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iui ill 

ti Us 

* lie & it 

JacT ar© gatt&g hea#y 0 Toysr tteaxgrte aye drifting* You are getting sOjs*>- 

ligation cf pocrfct IKplraswgr T «rd- ivtoatac** -gcoviiS' cat # Rd^t"S i y^..X;lrtcs^ isho la 
going -sr.? on vacation, soon to >£6 G^oon Place, Wc^&nere* NeX« 03598(53.6) 3^4*723 # 
Ifeil ?Jill bo fcas^irded. from Ja^yett^c • 

Subscriptions -are..a^i'iable aijT/$3U A.teo -$f£e#ed is TH3 jpEEHSRs a play abnrfc 
•prions l&pXrnacy payers-, that jfts 1»in#. seriated herein*-- The iprJx?© 1 of that Is 7$£ 
until Dec c £L £ when it rises to f§* Tfcan&s to athn Bb^^''£or pOaiggUig 11* it a recent 

# "50 

issue IJS^SS&.BSE, : Byi.the ~ 11^ . Jota r whan you tteait 
me the Ite tter you did not - ^pi&ade "the : money far the 

teiaplateso X^u c&dn s t<, you dis^a't^ you dlon'to 

Boa? I dipped a .2tea s of print up there o the 
Hellff you don ! t li|ce it, you fix it« 
. , 'tJnlesa I. get Something from thei? producers soon^ 
trade will be cut v&th ■£$> SfTO^T40di and J^TSfiKfltlB KS4X£TBS3;» Alsoj, I am aesuflinfr 
C envad '-von , MetVsa** s CC6$£GCt»l& is gona« 3ta*'~^^^ht dip as", lor a» the. o Gr 
6o-s D Hot too had r as it cuts da% on ~E$r m-rko Nevertheless* X am always to 
accept your moneys 


, Rod ftftfasr 

- . ■■ 

Ho h*> ho£ Xou know what time of year it isj don't you? Tea* it*s winter solstice j 
T7hen £ood ?si:il abounds. It is the custom, this tine of the year a to exchange presents 
and smile at one another * x ~ ' 

. So> to raise money for presents t& pat tinder the Chajmfcah Bush, I am. gsing to 
put myself in chattel slavery for a year or t#6 by openin g now samps, am opening 
three of the beasties at a jiice of $6 # cr two/for |19 c "Erasers are people Kith 
complimentary subs get it at half price * if t*iey so nAshi , - 

When applying for a f^me, delude your na«e fc addr ess p telephone number Ydth area 
code( since I allorr ohly. me person from any telephone code area to play in a game), 
and a preference list* , , 

If you i?ant to play fl don't isrito and-ask me to put you on a list f send the mon- 
ey. Greedy soul I am^ m letter id.tfao^t"tta«ia« doesn^t^seem 'as eloquent^ 

House rules appear on pa^ two% 

Schedu!bi for next issue -are, 'tentatiimly," acme fabulous features 1 Paper J Inki 
Staples* I bet you can hardly -waito 


1. These rales act to modify and expand the 1971 rulebook. Unless it says so, that ' 
rulebook will, bo f ollcwed* - 

2, Beadlinss for each.set of. mores will bo #ven with the publication of the previous 
set of moves e Usually each deadline will be t«aty days following publication of the 
previous moves. ' - v , 

In the event the f*asesiaas.ter detects a lar^e nudber of errors in his adjudicationr 
he my either inform the payers by postcard «r announce a delay in the following is- 
sue of the l&saiHaatu Gazette* 

If less than 6q£ of the 3ets of moves du©-in a season are forthcoming by the 
deadline, the gaiaesiaaster may extend -fee deadline* 

3* If a player's moves are not in the posession af the frame sraaster by the evening be- 
fore the deadline, the gaiaosinaster isay call that player colleat for the moves* 

b« Moves, nill not be accepted taxless they are accompanied by the player's si#iature% 
Since one cannot slf#t one ! s naiite over the telephone nor through tele^aph wires, 
thero will be no signature re^iiresaents here* V 

5. If a player misses a set of moves, SI his -units will hold. Any dislodged unit will 
. be permitted to- retreat if the player sen&s in retreats the following season* 

If a player Blisses a set of moves^ the ^ameaiaaster will call for a standby, who 
will be expedted to *ie*otiate and send in orders as if he was in charge cf the count- 
ry* If the player jtdsees his next.set of moves the standby's orders are used and the 
standby, takes over the play* ftie co?i*s!Laal player's f^rae-len^th subscription •will be 
transferred to the standby* 

7« If a situation arises which the ^Taesmster cannot adjudicate, all involved nove**' 
ments will fail* 

8. u concession will occurs to a sirigle power if all surviving powers a^ree* 

A draw will occur if there is rio net-chanf»e in the nusher of' supply centers held 
by all countries for three s*ame years^ or if a draw is proposed and accepted unanim- 
ously* ^11 draws -will bo between all surviving powers at the time of declaration. 

Underlined moves fail* The first three letters of each space will be used in 
abbreviation for transcripts with the following exceptions* Gulf of Bothnia (Bot)j 
Gulf of Iyons (Iyo)j Norway{Nwy)$Bcfc^>=!ian Sea(Krg)} Uorth ,Sea(Hth)| North Atlantic 
Ocean(l&t)j North Afriba(H£gr) , 

10„ The pamosmaster is not responsible for the vagaries of the U.S*P*S* 

SiSTOJjPAc: ^Yes, mke 0 » e H 

rt (tfohn, you old fart**** 

perhaps you have, hoorach, sknhkh, wondered what the pattern, if any, be- 
hind all these bad checks is/Ahfchhhj, phnnnApprph* 3broank a First we financed Charl 
ie Reinsel's Dale Gamete coupse& and J3ftn Boardman's political science seminars* 
Interesting results, but hardly definitive*- Herb Barents* tjvpins eourseB only con- 
firmed v$ opinion of 1&© bouncing 5 cheek policy, J&ke». c " 

«(John) H 

«This chock is mde out to Ray Hauer* fle are new going f car the time. Once 
we hold the Boardnan Nuisbers, we can control the world V* 
"But sir—" 

"Snou^ii You have your orders, Spwooooork* Ah, that's better 0 How go, Hooc-rac 
I left the room, puzzled. I discarded the surgical mask and hung the dripping 
semester on its accustomed pe^*.As 1 removed ray galoshes I be^an to wonder "'J 
. if Lipton icnew what he was doincr, if he were perhaps senile^ And then' I knew 
what had bothered me* He had forgotten the latest check wag supposed to bounce I 


ABOT m*&mCLE I W3 QOUO TO miTE... 

about ^ circumstances surrounding Ray Bauer's rise and fail as assistant Board- 
^ Custodian; the tot draft ran fifteen double-spaced, had to be expand- 

ed, md was written xn the most turbid. prosa-IWe ever written* I didn't think t 
could writ© that badly* : 

just : clear up^a, few facts. In a letter to von Metzfe, published in 
POUCH, I stated John Beshara and Hay H 0U er had' mt^ca a number of occasions*, 1W 
had met ence, at a party thrown by John Boardraan in June or My. and afterwards 
Beshara atlU could not refenbe* Ray, ^ - # . 

Finally, it has been related^ on two separate occasions^ by Ray Beuer and Nick 
Ulanor, spoaicifc* from tn£ onaatloa f?ptten from von Metako, on which he based his de- 
cision to cut Hay oat ot ^ ^^q^ {yoii ma wifct I meant by * turgid* , eh?), to tho 
effect that Walt Buchanan had told von Itetake iohn Beahara had said ne would have 
control of Ray* Teniae ^ettinj» it fourthhand. 

The statement, however, is p^tentO^ ridiculous. It Beshara controlled Ray and 
wanted him to take over tho Numbers, it wcU34 ' W an act of insanity to have said that. 
True, he Eiifftt be drunk, but would youi>ell6Ve a drunk isfcf'the oa3y possibility is 
one of the people in the -various ohaina Syfcv** seems to be no purpose in Hick 

or Ray lyinec, and these t^repari <faufo& seemed i^enuinely upset, That loaves Walt 
Buchanan. ; 

While it is still beyond me why anyone would want to run ttie Boardraan Numbers, 
Ray Heuer did want them, and Conrad accepted him and told his he had the job, 2hen 
Conrad reneged* Ray is a friend of n&na* and of Gil He$ger*s and of Scott Rosenberg 1 ? 
That is why we are protesting the nusiber done on BaysBecause we are his friends, 

t*d also like to note the f&ct John Beshara 1$ a*»ain beinf* wide The Adversary by 
various people in £0* 1 s ruling aadstoeraey. Totally undeservedly, but some dogs will 
always salivate when the bell is run?;, 

Ifis£2y, let rae note the Sew Tork fiity ;ium6r Mill has; ieen pretty accurate. It 
predicted Conrad's abs^atulaUon in J>ec, 19?3# B»d\fiay s a n«a-take-ovpr of The 
Boardman ## is l^te June* therefore, let a© note the latest ones The story is that 
if Lon Lakoflta does not win the ejection for whatever H& post he is running for, he 
will shortly become -t*ie 7th Beardnian Huabef Custodian, If this is true, I will cease 
usins? Boardraan Numbers. Perhaps 'this rurair is false, I believe it is. But if it is 
true, this little paragraph may serve to stop the transfer, or, if not, I will able 
to quote chapter and verse and say *I t<?lf$ you 

llttfMMMIiniMIMlHMIMtllliUIMiMni MMMMtMM t HIM Ml Mil 11 I H H Mill I I I 

THE POCKST ARlOTIi^Ii Seoffc Rosenberg 3.82^31 Radnor Road, Jamaica, N.X. lHi32,l&moo« 
lo/$2, Scott has been bu^inir rae fotf fa review for a couple of months, so here it is* 
TPA reminds me *f TH£ POUCH Sunder Kick Ulanovsirttiple editors, white paper, and 
Scott is bepinninf» to act fflore and more life© Nick every time I see hist* Scott k Co, 
seem to lack some of the Je-ne-aais-rfjuci of Tjlan*v, Sn&t& at al* If you're looking 
for a mm of Toun^towh, however, jbhey have it far a mere ijicludin* sub, lit- 
erary value is somewhat roedioc*©, 1&e hi#i point bedn^ a pce-fcry war. And one of the 
constants is ©van Jones, who. resrett&bty, has written only one picwe of verse I 
really like («Si£pack a tear**), S&ott is not too choosy in articles he publishes, 
but the letter CQlutms are excellent, i^esswriters beware* your efforts will probaV 
ly be used as- spacefilled* If this review sounds uncomplimentary, don't think soj 
This just looks mediocre in comparison to other Hew Tork City sdnes, which seem to 
me to be above the national aVera^o, 

Attached to this issue should be acopy of Hike Friedman's OUWNGiaA? #1. (I 
hope that's spelled correctly) He has, as you can see, decided not to run his saine 
by carbon c<W, Of course I recansuend it. Would I have cut » and maxlod his ^ 
'zine if I didn'tt - 5 


NIC* I am honored tc be permitted to itrelcorae your Publishership. I guess at the ob- 
ject of -your PublishersM.p*s visit— your wishes .have already been carried out. The 
Blacklisting has takon place* ■ ' - 

KJB* Qh, so you^ve had a Blacklisting? 

NIC. Teso the Hobby Archivist ha? just handed ma the notiilcatlon* 
B§&B* I am the Hobby Archivist. HS HMJS A IAK3K '"TO HICKr 

PUB» # KEJil5IKG In Hejff tcrk 0 in the presence of the XD& President, ID4 Council Chairmanj 
IDa Appointments Comn&ttee, Bcarcfcsan Jtaabesjs dustodia^i, Calhan^r A-wards OcEtmlttee 
Chairman and Subsidized Foociler-*-. 

BOaR* they were an there, X^-.^biAshership* I counted them itself. 
RJB. More than a fuli bo&r4#. I i&sh-'l had bednyt^ere to see it» ; 

BIG* A tousfc f ellcw he -was, your I'ubHsherehip* His ,ieeth were firjnly rooted and his 
hectograph had to be handled with a isledgehaBaoefr,, Ifts stru>,f^Les vrere terrific. 

PUB, Describe 'it.'' _ *vy 


1JICKT / B^c^fftee crisd as he felt fiat 

In a 'sfete of vftld aiarite*- 
W,th a fearful, friffttful, frantic -fodst 
7 ' .1 bfdfe& his bi£ ri^t armv 

I seized hiasi by his Mj^-len^tb hair 
And heard a ; nasty tcrackV . 
'^ As he squirm©4 steig^i©^ 
And gurf&ad and juggled 
r drew forth Kla^kjackl 
\C|i, never, shall X .■ 
> ' ' f^et' theory - '■ . <C -• v ' 

Nor the fire from his stack 
Of paper and, cries \ 
Of mortalities - ■ , 
feen I drew forth w blackjack! 

CHORUS We Jfincw him '-mtU-. 

He never tells 

Ides notr procrastinates. 

He cannot be 

Better "tfaan m 

I5hen he negotiates* 

((And -tot is the end of US KrBLISt^ in these pa*es« If you want to see the end o; 
this soa^t- or see .That I*ve dt&e to "Flowers that Bloom in the Spring <a? mt-ffill 
ow« or r: I)erry-Kiasm-Cte3*ry IJ or see htJfr the plot finally unwinds, why, you* H have to 

CcemGDAKA, Conrad von JSetzke, F.O.S. #U, San Diego, Ca» 92U2. Ditto* $/$l. Heg- 
ularity has been screwed up for a yes,r m& is not. likely to inwove-, Hoverikeleas, 
Conrad has the best, sense of humor in hobby; he is also pno of two people I 
know whsm can be called 'erudite 1 without blushing*; If you don't set this, you 
shouldo Issues are averaging 1^-18 page* of elite type, and if you like Rod Walker' 
press- you'll find more of it here* 


VOTNk: The Austro-Kungarian Archduke 3 Charles HI*. held his first press conference 
in quite a ishile on hearing c£ the capture of £;,',este 'by the Italians. He -was quoted 
as saying ^TJjings look very bad c We : re being hit on three fronts and. cur last ally 
seens to have deserted us, but we're not depressed, are weV 1 No answer. "I said 
'are we?8". There -was a \mo shout of u Yes t V' This was understandable, since it had 
been his yesman who had shouted* The Archduke continued -with "Things nay look down, 
but when the going gets tough^ the touf^i get going** There were a few groans, seam- 
ingly from the audionst^ but the ^ress later found out they were from the dungeons 
directly below. After investigationY re^fearfeers learned the *rroans came from Italian 
and Russian ambassadors, belJCig tortured. T&c Archduke ; then earned (or perhaps he 
pleaded) the Italian president to attacking. TSho knorre T&en a lotterbdmb Edght 
drive, though knowing -the Italian Postal Service, the war could be long over before 
the bomb arrived. The Archduke then put' the. following advert in the day.U papers 
"Wanted*- An ally fox Austria^ungaryy Will Accept augr- shape,, size or color. Send 
reply to irchduke Charles 'iHi" !""'?.- - * " s " ; '.• 


KtESS HSliji&S- 1973 '' " ' 

CONSTANTINOPLE TO .FARIStHo, no 5 noi She one you -want Is Adriatic 4 Anynay, I think 
■we can trust ono another again* - . , ._ ' ; ' 

COK^TitflTINOPLS TO BERLINS If things work out ri#it(not bloody likely) , I now have 
both Rumania and Sevastopol. If not, Wl get to in .1907. Warsaw and S-o.P are 
yours so far as I'm concerned, but Tshat about WM Mos^otj? 

ca;SMTINO£I£ TO BUDAPEST; Say somethta** 
W00D}m3(IOTN0),J Do you think you could, hear him? 

PARIS Ttf BERLIN? Supported you to Norway as I thought you needed the build more 
than lo I only hope we don't pull another Venice n&xup againi Anyway.- we'll have to 
work out a convoy line— say your fleet Iffvcy-Bar urith my Support, then A Sdi~St«p cr 
N-wy and -then another army 0 That^s if you doh ! t mind the armies, I assume you -will 
build A Berlin cr Munich* For new,- you hold .onto Rome, but I will rpobably tab? it 
back next year, but this is open to discussion. 

PARIS TO ANKARA s Taping error the, last time. I meant to move to the Adriatic, Hope 
you didnH; take it to be ' irahat It looked like. I moved to the. Ionian r&th support 
in case you thought I v^as attacking and movod to the Ionian. If you are willing to 
forgive, I shall "go no further* Sorry* DEttTH TC IHE RUSSMSUl 

PARIS TO THE TTGRLD: A special rensard has 'been offered by the Chamber of Deputies for 
the head of the Tsar of Russia* te stress plumbing fixtures -will not be accepted 
although the Tsar*s head must certainly look similar considering the amount of 
inside it. (Sorry, Tsar baby, if you in another gase -with me.) 
PARE?* A moment of silence in hon cr of the bravo and gallant fighters now disappear- 
ing from the board " That's long enough* Goodbye, Mr, England, now 

I ^t to find out i*ho you are and pray you are in no other game uftth me. If you are, 
0h« wellc Taps, please e Tap. tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tep tap tap tap tap tap tap 

*I have taven up the use of space fillers. 

^SS 5S ? th ^' ^ ? °P G t<^y dismissed his Fosianaster^eneral for complete 

incom^tence. It has been reported no mil has been delivered in Italy for about a 
S^Tlt^SS tt lwwttffittflB of a papci-pulp plant the postaaster-sencral owns has 
fJ i ?T?9?,?f?? r obsoene Profits w<» reported,, 

mS3 RELEASES- jaflj KX f 

KCSCOlTj^Valiant and >me» ware tfce words of praiae 'far the valiant and brave Russ- 
ian soldiers as thsy onoe a^ain try to remove fhe English and French irritations 
from Hhe board. Only the Austrian* have seen THE TRUE LIGHT OF THE WORLD bat we hope 
for more converts soon (or at least more corpses)* 

mUSafft The joyful annouacejaent has arrived, Biers are two Marty Qreens in Calif au- 
la and we know which one has passed the bar*(ChlcfcXe # chuckle!) 


BEftLIft TO i'ARIS* Thanks for support f rom Apu and Bel. I ! ia supprtins F Nw^fwy, so 
we*ll talc© it if our signals 'aren't - crossed* Once England is i*cne and I&Ve a solid 
front against the Russians, we'll swap Norway and Heme* Eventually I'll move out cf 
Venice and let you complete your set of Italian souvenirs* 

ry I don't know any French, rarls,) 

I M I l t ' 1 ) H n I | J I t I M I M U I^M 1 t 1 t M t t I II I I l M I H t ! 1 I • I H 1 I M t 1 i n I t 1 I 1 1 1 H 1 1 I I I I 1 1 n n 

kOSE-GRM IK WnC ■ ■ 

Today I received a new sine, SBTIEF (named after Keith Lauirrer's galactic Diplo- 
mat, and thus" one of the cleverest titles since *The Double -Handed Pushbrooffll*). 
This thin^le ca\ao from Britain with a request for trade privclcgos?* 

The, first thins that struck joe about this 'British /ine (and, indeed^ the cthe^ 
X receive^ M 1$C1 and all that,.*") is its beauty. In the t^S* the excuse is offerod 
that a dipzine can not be as ne* as an sf zine because the dipaine must meet a 
deadline* Well, the -British give the lie to that* "Retief" and "1901*. look as ^ 
if they've been professionally itdmeoed. They do a better Job than John Bayer's opu 
Perhaps this is a natter of money spent (if I had been willing or able to buy a 
$250 ndmeo machine I could *>et perfect results), but I think not. The British are 
not (or don't seem to be, anyway) impressed by quantity as we nre in North ^raerica 
but strive for quality rat&er than a Iarf*c circulation, It ! s a very humbling 
thought to realise that I couldn't turn guv a sine so error-froe and beautiful as 
this third issuo of "Hctief 11 , yet on tfw last pa*»e there is an apoloj^r for the 

slcppiness of this Ibsug* . - 

Fellow North American publishers; we havp lost our predorrdnanco in the field - 
If the British took the Charier Awards this year by bloc- vrtinr;, it my nave 
been unfair, but the British deserved to win. Wo ere now tr Z. Lot us catch up* 
Eye the way, CraiR, happy to trade* 


05 WINTER M02' 


ATJSlR2A(Scbandl)tRemov© F Alb. Has 4 Bud, A Ser & A Vie 
ENGIAND(Friedman) s Annihilate F Nth; 3 F Lcn. Has F Lcn^F Nrg, A Tor 
FRiNCE(Berggren)sKas F Eng, F Iri, F Mld| A Spa, A Pio 
GERM*ST(Wkt taker ):B A Ber. Has A Ber, A Mun, A Hoi, A Bel, F Nth, F Den 
IT&LY(Miras8ou)!B A Nap. Has A Hap, F Eas, F Ion,A Tri, A Von 

RUSSIA(Hertz)-B A Mos, f Ser, Has A Jks, F Sev,A Gal, A ftum^A War, F Ank, A Nwy, F 

TURKEt(R 0 Smith )s Has A Bui;, A- Gre, F Aeg, A Con 

Spring 1903 moves are due at noon, Friday 3 10 Jan. 1975- Check my change of add*- 
ress please* 

3^73 ^ BENCH "ma FALL 19C6 

AUSmiA(Green)! V Ivn-^rr* F Tus & F Tun S F Icn»Tyr* F Adr-Ion; A Pie-Mar? A Mun H* 
A Boh & A Tyr S A Man J A Vie~Bud$ A Tri-^enr A Rom H| A Con-H . . " 

ENGIAND(Reif)sF Edi~Nrgj F Nth S F Edi-*Nrgj F Den-S-we * F Ska S F Tten-Sm> -F sad-NAf : 
A Ki e S FRENCH A fiaH^ . " , 

FRANCE(Hollshwandner) sF Nrg«N&tJ A Buh* S ENGLISH A Kles A Bur-Mun; F Lyo Hi F Wes & 
ENGLISH F Mid-flAfj A Mar H 

RUSSIA(Lagerson)? A Sro-Oen y F gwy-^Ska ? , F St»P(no)«*ffq yt F Bar S F StoP(nc)-4fwy- A Mos 
, -5t ff P j A Ber-Kie' A Sil S AUSTRIAN A Ifonj F Ank roasts English prisoners "over a~slow 
Turkish fire} F .Bla tries to find tfco fishbone in same 

Address changes: Dave Lagerson, from Dec* 21-5 Jan., will be c/o RoJ.Bartholc— 
mewy £l7,Bryoo, White R£jck, Los alamos, _ New Mexico Bf$w* I assume Ed HoUshwandner 
won f t be staying at eollege 3 but I oanlt be sure and I haven't been informed other- 
■nise 0 Please note my address change.. 

Everyone holds the same^ centers as last year« Austria may build one unit© That 
being 'blie case, I also fruit Spring 1907 moves from everyone on 10 Jan« l>7'u Dead** 
line for TTinter 1906 and Spring 1907 moves is 10 Jan. 197U« I also have a proposal 
fcr a fairway draw c Please vote -with your spring moves. 


AUS,TRIA(Walker)t A SetvOre (retreats- Alb, armiMlatftd) Tri-fiorf F Smy S ITALIAN ■ 
F Ion~A eg( retreats- Syr, Eas, annihilated) 

ENG^AND(Ccy) : F Mid^fesi F NAf S F J&d-Wesj F IrMflLdj F Eng S F Iri~i&dj F Nth C 
A Lon*Mny; FSka-^j A Lon-Nwys A Pru S A Warj A tJkr S A Warj A War S A Prus F.Por 
_-£pa(g cj 

flERMtf NY(Ritter) » A Gas-Mar ; A Bur S A Gas-*5arj A Pie S A Gas-Mar (retfoats-Tus .ann« ) } 
A Vio-Tri j A BuoVSerj A Gal Hj A Ber Hj A Bofe-Tyr 

I1!kLT(Lagers<m):F Ion-^e^j F Gre S' F lon- ieg ; F Nap~Tyr$A M&r-Pie$ A Ven 5 A Mar- 
Piej F Spa(sc)-Mar ;F Lyo S IF S pa ( s c ) *4fcr 

TURKEY Keller) :F Sev Hj F Rum Hj A Bui 3 CARMAN A Bud-Ser; F Con S F Aeg-Sm& F 

1 See 1973 HX above for a temporary 00k for Dave Lagers on* Fall 1908 moves are 
due at noon, Friday, 10 Jan. 197U Check my change .of address. ^ 

1972 CF FALL-WINTER 1933 

W0UM0^ &3 ) Z mmRj F Nth, F Hel'Hj F ^(retreat- tor, annihilated). Owns Edi 
J#ii &6jd(l). Must remove two units* . 

FRANCE (Sharp )F Wes-iyr$ A Pie^yrj.F Iri»IAvj Ens-Lonj F Pic-Bel; A Bel-Hoi; F Pen 
rlffiiJ A Swe^wvt A Wal S F Eng-Lcn. Owns' Bel; Brei Ben, Hol.Kie Jisc UifBUlfer.Par.P^r, 
5pajS?ip(12). Builds F Bre, A far, A Mar , , , 

ITALY(J. HXein)'i A Pru^Tar fretreats- Ber, annihilated); A Sil S A Pru-47arj f Gafr-Budt 
A Boh^Tiej A Tfri-Ser? F Ion-Ore ;* ^ AXV-I^i ; F Adr S F AXb-Ion. Owns Ber, Mun/ Nap, 
Rom, Tri 5 Tun, Ven, Vie(8) Even. 

TURKSY(I&boile) 1 A -Nwy-gwe 5 A Liv-Praj A Ukf'S A War 3 A War S A IAv-Pru; A. Bud-Trj; 
A Rutfr-S eri - F Bui ( e c " Rum ; ~ A ArmrScv; A, Ser-Aib? A Gre S A Ser-AXb; F Aeg S F B:u-3 
Ion; F Eas-Iori. Ovms Ank, Bud,Bul,Con,pre,Mos,I^^un,Ser,Sev,St.p^B3y- f War((13)). 
Build F Smy. 

The vote on the draw failed* I .am not goin^ to call for a standby; if there arc 
no moves forthcoming from llr« Sumpas, England will go into civil disorder. Because 
Charles and Burt pet their builds in, I rm making Sprint* T9lli moves due 10 Jan • 197b. 
.'.at my home. Moves ioay be conditional on the IlialLan retreat and the En^sh situ-, 
ation^., : 


APSTRIAi A Triple; A Bud-S A Tri-Vie 

ENGlAND(prian J. Blume): F Cly sinks t F Hoi tries not to - 

' FRANCE lon-Adrj F iyr-Xon; F Apu S F Tyr-#on,* A.-Tas S [cmU A Veny F md-«tj 
f Nrg. S mam .T'Syre^ms- ^ F .Bel' S GEHI&N.A KXe-^oji ^ liv S > Edi; A Edi S A Liv; 
F Lyo-Wes •' • 

GERMANY iA Kie-HoljA Ber-MunjA War,A ?en,F Bal all H; F Swc&FNth 5 FRENCH F NrsHfoY 
I DALY (A dam Gilinsfcy):NKR: A Tyv Hj A Vie H 

RUSSIA: F Nrsr retreats- Bar; F Bar S A Nwy; A Nwy H; F Liv-Bal ; A Sev S A Ukr ; A 
Ukr S A Sev 

TURKEYs F Bla-Sey ; A Rum 3 F BXa-Sev; F Aeg H; A Smy-Arm; F Gre H 








• Edi, Hoi 








War, Rum 




Ser, Tri 


/l(l short) 



Bel, Bre, Liv,Lon,&ar 









Mos ,Nwy jSev^t.P 



BUBAPEST TO PARIS 5 BERLIN i ANKARA a A ict of water under the bridge since I last s, 
spoke out but you'll notice I've tale; in there, to the advantage of all three of 
you, aid me too, of course. Vfr alia, since I took over this miserable position, 
has. been to retake Aus-fcria.( (You've succeeded. Rest delted as out-ofdate)) ™" 

Winter 1906 moves are due at, my home (dee my CCA) at noon, Friday, 10 Jan, 19fh» 


AUSTRIA( Thomas )tF Gre-Aef$l A Bui 5 A Rum} A Rum S A Bui 5 A 'lyr-taj A Vie-Boh ; 
A Bud-Ser<» Owns Bud » Bui ,Gre jMun Jtum $Ser t Tri s Vie( 8 ) . May build two units 

ENGlAND(Doyio) ifflJR. F Bel,A Yor,F Nth,F Den, F Swe all H * OvmsBel,0e a- ,Edi,Xiiv,Lon, 
Nwy,Swe{7). llay build two units. 

FRt»NCE(D. Smith) e A Pic-Bel s ARuh S ENGLISH A , Yor4lol sA Spa-J&f 5 A . Ear-Spa $ F Wes G 

A Spa-NAf * Owns Bre,3vIar,?ar7Por,Spa(5) Even ~ 

* ' . . ■ . 

CffiSi5AWl(RakpwBkL)t retreats F Den-fiel, retreats A Ber-Kie f F Hel, A Boh, A Hoi all H 
' A KLc K ( annihilated) 3 A Mun H (r.etreats-Tyr. annihilated). .Ovms ^,^,Hol,^^)W 
^s£ L remove. ~3..units» , ■; ' 1 

I1AL¥(3» Klein) :A Tun Hj A Ven-Pies F. Ion-Tyr$ F Tus-Lyo.Owns Kap,Rom,Nap,Tim. Even 

R0S3IA(Boyinel)5F Bal-KleVA fiter'S F Ba3.-3Q.ej A Sil S AUSTRIAN A Tyr-tojA Ujr-Sevj 
F Bla«jihkj F Cc^S A Arm-Smyj A ArmHSmy.. Onus Ank J Ber > Oona i Kie,MQs > ^yfei > St.P J Sev > SBa , ' i 
##,War(9K Ifey tail* ."two units." ■ 

TURKKf (GiUnsKy) i NMR# F. Con annihilated. A Sagr H # Owns Out. \ 

t Dun«an Smith is heading. for 9 B» 10th Street, New Tork, N.Y* 10003 about the 
l5th. Will John Moreen, 2J4O8 3 Lou Lano, "Wichita Falls, Texas 7^308 please send in 
standby builds f ot En^lani? Plbasfc note my chan^ of address. 

Winter 19.03 builds /removals a|»o due here noo©* Friday, 10 Jari. 197k* , 

■t5*; : <\ < - VT 4*4 4*4* 4 < 4 4 4 4 4 4**4444 4 444'i «J * 44 4 4444444 4-: *' 4 4 4 4 444 4444* 4 44 * 4444444 44444**. 

1973 EN . WHERE 2S.TH2S 'TSARfr ' Winter 19»7 

AUSTRIA(Carroll): A Tri 

ENGIAlJD( F Bal, F Den, A St*P,A Nwy,F Bar, A Fin, A Lon,F Nth,A Kie 

FI&NCE(Reif)tB A Mar .Laos has F Tyr^A Ven,F**ad,A.iiun,F Tun,F Ion,F Nap> Rom^'Tyr, 
A Boh,A Gal. 

RUSSXA(Horton) jN&R.Has F Bot^A Mos,A War,A Vic,A Bud 

TURKSY(Jnorrrens)iHas A-Scr, A ffiri, F Ion .is annihi3atod,F Aeg,A Grc, A Bui. NMR 

Will M Hollshwandncr, Box 8U7> Lafayette College, Easton, ^a. 1801*2 please standby 
for Ru»sia f and will Matt, Dicier, 85^-07 Avon, Jamaica, N.X« llif32 please standby 
for Tui*^^^!^^'^ France due wit& the 

■ ,Spi!in^-m'JV.cs # ■.;'•." > : ; 1 - : .•' ■ ;"' 

Moves ar.'e due ^-.»c»aJu. Friday* 1&/Jan* l$*ikk 


, we gotts* mti'itn ^f this piace, if it«s the iast thing we E7ER DC... 

And that's -just v^iat I'm doin^, on the 19th.. of December, 19?U. Winter vacation 
bdfrlns then, and. I'll be heading home, iftr address t&IX be 5§6 Green Place, Woodmere, 
N.Y. 11598, w telephone nurabor will be (£1.6) 37^783* Mail from Lafayette idll 
be forwarded, but it will take a couple :f days in Iransit. I ! ll be coming back 
to'Iafayotte on 19 January 1975* but I don't unit to think of tfcat just now. 

I nctico Mike Friedman leflt his address of GINNUNGAGAP #1. It is ?6 Halyard 
Road, North- Woodmcro, N.Y. 11581, As I said earlier, I personally grantee*s 
f*amo 0 


mr i kiss tour baby? 

flhen the IDA nominations came out, I saw I had boon nominated for both Editor 
and At-Large Secretary. I -was p;oins to run for Editor, against Gil Noiger, but I 
discovered Gordon Anderson -was running Gordon is/was editor of El Conquistador a 
one of the new offset Bines.( nothing new, reallyj EG /#/6-8 wore printed offset) and 
had run DipCon this year*, Since then, however^ ho has droppod 1 out of si^ht, leaving 
a #reat many people, sitting after having paid $8 gamefces. Sinire it soened to me 
that, with a probable split, in votes between Gil and myself, Gordom might be able 
to sneak in, and I didn't want.this^ I declined this nomination* I ur^e all IDA 
members to vote for Gg.1 Neij»er<> In his production of THE POUCH he has shown himself 
to be competent to run X£i» as much as anyone can demonstrate that without doinf* it# 
That out of the -way, I decided to run f or AV-Lar^e Secretary^ 
Yes, I am a member of Mxd I am running becauo-o I feel it ia possible to 
break up the selfish interests which have dominated the IDA. Council and led to my 
disi llus ioumen t earlier this year. 

As to my policy, I view the At~Largo Secretaries as representing all IDA Members, 
ia addition to the representation **iven\by the Hegional Secretaries, I am r:oitx£ in- 
to the election with a tab^a- ^tsfi as- far as. $ol4£y goes? If elected, I shall try 
my damnedest to increase- the services off ore'dT and supported by the lf&(if they are 
worthwhile ) □ 

Those of you who have known me for the 3i years I*ve been in the hobby know I 
do not take on responsibilities and then not perform them, I have never missed a 
set of moves in playing a j^amej I have never missed a deadline in. publishing "this 
zinc. I believe I can do a good job. If you think so too, I hope you will vote for 

What a cute infant you have, madam* •* . 

Robert Bryan lip ton 
££6 Gf een Place 
Woodmere, N.Y. 11598 
(516) 37U-U723 

Rod Walker T+R 
4069 Jackdaw St*et 
San Diggo, Ca. 92103 

Your sub expires this issue Will- you have the sense to let itT'W^' 
You are needed as a standby in r^ame See page 

It was a joke, Ray,