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Avila College has been recommended 
for unconditional approval for a ten 
year reaccreditation by the evaluation 
team from the North Central Association 
of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Ac- 
cording to Sister Marie Georgette, who 
headed up the college's preparation for 
the evaluation, the team also recom- 
mended accreditation for the graduate 
programs in business, education and 
psychology. The recommendations will 
be considered and the final decision 
made by the North Central Association's 

Executive Board at a meeting in July. 
Sister Olive Louise is making plans to 
be in Chicago to represent the college at 
that time. 

Three years ago the college began to 
prepare an institutional self-study 
required for the evaluation. The study 
examines the progress the college has 
made since the last evaluation ten years 
ago, current objectives, strengths, con- 
cerns (including plans to remedy them), 
a plan for the future and the evaluation 
of changes and improvements related to 

the college's objectives. 

Each department took an active 
part in preparing the information from 
their area to be included. The project 
included separate studies for the 
proposed Master's programs. 

For her outstanding efforts in co- 
ordinating the North Central visit. Sister 
Marie Georgette was rewarded with a trip 
to Mexico. She was accompanied by 
Sister Felice Helms, honored for her 
work with the college's theatre depart- 
ment, which she began 30 years ago. 


Our sincerest condolences to the 
family of Joseph Van Drisse, Green 
Bay, Wl, on his death in December. He is 
survived by his wife, a daughter. Sister 
Sarah Joseph, CSJ, St. Joseph Convent, 
Green Bay, and two sons. 

Shortly before his death Mr. Van 
Drisse donated $20,000 to Avila College 
to establish the Sarah and Joseph Van 
Drisse Scholarships. Among his many 
other benefactions was a high school 
for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet 
in Lima, Peru. 


Avila College alumni are invited to become 
"Friends of the Library." The group's annual 
dues, $25 per member, will be used to pur- 
chase books for the new Hooley Bundschu 
Library. The additional volumes will keep the 
collection updated and continually growing. 

An annual book critique and coffee will be 
held as part of the group's activities. 

Alumni joining before March 15, 1979 
will be listed as charter members of "Friends 
of the Library." 


The "Four Day Week", a much talked 
about work concept, has been adopted 
for use during Avila College's 1978 
summer session. With the initiation of the 
plan the campus will be in full operation 
Monday through Thursday. No classes 
will be held Friday allowing most of the 
college to be closed. 

The primary factor in the decision to 
implement the four day week was the 
saving of energy. In the past, the number 
of summer courses offered did not utilize 
all the classroom space. By lengthening 

classes and scheduling them on four days, 
the new plan allows for more efficient 
use of facilities and the energy needed to 
cool the buildings. 

Another consideration was the benefit 
to employees and students. The three day 
week-end allows for more leisure time 
with family and time away from the 
pressures of school. 

As the four day week is implemented 
the college will evaluate the response of 
those affected and calcualte the energy 

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"A Man For All Seasons” 

Saint Thomas More and King Henry 
VIII are the protagonists in Robert 
Bolt's play A Man for All Seasons, to 
be presented by the theatre department 
during April. 

Set in 16th Century England, the 
drama focuses on More's involvement 
with the King and Church, which 
creates tense and majestic moments. 

This classic historical drama has 
been chosen for presentation in 1978 -- 
the 500th anniversary of More's birth. 

Mark Pilcher plays St. Thomas More 
and Phil Roberson portrays King Henry 
VIII. More's wife, Alice, and daughter, 
Margaret, are played by Jennifer Moudy 
and Sylvia Schoonover. 

Performances in the Goppert Theatre 
will be at 8 p.m., April 13-15 and 20-22, 
with a 2 p.m. matinee on April 23. 
Ticket information is available by calling 


Twelve Avila faculty members have 
been granted promotions effective for 
the 1978-79 academic year. 

Dr. Jane Adelsberger, Dr. Paul 
LeMaire, and George Bryde were 
promoted to the rank of professor. 

New Associate Professors are Sister 
Rita Flaherty, Dr. Edward Donovan, 
Dr. David Uhlik, Mary Fran Roberts, 
Sister Mary Fitzpatrick and Dr. C. Larry 

Assistant Professor ranks were earned 
by Michael Burks, Fred Geer and Edwina 

Promotions are made by Sister Olive 
Louise upon the recommendation of the 
Rank and Promotion Committee and the 
Academic Dean. Applicants are evaluated 
on the basis of academic preparation, 
experience, service to the college and 
community, and on the recommendation 
of their peers, and department heads. 


Michael Burks, 
Assistant Professor 
of Art, will display 
his photographs dur- 
ing a show opening 
April 3 in the art 
gallery on the lower 
level of Ridgway 

Various subjects 
are featured in black 
and white and color 
photographs. The 
show continues 
through April 20. 

At left is one of 
Mike's pictures 
which will be on 


The Avila College Department of 
Continuing Education has been growing 
by leaps and bounds. Since June, .thirty- 
two programs have been offered in 15 
subject areas. Over 1500 people have 
taken part in the courses, conferences and 
work shops. 

During April the department will offer 
conferences on Widowhood (13th), 
Sensory Deprivation in the Aging and it's 
Implications for Social Work Practice 
(28th), and Euthanasia (11-through May 
3). A Writer's Conference for creative 
writers is planned for May 13. A Real 
Estate Pre-License Course is offered 
monthly to prepare individuals to take 
the Missouri Licensing Examination. 

For further information on these 
programs contact Dr. Sue Imel, 942- 
8400, ext. 280. 


The 1978 tennis season is underway 
and first year coach Fred Geer is looking 
for his young team to meet the chal- 
lenge of a good schedule. This year's 
team is dominated by freshmen. The 
men's squad has six players, four of 
which are first year collegians. The wo- 
men's squad has four freshmen, and the 
only senior, among it's nine members. 

Each match consists of six singles 
and three doubles matches. With a point 
for each win, a total of nine points is 
possible in each dual meet. 


April 4- W/ William Jewell 2 p.m. 

5- M/ Longview C. C. 12 p.m. 

6- Ml Evangel 1 p.m. 

7- M/ William Jewell 1p.m. 

11- M/W Rockhurst 12:30 

12- M/Mid America Nazerene 2 p.m. 

18- M/W Longview C. C. 12 p.m. 
21- W/ Cottey College 12 p.m. 

26- M / Columbia College 1 p.m.