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July August 2008 £3.95 
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Professional UFO 
sightings ridiculed 
by major TV series 




Alien Abduction 

A look back at ufology’s first documented case 
Betty and Barney Hill 

Fatima Revisited 

A new look at the ‘Miracle of Fatima’ 

An Ancient Alien Presance 
On The Moon? 

Strange craters suggest excavation on lunar surface 

Passenger Airliner Encounters UFO 

This story from 1948 

Britain’s Closest Encounters 

Steve Johnson picks the bones from C5 four part series. 

Children Of The Gods 
Feature article from Brian Allen 

Project Signal Found 

Philip Mantle and Nick Pope attempt to get UFO landings 
into the media eye. 




This issue’s opening shout is one of 
approval and disappointment. 

It has been several years since a 
series of British-made UFO doc- 
umetaries has been produced and 
aired on national television, but 
when we were approached by Firefly 
Productions in the spring with a view 
to helping produce a series of pro¬ 
grammes that w'ould tackle some of 
this country's top UFO events, we 
thought this sounds interesting and 
agreed to help where we could. 

When the original content sugges¬ 
tions were proposed I must admit I 
was not that overly impressed. 

It seemed we would be presented 
with a rehash of much that had gone 
before not once but many times and 
thought that the viewing public 
might be caught in a ‘not this again’ 

I don't think I was wrong. 

Steve Johnson does an in-depth 
review of the series in this issue, but 
something that stood out a mile in 
my eyes is, I think, worth mentioning 

The first two episodes featured the 
Berwyn Mountains and Broadhaven 
Triangle cases from the 1970s and 
80s. During both these episodes, the 
programme-makers let the witnesses, 
mainly members of the general 
public, have their say and concluded 
both shows leaving the viewer pon¬ 
dering whether or not the witnesses 
were describing real events or some 
misidentified natural phenomenon. 

Then the series presented Alan 
Godfrey’s encounter from 1980 and 
basically had the viewer believing 
their expert witnesses’ testimony to 
the fact that Alan had encountered 
the planet Venus and that it was the 
same Venus that created the 
whirlpool arrangement of leaves etc 
in the exact spot where Alan 

observed, witnessed, drew and tried 
to report via two radio systems. They 
even had the audacity to suggest that 
the death of Polish imigrant miner, 
Zygmund Adamski, some six months 
early, was, indeed, connected to 
Alan's later UFO encounter, some¬ 
thing all researchers know that Alan 
has stated on the record many times 
that there was absolutely no connec¬ 
tion between the two incidents. 

In the last episode, the producers 
concentrated on Captain Ray 
Bowyer’s close encounter whilst 
piloting a Trilander passenger plane 
over Guernsey in the spring of 2007. 

Although a pilot with many years fly¬ 
ing behind him and some eight or 
nine years flying the same route, the 
producers did everything in their 
power to have the viewer believe that 
it was they who had the answers andJ 
not Captain Bowyer. i 

My point in all this is that although ■ 
members of the general public were* 
not heavily challenged about what 
they saw' and reported but when 
pilots and policemen start reporting 
close encounters and doing so 
through official channels, where a 
documented paper trail exists, then it 
was time to debunk their claims 
almost to ridicule. 

footage shown throughout the series. 
What a wasted opportunity to update 
the nation as to what is really hap¬ 
pening around the UFO scene. 

So all this leaves me leaning toward 
the conspiracy theorist corner, who 
will suggest the cover up is alive and 
well, and that, once again, our sub¬ 
ject found it impossible to get a fair 
hearing ahead of the debunking 

Nothing changes. 

More on this later. 


Dr David Clarke featured in the 
series and was used as an expert on 
Radar on the Ray Bowyer case. Dr 
Clarke is a sociologist and a newspa¬ 
per reporter and also a good UFO 
investigator, but to use him as a 
Radar expert was wrong. 

In the first episode, the infamous 
Sharron Rowlands image filmed at 
Bonsall, Derbyshire, made headlines 
around the world after she claimed 
to have been offered £20,000 for it, 
was shown for the first time on tele¬ 
vision. Researcher Omar Fowler had 
seen the clip a couple of days after it 
was filmed and told UFO Magazine 
it was nothing special and looked like 
an aircraft once the image focussed. 

The programme had an expert from 
London University tell the viewers it 
was a street lamp and even showed 
the outline of a post. Totally wrong 
conclusion, as the aircraft could be 
seen when the show ran the clip, but 
that was the only original video 



the early years. 

Cases of alleged alien abduction have adorned the 
pages of tabloid newspapers and magazines for many 
years, but the debunking community will tell you that 
abductions got into the public mind with the advent of 
Chris Carter’s The X-Files in the early 90s. The UFO 
community knows full well that this is not the case. 

Yes, we agree that minds were fuelled by such TV 
shows and movies, but accounts of such abductions 
have been recorded for many years. Even the Bible has 
recorded what could be concieved as an alien abduc¬ 

The first case in the modern era of the phenomenon 
was that of Betty and Barney Hill, on September 19th, 
1961, and the evidence brought back from the 
encounter by the Hills is seen by many as extremely 
difficult to ignore. 

Although the alleged abduction by 
extreterresstrials of Betty and Barney 
Hill took place on September 19 th , 
1961, it would not be until 1966 that 
the case would reach public knowl¬ 
edge. And when it did, through a 
movie and a book, it set the tone for 
thousands of subsequent "abduc¬ 
tions" with themes of medical experi¬ 
mentation, missing time and recol¬ 
lection through the use of hypnosis. 

Betty and Barney were returning 
home from an extended weekend 
vacation in Niagara Falls and 
Canada. They had planned to spend 
the night in Montreal, but as they 
were searching for a motel on the 
outskirts of the city, Barney decided 
to drive on to New Hampshire. At 
some point along the route they 
heard that a hurricane was coming 
up the coast so they felt it was 
important to arrive home before the 
hurricane hit. 

This meant that Barney would have 
to drive during the night. But they 
agreed that if he became tired they 
would stop at a motel. 

Barney, who was accustomed to 
working the graveyard shift, had a 
good night’s sleep the previous night 
and a pleasant day in Montreal. 
Because he felt refreshed and ener¬ 
getic he continued to drive on 
through New Hampshire's 
Wilderness and White Mountain 
regions. In the Groveton and 
Lancaster area, Betty spotted what, 
at first glance, appeared to be a 

satellite or a shooting star, only it 
shot upward. As she watched it, the 
perplexing light increased in size and 
seemed to slowly descend in her 
direction. Finally, she told Barney 
about her observation and requested 
that he stop the car for a closer look. 

Just south of Twin Mountain, 
through binoculars, she observed its 
unconventional appearance as it 
passed in front of the moon, flashing 
long points of multi-coloured light. 
When Barney viewed it through 
binoculars, it reminded him of a 
large aircraft coming in for a landing, 
only it was silent. Returning to their 
vehicle, they travelled on through the 
10 miles or so of Franconia Notch, a 
narrow cutting through the moun¬ 
tains. Over the next several minutes, 
the object descended to a position 
just above the mountain tops, some¬ 
times dropping down in front of the 
mountain peaks. 

Barney halted the car momentarily 
from time to time to get a better look 
at the enigmatic craft and once 
pulled to the side of the road for an 
unencumbered observation. It was 

then that he was able to notice the 
stair-step flight pattern, the rota¬ 
tion, the blue-white lights and the 
fact that it was completely silent, 
although it descended to approxi¬ 
mately 1000 feet. Betty 's descrip¬ 
tion was identical to Barney's, 
allowing for individual differences 
in phraseology. 

Then, only three miles south of the 
Franconia Notch, the object sud¬ 
denly stopped spinning and shifted 
ahead of Betty and Barney. Barney 
stopped the car directly in the mid¬ 
dle of the road and jumped out to 
look at the craft. The elliptical 
object was now hovering only 80- 
100 feet above the car and a red 
light parted from each side of it. 
Almost immediately, it left its posi¬ 
tion and, in a gliding motion, it 
shifted to an adjacent field. 
Fascinated, Barney walked toward it 
and, through his binoculars, he 
observed 8 to 11 humanoid figures 
peering down at him. 

Suddenly, with military precision, all 
but one moved toward what Barney 
thought was a control panel. Next, 
short, bat-like wings began to slide 
out from each side of the craft and 
something dropped down from its 
bottom. At that moment the figure 
in the window communicated a 
frightening message to Barney to 
stay there and just keep looking. He 
seemed to be losing the ability to 
carry out self-initiated action and 
this loss of control frightened him 
immensely. But he managed to pull 
the binoculars down from his eyes, 
breaking the strap in the process, 
and flee toward his vehicle, where 
Betty awaited his return. 

As the object shifted overhead, the 
couple heard a series of code-like 
buzzing or electrical beeping sounds 
that caused the car to vibrate. 

Betty craned her neck upward 


through the open passenger seat 
window in an attempt to locate the 
craft, but all she saw was blackness. 
The stars were blotted out and the 
bright sky had suddenly grown dark. 
Reasoning that she would see the 
brightly-illuminated UFO if it were 
overhead, she informed Barney that 
it had disappeared. Relieved that 
they were no longer in danger, 

Barney drove south on US Route 3. 

Near Plymouth, NH, the couple saw 
a fiery, red-orange ball that Betty 
reasoned was the setting moon. 

Then, near Ashland, they heard a 
second series of buzzing & beeping 
sounds. Betty turned to Barney and 
asked, "Now do you believe in flying 
saucers?” He replied, "Don't be 
ridiculous." Barney stopped the car 
and then manoeuvred it erratically in 
a futile attempt to recreate the pecu¬ 
liar sound. 

engaged in an interview with the 
craft's leader. 

Information Report is dated 21 st 

Betty and Barney were surprised to 
see that dawn was streaking the sky 
when they arrived home in Ports¬ 
mouth, NH. Their watches had 
stopped, but they noted that their 
arrival time was later than anticipat¬ 
ed, even allowing for 
slow driving and three 
observational stop 

Subsequently, the 
made many trips 
the White Mounts 
to try to jog their 
memories and, ov 
time, more and m 
details emerged. 
However, it wasn 
until 1964, after 
undergoing seven 
grueling months c 
with Dr. Simon 
that their amne¬ 
sia was penetrat¬ 
ed and they 
were permitted 
to recall the 
forgotten events of 
September 20 th , 1961. 

We should add that Betty experi¬ 
enced a series of frightening dreams 
a couple of weeks after the initial 
close encounter. In those dreams, 
she and Barney were abducted by 
humanlike men who escorted them 
to a spaceship where they endured 
physical examinations and she 

She and Barney gave the interview¬ 
ing officer a general description of 
the craft they had observed, but 
Barney omitted his observation of 
the humanoid figures fearing that he 
might be judged a "crackpot". Later 
that day, Major Paul W. Henderson 
phoned the Hills and questioned 
1 extensively before transferring 
m to another location where 
their testimony was moni¬ 

The following day, he 
informed the Hills that he had 
been up all night working on 
the report and would require a 
few more details. He also 
informed them that the control 
tower had reported "a strange 
incident" at 2:14 AM on 
September 20 th , which could hint 
of a possible relationship due to 
time and distance. 

The initial project record card indi¬ 
cated that an object was observed 
through ground-visual and air inter¬ 
cept radar. However, this was 
altered in later reports and debunked 
as nothing more than a ground target 
due to strong temperature inversion. 

Even the initial report stated that 
both the radar and visual sighting 
was probably due to an optical condi¬ 
tion resulting from a strong inversion 
in the Lincoln, NH, area on the 
morning of the sighting. However, 

This has always added a perplexing 
element to the story. Did Barney 
absorb Betty's dreams? This was Dr. 
Simon's hypothesis. 

How did the authorities 
respond to the Hills* UFO sight¬ 
ing report? 

September 20 th , 1961, 

Betty reported the sighting to a 
Newton, NH, police officer who 
advised her to make a formal report 
to Pease Air Force Base. Later, she 
stated in interviews that she placed 
her initial phone call to the 100th 
Bomb Wing at Pease the same 
evening, but the Air Intelligence 


the Mount Washington Weather 
Station's archival material for the 
evening of 9/19-20, 1961, refutes the 
information given by the Air Force. 

It seems that either the Air Force 
mishandled the Hills' report through 
incompetence or a cover-up was in 
process, almost immediately. 

Who investigated the UFO 
report and subsequent abduc¬ 
tion claim? 

Three days after her close encounter 
with a UFO, Betty visited her local 
library in an attempt to gain addi¬ 
tional information. She checked out 
The Flying Saucer Conspiracy by 
Major Donald Keyhoe, the director of 
the National Investigations 
Committee on Aerial Phenomena 

In the back of the book, UFO wit¬ 
nesses were instructed to write to 
NICAP’s address to report a sighting. 
Betty wrote to NICAP and on 
October 21 st , 1961, NICAP investiga¬ 
tor, Walter Webb, initiated a prelimi¬ 
nary investigation in a six hour inter¬ 
view at the Hills' home. 

Over a period of several years, Webb 
conducted an extensive, meticulous 
investigation of the Hills’ sighting. 
Additionally, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dr. 
James McDonald, Robert Hohmann 
and C.D. Jackson, Dr. James Harder, 
Stanton Friedman, Karl Pflock and 
myself, to name a few, have engaged 
in the investigation of the Hill case. 

There was substantial evidence to 
support the Hills’ claim, including 
the scraped tops of Barney's dress 

shoes, broken watches, 12-18 circular 
highly polished, silver dollar size 
spots on the trunk of their vehicle 
that caused a compass needle to spin 
and spin, only over the spots on the 
trunk and Betty's new dress that was 
badly torn and, later, became de¬ 
graded by a pink, powdery substance 
that ruined it. The dress has under¬ 
gone chemical and forensic analysis 
and the scientific reports appear in 
later reports. 


booRP 1 

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Additionally, Dr. Simon instructed 
Betty, through posthypnotic sugges¬ 
tion to draw the star map that she 
reported seeing on board the alien 
craft, only if she could recreate it 

The stars on the resulting star map 
were later identified through the 
painstaking, meticulous work of 
Maijorie Fish and underwent scien¬ 
tific review. Stanton Friedman dis¬ 
cusses the star map investigation in 
chapters 22 and 23 of his book. 

Finally, the Hills' individual testimo¬ 
ny under hypnotic regression is sub¬ 
jected to a comparative analysis. 

They were hypnotized separately and 
the posthypnotic suggestion for 
amnesia was enforced, so they were 
unable to remember even their own 
testimony under hypnosis. 

Therefore, one could not communi¬ 
cate information to the other that 
might contaminate their testimony. 
The only source of contamination 
could have been from " Betty's 
Dreams or Recall?" paper, written 
two months after the close encounter 
with an unconventional craft. 

It was some months later when Dr. 
Simon slowly and carefully permitted 
the Hills to remember, and then 
hear, the statements they made 
during their hypnotic regression 

Although Barney passed away in 
1969, some years after the event, 
Betty lived a long life, born in 1919 
she passed in 2004, never once sug¬ 
gesting that the encounter that her 
and her husband were submitted to 
back in September, 1961, was any¬ 
thing other than what they reported 
at the time. 

A case of alien Abduction... 


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Moonwalker Dr Edgar Mitchell 
remains certain that aliens exist. 
Does he have proof or is it just 

Recently, the Telegraph Online published an 
article which featured the thoughts of Dr 
Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 moonwalker. 

Ed has been quoted and has addressed many 
audiences with reference to the UFO and alien 
phenomena and is, by many, considered a key 
part of the proof that there is a government 
cover-up in place and has been for many years, 
suggesting that this deception started back in 
1947 after the well-known events at Roswell, 
New Mexico, made it into the public domain. 

Personally, I have to be wary of some of Ed’s 
so-called evidence. He has been quoted as see¬ 
ing photographic evidence presented to him by 
leading military personnel. 

As a researcher, I have to say that much of the 
US Military evidence presented by retired offi¬ 
cials is not as convincing as the spoken testi¬ 
mony it supposedly backs up. 

Much like the work of Dr Steven Greer. A bril¬ 
liant orator but sadly lacking in visual evidence 
to back the claims made. 

I await the day that somebody like Ed Mitchell 
can persuade his highly-placed sources to pub¬ 
lish and be damned. 

But I find the following article interesting and 
a good source of information for those who are 
not so UFO clued up as we are... 



Do they really know? 

The new X-Files movie has opened at 
a promising time, with a poll sug¬ 
gesting that more than 60 per cent of 
Britons believe in space aliens, and 
Edgar Mitchell, a renowned former 
NASA astronaut who once walked on 
the moon, claiming that they're 
already here. 

Ed, 77, says he has it from unim¬ 
peachable sources that the aliens 
have been visiting us for some time, 
but that governments around the 
world are hushing the story up. 
They are afraid, he suggests, that if 
we knew the truth there would be 
mass panic and people might lose 
confidence in things like, oh, you 
know, the security of the oil supply 

and the global banking 

From a world leader's 
point of view, it's there¬ 
fore much easier to pre¬ 
tend that aliens don't 
exist. Rather harder to 
understand is why this 
should also be the aliens' 
point of view. 

Being evidently cleverer 
than us they might have 
a different way of doing 
things, but the whole 
(admittedly human) his¬ 
tory of exploration and 
conquest suggests that 
when an advanced civili¬ 
sation meets a less 
advanced civilisation, the 
advanced one quickly 
takes over. 

To have reached our 
world, the aliens would 
have had to develop 
spacecraft of unimagin¬ 
able sophistication and 
fly them from distant 
galaxies. Why, having gone to the 
trouble, would they spend their time 
stooging around over abandoned 
farmhouses in the middle of Kansas, 
and abducting the cast of the Jerry 
Springer Show ? 

Prominent believers in alien 
existence offer a partial 
answer to this. Frank 
Drake, the founder of the 
California-based SETI 
(Search for Extra 
Terrestrial Intelligence), 
the foremost research 
institute in the field, 
contends that aliens 
are almost certainly 

"If they were bad, or 
aggressive in 
nature," he says, 

"the likelihood is 
that they would 
have already 
destroyed them¬ 
selves in a 
nuclear war." 

The aliens, according to this theory, 
are here to learn and observe, and 
their moral awareness of what might 
happen if they established a stronger 
presence compels them to remain 
discreet. "People always say: 'Why 


don't they land in Downing Street or 
at Heathrow?’?" says Malcolm 
Robinson, founder of Strange 
Phenomena Investigations, Britain's 
leading UFO-tracking group, "but 
imagine the consequences for our 
civilisation if something like that 
actually happened." 

Too true; especially if the airport lost 
the aliens' baggage. 

Like most ufologists, Robinson, a 
genial 49-year-old Scotsman, hesi¬ 
tates to guess the aliens' intentions. 

"There's an incredible amount we 
just can't know," he says. "How do 
you explain things like abductions? 
Some people think they might be try¬ 
ing to repopulate a dying planet. 
Some think they put us here in the 
first place and are keeping an eye on 
our progress. All I know is that I 
came into this as a sceptic, and 
became a believer." 

The latest X-Files movie - I Want To 
Believe - largely steers clear of the 
alien existence theories that ran 
through the cult 1990s TV show, pre¬ 
senting instead a complex character 
study of the two FBI agents, Fox 
Mulder (David Duchovny), and Dana 
Scully (Gillian Anderson) at the heart 
of the drama. 

Yet, as last week’s poll suggests, 

more people than ever do want 
to believe, and are 
to risk 
bility in 


who holds 
the record 
for the 
(nine hours, 

17 minutes 
during the 1971 

_ Apollo 14 mis- 

sion) is a hero 
among believers 
in aliens. He argues that the evidence 
of human-alien contact is now incon¬ 
trovertible, and that only fear pre¬ 
vents governments from admitting it. 
Last week on a West Midlands radio 

station, Mitchell went even further, 
claiming that the celebrated 1947 
"Roswell Incident", when a space¬ 
craft supposedly crashed in New 
Mexico, was the real thing. 

The US military’ maintains that the 
"craft" was an experimental weather 
balloon, but around Roswell has 
grown a vast and fertile sub-culture 
of conspiracy theory, spawning 
numerous books, documentaries, 
movies and a lingering disbelief in 
official explanations. 

"Within six months of Roswell, the 
CIA was formed, the National 
Security Act was passed, Harry 
Truman launched an official investi¬ 
gation into the UFO phenomenon, 
and the air force was separated from 
the army," says Joe Firmage, a 
Silicon Valley software entrepreneur 
who has spent millions of dollars on 
UFO research. 

"And then all these technological 
advances started spilling out of the 
military-industrial complex - semi¬ 
conductors, microwaves, lasers, fibre 
optics, vertical take-off capability. 

Is that all coincidence?" 

In the UFO community* "coincidence" 
is an important word. How can it be, 
believers ask, that so many accounts 
of alien encounters, from all over the 
world, have so many consistencies? 

John Mack, a Harvard professor who 
risked his career to investigate the 
phenomenon of abductions, conclud¬ 
ed after several years of study: 
"People with no opportunity to col¬ 
lude gave accounts of remarkable 
similarity. From the interior configu¬ 

ration of the spaceships to the design 
of medical instruments used by the 
aliens, the experiences’ descriptions 
tallied to an uncanny degree. I spent 
hundreds of hours with these people 
before, finally, I said 'Look, some¬ 
thing is really going on here'." 

What these experiences tend to 
observe is an alien hierarchy in 
which the orderlies - known as 
"small greys" - act under the guid¬ 
ance of larger and more intelligent 
aliens known as the "doctors" 

The small greys have large, pear- 
shaped heads, long arms with three 
or four long fingers, a thin torso, and 
spindly legs. They are hairless, with 
rudimentary nostrils, no ears and a 
small slit of a mouth. By far their 
most prominent features are huge, 
black eyes which curve upwards, 
tapering towards the back of the 

Several of Mack's witnesses describe 
an "eye inside an eye", with the dark, 
outer cover acting as a goggle. The 
"doctors" are taller - most accounts 
put them at around 5ft - and appear 
to be older. 

Impressive, too, is the physical evi¬ 
dence - notably the curious patterns 
of pinpricks, "scoop-marks" and cuts 
often found on abduction victims. 

In one case, noted Mack, the distinc¬ 
tive, geometric marks were found on 
a quadriplegic who could not have 
inflicted them himself. Two years 
ago, Mack was killed by a drunken 
driver in north London. The UFO 
community continues to buzz with 
suggestions that he was murdered. 

There is a middle way of looking at 
the alien mystery. It is one adopted 
by Lord Rees, the Astronomer Royal 
and President of the Royal Society. 

He doesn't swallow the stories of fly¬ 
ing saucers or little men with TV 
antennae growing out of their heads, 
but accepts the probability of life of 
some form existing somewhere - per¬ 
haps in many places - somewhere out 
in the vastness of space. To believe 
otherwise, he argues in his book Our 
Cosmic Habitat , would serve only to 
place us "alone in a vast uncaring 

The Vatican has adapted, 400 years 

after Giordano Bruno, an Italian 
monk, was burnt at the stake for say¬ 
ing that the universe might contain 
other life forms, "the equal of ours". 
Fr Jose Funes, head of the Vatican 
observatory, guardedly accepted that 
there was "no conflict between the 
Catholic faith and belief in aliens". 

This pragmatism comes from our 
growing grasp of the mind-boggling 
limitlessness of space. "We now 
know," says Edward Weller, head of 
NASA's science division, "that the 
number of stars in the universe is 
something like one followed by 23 
zeros, and given that number how 
arrogant is it to think that ours is the 
only sun with a planet that supports 

The truth, as they say on The X-Files , 
is out there somewhere. Even if, in 
our search for intelligent life else¬ 
where, we sometimes forget how rare 
it is on earth. 



Fatima, Portugal. In 1917 three children claimed to 
have witnessed a vision. This vision turned . 
out to be one of the most witnessed 
'miracles' ever recorded. 

A crowd of thousands watched as the sun 
appeared to dance in the sky’. 

Photographs where taken at the time. 

So what really happened? SPI’s 
Malcolm Robinson reviews a new book, 
Fatima Revisited'. 

Contact Us 
By email 


On October 17th, 1917, an estimated 
70,000 people gathered together at 
Fatima (a small town north of Lisbon 
in Portugal) to watch a phenomenon 
which some described as 'The 
Miracle of The Sun'. People saw 
numerous things, from a luminous 
ball of light, to the Virgin Mary, 
Jesus, Joseph and much more. A 
torrential downpour drenched all 
70,000 people, however when this 
light phenomenon swooped down on 
the startled crowds, each and every 
one of the 70,000 crowd found that 
their clothes became instantly dry. 

There was telepathic communication 
between the Virgin Mary and many 
of the witnesses which, by modern 
UFO comparisons, is quite similar. 
There was also a strange 'buzzing 
sound' which entered some of the 
witnesses' ears, again similar to some 
UFO close encounters. 

One of the three main witnesses to 
whom these incredible 

visions occurred, 
Lucia, stated 
that this 
Virgin Mary, 
call it what you 
will, told her 
that World War 1 
would end that 
day. It didn't! 
Again, something 
similar to what some 
alleged 'aliens' claim 
to tell their startled 
human witnesses. 
Incidentally, this phe¬ 
nomenon was witnessed 
from over 20 miles 
away!! And the light phenomenon 
was to some, quite painful. 'The 
images of saints were seen along the 
edges of the luminosity in the region 
produced by the ionization of the air'. 

During the months before this event, 
local villagers reported strange, 
severe claps of thunder and odd pops 
and bangs, and a luminous ball was 
seen near the area where the later 
events would occur, where it then 
headed off down the valley. This and 
many more events occurred around 
this time far too many to name here, 
suffice it to say, this book goes into 
all what happened that day and the 

explanations to account for what was 
seen on that eventful day. 

For me as a reviewer, I found this a 
pleasant and welcome change to just 
the normal one-off explanation that 
is driven home by one singular 

The essays/papers in this book have 
been 'peer reviewed' and have been 
gathered together by a group calling 
themselves 'Project Marion'. Project 
Marion is co-ordinated by CTEC 
(Centre for Transdisiplinary Studies 
In Consciousness), which is based at 
the University of Fernando Pessona 
in Porto, Portugal. 

This book also features a number of 
the world's top ufologists and their 
theories as to what happened at 
Fatima. This book is the third of a 
trilogy of books on this subject which 
initially started off with a 
few e-mails 


A review by 
Malcolm Robinson. 

It's true to say that there are many 
books on the visions of the Virgin 
Mary and the Marion phenomenon 
doing the rounds just now, all of 
them equally detailing this subject. 
I can't of course vouch for those 
books, good though they may be, 
but what I can do is to tell you 
that if they are just half as good 
as this one, then they will be 
doing just fine. 

This book is different, very 
different; it's not your nor¬ 
mal one author who has 
penned this work, no siree. 

This book has been written by a 
number of 'different authors' each of 
whom bring to bear their own take 
on what happened back in the 
Portuguese village of Fatima back in 
1917. Or in other words, this is a 
compilation of essays each with their 
own author's spin, each providing a 
thought-provoking insight into the 
many and numerous alternative 


researchers and it 
blossomed from there. 

The discipline of ufology into Marion 
phenomenon is perhaps not that dif¬ 
ferent when we look at what is 
described. The presence of another 
worldly 'being', bright lights, and 
other such phenomena 
are, to some degree, pret¬ 
ty much the same as this 
book shows. For those 
who may not know what 
happened at Fatima all 
those years ago, this brief 
synopsis will hopefully 
provide an insight. 

days before in greater detail. 

As stated above, after the book gives 
the reader the facts of this event and 
shows us how incredible these 
visions were (real or not). One 
thing’s for sure, there is absolutely 
no denying in any way, shape or 
form that what was seen that day was 
seen. There was no mass psychosis. 
No trickery. We're not talking about 
a few witnesses here, we’re talking 
about thousands. Thousands of peo¬ 
ple from all walks of life and who 
were subjected to some kind of phe¬ 
nomenon, but what was it? 

The book then goes into a roller¬ 
coaster ride of theories, speculations 
and scientific fact on areas which all 
can fit in and, to some degree in their 
own small way, possibly explain what 
happened that day. We look at seis¬ 
mic activity, ball lightning, luminous 
lights. We also look at the stimula¬ 
tion of the temporal lobes of some of 
the witnesses. Did this stimulation 
on some of the witnesses make them 
think that they had seen the Blessed 
Virgin Mary (from here on in the 

One of the three main witnesses, 
little Jacinta, sadly suffered a lung 
cancer shortly after this light phe¬ 
nomenon. Was this due to her close¬ 
ness to this luminous phenomenon? 
We also learn that some Canadian 
researchers did a test where they 
placed some people's heads into a 
cone-shaped device in which a short 
burst of microwave radiation entered 
their skulls. Afterwards, they said 
they heard a clear 'buzzing noise' 
inside their head (just like the Fat¬ 
ima witnesses). So was some kind of 
short-wave microwave radiation in 
play that day? Again the feeling by 
some of a 'close presence', alien pres¬ 
ence, call it what you will, when the 
temporal lobes are electrically stimu¬ 
lated creates this feeling of a pres¬ 
ence. Again, some authors ask, was 
there some kind of localized electro¬ 
magnetic effect in place that day? 

Are some geographical areas more 
prone to emitting this effect than 
others, all of which can induce in the 
startled observer these peculiar feel¬ 
ings, something akin to the theories 
written about by an old mate of 
mine, Albert Budden? In other 
words, can the Earth's own magnetic 

field, under certain conditions, trig¬ 
ger electrical disturbances within the 
brain creating a false reality? 

Another contributor to this book, 
Auguste Meessen, Ph.D, speculates 
that we shouldn’t rule out the 
Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. He spec¬ 
ulates that it's not within the bounds 
of credulity that perhaps the 'aliens' 
(or whatever they arel) may have 
undertaken some kind of 'experi¬ 
ment' that day (a psycho-social 
experiment), which was implement¬ 
ed to test our reactions and beliefs 
about religious matters. Yes, a bit 
far-fetched, I’m sure, but nonetheless 
intriguing when we put all the other 
elements in this book together. 

Did you know (I certainly didn't) that 
what happened at Fatima was not 
the only place where these 'Miracles 
of the Sun’ have occurred? Below are 
a few places where other such events 
have happened: 

(1) Guadalupe (Mexico 1531) 

(2) Tilly-sur-Seuilles (France 

(3) Fatima (Portugal 1917) 

(4) Onkerzeele (Belgium 1933) 

(5) Bonate (Italy 1944) 

(6) Espis (France 1946) 

(7) Acquaviva Platani (Italy 

(8) Heroldsbach (Germany 

(9) Fehrbach (Germany 1950) 

(10) Kerezinen (France 1953) 

(11) San Damiano (Italy 1955) 

(12) Zeitoun (Cairo Egypt 1968) 

(13) Medjugoije (Bosnia- 
Herzegovina 1981) 

(14) Tre Fontane (Italy 1982) 

(15) Kibeho (Rwanda 1983) 

Did you know, for instance, as Irene 
Blinston, Ph.D, informs us, that from 
1990 to 1999 at least 392 cases of 
apparitions of the Virgin Mary were 
reported and investigated by the 
Catholic Church? Ninety-five of 
those cases involved children. And 
let us not forget, as she goes on to 
inform us, that two of the world's 
religions were formed with religious 
apparitions - Islam and Mormonism. 

She also states that both Mohammad 
and Joseph Smith had visitations 
with an 'angel'. Are we to disregard 
what has gone on before with other 

Author Auguste Meessen then tried 
something so dangerous in the name 
of science that, had he continued to 
do this, he would have gone blind! 

He stared at the Sun (admittedly low 
on the horizon) and what was the 
results of this dangerous experi¬ 
ment? Well you’ll need to read the 
book to find out! 

Another author, Raul Berenguel, 
then postulates about ultrasound and 
informs the reader about ultrasound 
techniques that were implemented 
by the American troops on the Iraqi 
troops during the first Gulf War to 
induce fears of despondency and des¬ 

We also learn from this author that 
an American modified C-130 aircraft 
emitted a high-potency microwave 
frequency towards the Iraqis to make 
them believe that what they were 
hearing was the 'voice of God'. 

So, dear reader, there is no denying 
that high microwave ultrasound can, 
under certain conditions, enforce a 
change in the brain’s mechanism to 
which it can falsely induce a state of 
fear and alarm through auditory and 
visual stimuli creating a sound or 
vision which 'really isn't there'. Now, 
we didn’t have this type of apparatus 
back in 1917, unless, of course (as 
some authors suggest), that it was 
there but confined within the locus of 
the environment, something Earth- 
based, a tectonic strain, a movement 
of the Earth’s crust scraping togeth¬ 
er, emitting balls of light (which as 
we know can happen, more so in 
fault zones). 

The work and research of Michael 
Persinger, who is well-known to the 
research community, is given an air¬ 
ing here in this book. Michael goes 
into great detail about his theories 
and places them into the arena of the 
Fatima Event e.g. magnetic fields, 
temporal lobe instability. Another 
author, Mario Simoes, Ph.D, takes us 
on an educational ride of altered 
states of consciousness and how this 
too could have played a part in the 
Fatima Event. Yet another author, 
Gilda Moura looks at a multi-dimen¬ 
sional perspective and other levels of 
reality. I'll tell you what readers; this 
book sure has it all. How I wish a lot 
of different academics, scholars and 
researchers would lend their expert- 


ise onto Scotland’s famous Living¬ 
ston UFO Incident. I'd love to read a 
book where they all came together 
with their own theories and specula¬ 
tions. Boy, what a book that would 

Let us not forget also that light phe¬ 
nomena are a large part of the UFO 

There is a big part of the book that 
draws parallels with the UFO subject. 
David Jacobs, for instance, tells us 
that some theologians speculate that 
these wonderful experiences may not 
be so wonderful after all, that they 
may, in point of fact, be tricks of the 
Devil to trick humans into believing 
in the Second Coming. 

David goes into great detail on page 
157 about why the Catholic Church 
has to investigate visions of the BVM. 
Read the book to see why. 

Janet Elizabeth Colli, Ph.D, then dis¬ 
cusses angels, aliens and near-death 
experiences and goes on to inform us 
that physicist, Janusz Slawinski, 
demonstrated that dying organisms 
emit a burst of electromagnetic ener¬ 
gy at death. 

All-in-all then, this book is a mar¬ 
velous pot-pourri of theory, specula¬ 
tion, fact and wonder and, as stated, 
brings together a wealth of top peo¬ 
ple in their field, all who in their own 
way, look at the Fatima Event with 
their own fine tooth comb. It’s cer¬ 
tainly an interesting read and one 
can take from this book what they 
want from it. Some readers will 
believe one theory whilst others will 
believe another, that's as maybe, but 
what sadly we are no further forward 
in understanding, is 'What exactly 
happened that day’? Will we ever 

Marion visions still occur to this day, 
but what would make it all so real 
and understandable, would be to 
capture a Marion vision on cam¬ 
corder, but until that day, we can 
only speculate and wonder at the 
events on that October day back in 
1917 to 70,000 awe struck people. 

The world, ladies and gentlemen, is 
certainly a strange place made all the 
stranger by events like these. 

Original photo of the "Miracle q? the Sun" in Fatima 
1 3 Oct 1917 - published by UOsservatore Romano. 1951 

Above is the original image of the sun photographed at the time of the 
‘Miracle’. This would have been taken on a plate camera and shows what 
could be a partial eclipse of the sun. Remember this is a chemically-pro¬ 
duced photograph, but scouring the net, I found some interesting images 
captured on digital equipment of what people claim are similar effects. 

What happens with phone cameras and other digital equipment is created 
by in-built protection of the image sensor. If the light source is too bright 
for the sensor then the hot spot is blacked out to prevent burning out the 
sensitive CCD chip. This was obviously not the case back in 1917. 

Whatever was observed in Fatima created much discussion and 
controversy that still goes on to this day. Russel Callaghan. 

Malcolm Robinson can be contacted at the following: 

Strange Phenomena Investigations SPI (England) 


On the eve of a Lords ruling over US 
demands for his extradition, a British 
computer hacker claims that 
American prosecutors threatened to 
haul him before a military tribunal. 

Jamie Doward, home affairs editor 
The Observer, 

Sunday July 27 2008 

When he wakes up this morning, 
Gary McKinnon will be 72 hours 
from learning whether he is on the 
fast track to a 60-year prison sen¬ 
tence, thanks to his obsession with 

McKinnon, 42, from Enfield in north 
London, is accused by American 
prosecutors of illegally accessing top- 
secret computer systems in what 
they claimed in one legal document 
was ’the biggest military computer 

hack of all time’. 

The self-taught IT expert insists he 
was simply looking for information 
the US government had on UFOs and 
is adamant that he never damaged 
any of its computer systems. This 
argument, however, cuts little ice 
with the Americans, who are trying 
to extradite him. Five years after 
being told by British police that he 
would probably get a six-month com¬ 
munity service order for his exploits, 
McKinnon finds himself still wanted 
by the US authorities. A 2006 High 
Court ruling granted the extradition 
request, and on Wednesday the 
House of Lords will decide on 
McKinnon’s appeal against that rul¬ 

That it should come to this is little 
short of outrageous, say his support¬ 
ers. Soon after he was arrested in 


2002, US prosecutors appeared to 
offer McKinnon a deal: if he agreed 
to extradition and admitted his guilt, 
he would get a sentence of three to 
four years, most of which could be 
served in the UK. When McKinnon 
rejected the offer - made in confiden¬ 
tial meetings at the US embassy - his 
lawyers were told 'all bets were off. 
They claim the US prosecutors upped 
the stakes, suggesting he would be 
’treated like a terrorist' if he did not 
agree to face trial and plead guilty in 
the US. 

McKinnon claims that at one stage 
there were suggestions that he would 
face a military tribunal, possibly at 
Guantanamo Bay. 'They said they 
wanted to see me fry,' he said. 

McKinnon's lawyers claim that 
attempts to force him to accept a 
plea bargain constituted 'an unlawful 
abuse of the court process'. 

A Lords ruling in favour of 
McKinnon, who has become a cause 
celebre for UFO enthusiasts, comput¬ 
er users and civil liberties groups, 
would force US prosecutors to restart 
their extradition process in the mag¬ 
istrates' courts, a major setback that 
could have ramifications for other 
Britons resisting removal to the US. 

A ruling against him would mean an 
appeal to the European Court of 
Human Rights and leave him in legal 
limbo, banned from travelling 
abroad, forced to report to police 
every Friday, and barred from 
accessing the internet. 

In a further twist, it has emerged 
that a crucial file containing details 
of the early meetings with the US 
prosecutors, at which the offers were 
apparently made, has gone missing 
from the office of McKinnon’s solici¬ 
tor. A laptop holding details of the 
same meetings was stolen from the 
car of one of his barristers. 

The revelations have prompted 
febrile speculation among McKin¬ 
non's supporters, who fear that 
events have taken a sinister turn. 
McKinnon believes his phone has 
been bugged and claims to have been 
followed. As a result of his exploits, 
no IT company will now offer 
McKinnon a job. 'I think it's bloody 
ridiculous,' he said. 'They should 
employ me to bust paedophile rings 
or credit card frauds rather than 

stick me in jail for the rest of my life.' 

These days he earns a living driving a 
fork-lift truck. It seems a mundane 
job for a man who between 1999 and 
2002 broke into the most secure 
computer systems in the world from 
his north London flat. Using a com¬ 
puter language called Perl and a 
cheap PC, McKinnon linked a num¬ 
ber of computer systems to search 
for US databases that were not pro¬ 
tected by a password. 'I could scan 
65,000 machines in less than nine 
minutes,' McKinnon said. 

McKinnon unearthed unprotected 
computer systems operated by the 
US army, the navy, the Pentagon and 
Nasa. On every system he hacked, he 
left messages. 'It was frightening 
because they had little or no securi¬ 
ty,' he said. 'I was always leaving 
messages on the desktop saying, 
"your security is really crap”.' 

One message has come back to haunt 
him. 'I said US foreign policy was 
akin to government-sponsored ter¬ 
rorism and I believed 9/11 was an 
inside job. It was a political diatribe,’ 
he admitted. 

In the end, the ease with which he 
could hack the systems became his 
undoing. 'I got sloppy. I went to 
places directly rather than jump 
through systems. Nasa tracked back 
my IP address.' 

McKinnon’s interest in aliens was 
started by an internet-based group of 
UFO enthusiasts called The 
Disclosure Project. The group had 
collected more than 200 testimonies 
- some from people who have served 
in the US military - that 'confirm' 
that extra-terrestrials exist. Not only 
that but, according to McKinnon, 
some of the testimonies offered proof 
that 'certain parts of Western intelli¬ 
gence had acquired and reverse-engi¬ 
neered their technology, mainly 
weaponry and free energy'. 

Intrigued, McKinnon used the testi¬ 
monies to help him search top-secret 
US databases for information about 
free energy. 'I felt if it existed it 
should be publicly available,' he said. 
He says he came across many other 
hackers in the supposedly secure sys¬ 
tems, many with Chinese and 
Russian internet addresses. Since his 

exploits were 
exposed, consecu¬ 
tive government 
reports have con¬ 
firmed that the 
US military's 
computer sys¬ 
tems remain 
poorly pro¬ 

McKinnon I 
was M 
caught M 

before _ 

he could 
find any confi¬ 
dential information on 
'free energy', but he saw enough to 
believe the US authorities are sup¬ 
pressing what they know about 
aliens. He says he came across a doc¬ 
ument written by a Nasa official who 
claimed the agency has to airbrush 
UFOs out of satellite photos because 
'there are so many of them’. 

said. 'I believe my 
case is being treated so seri¬ 
ously because they're scared of what 
I've seen. I'm living in a surreal, nut¬ 
ter’s film.' 

With only a 56k modem, he found 
that downloading the huge volume of 
documents was too time-consuming. 
But McKinnon claims that he man¬ 
aged to capture almost two-thirds of 
an image of what he believes was 
either a UFO or a top-secret US craft 
operating in space. 

The picture was confiscated, along 
with all the other material McKinnon 
downloaded. The material included 
an Excel spreadsheet entitled 'non- 
terrestrial officers' and a list of 
names. 'It was a really weird phrase,' 
McKinnon said. 'Maybe it was the 
secret development of a space force. 
Space is the next frontier and it's 
already being weaponised.' 

His hacking career came to an abrupt 
end one morning in March 2002. 

The National High Tech Crime Unit 
searched his flat and arrested 
McKinnon and his then girlfriend. 
'They said "you'll probably get six 
months’ community service",' 
McKinnon claimed. In the end the 
Crown Prosecution Service decided 
not to prosecute, but two years later, 
after crime unit officials visited 
Washington, apparently taking 
McKinnon’s hard drive, the US gov¬ 
ernment began extradition proceed¬ 

'Now I’m facing 60 years in prison,' 


UPDATED 31st Aug 2008 

Gary McKinnon appealed to the 
Home Secretary recently to stop his 
extradition after losing a legal 
appeal. He is due to be extradited to 
the United States within two weeks 
and could face a sentence of up to 80 
years in a maximum-security prison 
if found guilty. 

McKinnon has suggested that the US 
authorities should take advantage of 
his expertise rather than prosecute 
him. "The reason I left not just one 
note, but multiple notes on multiple 
desk-tops, was to say 'Look, this is 

Karen Todner, from Kaim Todner 
solicitors, said that Mr McKinnon 
was "distraught" about the decision 
by the European Court of Human 
Rights and appealed to Jacqui Smith, 
the Home Secretary, to intervene. 
"He is terrified by the prospect of 
going to America," she said. 

Ms Todner added that the alleged 
offences had been committed on 
British soil and so he should be tried 

Respective copyright observed. 


Tom Abino looks at some of the 
weird evidence that suggests the 
moon may not have been a dead 
body in our night skies 

There are ancient alien ruins on the 
moon. They have been there for as 
long as we have been on the Earth 
and NASA has known about it all 
along. But NASA hasn’t been so swift 
with the ink and the blurs that domi¬ 
nate many moon photos. There is 
evidence from new moon satellites, 
many of them foreign, in which these 
ruins can be clearly seen. This wasn’t 
a little alien base or a few aliens in a 
tin can, but a vast civilization that 
existed just 250,000 miles away. 

We know from history that the Earth 
was vastly different way back when. 
Before the Flood, the Earth had an 
atmospheric pressure that was dou¬ 
ble what it was today. People lived to 
be a thousand years old. The moon 
could've had an atmosphere as well. 
Though we can only speculate about 
what the conditions on the moon 
were like, we can tell from the photo¬ 
graphs that they didn't build a dome 
over them to hold air. Many of these 
ruins resemble similar remains here 
on earth. 

The best alien ruin site is located in 
Bessel Crater. As you can see from 
the photo below, the basin itself 
doesn't resemble a typical impact 
crater, but rather it looks like it was 
dug out. The ruins inside hug the 
overhang just as similar structures 
build by Indian Cliff Dwellers here 
on Earth do. The two top columns in 
the shadow area near the top are the 
most impressive. These obelisks rise 

halfway up the wall and may well be 
the route that they used to get in and 
out of the structure. The size of the 
ruins is massive. 

The crater, if it is a crater at all, is 
1.25 miles (2 km) deep and 9.9 miles 
(16 km) in diameter. This is a good 
sized city of several thousand. 


Many debunkers will say that this is 
just a crater. There is nothing in exis¬ 
tence that will leave raised soil in the 
center after colliding with the moon. 
The centers of impact craters are dug 
out by whatever smashed into them. 
The two columns near the top climb 
better than three-fourths of a mile. 
What comet or meteor would leave 
an indentation that looks like that? 
The way that these structures rise 
required some being to build them. 
Consider at the rim. It is too perfect 
looking for an impact. It appears like 
a team of earthmovers dug it out, 
and maybe a crew did or perhaps it 
was a squad of alien ships. 

They had to have a farm or green¬ 
house somewhere under there in 
order to feed all of those beings. This 
city would have to have the same 
things that any city has-food distri¬ 
bution, waste collection, medical 
centers, schools, courts, government, 
churches, etc. They had to have a 
ship or two in order to get around. 
That number of aliens wouldn’t just 
go strolling around like Neil 
Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin did with 
little more than a space suit. 

Bessel Crater isn't the only location 
of alien ruins on the moon. Another 
alien city exists inside of Magelhaens 
A Crater. A large hole, which at one 
time had a structure rising above it 
to who knows what heights, as well 
several smaller ones, mark an area 
that is clearly the top of an alien 
made cavern or cellar. It doesn't 
match the rest of the crater, appear¬ 
ing as a concrete floor that sits atop a 
basement. The sides of the basin look 
like they were carved out at tapering 
down levels, the same way that a 
large cut is made in a hill in order for 
a freeway to pass through. These 
scores obviously continued down 
below the floor to create whatever 
basement levels exist down there. 

The crater is massive, measuring 
19.8 miles (32 km) in diameter. This 
city had to hold several thousand 
aliens. The below ground chamber 
could be several miles beneath the 
floor. Look at the outer rim of the 
basin in the lower third of the photo¬ 
graph. The soil rises up better than a 
mile. No collision would raise the 
dirt up over a mile. There are small 
craters along the rise, impacts from 
meteors that fell before the aliens 

sliced the hill away that was there. 
This city was a massive undertaking. 

The crater is built as a bowl stadium. 
The same construction techniques 
would have to be used regardless of 
who is using them given gravity and 
soil. It is the area beneath the floor 
that is the most important. How 
many levels are down there, we can 
only speculate. It could connect to 
underground tunnels that could go 
well beneath the lunar soil. Stop and 
think about the fact that they dug out 
a hill, which stood who knows how 
tall, and built a city in its place. 

Judging by the diameter of the crater 
itself, the hole in the center must be 
close to two miles across. The struc¬ 
ture that sat atop it would have been 
the size of the Great 
Pyramid of Giza. Such a 
building would hold sev¬ 
eral hundred beings, 
maybe more given the 
small size of aliens com¬ 
pared to humans. This 
leads to how they got 
from the lowest level 
below ground to the top 
of the building. Did they 
have electricity and ele¬ 
vators? If they had the 
equipment to build such 
a city in the first place, 
then the inside had to be 
more than just a cave. 

They could've had tech¬ 

nology far more advanced than any¬ 
thing that we know today. 

The Apollo missions, and the 
Surveyor missions that came before 
it, had to have seen these cities from 
orbit. They could have landed one of 
the LEMs near one of these craters 
and done a thorough investigation. 
NASA is doing the same thing on 
Mars by wasting the rover missions 
in obscure location instead of explor¬ 
ing the ruins of Cydonia or the Inca 
city. NASA’s old lies that there is 
nothing on the moon but some old 
footprints and the bottom parts of 
LEMs are as big of a myth as the 
man in the moon. 



IPreiifiA Hie 
off iura History 

Mike Conley's Tales of the 
Weird: 60th Anniversary of 
Pilots’ Close Encounter 

nconley@mcdowellnews. com 
Thursday, July 24, 2008 

It was 60 years ago that two well- 
respected commercial pilots found 
themselves on a collision course with 
a torpedo-shaped unidentified flying 
object. And that extraordinary 
encounter would influence the Air 
Force's early investigation of the 
whole UFO phenomenon. 

During the early morning hours of 
July 24, 1948, pilot Clarence Chiles 
and co-pilot John Whitted were fly¬ 
ing an Eastern Airlines Douglas DC-3 
over the city of Montgomery, Ala. 
Their airliner was cruising at an alti¬ 
tude of about 5,000 feet and the 
night-time flight was pretty much 

But at about 2:45 a.m., Chiles spot¬ 
ted a hazy red cloud, which looked 
like aircraft exhaust. It was slightly 
above them and to the front of the 
DC-3 by about half a mile. Chiles 

next saw some kind of aircraft and 
suspected that it was one of the new 
jet planes being used by the Army. 
However, the two pilots quickly real¬ 
ized that this object was not a jet 
plane and it was coming right at 
them very fast. The strange object 
barely missed the DC-3 and passed 
by them on their starboard side at a 
distance of about 1,000 feet, accord¬ 
ing to Chiles's report. 

As the UFO bore down on them, 
Chiles took the DC-3 into a tight left 
turn. As the UFO passed them by, 
the DC-3 hit some turbulent air. 
Whitted was able to look back just as 
the weird object pulled up into a 
steep climb. 

Both men had seen the object for 
about 10 to 15 seconds but that was 
enough for them to get a good look at 
it. Both described it as cigar- or tor¬ 
pedo-shaped and about 100 feet 
long. It was about three times the 
diameter of a B-29 bomber used in 
World War II. The object's surface 
was entirely smooth with no wings. 
The rear section of the UFO gave off 
a bright red-orange exhaust that got 
redder when it rose in altitude. 


Chiles and Whitted reported hearing 
no sound at all as the UFO passed by 
their plane, according to a web site. 
Both pilots also stated that the UFO 
had two rows of rectangular win¬ 
dows. Chiles later wrote that the two 
rows indicated an upper and lower 
deck inside the UFO. A very bright 
light seemed to be glowing from 
inside the windows. And underneath 
the object, a blue glow could be seen. 
Because it was early morning, most 
of the plane’s passengers were 
asleep. But one of them, Clarence L. 
McKelvie, would later testify that he 
too saw something similar to what 
Chiles and Whitted saw. 

He stated he saw a very bright light 
from his window seat in the DC-3. 

He told investigators that the light 
seemed to move parallel to the plane, 
but at a higher altitude. 

Right after the close encounter, 
Chiles radioed Eastern Airlines flight 
controllers and asked them if any 
known experimental aircraft were 
being flown in the region at that 
time. There were none, according to 
a web site. 

The flight landed at Birmingham, 

Ala. shortly before 4 a.m. The pilots 
went to a hotel for some rest but it 
wasn’t long before their sighting 
attracted media interest. Within a 
few hours, they were interviewed by 
both a radio station and a newspaper 

This sighting would be significant 
because it was reported by two expe¬ 
rienced and respected pilots with 
Eastern Airlines. Both men had been 
decorated for their service in World 
War II. 

At first, investigators suggested the 
object was a meteor but both Chiles 
and Whitted rejected this. They 
asserted that it was a "manmade 

Not long afterwards, another witness 
stepped forward. Walter Massey, a 
ground-crew chief at nearby Robins 
Air Force Base in Georgia, claimed to 
have seen something very similar 
about an hour before Chiles' and 
Whitted's encounter. Like the two 
pilots, he said it was a torpedo¬ 
shaped object that looked to be two 
or three times larger than a B-29 and 
had "a long stream of fire coming out 
the tail end." 

Of course, officials with the Pentagon 
floated the ever-popular weather bal¬ 
loon theory. Just a year before, the 
military tried to explain what hap¬ 
pened at Roswell, N.M. with that 
same old tired weather balloon theo¬ 
ry. But the explanation was quickly 
withdrawn with the Chiles-Whitted 
encounter. An Air Force spokesman 
admitted their sighting was credible, 
according to a Web site. 

So based on this and other sightings, 
Air Force investigators began to take 
more seriously the idea that UFOs 
might come from other worlds. 


It seems that my Tales of the Weird 
column has attracted The History 
Channel’s interest. On Tuesday, I 
received a phone call from an associ 
ate producer of the channel's show 
UFO Hunters. It turns out that the 
show wants to use a column that I 
wrote back in December about the 
Cash-Landrum sighting that hap¬ 

pened in Texas. 

In that 1980 case, Betty Cash, and 
her friend, Vickie Landrum saw a 
UFO and that encounter might have 
made them very ill. Eighteen years 
later. Cash died on the anniversary of 
the sighting and some investigators 
believe she was killed by the UFO 

The associate producer said her show 
will take another look at the event 
and wanted to use my column. I 
don't know when it will be aired on 
the History Channel but I'll keep you 

Contact Mike Conley at 652-3313, 
ext. 3422 or e-mail 

Just to clarify for our readers that 
Birminghan as referred to in this 
article is Birmingham, Alabama in 
the United States. 

It is interesting to note that this 
encounter happened not long after 
the Roswell events of 1947 and as 
reports sighted in Project Blue Book 
and the like it strengthens claims 
that the United States was in the 
midst of a UFO flap throughout the 
late 1940s and 50s. 

I am sure many researchers and 
enthusiasts find it hard to under¬ 
stand why even with so much docu¬ 
mented evidence that the powers 
that be still find it hard to accept 
that there is much firm ground 
behind the UFO subject and cases 
such as this one should be afforded 
respect at least. 

From the witness description of the 
event it appears the object was no 
natural phenomena. It is described 
has having windows with obvious 
internal lighting sources, you would 
only need such internal illumination 
if a craft had passengers or crew on 
board. We don’t put lighting or win¬ 
dows in our space probes you sim¬ 
ply don’t need them and the power 
required to run such systems would 
be a total waste of resources. 

Finally we have yet to see a weather 
balloon or meteor that needed inter¬ 
nal illumination. UFO for sure. 




In These Signs Conquer: 

Revealing the Secret Signs an 
Age Has Obscured is a remark¬ 
able book from Ellis Taylor. 

Charting the hidden history of 
humanity from its origins in the 
stars to modern times, Ellis takes 
us on a fascinating journey, using 
symbology, both ancient and mod¬ 
ern, in this, the second edition of 
his book. 

Ellis’ wit shines through in this 
book, making what could be a 
mind-numbing trawl through eso- 
tericism an enjoyable and fulfilling 
experience. He takes complex 
subjects and boils them down into 
words that anybody can under¬ 

Despite what historians tell us, 
that our evolution was a long, hard 
slog from its primitive origins to 
our modern world of global conflict 
and strife, Ellis maintains that a 
complex plan has been at work, a 
plan that can be decoded using 
the symbols and writings of our 
ancestors, from the ancient 
Sumerians and Egyptians to the 
Bible to Francis Bacon and Dr 
John Dee to HP Lovecraft. No 
stone is left unturned in this epic 
quest for the truth about the 
nature of reality. 

Read this extraordinary work and 
your view of the world will be 
changed forever. 

Ellis Taylor's website can be found 

Steve Johnson 





Being someone who reports and documents UFO sightings, I have to tell you that I 
get totally wazzed off by local radio and news presenters ringing me up and 
getting very excited over reports of strange orange lights in the skies. I was on a 
filming assignment at Headingley in Leeds a couple of weeks ago when at halftime 
I strolled off the gantry to stretch my legs. Now Headingley has a huge student 
population and Beer and Bar-b-ques are the staple diet of those who stay local for 
the summer. 

All of a sudden in front of me was a fleet of rapidly-climbing bin bags. Four of the 
five I saw failed within a minute of launch, but one soared upwards and onwards. 

I grabbed my phone and started to film, just why I don’t know but I have put it on 
the UFORUSS page on Youtube for you to have a look at. 

More Lanterns 
Mistaken for UFOs! 

Steve Johnson Reports. 

There have been many news reports 
recently where those pesky 
Chinese/Thai lanterns have been 
mistaken for UFOs. Here is a selec¬ 
tion of some of those reports: 

'UFO' identified as wedding 

From The Western Mercury - 26th 
June 2008 
No By-Line 

A UFO spotted flying towards the 
Bristol Channel has been identified 
as lanterns that were set off at a wed¬ 

On June 8 reports of a UFO in the 
sky over South Wales were made 
by a police helicopter crew but it 
did not manage to take any pic 
tures before it disappeared. 

The sighting has now been 
put down to some Japanese 
lanterns that were lit at a 
wedding in Cowbridge. 

The paper lamps inflate when they 
are lit, causing them to float up into 
the sky. 

IFO (Identified Flying Object) 

From The Evening Star * - 23rd July 

By Rebecca Lefort 
MYSTERY solved! 

The riddle behind the glowing orange 
UFO seen by Ipswich teenager 
Charlotte Bevan appears to have 
been unravelled today. 

Miss Bevan, 18, spotted the mysteri¬ 
ous unidentified flying object over 
Cineworld in Cardinal Park last 

Now firework expert Warren 
Thomas, owner of the Firework 
Emporium in Foxhall Road, has said 
the description of the bright lights 
matched that of Chinese Glo 
Lanterna, which he has sold hun¬ 
dreds of in the past few months. 

Mr Thomas said: "It is all a bit of a 
laugh - but I think I have the answer. 

"We sell a lot of them during the 
summer. You light a cardboard 
square and the lantern starts to 
ignite and fill the paper balloon up 
with hot air. 

’’The lanterns go into the air and 
glow a red-orange colour.” 

His logical explanation comes after 
other people also said they had seen 
the strange lights in the night 


Market couple Twailing 
and William Crawford said 
they saw the objects float overhead 
while they were relaxing with friends 
in a Great Finborough garden one 
evening in late May. 

The pair even contacted the police 
because Mr Crawford, 54, works as 
an aircraft engineer and was con¬ 
vinced the lights were not coming 
from any aircraft. 

Mrs Crawford, 43, of Pinecroft Way, 
said: ’’Then we saw red lights in the 
sky. There was one, and then another 
came behind it and there were ten in 
all in a straight line. 

’’Then they just disappeared, they 
were like blips and were gone. 

"We thought it was very strange. 
There was no noise and they were 
there for 15 minutes. We tried to take 
photos but nothing came out." 


The strange lights were seen again 
and captured on video on Monday 
night in the Colchester Road area of 

Other sightings of the Suffolk UFOs 

Amanda Bull said she also saw a 
strange object. She said: "My hus¬ 
band and I saw this at about 9.30pm, 
fixing over Kesgrave heading east¬ 
wards. It was quite high in the sky 
but again no noise whatsoever. When 
we saw it, it seemed not just to be an 
orange ball, but you could visibly see 
what looked like flames coming from 

Angie Paley said: "My husband, 
daughter and I also saw a bright 
orange oval shaped light 
in the sky over 
Kesgrave at 
about 9.30pm. 
Surely it would 
have been too late in 
the evening for a hot 
air balloon? 

Robert Thorpe from 
Ipswich said: "Just over 
three weeks ago me and 
my wife had left my sister’s 
in Downside Close between 
9.30pm and 10pm and we 
both saw a red/orange glow in 
the sky. All that we could think 
of at the time is that it was a hot 
air balloon but we could not see 
the balloon only the glow and 
there was no sound. We thought it 
was quite late for a hot air balloon 

Is it a UFO? No, it’s just a 
Chinese lantern! 

From The Huddersfield Daily 
Examiner - 31st July 2008 
By Barry Gibson 

THE mystery of UFOs over 
Huddersfield has been solved. 

People in the Holme Valley reported 
seeing a mysterious red light in the 
skies on Saturday night. 

Sadly for UFO believers it turns out 
they were nothing more mysterious 
or sinister than fast-flying Chinese 
lanterns sent soaring skywards. 

Kirkburton woman Lyndsay White 

contacted the paper after reading 
that two people had reported seeing 
a red shape moving from Cinderhills 
in the direction of Dunford Bridge. 

She said: "My family and I released a 
Chinese firefly lantern at Highburton 
around 10pm on Saturday. 

"It looked spectacular when it went 
up and someone joked that people 
would call the Examiner saying they 
had seen a UFO. We had a laugh 
about it." 

Lyndsay bought the lantern, which 
was 4ft tall and 2ft wide, from 
Armitage’s Garden Centre in Shelley. 

She released it in memory of her 
stepfather Alan Castle. 

The Holmfirth man, who died earlier 
this month, saw the lanterns during a 
holiday to Thailand. 

But there is hope for the believers. 

Other strange lights seen in other 
parts of the country the same night 
remain unexplained. 

People all over the nation reported 
bright orange balls shooting through 
the sky and strange flickering lights. 

More than 200 people contacted 
UFO Investigations UK claiming to 
have seen UFOs on Saturday night. 

The organisation usually receives no 
more than 15 reports a day. 

The truth is out there - those 
UFOs were Chinese lanterns at 
a wedding 

From The Sheffield Star - 1st August 

By Nick Ward 

the panic was her daughter's wed¬ 
ding reception. 

Sylvia said after her daughter Karen, 
38, said "I do" to 37-year-old Paul 
Jones at Sheffield Town Hall they 
and around 50 guests travelled to the 
Shiregreen Arms in Shiregreen for 
their wedding reception. 

Part of the celebrations saw happy 
couple Karen, a school teacher, and 
postman Paul release 50 Chinese 
floating lanterns. 

Sylvia said the lanterns quickly float¬ 
ed off towards Meadowhall. 

"The lights that were spotted had to 
be the lanterns," said Sylvia. 

"I had never seen them before and it 
was a smashing surprise when they 
were released. 

Anita Duce, of Fernside Avenue, 
Almondbury also contacted the 
Examiner to report a mysterious red 

And this time it seems that 
Jacky West, of nearby Far 
View Crescent was respon¬ 

She also released a 
lantern from her back 
garden on Saturday 

"I'd like to use 
them at my 
Charlotte's wed¬ 
ding reception 
next year," 
said Jacky. 

"They are 
absolutely i 
beautiful, 4 
like little 
hot air balloons." 

She bought the lantern, which 
was 2ft 6in tall and 18 inches across, 
from Armitage's Garden Centre at 

MORE evidence today emerged that 
the bright lights hovering over 
Meadowhall last weekend were noth¬ 
ing to worry about. 

The lights - which sparked theories 
of a UFO invasion - were spotted by 
hundreds of people on Saturday 

But no one - includ¬ 
ing police - 

"It was an even bigger surprise when 
I read in The Star about all the fuss 
they had caused." 

UFOs turn out to be candles on 

From The Scotsman - 4th August 

By Sam Reeves 

POLICE were flooded with reports of 
UFO sightings at the weekend after 
party-goers attached candles to 
balloons and sent them 

* floating off into tlu* sk\. 

m sti 

W apj 

W and! 

W woulc 
W true. 

f But resi( 

The revellers in Grangemouth, 
Stirlingshire, were involved in 
a party game on Saturday night 
and hoped releasing the devices 
would make their dreams come 

what they were. 

But residents in the surrounding area 
were shocked by the sight of the illu¬ 
minated globes, mistaking them for 
an alien invasion. 

Central Scotland Police said they 
received more than a dozen calls in 
half an hour from locals who 
beleived the balloons were interstel¬ 
lar craft. 

Jacky said: "I laughed when I saw 
the reports of UFO sightings, I'm 
sure it was our lantern. I hope they 
don't get banned because of this!" 

Now Sylvia Critchlow, aged 63, of 
Bluebell Close, Wincobank, has 
revealed the lights had nothing to do 
with aliens - she believes the cause of 

A spokesman said: "We've had calls 
saving it's UFOs. It turns out that it’s 
balloons with candles on. People 
make a wish and then release them." 


UFOs 1 turn out to be fire 

From Reading Evening Post - 4th 
August 2008 
By Paul Cassell 

The mystery of UFOs flying over 
Woodley has been solved and sadly 
no bug-eyed green aliens will be 
landing in the town - well, at least 
not for the time being. 

The truth was definitely out there 
after the Evening Post was told the 
"bright orange globes" which 
stunned onlookers in the night skies 
on Saturday, July 26, were in fact fire 

The lanterns, which work in a similar 
way to hot-air balloons, were set off 
from a wedding reception being held 
at the Oakwood Centre in Headley 

Centre manager Cheryl Cardwell 
said: "I read with glee your report of 
UFOs in last week’s paper. I suppose 
it makes good press. 

"They were indeed fire lanterns, only 
18 not 30 as claimed, that were set 
off by a wedding party taking place at 
the Oakwood Centre. 

"Aren't people strange?" 

Awestruck residents sent the Post 
photos and video footage of the 
lanterns with many baffled by the 
objects they had seen drifting across 
the sky from east to west. 

Steve Dyke, of Malvern Close, spoke 
of "big, circular and even" objects but 
was unable to see any detail while 
Rachel Gormley, of Corbett Gardens, 
confessed "I'd seen nothing like it 

Fire lanterns, also called sky lanterns 
and somewhat appropriately UFO 
balloons, were invented by the 
Chinese and originally known as 
Kong Mong Deng. 

They were named after the leader of 
the three-kingdom period between 
184AD and 280AD who, when sur¬ 
rounded by enemies, used the 
lanterns to send signals for help. 

They were then made of oiled rice 
paper with a bamboo frame and con¬ 

tained a small candle and said to be 
in the shape of the leader's hat. 

Today's lanterns work on much the 
same principle with the flame inside 
causing the lantern to rise and glow 
brightly in the night sky. 

The lanterns are built using flame¬ 
proof paper and fuel cells that are 
designed not to smoulder and are 
also available in triangular, circular 
and heart shapes. 

UFO expert Michael Soper, from 
Oxfordshire, who has been investi¬ 
gating flying saucers and paranormal 
activity with Contact International 
UFO Research for 25 years, said: 
"Fire lanterns are regularly mistaken 
for UFOs and there are more of them 
and this is thought to be due to the 
increase in immigration. They are 
often amber and circular but the real 
giveaway is they follow the wind. 

"There is enough evidence to suggest 
UFOs definitely exist whether in a 
physical or psychological dimension 
and most of them are doing exactly 
the same behaviour throughout his¬ 

"Caversham and Earley are areas 
where there have been cases and 
there is every chance UFOs have 
flown over Woodley." 

Bradfield Road at about half six. 
There was a group of three lads let¬ 
ting them off and three more riding 
on bikes to see how far they were 
going. They were laughing at all the 
people staring." 

Police were called to investigate the 
lights and hundreds of people have 
since logged onto this website to see 
the objects floating over Stretford. 

The sightings follow a Ministry of 
Defence report which revealed two 
UFO sightings last year in Chorlton 
and Irlam. 

Stephen Mera, founder of the 
Manchester Association of 
Paranormal Investigators and 
Training, said: "There are usually 
between 80 and 90 sightings a year 
and the vast majority of them are 
these lanterns or balloons. They only 
cost around £3 and can be set off 
within minutes of being bought." 

This year has been an unusually 
large number of sightings with more 
than 150 UFOs reported. Only 
around 4 per cent turn out to be 

Some witnesses claimed the UFOs 
were too big to be lanterns and dis¬ 
appeared in an instant but Mr Mera 

UFO Mystery Solved 

From Manchester Evening 
News - 16th August 2008 
By Lanre Bakare 

THE Stretford UFO sight¬ 
ing has been solved and 
apparently it was no more 
than a lot of hot air! 

Bright orange lights 
appeared above Stretford 
on Thursday night, spark¬ 
ing speculation that extra 
terrestrials had come to 

But, according to a wit¬ 
ness, the truth is that they 
were lanterns made by 
children out of bin bags 
and candles. 

The woman, who asked to 
remain anonymous, said: 
"We saw the lanterns com¬ 
ing out of a garden off 


has a theory. 

He said: ’’It's very hard to judge how 
big something is in the sky because 
there is nothing to compare things 

"As for the disappearing, the lantern 
more than likely just went behind 
low cloud cover rather than vanish 
into thin air." 

According to Mr Mera, the lanterns 
have been set off all summer and 
Thursday's ' UFOs’ were the results 
of a particularly successful launch. 

He said: "I think we’ll see more of 
these throughout the summer. It’s 
not the first time and it certainly 
won’t be the last." 

City UFOs? This couple has the 

From This Is Nottingham - 29th 
August 2008 
By Delia Monk 

WHEN lights floated across the 
evening sky in Carlton last weekend, 
no one was able to identify the mys¬ 
terious flying objects. 

Many believed the lights were alien 
spacecraft, prompting a flurry of 
comments on the Evening Post web¬ 

But a more earthly explanation for 
the strange, ethereal objects has now 

Newlyweds Izabella and Adrian 
Jagiello-Marks believe the lights 
were actually flying Chinese lanterns, 
released into the sky as part of their 
wedding celebrations. 

The lanterns, which are about 30 
inches tall and made from rice paper, 
are set alight at the base and fly into 
the sky like mini hot-air balloons. 

Mrs Jagiello-Marks said: "You’d 
never think lighting a bunch of 
lanterns would be so cool, but it was 
an amazing site." 

The couple married on Saturday at 
Nottingham Cathedral, on Derby 
Road. But the party continued on 
Sunday, when guests made wishes as 
eight lanterns took off from their 

home on Hillview Road, Carlton. 

"Seven went off really fast. The last 
one had a bit of a hole in it, so it 
lagged behind," said Mrs Jagiello- 
Marks, whose sister had bought the 
lanterns as a wedding gift. 

Anita Hearn, from Lambley, was 
driving her mother home to Carlton 
at about 9.30pm last Sunday when 
she saw lights in the sky. She said: 
"We saw in the distance at first what 
we thought were fireworks. 

"Then we realised these lights were 
all in a shape, equal distance apart 
and moving slowly at the same 
speed. Eventually they all faded 
away. It was ever so strange. I was 
quite scared." 

Sightings were also reported from 
Langley Mill, Heanor and Eastwood. 

Anne Devonport, from Langley Mill, 
said: "There were about 16 we could 
see in the sky but a lot more behind. 
They seemed to be really bright, then 
they drifted to the left and disap¬ 
peared altogether. 

"I didn’t know what they were. There 
was no noise from them." 

It has been reported that another 50 
lanterns were released at a wedding 
at Eastwood Hall Hotel that evening. 

Izabella Jagiello-Marks said: "I 
thought it was hilarious. Even with a 
logical explanation, people believe 
they’re UFOs. It’s a bit of a joke." 

Have girls solved the mystery of 
the UFOs? 

From The Halifax Evening Courier - 
1st September 2008 
By Suzanne Rutter 

THE mystery of strange lights hover¬ 
ing in the sky above the Calder Valley 
may have been solved by two 

The spooky lights, pictured above, 
caused a stir when they were spotted 
over Mytholmroyd on August 11. 

Could they have been from an aero¬ 
plane or something more alien? 

Amy Cheetham, 19, of Halifax, and 
Louise Neil, 18, of Hebden Bridge, 
believe they were, in fact, just fly- 


away Chinese lanterns. 

Amy said: "We were walking the dog 
when we saw what appeared to be lit¬ 
tle hot-air balloons made of paper, 
like Chinese lanterns. There were 
about six of them and it was obvious 
they had been lit. 

"I just thought it was a bit weird. 
Louise told me about the UFO story 
and I couldn’t believe it. They are 
definitely not UFOs. 

"I think we have probably solved the 
mystery." The incident has been 
causing a fair old flap since it was 
reported in the Courier. 

Mark Jefferys, of Ashton Road, 
Mytholmroyd, said sons Matthew, 

12, and Liam, 13, thought they could 
be UFOs. 

"It couldn't have been helicopters 
because they were orange lights, not 
white," he said. Other readers 
suggested the bright lights could be 
attributed to an annual natural phe¬ 
nomenon, known as Perseids. 

James Fryer said: "I’m certainly no 
expert but I believe the lights were 
probably part of the annual meteor 

Gemma Kipping, of Todmorden, said 
she spotted the same activity two 
weeks earlier. "I thought they could 
have been hot-air balloons but then 
thought who would be out in a bal¬ 
loon at night?" 

And ex-RAF avionics technician 
Chris Granger, 45, of Vale Mill 
Cottages, Cragg Vale, told us: "They 
moved in a very erratic manner and 
did not display the flight characteris¬ 
tic of a conventional aircraft." 


One day I excpect a 
report in a local paper 
claiming a UFO has 
burned down a barn or 
ruined a farmer’s field full 
of crops because these 
things are dangerous and 
should be banned... 




Was it worth the wait? 

In June and July, the UK network 
television broadcaster, Channel 5, 
aired a four-part series entitled 
Britain's Closest Encounters. 
Produced by Firefly Film and 
Television Productions, the series 
was narrated by Anthony Head and 
featured UFO eyewitnesses and 
experts from all around the United 

The first episode focussed upon the 
notorious Berwyn Mountains 
Incident from 1974. During the 
ev ening of January 23rd, 1974, the 
town of Landrillo in North Wales was 
shaken by an earthquake. In nearby 
Corwen, Sergeant Elfed Roberts 
(who would go on to become the 
Assistant Chief Constable of North 
Wales Police) feared that the dam at 
nearby Bala had breached and 
rushed to investigate. Satisfied that 
the dam was secure, he headed for 
Bala Police Station, where the 
phones were ringing almost con¬ 
stantly. Reports were coming in from 
the residents of Landrillo about 
lights in the sky. A ’ball of fire with a 
tail’ was seen coming down over the 
mountains close to the village. 

Sergeant Roberts and a colleague 
headed out to Landrillo and wit¬ 
nessed an arcing, green light, with 
blue edges, in the sky, unlike any¬ 
thing Roberts had seen before. When 
they arrived in the village, the locals 
told of what they had seen. Fearful 
that an aircraft might have crashed, 
the policemen began searching the 
area. Commandeering a local 
farmer's Land Rover, they headed up 
the mountain, sweeping the area 
with their torches. Then they decided 
to switch off the flashlights and wait¬ 
ed quietly to see if anything unusual 
could be seen or heard. 

A few miles away, local nurse, Pat 
Evans, also feared a plane had 
crashed and set off with her daugh¬ 
ters to see if anybody required med¬ 
ical assistance. She described seeing 
a circular, red light with other lights 
moving around it. Meanwhile, 
Sergeant Roberts' search proved 

The next day, the media descended 
upon Landrillo, curious about the 
strange story coming from the vil¬ 
lage. Astronomer, Dr Ron Maddison 

arrived with colleagues and began 
searching for what he suspected was 
a meteorite coming down in the 
mountains. No evidence was ever 
found of a plane crash or a meteorite 
impact. The mystery persisted. 

The British Geological Survey had 
measured an earthquake in the area 
with a magnitude of 3.5 on the 
Richter Scale. So, that explained the 
rumbling, but what about the lights 
in the sky? The Royal Astronomical 
Society explained that a meteor 
shower had been visible that night 
and they had received reports from 
all over the country about particular¬ 
ly bright meteors. 

The case was forgotten for about fif¬ 
teen years, until Pat Evans spoke to 
Jenny Randles about what she had 
seen. Her story reignited the mys¬ 
tery. Investigators once again 
descended upon the area and, even¬ 
tually, Nurse Evans became so 
fatigued with the attention that she 
moved abroad. 

Three weeks after the earthquake, 
local gamekeeper, Geraint Edwards, 
witnessed something on the moun- 

tain that remained in his memory 
ever since. He described a red object, 
shaped like a rugby ball, but with 
more pointed ends, hovering sixty to 
a hundred feet over Pen-Y-Bryn. As 
he and his friends watched, it took 
off at high speed over the mountains. 

shown in this episode, just before it 
blinks out, there appear to be two 
steady lights with flashing lights 
accompanying them. Frankly, that 
looks like a conventional aircraft to 
me. Sorry, Sharon. 

For some bizarre reason (and this 
happened in every episode), the pro¬ 
gramme whisked us away from 
Berwyn and across the country to 
Derbyshire to check out another 

In October, 2000, Sharon Rowlands 
saw something over Bonsall and cap¬ 
tured it with her camcorder. She said 
that what she saw was a segmented 
disc with a dark centre that was as 
large as 'a detached house'. She 
became very nervous when she 
feared that the object would land in 
the field close to her house. As she 
recorded the event, the 
object blinked out. 

When her story 
appeared in the local 
paper, UFO investi¬ 
gators from all over 
the world began 
contacting her. 

She decided to 
place the video 
tape in a vault 
at her solici¬ 

Video expert, 

Peter Marriot, came to the 
conclusion that what Sharon had 
recorded was simply a street lamp. 
Sharon discounts this explanation, 
saying that what she saw was not a 
streetlight and was like nothing she 
had ever seen. Judging from the clip 

Jenny Randles explains that out of 
over ten thousand cases she has 
looked at over thirty years, ninety- 
five percent can be explained as 
IFOs, Identified Flying Objects. 
Aircraft, balloons, Chinese lanterns, 
meteors etc. fall into this category of 
misidentification. We are then told 
how Chinese lanterns have sparked a 
UFO wave over the UK in recent 
years. Andy Roberts agrees, saying 
that the general public are somewhat 
ignorant of what is in the skies above 
their heads and that he has seen sev¬ 
eral things that he cannot explain. 
Back to Berwyn, sceptics such as 
Andy Roberts claimed that what Pat 
Evans saw was people on the moun¬ 
tain across the valley. These, accord¬ 
ing to Andy, were the police and 

farmers meeting a group of 
poachers. One of the 
poachers in 
w question, 

V Ieuan Roberts, 
V is doubtful that 
W the lights they 
V used that night 
V could be mistaken 
W for anything else. 

J He said that Pat 

r could not have seen 
their lights that night. 

ocr e J^7$ 

Could so-called earth- 
lights have been what 
people witnessed that night? Jenny 
Randles believes that this is a possi¬ 
bility. Earthlights are caused by tec- 

4 # 

Bonsall, Derbyshire. 

The Sharon Rowlands case was 
blown out of all proportion by the 
views of a solitary UFO 

Another investigator Omar Fowler 
a veteran of UFO research was 
invited to view Sharon’s tape and 
reported to UFO Magazine that the 
film showed what he believed to 
be an aircraft with afterburners in 

But the original investigator who 
convinced Sharon she had the 
smoking gun reported to American 
TV producer Robert Kiviat that this 
was the best UFO ever filmed, 
encouraged by kiviat’s global offer 
of up to $10,000 would be paid for 
the best footage for his forthcom¬ 
ing UFO’s the best evidence 
caught on camera series. This was 
to be paid for exclusive access to 
the film of course. However 
Sharon released stills to the press 
and within days a shot of an out of 
focus light source adorned every 
tabloid across the UK and Bob 
Kiviat deamed his deal well and 
truly broken and no money 
changed hands. 

Graham W. Birdsall and I visited 
Bonsall to interview Sharon but 
she promptly ran away. 

The reports however put Bonsall 
firmly on the UFO hot spot map so 
much so that the local Pub land¬ 
lord arranged bank holiday UFO 
tours of the Derbyshire Peaks that 
started and finished at his Pub’s 
front door. 

The area even featured on BBC 
TV’s Countryfile, along with our 

Happy memories... 

v ■ w 



1 v 

tonic stresses grinding together rocks 
and releasing piezoelectric energy 
into the sky in the form of plasma. 

The programme then moved on to 
the alleged cover-up regarding the 
Berwyn Mountains Incident. Huw 
Lloyd, son of the farmer whose Land 
Rover was borrowed by Sergeant 
Roberts, believes that a cover-up did, 
in fact, take place. Nick Pope doesn't 
think so. Reports of what the pro¬ 
gramme called Men-In-Black inter¬ 
viewing witnesses in Landrillo 
(although none of those interviewed 
described them as such on camera) 
were, according to Dr Roger Musson 
of the British Geological Survey, seis¬ 
mologists sent to check out the 
earthquake reports. 

Locals reported that army personnel 
arrived and deployed on the moun¬ 
tain, apparently searching for some¬ 
thing. A Landrillo fireman said that 
the area became a virtual no-go area 
for a while. Andy Roberts explained 
sagely that what they saw was a 
three-man team from RAF Valley 
and this trio was mistaken for a 
'huge military presence searching for 
a crashed UFO’. 

Local newspapers reported that army 
vehicles had been seen with soldiers 
loading large, black boxes. Then in 
1996, a former soldier, going under 
the pseudonym of James Prescott, 
claimed in UFO Magazine that he 
had been part of a unit that had 
extracted the bodies of two dead 
aliens from the mountain and 
whisked them off to Porton Down. 
Elfed Roberts and Andy Roberts 
doubt that this story is true, citing 

technical and operational difficulties 
in getting vehicles up and down the 
mountain. Andy suggested that a hel¬ 
icopter would have been used rather 
than trucks. Nick Pope agreed, say¬ 
ing that he never heard a whiff of 
UFOs or aliens being connected with 
the Incident. 

The programme solved nothing 
about the Berwyn Mountains 
Incident and believers (i.e. the peo¬ 
ple who saw what happened that 
night and shortly afterwards) and 
sceptics remain at loggerheads about 
the case. To quote a popular member 
of the UFO DATA forum: ’’Next!'' 

The next episode stayed in Wales and 
cast a critical eye over the infamous 
Broad Haven Triangle. Broad 
Haven is a costal town in Pem¬ 
brokeshire, South Wales and in 1977 
became the global focus for UFO 

On February 4th, 1977, young David 
Davies was playing with his friends 
when they noticed something in the 

field behind their school. He said 
that a silver, cigar-shaped object, 
about the size of a bus, 'popped-up' 
from behind the trees and appeared 
as though it was trying to take-off. It 
paused for a few seconds and then 
dropped back down behind the trees. 
The kids ran inside and told of what 
they had seen. Their head teacher sat 
them down and asked them to draw 
what it was that they had witnessed. 

Hugh Turnbull, a reporter for the 
Western Telegraph went to the 
school and asked David Davies to 
show him where they had seen the 
object. Hugh and David could find 
no tracks in the field to suggest a 
vehicle had been there and David 
noted that a telegraph pole cross¬ 
member had been dislodged and was 
at about forty-five degrees. 

Liz Philpott, an administrator at the 
school, thought that what the chil¬ 
dren might have seen was a tanker 
truck from the nearby sewage works. 
Speaking to an employee of the 
works soon discounted that theory. 
She was told that a tanker truck 
could not get into the field in ques¬ 

Hugh ran the story and the school 
became the focus of worldwide atten¬ 

That was not the end of the story, 
however. A few miles away, in the 
village of Herbrandston, Maureen 
Dytor was taking in some fresh air 
one night when she saw a 'cylindrical 
object with lights’ zip across the sky 
in seconds. In Little Haven, Dorothy 
Cale was in a car one evening as a 
passenger. She described a series of 
very bright flashes that lit up the 
whole village. The driver hit the 


brakes when they saw a very bright 
light that appeared to have a glass 
dome. As they watched silently, the 
object flashed and vanished. 

Astronomer Ian Ridpath glibly sug¬ 
gested that what was seen could have 
been a bright star or a planet. 

Stephen Bamford and Robert Best 
saw a segmented, orange object, 
moving from ’right to left' one 
evening. They set out and drove 
towards it, in the hope of finding 
out what it was. As they watched, 
the object collapsed in on itself 
and disappeared. They discount¬ 
ed ideas such as the Moon or 
ships at sea and are still baffled 
by what they saw. 

Professor Chris French 
admitted that multiple wit¬ 
ness sightings should be 
taken more seriously than those 
where only a single person saw 
something. He added, though, that 
when people see things, they talk 
about them and stories can become 

The police and newspapers contin¬ 
ued to receive reports from the area 
between Broad Haven, Milford 
Haven and Haverfordwest and a 
bone fide flap had begun. Dr David 
Clarke explained about flaps, citing 
the UK’s first one at Warminster, in 

The Warminster events began on 
Christmas Day in 1964. John 
Rimmer, editor of Magonia maga¬ 
zine, told us about strange hammer¬ 
ings, shakings and mechanical noises 

going overhead. By May 1965, sight¬ 
ings of lights over Warminster had 
begun and famed researcher, Arthur 
Shuttlewood, gave the world 'The 
Warminster Thing’. Following 
Shuttlewood's newspaper reports, 
dozens of skywatchers would spend 
each evening on the hills around 
Warminster hoping to catch a 
glimpse of something. 

Kevin Goodman was one of those 
skywatchers and 

described the 

munity spirit 
that arose during the 
long, dark hours of observations. He 
told of how he saw four red lights, 
spaced evenly apart, crossed the 
landscape before the lead object shot 
upwards at tremendous speed. It 
then made a ninety-degree turn and 
shot out of sight. About thirty sec¬ 
onds later the remaining three lights 
shot straight up into the sky. 

Warminster is surrounded by mili¬ 
tary facilities of all kinds and the 
locals are familiar with the armed 
forces going about their business. 
Were aliens interested in these bases 
or were people seeing military activi¬ 
ty from these various installations? 

RAF Brawdy lies close to Broad 
Haven. Squadron Leader Tony 
Cowan explained that activity from 
the base could have explained some 
of the sightings in South Wales. 
Dorothy Cale said that what she wit¬ 
nessed was definitely not anything 
from the Brawdy airfield. She was 
quite used to seeing activity from the 
base. Squadron Leader Cowan 
admitted that there were some 
reports that remain a mystery. 

Former RAF engineer, Gordon 
Bowden, explained that while regular 
aircraft activity can be misidentified 
as something mysterious, he has per¬ 
sonally seen something that he can¬ 
not explain. On two occasions, he 
saw lights out to sea that accelerated 
with ’impossible’ speed. He said that 
he knew of no aircraft at the time 
that could change direction so rapid¬ 
ly without killing the pilots. 

Close to RAF Brawdy was a top 
secret facility that was once operated 
by the US Navy. 

Mentioning the Americans gave us 
the chance to look at the Lakenheath 
Incident from 1956. US personnel at 
RAF Lakenheath and RAF 
Bentwaters saw something strange 
on their radar screens. Fighters were 
scrambled to intercept. David Clarke 
continued the story of how RAF 
Neatishead also picked up the 
unknown contacts. Numerous fight¬ 
ers were sent out and two gave chase, 
but failed to intercept or identify the 
objects. Dr Clarke admitted that the 
case has never been explained. 

Then there was the big one: The 
Rendlesham Forest Incident. We all 
know this story from 1980 about 
lights being seen in the woods 
between RAF Woodbridge and RAF 
Bentwaters and Lieutenant Colonel 
Charles Halt's venture through trees, 
recording the audio as he went and 
the subsequent memo. Nick Pope 
thinks it’s a supremely important 
case, while Ian Ridpath thinks it was 
Orford Ness lighthouse. Pope dis¬ 
agrees, saying that in no way could 
the lighthouse be mistaken for any¬ 
thing else. Ridpath countered with 
an explanation consisting of a mete¬ 
oric fireball. ”If it was nothing more 
than a lighthouse and a fireball, why 
were the base personnel not allowed 
to talk about it?" asked Anthony 


Anyway, back to Broad Haven and 
the top secret US Navy facility. When 
the base was decommissioned, it was 
revealed that it had simply been 
monitoring Soviet submarine activity 
and housed only computers and 
stuff. Mystery solved, then. Well, not 
really, because strange things were 
still happening. 

As with all flaps, the sightings dimin¬ 
ished and the press moved on, but 
the mystery remained. Again, those 
who witnessed these things stand by 
their stories, but the sceptics claim to 
know better. 

Next up was a case that involved 
Yorkshire retired Police officer Alan 

pattern, as though the rotating sec¬ 
tion of the craft had agitated leaves 
and twigs into this pattern. 

Puzzled, Alan returned to the police 
station. He told his colleague, 
Malcolm Agley, what he had seen 
and Malcolm saw no reason to disbe¬ 
lieve him, having known Alan for six 

While at the station, Alan realised 
that about half an hour of time could 
not be accounted for. He also found 
that the sole of his boot was split 
across. He also had an irritating itch 
on his foot. On removing his sock, he 
found a circular red mark on his 
instep that was very itchy. 

The next day, he was told by an 
inspector that three officers in near¬ 
by Halifax had also had some sort of 
encounter. Asked for a statement for 
the inspector's report, Alan was 
pleased that he was not alone in hav¬ 
ing something bizarre happen the 
previous night. 

Dozens of reports of silver-suited fig¬ 
ures landed on the desk of local 
bobby, Ernest Jones. One in particu¬ 
lar made the headlines. It came from 
the Coombs family at Ripperston 
Farm. The Coombs' story has become 
infamous and they no longer wish to 
discuss what happened to them thir¬ 
ty years ago. Ernest, though, picked 
up the story from his perspective. He 
received a call from them and went 
out to the farm. He was told that a 
silvery figure had been seen close to 
the window and it had terrified the 
family to such a degree that the 
policeman made arrangements for 
them to spend the night elsewhere. 

David Clarke found that the Ministry 
of Defence (MoD) had found the 
reports from Broad Haven intriguing 
and they had made discreet enquiries 
into the events there. They came to 
the conclusion that 'a local prankster' 
was behind some of the events, par¬ 
ticularly the silver-suited figure. 

Glyn Edwards, a businessman from 
Milford Haven, owned up to being 
the culprit. He had cobbled together 
a silver spacesuit for a fancy dress 
dinner and decided to lurch about 
the village, scaring any local people 
that stumbled across him. He denied 
ever visiting Ripperston Farm, how¬ 

On the night of November 28th, 
1980, PC Godfrey was investigating a 
report of cattle wandering around a 
Todmorden, West 
Yorkshire. As he drove 
along a damp Burnley 
Road, he saw what he 
thought was a staff 
bus that had skidded 
across the road. As 
he drew closer, 
though, it became 
apparent that this 
was not what he 
was looking at. 

He described a 
shaped object 
with a rotating 
lower section. 

He tried con¬ 
tacting the 
station using 

both of his radios, VHF car 
radio and his UHF handheld radio, 
but neither worked. He decided to 
make a sketch of the object. Then 
there was a brilliant flash and he was 
further along the rode driving. He 
glanced in his mirror, but the object 
was gone. He pulled up and got out 
of the car. Checking the area where 
the object had been, he saw that it 
was dry in a circular or whirlpool 

The three police officers in Halifax 
had been out searching for stolen 
motorbikes when they saw in the sky 
a 'cold-steel, blue light’. One of the 
policemen, John Porter, 

described the 
light as 
and darting 
about the 
sky incredi¬ 
bly quickly in 
silence. As 
with Alan 

W Godfrey's expe- 
■ rience, their 
V radios were non- 

■ functioning. John 
W said that WPC 

■ Julie Baxter 
W admitted to be very 
I scared. PC Howard 
f Turnpenny, like 

John, was intrigued, 
but not afraid. As 
they watched, the light shot off 
towards Todmorden. John said, "It 
was completely alien to my under¬ 

Two police officers in Littleborough, 
some five miles from Todmorden, 
reported seeing a glowing orb hover¬ 
ing between two electricity pylons. 


The object then headed in the direc¬ 
tion of Todmorden. 

The late Seventies and early Eighties 
saw UFO sightings double. The pro¬ 
gramme connects this trend with the 
release of films like Star Wars and 
Close Encounters of the Third Kind. 

Jenny Randles investigated the Alan 
Godfrey case for the British UFO 
Research Association (BUFORA). 
She met Alan and felt that he was a 
'no-nonsense bobby' who would not 
have reported anything unless he 
was certain of what he had seen. 

Andy Roberts felt that Alan entered 
'some form of altered state of con¬ 
sciousness' and that what he saw was 
actually a bus, but he interpreted it 
as a UFO. Alan described the object 
as having two rows of windows. Like 
a bus. Hmmmm... 

Alan refuted that, explaining that 
what he saw was hovering off the 
ground, had no wheels, was a metal¬ 
lic colour and had black panelling or 
dark windows. "I know the difference 
between a bus and what I saw that 
night." He added, "If I had got out of 
the car and thrown a brick at it, it 

would have gone 'clang'! That's how 
real it was." 

What about the sighting in Halifax? 
Could that have a rational explana¬ 
tion? Dr Ian Griffin, who used to 
work for NASA, but now researches 
asteroids from his home in 
Todmorden, thinks so. He cited the 
planet Venus, meteorites and aircraft 
as likely candidates. We should also 
consider earthlights, said Dr David 
Clarke, who undertook a study of the 
phenomenon called Project Pennine. 
Dr Clarke suggests that these lights 
follow fault lines or natural magnetic 
variations and can be mistaken for 
intelligently-controlled craft. 

David Clarke looked into MoD 
reports about the police sightings on 
the night of November 28th, 1980. 

He found the report from John 
Porter and his colleagues, but noth¬ 
ing about Alan Godfrey's sighting. Dr 
Clarke mused if this incident just too 
weird to pass on to the Ministry. 

UFO DATA Magazine co-editor and 
serving police officer, Detective 
Constable Gary Heseltine, has com¬ 
piled a database of UFO reports from 
police officers. He believes that 
police testimony should be regarded 
very highly concerning UFOs. Andy 
Roberts stated that police officers 
tend to see a lot of UFOs because 
they are out at night very often. 

Between 1970 and 2000, there were 
over 700 UFO reports filed by police 
officers. David Clarke admitted that 
when a police officer makes a report 
about something they have seen in 
the sky that might be a UFO, it is not 
something they will do lightly, as it 
could have an impact upon their 

In 1976, PC Patrick Tunney saw 
something bizarre in Wakefield, 

West Yorkshire. PC Tunney 
described three green lights gliding 
towards him at an altitude of about 
150 feet. Suddenly, the lights banked 
left and streaked away. 

Jenny Randles felt that Alan 
Godfrey's case cemented the Pennine 
region's reputation as a genuine and 
major hotspot for UFO activity. 
Eighteen months before Alan’s 
encounter, orange lights had been 
observed speeding across the skies of 



In the early hours of November 24th, 
1979, Mike Sachs saw a bright light 
illuminate his bedroom. Through the 
window, he saw a huge, ovoid, pul¬ 
sating orange-white light. As he 
watched, it descended into a nearby 

The same night, Alf Kyme also saw a 
bright object, 'the size of two double- 
decker buses', pulsating different 
colours, but mostly orange. The 
object moved across the sky and 
descended towards the quarry. 

Mike Sachs phoned Bacup police and 
was told that two officers had also 
seen the light in the quarry. Mike 
and his brother went to the quarry 
and found the policemen still there. 
They confirmed that they had also 
seen the orange object and feared 
that it was coming down on top of 
them! The four men checked out the 
quarry, but nothing out of the ordi¬ 
nary could be seen. 

That night, between 2:30 and 2:50 
am, over a dozen sightings came in 
from Lancashire and Merseyside. Dr 
Ian griffin suggested a satellite re¬ 
entry may have been the culprit, 
while Andy Roberts thought they 
were aircraft. Our own Russel 
Callaghan admitted that while nine¬ 
ty-nine percent of cases can be 
explained away, there is a small 
number that remain mysterious even 
after considerable investigation. 

The MoD released a statement that 
between February 21st and 24th, 
1979, military exercises resulted in 
aircraft flying low over the UK. Had 
Mike Sachs and Alf Kyme seen such 
an exercise? Mike thinks not because 
he sees all sorts of aircraft flying over 



the valley and what he saw was 
extra-terrestrial. Jenny Randles 
agrees that something genuinely 
unidentified passed over the area 
that night. 

Getting back to Alan Godfrey's expe¬ 
rience, we are told that he declined 
hypnotic regression to find out what 
happened in the missing half-hour. 
His only experience with hypnosis 
was with stage hypnotists using it as 
entertainment. Eventually, though, 
he was persuaded and was hypno¬ 
tised in the presence of two psychia¬ 
trists, and, coincidentally, Mike 
Sachs. No details were given of 
Alan's case, except that he was to be 
regressed to a certain date and time 
to try and recover information about 
an incident that may or may not have 
happened. Mike 
described the 
atmosphere in 
the room as 

Under hyp¬ 
nosis, Alan 

beings. Andy 
Roberts admits that 
when a police officer says 
this sort of thing, it should be 
taken more seriously. Professor Chris 
French, though, believes that under 
hypnosis people become confused 
with what is real and what is fantasy. 

Alan Godfrey and Malcolm Agley 
were also connected with another 
mystery that may or may not be con¬ 
nected with UFOs - the 
case of Zygmund 

On June 11th, 1980, Alan 
and Malcolm were sent 
out to investigate a body 
that had been found on a 
heap of coal at a local 
yard. Neither policeman 
could understand how the 
body got where it was 
without disturbing the 
coal beneath it. The body 
was that of a retired 


James TUrnbull 


coalminer, Zygmund Adamski. Mr 
Adamski was from Tingley, near 
Wakefield and had disappeared five 
days earlier. 

Alan explained that if Mr Adamski 
had climbed the heap and died, he 
should have been covered with coal 
dust, yet he was not. He had bum 
marks around the back of his head 
and a blister at the nape of his neck, 
where some form of green ointment 
had been applied. 

The coroner, James Turnbull, found 
that Mr Adamski had died of a heart 
attack, but the ointment could not be 
identified in any toxological analysis. 
Speaking in 1993, the coroner admit¬ 
ted that it was his most baffling case 
and if UFOs had been said to be 
involved, he would only have raised 
'half an eyebrow'. 

Philip Mantle added that when the 
Adamski case came to light, 
UFO researchers specu¬ 
lated that Mr 
Adamski had 
been the vic¬ 
tim of a 

botched abduc¬ 
tion and was 
dropped onto the 
coal heap after his 

John Sheard, a 
reporter for the Sunday 
Mirror , wrote an article 
about the Adamski case 
and it made the front page 
with the headline: AMAZ¬ 
cle resulted in the newspaper being 
deluged with thousands of letters 
and hundreds of phone calls from 
interested parties across the world. 
John also wrote about Alan Godfrey's 
experience, saying that individually, 
the stories are fascinating, but 
together, with the possible connec¬ 
tions, they are 'dynamite'. 

Andy Roberts pops up, suggesting 
that while Alan's encounter may have 
been real to him, that does not make 
it real in fact. Yeah, you said that ear¬ 
lier, Andy... 

Alan Godfrey and John Porter are 
reunited and have a good laugh at 
the thought of Alan being asleep or 
hallucinating his entire experience. 

except for a dark 
band about two- 
thirds of the way 
along its length. 
Ray's passengers 
also saw the 
object and could 
tell that the pilot 
was concerned, 
although he did 
not voice this to 

Alan Godfrey 

Police Officer 

"I'd only left the police station five 
minutes earlier!" he exclaimed. 

Philip Mantle agreed that Alan’s 
story has never changed and that he 
had more to lose than to gain from 
telling it. This puts it up there as a 
classic case from British ufology. 

David Clarke adds that it does not 
add up that swarms of alien ships are 
zipping across the universe to visit 
us, while Ian Griffin remarks that he 
has not come across any UFO sight¬ 
ing that cannot be explained. Alan 
Godfrey, John Porter, Mike Sachs 
and Alf Kyme disagree. 

The final episode investigated the 
most recent case featured in the 
series, that of the Guernsey UFO. 

On April 23rd, 2007, Captain Ray 
Bowyer took off from Southampton 
Airport on a routine Aurigny Air 
Services passenger flight (Flight 
GR544) to Alderney in the Channel 
Islands. He had flown the same route 
for ten years, but today would be dif¬ 

As he busied himself with the various 
duties that pilots do, paperwork, 
checking the instruments, checking 
the flightpath etc., he saw a yellowish 
light in the direction of Guernsey, the 
second largest of the Channel 
Islands. At first he suspected it might 
be sunlight reflecting from green¬ 

When the object had not disappeared 
after several minutes, as you might 
expect sunlight reflecting from a sta¬ 
tionary object to do, he grabbed his 
binoculars for a closer look. He 
described it as a disc-shape, pointed 
at each end and brilliant yellow, 

Ray contacted Air 
Traffic Control 
(ATC) in Jersey, 
the largest of the 
Channel Islands. The actual record¬ 
ing of the conversation with Paul 
Kelly at Jersey ATC was then played. 
Ray, in a very calm voice, said that 
there was a bright object in his 
twelve o’clock position (directly 
ahead), describing it as cigar-shaped, 
and asked if they had any traffic in 
that area of the sky. Paul replied that 
there was no air traffic at Ray's 
twelve o’clock position. By this time, 
Ray's plane had been flying towards 
the object for ten minutes. 

Ray handed his binoculars to a pas¬ 
senger and asked him to confirm 
what he was seeing. The passenger 
did so and added that another object 
had appeared in addition to the first. 
John and Kate Russell, two of the 
passengers also confirmed that a pair 
of bright 
objects was 
directly ahead 
of them. 

Captain Bowyer 
estimated that 
the objects 
were about the 
size of a Boeing 
737 airliner, 
assuming that 
they were 
five to ten 
miles away. He later concluded that 
he had first seen them from about 
fifty-five miles distance, making the 
objects much, much larger, perhaps a 
mile across. 

Paul Kelly reiterated that nothing 
was ahead of Ray's plane for at least 
forty miles. The pilot of a Blue 
Islands Airways plane came on the 
radio and confirmed that an object 


was in the vicinity. Ray was relieved 
to arrive safely and on time at 
Alderney airport. Once they were 
safely parked, Ray admitted to his 
passengers that what they had seen 
was something he had not experi¬ 
enced in over twenty years of flying. 
The sighting had obviously affected 
him because one of the ground crew 
told him that he looked like he had 
seen a ghost! 

At Jersey ATC, Paul Kelly filled in 
the forms necessary when a UFO is 
reported and he asked Captain 
Bowyer to fax him the notes that he 
had taken during the flight. Paul said 
that on the form, there is a phone 
number for the MoD and when you 
dial it, you get an answering 
machine. Paul faxed his report to the 
Ministry* and waited to see what hap¬ 

News of the sighting spread around 
the islands and Joel de Woolfson, of 
the Guernsey Press , contacted Ray. 
The newspaper reported the sighting 
seriously and word spread, soon 
reaching the national media, both 
print and broadcast, with Ray 
appearing on popular talk show, 
Richard & Judy . 

Dr David Clarke found the case fasci¬ 
nated and offered to investigate the 
sighting. Ray had had many offers 
from researchers to look into the 

report, but he waited 
until he felt that 
somebody could per¬ 
form an unbiased 
assessment of his 

Dr Clarke assembled 
a team and they 
began looking at 
alternative explana¬ 
tions for what Ray, 
his passengers and 
the Blue Islands pilot 
had seen. 

Meanwhile, atmospheric physicist, 

Dr Grant Allen, had created a com¬ 
puter model of the weather patterns 
for that day and found that there was 
a temperature inversion that could 
have created the illusion witnessed. 
Ray is convinced that what he saw 
was not an atmospheric effect. What 
he was 'was tangible'. 


Troy Queripel, a pilot for Flybe, 
believed that what Ray saw was real, 
but was of military origin. He point¬ 
ed out that there are restricted mili¬ 
tary airspace zones around the 
Channel Islands and that 
what the Aurigny pilot may 
have seen was a secret test 

David Clarke contacted 
the MoD, who denied that 
any military activity 
occurred in the area at 
that time. Seven weeks 
earlier, Alderney 
builder, Paul Gaudion, 
was alone at the 
northern tip of the ^ 
island at about 6:30 4 
am. He saw two .4 
lights just below the 
cloud base, appearing to 'bob 
about’ at a height of about three hun¬ 
dred feet. Paul explained that the 
only aircraft normally visible at that 
time would be the plane carrying 
newspapers to Guernsey. Suddenly 
one of the lights darted to the west 
and when Paul looked to where it 
had gone, he could see about twenty 
similar lights in a T>roken arrow¬ 
head shape'. This group of objects 
was moving silently south below the 
cloud base towards Guernsey. 

Professor Peter Sammond, of 
University College London, believed 
that what might have been seen were 
earthlights. Four days after Ray's 
sighting, Kent was rocked by the 
largest earthquake in the region for 
fifty years. Alderney lies close to a 
fault line called the Alderney-Ushant 
fault. Could the build-up to the 
earthquake have generated the forces 
necessary to create the earthlight 
phenomenon over the island? 
Professor Sammond admits that 
earthlights are unlikely to form over 
water, as the energy requires to be 
released directly into the atmos¬ 

It was then time for one of the series' 
little detours. In June, 1954, Captain 
James Howard was flying his BOAC 
Stratocruiser from New York to 
London when he sighted something 
bizarre in the sky. He explained in a 
BBC news report from the time that 
he saw an object that changed shape 
and that he was convinced it was 
under intelligent control. Best-selling 

author and UFO researcher, Timothy 
Good, explained that pilot sightings 
from the UK began in about 1950 
and peaked in 1952. Winston 
Churchill demanded answers about 
the 'flying saucer prob¬ 
lem’, but he 

fobbed off by 
his advisors, telling him 
that everything was under control 
and all the sightings had been 
explained. The reports continued to 
come in, though. 

In October, 1954, Flight-Lieutenant 
James Salandin took off in his twin- 
engined Meteor jet from RAF North 
Weald in Essex. When he reached 
16,000 feet, he saw three objects 
'come down'. At first he thought they 
were aero¬ 
planes, but 
when he was 
about 800 
yards away 
from them, 
two of them 
to the left. 

One was 
silver in 

both were 

saucer-shaped with 'buns' 
on top and below. The third object 
closed to within 200 or 300 yards 
before moving away to follow the 
other two craft. Salandin attempted 
to follow them, but they were too 

Professor Richard Wiseman believes 
that when pilots see strange phe¬ 
nomena in the sky, it all happens too 
fast for them to report it accurately. 
They may be honest and sincere, but 
are they accurate? Ray had twelve 
minutes to watch the objects he 

David Clarke listened to the ATC 
recordings of Captain Bowyer's 
sighting and heard Paul Kelly say 
that there was an object at Ray's ten 
o’clock position and about three 
miles away. Could this be what the 
pilot was looking at? It was explained 
as anaprop or anomalous propaga¬ 
tion. This is when radar is deflected 
by atmospheric phenomena, reflec¬ 
tions from the sea, solid objects such 
as flocks of birds or many other 
sources. Dr Clarke had the radar 
recordings analysed to see if any¬ 
thing concrete could be obtained 
from them. More of that in a bit... 

First, we made another detour to 
another pilot sighting from 1971. 
Wing-Commander Alan Turner was, 
at the time, a Duty Military 
Supervisor at RAF Sopley in 
Hampshire. He was informed of an 
odd radar return of a pair of objects 
east of Salisbury Plain and travelling 
south-east. As they watched, more 
blips appeared on the screen, all 
from the same location. In all, he 
said there must have been thirty to 
thirty-five contacts. 

Alan concluded 
that the 
only air¬ 

capable of 
the speeds 

shown were 
the English 
f fighters, but 
Alan cannot 
imagine all of 
those aircraft 
being deployed at 
the same time in 
the same area. The 
ordered two Canberra bombers, 
which were inbound from Germany, 
to vector towards the blips and one 
of the pilots reported in a jittery 
voice, "I don't know what that was. It 


was a quarter of a mile away, climb¬ 
ing like the clappers and we saw it on 
radar. We did not see it visually." 

Alan, reported that, in all, seven dif¬ 
ferent radar stations (six on the 
ground and the one in the Canberra) 
detected these objects. He gathered 
together all of the video and audio 
recordings and made the appropriate 
entries into his log. More than thirty 
years later, the MoD has not made 
those recordings or Alan's log public. 
David Clarke suggested that the 
Ministry may have just been baffled 
by what happened and simply did 
not want the public to know that they 
had no clue. 

Back to Ray Bowyer's sighting: the 
Jersey ATC engineers had analysed 
the radar recordings and stripped 
away all known radar contacts. This 
left two traces that were yet to be 
identified, one travelling north, the 
other south. 

After checking timetables, David 
Clarke's team came to the conclusion 
that at least one of the radar tracks 
was of a ferry on a regular run across 
the Channel. The final report about 
Captain Bowyer's sighting, however, 
was inconclusive. David suggests that 
rather than calling what Ray saw a 
UFO, it should be classed as a UAP, 
an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, 
something that is natural in origin, 
but is yet to be understood by 

Ray admitted that he was disappoint¬ 
ed that Dr Clarke's team had come to 
no definite conclusions about the 
case. His final words emphasised his 
belief that what he saw 'was not from 

around here’. 

This four-part series was very well- 
made and appeared to give believers 
and sceptics equal opportunity to get 
their points across. It is good that 
network television stations are pre¬ 
pared to broadcast programmes of 
this nature and while Channel 5's 
ratings are nowhere near that of 
BBCi or ITV, it still was able to bring 
the UFO subject to a wider audience 
in a serious manner. 

As with all programmes of this 
nature, it might be naive to expect 
any definite answers about the topics 
discussed and we certainly did not 
get any answers at all from this 
series, only the reporting of myster¬ 
ies that have yet to be solved. That is 

the nature of the beast in the UFO 
field and paranormal issues in gener¬ 
al. It is difficult to bolt on solid, sci¬ 
entific strictures to phenomena that 
are, at best, transient and unrepeat¬ 
able. Even when we have solid evi¬ 
dence, such as radar traces or multi¬ 
ple eyewitnesses, we still have a cer¬ 
tain amount of uncertainty in how to 
evaluate that information. Different 
people will have a different perspec¬ 
tive on what that data is telling us. So 
we are back to square one with a 

Top marks for trying, though. 


Footnote: The report into Captain 
Bowyer's sighting by Dr Clarke’s 
team can be viewed at 

Coincidentally, I stumbled across a 
YouTube video of what I believe is 
Ray's plane coming in to land at 
AJderney airport in March 2007, just 
a month or so before his sighting. It 
can be seen at 


Images courtesy Firefly Productions 
and Channel 5 


UFO DATA MAGAZINES features editor, Philip Mantle, 
has recently assisted with and has been interviewed for 
the American TV show, UFO HUNTERS. This show, now 
in its second season, is fronted by Bill Birnes, UFO 
researcher and published of UFO MAGAZINE in the 
USA. Philip was recommended for the show by UFO 
DATA MAGAZINE columnist, Nick Pope. The series pro¬ 
ducer Dave Pavoni was very interested in the June 8th 
sighting by the crew of the Police Support Unit helicopter 
in Cardiff, South Wales. Philip helped supply contacts of 
various witnesses and UFO researchers in the area, 





/l si, 


many of whom have now been interviewed by the UFO 
Hunters crew. Apparently this series will see at least one, 
possibly two segments dedicated to the UFO events in 
the UK this summer. Philip was interviewed on Friday 
September 5th at the Museum of Science and Industry 
(Air and Space Division) in Manchester. Philip gave a 
brief overview of some of the events that had happened 
in the UK this summer but also briefly spoke about the 
1993 Cosford Incident and FI 5 audio recording which 
featured in UFO DATA'S May-June 2007 issue. As yet we 
have no broadcast date for this segment but we will keep 
you posted. Unfortunately the UFO Hunters series has 
not yet been broadcast in the UK but it can be seen on 


0*37*10 1' •* O 


'Children of the Gods? 
Are We Evolving Into a 
Higher State? 

© 2008 Brian Allan 

*Authors note* 

I hold no particular views on the 
related subjects of the so-called 
'Indigo Children', 'Crystalline 
Children', the ‘Super Psychic Chinese 
Children' and the rather disconcert¬ 
ingly named, 'Children of Aids', but 
they have apparently caught both 
the attention and imagination of a 
relatively large number of people 
within the New Age and UFO move¬ 
ments and, as such, are worthy of 
serious consideration. Since I keep 
an open mind on all areas of the 
paranormal I can accept the ration¬ 
ale behind their existence, but, as a 
serious investigator, I cannot 
unquestioningly accept the claims 
made about them. For this reason, 
although I shall present the reader 

with evidence, both pro and con, I 
have attempted to remain neutral 
and leave them to decide for them¬ 
selves whether the occurrence is 
genuine or only present in the imag¬ 
inations of the parents of the chil¬ 
dren and the people who originally 
popularised the notion. We will first 
consider what is perhaps the most 
widespread example of this recent 
phenomenon, i.e. the 'Indigo 

The Indigo Children 

Imagine if you will the unnatural 
emotional situation faced by any nor¬ 
mal human mother (or indeed 
father) of yielding up the satisfaction, 
joy and fulfilment of parenthood to 
the rather queasy feeling that their 
child is not entirely human and may, 
to all intents and purposes, be non¬ 
terrestrial. Such is one of the more 
extreme scenarios faced by those 
who have accepted that their off¬ 
spring belong to the so-called 'Indigo 
Children', babies that, although born 

naturally of human parents, are in 
some instances credited with being 
children of the stars. Their parents 
are relegated to little more than sur¬ 
rogates charged with their earthly 
welfare and upbringing until such 
times as they are able to look after 
themselves. The children unfailingly 
appear to possess exotic talents and 
abilities, chief among these is the 
facility to channel information from 
their real 'parents' coupled to a range 
of psychic powers including healing 
and natural telepathy. In some ways 
they are reminiscent of the unearthly 
children featured in John 
Wyndham's excellent book, The 
Midwich Cuckoos (later adapted for 
the screen as a series of films begin¬ 
ning with Village of The Damned), 
although so far their mission, if that 
is what it is, unlike that of the chil¬ 
dren of Midwich, is apparently 
benign. It should be made clear that 
in some cases where these children 
have been identified, the parents 
seem quick to advertise if not actual¬ 
ly exploit the situation. 


All this may be so, but a word of cau¬ 
tion, it may be reasonable to wonder 
if in such cases the parents are 
attempting to fit a template of their 
own design onto the instinctive ac¬ 
tions, words and possibly neurologi¬ 
cal condition of their child. A less 
extreme interpretation of Indigo 
Children views them as bricks in a 
spiritual wall designed to bring about 
a sea change in human evolution, a 
claim not uncommon in the New Age 
paradigm. Their 'talents’ in this ver¬ 
sion of the story tend to involve 
enhanced empathy and often creativ¬ 
ity, admittedly two attributes that are 
badly needed in the self-centred, 
hedonistic, divisive and largely com¬ 
passionless society in which we now 
live. The trouble is if the child is 
encouraged to accept that they are in 
some way special or different, 
whether they are or not they will 
quite naturally come to believe it is 
so, which is something we will return 
to a little later. 

It should be noted that these chil¬ 
dren are not described as being 
'Indigo' because they are coloured 
blue, but rather because they were 
named 'Indigos’ by Nancy Ann 
Tappe, a 'synesthete' and psychic, 
who first coined the term in her 1982 

book, Understanding Your Life 
Through Colour. Chief among her 
claims was that she could discern the 
aura, (or nebulous cocoon of 'life 
energy', roughly analogous to the 
electromagnetic field that is emitted 
by any functioning electrical device), 
that allegedly surrounds each and 
every one of us. The condition of 
synesthesia is a relatively harmless 
neurological dysfunction causing the 
sufferer to 'see' or perceive sounds as 
colours and vice versa, in effect the 
internal 'wiring' of the brain is not 
100% correct. A similar phenomenon 
was regularly reported, particularly 
in the 1960s, by users of psychoac¬ 
tive substances like LSD, who regu¬ 
larly described 'seeing the sounds' 
and 'listening to the pretty colours' 
while under the effects of the drug. 
According to Ms Tappe, she began to 
notice a preponderance of children 
possessing indigo auras during the 
late 1970s and currently estimates 
that approximately 60% people aged 
between 14 and 25 are indigo. More 
significant is her remarkable asser¬ 
tion that 97% of pre-teen children 
are also Indigo. 

It is well to consider at this point 
that claims of individuals who are (or 
were) here on earth to assist in a 


spiritual revolution are not new and 
many iconic and inspirational figures 
such as Christ, Mohammed, Abra¬ 
ham, Buddha, Osiris, Tammuz and 
many other spiritual leaders were 
sent to save the human race from its 
own failings. All of them, according 
to the era and society they arrived in, 
were able to convert huge numbers 
of people to their cause and, indeed, 
the majority still command disciples 
and believers numbering in their 
tens of millions. It has to be noted 
that there still are a number of peo¬ 
ple who claim to be messiahs and 
with varying degrees of success att¬ 
empt to lead their bands of followers 
to 'salvation'. Sadly, many of them 
appear to be cult leaders more inter¬ 
ested in manipulating their flock for 
their own ends. Cults aside, this all 
sounds rather like a variant on Prof. 
Rupert Sheldrake's theory of 'Morph¬ 
ogenetic Fields' using the by now 
almost standard example of 'The 
Hundredth Monkey Syndrome', a 
concept which, broadly speaking, 
means that the more people who 
come to accept a new idea or prac¬ 
tise, the more people are likely to 
display the same practise whether 
they are consciously learn it or not. 

In other words, according Prof. 
Sheldrake an invisible field of 'infor¬ 
mation energy' surrounds us, that in 
the right conditions percolates into 
us almost by a type of osmosis, or 
more correctly we inadvertently 
receive it like a radio or TV set. 

As the numbers grow, the theory 
goes, we assimilate the knowledge 
and information with increasing 
speed until a 'tipping point' is rea¬ 
ched and we as a race become as one, 
a gigantic gestalt being. If this is true 
then we may not necessarily benefit 
from such a 'gift', because it may 
serve agendas that are not in the best 
interests of the human race; like 
mind control. One is also tempted to 
draw comparisons with the concept 
of 'memes', or the proposition that 
certain good ideas, particularly ones 
that have a direct benefit on the indi¬ 
vidual and society in general, actually 
perpetuate themselves, almost as if 
they had sentience. This of course is 
a difficult type of logic to follow; it is 
rather like saying that a thermostat 
has intelligence because it performs a 
mechanical function in response to 
an increase or decrease in tempera¬ 
ture, a conclusion that is tenuous at 


Although the concept of these sup¬ 
posedly unique children was invent¬ 
ed by Ms Tappe, it became elevated 
to a place of prominence in the New 
Age psyche in the book, The Indigo 
Children: The New Kids Have 
Arrived , written in 1998 by Jan 
Tober and Lee Carroll. The source of 
the subject matter of this work was 
channelled from an entity called 
'Kyron', evidently one of the so-called 
'Ascended Masters'. According to 
Carroll and Tober, a married couple, 
when talking about their book in the 
wider community they tend not to 
mention the source of the informa¬ 
tion it contains, as, not surprisingly, 
they do not believe the potential 
audience and market for the book 
outside the New Age community 
would readily accept its validity. 

Among the many traits associated 
with these children is a tendency to 
antisocial behaviour unless they are 
mixing with their peers, as a result of 
this their schooling is problematic. 
Added to this is their rejection of 
authority and an elevated sense of 
self-importance; another two factors 
that are less than conducive to con¬ 
ventional education. A less sympa¬ 
thetic and more pragmatic interpre¬ 
tation of these traits views these chil¬ 
dren as suffering from Attention 
Deficit Hyperactive Disorder 
(ADHD), Obsessive-Compulsive 

Disorder (OCD) and/or Autism. In 
most of these instances the condi¬ 
tions are treated using a range of 
drugs, but chiefly 'Ritalin', which is a 
type of amphetamine. However, a 
more conspiratorial mind may inter¬ 
pret this situation as the deliberate 
use of a 'chemical cosh' to subdue 
their development and prevent them 
developing their full potential, what¬ 
ever that may be. 

Undoubtedly the way many of these 
youngsters behave can be highly dis¬ 
ruptive within a household and a 
cause of extreme frustration to their 
parents. One has to wonder how 
those that are cominced of their chil¬ 
dren 'specialness’ and to be encour¬ 
aged in what they do manage to 
maintain a degree of control over 
them. Or perhaps ADHD, OCD and 
Autism are subtly different from the 
tantrums and traumas exhibited by 
these Indigo Children. It has been 
suggested that parents who decide 
that their child is Indigo may actually 
cause harm to them by failing to 
recognise the previously mentioned 
conditions, but perhaps more cau¬ 
tiously this is connected to the insidi¬ 
ous methods used to prevent their 
development and eventual flowering. 
As hinted at earlier is it possible that 
we are actually creating a new breed 
of evolved being because we want it 
to happen? Are the desires of those 
parents who choose to see their off¬ 
spring as special and different actual¬ 
ly bringing this about in some 
manner by causing the child to 
become what they imagine 
they should be and if so is it 
within the gift of humanity to 
think these beings into exis¬ 
tence? If this is the case then 
surely it would be much sim¬ 
pler in the first place to excise 
evil and injustice from society 
by simply wishing it away? But 
perhaps not, maybe this is an 
oversimplification and there 
needs to be another agency 

Another issue to be addressed 
is the admitted fact that, as 
with the observations of Ms 
Tappe, there has indeed in 
recent years been a rapid 
increase in children diagnosed 
with ADHD etc, but this has 
been attributed to many fac¬ 
tors including the increasing 


level of toxins that surround us plus 
the large number of synthetic ingre¬ 
dients in the food that we eat. Or, is 
it possible that the change in diet has 
actually altered the genetic code of 
some children for the better, are we 
witnessing a new and benign genesis 
of the human race? It has also been 
suggested that the Indigo’s tend to 
have poor sleep patterns and often 
stay awake for hours on end, only 
succumbing when they are literally 
out on their feet and, as already 
mentioned, they apparently possess 
paranormal abilities and heightened 
awareness. This should come as no 
real surprise, because there is at least 
one valid reason for it; the longer the 
brain is deprived of sleep, the greater 
the build up of serotonin, which is 
one of several powerful neurotrans¬ 
mitters mediated by sleep. It may be 
the reason why ghosts, phantoms 
and ETs are most often seen at night 
when levels are at their highest. 
Perhaps the neurology of Indigos is 
’retuned' by elevated levels of sero¬ 
tonin permitting them access to 
impressions denied to the rest of us. 
This link leads us to yet another 
example of this phenomenon, the so- 
called 'Crystalline Children'. 

The Clouded Crystal 

Another manifestation of the desire 
to rise above our current level of 
human existence is the claimed 
appearance of another subgroup 
within the human species, that of the 
'Crystalline Children', who display 
most and possibly more of the attrib¬ 
utes ascribed to the Indigo's. This 
information arrives, once again, from 
the dubious and entirely unverifiable 
source of the 'Ascended Masters', 
and as previously mentioned with 
the Indigo's they are not entirely 
comfortable in the presence of any 
but their peers. Among their alleged 
talents is the ability see beyond the 
three (and possibly four assuming 
that time is a dimension) dimensions 
that govern our physical existence. 
They are, according to what is known 
about them, evidently attuned with 
the frequencies of light and it is hint¬ 
ed that they are, or will be, almost 
godlike in their abilities and bring 
with them truths that have become 
either lost or distorted beyond recog¬ 
nition over millions of years of 
human evolution. 

Their DNA is in some way repro¬ 
grammed and in effect 'blueprinted', 
so that it is exactly as our progenitors 
intended. Their purpose is to re-har- 
monise the human race so that it res¬ 
onates with 'The One', another refer¬ 
ence to the gestalt that may, or may 
not, represent Cosmic Conscious¬ 
ness, in other words, a reinterpreta¬ 
tion of the Eastern mantra that 'all is 
one' and the ancient Alchemical and 
Mystery School teaching of 'as above, 
so below'. In truth, these ostensibly 
'new' belief systems are little more 
than retreads of aeons old wisdom 
and teachings and may be (more 
cynically) merely a moneymaking 
platform for the new gurus. All of 
this assumes that we are the product, 
not of natural selection, but of a 
deliberate and sustained act designed 
to produce the human race, whether 
this is through the direct interven¬ 
tion of some Creator God or other¬ 
wise is a moot point. Not that there 
is anything fundamentally wrong 
with this concept, it's just that as we 
have seen it is far from new. 

The Crystalline Variant on this 
theme seems to rely on the idea that 
we are in fact, each and every one of 
us, a tiny fragment of the whole, a 
miniscule version of the entire entity 
and these children will cause us to 
reunite into the totality (gestalt 
again?) that surrounds us. It also 
relies on the nature and understand¬ 
ing of the DNA that makes us what 
we are and how, as it alters, allows us 
a means of inter-dimensional access 
to higher communication. It stops 
short of actually saying, although 
heavily implies, that we might even¬ 
tually communicate with our cre¬ 
ators) on some exotic level of exis¬ 
tence. What it does not say is 
whether the DNA of the animals who 
also live on the Earth might also 
evolve into higher states of con¬ 
sciousness, particularly certain 
species of aquatic mammals like 
whales and dolphins that already 
appear to have a well-developed 
degree of communication, intelli¬ 
gence and awareness. We should not 
lose sight of the fact that this infor¬ 
mation allegedly derives from 
already advanced creatures currently 
existing without form within a light 
matrix. While the advent of crys¬ 
talline children may be a little too 
much to fully accept, perhaps we can 
more easily understand another 

strand of emerging super-humanity, 
the super psychic children of China 
and the children who cannot become 

Reprogramming the Helix 

Although perhaps the most interest¬ 
ing of all these alleged 'new humans' 
are the children who do not become 
ill, we should first look briefly at the 
so-called 'Super Psychic Children of 
China'. According the available evi¬ 
dence they were first noted circa 
1984, the same era that the Indigo 
Children emerged. Evidently the 
Chinese government identified one 
such child who scored way off the 
scale during a standard psi experi¬ 
ment designed to measure paranor¬ 
mal abilities. Following this discov¬ 
ery and the attention it drew, other 
parents started noticing odd 'talents’ 
in their own children until the num¬ 
bers spiralled into the many hun¬ 
dreds. Every test devised to test them 
revealed telepathic and precognitive 
abilities that went well above chance 
and in most cases the children tested 
scored 100% irrespective of how the 
test was conducted. 

Another of their claimed talents is 
the curious ability to read without 

‘ 40 

using their eyes, in other words they 
were able to 'read' words and colours 
using other parts of their anatomy 
such as their fingers, ears, and patch¬ 
es of skin on their arms and chests. 
Although a remarkable discovery, if 
true, and in spite of the exited 
announcements it is not entirely 
unique, as, over the years, this par¬ 
ticular aptitude has been noted 
among various people. One in partic¬ 
ular was Mollie Fancher, a woman 
who lived in America in the late 19th 
century. Although blind and crippled 
due to a childhood accident, she 
exhibited the capability of selecting 
by touch alone various colours of 
thread used in embroidery from a 
box located above her bed. Although 
not a Roman Catholic she also occa¬ 
sionally exhibited traditional signs of 
the stigmata, which drew some con¬ 
siderable comment. 

She also displayed manifestations of 
multiple personality disorder where 
she exhibited at least two distinct 
personalities beside her own. In 
addition she was reputedly both psy¬ 
chic and to some extent telepathic, 
this raises the question that she may 
have been a precursor of the super¬ 
child revolution. It certainly gives 
reason to question whether many 

people who have been consigned to 
psychiatric care were in fact only 
demonstrating aspects of their super¬ 
human potential and not signs of 
mental illness. It is strange that 
depending on the mores and customs 
of individual societies some of them 
regard the mentally disturbed to be 
some way 'gifted' and worthy of ven¬ 
eration, considering them to be com¬ 
muning with the gods. Is this per¬ 
haps yet another example of the 
involuntary recognition of a coming 
super race caused by genetic infor¬ 
mation bleed-through from the pre¬ 
existing programme? If this is the 
case the strange talents shown by 
Mollie and many others over the 
years may well have been slight 
defects in the timing of the inbuilt 
genetic clock determining our eleva¬ 
tion to another level of existence. The 
next group to consider holds the 
prospect of near immortality for the 
human race; they are the 'Children of 

The Children of AIDS 

This truly remarkable evolutionary 
development first came to light, 
again at around the same time as the 
other two groups, in the late 1970s 
early 1980s, when a child was born 
that already was infected with the 
deadly condition of Acquired 
Immune Deficiency Syndrome, now 
known simply as AIDS. As is now 
known, this condition renders the 
patient unable to fight off ordinary 
infections that in normal people the 
immune system deals with automati¬ 
cally by destroying any invading for¬ 
eign organism. The child was tested 
at six months old and was indeed 
still infected as it was a year later, 
then something remarkable hap¬ 
pened. The child, a boy, was left until 
he was six years old and tested again 
when, miraculously, he was AIDS 
free. Naturally the tests were repeat¬ 
ed and proved identical; there was no 
trace of AIDS whatsoever, or indeed 
of HIV, which is the precursor of full 
blown AIDS. 

Following this remarkable develop¬ 
ment the boy was taken to UCLA 
where he was exposed to a series of 
tests to examine his DNA for any 
abnormalities; these tests revealed 
that the child did not have normal, 
standard, human DNA. Although this 
is an extremely complex subject it is 

vital to understand it because of 
what may be happening to us. In the 
normal, human, genetic code there is 
a set of instructions defining what we 
are, among these are units compris¬ 
ing three nucleotides representing 
one amino acid, they are called 
'codons'. We as human beings pos¬ 
sess sixty four of these codons, of 
which only twenty-three are used, 
twenty are turned on and the other 
three act as start (initiation) and stop 
(termination) switches controlling 
the rest, rather like the digital 
switching arrangements used in a 
computer, this is an analogy that 
works well and is something that we 
will return to shortly. The unused 
'codons' have always been assumed 
to be part and parcel of our so-called 
'Junk DNA’, something that we no 
longer require in our evolutionary 
process, although this was apparent¬ 
ly not the case with this child, he had 
twenty four of these codons switched 
on. Following this discovery they 
tested his DNA to see just how resist¬ 
ant to disease it actually was and the 
results were truly breathtaking. 

The scientists exposed his blood cells 
to a progressively stronger dose of 
AIDS and it was not until the dosage 
was in the order of thousands of 
times stronger that his blood cells 
were damaged. The same experiment 
was tried using a range of other dis¬ 
eases including various forms of can¬ 
cer and his blood did not react or 
succumb to any of them, he appeared 
to be immune to all diseases. 
Following this discovery a clandes¬ 
tine programme was instituted to 
examine blood cells from a wide 
range of children from all ethnic 
groups and social classes and much 
to the surprise of the scientists they 
found that the altered DNA was not 
by any means unique to one child, 
the numbers ran into tens of thou¬ 
sands, something was definitely hap¬ 
pening, something wonderful yet at 
the same time frightening. 

The question then was how and why? 
The implication here is that as with 
the indigo's, the greater the number 
the more quickly the change spreads. 
The method by which this occurs is, 
however, highly speculative, as is the 
evidence itself, unless of course 
'they', the faceless, ruling 'ubermen- 
sch', really are behind a monstrous 
cover-up and, for a variety of reasons 


both political and economic, are 
denying this information to the gen¬ 
eral public. It is certain that the 
multinational companies that domi¬ 
nate the pharmaceutical industry 
would be less than pleased to see 
their highly lucrative market vanish 
almost overnight and would probably 
go to any lengths to prevent this 

According to what knowledge there 
is, whether suppressed or not, the 
mechanism behind the change seems 
to be largely internal, all that is 
required, apparently, is a strong 
enough desire to make the change to 
one’s DNA and it will happen; the 
use of meditation techniques seem to 
be an advantage though. In fact what 
this sounds like is a variant on Chaos 
Magic, where a wish or desire 
becomes a reality at the quantum 
level and providing this has been 
done correctly, manifests a physical 
change in the real world. On another 
level there is a clear reference to the 
power of positive thinking where a 
person who is ill is encouraged to 
think in a positive manner, which 
does seem to have an effect on the 
speed of recovery. What is not clear 
is how the original and initial change 
was made, for unless there was a 
series of lucky accidents, then the 
first people to display these genetic 
peculiarities had to be given outside 
help, unless our own DNA carried 
the message as part of its internal 
programming. While considering this 
it is important to realise that the 
information controlling our genes 
and how they function is not stored 
entirely in the genetic code. The 
additional information is contained, 
rather like computer sub-routines, in 
regulatory sequences, intergenetic 
segments and areas devoted to the 
structure of chromosomes, which 
brings us back to the link with com¬ 

As previously mentioned, the codons 
and additional elements in the gene 
pattern that switch the rest of the 
DNA on and off act like timers in a 
standard digital computer or pro¬ 
grammable logic controller, no mat¬ 
ter how clever or fleeting, they are 
either on or off with no halfway posi¬ 
tion, the only way to improve on this 
situation in computers is to use 
'dual-core' processors so that they 
can multi-task more easily. This is a 

development from the original 
method of using separate sub¬ 
processors to deal with the more 
mundane tasks like number crunch¬ 
ing. Staying with the computer anal¬ 
ogy there is, however, another 
method currently under development 
and that is in the esoteric field of 
’quantum computing’. This near 
magical infant science relies on the 
fact that the state of any subatomic 
particle cannot be predicted at any 
given time and they exist in an infi¬ 
nite number of states. It is this 
bizarre property that will eventually 
lead to a type of computer operating 
in a number of states at any one time 
and as such can carry out a near lim¬ 
itless number of functions simultane¬ 
ously. The components used in the 
processing are still electronic, but 
they are now operating in applica¬ 
tions that their inventors could not 
even have imagined. 

As we have seen, the method by with 
these electronic devices function has 
many parallels with the science of 
genetics and provides a good analo¬ 
gy. Both rely on programming to 
function and both are capable of 
being reprogrammed to produce dif¬ 
ferent effects. The difference is, so 
far, that unlike the application of 
computers, any alterations to the 
genetic code have, in the main, been 
confined to what amounts to tinker¬ 
ing around the edges of its vast 
potential. The restraints on develop¬ 
ment have been ethical and/or reli¬ 
gious, where the very thought of 
altering the human genome is 
likened to interfering with God’s 
work, which, in fundamentalist cir¬ 
cles is absolute anathema irrespec¬ 

tive of how beneficial 
it might be. While 
there is undoubtedly 
an official ban on 
some aspects of this 
research, it would be 
interesting to discov¬ 
er what work is cur¬ 
rently conducted in 
the clandestine world 
of 'black projects'. 
Although these devel¬ 
opments fall well 
short of explaining 
the incredible com¬ 
plexity of inducing 
changes in specific 
elements of the 
genetic code to per¬ 
mit evolutionary leaps; nevertheless 
it is allegedly occurring at an ever- 
increasing rate. One can only ponder 
and speculate on what might occur if 
more of these codons were switched 
on; we can only hope that we are 
ready for the change and recognise it 
when it happens. 


Is this all feasible or is it not? As we 
have seen, the youngsters called 
Indigo Children and/or Crystal 
Children are indeed an enigma. Are 
they a natural progression in human 
development triggered through some 
predetermined change in the human 
genome, or are they the inadvertent 
result of the increasingly toxic envi¬ 
ronment in which we live? Is this 
some form of corroboration of the 
Gaia hypothesis showing that the 
planet on which we live is indeed to 
some extent sentient and is attempt¬ 
ing to alter us; it’s children, in order 
to save itself. Or are the Indigo's and 
all the rest no more than a fantasy 
created by over imaginative and over 
protective parents determined to 
believe that their children are not in 
some way 'damaged', but reject it by 
submerging themselves in the fanta¬ 
sy that they are instead 'gifted'. The 
purpose of these supposed evolved 
beings is nothing less than the 
redemption of the human race, a 
noble cause that no one would argue 
with, except that, as we have seen, 
this is really nothing new, only the 
packaging is different. 'The Space 
Brothers', 'The Council of Nine’ 'The 
Ascended Masters’, 'The Secret 
Chiefs' and now 'gifted children', be 
they indigo, crystal, psychic or 


'reprogrammed', there is no differ¬ 

A more cynical view is that the situa¬ 
tion is entirely artificial and man 
made, another symptom of the fran¬ 
tic and dizzy society in which we live. 
It is strange that as our rejection of 
organised religion gains momentum, 
we still apparently need something to 
cling on to and so we invent one. We 
have seen this in the past with the 
advent of ufology, which was perhaps 
at its zenith from the 1950s until the 
late 1980s. From personal experience 
I have seen this amply demonstrated 
during public meetings and confer¬ 
ences devoted to the study of strange 
phenomena be it UFOs, hauntings or 

The intense, almost devout, look on 
the faces in the audience, which had 
the look and feel of a church congre¬ 
gation. The need to make sense of 
the world, but in a manner that best 
appealed to those attending and 
instead of a God it was an extrater¬ 
restrial, which, I suppose, is precisely 
what God is. A being that lives out¬ 
side the constraints of time and 
space, that is both omniscient and 
omnipotent, although, sadly, God 
seems equally if not more elusive. If 
these children are the next step, then 
we are truly favoured that the proc¬ 
ess has begun and we may yet rise 
out of the mire that traps us. 
Ultimately it matters not whether the 
message comes via Ascended Mast¬ 
ers, Space Brothers or Indigo Child¬ 
ren; if the message is valid then it 
has to emerge one way or another. 
We must hope that they do not 
regard us as inferior and take steps 
to cleanse our memory from the face 
of the planet, to remove all trace of 
us from the gene pool, if this process 
can self-start then we must hope that 
the next stage, whatever that might 
be, continues to improve us as a 
species and we achieve the destiny 
prewritten for us in the coding of our 
DNA. There are indeed interesting 
times ahead. 

Sources and References 

The Physical Phenomena of 
Mysticism , by Fr Herbert Thurston 
SJ , pub 1952 Burns & Oates ISBN 

Understanding Your Life Through 
Colour , by Nancy Ann Tappe 


dents in Romiley and Marple, who 
wondered whether they were having 
a close encounter of the third kind. 
Jameson Moon, 39, landlord of the 
Royal Oak and an aviation enthusi¬ 
ast, immediately consulted his radar 
and discovered the 'object' was not 

All too many times over the last cou¬ 
ple of years have we found ourselves 
a little disappointed with the quality 
of recent UFO sightings. Many, as we 
have reported in UFO DATA 
Magazine, have turned out to be 
nothing more than those pesky Thai 

Just recently however a handful of 

eerie orange halo directly above 
them. The witnessed observed the 
strange phenomenon for just a few 
seconds before, from a standing 
start, it shot off across the moors to 
the north heading towards Rochdale, 

At the time of printing we have no 
further reports but we feel the wit¬ 
ness is a quality' observer who was 

He said: "One of the customers was 
outside having a cigarette when he 
saw the lights and we all went out¬ 
side to have a look. 

"The lights were moving very slowly 
across the sky and they were some 
distance apart it eventually moved 
behind a cloud. There is no way it 
was a plane and it didn't show up on 
my radar. 

reports have been received that don't shaken bv his encounter. 

"I was amazed. I have never seen 
anything like this before and may 
never seen anything like it again. I 
am usually a sceptic but after seeing 
this I am not sure." 

Jameson’s mum Grace added: 
"Everybody in the pub saw' it. I think 
the whole village saw r it and we had¬ 
n't had too much to drink." 

Christine Smith, 56, from Romiley, 
added: "My husband and I saw the 
lights hovering above Marple. They 
were there for about^minutes then 

fit the lantern description 

These reports are presented for the 
first time exclusively in this issue. 

Neil Morris is a lab technition at 

Manchester University and a long- Although the colour is similar to 
standing analyst and researcher into what we see with the lanterns the 
the UFO subject. Neil phoned me on observer was convinced this was 
the 9th of September, asking if we nothing of the sort, but judging by- 

had any reports on something the description and the movement 

strange observed over the Pennine witnessed as the shape zoomed off 
Moors near Saddleworth on the out of view, we are happy to discount 

Yorkshire/Lancashire border. He the possibility of this being another * 

explained that a colleague at work case of those darned lanterns, 
who was a total non-believer prior to 

an encounter on 8th September, Pub-goers at the Royal Oak-o^ .'y, 

2008. Strines Road were mystified bwWre® 

red lights in a triangular formation 

What was reported was a strange slowly moving across the sky at 
‘dumbeir configuration of bright, around 9pm. 
orange lights. The lights appeared to 

be linked together and gave off an The lights were also spottarijby resi- 

Although the press seem excited by 
this sighting, I’m pretty sure the pho¬ 
tographic evidence shows a display of 
lanterns, but Jameson’s knowledge 
of Radar and the fact he has access to 
a working system might suggest oth¬ 

Having said that, perhaps the sensi¬ 
tivity of the equipment was not 
enough to pick up a polythene bag 
floating in the skies, after all it’s not 

a very solid object for the radar cam¬ 
era to see and, of course, radar is not 
used to detect a heat source. 

West Yorkshire lady sees 
strange night time UFO... 

The image below is a reconstruction 
of a first-hand witness report from 
Dewsbury in West Yorkshire. 

On the evening of Sunday 31st 
August, 2008, Mrs G (her real name 
is known) was sitting in her bedroom 
in Dewsbury, near Leeds, reading a 
book. Suddenly, she could hear a 
strange humming sound, coming 
from outside. She glanced at the 
clock. It was 8:50pm. 

Opening her blinds, Mrs G was 
shocked to see an incredibly bright, 
white object hovering in the darken¬ 
ing sky. It looked like a star, but was 
much more bright. There was no dis¬ 
tinct shape that she could discern, 
just this incredibly brilliant white 
light source, much brighter than any¬ 
thing else in the sky at the time. 

She wondered if it could be a heli¬ 
copter: perhaps the police were 
patrolling the skies over Dewsbury 
again, as they did with annoyingly 
noisy regularity. The humming that 
she could hear, though, sounded like 
no aircraft she had ever heard. The 
object also displayed none of the 
mandatory anti-collision lights that 
all aircraft must utilise. 

As she watched, the object suddenly 
took off at high speed, showing no 
acceleration, and disappeared from 
view. The humming ceased. 

What had Mrs G seen? Was it a gen¬ 
uine UFO sighting? Seeing as the 
object has not been identified, then it 
was an unidentified flying object by 

Mrs G has ruled out helicopters or 
aeroplanes. Those, as noted earlier, 
must display anti-collision lights. 

The sound she heard was also noth¬ 
ing like any aircraft she had ever 
heard. Helicopters fly over her area 
regularly and the town lies below the 
flight path for aircraft flying to and 
from Leeds/Bradford Airport and 
Manchester Airport. Conventional 
aircraft do not instantly accelerate 
away. Their speed gradually 

Chinese or Thai lanterns were also 
ruled out, as these are generally 
orange and they do not hum! The 
International Space Station was also 
suggested, but that orbital spacecraft 
does not hover for up to a minute 
before shotting off. 

So, did Mrs G have an extra-terres¬ 
trial encounter or did she see a secret 
aircraft being tested over West 
Yorkshire, such as a miltary drone or 
UAV? She does not know what it was 
she saw and she has no interest in 
the UFO subject whatsoever, but 
whatever it was, it left an impression 
on her. 

Steve Johnson 
UFO DATA Magazine 

The following case is one that fea¬ 
tures real evidence. 

The witness was able to photograph 
the next sighting on a high-spec cam¬ 
era phone and it is one of those 
images that happens only every now 
and again. 

People will always suggest digital 
images are easy to doctor. Yes they 



are, but in this case the image we see 
is not dissimilar to an effect you 
might see when you get an emulsion 
fault on regular film. 

On the rare occassions that photo¬ 
graphic evidence is presented as 
proof of unknown objects operating 
in our skies we all too often find that 
the quality of such evidence is either 
lights in the night sky or images that 
are easily argued as created or doc¬ 
tored images by a sceptical commu¬ 
nity. In this case it is not that easy. 

Taken at dusk, there is still sufficient 
daylight available to give a pretty 
clear image of the object in question. 
The colours of the object are rele¬ 
vant to the light in the photo¬ 
graph, making the object ‘feel’ 
as though it is part of the 
image. Although taken on a 
camera phone, the quality mgr 
is acceptable and proba¬ 
bly better in result than 
you would have 
achieved with a reg¬ 
ular automatic 
35mm film camera. 

The witness and photog¬ 
rapher was Dianne Penn who report¬ 
ed to Gary Heseltine - 7 took with 

my mobile phone (a 
Nokia 7373) on 27th 
April , 2008. I only 
took the photo as I 
was fascinated by the 
low , heavy black 
cloud that was like a 
'shelf when most of 
the rest of the sky 
was blue/white cloud 
and sunny. I parked 
up the top of 
Barncroft Road 

which has a direct view across to 
Dudley Castle and took the photo - I 
never noticed anything in the sky at 
the time! I am a 57 year old nanny 
and foster carer to two babies so 
thoughts of UFOs were the last 
thing on my mind!! What 
seems to be a vapour trail 
intrigues me too. I am sure there 
is a perfectly mundane explanation 
- but I thought I would send it to you 

Whatever Dianne caught on camera 
is certainly there and I expect this 
image will appear at conferences all 
over the world as one of those hard 
to discount images of a genuine 


UFOs: The Secret History , the first 
documentary film of its kind by 
Swansea area resident, David 
Cherniack, will make its world debut 
on History Television, as part of the 
network's week-long ode to the phe¬ 
nomenon, which coincides with the 
6ist anniversary of the 1947 incident 
in Roswell that attracted internation¬ 
al attention. 

Unlike any other UFO documentary, 
it does not attempt to examine 
whether or not UFOs are extraterres¬ 
trial. Rather, it begins with the prin¬ 
ciple that it is precisely the absence 
of definitive proof that has enabled 
the phenomenon to become a kind of 
Rorschach inkblot on which society 
has projected its hopes and fears 
over the past six decades, providing 
insight into the early years of the 21st 

"I'm very proud of it,” said 
Cherniack, reflecting on his work in 
an interview with The Villager at his 
home studio, not far from Ellis 
Avenue and The Queensway. "It's 
very unique. No one has done any¬ 
thing remotely like this. No one has 
had the time and the resources to 
devote to it.” 

Although the film was a four-year, 
technically-gruelling, long and very 
involved process - Cherniack took on 
everything, but the music and 3-D 
graphics himself. The majority was 
filmed over a four-month stretch. 

The award-winning filmmaker 
logged 18,000 miles across North 
America, stopping in five Canadian 
provinces and 38 U.S. states in a 
rented 31-foot RV visiting locations 
where UFOs were sighted and inter¬ 
viewing experts. 

"My favourite part of the process is 
the shooting. Why? Because I get to 
know people. I've been in post-pro¬ 
duction for a year-and-a-half. I get 
out twice (a week) to go to Thai Chi." 
There are very few people who know 
the history of UFOs and those in the 
know are delighted about the film 
because now they have something to 
show those who don’t know, who are 
only familiar with the mythology, 
Cherniack said. Who better than he, 
the self-described boy astronomer, to 
tell the story, he says in the film. 

"I was fascinated that there was a 
whole universe out there you could 
only see at night," he said. "When I 
was 13 ,1 had a UFO sighting. I was 
home for lunch -1 had heard reports 
of flying saucers seen over 

While other kids hid terrified under 
their beds, Cherniack eagerly 
scanned the clear blue sky. Above the 
playing field he spotted it: a tiny red 
dot. It seemed really high up, he 
recalled. Watching it for five to 10 
minutes, it didn't move. "In the 
Winnipeg sky for something not to 
move, it gave me pause for thought," 

said Cherniack, who said the 
province is nicknamed Windypeg in 
the summer and Winterpeg in the 
winter. "It promoted my interest in 
flying saucers. I studied it for a few 
years as an adolescent until I discov¬ 
ered girls. I'd come to the conclusion 
that we were probably being visited, 
but I wasn’t going to know anything 
further. They weren't saying any¬ 

It's a subject that Cherniack has 
dipped in and out of over the years. 
In the mid-8os, he attended a UFO 
network convention in Michigan 
where he met Bud Hopkins, the man 
who developed the theory behind 
UFO abduction. Four years ago, he 
thought about a film he could do for 
the History network. When he 
pitched the history of UFOs, the 
executive producer was keen because 
he was familiar with Cherniack's 
work and confident he’d do a great 

With an undergraduate degree in 
physics, the veteran documentary 
filmmaker approached the phenome¬ 
non from a scientist’s point of view. 
"There is no definitive proof (of 
UFOs)," he said, "but there’s a lot of 
compelling reports, competent 

Cherniack figured the film would be 
at least a two to three year process. 
To bring himself up to speed, he 
researched the subject for a year. He 
was still piecing information together 
during filming. 

"I like to do films that challenge the 
notion of reality," he said. 

Before arriving in Toronto to pursue 
a career in film, he attended the 
University of Manitoba, he travelled 
the world, lived in a cave in Crete, 
and eventually decided to study film 
at the renowned Prague Film 
Academy, arriving there just prior to 
the 1968 events now known as 
Prague Spring. Four years later he 
returned to Canada and became one 
of the founders of the Winnipeg Film 
Group, later moving to Toronto, and 
setting up house in the west end. His 
career boasts 60 documentaries. 


We are sure this documentary will 
appear on Youtube before we get to 
see it on UK digital or satellite TV. 
Watch this space... 




MAYdUNE 2008 £3.95 
Overseas £4.75 

Police Helicopter 
Reports Near Miss With UFO. 

Confusion and 

The Cardiff Police Helicopter 
Incident: June 8th 2008. 

By Andrew Russell. 

To be a good liar you have to get 
your story correct. If several people 
are telling the same lie then they all 
have to be singing off the same hymn 
sheet. So when South Wales Police, 
the MoD and the Civil Aviation 
Authority (CAA) can't get their sto¬ 
ries straight, one might be forgiven 
for being a bit suspicious. When the 
story revolves around an alleged 
near-miss with a UFO and a police 
helicopter, then I could be forgiven 
for thinking they have something to 

"UFOs over Cardiff?" screamed the 
South Wales Echo , with a picture of 
the ' Independence Day ' mothership 
hovering over the Cardiff city skyline. 
As the story broke around the world 
all three of the aforementioned gov¬ 
ernment bodies would spend the 

next few 
weeks fight¬ 
ing off a 
media frenzy 
and trying to 
What was 
from the out¬ 
set was South 
Wales Police’s 
initial willing¬ 
ness to dis¬ 
cuss the inci¬ 
dent then 
their sudden 
retraction of 
certain ele¬ 
ments of 
what alleged¬ 
ly happened. 
But as we 
shall see, 
once you 
begin to 
change the 
story, the 
more holes 
that begin to 

The story began during the early 
hours of June 8th, where, while wait¬ 
ing for clearance to land at RAF St 
Athan, the crew of the police helicop¬ 
ter spotted a 'flying saucer shaped' 
object approaching them at speed 
from below. The crew took evasive 
action and gave chase over the 
Bristol Channel until they ran low on 

I began approaching the MoD, the 
CAA and the South Wales Police 
using the Freedom of Information 
Act (FOIA) to answer some critical 
questions. Firstly, the MoD claimed 
to know about the case through the 
media, but had not received any 
reports and therefore was not taking 
it any further. Secondly, the CAA 
claimed that after checking their 
database of 'events' they claimed they 
had no knowledge of the incident. 
South Wales Police now retracted 
any notion that a chase took place, 
citing that the media had reported 
this inaccurately. Yet, as in time hon¬ 
oured tradition, witnesses started to 
come forth to contradict the police 
version of events. 

Amanda X came forward to say that 
she saw a UFO being chased by a 
helicopter from her vantage point in 
the centre of Cardiff. She claims that 
the craft and the helicopter flew 
overhead towards the coast (which 
would have been towards North 
Devon). George Witherington, a 
retired RAF glider pilot reported a 
similar sighting from St Mellons, 
near Cardiff. I have been contacted 
by a number of witnesses who report 
seeing strange objects in and around 
the Cardiff area throughout June 7th 
and June 8th which would also indi¬ 
cate that the object (or objects) were 
in the area before and after the 
alleged chase. 

Further to contradict the claims that 
no chase took place was Cardiff air¬ 
ports own Air Traffic Control (ATC). 
ATC claimed, via the BBC, that they 
provided "a service" to the police hel¬ 
icopter to "ensure it had enough air 
space to return to RAF St Athan to 
refuel". Dave Pavoni, producer with 
the UFO Hunters TV show, also 
showed me an email he had received 
from a commercial airline pilot oper¬ 
ating out of Cardiff airport that states 
his plane was warned to the fact that 
a police helicopter was "tracking" a 
UFO. He also claims to have wit¬ 
nessed the police helicopter landed 
at Cardiff airport. I am quite confi¬ 
dent the chase took place. If no chase 
had taken place, the helicopter would 
simply have needed to land at RAF St 
Athan after taking evasive action and 
would be nowhere near Cardiff 
Airport. Further to this, how can the 
CAA claim they have no knowledge 
of this incident when ATC were 
involved throughout the incident? 

There are some other real issues with 
this incident. Whether this UFO was 
of terrestrial origin or something 
more exotic, a mid-air collision 
almost took place which could have 
resulted, potentially, in the loss of 
life, yet the MoD, the CAA or South 
Wales Police are unwilling to investi¬ 
gate the matter further. The police 
are quoted as saying of the helicopter 
crew, "They are convinced it was a 
UFO. It sounds far-fetched, but they 
know what they saw." This statement 
was quoted in The Telegraph , The 
Sun and the South Wales Echo . 

Philip Mantle sent me a copy of a 
FOIA request he made, where the 
South Wales Police made the follow- 


ing statement: "The crew is of course 
capable of making a distinction 
between a Chinese lantern and an 
aircraft: it was for this reason it was 
not so described. The reason the 
crew now subscribes to the theory 
that the ’object’ was a Chinese 
lantern is that there appears to be no 
other rational and plausible explana¬ 
tion." The police claim they can tell 
what a Chinese lantern looks like, 
but it evidently wasn't because they 
are trained observers and it didn’t 
look like a Chinese lantern because 
"for this reason it was not so 
described", but according to other 
previous press reports "they know 
what they saw". I think initially the 
South Wales Police rushed to tell 
what happened in this incident but 
in retrospect decided they had said 
too much and were trying to back¬ 
track, in the process contradicting 
themselves and everyone else 
involved. Also South Wales Police 
released a radio transcript of a man 
misidentifying the moon as a UFO. 

The story made front page of the 
Western Mail and the conversations 
which were recorded by the police 
were also available to listen to online. 
This was a few days after the June 
8th incident and I believe this was an 
attempt to discredit the whole affair 
through ridiculing ufology in general. 
South Wales Police can release the 
recordings of this yet there are no 
recordings available from the heli¬ 
copter crew from the June 8th inci¬ 
dent. Cyncial? Me?!? 

Through Phillip, I was introduced to 
David Pavoni, producer of UFO 
Hunters , and we arranged for an 
interview about the case at RAF St 
Athan. I arrived very early and drove 
around the perimeter of RAF St 
Athan and noticed how quiet this 
base was. Due to its rural location 
and the fact that currently RAF St 
Athan is in a bit of a transitional 
period, it is a very quiet area. (RAF 
St Athan is due to become a multi¬ 
million pound training centre.) I met 
Dave and the crew at the East Gate 
(purely coincidental) and we began 
filming on some public land outside 
the perimeter. A few minutes into 
filming we were approached by three 
RAF personnel who enquired what 
we were doing. Filming permits were 
produced and an explanation was 
forthcoming as to the nature of our 
business and the RAF staff left. From 
then on, the formerly quiet base, 
started to get very noisy which dis¬ 
rupted our filming. Single training 
shots were heard regularly which 
meant we had to retake certain 
scenes. A fork lift truck came to the 
fence where we were filming and the 
driver just parked there, just idling 
the engine which caused some dis¬ 

It is hard not to be conspiratorial in 
situations like this! Once we com¬ 
pleted filming the RAF police joined 
us and requested the usual round of 
ID and filming permits. Despite 
being on public land and RAF St 
Athan being quite a low security 

base, we were still treated with a fair 
amount of suspicion. 

A day or two after filming, I was con¬ 
tacted by a witness who wanted, for 
the time being, to remain anony¬ 
mous. He had seen an object in the 
early hours of June 8th and had 
made his own requests via the FOLA. 
He showed me a copy of a response 
from South Wales Police which stat¬ 
ed that the two officers on board the 
flight were not interested in giving 
interviews. The pilot of the helicop¬ 
ter, who is a civilian, also reported 
the incident to his supervisor but 
wanted no further involvement. It is 
worth remembering that the helicop¬ 
ter in question is operated by Bond 
Air Services and is effectively leased 
by South Wales and Gwent Police 
and as a private company falls out¬ 
side any FOIA accountability. 

It surprises me that no reports have 
still been made by the police but, 
cynically speaking, it doesn't surprise 
me. If the police produce any paper¬ 
work on this incident it becomes 
accessible via the FOIA and we gain 
more information on the incident. If 
the MoD becomes involved the same 

The Cardiff incident is by no means 
over, I have heard whispers of other 
witnesses in Cardiff, witnesses on the 
Severn and some from the base itself, 
where apparently rumours are rife. 
This is one of those incidents which 
yield so much in terms of how organ¬ 
isations like the police, MoD 
and CAA react (or fail to) 
and how quickly the media 
and investigators can prise 
open the case and reveal 
much of what happened. 
Something significant hap¬ 
pened that night, we can 
piece that much together, it 
will take us a little while 
longer to discover the true 
extent of what exactly hap¬ 
pened. Three very well 
placed witnesses hold the 
key. When will we get their 

NB: Andrew Russell is one 
of the speakers at this years 
International UFO 
Conference sponsored by 



By Philip Mantle 

Project Sigrwl Found is a collabora¬ 
tion between Philip Mantle, the for¬ 
mer Director of Investigations for the 
British UFO Research Assoc-iation, 
and Nick Pope, the man who investi¬ 
gated UFOs for the British Ministry 
of Defence. 

This long-term study project looks 
entirely at UFO landing cases in the 
UK & Ireland. The idea behind it is 
simple: Most UFO researchers argue 
that the vast majority of UFO sight¬ 
ings can be explained in conventional 
terms. It is the contention of this 
project that UFO landings should be 
more difficult to misidentify than 
ordinary' UFO sightings. Philip 
Mantle will lead the project with 
Nick Pope acting in a consultancy 
capacity, offering advice and assis¬ 

Nick Pope had the following to say 
about this new venture: "I support 
Philip Mantle in this new initiative. 
Information overload is a big prob¬ 
lem in UFO research. There are tens 
of thousands of cases and sometimes 
you can’t see the wood for the trees. 
This project should help researchers 
focus on those cases most likely to 
involve physical evidence that might 
help take forward our understanding 
of the UFO mystery." 

For example it is assumed that UFO 
landing reports are made by witness¬ 
es at close range, thus reducing the 
risk of misidentification. 

In the UK & Ireland there are no sta¬ 
tistics anywhere of exactly how many 
alleged UFO landing reports have 
been made. There is therefore no 
information on the geographical 
location of such reports, no informa¬ 
tion on whether entities of any type 
were also reported or any physical 
marks left behind in the environ¬ 
ment. I'm sure we are all aware of a 
certain few UFO landing cases in the 
UK but there is no repository where 
all such reports can be accessed, even 
in brief detail. This is where 
Project Signal Found begins. 

importance of such a study and coop¬ 
erate accordingly. Similarly we hope 
that witnesses to these events will 
also offer their cooperation. 

Just to give you an idea of the type of 
UFO landings cases we are looking at 
I am going to feature a few in brief 
for you now. 

See how many of these you are 
familiar with. They come from 
around the UK and Ireland and are 
featured here in brief in no particular 

February 1979: 

Easingwold, North Yorkshire, 

Ref 1 

It was a cold February morning in 
I979. Phil Shepherdson was riding 
his motorcycle along the winding 
country lanes near Easingwold when 
he came across something that was 
to change his life forever. Hovering 
in the comer of a field was a black 
triangular-shaped object. There 
appeared to be one entity in a type of 
'cockpit' with two other entities 
standing in the field next to it. All 
three entities turned to stare at Mr 
Shepherdson and he believed some 

u»ro tMcou/vj / 

C. * *9 yt«G- Ai 'A«<rs 

It is our hope and intention to liaise 
with UFO researchers and organisa¬ 
tions throughout the UK 
& Ireland and, of course, 
witnesses themselves to 
bring together a data¬ 
base of information on 
UFO landing reports. 

Brief details would be 
updated on a web site as 
we progress (not yet 
available) and, of course, the occa¬ 
sional publication of some of this 
research in the various UFO publica¬ 
tions that are currently available. We 
firmly believe that this is an area of 
research that has been sadly neglect¬ 
ed down the years and we hope that 
individual UFO researchers and 
organisations alike will recognise the 


kind of 'contact' was 
made. The craft then 
suddenly flew off 

with no sign of the entities remain¬ 
ing. Shepherdson stated that "I 
turned to look in a field to my left 
and what I saw just blew my mind. 
There was a black, triangular-shaped 
object in the field in total silence. At 
the top of this object was a cockpit of 
some kind and there was a figure 
inside it. All I could see was a black- 

9th November 1979. 
Livingston, Scotland. 
Ref 3 

shaped helmet and some sort of 
black overall. The entity began to 
turn and look in my direction. I was 
transfixed. At the side of this craft 
were two figures, which appeared 
also to stop what they were doing 
and look in my direction. For several 
moments I was just spellbound, I 
was shaking. There was complete 
silence as we looked at each other. I 
certainly had some form of contact; I 
just don't know what it was. I just 
had an intense feeling of some con¬ 
nection. I could not move and I could 
not think. I was rooted to the spot. 
Suddenly my mind did not accept it 
anymore and I got on my bike and 
took off to work". He went on: "I for¬ 
got about it almost as if I was told 
that it was something I should not be 

At the time Mr Shepherdson worked 
as a chemical technician at 
Rowntrees. He cannot remember 
what time he got to work that day 
although he knew it was later than 
usual." I don't know how long I was 
there. I have no idea". He did not tell 

Forestry worker, Robert Taylor, set 
off that morning into Dechmont 
Woods near Livingston, pretty much 
like he had every other morning. He 
drove his truck into the woods with 
his faithful pet dog beside him for 
company. He had set off that morn¬ 
ing just after 10 am, knowing that 

his work colleagues or anyone else of 
his encounter. He blanked it out of 
his mind. Shepherdson claims that 
since that event nothing has grown 
in the field where the object was 
observed. His final comments on 
what he may have observed: "Not in 
a million years was that an aircraft." 

8th February 1985. 
Pwllheli, North Wales. 
Ref 2 

David Thomas was walking home 
that night. It was four and a half 
miles and it was three in the morn¬ 
ing. There was a sprinkling of snow 
on the ground that evening and the 
19 year-old David had just spent the 
evening with friends. He'd been 
walking for about 20 minutes when 
he thought he could still hear that 
night’s rock music pounding in his 
head. He stood still for a while but 
there was no sound, it was an eerie 
silence. There was no sound of the 
breeze, no rustle of the grass, no 
sound at all. But David then could 
make out a faint humming sound 
almost like an electric generator of 
some sort. David knew this area well 
and knew there were no generators 
anywhere that would make such a 

David followed to where the sound 
seemed to coming from up ahead. 
Leaving the 
road he 
walked up a 
small dirt 
track that bor¬ 
dered the 
field. There in 
the field to his 

amazement was an object the like 
which he had never seen before. A 
domed, disc-shaped object, complete 
with antennae and stabilizers, was 
sitting in the field. It had a draw¬ 
bridge-like hatchway and windows 
along the top. There was no obvious 
lighting but David said that the 
object seemed to have a dull, fluores¬ 
cent glow to it. 

David’s attention was caught by 
movement off to one side. Turning 
his head, he saw a group of human¬ 
oid figures making their way towards 
him across the field. His immediate 
reaction was to turn and flee. Turn¬ 
ing around to get out of there, 

David's way was blocked by one of 
these humanoid figures. David felt a 
hand-like grip on his arm and sud¬ 
denly he was being propelled forward 
towards the object in the field. His 
feet never seemed to touch the 
ground and he is not sure how this 
happened, but he was now inside the 
object. The humanoids were there 
and David described them as wearing 
octagonal-shaped helmets, which 
were featureless apart from two dim 
lights, positioned where their eyes 
should have been. They wore grey 
clothing with gold-coloured belts and 
straps that looked similar to braces, 
black knee boots and gloves. 

There is a lot more to this particular 
encounter as David later 
described a full-blown abduc¬ 
tion event. When interviewed 
by UFO researchers, David 
was able to remember every¬ 
thing without the use of any 
form of regressive hypnosis. 
When interviewed by myself, 
it was quite clear that the 
event did have quite a pro¬ 
found effect on him and many 
years after the events is still 
terrified him. 


It was while looking these portholes 
that the ’sea mines' appeared. That 
was how Robert described them. Two 
spherical objects with spiky protru¬ 
sions suddenly came rolling over the 
ground towards him. They had six or 
more of these spikes and looked 
about 3 feet in diameter. 

These strange objects made a suck¬ 
ing or popping sound as each of the 
spikes touched the ground. Within 
seconds Roberts had one of these 
objects at either side of him. He felt a 
strong tug on his trousers and these 
spheres seemed to by trying to pull 
him towards the main object. Robert 
tried to resist and there was a pun¬ 
gent smell in air. It was no surprise 
that Robert lost consciousness. He 
vaguely remembered a ’whooshing’ 
sound and his dog was barking like 

he'd have to park his truck and 
make the last part of his journey 
on foot. At around 10:15 am, he 
parked the truck by the side of the 
road and, accompanied by his 
dog, set off through the woodland 
along a track that was impassable 
to any vehicle. Robert Taylor had 
worked for the forestry department 
for 16 years and the 61 year-old knew 
every inch of Dechmont woods. 

Robert was making his way into a 
small clearing in the wood, but as he 
rounded the bend, he was totally 
unprepared for what was about to 
confront him. In the clearing stood a 
domed-shaped object some 30 feet 
high. It was grey in colour, perfectly 
silent and it stopped Robert dead in 
his tracks. Robert described a type 
of ’flange’ around the bottom of this 
object with antennae-like protrusions 
with small rotors on top. 

Transfixed by this incredible sight, 
Robert also noticed several 'porthole' 
type apertures in the top section of 
the dome. 


mad. Struggling back to his feet, the 
object had now gone. Robert some¬ 
how managed to stagger home and 
report to his wife that he had been 
attacked. Quite naturally his wife, 
Mary, telephoned the local police. In 
the days, weeks and months that 
went by the police did a full investi¬ 
gation of the incident. Marks on the 
ground were found at the location 
and eventually the official report by 
the Livingston Criminal Investigation 
Department concluded: 

Despite extensive inquiries made , no 
information was been gained which 
could indicate what , in fact , made 
the marks on the ground at the loca¬ 
tion. Mr. Taylor is a respected mem¬ 
ber of the community and is des¬ 
cribed as a conscientious and trust¬ 
worthy person , not likely to invent a 

In short, the police investigation 
believed what Mr. Taylor had to say 
but could not find anything to 
explain the incident away. This is one 
of the few UFO sightings in the UK 
to be officially investigated. The site 
of the encounter is now marked by a 
commemorative plaque, which was 
the result of collaboration between 
Scottish UFO researchers and the 
Livingston Development 

Summer 1988. 

Wicklow, Ireland. 

Ref 4 

Peter Simmons lived just to the north 
of Dublin. He and a friend plus their 
respective wives and children went to 
spend a long weekend in Glenmalur 
Valley, a heavily-wooded area of 
County Wicklow. Soon after arriving, 
the entire group of adults and chil¬ 
dren decided to go for a walk. It was 
late evening but still bright, and it 
was their intention to get some fresh 
air and stretch their legs. With the 
children in front, the party walked 
along chatting when, suddenly, they 
noticed a small figure, wearing what 
looked like overalls, busily tinkering 
with things at the top of a telephone 
pole. The group thought this odd 
and, walking past, they realised that 
if this was a telephone engineer at 
work then where was his van? There 
were no houses or entrances nearby 
where such a van could be parked 
out of sight. They turned to look back 

at the figure, but it had disappeared. 
The group returned to where they 
were staying and mulled over the 
evening’s events. They all decided to 
forget about it and instead set about 
planning what they were going to do 
for the rest of their stay. All that is 
except Peter Simmons. Peter didn’t 
like unresolved problems and this 
event had bothered him. There must 
have been a vehicle of some sort 
nearby and he wanted to prove it. 

With everyone else preparing for 
bed, Peter told his wife that he was 
going outside for a smoke. Once out¬ 
side, he quickly walked back down 
the road to where they had seen the 
figure up the telephone pole. Passing 
a gate, Peter looked into the field. 
There were lights in the distance. 
Surely lights from houses or cara¬ 
vans. Then he noticed another light, 
this time a lot closer, and then sever¬ 
al more, in various colours, clustered 
together in one small area. 

Peter zipped up his jacket against the 
cold, climbed over the gate and 
walked towards these lights. He soon 
realised that they were much closer 
than he had anticipated. Upon 
approaching the lights, it soon 
became apparent that they were not 
attached to a house or a caravan. 
There in the field was a saucer¬ 
shaped object resting on four legs. 
Peter was scared. Lights began to 
flashing all over the noiseless object. 
Simon's legs had turned to jelly but 
instinct took over. It was time to get 

out of there. He quite simply turned 
and fled and ran as fast as his legs 
would carry him. 

Peter Simmons had never been terri¬ 
fied before in his life. He got very lit¬ 
tle sleep that night, and when he 
finally plucked up courage to tell his 
wife she laughed at him at first. She 
believed him later but still felt a 
degree of embarrassment about it all. 

These are just a few examples of 
UFO landing reports from the UK 
and Ireland. The accounts them¬ 
selves are fascinating and compelling 
but so is the reaction of the witnesses 
involved. Phil Shepherdson for 
example simply gets on his motor¬ 
bike and goes to work. He says noth¬ 
ing to no one. David Thomas was 
quite literally terrified. When he 
reached home he immediately told 
his mother what had happened. 
Robert Taylor’s wife telephoned the 
police, who in turn conducted a full 
investigation, and Peter Simmons 
told his wife. 

There is little doubt that there are 
many more examples of UFO landing 
reports in the UK & Ireland that have 
yet to see the light of day. Such 
reports could be languishing in the 
dusty files of UFO researchers or 
UFO research organisations, and 
others may have simply gone unre¬ 
ported by the witnesses themselves. 
Whatever the case Project Signal 
Found would like your cooperation. 

If you have investigated or 
researched an alleged UFO landing 
report from anywhere in the UK & 
Ireland then we would like to hear 
from you. Similarly if you have wit¬ 
nesses such an event we would like 
you to get in touch. Confidentiality is 
guaranteed in all instances. We can 
be contacted at the following: 

In writing to: 

Philip Mantle, 

PO Box 280, 


West Yorkshire, 


LS26 lAN. 



Refi: The Y Files by Simon Ritchie 
(York & County Press). 

Ref2 & Ref 3: Without Consent by 
Carl Nagaitis & Philip Mantle 
(Ringpull Press). 

Ref4: Conspiracy of Silence - UFOs 
in Ireland by Dermot Butler & Carl 
Nally (Mercier Press). 

Picture Credits 

Philip Mantle 
York Evening Press 
Malcolm Robinson 

k I 



The myth called Roswell. 

The following article might just stir 
the loins of many a hardened UFO 
enthusiast, but sometimes fact can 
be overlooked when other informa¬ 
tion appears so strong. Kathy 
Kasten looks at some of the possi¬ 
bilities that could have been 
responsible for the events at 
Roswell back in 1947. 

There are one or two scenarios cre¬ 
ated that are extremely plausable 
explanations here. 

Demystifying the myth 
called Roswell 

by Kathy Kasten 

In the mid-1970s, rumours were cir¬ 
culating throughout the UFO 
research community that a 
researcher had found the original 
newspaper article discussing a 
retrieval of a "flying saucer" in 1947. 
The article became the basis for the 
myth now referred to as the Roswell 

The newspaper article stated the US 
Army Air Base located in Roswell, 
New Mexico had been involved in 
the recovery of a "flying saucer." The 
researcher who found the article 
assumed the term "flying saucer" 
meant "extraterrestrial craft." Once 
this information surfaced, several 

interviews were conducted with an 
officer who stated he had been duty 
when the "flying saucer" was recov¬ 
ered. The interview with the military 
officer produced only a few sketchy 
details. The officer didn't remember 
the names of anyone else involved in 
the retrieval or the exact date. The 
"world's greatest event" hadn’t much 
of an impact on the memory of this 
ex-military officer. 

Years late, the identities of the other 
two people - who had accompanied 
the duty officer to a crash site - 
were discovered and inter¬ 
views with these individuals 
provided a little more infor¬ 
mation about the crash. 

One of the pieces of infor¬ 
mation that surfaced j 
was the crash site was 
located on a ranch 
near Corona, New 

The rancher who 
discovered the 
crash site drove , 
into Roswell to 
report the event to 
the Chavez County Sheriff. 

Why the rancher drove 75 miles 
to Roswell instead of 7 miles down 
the road to Carriozo, seat of the 
Sheriff of Lincoln County, was a 

question never asked of the rancher. 
Lincoln County is where the "crime 
scene" was located. 

We don't know if the Chavez County 
Sheriff asked the rancher why he 
decided to drive all the way to 
Roswell. However, the Sheriff of 
Chavez County knew he had no juris¬ 
diction in Lincoln County. He sent 
the rancher to the US Army Air Base. 
A federal facility who did have juris¬ 
diction. Although, it has been 
claimed that the Roswell Air Base 
had retrieved a crashed aircraft, no 
official report has ever surfaced. 
Therefore, over the years 
ufologists have been 
free to provide 
r various theo¬ 
ries as to what 

We have to guess 
F the reason the 
Roswell Air Base 
duty officer decided 
he needed to make the 
long trip with the ranch¬ 
er back to the Corona 
area ranch. Perhaps, he 
thought an agency's experi¬ 
mental aircraft had crashed. 
Various test craft had crashed 
in southern New Mexico. 

White Sands Proving Grounds 



und andere deutsche 



Ba 349 

Band 118 
DM 9,80 

(WSPG) was where tests of various 
secret projects took place. It is 
located in the same area as the 
crash site and Roswell Air Base in 
southern New Mexico. The Roswell 
Air Base intelligence officer also 
decided to make the trip to the 
ranch debris site. 

After visiting the crash site, the 
intelligence officer returned directly 
to the base and filed a report with his 
commander in Albuquerque. The 
intelligence officer has never dis¬ 
closed the contents of his report 
except to say it wasn't a V-2 rocket. 
Some researchers have leaped to the 
conclusion the officer was referring 
to an extraterrestrial craft. 

There is no investigation report from 
the Roswell US Army Base Duty 
Officer. No report of an interroga¬ 
tion of the rancher. 

The report from the intelligence offi¬ 
cer was filed with his commander in 
Albuquerque. If this was a "crime 
scene" of the most important event 
of the century there are no reports or 
physical evidence to support that 
contention. Maybe everybody is 
looking for documentation in the 
wrong place. 




It is outside the limited scope of this 
article to present all of the various 
projects that could have created the 

debris field at the Foster Ranch, 
Corona. Just to mention one, for 
example, the Environmental 
Measurement Laboratory’s (EML) 
technology packages could have 
accounted for strange looking debris. 
These packages involved more than 
balloons. The EML was part of the 
Manhattan Engineer District Medical 
Section of Murray Hill. Maurice 
Ewing worked for EML on technolo¬ 
gy to monitor the upper atmosphere 
for radiation particles from a nuclear 
explosion. The EML projects eventu¬ 
ally became the forerunner of the 
Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban 
Treaty (CNTBT) monitoring project. 


Another agency that was interested 
in testing projects at WSPG was the 
National Advisory Committee for 
Aeronautics (NACA). NACA had a 
working group headed by Vannemar 
Bush. Material, quite possibly 
hoaxed, has surfaced claiming the 
working group was called MJ-12 or 
MAJ12 or MAJC12. The material has 
dubious provenance as it arrived via 

mailbox. The real working group 
oversaw NACA's facilities and labs. 
They are still located in Langley, out¬ 
side of Washington, D.C. The facility 
was never secret during its lifetime. 

It was a group of people interested in 
experimental research designing next 
generation of air craft i.e. jet planes, 
guided missiles, space craft. This 
facility had the equipment and per¬ 
sonnel to retrieve a crashed air craft, 
and the expertise to determine what 
caused a crash. Especially, if they 
were the agency overseeing the test¬ 
ing. The agency evolved into the 
National Aeronautics and Space 
Administration (NASA). 


There are two peo¬ 
ple affiliated with 
NACA who figure 
into our alternative 
scenario of just what 
might have crashed 
in a ranch in New 
Mexico. Those two 
people are Werner 
Von Braun and Dr. 
Randolph "Randy" Lovelace. They 
were part of the National Advisory 
Committee Aeronautics Working 
Group on Human Factors and 

Von Braun was the force behind 
pushing America into the space age. 
Just as he had been interested in 
pushing Nazi Germany into the space 
age. He had knowledge of various 
experimental aircraft the Germans 
had been developing. 

There was one experimental craft 
that could have provided reports of a 
15-foot egg shape that had been 
retrieved after the crash and stored 
at Roswell Air Base. It's official 
name was the Bachem B-349 Ai. Or, 
the Natter. It was an interceptor 
class of aircraft. 

It was designed with a separate pod 
that was completely armoured. 
Originally, it had been launched from 
a ramp, flown almost straight up to 
meet oncoming aircraft. It was con¬ 
trol by ground-to-air radar. When 
the enemy was sighted, the pilot took 
over flying the craft within a few 
yards and then released a battery of 


rockets. After release of the rockets, 
the pilot unharnessed himself, leaned 
forward and pulled a lever which 
detached the nose from the rest of 
the aircraft. Pulling on a second 
lever released a large drogue para¬ 

The Natter could reach 7 V2 miles 
altitude, the maximum speed in level 
flight was 500 mph with a range of 
approximately 25 miles. During a 
test of the Natter, done by the 
Germans during World War II, it 
reached 1600 feet, the cockpit cover 
flew off with the headrest. The craft 
then heeled over on its back and 
went into a flat spin smashing head¬ 
long into the ground. Both the occu¬ 
pant and the plane ended up mere 

Despite this accident, Von Braun 
must have thought the Natter was a 
viable plane. It eventually became a 
jet fighter. It utilized a HWK 109- 
533 bi-fuel rocket unit engine along 
with jettisonable Schmidding 109- 
533 rockets during the booster stage. 
Other specs of the Natter: vertical 
trajectory: 3200 feet; maximum 
climb rate: 27,400 feet a minute. To 
meet Von Braun's project standard, 
the NACA engineers must have been 
asked to redesign the Natter nose 
cone without the missiles. 

It was primary a cheap frame on 
which to test engines - basically a 
two stage rocket. 


As for the possibility of bodies of vic¬ 
tims of a crash? In Nick Redfern's 
book, Body Snatchers in the Desert, 
Redfern suggests that the bodies 
associated with the Foster Ranch 
debris site looked Japanese. The 
rancher's daughter has stated that 
her father told her that he had found 
"alien" bodies. The 1940s American 
public used the term aliens when 
referring to foreigners. 

If there was a NACA project, Dr. 
Lovelace would have been another 
go-to individual. Lovelace had been 
a flight surgeon at Wright Air Base 
during World War II. He had a clinic 
in Albuquerque. His clinic eventual¬ 
ly trained women astronauts. 
Lovelace thought the slight build of 
human females was better suited to 

upper atmosphere flight. 

Another category of humans suitable 
for space travel was Japanese- 
American males. Lovelace could 
have had access to Japanese- 
American citizens (Kobe) who had 
been incarcerated in a secret intern¬ 
ment camp at Fort Stanton, Lincoln 
County, New Mexico. 

There is no record of what happened 
to the Kobe when the camp was 
closed. These American citizens had 
been considered "troublemakers" 
and isolated from the rest of the 
incarcerated population. They had 
belonged to Hock Seine Dan (Young 
Men's Association to Serve the 
Nation), and because of their daily 
calisthenic program were in top 
physical condition. Might Dr. 
Lovelace come forward with an offer 
they couldn't refuse? A way to vol¬ 
unteer for an experiment, prove they 
were loyal Americans and be repatri¬ 
ated back into the American society? 
Did Kobe ex-internees participate in 
an experiment involving the Natter? 

For the sake of argument, let’s say 
that Lovelace decided to use the 
Kobe ex-internees. They would have 
been trained by Dr. Lovelace at his 
facility in Albuquerque. The 
Alamogordo launch was successful. 
However, much like the problem 
with the modern day stealth aircraft, 
it had never been tested in stormy 
conditions and its performance 
would not have been known. 

The test flight encountered a quickly 
forming New Mexican thunderstorm. 
The pilot may or may not have been 
able to eject the pod from the rest of 
the plane. The unspent rocket fuel 
exploded and the flight crashed. 

It is possible to test the above sce¬ 
nario, and discover what crashed at 
the Foster Ranch. A recent archaeo¬ 
logical dig took place at the debris 
site by Dr. William Doleman of the 
University of Mexico, Albuquerque. 
His full report is contained in the 
book Roswell Dig. Dr. Doleman sug¬ 
gested that several of the artefacts be 
further analyzed. Especially, the 
chemically altered collected soil sam¬ 
ples. This has never been done. We 
have to wonder why nobody is inter¬ 
ested in either supporting or dis¬ 
pelling the myth of Roswell. 

Very Limited Bibliography: 

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Radioactive Fallout Assessment; 
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Kevin M. Miller and Richard J. 

Kathy Kasten ( is 
a contributor to UFO DATA and 
Paranoia Magazine. The full story, 
including additional material, illus¬ 
trations and a more extensive bibli¬ 
ography is contained in The Hadron 
Supposition: a New Approach to 
Roswell. The book will be published 
in late 2008 by CFZ Press (see: 


Crop Circles and 

An Overview 

Dr. Synthia Andrews, ND 

When Colin and I met in 1991, we 
were overwhelmed with 'high 
strangeness' events that 
seemed to be a sign of our connec¬ 
tion. We found ourselves inundated 
with synchronicity and anomalous 
happenings resulting in expansion of 
awareness for both of us. It focused 
us on the impact crop circles have on 
consciousness, a study that became 
the center of the work we do togeth¬ 

Here is an overview of ideas we have 


Crop circles have been associated 
with anomalies since the phenome¬ 
non was first recorded in the 15 and 
1600s. Anomalies associated with 
today's circles include: electro¬ 
magnetic effects, radio and equip¬ 
ment interference, observance of 
balls of light moving in and around 
the formations, changes in plant 
growth rates, changes in the 

cellular structure of plants, strange 
animal behavior around the circles, 
and human experiences of healing 
and altered states of consciousness. 
In addition, a high pitched, two- 
toned sound has been heard on sev¬ 
eral occasions and recorded twice. 

The sound is 5.2 kilohertz and has 
been described as an electrostatic 
crackling 1 . It's postulated that 
the anomalies are all different mani¬ 
festations of an energy phenomenon 
related to the crop circles that corre¬ 
lates to higher levels of human con¬ 
sciousness. It's interesting to 
note that anomalies happen regard¬ 
less of whether 
a crop circle is 
man-made or 
made by an 


Claims of heal¬ 
ing and altered 
states of con¬ 
relating to 

crop circles are pervasive. People vis¬ 
iting formations report curative 
experiences including rapid healing 
of injuries, improvement in chronic 
conditions, and an increased sense of 
well-being and euphoria. Several 
companies specializing in energy 
healing have used crop circle 
photographs or plants from the 
circles to make vibrational essences 
and other healing 
tools 2 . 

The Institute for Resonance Therapy 
(I.R.T.) in Germany conducted 
controlled research studies into the 
effects of crop circles on the health of 

plants and eco-systems with 
extremely positive result 3 . 

Altered states consist of heightened 
awareness, trance induction, intensi¬ 
fication of emotions, and clarity of 
perception. Emotions can include 
awe, inspiration, sadness, upliftment, 
and ecstasy. Simply viewing crop cir¬ 
cle photographs or hearing the 
recorded sound can provoke these 
same effects. 

Researchers and observers also 
report an interactive engagement 
with the phenomenon. 

Mental projection of designs by 
researchers and enthusiasts seems to 
elicit a response in the fields. On 
several occasions the appearances of 
specific designs have correlated to 
individual or group mediations on 
designs. People also describe 
having dreams or visions of crop 
designs which shortly after appear in 
the fields. 

Another aspect of interaction occurs 
with the balls of light that have been 
seen and filmed in and around crop 
circles. They display an element of 
awareness and interaction 
as they appear to move intelligently 
in response to human thought. 

power of the mind to activate specific 
physiological mechanisms simply 
through the intention or belief of the 
recipient 6 . 

This indicates that the mind can 
directly interact with the cellular 
intelligence of our bodies, a belief 
that was present in traditional forms 
of healing but absent from models of 
modern medicine. 

2) Sound: Research by Dr. Hans 
Jennings into the effect of sound 
demonstrates that sound vibrates 
matter into reproducible geometric 
patterns 7 . As energy is added into 
the matrix via sound, different 
geometries form to constrain the 

As the frequency changes, the 
geometries change. Consider this in 
relation to bond angles in molecular 

Bond angles change as energy levels 
are increased in order to absorb and 
constrain more energy. This causes 
the molecular structure and geome¬ 
try to change as well. If enough ener¬ 
gy is added, the bond angles break 
and the molecule disassociates. 

The sound geometries demonstrated 

by Hans Jennings change with differ¬ 
ent tones or combinations of tones 
and contain the 'energy information' 
of the sound frequency they 

Dr. Gerald Hawkins (deceased) ana¬ 
lyzed crop patterns and determined 
that many of them displayed diatonic 
ratios in their geometries. 

In essence he demonstrated that 
crop circles have a relationship to 
sound frequency, as predicted by the 
work of Jennings. 

3) Frequency: Every substance and 
energy has a specific frequency sig¬ 
nature. Mind states, specific 
thoughts and emotions all display 
signature frequencies. 

Mapping frequency signatures has 
been in development by many people 
and agencies including the Royal 
Rife Society, Dr. Hulda Clark, New 
Vistas, Stan Tennon, Dan Winter, 

Bill Nelson and more. 

Augmenting frequencies that relate 
to improved health or disrupting 
frequencies that relate to poor health 
are thought to produce beneficial 

Circles Phenomenon Research 
International (C.P.R.I.) and 
Masahiro Kahata conducted 
research into the effects of crop cir¬ 
cles on brainwave patterns which are 
characteristic of different states of 
awareness 4 . 

Additionally, C.P.R.I. has studied the 
electromagnetic signature of crop 
circles and their possible correlations 
to anomalous effects 5 . 

Theoretical Framework: 

Theories on how crop circles may 
affect and interact with physiology, 
mind states and consciousness may 
include some aspect of all of the fol¬ 

1) Placebo effect: This has become 
a catchall for any physiological effect 
that cannot be ascribed to a specific 
mechanistic pathway. 

Recent research suggests that the 
placebo effect actually represents the 

Some of the effects of crop circles 
maybe related to the frequency they 

The frequency of crop circles can be 
imprinted on people in two basic 
ways. They can be imprinted into the 
person's subtle energy field through 
direct exposure, or they can be 
imprinted through a carrier sub¬ 
stance such as water, a picture, 
electricity, microwaves, etc. 

A frequency can be imprinted on a 
carrier substance in the same way; by 
direct exposure to the frequency, or 
by exposure to the geometry or 
sound that represents the frequency. 
Examples of the effect of frequency 
on physical manifestation are 
demonstrated in the research of 
Masaro Emoto and revealed in his 
book, Messages from Water. 

In his book Dr. Emoto shows the dif¬ 
ferent crystal structures that form in 
response to different thoughts and 

4) Morphic fields: Research con¬ 
ducted in the 1950s at Yale 
University by Dr. Harold Saxton- 
Burr demonstrated that embryologi- 

NR | MS r NT 

cal development is organized by a 
polarized field of electromagnetic 
bio-energy surrounding the embryo 8 . 

This field acts as an energetic tem¬ 
plate of the developing material 
form. Burr called this a mor- 
phogenic field, or life-generating 

British biologist Dr. Rupert Shel¬ 
drake, (Clare College, Cambridge 
and Harvard, Boston) furthered this 
theory to explain an anomaly of 
species evolution commonly called 
the Tooth monkey' effect. Sheldrake 
postulates the existence of a 
morphic field that contains the com¬ 
bined developmental information 
collected by all the experiences of a 
given species. Members of a species 
have access to this information 
through resonance of their individual 
field with that of the group mind, or 
morphic field 9 . 

In our discussion we can view infor¬ 
mation as frequency. New informa¬ 
tion changes the frequency of the 
field and when enough people expe¬ 
rience this frequency, everyone 


will have access to it causing a global 
change in consciousness. 

5) Ley Lines: Alfred Watson discov¬ 
ered in the 1920s that the landscape 
was grided with crisscrossing lines 
that connected ancient sacred sites 10 . 
He named these ley lines and they 
are now believed to be pathways of 
Earth energy. 

Energy sensitive individuals dowse 
ley lines which they believe contain 
high levels of subtle energy, as do 
sacred sites. It's been postulated that 
sacred sites are positioned and con¬ 
structed in such a way as to amplify 
and direct earth energy. Dr. Bruce 
Cathie has conducted scientific 
research into harmonic mathematics 
over the past 50 years. He has 
mapped out an energy grid covering 
the entire planet. Specific areas on 
this grid are convergence points 
for many energy lines and demon¬ 
strate higher amplitudes of electro¬ 
magnetic and subtle energy 11 . 

England is one of 12 main conver¬ 
gence points on the planet. Not 
surprisingly, England has a large 
preponderance of ancient megalithic 
sacred sites and exhibits 90% of the 
crop circle phenomenon worldwide. 
In addition, a predominant number 
of crop formations appear in the 
landscape in relation to ley lines, 
water and sacred sites. 

Research indicates that crop circles 
that are situated on strong ley lines 
have more associated anomalies than 
those that aren't. 

6) Sacred Geometry: Paul 
Devereux writes in his book Secret of 
Ancient and Sacred Places that 
"Sacred geometry is the geometry 
inherent in all nature, whether it be 
the energy dance of atoms and mole¬ 
cules, the formation of a crystal, the 
growth of a plant or human skeleton, 
the motion of weather systems or 
galaxies. Certain patterns and ratios 
are used by nature in the formation 
of the manifest universe: the process 
of becoming is governed by the 
implied geometry. Such geometry is 
used in magical invocation for the 
same reasons." (page. 22) 

Can it be that crop circles, in utilizing 
sacred geometry at energy centers, 
activate a heretofore-unmeasured 




energy inherent in nature? 

Can this be affecting consciousness? 

This theory is already being utilized 
in California by Mr. Bill 
Witherspoon, who makes patterns in 
the landscape with the intention of 
changing the field of consciousness. 


7) Electromagnetic effects: PSI 

researchers have found that inci¬ 
dences of telepathy, expanded states 
of consciousness, and paranormal 
events are often associated with 
fluxes of electromagnetic fields. 

Magnetometer readings inside crop 
circles indicate a rotational shift in 
the earth's magnetic field correspon¬ 
ding to the geometry of the 

8) Harmonic Resonance: The 

Earth produces a frequency averag¬ 
ing approximately 5.8 to 7.2 kilo¬ 
hertz, known as the Schumann fre¬ 
quency. Physics tells us that this fre¬ 
quency entrains the vibration of all 
matter on earth. Everything on earth 
has relationship to the vibratory 
pattern of the planet. The harmonic 
resonance of the planet has been 
impacted in potentially harmful ways 
by such experiments as the 
Woodpecker in Europe and Harp in 
North America. 

Crop circles may also interact with 
the harmonic resonance of the planet 
in a beneficial manner by introduc¬ 
ing frequency into the planet's 
energy gridwork and atmospheric 

9) The Global Consciousness 
Project: The G.C.P. is an experi¬ 
ment being conducted at Princeton 
University. It reveals that shifts in 
human consciousness precede signif¬ 
icant world events, indicating a link 
between mind and matter on a global 
basis. Some significant events 
include the collapse of the Berlin 
Wall, Princess Diana's death and the 
9/11 terrorists attacks on the world 
trade center. 

Research conducted by the Global 
Consciousness Project and crop cir¬ 
cle researchers Simeon Hines and 
Ron Russell have produced signifi¬ 

cant results. 



Considering these many areas in 
relation to crop circles we can specu¬ 
late that: 

1) Crop circles emit frequency specif¬ 
ic to their geometric pattern. The 
frequency effects individual physiolo¬ 
gy, mind-states and levels of 

2) The effects of crop circle frequen¬ 
cies are magnified when crop circles 
are located on ley lines. 

3) Crop circles have relationship to 
fluxes in the earth's electromagnetic 
field and demonstrate an electro¬ 
magnetic signature. 

4) Crop circle frequencies impact the 
human energy field. Changes in the 
human energy field are transmitted 
to the physical body effecting physi¬ 
ology and states of consciousness. 

This may be measurable with Kirlian 
based video cameras and brainwave 
monitoring equipment. 

5) Changes in human frequency 
effect planetary frequency and Vic- 
versa. Crop circle frequencies trans¬ 
mit information along ley lines. 

6) The interactive element of both 
the crop circles and the orbs of light 
seen around them, are indicative of 
human consciousness establishing 
connection with higher conscious¬ 
ness. This can be linked to the 
Global Consciousness 


The Earth exhibits a grid-like pattern 
of energy that is constantly transmit¬ 
ting information and creating a har¬ 
monic resonance. All life exists in 
relation to this resonance. Crop 
circles interact with the planetary 
resonance by augmenting different 
frequencies that are transmitted 
along energy pathways, or ley lines. 
Coming into contact with crop circle 
frequencies alters people's individual 
energy fields and the altering of their 
field creates changes in physiology 
and consciousness. As consciousness 


changes, the information is fed back 
into the planetary field, creating a 
feedback loop and furthering the 
changes taking place in the harmonic 

It makes no difference whether the 
circles are man-made or made by 
unknown agencies. 


Colin and I will be investigating, 
researching and eliciting opinions 
from the best minds in many fields 
to illuminate the above topics. We'll 
be conducting field experiments as 
we obtain funding. In the meantime, 
check back for articles we'll post on 
past research we've conducted in this 

The next article will be on brainwave 
research performed with 
Masahiro Kahata 




1 Delgado, Pat; Andrews, Colin; 
Circular Evidence , Bloomsbury 
Press, 1989 

2 HSC Laboratories 

3 IRT, Institute for Resonance 
Therapy Capenberg, Germany, 1994 

4 Andrews, CPR International 
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5 Andrews, Colin; Magnetometer 
Surveys of Crop Circles 

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10 Watkins, Alfred; The Old Straight 
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11 Cathie, Bruce; The Pulse of the 
Universe-Harmonic 288, Reid, 
Wellington, NZ, 1971 



As reported earlier in this issue, 

UFOs are making the news and we 
are seeing an upturn in actual images 
captured at the time of these 

Although our header shows a model 
the way things are moving it won’t be 
long before images like this are cap¬ 
tured for all to see. 

Steve Johnson reports... 

September saw several news stories 
appear about UFO photographs. The 
most notable of these concerned per¬ 
haps the most famous UFO images of 
all: the Trent photographs. 

KATU Television in Portland, 

Oregon, reported that the family of 
Paul Trent, the farmer who snapped 
two photos of a disc-shaped object as 
it flew over his McMinnville farm in 
1950, are battling to retrieve the neg¬ 
atives from the local newspaper, the 
McMinnville News-Register. 

KATU News explained: 

"The story of how this fight devel¬ 
oped begins on the Trent Farm more 
than 50 years ago. 

"Evelyn Trent was feeding rabbits, 
saw something strange in the sky and 
hollered for her husband, who 
grabbed his camera and started 
shooting. And then the saucer was 

" The photos were printed in the local 
newspaper, which sold thousands of 

copies across the country." 

Jeb Bladine, son of then-editor of the 
News-Register, Phil Bladine, said: 
"We maintain our belief that the neg¬ 
atives should become part of a per¬ 
manent historic display in Yamhill 

When the Trents died in the mid- 
1990s, their daughter, Linda Sayler, 
tried to find out where the negatives 
were. She discovered that they were 
in the hands of renowned UFO inves¬ 
tigator, Bruce Maccabee. He had bor¬ 
rowed them from Paul Trent (via 
Phil Bladine) in 1974 and has simply 
forgotten to return them. After being 
contacted by Linda, he forwarded 
them to the News-Register, thinking 
it better that they send them on to 
their rightful owners. Unfortunately, 
they have held on to them since 

receiving the negatives in 2001. 
KATU explained: 

"The fact that Bladine had the nega¬ 
tives to lend is the crux of why the 
newspaper now wants to keep them. 

"The newspaper argues in a letter 
sent to the family in 2004 that Paul 
Trent left the negatives in Bladine's 
hands "with the indication that he 
wanted nothing more to do with 

"The letter states the newspaper 
"believes that the negatives should 
become part of a permanent historic 
display in Yamhill County, with a 
mediated settlement as to access and 
other rights." 

"That’s even after Maccabee made it 
clear in an e-mail that he "sent the 
negatives to Phil Bladine under the 
assumption that he would return the 
photos to the Trent children" and 
they should be returned to the fami¬ 

""The Trents' children are clearly the 
rightful owners since Mr. and Mrs. 
Trent never signed any documents 
giving the rights to anyone else," 
Maccabee told KATU. 

"The Trent children said they don't 
have money to file a lawsuit and feel 
it is wrong to be forced to negotiate 
over something they feel clearly 
belongs to the family. 

’"'We're not going to take them and 
try to make millions off them,” said 

Original Paul Trent image with second shot inserted. 

daughter Tammie Gochenour. "We 
just want to put them in like a safety 
deposit box, and have them locked 
up so we know where they're at." 

’’"It's just something that belongs 
with the family," daughter Linda 
Sayler said." 

On September nth, the Louth 
Leader ran a story about a UFO, 
together with an intriguing photo¬ 

In May, 2007, Brian Rust took a 
photo of a rainbow from his back 
garden. "It was around 8.30pm in 
the evening and I saw this beautiful 
rainbow outside so I went to the 
garage to get my camera and took 
several photographs of it," he told 

the newspaper. "But it wasn't until I 
looked at the developed pictures that 
I saw this strange saucer-shaped 
light. It even appears to have light 
trails coming off the back of it. 

"I obviously didn't see any lights or 
flying saucers with my own eyes - but 
the camera obviously saw some¬ 

On September 15th, UFOCase posted a report from 
Milton Dino Frank Junior, of Centro 
de Ufologia Brasileiro: 

"The name of the person who took 
this picture is Marcelo Leonardo. He 
lives in Campinas, Brazil. Take a look 
in this picture taken in Santa 
Catarina, Brazil in Urubici Hills. 

"The object has a boomerang shape 
when you blow up the picture. The 
guy who took the picture told me 

""I was on vacation in Urubici Hills 
in Santa Catarina State in Brazil. 

This picture was taken near CIN- 
DACTA base. In this picture there 
appeared a strange object that I 
could not identify. 

"I used a PANASONIC camera DMC- 
TZi and I really would like to know 
what this object could be."" 

The September 5th edition of the 
Shields Gazette published a photo of 
a bright object over South Shields. 
Laurence Younger was driving home 
when he saw something peculiar in 
the sky. He told the newspaper: 

"I was in the car when I noticed the 
lights. There was about six of them, 
all orange. 

"They were evenly spaced out into a 
kind of arc shape. They were so 
bright and there was no chance it 
could have been distress flares, 
because they were over the land not 
the sea." 

A keen amateur astronomer, 
Laurence is familiar with most 
objects in the sky, both natural and 
man-made, but what he saw that 
evening. He said, "They certainly 
were unidentifiable because I could¬ 
n’t explain what they were, but as to 
whether they were of the extra ter¬ 
restrial kind. Well that remains to be 

"I just wish I'd had my camera with 
me that night." 

Luckily, Cindy Jonas did have her 
camera to hand when she spotted 
something earlier the same day. 

"I couldn’t believe it. There was this 
bright light in the sky. It was 
whizzing along so quickly. It was so 

strange because it was only about 
4pm and broad daylight." 

She took a couple of photos and 
when she viewed them later, she 
said, "I zoomed in and the light is 
kind of square and it appears to have 
a diagonal black line through it, it’s 
very strange." 

UFO DATA Magazine contributor, 
Mike Hallowell, told the Gazette: 
"The photos are very interesting. 
Initial impressions indicate it's not a 
balloon, nor a reflection of light from 
an aircraft. It appears to be a classic 
daylight UFO, and if you look closely 
enough, there's a hint it could be tri¬ 
angular shaped. 

"There have been an increased num¬ 
ber of sightings of these over the 

Inspector Peter Sutton of 
Northumbria Police had this to say: 
"I can confirm we received two 
reports from residents in the 
Whitburn area of around 60 to 70 
orange lights in the air, travelling 
from the south to the north. 

formation of lights caught his eye. 
The objects were quite difficult to see 
against the bright afternoon sky, but 
as they crossed the clouds their defi¬ 
nition became more obvious. 




Armed with a Trust phone with a 
reasonable built-in camera, our wit¬ 
ness managed to capture what he 
saw with the phone. 

Some great new and used 
bargains (some quite rare) 

"We contacted air traffic control, and 
they had no reports of aircraft in the 
area. We had no further sightings, 
and the case was closed." 

Finally, a local Pontefract resident 
was out in the garden taking in some 
of the late summer sunshine, when a 

UFO DATA Magazine are always 
happy to accept your UFO images 
and videos for possible inclusion in 
future issues of the magazine. 

You can email them to: 
Best resolution please and send as is 
without cropping. 

Ms S Stebbing 
41 Terminus Drive 
Herne Bay 

CT6 6PR 


Bright UFO Filmed 
over Watford 

On Tuesday September 16th, 2008, 
the Watford Observer published a 
story on its website about a UFO 

sighting over Mill End, a little over 
four miles from Watford, at about 
7:30pm on the 15th. What made this 
story stand out is that the object in 
question was captured on camera not 
once, but three times. The videos 
were posted on the Observer website. 

Andrew Baskeyfield was reported as 
saying, "There was a ball like shape 
moving fast across the sky. It looked 
like a fire ball. It had no sound and 
kept at a steady height. 

"There where planes in the sky at the 
same time and you could see this 
wasn't a helicopter or plane as there 
where no landing lights." 

The footage is intriguing. It shows a 
bright object gliding across the sky, 
but it does not look like a lantern or 
other type of balloon. Was this a gen¬ 
uine UFO or simply something mun¬ 
dane catching the last rays of the set¬ 
ting sun? Whatever it was, it was 
interesting enough for at least three 
people to film it and send it in to the 
local newspaper. 

Steve Johnson. 

Strange how some UFOs are similar 
to each other. I could not help but 
notice how this UFO looked similar 
to Ed Walters famous road shot. 
Thought by many however to be a 


REPORT ON THE 07 07 07 
"Oh To Catch A Circlemaker" 

Who was to know that for over 15 years UFO researcher 
Win Keech had been using specialised cameras to scan the 
Wiltshire Fields to catch the complex circles being formed. 
After a Flash of light, Win and co-witness Gary King were 
amazed at the appearance of a massive 1000ft by 500ft for¬ 
mation, in Wiltshire’s famous "East Field" 

With initial video analyses made public at the Press 
Conference the controversy and many strange events were 
compiled in this detailed investigation into the events of 
that summer. 

Underground Video(UK) producer Miles Johnston brings 
both sides together for the first time, in this fascinating 

A full Terabyte of hard drive data was destroyed, by forces 
who did not want this report to be made, so at last it is 
available to the wider public for the first time. 

DVD-R 16:9 widescreen format. Specify PAL or NTSC 
£15 incl post and packing via PayPal, 

Or by cheque to Miles Johnston, 38 Avondale Gardens, 
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See the companion DVDs of the full interview with 
Matthew Williams, and the detailed video analysis as pre¬ 
sented at the press conference from Teije Tofteness. 
Underground Video (UK) Home of the BASES Series. 

A REPORT OH THE 01.01.01 

_ Vkr ; 

Oh To Catch A Circle Hacker 

- -L_