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Full text of "The Australian Women's Weekly 27-12-1941"

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National Library of Australia 


TKe Austfoljon Women's Weekly 

December Z7, 1941 


This day in the City of Bethlehem 

it. Mm i'\ visit 
Hibie ftiories 



Put Them Right With 


WHEN your feot are «ch!ng 
dntJ tired^ yov oHcn blame 
your iho*5. But few people are 
wearing iff-fltfmg itiocj. nowaday^. 
TTifi trouble ts, yaw don' I- give luf- 
ffdlent Cdre fo thuse hdrd- worked 
feet flf youfi, Thay do. ospeciflllv 
in tho WiQirTn weaf har, d«ierve tile 
oifra care that ^m-Bul( alono 
can give thein. 

Evory night, if^er baching and 
drying your f&«ip genlly ma»age 
Zam-Sult Ofnlment into fol», 
round the anldes^ insiepi «nd 
bfrtwaen fhe f-^ei. The tefnfrd 
fnedicinoJ oiEs in Zam-Buit are 
eAsiEy dbiorbfid into the f4in. 

Pain* Swelling & TendGritess 

ended, cKafinq ditd bliitefS 
Jrc! hejilffd and coi'm easily re- 
mdvad, fQO+ and alK This Zam- 
Buk trftAtmarrt iakes only a coirple 
of minutes — yet H ycu da rt tegu- 
larly you'll toon get rid of foot 
troubr^i an>d be dbls tv we^r 
shoes fh comfart. 

1/7 & 3/1 « boi. 

'i cEHfldfiH -nir ihoet for ■ hirtiiTqht. 
nFgililjy, p«-d'i>E*d ttii iv«|iri^ ^nd *\iMti 

"Mr tnuibia wNi tandir (««t. which 
lul vji iplmdid, \i K«lh*d ftiid 
Mn. £. C. Loiigt*art|ii. 

BfiSIDl-A- Till- c:Hi/R(Ji Of 1 Ht NATIVITY , ; : 

Ifji' li'LirW. huilt 12") lu 130 yl.D.. tfic A.I.F. umti ihr Ml. ai OU-a. 


JiJR J. L. SAVAGE, j world 
juthority on dsn! tonstror.- 
uoi), and chid deiignins <ngin('tT- 
a{ U.S.A. Bymu of RtdjOMIiun. 

tVr with Mtlbgvrw an<! MiBn- 
politjn Bojfd of Wnrhs on Upjwr 
V.1ITJ wa^^r contttryjUDn jrrfojtf^E. 

Ii; ihz min who built the liovlffct 
D.iin. higlu'tl conerrte dim ftt 
bulk jinJ Grand CouIpc Dim 
world's ]<iryp3t ioncn'tf alrui'turt. 


. . . Judges' assQCtali? 
JfISS G. WOODGER. lA-yt,,- 
□Id Adeliidr bwvci. has lh« 
diiitinaiort oi being the tine vlomia 
jpt^oirttd AssociaU' 10 Judge* of 
tht SiuprEijif Conn of South fi-Vs 

Dju^trr of Rrv. and Mra. 
Ralind Wooilgcr. of Ljrgs Bay. 
ihc Wjs jdinlttfd to the Bar In 
Aptil of Lliifi ytif and made Judges' 
assatiatc. tix mamlw IjKt- Grad 
li:itf of Adrlaidc UniV4.'r<;irv. 

MR. R. A. MclNNIS 
. , , ffardrrj city 

I>RISBANE utiivfyor Mr R A. 

Milnnis is d(«ign» ot plans 
tci transform D.irwio into i |;,iidi?n 
tin- Diavrn up tiqvnt of ilw 
I'cdiiri! Gmframtnl. tiis imprni't- 
mcni schtmp provtdti for i lonin!! 
w»rm sirnlliit to thai oF Cinbrtia 
iBcluib^ p.irkn. s-wiiaming-pixils, 
and civit squm. 

Mr Mclnnii. who is Cky Plan 
ncr Bri^b^nr City Council is f'rl 
ion.- iif Oui'iiiulind liustUuic of 
Sun'cvor't. tncmb7c<r oi' Town T'Un 
ninn Iniiituti:, Englmd. 

Use ZAM-BUK Regularlq 

National Library of Australia 8972 

THS jFlCHTlfi^G CU.Tt£^. PrttJate Rabin Cuttfr. A. tS.. U^uTmant ArifHir CutUr, V.C., tnuoiirftf*^ hofnt, 

We used to travel together to work — I shared 

his trip of triumph, too 

'' I used to ffovel from Manly to Sydney every morning 
in the S.20 ferry with a good-looking young stalwart we 
colled Ro Cutler. 

The other day J sat on the ferry beside him ogoin— 
beside Lieutenant Arthur Roden Cutler, V.C., as he made 
the last stage of his long journey home frorn the Middle 

That trip was different from any other thot !to had msde, 
fof it ended in a hero'i welcome ffom rhe pEople of Manly, where 
he hai jcred for oil hut two of iiis twenl>-ri>e rear$. 

I WAS just one of the ci6wd 
of relativeii, Irlcnds, and 
perfect straiigers who greeted 
Ho when he arrlTfid fit Cir- 
cular Quay to oatcti the 2 p.m. 

Two years hadn't changed 
Mm mucti except ttiflt lie 
loolced just a llttlB older, jiLst 
a little Urea. His sjnlle was as 
broad aj it ever was. He vas 
sun-tanned aad bad grown a 

"Hullo.' ht sbM 10 ms. Hp 
sislutild U)d Iticn ve Kliout liandE 

■'Wi'ltrane home. Bo." I Jald. "Ifa 
goad tJ> see yon on thf farry igaln. 
Juat Jllce Dill fcimeii." 

"And If.H »u«l to hr entchlan It 

A wldt FTiiv. "Thtrp w*Mf inonientK 
wlien I tbuuihl It inu the liul IhinE 
tn Uiv wwlif that f irnnJd b« dafnc." 

He dkvftj ills hand iuto hi5 pockf^j 
fur tlm Aixiiensx Ipr the turmUJp. 

"Bftven'c got a jfljwon tlcMt^t thE^ 

A rem- i^onifjmiy officliJ ha^ten-ctl 
tJ3 nrmniiiini' tlmi [jlMl Oullcr and 

tll& fcitnlly were the MoapanT^'a 
guests lEir liie trip. 

Then, with his inotlier, Mr». A 
W. Cutler, dnrt-Byed liiter Dtioiw 
snd ttothMra CfMffrey Robin, 
thi> fomiet in Ills H,AA.F. itnltorm 
and tisp latser In ihr unrform ol 
the A.!!, Ro nieiit iip the tan«viiy. 

( ■( ' / ; / 

hit «iu«r fJtx 

DurirrK Uir thirty -flvc-ailuntc trip 
on Q hjirlMir as amtioi-h as blue ,Eia56 
diviUtrd tiL'? coiiversiktioii Ijottwd^n 
lib mother, alatfrr, brothers fthii P^y- 

We eschwieed tlie H'c-^i Tijsv^ ot 
miitunl Wen an ol Uie BJS terry, 
"flub" Idils who uti! now DTo-sraE. 

"TbiB Ittinil^* huve JurI told me 
lhat n olvlc rKCptlnn waltlnt (or 
me in Manly." lie sold ruflMIy. "I 
Jecl AcarecL 1 don't tncTrr hew I sltaU 
get throusti It. It I (10. 1 recton 
i oflsliE ID get B bMr thai. croK. 

"Wl.ih mc iQcH." he added. 'Ill 
liavp 10 think or a now. I 

Here he Sttilte off to tjiclMm. 

"Gwh. we've BDt 
n wharf. 
Pftitr.y griod, eh?" 
— 1 did wlBti 
mm luck. 

E^ryrme had 
Lursed out to 
^j'cet hljD.,tilc!]ud- 
li^B Uie six him^ 
tired aehoolehll" 
dren. pupUn of 
[la: iklanly- school 
where Ko h a =1 
Olirat hli wiy 

Thej hail been 
given a hair-hnll- 
dny to pay 
liomaEe lo a Eletili- 

and-'blqni) hero, 
uut onr Ihry teAil 
ahoQt In nrhonl- 
bnoks. 1" h e y 
i-brered till their 
liljilnt Tolmii wiire 

TTicTB were 
several Qtoiisand 
people mvi^d hi 
the Jiquarcr In 
front nf the 
Matily Town Hall. 

Thw htmg out 
1,1 wtndntvtorop- 
poslic tiuUdUigti to 
entcli a fetluipse of 
tlLlK tail young 
nian vlw. vith 

iHi UMiinit ■■IMIIIII 


hlx mathcT's v.vm in hU. 
wa]k«^ on iiis rrutchs to 
the dflJB. 
A U«rn haU Rams hamei' 
The fbUowiuB; nl^lit 1 
vbilted Ro'fi bmue. a 
houBe oVerltwkiiifl llie 
barhi:a- atid n pretty boy 

It the Jtrat tlinr j ,rj ' 

tIacLS Lhe houte hud not J-Ziii^ 
bean Qllvti with vljilUira \'.t_., 
nnii Ro told iir the atary 

lu LUten to |JiL> yncinc man vB.inl 
m 4Ji eftc^ oluLlr KDd tnTkiaf > 
qnlfl Aialler-al-faiCt irakc of desert 
Hehiing, at deatb. flf ^ia imd r»r. 

Tp h^m IT. vtui u daj?'9 work- To 
us Uur most [Dj^taatic deCi^K cour- 

"n« iHiftiny Gre from tlie towo 
nf ktefjAyouD TTos prrtiy nyliil, nn4 
M puL our giunf tun It htkd to fifit. 
rt resi^itiCT at the laoTjctH, That is, 
fre IiD-d to fiDiVs di?l;aitfl a/ range end 
wi- an iipfor!? our gims: muld succem- 

"E^OEHK! rhAps ¥011111 trefed to 
with, ni^-t and cnpl to the 4ut^' 
sltiriA of iTi? iiiwn. One of 

jfnt ni(n thc^ tnH'ti, Mi lavr of the 
■ckapa in & diTM^rtcd haoiir, in-d 
mjiHtU mnA ftno>lher Hiliidrr crept 

"W* juaL about got lI] the dat* 
iind inforiBAtlan needed vfiwjn lud- 
denly a irucklDad of FreiieJi lefflrat- 
naJrr^ pulled up alwui fl'ty yi.rd« 
from us-, Jind st&rtiMd wi set up A 
mnchkir-imri nvnL 

■''PtJrtunnCotir. diMk ^"M /tut 
a>ititni! on. ao we hid bfihUtd ft plLfl 
of rijbhltr. I wl'iUFpfired lOtO tike 

spot, nnd not to mudcp any calls 
M tiie ph-nnp would ring, 

"We coulH hear the "Prosiflt*' 
talktiB quite dlntlncLt^. 

h<mi of thf Sitrtan (ampiiiejn, wh-y hirs hi^'n 

fire. T upeol nirarTj Ivd dJtrA 

Hereby, b])t \ P^l? tp >itap U 

feVolTtr IcLnyard, I aturt 
U}}, nad omde bimdo^e^ and tfLat, 
muainl; T hod Dothlng on my tKick, 
and r gut ftttht-r BUflbumt 

"I hiul a tin or ruemni, a Un 
at afOmon and half a, battte 
□r wal*r 1 ate the peani. but 
cQiildn't mniia^ the ulnmn. 

"I :y tlilrat was terrifli!, lH 

wofjro, Eiillfum ^[ ilt;.li! blAtric nitt« 
cTa.wl£d Alt ovi£rf nie. Thej irrkcited 

Here Mra. CiiUw *B.ld: 
'^'i ^on't know hQw you At4>ad 
Hu " 

"I think It mtut lu^vic^ «JI 
the gi30d care youVe fiven me aB 
Lbc tliTi4^ that mndo mc bo strO^p 
and nbt« Ht4ii,(l It/' U# uLiwen4 

Cootfmwd Oft paga 31 

"When ii XTfts jiri»prrly flnric WT* 
put OUT Itsnls arflund uur neckji «iid 
taode a bolt fflr iL Wc Hcaled ovw 
fcucfcii and tlimuch jftirdann. 

"'Ffruilly, we tjflt noar mr |iuf:s, 
anil r t'iiUt»l <iLil tlmL I wila tliojrtL 

"I heard n voice wins, Lhw 
yttiu. Ho?' 

'I EinRwered< bud the votcn sa^d, 

'■rdctritrd qci >^]X and T \tMi IiabV nbout 
t^T .'^fter nil. ymi wetv Erottitn^ 

IfOdi ttHr KjErao' lines." 

"Ttw (hiEa collected (iinbled the 
AustTQllRii- iimjpL'i td blaiat awny »t 
tt>e tuwh and Ijliut the an^y toad 
by whlQh iranapdrtis could enter. 

"IE Witi iJiiii' when I gEil inMi lltM 
upol. or trDUble ■whieli nieaot Itw 
Icjsis af nry canUnued, 

"1 vrent out to mvnd ^ U^lvphOOQ 

fflrainfit with tlur iitftlfi [orces. Wo 
WW pretty }iiLnl-tires$«^. 

"I ■mask bU In Lhc lev. »nd Lajt mi 
« i«i1«pr whlrh woM under nwmy 


National Library of Australia 

Thf AustrotHin Women's WeeMy 

Decgmber 27. 1941 

llow we took Aiiji^iralia^iS tirni raid wariiiiijij 

DAHWIN was the fitat 
AuEimllBn capUai to ex- 
perience a genuine air-raW 

That night we were tdtiing 
round the radio llst«aliig to 
the war news. 

It was 10 30. SonelMdy said: 
"Is It true that enemy planes 
iix^ around?" 

mark: •TXinX Ua\*ti to or spread 
Billy rnnamfl," 

The next Inilnnt the Blr-ralit 


Our host ImniDduibdy iiimv 
prmer aitd ll^tlt :npltrh«9. I wi^i 
ti> my bctilrtwinx picked up twid-^ 

for w>m« \inkiiD«u tejuioii my ntkti- 

ABOVE. Main ttnlni shopping ama ot iJ.,: . r/ in .'^uirtraAii to fipi rnwc 

0 S^nuirSf arf-rrtju (ji'uirf;. 

L£FT: A ^iKOfg soldirr tr-mm o pcwwro! fgaechlighi on the mght thy of our 

Two hours of tense waiting before Darwin 
heard 'all -dear" sounded 

By JANET KAYE from Dorwin 

We mi] cr«Ofpe<! ouLEtole inta ttie 
itruC] tropic lUght Iwnf&Lb a tn-l^hl. 
«CuT>^ EViTywhcFf, like rabMt^t 
jKiiHjlr^ C. of tatiTTQwa, people 
Domiiie out of bizUdtnpi «nrfl iKnuei. 

Jilcwi il&h\s wtrs out, bwt an oeeat- 

"Is it the TGoI iiiinfl?" sctm^oiie 

Iji tfee aoidierB' MemorlaJ Hq]1. 

wbnre H» wa3^ tM^in^ brJd, 
AlJ lightA were blaxm^. 

"Firt Uifmc JjfllitB otiL!" 

But thh WyliL owitchefl wertr &ppuT' 
ATsU^ ntgy to locate, so \amp& 
wem tjmaisbcd one by one with 

tnovrd ahmj^ Ihv lAreet to disprfflc 

Tbe pl&ture-flbcHF cn]pilti4 iisclf of 
lid crc'nd ojuf Extinguished Its Uehts. 

Cttjs. ]ttai.ip«d wiicn? Utey were Mid 
cfourir-ti lighli Some moved nl<»!tfr 
fllowly. A. Tm? artny vtU^clea, like 
grcut monnlerE, dhdwiKi purple hcad- 

- - but you tan outwit 1i by looking ytan I'Oungcr — by u^ing 
£)cqitisite Thr-ec Flowrr* Face Powtfcr to give yiju ^ glaniourau; lav^clLnr^. 

Sunlight vaA artiltcbl illummaTinn arc both cnjclly c^nidid and, like 
A jiliotcigtiiph, your skin needs "niotiching" Xfi bide wtrinkt» and 
brcmisha. Three Flowers Face Powder, wilh Three Flowers Vanishing 
Creatn AS a Ibundacion, give ^ou ihc sfnooth, mac "photo Siu>li'* you 
long foil 

Try 1 bwc /«]^ in your moit becoming shade (6 enhancing skiti- 
tones ID choose from!} and your makfup will be "a thing of bciu^ 
and 3 joy forcveH ' 



three Flotucrs 


IWt first rpetinn tbs o»r or cidlt!- 
meni and lutenrst^ hut mjoti I bcipiiD 
la ffcl iHU-fi^ "Enenif planrs 300 
TJiilea nlT. coming tttik vay^" was 
iht! tirw% "EjcpAclPd la mss. tLDor ar 

1 went Ui (i^ wonlim'B htJiine. iFhse 
a. lt£tlc enviip of A,RP. officials and 

ettlinty uboul hl» or her "dlutted 

V.AJJ.'s ftppfiartd. ''I was mtci my 
UDlfonti In rive Jiitniitea." cue aaiU. 

I JieSped to prtparc coffee, groping 
Tiboiit \hr darlcenird luruflc for cups. 
WnrdcrLE aivd other Jolfc might n&ed 
H^ulanuii Utter 

That we ^at iiDd wilted Wnrdenit 
tjontlniic^ on bhAli' Hkiftde. 

An huur iHssed In » kind of fatnl 
calm. My ^mnnl Tevlini bmd j^ven 
^u.j In one nf oji^er. I wa^ tblnX' 
ittfT of LhE UHillici^ an^ clilldrca. 

Blii tJiETc "QT^^ 11 lunny. f^HiEhtjy 
feeians Ln the pit at rtO' tummy 
a7 [ the time, 

TiH? nuut Axolted were the bo?s^ 
on Eluty fkl the 'WsLr&sa's laciusa or 
"TuniHSFB,' TTiiH TBS Igifh adron- 

"Any time now" 

^^fSe^^AGES were i'amin^ [.tiroiilb. 

ttum official qujirtera at in- 
tnrv elIg. It wa^ atlll "any time now." 

The iiky l^pftmc uvofcast 'with 
cluuds. Th-erc would be tio moon 
lor htJurs ij'ct. Tlie night nir ttos. 
bn>a.|Ji1cs$. itiJI. and very icotni. 

Tlie par wha ttocked fisr Lhn Ojit 
MiTiiid 01 Ji dronlnj? pJuic rc«lne. 

Then saiiiEiFhprt! A miliary alifn 
5ciimd«| the "ftll-clear/' 

AuLtinrjtl^ had n«i S^ven »ny juch 

Thu lals? sJ^na] Would mean an 
tnvtisUKHUnii fln Lite morrow. 

That funny Ipellne m Uie tummy 
ncaln . . . butoalm - . . quJie calai 

Anottior hour passed. 1 vrni jtill 
Ihlnliing □! mothers and children. 

if)chh€s for entmy oircrGft. 

T^tfn tlhi airrn agaln-^iuid an- 
ti\het and anoUw^ 
The "all -dear"' I 

Almofit unbellevitfalt;, IduI genuine 

tills USQE. 

I Eudilenljr fell quite tight, ms 
thcm^h a,a fnonoauji. weiKhl bmA 
been iiSied frmu bml 1 think evtrj?- 
hod]F ttiir frit umr. Ulr qul«i 

i^Uef rrwB t^n^n ^Kiujtdcd in ihelr 

Bridal cotiple 

WAHDENS tiMpod in for ooflw. 
We hamJ«T It itinad. 
DiLC WBtrden was fmiliiie brsA^lT- 
Indeed Eic was ItnakLia^ hupi^y. 
tuiil bteii mjurHed ^ual a few hfliji^ 
bfiffH-e ia M %\sLr* from iJAfwin 

Wbun Uh' n^-ruld wsxnlng 
tfuundcd, Uie bndal iTo^jpIe oii 
thJ!lt way IQ the if^eddm^-^pqrty 
■upper. So, Lnjite&EJ. thr brldc! wont. 
bacJc Ui tier poai 4t ti^« opctntitis 
thcittre at ihc htLvpilJiL and the 
Kiui»in to ht6 A KP. J^b. 

Hftny did not; allnv the vun* 
Ing to dLttorh thtjir evrnhjig. 

One ^DiuiE nuA, dntmnhied Ui get 
hk "i^ajHy nJcfaL." was Mtr«ad> in fa«d 
wtafD the "nlec-r' Bounded. 9>U7cd 
Uure knit Wnni to «ikTp ux^iin. Hr 

Jiirnal for w^dnx hiin, 

Altogrther, peuplr WPrt rvmiu-fc^ 
ftUy calm. ^lere was no pn.ntc 
After tlic ttfftt «unkr.£r jw^plt^ mUed 
dqwn to wait In chcJr tMma or 
wlvewvcf they fell ita/ftst 

Ax for itiii Atildl^s— atu ofllcET Laid 
mt thttt hlfi iiuis were in high giee, 

TS>r dnyji now tJr\fiy have been 
AhATponlng and pfillAhing b^ymictiL 
The tlmerhonoieil ciistoiD of n^nn 
Lhue wraponfi to fipec tiTl^ Hui been 

llU1U^ad, thr; ni.Hl Is lovingly- vnrt-ti 
for— fiuns nre oile^ wiUi the Rtuoe 
iQvlnfl; can?, Tin; boys are ready mid 
waiting . . , 


l!l*. und tucbtrr'i C4i4AElL0i Mtiiturtl. xh> nnlf " * 

nMdklo* IhctI hui qlnu m* tniOii^ i«li«L" 
Veu t<ni'l 90 mtaaif att nticiilm' * — bj tat th« 
InrFjeii railingi coti-fh mvdletM In oU d 

eau^lim. Iwarm tat ^kkhI Im. a 

I X T U H C 

National Library of Australia 

National Library of Australia 8975 

The Austronan Wittiien'i WetHy 

DtceniEwr 27, JMl 


Jerry faces the charge of 
sitihittg a British submarine. 

OK pstrol with Iht CeasM cummuiCI, 
\ CHA«B11RS, youna Jind »ery in- 
I tori'kltd In 
nt Ihe Ro^ml Cloji^iifff Hot^, sinks u 
submannfi, orUy u^ tc^irn In-tej UroL 11", in bfilisved 
la have been Cacuiiit, i BrlUnh sulimulnr. uon- 


Jfliry'n 5utiniariiR' san3« MarcovEx, 

fco Uial pi!qu had betfi <^Mnr'^^! rtot 
to muifJc any eubmciTlse tu circaln 


to Admiralty Houw for quosUoiiiiif: 

C APT Am BnaWAET of the Niv,y 

of Pifrt BlciclttioiyMj, U>e fiuUnriBrlrip 
dtpat, Jerry DrofiEste Uiat lie 1e 
rcmiln he idisitiiM tJio auljmnrlnc 
corrFctly. tiiti, icuvci uic navul men 



_Ln tbfl oar (in tiit 
way back, to Uut ntnidronl?. creep- 

ti&jluu^fiR. Chambm saiti to th^ 
wtng-cotntnftjidjrr bcsldt! hJm ; ' 'I 
krt-UW it kHJlta Ud. ^r. But I'm etlU 
■LMlul^ly positilvij litflt Lhwe waa 
TiDlhln^ on the hydroVfttiEe." 

bf'rijcjt' him Dli^kcxui ^idz "I Troodcr 
11 ItLu pnlnl; cDiiM hauc cpI. fubb^ 

-No. sit. J saw s^y ptilat ds- 

' T'ni flfroid youll haut a Job In 
convincR the Nfvvy ct thnt, m face 

ho(ie]<^dF]v. "I can aidy Ull yuu 
nrhat 1 saw " 

Thry cJrow on Ija slltncr, In OiJf 
clii±l,l bl3C:kItsr^$ tbe winE -commander 
£31 budi^lai up If) Ms coELt Iri Iilti 
comer of lhi> HJikion. thinfclng ruiN 

follow. Ru wouSd not esuiLpe cen- 
fitiTc for int>[ltllErptJtm of ih^ 
ofdiT utauut CATonx. He- hatl aonc 
Jt lor lh£ best, or J?<) tic Jintl Ul^magltL 
ILL thp LLni-e, but it iwitJld tici fh rtlHtf ri 
tip HEQlnnt hUn in tije ^wrwtcfr, 

Tliif <^taUe war m-i^tit li^st toe 
rvi^r; pr--ace ml^t camr eumJ Ik»d a 
Eurp^u/j o£ wlni^-ctunmcirat^ert] In l^c 
Royal Air Force. He raieht tie 
lorced inia rctireaieTit. nL the aue 
of forty, ail Uiroijgh tli^s young 
fool C^laJIll)CJf^, 

Hr muKi £ce IJafl A -0-0. imd i?et 
Ml votil 111 Ilrat. brfcire tJne HoTy. 

Tltitrv «ot back to Llie nemditjme 
nt nine o'clock. The wtafl-cttni- 
maiidffr saMi '"The A_O.C'- will wonE. 
to iiee TfOTJ Ift [he monimff, Chambent. 

b<*lt*f tfcL ta bsd now. I tw- 
pccl VCuVt pretty tlird." Ht besi- 
Intrtl (oT uwfu^t. "Tdu tPDa't 
bf {TOir^ oiib upon psitTOl to-naorrww."' 

'the boy iAld qutcll^': "Very good, 

Qlckem was n^Hlijentr cominmr- 

"Tljanic you. rJt/' 

CtmiubfTrs wwrit rf;tin<^ to tiic bscfc 
ftnd iij by the bacJc^ door, and Wttit 
fiuMlgihL to tile lOOiEL, In tlie corrl- 
diW Btid OH Uie stftlTS he piwsett 

fani^c4 p^tr them quldStly with 
avvrced head, And itt«y j^elvndKl 
lo be too UHcruelvcq to gUtp 

if) jfpuaik. wlLh hltn> He bond in^» 
Jjirt bcOTDOm cnrt ahut the ijoor. 

f]rr DkictfFis w aA 1«3 r.'|ihoi] I mc to 
Ihc Alr-Cummijiilon? frnni hb« nilfftj. 

"I've Jiibt ^^nl. btick. from tJie d.t]c}f- 
ytutl, *tr." hp WBS eiiyiiiff. "I'm 
nfr'ald tJierp'a no tioubL about It. — 
they got dtiLl'W'fl nnd stufT up from 
Imr; but I thin^ IaL« on 

hci- AchK]til(iH net ihtii the pUat vilr 
i]iilU; &BU£fl«tl Lri ftttacikluK. No. 
sJr-tfuj a inntttT dT futt, IV* «nt 
Mm up to bed, He r*ally Uu't m 
lar furlJitr ciiiestioakiB. I tJiouflht 
jserhapsi you'd *i« him to tfiu mom- 
ii>(f, w)3*?n hpfi had aoniB rIci^p. Vrrjr 
good. Ill lome right Mjonff nov." 

Iji hia rtmm. ChatnbcTB threw «iff 
hJLi poati and ^M-irusIc tuid sat domi 

fi n 0 r 

thing/" Mona 


Continuing our vivid 
war serial 



fjnlte n possibility— he wo"lil IK"* 
fo put In tor B tninslcr. He woviW 
spply to be parted rlglil awsr fnun 

illitrict He would try mhJ 
IB the Bombet Ciinmiiind. Mill i*o 
fume reil wiic m neUnoliiiiiJ Blgiit. 

T^ir lilc mmp of Lhr KiJlenn It 
would br better to »tJck Id Bants 
Miiria. But- he ETEW tlrttl Mfort 
he camp to paint Jt on. Dftnt* 
tntialc (nmi HchCTWctiuJr liiUed >Jm 
Id u d«6e; Uic flfic linej thai ne «wi 
jia-tntlns en the »" l"'^ wbtm. 
ProamHy he tJut bt" paint- 

pot* imaetl In to lilB t>ed and slept 
nvavUF ttii: fi"t p«t Di tbc 

Iwr his htsd (tLUtritfr mllciJ 
that night. In Wlilltliiill. at nbDiil; 
ten o'etosk. there wm x Ut,t£i row 
Ijrtwten »n Admltnl of tlx Fleet 
End BB Alr-Mtir^ial wnKi 
endi-rt by tfleh in ti'f Q seektug 
; a privRtE lUdleuEe Use 
Prime mnlsttr. irtilcli neither 
Bot. All the evening n string of 
questlcptifl frtjtn ilii* Air MiriU- 
try came bo Alf-Cymmodore 
Btighcs; be sat BP "With Dick- 
ens until after inldiiight. 

on one jjoltu tho slr-rom- 
tttodora WM ftijamoni: he 
wmW not nniw the pLot to 
Intarrogate Win again Umt 

At tL BjUATtVT tEJ twelve 
OpeTlltlonp had Inquired how 
many hours tlic pilot- h*d dom* 
fln ^cuorte. Ttie alr-eopiino" 
dorf flworc softly. •'Whst <jn 
eorUi'Js lliBl got to do wltti ttJ 
Ml IJir tools, n hurdled and 
fifty It'i s good roiinil uunilici, Do 
tliey lilnlt I'm (pjlna lo get him oat 
o( tHid ta BSfe htm that? ' 

Dkfcena Rnve Ltie IcLToriTiBiiciE and 
replat^ed the receiver, "^'he Kavy 
FBMt be riiJsini the very duues." 

Tbir air officer noddKl- ^i'sa f^orry 
now I ttSdn'l ga to Adimiralti' Home 
wltli you und ebc Bursnhy 

In the iHijTnlEg- alter brstiS- 
flisf. he Bettt fdr ClliUDteTj. 
He greetffd Mm kindly. In 
the WW iJE 
taln»:!f hsd 
been a ^h- 
llttitenant in 
ttiE Royal 
tJttVal Air Ser- 
vice; be kiww 

tipon iiie bed. utterly 
Bii!»;mb3*. It fieemtd 
lo him to tK* tucn^ft- 
Ihle tlijit tills th[iie 
nlHiiild have hap- 
pened to WnL Aod- 
denu likE this 
dcriur from Utntt lo 
time, he Juietr. Anti- 
BilTTlLlt jutinern 
Kffiietitiiefl got eirr 
own ttuichlOfs cckR- 
luseri with t'liemj- 
Toldera imd .-slwl tkem 
down. Blnpfte^&eater 
H^htirr? had been 
kujy/m to do the ^iu«, 

Here iiUlIllJir Atill, 
ht^ bcid beard a AUiry 
of a fubinarine who 
hikd wttctasod to hcl home part: 

Estlimibrd timj! ul nrrlval imO if 
Iricfidly aircrsft wUl iloR bambinff 

Alwuyii before ht had l>«m aenra-, 
ful gf 'uiese Ififlilents, had ooiulil- 
ered Uiat appalllnlt N^arpleftancBS had 
miifii^d them. But h£ had itnt 
twen eareleia. At IcbeI, he didnt 
think so. 

To ftdd to hi* iaihfti3pitiv*.9s be was 
Trrry hnngrj'. He liBiJ eawn nothtnff 
ilnci' thr tiMl 11:11 md bloculti thsl 
ho had hnd hetorc Btiirilne out on 
the patrol, thoUBli lif had jiuclicd a 
few s'wect* in the mndhtne art) he 
had dnmJt n xnm of bM:t wlinn thiiy 
«ierf KingTutuitttlnE him )n Uie 

He did not care to bo downitalrs 
RVTd fcirage round lor food: he tnljiht 
BMtX somebody and have to tails. 
In QiB room tiiere teqjs notWns tn 
eat eiiTpt a bottle of maltisd hvllk 
table!*. *Fllt to Mm liy btl mother 
to tAlte n^i "with tijTi u;)on fitiLro]. 
Be a«t.tled {Wft'h. deyrrased, Lo empty 
the totUe, 

It wan teo early yet to so to htd; 
he wnuld iwt alecp. He ttirned u> 
his wtreless tel. tlie Jumble «>f telI^cs 
and i:em,di?n;^er3 on a bare bft^lwMrEl 
that he hud put together lihn£«IC 
frticn an artiele Id a omiciisiijie. He 
tiiriicd It on, uiij the Aiiioriiion 
ToiPe tmiught iilm fpmfort. 

Hie word*, "Ttiie la eta Hon 
'^GEA, an intematlonAl hTc»ndc:afit 
slallon owned and upenitrd bj' the 
Generul Elettric Copipanj- at SctU"- 
lipctody, licw York," coivinlrd hhn 
*Ith « (sense of achlcmiiictit; he 
UnuieU bad riinjurrd thli olticn' 
meat from the rtlipx. Pnyipnllj- a 
talk for s/JiooIa ii|xin Llir work of 
rnluclng dlntromi In Soutli Catollna 
penftTuted 'iiit TOWrtousotss uitd 
look lili mind ffom Ihi! mitjmiirlnc. 

After a. time hi? «at down at the 
Islile and iiLdled hif italleon to- 
wards tilm on it.H stjuid. It wai very 
oeailjf Onlahed nam; Hit lalU were 

bum,, and there was little nton* than 
touelunE up left to be done. As 
the "womiin's voii:e told hlna about 
tltr dltTh'ultus of the ptHir whites 
in the aoutli. hlj. handa T«aChed cmi 
tJMiJianlmlly for the br^iahcs and 
thft pota of pntnt, 

nwre WSB a ted eiuM o£ 31. QeoiFB 
to bt> painted on the lateen suU. per- 
haps with a gcild border. Thcri; 
Has thp miinp lo gn on ttie stErn 
gftllcry— Mtpun Ho plungrd into an- 
otiter K'h^omy trtiln of tliimsJit. II 
Koe vcTj' prolnibli' that lie "wauld 
nirver acaln six Utom. after the 
Caranx nptsodp. Ho ijimld not face 
the bar of th9 Rujal Clarttice, Slled 
as It ulwuyii wiLs with nunnl ottlcisrB- 
He could not show hlnuKlC danolhiE 
at the Pavilion, the man vfho bad 
$imk Curans. 

It vould be ImtxsasUbte for blin 
to earfy on In Portrarouth, H he 
were not caahlered — and that waa 

about the dhtlmdty of Identifying 
Bhipa tmm the air. 

"aood mDming, Mr clmmbers." 
he «aM. •'Von had a bti aJ boil luclt 
yesterrtgy, I hear," 

••Yea, «ir." 

The ajr-i^ommodoTC tonk In the 
whlU-. etrnlnwl appttmuioe of the 
tjoy. "Bit down. Cliiunbfrs. Tell 
Bic Jim wtitit happened."' 

nw pilot told hlE^. onee aealn, 
thts time to a mom ii'mpalhetli: 
ttiiiUenc5e. At the end ol 11 the air- 
comiiiodorL- (aid: "Ovr ol the nwil 
tJiitwrtJinl jratnt* seems to be this 
pasiUon— n'lwthfT yoii ■woi* really 
still in Area BM." 

Ctnunbew Ktld: 'Tm nulte sure I 
WBJi. .<dr. rd got the wind dbwrikm 
taped.' I'd made half a do»n sixx] 
landfall* hi ttie patroL T'ni qolle 
sure the posllian wai In Area aM." 

Pleaie turn la page 30 

National Library of Australia 8976 



Yuletide romance of a plot that 
tooh a totally unexpected turn. 

By . , . 


Tlaituhy aUey wired 
L<i Uh Aluit ^Emttu 
"Hiivr dmldt'd (o 

hact to healLh nnd happ1i;e£fi In 
ho&pllaL plc-n^ sbud blasslng," ibs 
wirerl tHtfk. "tiiwa you don't be h 
jf<Hil 1:111 II nut DT r cul you out 
JiterTj" CThrL-itiiicifi " 

the olii sitewn)- 01 CtiKCkmone 
AXunor Ahortlj Jar4'L3T{' acv^L n VlocJc 
on DhruitEnhH Kvt, aixxi tbe old tojU 
trom (aiiiciritcrc Purva hii4 eit 
rituce ia ihe snawDritta, a« hadn't 
tm;i3M<iiiJ^ oiiytiilna; abuul It \o 

"SMe'i 60l4ig 10 me tlic mrpriw." 
IIF snld, irUti n tHtl bo wu glKd 
U» dArJmcEs lild, tKi.'Sius!! 11 wits n 
bit fnrccd: "She's, quite orlgitial. 
you knr^w, A bit old'^fiuhluncd." 

Ntncy slood on tlntoi; ItJ hun. 
'Hiey were eacrli of U'jera fi hartim- 
aearujn%wenty-Dne, He BtlLl llitiped 
a bit (TDtn tilt iterry tracBT bllUet 
tlimi hlto wlwn he teiiJect out 
iltet hi! thiTlwnth Hptntal Her 
(fl'iss, which wfre 8ltiioiiii-5li»|i6d 
Btid brown, jslitme. 

T lUte old-laahltmHi people, si 
diriittiiBll," iitae 

ahfi p 1 1 1 u red 
Aunt E^iniB In « 
Ijict cjifj end dol- 
nmn. Tito rflal" 
Ucd. TjiTOWU^ a 
CtiTatmas party 
wlLh u cnrlAtnias 
trite uid ihe tttul- 
dren nl tha vUlage 
dttnclng round jt- And AMht Eninui 
a drUROft wha uauftlly wotti 
mtuwullnc twtiwli.. fcepl strtctlj- dear 
o( till! vUlaSe brats, nnd tisHKl 
CfltiHoiM lUto ScroQde. 

Rated Bcarlv t'vsrytlitas I'scoyil 
'nrr crghew Tim HJlt?v, ^hD would 
o^M^ ilnj* Inherit h^r roaliiiine roynl- 
;«*, nnd ht able to put iitwac hi* 
Tttr'j neck the JiiMphtne iHjunond 
recJtlpt -xtiich tifld heon in the 
Jaaiiiy fM s cei^ttiry aiKl mere. 

■Tour huiulrstl ytmrs old!" 
breiiUlBd Nftiii'-y, lookltiif at the 
iwlntml chliniieJJi md old ualiiia 
.veuniiC the (ilKly nlgltt. "I expvcl 
It' lni» Jiesins ul ItBUndl. Olirlstnim 

■'OM, Iteapff,^ Tflplicd Tim Bilrjy 
"There"^ Olfle abuut tlie Mad Mptik 
ol ClmclejitDrLir, who walks the cor- 
ridoiB Hi Clirkitnfuis Crom dusk to 
daylltfhc. J<M5lcltiE Tor his sotri" 

Mailt^y *iwi ^'lillillKiily dtUS'hled, "I 
hope lie ilBdi 1!, pool tnine And 
1 tjopo we see him " 

Blit Ttro wasat tldnitliiK itbuut 
tlwt lejeiiit. He wajs IJilnklns u! 
Uie ottipf one *boiit *thn Josephine- 
necklet «nd the secret pnn^l In the 

nn? Joiieptltie legend Mid thut 
If I mmUy WitJe iteppitd otii ol the 
inntl tm il-lirlilniM Evo. (sltti tlir 
iieclf let an hitr throat, >hp would win 
tiuppinpis fur e^i^r. CUl«r pfUle. 
Aunt Emin* l^alted tt 

■'lilstnn, dtnting. ' imld TEm, stop- 
ping In the snow. "We're (ohie in 
by * iptciRI way. Ngt by tti« Iront 
dwr ftl "ll Ytui don't mind?" 

'I vduldu't niind KQini: dpnTi by 
the i:hltnni!y wiri) yaii, datltos." 
unawrrcil Nanity. dtnunUr. "Ukr 
father Chrlatouts. In last I'd prn- 
rer lL" 

TTiff old hmwe Jo(jkH) at thflm 
itime»oltniry tin they Miiati ncftln 
Perhaps It MW •""» yttntK 'he? 
«^ere. and knew liiBt rrne of theni 
IMlI drmr inrnKilblc :hlng> 111 the 
iftv HI. ■ '' boylalily at dralli. 
jrid I ■ ■■it and vanqiiLttifld 

f^r . .!, And jel Ijoth 

were i" ■ 'P's y™"!! penpl'-' 

' "bo I wear th"' pretty Tifoklat 
itnt sTflYd meJ" wiksd Uaney. 

"Tdu cottalnly do." anfworod Tim, 
"Jt cost Die elKhteen qtUd to set 
made. It'^ a fsirjir good Imitndtm 
at the Jtivcptilne. Sui keen jjaw 
prcttj trap closed nilw. actfethL^l, , 
and foHflw me" 

tk>nieu'lierY Lit tite dLsLaucu. the 
Chuckstcrne Pnn'fi KUvtr Band wtws 
pljij'lilj; cbtoIb. early In the evenlny 
aA It Wda. Aunt Eiumck wouM send 
yur HrsMed, ihe butter, ld hoot 
tllem AWay when they iriun«. BJ-iu^tCfd 
liked to tlent at tbii vUla^e people, 
tt3f Old BlQpJianl,. 

Tim listened, ttaeii tx^an to climb 
tht; \vy Q. big muUinnod window. 
II anyttilne. Wiuwj ruend Jdm. 
swanQtDi; u\i llkt^ a ntofikey. He 
heard liET laugh aoftly T,o hiirwIE aa 
tiK a^nnttd It and stepped Inaldr th« 
iDOm whicti hftd been hiti timi toj- 
llBod: an old t?Bl(-t»n!!U«l roam, The 
time was acmi (I'clm*. whea Mis 
Emmii Stianlu wotUd be niUlse 
dovn 113 [!;fhTtitiinB£i Eve tfinnc in 
grtei l(incjliii?),i, 

Mutt Bitint* prided helsoll on the 
fmrl Itiat ^ha tuiil silwuyx ?riK.'Ui 
Christmas alaiie und nway &uiu 
Uie nniifiPnBe. 

""Sou weaj It Ufee this, lafly." Tim 
tnok off Niii3t!y'& tur coat Btid hat, 
null put the pni^tfi nedcJet round tier 
warm Einri sU^nrter thrtjat. "And 
wlian I open the panel you Jutl step 
out and sinlle— 
wM. nwDStly. Mot 
too much. Jiutt as 
tiotlKh pnn'd come 
spoejlallv there to 
love Her. Slte^ 
fin <itt! dear- 

■WhjLt If filB 
IhmwA the tlirkev 
lit me?" 

A folgiit dnklnE feeUng availed 
the pit of Tim'l Gioitlttch. 

"3 'II be behind yflu HJ tatch n 
But 5IW 'snn't " 

A mlnlllf later tJiey were In the 
Maa Monk's cosrldor. So mJundfl 
ol revelry atose 111 ohuckstone 
Mtinnr. But the clodc In tlio 
tawer chlmMl ieven. Nancy 
thrllliid ajs they itjilp aiong to 
tie dinunt-ronin lanc!, 
TLtn Indicated a smiill 
oaken dOOf 

"Aunt EnUDU. keeps 
her liaie in the 
Motit'a Cell here.' 
be mnxmured 


.-Is Father Ckrhlnuif 
tried to ifad/t pnsf, Tim 
leaped at him in a flying tacktr. 

'I'd hnvr iiSiei to lel lh« pukka 
Josephine nnckJol out oJ It, tor you 
and live hnr fltt— I raein. rnskt 
laugh like anyihliiB- Put I don't 
knuw the iwrabhiailon " 

He &iu|ipi'd. tii'i!Hittie Naoei' wu 
pullinK film liw* BatiiftthiriB hap- 
pened, all 01 mice. Tlir oaken door 
■A'aa opening and fiirhh froni the 
Monk'n Cell emctitTd a llgiirH tt 
hniJ on Mrarlet and awnnftdown and 
a hooit, and it wnn, Jn fat;t the tlgini) 
nt fivHii-r Chrl>tfnn« hlmiwU Tim 

t a r e d In 
/uiiazemont and □ 
iW*p of cfellght cnine 
Irnm Nanr^ 
FathSfr Cfirlatmaa, healing It, 
avrlveUed hl& head juid ids white 
whlakers. He utood hesitant. 

BeBllnatton cmne tn Tmi. He (elt 
inodt'^tly pmitil dI I^i» sttnw ihat 
OliuuluttJtie Miuinr was putting up 
for timcy. Tain wim » renl (Jhrtst- 
miia bktrKlar who liad come after 
the Jofiephta* neslklm. Tlioiigii hf 
mtut bit dumb tt> dtin n [iiii^iilD« 
Ittr Chat In Aunt Bmtiin'ii homt . . . 
"HI!" he called, floftlj 
What Impv"'""'! 11'"" '■■11'"- ■'11 "1 

nnfifi. Aa Ffltlier OhrfaUotts tried to 
datih pufiiv 'lln leaped til him in a 
liying tackle, and iben went dmvn 
to^ctlirr with a erach. 

"LnmtD. you youim devilt" iiuped 
Father ChrMram. wiUi foineChliiK 
famtllBT IG Ms HCi'etits Tlni'ii liaiid 
taught holtl of tlie vtnirrahle 
wliietttiu and totr ihnm (W«j-. re- 
vealtnf the face u( Bruted. Aunl 
Smina'n biiUnr. 

"Hand It twer. Btastedl" tlm 
ordered, ■flie necklet. 1 muB. 
U'a juit vhat I vanTi " 

Brnated, hU ami plnnpd by Ttm*^ 
knee, wtilitirwred. 

"iCr. Timothy I For hearen'i take 
1«l tne so. Bverythinx will be u- 

plainMl " 

V'H] iilnd-ied It to alve your wife 

and ktda a chriattnnfi treat 1 
kni}v," «ait] Tim, trcmleully, "l^^g^ed 
youiselr up aa s«nt« Olauu to do u, 
tfiQU^h 1 don't quite iinderatf^ml 
that H(3* eomeV 
Smatpfll wftf [ilmwt i^rylng. "I 

cant tnu you. Ml2a Ehanlw 

"Oh. hit him with toiikeUiiins 
Nancy. Thu torch will do " 

Nancy took carfrtul oAm at the 
rnoitled rorehead. not nip»nln,g to hit 
hard, aiie was vnKno),!' duapiKiliited 
that 11 will only a »j-nilifUr Paliwr 
.Ciinatmivs tdmed buticlar tVvt-y lu.d 
BiimblK) iiimn, nnit nnl the Mail 
Monk hIniMK But before the blow 
coiild fall iininethliut rintghl her 
Cram behlnii anil hiirltui htr bacJi 
(tltatufll the wall, 

Pleose lum t» poq« 36 

National Library of Australia 


The Austral inn Womeii''^ Weekly 


• Insouciant youni} beret-eum-foque planked 
way had; on the head and done In pastel- 
bluo summar'weighl ielt bonded In dark blue 
qroBjcain ribbon, (left) 

Detcmbcr 27, 1941 

• Minute black fell stdlor wum well back an 
Ihe head und mistsd in cobwebby black veiling 
severed wilk green chenille spots. 


• Deslghed for blazing 
aiimmer days — a be- 
wilching coolie hot in- 
terpreted in cocffae yel- 
low straw -wreathed in 
gfBpn veiling and 
anchored to the head 
wtch a bondecru ol red 
grosgrain rtbbgn that 
tias In a bow al -the 
back. {Above.) 

• Tip-tilted model of 
sUtcherd mauve crepe 
,wtth an upturned brtitv 
lined tn purple. A 
glamorouE nofe ig 
achieved by an 
otivoloptag mauve 
crepe wimple and a 
purple veil (Above.) 

• White silk crape lurban. suavely 
dnjped ond featuring □ topknol of 
mixed llowara in red, white, purple, 
and 9i©en. {Above centre.) 

• A cunnlntj Ullle ies cap in OTorsa 
straw in o inadlsy ol green, red, 
purple, and yellow. Filmy graon veil 
<j(iscades down lo Bhouldors. (Leit.) 

• Inspired by Stazllltm alnger Gormen 
Miranda is thlB awothed turfaon oi white 
silk forsey cUmoied with pink roaea 

National Library of Australia 8978 

FaihkMi PortfoJ)* . 

Gay Florals 

, , . ia p€'P up y»Mr spirits 

m Simple styles in- 
terpreted in brilliant 
florals make the 
fashion headlines. 

• A palsloy pattern Ln red, 
ialadt, and grey prinled an a 
ground oi while silk jsraey is 
used for ihls bodt with un- 
usual doubJs piTiplutti that 
makes it iadi like a Jocki^t 
irocfc. The black daisy birltons 
ore sewn on with red 4:oUon 
and lh« btek bslt is sUtched 
Ifl rSd. [Above.) 

• White cjBpe spltSshisd with 
tropical flowers and leaves In 
ahoies □! magenta, purplo, 
9toen, aniJ black. Soli-plBat- 
ttii aijlllnae tha pockets and 
while pltjitron, UUwvs ft^trt.) 

• Amettoon kmlom-leof print — 
a huge leaf design In deep 
red, royal-bltie. otild. acnia. and 
v^hlts spread over blaclc 
grourd. The skirt iealures cm 
IntsiBHtini? sarong dmp© 1a tha 
aSda. CAbave riqht.) 

# f cirmaLified wlilts oiu^ black 
floml dors on. a qtoutid of pale 
bills silk crspe. The intricate 
skirl dropary (mntwala etl&o- 
tlvely'-wilh (ho irtork simcillclty 
of the bodlco. (Ri'jht.) 


National Library of Australia 8979 


Faitiien Porlf«fi« 

The Australian Wntnen'i Wwkly — Pecember Z7, IMI 


EVEN thoiieU It's mWsiuB- 
mL>r, there are lots of 
times when brwy^s are chilly 
— and tliat la when you will 
appreciate the cliurra ot this 
smart and comfortable C£ir~ 

Mfunrmncnb: Bust. HIM.: 
k'Pjfili U)p b1 BliruilileT. ailna.; 
li>n^rth Di r.UH-'VG iindL'runn, lAina. 

iitltriMi Rfituiriril: 10 iStf^BH ill 
•SunlK-nni" cTuchrl waoi . 1 ficir 

Ttinltn: 7 sU. I tntb; B nms. I 

\bltmvt»tlnni^t K. itnlt; p. purl: 
tlr^ , <ircrt<af«; inc., int^ohtji k a 
las., knit 1 loitilher. 


tTsllIg Ho. 11 RIKrdlCS llUl »!»• 

insiKtiiS HI faoltain o( buck, <iwl ta 

T>t'R<iw: K f). p 1 Id end, 
2Dd Ron : K 3, tl T ki tnd, 
3ri[ fti7ir; K 6. p 3 lo mil 
Row: E 4. p S to Kill 
Sih ttfrw: K 4, p $ in «ikL 
6ih Row: K (. p s to end. 
Till how: K a. p T to nut 
tilt riuvr: E S. p 1 to md. 
KrrM'ii". ihtise S T^J^va 3 Umr^ keep- 
in;; rttMliiulty of [MLttt^m, UlC. eafltl 
t't.ij -jt Eiext row, :ui±] tfvery faSlnwlDtf 
hlti ra% LinUl there ojfi 115 ttts. an 

ArmliDlp: Keeping contlnully oE 
paLterti, ca/,L OS 13 fitfl. aI beipinnlD; 
vt iwxi 2 row*. Then k 2 t«!E- at 
rucll cn<] of Qeedli: ol'My Snd rcw 3 

furthrr tSao. until 9 ftBttnms ' ha'vc 
Iwrai worked Iram coinmcjierainsnt of 


• An eosy-to-knit little mcxJel (hot teams 
enchantingly with your summery skirts 
and blouses. Try it in pole mauvish-blue. 

pntLem p*£t oft 7 nU, bI bc Blrntn g 
at racli row luilill as ^ts. tmnnln. 
Csul all, 


tFsln« Ha. 11 needles, taet «D N 

lii Bbw: K 9 Ik 1, 1) U Is end. 

Sua Row; (K a, p T) in within B 
lU. ai vnd, E s. 

3nt Ihiw: E 9 <k C, p 3) lo <ind. 

41h Row: (K 4, p tji lul t 
sdt.. k g. 

5'h Row: K 3, east off 3 its, k 3 
(k 4, p 5J to end. 

Sth Rewi (K fi. p 51 to wtLhln 6 
flta. at end, Ic 3. mnt ou 3 it£i., k 

Ttti Ilnw; K J) Hi X p Tt U> end. 

SUl Bitv, (IL B p IJ tQ Luit 9 itn., 
k p. Wurk 3 morcr p:ittenu( in 
nnuiner. culy nia^lntf enothAT but- 
tpnhgle na iMt S rEWif of 3rd pat- 

Keepuig cnubtnulty of pcillcrn, mc. 
KE armhnle «tid of next imd every 
tiiUoiwlntf Rib ruif^v comjd^ s pab- 

Next Bow: K B. k B. p 1 at 1. p 1) 
13 times, k 1 Ik 8, p 1) twl«, tot 
In lo^ It 

Rmt: P 2 (k 3. p 7) Iwloe 
ip 1. k ll 12 tlnu'S, p 3. k 3, p 7, 
]c El. 

Xfit How: K 9. It B. p 3 <k 1. p 1) 

13 UinKi, k I (k 0, p 3) Iwtep, k 2. 

Nrat Bow: PS lit 4, p 5) twice 
Ip L, k h 13 ttm«>. p I, k. 4. p S, 

k e. 

Nest How; K 0, k <, p 5 (k 1, p 1) 

13 times, It I 'k 4. p it twice, k 2. 

3 Amami 
stages for 
groomed hair 

Amami Shanpita 

A »|HTiiil rthaiiipoa far c*t^ 

■with ^n^-riiil rin-*f. Np. I for 

ks IT [ N 7 for V rr? f »iir. 
«ijd :?pticl>!il ttciiDH for 
Lrunjf! bflir. 

Amami Wave Set 

the fr^ itliuplv i]lri:wll«n«i 
Dnit *ow'II ujntr/f'if itt ih^ 
iTflniiffirniAlUtrt' ^«^ «'J? or 
mirkf- On** fri>rilr wJII Khi 

yon u-V'f^rAl weekei 

Pfirr: 1/01 prr htiUf- 

hmm Brillianliite 

^mnrihinr iirw! Not thick 
0r jfrr^AKv, hul liac itnd tfafn 
, , . mntli^ lor fi-fii.inin« 
l|ii:flMl* nuly. A ilntjl brdulr 
|i>urll [ Tinl*''' f""r dlf- 
frl->^ni lnnf<< r«*r ratr, atibtijrin 

rrier: vvr b«UI& 

Ith economy^ 

Ilrallhy hrnr ii bcAiitiriil hiiir; lUaTft 
Amnmi Shainpooa mnke hiiir 
rr*I1y lovely. The 47 hrnllh and 
licuuty inftrt.:d.Wiit«-frcHlic^n np iheMolp* 
iuvigoriili- lUf rnnrn ami jtive Vflu llio 
joy of gJcartiinp. niky hair wliich. eVcry- 
(PtK? rtrhnirt^a* ! iiflnw rour filiiittipfw witli 
A perr*.'ct Lonit? Litir MLlhi^j. i]«in|£ a frW 
dr<ffiH lil Amniiii Wusi- Sel, WUcd vout 
Jinlr U f]|ijilr dry. Iminhn) mil in il» 
HTiiaiitJi, ijhiiiing wavpp, u jp rea^y lt>r 
iIlc fixifll Itriiuly hmnh . . . Amami 
Tiulnl BfiUianliLiic, Tliifl La llici rnm- 
|)lrrr Amaiiii Irraluirnl fur lijiir Urniily 
_ , , end 411 (k ru^t lo suit vt?ur Ludgcl* 




Nnl Afiw: F 3 ik K. p 3> tvice cp 
1, k l> 13 tmLe&, p 1, t B, p 9 k 9, 
Next Bqv; b; 9. k ;1, p 7 Ik ]. 

E3> 13 Umefl. k 1 ck a, p ti twice. 

Xexl Bow: K I, p 1 (k 9, p 1^ 
twice. ciuiL raff 27 sta.. k a. 7 k 9. 

And knit pocifcil llnin£ In foUowlfir; 
DiAUiicr. CH6t on a? aIb^^ iLQd k 5 
pn&ten^. Break <iQ waol, 

Kb£| How: Tale^ up frojut ssaJn 
tmd IC fl. k a, p J. then Ukc pocket: 
Unlnif and U B, p 1 > 3 tusvei ncroee 
these A(J5, Ut B- p i> tukie, k 1 Inc 
In lust fit, Keeping cDntlnalty at 
pattefD, eontlBUi! up ttvtiU incr^aa- 
ing. at anr)l]>Qle ettue t^very ath rijw, 
oojI nioklti^* 3 mere InitUinhcle-:^ 
unUI n imttirrui have been com- 
pivtcti Sttim bfgliiiiiLQs^ 

Kceptag- In pmtom, cant off 1 0 
slfi, Bt armholc edgi\ Uiun k toy 
cVBTj and row, M mtnt- time drc- 
I jtt, iDAidi^ border every 3rd row 
unill 48 fltfl. rtmnla. 

BtUl docmuiojj iiusidi? bcrdcr. but 
without rurttier dec. lU vmhole, 

vtJfkfld froni begjnTnng of ariTjhotB. 

StUl decm.*dng iftsldc border, tnc 
nt atmtia^e ev^fy Sad rtw until 
HTP 4a i^t*. an needle, Com* 
{►It'lC this pntUimr Stdli d^cnym- 
Inf UiEul^ bortlfM'. cast off 1 at 
ahoiUder i^f^ nuth time until ^ sLs. 
RinstD. CohUntie on Uieiie lor 1) 
llicttPfi. OCT. 

Wort. Nft from tn a Plmllar 
aiBnner. nnly oniktine buttpriholM, 
_ find wnrkins- barderr Inori'S-slii^ and 
I deareiLAbiifjs at Dppofilto etid <iE 

] Sleeve: jBtn jituruldcr ewimfi. TJien 
I witJi righli Jidt nl work tOHurik- yon, 
; .ind usiin^ Nia-, 11 n«rJ]ta conmiEiii^ 
I rutj tuittem brlaw n^ioultlef. pick up 
ant] kjill 9 J!U. to iiiCKJldcT scam, *nd 
S fits, on otfaiir 5icta of atiDUidiff Ae^, 

Waging a war on 

SjiI.i <>q«nl.: HnuM F IllcUa Am). P<). till. [Ini. I. VIcI. WalboapH. C I 


nSRK or latt it a 
■prrift'd lUtlf COT' 
i£igtta Lttai ti 
eqaaUy floll^fiitrf 
lo d£hiitantfii ana 

(fCSHlflpCPS. It Mill 

lakt Uirn ptat- 

d6T. turn. 

Kexi Rait: 2. p 71 tn^lee, pldc 
up a. EC p^cUiY^, turn, pi (1e iS. p '3> 
twice, pick up 1 at, kniLwiiy*. lum. 

ContlDite in thia tcuLrLner until 
ttipre &rf? -Sfl (rta. on needje, [intj 
cnd±i;g 2 po-tlEmfi duntrx from tLbatil- 
der PR cj-tlier side. In 
pqttiirn, pickliig up 1 ai- at end Ql 
e^li^h row TiUtU tiere BTp &4 BtE. aq 
iw*>cUc, Mjd pBfttng -I pfttterm dpwn 
froBi aliouidET. 

THeu jdfJc ui! 'J rii^ at tnd of cjtch 

row until thrre a,Ti? 94 sta-r on nftdle. 
TI1I& bnni^ jou to caat off fta.^ oS 
^imhols; pick up T itfi- B.t end €J 
DcxL two FCiitE 'IDS) sU. OH needle. 

ContbiUP In puttEm^ decr^aime at 
eAch end of every iib. jim imtll there 
are *T2 sis, on ntredle, 

Calt: Churjiff tu XO- 12 Dcedlca, 
tnd 111 Ist i^' of v\iJJ dec. number of 
Sid. Co ^4, knJt Hi rib el k 1, p J for 
3+ jowfi. Casi cff, 

Presa &I1 ovclt vltli a hoi Iroa tnd 

^cw nil buttons. 

Bj AlilSON SEtTlJi: fn Luudoti^ 

fj / >JDE3i tJif tradff name 
/ yl Jane and J^dy, Mr. 
I y/ ^'^^ Dulhuntr, Gt 
' MavfaJr. arc wagine 
war on cloihea coupgelj. 

For aeitrnLl yimzi, before "tha otLt- 
bresk" tiiey -vers specEoliata in 
(tdteraUon^. Thv^ trnnsfoirtned lo^b 
ysar'a ccat Into next fienson'^ coat 
triDck. and la^t islctQT'fs fur capr into 
a grani^ bQlero for tl^p ^iprnn^, but 
tinw t±Le>" tiEtVc rpa]l_v comtr luTo 
ttielr own in aupplji-jDg tnp w»liiV,er to 
evei7 womaji^ jjpobEcLRi, hOW tO btf 

wnart fifi eoupQtie a yew, 

ThcJr anfiwtr l*. By traiiifannliig 
men's old ur unuocn:! 4ijJla Ln[D ctmt 
fnyJu, suit*, H.nd frock*. 

In AlmoBL (?vi?r>- Bi'ltlsib hcmv to- 
day ih^e Is a wnrdrube full of 
"civvies" Tdlch &aicie ni'SBber the 
funily has loTiaken for tirjfqrii], 

. Chic OTi Q budget 

A acORDiNO to Mr. arid Uin. 
DuliiuQty It la a Bin to lei the 
motlLt get tnto the^e pLTtpcUy tood 
rJioltiija. Anothtrr rtriiAon for njulng 
th«n 1* thn.1; imsbiibly after a nmn 
blue hivd n coiiplr ol yeaw in Army, 
KftVy. Or Air Force, the ■'ctvTlfi*" he 
tus-d bcfoTip thp *Eit tpon't fit him, 
"tttertlore." say Mr ojid Mxh. Diil- 
hUQtjr, "Uif^^ BliOiild be rnnde up f«r 
tbe U.W of the Wimityit of the house- 
hfuld Lo JuV'd iheAr rOUpnm." , 

Tlie picture* nllow how marviU- 
Tf/LLbly thb In «ri;i>inpilnliied. It \r 
hard Lo bftlt'vn litAt l.he nmn'K Kiiit 
to tbe 5ml p\uUirv ii&A benump tiw 
ULivt ctwlumc 'WOm by lim s&sa 
ninnnrnjulQ In Ih^ tr^unsi. 

Another eoupon-Karluj; di^vlcc is 
t,bt creatlnii of llie b^i.'3leat 1j1o14jict 
trrrtti tbp rul] brudETle Anglftl&o pet- 
ticoats vhkdi Wi!7e part tiie iroiiS' 
■cnu d1 rvofv ivclUbrad hrld* In the 
eculy IIKU'A. wfiUe iuri* warn pwt 
repflir m liic i»?ck ure ouL In twi^, 
frllli^ DtiL and fnndc into tLi; m{u<t 
fjUKiUuitLug drLariiaJbW coUata uinl 
cm tod worn with imlX or top^cant 

Mr. Dtilhimry U an Awiijulian 
froai DLiltlmo. Nrw BoiiLh Wales, 
OriKlnaUy he wiu a civU finHlneer, 

aiid hii wdV, wlii-j toTTite from Kent. 

-Nnw fvbc rRpalni and remjJtn] 
clothlnu Irustcmd ot .hunmnfl." uM 
her h.uat](mri. "wlille I tmlhi excau- 
aive models Lm-icixd of tLridit&." 

THIS LASS above iatipftt tti her^ 
Kit posing (n IPtrr trroUf^i navff 
Mti£ chalk-strtp*d in whitf. At 
liift ij thr tmnr zmif vry^T^sni^o^^J/ 
tramforvied tvttf ti trim vQihime. 


puts BEEF into you 

National Library of Australia 

DcctiiiW ZJ, mi — Till! Aui>falian Wamen'i Woekir 

Fashion Partioiio ...11 

F3201. — Sweolsr^op wUH dsrrer 
aae of jileisis. 32 to 39 hufit. Re- 
quires ttyda., 3GIn5, v.'ide. Paftem. 

F3153. — Simple styte vrlth ccin- 
triistlrrg fetinl panel ond yaks. 32 
to 39 bu£L Recjutrea SydE. and 
13 yds. ccQlraBt, SGliifi. wide. Pert' 
t»m. 1/7. 

F2Dal. — Sftiped krtlcinjd blouse 
wUh entsridgd Bhouldar-Uria. 33 
to 38 bust. Haqultss 1 Jyda,, SSlns, 
vrlda. Pattam, 1/4. 

rasal— Youthfal mile tack wiih 
Ejalhapsd yoke'and llcired skirt. 32 
te 38 bmil. BequlieB 4iy<iB., 3Biiia. 

wide. Patem, J/7. 

F2203.— Floral sunsuit and hat for 
(cddlers QOa to six yeare. ffe- 
quireB liv;ct5,. 3Sina, wide, Pcrt- 
tijfn. 1/4. 

F1751.— Dainty summer styls with 
wida cummeibund. 32 lo 38 bust. 
Ramies 3iyda.. 3&ins, wfeia, 
Partora, 1/7. 


I fro ^MUfff proMEpc d^jpa/r^t of | 

E thouid, * Wnif Kuifr nnm* unit f 

I /kU mfdren in (*>ct (clrirj. * 3 

I Be nre to inriude urcff^jicry I 

I itampi enil piulal notu, • | 

i liafl TflQIilrfftf. * For children I 

1 tJote Ojfr 0/ c'liW * £/w boi | 

i num&rn piiwn on rmwiiion | 

I rouinn. 1 

National Library of Australia 


The Auitfptton Women*; WmM^ 

December 27, 1941 

Heel of 


Four gay young 
people planned 
a very novel 
form of ret/enge. 

never wan no nick (if a xtal in mn life," aiuflertd (HI. mniitieuvring 
between Hardy and iVewl lo hnitd oiil ihe laal fiitli. 

/m BOirr 1 aju B slAdder 
/ ^ tcHmi noinn) •loc 
I — * MiBTihy. wiUi a Ictod 
m pointed tasit and 

iiilo Uir IBIT 01 TJie HuU'l t'r&w'nril 
njtcl leiiiR] his rlboirs twlwcci: » 
<mupli! Of yousa tnEn In ilinOEET 

He said wcnjiiH thi>y Bmton Uiil- 
vtralty diiidmta. and thpj inid tlicy 
vate, ond he snld hie nnmr was 
Js* Mttrpliy. ^ 

Tttfy Baid their nnmCs wtT* KETt 
jKuiijil imd OlUiert HFloher. Raji- 
kln WHS tiii> oviil-shapecl tmt, and 

the- Xali, ui-j^ular one, and some- 

nEver rrif«]ii1vc Abniit it 

Miirpfty ^Ji'd since they were Ben- 
Inn tmdent* lir woiiW hiiy s (jnnk. 
Over It, he csuloinetf: "You sec. 
I'm iTUblldlT niMi tor J unit WiJ- 
Ucs. Tnu kmir ihtrat chr UcniU!- 
Wnp *UitT. u( coiiiM'7" 

TtiB Moitfirifap wna , tt Btnt-on 
sturltinl moiiUily, hmiiafou}. vhtnli 
hurJ l><?ut u pnlli rrooi IIA docir Ui 
a ludrly nniliirml refill LALiU It, Jftji^-t 

biilU prccltcly tc bathine-sidt dralpi- 

crs' .specilicHEitin* xmd 
chrKtcned by arodio 
puhllcity Hje W- 
uiuimjihF ^Irl. 
In ihe MoUftctrBp',^ 
ftwTinwl list or awards pub^ 
llAhed thrte Wficka ayo, 
MlJA Wt^li|j;3ii liail come oil wlUi nut 
one. T?iit ihrtK): ARtreas with Lhc 
t^uul M-umnnntl! Actress wltll 
Uin IiOlat AjlImuUen^ Actress wKh 
the IjmA AEtlott. Tht Press df the 
caunit.ry, racoisiBiMj liy k low re- 
muj-Kfl rroiD Mias Wiilbce. gave the 
slttintzDn a good deal of publtclty. 

"Wha!, fcliid o( guya am the (I'l- 
Itiwa that nm (.h* Mousetrap, anv- 

"rhejr'K a buivA of blns-l5™*8il 
ikipn. it yOn litk me," Nf*'t stoted. 
rettaliln* his hlictihall. 

MniTJhy "That's jlisl what 

I thought. Do yoM kncrw any at 
tht?Ei!?" he *ioked, 

■'Know "emr" Gu iiild. He waired 
a haiMl. "Ll]c« a boatc. Is nll.^ He 
*it.s atcrttary or the Boanl erf 
Bdlton VilBiaelf and. In tuA, hmj 
vntten the ft-wxLTd eolmnn In. wlikJi 
Miaa WalLKC ViOA ao prcilnincnl. 
'^Why?" hff afited. BrtJtlng his empty 
£hU^ ^Wli with a fftif^jfcatlvr clinic. 

"Ijfii'A hnvp antjthCT." Murxihy 
a*ld tmmedlfl'tcly, sumjuonlng the 
bartornlor. "Ydu acif,'' he ccpialDWI 
wlim thpj hiul Uiclr nifilla. "l hav» 
an lilra lor rerDHi?!! nn ilio--e euyn. 
Oi ffljurse," tie luMcfl, ' I won't mls- 
Ipail ytni. Ttercl! he .'Onie pub- 
tteity in it, too. But it ouglil to i» 
lun Hud I thouEht ymi Icllswf cnicht 
llltt to hdiJ." 

■Why not?" NWt ttU. "WlStHs 
your liollonJ" 

"As you Icnow." Mtirphy *b1i1^ 

iiiiiiiil .■- (uTilonal 
^PlMjaruncrf tjenr. 
Well, ihetf b a 
seal, Tiamt; of Vtin 
tiorjiL-rlmthcr for scJme 
rep^n, -wlilch la on the 
.ffihic bill, I thoii^l-jt,'* 
iie I'lplainKt. "that it would 
be a pretty flnf iiluhts worl! 
U we EUiiil that lesl 

and put It Ms ijjp b«'d or the talh- 
room or anmethJna of the cdtlcir qr 
whatestrr they tiaU him of ihf 

"Vou see What J mesti: Besetitfiil 
atitteita BUp seaj In Editors Bed. 
BiNiten ffmlvfislts JftfiM WnUiiee 
Club Taie Diantle Steps to Aveuee 
Their IlIOL Et cetsra. Yuu gtx the 

Ee ^as b^cwceii Lhesii, anrt tot a 
moment, their ^looi^Ri met over liis 
head. 'Vtiey turned baek to their 

"He wai^ta to 5tEDl ■ ieai." ail 

" That 'll what tde man said," H(«'t 
cohSmtBd, "He wanla ta aieal a 
seal," He sans sofUj; "Bt HrftnLs 
tm slJfBl a leal. hf wad is to steal a 
seal: heigh-ho. th* thsiry-nh, be 
wants to steal a neai" 

"I never stole n ajTe." on (ame 
in, "I never BLolc a aolc; heigh-hfi., 
Ihr merry — " he paUffecJ, "Wt! 
wouldn't have any trpubJe, □! 
eotirse," he enlrf, ■"rntle wouldn't 
be Bni- diniculiy?" 

"Oh, no." Murphy Aald. "I happen 
to have a key to Ihi" theatre, and 
Luke Vernon, who owns Van Ooon- 
fllruther, ha*, given me ^Jtpreta per- 
mission to ItKltUil) hlm—Ior filly 

"Tbortmith little chap, ment 
you?" ail said. 

■'Whose place would br (wod to 
put htm ln7"' Muiphy a*ted. 

"Hardy Mwin> Newt *tld, "He's 
presliteiit of the Board fl( EdlUira " 

■•Ferlectl" Murphy said. "I pDsx 
we can get him out at hia rooniA 
inr a while wmehow?" 

■-"We doTi't have fo werry about 
that St all," OH isald, "J JapSwi! Us 
Itiiflu hr'.» CMI now and won't jieI 
homr until luufih 'We'Te all 

thr time vt: want-" 

Hp knew Moore wa^ am, benauae 
he )ind been with thk^m all the tvtn- 
hig and Wna at the moment only 
HCroS5 til*- lobby, ttilking lo the 
pretty hiLl.-cbt>ck la&sle. He knew 
Moore wmild t» laie getting heme 

beoiUCfi the^' vwe in M^iore's oar 
i\nil the keyii vae in Newt Bankln 

Aa the three of the.'ii pmsifd 
thrnngh the lobby heaited for a 
Atntet diwr, a ifltl -wttli a hlah- 
crowQed itreip hat perchBd uii tome 
Of lb* softBst. nleest brown luilr 
anywhere aTouuiil eaught si^t 
Of them and by ninnhtg managed to 
cateh up aa they got to Uie atreet 
"JoeM" xhs ealled. 
Murphy stotuied, 
"It's pretty late," ahe iald. "Yoti've 
sol a blfi day to-mnrraw." 

"Oh," he said, "That's all rf^hl. 
Sue, I've got a frent Idea. GolttH 
til steal the seal and put It In the 
Mnu-vrtrap siiy',i hod. Revenge by 
Janet 'Wallace Club. These tetlows 
arnf Eoilns to hcjp. Pretty, huh7'^ 

"Eiicpiislte." she said. "Oenlus. 
CDme on; why not luri] in?" 

"Are you mad?" Mnrphy asked. 
"Abandon the ^eateat Idea of a 
brUhant parew for a little stnspt" 
The sirl iighed. "AU Tight, all 
rlBht, • she flald wearily. "Well, 
let's Brt on with it. then. I ffuess 
I'd bctt*r come along." 

"Sure, " Murphy said, "Fine." The 
four of them walked on i!mm the«et. "Orem kid." he ssld to Oil 
and Newt. "Wonaeifui tia. Sue." 

Gil held the dotir open. Stie got 
into the- bsek sfat with htai_ Mewt 
and MuT))h,v snt in front 

"Od by a fiih market, nrst." 
Murphy dteesil^i, "Ijown by the 
rl-ver, I (fltesa. huh^/" 

Ni'Wt went by one Then Ihey 
drove to the atritcJ. and parked uj 
an erapty street by its side en- 
trance, and got out, and sure etionsh 
Murphy did have a key to Uie 

The flrst thing tliey knew they 
wore Inside and backaliuje. groping 
around with matthes until flrmlly 
they were jn a room with some (.melis 
fitid awifdilng holfies, und whtm 
Murptiy turned on the lights there 
'Wins Van OoOQBbruUiet. I'ui-vJni! haek 
and fortli in hk smnll tank 

He began to bat k right itway when 
he amelled tlie Bsh Mtirjflli; httd 

"What do you thltii of hltn, heysf" 
Murphy iiEkcd. "Haw do yon like 

'•I dwi'l know," GU said, •Uatn't 
he ((Ot a sort nl furtive look?" 

"Oh. that's ail nsht." Mta-phy 
laid. "Seal* ara rtlfTerent." He waved 
a fbh at Viui Goanntriither, and 
Van came rijjn out of hbi t«nk. 
Hturphy toifiKi it to him nod barked 

aimy, w^-vlng fmolher. Vafl fnl- 
lowi'j bifetly, biuilaa now arw then. 
When he burked loo loudly. Murphy 
itoulrt givf. mm n fish Oil and 
(fewl aiid sue folKjwed along behind, 
turning out thi; lifhte, 

■nien- wait a sj»t ot oicltctnent 
at the door, dlw to a cop who was 
tollertag cm the block. But they 
cauldn^t keep Van OcKmstruther lii 
cnie plliee very lon^ ■without ills bark- 
ing loudly, and he was ^jeUlnM pretty 
lilll of hflh by now, nnd wasn't as 
fl-wayed hy Lhem as he hjvi bi'cn; 30 
they JUBt had t» risk u iai4 Jitutlc 
hbn veeoKs lh« pavement, and into 
liie citr iui quield^' tts they einttd. 

Hie CTp wjJa Jooklng their »'»)'. 
fiud h rair come arotmtl the comer. 
Its lights swting full on them, hut 
the eon dhln't say iDythlta, He 
didn't cv^m move. In fact, as they 
polled away hi} wnf itt.tll just Btind- 
ing there jtarliiB ftt tln!m with a 
Brei Inok- Cll IsckBi buck ns they 
nounded the oornor. aod he had Just 
bEsfun to run after them, waving 

They were alt in ttje inmt .Witt 
noVF, Sue slitlnfi on qiI'b lap. 

They had About a se^-im-fniJe drive 
o]it to the uni^-ersltj'. s^nf pulletf 
out a packet ot clgartjtliY froin her 
pocket, asked Gil If he wwild Me 
oitc. e,od put it la hla nwiiUi and heiil 
a match for him BJifl then for her 
own. She yint unite pretiy. the -way 
the roatdi lighted her face. 

IDt courie tht dresd notion had 
been creepLnj! uji an him all the 
thne, taut it was only right theri 
that it pufihed Itself Into hit con- 
.WimiEneas, and 13 i] faced lilo tad 
thfll he was riding alone with Janet 
Wallace, ihc M-tnunnnhl plrl. slt- 
Un^ oii his iBpl 

Slttltig (HI his lapl 

"Eey." he «kl, "you're Janet 

'Tm Sue Charles.'" 1^ feaid. ■TTife 
1* alter bu»ine« hotira " 

"Hty, Newt," Gil Mid. -This |£ 
Jajiet WrJIwX' StassH-uig im't 

"Perfectly luiiailne;' Ke»i oit- 
mitted. "AM she seenu dsilte niee, 
top " 

"J kBmv " Gil laltt. "Why on earth 
iltd thej olialtge your nnlUF fpimj 
Sue Chiirlr*'?" he asked, "Su* 
OhnrH!is Is n nice name." 

"Why did they cell me the 
M-rauniuihl girl?" *he coimterrd. 

'An rljjtht ■ Oil aaid "Why did 

National Library of Australia 8982 

Deccmbcf 27, I Ml 

The Auslralian Women's Weckl/ 


Hiiarious comedy 
By • ■ • 

Frank Cockrell 

tihe jlirnsnjnl "Hi» should I 
kncnr? Aftflt » wlillf you set m 
up with BMktnt lor rauons imd 

"O00-o*iif!"' Kewt aald. Hr aiiij 
II loudly, knd let gts lbs wltKl and 
twisted in hts »>at. The cir yecrml 
to tlir ktrt. nod he stopiKii It 
JeitlKd mil. 

Van GfKimtruUiffr— bcptsd, or hurt 
ot being itft out of Uiiiiffs— lind 
blltei! him on Ito biwlt srUiB nKh 
lusd KM now re»cbin|^ JCEf till- 

Sue litippeii off his IBp und out 
Juat In time, anil Mitr)ihy «b.< 
iKivQi toy tiic fact time Ut Imd OM 
N) KW In ihf seal Uiil, mine tn lUm 

The CW hail oiiu qulta kukg doer 
cm oach aicL^ Liir^uffh wiilch H was 
In set into tlthrr the front Or 
Ijaet sem. qt out. Vnn Gntitl- 
IftruUier, huTrnir cleunMi tniE ttie 
JoirH. iMw t!opujt«t 11, lllthEriDg 
out fthto th^' pftTeoiPHt 4itid uH down 

til* .StfMI. 

"Hty. ' Hnwt kept aayiiig, "Uiat 
thine tJUii bite I" 

"WfYt got to fftt him." SUf said 
"Come onl Wn clm't lot htni gbl 

Stie ru4i njter liinl. cind Gii ran 
With her. Ne?ft hmufht the car. 

VEai dOOrLfltnltlier QtliieVKt tn-' 
mvdilile sptxil. 

7t vas R blocic imd s hall bufors 
Uiey n light htm. It b suburbftii 
tUSiniHE lllott mid Vrm aoda- 
ttrullicr dffpliij^d IllnmeU In n itore 
entmncf md ^xiwc^ no Wiirw of 

und Gil ntGod ti res!K«(iii! 
riiataJUV- Ui frojit bJ Ijliil, ptmtinff. 

"Slan." all Snld, "did you 5tr him 
(TO'? 1 cenalBly am Innttihlg b Iill ol 
UiiDits ibBut nealn w-nWil.'' 

"Arai't wc» I— I doii'l, UilHk I 
wint tfl jmtdgoniaft htm/' 

"Doti'll" Newt lailled He had 
amTaJ ultli tiie ciir. "Hi' hites 
smnhlan Svter. I'm not k^ddins 
Tj?r, me set thf up on til* ptive- 

[I wiu n.[l pretty caafused. Newt 
BoC the Cir up in fiDiit ot the store 
entmue, and ttley put a fish in 
ttie hnek gsat uid locsd thloes ptsm, 
the eniis of the CEif «t Vsti Go*n- 
Atroth^ir until hfi waji in «intioyt*ii hi* 
cliHrgM in the only diriietlan lie 
MUld— mto tJie COT. 

Howe'mr, ttiey tiod nc^lis^ted to 
clcee t-hs floor tlEhuy on iht otDtr 
Miin In thelf txeltempnl, niid Vnii 
iU5t otmrgeeJ rigVit on iihroueti tho 
eir, pitltliis iip Uif fisJi on Vils WW 
- -nnd Ibe^' tmd to do It ova; again 
lulr H blfKik oti dwtt the ^cet 

T^ry mousM^ It a &vHXmil time, 
tliouifh. I'tttioilt nttrjictlilff any TLt- 
tentlon. and Oiico Ofiftln l^ttfo uiKter 

Joe Mtirphy hmdn't t*von fcwitclied 
during the whole perfonnance iSne 
now explnll>ed thikl lie u-eu out; 
that he would be fcr 
Tlmt WBA thtf flrst tlint* ticwt and 
on knrw ttiftE hp hid beCii more 
thon nllldlv axhUELrarted ijr tiiAplrfld. 

"Well." Nr*'l ijilil, -'wliftl art we 
coins ia do with Aur}}^ £htsm 
IB rJle rear?" 

^The cn-liiniil idea wua to Ipttve 
him far HaJ^y." Gl] aaJd^ "Klld T. 
for orn*. can't ittlnlt ol ftiiyttutia 
bettor to do wldi lUai. Can yim?" 

"Now thiit ^tm fl«k me." Hnvn 
noiil, "no If linmllt the de- 


So thr-y Ee^t Von Ooonstrulhrr In 
Hardy Moore's batitur^ioai n almplftr 
QChteverneiit thl«1 It mJ(cht rtonnd 
otl-tLiind. HardST liad ft nnijiil two- 
rotfin xpiirtEnent on the ground floor 
or Melvin HnlL Willi on oatalilf en- 
trcuiei<: sn l^l] thev hail to do was 
pull the car up bi front of ft. opesi 
the car «wr. aiad pTOd Vftn ri^ht 
nut Into the apnttmrnt. 

Wti^'ii c*il tuniwi on the water ln 
Ihv tHtrntnh and Van heard It. u 
wi» all over. o£ counM. Van flaiJfwd 
In thrrr and dlmbftd Into thfl twi-th 
alm«Kit itraol^^maly. 

Tliey rihut the do»3r [ind leJl; him 

OH gA^il Ne*t a loQfc ouer Slie'x 
h«ud -wtieii tiiny ciuil« out, and tfewt 
could take * taint nnd jsEUd he 
thtni^ht tf thsy didn't mind lie'd 
let ^hejn «o oil bode alnnf. Spata 
always ^fnod to tire liim, tifl Hold 

He MKl l^iod ill«llt t" Sue, and 
hdpod fill drop Jiurpihy ovtr Into 
th^ haf.k &eat, and Iheix GU and Sue 
*ijf>r drii^tlia along ovw dKMrto^ 
atreebt to imti. OH telt lucnadlhly 

■'What a nne nlnhf* «rtr" he 
said; "J had iio Idra it i»oiild h* 
so m^Kh fun." 

"I know." stu eaU. "l didn't 


GII mule up bis tiitnd Uwn ttut 
he mj£lit fts well tie a man otout 


"1**," hi" said T hiivt to tell 
FDU wnmlhlaii. I'm on the Mome- 
tnp. nn ttu! <«iB rtiat save ynu 
tht worltfl. HOW tmn I nm cCfcTsd 
with mnTuAton and feeling pretty 
dlly about JL" 

*'OEl. I knew that,'' flhe Raid. "I 
flaw yniif piuiufd In <u3ij Uhu?; jitid 
then, yju afenMl th* pfecs, yoii 

-oil." said at! horlowly- Kien. 
alter a .moment: "B.ut, how 
did you lmppE?n to otime akm^ to- 

"Weil. I Tciintitd to be sure Jce 
(tot tmcJi to tite hotdl." she saM 
"Xhry'ru a tltiJr down on him lor 
aort ol IseinH tracle of ttiingE a time 
ciT -two Intel;. He's not a hAd anrc 
and rd hmr lo bm turn loss hit- 

Bhc illest a mdHiEnt and thrn 
«tld. "And then. I xupiKiw. 1 wfintM 
to BSB what aort dI fellow wotild 
ptt-k on omuEbody Jiuit he^UHu ol 
um« stupid Etudla puhlldtv." 

"O SUW. O SliUi," Oil mtjnnei. 
"why tntl5t f[itne hume to rraort 
With thtlss lOna Sharp clawA^ But 
Imiiff It all." he added, "how oonid 
VOU l€t theiO do Iht M-rnunnnhl 
Stuff? Ydu don't havt to ^and for 
JUfit anythintj. do ymil" 

Sui* said, "I'm very taliclcward 
about fli^inj; with people whr) pay 
me four hundred a week when I 
know rm not ^rorth It. I want tg 
atay on hand king ennugh to learn 
n little, ao mnvbe liy the time ttipy 
give mo Q chanfip to keep my clotbea 
on and act li^v a. genuhie person 
TIE Icnow how to do jt," 

"Sure, Jiurp," GU ^Alid Rltimly 
TlTen he added bitterly: "Well, f 
yueffl T cuine up tQ Kcpei'taUuns, 
all ri\fltL" 

"But ynu dltln't," she $Hld. "I 
thoUKht you'd be sort of-^fiort of 
siiipid and concelud, bill you'r? oot. 
Trou'rfl— nice." 

'■Sure," Oil said TJer?ly 
UiotiithUeu. Kerfly the wont thlns 
you citn bf, In print: captdally shcii 
loute tirintiti* Hiiwa about people," 

'Oh, lorwt It." ah« mliL "It 
doiipi't muctcf any mote than iho 
atudlo puljlltilty, Whnl counts u, 
tion T mnkft ppopl" f>wl whtn tliay. 
ane tne on Uic rcrwii, and lliot'i up 
to me.~ 

Uiey turi teaEhJid her hotel, He 
EtOHped bry the korh. t IJttle way 
up tram Hie cntianer 

an mli: -l"d Ilttr yoij to believe 
Itiifc 1 think you're irent." 

She «uitt: "All riiiht. I think I 
itlll tJillt-ve It, Mielf She W8,v tJot- 
IhB atmiBtit iihetid. "I— thojikA," 
And ."ihe uddec] ; "Don't hniod about 
th« other, I don't mind. Keally." 

"I do Hltt I think I nan tlx 1[ 
I 911555." he added tentatl-irt'lj-, "I 
Ftuess I won't see you ally more, 

Slie thouirht B moropnt, "I'm 
etnld DSL" »li« 

SMp had tirrlvcd 
just in time lot tm: 
appciarance thin 
nleht »r,d ttu liKit 
day. Saturday. vn'< 
lull with a luntrhuou 
and a fur o' H'^" 
clti aisa n mntliiM! and *n httcrvlew 
en as mdln and ttmt sort of thing; 
iind iirtiT her evenlnii appearance 
She had luit tinis enouuh to eaicli 
a train lor CaUunhui. 

Hor lamlly lived IBiTe anS she 
wrjuld liave n chaosas to *i>CBiJ two 
daji, wl;h them. 

She wu;i niletil » iweon* wore, 
llicn jshr loaned lerwarrt and put 
her hands hctilnd htc hratl Mid lll5Si'd 
him nBlte ihorouifhJ). 

Sttddtmly Sue put Iter haath bekiml GU'k bead and kiitscd htm guile thnroughlg. 

nhcit^ his bead a Utcle and «ald to 
Cill, "Isn't he a -waa?" 

Then, when Ftardv -rrnitln them 
ecnna and Ionic, they said' "Gee, he's 
a big one, ijin'i tie?" 

"Havf vuu had blm limg, RanJ?" 

"T^ell ina. Hard, do you hnd the 
pkiunur^ of keeplnn a seal ically 
worth the trouhteT" 

-When TTirriv vwi About to m- 
ptojle, Uiey tolii him wtuti tiad hsp- 
(jencd, and Hattty wiw enchanted 
Adier that the Ihrw) ol thorn sat 
atouiid about nootJier nall-bour en- 
jnylhi the f;itit, anit till w^vt to 
bsd. Van aonantruLheT nil during 
ilitB lUuc Imd tM^en intiiii con^enlnJ 
and xDsmKl woU snttflcd wlUl 

Ana hs oesmi-d In the marntna 
Sfhsn Cill and Heuc. I'finir arn'M the 
hall from tjitir rooroi to iwe how 

he was U'tms M. -jOc JiBtt ItttJMd IMl 

"Wait n minute 1" QU said. "This 
ta GUbs't Plctchfif. You r*nienibcn 
Laat nhthtl I WBB,t to know whae 
we're ?qlns tn do with our alfck 
wet friend. After all. wfl " 

"Coi^fnund it!" Mkir^iliy Bhoaled. 
"Wm you Bcl oil the phone ao 1 can 
use let I in a husy man In my own 
tlgh!. and bestaei thut ive itol a 
rtlond cm my ntclt. somebodj' .^tole 
bis aeal and th.'r 5opft c^in't find blio, 
and U Wit don't sol him hacl; tlie 
gtry Imbs hia bllllnB— and you keep 
ttlniHlnB about your we! IrleiiilSi 
and I dcm'l know tl-iehi or etcn ymi. 
Now Icavo me nlotie!" Bt nns f>B 

Oil put thir plime do-a'n jJowly, 
and after a uiomnit ttti^d til> eyes 
lo ihtir tspectsnt faces. 

He swaltowd, "I! looki," he aald. 
"llkB we've sort of conifl Into a 

Nnwt was waltlne In Hardy 
MMie'fl raoitili when Cill iot bnck. 
and Gil Joined liun, pasaliut tlw 
time In dfcniny contemplatiDii of 
the nlght'i event*. pBrtieularly ot 
the kha. 

RaKly abawed up In about ItosnW 
niinul^iji «.nd hi* reaction wa* evory- 
ttllng that cmlld lH^ deffired. After 
I'evlHnir them tarSaHy lor having 
deserted htm, he wetil Into the 
Uathroooa for a drink of WHter, and 
cnune Imck out wlEh n ruah. wide- 
vyrd, to aniiounca thcit ihern was 
a aeal In UlOPP 

Mcwt smiled ati Mm toletKOUy and 

They little fznew what they 
were tahing on when they 
decided to kidnap a seaL 

Lbsrc In ttie bp-th. turninf over and 
irwlaliinK a llltle nd* Hnd theD. wtt 
Crf lassj- und I'Ontt'ni.pcl, At firat. 

Hardy wa,nr,ed lo Itnaw nYmi flifT 
wore- (folitj to do Willi hint, "He'a 
•II riuht [or B vlat," Hutdy iiifl, 
"but I Houldti't want hitn to Uve 

aU oai-J MUrphy -wouldn't Irj' to 
use him fur itijhtluiy, ot euni^x. 
he'd realise Llw ^itg WM no Bood 
thin momlnif. He or Vemnn. Van 
CJ.'i ownui-. would prubalilv e»ll itud 
nrfniice to crane and get him, 

"Murphy tna^y not know hoin to 
Ecr. hold uf m though." Oil auld. 
"I'll Just caU hint now.'" 

He diaJlsd the hotel uid ultor a 
tnnment «ot Jc« Murphy, 

"Thta li< Oil Pletrher," hp laid, 

'■you'll !i4»e to larjflye nie, pil." 
Mur^y anawfiltd a piVVlj^. 

"I'm krrlhle at names, Whai'a your 

''I'm not oh a pkper,"' Gil anid. 
"I'm caUiiiK about leuL ni«ht. I 
WAnt you to know " 

"Sorry, old man, but I'm very hitJiy 
right nov. Coll me Uter, will you? 
Thftt't a 0ioi tBa&m." 

Rvtty Moore 
jtfcled flatly: "I 
docit lilti! UmI 
pIurAl prpijnonC" 

"Kf (trew a 
Ulunk." Gil said dia- 
SlUteiliy. -And be 
wan either lylns 
about Vonion or 
VflTOon wM dftiiik and drew a 
blank, loa." 

He ttlod to net hold ol Sue thiin 
TO jee If liie could fltrnlEhten IhlciRX 
out; hut ahe wanht hx and he tfl" 
memliered her full schedule, Ttiey 
pmhiibly chiildn't fiet hold ot hor 
all (tiiy. 

"Jujt pall the toja and tell *om 
what hiippsiind. iinii let the chips- 
fttU where they liiay," Hardy iiid. 

But an vpouidn't do that He 
mli that misht bfiHd Sue Into It, 
and tliey hod done enough to her 

"That focil cblllng the cope." Ke-^t 
flslri -K they Und cut we'tT eoi 
Mm, we r? Ilabk' to !ot gaoled - 

Qtl said. ■'"No. it'll b*i all rl||hL 
We Juat kcnp him tttl diirk Und then 
let hltti Icxi^e bi £ani* vniitoit tot 
and ishone the police ananymonaly 
where hi? in and every ttdng la BvmS. 

Htudy didn't like It much: It wiu 
hlif bathroom: but he finally atfrced. 

"Anoiher thing. Hard," Oil sold. 
"We OUffhi to print a retraction on 
that piece. She'5 a niee kid— nfally 
ahe ia." 

But Hut was nn good. Hardy aaVJ 
Ehe Iclnd of publiolly fille got wju: 
hart of her Job and the Mousetrap 
wan aimed as much at her huiineas 
OA n1 her persoojiUy and vmnTd have 
to alAMit Hardy was president of 
the Board, and his aay wa^ final. 

Oil ihQughi a momeiit. Thou hft 
said, 'in liave to reslen. Hard,'* 

Hirdi sffllil slowly. "I hnto t» 
see you do It, cliuin. but tiiat'* Uie 
wity I scu It. and im edllor that 
won't back hlmaiiif tip l3n"[ an 

GII E3ild he fiuppoaed m. but hft 
fail had. He liad been rjnmi-inff on 
mnklni; that retraction He w«ht 
acmta tite hall and wi'oto httr a 
letter It stated what ho felt 
really beltw than tie eniilil hiive 
done in print becitii5e it waii for httt 
eyss BlOBe. At Usut tbt vauU know 
he ttiwl. 

He had Juat msBi it to Iter hotal by 
ineilisefL^r when Baeil>> eiime bane- 
Uhl on the door and CAllInc Oil to 
hurry up over and tlelp him 

Nawt wtm oiit f!ir cigacpues and 
Hfirdy A'aa alone wltli V-,iii G^in- 
suulhur. "^an o, had turned on the 
wtiliir In the tuh and VHjiadtil let 
Hardy turn it oft, The Ijttth w«a 
nintilin; ovjjr 

"Vnti-a r try to turn It oB. he 
blivs me! " Sardy wiiUnl. 

"Stdtle him," Gil -ilrl Sii uattiy 
Mood jUat out ot , ' iried 
Vau O. with n .iiid 
Gil mannijeit la . ■ ..tiuL 
aU the wiititr. 

rhey ihatieht they were all right 
llirn. Bui; tliey lujt didn't know 
Van Qiwiifltruihfr. 

For n luomeni he morely aioiicbed 
back III the haili and i^Te Ihcm n 
jjOrt of Hiirly, rcriimtfu] lll*i!jeoMon. 
Th™ lie hcian lo hnrk. It was a 
very rttuiloiK. uiuf fined jort ol bark 
that CfliTlPd amotingTy 

"My lifiaviitwl" Ksrriy lald "We^o 
got to atop that. People will hear 

'■I know." OH safd deapornUily- 
know" Be nrrverj IllmwII and went 
into the brithnniTO. and turned on 
the ahow-er nbov*? Van G He ptoynd 
it on him and ahlaahed it over evenr-> 
thlnif. and this seenied to [nobl^y 
hUn a hit. 

Plcate turn to po^e \i 

National Library of Australia 


Tlte Atislralion Womgit'i WeekFy 

Dectnibcr 27. WT 




'AbPRO' Powiicr* ST oni.- ptnnjr 
cir H in ibc itiiHinuT packeli 
•re BiTUSJi! wciiutn wundc:rfiii mdl 
practiMllv ininicJiaie rclirf Ir-^-tn 
a]] kindi of Pam ajiij HmSuuhc». 

attd Sciatica the quick' retn^ving 
■ctiuEi uf 'ASPRO' Poufderi k 
fcmnrkalik. Tlifre ii ru bitter 
tmle With 'ASPRO' Powilert, 
aniJ thty hive hccn praved 
(ivmlctB botli the hrjirl and 


caatle i—' lror the past ihrcc yean 
I have dltandtid ray ddctof ler 
HrvHpmU and! paini pecutiar to 
^'OTTKn and a.t incJi tlnjt* a* tLese 
1 hnvc litid icf (to To bed fqr at 
leatr five or i\x -day?! on find <iiid 
I hsTe ^i<n been Abie to b«tfi mv- 
vlf ai all 1 ih(?iit(|]t I vroulil ^ivc 
yoitr ASPRO' a ninl, and I 
aiB Rctrc I wiih J had Tried thiem 
aUfiitcr, 41 after takiiijf Tlicm twice 
thfrj pnl ttrw liLi jnj« tar^ kkI J e^tt 
fen ibgtii; lenr-wbrrf withnwn itrf 
>«fli1 hit b( ^t [hai \t vQcn^tliiair 

• rid IcNr bAiI HaJa. To lif 

Uiil I AUl IMliLtikd Willi uj beart 

Ktsj tJIwy do rust huTji Ih ihe 

Inn IS ■ liisb pTkbc tv 'AKFRQ' 

Always Insist on 

llecl of a Seal 

Continued fmm 


EWT cnmG ta. 

Bud BAiri U) fftrt som^ fluh Ui m liUrty. 
I "I think he's hmiiiTy," he mild. 

Thij pUec WDA a net fhumblffl 
when Newt came bjict but flifih 
***«iiccl to calm Vbq 0. 

"I never .Wi- ao slcll of a Jip*l,*' 

HiiT^y luiij Kswt t(> haofl out Liii: 

He WM a aJifanly ^IckiT. 11 vwt 

hA;d rvRT fijient. Oil spcTi* It In hts 
UEdewuar. rlripping met. For, hui.- 
ln^ lourid he ctnjld TRtifce OH play 
witti ttw fibowcf dUnpIy by bflrkl-ng, 
{ VAti aoomtnithf^r capitaJiiiAl {in t^U 
lcmi>*l(jd^ e freely, 

tnwtlCEl aeal wanted to pt(^. Ocd 
he bttrrtimrfld a nuXQ^phazie dcm-Jt Lhi; 
tiiiLI from Bad Xewmflji^ who waa out 
Rt Ltw trime. But either VflJl O. 
wasn't muEical CFf pIw the wannt 
blx liutninic^u All 4td wtt£ bttc 
lit it 

Hard;'* onor tiutefiiUy fumUihtrd 
apnrtment ^rulualJ^ brtiinic n aog^ 
mess tjccnuK V(ld G. was ciLl ovt^r 
tlift plftix tbli tkDfi. Hfutly Jti£t 
Kit Ui^re wfttcliitTie Rlumly. U3tc b 
mum falfing lafdwin U) srrUee. 

IS struck, too. 

It jarriviNJ, in. the fflnn of Bud Kenr- 

d s^ar:^ niKl i^rtndoirff all iihut. 
ccuiXi?, ftniJ Van Oiiod'b biLrfcltiR, so 
far, hiidn't tarrliKl fiar HMiUGii to 
(iftUJC onj'oQe to Moae ndfllna aroiiticl. 
But j!i''?t OutJildp Hie diKLf. in t,hr 
liull. Bud. VtiiiBrd \x, And £0 did Moa- 
fltro, BIMJ &U£i opfltwtt the doer to 
inquire wh«t was en. 
Till* MMuttro WBi 31- dog ihnt had 

MACL£ANS leaves the mvuth do^n, rdfesh^tf, «»ftieptk. 
h^ACifANS fan^ up thm gumt , . , mtjkei iham H/m, 
hard and hcai^hy* 

1/1 and 1/7 



41 nil 

iHlBi Aqui^ri Harel^ ^ NlTrhU A-*'. Ply Ltd I'm In V;> ^ M»ll>t.«i.^*. C i. 

hka&^ n bark, n was dE«p uid 
hdltiw but }t}\ia, iikp wmmu. whaiiK- 
in« a bjiBfi dnuQ In a. bitLhTooin. He 
\ixk look at. Van G., wh<i ivaa Ip 

tluct'd A WDO^ that mailc £ut- 
nit-OTp ^ttinp. 

V4n G. txKih a \lwp tii«&tJi and 
bnc^cd tlglii buck. &£ nuUld taltn- 
aeff, TtiEn MoastTO. TOcn Viui 
□ . BXHin. Tilm bgUl at dlwc, tuU- 

Tiiey EmblKHj Umutro and trlfrd 
to KM tUJii oiib at Ihif doar; bUt hr 

liTivi nne gujIlR. luiil hp Just oti 
Ihtm imd vejik on barkfnff, and Von 
O. lEfi|*t right on aivfiw^rinff. 

Of couiK. p«opjc gaU^erbd In a 
I'mrry ttien. Aaiofig- tlitim waa Pro- 
learar Turnia- Catl^dgf, taeulty 
rwidunt Df Melvin HiiJl. 

"Moon;," he saUr steintr. "»« jou 
r«iip£iTmtb]c for tblo?'^ 

Oil saUl liiii tie wu THpoQilblc. 
Be tuid the seal, be laU. 

"Aiid vluit. miiy 1 mJs." Prof. Oiit- 
Icdgf! iuk«], "ar= jrou ilolo^ wiih ■ 
sea If " 

nil Itiatrd at him. "I <lfln't know." 
he said, hplpliz^y. *Tlilfi liasiil 
happmLHl In yearj and jearj " 

WhllH! the PTOfesMp was sslli 
grsjipUnK with tlml remarlt atid Uvt 
vhsAf weird sltiiatlon, a pellcemas 

rt WEian't BO very lone 4t poUue 
ijtotion, once they got liitT^, fciit u 
Waa prrtty tM^ntua^. 

Vorrwn was thtm, irate; lint 
Muiuhj' w&ao'E, nud while DU would 
pagcrty haw ImiiUmt^J Murphy 
rlshl up 1(1 Murptij'ii cars, he wbs 
rdrnid if he Irled It mlsht bring 
sue Into IE, too. 

Voraon iFiuilsl Ol) fEUlea tor 
nltipty yeaia: but white Oil woala 
iidinU haihorlng the zeal hi! wouldn't 
ptead ffijUKy to havrng Etdlsn hhn. 
TIii> ner^viut iaJd if lu; hmt him, 
llow did he eel Mm! Oil said he 
dfcln'i liiiow. The K'l-kicftnl bitUcrved 
whiit tlliJ |M> jiidsn; hs didn't know? 
Oil Aald be jitet cniildii'l. uiidrmtand 
It." <imi minute be wan Jiiat & yrranfj 
man with no ciir-aBibrancw imd the 
neit minute he looked up ami there 
he Wa.'s with a wa]. 

The lerjeatit poaSnmj and aalil, 
111 that case, IT Vemqjl wantlMl OU 
«Mivj£Ec<l, he would havt.. to prefer 
charBCB and imvt t<j B.ppeftr lor the 
tricLli and Vereon i^iil hr couidn'Ti 
be ti]pre but be d^iin^tifld ^tl^fau^ 

Again, tiie iir^c&niiKiiiderciJ. thon 
b? A^eil turn much? vermm sid 
fifty The sergeant eald 
wnuW ail pay flj:t)- dcllar*? Oil 
Eiild fiadly Se KUeascU 1m would. 

Ttie sergeant lit out a bKr sJah 
aCil «ald it waa mlfitit.y irregular 
but to gB ahead and olease hTirry 
an get init. and fiem let lilm ks 
any al tigEtiri. 

So Gil cami out into the strert 
Vittl eiblcUy two dCiltari aud nbcty 
clillta to bis jiaine. atid nearly a 
maath till hUi next allwwaacre caair. 
But. la «pite ol evor^-thlnjr, he had 
coiue Ihroutili wiiliDut lettij)^ ^ue 
Charles down, and that "Waa tbe 
tn»ln thtUB- So, loolctrnj at the tillus, 
as a whole, he dkln't feel Ijad at all. 
In fact, he I^lt. dRtntii gnod. 

And LliUP. as Uity were drivlfig 
iicme, Newt, who had (tot itn ercnicg 
paper, sutideDl^^ grunted and saici, 
"Hey, losltl" and Jmndeil the pwer 
Is Gil. 

Cninpur, critic Conturts 
C]itl& and CoUapdedt 
Renjgns In Shanii;. 
Oil's tJifOttt gcn tlehi. 
There wna a eolumn. neftrly. con- 
Utsllinf mainly ol his Irtfor. with a 
jfpw comment)!, Joe Muri>hi''6 himd 
I wRA very pvkfent. 

'■naviiig met itw. T could inMst 
I trtitiidtUy Uat ynu me ii more 
than urdiiinrll!? nk* aort of pemon, 
' cfiriflkltirHbjy mare toiefatit and een- 
bible Lttftn nMat of lu, fcr ii^tunee, 
I offiTMl. natuTslly, lo luvnime full 
blnnte r«r the ocUttnal pluce In otir 
retraction, but I coitklu't aimnflc 
(Or It, 

"I realcmed, I had no choice, ol 
rfliirsp, but I am aorry I ea4jld not. 
mnWe public aniejiil« of aonwt aort, 
1 ittls jmt to bclirvd 1 ttleil lay 
iK-st , . ." 

Ttipre voB man wljlch wu much 
irmrt' pfiwinal. Oiixf ahnme en- 
gulf r«j hiia and he coulil neft^twr 
apt;iili to nor lix* at Newt or Hnid.v 
on tlie way home. \Vlien tlicjf (ot 
UiEre they had tlie knowltii; dp. 
cencf not to comi; In with bim or 
trv to HOk to him. 

n was 1 bad thbitt. He had re- 
iJfrnrd from & moeailwi tial; menni 
ft kit to titia; be hod plnynl luilq' 

What's the Ansu?er? 

m«,^T&it your knowledge on these questions I"-""'" 

I— Chrtrtniaa irnekl And Cltrirfjaa« 
Da- la aim Ihc lilrlluliu oT Utile 
trrncestL Alesandnt — or sive her 
lie-' full lianir, 

Mtxaalta Marv Otfa—MavT- 
ira ffcfcn Slizabcth Cttea CTirti- 
laM — JCTisohirtfi AliaanSra 
Mar SI BtalTict Helen — Altx- 
andta .Uorji Kii-abtlh itfartna, 

IJnoe affat.n, Diclkcaa' immoHfcl 
"ChHAtmaji Carur'' cflmr.$ inta I la 
own. ¥ou Knvw all alHiut tici^ge. 
<if eqwse, and hl» partner 
Mmlsn — Ciackit - Xarln}/ — 

3 — ,M.47br, tar wartime Clirliilinaa 
difuier, you'll have mntton liam la 
]lhue uf the real one- Muttnii ham 

earned M«if(on — pfeJcIisi nmf- 
ton — nifflil m.uftan - bimeiJ 
and ctited muttijn frird — snlsJc^il 
lap oj ^ulti^. 

4— ron'll cer(ahi)r waul eaLadt. too 
— ialiiiuK 111 which. ilLiI ynn kiww 
that tJie (otnata b cnrvcUj lUasal- 
Hed as a 

f nij — tagilalic — tasame. 
K— CheckiDi (he Olmttan at Sinit«- 

Ii«r<! fntm DarvlB. <ati find tJial it 


,4Immi tfue nurth 01 lMru:t!) — 
north-soft — tiorth-mrit. 

Caw majtjr of theilP Are hfrdft? 
S'efte — thrikf — tnprev — 
cpret - Mnlaahi, 

T — The twae of whial U iriayed wiUi 

and a board — I'arAt tjnd 
a board — rards — a inara nml 
.iperlcf? "men." 

8 — A tnixj m*n Uiw d>^ii h Aua- 
traliaV Mlnlnrr tor [iDme SteniiiT 
^(bil la to far 

Senator Aihlm -~ Mf- Ford* — 
nr. i'ltai.' — Mt. Brsutty — tir. 

*t — bright miEiic pl^a^rl Ani if It 
baptten^ Ut be praTjdrd by a man- 
dulin, yimil iiutiet^thai thin tnalru- 
raent hu 

4 ttringlt — J — S ■ — 7 — f, 
It^Fiimlly, dif tde know tliat M«>- 
ten'ii Kirmlln w** "nee 
A eofftiiraJ — Uie /mmrriu; 
PBfUCff — a priloJI - the BiBh 
Cuurt al Juniiet — a cttaiUL 

Amwpi nn P*VB a 

for that JmbiI of a s*«l| he had (tot 
wtt and wkeii a chance tin pneu- 
monia: be hml S!Kn1; idmoiit hln 
Ijisi aime; he had may^ ipit- 
peiided or ca(>el)ed in hJi ssnlor 
year — all for a girl tlml hs bid 
Ihouuht was all i*teh!: and who had 
kissPi Wm reeling In oni; kls. 

And what dill hi! (ret for ili— whst 
ditl fihe eI^O bim in re^nm? She 
msely spread hia InnWJflt Icelinffft 
out on a nirw&naiKr ftir a Illtle 
chefL^ piihUcLly. 

A iQa l.hll)t!. Bo fell awful. He 
didn't U-j- to decide ailuitlKr it wie 
bccmiEE he luid l««it m utter ctiumii 
ur bpcnivse « girl he 'iwil really wl- 
niiTHl hiiU luriiftl out tc have loet 
of ciaj . . . 

A friuhmkn oimrd (he door nml 
a»id! "Snmeane to see rnu. Jrwalr. 
Out Ih IiDiit In s Cib." The IresJj- 
niiiB. rolled his eyes. 

ail toaic It jacket btsm a chair 
l>et<life hiai and fUpp«l into it B£ 
he went down the hall, B# tixik 
one uttp at a time, not letUns him- 
aell thlnJc. Carelully. Not Hurry. 
Intr, Calm, 

He &t<>rinrd l^'ii s,h(jrt of the Q|K*n 
door ol Lhe i:sli. She alid over to bis 
aldr. sBii bit her Up once beloie 
eii*! j$poke. 

"You see, JM nptmed your lotter. 
I Juat wanted to tf H ycu. I wtiiihln't 
have iHt him. I wont do Just uiy- 
Uilng, you see. I didn't s«e It until 
— »rt*r," 

^e put bin hand on Lhe open door 
betause hla kOHii lelt funav. 

"If j a.U rlKtil." hd mana^lKl. "You 
didn t li»ve to boibor," He made 
a UtUe giisture with me hand, 
"AfEgr all' ' ho nld. "I JEUess I Jiad 
It eomlng." 

"Nol Mis, soil didn't. You rst— 
vftiir letter wBj— And thiin, aisont 
Van Omjn— " Shf stopiied, "minlu 
(or II." Ehe said more sflftly. "Any- 
haw. i iuM. wanted you to klitiw ! 
wouldn't di> what it loulced — do that 
—for anythlnig." 

"Oh." he anld dnmbly. And then: 
"But you— your family. Yon were 
tarns to flee them and . . ,'* Hla 
virlce trailed off. 

-■^he looJted dswn »t her handii, 
"I— I can By," slio snlJl. "In Uie 
mumln^. It'll itistt be all hour Icitrr 
than tlir triUn. I— I'm sort of .icarcii 
of flymg— miMitly. But I— *»nl«a to 
hff frut^ I'tiq belieireil me,*' 

He took a (3 HBP breath- "Ytiq 
don't liiive Ui go right now'? You 
— ■■ It *118 very alUr. having to itojr 
and esich hUi breeUi. 

"Nal till inomhiK. Sol till air. 
The plshf Imvta UiHi." 

-Then—" Asstb he itopped, Whoft- 
da you t*ke a mOvlc stir tin two- 

Sbc snid a bit bfsitanUy; "I 
ItauBJit If jrou weren't buiy could 
BO Eomfwhiire, fkime plac« where 
— ■' fSlie lixikwl at hltn unoiTtainly. 
"Where you can ect a bottle uf beer 
f^ncl dance a UtUe and Juat talk? 
rvB never been to one," ahc attJd. 
"That l», » nlc« one." 

He liKlcvd itl tier. She bad on « 
■wentiif and Rltlrt and loukni like 
8 iio-ed. pretty nearly. Bui ii rame 
over hltn thai, ahc tiad Bevcr been 
to t'tiUcgr and didn't know vhat it 
wns lik« ahil wviieil ontv to lie with 
pifiple her own nac ulio were in col- 
Ie(e uid kok anil nrl llk« Ihein Cot 
a.n es'^nliiE. 

A wttvit of l^EuJemeffi efigaUcd 
hlin uiid made htm tuiti tiiis head a 
mnment. as bt] got into tlie Qflb. 90 
stiB eauldn't ab^ hltt Evwt, 

"Jopi's Clip Joint,'' he said to the 
driver. That'i iihete ererione 
would be. Ma set looklni str^ht 
aliesd m the ctar moved from tile 


So rm not a chump, he thought. 
I'tii not Uie one I thought 1 wa^. 
But maybe thia ts wnr^e. I ^^culdn't, 
be tiainst tliis. After to-nl^hc, the 
way tc-ni^ht will be, it 'a goin$ ter 
be tjad lo-morrow when siic'* Bene. 
Bet^ujiC when she's gone BhrU be: 
pi] itone, now mid forever. 

He wiu Bwarc t,hat she had said 
jonielhins, "What? Wliai Bid you 

"NoIhlnE " TbEn uncnrlBlnl?: "I 
mean. I was iust thinldisg, would 
It be sUy 'not to — eat aomethlng, 
maybe, that wits — awfully EfWd, bH' 
t'liit^e you kn^w, becail^ you thou^t 
ttie.'e wieht not cyer bo any more 
«1 ll^latcr on? Would iU fuayba^ 
do you think?" 

Be didn't thinic. Or talk He 
didn't have to. Ht« arim. went cut 
and enclosed her. and he held her 
tisbt. kli^ains her. Thr Cftr ^uat 
rolled on whlfpetin^ly over the 
amoath iitreeL 


^ Fifr KtE' fh*r h*i 
(ton* m*iii*T. " - 
erJaiTT " lj»illl ifuur 

feCrAl (AQtAciiAfift qjr* 

kt^i* ak -Inrmir tigh4>ii 
salaar anid beaurw 
t^-^viirI jjgrit Carl hflir 

frji'M *lalk.5riinq {Kft 

<Af*Ci. ffi *nuuififl "'Vifrf"' l^.'^r-.m F| 
fiiAij] ftift <nllitliii, ro^ii^ Kp.o v^rnt. 
t^t} icql^. tjurvici cl«A{ffi.H"<MliM hair 

Ittf^ r.Q, lot W^H^ irdoAti 



lo Fluih Omi Acid . 

IttnijnilAh lmrk.ii.-liL» t.9 it sliOnu.! ili^L Ultra 

I'l.'NIl'Ll^ltLg tTTUnr H Hi] iMKlt It j<.'|i •'}')!, 

VoTjr IclilurjMi imnUla T, tnUf^ nf llnj" tnCin* 
■chI nlii'tw, "EYurK ibrrii nhiuiroi ill ^tl^^ iHnaCt 
Id JnnT Imm^j tiaiUiEi E>h':iii,'ii I1i< - 1> • \s\<^i lo bin 

■DiilpM Jmur Jil<i[ii!7'ft 1, 'J jmltlN 

tit tlafucurqiis lirtpnf!! biKii.Tik» 
rloju^tk, ^-niuilnir bxi l h r 

ftwnllpit frrt Hnil aiil- 
oui, h»iiiiHi:1|i,"«. i-lifi.' 

mvrf,tttir «nt1 biirhio, 
KHUi'lliuiir wTfflMf will; ' 

JfOUr tlhrmEirE or id. .'c: i'". ,'^ .. iL.'ti L 
Arum Kllh-SlCV i'!lJ.!A. Ilihl Hum i*ltij,(uiLT 
■ rni )«nif hkilD^yft tliii Imlp Iti^v utivd 

nMrlil Aifir hftTO liifl nuLli, ^«lfirrlnf rrllrl, 
]Ni »m timr iirEEliNiDj' ^iN:*~tH]i« tHJAM'ji 

National Library of Australia 8984 

I>e«mbcf 27. J94t 

Tht> Amtralion Wurren's Weekly 



The cftantry home boasted works 
of art that tempted a gambler 
to risk a desperate venture. 

Baffling mystery story 

Two gurats. wiio wm> 
Ml. ataylut sSuht 
mi CtuilBigti Cfliirt, lelt 
■t itionly past eleven 
o'clock, MiiT(!i» Hum. 
saw Uhd: In thii front 
door. TTien he Kttinuii uj tlic 
dlnlHt-rMm. wltrrt the TW>iter- 
cMjB won; no* elidti'd toUi lies I 
pU«s 6! vhlie, teil, sni] blae. 
"AiKrttier game?'* *uiBMtc(I Rjjlfe 
"No ttWil," iati nrrir^ EIoiiiEiMiii. 
His lont, Bs uaunl. was wsnry. "Hot 
wlUi Jmit Hie ttifiw of no." 

Ttaetf hail itooa by the KSdrboaM 
•lul walctiert tSen. The lonj, low 
J»ii». operlitoUng itiu WoiKl af 
Kant, wu ■<■ quLei timt Umir volc!» 
me wttli 3iartl)n« liviulnm. The 
jUnlng-rootB. Inrse ikna tinnrilea. 
Wtu safKir II^iLliI by elMtrlc IcnU- 
caudifiil ^hidi brought out tbe 
t^mbfe ceiiDr.% of thu ]Kiliit.LiiB.'.. 

IE l5 not Qfton itiftt anybody *cea, 
In (Wii? roiJm of jui otSiiuwlsB com- 
monplmci' rounity lioudb, t«o Bfini- 
btaodla mm a Van Dyck. There 
B Mnd of defiance nboiit Ih0£f 

To Arthur BaUt— Urn sit dealer— 
they r()jirrp5enLcd tuma^h utont^y to 
liisltf him ahlnr. To Otn* Hiru- 
(ic.rson-tiit an crttu:— tuui- rcpri!- 
."M-:! q firottlem, 1711111 l,?ijfT 
■ i-'^'-jnten \v Kareua Hunt wke not 

Hluii avocsl 1)}" the ddebonra. bin 
tt'-',^ 031 ['.B lijps, smiling. Ho wflJf A 
uiltlilli!-.\l«>d. sLixsfcj-. lujin. wWi it 
rnU face and a high csititiltxion. His 
iitUrt-rrotit Ijulsml out unlWll)'. H5 
w-fttcliBTrt Willi trcnical amusement 
wtiUy Bi'htltfrjion p^ckt<d up a patilt 
ol ciirdii In [ong rinifet*. cut tlwisi 
Into two pUm, ttnd ^liiiSM wttS & 
alinn' Hick or eacli Uiumb whieh 
mJide tit? <H/^u meit utgBlh^ lite a 
mnjiiriiig crkK. 

HenderMin fnwnlKL 

■'Ity boy," mtd Hunt, "yaa out- 
nrise mo." 

"Tiuifs what r try to do." 
iOswetfA Hi'Uderaon. null -wearllr. 
He loollESj up. "But da yau 

»f SO, particulstlyj" 

HenilcnsDn nr&s young, Ismg, lojiti. 
and Itjtmnculate; end ba trara n 
liwiT!i. It reddiah. wlUcli 

movtHl fiOmp Lwoirie to bUjiritf*. Bui 
he wore LE with an air cF winplptc 

■Tui surnrisEd," ssl4 Huni, "tbut 
you cnjuy anything bourgiwiiy— 
so pieihnflti— iwkeT" 

■T epnjojf reasUng iKople'^ charac, 
tffs." sbM Hendrraon. •■pofcert the 
best way to rio li, saa Icaov. " 

Htint's li.Tt.- mno*iHl, "Oh! Cab 
roo read my ciiarflcter. tor in- 

"WlCtt i>^i'flriure.^ flald Hondfiraon. 
Absenllj' he rlralt Winself a jjoter- 
hud, face vp. It coritiiiBaS n pub 
of flvs. anit Lhe Iml curd l;hf 
•ce oI evades. Btrndozon retoatiwd 
startne rt li tor a lew «Fi.vtiiU be. 
Totf he f lanered iip a^iiin. 

"And f cim tell you." he went oci, 
'thnt >OLl DiiTiiriAe nar XMi y<JU mind 
li I'm frank? I had AjW'aJrji. iJiought 
<il yati u the CcIii:f5U.% of JBuBicte^; 
the smasii^r: the ^imgxc; the fel- 
low «lio Uw 10115 Rhance.^. ^Cow, 
yoll'rft no! ]iio timt at tjll." 

AAnrClif Hunt lau^nl. hill Heij- 
derjinn Was UJidbturlMrd. 

"TTou're Irlc*)'. twt ynu're 
enuttoiiE I daubt U ;ou rvcr 
Kiak II iovig cimncc in $our 
l!ft>. AitDilWf iurijf Is* "— Sir 
d<r»lt hlmiicir » ntw hand 
— "Ij Mr. Roltc htrir. 
Hf's iho man who. 
IflMtl thp proiwr CU- 
cain»tADca, wuuld 
takx iJie 1 0111; 

Arttiiir RoUo 

I D o It 0 d 

I I a r ti ect. 

but rathep fiattered, Thoiigli hi 
hcL(!ht and faullil not unlike HunU 
ttiero waJi nothliuj uiitlrly ritwut Vlim. 
He hod a ;;qunrp. dari^ f^ct^, "AlLli titin 
fliiellfi (if fllaaaea. anij ti worrli' d fote- 

"r doulit thai" hP (leelaxi'd, verj 
wriouair. THei! >M jiinlled. "A pef' 
oon who took Ions cliaiineii in my 
buslacdj iTDiUd Uud iilmsrlt in the 


He Eliwu] inontt the room. "Any- 
how, I'd bo axt cautious to hnve 
thrt« p\etuets. with an anrtfUBK 
Value of ttairly tholidand povndil, 
han^lnir Jn. an tlnprotEiileil tiofl/n- 
etah's twhm with frtjncb wlhliET** 
giTinB on a ti^rnic-f'." An lUfflMfi 
EreHrjGii liob? cium' Into his VOlCfl. 
'^tlreat S«otf Suppose a bm^iM " 

"CmsB 111" said HelMleraon Ub- 

Even Hunt jumped. 

Ever flljice the poter-party, an 
uneasy atmosphere hud been ffrow- 
tng. Hunt bad picked up an wpple 
Irom a iiilver fmJt-bowl on the tide- 
tooftrd. He wiw beslmilng to parB it 
DPlth » (ralt-fctillo, a uluirp. walcr- 
thin btale vhliiti ^llltiircd in the 
U^hC oT the WBll-lainpe. 

"^Yoii nearly made mc ellw my 
thumb air." he ?aid, puiUns iJown 
tbs imfe. "Wliafs the aiatLijf with 

"Ifa the nee ol spados," ooM 
Hen(ier.scn. ftill iAnguidly. 

"Tliafa the seiioinl Ume U'u turned 
up hi Ave miniiteSL" 

Arthur Rolre cltooe lo be deujie. 
-well? What ntaut IW 

"I thtnit OUT ^Q\ms trlena Is b<>lns 
twyeUc," snld HunE. jood-htiinored 
8Bitl£L "Are ycnt mailm ftiartciers. 
Of onle tellliiB fortunes^"' 

"HejKl«rr.^ti hri'ltated. Tit* eyes 
Diovot to Bunt, umi I hen th*? wnJl 
c5Ter Ihu dldetoufd where Rem- 
ktruidt^s "Old Woman Witis Cap" 
etAtm bueJc with Lt>e InrirflubtUty and 
iOdn-culnrin^ of a red Tfidtan TJien 
Komltrscii loofcetl towurcls thetreni-'h 
win^w£ opening 011 the cerrBce. 

"None df itiy affolr." nhrussKi 
Beffjnrson. "-Jti jtmi hovSE aiiia 
your collwHon and svus respoa- 
Hibnity. »iit ma fclhJW Butler; 
what do you Imow itbout him!" 

MnriniE Hunt tgotted bolstcroiuly 

"BuUtr? H&'s & friend at mj 
ni^ii'i. Sarrlet pl£te<i liim up hi 
IjDDdDii, and «nlce<J nit la InvJLe him 
clfiFW!] Iiei«. NoD3em«el fitiU^r'A all 
right miat ais ytm thjntlne, 

"Iilsten r said tullE hoUdlii^ up bin 

Ttie nolsn they heard, from the 
diretitisn of the tnrroce, viu not 
lepestotl. It wm nob rcpinted 
becnuw Ltie iKi«an vtio h»d itiadr 
It, a very bewildered and uneniiy 
girl, hwl run llsliily atiil i-wiftly Ui 
th'f tai' riia. wlieje she iEanrd agdinct 
tlLc haluMJ'tule , 

Leu'lj Butler hnnitatod befom 
gntng aftnt Iwr. Tlir BHUiilliilit 
VA3, so trlesir that ond tnuiii sep the 
mtirtjir Itrtwrrn the Lllej wlUcii 
paved ttie tcrrjjcc 

Then Bsirlet XJovls tacltOBBd 

aiie Tiia hair-slttlDi;. 
half-tsaiilnv wtnimt tb^ 
rul, Ber lehlt^ urns yierr 

Hart-'ut a 11 rf 
Rtil/e wali-hvii 
iiitenllj/ a <* 
liutler pre- 
Piired tf) take 
off the desft 

l By JOHN 


fiprrad put, nh^ff r* tiflp^iSn^ ''n' 
DtitSc hBlr (iJid dirk v\'.z\ 
hi-A^ttie even nmre vlvJfJ by au»r-r.' 


"W)irtt was?" 

"What my Unoie Mttfcus anW. 
YoLi lieaxd hint." HjirrijiL Du.ifU' 

b.-i]uiiLnid.r!. But chu nndded lief 
htac! irehemenllyj wdth itorC* 
ttCciiiiatlciEL "Abmit tny knnwliyt 
you. jVnd inviUng you liere. I 
never saw j-ftu l^^Tarr tTib wcfk-cncL 
Either Dncle SrlnrcuB Ut ^Qixx^ flut 
of Uis mhut. or . . . will yaii nuA-Bdr 
ise juut one (^^LIod?'" 

"II T CB-ll-" 

"Very w-cll. Are joil by oriy 
duincp n cmok?" 
Sbn «PQiEc with il£ much dmpIlitltT 

ockcd him wh-ether he mli^hC. be -i^ 
doctor or A lawjfflr. Lewij BuUgt 
wQj not miwlBe CBaugh in laufch. 

"'To be cjulle Irnnk about IL"* he 
tekl, "Tm not. WUI yoij tell ms 

"Tilts hoLJse," said HatfJet. lotifc- 
ing H-t the moDD, "mh^ to ifUkrtjrd 
vnv^ LiLirKUr i&liinnA It ynu mut^lt 
aB toucditd n window, the wlioli- nlaofl 

He had oU tihn burglAJ jiIurmB 
renKivtNl last wir^. LiRai wcelc-'* 
Sh? wok her iiaridn oil Urie faftliul- 

hAKl. "I1ic! pldtufea tLicd la b« up- 
iifjilPfc. In a lotfcfKl Tftom nejit to hia 
btdfcciift. 31t! had U^t+mi moY«I 
^cifEii8talJ7i — ne&k. It's iiJimjst 
Uiouj£h niy utixtit. wimLed Lhis 
baj|*<3 to bp burslpd/" 
Sutler knsw tiuit be nm^t use 

"FfThflpj hi* dctx" rijert afao 
tfiotcd o-t Butler quickly, but not 
cjommi'ni./ '-FVir iiistance," he 
wont, on Itllj", "flupp*mt one q[ hii 
fAiTioiii Kcmbnusdta tumfd out to 
tK> ct rakeV IL might Isc » rsllJ}f 
not to hdve to filisw it to blfi -exfiert 

"No." ah-^ .^okf calnUy. 'TlB?y*nj 
all EEQuixie. You lU't, I tlwuelit of 
that;, too." 

Nqi? was the tSma U> ftod bit 
hA-F(]. I'D Li^wls BuLlur, in In- 
nocciiH;, LLicre wi^mod lo be cio jur- 
. tlcuUr probliini. He took out his 
olgjirptte-ciifie, ftnd turned U Ovd 
wlithcnit opcnitia U, 

"LfMilc here. MI'S Dnvla. you're not 
to IlkXr itiU, But: I UJj tell 
you of c^Ofis In wlilcli people -fftn: 
rather arucUiUti to liave ttieir imrperty 
'ntoloi].' If a piature ia insuf«d 
fiiPT mart than, lid vaJu« nnxl 
then it is msrsteiioii*1y 'etalfiu' 
ouc ni»liE — —7" 

"That ni^sht be hlj Van 
win, tw," Hitowiiretj fiairtpt, 
bUU calmer, "Exivpt tiiAi not 
one of tllORft pEctwrcit U&p been 

Tile clffflrelt^-ca^e, wlalcli 

1-hrDugli BLiLlt^J-'i* HisgorA and. 
JHl Willi a clutter nci ihe tllM It 
,'iplllod clgnrettes, Jtjst aa It spUlPd 
and cc-nfuTtKl UiA tecarlEi. As lte» 
tjc^nt over to plclt Li up, hE •cnuld 
hpftr a chiirrh clnck Afinsts the 
Would iiirilti? the hJtll-tiour .uTEer 

Please turn 
page 2ti 

National Library of Australia 

TKe kiKfiaimn Women'j Wnhly 

Decembet 27, 

Am Editorial 



H li iN I h e 
mnlliers nf 
Fjigkiisci had to 
sl-ikI Iheir chil- 
dren into Will 
c 0 u ir t r y for 
safcLv. :i SlRll of 
fi y 111 p a I li y vm 
roiinti (lie glolH-. 

Thv going aiPttfi iif the children 
icos the greatest htarlnehe of till, 
and Australian mothers, tti thfu 
Kfinfi Ihvir rbililren to aleep, 
thanked (Ind they had been 
npared thrtt. 

Now llscy art- funng llie 
same lieiirlnche 1 lieiTSScK cs. 

Frniii many of Ihc dansei-- 
jioiiils piu'rnls haw. almitlv 
sfnl Iheir yonnKslevs to 
rclalivt's av frientls in safer 

_ In stvrral Slaics the auHiori- 
tit's are finalisins Ihfir jAitna 
tn evaciiiilc youngslers from 
Ihrfaleued areas. 

Some molhers havp Iwen 
able 1o Ri> Willi their uhfldren 
. , . Ilieso are llif lucky rmt'S. 

The others face as sad a 
pai-liiig as life f;m hold. 

To ihem oaea oat the m/mpathff 
of rmtiitfif tti their achiiiff 

heartij icortis ean brinff tittle 

Mixed wilh tilt" sharp anxiely 
Ihey I'ei'l for the safety of (heir 
diiiflren are all manner of 
prrjclical worries. 

Will slryngers imdeiiitand 
Jack's bdislcrous sort of fun 
or Jill's funnv lillle seiisilive 

These arc natural questions, 
but iigainsi Iht'm niiist be 
weif;hed Ihe allimptirlant 
matter of safety — - not only 
(ihvsical s;ifel5' bul men till 

We don't waul nur diihlren 
in nee and hear llie horrfjrs of 
iHjnihing any more than m'c 
want llieiii lo suffer physitral 
injuiT from il. 

Lei us bear ihe parting 
rather llian risk having to feel 
remorse and regi'el in the 

If nuthority reeommends evncu- 
olion. let ii!t steel our hearts to 
the gniag atcaff <>/ the rhitdren. 
Herf in the grtotest tent of our 
fortitude. We iiim«( not fail. 


THOSE iLtlj^ hl\s wkich you read lo 
Irieadfi trom leitera from husshdndst 
BoiiA or sweslheorls in the fightini^ 
forces win ioieTmt and comfqrt otber 

The AuB-troUcm Woman's WeehJy 
invites readers to send m copies oi the 
EActioDs of lettarfi which iIlov Ibink 
may interest otharB, £1 la paid foe 
Mich Gxtmcl ptiblished on ^iIe pcige. 


Private A. C, Hunter fn Malayo hii 
Sister, Mrs. E. K. Abraham, Wingorra 
St., Ye«ran§pilly, Qld ; 

"J^INOE Ifufst writing Imve. tm'iiirilJe'd majiy 
ibDtiRQTktJs of mVX@, fill In tironfipDrt. siid 
lender these eotidiWoiui cert&mly fiee tha 

"We cUd a lot or eoavQS Vfjt\t tsmurporting 
TfincihiBsry. cam^t, thnher. barbed vlre, 

pftch Uij> v!6 could BlWflVi jKc some fresti 

**lluTfl nn mnilf ne<v olt-fldcU. And loLs 
of gvjia hmvc bem placed In pcx^Ufln and 
l-csuly ri>r' acUun. 

"Many aeroHlromeiL have bct-ti c&rvftl aoL 

law rf one cnukl ctef iice, 

*'HftTe tjeen on Uiroe drfforent man- 
iHiuvrGs. Gut flrnt lime out vol two daj'fr 
aiid one nisht, scoond HOd third Lhreo dayts 

"Wt; f^rrlifrt linllitn Lrooiv tft a eertalii 
paint whor() Uiey went Into acUon to vry Ld 
oaL-inaiiiHiu^ ilin Oitp:>tiKkia^ QXhar 
jntaaas DJi-d Tomrtile^i. 

"WhLu they rwiulreiJ shUttaff to a 
(UffEranL apoL to fiiirmiind ihv Wuimy we 
Jiad^ to ptch thciD up, which misht eil 
nn^' tlmn (I^ bjh,, for In^uncc, very uic^) 

""Wc travQUcd hundxed^ of mliea. sqw 
mmy additlafinl roidi iind loutia, oil In- 
tcresUnB- 1% poured wttli rain jacBt ol 
Ibe UiniL 

"W« AaBsle? dLd our Job with no hLU'bis 
■ — not eWD a. imnflnrt. T!hc hin; mFti wire 
very plniLAHl ; ma ■J'c v« " 

♦ ♦ ♦ 

P. O. H. V. DovHss in Mafa)f*i his 
sister, Mrs, E, Curl, in Chekco, Vic: 
"'*JHESE til aamtrltiinH abuLit cjui Auj5- 
traliiLn EadA here that, tn spLtr o! Ihc 
wnrld'i -iwwfe-t talloi'iTd imilorm^ mitkea tiiem 
the feonl point ttt any part>' thpj 

"T tliiltljc it ts tlieu' entire 3jicj1( of awo 
wlien they get (imoni ttif brass hats, 

''J Bw* fin tisrxnflrtimiirj' icddrat oo Ibe 
wimrf in BlB|papare tfcu,t Ja wortt «- 

"Sir R. Btonke-POpJuun, who is Gom^ 
mandcr-ln-oiiiel out liere. was tsi the 

''Oue AUi^tryLlliLLi fraul Perth camn down 
the EsJiff™"y- sffter talking^ Vith iniLhy 
cl ua caogtlit HlEtiit of & 'very ewtiAot ollictir 
with Isxee qjiumtlU^ ol Air Force rlhbom 
m liis elwuldcrs, 

"None a£ his cobbora Jcift^ uliat ttioy 
mranl'. fto Kc Ui^ijclfd tin lDiVejLtjF.[it4i^. 

"Be blew uji In &ru«kc-Pupliani 

"'fii^y. mjitt. WtiAV rank did tiuty give 
jM. f«r pJL (hDBA rlbbiuiB?' 

''*01i! rm uuly C-m-t\ here.' 

'T'a the iutuiEPiaDnt of nil ihc aJdcs the 
Uid riiilEl, "^'t;!]. I'm very pltsniorid to euim:( 
jou/ imd: pru-dpLiir ^tSiouk hnndu with B,'P." 

Winnie the War Winner | 

"You Raid (fUs gun ji^ded a new barrel. 

A 5oMief in Pores^jnc Id his 
cousin in Ashbury, M-S.W. : 
-Q.V one ot our trifB t» Al?x- 
aiulris we wcr* very ]liiclty 
to Rornflfiow wontSer Jnm the 
eraundfl cif King Fruatilc'fl 

*"Tn due conraf we wandyiTti 
rl jjhl up to Uie palii rt ahd 
WTire M^mirbig il. from wlUiotit 
vhcn tiir door ripened, ^nd out 
atjalb!d a scrrwit of soin* tort. 

"Oeorge immedlstely 
tatAled him atxf u Er seeiiii! 1 1 
fram wjUiJn, but fte wouldn't 
JiAr« tt un ftt any uricr. 

"He Diplalfled that this King 
nifts due bbere out time lor Lho 
sefiBDiL 3o we bolii gut uo 
worie OD hUn fatr-liiitum, and^ 
ftftiv ibout 16 minuLflS of 
hand - wjivlrn. *tc.. he 
KCTB icbed Me Head kjh^jS. wq 

•'IL iJ tM hand to dfi&trriiMi I 
u T havp np*er Aetti ariytJilnff 
ijtiiLe &i. b&atiUful- It is quite 
ft Bm£Lil plnw, bfdf About 22 

*^Gi!«ir&? ml ill U^e King'A 
ehiUr tod I in ihe Quten'a 
la th* dinlne-rocan, 

"Ehe BfYvani then entpred 
IntA the spirit of minfisi. and 
E33Tved UK witti Iced wntirr /rom 
the rciya3 Tpinc-set— gold tmy, 
Euid UuM^, Gplif -stemmed 
glasse*. Thu rpctption bti.ll 
ftnd bnllroom have golci-plaied 

♦ «■ ♦ 

Private C Hedw-ords in 
Motoya to his mother in 
WwlgoolgQ, N.S.W-: 

■■'I'HH fU-iSi birliJdu.v ol the 

Seirgeanr L M. Bens red, R .A-A.F., in 
Englond to his sisters, Beatrice ond 
Otgo, Grcenslapes, Brisbone: 

"i 'kUTl. lafti Irii) uver Gtnsi4.a.y wha to 
^KnrlLrLihc. Ttitf only thing thnt hop- 
prru'ct to u» wiia tliat whtin wc Were 
crciaiifn^ the Fifncfa v.ooEt on our w&y out 
thf ncHfchll^hu ijac ua, ni-id we hnd m bit 
0: a jvb getting qui of Clifni. 

"Howsvfr. we monnped to RUt awn; from 
UiFm and aitiir iitiouL ihtee bours' nyuigt 
ftrrivfd oVRT ffux cargct. The antl-alrcnaft 
wat vtrry poor iO we cpent on hour tii^iiiB 
fyier the tows watfhiiig the other chaps 
diopplog thdr bGiEtbsi, let our uwu so 
and tumeij for home. 

♦TliEn thicfiA began to h&ppeii, Plrst 
the wtfelew brake daim. Lheii the 4tar » 
lUoiU'd pnelne BtarteU phiylnET up. 

eot over thf} En^jllili Glmmtel suid 
found thJit Iw3 hardly cnoush ipctFoi 
io set hnmi!. the visiUUity taxi, mnd we 
£Don lound khftt w« were lost, to we cama 
dawn low and ^itiirLcfJ u tje^rch far some 
aero^rODie tu luiid ou. 

■'Alter we were privctlififUb'. rr»dj to halj 
otit t suddenly apotUd kojig Ufht^ oti 
thf ground, and an lov^iE^itiDo found 
tiiem lo LljfhiU oa an asrodiaoit. 

'*Tbcn were man)' ^{fotA of 0eif and 
&nAtcbe«i D-f jiopulv iion^^ aud hnt^k-pliat 
DnAtinr over thi^ Intef-eutninuiricHUnii 
HfiHleia ifi the boffibct jw vro CAme in for 

"Ae t,OCn as came to tt .rtop W-? 

all pdlEd &ut to fl£e wliere we wvjne. 
had landed on fc fiEhtcr AC^odiamv scnu: 
laa mHefi froni our tiu^c. 

'TTie bnyi iheri' pave a grc^t «crp- 
Uon. gttvo u* a great feed, juga of beer 
iiHd cJgiirf til*, then Aftjtrr ll^rtt; hourg' 
hieet> wff set courfeo for hfjum." 



hail40lon vas cclobrulrd 
loflt night by ft dinner, bU 
the hfttiaikin buUag prrJivnC. a£ weU us th? 
igiultan's repTPstntatJve. 

"Thf Jitoner was a Et^od flti*" ppiUty, 
plurn puldmg. salads, tind a b&t-Llt of "bter 
"belns fiETTed T-o fa£± miui. 

"Sport* were held s^tvtdmj. Att Vtv 
companies In the battolioEi being fepre- 

"A chnp tram our oampany hadi a ^cat 
snnuTLSE at the fiporbi. He wjut abont 
to capipeti? \ji HQ cT^nt when hr wat con- 
froatpd by hts faUiof. Neither 0/ the 
two expccU!d to s^a the othf^r 

"The fiUher is wnrJcinE on n ship whidh 
triiV'(*ls b«txvMirn AUiisirtiJiii nud >Ca]n>''a. Havr 
Jris ft tev hauTE' leave ht? d^tdtci tg have 
a laok at the ^arts, 

^The person who won tlie llOOQ in the 
Melbaurnj* Cup jtwp^ hETf- wbr not « 
soldier. He was a ChiiiEs* working in our 

Si^pdll^r Alon Atkins in Polcsfine after 
Tobruk ho his sbCer, Mrs. Armstrong^ 
Wo-Eseley R<f., East Ff^mantb, W.A.: 

■T AM iinw back In PaJesthie! You dont 
^ tnon iiow pU>4Si'd 1 Icei when I wrttfl, 

"To sTe the omitff^ ffroTC^, tlf? I'hocolate 
soQ, and the .%rab& afainl II st^fjii lllif- 
thr 'Prrmsjlsed Land' to me. Fven tihe- 
bra? ot A donkey Kounda Ukc niusii; l« 
mj ear*. 

"We dug up our old friend Maimee, tbp 
laxl-drlvcr. He hnJdli* kherw u». we hod 
ctmnfte-d so much. 

*T didn't know 1 hitd chjmgjedl bo much 
untU I com pared th*? pb<3UMi I had tak<?Ji 
1ft*t time wo wore hen; wlUi these recEnt 

"It wiRtn't flXftoEty H plrattr. HoWevct, 
w-^f iHft tn n Kood swjt nuwj mid I una JmI- 
mir in thfi ph]Ji pi££iin." 

National Library of Australia 8986 

The Aintfoiian Wofnen's Wgehfy 


IIow ni€»tlter.«i face evacuation 
nt €*liilclreu 

Courage and confidence in 
city's most crowded areas 

Bj/ a SttifT Reporter 

In every coostal city in Austrolio this lost forf-ntghf 
one question hos run like □ fefrnin through the n^ws and 
rumors of war. 

It is: ' What ore we going to do olwut the chifdren?" 

Ever since Etirope fell l^he full horror oorloi wnrlara the 
plight af chifdtf«ii has aroused I'hc burnm^ inflignati^n of men and 
women. Now, when Australia is in imminent danger, hundreds 
of fhctujcinds qF parents are Ihinking mainly of M6 problem — tht 
S4]fcty of thdr youngsters, 

WHILE parents In arietiuato 
finals cial po&ltims are 
already Ukin^ their cliitdren 
to oiitGr suburbSh the nioun- 
tains. and country i[jwns, tbe 
Governnient is ^oiciR ahead 
Tvlth Ms plonH far fuLl-iicaJe 
evaeuailon of danger areas. 

It jft for tliit thul the suijarlty 
b( p^jfl^ miurt: ifiaU. Kxiplrts two 
Jifrmeg isn't witliin the n:i4^»m at 
thdsc vrho Hvc In o-dr mial <K)fiSfat''M3 

Uving as thft^ nit-^ix or ftight in 
two rt?[Tl[Tui. 
I w;nt round fDme aS csit aimt 

ciKJtfWTs. ujtd t'lilWrcn fcH ^boiit the 
dimgcr of nir raitis and tbe pcwit- 

the moUiPM. litefe Isn't anf doUSjl 
^bcniT; the fortius Of the chlkJren 

It WEU voU!f!i] lif n smiill bof plaj'- 
inii In a Aantt diitnp fur incoii- 

*'t}h, buy. Uie cnunlrjr'K da mrJ' hr 
HALiL "I trnuMJl't 4'9.r« O H\ for 
fCHA ud jeon." 

They're rvot afraid 

r A MaSG tHe mothers In Ui«e jsaintt 
(KWr aiilHiiliH t fuund a ioLIlion 
persoruil pmhluirtn— okmI oi whlcii 
wfS^ roored in IfirJc of monf-y— aucJ 
aii* widaii[>r™3. injitmctive" reacllun: 
'^I ckrn t mind live ehUdren vjiing. tub 
lonu r con BO tfl irraic aJt^r them. ' 
U thtirc U any frar ftmCTTg Sydney'* 

WimlRii v^ltn hrnvr rvju-rd bntf a 
dniTii eliIt(ir*Ti tti a ropj>Jp nf tiftv 
r&«m*, wlnii^ wh#le Hfp hcca a 
bu&tlir a«Ain>^L mlib. tiJivr Jio tim^ 
or rmi'Llon ktt to ^piur fur Lii^ 
pA0itiUi4.lrA of iffaolesalp desU'iir^ 

i^inc, I felt hart t]iT tcii> many 

Biay Any Lime I*? '^^ Krefn' rtflUJI'T, 
Ujin:^ «f U^ffiri >1l() nai yni know 
wliAi were Ltie fluit jjofcmtiaiiE tboy 
filKiuld talce In rji/ir of air r«it*^- 

That hi nirt Inl#pdr4 a nitirUni' 
of our A-ltP. wjrlieT?!, IppI a 
many mtttt art imfUMJ to vi^i *«- 

iff tilt rliiBrty-pwrke*! fttr^eti nf 
rirlEPlj- hiiiue^t ItiaL Adfim vvr In- 

But. Itusre sre, iiuvll ^niEeii 
as stauncb. jtnithfuj ifratxlmtitbcr 
Mr» Wllcher. Reservoir SLm-L 
Cily. Mra. Wllchpr tiu U ohiXdran, 
nvt ttiem of ichoQ] aie. ihe 

Htrr t'lifcat Ann *: - 

WfSS ffAiiC. 0/ Henervnir Street, Ciiy, and her etffUt 
thUdnm She'd Uke them £0 pt> Jo sttf^it in the 

tiiiqliiijii:! r?eerttly InvaJWed lincnfl 
Stiiin To^ruk. 

"I rvcttn^n if Itifj f*" ""^T 
Uierr *t «u,B Ukp IL tierif." nhe 

thf' rouritrv I'd !» wnrryinr kIh»u( 
Uit iUrrr lipys and » fcbl Wtirilnf 
In tifWB. 

ChoBTfi^. smlltiuf MJfii, Oiile, who 
!lvB\ in ft teiTflcf? In the wimc itrtet, 
luui ei^ht aFUldfim, Ibe sldCAL 14. 

I f<mnd butt *nd«ftVWlr« to nnteh 

a rtrras for onfl ^izimlt girl and Xava 
jn eye on Mtc oUatTa wcU, 

pkir*, CSale's motiLcr Uvea on firm 
ai OimdA^fil and bjts vTittim offer- 
insf to talte all IJifl eJiUdrro, 

Slie would wfiltcigly ^End ttiem, 
bilt. the aJdst boy at present wt;!!)!! 
be ctiari^ed full fftre^ mc^t <)t the 
achats hjitf ror^ Her tillAbatld'^ 

lof ft lymp JikUil illt? that. 

"Sd w{T itmsL nuit and Ace what 
tilt Gcn'eriiu^Jit iloa^ abouT. It/' atie 

"Mciinwhlle X nnvi> ptetsty lo do, 
aiid tio timJ* to .worry, Billy, he'H 


MM. Dale attzd Mri. Wilcher 
lypJcnl dJ fihc H'^PKin whfl liave 

tip Uielr UiJiufi rtini way ap ti»o ciLti£?r 
Hut 1 ^ffokt la many tn Eirskluf'- 
V ilk. fur iiLitaiire, wliu. knowing lluil I 
liiry Ciumnt iso-vc af their oi^n > 
vulition. Almply — no^ prubablj wi!!r}T ■ 
— fiae Ut w ttTTf uii lA llie t jtns" 

"J wani ray ciAu^tlt'^^ RO mi 
relriUires ut EDnanh," Mf^. Spfinci^r.' 
of Ctuulen Street. EraJciiiin\lIle. tiii'.i 
inc "She h»A a jioutii bnJ:]y B191: 
, _ ^ . . H i n c aro jdJ 
^'ir J H'«ni away^ 

ufLrr Lhi!!!!" 'So. ] 
I'm nai fHibt- 
eiied. t.h<>UK]i IL 
ifftiulLil bf: JiEinl tq 
Imr Ail your 

Llw pconte lu 
t^niidon did." 

The children, 
mi ihr wliplo, tft-kr 
.1 iJvriy fi^ti ufi- 
n^rJ.t^i intJ^Mfiil iii 

l^cnerji] concenii 
tar Lhnlr ireJ- 

Two wnall boys 
ut BHltDPin ^'ere 
pinylifwj ft same 
wliteh it|"|>rT[!i.rpl 

Covotr" "Whftl 
axe ym tlc4nei" t 

"P r nr t Islng," 
uld c»ne, ^If 
jiFoU'rc oat tn the 
^^Ui'i^L you throw 
yriurs^Jf dowB tin 
Liie ernand Eflce 
thifi, uiil ml3tr 
jriMif bend nnd 
GHe«it nn yoar 
rllwu'i;. Illie IhK 
krcp y 0 u T 

bnnf ! And ^nn're nil tbrfet, aw?" 

At B^LmaiD tin Lh*^ (Jay T cnllriH^ 
1 Caund lliat r^JLS. nJIuilald hod 
iiirr'iady tAkcn n rcffbtef of famitlcfi 
wlio wi^iitcil to tfi in ihm wtai. of 
VhtTv; I fiKind It ftncJ old 

iiiisr iifie. bui iMiA ikkI t^iraiieli tlw 
«arji A llft^p jirlihTUPUc ftom n 
cimncp temork luatle Uer np«*r fiO 
llittn Ttl- 

a^Ptrpi - mfjntti - 

■Kf akin ittr-. 
tketr /iif-licr, a 

aeri«r *ecn fftrw- 

HtUlec 11 ve^ by bessKlI in an 
t-JHlit-rmmisd houaei in Bnttlr 

"My dnilBlit^ atid my grand 
diJldrea arc at me aU Ihr time \<i 
camt' Hmt Ifve with them^" aJie said. 
"But I Ifke Lo bp »ii!F(irndent, Wts 
llted In Ihlfi .hntw ^ta i'^am, the liut 
IS alrtHB. jiliuie my ] i[i.*-biiiKJ UIihI 

^iLi: youuc penpl^ wo uJd Uiluk 
I w-ad t(Hi iold ta took after myself. 
Beudni^ t want to r^tay nrar my 
ebnrrb^ mi if t put my imti in Oint."' 

Now ill the 
new Ivory-Wliite 
Moulded Container 

ThJi Ijcixcicifvil new Ciibbi cont[un>(M' b> dfxijfuc-il in 
hnimtmiw tvirh tiwlitv** nmik'tn luiKrCinmi. Iteiilli 
nwC yriil iifjly I ti. Thfit mritnl q ^^'ei^h til" Itii, flvtrrj 
tjfiir v'liu n«--ij ilnntift'icr. Atid vmm. «iw in ititicE 
wny« Uho f Tlw 1 ,''tt ujc ' 

Yfli <Mliit>i luji pvcrvihiiiB V"" nrs^d t"> Itrcp twth 
prrfeci ouluIUhjii. unil v«.iur Itrealt] hrtU «uJ »wcc 



■r tknn. »ny oiher J*niiftu». ^ | 

National Library of Australia 





Don't [rusiyour JamcirtcM 
lo Icis than the best! It 
costs no more, takes no 
toni;«r to use, 

• StniKiih a) laiin, ii is not 

• Ncin-itrititing.mjybruMd 
befoKOr ifttr rviBuvin<g hair 
from [he underarm. 

• Non-greaiy. will not stain 
datlm, or oiiicrwise lium 


Wilt nismiTf Ful3-lcnetb Color 
fnrtoon. (RKD.) 
\ LX. L^iose who Liav<i pver tongcd 
Ui tiuis wtmi mukEA cnrtoinia 
"mtk will have tliclr wtsii rnofit en- 
chiJittiiglS' raJflllcd 1)1 tWis film. 

Tat It tnkta jfiii On «. Eiansl teiir 
of th* Dlimef illunC. gjvc6 you that 
dellgllKul liumiSTlst, Hubert Bimqh- 
ky. fellDW l%h(jMWT. and throw* 
In svvfml ^Mllenc shoTX carlouns. 

FUai Is moat nrtfgtly contrlvei), 
RolWft B&nchlcy jji Ri*erC BMoll- 
l*y MUli on Walt DlKpey at his 
t^tudjo with the id*^ o| Er^vfrAiE lilm 
to film the "Thp ReliKliint Drigoii" 
tdlry Ink- 

BefDfi; Beoihley gi>ti to Wall with 
his book he mii;][ie«s \a get lost In 
various prmluctUm depaxlmfinis. 

PrDb[i.t)Iy lhi> moM taaclniitlng 
aeenivi aho* tlie ruli-iength toaturc. 
"■Dumbo," hi the tnatln^. 

Of the short cartocms Inrliided. 
"How lo HIili- a Horse" Ji a gma «£ 
humor. "Baby WeettB," s tion-iiiii- 
mnted subj!-il. U n <|iialiit noi'ritr. 
"tile RehjetBnt Drason." tltc sUirj' 
ot a dragiu] vboiu! pcwtle aoul revolts 
I nt fteStUig Itnlglitj!, is. lusnudng. 
tlwuqh lacisang the eiideBrltte chnrni 
of Dlaney'fl chojj^^t *Kwtf,, 

■nils fDjn Is another trlutnpti for 
Dljney.— MsyfiUr; xhsvini;. 

■ IIN^IIt|llimmniTf1WlMnti,,l|hiH| 

Private View§ 

• By The Auitfdlian Woman's Weekly film Revievwtf • 


I>«lUu> Uurhln, Cturlex Lnurli- 
tan. ItlUivfriai.) 

T^EANNA mjEDIN co-atam with 
CbaJ-les Lau^hton^ tuv ^fiuglltoii 
ti]J[£5 tbe Jiopor^T 

As un ececnti'lc cilij milUonajre 
viio, In split; of his nge oaA Ul- 
he&lU^, believeij m icttin^ oil th& 
tun he can out ot life, LsuKiilnn 
Bivea a superb ooinmly prrlormuice 
He Is At (Mice very tuans and very 

EMiituu. as little hat^nlieclc 
girl who taeetnnes Laashton'is pro- 
tegee, haw Jewor sohbs— call!? three 
—MM IS r»t.l)cr SntUj' pliotoKraplieil. 
But lior actltiK If bright <in<L snujotli, 
Fdlm Ls leaded with KpontcLaeoiui) 
coniedy. and under tlie ^IdKul dlree- 
tton of Henry Knstcr tsvory p*r- 
lOTHULnw ij fine OuUitfthdln^ are 
Robert CumtntDaB as LnUKhton's 
son end Walter CnUett ns tha 
hnmssecl doctor who ami keep tilt 
epry Lanshton In be^. — Lyeeuih^ 



Greer G»rHin, Walter Pidi*ittl. 
JlEAUnFlILLT produced 111 

technicolor, faiilU<;i««i)j Hcted, 
tills Ute £t(n7 of His. Cdun 01u<j' 
My, founder of Ui* Tejcas CbU- 
dren'i Hmnr end Aid Sciclet)'. Ls s 
heartwarmiiie and irupirliiB story. 

The TShfiTe aim In tfomuuiieij tay 
Oreer QiuxonV: E^ebUA imiltiysi 
of Mrs. Oladncy. 

Ston", wlilch atoWs over- 
empluis^ oil tlic £a^der af^^ts <lt 
Mrs. aiadney'i life, spana 15 yeaTa, 
tjtRlnriifiB when a delmtajitt lii 
WlQcoujan Edna iQ nrn^ept Into mar- 
ri^^ 1)5" Sam Clactaey tpldgeanl. 

Aiter the loss of ilitlr btity, Mrs. 
aiadne; takes up tHe care of 
onihuns und devotes her whole Ule 
Ui praekUnir bonua for them 

Thmngeil irtth babies and jioune 
cliildren. this Sim will make a 
sp(>i;lal appeal to wbhich-— Libertj-; 

Here's hoi iiewsi from all 


Bu Barbara Bmircbier, our special reprfseniaiifr 
1 CTOR Henry • Wilcoxotl, djunrr nim-maktnE. In (Irsl 

week of war In the Paetflc, the 
tliratre reeelptE In Ainerlea Arap^ 
bj StI per cunt, 

* * • 
FT In row tioubtfuL irhetber several 

hiK muaieal ftlms. set hi the 
Pttclllc;, win ever be releaMd. 

* * * 
i NEWSPAPER in MoWle, Ala- 
' baoia, ran a large pbatorraph af 
HKO aetreo Mary Hovnrd an its 

lace Beery, Frank Copra, Lewis l^Sfl, Hiplalnlns In the Unto 

P " ' undi^rneath the plJttne that nn 

I 4. i * aecriBiji jtiat IooMhb ivrettj- made the 

TJMALIND HDSSELL and Ullda * * * 

Darnell nrO lemllhjj Ihe Wfimeti's i HUMOftOUa toiieh la tlie war- 
de fence _EHorl_ In the Ssvtxly Hllb '1 iime atmosphere U. the si<thh of 

Chinese acftorf fund Hollywood hofl 

Biitlsh bom, and Joseph 
von Straheim, jon ot actor Eric 
van Stroticim, hays enlisted in 
the U.S. Army. Amona the 
Foineus people now within tht> 
military draft Is Tony Martin; 
anii Mickey Rooney has to tegis- 
' ter in the New Year. Servicemen 
on the ruscfve list intlude Wol- 

('HAfiLIti CHAfUN npecla to 
bave lil!i All] itletarr. "The Giild 
R1S3I1," ready for Tcle»s4- a^ain in 
JnnuATj- Charlie bu itddej ft 
rumfncntair. written anH sitoken 
littn.^Hf, to thlft functus vflRled^'. 

* * * 

pREDBIC MABOH retunu to 
eomedf tn Cdlumbla'a "Bedttme 
Story." m whleh he uivea a f,iiitrk> 
llEf pcrtonnance ns the cerenWc 
wT):er'l3 unban d of a Broadway star 
^vIm is played by Lorettn Young. 


ITcre's hnvr yott can set prompt, plrapant 
reltrf frnm cDn>t;fiQiiQn, To-nifjfu. hcfrire 
gcdii!! til bcil. tike one or iwu KYAI. 
FIGKE\N lablcti, Fipaen is tMy and 
pleasant to late; no stdntach Uliseti, no 
gripirm [rain. In the momitiK I^it^n acti 
— mildly, tliorcjujhjj- anri t^ri-lirfly. 
Figncn is to (TEOttc and noJiira/ tint, only 
for the ^JcaKant relief ii biintii, yrra wtiaW 
scarcely IcraiM- lutl find taken a [a.«tiic. 
Fiffntn is uiU Ly chrmiil! everuwlietr — 
J/J J a tin. Tlif nrxf brst llirii j to Wiluff, 


ran c o w s t i p ji r r o w 

.t>ntar ai Kollywaod. Amaiiff Ifa^ 
■nen on UiH hnnie tmni, Is 47-yeax- 
I lid Pat O'Brien* an aotJve nlr raid 
irurder, at Wamerft" hu^e »t-nd[o. 

+ + * 

'J^HV. Scenic Artbtii' rston. nn- 
naimcei! aj awnttina itn enll Ln 
eAmoaJliLB^e work, K only one of the 
mnny Sln\ Indtu^lr^' unliitirt wbi»ti 
pledfrrr] an utt-fn {toliry iii ^e. 
tenne. I'or tirnp-Mi^hiia mork, Ike eliosen for the tjahry 
Screen Writer?' <>nlld la tnobiliediv 
alL III lalcut. In pat It. at Uic rreii- 
dent'D dl3pDsaJ. 

hundreds of them) wnnrlng lapel- 
ta^^ nnyin? "I am American -bw'il 
Chineae"— In order that they misy 
hDL he mtntAken far •fnp-'v. 

* * * 

liustHiml, CiHbcrl Roluid, are 
the proud parejits of a dK-poimd 
tidUErhtPr Ha name tias yet been 

fpin; engagnmctlt ot the Iste 
TheJma Todd':j huabonci. a^nt 
Pat Dl Oleco. to IJ-yenr-oW heiress 
Gloria Mnrsan Vonderlilll has 
the tcwrn baaain^. 

TJHFENCE piopaiiaada fllnm. 

direi'ted by well-known men ike 
GaraDn Katilrt. are conning oLU of 

warttaE HoUya-oJd Whildl is worK- r,,^ig bAKNES la reenperatln. 
ln« an a .eeven^day-week scliedul*. li , , „ "^"«""'"n|[ 

wUli nnurr, from B a.m. to 5 p.m HUiilMl^riJj alter 1 nmjor 
All nlj!ht slioounc ha* Been can- "P^™"""!. 

celttd. Studlss amy. however, any * 

poiHiliLlty o« retriTnelmeiit in or- TJEAKHA DURBIN and her htut- 

bMid, Vaughn Paul, are Ipavlns 
shortly tor Britain, where Deatma 
will spcmd at k'luit a month ein^- 
liil! for the iSBhtins idfties and 
WW workers. Paic wjil fly the At- 
InnUc hi a iMHSilJtr. 

I^e&nna is uiidmnkinB her tour 
111 the czprKa Jnvitatjon cf the 
ft^tlsli Amtiaissitdor to the n.S.A. 
'tori' Halifax I. 

* *■ * 
fJTHE death In Hew Ynrlc Is an- 
nounced ofMr.!:, Char lee Rub^ej. 
who hnji ^leen nn Invalid for many 

ALT DISFTEY'a ntw feature 
carLoon, "Dumho," 0)>ensd 
quleuy at the CartJiny Circle Theatre 
on DEi^qilier Iff, without any of tie 
SSalft premiere arrangcniisnts planned. 
Evening pitriclti, too, are few In 
numtKT lar the name raaaaa— blitcl:- 

* * * 

'^m. cncafemrnt of Miekej ttoaaey 
and Ava Gardner, ei^kteeii- 
year-flld aelrea^. iti annanneed. Avn. 
•ia,i I lonr-lerm eantrad irllh 
Aflr<:ey's itnilis, MGM, and vHIt 
make her first appearance in 
Were Uanelae," thp Nann» Bhejirer 
fllni. Mickey I5 Iscenty one. 

* *■ * 

J TOUD you laEl week tliat ftH AMIS 
film c^rK'flpondents tiave heen 
lieprlvKt ol their crcdentiiils. Thla 
week the attidlae barred tholt dunra 
to all vtaltors. 

* * * 
TTAUAW actor and HDUjwiwd 

atar TulUo Camdnatl haa been 
arreatad to New ^ork sa an enemy 

Carminatl win be remembered 
beat for his role oppof^te Orsce 
Mo&re In "CJne Ifllght of Love." 

tn recent years he hiui been 
eloaely acEDctated with tlie Uftlian 
Faatdst. OrganLiatlon In America. 

iHrk Excellent 
-jrk Above orerage 
Ka ctan ~ below overofie. 


Bint Clrnsky. Miry Martin. (P«ra- 

TJJNCt OHOSBy and Mary Martin 
nns trained ttualn In tide plenaant 
magical romance abaut the cJTorts to 
ctfUSniHE the Bnit "blura ' band. 

Blnn plays a yosine Southerner 
who yearns to play negro nitifllc— 
hot and irikl. After many nerbaekx 
be niiall)' nunda up his Srt.t while 
band Ic play "hXua," and IClUl the 
aid {^f ^flry Martin^f ainging eeta 
a hearSnif. 

You'll low the old familiar num- 
bera m this t^lm — from the enrly 
'"Waif Till Uie aim Sliliics, Ncllte," 
op td "Melancholy Baby." 
-Bliig and Mary hardle thefr roltss 
hi eaHy, plciulng fashion. rcpcl-Rng 
Dompetcjit fiiippuM frem Brian Don- 
tevy, Carolyn Liie. Bochesier and J, 
Carrol ^falJdJ.— PriBce Edwafil; 


R-iti1uird Arleti, E¥a Gatwr. tFarm- 

ijiWETOirS jdonty ot aetkm aad 
.iiupeue tii this avlatlmi melo- 
drama, which feaCurea Rlchatd 
Arlen and nn attractive nt'Sretraier. 
Eva aabor 

Arien ptaya a former airline pilot 
'wbo jolaa the army of an iElond 
repoblii-. and there lallB OUI with 
tjje air corps [diief. NllH Astlier, 
over the beautiful £va. 

An iiJT dog-(l(tht hetwcrn Asthrr 
ttnd Arlen when the latter IS toUng 
the payroll 10 a mine in the In- 
t^^rtor proTldea an exciting and 
realistic cthruu;. 

ArJen as the liapiUf-flD-lutky flier 
gives a (tood pCTfornianH.', bni 
honoRi go to J. Carrol Naiah oi a 
tough oiiUar.— tasmeo and Capttol, 

Showra StiU Running 

* * * Sim I'alley Serenade, 
Heriic, John Payn/.' hi tnehaiitihir 
coiijKly.—Eeeeut; ith week. 

+ * + Unflnlabed Bnijaet^, Irtfiie 
fiuiinr, Robert MontgomeiT in 
KTund roKumUc comedy,— state; 
3rd -wcqIe. 

^ + Kl|i]i«. Mli:hEtei t^edgrarp, 
Dtana Wynyard in apjwaling Ing- 
llnli iirnina,-*-fenlKiss)',- ixii week. 

* * Fatjitr 'Takeii a Wife. Gloria 
Swansnn, Arioiphr Menjou m en- 
tmaiJilng comcdv.— Century; and 

* Mak Town. Dea<l End Kids 
uttJo Tough Guys hi breen' 
melodraimi. — Vktory; ^d we^ 

* Andj Hardy's J>Hrate Secretary. 

Mickey Hooncj', Kathryn Qruy- 
flon In routine Hardy fare.— St, 
.James; ^tid week. 

* GMBt Cona. Ijiurel anfl Hardy 
in tprl(jlitly alajxiiJrJt.— piaia; Jsd 

maJkes the SHINE 

W the SHOES 


Aiisr.riiitnrT WuEtPT; v.tfA :ni> liJtiinr rc- 
dLiie L&d dJiumuiefiji-fn *ji '[mfituhUF 
ImlFT Dnv th^i ' Ujiuix" Ji siml.HjLtt' Ir 
ttilB Pduiitry, 


tt rn[vnurjij5itj?fld by Thp Vrts Stdkiiiff 
(^Lisi I Co. inwti til*- fTrmuIn nf i*au] 
V)*n Sctini'trr W \t th^ nn\s TirL^niirii- 
MiiLi ItlitTj' ^ririr-ftlilii-K miHj cnm- 

pt-rtPlil drnlTcyi r,riii hmr Vltiwm 

"TA^tX" »lK4lai1ilr mt Dili # ««t:ilK 
411/3 j»ifiilpdl Irttm UitllJini VYj., 1L|| 
S1« fSlnd]^ flU, 5ydnr7, *nj ill |a 

CqJIink. Si-, Melt.^ TJlt M^lr I.mpiirlilHi' 
^lU'htii fil.^ Aiclb.;; V. A. (Id'anrdn :m 


—-2/ 1 Fill «, ''"^irSs .Ee"« ■^^'"^ 


1 r,l,ali4tl*e tci" " t\iaM '>'''*'in, 

i.""" t„ hui-.".-; J^,;l w«lc. 



National Library of Australia 8988 


Oecembei 27. IMl 

The Australian Women's Weei 

Stepping out ... of doors 


on a/tf iif hiM oinn rnc^^ 
hornfM at htt ttitfii rnce- 
tratk in hri Mar, hitpfig- 

for untr pre^eniM a pic- 
fujnp of Hvritirfnt ttim- 
tir^K. Kntiicn an Hofiff' 
tcw^ 9 to^aHhi^fiS hut 

rnftuM Biifff tcfart n fir 
uftlfl on Jt^cial tKca- 

TJOlJ-TfWOOD ofTem uleiity nf <llTRrt|rtn fnr 
CELthDMiiLSli wh.a ISie io watch aj hvitII m pli^X- 

Tho radtnf k»od I9 now in full nrlnc and a u umber tif 
tmporlnnt race tracks arr wlrMo fstny eJIkljiivcc of ibf rnavJe 
4*t»ltiEijr. Att^'UdMl hy clamonitti Biiin^ poeh m»tlne' Li a thHUIiii^ 

Ont uf ihe mosi popo^ar tracks is in iJct I^lar. Jiinf CroBb;^ 

The fwuMj 3inlchty of HoUrwwd Ball Farli fcaLure mac 

tike ihv But' Taylfirv. tdkt ^udii |ic.kctt, 

'M'hc manj $wlnimjTir-|iont«, traiiis cc^ortri. pill llnkii. hawUnf 
^Icys pr^sriAo iaa tor Ihn more truernetlc, IlowUnir h Ibv mml 

^Ik'bef Bfiunie^ mnd Jane Wither C^rlllif, tou, It n new va^ic. 
i'Crnwfflrd wnthlnf nff with .eminlnfi hanoriL, 

rrmd tn!>(tp from fUV 

<-■ h'tritl. taking 
with a friiftid. 

National Library of Australia 8989 


Ekcember 27, 1941 

"Stukas shrieking from the skies, dropping their bomb-loads at our feet . . . tanks — juggernaut tanks — fordng their way 
through inexorably . . . shells, bullets, like rain * * * Yes, I was in Greece, and I was in Crete. I was lucky —I got away. But I 
didn't bring much back with njc, and it was grand to know when we reached Egypt again that new equipment from Australia 
was awaiting us. We needed it!" 

Yes. Digger Smiiii, every Australun u pledged lo see thai the equipment, 
clocliiiig, food supplies you need will reach yoa m ever-fncreaimg njuanhcies. 

Nearly 2000 men and women in Vicaij WooUcu Millj are working 24 hours 
■I tlxy making u ni/orm ckrthj and 5'STn for under wcir, soda and sweaters. 
Every man and girl i; working harder to make nic« that tlie quality of these 
praducis maintains the highest itandard, and (hal no productkni lag tt allowed 

to intetfete with the mflnitfacture of needed dothing (or out ttoops. 
In one week these operaiives produce enough cloth to make service uniforiiis 
hy ihc thousand — enough yam for many thcpusands of swcateis — socks by ihc 
leais of thousands and nucif one hundred thousand wooUcn undenhirts, 

Tliese production figures will be maintained. There will be no slackeninji 
ttU victory is vioa. 

]1I I Ali S 

WdX-l'AIB WPIlli. AVAILABLE. Wtll-jmH anrt o» p>*j nt ii.mrj»/i; im/rarunre iJ iHMlMi jiir miil 
njtctjimi, , BnglH i»iri!r nil J^f m-itri iimr /utt qiat^ty. Tat is hrui/ht If fsrh r"/ nrn 'm -nirg jml jjrtr/um. Ltnth Jt fml (riits him) 

A l«llf,r««.J ™^,.,„ „ .. . .. ..,.tf„,„ . , ^ffj, „ /.J ,„,„ „ ^ ^. ^^^^^^^ M^H,<nlU 

National Library of Australia 

National Library of Australia 


Decembflr 27, 1941 

* "Sfiipt With ir^wfl*" Ji Hritinfi difimn of ytrfi 
Ur -Irm. .'li^ii'^: The viee-a^miraTs daa^httr (Jour 
ifnxtert at the tautiehing yf ni'U nirerait earrier. 

grafihitd aboard the lamotia Ark Ruuui. 

Cameraman went to sea in a 
warship to film this drama 

■ HUmdr A nn Tttdi im rught- 
ciub s^iipi?r lit fniv ic^A pilot 

THERE Is no doubt thai, 
since the war, Britain has 
Ijeen tuniing out ' tier lines t 

For %his the Brlllsh Connrmnd, 
vhlch iias, ailowiK] Its ofTlcon imd 
mm la ndiriRs titi, evvti lu i;^]A^ tcA^ 
In, wjArtiine epics, and h&E p^trolLt^ 
U5e of tT.B nUipJi, It* pLuics. and lis 
UTEny cqu^pmctii kct th^ fUma, ix 
largely rcapoiisiblii, 

"ShlpB wUh wings," the letltJed 
Tleet Air Ann," WioiT iwstiiftily 
fUmetci abourd the tiiatorlc And m- 
ftktea VkiTCfuIl- cander. Art Royal 
tH_MLB, invincible In tlm 51mJ. 

TMi dranLi. a wortiiy successor 
10 ^'Convns." wtilch was mnde 


NOT Jf= VOD'P ttlX 

I r£<^. peaspiRATiOH 


Be sure you don't 
risk daintiness. Be a 

/ LUX Change Daily Girl 

IIJ'X itMka^i u>-r!l E.ul (JaMf ah i<iAA*- 

LUX contoin^ nt» Uidd 

in London 

the Eajfif ^iuUd, U now pomplei^^t 
sfid pj'inte J3£ li hie nn their Wfty 

Before the likn went Ijilio isrotJuii- 
tt'Hi, cmneriuufm Roy Ke-llkiio, 'WhfKvfl 
exterior aefpipiice* for " Convoy" bt- 
trutted su muab ail^fiUon, flptnt 
twd' montHi. at 

T mrtHlDg nearly ^fXX\ m I les, 
Kf lilno obl^inflcl a viv id pictorial 
record ol life an a-n aircraft ouriffr. 
end; ilic activities M litie Pletit Air 
Arm in eenernJ 

Hi? fUmeci the .slrcien e£i:SHBfid Id 
TWO tinportnnT- kmrhblHg luicU. botii 
Lif wtilch ^m-f txlrEmpJy aUcct^^afuL 

un-erB" bcLrtie shtit dowm 
For "3!ijps -With WtnBfl," dlrenor 

iiKtinJIy larero t&st of gifted English 
pla;n^ Thi-ae Includif *lohti 

llnniK. ^anlc Pr^ttin^e]. Mjclmel 
wilcLUi^j. Mlc;hB?l Rennle. Juno Bnx- 
icr axid Jolm Stuart 

Tlip ftiid A rJnirnatic licUoi^ 

."itory "wovni raund Llir Uves and 
um rtlfii It ■exphiitft of tj^rcr pilots 
who oTT atlACbed to Lhe IfiPlntJlstC- 

Reseorch work 

QTTCfi fiLory rtK| ulrud n erea.t 

^ of cftrefid iLdTEEiice TForlt, of "vMch 

mi]^ cf location trip was o^r p&z't. 

Mere Lhan a tbuusnd stills hud 
bo b« InknTi nr ooll«eU^ btfcmhMnd. 

Theire wer*'. for tngUtnccr. pVusUt- 
F^TBohis of bomb dnmu^c Co Aiilpt 
Uitci'm ffom ttift 

By mFnnn cf UtCftp photofn^ptu^, 
ilif^ ncAtit tuiglieft in ntiaQtm to the 
bombs InlliDR fiom a pluie ecmld be 

AircraJt qJ niunrnms typcfi, 
Brltbib, 0«nnan, and Italian, wrr? 
needrd ten' Uic Sim. Many of thKV 
ftlunes httd to br, r^prodiicvd In thii 
^tHiiio, fSt^tUc? of ttirqrafl froiji, ft]] 
juiFfj^t ^ere in \\\^ cullftt^on. M&ny 
of the mAChl^ii*s dftttMJ badlt sevttral 
years aniJ It pBrllfnilartv dlfH- 
cull ert (Irinjlj of certain tUIitin 
plnncfi. Ttic rditior of Q weU'Tcnown 
BrlLLih fiyim paper rami' I-d Lt]i> 
fctudloM SAftistance^, ddviiig inLo tcn- 
Ti^ar-citd ILlf^ to Anfj pl^UtOgimp^Jt ot 

TLr«lcr8i Balcm lind stAff arc 
now fiCLTCi ftt wprk firoAtin^ yet 
ujioliicr r>p|r:, whjrb dtamaUE^ a 
dJ^emni; phbK of wnr. 

ThK pictii rp "The Blur 

BlocJcttdc," which In being ritmid 
wiLii Uif^ fxiUDborntlQi] ot (he 
EWlniiEtry nf KcianQmx Wftrfarp, 

tr/pi ft ?itoi"y fli M'le wmomi*' war. 
<\i Bnuiin'^ btDctadi' nF G+irmiiny, nr 
tJle maBl^^f-plBLpt? bUtnUIil^t oF thr 
Nnxl war mA4^mp. of Itir FTI^ml;^- 

Kvwy tlftT." camwumflTi. 
IiaTP bwn ftfltUrm nH on "hush- 
h tuih" toc&t iDim to tilm l3utnbt?T 
rommaiirt afid &th«?r aeHAJ ^cttvUle^. 
la fna la Illm convoyjt. and in phoio- 
grapn other actnv Itlca ai^rmia ted 

iJiinv TJI Lhit '^Whlpft Wlih 

roles Hi "Ttie 9tg BlctctRdt." 

Vica-admlral tn the linljvhcc) fllm* 
Leslie Banita In "Tlii? BIe BlDck^de'^ 
plajrs flu atTicifll in CJie Mlnwtry of 

Kficlmifl Rfnnk the pllcl al a 
bamljer. BEiti] Sidney haa tiae rale 
^ n BntLiit CatiauJ in (rre-war Ger- 

;Ln ftdditian, "The Bis Bloctnttf " 
jutam Mlclmcl Betlgnive, John MlilQ. 
lUid Robert Motley. 

Am^riciin rftdio cQminenLalor and 
jaurniilis£ QUentih R^ynolcls wll) 
a\xa be s«n. Others Incrludc Mr 
David Sowrs-tiyotT, head of die 
MU:ilBtr> of S:niiOmlE Wort sic Preaa 
Dlvlaloii . 

f/r/fJ» /a4fcin« bvmhitfg raid with 

# )'<i|iMj7 J/rHipnmri'a Michart Wilding^ Jnitn i'lrmrniM, ^Sivhaiti ' 
ftvnme nre att aliracifd to /flrtc BttJctrr (atMivvf, with her tathrr 
ihr vir^-^dmirvl (Laitie Sunk*}- SHm cAwmtp WitJUtff. 

« J>ju/ii7 piit^ts of ihf Mr Arm mitfrlii liatfn tv tJielr r&piain'» 

iif»iruifivfta ff^r ntlark an A'Titm^ M editor rnnmn fiim wnm 

National Library of Australia 

Dtcewber 27, 1941 

Th? Auihaiian Women's Wtekly 

• AT CHRISTMAS lunchenr, of 
Old Naval Reliff Fund. I aJij .Voi-ft (lopi 

9 AT SYD>\'l:y ffidiistriiil Blind muiicaif. 
i'urum Clult. pmsielcni £. A. Scoir 

• pUF.E.\SLA.\l.' ; I'ilTORS Rc^f 
CJtendlir, ni ^jouihpcx!. unci Suzarmt Raa 

hfforf rftaming hnwf far (^htislwctt, 


L, V. Walerffoiine and C Jetdt admire 
ttiof* of Oi'tfteat MathfrcTtft Comforn 
CaM iU latiatt'i from*. 

OfitfteJockd Record 

Iiij Miss /iMij/if 

X'lCTUEESQUE frock of white mar- 
qulsettE and luUe wllli Anfter- 
length. veU and gajClenlas for Nonna 
Roughiey when she manias "Winkle" 
Cros-w, from BrUtane, at iSt. 

Noima, who Is duughter of T. C. 
Roughleys, of Vaucli^se, has Jac- 
quellne Vatiden Drictie a-^ brides- 
maw . . , Jacqueline in vfhlte 

Reoeptloti 8.t Vanciiise home of Mr. 
and Mrs. Artliur Eedy, old friends of 
the family. "Wlnki*" and Norma 
plan honeyniDon In Soutliport be- 
lore making home m Brlstiane. 

F««tflni| *ih.%c\icns ... 

JN rfCRijt Icttetjj Erom England from 
daughter AnxLp.liatiy Gordon hears 
she \\ax-. been speftdlng week-ends in 
War-wictshli'p. at Cleaver, Walford- 
on-ATon, with her flanoe's partnta 
. . . Anne's engagement to Sub- 
Llcutenaot Roger Lloyd,,, 
jiist aanouncea. 

"We have luyely times." writes 
Anne. -There sire up senranls inside 
<ir (luLslrte. so spend week-ends 
helping wllh houseworlt. Ihen ;tny- 
thing from weeding the garden tc 
loedlng clTlikens." 

As tar as Sir Alexander and lady 
Gordon know, there aie no plans yet 
lor the wcsdding, but they iirts 
anxiously awaiting acit mall Irom 
sbraad- AntHF working with a Red 
Crnss mobile unit in Slh, licnslngr.on. 

Froek trmn lUS.A. . . . 

COCKTAIL parly at Ronmno'a to 
CElehrat* f-ngagemcnt; of Doreen 
McKay and Captain Kevin Cllllord, 
A.A.M.C oHers opportunity lor hosts 
uf friends to congratuliito the pair. 

Doreen wears lovely American 
ftock which Is cngagetnent present 
Irom untie and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. 
M. P. Wtlshe, of San FranciECO, who 
also cable good wishes. 

Plannmd in Tobrufe , . . 

ji^tXTY childien Imve grand fun at 
Chrlstmao celebration at Flarmer'a 
ari-anpjed And planned lor thzm by 
I heir A J J", fathers and unclos, who 
sent, money and suggDstions for party 
from besieged Tobruli some months 

QlTlcers atwJ men of an Inftotry 
and anti-tank trlgafle all donaied 
money and wtote W the unit's com- 
forts fund to give the youngsters a 
cheery time . . , toy for every cliUd 
and a present to be sent to any In 
til? country wiio covildn't, (ittonri. 

Mis. 3. J, Murray brings son, John 
Michaei, and Mrs, George Sawtell 
arrives -with Normtin iind John Saw- 
tflll . . . also glimpse ttowds of 
c-iilldren being looked after by 
comforts fund workers Mcadj.mcs 
C. Cobb. K. Prlng, F. Q. Walcott, and 
K, Pricnd. 

.Tferr Enyltiih newit ... 

^■■^laO from England comes news of 
SRt.-PlIot Barry Brooke, R.A.A_F., 
who left here lasft July . . . Barry 
writes his mother, Mrs. Baron 
Brooke, ot Dnrltng Point, that he 
Is billeted in an old fnrmtiouse near 
his aerodrome. 

Has spent past leave with his 
cou£in. Paula U,*bomc (former Paula 
Halionin, ot Sydney), and her hus- 
band, John, at their home In Biirrey. 

Barry Is t^i lie godfather to the 
Usbornes' second daughter, Julia, 
who will be christened next time he 
gets leave. 

Chruliiian in cmintry . . . 

fO spend Chrlatmas Day with 
Sanec's parents, the W. H. 
Kooks, Grace Campbell goes to 
Woodianda, Darlington Point, after 
holiday visit to Sydney, where she 
itayed witli grandmother, Mrs. a. 
BMms, at Randwlck. 

oraee, who is younger daughter of 
the C. F. CampbenB, of Mulberry- 
gong Estate, Hay, announces en- 
gagement to Oreig Kook this week 
(post-war wedding planned), and is 
wearing lovely three-rtiamond ring. 

Goes back to Hay on Bojtlnjf Day 
to be with parent.? and sister Mrs. 
Brian Todd, whose husband is abroad 
wJtli A.I.P. 

Engusetnant party . . . 

XHBEE-DIAMOND ring, also, Ifor 
Mary Brodrick, from John D'ApIco, 
son ol the A. W, M. D'Aplces, ot Point 

Marp'fl parents. Mr. and Mrs. Fred 
Eiodriek, entertain 70 guests at coclt- 
lall party at their Kiliarft home to 
Celebmte cngajfement. 

Consul poet . , . 

J70LL0WING his iLsual Yule tide 
custom, U S. Consul aeneral Ely 
Palmer tomposes verse himself for 
hlB CbrSstmos cards . . . this year 
from the continent "down under" 
and .suitably decorated with a cheer- 
ful kangaroo ( pouch full ol greet- 
ings mail.) 

The Palmers plan to entertain 
mostiy at lunclieooj! tbdr n^ 
Jiome at Point Piper,ead or din- 
ner parties, to meet war situation 
and possibilities of blackouts. 

IVo hoMne ^et . . . 

J^O plana yet lor wedding ot Miriam 
Hillicr and Bill Throshy . , , 
Miriam tells me they bave land, fur- 
niture, and fumlshiugs all cooiplete, 
but no hoii.iie, owing to brltik 

"We'll probably end up by pitching 
a tent on our acre ot ground at St. 
Ives," they say checrluliy, 

Gardett trench , , . 

piaST job facing the Angus Light- 
foot Walkers when they go into 
their new Jtose Bay home at 
Christmas 1^ to complete the con- 
cretie - reinforced air-raid trench 
Ansus has been busy dlgBing in the 
front garden. 

Amber .says she wants to grow 
Cowers over It . •. . as decoration, 
not camouflage. 

Seen nroiiiiit tawn . . . 


uicaring btseitlt-colored jMitama 
liai fwathetl with, brown palilej> 
icarf tisiih whiie tummtr suit. 

Foursome at Pritiee's . . . Mst- 
garei Maxu:eU, in mist-bliie arepe 
and sardcflfcts, flfid Judf/ piaj/fair in 
hlaek net with escorts ySaViful K. W. 
Street onfi Browiiie Allieorth. 

And heard , . . 

"pwr Chris Langtworths have setttett 
ttito their new hojim at KUUira. 

St/aney's amen Maffitt sail ftoH- 
(iuifiJiff fii' Queensland. SfajfeS al 
Bfrrabtirra. then Surfers' Paradise, 
and now al Nambotir, Ptans ta spend 
/euj rfojfS mith Mr*. E, S. Hale at Ash- 
prove bejore reUirnlng home. 

Mrs. Bill Crmaing has taken 
damihtert Jan and ludv to tfie 

Vitloria Club At Hume, aid Red 
Craw. Putricia (fc/r'l end Pamela PoFAons. 

• A,- \ WllJ.I-Ut OVT.V iRAA.F.) 
imd hit bride. fcirrr^pT Sylfia Whiu, afr^r 
Ihn'r marrisge, mhscti it trii intiSding to 
be held If) Tniun Unit. 

• SOPRANO SOLOIST Ruth Pi^ort*- 
Jorjft tlTjd Rtd Cross u-'orkcr Susan Spenizfr 
diirtna phm fitr Chri&tmai Sight p^ctorw- 
nnrii of "MrfiMab." Toti'n Hull. 

• TOYS tor John {with ^>!tik>-fi bojfd) 
arid Petrr. u'fio ailftjd R.A..A,f. parnt ar 
Ultimo u.^th tht:r molftfr, Jifrj. W. E. 
Ganlntf, wift of -^iiuaihon t jaiir Cotdnrr, 

National Library of Australia 8993 


TKe Austfglinii Women'i Wwtly 

Detem bet 27, 1941 

IJ.§. woiueii siirred to ariioii 

M*rt*.*iiti«^Mai's tritt* ittatts huff«» 
ft»tninin» arm if 

By tablf from nuf sjiwial refirebcnlALitt: in New Vmk^ 

The Amefkan women under the dynamic leadenhip 
of Mrs. FmnkJin 0. Roosci^elt ore preparing for the 
greatest feminine war effort in the history of their nation, 

ShKbed and enmged by the Japanese treachery which over- 
ni^hl wot r«(KHisibie for the deoth of mwe tfion a rtoiisand fius. 
bands and sam, the wotnen of the United Stotes are flecking to tfie 

SOCrETSr women, filai stars. Due largely ia Ihe toreaiifhl 
housewives, stenograpliera. and tie amazing orgsnlBlng 
ractory -wortjers, even scliDOl- ability of Mrs. Roasevell, tho 
girls, volunteered their sci- ffroundwork already exists Cat 
vices to-dKy in hundreds of the rapid mobilisation of 
tliDusiinds, American wmnanpower. The 


Two Mrs. Carrolls' 

with the 


Hdl Thompson, Aileen Britton, Dorothy Dunlcley, 
Ben Lewin, Catherine Ourtcan 


(December 28) 

January 4 
"Three Men on a Horse" 

V^kuT ipmking at a mpeting af 
AJftffrtcB?! voutn. There was a 

after tfte U,S-Ar i^^iclaratUm ijf 

key org*anlsatlon is tlw oITlc* 
of Civilian Defence^ where the 
"First Lady" is aaslHiant- 
dtrecifOr in cliarge or wonieii..s 

Di^y ftjid tElghi for thret rFutn^hK 
shif has Lravellcnd T.hDit£jmiiR of milea 
b>' aiirnplLiDeH bruin &nd mutor cox 
to tha moat remote se:c Lions of liie 

mich U.LL fnifrgmicy a.a wm ttirust 
Do Ujc «iUiHr>' on that fatal tOiya- 

OffitMs have b&cn operted nnd n-Ti- 
i-eaentaUitis fippolJitcd in all the 
prliiclpfti Dltles and eountry t jwtii 
U\ Aon-riiici, nifiy are rv&dy to 
diiff.i ilie cncTE'Las oi the niitktn'a 
rFn,CHJO,iKJ& wciudn In u eissJitic c±e- 

Her son at seo 

* lUDiitrlrJif keynflti! or Mima's 
vaTl la Tihe new i:wSict m m radio 
brocidcjifit. miwa, a few ltourE< oftfr 

WQUld iikti to sajr a ward Ln like 
wilmen uf this euiuilr^ lo-nlcihL I 
taav^ A htij »t nCH. in ii destfiiyi-r. 
iijuj far a-U I know he nu^y br t^ii his 
way tn thi: PufiGi'. Two of niT 
rhlJclrrn nrr iti cJlies 4n ilw 

fjminc,'^ jihc said. 

"W*tir <3f you «U ovier this ioun- 
uy haife tacya in Mrvtcp wImj -will 
nnw 111* rxijtitd upan to go tn^ acUnn. 
You hHTc frlBtifia and fomlLlK ilv- 
itig in Wtmt haA suddenly become 

"We Diust no nbcu^ our dull? 
tnidini'.Sa moTc doterEtiiuetl eIibh. i!v<t 

I bcfnrtr to do <rL'dlnary tHLcij^ £4 wnlL 
a* wi^ can, and ^hpii fina Lh(* 
way to da anythlBR morr In uur 
wntffiiinlty to help oHiers to butTd 
mumb, to a tceLLiifi or avcurlty. 
we must dr> It. 

"Wliat.i?v^t' asked c( un I un 
sure we can aj^coinpllflh ii. we 
aj¥ tl^r fpce. UTir:aimiii*Tnblti tw*til? 
laf tlif.- Ualtml SU.ttui." 

The frsEpf,iUse to Mm. a^ki^e^lfs 
UsAk WUD n Uprli4ikblo dtlU^ ol' appll- 
CB-tkiTU] {wool wotnen Irom aj] iriarL^ 
0f the i?oUn.tfy wanLLtLt; Ut Jttjo* 

■ htjw T.]Ji"y ooqld do tlirir part,. 

I for ricnrcfj. of du^lev — so ait; ^Hitgcraiis, 

same duU, WHie E^ii^"ro"J^^"t^ 
ntnied at winning the war. 

Tbfj ItP a£r-™ld warrtrflSL atn^ 

anlr% Iplrfirap3ii5^tsi, some will art a? 
tTfB'^ ahoard bjLTliur pi4.trDl bmLiiH 

wiD operate Intricflle nrni hliuin En 
Ameriea'it aircmtU luunittyns n-nfl 

unJfonna and equltmifiDE for the 
vastlT-expandt^d ojntpd forssfl. 

This iB Tiot war wltCTF women 
mr lUct'ly to toe called un tc leap 
Into acUCD on buttlefl&ld* when tneii 
f^l exhausted. 

It la a war of production , Indtis- 
irtal power, of morale- <rf bealth, of 
.wlf-sscflflt'e, wllJi llie bonif frart 
playiTiiE u more important part Umn 
nvf»r hcforc It Is a war where 
women Will oj^iRim^ a major role. 
T^-eniBiitknis iiunilaerA of wWUcd fe- 
male de ff ncc woricur* nre alrcarty 
gDiiiff HctiDJL Hie Wflinon'd Vol- 
untary services has btnitcheji ind 
instruction centres In nioBt af tli* i' 
larffe cJt»a nnd cotrntry Uimtir. 

Important- organisations! 

lyTf3. Alicf^ MttClfhii, A Wealthy 
Amcrlcati who tiRs iWe^ tor itu&iiLy 
TfKSJB in Eof^land. Bhrr or^anb^ | 
the W.V,S, with tlic Idea of thitjU- i 
eating the IntalEiable work done by ' 
Ijaiy HeaainfiC hi Bri^ln, I 
The Wy.S. \ms already trnlnp^l 
more til Lin 8O.OOD women tn. worki 
duch a* jilrrruf t apottlnf , flnibiiilfliicc. 
d«ii*tch and car diivlnif. anri auto- 1 

It 18 atltlclpalfid that thlt unit w3Jl , 
ihortl^r he- merged with the VSU:£ cif 
ClvJllun Defence under tj:e general 
cioiitrnl of MiTi Riwfiev*.'];. 

A BuliJEnpre wouiftn, Mrs. Jntin I, 
Wliit^liTicBt. pminSj;r* to ho on*' of 
ttifl must flutfilftiidliit! woHirn in tho 
cdmtrj'i waiTliri" nrfpinLnfttloti. neirt 
tn Mrs. RciffMjvt'H, 

She ts the new pmJdent of the 
Of'tifrdl Ftd^iratlaii ol Womtn's 
Cliita'i wMcU miinher a.OOP.MO 
women eagnr l& dlr«t«d in Ih^Jt 
co-qntry'^ servSce, 

&?v*fBl man this BBt> 

WliHehilTst Wfl6 up- 
prsinlol ti> tti* Gtnjcrtior ol »«r 
State [L5 the only wcnmil flftentber 
of ti^e MiiryliLiiil Ccnmiill ol Dtfmw 
and. ftflf^oiircen, Htr flrjEI- msjve aA 
presldtTiT. ol' tiit Fcckfi'tttiun wflj. to 
call n mwtinfi in N'.^w York of ftU 

nat-innnT ^un^^H'l* Ol^cUli^it ! lOH^ tO 

pramcrte the sEdut Unity tn iJflcnca 
t-ffoft th^t the Britlfih WDTPfn hny^ 

Mi3^ WhitchUTtit df>ea not tu^ik 
that \rameJi ^ftiauld be ewnscfiptptt 
Tlwy work better on a voluntwi 

FinaUy. but far firom ibi- leajil 
iinpflrlauTiL IhriY is thr vaat Amcrl- 
ean Rdd t'Tns orEBiiiaJlJirn. wbosp 
icn$ of thoii&»iiAs «f wnrkrrs wcvi 
into. Aftion the mament wnr wsui 

Amt^rLcan ^rom&n have donited 
biLttle dres'v, ,aJid tmin nil uppf^- 
ances tliey ■spSIl |nnve a mighty fec- 
TiiTT in Ltie Qimi autcaniK thrt^ war. 



Cross nreoni 

rril'Kl:TS In the K«<| troiB 
Drpara Bomi^tbc lovplj 
luirhnr hlUlojv homr wJiirb 
nHIt be iTun fur IZ-^niAj bn 
reserved now. Itiouch tlicj wflj 
ufrL be on Aal? tinlll J^uArr. 

ir rou wnuld Ltkp tickcu 
unl to ynu m Jn-nuary fnr 
janrscir <ir fnr j*nnr fN^aili, 
»nip KitliDiil drlar mnd tt- 
jwrn' lliem. 

you rail iT^jtrti? iUiirI* 
Urkeli Bt 1/- eii-h, IhmIu ot « 
Uckfis si (1/- Mrll tl (rte 
Urkrii, «[ boAk;. of 12 ilck«ts 
at lU/. 12 (tr^r Uckfti.l. Ad- 
llresi Jfflur IpHcr lo Ttr Sti.iT- 
tpl J", lint CVo-kv Drefltn I liimr. 
Bom SSCC, Ci.l'.l>, Syiliie;, 


nil. lMlt»aii«. 

H r*, Ivrnlpjp * Svn, 


A new precinias 

ceiU — ju5t Ilk*: 
the vital I 
Tiiant9 in a lit;=i]ttiy ^>nTi,g 
g Lri'u fkin. DiitCii.lVrr'nl hy | 
B. famoqe Tf n i V t it 
Pmfcuinr. O Ittajunl hy bum Irotn 
<»faivJly idcctt^ yiTurig [miniiLti, "Hiii 
vxliact called ' Btixrl/ ln ii!tbt ccmtaincti 
in Crftmc Tokalou TJiih^nL Af^ply it 
every nij^ht. Ewry mjintle ii-hLk; yitii 
sleep ycnir (^kio aliMirbi ttiriie viL4 
c-^(a?ieiilA. Ilviiry whirring wlicn yuu 
wakf up 3rt5[ir likiu ri dearer, {rMlicr. 
auMwlliBi — VOl N(^I-.R, DijTiiitj tiw 
day ahe tx^jviv luka^on (V^inEiihioig) 
ni'ti-gfrajtj-. By thi.i sjiiijitr ti^titreni 
any wotnACi can [naltfl tLcrmjli Uxnk ten 
ycar^youtujer. Mavt ii itiAT^TlLoLlsakiEi 
auti carnfittr^cioD ol wlmh. any y^unfl 
B«i Hunild he psouU- Saccwyjul feMulu 
lic*rtiviaty jjuarantodd witli Tukjina 
f-iiiMnu or mociey ]vEi]ttd««l, Obta^ 
abb at nU CliciQkbs otid Stcmfl. 

National Library of Australia 8994 

Dctembor 27. 1941 

The Au&trfltiQTi Wottigfl^s Wgekfy 


Whtit to do ill an air raid 

TIP BOMB into buckst. psrttalJy HOUSEHOLDfRS are also recomtiiended to smother bombfi THIS SHOWS tiow to drop bag over Inteneliacy. Bag 
flJIed with send. Cover with with bags ol sand. Mafce tfiem.'WiiieChlng like tiifise, us(d should b* dropped over top ol boinb, not ttuown. Thia 
sand and carry Ista the garden, by Fire Brlgu)^. Crouch low, as heat rises. should not l^e done It bomb Is bwning too Der««ly. 

National Library of Australia 


The Austfafion Women's Weekly 

OficemW 27. 1941 

tlJ^t?" he niskfld. 

"rm iwlwUy iure. He hasn't In- 
«t3fnd any of liik ptoturi^ Iqr »ii much 
n uny> Htr ^iiyc it*9 Ik w.b£te ol 


"OU, I tnnnf And T don't know 
wl^y I'm uitkiaET to fOM llkt? thJjL 
ITott'rE a atzanQcr. But then Unc^ 
MiiTCUA ifi a fltraneer, loo. Do you. 
knoff what I tUiink? I thliUc he'f 

<*Hudi>- u b4kd OA tbiLt, i» ar- 
*TM, BO on." ths girl suddenly 
Btoroied at him. "Say U: go on and 
say it Tliat's easy (tiuiuk^l But 
ym 6bn'l ite b3m wbcn biB oy&a 
iwm to at!t ffmsiilut, l*tld elU ttillt 
U'Efniol-cnimtiTy-ajuit? Took gfxis ^ul 
ot lUs face. Ed's nob » Taki^: he 
bjLtea fjikes, axid gai» «ut of big 
lo t-xpof* tliccn. U he 

hKHn't clt^r out ot hlM mind, 

wliftt's he up bo7 Wl^ai can tie bo 
up to?" 

Ill AOmctlllEig DVCT thitc bC'Ul'B 

Uioy fchuud out. 

Tilt burgiliLr did not bttaclc imta 
liPiU-jMAi twn ill tke milirtiliiK. Plt^t 
h£ smoked si^vrral cV^Htcs in thfi 
ntintbbEry btAaw the r{;su- termce. 
Wtien he litard tlic otmrch ciuck 
strike, he wilted a ftrw mlQutes 
more, uid. then AMppfjd. fxp Llie iLcpS 
TO Ih^ trench window o2 Che dlntriB- 

A dliUly wind utiircd at the Itim 
at the liJehi, m Uifi hour of guiclrd»t 
niul bad dns&mflL Wh«n Lbo man 
glasced OWT bJ^ sit^oulder, Ltu? isst 
of Lht inN»nUffJ5l dlfitoitcd lili lace: 
it sbDW^ \bb3 a face, ttanii thi? bluh 
at ^ black clfith slojiIe^ mu^f a 
erei^ cap pulk-d di>wn nvei hiH 

He wtm bo worfe on the mlddlo 
Th^ow, with the cttntPiits of tt luld- 
ing toOl-kl( ntit [le Ibtbc aa A 
mobaciBt.'£, He fjiAt*ii*d two short 
nf adhetlvis tape tfl the filft^ 
J List beside E.he s^Uh. iChen his 

fflaSS-CUttBT sliced out a. Jinin.M fiffml- 

circle tnajjie thf? tapj* Ti, wna done 
not R-iU^uut nofae; U crurviihej;! itkt» 
LI dfffitliit'a drUI In a XooliL, and Oie 
imin ^l^ippffd tn hjiten. 

A ill the ll€» 

ConttnBcd from page IS 

TtiEre viu no inswerlng noise, K» 
dnii burkeii. 

WltU the nillieaiKe tape hDldkig 
Lhe g\!i3j, m llint U (ml nut fsU 
and smitaii. lie ULs utovfd biinfl 
ilirotigh the oimmumh and iwlaled the 
catch. The weight of hla body 
deiidcTi«£ the cTBoJdnir Dt the win- 
dow wlien he pu/iJied liifiide. 

Hft knew cKHjtly what hfi wanied 
Re put Uic lool-klt tnlo iite iMckct, 
and dmw out bh <!!tcttto twnh. Ita 
bciim moved scroas la .-ilrtfibcardv 
It to^gh^ glramlii^ &iWtfT, a, bCTWl 
d( It-ult. and I witJiwl liitlt? linilo 
UirUAt inta ELFi a^plo u thou^ti 
laMi SMncfme's body; OnalSj, U 
tooral up thj! Img-fflce et Lh£ "DM 

vroDiftn wail ctni." 

TkK wiLS nuL II luriie jtlnlure. tttti 
tlM bufnist iltLKl it flown easHr. 
He prita out gluss [uid friun*. 
TtiDuati ho ti'iyd Uj fciu un iJnj 
cjuiTju with BTeat enre. till! hrltlle 
piiinl crAtJEed actoifS in umiiJl fitnra 
u-hlili wourtlsd the ting's fade. The 
iHiT^liir wua sfl IntMi en ttds that 
he nfiver noUctd tlie fftuiicnce of 
tujothrr p^T^n In ihe roam 

He wa« an tnc&atloiut burslar: lie 
Imd Da alith at cut trhUU imsii 

fm the ftoor oT U^e 

tjome, I^WlE Butler wits s-wulcred 
tij- a DluClcd criuh Ilkr UlJiC t>! 
mstol objects Iiilltiig. 

Ho tuul nut fallen Into mate tiiia 
ft linlf dow nil nigbl. He knew with 
oerlatntr what must be hsiipcnlng. 
ElMUith hB hud no Mca of why. ot 
how. Of to whotn. 

Butlpr wu out at bi'd, and Into 
hl8^tllppef¥; Eli sooii as he heard thr 
Bi5l luint clatter from dDwnfitalrj 
His dresiinn-piwn woiilil. M\ 
tWlAt ItKtU UJJ llie fl pLillwl um- 
brella and iflu all ottenicits to and 
UiD urui-h'i!4S2 WhehrtVUr tia wantijd 
l» hurry Bui tho Utile flafihUglit 
wtt£ rifftdy til tliti piitliet. 

Hi; linil IieT^ in his llle mnved m 
taft {men lie mnna^ed tu get out 
or hifi IsedrQom. Nnt iialng hlii Uglil, 
lie wafl down two flights ot decp- 
iiiirpetz^l etAii^ without (loli^. !□ 

Discovery Ends 



In ^minutes 

sme fly pastes 
or powders! 

E\'T;IiV wrjitiall tiLio 
llhlfvTd ia Cnil ^ niistk 
sale Kt^y wfiy, SuiuiHifltit 

NoiV at f*5t your ffuji^Gi-- 

over- JiM ^riivatl na UiiS 
djiitrty, fra^^nuit ermm. Kciitovv it 
aHar thrvv mmutva. Every trace ciF 
hair b Rcine if by maqk. ThJii 
nluuijQR ttiit'OvtM-jr jg now Ktld trttiy- 
whemiUcfFrtnitlemiirk Ki"w ' VEKf.' 
Nfvof UK ci TAXor. I b raakt*a ilib 'hitr 
grow I»'*te>r anJ t-oaffler. Anrl ImivM 
iiiuij?htJybrijtivfltublflo. Nav/'VlLiif 
gcnii]y disoutvuK swav the hair duvrn 

FiiV /iTi* IrVjrc /Aon /i tooli to slip mfi> ijimr 
* htititms Mii youVe entirely rid of 
tijg^y hair, S'a c/rj^rrojirnenf wto in 

u'kin wliitcuDdbD^tam^lEn. Noni'.iibLlfl 
— i?eH: ewjQ a iMd rjw. Ami htiir 
Kfowth ia ttumArtirJ, Nevnt ipply New 

a^Aln. IN'unten u atj niiil tiKODWnejid. 
New'VFJrr' i a^4/3 IdouhleaiEdJ. 
at a][ Cliotiiki-n find Sturca. SuKcesiful 
tT3ip|ltis fTTjamnrniMl orjunoey rorLindf?d. 

thfl lowrr hall he eoiild f*cl a 
Oniuiflil, whJoli Eneanl Lhut a ^kriiuloiiv 
or doer liftd be^ opened :^idi!* 
whcFT. He ^tralshl for the 


But Jmj wBhS too laie. 

One? Lh£ i>Riicd-l>eaiD flf Butier'fl 
Ooidilieibt hod fiivepc round, ho 
ffwlteh-Ki on u blaze of Uffhts. 

The bui'i^lar *rQft j-tJH lifren rt^TJit 
vniHiBli. But Uic btiryl&r wels- lyidg 
wry iitiM in Iran of tJse skltrboard: 
Elad, to iudtfe by thn amoLint 
blood on hia Bwifater BVid tJoupeFtf, 
he WD Did iic-vcr move ji^liIi)- 

*ThiiL'ii diJUfl if Biitler 

A liUvifr .service, Indudmg a tea- 
Tinj. had IjftPh iJipijied otf tJit' -side- 
board. Where the fruit-bowl hud 
folicn, thf^ dead aimD Ikvy ou hlA back, 
amims n litter of orAftgea, iiipiea, 
and B 4qiKi£httd bunch <tf gru.p«£. The 
moAkjitUl ooYfirfld tbfi tiurslrir's fftce; 
his fire^' cQ|j va« £ls.Ltfi]wd bUII 
further on riia^ftrs; hlsgkjvecl handa 
wTTt; tiifawn vide. 

FratrmcntA of «itia«hcd plirtiire- 
Htaag Jay round him, toseliier viih 
Uw cmip 1^ frame, md ti>f "Old 




rui^Di IV ii 

rHiihrn A 

kT STHAMA — ANk fiinr Uohr 

and rte4 JiBjutxl* 'rtrt itl 
imbfft ri|r Ltd.. Mc'tmum*. siiiLui 

"Mhmle'* parties arc )ilipa3?a s'> 
deU^ttullr counuEKititau:" 


Woman wltli cip" had been liolf 
ortimplcd up uuder tiia body. Tram 
the position or tDc mast conspicuous 
hloadjiMlaD. olio judged that ho had 
been atabbod through vox chssil with 
the stalnett iruU-knife btieide Idin. 

"What 1a It?" flold a voice almost 
at Butler'A ear. 

He cmUd not iiart beeii riM^re 
stnitlijd If tho Cni|t-ltnlf# had 
prleltcd hlE ribs. B« tmd seen 
nobody taxcln^ on H^hXPt m th? ball, 
tior had he beard Hiirrkt Da'^E^ 
appmiich. Sh* wae utaiiduis Jmt 
behind lilln. wrapped In n kimono, 
wltti tiir dark hnli tnund her stioul- 
dora. DuU wbf?n hv explKliuxi what 
had happinc^i. rlie would tiot look 
into tlie dinlne-rootn ; jtii! backed 
iiwny. tliakliiii !icr (wad violently. 
Idco an uixliln rendy for tllitht. 

"Yl31i bii'J Iwtter waite up your 
unnln.'" Butler snid hrbikly, with a 
rafrmdeciTe lie did not i&sh "And 
Ihf ficrvanU. 1 mit&t luip yoitr 
t^lei^licme-" Then lie looicorl Jmlt In 
the eyefi. "Yt^fi, you're riulte right. 
I think youYe gtll'.s^ It altcaf^. 
1 am a poilc^-olTicifr." 

She nodded. 

"Vsa. I Buwwd Who are y«u? 
And Is your nnme fB&lly Butl*r5" 

"I'm a aeiBeaut of the Ctlmtnul 
inveatl^Atlon Departni^nt And my 
name i;eully tn Butlpr. Tour uncle 
broiij^lit mc heni." 


"I lion' I know. He tuisa'l got 
HHind to telllns me.'' 

This Rtrt's. IntflUlBenco. ewn when 
oi'iirahadowi'd by f«tr, wbj rtircot 
and , dijHMjnDertlnB. "But il he 
wouidn't say why tw waahHl r 
poltac-officer how dW tiiey oojnc 10 
izRd you? He'd iMit tu tell tbfln, 
wniilrfn't hev" 

Butler IgnDrail It "T milst see ybur 
iiiinlc. Will ton fKi uiistalcf and 
witte hlin. please?" 

"I fion't.'' said Harriet. "ITnclft 
)u&tTni» isn't in hisrouni-" 

-Isn't- — ?" 

**fJo. 1 kiwcited at tile door 
Bw w*y down. Hu'* " 
Butlsc leok Hie jUUn bta trtntk 

al a time. Ujui-lel hiul turned on 
oU the lights on lier wu? down, but 
nothlUEf stli:ri!d bi the bleiilt, o^tt- 

Uarciu Hiinfj bedroani w« 
tniiit.T. HI5 dlniwr-lacliel had been 
hung up tttyaUy on Ihti bueic of it 
chair, sturt laid a<:rass the Mat with 
collar imd Ue on tnji of It. Hunt's 
w.att-h tidced loiidly on tlie dresaiitg- 
table. HI5 maxvr^ and keys were 
tliere, too. But he liad tiot gone to 
bt'd. ior the bedsprvod wu£ ^xaii£- 

The muDlclon which cani- to LeitlE 
Butler wm so (antantlc Uiat tie 
could not CTHlit It. 

He ntBTtsd dowDJttilrs a^nis, and 
on ttM vt.f lie uiet ArUnir Bolfe, 
wnp^'d in 0 flaimcl drBSSIh^-uown. 
Be pllioted hlmsfU in (rtml ol UtU.)«r. 

"yes," iold Butler. "You dont 
have to aok- It'fi a hiu^lu-." 

"1 linew Iti" said Solfe calmly, 
"Did h* got anrthlngf" 

"No. He Was tniiniered." 

For a moment Hotfe sakl nQthkie. 
bat hl^ hand cri:iit into tile breiut 
or hla dreadng-enwi] m.^ though h« 
^elt pain there. 

"MUhlfred? Tou dont mean the 
btu^lar was Eaurdcn^?'" 


"But why? By an a;:ccimplli!e, 
you mean? Who in the burglar?" 

'"I'hac," ioarltid I^wit BuUer, "a 
wJiat I intend to and ont" 

In the lower hall tie foimd Hai'riet 
Davlj*. iflrho wHa now alaiidln^ m the 
doorway of the dining- nDom and 
looking Atf'adily at tlw body fey the 
sidHward, Thoueh her race hardly 
mcjvetj li mivjcltr, Iicr oye^ brimmed 

"You're goliu; la take off the DlASk, 
ftcen't you?" filie aafced. 

BtcppinE with cure to avoM 
iqumdiisd fmlt and broktu elufz, 
Bijiiler leaned Offdr the dend man. 
Hnrtut ami Rolfr wacchlii!! hiienily. 
He pushed bact the pRik of the 
greiu^' i:ap: he lifted the bUck Klath 
masjt. wlileii was olumally held by an 
j^Ufltlc bund; nnd he lomid what ho 
exported to find. 

The burglar was Marrui Hixnt— 
fitabbed through tlir heart while 
attentpting to rob his own houae. 

"You MS. sir." BuUor eiplalnud to 
Dr. Gldeun Full on the fuUowlni: 
afternoon, "that's ttie iroublo. How- 
mt! vol) looic at It. Lhi- case tnakts 
no sfltuw." 

A^ain he went ovifr tllt^ fAClt, 

"Why sJlould the man burgle tua 
own houas and ntcal lilft own 
piDperty? Every ont ot (li06e palnt- 
la Vjiluable. and not a liUlglr 
tme is imuTBdl CnnaemiEiil ly. whjf 
Was thp man a .simple lunatLc? WliiC 
did iifl think he was dohig?" 

Th* vaiflge 01 Button Vali^nEt. 
srr^gsllng like a Erry-wblto Italian 
t*wn ^ong the very peak of the 
"Weald. WM full of hot sumshine. In 
the apple orchard behhld the white 
Inn Dl the Tabnrd, Dr. Gideon Pell 
flat at a ^rden ta.hle am [mi; wft.^, 
with a pint l;ajikard nt hl5 eltaiw. 
□r. FrU}'a vojtt bulk wa5 elad In n 
white Unia suit. JUs, pink (ace 
Mnoted In the heiii, and his wnry 
loolCQUt for wa^ gave lUm a rc- 
frettabU' wall-eyEtJ appeanmcf? as he 

Ho slid: "SapurlBtendotil Hadley 
«ii«f[B«.ted tha.t J mighl— hnmmiph 
— l(»lt tn hens. The Itnal jwllcf arc 
in duuge, arejit they?" 

"yoe, I'm merely stflpjbig by," 

"Hartley's p.'eaqE word.; tD mo were: 
'It'i so craKy that iiobndy but you 
wilt undsTiitiaui lu.' Tht inan'u Bat- 
tery betimes mtir* iiauaeaUnK every 
day-" nr. Ppll soowled, "tmy. Docs 
anything el« strike you as queei- 
about Uitji buohlesa?'^ 

"Well, why should ft man biirsls 
htg own hOUW?" I 

"Mo, no. IK)!' growled Dr. Fpll. 
"Dont bo ottsKtsad with that potnL' 
Uon'l bcc<iiut' hypnotised by It For 
IrjrtJinte. tlie young kid y stems lo, 
linvn rnised an InlerestlnR qucatiotLi 
If MnrcUi Hunt woulrtat why' 
he Wftnlod n detectlt'cr tn thir house, 
why did the CJJ). eoiusont 10 send 

Bulilar nhrugged his shoulders. 

"Seeauiie," Iw Bald, "olilel Inspec- 
tor Antes tbauEtit Hunt wao up to 
furu^y buHtncsE. ^ind meant to stoo 

'"wniat sort of f utiny bu-ilm^j" 
"A Ia|[«l burgbity lo «j,Eal his own 
plrturcs for the Ihiui'iince it 
looked like the old. old ga.tni; ot 
apjjealliis tu the iwUrf Wi divert sue. 
plclot]. In othot words. Mr. exactly 
what thin ttppeared to be until I 
leiirned (atifl to-day provt'et that 
none ol tlioM picturea tvM ever Ikbd 
liisurod for a penny." 

,E healtated. than 
weni on: "It can't have been a prai- 
tJral Joke. Look at Uie tlaborate. 
nisss o( it, H'iJit put on old clothts 
from wtilclt all titHor'a tabs on'l 
laundry tiurts were removed. H-! 
put on glmesi and a inBPk- B-" 
tiold ot a torch and an up-to-daH 
kit o( hur(£lar'& tflole. H« went oat 
of the house by the bttcft door; *«; 
fDUiiiI It open later. 

"He annked a fc* cigarettes in 
tho iUirubhory below tho imarf. 
we found hie footprlnU tn thf s(iC- 
caith. H« cut a pane o( gUuB - • ■ 
but Tve told SOU oil that." 

-And then." tJlitsed Dr. FVll 
"somebody killed him," 

"Yas. Ths iMt and worst 'wiij 
Wtiy should anybody Itavo km-,; 
"ITm, CI11BS7" 

"NegaUvE." Builer look out h-i 
nolebook. "Acmfdins to the police- 
surgeon, lie died ot » direct heart- 
wound trom a blade rpresiimobly 
that truit-knltei SB tliin thai tli^ 
wouod was dUIicull. to And Ther<> 
were a number of hia flngerjirlnl.-. 
but nobody elan's. W? did find on^i 
odd Lhlnff. thoufih. A nnmber tji 
pieces In tba ellvot Ecrvlee uH tlie 
aldebpard wflre scratched In a queer 

"It looked almnsl aa Ihouijh SnatseatJ 
ot being ewept oil the .lidiiboard Iti 
a joruggilp. they liad been pilerf up on 
top of each othsr litte a tower: and 
tl^ii pnahed " 

Sutler paused, for Dr. Fsli wji> 
shading: llis big head back and forth 

"Well, well, well." he was saylos 
"Aud you rail that neg^tltt eTl- 

"Isn't It? I; doesn'l explain whs 
a man burftles hla own houife.'' 

"Look here," i-ftlfl ilie doctor niiidly 
"I jhould like to ii*k you iinl one 
[lue*tloti- Whfit is: the moat ini- 
portant point m tills uRiUr? Onr 
moiuenl! I did not say the most 
Intcrestmg: I said tite mosl Impor- 
lonL euJclr U Li th* (act thai 
iniin has boon miii'dered?" 

'"VC5. sir. Naturally." 

F lease lurn to page 26 

Ih^nk* to Sieertnun'tl [}U»y aii» 
teeth 4>ajUv M'lien hal^lti ue kept 
regular and rfae bimldjicrcam cool 
bv ti4lni: 3tc*dm»n'» Piswder*. For 
DTBF 1 W yum molherf liave relied 
upon them — the ufe aprrieat up 
to 14 yttan, 
jrt "ijijtfi U Hi-Lthtft" Bo^iti 



N G 


B*wnric ai thtr cripp1ui]{ mlttctlan. 
Il du-rtir* fchon F**l qrc hoi, molit, 
•Irimy. Lnolt briwen fuitr Con 
Co<nJj{l]t md mt lini iiipi u>Tttir» 
or white, d>.-*d ikir^ -^l^ply lOPEX. 
It quiflilip kilix th< fun£iu-Uk« 
|i«rnit dinT caiiar r«f raw, cripplinic 
■ortH. A Spfcialiit ujri out of ]{]^ 
a™ tnf«nrd. Br i^fe — um IODEX. 

r r e ^ m mtt^m d t O O H X, 
In pcuitfMm cnhk »h rour dortor. 

National Library of Australia 8996 

Dtccmbcr 27, 1941 

The Au^Tfoiniii Wofrrfn'^ Weekly 

"Sai^, waiter, diicsn'! anyhodj/ eBif laugh in this 

"Well, ues, eir, we have had complaintn." 




Vbur Finest 
safeguard against BLEMISHED SKIN 

TOILJiT Cu*]Cura HTUM * 

It keejHi ycmr 
*kia ■ -iihI ffjey in 

spile r . i-i^ntr. to the 

1 -Jty, flmmtlipnt 

skII'^w »iLm, nmkmg it r^riiCbaih and 

2'pmpo9i; baituty imwj> toti*y — it 

will rniit^vt- V"i4 witJi 11 no* fwScti 
tiloem tQvi'Jiiicijs, caiiiiuit with 

If vTJu b^^cBtendrtficylopinrples 
ttr'skiJi <iri3ptiuDii^ ^ppiy CtrtitiiiS. 
Omtmrnt. Un cutisptac a*:tifni 
hKik III a ■lirpriainflly sbort time, 
After the CutJcura TalccriD 
M. (]oljRlitfLi]ty Doolliing and 

rfenr^ when j/ou grtftc as ' 
biff an f/our mother?" 


A prist! (?/ ?yjS is paid ior 
aach fokc useicL 

I 'Ifa tituLoi^lcsa." frrotodinft If^- 
iumi hci\ "I drm^l to iMiat Dphat 
your ntOLher woktld bq^ if ihe put 
j,'ou In ttmt drefii." 

l±f to*, Tou nee, ll's hejjj." 

" A .SD what dia Hlp defendant loolc 
* like wh*^n ycnl fiiT«*ted him?" 
"Weil. y^3ur WOrjihtp. he hnd a 

'■AiTAiTER, there'* no wimixrno U3 
"It rtUn'i iired one, *!r Thnt 
Jf. had noUiliiE ru wlah Tlt" 

IFCiUcefPtin lo ihe perfectly 
eiTceL tocitorl&t, "I -tiuppoM* ynu Iokiw 
wiij' IVe itflpptrf 
"D^n'c tell nu," khe tijpjkd, 
piuus. Yes, I Icddv. Vtwi-f 

-IVTHAT'S tijftf?" flskfti ft woft- 
mnn dj his mate ^tart&d to un- 
wrap & Juncli piLrc<i!i nboul 2aiii&. 

"A plo." wfl* ihB reply. "My wWc e 
tt%fix ^ 1 innde unp myself/' 
"A 131C kiuy.. Imi't ll?- 
"OF cours* JLj) Icinfi. It n & rhu- 

A Small folder that 
siig^osts a (lefenc^e 
programme /or yourself 

CENDING for ji copy of this loliler wUl ccwt you onJy » lw nfH'niiy 
*^ itjjnp. yet the reading ai it sbuuk] ciuUtc you grcratlj,' to 
lErcngthea yaur itnaiiGh\ pcaitloti xn^ tiuke your future wcurr' 

lUt AJiuTjncc i« t^uyuig luaiMy on time yn^tcnt tor future 
dchvcryi, viih the idvinEA^ lim should you die uriitr thm you 
now expect^ the moi^y wiij be p^iid ever to yaur hein in foH. 

The «tt40(<iiniry btfj^u ni the A^MJ^. platt fac "buying 
rTKFRT^-*' are ict Out tn tbk jd^kr. Um cbli Cdvpun m sfcon a ' 

free copy of it. 

7*i fU .i.M.r. So^iro. 


The Larcisl Mututl Ufr OCCIcc In ihe Fjupirc. 

Sir ShiTitKl HcTdem. K.B-SL. Cluiirnian at Qia pTiijnltiH) B«itttl. 
A- W. SneoEi<]n, FXA. Guurm] Mnnnecr and Afltimr^. 
C. M. MorUn. Phlrf InptKCtor nnil Bccneuiry. 
A. G. Wntab. MsnBiicr [«r Hew SoiiUi WalCL 
Bra7fcft OtficcB at lUctboitrnf, flrishanp, ylddoiilc, J'fft/(, fichmt, unit 
CanltfTze, A.CT. Dltiriel Offifcj rdroiioriouJ all Slattt. 

National Library of Australia 8997 


The AuiliaHan Women'; Weelily 

December 27, 1941 

/ will weir l'Drji}{«. t[ 

bnghl »r]fb ■ damp 
mop. In li colciLifi. 


^ijmiiiiti till kJUti) ]lB4leM) 


Brighli'n ytmr 
homa with 



mtnh hi fee malktid uh 

End Rheumatism 
While You Sleep 

*r» iWYtUnii, It whmra jauc In pniniinsij 

ttiniui^tt lri'iJtrl:l*JHiF-«'tutrL OllisrHtmpTinaifl 
nf Ktdrlf^ ^HI^urdT^jrii ar^ Cliifainftb llrhlug Pu 
«4iitra, "U4iiilun iiji Klghra," UbcluirluMi . I uoi. 

H«iuliM^bAi, {IifMi, J^vtff Anklna. CifLiea imilrj 
f.T'^*, LM* or ILh,o-(l?H ACiwtit*. Hjtc.. ( JnlJtiaPj 
trMi.Hi^[ii,c- mn'l UMi, ui'vh — fnii mtwt kJI] Uifi 
niiriln;r bpiiLIJj, C^^Ij^x nihil' Mrnw 
lfii.tSjit>.t by rt>r(ipviijd t-hy QAUnti. Got OjrjiLe^ 
Erciiit AU.y iilMrulrir. ur tUutv ua dunmn^ ta 

#-cm wlij- ttfi.-l ij^tliT Fi.n!l ]i« ■7.iimti.tE!t(iLT 

_ , _ - ln ^ml>^v«-l^, rhnllTHif- 

Cystex ;^';;iz*T'vr= 


in a 


rruuulo, Mm* Tji kxtil d^tlLGiK fJjiti UibIE 
t>> L>Oliml> »wLsf>1, ■i'rlTiTr-1 '■■►rFi;+i3iiir, i'linltl]i|| 

tflll »t.r*nKllnA ■ ' " 'I .. — ].— 

•Tp«fceJ Til il.i ' 
nlkitl «nil lit' fi 

Mendaco H^i:;£" 

Kni/. Anihmit. J S, 6 1, It s. 

_ MENTlDrt the 
(iCf—ttiB (Jootor WIS BpoJugetlc — 
"bei»ujst It flfrerne lil dfitiRer of boUitr 
ovwEoolcod. It hardiy IntprKiu jau. 
Yoli ace concerned anly wKh Hunt's 

mulct n ttusnf belux cut; but you 
£jui't Rtund a I^b; being |>iilled. Wby 
not try WQrkii^g »t tram uu otti^r 
airtp, luKi svikJtig Wilis kUl«l Hunt'i'" 

Butler irai silent for t Idd^ Umr. 

^'Thr sermnla nre «ut ot It/' he 
at Icnetii, "TI157 sleep to 
nncjt^r wii^ on the [jOp iloor, and 
for sumi! fCfiJJOir." he Lpfllttlted, 
■■f^mpbofty locjied tili?m tn iaat 
DlghL." His dntil3t», even his drcjidi, 
were btgmnniB n> l-alfe lonu. "There 
wfti n fine bt(jw-ui) ovvr tlifit wUcu 
the bnvie was nused. or ccuriic. 
the HittrderET uould have been 00 

•IToa know Iw WKsn't." Mid Dr. 
FulL "Would you Blind IBUsg me 
to Crimieigli cnurt?" 

Th*^ came out on the bermco on 
the hott»t pari ciE the AftRTnoon. 

Dr Fell iftt down 011 a wielcer 
jewep, mlh s ctlaplrlted Hiurlel 1>C- 
wUStr him. Derel^ Keuder^cpn, In flan- 
npU i^crctied liii, iaiig fl^uns on the 
b^ilustrode Anliijr Kulfe iilanfi wore 
a d^l: suit mill scftnt'd out of pl&ce. 

Dfrrc* Hcildi!nK]tl'n beani woe at 
iiili^iul and yet oMflr^^sltR. 

"I don't knciw wliy EiuTit ftbould 
have burbled liLn own liau-se. Sut 
J'll Jive jou 11 Up." he antd, 

"Wnloh tv?'- tiiqulriril Dr. FelL 

*'Wlul«TLT Uie rcoAun wan." rc« 
turned Utriidencui. "tt km n Ettod 
rcafioii. Hunl wii. muth too numy 
and c&iiUuu.t DTer to do ajijiltilii^ 
vllJicjut a ^ODd reAsoii. I belli blm 
su [Bit night." 

Dr. Fell cipate «liarply. "CailLlmufV 
Wily do you say tliat?" 

"Well, lor limtonce. I take three 
curd* an tlie driv^. Himl ttike.^ due. 
I bet: ^iBsa me nzid riiL!H>A. I 
cant tiint. wid inlae wain. Hunt 
dnopflout. In other wnrds, tl's Iftlrly 
ctrtolii he's dllsd his hiind. but not 
flo nurluln 1*01 boldlne mucb mare 
tlun n jinir. Yet Hunt drops out. 
So with my tluee sev'eiu I iluH him 
out at til5 iteBight He played n 
Uosfen handi Injit nlffht i/ery much 
likfl that." 

Hejidf'i Jion beffttlj 10 ehuckle. See- 
tHE Tlir' fxprpsslon rjf] Hflrrleffl face 
he checieeji hiniseU jmd became prs- 
temoturatly Mlemn. 

"feui L^ififi, ai Kiur^r." MHiidfTiiion 
adxled, "he tind b lot aa hl£ mind 
iMvi n^ht." 

"Bo? And what did be iiave (m 
his mind?" Eh- Fell os^ed. 

"BCFKJslng aomebodj he Irnd niwsj-i 
trustfil." replied Heudt^rnan coolly. 
-'TliafB why T didti't I lie it when 
the nee at /TiadM turned utt so 
oltm " 

"You'd better esplnln that." said 
HUTlel, ullflr H pautf. "I dnn't 
"mow wliot yoti'ie hinblnij at, bul. 
you'd beller expliiti Uutt. He lotd 
you he Inlend^d to cvpo&e fOmebody 
he hid aluays irmilid'J ' 

"Ho. Like myself, he hinted B.t 

The ilolld Bolfe SlArmrf into the 
c*nveS*fl»LlDn Lhfen. 

''Linl^Q to m?." lie (oupiied ^'l 
hAvts heard a great deal. At one 
time or luvoiher. about Mr. Hunt'a 
Ekliitf Cor cKpOKlTiB people. Very 
well!" He iUd 000 hiuicS Into tJir 
breut of liis coaL ih a chiiracteiriBtio 
gefilure. "But where to ;he name 
of aanity ttom ttml lease us? Ho 
WBntB to eK;>03e sooietmp. And. ta 
da that, he puts on ouUatidt^ 
clotbEis aiid miL^ uerades ^ a bur* 
Btar, Is Uiat BUUilhl*-? I t*ll you. 
the nian a'Ofl Diiid! There s no Other 

"TbEre oie Uye other eiiplaru- 
Uoiii.- uld Dr, rnU. I WUt not, 
SowuvTjr WMU) your tini* wHti four 
ut tttiiiii. We are coiiitmci! itUJi 
onlj: one PKplHiiati^jn; ttie real one." 

"And y<ju know tlie real one?' 
nsked Ilenrim'Aon almrply. 

"I mUifr think no." 

"SlJiW when?" 

"Since I liod the opponimlty of 
lookinc It all ot vou,' answered Dr. 


He lettled haet cnBSUvely In the 
wicker sectce, 50 that Its rramo 
ereajjed and eracJted llJte a jihlp'a 
bullch«md tn a Tieavy ^a 

"I'vtf olFeady iiod u ipisrd villi the 
lot'iil inspector,'^ he went en, "He 
villi he here In a few inlnuiw. And, 
at aisgeaElon, he ipiU have a 
retiuest fnr all ol you. I sincerely 
hope nobods' will reluse." 

"BimiHiSl,?" iald Hciidersfln. "What 

"lf.1. a very hot day." uld Dr. 
Fi>n, blbikins towrds the jnnm- 
mlnp-pooL "He's J^olng to j,uEseat 
that yon all g« In E-ac h Kwim." 

Harriet titterf^d a khiil q! despair- 
ing inutlui. truJ turned at thousb 
aiiliealliigly icp Lewie Butte. 

iRAT," etmilnutd. 
Dr. reil, -will be^ the poUtrat wn/ 
of drawing Qttciiiiou Co the iniir- 
dsTur. In the meastiRte, let me 
call your Btccntlon w one point in 
Uie evidence which RWina to b^rt 
been spiieTully oveclnalted. Mr. Hcn- 
(lerwn, dy yon knew anyttiiim about 
dln'joc beozt-wauniifi. made tiy a ateel 
blade oa thin n vafer?" 

"Like Hunt a vtmnd^ Mo. Wtutt 
abaut tltotn?" 

'TTiere is firactlcfitlly no exterior 
Meeding," anss^ered Dr. Fell 

"But 1" HtinHsl WBJi begizmMg. 

Tlien Eutljir ftopi^d tier. 

"TTw I50lire nureMh, hi fatt. 
called nttenUon to Lttat tvaund 
which was XI 'dUTloult to and ' The 
vlct'iiu dlca oimoAt at once; ^d thff 
edge: of the wound compreriS. Bill 
in that eaae," argued Dr. FeU, ''how 
dlti tlie late Mr Himt come to have 
IB much Mood on Ilia swiialer, and 
men splashwl on hla IrsiiiierEl" 


"He didn't," anawered tJf. Pell 
aiioply. "Mr. Himt's hllliad never 
EOT on hid ciothfE^ at oil." 

"1 cian't stand this," said Harrirt, 
JiiEiplng to her feet. "I — Vm 3arr>-, 
bul hnn.- jou none mod yolnseH? 
ATI* you tiUlne m We ditin't ner hijn 
lying by thai ilfteljoard. with blood 
on Iilm?" 

"Oil. j-e^ Von sa* Ihtit-" 

A Guesi ill ihe lloiiAie 

Cpnh'nued From pogo 2^ 

"t*i him iro on," ssid Hoiul^nttTi. 
who ratQ.ii?r white round Xhe 
niMtJita, '"LcE him itiw." 

'iL Is. f DdJim, A taip pamtr 
Dr. Fell "BaL Jt answers pour 
nuwtion. ne^utHi to tt* point 
iiAmt^ an to v,ihy the siiiln«i>tly 
wmlbh.' Mt. Bunt cbMb la dro&s 
up In lmrel&h'3 dflUws fcntl play 
biu-fflntr. The iLi3£W<!f is Abort mid 
itttiplc. He dJdn'E." 

must be plain to everybody 'tl«t Mr. 
Hunt wfta rfid^lbernioly scttlne tt trap 
Tor Mmt'Dne — the rcfiJ burglar. 

"Ep hdlfVEd that H ErerUiIu [MrfMin 
RiidfhL try tp jtcol oiie or AfiA'rml ot 
his picX^iTcs. He prDl;>[ihi7 tntw U]h.L 
thla ps^au hfliJ tfl*f*3 fllmllAr ^amea 
l»If>Pc In Other co\inLry 5ic«uws: 
UlAL if; nn Lojqcje >oli ivhldi ^flA 
cariifully planuecl tx^ W/a^ an 

Qutfllrfe Jul3. &(j he umde tfiUiga 
Boay tor UUit lliirf. lu ordifr 1» trup 
him idth u paliceHiiricer U\ the 

"The bilTgljir, » sui fatil, Seii itit 
It, TliU thlt*r D giiieiiL In thf. Iwii^, 
WAlted unUl wb13 iioat- two o'tladc 
in Uw tuortUiiR, Ht? Ihen pat on 
his olothi&s. Qia&k. glave.^, and 
U» rent of \i. Bt* let hijufiell: out 
by Uie tact Uoor. He went tiirmigli 
ftJl tlia jflOtienB Wf hiivi! pfTtin- 
eously bfwn iitlrtbtitl^ bo MiifCUJi 
Himt- Tiwn thff ttap smpp^d. 
JUAt ^le %iu rolling up Uie H&m- 
bmCLdt, ht Heard n ncikae 

"Bj EVriJiLg tiifl light rflun-d. And 
he SAlr UtMi'fUJti HutlL, In pyjAumi 
nrid [Ireasina-^wn, loakijig at him 

'Tfta, there was a fight. Hunt 
flew Ht him. Thtf thiof amitched 
tip 4 fridt-Jmlfe and fou^tii bacfc 
In that DtJ-dEi^lp Marcus Hunt forced 
hl^-appORbnt'&htiQd hack- The fnilc- 
knlfe ^HAhcd Ihv i,hief'i chesty In* 
Atctiliig El Auper^cial hut hadly tilcetd- 
Ing eaatL It Aont the thief avtir the 
edgi? of inaamty. He wrenched 
MarcUA Hunt',^ vrbt half Qff, cfiu^ht 
up the knilc, snd sUibbftd Hunt; 
to tilt-' tiefif* 

"Thfn, tn n quipt house. tsriEh u 
]itl^« tseam ot IfghC streaming nut 
from till* torch -dn the iMebemrd. 
tlie mirrilerer fleea 30meihin^ ttmt 
will htan^ TUm i^Q jie^ thn blDotl 
irom Ilia fswn ^yp^ riltiflS wound ffeep- 
iiiK down iiio cloLhea. 

"ETcFff l5 he to set rid pt thcipe 
clothes^ He cancot destfoy thi;,m. 
w get them UiWay from the houne. 
Xa«¥lt*bly the house will 
fitflrcheti, ajid tl;ipy wiJj found. 
WlUwiUC Uk blood-^talni, they 
wQuld &«GJn OTdhmo cKithes in his 
woidrcitie. Bu; with the blpod- 

"Th£re Jc: imly cqie tidnc be i^sn 

Harriet Davis iffHj xtandlag bt^hlnt| 
tlie wiLiker bp I tee. eh^Jng ker ey»s 
n^ainst the iXare the i^un. Her 
hand did noi Ittmhle fichen H'ha 

"He QhAfig^d elDthu ray 

■'Thftt'A It" EfTOWled Sr. FtlL 
ttie wh'OiB sad Etory. Tlie 
murdcTEr drEj^sBd tha bariy tn 

own olethfiH, nmhtn^ a puaEtur- 
with l^je knlfr lii swEsrer. shtrt, aii<J 
Luidervcst Hp Uitn alippEKl on Ur 
Hunt'fc pyjamas aod (jtrej^ilig-SOTT. 
wineb at a jjhich he roiild slw^v 
claim ftn his own, Btint'a wciuri . 
had bled hitrrily »t aU. Hla dr^--- 
yown. l' ililnlc. had come op* i. 
the Jiffht; so that nil the ihic? i- 
tQ trtiiihle him, was « tirjf pimcLLj/ 
Jn the juctet of the pylMiHu. 

"But. oate he had done mis^ h" 
hfld to hypwUfie you an into ^- 
lieJ th^t there wutild Iwyb bceii 
nn thii« for h cJianse of ttlothca. H: 
had to mafce U seoni that tJR llRh^ 
occurryd Juat tJriL'n. Ht had hi tonin 
tJie featuse. So he brought <lown 
pchajfi^ thtmitera by piJ£hing ove: 
pUa of Jillwer. imd jlipped up' 

Dr Ptl] patised. 

"ThB hur^ar could nfirey* havf 
been lAarcu* Hunt. yfbXi ItnaH," h'- 
ftdded. Ten ra that Hunt 'flftuticr 
pirLiiU urenp aU civer the plaiio. Yt^! 
the murdcrod man wae w^Arhig 

Thtxe wai is ynljihlns o! f^et In 
the 4frQ^ Ijelcnff Uspj terrace, ttnd a 
trend tsf lieayy twote Doming np the 
U'irare fitep?^ The local tiiBpttntor 
of pa]jc<;, butUinpd up and steaming 
in its tmlfitriti, JoTlJ^wcd by t#fo 

Or Felt turned ramidi a fiic* r>f 

"Ah!'' he tioM. breathlns! dssply 
''They'Pft oomo to sftc about thft! 
fi-wimmlng- party, I iTnaginf, Tt a- 
eaAy to patch up ft Betiih-wouiuJ -aUtti 
jlnt rtPd cotton. OT eTen a hjindlter 
thief- But such a wouKd Will be- 
C(Mne ijifermLlly cQiu^j-itcuOiia in fl-ny- 
one who 1* forced to dUmb Ua1ri' 

"But U coHldfi't have tcim— ' 
crtcd Hflniot, Her ej/es i^oveJ] 
rmmsl. Her fingtrs tightened oj. 
Li'wifi Butler's onn, an hifltlnctlvc 
SffiUire which he vrs.- to remtrcibrr 
low MfflrwardB, when he icupw ht-r 

t'VHtl t»tTil?l-. 

"Exactly." egreed thi- doctor 
vhKMSiriB with plr^atiffl. '-It could 
not have b«.n n long. ihln. gongllnu 
fellow like Mr. HEidffrMn. U aa- 
.nuiedly coulfl ML hflve been u wfiflll 
and ilciJd«r strl lUt* ynurwlT, 

"There 1* pnly oite peiBOn who 
afl we fcnow. is Juse fthaut Martu.' 
Hunt'v height and build: whjs dotilr] 
hftvh put his own ckithefi on Hunt 
VTlihoiiE any /mipiclon. I'hht liic 
ftamo perftciLi who, thotiffh ho ftum- 
aited to fii&ncJi the wound in hl^ 
chtet, has been constantly nurinhift 
im hajiii ^i&lde tbe iare^ 'OC hi^ 
COQ.I; to make certain the hajnisft*: 

Aeciure. JiuL as Mr- Itclfe la doltifr 

AFthitr ftolff sat vrry «tLdfft ^ ; ■ ' 
his right haJtd still tn the l*;-: 
of hUt jacket. Hia hbd 
smeary in the hot joinllght, btit ttio 
^yca h^hind those thin shells of 
gia^ss^ remained ioscruiable. He 
£pal>e oiiiy ancc. throu^ dry IUh. 
^ter they had c^uLioncd him, 

^'1 should Ijaiw tuJ^ai the ynuu^ 
pup'f wsralng." he snid. "After flfl. 
He usM me I ^?ould tftku long 


4«afMr im mm mfim 

niL Tasr iTiiWiirvE i t 

A> IN nsH- 

. QTif.M TllE SIST W lllfK »1?(MrHQtS ftt^f no 
KMRLBEOW fill. (KW 40,: fc'H>i- "tOKW 
StAftHV t-lTO «iHE StMBl DEm. >t!i' MilH tii/N 

I^- "'^Si.^i^^^^ W'URTEfTH SiimiU iVj— 
miina^ Bl'WtS IN 15 

iLUONt ar ritrr AMWEmc 

MWSTilWWillrf & 

HI WK crwr saw | 



(■in; -muitTOem » a uyiwa -dssn':. 
1 smm lit Mimiit. (Whto ■ 
t M/AC Burms fiMimi tikm. ... 

-\ - l3r'**£'' NEVES SJOl' C-TOWINd;, IF Ott TCCW i 

ap'^-*^ I! tor, fflfN T«f omiin tjont » 

1 "^^tr 

--'^ ><f*' IN iMt * WAY AS W fMUy^ 

wii HIE mmw I .^f^ „,MC'i 


9j'l I 

National Library of Australia 8998 

EARm the ro- 
gAi-d of Capricor- 
uianfi and llieyll Ik 
l^f^iic^rotis aDd kind. , 
But flu^rc is nucithcri 
»«iric to th^ir aaifnr^^, 
— a meao .side. ' 

bom between December 
22 a»d January 30 — bavi? 
many proiiDimeei^ charactev- 
i^tics, abilities, habits, and 
mental quirics. 

lOWsiris rteuple to trouhTe. or thoer 
OkiSe L<J Llbem by i-aiuson cf Jamn?: or I 
btuiEnife* ties, ljut they can be «lfl^ , 
townicts nil utliCTi, 

Many Im^r a greai gift for ser- 
vIq! to {jjruTB, but 'hey can uLsn I 
dCTDond tJirrfr rioimd of fteali Ttiey 
can tw? iJirfwd. doijmatUi, namiW. 
exacting untl v**jrj dlffSciilt W iepi 
nltifiS ivitli u theji do cwl Ilki5 yau. 
ftuU i;nn nimciEit aJwAys bftst yem in 
a deal Whcrr UJlelllB^'iiM. iitirefwd- 
nena. atid p&txencc must r,am- 

They are rar-iilgfa.t*(S. Jiayc r Henri 
n!n£e ol voiucA. aticl are cduyous- 
Biici Qiy. seldtiEo ttaiisht on the WTcmcr 
mdc CP-' Q btirititn- 

The.LT In-clltiiLtiftQ tcnrarcl? rconQiCiy, 
! r.-Ki-T-T. cATi Jurn to pmsiniflny. 

■ -. 'jiioi QiHn QRmea SB tnitRTs ilr 

lii jr.-! 1-3. 

The Doily Diary 

; iJijEwe 1-tautiLF. i}6 Ilrfrnitei TS, It 
. i.iA IT .laroUdU UCDQl,. Tiltl c=kR. 
..rr!f into IruuuLtf U" J"J1J Tnsfi 

i^nii'^ lAprsJ 2J to Mnr 3pi Onfiff 

b fn^tTTt, Mit prnmicjofi and inii):p 

. mnd on nicumljer 30 u!t*r- 
FjUI br cfi.Ellcn.Ln an XHPCtmij*'/ ffi 

'iiM 111- Ciar-iltil 

July 2JH Tftltii DO 
JiimM, CJiRpfJJnt- 

kill] niL 

iiEi' :t<y 

iMf 31 '.I 

Okr-u: fiiiflbfJ. B.hd u[l __ _ 

: I r liiJWf ■ 

i a** IC Srplrrtttint iSJ I 

' -..I r 1 M^^e BJiLtlj 
: fi.ta, uTiJy— bilil- 
) rirJOfc era (niltl^ I 
can t3* fcd^^Fjr. ' 
. . -aroujlij Ji » m I, I 

V ' 

tile tlUlii'iir tra tlBCtiailiT 

llli^ J) I.:.: 

Unt\, a I-.-. 
Dwcmbct J< 

tin cicsrC L>'!J-i:ii;nrii nnil Di-^u^i 
*j.rnrv^iii-id i.jir, now Tfl< i^nnii 
* ■Ix-.tI J. I ; r 1^;. r>' I'TriiK t Orf. ntii'i 
«l»iirJi," urC TKrnrUir? 31 rc.n tdr.^ " *itn.if 
iin chBiiETE^ hhK nil uvi^d [ii.i:< ,ri^ 

•H'on^l^ lOcSfibTr ^-i r... >.''-n-ujl..i' -si 
\frr ] Jt>i HUiTJT Bt:(i.rjj.i(iiL» lA-crua- 

cmitirr 3* ipoiit mrauui v n.-a;,, iiaf imlr 

7f lun^i] 2 [i in I. thirrTntjrfr 1y brii] TJc- 
i;ryr-r tCl itillTl. 
•i.ti-fT TAKltB yiftVcmllKr 22 icy Dmill. 
,ir U'nitlirCuBjji.i'^ bill iKnvfiLi {fifty 

trim KHMl 9%aa Itiftnl Lri mermt 
^'tiu. JKLho UlMT Lhlnni ■ quiet VBf. 
AJid .fi^iU9ft!i4>i' Hint. ei|irr:]|lt> tsa 

tAr^LUIt^f -U^vrm^itr IS '.a JsnvHrr 
»|- Ort biuj wfifk wiMiy, fnr rn[np» 
can rifir tin[ir"'i'» et-tmldtr^hlj UiuPrtibwr 

1.1-1 .■ ' - r^M-riataoi ;i 

^ ■ .THi tiatft 


;ir tonti, ttotfEFi^ 

rilf ifir aimny 3*!JV4ir.E uji n»ftinl>rr i3 
ii-iuut tc irldiil'inti, tlop<mtn'* JB Jfiun 
It, J f IC.i. 

|TlKi itnlrtltAn W«ftifB'< Wmilf lEtviinlB 

■n^ilir nf ■■tuml ^t^oial anpppLini t-^. 
■ B6s»fh1hilT ■lallrniiiilii >run C.J |W<I 

lu ih'n Jul*'' «*-if*rf"n f»fT*l* ilur 
jf ucia&l* In Jftftivrf >h> Putirn 

LOlTIAR: IHm k^dL NnbUa servajil, U on Ihr 
trail of the Oclcrp-n* Kirif^. which is 6lefl.lln|c 

traced a ns^r^ ^rni Ftdlen Yiy 

factory, to lb? Inlr oF nome of the spies, and 
MuidxxLkc'., Inning ^crured uDtr al Ibc cafHcf 

P'ttwuM from thu hmvH", \f «niLbtetl to l>ocat« 
tJir headqiiiLTlcn Ihv KiuE With 
Mit, nOARK: Of the Ei*Hrcl tatrvice, he bntikn 
Into iittf liniiM, liiil Ulc Tbsit hnk txcti au- 
ikijiJitrdh Tht! plw^e ba«. been *et fpn fiJT, and 
tfac-jr jMv irmptwil Llurvr stories fr<»ru £ht 
l^uud, llowtyfr, H mriLTia of eiKH:pe ^ 
devtacil. NOW READ ON: 

National Library of Australia 


Tlia Austration Vfomtn't Y/akhf 

Pecember 27. Igjl 

nrnnder aald: "Well the Niyy 
baoycd the place. They'll wiute no 
time In djecklug thp poelUan; il 
li'i not In Arn fiM ihsy'Il ralw a 

The AO.C. ncHtded. "Bvniab)i 
mum. Itnijw by tMs ttan. we'd 
tieivr luLd hlni an tbt ti!lei)htiii4* Iv- 
lore amf U It was out <it Area 


HKikuii tu Cutponl luuuUecl— 
euiiOEr— to Hud out whik£ liv mit?" 

Dli:k<:iu iaid: "I hnve. He dldn t 
flpe the ti^UTavAn«& alL Plot the 
conuliifr-towi^r^ he nLld whaL you 
ana: ttlM tt tt» vU tovued wilt) 
jimdlce aft^ Ihp QfBt Kttj^rk. 
ihoii^c hp s^w It bhctr. and be 
thouytaE IhaL tlieiv wnti ntiUiiog on 
It Is tl]« fi-ay or lEtlelihK But h« 
WCitl't Hir far certiiin Uial -hp didn't 
let a nlm at Hiiobe, mLitnklnit 11 
lor Ulc flirii? of lllcr i^uucture/' 

nip fi.O.C. *»W: "Hts Httiry rsulty 
dooMB't tike LIS any lurlhrr. " 

He ej«d Uie pUot avtiipiitlirllcnilr. 
"I'ln tlralil i\wre, cm bu aa dsubv 
Ujat It WHS CaranKi" ht' said qulclly. 
'The clottiJiiii alnoc iUiow< lhat. Bat 
bn view thi; navy are ilaue 

i«ptuiMble fat thla Yau'vr got 

aha nodded, ejw ^pajillng "MnL" 
The Aai cuntOTiwrR liegan to come 
Inlo Uie bar, and Ihey hnd no ramv 
time lor Hosslp. Once opeuftd, Lbe 
aimek'bar qukUy filled. 
To iiie gkls behind the bar, cacJi 

Coniinuinff . . . Landfall 

iiQthlfflt »* tcproaoli younell with. fn)m pooe 6 aisolf-iiBr. ahr t™ loottn* Iw- 

Vcm subBiarlne was In the wrong ^- ward to the coupJo 01 houu daMHiii 

pISM at Uin iBronj! Unw, and eiihcr . ^ , . .v Uiat »fou!d come ariw tinr roBi lifliirii 

fhtoudh tiesllgsnte or aeclfcnt she « S™' <" o" of worn. 

dlil niil udi-lsB snyboiSy eJ het thaiise Oii lh» lydriiphoiiw he had ^^^^ ^^^^ ^ 

Ih acJiedulif, Further, 11 eeeiits very ™*™ "hf niih of air eaca^ Eroni to'iittiimo hot glaxses. hum- 

dnubUnl it her Identlfiaitloii aulu wmcthiins on the soft Irattom, but ^ 

wero propffrSj In «rdei." tati hoftrfl no other sound. Be j^^^ Mlrijun said: "MJ, 

ey«,t«w,. "Ata yoa ffOtafi .a w r'^''^' , ^ , InjI dancing?' 
■' " He had rcooTercfl cerlsin CtSJecla 
flOaUne Iri Uit middle ol Iho allet 
tbe objciita that hc^ now ^nv on the 
Alde-u^le. Ilioas i>bj«ctj vcrc all 
that he had seen. 'When he rocoe- 
lllM^ the citlJe^lA the clDlhinK vi 
a BrItyiJi aaaman. hp had ^ent a 

fl^al oa hla wirtlcii Yea» that flvcnlng had a chmacLer of lU own, 

wan a rapy of the signal that he flaturday nlshi was always crowded 

i«ju jind hilariiiUE*, Friday vas uauajly 

did mt knoir the poiitlrm accur- ^'^ 'f*™ f!*,"" 

nUMy at Uiat time. It was Mine- ^l?™^,^**!'^ 

where csur Ihc boiindare ol Aieaa "fl altwnatstl with rlotouj 

SM and TM. nl#rht£ ^iicn there was good news 

' By leaw or the prcaldciiL, '° '■'P°"j ."^^ 

tahi Humohy InierjKiMd that the equalird w Saturday 

position of the ljuos< liad ahieo been ^'■'"^ 

Bcciaately fistd. SI was In Area This waa a curious, sidtai evco- 

SM, nicveu cables trom the ing. The oQlcerti s^ood about In 

boundary. httle graups dlisuulng wnwliilnr 

_ _ Ah" Coidinodore HtUfhes hiU MM In low tones. Hot drlnklns very much. 

'Tliftfs terrlhly ntot ot you te <*y Jnim his seat and caught the eye In first Jioiir II ™i e-rtdent that 

IhnL nlf. But I don't think 11 ■*suid of the president. "May I dra-w the Bometliing Imd happened. Kcma, 

t)f very oomformble for Miioni il 1 attention oJ the Court to tlic fact out m the pastsse to shuss th* har- 

"lnyed on a{t*r tliii." *- that tliat poalllou is vers clii« to boy to come and wash Lh* ffli*iies. 

The wtoE-TOtnnukDder nodded. '^^^ POt"' eatiniolfd by Plyuii>- met lOrlam looktoB for tt new iia«, 

■J*l*e air ofilter jmid: "That nia¥ be '^O'lC^r Cltuxrtt;*r57" h« said. "it Mflna aald iiuldtly: "What'fi ttie 

.10. II yoQ do, where would yvu lilie tonflrnia flUr o«n opinion that Mr. mntler with tjiera all HJ-nlltht? 

to ga?" ' ChxtintWtB lA B careful and rrllatiie They're llk« fl lot of alufft'd dtum- 

"I'd UIti la go aombor officer. I should Uke thr Court to mlei. " 

C<5minand, air. ^m^where awov ^'^^ Tj^ht to the accuracy cf Miriam saw licr cast nmi darted 

from tUa dlMtrtci" ' hla evMtnce on the l»siUon wh™ for the BoUisa. "H's a lUbrnarine 

tlml. air?" 

"OErlalnly I am. If IJie Nuvy 
want a row. thtj' can hav* it im 
Bcttlm riither thud ol' Iwliii! blntiicd 
for LhEtr mL'Jtcikes." He paused, and 
theu flald: "Wc Mill havon'i hoard 
tho rpawrn why Ltie Lochirntii! 'wa,ijn t 
In rOBVOj'." 

Tlltfre was a short pauae Then 
the pilot paid: "Tbere'ft one thlHE;. 
nil." H<! hcsltaied. "I think It 
woElkl be IDCttcr If i put lit for a 

The ciF cUieis looked bi him 
kindly, "Not «o iai aa I'm con- 
cerned, Chumhera. If the Court ol 
Inquiry dig up any mors evidence. 
It may be tUnetenl! atit Iraai what 
I've hirnrd aa far. you have no rea- 
nia to tractor." 

Chambers said in a low tonei 

A CRISP bteft-ond-a^ifre print 
frock for cummfr tiaticeM. Thr 
rw6fT.iftf('re(f jilque revnrs and cutft 
and a lIuoiKl fmhroMered peffi- 
c^oat ara inferz/finji joifilon 

In caee any af them s^l mtU I 
tlalnlt hc'fi out there still." 

BomehMy laughed shortly lUiil 
lurried away. "Sot. murh hope of 

The ah- officer ataently made a 1.'^^™*!?^^ .'i"™ H>m6thhis.;;_»be lald did Kugson ssy Uibi"3)l«r.' 

note Tjpon hlfl blottlnfi-|>Bd. "ITl nee ^uBrUn g of the Ijydttivitntia." haatlly. "One of ourfl. Here, tjive 

to that. You'd better go ^-n leave Rear-Adniiral nuddcd. "I mt a hand with thew. there'js a dear, 

tintll thp pOHtlOff." H< thaijjfht lor i^^Pt that point, AJr oornmodorf, if you take t-ft-o 111 bring thii other 

a moajent, "The Court of Imjub-y I "B-" ulsout I" call tuv cl-ldenpe uo- fmir " ip Jues atj. 

Why is she so romantic — 
SQ attractive — so different 7 
From cli« Tint dii^« eo iat 
axieore ihc r^ rula* har cool, aptiv^ 
cms ^he hat a Creinti SiriMie 

coatiplcjdDn. &ut why env^ her — 
when you cun to eojilly aiaka yourt 
■' dfff»rent " loo ; 

CREME SIMON. Ebe dlfferotit 
ikinrood uied a different wiy — whit* 
your hog ii damfi. Its jc^ntlc [ante 
Ktfon Wespt ikia firm, iupfjlc.5rnqoth, 



Aih. loo f«r PpudlfB Ilmvn 






«t) sn iiTtl.'itiliV -kin >:tim|:]]aiJ»1 

mnmlhithiiu in nr'lrrf" rrr-»|' 
€uin I -Uliiil «4 Hrtpii 4fia th HHi:! fnr 

opcnj Ai three o'ciwL^ tltifi nfe^r- 
iwjoii, in Part BIcjfijFilPiiM. I MhmH 
QGtac la LiiAt with yotl." 
"ThpQt you, sif,"* 

"I csjiwit U will go on to-nmrruw 
I'm JiQt puttius you lauaer 5317 f-orm 
oT ojrrcnlu bemtiHe 1 don't nn? 
reafiOD fat- lU stay nbaut Uilc pUnct 
Ib aux YQTJ'fc netdNi, tiut yen] %'Dp't 
Crat ugQD piLtrol, jfoon 'tbc 
Court Ls QloEfid. 3^011 ^ou ^ aff an 
tmvc until jnoiir potstiue- 1 stiftU 
want to yoa ag^iln beloir >uu 

"ITLOiLlt you. dr." 
TbP Court -HI Inquiry l|t*it 
a/t^i-DODn In ft big ictiure -'floifl o^jeid- 

of Pnrky's Wfus, then?" 
^ Off Deijurlui* Pi>iiit sdmenrhtrf, 

I was a]stiut ccttt fur c'vkience up- four." i. . .-^-1.^1. 

on tne paUrtn^ of the hydro^n,..' ^.O the bar ^ hB^S" anv^ln^^^S to^l 

recalled. Bald 

served the walthie emwd. The si* c^fatui They know it-berB Carani 

lioWre were lor a Itt-tle crowd of ^jj ^-^ey ffot cloths* uji 

Ut Bullseriord *!« offtc*!! from ths trawliirfi Hwt jj^^, 

that he had beeii ducked cni-h iilght m the dMkyard. .r^^ thai?'' 


on tkiard Caranax jditeen days pre- TH*y toolc their Blasts and rc- 
vtnuily at Harwlcih. He clearly re- JumtrJ their MinverjiaUDn In the' low 

tones that bsd sjjread a furtive, 
lullen Btmosplvcrr into the eiin 
that night. 

ealled that Ihn patntninrl; waa In 
very good order. Ee rpeollerted 
the sppnsrance tjf l.lie liydro- 
yanea, and ttioy werfl clearly 
marlsint. KedU tiot ttdnl: It pois^lile 

ihat tht! psintaork could hate mil- reaUy sot the place, 
(end very i^really In the miKintiiQe. "Tan deep, ten't It?" 

The court then adjourned till tlie "If you mi me. tliey dont bnqvr 
wxt moriilne. uherc she la iU all" 

CllamtWt* drove back In aOence There *bj a fiOnl. Eenjeral smli*. 
to the aerodrome with the two -^4 a malwir of racl, they do tenow 

"I eveiheard Dale laytaiT sonif- 
ttilne Itbont it. Be mH tffiljotieson 
had litcusht tr. cloihM snd stuH 
that Came up in the boll whei »hr 
Went down. I think lluifa risht 
One nt Uit'tn sidd: "I can't see why Mitobeson cam* in SBsitrdsy, bill he 
Hiey didn't sand out dirers IT they've'1 due 10 docli till rrSdaj'." 

"Where's MltolKMjOII nflW?" 
"f don't know." 

Somob£>dy said: "Th*y i>peiied thr 
Court of Inquiry over In BloiihniL'^ 
thlB aflemi5on." 
Behind the bar. In a pndae bt?- 

the subrtiarlrte depot. In tlie daik aenior otllc^r^, ers'spiag along in ui^t Mai-nard said Utat there^ a tween the nervltiit. luEona aald (tuielh 



■if li'et (rum 
1 flt>lrrMllll 

M Ahitulu 

6f Muh tf II — UlumptLit w ticji all 
Biorriuii ScrrlhEfl fh-^thrfA— 
■ IIAVi llir "irnh"" — Ihft 

,l»iaSi» ' ■'* .l'l 

F UtE^ ,&lp|,4ilPtrJ 

UilnbCr afL^ri'iiDan ti liglit snav was 
fAttilig, pcWt^Piiii^ griLfis and flowor- 
twdB. Tlie Court incS uAilcc IJh' jirC- 
gtdenDT ot n Rcitr-Admiral, with 
Cnptfitrt Burmby and a cfLpt.nln 
from Lbe depot to fiupp^rt hkm. 

fat tlie Hayiil Air Force, wiib WtELg- 
Commander DiclfiEmQ, "but tl>ey iserc 
□ tlimtted by conrtc'ss- and hOt^ by 
piivilEgc. Thin ipiLi u iiftval in- 
quiry injtji Lhr^ Ktes ei tt ontfHl ihi\i. 

AJ] the 5f£crDCM>ii Court cmn- 
sldnred rvidonre. The witiiEfiae§. 
■westf Ttoi ndmllLrd to the hwirUis. 
i)i>t ant in rorifltraiiUMi iylffiiisc Ui. 

BnthflrfOEd gave <n^lclenci: the 
inuvemvnt^ of CaTBJix. CliarnbErif. 
WBi ^umiDDiLc^, nnd toM hlfi tali* 
oiic*.' moH*, r^lerliig » Utile iindsf 
thfl eold amiOny of thts rittval ^tm^ 
cets. Hi? ans^iT'Eret] mtftb 1 qu ts- 
ilUin£ tm certainly tind with muiill 
}]ASltaitki3i ; iht uiqiiiry pr^di t'lril 
riflthlug thjw. A.L Itist Uity rt?ltiii4rid [■ 
blin Bhd eetit, for Corpoml Lam- 
liftrt, who iacpd. thorn with cheery ' 

"■'KewT cJafiE*tl my mliid but "wlitti I 
she WQ8 a Jpiry.'' h<? mid breeHly. 

WHii/" But, preiEiEd upnQ thnL Aub- 
hf. tmd ncihinE to i?iLtistniiihit<. 

Ttic win*lflM Djwrnlcir fcllnvcd 
hlui, dimdctiMind ^jmrant. He litid 
^c-ii little- or nuLhins ot liitf MLb- 
mortne^ bpiag occupi^l in flrindtnn 
\n the ^erUt and hnn^iiiff tin tn hiA 
Bent. H« hud wsvdr iGPn a uuts- 
nl^^iIle "tie'tu*. exi*pi uiirt in tht 
dltldince, nud he tn™ noihiiLg -of 
Ideattnt^allnn ihatIh, He tliouffhi 
Uut Ur. CUfUtibers wtLs ^ very ccjirHir- 

UtJtiUmjiiiL Jfltrnwcn, RN.V.K,. 

followwl. Riid told the C«uiL how 
J he ha<1 hrarci the ^ound or brtcab- 
.. cuff sTia had sof:n \hc m^MhK^s thrw* 
' mllci to tlir north ur him In Uie 

ffldhig llSlir.. He Imd £urj>ed Eo^ 

oa he Vftnt Far Awny he hnd mvd 
tlie how of the A^Tbmfiniic rear up 
till it wns verUeai and *lowly dbi- 
Eippt-ar, bUE b& could TVDt difltjnjITiish 
dL'tftll£. Ttis a<?ropljin« had gukfcd 
him to the 
Whni iis not tUvn, there had 

eomtnf to tbe Airface, und Uicrr 

ttl« dnrkhf^^ Iti th# Patre CAf 
iJinthftd watted for thelil aubsidc tlic 
za'ati. la ihe blar luic/JS' of 
braimpotl ytird IhEy sSjlariitcd* and 
^e plldl Webt Up to hlE roOin. It 

dxirtpr Htanriiiiff by — Kitchen's 
dniiEr. Ttic one With the ptnfc 

Another nodded, -^ley kncnr Liie 
plnw ftll TtgJit If* hi Area SM-" 
One jsakl: '"HuiL'ft noi what Rug 

U> Mirtam: '^ou "was right KbiFii 
thftt aubmarhic. I heard tlicm tnJk- 
liiff Caram tiiey utM ti»e timjtit 
WM- One fli our own. Is&'t It 
aw Oil!" 

tlie otlwr ^1 aald: ''EHd you hwir 

There woa nutbing' ior Idni T<Q do. kod fraid. He ^d it wba Aren tbum ssy out> at our own chnpB dlti 

nathiog to mad. ihrank from St,-" 

gohis (lowiEiitnira to the mtn^ to "Bow did RugBon kittiw? He oniy 

■jncei wit*i (Jthcr affirera, ]>i<fh3p£i di^dSi^J tn-ni^hl." 
b<! questtoncd: ^'Bugiton C'Oiddn'i; lia"ve Iciujwn any- 

nlRht hr liRd AiTCLiig&4 tn mwr. ""Wolt, Ite ^Jid, He clots?*^ wif-ii 

M-atm. 10 danrc^ with her the fc^rlcy ThomiLs, In thf XoTf'- 

PAVjUcrn. H*?\1 have to leave It: he itoon, nnd Porky *iLid he sallod tigM. Just now 

couldn't be acnti riaflfUng at tht through the plsj^ tlds rarrrnlnR juEl. 'But hnw could that liApfWi-n? They 

PavHton — Lht mem who had sunlc after dnwn. nnd i4mv* w«ie oU still i?cit iDfti'fcing*t to >iiow ttiey*tt Enf- 

Caranx. At the Mioe time Ji^ coming up," IibJi, littvi^t tlKT?" 

lonjftjd to utile to boTi S& innted "Wfta Kftpiien thwrc?" *I danno, That'd yihai gric of 

to tie Vfllh her, to ten her ef tbr 'T ilaii't thmit pQT^y aaUI asjr- them waA Afiylne Jlv^^ now." 

teorfuJ ^neai h^'ii got blm&Blj! into, tliiog abimLi a drifter, UMS^oa dldnt; 

She oiJ^rhl asf^^ ttw^t him &om?- ^a? 

wtifxe else. "Tt couldnt tmvp hcMi the place 

At lhai titne Hons ^'lu Uikfiti; qIT t inmv,\ \s<'v^^}v^ M^ynnrd .tuid titiai 

hvi coat in Ihd i^ag^^B^ behlrvl iiie Kftohca stcviniuig by nil night 


"¥ou don't mv'" 

"I Uiought I hfiftpd them fifty thai 
Oofl ef tiie Air Poree a^'TDplLiTu^ 
tfiat bc^mbfitt . il by mis-talee/r 

"Not refill y?" 

'That's -a-hflt the^ were saying 

There was a DiomtntA^y aUotir- 
Tiwn Ui)hft AitUi: "Did Cnruijc oofii- 
iTiE;^Qa here* ^ y-oii tnsw?" 

PI&Qsc tufn t9 page 32 

EN/Oy UFE TO THE FULI . . .T'ovfee 

^^1 liclher nt work ot pl«y, mnke nn'c ytni enjov lifo 
lo llie fulL \oi! t'nn <in3y ilo itiU by krrping r1e.aD 
in&ii)**. A daily »|iatktiiig ^fltt-'^s af Knn'i? 'Truti Sail" 
will i^n-nirc the gcnile yiyl iboioufrh Hlmiminjoti of 
p oijM:iiiauii f mj J w afttc , Eno hat Wtn I msi cd f iw 
gearraLi-ui]3 hy ^cnsibLr pi^oplc cverywhe|-B, not jurt 
because il is jd glorious jipHrklmg Hrink in itself, 
hut be^tAiiEie il lenda lo- u Euller cnjo^iri'CiiL of tifn, 

En o ii n on ■ irri I n nt indl nuo-habl t. 

Einu U til4*JLitartt ro lAnl«, Anfr, mlhl v^t 
ihii^rtiittRh in »rlrnn, 
Fni> efiniuinii uo ^ii^jir Ui ou-t-lii-iil 
the bluoilH 

finrf VU M 

f'li^^niijijj, aIOIW 


National Library of Australia 9000 

December 27, 1M1 

The Australian 

The mau wliu named 

Ernestine Hill's fine story 
of Matthew Flinders' life 

The man who govs Australio ifs rmme and first mopped ifri coast- 
lines — Matfhew Ffinders — has been broughf l-o iHe horn the poges of 
history by Ernestine Hill, 

To-dfly, when AtiiFrafii^ foce? tht gravest ejnercjflncy in ih history, his itofy ts 
on inspcration to the men and women who d^tand the shores he chorted. 

WITH the sincerity flwd 
love for hex DWiicouatry 
thst characterise, all bt^r 
Wiaft, Emotltie Hill has dtjjae n (in* 
Job itl "Mf Luvw Mufil WftlL" Writ- 
ten In itie fetin nf a. novel. IT. yat 
aCfhfm Ih ctnerjH distiill to facta. 

Ask tiic majDEliy or AUAlriUam 
*lui.t tht'y kiww ctf ratj(l«i-s, aiiU 
thoy wili label mm it sresit exulorer. 
Few knuw Ure estciit of hia urorlc. 
very few tntlffed his txysic lavft-storr. 

^'Sevpn fiso."' Tn-itefH Er- 

tiestiiif am, tn Llic chiipter iihij <Je- 
Votes Uj hncicartHHitl, "'I kiif^ ls 
much Kboiit him ns lii-f (ii-crae*: Atib- 
ti-allau^ Ltifljt 3a.iR and Piin tie 
sailed the cgaat of New South Walea 
when ILa liistDr>' twpin In n.n heruld 
UhJf: tub, Ttmi Tfjomb; Uiat ^liirj 
difiCoifm^d BdsE Strait, and In *. 
whalebottt , . . which wfte md 
which Pliiidtir.'^ ■was zldL ijulit cle^r 
Ln my mind , . 

Hsr coaipletft:! boolc icstm-es to ihs 
enoTmciis reae^rcli work ahe has 
done itt the Inttrri'ffnlng yeans. 

Vividly aiattb^w Fllndcra (cmeiji 
out of h-er a^vory a niELn ■wiio, 
frmn hlr Enellsh cttUdhood, dpvot^ij 
himsolf lo an jLll-conmimJLcig' paa- 
sian for dUiwsvpTy on unknown hcirl- 

HU f'haj'itclM- Eh epItcmaLbicd In a 
rttEDfrni-c from hli d^Ary: "If jk 
vnyii^F flf diriiM^TFrv ■were lo br ruid 
orcf my crjU'e 1 trpulcl rke d^. 
Kwahcncil fri»in Ihr dpait." 

Although thp nanii' AuatraUn waa 
liol fornuLll:^' Ac1n}:]le^d by ;itnlutf mi~ 
ti] 18&S, it Tfa;: FLtndprfl Who Brsi 
ILRd It gFJirrAliv Indeed, he wUhM 
to prI] hie boolE, ''A Voyage to Aili- 
trallB./' but B\T JCMseph Eanlcs iii- 
Mbt>ed on ^'A Vova^ to Terra Aua- 

fAustj-alls, meaniTng south, hud 
been usrd eflrllcr to ilrsigiiiitc Isndft 
BQuth. of the e<}uafcOr.> 

■TD-diy,'* torlt*S Emftfltliic Hill, 
hunttr-cd ytarp fotf^dltTO, the EJn- 
C3rp3i^|3n<'ulb BrU-tcinlEa hotinw him 
its the HiC\X rtuct rt.niJ uCCOniplLih^d 
Of th*« iinip-ai4ikt3rs sJl tlMi?, a 
^niUA It! !nftvlgci'_t£?EL 

"llln .L^ltartH und imTiRfltiflnfl are 
thr foimdcitiDn <ii all our geography 
all ciLir fnllluR dlrcctj-jmH, chKi^ 
iui near peiffirtlfln in Ihelr time 
fli buman hentj lUid eye could ouke 
iliem . . , 

"ma oti^r^'ntlfln* cf the bHuWffletHsf 
In land nntl jifrA bretiftB ftw bXUJ Ihft 
ikBolnnh'i:. tnxttwJk. Hlf dlJ^^svG^y 
ttuLt the rtcvhitlciii nf ccmpuLit, varia* 
tEons wd.1 due to the pnuipnee of Iron 
in thfi ahlvi MTfl7iit,1nrJ?.ftiJ ruiirtlHil 
BclEi^ne. bliibllit^d Ihe- lutlLudes- etnd 
loTiFrlludei; *f '.liP fikilie. 

"Ttip Itlnder?; Bsr atiw Veep* the 
oiHnpairs ttiir An tirpry ship thui JlUta 

vijtuni dltcD^-eri-r at roid «t Pctrt 
!£ewbLn. on tl'ie EOuth tx^i af New 
Ekiuih Wals, l£i Lhp Tam Tliuuib 
JOTirrjej, Or nil the barb<ir0 m our 
i::npLta.h Ai'Jd lotiier |>arts ot taa^ 

jLnd f^flmjLntitf. Ue tmide ttie ilrst 
aiixhentlc surrey," 

HLg lui'v-MDT}' la a txuslc^ oiur. Arjii 
CHifippcU ^Fis hiu childhL-iod plfty- 
mfii*. and liio only lovne ol hli hrLef 
Mt — he died at 4D years of opt?. 

rrcinn I lie Uthc lie nmde hJs flrmi 
VDjraEv (With SUj^h't ar^cnnd e^pcdl- 
Uun) , tac saw her unLy Ivr n few 
W«ks It) 1 a nd tuc h bfLff 

hanejrmmMi ki i>&l>l. 

When. In IBDl, Sir JUfleph Bimtft, 
pl«a6ed VL'lth I.H« fX|»1{iratdr>- Wor)C 
HlJlrfefs h*id nlfOadj' uCiifi7fipUilhi;d. 
APtiUT'id him the ctihmumd of the 
InvfcflUe^io^. lie i^imuafld lo iftts 
Ann Mm ta Ptirt JacjcsciiL 

Shii wajt uirradj aboani, bur. the 
Admirajty hE?iird of it, A xn?W r*ijil- 
laLlun httd jJM iKfifti fiaiirlled pra- 
vtntiMf ftfcatni-iij Wtmi tsKsnft their 

fi'ie POFpofiif f?i4i /■Tintfers sei oiiK for Bnglaad, hvpinv M 
■I.*- n^ir^ iht}} f[)r liljiciiv^r^. Hh jnuma^ in Vnrt Jtwkwa by sutler 

arr antong tt\e ffrraf {if-e:dj recorded tn "£4ii l-tnttr AfiAii WaU." 

are The thcms af Erneitin^ HiW'i 

FngliLnd fUid Fnmne ■K'cir at Wftf. 
Ylif ftrrvflm43r flf He dc Fmtiici'' tK>]i- 
fildfTPd tJtat FUmlers' p^i^i^vt*. wsu 
out oi qrdtT, reFu£&d i<» IrL him ::u 
an. ^d hn^jritutntd him. 

It eUjVi^fi pe'JP* ItitPf th^t F.iii 
dera n-y^lie*! IgneT&jid, dintrc^.-^ <l 
In mtiHl and 111 in body. 

Tlae AdmLralTj- RTV'^e hith arfliflt 
rfcpBnlUon. Etlh hia I^rrmer patroTi, 
air Jbiflfiih BanJcS. Ji*i!fflw3 nnaWflJu 
that Lhp d.Vinri niWi, writing tDjj 
'■Vop»(!e to TftTtt Au^ftSift." wius 
tc leBVe Mfl mart tareriT on the 
laLstiory of tlsn tsffw «mi3try. 

Otj U>e dny thp fttet cony cnmp 
(rflin U?is iTubHshers Flindo-a wmjs 
tMF ID to mud £t. 

He died iiexi de^. 

■^My T.uvr Mnst WfllL" BjT fir- 

Our inpiiy fMin Khe iinhUshmL 

Fresh start 



■ -Jr» t«»» ilri.i: U-.J.J.- 

wivra lo sea. Sir JtKepB Bunlts sent 
tor Ktudtrs and him hta 

eholci!. tJMS InvMlJgiitflr or Ma wUo. 

He slifflK t)!? luvEStlgstor. 

So Ann romatncd aL tioiiie. itiid 

ErtiisHne nm his i^Kcldlell the 
fiJUiIii!. lanely mimiiti whs vas not 
to tier liUEtiiiud until his return, 
D yrtin Inter, an 111 nnil i11uiiipiiUite<l 

He hnil Eurv^yei Uw coiwt of 
AustrBlla Crom th« lieauwln to 
Amhfltn Bar. in liie NtirtlU'Tt) Tnril- 
lon'. when Use iDvestljjnior'e ton" 
ditlfin niiiilf Lt nu^tuaiy Im tilin to 
Tuam W Pwrt JifltEoo. 

Pram Uifn on eame a wrips of 
HBtliiicfcE. Tbey ciu[iiiiiiat«i whuii, 
on Ms w:iy to EiMfland with his 
prBciaua rtinrts »!id to setle a nfw 
ship, ht c«ll«l s; De dc J^aJice, now 
Mniirltlui, to refit. 

/alher itt fi/t^. U'h^tn hiM Mnn^ 
Trtfn» j,>Jnrrf tltv rriptiilKi- 

hinty n/ hit 4lirtifttni-r-in'lau' ttirif 
griinjnm hframf htM. tirk 

. . . rhrn tii-dtty^M pvm ttrnin 
^Cuti III lifti tin hit nenVM 

Teetbing Time 

Visu s*« tha differanct rhJ| 
Afltiton & fArK/nt" Intnnia* 
PowiJsFS mokt lo your bafev 
It teething fiftiQi Thty coi'l 
the blood, enturit t-trgulii- 
easy rnotmns, ami hav* * 
dnfJnJtt tmifftrttng JdliPfl, 
Ai * r*sul». btbv wff^ 
rttjfie o* the ill Bff«cla Which 
ift (sftm occur whan cixltrnj 
TtM hnl toeth bui l-irt*iM> 
thri I riatu r J I hap^v »Ta tf 
which fTH?J^'» «5 much to 
tHt buiv rr^athir. 


Wriil for • f8E£ J««PU (9 FHaiHUIIfE (WWTON • fMSOW ) LID. 
POST OtflCt lOX K f)0»H IIDMtr. NEW ^OUTI'I 

Oil tf.JZO #V*rr£r 

Continued Uom page S 

■^TTEUlii, everythlna c^^rofifl tc nn 
* ' end, and a Atret^ihcr partjr cnuie 
ogt oBd got mC'. Xhcjr tcxihc me down 
tfl Hii ftn,pty liut by thr rlvei. and 
Lt* dooWir, Adrian Jolmson. eot to 
work Pn me. Wlillc we weie Lbei's 
tTlcre woa bit nf fhellhig^, imd 
PT^crycmE In ttw huL was sllgi^Uy 
vpunded citccpt me. 

"And tin to out thin- loPtt 
aliort;, I flnalljr Arrived ftt thn htt=- 
pl 1*1 at Dfudtt, itnd Waji hed 

-lis K'lad td be home, but I would 
mtlier Iwive itaytd tiuite luid ^iie 
on vlth sDEE^ fiOTL Work. I 
lintad iKivlric the boysl" apJd Ro 
] "DO you LhliUc Lhnt Umy will 
I wmit to comt hnmc nqw iihut the 
Jti,pjme£^ havu cOme into the wort" 
"Oh, ttD.'* Kild euiiihatisTJillff, 
"They wiU rejdiso tiiat Lhe Job they 
hsire t« do aver tiierc Ia junt il-; 
Important, orbd enit't be Hi\4tiE up 
now I 

"Evetyenw tell* mti rcn a hrro, 
btti I cunH UHleve il. What 
pdearieii mnsit i& that m^r rtiRi- 
iwi^nt, the :4/&ih, Im* iKiffi liirniireA | 
0nd i^nlly iL i^'L onr man w>h4 
a de::iarnllon. II 1\ the rcEimt'nh 
Ilr 1b nothinj; wUbant hW rt^iti- 

'"Al^ T am pleased to find thdi. T 
am the fix^it AUEtfallon uHIIeryEniLn 

to get tllP "F.C. I Ioi3fc«f It up IT! 

tht cni^yrlntjaedia, (Lrul I taua^l Uinl. 
v«ry f fw 3cl diera in thtr artUlfi-py 
hflvr biJtm dc-t-nraicd tri-tli ii. 

"1 ftlJifl Sejunt hi ttie ^noyo^ei" 
pnedla that VIctorlBi. wha 

pavo thfl flrst Qrosit, WM born cm 
May St, wid ULat's my blrliiilny. 
tDO,"* he Bald nraUmHly. 

Lieut, -CfuiJor, wiio cflm^ rtT>m tv 
fiunlTi' knoTF]! ua Uic "Shoflting 
CiuMrra"-Mit!y me cmck i-U3r idu:itA 
— i5 n. gradiwte of tht Sydntg? Unl- 
vcraJiy, where ht; won hlf Bachtjeir 
ol E^onoDintc-jii diEpre. 

Hi* went DVpraeM bj. OclolKr. 1940. 
fljid \i fiiiflficngfrr £ci the (dmuj trotjp- 
kdil^ the lab; Cnr^t^nil J. H. 

EdniotiddDP, V.O. 


HAgf^cd, jumpj: iifff^ie^ ore d sure of ^ight-Slarvatiou, 
\( you /eel tin*d llic finjtr. c^cn wake rirfrJ^ gc* run dowii, 
iinti yntjr nurvi'i^ nrr rag^r^J njid jhni|iy, iJicn «larl druiking 
nprlicikf every iiiglit bcfoTC UmI. Vnur will be rcullif 

ber efLciic I and rcpy perfili ve^ Tli h no »r iftli i . 
well'bnlancpi)! food pive* you tbi? ftJtfm vitality 
riwtfsppirf to ItHip your iii^rvea calhi and Mvady- 
Priced from 1/6; economy slic S^'^l, sprdaL 
\\t\vk wJlh mixer 2y'-. 




National Library of Australia 


The kntniian Women't WetUf 

December 27, 194T 

aay. I'm sun. Submarlcea do EsuUy. 

don'l. (.hey?" 
"I (tou'L know." 

A tret\\ spait ot ordeni e&mfl ud 
stopped their ehsi. 

'niwuFdn aiiK o'clock ChumtxTi 
crept luip tlie ctty through Um 
tiluckeut In tUs UUk nixcbt cur 
"^th th? dimmed headlig^hls. He 
liftd n lilted Llw i;iUkmi. had 
pointed aions under the atom gal- 
lery in a wBT* ol Acntlment. He hajj 
110 1 (Kin>i to face the ordeal ol din- 
ner In the int55. &[ul hs wos wry 

It with (iillicuity that he hid. 
luirvcti himself to ga Into aie mack- 
biir o( tht Hoyul dartaco. htit hr 
kr}?7 no aLlifr way to B^t holcl oi 
the girl. II he nlDpcd In ttud out 
qiilcMy he pmliably would not M 

He parked thi) cur am] wpiit Icla 
the har, cnp In hajid, his hi'av-y grey. 
bUiff 0fc?ati:rnU piilled uji round hl^ 
ears, Hf thrust hlfi TCfty directly In 
t^ig har. bUiaMna a Uttb, and c<sii- 
ktijed. Mona lonlloti ut hini. aioii be 
uiuk corororl fram It 


ptrlup* he liua't bad uir 

''I sltoukl think so. Ijei'A to 
the oo^ Cot. You wouldn't colod 
thjtt, would you? I don't thJuk oCTl- 
cers |[0 ttiere ^ery much*" 

"I'd lUte t>iat. Are you sure you 


IMonik i»ld dlacontenteily: "He 
could haw Imd aoiniiUituB to eat 
hcrp. [Lud then we might have gotio 
U) tile Psvllloa I eau't malu! btm 

Ker Irliicd aakl: "Never mind, 
dfinr. I Bunk tie looSts *wr so nlc8," don't mhid!" 
A fresh wave at erders sEojipsd tJielr "Of courac not, Jeiry, 


Chtunheni shut out Into the iltj4«t 
ttltnin. He w&s jnt<in-'«?]y hungry^ It 
WiLS tilrce^iuartpts of an hour before 
he could meet ^ona, Euid It waA 
GTiowlii^ a llLtIc In the d[iTlcne5s. 
did rLDC dare U> so baek mlAj liie 
grlli-Toom for a mfra\. nor to any 
place wherr he Hilithi fK^s&lbly meet 
niLVut nOlcem, Roi Into hla c&r 
njid ^t unc^ioln for a few minuted, 
wandering whore to go. 

VmAlW OFOvt tip iia the mU- 
wny HtAtiDn; Bud went into the bullet 
for n Ktole hEun iBudnleh and a. ^It^ 
□f hcer. 

By five ollutlC^ to ten he «RS 

standinsf hi the dce]ier talaeknoss of 

E M T T 

mlDUtea later th?y were Bitting rtrj 
close Logetber over cnpa of eollee 
imiftlug clgorcttek. Utt far »wa;. 
from thotn a raiHo-gramoplMjne WJ^ 
ctauming put u lotis Miiuatiw nl 
rnsords that mnde privals coutow- 
lion posslhie eycQ In thAt cowdr;! 

She flakl; "Jerry, irhiil happetuMS ' 
He tujDed to her. "I s&ak It wl!- 
bombs." li* mtd. The str«lii«l. has 

HO onfn^ th. door of the Wtlc ^f?, '^L^^l^J'lJ'^ 

The nytOK mow had blown >^t^' baci as he -Si"k. 

It « lltUe and a thin pq«l«r- 2 , 'i. ^^^S ^n^-oL' 

taj- on the seat. It did And Lilei- thft? found out) umiki = 


tn^ lay 

not worry either ol thi!p] i^ery much. 
The thin layer on tiu* roiid mode 
drlring cadet hi the hlnckiiut, and 
Uicy timde tali speed out to Uie 
Coey cot 

Ife drory Inio the car-iijirk anci 
BtoiJp?cl [tie. UttJc cur outtdds tho 
Unebdned hulldlug, Irom which im 
lii;hi, shont. He Bot out and helpel 
the girl out Erom her side. 

"Befarc we go In." he said huskily. 
"I wHiitp;d [O aaj' TlittJilt sou.' " He 
tCDk hut in hie unnii and kissetl her 

It wp£ one ol OUfA." 

"How awful I Didn't (i hate an;, 
nmrks on it to i«Il the diflswniui?" 

Be iialdT *-I"m quite surt it hadu ' 
—I'm sure of Umt stul. But 1 »up- 
pofie it musl have had, Vwt 5*"'. 
tiiej' got ckjthea out of It." 
"Cilothai. Jeiiyl" 
"Vai. and n muitle of pucketn r I 
Players." And then, tn a Owji 
th*f Mory sdl catae ouL JTor llu.^ fir.' 
tJinc samebody hefird tho -whni. 
iilory, uiiriKlrained »nd unedJled ji 

"llBlf a cat,;' ho SftM. She lurned i"^ '"'"^ iilm baek. 

!rtie strained up en tiptoe ami ihiSiKl the pilots mlud, t^,,*",'^"' 

Tlsere »he gaily Rorn . , , the 
(drl in the "AOlil.VK" Frwii. 
.Slie's ccJfifideHt . , , pntifciX , , . 
Dod very, very cttomiing, She 
kaows ilrat her "AOllLyN" 
Frock fils her iD{Krrbly . . . 
!he knnwi that it ii luuct, 
fliudern oiul gjjp. 
"-■^DELYfJ" Fra;k.i >nd Coa<i 
are suld liy alt the leadinn 
itoraa ... so vj]Ly dran't you 
gro aTotif yoiir favtiurlte 
■hop tliii iteok ajiH select your 
iroclt from the wide clicice 
of slylej, cotourii aud fahrks 
in the ".^JELYS" Suuimcr 
r»ngc. Be iure you look for 
ilic "ADELVN" iABEL. 

itid hrtjuaht It to him, 

"Look, llona," He sail ifAeHy "1 
oan't ffo 'dfljiclng to-niRht." He sa^ 
the look ol dl^apiMintmenb <m iW 
loco. "I'm Irightlilllr sorry, hut I 
am't amkp It." He iiesliated and 
looked at i\tf iLppcallnely. "Is tlvfTe 
anywhere we oould ea ma have 
supper, or soinethln^ inflte(ul5" 

t^Lit ol the comer of hU eye he 
aav:, or thuuKht aaw, one of thv 
"^apy Nfivy" storing at him. Hp 
fiBld : "I Want; to have a. talk to you." 

"But why can't we go dancini;. 

fie sold uTfjently; 1 don't wont 
to do that. rn tea you after- 

She Raid: "IVe could to the 
fioS^p t:3ot^ if you'd rather.* 

He knew the nmd-bon^ at thr 
enbrnnci! to tho to?ni, though he Imd 
never been there. "That's sdl right," 
he s»ld. "Where .qhAl] I meet you?" 

for the girl Id truice. He ttood 
mtiHied t^ the ears tu Ills git^t- 
cout. cold and l(>nuly Eind uticertatn 
as iJio reci!|)tiai) ho would jst from 
Mann. It now ^ciDOd to hltn to 
have betni a piece of srent (oollah- 
noSB to bnvr etiai» here at «li. He 
^ould hBT^fitji]red in hisTooFn, ta^en 
an aspirin, and cone to bed,. 

'Poor old Jerry!" the *oM «oftIy. 
"Now that's etiaueh. Rememhef 
you're hunjjry." 
He leleasBd her, InuiftalBe. "I am 

or thijuglit of toniMjuracei. 

Tlis girl listened without tnter- 
niptltie very piuch, trying to undtr- 
atftnd lite work he hael tfl do, She 
wits unuaRl to itiisiitjil coticniitrHUoii. 
Other people had eMiyt tjone her 
Ihliikine for her. Here, nhe fell tn- 

Tlies) wunt into the Cosy Cot It . , - ., ^ . „ _„ 

*a., a l/,m;. piUielled hull cotnplotely s'Jnctlvely, wltH nU her beins, W 

Bikd with amnll tables atlil IhrougW TOmethmij ahe m.ust tty to linder- 

with people eattii* Inej^peiiSive food « •"^O "'J^S ™°'' 

She came to him preiently. Within amj dnnkliiB beer. wanted cioaT. tartlijly W hcl.i 

tt minute of her tiiue. He saw her jfasi or the own were in miitDrm. Ji*™- Slif birait nil her energka V-i 

nist as a slight, dim figure hi the j,Bj]orji and joldiers and atnnEn; the task of tindenrtairuSliie- 

iloorway and alepptd torwaid. 

IJHSi said' "Is 
tuat you, Jerry! It's ever no dart," 
He jald: "tl'a me all rleht." 
"Where are w* gotog to? Tbs 
Cony tail.!" 

Hi> aald EUddenly: "Mon«— look, 
lilH^re's .sonu^Lhlhif ynxi ought to knoir 
□■bout. I mean, you may niit it^ont 

"You know the bock entrance ^ come out ■with me fl?h™ you fcnuw, 
so I'd better tell you now." 
Sh^ Eitared up at him. dim]y seen: 

round b^^hlnd in OlarcnM Tjanth?" 
He said! "I'll And It. Wliat time?" 
"Tlve pafit ten." 

The naval olRners were talictoj; Iq 
^a little t^up and iooklii^ at hUn. 
■ He sjild urgently: "T'U he there. 
Thanks awfully, Mona." And wl[,h 
tluit ht turned and made: his way 
ffwiftly through the crowd towards 
the door, 

ahc fitared after him, pu^rJPd and 
dlKipjjointed, The Cosy cot wasn't 
half as much fun as the pAvllion. 
witli IJii? musir and dancing, and tlie 
Ught.?. am! all. At her side Miriam 
BSUtl roicShieTOUaly: "He ain't h«U 
nlee-lnokins. Mona, You rufrer (add 
he wss an oflicer," 

Th* slrl .wld: "He doesn't wsiH 
to go clunclng after all. He Just 
wants to en CTmewJu>re and eal," 

"Well, deiirls. h-c'is got to e»t jomp 

veraatian and a hare of smoke- It 
was the non.-coininJsdune{3 counter- 
Eiart of the Jaiack-hor of tlie Royal 
Clarence Hotel. 

Tbey found a table with some 
dlQlculty And ordered a flteak arid 
chips iar Jory And a fiah and cliipa 
for Mcaui, with beei and older re- 
speetlTOly. It same prwsutly, 
poorly cookod. Iiut ClmmlKiB fell 
upim It tavcitouaty, 
^ The sirl wutchixl Wm In bewUiter- 

a UtO "auiTj"or"5irDw 'swept about ™f Lf' ^t. ^^^^L^Z '^S" 
Uicm, "WJiatever arc you tnlklrig — - - - - — - • 


about "'^wSeJ?-' what he did; at whot hti duties 

'■Tljey was talklnii about on* of ™ 

ourt 111 the bar to-nSshL Doc that ™=' ™™' ™™ 'sr 

had bueo isunk, Caianx. or some letter than jirls erf a more exalted 
nana Kke that" <=^- "'"■'W 

"Caranx was tlie name " He hesl. diainsulsh jood men froro had men. 
itttid, and tbonssSd: •■MOim-Iaini fl=wam mm. tom- 

II " petcnt men who would get on from 

Slw Slid: "Oh. Jerry . . ." There the charnihig InefUdeni oiitm. 

wa^ n ustis*.; she moved tmpulslvicly , ™i^lf ^^'^7^ put notJilDg of this 

■ - ... into words, hul .'Jie tnew wsU 

Ohambcra wins the only ojlleer to be Presently slis iaid: "Whpte did It 
aeen. niete was a clamor of ron- HaPP™.. Jerry? 'Was It by Depar- 
ture Pumt? 

hor WOE that he had .'mnk the sub- 
marine. EiDd It had hesn on oxscl- 
"J3o J-ou taww anything <'™'- . .did iiot know exactly 

He stjired at hiT. "Wo — It wa.i 
much moro tflwards ihe iBland. WhiiL 
nrndf jou think that?" 

"There was some atricera talkln.^' 
to-night. They thoughC It -wai lher» 

"Well, 11 wam'l." He hMitSted. 
"Did Uiey know who sank it?" 

"They knew It was an jtcroplane 
what did It. I don't think flnytuie 
knew It Was you," 

Ho said bitterly: "Thoyll all know 
abotit tt Iwfore very long." 
Thorc waa a silence. 
She said timidly; "They couldn" 
do anytlriln^ to you for that, thousb 
could th*y? r mean. Jt was an cccl- 

He smiled a little; "I wtm't b~ 
ahle to stay on here, after this, : 
don't suppose I'll be able la etiiy 
Jti the Air Force afiec the w*r'i 

"Oh . . ." she said, "Wta thr; 
fiond yon away?" 

He ncddf^d. '-I got In hefora ther 
did. I RJikfld to he tranaferrcd away 

tiirn£4 to htr, rnisezable. 'TTiat 
why I wanted to ^ee yuii [o'-nlfiht. 
Mona. I'm Rouij; away " 
To be continued 




tr i^iB Uailm Own 't ro- 
1 f«fa, ihM Jt 

f mkitt *M4t tb« IIHHfllll 

Itrkitfl' ^^p. At H^ttL hbehi' a htliw 
ffm Akin tirtir moA imiiuirkitd. 

For skin-hcaTth, for 
.skin beauty. — Rcjtona I 
Rexona is the onty soap 
ciintaining Cadyl. This 
sjifcwjl compound or medi- 
[,'>$ ^cnrly draws out the 
impuritica fmm the pores, 
where all ifkin troubles start. 
Rcxofia ensures Lnmp]cx.ioii 
luveJiness the naiuraJ way — 
through skin hoalrfi. Stan 
using Rcxona ri^hc away J 


ij more llnj/i a btuucy suap, 
II' t JI . 

?hr," ''Xc'i^^ks'^"^: e^;^""iTwa^ext;;;s,di'.a^"to-^r 1"!! ^„f-.i^->"':: «■ 

pflLhetJcfllly ^'^^ Jerry ftbaiild tm^e nifule that 

TlHS« WH^ a winniimW sdlEiorc aart of muruike In the terma that 

tH^tirern ttwm. ^ M k> nmrfc vlmt fj^' 5=^, elt'nj«tl from tUc movtes, 

ahe hiuj said. In UifiL Bfllnute Uicy " f™^* **^*- 

iMth renlised wUhtJuL wortjg tliat 
Khelf reLBitciuahjn «t^uld never he 

[EijiEi6sr iCi Imd betti tM?/ore ahtt bfld 
^^\A LhnE.. 

She jiiJd: "Was \\ un accWinit?" 

"A Eort of nccldcnt." He h«£l- 
tfited. "I ffldii't wnnt U) fto to the 
PavUi-on . - - In case people flaw mc. 
WoflUt you mtbtM- J Jus* tcffllc you 

Slit sflid; "But Jciu wnnt auppar, 
don't, you?" 

"01:i, I'm nil rlgliL" 

"Hm-e you hAd any supper?" 

Tve just had b ^ndwldi ■^tiEB I 
wius n'RitkiH for ,voU." 

Thi? Tflfials of ofTlErers were not 
i-ery tar bo ber- T^n did t»t 
tsiJlJc Iftrgc lu their lire 1191 It dtd 
In lit^ra, Rh* SJalcl 4 iitiJe doiil^t- 
f|illy: "Did you have teft?'' 

"Not tD-<lay;' 

"Do yg^u uieaQ you're only hiad 

He &inlli.d down at her: there ^hb 
inhjilte iPtkr tor JUm io tior con- 
anirstttiDn oel m^MdEtne niatii?r« 
dare I cdiiJtJ fla somf^ttmig with 
a jitpeJc will ctdpi." 


Hnre'ji a chsnc^i-, MUs FteiAlpffLce, to 
try ^ renittlr ft»r frccktes with Um 
guarutiiee tbiit li will doI. ciul you a 
penny uuleSQ it removes your freckles; 
— whUe IJ! ft Ai^ gJIv* ytju a tileaj 
Bom[ilF3io;i Ihu Estpc^iiiiy Is trinhm. 
.pimply grt lun omicr of Kinlho — 
(io'itblr stre.fip^?) — ftOm any che?nilai 
0iid & lew ApiiUcJiUcim ^auld nh^w 
voit Ito*' pffccy It is Ic rid ymirsrtf of 
the u5l>- trecWes aiHj ffot a boaiiciful 
compli^xkni- Krtivly Is more tliflii tun* 
uiince ucvded for tne wtfrnt cii.'^>. 
By sura lii ask for tti« rtoubJ#-Bl!rrne(ft 
Kinthq, OH thta stri?tisFtli Is sold umler 
vufirahtee of raottey h.ict if iL falls 
fuinovi' your Inwlcliea,'** 

Hcrniy Sil 



chl«f covtc pf indlgirt-Hon, 

TMSM ...Andrewi acti iTirectly 
QUI tile liver and ehecki b^llDUiii«ti. 

em ALLY . . . Ta camplBfti your 

ncr CFFDnltneitj Andr*wi qafrtlf 
cJenri the bdw*|t. It »WMpi awav 
froubl«-inakjng poicoai, -aiid thar- 
anghl^ Cftrrecti CDntlip«f|»R^ 

yoLi *« why yLHi ilicjuld toti; 
Anflrcws l.n*r Salr wlicnevcr Tt>u rwtJ 
iL Tbi fevivibjt (onli: cflcoi will !atic 
vtifi off ynur iige — give ynn new liic. 
Gc[ iurnc (imluy. 

For /^Mff^ CteOH/mess \» [aqulor wh h ijaur 



Tdo Pleosonl E-ffervoicinq T^tjie' .LoKollve 

National Library of Australia 9002 

DASH of 
•rcdition, some family 
sentiment, ond pfeas- 
ont memories are 
mixed into our recipes 
for welcomirig the New 
Year. A Scottisli cus- 
tom gave the tartan 
bow to Qur shortbread. 
Queen Anne mode 
fruit mince pies for the 
palace festivities. The 
savories and salad 
snacks are a conces- 
sion to our modern 


A DELICIOUS and iaiy-to- 
prepctne mixtniffht ^affst that u 

w«lf:&Tw to the New Veur, The 
MWOrifB and crisp cetera curii 
prcrtiide piquant ap^rtUers fftr 
hot tiittimer nbotttt. 

J HIS tempting supper 
/ proTides ttie mltlltifUiil 
^ amount of Lroublc for 
tihe hf}Ate^. but the ^e&ls 
will be ^nctmnied witlft the 
il«iectai7ie array cf difihes. 

jHTtJNiGHt mvtr tWCB 

Twa cu^ « a Cf< r, Z t?iipi on* net 
illl£e. 1 fUp fllOApple lull:*?. i-Srd 

Lttnnii rind. 4 vlareti, I spHf mint, 
Aiick (^lnn^unon, 1 lit^dv 
m4fe, I (€Ani»nnii Allsplcf, 1 cup 

Coint]£cr CtiE fruit, Juli^c lamon 
rh>dt wjLter, juplws, mint, au^ror. itid 
Tionoy. nod uton li several hiKirs. 
3lrUii onto cfEicikPd ami add thr 
ginger ftlo. Serve at onffi. Thte is 

rRurr mimck pieb 

Puirr: Ten ounen iilaJn flQur, i 

Fruit MiiKp: H»ir a pomii raMciiu, 
jll). ciunurtft, II l>. minrTd dried 
Jtprlnotfi, 2ta. liojHil f hv[fitcd priituiK. 
1 tmrge £ra(«d ^pple, 1 t^a^pvQTi 
vnngr ri&d, 1 IruiMfati l>riDuii rind. 
IM. minced ptth i leaiipoon mixed 
qilcei, 4i»L brmrti sncBj* enltd 

Pr&p&Tti tbe ffult mince by €0m- 
blnliic ihc lELgTHll^iits and mOlslcn- 
inff wiLli boiLtiidiy; thtd beet bottled 
and kept far sii least one w«lt be- 

Or^tLTii tlifi butter^ cugnr, fljid 
lemon rind; sUr tn tbi* eg^-yalk^ 
And tbcu the elfl«d anur oiid bak- 
ing powder tliinly cut 
Into kerbII rtsuacl^p d^ne hall fiMylitly 
Ifirgcr. Line patty timi with the 

with mince niwi cover wlUi the 
jiinMii'r rauiidA. Brus^i wlDi beaten 
^ij^-whltf! or eugar and wnisr and 
cook ii\ & niodcrat« oven ^a7& 
P ) for abcrut ao mJiiut4M>. Serve turt 
vltlL crc!am or caM EamUbtid vlth 
hcilily t^piigf And cUted Itghtly witta 
U-Atts BUfiiir. 


hutlcF. I plnl waters 4 elpi. 

ES^uSE^ed H a T i> r y FiIliii(Kt 

brxiiuf and wa.1nut; rr^nifid lor^ier*; 
cbappiid hard-bulLWl enrs: niitnpi^ 
blLCQH A3Lil iiarftlifijr In Dauycuimalsf-; 

» hint a< eSctLalal. 

For the pufl mixture boJl Lhe 
walff and butter and ^Ir in the 
^ftcd Hotit, Beat until jmooth and 
<ni3iolc jow]y, ^tlrrirkg untU ttie mlx- 
titr* leaves Iht sides of tha t&aae- 
}lAtM WSl and ^AdtiAfly t^Ht. \ii the 
stiJtny-bl^aim tg^fi. Plaflt- In Wffy 
EunB^tl .apcKiafiils H t^a^ptifiu nlEik^ 
a fair-^^ piiiTji on a ffreAsed tray. 
Cook In ft hot Dven <*S0 di?s. P.> fac 
IQ mlniites; reduce he»t tu iru^derate 
(350 dfB- P.) M^d cook a further 
aa 1^ JO tnicutes. Whi^ cold, ^llt 
and ml 

ahoft putty pAtty Ease* *f crisp 
hroWii«d bread Clutes bJTc tAAy' n.l>d 
EOii^yE C(»]tain«r5 or ciLssalftttes for 
buffet aolnd anacJcA. Thfc brcbad C4BCS 
an* made prvsatng rounds of tbin, 
fmeh br^Hd Into pa-tty csAeb. glarlPS 
wlih chWiflp and melted butter and 
browning b> iMa oven, 

Suitnested salad oOfubUiatloiis for 
this lxidivldua.1 ^rvlue:— 

t>iE^ baiisncLfl, capers and fiaJted 
p^nuU Id rnayunjiiiisc. 

Flaked ccKilCKl fiah and celery, i 
little plneapplr, topped with maFiin- 

DtL'rd ta4;«trDQtH chopped celc^ry 
and «aiihaiot. Lopped wltS^ mnyob- 

QiTfcn ih-fti.. grated canrot and 
Kr«U5d mdljih.,^ topijed wlUi niayon- 

ptneljf dhrtelded r»w cabtuit? 
tiv^d In french dr^^UiK ^d iKArved 

is. layora witji finely ramoe^d tongui* 
ar chli^km. 

Pmviu DioiMt^nPd with \oavm 
julre tn a bed of Qtifly ahfedded 


Oliapped cuctEml»r and cblpeta 
mixed witli &almoa, tapped with 
nu^dnnalBi! nnd grated^egg-yoUi: 

Sliced eg^ eichalot. partley and 
aliced olives in salad creniD. 

Gimith the dish of these cruoul^ 
ebtxe .saladA with ^rtsp lettuce, c«l«fy 
tsmbs or ct&& and radiah fOSDs. 

Half pound LMnly-Mll^^d Devon 
BaiuairPi 1} <^P* Tc^iiblr valad 
l|Mt»io, ^ated rmtlfilu ewhalot, 
chopped celery), colnred toothpirlus,^ 

applit, aJLd iiear] onloiu, pi^sley, 

B«mDvr Uie istein from the «iU9a^. 
Gamblne the snlad veigetablefl- and 

(ponnful of &aLu;i on ftidi titu or 
«aiu$ttg(<. roH in to earners, and 
skswer with cotDtrd pie^UL Arniner 
«n pl»tt4!f wtth BEiJhid blsutiit^ 
akewer v^th cheeae and pinflHp^sk 
and onkiUL 


flour. 1 tenBpi>oTi habinE j>Dw4err 
piocli lAlt, Toe. batter. Sue cuKit 
ALCai*, i teaspflnu leoiiun juire. 

Cream thft butter iijad AugarL beat 
tn tiK temon Juire nnil griidun}]^ 
ikask in th'j-jvlfLed jfnura, balcktig tK>w- 
der and iSill. Press evenlv iDtn tin 
S-lttch aftndwich tin, pincl; n trljl 
araund th«^ vdnts and tnark Into H 
or more i.t^^dtkom. Bsk« in a mod- 
erate ovf:n (av& dei. I") for about 
30 mlmiitir/i WtiBn cclti decorate 
wtth tartt&n hov ajjd l:i:e:ather aprigf. 



— ftMj cwoanui 4UAJm gooLt rrun^hlng ^^^^^^^^ 

* cleans all white shoes 

National Library of Australia 9003 

34. . .-^Homc^aiaker 

The Auslrolign Women's Weekly ~ Pecember 27. 1941 

Urt voii want to gain weight? 

IhE current craze for 
streamlined figures has made the problem of 
the roo-thin girl an oimost forgotten one. How- 
ever, there IS no -more depressing sight tharr 
the frankly "skinny" lass in bathing togs. 


'idVELY SfCRID CURI£ (left) cnmbatt thinnsia bif rtlas- 
irfg campltKlii fur a fcul minutes uihrrfiiift the cm. Whta 
fHing out tn the mervng she aluMyi ivha 

half -hour 

JF you wlU remember 
back to your childhood 
days and taJte a fiug- 
gestlon from them It wlil tie 
about the biggest help towards 
gaining wetglit. Your parenta 
made sure that you went to 
bed early ejiougli to get ten 
hours' sleep. They made you 
eat what wss good lor you. Eind 
have your meals at regnldr 
times. You spent a good deal 
ol time playing outdoors and 
so got plenty of sunsbiiie and 
tresli air and exercise. And 

you were probably a pretty 
healthy youjigsler. 

Man tliln people »n tense m<l 
nervous and Iwtik ta worry 
DDlhlng. So tlie arst thSne you 
Jiiyr IjO do iB to Itarn U> relax and 
tsAc Itfp easj. 

You must hKve at leuii auus houii' 
tleffp BKery night. Bud three- nlclits 
a we*t pQii should be In hed be- 
fore niiTe o'clock. 

Btliiiul«te your appetite by lailnB 
a IlWe fxerelac In iSe treth nil 
before mEaLs. una cl tew deep 
bt^iklblTiff moFcJAea before breiLfezfa^t 


nlll liofitcD the fnLtenlnft 
process U yo"U cbh work them in. 

nji<l wtirJca mlTELclEs for yvur cheS't 
and hkpR, 
Whenever poaslbk*, llu dcrwii iialf 

y? get iwUf Sin houT'iii yap bornre S-ijei 
After LllnEter. "I'hnt nfi^t tKi^UiE din- 
mt wi]J r^lQX yiiHir nervous ftoniQCli. 

Twicp n day have n l&rge glaw dI 
D^unB(^ jutcc wi(,b a raw eya niJCl 
H teBspoonJul Qf hoT\s^ bcateii well 
tnta JL you wnt And it a dGllciouB 
driBk An^ IL is a marvellous buUd- 
inf lip cocHttill. 

liE^h we«j£ we K&ve you a. lykln 
diet dftviHt'd bit M^dcim^ sylvln, the 
IB raousi eDl]>Tfc' Doc3 dieti tian, and 
now we are prmtinir SyMa'A iip&:l(il 
/nenu for ttip tJjln peMon. 

BREAEFAST: Biff gks!! of Drfuigc 
jiiice or j^rapefruit Juice, Alberufttc 
Lht iukes, Tweciti^ mlnutea Uter 

A bawl of rip«. ^U&ed ba.iiAim& 
with cream Hiid a. UblRBpaaa pt 
brawn sugar, whole^'heai toaat with 
pIci^Ly Hi butter and Jam or biiney. 

Cotfe£ wiUi 'Cienm Knd SDgRT. 

Twa houTd lal;£r drUik a large 

LimCHEQN: Bowl ui [hiftc soup 
<i:n:eam c-f muEhrDQtit. tomato or 
celery} oi iced conjioinnae, ^reea 
flolatf w1t]!i may □niralAc^ ghe Ltf 
■ with butter allowed tb melt aft^ 
/oQd Is off Orel, rir^ or buetu:? pud- 
<Unie or cup custard, freali milt, 
plnL oi millL 

In Lhe middle ol t.h« iifternfMn 
take (L big plass of half milt aiid 

DINNER: Frerh fnllt oocktal! I: 
bowi of soup (hot or IcedJ. ui:y sort 
□I grilled DT TDBiStcd mBat, >BXEr^t 
t;>cirii. EbI meikt Juices buL Ikfat 
flklm off lhe fat: U'jj hatd tn dJg^t. 
Twa ve^tflbl^ iwirh butter ftJ- 
lcjw«i Lo tnolt ftftpr focm ia. off thr 
firp]. liLTE^ aerVE cup cu^jtard 
or cnrnm. gle&a ul mUK Eat all 
ttitr friish friiil, you like darlfks the 

Tf vou arr Lrylnj tn tain wedght 
thip main ttilngB to remember n.rp 
to eat llw right lood. hhvfc ynm 
m^ivtH at rcifiilar f-lmes aiid re!fl>: 
wht^never pnirallDlf^ Thf- femkdfH' 
cturVEB thai ii-ou yeam for flvil] bf^ 
ft Jusi reward for eJ^wItik dfiwn thi' 
jcht'ine of living (or a flflilic. 

PICNJC rrmaii ftitdri out in the frfsh air and conitiiting moinlt/ vt 
saiadi tJJid truii art mn idifal wag io stimuiate tht c.pp'iLUtv. Warners 
fiterieti Marsa^Hte Chapman flmf C^argw Carroll ort rendy for u 
hsstrtu lunch. 



C' 4 ■ 

h%r-[rime wi»r. Qtoobb colours ta 
hamtsnkie ^UK jfaur- ^^eM^klfi^, in- 
ciudinn I'lr^J^V — harntaruD'UI" ntUEn} 

lubcly wned with ny*uve l.atfitlljf — 
a war»tlk gcjldcti baJge. 


Without ft 

National Library of Australia 9004 

Ottombci n, 1841 — The Auilrollan Women'i Weekly 

Ne%v Recipes 

imm our r^Hnl^rs 

m This week the first prize in our interest- 
ing best recipe competrtion goes to a 
South Austrolicin reader for her recipe for 
blackberry mincemeat. Try these 
pjquont recipes each week and the family 
will take a new i n te rest i n meo I ti me. 

I /§ *nUr ?(mr 

\/\ / favorite r^lpe 

1/ \y Li3is wcr]iiy com- 
petition? It may win a eiisti 
prize for yoii. 

All you hftTfl to do I? wlte 
out the redpt eltfarlii'. titlAcfa iuMHif 
itnd iiddn^<E;, fthd smri to this DfUct. 

Eupli wwfe 11 prtM (if n 1h fiw&rtJrtl 
for tliL* beM iliTty received, RTid 
C4Mt«olfltltfh prtzch of J/a tfl fTVoiy 
Other recijie puUUiTrd. 

Put aib bliiL'ltbBTrUjs trito a souce- 
Pfln *vlllt Jill^:e nf 2 k-innns ntid i 
^l^r. Simmer uniil trader^ 

Peel. t"Ure. and trtii up 4 lanfo 
woiUog QFiKtl^ra and adfl th-e i^led 
Hiid q( ] lumnn. 4ozi aLonMl mbiJiiA. 
;LrfH,tita, Soj-. ^Unoji, Hqs, 

' :i1rnDmU. A±][} IJb. brown 
'^..■.|J^^an giuuxid ginger. 

■li ciiiiiHmtm. 
I viHetiliFf or put tiunitgh 

tiip imiitef. Add blitrkltcro? pulp, 
ilb. niiin.'<?d fflii^Ti. atidl I gi]] brandy, 
Pul into: Jars iwuA tk duwiL 

*lr«t Prizv of P to Mre^ C 

Twvn rwps chmnftn rtiltiedlp % irji- 
ffpocpiix rtnur. 2-3r(I flip suj^hlt, I 
tmbJf>»ptidli wu-tfT, I-Stb. lCiu)iDDn 

l^or DuURb: Onir nip' floUr, 1 \^a.-> 
■pnan liiilUnc iMH-drr. \ teu-Bpuon 
Diilt, 1 lsb]rb{H»ciiU Mdieaf. Z lablE. 
if^Qon^ abtirtraiiLt, € iahltfipDoaM 

salt, Alluv to M,bud ft^r S mlnutr^ 
A<Jd wnter. Paor mikUtfe Int* a 
l^lOclnlt (ii£h TlLna. In dbftl^U!^ find 

To iDMke cTLm; mix :^ur, baJdn;.? 
powder, sciU, (md jnj^sx. Cm 
shartcnin^ wifli n Icnile. Add iriiln 
mkiLiEf unUl a. AufL ^utfh in foriiu-J 
abftpo it w'llii hatHlp to ftT. over 

to ly^inll. Alexin to ennipe, Pljict- 
Id b fticderaLe- i)v«n ^Jicl bake Tor 
30 mtnul-es. Servt witi wttippcti 

Cc^iuuliitlod I*rt2c eif lu Mn>. 


Two cffE^! iraenj', 3ox. xElf- 

nisbip iatlr, I Lnblv-^if^n hntter, 
^ (jLhjc*iiH'QiiK buihne miHe. H or 3 
cLruptH oiitiunil ess«nrc, i% rupt «tc!wcil 
applf pulp inell drxincd nnd 

SWnl ClLEtl jl , 1^ iilJlli|4R>pCKIlL& hu dCJTt 

£ tablespoons ahen-f, 1 eKA^whkli-. \ 
pint crram 

WhJp I'^S ontt itiffftr to tTjJi:]c 
cftfim. fflUl In. tiftPd flour, U^en boit- 
in^ oUUc, mjiLffd lauiter Aiid nitnond 
w^iLt.. Poor intfl n rccfssd cutt 
tin cook a mndm'atc oven 

l<ir 2U-a5 mlniitt's. WUim rotd nu 
r^cese of cal(i!> wiih ciumtili'ifrd nL[>p[c 

Thla, the flfW* letter m rfftr wrics^*TBeij»i rnbtJ d Pdvat* rjc&bnt Pile '— 
cpritVP (torn lodv living MS/ Pr-rtir, In Western AtistTHlla. It 
cortalnlY docs nhtiw Lfial housewives arc fi&iiUniJiilly find-ins" Ji<rK oflfs 
Jor "MEX " *-tilch h ali^tidy knnwn ell tjvcr Anjjtmil.t, aA "THK; 

i|j7,T-ii-n3f ;■. - 'le;aher wrrH loi uses." B^uam* u is com- 

KM^iji I3T€T of thi: fincnt SiE^I Wool, ".TEX" olcsJW -vltli 
J. .. ■ iiiBfis, aijd biiKtitonit evorything It touclicJ!. /n effC/i 

O 1i I ■.ttakbU 


lUHEH THinCS LOOK BVMK - u-ie '^e^ 

The Auitrnlian Women'* WeeMif — Notice to Confrfbylora 

i*iT*Wprcd * rtanprd hiUrrvMit *nT*lflM< 
rti^iiin fe« tr twiutn ar ik-n 

wH*4« ikud p|ria^«n will euly b« mrfcri 

Lh» KvnLl nf ■iMfliu Mihlrikulimi' Uin 

pulp, Tiuts, clmuunfTD, hfiney, ^Jneriy, 
fiiiHIy'bi?at«ii cmiUd. CoIdf ieiflitlii- 
der of creAm polest jTreeri (iTtd flavor 
wlUi filmtxnd ct*cncc, t'ne oji lop 

of APPiB. 

■ fimaiitBlinn PHm or i/fi let Mist 
otftr Ku|i|i, r>reHi>o, OaynAah TJn?, 



Ttfo cujis cuhed foakrd invnl. 1 
taMfsponn huLtrT, t KlUall nninn. m^U. 
IiFrpfT, 1 tmlitcspouii cbtippnl minC^ 
1 ctip hflt neu paUtlD. 3 tjilllc?^pi«)a» 
ifi£i>'frunHlRC,. pnprUm, brefld iriii*es- 

Melv iJiittfT in ^^nnepftn. ftt.ld 
finely-Etilncied onlan (icid ciiok wlth- 
oth terccwiTiin^. Arjd eiilied meat Jtnil 
ii1.e(4m alawJj- with Ud on laULl w^lJ 
beatfti throiijyh, CJul: pomo into 
RUbcs, Utes In K litQi? biitU:j umi 
mint. Add to meat atid keep lint, 
cm ihla JSllncfl of fresh tocend briwh. 
wLl.h incited birtter anJ llite wmall 
[intty cases, . 

PlAcc in hot even itmlt i^ntd^n 
Lfown ns minwtEhii, File FnsrEiL niix- 
lurc in, top With miijoniuiisE or 
white ^nuct", diii.t -wJEli puprika nnd 

(1oaH>HUi>n priu!! »i 3/0 to Mr«. 
M. WtkDtcf, % JeimliiBS SI- fSand- 
riJigliain. Vic. 

TI""!* cwpa s(r|f-ralsing Hnur. ^cur. 
t^iillcr, I dL-SBi-rlapomii niiffar^ i lea- 
MTOEtn salt, 1 cRX, 'I ro)i«j mlUt. I£ 
^^riiloni^t tirtuiBe^ pflp* irxtriiL nitcnrH 

Lhen rub in b'Jtusr wiLi] aps of 

mifht. If^avlcft u litUe of LUiis mK- 
turc leif RUiiin^. Hnll tlttU^tl ylit lili, 
Lhkik. cut inUi Sill, roijiifffl. Bmh 
over with nielteti IjutU-f. pliU' ari 
oraniui wcUod ^pcd in Musof on 

ornEKn. Pinch edges toi^traar, thtin 
glKQf. Eukr In EucdcTBiie! qvcn fi^ 
20 mlliutrs, 

Cnrt<MpLatt«n Pr«r «f V6 to JVlm, 
K. Llliiiiti. 414 MaUtiiET Bd^ Martia- 
lim B*y. N.S.W. 


One mud ft bsitr T)^pi rrotikvd fisl), 

rtniuhilitir, I'Srd rlrii rnid wnler 1 

nauv, 2 lnblHipt»rls rliopprd olh't!^ 
] oiip cmtm Iwhlpped), Kidi ami 

lemon Juic^. oUvtm niiii nvUDningn. 
Souk ffcUillne In cold wiiter filtedn 
[ [altihiu-.\ tiiL'ii ilLswlve over boUing 
' wul^pr. Add gClntLDE^ 1,D mii^onniilHu. 
Dflmblnc with fl-h miitur^, criilll, 
jtirrmg froqucuEty. Ptild in "WiUfipcd 
(n-cun Pffur Into moL^flenet? maiild 
DXLd cbll] unLll fiGt. KiimauIeJ tind 
f^erve With ttariilEli tif t.'rL;|i ATircddml 
I«tlTii-c. tJt?v»jtTilc with raclkflh Toses. 

CoruoUltim Frtvc of to mrv, 
A. r Nell9<-u. Sli laureate iA*^ Ft, 
Plrie WmC S-A, 

'SA VS : If i/on tU vuld icor a tte^/csf e 

it i>y hrii'Jimff a ILitlf. tiali mmith 
otifrr the torn eii^rri and pri^xinij 
tagdhftr. Ttiis It'/// h'oM evcn to'heti 
washed. 4r<3w n^mr- fimtiUi 
Strraritr offa/^U a bwitgw Hncn 
Xpilfi a chiffon aiifl lace 'ixtJiar. 

IflimiiMMiukiT. . - 3S 

Miww ■•reeiwiisi 

fEfllltsi'r («■ indoor plaiiUi, eIkp 
w&(cf Ui wlilch tse» Haw *>e™ Wtcd 
iintiialm limn aiitt le ifoi) lor u'nWi- 
IriK |WL pluiila. 

* * * 

rrilY wirmlBfl pafint pnlty para 
before piiEtlng Ij^ tbt! caire mix- 
tLui>. «nd UiF rnlEea, utien bakot, will 

* * + 

TP pnur tftt-tDwe5& leave fluff on 
lie chlhu (tip Olt cloUl tn X WllU- 
Man dI stltfdl KHl*T 4ftCT WSaWns. 

* * » 

rpo lEEHjth^ Ibc life of jrour new 
brftani RflEiJt it in hot ^llcd 
wuEur btJurc uniitg "ITiPAaU toushena 
i'nr liristlEfi, 

< * * 

IJEFOIUS pEfUng tlUler B.(jples or 

Wftlcr for a few inmu|«. Then the 
fiUn wUI mmr awny 

* * * 

fpO fltJ3p hiccups — 0. pliich of 
bicftfboTiftle of ^dn in wftter dt 
k. mliuU L^^pouriful nl JitUk uT miL^- 
nnisiii In -water wlU iii-ilc^? s^te n- 

* * + 

* WW dropn o( Icmon Juice ta 
w»T4ir lE -which e^ES or* p(M<rJl*IJ 
k<:i3P tilinlu frcut ifepomLing. 

* -*■ * " 
I»OBBy PINS wliich hni'U taniMno 

tog opm fcf utle In liie bfliP 
ore IdcfiJ lo keep plcELLm lu |K3Kl- 
Unil wiien Inmlne- 

* a ■* 

lif ATBB j'oii have BdiKl too minA 

* MilL to yoiir BDUp. PIttcP a raw 
potato in with It. llib flrffl alitor b 

rPO rnwoTO stfllrss nnd Brenjyi JiBin 
pftmnet flooririH. set Jtfrtne lime 
puttier and lidti it IJ Lo the whl«r. 
-W>irn It beccmlva Qf (!]DU(ly ftppenr- 
ttncr, orid n few Jropa ol tunmonijL, 
Do not ailtjw tn remain on tht fiwjr. 
but remove iHllnJtly with & cIdLIi 
wnmjT oiTt in warm wntfT. 



uesc^LT me iMu om 


• HSftE -LISE TM(£ 50LV0L 
KY HAhDS at school I ■ 

DON'T GO TROUBLE SHOOTING will) grtmy ttanttsl 
Gtrt Solve! en the ]ob. Solvol hai jarnethinq no ofdintry 
soupt ha¥<3 — a righ bthar that p&{ietrdti!» irto evory crack 
and erevke of the >l'tn entl simply scwilt out the itubbom, 
ingralnifff grime] Wt eaiy to hevo cloan, woll-grDomed 
hdjidi wUh Solvol — whitever your jeb. 

J. KltCMIH t tOm ril. UMItED 

National Library of Australia 

36 '^^iioincinalcer 


j« tha hobby 
that pa^aj 

W 0 0 i ll 

you lUy 

to t II * E 

StaJl PQul- 
Uijii or o|)en 
yutii owji Stuiilo unil inU StaJtclies 
to E(Utan, Publithm. AilvrfUtFis, 

-TH- wl-if 4 twTt.tlITT 

■ ■ ■ ' ■ iir na trtr*J«iw 

'II IrMln lr«U Jqi 
' :.-irT»Ll»ip PieEra- 

riMH(liitNji-liiiliM3ilJlX>lll:|.^ j 

Drj^Jj*liit lUl Ofiiiifdil at, *iij>lfc1ji* ; gii 
Mi]rf>,f 61., iPflfUL 

Pcfil Tilts C^npuft— Cue h^. 

■PO HTQTT'fi (Wrarf^^t AHaresMt. 
PLrmt Mnj tnrlnri Brirl ■wlthuut CBiHf^- 
t.biin Ttiil ir»itlruL*rii cil Tnur CcKfewa in 

Hi Wnawfl , 

AW W Wl 

The Josephine Lej^eiid 


Hard, burning, achy 


Lift right out / | 


One t/rQp i/o 

".I, ■■■ re- 

i''! ^Uli iljiR IU!W tjT^n 

'r i:iu."D£ iiimjJly npplf a 

lU i.-ik -ji i riii.jl-Icr, nisd lis o\iP.cinl 
ajiB^slueiUi:* AVMOn w.'lU s\Qp pain tn 3 

fiff!onrtn Then torn <it coJjua Atar^ 

t(j ■! -vuck looaij. ijnd yon taji 

npiT, flafp. JuHTanc- 

tit: ■■. t4inL tlocft not iiurti 

lit'-j,]'.!!', L-i.-.U"^, rhfniljsttf And Qjort!? 


Vi'itbwil CtlaaA — AnA ¥vu11 Junfp «gt if 

Bsd i« (if MrtrainK FiJl af Vid. 

Tim i :|iiii:r< ' -. . r ■ V , panjuTs of 

! !' " . If Lbl^LJln 

!■ J.- -JTr'LilijfeBt. 

ll ■ I I I-, ■ I (NtLmUnp 

3 ■ ■ i..MH-,T. YwV 

vv I. Mill vtkij !fd«L m\ir. 

■L-r- ■! I ■'urM l<ri)ksb]r;i> 

biJUillln-. L .■ I fcT (i>*-BfcUWi. IL 

l*it=l.tiuot-.t;.ni,l Mi'ji «■l.|v| ■^,Llllll'Ll.^^^^l'^lL■ 
mcitl fflbli.* I k'li "\,fi nru\ iipL' IXniLtnluoft, 

(rSflU''.J''''l'A5n"K!i!B m U3«J*.l(Jirljlj#llL>1rff pwlr. 

Aak far fAK'i'KK'H Liulw I.iti'p Hli* r^jr 

maomnt ibo LmcD clra|>ped fiom 
Nmcx'a iuiid uad diiirtiiess IrII. 

a aji the rumiw atairr.a4e of 

Uic MQDk'& Cairklur he tfU. Ouivq 
It. It wBfi e^yiuifh lo iv)uik£ Uw 

bnng down tiuc (irnamftiiLii from 
Aum. ij^tmn':& Ct^isuusia tii^. U, by 

"NtJ, you dflti'Ll" tttuppcd Mancy. 
Pqt an uciuen hand umde u, viclQivi 
rtnib lor th* mtehliw 'L im had i^ivts 

bock on own lliat mndf her mis 
naist- It traunc with, em audJbte unDrt 
or rni(«- 

"AH right. If jou wmu w fl^ht-E" 
mid Najic}-. wlUi n lUUe uiarl. 

bill Uiii*^ chulLengie w4Jf not 
accepiiid. With a soufty of feet, 
title uiwsBn perxm vhniidiKt 

H&iiey Iwwd ffliftLiuML une wall, 

"Who «1*4 tlllU.>" fihit df^tUASdl:^. 

"TJir Mftd Mu itk, 1 AitppcH}^/ 
fUl^wersd Tbm, ihuvLgiit fully. 

'■IL'a u e.Vi;nlt)H. isn't, it? Tll&l 

lovely ncfiklet's mined-" 

a grin Tim jsoIrehh^^ pro- 
duoMl a morocui oah which he hmd 
r-in«ci liom Lbe pockiit {if Bfaalfd 
an they «tru^«3. He took oat the 

oTfrf pTJioi^d T.Jifl-m rnnnsi Ntuieyi neck, 
"About. Uilrlj^ ttifiimm^ c^iikjii' 

rare of tticm." 

Mi:s Knuou Stuuiks hturd tli«^ flrat 
creak tin- jmij^l hi ihe Wail 
Llic dU3luj3-nMui a.v i^Uc oat xlnnir fl.t 
rlic CDxidii!Ul, ^.ablD^ tiip coktr of htrr 
JejiB cheeks higii mv UHHinii Irom 

h'jith ('liTkLin^i Eve MLm ShiutJu 
dlJiii^d iUerv in ^liltiry Klaam, ntiil 
tiiuth CtirtfitimiB Ev-f Icrikcd 
UKlitrr iLardcir. Now^sh^ luu'erEd 
her ,^r>3n and rftwd. slUiriB up 

"There's n bit ot a. &tep." she iftldt 
acldljr. to l±ie Bir"! emd^ffd. 
'■Take coTfr of It it jitu dont ^ant 
l» oiime a orappcT and rloIu a com- 
plfito fcio! oT youraeir. I iiearly 
ilkL fjiiiie." 

N^uEicj- dtffw a deep bre^Ui. Bhe 
LoDlcEd at the ^nUtit face, and th^n 
ftt lighted Cliilstmaf^ tree tn itie 
c<imer. iMid Uk TmI hnlly taerrlcs op 
Ule triiicit ^ewIb- There w#fl fi ^eftt 
buucli ul tiUat-lef^ot: hiuigiii^ from 
LhE centre t)f thfy rr^illn t{. And n 
blcHk old woitian ii^tnig ulQiif iudoiu? 

"When WHS t(ia[?" siiii;c:d Niuicy 

Cpnl'Mu^d ff^fn page 7 

U BKmL-d to her thjit .^offlctlttne 

tint Auni Kehizll 

■'SJt dJjffii. I'll call *bj? psltce and 
Slv^ yoLL in eliaiETc for atealitifl ni7 
lUfiifelet. iiTrtarntly . . . JfOU UtLle 
fooll" Uiu Shauks* Up« Wt7t, All 
at once*, a ti{jb.t line, e^J s-t tloe 

"I plumed the stucwj tr!£k 
Cbrliimaf fire, loti^t. Jron^ ago. I 
'WMan't ofi ynuns na ytni, liiit I wud^ 
Uie half I atn ikow. 1 mean; to tw 
bluU year^ birUie. BaL tht maa 
died a wrdt bntorc ttie vetldlnj, 
Vnu'vp done iiuludEy tilings, td 
wear it befofp yon we«i ipaixiEd," 

"llin woiii die," aid Nancy 
<iuletly. "And here's t^e neclctct. It 
WMi Tim'A Idea. I aUays (lo vtuX- 

MUk aUanJKa ElJuiDcd ^deiraya at 
to, wJtti htflVi'-llddtd #y.^ It 
wiu Ju0t theci Lttat Hancf fssw. dlx- 
tiutrUy. Lbc majt of a loMM new 
bnii&e on Aunt femnut'^ l^It cilwIC' 
batiB,- It vas. bc^gsnnlns to bltbCkfin 

*"rhsm," said Mini, Krtum, with a 
Jvant piercing look, "wh^o tm g^Jvm 
jf'uu yotir niArrhms erdens, ytia'll 
ojiej- htm.*' 

INir ujiuiwcr, N&ucy'n ryn danced 

nc^kri^ whlith lay uillv^fdtLtf oki Uk 
-Uiljlecldth, uhI ^kncw that AQjib 
l^aank^ devoured her vWli ih? «yt!g 
of a hiiriLrry hawk. Hcarfur. in Iho 
isiicw out-idde, the Salvor Sand wns 
plnylti^. *'Ocim?j, AH FalLliEuL'* 

Tltien. lodkbis up, Kaiw:/ mw thdt 
1^ akiQd thdv by the Lnhle. With 
hla fair hair and ftrlxmiiig face, he 
iiKiked so ha>>lahly ^Ifiidk] tluiL bnth 
«he and Auiit Emma crfiught ttkeit 

^invMntnHiiiinfnn m !(iiannjii**i.TTW*ii«<itM*«"'S 

SESSION horn 2GB | 

breaUue. Flcrcsely. MI« Shaoks' 
hand clfivea ovaf lilx and IViU It 
'Pbcn, ^ ^ OUDC^ alia came bo tvs 
left aiul lijACDBd. A EOlil camfi mm 

^ULt dP^ed BraAtedr' ahe said. 
AUddefily. Jet cJiIldEtui 

get held <]f Iklm nawr 

THiTp WAit all at oiictf t- hui>t>ui7 
of btiG^utl^ nod Inusliter, Uic door 
ej[ktin*cl, ttwJ half a ftai^ uhililnui 
buriij. In. IsMipinfi on to tuocb Aide of 
^ TDocJrRggled Father dirlflloiii*. 
TJicy wiirt! ntH ganiieei children, but 
Aunt Emmn si^md iht'tft with a 
ffldf and aHecdiuuite amile ^nFCud^ 
iiig aci»&5 licr fMJtUTEfl 

''t}nfiiJj;fanj;. Sh?'^ ati^ mUTTaiiFed . 
"AlJ EiuarUtKl ati Bit — for Lh* 
tJuratkir], I ^uppon. I llJte the bruta. 
They tlimugh every Uifnj.** 

rb'$ Mr awlcdf chanted tbc 
bratA, "If* Mil. Bnuit«ir 

Kiss Shanks iraored in h toIcc 
LlkE a Kaitaut^^Ajar'fi: '"LKTe bin 
hsfe jUkl bAdc to TWr partj ozmI 
&tQ.y there till wv odttwr' 

£Ql« watcl]«d Utem titwp tutck 
oCedlentlT. A jnuldeii lalare af oor- 
net« and e tLpbonLitimj AoiiJniif'.d In 
Llie ^>kindE atit&ide 05 tlie SflTCT 
Band atrijelc up Inkidtj-. Br*sWd 
SlOQil wlUa a akiicly sPlI^ on M* face, 
lEMiltlnq like p. Fa^Jlirr CJirlitmsa 
wliih had twiJly dajuant^ tuoi^^If In 
tiiff ctiifUDC^. Bis ffj^es foEl miier- 
ably tD Hit QQcklrt ou tctie Ubte. 

5Ii£3 Bhniiks. "T(iiJ"d littter pour u* 
nil uut a elBfiH of tbftt old pe>iiU^tD> 
(ilEiding on* for yonrBelt TticruKh 
ynu rtflo'l (feHBTVe U. Sit down, 

Sb? took np the nAcklet and 
hiincUnl It mto her pottaL 
-Ttuii Isttd Lick 1 told you ahmii 

VlTKDNEliliaV. »fiPt*W* **--**. I 

DMtdf^Lt'tt Trntk- 3 

-mi/AAuar. O^rw-bw ff*^— £ 

T«Jfa^ = 

FUinaJr. rnvniibrr 3«.— "imuriJ = 

VAlpliHbcL'- s 

MjaUrlH.-'' I 

if L ?*iUT, llrtiPiDlw* 5*. — WeIM S 

■[ONlXiT, DceMsiCT a— Wit* l*» I 

a>LI^. Ov^nau. g 

TTMtlfMir. Th« 3 

Amli. OH*lf ICP4Tt la Cwu *C 3 

Tlje inufilc for "Badlo Matiiwe'' 
Es iindjsr th* dLrecUon 0/ 1 paji Rlznoji. 
wliilc tiu; itwjw 1* witten, produced 
aCi'il campered by Harry r^»U, hlm- 
iielf weU kiiowQ a£ a comMlcuL 

doewra t hold."" Khe sUd. looking at 
Pfanry, ""Bteaaje tliis liint the real 
JaBetLhIUtf necklet. liX tim rcplioa." 

"It, doesn't nmEtef/* grinned Tim, 
"because £iw vtm, n brldP before she 
wan It- Wp worn miurl«!d ten dinji 
aev. We come to t«Ilyaii.'* 

''Oosh, you unprineiplrd yotnue 
scoLtfltkTrU/" saJd Aiinl Kcnma. "Wril, 
you won't ffflt the r?aj .T<^>ephLti9P. 
1 liad tfi* cioms all LcUcifjn out 
sficretly, and sold fiepjirafccly tor the 
Rtil Croatf. K^nrly flity tbosusaml 
they roalised. wlUi the prk«^ of dla- 
mnticU wlrnt U 1*- The iii/:uratic« 
compftny dOftfirti'L know." 

"Otir mid TUti. 

'■'Oh.' Bj VDU rUBUni:,'' fliila Aunt 
Kmmn. ""1 didn't sse why tJW ln» 
£Liranc« eorapauy shouldn't ittve ftti- 
othET bsslnful to l.he Retl Cixiss. eireii 
lor 4 Tf-itUffi It'd itDt liLto Ulood. 
you wo. Father camirtmiis ifi a sood 
dta^roise tvr n burnlar. 1 Imd b tal* 
all TCAdy about a man I'd hired for 
111* chlldrpia':! jurtrr. Noludy would 
Qvcf bi* able to Lnnit Brast^d^ I 
thought. becaiJi^ hfl"d tae B ranted 
o^Dln a few mlnutea aJ!^ the. IHI5I- 
nesa was don^. 
"l&ut It dMn't ccme dS. T tried 
rsavE tlv filtiiaHDC- That traa a 
pretty- hefty smttclc on the cJiatk you 

Aun], QniDH at^taAd. Tbc SQver 
Band kua quite detUciUnf:, It atemed 

bo- plaj'jiis! liuil.^ th{^ bmioe. 

"Go lutd LitiYatf yaursflf and 
a fisw bt^ard, Brattcd," iihr s&ld. 
piittins an arm each niuriri Tim end 
Nnncy. "We'd better Join th(? ottacr 
cblidrcn. •celrig thut ir'n Chris Unas 


I tiftjiyrithtl 



It isn't cooking that makes 
tiie saucepans look old..., 


Dcin'l ajiiiil lite linilf at your aiuccpiua liy ciMliilig mclhuJu. E^ery scrolch 
huirfc dirt, sn J poiiiHy frtfiiis, nnd ojakea 
elMniiig liiif<t*r in tlin tulure. Vim gives 
tmooth cleaning bpcause 
\im praiiiH iiti; Hoa|t- ^ 
ccyilci}. They loopen Jift 
to thai yutr em wipe il *w _ 
.nil away willi one iwifl. ^ |i [ 
lipslil nib. Vlai ItMps ^ 
your VilrliFTiwiirti bright ^ 
had (iiining! 


J#or<* radin shoi§?s i^r 
th» wwuiiM at h»me 

Old and new artists to be 

The year 1941 has been notable for the development 
of daytime radio entertainment tor the woman at home, 
with the trend towards feature programmes of merit. 

In 1942 the pramise is for biggar and bettew lire ortisr shows of 
a type which formerly would have been Featured only at night. 

Tins development L'i fore- 
aliadowed Ijy the an- 
il ouncement, by station 2GB 
tliat January will mark the in- 
tr«jau«t.ion ot two itiu-hoiir 
programmes leamrtng many 
artists well known In the Aiis- 
tralliiii entertainment world. 

ybs flijst of thesp pTD- 
jftajHiacs will be "Matlnes 
Hcrela," which will commence 
on Friaay. January 2, and be 
broadcast every Friaay from 
3.15 to 4.15 p.m. It wm T,;iJce 
the form ot a comniutiiLyHylng:- 
tng concert, with r^he dlfl'erL'rice 
that commtmlly Kinging will 
not bi: relied tipon as the back- 
bone 01 the show. 
Th£ ariitfili, dii^jti for the nrui 

imwiCHl conmdy r«tii»L», Dora Llnd- 
^7 iScott^ Cd^ncjlenn^i., Fee 

BD^VDT ii7>*fnLTn..nt»1tRl. I I'TI^^ 

CtHiiinBtirlnr; uii Juuuiuy H oiuj 
t)rofLCls«at ovci-y Tliur.ilii.v at 3,15 
p.m. rating "RiifllD MaUiice." an- 
□tlM-T full hQur'a bTiimiaisi. Tms U 
In tliB mitiirr (it » talc coiifa't, h 
foatuic uf Wilcli be Itic UMTHsf- 
uitni of soiiif of tUt bisgest. iin.uu 
ol falUfilM Mid Uwlay aJons wltJi 
ilioao vha an. only begtrmtni; to 
mnkc tbPLr way lii Uiu Wotid of 
r&dio pud xtfki^c. 

TIklv tl-ir ilrfit prai^rwiinti^ will 
fE!ihtu]'p TIi-ftLher KlHIwJjid ami FUky. 
mtirrd Ilt'Atlr uluettlnt/i*. Nni.lti]i C<f% 
ivIoUiilsV), Mliinlc Ijovc and PJill 
EUrULh >jnunlntl comvUy ra*i3rH«s>, 
Alfred Wlllinnn* Uimiijii, Dot RBd 
Monci? llniitJ-urnenrjillstal, fCt^LUlpen 
MclUtahoii iwlUBtlpn. anA Lbe OIw 

llie ale« Girif. membrra of the 
naff of 1 BydDsy Rtott, JO Im- 
pn^^ei \in miiiUMji'iiiciit Isir Uiclr 
fttngSng that thiy weTp stvoi 
istliusliuiU!; cuciiiirafjntitnt. antl 
wlim Ittvv hud rwciticil it auiTl- 
fli'iillj- lilgh fibtndjinj wwc Intm- 
dum>d owr SO U. BIncp Llicii I hey 

hftTo tmnnentty appe«itd In ruilio i UrniquollnJ for ImligMtiom Acid Stnmmcii. HMr.lum, Gjairi... 
pnagmiumoL I niui riiuulnur I'lica <lneluiiui(,<ujM T«it 2^.^.<juint am, 4/a 

"Vf^HEN every meal is 

followed by pain, dis- 
co ntf art or heartbura . . . 
when joa can't bear tbe 
thought of food and you act 
like a bear with a sore bead 
, . . blame sour, acid stomacb 1 
But there's no need to sit down 
and " Uke itl" 

Vqii cu cm lid of Hut suiii Had 
dlacomfiirt-liow qtricUr ilegcnds oa 
bsrw »Dn yau iMke ft dtiae of Dc Wia'i 
Ajitodd Powder I Tbij (]uicJe.Actiaa 
nmcijy «v&rka wooden -mih a war 

KbomuijL Trj jLLVt Due dDOC Uld, 19 ft 

few tnimHea, feci ttx ndlfif u burning 
acid la kilJed and Ihc war ftoniach 
^w^wwi A few iBotncaCa later you'll 
lie wvnttiig tt knun— wluit'i lor dituicrp 
WSf doa De Witf» Antaitid Powdtr 
! work Ki quIcUr? Simpl; tHvaoR it 
docj Hum llmigi. Fir«tij, Dc Witl'« 

Aci^. Thi!h il locthrt and protrvti 
ttiE ij]itainE^ sLouuuli Uniflff — inlfaoift 
b anj WLj tntSMtemie with DDcmitl 

Irif ^ ANT/ 

dlg^^n. Pifiallr, 
your food, so tkjil i£e wa.koncd atoiiu&cb 

fiai I 

it hetM difTKut 

liss -muk. tfl do. Soon da ainiplii^ 
rfocM't li r But »il;f De Witt * Aat- 
Poviier can g:t,rc thu uiaaiof 

C*.-t the sky-blue cauiE^r ai De Witt^ 
AHticld Po*il« Uniay-.-»n(J do pot 
wtitry any luorc about inilig;G9tjon, flAtu* 
Iflflcc, hurtburii ot Hmt, atii stomach. 
RFf^n lite pSsaturt *l entbRic jusl what 
Tflu like and of feoJajKaij crwy meat 

End iiltsiritucih Trn>Jlil— now 

large iky-blue raiualon. 


National Library of Australia 9006 

December 27, 1S41 — Tlie Austrafjon Wofwcn's Weekly 

Engaging stiii frnek 

... in rrtnp trhUe fi^ired irtlfi roVor 

T^Eie einifile yet ytry ftT^ihlnW 
dMisj) Is now afailcLlili! frjun 

on tht! be^t qusJlt? Blub lLe.u'j9. 
wlittE wcLEElr clcjth or ctnl «hlte lilk 
pique Al] oi Lhr:>? mnmriflln launrirrr 
perfeclily iuiri wcftr llilcc Irqn. The 
derJifn ia a gimpl^ one. tepnciJillj' 
mtuip tcT Vlfi^. ELTid a brllUant ancf 
coKtrful Bdle la aOdad hy tHt vivUl 


It |0 mndt in fgur str^ 32in^ 34iii,t 
and seiiL, ud pricm ase u 

3:iliL and MSiL blBl4, 
0*1 pQsla^. 

SSLd. mnS SSia. 

A paper lutUm of 
the dEkpi mMy tae 
Qbtujuel (or VL 

1 tXrlUnu t» wdtL ad. 
I per Bkelii, 

JT5. ThU charmSns 

fltfure as anelfelj? 

an <?pcnlnc cw^ir 
jfet mtfi a patttm 
to oulde jfoa if b 
Mtmpic to 


, . . ideal for a IrouiJJ^itw 

TfVA'PEft jHLtiRriu lor Lhls fLLLLfirlnf dcKlgn arc Afct>&^- 
^ Bbl? fronn out NeecTleworlc I>epajtiLient In wjjm 33£el^ 
ailn., )uul 3Bin. btm. Inflnjctilabs for crutti&i: and cnoJcing 

tuf given vitth eactx pattern, ReqiiLree-44pdei.. ^Ins vide 

EinbroLiteTy tnnDicrer, prici! 1/7 e^tra. 

irtjfle pfpptd ttj> tPiJft Ffirfd em- 


TlmM. IBM.-, O.r.ft. . KrlttBlll*. Bn 

iffrfttnj' Hat vmw. G.ra. ii 

iuf. [Til t"»atlrf*-atli Si 'IHsntiii U' 

V^JaTIENT: Docior, J 
/ hnrte always heard 
/-^ that miOi Us very good 
f for one. and that 

cuerj/body nhotild have a 
certain aiaount each day. In 
Just what taay Is milfc tiens- 

MOCTOR: Milk la more lhaa a 
ttrlnjL It Ii s IMtl. AltllifOgh milk 
Ifi » Ihilcl In Uip kUuis, it 1a a "oolkl" 

HE At 


n flQUi-eonr were sui^dtMiJT !'> em- 
nflUncc the (Cacuvftry ol a iyril.Tii^<Lin 
IlqaJd ifhiiJl WHS ftlmcwt a cunjplEte 
BftliffUCtory- :inca3 in lUeU, Eiiere 
wuld be fucti b runh t4 h that 
Jw ^iivuld. inulcei a fintwnc- Yet EVfir 

a ndtuml llquW wmcli performa ttiia 
Hrrvicc. It L£ milk. 

Milt li a ifalLiablp Tyod— «o viilii- 
able, In fuel;, that It tfi consVrtcred 

not anly Inffknts ami chi)- 
JicD, but Ql^ oI fldoh'iic^^nlfl ai]d 
Eidults. Yet AufltnUlJins (Irmk only 
Cine hiklf as mucli mSli m Uh?>" 

ThL^ lA parttrularly Hiioiu In chr 
casi" Df chliitran, II chtlilrnii ure 
Lo hBLTE £^0£Ls bfMlllEa. 11 La liuportaat. 
Vhitt they [iBe tlie brat htilMlnjr 

□iicfs^nry far grnwil] luid rvptdj OA 
In ftdtiltion to mmbrrtal for FW^wtti 

JForyflung wives 
and motliers .. 


Training for self-reliance 

IT !j meat Important Tar n chlitl 

li> life. * 

I As a^dtilUi. we Imow tft* value 
urwi the n<?td for *elf-lielp ftrwJ In- 
dppendcnee- in tviMT^day iJle. 

Aii> Indiviriiiftl who huA rnjtQ 
his earJkfit jsaif* bW^Ti able Ll^ d 
mciaGUr-c to Ik H:If-Trll&tl.t $tiihrU n 
better fihhncc of niakiiMf a haptijcr 
nftjiuitment to his fellortf-bpiniis 
bntlih in ehlMMiDd Kud lil &dull liie 
tiiflii cirie i?ho btu hnc uny 

practice in. btln(r Itnlcpcntfejit. 

WltLcn a child Rrjit jihowH laUifnl 
Krid A to Hrlp tUiiDntLlf. he 

AhDUkl lU once bo cncuiitnifM ^ 

jfcT. hiAH Ixen pr^tpfiml li? Tlie 

Mother^rafTi S&rvlnr Burttiu, an^l a 
copy will bn forwuttod fr^e, \i a 
requeirt. wJlh Ml encfowtJ etnmpeil 
nthlrvsHd envelope 1« roxTi'orOed tu 
TJw? AnstTftiiaii Wmtn^Tifi WMskly, 
Has Ci»<J , (Jydiiey. 

Plefljw fiiwiom' ymir envetope 

and racsir, file] In needed bo kes]) 
Lhe hudy -srmit nod to Eiiiqil? ^aifrv; 

talJi5 Ulna- aubfltrmtici whlG^i pitH 
Tide BQod fuel, 

Froirin i« e!?tnti&l for tiEUIdinf 
lU-iid rt'pnit'ilic miiscle Knil oihcu: Li&- 
itl^. Ulllc ronLftins 3:& [ler cent af 
till* vaiuaMtt clBis of Icmd, Prt- 
tein ]5 iil&Q foijud in meat, tlwh^ t^pi, 
chc^e. pcfofi. bduifl (L£)c1 cerc»lA, but 
ADTDP pmlirizi frani uulk Jinci unkiuit 
rcirni?L '.(MirrtE to be jurcwsijify tor Rood 
liiraltli M^d bodtJj rfS'lJ'.tance Aa 
the purri flJ! niLIk roiiL^iia tauai <jf 
the proteiri, cl^uy: b rJcli irt thlB 
muMlc-bullriliiE' f(;iML Bklmuiod 
trtlUs Aiilf Inittfnnllk ktt valunbUr 

tlHiuph aJ] niHiTJy aJI tlhr fiit hoe 

lilyJriB rjC'rit f^r wnrtnth nnd cntTE'y 
to the brwlv. flmt rarrylp* wlih It 
TitamiTJ A and D 

Abotil jietrEii-l«iith£ vl nup p^r fCitL 
of milk i.^ mlnETBl mikttt'r. Cue of 
the mc^t valiuhTp of t31e^e nuniiriils 
iji DuJiUimi or mm,', ^^ln^p in more 
lime in mJLk liii«n thwe [j. in linuj 
wofer 1.1 me hPipa in biiilij bonE. 

II clilldron arp to iiJiVB atiurnr 
taoni^ nnrf fLrm wliiti' teeth, tdyy 
uiiiil liflvi^ limg anil [xLi'iiLy eX li. 
Milk in hint only rinh in llmfi. but Lr 
nlr.o jifirhttpB Uie chcApwl food few 
A'lTplJi] > ine lime m tlie neceas^TT 

PhDtiphalrjt, HMwaniuT^ la the tls- 
ci the body. Hfe ftAfc fnimd im 


Mtlfc; Aliiu cofitnirt! n tiupfn? nulled 
luiiiQf?. whirfi millet,', it ^^.wiiit. Lac- 
tObc iii i'lUitly (jlgn^l^^] and glwS 
wimntli (inel eiiitrity t& Lhr bod.T. 

MilJe Htioajti^ i!*? m[JiJtIt.*it in llir; 
dii*t PTcry day -ft pliir for Adiil!£ 
anel « pint nniJ o. hcili k] one cjHart 
fot grt^R'tng children. 


Jiai, tl'jB VLTI riuT. liini; Billl! in 
£iirii A v]itimljk> mnks It a 

klnlf; »f httcLnrtft, Milk af uru^- 
tKin quiilfty mi/ e^rry dDngcmuff 

Cml^ p4jrti!uns«d mtlft: In jieAlMl 
liottJfK t£ iavfp milk AH AUm ssllfc 
^h0uli.l ht boiliK^ ^ore luv. Ciuv of 
tiiilb In Ch^ haml^ Ls sHnpIi' but 

r^rt^i lie ImiiL Tfee only peopL? whi> 
put cifj mare clothct (u keep cool arc 
•ic?cft-d*^dlJcrt ^itc t>)i? Arabs — tlicy wear 
-voilumintiui urmJ-luif: clcnks to keep 
out [ht )unS rJLyi- 

iluc m your CJW, MaJamr. die Ic^cyou 
wnr the jlooIct ymi wiJl be. Evdry ititfih 
yuu piit 011 5r*>ur Uitl (tiAk*;* y«u to nmcli 
hotter. That <la« NOT mcjn you fhould 
ict ycimr fip^ You've Rot yourielf 
inTn fatTitun^slupe OTcr the winter mrOntki 
And you omsta't undo ttic ^ood wvrk dcv> 

THc fortun^mt f^ct ypu (fen't need 
to. A wctpliinj' % mtre f<?w oiuices^ 

will work wondoiT in Vcqrbg you roul and 
ironrctpd. ThtyVe WJ lijijhr and airy 
yw'pc hsrdly f»«"fl«>ut thejr'ff im. They 
iin*(; in a iiffy »nd dry in oe*t to jsp time- 

4^ omw. Inw thwn * 
ptk^ of ibon. 

Tliey leH youj- figiuc-.itory 
at A J^iint<^ Bhs \u have thr tubdi comrtsl 
of s Brritt fo ft^ve you coftfidmcv in your 
Vtnc' — evcBL when yqn wear Lhc IhnndciE vcu^c 
or silk^ 

Yoar favQimre ictorc hiu aewest tlj^ht- 
wci^hi BerfD ^rrauicm, itfp-ini, v»p-nni 
and cotirrait'ttci-^-dnigucd to lit yifi" figure 


Ui FirKiNDAnm Df beautk 

National Library of Australia 

38 . ■'^Homomaicpr 

Tht AusttaWan 'Women's WgeMy — Pecerobet 27, 1941 

New Under-arm 
Cream Deodoranf 


Stops Perspiration 

1* Don HUE tt.n dr^dea — do« 

tttit irriUlc tkin. 
S- Nq wxIiJnji; to dry, C»0 be OJeA 

9* ItiBtJudf ilapi witpit^fi ^w, far 

IcU Viinlalutlg cum. 

Ait-^t-tl> if entirely iimcm- 
]«« IP any fabric^ 
19 MILLIOM |a» ol A»Jd 
baai) Hjid. Try a ]u tad^fi 


2^* ■ t*4. AIM tn fA. ittt. 
JtB CH>rRiuii xjid utorr* itpLlj/ug LpUrl fOod*. 

at 45, 55, 65 

Ynu CAR Bl\U Ifail yrma^r inf?n, or 
khtna In m rnomf ul yciunHi'rr 
waman If your brniii. hourt amul 
nyrvea ntay yDultimT and Tisoroiia 
riilH JuBt wiml WrNfSARNIS wlLE 
An fnr you. WISGARNia U * 
woaij'jrtul aatnrtLl tonic, ■ rich 
Mnnd af chfllc^iK vine with two 
kiiifiM of tiflftUh-gfTins vtcttmltm. 

ni^>c*J KLon prttTe hew WIN- 
<1AHNIS wLrdfl off premMUfa old 
bring! t^Avi^ y^^utbfui ^parki^ 
*nd ffnii;i. You'lJ fe^i butter* 
brishier in mtcd and ^otjy irilh tho 

WaJtlnf Tonli^. " Start a bottio 
t»-dttr. Your DhdmUt llU WIN- 

Pimples Go 

Cause Killed in 3 Dan 

'^'M Tirr QrK «nfilli'fcriiib nr Nirr«r]«>nn twuiuia 
to ckAr fHiiji' |iJni[i1mi Uk' inifLf. tUt Tmta- 
"f'nn 'J»-ii^chi tnrf j^ru nwn tw jwUr'aSia 
bflrrjtnlnit inft. motrEli ■n'Ti fU>Jw, yiTnIrroi li 
K ll\fm aifWmfr thai )cil\\ tetmh inO >i1T|||I 1 1 ii( 
MB. lJi« ftk in I tiHi a'H ui»c rJm aJfx . Qiilia, A^l 
AUvt'-'lLM. Eur^Uii. lUnGvunr;. and KrucilEum. 
Ititn "cun'i ciii, rirt iJ jun-r *liin UciuhlLii unlLl 
Fini minnTir itw iirniiit ftui hlil* bn Uja tHti? 

fHtfut* nt THUI- kbin, (;f4 FfElprjumr ff<>]b fitut 
diAjnlHL nr KEc^rr Crv-ilAj ardtir tli* [nMiUltn 

■nr4 alinr rnur iXtn vti in't rmrvrHii ur irmnftpi 

Cr ood mixers in 

the fiorai gvorid 

• When the gardener sets out Eh rubs, 
perennials and biennials, he or she rarely 
bothers to inquire whether they ore good 
nnixers or not, with the result that most 
of those grown closh violently, 


Nixoderm kow Z/ 1 

for Skin Sotti, PimpUs tnd Iteh. 

OST ros**, however, 
are good mijiers, 
whether ttiey are 
redii. pinks, yellows, 
or biMlors, while wWte rosea 
mix wUH anytMng or any 

But plttlc iLDd aulnwfi rofies. eaod 
seir-ynlluwi. maA l,vj«s lJk« Tilis- 
□iftu ao LtJitethar, car will ml* 

.'ioltly with Errberns niuj with san- 
5eL-5hLided BtiiLiidjrafffmg, 

One Df Lhu udvFuiUE^ of titesc 
; fkiwtrs la Umt, U sensonnbly plmitttj, 
; bhi^y will nil llowcr ill iihs one Umn. 
Thcrrluri; Ciosc good mlxero aliould 
Ije act out In every gin-dun whnrc 
CM Howeis Bie dcalred, 

AKliuutsti Qie HHuoa for pluiUiig 
ronCN Is lonfl; pafil; ntiTHprvmen 
iimiiUy liiwii sutipllu o( pot-rVlsed 
varlorje5 on hniid for ilioae gartlcn- 
uilt UB^uriLs' who B£mv tlilnk ol 
rtjfies undl llisy Kye Ihflrn In Uower 
in junuHinir tlntf's sarden. 

Qlvim ri'iiMjuubJe tsur JJietfe pot- 
led ptaMs will, nitwn iTunsI'srred 
li3 tlTt j*4rdeu_ bfH-ame rapidly ejtab- 
lished aJtd Bower iLgiiln DO*t Hutuinn 
I If TfftJj wal-rrwl. Some of the bejit 

j desn Dt; fiafitjiijii I bright yellow out,, 
alrte nnd deep fed InjsideJ, Shot gUfc 

, <ft pnrtieulftrl^ lovely t^ise^ and 
Souv. De Ouorges Pumel 

Tlie»e msei mil waj wtfi simp- 
drasonfl, fjtflKnw. uiid mitny other 
spring ttiid Bummer fkiwm. 

Cterbena Yaxt bcooine very popu- 
lar e»oiTwhere In thr wimiicr (juns 
of AiistraliB In rtesai ^eiirs, their 
wti pasl*l colors. ]tuix iienui, and 
long llfp when out mdcarrof th.i>in 
10 CTery WDjniin's huitrt 

ThDj grow veil in good medhun 
iPEun. Ulce Wrll - drftlnKd Eiuorter*^ 

;!"^""'iiiiiiiii ikiiiiiiiiiiinirniiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinc 

I The ttnxicer is^— | 

I i 1— Aluiiaiini Helen HUabttli I 
'l Ota CltrisidlleL | 

I ni»rli!7. 1 

E S^^mnkud Ir^ i>f miillua. 

I 4-^ run. 

I S — ^N'Orth-w««t, 

5 B — All □( them- 

= ? — Cordj. 

I It — Mr. l^vaiM-lFd. 

1 V— Kllhl. 

I It— ft (rlfatdet. 

i QuiiKlliaii& im pa^e 14 
?imuuiiiij«>ii«iU«'i',uriiiiii I ,iiu<i 

, THE BEAUTIFUL rose fnirwt 

tt'Ae-jAfr in toh and lielicate pai- 
seh or dtsp. tUh fttiCf il bnngm 
Wtikonte co/or lo ttm gatdufi. 

rOR A HRfUJANT mwi tsf 

1/ cttreiuily attended they gtvt a 
mflruc/itKij dtipSity. iLtft,) 

and rerei In a ciinny. warm poalUan. 
Tbe crowna £liDulc! not be covtrwl 
T. '.iva pldQtizis, bu[ athervrisi the 
gei'berB Is noi fci^tldjQ'Ufi, The 
Jiowpver. loiiftt be dwn. for t±ie rooia 
are v^ty lung-. 
DiLe uf Ihp best tutrodiictioiii Id 

la thft ilniibtf^ BwflihciusU liyhrids. 
These fli:! wftm tiavB ceri tres Hon^fi- 

mre upw obtEilniibio in » wide variety 
or Rhud^. Tiie blocm-V). ae In tJs* 
4in£tt SfM-Uob, axe borne on Lang. 
hUt>ti!r st>ffEDa, but thr (la were bml 

Catiui; Liana ditc also good mUerfi, 
ftnd bfiviDg iDna .^cini: jiiould bo 
STYiwn gftiicTOu^ly i\\ Lhe home g^ar- 
den, tlJc IffVijly pinkB, reds, firar- 
!f?E&, Hiflf-ootiA, ycllowu, c^lmcnis. dh-cL 
pk-otec-i'dsT'cl-Jiin d-al.ftiiiect varieties 
pmvSde g. lively contriuiti atiid 'beinE 
iratfmnt are always keenly itau^hL by 
the hanxi d^corntoi, 

Tiiey are veri' rnsy to yraw pro- 
vided Lfae bt^Ls ore nusecl above the 
eauuDoa l«irel al the ^rdcn and the 

draliuL^e njid conaequeat root 
failures wjUi eaTnatlan& t.tmn OTiy- 

l.hitii cist. The crowns BluouJd be 
rulseil slightly cut of ttie ijrfmrwl 
when planting, for tba camnmou, 
like the gerbera, <ioei xiat Uite belns 
burlHj oilve. 

Aaother pl&nt that Alvfi^ doOS 
Scif^A for numtbts ol the y^AT 
If cftxcfuny a^ttfinded njid Well- 
Watered, is- the- pereruiliil pMox_ Th* 
ralom jittf HiOsO-Y piiiks. r>«ds, whites. 
mnd BiAtin^is, but j^me of Ihvm ute 
blookirHl, hB,vlrL|{ whlt« cr red eyes, 
with a cuntnufUrvg color on the 
out<rr I'ds^ ol Uie pHilIb. 

Blue flowpra *re often verj' ^jducc, 
but Lhl^ shortage caj\ z^wny^ be 
tna^ up by fTow\ng plcnly tall 
d.wcLrf id^Iptkln.lum£ , blue uluutu 
doifilres. thtt lovely WC£L AU4lJ*Il]Jlin 

dldijmK. fittd Baby Blue Efyts tpcra- 
UutlijTOii 1ivlllmot1,laE^>. 

Babjr BUtn K^Rs Hi & dw&rt shrub 
that irro*5 very quicrWy in warm 
dJfltrieXfi- The flcwcrp are iimaU but 
borne In clue tera dn the toua of 
Btill eteias. like n penermial phlci. 
I'hc -dolor 1=1 a deep ^j-blue. 

It well in jttiy good sdU. 

preferably llji^t to iriMUum Iueleii. 
DeedE cMtt^K tmcic &fter (lowerLng. 
nod blooms for £cver«l mopths of 
the ib simimer gui'd fLUtiiiim. 

Qyp^pbllti aldli amiBLoa H Usa 
numf. a new planii haa Kisruzig 
Into pflpuinritiy this BL'ason. It Ib n 
frfT T^nnjci i iMiarin^ paniclBE tit Dnfr 
flowprfl. in tnyriBds. rcaemhlmg 6c9 
old IejjCe. Thfi color is sifl pmuvn 
Dr Invtnder, buL chonaes to ttll^rer 
Id old nge. * 

The flawcrs bust a Imi^v ttm4, tUU) 
beiue boriK} ou vrcif titettLs tkrb' 
far cutting, Tliisi 1* a, color Uint 
tnixe£ well wtth yellflw c&Miaj/siB, 
pe^-eimial MinHowers. golden c«losla. 
or jcunufel i^lAnt mflrlgoSdfi, Elll at 
witlch ^iiaiild be ffrowTi nearby vdt 
tiiey ueuaIIv floi?t?r toeetber. 

Lafil but iin^ l(r&£i kt me Agfitn 
rtMLMmmeiul ibsL lovely nsw attut^ 
dulvy. lafiititir ittiid. Th^r blooav! flj™ 
true doubles, tosl A loriH tuti?. and 
bein£ borzif Ob Icrtif;, Dtn3n|ic EtmiA 
are Ideal for iriitTlEi^ Roli; cl dozea 
plants set out. tiow wtU be four dt 
five timcB ft* bte Uila time nyset- yuju, 
and kbiT pbinU Howr tJrie cuune 

li^lte HuweTA ure cqg oT thr iiolld 
stiBtiftiofrb of the garden, Aitf) OTn* 
can iipv^r liRvt too itt^ny of Lb^n 
by the tkno ll!C da.lUln.&. talt-stenunfid 
luters, and pet4jbiaa ctmif lata 


MAK£ Tf/e WASH A /VCrUR£ ' 

fR£SH AS m/Nr —J 
SUffS- IfKE NEW f ^ 

SffAP£S CfGNrfR, ^ 


8ur the Giant packet 
and save money 

T. IJ Ol 

National Library of Australia 9008 

rHamemjker ■ 


Simple mad€*rn ilecar 

This aify flat, with Its 
glorious view of the harbor ond its sunny 
roams, is furnished in o strictly modern 
style, yet with the modernity subservient 
in oil cases to comfort, and the color 
scheme is harmonious ond delicate. 


A COCRTAlt CABfNmr jtajuli- n: 
ctip end tii tlif dottWe loiinpffi-roafJJ 
urilh c Frcricti print of a rafr. scene 
Hi prf-imt Mantmartrf /lancr^n^; 
ifirenitt^ xbotHi. A smali favniX niirror- 
ioppsd (aliie al svi:aiiufr^ stands m the 
centn ol iht rooni. 

+ + + 

CVRTAtHS 0/ croain frtBei imcr- 
gulifttf drape uA-iidoiii, and heuvv 
(afffta in f»fnfr and paJe blue hangs 
at rscit jiie ol lilt double comcT iwn- 
aoira. smteiiiaiUs js/owrt for tiif 
light aff tlir rycamoTf Aressin^^taMe 
and tioal. A large rtrcurnr mirror 
and attmctiDt gtais ilteJvet tanlrilnte 


MUCH IS MADE of iitt small luil- 
cQny imtti tta cattimnv and tffiJhev 
Se-stttea the nttut wrmigJii-fron *ftifrs 
wifh tbetr ffreen cutMtmx, thsre i» a 
finpB canf kmnfe with ttripml green- 
^nd-wtiiti; coMhioRii, The tall ftanU 
ftaldinp ikf birdcage Ijt fl^ matcktoff 
ci^ne. and adds a /ttrth^ frojafpol note 

on fA> thf balcftTiy, Three euormouii 
imnpi mth Uzrgr iehit^ .thadrf do 
awaa uri£A direct lighting. The maraon 
carptl of/Sits the oufsUe cream 
It/dther chairE ami tettee, SmalJ gloM- 
topjMnS iffrmiifht-ircrn itccattomtJ tabtee 
are an ariuAual future. ''LeftJ 

A STRIKING feature of tUls 
nat l£ E^ve huge double 
iDUnge, with cocktail] bar 

cabinet at matdaimg sycumare 
contains a mi4te nl modem 
stnj>!!d glass against stream- 
lined mlrroted tabinet walls. 

iMttle Elfisk on ji iflaoK- topped rup- 

fuitj b&side H fitimdi b, small mirrar- 

ahirt ohlrm flowers pliiaod In tiit 

T)iraugbi3Ui: iiis doublt lounge- 
roQcn. U|F luJl. And Itte dlnlng-ronm 
a di^{> moroan vall-to-wuU floor 

ttUa ibs K»^gri*Qn ind crcnm put- 

In Xti<t tvdiwm die floor 
treatmirnt i;i Q&eil tint ihs carpei 
h^Tt* tlecpeal btuc, a^aliut wttlch 
thr plEsk-nnd-biut^ tnfTetft dripe^ on 
iJi»- Eni|)ire CwJ and Uip mntaimK 
Qurtalofi are Rhown to ^dvantimt. 
Tfi& fuTiilt.iire lA iillra-oiodErn, Mm- 
pilaims I.WO fiiiormnus Bjcsjnorc 
WBWlraiiea an iilbrn-inodern drew- 
liif-tfe,b)e. and two Kmall lisifllde 

Ill Uie diuN^-t™™ s** eoinfort- 
AhiB a/rndtifllTH sun'oul3ij aa ulDlotiii 
AycamDre table. A small caodeni 
«jdetigara glftfts Eopi^cfl tor utility, 
fitonds oeoiiLBt one wtfll, and u 
tnotJeru g]iLs& c^talntiE w i th kIblm 
slielvf^ aiitl * smnptyoiis saitn Uii- 
luff lit Uw back of thr slwlvu duilIece 
nil itHiiO sctUfig for tli0(lt^ri\ ffl&sses. 

Flowrrs fUl tin? fOOizu<:, and n/r 
RrrRD^eid Ui t;reflin vases tc mRich 
1,h p creflm wcod , A noiewot E-hy 
feaLunJi too, are tbe walli v&seA ffjiich 
flU up fitny b1«lilfi wall fipncc Tliew 
HIT? only JsmiiU. y^n; n lew hItKJmB in 
each of Uii^h^ will limiTfiiforjij wJinl 
wjUi othsrwlsr a flend aw in the 

Tiirtiugliaut the Oat ua^ JriitA br«ti 
mnde of only one wooii-^ycHnioi'p' 
and ttiit, slEJed tu Hit! onf^ color 
ochi^i^ LiirouetiouL ^Ivcs a unified 
deaisn to the ^bole lionic- 

Veiy oll£ti fttr^ttitiUaecl fumL'-ji- 
U>g J& apt to miLke u homi? a lELtle 
Efhefrl^';, bwlllLy^ the furnliihiMgb. 
dlLtlOUgli 'i^oinforUible, have H ra.ther 
ftiutere and oh tl] I nif b)j a.»n (rt^. 
fiul lii tills flnl. wMch la ns mixlttrn 
Its tQ'ixioiraw,. richnt^ bfi Lmpaited 
by the Wiirm tenJuMe or Ehp colors. 
th(» size of the chalrA flnd sen^ffi, 
ond the livUh uu Qi Clowetx, 

National Library of Australia 


The Auitrai'tan Women's Weekly 

Dteember 27, W1 

There Is No Substitute 



An original Scotch reci|»e in a 
rick butter shortbread biscuit. 
Grooved to break easily into 
conveniently sized fingers . , . 


Concentrated into the 
cream filling of on 
Orange Slice is one of 
the truest flovours ever 
demed from golden- 
ripe oranges 


Often voted the most popular 
biscuit of all, and certainly 
one of the richest biscu its eve r 
created by Arnott's chefs, . . 

Williom Arnott Pt». Ltd., Nomebtnft 



Don't Delay-Help the Red Cross To-day I 



National Library of Australia 901 0