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Amazing images from y* 
space explored...; HB 



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IN THIS \t' 6 UE 

There has been quite a media # 
interest and coverage of the 
UFO phenomena over the first 
few weeks of 2008, not that 
we’ve had the first genuine 
footage of a White House Lawn 
landing or anything, but there 
has definitely been an upturn in 
media coverage. 

The small town of Stephenville 
in Texas caught the press and 
TV news channels’ eyes when 
several orbs were spotted by 
dozens of eyewitnesses. Some 
of the descriptions vary from 
what could be those dreaded 
Chinese lanterns to observa¬ 
tions of a structured craft. We 
have the details in this issue. 

There was also quite a lot of UK 
coverage when researchers 
released an image discovered in 
a photograph taken by the Mars 
’Spirit* Rover back in 2004. 

The image is certain! 
ing and it’s not\oo 
see the humanoid 
depicted in the c 
else could it be... 

Over the years since man has 
had the ability to photograph 
deep space with amazing clari¬ 
ty, there have been quite a few 
strange images captured and 
researched by the UFO commu¬ 
nity. We feature some of the 
more hard to explain photo¬ 
graphs inside. 


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We have more military encoun¬ 
ters and all the latest reports 
plus regular features too. 

If ufology is dead? It*s not ready 
to lay down just yet. 

Russel Callaghan 

(Editor UFO DATA Magazine) 

Editor Russel Callaghan 
Co Editor Gary Heseltine 
Features Philip Mantle 
Research Steve Johnson 
'Production Manager Michael Buckley 
CGI Peter Martin 

Putting the record straight.... 

a re-Investlgatlon Into classic UFO folklore 

Time is the one element of our life 
that we have yet to control. In the 
sci-fi worlds of Stargate , Star Trek 
and Doctor Who it seems control of 
the flux may one day be possible. We 
know that space and gravity play a 
part in the workings of time and that 
keeping synchronous satellites in 
orbit needs time corrections from 
Earth as space does have an effect on 
the passage of time. Einstein tried to 
explain this but didn’t fully under¬ 
stand it. 

Neither do I. 

What I do know is not only does time 
travel at different speeds the faster 
and further you venture, it also 
appears to speed up increasingly the 
older you get. 

It seems like just a few years have 
passed since I sat at secondary 
school as a first-former, watching 
man land on the Moon and as far as 
pop music goes isn’t Queen still 

I’m sure you know where I’m coming 

The incident that got me involved in 
the subject happened in 1980 
towards the end of the year, October, 
but I don’t remember the exact date. 

1980 was a very significant year for 
UFO events in the United Kingdom: 
Rendlesham Forest, PC Alan Godfrey 
are two major events in the UFO cal¬ 
endar. Philip Mantle has reports of 
alien abduction in his book ‘ Without 
Consent ’, co-written by journalist 
Carl Nagatis, even the story of The 
Ilkley Moor Alien’ featured in this 
particular year. 

However there was one other story 
that captivated some of the UFO 
community within West Yorkshire 
and beyond (once the press got the 
story). It even spawned a comment 
from West Yorkshire Coroner, James 
Turnbull, who, when asked about 
possible UFO involvement (in the 
story you are about to read) replied, 
“If I was walking on Ilkley Moor and 

came across a flying saucer, I’d be 
shocked, but perhaps not sur¬ 
prised...” I quote from memory not 
verbatim, but it’s pretty accurate. 

The case I am referring to involved 
PC Alan Godfrey, a few weeks prior 
to his UFO sighting. Alan was a regu¬ 
lar police constable and during his 
work on this particular day, he was 
called to attend the discovery of a 
body found in a coal yard in 
Todmorden. The body was that of a 
Polish miner who had ventured thir¬ 
ty miles from his home near 
Wakefield. The reason for this, we 
don’t know, but the following article 
by John Ilanson (himself a retired 
police officer) puts the events in per¬ 
spective and removes any possible 
UFO involvement in the case. 

Mysterious death of 
Zigmund Adamski. 

a re- investigation by 
John Hanson, Dawn Holloway & 
David Sankey 
© 2008 

Many of the readers will be all too 
familiar with the mysterious events 
that surround the discovery of the 
above named, who was found 
deceased at Tomlins Coal yard, at the 
side of Todmorden railway station, 
3omiles away from where he lived, at 
3:45pm on the 6th of June, 1980, 
and of the controversy surrounding 
his departure from the family home, 


a few days before the wedding of his 
goddaughter on the 7th of June. 

His unusual death led to much news¬ 
paper speculation in the months 
that followed, including ridiculous 
suggestions made by journalists 
John Sheard and Stewart Bonney 
from the Sunday Miiror (27 Sept 
1981, quote ’ UFO Death Riddle ’), 
who inferred that Mr. Adamski's 
death was in some way connected 
with UFO activity, a hypothesis 
given further weight by the sugges¬ 
tion the only way this man could 
have ended up on the coal pile was 
from having been put there from 

His peculiar disappearance, seeming¬ 
ly out of character for a man who 
would presumably have been look¬ 
ing forward to giving his goddaugh¬ 
ter, Stephanie, away, and the circum¬ 
stances in which it occurred, raised 
much suspicion by the investigating 
police officers, especially after the 
discovery of injuries inflicted to the 
back of the neck. One of those offi¬ 
cers was PC Alan Godfrey, who we 
spoke to about the matter. He still 
remains unsatisfied that the real 
truths have never come out. 

Enquiries made into this matter, now 
26 years ago, by the author John 
Ilanson and Doncaster-based UFO 
researcher, David Sankey, revealed 
some insight into the background of 
the deceased, who it was said by one 
source (known to the authors) that 
Adamski was not looking forward to 
giving his goddaughter away, as he 
felt this duty should have been car¬ 
ried out by somebody else within the 
family circle , with whom he was on 

Site of Coal Yard where 

Mr Adamski was discovered. 


bad terms. 

We felt it time to put the record 
straight with regard to the ridiculous, 
long-held speculation that this man's 
death had been brought about 
through alien interaction! Being lit¬ 
erally frightened to death, according 
to one unsubstantiated source. 

In view of the 'Open Verdict' record¬ 
ed by the Coroner, Mr. James 
Tumball, I decided to contact the 
West Yorkshire Police under the 
Freedom of Information Act in 
December, 2005, and ask them if 
they were willing to allow me access 
to any relevant police documents 
pertaining to this incident still on 
file, taking into consideration the 
nature of information obtained 
recently from someone who was a 
close family friend of Adamski and 
his wife, who I consider to be a reli¬ 
able source, which alleges Adamski 
was held against his will and that 
this unlawful detention ultimately 
led to his death. 

In an answer dated the 19th of 
December, 2005, an officer advised 
me that although the verdict was an 
open verdict, all documentary evi¬ 
dence was lodged with the Coroner’s 
department and I should approach 
them for information. 

I emailed the Coroners Court at 
Bradford and asked if we could 
have sight of the original Coroner’s 
file on the death of Zigmund 
Adamski, explaining the reasons 
behind our request, but were advised 
by Angela Plovie, from that depart¬ 
ment, this would not be possible as 
"I was not judged an interested party 1 

I sent an email and also a letter to 
Mr. James Turnbull, hoping he 
would be prepared to discuss the 
matter with me, knowing over the 
years he had made himself available 
for interviews with members of the 
press and filmed documentaries 
made into the death of the Mr. 
Adamski, but I never received any 
acknowledgment. Could his attitude 
be governed by (alleged) previous 
remarks made by himself in the 
newspapers at the time? Quote: "The 
failure of the forensic scientists to 
identify the corrosive substance 
which caused Mr. Adamski's burns 
could lend some weight to the UFO 

theory.” Ironically, opinions 
expressed in this way were to be 
banned following new guidelines for 
Coroners laid out in Rule 36(2) The 
Coroners Rules 1984. 

Having seen a photograph of Mr. 
Adamski taken shortly after the body 
was recovered (found dressed in a 
string vest, no shirt and a brown 
'John Collier' jacket, with trousers 
incorrectly buttoned, his watch and 
wallet later found to be missing), it 
was clear from the amount of coal 
residue on his face that he was prob¬ 
ably found by the ambulancemen 
lying face down, presumably turned 
over by them during their examina¬ 
tion and then left on his back, which 
was the position that the police 
found him in when they arrived a 
short time later, being greeted by one 
of the ambulance crew who said, 

You've got a murder on your 

PC Alan Godfrey, first officer on the 

scene: "He was lying on his back with 
his eyes open, looking straight up, no 
sign of rigor mortis. I remember a 
theory suggested by the CID who 
thought he might have fell asleep 
under a lorry, and the acid fell on 
his neck, but this wasn't the 
explanation as I remember the 
pathologist telling me that it wasn't 
acid on his neck. He was certainly 
alive on the day he was found. It's a 
real mystery, although one thing I do 
know, it was nothing to do with any 
aliens. That's a load or rubbish.” 

According to Trevor Parker, who was 
in charge of the coal yard and to 
whom we spoke, he started work at 
Sam and left the coal yard unattend¬ 
ed at about 11am to visit other prem¬ 
ises, not returning till 4pm when he 
found the deceased lying face down, 
approximately ten feet up the pile of 
anthracite beans (man-made coal) 
with his head facing to the top of the 

So it would appear the man was 
taken there after 11am, as the bunker 
was in full view, during the presence 
of Mr. Parker, who initially thought 
when he saw him that this was a 
drunken man sleeping off a bout of 
drink, and contacted the ambulance 

Following their attendance, the 
ambulance was moved between the 
bunker which consisted of three 
wooden panels 5 feet in height, so as 
to prevent passengers in passing 
trains being able to view the 

The police considered various theo¬ 
ries as to how Mr Adamski had 
arrived at the side of the station: 

H ad he arrived on a train from Leeds 
and walked down into the coal yard 
of his own accord? 

Had he been taken to the coal yard 
by somebody and placed onto the 
pile of coal as some sort of'state¬ 
ment' by his captors, taking into con¬ 
sideration, Mr Adamski was in the 
process of applying for retirement 
from Lofthouse Colliery Pit, due for 
closure in 1981, as he wanted to be 
able to look after his wife 
Leokadia(Lottie) who suffered from 
multiple sclerosis? 

Could he have jumped from a bridge 
onto a passing coal lorry on its way 
to Parkers coal yard, causing the 
injuries and then been transferred 
onto the coal pile by an unsuspecting 

We believe it is unlikely he caught a 
train to Todmorden coal yard. He 
certainly wasn't 'delivered' there by a 
coal lorry - as Mr. Parker confirms, 
no coal deliveries took place on that 
day or the previous few days. 

Another line of enquiry we looked at 
involved a telephone conversation, 
made to Mark Birdsall of UFO 
Magazine, with whom we spoke, 
stating Mr. Adamski had fallen out 
with a family member just before the 
wedding and that this person, whose 
identity is known, locked him in a 
garden shed and that while trying to 
escape, he came into contact with 
battery acid, causing the corrosive 
type substance burns to the back of 
his neck, which remain unidentified 


despite forensic analysis made at the 
time, although there must have been 
far more information given to the 
Court by the forensic expert. 
Unfortunately, we are not privy to 
the evidence submitted by that offi¬ 
cial to the Coroners Inquest. 

So any further comment would be 
pure speculation, although v.e were 
able to ascertain that the bums to his 
head had been caused two days pre¬ 
viously (certainly not as many as 
five), occurring between & and ten 
hours previous to the body being 
found, which would put it at around 
yam on the llthof June, 19S0. 

We wondered about the peculiar ring 
mark or cup marks found on the 
back of the head of the deceased and 
pondered in line with other, previ¬ 
ously unpublished, information 
whether there was any truth in the 
suggestionmade by an unnamed 
police officer, who told a third party 
that Mr. Adamski had been receiving 
treatment from an unidentified 
acupuncturist in Nelson, Lancashire, 
who had administered treatment 
known as moxibustion or moxa, 
which consists of placing a small 
glass or bamboo jar or cup, contain¬ 
ing a cotton ball soaked in alcohol, 
against the skin, and igniting it (a 
treatment used for rheumatism 
painful joints, sprains, paralysis, and 
asthma). (A tfieoty oiso considered 
£y fh? Late GroAom 

Was this treatment ussd, did it go 
wrong, were ointments prescribed, 
could this tie in with his shirt being 

'This Leaves us with the distinct possi¬ 
bility, bearing in mind the nature 
of conversations held with a person 
who declines to be named, that Mr. 
Adamski was the victim of a family 

feud, a theory backed up by com¬ 
ments made by Mrs. Adamski at the 
time, who was convinced her hus¬ 
band had been kidnapped. 

We believe he was kidnapped, or 
coerced to keep a way fromthe forth¬ 
coming wedding. We know he was 
found with one da/s stubble on his 
face, indicating wherever he had 
been for those missing 4-5 days, he 
had washed and shaved and that his 
hair had been cropped. 

We were also told that Mr. Adamski 
fell out with a member of the family 
whose wife sought sanctuary with the 
Adamskis and that an injunction 
was taken out against the person 
concerned to stop him visiting the 
house. If in fact this information was 
correct, it tells us much about why 
Mr Adamski went missing, especially 
because of his connection with the 
family, unfortunately without any 
proof we cannot make this public 
as it would, of course, leave us open 
to legal proceedings. 

We have every reason to believe the 
offender (s) may still be out there, 
despite being interviewed, albeit 
briefly, by the West Yorkshire Police 
during their investigation into the 
matter, not that we necessarily infer 
Mr. Adamski was murdered. It is 
more likely he died whilst in the 
hands of his captors after suffering 
from a heart attack, as was discov¬ 
ered following a post mortem bring 

Ironically, although an open verdict 
was recorded, which means the 
cass is still open, and that the police 
have not closed their file, there 
appears to be nobody interested in 
wanting to reopen this cas2 and 
finally remove this smear from Mr. 
Adamsld’s hitherto good character. 

We believe that someone 'out there' 
knows the answer. Will they finally 
have the courage to come forward 
and clear the name of this man? We 
doubt it after so long. 

John Hanson, Dawyy Holloway & 

David Sayykey 



Very Large UFOs 

By William F. Hamilton III 

Very Large UFOs are back in the 
news since the reported sightings of 
one flying over Stephenville, Texas 
on January 8,2008. Very Large 
UFOs (VLOs) were sighted over 
Phoenix, Arizona, on March 13,1997, 
in which I found, during my investi¬ 
gation, more than one VLO was 
sighted. These monsters of the skies 
seem to attract more witnesses than 
the solitary unidentified light in the 
sky and give sceptics a challenge to 
dismissing such sightings. 

In the 1950s when I was a boy, I 
heard reports of giant, cigar-shaped 
UFOs which were called "mother 
ships" as they were seen dispensing 
discoidal craft in numbers. These 
VLOs were estimated to be several 
hundred feet to a mile in length. It 
wasn't just contactee George 
Adamski who reported the large 
cigars, but others, including pilots, 
have had close encounters with these 

One of the largest UFOs ever seen 
had been observed by the crew and 
passengers of an airliner over the 
Channel Islands. According to the 
reports, Captain Ray Bower saw a 
UFO he initially thought was as big 
as a Boeing 747, but later changed 
his mind when he realized that the 
object was more than 40 miles away 
and must have been a mile wide. 

This sighting happened as recently as 
June, 2007. Though the sightings of 

the large cigars have not entirely 
gone away, in recent years the large 
and very large black triangles (or del¬ 
toids) have shown up in great num¬ 

The single most common sceptical 
explanation of these VLOs is that 
people are observing dirigibles or 
experimental lighter-than-air (LTA) 
craft. Sceptic-debunker James 
McGaha of Tucson, Arizona, has a 
catch-all explanation for the small 
and very large UFOs: misinterpreta¬ 
tion of perception. He also states 
that pilots are not trained observers 
while neglecting to mention who the 
trained observers are. 

Let us look at the flight characteris¬ 
tics of the largest airship ever built: 
the Hindenburg. The Hindenburg 
was massive: 804 feet in length and 
135 feet in width, it was longer than 
three Boeing 747s placed end to end. 
This airship was meant to get its lift 
from helium, but because of a mili¬ 
tary embargo imposed by the United 
States, it used the extremely flamma¬ 
ble hydrogen in 16 cells to gain buoy¬ 
ancy in the air. Four reversible 
diesel engines gave the Hindenburg 
a maximum speed of 84 mph. 

We will compare this flight perform¬ 
ance to that of two massive objects 
that flew over parts of Phoenix, 
Arizona, on March 13,1997. 

Observed first as a "V" formation of 
five white lights moving slowly and 
silently toward Prescott Valley from 
the northwest at about 8:15 pm, the 
"chevron" was soon clearly seen as a 
single object. The huge craft made a 
pivot turn over the witnesses' home 
there. The lights shifted into an arc 
formation, turning red as it did so, 
and then it shot off at blinding speed 
toward Phoenix. At that time, the 
next set of witnesses in central 
Phoenix saw the object coming 
directly toward them (estimated at 
Mach 2 or 3), while still in the “turbo 
mode” arc configuration, and then, 
as if to slow back down again, was 
seen to change back into a "V", 
whereupon it cruised silently and 
slowly right over their heads (only 
100 to 200 feet above at 10 or 15 
mph). The craft was later seen to 
zigzag through the valley, even 
changing altitude at various points 
and hovering for five minutes at the 

edge of Sky Harbour before proceed¬ 
ing south (right over the Village Lab 
building) to Interstate-10. After fol¬ 
lowing I-10 several miles to Picacho 
Peak, the enormous craft (estimated 
at 900 feet or more on each leading 
edge and more than a mile in length 
to its "taillights") hovered once again 
for 10 to 15 minutes until there was 
no further track of it. This same 
"chevron" or similar craft was seen 
travelling east to west over north 
Phoenix at about 10:50 pm. 

All witnesses to this giant chevron- 
shaped craft agreed that its arms 
extended outward for at least a mile. 
They estimated this by the ground 
distance between major cross streets. 
It was an impressive sight as this 
craft flew low over city blocks. 

Mike Fortson observed these from 
his Chandler home and was 
impressed by the sheer size of this 
object. He believes that what he saw 
was a massive, singular object that 
had a translucent surface, which 
passed between him and the moon. 
Mike first spotted these lights when 
he looked out his bedroom window. 
He soon yelled for his wife and 
stepped out on the back patio where 
they followed this object as it tra¬ 
versed in a southerly direction, pass¬ 
ing in front of the moon in the west. 
When it did so, he said the object 
seemed to cause the moon to change 
colour from white to yellow. He 
could also make out a kind of 
"distortion field" around the object 
between him and the lights that 
seemed to "ripple" like waves 
travelling through water. Another 
witness named Tim Ley also noticed 
this ripple effect. The object Mike 
saw passed his position going south 
down Alma School Road around 
8:30 pm on the evening of March 13, 

This object was much bigger than the 
Hindenberg or any other commercial 
or known military airship. In addi¬ 
tion to that it had no wide body to 
carry the necessary gas cells. It also 
accelerated faster than any known 
aircraft along its flight path. 

Suggestions were made that it was an 
experimental LTA, but such explana¬ 
tions are only based on conjecture. 
We would have to resort to McGaha's 
explanation that it had to be a misin¬ 
terpretation of perception, but a mis- 


interpretation that was uncannily 
similar from witness to witness. 

By all accounts the largest of the 
VLQs, a colossal black triangle, in the 
March 13th parade of craft, this 
gigantic craft was first seen at close 
range over north Phoenix between 
8:30 pm and 8:45 pm, where the key 
witnesses (real estate people who 
subdivided the area) estimated its 
si2e to be as much as two miles wide 
as its wingtip lights fell over two par¬ 
allel streets that are 1.8 miles apart. 
Its flight path brought it low to the 
ground at this point (less than 2,000 
feet) where it was seen to not only 
have do2ens of lights along its lead¬ 
ing edges, but also a row of windows 
wherein the silhouettes of "people" 
were observed! At some point further 
south, other witnesses reported that 
they saw nothing but the row of win¬ 
dows with beings (also in silhouette) 
as all of the lights were turned off at 
that point. By the time the VLO was 
seen over I-10 south of Casa Grande, 
however, three large lights were seen 
to be turned on, one at each corner, 
with smaller lights on along ■with the 
leading headlight. The witnesses here 
reported that it took them one to two 
minutes to drive under this immense 
ship while they were driving at 80 
mph! They estimated the width of 
this VLO to be at least two, possibly 
three miles wide and big enough for 
a C5-A Galaxy or "CondoT" troop 
transport (thelargest conventional 
aircraft known) to land upon it! The 
craft had definite structure to it and 
the family of witnesses described its 
colour as a flat blue-black, like the 
colour of a shotgun barrel. They also 
reported seeing rectangular "panel¬ 
like" structures on the underside of 
this craft. 

Another large triangle was seen mov¬ 
ing just north ofThunderbird Road 
at around 10:45 P m > but the configu¬ 
ration of the triangle was different. 
That triangle had a 'V cut into its 
trailing edge to give it a very distinc¬ 
tive look This smafter triangle was 
also estimated to be around a mile in 

Although the big black triangle, one 
of the largest UFOs ever observed, 
was travelling slowly over most resi¬ 
dential streets along a corridor from 
north of Scottsdale to Casa Grande in 
the south, at one point in its flight 
over Scottsdale, it accelerated to a 
tremendous speed, then slowed 
down to a crawl. 

This was not the first time the large 
UFOs visited the American South¬ 
west, as a VLO paid a visit to some 
copper mines in eastern Arizona. 

A remarkable sighting took place 
over Clifton and Morenci, Arizona, 
on October 23,1980. It was one of 
the first reported sightings of the 
giant boomerang craft that have been 
seen in the Hudson River Valley of 
New York in the years 1983 and 
1984. Randall Rogers, Larry 
Mortenson, Joe Nevare2, Kent David, 
and James Best observed a giant 
boomerang-shaped object over the 
copper smelter for 10 minutes. 

The APRO Bulletin reports that 
Randall Rogers and Larry 
Mortensen, both employees at 
Phelps-Dodge, left their work area at 
8:55 pm to proceed to the lunch area 
for the evening "break". They 
entered an open type of vehicle and 
en-route to the lunch area they 
stopped and picked up Joe 

Nevarez, Kent David and James Best. 
After starting the vehicle up again, 
they noticed an object approaching 
from the north at an altitude of 1500 
to 2000 feet and Nevarez exclaimed, 
"Hey, you guys, look at the flying 
saucer!" One or two of the others 
remarked that "it" was just an air¬ 
plane and laughed. Nevarez then 
demanded that the vehicle be 
stopped so that he could get a better 
look at the object. 

When the vehicle was brought to a 
stop and the men looked up, they 
were amazed to see a boomerang¬ 
shaped object approaching the north 
smoke stack of the smelter area at a 
very low speed which they later told 
the APRO investigator that they esti¬ 
mated to be about five miles per 
hour. When it arrived in a position 
directly over the north stack, it 
stopped and hovered for a minute or 
so, then came straight down vertical¬ 
ly to an estimated altitude of 700 to 
1,000 feet, not far above the stack. 
After a period of time a brilliant light 
erupted from the forward apex of the 
boomerang configuration and shone 
directly down into the interior of 
the north smelter stack The wit¬ 
nesses described this light as brighter 
than a searchlight or that of an arc 
welder. Approximately 10 seconds 
later, the brilliant beam went out 
and the object began moving 
south at the same apparent alti¬ 
tude and then stopped directly 
over the south smelter stack Again 
the brilliant beam came on and 
shone into the interior of the south 
smelter stack. 

Shortly thereafter the light beam 
turned off again and the object 
moved slowly to the south. Then "in 
less than the blink of an eye" it accel¬ 
erated to a speed which the witnesses 
were not able to estimate, in the 
direction of Safford, Arizona. 

At that juncture, when the object had 
the appearance of being "one foot in 
si2e", Joe Nevare2 stated that he 
wished that the thing would come 
back so he could get a better look at 
it. Immediately, almost as if in 
response to an unspoken com¬ 
mand, the object performed an 
instant reversal from its position 
over Safford, to over the slag dump 
area of the smelter at Morenci! This 
type of UFO response is not 

Wry I-arge Black Triangle seen by people in Scottsdale, Mesa. Chandler, 
and near Casa Grande. Arixona about 8:30 PM on March 13.1997 
The object moved slowly and silently. 


unknown or unique, but has 
occurred with other witnesses as 
if some intelligence guiding this 
object could respond to human 

The boomerang object was estimated 
to be more than 1400 feet in span 
with a wing angle of 120 degrees. 

One wing appeared shorter than the 
other. The object was dull black in 
colour, resembling 1/2-inch steel 
plate and did not reflect light. There 
were no seams, rivets, or other sur¬ 
face markings noted. The large beam 
of light, which was directed into the 
interior of the smokestacks, was 
located near the forward centre of 
the apex. On each wing there were 8 
bright reddish lights, four on each 
leading edge and 4 on each trailing 
edge. These lights seemed to be 
about 75 feet apart and were inter¬ 
connected by a white tube of light 
(like a fluorescent bulb but much 
larger). All lights on the object 
remained steady at all times and did 
not blink, rotate, flash or otherwise 
change in any manner. It made no 
sound at any time, and was observed 
with the aid of a full moon, which 
had just risen. 

The Morenci boomerang was also 
seen by over 100 members of the 
Morenci high school band and the 

director said they saw it during band 
practice on the football field about a 
mile from the smelter. 

The Morenci boomerang was a 
precursor to the mass sightings over 
the Hudson Valley in the 1980s and 
definitely foreshadowed the very 
large objects that passed over 
Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun on 
March 13,1997. 

These craft (for there is little doubt 
they are craft) are not only large, but 
fast and even seem to defy the laws 
of inertia when they are seen acceler¬ 
ating at such a quick speed that in 
some instances seem to vanish in a 

The most recent sightings started on 
January 1st, 2008, and continued on 
January 8th and even are being 
reported in an area around 
Stephenville, Texas to this day. 

More than 30 residents of 
Stephenville, Texas, claim to have 
seen a UFO, described as a mile¬ 
wide, silent object with bright lights, 
flying low and fast. By fast, a pilot 
estimated it was going 3,000 mph. 
Some witnesses claim they saw Air 
Force aircraft chasing it, but the clos¬ 
est Air Force base spokesman denied 
they had an aircraft operational in 

the air that night. Within a week or 
so the Air Force reversed its story 
and claimed that a number of F-i6s 
were in flight in the military opera¬ 
tions area on the night in question. 
They even inferred that what the wit¬ 
nesses saw on the night of January 
8th were F-i6s and not a UFO! 

One witness, Ricky Sorrels, inter¬ 
viewed by Linda Howe, claims he 
saw a very large object with conical¬ 
shaped holes on the flat seamless 
metallic underside of the object 
which hovered soundlessly at a low 
altitude over his head. He remarked 
on the rippling waves he could see 
around this craft which is similar to 
those seen around the Phoenix craft. 
This may very well be a clue as to the 
propulsion system being used by 
these VLOs that allows them to nullify 
gravity and inertia. 

If these VLOs continue to visit our 
cities, it will become harder to deny 
the presence of something unknown 
and veiy unconventional flying 
through our skies. 

William F Hamilton III 



Around 10.30 pm on Wednesday, 
24th November, 2004, Wilma Young 
(real name), then 64, and two female 
companions saw some unusual aerial 
objects as they were travelling home 
to Fife after attending a meeting at a 
spiritualist church in Renfrew, near 
Glasgow.^ Wilma was doing the driv¬ 
ing. Unfortunately, none of the 
women made a written record of the 
incident close to the time and there's 
uncertainty about precisely where it 

Mima's companions don't want us to 
reveal their real names. We'll refer to 
them as Brenda and Rose. The for¬ 
mer was 69 at the time of the inci¬ 
dent and Rose was in her 70s. The 
following account is partly based on 
information gleaned from telephone 
conversations with the three women 
and from letters (one from Wilma 
and one from Rose). In addition, in 
March, 2005, we drove to Wilma's 
home and spoke to her about her 
recent UFO experience and other 
incidents in her life. Then, with 
Wilma accompanying us, we collect¬ 
ed Brenda and spoke to her about 
her recollections of the event in 
November, 2004. Along with Wilma 

and Brenda, we then tried to locate 
the area where it had taken place. 

Wilma's testimony 

As the women were driving along, 
Brenda referred to a big bright light 
in the sky. At first, Wilma assumed it 
was the North Star. According to 
Wilma, Brenda then said, "Well, it's 
moving!" (But Brenda herself doesn't 
recall that it was moving - see 
below.) Wilma recalls that two 
objects came from the 'star' (or it 
could be that the 'star' split into two 
objects, since she doesn't recall see¬ 
ing the 'star' and the two objects at 
the same time). The objects came 
towards the car and took up posi¬ 
tions on either side of it, keeping 
pace with the vehicle. That seemed to 
go on for about two minutes. Then, 
Wilma noticed another big 'star', 
from which three more objects 
emerged (or it may be that the 'star' 
split into constituent objects). At 
about that point, the original UFOs 
shot away and disappeared within a 
second. The new UFOs came towards 
the car, although perhaps not quite 
as quickly as the first two had. One of 
them took up a position above the 
vehicle (perhaps 10-12 feet above it), 
while the other two flanked it, with 

all three seeming to fly at the same 
level. The distance between the 
'outriders' may have been about 20- 
30 yards. Wilma was driving at 
around 30-40 mph, and she wasn't 
aware of a noise such as she would 
associate with a helicopter. The 
underside of the UFO that was over 
the car was veiy bright and had a 
fishbone-like pattern. Wilma felt 
intimidated. After about three min¬ 
utes, the three UFOs shot away and 

Figure i(a) is a drawing by Wilma, 
showing the general appearance of 
the UFOs (or, at least, the appear¬ 
ance of the three UFOs involved in 
the second part of the encounter). 
The small circles represent white 
lights. Figure i(b) is Wilma's depic¬ 
tion of the 'undercarriage' of the UFO 
that hovered over the car. However, 
since she was able to see only one 
end of the 'undercarriage', Figure 
l(b) is partly an inference about what 
the 'undercarriage' would have 
looked like if she'd been able to see 
all of it. 

Wilma is a spiritualist medium and 
she reports psychic experiences 
going back to when she was a child. 
Also, she had had a previous UFO 


showing (a) the general appearance 
of the UFOs, and (b) the 'undercar¬ 
riage' of the UFO that hovered over 
the car . 

sentational purposes* but the sub¬ 
stantive content hasn't been 
changed. The insertion in square 
brackets is ours. Rose states: 

It occurred in Kirkcaldy * Fife* during 
daylight hours. She saw a sausage¬ 
shaped object* which looked solid 
and appeared to be about 30 feet 
long. It seemed to be hovering hori¬ 
zontally* possibly some 30-40 feet 
above the ground* and it resembled a 
long* white light. Wilma may have 
been about 75-100 yards from it. She 
observed the object for about 2-3 
minutes* and then it seemed to shoot 
away rapidly and disappear. She said 
that on the following day* newspa¬ 
pers reported that UFOs had been 
seen all over Fife. 

Brenda's testimony 

Brenda recalls seeing what she first 
took to be a star-like light* although 
it appeared to be larger than a star. 
Looking at the object* she noticed 
that it seemed to have a triangular 
shape. There were lights along the 
base and going round the bad: of it. 

A cigar-shaped object of about the 
same size then appeared. Then 
another triangular object came into 
view* which was similar to the first 
one* but larger. Brenda's recollection 
is that these objects remained in view 
for 10-15 minutes* but she doesn't 
recall seeing any of them moving. 
She's had no other UFO experiences. 

Rose's testimony 

"After leaving the church service* we 
made our way to the Forth Road 
Bridge* to find the road closed with a 
notice and traffic cones. Our driver 
said she didn't know this road [the 
one they were directed on to* pre¬ 
sumably]. She asked us to look out 
for any road signs* since there was no 
other traffic and the road was unlit* 
except by our headlights. We seemed 
to travel some distance. One of my 
companions said she could see the 
North Star* but it got brighter and 
came towards us with another one. 
They passed over us and disap¬ 
peared. Not long after* three such 
lights came towards us* and the mid¬ 
dle one hovered above the car. I was 
in the back seat and able to see it by 
leaning forward. It then 
went out of view. The 
road was still unlit* 
except by the lights of 
our car. But in the dis¬ 
tance* to the left* it 
looked as if there was a 
small lit village or cara¬ 
van park." 

Figure 2 shows a draw¬ 
ing that Rose included 
in her letter* illustrating the UFO 
that had hovered above the car. But* 
as noted* she was sitting in the back 
of the car and she leaned forward to 
see the UFO. Wilma* who was sitting 
in the front (doing the driving}* saw 


/ M/V 

( 34 - 

. b r 


only one end of the 'undercarriage'. 
Possibly* then* Rose saw only one 
end of it as well. 

Rose hadn’t had any previous UFO 
experiences. She told Peter McCue 
(PM) that she didn't find the incident 
frightening: she felt there was some¬ 
thing calming about it) 

The location 

The women would normally have 
returned to Fife via the Forth Road 
Bridge* but there'd apparently been 
an accident* and they were redirected 
to the Kincardine Bridge* which is 
approximately 13 miles west of the 
Forth Road Bridge. 

Wilma's letter to PM seemed to sug¬ 
gest that the sightings had occurred 
between Bathgate and Livingston* 
whereas Rose's letter suggested that 
they had occurred somewhere 
between the Forth Road Bridge and 
the Kincardine Bridge. On 22nd 
March* 2005* during daylight hours* 
we tried to find the location. PM did 
the driving and Wilma sat beside 
him* with Brenda and JT in the bad: 
of the car. We crossed the Kincardine 
Bridge and headed for the 
Bathgate/Livingston area* but Wilma 
and Brenda were unable to identify 
the relevant site. Wilma said that she 
might have been mistaken in think¬ 
ing that the event had occurred in 
the Bathgate/Livingston area* and 
she wondered whether it had hap¬ 
pened doser to the Forth Road 
Bridge. We drove back to Fife via the 
Forth Road Bridge* but neither 
Wilma nor Brenda seemed to recog¬ 

A , -> 9 

hui i 'hfitori * 

Figure 2 

nize a point from where they might 
have been redirected to the 
Figure 2 ; Drawing by Rose of the 
UFO that hovered above the car 

Kincardine Bridge four months earli- 


er. Of course, it may be that on the 
night in question they didn't take in, 
and commit to memory, the precise 
details of their route. 


Wilma's recollection of the sightings 
is similar, but not identical, to 
Rose's. The similarity between their 
testimony could mean that their 
experiences were indeed the same or 
similar. However, to the extent that 
they've discussed the event with each 
other, they may have unwittingly 
influenced each other's memory, pro¬ 
ducing a greater degree of concor¬ 
dance than would otherwise be the 
case. Also, it should be borne in 
mind that Wilma was driving at the 
time of the incident and would have 
been unable to give the aerial phe¬ 
nomena her undivided attention. 
Brenda's testimony, of course, is 
rather different from that of her two 
companions. Accordingly, we can't be 
sure about precisely what the women 
saw on the night in question, 
although we've no reason to doubt 
their honesty. Did they experience 
the same thing, but remember it dif¬ 
ferently, or did they actually experi¬ 
ence the incident differently at the 

Some authors have drawn attention 
to the overlap between UFO events 
and psychic phenomena. 3 Wilma 
describes herself as a believer in 
UFOs, which she appears to interpret 
in terms of the extra-terrestrial 
hypothesis. However, as noted, she 
has reportedly had psychic experi¬ 
ences over the years. Possibly, then, 
the incident that she experienced in 
the company of Brenda and Rose was 
a collective psychic experience rather 
than an encounter with actual flying 

We don't know whether there have 
been any other accounts from central 
Scotland, or elsewhere, of aerial 
objects with fishbone-like under¬ 
sides. However, there have certainly 
been other reports of motorists being 
disturbed by strange objects or 
lights. In their interesting book on 
Irish UFO cases, Dermot Butler and 
Carl Nally refer to the case of a fami¬ 
ly who were driving in the Sugar Loaf 
Mountain area of County Wicklow 
v/hen a disc-like craft appeared and 

harassed them (pp. 9-10). 4 The driv¬ 
er swerved across the road to try to 
avoid crashing into the object. 

Another incident mentioned by 
Butler and Nally (op. cit., p. 10) 
involved a young woman who was 
driving alone in the foothills of the 
Wicklow Mountains. She was head¬ 
ing home and it was approximately 
2.30 a.m. She saw two bright white 
lights in her rear-view mirror. 
Thinking that a truck was trying to 
overtake her, she slowed down and 
pulled further over to the left. She 
then watched in shock as the lights 
separated and came either side of her 
car. Terrified, she screamed and 
accelerated dangerously. Outside her 
home, she skidded to a stop in the 
middle of the road, the lights having 
just shot away into the sky. Butler 
and Nally note that the "lights had 
no obvious structure within them, 
and made no noise, but they gave 
every indication of being under intel¬ 
ligent control." 


1 This is slightly modified version of 
an article that first appeared in the 
January 2006 issue of The 
Paranormal Review, a magazine of 
the Society for Psychical Research. 

2 For convenience, we shall use the 
term 'objects' in describing what the 
women saw. But we don't mean to 
imply that their perceptions were 
necessarily caused by objective phys¬ 
ical entities, although we can't rule 
that out. 

3 See, for example, Dimensions: A 
Casebook of Alien Contact by 
Jacques Vallee (Souvenir Press, 
London, 1996). 

4 Conspiracy of Silence: UFOs in 
Ireland by Dermot Butler and Carl 
Nally (Mercier Press, Douglas 
Village, Cork, 2006). 



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drawings suggested Martians were 
akin to Irish navvies, as the surface 
was a network of "canals’. Canali in 
Italian means "channels’. 

Unfortunately this theory has yet to 
be confirmed because even with 
NASA’s multi billion dollar attempts 
we have yet to find flowing water on 
the Red Planet. 

As a researcher of this subject I like 
many others struggle to understand 
why NASA have not visited any of 
these "interesting’ places in our solar 
system. There is photographic evi¬ 
dence of the ‘Shard’, an unusual pil¬ 
lar-like object photographed on the 
surface of our moon back in 1967 by 
NASA’s Lunar Orbiter 111 unmanned 

Just two years prior to man stepping 
foot on the lunar surface, one can be 
excused in asking simple questions 
here like,‘ Iley , why don't we send 
Apollo to somewhere near that 
tower thingy we photographed a 
couple of years ago and get some 
good photographs of it?' 

No instead they trip off to the Sea of 

This issue’s cover design was created 
by CGI artist and friend of UFO 
DATA, Peter Martin. We believe it is 
one of the best covers seen on a UFO 
magazine and judging by the letters 
and emails we have received recently 
so do you. 

It depicts the romantic side of this 
subject perfectly. Ever since the orig¬ 
inal Viking mission "Face’ photo¬ 
graph was released into the public 
domain, researchers, scientists and 
enthusiasts alike have pondered over 
the possibility of finding man-made 
structures on somewhere other than 
our planet. 

This is no flight of fancy either, sev¬ 
eral "very’ qualified scientists have 
got themselves involved in the posi¬ 
tive aspects of these possibilities, but 
this did not start with the "Face on 
Mars’ imagery and opinions go back 
much further than 1976. 

Even that great old stargazer, Sir 
Patrick Moore, voiced opinions back 
in the 1950s on the fact that they (he 
and other astronomers, we suppose) 
had taken an interest in artificial 
structures photographed on our 

moon. He went on to debunk aliens 
and UFOs for many years, judging 
Graham W. Birdsall and others as 
sixpence short of a shilling. In later 
years, when presented with a book 
he co-authored on the subject, he 
had to admit that that was their 
thinking at that time. 

Sir Patrick may be a little frail these 
days, but he was responsible for the 
original mapping of the lunar surface 
to the extent that NASA used the 
maps he produced in the build-up to 
Apollo. Perhaps good enough reason 
to ignore any earlier belief in ‘little 
green men’. 

But it goes back even further than 
Patrick Moore. In 1877, Italian 
astronomer, Giovanni Schiaparelli, 
mapped the surface of Mars and his 


sites and finally put to bed all the 
‘We never went there’ theories, 
couldn’t they? Actually, no. Even the 
mighty Hubble would not be able to 

Tranquility where it was already 
known there was not much of inter¬ 
est there but, hey, it’s got lots of dust 
and rocks to explore. 

One researcher who has associations 
with NASA as a mission specialist 
and is known for his ‘off the wall the¬ 
ories’ is Richard Hoagland. 

UFO Magazine presented Richard’s 
work to an audience in London back 
in 1998 and although some will sug¬ 
gest Hoagland’s work is pure specu¬ 
lation at best or just rubbish at 
worst, his lecture was quite fascinat¬ 

Our American associates at have DVDs of these 
lectures available and I would recom¬ 

The ‘Shard’ stands apx 1.5 miles high. 

resolve the detail needed to show a 
15ft x 15ft ejector rubble-strewn area 
from 238,000 miles away. Or so they 
say. The two images above are from 
the Hubble Space Telescope and they 
its best view of the Apollo 17,1972, 
mission’s landing site. X marks the 

But some of the most fascinating 
imagery has come from our interest 
in Mars. Ever since the ‘Face’ was 
labelled so in NASA’s photographic 
catalogue, our imagination has been 
fuelled with a mix equivalent to 
nitrous oxide. 

In a strange quirk of events, just like 
when Kenneth Arnold described the 
motion of the craft he witnessed 
back in 1947 has having a motion 
like a saucer would if you skipped it 
over water, the press then labelled 
the objects ‘flying saucers’ and every¬ 
body started to se them even though 
Arnold did not, it was an analyst at 
NASA who, while cataloguing the 

mend them as 
viewing at least. 
Below you can 
see the close up 
images of the 
‘Shard’. Just 
how these 
images were 
obtained from 
the original 
orbiter frame 
(left) I don’t 
know, but one 
would have to 
be working off 
original nega¬ 
tives to enable 
such a high res¬ 
olution scan. 
claims these are 
genuine images 
and I have no 
reason not to 
believe what he 
claims for the 
source of these fascinating photo¬ 

I earlier drew reference to Sir Patrick 
Moore making similar claims. As far 
as I recall, these were published in a 
joint-authored book written in 1952- 
53, long before NASA or anyone else 
had ventured to the moon. So where 
did Sir Patrick get his evidence from? 
Not through the lens of his reflecting 
telescope in his garden shed observa¬ 
tory, I’m sure. 

It has also been suggested many 
times that all NASA need do is aim 
the Hubble Space Telescope at the 
moon and see if the structure is visi 
ble. Well in the same vein NASA 
could show us the Moon landing 


Viking mission images, declared, 
‘Hey this looks like a face!’ and 
promptly wrote on the envelope 

where the photographs were stored. 
The name stuck. Well, in 1976 reso¬ 
lution it definitely looked like a face. 
NASA Viking Frame 35A72 

It really does look like a face. 

In 1979, NASA revealed an apparent¬ 
ly misfiled, recently discovered, sec¬ 
ond view of the Face. 

This second image had researchers 
shouting “Cover up!” as the image 
appears to show more detail and less 
shadow on the right-hand side of the 

face, revealling 
human-like fea¬ 
tures not visible in 
the first image. 
Then in 1998 in an 
attempt to put the 
story to bed for 
good, NASA 
released a much 
higher resolution 
image from the 
Mars Global 
Surveyor probe, 
(see bottom, 1st 

In typical NASA 
style, feeding the 
conspiracists what 
they wanted, 
NASA released a 
washed-out un¬ 
processed image 
that was shown 
upside down. 
There was veiy lit¬ 
tle to resemble the 
original images 
from 1976 and 
what looked like a 
face now looked 
just like a very 
erroded rock for¬ 

Some of the original features could 
be seen: an eye socket, part of the 
mouth, nose and the overall head¬ 
like shape were still there. 

Using Photoshop filters, I degraded 
the resolution of the 2001 image to 
give it similar lighting and clarity. 

The result was quite amazing. I had 
managed to recreate the image redis¬ 
covered in 1979 (taken by Viking in 
1976) almost perfectly, so I am happy 
in the assumption that all images 

Once again I hear myself talking like 
a debunkcr, but I’m not finished with 
The Face On Mars’ just yet. 

What if a civilisation that once occu¬ 
pied our nearest planetary neighbour 
took it upon themselves to leave a 
message for distant travellers who 
might one day decide to explore their 
world? And what if that message was 
so accurately designed to be recong- 
nised by a civilisation who had 

Answering claims 
of cheat, fraud, 
cover-up etc., it 
seems those nice 
people at NASA 
decided to give the 
UFO public what 
they wanted. In 
2001, an opportu¬ 
nity arose from the 
extended mission 
of the Mars Global Surveyor mission 
to photograph the ‘Face’ in near per¬ 
fect conditions. 

presented by NASA that represent 
the Face are genuine and that no 
effort has been made to alter or con¬ 
fuse the images. 


advanced technologically to a point 
that their 1976 abilities would recog¬ 
nise a structure as an image they 
could relate to i.e. a face - a human 
face. Would that not then get these 
explorers interested in Mars, suffi- 
ciantly to come and take a Hook at 
what they had discovered? Is that not 
exactly what has happened here? 

As explorers, we should go and 
investigate the evidence presented. 
Remember those early Viking images 
did not just show a Face. In the same 
vicinity, there are structures that 
resemble pyramids and what some 
believe are ruins, but yet, just like the 
‘Shard’ discussed earlier, we chose to 
go to rather less interesting places on 
the surface of the Red Planet. 

Tom Van Flandern (left) 
Richard Hoagland (right). 

Dr Tom Van Flandern, a scientist by 
profession, has also taken a keen 
interest in Mars and some other very 
strange features that have been 
extracted from NASA photographic 
record of that planet. 

Tom’s lectures are available to watch 
for free via the internet on YouTube. 

Just log on to and 
search for uforuss (that’s me) I have 
uploaded his complete Leeds lecture 
and I’m sure you will find some of 
the imagery absolutely unbelieveable. 



If you enter the above link directly 
into your web browser you will find 
all Dr Van Flandern’s lecture slides 
available to view. 

Across the page you will see some of 
the more unusual discoveries made 
by Dr Van Flandern. Some of these 
images are extremely difficult to 




More strange and unusual images over the page... 




Would it be the proof that science 
wanted? Imagine capturing the first 
image of an extraterrestrial creature 
with an approved and undeniable 
source of evidence, NASA. 

After all, the only organisation that is 
active on the Martian surface is 
NASA and they have several high 
resolution cameras fitted to their 
remote-controlled rover vehicles. The 
rovers transmit image after image 
and all these images (we are told) are 
available to download and examine 
via various official internet sites. 

Built into the NASA machine is a 
public domain policy for both video 
and images, and rightly so, it's the 
American tax payer who funds 
NASA's little jaunts and in true 
American tax payers fashion, all dis¬ 
coveries made by NASA go into the 
public domain, even though it took 
year's for NASA to admit they were 
told by programme managers not to 
launch the disastrous Challenger 
shuttle mission as the technology 
had never been proven in the freez¬ 
ing conditions that caused the ‘O 
ring' to fracture and blow the crew of 
seven, shuttle and booster assembly 
to smithereens. But that's another 

Back to the image in question. 

Although transmitted from Mars 
back in 2004, the high resolution 
image from where this strange pho¬ 
tograph was derived was available on 
the internet. It took researchers who 
painstakingly examine every image 
trasmitted from Mars for anomalies 
four years to make this interesting 

The image depicts what appears to 
be a creature straddling a rocky out¬ 
crop. Whats more, with a little 
enhancement, the creature seems to 
be looking straight down the camera 

If you were to compare the image 
with a known lifeform, you would 
have to suggest it looks very similar 
to the classic Patterson ‘Bigfoot' 
caught on cine film back in October 
1967. Although the actual film is 
thought to be of nothing more than a 
guy in suit, the similarity between 
the images is uncanny. 

(See next page) 










Now the debunkers were quick to 
jump on the bandwagon and declare 
the Mars image was nothing more 
than a tiny fragment of rock very 
close to the camera and the UFO 
nuts had not done any homework or 
real research as usual. Well the 
image was taken from a hi-res 
panorama and it took quite a magni¬ 
fied view to find the ‘figure’. 

If this was an object very close to the 
camera, then you would expect it to 
cover more pixels in the frame but it 
is not. 

As you can see from the original 
image above, the detail captured in 
the Rover images is quite something. 
The ‘creature’ is situated at the point 
of the red arrow on a cliff edge and 
congratulations are in order to the 
researcher who discovered the image 
in the first place. 

Whether or not we are seeing a real 
creature is something for debate, but 

the press certainly had a 
when the discovery was released. 

Is this the picture that proves that 
there is life on Mars? And the exis¬ 
tence ofBigfoot? 

The Daily Telegraph reported it like 
this back in January: 

Bigfoot on Mars? NASA cap¬ 
tures alien figure 

By Gary Cleland 

Last Updated: 12:01am GMT 


It certainly is - if you believe the cur 
rent crop of rumours whizzing 
around cyberspace after the image 
was captured on the surface of the 
Red Planet. 

The photograph , taken in 2004 by 
the Mars explorer Spirit, appears to 
show a human shaped object that 


looks startlingly like previous photo¬ 
graphs purporting to have captured 

Unsurprisingly, conspiracy theorists 
have had a field day. One blogger 
wwte: "My first thought: It's 
Bigfoot! If you show me another 
rvck in another photo of Mars that 
naturally looks like that, I will 
reconsider. "Doesn't look very much 
alive though." 

Another added: "These pictures are 
amazing. I couldn't believe my eyes 
when I saw what appears to be a 
naked alien running around on 
Mars." and one more said: "It's defi¬ 
nitely Bigfoot. That's why we've not 
been able to find him on Earth, he's 
gone to Mars." 

However not everyone is convinced - 
one blogger despaired: "Ah, the 
human eye can be tricked so easily." 
Spirit, sent to Mars to capture 
images from the surface of the plan¬ 
et, is onehalfofa $820m (£41 om) 
mission, along with its twin explor¬ 
er, Opportunity. It landed on Mars 
in January 2004 for a three month 
mission to search Gusev Crater, a 
rock strewn stretch of soil that scien¬ 
tists believe could be the bed of an 
ancient lake. If Mars once had sur¬ 
face water, it had the potential to 
support life. 

In our final selection of unusual 
images we go much deeper into 
space through the eyes of the Hubble 
Space Telescope. 

Images observed by the Hubble orig¬ 
inate many, many light years from 
Earth, so what we see are images 
from the past. Some are thousands 
and thousands of years old, as the 
light takes as many years to reach us. 
If an image is from a thousand light 
years away, then that image is a 
thousand years old but that distance 
is relatively dose. 

The image we are to study is of the 
Trffid Nebula, one of the most beau¬ 
tiful images captured by the Hubble. 
Recently I was contacted by a reader 
of our magazine who asked me if I 
had noticed anything strange about 
the image. As soon as I looked again, 
I started to see what our reader was 
seeing and some of it is quite dis¬ 

Do you see what I see? 

This haunting image jumps right out 
of the picture once you have identi¬ 
fied it and it looks like what we call 
the Devil. It appears to be looking 
down on something. I am fully aware 
that this nebula is light years across, 
but our reader who spotted these 
anomalies theorised that light is 
compressed as it travels vast dis¬ 
tances. Likewise it expands as it trav¬ 
els away from us and what we see is 
a hugely magnified version of the 
original image (remember it's his 

It seems that the human free, or a 
face recognised by humans, can be 
found almost anywhere and if there 
is some truth behind all these specu¬ 
lative ideas and claims then, as sci¬ 
ence now accepts, life could be every¬ 

where - and life similar to us. 

Science now accepts that life on 
Earth may have come from the stars 
and it seems some life has left mes¬ 
sages to be found by explorers who 
come their way. 

Human kind has only just started to 
walk in galactic time terms and 
where we are now we consider amaz¬ 
ing. I believe we have much farther 
to go and quite possibly there are 
waymarkers out there to guide us. 
Whatsmore, I believe we have started 
to find those wayposts along our 
journey and that messages have been 
left for us to find when our evolution 
is at the right point in time. I believe 
we are there... 

Russel Callaghan. 


We term the period after the end of 
World War II right up to the early 
1990s the Cold War, a time when the 
USA and Russia along with each 
one’s respective allies, the UK includ¬ 
ed, did their utmost to pre-empt 
World War III, each one stockpiling 
weapons that would totally destroy 
the planet as a habitable world. Some 
say we are still attempting such 
results in the way we are abusing the 
planet on a daily basis. 

However, during that testing period 
in our modern history, each side 
was trying its best to outwit each 
other and some brilliant minds 
were working overtime on both 
sides in the attempt 
dominate its rival. 

When it came 
down to 
gy. _ 

much was 

developed dur¬ 
ing this time and none 
more so than in the area of mili¬ 
tary aviation. 

Spy planes (like the SR71 Blackbird) 
capable of speeds around Mach 5, 

supersonic fighters and bombers and 
many amazing prototypes that 

never made production past 

the test models and all this 

development was of course 

carried out in top ^ secret. 

Ironic that it should crash some 
years later at the Paris Air Show on 
3rd June, 1973. 

So how does 
the UFO 

Well I’m sure 

all this link in to 

that many of the 
ed during this 
od were secret 
military air¬ 
craft and I’m 

and counter-espi¬ 
onage was rife during this 
time. Who remembers 

Great Britain and France had 
developed and flew the world’s first 
supersonic passenger jet at twice the 
speed of sound. Just days before 
Concorde’s maiden flight, the Soviet 
Union had its own Tupelov tui44 fly¬ 
ing and looking remarkably like the 
Anglo-French masterpiece. 

sure that both 
sides where happy to 
learn that the general public 
were seeing UFOs thus helping 
protect each others secrets... 

But all researchers will tell you that 
not all Cold War UFOs had earthly 
origins and, over the years, pilots 
both military and civilian have 
recalled encounters with objects of 
unknown origins and these profes¬ 
sional flyers readily discount possible 
foreign technology as the culprits in 
their encounters. 

In the Jan/Feb issue of UFO DATA 
Magazine , David Cayton presented 


the case of US Airforce pilot, Milton 
Torres, who was ordered to open fire 
on an unidentified target back in the 
1950s. David has more information 
to offer on this case a little further 
on, but recently , Philip Mantle came 
across an interesting case from RAF 


By Philip Mantle 

At the UFO DATA conference in 
October 2007 ,1 met up with veteran 
UFO investigator, David Beezer. I’ve 
known David for many years and he 
has regularly attended many of our 
public events. David wanted me to 
read a report he had received from a 
former RAF officer, but on the day I 
simply did not have the time. David 
made me a copy of the report in 
question and I read it a day or two 
after the conference had finished. 

The report came from a Mr. Alan 
Turner MBE and concerned a UFO 
observed on radar at RAF Sopley in 
the summer of 1971.1 subsequently 
contact Mr. Turner and have his per¬ 
mission to document the following. 
His report is published in full. 

Alan Turner was aged twenty-five 
when he joined the Royal Air Force 
in 1966 and was commissioned that 

year as an Air Traffic Control Officer. 
RAF Sopley was a wartime bunker, 
which had been converted into a 
joint military/civilian Air Traffic 
Control Radar Unit (ATCRU): it 
closed in 1974 when both the civil 
and military ATC functions were 
transferred to West Drayton. 

Alan Turner remained in the RAF 
eventually to command the Central 
ATC School from 1990 to 1992. In 
July, 1995, he was discharged from 
the RAF with the rank of Wing 

This is Wing Commander Turner's 
account of what he personally 
observed at RAF Sopley in the sum¬ 
mer of 1971 in full: 

In the summer of 
1971 ,1 was the Duty 
Military Supervisor 
at RAF Sopley, which 
was a joint 
military/civil Air 
Traffic Control Radar 
Unit (ATCRU). It was 
a Tuesday afternoon 
but I cannot remem¬ 
ber the exact date. 
The Duty Civil 
Supervisor drew my 
attention to a situa¬ 
tion on radar the 
likes of which neither 
of us had ever 


Emanating from a point some twenty 
nautical miles east of the eastern 
extremity of the Salisbury Plain 
Danger Area were a series of six or 
seven blips moving on a south-east¬ 
erly track each being separated from 
the other by about six miles. At about 
forty miles from the point they 
appeared on radar they disappeared 
to be followed almost immediately by 
a replacement at the point of origin. 

I put the FPS 6 Height Finder onto 
some returns to discover that they 
were about 3000 feet when they 
came into radar cover and climbing 
extremely rapidly so that, by the time 
they disappeared from radar, they 
were in excess of 60,000 feet. To 
climb to such a height in only forty 
miles was beyond the ability of any 
fighter aircraft at the time. 

The phenomenon was witnessed by 
four civil and six military controllers 
on duty at the time. 

1 called Heathrow Radar to discover 
that they, also, were seeing a similar 
picture. The same situation prevailed 
in the Fighter Control Operations 
Rooms at RAF Neatishead. The three 
units involved operated different 
radars from each other thus different 
frequencies were in use. The weather 
forecast from the south of England 
was calm and sunny. I called the Met 
Office to confirm the strength of the 
upper winds to find that they were 
also relatively calm and were about 
fifty degrees off the southeasterly 
track of the blips; they also con¬ 
firmed that there were not Met bal¬ 
loons/probes airborne at the time. 


The winds were not strong enough, 
nor in the right direction, to cause 
the blips to travel on their observed 
track especially at the speed they 
were travelling. It was estimated that 
they were doing around 250 knots, 
but it must be borne in mind that 
this was a lateral speed as seen on 
radar - they must have been travel¬ 
ling very much faster to climb over 
50,000 feet in less than forty miles. 
Equally the weather was such that 
there were no ’angels’ to affect the 
radar picture. ’’Angels” was a euphe¬ 
mism for, what were believed to be, 
ionozed pockets of air which, under 
very specific atmospheric conditions, 
were often seen on radar screens in 
those days: when seen, these ’angels’ 
traveled extremely slowly simply 
drifting along haphazard tracks. In 
those days all radars were ’raw’. That 
is to say that, whatever was within 
the coverage of the radar envelope 
and capable of bouncing (returning) 
the radar pulse back to the receiver, 
would be seen on the radar tube. 
Today’s radars are computerised 
thus such interference is processed 
out so as not to affect the picture. 

Looking around for some other 
method of checking what was going 
on, I discovered that a controller had 
two Canberras on frequency return¬ 
ing from Germany. One of the pilots 
agreed to investigate so I assumed 
control of his aircraft and, having 

confirmed he was in 
good visual met con¬ 
ditions, I vectored 
him on to the blips 
keeping him regular¬ 
ly updated on their 
position relative to 
the Canberra. The 
aircraft was flying at 
around nineteen 
thousand feet and 
when it got within a 
mile or so of one par¬ 
ticular blip, the pilot 
reported, in a very 
agitated voice, that 
his radar had picked 
something up head¬ 
ing down his port 
side by about a quar¬ 
ter of a mile and 
’climbing like the 
clappers’, it was on a 
reciprocal heading to 
the Canberra. The 
pilot admitted that 
neither he nor his navigator made 
any visual contact and confirmed 
that the weather conditions were 
such that they would have had no 
difficultly seeing something that 

The whole episode lasted for twenty 
minutes or more before the blips 
stopped appearing. I impounded the 
R/T tapes and the Radar Video film 
and made appropriate entries in the 
log. Each person in the Ops Room 
who witnessed the incident was 
required to write a report. The 
Squadron Leader in charge of 
Operations collated the reports and 
informed higher authority. Within a 
couple of days I was interviewed in 
the Squadron Leader’s office by two 
men who were not identified to me. 

I, along with all the others in the Ops 
Room on the day in question, were 
told in no uncertain terms not to 
relate what we had seen until cleared 
to do so. About four years later I was 
serving at RAF Wattisham when the 
Station Commander asked to see me. 

I was told that he had a communica¬ 
tion from the MoD about the inci¬ 
dent at Sopley and that as ’nothing 
could be confirmed’ the situation was 
such that doubt would be cast on 
anything I said about it. I took this to 
mean that I was no longer to remain 

I am at a loss to explain what I, and 


many other people, saw. In those 
days aircraft could not climb at such 
a rate. To be seen on displays by 
three different ground radars, plus 
the airborne radar in the Canberra, is 
also a mystery. The weather condi¬ 
tions were very definitely VMC or 
Visual Met Conditions; the aircraft 
was clear of cloud by at least a thou¬ 
sand feet vertically and with a for¬ 
ward visibility of at least five nautical 

Alan Turner MBE 10th November 

In Mr. Turner’s letter to be dated 
10th November, 2007, he apologised 
for not remembering the exact date 
of the incident and believes that 
there are those out there that will use 
this to discredit his account. I’ll leave 
you with his final comments on the 
incident; "Please use the information 
in any way you see fit; I stand by 
what I saw because I know what I 

Colleagues and I intend to submit a 
Freedom of Information request to 
the UK Ministry of Defence, and 
should we obtain any further infor¬ 
mation we will of course publish it 
due course. 

Thanks must go to David Beezer for 
supplying the information and con¬ 
tact details and special thanks to 
Alan Turner MBE for allowing me to 
publish his account. 

Philip Mantle is an international UFO researcher, 
author and broadcaster. He can be contacted via 
email at: philips 

starch ild 

r 1/ ■ « v v 



Genetic enigma 





And New Technology Can 
Finally Prove It! 

Lloyd Pye 

Eight years of scientific testing 
strongly suggest that an ancient skull 
found in Mexico nearly eight decades 
ago is something other than entirely 
human. In fact, the skull known as 
the "Starchild" might well prove to 
be the first biological relic confirmed 

by DNA testing to be a human-alien 

This remarkable skull is now on the 
verge of making history as large as 

history can be made. How it came to 
be in that improbable position is 
revealed in a new book, The 
Starchild Skull - Genetic Enigma or 
Human-Alien Hybrid ?, which 
recounts my eight years of dragging 
the skull from expert to expert, seek¬ 
ing those with enough intellectual 
curiosity to take it seriously and to 
apply rigorous scientific testing to it, 
and then have the courage to put 
their names to their results. It hasn’t 
been easy. What follows is an abbre¬ 
viated outline of the events detailed 
in the book. 

1930. In the baking high desert of 
northern Mexico, in a nondescript 
village in the general area of the 
Copper Canyon, a teenaged 
American girl arrived with her family 
to visit the home from which her par¬ 
ents had emigrated twenty years ear¬ 
lier. She was told to avoid the caves 
and abandoned mine tunnels in the 
area because they were dangerous. 

As soon as she could, she went after 
the forbidden fruit, and eventually 
ended up in a mine tunnel. 

In that tunnel she found a human 
skeleton lying supine on the floor. 
Closer inspection revealed that a 
bony, ’’misshapen” hand emerged 
from a mound of dirt beside the 
skeleton, and was wrapped around 
one of its upper arm bones. 

Assuming a whole skeleton might be 
buried under the dirt, the girl dug 
with her hands to reveal a "smaller, 
totally misshapen” skeleton. 

The girl tried to recover every bone 
of both skeletons, assuming she 
could find a way to carry them back 
into the US without her parents or 
siblings finding out about it. She hid 
them under a tree, but unfortunately 
a torrential downpour washed all the 
bones away-except the two skulls 
(minus their mandibles) and a bro¬ 
ken piece of maxilla from the mis¬ 
shapen one. 

As the girl grew up and entered her 
adult years, she varnished the skulls 
and put them in a cardboard box, 
keeping them as ghoulish souvenirs 
from her first sojourn in Mexico. And 
so they stayed until her impending 
death in the early 1990s, when she 
passed them to friends in her home¬ 
town of El Paso, Texas. Those friends 
eventually passed them to another 


couple, Ray and Melanie Young, who 
had a unique skill-set for evaluating 
what until then was assumed by its 
owners to be a "genetic deformity". 

1998. For several years, Melanie 
Young was a neonatal nurse dealing 
with all forms of human deformity. 
From the moment she first held the 
weird skull in her hands, she felt it 
wasn’t a "normal" human deformity. 
It was too light by far, weighing half 
of what a normal human skull that 
size should weigh, and it was entirely 
too symmetrical. Normal human 
deformity is anything but symmetri¬ 
cal. This skull was more symmetrical 
than a typical human, so she strongly 
suspected it might be something else. 
But what? 

As it happened, Melanie and Ray 
were members of the El Paso chapter 
of MUFON, the Mutual UFO 
Network. In consultation with a 
friend there, they had to admit it 
looked much like the shape and size 
of a skull that would fit perfectly 
inside the head of a stereotype 
"Grey" alien. After agreeing on that, 
they decided to have the skull scien¬ 
tifically tested to establish its genetic 
heritage conclusively. They contacted 
me and asked if I would undertake 
the task of bringing it to appropriate 
experts to determine what it might 
be, and, if that seemed to warrant 
more detailed analysis, then such 
analysis would be arranged and car¬ 
ried out. It seemed simple enough. It 
was anything but. 

1999. The first scientific test of the 

skull was a radiographic X-ray analy¬ 
sis carried out in Las Vegas, Nevada. 
The weird skull’s bone was shown to 
be uniformly thin throughout, rather 
than exhibiting the usual thinness in 

areas of deformity while being other¬ 
wise normal. Also, no sign of frontal 
sinuses were visible, not even vestigi¬ 
al buds. This was considered highly 
unusual. The most striking result, 
however, was that the associated 
piece of upper right maxilla had 
impacted teeth in it, indicating that 
the skull had belonged to a child in 
the range of five or six at death. 
Based on that seemingly solid piece 
of evidence about it, we named it 
"the Starchild". 

Next came analysis by a pair of 
anthropologists at the University of 
Nevada at Las Vegas. (They are 
among the few experts not identified 
in the book, by either their own 
request to go unnamed, or my deci¬ 
sion not to reveal names if that only 
served to make them look bad. I 
believe they all were doing their jobs- 
rightly or wrongly-as they felt they 
needed to do them. I can see no rea¬ 
son to be hurtful to them for no rea¬ 
son other than to be hurtful.) 

These two specialists felt the skull 
was the result of hydrocephaly to 
explain the extraordinary bulge of 
the upper rear parietals, combined 
with the effect of cradleboarding in 

infancy to 
explain the 
at the rear 
of the 

at that 

point I knew hydrocephaly would not 
leave the noticeable crease along the 
saggital suture separating the two 
expanded parietals, and I knew 
cradleboarding flattened only a small 

area from inion to crown on a nor¬ 
mal human, and the flattening w r as as 
flat as the board an infant's head 
would be strapped to as its mother 
did her w r ork. 

The skull found with the Starchild 
exhibited this common flattening, 
but the Starchild did not. Its flat¬ 
tened area was three or four times as 
great, and its natural convolutions 
were clearly visible. It had grown 
into its shape because its genes 
directed it to do so, and if that were 
true, then those genes could not be 
entirely human. My initial perception 
of the strange skull was that it was, 
in all likelihood, a bizarre deformity 
of some kind. For it to be otherwise- 
for it to be alien or an alien-human 
hybrid falling into my hands-would 
be equivalent to the Dead Sea Scrolls 
falling into the hands of the goat 
herder. But I w^as beginning to sus¬ 
pect that maybe such lightning had 
struck again. 

Denver. The turning point for me 
came in Denver, Colorado, wdien a 
brain specialist made a number of 
startling discoveries about the 
Starchild's brain. (This doctor made 
a specific request that I not name 
him.) First, its capacity was astound¬ 
ing. Normal human adult craniums 
contain an average of 1400 cubic 


centimeters of brain matter. A small- 
stature adult or a child of about 
twelve-which was the Starchild's 
size-would have a brain in the range 
of 1200 cc. The Starchild had a brain 
volume of 1600 cc, which baffled the 
specialist. Even considering the 
extreme shallowness of the eye 
orbits, the missing frontal sinuses, 
and the expansion of the parietals, he 
could not account for an increase of 
fully 1/3 the normal human volume. 

He also found that the steep rear 
angle of the brain pressing down on 
the foramen magnum-the opening 
where the spine entered the crani¬ 
um-made it unlikely that the cerebel¬ 
lum could have maintained its prop¬ 
er position at the base of the cere¬ 
brum. In addition to its steeply cant¬ 
ed angle (visible in several of many 
photos at, 
the inner support structure of bone 
flanges (the saggital sulcus and 
transverse sulcus) was so reduced as 
to be ineffective as a support mecha¬ 
nism for the cerebellum. The expert 
could only conclude that the 
Starchild’s brain was made of some¬ 
thing denser than normal human 
brain matter, or it didn’t have a cere¬ 
bellum in the way human cerebel¬ 
lums are understood. Either conclu¬ 
sion was enough to bolster my grow¬ 
ing suspicion that the Starchild was 
not entirely human. 

Lincoln. In Lincoln, Nebraska, an 

ophthalmologist surgeon named 
Fred Mausolf studied the Starchild’s 
extraordinarily shallow eye sockets. 
He found them to be unlike normal 
human eye sockets in virtually every 
way. The foramen openings for both 
the optic nerves and the associated 
nerves and blood vessels needed to 
make a human eyeball function prop¬ 
erly were skewed down and inside to 
the middle part of the nose, which 

would have put 
the Starchild's 
assuming it had 
below where 
human eyes 
normally were 

Also, their 
inner surface 
areas, while 
shallow, were 
symmetrical to 
an equally 
degree. This 
expert could not imagine how those 
eye sockets-as bizarre as they were- 
could be the result of deformity. 
Again, the Starchild's genes seemed 
to have told them to grow that way, 
and if that were true, I could only 
conclude that they weren't normal 
human genes. 

New Orleans. In my home city of 
New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Joseph 
Smith, a chief radiologist at a chil¬ 
dren's hospital, arranged a CAT scan 
that established none of the 
Starchild’s cranial sutures were fused 
in any way. He ruled out deformity 
as a result of cranial suture fusion- 
especially the crease in the saggital 
suture between the expanded pari¬ 
etals. Also, inexplicably, the 

Starchild's inner ears were shown to 
be on the order of twice normal size 
and, once again, perfectly symmetri¬ 
cal. Then Carbon 14 analysis showed 
that death for both skulls had 
occurred 900 years ago, ± 40 years. 

2003. The Holy Grail of biological 
testing, DNA analysis, was carried 
out by Trace Genetics in the summer 
of 2003 using equipment at the 

University of California at Davis. 
Researchers Jason Eshleman and 
Ripan Malhi found that burial in a 
mine tunnel for 900 years was like 
preserving both skulls in a climate- 
controlled storage locker. The human 
skull produced an easy recovery of its 
mitochondrial DNA, showing it was 
from a common haplogroup for 
Mesoamericans, haplogroup A. Its 
nuclear DNA was also recovered eas¬ 
ily, showing it was a female. One 
dowrn, one to go. 

The Starchild's mitochondrial DNA- 
inherited from and passed along only 
the female line-was recovered as eas¬ 
ily as its companion's, and proved to 
be of a separate Mesoamerican hap¬ 
logroup, haplogroup C. This meant 
that even though their relationship 
was such that the female appeared to 
bury the Starchild and then laid 
down beside it to die (most likely by 
suicide), they were not, as we had 
assumed, a mother and child. That 
left us with only the definitive test to 
complete: What about the Starchild's 
nuclear DNA, which would reveal the 
genetic heritage of both of its par¬ 

Right out of the box there was a 
problem. Relative to a normal 
human, the Starchild's bone had 
proved extremely difficult to cut, 
even though it was half as thick and 
half as heavy as normal human bone. 
Then, when Jason and Ripan put it 
into normal solvents for dissolving 
human bone, it resisted those routine 
attempts to break it down. 

Ultimately, a very powerful solvent 
had to be administered to get the 
bone into a condition to be tested, 
after which six attempts brought no 


recovery at all-not even a trace of 
nuclear DNA. 

How could that be? In the first place, 
if the Starchild’s bone was from a 
normal human, normal solvents 
should have easily dissolved it. 
Secondly, after 900 years in opti¬ 
mum preservation conditions, the 
small degree of degradation in the 
bone should have made it easy to 
recover its nuclear DNA, as was the 
case with the female’s. And why was 
it that only the Starchild’s nuclear 
DNA resisted recovery, not its mito¬ 
chondrial DNA? 

There was only one plausible answer: 
something was "wrong” with its 
father’s DNA. Somehow Dad’s contri¬ 
bution to the Starchild’s genetic 
package had produced a genome that 
would not respond to the chemical 
primers used to recover segments of 
human nuclear DNA. 

What could be done about this frus¬ 
trating technical stalemate? 
According to Jason and Ripan, noth¬ 
ing, at least not in the short term. 
They told me that in 3 to 5 years they 
expected the headlong rush of their 
field’s technical improvements to 
create an atmosphere in which prob¬ 
lems like ours with the Starchild 
would be resolved. So what, I asked 
them, could I do now? "Get the 
bone’s biochemistry tested," they told 
me. They wanted an explanation for 
why it had been so difficult to cut 
when they removed their samples. 

London. I spent all of 2004 in 
London getting as many tests done 
as we could manage with our time 
and resources. One of the first things 
we did was arrange an analysis by 
the scanning electron microscope at 
the Royal Holloway Scientific 
Institute outside London. It revealed 
something utterly astonishing: 
embedded in the matrix of the 
Starchild’s bone were fibers of some 
kind, fibers which seemed to be 
incredibly durable because they had 
been shredded rather than sheared 
by the cutting blade that removed the 
bone samples from the skulls. Such 
fibers had never been found in any 
other bone in any other animal 
species on Earth, so this was yet 
another blinking red neon sign that 
the Starchild skull represented some¬ 
thing extraordinary. 

Later, forensic geologist, Dr. Ken Pye 
(no relation to me), discovered at his 
laboratory outside London that a red 
residue of some kind was scattered in 
the Starchild’s cancellous holes. 
Normally upon death, corpses acti¬ 
vate a wide array of internal bacteria 
that scour every vestige of marrow 
from the cancellous holes in every 
bone, leaving them, in effect, 
sparkling clean. So the residue dis¬ 
covered in the Starchild’s cancellous 
holes was something else not found 
in any other bone in any known 
species on Earth. Certainly not in 
human bone, so it was more evidence 
of the Starchild’s uniqueness. 


polished block 

2006. In the summer of 2006, three 
years exactly since discovering that 
the Starchild’s nuclear DNA could 
not be recovered by the current tech¬ 
nology, and precisely when Jason 
and Ripan predicted a breakthrough 
might occur, the breakthrough did 
occur. But it was not in the sensitivi¬ 
ty of the primers used to recover 
DNA, as was expected. It was much, 
much better than that. It was a new 
technique that did away with primers 

454 Life Sciences of Branford, 
Connecticut, announced that it had 
found a way of sequencing DNA in a 
base-pair by base-pair arrangement, 
bringing all 3.0 billion base pairs in 
an average human genome within 
eventual reach of their sequencing 
machines. This was astounding news, 
but even more astounding was that it 
was already being applied to 
sequencing the elusive nuclear DNA 

of Neanderthals. Experts around the 
world were already hard at work on 
it, having sequenced the first few 
million base pairs, and they expected 
to complete the entire Neanderthal 
genome by the end of 2008. 

While this was extremely welcome 
news in its own right, what flew 
under the radar was that this same 
technology could be applied to recov¬ 
er the entire genome of the Starchild! 
It meant we can now sequence every 7 
gene in every chromosome con¬ 
tributed by its human mother and its 
father, whatever he was. We will be 
able to recover its genome and-just 
as others will do with the 

Neanderthal genome in 2008-we will 
be able to compare the Starchild’s 
father’s DNA, gene by gene, with 
those of normal humans to precisely 
determine how far or near he was 
relative to the human norms. 

That glorious day is now expected to 
be sometime in 2010. It could be as 
early as 2009, but the best guess now 
is 2010, give or take a few months. 
Inasmuch as we have already 
endured eight years of this inter¬ 
minable wait, two years more does 
not seem so daunting. In fact, as I 
have started to say when asked, I 
think that after what I’ve been 
through in the preceding eight years, 

I can do two more standing on my 
head in a deep mud puddle. 

Today. Upside down or upright, we 
can settle into the two-year wait 
secure in knowing every indication of 
numerous conclusive scientific tests 


strongly suggests that we will ulti¬ 
mately prove beyond any reasonable 
doubt that the Starchild skull 
belonged to a being who was a prod¬ 
uct of mating-whether natural or in 
vitro-between a human mother and a 
father who was surely something 
other than entirely human. But will 
that make him an "alien" in the 
extraterrestrial sense of the word? 

As with Neanderthals, it will depend 
on where his genome falls in relation 
to normal humans. Will it be frac¬ 
tionally different, or as much as i%? 
Or how about 2%? Or 3%? Certainly 
that would make him as alien as E.T., 
and the Starchild's incredibly differ¬ 
ent physiology and morphology cer¬ 
tainly points in that direction. 

All we have to do is be patient, lay 
our bets, and wait. 

Lloyd Pye. 

Anyone interested in pursuing the 
whole story is welcome to contact 
Bell Lap Books at: 

or your usual book source outlets 

Some books anriboui hision^-^ 
Some books make 
Some hxks <//r lutfoty. 

Ibis boob can be all time. 

Genetic Enigma 



The Starchild Skull 

Die Suahild Skull bring* readers oil a 
journo alongside I kiyd IV from die lint 
moment lie lays or* on ihe ‘weird" skull 
pnrsented to him hy its owners. At lint he 
assumes, as anyone would, that it has to be 
a natural deforuury of some kind. But as 
lie dclses deeper into vslut is known about 
deformities, Ik staris in doubt ilui as an 
answrr. As he takes it to various report* 
with the courage to give him clscir honest 
opinions, they convince him even more 
that the skull in his possession is no less 
than the most bizarre human deformity in 
history—or it is not entirely human. 

litis is the story of Lloyd INes eight- war 
<)ues( to determine the Starchild skulls 
genetic heritage. It stands as a testament to 
dogged perseverance in the face of doubt, 
disappointment, and defeats that would 
duke (Its faith and buckle tlk knees of 
the strongest among us. It is a testament 
to commitment, to courage, to dry wit 
and gentle humor, and, yes, even to lose. 
If you base an inquiring mind and choose 
to go on this tumultuous journey with an 
intrepid researcher, you will never regret a 
step of it. 

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These maneuver capabities don't exist in any other 
aircraft in the world today.. Take a look at the video 
with the sound up. This aircraft is of concern to U.S. 
and NATO planners. We don't know which nations wi 
soon be flying the SU-30MK, hopefuiy China isn't one 
of them. 





Jan/Feb 2008 £3.95 UK inc p&p • • • 


Reported by David Cayton in last 
month’s issue, Jan/Feb. 2008. 

Shortly after the last issue of UFO 
DATA Magazine went to press, more 
information has come my way which 
your magazine editors thought would 
be of interest. Basically there are 
three new items: 

1) . Pilot Milton Torres has supplied 
some extra detail about his cockpit 
weapons system and told me about 
visits he made to two of our RAF 
Bases which are relevant to his UFO 
encounter and his subsequent autho¬ 
risation to launch his weapons by the 

2) . I had filed a FOIA (Freedom of 
Information Act) request to the MoD 
about this event and now have 
received an informative reply. 

3) . Now from information and sug¬ 
gestions from a number of people, 
including the MoD’s Air Historical 
Branch, I believe we can identify the 
Bases involved in issuing the ’Order 
to Fire'! 

For the aviation 
and technical 
minded reader, 
Milton has pro¬ 
vided fuller 
notes describing 
how his onboard 
computer instru¬ 
worked with his 
weapon system. 

These details 
provide extra 
credence to the 
testimony of a 
courageous com¬ 
missioned mili¬ 
tary officer. Later 
in his service 
career, Milton 
flew some 260 
missions in 
Vietnam, flying 
F-lOO jet fight¬ 
ers. Additionally, 
he flew many 
dangerous low level reconnaissance 
missions in a small Cessna aircraft, 
often flying at only a dozen or so feet, 
to obtain vital intelligence of 
Vietcong ground positions, thus 
being very vulnerable to enemy fire! 
He retired from the USAF in 1977. 

Let me explain visually what I saw on 
my radar screen: 

"Once ’lock on’ is accomplished, two 
circles of light appear on the screen. 
One was a complete circle in the cen¬ 
tre of the radar screen, about an inch 
in diameter, the other about 3 inches 
in diameter with a half inch segment 
darkened to indicate the overtake 
speed. If the dark seg¬ 
ment was at 12 o'clock, 
it meant o (zero) over¬ 
take. If the segment was 
at 6 o'clock, then we had 
about 600 knots of over¬ 
take. (Note: l mile per 
hour = 1.15 N knot). The 
maximum overtake was 
in the 9 o'clock position. 

The overtake I had on 
this particular intercept, 
was in the 7 or 8 o'clock 
position, which indicate 
close to an 800 knot 
overtake. I was really 
hauling coals! 

To complete the descrip¬ 

tion of the radar scope, there were 
two other significant pieces of data 
displayed. One is the horizontal indi¬ 
cator which gave a gyro stabilised 
reference to the horizon, enabling the 
pilot to avoid referring to his flight 
instruments. The second is a steering 
dot, which was nothing more than 
computer data, indicating which way 
the aircraft should fly to accomplish 
the intercept, i.e. if the dot was above 
centre, the stick should be pulled 
back to climb, if it was to the right, 
then a turn to the right would centre 
the dot. The idea was to have the dot 
centred in the smaller circle. 

A normal intercept proceeds from 
the 'lock on' phase, with the constant 
manoeuvring to centre the dot. When 
the aircraft is in a position to accom¬ 
plish its intercept, the dot would be 
centred. The outer circle will start to 
shrink at 20 seconds from rocket 
release. The circle in the centre, 
shrinks to about a quarter inch and 
keeping the dot centred, requires 
small rapid manoeuvres. At about 
the time the outer circle reaches 
three quarters of an inch in diameter, 
a small quarter inch line appears in 
lieu of the inner circle. This is the 
signal to pull the trigger for rocket 
release and to make only up and 
down corrections as the computer 
calculates the point of release for the 
azimuth. With the trigger pulled and 
switches set, the rockets are released 
by the computer." - Milton John 

With only 10 seconds to go before 
Milton launched his full salvo of 1.75 
inch Aeromite rockets (nicknamed 
'Mighty Mouse') from the weapons 
crate slung beneath his aircraft, he 


realised that his UFO target was 
accelerating away from him so fast it 
was leaving him standing even 
though he was still flying flat out at 
Mach .92 with his 'afterburner' on! 

In his own words, ".my impres¬ 

sion was, that whatever the aircraft 
or spacecraft was, it must have been 
travelling in 2 digit Mach numbers, 
at least Mach 10, to have done what I 

NOTE: At Mach 1, the speed of 
sound at sea level is approx 76imph. 
However, this figure varies, depen¬ 
dant upon atmospheric pressure and 
air temperature. At the altitude of 
32,000 feet (the height they were at) 
the speed of sound would be approx 
750mph. Therefore, at Mach 10, as 
indicated by Milton's cockpit instru¬ 
mentation and to avoid his impend¬ 
ing salvo of rockets, the UFO must 
have instantly accelerated up to 
17,5 oomph! 


On the 17th of October, I filed a 
Freedom of Information Act request 
to the MoD, regarding this incident 
and any other scrambles and 
attempted intercepts from 27th April 
up to 20th May, 1957. By reviewing 
his personal copy of his Form F5, his 
flying log, Milton has now estimated 
that the date of this 'historic' mission 
was April 27th, 1957. 

I eventually received a very detailed 
reply from the AHB2 (RAF) at RAF 
Bentley Priory, Stanmore, Middlesex. 
Not surprisingly, I was informed that 
they did not have any primary infor¬ 
mation sources that related to RAF 
Fighter Command operations on the 
dates in question! Therefore they 
were unable to confirm that any 
interceptor aircraft were vectored to 
'unidentified' targets up the East 
coast during that period! 

However, I was helpfully given sever¬ 
al document references for the old 
RAF Fighter Command H.Q. Control 
& Reporting System records which 
include entire Unit Operations 
Record Books, RAF Form 540s. 

These were in essence a unit diary 
which was usually submitted month¬ 
ly from each Sector Operations 
Commander (SOC), to the Air 
Defence Operations Centre (ADOC) 
ironically at Fighter Command H.Q. 
Bentley Priory! Apparently these are 

all now deposited in The National 
Archives at Kew. 

I do not personally believe that for 
such a serious issue, firing on a UFO, 
that a SOC would take sole responsi¬ 
bility, then inform the ADOC a 
month later in his routine report! 
Furthermore, I would expect that any 
such F540 date entry, recording such 
an incident, would probably be cen¬ 
sored out before the F540S were 
released to the TNA/PRO at Kew! 
(Public Records Office). 

Would weeks of ploughing through 
all these records down at Kew reveal 
the actual High Command order to 
fire and by whom precisely? 
Volunteers anybody! If any of these 
official documents did record this 
event, and were subsequently made 
available to the general public, then 
this would be more vital 'official' evi¬ 
dence which would contradict the 
years of MoD/Government policy 
regarding their repeated stance of 
denial, or any interest in the whole 
UFO issue! This particular incident 
certainly would be even MORE 'of 
major defence significance' than this 
declared testimony from the pilot! 

It is worth noting here that there was 
another RAF radar report of a large 
UFO being tracked by radar over the 
Irish Sea, also during April, 1957! 

This report, leaked to the press 
shortly after, was from RAF West 
Fruegh, Wigtownshire, Scotland. 

This incident led to questions in the 
House of Commons! 

Furthermore, just eight months earli¬ 
er, on the night of 13/I4th of August, 
1956, again in East Anglia, RAF 
Neatishead radar was involved in 

tracking a UFO in the vicinities of 
two RAF bases occupied by the 
USAF, Lakenheath and Bentwaters! 
Apparently, this again triggered air¬ 
craft intercept attempts involving the 
RAF but no contact was made, or so 
the Air Ministry claims. The former 
Air Ministry DDI(Tech) and Air 
Intelligence Offices at RAF Fighter 
Command at Bentley Priory would 
have surely been aware and involved 
in the Manston scramble and UFO 
attack incident, as I am sure they 
would have been with the Laken- 
heath/Bentwaters incident! 

Is it also more than just a coinci¬ 
dence that these Suffolk USAF bases 
are located not far from the Ipswich 
area where the UFO that Milton 
Torres was scrambled to intercept, in 
1957, was tracked by radar hovering 
and making strange aerial motions, 
before it moved away eastwards and 
off the Suffolk coast? It would seem 
that there was plenty of UFO activity 
in this area, long before the 'Rendle- 
sham Forest' event of 1980! 


First of all, to recap a little. During 
telephone chats with Milton in 
Florida, I pressed him to recall, if 
possible, the RAF Units he had 
referred to in his mission account, 
with whom he was always in radio 
contact? He frequently mentions 
'GCI' (Ground Control Intercept) 
and 'Met Sector’? He had no problem 
with identifying his GCI as RAF 


Bawdsey Manor on the Suffolk coast, 
just south a short distance from the 
RAF stations of Woodbridge and 
Bentwaters! He knew this for sure 
because he, along with other pilots 
from Manston, had been sent there 
on a previous liaison and familiarisa¬ 
tion visit. I have now established that 
this RAF Station was No.144 Signals 
Unit (now closed). The Radar vector¬ 
ing of enemy targets during the 
'Battle of Britain' and the 'Cold War' 
with the subsequent radio instruc¬ 
tions to pilots were then sent out 
from there, to guide them to the 'tar¬ 
get'. It is very probable that Bawdsey 
were tracking the UFO from here and 
also possibly the Early Warning 
Radar Station at RAF Neatishead in 

Milton was not sure about the loca¬ 
tion or identity of 'the Met Sector, 
even though he and fellow pilots 
were also directed to visit some 
secret underground base, some 15 
miles north east of London. He does 
remember that this bunker was out 
in open fields with access via a small 
bungalow building. Alan Turnbull of thought that 
this the most likely location, from 
two he suggested? In response to my 
FOIA request, the MoD's Air 
Historical Branch (RAF) confirmed 

this to be the RAF's Sector 
Operational Command Centre (SOC) 
secret 'Cold War' bunker at Kelvedon 
Hatch in Essex. This base was 
responsible for controlling the mili¬ 
tary London Metropolitan Sector 
area at that time ('the Met Sector'). 
Nowadays it is open to the public as 
a privately-run museum. This unit 
had advised Milton that the target 
'blip' (the UFO) had entirely gone off 
the scope in just two sweeps at the 
GCI site and then instructed him that 
his mission was considered 'classi¬ 
fied'. Furthermore he would be con¬ 
tacted the following day to be 'de¬ 
briefed'. This was conducted by an 
officer from The National Security 
Agency (NSA)! 

The commanding officer at Kelvedon 
Hatch (the SOC) would 'report' up to 
the ADOC (Air Defence Operations 
Centre) at RAF Fighter Command 
H.Q. at Bentley Priory, Stanmore. 

I suggest that, almost certainly, the 
ORDER to fire would have been 
Bentley Priory, the order then would 
have been ISSUED by the Met 
Sector, Kelvedon Hatch and then 
relayed to the pilots via the GCI 
Signals Unit at Bawdsey. I firmly 
believe this would have been the 

'chain of command'. Milton knew for 
certain that his USAF 406th. Fighter 
Wing was operating under the con¬ 
trol of the RAF's 'Control and Rotor 
System' and the USAF would most 
definitely NOT be allowed to inde¬ 
pendently authorise the firing of 
ANY weapons in the United 
Kingdom airspace! 


Historical records show, following a 
large rash of UFO sightings over the 
United States including two very 
public waves of UFOs being tracked 
by three different radar locations, as 
they flew over the Capitol Building, 
the Pentagon and The White House, 
on July 19th and July the 26th 1952! 
These events resulted in a major Air 
Force investigation. The 'sightings' 
were headlined in newspapers all 
over the United States, and in some 
places replaced the Democratic 
National Convention on the front 

A CIA report by Gerald IC Haines so 
alarmed the White House, it lead the 
Truman administration to give the 
order that the flying saucers be shot 
down! On 26th July, 1952, the Air 
Force obeyed and 
the Chiefs of Staff 
issued the order 'to 
shoot them down', if 
they refuse to land! 

A telegram from a 
number of promi¬ 
nent scientists, 
including Albert 
Einstein, protested 
the order to the 
White House and 
urged that the com¬ 
mand be rescinded, 
not only in the 
interest of future 
intergalactic peace 
but also in the inter¬ 
est of self-preserva¬ 
tion! It was also 
argued that extra¬ 
terrestrials would 
look upon an attack 
by the primitive jet 
firepower, as a 
breach of the uni¬ 
versal laws of hospi¬ 

The ’shoot them down’ order was 
consequently withdrawn on White 
House orders by five o’clock that 
afternoon! That very night, the fly¬ 
ing saucers were back! Two days 
later, on July 28th, at the request of 
President Truman, Captain Edward 
Ruppelt; who had just taken over 
’Project Blue Book’, was called to 
brief Truman’s air aide, Brigadier 
General Landry, on the Washington 
sightings and the phenomena itself! 
Timothy Good tells me that in his 
revised paperback version of his 
book, ’ Need To Know', that the US 
Defence Dept. Statistics record, in 
just four years, 1952-56, the USAF 
and Navy had lost in crashes, a total 
of 18,662 aircraft of which 1,773 were 
caused by ’unknown factors’! 
’Destruction or disappearance of mil¬ 
itary aircraft during interceptions of 
UFOs continued apace. General 
Benjamin Chidlaw, former com¬ 
manding general of Air Defence 
Command, told Robert C, Gardner 
(ex-USAF) in 1953: ”We have stacks 
of reports of flying saucers. We take 
them seriously, when you consider 
we have lost many men and planes 
trying to intercept them.”(!) 
Furthermore, the former Air Force 
intelligence officer and UFO res¬ 
earcher, Leonard Stringfield, was 
told by a reliable source in the 1950s, 
that the Air Force was losing about a 
plane a day to UFOs! 

Thankfully, Milton Torres and his 
wingman on that night in April, 1957, 
did not end up just being another 

© David Cayton - February, 2008. 

As a ’postscript’ I would like to men¬ 
tion that I have been recently been 
given as gift from one of my daugh¬ 
ters a new book, only published in 
August of last year. This contains a 
mountain of more solid data which 
corroborates the information that I 
have mentioned in the last part of my 
article! This important new research 
by author Frank C. Feschino Jr. in 
collaboration with Stanton T. 
Friedman is titled: ’ SHOOT THEM 
DOWN! The Flying Saucer Air Wars 
of 1952'. 

I am, so far, only up to Chapter 9. 
Stunning stuff. How can govern¬ 
ments go on denying the reality of 
UFOs with all this hard data? After 
all, the Commander-in-Chief 

Shoot Them Down! 

The Flying Saucer Air Wars Of 1952 

Frank C. Feschino, Jr. 

Foreword By 
Nuclear Physicist 
Stanton T. Friedman 

(Truman) had authorised that his Air 
Force must shoot the flying saucers 
down! Just who added the ridiculous 
caveat, ’but only if they refuse to 
land’ we will never know! Did they 
really believe that their pilots could 
have the means of communicating 
with the saucer crews and even if 
that was achievable, did they honest¬ 
ly think that the superior craft would 
respond by dutifully complying and 
land under escort at their Air Force 
base!! This book is a must read! 

With acknowledgements to Grant 
Cameron for his www.presidentialu- 

Timothy Good for data from his 
book, ’ Need to Know'. Richard 
Chenery and John Hill (two of my 
ex-RAF photographer friends) for 
their recent specially-commissioned 
photos taken at the Kelvedon Hatch 
bunker and Fighter HQ, Bentley 
Priory, respectively. For his kind 
assistance, Clive Richards of the 
Ministry of Defence Air Historical 
Branch (RAF) at Bentley Priory, 
Stanmore. Finally ,my special thanks 
for additional research and use of 
low level aerial photographs of the 
RAF Units and Bunkers provided by 
'Pilot’s Eye View, courtesy of i\lan 

If any reader has more information 
about this incident, or any other Air 
Force scrambles and UFO intercepts 
within the UK airspace, please con¬ 
tact me on 0161 483 4956, mob. 
07899941291, or by email: 
Alternatively,contact UFO Data 


Georgina Bruni, 1947 - 2008 

As many readers will already know, 
Georgina Bruni passed away in 
January, after a long period of illness 
that she fought with great courage 
and dignity. She had kept news of 
her illness secret from all but a hand- 
fill of family and friends, and right 
up until Christmas she thought she 
had beaten the cancer. Sadly, this 
was not to be and she passed away in 
a hospice on 19 January, surrounded 
by her family. 

Georgina led an extraordinary life 
and tried her hand at a wide variety 
of jobs, working variously as a 
dancer, fashion designer and night¬ 
club manager. She travelled exten¬ 
sively and at various times lived in 
Jersey, Italy, Hong Kong and 
America, before settling in London in 
1992. She wrote poetry, designed a 
positive thinking course and founded 
Hot Gossip, an online magazine. She 
was a former director of the Yacht 
Club, where she was involved in 
hosting social events for MPs, diplo¬ 
mats and MoD officials. Later on she 
became a PR consultant and ran a 
social club, Le Club 2000. 

Georgina's parties and other events 

were leg- 
endaiy and 
attracted a 
mix of people 
ranging from 
to actors, from 
musicians to 
militaiy per¬ 
sonnel. She 
was a charm¬ 
ing and gener¬ 
ous hostess 
and I have 
many happy 
memories of 
smaller gath¬ 
erings at her 
eating Italian 
food (she was 
an excellent 
cook), drink¬ 
ing cham¬ 
pagne and 
wine, and gen¬ 
erally having a 
good time. 

Fashion was a big part of Georgina's 
life. She had businesses in the UK 
and Hong Kong and sold her own 
designs. She was always immacu¬ 
lately turned out and I have fond 
memories of filming with her in 
Rendlesham Forest on one occasion 
when, to the amazement of the film 
crew, Georgina turned up wearing 
high heeled knee length boots, a 
glamorous coat and hat. I was wear¬ 
ing a stylish long black coat and a 
sceptical review (which she found 
highly amusing) described our 
appearance as a "fashion show in 
Rendlesham Forest". 

Georgina had previously trained as a 
private detective and done some 
investigative journalism, which 
included looking into certain cults 
and religions, looking for evidence of 
links between these organisations, 
political figures, intelligence agencies 
and big business. Investigative skills 
learned here would come in useful 
when, in 1995, she first turned her 
attention to the UFO phenomenon. 

It was through some of her govern¬ 
ment and militaiy contacts that she 
first heard about the Rendlesham 
Forest incident and in 1997 she set 
out to find out what she could about 

this intriguing series of sightings. 

She threw herself into this task with 
an extraordinary degree of tenacity, 
first tracking down and re-interview¬ 
ing those witnesses who had already 
spoken about the event. But then 
she turned her attention to locating 
and speaking to those who had not 
previously come forward. She had 
extraordinaiy success here and 
tracked down numerous witnesses 
and more peripheral participants 
who had never previously spoken 

Those people who first went on the 
record with Georgina included 
Edward Cabansag, Fred Buran, 
Malcolm Zickler, Wayne Persinger, 
Edward Drury, Tony Brisciano, 
William Kirk and Rick Bobo. Gordon 
Williams, who had been command¬ 
ing officer of RAF Bentwaters and 
Woodbridge at the time of the inci¬ 
dent and who later retired from the 
USAF as a Major General, was 
another exclusive. Interestingly, he 
contacted Georgina and after some 
correspondence flew to the UK to 
meet her in October 1999. I had a 
private dinner with them during this 
visit and we spent several hours dis¬ 
cussing the case and other matters. 

Georgina's exclusives were not con¬ 
fined to witnesses. Her book con¬ 
tains various documents (including 
documents from the MoD's case file 
and the witness statements taken by 
Charles Halt) and photographs, 
including a photo of the landing site, 
taken the morning after the incident. 
She acquired the photo from Ray 
Gulyas - it shows Captain Mike 
Verrano and PC Brian Creswell 
examining the clearing where the 
UFO was seen to land on the first 
night. Another scoop was tracking 
down Nigel Kerr, a radar operator 
based at RAF Watton who took a call 
about a UFO from Bentwaters and 
briefly saw an uncorrelated target on 
his radar screen that might have tied 
in with the UFO. Yet another scoop 
was the clearest version of the so- 
called H alt Tape to be made available 
and parts of this are routinely played 
in just about eveiy documentary that 
deals with the case. Previously, all 
that was available was a very poor 
copy. Sam Morgan had the original 
copy taken from Halt's micro-cas¬ 
sette and sent it to Gordon Williams. 
Williams sent it to Georgina and this 


enabled her to draw up a much more 
accurate transcript than had ever 
previously been produced. 

Georgina's approach to all of this was 
diligent and meticulous. Facts were 
checked and cross-checked. 

Apparent inconsistencies were chal¬ 
lenged. Many of the ex-USAF per¬ 
sonnel interviewed by Georgina said 
that she gave them a hard time. But 
most of them respected her for this 
and it was often only after trust and 
respect had been established that 
witnesses would really open up. I 
was peripherally involved in some of 
this as Georgina used me as a sound¬ 
ing board for various ideas. We 
spoke almost every day for long peri¬ 
ods when she was researching the 
incident. She would tell me details of 
new witnesses she had tracked down 
or new facts that had emerged. And 
in relation to the MoD and the UK 
military, she would seek my advice 
on policy and process, to check her 
understanding against the facts. 

The idea of writing a book on the 
case only came to Georgina later, 
when she realised how much infor¬ 
mation she had uncovered. She had 
met literary agent Andrew Lownie in 
the early Nineties at a social func¬ 
tion. Andrew specialises in books on 
military and intelligence matters and 
once he saw some of the material, 
instantly recognised the potential. A 
publishing deal with a major publish¬ 
er (Sidgwick & Jackson) soon fol¬ 
lowed. I was honoured when 
Georgina asked me to write the fore¬ 
word. The book’s title, You Can’t Tell 
The People , stems from a conversa¬ 
tion Georgina had with former Prime 
Minister Baroness Thatcher. The 
two women first met at a charity 
fundraising event in 1997 and 
Georgina raised the issue of 
Rendlesham and the the UFO phe¬ 
nomenon more generally. ’’You must 
get your facts right", Thatcher 
responded. "What facts?" Georgina 
responded. "You must have the facts 
and you can’t tell the people", 
Thatcher replied. She reftised to 
elaborate and the precise meaning 
has been debated ever since, but 
that’s how the book got its title. 

Georgina did fundraising work for a 
number of charities (and was a 
patron of Apollo Fundraising) and it 
was through this that she hit on the 







idea of holding the launch party for 
her book in the King Henry VIII 
Wine Cellar in MoD Main Building 
on Whitehall. The book launch was 
combined with a benefit for the 
British Limbless Ex-Servicemans’ 
Association and was held on 14 
November, 2000. The fact that a 
launch party for a UFO book was 
being held in MoD’s HQ building 
attracted the attention of Defence 
Ministers and the media alike. 

You Can’t Tell The People won 
acclaim not just from the UFO com¬ 
munity, but from many of those 
involved in the events. Gordon 
Williams had this to say: "Georgina 
has written the definitive work on 
this adventure near Rendlesham 
Forest. While twenty years have 
passed, she brings new light to this 
story that just won’t go away ...". 
Former Chief of the Defence Staff 
Lord Hill-Norton wrote "Of the half 
dozen books I have read about the 
UFO landing in Rendlesham Forest, 

I found this easily the most convinc¬ 
ing". Georgina and Lord Hill-Norton 
had kept in close touch about the 
case and Lord Hill-Norton asked her 
to brief him on her findings, as they 
emerged. He also asked her to draft 
various letters and questions on the 
subject so that he could raise the 
matter officially. Many of the ques¬ 
tions about this case that were raised 
in Parliament had been carefully 
constructed by Georgina. 

Following publication of the book, 
Georgina found herself in demand in 
the media. As a PR consultant she 
was used to generating publicity for 
others, so this was an interesting new 
twist for her. She appeared on sever¬ 


al TV chat shows and was consultant 
on and contributor to several docu¬ 
mentaries on the Rendlesham Forest 
incident. Indeed, she would have 
been involved in the History 
Channel’s new treatment of the case 
(part of their UFO Hunters series) 
but was too ill to participate, though 
her book was essential reading for 
the production team, as indeed it is 
essential reading for any filmmaker 
or researcher interested in the case. 
And although ufology was a small 
part of her life, she had aspirations to 
write a further book on the subject, 
highlighting UFO sightings involving 
military witnesses and observed in 
close proximity to military bases. It 
would have been a classic, I’m sure. 

Georgina had aspirations to write 
books on other subjects too. She had 
done preliminary research into a 
book on the ’suicide scientists’, 
where - in the Eighties - a number of 
scientists (particularly those working 
for Marconi) engaged on Strategic 
Defence Initiative (Star Wars) work 
had apparently committed suicide, 
often in bizarre and violent ways. 

She had also done research into 
occult and Satanic influences in the 
Establishment. Sadly, she was not 
able to make progress with either of 
these projects due to the pressure of 
other business commitments and 
because of her illness. I am sure that 
she would have applied herself to 
these projects with the same dili¬ 
gence that she showed in her 
Rendlesham research, so it is a great 
pity that she never got a chance to 
write these books. 

Georgina’s funeral service was held 
on 4th February. She was not reli¬ 
gious in the traditional sense so the 
service was a humanist ceremony, 
celebrating her life. Music included 
Accentuate The Positive , You Can’t 
Take That Away From Me and 
Moon River . Ufology has lost some¬ 
one who made a major contribution 
to the subject. Georgina devoted 
much effort to investigating the 
Rendlesham Forest incident and did 
more than anyone to try to get to the 
bottom of the mystery. Perhaps she 
now knows the answers. 

Nick Pope 

UFO Hunters 

Two Shows - One Name 

On 30th January, 2008, a new series 
began on The History Channel in the 
United States. UFO Hunters stars 
Bill Birnes, publisher of the US 
California based UFO Magazine , and 
his team, going out and about and 
investigating cases new and old. 

Kicking off the series, the 
team, made up of UFO 
investigators and scien¬ 
tists, looked back to the 
Maury Island Incident. In 
June, 1947, Harold Dahl, 
his son and the family dog 
were on a boat, fishing in 
Puget Sound in Tacoma, 

Washington State. Six dough¬ 
nut-shaped craft came into view 
above the startled fishermen. 

One of the UFOs appeared to suf¬ 
fer some mishap and began 
descending towards the water. It 
began releasing some material, 
described by Dahl as molten slag, 
some of which hit the boat, striking 
Dahl's son's arm, breaking and 
killing the dog. Expelling the materi¬ 
al seemed to fix the problem and the 
UFO rejoined its squadron and they 
flew off. 

The story goes that some of the slag 
was gathered up and loaded aboard a 
B-25 bomber, which then crashed, 
killing two men. 

The UFO Hunters team travelled to 
Tacoma and one of them, Pat Uskert, 
scuba-dived to the seabed. He was 

searching for any fragments of the 
slag that dropped into the water. He 
collected some samples of the bed 
and a few stones. One of these stones 
appeared to be different to the others 
and was sent away to be analysed. 
Was it a piece of material dropped 
by a UFO? 

_ they 

searched the area on 
land, finding a piece of metal 
some way from the beach amid some 

They enlisted the help of a local 
archaeologist and hiked to the area 
of the B-25 crash. Some wreckage 
still remained. The 
official explanation 
was that the plane 
crashed due to an 
engine fire. Two 
men bailed out and 
survived, but both 
pilots were killed. 

The great-nephew 
of one of the pilots 
appeared on the 
scene, with a file of 


newspaper clippings about the crash. 
He also revealed that his great- 
uncle's military identification (Uskert 
said this meant his dog tags) was 
sent to none other than Kenneth 
Arnold, the guy that sparked off the 
modern era of ufology only a few 
days after the Maury Island Incident, 
when he saw several crescent-shaped 
craft near Mount Rainier. 

Birnes and his team wondered if the 
crash had anything to do with the 
material they were carrying. They 
performed some experiments and, 
using slag made of similar materials 
to what they thought the UFO slag 
might have consisted, found that it 
could burst into flames with an elec¬ 
trical spark. They also deduced that 
the metal's magnetic properties 
could have tripped relays on the 
plane. When ignited, the slag rapidly 
melted a hole in aluminium, the stuff 
the plane was made from. 

Meanwhile, the rock that was sent 
off for study turned out to be vol¬ 
canic, igneous rock. Lots of volca¬ 
noes in Washington State. 

Despite not really unearthing 
any new evidence about the 
case, the team seemed happy 
with their investigation and 
looked forward to the next 

While the show was quite 
interesting, it suffered by 
condensing the evidence to fit 
the forty-odd minute running time. 
The Maury Island Incident is one of 
the most contentious in ufology, with 
claims of hoaxing, retracted state¬ 
ments and a large cloud of doubt 
hanging over the case. 

The team made huge assumptions 
and there were mistakes made with 
regards to details of the case. 

Perhaps these were due to editing, 
after all, it is a TV show and an 
entertaining format has to be main¬ 

The show also came across as an 
hour-long advertisement for UFO 
Magazine, with Birnes being the 
clear figurehead and the team often 
being referred to as 'the UFO 
Magazine team'. That's a minor 
point, I suppose, but it niggled me a 
little. Still, you can't blame them. 

In all, the show wasn’t all bad and at 
least it opens up the UFO subject to 
the public a little more and it was 
nice to see ufologists depicted as 
something other than swivel-eyed 
loonies. The History Channel website 
for the series can be found at 



On the same night, the SciFi Channel 
launched its own new series, also 
called UFO Hunters. Most confusing 
and I wonder if the two networks' 
lawyers will be thrashing at each 
other shortly. 

An obvious off-shoot of the popular 
series, Ghost Hunters, we follow the 
exploits of New York Strange 
Phenomena Investigators (NY-SPI - 
pronounced Neye-Spy). Taking a 
more grass-roots approach to 
the subject than The History I 
Channel’s venture, Sci-Fi’s 
offering follows the Ghost 
Hunters template extremely 
closely. There are two investiga¬ 
tions, an analysis at the end of 
each one and a reveal of the find¬ 

The first case involved the sighting of 
something described like a fireball 
descending into the sea off New 
Jersey. Several eyewitnesses reported 

this and the US 
Coast Guard were 
also involved. 
Officially, nothing 
was ever found. 
One of the eyewit¬ 
nesses was on the 
phone to the Coast 
Guard dispatcher 
at the time, though, 
and he heard her 
say that something 
metallic was found. 

NY-SPI organised a diving expedi¬ 
tion to the site that the Coast Guard 
had investigated, but found nothing. 
They spoke with witnesses and found 
them to be credible. They could not, 
however, come to any firm conclu¬ 
sions. It might have been a meteor 
flashing across the sky and appearing 
to crash into the ocean. It could have 
been a military craft, perhaps an 
unmanned drone from the nearby 
airbase. The case is regarded as 
'open', by the team. 

The second investigation is much 
more interesting. It revolved around 
a mass sighting of lights above the 
town of Carteret, New Jersey, in 
July, 2001. All the witnesses 
described bright, gold-coloured lights 
that remained in a fixed formation 
gliding over the town. Those who 
reported this included a local rev¬ 
erend and a police officer. 

One man, John Predovan, had what 
appeared to be an abduction experi¬ 
ence and agreed to hypnotic regres¬ 
sion by the team's qualified psychol¬ 
ogist. He recounted being lifted 
up into a huge craft and 
shown images that 
flashed too 

"They're not people." 

Despite the authorities claiming that 
nothing was picked up on radar that 
night, one of the team got hold of a 
file from the National Institute for 
Discovery Science (NIDS) that con¬ 
tained Federal Aviation Authority 
(FAA) reports of numerous uncorre¬ 
lated radar returns that night over 
Carteret. He said he got hold of it 
somewhat surreptitiously, but the 
data is openly available at the NIDS 
website as a PDF file. 

Overall, the team felt that the 
Carteret Incident was one of the best 
UFO cases of the past decade. 

The show's website can be found at 



Sci-Fi's UFO Hunters was a better 
show than the one produced for The 
History Channel, in my opinion. It 
didn't rely on expensive computer 
recreations of events and focussed on 
the people involved in the case, for 
the most part. It seemed more down- 
to-Earth. Not that I'm suggesting 
that History Channel’s show was 
being overtly glitzy. These are two 
__ very different shows, with dif- 
ferent teams and different 
L aims. Hopefully, they will be 
L broadcast here in the UK at 
^ some point. 



for him to reg¬ 
ister. When asked 
who he was with, he replied, 

All images are the property of The 
History Channel , Motion Picture 
Productions , The Sci-Fi Channel and 
Pilgrim Television 


UK Sightings 

Gary Heseltinc reports recent 
sightings from the UK. 

was very loud 
and static. From 
my kitchen win¬ 
dow in the dark I 
saw a huge 
sphere that was 
covered in bright 
white lights, a bit 
like stadium 
floodlights but all 
over, like a sea 
urchin with lights 
on all its spikes. 

A smaller sphere 
with similar red 
lights was just to 
the left and 
behind as if 
attached and 
these were flash¬ 
ing like a light¬ 
house speed- 

I put my kitchen 
light on and 
despite it being 
dark outside this 
object still lit up 
the sky and start¬ 
ed moving toward my house. 
Although distant it was huge, clearly 
visible and scary. 

December 14th, 2007 : Newcastle 
Under Lyme, Staffordshire, England 
Time: 2 am 

Number of witnesses: 1 dog and me. 
Number of objects: One but made up 
of 2 parts. 

Shape of objects: 1 large sphere with 
white lights with a smaller sphere 
with red lights attached. 

Weather Conditions: Clear, veiy cold. 


My dog was barking for a while and 
her bark changed almost to a low 
howl and she sounded distressed so I 

I'm used to helicopters flying over to 
the hospital and planes but the noise 

I ran to the bedroom upstairs and 
grabbed my phone and took some 
pictures in the dark and when the 
camera flashed several times it start¬ 
ed moving away, moving from the 
A500 Wolstanton area toward the 
M6 Hanford direction. 

The experience lasted for about 20 
minutes or more, from when the dog 
started barking. 

TV/Radio: I rang Signal Radio to see 
if anyone else had reported anything 
and they said no -1 declined to be 
interviewed! They did say that some 
comet activity had been reportedly 
expected to take place though - this 
was clearly an aircraft of some sort 
but like nothing I could imagine so I 
wondered if it may have been some 
observation craft but it was strange 
and scary. It was far from normal. 

December 15th 2007 2 

Baltonsborough near Glastonbury, 
Somerset, England 
Time: 8.25 pm. 

Number of witnesses: 1. 

Number of objects: 5 altogether (l on 

its own then 4 together a little later). 
Shape of objects: Just moving lights - 
it was dark. 

Weather Conditions: Clear, no wind, 
cold air. 


One orange light moving slowly 
across the sky in a straight line fol¬ 
lowed by four of the same which 
were travelling in the same direction 
as the first but were also shifting 
position within the group. Appeared 
to slow down when I turned the car 
off and got out to look properly. As I 
was on my own, I got back in, started 
the car and drove on home. There 
were a couple of other cars on the 
road, one travelling the opposite 
direction to me (and a similar direc¬ 
tion to the objects) and one that 
overtook me as I was parked on the 
side of the road. I’m not particularly 
impressionable but it did freak me a 
bit because I was alone. 

TV/Radio: N/A. 

December 22nd 2007: 

A49, near Shotatton, Shropshire, 

Time: Around 11-30 pm 
Number of witnesses: Myself and 

Number of objects: One immense. 
Shape of objects: The size of the coli¬ 
seum rotating wheel. 

Weather Conditions: Slight frost few 


Driving from Oswestry in the direc¬ 
tion of Shrewsbury just after the turn 
for Ruyton-Xi-Towns, the time was 
around n-3opm. I first noticed from 
the comer of my eye something oscil¬ 
lating, that's how I would first 
described this amazing phenomenon. 

I said to my wife, "Wow did you see 
that!" to which she replied, "What?" 
then I said, "To your right side, did 
you see that?" and then she said, 
’Yes", in an astonished voice, "What 
is that?". As I was still driving I kept 
on saying "Is it still there, can you 
still see it?" and ’Yes," was the reply 
in a shouting voice. 

Every time I sped up this vast object, 
whatever it was just did the same for 
at least four miles, then I stopped the 
car to get a better view. I got out and 
to my amazement, as if to show me 
what it could do. At this moment my 


wife was screaming "Get back in the 
car please get back in the car/ 1 1 was 
just staring in wonder at this strange 
happening in front of me, I was 
scared but transfixed, it was mind 
blowing to see something the size of 
the Coliseum in the sky just spinning 
slowly from side to side without any 
noise whatsoever. 

It is very hard to describe, on the 
same lines as the Coliseum, a mas¬ 
sive rotating wheel, I don't think a 
camera would have been any good, it 
was at night, it was so vast I just 
can't get these thoughts out of my 
head. Bear in mind this is only the 
next day. 

So please, please can you or anyone 
with better knowledge of investiga¬ 
tion find out if anyone else saw this 
amazing sighting of which I am cer¬ 
tain was not of this planet. 

TV/Radio: It only happened last 
night, I have checked but have drawn 
a blank so far, so it's a 'No' to that 

January 1st 2008 : 

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, 


Date: January 1st, 2008 
Time: 1:23am 
Number of witnesses: 7 
Number of objects: 3 
Shape of objects: Round 
Weather Conditions: Clear 


After leaving a New Year’s Eve party, 
I was walking in the middle of 
Sleaford street in Cambridge, just 
before the Geldart pub and noticed 
three orange lights in the sky, in a 
triangle formation? They were mov¬ 
ing at speed, no noise could be 
heard, I was not drunk, and have 
several witnesses. I even called the 
friend was had hosted the party, and 
he came to have a look, and arrived 
when only two lights were visible. By 
that time they had changed their 
angle/direction slightly. 

I did not have my camera with me at 

the time, so I have taken some pic¬ 
tures later and added the lights in 
Photoshop to try and reproduce what 
I saw: 

g/?p=l 74 

TV/Radio The Cambridge Evening 
News have contacted me in with 
views of writing an article about my 

January 1st 2007 : 

Carlton, Nottingham, 
Nottinghamshire, England 
Date: 01-01 2008 
Time: 12:35am 
Number of witnesses: 6 
Number of objects: 10 
Shape of objects: round 
Weather Conditions: fair 


My neighbour and her son noticed 
some lights in the sky and phoned 
me. My family and I went out and 
saw orange/red lights moving slowly 
below the clouds. They were moving 
slowly, at first one at a time then in 3 
and 2 formations. They seemed to 
wait for each other as the stopped 
mid air before slowly disappearing. 

I also saw bunches of blue lights 
which were harder to see. Everything 
was quiet, no engine sounds. They 
seemed to glow. We do have some 
very good pictures. This lasted about 
15 minutes. 

UFOINFO Note: I have included 
cropped sections of the photographs 
below. The off-white object in the 


first photo is lens flare which can be 
seen repeated to the bottom left- 
hand corner when viewing full size. 

A shutter speed of i/8th second was 
used which could account for some 
of the shapes. EXIF info is available 
on the full size images (3072PX x 


Orange balls of light suggest those 
pesky Thai lanterns, take a look at 
the date and time of the sighting. 
Midnight 35 on the the 1st January, 
New Years eve,parties, fireworks, and 
Thai lanterns. Although the lanterns 
look impresive they are nothing more 
than a fashioned paper bag with a 
fire lighter suspended underneath it 
for fuel to provide the lift. 

The only UFO reports that seem to 
interest local papers and news chan¬ 
nels seem to be of sightings of multi¬ 
ple orange lights in the sky. 

To the uninitiated it’s an unusual 
observation to those who study this 
subject they are a right old pain in 
the backside. RC. 

Whitchurch, Bristol, England 
February 5th 2008 

Location: Whitchurch, Bristol, UK 

Date: 5/2/08 

Time: 1.20pm 

Number of witnesses: One 

Number of objects: One 

Shape of objects: It was a round, 

orange orb 

Weather Conditions: Cold, sunny 
and clear 


I saw an orange flashing pulsating 
orb stationary over trees in a resi¬ 
dential area. It was approximately 1 
mile away from me, but only about 
40 feet in height off of the ground. 
From that distance it looked the size 
of a football. I watched it for a few 


minutes until it "switched" off and 
disappeared from view. They was no 
noise, no smell, just a pulsating 
orange orb. 

UFOINFO Note: As with other simi¬ 
lar reports I asked the witness to 
have a look at the UFO Balloons 
website to see if this is what might 
have been seen and received the fol¬ 
lowing reply: 


Thanks for your reply regarding my 
recent sighting of an orange orb over 

I have looked at the UFO balloon 
video and this is not really what I 
saw. It was just one pulsating orange 
orb that did not move or change 

Not sure if this helps! 

February 10th 2008 

Surrey/Hampshire/West Sussex bor¬ 
der, England 

Location: Surrey/Hampshire/West 
Sussex border 

Date: 10.02.08 (Sunday) 

Time: 18.12 to 18:25 
Number of witnesses: Three 
Number of objects: four (consecu¬ 

Shape of objects: Orb 

Weather Conditions: Very clear with 

some very fine high cloud 


I had just arrived home from day out 
when I spotted a very bright orange 
orb moving very slowly in a northerly 
direction from tree level to just below 
the level of the moon. It then 
stopped (I would estimate a few 
miles away) and then moved slowly 
upward in a Westerly direction until 
the orange light got smaller and 
smaller until it diminished. 

As it disappeared another very bright 
orange orb came silently up through 
the tree line 50 feet away (tree line 
approx 60 feet high), heading East, 
to the point we though it would pass 
over head, but changed direction to 
the same northerly course the 1st orb 
took and paused at the same point, 
then diminished in an identical way 
towards the west. 

This was repeated again and we were 
joined by my neighbour who watched 
the 3rd orange orb too. He was scep¬ 
tical about the light until a 4th orb 

came through the tree line and fol¬ 
lowed the same routine as the other 
three orbs in the same noiseless 

We could see the moon very clearly 
in contrast to the orange lights. 
During the 10/15 minutes we were 
watching the lights there were 
around 6/7 aircraft (lights flashing) 
flying very high up which could be 
seen extremely clearly in the sky, so 
there was no confusing these light 
with ordinary aircraft. 

I recorded a two minute video clip on 
my phone, but the quality is very bad 
and only seems to show a pin-prick 
of the moon. I ran to my car and 
grabbed a camera and took two pic¬ 
tures which show the moon and a 
bright orange light below it. 
Unfortunately these aren't very good 
pictures either! 

February 9th 2008 : 
Southampton, Hampshire, 


Location: Southampton, Hampshire, 

Date: 09/02/08 
Time: 6.20PM 
Number of witnesses: 4 
Number of objects: 1 
Shape of objects: Very large, dark 
object with no lights, shape changed 
due to direction of travel and move¬ 
ment of UFO. Possibly triangular. 
Weather Conditions: Very clear 


My family of 4 were travelling on the 
M27 west, past Southampton junc¬ 
tion 3 when we spotted a large dark 
UFO with no lights at all. Initially we 
didn't know what to make of it. As 
we reached junction 2, we came off 
the motorway and headed towards a 

This large dark object was becoming 
more visible, it appeared to have a 
triangular shape to it but with our 
movement and the objects move¬ 
ment it is hard to say a shape for 
sure. We stopped at the garage then 

we decided to head in the direction 
of this UFO instead of heading home. 

It was still in view and we rejoined 
the M27 west at junction 2 and 
headed towards the A31. Whilst 
travelling along the A31 we saw what 
we are certain to be a helicopter 
dwarfed by this large object. The 
helicopter was quite a bit higher up 
than the UFO and it was aiming its 
lights down towards the object. The 
helicopters ray of lights could be 
seen clearly aiming for the object. 

The UFO disappeared shortly after 
the helicopter arrived. The M27 and 
A31 were very busy, there must be 
more witnesses that saw this large 
dark UFO or the helicopters rays of 

TV/Radio Not certain, as we only 
saw it tonight. 

February 12th 2008 
Eccleshill, Bradford, West 


Time: 10:40pm 

Number of witnesses: 2 

Number of objects: 1 

Shape of objects: Beach ball sized 

orange sphere very bright 

Weather Conditions: Clearish sky, 

could feel no wind 


My wife was driving back from a 
friends and as we turned the corner 
an orange sphere moved towards and 
then to the left all in one motion. 
When it went to the left a building 
obscured my view so I cannot say 
where it went. It was about 30 ft in 
the air and about 50 ft away, just 
above the roof of a building. No 
noise. Both me and my wife saw it. I 
mentioned to a neighbour and they 
said they had seen a similar thing but 
roughly 10 years ago on the next 

UFOINFO Note: As with other simi¬ 
lar reports I asked the witness to 
have a look at the UFO Balloons 
website to see if this is what might 
have been seen and received the fol¬ 
lowing reply: 

I did look at the UFO balloons unfor¬ 
tunately after I had submitted the 
sighting so I couldn’t change it. The 
ball I saw did not change shape and 


moved too fast and low to be a 
lantern. Me and the wife 100% agree 
it wasn’t a lantern. 

I can’t remember if I also mentioned 
in my sighting but I talked to a 
neighbour who has lived here for a 
very long time. He saw the same 
orange ball of light but over 10 years 
ago on the road next to ours but he 
had never told anyone until I men¬ 
tioned it to him. 

February 18th 2008 
Location: Leeds, England 

Date: 18/02/08 

Time: 9.20pm 

Number of witnesses: 2 

Number of objects: 3 

Shape of objects: Appearance of 

stars, very bright orange 

Weather Conditions: Low localised 

mist, stars & constellations clearly 

visible above. 


Three objects aligned to the east, 
very bright orange & glowing. No 
navigation lights indicating air traffic 
or con trails. The three objects from 
my viewpoint appeared in a straight 
line, however the faintest was centre, 
brightest at bottom & mid-lit at top 
of line. The centre became dimmer, 
as if moving away upward & out of 
visible range, the other two growing 
dimmer by gradient in relation to 
first. Approx 3 minutes before all 
three were gone from visibility. 
February 15th 2008 : Dry Drayton 
and Cambourne area, Cambridge, 
Cambridgeshire, England 

All sightings courtesy of UFOINFO 
and Brian Vike of HBCC Research 


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Youtube has certainly revolutionised the way people around the world can share video with 
eachother and it’s not too difficult to build up your own pages. UFO DATA has a page on 
Youtube simply called UFORUSS (that’s me if you hadn’t already guessed) just enter uforuss in 
the Youtube search bar and you’re there. I have a couple of recent clips filmed by myself on the 
site and quite a few other interesting short films and lecture presentations. 

UFO DATA are happy to host your UFO videos on these pages so the world can see the UFO 
phenomenon is more than Thai Lanterns and misidentified aircraft. 

Any submissions must be your own property or accompanied with a letter of permission to host 
the clip, please dont send or upload TV programmes you could get into a lot of trouble... 


Statistical Analysis 
The 6th Annual 
PRUFOS Report 

In the last issue of UFO DATA 
Magazine, Co-Editor, DC Gary 
Heseltine > presented his sixth annual 
PRUFOS database report where 
UFO sightings witnessed by either 
serving or retired police officers are 

The database has built up over the 
last six years into a powerfully 
argumented document where 
‘trained professional’observers have 
shared information with Gary or 
other researchers. 

It is an extremely valuable tool for 
the UFO subject world-wide and 
hopefully will gather the respect of 
the scientific and also the sceptical 
communities when it comes to hard 
evidence that not all UFO sightings 
are created by the overactive minds 
of lesser individuate’ (not my 
words), but the feeling one gets as so 
called professionals are infroduced 
to explain UFO sightings with one 
mission, Debunk,Debunk, Debunk,,, 

The facts and figures are here, read 



Of the 44 cases there are 4 Close 

Encounter of the 1st Kind. 

Of the 44 cases 5 are Daylight Discs. 
Of the 44 cases 35 are Nocturnal 

Of the 44 cases 6 involve sightings 
with high multiple officer corrobora¬ 

Of the 44 cases 14 involve multiple 


When this year’s totals are added to 
last year’s tally the total number is 
256 cases between 1901-2007 involv¬ 
ing 608 British police officers. 

There are 217 On Duty cases on the 
database involving a total of 564 
British police officers. 

There are 39 Off Duty cases on the 
database involving a total of 44 
British police officers. 

(NOTE: I do not claim to be a statis¬ 
tician so much of the following data 
is based on what interests me the 

1. After six years of research, 73% of 
the ’on duty’ cases are multiple offi¬ 
cer sightings. 

2. The top three multiple officer 
cases are: 

a. April, 1984. Stanmore, 
Middlesex, near RAF Bentley Prior. 
Up to 20 officers involved. 

b. March 30-31,1993 South 
Wales, Devon and Cornwall involving 
19 officers. 

c. August 28,1977 Windermere, 
Cumbria involving 17 officers. 

3. 19 ’on duty’ cases involve 5 or 
more officers. 

4. The five peak years for sightings 

1988-29 cases. 

1967-20 cases. 

1980-14 cases. 

1978-13 cases. 

1977-10 cases. 

5. The county in England with the 
heaviest concentration of police UFO 
sightings is West Yorkshire with 30 
cases recorded on the database. In 
joint second place are North 
Yorkshire and London with 14 cases 
each. Wales and Scotland have 14 
and 9 cases respectively. 

6. The top five UFO Shapes are: 

Light 105 

Sphere 26 
Cigar 21 
Triangular 13 
Saucer 13 

7. UFO Classification breakdown: 
Category - On Duty: 

KIND) - 25 

KIND) - 3 

KIND) -1 

8. UFO Classification breakdown: 
Category - Off Duty: 

KIND) -12 

KIND) - o 

KIND) - 2 

9. There are 34 mulitple UFO cases. 

10. There are 2 cases that involve 
USOs (Undemater/Surface Object). 


11. There are 6 cases that involve 
radar confirmation or radar visual. 

12. UFO Characteristics: In the ’On 
iST KIND) category there are 25 
cases. Of that number 15 display the 
classic UFO characteristic of being 
silent when being observed i.e. 60%. 

13. UFO Shapes breakdown in CEi 
KIND) category: 

Cigar 7 
Light 6 
Oval 4 
Saucer 4 
Diamond 1 

Fiery Cross 1 

Shape change - Cigar/Sphere 1 

14. Multple officer breakdown in CEi 

Of the 25 cases in this category 17 are 
mulitple police officer witness sight¬ 
ings i.e. 68%. 

*Note - the UFO Classifications are 
based on Dr J Allen Hynek’s classifi¬ 

cation criteria in 
his book ’The UFO 
Experience ’ (1972). 

I have extended 
the range of CEi 
cases from Hynek’s 
150 metres (dis¬ 
tance from the wit¬ 
ness to the UFO) to 
400 metres for the 
purpose of this 

*EM = Electro 
Magnetic Effects. 
*INT = Interaction 
between UFO and 

DC Gary Heseltine 
Co Editor 

Get yourself 
a little piece 
of UFO history 

Every issue of 

That’s 41 32 page 
Ezines contained 
on one CD Rom... 

To order your exclusive CD Rom just send a paypal 
payment for £20 to 
or a cheque or postal order payable to Gary Heseltine 
8 Ashdene Drive, Crofton, Wakefield. 







I offer a total confidentiality agreement to any officer 
requesting it. 

Please send details of your sighting either by: 

Email - 


The Shifting Sands of Time: 
Extraterrestrials, Time Travel 
and the Mythology of Ancient 

© 2008 Brian Allan 

In the latter years of the 20th centu- 
iy, the secretive American Central 
Intelligence Agency (CIA) arranged 
for certain archaeological excava¬ 
tions to be conducted on the Giza 
plateau and at other ancient sites in 
Egypt; these projects were paid for 
directly by the agency. It is not clear 
whether the Egyptian government 
was fully aware of the venture and 
approved of the reasons why the CIA 
should have an interest in such an 
unlikely project, or if key government 
officials were simply paid to look the 
other way. Be that as it may, the real 
puzzle is what would an organisation 
like the CIA, whose official remit is a 
mixture of disinformation, intelli¬ 
gence gathering and political subver¬ 
sion, possibly be looking for in the 
sands below ancient monuments? 

However, prior to the CIA backed 
endeavour some curious and 
anachronistic glyphs were discovered 

in the ancient Egyptian temple at 
Abydos near the village of El Araba el 
Madfuna. The temple dates from 
around 3150 BC, and the area, which 
is sacred to Osiris, the god of life, 
death and fertility, was a significant 
location for those who believed in the 
afterlife, in fact the ancient Egyptians 
thought that at sunset the area 
looked like a golden staircase leading 
to the afterlife. In other words, a 
place where they could move, either 
figuratively or literally, from this 
world to another and the significance 
of Osiris, who was the husband and 
brother of the goddess, Isis, and the 
father of Horns, will be revealed 

The Abydos glyphs, (see image below) 

which are carved on a small, other¬ 
wise unremarkable section of stone, 
appear to depict among other things 
an Apache Longbow attack helicop¬ 
ter, two separate, small, fixed wing 
aircraft, one of which has the appear¬ 
ance of some kind of spacecraft, what 
looks like a battle tank, and a num¬ 
ber of other objects and symbols. 

Some of the other glyphs on the 
stone are more or less standard 
hieroglyphs and have been deci¬ 
phered and, as we shall see, their 
message lends considerable credence 
to a modern interpretation on the 
meaning of what is depicted here. 

The question is how did these images 
come to be carved in stone, who 
carved them, why were they carved 
and what did they use as models? 

The next logical questions are; (A) 
was the CIA looking for any sign of 
what is depicted in the carvings, 
which would make sense because 
their importance is self-evident? And 
(B) could this have been based on 
information originating from the 
former top secret Stargate Project, 
which concerned the use of'remote 
viewers’ to locate people, places and 
objects of interest to covert organisa¬ 
tions like the CIA? 

Of course there are sensible, safe, 
standard answers concerning the 
anomalous images, for example they 
are, according to received wisdom, 
only a ’palimpsest’ or the accidental 
result of the original carvings crum¬ 
bling then being patched with a type 
of plaster and carved again. 

The original use of palimpsests in 
ancient times was the reuse of scarce 
writing materials by removing the 
original lettering or graphics from a 
papyrus or animal skin and drawing 
or writing over the top. Perhaps they 
were, but in this instance why did the 
final product end up looking like 



that con¬ 
tained another 

such machine which 
would transport them, depending on 

Before once again consid¬ 
ering the remarkable Abydos 
glyphs and the implications of 
the translations, we should look at 
yet another anomalous discovery, 

modern fighting machines and why 
are there four of them grouped 
together on one carving? 

Ah, we are told, a coincidence and 
nothing more, so let's see if there are 
any more anomalies, this time in the 
translation of the glyphs. One such 
translation states that the original 
carving said, 'Who repulses theiVme 
Bows', which was later replaced with, 
'Who protects Egypt and overthrows 
the Nine countries', (my emphasis). 

Both of these translations, while 
acceptable, have to be considered 
with a further variant four word 
translation of, 'Who repulses the 
Nine ', (my emphasis). All of these 
translations repeatedly mention the 
number nine and as we shall see, 
coupled with depictions of cutting 
edge combat vehicles appear to indi¬ 
cate, and perhaps validate, informa¬ 
tion from another and surprising 

The scenario so far resonates power¬ 
fully with the plot of 'Stargate', a 
successful 1994 science fiction film 
directed by Roland Emmerich, and 
its long running TV spin off, 

'Stargate SGi '. Most people who 
have seen the film or the TV series 
will be aware that it concerns the dis¬ 
covery of an ancient alien artefact 
below the sands of Egypt, a device 
that transported its 
users to any 
point in 

the destination co-ordinates entered, 
back to their starting point. The 
recovered portal which, in the film, is 
secreted away deep in the Cheyenne 
Mountain stronghold of the US mili¬ 
tary 7 , uses, among other things, a ver¬ 
tical, circular sheet of water to repre¬ 
sent the interface between Earth 
space-time and what lies at the other 
end of the wormhole through which, 
presumably, our heroes travel. From 
our perspective in the real world the 
major stumbling block is a viable 
method of crossing the void of space 
and time, but strangely enough the 
method depicted on the screen per¬ 
haps inadvertently reveals more than 
it at first appears. 

Is the use of water just a convenient 
graphic device used by the special 
effects technicians employed on the 
set to represent an as yet unknown 
branch of theoretical physics, or is it 
something rather more subtle? We 
should remember that water was a 
traditional medium used to cross the 
gulf between life and death and in 
bygone times this was depicted by 
the hooded boatman, Charon, con¬ 
veying the souls of the dead across 
the River Styx to the afterlife. Water 
was also frequently used to convey 
people seeking answers from various 
oracles along underground tunnels to 
a meeting with the person who, like a 
type of shaman, channelled the 
required information. This is yet 
another strange and synchro¬ 
nous link to what we will 
eventually discuss. 

There are also biblical 
descriptions of 
water when talking 
about the cre¬ 
ation of the uni¬ 
verse as in, 
'upon the face 
of the deep', 
although this 
may also refer 
to the infinite 
void of the 

this time made at a tomb in Saqqara, 
which is approx 40 miles south of 
Giza. In 1898 an object was discov¬ 
ered that, like many other such finds, 
due to a lack of both imagination and 
in this case knowledge, was labelled 
as a model bird and placed in the 
basement of the Cairo Museum. 

The find, which was made approxi¬ 
mately ten years before the Wright 
brothers historic flight, was small, 
made of wood and when viewed with 
modern eyes clearly depicts a high¬ 
winged aircraft rather like a child's 
glider. Many decades later in 1969 
the small 'model bird' was noticed by 
Dr Khalil Messiha, a physician and 
aero-modeller, who identified its 
strong similarity to a glider. He was 
particularly interested in the shape of 
the wing, which as with some mod¬ 
ern aircraft is made with an anhedral 
(down curved) configuration. 

This of course caused quite a stir and 
after investigation by a specially con¬ 
vened committee the model was re¬ 
housed in the prestigious Central 
Hall of the museum and labelled as 
an 'ancient model aeroplane'. There 
it remained until quite recently 
when, for no obvious reason, it was 
withdrawn from display and no one 
appeal’s to know of its whereabouts, 
and even the findings of the commit¬ 
tee whose deliberations brought it to 
prominence have vanished. 

In all fairness this can and does hap¬ 
pen in museums throughout the 
world as exhibits lose their appeal 
and are replaced by alternative offer¬ 
ings, but does not however normally 
include the records of the removed 

Fortunately, Egypt is not the only 
country where such anomalous arte¬ 
facts have been uncovered; many so- 
called 'insects' have been exhumed 
from graves and tombs in South 
America. Even a cursory look at 
these objects, which are much small¬ 
er than the Saqqara 'bird' and cast in 
precious metal, chiefly gold, reveals 
that they look nothing like insects, 
but, instead, they closely resemble 
delta wing fighter aircraft. One of the 
men, Peter Belting, who carried out 
an evaluation on the properties of 
these small objects created precisely 
scaled-up models of the 'insects', 
attached suitable engines to them 


and to the delight of all the interest¬ 
ed parties they flew. However, many 
dissenting voices have been raised 
claiming that both the Saqqara 'bird' 
and the South American 'insects' 
were exactly that, a model bird com¬ 
plete with a beak and eyes and repre¬ 
sentations of small flies and beetles. 
Yes, as well they might, considering 
that the people who created them 
would have been totally over¬ 
whelmed by the appearance of any 
kind of flying machine and would, 
quite naturally, have altered its 
appearance slightly to accommodate 
their own ideas of what could and 
could not fly, so why not a beak and 

Actually, when the insects are viewed 
one wonders why the protestors 
should hold such an orthodox stance 
when the small metallic artefacts 
clearly show a vertical tail, a feature 
not present on any insect whether 
flying or otherwise: it is also clear 
that the 'bird' has a vertical tail. 

In fact the opposite situation also 
occurs when the pilots and crew of 
military aircraft adorn them with 
images; the use of images of a shark’s 
jaw with teeth was commonplace on 
the nose of fighters during the 
Second World War and still is today, 
especially on the Fairchild Aio 
'Warthog', which mounts a fearsome 
multi-barrel cannon on its nose. 
Although we are assured from some 
quarters that the wooden model flew, 
as indeed did the scale replicas, other 
sources say that it did not. 

They said that the wings were too 
short relative to the body size, and 
although there was a tail fin there 
were no tail wings etc, etc. Once 
again yes, this might well be the case, 
but has anyone considered how a 
modern jet fighter stays in the air 
with its stubby wings etc. Sheer 
thrust and momentum is what keeps 
it in the air, in fact some cutting 
edge, highly manoeuvrable fighters 
are inherently unstable in flight and 
require the continual monitoring of 
on-board computers permanently 
linked to dozens of adjustable flight 
control surfaces on the wings to keep 
them in the air. 

They are easy to fly using the com¬ 
puters, but are nigh on impossible 
for a pilot alone who could simply 

not process the voluminous data 
required: evidently flying by 'the seat 
of your pants' is no longer an option 
in today’s war planes. 

The Beginning 

Perhaps the answer to this puzzle lies 
much further back in time to the era 
when the country of Egypt was a 
golden, near magical empire gov¬ 
erned by an elite coterie of Gods 
called the Ennead. Bearing in mind 
the repeated use and apparent signif¬ 
icance of the number nine in the 
Abydos Glyphs, this rarefied council 
comprised nine deities; Isis, Geb, 
Nut, Set, Atum, Tefnut, Shu, Osiris 
and Nepthys and each had discrete 
functions in the daily life of the 
Egyptian people. Indeed, since the 
country was run as a theocracy, the 
pharaoh was elevated to the status of 
a priest-king, a divine entity in his 
own right who had contact with the 
Ennead. Although the worship of 
many of these gods fell into disuse, 
in some cases it continued in other 
forms and not just in Egypt. It has 
been persuasively argued that Isis, 
far from being an isolated, half for¬ 
gotten goddess consigned to the hazy 
mists of the past, found a form of 
rebirth and renewal as Mary the 
Mother of Christ with whom she 
shares many attributes. In her own 
belief system she was known as the 
'Queen of Heaven', 'Mother of God' 
and 'Star of the Sea', these titles were 
appropriated and bestowed on Mary 
by the early Christian church. 

The Djed, the Council of Nine 
and the Ennead 

We also find a connection between 
the Ennead, en masse, and an 
allegedly extraterrestrial group call¬ 
ing itself'The Council of Nine'. At 
this point we should perhaps return 
to the presence of Osiris in the 
Ennead and also the existence of a 
symbol intimately connected with 
Osiris, and that is the Djed Pillar, (in 
some version of the story, the Djed is 
said to be a representation of the 
backbone of Osiris). 

The appearance of the Djed Pillar, 
when viewed with modern eyes, gives 
the appearance of some form of insu¬ 
lator with the presence of four 'flash 
guards', although according to tradi¬ 
tion it was considered as an emblem 

of stability. The presence of the four 
'flash guards' (if that is what they 
are) seems to indicate that the pillar 
may be some kind of tool or device, 
perhaps even a key designed for use 
with powerful energies, perhaps the 
energies that would be required to 
operate a time gateway? 

This interpretation refers to another 
of the traditional properties of the 
pillar, that of the 'tree of life' but with 
reference to four dimensions, the 
fourth, as in our understanding of 
physics, being one of time. This is a 
theory that sits particularly well 
when one considers the mythos sur¬ 
rounding Abydos and its anachronis¬ 
tic carvings. Also significant is the 
account that, following the murder of 
Osiris by his brother, Set, his body 
was dismembered into fifteen sec¬ 
tions and hidden throughout Egypt. 
Isis, the wife/sister of Osiris 
searched for and found fourteen of 
the pieces; the fourteenth was his 
head with lay at Abydos. There she 
assembled his body parts and raised 
him from the dead but without his 
phallus which was not found. In spite 
of the entirely understandable enmi¬ 
ty between Osiris and Set, they are 
both still a part of the Ennead. 

Although the identity of the Ennead 
is reasonably well established, the 
identity of the Nine is less so. At one 
level they, through accounts chan¬ 
nelled by various psychics and other 
sensitives, announced that that are 
the beginning and the end, the alpha 


and omega and the nine principles of 
the universe, in other words some 
kind of gestalt (group) intelligence. 
While at the other end of the scale, 
they/it, appear to be some kind of 
fully sentient super-computer. 

One further connection between the 
Ennead and the Nine is the fact that 
one of the spokesmen for the Nine is 
named f Ra’, who was of course the 
Egyptian sun god. Early in the chan¬ 
nelling sessions Ra was referred to 
only by the initial letter 'R', although 
finally he/it became known by the 
rather uninspiring and prosaic name 
of Tom’. 

While the subject of the Nine has 
spawned several books in its own 
right, most notably 'The Only Planet 
of Choice ' by Phyllis V. Schlemmer 
and the messages contained in 
Schlemmer’s book, as with most 
channelled information originating 
from so called extraterrestrial enti¬ 
ties, including the ’space brothers’ 
and ’beings of light’, are mostly ones 
of well-intentioned advice to the 
human race. They also resolutely 
promote ’green' issues, which of 
course is no bad thing and this was 
long before they became the con¬ 
tentious issue that they are today. It 
is interesting to note just how many 
prominent figures became involved 
in either spreading, or were power¬ 
fully influenced by their philosophy 
including Gene Rodenberry the cre¬ 
ator of -Star Trek. 

It is possible that Rodenbeny's con¬ 
tact with the Nine influenced his 
choice of material while contributing 
to the show, but on a much deeper 
level perhaps one of the best known 
of these personalities is the mystic 
and philosopher, Dr James J. 


Reassessing the Nine 

Dr Hurtak, who claims to have been 
in contact with the Nine since 1973, 
promotes their teachings in his inter¬ 
nationally famous work, ’The Keys of 
Enoch, 1 which was first published in 
1977; he also alleges that they have 
upon occasion actively intervened in 
the affairs of the human race. While 
a fascinating and portentous docu¬ 
ment it has to be said that most of 
what the book contains is not partic¬ 
ularly accessible to the casual reader. 

Nevertheless, it is through this docu¬ 
ment, which contains a total of sixty- 
four ’keys’, that Dr Hurtak created a 
powerful groundswell throughout the 
New Age movement where he 
achieved a near messianic following. 

It is probably not coincidental that 
the subheading of the book includes 
the terms, 'Brotherhood of Light’ and 
'People of Light' and one of the vers¬ 
es (or Keys) alludes to ’Host of the 
Living Light’ and the 'Light of 
Righteousness', it also comments on 
the use of a ’spectra' (all my empha¬ 
sis) of coloured light to break down 
the barriers of time and conscious¬ 
ness. Are these deliberate references 
to the existence of the so-called 
extraterrestrial 'beings if light'? 
Significantly, Dr Hurtak also accepts 
the existence of alternate universes 
and multidimensional realities and 
presumably the means to access 
them. All this becomes increasingly 
odd yet strangely relevant and famil¬ 
iar and is another example of just 
how interrelated various aspects of 
this subject become; like many 
researchers all one has to do is open 
the slightest chink in the armour of 
orthodoxy, be persistent and not take 
’No’ for an answer. 

The Nine (or the supercomputer) evi¬ 
dently live on board a sentient space¬ 
craft called 'Spectra', which also 
appears to be mentioned in Dr 
Hurtak’s work, although not as a 
proper name and apparently in a 
slightly different context, but I do not 
believe its inclusion to be an acci¬ 
dent. If Dr Hurtak’s interpretations 
are correct, does he infer that the 'in¬ 
terference' mentioned in connection 
with the Nine may have involved 
actual armed conflict in the far dis¬ 
tant past between human beings 
using 21st century weapons and an 
unknown extraterrestrial enemy? Did 
the Nine assist on the side of human¬ 
ity; or rather more worryingly does 
the translation of the glyphs indicate 
that the extraterrestrial enemy was 
in fact the Nine? If this is the case 
then it is possible that the Nine are 
not the altruistic group that they at 
first appear to be; unless of course as 
suggested they were in league with 
human beings against a common 
enemy. This scenario is born out 
when one considers the positive 
nature of Osiris, who, as a ruler, is 
credited with civilising his people 

and turning them away from barbari¬ 
ty and cannibalism; even so, why the 
presence of modern looking equip¬ 
ment? Perhaps the Nine/Ennead did 
not possess the necessary equipment 
to fight such a war, or perhaps their 
code of ethics did not allow them to 
enter directly into armed combat so 
they, in effect employed mercenaries 
recruited from the present era. 

The evidence seems to be there, and it 
pops out from a variety of sources, a bit 
here and a bit there; the depiction of 
modern looking fighting machines, the 
relevance of Abydos, Osiris and another 
world, the curious link between the 
Ennead and the Nine, the repeated refer¬ 
ences to the number Nine in the transla¬ 
tions of the Abydos glyphs, many little 
pieces making a much bigger picture. 

Certainly there seems to be a difference 
regarding the mechanism by which the 
contact may have been made, although 
their might still be a connection, but 
what is rather heartening is the realisa¬ 
tion that since we have found apparent 
evidence of this then the conflict must 
have been successful otherwise it would 
not have been inscribed to commemorate 
the event. 

While some of what is written here is 
speculative, it is based on readily avail¬ 
able (and it has to be said consistent) 
data. We are already aware that there is 
work underway tying to develop a 
method of warping and bending space 
and with it time and this is only what we 
know about, for it is anyone’s guess what 
is currently underway in the concealed 
laboratories funded by lavish ’black proj¬ 
ect’ budgets. 

Projects that might look like the wildest 
kind of science fiction, but as we creep 
ever closer to the ’theory of everything’, 
which is the ’Holy Grail’ of theoretical 
physicists everywhere, then literally 
nothing is impossible and who knows, 
perhaps, as the Abydos Glyphs suggest, 
the conquest of time has already 

Sources and References 

The Alien World: ed. Peter Brooksmith 
Pub Black Cat ISBN 0-7481-0143-8 
The Stargate Conspiracy: by Lyn 
Picknett and Clive Prince pub Little, 
Brown and Company ISBN 0-316-64861- 

Genesis : by David Wood pub The Baton 
Press, ISBN 0-85936-180-2 


Secret United Nations Meeting 
about UFOs... 

Dr. Michael Salla has reported on his website that there was 
a secret meeting at the United 
Nations (UN) in New York on 
February 12th, 2008. The next day, 
Dr Salla received a communication 
from two colleagues, Clay and Shawn 
Pickering, in which they claimed that 
the meeting had taken place and it 
had taken place because "a number 
of nation states are concerned about 
the impact of increased UFO sight¬ 
ings and wish to be briefed about 
what is happening”. 

The Pickerings said that their source 
was located in the diplomatic corps 
at the UN and this source also told 
them that a secret working group 
exists within the UN tasked with the 
slow disclosure of UFO information 
to the public. It was said that this 
dissemination of data would gradual¬ 
ly unfold until the ’unambiguous” 
arrival of extra-terrestrials in 2013. 
According to their source, there are 
concerns that when the aliens arrive, 
there will be a large increase in sui¬ 
cides. Dr Salla suggested that this 
may be particularly acute among the 
scientific community. He notes the 
1961 Brookings Report, which said 
’’scientists and engineers might be 

the most devas¬ 
tated by the 
discovery of 

With more and 
more governments 
opening up their UFO files 
(the UK and France, for 
instance) and other governments 
openly stating their belief that some 
UFOs are extra-terrestrial vehicles 
(the Japanese Defence Minister has 
said, "There are no grounds for us to 
deny there are unidentified flying 
objects and some life-form that con¬ 
trols them."), it does seem that there 
is an acceleration of the release of 
information regarding the UFO sub¬ 

On February 20th, Dr Salla received 
another email from Clay and Shawn 
Pickering, with more details about 
the meeting. They said that their 
source told them that the meeting 
had "intense" security and that 
"pens, pins, key chain items were 
collected and not allowed in the 
meeting room". Fifty to Sixty people 
were in attendance and many sub¬ 
jects were discussed, include UFOs. 
The date given earlier of 2013 was in 
error and the aliens will arrive in 

2017: "Very large craft will appear 
above cities and sit. There will be NO 
use of force; they will just sit there. 
Source stated the 

"Independence Day " film 
was close, but their 
ships are not that big 
and, again, no 
use of force 
will occur. 


source °<? 

reveal his 
source for the 
2017 date. His source 
is very high up in the gov¬ 
ernment/ military/intelligence struc¬ 

The extra-terrestrials are known as 
’The Controllers' and they "have a 
keen sense of freedom and free will. 
They will not intervene and help 
humanity if humanity does not show 
them we want their help. If some 
entropic event happens (nuclear 
war), the controllers will not make 

There was also the suggestion that 
these 'Controllers’ feel that the Earth 


is overpopulated (yikes!). 

The religious implications, their 
source said, would vary according to 
each faith: "The Roman Catholic 
countries will not have a rough time, 
except for the population problem; 
the Roman Catholics already have 
three Gods in one, so accepting oth¬ 
ers is not that much of a stretch. The 
dividing point is going to be the con¬ 
tainment of population. The 
Protestant countries will deal fairly 
easily with contact. So will countries 
with indigenous religions connected 
to nature. The Muslim, Hindu, and 
fundamentalist Christian religions 
will have the most difficult time, pos¬ 
sibly even the elimination of said 
religions; we can expect mass sui¬ 
cides, social unrest and upheaval. 

The ETs will help with re-program¬ 
ming and the concept of an inclusive 
galactic order. However, society will 
have to step up to the plate to assist - 
one on one - those people who have 
shattered belief systems The Chinese 
will have no problem because of the 
Buddhist and Taoist influences." 

On February 25th, Dr Salla posted on a letter from Jean- 
Jacques Yvars. It stated (exactly as 
posted at 

"For strictly professional reasons and 
by coincidence, an active member of 
the FEA was invited to the UN in 
New York in the week starting 
February 11, 2008. This person took 
part in the development of discus¬ 
sions on the subject of UFOs, after 
the meeting of February 12. These 
discussions at the United Nations, 
brought forth further deliberations 
during three conferences held behind 
closed doors on 13 and 14 February, 
to which our member had the honor 
and pleasure to attend. 

Here is a summary of the minutes 
that Mr. Gilles Lorant, invited to the 
meetings, kindly shared with us 
about what was said at the United 
Nations in New York: 

On 12 February, the U.S. Air Force 
and the National Guard would actu¬ 
ally presented a report on the subject 
of UFOs and the impact of sightings 
on many communities in the United 
States. Since this report was consid¬ 
ered important for industrialized 
countries, representatives from sev¬ 

eral countries were invited to attend. 
Then, at the request of three United 
States Senators, a series of three 
meetings took place in the [two] fol¬ 
lowing days, in the presence of forty 
representatives from twenty-eight 
member countries, including the 
Vatican (two countries did not send 
representatives). On both days, the 
subject of UFO’s was discussed, for 
no more than an hour and a half, as 
one of the causes of social upheaval 
of a country, due to the high proba¬ 
bility of economic recession resulting 
from the speeches of 'contactees', 
charlatans, religious [figures], some 
scientists and prophecies. Sightings 
of UFOs increase sharply the risk of 
social unrest threatening the political 
systems of several emerging democ¬ 

According to Mr. Gilles Lorant, what 
was discussed was an opening in offi¬ 
cial attitudes when publicly consider¬ 
ing, in future, how to treat the UFO 
phenomenon. An official opening to 
be held under two conditions: 

1) Until the end of 2009, that social 
peace in the G8 countries is guaran¬ 
teed around the liberal democratic 
model (US version) 

2) That by the end of 2009, the 
annoying manifestations of our 
"neighbors" continue to exist 
throughout the world. 

Furthermore, also discussed was 
what position to adopt in case a non- 
aligned country decided 
to get ahead of the 

ent at 

this meeting 
with the "officializa- 
tion" of the subject. The 
atmosphere was rather serious, 
according to Mr. Lorant, the partici¬ 
pants were, in fact, cognizant of the 
presence of "our neighbors" in our 


The suggestion agreed upon at the 
United Nations by the representa¬ 
tives of the 28 nations, in the course 
of these exchanges, is of paramount 
importance for public recognition of 
the topic. The official treatment of 
information relating to UFOs could 
be a turning point at the internation¬ 
al level, if the circumstances remain 
favorable. The coming years could 
show a surprising evolution (devel¬ 
opment) of communications on the 
subject on the part of governments." 

Coincidentally (considering the men¬ 
tion of suicides in the Pickerings' 
statements), on February 17th, a UN 
agency staff member threw herself 
from a lgth-floor window at the 
United Nations. As reported in 

"Police called to the United Nations 
headquarters on Sunday found the 
body of a female U.N. employee on 
the building's lawn, the victim of a 
suspected suicide. 

Police did not identify 
the woman, who was 
found in the U.N. head¬ 
quarters’ back courtyard 
overlooking the East River 
shortly after 8 a.m. EST, 
describing her only as white 
and 44 years old. 

The United Nations issued a 
statement, but withheld the 
woman's name. 

"A U.N. agency staff member died 
after falling from the 19th floor of the 
U.N. Secretariat building," it said. 


"At this time there is no suspicion of 
foul play." 

The United Nations has a number of 
specialized agencies with offices 
adjacent to U.N. headquarters in 
New York. 

Police said signs indicated she had 
jumped from the building. However, 
they said the circumstances of the 
woman's death were still under 

So, is this story to be taken seriously? 
Are extra-terrestrials really going to 
arrive and openly reveal themselves 
to the world in 2013 or 2017? This 
kind of thing has been predicted for 
many, many years, so a degree of 
skepticism is not surprising. We will 
just have to wait and see. It is true 
that there seems to be an increase in 
reports of UFO sightings all around 
the world, but despite this increase, 
there is still no hard evidence in the 
form of photographs, video or other 
physical traces to corroborate the 
existence of an alien presence on our 
planet. With governments seemingly 
becoming more open to talk about 
the UFO subject, albeit somewhat 
reluctantly, and the media veiy slow¬ 
ly starting to report the subject seri¬ 
ously, perhaps more good evidence 
will be forthcoming. 

What will happen if the ETs arrive, 
then? If we accept the words of Dr 
Salla's sources as being accurate, 
then there are several disturbing 
aspects to this information. 

There is an open discussion about 
the overpopulation of the planet. 

Does this mean that the aliens will 
begin a depopulation program? Or 
perhaps they will oversee such a 
project undertaken by Earth govern¬ 
ments. This is a terrifying prospect. 
At the very least it suggests an 
acceptance of the policy of 'zero pop¬ 
ulation growth' might be on the 

The aliens are referred to as 'The 
Controllers'. This sounds veiy 
strange. Sure, it's just a title, a 
nomenclature, but the ramifications 
of it are disturbing. What are they 
controlling? How do they control? 
Will we be controlled by them? 

The suggestion that all religions bar 

Christianity may be 'eliminated' is 
also extremely disturbing. It smacks 
of bigotry at best and downright 
zealotry at worst. Okay, it was said 
that Buddhism would also survive 
and that fundamentalist Christianity 
would go down the tubes as well, but 
a person's religious beliefs cannot be 
forced out of existence, no matter 
what happens externally. Religion is 
a choice that should be allowed to be 
freely taken. 

Would there be an increase in sui¬ 
cides? No doubt there could be. It 
seems logical that there will be large 
numbers of people who cannot cope 
with the fact that extra-terrestrials 
have arrived and that humans are no 
longer 'the centre of the universe'. 
Will the academic community be 
more affected? I'm not too sure 
about that. It might have been the 
case a few decades ago, but today's 
scientists and engineers have grown 
up watching Star Wars and Star 
Trek and The X-Files . They are more 
(for the most part) open to the exis¬ 
tence of extra-terrestrials. What 
might happen is that our scientists 
will receive a huge blow to their col¬ 
lective egos when the long-cherished 

theories of the nature of the universe 
are at worst shattered or at least 
undergo radical reform. Personally, I 
suspect most academics will embrace 
the new sciences and technologies 
that ETs might bring. That is if they 
are willing to share - and that 
seemed somewhat unlikely in the 
reports from Dr Salla's colleagues. 

Is this going to be an invasion? It 
certainly has the appearance of one! 
If large UFOs suddenly appear over 
major cities all over the world, occu¬ 
pied by beings known as 'The 
Controllers', we have every reason to 
be concerned. Could movies like 
Independence Day or War of the 
Worlds or TV series such as V or The 
X-Files have been closer to the truth 
than we could ever have known? I 
certainly hope not. If they do arrive 
en masse, it will change the Earth 
forever. That much is certain. Will it 
mean the end of our civilization or 
the dawn of a new age of prosperity 
and peace? 

We'll just have to wait and see... 


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(Always Telling the Truth Means Never Having to Remember Anything) 

Roswell Witness Related, to the 
Old. Wild. West 
03-01-0 S 

One never knows what information 
will show up, or w T here the informa¬ 
tion will come from when doing UFO 
research. Sometimes it comes from 
the witnesses themselves, or in some 
cases a spouse, a child or other per¬ 
son somehow’ related or acquainted 
with the witness. Finding a "side- 
story" not related to a UFO case can 
also be interesting when it's found. 
Over the years I've enjoyed looking 
into other interests fellow’ 
researchers have when not doing 
UFO research. The in-depth inter¬ 
view’Wendy Connors and I did sever¬ 
al years ago with Walter Haut 
revealed his childhood in Chicago; 
involvement in WWU with the 509th 
bomb wing and other non-UFO relat¬ 
ed accomplishments. Those little tid¬ 
bits of information give a better 
overview’ of the person in my opin¬ 
ion, sometimes not otherwise known. 

Such is the account I stumbled on 
recently w’hile doing a radio inter¬ 
view’, when I was asked if I could ver¬ 
ify some information I had never 
heard of before. 

Eveiyone w’ho is familiar with the 
1947 Roswell Incident of course rec¬ 
ognizes the name "Mack" Brazel, the 
ranch foreman on the Foster ranch 
near Corona in 1947, w’ho found the 
debris scattered across his pasture. 

By all accounts "Mack" appears to 
have been a gentle man, away from 
his family a lot while in charge of the 
ranch, and trying to earn a living in 
the 1940s. After the Roswell 

Incident, his interrogation by the 
military, and unwanted notoriety, he 
apparently tried to remain that gen¬ 
tle person, still a characteristic of 
ranchers in the southwest United 
States today. 

Apparently such was not the case 
with 'Mack's” uncle "Wayne" Brazel, 
back in the late iSoos and early 
1900s, when the "Wild West" was 
still controlled by the six-shooter. As 
with he 1947 Roswell Incident, the 
story I will share about Jesse 
"Wayne" Brazel, "Mack's" uncle, also 
contains controversy, but I can't pass 
up sharing it. 

During the late 1800s two names 
emerged which are forever remem¬ 
bered in the annuals of the old west— 
-Billy the Kid and Sheriff Pat Garrett. 

The legend of William H. Bonney 
(above), (better known as Billy the 
Kid), became well known over the 
years as being a vicious and ruthless 
killer in the New’ Mexico Territory 
during the 1800's. Many of his 

escapades have been exaggerated 
over the years in books and films, 
but there is no doubt that he was a 
wanted man. After finally being cap¬ 
tured, the "Kid" shot his way out of 
the second floor Lincoln County jail 
on April 28,1881, in Lincoln, New’ 
Mexico (about 47 miles w’est of 
Roswell), killing Sheriff Pat Garrett’s 
deputies, Bob Ollinger and James 
Bell, and successfully escaped. 

Although Pat Garrett (above) is best 
known for killing Billy the Kid, many 
think he w T as one of the most contra- 
dicteiy men in the history of the 
American West. Depending on what 
can be researched about Garrett, he 
is also accused of being a woman 
chaser, drinker, gambler and a man 
slow at paying his debts. His mar¬ 
riages were also controversial affairs. 
About the time of the Lincoln County 
War, Garrett became Sheriff, with 
strong support from cattle baron 
John Chisum. As Sheriff, his primaiy 
responsibility was to track down Billy 
the Kid, w’hich he subsequently did, 
locking him up in the Lincoln County 
jail, only to have the Kid shoot two of 
Garrett's deputies w’hile escaping. 


Garrett tracked down Billy the Kid 
again, this time at Fort Sumner, 
(about 80 miles north of Roswell). 
The Kid was hiding at the house of 
land baron Pete Maxwell, and 
around midnight on July 14,1881, 
Sheriff Pat Garrett was sitting beside 
a bed talking to Maxwell when the 
Kid stepped through the doorway. 

He saw Garrett sitting there, but did¬ 
n't recognize him in the darkness. 
Instead, he drew his revolver and 
hoarsely whispered, "Quien es?" 
(Who is it?). Garrett fired and shot 
Billy the Kid dead, putting an end to 
his young outlaw life. 

Enter "Wayne" Brazel, the uncle of 

"Mack" Brazel.... 

As the years passed by Garrett's trou¬ 
bles increased because of his gam¬ 
bling, drinking, and loss of allies. 
James P. Miller, who had a reputa¬ 
tion as a murderer was interested in 
buying Garrett's Bear Canyon Ranch 
in southern New Mexico. During the 
negotiations Garrett informed Miller 
that a "goat man" named "Wayne" 
Brazel (right) leased a portion of the 
ranch and would have to be evicted. 
When confronted, Brazel refused to 
leave unless he was paid $3.50 a 
head for his 1200 goats. Miller 
agreed, and offered Garrett 
$3000.00 for the ranch. Then Brazel 
raised the price and Miller told 
Garrett the deal was off since he did¬ 
n't have that kind of money. 

The next day, February 29,1908, 
Garrett and Carl Anderson, a relative 
of Miller's, set out for Las Cruces in a 
buggy and caught up with Brazel, 
who was on horseback. Garrett and 
Brazel began arguing about the goats 
and Garrett said, "it didn't make any 
difference whether Brazel moved off 
of the property or not, he (Garrett) 

would get him off the ranch some¬ 

From here on there are two accounts 
of what took place next. One says 
Garrett climbed out of the buggy and 
stepped to the rear of it to relieve 
himself, carrying his folding shotgun 
in his right hand, and turning his 
back on Brazel —who shot him twice 
in the back of the head. The other 
account says that while the two were 
arguing, Garrett reached under the 
buggy seat to retrieve his shotgun 
and Brazel shot him. So a little over a 
quarter century after Pat Garrett shot 
Billy the Kid, he met his own demise 
from a handgun. 

Fourteen months later on April 19, 
1909, Brazel's case went before a 
twelve-man jury that took 15 minutes 
to reach a verdict of "self defense." 

There are other accounts of who shot 
Pat Garrett, for other reasons and 
where, but 1 couldn't pass up the fact 
that Roswell witness "Mack" Brazel's 
uncle "Wayne" is included, hoping 
the reader will enjoy this return to 
the "Old Wild West" near Roswell in 
the late 1800s and early 1900s, when 
law and order were much different 
than today. 

Billy the Kid is buried at Ft Sumner, 
New Mexico, where he met his end, 
amongst much controversy whether 
the grave actually contains the 
remains of the Kid or not. Pat 
Garrett was buried in Las Cruces, at 
the Odd Fellows cemetery, on March 
5,1908. In the 1950s due to poor 
maintenance of the cemetery, 
Garrett’s son had his father's remains 
reinterred at the Masonic Cemetery 
across the street. 

As for "Wayne" Brazel, he married 
and obtained a small ranch west of 
Lordsburg, New Mexico a few years 
after killing Garrett. When his wife 
died in 1913, he sold the property 7 
and disappeared from public record. 
It is unknown where he moved to 
after selling the property, and his 
exact date of death is unknown, but 
believed to have been around 1915. 

Dennis G. Balthaser 
Email: truthskr @ ros well. net 

M.irch April 2008 L.r r ) r ,¥t 

Amazing images from 
space Explored... 

are we experiencing a flap ? 




Jan/Feb 2008 £3.95 UK incp&p , t ••• 


Get a friend to subscribe to 
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of a DVD of your choice from 

Jesse Marcel 

Don Schmitt 

Philip Mantle 
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See full page advert for 


5 Google forth 

To get an idea of the size of the 
object I cut it from the image and 
placed in the power station car park 
which was conveniently lined in 5-6ft 
parking spaces. 

This gave us an idea of the tr ue size 
of the object. As you can see it's quite 
a size. 

Since planet-wide satellite imagery 
became available to the world via 
Google Earth, there have been sever¬ 
al odd images discovered by 
eagle-eyed researchers 
and teenage 
spotty oiks 
who don't 
see sunlight 
for months 
on end. 

A few weeks 
ago, UFOMEK 

Chris Rolfe, con¬ 
tacted me to share 
some information 
he had been given by 
someone scouring 
Google Earth. 

The image shows a cir¬ 
cular object close to or 
hovering over the Bristol Channel off 
the Welsh coast. 

power station and 
asked if 

there was an 
old sea fort or other 
structure visible from the sta¬ 
tion about half a mile out to sea. 
Suprisingley the press officer said no 
and even asked around the office 
with the same end result. 

So had the image mappers 
caught a genuine UFO whilst 
photographing the coast or 
could we researchers and 
the people who work and 
live in this part of the 
world missing something 
that's right under our 

Well I put the story on 
UFO DATA'S forum 
and within the hour 
good old Merc (the 
smirk) got to the 
bottom of this 

What amazed both Chris Rolfe and I 
was the fact that people at the power 
station saw r this structure eveiy day 
but failed to recognise it when ques¬ 

So here it is then. 

It's a water outlet for the Powder 
Station. RC. 

I checked 
quickly on the 
net for Sea 
Forts etc in 
that area and 
came up with 
nothing so it 
seemed we 
might have a 
genuine oddity 
on our hands. 

Chris rang the press officer at the 

You can even see a whirlpool effect 
around the object giving the impres¬ 
sion that this may be generating a 
downward thrust. 

Both Chris and I got a little excited 
but on studying the image it was 
obvious the object was not veiy far 
off the coast and quite close to a 
power station. 


The magnificent pyramids of Giza, in 
Egypt, were constructed by a Bronze 
Age civilisation that had yet to utilise 
the wheel. Despite this, they man¬ 
aged to construct an edifice, the 
Great Pyramid of Khufu, which 
remained the tallest building in the 
world until the Eiffel Tower was built 
in 1889, over 4,000 years after they 
were raised. Not only were the three 
pyramids on the Giza plateau aston¬ 
ishing feats of physical engineering, 
but they were also aligned to the car¬ 
dinal points so accurately that so- 
called modern science could not 
match it until very recently. The 
internal structure of the Great 
Pyramid also displays remarkable 
technological skill. Four shafts rise 
up from two chambers called the 
King's Chamber and Queen's 
Chamber, although there is no evi¬ 
dence that anybody was interred 
here, let alone Khufu's queen, who 
got her own pyramid beside her hus¬ 
band's. The shafts, once described as 
air shafts, since completely 
debunked, are aligned to specific 
areas of the sky that were incredibly 
important to Ancient Egyptian reli¬ 
gion. These shafts were not simply 
cut into the stone, they were careful¬ 
ly-planned, integral structures within 
the pyramid. They were included as 
the pyramid rose and it must have 

Who was there first? Is this a chicken 
and egg riddle? No, it's a valid ques¬ 
tion raised by those who have stud¬ 
ied what appear to be artificial struc¬ 
tures on various bodies in our solar 

We like to think that humankind is at 
the peak of its evolutionary scale. We 
have never been so advanced and our 
technology is the most complex in 
history. Is this really true? Can we be 
certain that our race, which has 
existed in this form for over 200,000 
years, has only just made the transi¬ 
tion to interplanetary flight in the 
last fifty years? What if civilisations, 
lost in the mists of time, also 
achieved that tremendous leap and 
have left evidence for their existence 
elsewhere in the cosmos. 

Does this sound impossible? 
Perhaps, but there are relics right 
here on Earth that suggest man's 
ingenuity was evident in our ancient 

In 1900, a lump of rusty metal was 
hauled out of the sea off the Greek 
island of Antikythera. When 
analysed, it was found to be some 
sort of mechanism, consisting of over 
30 gears, although more than 70 may 
have been present originally. It 

appeared to date from around 150BC 
and it has been suggested that it was 
a form of astronomical computer. 

The level of complexity and minia¬ 
turisation of the gears was not seen 
in the Western world until the 18th 
Century, almost 2,000 years after the 
device's construction. 


been incredibly difficult to keep them 
aligned to their astral targets as work 
around them continued. 

It has been suggested that extrater¬ 
restrials came to Earth in antiquity 
and helped our ancestors in many 
ways. Books by the likes of Erich Von 
Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin have 
sold in the millions espousing this 
theory. The Ancient Astronaut 
Theory (AAT) should not be com¬ 
pletely disregarded, as there is evi¬ 
dence as to its veracity, despite what 
academia might tell us. 



Ancient carvings 
depict flying beings or 
gods coming to teach 
man. Often these 
beings are seen wear¬ 
ing garb that would 
compliment a modern 
astronaut. Their ’char¬ 
iots’ often appear 
technological in 
nature, rather than 
supernatural. Were 
these gods really 
aliens or was there an 
ancient human civili¬ 
sation that was much more advanced 
than our Stone Age ancestors or even 
than we are today? While Daniken 
and Sitchin fight for the AAT, 
authors, such as Graham Hancock 
and Robert Bauval, believe that 
humanity once achieved great 
heights of learning, only for this 
knowledge to be lost in a great cata¬ 
clysm some 12,000 years ago. Did 
the lost cultures of Atlantis or Mu 
really exist? 

glass dome in the Mare Crisium. 
Indeed, if you look closely, it appears 
that the hill behind the feature can 
be seen through the translucent, 
dome-shaped structure. This appears 
to be an intact dome, but Hoagland 
and Bara claim that there are many 
shattered domes that arch over 
50,000 feet above the lunar surface, 
their supporting members being cap¬ 
tured by Apollo cameras. Search the 
web for Hoagland’s ‘Mitchell Under 
Glass’ for more. 

Perhaps the most famous lunar 
anomaly is ’The Shard'. Captured by 
the Lunar Orbiter III probe 
in 1967, this appears to be a 
colossal, tower-like struc¬ 
ture reaching thousands of 
feet into the sky. The shad¬ 
ow cast by the object seems 
to confirm that it is real and 
not a photographic defect. Is 





ture or 
sient, such as an outgassing of some 
kind from below the Moon’s surface? 
Either explanation is fantastic on this 

Whatever your beliefs in this regard, 
it seems that whoever came before us 
left their mark not only on Earth, but 
all around our solar system. We will 
begin on our closest neighbour, the 
Moon. Many 'anomalies’ can be 
found on that barren world. 

The recent, best-selling book by 
Richard C Hoagland and Mike Bara, 
Dark Mission, reignited the anomal- 
ist community. Did the Apollo astro¬ 
nauts really photograph the rem¬ 
nants of vast, glass domes, rectilin¬ 
ear, artificial structures and robot¬ 
like heads? That is for the reader to 

It has been mooted that the Apollo 
10 image, AS10-30-4421, shows a 


ilysium Pyramids 

supposedly dead world. 

Dark Mission's 'smoking gun' evi¬ 
dence was the artefact they have 
called 'Data's Head', after the 
android in Star Trek: The Next 
Generation. During the Apollo 17 
mission, astronauts Schmitt and 
Cernan were exploring a small crater 
called Shorty. Found in frame AS17- 
137-21005HR, Hoagland and Bara 

enhanced the skull-like object and 
firmly believe it is the remnants of an 
android, left behind aeons ago by 
some advanced, as yet unknown, 
civilisation. Could it be retrieved and, 
perhaps, reactivated by future astro¬ 

Heading away from the Moon, man's 
next port of call will be the planet 
Mars. But were we the first to land 
there when the Viking probes set 
down in 1976? Mars is a favourite for 
anomaly hunters and there are liter¬ 
ally thousands of images that allege 
to contain artificial structures. 

The first probes to reach the Red 
Planet were the Mariners. Mariner 4 
arrived in 1965 with Mariners 6 and 
7 getting there in 1969. Mariner 9 
entered orbit in 1971. 

It was Mariner 9 that first pho¬ 
tographed the 'Pyramids of Elysium' 
and the so-called 'Inca City'. Were 
these remnants of a lost, Martian 
civilisation? Another feature snapped 
by Mariner 9 was dubbed 'The 
Airport Terminal'. 

When Viking arrived 5 years later, 
the two landers found evidence of 
life, but this was dismissed by NASA, 
even though the experiment that 
found the evidence had been sanc¬ 
tioned and included in the mission! 
Besides, why include a flawed experi¬ 
ment in a mission that cost $1 bil¬ 
lion? The Labelled Release 
Experiment's originator, Dr Gilbert 
Levin, stands by the findings to this 

There was also controversy about the 
first images received by the Viking 
landers. They appeared to show a 
blue sky on Mars. These were later 
tweaked to appear more reddish. 
Why was this done? If the sky is 


blue, why not show it as such? 

The Viking orbiters circled around 
the planet, relaying data from the 
landers and taking photographs of 
the surface. One of these images has 
become probably the most famous 
space photograph in history, the 
’Cydonia Face'. Not only was a pecu¬ 
liar, humanoid face captured, staring 
enigmatically into space, but nearby, 
there was a veritable city of pyramids 
and mounds. These were given 
names, such as 'The D & M Pyramid’, 
'The City Square' and 'The Fort'. 
Researchers concluded that all of the 
structures in the region were con¬ 
nected by geometry, proving that 
they were artificial and not just 
'tricks of light and shadow' playing 
with our imaginations. 

Dr Tom Van Flandern calculated that 
the Face once sat on the old Martian 
equator and was perfectly aligned to 
true north (remember the Giza pyra¬ 
mids?). He concluded that the odds 
of the Face being natural were 1,000 
billion to one. 

When Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) 
arrived at the Red Planet in 1997, it 
was hoped that the controversy 
about the Face would be put to rest. 
When the first image was released, it 
was a huge disappointment. Dubbed 
'The Catbox', it showed the Face as 
an almost flat, hardly discernible fea¬ 
ture. Later enhancements improved 
the quality, but it wasn't until MGS 
took more images that science could 
proudly proclaim that it was 'just a 


This did 
not satisfy 
ists, who 
that it 
no natural 
mesa on 
Earth and 
still dis¬ 
of artifi¬ 

rages on. 

Shortly before MGS arrived in Mars 
orbit, a lander called Pathfinder set 
down in the Ares Vallis in July, 1997. 
It deployed a small rover, called 
Sojourner, and took many photo¬ 
graphs of the area. Immediately 
something appeared to be wrong. 

The images from Pathfinder 
appeared even redder than those 
obtained by Viking. Had the boffins 
at NASA been tweaking the images 
again? Curiously, an image released 
from Pathfinder’s planned final day 
of the mission appears to show the 
Sojourner in a distinctly blue light. 
Ultimately, Pathfinder continued 
long after the planned 30 days had 

Whatever the colour of Mars' sky, the 
Pathfinder mission revealed some 
intriguing anomalies. Within range 
of the probe's cameras, there 
appeared to be many regularly- 
shaped boulders, some rectangular, 
some other geometric shapes. 

On the horizon lies a pair of hills, 
dubbed the Twin Peaks, which 
appear to have terracing on their 
slopes. In front of the left-hand hill 
sits what some have described as a 

Mars has become a favourite location 
for those studying so-called 'plane¬ 
tary artforms'. Van Flandern's 
MetaResearch website (www.metare- features images of many 
of these huge works of art, only view¬ 
able from space. Are these random 
patterns on the planet's surface, con¬ 
jured into recognisable forms by our 
imaginations, or actual pictograms 
scratched onto the Martian surface, 
much like the Nazca Lines in Peru? 

No doubt Mars will reveal many 
more anomalies before humans set 
foot there. How many will our astro¬ 
nauts find to be genuine, artificial 
creations? SJ 


air that night. Two other nearby 

Texas Sightings Spark 
Worldwide Interest 

In early January, 2008, a UFO stoiy 
took the world by storm. Residents of 
the Texas town of Stephenville, about 
60 miles south-west of Fort Worth, 
as well as nearby Dublin and Selden, 
reported seeing a massive UFO 
crossing the sky at great speed. As 
the stoiy grabbed headlines in the 
mainstream media across the globe, 
it became apparent that Texans had 
been seeing these huge craft over a 
period of weeks. 

Most of the reports appeared to 
describe bright lights that flashed 
brightly and changed configuration. 
While some just reported lights, 
businessman, Steve Allen, said that 
what he saw was a mile long and half 
a mile in width. He has offered a 
$5000 reward for video footage of 
what he saw. He described what he 
saw as rectangular and travelling at 
about 3000 miles per hour. The 
lights blinked out, only to reappear 
10 minutes later. Military jets arrived 
and appeared to pursue the object. 

He told reporters, "It was positively, 
absolutely nothing from these parts." 

Other reports of military jets in pur¬ 
suit of the objects resulted in Major 
Karl Lewis from the Naval Reserve 
base in Fort Worth to deny that any 
aircraft from his station were in the 

bases also denied having planes in 
the sky during the sightings. This 
stance was later retracted, with 
Major Lewis explaining that F-i6s 
were in the area on a training mis¬ 
sion and that the earlier, incorrect 
statement was due to a miscommuni- 

A week earlier, Ricky Sorrells of 
Dublin (above), about 12 miles from 
Stephenville, was deer hunting in the 
woods near his home at about sun¬ 
set. Speaking to Linda Moulton- 
Howe, he said: "For some reason, I 
don’t know what, I look up and look 


back down. I don't know what made 
me look up, but then I realized what 
I had seen with my eyes and immedi¬ 
ately looked back up. There was this 
thing. It covered from - I could not 
see the edges in my tree canopy." 

The underside of the metallic craft 
was dotted with circular depressions 
and emitted heat waves, like haze on 
a hot road. He said it appeared 
moulded and had no seams or rivets. 
Although he could not see its edges 
through the trees, he estimated it to 
be about 300 feet above him, making 
the craft at least 1000 feet across. As 
he watched, it shot off at a 45-degree 
angle. He has seen the object on two 
more occasions, both times from his 
back porch. He said it appeared like 
"a thick piece of plate. But it was a 
long way away, like a 1.5 to 2 miles." 

Speaking to local TV stations, 
Stephenville resident, Glenda 
Jackson, said, "It looked like two 
plates upside down, like a saucer. It 
was at least as wide as a football 

Also from Stephenville, James Huse 
said he saw large, round objects in 
the sky that, he estimated, were 
about the size of conventional air¬ 

Many other sightings were reported 
both to the media and to organisa¬ 
tions such as the Mutual UFO 
Network (MUFON). The reports on 
the MUFON website are generally 
lacking in detail, but interesting nev¬ 
ertheless. Here are a few: 

"I am a resident of Stephenville, TX. 

I was getting back from buying fire¬ 
works in Stephenville, TX on 
December 31, 2007. It was around 
6:00.1 was in the car with my dad 
and my friend; they both saw the 
thing in the sky also. There was a 
very bright light in the sky travelling 
very, very fast, about 2-3 times big¬ 
ger than a star, a second light 
popped up, very close to the first 
one, for about 30 seconds, then dis¬ 
appeared, but the first light was still 
there. Tuesday the 8th of January 
wasn't the only day we saw the 
UFO." - 31st December, 2007 

"We left together from fiance's house 
in Stephenville near HEB (Hard 
Eight Barbecue - SJ) around Green 
View Additions. I went the wrong 

way and turned left on 377. Then 
went over the bridge and turned left 
on Harbin Rd. Went over the rail¬ 
road tracks. Drove past Swan St. and 
noticed it to the left of us about 500 
MAYBE.) It was hover¬ 
ing in place. It was 
amber in color with the 
color moving throughout 
it. We didn’t stop. I could¬ 
n’t drive down the road 
straight because we where 
looking at it. I called my 
brother and told him what we 
saw and where it was so he 
could see it." - 19th January, 


Larry King maybe it wasn’t a joke. I 
thought maybe airplanes, but I am a 
Flight Attendant and have never seen 
any aircraft look^^^^^ 

ing at 


nor fly at that alti¬ 
tude with those characteris¬ 
tics?" - 10th January, 2008 

"At around 8:45 pm I received a call, 
telling me that there was a strange 
amber light hovering over 
Stephenville. After driving around 
for ten minutes or so, my wife spot¬ 
ted the object towards the north east 
side of town. As I stopped the car 
and stepped out of the vehicle, I wit¬ 
nessed the amber light flicker as if on 
a metallic surface. It was several 
miles away, and around 1,500ft to 
3,000ft (or maybe higher) in the sky. 
I have no way of describing just how 
large the light was, but I am guessing 
sizeable. It moved in the same gener¬ 
al direction, but not necessarily in a 
straight line. There were no flashing 
aircraft lights, only the amber flicker. 
It moved slowly, before stopping in 
mid air. Suddenly it gained several 
thousand feet in altitude (almost 
straight up) in a matter of seconds, 
before turning bright (almost stop¬ 
light red) as if on fire, and then van¬ 

"I was unable to take photos, or 

"I drive a water transport in the oil¬ 
field out of Bono, TX. I drive to and 
from Stephenville Saturday thru 
Wednesday. I left work at 5:45pm 
Tuesday evening January 8, 2008, 
travelling west on Hwy.67, between 
Chalk Mountain and Three Way. 

This is when something caught my 
eye off in the western sky. I saw two 
very bright lights shining in no 
apparent direction. The lights were 
very bright, like a welding arc. The 
lights were dancing around and then 
they split in two different directions 
at a very fast rate of speed. 

"I do not know what it was that I 
saw, but I don't think that it was a 
plane, weather balloon, a reflection 
of the sun or anything manmade." - 
8th January, 2008 

Several videos have appeared on the 
web, claiming to be UFOs over 
Texas. Most of these are poor quality, 
though, and simply depict distant 
lights in the sky. 

but didn't manage to obtain an 
image. Other local residents were 
frightened and unable to sleep that 
night after the object took off toward 
Lajas at high speed." 

Brian Vike received a 
report from Altoona, Iowa, of an 
object 'as big as a house' that was 
seen on 22nd January, 2008. The 
witness stated: "I was getting a drink 
of water when I happened to look out 
the window and saw an unknown 
object with three big white lights fly¬ 
ing near my house. I went outside to 
see it this object was huge, it was 
probably the size of a house. The 
back of the object had 2 silverish 
brown lights, but I can't stress 
enough how big this object was and 
the big bright white lights were pret¬ 
ty bright, but not blinding. This 
object was in sight for about three 

More recently, the local reporter that 
broke the story, Angelia Joiner, has 
been forced out of her job for cover¬ 
ing the incident. A staff reporter at 
the Stephenville Empire-Tribune , Ms 
Joiner was ordered by her superiors 
to 'back off from the UFO stories. 

She tried to do this, but being the 
'point person' on the case, she still 
received many letters and emails 
about the incident. Trying to cope 
with these on her own time, it 
became clear to Ms Joiner that 
something was wrong at work and 
she offered her two-week notice. She 
was told to leave immediately. She 
said: "I had given notice when I real¬ 
ized my boss was unhappy with my 
performance, but was unexpectedly 
asked to pack my things and leave." 
Ms Joiner has now created her own 
website which can be found at 

"The exact duration of time wasn't 
very long. But I know it was no 
plane." - 19th January, 2008 

"Driving home from the grocery store 
I looked up at the sky and saw 3 
comet looking things, I commented 
to my son they looked like comets, 
but they were going in a horizontal 
line at 3 different altitudes, not 
falling and by the time we got home 
they were gone. He said maybe 
falling stars, but it wasn't the same. I 
joked and said maybe they were 
UFO's, but after seeing the report on 

January saw other reports of large 
UFOs from outside Texas. 

On the night of January 19th, 2008, 
residents of Guanica, Puerto Rico, 
saw a huge, round UFO, with hun¬ 
dreds of rows of red lights glide 
across the sky. Jose Martinez report¬ 
ed: "The object rested for several 
minutes on a nearby hill, at very low 
altitude, nearly treetop level, blind¬ 
ing witnesses with its red lights. 
Among them were Roberto Garcia 
and wife Patricia, who tried to photo¬ 
graph the object with their cell phone 

Her sacking came after local eyewit¬ 
nesses reported being harassed by 

Ricky Sorrells reported that he was 
contacted by a man claiming to be 
from the US Air Force, after a heated 
discussion over the phone, threats 
were made. Mr Sorrells said: "I said 
if he was who he said he was, why 
didn’t he stop flying over my air 
space with all those helicopters. And 
he informed me that it was not my 
air space - it was his. He told me if 
I'd quit talking about what I saw he 


would stop the helicopters. 

wanted me to see him." 

about a month. 

He told Angelia Joiner that he 
encountered an intruder on his prop¬ 
erty. She reported in the Stephenville 
Empire-Tribune : 

"I was in bed asleep," Sorrells said. "I 
keep my bird dogs on the east side of 
my house and three others on the 
west side. The black lab 
doesn't bark until 
someone comes 
across the cattle guard 
and the Catahoula does¬ 
n't bark until she actually 
sees someone. They were 
all barking so I got up to 
see what was going on." 

Sorrells said he walked to his 
bedroom window and looked 
out to the top of his driveway - 
he saw someone. 

"I went around the bed and grabbed 
my rifle," Sorrells said. 

Sorrells said the trespasser had posi¬ 
tioned himself in such a way he 
decided he could be vulnerable if 
opened his door. He 
thought of his 

family and 
then the 

j||a| turned 


into the woods. 

"He walked through an area 
where I'd cleared the brush so appar 
ently he’d been there before because 
he knew where to go," Sorrells said. 

His family was still sleeping, so with 
one hand on his gun and one hand 
on his backdoor knob, he peered 
through the window of the door to 
see if he could spot the intruder 

"He had positioned himself in 
between the car and the pickup 40 to 
50 feet from my back door," Sorrells 
said. "He stood staring at me rocking 
back and forth. I didn't think his feet 
were moving but the next morning 
when looking at his tracks I could tell 
they were." 

Sorrells said shortly after the unwel¬ 
come caller disappeared the dogs 
calmed down and he stayed up the 
rest of the night to keep watch. 

Later, when walking through the 
woods on his property with Howe, he 
decided to return to a bare spot 
where his property line ends at a 

"It is washed out there and I like to 
go there to look for deer and turkey 
tracks." Sorrells said. He said he's an 
avid hunter and keeps abreast of the 
wildlife on his place. He said he had 
not been to this particular spot in 

"The first thing I saw was a man's 
footprint," Sorrells said. "Ms. Howe 
videotaped me putting my foot 
beside it. The sun was going down 
and I saw something shiny." 

Sorrells said he walked over and 
picked up a bullet - a shiny new 25- 
06 Remington - with some dotted 
tarnished smudges. 

"I think the man that I saw that night 
dropped this bullet and the tarnished 
spots are from the misting rain that 
night," Sorrells said. "I just think it 
was the military showing me they 
could get to me if they wanted to." 

A set of new images emerged in 
February, taken by police constable, 
Lee Roy Gaiten and his wife. Over 
several nights, he videotaped an 
object apparently 'drawing' symbols 
in the sky. His wife took stills with a 
good quality digital camera. Speaking 
to Linda Moulton-Howe, he said: "... 
[It was] throwing off coloured strobe 
lights. What was so odd about it was 
when I zoomed in, it looked like a tri¬ 
angle or pyramid inside of the spin¬ 
ning disc." 

A week later, he saw the object again. 
"I’m at Stephenville working a secu¬ 
rity job and I see the damn thing 
again! I see it south toward Dublin. 

It looks like an object that is spin¬ 
ning and hovering. Well, that was 
February 9, 2008, OK. Well, that 
evening at 10:30 PM, I get a phone 
call from a guy who tells me: 'Lee 
Roy, that light is back up in the sky. 

Sorrels said it was cold and misting 
rain and it was obvious the guy was 
"dressed for the elements with a 
heavy parka-like coat." 

He said he strained to see if the man 
carried a gun but could not see one 
but could clearly see the face of 
someone he thought to be in his late 
20s or early 30s judging from the 
way he "walked and acted." 

"I’m trying to decide whether or not 
to open the door," Sorrells said. 
"We're just standing there face to 
face looking at each other. I'm think¬ 
ing he's dressed for the elements and 
the dogs are raising such a ruckus he 
must know he's in danger of being 
caught. That’s when I realized he 


Texans Report UFO Sightings 

By Angela K. Brown o I‘15-01 

0\e A ssociated Press 

STEPHENVULE, Texas - In this farming 
community where nightfall usually brings 
dear, starry skies, residents are abuzz over 
reported sightings of what many believe is a 

Several dozen people — including a pilot, 
county constable and business owners — 
insist they have seen a large silent object with 
bright lights flying low and fast. Some report¬ 
ed seeing fighter jets chasing it. 

“People wonder what in the world it is, 
because this is the Bible Belt and everyone is 
afraid it’s the end of times,’* said Steve Allen, 
a freight company owner and pilot who said 
the object he saw last week was a mile long 
and half a mile wide. “It was positively, 
absolutely nothing from these parts.” 

While federal officials insist there's a logi¬ 
cal explanation, locals swear that it was larg¬ 
er, quieter, faster and lower to the ground than 
an airplane. They also said the object’s lights 
changed configuration, unlike those of a 
plane. People in several towns who reported 
seeing it over several weeks have offered 
similar descriptions of the object. 

Machinist Ricky Sorrells said friends made 
fun of him when he told them he saw a flat, 
metallic object hovering about 300 feet over a 
pasture behind his Dublin home. But he decid¬ 
ed to come forward after reading similar 
accounts in the Stephenville Empire-TYibune. 

“You hear about big bass or big buck in the 
area, but this is a different deal,” Sorrells 
said. “It feels good to hear that other people 
saw something, because that means I’m not 
crazy. _ 


Ricky Sorrells says he saw a large, silent 
object In the sky In Dublin, Texas. 

Sorrells said he has seen the object several 
times. He said he watched it through his 
rifle’s telescopic lens and described it as very 
large and without seams, nuts or bolts. 

Maj. Karl Lewis, a spokesman for the 301st 
Fighter Wing at the Joint Reserve Base Naval 
Air Station in Fort Worth, said no F-16s or oth¬ 
er aircraft from his base were in the area the 
night of Jan. 8, when most people reported the 

Lewis said the object may have been an illu¬ 
sion caused by two commercial airplanes. 
Lights from the aircraft would seem unusual¬ 
ly bright and may appear orange from the set¬ 
ting sun. 

“I’m 90 percent sure this was an airliner” 
Lewis said. “With the sun's angle, it can play 
tricks on you.” 

Officials at the region’s two Air Force bases 
— Dyess in Abilene and Sheppard in Wichita 
Falls — also said none of their aircraft were in 
the area last week. The Air Force no longer 
investigates UFOs. 

It's southeast of your house. 
I’m watching it through my 

”1 bought my wife a pretty 
nice still camera and we saw 
it. The light was travelling 
southeast towards the little 
town of Gustine, Texas. We 
get in the car and travel 
about 15 miles and my wife 
takes some pictures.” 

"Then about 11:30 PM - I 
had been at my sister’s 
house and I told her about 
it. She lives in town (Dublin) 
and they can see this light 
from town and they are all 
freaking out. Anyway, 
around 11:30 PM, my wife 
and I lost sight of it, but my 
sister could still see it from 

"Well, we come into town 
and the same guy who called 
me about the first one calls 
me again. He says, ’Hey, Lee 
Roy, there is a second one.' 
He says it’s coming in from 
around the Selden, Texas, 
area coming towards Dublin. 
And sure enough, there's 
another one - same thing. 

"We could see both in the 
sky at the same time. One 
was in the southeast and the 
other was in the northeast 
sky. We take pictures of the 
second one also. There are 
several eyewitnesses: my sis¬ 
ter, her husband, my niece, 
their neighbour. Anyway, we 
still don't know what this is." 

UFO DATA Magazine contacted Dick 
Criswell. He is the co-founder of the 
International Paranormal UFO 
Society and has taken an active inter¬ 
est in the Stephenville sightings. He 
told us: 

"A former employee for a govern¬ 
ment contractor (now retired) told 
the International Paranormal UFO 
Society that he worked on F-i6s for 
many years as an electronics engi¬ 
neer and has his own opinion of what 
happened on January 8, 2008. This 
informant is known to IPUS and he 
claims that it would be very unlikely 

for so many F-i6s to be on a evening 
or night-time training mission at one 
time. Instead, he believes that the 
reason so many F-i6s were involved 
in the incident is because the uniden¬ 
tified flying object they were chasing 
had violated restricted presidential 
airspace over the Bush Ranch in 
Crawford, Texas. IPUS is continuing 
to investigate the Stephenville 
Sightings and related matters. We 
will post any new information that 
we have on our website at 
om. We encourage anyone with 
information about the Texas UFO 
sightings to contact us through this 
website or call our UFO Sightings 
Hotline at 765-483-9089.” 

When asked about Ricky Sorrells' 
sighting, he said, "Ricky Sorrell had a 
classic UFO sighting that many peo¬ 
ple have each year. Sadly, it probably 
would not have even made the news 
except for the inclusion of the other 
UFO sightings near Stephenville at 
the time. Sorrell seems like an honest 
and credible UFO witness." 







UFOs are not just a case of 
science fiction, say pilots 

By David Usborne in New York 
Wednesday, 14 November 2007 

An international panel of retired 
pilots and aviation officials has 
risked ridicule by sharing their per¬ 
sonal stories of close encounters with 
unidentified flying objects, and urg¬ 
ing the US government to reopen its 
investigation into extra-terrestrial 

Among the UFO incidents discussed 
by the gathering in Washington DC 
this week was an alleged sighting of a 
triangular-shaped flying machine 
with unfamiliar markings near the 
former US air base at RAF 
Woodbridge in Suffolk in 1980. 
’'Nothing in my training prepared me 
for what we were witnessing/' James 
Penniston, a retired US Air Force 
pilot, told the panel. He said the 
UFO, with ’'blue and yellow lights 
swirling around the exterior’', was 
’'warm to the touch and felt like 
metal’'. Finally, "it shot off at an 
unbelievable speed’ 1 in front of 80 
witnesses. ’'In my log book, I wrote 
’speed: impossible’/' Mr Penniston 
added. At the time, the case was 
labelled the ’'English Roswell” - 
referring to the furore caused by the 
alleged discovery of UFO parts in 
New Mexico in 1947. 

Jean-Claude Duboc, a former Air 
France pilot, recalled spotting ”a 
huge flying disc” about 1,000ft 
(305m) across which left no image 
on his radar as he flew over Paris in 
broad daylight in January 1994. He 
said the object started to become 
transparent and, within 10 to 20 sec¬ 
onds, had vanished without a trace. 
Believers in UFOs contend that the 
US and British governments have 
covered up evidence of alleged galac¬ 
tic incursions. Sceptics insist these 
’'sightings” are caused by natural 
phenomena such as meteors. But 
that explanation is not good enough, 
according to Fife Symington, a for¬ 

mer governor of Arizona who was 
also a panel member. 

He said it was time for the Bush gov¬ 
ernment to reopen Project Blue 
Book, the US Air Force inquiiy into 
12,500 UFO reports, which was 
abandoned as a ’'waste of time” in 
1969. ’’Incidents like these are not 
going to go away,” said Mr 
Symington. ”We want the govern¬ 
ment to stop perpetuating the myth 
that all UFOs can be explained away 
in down-to-earth, conventional 

Talk of flying saucers resurfaced in 
the US media a few weeks ago when 
one of the Democratic presidential 
hopefuls, Dennis Kucinich, claimed 
during a televised debate that he had 
seen one. His comments may not 
have been total political suicide - two 
former US presidents, Ronald 
Reagan and Jimmy Carter, each 
spoke early in their careers of 
encounters with UFOs. 

Huge rise in British UFO 

By Gary Cleland 

Clusters of up to 100 mysterious 
objects, bright white lights and 
strange, triangular shaped objects 
are just some of a huge surge in UFO 
sightings reported to the Ministry of 
Defence last year. 

The ministry has opened up its own 
”X-Files” for 2007, revealing 135 
UFO sightings from across the UK. 

If aliens are choosing the UK as a 
holiday destination, it appears it is 
becoming more popular, as the num¬ 
ber if sightings has shot up since 97 
were reported in 2006. 

Last year the MoD released details of 
UFO sightings for the first time, 
including an archive back to 1998. 
Previously, details of classified 
reports were kept secret for 30 years. 

Discs, formations, white or orange 
lights, triangular shaped craft and 

pipe-like objects were all spotted 
buzzing around the sky in 2007. 

In Duxford, Cambridgeshire on April 
12, a witness reported seeing fifty 
objects, each with an orange light, 
assembling in the sky before 

Two pilots in different planes above 
Alderney in the Channel Islands 
reported the same UFOs on April 23. 
They saw one bright orange craft, 
then a gap, followed by an identical 

In Portsmouth, Hants, in October, a 
witness watched as ”an oval/spheri¬ 
cal shaped object approached an air¬ 
craft, and appeared to accelerate very 
fast, and then wobbled from side to 

’’Another object appeared in roughly 
the same vicinity and then stayed 

In the West Midlands in December, 
one witness got a shock when a UFO 
shone a light into her window. The 
MoD logged: ”A giant craft shone a 
light into the witness’s back window. 
It shot off fast at first to the North 
East and then started to move at a 
slow pace.” 

Another report noted a ”an exceed¬ 
ingly bright light, which was station¬ 
ary, but sometimes flew off' over the 
Wiltshire skies. 

Hilary Porter, from the British Earth 
and Aerial Mysteries Society 
(BEAMS) said sightings were becom¬ 
ing increasingly common. She said: 
’’There has been a huge influx of 
UFOs. Absolutely enormous. There 
has been these huge formations than 
have been coming. 

”We have had so many calls from 
people that have seen these huge for¬ 
mations. We have had call after call 
after call, from business people right 
down to ordinary folk in their care. 
’’There have been some very close 
encounters that have been quite 
unnerving for the people involved. 

We have had other people reporting 
orb sightings.” 


Others maintain that the vast majori¬ 
ty of the sightings can be explained. 
Many are helicopters or other human 
designed craft like weather balloons 
and satellites, while others are opti¬ 
cal illusions or unusual cloud forma¬ 
tions. The MoD made the decision to 
release the files after a Freedom of 
Information request. 

A spokeswoman said the ministry 
does not investigate each and every 
report."We only investigate if there 
have been any objects in British air 
space that may be military,” she said. 
"Unless there’s evidence of a poten¬ 
tial threat we don’t investigate to tty 
to identity it.” 

UFO sightings on the rise 

By James Macintyre 
Friday, 8 February 2008 

Three pilots were among more than 
100 - mainly anonymous - people 
who reported the sightings, which 
included a flying saucer in 
Staffordshire and a fast-moving tri¬ 
angular object in Wakefield, West 
Yorkshire. Two of the pilots were fly¬ 
ing over Alderney in the Channel 
Islands when they saw bright orange 
objects, they said, while the other 
saw a ”balloon-like object” over the 

The number of sightings rose from 
2006, when 97 unidentified aircraft 
were reported. A number of callers 
insist they saw a "definite UFO”. 

One man in Cardiff said that space¬ 
ships flew near his house and took 
his car, tent and pet dog. 


Ttre seen UFOs... 

^ Y ^ 

The MoD is trying to be more open 
with its archives and files on UFOs. 
The ministry admitted that unless 
the reportings indicate a threat to 
national security, they are not inves¬ 
tigated further. 

Nick Pope, a former MoD official 
who was responsible, between 1991 
and 1994, for investigating UFO 
sightings, said: ”1 welcome the MoD’s 
new openness on this subject. 
"Whatever people believe about 
UFOs, the Government is releasing 
some of the most fascinating materi¬ 
al in its files. Sceptics and believers 
alike should welcome this.” 

'I've seen UFOs, thrice,' says Robbie Williams 
Posted March 8th , 2008 by Kiran Pahwa in London 

London, Mar 8: British pop star Robbie Williams has claimed that he has seen 
Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) three times. 

The 'Angels' star said that he will give up his current profession, singing in favour of 

studying aliens after his E. T. 

"I'm stopping being a pop star. I'm going to be a full-time Ufologist," The Sun quot¬ 
ed him, as saying. He also said that he believes that cult Scientology "exists" and 
thinks ghosts "are other worlds". 

Robbie "swears" he saw the UFOs - the first when he was a kid in Britain. His sec¬ 
ond sighting was above a hotel in Beverly Hills. He said: "I was lying on my sun 
lounger outside at night. Above me was a square thing that passed over my head 

silently and shot off." 

Williams said that the third UFO appeared as he stood on his bedroom balcony 
after writing a song about alien contact. He said: 'This big ball of gold light turned 

up. On my life." 


Argentina), military sources told the 
EFE news agency. They indicated 
that cooperation has been requested 
from the Commission Nacional de 
Actividades Espaciales (CONAE) and 
if necessary, from the National Air 
and Space Administration (NASA) of 
the U.S. government. Spokesmen 
confirmed that the AAF does not 
have records of the UFO sighted on 
Monday night by an operator of the 
Rio Cuarto airport and seen by hun¬ 
dreds of residents of that city, locat¬ 
ed 700 km from Buenos Aires. The 
traffic controller saw a strange object 
that did not reply to his request for 
identification and later vanished 
after flying over the airport. 
Hundreds of local residents phoned 
radio and TV stations to report the 
UFO sighting. Carlos Oyola, 
spokesman for the Air Force in Rio 
Cuarto, stated that there was no 
record of any civilian or military 
flights at the time of the sighting. 
Oyola told the Rio Cuarto press that 
the object did not correspond to a 
conventional aircraft "nor one of the 
satellites that are often seen" over 
the area. 

But Air Force sources told EFE today 
that Oyola's statements do not imply 
official admission of the appearance 
of a UFO because the event has yet to 
be investigated. 

In this regard, the stated that the 
object could be a weather balloon or 
an atmospheric phenomenon, and 
for this reason, cooperation was 
requested from CONAE and eventu¬ 
ally from NASA. 

For more information: 
http:// con- 
UFOINFO would like to thank Scott 
Corrales (Inexplicata & Inexplicata 
Blog) and UFO UpDates for granting 
permission to use this article . To keep up 
to date with follow-up reports and dis¬ 
cussions you are advised to subscribe to 
UFO UpDates. For more information 
write to Errol Bruce-Knapp at: ufoup- or visit 


January I9th/20th 2008 
Riolandia, Sao Paulo State 

UFO sighting with physical 
effect in Brazil, January 20th, 


January 14th 2008 
Rio Cuarto 

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology 
January 16, 2008 

Locals Claim Seeing UFO in Rio 

Hundreds of local residents reported 
a strange flying object that travelled 
over the area in an unusual manner. 
They contacted a radio station to 
report on the luminous form that 
was visible in the sky. Carlos Oyola, a 
spokesman for the Argentinean Air 
Force said in a radio presentation 
that at the time that the unidentified 
flying object was reported there were 
no flights scheduled, neither private, 
nor commercial, nor military. 
Officially the Argentinean Air Force 
had no record of civil or military 
training flights at night, but the oper¬ 
ator of the base’s control tower saw 
an unidentified object that he was 
unable to identify. In fact, the opera¬ 
tor investigated the information on 

the object and attempted to commu¬ 
nicate with it to request the altitude, 
registration, aircraft type and advise 
it of the corresponding air route, but 
there was no reply. 

The object was sighted at 22:30 
hours on Monday. According to 
those who saw it, "It was a large 
object with a more intensely yellow 
light than a satellite." It moved at 
high speed and flew from east to 
west in an elliptical manner. 

For more information: con- 




(Translation (c) 2007 S. Corrales, IHU. 
Special thanks to Leopoldo Zambrano, 
Fundacion Cosmos, A.C.) 

The Argentinean Air Force is looking 
into a UFO sighting reported by an 
air traffic controller and hundreds of 
residents of Rio Cuarto in the 
Province of Cordoba (central 


Last week I’ve been in the city of 
Riolandia investigating a recent and 
very interesting case. Riolandia (pop¬ 
ulation 8,500) is located in the far 
Northwestern region of Sao Paulo 
State, 350 miles from Sao Paulo City. 
The case involved the sighting of a 
huge UFO in the night from 
Saturday, January 19th, to Sunday, 
January 20th, which resulted in 
unusual crumpled vegetation in 
some places of a vast sugar cane 

This case was discussed all over 
Brazilian media: 



http: // 
http: / / 
The sighted UFO was cylindrical¬ 
shaped with oval endings and it was 
seen by a small businessman, Mr. 
Mauricio Pereira da Silva, 39, owner 
of Piapara Inn, a modest and nice- 
looking place by the banks of the Rio 
Grande, just between the States of 
Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais. The 
place is really close to Sao Francisco 
de Sales, across the river, where 
Antonio Villas Boas was abducted in 
the 50s. It is also in the middle of a 
very hot spot for UFOs. 

Mauricio awoke in the middle of the 
night hearing a loud noise that 
resembled like the crushing sugar 
canes at the neighbouring plantation. 
Through the kitchen's window he 
saw the object lightly illuminating 
the surroundings. After a very short 
while seeing the object he noticed 
that it was still in the air. 
Simultaneously, the strange crushing 
noise stopped. It was between 3:00 
and 3:30 am on Sunday (January, 

At the same time, a guest of the inn, 
Mr. Durval Ambrizzi Jr, a business 
representative, 58, who was camped 
with his wife in a trailer parked in 
the premises, was also awakened by 
the same loud sound and saw the 
lights, without, however, noticing 
any object. He and Mauricio did 
simultaneous but independent sight¬ 


Only on the day following the event, 
when they were up and chatting, 
around 6:00 am, did the Inn's owner 
and his guest, and their wives, talked 
about the subject. They found, then, 
on the sugar plantation that is adja¬ 
cent to the Inn (and does not belong 
to Mauricio), the strangely crumpled 
plants, on an uneven area of roughly 

3.600 to 5.200 m 2 (previously esti¬ 
mated in 1.500 to 2.000 m 2 ), next to 
a little street that marks off the 
premises' perimeter. The women had 
not been awakened the night before 
nor had they heard the sounds or 
seen the lights. Only at the moment 
of their conversation did Mauricio 
and Durval find out they had wit¬ 
nessed the same phenomenon. 

The plants, 5 to 8.5 feet high, and 
which were ready for being harvest¬ 
ed, were bent in a most unusual way, 
close to ground level. Interestingly, 
this was done without the stems 
being broken, which is uncommon 
with that kind of plant. The sugar 
canes survived and continued to 
grow in that bent-up, horizontal 
position. Receiving both sunlight and 
lots of rain during the week, they 
began to show a significant recovery 
on Saturday (January, 26th), when I 
visited the field. The stems have by 
now been bent back straight, which 
is a natural biological feature. It has 
been noted, however, that the plants 
have suffered premature aging, and 
their pulpous parts have become 
purpled. Nevertheless, the plants 
seemed fit for human consumption. 

Throughout that week, dozens of 
people visited Mauricio's estate, 
including geographers, geologists, 
meteorologists, biologists and 
experts in sugar cane cultivation, all 
drawn by their scientific interest in 
the phenomenon. All of them, after 
several different kinds of analysis, 
testified that there was no natural 
explanation for the phenomenon that 
had occurred in that pail of the plan¬ 
tation next to Piapara Inn. 
Particularly the sugar cane experts 
from Uniao dos Produtores de 
Bionergia (UDOP) (Association of 
Bionergy Producers) in Aragatuba 
(SP), issued a note attesting that the 
incident could not have been caused 
by any known natural causes. 
Devoted to increasing and enhancing 

sugar cane cultivation in this coun¬ 
try, UDOP was greatly interested in 
the incident and conducted reports 
and research studies on the situation, 
including aerial filming of the phe¬ 
nomenon. This enabled them to dis¬ 
cover that besides the larger mark 
caused by the crushed plants on the 
street just off the premises, other 
unevenly circular marks - 3 to 4 - 
had appeared on the plantation, for 
which - again - no natural explana¬ 
tion was found. 

See at views here: 

http: / / 

During my stay at the Inn, I was 
accompanied by two Ufologists, 
Gener Silva, attorney and consultant 
for UFO Magazine, and Jorge Nery, 
expert in telecommunications and 
electronics, both members of the 
Instituto de Astronomia e Pesquisas 
Espaciais (INAPE) (Institute for 
Astronomy and Space Research) 
whose significant assistance was cru¬ 
cial for surveying data and interview¬ 
ing several witnesses, not only for 
the Riolandia incident, but from 
other cases in the surrounding area. 

Nery was the first UFO researcher to 
visit the Inn, on the day immediately 
after the event (Monday, Januaiy 
21st), having obtained first-hand, 
recent information on the facts and 
interacting with witnesses. The mere 
crushing of sugar cane plants would 
not in itself be significant to Ufology 
- maybe so to other fields of study - if 
we did not have any witnesses of a 
unusual phenomenon that occurred 
just a few hours before the physical 
effect on the plants was discovered. 

Both Mauricio and Durval heard the 
sound of vegetation being crushed or 
broken, and Mauricio said that it was 
a very strong, frightening noise. 
"Sounded like a bulldozer rolling 
over the plants, but without engine 
sounds, only the sound of plants 
being crumpled or broken", he told 
UFO Magazine. 

The sounds were the first thing that 
called the witnesses' attention, and 
because of the sound, they woke up, 
looked up and saw something in the 
sky. While Durval, who was about 
140 feet away from the crushing site, 
where UFO must have been, saw 
only "dim lights spread around the 


place, as though they were linked to 
a very large object”, Mauricio, about 
90 feet away from the phenomenon, 
had the opportunity of seeing the 
craft, which he described as being 
’’very large, cylindrical in shape and 
ovoid at the tips.” He also saw a dim 
light shining from the object’s bot¬ 
tom part, which did not emit any 
humming sound nor caused any 
other effect. 

This editor, researchers Gener and 
Nery, and many others who visited 
the site - including News staff mem¬ 
bers of Globo TV and Record TV - 
who were consulted at the time - are 
convinced of the witnesses’ honesty 
of character and sincerity. Separately 
interviewed, their testimonies 
matched almost perfectly were it not 
for one detail: Durval, from where we 
was, on his trailer, a bit further away 
from the UFO, saw only whitish 
lights, whereas Mauricio, closer to 
the object, saw lights coming from 
the UFO, but of a more yellowish 

Another corroborating factor to the 
legitimacy of the incident is that 
there are other testimonies by local 
city dwellers who claim to have seen 
unidentified flying objects on differ¬ 
ent occasions, both before and after 
Riolandia Incident, including the 
very afternoon before the episode 
and the day following it. One of those 
witnesses is a policeman. Several wit¬ 
nesses were interviewed by UFO 
Magazine , which has gathered a 
large amount of material for publica¬ 
tion in its upcoming issue. 

See pictures at: 


See a complete, illustrades article 
about the case here: 


February 7th 2008 
Murrieta, California 

UFO Flat/Square Or Possibly 
Triangular In Shape 

Date: February 7, 2008 
Time: 2:15 a.m. 

Location of Sighting: Murrieta 

Number of witnesses: 1 
Number of objects: 1 
Shape of objects: Flat Square - 

Possibly tri¬ 



ing: I was sit¬ 
ting up late 
last night, or, 
early however 
you look at it, 
watching the 
NFL Network 
when I heard 
the next door 
two dogs 
begin to bark 

About 2-3 
minutes after 
that I heard a 
very low soft 
vibration that 
was so low it 
began shak¬ 
ing the cabi¬ 
nets in the 

At first I 
thought it 
was our heating unit making crazy 
noises but I soon realized the sound 
was coming from outside. I stepped 
out side my front door and instantly 
I found the source of the sounds. 
When I looked up there was a very 
large square or possibly triangular, 
depends if I was seeing it at an angle, 
machine/craft whatever you want to 
call it. It seemed to be spinning from 
right to left and making slow banking 

The two pictures I have of the object 
seem to show it making banking 
manoeuvres. When I realized this 
was something I had never seen 
before civilian or military I reached 
inside the front door and grabbed my 
cell phone off of the light stand and 
snapped off a pretty decent picture. 
Of course like most UFO pictures it is 
a little blurry. My cell phone is a very 
low resolution phone. After that I ran 
into my bedroom and grabbed my 
digital camera in hopes of getting a 
more detailed picture but I was so 
nervous and jazzed about what I was 
seeing the second picture that I had 
time to take was not that good either. 

The object, in my opinion was mov¬ 
ing at a high rate for its apparent 
size, I’m not very good at guessing 
speeds but I would say it was travel¬ 
ling in the mid 100s. The object con¬ 
tinued on its southern to northerly 
pattern and finally disappeared into 
the night. 

To describe the object I would have 
to say it looked like a huge pizza box 
with lights on two of its seemingly 4 
side panels that were opposite of 
each other. The one thing I noticed 
from being in the military and the 
fact there are bases all over the place 
out here, I initially thought military 
primarily because the object had a 
dull military blue-grey colour. 
However this was no craft that I have 
ever experienced military or any 

That’s it for another issue 
see you soon with 
May/June 2008 - Ed...