call 
for a bottle of Kemp's Balsam for the 
Throat and Longs, for the cure of 
Coughs, Colds, -Bronchitis, Asthma 
and Consumption. Kemp*s Balsam, 
the standard family remedy, is ;Hpld 
on a guarantee and never fails to 
givs entire satisfaction. Price . 50o 
ahdfl- Trial site free. 36w4. 

For Sale. 

A House and Large Lot, 

With Fruit. 

Will be sold Very Cheap foi 
Cash. .Apply to ^ J 

C. W. Streeter, 


South Side Oneida Street, 

••«*-* •«. *#*<• Ok 
i few ***•*•«■***«» Ht 
r. »«■ < •«■■«■« », n^ 

mm. 0**: (MM, 

.*!*'< <x4*' ' " 
»Mtmt fb*«yi 
m4 fawa ihravtlMl. iha body; 

Walkw mumm »m lawty-ftv* jt»n 
•ragaaadWHaarrlad; T«« '.'jtiuag- 
bav* Iwdi a* many oppo«uialli«i In pafc. 
He (tr«; H« ia IHvtally hriMchi ap la 
Ivioriotw p»« ptMliloM. H* waa 
TtainlS^rwui ate ftttk. 

fr «i«ia icid'tt oabtaat. 

White !»■• a»pioT«d a* »•• Mai to 
Ofctll«n<f P*m to inqair« inio Um dia- 
Mttrd right* at- Anarwaii mtiseiM thwa. 
II* wm r«ct>lt*d br PrMtdwt Arifaar, 
In 19M h« w«i uppotawd janitor ooua- 
■«! for ih" Unitecl SiaiM brfor* th« 
Alabama claim* court. Fmm 1886 h> 
1600 ?i'm* : *Mi of offioo 

and w-a« #>mpIoywi *s » railroad aliqjr- 
n*y, with tktle (b «o autl pl«uty of k» 
riitBHtBiodn H for him. Withiu two 
■weeks att*?r PfMulent Harrinon'* ia*u- 
gnrntionMr. Blaine w»* nointnated>ex* 
*minerot claim* in this State depart- 
mem, which m*Ue him the con0dt>nUal 
reprcwntRtiveof the Seeteury. Walk- 
er Bl«f no waoByoimg mirn of decided 
ahiiitice urid v*tat experience. He hsd 
also great push «hti energy, combined 
with. complete Confid- tiCB In himwlf. 
JIhi» Ufa te»ohe« o»ii lewron more thittf i» that there «ra many grent- 
cr faiafortunee tbttn being bom tbe son 
of the foremost American noliticiau. 

Senator ' F«rcnr«U'« ire is Atill up 
again&t (ho HdministraiiitQ. Timt he ia 
only prevented from making «n op«n 
and hitter attack upon President Harrl- 
<ion by the cone tint peraumion of hie 
friwln, ie no BPoret. He la full of fight 
and longing for an opportunity. One 
thing he hue announced Hint he will do 
anyhow. H» will fight the, appoint 
onent of Clarlt notninatad as collector of 
customs for the port of Chicago without 
a consultation with either of th,e Sens, 
tors from Illhioie, It ie understood that 
Clark and Senator Karewall have been 
hitherto good friends tmd that the Sen. 
ator's opposition i« hla nomination is 
bused upon a desire to vindicate liinown 
Sionor. Mr. Farewell bus buen hard a. 
work among hia collengues ibis week 
and is eaid to huvo received assurance 
of enough votwi to defeat ihe noialna. 
tion. Thlo, .however, ia esliPiasly 

Ti»e corridors in the ceuuua ofllce 
and the Superintendetu'o and chief 
oome nre » uedlnni these duye. 
On« could piuk apa respectahle qnortmi 
of the Houae of R-preseutativea almop t 
any day hanging about to see Snper.i 
Sentient Porter ahout pulling pome 
constituent on the rolls. Hundreds of 
applicants are prt-wut for themselves, 
willing to take any position no matter 
how email but determined to get some" 
thing. There are all oorta of people. 
Bright eyed young girl?, knowing 
young men, awkard country boys, blear 
eyed old men and frowy old woman. 
Some look impertinent, others desperate, 
others sullen, The clerk who worked 
on the last census is a common figure. 
The men of thia class era mostly of the 
blear eyed order. They are the raye- 
terioue lower elass majors who hang 
about hotel lobbies, froth census to cen- 
sus it would seem,, und upon whom 
time leaves no impression save to make 
clothes already shabby a trifle ehabbler. 
They alt "know Porter" and apeak in 
in ofieetionHta oonBdence of what he 
has assured them Bhali be done for them. 
They ail claim to be expert* and feel 
that the success of the tiftitt census 
depende- largely upon wlietHir or not 
they ere employed, 

- The Senate committee on Naval 
Affairs held a special session this week 
to hear the views of the naval board of 
policy appointed last Summer by 
Seoretery Tracy, to formulate and 
report a scheme for the improvement of 
the navy to the standard of that of a 
first claefl power f Commodore McCann, 
President of the Board, Captain Simp 
eon and Naval Construetor Gatewood 
did most of the talking. They approved 
in general terms the bill introduced by 
Senator Hale, which authorized Ihe 
President to have constructed eight 
battle ebips of from 7,000 to 10,000 tons 
each, two armed coast veesela, three 
gun boats of from 800 to 1,!W0 ton* each 
and Ave flret cla8» improved torpedo 
boats. The bill farther appropriates 
15.000,000 for construction and $3,000,- 
000 for armament, which latter aum it 
is expected would provlda a most 
elaborate and powerful gunnery. The 
policy board, in reporting to Secretary 
Tracy, will recommend the construction 
of 103 veuels of diHerent type and six*, 
to be built within fourteen years and to 
coati all told,over two hundred and fifty 
million^, " 



feTJUm^r^rw*Oa.,:liaav;:M^^;: : ; M«t 

Tin Toy*. Wooden Toy*, Iron Toys 
lindttlt Icittd* of Toy, ahMper than 
eyor at M. H. WUllauu'. Sitt 

There never was a time in 
the world when things were 
made so well as now— seme 

There never was a time 
when things were sold so 
acceptably— some things. 

Take the Kabo corset for 
an instance, ol both. 

If it breaks its " bones " in 
a year, come to us and get 
your money back. 

If it kinks its "bones" 
and rolls up, as most of the 
corsets do on women of cer- 
tain forms, you get your 
money back. 

If it slips or shift* Its 
"bones," you .v get- your 
money back. - ., "J 

If it doesn't suit you, affef 
wearing a week or two, bring 
it back and get your money. 

We 'have a primer on Cor- 
sets for you at th« store. *£ 


HaTiag poMha^of Scaenck * Foster the Coal 
Vart. at Lowsr Oswego Falls, I am now pre- 
pared to supply all with the Celebrated 

Scranton Coal! 

Which is the best in the market. It has nj equal. 
I*a»e your orders at the W. U. Telegraph 
. ' ■ ■ Office, First Street. ■' . 


F. B. RICE. 


Blrilsatt's New laker yf 

I«wi 8 House Block, - - . Cayuga SteeVs 

Is fully equipped aud frpm It can lie obtained the finest Baker's 

Qooda. _ Elegant Ice Cream Parlors have been fitted ap. 

The Confectionery Department contains everything fresh and new 

Fruit of every kind- in its season can be obtained here. 

Crackers are made fresh every day . 

The Bakery, Ice Cream Parlors, Confectionery and Fruit Beprt 

ments are complete in every particular. 






33 Oneida Street. 

My Fancy Line of 
Is unsurpassed and Inoludes the Cele- 
brated Canaatota Corn as Wei! aa 
.;.■"" all other choice of all 

klndg ot goodt. 
All ©roeeries and Provision! of the 
best quality. ■* 





If you wont Summe? Heat In your 

house this winter. . 

For Sale hy 

A. J. SNOW,- Fulton. 


No. 38 Grand Optra House, 
Stbaoots, N. T., 
Bo all class«» of Collscting, 

Sand for Bates. 
Through their system sattls- 
ments are made promptly in 
any part of tho state. 

-— : — ** — '-~i)soe. 


ttabaa 'pc^Ubm tat tto .rW* mm.,- 

School Supply Agency, 

" G. BLMIS1IA1, Manager- 

Central Square, 

Oswego County, 




"Publi© Sekool JowsnaL 9 ' 

^Correspondence Solicited. 

Our Great Combination 


You want good reading for the Winter months. 

We've got two offers to make you. 
• The great Cosmopolitan Magazine, one year, and Tm; Times 
one year for $2.40. 

. _ The excellent" literary magazine, The Kew England Fireside 
one year and The Times one year for §1,60. 

If you are not familiar with these excellent magazines call at 
The Times office and see sample copies. We know they are 

|^*Caoh must come with every order. 

t3sT"01d or new subscribers can take advantage of either o 
these two offers. 

|3S~Always send 10 cents extra for postage, when The Times 
goes out of Oswego County. 

CURED. %£%«£3S3$ss: 

Mm W*mj.VWij».»sms, in tsi»aty, «ltbBiMa. 

OUftaMMM w*mrt!tt«w.-. Mr M9H 

._.-_. — .... ... — . -anr* jaw iaay ri.ww Itfiarl 

walaisrili i m a w pii " . '" AB jisisn 



D.H. CASE, Broker. 

Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, 
Furniture, in use, without re- 
moval. Personal and Real 
Estate. Valuable Notes 
TianiMtions strictly Confidential. 
«T Ofi*« flnt doorsoath of Swving, 
Ssak, Jlni Strwt, Pulton. 


Wt- :i.-i- pt-fij m"i Li! <\« all kind!* of 

with lifft'-rnr,' nv.-A tiinriinch '-v. iUs- iaost 
iV.iii:ti..!e i(fnLif, 



DODGKR-'i. f-UNYJyjl^, 


P'MNT,-*. or'i.NKi>;tS t 

TTftCTJTR, TT^Cai7A*-f?A. 

POM'Sks, 1 N v'i VA'i't OKS 

f.'SL£lt Ol" IU-NCE8 

Alt -print*.! in l'K bu*l ■ «t 3 

..." Lywu-tPric-'*. 






Are you prepared for tbis Cold Winter Weather which has set in probably for three months! Tho»e that are not prepared we would advise (o go to 

And take advantage of tbe Slaughter Sale of 

y Uw us 



Liir- J ^ta*fcik:'I- 


What the weather has been! Tito raralt is we have quite • large 

stock of 

Overcoats, Ulsters, Winter Suits, 

Hals, Caps, Gloves, Mittens, Underwear, 
Hosiery, etc. 

That mutit be sold if low prices will do it. 

about this. 

Ther# is no deception 

D. C. MOBS & CO. 

The Reliable One Price Clothiers, 


'0,'J, will roofer the third dffl[Te« on 
two earwlldates thU evrof ny. 

Itemember the donation to Mr. 
Charles At wood at AustloV Hall* 
Granny Centre, next JMday evening. 

. Alice and Willie Mnrphy,the young 
•on and daughter of Deputy Sheriff 
C.S. Murphy are serionsiy ill with 
typhoid pneumonia. 

Oneida Street, 

Fulton, N. Y. 


wctuieaisny, San. as, astis*. 


Hay Espret-B 8:0!U. m 

Noiv Yorlc and rhllHdclptilaEjjpreaa.... II :'.'!.' rt. in 

BliiKlmmtoiiondlCliiilm Kxpreaa a;i3r>. in 

Byrncuiw Exprosn M:3 1 |i, m, 

Now York and 1'iill. Nl(;lit EKjir(!ii,i 8:60 p. m 

New Y<irlc and rtilloUulphltt E*|iw)fl3....H:0rt<,, in 

steamboat i:K\>Tum ia;00 p. in 

Day Espre-in ~": : IH p. in 

Aow Yorlr. iitul I'litlmloljitilu Esprosn 7i03 1>. m 

Evetilni; ENprtws D:40(). m 

lllo 8:09 a. in., anil 8:0S j>. m„ trultm will 
run SuiulayH. 

f'er'HLwiiliiKOfironttacliQil to night osprosa for 
New York mid I'lillndulntila. 

A. H. BuiiWAiiK. Aua'l.. 8upL. 


TimJiiu li'iim Fulton Stiitlun (wfoUowa: 

ew Vorli Ciuy Ksjirowi .,., 7 :!*•! u. m 

FlolKht anil *■■- ..i-.'i".. u.n.u .„ 

Xwwioli Kxi 

■FIBK ES. A 4 

flWWIOll EXIll'IM!) 

N. Y. Nlfflit Kx|.rrss 

Ontiu'io NIrM I'lxpri'SH , 

Odwt'Bu KicurftMB , 

UYolfjht mil! Accommodation 

: 'OHWPRO l>»y tiKjirots , . 



■Vot i. 



:fia 11:08 


,tgS?"Xf&S\w KOltig north leave llio Broadway 
ilopot 3, minutes earlier. All trnfna will otopat 
bull, depota. 

"JHaaBeogerB wo requested to piii-elmrie tickets 
hofore MtU'ring the earn, Ail oxaem charge- of 
TICK CENTS will bo oolleeteij wliero Inr-eu are 
paid on tilts Irainu." 



Tho stock at tho mills la nearly 
worked up and but fow of tho hands 
are, how working. A number of car- 
ponteru are however at work laylngr 
now (loom A circular, it hi H «.1<1, ban 
been loaned by tho nsslgncea an- 
nouncing that nti application lias 
btfen made to tho New York courts to 
pniuiit tho enlo of the factory proper- 
t yhere. If this wore dono It would 
probably result in tho factory run- 
ning again noon. 

Tho following press dispatch also 
was cent out Saturday from Boston:— 
"Tho proposition of tho Riverside 
and Oswego Mills to pay 03J cents has 
been accepted by creditors represent- 
ing two-third* of the llubflitfus of tho 
inflluuiid tho HiHscoes of tho plan is 
iiiwured. Sevoml of the Booton 
uaiiicB liavo roceivod payment' in full 
on all paper held by thetti bearinw 
Mio itainuH of Hi-own, Steele & Ohvrk. 
J.h in in due to exoelleiit hidornemonts 
and to the ubiiiiclaiiao of collateral 

An adverti«m«nt Jq the Ob^tcro 
P*il(Ulium ftnnoueee that Chariio 
Calkins of this viII*K« is desirous of 
BOlffag hht eutire horeo radiih plent 
and the good will of the business. 

William Patriok, contractor,' is hue- 
ily engaged on his look contracts at 
Rochester. He reports that weather 
Jias been favorable and that his work 
wiii bo completed early in tho spring. 

Tho next department encampment 
of the O. A. XL will take piaee tp Syr- 
noose oooinioiicJDK Tuesday, Febru- 
ary a 1 *. Commander-in-Chief Algor 
will bo present on one of ti)o days of 
tho eessioa. 

Prof. Ijrndloy, tho optician atC. E. 
Klohols', oloaea hie work Friday, p. 
in. Be has had a forgo variety of 
difficult eyeo to treat. Homo where 
they were not reading at all, but he 
succeeded in inakin^thom «eo nicely. 

There will be a gold iuodp.1 prize 
•content and oyster Hopper at . the 
Brintolhill chureh, on Friday oven- 
lii(», Jan, 24. There nro eight Con- 
testants. Oonteat to commence at 
7:30. AdiniHSlon 10 cents. Supper ID 

•mirfoynent to a hu^« nonbar of 
•klll«d worfcneo. Th» 
of tb« Smith sou la 
and daily bmm ai-# baiAg ahlpfMd to 
to all parts of this as well a« oth*r 
•bantri«a. Kor is gun noanDCaetiir 
tog all that is done In this lai^lfl 
buildlns; whieh was erwitad last sdio 
mer. The uianoifaetara of the Acme 
Burnisher for photographers, with 
several Inrentiont that are used in 
ioiuiection with it.fonn ah Jinportaiit 
iwdustry ia itself. But the celebrated 
Trterk Water Motor, Power Fans and 
HosoChunps as well an other patent 
noveitirgare also manufactured there 
and tho push and enterprise of the 
proprietors will make tho whole an 
industry that will give to Ftttton a 
strong impetus in the right direction. 


for Oswego FaIIs can be le(t at tho Dry 
Ooodtt Biorcof J, B. Sullivan. 


3)r. Haddock and wife of Oswego 
spent Sunday in town. 

Harry Nichols returned the latter 
part of last week from his trip Bouth 

Charlea Clark of Sodus is visiting. 
- n town a few days the guest of his 
. friend Watson Butts. 

Ernest fleorge was uischarged, 
'cured,, from tho insane aBylum at 
Utioa last Saturday and has returned 

Lambert and Newton Moss, both of 
'Michigan, are the guests of their 
plater, Mrs. Sarah Taylor, on Fourth 

.-Mis,: Kate Mangeott of Oswego 
H^ls has returned from Dakota, 
where, she has been for several 
months. S 

Charles S. tiust has gone ou a trip 
South in hopes it will benefit bis 
health which has not been good for 
some time past. 

Mrs. GUmour was called to An- 
dover by a telegram on Monday an- 
nouncing that her son, Andrew, was 
severely ill with pneumonia. 

A. T. Carson, Secretary of the Y. 
M. C. A, and J. L. Bison atteuded 
the Secretaries' Alliance, District of 
Northern N. Y.,Y. M. C. A. at Oswego, 
Monday. They also listened to Hon. 
George R. Wendling'a able talk to 
the members of the association. 


The Eleotiio Collecting Company 
• are doing businessin our town. Peo- 
, pie Whose accounts are sold to them 
. are obliged to pay fco save heavy cost 
and trouble, and also from being tak- 
en out of town on a snmmona and 
^^ftubpcBna. People will do well to pay 
v ^iem while they have the opportuni- 
vty offered the?].-. 

Just received at Draper's the larg- 
i*atandflaeet stock of Watches and 
Jewelry ever in town. Also an ele- 
ttant_line all new patterns Jewelry 
;,mnd Plated-ware. Examine these new 
;:and stylish goods. CJoods are made 
: and sold for one-half what they were 
■;yv*few years ago. Judge tliese goods 
Jor yon raelf. 81 tt 

Tftx Collector's Notice. 

;^- -"Soft» to hereby giwn to ae Turtle Mwibl- 
f ;■; - JaaU«rf the TowaotVotoer, Oewtfi eoantj, jj 

T-, tturt I, tlw abdernigDed, -Cflltectw at T«i«« 
Sijidtewia Town, hxn wortwt Om w«rM»| 

(or U»Coile«ttoo oe Ttxm foe U» ymr 1W», mi 

: ?v;^*a«XwiU«fiU^Mi!oU6t»«^; , .' ; . ; 

itiKK* Hotel, Se HiH, oa U«tt«aa- 

^;^«m«T : K«>.w8o..- : ;- ■'.■!^ ; . 

Atfiterxnr h BcwvM 1 »t Xtraoa^ OotMrX <* 
M ■^twiaay;jr«w«Kr. **»;■"'-;■ 

Ma.E.«.UUpB'Dni c 8tow,wi I%* Street, 
~ T!*w. DH.U otMi- 4«n («6t^ fc»a«») for 
TblrtT&t BV« freu Uw<lM« kmol.hitt « 
s'ctafc ia tfa* t orenoOM wuit 4 o'^oak ta tfa* «ft«r 
pom, tot ttaa putpow ol jmaMns pftjaHUt ut 
akM*. J'«.UttTQK,OeBM«K 

PMtdTwlt OB,y.T ,J — Kh 

■■■ Chicago produoM mo. «««»«« ot 
•bout teo ealeldet p«r mk, or 600, la 
«pand oombera, per T— J. 

Oito. Sold l£c OlMte .. _. 


HS. W, & «, WidnBiiBotnoao I5Koesirol!»n. 
The Fourth Annual Orand excur- 
Hlon from all stations on the line of 
the U. W, & O, It. R. to Washington, 
tho National Capital, will bo run on 
Tuesday, March 4th, and not on 
March 25th, as erroneously stated in 
eeverni newspapera. 

Special solid trains, with elegant 
Day Coaches and Wagner Palace Care 
wi ! I leavo all stations on tho R. W . & 
O., on the afternoon of Tuesday, 
March 4th, and run through to Wash- 
ington without change or transfer 
arrivfng at Washington at 8 o'clock 
Wednesday afternoon, March 6th, 
Tho rate from any station on the line 
of the R. W. & O. will be Ten Dollars 
C$10.00) to Washington and return. 
Tickets will allow Ten Days' stay in 
the city of Washington. Special arg 
rangements will be made for Side 
Trips to Petersburg, Richmond, and 
other places in Virginia, Mount Ver- 
non, and all places of historlo inter- 
est, and popular resortB reached via 

Tho R. W. & O. H. R. will distrib- 
ute free, through its ticket agents, 
early in February, an Illustrated 
Program, giving f.,11 details in re- 
gard to tho oxoursion, and a complete 
description of the City of Washing- 
ton, with illustrations of all the pub- 
lic buildings. 

A flro alarm was sounded shortly 
before noon Friday last. A little 
excitement was all it resulted in as it 
was tho members of the department 
that were deceived this time. The 
flro was in tho second story of a small 
house on the "Flats" and wao put out 
without much damage 

Mrs. O. A. Haight announces that 
she will sell at public auction, at her 
farm In tho town of J^yeander, three 
inilofi south of Phamis, on Thursday, 
Jan. 110, ton cows, two yearlings, two 
3 year old heifera, o largo quantity of 
Hay, ICO bushels of Oats, a quantity 
of Laths used for hanging tobacco, 
and numerous other articles. 

Mossrs. P. IS. Mason and C. M. Al- 
len are making preparations to man- 
ufacture the coming seasBu at their 
Wooden Ware Works on lower First 
street large quantities of excelsior In 
addition to their butter tubs, and ad- 
vertise in another column for Bass- 
wood bolts to cut up for the same. 
Machinery for cutting up the wood 
has been ordered. The excelsior is 
used by wholesale houses in packing 
furniture, etc. 

ABSoeaiec Cotaecaanriao. 

Jaoob-Leroy of this village cele- 
brated his 100th birthdayon Saturday 
last and started in on the second cen- 
tury of his existence with mental fa- 
culties retained to a remarkable de- 
gree for one who has lived so long. 
Mr. Leroy came from New Palz on 
the Hudson fifty years ago and re- 
members seeing Robert Pulton's first 
steamboat as it sailed up the Hudson. 
He is a pensioner of the war of 1813, 
and tells some interesting reminis- 
cences concerning the early history of 
the country. He was four times mar- 
ried, having fourteen children by his 
first two wives and none by bia last 
two. He has lived for severaV years 
with his daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth 
MoKooa, in the eastern part of the 
village on tho Emery road. 

N» V-O. St XV. EaralDgv, 

At the annual meeting ot the New 
York, Ontario & Western railroad 
company last week tho directors 
were re-elected without opposliiop. 
The gross earnings for the year end- 
ing September 80 were *l,783,337;oper- 
ating expenses and taxes, .$1,509,449; 
net earn iugs, $573,68 5; surplus, 961,99^ 

City Boarders tor 1890. 

The New York, Ontario & Western 
R'y. are sending out blanks to those 
who desire to take city boarders dor. 
ing the coming season and who wish 
to appear in the "Summer Homes' 
pamphlet of that Company for the 

Those who -.expect to engage in this 
profitable business are advised to call 
on the Agent at the station at onoe 
tor blanks, or to send to J, a Ander- 
son, ®*tt^-l?iia»ni^'-i(ip»oi^3^ 
change Phw e , jf w ^ork, for them. 

An edition of S^OOO oopte* of snm- 
»er houw ia to be InUd and aa 
they go dtTMtly Into th« hud* of 
those residents of U»w York, Brook- 
yn, Jersey oitjr, *e. *c, who •» 
Vtklog for attractive Bummer resting 
places, it makes it ths bsat posslblo 
means of advertising the Bowdinjr 
Houses, FwmHousss, Hotels *& fo 
this vic inity. 

Is rough and pimply, or soreMd with 
blotches and sores, and foa mat a 
olson, BBMothoUnaad asir empfcaE- 

■■!«,■:■. si -■■■ ■■' ■■ ■ — " ■ ■ " 

Father Kearney has been danger- 
ously ill during the past week, bo that 
at times his life has been despaired 
He fell and broke his leg a week 
ago last Saturday, pneumonia follow- 
ing and the two would have been too 
much for a less strong constitution 
than that possessed by Father Kear- 
ney. Doctors Hall and Marsh of this 
village, and a physician from Syra- 
cuse, aroattendiug him and his con- 
dition this morning is reported as 
somewhat more favorable. 

Because of the floating character! 
of tho population of yoimg men in 
these daye, there is great lack of 
honiK Jife and proper restraints. 

There is but a small number of 
young men In the churches ■ several 
ehurches in this stato without a single 
male member. 

Onooitvof 4,G0O inhabitants la re- 
ported as having fifteen young snon 
who are active in church work. In 
one largo denomination two-thkds of 
the whole- membership aro womem 
only ono-third men. 

The young mm must be Get right fg 
tho great question of ' 'purity of homo" 
and "our social problems" vso to be 

The leading anarchists are young 
men. Moba are led by young mon. 

There are multiplied temptations to 
young men. In manyeitiea tho only 
door constantly open for our sons and 
brothers, away fromShome.^B the na- 
oon door. 

105 young men, in one hour were 
seen to go into one saloon. To theao 
and other haunts of vice, they are 
drawn from cheerless boarding houses 
and crowded tenements. There if 
needed in every town and cityat least 
one open door, at which there shall- 
be a Christian welcome. 

Our criminal classes are largely 
young men. Sixty-nine per cent, of 
tho inmates of the State Penitentiary 
at Joliet, aro young men under 80 

Estimate the value of these souls 
for whom Christ died.— Illinois Work- 

Pae BIel©ia<ij"B Show. 
Pat Maloney with new Irish Con* 
edy Co. will make the people smile at 
tho opera house next Saturday even 
ing. Among those advertised to 
appear in addition to the star him- 
self are Maud Stanley Warner, vocal- 
ist; Richard Coleman, Song and 
Dance ArtiBt; Rida Rivers, in Serio- 
comic Songs; Millie Hoyden, Musi- 
cal Artist; Edward Delinar, Contor- 
tionist; McDonnell and Leary, Irish. 
Dancers, Maggie O'Harn in Irish 
Specialists. Admission 25, 85 and 60 
cents. Reserved Seats now on sale 
at Giesler's. 



To introduce ourselves as busi- 
ness men and Boot and Shoe 
dealers to the People ot Fulton 
and vicinity we offer to divide 
our profits with you for a few 
days. Come in and prove for 
yourselves that we mean busi- 
.Successors to F. 15. Ooodjon. 

Wort's famous bread at Berzees'. 

The depot, this fall, for robes and 
blankets is at McCully's. tf 

Buy H. P. Wilson's "I. 
sream bread, 8 cents a loaf. 

X. L.'J 

The Young Men's Christian Assooia" 
tion is a branch of every Church in 
the city. The Christian work of your 
Church embraces, to the extent of its 
co-operation and assistance, the work 
of the Association and the results are 
shared by all the churches in the 
same proportion. The greatest hon. 
or and glory will come to the Master 
and the greatest good to young men, 
when every church member shall re' 
cognize the relation and identify him- 
self with the Association and aid it as 
t may be possible. Will you not do 
this and make the -work of this year, 
for young men, memorable both in its 
efforts and results? You can do this 
first, by becoming members; second, 
by calling and inquiring intoihe work 
and giving suggestions, thus showing 
your interest; third, by becoming ac- 
tively identified with some branch of 
this work; fourth, if you have means, 
include this among the list of your 

Some of our wisest business men 
are directing oar financial expendi- 
tures and you can be assured of a 
wise outlay of every dollar. 

Please consider this and let us 
know of your interest.— Ms. 

Hoilic fihBy on site Elosua Stretefe. 

Sah Francisco, Jan. 31.— The 
ateamer Oceanic, with Nellie BIy 
among the passengers, arrived at 9: 
this morning. Miss BI y was token oil 
in a tug and conveyed at once to Oak- 
laud where she' boarded a e; 
train and started on the overland 
journey via the Southern Pacific and 
Atlantic & Pacific routes. 

Jb» *-. A. BUwart U stUl oooBacd 
»hor boose and hMbsonvsiry stok 
■JUwot* nst- eoodlUon 1* oonsidsr- 
•bly haproTwd- 

»•!* Triesday •vsofasc ths Royal 
Area dscNw will b* eoaf«rr*d at the 
ra««tinc of Pnltoa obapter '■% A. 1C, 
Ko. lffTatMasonleHall. 

At th* prlw sporting contest held 
*t ths Palermo Centra church last 
Friday evening ths silver medal was 
awarde d to Miss May Msrwln. 

The Oswego County Farmer's Club 
have appointed a meeting to be held 
in Washington Hail, Mexico, Jan. 
38 and 30. Many topics of interest to 
farmers and others will be discussed. 

Stephen I* wis, a former resident of 
Kuiton, died at th» residence of his 
son in-law, Mr. Thomas Dine, in Mil- 
burn, Osceola Co., Mich., on Satur- 
day, Jan. 18. 1890, In the 84th year-of 
his age. 

: A wreck occurred neat the Broad- 
way depot, on the R. W. & O. road 
Friday. The locomotive drawing the 
local freight jumped the track doing 
considerable damage to it and one 

*r. N o one was injured, 

The trial of David Boyd of Mexico 
on charge of manslaughter will com- 
mence in Oswego next Monday. The 
defense will be that Boyd struck the 
blows that caused the death of Lor- 
enzo Hayes in self defense. 

The Malone Palladium says that 
among the remarkable figures shown 
by assessment rolls is a case In the 
town of Franklin In that county, 
where a man is taxed nine cents on 
real estate and three dollar and a 
half on doge. 

Rev. Horace Goodyear formerly 
rector of Zjoh Episcopal church In 
this village and later curate at Spring- 
field, 111. has become rector of a 
clinch at Alton, 111. His many Ful- 
ton friends wish him every success in 
his new charges. 

Many are still suffering from "la 
grippe" and in several oaseBhaBtaken 
a dangerous form. In fact mortality 
has been very great in this vicinity 
for the past few weeks as a glance at 
the obituary oolumns in The Times 
for the past few Issues will atteBt. 

The round trip fare between Bald- 
wlnaville and Syracuse, on the D. L. 
& W. and the B. & S. roads fs now 
10 cents. This Is all right as far as 
the railroad fare is concerned but it 
must make it rather hard forthe local 
merchants at Baldwhumlle. 

Quarterly Meeting services will be 
held? at the Free Methodist church, 
corner State and Third streets, Jan. 
25 and 28. Services at 1:80 on Satur- 
day P. M. Xoa are invited. Rev. O. 
ET. Owen, chairman of the district, is 
to have charge. Rev. J. B. Freeland 
will preach Monday evening, the 37th. 
L. S. Kxno, Pastor. 
It came yesterday and last night— 
that is a small quantity of snow — and 
this morning a number of sleighs are 
seen on the streets. It was the first 
snow of any consequence this winter 
and there is not enough yet to make 
anywhere near good sleighing as the 
wind has blown the snow so that the 
streets of the village are nearly bare 
in a majority of places. 

AnoUwrojeollag Cor w passu only wa* 


ebaroh, being eoadoeUd ^by R»vm. J. 


Last, •Teoing M 
neoeed his series of tern MrnoDi 
with the eobjeot Kr«BjrrTT. This 
evening his sabjeet is Hkej^ ssd to^ 
morrow •Tenlug Hutu, A large 
eongregatlon wilt listen to th«se dis- 
eoonesaDdgood resnlta will follow. 
Friday •Teeing Mr. Davidson will talk 
oa How to win Success. Services 
at 7^0 each evening. Seats are free 
and everyone is welcome. The evan- 
gelist r emains one wee k after this. 
Tfc* New fJIUsaew' mmK. 

Next week the officials of the Citi- 
xeas' Bank will be located in their 
new qnarters, or rather their old 
quarters, which have been remodeled 
and refitted regardless of expense. 
A great change has taken place since 
the bank was moVed into the Savings 
bank building several months ago. 
A large plate glass front— the largest 
in town— attracts the attention of 
everyone as they pass, wbSe within 
is seen the best work ever accom- 
plished by our local artiBt, A..B. 
Worden. The side walls show some 
beautiful designs worked In relief 

hilo above on the center or the ceil- 
ing is seen "Father Time" surround- 
ed by figures representing the sigue 
of the zodiac— representations of the 
twelve months of the year, and en- 
closing all in a square are four fig- 
ures representing the four seasons, 
Spring, Suiniuerj Autumn and Winter. 

The woodwork which forms the 
desk and partitions are of cherry, 
finely finished and were made 

A Good Enough Price ! 

Is wh»t we offer evwy man without diaorinun.Uon. Good maa ^ 

m«M» fair enougl., sqtu,™ eno«gh, low eaongh, high anoogh/ 

for us to Htc, low enough loryon to boy, anafair enough 

for both, to f»l satisfied. Now look at oar offer 

A good enough Suit, of a good enough quality 

and good enough fit at a good 

enough price. 

la that Good Enough for Yon » 

Come and get one. 



FOB 8*AB--An Argand PartorStov* 

Mldwl MoDonnell, an old and much ^ flrst-elass order. Enouire of 

The bank has a private office in 
front and another in the rear, the 
cashier's and teller's desks being be- 
tween the two. 

The officers that will have charge 
of affairs in these elegant quarters 
nest week are G.-M. Case, president, 
Solon F. Case, cashier, George Kel- 
logg, teller and W. S.Royce book- 

A lecture by cUaticet tor Sims. 

The first lecture in connection with 
the Teachers' Institute will be given 
by Chancellor Sims of Syracuse Uni- 
versity, at 7 o'clock, next Monday 
evening, in the Congregational church 
at Oswego Falls, 

All who enjoy first . class, lectures 
are invited. 

W. A. BaIjbwin, Cora. 

Games, Games, Games, of every de- 
seripti on at M. M. WUhams V 83tf 

TAK1S Saitoh for the grip. Sure Care. , „ , ■■■■«■■■ 

Sold by H. C. Giesier opposite the opera ] tor talks. Interesting and instructive 
house./'- SSeow. meetings may he expected. 

J. L. Wbitakerin sending bis re- 
mittance for subscription to The 
Times from Couneil Bluffs, Iowa, sayB 
that it is twenty-four years since he 
left Fulton, and enjoyeliearing week- 
ly from his old home through the 
medium of Tbe Times. He wishes 
to be remembered to all relatives and 
friends in this vicinity, and announc- 
es that himself and family are well. 

The farmers convention at Phamix 
last week is reported as a successful 
meeting. State Dairy Commissioner 
John Gadenier of Oswego.A. R. East- 
man, of Watertown, S. Hoxie of 
Wbitestown, A. E. Powell of Syra- 
cuse and D. E. Ainsworth of Sandy 
Creek were among the speakers. 
Henry Stevens of Dacona presided 
during the convention. 

Next week teachers' Institute for 
6he' first commissioner's district of 
Oswego county will be held In the 
Union School building on Fourth 
Street and will be under the charge 
ot &TJ. Albro, A. M.i as conductor 
and i W- A. Baldwin, School Com- 
missioner. Prof. J. Slump, Prof. 
A. W, Norton, H, T. Skerritt, Miss S. 
J. W|»lk1er,ha Slta Richardson 

of s program 

TUcaicSi So Hccosv© Services Fro»= 
The President of the New York 
Medical and Surgical Institute, con- 
sisting of English, German and Amer- 
ican physicians, will be ia their offices 
at the Lewia-Houae on Saturday, Sun- 
day and Monday, Jan. 25, 28 and S7. 

All who call during their stay will 
receive services for three months free 
of charge. They will visit this city 
every sis weeks and the only favor 
desired is a recommendation from 
those cured. These eminent physi- 
cians treat every variety of disease 
but will in no instance accept an in- 
curable ease. If yoor maiady is be- 
yond all hops they will frankly tell 
you, also caution you against spend- 
ing more money for unnecessary 
treatment. It costs nothing whatever 
to interview these eminent specialists, 
therefore the most bumble in circum- 
stances can have the satisfaction of 
knowing whether their case is cura- 
ble orineurable. Rememberthe date, 
and go early, as their offices are 
crowded from morning till night. 
Office hours from 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. 
Sundays 10 to 4. 

d many 

respected citizen of the town of Vol- 
ney, died at his home Sunday, Jan 
19, at tho.age of 60 yearo. M r &i 
Donneil had been a resident of tlAa 
town for over SO yeara He for jear' 
was engaged in boating, and was en- 
gaged in the grocery and other busi- 
ness in this village. He hud been 
confined to the house for nearly n 
year with consumption. His funeral 
held from tho Catholic church yester- 
day forenoon, was largely attended. 
He was an upright man and had 

G. Frederick AUhouee, aged 67 
years, died in this village on Friday 
Jan. 17, 1800. Mr. Althouso was horn 
in this town and had lived here all 
his life. He was the last of a family 
of thirteen children. Funeral servic- 
es conducted by Rev.Mr. Chase were 
held at the M. E. church Sunday at 3 
p. m. 

Miss Mary Elizabeth Murphy, aged 
39 years, died at the home of her 
mother, Mrs. Mary Soribiier,on Third 
street, Oswego Falls, Saturday, Jan. 
18, 1890. Funeral services conducted 
by Rev. Father Earley were held at 
the Catholic ohureh Monday at 10 a. 
ia. The Sodality of which the de- 
ceased was an active member attend- 
ed in & body. 

Q- P . Tyosga & So». 

hool. Inquire at 

—Convenient to 
this office. 

Basswood Bolts Wasthd-WO 
cords of basswood bolts wanted at 
Iton Woodou Ware Werks, 



■ Plan 

Gilbert Wallace, who kept a saloon 
and .meat market' on upper First 
street died at 6 o'clock Tuesday morn- 
ing, Jan. 31si,after an Illness of but 
three days. Pneumonia was the 
cause of bia death. Funeral services 
wilt be held at the Dniverealisfc 
church at 3 p. m. to-morrow and will 
be conducted by Rev. Mr. Bettg of 

MIsa Jennie Marshall died at her 
home at Bristol Hill, Saturday, Jan. 
18, 1890, at the age of 82 years. Fune- 
ral wdl be held from the Bristol Hill 
church, this afternoon. 

roabAt^-A good paying bmo«» 
M a great bargain. Reason for ssll- 
h»g giv^n on application. Inquire 
for particulars at S . J. p ftrm f tM ,, 
Shop over Vienna Baksry, 


on First street. 

Prof. Clinton Scollard has left ior 
Bermuda, which is his first stopping 
place in his southern "correspondence 
trip" in the interest of the St. 
Augustine News. From Bermuda he 
will go to Jacksonville, St. Augustine, 
Thomasvilie,, Brunswick and Hot 
Spring.— Utiea Herald. 

In the standing of schools- in this 
state Fulton Union School was 22nd 
last year. Syracuse High School 
stood No. 1, and Buffalo High School 
No. 3. Of other schools in the coun- 
ty Oswego High School was 30; Mesi 
eo, 83; Pulaski, 98; Pbeenis, 104; Cen- 
tral Square, 192. The high Btanding 
of the Fulton school shows the able 
work of Prof. Clapp and his corps of 

Mrs. Mayca Saston, age 94 years 
died at her home on^First street, Os- 
wego Falls, Monday Jan. 20, 1890. 
She was the mother of Mrs. Polly 
Wandell. Funeral services were bold 
at the house this forenoon and the 
remains were taken to VanBuren, 
Onondaga county for burial. 

"Pori^-Strength— Perfection." 

There are indications that a strike 
will occur on the N. Y. Central rail- 
road Feb, % Meetings are being held 
and an assembly of workmen along^ 
the line are announced as being or- 
ganized and committees appointed to 
confer with the road to make a de- 
mand for more wages. If the de- 
mands are not acceded to a strike 
will probably b» the result on the 
data m entioned. 

The Cortland road ear* is the best 
in the marke t Sold at MeCully's. tf 

New styles of Wail Paper at Wll- 
liama' Drug Store. tf. 


Absolutely the S$st. 

AH lbs ingredients tjsed in making this powder 
are published ou etr&y label. Tha parity of the 
™IJ™'«il3 nod iha srfentISs accuracy with 
wnfeatiisyarecojablsea render C'.BvelSTii'o mi- 
getior in etrengflj actf efficiency to any other 
halting powder aianulactareti. 

Food raised sri£?itbl3pott'<!er does noE tfjy ^p 
aswfaen made wftli taking ponder containine 
araraomvbutfceCpanidlsiaaiaeweee, and fs naU 
ataWeftud wholesome. Hot biscuit aiitf ertddia 
cakw made with it can be eaten By dyspeptic! 
wtui Impunity. 

It 'does not contain ammonia, alum, lime or 
other adtdieretit. Thesaerefscig,- reached (or 

Hard Times Prices in Boots and Shoes 

at Nettleton's Shoe Store. 
Look at our Bargain Counter 
Below area few of many bargains to be found on IT. 

A iMan's Tap Sole Calf Boot, Solid, worth $2.50 for $1.75 

A Mao's Calf Boot, worth 2.00 for 1.50 

A Nan's A Calf Button Shoe, for 1.15 

A Mans A Calf Balmoral Shoe for 1.15 

A Man's Shoe for .90 

A Boy's Calf Boot Solid, for 1.25 

A Cbilds Call Boot Solid, for .60 

A I^jr'aJsjdBattoti Fiae, . for .95 

A l4MJh/%€ft«tfa«<toii for .95 
AtMvejmds will sell on sight, and these bargains will not last long. 

^ ... 

Gssae aod see, 



*• y* W i H • f f d l r wiritt *t tt* MSCVGSJ9. 

TMBUnmsmcximL ums^a wk« 

tw «!^ «* ur a« V *• Saitew •«*■ « 

A, w «Hh V. k.f* f*N4Krt d fllMte. 
fh*..M» dr*,,wtaw.)i*. tmir fie Mhwr m 

'- ' THK BIHir C. » CO., ' 


Bllln of Lumber to (urnish oa ihort 
notioo. Price, bolow compotitlon. 
ana satlsfaotlon ijuarantead. 0«Uob 
or oddreas C. W. chamb, Palermo, 

■J 8 "* 

To.EEM-Fmni^.a roomi M No. 

7 Heneoo street. Onlyamlnut»i»«tk 

irom the gun works, Inquire ol 3 B 

BernhnrdatJolin aton'a Hard wur.. H 


The late residence of Mra. t 8w l, a 

h?,T'% g or P^«i""lar« inqnir. of 

«» E fcrt/?„Ta t « y S 
East of Fulton Ullage on For Mr™? 
for further particular? Inqnir? of 

posltet hepark.ora t thlsoiBoe aSt? 

Poa Sua. House, barn, and thro, 
aores of land. Plenty offralt Tnd 

Inquire of Mrs. Frank Sweet, 
%i 104 Cayuga it. 


Owtog 'to o change in buslnen I 

wish to dispose of the following p" l 

erty: One Borrel breeding niar5.el.fT 

hSr?S a „ rs A w " !Bh t s™ pound,; om 
horse eolt, 1? inonthB old, ehestnut 

foSr 68 £"""?"'•«*■ one IirU iSteS 

root, good sire; one thorouehbred 

Jersey ball, is months old? color 

S3S trel ^S 7 , to blao!t w «n- white 

spots, gmndslro "Eiilo of sv I,ai> 

S«™ °a n ° oh e»to. dam Steve?,* 

Grace Oreenwood." This Is»- 

ble property .„ d will bo sold reasto- 

aft, F ' E MiSOH, 

■"" Gilberts Milto. 

, Faper Hanging? 
Plain ana Ornamental. 

All Work Guarantee!!. Good Eeferenc* Sir*, 
lett at my housa, 0**.f, 
ISselKton'Q store. Silica. 
Peat Ofilca AddrcE3, Oswego F»3Jfc m. T 

t Espewmoauue '.v«b Eieemele,'. 
| At Clinton prison Saturday th. ap- 
i paratus for electrical ozecationi mi 
tested in the presence of a nambM o! 
acientiOe gentlruic-n wit], sstMaotory 
results. A 2-j-tm-., J ateer weighing 
450 pounds was espcrimented upon. 
The wires leading from the' dynamo 
v/ere attached to i;;s body, one to the 
head and the otiic-r fc,j the rightflank. 
At the end of cnc!i wire was a water- 
soaked sponge. A'. a slgnalaOSOrolt 
current was turrjed on, and at the 
saw,- moment the animal dropped 
dead, witliout a struggle or a groan, 
Onoof the physicians, an electrical 
expert, who was present, said it was 
impossible to esperienee pain frbni 
death by electricity, because the elec- 
tric eurrent travels so mncb. faster 
than the nerve force, the aufojeot be- 
ing-dead before the brain can exper- 
ience any sensation whatever. Thir 
ia the way preparations tor the execu- 
tion pi a human being will be made:— 
An electro cohered with a wet epqnge 
wili be placed oa the top ot the con- 
demned'abead and another in a large 
•ho. on one of his feet. HiBannswUI 
then be strapped across bis breaab 
and a similar strap placed around hi* 
atokleii He wiU then be placed on 
the chair. The .trap will be attached 
to hooka provided for the purpoae, a 
btittoa touched and then all will ba 

r-.(OMUIi«v.|Ki.* iss».:.. 

TjW''grain crop figniree for 1689, aa 
aompl»donthe latest and molt »- 
liable ah indicate that the. year 

\wm on. of plenty inotwitbstandiag 
1U matMroioKioal and other aeean- 
triaitk*. Th* wheat crop if placed . 
at 4X1.900,000 buhelf, which m naxt 
tothaaargattin tb. hiatory of th. . 
mmomUt, and naarly 70,000,000 boab- 
^.in meat, of th. crop of 106ft. Tb. ■■■ \ 
crop ot' Indiatt earn U plaaad at . J,- • 
IUlOOOlOW 1M.0UO.0WI baab- 
•■.hmMaaafthatof 1898. oat even, 
7n.t00,0» b ae b al ej aeln ef eo,000.000, 
ry. eve« xVOgejPje, er tb. ean. ae In 
At to fSter nrednete, (be 
aaaenat ef tbe Mel elip tar MB) |* <- 

' ■'"•««"■ 


• Mlei, .fMnaf 

r'"-^i ^r 


It UsaU,70rQ0M» sheep. 
Make all radieal changes of feed 

y. T6o«tdd«B6bjUlCMOftoD 

Indues* disease- 

Wheat bras or mill feed oan nearly 
; always be used to good advantage lo 
feedlog growing pigs. 

The prices for sheep have nearly 
doubled In tbe United States the past 
year. Good ewes are theap now at 
from $4 to $9 ftpleee. 

CHve the stock that if* being w 
tered over as good a variety of feed 
as possible. It wii! keep tkemliiBet- 
ter health and secure a better growth 
at a less cost 

It Is said that sorrel horses aro lens 
sensible to heat than horses of other 
ccloro, and that tbay have moro en- 
durance than others. 

A otiii brash la the stable, judic- 
iously «t!sd od farm horses, is a Rood 
deal better than a horse doctor, and 
uct Koeootly ant 1 . tmeorfcoin. 

Aboat l,SOS>hQrcecaro bought ea«sh 
year for tha United States Army, the 
&verega price- paid beii»{* about SIM- 
■^hay era mostly bought in Missouri. 

Stash Jaid eggs* are alv/ays tho 
heavieat. Stats eg£'f ftro often no 
light that thoy will float hi water. 

Tooai.y on the poultry biitiiiiofia 
cuecftisfutty r.en&t pomonal supervis- 
ion of the suialleot details. 

Eight aheap 7iiay bo kept forovory 
ccTJ.cayii they will add 
but little to the expense, tlio sheep 
onii sinning many kindn of food that 
cattle reject. 

Sheep aro good property if proper- 
ly managed. During the winter tliey 
muni be well sheltered and made 
comfortable if tho ho»t growth of 
wool la ttiude. 

While pedigree in a (rood item with 
a (,'ood hog yet for breeding he ninnt 
y,omoiw intlivlduiil merit if tlie heut 
reniiltw are Beeured, A combination 
of pedigree and quality will bo more 

"Ihtppy ifi the mmi who lias bin 
quiver full of them."— of bolder of 
Ualviition Oil the {jreateH cure on 
earth for pain, Price only SOeenlii. 
Mothei'B should never (ail to keep 
Dr. Bull's Coupli Hyrnp eonvenlont 
• in order to relieve those little ones of 
cough speedily and surely. 20 cents. 

TTwwofi thVfffiflat. TOaielMia Kvor mmK'. 
John Huntington and hi* (hoii,W.T. 
U. Huntington of Clovoltmd, own two 
of the beat want lies in the world. 
They nre dupiieatos, and were order- 
ed by the senior Huntington In isai, 
in Geneva, Switzerland. He agreed 
to pay #0,000 in gold for two watohes 
that should combine every movement 
then lenown to the art of watchmak- 
ing. A description of one answers for 
both. Theeawe jg of pure gold; the 
works number 400 pieces. On the 
large dial appear four smaller dials. 
The one at the top bIiowh by a dia- 
gram of the sky the changes of the 
moon, the firmament being lapis 
lazuli etudded withgoldenstars. The 
Best dial to the right shows the leap 
year, the tiny band moving around 
circle once in four years,and an aux- 
iliary hand shows each month. On 
tho dial at the bottom is a hand mak- 
ing (he quarter eeooudu, and one 
showing the day of the month. At 
the left, on the fourth miniature dial, 
i«a hand putting out thetday of the 
week, and another the tide as it ebbs 
and ilowu. Around the largo dial, 
besides tho usual hour and minute 
hand, moves a second hand and an 
extra horse timer, so arranged that 
the distance between two horses at 
the finish is accurately noted in 
quarter seconds. By pressing a but- 
ton the past hour is .• truok on a deep 
toned boll, one of a chime, the quar 
ters are a more silvery note, and n 
rapidly tinkling companion gives 
the inmates. Tho watch is a stem- 
winder and one spring furnishes the 
motive power. Where there ia Mo- 
tion the pivots aresetinrubies.— New 
York Sua. 

fllodoe ofi S&xccmBosa 

The following modeo of exeoution in 
the- countries named ie from American 
Notas and Queries:— 

Austria, gallows, public. 

Bavaria, guillotine, private. 

Belgium, guillotine, public. 

Brunswick, as, private. 

China, sword or eord, public- 

Denmark, guillotine, public. 

Squador, musket, public. 

Fiance, guillotine, public, 

Great Brltian, gallows, private. 

Hanovsr, guillotine, private, 

Italy, capital punishment aboll.hed. 

Netherlands, gallows, public. 

Oldenburg, musket, public. 

Portugal, gallows, public. 

Prussia, sword, private. 

Russia, muaket, gallows, or sword, 

Gaxony, guillotine, private. 

Spain, garrote, public. 

Switzerland, fifteen cantons, sword, 
public. Two cantons, guillotine, 
public. Two, guillotine, private. 
^United States, other than New 
York, gallows, private. 

euro will give you immediate relier. 
Price 10ceM9,50cBiittnmt*t. Sold by 
H. C. Qiester oputiBlte tha opera house, 
■.■.■. 87eow 

It requires 23 volumes to register 
. the different Battle brands of Ari- 
zona. . 

$u.ekly oared by. SMUih's Cure. We 
.«uarwue« it. Sold by H. C Gleeler 

^entimher of militia on the. roUa 
orKevadaiBWie.-which is attain of 

t 3 rl ? . b«ld H.O. Qi«K>r oppwitetlie 
°P*"* houw : _JI„ f 

Cbliwgo DMduees *n avence cf 
aboat ton «iield«« per week, or *», l n 
roz.-.i oombert. per rw. 

Bk; B3b:ifs fnacdlatdy nii«««l tor 

: ■ja<" tl 3tt>%o»w% h o> n, ■. ■ - ■ •* :■ 

'■ .— ■*' ...: 


»i»aor #ir*iffc«r. muwr oarcn*. 

Bt. Pawl, Miua. The Iter. J<*r Wi^ntoy «n 
Cotma*i#l to i*co«w bWw* e* JAmartown, 
H, t>,, !h« It*». Jimw. McOolriek to Immqum 
Uabop of Duhttb, JyUitn., tb» IWr. Joseph 
Cotter to become bi*bop of * Rew *w cr«*t«l 
«t Wincii*. £lir.». 

Bishop ShantcT was born at Albion, N. Y-, 
ia 1853. In I8.W Lo wrajt with lil* parent* ft> 
fit. !'««!. Ho starlfcd lu Rcraa, and in 1S7-I 
wbs ovdntnwi pric.-t f" tljo Eteroai City. 
Tfeeri be retoiracd tn Kt. Paul andif*s»t«- 
tioned »t tho ««tliGt!rAl. A yew later i:o wn» 
tuiultt pastor, in whldi porAtl'in ho rectiBineii 
till fao was mmd* blsbnp. 

Bishop McGolrick wilt boru ia treiaiid 
about 45 yenra ago and wan educated *t 
All Hallows c«1Iob», DnbHo. . Ho cbiho to 
Atnfirioa ttt JSC7, ami wns maiio HSTistaiit ftt 
tho c«tlicdFiil iti Bt. 1'anl. After a year's 
service bo wpiit to Minncsipolla and eoou «f tor 
eroctod o small frmoio clwrch on tUo Krotaul 
whero tJio "Imiiiftoulato Conceptisa" now 
*taod^ It was tiio flrat Ito»«an CntlioUo 
clmrcii I" MlmwapolLi. Ho has sdteo Ursii in 
cliarpo of tho eliurch that took lis plica. 

Bbhop trotter wns bom in IJvcipool la 
!ft«. At 3 years of ago ho enrigratetl to 
Now Yorlt. Ho went with hio fnther toGt. 
Pn«l in 1K>&. Tho boy was olwrotoi st St. 
VitKwnfc'fl Buminnry, Ht. John's, Miiia.; was 
ordnin*"! in 187), becoming pniilor at Wino- 
na. Tli" biiilioi) in a great worker in tlio t«jo- 

Tli" coromony of tbnw priests hoing morto 
lHMiiop.1 nt r)i»-o liftturnlly created a groat deal 
of internal nmoiiff Itonimi Catholics and 
Protestant*, ftnd tho church whoro it way 
performed wn» crowded. Archbishop h'o- 
Innci wnii iiipfallcd on tlm Hirniio. Hin nmHr 
unto wern tlio Mosit ilov. Thoinaa 1^. Ornco 
and the Itt. Rov. M. Murty, 1.1. ii. Tho Itov. 
Walter Kllioti, of Now York, doliwrod tlio 
soi'iuoh. Many diotingulBiiiul prolntos word 
In attomluiitfo. 


Uunr It Will Ho it M.« Wnathdr Otita (!olil C Ii. 

Tho pi'oiilo of Ht. 1'inU «i-n proparhig for n 
winter canilvol, nud Imvo hocn eagerly ec.tin- 
ninp; "Old I'rol." for novtsrnl days. Tlio enr- 
nival dlroctorn linvo jiroiiifcsod an ko p^daco, 


but tho Ico liiiiR fttilud to tunko his ouotomai'y 
romvl.M, and tho prospout ot jolting bulldinpf 
miitorial wn« looked upon an dubious until 
tho weather bnreim, imtlcipathig tho cold 
E)»«p, prophcaiod Biro wcatiiur. Tlio directors, 
inado linppy by thia, noaloualy turnod to tho 
realiaatlou of tholr nrehltcct'a plan. 

Tho structuro isi to ho In tho form of a cnB 
tlo, and will consist of a royal thcatro 100 foot 
In dlainetor, a royal banquot hall BOiSO foot, 
a tower 150 foot high, and n vista, conuoct- 
lti[; tho thoatro and banqnot ball, compowed 
of nrolioa of too twonty foot whio botivot>n 
supports. Tlio viHtJi will ho nearly £00 foot 
long. At cni;u ond tlio eyo will roat upon 
pictures formed by statuary oiid landfioiipo 


econca, and the passageway will bo a mog- 
nlScont promonodo. Tho oxponso of this fey 
grandour is catimnto at $15,000. 

A contrast to tho frigid air of tho contlo 
may ho had iu tho warm annex, a log lioueo, 
licatod with stoves. 

Tho rr 

dipt. O'.Sltcn. 
O'Slica, who comes to tho front 
as an accuser if not a persecutor of tho groat 
Irish agitator, Parucll, turns out to bo n 
meto hangci'-oo of people of inu nonce. His 
private fortune 
wout largely on 
tho turf, but bo 
keop3 up a semi- 
gentool ostato and 
assume:) to hobnob 
with the great Idb- 
crals, Gladstone in 
particular. Ho bad 
oaou£h hold on tho 
Homo Rulers to 
mako himself use- 
ful to GiadstoDO as 
a go-bstweon In. 
tho osciting times 
of coorciou, and 
through his uego- 
tiations, 1 a r g o ly, 

oapt. o'snEA. 

Parucll ond many other suspects were 
leased from tho prisons of Ireland. After- 
word, when tho Gladatoalan policy of jus- 
tice for Ireland was on trial and a renewal 
of coercion was battled for in tha house- of 
commons, O'Shoa was found to bo only a 
half hearted champion after all. In 1885 
Paraell uominatcd him for a vacancy in 
Galway for parliament. This caused a hub- 
bub throughout Ireland, and CShea was 
openly denounced as a traitor to tho National 

In tho crisis Parnell hurried to Galway, 
acd at his bidding the situation changed at 
ones. Ho made a speech, aud declared that 
O'SUea's election was a political necessity. 
Although he was still regarded with disfavor, 
ho was elected, and the gnnubling ceased. 

No sooner had ho taken his seat than he 
dded with the Tories, notwithstaudius Ida 
pledge to Irish Nationalists to support party 
measures or resign. He was now hicbed cut 
of bis Galway seat and Parnell was not 
strong enough to savo him. Iu the investiga- 
tion of tho famous forged letter 0"Shea stood 
for The Times and swore that he- beUWod tho 
Parnell signature to be gvnoin*. At the time 
of the Qalway election the present scandal 
wiia hinted at as the real reason for Porncll'* 
friendship for O'Shea, and yet the office was 
accepted without protest and without effort: 
on oil part to clear up the cloud put upon hii 
wife'3 honor, 'jfho portrait ia frouia sketch 
made of Capt, O'She* when he was tt»tifj- 
tng before the Parnell eommission. 

" 1 fitttt fciUryriw in Colorado. 

The AtUatic-pMific : lUuwijr Twaiel, the 
great projert of" Brick'? Pomeroy, is really 
being .cut; taroajl ^ the vain range of the 
Rocky Mountain*, sixty nilet due w«« from 
Dewrer. It will ifcbr^a railway disiaiiDe 
aspmUcsljrtwwR Den«* and Salt Lake 
Oty. Move than 4,600, penous art now 
fiaaacially interested ui the eaterprite. Tbe 
muttl will be fire »ilc« long and 4400 feet 
below the top of Gray* Peak, TneoompaB]r 
eaUn the yew 1890 ennrelj Eree ftoira : float-- 
iag debt, all it* bills peM and work going 
ahead da ratrfsaghi 10 both ends of (h> Tib 
neL By the use of sudera BwcfciMre froa 
us to (am bet h eadw a y u gained ever* day. i 
Men tkao ajo nisi of gold aad ulm wsl 
be creased by the Toaael, and its sbIbokI 
rlghli ahwe «0) be worth mhona. At tho 

1 gitta tb« talbw ■mug t far tw 


MM* uSm vmmm •■ hTioi 

not be orenetiaiated, I «■ «f ttooot pan Wo»* 
yoo «annut Mjey ^foott health. 

At this Mason nearly every one neeoa » 
food medicine to portfy, TjftUie, wKleorfch 
the Wood, and ire a»k you to try Hood's 
DArMilIar Sawapsrlll*. JtstrengtlWBS 
rc^Ullrti an ,i mdlUs up Ow ay*t*m, 
create* an app-;:'o,nn(llonflsthedls«rtton, 
while tt eradicates oisease. The peciilter 
corahlnsUon, p; -opartion, and preparation 
of the vegetable remedies ii»ed give to 

Hood's &M-««p»rlU3 pCCUl- -1--. I+ttftlf 

lar curative p. ■ crs. Ho ■ ** IW>CII 

othernied?ciiiei..^3achareconlof , »roD'IeriHi 
cures. If you iiavo msdo up your rouid to 
buy Hood's SarsaparUIa do not be iadoced to 
tako any other instead. It U a Pecalfcu- 
Mcdloine, and Is worthy your confidence. 

Hood's SarsnparllLttjiJiiold by all druggists. 
Prepared by C. I. Uood $t Co., 3U>weH,H*M. 

IOO 0o»o» Ono Dollar 




H«Uc« M Pmwi Clalau. 

^5t2££?v.2t TSS"! !»™* ««"" 

M to II !■!■! Hull il..: ..^ ~1.?T, 

wttk kH •«• ta lh> «!■■■»■ lrii-».- 

■« tk«a s bub l» tk« 'mi 
ion, (•,!!• 











KosvPriparrdainiSoldtnthiscoatilororlhe WEBST TIKE. Hitw DosnuT, ihe Ulenied 
actrric; Rayn of U ; "I havo used lloanw' Uovai. l<JMtvim Tokio. andfin<tlt an excellent toulo fo 
ICjshanstcd KVrvtsi, BtespleiaitteE*. and that Utter Fatigue wliich comee from Overtaxation ot th 

Itrsi'1 tvhai Htis. .?■?»»& Oaxpssu. of Neir Torit says: 

i 18 Wisncwnw Puce , Kcw Yosa, April 30, 1669. 
Itoniuui' ItavAt.BKMe»iKBCo.. [iusteu. Sloea. 

firatlemm-- 1 imlgfe.fl it just tkut son rJiould Istota tlie tfitty iconder/al retails I have exoeri- 
ciwtin neiiii your HuYAI, NKflVlZk TOXIC. Tlie immertiat€ effect* were simply miraculous, 
ft ia iadrrd a specifif for atrvaua tnrabka. Rcspectftdly Four*. MRS. P. h\ CAMPBELL. 


ROO Bits' ROYAL REMEDIES CO., 41 Essex St.. Boston, Mass. 

r Kld- 

WhB Greatest Blood PurfferJ 

1 KNOWN. m 

, ThlsOrcntOerman Hcdleh . — _ 

ohenpcstnnd host. JSOdoecnef S(lL-**» 
l'nUKJiIlTKKHfortl.«),ICiinthan# 3 
ono e.ent a doen. It will euro tho* ^ 

3a common pin.,..- .... _~. -... 
Bto that awful cifmmno f?cntfnla. 

Isuu'iimt nrrjjcits in tiioj 

llbeot mcdlolno to una lu niJj 
flnnnna of 'iiiicii Dtubhorn nndi 
ildeep ncntod dlucaHCO. Vol 

Unot ever take ^ofVrder.Uoo--. 

"i BLUE pills ig , 1 a L j; , i s@ 

tho' purest and bestif y° u > vm 
medicine over made. 
Willi a yellow atlclEy#Bon*t wait until you 
RUbBtimco? layoiir#ovo unablo to wall:, or , 
breath foul and#aro flat on your back, 
offenolvo? your#hutsetEio:noatoiir.a,Jt 
utomnoh !o out#wlll euro you. Sulphur 
[of order. Uao#BUterala 

I mTTisRs/** hmtil&o FH6B0.L 

[lmmeillQtoly^^hoyounir > tlioiiBodandtot-£ 
1 lo your tJr.«terlii{! aro noon miulo well by 11 
lno tl licit ,m\ to uao. Kcmemliw what you I 
ropy, clo.*rend here, It inny save your I J 
uuy, ordure. It liau naved humlrcdii.|j 
T»ou't wait until to-morrow, 11 

' Try a Bottlo To-day I 

' Ave you low-nplrltod and wcalt, I 
_ vr nuffui'iiiB Irnm tho oxuessca of I, It bo, SULPHUlt BlTTEBsH 
VV/lll euro you. 

"Boss wouldn't blanket him in 
the stable. Said it wasn't no use." 

FREE— Get from your dealer free, the 
Yh Book. It has handsome pictures ond 
valuable information about horses. 

Two or three- dollars foe a 5/& Horso 
Blanket will mako your bores north mora 
and cat lcs3 to keep 'warm. 

| 5JA Five Mile 

, , , )5/A Boss Stable 
Ask % j 5/A E|ectrie 

f 5ft Extra Test 

80 other styles at prices to suit every- 
body. If you can't get them from your 




Manutd by Wa. atbes & Soks, Phllada., wbo 
eaalaa tho famous Horse Biand Baker Blanketa 


(Toio a Cnko) ■'■ 

Griddle Cakes 

Ta-Ko-Soke also melics delicious GEMS, MUF 





;;' KOOF ! 

Half .the price of tin or shlegies? G«MTOt«d 
w«er-tl|!b.tou8at-orBtecpsoif^e, sudyou cilti 
put it on. Eeinple free if stax . m.-olion tble 

r*pep::. - 

I silt an A Paint £ Root do.. If. T. 

'- -^«^VettBra«dwW.'-Sew-;Terti: -;' 




Mr. Cornelius Vantferbilt is aseerfc. 
ed by tho London nswepapersto have 
ptirclia-ed from the young Earl «f 
l>udl«-v, Tiirnii'H iniiHtcrpicco. "Tli© 
(Jniiid Cmml, V.fiics" for tho mini of 

A'Sttfi; B«v«f»tmo«s 



■ C:\tm 

i'f (>ihcIkihc nriuo. On 
• i \mi (Mm liny Irntn our ail- 
L-KiHr n biftTlt; of Dr. Kin^'a 
iy (or Ci'iimniipiioii. I 

:. bl 

.■li.;f i 


of Throat, 


!Ihiih. WIiouihhk UnUB", «'""M>. o'C. 

H illl-'H - lUXi tl^»-<^tbl0 tO t'tHM', 

f.-utly Hafe mid UiUi iil-vnyw be de- 
idi-d »|>'Hi. Trial |>„nh'» hi'c at II. 
0. Ghiyh f'h Dtux «<» ™ 

A Wow Jersey newspnner reports 
other spring 
in BrJdgeton 

nyrtlea and 
flowers in full bloom 

Merit "Wane. 

Wi- dcfiinr lo Nny lo our citizens tliat 
for yours we Imve been flcliiug Dr. 
Kiii(;'i' Nt-w Oificovcry for (JoiitiuiupUun, 
Dr. ICiiik'h Now Life Pills, Uuekltn'a 
Arnica balvc and Electric BiUerP, and 
have never bundled remedies Unit aellna 
wel', or Uial have yivi 1 !! fueh uuivereal 
fiiiUyt'aciion, We do not heaiiato to 
guaiimce ibfin every time, and we 
sunui nsiidy lo refund tliu puicliaae 
money, if Htiiirilaclory results does not 
follow their urie. These remedies bnve 
won their popularity purely on their 
meiits. H. V. (iliealer, druggicu. 

The New York bible-house sinoe 
April 1, last bns issued 725,000 vol- 

Shiloh's C«us!8mj>tion Cure. 
This ia beyond question the most suc- 
cessful Oough Medicine we have ever 
aoid, a few doses iuveriably cure the 
stcaeeBof cough, cold and bronchi 
while its wonderful euccess in the 
cure of consumption is without a par- 
iil el in tbe history of medicine. Since 
it's iiret diweovery it has been sold on a 
guarantee, a teat which no other 
:edicine can etand. If you have a 
>ugh we earnestly ask you to try it. 
Price 10 cents and $1.00. If your lungs 
are Bore, chest or back lame.uee Shiloh'e 
Ponuis Plaster. Sold at Gieeler's drnfl 
store opposite opera house. 37eow 

And now a young man in Kewark, 
N. J., is made insane because of cigar- 
ette smoking. 

ight and broken of your rest by a oick child 
uttering and crying with the pata Of Cutting 
'eeth? u so send at once andgeta bottlo of "Kirs 

little eufferer immediately. Depend upon Jt, 
mothers; there ia no mistake about it. It cures 
Dysentery and Diarrhcaa, regulates the Stonjach 
and Bowels, cures Wind Colic, coftous the Gums, 
reduces Inflammation, and glve3 tone and energy 
to the whole system. "Mra. Winatow's EEootning 
Syrup" for children teething fa pleasant to the 
taste and is the prescription of ono of the oldest 
and best female physicians and nurses ta the 
United States, and is for salo by all drugslata 
nroughout the v.orld. Price twenty-five cents a 
bottle. Be sure and esk for. "Mae. WiholoWd 
gooraiKo Sntop," and take no other. 52yl 

The- Natstional soldiers' home at 
Levenwortb, Kansas, has 3,644 in- 

Boring tha past year $8,562,753 
wore embezzeled from corporations, 
private persons, and the United 
States government. Moat of tho 
money is being spent; in Canada. 

Tho Spnnislihavoa proverb: "Wo- 
man loves with her ear, butraan with 
h in eye." Persuasive wooing captures 
a woumn't) heart, while an attractive 
appearance conquer* the maa. To 
retain man's affeotion and Becoro en- 
during happiness, a woman should be 
as charming in married life as in the 
days of bewitching maidenhood. Her 
cnptivatlnp: weapons are a fair and 
blooming oo.uplexion, soft and spot- 
leaf) hands, freedom, from shin and 
Boalp impurities, pimples, chapping, 
and the possession of the delieute 
bloom of perfect health. <'ole'B Car- 
boliaoap, the perfect medicinal toilet, 
bath and nursery soap Is her salva- 
tion. Price 3S cente. Sold by all 

A Heading, Pa., Eagle man reports 
that a postal card sent by him a ypar 
ago to a friend in Stroucbburgh, fif- 
teen mites distant, has just reached 
its destination. 

Have no equal as a prompt and 
positive cure for sick headache, bil- 
iousness, constipation, pain in the 
side, and all liver troubles. Carter's 
Little Liver Pills. Try them. 

Tomatoes were only raised for 
ornament fifty years ago, and were 
called love apples, and hot thought 
fit to eat. This year about 73,0 
000 cans were put up. 


is undonbtedty caused by lactic acid 
in the blood. This aoid attacSa tbe 
fibrous tissues, and causes the peine 
and aches in the back, shoulders, 
knees, ankles, hips, and wrists. 
Thousands of people have found in 
Hood's S&rsaparilla & positive cure 
for rheumatism. This medicine, by 
its purifying action, neutralizes ihe 
acidity of tho blood, and also builds 
up and strengthens the whole body. 


cite. World tfccre-ls but one curat 

Bf. Haines" Golden Specific. * rr 

It can be sivea in a cup of tea or coffee wf il3St 

the kuowtedge of the person taking it, effiecti..,, u 

speeds or permanent cure, whether the patient is 

a moderate drinker or on alchohoUc wreek. 

Thousands of drunkards have been eared who 

have taken (he Golden SpeciSe in their coffee 

without their knowledge, and to-day balievetbey 

quit drinking of their own free will. No harmful 

effect results from .its administration. Cures 

guaranteed. Send for circular anil full particu- 

urs. Address hi confidence. Uou>e3 Specific Co.. 

185 Kace Street. Cincinnati. O 

The Logan monument -fund now 
amounts to §11,075.83. 

Bucken's Arnica Salve 
The hest Salve in the world for Cute, 
Bruises. Sorea, tJlcer»,Salt RheuinvFese* 
SoifB, Tetter, Oliapped. Hands, Chilblains 
Uornn, and ail Shin Erupt ioisa, and po» 
itively cures Piles or no pay required. 
It is guaranteed to give' Batiefaction, or 
money refunded ; Price S5 cents per box. 
For eale hv t3 C. Qip*M. 

Wiliiam tbe Fidget is what tbe Grer- 
man Emperor has been dubbed in 
London, ■ . ' ■ 

SUILHO'S UUHE will immediately re- 
lieve Croup, IVhuopmgCotigh and Brou- 
oliitis. Sold hy B. C. r opposite 

the opera houae. 37eO#: 

TAKE Shiloh for the grip. Sure Cure. 
Sold by H. CGiester opposite the opair* 
house. 38eo»r. 



Northwestern Masonic 





Sir Edward ©uinness, the great 
brewer, has given £350,000 to the poor 
of London and Dublin, to be used in 
the erection of artisans' dwellings 
£300,001) to London and £50,000 to 

Dublin . 

Tlio Escitement Wo* Ovex, 

The rush on the druggists still con- 
tinues and daily scores of people call 
for a bottle of Kemp's Balsam for the 
Throat and Lungs, for the cure of 
Coughs, Cojds, Bronobitis, Asthma 
and Consumption. Kemp's Balsam, 
the standard family remedy, is sold 
on a guarantee and never fails to 
givo entire satisfaction, Price 60c 
and $1* Trial size free. S8w4. 

2>urlng December money in circa- 
lation in the United States increased 
""xo-lttgftt snd To-morrow kikIic* 

And each day and night during 
this week you cangefc at all druggists' 
Kemp's Balsam for the Throat' and 
Lungs, acknowledged to be the most 
SQOoessfuI remedy for the" cure of 
Coup;bs, Croupi Bronchitis, Whoop- 
ing Coogh, Asthma and Consumption. 
Get a bottle to-day and keep it Al- 
ways in the house, so you. can cheek 
your cold at once. Price 50c. and $1. 
Sample bottle free. '98* ' 

Lnpld ;-ff)ftoi)d,^ AnAtew Homortct 

TfaAtV. m-- pf«t*r ;so^.}6Ie«,' now, 

rt itt** Weary •4I*bfc-^l owd to: 

think ao tea 'ye** a^- n ---Somerrille 

JoumL ■ 

Indeed be it— The Quinine Pill— 
"flbmlw, old man! How's' buaharMT 1 
The Influenia— "Ob, Vm catching; on 
all round!"~B©(rton Time*. 

Pretty girl—How maoh im ihi* *tult 
a yard? 
Impudent Shopkeeper— A kiss. 
Pretty girl— Then I irill take three 
yard*. My srandmother will pay 

The great qnention now hi, "Should 
clergymen ma tobaccof Wo think 
not. The clergy is abtolntely over-' 
worked testing and teatimontalliilng 
patent medlcinet We shouldn't et- 
pect too much, even of the clergy.-^ 
Boston Transcript. 

Mias taking (at a reception in Now 
Vork)— Oh, cousin, why are all the 
people swearing so dreadfully f 

Miss Morraybille— Hush,dear, don't 
besilly. They are talkiog about Prof. 
Damrosoh's lecture on "Die Gotter- 
dammernng."— Lawrence American. 

Bob— My dad's a squire and gets 
bis name in the paper every day. 

Tom (comtemptuously) — That's 
nutbin'. My dad took Jinks' liver 
pills and got his pioter in tlie paper. 
—Pittsburgh Bulletin. 

Managing editor (in the office of 
tho New York Solar System)- Didn't 
you empty the waste-baBkets this 
morning, Jimmy? 

Office boy— Nawl 

Managing Editor— Why not? 

Office boy— 'Cause I hoard the bueL 
ness manager sayder wuzgoin' ter bo 
eight more pages in der Sunday 
paper,— Boston Times. 

Mrs. Cottonbnry— Why don't you 
go on? It's a splendid st.ry. 

Mr. Cottonbury (who has been 
reading aloud)— Well, I've just reach- 
ed the bottom of the eoltimn, and it 
ends in thiB way: "Evelina threw 
herself at his feet and cried, 'ThomaB 
Rateiyffe, why don't you use Mur- 
phy's salt whiskey for coughs and 
colds? 1 '— Judge. 

Ohl the clothes press is a swell 
affair for garments nice and neat^ 
the hay press Is a grand ma- 
chine and does its work complete, 
the cider press is lovely with its juices 
rich and sweet, but the printing press 
controls the world and gets there 
with both feet.— Unidentified. 

She— You are very kind to Invite 
me to go sleighing, but did your 
horse ever run away? "■ 

He— Often, You see, I am careless 
about horses, and often let the reins 
drop to the bottom of the sleigh and 
drive with my feet. 

She— 1*11 go.— New York Weekly. 

"Here is an article that was band- 
ed me down in the drug store, as he 
gave the editor of the Kansas daily 
an oblong object wrapped in a news- 
paper. tf I thought may be you 
might wish to use it." 

"Yes," was the reply, as from the 
depths of the package the editor re 
moved a cork and allowed something 
to trickle down his throat, the arti- 
cle is very appropriate and I think 
we will run it oh the inside this after- 
noon."— Time. 

When I think of the towel, the old 
fashion towel that need to hang up 
by the printing-house door. I think 
that nobody in these days of shoddy 
can hammer out Iron to wear as it 
wore. Tho tramp who abused it, 
the devil who used it, the oomp. 
who got at it, when these two 
were gone; the makeup and foreman, 
the editor, poor man, each rubbed 
some grim off while they pat a heap 
on. In over and under 'fcwasblooker 
than thunder, 'twas harder than pov- 
erty, rougher than sin; from the roll- 
er suspended, it never was bended, 
and it napped on the wall like a ban- 
ner of tin. It grew thicker and 
rougher and harder and tougher, and 
and daily pat on a inkier hoe, until 
one windy morning without any 
warning, it fell to the floor and was 
broken in two.— Bob Bordette. 


■ffc*-** > iliife-.ol- Fulton, N. f ., on or 


>er oM«tM t*rmtf ot tie i 
c*« o «.iiut j wpi-be held . 

The Czar gets about 3,000 pounds of 
pore gold every yearirom his mines 
in Eastern Siberia. 

To Ou* Snbacribers 

The SPHeiAi»A^*OT«eBKBBJie which 
appeared in our' columns eome time 
(since, announcing a special arrange- 
ment with Dr. B. J. KbetbaXiL Co., of 
EnoSburgh Falls, Vti, pubiishers of 
"A Treatise on the Horse and hisDis- 
easeB,' , whereby our subscribers were 
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uable work i'vkKB by sending their 
ddresa to B. J. Kkwdali, * o . 
(and enelosing two-cent stamp for 
mailing same} is renewed lor 
limited period. W*" trust all will 
avail themselves of the opportonity 
of ^obtainuigthlsiraluabie irdrft. To 
every lover of the Horse -it ^> indi » 
pehsable, aa It a Bhnplft man 

neraUtfcediaftaseairhieh affliet this 
noble animal. Its phenomenal sale 
throogfaout the United States and 
Canada, make it standard authority. 

Matiim tki* jpaper t* *md**gf< 

Pattii earned $H.poa, in Chicago. 
Chieago has well paW for on* of the 
world's fair. 

Bfck HvwUcteSadreUwn all tbe troubles intl- 
dtiLt to a bWou« sUta ot the «jst*iu. such cs 
DImUmm, Mmmm. DromriMW. Di»Uess after 
eatinc.FaiBinUwHd^Ac. whlta their roost 
rom«rMU»aucoiMi 1mm be*u«ho*m in ourlns 


He*d»cb*, T«» Ci«*sfc'« Ewrui tivnt Pit-ta 
are equaJ ij T«lu*bl» in CoMtipntion, curing 
MdprSfanUngttUaannoj'hiKCouipliLlut, while 
they •taooorr*ct»UdI»ordt;ra of the stomach, 
Ktlmulite-UM liver lod refcul*w the bowels. 
8*«n tf tfaty.opb* mt*A 


In all-gold jewelry the Roman flniah 
is a popular one. 

Boys about 8 years of age wear 
jackets over blouses, with kil;fc skirts. 

Hellotropeis one of the most fash- 
ionable colors JTor tea gowhsand 
evening dresses. 

For young girl's evening dresses, 
crepes, gauxes and soft Indian silks 
are the materials principally used. 

Miniature watches are now worn 
in the large massive xurb bracelets; 
these also appear on some of the wire 

Black and natural gray astraehan 
is fashionable trimming this winter, 
some of the cloth jackets having 
sleeves as well as vests of it.': 

Pretty dressing jackets of flanneJ r 
with large collars and turned back 
worsted laee, are 
warm wear for wintry morning. 

Gold curb ehain jewelry is fashion 
able. There are stiff «urb braealets 
and flexible carb bnutelets, platinum 
and gold enrb braeelets and brooches 
and gold curb rings. 

Yery narrow velvet or ribbon Is 
used as trimming on some tea gowns. 
It is ran la and oat in several rows at 
the throat, waist and sleeves, with 
all the ends taken together and tied 

Aebe they would be Mmoot prfceia» to these 
who futter from this, dlstregslng complaint; 
but fortunately tbeir goodness does not ead 
here, Knd.uiesft who once try tlicm will find 
thEM little ptlto«luftblo in so many ways that 
thw wm not bft willing to do without thorn, 
But «tter«U «ick btsd 


!■ thftbMiB of K>mHiy lh-es that hero Is ivhero 
we ro*ke our gre»t bo*at. Our pills cure it 
while others do not 

Ctamn'A X4m» Ltvitn Pilm aro very nmall 
KQdTeryeMy to take. Ono or two pills make 
a dote. They are strictly vegetable and do 
not gripe or cargo, but by their gentlo action 

SNuMi all who ui6 thorn. In vi&la at E5 cents; 
W for jt. Sold everywhere, or sent by mail. 
CAMXX MB101H1 0D„ »w TfflS. 




iCleancss and beautifies tho hair. 

Protaote» a luxuriant growth. 

N«v«r F«il» to Hettors Gray 

Hiir to ill Voufbful Color. 

. IFrovDiiteDiinOriillandliiilrtalJUia 




Dr. Agol's Fills 

Aro farsuPEiuoB to anything ever made for Dys- 
pepsia. Sick Headache Constipation, and purify- 
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Sold by all Druggists, 

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WIRE DOOR HATS. Every household needs oti< 
Liberal coatn)l-i3ioBs paid. Address 

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Soib Climate aod 
. _ . liocatlon in the 3onlh 
5IASCHA. Clsirmont. Vt 

Svn Ksaj 1/ Fusiisg jow M.) 
Vegetable Oil? 

It i9 as good as Lfnseaa, cheaper onij guoraateeii. 
Paints mixed with thisOii do not fadel 

383 Unloa street, Oleon, K. Y. 

Bswsxeof ' Worthless Imitations Uist 
will not Wash, of 

Rope, File* Outlining, Twisted, Knittings 

Crocheting, Underwear, Natnielie 

and OKichiflg SHU. 

See that every skein, nanV r hail' or spool 

betrs onr naroe. 



: '\'Lese1iflg''ks^'siu^we»m.tlie;Worldof 

s^,rJ*opr«tive fimbrotdery. 


Mihsirnpunia E»i>imvisiin»t, 

27 and 30 W a:Jd 8t., Nbw York. 

EKCESpftidtn siirMftsful i 
Dtatiiig tt^e. Jlendou Hits j 

ta Win Soaptj, 

■ iastata, 1 1, 



hot srmx* 

J», AiEK. 

Tlio lnrKf.'«t (Hid llni"! SSi-ist 
ica, v;Uh tii-'tliKsl lii.lli 11.. 
netted, will open iihi.I.t i 
Hahkon-, of White .Monmaii 
IHlffl. Jmmnry Killi Ti^k.-l: 

r( sanUM in AaiRr- 

!I..i^l'.irui;s.'as«ii of 

'.v:-;.)iiili'r'il[ It. 


It is T^leasantto the t.-wte and does the 

,^.rk. "iMistonhiwingXIBD'a, Take 

■io other. Price 25 cents. Prepared by 

Tie Hfoct.SflccoMfal Besiedr ever. Slsnat- 
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' ' owicswcaijttni. SmoEt } 
. ' Curaus>iUr^ti>T£oi^«iBxE&jlox(a.) 
^-„.^_^. „EunrO0B,K*.,H'5T.3l? i lsa 
Sk, B. 7. Zxroiiii. Ca 

camytMilMforthree ytam, 
,. Xonnttuiy, c 


. »_»*»»% X.X.JMuBbtr^.MSfc ■ 
D& B, 7. KS*siLl.Ce. ■■■■ 

VemrBtt*:iamtt<tt2tZr#y<mimtimonlalci mf 
.. J ..._. '----ModilwSesTteCitrff.riuiTs 

SMtTlSB. »r **^ 1 — 



■n-rn Tii Ul iM ~l ton l» 

t, m* null 1 c»«i I 

■i ,«»l mUhffi 


^5?a«gaB»^UBas ; 

tout bx aij. Dtcoaaam. 






m m 

^ T i^"y^ 4r^A>x 




"TtoAlntnrtniMrfOtawfal.rfth.Tl^, tt MrwrHrtMfco.. FMtTO . g,,..^ 


$1 25.1 Yearin. idwnw. 

Ows !■■(*," 


■:■■■'■.-.'■ t : ■**!»• rat-****- *'**""<•* *•>- 
:' : .f Jl'y lord ridr* (Uroiijh fcht ittl*c««a(«> 

JIj- lady awe*!* «*<>"« *» **•**■ 
■'. TIieMao thinfc* Ions o» tii«W a thin*-, 

Aud the n.aM-n M"*:* on fiMtrrj;ii«; 

TJie nsJntitrel JntrprHh mc rrliy, 
■■ T7ii,*siIorp.<>¥-slitefo«niiuKM'«. 

-The huntsman Mite the g"^ red <'«' 

.Ami the soMIw war* without* few. 
B»f fail toea«h«liirt««r la-fall, 
Tho farmer he must fe>:d tiwoi *H. 

SmiHi bamuicpeiii eiareiHy tho sword. 
Pr k'St jsojaelwtl* imroaml hoiy word, 
Satm Alice* wotkeih broidery well. 
. Clerk Itifhsrii talcn of lovu can tell, 
Tlio lap-wlfo erifci her foam In ;s Si'Ttr, 
iMn l-'jalwr flsliflh III (In* incf«. 
And courtier* riififc, nltutnml eliinc, 
iVIille »■■•#<:.■* bring Hie Gascon win* ; 

IlutrttllCoeiich Hh(it«Vrb.>rjiil, 

Tho farmer ho «m*t f« 




BInn IniililH hla 

castles fiitf and Irfj, 

Whad-v^r f lvi-i 

nulx-iii 0y. 

Cn:al cllfos r|s. 

Qri'Ut diuretics 

>lllJ'.Vlll« (Mtlldw'B 

On-tit aivhc*, ir 

OlillincllfHOlHl ((11V 

F.ilr jialitee) mi 

}iifiiKl»i; howem. 


(lo.ifx-y Lelmtd. 

•JTslUH PKOPI'IK 'B'tilNtl, 

'The planted i» fjown it 

mmong tin? designs, for Jioutto dresaefl. 

(JowiiB of Initios' cloth with wuii-t 

■nnd hUirt cut bint,'lioiit aro tlio 

"Why IJves This IMf In T*»4 >mm«. 
limit, SowT Wib«M« I(* WW* ***U 
Tliat Ilfhli i)i« We*ry Mr<t*rT"— -Ja*. 
EB )?»• AnnlreiMfr nf til* Hfrtb. 

IimsinU lh* Adds of Ayr 
A |ilowt«aii who in foul or fair 

f?o dear *o kno" not If ft I* 

The ir.FCroclc - * W>"K we hear, or hj«, 

For now Iio haunt* his naUro fond 
An nn imittorud youth; hSsbaiid 

UuMencrery plow. 
'noailafeMldaeaca InglouoGk; 
Ills volco ii in **tli rmtliJag broofc, 

Such ifi tho wo ti meat of every tnio Scot In 
rcsar<I to tho popt, for Robert Burin i* tb* 
post of Rcotlsnd to n degree snil fu ft «enM 
that no other onomanlstlipp<»Eornnyotiier 
ana idinl. Jf thcro in another it Li Uonoer, 
wliosn Rrcat «pl<; ho-'i In tli» popular mind over- 
Bbtidowcsi tho productioiw of dl otiit-r Gr«ck 


A IM\ 

] jnr toj, 

ciipriee (« Mi 
cttii'i- as ti-li 

' I1H0 


Of IlLCO flll( 

K of clotl 


Jh uhu<l 
«Jolh 01 

^niiiprd in 
in ^imbiiKit 
(Uiiim-I'h liafr. 

UII \ 

Mc d(>f.i ( ;»'i4 
Hit ladies 

■Tltu J 
snui-*; nil 

''rcncli tfiiloi' 
j ivy tlmn tho 
do by Lu.ulu 

1 ml 

a Eh much 
uitl Hlmpio 

Mn<n Hit 

*irii«'d woo 
pluiuV lj,ll. 

•<-• JllnJliOIllll>l 


(fre«« to- 
irSt- broiul 


uiiiITh of braver, twul- 

iu-ii hIioimi by iiK.dlwIt'M 

iiid winter Importations. 

umiivi) volvot libboim 

muff of black 111 ait on 

ya of iln. 

Uno \vpo\ webbing In pal© 
■ old rose, reeudu, or blue Bbudos, hnvu 
■ftMnrlu Aiitiinetto flcliu of soft tdlk 
-draped hiyh about the throat and 
^boulder H ; <k'oply scalloped frills edge 
thofiohu, niid two rows of Walteau 
buttons ure wet on the double-breuet- 
ted front of tho Jersey. 

A new custom thla winter is that of 
'lining the full aleeve of clothes gowns 
■with chamois, so that tho popular fur 
■capo itt the only wrap required. Far 
bodioes are also worn with these 
;gowns and then every wrap ia dis- 
pensed with. Purs with u very short 
■fleece are used for tlietse bodieea. 

"Give ds 

cried a bootblack, 
from the gallery of the Opera House, 
to a party who had been coiiBiantty 
•couching during tlio perloriiutiice. 
'L-se Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup" chimed 
in aitoi-luM*. 

At this season of fast driving and 
accidents to man and beasts keep 
•Salvation Oil on baud. 

D3UIOH til, it J4i«i[>4'. 

Henry Hilton is sixty eight years of 
:age. He is naturally a politician in 
tlio crafty sense of that term. He got 
his title of Judge thirty- five years agi 
when he sat upon the bench of ilr 
New York Common Pleas. At tin 
time of tho Tweed regime he was a 
recognized member of that notorious 
■coterie, and when the brains of that 
Hug, Peter B. Sweeney, became the 
President of the Park Commission 
iHenry Hilou was mad" its Secretary. 
"When the exposure of the Tweed 
• gang was made no breath of scandal 
was permitted to cloud the reputation 
*ofHen,ry Milton, for lie at tiiat time 
had become intrenched against public 
.attack by having gained the friend- 
ship, eonildeiiue and support of the 
all-powerful A. T. Stewart. His ac- 
quaintance with the millionaire be- 
gan through Hilton's wife being Stew- 
urtV cousin, mid in time the Judge 
managed to make himself so useful in 
asocial way to the dry goods mer- 
chant that the latter found him iudis- 
>pensable. A. T. Stewart was not a 
:iuan of words nor of graee of manner, 
■and was absolutely lacking: in those 
-qualities which would enable him to 
-give proper, eeeepiion to his guests On 
ceremonial occasions. Tht-dea«ieney 
Judge .Hilton supplied, and at. ail so- 
cial gatherings lit. stood by his pa- 
tron's fride aud quietly coached him. 
They traveled ilii-ou^h Burope to- 
gether, and, in fact, when Stewart 
played the lio>t Henry Hilton actual 
;iy sat at Uie head of the tabic and 
spoUeand acted in the rkdi man'a bt- 
,, J .iuif. This peculiar form of assist 
' .-anus gave the J-udji** a con u«oi ling in- 
llueiu-e over the modern Crowns wi.idi' 

nooniiT noitwis. 
prrota. Yet, Hoinor win; not a Oroolc, uidestin 
ttionoiiKd tlutti tho tvliito people of Amorica 
uro Kiinipi-ini, whilo Durn.-i won thoroughly 
Si'otol)-— hi birth, feoliint, Goiuimont mi'l oil 
tlio ovi!jit:i of liiH lifo. It iIol'3 not appear 
tbiitliowft'i ovit out of Scotland, and, savo 
very brftjf intorviilN, lily wtiolo llfo wan uptmt 
in uo mwtfl an oro« tliat tbo traveler may 
eflBlly visit nil tho (ifroiioa assoclntcd with hlo 
uiinu in a eiii(jln dny. 

Mooro(fj6oint'tlme» onlled Ireland's poot, 
yot if ovory thing illntinotivoly Irish wore 
utrlnkon from hla worlta what o, rnasa would 
bo loftl Stritto thra dlstinetivoly and om- 
phfttf uidly Scotch from Uarou, and tliero Is 
110 poot lort. Allan Ramsay may bo namaj 
mi bin iioinv-st rivnl hi tbo poculiarly local 
ond nutionul line, whilu Wnftor Scott i.s con- 
fnsseJly moro clnseienl, but it ia Burna that 
In nhviiyH Hootch, Durns that uiolcey tho 
world iit'ipmltitiid with Scotlaud, Burua tlmt 
In bia poems Koonis to breathe forth tho vory 
essoiiuo of Hcotoh fcoliug, whether of patriot- 
Ism or superstition, loenl attachment or tho 
lender passion. It nlmost eooms that with o 
voiuinu of Ms pooniB in hand 0110 might Hud 
IiIh wny iibont tho viciuity of Ayr without a 
gtiido and rccognliio at night tho "auld kirk," 
tho bridges (aid ovory etriking eoano uiion 
tho D0011. 

On tho S5tb of January, 1759, bowft3 bom; 
on the aiat of July, 1700, ho died— only tliirty- 
sevoii years of lifo, and nearly all of that 
fipimt in vngfted toil. In the summer of 1780 
tho volumo of his poems issued from tbo 

•nUawttML >t«o «olt MMMthtMi h»pp»m 

In Am*rk» Uwt % tpemlmf-. muooLm U htfttfr 
t(»|E into worda vlwttlM pMpk h»»* lM««a 
fa>f«*I but b*T» ooty*t lMrn«l 1.n ii|im 
■m{ ia at one* li*il*d m * grM^dntor^b*. 
cau»» h# b*M "•pokan psopfet mind .^ 

A mcatxl wJiUhn mxin ■ MpptmrrA {April, 
ITsT;, ami mob to tbe HnUiuMaaai Uwt a,HO0 
copies woro sut>wrib«il for in * O* d*v» hj 
LuOO Individtudii. JJunni h*d firm nwiiiitH 
otuform to&populMT ionginn;; widdUekMi 
mad mr«l ScotUnd had found* Voio*. -TV 
uud«r»buid wimt folIow«<l it is 11 iiiiij to 
briefly review thspof-t'* lit*. RotMrt Bum* 
wa» boni at AiiowKy, near Ayr, J«n. 2$, 
1739, hi* father iwiiijr* poor farcp«r, but » 
faiwi of «terUng worth kiwi lnt«lUg«ncB,M|C*r 
to giro his son m Rood *u nduonkm mi h# 
could (UTord. It was purrir English, «i«pt 
tbathvatuttied French for two WMks sod 
took « short course In land gurv«yinft; but it 
wng cxtremnly thorough and practiced In 
En^ish. At Uto ««trljr Hg« of e.I«T«n he was 
an acuto critio fu qowifionf of icrommar, and 
liisenrli«tioti«nt att*rt his proficiency. A» 
soon an boyish strength wm «ufflci»nt ii« wa» 
put to bard farni wurk. 

TfaemoAtgon^rouw«KtiinatA dow not credit 
tho Burns family library with more than a 
dozen mbcoilaiioomt hook% amoug wbfch 
wcrol'opo^ and Allan Ranitey'a work*, Tb« 
Spoetator, a volumo of Englwh aongi and 
*oi»» rather tedious hfator!**, Witit tli«*a 
w«ro tom« theological work* 6n« would think 
calculated to frighten a boy, but Robert read 
every one of them and apparently under- 
Stood thorn. It was not till lis was IS! years 
Old that ho had macast to anything that 
might bo called a geooral library, but "A 
poot wna Irani and no Medusa could atrika 
him dumb." 

Pootry vem in the afr about him an woll as 
atniRKhng hi his honrt; lovoeamo tmdr,uj>- 
plbd tiin lacking oloffiont. At tuo agoof 10 
ho oompor^d tlio flrat pootry that ho allowed i 
any nun oleo to road— nplaiativoexprcwlon of ] 
atoiliii|{far(iiboy'(ifooliiig3towurdEia muidon 
-h>( wliicli ho afterwards wroto: "I was not 
eopMauniptuouu an to ImnRino that I couid ! 
ninlio von-vs iiko- printed ouoa compojoil by 
mon who bad Latin and Groolc; but my girl 
naOKn cong which was said to bo composed 
byaRiiutll country laird'Q bqu on one of his 
(atlmr'n tnuiclu with whom ho wan In Jova, 
and I saw no rvusou why 1 mlfjlit not rliymo 
ax well ns bo; fur, oTwpting that ho could 
wnoar ulioop and cabt poata, bin father living 
in tlio moorlands, ho hud no uioro Eclioliir- 
craft than ui yiifjlf." 

Iab 0' eriAirrxa, 
thrown across the utTcam. Abont thrae iftOm 
-from Ayr is tho coUag* in which Suras wa« 
horu, and not fw away nr» tha old AUoway 
Kirk and tha poctic.iliy famous bridga otot 
tho Doon. In its center tho witchea succeeded 
la tearlns off tho tail of Tam o" So*oS*r% 
mare, hut ho escaped, for 

A rnnnio' etraam tiicy daro notcfcsi; 
Tho B«mn cotfctgo is a. sort of waysido Ian, 
but well preMsrwd and coatsfainj; »V€ral 
relics. Tho ktr!i yard, and once witch Sunmt- 
rd kirk of Alio way, ia within a few ruinutoa' 
walk— a rooaesr. and overgrown rain, but 
with' walls Rtill ilrm. Tho stones at tha 
Rraeoo of tho poiit'* father, mother and 
yramgest sister rtill ntaud with icfdhlti tsisci-ip- 
tioiw. B«r!i!i.wos buried at llumfrina, whera 
ho died. All the r«ciot> !-"• mioloiit of poptry. 
It is hi itself, and dear to ! 
tlio (FMitirnonLiI il^t n^oolallons. Ovori 
tin) p'wtVi peinnht.'i ri^-n « hinatl lint beautiful 1 

"""""•' " ' on Mir lankt arc hffi st rilling; I 

word.i. written on Ida first 


■. ^TTH 1 ***■ *ha paopla og 1 


From this time forward tho lad enjoyed 
quito a. local reputation, but bia father waa 
broken in health, Robert was tho' younsosS 
of seven children, and lifo for liim eestned to 
grow harder overy year. Nevertheless, ha 
cmbracod every opportunity to store hla miud 
with information, and was particularly eager 
to bear of tho old Scottish heroes, "butdc- 

obscuro press of Kilmarnock, and sprang at ' lights most of all in tho old women's etorlca 

oneo intotmch popularity that shrewd critics j ot witches and warlocks, haunted glens end 

»-._i _ , .... .... crags, and mysterious appearances around 

tho old churchyards. A little later ho pro- 
duced Bomo lengthy pieces in tbo local dialect 
wbicb attracted wido attention aud causod 
his society to bo greatly sought by Botuo per- 
sona of menus and cult uro— a result which 
was highly beneficial in dovolopiug hi3 con- 
versational powers, but induced habits of 
conviviality end consequent troublo. 

In 1781-83 ho waa in tbo depths of despond- 
ency. Ho took a small (arm in conjunction 
witb his brother, and lost tbo littlo bo hod 
invested. Uo cast about for methods of im- 
proving his fortunes, but failed in all. Ho 
love and could not marry. Tho parent] 

predicted a reaction; for it is painful fact 
that, as a rule, tho greatest works have grown 
slowly into public favor, while sudden and 
universal popularity is often a proof that tho 
production ia suited only to tho Uuio in which 
It appears, that, its sparklo and humor please 
hecftuso of their apt reference to passing 
ovonts or harmony with tho atmosphere of 
tlio day, and will ovapornto as that atmos- 
phere is changed. Not thus has it been with 
Burns. His nonius was for all time. 

A contemporary, Robert Heron, of tho 
same locality, testifies that "old and young, 
hlfrh and low, learned and ignorant, worn 
idiko transported with the pooms, and pl> 

an mud tho 

will return t 

York, Nellio 1 

otnrted eti.itvrn 

crossing; tho Allan 

tic, whilo Miss Bis- 

loud vront west 

and' after reaching rellie blt. 

California, took to tbo Pacific. Tbei-o is-coa- 

Biderahlo iuturost, of courso, to know which 

will complsto her Journey Srst. 

Mtej Bly (Corcoran) ia about 89 yeart of 

age, and for som» I 

timo hao bQes ! 

prominent la jour- j 

nalistic work. MIsb ' 

Bis] and has written ] 

some articles for 

Tho Cosmopolitaa. 

8I10 Is &2. Both 

young ladiet !uit# 

adopted & profs*- j 

■fan for which thsy t 

are- admirably fit- j 

ted^ and this sac* 


tbora hi fiituro litorary work, making tfesm 
both widely known to tho public. 

Tbo Storm tu St. Looic 

nwn and maid servants gladly iM-stowed tboir j ol hb loved ono sternly forbada tho union; 
hard earnings to procure tho works of : tho lovors mot often, howovor, and tho ro- 
Burns." As tho Erst edition was limited to ! suits wore evil Completely cast down, ho 
GOO copies it was soon exhausted, and boforo , resolved to leave his native land for Jamaica, 
a second could bo issued, so great was tho ' and somo of his sweetest, saddest poena were 
anxiety to obtain it that copies of many of written whilo that intention remained. To 
tbo poems wero mo do in manuscript end procure tho means of paying his passage ho 

banded around from family to family. Tho 
volume, indeed, contained matter for nil 
minds— for the lively and sarcastic, for tho 
gay and the thoughtful, for tho enthusiast 
and, abovoall, for tho proper gratification of 
local prido. 

It must bo admitted, however, that for this 
suddeii popularity tho pooms wore somewhat 
indebted to peculiarly favoring circumstan- 
ces. There had long been a complete dearth 
of really Scotch writers, while or local lyrics 
there had practically b'ten none, unles we 
oxcopt tbo works of Ferguson which appeared 
ia a collected form in 1773. In Edinburgh 
theology and critical aud metaphysical worla 

Ojilld !: 


it-d in no other 

THE EKia o' DOOJt. 

prevailsd toon excess. Tlia leading mind* of 
Scotland seemed utterly absorbed in tb* ab- 
struse, not to speak of the innuttely awful. 
Theology, it tliat ha tha proper uwha for iu- 

published the first edition of his poems— that 
ot 1780, previously referred to— cad its suc- 
cess changed tho whola current ot his life. 

Ho was oq the point of embarking when ho 
was invited to Edinburgh to attend to the 
issue of a second edition. lo tho capital he 
was "the lion of tho hour." He associated 
with all who were eminent in letters, and 
with many eminent in rauk, wealth and 
fashion, his conversation exciting es much 
admiration as bis pootry. Unspoiled by flat- 
tery, ho retained his independence of mind 
and lovo of rural lifo. The profits of his 
publication aro reported to havo reached 
£CC0, and with this ho took and clocked tho 
farm of Eli island, near Dumfries, where lie 
located in 1768, having publicly ratified his 
marriage with Jean Armour. Her father 
was still obdurate, but tho marriage would 
hav© been a le^al, as it was a moral, obliga- 
tion in any ovsut. 

Again he faded 03 a farmer, and in less 
than four years located in Dumfries. Heuad 
been appointed an exciseman, aud, though 
tho salary never escssded £70 per year, it 
was bia sole support. About this timo bo 
wroto those political effusions and someother 
productions iu which some bitterness of feel- 
ing is shown. . His expressed sympathy' -with, 
the- French revolution deprived hina of the 
good will of tho wealthy and powerful, and 
prevented his repel viug promotion in the ex- 
cise. Indeed, only the intercession of a f aw 
persistent frien.Ss prevented his losing offie* 
entirely. There was Such a dread of ' 

storm's path •nraovax sr. loots. 
Hero aro cute showing something of the 
wreck wrought by tbo recent itorm hi Sti 
Itoius, Ho. The first show* the track o! «ss 

tion that he ami tbose who! agreed with him 
were sti^uuktiiiid as "Jacobins." Tate em- 
bittered him still more, and in such company 
fit was left to him ha often fell into uu^ipa- 
tioxi. His hist .yctu-a clouded -'irith 

"..".-. i: would ijfe lvulicroH.s wer« it not so 

icihvful to see huw old ure the oliijdren 

f'-pt to-day. Wliiiy wiUkinj- thtt ■■ dtber 

**y l.wati dumbstPtwU In this wise. 

1\\o hnu bobbin tound juck«ts up- 

prouched «. daintily drtssfd little girl 

; «t seven. Que, touching his cttp to 

.berwlth CUvstei-lieldiaa gfttce, drew 

-forward 1 the btuahiaj-. owuer of tUe 

other iound j»t.ker, bajmg, "Allow 

Tiie, Mm Almii ,, to ptwam to you 

fiVniy. iriend, Mr. BmttHv" 'Xh» IjttlL- 

lady recuKutatd Mr. Smith after the 

moet approved wdult fuhton, wid I 

We«f on my *» r - a «ndd«r but r wia 

, & woumn. Beiore 1 tmd time to «- 

«ov*r from this I btard a boy of »ix 

_' ,**H a little tfixl of un, "Mttry, what 1 

do j on think of the m^n?" Mwrv 

witlifclir>m K i nd i|fi union, answered! 

' l (u i,| Vull re|»a,(ediy. air 

■•vw to a>k u«« quMiour 1 

<lad«l<iK from pr»«iit Bjuiptouw. 

^/fcltoa, hoop*, dotla i^ Wilt «iil ImU, 

1 nqoft la a tew ]«%». Mate 

»ia t?i«Qradfe wUl Umb wki 

*«JU «vy«or 

* ' ►*. 

terndaabludisputeBontheuatureauddwtmy gloom, and U ty-A hi Dmafries July Bl 
of tho soul and God's deaUng with Hum, had 1700. «<uu«» ^y . wj, 

«mwwtly dried np all tUayrinnqf tffl«ti Tl At least a hundred diff.-reut edv'tion. ot 
and as to w&M$o& 7 cue can but thudder Emus' worhs Uava e M «wg. e^d Ste* 
BOtwntuwaaadtbtirtralrUart- saohmsnlin^, .toudWajid paSSibean 
united. His fauia has grown rather than, 
oduhiished, ond for ilia sake Ayr nutt Alii*; 

822 MOB3D szfixsr, ' 
■tona tbrovnjh the city mad' tha aecoad the 
Esenaof tialoajof lu"oai932HouE<iatreflt, 

A IMfiulQed Betort. s 

A Qtt^irest Eud girl whowaa bamKteold. 

ed by her mother about aoniethhig which 'an* 

nejiied having don* finally draw h«r<udf ap 

with. (fr»-at diyuity aud. remarlied; : . 

"Well, -cjaiuica, I know nothius whatover 
about it aud tare le^"— W'aiihiagt-on Star. 

_ rUkcaor OnaUate ObdiMs 

ewaaty, »aw Tort Mata. hara tea. [mtlr 

IJaBrttof tt-»waaan attamut to poiKn 

ZFJSTilS 9 ** yow * «*^SerT 
J^*f BHJ » poiapoar went about bia »*- 

^ horaw appba cut m hah* and t«rf tOK«tber 
* it *"~" twi,w - Tb » ****• «« «£ half 
r^S? lo ^ ,li ^ w,t * Hd th »«wty*lWwith 
«nm(». Tbehotwa did not aat tha applea, 
«d » no harm r«uit*d, AiUioughMr! 
Kyu diacovered that an attam&t had been 
ffl*de to poison luafaorasa, he- aaid nothinr 
about H except to a few frtaida, and it is im- 
probable the matter would ever have become 
generally known had subsequent events not 
etv«t the work of the miacreenta. greater 

Tbeaa ercnta wwa two attempts on the lire 
of Father Janice A. Kelly, pastor of St. 
Fatrrck^Roman Catholic church at Oneida. 
Father Kelly ia a great friend of Mr. Ryanfe- 
andltlakiiownto many that he baa at vari- 
ous timet proved hw friendabip by leudhjg 
money to the yonag coal dealer. It was, ia 
fact, with .money borrowed from Father 
Kally that Mr. Ryan bought tho horses thai 
the poi»ner practiced on with men poor sne- 
cess. It was thee* facts which made friend* 
or Father Kelly establish a connection in 
their ^mirnia between the attempt to poison 
Mr. Ryan's horses and tho subsequent at- 
terapto to take Father Eolly's life. I 

That the latter siiould bavn oceurre d ia a 
rornrise to the people of Onofda, f or p ftt her 
Kelly is dearly tytfoved by Ida congregation 
and he says that so far as ho knows he has 
not an enemy in tho world. 

Et. Patrick's church was not completed 
and ready for occupancy until Nov. 'U of 
last year, and from April, 1HS3 (when the old 
■tructura waa demolished), till that time eer- 
Ttcos wero held ( D 
the roller filiating 
rink. In this build- 
hip, which stande 
on ono of tlio main 
streets of the vil- 
lage, a temporary 
sacristy was fitted 
'ip. Oh the niorn- 
Ing of Tuesday, 
Oct. 8, Father 
Kelly went into thia 
»af.riuty to prepare 

for a special muss. »,~ ,.„-„ , „„..„ 
The communion » *. «j>a.v.k. 

wipe stood in » quart bottle on a shelf in the 

A young woman named Mary Terries had, 
when Borvtoes wore first held in tho rink, 
voluntarily assumed the duties of keeping it 
elean aud in order. On that Oetobei 
tng sho weiit about her work as usual aud 
when Father Kelly arrived she had al- 
ready poured the wino for tho morning's 
•ervico from tho bottle into the glass 
cruet used on such occasions, and hod 
placed the cruet on a table near tbo 
altar, where it would bo ready to Father 
■Kelly's hand. Father Kelly noticed, while 
moving about the sacristy, a small amount 
of white powder near where the bottle of 
communion wine had stood. He commented 
on this to Mi© Terriss, who said she had also 
noticed it, and they thought nothing more 
about it for the time. 
At tho offertory, as usual, Father Kelly 

««. .u* *«. race f?!£ lt £? wino £ ? om tno «™* **» the 
around the wor« fholice with an equal amount of water, and, 
will doubts be 1 *t *?J ""^ ot th ? masB ' dmnk t&e mature 
- "* about ten minutes later. 

Almost instantly he realised that he bad 
been poisoned. Tho wine of the sacrament 
eeoiued tike liquid fire burning out his life. 
In his own words, "Tbo pain grow more in- 
tense eaeh instant, but I persevered in saying 
the mcs3 through before I had left the altar." 
As soon as ho stopped from the altar he called 
for help. A druggist and a doctor were sum- 
moned, emetics were administered, and the 
priest's lifo was saved, although ha was sick 
In bed for several days. 

As may bo imagined, the matter created 
great consternation in tho village. Investi- 
gation showed that tho door of tho rink could 
easily bo forced and, es no ono for a moment 
suspected Miss Terries, it was agreed that 
some ono must have gained entranco to the 
rink and placed the arsenic in tbo wine bot- 
tle. A chemist's analysis of tbo wino in tha 
bottlo showed that it contained enough poi- 
eon to kill a dossn man. Father Kelly at- 
tributed tho crime to some "cranfe," and the 
matter was allowed to rest there. 

On tho morning of the first day of tho year 
Father Kelly, who bod been at tbo church 
(which was then completed] until nearly mid- 
night at an entertainment, took a quartet of 
eingers— two ladies and two gentlemen, all 
from Utica— who had volunteered to sing for 
the occasion, to bis home to spend the night. 
About 1 o'clock in the morning they all re- 
tired; bat Father Kelly did not fall asleep 
readily, and at S a. m. was reading in bed. 

Suddenly the door bell was rung violently. 
Father Kelly dressed partially and went to 
the door. There be found some ono who held 
out a letter. Father Kelly stooped slightly 
to take the letter. Crash* a blow from a 
bludgeon in the hands of a mysterious visitor 
struck the priest on the baud and arm. This 
was followed almost instantly by another 
blow which struck the priest full on toe head. 
He fell, but as ho fell he shouted loudly for 
feelp. His assailant ran rapidly away just 
as the guests, roused fron their slumbers by 
theory of fee priest, arrived on the scene. 
In the morning a short, thick bar of rusty 
iron was foiled on the porch. IS was evi- 
dently the weapon that had been used ia this 
second attempt on the priest's life. 

There the matter stopped. Father Kelly 
had not had a good; enough view of his mid- 
night visitor to form any opinion as to 
identity or evento be sure of tha sex, al- 
thoughhis impression was that it was a- man 
who had struck him. Thus came about the 
mystery which has thrown Oneida into a 
ferment and badly ptizxled the detectives. 

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circun property. 

Ex-fcKWATOR KlDDLKDitftGltn of Vir- 
ginia died lust Friday and thus passed 
away a uian who by his eueoiitr-Jc an 
well tie orratic wiiys umdo hifiirelt a 
reputiitl n while a Permior. He wne 
a fear lens wan and li iltiimt ppealter 


buililt* hebits Wer^iidi that 

no p»ahit>8H in tlio United 8 ates 0cn- 

at«'(ind should never- have been mnt. 

there. ___„__ 

TllKtw. i.U-iuiirli tiiiiiuul iiulivon 

.'tloiioM-iie Y.'&I. <:. A. of Now xoik 

Siatei Will ba held in Birtgliiutiton 

February 2!)-38. There aro 14a aaao*- 

V ciatioiiH in the State and haa B0,000 

■ members. Thlrty-flvo of the auaocia- 

tlona own buildings, tho ftgtjre- 

eate value of which in $2,800,000. The 

expenses of State work last year a- 

niounted to $8,473.09 and ©9,000 H re - 

quired for tint! year, 

Kcrib)i«r*N itlagitasiete. 
Soribner for February contains 
another article in tho African aerioo, 
by Herbert Ward, for live years an 
officer in the Congo Free sUle; the 
first of two ar^Ielos on JolmB"'ouson, 
by W. O. Ohuroh, his obonon 'jiogra- 
pher; the aooount of a vielt isi\id to 
aeveral leading Spnulna novelist:*!, by 
an American uove.lpr.; a short paper 
on a very ancient image rea«r' Iy 
found in Idaho-, a gHmpBo of several 
picturesque Hungarian castlea aa 
seen by the author of "Ib Life Worth 
LivingV" and interesting Illustrated 
notion and pi cma, with the new de- 
partment, "The Point of View" which 
continues brief and informal para- 
graph!? about "Browning," Men's 
Women," "First Loves" and "College 
Men, The whole niakea one of the 
best magazines published. 
'ITlao ForaiBu, 
This great magazine for February 
will contain as usual diaouasion on 
timely topics. The contents are; — 
The Kthios .ot Property by W, 8. 
Lilly, the eminent English Essayist. 
America's Fourth Centenary by Qen. 
Francis A. Walker, in which ie point- 
ed out what a great world's fair 
should be. Key Notes from Eome by 
Henry Charles Lea; Problems of 
American Avchffiology by Major J. W. 
Powell; The Power of the Supremo 
Court by Eaton S. Drone; Moral As- 
pects of College Life by President G. 
K. Adams, of Cornell University; A 
Political Paradox by Leonard W. Ba- 
con; The Immigrant's Answer by 
Judge John P. Altgeld; Mrs. Grundy's 
Kingdom by Eliza Lynn Linton.; and 
Writing for the Stage by Prot. Alfred 


*v<$, are 

filmy w.titQ toaps, 

^presented to be 

'just as good as the Ivory, 

i hey are not, 
but like 

M- counterfeits, 
■. t'ney iack 
the peculiar 
"and remarkable 
qualities of 
the genuine. 
Ask for 
Ivory Soap 

insist upon having- it. 
'Tis sold everywhere. 

;o.«wMof Monday Mdv *■**• «P 

, .n»ftrmm>iiwitoX>fklrooll— tlos. 
of spMfBMu off •eheat work tram U» 
•ebootoof this dbrtrist natter abais* 
of Uu oonuniUM oowbttaf of . Daiid 
Clark, Ml» ld« M UI«r, Dm1*1 H«h«- 
gao, tiranby; Daly^Thco. 

Bail, 0*w«gf> Town; • Franc Hall, 
If 1m HaUl« Brown, Scrfba; MiwJ«» 
nf « Siiabail, ■ «ttltoi»f and M n. Byidy n 
a tlinour, Voin*y. Thii : aominitt«« 

tu* rOQin, «, ip#fllal- f **ttir«'-:ol' whioh 
i* m fliia dfiipli^ttf priniary jjivaft kth' 
of work don# ih tha Bpringnold 
JtCasa,, fohools, and wot for exhibit by 
Milton, Bradley * Oo, or that city. 
Thti committee wore also fortunate is 
securing from Prang * Co. of Boston 
the St- Louie exhibit of drawings 
which has be«n ahowo at the state 
and national edueatlbnal meetings. 
Another teo-tartt worthy of note is a 
room arranged to represent an ideal 
country eohool houiw, with simple 
and mostly home made appliances to 
BOrvo as a specimen of what every 
country school room may be. 

The afternoon session Monday was 
opened with singing under chargo of 
Prof. J. C. Ooope'r, the devotional ez~ 
orclseswhioh followed werooonduok'd 
by the conductor, &£(. Albro, Ph. D. 
He also occupied tb&ilrat hour on tho 
fUbjt'ct aflsigue'd "EdiicutJonal Max- 
tuiB, their iilstory, their psychological 
basic, and their practical applica- 
tion." This auujeet will bo tho con- 
ductor's theme through the week. 
Ho proc«cd-d to clear away tho pre- 
judice which lie prtrtiuimd the touah- 
ern hvid ugalutit liim, -hb he witu to 
liiJk to thoui on payuhology, and by a. 
few uiniplo iliiihtraiioiio lie proved 
how piaciicablc ail inn; p-y«hology 
is, and clOtiod by utatiiiK that If i.h« 
payeholouy given by him dorlnur the 
wei-lt waft not pmetiaible lie would be 
astiUUH?d <A if. 

JUlee B. J. Walter of the Oswego 
Normal, to whom hue been urmlgii'd 
the next hour, was' unable to be pr. ■•- 
ont and CoiumltieionerW. A. Bahiuiu 
occupied tlie hour with a talk on Ge- 
ography. Hit) points were that fli-ut 
work on thif.L subject uhould be objee- 
tive—BUCh as the uchoiura would be 
able to thoroughly comprehend and 
were accustomed to. Tho study of the 
known should be UHod aa a batjiB for 
tho unknown. Apt llhintratiotiB were 
given to show the advantage gained 
bv following this plan. 

1 rof. J. Stump of the Oswego Nor- 
; was not hero Monday as Ji> wtin 
a>nounccd to bo on tho program, but 
in io be hero Friday and will oceupy 
'w or three hours in his work on 
«,',■ : fiion minerals. His hour Monday 
was taken by a discussion on what ib 
known ae tho Well's system of pen- 
manship in 'uso in the Syracuse and 
Fulton sehoolo. The main feature of 
the system being tiie forearm move- 
ment. Tho discussion was conducted 
by Conductor Albro and taken part 
in by Prof. Clapp, Com. Baldwin, Miss 
Kimball of Fulton Union School, Mias 
Hall of Scriba, and Miss Daly of Os- 
wego Town. The prevailing senti- 
ment seemed to be that the result of 
the system was good, easy penman- 


The Congregational church at Os 
wego Falls was secured for this lec- 
ture and those that attended listened 
to an ablo discourse in which much 
was learned of the celebrated Russian 
philanthropist and scholar Count Leo 
Tolstoi. Tho lecturer began with a 
description of tho Russian Empire 
and the drunken, degraded and pre- 
carious condition of the people. A 
bright oasis in this desert of depravi- 
ty was Tolstoi, whose history was 
traced in the learned lecturer's able 
manner from childhood to the pres- 
ent time. Ab a writerof allegories he 
was placed as the equal of John Bun- 
yon, as a writer of fableB the equal of a narrative writer the equal 
of Washington Irving. Illustrations 
of his writing under these styles were 
given. Mr. Tolstoi's philanthropic 
work and his eotive mind working for 
the good of his feilowmen were clear 
iy shown. Kid eou version to the 
Uhrisiiau belief whieu oouurrud some 
eleven years ago when he was tticy 
years of age lurtiUhud. a topic fur 
some ilftetn minutes of the speaker's 
lime, whim his characteristics of 
tU'ees and m..u. tr and his extreme 
hospitality showed ttie character of a 
man deserving of the high esteem in 
which he ia held by all who are fa- 
miliar w ith his works and d«eda. iiu- 
sio for the occasion was furnished by 
the Congregational choir which' was 
led by Mr. R. Harrison, 


Tho opening exercises were con- 
ducted by Prof. Albro. 

Hiss Ella Richardson, instructress 
indrawiogat tho Auburn city sohoois, 
began her work on. drawing occupy- 
ing the first and last hours of the 
forenoon session.'- The chief point 
made was that the aehoola'must have 
models for the successful acaoiuplish- 
ment of work. Class exercise in poiii- 
.tion of aetioiaraln drawing was given. 

Condaotor Albra's hoar yiea given 


Vmmlk J^Nn-fr* 

'«Mp itt*tt «pp»sr «V 

wofftjmt Bat aflhrto to Mb* Hm f»- 

rftrttaalftrofotftafa, I 

waa, 'fmrnh Urn •*« • 

. AfullHneof Plush Goods at Wili. .. , . .. t . . 

flams' Brng Store. Get his pricesbe- { toaiuxther discussion of educational 
lbteyoubuy. SStf \ maxim*. Th,e prhjeipal thought con- 

AHaiaal pi— at mow wdi m*MMi 
an hapviar aad Id a baltar OMMUtloo 
to da ifaalr work No gaod work was 
aaaompllahed by aasldlof 'and no 
ahlld rotild iMira ".wall, who was atrald 
off tito taaeh*r: , Hit third nMtlm waa' 

Th« «i«rahmi of tbo forenoon ware 
fnt«nipir>ra»d by «xo»lUnt quartet 
■•iofin$';by : -M*«ara. ;C^p*r, ■ WJiliaiii* T : 
A1)*n and Handali. 

- AwrmtiatxtK. . 
: After ninging 1 ComibUa^bner Bibid> 
win again to«kti0'tJbwrat>je(tt of pri- 
mary 0eogtajphywn*i^: ha left off 
Monday, dweniiiff on the fact that the 
flraf work ui.'is! he flliearand the pu- 
pil led from no known to the un- 
known. The' «iadv of Geography 
m«*t beaftfudy of real things. He 
fchonnliowed : e liaceMiity of Piiysi- 
ca) Goograph; i?ei»g taught firtt. 

Singing followed by ; the quartet 
when the subject of drawing was 
again tak<m up by MiWt llichardson 
who is making her work umwualiyin- 
terovting by moami ol|her olwas work, 
models and board drawings, also by 
horpleaaant manner. Her lewonsaio 
looked forward to with pleasure by 
ail and we think cannot fait to bo of 
luuoh benefit to the country schools 
in general. 

The final hour was taken! up in an- 
swering queries by the Conductor. 

In tho evening a largo .number* of 
teachers wont to Oswego to witness 
tho industrial exhibit if tlio primary 
departments of the city schools. 

Tlio exercises this morning were a 
coiiilnimtioii of Midi) Itluhardson'o 
work on Drawing. l*rof. Albro then 
tipoke on Educational .Maxima which 
brought out an int.- routing and Hv.-ly 
dinciihsion on teaching reading winch 
wn» carried on by Prof. Clupp and 
many other live teach-in. Thin 
afternoon i.liere will bo a clu^s eser- 
ciMjeoiiducred by Prof. Albro, Draw- 
ing by JUIhij Richardson and Ventil- 
ation by Prof, Clapp. 

This afternoon a large number of 
tho teachers will visit tho 

This evening Prof. Albro will give a 
lecture commencing at 7:30 at the 
opera house on "Education of the In- 
dians." It will be remembered that 
Mr. Albro was appointed to an 
important position in connection 
with this work by President Cleve- 
land but owing to a change of tho 
administration his nomination was 
not confirmed. 


It. Marguerite Qllbcrt, Loroy, 

Diuilul Mehogan, Dttstervllla . 

W . 11, Acker. HiiHiiilml. 

Corn A. Fry, (StorlJnj; Valley. 

Gw W Ouoiloll, MiMiieo. 

■IdttMlllur, Fwltoti. 

Hnttle B Doeltor, Bundy'sCroaalni:. 

1'Ycil Jluliannuli, North Hannibal 

Mrs Lyman CouIh, Oswogit. 

linim J Smith, FulWn. 

l.uutln M Joliiison, Volnoy Uciitro 

Medio K aijn&as, Vijliioy, 

Olllu M Simons, Volney. 

Joa.iIe M Kimball. Pultun. 

Effle J Molonlf, North Hannibal . 

Ettn Jlcorty, Boivun'o Cornuro, 

UllaRBKtol. Pluinvllle. 

Nellio Joiiidns, Fulton. 

Eleanor A Qomon, Fulton . 

Alliert 8 Brown, Osv/m-o FaUa. 

Charles H. Vandulitider, Granby Ci'iitre, 

J F Coo(ier, Fulton. 

Emma Edwards, Lysunder. 

CArrio M Cooper, Im Hill, 

Floyd DioltlUHon, South Gronby. 

OeorgeB Williams, Oswego Fullu. 

Anna C Williams, Mexico. 

Leonom CalUlna, Fulton. 

Cora B Ferguson, Dosterrille, 

W«ri3 S BUUop, Qran»y Ceittro. 

fiarah Colla King, ItiiOKhoru. 

Bnrah 13 Perry, Fulton. 

Edna J Goduey, Bo won 'a Corners. 

Maud M Keenoy, Surth Hnnuibal. 

Mnry Phillips, 

Corrio L Stoivo, Fulton, 

Vclma G Ooe, Fulton. 

Ellsabotli Merrlam, Fulton, 

Henrietta P Sharps, Fulton 

Mougto MoHomara, Honuthal. 

Sadlo Footer, Eulton. 

Mary Phllllpps, Gilberts Mills. 

DellWiiragn, Nov tb. Hannibal 

Patrick H Ward, Fulton. 

Francis M LuLondo, Fulton. 

Daisy M George, Fuitoa. 

Mary E Gere, Fulton. 

Stella ai Haro, Oawego. 

Fred Randall, Bowena Corners. 

D VV Clarli, Desiervllle. 

Ella 'Uairin^con, Oaweg Folia. 

Win H SkeH, Follou. 

Eatelle Kldrldyo. Haun.bal, 

Lillian J Voree. Meslco. 

Anna E Fredenburg, Fulton. 

JushI» A Lelgblou,.pan:eso. 

Mitry G Or.ihim. Fultoii. 

Ada'H. Wright, Fulton. 

L Ste. la. Burro iva, Hennon. 

li«lttK«lsey, Pulenno Centi-o. . 

Lena .11 Young, V»luey, 

Anna KimUer, Fulton 

Minnie KlngtJay , South West Oiuvego 

Carrie 51 Mce, Oamego. 

BlamioKlmber, Fulton. 

Jessie Whitney, Oswego, ' '■ 

Hattie E Brown, Oswego.- 

Matle Allen; Granby Centre. 

ItabeU'Wangh, Fuitoa..," 

Ellen HRoyce.FoUaa. - 

Hoae T Slteiritt. Oswego Oentn. ; 

Dora BGiliis, Hannibal 

George Tromaiue, DerQster. 

Orl» B MIddleton, Butterfly. ' 

B G Clapp, Fulton. 

Ida iSIay Cornell, Granny Centra 
. SlilUo Allen, Granny Centra. 

Win MeCre«, Fulton. , 

George E Burn, P ullon. 

Maggie E McC»nn, Sonui Grimby, . , 

Theodore FBail, South WestOswefio. 
' Chirlotte K King, Fulton . ... 

E]]*HTi<U, MineUo. 

StelUS Brnga, North Hannilml. 

Jennie A Daley. South Vire«t O»w?so f 


: t *eo*jri» * .Jkwrtat, St»# '#»••, . : 
' En>nw.F. GrifBott, F(ilfa>B< " 

Mj7«le ye T»hitn*» S»«f ft****. 

Fwmte F Itotf«r», H«m(b«l C*«H»*. 

Frank »;»n»<*»«, ' JrUMltalCMtm. . 

Goorsfsttft U 0rlK»o>),rul«MS. 

Caroling F Uaunn, Meenlx. 

FranoaXDeantw.iruaeift. -^ 

InlMX LaUiorptHwnnlbal. 

Cor»M llMmmooil, Fulton . 

Jtmlr> B Temple, Utitibu, 

Ef* M 'Br*c>to*t, U«i«UMlCentr». 

JJarileOJ Siwon, Fulton. 

SIttioO Itogpnt, Fulton. 

Ooortti* Rrsckett, H«nnlli«l Centre. 

Anw* M Taylor, Fulton. 

Mrs Cnrrls K Tobbs, Fulton- 

Mildred DuRwoore, Fulton. 

OcrtmUo h WiltlAWt, Fuitoa. 

ClarA E I'ftlne.eouth Grauby. 

C D Palmer, Wttle (JUc», 

V/H WilliaiD3,Mexlco. 

Cornelia E Mnynard, Fuitoa. 

Miiy E Kllburn, OatreffO. 

UatiiwE Hill, OMwego, 

Cornelia M MatU-ROn. Hooniba), 

It. W. & O. Coimuctnir'* Swie. 

Tim <lay l» tiin .'Utrcuit Court , Friday 
wa« occupied iti (iearinu«>vidonca in 6ii« 
*'Ui)tnIui;tin' Cii-ns'' o( Eli aim Onirrison 
uKui'iyt tlio K'luiw, Wutwrtown & Og- 
lii-iHibiirK'Itailr >!fl Ci'iopniiy, 

(surrirton win iinioni; lll« (aiyUt or 6on 
C'tiHliKiioi!) ivlm t't'cuivud blu« envelopcB 
■ it Hm full of 18H8, nft«r I'iiikeptrm'u de- 
tfciiv'^M i»wiii (•oifiloyod liytliB comr 
jmny »'»i ritul m tdii tripa ovoif the E. W- 
'& O., «|wtfcifJK; ■ ciicii conductor. About 
id n.oi. w.trn winded and rop.>rtt><3 io 
tliu coniiiitny. 

Wu.-ii Mi.tinn-lHfM- nnd iiin fellow con- 
diuaoiu w t; re ii(i(tli.:(l thai thoir' eervi- 
ci-M weni no Imi^or nondei!, ttiey put 
flii'ir lu'atlrt tot;«ifi«r and tho ronult o£ 
tlieir uoiinultnliori wno tlio urin&ing of 
th<:uo "conductor euito" tigahint the 
comjjiiny, Alt Hint Imvwhecn tried with 
'tlie exception of one in the. Jefferson 
giicuil, Imve resulted in l»vor o£ the 
coiiflucturn. Mr. Onrdaon asked $123 40 
wliicli lit- itlle^ed wiw dtia him foraervi- 
ccu romioiod before his dificbnrge,wiiic& 
tho eompliny rofuasd to pay, claiming 
to withhold tliennnio »a apartinlrccom- 
pfinee for petty tlieftti of tho plaintiff >-k- 
teiidtng over several uiontus bufore he 
whs diHchnrgeit. Mr. G.irritjon'o cafie 
won completed tills morning imtl Riven 
to the jury. A v«rdict wa3 reachs-d 
after a abort ddibenitiug, ffiriiig Mr. 
Garrison the full umount cbitueii l>y 
him in bie auit. Atto-nt-y Wynu, who 
ie the road's uttorney, will appeal this 
case ao he hao &1I othero of the the famo 

In the suot'iiior and eutumn of 1888, 
there waa a large increoGS In Eba 
hueioessof the R. W. & O. Tills was 
perceptible. A review of the boo'jo of 
the company foiled to Dhow c corres- 
ponding increuco in tho recoipte. 1 - Ifc 
was decided that some conductor or 
eeverni conductors were oyetemattCElly 
"knocking 'down" fare3, and tho com- 
pany set to work with determination to 
learn the hereon or psieons who gs-g 
making inroada upon ths'corpovatioii'e 
t-eoelpte. Tha Pinker ton men were 
placed upon the job, with n-sstjlo as 
stated abovp. All caoe3 in which plain, 
tiffa .have beao eucceosfoi bavo been 
appealed and one ooeo iaaov/ in fche 
bunds of the Court of Appeals. Tho 
company, it jo elated, carce littlo for 
iheoo suits and yet hooa money )»t<?roet 
in. fighting litem and; keeping them 
pending aa long an possible. On good 
authority, it ir, r.-ported, thnt oiaco tbo 
conduciOrs were discharged and while 
this litigation lias bct>n going on, tiio 
receipts of the oorapany havo increased 
Kreatly, to nuch a figure that after pay- 
ing all the esp^tiRen of the litigation the 
company will ottll have money left and 
tliis in psiewii of the anticipated earn 
iitKH bnt-ol on thtt reports of condoototci 
in yearn pttnt, The nuito are therefore 
rtppi-nled for » purpose foreign to uny 
d.'i>ireto win tlti'iu tu tha upper courts. 
— SyTHijius© Journal. ■ 


We oli.*r Oo» Hundred Dollars for 
any case' of 'Catarrh that oaonot bo 
Ctirfd. bv taking Hall's Catarrh Care. 

F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., 
Toledo, O. 

We, the undersigned, have fenown 
P. J. Cheney fop the last 15 year^, 
and believe him perfectly honorable 
in all business fciansaotiona and finatt.- to carry outlay obligation 
njad by tlieir firm. 

Tolfido, 0., 

Wholesale jfirugsists,' Toledo, O. 
13. H. Vas Hceseis, Caabier, Toledo 

2fatiotial Bactfe, Toledo, O.- ■ 
Hall's Catarrh Core la taken toter-^ 
nally, acting directly npon the blood 
and^ miaeos ^arfaces :ot : tbe; ; pyrteBi, ; 
Price ?ao. per bottle. Sold by *U 
DrUggifltg, 37w:4.~:. 



l^.'A^'WiBiwilt'flfc,- $ 

fFrma .wflw fcrtHw^nHwi.i 
Washit«tov, Jan. M, 180P. 
Th« wh*»;ift tit l«giit*Mo» are h»*ing a 
bad tlms uf it ttirat day*. Progt«« un- 
der general psVlfwnwataTy law- 1**1©%, 
Th* machlBerr iiitti *1oi^ *mooifcly 
enough m long mi i rMMlftft 

worklngt>,liui th* lewc obttructfbit tt^pa 
it and then thera la a |>ar»ot and MOD- 
key tint* befur« it get« »tiirt€d again 
Of course ibi* in fun for tha; Detnoorata 
but it is annoying to the BepuWtoaiw 
and wort* than annoying to the Sjpeak- 
er. It is eltnply making hia life a bur' 

There have been two skirmuinw this 
week. In the tir«t inntanca Mr. Bland 
started the trouble on i riociinon deny* 
ing the right lo demand teller*. He 
appealed and the day wan only saved by 
the somewhat doubtful victory of lay- 
ing the appeal on the Unto, Mr. Can- 
non Baved tlio day by that motion. 

Mr. Holraun startpd tlie lecond row. 
Hu took tin appeal on tlio ground that a 
bill reported from the Judiciary Com- 
mitteo appropriating money for a peni- 
tentiary mnBt first bo - considered in a 
Committee of the Whole. The House 
refuoed to over-ruloihe 8»enfcor. Then 
the machinery moved again, 

The n«w rules are looked for with 
anxiety and a etroug deairo" on both 
aides to have 50010 adequate eyeteai of 

By a Btrict party vote the House com 
mittee on electiona on Wednesday con- 
cluded to report in favor <>( uo^eutitig 
Juchaod, tho Democratic accredited 
Itepreaeutative ot Weal Virgiola, and 
dtfciariug Smith, the Bopublicau con- 
testant, entitled to the membership, Of 
the 17 contested elootion en»m in tho 
Houae this ia the flrat on« reached, and 
aa ia generally tho. caee the verdict ia 
purely a party matter ou both tides, 
Whatever merit there may bo iu the 
c&ueeacb party votes for hie «wu man. 
Tbie fact waa eo generally recognized 
that the committee on Gaul hearing of 
the case, after n abort review of the 
matter, decided that it would be uselcee 
to dissect the evidence taken, ee eeveral 
day*, would ba comumed io the proceBa, 
and the membere were well enough ac- 
quainted with tho facia and legal points 
involved, anyway. There wilt of course, 
be two reports prevented to the House, 
majority and a minority report. Jack- 
son will hold bis eeat but a tfaort time 
in comparison with most members who 
take their seats and are afterward un- 
aocceaeful in contests. There have 
been cases in recent years when mem- 
bora held their seats into the second aea» 
sion and were then only unseated at the 
very cldse. This, however, never occurs 
whore tho member first recogufsed does 
not belong to the domnant power. 
Right atnueing these hearingn of con- 

Every few weeks the Postmaster- 
General gives a personal hearing to 
some delegation from, a near-by town in 
the interest of eomo particular caodi 
date forpostmaater. The railroad fare 
and the time consumed are both light, 
and tbo raaklog up of a delegation is as 
easy as organizing a country surprise 
party. It is when two of these delega- 
tions look horns that that the real tug 
of war begins, for two mortal hours 
tbie week Mr. Wanamaker listened to 
tho orators repteaeoting four different 
candidates for Easton,Md.,who were ail 
present. The solemn looking delega- 
tions, sat ranged about the walla of the 
room and made havoc of the water cool- 
er and eyed the Postmaster General, as 
tho oratory flowod. 

Tho Supreme Court is giving a hear- 
n« this week to a case la which the 
State of North Carotins is sued by a 
citizen of that state to compel the pay- 
meut of certain special tax bonds issued 
in 1809. Impairment of contract was 
set forth. The case involves 'tha ques- 
tion of the right of a citisen to sue bis 
state, and is sent up from the United 
States circuit court on » eartiflcal* of 
a division ol opinion. The State -plana 
itself tif inly oa t piopoii tion that 
it cauhot Waned withoat Ite oooiKut. 
Thesuit involvet antral tnilllon dollars, 
and was postponed until tbU time to 
B ecateaifuU bi 

iy i tbs) lwu« rai«- 

ed..- - ■ ■■ ■■ -■.■: '■ - ' _ ■■ 
■.■;'.. so''.^#v'voi0^:Mlbxiu. ; ' . '.■ ■■ ■ : ■ ■' :■'■" ."' ' : ; 

^.. i... ^.^-.^^~^ i _ i _____ m _i,t ioat 

f -r' .- 

■s -:■> , ■ 

■W i l li w« «m ii n pniiii^Hi 

itelnkf $ m ik« cSod •• m 
tmd • ml. a rimMhwa vin 

M^> Wtmhl «..n»Mni1«l)n« U 

ib* MM inhlwnw at tkb *a— t j . 

TIm tMWr 4lHa iQmM tku dik 

of Sohenck ft Foster the Cual 
Ovwego F&Us, I am now pre- 
•apply all with the Celebrated 

Scranton Coal! 

Which ii the best in the market. It has no equal. 

I*«t» yonr orders at the W. U. Telegraph 

Office, Firat Street. 

' im&iam 

!Mk.-x.'iM>«>'tn«.>«n. m iMt am, 

:Vf**** *M.a«liMr : *Vft KmMjSj tor 

tWru 0!i »W i.hflwl Dm 44M k«WJt. tKn • 
o'eftK* la Ih. &MMHM mm* o'olook IB tlM tfttr 
n*m. tot*, purpo*. at. rwMnx pwnMt «t 

T«m x.Q.iourroH.ooaMtw. 

WWWW.J. TV, Jul. Ml, vm. 

The makers of th« Ball 
corset have a bon-fire two or 
three times a year to bum up 
the corsets that women have 
worn a week or two or three, 
and taken back to the stores 
because they didn't like 'em. 

How many corsets get 
burned, do you think ? One 
in three-thousandl 

That means that when 
three-thousand women try 
the Ball corset, one of 'em 
makes up her mind that it 
isn't the corset for her. 

That's too bad ! A corset 
that's right for two-thousand 
nine-hundred and ninety-nine 
women ought be pretty nearly 
right for the other one. Her 
husband must hav* his hands 
full? -:.••.>:.;. :rsf 

There's a primer on Cor- 
sets for you at the store. 

CawASO ConinOg.7oUMC« HA H.W If eTfc 


Blrdsall'B New Bakery! 

l«wis House Block, - - . Cayuga Street, 

Is fully equipped ana from it can be obtained the finest .Baker's 

Goods. Elegant Ice Cream Parlors have been fittea up. 

The Confectionery Department contains everything fresh afia new 

Fruit of every kind in its season can be obtained here. 

■ Crackers are made tVesYi every day. 

The Bakery, Ice Cream Parlors, Confectionery and Fruit Depart ■ 

meats are complete in every particular. 






33 Oneida Street. 

My Faney ttne of 


Is unsurpassed and includes the Cele* 

bratcd Canastota Corn as well aa 

all other choice brands of all 

kinds of goocf*. 

All Gfroeeries and Provision! of tho 

^^ beat quality. 

School Supply Agency, 

E. G. BLA1TEMA3J, Manager- . . 

■ Central Square, - . Oswego County, 




"PubEo School Journal. 

^Correspondence Solicited. 





If you want Summer Heat In yoo* 
bouse tbis winter. 

For Sal© by 

A. J. SNOW,- Fulton. 


Ho. 36 Grand Opera Honss, 
Stbacoss, 5T^ Y., 
Do all oU>»«#s of Coll»ctuij, 

" Send&r Bates, 
Thiougu thsir systvn wttl* 
m»Bt« . : »r» «ad» promptly ia 
any part of the«tate. 

Our Great Combination, 

You want good reading for the Winter months. 
We've got two offers to make yon. 

The great Cosmopolitan Magazine, one year, and The Times. 
one year for ?2.40. 

The excellent literary magazine, The New England Fireside 
one year and Tub Times on® year for SI. 50. 

If yon are not familiar with these excellent magazines call at 
The Times office and see sample copies. We know they are 

|5^*Cash must come with every order. 

tSfOld or new subscribers can take advantage of either of 
these two offers. 

t59~ Always send 10 cents extra for postage, when Turn Times 
goes ont of Oswego County. 

slGk WOMeM 






The ta*B*.aad.aiw* mmmrv K*t*t Ja^Anier- 
Ica, wt& tlM»a««BHb HouaM to Urn wdrid cm 
ucutit itmjmm iaoaer, aww««wH»t of O. O. 
Buukw, Qt WMrt M&uatiH* Sctm tor WMuwa. ot 
im. Shamir istti'. :■■; IW«tt sbouMtofexubt »J* 


We are prepared to do all kinds of 

Job Printing , 

TIf.3£ETa, fSUBSMSS;. 

All ps-tute'i ia the beat style KJ. xhez 

Lowest Piiceo. 



Are you prepared for this Cold Winter Weather which has set in probaWy for throe noatba? Those that are not prepared we would adrisu to go to 


And take advantage of tbe Slaughter Sale of 

Bwrwtfs as 

is Uv as $2.75. 

■ . 


t; .<■!■: 

'&J; J \-% , ;.;..... 

l 1 

»Wl4j.^(J ;i Jl"'.iiv,l.i',., 


. ^L-v~ T.I ii i 1iiniiffigff7FS^B7ga ^.J»«^l l S. «rM . . i Maw^nls «M*« Ma| " 

l ____________, 

>:^tf-.---*.j. j_. *±*.„ 

,: ''\^ r '' 

; It Will Pfty Ton 



For Next Winter at the k prices we are 
selling them. 

B. O. MOBS & CO. 

The Reliable One Price 



Oneida Street, - - . Fulton, N. Y. 

THfc tMil/l'ON TIMES 

Wen iiomtlftj * Jnn *-M»« 1NH0- 


Trains Itsavo Ful1«n fltuiton an Collowo: 


Par EsprpiKi .•"•;-■/. ,>' f ^ Q ' I" 

Naw York «ml i'lillndiilplila Lxpreas. ...liw n. '» 
Hliiftharii ton will lilmlrii ISnpri!"" n-it.. ,,, 

0:34 p. ! 

I^w Vorfc'uiSi riiji.' NifViit tttptem. . 

Now York iukI rhll«ilnlplili» JSKproSS 
Steamboat Kspr*ss 

r»?w York iiiiiu'liiliviut'liliia Expiwia. 

'i%'-riti'i''i"n«'cimifilUU!liBU W oIk''* o*pr<s«'* for 
;,,.« Y.AiimU'lilliiddpiiK. 

A, 11. Huiiwjiuvs, Au.i't. Buiit. 


1'rVH.'. I.'UVO IfllltOII HUM"" iwfoUmvU! 

•■m, ;,„■» (iarto™. 1 ! ^'.' l^MII 

;N,.Y.,Sli,'lit.K.xprcea 10. IT p. m 

' UitWvIo NiKht Kxqtwb H-j» a 'iu 

s^t'Erlttiit mill Accommodation ^illi'''' 1 ' 

-pHqENix line; 

■Trains Itiftvo Fulton station an follows!: 

gsr si" £f ' it lis" 1i 

tmili dopom. 

before KUtfrhis the cam. An «kkk» *B» 

TEW CENTS will bo collected whoro torea ero 
paid on tho lvalue." _____ 




ffiirOFWcgoFnltBCftnbeleitat the Dry 
Goods more of J, R. Sullivan.' 


O. H. Babcock la in Utioa this week 
on business. , __ 

George M. Case left last evening 
for New York on a bushiest) trip. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jmuoe Stevens started 
last evening on a two weeks' visit at 
Philltpsville, Out. Canada. 

E, It. Kodheud attended the semi- 
annual meeting of the trustees ot 
^Syracuse Universi ty lust Thur sday. 

Mrs. Zuilee Hubbard Barker of 
Walling/ ord, Con. is in Pulton visit 
lng nel " olt * borne and many friends. 

William Duxbury, formerly of Wow 
York now of Mexico in this county 
was the guest of L. B. Babcock Mon- 

C. S, Riwt is now at Asheville, 
North Carolina, where he will remain 
:«ome tiuij) if he considers that he is 
being benefitted physically. 

<(■}. .R, Parker, cutter for Peebles & 
'Do. Impending a few days in OsWego, 
ifROiuitU'pre he goes to Now York to 
lookmp^yles for the coining year. 

0.- pflsabeook of Windsor, Ont. 
brother of ._.- B. Babcock was visiting 
here last week. He left a few days 
ago for New York and Washington. 

Mrs. Charles MoteaU of Oswego 

end Charlea Green, .of Wells Business 

-College, Syracuse were called home 

. Monday by the dangerous illness of 

their father Samuel Green. 

Mrs. Gihuour, her daughter, Anna 
-and son Andrew, who is. now conval- 
escent from an attack of pneumonia 
expect to startsooa on a trip to Cal- 
ifornia and the Pacific slope. 

S. Parm'elee will represent Fulton 
Chapter No. 167 R. A.M. at the an- 
il ual convocation of Grand Chapters 
of the state to be held in Albany, on 
Tuesday and Wednesday of n# - t 

G. C. Webb has been in. thtt north- 
ern pari of the state during the weejc 
buying lumber for the new pulp milt 
ot which be is manager, The pulp, 
mills aro located at ':'. 
Falls and Will soon be in active oper- 

>?. C, Mosher- was home over Sun- 
day. TbrougV the ettortfl of Hon, 
■N. Ki Stratiahan he -was jrecently 
.made messenger at Albany. He wa*< 
assigned lo aot f o? tbe eommittM of 
finance of which Hon. Oeo.'B. Sloan 
iiohairuian. ■* : ": ■'. 

A. B, Ostranderretarnecito Fulton 
Monday havtof b*«n for th« paat t«n 
months «ngaffed In th« oonBtrnotioD 
of ■>. railroad in Son. SeoUa. : Tha 
roail known u the Mot* Bootla Hen 
tral wu eonpMed about CfarlKtaaa, 
belnn T« nll«« lone tad uavlni Lnn- 
enbant and MMdeato*n aa IU t«rmiB- 
ml ptrinu, Mr. OeVHkder upwb - 
retora abont tfce uMk oT Matab. 

Voliioy ClQtKra. 

(Spcoial Oorr<-aponilnnoo to TiimTihm.) 

Last Friday evening the long de- 
terred Wold Medal Prize CoUtost cainc 
off at Hrlstol Hill. Wind and weath- 
er eonciptrod to make it a siicocbh, for 
it waa the ilrwt uleifjlilug of the eea- 
boii, and a very pleaitant evening. 
WotwitlmiaiKiliiK; there was^. luuoh 
fliciiiu'Hn In tlui neighborhood, and 
enpocially among the member* of the 
Kociuty tliere was a jjood attendance. 
It Wiiu tlio oiiinlon of those present 
that it wa» by far the boat speaking 
over heard at one of theao contents. 
The modal way awarded to Miuti Vola 
liilli) of I'uii'iiiio. Miidic waaiurnioli 
ed by tlio Hrisiol Hlil choir. A quar 
luting of Mrs. Bina Parker 
and MiiiBcH Minnie Baldwin, Hattio 
Youutf and May Kugfj, wan oapuciaily 
well received, while a comic tioug by 
Muoaio. HastiuyB, Hilmon, Hodgeo 
d Uoburta called out a hearty en- 
core which vvao responded to by 
another of tht> same kind. After tha 
r,eot an oyuter supper was served 
at the low prico of lGets, It waa not 
Jiard time" eupper but an extra 
good one. as tha well-filled audience 
agreed. The judgoa were filoHaiB. 
tSn'ow and Connell of l^u)ton, and Mr. 
Havono of Vermilion. The receipts 
of the contest were $31.01. 

There will bo a Bllver Medal Prize 
Conteat in tin* Bristol Hill church, 
Feb. 3Wth. A lunch will bo nerved at 
a very reasonable price, and some- 
thing now in the way of an entertain- 
ment is promised. 

Mrs.. W. Hasting^ who has been 
yiok some time 1b slowly recovering. 

Uina Enola JFairehilds of Dester- 
vilh», hao bean, vibitmjf her annt, Mre. 
M. Sattorlee. ■ 

Mies Myrtle Duell was the guest of 
Miss Millie Piper over Sunday. 

Byron Gorton is the possessor of a 

jw cutter and robe wuloh he bought 
just in time to ca.tch what little 
sleighing we had last week. 

•Men's Fine Arties and FSeeca 
lltwd Kubbera at 



Cat reap undeuco to Tnn Tibeq.) 
In the Pulton Patriot ot Jan. 10 Is 
an article saying that the Palermo 
apondent of the PUMOH TlMRS 
said that G. B. Trimble had bought 
the Blake cheese factory in Granby, 
the correspondent begs to differ with 
the person who had that artiolo put 
in the Patriot, for the correspondent 
knew that the factory was in Hanni- 
bal and that Mr. Trimble owns two 
factories in Granby, also that the fac- 
tory needed some ohange. Now In 
the first must not think that 
if Mr. Blake niade a failure that ev- 
ery one else will, for the factory will 
make butter and eheeseneit summer 
and it will be for the farmer's interest 
of that place to patronize that fac- 
tory. One factory near Trimble's fac- 
tory last summer paid the patrons 
$4,055.90. Had the milk been made up 
at Trimble's factory it wouJ6V ; tiave 
paid the patrons 15.496.57, which 
would have been a benefit to the far- 
mers ot $539,67. Now X would like to 
ask the person who bad that pat in' 
the paper, Can you not see that it 
pays tquMkke butter and Kkiin milk 
The; "la grippe" i» making every 
oose a call and Dr. Green i» running 
night and day .visiting the aiok. 

On' 'Saturday'.- last two horses and 
two calves of .Joseph pennimkn's 
were sold on a chattel mortgijro in 
favor of Dr. Green. . ; . • ■' 

UiMlW «"W. 

(SpftciW C«tiw*Hia*«c« to Tait XiWu.> 

Theie will be a donation ttnd, oyiter 
supper (or the benefit of Rev, W. H. 
Ward, at tne p*r»onag«i Thursday 
evening. All »W cordieJly Invited. 

The funeral texvioei ot Mrs. Henry 
Halloeearred at the B*ptliti)bareh, 

Hr. andMri., J- L. Hamiiu, Clara 
Seers and May l Waffle atrended the 
wedding of H OertieSeere iu Clay, 
-latt week ^rineedtiy^ 

Mir, Towniend and Mr, Waffle who 
have been ilek ate improving. 

Ura, Cllatoa Pritebard entertained 
her friend* Monday evening; it bebaf; 
her nineteenth bMMay. Mr. Ohaf. 
Uhaffee. In beaauy bar f^ende pra- 
wnted her wlth^a fery hand en we 
water eet. AH report a pleaaani ttee. 

Too omo bay nil Unde •Terlnter 
Cooda vr? eb«a» Jest n«wftt 


The Palton Water Worts Oonpnay ; 
hare ravovad tram their one* «■ 
OooMa atmat to thotr oorAnwdteM 
«tta»lMta leWetoeUlaHnl B«M- 
la, ■haitrVOa- peSfMrid endoaB 
Had* « ptaatriav at unnQia 

Dr. O. M. La* haabeea 
tarttohtepraettM for thapaatta* 
•la;e o a aeeoant of ale a nea i 

Tbetv win b« a dona t ion and oyater 
•pppeirrorRe to* 

Booeevelc M. B. ebarab, tomorrow «?•' 

v- : M*Bry.. : '-- : vO#»B-' .!• : * iL eandId*»e.'i9». 
highway « : H le report- 

ed that there aieete oth« eandldatee 
In tbe field, ■ 

A poetal from He*. B. Bmnning 
statei that eervleee wilt be reetinted 
fn the tlntvermUetehvireh next Ban- 
day morning and evening m he will 
return from the J!*»tdurln(t(he week. 

It In rumored that the W, t: Cen- 
tral A Hndxon River Beilroad to- 
gether with the West Shore will build 
a branch line of these roads from 
Baldwinsville to Oswego. If thii) in 
done It will pass through, Oswego 

Uamuol Green has been dangerouR- 
ly 111 with pneumonia during ths past 
week, so ill that his life has been 
despaired of. This morning his con 
dition is reported a& somewhat hotter 
and there are now hopes for his 

The Cit!z«ne' Bank l« now doing 
business at its new quarters in the 
lewis House block on Plrat strict. 
The Water Work» ofllco irt now lo- 
onted In the lower floor of the ftav- 
IngB Bank building next to Tns 
TlMHB block. 

The following gontleiiiun will be 
present atthofnnner'fiinMtltute which 
Inilng held In Mexico to-day and 
to-morrow: — E. A. Powell, Hyracusc; 
A. K. KMluinn, Watervflle; Mr. Hall, 
Gouveneur; P. A. Converse, Wood- 
ville; John Gwrdenicr, Oswego; bt- 
8id<'Q Kovoral local »pe»lters, among 
whom will be Judfre Wright, S>r$ 
Btowe and Rev. V/. P. Heiuenway. 

Those who pretend to know say 
nothing will ever bo done by the En- 
glish syndicate in relation to the 
cheese factories in central and north- 
ern New York tor the purchase of 
which they secured options last fall. 
The deal did not work to suit them. 
They could not secure the option of a 
sufficient number of the beet factor- 
ies to form a substantial trust. This 
is as it should be.— Ex. 

Manager Stephens will have one 
firot class musical entertainment for 
Fultoniana each season if It knocks 
out all the profits he gets from the 
opera house for the balance of the 
year . He hae engaged the'eelebrated 
Lotus Glee Club of Boston, consisting 
of Messrs. Davol, Long, Lowis and 
Dav(s, with Mr. Frank X Smith as 
accompanist and Hits Marshall read- 
er, for Wednesday, Fob. IS, at the 
opora house. 

Mr. Davidson hae now been nearly 
four weeks In Fulton and has labored 
most heartily and acceptably. Over 
throe hundred persons have thus far 
expressed In a public way their pur- 
pose to become Christians, including 
many heads of families as well as 
scores of our young men and ladies. 
A voluntary offering to which all who 
ohoose are invited to contribute iB be- 
ing taken for the benefit of Mr. Da- 

This evening and to-morrow even- 
ing (Thursday) the oloBing meetings 
under the direction of Mr. Davidson 
will be held at the Methodist church. 
On Friday he leaves for Titueville, 

The new dog law will go„into prac- 
tical operation the coming spring. It 
provides for , a tax of $1 to- $8 on each 
Biagle dog owned by an individual 
and SS to $5 each for each .additional 
dog. Owners must register their dogs 
annually before May 1st in the Clerk's 
office, or suffer a fine of S3 to $7 tor 
failure to do so. A dog not registered 
may be killed- by any constable or 
policeman, who shall recleve fifty 
cents for each animal dispatched, 
provided proper certification is made. 
Every registered dog must wear a 
collar bearing the owner's name and 
number of its license. The object of 
the bill is not to raise a tax of revenue 
limply, but to ldemhify owners of 
sheep killed by dogs, ■ 

If you wiaii jBUgu jtsutton Arties 
for Ladles or Children call on 
Butts &■■ Slmttuck, (Successors to 
F. E. Goodj<-»n.) 

Weta Bekywae tkk, we g*n h*e OMtatle, 

M — mm^ii^tj *r «eaa» 

DarldaoB praeahed • paerarial 
■ ar aioaon Eaeoeea. Op Meaelaj ar- 

eoinc there ataadsaj 

room left at tbe PrMbyterlas aharob 
to lletea. to the eeraMMa oa Popoiar 
Aawawaettta, rfdaon apoka 

Uadly b«t eUoa«ly acalort the thea- 
tre, eard playing anddaaelngparUee. 
While tome may have differed from 
the view* mpreeeed by the epeaker 
. none eo^ld qaeetloa the ebiee r*; :inaa?'. 
ly and able manner la whleh be pre- 
eented hie reaeone Tor hie objjeetlone 
to the" popular amiieementi of the 
■ day, - - . ■;■ ■ 

On Tneeday night of lastw^k Jack 
Dwyer of PiainfieM^ N. X, and *^Con," 
Tbbhi of Troy, N. Y., well known In 
Pulton, having worked in the Howe 
Stove Works herej Itad a prise'- fight 
near Mllltbwn, H« X, a few miles 
from New Briinswick. Skin gloves 
were ased. The puree was #400. On- 
ly about fifty parsone were present. 
Tobln had the best of the fight for 
the first three rounds, but in the 
fourth round ho was struck on' the 
eido of the neck and fell Hfco & log, 
and t not coming to time, Tom Berry, 
the referee, gave Dwyer the tight. 

In speaking of the Musical Carnival 
given last week at Oneida, the Union 
says: "Too much pralso cannot be 
given to the musical carnival, pre- 
sented at Munroo Opera House, 
Tuesday and Wednesday overlings, 
under the avwploos of tho V. M. C. A., 
and under the management of Mr. 
and Mrs. Fred Gross. They have 
done much to develop and bring forth 
the musical and dramatic taluut of 
our young people and are deserving 
of tho credit which ie on every side 
given them. In two weeks' time tbey 
brought the performers to a high do- 
grea of mueioal skill. era «■ 
a ffl b. "phe various drills were 
executed to .perfection, the Y. M. 0. 
A., fan drilla deserving special men- 
tion. Tho receipts both: nights were 
$270.43, a third of which amount will 
be turned ever to. tho treasurer of tho 
Y. M. C. A. Mr. and Mrs. Gross may 
be assured of a warm welcome should 
thoy.evor return to Oneida, 

E:nt«rtMiniHK mason*. 

Last evening Fulton Chapter of 
Soyal Arch Ma80na,No. 167,conferred 
tho7th degree in due and ancient 
form. The Chapter received * dozen 
companions from Oswego River 
Chapter of Ph»niE, a re-union of 
friende, not often enough repeated... 
After labors were closed, the visiting 
companions, and saca of Fulton's 
own members as would go, wore ,. in-: 
vited to Etdor'S restaurant for re- 
freshments, before starting for home. 
They were highly entertained jwith 
music bf nearly every variety, 'imm 
that wonderful instrument, Edison's 
Phonograph; So interested were the 
audience of about 35 persons, that two 
hours passed without thought of 
time. Tho visiting companlono got an 
early Btart for home, In fyme for an 
early breakfast. Sueheoclal rounlons 
are "so pleasant its strongs similar 
meetings do not offeener oaourC 

In looking over the length of time 
that teachers o£ tbts distriot bava 
taught wefian that Etmico X Sission 
of this yillage is "first having taught 
57 terms, Mrs. Carrie E. Tubbs, also 
of tliieviSlag,6,follows her -olosely hav- 
ing taught 58 terms: Cornelia Mafite- 
aon of Hannibal haB taught 43; S,-¥. 
Cooper, Fulton, 38; Ida Miller, Fulton 
30; Jennia A. Daley, South West Oa 
wego, : 27; Leonora Calkins, Fulton 
and Henrietta D. Sfiarpe, Pulton, 35 
each; Anna E. Predenburg, Fulton 
and Caroline F. Bauns, Phoanix, S4 
each and W. H. Williams, Mezieo, 22. 
All others registered have taught lesi 
than twenty terms. 

as: a. ffi, camp Fire. 

A Camp Fire is, to bo held on Wed- 
nesday Feb. 6,at Church's Hall, under 
tho auspices of Post 9ehenok,G.A R. 
There will be one or moredlstinguish- 
ed speakers from abroad, in .addition 
to the usual local talent. 

A good supper will -be supplied to 
all, and the oooasionwiU be enliven- 
ed by rnasic and literary exercises, 

Anadiniesion df twenty-five cents 
will be charged to all not members 
OftbeW. R.C orG. A.R. 

The pubHe \ are invited. Tiokete 
will be^ ■■.<>» salf at Looiius & Wilson'f 
hardwar* store, J^rirt street or at th* 
door. .;";■'■ ;'■" ll . 

■'"".JJ.-LS'iTBB,: G,&.Mffs&B3^ 

' : Adjt; ';..;''..;; Oommider, 

Greftt Bwrgaina in ICeintnanti of 

J J. C. O'BBIE N'S. U 

The depot, this fall, lor rube* and 

blanke&U.atateCttliT'f. %f-- 

?-^H : ^^^Hir^PIIW^SPiTfllli 
aaahja^area^. wta fe» « 

I J. Baa- tar al^ahai rfihwe. 

Ibare tttbta Sanation party at 
•ha m a- l e nn off Wat. U Croakford, 

Weak Oraabr, tbia lug for tho 

H laat l af Bar. H C Petal* 

Mr. MerMtt Ba d«la ood Miea Ula- 
»*• B e—a ware amrrtad by B». W. 
Oraapator Chaeaat the hoaae of the 
arlda** paraate In Oewago paiu on 
Thanday laet. 

<l. B. OhMde hae bean appointed 
General Manaver of the Few York, 
Ontario di Ws Railway Company 

^:«lUaa^ni«4he ; ;da^ of 

floe Pebrnary let ;..■..'■ 

: ;A;few: : de 

have been, ianjoyed: by many, daring 
the past Meat. "AW and alf" or half 
sleighing and half wheeling >■ the 
condition of affaire at preeent. Hot 
mneh like Fulton generally at tbii 
■eaabn of the year. 

During the year J880 the town clerk 
reported53 marriages in the town of 
Volney. Thisdoee not include mar- 
riages performed by the Catholic 
prleitB, as they were not reported. 
There were H deaths in the town and 
S3 birt hs. " 

Tile rank of benedicts iu Pulton 
will be augmented by at least throe 
before" many months, as that number 
of young men will rake for partners 
three of Pulton's most .popular and 
accomplished young ladies. Here'e 
our *** boys. 

Rev. Pather Kearney has suffered a 
severe relapse during the w«ek past 
and although yenierday was a Botue- 
whatcaxierdayfor him, his condition 
is preearioas indeed and hi.i phytic! 
an hold oat very little hopes of his 
recovery. Him ntrong constitiitlou 
may however carry him through 
Ilia moat dangerous illnesH. 

On Friday last Drs. Baldwin aDd 
Coye performed a snccesBful opera- 
tion for abdominal dropsy on Mrs. 
Wra. P. Ingell of Ingell's Crossing. 
Thirty pounds of water were removed. 
This is the third time Mrs. Ingellshas 
been operated on for this disease with- 
in two yeat-8. She is now comfortable 
and doing well. 

Dr. X H, Gates, formerly of Oswe- 
go committed suioide at bis home in 1 
;Cbicago, Saturday night. He had 
been suffering for years! with neural' 
gia. His wife heard a shot in the 
parlor and running in, fouhd her hus- 
band dead. He bad placed the muz- 
zle in his mouth and fired. He Was 
58 years old and was born in Oswe- 
go..' : .'.... 

"I should not think that Dr. Bau- 
kln would leave the revival meeting 
and oome over here even if Ohanoel- 
lor Sims is going to lecture" said a 
PultOnTan last Monday evening as 
Conductor Albro walked . into the 
Congregational church at Oswego 
Falls. He was mistaken in the per- 
son of coarse, but have you noticed 
the resemblancef 

The interest 'in .the Frost divorce 
case now going on in Oswego does 
not by any means abate. The longer 
the trial continues the* greater be- 
comes the interest, not alone In the 
city bat In the surrounding country. 
Saturday a number went to the city, 
Bome even taking their dinners, in or- 
der that they might see the trial 
through. The case Ibbo "sensational" 
that the New York papers are taking 
hold of It. ', One witness who went to 
New York was brought -back Men 
day. One or two female witnesses 
have also disappeared. Thousands 
.are disappointed on account of the 
court officials not admitting them. 

Bight jurors were secured up to 
yesterday afternoon In the court of 
sessions to act in the Capt. Boyd trial 
which will be tried in Oswego this 
week, they are: Geo. W, Newstead, 
farmer,New Haven; William Leadley, 
farmer, Oswego Town; William E. 
Jones, farmer, Scriba; David Enos, 
farmer, Sflriba; Rozella Parkhurst, 
f armer.Scriba; H. H. Merriam, form- 
er, Granby; Oglevie Puller, farmer, 
Palermo; Alexander Loghway, Os- 
wego. Judge I, J. Evans of Oneida 
county presides; : District Attorney 
Stowell and Assistant District At- 
torney Clark; and Sx-District Attor- 
torney Mead, appeared for. the peo- 
ple, and ■ W. S. Kobinion of Oswego, 
and C. C, Brown of Mexico for de- 
fendaD t. . ■ . ' ■ 


Bemnantti trom all parte of the 
store- «Jutt placed on eale. 


The Cortland road Cfltt is the best 

in the market. ' Sold at McCu lly's. tf 

Nawsrtyleeof Wall Paper at WU- 

•liaws 1 Drug 9tor«. tf. , 


aarteaof Hew York Bteee . 


Ooo of the aeaoeiaUoa wul ewet at 
BiavtaaaiUHD.oa the: foor; foUowlnc 

■at. thU aaw> 
elatlonwlUtM repre rented at both. 

''Weneed not go far to find some 
of theeanaw of the rtate of thing* 
among young men. Tbe average 
young man early begins to think he 
Is too old to aitetkl Souday-eebooU 
He beeoiinee rmtleaa under .tijia-W'holer'- 
wmfi; restralnte of home> He goeo 
forth to spend hlk nights awl leltture 
hours on the utreet and among genial 
companions. Where *Uall he go ? 
lithe ;: majority "of these young men 
have no homes to welcome them, if 
they deiired a home ever to much. 
Their rooms are lonesome and cheer- 
less. The churches are closed. Hut' 
the devil's places are all open, and 
his agents are wide awake. And 
drawn by social and other attractions 
the young man easily finds his way 
ih.$o the ealoon and gambling house. 
Iu our cities, where therein one aven- 
ue leading ayoung man up to" a pure 
moral life there are a hundred aven - 
ues leading him down to death. Some 
of the avenues are paved with gold, 
somo of their dans are gilded and 
decked with all the attractions that' 
money can furnish. Tli-> agencies to ' 
.e^anti-i-aot these influennes are, as 
yet, wimli> 3nadeu.uate to the grea- 
d"-mau<ls. But, thu'^k God, i»:'n.-h i» 
being don,-,"— From ».! mkiri';- by 
i.hi* Uev. Cin.<-i.ji«i- ■■;. >i.iSt>, uttliveretl'. 
in b>riaif ofin- Fitnia ...n'-g, ' ifjiss.-, 
Y. M. 0. A. 

Aubrey I). iVtMK died at Ji1..-ret.l- 
di'uce No.' "2J1 Madison St.. at U:2D 
Tuesday foreiojti. He hadboun con- 
fined to his bed just eight mouths by 
an abcessi, which had butm £omiing 
lor several years. Mr. Pettis was E4 
yuarB of age and had been a resident 
of this city about nine yearo, during 
which time he was engaged in the 
jewelry business on South Salina ut. 
Prior to when he came to Syracuse 
he lived in Pulton, where he also kept 
a jewelry store, In 1SG9 Mr. Pettis 
was united in marriage with Mies 
Cornelia Covert of Farmer Village, 
Seneca county, who survives. His 
brothers. Laaine Pettis of Dakota. L. 
B. Pettis of Cleveland, O., and D. D. 
Pettis of Pen cell vi lie, nr© the remain- 
ing members of the family. Mr. Pet- 
tis was an active member of the First 
M. E. church. The funeral service 
will be held on Friday at 12 m. at his 
late residence. Interment will be 
made in the Fulton cemetery, — Syra= 
cuse Journal. 

.Mr. Pettis was for twenty years or 
more a resident of Fulton keeping 
for many years a jewelry store where 
the Boston Bazaar now is and in a 
part of R. E. Phillips' store. He was 
an active member of the M. E. church 
of this village while here and had a 
large circle of friends. The remains 
will reach here at 2:S0 p. ni. Friday 
and interment will be mad<> at Mt 

Mary A. wife of Lewis Fuller, died 
of pneumonia at her home, corner of 
First and Pratt streets, on Saturday, 
Jan. 25th, 1800, at the age of 81 years. 
She leavea a husband and three small 
children, the youngest being a babe 
but three months old. Funeral ser- 
vices were held at the Baptiatxhurch 
on Monday at 1;S0 p. m. 

Thomas Wood died after a long ill- 
ness In Oswego Palls Thursday, Jon. 
S3, 1890 at the age of 60 years. Fun- 
eral services were held at the Congre- 
gational church at 2 p. m. Sunday 
"and were conducted by Rev. W. 
Dempster Chase. 

The factory aeross the river is now 
closed and the thousand employes 
aro either Idle or have found employ 
meat in other places. The mills will 
be sold as soon as the application for 
an order to sell made by the receiver 
has been granted by the court in 
New York and thn legal time for ad- 
vertising the saleelapeed. This will 
carry it to the latter part of March, 
The mills at Providence will be sold 
on February efeb. 

To-Xttai and To-aiorrow Ni|(bt> 

And each day and night during 
this week you canget at aU druggists' 
K.emp'8 Balsam for the Throat and 
Lungs, acknowledged to be the most 
suocefisful remedy for the cure of 
Coughs, Croup, Bronchitis, Wboop- 
iug Cough, As thraaahdCoUBumptton. 
Get a bottle to-day and keep it al 
ways in.the house, so you eau. check 
your sold at once. Price Sfevand $1. 
Sample bottle free. 3Cw4 

Games, Games, Games, of every d 
seription 'at M, M, Williams*. 32 tf 


Hard Times Prices in Boots and Shoes 

at Nettleton's Shoe Store. 

Look at our Bargain Couuter 

Below are a few of many bargains to be found on IT. 

Man's Tap Sole Calf Boot, Solid, 
Man's Calf Boot, 
Mao*s A 4?alf Batten. Shoe, 
Mao's A Calf Salaorar Shoe 

* BitrD EH8U6H SUIT ! 

A Good Enough Fit ! 
A Good Enough Price! 

Is what we offer mmy m»n without discrimination. Good enounh 

mpun fair enough. »qu»re unongh, low enonfth, high enough, 

for u» to live, low ^nongh for yon tohny, ana fair enough 

for both to feel Ktisflod. Now look at our otter. 

A good ehongh Snit, of a good enough quality 

and good enough fitatagood 

enough price. 

la that Good Enough for You j 

Coma and get one. 



Undertaker and Embalmer, 

Everything furnished for the Suitable burial of the dead. 
Calla attended to at all hours— from my Store. 



Boy's Calf Boot 

CMIds ' 


























**** -f'Hp 

fiii»irill sell on nAt, and these bargains will not last long. 
Craw and see. . 


Arouna i£ao WoKid m l a ca» snan Sov- 
«itHj r «Tbreie Bays, 

Nellie Bly completed her journey 
around the world on Saturday after- 
noon, arriving in Jersey City at 3:15, 
which was 72 days, 6 hours and U 
minutes from tha time she started. 
Her reception is reported as enthusi- 
astic. She was taken to the World 
office where she was congratulated 
by the editorial-and roportorial staffs. 

Miss Bly has wade the journey in 
much shorter time than it has ever 
been made before. She left Hoboken 
on the Augusta Victoria, November 
14, arrived at Southampton Novem- 
ber 32; visited Jules Verne at Amiens, 
Prance, and left Brindiai, Italy, No- 
vember 28, Aden, December 2; arrived 
at Colombo, Ceylon, December 8, 
and sailed on the 10th; arrived at 
Singapore, December 18; Hong Kong, 
December 24; arrived at Yokohama 
January 2, and sailed for San Fran- 
cisco on the '7th, arriving there on 
tbe 21st. Hor journey across the con- 
tinent onaspeoial train via the South- 
ern Pacific, Atlantic and Paclfle, 
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe and 
Pennsylvania railroads was' one of 
the quickest ever made. It was ac- 
complished iu four days, five hours 
and thirty minutes. 

In the din and excitement of Minr. 
'Bly's;rsturn and in. fact during the 
whole of her journey ao much rtofce 
and enthusiasm has been created by 
the Now York World, " the great met- 
ropolitan paper that sent her on the 
trip, that comparatively little atten- 
tion has been paid to another woman 
who started out on o similar trip in 
tbe Opposite direction on the same 
day aa'M.iss-Bfy. It wao Miss Elisa- 
beth Bisland who was sent out by 
tbe Cosmopolitan Magazine 

Up to last week it was nip and tuck 
which would reach home first, but 
Miss* Bisland missed through some 
misunderstanding the fast French | 
Bteamer at Ha 1 ' re and had to take ; 
the slow going Bothnia at Liverpool, j 

Hoard ot Trusteed Pracecttlu^w. 

Fui^toh N. Y., Jon. KM, IdSO. 

Board met pursuant to adjournment. 

Pressnt, President WHson-und TrusWos Kelloair, 
Wolover, Johnson. 

Tho mlnutas of tho last meeting veto read and 

In the mattor of the water Htandliicron tha prem- 
Iseaol Stessra -Moto and MoNamara 0!i Fourth 
street referred at the last meeting to tha itraet 
ooramlttco, the commitsea rL'port^d thatit was ca 

SsaoLVED, That tho dyke placed by Mr, MoN^ 
mam oa tho west slda o£ Fourth street be roraoved ' 
by him within ton days and that ho bj requrwi 
to reatoro tho \jotor eourso ns formerly . 

Oo motion the Board adjourned for-ono-wssfc, 

M. Q. HIQinuTEa, Clerk, l : 

cords of basuwood bolts wanted at 
th© Fulton Wooden Ware Works, 
Mason's Planning Mill. 

PorSalic--A good paying bu'snew 
at a great bargain, KQasou for sell- 
ing given on application, inquire 
for particulars at S. J. ' Panm'ter's 
Model Shop over Viennti Bakory, 
on First street. tf 

Fa'um i'ou.Salb.— A Good Papm of 
37^ acres one mile north of Fulton oq 
the river road. East side of river. 
The fanning tools- will be sold with 
the farm if dosirod. Apply to 

Geo. Kkicjht, 
38tf Windsor House, Pulton. 

To R^fy— Store .opposite Lewio 
House First street. Pulton, K. Y. now 
occupied by the Salmon Shoe Storo - 
Posaeasion «iven Apr. 1, 1890. 

3Stf Enquire on PrenilEee. 


Bills of Lumber to furnish on short 
notice. Prices below competition, 
and satisfaction guaranteed. Call on 
or address C. W. Chapeb,' Palermo, 
N. Y. yg w 4 

To Bekt "Furnirihed rooms aS No. 
7 Seneca str.-?t. Only a'minutes walk"- 
from the gun works, inquire of J. B< - 
Bernbard at Johnston's Hardware, tt 

"Porifcy-^trength— PerfecUon.^ 


The late residence of Mrs. Lewi<*'i3/ 

Loomis. For particulars Inq'atre of 

Chas. E. Bennett, Comer 4th fid 

Broadway. 81 j 

Foe Sai,e.— A farm of twenty-five 
ecres, pleasantly located,, one mile 
Last of Pulfon village on Fay street 
for further particulars inquire of 
Mrs, S.L. Taylor, Fourth «trs^6 op- 
positetbe park, or at this office 23tf ' ; 


Absolutely the B««t. 

tbey «ro com Wft*d tMder C1*ret«Bd'* .„ 

pettee iu MncgQt maA eflteiewr W eny otber 

raodrai^WiUltU^ipWdWdoMfiot Cry up, 
_» when made with b*kia% powder conufnbiR 
»mwt«il*,kotk**p«roo*»t»iHl»weet,»Jni fo p«S 
«t»bte isd itboMtom*, Hot biKuil; «ud jrrWdte 
ctkmnmtefHiih itcaa ba eetea by dyspeptic* 

It iom mt 
other t&Attrmat, 1im**»r* Ucm, roecbect tot 
K Boerw « 

Cmevkuxd Baxwo FoirtiKR Co™ . 
St t*&m Fidtoe .*ii Kw York. 

Was flter-'-; -. 
The rush on the druggL-ts etill eon- 
tluueeand dai 1 ^ mxti-s of |<**oj>le eoll 
for a bottle af Kemp's Balaam (or the 
Throat and Lnnce^ for the euro of 
Coociis, Colds, BronebUEs, Asthma 
and Consamptioa. Kemp's Balsam, 
the standard family remedy, ie.sojii 
on a ■roaraotee and never fails to 
Klvo entire aethtfaetion. Priee He 
lodfl' Trial sls«r free. »w4. 

Wort 's faaaooe bread at Born eo's, 

Tin Toy*. Wooden Toja, Iron Toys 
all ainde of Toys ubeapvr than 
MM H Wllnaaie'. 8S tf 

For Sale. House, barn, and three* 
acres of laiid-. Plenty of fruit accl 
■water/ Situated corner of Sistb and 
Clark streets. 

InqmreofMrs. Prank. Sweet, ■ - 

tf •■.' _. . : 104 Cayug a St. v ; 


Owing to a ehang« in business l- 
wish to dispose of the following prop- 
erty: One sorrel breeding mare, elev- 
en years old, weight 975 pounds; one 
horse colt, 17 months old, chestnuts 
white starin forehead, one white fore 
foot, good sire; one thoroughbred 
Jersey bull, 38 months old, color. : 
squirrel grey to black with whit*;, 
spots, grandsire "Esile of St. Lam- 
bert" , of BoehestBr, dam Steveas 1 ; 
"Grace Greenwood." This is desira- : .'-; 
ble property and will be sold ruason - 
able. P. E. Masos", '■'.'■.' ; 

gitf Gilberts Mills : ; r ; 

JPaper Hanging! 

Plain ana OrnamsntaJ. ; 

Al Work GxMmitevl. fiVyl r.*(<tte-+t* QiTaa 

OrdaM cSra be fcft «t mj h-vj*. Ocwrs* 

r*H«,or»t Bfwj«Um't «o«, ¥v\\o* 


r>jrt Office AddKM. (XtrecorftlKILY 

JoKr.'ci-ivtwl at Drajier* thn larff 
Miai.d ill.- «t slo-L • f ^acehre and 
Jewelry t-..-r in i.>«n Aleu an eJe- 
teaot Ir>" all or* inulmtiu JessaVy 
aud PlkUnl-rrar*- Kxamiae thowjeaw 
and nyllali KOods. floods are wad* 
and sold ror one<liair what ttter 1 
• tew vears ajto. Judge thee* gi _. s . 
for rcarMir at al ^ 


jJISSfc.- ft.* 



sad fefaatac b«tt«i than lbs ■psssy; 

Bom and pot**., nr* esdo. »i s* 
profltsMe tatUbm for tbe or* aard. 

TheBeDDsvU li on* of the mort 
vldaly diitrlbtit«d And profit*!*!* of 
the Many varieties or applet, 
. No (retell ~f buying and tolling or 
. eraapping (tniiniiU will Improve the 
•took or tin* country. It umit bo 


A Masmcfnieetta man is aaiti to 
"hare had 72ebea»8 grow on on« 
> ■ atftife. Tl»ftt whs worth aaviotf for 
■ ieed* 

While then? ib economy I« co-opera- 
tive dairying, 'there Is nota* much as 
ninny; iaura benn led by the hoomors 
}: iaeuppbso. 

It makes ail tho difference in the 
•world whether the man roos tbo farm 
or the farui raufl the man. 

Tliero are !07 active Granges in 
New Hampshire, with a total mem 
bership of 7,500. 

A variety of food is always relished 
by (Wifiualf) as well as by man, and id 
beneficial ka affording all the neces- 
sary nutritive cluiuent.» eonourlsh the 
system. ., 

Corn iit the it lias been ninoo 
l!62. New corn in acilhig »t or near 
SDceutf) In ChluRfro and BO cunts in 
Few York. 

Ploutfhiuff in January ia ii rare es- 
pcrk'iioe in thiw latitude, but it ban 
beon done this year in several parts 
of the Middle and New England 

Fi'innor» who ui»d( r;jf Jtitd Mwir own 
ifitenwtn are now doiiif,' ail ihey win 
to pr ■wilt fli.i .I.HUi.-tion -if 
ina«ut..«atiiis IiinK 

Tlio Inurea™ In variety of fruit w 
and in area «.e<:iij.i--.i in Ciili'oniin 
and Ort'jron in yearly enlai-Kiii},-, and 
iti nnniii (Hreetioim limltitii; iiii|wrlu- -mli lr-.pi.-al kinds.. 


of t/r 



u tfrmii, 

the SMciv.-wful pivdiititiim of potatoes 
[•5 tlio dlHeaw known nx (lie putato 
rot. Tlio potato beetle h now well 
und^r control and is 110 lonj;»r fear- 

Leading New York wheat dealers 
behove that Knropo hat; no other pfueo 
to draw upon for her supplies than 
tho United States for tbo next nix 
months, except the Argentine Itepub- 
Ife.'whlu!) iievt;r<A t )on.od over 8,000,- 
000 bu.-OajIs. i 

State Dairy Commissioner Brown 
of Wei? York isdiatributitiff .10,000 iv- 
vfoed copies of the rnleafu;., a»^e.^- 
tiona oonoerning tho care of ni'lk and 
the making of ihatvlaso but .^r mu! 
cheese, which were -repared uy the 
experts of his dep»-- ...nent. 

Vmtmg Wilder op fia;tml, 
A shrewd writer observes tlmr the 
farmer who continues to chop np 
oornatftika a-U other coarse feed by 
hand needn i wonder if Ida sons 
take a dlatike to farming: and quit It 
for some pleasaater employment the 
first opportunity. Many a young 
tunn leaves tho farm because he lias a 
liking for machinery, and desirea to 
work where ho will direct forces of 
steam or horse power rather thun do 
all with Wc muscles. Snob a young- 
liter is. just now' especially needed on 
the farm. More and moro ht skill with 
complicated mechanism needed in the 
ordinary operations of the farm. 
Probably in « few years a majority of 
farmers will find it profitable to keep 
a steam engine, to saw wood, out fod- 
der and furnish power for many oper- 
ations now performed by hand. Moro 
than a few boys have acquired a dis- 
taste for farming by being required 
Hour after hour to turn grindstones 
or swing the revolving churn. 

. IPowr fi'armmg: tstsd E'wuir BHorescsD 
Some one who is evidently a shrewd 
observer declares that poor farming 
ami poor horses go hand in hand— 

..that, like "birds of a feather," they 
'"flock together." And he further af- 
firms that or^e never sees a good crop 
of any kimi-faised by a It of broken, 
down. pings, or an inferior class of 
horses, .except where the land is &o 
productive that it would be impossi- 
ble h> raise a poor crop. *A poor farm 

; may be made much better by laiiniiifr 
«rops in the best possible manner. 
If deep ploughing is bi- B t, it cannot 
well be done, or dom* at all, with in- 
ferior horses. The preparation of the 
ground for planting i^ a laborious, and wi bout strong<-s it 
Ci-nnor be w?U dutu-, i u t,i 10 it, tlieie 

' is no "work on the farm tluu a «ood 
team cannot do to a better advantage 
than a poor one, and for that reason, 
if tiothiug else, a farmer standsin his 
■own light -when he tries t^ get along 
With an inferior class of horses. 

Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup contains 

■- nothing iDJurions and will relieve 

yo«t baby of pain and alt disorders 

of the bowels at onne. Price 25cents. 

If yon feel all brokeM up and geher- 

^lly miMiiabie, j'du i'lvh restore your 

equilibrium- with Laxador, thefamous 

remedy, which only costs 25 coats, 

,. -*l'fc* Ifatioit'tt Capita) ti^.-.'.iou!,. 

The capital of cue United St.. : e .has 

• ;^been. located at times at the 

- ^-following places: 

At Philadelphia ,iom Sep'tc;..-'' ?r 

ath, 1774, utrtil December, v?X: at 

■-■■: BfcUimore from December SO, 1.70, to 

Motch, 1777, at Philadelphia from 

Maroh,*, 173?, to September 1777; at 

Lancaster, Pr„ from September S7, 

-WW,, to September 30, 1777; at York, 

_ ¥•., from Septt-mper SO, 1777 to July] 

1778; at Philadelphia from Joly 3,1-778 

to Jon« 80,1783; at Prineetoni K. J ', 

IronaJaoe 80, H8S to 2Tovea»bfer W, 

17*1: at Annapolis, Md., from Sov.em-'' 

b«r, 1788, toNowmb«r, 17B4; atTiea- 

, ton, N. J., from November, 17534 to 

Janofcry, 1786 Now York from Jan- 

; myH, 1796, to 1790, whentiKseatof 

^■OTarntueat was cban^cd to Piiila- 

tila, wt«r« it Minttined ontll 1800 t 

whtah (Hue it, faa« Ud »C 

raefal aytop 

ATJlAtKlNOCODOIIoso, he to 
Hf. W«A to Bbttob's Care. X»m 

-t^TK aoukr a. a ou*** 

:TM.;»'l>i>U%«^v»d:,:f>rm<«Ma.. .., .. . 

1 Uw Aawrtoai boOA m nilttmA 

jra^Taiiirtteirf tta w»j mromad immaictrti* 
wti«i th*r b*t« watK traa^pctrtettan atr»%trt'; 
MrtMi t* «m m anlUwly Uw* f«w tmpfe p«id 
mi Mt«i*k» "io tk» iw*iifcii**i«toatrtu«* 
UiM ooaMctlar Mfflrth *»<t Suatb Aiwria 
Sat* modUM formwf «i*<w*»»i!B*hM jt*in«t 
mm* ft***, ondi iti* Utx* of Virglni* 

hw cr«ot«l * rfc-rWr Ui * «o*iipw>r>Uka 
■will tu*k* lb* pr»Umh»ry mrrtj*. 

fhlM conj|«(M»jlt Irf*» i" to WW w*tar .tiwi*- 
poJrt«tJ««i from M* .fcuiif pnrM a*. ihm-Vttitml: 
K*Ml«l>ri'«<M.Jii tlw oorttwrart comer 
o£ W*ith America, t»id tbmt<* baUd ar*il- 
ro»l tbroufffc- CotoMibia,: BctWMior «ml part 
oi Peru toCaK^.tocwuM^ttiwtVwith^tfcw 
JU(M»nunuifi(rtoBu*ii'J»Ayrwi «r»l othw f«r 
•oiitliarn porw. ?bn<s il> i» cl*imed, out K«w 
ITork tw brouglt* 'witliifl *%!*» tUy* ot liiwn 
<«»fl tw<ilro at Vttljwr«iiN>, Th« dilHcultiw 
w»conf*w-wl)yMH>n»^u*, but tbey M-emtich 
(<s* Uuut-Uto*a la Hio "»*y o( »m <U1 r*il 

Down (,l)oPat'lfioco«ftt,(«nt(l«tsagge*t*(l, 
the flao woiilii cross tlio <l«p«t r«iyons «nd 
iiinr|Kftt ridfrca projdcMng we#tw«rd from tho 
ajftia rao)!(>. U9cowatructlOB»foaia bankrupt 
a nation. Along tho plateau of tbo Andes, 
wfocro tlio Incas bad their wonderful bh,;h* 
way, tho gi'ortog wouli! of tea nmooat 10 7,000 
fpet to tbo aiilo. Etwfcof tho Aones tho iina 
proposed froina port In Veucmrfa roatbwnrd 
wciuiil crusfl liiimireds .of miles of lnails ovcr- 
flowwl In the wot P?aaou ruiil rtcadly with 
mtdarffi for Isalt tbo year, and if tho Jiao woi-a 
located (urtiiGT wast, it woul'l bavo M* cross 
nil the cis t ward npura of tbo Andefl. AU 
tlic^o ore hnpracticablo, oad ot tbo routs la'.t 
proposed the prncUcabilily la not yot proved. 
It id dniniel, bowovar, tlmt o central lino can 
lit* found from Cartagena to Guieo by which 
ctrranin otnl conj'ons cud l»o followed, on oa 
tho Unimi Pnclfic, hii'1 tho first work pro- 
pose*! by t.iio company in a t borough nurvev 
of tliift Hue. 

Tliero i*i, nponking, no nyntem of 
Sou tb American rail road n, nor id a. nyj.tcin 
lilto t.tidtof tbo United Bmtra and Cai'iubi 
pmotlcaliM. TIhto nn>, h.iwovcr, Kovcrnl 
UioiihukI Miil.-Mdf railway Ittitlt mid 

of ( 

■blng inlni 

: frow 

varionn imit-i. Tbn Arwiuitm and I'niio road 
liau t-rosr-vi Urn Aiuliw, mid tlio Lima mad re- 
quires only tho eomploi.Hm of a unitiol, wbilo 
CbiU ifi hulliHiiB 0110 lino from Valniiroliifi to 
a i-i»nii«'ction with B'K'iiiw Ayioa mid niiotbor 
fi-oni Ibo norn.f Anlofa;'ii'.tn to I'oUm In 
Uolivla. A lino from Hiioiios Ayiw is also 
ln'iiiB juiKticd towards I'otosi, ami wbon com- 
plotcd tiioso v.ill foi'iii n ooiitiiinotiti lino atro-ss 
(ho Boutlivrn jiurt of Koni.h America, lint in 
form about liko a ttsh nook. 

If tbo nroiMiKinl lino proves practicable, tlio 
road will certainly bo a profltaliloenierprfce. 
With some connections It will make Cuzeo 
tlio center of «h complotu » Hyiitota us Bout.b 
Amoricn oou have, nnd ilvo j;ioat republics 
would b« brought iatu cIoho commorcial 
union. Of eoureo branch lines would soon bo 
coimtr noted down tho oustoru nlopo of tlio 
Andes into hru«il, oonm'Ctiiip; wftb tlio IiojiJs 
of iiavlRation on lior wondorfol rivers; and 
it nbiuiKt nmliiH 1111 ontorni-uiiir'.') mouth water 
to (h ink that Brazil ouutiilna 11 niillion Rijuaro 
miles of unbroken, forest thick hot with tlio 
mosit vnJunblo tluibor in tbo worbJ--« region 
nboro Bavau*^ enok tboir reptilo meuitt at. 
(ires umdo ot i-owiivood und nuibogany. 

Tns raoi'osEo ikteb-auerican aoAna 

Tbrongh nil this vast region only tho rub- 
bor troo is utilised, nnd tbnt only on tbo 
river banks wboro it caa be reached by 
canooa . Brazil claims to have ^0,000 miles of 
navigablo waters, nil connecting with tho 
Amazon, which In nearly 100 miles wide 
whore it outers tho ocean ; its basin embraces 
twenty-fivo degrees of latitude and thirty- 
five of .longitude; oml yot through all that 
vast region there are hut a few posts tor re- 
ceiving and shipping rubber, and under 
present conditions that work can be curried 
on for no moro than a third of the year. It 
is tho Amazon alone, witb its branches, that 
renders any government or civilization pos- 
sible in tho heart of South America, Be- 
tween its diverging branches arodettso for- 
est* as yet unseen by white men, and some of 
them inhabited by cannibals. Verily, rail- 
roads are needed, nnd if white men can re- 
tain their vigor there, even for a short term, 
tho trade thus developed would he immensely 

Colombia, tlio first republic crofsed by tho 
proposed line, covers S50,G3!> square miles and 
contains about 4,000,000 people, of whom less 
than 100,000 are wild Indians. Itspeoploare 
tolerably pro^i-essiro, and it is capable of an 
immense production of coffee, cotton, tobacco 
and cinchona bark. Ecuador, the next re- 
public to be crossed, covers 243,312 square 
miles and contains only n million white peo- 
ple and 20D,OUO Indians. It is a vast moun- 
tain plateau, witb many high aud fertile val- 
leys, and though its capital, Quito, is directly 
en tbo equator, tho climate is remarkably 
cool aiid 'bracing. 

Peru comes, nest, with 433,297 equaro miles 
and about 3,000,000 people— just now recovor- 
1115 from tbo completo prostration caused by 
tho Chilian war. Its valleys aro said to bo 
the most fertile in tlio world, its guano aud 
nitrate deposits inexhaustible, and its silver 
mines, very rich. Bolivia has 530, 203. sou aro 
miles and about 2,50Q,(K)Q people. Its farm 
lands lie iu successive plateaus, thus produc- 
ing every product from tho most delicate 
fruits of tho tropics to the small grains and 
hard woods ot the Cold temperate regions. It 
contains the highest mountains on tlis wess- 
mi hemisphere and the greatest silver mines 
In t* eWorld— tho Pote-1, which uas yielded 
S'-.ulO.OOO.OOO. siaca IGTO. Such are. tho re- 
publics Which th» Virginia company proposes 
to bring to enr doors. Verily, the scheme :a 
w v rth looting into. 


A Great EitUrpris* in Colorado.. 

The-AOiuitic-I'ncific Siilway Tunnel, the 
grot project of " B^ck.'^Pomerby, is really 
being cut throaga the Main ra&ge of the 
Rocky Mountains, sixty miles doe mwt from 
Beaver. U will sfcbrtea railway 'iffistiaee 
150 mUet between. Denver and Salt lake 
City. More than 4,600 pei»iw are aoiir 
financially iatereeteii i* Ae eaterpnie. Th« 
bwnel*Uio« tutia 4,400 leet 

below tbetttpof Gray'* teal, Tatceaa^wiy 
entera the year 1890 entirely bee froaa Boat* 
lag debt, all iu buU paid lad w*t goimg 
ahead day and ■ ia betaaada «f ta* Toa. 
n«L By the «•« nmlwa awcUMr, fraan 
■ixtatea feet headway b fafoed «fe«y day. 
Uete thaa >so teias ot geld tad stteer eriD 
be cmaed by the Tuanel. and Mi nam! 

UuekotNa Pomeroy wu efettad Praatdemt, 
I he taa 

•^•^'^^to laatajMiiia^B,, 

j^aeauw in to 
,B*«ri ; 

erto nakaeira. udhu 
tba tltl* «i "The »w*teft 

jKuUer ever ..diae'a'Vera.di.* 


of Hood'* S*ra«p*rtll*^- ...-&. 

t«well, #h*t* Jr ■tQ'^KUmate, 

i-^vOter Moo* 
._-,-..-,..._ ^- v ,r V^Pkuliar ,'in Hi 
Vbtitwmtrjp f*^yjrTn*t record of *alc» 
ahrMdy^ ;{?r-'?jrtm oilier preparation 
^LoVv^ever attained «ue!t pop'u- 
V^<J*rity.hi so uteri, a time, 
*' g. ^"Jr ;M retained Kb- lopulartty 
^£pjf*r'l ■ .nfi'Jcnce ftwong all 'ela-we^ 

/of peop.v iso atcadfasUy. 
Do not be iDduccd to buy oilier prepmatlona, 
but be euro to pet the 1'ccnUar Mcftlclne, 

Hood's Sarsaparllla 

IOO Doaee One Dollar 



German Remedy. 



jlosvly confi:ic-.l hi 
the mllln nndwork- 
shopa; Clurtfli Who 
lo not procure* fiiif- 
Jlctent c^erci-o, nm! 
nllwhonro conuncd 
* icira, filioitlil 

. aim limn 

nicy will «ot tlwii 
ho wcalcund Eickly. 

ucctl^ Hf'C'-itlo tonic 
li.-jo fiULt'iica Jhr^i 


luodwlien you oi!e 
.s impnrulea bur'il- 
nnd &H-C3. Itcly or: 
gm.i-iiL't: EnTci;?, 
and health, willful- 

lufipSwir Bitters 




i;y '>'n, avhfs ft sons, Phllada,, whg 
frirr,.>na Hoi'ho limnil Baker Blankets. 



Grlddl© Oakes 

Ta-Ka-Kako also makes delicious GEMS, 31UI 





HOOP ': 

Half me price of tin or shingles! Quarantef ■ 
iv.iter-ligliton flat or steep surface, and you cai 

put it on. Sample free if you mention thi 

Indiana- Paint' & -Roof Co., N. T 

■13 West Broftdwar. Kew York. 

?Ri! EBiikny. 

FRlnK aSaTnMe'sr.oTrMLEcflG'TBijS* 
ES. SiiiKte SiO. Double Std. PINK -PKAK1 
PILI^(cur«coiiri!:ipaiion) SOc. Beinedy. Truw>e 

mid KIls si'nt by mail, toddler or si-pnrnte] 
iT?os llRCKir-T op prick. : 0. FBIKK, Sola Propric 


^AG£NTS wamtcov 

jfttur&uw *Mlu*wt. IJ^JOifAn-wL jtBtJiJJ£A*k 
+JUA> ft. Qurv. ' "Z~-£i 

)TH005AND5 *f OOtLA^S! 

For Sale. 

AHouse andL^geLot 

With Fruit 

Will he sold Very Cheap for 
Caab. Apply; to 

C. W. Streeter, 










BTS?iPSI4., : 




tills country for the FDBST TDOC. Hauir JkwrwAT. the lalented 
Itoora^ bmh. Smtf* Toxic. -M flwl it iT^ttenrtonto t Or 
. aud Uait Utter Fatigue wlach oomoa from Owrtwuthm of th* 

Head wJiat Mas. Jucoe Caxpbkia, 6t Kow Torlc aaya; 

118 W-tsHisuiox Pwoe. Kkw Tow, April SO, I860. 
ooens' Rival B^MBpisfl Co., Bos(oo. Mses. ■ ".. . , " " ■ ' 

fJeiilh-niett;—l<inti>/<!HUju»t tftiif pou*hoitM Know the imlltKOKrlettulrtVidtt I tini* rjrnsrt 
>m<i in K,in tt -jour ROYAL JtBRVim TONIC. The i mvKtMate f ffJa, J ^ ^Zplg wf y«e3ow 
'. ie hatred ,t specific Jar r.crtmiS troubles. EetptdfuOy Fowr^ JIRB. P. f!cA31PBEI,L*' 


A Went Point cadet who violates 
tho law (igtiiiirit cigarette smoking ia 
obii^i-d to pace back n»il forth, rain 
or iiliine, for twelve ho lira with a 
imiftkct on his Bhouhhr. 

Itcumsliahd Romum. 

M-- ■ Mhibiirl Cminin, Pl.-»i,(i.l«I, 111, 

iiiitlft-ii Mi.- Ht«i|.|ti.-tit tttnt eh? ei.iint't; 

rol.t, > liicli ."■lib rl ••„ lur Ihiikk; Hhc wr.e 

ii.-.,. Ml r..r« ••• I.y h.-r i.Uutly pfij- 
-i.i,.i., !... BM..V «<.»..., He mldlKT-t.o 
»»:ii, 11 hrli^e.t.1 victim of consumption 

■■■■' ' ' H-.lin,,., wnul.i cine h.-r. Her 

ii^**«tt-d, Or. Kuif^tt New 
> ('t»itnii(npu<.n; ulto bought 
lo 1..r O.lijrht loiih.l ht-r. 
f li li.-M:iiitr.l from iln- firm <ln« e . 81ic 
-r-Dnnu-'i iih H-. • ami «f*i-r lulling ivn 
...tili-s, i...n..i i..-.rHl. H..,in«J „«,<l wHi, 
mu (ini's, her own Ik,um- work tih(J i» lis 
^.•11 us tln-i-v.-r ikin. Ku;,' tnill liOUh-t. 
.f Miia iJifjii Di.-covcry ai Gi«-Hl*r'n <ii wa 
) i.ri-, i.pp.j,.in- 1, pi m Iioiim: Inrjju t.01- 
ihf f)i-c. nijtt [J 1.00. 

.i.» K pi 


.1 ill, 111 

Tuma^no, the opera singer, re- 
ceivt'H$3,000a night, and tips hotel 
xvaitera with olio cent pieces. 

liappy Hoosiers, 
XVm.Timnionn, Poatmnster of Waville, 
Intl., v>rtte»; "Clectric Biltprn has done 
men « fof mo than all other medicines 
cmihtiict, [or that bud. teeling aching 
from Ki.lm'j and l,iver trouble,'' John 
LjOhlif, ftti-incr nnd Btockman, of anine 
plnci'. ''Kind Electric biitera to be the 
bent Kidney smd Liver medicine, made 
mo fvel like a new man." J. W. Gard- 
ner, hardware, merciiitnt same town, 
Miiyt: Eieciric Bin era ia just the. thing 
for a man tli iit is nil run duwn and don't 
care whether lie lit eft or dies; he found 
new a.reiigtli,ROod appetite und felt juat 
like he had a new leaee ou life. Only 
50c, a bottle «t Giesler's drug store, 

A t.011 of President Dwight, of Yale, 
is said to know more Latin and Greek 
than liis father. 

Slilioh** Consumption Cure. 

This ia beyond question the moatsuc- 
cortuful Cough Medicine we have ever 
sold, a few doses inveriably cure the 
worm eaaeaof cougb, cold and bronchi 
tin, while its wonderful euccesa iu the 
cure of consumption iu without a par- 
allel in the htmoty of medicine. Since 
it's liiBl discovery it has been sold on a 
guainniee, a test which .no other 
medicine can etand. If you have a 
cough we earnestly ofk you 10 try it. 
Price 10 cents and §1 00. If your lungs 
tre sore, cheat or back lame.use ShHoh'o 
Porous Plaater, Sold at Gieeter'a drug 
store opposite opera house, "'{rTeow 

Gen. Von Moitke says that "beer is 
a far more dangerous enemy to Ger- 
many than all the armies of France." 

advice to moTiiEHS.— aro yoa disturbed at 

niglit and iirolien of your rest by a afcli child 
-milerliiKniHl crying with the pain of Cutting; 
fecthv If sosenil atonce nntlget* bottieof "Jlra 
VVinsiloiv's Sooiliin? Syrup" for Clilidren Teething. 
tta vftliw isiitcalculabio. It will teliova tho poor 
litiln sufferer Immediately. Depend upon It, 
-■lathers; therein no mistake about It. It cures 
Dysentery and Diarrhcea. reguJatea tho Stomach 
tn.l t^ou-els. cures Wind Colic, softens the Oubib, 
reduces) In 11 111 nm all on, and gives tone and .energy 
•<> the whole system. "Mrs. Wlnalow's Soothing 
iyrup" for eiilldreu teething is pleasant to the 
itMte and is the prescription of one Of the oldest 
tint best female physioiana and nurse:: to. toe 
United Stuteu, and is for sale by all drugRiats 
iir.iiitfhiiut the world. Price twenty-five cents o 
\wttte. Be sure and ask for '"Man. Wiijblow's 
.•miTiiiKo Svnfp," and tube no other. Ba?l 

Ouida lias made more money by her 
tabors than any woman of this cen- 
ary, except Patti. 

O, What a iOougli. 

Will you heed the warning. The sijj- 
il jieiliups (,f thpHUiv «pproach of that 
mire leiritiJe disenKe, con-umplion. Acb 

• ■in-self if y«u can afford for the sake 
f 511 cms L" run the I'inlc. aud do hoth- 
u for it. We know from experience 
hai Sliii. nV Cure nil) cure yotircuUgb. 

;■ tif-ver fails. Thin es(il«iiw wliy more 
t»«ti a Million BoKlett were wold (he past 
;w. l!'Vft'i»>ve»cmiipai>(i and Whoop- 

• •X cough at once. .Mi-ihere do not be 
viiln-iii it. For liim*- bark, side or cheat, 
ise Shdoii's P.. Fluster. Sold fay 
l.C Ghsh-r oMHfc.hAip.-ra house. SSeoiv 

3few York last y ear yp'enr $17,000,000 
in her public schools, hiring ; 31,337 
eachers to instruct 1,803,667 pupils. 

tlie Worid jberc is boi one cure, 
Dr. HaiBo^ Golden SpedSn. 

It can, tie alv en In actipof teaorcoileo wfthont 
the liuoivtedae of the pureon taking it. effecting a 
topei'S" or pennaneiit. cure, whether the patient is 
i moderate drinker or an aichoholia Wreck. 
Thousands of drunkards have Ssten cured who 
uare tahen the Golden ^peclfle in their coflee 
■cithoiit. tfieic knowlattge. and .to-day belitte they 
juSE drinJiin^ of their o«'ii free will. Ko h«nnfat 
-Cect results from its adroinistration. Cares 
?ii3ra!i!ee(3. Send for circo3ar. and fall p.trticu-- 
ira. Ad(3«s in' canfldiMiee, (Joldes SFEcaftoOo.. ■'■ 
JS5 Saea Street. CiocianathO.' 
■ . . . iTSyl 

There were $160,000,000 worth ^ of 
jewels worn at tbe Sew- York Sew 
Fear's bail, and not one was stolen* 

The best Skive in the world forCuta, 
ttrma.-.. S010, Cic*r*,Nali Itueum, *>•*«■: 
Sort-e. Tetter 'Otis'tqied HinWsi^bilWajinB 

;tweiy cure» piles \yt. »n>. : |»y iequired. 

It:** ji^iU:*i>J*^?sh. , ^w«J?-a»t^^ 
mnherre(ii>i<l«-<l. )'iireSt5(»ntap*r tun. 
Forl-Hhs bi H, C. G wtler. 

i apL Kit- 1. a (taken. «f Viiialhaven, 
Me., hu 98.000 liv# iob***ra in bla 
pond, (rom whiab be is anippina; to 

*uiv »iil giTK kiu iiMW<Ila«» ivlwf 
I'rt,-- 10 u- mm. 50 <im<«i »n4 «l HaU hf 
H C Qtc«ltrn|iahi>ii4r tlMflpm hmm. 

fRTOte tNajaanagi 

The total Indian population ie'esti. 
mated to be less than 250,000. Of 
these, 21,232 lire in houses and 9,<J13 
are engaged In agriculture. There 
are 28,663 church uioiobera among 

rough and pimply, or covered with 
"•"heeand eoree, and yon want a 
. smooth akin and fair couples 
1, uae Sulphur Bitters. The bent 
dioiue in such eaBCB I ever Bold.— 
E. Schiepe-msb & CO., Druggists, 
Lawrence, Mase. 

5 lean. 

mod ic 

Tho largest flume in the world has 
mt been completed In Poutbern Cal 

ifornia. It Is 30 uittes Ions, costing 

1,000,000, and oonsumed 0,000,000 feet 
* lumber in Itfl construction 

There te one article in the lino of 
medicines thftt gives go .large a return 
for the money na a good porous 
6trengtheninK*piaster, such as Car- 
ters Smart ^ffeed and Belladonna 
Backache Piasters. 

There are annually killed in Africa 
a minimum of 05,000 elephants, yield- 
ing a production of a quantity of raw 
ivory, the selling price of which is 
about £850,000. 

Must not be confounded with com- 
mon cathartics or purgative pills. 
Carter's Little Liver Pills are en- 
tirely unlike them in every respect. 
One trial will prove their superiority. 

Tho well known strengthening 
properties of Ibok, combined witb 
other tonins and a moet perfect ner- 
vine, are found in Carter's. Iron Pills, 
which strengthen the nerves and body, 
and improve the blood and oomplez- 

Jolm Gilpin's Bide. 

It is evident from the speed attained 
by John Gilpin's cores that it was 
well eared for, and all owners of live- 
stock should exercise caution and oars 
by having a reliable remedy at hand. 
Veterinary Carbolisalve oureB outs, 
woUndB, braises, collar and saddle 
galls, sores, mange, scratches, thrush, 
inflammations and all abrasions of 
the ekin and diseases of the feet of 
horses and cattlft quicker than any 
other remedy, and is the only prepara- 
'lion that invariably reneim ilia hair in 
ita original eotor. It Is indorsed by 
Jay Eye See'sdriverand by prominent 
horsemen generally. Large cans 
$1.00; Small cane 60 ots. 

The most remarkable cores Of scrof- 
ula on record have been accomplished 

by Hood's Sarsaparilla. Try it. 
Sold by all draggiBts. 

The new combination of Smart 
Weed and Belladonna, as used in Car- 
ter's Backache Plasters, has proved 
to be one of the best that eooid be 
made. Try one of these populai plas- 
ters in any ease of weak or lame back, 
backache, rheumatism, neuralgia, 
soreness of the chest or lungs, and 
yon will be surprised and pleased by 
the prompt relief. I& bad eases of 
chronic dyspepsia, a plaster over the 
pit of the^stotuaeh stops the pain at 
once. Ask for Carter's Smart Weed 
and Beladonna Backache Plasters. 
Price 25 cents. 

The oldest Semoeratie member of 
the house of representatives is Glen. 
Francis B. Spinolft, of New York. He 

is63yea?3of ag«. 

"When 1 drlbk niaoh j eam't i»ork, 
andaolletltadonf." 'hedriBUnffr" 
"Ko, cbe workin«."_Fliet««U Blat- 
ter.. . 

Hatore'e Uwleney to refltor* the 
badanoe; ae ft u> an K .t, "lLhort , ' We 
faee geta long,- Hotel (laxette. 

Examining phy»ich«»« eaytnat 
eohol and tobacco are largely r«- 
sponeibte for the color bllodneae with 
which large numbere of applloants 
for positions on raliwaye are affocted. 

A man should not put too much 
trust in hie fellow-men— particularly 
when he rone a. grocery store.— Som- 
erviiie JournaL .'.-■'. 

A young man vai fined #26 the 
other day for hugging a St. Louis 
girl. That was a terrible punish- 
ment for an act of eharity.— Peoria 
Daily Tratiecript. . 

Easily ezplained.— "How is this 
Alfred, I found tbia corkscrew in one 
of your pocketst 11 "Ob, that's all 
right, mother. They come with 
those corkscrew suits, you know."— 

Writing poetry is recommended as 
a mental exercise. You can get 
physical exercise by attempting to 
read it to the editor.— Terre Haute 

A Welt -defined Hint— Ethel— 

"George, mother was looking when 
you kissed me last; night." George- 
•'How didsbe take it?" Ethel— "Well, 
sbeBuid she felt saiisfied now that 
you mean business."— Epoch. 

Well rated.— Father— 'Clara, 1 
think the count will propose to- 
night." Clara (excited) "What makes 
you think so, papa?" Father—' 
discovered him in the hotel to-day 
looking me up in BradstreetV 
Kearney Enterprise. 

This Season Especially.— Customer 
"What's the price of yoar coal J 1 
Dealer— "Six dollars a ton." "Weigh 
ine out a fcon." "Ahem. Where the' 
coal is weighed in the presence of the 
purchaser I always charge a dollar 
extra."— Texas Sittings. 

"By thunder, old fellow, -what hai 
happened to you that you smiie so all 
tbo time? What is it so good,?" "Oh, 
nothing at all, bub you see one never 
knows nowadays but somebody may 
be photographing him."— Fliegende 

Wickwire— "What have you got 
your coat all buttoned up for, Tabs- 
ley— "I'm going to see my best girl, 
and I've got on a necktie she bought 
for me the other day at a dry goods 
store." — Terre Haute Express, 

Cheap Doctoring; Anxione mam- 
ma — "Little Dick is > upstairs, crying 
with the toothache." Practical papa 
— "Take him around to the dentist' 
"I haven't any money," "You won't 
need any money. The toothache will 
stop before you get there. "— JJew 
York Weekly. 

The crime of Avarice ; Mrs. Ein 
stein— "Vat vas de madder mid mine 
liaber ChakeyS" Nurse— "He just 
swallowed de penny vat his engle 
Isaac gif 'em," Mrs. Einstein— "Dat's 
vat gomes of brin' so mean. If he 
had been generous and gif him e 
sphlendld silfer dollab, dis awful no 
oidents wouldn't ever baf happened." 


B«tl«e u Prvwnt riatrai. 

may be treated with 


mm Amount •*«"; . 

■ucrdKr. Mc««s««ot» FRpndbr 

- , li- 

ft H. CAS^ Broker. 

Watches, Diamond*, Jeiralry, 

rnnitun, in use, withoot !»■ 

BovaL PenoBal and Real 

Bslate. ValoahleHpMs 


He XVe»r* a Salt on Wnteb Too? 
ITiicle Wouldn't Advance *2 30 
Mrs. Hetty Green hat enjoyed the 
reputation for a long time of being 
the most shabbily dressed millionaire 
who wanders within the precincts of 
Wall street, and anyone whohas.eeen 
her and made a comparison mentally 
with th« appearance of a mechanic's 
wife going to market Batardayls con- 
vinced that her reputation is well de- 

Russell Sage wears inexpensive 
clothes, bat they are not only neat, 
but usually have the appearance of 
being recently, purchased.. 

The only millionaire rival Mrs. 
Green has in point of ehabbiDesa is 
old Joe Robinson-, who was one of the 
contractors engaged in the construc- 
tion of ilie Union P*«i8a Railroad, 
and is said to be worth #».000,000. He 
was down in Wall street recently 
progressing along tbe tliorougbf; 
with the assistance 01 his crutches, as 
the genial old fellow is lame, dressed 
in an old suit ol gray clothes and 
without on Overcoat. He does not 
wear any overcoat- because it repre- 
sents an expenditure of money he is 
not willing to make. His whole out- 
fit, including hat and boots, wcnld 
not command |2.50 at uny well' 
regulated pawn shop. He is one of 
the few stingy millionaires wbo are 
perfectly good natiired in their stin- 
ioeaa. HeianotorosB or crabbed,bat 
greets everybody he knows with the 
utmost geniality. He and Sidney 
DllUoB are very good friends, but 
neither the argamenta of \ Jfr. Diilion 
nor of anyone el»e ean spur Liu on io 
iareat money iu • wardrobe. The 
tbeetreetnot Jong- aco in eoarereav 
Hoo, with* gentieman whom Jto^ did 
notknow. M» wetxt op to the two 
men and wm about to speak, wbeo 
the niaa who wae a itrancer to bim 
tamed aikd. eaid he wa*' very eorry 
bat he bad no •ataU enangaL The 
friend ejipiaiaed' the eitawtioii, al- 
though be was eomewhat embarmes- 
ed, and tbs stosdigwr estended prof use 
s^Kitogies to ths airs whom be 
had mistaken, lor a beggar.— New 
Torfc World. 

Meat, Cam**, wife at the President 
«f ItaWHL (sssldeBbs tt*s beet dres* 

""'" " "' "■"'" '""' """""' ":in'- 


■ I lajjiifl t 

all A* Mhm Ml rrrv.. . |,„ 

Um STrh 
Hrr»r* i-m i 4 

ia_fc_ -. ■ ».■■■-' - ^T..-.,.pfW«W' , r*Ti»i:^-til»i»¥ 
*jn«WS«. aihi I mn'x t #..,.. ■, T 

inil^S.' ^?7 '* r **" 4 't ■ to :t*w *ub»crii)M-^ th« ■- 1, 

■fiS?*Ja-rJJ W > M »* ,t •* h*« '■« ^ilt«W. *\ ««> ,|Sr-f : - 


■S^^Wflf** coxier i-UwHn* .^.wW* 

^?Si v j\tu;^ ! ^ ^^^ ■ 

SImhco— At ttfflots of Hun, 7. W Si-inaer ia 

Jtesiciic ., , ■„„,„■ Ki] 

(i*F in April, July aa,\ 

^ P *^«-J S- L«-Mio t ttw. T © Sri.iv oifioo in Parkh" 
l?Ent4. 'fi^w^'V i» April. ,lit!y ana Sep- 


Btefc n«ftSw!ftaattrtr«lk(t««)t the trouWestecl 
flent MxhlHcMM t*t* «t ft* ajatem. audi a 
DixtiniMa, Smn i, DtwWom. Dirtrees aftp 
**tinajftatateUia«l*»,*c, While theJrinos 
w m a rt a h l a wm« bu baen ahomi ia cuHni 


Haaaaehe, jet Quwaa'a tirrw Litis Fat 
am wpiaUY valuaM* in CPnttipaUon, curini 
Ani pravaltthicuiia anncylos complaint, whil 
they mlao eorewt alt (Uaordtra of the atnmacii 
■timulau Um lirar and neulatv tl» bowoU 
*raa Uthej wiljr cured 


Aahtthar would baatmoatpHc«lMi to thos 
who aunr from thla diitreininir complaint 
but fortunately their goodnMC don not en 
a»ra, and Ihoaa who once try thera will fin 
thaaa UtUaplDafainable ia so many ways tlm 
thai* will not be willing to do without thou 



.„„ boaat. Oiip rilUa 1 

Vbfta othars do act 

Outraa'a lam* Lrnut Pills aro very smnll 
awl Ta*T'#M7 to take. One or two pills make 
a *oa». Tbaj »j» strictly -reR6UWo ond do 
a« (ripa or purge, but by their Rentlo nction 






Cleanse* and beautifiea the bail 
Promotes a luxuriant Browth. 
Haver Fail* lo ReJtoro Gray 
HairtaihVasihfbl Cotot. 

, .-I«VenHl>aiiiIniir«n')hntrrallliiK 



Br. Agol's Pills 

Are lar bufehiok to anything ever ramie for Dys- 
popafe. Slck.Headacue, CooeUpatioo, and purlfy- 
ins toe Blood, sugar .coated. 

Sold by oil Druggists, 

—Made by— 
D. O. WEABE, id. P., Falrport, I 

9 W SSil St., 


Eta Jtolhii. Company, ■ Eostato, I ? 


MOT srKiX<;«, AitK. 



Buy while it is Cheap! 
Purest, Cleanest, Best. 



Three p, 
bined weij. 
liappy cot 

! niiuui'. 
i Er-.-.-t-i.!- 
Shil-i.V i 



Can make handaoaio salaries pitaoins our STEE3J 
WIRE DOORMATS. Every tiousehoM naed3 one. 
Liberal eomniissioiis paid. Address 



Climate and 

__ , Location in the South 
MAKC1IA. Clairinont. Vt 

tori XffiiT \] Fiitig ]®i Hoisj 

— WfTE— 

Ve»etaUe Oil ! 

R Is us good as Lin>sed.c helper and gnarantesd. 
Faints cntee.1 witb tbisOil do not fadei 

23i Union stretit Otpan. S Y. 

of WorthlMi lmiUtions that 
i ■ £ • ■ ■ Will not With, of 


The Bfost Sneeesafal Resa^dr «rer QSsqcpp 

€«tt,as JBIscprwininiWeaEStaaiiddoes 

aatbltitiaf. Eead proof DeJow, 


Omciei'Qtiatai.SRim, J 

Oumuip H*T va> Taonato Bias Btmsa. ) 

Sav B. J. Iwfnjix.Co, 
BftaT a*— -* 

i tmeettt 

Soptv fSo, OnOiniaa TwUtrf, Knitting 
Crocheaog, tTndcrirear, NatnreUe " : " 
sad Ceucibisg Silk. 

•fee AM «tay ik«-n, hank, bail or spool 

j beirfOiir name.. . 


W£ fiUlHfiffl ft IBflSTROKt «)., 1 Jg?^?^ 

Xeadtoe MaaiiillKftttersiaae WorKof «tfr 
L^ . ilsterii 

^ aa»dTJe«DeBti*e EatlmAkry. 




«t imttmatco on earth. lhmvev»edlt 
-t*tor three jtmrs, ■ 


V*.B.J.l&n>ux.C&. .. -, _,, - ■ . 

S>**t tUn ; I d**im »(dr» yea iaritoonl*! nt mr 

~ ia»eiie«a* JBtiv JelaM. aed 
., —iwl tttotilbarumea. 
Xoart truly. 



U**i,Wwto*Cem*t*,o*x> l 2*e.l*,tim. 
>ar biaaalfa •jmkU, Com. _I1i*»*j«i»- 

&ke:aaH[^flewtetta dimcU«a«Ilw^a>«raB' 


w _'abcX 

'una shx ei 

iSfTod 3A0iS 



'fiztA ■ At^JflAtfc'iaiL 1 *.; 


$1 25 a Year in Advance. 

"TbaAtetawtudBM Ohnniel*«ftl>«TiB^ to Show TIrt»» Har On Foatntm. Soon Hot On Iange." 


roLOMC •& rnwBtit * 9 


8ingle Copiu Thne Ow* 


Tb« Sheen Jiath pSawd front th* rainbow, 
Tbo dew from tiifl lily (■ itipp«d, 
Tue glory tin>d from IhedswnlJsbi;, 
The pearl* from yootfa'a cb»pl#t h*Ui iU|r 
■ iw<J; . 
BuMs. HttJa he*re! tiny (wby~ 

Will) red lips so warm *t my Jmm(- 

Ygu m<n wait* • Wort'l toounwltM. )■>'''«; 

To OuntelTMi, and np*rt from Urn rs#t. 

My foot hs«> trod many * pstirtr** 
Wltu. briai- and blossom ssfretrn; 
life's C»*ft»n CO ««:! bloom urualied n*7 gar- 

BuB vanished and faded ttn>«xiii. 
■!. Yet, oti, littlo bud: hnmc.a flowed— 
Nestled tcadurlj now on my ana— ■ 
tAto lingers with still ono fond WetMlne, 
Love leaves mo etill ono wreefotw diarm. 

Lookfog back an strange trouble and aorrow 

tost hviiee, ivoimtkil pride nod long paid, 
I deny t-bitt life briiifpi iwnponsstlUHi;-— 

And for all that wo cuflfor lluil Rtiln; 
Yet, oh, fa tha Joy of (tiy amlle, iwm- 

Go luuocent, cliemlik, tjrlglit, 
Tboro Is balm for tlin hurls of n liffitimc, 

NopwjtUo for world'ii chill anil blight, 

Wnam I lenn on mny coldly turn fraia me; 

Whom I lave mny lore othora Instead; 
Whom J trust wltli n Irian may bef-ray mo ,- 

Auil Irave i»u ulooo lii (tort drend. 
But tlioit, with thy lilun eypit on mlno, lora; 

Wltu ( hy miifik-al, (Imp. coolnir trail— 
To ttioo 1 iini hI.IJI Uio ni wit v/filirom-'l 

To tlieo 1 inn -till nil In nil! 

—Kent Kpliiio In Chfen>;o Times 

In Iaivd wltli J'»kH»!i Kiillroiidn. 
An American actor who in traveling 
through England writea; *'l>t itioiuKsuro 
you that 1 am aa patriotic on wtwn I (sail- 
ed out of Now York, hut really f must 
lake off my hat to the nurmrh railroad 
system of carrying theatrical troupes in 
England, Wo have been on a tour two 
or three months and we httvo always hod 
two elegant carriages or euro entirely to 
ouraclvcB, These- nrc not compartments 
like the ordinary English carriage, 
but BiUoon carriage:?, with another for 
our star and her maid. Tho roads mated 
up Ihcflo itjMtcial trains on Sunday for 
theatrical [ioo|>leoniy. For Iitaiaucfl, our 
troupo deairea to go from Birminghum 
to Jl.incheslor; anolhur troujia Iti ixtoked 
from nirminghnm to IJerby. and still 
another from Derby to Liverpool. The 
rflilniiid makes up its Hin-eial. takes the 
two companies from Burnt n^linm, drops 
oneat Derby, takcii up the other there, 
and oarrleM tho last to Liverpool. It in 
economical and it la comfortablo. This 
ia going on all over tho Kingdom on 
Sunday, and tho Midland carries an im- 
mense number of traveling players." — 
New York Sim. 

Tho following etory of a mouliey'e 
heroism is told by an Indian paper: "A 
largo outang outang was very much at- 
tached to iiia master and to tho baby boy, 
who wao the pet of tho wholo family. 
One day a lire suddenly broke out in the 
house, and everybody was running hero 
and thereto put it out, while the littlo 
boy in hid nursery was almost forgotten, 
and when they thought of him the stair- 
case was all in flames. What could bo 
done? As they were looking up and 
wondering, a large, hairy hand and arm 
opened the* window, and presently the 
monkey appeared with tho baby in hia 
arms, and carefully climbed down over 
the porch, and brought tho child safely 
to hig nurse. Nobody else could have 
done it, for a man cannot climb like a 
monkey, and is not nearly so strong. 
You may imagine how the faithful crea- 
ture was praised and petted after that. 
This is a true story, and tho child who 
was saved was tho young Marquis of Kit- 

Crmvdpil Streets, 

Sonio statistics! recently published by 
the city of Berlin show that London 
streets are, on tho whole, tho most 
crowded of any city in Europe. In 1878 
it was ascertained that 43,014 people 
passed every 10 houra along tho Leip- 
ziger utraKso in Berlin, and in 1883, 
36,000 people crossed tho Jannowits 
bridge every 18 hours. The most crowd- 
ed bridge in Berlin is the Onuhin, over 
which 80,000 people pass every 18 hours. 
In 1884, 58,743 passed along tho Hunts 
Btmsso every Ifl hours, and 47,500 aloug 
tlio GetraiuHen strasse. In London it ia 
estimated. 110.535 pedestrians pass over 
London bridge daily; over Blackfriara, 
70,198; Westminster. -U,4C0i Waterloo, 
/32,813. The most crowded thoroughfare 
7 in Europe is tho Pont Neuf, Paris.— 
.Montreal Star. 

Eleitiliu;; PuceD. 

It showed her appreciative tempera- 
ment when a lady told with triumph the 
•other day of such a pretty compliment 
paid her all unconsciously,. She raid it 
happened three oilier persons with her- 
self were approaching a crossing where 
a neat look ing servant was standing, evi- 
dently sorely perplexed as to locality. 
■With. shrewd eyes tho anxious domestic 
examined each lady 'e face in turn with- 
out a word. Then with perfect confi- 
dence turned to the narrator and very 
civiiiy inquired of a direction. Children 
and animals are said to bo infallible 
judges of the integrity of those they 
come in contact with, and to Uiia list 
may well be added the wayfaring per- 
son.— New Orleans Times-Democrat. 

Blnat Sob Uhj Stuotie, 
A peeidiarity about the blind is tha' 
there is seldom one of them who smokes. 
Soldiers and sailors accustomed to smok- 
ing, and who have lost their sight in 
action, continue to smoke for a short 
while, but soon give up the habit. They 
say that it gives ihein no pleasure when 
they 'cannot seotthe smoke, aud some 
nave said that they caimot taste the 
smoke unless they see it.— Sau Francisco 

Oeulit? Demonstration. 
An irate old Scotchman, having ex- 
amined the baroiweter every morning for 
a week aud found it declaring fair 
weather, when it was a howling storm 
outside, Unaliy seized tha JustruiBeat 
bore it out into the rain, and yelled at it, 
"Confound it, aian,canuaseetory*r*eir* 
--San Eraneiscb Chronicle. 

A l*Cta IVriPCuUOH. 

Witlow—1 hear Jones h« been ar- 
rested for keeping a cow. 

BUeo-^For keeping a cowl What «n 

"Tea, she belonged u> another man." 
' *— Time. 

.Tiie inowjuito as a public 'atojrtr 
araW8,Welt,vbai ttever gives aatiiifaoi 
Won. ; Salvation /Oil however always 
..: (flvea s*tinf*etioB in; curium «.t onoe 
■ ine+«t Utea Or any otiiat aores or 

Evfiryho[u«thoul<lb«aapp)ied w)tb 
' a bottle of Dr. Bal' 1 * T-oukIi tivruD.— 
tb«grv«f f-...ll -... rt» v ' 

Th* Coartor •,. lupMiy ul Hnffalo 
fa&T«t«lpfM4 P. T BaroDiu now to 
■iMlHntl.wtnMj too- of prtoUd ptMr 



tiw*Vnito'» Match Maktas irrtMd «mh 
wttb m Sorn» IHwtp|nrtHiii»— >t™Tfc» tw i g 
Cord GNU Nee<I»4 TH * mm f , hut Km* m 
CSi , »inlinntl]*'r. 

At, tho commencement of hit earner 
tho great Napoleon foil in with an ardent 
revolution tot, H, Paul Franooi* Barrafl, 
who took a Rreat liking to th* young 
Comican, and conceived the hlghewt 
opinion of his abilil.iot* and of the powere 
which, events proved, ho pOtweMed in bo 
reiiuu-kalile n degree. But in the opinion 
of Barras, Napoleon's want of means 
was a most serious obstacle to Ills chance 
of achieving fame, and he propoae* to 
remedy this by selecting lor bimarfeh 
wife. Now, xvhtither ft wn tha* fc* did 
not numlier among his acquaintances 
many women with tiie requisite Hot, or 
whether ho thought that his portCRo'a 
fiery youth would bo better for tho re - 
utraininj; influenco wliich awife of Romo 
ejtpericiiico in tho ways of tho world 
would no doubt bo ablo tooxort, Barras 
chose for tiiifi pooition a woman who, 
though still undeniably handsome, wafl 
no loiiRor young. 

Tiioiigh flho wno cnilod MHo. Montao- 
sier, nho irnii In reality a widow, who, 
because alio had been on the etago, had 
never adopted tho name of her husband. 
Sho was 60 yeani of ajro, but it xvas maid 
that tihn nuulo hornolf appear to l>o not 
moro than -10 by the intimato Icnowl- 
oiIro that Bhe possese^d of tlio sacrota of 
the toilet table. 


Barrna made up hb mind that it woa 
imperative to (ho oucocaa of Napoleon's 
career tliat ho should mako tliiu elderly 
Indy his wifo, and accordingly ho set 
himcclf to work to bring about tho 
match by impressing upon each of them 
tho advantages that would result from 
it. To Naiioleon ho diluted upon tho 
power tliat would follow the acquisition 
of tiio wealth which Mile. Montanoica 1 
could give him; to the lady ho enlarged 
on the position that bis talented youug 
friend was bound to make foe hiinsaif, 
and that would, of eourso. bo tihared by 
hia wifo. 

For tho purooso of introducing the 
couplo to each other, he decided 
bpoii giviiifj a supper, to which they 
wore both iuvitod. Ho so arranged 
maUoni that tiioy were placed togetiier 
at the table, and hoped that thia procau- 
tiou, added to the injuuetiono which ho 
had given to Napoleon to behave for 
obco ia his life with bojuo show of cJTfi- 
ity to a lady, would liavo tho happiest re- 
sult. But in this ho was fated to bo dis- 
appointed. Napoleon was quite tho lost 
man to rely upon in such a respect. Hb 
manners toward tho fair box wore tliosa 
of a costcrmongor, and though he could 
generally hold his own in a convomtfen 
with men, ho was entirely without the 
knack of making himsolf interesting ox 
agreeable to women. Ho felt that his 
placti was in the camp or the field, and 
he was quite out of his element amosig 
tho conventionalitieii of a salon. 

Had he been inclined to woo, 16 woald 
have been in a straightforward, soldier 
like fashion, not with the dairyings and 
compliments so dear to tho Frenchwoman 
of his time. So, presently, Barras had 
the mortification of seeing Mile. Montoan- 
sier, her back turned to Napoleon, en- 
gaging in a lively conversation with the 
gentleman on tho other sfdo, while the 
f utuvo conqueror was making, with little 
pcllcti) of bread, a plan of battle on the 
table before him. Hardly a word passed 
between the two during tho remainder 
of tile meal. Barrna watched with grow- 
ing annoyance tho indifference of Na- 
poleon, and felt hie plans molting into 
thin air as he anw tho evident delight 
with which the widow turned from him 
to the more entertaining companion she 
had fouud elsowhere. 
' Supper orer, Barraa drew Napoleon 
aside and spoke forcibly to him of the : 
foolish way iu which he was throwing 
away his chances. "You know," eaid 
he, "that money is everything to you; 
hero are 1,000,000 francs, and you will 
not stretch out your hand to take them; 
a most attractive woman, and you will 
not show her tho smallest gallantry. 
Mile. Mon tan sior has come hero this 
evening prepared to hear o declaration 
from you. Strike while the iron ia hot, 
aud win the wealth that you cannot do 
without at one bold stroke." 

"The woman is old enough to bo my 
grandmotl>er," said Napoleon, w1h> was 
then 3f> years old; "but that is no mat- 
ter, for to me all woriton are alike. 
Money is what I wanE; and, if I cannot 
get it without a wife, I must take tho 
two together. I ana no coiner of pretty 
speeches, but before the evening is over 
I will say to her: 'Mademoiselle, are 
you willing to accept me as your hus- 
band?* More than that I cannot do." 

"The very kind of proposal that any 
woman would expect from a blunt sol- 
dier," replied Barras. "Say that, aud "I 
desire no mora. Yoa are to be envied; 
for, besides her wealth, mademoiselle U 
very handsome still." 


Napoleon turned away with a gesture 
of impatience; but half an hour later 
BiU'ras noticed, to his joy, that the two 
weroolouetogetherinurccess, Presently 
Napoleou got up and went away; and 
the lady beckoned to Barras with her 
fan. "Take away that dreadful little 
man," she said with a shudder; "he has 
bored rae to death, and I only prevented 
him from proposing by sending him for 
a glass of lemonade. 1, 

"But why prevent him?" said Barras. 
"He will be a great man yet." 

"Give myself and my money to such a 
tittle horror, such as ill-mannemt boor 
as that !" replied mademoiselle. "N«T«rt 
1 would. sooner take the firat beggar man 
cut of the streets. What naval <aon« 
that I should be given such a wntohad 
evening? Don't let your"— — 

But at this moment wha was chaokad 
by the arrival of Napoison with tbs 
lernonade. Barras hurried awajv stiU 
hoping for the best; hut soon baaawat 
tha other end of the roooi Bonapart* 
standing in the attitud* in which ha has 
to often been depicted, with his arms 
folded and hia chm ssmk apoo then. ' 

•'WeH^itre^ hsisaid, 

aastePias; towards hia ptotstn. 

^*1^sttoUa<«raaa/ a a«idHs«««sosw^^ 
foaakvCrtssus rsiMsd sb» bsfon I had 
•pansd tay iBMSjihtoiakhathsasd. Isrss 
ttathapotntof sp— Hag.aa ISoMyooI 

I was shut 1 had ao«^spo««*i,fet*»t»»s 
a**' Um- oj»|Ms«nJ*y '■<■■ saj1s^::*lisda- 
isw»saU», pray peneve>4 Ia thas pi jib 
worthy rntentioB; it is esse whifch I asa 
*nrs no oos will aver try to penosds rott 
to alter.' XM hwr towp h*r millloasto 
bait the book for some oosalse; Xhava 
dons with her.' 1 

And in spile of Barras* «od«*Tor« tiw 
affair ended tliers. 

In after year* Wl*. Montaimer was 
fond of boasting that, had nhechosen, she 
nifght have been emprewi of Franca and 
wife df the Most famous 'man of thea^e, 
CowJd she havs been gifted with tlio fao- 
uliy of foresight, no doubt she would hare 
regarded more leniently the young masi 
whom M. Barras winhod her to marry.— 
Chambers' Journal. 

At th* «■» OIBcb WlnAww. 

"Anything now this year for tho peo- 
ple in tho way of gas meters?" askod a 
subdued looking sitisou at one of tho 
windows of tha gs* ofllceon Dearborn 
and Lako strcei:s. 

Tho man on the inaido, whose long at- 
tention to duty at that p03t haa made 
hint look haughty, tridl to thaw ont in 
front of the Inquiry. 

"You may say," ho replied, as if ho 
were conferring a favor, "tha* our gas 
meters will run thia year as usual 
which is to eay, all right. And Icfe mo 
say another thing. Thoro has been a 
good doal of complaint in the year gone, 
at this very window, and to this very 
person now speaking, sir, that wo have 
rendered bills to pcoplo for gas \ 
wero oot of town and who had not 
Hghtoti a burner in six -weeks. Tlioy 
havoooow to ran aod oxciaimed with air 
of triumph, .sir, that they had us at last. 
A sort of ah-ha business, you know, like 
tho villain in the first act of tho play." 

Then tho man at tho window paused, 
took a fresh grip on his breath and re- 
sumed :. 

"Yoa, may oay to :tho» deluded pco- 
plo that a certain amount of gem ia 
forced through tho meter, any way, and 
if it isa't burned it will leak, and tho 
register maris it up just as if it were 
burned. Ho you see that tho gas com- 
pany is not a robber after all. Tell that 
to tlio people." 

Tho man without gave a longing look 
and gasped: "Then there is no hopo?" 

"You can tako out tho motor," said 
tho wrotoh inside, us ho resumed !us 
work of compounding.— Chicago Tiib- 



Tbo Ski; TFc&rlug Ikral&or. 

But very fow people who wear Cordo- 
vno chocs have any idea whe?o tho 
leather bearing that name conies from, 
hsaoo tho question ia often asked, "What 
i» Cordovan?" 

"Cordovan," tiio aanw by which 
leather tuado from tho bides of horees ia 
now known, w«s fhrst finished in Ham- 
berg, Germany, under tho nsmo of Boss 

In combiaa&on wttii '& tho faido has 
four layers of tausoolfcr akina which, 
witii tlio "sheil," give to the horse the 
great and tremendous pulling power that 
noakeo the animal oo uervicealtdo to man- 
kind. This "shell," If properly tanned 
iand shaven clean of its sinewy matter— 
a most difficult task— makes the best 
wearing leather ia existence, and prov&j 
tho theory of old time shoemakers — that 
only leather of a long flber will wear — 
to bo a mistaken ono, as tho "ehell" has 
no flber. 

In this it has a decided advantage over 
oalfakin with its fibers; tho breaking of 
any one throws additional strain upon the 
other, and n break in the leather coon fol- 

Experience has demonstrated that tho 
"ehell" will wear two or three times long- ; 
er than calfskin. 

Cordovan possesses another great ad- 
vantage in being tho nearest waterproof 
of any leather made. The fineneea of 
testnro also permits Its taking q \ 
high polish.— St. Louis Republic, 

Isnsss whs, sMid j 

■•ess*** esssce ft 
I illnhali ifil 



The Indian to Llterntaro. 

Cooper is eaid, by Bradnor BSatehews, 
to have been the first author who mtro- 
dnced the rod man into literature. This 
has been disputed, and it is alleged that 
"Chateaubriand, who visited the new 
world in the year of Cooper's birth, cer- 
tainly did not neglect the noble savage." 
But here are some mistakes. Chateau- 
briand was in America in 1791, when 
Cooper was 2 years old. His "Atala," 
a tale of Indian life, appeared in 1891. 
Cooper's first novel appeared anonymous- 
ly in 1818, and hie "Last of tlio Mohi- 
cans" in 1820. But Thomas Campbell 
had introduced the Indian to English 
literature hi his "Gertrude of Wyoming," 
wnich appeared in 1S09. Bat Alexander 
Pope's lines, beginning "Lo, tha poorln- 
duln, ,, appeared about 1733, more than 
fifty years before Cooper was born; and 
It certainly refers to the red man of 
America, for the poet adds thae his 
"humbler heaven" is a place 
Baere Blares oara mora tJjoir native load bafcold 
Ko Seads toransat. no Clirtitlaoa tliirM (or gold. 

The "Christians" here mentioned were 
tho Spauieli invaders of America. — Low- 
ell Courier. 

■Km Una of tsttefe. 

Itmaynci he generally known to the 
reading pubhu how much each individual 
letter of the alphabet is used. D, b, n, o, 
c and u aro in third place as regards ordi- 
nary use; t.s.a.i and r are in second 
place, being used a very little of tc-aer; 1 
and m are in fourth place, with f, g, y, 
v, p and b close afterward; j and k are 
not common, as compared to the rest: 
while z, t| and x are used least of afl. 
The letter e ia in Srat place, being used 
far oftener than anv other. — Christian at 

A Cirsfal FmUdIUIj. 

She— I cannot, I must not consent at; 
once. But you will wait, dear, wSl you 
asA,. until matters^ are mora f«*draWe _to 
oar union? 

Hs— Wsitr nsfert Shall it be said of 
you that yosi saaxrisd a wsiterj— Kfcts- 
WrgBqilstin . - 

ns-rnswHswu. - 
■■■ I ant oitad asked what is tha best s^rle 
of dress* to b* won at a nftoadng wed- 
di»i; by the grooaa. Zoaii oory say that 
accordins; to ^foXiaV* ht,''S*w*T*t4; ;il- 
. tiie : weddis^'oooqn bsibn-nooe^;a«VMabai 
breasted Prinee Albart ooas, aUk hal and 
If s/tor Iks nooa laasn 
striatlr tha sssrsja lb ws» 

a*. m »a a Com+nArMm Wkloa Wm ***** 
■ ssW s ll j tm**/f Wtrtj T— r» Atf*—T*\iam 
That Ai^ n*7«H< wHt* aws—trsst— *■ »w . 
•ftlna- Fi**lt>n* in AriOiwMKl*. 

There aro csrLifn probiema, ehleflj' 
arifchmetiflal, endued with * rlgoronsi 
imraort«lity. No matter how often the 
solution I* printed, or how widely an ex- 
haustive answer Is puhliBhsd, the qtiee* 
tlon conies up again, before she mk Is 
fairly dried, to the lips of hundreds who- 
liare not seen the repiy, or who either 
cannot understand it or will not accept 
it. There »ro several of these whioli w« 
haro printed so often, but which still 
kspfc coming, that to save farther tinre 
wo struck off a hundred proofs of each, 
and njailod ono to tho inquirers in suc- 
cession without comment. These proofs 
ore exhausted, and we have accumulated 
from a aenra or more of correspondents 
the came old questions, with urgent re- 
(jtioata for a frenh solution. Wo notice 
thatThe Brooklyn Eagle h'ls been Rtrug- 
gling with one.of tboHo. The editor wllo 
haa charge of that department io very 
clever, and wo think ho l» playing a Ht-tla 
with his imprisitor. 

Tho origiiial ipi'\^ti'>n ient to us forty 
yfiirHagonndinvolviii;. th<i samo point 
hiibmiUed to Tho E.t.';-hi was, how to fntil 
tho product. of £13 l*h. lid. Kf. multi- 
pliodhy itsf:tf. Of ootmw if tho parts of 
tho poundn were U~'iU:ii nn froctiona, nn<3 
the pixiDiin e,i wholr- ntimbern, then 
19 1K9-»6f>th» could be multipliod by 
itself. But money of ««count hsa not 
two diiueniiions. if a tii.l? is 4 feeS wide 
and -1 r'eot long, then •1k4^J0 feet, 
and we havo the number of eojuaro 
feet on tho surface. F'ive timca five 
pt>unds aro £25, hnt five pounds times 
live pounds is iuinie:uii»g, an raouoy 
docs not measure itsolf in tliat fa-jhioo. 
Twice two children aro four children, 
but twico children two children has no 
meaning. So "nineUwu pounds, uhieteea 
shillings, etovon ponce, threo farthings 
times nineteen pounda, nineteen shill- 
ings, eleven pence, three forthinga." i^ 
utter nonseutso. 

TilOliELEUoaE muLB. 
TJto next puzslo oq Sua list, ond on-a 
which comes tho oftoaest to our desk, in 
come form of a problem which proposos 
to divide a whole utim Into fractious that 
together did noi mako the dividajid. 
Tho original of this in our columns was 
an answer to an actual case where a 
man in hia will had devised ono-thlrd, 
one-fourth, one-£f& aad wm aiTnb oi 
hia property respectively to bis four 
children, supposing that he had thoedo- 
vbad tho whole of- his estate. Tho frsto- 
tions mentioned only made ninc&sea- 
tweatietfei of a wtadg ouaibcr. This is 
easily seca if th^f are rodrjced to a cse> 
nwa denominator. One-thud ia ftwenfcy- 
taxtieslo, cao-four&h ia Sftees-sisSs^s, 
oae-fiftb ia tweive-aiEtioaig, raad eao- 
sistb ia ten-sixtieths, which together 
mako bat fifty-seven sixtieths, isaving 
three-clxfeieSlia (or 1-S0£h> to mnko up 
Sho wfeolg number. 

Thia pusslo reappearo in ecaao form 
every few days the year round. It ic 
answered on the same principle involved 
in tho interpretation of the Arab's will. 
Ho had fifteen horses and four sons. Ho 
devised his estate, giving one son a half, 
another d quarter, another an eighth 
and the last s siirteenth. They foond ft 
impossible to agree on a division, The 
eldest son insisted fchat aa ssven horses 
would not bo half of fifteen he should 
havo eight; but the other sons objected, 
and as neither one-half, ono-foarth, one- 
eighth nor one-sixteenth would give 
either son an oven lot they had a fierce 
dispute over tho division. A vsaerablo 
sheik rode up just as the quarrel waa et its 
height, and to compose their differences 
dismounted and generously offered to 
add hia mare to the fifteen belonging to 
the estate, agreeing that each slio-tiia 
take his allotted share from the wholo 
sisteen, only stipulating tliat his should 
be the last selected, The addition mndo 
an easy solution of 6ho difficulty. The 
first then took eight as his "half of 
the sisteen, tho nest took four fox his 
quarter, the third took two for his 
eighth, and the fourth took one for hia 
sixteenth. As this made baC fifteen the 
sheik mounted his mare and rode away, 
Tho Arab boys regarded 16 aa a miracle, 
and exclaimed that -Allah hod given a 
horeo to the sheik for his generous inter- 
ference, la spite of this oft told tale the 
problem still survives and annually paa- 
Eles hundreds of oor countrymec. 

A more recent problem which we have 
already answered several tiaies, bat 
which is repeated every week from some 
quarter, is the division of one fxactaou 
by another. The original question which 
we answered several years ago was: 
"What is the quotient of two-thirds di- 
vided by one-halfr The unthirddog per- 
son would say that as the half of two- 
thirds is one-third, this uutt be the solu- 
tion of the problem, but DiaboU will easi- 
ly refute it. The quotient of 24 divided 
by i is 1 1-3; that is, j will go in S-S one 
aadone-rthird times. The last form of 
tho problem, received as we write this, 
is to find the quotient of I divided by 4, 
two partners ina leading banking house, 
having disputed, as they say, all one day 
over the result, the senior maintaining 
that 1 divided by' g is |, and defying any 
one to refute it We answer that whea 
1 ia divided by £ the quotient mS; that 
is, i will he foaed two timasin 1. U # 
be divided by j Uie answer is IS; that is, 
there are twelve halves in six. We 
should beg pardon of oar readers for te- 
pcatina; these denionsrxatioas if it were 
not for the cusra> 

Uie disputes which occur every day con 
seeming them, 

W* have reserved for the last ot the 
pussies the century question, wfasch will 
never he laid to rest, we batieve, as fcssj 
as the world stands, W# priatW Mi 
proofs of a former answer, and tSHn/ 
have all been distributed to partis* wfea 
have qssurreitd over it A wrissr whosa 
untiaavarsX at B. asha as mf »'-aw»sr 
just W hand whether the Twsatislh 
sMapjsr j berjns with Jasu l.lKOo, sr Jssw 
1. U01, sod 

'Whesi ■■**■ wrisa 

no*. rsn4sd »*. The i.snl.aii do aot 
beclBi wish », Mi JM, b«t wish t, 101, 
«H. sw) thus th* Twentssth centaury 
bscbM wish liOl at th* fire* saduesitof 
shsayear. The qooesd date oomes with 
A* bei?imhig,-iic*the closaof th* twelrs 
months; and therefore, whits we quote 
the year 1900 as wa do every other year 
a* tie beginning, we must wait till it 
ends to close the eeorflry.— 4oornal «f 


1 rUIoMpllMi BelSSM «tt Xsstaaee *t **w*r 

"It is not along the broader lines of so- 

elidIa f esJortethaAw«<auitTaoera^»char> 
acteriatlos and divtinctions," said a needy 
looking rodt-rfdual in front of a Chestnut 
street hoiel,b«ttordngnpaweUwomfaH 
overcoat closely tohia throat so as to con- 
ceal tho still more worn rammer coat be- 
neath, anddrawlng on, with oanjloasfas- 
Wdiousness, a pair of kid gloves thatwers 
badly in need of repair. His general 
appearance was that of a broken down 
sporting man er a ward politician wh» 
had been subsisting for many months on 
tho expectationsof an appointmentwhen 
tho civil service law is repealed; his air 
was that of a millionaire just sauntering 
oofc after having enjoyed a sumptuous 
dinner, but, according to his own state- 
inent, he was neither. 

"I am a student of social science," b* 
said, "andnothiogdelightsmemorotoan 
to study national peculiarities and char- 
acteristics as they ore revealed In the 
trivial occurrences of every day life, 

•To illnstrate, 1 went into a Ninth 
street Chinese laundry tho other evening. 
Tha heathen bad neglected to send ray 
linen homo. That, however, did not 
strike measaraoe peculiarity; it is rather 
» class characteristic common to all laun- 
dry matter w bat their nationality. 
But Gomething occurred while I waited 
that did strike mo. 

"It was just about dusk. Tho streets 
is-ere crowded with people going home 
from work, and in the room half a dozen 
Chinamen were buoy ironing at different 
tables. A cool oil lamp that hung in tha 
balk window had just been lighted. A 
good deal of oil had been spilled on Safe 
outside of tho bowl in rilling it, and sud- 
denly thie casght fire and blazed up, not 
only etio'angering tho redeRjrtaias draped 
about the window, but threatening to 
Gause on explosion of tho lamp. 

"A Chin a m an en tha far aid© of the 
room saw the flames and uttered a single 
exclamation to call tho attention of the 
others. That was the only sound made 
by any of the Celestials, and none of them 
left their work except cao nimble littlo 
fellow, who jumped lightly and quickly 
into tha window. 

"But fee. 9ames bad beea seen from 
the- street, and instantly the room was 
filled with passers by, who rushed madly 
to, .each ono shouting directions at the 
top of hia voice. 

" Throw tho lamp into tho street!' 
'Dash water trpaaitt' 'Bun for a police- 
man!' 'Strike tho fire alarm!' they cried, 
and one eseated individual yelled: 'Take 
a club sad smash it to pieces? 

"Meanwhilothe little Chinaman in tho 
window had quickly aei&ed a large, damp 
oloth from hia table, and while hisfellow 
countrymen looked calmly on amid all 
tbseonfnsioa and bubbnb he wrapped 
It around tho bnrnlng lamp and held it 
thero till tho flames were completely 
smothered. Then ha quietly returned 60 
his work without stopping for a moment 
to discuss the occurrence, but it was 
several minutes before the excitement 
died out among the Caucasians who had 
crowded in and they were ready to de- 

"Now this differeaco of behavior in 
fcho face of danger and amid exciting 
crircumstnneea does certainly indicate s 
f^damental and characteristic differ- 
ence between t£e oriental and tho occi- 
dental races. You may eay that tha 
conduct of tfas Chinamen resulted merely 
from oriental apathy, or you may attrib- 
ute it to the .fatalistic habits of thought 
engendered by eastern religions; or you 
may eay that the occurrence furnished 
& . ©onflrmation of Herbert Spencer's 
theory ; that hurry and overwork have 
reshltedrD a condition of nervous insta- 
bility among sll the races of the west 
But whatever 70* attribute it to, I tell 
you the Chinaman's method of action is 
the best when you have to deal with a 
coal oil lamp that is about exploding, 

"You eowldnt lend ma a dime, could 
you, to pay my car fare? ' I want to get 
to Kch mend, where I &m announced to 
lecture before a conclave of the Tkeo- 
sopbica! society." — Hiiladelphia In- 
quirer. '. . V: , ' 

Btgbiuius of a Great Industry. 
An old woman, feeding her bes3 with 
antdsnt eare, is said to have mads tho 
beginnings of the gr«at menhaden .in- 
dnetry in Itfaine, Her name was Eart- 
lett, and about half a century ago, down 
in Blue Hill hay, she was ona d&j boil- 
ing; some menhad&n for her hens, when 
she found a quantity of oil rising to the 
top of the water in the pot. She skimmed 
it off, bottled it up, and, with unususl 
enterprise, got aboard the old sloop that 
plied between Boston and the east coast, 
and took too strange oil among tos deal- 
ers of the "Hub." A.inaa named E. E. 
Phillips exajnioed it, and offered to buy 
all th* could hriag him. She went home 
happy, and all summer the old gentle- 
man Bactistt fished and the old lady 
fried out the oiL En the autumn' they 
had enough oil aau in sererai 

1 - j ■ ■ „ hundred dollars. This- was the begin- 

*JU i _^*« m *^« I **** rf " wdustrj that yields some 
~„ ™^n. yeats fifty thousand barrels of 02, and 
is saeond aoly to the whale fishery. — 




Absolutely Pure, 

lliantlioorUinfiry tintls, nnd 
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rMjE!* '2£ c , r " sp ^' V* o™! f^w'" Jfcel bopBira to- 
tESirow. fcoelatocatiioinoJDratpatoa. '"*"'■'■*"*■ 

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a w ater to the proportion of 

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remote from WASHINGTON. 

pstenisbaiiy free ft enarse ; and »,* Btak» i- 

We refer here to tbe Pcistmasler, tho SopE. •! 
Money Order Wv, ami to officials of llie V- S- 
Patent Office. For circular, adircu, terms (ini 
refstwicestoacfialellentsiovour own Ktnts &r 
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Jforthwestern Masonic 



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AOIJboPMnOartMba-ik. mtm 


H f aH ^^a_^ B OBSiMBaBBa>aBBalSiBBSSa 


{nnlUMrl^ot SelioiKik 4 Fooler the CooJ I 


j«b vrWtartf all ktadaapflr «4 fliimiiHr 
TTrn'Wil rt ritiiiiftw't |wln— ' 
blind to ttoPwiOiBMM rmwe, !* f T 

: Hfli.iaaa *U OMBAtlHlO*Ua«M, «» frWrfsW" 

1 ■ ■ . 3C..V. T>irWMWMi 

*»AS. B. FAIKOBIKVB, Editor. 

I <jf»B'* Arfj* tetffof? ifte Truth at I viae 
«Mni A^birywhat Imt, Todemritfc 

otherwise than it meeim to me wmld 
falmhdbd in that catting in which it 


During the raonth of January the 
National debt was reduced #10,900,000 
The nei reduction loss cash In the 
Treasu ry ia »13;2d5,000. 

©eorok . Wri/LrAftt Curtis wob 
elected on Thursday Chancellor oI 
the Regents of the stftfce of Now York 
to Bucceed tho lete Chanoellor Per- 
son of Albany. ' ' 

Secretary Blaibe is doubly be- 
reaved. Hie daughter, Mrs. Coppen- 
fjer, died in Washington on Monday 
last. This falling:., bo closely on the 
death of Jiiw son Walker Blaine iiinltea 
a shock that in indeed severe when in 
is known that Mr. I>lahi« waa a |>«r- 
' son of Mrronp aff*»r;tionnnrid wbh very 
'i«l>|>y in I. i' dimn>»ti*i re* 


At «h* PHm OowttB*. for th« atlrvr 
lUdal at Kaari Palermo on Vridw 
rrvnteflo^ Kin Jmftfe lAaett ww 

Wt* <n i iff m mi 

Two not* of PtUeraaoa fermars had 
•aattoM and •onptolai Mrvwl on 
tb*m Thnreday k»et la the Bobaatttt 
Oatdaal Tha plaintiff ia * Uuiy »{ 
Roehaater, the dafsodatiU a^ FrMt 
p«r*oiuandlJMDry Fish. ,"Tbl* wit) 
fftT« mor* baslneM for attorneys. 
:: John Trimbla ws» M>m*wlui »nr- 
j>ri«*d on Thuiwday arming la*, when 
about Thirty at hla n^ffhbora wAIk" 
•d In upon hint *«rjr iuddenlT. A 
godd tlui« «m «pjf»yad until the "we# 
am*' houFt. 

Mr*. O. P. jtanningf who Iim tnwsn 
on a. visit to Cortland lor flometlm© l» 
expf>et«d home this week. 

It fe eit-id thatHiM@omaaofFnrr.on 
in to teach our mcbcol »fc Palermo 
Centre the coming summer. 

Remember the Manque Party »t the 
Palermo Centre Honso on Friday 
cvoninK tho Mih of this month. 

Thic O.-wt 

„'t>. <J 

Min y an 

i a 



fHll All 

i- ii: '• 


to .■« <-ril 

i rtt«<l 

o an 

«>i-<-|ir , 

"*i , 


u id we 


1 . 

«< ',■ 

of i 

H liil-KO 

> I- 1 

-writ. : 

, ih tf 


iK a mo 




• thr-l 1 
; 14 j > 



(. Of till 

he pro;; 





IV di 


■H. Il.-t-k «> 

Of tlliM.'l 





of Iti- 


. llf^.ib 




was pi 

I on 


the N. 




tt> I1IIH 

ilH "i 

oil o 

f lionor" 



for tlit 

World's F 

lir bill a 



n ted 

to the 


bly i 

n opposition 




of T. 

0. I> 


Thic houao of Seeretary Tracy at 
Washinfjton was destroyed by flro 
Monday morning and hie wife, Mrs. 
Tracy and 10 year old daughter, Misti 
Marie, perished in the Haines, Secre- 
tary Tracy. himself wan overcome in 
his tileop by the einolce and on being 
found was carried out of the burning 
building, j 

Miss Rislanv arrl .ed In New York' 
city on TliurRduy last having com- 
pleted her journey u round the w >rld 
in 77 days, 111 hours and 48 luhuitest. 
Miaa Hieland went in the intereat of 
the Cosmopolitan magazine from New 
York on the name day that Nellie Bly 
started in the interest ot the New 
York World but ten hours later. 
Failure to connect with a fast steam- 
er at Havre greatly delayed the for- 

PIUNTE8 1 INK is the title of a little 
journal issued by Geo. P. Itowell & 
Co., of New Yorlt, in the interests of 
advertisers. Millions of dollars are 
annually spent in advertising, and 
much of the money falls of achieving 
the end for which it was expended, 
Phihtsrs' Ink gives all sorts of use- 
ful and intelligible instruction as to 
how to make every dollar spent in ad- 
vertising tell. All business men 
should subscribe. Its subscription 
price is S3.00 a year, 

Newspaper subscribers in arrears 
should bear in mind that a dun is not 
an mipt'aohmont of their integrity, 
but simply an out-cropping of a pub- 
lisher's necessity. For in stance, a 
thousand men owe him from one to 
five dollars each. It is a small 
'amount to each individual, but to the 
publisher the aggregate is large.- In- 
slead of beooiiiing indignant because 
the public-API- 'sska for his honest 
dues, the de'inquent should be grate- 
ful to him for wailing so long and pav 

up lit* 



;;ion of holding 


i Ne 

i \<* 

b • >a "i i into a p.>litieal axu. I. 
i \ ■ ii . ■ <i : )!'es!'ntAC.iv^a of -h ph 
ty .ifrti * rhd oth^r is ti*j ■'" o 
.*■ -.'i^'ji't the propusrid fair into a po- 
litittal I'jiveiihiB. The trouble »eetu» 
t i haw originated from the fant that 
"f.i:>iua-'C. Piatt in.s diriuoveced that 
a' majority of the 103 moorpoiators 
are Demoomts and fiat it will boused 
to the advantage of that party as the 
Presidential eleetloil occurs in that 
year. This might or might not be 'the 
result if the Fair wero held in New 
Yorlt in 1803 under the control of the 
present oommiasionere,' but it ia a de- 
plorable fact that public affairs simi- 
lar but of leaa magnitude are used aa_ 
levers for political aggrandizement. 

A full line of Plush Goods at Wili 
fiams' Drag Store. Get his prieesbe- 
lore you buy. 82tt 

Vuuili llaMMifcmi, 

(8pecl*t Ccrrcgpondirnt to TWk Tixeh.) 

Died at her home Jan. £3, Mro. Ja- 
cob Miller, aged H years. JTunoral 
wai held Sunday, Jan. 20, at the 
Baptist ohoroh at Ira, Rev. Silcox of 
Meridian officiating. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goodman 
have both been very sick. Dr. Sin- 
clair attended lliein. 

Cora Gardner rccontly clotted her 
term of iiehool in tiio MeAusny dis- 

Mrp. John Uowlec ban bi'^n at Ira 
the piisfc two wei.kfl caring for hei 
mother, Mrs. Miller, during her nick 

Mr«. Duty hn^ r.ttirrj.d from veil- 
ing frh'iidti at, SararoHa. 
Mrs. David Well» in very Mck. 
No school thin wuek on ueoount 

the lllKlilMt:/', 

Mr. and Mro. Allie Ofihoin ha 
both bui-ii very «l«k with "la grlpp< 

CardH are out aioioiioeluK tho inn 
rlngo of Minn Kugcnia Tei-pi'iih-y 
Mr. Ed. Bradtof Ira, 

Clarence Goodman has moved into 
Mr. Gardner's vacant Iioiimu. 

Tho brother of President Harrison's 
private secretary, Mr. A. J. llalford, 
has written for the March number of 
the Philadelphia Indies' Homo Jour- 
nl. an article on "Mrs. Harriwon'i 
Daily Lifo in Tho White House," pre 
pared with the consent an<ln*isiHWLiicf 
of Mrs. Harrison. A now po: trait of 
tho lady of the White House, especial- 
ly taken for this article and a view of 
'he up-strofra family rooms of the 
Ilveoutive Mansion, are among tho il- 
lustrations which will accompany Mr. 
Halford'a first magazine effort. 
ITBao C«anBtfy«jaaraea. 

Tho Cosmopolitan for February is 
bright as usual. Edward Hamilton 
Bell writes an article, fully illustrat- 
ed, concerning tho "Devolopement of 
Trousers." Other Interesting oon- 
tontsare "Tho Vienna Burg Theatre," 
by William von Saohe; "Recent Gun 
Malting," by Captain Greer, U. S. A.; 
"Hudson's Bay company," by J. M. 
Oxley; "An American Salon," by 
Grace Greenwood; "Georgetown Uni- 
versity," by J. J. Becket; "Horace 
Greeley," by Murat Halstead; "Kink 
Carnival in New Orleans," by Miss 
Bialand, Cosmopolitan's "Puok;" and 
other clover people fill up the rest. 
A comedy and a short story by popu- 
lar writers make up the lighter liter- 

People in this vicinity are waiting 
anxiously for Superintendent of Pub- 
lio Works Hannan to appoint a, Sup- 
erintendent of this division of the 
canal, h. T. Richardson, the present 
incumbent and Walter Bradley are 
still working every point to secure 
the appointment and Edward Mc- 
Carthy of Phcenis is in no wise he- 
hind them. The appointment will 
soon be made. 

Bismark was once offered $1 aword 
by an American magazine editor for 
all the manuscript he wonldtfurnish. 

SHILHO'S CURE will immediately r» 
lieve Croup, Whooping Cough and Bron" 
cMtla. ■■■Sold by H, C. Gieeler opnosit- 
the opera housft. 87eow 

There are 

many white soaps, 


represented to be 

"just as good as the Ivory." 

They are not. , 

but like 

all counterfeits, 

they lack , fy 

the peculiar 

and remarkable 

qualities of 

the genuine. 

Ask for 

Ivory Soap 


insist upon having it, 

'Tis sold everywhere. 

«•« ■*» "i HiajW tuM 
Hmmm tk» Ob** %«m» hi «• 

:«K JadC* JMWW«r>;of Kmw, m fht 

to haw ftHiM ik* n*u*r «Ml*t aavto*. 
mm*, tet bia frtowM tolte** iMmt fc« will 
BM ; wMwpf ; ^ottattoff ium MontaHd/ 
i W—y lr m ih lb* ih» MM fo» ntonlha to 
nwkw him t*mHon tn tb* aU 
■gnaaU* rtmn H *«■ iMt muhi 

I U wf-ll kodwu ch*t ti* oo«M ha*0bad 
the pmhiaa wJuvwtada fivM 
Brewrry *n«l It !• thottgfaL hardly likely 
ikBth* woaU nwh ihttrbx 

(MWhiwi. B<Mid«i 8*ervtary WobUr Iim 
bjgh ituhllail ambition, dMuu of lb« 
8Boat« and •**« of ib« View-PrMidenor, 
and a Judg* would mtmo the »iir- 

mnder o' tliMkft flMlreo. 

The fiou^ of -(tt>»'ret«t)taiive« has bud 
bud iu«k vitsi. ■•!<> r^iidinK clerk*. Clerk, 
McPheiwon mm* i tb*. crim) idtite« before 
th«m*n *>wa bKte&*4 f bub nttiortnOHte- 
ly Jmonly irf«l tlif-m on Wellington's 
Furewell Addt»-.s, hi print,. Now 
vdop* that tht ..**[ man of Hie lot, m 
f»r sis vocal pemem go, having a voice 
th»t tiould he herd «U over a iHiiler 
factory, cxnuot read miinuacript. He 
get* every eightli or tenth 
word and there [» a paiuf nl pua». Tlie 
member whoi has offered the resolution 
groans, for tho eense of the document 
in entirely lost npon the merabcra by 
the halting piece meal reading. The 
other d«y R*!prc«oni«tioo Allon pro- 
nounced him the flneat rcaiieror peilod.-, 
ti the world, 

Muriin Mnghinir., one of the Deroo- 
smtic Keiiiiloiii fleet ftom Moiiirimi, ot- 
.■iiplnl ii of tit tt|tori the ihmr of tlw*- Hen 
itit ytiMicrdny. ri )(! olh.r Dfinocrmiv 
it-nrm.r-tlf-oi, Mill«iii]|tr« Ghul:, i„ ,uil 
ii tho city t mid tlii< . R>'pnttlfc»ii H-iia- 
i.ih .Let an? .speu.ea hi turivo thi. 

rtct-U. Tin; 

ti... H.-,,m.b« 
bo iii-!iieii, 
iitiniH nr-.t ii 
ritim-, wluli 

UlitlW'H willcoi 


*1 ti> 



-• of Lilt' 

i>ulo(;iti|rli of Ihi* Gov 
.i tlinrcf.-i 

in k-gnl 

form, and <.n il.i« Ucliniculiiy. u.d^- 
ibe Ki j puijhi'ai)H cud <Hoet>vt-r n«nm in- 
Kcnidua buaia for tidding two to thd< 
niiij'Hity, there will lie ii Imlt. In hucIj 
an ii vent the credentials wuuUi likely be 
letunitd with the opinion that no elec- 
tion for Sunatoro from that state had 
been foimally completed. In Such an 
event Governor Toole will appoint, two 
Senatora to hold until tho legislature 
meetQ. Tho RepuMieuiia would bt 
quite woll natleflod with ouch a pliin, fit 
i hoy nay that there is no doubt tiiat tlu 
legislature to bo elected newt summei 
will have a working Republican ma- 

Poor MuginniB, it will bo hard on him. 
During the twelve ywtro he has spent in 
CongroBH, poping champaigno and up 
to dale in nil tho enjoy me Mb of tile 
town, hinold. tinto chums in Montana 
were turning themsiclvea into million- 
airea. To-day, bandeome Mnginnia ia 
tlie poor man of the crowd, and to be 
compelled now to go back to Montana 
or to oitilE into tho rut of hard work 
somewhere elite wnuld not he an invit- 
ing proapeot. 

The nnmber of public building bills 
introduced tbia seejiion as something 
amazing. There liavo already been 245 
audi billa laid before Congress, being a 
larger number than were presented dur- 
ing the entire Fiftieth Congress, and 
triple the uuniber introduced during the 
first two monlhn of Us first session, The 
billa call for an average expenditure of 
about $100,000, calling for a total outlay 
of $38,000,000. Of course, comparative- 
ly few of these bills will pass the House, 
and those that do pass wtll be cut down 
heavily in the amount of Appropriation, 
Chicago, with commendable modesty, 
comeo forward with a request for §2,- 
000,000 for a new building, although 
the one occupied is one of the largest in 
the country and was elected only four- 
teen years ago. 

The Senate will undoubtedly contin- 
ue its discussion of the race problem 
and the sectional isauea throughout the 
present session. On both oideo the ora 
toraseem to fairly reveal in the debate 
The debate during the past week ha; 
consisted montly of defences of, and ai- 
tsu-IiN on Jefferson D<ivis. Some very 
hitler things have heim paid on both 
-ides— words that before ths war migh 
!mve reaulied in several morning duels 
m Blid-iisburg. 

The story of sill; rihbimn imported hy 
a Seiv Yurk de H l^r, contrary to Ifi.v, 
through the mails, and having vroven 
into tl;em she rtord- 'John W^nn nick- 
er, Costumes, Pitil»df>iui)i.i," . ie being 
■-njoyed here by- the Democrate and will 
undoubtedly he made the auhj-rct of 
a CongreesiOBHrtnqtiiry, Of courap, no 
one suspt-cis Mr. VVanamutier of any 
personal wrong doing, but the action of 
Ids Philadelphia house may be a legiti- 
mate subject of inquiry. 

■When E»by was sick, wo gave her Castoria, 
'When She m ii Child, she cried for Castoii»j 
When ilia bocutt« Him, iha claae to Cutoria, 
Wtaa ate bad OUUim, •*•' jcsw'ttMrnCMtar!^ 

For jfw* » cum for Sptkvaf , «»d oa 

<;wrwf*a I pbyrtdMM. dranMk anl 
uiw jMppm tln»x, the Mtw-wMdwI n m mdf mm- bmm 
f<Bu*f in Vr. ««w»'«i K«r*wr«, wbieta Imw, b» 


•oliiu spline r.w ..ih«i» t«n1M» \mmm ««*- 

piatiita. It h a 'harwilr** 

*orr *ii(f puHitivf curw lor mil ji«r»ou« dmiimm*'.' > 

MyiWnhtidb^iitroiiiiWwitfc^JpiiBpiiy, low of 
•jipuLlte, wS hsd no «mi>ili™i to do *n;tblav. 
After trying sevBr»t rtme*lk» bptixSkJfr. Orwwe'* 
Ffe^iirft, anil I t«ii truly my that it made Mm « 
ncwix»j. 'CKe ittn knv« leli hum, nn rf kit- 
whole sgtt&a. in built up oBRwj, dud he in ettjor 
*ny per/eat faalth, it »*. (We **:*% mt#4*Kim<e 
luveirw.«(l, anrtttftcr ttylng otNws I flod It 

Mr. W. BCBttl!. 
7»W«*M3iJ St.. Koh- York citj. 

W*i*e iVoiHlcrdil Kcmcdy Krer 

*>!«(; uv op art." 
Mj-w|fi),Sar.iliK. Um, was pamilyatetl Hiree 
yeora ori», unil mis In a very low. condition . She 
iilnlaitB cumins on p.t tht! esmo tSrao ev- 
il, tvliicb were so severe thftC wo cx- 
Ift-jjieil tttnt alio would never come ant of 
HofonoftisBiii. sincoitiut iiutuiilia, WM under 
thi) treatment for IPmoiithaot aflrat elaca pliy»{-. 
i;Un, wlw liwviitie lilMraurnced. nod BnaUs al- 
loivoa her to a»a Dr. «F(. 301 ;>d ■Kt-rpursi* 
-hloiin)i»linH_l«:(.ii t,Ll;iiij. tivec ulnco. Me ha" 
■Mfcr/uida mneuhion nor any G'jmpionia of one 
it nix aim began utility this medicine; eho hi «si!uo 
no ruiildly in Iiefdtii and Gtpcii«t!i. nnd iu abla 
■■ in, .tl)-..m ilioiiuiiM) ui.ii yard and do name light 


ninny orb 
Kill Kyc m 

.t tho 

inly Unit was «;vrr diracov tired. 

J vliK U UJLL. 
!rl<I(;«, M.iitt™ii 1 'l'„ l -ni,h[p, 

IHt.lohiHux Ci>„ N. J. 
:.! fwmoiw H|ieulu!iHt 1» Die euro ol 
■oatodUcttbvH.or 11^ W,ntuth.-;t„ 
lm cuutiulted fruu of elmrco, por- 

iil dtiloy to Mi'j>arate— 'i'lje Poct'a 
A special to tlia Commercial Gazette 
om Louiavilh.', Ky., says that, Bill 
Nye, the humorist, and Jamoa Whit- 
comb Riley, the- Hoooier dialect poet, 
who have been traveling through the 
country giving readings of their writ- 
ings 1 , have dissolved partnership. The 
cause of the trouble is sensational, 
and wiil pain and surprise the thous- 
ands who iiave been entertained by 
Mr. Riloy'e humor and pathos. Mr. 
Nye saya that Mr. Riley has become 
a confirmed drunkard. The manager 
of the combination eays that hie case 
iB hopeless, and that he has been com- 
pelled to cancel numerous dates, and 
Riley 'm conduct has been a continual 
cause of anxiety and expense. The 
abrupt termination of the tour which 
waa to have embraced the Pacific 
coast and the British possession and 
lasted until May 2d, means a Idas of 
about $30,000. Nye remains in Louis- 
ville until his wife joins him. 

Tlio Ceeitury. 
The Century Magazine for Febru- 
ary opens with a very attractive full 
length engraved portrait of Ralph 
Waldo Emerson, as he appeared 
about 1859. The face, the pose, the 
expression are strong and suggestive 
of that modest great soul which 
dwelt there. Charles J. Woodbnry 
supplies some absolutely new matter 
about the famous aesayiot in "Emer- 
son's Talks with a College JBoy. " This 
is the mid-winter number of the Cen- 
tury, and is so designated on the 
handsome title cover designed by 
Elihu Vedder. It contains more than 
the usual amount of excellent read- 
ing. Artist John La Farge writes 
about Japan, and draws hiss own illus- 
trations. Walt Whitman writes a 
brave defiance to death and old age, 
in an eight line poem of great 
strength and pathetic appealirjgness. 
Jo Jeiiorsou's auto-biographicai ser- 
ies coutains a comical account of a 
fight between a baker and 'a cook in 
Paris, whiuh relates the somewhat 
sober pages about actor Forrest.. 
"The Pursuit and Cupture of Jeffer- 
son Davis" is described by two care- 
ful historical writers, General James 
ii. Wilson and Edmund P. Stedmau. 
"Topics of tho Time" coutuinB a grati- 
fy iug compliment to ftjeth Low, the 
new president of Columbia, culleye 
and university. 

Kilrum, the piug-ugly who was 
soundly thiuaued by $uie big Boston 
bruie >v. has lougut anotu^r prize- 
fight, nutwitiis.aodiug his cringing 
pleti Co the governor of Mississippi to 
be letoff frompunL-tiiuieut f >r liolet- 
ug the laws ot that state and his 
promise to do so no more. The laEeSt 
crime was committed on cmuday, in 
the full light of day, in the city of 
New Orleans and under the protec- 
tion of the police of the Crescent city. 
It was a shameful and brutal exhibi- 
tion. The laws of Louisiaua and the 
officials charged "with enforcing' them, j 
must be wholly inefficient if this bold 
defiance to decency is allowed to go] 
unpunished. The affair proves how 1 
utterly wasted and uiistttken is any | 
leniency shown to brutes of the Soili- 
van-Kiirain stamp -when the law has 
them in its clutches.— rTroy Time3. 

Q»». J a b a w a ■ , ny t mm i , **#. at m^m\ 

Tb»bm *tom. J n h tt w for b»rfww ot ym.7* 

»mc pnmmtr* «M nt*n*A t» tb* mm Com 
<*>r*#r for fT tW iM n VM. mmI &** Aitottet to 
dr»w mnorAtr fiw iba wMMttl If CfTUOnd to b]r 

On moUoa pt TrtuM. Wm K w»v 

finogbTMB.^Tbat : th* p*rt*+* mho tmmmi iba 

rw* to froat 

^^SJ* <>*»^?2f «sew*»d mj MCoBun 

mm Tbon>«« McK*naMb«raqalnd to Mhc* Um 


th« foBffla/I ■ «»<> i p «M tBl Wl t lilb -WMt' -WOttWd 

fjrom the ]Flr« CoiukII awl npUni |0M4db 81a. 

To the Honorable, th«Bow4 rut Thrnirt* of tb* 
Vilhwn of ruIto»; s t: 

PltsaneUkB notice; Mtbelut ragahtr meeUng 
of tho fire Council hafd *tJho Council toottm, 
January. 1*0, Una following pataoaa wer» «leated 
member* of ttoFtr* Depart »i*ot: 

F. Car), C. Kim, J. 8aJta4tn, Trta'Tfuh, F, 
Bacbe, Arthur Emerlck, F. Tradu C. Foster, B, 
O'Hare, B ■Anaumm, J. KMfcr. J. B. Se'ntbmrd, 
W. Hoyce, A. Bedden, B. Ycomana, T. Hun- 
ter. J. Fulford, M. E. Crahan, Wm, Wilaon. 

Eculpned, 0. Pitch, H. FlasinRton. 

Dishonorably discharged, C. Wilcox, E. C. 
Eogers. • 

TboPreflldcnt rsported hnvlng restored from 
rtio Coirus Bureau blanka and paper* asking a 
report of the bontled indfbtcdneBa ot tint Tillago. 

Oa motion ot Trustee Johnson tho papere were 
rurerrcd to Trasteo Hie**. 

On motion tho Board aJJourapfl for ono week. 
BI. C: HIGUimTBR, Olork. 

To Nervous Men. 

Ifyou wSUaoud iinyouriviartwu. wo will i 

vou our ll!untrat«d pampWot nXDlalnlng all about 
Dr Dyo'ii Oofebratcd Klo, tro TulUlo Bolt and Ap- 
pliances, and their charming effocta upon thi 
nomoiia dt-tillitatpd syetuin, and how they will 
fjiilukty rurttorc you to vigor, manhood and health, 
If you are thiw afflicted, we will send you tt Belt 
oi i Appliance oil a trial 

VoL.T*to Bsw Co., Marshall. Mich. 

a competent man 

malco a prolltablo offer to tho proper person, ad- 
dresa nt ones 


ki Sou; by Painting jnr ta 


VegstaUd Oil! 

It la aa good 83 Llosoed.cheapor and suarantead, 
PeJnta mixed with this Oil do not foasS! 

S33 Union street. Olean, N. V. 





In twelve octavo volumes, .of 600 pages each, iti 
separate and complete histories. 1,300 llluaira- 
trationa, 10,000 psgea. By twenty well-known 
authors and scholars, 

Tho material Is all NEW and has been prepared 
specially lor tbia work. A graphic account of ths 
great peoples ot tha world from the earliest times 
to the present day;ehowIng the influence of eaoh 
nation on theprogress «J olvllisation. Intensely 
interesting and most Instructive; It la pro- 
nounced by all: "The finest historical worfe 

"This series la incomparable in instructive val- 
ue to students and general readero."— Boston 

"Prepared oa it (a by our best writers upon tits 
subject, the EOries will hecoma o VALUABLE 
TJBRABY of national history."— N. Y. Schoo 

"Tha publishers have placed American readero 
uaderohligaMons."— National Presbyterian. 

For further Information address 


Sabacripnon DopartnicnSg 

27 aud 29 "ft 23d St=, Kew York. 

For Sale. 

AHouse and Large Lot, 

With Fruit. 

Will be sold Very Cheap for 
Cash. Apply to 

G. W. Streeter, 

South Side Oneida Street, 

^«Mlll,.»>|[ 1,1 |l |«i 


lafofaalaiirrar; : ' Ho*f nalii n mlm 

bj'^Trami : ; i 

W i»TS D. 

* oovrarutT- »w to un* c««t«. oc m 

•timer tor 0» •»!• ot ehote* tMHu.1 Ibhtim 
Cansd. AddnMKtonc« > tiT[BC^K« »d qtuUft- 

MUOM. . 

WxlltjtH Simt Rmriei, 

SSmS Geneva. N. T. 

What do doctors know 
about corsets? 

They know a good deal 
more sometimes than they 
dare give their patients the 
benefit of 1 

What are they afraid of ? 

Losing their patients. 
Many a woman would throw 
her doctor overboard sooner 
than change her corset 

What do women know 
about corsets ? 

The doctors and women 
together know all there is to 
be known. They all agree 
that Bali's is the proper 
corset , 

You can go to your store 
and get it and wear it two or 
three weeks and get your 
money again, every cent of 
it, if you want it. 

The store has a primer on 
Corsets for you. 

CmOU39 COSSET Co.. CWdtgO fUlQ H«ff 707& 

o. a. CHAPPEil. & CO. 






S3 Oneida Street. 

My Fancy Line of 
Is unsurpassed and includes the Cele- 
brated Canastota Corn as well as 
all other choice brande of all 
kinda of goods. 
AU Groceries and Provisions of the 
best quality. 





If yon want Sammer Heat in you! 

house this winter. 

For Sale by 

A. J. SNOW,- Fulton. 


Bwiag porebMed of Schenck 4 Foster ii,* Coal 

T **t** ^to Oswego Falls, r am tmv pre- 

l«y^d to supply all with the CtleUuted , 

Scranton Coal! 

Which ia the best in tln> market. It has n., equal. 

I/eaveyouronlersat the W. U. 'IVIegriiph 

OiBce, First Street. 

F. E. RICE. 

Birtlsatt's New Ba&ervL 

Lewis House Block, - . Onyuca Street 

Is tally etimppefl and from it can be obtained the finest Bafosrt 

Goods. Elegant Ice Cream Parlors have been fitted np. 

The Confectionery Bepartment contains every thing fresh aiid new 

Fruit of every kind in its season can be obtained here. 

Crackers are nutde IVesh every day. 

The Bakery, lee Cream Parlors, Confectionery and Fruit Depart 

ments are complete in every particular. 


School Supply Agency, 

B. 5. BLAHKMAI, Manager- ' 

Central Square, . Oswego County, 



M .Ftibli© 0©ho©l JousraaaL' 

•^"Correspondence Solicited. 

Our Great Combs 

You want good reading for the Winter months. 
We've got two offers to make you. 

The great Cosmopolitan Magazine, one year, ;nul The Times- 
one year for $2.40. 

The excellent literary magazine. The New Knghmd Fireside 
one yearand The Times om year for Sl.fio. 

Ifyou are not familiar with these excellent magazines call at, 
The Times office and see sample copies. W« know' ttif-v are- 

g^^Cash must come with every order. 

ESg^Old or new subscribers can take advantage of either of 
these two offers. 

83ir*Always send 10 cents extra fur poskure, vchm 'Vn:<: Tjmjss 
goes out of Oswego County, 


Bcptcue BuncsY. rVice $5.03. 

..nwDUil »i.w. xcutcmc TSUSS- 

™ Single t^lKubla fut WNK 3PKASL 

ud till. aae^t^SattT jUf^b^TmpJS^, 

orvWBrMMlwarfc-juY.t 7^ ^ 


No. 36 Grand Opera House, 
Syracuse, N. T., 
Do all classes of Collecting, 

Send for Bates. 
Throngh their system settle- 
ments are made promptly in 
any part of the state. 


Undertaker and Emlsimer, 

Everythinginrnished for the Suitable btirlnl of the dead. J± ; 
Galls attended to at all hours— from my Store. 

3B. C, BBOWN', 


Hafing bought the stockot Shipman * Sutton, lo- 
cated in the operahouse block at about one- 
half actual coat, we propose to •*» 

Close It Out in 15 Days! 

Consequently we offar the people of Fulton 

Tinware, Crockery , Glassware, 

Hfaas»'jfaadftUHcGood4 fa* 

winaloMMitlMatoaB, At Obm. !%■ 


Seventeen quMitdi 

Fonrteen qaart tin p»il, 19c, worth 85c^ 

Ho, 8 wish boilers, 8«c, worth $1.45. 

Bet* tjsntortw, 8so, worth ?5oy 

Coal hods, 18o, worth SOc. 

Oo« qnairt dfppeV So. woi-th 10c* ? 

No, • copper bottom tea kittle, 49o. worth 76. 

Fourteen qui 

On* gftlton oil ««», 1So t worth SSc. 

Pttintod chain 19t t worth Mc. 

|jarg«onrDp< ISo,wortllMo. 

Square Oiaaei 

iArga waah tataa, CteaodTSo, worth 850. And $1. 
Waah botuda, IBe wefth «tc 

Me. wofth ftL 
F^Mtag nfcwao taafc, We. wartfc >3. 
hM MAag waa* tMMb, Ma, w*rtb •& 


Obildren'a high chain 48c, worth $1£3. ; ^ 
| Nuwer^chait*, S8c, worth 75b. 
j Cftildreo^B rocking chaire, S5c, Ka& OScwortb and 11, 

Folding *ewiiiit t«blc« Mc, wOrth*I,S5. 
J Ktep ladder* 80c, worth f 1. 

Fauitieas wringer |t.85, worth #8. 

Kejatone wring*raf3.i3, worth $i. 

Be«t ciotbes hatnpera, 7^, worth fi. 

KapcDtiiiig boaida^Scj Worth 75e« 

Fot *iin* hat or coal mclw 10c, worth «c» 

Wood paihi 14c, worth 3So. 

Fap«r p«i(a, lSc, worth 85c, . 

Door matavtic, worth 75c, 

Cltdd'a awlBKioc ehaira, 60a worth 76c. 

Vood tooth picka, largajrioka, 5c, worth 10c. 

Beat maichaa, targe box Be. wortai lOo. 

T^rge rollina; pin 9a, - wonli IJo. 

P^par waah baala Ho, worth «te. 

Bmt Iraaa t oai PW PUtm So, «»cJ». worth Sc. 

^7w 'mM , u t *€U*m.*a t , mo dna,wtwt*nm+4 «o. 


DeMrstied cup* and anieert, 65c, per Mt, motthlSe. 

Lugt jtUom IMwla, 18c, and SOc, worth SOc, and 30c' 

f» plec«, $3 4S, «o«li »5. 

jr«ttejf MIal«d Smtiooni 30c, and 25c, worth 20c, and 40c. 

Buiwr )u><, aod Jc, worth 10. aid lie. 

Ju«^8ci«n»Uo«, wonhl*c 

Bewrated chambar asla WIS, aod 93 98, worth |3 and $4. 



Iadlndaal aaaoa dlahai, »o, aaoti, worth 4c. 

&*• aHadaida, lac won* aOc. ■ 

*a»r aMa, 7»c, aad«l, worth |1.25 and »W5. 

g?Ma«a, So, mcb. worth Jo. 

Xaaibawa se, aaeh, worth 4c. 

Baadlaawa, waakk, u aod 18e, worth 20 and 30c. 

Haaskai&aipa, <1.SS, wonb #175. 

L«ob» •atesar, ••ad oc aaeh; worth > and 10c. 

Tiaa(acormna,l*ssdiae, worth IS and aOc 

', worth » and age. 

Shnwokahaaaaa, 4a. wonh So. 

tj l h il ■ h ah. a .i a. aa. worth lac ' . 

, |n.«4\ 

^^*^^*W *Q\ •■aV^antntl V** 

Feather dusters, 10 and SOc, worth 20 aw 

Shelf paper 2 doe. for 5c» wortirSo a <iuz 

Writing paper 4e, p«r qaire, worth Sc. 

Enveiopea 4e p*r mck, worth 8c. 

Dixon'* ttore poluh, 5a, worth 10;. 

Steel hammer*, 25c worth G5c. 

Steel batcbetf S5c, worth GQe, 

Steel aheen or tcuwor*. S5c, won Is 5f-o. 

Meat eaw, 85e, worth 50, 

Fiorenc* nil fltofW 65c, worth $1. 

Steel eawa, S5c, worth 00c. 

Large dolls, 10 and ISo, worth S0'a;td S5'\ 

Sixty feet clothe* iirte, 9c, .worth ISl-. 

Toilet paper 

Framed picinree JOc worth '.#*; 
Howeir* amia* te, worth 20a. 


6reat Closing out Sale- 

OtharSton* Srtwan.Ctka.Booie and Chj«id«,N. T. 


BataVthariK-le at 


Tbr MQ*t» of JkA.', OtK elt long 


i - Jtalw^- Mm 

It Will Pay Tou 



For i\ext Winter at the prices we^ire 
soiling tbem. 

B. O. MOH3E & CO. 

The Reliable One Price 



Oneida Street, 

Fnllun, N. Y. 



, a-*«» a, iMfiif. 





"Day Kspreutt • 

Sew York jiihI Phllarttflplita iisjin?»i. 
Ulnt.'liattll<;iiitinl Klitilm K^itrc^K 

Se»*y'nFli iftid'l*hli- " NtehV Kxprt'nV . 
Now York nt»i riiiliuti-lplila KS[iwh 


r..:riH l-(.vn Pultun tis follow: 

• Ontario Midi! Esjtrewi ,, .« 

■ Osuvcko Ksiiri'sa «.,,! 

: Frrtlt-'liL ami AixduimotliiUon "j-'' 

. 0«wt!j;o Day Ewraiw M ' ul 

Train* lonvu Fulton utntto" no followu: 

1,111. U. III. ! 

7: aw 

11:68 M:37 0:13 

urlli li*v© the Broadway 

■For Otw 

■ dopotS-iainiitvH tjti 
.bjtil duiwlB. 

-"roMnguni ar<- requested lo purebora ticket 
■J3EN CKKTS will 1h- collected »lieio Mux's nro 

puidvi'Hif trnliiB." _____ „„ __ 


Q. BTTSS 8 © 


,>t OBWf (jo Full* can be Mint tliu Dr; 
Goods atom of J. R- Sullivan. 

Mrs. P. K. Joii'^s is at homo from n 
wo week's visit in Rome and Clinton. 

F. E. Bacon expects to start on a 
busings trip to Denver, Colorado, 
next Monday. 

P. 1). Van Wugcufii returned Sat- 
urday from Tnoonia, Wusli., where 
: he has been for the p ast live w eeks. 

Dr. OharlesMiidpe of Photpn, N. ?., 
was the guest of his nieces, Mrs J. M. 
-Cox ami Mrs Dr. H. L. Like, over 

Dr. ,T. 

'B'fioue lt»[»"*»im <tfil« 
A now turn haw been taken in Bo- 
hi-uiiim Out trutiwttctiuria and ao will 
be nfi-ri by the following clipping 
iron, ilia Isabella County (Mich.) Rn- 
torprim; local ajjent" that have made 
ho much money out of the Bohemian 
Oat biudin'ss may he obliged to pay 
ba«k to tho furinom nil the money 
tgiveu tor smdi otitis: 

"Hum ;■ three or four yearn ago Cor 
tieliio< Kiij{<lit, a wt-ll-Ui-do farmor of 
Caledonia, in HlitawaHHeo county, wan 
introduced by « m>h.hlior toairenllo 
man repn ■aentnig the inilitn out 

nynditaie, Knight kuvh the note 
imiialliiiaiolioHsaHaiJiltlml O U of 
moiiiu SHOO ( ;ot Into the handii of a lo 
cal capilalint, who wuh an inno- 
cent: pan;lia-*er. lining iiiipoituiM d, 
Knight paid ihe note. He then b«- 
prmi a emit against tlio neighbor who 
introduced the man of oats to liini, 
holding hint to be it> party to the 
fraud. The oaso woe tried a year a_.o 
and roKiilted in the dipagreunn-iit of 
the jury. It wan uj_ain brought in:o 
court thin term, and after a hearing 
of nearly three nays, the jury found 
U,r Knight in the sum of $000 and 


ly i 

W. W. IxtoMll and O. F. Benwtkr 
h»* fMirobaMd CIm OCb«rU Mill* 
aIiicm factory and will fan It haraar- 


.Jh\ f^iuatook of Hand Bank, «ol - 
}««torof doubtful and wortblca* a«- 
Aonnta, has an " \.»4f «rtl»j*ant ■'■■■!» 
another column- R**dlt- 

The teaeherM' institute of tfait «om- 
raiasj on«r'«di«trict clo»«d Ffiday after 
a T«ry eatisfactory *«ek'a *ork to 
both teaeher* and their iii*trucior#. 

Ex-J>i«*trict Attorney Mead of this 
village 8um«ied'ii[> in an *W« manner 
for ftbtj. pro»eoutlou t-lio emm in the 
Boyd murder trail at Oswego yester- 

Kev. B. Brumdn^ v/iti preach next 
Sunday evening upon the subject of 
"What evidence have wo of our op- 
portunity for ropenfcencettfid regener- 
ation in the future life," 

Camp fire at Church's H»tl thie cv- 
onin^ under the auspices of Post 
Hehenck, (t. A. It. Tlio twual fjood 
time will bo had. The public in in- 
vited. Adimiwfon 25 enntB. 

3,OXUU tilVB illwfo, 

, OitNTLlCMKW, — Before you leave 
London, 1 cannot refrain from record 
iiiK the infinite pleasure and delight 
your exqniwlto <iinf;injj baa given Mrs. 
Kendal and myself, and thank ng you 
very much for ono of tiie greate»t ar- 
tietio treats we have enjoyed- lor a 
very long time. Anything more per- 
fect and ho full of charm, it lias not 
been our privilege to hear before; in- 
dued 1 never knew what glee ringing 
axis until you came among us. Look' 
ing lor ward to the pleasure of hear- 
lug you again when wo visit Boatou, 
I am, gentlemen, very truly, 


At Opera House Wednesday even 
ing next. 

Attainted by Miss Morulmll. 

The (tick sire reported as aligbtly 
better this morning. This) includcH 
Dr. I. C. Curtifl, Dr. C. M. Lee, Sam- 
uel Ctroen and Father Kearney, all 
have been dangorouely ill, and 
none art! eib yet entirely outof danger. 

Oilbert Jenninge will give a grand 
masque poriy at the Palermo Cetitro 
llottiio on l-Viday evening, Feb. 14. 
Ch»r!eu UopIitiiH will act mi floor 
malinger, .tiood tnuaio wfll be in at- 
tendance. Ticket* $1.35. 

I'm; grocery firm of Cary & Snyder 
on Cayuga tttreet has dissolved and 
the biisinewH hereafter will be carried 
on by Mr. J. W. Snyder. Mr. Cary 
will remove to Cortland to work at his 
trade, that of a machinist. 


darteff tka pwk j—» *» •* 

mm baan «p to that of f i n— > j iaa w, 
thU li partUalaHy iraa of tba«rado 
for tna faU and vtotar. UaaaftaJaty 

eoaaemtiif >a — I a *tarh»g 

iodiiitry tb*B.*0. MilU,aad lta aV 
tlmattt closfnf(<uMi tha fact tbai la«l 
•Maon wa> an uvprofltablo oo« for 
farmera were the two main oaaaeafor 
tbl* deprMwon. The^laJr%a Bry 
Oopdiand Millinery Stora of C.E. 
Cbappel b Co, have, howaver, not 
only kept up to their «*le» of tb* pr*- 
I seeding year but (inventory Jnrt 
i beinjc ibiinliedj nr* are Inforiuctd by 
! one of tbepropiIetoT«the(rsaleiiliave 
j been jiier^MK'd.. Fimt-elaM *oods in 
j every particular, noId at competition 
prices arid* liberaj supply of printer*' 
ink u*ed to make known to the -pabUo. 
what they are doing, are what ba» 
brought about this excellent showing 
for the pant year. 

This store has byen run under the 
firm name of C E. Cbappeli & Go. for 
just about a year. It was tlien that 
Mr, Chappeil of the firm of CimppeH 
& Tattle of BaldwinsviUe, bought of 
Mr. I?. E. Bacoa a two-thirde interest 
in fcho store. It 1ms always been ran 
on a cash basis with the motto "Al- 
ways lead never follow." Mr. Chap- 
ped buys goods for both his store 
hero and the one at Bald winaville and 
aBbealwayH pays cash for goods, he 
secures tbem nt, tbti> lowest possible 
ftgtirea Tbo firm del la for cash there- 
fore one never has to help pay forbad 
debts owed by parties that liavo been 
trisBtod and failed to pay. Kveryone 
In need of I>ry Goods, Millinery, C «r- 
potp, Gurtaintt, &c, are alwayB auro 
of ilri-A-cla^fi good« aud^bnrgaing at 
C. K. Clmppell & CoV 

Saahtaprwt . Portolflittx n 
kai tha rirfami off Mn 

Umnm Brtotol, <w Plntatraat, n«it 
Monday •■ 

•faaua Cbctiaa, who who has pre 
vloasly lean amnplawHuly in po- 
lio* aonrt. «•» fined $ft or K> dnya by 
Joailea Sharp Monday for pablla in 

^,;Sti*«tv- :Co«iii»ta*£i«ar : ;:':' ;Cnapnoe>;' 
Wolaver after an iUneas Of : foor 
monUiaia again able to na about, but 
la not yet abl« to giT* W»eb tbne to 

Tb* womb afJak.VlafB; via loaf 
br r»pannberad b< tbla ■unntnllon aa 
ono oi trau Manaac. AJlbwajh 
J a jinl i l work for 

There will b» g<'ivieeH at the chapel 
of tlio Pivttbyteriau church this even- 
ing and to-morrow evening at half 
past seven. All are invited. On Fri- 
day at 4 o'eloelt thore will bo a meet 
iug in the chapel for the children. 

The Frost divorce caao wliich has 
caused such a nenuation in Onwego 
during the past week resulted in a- 
dlsagreenient of the jury. The caBe 
will bo retried when the next Circuit 
Court convenes at Pulaski, in April. 

Murry Helaon formerly of this vil 
lage haii been elected pre»idont of the 
Board of Chicago Drainage <:ommis- 
.sionera-—the organization that is to 
control the expenditure of $30,000,000 
in tbo construction of the city's great 
drainage uanal. 

The cigar shop of Charles Schauta 
in Oswego Falla was closed last week 
Tuesday by Sheriff Van Buren of Os- 
wego, upon an execution in favor of 
Charles Sehaum, jr., of Syracuse, who 
haa furnished his father with about 
8200 worth of stock. 

. Barker and wife, of Wal- 
'Hngford, Conn., started yesterday on 
■ their return home after a visittoFu!- 

•-to» friends. 

Charles Lath mp of Syracuse, for- 
nnerijji of the Standard now of the 
.'Northern Christian Advocate, spent 

■; Sunday in Fu lton. 

Mr.-HawKius of Albany, in^peotor 

of tminiug elates, is in town to-day 

examiningtho work of the training 

class in Fulton Academy. 

S. Parmolee is in Albany in attend- 

: anee at the annual convo--ation ol 

1 Grand Chapter!* as representative of 

Fulton Chapt.r 1G7 K. A-_M-_ 

Andrew Gilmour has returned home 
from Phillips Academy, Andovei- 
with his anther, and Is now at the 
seminary sink with m»awj^s. 

Milo Lawrence, who has been In the 
:, nursery business at Boston for several 
years, is at his home in this village 
• where he will remain until spring. 

TTBMI New IiHK"UtBnS ffBitsazHao, 

This magazine is ono peculiar to it- 
self. It, isalways woll illustrated and 
a native of New tingluud that get a 
number is sure to find something that 
will interest him thoroughly. The 
February number eontains two illus 
t rated aiohiteclural articles. "A 
Model Village Library" and "Recent 
Church Architecture in Boston." 
The latter is without donht the most 
richly illustrated article that has yet 
appeared in this magazine. "The 
White Mountains in Winter" is the 
first article and it is charminly writ- 
ten and illustrated. There are two 
'articles relating "New Enalaud and 
California" pointing out the social 
contrast of the two sections and show- 
ing what each may learn from the oth- 
er. The stories and poetry oft he num- 
ber are more than ordinarily inter- 
esting and the number altogether is 
to be pronounced emphatically the 
most attractive of the sis numbers 
which have appeared, completing tin 
first voluiuo. 

£!iv.!5iEj«8fi«S11«- McaicanBn c-otrffmie* 
, Tossibly there ape greater evange 
lists than ttev. 15, B. Davidson but it 
n undisputed fact that none ever 
viwited Fulton that euceeded in ac- 
complishing an much as the above 
ued gentleman. The nusotinga eou- 
stantly increased in interest until on 
Thursday evening the last night that 
Mr. Davidson was here, the Methodist 
church, the largest in town, was «i 
ble to hold the crowds that went there 
and hundreds returned homo unabl 
to gain admittance. 423 persons in 
addition to CO children, signified in a 
public manner.their desire to become 
Christians during his work here, 
V.-luntary contributions amounting 
togSOJwere given to the evangelist 
on the completion of his four weeks 
work in this village. Interest in the re- 
vival meetings continue and meetings 
are now being held Tuesday, Wednes 
day, Thursday and Friday evenings 
in the Methodist and Baptist churches 
and on Tuesday and Thursday even- 
ings and Friday afternoon for 
children in the Presbyterian church. 

C W. Hajrtitut* bought four pigaon 
the 88th of March and kilted thaw 
Jan. IIS, Are day* ]«at tban t«n 
month* old. The Jargeat weighed 506 
pounds drewMid. 

A donation and oynter trapper will 
be held at the M. E. church, Gtilbert'*] 
Mills, next Friday evening for tlie 
benefit of Rev. J. N. Folford. It ig 
nnder the auspices of the Ladies' Aid 
Society of the church. 

Theqaeetloa of who shall bo the 
next Republican candidate for Super- 
visor of tho town of Qraaby is being 
discussed. Of the several mentioned 
none would make a better one than 
A. E. Keller of Lower Oswego Falls. 

Frank Carey, who was so severely 
Injured in the burning of hie saloon 
in Oswego last Thursday morning, 
died Thursday night. Large patches 
of Hkin were burned from his body 
and ho also received internal injuries. 

"Work progresses rapidly on tiie 
lock in the.Rorthern part of the vil- 
lage. Contractor W. S. Nelson has 
had as good weather for his work as 
could possibly be asked for even if, it 
ig not satisfactory to merchants and 

St. Valentine is near at hand — nest 
week Friday— the fact isevidontfroui 
the large number of comic valentines 
that are now displayed and sweet 
scented missives of love will soon bo 
sent, but not as much as of yore, we 

S. G. Blaukuiau is ia town to day 
* canvassing for his map of Oswego 
-county. He expects that some of the 
. maps will be ready for delivery next 

KtMlly afflicted. 

The ravages of that terrible disease 
con^unipiion has caused the death 
of no less than ten members of the 
Wall f mily of Oswego Falls during 
the past fourteen years. The first to 
succumb was Mary at the age of 21 
years, followed by Sarah at the age 
of l(i; Anna, 15; John, -19; Andy, 32; 
Kittie, 20; James, 23; Libbie, 19; the 
mother, Mrs. Mary Wall, 54, and last 
Abe who died yesterday attheageof 
20. The father and two daughters 
survive, one .of the daughters will not 
Ling survive, being now on a sick bed 
from which she >v*ll .probably never 

Mr. Stowell, who is favorably 
known in Fulton as a great man for 
giving bargains, has purchased of 
Shipinau & Sutton the stock of 
tinware, crockery, glassware, fancy 
goods, notions, &c, and will close out 
the same within the next fifteen days. 
Seo his large "ad" at the bottom of 
editorial page. 

The test of the new water works 
system at Baldwlnsville was made 
last week and pronounced successful. 
There was a fire in the business por- 
tion of the village on Friday last 
which gave it a further and wore 
practical test, and it is report id- as 
coming up to the anticipations of all. 
By the way Bald winsville has suffered 
rather severely from fires lately. 

Harrigan's Two Barneys and Tour- 
ist Companv delighted another large 
audience at Music Hall last evening, 
giving a most enjoyable performance 
—something new, unique and whole- 
some. The performance will be re- 
peated this evening. — The Scranton 
(Pa.) Truth. 

At the Opera House Monday even- 
ing. Fen. 10. 

CXiOSixw out, a general assortment 
of Musical Merchandise at one half 
regular prices. Sheet JIuwic, Book: 
etc. Mrs. F. K. Jones. 

Iw8 Oneida St. 

New style 
Hauls' Drug 

3 of Wall Paper at Wil- 
Store. tf. 

R©i a=Milty. 

Capt. Boyd ot Mexico, whose trial 
on the charge of manslaughter has 
been going on in Oswego for the past 
week, was yesterday afternoon acquit- 
ted of the charge and is a free man. 

The verdict meets with general fa- 
vor here as it is almost universally 
believed that Boyd acted in self-de- 
fense when he inflieted the wounds 
that caused tho death of Hayes. 

'ETtao B.(bimb ffilen ©into. 

{Prom (lie New York Tribune.) 

Of all the mate quartettes that have 

visited New York state, the Lotus 

Glee Club is by far the best. 

At Opera House Wednesday even- 
ing, Feb. 12. 

AT C. 23. CHAPPEI^ & CO'S 


Ladies Natural Wool and White 

Vests, Reduced from 85c. to 59c, 

Mens heavy clouded al! wool Hose 

1000 yds. Merrimac Prints at 5e. 

New stack of TotleDit Nords and 
Outing ClothB, also Hamburgs and 
White Good-:. 

The dime in the smallest coin that 
circulates In Virginia City, Nev., and 
all efforts to force nickels into eircr. 
lation there have failed. For resi- 
dents of a state as poor as anyjln the 
Union, the people of Virginia City 
have pretty wealthy notions. 

The selections of the Lotus Glee 
Club were beautifully sung, the finely 
blending voices of the gentlemen 
being heard to great advantage, and 
giving unqualified pleasure.— Boston 

At Opera House Wednesday even- 
ing, Feb. 13. 

G. J Emeny with eight teams and 
twenty men is busily engaged id grad- 
ing and making e, bed for a switch 
track from the R, "W. & O. railroad at 
the foot of State street to First street. 
This work 1b beingdone by Mr. Emeny 
under contract with the Oswego Falls 
Pulp and Paper Co., and when the 
track is laid ' the company will have 
easy access to both the R. W. & O. 
and the W. T. O. Ss W. railroads. 

The following is published for the 
benefit of those whom it may interest, 
and that they may not plead ignor- 
ance should they be overtaken by the 
questions of the law: Page 203, laws 
of 1880: A person who sells or gives 
away or causes or permits or procures 
to be sold to any child actually or ap- 
parently under the age of sixteen 
years, any beer, ale or spirituous li- 
quors, is guilty of a misdemeanor, or 
sells, pays for or furnishes auy cigar, 
cigarette, or tobaoco in any form, to 
any child actually or apparently un- 
der the age of sixteen years, 13 guilty 
of a misdemeanor. 

Wanted.— A girl for general house- 
work, corner of Highland and Fourth 
Sts None but a eompetentone need 
apply. Reference required. 

Mrs e. L. Messenger, 

QfttHTiB €> nntliPiMUaih»t 
111 castar things bavo boon: 
dona for tbo young ata* of tana two 
vlUagca than va alona aonld hava 

don*.. Ooxaetive nwwborabaTebatu 
qolttkenod in th«lr spiritoal livaa and 
ara mora raady for aayaanrlo* forth* 
Master, and t of our bright+st 

aatoefate nwmbeni have eonfenaad 
Cfaiiit. and dgnlttad their intention 
of gtviag the reat of their Uv«a to Hie 
aervlce. "VTe believe each one U thor- 
oughly in earne*t and wilt retnaiu 
eteadfeat. Over a hundred others 
have manifested a desire to know the 
Saviour of men, and many of the** 
give evidence of having found Him, 
tew men. Iu this neighborhood hare 
\ not been brought in contact with the 
blessed rliord. May the good work 
never cease till all know Him. 

Below w« submit our report for tho 

Daily visits to the rooms, average 
5«, total 1,513; association calls 304; 
visits to sick 11; letters written 50; 
recievtd 47; new members 4; renew- 
als 4; committee meetings2; subscrip- 
tions 4; employment- found for 1; 
letters written by young" men 
gymnasium classes average 8J, total 
OS; boys average 13J, total 50; Jyci 
average 7, total 37; Sunday meeting 1, 
attendance 100; invitations distribut- 
ed for meetings 3,200; invitations to 
reception 800, attendance at same 1G0. 
Lust Sabbath's meeting was one of 
the best w© ever held, 111 men were 
present, inaa; new voices were heard 
in testimony to the saving power of 
Jesus Christ and a feeling of spiritual 
power and interest was u-anifest. 
Four of our leading business men will 
address the meeting nest Sunday. 
Special music and singing and a good 
time promised— coinol 

A Bible claims was organized last 
Sunday .vith Mr. H. E. Nichols as 
teacher. Itwiiluieet. the hour pre- 
vious to the young men's meeting 
Young converts and active members 
of the association specially invited, 
bol all who will may come. V 


A Good Enough Fit ! 
A Good Enough Price! 

Is what we offer every man without aiwHminatxoii. Good «n««jr> 

means fair enough, square enough, low enough, high enough, 

for us to live, i ow enough for you to buy, ana fair enough 

for both to feel satisfied. Now look at our offer. 

A good enough Suit;, of a good enough quality 

* and good enough fit at a good 

enough price. 

Is that Good Enough for You ? 

Come and get one. 

Beaver Shawls Reduced from 84.00 
to $3.05. C. E. < HAPPELL, &CO. 

liJ n claimed betters. 

Bay H. P. Wilson's "L 
bread, 8 e-.-ntg a loaf. 

X. L. r 

The depot, this fall, for lobes aud 

The following letters remain un- 
called for in the Fulton P. 6. Feb. S, 

J. E. Visgar, Mrs. Barrett Miller, 
SignoraMarealzinsyyreBallina, Chas. 


The Fulton Wajfcer Works Company 
have removed from their office on 
Oneida street to their commodious 
quarters in the Savings bank build- 
ing, where they are prepared to do 
all kinds of plumbing at reasonable 


"Sand Bank, K. Y. 

Collector of 

Doubtful i Worthless Accounts, 

Notes and Judgments, 

tW Mo Charge Unless Success^,. 
Claims in Oswego and Onondaga Counties a Specialty, 
Good References Given. Correspondence Solicited. 

'ffbc stff«»(teRi»co off stio oay mb Hjb 
tatliolic f;fitir£f»° 

The sno shone brightly al times 
Sunday, and if the traditional bear 
came out of hia winter retreat on that 
day, he relieved his warning that the 
next sis weeks would be muoh too 
cold and stormy for him. Therefore, 
as the old story goes, he crept back 
into his den. In the Roman Catholic 
church throughout the world the day 
was observed as the celebration of 
the feast of the Purification of the 
Blessed Virgin Mary. Commonly it 
is called Candlemas, because on this 
day the candles prescribed for divine 
service are blessed by 'the priests at 
the conclusion of a high mass. The 
candles must be made of beeswax. 
This is so imperative that the church 
has preferred to have even her most 
sacred rites performed without lights 
rath r than have those used that 
were not made of this material. The 
very word candle (Latin candela) in 
the language of the church signifies 
a candle made of beeswax. Tallow, 
sperm, parraffine, patent was, or any 
other than beeswas candles cannot 
be blessed and are forbidden to b© 
used for divine service. Candles must 
be blessed on Candlemas day in order 
to recieve the fullest benefits of the 
blessing and at a special service for 
the purpose. However the faithful 
can have candles made sacred by 
their spiritual adviser at any time 
during the year. 

It is an ancient and praiseworthy 
custom for Catholics to procure at 
least one wax candle for this d&y, and 
after it has been blessed, to take it 
home to burn at the bedside of the 
dying, during a storm, while reciev- 
inga Call from their paator, or for 
any other proper end, as the church 
wishes. Grood- Catholics are not sat- 
isfied with this alone; they offer one 
or more caudles for the service of the 


Abe Wall died of consumption at 
his home In Oswego Falls, Tuesday, 
Feb. 4, at the age of 20 years. This 
is the tenth member of tho Wall fam- 
ily that has died of that terrible dis- 
ease. The funeral will bo held from 
the Catholic church to-morrow fore- 

Mrs. Ann McCann died at .her homo 
in Oswego Falls, on Sunday e Feb. S, 
1890, at the age of 40 years. Funeral 
was held from the Catholic church, 
Tuesday, at 10 a. m. 

Ernest, the two year old son of 
Warren T. and Jennie Evorts, died at 
lower Gswego Falls, Monday, Feb. 8, 
1890. Funeral services were held at 
the house at $ o'olock this Wednesday 

ig-SEED Potatoes. —One small car- 
load Early Rose and White Peach 
Blows. My agent will be at Sylves- 
i -r's grocery store on Oneida street. 
Skinner, Harvey Pitcher, Mrs. Anna j ^urn, Mondays, Tuesdays aad< Bat- 

blankets is at McCullv's. 


The Cortland road cat* 
n the market. 

i the best 

Evans, Mrs. Annie Mahler, John H. 
Lydia Oaborn, Erwin 

Barnes. ; 
Persons calling for tiie above pleass 
Sold at MoCuliy's. tf ! say "advertised." ' 

' Fhkb Bennett, P. M. 

urdays to fill your orders. Come at 
once, they will go fast. Price 55 and 
€0 cents per bushel. 


Mrs. Brunning who was expected 
' home on Mondaylast, sent & card in 
- stead, stating tint she oould not 
■ come for ''our daughter and her hus- 
band were both taken seriously ill 
; last night." ■■ ..■' 


., '.We offer One Hundred Dollars for 

;any case of <3atarru that cannot be 

•cured bv taking Hall's Catarrh Care. 

F. 3. CHENEY & CO., Props., 

Toledo, O. 
We, the undersigned, have known 
*P. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, 
'.and believe hira perfectly honorable 
in all business tr&nsaettoas andfinau- 
•cially able to carry oatany obligation 
,mAde by their firm. 
"WKbx.&T»«ax, WhblesaleDruggists, 

"Wauhsq, KraSAN & Makvjs, 

Wholesale Bruggists, Toledo, O. 
33. H. .SyJcs Ha£3BN, '..Cashier;, Toledo 
Sat loiwl Bank, Toledo, p. 
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken inter- 
nally, acting directly upon the blood 
and tuuoua sortae** u\ the *ynt*u> ; 
l'rlee TSo pr buttle Moid by all 
Draaglita 87 w 4 

Wott'a famoua broad at llaraoa'a. 

Tib Toys, Wooden Toys, Iron Toys j 
and all kinds of Toys cheaper 'than 
ever at M. M. Williams*. %2 tf 

Encouraged by the kind patron- 
age of the public in the last few 
days we shall continue to give 
you special prices on Boots and 
Shoes during this month. 

We aim to see a large quantity 
of goods rather than to make a 
large profit, «iva us a fair trial. 

Just received at Draper's the lorg- 
edt and finest stock of Watches and 
Jewelry ever in town. Also an ele- 
gant line all new patterns Jewelry 
and Piatad-wai e. Examine these new 
and stylish goods. Goods are made 

. BASSWOOD BOMB WASTED- „ »,„, „ ™, 

eords of basswood bolts wanted at ond mia for one .h«H what tbe? were 
Games, Gamee, Gamep, of every d ' the Faltoa Wooden Ware Woiks, ' a few years ago. Judge these goods 
seription at M. M. Williams*. S3 tf Mason's Phuraiog Mill. ' for yoarsejf. 31 tf 

Stephens Opera House. 


Monday, Febru'y 10, 1890. 

Prices 25 and 85 Cents. 

Two Barneys 

— ASD— 

' li&iai Awiai Tna4 Cd. . 

— lar'.'A— 

Tour Around the World 

The S«enerr wed by iWa compw l*t!lo*»» » 
l*xio «a<r eidendU 8*)ecd tm ot Sc«a«nwtt 

Ireland and America* 

WiUi Qi 

ucbxlliic^ lie BartboWi St****, hi N«w Toric 

Sarbor, tha BraiUj* BcUitiK * *■!■€!• Awoai' 

. -u^-.QcwMi. 4 tiwiit IrtitiBd Jm. *»."-- 

[*»<*»*«« (oUm« 
wd fcinrimi ToMiM* t* « Nt Md Li— >- 
•M» Oo-»t4j.'oM>llfeMl 

The Two Barneys 

Or. Mtlugw'i DoaMe. 

Hard Times Prices in Boots and Shoes - 

at Nettleton's Shoe Store. 

Look at our Bargain Counter 

Below are a few of many bargains to be found on IT. 

A Man's Tap Sole Calf Boot, Solid, worth $*2.50 for $ 1.75 

A Man's Calf Boot, worth 2.00 for 150 

A Man's A Calf Button Shoe, for 1.15 

A Mans A Calf lalmoral Shoe f«»r 1.15 

A Man's Shoe for .90 

A Boy's Calf Boot Solid, for 1.25 

A Childs Calf Boot Solid, for .60 

A Lady's Kid Button Fine, for - 9 ft 5 

A Lady's Grain Button for .95 
Above goods wiU sell on sight, and these bargains will not last long. 

Come and see, 
First Street. At NETTLETON'S. 

Mrs. Bridget Smith died at the age 
of 6S years iathis village, on Monday, 
Feb. 3, 1800. Funeral was held from 
the Catholic church, yesterday, at 10 

Mrs. Bishop, widow of Theodore M. 
Bishop J>. H., died after abrief illness 
of "la gripyo" at Williaiosport Pa, on 
Friday jan*y. 31, 1890 at the age of 
sixty-three years. Mrs, Bishop for- 
merly resided here, her husband be- 
ing for many years rector of Sion 
Episcopal church. Theremains wore 
brought here yesterday for burial in 
Mt. Adnab cemetery. Funeral ser- 
vices belug held in the forenoon at 
Zion church, conducted by Raw Mr. 
Beech of Bald winsville. 

'I^ty^bsnga-Perftetifle. 58 

Park b-or Bale Cheap.— 100 acres. 
Good farm and good buildings. Well 
watered. Three miles south ol Ful- 
ton in Volney. For terms enquire of 
Wi«. H enry Owen, Fulton. g9 tf 

Wanted. —Agents to sell Teas and 
Coffees in Pnlton and vicinity. Good 
commissions paid Sood opportunity 
for parties out of employment. Ad- 
dress, Grand Union Tea Co., 2SJ4 
North Saliaa St., Syracuse, N. Y. 
SO w g 

Faksi for Sale.— A Good Farm of 
S7j acres ono mile north of Pulton on 
the river road. East side of river. 
Tho fannicg. tools will bo sold with 
the farm jf desired. Apply to 

Geo. Knight, 
88tf Windsor Housa, Fultoia f 

To Eemt— Store opposite Lewis 
House First street. Fulton, N. Y. how 
occupied by the Salmon Shoo Store 
Possession {jiveu Apr. 1, 1890. 

88tf Enquire od Promises. 

To Rsnt— Furnished rooms at No". 
7 Seneca street. Only a minutes waik 
from the gnu works, inquire of J. B. 
Bernhard at Johnston's Hardware, tf 


The late residence of Mrs, Lewis E, 

Looinis, For particulars inquire of 

Chfls. R. Bennett, Corno? 4fch and 

Broadway. gitf 

The widow of Schuyler Colfax Hvob 
very quietly at South Bond, InuV ; 
with a son, ''Schuyler Jr., a snanly 
young fellow wiio absolutoly idolises 


51=!* Tob3« , ?ak!a« ElTeBt S#pt. IS, I***. 


Absolutely the Bast. 

All ifeflingredieBts used in making (hi3 powder 

are pubIL=bcd on every fabol. Tbe parity of tbe 
ingredlfinls and the scIentiCs accuracy, wito 
nhleli they are combined lender CtoveJand's f.u- 
patlor in' 'strength and efficiency to«ny other 
baking powder mamifaetored. 

Food rai»d with this powder does cot dry up, 
aswftea made with baking powder containing 
ensmfiiiia, lint keeps inoistaud sweet, oud iapftl- 
atahle and wlioltsoins. Hot biscuit and grladlei 
catee made irtui Itcan be eaten by dyspeptics 
with impunity. 

It does not conlsfa msmooia. alnai; llrae op 
other sulaiter^-.iL Thesoare faca. voucbed for 
fef government ccd S^ta ObemiEts. Ecarda of 
atsXth, asd eminent scientEsts. 


61 smiS3 Riiton St., Kcw York, 

Owing to a chango in bnsine*s I 
wish to dispose of the following prop- 
erty: One sorrel breeding mare, elev- 
en years old, Weljfht: 975 pounds; one 
horse colt, 17 months old, chestnut,; 
white star in forehead, oni' white fore 
foot, good sire; one thbrooghbred 
Jersey ball, 18 months old, ©old* 
squirrel grey to biaek with whits 
spots, graudaire "Bxlle of St- Lam- 
bert" of Boehester, dam Sterena' 
^'0race fireenwood." This is deirira- 
blepronertyandKrinbeaold reason 
able. P. E. JLtsoU, 

am eubcrt a Mflis." 

Foe SAtK.— A farm of twenty-flw 
ecres, pleasantly located, one mile 
Ea»t of Fnlton rSiMge on Fay rtreet 
for '■ ■ turther particnlar* Inqoire of 
Mrs. S; B Taylor, ydnrttt street op> 
pO sitethe pai this office. 38tf 

FOB Saxk. Hoose, barn, and three 
acre* of lawt Plenty of fruft and 
water. Situated corner of Sixth and 
Clart streets. ^ 

Inquire of Mrs. Frank Sweet, 

tf JOJ Cayuga St. 

JPapesr HangfiBtgl 

Plain ana Ornamental* 

Al Work OMnwieat Good BaflmaMa Ohm 

. or*** tan be im 'at' mr lma«, ; .<la««r* ■■ 


•W^W?*'^* t fw ! ff?s '■' 


I*ad MVD to ftmlD tTf *»W «*' 
fourth ytar will prvdn«« better *jd4 
UaoiUaMeto wa-L 

JBtiWQfMH* ■" auefl *he*t br^-r fed 

daily t* ■*■* **' 1 ke *p y° u ,r '-"*■* 
egg* the year round. 

The amoaDt of ported 

<rowN«w To*k tlarto* i peet yeer 
la reported Ke idt&r than that of any 
Of the £▼• "years previowe. 

The n«xt animal meeting: of the 
American Poultry aesoelatioo -will be 
bald in ooouectloa with the Institute 
show in New York In February. 

The production and cousuniptfoM 
of milk in Franco amounts yearly to 
1,850,000,000 golionff, which la ihre© 
times in excess of tho production of 

The consumption of tobacco 
England has nearly doubled In the 
last forty years, amounting at present 
to nearly ft pound and a half per 
bead of the popnlation. 

For many yearn India 1ms boon 
growing tobacco only for domestic 
uae, but now an effort i» being made 
to induce its cultivation on a largo 
scale for commercial purposes. 

American cattle havo boon shipped 
in fiiicb large numbers toLiverpool of 
late that many of them are delayed 
landing on their arrival because of in 
sufficient accommodation. 

New South WaleB in troubled with 
an over-mipply of mutton, there being 
now about 60,000,000 sheep in this 
colony, of which 21S,000,000 arc hwbb. 
Broaden* ate hoping for a revival oi 
the frozi'ii-ineiit irmlo, which colhipsvd 


I vt* 

r two ago. 

. ink** I.iiXfuhn- i 

gtit. or 

^dit'Othiiig that will quiet, tho 
ntt veo, give strength to the body, in 
duco refreshing sleep, improve the 
quality of tho blood, and purify and 
brighten the complexion, i» what 
many would he very glad to obtain. 
C&l'ter'ti Iron PIllo are made for ex- 
actly thfs ela».f of troubles, and are 
remarkably eiioeMKnt'u! in accomplish- 
ing the enJt) desired, as named above. 
They are iisofu! 1'or hoth men aud 
women. Pi ice, 50 cents a bos. 

Darius the Eighteenth ce... .fry Pres- 
byterian nihU«Ie.r« kittled oinoit!; tho peo- 
ple of uertkora t-coU.Mid noedod to bo 
uieo oi great atr?T>z'\ piety aad seal. 
The Rsv. Eneas B*-" whoao utorv id told 
La "Pads* Ltfa in sho North of •'■cot- 
Ussd, M balanced to sh» senior of muscu- 
lar CSff-ktiins, being uaore than six foot 
ia height and '•tout in proportion. 

A year or two after ha had become 
Minister of Lochearsaa, he announced 
aa« Sonday hia ratentMin of holding "a 
diet catechising" at the houuo of a dio- 
soltito man, & despeiata character of 
g-re&t phrsfoel strength. 

Ute raiofster'B friend* remonstrated 
with him, but ha went to tho man's 
how?, and was ordered to go away. 

"Easier Mid than done," aoawoTeil t&o 
ailnistcr; "bet jou may turn mo oat if 
yoe can." 

Thoy wotg both powerful men, end 
neither of -them hesitated to pu6 upon 
tho other his ponderous strength. After - 
a short but flereo straggle, tho minister 
heeame the victor, and tho landlord, 
prostrated upon his own floor, wns with 
a rope coiloa rosnd hia arms and feat 
bound over to keep the peace, 

Tho people of the district were then 
called in, and tho minister proceeded 
seriously to discharge tho duty of cate- 
chising them. When that was finished, 
he Bet himself to deal with tho delin- 
quent present. The man was solemnly 
rebuked, and the minister so moved hiu 
conscience that he afterwards became a 
decided Christian.— Youth's Companion. 

Early Uso or Soap, 

Move than 2,000 years ago the Gauls 
were combining tho ashes of tho beech 
tree with goat's fat and making soap. 
When Marius Claudius Marcellus was 
' hastening aoutV.ward over tho Flaminian 
way, laHen wi'.h spoils wrested from the 
hands or Virhiomar, the Gallic king lying 
dead by the hanks of the Po. his follow- 
er were bringing with them a knowl- 
edge of i lie mi-lhod of u.aking soap. 
Tho awful min of burning ashes wKcl: 
fi-I) upon Pompeii in 7$f hint-d (witi 
palaces am] s-uun.isl the Inunble shop oi 
a 6oanmi>,iior, und in Kerpral otlier cities 
of Iialytho business hnO even then o 
footing. .In the Eighth century there 
were many soap manufactories in Italy 
and Spain, and fifty years later thV 
Piiceniei^ns carried the business into 
Frar..:»\ and established liio first factories 
In Marseilles. Prior to the invention of 
•cap. fullers' earth was largely used for 
•leanoi lg purposes, and the juice of cer- 
tain plants served a similar purpose. The 
earth was spread upon cloth, stamped in 
with the feet, aod subsequently removed 
by ewwting. It was also used in baths, 
and a* lata eT«n as tho Eighteenth cen- 
ti«ry wm employed by tho Eomans in 
that way.— Exchange, 

Ericaton's n«m Ufc 

Wealth was unknown to tho Ericsson 

family, and Swedish country living at 

that time was plainness itself; but love 

abounded, and the mother's cheerful 

tamper, with the father's good humor 

m4 generous disposition, *?.. red the 

hlntfnft of a harmonious and happy 

hffla* a*oUnewaBaohUdot unotua 

WMWtfvf, Sill waa enirit'id and en>piging. 

:: and the baby, Joha. t -jfondartoaU. As 

,* ahild John waa Loay tha day Umg, 

: : M»wiag, horinK and cutting, Troviuing 

;^»»rtf*ritb pencil and pttpet, hewould, 

^ ^!L** : "*^ »0Ming, run to the miaw, 

; r tty;i Ui|hwe until dark, watelung with 

^5J5P» : ••***•* ey<» /the ■■; mbtiona of : die 

•••▼T «Mpneb, oopyint their forma and 

rtudywK Into th« Kcret ot their motion. 

— "J^nEriceeon,the^(*M«r,"byCoh 

W. a Church in Soribber.' 

«n« or Tire mtw ounur. 
for tb* Nsw Tork *ad Jt*w Ilaveu and Sew 
Tork B»d Harlem ro«l*, on» at Tw«itj- 
«*wth »lr»t wtd Fourth avenue, the other 
flown town, *t Centre sUt-et. Tim «ar» ww« 
drawn betweeu tii« two ny hor***. When 
th* KTMt OnJon depot «t Korty-»ecoml «tr«t 
wm built, the Twenty-seventh depot 
wo» turwid into a garden. 

EJinc* then thcro iti notliiug In th» chspo of 
a sliow that has not been held there. At <ma 
mam!) Tbnoilore Tbotnsa would dcllglit tho 
cultivated oar of musical pcoplo with hip 
trained orchentra. Thrai Mooiiy «nd Sankey 
would aw tho ptaco (or thtJr aervicce. 'f hsy 
would be miccoeded for a few wo-rks by a 
menngerl* of wild anlmabi, «nd tho »weet 
tores of Mr. Bankoy would give plaoa to tho 
roar of the king of boast*. Dor shown, 
horse shown, chicken dhows would lx> the 

nort nttritction, nft^r which there would ho a 
walking mnteli or a hh-yelo nice. One of tho 
Inter Ki>i-ctnltiM «■„„ IJiH'a Wild Ww4 
ahow, which esliibltfl thoro bofoio UulTnlo 
Dill look It itbrond mid began to hohuoh 
with th« 1'iini.o of Wales n«d ft lot of dukes 
mid Miur<{UJ!;re. 

Tho WimMsom tJu.tutro Rurdoo tnuut havo 
bt-oii prollndtlo, for Iho .old building it to ho 
replaced with n now one of tho Btimo kind. 
New showa will tako tho plnco of thoso which 
Imvu been there before, but w hot her thu lmit 
docnilo of tho century will bring imy uew 
tun 1 1 no m cm tu remninn to be lioun. 


eoiit as Gpoclnl 


Tho iiou t>t tlio Hnui'ctury of HtnUi Who 
Dleil itoounlly. 

No blow could hcivofnllon with moru eruiih- 
htg wolgbt upon Secretary of Stiite IJluimi 
thiiu did tbo death of his oklent son, Wnlkur. 
Tho hitter, bad for yonru occuplod the posi- 
tion of advisor — of right hand almost — to hi:i 
father, aud batwuun rather mid boh bad been 
woven bonda of affection uuuainUly strong. 

WaUs'or Dlaiiio wns born In AugiiHtn, Me., 
May 8, 1865, nnd had his 0rnt taste of Wush- 
iugtoii llfo In 181W, when bia l'atbei* bad bwn 
In congreffl fl v u 
years. Ho gradu- 
ated from Talo col- 
lego iu 1876, mid In 
1678 completed his 
course at the Co- 
lumbia Low school. 
Us thon practiced 
law In tho office of 
Cushman E. Davis 
Foul. In 18S1 ho 
pocelved his first of- 
ficial appointment, 
that of third assist- 
ant secretary o f 
state, nnd while 
holding this posltk 

corataissloiier to Peru during thu trouble bo. 
tweon that country and Chill. After Presi- 
dent Garfleld'o death bo noted an bis father's 

After this ho wna mode assistant attorney 
for tho goverumout boforo tho Alabama 
claims coart in Washington and did eomo 
good legal work. When tho coart was abol- 
ished yomig Blnine went west and formed a 
law partnership in Chicago with Goorgo S. 
WUiite, now a partner of tho Hon. Lyman 
TrumbulL Ho made many friends and eoon 
established a good practice. 

Ho finally left the west, however, and went 
to How York, and from there to Washington 
not long before his father received the ap- 
pointment of secretary of state. Tho very 
night of his arrival in Washington ho made 
a misstep while alighting from a cab aud 
broke his leg. For many weeks hewasunablo 
to leavo his homo. Upon his recovery bo was 
appointed solicitor of tho state department. 

Walker Blaine had charge of all his fa- 
ther's strictly private and confidential af- 
fairs, and wns undoubtedly a youiiK man of 
unusual ability. Few men were better 
known in Washington than was he, and he 
was very popular, pn -ujulurly among news- 
paper men, 

Ahuoufb lio was by no means a society 
man, ho nft-.m tiueuh'd tl.s r£fvp;ious and 
other social e^euis wUch piny eo l-ir^e a 
part in "Washington lire, ami in society cir- 
cles bo was a general favorite. 

HnwTon T.o=te a S!« s te Day. 
What you will lose- or gain U you go round 
tho world is a date, not u day. fn travelins 
westward each date, commonly called a dny, 
hides the fact that for each degree of l-;p- 
tudo passed over you have added four .l'i- 
utcs *to the twenty-four hours. If at noon, 
when by custom you change your date, you 
will find you havo traversed fifteen degrees, 
then, "your day" has contained twenty -five 
hours instead of twenty-four. In going to 
the eastward tho conditions would bo re- 
versed, and your dato coiled * "day" would 
contain but twenty-three hourk But, if you 
and your friend should stand back to back at 
Sew Tork and, starting at the same instant, 
walk straight round the world, each walking 
Mtactly three miles an hour, and cover stop- 
pins for anything, you would both meet and 
pass half way ia exactly 8,500 hours, and you 
would again mut in. Saw York iu exactly 
r,0W&Gurs.-C<>r. New York Tribuno. 

• •ninuoi mi turn L««. 


i..:**"*' ***■**>• f*0*th*t th« 6MMtloa 
«M thr nun naoauf ul wh«u. porfonawl 

.vS*^/.AM«C.m-«MM|h«pa mBtaca ' 
***** w» «,48 ob the !<«, m oom- 
g«*»l»b UM «• th. «,.-ifadk.l 

• thm U,m MMan •MiA im 

*fit J«te BctoHM, «b* gtm* 

h hew* bm pvl te tb* hmaOe 

WJX. <&«nfc t» be«M« Id tto 


When anSMng rnm kCoukIk-i Cold 


nii fl m ii m oUwtaqt. 

oocahf, Wwn«A 

■ bdh oBared tl • word 
by.— Imm I um i wpihi •atto* for 
*»» *** ■■ > —!»! b» woaJJ f amML 

TB»T*Atacm0C0p08«M ktm 
%*£? ****** a< * 

'ffDOtfiappMHa,' \mi. !»•■« 

cffMla <*!■» 

tiaadMba, aaa rafiraahw OM tlrvt Mnwt 

"IhaTtbi 1 

had M <fltu*^v*etJU, ••» *ha* I «d eat 

■j___4,_ dMnaaad mm, or did «* 

f,w ^ r * Hltta good, ' I« » *"m 

tlUrll aittt eatloc I would «xpe- 

rt*wc« * falBBw«» r or Ured, a)hB<»« f«lh>«, 

aathonanlhadiwtiialwjanyUilnf. Mytroo- 

Me, 1 taink. wa-^ nEira»»ted by my hu$fWM, 

wbleh U tlir.t *.f a painter, *od from hchii; 

or les* ; hut up In * SOUr 


roomwlthfrcsi. paint. X»5t 

RprJng I took Hood's 8»r*»- 

rHU—took tl*"?« botlles. It did m» an 

Jnaroetuw »ra»t:* of kwmL It-gate-meaa 

appetite, and wy food rcllsbwl and ■••Usfl.crt 

tha eratlJig I had nrCvloiwly expericuced." 

Gxtntox. A. P*ob. Watertawn, Hm»> 

Hood's SarsaparMa 

6oWhr*Udm«gliU. glj Hj: fori*, yropw"*"^/ 
by C. 1. )lOOI» * CO., Apotheeairiw, XAwell, «*«»• 

IOO Doses Ono Dollar 


i Bost and Purest Medicine 



*-^yntcrn, tt«d tunto your fi!.ln 

EkTcleiiii nnd eni««t!i. TImmh; 

.^|. I'Jmi.H-a «»d IM«l.i»>s 

•■-, 4S%K\vhVh Biflr y»tir l«niity 

«„'*> '' *% 'i^VMooil, and cjhi lie 

\ '•'!>% ' / (J %y^^ifcllM>o.KyouBre 

u <r\ tf W? "V eTTvhlimdpu. 


Dpoonfut. JTtlHtlifl^k-f. % ■% <J„ * j. 

„..Vt orywr UntRglat, "^^ \^% 

Don'tWait. Getitatoncu 
If von flvo mifforlnst from Kid- 
>v rHoniRis. nnd Whili to live m t 

old ngoTuHO SULPHUtt DITTKlta 

Thoy never fall to euro, 

Send 8 2-cent mnmua to A. I'. Or-hvay & Co., 

BoBtoa„3«ftBB., for boat m«ai«Uw»i:k»u&lU)he(lr 

" Work horses in (he city are worth three 
times as much as cow itry horses because we 
blanket them in the stable." 

FREE—Qal from your dealer free, tho 
$/&. Book. It has handsome pictures nnd 
valuable information about horses. 

Two or threo dollars for a S/a Horse 
Blanket will mako your horse worth more 
and eat less to keep worm. 

( S/A Five Mile 
„ , , ) B/A Boss Stable 
W,fw )5/A Electric 

( 5ft Extra Test 

SO other styles at prices to suit every- 
body. If you can't get them from your 
dealer, write us. 




"vf i hv '>v"m. AYtHrs a Sosa, lada., who 
n':: MfiiisnoHSllorse Brand Baker BJaakflta. 



(Take a Cake) 

Griddle Oakes 

Tn Ka-KaUa also niokea delicious GE31S, &U£ 


no rot 



, VltOOP I 

'■■' Half thffl prion of tin or shingtosJ ' Gnaranteed 
water-tight oft flat or««pfljrfaee, una you can 
put it on. Sample free if you mention (his 

iKDiAwi l>Aisic i .3s6q». Oo„ K: y. 










fl«nd8ol<l inHilaconolryforthe TOtSt TIME. Jltuat Dovnut. the taleutad 
•■I havo used Hooeb3' Royai, k*«vji»* Tome, and And It an «xoal!ent tonlo for 
sjecj>le5SH«sB, and that Clter Fatigue which comeafrom Overtaxation of Oia 

Read what Man. Jcdob C« 

lie w, 

Roi>Ens' EtovAi, R^iemcs Co.. lloaton. Mbes. 

(!entl''Tnpn:~i onlu/ccl itjwt thatvou ek<luM tetoio the trulg ivonrttrftd rttull* I have txptri- 
eared in wing your HOYAI. NERVINE TONIC: The .immediate effect* were Simply miraevhu*. 
It in indeed 11 epecifit for nervous troubles. Kniptctfully Tour*. MRS. P, K CAMPBELL. 


ot Kew York aaya: 

oton r^ACR. Naw Yokie, April 30, I8». 




•da it as n diaag 


babu of 


K for i 

lid finding 


(*< In ess 




■meiit of 


r«ii«) . 


'. 1. 

>-V lift 

Iim f.ll,- 


i.1m» rt'Cf 


* oi 



in the 

f .r W- 


I 111 

'ilrewdy a 


•><>i>.i- in 


!hih(i"1. i.ii 

tli ore st e 

« scorp 

inn,- (.- 


. fix- 



IMV.- M 


II .1. 

UK >m 

iiiv«HLi(-. t 

ion of 

ill.. !.»..! 

i » 

ti. ■ 


•to, .villi 

bo rt- 

^Itl. ..1 1 


i ; i 


n Hboi-tnge* run- 

mm fr 

ii u 

.!.• 1 

. Iir.y 



'" "'" ' 



lr.' .«l 

1 .V, t l B m- 

• pre- 

Iteniarhiihe R«sca-. 
SI. > Mich:.. 1 Curi.iiii. Plninfi-l.I. 111.. 
niiiht>» Hi'- i-tan in- nl that who csiugfai 
• ■■■!■*, n hicti Ki-ttleO on l» r luti^f; hho v;a» 
iii-xtcd Turn moiiili by Iter family phy- 
aiciitn, l>» iii«w ««rso. lit- told li«r *hw 
vin.i <t helpless victim of consumption 
nu.l ih.. .i.oitK'diciiif could ctnt-hi-r. Her 
ilniKxint bUf-n'-HU'il, Dr. Kni{;'n New 
OinUon rr loi Coiisumptitui; ulic l»>ugln 
nbi>nl<> mill i p ht>r ilt-liclit loi Qd hor- 
s -tr 1>. iielini-d from ilit tirsl d. CO, She 
cmuniiii-.t iiH us:' iimj v.tier tnlu»g len 
htnih'ri, luuiiil liciwlf holuhI and ivell, 
now ilu. -h ln;r own liotiKCMvorh iitttl Is »b 
well «n' chu(.'Vt<r was. Fieo trial bottles 
of Hun Ureal LliKcovcry at Gissler'sdiug 
sWjri.', ouf>""iio oneni houae large i>ot- 
lU*h5l)c. nnd §1.00. 

Miss Chios Lankton, who died ft 
few dayeago at Hartford, Ct., ft: 
78, had spent sixty two years in bed, 
during all of which timo she retained 
a cheerful and uncomplaining diapo 

Tlie Prince of Wales has cat hini- 
^lf down to to three cigars a day and 

ten cigarettes. 


Mitppy ISoosiors. 

unonn, PoRtmiiBtei' of Idaville, 
h{ "Electric Bitters hne done 
10 tlian all other medicinea 
combiiieci, for ihat bad feeling arising 
from Kidney mill Liver trouble," John 
Leslie, furnier and fUocltman, of eame 
place, "L'ind Electric Bitters to he the 
bent Kidney mid Liver medicine, made 
me feel )ihe a new man," J. W. tiard- 
nev, hardware, merchant same town, 
says:. Electric Bittere ia just the thing 
for a man that iu all run down and doo't 
care whether he lii ee or dies; he found 
now atreugth.gond appetite aud felt juat 
like he had a new lease on life. Only 
60c, a bottle at Gieeler'B drug store. 

Gen. Boulanger has been engaged 
to visit this country next autumn and 
deliver thirty lectures. 

Shiloli's CoDsumptlon Cuee 

This ia beyond question the mosteuc- 
ceHfiful Cough Medicine we have ever 
told, a few doees inveriably core the 
worst cases of cough, cold and bronchi 
lis, while its wonderful success in the 
cure of consumption ia without a par- 
allel in the bisioiy of medicine. Since 
it's flret discovery it baa been sold on a 
guarantee, a leat which no other 
medicine can c-tand. If you have a 
cough we earnestly ask you lo try it. 
Price 10 cents and §1 00. If your lungB 
are sore, cheat or bade lame, use Shilob's 
Porous Plaster. Sold at Giesler's drUR 
•uore opposite opera hnune. 37eO' 

The population of the earth ie now 
fixed at 1,400,000,001). . 

Winslow's Sootlilnj? Syrup" f or Children Teething, 
Ua value is Incalculable. It will relieve tho goor 
little sufferer iiumetliattilv. Depend uptr "■ 

mothers; there Is mistake about it. It 

Dysenten* and Dlarrhuea, r«gulates tho Stomoch 
Awl Bowels, ernes wind Colic, softens the Gams, 
reduces Inflammation, and glees tone ana energy 
u> the wholusi'Btem. -'Mrn. vvinslow's Soothing 
Syruu" lor children teething Is pleasant to the 
tastp and is the prescription of one of the oldest 
auiI best female phyaiduiu and irsea in the 
Qnlte.l States, and 1b for sale by all druguisti* 
tirovigliout the world. Price twenty-five cents a 
bottle. Be sure and asfe for '-Mrs. Wikslow'- 
Sybup," and talie no other. sSSyl ■ 

Two-thirds of all the children bora 
n Connecticut in 1889 were boys 

O, What a <Uough. 

Will you heed thf warning. The fii 
ttal peiiiafw of the surf appruscii of th 
attire "tt- rrihle disease.cou.-umption. Ask 
><nusflf if you can afford for the saki 
•>f 50 cptito to run (lie risfc, and do noth- 
ina for it. \V« know from experience 
LhaiShitoh's Cure will cure your cough, 
it never faila. This explains why more 
than a Million Bottles were sold thV past 
year. It relieves croup and and Whoop- 
ing cough at once. Slothersdo not be 
wtibuut ii. For Same back, side or ciieat 
use Shiloh'a Porous Plaster. Sitld by 
H.C, Giesler opposite opera botise.SS 

The late Adam Forepangfa nsed to 
say: "I have a boy, and Barniua has 
none. My show will oatlast his.' 1 


the WaTld th«el»fc»t »«e Cturej 

Br. BalvM 1 Grtiem 8pe«I«c. 

Itc«nbeci*eh in » cut* ot t«t or coffee without 

the knowtexlen ot i, effecting r 

speedy or p) im awnt cure, whether tMuUI " "■ *" 

» lnoderttc u> alter or .-: »»■■.: klchohoUo « 

ThouMntlsrf truotanla havs beat cuirvd who 
have liiken th> tSoWea Specific ut tMr. sbA» 
Hithont their ^ik> wtedge, and tord*r .baUmittmr. 
t)uit drinking ot their owi tna will. So tarmEut 
effect rewolw from Iw •dHwAte^l«i. >OM«* 
guArmateed; Sendf or iaireaukr »od full part ictt- 
l*SB*c» Street. Ciacla^ji.0. 

-...- . . ; -%i 

A sponge eight feet id oireumf er- 
ettceison exhibition in a atoreinjfflir 
k'orfc ' ■' 

Buok<an?a Arnica SalT» ,,. 
Tli* i««t 8stn> in the world for Cuts, 
Bruise*. Sorea, Uttetii.SaH BhcWBi ¥*f ot 
Soms, Trtter.<ai*iHigdB«ad%Chilwlaiai 

itiTelycur«H Ptl«B or bo 
It ia HnArMiCr*! toj[iT«:.a 

»jreraDrf«d PrinaSetaiaacrB 

Poraaliibt If f Uirttai 

k •t*<vk^*ftfi>.* 

;B s^v. - '* Aw^ikJLA. 

la rough and pimply, or covered with 
blotches and sores, and you wont a 
clean, smooth skin and fair complex- 
ion, use Salphur Bittere. The beat 
medicine in such cases I ever sold. — 
C E. Scheffmdr & Co., Druggists, 
Lawrence, Mass. 

Gen. W. T. Sherman'fl 70th birth- 
day will oocur Feb. 8th, and the day 
will be fitly honored in New York 
city and many other places. 

Women wifh pale, colorless faces, 
who feel week and discouraged, will 
receive both mental and bodily vigor 
by using Carter's Iron Pills, which 
are made for the blood, nerves aad 

Aiphonso the baby King of Spain, 
ia pretty comfortably fixed financial- 
ly. His salary is $1,000,000. 

Wm. E. Dus-gin of the Boston Loan 
Co., 875 Washington street says: I 
recoommend Sulphw Bitters aa the 
very beat medicine lever used. There 
is nothing like them to give an appe- 
tite, toao up the system, and do awoy 
with that languid feeling which is so 
frequent among those confined in- 

.t S#t J— tlu i- "Do yoa 
tfcftak IV «•» laatfMf" VOfe, do. 
Ta^Mfijtt^ n^ilMHisityou^ 

Tba poat •ay* lha* "Tta tovawhteh 
aa^^th»i».«rtdg« round." It ahto 
aika Uw jwiig bu *'ax> ronnd^ 
qaita troqeMaUy Sunday night*.— To- 
fedo Coinmeroial. 

An artial* Im u uebaoge i» entitled 
< *HowtoIdT•oa»M,00w«year.' , We 
■honld think it mbjhiba done— if a 
man had the »»O,O00.— ^orrintown 

-4 Provokingf Aoflident— HuReum 
Pat Woman (in hone car, to oonduo- 
tor>— "Will yon ple««« lift up the 
gratlngf My hoiband, the living 
ikeleton, bas fallen underneath." — 
New York Sun. 

Lady (In furniture store, to new 
elerk^'Where are thoae handsome 
eideboard* that you had last week; 

Clerk (embarrassed)— Ob, I— er— I 
shaved them off day b«fore yesterday, 
ma'am.— Life. 

The Proper Penalty .—Contributor 
—How much ought I to got for that 

Editor— You ought to get about fif- 
teen years.— Life. ■ ■' 

HIb First Sensible Act.— Awkward 
Poet (backing away from the editor 
and falling into the waste basket)— 
"D-dear mel I'm alwayB making 
blunders." Editor—"On the contra- 
ry, my dear sir, you have done a most 
sensible thing."— Philadelphia Press. 
Tailor— "You promised me faithful- 
ly yesterday morning that you would 
eall in and eettla for that suit last 
night, if it rained pitchforks." Cus- 
tomer— "Yes, I know; but it didn't 
rain pitchforks."— Time. 

Teacher— Tommy, what did our 
Savior inedn when he said to Peter: 
From henceforth thou ahalfc catch 

Tommy — I suppose he meant Peter 
was going to be a policeman. — Texas 

Old Lady (on ocean steamer)— Mer- 
cy met Is this all one ship? 

Traveled Granddaughter — Why, 
yes, grandma, and we haven't walked 
a quarter the length of it yet. 

'Land sakes! How near will we be 
to Europe when we get to the other 
end?"— Hew York Weekly. 

An exohahge prints the loltowing 
suggestive dun: "Delinquent §ub- 
scribers are hereby warned not to let 
their daughters wear this paper for a 
bustle, as there is considerable due 
on it and they might take cold."— Un- 
identified Indiana Paper. 


lieOc* to Prant 

j j jB hn h, ■» u?^5«Jr*rf oSCT 

nqm< 10 pnMbl Mr -hinv -lUt ati 

— " -im!. M> -vnord to um •rtasrfaT 

'y ntwwd . aailcwxi. «c fa* mm M 

mrtM>;b«Mat->thta crwuto^ -t*a. 

' .PhMK^A^lute^/iri^tbA-^amTavC 
>ftt VUkHM. ot: vmm,.: X^jl- 
; ™ fc -*f«'lW*, IMS 

President Caxnot'e wife on Christ- 
mas day gave;eaeh of 400 children g 
savings bank book with a $10 da- 

Te-Nigng and Va-fdoraon Night- 

And each day and night during 
this week you conget at all druggists' 
Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and 
Langs, acknowledged to be the most 
successful remedy for the core of 
Cougbe, Croup, Bronchitis, Whoop* 
iug Cough, Asthma and Consumption. 
Get a bottle to-day and keep it al- 
ways in the house, so you can cheek 
your cold at once. Price 60c and $1. 
Sample bottle free. 88w4 

According to Sir Edwin Arnold, Ed- 
gar A. Poe and Joaquin Miller are 
tbe two American poets wbo are sure 
to live forever. 

■Site Exeieemeat Hot Oves 

The rush on the druggists otill con- 
tinues and daily scores of people call 
for a bottle of Kemp's Balsam for the 
Throat and Lungs, for the cure of 
Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma 
and Consumption. Kemp's Balsam, 
the standard family remedy, is sotd 
oh. a. guarantee and never fails to 
give entire satisfaction. Price 60a 
and$l* Trial size free. 88w& 

The widow of Schuyler Colfas lives 
very quietly at South Bend, Ind. 
with a son, Schuyier Jr., & manly 
young fellow who absolutely- idolizes 

Make No Mistake.— If you have 
made up your mind to buy Hood's 
Sarsaparilia do not beindiicedtotake 
any other. Hood's Sarsaparilia is a 
peculiar medicine, possessing, by vir- 
tue of its peculiar combination, pro- 
portion and preparation, curative 
power superior to any other article of 
the kind before tbe people. For all 
affections arising from iiapore blood 
or lo.w state, of th« system It is ane 
quailed. Be sure to get Hood's. 

In Talmage's new tabernacle, now 
building, pews renting for $18,000 
have been taken— not at auction 
heretofore— and there are provisions 
for 3^000 tree seats in tbe galleries. 

Those unhappy persons who suffer 
from nervousness and dyspepsia 
should use Carter's Little Nerve Puis, 
which are inada expressly for sleep- 
less, nervous, dyspeptic, sufferers. 
Price 25 cents! 

The youngest millionaire in New 
York, if not in the world, is Mareball 
O. Roberts, who Is worth $5,000,000, 
and only ten years old. 

SHILOH'S COUGH and Consumption 
Care is sold hy »» on a iwntN. It 
cares Coum tnptioD. Sold by H. C. 
Gimter. :;■■■ 8Si 

Muffs are gradually becoming larg- 


Lustrious mohairs and alpacas 
come in all tbe new colors for spring 


Camera hair serges in light quali- 
ties will be worn in the spring for the 

Velvet stripes and broaehe stripes 
will come as borders for the new 
spring woolens. 

Gray kirmmer is in great favor 
with young ladies to complete gray 
or black C03fcume8. 

Fur shoulder capes will be worn all 
the spring with wool dresses not pro- 
vided with a jacket to match. 

Printed veiling for tea gowns has 
very large flowers all over the surface 
or merely s, border of Sowers to a 
solid colored fabric. 

Nun's veiling of heavier quality 
than heretofore, with a border in 
self colored or black stripes or fig - 
uses will be worn the coming sea- 

The earliest importations of wool- 
ens for spring and summer gowns 
are cheviots in small checks, large 
plaids and stripes of new, colors 
to be made up in tailor styles of 
simple designs. 

A woman in ■■:']aVwtI*o^W:*h9hiis 
been committed over; 8*0 time* for 
drunkenness, ha» just died in a polio* 
cell. Who it able for this? 

D. H. CASE^ Broker. 

-OH- ■ 

Watcfcw, Diamonds* Jewelry, 
Pnrniture > in uae, without w- 
EntmtoL Vataable Notw 

Belle Boyd, who is engaged in relat- 
ing her alleged romantic, iiair-breath 
blood-curdling adventures during -the 
war, was stopping at the Girvin 
House, Little Falls where her bill a- 
mounted to $40. The clerk went up 
to her room and presented the bill. 
She protested against tbe amount 
and authorized her husband to ejec 
the clerk. The "clerk was too much 
for the husband and th* encountei 
was transferred to the hall and be- 
came decidedly interesting to tne 
speotators who bad gathered to wit- 
ness the fray. Belie could no longer 
see her husband suffer from the pow- 
erful blows of the clerk and without 
wafting to arrange her toilet she rush- 
ed to the fray, rescued her husband 
and bora bint triumphantly to her 

In Latin the meaning of Sales is 
Hail, Qod Save Youl" used as a 
greeting when the eastern plague 
scourged the cities of Europe. By 
promptly using safe and reliable rem- 
edies we can sava ourselves from 
many plaguing discomforts, itehings 
and irritations from all causes, insect: 
bites, plant poisonings, catarrh;,, ifn- 
fianied and sort eyes, salt xheain, 
bona, ulcerations, piles, felons, soft 
corn** ; tetter, chopping, chafing* ring- 
worm, barnc, scalds, cbildblains, frost 
bitvs, enla and broisM whlob ar* rap* 
idly and permanently cured by Cole's 
Carbolbmi™, ihe only inialhble beal~ 
ing preparation ever devleed. Small 
boxes S5 eento; Large boxes 90 eents. 
Sold br aU draAcietB. 

1 A« Inveator is about to fnlroduee 
hiiw lliatfor 
a Aiekoi will pres en t the payer a pbo- 
tograph of hfseseW lajpet three mhv 
■tee froea Um tisse be drops in tb* 

Tbe total bank-lag Oapstal o< tto 
Uated Mat** f* $717,««MML TlteV 

Acqs th»y would be •Imoit pric*l*M to tboia 
who auffer from this diatrMtini; complaint; 
but fortuBftteb* their foodnMs doea not end 
bers, M&d thoM who once tiy (hem vilt finJ 

thetolJtiWpflliitlunWelinw "" 

lhaj will not b» willing to d( 
Sat ri«r«u tick ta*l 



w« nmlfo our gro*t boMt. Our pills cure i! 
vthll? others &o not. 

OiKTss's Ltttls lins Pills «ro ^ery omall 
Kid veij euy to t*ks. One or two sills tnatia 
* doto. Tber »t» strictly ^egot»oieand do 
oot gripe or parge, out by their eentlo action 
pleue*Dwhauw e»m. lnvi»!3«tE3cenl3: 
fivo for fl. Sold «T«ywn*re, or sent by mail. 
041TU unesa 0D. ( S«r Jo*. 


, Jlesnsw *ml beautifies the liaii 
Iftromotei » luxuriant prowlh. 
N»v»r Fill* ia Bettors Qfiy 

, ..(«»«n»«l>»nrtruff«tiahiilrtalf 

'Jt ■;. WB.»»tltl.Wn1lDTOggHlt3.. 



Salvation Oil SSSK "lT'i'& 

Dr. Agol's Pills 

ArolarDOPERioKto anything ever nwdo torCys- 
peptla. Sick Headoche, Conatipalion. an<i purify- 
ing tti* Blood. Sugar coated. 

Sold by all Druggists. 

—Mads sir— 
D. Q. WEARB, M. D., Falrport, N. Y. 



Buy while it is Cheap ! 
Forest, Cleaaest, list. 



Three pom 
blned woiglit 
happy coupli 




:ho Ho. 


l»i lossy fef ttig jut lis 


VegetaUe Oil! 

Is as good as Linsaed .cheaper anJ guaranteed , 
Paints mixed wilh thlflOil do not fade! 
" 232 Union street, Olaan, N. Y. 

AGES m WAN fEI>. Si*nayc..if 
of all UjoU Agents y a know, a 
ymis copy "BEE. P. W.ZlsgfiJi 
sut £t. Phi'aJa., Pe. 

tan andaddregs 
i Co ,,730 iUeHt 

BtirtfiTrWertbleti la&atiess iBai 

will no* Weill, of 

Sbe Moat,Sawemtfai Remedy ever diMor. 
ero&as a tt i UectsnaA 6se» 

netJjMrtcr. fiewlproolbeloWt 


Okiics eyesistM a, smna. - 3 

EaEOEsojc J 

CmitMB Bat ji»» TBc-rrora Em© Scmer > 

I cneo<tiMhe»lltdmese*GB cutth. Ihsvc 

1 Souwtralyj 


| , Souwtraly, Qo* JL, issEO. 
Rape, FSo, Oafifaioj, Twisty KoltHsg, 

Cro«heliaa ITndcrwetr, Natsrclle , ^ _„„„. t .™ 

So«rSh , »jHi«iretogi»»yoiite*KiiK«f«lof wj 

«M flat ««» rtdo, Sal, bdt a ifss! faiP8ftSSSg?WSa&'SS 



sftr lecommend It to i 

*ffnttri^tf for hig&>cl*ss Ne«dleworJe 

sad SeeDative Emhrtsidery. 


_ Xm&o9 M»aafiicra«wio the World cf ■ j».aj.K«n>*i*ca, 

fg, mtbetitiSfotm&.'&SStSieimewoiK I wit* jota Xei&tif't Si*r!n£art. Ibsv* cored 

¥ »™ ^y «. ». -a I twBBtT'fir* koKM that had ttw&nmm, tan of 

V tad SeeDotive Emhrcidery. ki»bm ft«h» •Bated with ■■if1l««e»n4 

hooka ino followed the dlnctlofl^ % lucrm neiep 


»rto« »tte«e,ee i fteho*totefcAateB£ 
MmTM. B. 1. XMn**£Co.> ttoxtortSi UOaTn. 

SOLD BX ALSt »BUCr©Iffl». 



Kowsa FrenJeat sad Knoew ia 
; .-Eiwpeas- 


SpetdOr ead P w iuaueu tlr Cored by the 

Use of tbet WftUnoini Rtanh/, 

WltteCt Vdmm ** WH* Cken% 

etfeti oares CoeyM Bradkffe, Croep, 
Waeepfav Ceogfa, IaHaenza, Aethew, 
Cokb, UearaeaeM, Sore Tbndei; Fafaw 
m flcecem in tbe Cheat, Side and Bscfc. 
BHdb«stta«Laafe,Ac. 50cU.aadfi 
a-BesOe. Pwpeted lj Setb yf. ■■TmOm ■■*■". 
Sold by ell Draggbtt. 

j-,BkuA -«X~- --U 

r UCCA ( 


ISSSSriivsw^i-'iSis 1 





-V»«\ ^:-v-V 



"ni^tetafltaalMtf fflwWarftfaTtaw, to Aiiv^rtwHvOwiFMtBm. 8ms Ear Ow» baft*" 

TOLOIR 22 ITUiniVH 40 




■ T ■ ■■ ■ ■ - 

Single Cornea Thr«« Cuti 

CW; -Brwt Ha 

twian atacn early Ufa. '._... 

from which a* rt*rtr*d .**• fa#dl»ar stiln. nf 

f»c*M*t*iy -ppiM by *kirtmm<* , 'P*? 

con" Jjrow. *• H- »**»** 

WPIlaw Dr«MM T«na«wir, ■*"•*> 

■annul f — *~ J "* aW^rmvalwr- 

«* HU Ul»«n^> *rotnar, »t*i.nan »*«•- 

(«r Br^»-P«l»t«*J War* "* •*"■• **«■*■ 

iEx-Gownor William Bro»«, who died a 
few d*y« »'"». "** Vmm*nt jcovi-rnor of 
DUnoU during *b* «»'Uti« years of ISKt and 
■ « Hut te -*flr ^tt«r Unomi to tb«: public 
C c ''i>*con''Bro*,of Tho ChtaiRO TfOwna 
^ Ha was long tiio partner ol Joseph MedUl, 
nnd they two first "i««le The Tribune * groat- 
political power. During tho years 1M3 «»d 
<<H no journal in tii« went, and perhaps nons 
'fcv tho nation, bad mora Influence thsn Tlni 
Trtbunv, and fo* Won were s> active mid 
■vigilant in the cause of the Union us "»cv 
«oii" Brow. , „ „ „ 

He w«* born near Pert JerW«, N. T., Bov. 
'■■■■4-181^*1)4 received ids early education in 
jii!for4, Pa., graduating from Williams col- 
■'■■■■ legt in I&JS. Alter teaching ami sellinfj 
(*»!» roina Vgnri bo located in Chicago in 
■' May, 1S*H, "*bmi it wns, according tt> hiH ac- 
count, r»lb« tho flalfctffc, mnddfe-at «>d moat 
distressed looSiiag little city in tlio country. 
Sil A>*t venture iti journalism mm with Tho 
' rrairle Hernld. In September, \ffil, ho '»'d 
' John h. Scrips* founded Tbo Democratic 
Prss*. Two years later the Kausas-Nebruakn 
net reopened tho slavery Issue, Chicago be- 
came an anti-slavery stronghold anil "Den- 
eon" XlrW-a an enthusiastic Republican. Ami 
la tfcU faith ho remained ardent to tbo end of 
■ bli We. : r,i&. ' ,,,'., 

JH» career on Tbo fribunaaud during tho 
ww is o£ nationnl fame. Ho iff crotllteil with 
liaving diECovcwl a plot to burn Uio city 
aud release tbo priseaers at Gimp Douglns- 
Honidaiiu kObIhe tlio Twonty-nlntU rogl- 
munt icolorcil troops), at Uio iicnd of wiik-h 
5iia hrothur, Col, Joim A. Bros), was kiltetl at 
Jpfftoraborg, Va,, JulyilO. l«>t- Au Houtou- 
■nt governor anil proaiiliiiS "Olcor of tbo Illi- 
nois Bouat« lw signed two noteU documenw ho 
bad long labored fori tbo fltwtu'u ftdhesionto 
tho funondoioftt abolish ins Bl»vor^»d tbo 
rcpeol ot tin one* notorious "tibielc tows" of 
Illinois. &>oa altar U# tiindo tho mumorablo 
Journey to tho far wiafc I" tho party with 
Schuyler C'uirox, Samuol Bowlca, A. D. [llcb- 
ardson aud others. And thla trip fjuvo occa- 
«loa for the development of a romance 
■carcely pwttUoled ' oven in tho wild west, 
wboro so many wBifo of humanity low thoir 

Id hia tour through tho mining regions 
(mbm Mount Brass w*» mtmud for blm) 
ia*ny * nioiinWueor gmed curiously at htm 
«nd decbred that h* had bean a minor In 
Colorado many years before. Othora epoka 
of "«a accidental but certainly vory close 
reeemblaucw" to an old frontforsmao, one 
Stephen Decatur— visually called "Commo- 
dore," He returned to Chienfio. but vfeitors 
from Colorado oc- 
casionally lnRiiitod 

n« i* * 

v h 1 1 e tho 
1 Oo- 


catur of tbo mining 
regions bad becomo 
a rather prominent 
man, and people ba- 
ruu to quootlon 
him. Ho had loft 
Omaha for Colora- 
do in I860, and that 
wan us far back (is 
ho would talk about 

it of tho affair, Piatt did 


At length Governor Bross beard the 
immo and was considerably astonished, for 
ho hed ouco hod a brother named Stephen 
Decatur Bross. , ,, 

Tliat brother, in 1854, loft hia homo in Now 
Jersey for Now York city, ojnl was never 
again heard of. Governor Bross wont to Col- 
orado, and after a lengthy soar civ found Do- 
«atur's ranoii in tbo mountains— in it a "Mr«. 
Decatur," a comely Indian woman I hi a f«w 
miuutostho mountoiueor returnad. and woo 
recognized at once. 

"Stcpbcn, my brother, my long lost broth- 
er 1" almost eobbed tbo governor. 

Decatur for a fow minutes stood perfectly 
still, curiously oytos tho maa who had 
costedhtm. Then bo gruffly eaid: """- 

"Why, don't you know me, Stephen* I 
. am William Bj'oss, your oldest brother." 
"1 never saw you before in my lifo." 

"Why, Stephen Bross. how" 

"I tell you, sir, that you nro mistaken. 
My name is not Bross. 1 never board tho 
n&mo before. My namo is Decatur." 

"Yes, brother, I know it is— Jtepbeu Do- 
"Bo, sir; it is Stephen Decatur." 
In vain did Uovcruor Bross cito such proofs 
rs old sears and birth marks; they were all 
on Stephen's body, but ho "know no such 
roan as Bross." In 1STU Decatur wascoin- 
, niissioned to represent Colorado at thocen- 
tennlal, and visited Governor Bross for sohto 
■ days at Chicago,, but made no.sign. Ho was 
long's familiar figure at Georgetown, Colo., 
aud there I maio hi3 acquaintance in the cum- 
mer ot 1874. ft littlo over ten years previous- 
ly I had becomo familiar with tho features 
of "Deacon" Bross, and had personal cnuso 
.10 rememboy them, as he was tlio first man 
"-.: -who ever employed mo iu newspaper work— 
though ii was but tor three weeks. Liko 
r ' toany otners, I saw in "Commodore" Deca- 
tur a marked resemblance to some ouo I had 
fenawn, but could.not name tbo man. 

A year later, however, I became well ac- 
quainted with tho "commodoro," and then, 
. liavina meanwhile heard tho story, I saw in- 
numerable evidences oi tbo relationship. It 
-J was not chiefly in tbo pei-sonal resemblanca 
,, -r-though that was very marked— It was in 
; th» eitreraely positive maimer of speaking, 
;. ; ■'■.■ 'ib* direetness of aAldrosaand, in moraoutsof 
':' :■ «citeniQnt, tbo quick flash of tho clear oyo 
. ! .,. from, ttador ..its peculiar' "tbatcb." IV 
. Vj'^TEunodpreV eyebrow .was even more no- 
■: tiCMLole^toau thatof tlw "deacon," each par- 
v.tkuJju-h'air sending straight out'froiii its 
busoaud glvinscii appearanco of aiutKtural 
promineacu to tlifttliegcd percopUvc facul- 
ties. Surely nature never gave two men 
• - jweii identical qualitb* by mora accident. 
t :'.-.■" 'i "Doftcon" Brow was a quick snough judge 
&~vam W jttittty tlttt . promioMic* of tho 
.^. -f^'-^i^rcwptivMS' tbo ''comraodor*' 1 .if*sa 
M'.;--. ! -;.4irta"l^r pi-ompt iudgo of nature. Of all tie 
) : : ; ^'^^V£Mni*tiau4^*b»utS»'c^6wi»«RdtU^ores 
■"■:■: inthMn, as weUasof th» timb«r and other 

tttt I • formed ta* idea th,at his judg- 

: .vi*M»t,voi: awtt '**s notbiug-tp boast of, H& 

- : .; - was quit* an authority on aiming matters, 

■■■=#% andaa object of curlositr to visitor* from 

-:-^'-; tie Mtt. F#W doubted liisidwUty, but back 


(o, "DonMiUc broublM*' was. Um iar w«et- 

«ra vudKt,«t «ours«,for in tbossdaysmany 

* iaaa <mb wart ''knaw how it was himself." 

- ,Bbq>a*ik Dacator (Bros*, if yoa wUI} diad in 

IMS, having tnadano sign. 

■"' - - WHliam Bross, ia 183U, married ta» only 

^fao&tefit Dc. JohaT. Janaab, of Qcahen, 

^ S. Y..bjWBowbabada*«htchddrBo. Only 

o «a* t* tbaaa wtrvivad hum aha bawgUiw-wif* 

-. «i Banry 1>. Loyd, a wall ■powanawapapae 

two. TIm yaar tollowi»c U* (real Chicago 

flra snarbsd tha culmwUoa of Qovaruor 

BnarkUn. Rananad banalf aaaldaous- 

If «abrts«ra»ar udfcsasSM tfaa reluMbv 

•fitoeJir iBOsasnirhtosawdaasaddnn 

hsjwatha ratW a— iWsm ot ttaNa* Tort 

raw whtah aHnctad wMa 

Vtrj Miieb Talk**- <H Stow* *«•* 

A ««"■ Yorker wlm bait baeo niucfc tajkad 
of duriiiK Iha exciwmeut ov«- ttia propoaod 
World'* fair in tWM is th* Wf>«. Tbomaa Vol- 
IWr Piatt, who may '*• twind durirrfc tba 
city sassori, whenever h« wanW'W b«i:at. th« 
pwsfdnot'* offices of the tfttUftd Statga Ex* 
presi! foirtpany or' tho Fifth A««M» hotel. 
When be ivnn innrlo president of ilia hoard of 
liujtrnntint' cniiimfssloiiera it *a» aHeRed that 
bo was a linn r.-ftidont of tli«, city, and he 
was c«f»i»cll«;t! to ttvp down ««d oat, but that 
did not di:;roura;;o him tit i-b* least, lib 
Iiousib.tbl quartern, at th« Fifth Avcouo nro 
too tempting; for any bard working city man 
to Abandon so long as liocnn *t*vo off tho 
iandjord's prfKs^.i, wlilcj* bo can do by dim- 
ply paying bitt bills, no mattw w!i«i» ho 
registers! ok a voter. 

PlriiL's tall form and inasaivo featurea may 
oi'tiHi In- d«u.' In tlio crowd ihot tiaunicra 
aloiii? Hi'- lobby of l ho ln>t«l after itown town 
oilloo Iwira. OnMally ho Steps np to tlio 
ttintU'u ticket offlco *ad seki'ta plftc&i for 
hiniaoiriiud fnmily nt KOtnoof tlio boc.t, places 
of nmu-*'«i™t. Tho play fo Ida great recre- 
ation, tw it is tiiut of mor,E men of nffnli s-tho 
play niul life family. When notnt tlio play 
of nn evi'tilriff ho in in lib rooms witJi bis 
homo [;<.).!». Of co«r«o, bolus tlio netivc fac- 
tor in polltlcsithat bo is, and tho Fifth Avenue 
hotel lii-inn the hciidcpiartent of his party, bo 
devotes a reception room to Senator So and 
Hound the member from Homowair wlnin- 
cvtr they will to confer on tbo r.ituntion. But 
tht'Ko ttittii;n <i L ,^iot twigh onoitgli on bis 
onpucitic^ to mnlw him a incri> Inndon iinarcr 
fur lini public. 

Hr». rinilniid Ibo younger riu!t;t, to say 
iKithiiiC of liiiH'soif . 
pet ft great de4il of 
tlio ox-Ecuator'a nt- 
tontion. If ha 
hIiouIiI not (yot 
nKain tho senato- 
rial Kent that ha 
threw overboard in 
o hull fn 1H31, it 
lookH na thounb it 
will never boenid 
^.if him that bo died 
y iiioltcn while 
ryinc for it. llo 
i .mo of tho most 
oninl of mon in 
ittionffnlrfl, and is 
a perfect muster In 
mnaldus if bo to not hnppy na tho world 

' Mr. Piatt apeitdu tho heated term os most 
How York business men do. lie ha 1 ) a har- 
bor Bomnwliero iieer Kow York, so that his 
business Mini) not miner, nud of conrso ho 
makes a long trip occasionally, Ono of bis 
"outing" cxporlmentH lira recently glvon him 
a. coally experience, not without profit, proba- 
bly, In tho usual way. At anyj'iito 
elro got the inonoy 

Tho way itoccarreil wno tbnfcho found oueb 
o pleasant summer boanllnc nookout on tho 
slopou of Shinnemunlc mountains in Orange 
county, thot ho was pleased with tbo proupeci 
to tho tuno of $40,000 to *3O,0O0, which ho in 
vested in a country home. Ho bought over a 
hundred acres ot tbo foot of tho mountain, 
built a magnificent Quoon Anno, established 
his Bon there- as farmer and manager, and 
reserved for bimsolf nnd tbo main household 
apartments that should Borvo as a summer 
annex to bis parlors at tho Fifth Avenue. 

Rut "'twas over thus;" ho hod summered 
on tho Sbinnomunk two seasons. Ho was 
not supposed to winter there awl *i07or tried, 
yer. somehow those two mimmora had not ro- 
vcaleil the possibilities of Shinnomnnk in | 
deathly loneliness, so unlike tbo avenue, and 
Newport, nnd Saratoga, that the heart of 
num. quailed before tlio prospect of a life sen- 
tonco there oven for summorsonly. True, tho 
valloy prospect, with Cromwell loko nestling 
ntouiy itmilo'M distance, was charming. A 
short climb would bring tho noblo Iludson 
into vlow. Yet, ns naympatliotic friend who 
has been ttiore expresses it, you leave all the 
loveliness behind yon, climb tlio mountain 
road up tbo gentto nlopo, pass bouso after 
house until you como U> tho lost, which IsTom 
Piatt's, nnd there imiot nnothor within five 
mile* of it. No, nothing but a dismal waste 
of mountain Mich as no acclimated New York- 
er in his rlc;ht senses could over look upon na 
home. Tlio Queen Anno, farm and all, with 
viows nnd'prospeeLi, nrofor sale, and tho iouo- 
Hness will lw thrown in as n sort of. » chromo 
aecompun i men t. 

Thfe matter of louollness certainly never 
troublosuinanof Sir. Piatt's connection? in 
bis Kow York home during times of political 
excitement. Then in vain bo sighs for his 
wilderness lodge, for sinco bo will bo a mogul 
in public affairs ho must face tbo inevitable 
and meet innumerable callers whoso missions, 
however important to themselves, are, value- 
less to him. At his business offices it is easy 
to mauaae, liko tho Irishman's master, to "go 
out twisht to the waust hocomesin," for thoro 
are outyide fwntinels, hisido sentinels aud 
thiols alt along tho lino to give evasive 
awers when the Toms, Dicks and Harrys do- 
tnand to see air, Piatt 

At hia hotel the problem is not so easy, but 
when he is in and does not want to be, to tbo 
ruthless invaders, ot privacy tbo hotel clerk 
answers to all call -=-ra -who ask, "la Mr. Piatt 
hero*" a sweet and smilbis "I don't know!" 
Now, if tho clerk doesn't know— and as ho 
says ho doesn't it is probably true— who does 
know? Tho register will tell tho dato of bis 
last formal arrival, which may be ten days 
or a month back. Tho givcj|»way toy in 
his room bos is no guide, becssw» bis family 
are always in possession. The. corridors ara 
guarded and are 'passable- oaly to those hav- 
ing aright there, mid tho only way !■» find 
out whether the ex-senator is tu or not is to 
watch tho several esita of .'tbo plac* oatU he 
triestoget out. Thou tbo interviewer gets 
bis inning if ho bavo tbo atrengta loft to 
claim it. . - 

To Xusnre. Promptness. 

There is nothing UUo careful attention to aa 
employer's wishe3 on the part of a servant. 

Bridget's mistress gave bar two lattars to 
mail at Uio letter box on tba cotnsr. . 

"Did you put thosa letters lu tbs boatT' 
asked her mistress, a iittlatima Sitsrward, 

'•Och, sure, ma'am, so I did," said Bndgat, 
"an' scciu'as vcu've tif ten tould ma that rva 
not been careful, I Mfcpsdi« to put laths box 
flrstav tlio tiro the lettar that ja narks* 
•Immayjiatat' "—Youtb* Compasuott. 


■ .-. . L«*# lftWial faw*wl a » T i ; ,y;, : . 
at -'Washiogto*- **• bwnto* of Barrssary 
Tracy's Hi- mssaoQ aarf Iba truly baartmaV 

■to(*rtijaa»«wWffc' ■■■-■-'■■■■■- - : 

acMtapaaiad: it 
PmUI has ItHferf 

baan bo*y o< lata in^ 


net oftlwis. &x-r«-: 

tsry Tracy h 

t<mgM «>• bo«' 

lawly occupied, .by! 

Don Dickinson, 

pMtmwtcr gf i« ralyl 

uhdcsr tii'e C!«*e-SA 

Innd . wdntlnistra- : --.,i« 

Mon.- Uopaid#V>,- "" 

## for i'., end ex- luil 

ponded several tti(Hi5ands 

and, though this i* scarcely a th 

such a matter, ibo pecuniary .loss laa-aenous 

Stood faciiJsFftiragoC sqnsrs, 
in tlw moa* arfeto- 
er/ilio :part of tlis 
city, snd was tbor-; 
oiighly modern in, 
niylo nnd fiUppHod 
with the latest con- 
venience*, Thosec- 
rotsry had addftl a 
story andotherwis* 
enlarged tho build- 
ing; bo bad bought 
U l>y tbo ftdvfco, 
ono miabt «ay by 
fntcmtTAift tSA'tnr. thojwrsotialr^iwsit 
of iWonsttr-.' Oooaurt ' >Wsafcim*(? , t "who 
had iuRtbonjclitftresideuoo. Ba bad often 
exprinml «reat satisfflctlon over tho,pur- 
cbowa and .talked.. forward to jspendlitg the 
leisure bourn of hia term in great homo com- 
fort and racial cheer. But; death ban sud- 
denly *pposi'«d'.opon*«oectnin,ciwl thoWack- 
ened tittoBf tbo Ittto beautiful mansion ia now 
tho moat molanolioly [ilucoin Wa-sblDgton. 

Tiio'-pccalittf: condition ot B^vcrnmeut af- 
fairs -placed Secretary .. T^-acy .with hia 
great work' before bim. In Hew, Yorkclty, 



Carnival w«k *■ * t**j- -pa^tUiar Itoa 
Ihroogbout Mta mnpiraoC.tSMiasan. Pmpim 

his* awl low, rifife and poor/ wlibo«frd*»tb»e- 
tionof ap* Of siWC,eiv», tfas«ns*lvef »p «n- 
Urefytofrolicartd gmid^lwer lor tfew.wfaoVs oC 
tho week jwecedinf t*nt, wbieb to: stricfly" 
Sfeaervsa by at teaat (B par e«nt ot «*• 
IsarV subjects. Many ars to« qosar obsscr- 

pw«^-u. a CwVt 


soldier hia fanio 
Is nationa.1, ITo 
ranked Rt. tho ycry 
top of tbo l!rooi;lyn 
bar, and by tall, 
distinguished look- 
iiiU person was a 
familiar -fit;uro ,ln. 
tho Wow York eity 
courts. Ab major 
general in ■ tho war 
for tho Union, ns 

United States district attorney for tho oast^ 
orti district of New York In tbo administra- 
tion of Grant, ns judgo or tho court of ap- 
peals, as counsel in tho ileeeher-Tiltou case 
and many other man has 
been more honored nnd highly rcsjtected than 
Oon. Scnjiuniti F. Tracy. 

Tit A 05. 


l IIoi 

prom » Wflinily niiirHlnil 

Afr«lil at Nothing. 

Out. in Indian territory thoy bavo some 
queer people. A corrcspoiMleut of Tho How 
York Sun, writing from McAllister, I. T., 
mentions tho death recuutly of c man named 
Burton Colbert. 

Colbert was !il years old at tho time of hia 
death. Tho sou of a farmer noor Utiea, N. 
Y., bo got Into trouble when ho was 20 and 
skipped to Fort Smith, Ark. 

Ono day while ho was piloting a. drummer 
thoy' were iii a fitoro kept by an- Indian. 
TIici-o happened to be a dozen mon, mostly 
half breeds, nbout who auc-mpted to get 
away with tbo drummer's goods. Colbert 
turned in and shouting "Hands upl" en- 
forced tho order by killing two of thorn, 
whereupon ovory man took to flight. Col- 
bert ordered the drummer to "gather up bis 
duds," und then drove him hastily away. 

Over in the Creek nation was a family by 
tho name of Crenshaw, They wero bona 
thieves by vocation, and practiced hishway 
robbery as »a n vocation They bad umr- 


slices connected with this time, called in tho 
popular parlanCd "Masllnnitxa," Which means 
"Butter Week." This appallatfoa to derived 
from tlio fact that, accordlne to thenilesof 
tlio Creek chwroh, carnival week is to bo cet 
apart as-preparatory to tb» black fast kept 
up throughout tlio seven weolw that Lent 
lnsto. Already meat 13 probibit«<J from nsa 
durb»s carnival week, thounb butter, milk, 
and cgg-i (all of which are also forbiddon to 
tho ortljodoif during I*nt> are- allowed, fo bo 

Well do I remember a young KngllsbmsS, 
who assured me, in all earnestness, that car- 
nival la called "Butter Weak" fa Russia, bs- 
caut^o tho nativea aro in tho habit ot suspend- 
ing o. large piece of butter on a strbag from 
tho coiling of tho dining room of each honco, 
every member of tbo household coming up 
end taking a bito at it now and tlton. How, 
this 13 a very funny concoption, bat still I 
must beg loavo to repudiate such a baca re- 
flection on tho good iMf*» ftbd efpso of my 
countrymen. Butter is ea.t«u >n large quan- 
tities, it is true, butj not in th* manner sug- 
gested by my smart British friend. It 1b 
carved melted hot aC every meal of tho car- 
nival week, to bo cat*n with buckwheat 
cakes, called "bllny," of which there nro con- 
cumed onormous quantities, many a young 
fellow making wagora to cut as many ns 
tweuty-9 vo cake3 at ono sitting. Tbeso buck- 
wheat cakes— Jhoeamo ns are used thropglv 
out tho States— are served as hot as poasiblo; 
often, for variety's aako, chopped e#ga nro 
mixed with the dough, or else a peculiar kind 
of diminutive- fiab, an inch orEoin length, 
which is called "enotky." 

a palaca that is aaid tona 
outlinss, of as large propottisas awl 
appoiittinanta aaaay ic* palaea awsr iMiH, si 
CsaMda for tbc frolic art up Jar aaralvai 
wssk. This is jiiasliigly a a»w dapartnra fas j 
at. IMtsrabure, an lnsts*ttom-s<:'lnw Swssss»- 
fntjcntnraof th« Canada, eafwsfnl, : ya« fa '--. 
»»et it is only a r« viva! of old (nvan- 

tlon. As far back as in th« winter of 13SM0 I 
tba Auwiait empress, Anna loannovna, bad 
nmansion of solid bricks of ice erected^ In 
that mansion was celebrated tbowaddfmr <X 
two ugly dwarfs, holding at that titna posi- 
tions of court- jesters to tho empress, and tha 
highest arid* niigbtioet Russian magnsMa 
danced then in tbo ice mansion at tha ball 
Riven by tbo empress in honor of tha nawly 
wedded pair. 

OX conrso. In country places all such pop- 
ular- amusements are carried on on a ixnsiter 
scale, thoro being no benevolent municipali- 
ties there, nnd, in public fundsayail- 
ablo to malio any appropriations from. Yet 
buckwheat ciubo eating and fast sleighing at* 
indulged on ovcry nido— tbo cheapest and 
most popular mode of amusement among tha 
young peopto being mar^uerading. Tbs 
girls put ou mcu'o clothing, blackening their 
oyebrowa with burnt cork, pasting beards of 
tow on their fresh young faces, wbila Sis 

I s^nWnwSstawsmwnV ^ | 







Sl*lk»»ry ana Beat 
8«(Mk ot 




»— ec^aisgrr" irii 


■* i—* 





BuBinesa Cards. 

sii«ss,*v<r ri^unt: 

Slsut^ 1 

Paper Hanging 

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»ac«rMini:h»iha»»tMyb>;. B»per Hauglnc 

Offlw ana Shop Knst Street, near Eocbstter, 

lusm-ance A.g©nts.. 

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Office at tho Pulton Savings BauK. 



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OKSco£iouistilira. m. IS to 3 p.'5" 

p. ra. ami Saturday afternoons. Social 

attention given t» diseases of woman 

an J children. 

[lored a number of 
crimes had boon 
lacking. In March 
tho (our men carao 
to Fort Gibson to 
attend court, and 
McDerniott, tho 
liveryman, recog- 
nized two of tho 
tho prop- 

but proof of tbo 

■rty < 


living iii Cherokee- 
county, Kan. War- 
rants for tbo four 
thieves were Issued 
nnd delivered -to botitoh Colbert. 
Colbert and five 

other marrhels, who wero detailed to make 
tho arrest. By soma means not known the 
Creu'jbaws beard that tho warrants wero out, 
and getting their horses they rodo quietly out 
of town. 

A race for it was oil tliat was left It fell 
to Colbert to follow tho old mau alone. Col- 
bert turned back to tho Arkansas valley, 
making straight for tho Crenshaw cabin on 
tbo north fork of Polecat creak. He had 
onco stopped at Crenshaw's und know the 
family. While considering what he should 
do Colbert saw Crenshaw's daughter slip 
away from tho house and go off up tho creek 
alone. He followed her carefully until she 
sat down on a mossy bank 200 -yards away. 
Ho saw that she kept looking up tho stream 
os if ea^octing someone. He saw that the 
girl was looking for a lover, and determined 

Notwithstanding '.the abstinence &a joined 
by tho church, gluttony reigns supremo dur- 
ing the week in question; all classesof tho 
people eat buckwheat cakee ftnd drink mora 
than is goad for them— in hovels as well as io 
tho palaces. Among well to do peoplo "bliny" 
parties ore organized oa all ElSes— tbs mono 
ganerally consisting of eups of clenr "feowU- 
lon, n soveral cnurses of hot "Winy" or buck- 
wheat cakes, some game and alight r kind of 
pastry, nothing but champaKn* being drunk 
at such a meal. Masqiiernda balls, dancing 
andtheatro parties prevail among tberica, 
but neither aro the lower classeaof .tba-citieB' 
forgotten at that time, Tha municipality of 
ovory city causes larga barracks to be erected 
on tho best availablo open space inside -fee 
city Um*ts, and in those barracks cheap com- 
edy is enacted, all kinds of carioeties and 
freaks aro o^Ktsed, panoramaa ara displayed, 
and last, but by no means least, "Poneb and 
iJudy" aro shown in all their glory— in Russia 
just as in England, the clubbingof tha police- 
man being tha most popular fsaturs of the 
show.- ■ ' ■■ 

Klaewbera on the same space great swings 
are erected, and thosa *re almost as well'-pa- 
tromiedby tbo lower classes as ax» tb&isa 
mountains near by. These mountains, some 


fellows put on fur coats wrong sido out and 
occasionally walk, grurablingiy, on all fours 
personifying bears, while others again make 
upas goats and spin round on stilts. Par- 
ties of young village people parado tho 
streets in such disguises to tbo accompani- 
ment of a harmonium or a guitar and tho wild 
yells of tbo delighted small boy. 
" 'iiowvery widespreadaretbemode3of cele- 
brating carnival obtaining in Russia proper is 
shown by the fact that even tho Oeetio3, in 
the faraway mountainous Caucasus, eagerly 
avail themselves of the least fall of snow in 
order to organize a. kind of tobogganing in 
their own fashion. 

Many observances portalning to tho pagan 
period of Russian history ara revived in tho 
popular customs prevailing at carnival, tho 
most curious among such being the "Burn- 
ing of tho Carnival in Efilgy." This custom 
is upheld mostly in the provincial places dis- 
tant from tlio capital, and quite a curious 
end significant custom it is—of indisputably 
pagan origin. A largo efflgy of the Carnival 
—or, more properly speaking, of tha Winter- 
is mad© out of straw and rags tied with ropes. 
This efilgy ia seated in a sleigh, a broom is 
stuck in its hand and au old wheel set on a 
pole at its back. 

Tho villagers, young and old, walk by tha 
sleigh, laughing, joking, dancing and sing- 
ing, wbila o young fellow— the readiest wit 
the community affords— is seated on the edge 
of the sleigh and, holding a sheet of white 
paper in his liand, is pretending to read from 
it the decree of capital, penalty against the 
Carnival. The young fellow's improvisation 
runs smoothly as he proceeds to tell is 
that Carnival has incurred condemnation, 
who wero tho people it led into temptation, 
and wbat aro tbo means for them to reform— 
foremost among wliicb is to burn tbs naughty 
Carnival This last ritois performed amidst 
much frolic and jollity in, tbo first field outside 
the village. 

Serious inTestisators of Russian folk lora 
and national customs are most positive in 
their assertions that tho burning of the Car- 
nival is but » survived of the olden time 
pagan burning of the Winter. Withthecar- 
aivsl tbo winter amusements are at an end, 
as well as tao winter frosts, and the efilgy of 
Winter isburned then by way of emphasising 
tho fact that it has So mala way for spring 
and warmth, which tatter, in *a burning 
of tho Carnival, is represented by the wheel 
set on a polo against tho effigy's back, a 
wheel; being thesyiaboUe personification of 
tbo sun, and that not only among the Slavs, 
but likewise among the nations of Gernianlc 
origin. Mas, B. Ma66ajiah. 

Ma PiliS 
Ulste Pills 
lisbB Pills 
Slebe Pills 

Wortli Five Dollars a Box. 

Globe Pills 

to take this lover's place. Carefully slipping | sixty and even seventy fees high, are built in 
around until above the girl on the bank, bo ;. WOO d, with ica frocen down on their sloping 
took her in his arms almost before sho knew , sides. Peopleniceudtfaemountnaibynstair- 
c-f his presence. Creek maidens, like whits i case at the back of it, take a- seat on one of 
maidens, admire a dashing lover, and thisj the sleighs that are on tursandslidedownto 
gb-1 reeoguized Colbert the moment she saw j $ ae the 

him. What becameof the lover fcnotlmowa; | pi,^ extends an oblong : track, on which the 
some folks think Colbert killed liiin. r rich merchants with toeirfainfliei parade in 

Ibrtimately, the girl bad not heard that < ^ their beat tornonts. InRunsiaitiaanundMi- 
Colbert was a deputy marshal, sated fact that the richest appointed turn- 

to tbo house insido oE two hours, and when, outs and tha bast ttt^mg: horsaa ara owned 

%k Pills 
m Pills 


\rn admitted by thousands to 
be worth Five UolIaraaBox for 
Nervous and Bilious disorders, 
such as wind and paia in the 
stomach, sick headache, glddl- 
»— fullaesB and swelling after 
s.dizslnesBimd dm-Sittess 
cold chills, (IuseIdbb «C, heatj 
loss of appetite, Ebcpitn-sa ot 
breath. coetiveneH, bloiebes on 
skin. dUturbed sleep, frightful 
dreams, and all nervous and 
trembling aeoistkma, *o. Every 
sufferer & earnestly invited to 
try ono box of these Pills and 
they will bo acknowledged to 
be Warth ITlvfl Dallars » 

For females Of all ages (hes» 
Pltfa are mvaluable, as a f«n 
doses of them carry off all hu- 
mots, and bring nbout all that 
Is reqdlred. Ho female sbould 
be without them. There la no 
medicine to be found to equal 
the GLOBE PHXS for re- 
moving any ooatrucaion or ir 
-igUlarlty of the system.. If 
_tken according to the direc 
tioos given with each box, they 
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& to sound and robust health, 

_ f or a w<-afcstomach, impaired 
digestion, and ail disorders of 
tholivei-.they act like -HAQIO." 
and a few doses will be found to 
work tro&dera upon Uio most 
important organs in tee human 
machine. They strengthen tho 
whole muscular system, restore 
the long-lost complexion, bring 
back the keen edge of appetite 
and arouse to action with the 
E03EBUD of health tho whole 

physical energy ot the human frame. These aro 
tho "FACTS' r admitted by. thousands, embracing 
all classes of society, and one of tie best guaran- 
tees to the nervous and debilitated Is that the 
GLOBE PILLS have tho largest sale of any 
medietas in the world. 

In boxes, pries 


Tlao Oifi K«Uab!o 

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AU kiudu of Criminal nnd Civil c^aa 
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pane of Hie Union. All com- 
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In twelve oc%to volumes of 600 pages each. 1H 
separate end complete histories, 1,399 fllostra- 
trationa. 10.0M pages. By twenty well-known 
authors and scholars. 

The material la all NEW and bae boea prepared 
specially for this work, A grapblo account of the 
great puppies of the world from the earliest times 
to the present day ; showing the influence of eacb 
nation on the progress of eWISsatioa. Intensely 
interesting and most instructive. It Is pro- 
nounced by all: "The finest historical work ever 

'■THs series is Incomparable in Instructive val- 
ue to .students and general readers."— Boston 

"Prepared as It is by our best writers upon the 
subject, the series will become a VALUABLE 

€««?£• Ancurtu* Sain. 
Georga Augastns Henry Sola, whose re- 
cent marriage to his amanuensis, Miss Bessie j 
Staanerd, has attracted attention au»« to | 
bim, is by no means tho greatest of living ■ 
uuhiuduv" ~- join^alisfa,bnthBeertaEnIyhashadtberao3t ^ 
All around the ■ -iremarkable experiences in the way of hap- [very liberal terms. 

IJBRABY of oatfocal history."— N. Y. Sehoo 

"The publishers have placed American readers 

under obligations. "—National Presbyterian. 


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With tu iatntun lt«hla« ( dt«, hot 
nktu, . ofteii brokftB iato |Munnii 
w aeb, and Ox ttcU* watery p*m p'aa. 

by rich n»arch*nt«; Tery few paopla ; nmong 
the nobility cara nbont having bloodad horses, 
except Some persons belonging so, tha rather 
fast seta of tha capitals, or eta ^yonng !**?**- 


i ~:~'i ': u.J-!-L>".l< 

»Lyr.'; 'v'.W 

the next morning; old man Crensbaw and his 
oldest boy Jack reached tba cabin, Colbert 
met then* with a revolver in each baud. Ha 
had the drop en them beautifully, but ho had 
not calculated on tho women inakins; trouble. 
"So sooner Sid tho two men bold up tbrir arms 
than th» gh'l, half wild to think she bad b30» ; 
made * fool' 1 of, jumped on tbo oEicei' from 
behind, Colbert pulled the triggers aiid both 
dropped^ and then : Ue deliberately ^ shot 
the girl, but not to death. The old man was 
killed and Jack ao badly hurt that be could 
not flgM; nnd Colbert was oncn mora master 
c/ tha attention," 

Both Jack and a»» girl Tecoyered- Tha 
three boya wern taken to Fort Smith for 
trial; two w«m convicted and, onevOan»» 
.da^, - - TIM- tm got arntsi^/^ 
n yaar anch, aa :wa» oostoquvryat Port anjith 

Colriertlost hia job; ^ rWrombsing » buhter 
ofrogueana bet Wtarniag bonw 

thief* Bennd^nMiraoTa^,b«ce«snndTwb]nud. 
Ye* wbila 'to- .l^"--nsor»'. teririb> 
than avef.nbd hnt easily tnkan. Altera 
spi^h^feaontbaroadand lay snnra^ 
nminaMnn enma up nad wa* hiea tola* 
skin. Pnawnonkn laMiad -btin nstwodnya. 

B«cu^t>e«ctfaIlylttU>d * 

nna Ooapal pnjnd hj bla nUa 

^ ' Enmaan,-f««n np to tks «m >ij a- t * Ma 
Kve-ry day in tins *tllaic- thounamla !£SZ 1n«a an U nllliiWi;' 
of propln «at too aioob nt tliaorr, ^a*nnsnto be awn nannnWwn "an 

a<*d. aa a ooon-qoaoe*. t*M*r Irow 

TaryrnnV driving *■ «*■ iadnlged hi ny 
tnoMisnbsy in thn:o*nTin 'M -:*aa .wtetar, anw 
nsonwy an at «»rniv*t>n1; tnanvrngnlar driv> 

psning ntnpiace just, before a greatevent 
oocuTTed. jEemado a little visit to Paris in 
'I85i.,''isqfe' into, the city just as Sapoleon. HI 
was inaugnratiegtha coup d'etat and saw the 
worst of it. Howeatto Slexico, got caught 
in the disputed lone between the bandits and 
the Freueh, and escaped to the capital iost 
bef or*' Eazaine's army entered it H» ***" 
tha -trinmpbal en- ■ 
try" of the ; French 
into .Algiers, .-Al- 
pbbuso's entry into 
Madridj Grant'sen- 
te r t a i n ni e n t in 
London,' some bf 
the most exciting 
events of the Amer- 
ican dTil war and; 
many of those in: 
tha PraHOO-Prus- 

Phjsicnlly,;be is 
.■.very^airoiM^-jetln;.-: ■„■■-; ■■. 
chnahottd-h# \:mm,- ,,. *, 
fornotno tttawt'tottlly bhnd, 
^i*bu&^i< i :^'i&:M*:- . .. ■ ...... ,. 

''''thnt :: n%'n^t : wna-'yet'M"n%cH^ 
Wngbs ninssebt* writt 1 -by eopytng script 
k«-»Xroni -aigru and bu-gn orenlarm, H» 
nwnnar waa a favorite Enighnfe •&*« and 
nctraas nndbsi fnlhar an ItnUani and nnwn* 


For further information address 

' Nnnacriiiiima DepawtaHeat* 

27 and 29 W S3d St., Sew York. 



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W2X3H nSOI3BlW033 CJ.*" 
ABolcntlSonad Standai't -•— "--i. 
thoEreorfiot Youth, II 
and Pave Soul Ueblitty 


nTTOnvrTTOCTBE undeislgbedivlsh to ; 
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to «J«r food IwJ*. «d [»«»«•» 
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iimin** »*i»»w» im.w^m 


■ itnTn'-ln-'-t* ^-f /P. -J. fiuisjlJ ■ ■ 

^^?c2nts wanteo 

Mttf : sV futw. 



Sorttiwestern Masonic 





I II. MMilinrililr I* mor. tluu, doobl* 


Ohteinf .njotiterbiistaeEs In tseU.- ?. Pu!-^nt 
Ofiice" .isltoforMODEBATEFEES. „ 
Oori ■■ r- opposite tno U. 0, Patei t 0£lea, 
- 'abi Patents In le=s tuno th in "thoao 

OR DRAWING, We ral'lV; r,3 to 
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Through, their Bystem settle 
menu aro made promptly la 
any part of the »Ut». 

-\ ^&-mm$'$>.^. 


1 .tMml 


.-add!** ,'rt : -»m««iH«*tIoi*, 
v T»sT*)im FtiHoo, 1*. Y. 


m Urn ««f«* **■* CM. iHUriJEj 1 i 

^^ .^■™ 2 r lBir „ J fh» My jowwr wfll m« irhm 
pa^-fl M l M I Uttu qWtfO—^ »h«i«rt«»<rfth»FM(i« «atttt 7 top 
.%• Madi and «**• of Loww 0*1110* 
nfa, aUkd^bar* tb* ntlM^ad wtonaA 
br««s«a ntk* an Ura of th* w— Ur n 
eoaat. During tfc« Mhoo.. boar* In 
tfMlftift* room »t FaUon**««M]«uir 1 
hereof t«n(M m*i»y of th* other boy* 
li»vfi, and »tlll do) (*w*d diwmlnifly 
over tbeinap,of our gloritrtW Hotted 
StAte« a>ncl wondered .f Hie future 
■held for me the prlrilajt* of *Tff'gM- 
ing o» tlie -PAdfle o«e«o, And. now 
that onw of .jovIkkhIs dreajus i»ftlx>ut : 
to bo realised, I feel ill* f«rer rifling 
in my veins at t-Jje ptoapeefc. Thp 
■'wander drop" - of Qntmmny must 
liave been JnetUted into my beiaff toe 
t am as happy as a boy just out of 
school for the summer vacation. So 
thought or care of what the future 
may hold, no thought or care for 
what Is past, hut tlio present, the 
present with its rapidly shifting 
viowa, ami the excitement of seeing 
some of' the rough life of tho Wosit, 

fiut here! I'm leaving Sioux City 
out entirely. In the north-western 
Ronifr of Iowa on tbo eastern shore 
of MifHOiuI liver you will lind this 
place. Nebmnliii borclern t he other 
tthore, add tin- new Ktut«f of Hon ll> Da- 
k«> ui> butfoiir mite* to the north, 
ttioitx Cify wns lint ne»l<<i in leSIJaml 
now hiiaKrnof 'IO,00'tiMliiLl>itrintH. Ten 

J AS, B, ^AtRGBIKVl^ Alitor. 

~JmtCtlaip idling VuTruth ml view 
andd&ertbingwhatlMe, To describe 
otherwise titan it Kerns to me woiM 
falsehood in. that calling in which it 
k-ti pleased Heaven to place inc. 


The Times ia indebted to Hon. 
George B. Sloan for a bound volume 
of the proceed Ifiga of the Senate of 
Sew York State on the death or Hon. 
Henry R. Low late Senator from the 
thirteenth district. 

Sliss Nellie Bw, the young Uuly 
that made herself m w> II known by 
completing ft journey ft round the 
world in a shorter limn than it hurt 
ever before been ,ieec»iii|>li{ttir<1 will 
shoitlv marry J.ui.e* Metmilf of Hie 
illustrated paper Life, at lead thai it* 
what I he papers stale. 

Tub Detroit Journal is 
altn brnif? about a Hefieiin' for pro- 
curing and st'iidiinr from the people 
of America to Fianee a Hiiltahie lok- 
en of rembrance and tfiatitnde for 
the timely as* tot mice lendered l*> 
this country in h«r fdnitftflu for in- 
depemleneo. A worthy enterprise if 
properly eondnctcd and we think It. 
will be. 

ToKkkt— Furnished rooms at No, 
7 Seneca street. Only tunlnuten walk 
from the yun works, impiiro of J. H- 
Bernliari. at Johntitoo'H Hardware, tf 

Mr, fitnttioy'tt l*«ci*o«nl Niirruilv* 

Tl.i« iuteroatms fact I* aiinoun 
by Messrs. Clmi'les Sorlbner'u 8 
that tlioy have accpuri'ii from 
Henry M. Htanley all the Amerl 
rights for hifl personal narrative* 
the expedition for the relief of Uiuiii 
Pasha. Prior to the appearance of 
the complete work, Seritnier\H Maga- 
zine will publibh an article upon hi» 
lost journey by Mr, Stanley. It will 
bo illustrated and in certain to bo an 
Important a contribution as any thai, 
has ever appeared in an American 

Readers may have noticed that Mr, 
Herbert Ward, who was one of Stan- 
ley's ofiloGi'B, makes no mention oE 
the expedition in the article recount- 
ing hie experiences upon the Couro, 
which appears in Scribner^H for Feb- 
ruary, the fact being that Mr. Stan 
ley has reserved the (sole rlpht to de- 
scribe this most remarkable of all his 
African undertakings. 

>f llii'so peoph- 

vm.y I 

. ,,'ooil name for 

m and (iinrn-H.sive. 
t a wed(?o that 

idly do' 
mimic in 

:.rr.;jr Mm i 
,-plaee w 

and Uuh made M» 
raiiowimd, and tin 
«>d If for all therein in it. 

Tlie eily has fourteen mil 
wooden hloi'k pavement in |*u 
dei-, nix tulles of cable road, tv 
live union of oleetvie road.i an 
fourth elevated I'oad in the United 
SlaloHhi hi proee.iH of eonHtnielton. 



ire tw 

torn* mrn\a * th» mm* tram 1m|«t«s- 
lnc*a Syra«a«* Journal: . ■■' 

Tba bDDdn Torfc 8UU 

•b«r«liold«n le lh«A#i«r«uBaUdliiir 
•od Lo»o or WniMi*poltt,l!!aa., Iwt* 
b*4 their te«rao( 
OT«*ome by th* 
local ond* 

who »r« eonOdent that all U right. 
Th«r««r* 80 or mor* looaj v bo«rdt In 
thi* St«|«, Some of tli* puutea wh*re 
they ar«#llMat<-d axe: Albany, Buf- 
falo, PoaKl)k««p«i«, Hyjracuw,Boetic«- 
t«rEliair«, Ithaca., Binghanjton, On- 
wego, Batavin, Leroy, Genc«*o,Niag- 
am Falls, : -Medina v Albion, Ldneuster, 
WatkinSt fcjk.i . : . .-;tolC8, TJtica. Mount 
Morris, ^ockport,, (Jhariemont, Mor- 
tis, I,ockport,i>utikirkKod Predonia. 
At these piueef the local ofllcera are 
men of note i: he state, and hold a 
large number of sharea, the agents 
assert. Western Sow York has con- 
tributed mora than any other section 
to the tho association funds. 

The Minneapolis Times claims to 
have evidence showing a conspiracy 
on the pari, of men in that city io 
wreck the American Building: Asso- 
ciation. The nffnirH of the tiKiocm- 
were to be declared in an unsafe cuii- 
nppih-ntioi! for theap) 


" re.reiv.' 




■i Con 
Iriekery of tin 
hear njcnii.«t 
trial. All tl 
frighten the 
ivillin«ii.'PH to. 



a w<»rk I'e 


trumped u 
eal points, and all th 
law wan brought ti 
the dt'feielnor in th 
in w.ih expected ti 
BharcholdeiH into i 
i-poH.- of iheir Htoc-ka 

ar. Secret a K enl 

***££** krtr, 

, A niimtMr ef tb* yongf p«ofp)«'«t 
Volaay m«tfn tb« xehool bo«M bMi 
0UMUy Mi«ht far Ihtf purpoas ol or- 
■MtfslntaT. V. K .cr. R. W« hav« 
not jrat l#artM*il tli«'re*uU6f th* id»«*' 
log. . ■" 

: : W- IK-- Ailavuii ha« '''r.«taru«d from 
Madl <on <;«-, wl»er« lie haa b««n ri»- 
itlog reiatlv** and friends. 

S. Baldwin haa sold hiu liooise 
the corner to Jam*'* tlonmt,, 

R«»- Mr, Yoitiidot eoiiiineftceil .Si 
daywvenhiga «erie» of meetings 

partaMtNM* «ba orv«t«Mamt prto^ 

lnc«Ooa. P< 

a ^ |W * l« uiml by tb« SaHkla ttavlf la 

nodiag aslrablD aoauulttoa re 

baa «wak«n«d aoata •jmpaChy for 

othera. Tlia Mutation U uu new oo* 

At every avamion uiuali ia proailard in 

thU Ih.f aiMl notttlnff .Jt-oe ,\.. ..(,*• 

doubts thn nece^lty but th« dt>iir« to I « k * K >*MM] pw«m 

•liow wnallapptopriationsiiolda batki^ ,bo ** .:fl^-^«W«Wr»<»*: 

| time land ui the bu^in^fm j>ortioii of j . " 
I the city gO^iiet^atlilynpwBrdiuprice,' 
and sites for new building*i could 

the "brick BChOot lioiue." 'Che nub^ j,a. Te been purchnned ten years aim ". 
jec:t last night was "The Beatitude^ [ OT eveR ftv ^ at {rom on ^ bnlt t6 _ one _ | 
Th« .people, of GilbertH Millti. con*- \ tontb their present values. Wiiat.j 
menced holdiiri? meetings in the ^ prices-will be 'iii-five or ten yean 


Methodist ciuireh last night, with the 
intention of cbnthmtiig' as re- 
vival mceim^s, if the" interest- mauU 
fested warranted so doing, 

I>emorcHfc Pnzs Contests aro bein"s 
held at Pulo-mo, foist Palermo and 

There was a party at "Mitt" Sater- 
lee'a last wet;!;. 

M. W. VanAuhen of TJltcn, formec- 
iy of Cato, 'Cayujja county; has been 
appointed supervisor of the censiiH 
for the Eighth District of *iew York, 
which comprises the counties of Cay- 
nffa, Onondaga and Oswego. Too 
-npervif-or has rhargre of (lie census 
; alteri* of this dt^trie.t, consist in;? of 

between tin 

!.d fm 

•hundred men. 

indeed. A do.iil.- 


I receiver 
of the 

Hid e 


TUo Cliluoao Bilk Foattvul. 
We, who are always grateful to our 
benefactors, honor the inventor of the 
art of Bilk culture with a renl perpetual 
cult, Besides tho tomples which, we have 
erected in all the corners of the empire, 
her majesty the empress rocs every year 
at the hatchinj; season, in person, with ( ... - t 

«aherBuito,a»ain creat pomp, lo .«« h'°" I , a, _'*' ai '° "> 
field of the mulberry, to sacrifice to tho 
goddess who was the- queen of the Em- 
peror Hoaog-Ti. After the ceremony at 
the temple. If ■ i.'iajeaiy, followed by her 
ladies.goesiuloihe Hold, and, surrounded 
by tho farmers' wives, cooks eomo mul- 
berry leaves and lays them on a basket 
containing the newly hatched worms. 
The festival is closed with her winding a 
cocoon by way of setting an example, in 
the presence of tho people, and distrib- 
uting gifts to those persona who have 
been reported by the authorities of their 
villages as moat worthy by reason of 
their fidelity in intention to the earo of 
the fill; worms. 

Tl:is ceremony, which ia one of Ihe 
uio^t important of those her majesty has 
to perform durin™ the year, is a great 
ir.cMiiivu to the siilk raising population, 
who cannot neglect their own work 
when they see their sovereign occupied 
in the same way. An old proverb says 
that "an idle farmer causes two persons 
f to die of hunger, and a woman who will 
/not u'wijo will see ten dying of cold." 
The pro/erb illustrates the value of en- 
couragement, and shows that silk worm 
raising and weaving are duties of the 
women. — "Chinese Silk Lore," by Gen. 
Tchehg-Ki-Tong in Popular Science 

A Kom in tse once. 

Io the etate archives at Albany is a 
bill of expenses incurred by Abraham 
Lincoln in Albany while oa his way to 
Washington to be inaugurated as presi- 
dent of the United States, which shows 
that at least his suite were very patriotic 
if not demonstrative in their celebra- 
tion of Washington's birthday. 

The bill was a3 follows; 

■ Dslevan Hoike, AlUany, Fob. 23, tKl. 
She stato of New York, 

To T. Rosette & Sob. 
Oa*} day's board of! Hon. A. Lincoln and 

suite, parlors, rooms, (Sinner and iifcak- 

iftstinpsrlor........ ,. „.......,. £070 W 

': y Wawatuad'liquera,.. v .. UGT i 

.-.tijleigrapto. ....... ;...,..■,,. I 13 

v Oowrefia w*t*r $3.00, bassage- $4.6? 7 3* 

CwrUgea 13 CO 

SuatliT Bi»k0a artioks-" stoves, chairs, 

■:■:■■'...**.■ OtC..„............ 1B0 00 

■'■*:'■ -:± . ■'■'. ■ *i,isoco 

'■>*.■■ ■ : ;">» —New York Tolegram. 

motor linos rminhnr into the subnrbM. 
It in also a larfje railroad centre, anil 
haa just completed with homeeapital 
a hundred mile branch road that con 
ueotH with the Manatoba ftyntem. As 
a jobbing centre Hloux City is for^inf?; 
ahead, and the new eouutry bell 
opened up all around us Rives a good 
field. Tho architectural charade 
the eity Is improving each year and 
Home of the seven and eight story 
structures of recent build are worthy 
of any largo eity, 

Thero arc no open saloons in this 
place, but don't Infer that liquor is 
not to be had. The salooiiH in oper- 
ation aro called "holes in tho wall," 
"speak easys" and "blind pigH," ntul 
liko the sands of sea areeversliiftiug. 
A drunken man on tho streets is a 
rarity, but the hurry up wayonof the 
police managea to snoop in two or 
throe each day. This is a Rood town 
for a capitalist. For a man that 
wants to see his investments grow 
each year. And it ie a good town for 
the laborers for you moct no idle men 
on the streets. It is n good town so- 
religious sense. 
Churches and schools groyr and 
thrive in all parts. And Sioux City's 
Opera Houso is a gem at which the 
brightest starw of the theatrical 
world shine- forth in all their glory. 

1 nearly forgot the pork. "Pork, 
my boy, pork! There's millions in 
it." This industry stands fourth in the 
U. S., and a recent visit to the three 
mammoth packing houses confirms 
the report that "they utilize every 
•orap of Ihe pig but tho squeal." But 
now a company is being formed to 
bottle the squeal, and use it to call 
the hired girls ea> h morning. 

1 start, d out to count the real es 
lute agents here one day, but gave it 
up when I pa sed one hundred and 
eighty. There is enough land plotted 
and laid out in eity :ots about Sioux 
' by to contain the whole eity of New 
York. Ileal t-slate ngents are enter- 
prising here if nothing else. 

Pulton is represented by IX ve. 
Chrysler ond family, and Eliza Hall. 
I met j>. A. Ray and R. P. Hall here, 
too. Geo. Osborn lives at Dakota 
City, Nebraska, about five miles west 
of us. I have visited most of the 
cities of Iowa, and cous der Sioux. 
City the best of the lot, and ail thing's 
considered think it would be difficult 
to match it in this country, and its 
my intention to come back ere many 
moons have come and gone. But 
now the cry of "onto California" 
leads me along, and as th© country 
between Iowa and the coaBt wiii foe 
new; to most of us I will endeavor to 
write a few notes along the journey 
as they may interest the Fulton 
friends. While yon are shivering in 
the wintry blast I will be eating fresh 
fruits and vegetables, or else bathing 
In the sua-kisaed waters, of the Pa- 
cific Won't yon eat a dish of straw- 
berries, with me? 

Waht>eiuko Jew; 

divideiiwwero declared and the tdmren 
raised to par value or neftr it. An 
about. :j;:W,l)00 In shares have already 
been sold in different parts of the 
country, the profit to those engaged 
in the Hchemo would he necessarily 
enormous. Aside from thin,thc bank- 
eiV associations all over tho country 
as well as all insurance companies is- 
suing endowment policies, are will- 
ing to go to almost any length to 
down the national building and loan 
associations, which have found such 
immediate and general favor in the 
oyos of large and minill investors in 
every Statu in the union. It, has been 
remarked and nigniilcantly, too, that 
the association could be made a great 
power in tho polities of Minnesota, 


holier One Hundred Dollars fo, 

any case of Catarrh that cannot, be 

mired by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure. 

P. .1. CHENtfY & CO., Props., 

Toledo, 0. 
We, the undersigned, have known 
P. J. Cheney for the last lfl years, 
and believe him perfectly honorable 
in alt business transactions and finan- 
cially able to carry out any obligation 
made by their Ann. 
Wkst & Tru ax, Wholesale Druggists, 

Toledo, O. 
Waldiko, Kinnak & Marvin 
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. 
E. H. Van H<esen, Cashier, Toledo 
National Bunk, Toledo, <>. 
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter- 
nally, acting directly opon the blood 
and mucus surfaces of the system. 
Price 75c. per bottle. Sold by all 
Druggists. 37 w 

The "big days" of 1890 will occur on 
the following days of the week: St. 
Valentine. Friday, Fob. 14; Washing- 
ton's birthday, Saturday, Feb. 22; 
St. Patrick's day, Monday, March 17, 
Easter Sunday, April 0; Deooration 
day. Friday, May 30; July 4, Friday; 
Labor day, Monday.Sept. 1; Election 
Tue-day, Nov. 4 ; Thauks-ivin 
Thursday, Nov-. 27; Christinas, Thui 
das Dec 33. 

I'iiere are 
many white soaps, 

represented to be 
"just as good as the Ivory." 
They are not, 
but like 
all counterfeits, 
they lack 
the peculiar 
and remarkable 
qualities of 
the genuine. ■ ■ 
Ask for " 
Ivory Soap 

insist upon having it, 
*Tis sold everywhere. 

would be during- to conjecture, ..With- 
HiiUiona in Ma pockets and !and going 
up, Uncle Sauidoes not purchase what 
jieneeds more and more every day. 

Senator Morrill told tlie Senate the 
other d:iy, in his careful review of the 
subject, that tho government is pay- 
ing over $100,009 per annum in this 
city for rents. Some of the buildings 
rented aro old dwellings, awkard and 
unsuitable to the purpose, and not a 
few are absolutely dangerous to 
health, illy ventilated and regular 
lire traps. Tho government has to- 
day tons of records that could never 
be replaced, and the results of work 
that co.-t years of labor and many 
thousands of money slowed away in 
buildings that make no pretence- to 
being fire-proof. 

Ami these statements are not ouly 
ue of buildings rented by the gov- 
•nment;- they apply with equal force 
> several buildings owned by the 

il Btnlii nnd I 1 

nrwiM Broaden 

) 101), witli ci 
sta (uul Rrniit 
jjrailoa tliorw: 



Ohwuooi N. Y., Jiumury. IMKi. 

Mr. V. 1C. Bacon appaareii on btjlinlf of tlie 
"Hunltsr Arms Co," artfcdiff for tliti construction 
of ii nldoiviulf oti tlio oast siduof IIn')l);ml sircet 
from Uio rttco brl:lf;i! nttho Victoria l'apor Mills 
Uwnco iioi'tliorly to tlio Iluntnr Arms Compuny 
buildiuj; on Haiti alreut. Atuo an olectric light nnd 
ii [li'o tij-drftiit noru- ttio Hunter Armg Coinpany 
liulliilngtm Hubbard street, 

On motion of 'fi-uateo Joiinson tho mutter of 
tho Hltiaivatk was ruCorred to tlie SlilowiiU; Coin, 
mittuu iimi tliumatti:r of an electric liglit and 
tiro lijdrnnt lo I.Uo Finance Commit Wo. 

Mr. John More appeared and complained oi? the 
bad condition of pldoivalk on First Street, lintween 
Union and Fay streets. 

On motion tho matter was referred to the Side- 
wallc Commutes, 

Mr Cacly More appeared before tho Board com- 
plainiiig of Bui-face witter setting back on his land 
on Fourth street, south of the Railroad. 

On motion the matter was referred to the Street 

On motion tlio Board adjourned for one week. 

m. c. ntarmiTKR, ciei-u. 

When Daby was sick, we gave her Castorla, 
When she was ft Child, she cried forCastoria, 
When she beenme Miss, she clung to Castoria, 
Waan sliobod Children, she gave them Castoria, 

Rose, ffiilcrlowQ & 6^l<-nsbiirj P». R. 

In onni'ction with the 

West ftpre ,i:i t | IWylvani.i II. fi.'s 

F0Ult:'Il ASs'u.VL 


Tuesday, M.&r._li 4th, 1S90. 

Thofaiato Wu<$hiugt.>n ami Ryiuni. from anj on the R W.&O R. R. where 



Hill luarethi: line of It. W. & O. K. R hi the 
at lei-noun unit evening of Tu^sUar, Marcli 4 h. 
on special Willed 1 1 la mug, iuk) ran ihn.u^h. aniv- 
tn^tit iVaahiustou at 3;3J p. in. Wednesday uf- 


Will be attached to ail special tr.iins from K. W, 

SO. It. ti. atfttious. and tuu tlirou^i 

to WAsmsoros without change. 

Price fyr double berth in Sleeniii? Car 5353; 
section. 5' .00. from uny scanon on S. W. &0. 
R. R, to SVashington 

From Washington to Mount Vernon, 73 cents; 
Kichmond, Va-., gi; Feteraburc, 'Sa;'- Old Point 
Comfort, Va„ 3S. 

Have basaarrarieeii atsiiJeenbotels la Wnshin"- 
ton,' prices from SI ,M to S3.50 pet-' day. 

of Waaliiagcoil, 

More thaasisteea hnidred paopls bavo patron- 
ised.tae 6 iree loria'sr WaEhingtoa BScitwions. 

ForEsGarsion'tra!tets.sieepiniT car tichets. il- 
lustrated programs and detuflsd information ap- 
ply to nearest &. W, & O. Ticket Agent, or cor- 
nisiioad wiih General Agent, Oswsgo. N. Y. 

: Gaa'l Manager, Gen 'IPassenger Agent, 

. ^t 3 , ■ ■ . : . .Oaweso.K.Y- 

* uilIok n»4» 

"We are io receipt of tiie ever tell* 
afcle X. Y M Tribune Ahimnaft for-'13i», 
which contains a thousand' and one 
Itsiiis of publio autl statistical infdna- 
aUourelfttivt- to ttie 6overameot, its 
revenues, trAtle, ImmigratioQ, dobt, 
etc. The posont issue contaSng, nat- 
ural!?, the complete returns of tho 
elections from every State, and a 
Rreat maps of -Governmental statis- 
tics «nd information. There are sev- 
eral very timely and interesting 
special features, including a complete 
lift of the New Saw, with, pize etc.; 
u record o£ till the the Open Air 
Sport* of 1889; President Harrison's 
Inaugural Address in lull; tho ap- 
portionment of Congress; votes of the 
States on Prohibition amendment?, 
and many other!?. 



Hal6« pnthiaed at BctMoek fc Foam the Coal | 
Yard, at lever Oanego Fall*, I am now pre- 

Scranton Coal! 

Which is the beat in^tUe market. It has iweqiud: 
Leave your orders at the W, U. Telegraph 

Office, First Street. 




Th«> i 



a alj;-o 
; proof. 

a ta 

I'S tlj. 

o i 

. limit 









• i»io 



<f Hie 

'och on 


y f ml 




(1 the 

l .v, 













;i', and 1 


liglit ivn 

nag urn 
The pla. 



of li 

> old 

The comparatively 
s are incited by the heavy 
v, and the iusuilicient floors 
■r tho weight of material, 
in a veritable death trap. 
passages thread bewilder- 
ing and crowded ways; Kvorywhero 
are workmen crowded into the leash 
possible space and surrounded by the 
finest machinery atul the most costly 
material that money can buy. There 
are stacks and stacks of electrotype 
plates that could only be reproduced 
at the cost of many thousands of dol- 

3S T lie light in the building is not 
good, but is brilliant compared with 
the ventilation and the heating. The 
over-crowding in such times as dur- 
ing tho last recess, when the last of 
3,000 bills were being put into type 
for Congress, only serves to retard 
work. About the only things that 
can be said for the building is that 
it is located near the Capitol, which 
is of importance to espediate the bus- 
iness of the Record, and that tlie lo- 
cation is iu a neighborhood where 
employes of moderate means can live 
near their work. 

The necessity of using only fire- 
proof buildings can not bo overesti- 
mated. The Treasury department 
was once destroyed by fir.-; the Pat- 
ent office has been twice damaged bv 
Tire; the Congressional library and 
the Smithsonian have also suffered 

One of the most crying need?, 
though of course it is more a matter 
of local interest, is for a new city post 
oilice. The present building is a mis- 
erable shell, unsafe and unhealthy. 
No city of its size in this countrv lias 
such an inferior postoffice building. 

The tourist who see3 tlie capitol 
and the main department buildings 
nnd go saway with the idea thai tlie 
government's business is ransacted 
in palaces, departs in blissful igno 
ranee of the evils that niggardly Icg- 
islauoii have perpetuated, uu il the 
day of reform can be no longer de- 

Tlie mourning of the families of 
Secretaries Blaine and Tracy throws 
a sombre pall over society, and in 
administrative circles the feeling of de- 
pression is oppressive. The 1- resident repeated misfortunes to 
the members of his Cabinet as person- 
al sorrows. "Old women of both 
sexes" as Victor Hugo calls theui, 
murmur that this an hnlueky admin- 
istration,, It certainly is not a hap- 
py one just now. 

Secretary Tracy bears the shocking 
loss of his wife and daughter with 
singular fortitude, hardly -realizing in 
in its fullest seuse ihe measure of his 
"bereavement. It is expected that he 
-will go abroad with, bis son and re- 
maining daughter. 

Secretary Blaine's loss of his daugh- 
ter, following as it did no closely the 
death of his favorite son, impresses 
him deeply, how deeply may be seen 
in his changed and aged appear- 
ance.. ';■ 

A wrong corset tortures or 
worries a woman worse than 
anything else she has on, or 
can put on, unless it be a 
wrong shoe. 

There is a right corset, a 
ready-made corset, right for 
almost every woman — one, 
There is only one of' which 
the seller will say "Bring it 
back in a week, or two, or 
three, and get your money for 
it,_ if you are willing to part 
with it;" and that one is 

There's a primer on Cor- 
sets for you at the store. 

Omoioo OonsET Co., Clitcagg turn Kow York. 


BtrOsaii's New Bakery? 

Lewis House Block, - - - Cayuga Street, 

Is fully equipped and from it can be obtained the finest Baker's 

Goods. Elegant Ice Cream Parlors have been fitted up. 

The Confectionery Department contains every thing fresh andjiew' 

Fruit oi' every kind in its season can be obtained here. " 

Crackers are made fresh every day. 

The Bakery, lee Cream Parlors, Confectionery and Fruit Depart 

men is are complete in every particular. 



chool Supply Agency! 

2. G. BLAHKMMT, Manager- \ 

Ontrnl Square, . Oswego County, . 




23 Oneida Street. 



My Fancy Line of 
Is unsurpassed and includes the Cele- 
brated Canastota Corn as well as 
all other ei.oice brands of all 
kinds of goods. 
All Groceries and Provisions of the 
best quality. 


If you want Summer Heat in your 

house this winter. 

For Sale by 

A. J, SNOW, • Fulton. 


House andLargeLot 

With Fruit. 

Will be sold Very Cheap Joe 
Cash. Apply to \ : , 

0. W. Streeter, 
Room3GraM GsnialBlocfc 

; South Side Oneida Street, 
. PULTOH, H.. T. 




'Publio eekool Journal." 

CarCorreepondenee Solicited. 

Our Great Combination. 

Ton want good reading for the Winter months. 
We've got two offers to make you. 

The great Cosmopolitan Magazine, one year, and The Tihxs 
one year for §2.40. " . 

The excellent literary magazine, The New England Fireside 
one year and The Times one year for SI. SO. 

If you are not familiar with these excellent magazines call at 
The Times office and see sample copies. We know they are 

BSP^Cash must come with every order. 

Egr°01d or new subscribers can take advantage of either.' a" 
these two offers. A 

USpAlways send 10 cents extra for postage, ivhon Thj5 Times 
goes out of Oswego County. 


Undertaker and Embalmer. 

Everything inrnished for the Suitable burial of the dead. 
Galls attended to at all hours— from tny Store; 

». c, bboWit, 

Only 7 Days More of 




Th«atock of Shrpman & Sntton, which we bought 
at about one-half cost, is being Bold very rapidly 
Of etyuMdhe reason ot the ready Bale ia the 
prttta-wMsb. anybody oan «ee at a dance are 
tattm dunaotoat coat We propose for 
ika,4«t 7 aaya to make each day abeoial 
rSJMaWwtaenUy it will be well to be 
k*« ; 'Vi»lMlJ<MkMit and if posaible attend 
i^TOaMft&lu**. BoMtnnjtcftiU 


Sevehteenquarfc dish p*ub;350.,;Woi:Hi'4Qc.^ ' 
Fourteen quart tia .Rail, 18a, -Worth 85c. - ? \ 
No. § w»ah boiler*. Q9e, worth at.45.~ 
Beet lanterns, BSc/wonl* "*&*■ 
Co»thQ<j9,,18c,--worii£30e.:^:, -,:..> 
One quart dipper 5c. worth iOe. 
No. 6 copper bottom t«. kettle, 48c. worth 7fi. 
Fourteen quart diefa pan, loo, worthSOo. - 
Oo« gallou oil caoa, 15c, worth »5c. ■ 
Painted chamber n*il«,:83o, : worth aoc. 
Urge corn pdppera, 15c, worth »o. 
Squar., dinner painv*Sr, worth SOe. , 

Urn* waeh-lubs, aio and 7»o, worth 850. a»J ai. 
Waah ooarda. 15c worth «V. 
Clotbaa pine. 8 doa».2pr So. worth So. a doa. 
OoO.™ bare tho. >anh ai. 

FoMiai alotaaa rack. Wo. wewtk ai. 

" haaah . afc. won 

PataM hMiii( waak 


% J M*ap l nmtfa«».kflBa. 

Toy Tablea,.44o..' : -75. '. . 

Nursery chairs, 5S0j worth las, 

Ciiildren'a rocfcini. chairs, S5e, and fiScn-brEhoOe, and $1, 

Folding sewi*«j tables 94b, worth $1,25. 

Step ladders Sue, worth '.$.1.'' ■ 

Fsulttee* wringer fI85, svbi-th $3^ 

Keystone wringetj $3-12, woi ; tE -$i. 

Best clothes baiapew',:7Sc J worth $i. 

.3L*^ , c«Uirigi^rd8'^c,:''«'orth^DC.. ■.': 

Foldihg hst or coat racks 10c, wo«b -2Sc..- 

Wowl jp*il8 10c, Wijrtfa 2aa. 

Pa^r-|^iK-l-^'*oxii.'S5E;. ■■■■'■■■■ 

Door niftt-, He, worth SSe. 

'Oliilrf- **wi«^iiiK ; Ci«i«,;. 5Cte. : kmrth^$e.-^!':-:' .-y:-' y.:-:\- : ' 

Wood tooth picks, large picks, 5ff, wortli; 10a 

\li^iinVMcf»^-':-i*-;fe*'W*^.^..' -.-.irvbrtl* : V -■■ ■! 

I*«rf[»! rollitiR pui fe,i worth 15«, 

F»p«r wuli buin 13c, wotih S0o. 

B«t rrotiMOfW Pi» Plai«t ■&<, «s«cl«, worHifld 
BwtbretikltwtiiJatfM,^. *orM. :».>:. 
B*«t diBPMr platM. 5o.e»w:h. worin Sc. 
Cup* and H*item Mc ud Wc, pxr a-l. irorth 50 mn<i flOc. 

< -f.Va-Vt*. *V«M*bla** U. an I .1 > •• u. 1 1. U . r at «4lr 

Oral varjraiiabbdWHhf.ltte.aata IV, wonb IHc, bih. 33l- 
ladivUml dlvlM, So. twtd 6e.. mc» «ortl> 7<. ual » 
- cMhaitwU 4a 

i Dscorsfed Cups and snucsrs, 53c, pt-r set, worth loir. 
I "'Large yellow bowla.lSs,. aod 3&c, worth &0s, and SQe.. 
US-pSeae teaset, $3*5. wonhfa. ■.'■. , ■■. 

Fancy puiiited Spiciuoos life,, and Soo. worth S3c, and 4Gc. f . 

Batur jars 8, and So, vpor'.h 10, and 13c. 
.jH2S,Stip3rgajl0o,. worUtii't!. ..■■-■■■ ' ._"■',-. 

.DaCOfated. : cijii!a"yer3et& S1.7S,. : and. $2"6S, worth i.fSaa.dfl.. 

-Laii'ge Hatibe '0eUes, IS andlSi;, Worth IS and 35e. 
ImUvidOMl «iiuce disiieS, lis, »^ach, wortilis, 
,teak.e,.8tBijdiird3,'"-i8ei--«vorth' 30^.-.- -■'■'■ 
vW*iet;jawrs,;'73ff*\sott : tt*:*'or^ "': 

G.iUet?, 3*;, t»cb worth 5c. ' . 

Tumblers Si\ each, wonu 4o- 

liand IsmiH, coihijIm^, 12„iid33e. worth 20 and 30J. 

tiiiipicliimiicy; aiaiid 5a, each; worih S .-smil iOs. 
Vinegar cruets, l&a)id59j, *«rth"15 snuSOc 
3 la-Hllf* CaMor, 18 na.i 25 3, vr^rih 2$ ana l£s. 
tjUam ***ii slmli«;f-, 4c, »or t h 6e. 
^■unaiMlLsliifcw-ra^&c. *ur«» l3o, 
:W'..»;i«'» -evs. 2&;. worn. 40o. :■■. , 
npuufi<l>('ict«rM P 3'.. wunli 10tj 
*j(e»«» jH.ctter*,5c «roni» 10:, .. 
Buuvr Uis.M»>. 10o. wwrib 20^. 
.thiM«r buwl. )<X;;.*i<jrih:20'r. 
r*rU»c Umpa, «c, *unb fOc. 


.« httdm, Ut. vflrtk Wo. 

i-Fealiier-duafers, lO'.and 20a.' a-orth 20 anil .3-5e. ' 
Stielf paper 2 d<iz. tor- He, wonh 5e a <loz. 
VVriiiag paper 4e, per quire, w orth ?c. 

I EnVeibpfc* 4c' per pack,- wort, 
Dix«ii'a stove paliHili, 5c, worth 10^. • 

Steel hammer* 25c worth. 65s.. 

Stfcei liatebels 25c, worth GOs. 

Steel shears or sciseors. 25e, wortli 50c. 

it**t saw, 35e, wort 1» 5*>- 

Fforence ml stoves 05c. worinfi. 

Steel saws, 23c, wortli ffllu. ■■■'",', 

Large dolls, 10 and 19s. worib 20 and Sac, 

Stxij'.' feet clothes line,-Se, wonii 18a. 

Toilet paper roll*, 100, worth ISc. 

T.iilei psR^r pickfiK^s, 8c, wortii ldc. 

Frames piCtmet)9ite*wtb$t.- 

Howell** aramowM., 8o t worift 20?- 


Otharatataa a yr i nn « n ,P l ia a , BV<n> » t >v l Oini fc iaT . T. 

: -. : 

r.ii "".iftL" *•' 


Will Pay Ton 



Ftor Next Winter at the prices we are 
selling them. 

D. C. MOBS & CO. 

The Reliable One Price 


Oneida Street, 

Fulton, N. Y. 



w«itHosimy, »■«?«> ia, iKiw. 



Vising lesre FiiMon (itaOon an fulloivn; 

ooiso coirm. 

Bsy fc*w«» fi:0,in ' 

»««YOrl«*iKl«il]arft>lp1ilaKK !1 r('OT.. .11:-"4it. 

;Bingh»mton «nd Elmlrn lizpresi 3: '"J p. 

'•ywcuee Kxprese C:8iii. i 

;**» york and FM. Night Exp resa H;M>ji. 

."lf»w York and Philadelphia Exprrcs. . . .n:iW a. 

i8t**nibont Eiprcna 1-J :<1U |>. 

.iJ«y Kxpreaa -- i; : , M '' 

.\«W York «nU FIiHnduIphlo Eiprrei • :03 1>. 

To be held at Oswego Fob. 10 and 



order iifl.0 
ur^ed to pi 


hih) discussions will be in 
each address. AH are 


w nttaelieil to ofKlit < 

Slid Fhllndelulife.. 


Tsaiiir.lfiiva Fulton Station wittiHwn: 

;<«',> i'orli l>av Eupreafl 

.B"*filglit ami .iccoiuiHOilatlon... 

.'Norwich i&ttiresa 

;W.Y. Night i&prcai 

«B*trlO KlgM Express «:»> « 

0#wt«o Exurestf "i ," 

f/*fgktauu Accommodation — !;"*,' 

QfwcxM Day lisprewi H: *"i 

"PHOENIX line: 

Trains teJwe Fulton station na follow: 


6. : 37 


WTratno golnfr aorih leave the Brotulwny 
d»pot3 minutes earlier. All tiotnu will atopnt 
btth depots. 

"P«»Beiigere ore requested tn purcluwo llcht-ts 
btfore (uitcrinE tlio vara. An excena choifio "t 
■TEN CENTS will bo collected wliero lares are 
paid «n Uio tralna." 



r Oswego Fells can be left «t the Dry 
Goods store of J. R. Sullivan. 


..'..JJMis.a Louie Patterson Ib home from 
: Slew Jersey on a visit to her parents. 
^ Alton Uilmour of Albany, has been 
Jhero several days during the past 

H. S. Nlohols left last Thursday 
evening on a visit to his family at 
Aiken, 8. C. 

Edward Andrews of Lyon*, is visit- 
ing his daughther, Mrs. F. E. Bacon 
on Third street. 

J, B. Phillips, formerly electrician 
at the Factory, with his wife is now 
stopping at Albany. 

A. E. Nettleton ia in Washington, 
D, C, where he he has been enjoying 
-hhnself for the past week. 

Mies Eva Montague is taking a 
"course of study at Well's Commercial 
/^College at Syraou se preparatory to 
" -taking a position as book-keeper. 

, 10:30 A. M. 
Straw berrien— throwing and Mar- 
keting.— (,. 1'. Farmer, Pulaski. 
Tin- Pi'ivr— Ah a Money Crop.— Geo. 

V. IV 

Vll, (ilK'Ilt. 

i P. M. 

-W. J- 

Wedm-nday, '■ 

Qutitiion Box. 

Ft -tiltrt find I heir Cultivation, 
tmdt, Norlh lliiiinibal. 

A Place for Sln-ep— Money in them 
-J. S. Woodward, Loekport. 

Wftiiu'wltiy, 7 P. M. 

Question IJux. 

Care of Cowh.--J. 
Wood vi He. 

The Bee Industry. 

Feeding for Quantity and Quality 
of Milk.™ F. IX Curtis, Kirby Home- 

-P. II. Cyroniub 1 , 

Fruits.— Irs 

thf *» »ty t tot BtarJ>y •-« ■!■«. 

taiffflbiitBsi<kaiibta thfaiTQ- 
i, «b Um «T«flta« of Friday , F»b- 

Kvri«d-F«bni«rr «, *W0. •* Pol- 
tott J«f Bmdl«r Jhuw. !»■■*-"-» :*»■■ 
Httdioa, both <X 0«nby by R«v; J_o 

C.Br*> -«r. v '■ .; ; .:; 

TI»((rt»tplw»0 for b«r*»l-» f* at 
Mtowetl"- In the op«r* lioow* bioek. 
Read earatally the large "«J" to 
another flolq— in . 

*■. ». VanW««e-en i» quit* »ick at 
th« Beuilnary with (nt^nuittent teW 
wlileh hanlollowed "la Krippe" troia 
which he suffered for aeveral weeks. 

An Kpiaoopal church social wan 
held at the home of Mrs. Will. Case 
on First streetlastevemn-. Refresh- 
metati* were served aod a good timo 
liatl. ' ' 

Those who havo not ordered the 
"Hiutory and Ueutiioiiof Failoy 8 L -m- 
inary" can secure v copy at Morrill 
Bros, offleo at «1.7S. The edition is 
limited . 

J. H. Morton the present efficient 
town collector will he a candidate for 
ro- nomination and will probably gut 
It, A. J. Oaborne alHO 
luiusolf as a can dldate. 

Tfceaborahtkttftltlaora* tator- 
•rttaiCbook toalMMl «T "OU FlO- 
Ic^* that ha* Jort bm pataUafced by 
Morrill Bra*, and bM Bov. W. Dmp- 
•tor Chaae for It* editor. It le neat 
In typocraphteal apyasuraoeg and 
binding'. The we la a fine 

engra-1-g- of the Seminary. fuUow 
ins: the preface by the editor in the 
Pralimina-f History te an article on 
Fttlton Female Heniinary hy I.ucy 
Mayna-1 tfaltaon of ;¥4»amr Cdll»f<« 
and KetnlbiM l^neelia Wright 

Hamilton of Weedftport, ». T. 

Lynan Ballard and Will Baeavwtih 
■tarted laet mnn| for Proeidaikea, 

More of che former rantory haade 
will leaT* for there to-day. 

The well known factory team was 
•hipped Monday o*er 

the V. T. O. ft W. rallroatL lielr 
former driver, T^oniaa iHunbert 
went with thenL 

Thursday, 10 A- M. 

Question box. 

Insect » Iiijurioun to 
Plaee, 0»weg«Town. 

Cattle Foods.— Prof. R F. Ladd, j 
Y. Exp. Htation, Geneva. 

CoiiHervatlon of Fertility.— Prof. 3. 
P. XtobertH, Ithaca. 

Thursday, 2 P. M. 

Quest ion box. of Milk in Cheese Making. — 
Geo. A. Smith, Cheese Instructor, 
State Dairy CommiH^ion. 

Oiover aa « Crop Feeder. — Dr. G. C. 
Caldwell, Ithaca. 

Practical Dairying. — Carey Wood- 
worth, North Sterling. 

The Institute wilt be held &fc the 
Court House, and will be promptly 
called at the time advertized. 

A Question Box will be provided, 
which will be opened at the begin 
niiiy of each session. If yon don't 
wee what you wa'it, a>k for it. 

Thejailroailw will give reduced re- 
turn tickets) to all who go. 

These Institutes are b in~ run sole- 
ly in the iulert'Ht of farmers, particu- 
larly young farmers, and it ia hoped 
they will turn out en masse and par 
tieipute in the proceeding- 

The program may be varied, as 
thought beat. 

The meetings of the Institute will 
be free to ail. 

rSBjt« May -Bristol, who ia now at- 
^feaaint; Houghton Seminary at Clin- 
ton, -w'a* .at home over Sunday. She 
: \waa aoootepauied by a school-mate, 
Mlas'Sitfitb of Buffalo. 

; Samuel Andrewe, now employed at 
the Cayuga Woolen Mills, Auburn. 
Wftlhere over Sunday, He found the 
' .' ; prpBpeet for the mills starting again 
«60n not very encouraging. 

Mrs. E. R. Coatee, mother of Mr. 
Arthur Coats, Gen 1 !. Freight.Agt. of 
^fceJ&W.&O., R. T&-. "was visiting 

; with Hev. and Mrs. Erunning on Sat- 
urday. She -was a former parishion- 

- erwhen Mr. B. was pastor in. Oleott 
Niagara Co. in this state. 

Several tuen were in town recently, 
with a, gayly painted wagon and 
four horse team, Helling a pound of 
tea aud ten bara of soap for a dollar 
aud protuUing to send to eaoh pur- 
elnvser, witliiu twenty days, six cups 
and saucers. The tea was worthless, 
the soap uot fit to be used and the 
cups and nauuera have not material- 
ized. Moral — Patronize your home 
trade.— Skaneut les Democrat. 

George Knight., proprietor of the 
Windsor House, on Wall street, 1b the 
possessor of twin heifer calves that 
caaie lunt. Saturday. They are heulthy 
ami active and look very muuh like 
two > on n g deer as they gambol about. 
Tney are nearly tacking but one- 
eigmh of full blooded Jerseys. 

Rev. E. Brtmning is at Caughde- 
. IiOy, giving two illustrated lectures 
;- irith etereoptican, of a trip through 
the principle parts of Europe. The 
■" lefltureB are in the Snanoial interest 
■■of the Methodist chnroh in that place. 
; "He has other appointments, we un- 
t^deratand, in this section of the 


The^* residence of Mrs. Lewis E. 
3*OQmi». For particulars inquire of 
■Chas. "It. Bennett, Corner 4th and 
Broadway. 31tf 

; Donations and other parties fur- 
nished with oysters, candies, fruit, 
?-:Jt«.'*t wholesale priceB at Diapers 
Dishes loaned. 49tf 

H ^tlflan tell better where the bar* 
4«lns are after you ■ look around. 
: Draper tbiohs be is offerta* Watohetf, 
Jewelry and Plated-vare below tbent 
•it, and new- stylish goods at that. 
If yon wish to hay a preeeot buy her« 
!. 4. ■■ and sare enoach to buy yonn«lf 
«W. 40tf, 

'I'beNtw En u land ITirchide. 
Many ol our subscribers who have 
taken the .New England Fire.lde in 
oouueecton with Thb Timss make 
just complaints on account of the 
non (H pea. auce of the January num- 
ber, Tne iiuanciai standing of this 
publishing house is rated high and 
their magazine has an exceedingly 
large oitculatlon, bat unless the mag- 
asiues come soon we shalt make good 
to all the auiuunt invested. 

In reply to inquiries the following 
was recteved froni the, publisher: 

i i egret exceedingly that you are 
having so much annoyance about the 
delay ia the January issue of our 
magazine, and 1 think you will be- 
lieve uit when X tell you that it Is 
causing me still greater anxiety. Ia 
grippe has wrought confusion In onr 
who.e establishment, our help from 
tite foreman down having been con- 
fined to their homes with it. £ou 
need however have no fear but that 
all your subscribers will reoieve tlieir 
number a* *oon -as we can possibly 
get it out. ,We fully; believe in the 
future it will be issued on time. 
Enough there may be a little delay in 
the February'issue. 

Very truly. 

Married—February 9tli at the resi- 
dence uf Mr. J Jameu Miller Fulton, W. 
y., by Jiov. A. M. Roe, Mr. William 
StVeymanu of Brooklyn, N. Y., to Miwi 
taara lieiohardt of New York city. 

JBov. Mr. Curtieot Syracuse, Heore- 
tary 4>f tlie Auiorieun Hoard «>f Con- 
jjregatioiial eiiurehei) of Central JPlew 
York, fllied tin. pulpit «t i.lm Oongre- 
gaWonnlfitiuroh, Onwego Fulls, Him- 

Rev. J. H. Bieekenridge, Superin- 
tendent of the Methodist E(ticco|«il 
H.- spit nl, corner uf Sixth btreet and 
Seven; b avenue. New York, occupied 
the pulpit of the Methodist churoii on 

Robert Hiirrifcon, hunts weaver in 
tho factory here, ha« bought a farm 
iu Mow Jereey and will move to chut. 
State mid go into the business of raie- 
iiiK poultry for profit.— Cor. Oswego 

Lang, tho tumUuro man, has his 
store closed, while the building is 
being repaired by the Reynolds es- 
tate. The store isbefugeeiled through- 
out, up stairs and down, a uew stair- 
case built and warerooiiis fitted up. 

Win. Glifoy, now engaged in the 
grain and produce business and deal 
or in bard and soft coal at Columbia, 
Bali, in sending bis subscription to 
Tele Times announces flue weather 
In that locality and the fact that no 

ouo is starving^ 

Rev. Father P. J. Kearney, who 
has passed through a very dangerous 
Illness and i3 now well on the road to 
recovery, is nothing if not generous. 
He has presented Dr. N F. Hall, one 
of his attending physicians, with a 
valuable and handsou ie'young colt. 

Town Collector Button received a 
draft upon A. D. Julllurd & Co. TueB 
day, for ©1,089.81 in payment for the 
taxes upon the factory here, the 
amount being charged to the .assign- 
ees. Mr. Button's per cent, on this 
tax is over §15. 01).— Oswego Falls Ob- 

Rev. E. E. Davidson is meeting 
with good success tiiua far in his j 
work at Titusvllle, Pa., whither he 
went after leaving Fulton He was 
greeted with large audiences the 
ilrst week and on last Sunday about 
seventy, mostly young people made 
a start ia the religious lite. Mr. 
Davidson expresses great interest in 
the young converts in Fulton and 
hopes that at no distant day in the 
future ho may on a brief vMt to Ful- 
ton find them all true disciples of 

Christ. . 

The Electric Collecting Agency" 
of Syracuse, which is doiug consider 
able business in Fulton aud Oswego 
Falls, recteve about a column article 
in Monday's Syracuse Herald con- 
cerning the methods of doing but-i- 
nesB, which are such that if the debt- 
or does not make -arrangements for 
settlement he has to undergo law-, 
suits; traveling expenses to 'Vistant' 
parts' to attend courts and lo>s of 
time, If not of position, (haT. arrange- 
ments are usually made for settle- 
ment immediately. Several lawyers 
to whom the matter has been sub- 
mitted say that if a test were made 
the proceeding would be put under 
the head of a misdemeanor. Thus 
far the "Electric Collecting Ageney'< 
of Syracuse has not met with sneh a 
reverse, however. 

Nora Rirnardson, of Hyracuse; has 
The History of the Seminary from f been sued by her husband, Dillis D. 
18,T^18«», John ^. Griffin, A. : sY.,Priu- 
eipal is written by Ro«» C. Hough- 
t-'ii'-f Portland, lit-^.j. Vr-mi l*:j 
to %m. Rev. James Gilmonr, A. M. 
Principal Is written by Frederick I>. 
VfttiWagenen, Fulton, N. Y. 

The societies of the institution are 
taken care of the Kaloraatheoa by 
Eibmbetli Ctiitmutig* Pierce of Terre 
Haute, XncL The Aletheon by Char- 
les E. Lathrop, Syracuse, IS. Y. and 
tho Peithologian by Charles H. Grif- 
fin, Ravenna, Ohio- 
Seminary Life is "well written by 
Wiilard II. Torbest of Dubuque, Iowa. 
Prof. Haydn 1 -« Concerts by Ella J. 
Hnllett, Brook lyn.N. T. Tho Harmon- 
ic Association by 'Mxrilie Wilson Ped- 
dio of PijladelpteSfPa., AnniverHary 
Week by Elizabeth I. Coates. 
Then comes an interesting account of 
the Uvte Re-union AugUBt 30 to Sept. 
2, 1888 containing in full tho Histor : 
jea! of Prof. Alford S. Roe, 
Worceator, Mftfl9. and poem by Rich- 
ard B. Day of Syracuse. Contribu- 
tion to this part are from tho pens of 
the editor, Rev. W. Dempster Chase, 
Mina Moore Wheeler, Auburn, N. Y., 
Hattic U. Hunt. Reynolds, Bmmvillc, 
N. Y., Estulle Mendali Amory, Bel- 
mond. Iowa, Wiiinrd H. Torbert, l>u- 
buqc, Iowa, Mary h. Nindo, Topelui, 
Knim., Elrmbeth Ctinimings Pierce, 
Topeka, ^anfi., Emma Dayan Eiioh, 
Cliaumont, N. Y., EllaGregg, Euclid, 
N. Y. 

"Our Departed Teachers," is a de- 
partment of the book and tho lives 
of those honored ones are written by 
persons— alu inn i— best able to do 
tho work. A list of teachers and stu- 
dents finishes this book which can- 
not fail to be of great interest to ail 
connected in any way with the once 
famous institute of learning. 

TO BENT— Woodio's Hall, for 
Parties Hope, Socials, &c, or 
would rent It oil favorable terms 
for a number of years. Inquire 
of Mrs. John H. Woodin, First 

The auction sale of tho Riverside 
and Oswego mills, at Providence ad- 
vertised to take placo was last Thurs- 
day lost, was postponed by order of 
the assignees. They decided to post- 
pone it on account of the request to 
that effect of over 90 per cent, of the 
creditors, representing §3,800,000 in- 
debtedness. Tho creditors come in 
under the trust scheme of settlement. 
This trust, managed by three trus- 
tees, was started in Boston by a syn- 
dicate of Boston creditors and its pur- 
pose is to take the property and run 
it, paying creditors who will sign off 
all claims, 62J cents on the dollar. 

The above which is in substance an 
associate press dispatch from Provi 
donee leaves our local mills in the 
Same state of -.uncertainty as they 
have been for the past two months. 
It was expected that if the sate of 
the mills at Providence oocurred 
some disposition of the property here 
would be made. We still believe 
that the time is not far distant when 
the valuable property here will be 
utilized but we shall have to bide the 
time of the powers that be. 
i'rue MirtlutdiGt JSIectinsa. 
In the church on the corner of 
State and Third sts., the Free Meth- 
odists are praying for a revival of 
old time religion with a reformation 
attachment. Some backsliders have 
been reclaimed. Sinners—Uusaved 
persons are invited to attend. Chrii 
tian. laborers who desire work on 
the Bible line will find employment 
Come and help us. We have secur- 
ed help from the skies. God is here 
to endorse his work. Jesus, Christ is 
here to save souls. The Holy Ghost 
is abroad in the community. If any 
follower of Christ is unable to come 
let them pray that God will pour out 
his spirit and men and women will 
cry out, "What must I do to be sav- 
ed." L. S. Kibg, Pastor. 
A Kuan on tt Store. 
Stowell's great closing out sale in 
the Opera House for the past few 
days has been the scene of great ac- 
tivity every body seems to realize 
that everything is being sold at a 
great sacrifice, their '"ad" appears 
at the bottom of ou r editorial page. 
| Seed Potatoes. -One small car- 
loa,1 Early Rose and White Peach 
Blows, m'v ase'iit will b^ at Sylves- 
ter's grocery store on Oneida street, 
Fulton, Mondays, Tuesdays and Sat- 
urdays to fill your orders. Come at 
once, they will go fast. Priee S5 ami 
69 cents per bushel. 

O. L. Hortos. 

Richardson, on , the usual grounds. 
Jtw. Hlcliardnou *an formerly >ora 
MsDonald.of Oswego Falls. Sheisfle- 
BcriWdmsahanditottie tg woman 

23 years of age. She was first ntar- 
ried to a man named Rofcertsi-froni 
Tvhom she was divorced and then 
married Richardson, who js a man of 
means. Mrs, Richardson denies her 
hwsbsud'j? allegations' and brings a 
cross stui; against him for alleged 
luisconduot at the Thousand Islands 
and at various places of ill repute in 
Syracuse.— Oswego Palladium.' 

A File Kecwi*. 

As a result of good scholarship and 
excellent instruction, twelve students 
of Fulton Academy passed by no 
means an easy regent^ 1 examination 
*" Trigonometry at Syracuse on 
Jan'y, 23. The regents' examination 
was not to be held here until March 
and the class thought they would 
like to try it so if they did not pass 
thoy would be able to try again. 
Every one of the following twelve 
that went passed: 

Mark S. Andrews, 

Charles U. Bennett, 

Eddie J. Breeds, 

Arthur W. Chase, 

Clara T. Chase, 

Fred J. Emony, 

Ward H. Flaxington, 

Fred H. Gilbert, 

George V. Green, 

Ralph B.Hubbard, 

Mamie Khiiber, 

John B. Stephens, 
This shows the excellent training 
received from their instructor, Prof, 
Clap p. 


The Rome, Watertown & Ogdens 
h'g It. It. is making great preparations 
to handle the patrons of the Fourth 
Annual Popular Excursion to Wash- 
ington, which will be run March 4th. 
Former excursions from the line of 
tho R. W. & O. R. R. have carried 
more than sixteen hundred people' to 
Washington and it is expected that, 
large number will avail themselves 
of the splendid opportunity this year. 
The Pennsylvania R. R. requires all 
through to be equipped with safety 
couplers and air signal whistle pipes: 
this device does away with the old 
time bell cord and in case anything 
happens to the train, the air signal 
pipe blows the locomotive whistle, 
warning the engineer that something 
is wrong. To comply with this rt- 
quirement the Wagner Palace Car 
Company have equipped about twen- 
ty of their sleeping cars with the air 
signal whistle pipe and have also e- 
quipped the cars with the Janney 
Hood so they can be run through to 
Washington without change. Infor- 
mation relative to the excursion can 
be obtained from all R.W. & 0. R. R. 
tickets agents. The rate from any 
station at which tickets are sold will 
be ten dollars for the round trip. s 
H. &.. S3. UaiMy Fare. 

The camp-fire under theauspiees of 
Post Schenck G. A. R. and the 
W. R. C. last Wednesday evening at 
Church's Hall was an unusually 
pleasant occasion. Supper waa serv- 
ed and the following interesting pro- 
gram carried out: 

Prayer, Rev. Mr. Brunning; instru- 
mental medley, by Mr. and Miss 
Bogue; song by the FultonGlee Club, 
led by Prof. Cooper; recitation "The 
Old Torn Flag," by Mrs. Spencer; 
piano solo, by Edith Hamilton; Man- 
ual of Arms, by Comrades Buck and 
Ellis; song, John Taylor; Army Rem- 
iniscences, by Comrade Williams of 
Hannibal; select reudiae, "I've En- 
listed," by Mrs. Dr. Emens; song, 
Comrade N. H. Gilbert; recitation, 
"Lookout Mountain," Geo. Saunders; 
speech. Rev. Mr. Young of Oswego, 
followed by Col. T- B. White, Oswe- 
go; recitation, '*Why do I wear my 
badg<-?" by Mrs. Julia Murphy, wife 
of commander of Post Schenck; epng 
by the Glee Club; recitation, Mra. 

■ii ti-si; THday '■ af m aooa ar.eaetv 
waefc aft 9M. Attsa d a a os I* *oed, 


Tin bor« 

aad enjoy taa prly^ 
»«««• of Um ioobm «r«ry Batwdaj 
a. ss., and «UU we (a v&e larger aani- 

The Lyeena will * on Friday 
evening- at S debaU the 

question "Reselitd* that manrl«d 
LireisaSaee**B." Other literary ex - 
«relsM are also on the evening's pro- 

I**t Sunday at* o'slook our Bible 
lias* met for the fittit time. There 
were 4S present and each seemed to 
enjoy the hour thus spent, .^he-elasii 
will meetat the same boar this cam- 
inaHabbath,' the General Seoretary" 
will give a Bib!* reading on "Prayer." 
Let each bring his Bible with him 
and come promptly. Topic for next 
Sunday's meeting is "If yov are a 
Christian show it."— -James I^J~35. 
And will be led by an active member. 
You are invited. Come and bring 
another with you. 

The 34th Annual Convention of the 
Young' Men's Christian Association 
of the State of New York to be held 
at Binghamton, S. Y M February 80th 
to 23d, 1890. Prominent speakers and 
Association workers from this and 
other states will be present. 

The State Committee is composed 
of thirty-three members representing 
various sections of the state. 

Its object is to aid and strengthen 
existing Associations, to establish or- 
ganizations where needed, and to 
stimulate aggressive Christian work 
among the young men of our State. 

It employs three Secretaries who 
devote their entire time to the work. 
Also other assistants for a few weeks 
at a time as tho requirements of ti;o 
work demand. 

Buildings. Thi.dy-flve of the Asso- 
ciations of the State now -occupy 
buildings of their own, valued at over 
$2,800,000. Five of these buildings 
have been dedicated during tho past 
year as follows: Oticit, costing §88,- 
(100; Bit. Vernon, costing $40,000; Ad- 
dison, costing 68,500; Cornell Univer- 
sity, costing $39,000; Hamilton Col- 
lege, costing §2«,000. 

Membership. The present member 
ship of the 142 Associations of this 
State is about 86,000. an increase of 
2,000 during the past year. Over 
one half of this membership is em- 
braced in the thirty-five Associations 
owning buildings. 

Seeretarlt s. The total number of 
Secretaries and paid agents now em- 
ployed in the State is 184, against 162 
a year ago. Secretaries have been 
placed in new fields. The number 
of Secretarial changes made during 
the year (including Assistants, Physi- 
cal Directors, &.\) has been 143. 

Expenses. The expenses of the 
State work for the past year have 
been as follows: 

Salaries and Traveling §6,373.55 

Offiee Expenses ^ 496.00 

Printing, Posters and Stat'ry. 510.25 

Convention Expenses 201.80 

PeekskiU Camp..... 487.33 

District Conventions 817.56 

Total $8,472.99 

The amount needed to carry on the 
increased work demanded for the 
coming year is |9,000. To secure this 
amount the Committee depend whol- 
ly upon the volintary contributions 
of Associations and friends. 



"Down went XfoffltMy * * 
Dressed in Ms fwst Sunday clothes." 


?C3R *£iO i 

That Suit was a Regular 



Is hoodooed tiy .lib clothes; hoodooed in business, in society, ia 
his fasnily. Taa 'moral is: buy your clothes oE the 

ot wuom we are whicu , The specialty of out clothta* is 



It you want to see a good tjiint; 
is in our suits. He looks !'o 

A Biubluhi Treat. I'fcla evening. 
All lovers of music will thoroughly 
enjoy the entertainment that is in 
store for thani thia evening at the 
opera house through the efforts of 
Manager Stephens. It is not a mat- 
ter of news to state that the Lotus 
Glee Club of Boston, holda very high 
rank in the i juusical world. Their 
reputation has preceded them (snd 
they stand on an equal footing with 
the Temple Quartet of the same city. 
All of our music loving people will 
attend that possibly can and they 
will feel exceedingly well pleased 
with the evening thus spent. Aiiss 
Marshall will increase the evening' 
enjoyment with select recitals. 

od, he 

J lu-o'ul 




Claims in Cm 
Good ReiVieii 

Miss 2adie Esmond, v. 
the charming dmi^hiet- 
mond, General Secret ar 
Dept. Of the V. M. C. 
Wayne, Ind., died on Ja 
of pneumonia, *<ip>'timli 
rions cold and innuen; 
mond was a former resid 
where he lias many fiii-i 
extend sympathy to hi.i 



t ir'j^iaJfy. 
•c Solicitotl. 

.:-tl buiidings. \i 
illcssotilh of V 
ins enquire 
nil. 30 

, Fi 

s to 

«-ll ': 

Harvey H. Chamberlain died at tho 
home of his yon. Dr. Ciiaiiilx-rlain, in 
New York, Friday, Feb. 7.1: fil), , t t the 
age of 17. years. The remains were 
brought here for interment in Mt. 
Adnah, The deceased was an old 
resident having lived fur many years 
on the town line near Gilberts Mills. 
He went to Netf York u few months 
ago to spend the winter with his son. 

Ephriam H. Mosher died in 
ouse on Mouday, F-h. 10, 1^3, 
age of 2.5 years. The remain- 
brought yesterday to the home 
father at Lower Oswego Fulls, 
funeral services were held tid- 
noon at 3:30. 



A. WWWiLt. 

■ OLoaptwOirr,* general asaoriuant 

: «f MasMal Mareoaadltw at one half 

racier prioea Baaet Morio. Books, 

>s^s\ Um. F. K. Jons. 

... J»w» OassdaSt. 

For Bask.-— A. farm of twenty-five 
ecres, pleasantly located, one mile 
£ast of Fulton village on Fay street 
for further particulars "■ Inqalra of 
Mrs. 8. L Taylor, Foarih htrWt op- 
posttethe parte or at this offio*. SKf 

This week at Draper's is (Crocke'ry 
week.) Call and see how extremity 
low he is selling all kinds of Chamber 
Sets, Tea and Dinner Sets. Also 
China and Printed Goods. 

The depot, this fall, for robes and 
blankets is at MoCully'a. '* 

Baeswood Bolts Wasted -500 
cords of basawood bolt,-i wauled at 
the Fulton Wooden Ware Works, 
Mason's Planning Mill. 

So Advertising fiodge 
Draper will close out ail kinds of 
Land Seeds at two-thirds their cost, 
(not at cost) but- at one-third l.-ss 
tl an they cost. Mosthavethe room 
for new arrival of Crockery. 40, tf 

The Cortland road cari is the best 

ia the market. Sold at McCoUy's. tf cream bread, 8 cents a loaf. 

The Ladi.s 1 Aid Society of theFrte 
Baptist Ciiuich of Gilbert's Mills me: 
at the par-ioimg.' Tuesday evening, 
Feb. 4, 1830. Mrs. B. - Turner was 
chosen pr.-t-ideiit and Mrs. M. A. 
Biodgett secretary pro tern. Mr. aud 
Mrs. Fred Boigeol were admitted to 
the society. I'b-; following officers 
wer'» elected for the ' ensuing ■ year: 
President, Mrs. W. H. Ward; vice 
presidents, Mrs. Charles Batcher and 
Mrs. Fred Boigeol; secretary, Mrs. E. 
Turner; treasurer, Mra M. A- Biod- 
gett. Tire society, wiil give & literary 
and musical entertainment at the 
Free Baptist church," Thursday even- 
ing, Feb. 13, 1890, after wiiicb an oys- 
ter supper witi be served. All are 

Buy H. P. Wilson's "L X-, 

Unusual (or Uil» cumaio. 
It is not a common thing to hear of 
ploughing iu Voluey in the montb of 
February, but it was done this year. 
Henry Owen reports that on Feb. 5— 
last Wednesday-— he ploughed about 
air acre of sod ground on hie farm 
about three hiiles south of the village. 
Be u!*o ploughed on the 7, 8, 13, 14 
and 16th ol January about four acres. 
He found nufrost in the ground on any 
of theae occasiuns. By reference to 
uis diary ue finds that he ploughed 
ad day Jan'y $, 1374, but,never be- 
fore in February. If he is able to' 
piough during Uj© montii ot Aiareh, 
every moutu in the year »|1I have 
been utilized for that purpose. 


EneourasedfoyUiefaiod patron- 
ago of the public iu the last iew 
days we shall eontiuue to give 
yoa upeeiai prices on Boots and 
Shoes during this bionth. 

We aim to *ell a Ianre qaantlty 
of goods rather than to stake a 
largeproflt. Oive bis fairtriaL 

Wort's famous bread at Berzee's.. 

Edward Raffei 
at his home 

village on Monday, Fvb. 
Funeral services will be lie 
Catholic church to-morrow 
at 10 o'clock. 

A, A, Dodge died last we 
timore, Md. He was an oli 
of Fulton and brother of II. 
of this village. 

William Wright, aged 57 ; 
of consumption at the hoi 
Thoma-. Martina, in Oswe:r< 
Saturday, Feb. 8, 1&S0. Ft 
vices were held from the 1 
aiternoon at 2'i;. 

E:i»n, wife of William IJ 
Oswego Fall^difd Mouduy 
18S0, at the age of ■!'.' ya 
erol was held from r.he Chi? 
immaculate Conee^tiuti i 

>rth Salii. 
39 w 2 

teas .t 
ad vicinity. G 
ion Tea Co., 
Syracuse, N. Y, 

the farm if d<-«ii 

!■:.— A Good Farm ol 
■ ■ north of Fulton on 
East side of rive'e, 
s will bo sole! with 
•d. Apply to 

K N KiHT, 

ndsorllouw. Fulton. 


occupied by tho Salmon Shoe Store 
PosdecHtou glveu Apr. 1, iffljn. 
U.Uf EiufUire en Preiliiuei 

X J fi.por I-In,ngmgl 

Plain ana Ornamental, 


For Su* Boom, bus, aad thiw 

■•ON. ;»t taMk ^E»w»^ of frali ud 

».t.r. Hllualod BOntr of 81»h o^ 
Ciarft rtroota. 

JtMiain of lit rnml B mum L 

A New Lot of Bargains iu Boots and Shoes, 


Alen's Lace, Congress and Button Shoe from 90ct», to $1.50. 

These bargains will surprise yon. 

Also--afew-'pairefthe.likdiesV'-Kid-aiid'«oatBettonai-95'ceiits a pair, and many 

other bargains which will pay you to come and see. 

SigaoftheBig Boot 




Absolateiy the B*st. 

ars pablfrfcasl on ever? MWi. 'flit piirit;. 
ingredients acr! ths s^ientiBo acrttrst 
sSch tfcey are cbuibinfe-t r«-a-!«:r ii-e-.via 
petior in BLStngib aa-5 feSieieiwy to ai 
baking powder .tnaaufeciaftxi. 

Fond t«Jsed with tUis po-.r'ier Hce* noc 
aswfcea xsx&et with ha&iajf po-.vdsr co: 
aSiraoni*. !»iIkee;ainoi^SEii'3 i;'.r*.pt, ant 
AMbla airf wh»lc30m°. H"t b^coii ami 
cakes madeivitb iSiKio bo cattM bj dj 
*Jili tmp unity- 

If does Dot C£ 
oiSer adaiterar,E. 

by (toteriimect and Stat-) 
ilt*ith, sod eoiineGt select 

slam, llti 


Owing to a ehange in business I 
wish to dispose oftbs following prop- 
erty: One sorrel breeding mare, elev- 
en years old, weight 9?5. pounds; one 
horse colt, 17 months old, chestnut, 
white star m forehead, one white fore 
foot, good "-sires one thoroughbred 
Jersey bu51, 19 months:. o':3, color 
squirrel grev to black with whita. 
spots, grandsire "Exile of St. Lain- 
b*!rr of Bocbester, dam Stevens' 
"Oraee ^ Greenwood.'" .■Thi*-.K desira- 
ble iwoperty and wifl l>e sold reason 
abie-T^ P.E-Hisos.^ 

«tf ■.'.■■■.■eabetwauiii.- 

Duriiaravill't' ■ 

S.V17.- 1H ™ 

"HcU .. 

cieveiATia ; i«!Si i >■■ 
B'ron'Rf'aB.- l ( «si 7 e si. j_lg»* 7$ 

Pencelivlliej l> ( -£ T i- 

Fulton ' '"" ° r - 

sbgo ! ns 

i rup i 

£acilai!37fii{ ' a i*. 'we E 


b'j jup.n^p dip Bi'a. -i 

tJi-tjKilsiswej* ■■■■(-....!.■ 

tin Valley "E.S. it ' CSiEpt 
Or»a% ... " 

i Halt !' 


'tfilo 5 ~ CoiiEESts at Oiie!st* Ca«!e yit% W^fB 
SrtsndOiKSo t woeato wlifc*;*. T.-Ogrtqjg' 

gfffi P^M »sj«* *f^PiW^a??5LSSJfe^ 

US^Cbk>i^S^S.^KL^TS»aBh . 

= Ct^* 


■■ ;;■■ 3k&; ;^s :-u £ ix'^.#l $k-k^. 

HOTJJUlHli um book-*— pfr 
Be**)*** tottottMot fMdiac 

tow ttev not to *• a^toetod lo •*** 


Don't wait* tlm* *t th* tiora or 
eornera white than to • r*rm*r • «lob 
or lutltnt* Id. mmIod. 

H*»w York to the gtt*t«*t fruit pro- 
■ the Union, »nd.Miob 

IgMH take* Meond raitk. 

Have you errr figured out wh*t It 
^etMif.vyoa-to-'ktfcp .» oo*v fo*-«ye*r? 
..-If 'not, whyaott 

The fiwt-walkiTig bona to evidently 
the coining one for general use. 

/Che »vemgre .iocotno per cow I» tlie 
dairy region*' of 3*ew- York Stafco is 
about t35. . 

Every fanaer ought to know enongh, 
of politics to do bis duty as an Amer- 
ican citizen. 

In Lewis County, M. Y., there aro 
still several thousand bushols of po- 
tatoes unsold. Tho market ia dull at 
forty cents per bushel. 

If you expect to pet the benefit of 
the market you must furnish it t* 
thing wonted -at current quotatior 
As you cannot change tho drew 
stances, you muat adjust yourself to 

Itiaan old saying that every one 
must eat bis peck of dirt. Tiioao who 
use the milk that coiik-.n from a c. 
covered with filth, and milked by 
man whos-* handu liavo not be? 
washed clean for a. quarter of n a 
tury, get llivh* alrnn; of dirt, in qui 

of fii'ilifitf 

ttiniliij; tliat which i 

milk and *!iini m 
will |}««a!abl<' in t 
while a portion v 


syBtdii thiit pc 

our bi 

i- fnc 


of No 

Here in a 

tol'ii'M on 11 

their goods. At t 

show nt Cliiungo, in 

the fat stock nhow, 

brufiku, allowed a wholo carload » 

fine butter, and iiioiiibei'H of tin; dairy 

m«n'u association of thut state wen 

in constant attendance, giving Ham 

plea of tlie butter on wafer eraeken 

to the crowds of visitors bi attend 

nnce. Great in advL'i'iiHiiiftl 


To prevent (.lie (Uhoiihoh of baby- 
hood from attacking your child, tiae 
fiithue Dr. Bull's ihiby Syrup, the 
beat remedy for children. Trice i>6 

The ill effects from imprudent eat- 
ing may at all timea be prevented, 
and the dyspepsia forestalled by the 
timely use of Lasador. 

'(Tint! B'rojior '(Tiling. 
Plaid ginghams will be cut on the 
bias throughout. 

Genuine tnrtan colors are aeon in 
the newest Scotch plaids. 

Gray kid gloves are preferred to 
tan color for dressy wear. 

Full bodices, full sleeves and slight- 
ly draped skirts are the rule for India 
silk gowns. 

Deep plaited ruches of silk mull, in 
eolors or white, are worn in the nock 
and sleeve*. 

bordered ginghams are- so wide 
that the width serves for the length 
of the skirt, the border trimming the 

Satin-striped India silks and those 
with black grounds are among the 
handsomest shown for next season's 

Scotoh ginghnma for midsummer 
dresses in the colors fashionable for 
cashmeres aro repeated, with some- 
times a touch of black in stripes or 

For trimming gingham «;owns are 
the white embroidered muslins used 
as yokes, Spanish jackets, collar? 
cuffs insertions, etc. Gros grain rib 
boa will also be usr-d as trimming. 

Little French Derby coats of fine 
clothyire lined wiih sat in and finished 
wi- biisr mkhaii trimmings. The back 
of (b ■ rout is i-li-e-tiltiny, while the 
fn.nt toaroundod jacket ed B «l with 
t-n- khan, an I made with n vi-st ol 
tiMti-akhau partly ronci-ulfd in the 
. ri>intiiti'-'ta of bl.u-k pass -menreric 

*"■ Vei';Jto*r;TDt*,' J '-'' 
•; : m> dirtae'ead 

Mrtata <rf ^4yi l «» -tli» ifct-mly 
n — nf— " —m— ft- thy— m il — , to- 
dMd,»wn oCmm* brJMit wbodti vnopto 

V p p-i, 

i» us 

word f. 

I'lllS will 

ield i, t ih 

■ use 

of Carl. 

r'a Little 

Nerv- Piil.s, 

aid d 

>v Cai-U 

r's Lftth 

Liver Pill.->, 


not onl 

v relievt- 

present dis 

tt*8S b 

It StlVllf, 

then the 

stomach and digest 

ve apparatus. 

Carl Schui-2 is said to live in daily 
terror of being some day knocked out 
by a ro bber wi th a sandbag. 

Allow your health to gradually fail? 
If you are closely conflued indoors 
with little or no exercise, and desire 
good health, you mast take care of 
yourself. Use Sulphur Bitters, and 
you will have a sound mind and a 
strong body. 

Twenty-one deceased persons have 
been oremated at Rosedale, near Loa 
Angeles, Cal; 

To Nervous Hen. 

v.^ 7011 ,^, '' send >w your address, wo will mail 
K^™-^^! ^P 1 ' 1 " S?¥ la 'o« i e alt about 

R you are tbm afflicted, vn . 
■;:*»■* Appil*uc*a ona trial. 
' Voltmo -B«tT Co., Marahall. Hteb. 

v,,. : ;.'■■» JTi :.■-.'■ 

t: :;Within the last twenty years the 
: ^airts hi Kansas have granled 7,191 
..■■ divorces. 

l\)Mndfcrthe doctor every time 
, jro» doat t«A Jdrt right. Mv doctor* 
UU lor Team Mi over a hundred dol- 
Una«*e*r, which, m^de a pretty big 
fcol« in my wa^ea. For the pwt two 
jwn I only ipftnt ten dollars, v»Hfc 
which I bought m doien bottles of 
ttfttphuBlttan, anA he«ltfa hu be«D 
*k or teafbr *»•» juing them.— Bob- 


tt tt* mm of « 
lfc» DBlTCcAf or VIrBiaia. 


BpjI cs tiio conception wna, tho execution 
was'stiU more awkward; tbo first dcnl- 
iugfl of tbo wreckers wcro with mca of Midi 
douhtful reputation that t,m,[>\don wns at 
onco oroiir^l, end tho wreckcro v/cro caught 
oven befiim tlioy could "r^ali^o." U It raid 
tliftt a patitbor or wiMcat, beforo ftprlngliiR 
iuto n wild itin litter (or a yoang pig, will 
r«*oimoit«r caret ully niul calculate for U!» 
sccoikI Rprhig— cttit of tho litter ton eafo tree 
before t)to iiintlici- eon can era 1 * 'um- Thcso 
fcHown filioirctt milch Ices liCitrn. 

Tho Sixth National itrtd rnnfwd for ft q«ar- 
tflr nt a century on one of tlio Guundcnt inetl- 
tulion^ In Nrtw York titid il.n ln«t Htntprntitit 
In December nliowod $a«(),(i00 cn ( .;tnl, J8U.OO0 
surplun «nd 81,5W.«N> .IcpiriHn; t.hero wcro in 
Its x'anlta "gilt edged nwnritk'3" to tlio jior 
vnliioof efll-"J,0<)0, which cotilii havo twcnEOld 
in opan nmr&ct for 9800,000, joid llfi rU>ck wiia 
qwoted fer abovo par. In tliifi ci.niUtion irt 
oiTniru tJharlw II. Iielnnrl, pri?niilcnt, who had. 
aucCttxlwJ lim father in (.tint tifllco—tlii* two 
Imving inndu Clio repntnticiii of thn bnuk— oa- 
to n I aim! bin cdliiuiginu with tlio an noun co- 
nt that lio had sold oillila atocli to com- 
•ativuly iinkiKuvn men, nt prices WJ per 
it. above tliono iiiiimlly quoted. Tho othur 
mimngcrsi joined lilm In Gulling out, taking 
it.y lioiia njion tlio Loaox IU11 anil 
Equitable — ttvo Btoto liatilfs. 

) now owners nt once took th* $023,000 
ruriticH and i>ufc thorn on ealo, mid with 
paid thu Ural a on tbo other ttvo 

t. 'f lioy then littndcd out tuu cuali ri^ht 
mid loft ou tlctitiouu loane, 
Tho old i^nhifr, AticM-citr B. Colson, tompo- 
rily ivtaiiied, iitforiuod the clanrini; hoasa 
comiailtco of those oittraordinary proceed- 
inga. Thoy etartcd Nation*) Bunk Eiwoinw 
B. Hepburn, who nt odh took po«»«:-sion, 
and tho wroebcra wcro "takon red h«ndcd," 
Ami at this point ciwne in tho 
first touch of comedy. Ara Gcor(£o H. Poll, 
tho Uret man (ureatod, woiked Into Lad low 
utrcot jnil ho w&t wnrmly, •von offusivoly, 
greotod' by Ilcnry B. Ivca, tho eo called "Na- 
poleon of lfiimnco," whofio latoly cEtouished 
tlio world by Inn colossal roguery, but who is 
already obscured by a fresh r.oiiEatlou, so 
r»])idly do Napoloono of fraud riao, pass ovor 
mid go down, lilto Ilnnquo'a ghostly lino over 
"10 witchea' caldron. 

Poll lo little more than a coinmosi rosuo; but 
Ocn. Clftftssou, tbo noit arrested, la eomo- 
thing of a ninn. Ho wcra colonel of tbo One 
Hundred and Tblrly-soeoud rogiinout of Now 
York voluuUiorfl, and served with a-edlt in 
tho brigndo commandod by Qon. Jnmo3 Jour- 
dan, of Brooklyn. Thoy bocamo friends, and 
Gon. Clnftisson induced Gen. Jourdan to lend 
bis umno as director to aid tho now manage- 
ment—a fact at which the latfcev in deeply 
mortified. It now appears that Gon. ClauKson 
bits engaged in various doubtful enterprises. 
George H. Poll was of douutfal reputation by 
reason of ' transactions in Alabama. In Now 
York bo become one of tbo firm of Fell & 
Wallack, insuronco brokers, and as each was 
employed to dispose of tbo 5033,000 in securi- 
ties. This and his hasto in tho work con- 
vinced Cashier Colson that a grand robbery 
was hi progress, and be hastened to tlio clear- 
ing house commit tea 

Tho arrest of Gon. Clamccn, tho now pres- 
ident, and Poll, who nogotiatod tho encuri- 
tica, followed fast, and by tho latest estimates 
tbo loss may reach 2700,000. Yot tbo depos- 
itom lose nothing, and tbo etoekholdora out- 
side of tho ring will not loso no muoh 
expected; f or ^q bank waa bo strong that i& 
could atand tbo losses and tbo former presi- 
dent, Lclaud, hnscoinotothorcECUO. Ho was 
Gosavagoly donounced for selling to unknown 
parties— it amounted to selling his own repu- 
tation, as tbo reputation ot tho bank wca 
practically that— that bo came to tho rescue 
with &500.000, and so tho old Sixth National 
business onco 

tlart.lMt>r;fl»t IrffM ■•**» «■ •« 

d»yr trisiittet « 1 4* mm U* *i I urn* m*. 
Hoad'>AH«NMi11lBWM. IlMdttkmK,"** 

MtwawkU, ud 4U. Mt wm* aor «**«• 


m*n I bepirt Uklnt H»#i IMMfMlUi 
I «u tedlnc, rirat »!•(*)**«, - »tiB«ruwi 
* great deal 'with tlynpepalft, d to w«k 
Ui»t*ttlmc*Jc(nif«lb*r<llrrt«od. Hooked, 
and bad (or waw ttmf, »!(# * person In oow- 
•unilrtloR. Hood'* Samp«ai* dW me » 
mwh jootf Hia* T wonder *t mjKtt nomeUmw, 
«»d»iyfrIcn0^i:«qii«nHr#p«ako(it." Mwi. 
lEtLA A. fio*r, 61 fctm* 8tt«t, Boston. 


*jr C. L MOOD * CO., Apot»««w»M. I*w«a, It—*. 

IOO Doao» One Dollar 

s Ks 

%The Greatest Blood Purifier* 





_ tKlTTKItBfor»i.O0,loastliaWj 
..^ cent a doEO. It will euro the 
wet cjiGDB of oktu UlaoiiBo, fconu 
common plniplo on tho face 
m .y awful dbmnoD ficrofula.j 
IsUU'HUtt 1HTTKK8 lu ttio/ 
Ibcnt medtcliio to nuo In alb 
lcnttoB of nucli i;tnhtiorn und< 
Jdccp neahni uliioiwicfl. ' Voh n imi 
foot ever tako #ofonle..,.^,— 

auuK pills / 8 J.yy:,TCl3 


(fuU'i I uVBITMSlts'V"" 1 ^ 1 ' v/hM « llD 
lUio niircHt and beat 

#yoU) uqo 

Ity onrrongno OoatsL 
wltliayollowstletcy#Doii't wait nnttl yon 
breath foul audjfai-o flat on your back, 
oircnolvo? Your#biifcgoteomontonco,lt 
etomnch in out#wlll cure yon* Sulphur 
of or<lcriUao*BHtora la 

aU lj'm'Kn8#*'' l0 -' nlra ^ lu ' 8 1'Tlouu.M 

Sluiiiiei! lntoly#Hio young, thonffed and tot- 
■ la your tfr-morhiK arc noon made well by 
lino thick, ltvmeinlier what you 

II rony, clo.*rcad bore. It may cava your 
lutly, or#iifc It hnu nnved htindrede. 
[Don't wait until to-morrow, 

*Try a Bottlo To-day! 

Are you low-spirited ami weak, 
_ .)v niiffui'lng from tho oxcetinen of 
/youth? If uo, MJU'UUK ICXl'IiltS 
jrwlll cure you. 

Uocton.JMttOQ., for bent medical work publ 




Mannrd by Wm. Athks S. Sons. Phflada., who 
mat:o Hio famous Home Brand Baker Blaalieta 




Moanwhilo a "Big Four" of nlleged owin- 
dlei-a are enjoying themselves (if such a tbiug 
can be) in company in Ludlow street jail 
Thoy aro: Henry S. Ives, tho "Napoleon of 
Finance;" George H. Staynor, tho railroad 
wrecker; Gen. Peter J. Claas^a, soldier and 
banker, and George H. Pell. Ives has his 
own room in tho jail, fairly well fitted op and 
well supplied with good things, and in it the 
four now pass their waking hours, remark- 
ably social and cheerful, say tho attendants, 
and yet veryansiou3,nodoubt, to know when 
tbo slow motions of law will give thorn re- 

Not Golou That Way. 

A Florida steamer got into a dense fog 
while on her way down tha river. A touriat, 
anxious to go ahead, went up to tho captain, 
who was at tho wheal, and asked why they 
had stc-iiped. 

"Too much fog; cant soa tha river, " replied 
tho cautious captain. 

"But," said the touriat, "you can ac% the 
stars overhead." 

"Yes." said the captain, "but until tba 
boilers burst, wo ar» not going that way." 

The pasiengar weut to bad,— SsnPnmciaco 

■5aassa^aa5a saKsg .iai 

Fmml l| FiMbt Bns. P<HtrreH. 


BrawolDf "■ rwtliw i Ian In Wesl- 
miDiter Abbey vill b% M»r tli*t of 




(Tafeo a Osko) 

Grrlddl© Gakei 

Ta Ka-Kftke C1I30 mnbca dclfclons GEMS. MCF 






Half the price of tin or shingles? Guaranteed 
water-tight on tlat or Htevp surface, and you can 
put It on. Sample frea If you mention tMV 

Indiana Paint & EooP Co., K. Y. 

42 West Broadway, Sew Tort. 

D. H. CASE, Broker. 

— ON— 
Watches, Diamonds^ Jewelry, 
Furniture, in nse, without re- 
moval. Personal and Real 
Estate, Valuable Notes 
Transact ions etrictly Confidential. 

^"OtBce first door'south of Savings 
Baob, Pirat Street, Fbtfcon. 

Job Printing, 

We wre prepured to do stt kiode of 

Job Printing , 

with oentnww luld dispi(tclt oh the moat 
fttvorabl« wrDip. 


. te.. Ab. 
AU prtaM It ifttbat MTk •> tta 

= '"'.HM."'J "*Vi.. aJS i' *^*^^Wis™!£^^^^^ ■*■■■ 

' fii ■•*■<• 

MM, b twm Jb*i luv*rub*T out* ibr' 

lis, wlitto Ito i»a>Ml«rf al fiMbMM in tbo 
..«■■«: at.' w M M iiaibttW'w : . : WktwM . : » >u>.; 
■iMla «W Ummfct tMdtoiM. Bteoa 
MVtm dhpc*>v«tf7 it hm wM m a 

fifiiM,: m ■■', '■'"!•«*' wbtch' ,»o';:"-otli*r 
■MdicliM y cab fiabd. If m h>*« a 
Oowfffa <*• M.rn««t 1/ aak y<Hi- W Uj ■.■•«•■ 
PrK«10ec»f«abd %1 00. If your iuitfc* 
irt'wn, cboat or back l«m>*,uiwHhikih"« 
Porow* Plaaitr. HcW at Oinfct'n drug, 
•tore opp"»it* opera hf»u»*!. 3t$ow 

Ko less than l^OO^Wi prairie cliick- 
ens aro marketed in Chicago every 
year, of which a.araber IlHuois Itir- 
nisheg neary bne-lmlf. !i - 

nichtand l.rokt-n of your reM by a sick chili! 
Buffering au& criinif with *!« p«in of Cutting 
T««Oi* W»oiti;i*<!«ti)Tn:«»i«lge(.» liotUeof "Jlns 
WjiHdoir'« Soothing f?yi^p"f or ChfldrtinTctttMng. 
Itn.taliio I» tnc*tculitiite. It will leliisvo tii« t-oor 
liitle wuBenr innnwliatrfy.-' Depend u^mi K, 
motlicrs; tiwcolsna-iul-idke sbomic. ~ti car®} 
Dynentety and IJiarrboo*, n«ulat';:s the Samaea 
and Uowvls, cures Wind C<tlie, softens tha Wilms, 
r«Uucei* luffnwymtion, aud giifestMioacil ecta"Sj 
fotJie whole KVJrtcm. "Jlcy. Window's Sostiiing 
Syntp" tor ffiildrtsn t«ctl;Sng is pleassmt to" the 
tasto and in the prescription of one of ti:o ofdeit 
and l«*st fenialo pyijaiGiaiis au<l nurses in tho 
ti'tdtetl State*, and ia for sale by ell dmgelsts 
hronghout tho v.*or!cl- Vttao twenty -Cvo coiil^ a 
bottlo. Eo saro niul ask for -Mrs. V?u;oi.oW« 
sooraf so Bvnitp." ocil tako no other. sayi 

A man iu Harlem, N. Y., boolis bis 
cigar espeneeo under tho hesd of 
.'losses by fire." 
A Scrap of Paper Ssivos her Iiifc. 

It v.- as just ;m ordinary aeraj> «f wrap 
piltR pnppr, but it unvt'it In-r lift'. She 

WISH 111 till' l;iHt KtKKL'H Of COIINHIIipHoil. 

ti»lti by jjlijt-iemiiH that kIio ivm incur- 
db<> mid coulil only liv« n t.liuii iniie. 
filte wei^hi'l It-HS tlinn hi? ven I y [ninintK. 
On n ph-Cii i'f tvruppiliK pnjvr sin? I'l-ml 
ol Dr. Ki»g'« K«'w Dit.ctivt.-ry and gut :i 
trample bol'lli-; it beignil ln-i, slit; bought 
a l«r;;i> liottli-, n bilp -d ber nn.ri", bought, 
another ium! yrcw iiutioi' fimi, coiitimttid 
it» in-o niul i» now n'troiii;, bealihy, vwy, 
plump, vv.-1-biin; UO pnuiidH. K<»i lull 
vr piiriiciilniH [101)1 nitunp to \V. II. (Juli'>liii,iai Fin-t Wmi tli. Tibil b<.ii].-i. <>t 
tUio Omuovtiy l'n^ nt 11. (J.'VUnitf *.,.!■•. 

The ox[>f>iKliturcH of tho London 
Timlin in tho Ph. me 11 cane ai'o naid to 
alruady excet'U SI. 000,000. 

I, a! yon ought 

fuel, you imisL \ntvn ii, to luliy * J ■ J j 1 ' >' 
lifo, TIioiihiuiiIh lira m>uicI,ii^ fm- ii, 
duily, mill niouriiiK liecaiixf tln'j find it 
not. TIhiumuikIh iipmi UioiihiiikI.- ot d»l- 
lura ni« i*p«ni nnrniulljr hy our p.-oplf in 
iho hope that they nmy iiitaiii iIhh iioon. 
And yel it may bo liml nil, W« [;iiiiinii- 
tee Hint El.-ouic, if uwntl accord- 
ing to direction and tlio line por«i»ud in, 
will briny you Good lhK<-nt ion imd omit 
the demon Dyupt'pniu and iinuidl iiiaii'ud 
EupopHy. IV « recommend Electric IJn- 
tern lor Dyspepsia mid nil diheaccii ol 
Lifer, Stomach and Kidneys. M..M jii. 
60o, and $1,00 per tioltle liy 11. 0. G.ti*.»«r, 

Rfpe strawberries aro eelling for 
fifteen eeute a quart at Santa Bar- 
bara, Cal. 

Nervous Debility: 

Wntlwwt, 'X rr v \ mm i ^,-Qwtm** 4! m c y mad! 

■ nV,»mcv->_-)«a«otourinr«nxib, Ti^or iwa «n 
JtK'«iBTouin»B.(«tfj : F lif^. - W* hw tlim up 
in bosiflcs*. worfc. pkamne Mr dissipation, nn J 
ftifldiiiily. firnl cv:ts«lrs« olii bef^ro onr time. 
'I}iwkcn-do«nS»bealtl», «thaa.stedt in omin M d 
Hervft power, niul k-tt willjoul plijsiial energies, 
nyrvc. strenjjtn or aajbitisn. -Tlico follows (nat 
ten-r^o d«peniitpey -ti-jit g2eota and depression 
oE mind wLlclt lis thousand ii !:lM !i S rder to hem:. 
ipiix Itbiatso-Jllxipe. iiappiness and *ra- 

3 Into 

tceXs worth Urinsv 

LucUl.r. iiitvo Li 
«ve n-Liob v.-|il ,;ire ^-„- io tho wakvned acd es" 
fcsinssd 3>Vi.em tlie ntreaKili itl>as k-ai; a t»ar?cl. 
Iwi-j ranis'Jj whieU impart-i sirei>;;tli and vlK«r to 
t-h« brum sua n.;rsi.-;j. viialL-iea aaJ inifgoratea 
e!1 tbi; pajsieni po.ven, dispylsiaa if by niasla Use 
tlwpumluacj- cnU sloaia ol mim), and restoiv.'s ua 
ajWiu to tlsat grand desrve of hwy Etreugth. of 
iKinn.iiuy pntae, and ;itrou^ pliyHj-jal and neire 
jwv.or v.-liicli in ijjnorjinco or folly we baTO os- 

liiis wonderful discover? fs Br. Grpcnn's Set" 
vun, Uitjgri'nt Ijr.iin, utivsunid str,:ngib rfsttir 
er. H ispurel^ V.-«otnti!en :d perfectly liarmk«K, 
and can ba procured nt any dnisght'ii for 31 per 
■butilo. II isun aWiIiite fijiechlc for nervous and 
pnjHical debilhy. IVraous iviih wcak.-ned nerrw 
jokI osli.'uijted vitality can re;;«in pfrtect onil 
•.-uuiijlett) Htroogth l)y Jus use. K rt^tores fo^t 
energy and in vigor Jti'8 thn u-p.ikeiied 'vital foice* 
in olil ami yoiiag Try it and you will never 

I n-as afflitted foi-lKi-jearn wi.ltnervons deliil- 
iij-.iiud liMt winter 1 ivas down ululc «itli it. 1 
liml « good doctor, ocucotoniy it'inpoiiiry iold'1 
I Dion inoh mx boiilts of Ur. Green « Kwvum i.nd 
JtcUroJii.o. W. W, COltNtLL. 

lOil Ward stteont, I'll iludcli.liiEi, Pa. 


iu t-jii:!; 
e dif*«n.' 

i iliu o 

*:d frui 

O, What a Uou gh 
Will you heed the warning. Tlie sig- 
nal perlinp of the sure approach of that 
moro terrible disonBe, contiimipiion. Ask 
youi'Bt'lt' it you enn nfford for the suite 
of GO centa to run the risk, and do noth- 
ing for it. We know from experience 
thntShiloh's Cure will cure your cough, 
It never fails. This explains why more 
than a Million Bottles were Bold the past 
year. It relieves croup and and Whoop- 
ing cough at once. Mothers do not be 
without it. For lame back, Bide or c!:t»bt, 
use Shiloh's porous Planter. Sold by 
H.C. G jester opposite op>-ra house, 38eow 

James Knapp, at Danbury r , Conn 
kicked his wife bo that she will dig 
because she uid his supply of whis- 

the World there in but one cure, 
Dr. Bailies' O olden Specific. 
It can be Riven in a cup of tenor coffee irittww 
the knowledge of the person taking it. effeetinj; a 
speedy or permanent cure, ivheiiter the patieni is 
a uiodernto di inker or an alclioliolic wrvek. 
Thousands of drunkards have been cured who 
nave token tho (ic-ldun Ppecitlc in their coffee 
without their knowledge, and to-day believe they 
quit drinking of their own free will. No harmful 
effect results from its administration. Cures 
guaranteed. Send for circular and full particul- 
ars. Addrossin confidence, lioi.ouy Specific Co.. 
185 Race Street, Cinciunall. O. 

P. T. Bar n u in wishes to buy Patti's 
castle in Wales and spend his days 

It i,s ttnnouiioed that the plumbing 
in O^den (ioelet'ti new liou«o tut New- 
port, K. I., will be till silver plated 
and will cost §.i0,000. 

Jjackacliu i» utmost iiuiucdiutely ro- 
lievcd by wearing one of Carter's 
rtmait Weid and Belladonna Ba.;k- 

iieno Plaiitei'ri. .Try one and bo 1'roo 
Iroin pain. I'i'iee 25 <:ents. 

Tin: .Nashville It-sue claims that the 
money Mint Tennessee pays.anmially 
to the whiskey hhopH (§l5,00u,00u) 
would meet all tlie regular expense 
of the atate for tun yen.™, JSushvilh 
saloon reeiepls tiloue would carry oi 
the goverumunt. 


"WkMfooli fbM« : MWt>tt W 

Tb«»oMfcr In lb* rtfntog te*d 

Hto b»v«rr «nptoy* 
To ok. tgrtUt wUcb wb-w fae's d*»d 



Men w«m be kiof>-, kiegs wonld be «pds, 

KofW •« iroih folly Ifte;: 
FetaftiM»nf«naeii«iUitliirrr]KcU— ' 

':wh*t Tool* these mortals Ira." 
We fancy «n tl.ew 
Yet it, vuea y* froEi c: 
And ha must 1 


of M.ises Draper 

. — Qatism, 

Lumbago, BMltache, Head, 
ache. Toothache, 


SoreThroaf, sWeilings, Prost- 
bites, ■■ Sprains,, 


Bruises, Burns, Scalds, 

Witliowt XTcturn offAln. 

For Stablemen ^"Stookraen, 

.y^r;.th» *>*^-^^'*>^a n ^SStm^- 1 

■yflle« Of llpor 4 Rio*. Vuit, -■<■ Auaw!TV9 

j Attorney* foi- - - 



■riji'rJ-,w.. ■ t*'* ^"■•ly siicce-rdlne tbAthkd''' 
^Pteri^ei' * «* J*»Wy, Apitfp 

Wot One in Ten 
Of the people you meet from day to 
diiy has perfectly pure, healthy 
blood. The ^hereditary scroluloui 
taint afflicts the large majority of 
people, while many others acquire 
diseases from impure air, improper 
food and wrong mdu-lgencies. ' Hence 
the imperative necessity fora reliable 
blood purifier like Hood's Sarsapa- 
rilla, which eradicates every impari- 
ty, and gives to the biood vitality and 
health. It cures scrofula, salt rheum, 
houiors, boils, pimples, and all other 
afflictions caused by impurities or 
poisonous germs in the blood. All 
that is asked of Hood's yarsapanlla is 
tliat it be given a fair trial. 

A young woman in Atlanta, Ga., 
recently disguised herself as a man 
and became engaged to sis girls in 
less than four weeks. 

Bueken's Arnica Salve 
The best Salvo in the world for Cutn, 
Bruiecfi. Sores. Uleern.fiali R.ieum, Fevei 
Sores. Tetter, Ohappeii Handu, Chilblains 
Corns, ami nil Skin Eruptions, and pow 
itively cures Piles or no pay requited. 
Ii is miara titled lo give satisfaction, or 
monpy refunded. Pritv25centsper liox. 
For sale In H C. Gi^sler. 

The "moneyed men" of Camden, 
Me., have organized to >hut upali the 
saloons in the town. 

WBYV ILLYOfc roiii-t. »l.e..aiiil..l.'- 

Prion Iftc-nls.SO.vms ;..i-. $1 S.dd by 
H. C. G-ifsh-r opifhiie tli4i>j»-ni l>ou>t-. 
87. -ow 

SBiLUh'ai UUUH anu i^ut-umptimi 
Cure is sold by u- on a uuiir.iiiief. Ji 
rures C>n3iimpiioi). Soi.l by H C 
Giesler. * 3Seow 

There are many forms of nervous 
debility in men that yield to the use 
of Carter's Iron Pills. Those who are 
troubled with nervous weakness, 
night sweats, etc., should try them. 


As you are well aware that I would 
not recommend that which I did not 
believe to be good, I desire to say to 
all who need a good, reliable, family 
medicine, that I believe one bottle of 
Sulphur Bitters will do you. more 
good than any other remedy I ever 
saw.— Rev. Cephas Soule. 

Wbittier's home is besieged by 
tourists and a large part of his time 
is taken up by visitors. 

TAKE ShiJoh for the K ii[). Sine Cure 
Sold by 11. C Cta-sit-r opposite tin* upem 

The king of Sia-m bas just married 
iwenty new wives. 

SUILOU !„ K u,it-»in--t-(i i 
Unp. S..l«( H. t;. Giexler 
■ ■pi-ra Imosf. 



piK-kk ctneO hy Stii '» 

; o«ra»iee it. Sola l.v H. C. Gi-ch 
pP'tolle l he -opera lloilfe. 37<-im 


Tlie pope has recieved a bequest of 
:680 ( 000 from Baron Lilieuthai. 








Perfect Substitute ' 
for ffloihar's Wills. 

in Cholera l«r ahtmgi 

A Quickly Assimilated foot} 

Fori Dyspeptics, 



A perfect Nutrient 

nt kll WitaTtNd DiseasEB. 

reouircs No Cooking. 

■ Keeps i rj all Cumstes. . 

SB NO ^ ° a rJj w - ! . ' "?%£ -Oa sf- 

;S*BW, 1, m«iiei3/?eeto.CBpciithBS3.'. 

Bof/'bsr-Soodafe Co., 
Boarof*. Ma«s 




*am hntH „ , , 

•rt-WavktniVu 1 ba«a mwI Rivua K. 
>blM*BlaiRtB*t«,IBrri*»kn*i acd thai 









SoM In «*»«*fii»* forth* FIBST TBI*. Bmx IteCT**T, ibe i«V»ted 

'" i «oiJLNiUi»Tonc ■■dflndil m ricclletw tnxc to 

ll n laigu * odwaliuai. i-iniui hi < lit* 


in rwMm PL**,*** T<MK.A«ffl n,Mtt 


Hero ilea tlMb 

Who. livetltlllsisty withoiisa pajwr. 
Anil Uieo bloiv <rat Un- ssis. 

— RocU Valley Register. 
In times lilio these (lis doctor skilled 

His napes of enring oEt-rn, 
His pocki-Ls am « 1th money lilted 
Drareu from tiio public cou;;li»r^. j 

— ^Vasliin^tuD Cd|rit:tl. . | 
In Force— "Were the Four Hun- ' 
died there?" "Yes—abouS; eight 
hundred of them."— Harper's B.izar. 
Gentleman who wind iheir watches 
atni-ht are apt to wind them up 
tight,— Boston Transcirpt. 

"John, thieves are in the house." 
"No," returned John weiiriiy; "there 
may be thieves in the Senate, but 
none iu tiio houhe."— Mum-ev 1 * 

"Where Bid Tie Go?' Javnnith- 
"Goodbye! I'm goinjr away 'for the 
winter. MvCorkle- "If you «nd it 
briiifrit home with you. So l.,ny!'~ 
New York Sun. 

Mrs. Fannie— '-Here's an advertise- 
ment for a naddie horse' for a ludy 
weighing l 0GO pounds." Fangle— 
"Poor borsef '— Mu nsey's Weekly. 

No need to— Charles— "I have .just 
come buck from a sail. Robert -Did 
you hagr the shore?" "No; I had Miss 
Midred along. "—Epoch. 

What a queer Dick Tom is!" suit! 
Miss Lively from the went. 

"Yen," replied Miss I'eaconstreet 
of Boston, Thomas is an exlremeh 
curious Richard. "—New York Sun. 

A Mistake in the Animals— "Papa, 
don't you think I'm a lit tie hoai>e?" 
asked Jonny Cumso, You have nam. 
ed the wrong animal, Johnny " re- 
plied papa. "You are a little moil- 
key."— New York Sim. 

A Gentle Hint,— Book agent— 
"Here is that book, ma'am, 'How to 
PlajM-he Piano.' Lady of the house— 
"What book? I didn't order any 
book." "No'm, but the neighbors 
did, and they told me to bring it to 
you."— Time. 

An Austin young man tried to kiss 
a girl against her will, and she 
scratched him sev rely with her dia- 
mond ring— a with'er-nng rebuke, as 
it were.— Texas Sittings. 

The taste for French novels is dy- 
ing out. We get Gatd enough in the 
domestic article now-a da>s.-Hrake's 

Doctor— "Well, my fine little fellow, 
you have got quite well again! I was 
sure the pills I left for you would cure 
you. How did you take them, in 
water or in cake?" "Oh, I used them 
in my blow gun."— Fliegende Blatter. 
Young Lady (to editor)— "I have 
sucb a pretty httie story with me 
Can you use it?" 

Editor— "Ob, certainly; we can use 
anything here." (To office boy)— 
"Jimmy, put a few more manuscripts 
in the stove; the room is growing 
cold." — Time. 

If you have frequent headaches 
dizziness and fainting spells, accom- 
panied by .-bills, cramps corns, bun- 
ions, chilblains, epilepsy and jaun- 
dice, it is a sign you are not well, but, j 
liable io die any minute. Pay I 
your bubscription a year iu advance I 
and thus make yourt>--if solid for a] 
g-iod obituary notice.- Dansvilie (N. 
Y.)Breeze. . j 

Ediroi to Printer— You've ruined 
me. In describing the great bail, I 
wiote that the famous lecturer on.! 
divs-s ivo/f nothing thut was remark - j 
able. You've printed it: "lir^ B.I 
won- not hhig. Thai wasreinuikuble." 
Get jour money of t tie cashier and 
go. We've no use for a man like yon j 
around ht-re. — Life. [ 

For ihe beii'dit of who abhor 
primers' ink as a prime fat-toi; to the j 
advancement ot their interest, we j 
should state that Samson— the .strong 
party — was the first mmi f.o;idY«rtise, 
He look two solid columns- to demon- j 
atrate b is strong' h. and several thorn- ! 
and people "thinbled" to the scheme. | 
He brought down the house,— i.e. uc- ', 
crane Union. 


.> ITmi ticltt. and r^Siiiva nil thMrniiblivilnol 
... ".'" n lutwiis strttu tit tii-.* system. kwcIi n S 
ltii-jimeswi, Nausea. Di\>v.-sii«*sii. »istrv«s-i ali,. r 
fiitnjK. P.iin in tha &e. Wliilo their iii..-t 
rt'iiiurJiabls eucccs: has been siimvu iu curiii-- 


Hf-adacliP, ypt Cap.tep.'h Lutle Liver Ptiih 
niv (Miually vntnabte in Covistiimium oui'i'iv* 
ftiiu proven tiiifi- this annoy inf-comiiiftint wbiki 
tlicy nlso coiwot, (ill (ilsoi-dtTB ot tlit% stoiimi-ti 
Mimnlnto the livw ami regular Uu> boivctj. 
hven If tliey only cured 


Achn tfieywnuld ha almost pi-icolcss to thoso 
who suffer from this distressing comnlalnf 
but forrunittely llieir kqoi'husr 3co3 not ''Hit 
lit-re, and tlio.^) wlio unco try them will rind 
they will not ho waiiug to do wltliout them. 
Hut alter all sick head 

»ls. triH Ik, nrt^ttt ' 

F. DAVID, Sw-rbgftt^ 



13 thobnno of so innny lives tlmt here is where 
wti jnnUo our prrcat boast. Our utile mire a 
while othei-K dft not. 

Oabteb's LiTTi-R r.iviirt p IU j5 arc verv Mtinll 
mid vwy enay to tnlro. On» or two pills innlio 
a dose. Ttiey aro strictly vcKetoltk* mid do 
not Rripo or pur^e, but by their cent In netlcn 
plunse all who usu them, tn vials nt S5 cwits: 
fivo for $1 . Sold everywhere, or sent by Wiiil. 

■nt Jury »ra 

*. V., Deo. 

i.v J.idfio. 

Vgi^'vII!-''^^' ; 


' Whial'H N, v'i 

county otO S - 

liily proved n 3 
A Lets Wood, 

1' ot you ore 
fly to bu nnd 
nt ihe oflk-o of 
uli.iii, in said 
nf April, li00 v 


'ol's Pills 

Are tarscrrnion lo anythliig ev 
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Sewaf© of "Worthless Sfflifeatioaa thag 
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Mbl&ter. Esad proof t«!ow. 


"Look ot . that beautiful young rosebt".! 
with a lot of old bu^jsivjirrmng around licr," 
■emarlieil Brown, its several old hors were 
airting with a young lady at a ball. : ' ' 

"Ves, bat thoio oi-e gold bugs, so theross- 
3ii(l doa't. mJBdiE," zuid Jeaa*. —Texas Sift- 

Corthido HoraeslnMS. 
In England, andon many parts of the 
condnent, they have been for a long 
titiiG csing tlie ^Yates boreeshoe, one 
made by conspressirig cotooioa cowhide. 
,It. is' composed of three tliicknessss of 
.-th'scow shin- pressed into "a. steel mouldy. 
aod il;ec Gubjected to a cbemicai prep-.- 
aration. .16. is; clatnied for. ft that it. is 
aieQh -...lighter, - 'flisf .it'.Ia^ longer, and 
that.s|jljEboofsaranaTsrkaoivii ia horses 
nsingit.';. It is perfsody. sfeooth on the 
: botbai, no cslks being re-qmred^ theeltoe 
adbeHog ilnnly -en -tlja most polished 
.5trrface.;'.: ; :ItS;. elasticity ...prevent many.' 
■.^r^B t ';t&ej;horaeV,''.etepH- being lighter 
a^d $ax<ir. Strii^, ixt^l^ with ehemi' 

some American ^ genius: will ^ive us a 
paper boi-a*»bde t *-Jio taow-S-— St Loow 

;.-~^-.«rat«K'iB\»M«tei»joiiriuJ,.t«IUng. i 
,-ibouichurcli clioira. saya tbuy h*vo .be- 
come the training iKhool for tint eoauc 
u|wn bUcc "IIjo good tJi>ac>ifi9 mar 
not bplwTo It pomMr, bsi » cIumw X 

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YlliCCA ( 


SsvSl Sa csu .top t«Ul By «*W TT17<«A. I 

1 5"«s!««ir?iSif£,l«?'*iH* * 




in lb* i«*t leo y-*«rw 1* r-.iiiuat-'.l »' "^^~~^^~^~^^~^— ; 

■ ..>:. 

;.-.-.,^rf ; 


'T^Ato^MriBrkfOtorta.rfa.TW l» »WwThte.H»»Tt ro . B—arOwJ 


tlSIa in ainaae. 



lb* tuArtiuton* and to* IWnw 

t From aactwtttlBiwtau** noway 

UkvpMlRrow of Britain p**rs 

ffeapoMtwtSMliI* rwr*» . 
;:.. Witli jMc# sroua J ti« th«nt, 
'And plot or ]iriMi if incompfaru 
Th*t (trap* tb«n from iw«f«i«i«, 

Uut (& this ««• of cbaoga 

Time cultfrMW tfc« M*. 

p*WfeIioi habita at«f> 'Mid* 

Awl grate fcVff pui-Venu. 

Jtapro*«ff>«nt -I* It* niina. 

And roymlng write™ !os« their jsrlp 
When sentiUHMt li« flown. 

!>'l Fori>ftw«roeaiJOC)a i Mil!tiiii& i i 
- : s, ■■■-* E*ttod wttlrfu ttio (lae; 


A5id IwarUumoms! nro butplries, 

Hack Id His corner pet: 
KikIb foes to all fiiluriiigthouctita 


"The imagery of ««uii 

Ii t.sii(a!icJ from onn's drfuw, 
V.'iie-ri noiuo lu liiri-jl per moniU eti h 
AH'l th<t heartliHtoiw liolda dm uUi 
., Si. .AWi'ii 10 Ito:. 



(gf aora^tjiina: .'■ limit «..ti(l-ISyn. 

JEverJ' now and then, »h wo journey 
through thla-viile fmm lljf unullo to tho 
grave, It bscomcn iimxiHary fur us to 
say good-by, Ot'jteFiilly it is add in sad- 
ness and witli a sigii. We wring; Mio 
hand of the departing friend, tlio sor- 
rowful tears or© (ihi!d, liieit tlio bell riiifjfi 
and tli« train goes around (lie curve. 
Tula 1b the good-by that slicks in tlio 
throat like a forge tlirno cornered iuinji 
o«d persistently roftiRra to l>o swallowed. 
After this kind of a ttirewcU ive j;o lioran 
feeling that GOmetliinj; has gone out of 
life. Wb aro liliu the mini who puln hiu 
foot for another step at the top of the 
dark Ettitirway mid finds Htiddunly tlmt it 
imi't there. 

Thon there to tho farewell that tysnltj 
■with a IiilarioUB chuckle of joy. We cay 
H to the bill collector, ivltoui we have 
with ns always, or have had for a long 
time. U'cim it to the Lore, the Hiring 
poet, to tlio luiiii who readd the exchanges 
and to the writer who invariably refers 
to a bear no bruin. 

Tho sweetest good-by is that of the 
girl nt her father'* front gate, when only 
you or ! and tho Rirl and twinkling stern 
aro present. To boitio of us it is only a 
memory, this kind of a farewell, but it 
is a memory that will remain fresh and 
green long after wo have passed that 
callow ago. 

Tlio saddest good-by is tho ono that is 
eaid by tho side of an open grave,™ 
Ilicbard S. Graves in National Weekly. 

An OM 1'i-iwiieWwi- T(.-)l* <if (lit /UTwtlttf 
Separatum itewetn Hint* an ft Wife. 

"ftvm- Mw R.-Mis<f" lettm « 3IHi«i J K CkIjIpI 
III North Purh. 

''I noticed a few weokn rego in your 
paper a description, of luneJy grave:* in 
(lie inonn(ai«B of Colorado," retmirked 
• genttetxsn.ii to the writer Monday. "At 
the timo I read ft I was traveling in tho 
southern portion of the ataxo, and it re- 
called to mind two lonely graves that I 
know of which lie hidden in tho recejiGM 
of the mountain,) in Houtt county. Of 
course, thero ia si hiutory attached to 
them, and if you have time I will spin 
tho yarn." 

Being informed by the scribe that he 
always had time to listen to a good story, 
the gentleman «aid: 

"In Hie year l»7i! I wnn pKwpoclfng in 
tho neighborhood of Ilamt' f'eak and the 
Rabbit VUr range, mid at that iinus v(T y 
litt-lo wna known of tho rich hiiver veins 
wliielili-a verwed that portion of the.ilate. 
There w*iro <>l her profipeetors in the raiun- 
i.ry and the few of m< felt elated over (he 
gray e<> 

Till leads 

lid v 

orlt wlllt 

COtii-i rwniuinw iungcr ut M» pme*, «y 
I left, I remrrmd t» it ■ few jmtm ago, : 

mud i(K*«d upoi? th« t*:<> k»rf y gn*** 

m«l thought *>t fl** '«*■- Jw^PPJ* **W* *fc*t 
the three, of u» «p«it thepB in tbm. August 
of 1S72. Tly rotoiing Uie articla at ioaelj 
graven, I rihii^Tt^me- 

to tmdvitiv that I would t*ll yoa the 
utory about. '.Hie' two ■gi»*m' in i lMiMf 
fluid).' Fmw people koovr thi hlatorj 
of those tlmtlte sJeepiijg iri th*t HttJli 
ravinfl in Routt countjr. So* you 
know- it, and it wjli, ir) it meatuim, 'clear 
up any mystery that .roiiy h»T»,li»«w 
woven aroun*!, thtm bythpiNJ -wfitv *n*J 
have happened to atuaifeie*g«iiwtthrin.'?' 
Thanking tho gentleman (m* hia kind" 
warn, ElK^cribo left, m«dit»tlogovcrtW 
uncertiiritieii of life.— {jeitdvill« Demft- 


and t.h< 

the ex. 


Split Gvl<) Coiwt, 

"Two tons for twenty, please," said n 
gentleman to tho caahier in tho county 
treasurer's office. 

Tho cashier tuok tho "twenty" and 
rang it on the counter, it had that pe- 
culiar dull ring that characterizes coun- 
terfeit coin a Ho rung it a second time 
mid then inspected it critically. 

"Ia that bogus?" asked tho owner of 
tho coin. 

"Oh, no," answered tho cashier; it's 
good as wheat, but split." 

Continuing, ho said: "That is the first 
split twenty i ever ran across. The 
etamping machine at the mint some- 
times comes down too hard on tha coins 
and eplita them: but it ia seldom tlio 
larger coins split. It's mostly 'fives* that 
suffer. But they are very careful at tho 
mint and stop erery split coin they de- 
tect. Now, in the thousands of dollars 
handled hero every year I rarely find a 
split coin. I don't think I've found more 
thnti four or live in a year, and, as I say 
tlio coins were mostly $'i pieces," 

Tho split $30 piece looked perfect, und, 
go far as the eye could detect, bore no 
Jlaw of any kind. The only fault with 
it was ia the "riug," and the split made 
it sound "dead" when, thrown on the 
counter.— Sun Francisco Examiner, 

it and be reoou 
buoys him up. 
ship.-i and pin 
The country 
stocked with •; 
any dhTicully ii 
meat (hat wtv 
rude cabin at il 
and not far fr 
lovely lipot, wi 

ahout lifly yai 

I found two 
had taken r 
waa n little 

They asked | 
tow davs, ai 

.gall lhefn.,1 
I had huiH , 
a (.mail gulcl 

h grc.ven of oual 
imxling the <-ab, 

n, mid 
lamed the 

iaoliil r.lEV. In Itu.ulu mn XHumfb**! hy th'« 
l'rttt««>M Ku«;i»IIt*!fei»It. 
Tiio Itutjoinn pr-fttces3, EngnUtchsffi 
[(ivon-vory pleasant talk to -tho people 
iho filled the Women's union to ovcr- 
lowing. Her subject wna "Social late 
ri Jiu".s»ia," which means, of counw;, »o- 
iiii high life, for she told her audience 
■f nothing else. She began l>y saying 
' l! lifo wast similar everywhere, 
it wiw mmiitied by arjstoer»^io 
ratio governments. Tho iorig 
iiterw i-tfjhvmia, m far north a» 
idmrg, ;..n very favorable to 
rasmiH. To the south thoclimato 
(hi. and ia tho Crimea Iho wet 
msoiih iiiiRgo-.!, the tropica. Tliat 
resyrt for invalhlo. 
n.i.'r, paid the L-Uiirer, «t. Pe- 
ls <l< ■Hi-ite.l. Everybody, oven 
i-it. giH h away if possible. By 
f May or the lirst of June tho 
n isfdiittup. Tho tiehools close and 
<• is no life again till in the fall. An 
weather approaches carpets aro put 
n, double windows aro put in, and 
y attention is paid to tho general 
fort. Nearly everybody lives lo flats. 
re are no small private houses, and 
the rich families livo in their own 



xcept i! 

it. P.-le 



the la 

and we 
that i he 
this urou 
figure o 
health si: 
■ fners, 


nl,!e | 
ed ! 
iid ' 

why a 
uhl h<- j| 
y. She I 


lor Al-ltlmut 


Talk nb 




puzzle-sl Here 

t b 


tho hen-and-a-lialf. 



falge b 


>ightmnre. On 

a Hondo 


eet eai 




t a cm; 

'ter i 

ito the clmuge 

•out di 


\n instant be- 

fovea vo 


ladv 1, 

• i <U 

in tho fi 




- The driver 



the ct 

adv from whi 


had a sweet i 

friends where 

also perfectly resigned to tl 

and knew that her pilgrin 

was short, lint sho horo 

greatest fortitude. 

"They had been at (he. 
week, and everything abou 
changed, Alice— that wart 
name.— had re-modeled the ] 
tilings showed the touch o 
hand. Well, one evening 

.i 1 could no 
; in dcliest, 

wild pan o. 

. ih 

enjoying tho 

the hih.l.a 

d. Al: 

old i 

i:j« l.tdy to help 
. iiuulvfi-tamlv 
■e, and, by mis- 
^ into the "Pay 
lagh demanded 
r obdurately re- 

■n ha 

liar. I 

■nt < 

ara*.--. ■ 
-I air 

Courteous Pilnce, 
i» nfhud, Louis." said tho 
;ente. holding her son in uer 

imnmn," answered the boy 
of 'Hi l 'I have not forgotten .that my 
nume U Napoleon," 

* The en:; -iin wkteh the empresa and 
her foa were behig conveyed at night 
fro: i a bUiiiner had struck a roek, and 
tb* w uvea were _ dashing . over it at the 
Siim» i hi-i conversation took place. 

The y«u>:.<r. priuce,' who. afterward lest 
Ids tif,- in c'.u- war lietween the English 
and the tiihis, hud onetraiE not common 
to ebihhvi;— he tri-ated his playmates 
and all wh<» served. Mm with tuiirked 
eoi^'tesy. The favorite eorapamon of his 
sjstirU was Louis Conneau.lho sou o? the 
eiupevoi's ijby^oisii. Thev were daily 
togahei^ and many stoi-ms riuTIea their 

Quo day, when there was to bo a etato 
pinner ( at . th* Tuiieries. at which the 
prince v-iis not to appear," Tie uivitext 

; : ; Louis Conneau to diae >*itU him. Both 
lada we™ ver;- (caxdof strawberry cream, 

what brought 1dm to thai neeiinv, f 
Colorado. Win story was brief. Ho 
stated that after being married in tho 
east for two years, his wii> had shown 
unmistakable yigtw of consumption, and 
the doctors had advised him to lake her 
to California, and, if possible I o go across 
the plains by wagon, as he would find 
thai journeying that way she would gain 
strength. They found a party of emi- 
grants at a small town in Nebraska, who 
were go-nig to the coast, and engaged 
their passage. For tho first week out 
Alice gained strength, but ono evening 
she caught cold and this malady in- 
creased with awful rapidity. When 
Laramie City was reached sho could go 
no farther ami the trip had to be aban- 
doned. At that town they were ad- 
vised to go into the mountains, aa the 
fresh air ladened with the perfume of 
pine was beueiieial to consumptives. A 
wagon was procured that took them to 
North Park, and by easy stages on horse- 
back they had reached my cabin. It 
was by the merest chance that thev 
found it, and 1 was glad they did. 
"A month passed, the happiest in my 
life, but 1 saw that gradually Alice was 
sinking, and that she would never leave 
the gulch. Her husband noticed the 
change and was nnconsolable. Ho ad- 
ministered toiler every want, which were 
not many, imd realized what an awful 
change it would be when she was taken 
from hhu. One night the' end came. Sho 
called me into the little room that I had 
partitioned off for their use, and in a 
feeble voice thanked me for all my kind- 
siess to her, and hoped that when my lima 
came to cross the mysterious river that 
elie would meet me in chat land where 
Gorrow ia unknown. She told Alfred it 
was hard to leave him. but that he must 
be strong and bear the affliction - that a 
wise master had in his just wisdom sent 
him to carry, and that all things wore 
done for ihe best.- It was a scene the- like 
of which I wish never to witness again, 
the feeble girl, full of hope for the future, 
bidding good-by to tho man she loved, 
and the strong, powerful man, bowed 
down with grief at the thought of losing 
her who was the only tie which bound 
hiru to tills world. t The end came: with 
her head pillowed on the breast of her 
protector, her spirit winged its flight to 
eternal rest. "Uaderatwh one of the pine 
trees we laid her, and carved, her mimo 
and the date of her death on its trunk. 

"Alfred was broken, hearted, and wan- 
dared about tho hills iikeone lost. Ho 
had no purpose m*Ufe, so 1 used to ask 
him to dVtlts chores about the place to 
engage his .mind with abmethmg. Que 


"Wo Ktwsians do rjot rise early," sold 
the lecturer. "It is 10 or 11 o'clock be- 
fore anybody is astir, imlesa ifc is the 
children or teachers, who must bo in 
school at 0, and if ono is to calf on an 
official ho should wait till nniddny." 

The day of tho high born Russian was 
described at uoiae length. Everybody 
drive;* in the afternoon, and brilliant 
iijuipages with only two occupants are 
Seen everywhere. At 4 o'clock driving 
is at an end. for it is dart by that time 
in the winter season, and receptions aro 
in order. Dinner is at 0, which, to the 
foreign mind, appears to bo n series of 
siiiiiding lunch, sitting meal, smoking 
Koiree— lor women smoke cigarettes as 
well as I he men— and card party. Every- 
body plays whist, and for money. The 
ifakes are small usually, though at tho 
clubs fori ones are won and lost in a night. 
Tho lecturer described the Russian the- 
I aire as tho finest in the world and tho 
most fashionable. Wraps are- left in the 
hall. Tho performance is always pre- 
ceded by tho national air, and pasaion- 
aie plays and music are popular. The 
ballet, is excelled only in Paris. After 
the play follow a long drive to a restau- 
rant,, a leisurely supper to tho most rav- 
ishing inuaic, and the day draws to a 
close. Then were described the balls at 
palace, led by the emperor 
, the earni vai, Lent and East- 
Inch are observed in grand 
io ir, just, as they were of old. Nobody 
■nts meat during tho six weeks of Lent, 
lie theatre gives way to grand concerts, 
tul after faster many leave town, 
'The summer resorts are very rustic 
ud very quiet. There are cottages: 
here is no fine atyle, no formality, no 
rand dressing. It was with evident 
iidnesa that the princess declared that 
Uissia was poor and growing poorer. 
•e only a few very rich families. 
; wo are poor," eho eaid, "The 
eneraily dress in dark colors 
v pensively. What would y'our 
dies chink of only two "ball 
a whole season?" After hav- 
ur Saratoga and Newport the 
as ready to say that Russian 
were bad. There were 
ins, few con ven iencea, 
poor musio. Once the 
i enough to eeek ■ these 
vat now they' could' not. 
1 to accept such as they 

and e 

■ Wintei 

all of \ 


ag pkn 

■uad, I. 

nn.L < 



and were oh 

found at hoi 

Tho lecture was followed by a pleasant 
reception. Coffee wan served . down 
stairs and Russian tea up stairs, which 
latter, to the provincial American eight 
and taste, was merely good tea sweet- 
ened with candies fl nd given a foreign 
character by lemon juico. ' The princess 
w«3 very .sociable and made everybody 
at home about her. She passed .freely 
from one part of the gathering ffcc* an- 
other, and everybody was charmed with 
her manner.— Buffalo Express. 

*jrf tlw prhK*,m<^r toj^^^ 
«iia surprise to hi» ptiynuu*, reQonfed •» w* w*r© oht of meat; Whether ho 
' nt :.$»h to be prrp*r*d f or ih« dwaert. 
Itariac the morning th« two *»j» 

qpkrnkd, «nd LouU Coommi ncunwd 
ton*. T)m prtnoe, too pm«l to show 
•BJT oiMtfc* athia pUym*»-»d«t*rtnT*, 
, tosh hb Mt at th« dbiMf table and 
MedtoetL But wfaem the eamiwbet* 
«w« wpw hU aatf aoafto* (afe 
«u. The teen rotted dowa hie cheeks, 


■*ra« accideo 
avow, bat 1 fooad him tlte following 
day, about two milea from tho cabin, 
with a bulhM thraotth hi» braio. Tbe 
ran ooaW hare been accidentally disr 
obaried, a» I towed Dm body in a amull 
thkktt of wUlowa. and white petting 
tfatoagb It, the hmma»r mi(ht have 
«UCM •■ » ttrft. awl ■» dtoaharged tb» 

Authors a PrcofreatlBr Had Met. 

Sonic one, a man apparently, who 
sign3 himself "B. F. P.," is writing a 
series of papers on "Authors I Have 
Met'' for The Boston Transcript. How 
do you suppose ho has met his author^ 
At the club or in the dining room?' .Not 
at all. In a much more practical way— 
as a proofreader and compositor; and he 
discusses them from a manuscript point 
of view. The most of his meeting-was 
done m Boston, and ho teils us how 
amiable were such men aa Robert C. 
Whithrop, Josiah Quincy, Joseph Story 
and other equally distfuguished ■; Boston- 
i:;ns when they visited the printer's. Aa 
a rule these gentlemen wrote carefully 
and then- manuscript was not.difficult to 
read. It was not until **B. F. P.^<same ; 
to New York and had to read the : jioofB 
of a pamphlet on ''Intagliotype Sfiot-v 
ing," by Horace Greeiey, that be leanral 
what it was to have a really hard time 
with a manuscript. * ^'galley 

prooCs" came toiiuuthe^-wert" almoet 
"pi," but he r holder etru^t- 

gled with tbera and did the b^tfiejr 
co«Id. Hei says: '.. ' -"'. : f ;.- 

''Horace came in one mortung f o«nd 
the authors, proof, for he 4lid not : w»p»; 
The Tnaune:-foik» to ktMw joet : '<tMev 
iv bat ho naauplo. We were in few a*d 
or anntiee 
to hear lum rruaik to tbe noes, 'Yoar 
proof reading here is better than It ]n in 
The Iribuno oflloer and he had needs) 
but few chanxen. The boe* wan a faar 
man and introduced Mr. OMelay «aie> 
peat the cotnituaBent. S» dal I ••> 
phuned whj. My nn nyh ns^f hH^— 
a oompoBKwaaltofaftfcBanMB^hBVaaM 

■ Oa w Wfc teit.' ■»---■»" -"■ 
I ftaVl 

Ih* reminueent atrain aVqnttengen. 
t-nl and gwwrotu one with Mai. T. M. 

Sewaon: A 

'toi^:Btc«iM'ia'n** f «/td <4 sa^b is «m 
of the noted CajppawU efcatf, Hofafa 
ih*-Uaj, with who In ooaeBenr 

with oth«r «rfy settlers at fit pnyl* wee 
personally well acqi 1<be Starr, 

in hh own I 

While sitting ia '« ameli ofttoe in the 
old tort knelling hmm+ St Paul, «in«., 
in the y«w J8M, my attenOon was nr- 
rwt#d by the fmnoaufg jw ni m i ii of a 
Urge Indian chief, who; with hie blank* 
about him; skode into the room with 
Iho dignity of a Hotaao senator. He was 
a large man, with high cheek bones, ft 
well poised head, brilliant hlaek eyes 
and hear, and with a pleasant •mile he 
exclaimed while pwwing: "Booshu ne- 
cheo"— how to do, friend?— «nd took a 
seat near me. There was a massive 
characteristic about the man which did 
not belong to tho ordinary .Indian, and 
yet ho had ali the Indian peculiarities. 
Dinner wan soon announced, and he 
tooi a seat wear mo at the table. He ate 
with ordinary dojiheration and stowed 
away nr> ordinary amount of food, but 
while (;o engaged one of tbtt windows 
was suddenly darkened, and on looking 
up I beheld many grimy faces and burn- 
ing eyes, with war paint and feathers, 
tho possessors of which belonged to the 
Sioux nation, and which nation hadbeen 
for _ years and was tlten at war with the 
Chippowas. Gleaming knives and par- 
tially covered tomahawks made ray po- 
rtion by tho side of the Chlppow* chief 
rather uncomfortable, so 1 moved; but 
he continued to eat, and then the door 
opened and eomo ten or twelve 8ioax 
warriors filed along in front of the foe 
of thtir people, with clinched riflca and 
heartsglowing with rovengo. Stilt calm, 
with not a muscto of his mobile face de- 
noting fear, the chief finished bisdiimer, 
coolly arose, drow his blanket about him, 
and with a lordly tread, a compressed 
lip and a flashing eye, walked down in 
front of these hostile Sioux, and lighting 
his pipy, deliberately puffed tho emoko 
into the very faces of Ids inveterate foes. 
That man was Hole-in-the-Day, the chief 
of tho Chippewa nation, and the Sioux 
warriors were on his warpath, but they 
feared the white man's troops at Forfc 
SneUing would dart down npon them the 
moment a blow had been given, go they 
restrained their wrath and let the great 
chief depart unmolested. 

Hole-in-the-Day was an Indiaa of re- 
markable sagacity and intelligence. 

associated with the whites and compre- 
hended their ideas of civilisation. He 
wan very wily and ?ery brave, cad 
greatly feared by bio enemies. St is 
said of him that he would float down tha 
Mississippi river in his canoe to St. Paul, 
paddle across the stream to' the opposite 
shore, secrets hia boat, lay in wait for 
the Sioux, who were in tho habit o£ fol- 
lowing the trail to Mendota, then pounes. 
down upon them, kill ono or two, gsoupo 
their scalps and ni_ie his way back to 
the eaat shore and thence home. Eg 
viaited Washington several times, and 
became very well versed in the ways of 
tricksters and politicians. Once, white 
on a viattothe capital, ho fell in lo?© 
with a whitm waiter girl in the National 
hotel, proposed to- her, was accepted, and 
they were married. He came w«at s i*. 
paired hia home near Fori Bipleyv la> 
stalled Ida wife in his tepeoos the wails 
Indian queen, and soon after he was as- 
sassinated while riding home with his 
little son, probably growing out of tha 
insane jealousy of his squawe. 
This white widow -of Hole-in-the-Day 
lives at present, or did live, in Minneap- 
olis, where hereon held apositiou in the 
postoffice, but I believe he is now Ira 
some official position on the White t Earth 
reservation. Ignatius! Hole-in-the-Day, 
the eldest brother, and heir apparent to 
the chieftainship, was drowned 'in the 
Illinois river in Chicago about one ; year 
ago. Of course he was full blood,- His 
brother, or rather his half-brother, tho 
son of the white wife, is a Btte, genteel, 
well educated young man, and quite at- 
tractive ia his apfieajahce, ' The head 
men of the tribe have been anxious to 
have him take the phice of "fab father, 
but in an interview with me he said, 
while ho would like to do something for 
hie people, he could not go from *iv|la&- 
tion back into the habits of the Indians, 
as he would be obliged to do to hold any 
power over them, '■■'■■'* 

The chief,; Hole-in-the-Day, had a mag- 
nificent physical organfaaaon. He was 
very straight, quit© dignified, and yet 
very affable, and withal he was very 
generally liked by thewhje&v Daring 
the Sioux outbreak in Minnesota in 1863 
be had overturn* from Little Crow, the 
great, Sioux chief, to join with him ia 
maseacreing the whites, hot he declined 
tho honor, 'although soma of his people 
were anxious to halve him do so. St. 
Paul, ia early times; without Hole-in- 
die-Day, would- ho like the play of 
^Batalet" with Hanilet left out. 

On ttie bank of the upper Misaiasippi, 
about Little Falls, in Hinuesoia, lies the 
body of the once great Chipjpewa chief 
$nd that of hif "fafhrr...'Bn*i in therDay, 
anifther noted chief before him, both 
bodies facing south, so *b«y can watch 
the movements of thrir rnomke tho' 
Sioux. There w a u>jif>iiIuw befcween 
the two hills upon which the bodies lie, 
tajad in: Ihe^jnaddB 

atanda* ioni tr«i. rtnS (hi idea 

trom th* "rdadaKUr ^'r*^^Wi'fltiit > ■■' 
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diatts and evh«a\an-ju>eir 


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Tuesday, BXarcU 4tb, 

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Eicumtoo Tickets aro on esle le on]?- 


Ticltete are goad goiag MarcU flih, nuowtug ten 
dttisin WaaiiiDgton, and ore go ot i wt n j^rcj, 
I6tn for return passage 


sill leave (he ling of H. W. & o. K. R to Use 
afternoon oad evening of Taeedor, Brareh 4th. 
on specm ecbedate ilmo. and ron throujih, aniv- 
teg at Wosiiiogtoo at 3:80 to. m. Wednesday ef- 


Will ha attached to all special traiira (rom B. W 

fiO.K. B. stations. and run tniough 


Price tor double burth in Steeptoe Car ^60; 

ffc"?n. $?00. from any station wb II. W.&O. 

R. B, to Washingtoa 

From W^btagton to Mount Vernon, Ii cents; 
KlchmoBd. Vo.. $i;. PeteruburR, SB; Old Point 

Hovo been arranged at sixteen hotels in Wosliuiir. 
ton, prices from 81^0 to $&«> per day. 

Special tnuiist agente bJU direct the ©acuralon 
andattead to tea party on trains and In tna city 
or Waaategton. 

Eloro Ulan sisteea buo.lre^ pocple fcava patron- 
l?ed tha t .rea former Washington excursions. 

Tor Excursfon ttckotn, sleeping oar Mcliotg, II- 
luatrated programs and detnlled Information, an- 
ply to nearest B, W. & o. Ticket Agent, or cor- 
resitond with General Agent, Oswego, N. Y. 

Gen'l Manager, Gen'l Passenger Agent, 

Jsfc Pills. 
'sob Pills 

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wrork wonders upon the most 
important ontass in tbe human 
machino. They atrenzthen tho 
whole muscular ejsWm, nstoro 
(be long-lost complexion, brine 
back tbe keen edgs of — ~