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333 . 


A newsletter to promote communication among research scientist K 
concerned with the systematics of the Leguminosae/ Fabaceae. 

Editor; R.S. Cowan, Department of Botany, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. 20560 
Associate Editor; Charles R.Gunn, Plant Taxonomy Laboratory, BARC-WEST, USDA, 

Beltsville, Maryland 20705 

No. 12 November 1980 

Hermann August Theodor Harms 

Berlin-born into a professionally 
prominent (from both sides) family, 
Harms was enrolled in a private 
school in the city for his earliest 
education. Later, after eight years 
in the Askanische Gymnasium, he 
matriculated in the "philosophischen 
Fakultat of Berlin’s Friedrich- 
Wilhelm-Universitat . At the end of 
his studies, mostly devoted to natural 
history and mathematics, he graduated 
22 February 1893 with a dissertation 
on the use of anatomical structure in 
the classification of the 
Passif loraceae . 

Adolf Engler, having early recog- 
nized Harms’ talent for systematics, 
invited him to join the staff of the 
Botanical Museum of Berlin which 
Engler headed. Hams served there as a 
general assistant and Lecture-assistant, 
until 1 April 1896 when he became a 
scientific assistant. He rapidly 
established a reputation for sound 
science, dedication, and a willingness to 
taxonomy by his research and, especially by his editorial work with "Das 
Pflanzenreich", with his and C. G. de Dalla Torre's "Genera Siphonogamarum", 
and with his editorship (after 1930) of the second edition of "Naturlichen 
Pflanzenfamilien" . Hams was also an important nomenclaturist, participating 
in the International Botanical Congresses at Vienna, Brussels, Cambridge, and 
Amsterdam. He was largely responsible for the provision in the Code pemitting 
conservation of generic names to avoid disadvantageous changes in nomenclature. 
He was a member of the most prestigious botanical societies, and in 1906 he was 
awarded the title of Professor. 

Photograph, source unknown. Print at 
Hunt Institute . 

serve the developing field of plant 

- 2 - 

Hanns had many interests among the flowering plants, both monocots and 
dicots, but none led to so many publications as did his study of the 
Leguminosae. If one consults his bibliography, it will be seen that no 
fewer than 147 titles treat legumes from one part of the world or another -- 
South America, Africa, Pacific Islands, mostly tropical species. Scores 
of new genera and species are credited to him, most of which still stand. 

Personally Harms was a modest, retiring, almost shy person; in his work 
with others he felt most comfortable in the background. Yet he was always 
ready to be helpful to anyone, to give counsel, and many younger colleagues 
in the Museum looked to him for his opinions of their research. Just two 
days before his death he was at the Museum working in the library. [Notes 
from the Nachruf by G. M. Schulze, Bot. Jahrb . 74 (3) : 349-374 . 1949. See 
TL-2/2:56, for further references.] 



In preparation for the next Directory Issue of the Bean Bag, addresses, 
etc. are being entered in the USDA computer. Please check your name and 
address on the envelope used to send this issue and inform us of any change 
you wish to have made. 


A new journal, LEGUME RESEARCH, has been initiated by the Agricultural 
Research Communication Centre, Sadar, Karnal, India, with Dr. S. Chandra 
as the chief editor, supported by an international editorial board. The 
journal, which will appear twice annually, is designed to highlight the 
fundamental and applied aspects of legume physiology, genetics, breeding, 
bacterial activity, product quality and technological aspects of 
cultivation, processing and evaluation. Annual subscription: Rs. 40.00, 

$ 8.00, or $15.00 (one year); Vol. 3, 1979-80. Rs. 100.00,^20.00, or 
$40.00 (three years). [From Taxon 29:518.] 


The Leucaena Newsletter "will be started in 1980 as an annual bulletin 
with brief research reports on leucaena. Later newsletters may extend to 
other woody leguminous genera." If you are interested, write to: Dr. James 

L. Brewbaker, Department of Horticulture, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, 

HI 96822 U.S.A. 



The first issue of LUPINE NEWSLETTER has just been received (Nov. 1980) . 
It was bom out of enthusiastic discussions among specialists at the First 
International Lupine Workshop in Lima, Peru. The first issue lists the 
Board members (Chairman, Dr. Rainer Gross) who reflect a broad spectrum 
of interests most of which are not directly taxonomic in nature but which 
are of concern and interest to taxonomists (proteins, breeding, alkaloids, 
etc.). For further information and subscriptions, write to: The Inter- 

national Lupine Association, Jr. Tizon y Buena 276, Lima, Peru. 



Please make these corrections in your copy of the Directory in BB-7. 


BAIKABILOV: Samarkand Architectural-Building Institute. The Chief of the 

Department of Chemistry, Street Lajljazar, 70 Samarkand .Uzbek SSR USSR. 
CLEWELL: [New Address]. Conservation Consultants, Inc., P. 0. Box 35, 

Palmetto, Florida 33561. 

CORBY: Change (Mr.) to (Dr.) and RHODESIA to ZIMBABWE (BB-7, p.3) 

STIRTON: (New address). Botanical Research Institute, Private Bag X101, 

Pretoria 0001, SOUTH AFRICA (BB-7, p.8) 

VAN DER MAESEN: (New address) . International Crops Research Institute 

for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) , ICRISAT Patancheru, P.0. Box 502 
324, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA (BB-7, p.9) 



These new readers are additions to those who are listed in the BB-7 
Directory and subsequent issues. 


CIALDELLA, Ava Maria; (Lie.); Instituto de Botanica Darwinion, Labarden 
200, San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

FELSINEUS, Luciano Bernardi; Conservatoire Botanique, CH 1292, Chambesy, 

HALLARD: 8 Rue Roi Rene, La Menitre, 49250 Beaufort en Vallee, FRANCE. 

HOPKINS, Mike, (Dr.); Animal Ecology Research Group, Department of 
Zoology, South Parks Road, Oxford OXL 3PS , ENGLAND [Bruchid beetles 
feeding on legume seeds] 


HUSSAINI, S. W. H. ; Department of Biological Sciences, University of Benin, 
P.M.B. 115 U. Benin City, NIGERIA 

JAYAWARDHANE, E. A. A.; (Hr.): Paragahamulla, Hindagolla, via-Kurunegala, 


LEON, Jorge; (Head); Genetic Resource Unit, Centro Agronomico Tropical de 
Investigacion y Ensenanza, Turrialba, COSTA RICA 

PEABODY, Frederick J., 353 Bessey Hall, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 
50011 [Graduate student] . 

PENA de Sousa, Magdalena; (Directora) ; Jardin Botanico, Instituto de 
Biologia, U.N.A.M., Mexico 20, D.F., Mexico [Legumes of Mexico] 

RAO, M. Mauhusudana: (Dr.); Department of Botany, Kaktiya University, 

Warangal 506 009, INDIA [Tropical pulses, SEM studies of seeds] 

THOTATHRI, K. (Dr.); Botanical Survey of India, P.0. Botanic Garden, 

Howrah- 711103, INDIA 

YATAZAWA, M. ; Faculty of Agriculture, Nagoya University, Chikusa, Nogoya 464, 



South Yarra, Victoria, 3141, AUSTRALIA 
GENERAL LIBRARY, BRITISH MUSEUM (Natural History), Cromwell Road, London 

LIBRARY AND DOCUMENTATION CENTER, Museo Provincal de Ciemcias Naturales 
"Florentino Ameghino," 3000 Santa Fe, ARGENTINA 


BAIKABILOV has prepared a book on cytology for the pedogogical institutes; 
has in press an article on the bending chromosome of Onobrychis 
saravecharica ; completed a karyosystematie study of Onobrychis , section 
Lophobrychis ; and started an Onobrychis - p rotein study. Needs Onob rychis 
seeds and publications. 

CIALDELLA has started a revision of the Argentina species of Acacia . 

CORBY was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of 
Rhodesia. [Congratulations!]. His 171 page dissertation entitled 
"Rhizobial root nodules in the classification of the Leguminosae" is a 
full version of his paper presented at the Legume Conference; completed 
a first draft of "A survey of the nitrogen content of the embryos of 
leguminous seeds"; started a paper on "A comparative study of the 
development of leguminous root nodules"; and a survey of legume symbiosis. 
Has suggestions for further research. 


DUNN and A. M. Planchuelo have 3 papers in preparation or in press on 
Lupinus of Argentina and notes that Melvin Conrad has completed his 
dissertation on the Lupinus albicaulis-L . formosus-L. andersonii 
complex. Has started studies of Lupinus in Ecuador and Brazil and 
continues with Planchuelo on lupines of Argentina. Needs viable seeds 
from Brazilian Lupinus spp . , expecially the simple-leaved species. 

Will be in Mexico in December of 1980. Will annotate Lupinus spp. 
of North America, Mexico, Central America, and Argentina. 

GUNN, Norman, and LAS SETTER are working on the mono ty pic genus Pachecoa 
of southern Mexico and Guatemala and would welcome viable seeds and 
new herbarium specimens . 

HALLARD has started an introduction evaluation of Phaseolus spp . , Pisum 
sativum , and Glycine spp . 

HOPKINS is studying host plant relationships between legumes and bruchids, 
especially bruchid attacking Parkia spp. in Brazil. 

HUSSAINI has started a Ph.D. dissertation "Cytomorphology of the tropical 
Leguminosae with special reference to Nigerian taxa." Needs seeds of 
African Papilionatae, plans trips to Nigerian savanna*, and will 
annotate African Cassia and Crotalaria . 



MAXWELL has returned to Dioclea and related genera. 

PEDLEY has started studies of phytogeography of Acacia in Queensland and 
Tephrosia in Australia and with MASLIN and S. Hopper the phytogeography of 
Queensland and the Northern Territory, April-May 1981. Will annotate 
Australian Atylosia and Tephrosia and Queensland Acacia . 


SCHREIBER has published a treatment of Caesalpinia in Sudwestafrika and 
will accept for identification all legumes from that region. 

STIRTON has returned to South Africa and has completed a paper on petal 
sculpturing in Papilionideae, a revision of tribe Psoraleae (with the 
New World species left as aggregate Orbexilum for the time being) , a 
revision of 26 Eriosema spp. and of the only species of Cajanus , 

Flemingia and Bolus afra in southern Africa. Has started a revision of 
genera Psoralea sensu stricto, nthol oM nm gen. nov., Hallia and Southern 
African species of Cullen and a study of the geography of pollination 
mechanisms in southern African legumes. Will supply material on South 
African endemic Psoralea , Hallia , and Otholobium to interested colleagues. 

THOTHATHRI has completed a revision of the Dalbergieae for Indian subcontinent 
and has started a revision of Hedysareae and Indigofera in India. Will be 
collecting in Estern Himalayas. Will annotate Perris , Dalbergia , Crotalaria , 
and Indigofera of Asia. 


- 6 - 

VAN DER MAESEN has finished a manuscript on the revision of Cajanus and 
Atylosia . Just returned from North India and will annotate Cajanus, 
Atylosia , Cicer. 

VIDAL informs us that PHON has started revisions of Euchres ta , Trif idacanthus , 
Guldens taedtia , Medicago , Parochetus , Crotalaria ; also THUAN of Rothia , 
Psoralea, Cyanopsis , Pongamia, Melilotus, Bowringia , Abrus for Flora of 
Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Suggests a graduate student should revise 
Dialium . Will annotate Pterolobium , Asian Caesalpinia and Caesalpinioideae 
of Indochina. 

YAKOVLEV is in Vietnam for two months collecting Fabaceae for his own studies 
and Rosaceae for the study of his student. Three papers published this 
year are listed in the recent publications section. 

YATAZAWA has finished a study of allantoin metabolism in soybeans and has 
started studies of culture characteristics of rhizobia from tropical 
legumes and nitrogen fixation in aerial parts of legumes. Suggests a 
graduate student might study nodulation problems in Caesalpinioideae. 

Needs at least 10 grams of each of following: Kennedia coccinea Vent . , 

Hardenbergia componiana Benth . , Colutea persica Boiss . , Swainsonia 
galegifolia , Lourea vespertilion Desv. , Lonchocarpus sericeus . Plans to 
do field work in Uruguay (November to January) and Indonesia (July) . 



For additional information or reprints, write to the author or authors; 

the addresses of those whose names are fully capitalized may be found in 

BB-7-12 . 

Annals of Missouri Botanical Gardens, vol. 66, 1979: a series of articles 

on Erythrina spp . 

ALLEN and ALLEN: 1981. The Leguminosae: A source book of characteristics, 

uses, and nodulation. 806 pp . University of Wisconsin Press, Madison. 

Balakrishnan , N. P. and K. THOTHATHRI. 1978. Phanera nicobarica Balak. & 
Thoth. (Caesalpiniaceae) - A new and interesting species from the Great 
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- 8 - 

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- 10 - 

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- 11 - 


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