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Cnue Coort, Fleet Street. 






&C. &E. &C. 





In submittiog the First Pabt of the Bibliookapher's 
Manual, the Compiler deems it necessary to state briefly 
the objects and plan of the work. 

Although there is no country in Europe where early litera- 
ture is so highly appreciated as in England, nothing, which 
can bear a comparison with the bibliographical publications 
in France, Italy, and Germany, has hitherto been done to 
render that literature known and available. With the 
exception of that monument of human industry. Watt's 
'' Bibliotheca Britannica," no general work on English lite- 
rature has appeared ; but useful as those important volumes 
unquestionably are, there can be no doubt that they are in- 
complete and unsatisfactory, since they do not contain any 
account of the characters, collations, and prices of books. 
To afford thb information, is the chief object of the 
Bibliographer's Manual, which has been formed on the 
plan of Mons. Brunet's well known " Manuel du Libraire." 
The Editor has, in every instance, endeavoured to give 
the titles of works relating to English History, published 
either in this country or abroad; and also of every work of 
importance printed in England from the invention of Printing 
to the present time, including Theology, Poetry, the Drama, 



Biography, Heraldry, Voyages, Travels, &c. Of the scarce 
Books it is often stated in what public or private collections 
copies are preserved, and as a knowledge of the value of 
the Books noticed must be of considerable service both to 
Collectors and Booksellers, the prices at which they have sold 
at public sales during the present century are stated, but where 
the articles produced a few shillings only, the average price 
is inserted. Collations are given of most of the very early 
books, as well as of those of which a list of the plates is not 
inserted in the works themselves, as for example, Anderson's 
House of Yvery, Ashmole's Order of the Garter, Atkyns' 
Glocester, &c. The short critical notices which are added 
have been copied from the various Reviews, or from the 
sources cited. 

Considerable trouble has been taken to ascertain the 
authors of works which appeared anonymously, under initials, 
or with assumed names, but they are not attributed to the 
individuals to whom the Editor has asbigned them, without 
sufficient authoriiv. 

The Bibliographer's Manual will extend to Three 
Volumes, Octavo, and will comprize upwards of Thirty 
Thousand Articles ; at the conclusion, the Editor purposes 
giving an Alphabetical List of Catalogues of Public Sales in 
this Country, from the earliest period, with their respective 

UjHjn the judgment which may be pronounced on his 
labours, the Editor is aware that it is extremely difficult 


for him to speak Mrith propriety, for he could not 
aDticipate the opinion of his readers without presumption, 
or he wholly silent without injustice to himself. He is 
sensible that there will be a diversity of opinions as to the 
manner in which he has noticed the numerous publications 
referred to ; and that some persons will consider that books 
have been passed over, which ought to have been mentioned. 
To such criticism he will not only submit with deference, 
but he will gratefully receive any suggestions on the subject. 
He is very far from believing that the present undertaking 
is not liable to objections, or free from inaccuracies; but 
at the same time that he ofiTers his best apologies for its 
imperfections, he hopes he may be allowed to observe, that 
in a compilation of this nature, omissions and errors were 
unavoidable. As he is deeply impressed with the difficulty of 
his task, he throws himself upon the indulgence of a candid 
and liberal public, who are ever more ready to applaud the 
little which may be done to contribute to a knowledge of the 
early literature of their country, than by a withering cen- 
sure, to discourage all future efforts, because a Jirst attempt 
does not contain every thing that may be desirable. 

Should the present undertaking me6t with the approval 
of the public, the Editor hereafter purposes publishing ano- 
ther work, on the same principle, for which he has been many 
years collecting materials, which will include works published 
abroad, from the invention of Printing to the present centtu'y. 



ly proportion to the advunceiiient and general cUftusion of literature 
ought to be the publication of references to, and accounts of, the mul- 
tifarious works witli which the genius of past and of tlie present times 
has enlightened and benefited mankind. Bibliography, or a know- 
ledge of particular books, the peculiarities of editions, tlieir value, and 
what may be termed an ultimate acquaintance with the history and 
cliaracter of a work, has, however, been singularly neglected in this 
country; and rich as our literature is in most departments, tliat 
particular class, on which all others are in a great degree dependent, 
is confessedly deficient. In France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and 
Hollxmd, numerous volumes have been written on the literary history 
of those several countries, together with others on universal literature; 
but in England, excepting a few catalogues of books on particular 
subjects, no general Bibliographical work deserving the name was 
ever published until tlie appearance of tlie " Bibliotheca Britannica** 
by Watt, which will be again alluded to. It Ls not intended to 
explain the cause of tlie low state of Bibliographical knowledge in 
Elnglaiid ; but it may, perhaps, be partly ascribed to the folly of ac- 
quiring, at enormous prices, works which are no othen^ise valuable 
than for their rarity, consisting, as that rarity sometimes does, in a 
colophon or the name of a printer, the texture or colour of the paper, 
tlie widdi of the margin, the occurrence or omission of a date, or even 
in an obvious defect. Mankind are disposed to remember the abvse 
rather tlian the utility of pursuits in which few tu'e deeply interested ; 
and in the ridicule which the enthusiastic zeal of bibliomaniacs has 
cast on Bibliography, they lose sight of tlie fact, that all accurate 
knowledge is in a greater or less degree absolutely dependent 

Tlie accumulated wisdom of ages is deposited in Books ; can 
there then be more useful information than tliat by which these re- 
positories of knowledge are rendered available to the world by pro- 
per classification, separating the valuable from the worthless, and 
presenting the student with a convenient and trustworthy guide to 


the respective sources ? Bibliography is in truth the mariner's com- 
pass of learning ; for without it the student would be floating on tlie 
immense ocean of literature, with no other means than what chance 
afforded of attaining the object of his voyage. To pursue the 
simile, it may be said that the art of navigation is not more indispens- 
able to a mariner than is a certain acquaintance with Bibliography 
to him who passes any part of his life in intellectual pursuits. 

Dr. Johnson has observed, \^'ith liis usual elegance and propriety, 
•* by the means of Catalogues only can be known what has been 
written on every part of learning, and the hazard avoided of en- 
countering difficulties which have already been cleared, discussing 
questions which have already been decided, and digging in mines of 
literature which former ages have exhausted ;" but a bare Catalogue, 
though the most laborious, is the humblest part of a Bibliographer's 
duty. Mere industry may enable him to copy titles, names, and 
dates ; but to classify and arrange works into the several divisions 
and subdivisions, which a student requires — to describe the merits 
of each work, and the peculiarity of each edition — to describe the 
true from the spurious edition — and to give such a collation of 
works which do not either by signatures, pagination, or otherwise, 
present the means of ascertaining whether it be complete or imperfect 
— to trace rare w^orks from library to library, in order that those 
who wish to consult them may know where they are deposited — and 
to give the different prices at which books have at various times 
been sold, that an idea may be formed of their value — require a com- 
bination of tiilent, research, and industry, which entitle the labours 
of a Bibliographer to much more respect than has hitherto been con- 
ceded to them. 

In thus stating the acquirements necessary for a Bibliographer, 
the Editor has in view rather to deprecate severity of criticism on 
whatever defects may be found in this work, than, witli unseeming 
presumption, to exaggerate the merits of its compilation. No one 
can be insensible to the errors wliich are incidental to the first 
edition of a work of tliis nature ; for, as it is well remarked by Mon- 
sieur Renouard, whose reputation as a Bibliographer proves tliat he 
must be well aware of the difficulties incidental to the pursuit : " Si 
bien pr^jpare soit-on, et quelques soins que Ton apporte a la com- 
position d'un ouvrage bibUographique, il est encore presque impos- 
sible de ne pas laisser dans sa premiere publication une multitude 
d'erreurs, de lacunes> de suppositions, de mensonges involuntaires." 


After these imperfect observations on the utility and difficulties of 
BibUography, the Editor will proceed to allude, in as few words as pos- 
sible, to the plan and contents of Watt's " Bibliotheca Britannica," 
to show in what points these volumes supply information which is 
not contained in that valuable compilation. In speaking of the Bi- 
bliotlieca Britannica, no praise can be too high ; for, notwithstand- 
ing its imperfections, it contains a mass of most valuable matter, 
disposed in such form as to be of great assistance to persons desirous 
of ascertaining what works have been written on a particular subject, 
or by a particular author. It is obvious, however, that, from the 
very extensive plan adopted by Watt, his work must necessarily be 
incomplete in various points, which, though of minor detail, are of 
great importance. Tlius, for instance, he gives neither the collation 
nor prices of books ; nor does he afford a guide to the best authors 
on any particular subject, or to the best editions — information of the 
highest value to foreigners and students. 

The Bibliographer's Manual was imdertaken to supply a 
desideratum in English Literature, by presenting the Collector, the 
Author, and the Bookseller with a notice, in alphabetical order, 
under the names of tlieir respective authors, of the principal works 
in the various departments of Divinity, Ecclesiastical and Civil 
History, more particularly of Great Britain, Biography, Voyages 
and Travels, Antiquities, Heraldry, Jurisprudence, Sciences, the 
Arts and Belles Lettres, &c. 

It was stated in the prospectus that these notices would exceed 
tvrenty thousand; but as the Editor proceeded, he was insensibly 
compelled to extend the limits which he had prescribed to himself; 
and the work does, in fact, contain notices of upwards of fifty thoU" 
sand distinct books, published in, or relating to. Great Britain and 
Ireland, from die invention of printing to the present time. He 
deceives himself, if this fact will not be deemed a sufficient apology 
for the work having exceeded what was originally contemplated. 
To these notices are annexed, 

Firstj A concise account of the merits of the work, taken occa- 
iionally from Reviews, but more generally from writers of established 

Sccondh/y Its'peculiar bibliographical character, such as the mode 
m which it was originally published, its contents, limited number 
printed, rarity, whether die name of the author was real or fictitious, 
and occasionally supplying the name of the author of a work pub- 


lished anonymously ; if an early work, to whom dedicated ; the 
merits and variations of the different editions ; where and when 
printed ; also notices of reprints of rare works, and of tracts, whether 
in the Somers tmd Harleian Miscellanies, or similar publications, 
and likewise of those early Voyages and Travels which appear in 
Pinkerton, Churchill, Harleian and other Collections : — in a word, 
all those points wliich belong to tlie " history" of a book are stated. 

Thirdly^ Collations of the contents of tlie rarer and more im- 
portant articles, including a list of the plates. 

Fourthly^ References to the number in the catalogues of cele- 
brated sales, specifying the price for which the work was sold. 

Upon the utility of this information it is scarcely necessary to 
insist : without a Manual of this nature the collector may indeed, as 
is happily remarked by a French Bibliographer, form a collectiariy 
but not a library^ since the one consists simply of a mass of books 
purchased without knowledge or discrimination of subjects or edi- 
tions ; but a library^ by which is meant a selection of the best writers, 
and of the best editions, depends more upon tlie erudition, judgment, 
and taste of tlie possessor, than upon liis wealth or liberality. 

No doubt can be entertained of the utility of attacliing to tlie tide 
of a book the opinion entertained of its merits by those who have 
undertaken to pronounce a critical opinion upon them, either in 
reference to the collector or to the student : to both tliey serve as a 
gvide. But with respect to tlie various criticisms which will be 
found scattered throughout tlie work, the Editor wishes to be under- 
stood, that when no authoritj' is given, he states the general charac- 
ter of die works, rather than offer an opinion of his o\^ti. In the 
case of works of a religious nature, the criticism will of course be 
understood as expressing the estimation in which the work is held by 
the particular sect to which the author belonged. 

The importance of knowing the exact character of, and the dif- 
ference between, the editions of any work, is well understood l)y 
authors and literary persons ; but to more general readers it may be 
necessary to remark, that in each edition an autlior is presumed to 
have availed himself of the additional information, and to have cor- 
racted the errors, which the suggestions of critical journals, or of his 
friends, or his own studies, may have supplied. It is not, perhaps, 
too much to say, with respect to works on history, or consisting of a 
condensation of, or criticisms founded upon, mere facts, that no Jirst 
edition is so perfect as its author is capable of rendering it. Until 


his labours are before him in print, and time has cooled the fervour 
of mind incidental to composition, he is scarcely competent to esti- 
mate, calmly and dispassionately, the value and bearing of the materials 
of which history is composed. A single additional fact, derived pos- 
sibly from an obscure volume, or manuscript, which escaped his re- 
searches when his work was written, may overturn or confirm his most 
ingenious hj^potheses. To works of imagination, novels, poetry, and 
the drama, the value of revision is almost as great — they supply as it 
were the last touches of the master ; and in the second edition the 
author introduces those improvements which, (in an age when the 
Horadan precept has ceased to apply either in principle or practice) 
are rarely to be found in the first impression ; whilst every subse- 
quent reprint affords him the opportunity of imparting greater 
accuracy, more abundant information, and more elaborate polish to 
his lucubrations. Hence arises the immense superiority of a second 
edition over the first, of a third over a second, and thus in nu- 
merical progression of each over]^its'predecessor. The claims which 
a first sometimes possesses over a later edition of a work consists 
chiefly of remarks which prudence or justice may have induced an 
author to cancel. A^reference to the first edition of an early writer 
is however often essential in restoring the correct reading of a line 
or passage. If a typographical error is made in the second edition, 
it is almost certain to^ be perpetuated in succeeding impressions, 
from its being the practice to print each edition from the one which 
immediately preceded it. Moreover, there is a peculiarity about 
each edition of every work, which>enders it imperative that it should 
be carefully referred^ to by an editor of tlie work: it may also 
liappen that a first edition contains valuable extraneous matter, which 
a desire to impart more consistency to his labours, caused tlie author 
afterwards to omiu To tliose who write books, a knowledge of such 
peculiarities in editions is indispensable; and by those who only read 
them, but who are interested in the curiosities and technicalities of 
literature, the information will not be despised. 

It is the duty of an author to know the history of the work which 
he consults : by making tlie statements it contains his autliority, he, 
in some measure, adopts them as his own ; and a Manual, which 
enables him to form an idea of the degree of credit that ought to 
be attached to the book before him, cannot fail to facilitate and 
benefit his labours. A critical examiner of his authorities, knows 
that the slightest fact — the date, die dedication, whether a private 


In common witli most persons interested in literary pursuits, the 
Editor is under many obligations to Philip Augustus Hanrott, 
Esq. to whose late curious and extensive library liberal access was 
always afforded him. 

To Messrs. Payne and Foss, Mr. Cochran, Mr. Pickering, 
and especially Mr. Rodd, for their constant advice and most useful 
suggestions, he is eminently obliged. 

To Mr. R. H. Evans he is particularly indebted for many 
valuable hints, and for the loan of the sale catalogues of the numerous 
important libraries which have passed through his hands, which 
exhibit a profound knowledge of his profession. — To Messrs. 
SoTHEBY he begs to return his thanks for access to Uieir extensive 
series of catalogues. 

Gratitude demands a strong acknowledgment to the late William 
Meredith, Esq., underwhosehospitable roof diis Manual was com- 
menced in the year 1820. By the late Richard Heber, Esq., 
(who, as a collector, miited the judgment of a Cotton with the 
princely munificence of a Harley,) he was honoured with appro- 
bation and encouragement, and with tlie offer of access to his 
immense literary treasures. 

\ St January, IQS4. W. T. L. 


Dr. Dibdin, in the scTenth Tolume of the Catalogue of the magnificent Library of Earl 
Spencer, quotes the following remarks of M. Ebert, the celebrated German Bibliographer : 
< liCt us be told what real advantage has accrued to learning from the Spenc£r Library, 
which has been extolled to satiety, .... or the ^collections of other [English] Bibliomanes ? 
Not 10 much as to enable the Nation, otherwise so mercantile, to produce a Manuel du 
lAhraire of its own, of which, from their constant buying, they are hourly in need,' &c. 
This reproach is, to some extent, it is to be hoped, removed by the Bibliographer's 
Manual, and the Editor begs to announce his intention of publishing a similar work on 
Foreign Literature. 


BaUograpljn: s i^Unual. 

B.— Sec An- 

TROBUS, Benj. 

A. F. — A 

Letter sent by 
F. A. touching 
the Pioceed- 
ings in a private 
Quarell^nd Vn. 
kindaesse, between Arthur Hall 
and Melchiscdech Mallerie Gen- 
tlemen to his very Friend L. B. 
bciii*j: in It'dly. With an Admoni- 
liou bv ihe Father of F. A. to him, 
Uin^ a Burgesse of the Parlia- 
ment, for his better Behaviour 
therein. (London, bv Heniy Bynne- 
u:an, 1679-80.) 4to. 

Black letter, 16 sheets (128 pa^^es). 
For thi> ptiblication, which was adjudged 
^ .l;c aiid seditious libel l.y the House of 
Coaui.uui, Hall fras iuiprisoned sixinontlis, SOU marks and cxpillcd the house. It 
ir.::nt> a curious ^-iew of the habits and 
I..:. -.Is of tlie young men of family and 
£:i»i.U<ii in the reign of Elizabeth. It is reprint- 
tu : - .Le Mi^ccUauea Aiitiqua Anglicana. 

A. \{ — Piirthtneia Sacra, cr the 
;./oU:.uMS Gardeji of the Sacred 
f'artheitis. Pciris, by John Coustik- 
ricT, 16'33. 8vo. 

^>rittt:u l\ au English CaihoUc. The 
ec2-a»iiig< ire i>eat, and the poetry above 
K».iiucTijv. Bindley, Pt. ii. No. I, 8414, 
UlUCd. Lloyd. 1/. 12a. White Knights 
^JCi, moT. 2/. 14s. Fonthill Library, 

A. J See Allek, J. 

— 5^e Andrews, John. 

— See AsKE, Ja. 

A . P. — Eubulus ; or, a Dialogue 
wherein a rugged Romish Ryme 
(inscrybed Catholicke Questions 
to the Protestant) is confuted, and 
the Questions thereof answered 
by P. A. Aberdene by Edward 
Raban, 1627. 4to. 

Attributed to Patrick Adamson. Inglis, 
Ko. 548, 1/. lUdd. 

A. R. See Allot, Robert. 
—7 iSee Arm IN, Robert. 
— See Ay LET, Robert. 
A. T.— The Masacre of Money, 
by T. A. London, 1602. 4to. 

In Yerte, probably written by Thomas 
Acheley. Roxburghff, 3342. 

A. T — History of the. Azores, or 
Western Islands. Lond. 1813, 4to. 

With maps and other engravings. De- 
dicated to the Earl of Moira, by T. A. Cap- 
tain of Liglit Dragoons, 7t. A miserable 

A. W ^eeAuERELi, Wm. 

AoAUziT, Firmin. Reflections 
on the Eucharist, on Idolatry, on 
the Mysteries of Religion, with 
Paraphrases and Explanations of 
sundry Parts of Scripture, &c. &c. ; 
translated from the French, by E. 
Harwood, D.D. Lond. 1770. 8vo. 

The author of this work, by profes- 
sion an A nan, was the correspondent and 
friend of Sir Isaac Newton. Another edition, 
entitled "Miscellanies," appeared in 1774, 
8vo. Abauzit likewise wrote ao Essay on 
the Apocalypse, which was ably answered 
by Dr. Twells. 



Abb ADiE, James. ViDdication 
of tbe Truth of the Christian Reli- 
gion, translated from the French, by 
H. Lussan. London, 1694-8. 8vo. 
2 vols. 

ork. Scv. 



tmulatcJ inio EriKliiti. I 

Abbayc of the Holy Ghost. 
See ALCi)CK,Ji>hn, Bishop of Ely. ' 
Abbot of evyll Prbfytes. The i 
Copy of the Co mmaun dement ge- I 
nerall bv the. London by me Peter 
Treverys. 4to. I 

Black lellcr. Four tcavei. 

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or a Poeme of the holy Name of 
Jesus. Perm issu Supetiorum,1623. 

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Abbot, George, (successively 
Bishop of Litchfield and London, 
af^erwiirda Archbishop of Cantcr- 
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discussffi et disccptala; Anno 1597. 
OxoniK, 1598. 4to. pp, 224, and 
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': rBepiiitted it Frankfbrt, ISIO, 4to. by 

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DedicmWd ' To Thomai Baron of 
Buckhunt, IfOrd Trcwurer,' tJ38 pagei, 
Bepcinled in 1613. Abbal was one of llie 
prelalM (pptritited by Jamcj 1, to Iranslatc 
part of Hie Mew TcsUment into Engliili. 

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Visibilityand Succession of the true 
Church in all Ages. Lond. 1624. 

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Williafrontiildece, containing the «u. 
thor"! portrait, by W. Manball, 6s. N«s- 
Mu, pt.LNo. I. 10*. Ofthiavrork,vfbidi 


(coonHog (o AnL a Wood, wai commoaly 
called. ' Abliot'a Geography,' there have 
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Abbot. — The Life of Dr. 
George Abbot, Lord Archbishop of 
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Lord MiyofitVfhe City of London. 
Guildford, 1797. 8vo. wilh four 

In (hia will be found an account of the 
hoapilslatGuitdford.founded byttili Arch- 
I bishop, with copies of the chatter and ila- 
tulea. Heath, 15HB, 9b. Sd. Nauau, Pt. 
i, 2, lOi. 

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A Mirrour of Popish Subtillies. 
Lond. by Tho. Creede, 1.594. 4to. 
{ pp. 226, besides dedication, &c. 
■ 7s. 6d. 

This learned prelate, who wu coimdered 
e of the Arst palemical divines of the age, 
.enise publishedseTcral other conlroter- 

A, B, C, The, with the Pater- 
noster, Aue, Crede, and ten Cora- 
maundemcnttes in Englysbhe, new- 
ly translated and set forth at tbe 
Kyngcs most gracyous Comraaun- 
dement. London, by R. Lant. Svo. 

Block Letifr. Printed on one side, 
(0 be folded bo that the blank leavei may be 
palled together, and Ibrm one leaf of two, 
or four small leavn of the wbole sheet. 
Several otlicr edilionE are noticed in .\mcs' 
Typographical Antiquities. 

A, B, C, The Surfeit to. Lon- 
don, 1656. r2mo. 

ABDALtA. — Arrivall and Enter- 
tainements of the Embassador 
Alkaid Yaurar Ben Abdalla, with 
bis Associate Mr. Robert Blake, 


from Muley Hofaammed Sheque, 8vo. pp. viii. and 279, bcsicTes the 

Emperor of Morocco^ &c. Lon- tide and dedication to Dr. Mead. 

don, 1637. 4tO. The best edition of Abelird's letters. 

With A portnit of the ambatsador by Biihopof Ely, 41, 78. 6d. large paper. 

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Oordonstono, 129, 41. 18s. No. 1, morocco, 1/. 14s. 

Abdias. See Obadiah. _ l^^^fs written by AbelardV 

Abdollatiph. Abdollattphi a„d EioJsa, with a succinct Account 

Hutorne ^gypti Compendium, of their Lives and Misfortunes, by 

Arabicc et Latine. Oxon. 8vo. Jq^^^ Hughes, Esq. To which are 

In the British Museum. * Hie Liber ^,^u:^:^^a «^.,^^ dX^^» u« »»..:^... 

iBtff rarisumos numeimndus tst, a Thoma Subjoined seven Poems by vafious 

Hyde edi caeptus est, sed morte erepto, Authors. London, 1808. 8vO. With 

|Wjii perfectus desinit Pagina 9G.' Bibl. 7 plates, 5s. 

Atkcv. No. 802, 3/. $: Another translation of these letters will 

— Abdollatiphi Historice iEgypti be found in the Rev. Jos. Berington's Lives 
Compendium, Arabice et Latine. of these unfortunate Lovers. 

Partim ipse vertit, partim a Po- A ben dak a, Isaac. Discourses 

cockio Versum edendum curavit, of the ecclesiastical and civil Po- 

Notisque illustravit, J. White, lity of the Jews. Ix>nd. 1709. 8vo. 

Oxon. 1800. 4to. 1/. Is. 33. 6d. 

An edition of the Arabic only, 10:i. 6d. A sensible and judicious selection from 

A translation of this valuable vrork will be ^e works of Abcndana. 

faund in vol. xv. of PInkerton's Collection AbeRCROMBT, David. Acade- 

rf Voyages and Travels, and in Part ii- mia Scientiaruni, Or the Academy 

of White*, ^ijyptiaca. of Sciences, with the Names of 

- Abdollatiphi Ba^adensis ^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ 

r^i SiTJ^i^i • • f •' . written on every particular Science 

Codd. MbS Bodleianis descnps.t j^ g jj^^ and Latin. Lond. 1687. 

ct Latine vertit Johannes Mousley. q„^ ? 

Oxon. 1808. 4tO. pp. Vlll. and ^his wiiter Ukcwise published A Dis- 

7S, 6s. course on Wit. London, 1685. 8vo. 3s. 

This volume should accompany the Com- Protestancy to be enit)raced. London, 1G82, 

pcndiuiD. 8vo. 5s. &c. 

Abdulkurreem. — The Memoirs Abercromby, Patrick, M.D. 

of Khojek Abdulkurreem, who ac- The martial Atchievenients of the 

companied Nadir Shah, on his Scots Nation. Edinb. 171 1-15. fol. 

Return from Hindostan to Persia ; 2 vols. U. 15s. to 21. 2s. 

Ace. translated from the Ori|?inal The first volume abounds in the marvel- 
Persian, bv Francis Gladwin, Esq. lous, but the second is valuable on account 
Calcutta, 1788. 8vO. pp.219, 5s. ^^ *»*• "cc^^-ate in fomiaUon respecting the 
ft r^i I iwt5-_-.*.: ^ r British history in the 14th and 15th Centu- 

Abel, Clarke. Narrative of a ^^^^ Roxburghe. 8771, 5/. 7s. 6ci. An 

Journey in the Interior of Chma, edition was published 1762, 8vo. 4 vols. 

and of a Voyage to and from that l Abercromby likewise pulilishcd two tracts. 

Country, in the Years 1816 and I »'*- ^"^^^^^ ^*» ^^^'"«'* "»'''<>''y **^ '***^ ^"*®^ 

Aberdken, George, Earl of. 
An Inquiry into the Principles of 
Beauty in Grecian Architecture. 
London, 1822. post 8vo. pp. 217. 
Published at 7s. 

1817. London, 1818. 4to. with 
maps and other engravings. 

AM held an official appointment in Lord 
Axfibent'c Embassy. Drury, 127, U. 15s. 

Abel and Kilvert, 1641. Set 

Abelard, Peter.— Petri Abce- 
Urdi et Heloiss® Epistolee, a 
prions Editionis Erroribus purgatse, 
et com Cod. MS. coUatse, Curft 
Ricvdi RawlinBon. Load. 1718. 

Drury, No. 2, 1 Is. 

Aberdeen, An Account of the 
Antiquity of, with the Price of 
Grain and Cattle from 1435 to 
1591. Edinb. 12mo. 

IngliSf Ko. 1, 188. 

4 ABI 

Abergavenny, Barony of. See 
Bird, W. 

Aberkethy, John, Bishop of 
Caithness. A christian and heaven- 
ly Treatise, containing Physicke for 
the Soule; newly corrected and en- 
larged by the Author. Lond. 1622. 

With a portrait of the author. Reprinted 
1630. The edition 1622, Gordonstoun, 
SO, 6s. 

Abernetiiy, John, M. A. Dis- 
courses concerning the Being and 
natural Perfections of God, 2 vols. 
Sermons on various Subjects, 4 
vols, and scarce and valuable 
Tracts and Sermons, 1 vol. Lond. 
1740-51. 8vo. 7 vols. 1/. lis. 6d. 

The works of this eminent preshyterian 
divine are held in considerable estimation, 
particularly his discourses on the Divine 

Aberketiiv, John. Surgical 
Works and Physiological Lectures, 
London, 1826. 8vo. 3 vols. 2/. 2s. 

Abernethy, Thomas. — Abjura- 
tion of Poperie, by Thomas Abcr- 
nethie: sometime Jesuite, but now 
penitent Sinner, &c. A Warning 
to come out of Babylon, in a Ser- 
mon preached by Master Andrew 
Ramsay at the Receiving of Mr. 
Thomas Abemethie into the So- 
cietie of the truely reformed Church 
of Scotland. Edinb. 1638. 4to. 

Two Tracts, lOs. Gd. 

Aberwick. — A true Report of a 
Btraunge and monsterous Child, 
born at Aberwick, in the Parish of 
Eglinghani, in the County of Nor- 
thumberland, this fifth of January, 
1580. Lend. forTho. Gosson. 8vo. 

Black Letter. One sheet, with a wood 
cut of the child in the title-page, by 
* Raphe Cooke, Paynter in Barwick upon 
Tweed.' This monstrous child, the offspring 
of Elinor Urine, was of the male sex, and 
shaped like two children from the shoulders 
upwards ; one ear of each head was shaped 
like that of a horse, the other like a hog's. 

ABiNODOiN,or Habington, Tho- 
mas. The Antiquities of the Ca- 
thedral Church of Worcester : to 
which are added the Antiquities of 
the Cathedral Churches of Chiches- 


tcr and Lichfield. London, 1717 
or 1737, 8vo. 

Worcester, pp. xxxv. 240, and Index, 8 
pp. with title-page, also preface and errata, 
t pp. : Lichfield, pp. xlviii. and 62, ending 
with the catch-word 'An.' Roxburghe,8601, 
16s. 6d. Heath, 4698, 16s. 6d. Dent, 
Pt.i. 2, 1/. 

Abrabanel, Isaac. Proemium 
Commentariorum in Leviticum, ex 
Heb. in Lat. cum Notis per L. C. 
deVeil. Lond. 1683. folio. 

The works of this writer are held in con- 
siderable Estimation by Rabbinical writers. 

Abreneth^us, Adam. Ecloga 
regalis de Matrimonio Caroli Regis 
et Henriettse Marise. Lutet. 1625, 

In the British Museum. 

Abridgment (A general) of Cases 
in Equity. Lond. 1793, 1769. fol. 
2 vols. 

Vol. 1, 5th edition, pp. 417, 1793. Vol. 2, 
2nd edition, 1769. The best edition of an 
esteemed work. Sotheby's in 1 8Sl,8i.lSs.6d. 

Abstract (An) of certain Acts of 
Parliament of certaine of her Ma- 
icsties Iniunctions, &c. 

Without Place, about 1584. 4to. 

Black letter, pp. 266, besides a short 
epistle to the Christian Reader. 10s. 6d. 

— A Counter-poyson modestly 
written for the Time to make An- 
swere to the Abstract. (London, by 
R. Waldegrave,1584.) 4to. 

Black letter, pp. 195, with two epistles 
prefixed. 6s. 

— An Answer to An Abstract of 
ccrteine Acts of Parliament, &c. H.Denham, 1584. 4lo. 
Black letter, pp. 3)0, besides the pre- 
face, 6s. By Archb. WhUgift. 

Abudacnus, sen Barbatus, 
Joseph. Historia Jacobitarum, seu 
Coptorum in iEgypto, Lybia, Nu* 
bia, ^Ethiopia tota, et Parte Cypri 
Insulse habitantium. Edi^a per 
Tho.Mareschallum. Ox. 1675. 4to. 

A translation by Sir Edward Sadleir was 
published 1693 & 3. 4to.5s. 

Abu Ism a el. See Tograi. 

Abulfazel. See Ayeen Ak- 

AbulfedaJ Ismael. Chorasmis 
et MawaralnahraBy hoc est Regio- 
num extra Fluvium Oxum Descrip- 

tio, R Tabulis AbuUedte, Arab, et 
Lat a J. Gravio. Lond. 1650. 4to. 
64 pp. 5s. 

AUn in the Geognph. H{d. edited by 

Abulfeua, Ismael. De Vita et 
(Ubu«g«9tisMobamedii, Arabtetim i 
primns edidit, Latine vertit, Preefa- 
tioaeet Notistilustravit Joan, Gag- 
nier. Oxon. 1T23. folio. 

A einiou* and imponiuil work. Hnlh, ' 
W67. II. In Wnngton *nd Cocbnin'i , 


I copT t 

Rttnl tbrougbouT Tor 
SiiDon Ocklejr. Gignicr begta to publiih 
Ike ' Takwceiu al UoliUm,' but died ichen I 
iktTSnd page was printed off. 

ABUL-Hn.*RAjius,Gre^. E*- 
cerpium de Rebus gratis Richardi 
AngliK Regis in Paloestina: Syriac. 
et Lat. a Paulo Jac. Bruns. Oxon. 
1780. -Ito. 3a. 6d. 

— Specimen Historiffi Arabum, 
■ire Gregorii Abuirarnjii de Origtne 
et Morib'ts Arabum succincla 
Xariaiio, in Lioguam l.atinam con- 
*esa; Opera et Studio Edv. Po- 
cockii. O.Ton. 1650. 4to. 9s. 

Antw Teit, 30 pp. Notes, d>te 164S. 
If. 1»0. Goliui in the preface ta hit Le:<i- 
K3 .AnbicDiu nUi thii book ' opiu pra>c]a- 
ni:!,' and the author ' doeliuimui.' 

— Specimen Historitt Arabum, 
■ccessil Hisioria veterum Ara- 
bum ex Abu'l Feda: Curfii Ant. 
It. Silvestre de Sacy. Edidit Jose- 
pbos White. Osonil, 1806. 4to. 
WHti a portrait of the author by W. 
H.GarJiDer, U. Is. 

— Historia Oynastianim Orieo- 
tiliitm, Arahjce edita et Latine 
vena, ab Edv. Pocockio. Oxon. 
16*13. 4to 2 vols 18s. 

Vol 1- AralHce.pp. 56S. with two titles, 
•■d a dedication to Gilbert, Biifaop oT Lon- 
don, lorether Toor leate>. Vol. t, Latin, 
B to K k k, in ban, with title ; dedlration 
loCb rlet It. and Prehce to the Reader, G 
ici:.i A eurioDi and lery interertlrg 
wgrk. Of TOlume 1 lome copiet have a 
uv;c, ' HiatotiftOrientalii,' 1671, 
•n'l lu additioD of ' Pia&itia ad Lecta- 
i.n,' i jagtt. 

AiiLTALEBKnAK,Miraa. Trn- 
reli in Asia, Africa, and Europe, 
ntibe jfan 1799-1802, tranilated 
i^om the Peraian by Charles 

ACA 5 

SlcwarL London, 1810. 8vo. S 
«ta. pp. 738,,16s. 

Thii work, according to the Qsuteily 
Rariew, ia ' not eo]j a cuiiom^ but a rery 
agreeable preaent to tlie weitem world.' 
Reprinted ISM. ISmo. 3 vole. -The ori- 
ginal wat publiihed at Calcutta in ISli, In 
royal Svo. K fii. 

AcA, Anthony of The Historic, 
Life, and Miracles of the blessed 
Virgin, Sister Joane of the Crosse. 
St. Oraere, 1625. 12mo. 

A notice of thii abaucd production will 
be found in Beloe'i Anecdotca, iii. 110-11. 

Acaderaie.— Cboix desMemoirM 
de TAcademie des Inscriptions et 
Belles- Lcttrea. London, 1777. 4to. 

3 torn. 12s. 

A loleidile (election. Biihop of El*, 
e70. IJ.Sa. 

Academy of ComplimeDls, en- 
riched with many witiy Poems, and 
pleasant Songs, excellent Simili- 
tudes, CoinpariKUiis, Fancies, De- 
vices, and delightful Fictions. 
London, 1655. 12no. lOs, to 158. 

An edit. 1670, Stanley, Vo. «78. ISl. 
1713.White Knighti, No.6, morocco, SOa. 
ISaO. Ireland, IBOl. Ko. 54, I3t. td. 

Academy of Compliments, or 
ivliole Art of Cotirlship, being the 
rari^st and most exact way of woo- 
ing a Maid or Widow, by the way 
of Dialogue or comphmental Ex- 
pressions. London. 12mo, 

An abridgment of the * Jardin d'Amour.^ 
White Knighti, No. 7, Si. 

Academv of Pleasure, furnished 
with all kinds of complimental 
Letters, Discourses, and Dialogues, 
with a variety of new Songs, Son- 
nets, and witty Inventions. Loo- 
don, 1656. 12mo. 

A rare work, with engraved title, by 
Vaughim, containing portmiti of Drayton, 
Quarlci, Wither, and Jonion,and a portrait 
of the author I in t)>e dreai o( a book chap- 
man. Naiaau,Pi.i.3.ru8sia,Si 18>. Sd. 

Academy .of Compliments, (A 
new) with un exact Colleclion of 
the newest and choisest Songs a la 
Mode, both ainaroua and jovial. 
London, 1669. 12mo. With fron- 
tispiece, 10s. to 15s. 

I Freqoently repiinted. Edition 1671, 
Huma, Pt. 1. fl, He. 1681. Sunley, BTfl, 
IJ. 1*. 

6 ACH 

*. Accedence. Printed in Caxon's 
Hous by W. de Wprd' at Wfist-. 
mynstre* 4to. ^ 

Contains A yiij*' B vL Dr. Dibdin, says 
W. de Worde, printed an edition of * The 
Long Accydence' in 1513. 

AccuBT, Frederic. System of 
theoretical and practical Chemis- 
txy. London, 1803. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Of this edition there were a few copies 
printed on paper mannfiicturcd from straw. 
Accum published many other treatises on 
Chemistry, Mineralogy, Sec mostly compi- 
lations from other works. 

. Acj&RBi, Joseph. Travels through 
Sw^en, Finland, and Lapland, to 
the North Cape, in the years 1798 
and 1799. London, 1802. 4to. 
2 vols, with 17 engravings, ]/. 5s. ; 
copies with the the plates of natural 
history coloured, 1/. 15s. 

This work has been attacked by Rihs, 
a Swede, for misrepresenting the Swedes, 
and for having borrowed largely without 
acknowledgment from Leemius ; and also 
by his fellow-traveller, Skloldebrand, for 
having appropriated his views and designs. 
Drury, 129. russia, U 14s. Fonthill, 427, 
2/. Earl of Kerry, 177, 3/. 

AciiARYA, Bhascara. Lilawati : 
or, a Treatise on Arithmetic and 
Geometry, translated from the San- 
scrit by John Taylor, M.D. Bom- 
bay, 1816. 4to. 

AcHERLEY, Roger. The Bri- 
tannic Constitution, or the funda- 
mental Form of Government in 
Britain, demonstrating the original 
Contract entered into by King and 
People. London, 1727 or 1741.fol. 
10s.6d.— L. p. 188. 

This writer likewise published ** The 
Free Parliament," 1731, 8vo. 3s. 6d. and 
in 1780 appeared: ' Reasons for Uni- 
formity in the State, being a Supplement 
to the Britannic Constitution,' 8vo. 

AcHEsoNE, James. The Militarie 
Garden, or Instructions for all 
young Souldiers. Edinb. 1629. 4to. 
with a folding plan. 

Gordonstoun, 72, 13s. Inglis, 97, 17s. 

Achilles Tatius. The His- 
tory of Clitophon and Leucippe, 
from the Greek, by W. B [urton]. 
Lond. by Tho. Creede, 1597. 4to. 

A translation mentioned by Ant. k 


Wood, and also by Warton, but unknown 
to^ Amea or Herbert. • 

— The Loves of Clitophon and 
Leucippe, Englished by A.H. [An- 
thony Hodges], Oxford, 1638. 
small 8vo. with a frontiipiece. 

According to Ant. a Wood,/* There were 
two impressions of this translation made in 
that year (l6'<iS)t and in one of them are 
commendatory copies of verses made by 
several poets. of the university." Bindley, 
Pt. i. 25,. 1/. 8s. An abridged translation 
was publbhed in 1780. 12mo. 9s. 6d. 

AcKERMANN. See Repository 
of Arts. Oxford. Microcosm. 
Westminster. &c. 

AcLAND, Hugh Dyke. A brief 
Sketch of the History and present 
Situation of the Vaudois. London, 
1826. 8vo. 

An interesting artiile on the History of • 
the Vaudois, with a notice of this work, wil 
be found in the Quarterly Review, irrrtiL ' 

Acme and Septimus, 4to. 9s. 

Thirty-six copies printed. Set Boswell, 

Acolastus, the Comedy of, 1540. 
See FuLLONius, Gul. 

Agon Ti us, James. Stratage- 
matum Satanse Libri viii. Oxon. 
1631. 12mo. 

Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth, with a 
frontispiece, 6s. A very popular work, 
which has been translated into many 
European languajces. The original was 
first printed at Basle 1565 ; reprinted 4to. 
London, 1648; 12mo. Oxford, 1650. The 
translation appeared in 1648 — ' Acontius't 
Satan's Stratagems, or the Devil's Cabinet 
Councel discovered,' 4 to. Sir M. M. 
Sykcs, Pt. i. 102. lis. Reprinted 1651. 

AcosTA. The remarkable Life 
of Uriel Acosta ; to which is 
added Mr. Limborch's Defence of 
Christianity, in answer to Acosta's 
Objections. London, 1740. 8vo. 

This tract was translated and edited 
by John \S histon, the bookseller. It was 
revised by Dr. Roper. 

Acosta, Joseph d'. The History 
of the East and West Indies, 
translated from the Spanish, by 
E. G. [probably Edward Grim- 
stone]. London, 1604. 4to. 

This work, which is quoted by Doc- 
tor Robertson as standard authority, hat 
also been translated into French, Flemish, 
Italian, and German* Qordonstoun, 130, 


lf>.U. HotneTooke, No. 1, II. UVetth, 
|t9.5T4. morocco, 3t.Ti, 

Acta ApostoloTum, GrttCO-La- 
tina,Littena najusculis, a Codice 
LaadianOiCharacteribus uncialibus 
narato, deacripsi tedidibfueThomas 
Heainius t^ui et Symbolum Apasto- 
lofum ex eodem Codice subjunxit. 
OxoD. 1715. royal 8vo. 

Ol tU* wcrk onlj 130 mpin were print- 
«d, ill BpOD nijil pjpn. l)uk« of Gnflon, 
No. IS, 7L 16i. Brocket), H69, BL Biibop 
Hmdolph, Vo. 65, Bl. !>. 6d. King uid 
Locbcc'* in 1810, lOJ. lOi. Hrath, 41T0, 
iU. U. Oaagti, leei, 301. 

Acta AposLolurum, varlomrn 
Noiis turn Dictionem turn Mn- 
teriam illuBtraDtibiiB, luns adjecit 
HasliDgsRobtasoD, A.M. Cantab. 
1835. 8ro. 9s. 6d. 

Acta Regia. me Rapik de 

Actuum Apostolorum et Episto- 
lanini tatn CathoUcarum quam 
Paali Veraio Sjriaca Philoxeniana, 
« Cod. MSS. Ridleil, nunc pri- 
inom edila cum Interpret, et Anno- 
(at. Jos. White. Oxon. 1799. 4to. 

TUiwok grncnllf icconipuiin While'i 
cdjiioa of ihc SytUc CtanBelitU. 

Actes of the Apostles (The) 
translated into Englishe Metre by 
Cbriitofer Tye, Doctor in Musyke, 
Ac. wytb Notea to eche Chapter 
to tyn^ and also to play upon 
Ibe Lute, &c. 1553. London, 
In Nycolas Hyll and Wyllyam 
seits. 8vo. 

Blict lettrr. Contuni N 4, in ngliCs. 
Ttakirrnon (ontuni the flnt 14 chapten 
nlj; there arc Krialioiu in the cotopfaon. 
Xobotl by Worton in the iltii. tectlan of 
Ui HiMory of Portiy. Oough, IS, ruuia, 
1>. Il bat now worth conildrnibly morr. 

Arts of the Apostles.— The Ac- 
tions of the Apostles; trausiated 
from the original Greek. Bv the 
Rer. John Willis. Lon, 1789.'8vo. 
pp. 295. 3*. 

TUt Inndition i* in Uttlc eitimMlon. 

AcTOX, Thomaa Herman. Re- 
ports of Cases argued and deter- 
mined before tbe Commissioners 
of Appeals in Prize Causes; also, 
in Appeal to tbe King in Council, 
eoDcerning tlie-Judg(ueata in Jane 

ADA 7 

1809. Lond. 1809-11. royalSro-. 
vol. I and vol.2, pt. i. W.Is.- 

Actor (The), a Treatise on the 
Art of Playing^, interspersed with 
theatrical Anecdotes, &c. London, 
1750-5. 12mo. 2 vols. 4s. to 6s. 

A very leniible performance, written by 
Aaron Hilt. 

Actors' Remonstrance, (The) 
or Complaint, for the silencing of 
their Profession and Banishment 
from their severall Playhouses. 
London, 1643. 4lo. 

A Mtirical tract, containing lome 
curious snd amnaing pifticulsrg of the 
means reiorted to by player) to procure 
lubsiiieoce on llie auppieiuon of tbe thea- 
trcB in 164S. One hundred ctipiei were 
reprinted in 1822, Bra. 2(. Sd. rrom the 
copy in the Britiih Muhuri. 

Actors {The Tragical), or tbe 
Martyrdome of the late King 
Charles. Printed for Sir Arthur, 
1660. 410. 

Rhodei, 403, lis. 
AcwoETU, Geor. LL.D. De vi- 
sibili Rom' anarchia contra Nich. 
Sanderi Monarchiam vpsf^TSfinw 
Libri duo. Lond. apud Joh. Day- 
um, 1573. 4to. pp. 215, besides 
tables of contents for the two books. 

Reprinted in 1622, 4to. Thit writer 
ouiated Archb. Faiker in hii Antjquitateg 

Adagia in I.atine end English, 
contayning fyve hundreth Prover- 
bes. Aberdeen, 1622. 12mo. 
A copy ■■ in the Britiib Miueum. 
Adair. — A Sketch of the 
Character of the late Duke of Dc- 
Tonshire. London, 1811. 4to. 

A priritely primed tract, witb a porlrnit 
of the Duke, 1/. li. 

An.tiit, James. The History of 
the American Indians, particuhrly 
those Nations adjoining to the Mis- 
sissippi, East and West Florida, 
Georgia, South and North Carolina, 
and Virginia. London, 1775. 4to, 
10s. to 15s. 

In thii very curioiu work, the author, 
who waa a leiidrntin North America above 
forly yean.endeaTuuti to trace the Indian) 
to a Hebrew origin. 

Adau, Alex. LL.D. Roman 
Autiquittes, or on Account of the- 


Manners and Cusloms of tlie Ru- 

mans. Londun, 1B2'2. 8vo. 6s. 

A very lueful uid niucb cslceuicd work,. ' 
generally recomniendsd In prefi-renw Ii> i 
Dr. .Kcnnet on (he i>aine »ubjert. Tliic , 

bigb ichool of KdinbuTith, likewise pub- | 

lidhcd ■ev^ml olber eLmenury books, psr- i 

ticularlya Latin Diciionaiy, which is highlj I 

Ctteemed, *ncl lu) been frequently le- ' 

Adam, Robert. RuinaorihePa- 
lace of the Eroperoi Diocle^au at 
Spalatro in Dalmatia. (London), 
1763or4. Adas fol.with,?! plates 

A iplendid wurk. lloiburgbe, 9063, 
nudi, 31. 13>. Od. N'ouau, Pi. ii. ISSS, 
nusU, 31. I3i. Gd. Cough, 31S, 41. ii 
Baker, SOS, iL lOi. Dent, PU i. l-IH, , 
ruMia, *t- IBi. Willft, 100, 5J. ISb Cd. ! 
Marq. of Townihcnd, IS.), 61. Oi. | 

Adam, Robert. The religious ; 

World displayed To which is ! 

flubjoined a View of Deism and 

Atheism. Edinb. 1809. 8vo. 3 

vols. 18s I 

A new edition appeared in London, , 
ISaS, 8vo. ! voli.j and an Abridgemtni 
in JS!4, l2mo. 

ADAUiRobert and James. Works 
■n Architecture. London, 1773- , 
1822. imperial folio, 3 vols, with j 
105 plates, 71. 7s. | 

A highly isluable work, conljining plana, , 
cleralJoni, aenions, and deuili of the prtn- ; 

during Ihe reign otKian (ieorge III, with 
deilgni for interior and exterior dccoraboii. 
FoiithiU,33l8, (roll. 1 and 3.) iOl. 

Adam, Thomas, of Win trlngham. 
Tlie Works. London, 1 S22. 8vo. i 
3 rol*. Published at U. 7s. i 

The work* of thia author are not critical 
but doctrinal. HIa private ttioughla on i 
Religian, have been frequently primed. 

Adamites. — A Nest of Serpents 
discovered, or a Knot of old Here- 
tiqties revived, called the Adumites 
—The Adamites Sermon. — A new 
sect of Religion called the Adam- 
ites. London, 1641. 4to. 

Three Tiacti, eiieh with a wood cut. 
King and Loehee's, in March, 1810, If.St. 

Adamo, Anthonyde. An Ana- 
tomi as well of the Mass as of 
the Mass Boke, 1556. With a 
Sermon of the Sacrament. 1556. 

Slack letter. In all t6i leavei, and 
two of the foulu. MauoBell mentions au 
ediiiou of the dale of 1S55. 

Adams, Frdiiiicis. Writing 
Tables, with aKalender for XXllll. 

Years, with sundry neceasarye 
Rules. 1594. oblong iSmo. 2^ 2s. 

In thia work i> the following aentence, 
'Printing WSJ found out at Mentz H59, 
and Unt brought to London by Willtani 
Cailun, mercer.' 

Adams, George. Essays on the 
Microscope. The second Edition, 
with considerable Addilious and 
Improvenienb, by Frederick Kan- 
raacher, F.L.S. Lond. 1798,4to 
with 32 folio plates. 

An eiloeraed work. Earl of Kerry, IB I , 
1(. 15s. The former edition 1787, 4to. 
WiUett, flS, W. Ila. ed. 

— Lectures on nalural and ex- 
perimental Philosophy, with Addi- 
tions by Wm. Jones. London, 

1799. 8'vo, 5 vols. 

The former edition appeared in 1791. 
Willel, 3, If. 191. Bad or Kerry, n,»l.i*. 
Thii writer, who waa inaCrument maker to 
hia Majeaty, publiihed Mine other uaeful 
works, aeveral of which have been lately 
reprinted, wllh Additioiii by W. Jonn. 

Adams, J., LL.D. Reports of 
I Cases in the Ecclesiasticdl Courts. 
I London, l!)26.8vo. 2vols.2(. 10«. 
Adams, Rev. James. TfaePro- 
nunciatioQofthe English Language 
vindicated from imputed Annmaly 
and Caprice: ia two Parts, with an 
Appendix. Edinb. 1799. 8vo. pp. 
I 164, 5s. 

I Thii work, according to Park, conlaina 
' many ingcnioui remaika on languagci 
and dialecta, though the atyle of the writer 

' ia cliaracleriicd by much whinuicil eccen- 
tricity.' A fjrmer work entitled Eupho- 
nologia Lini^uffi Anglicans, appeared in 

I 1794, 8vo. sit. 

Adams, Joha, Index Viltaris: 
or, an exact Register, alphabetically 
digested, of all the Cities, 6ic. in 
England and Wales. The thiid 
Edition. London, 1700. folio, 
with a map, 12s. 

' Hia large map,' niyi Bithop Nicolaon, 
' withthecontiactioniofilafleTwarda, miut 
be acknowledged to be done with good paint, 
judgment, and exactneaa.' The former 
^tiona I6SD and 1890j Si. each, tutoc 
I-AFIK. Edwardi (Bi&tloii 16S0) Bt, mo- 


rtem, II. U. Heath (Editioii 1700) 4530, 
U. 111. 6d. 

Xdams, John. The renowned 
City of Lonilon ; surveyed and il- 
lostrated in a Latine Poem— tran- 
slated into English by W. F. of 
Gny*t Inn. London, 1677 ? 4to. 

Fourteen leare*. This poem, unno- 
ticed by Gough in his Anecdotes, Is re- 
printed in the tenth voiumeof the Harleian 

Adams, LL.D. John. History 
of the principal Republics in the 
World. A new Edition. London, 
1794. 8vo. 3 vols. 15s. 

The fonner edition of this work entitled 
' A Defcnce of the Constitution of the United 
Stales of America, appcar^'d in 8vo. 3 vols. 
1787-8. Adams Ukewise published * An 
Esay on Canon and Feudal Law,' 1762, 
Iva. (Ss.) and took an active part in mo- 
ddfii^ the oontCitution of the United States, 
of which he was vice-president under 



Adams, Rev. John. View of 
universal History, from the Crea- 
tioo to the present Time. London, 
1795. 8vo. 3 vols. 1*28. to 158. 

This writer puMished many other useful 
vwka, vsell cakuUted for the improvement 
sod entertainment of youth. 

Ada 31 s. Captain John. Sketches 
taken during two Voyages to Africa, 
between the Years 1786 and 1800; 
iacluding Observations on tho 
Country between Cape Palmas and 
the River Congo, &c. &c. &c. 
London, 1823. 8vo. pp.265. Pub- 
lished at 7s. 6d. 

A valuable little work. 

Adams, John Quinc^. Letters 
OD Silesia, written dunng a Tour 
through that Country in the Years 
1800, 1801. London, 1804. 8vo. 
pp. 400, with a map, 78. 

A work cootaining some interesdng in- 
ienaitioD, especially on the manu&ctures 
sf Silena. This writer has likewise pub- 
bbed a curious and interesting work on our 
aadent weights and measures, printed at 
Vsihiagioo, 1621. 

Adams, Joseph, M.D. Memoirs 
of the life and Doctrines of the 
Ute John Hooter. Loodon, 1816. 

^^0, 98. 

Tlii able phyridsn has likewise pub- 
lAed eine valai*k w«rki, particuUriy 

' Observations on Morbid Poi sons.' London, 
1807,4to. l/.ls. 

Adams, Robert. Expeditionis 
Hispanorum in Angliam vera De- 
scriptio, anno 1588. Roberto 
Adamo, Authore. 1589. 4to. 

Accompanied with eleven maps, ' Au- 
gustinus Ryther sculpsit.' The Queen's 
arms are on the last map. The^e maps will 
also be found in ' A IMsconrse concerning 
the Spanish Fleet in 1588, by Petricio 
Ubaldino.' 1589. Copies of both works 
are in the British Museum. 

Adams, Robert. TheNarrative 
of Robert Adams, a Sailor, who 
was wrecked iu the year 1810, on 
the Western Coast of Africa, was 
detained three years in Slavery by 
the Arabs of the Great Desert, and 
resided several mouths of that 
period in the City of Tornbuctoo: 
with a Map, Kotes, and an Appen- 
dix. London, 1816. 4to. 10s. 6d. 

A curious, marvellous, hot authentic 
narrative. The Notes by Mr. Dupuis, the 
Britiiih Vice-Consul at Mogadore, will, says 
the Quarteriy Review, be read with in- 
terest, and may be consulted with advantage. 
Dniry, 130. 12s. Fonthill Library, 3689. 
lU 10s. 

Adams, T. History of the an- 
tient Town of Shaftesbury, from 
the Founder, Alfred the Great. 
Sherborne, (1809) 12mo. 

Contains pp. 221, (B— Ee 5.) with title, 
a list of subscribers pp. 5, and portrait of 
Alfred the Great, by T. J. Woodman. 

Adams, Thomas. Commentary 
upon the second Epistle of Saint 
Peter. London, 1633. folio. 10s. to 

Workes, viz. The White 

Devil, the Fatal Banket, the Sin- 
ner's Passing Bell, &c. London, 
1629. folio. 10s. to 15s. 

Adams, William, M.A. Com- 
plete History of the Civil Wars in 
Scotland, 1644-6. Second Edi- 
tion, with considerable Additions. 
Edinb. 1724. 9s. 

The first edition, with a new title page. 

Adams, William, D. D. An 
Essay on Mr. Hume's Essay on 
Miracles. London, 1752. 8vo.28.6d. 

An admh^ble answer to Hume, reprinted 
1754. This able writer likewise published 
several volumes of Sermons, &c. 




A D A MS, William. Vitruvius Sco- 
ticus, a CollectioD of Plans, Eleva- 
tions, and Sections of Public Build- 
ings, &c, &c. in Scotland. Edin- 
burgh, folio, with 160 plates by 
Cooper. 63s. 

FonthiU, 1921, 6/. 

Adams, Sir William. A practi- 
cal Inquiry into the Causes of the 
frequent Failure of the Operations 
of Depression, and of the extraction 
of the Cataract, as usually perform- 
ed, &c. London, 1817. 8vo. 16s. 

A ^aliuble accession to the chinirgical 
library. This celebrated oculist has likewise 
published several other works on the same 

Adamson, Henry. The Muses 
Threnodie, or Mirthful Mournings 
on the Death of Mr. Gall, with a 
Description of Perth, and an Ac- 
count of Cowrie's Conspiracy. 
Edinburgh, 1638. 4to. 

Lloyd, 205, 6/. Ss. 6d. This work 
was reprinted at Perth, 1774, 8vo. 2 vols, 
with Notes, by James Cant, 9s. to 128. 

Adamson, John. The Muses* 
Welcome to King James VI. at his 
return to Scotland, anno 1617. 
Edinb. 1618. folio. 

With portrait. A copy is in the British 
Museum. AH the speeches afe re- 
printed in Nichols' Progresses of King 
James. Dowdcswell. G18, 2/, 55. Nassau, 
Ft. i.200, 2L 14s. Bindley, Pt. ii. 1055, 
6/. 2s. 6d. Sotheby's, in April, 1822, 5/, 5s. 
Constable. 202, 71, 

— The Traveller's Joy ; to which 
is added. The Arl^, a Poem. 1623. 

— Dioptra Gloriae Divinse; 
seu, Enarratio Psalmi xix, et in 
eundem Meditationes. Edinb. 1637. 

This writer likewise published 'Methodus 
Religionis Christians.' Edinb. 1C37. 8vo. 

Adamson, John. Memoirs of 
the Life and Writings of Luis de 
Camoens. Lond. 1820. crown 8vo. 
2 vols, with a portrait of Ignez de 
Castro, 1/. 4s. 

An elegant, amusing, and elaborate per- 
formance, fur which the author was elected 
an honorary member of the Royal Academy 
of Portugal. Large paper, it, 16s. 

Adamson, Patrick, Archbishop 
uf Saint Andrews, The Recantation 


of, also his Answere and Refu- 
tation of the Buke falslie called the 
King's Declaration. 1598. 8vo. 

AoAMsoN, Poemata sacra, et 
alia, Opera, Studio T. Voluseoi. 
Londini, 1619. 4to. 

Roxburghe, 2753, 7s. 6d. Gordonstoun, 
34, 10s. 6d. Bindley, pt. i, 526, 12s. 

This writer, who was one of the commia- 
sioners for settling the constitution of the 
Church of Scotland, likewise published ' De 
Sacro Pastoris Munere Tractatus,' Kond. 
1619, 8vo. ' Refutatio Libelli de Regimine 
Ecclesiae Scoticanae, Lond. 1620.' 6vo. and 
Sermons, 1623, 8to. 

— Catechismus,Edin.l5Sl. vide 

— Vita et Palinodia, 1620. tide 
Melvin, a. 

Adakson, Michael. Voyage to 
Senegal, the Isle of Goree, and the 
River Gambia. Translated from 
the French. London, 1759. 8vo. 

An interesting work, chiefly relating to 
conchology, reprinted in vol. xvi. of Pin- 
kerton's Collection of Voyages and Travels. 
FonthUl Library, 2851. 16s. 

A DDiNGTON, Stephen, D.D. A 
Dissertation on the religious know- 
ledge of the ancient Jews and Pa- 
triarchs; to which is added, a Spe- 
cimen of Greek and English Con- 
cordance. Lond. 1757. 4to. 3s.6d. 

This work, written by a dissenting mi- 
nister of considerable learning, contains, 
according to Orme, some sensible reasoning 
and biblical illustration. He likewise pub- 
lished ' The Life of St. Paul,' 1784, «s. 6d. 
and several other works. 

Addinoton, Sir William. An 
Abridgement of Penal Statutes. 
The fourth edition, with Additions. 
By Sir William Addington. To 
which is added a Continuation of 
the Statutes to the 5l8t. Geo. III. 
London, 1812. 4to. 2/. 23. 

The former editions of this work appeared 
1775. 1786.1795. 

Addison, Joseph. The Works, 
edited by Tickell. Lond. 1721, 4to. 
4 vols, with portrait and plates. 

Roxburghe, 6956, 2/. 4s. Marquis of 
Town«hcnd, 127, 3/. Large Paper, Willctt, 
6S, 4/, 

— The Works. Birmingham, 
1761. 4to. 4 vols, with portrait and 


plates, by Grignion after Hayman. 

A beautiful and esteemed edition. Copies 
of this as well as the other works, printed 
by Baskerville, are seldom found free from 
stains. Roxburghe, 6960, 5^ ISs. 6d. 
WiUett, 69, 61. 12s. 6d. Heath, 1666, 
61.15s. Drury, 131, 7^ Marq. of Towns- 
bend. 129, morocco, 8^. 8s. Baker, 141, 
with plates, proofs and etchings, 91, 6s. 
Wilfiains, 105, morocco, by Derome, 
14/. 14s. 

Addison, Joseph. The Works. 
I/)nd. 1804. 8 vo. 6 vols. 

Large paper. Sotheby's in 1820, 2/. 8s. 
Earl of Kerry, 626, russia 4/. 4s. 

— The Works. A new edition, 
with Notes by Richard Hurd, Lord 
Bbhop of Worcester. Lond. 1811. 
8vo. 6 vols, with portrait, 3/. 12s. 
Large Paper, 5/. 88. 

Dr. Johnson observed of Addison. ' Who> 
ever wishes to attain an English style, &- 
onfiar but not coarse, and elegant but not 
ostentatiotts, must give his days and nights 
to the volumes of Addison.' 

— The Miscellaneous Works in 
Verse and Prose, and Remarks 
on several parts of Italy, &c. in 
1701, 1702, 1703, with Life by 
Tickell. ]x>ndon, 1765. 8vo.4 vols, 
with portrait. 

Grave, No. 2, 2/. lOs. Roscoe, 1407, 
ZLW*. Frequently reprinted in ]2mo. 

— Evidences of the Christian 
Religion, with Notes, by G. Seig- 
neux de Correvon, translated by 
Pardy. London, 1807. 8vo. 78. 

This valuable posthumous treatise, much 
esteemed both at home and abroad, has 
\tttk frequently reprinted, and is inserted 
br Ksbop Watson in his Collection of The- 
oli^cal Tracts. 

— Dialogues upon the Useful- 
nets of Ancient Medals, especially 
in Relation to the Latin and Greek 
Poets. London, 1726. 12mo. 3s. 

Addisoniana. Lond. 1824. 12mo. 
2 vols. 10s. 6d. 

A collection of anecdotes and fiurts con- 
nected with the life, times, and contempora- 
ries of this celebrated writer. 

Addison, D.D. Lancelot, West 
Barbanr ; a short Narrative of the 
Revolutions of Morocco and Fez, 
with their Customs, Oxf. 1671. 8vo. 

Reprinted in voL zv. of Pinkerton's 
CsOKdoo of Voyages and Travels. This 



learned divine the father of Joseph Ad- 
dison, likewise published a life of Mahomet, 
an account of the Jews, &c. which are held 
in some esrimation. 

Addition to the Sea Journall ; or 
Navigation of the Hollanders into 
Java, with a Vocabulary of Words 
used at St. Laurence. Imprinted 
by Wolfe, 1598. 4to. 

Black letter, with cuts. Jadis, 267. 3/. 19s. 

Addresses. — The genuine re- 
jected Addresses, presented to the 
Committee of Management for 
Drury Lane Theatre ; preceded by 
that written by Lord Byron, and 
adopted by the Committee. Lon- 
don, 1812. 8vo. 4s. 

— Rejected Addresses; or the 
New Theatrum Poetarum. Lond. 
1812. 12mo. 58. 

A jeu d'esprit, by Horace and James 
Smith, comprising a number of parodies on 
living poets, executed with great humour, 
discrimination, and good taste. It has been 
frequently reprinted. 

Addy, William. Stenographia, 
or the Art of Short Writing, com- 
pleted in a far more compendious 
method than any yet extant. Lon- 
don, 1695. 8vo. with portrait, by J. 
Sturt, 5s. 

More remarkable for the accuracy and 
elegance of its graphical execution, than for 
any considerable improvement in the art. 

Adlekfeld, Gustavus. Mili-r 
tary Memoirs of Charles XII. King 
of Sweden. London, 1740. 8vo. 
3 vols, with plans of the battles 
and sieges, 12s. 

Written with great fidelity by the p:en- 
tleraan of the bedchamber to Charles XII . 

Admiralty. — Laws, Ordinances, 
and Institutions of the Admiralty of 
Great Britain, Civil and Military. 
London, 1746, or 1767. 8vo. 2 
vols. 12s. 

— . Statutes relating to the 
Admiralty, Navy, and Ships of 
War, &c. Lond. 1768, 4to. 10s. 

The edition of 1742 or 1755, 58. 

Admonition, A faithful, of a cer- 
tain true Pastor or Prophete, sent 
into the Germanes at such time as 
certain great Princes went about to 
bryng Alienes into Germany, and 



to restore the Papacy, the Kingdom 
of Antichrist, Now translated into 
English, with a Preface of M. Phi- 
lip Melancthon. Greenwich, 1554, 

At the end of this curious treatise, is 
* A Praier to be said of all true Christians 
against the Pope, and al the Enemies of 
Christ and hys Gospel/ which is reprinted 
in Morgan's Phoenix Britannicus, p. 95. 
Dr. Dibdin in his edition of Ames, mentions 
a copy of this treatise, printed by R. 

Admonition to the Bfshoppes of 
Winchester, London, and others, 
&c. Roane by Michael Wood, 
1553. 16roo. 15 pp. 

Black letter. This treatise begins on the 
back of the title page. 

Admonition to the Parliannent. 
See Cartw RIGHT, Thomas. 

Admonition to the People of 
England. See Cooper, Thomas, 
Bishop of Lincoln. 

Adolphus, John. The British 
Cabinet ; containing Portraits of 
illustrious personages, engraved 
from Original Pictures ; with Bio- 
graphical Memoirs, by John Adol* 
phus. London, 1799-1800, 4to. 

In little estimation . Lloyd, 206,1^ 5s. 
Bindley, parti. 8s. Bishop of Ely, 
163, }L lOs. LARGE FAFER, in follo ; Rox- 
burghe, 8591, 3/. 18s. 

-—The History of England, from 
the Accession of K. George HI. 
to 1783. Fourth Edition. London, 
1817. 8vo. 3 vols. 1/. Is. 

The for.Tier editions appeared in 1802, 
1805. This work is intended as a con- 
tinuation of Hume and Smollett. 

— The Political State of the 
British Empire. London, 1818. 
8vo. 4 vols. 1 8s. 

This author, who is a barrister of consi- 
derable professional reputation, likewise 
published Biographical Memoirs of (he 
French Revolution, 1799, 8vo. 2 vols. 9s. 
and a History of France, 1790—1802, 
1803, 8vo. 2 vols. 9s. 

Adventurer, The, a periodical 
paper, commencing Nov. 7, 1752, 
to March 9, 1754, folio. 

One hundred and forty Nos. in 2 vols. 
lOs. 6d. Duke of Grafton, 409, 2/. 4s. 
This periodical was conducted by Dr. John 


Hawkcswortli, i^ith the assistance of Drs. 
Richard Bathurst. Sam. Johnson and Jos. 
Wartoo, reprinted 1754, &c. 12mo. 4 vols, 
and 8vo. 3 vols, and inserted in the various 
editions of the E&iayists. An elegant edi- 
tion was published by Sharpe, 1806, 12s. 

Advocates, Catalo^^ue of the Li- 
brary of the Faculty of. See Scot- 

Ady, Thomas. A Candle in 
the Dark, or a Treatise concern- 
ing the Nature of Witches and 
Witchcraft. London, 1656, 4to. 

An excellent article on Witchcraft wiU 
be found in the -RetrospectiTe Review, voL 
V. 87—136. 

A DTK, Stephen Payne. A Trea- 
tise on Courts Martial; also an 
Essay on Military Punishments 
and Rewards. Eighth Edition. 
London, 1810. 12mo. 5s. 

The former editions of this treatise ap- 
peared 1769, 1785, 1801, 1805. 

^GiDius Columna. Tractatus 
solennis Fratris Egidij de Ordine 
Fratrum AugustinensiumdePecca- 
toOriginali. Oxoniee, mcccclxxix. 


A copy is in the Bodleian Library. 

.Alfred see Alfred. 

^LFRic, successively Bishop of 
Wilton and Archbishop of Can- 
terbury. A Saxon Treatise con- 
cerning the Old and New Testa- 
ments now first published in print 
with English of our Times, by 
William L'isle of Wilburgham. 
London, 1623. 4to. 10s. 6d. 

Contains A — V 3, with title and prefa- 
tory matter, 30 leaves. Nassau, pt.i. 149, 

In this work vrill be found a very 
learned Epistle, by W. L'isle, and reprints 
of (1) 'A Testimony of Antiquity, touching 
the Sacrament,' with a Preface by Josselin. 
(2) The Words of Elfric, written to Wulf- 
fine Bishop of Scyrburne, &c- (3) ' The 
Lord's Prayer, the Creed and Ten Com- 
mandments in the Saxon and English 
Tongue.' These articles were formerly 
printed by John Day* 

^LiAN US. Claudius. DeNatura 
Animalium Libri xvii. Gr. et Lat. 
curante Abr. Qronovio. Londini, 
1744. 4to. 

2 vols. — vol. 1, pp. 603. Vol. 2, pp. 
605 — 1128. An excellent and ample 


efitMQ. GmkU, 244, 1/. lis. 6d. Willetf, 
1i, IL 15«. Luge Paper, Drury, 133, 
■loracco, 3L 4s. Dent, pt. i. 110, (with 
Ihe Varia HuCorla, Log. Bat 1731, 2 toIs.) 
m iMracco, 111. In the Clanical Joarnal, 
N^ 28, are J. StaekhousK Emendationes 
ia JEfiaonni* 

£LiA)f ITS, Claudius. A Registre 
of Histories in English, by Abr. 
Fkming. LondoD, ibr Tbomas 
Woodcock, 1576. 4to. 

Black letter, pp. 176, with a dedication 
to Dr* GoodBMA and coBoaiendatory verses* 
Sir If . M. SykM, 109, H. 6s. 

— Various Histories* Iran- 
Mated by T. Stanley. London, 
1665. 8vo. 5s. 

This translation is by the son of the 
ksmcd editor of iEscbylos, and was re- 
inmed 1670, 1077. 

— Tactics, or tbe Art of Em* 
bttteUiDg an Army, translated by 
John Bingham. London, 1616-31. 
folio, 2 vols. R Is. 

JEmeas Sylvias. Vide Picco- 


iEiriOMAS. Thesaurus iBnig- 
maticus, or a Collection of the 
most ingenious and diverting ^nig^ 
mas or Riddles, Lond. 1725. 8vo. 
4 parts in I vol. 

White KnighU, Pt. i. 15. 9s. 

£ aoD 1 u s, or Ay rault, Peter. A 
Discourse for Parents' Honour and 
Avtboritie. Translated by John 
BTidden, LL.D. London, 1614. 
12mo. 5s. 

OccaaioDed by the author's son, having 
Wa seduced by the Jesuits* 

fiCBACius, Major. Rationiset 
Adpetitus Pugna: hoc est, de 
Amore Edvardi iij Reg^ Anglie. 
1592. IScno. 1/. 10s. 

Aaeditioa Hafn. 1612. 4to. of which a 
capy is in tba Biitish Musenm, Bindley, 
pt.iL743. lL6s. 

£sc B 1 w Es. iEschinis Oratto 
m Ctesiphontem ; et Demosthenis 
Oratto pro Corona, Gr. et Lat. 
com Notis P. Foulkes et T. Freind. 
Oxon. 1695. 8vo. 

Best edition, with portrvts of the orators 
Ji. to 7s. laKGC faPE*. Dent, pt i. 13. 
aoiotto R 6s. Steevens 194, 1/. 10s. 
WlSibis, U, nnortxrco 1/. lis. Reprinted 
iTl5, 1726, 1732. Of the edition 1715 
Aof «« cepie* on large paper. Williams, 
lt«Mrfoco^l/. 19m. 



^sciiiNEs. Ibid. Greece, cum 
Delectu Anootationum. Oxon. 
1801. 8vo. Large paper, 10s. 6d. 

Reprinted, Oxon, 1807, 1814, and 1820, 
8vo. of which editions there are likewise co- 
pies on large paper, 3s. 

— Tl^ Orations of .Sschines 
against Ctesiphon and Demosthenes 
de Corona. Translated and illus- 
trated with Notes by Andrew 
Portal. Oxford, 1755, 8vo. 59. 

A correct and aJmost verbal transla- 
tion, reprinted 1814. Itmo. Dr. Thomas 
Leland likewlsa published an excellent 
translation, wkh very learned and weAil 

Vide Demosthenes. 

.ffisCHYLUS. Tragoediee, cum 

Scholiis Oreecis, Fragmentis Ver- 

sione et Comment. T. Stanleii. 

Londini, 1663, vel 4. folio. 

An edition of preeminent excellence; 
Some copies want the dedicatory epistle and 
the priTilege. Dent, pt. i. 139, mor. 4/. 28. 
Steevens, 451, 41. 5s. Duke of Grafton, 
659, russia, 4/. 10s. Williams, 113, mo- 
rocco, 5'. Drury 177, morocco, 5/. 10s. 
Roxbui^he, 3555, 61- Sir M. M. Sykes, 
pt. i. 138, morocco, 7/. 7s. Heath, 3514, 
russia, 9/. 9s. Ponthill, 8355, 1 1/. lis. 

— Tragoediee, Grsce, cum variis 
Lectionibus.Glasg. 1746. 4to. 

A most correct edition of Stanley's Text, 
elegantly printed. Drury 187, 9s. Fine 
PAPER. Heath, 3516, 15s. 

— Ibid. Gr. cum Versione La- 
tina ct Lectionibus variantibus. 
Glasgufie, 1746, small 8vo. 2 vols. 
16s 6d. Fine paper, 15s. 

A neat edition, though not so correct as 
the 4to. edition of the same date. 

— Ibid. Gr. cum Versione La- 
tina. GlasguK, 1794, veneunl Lon- 
dini, 1806. 8vo. 2 vols. 10s. 6d. 

Printed from a copy of Pauw's edition 
(Hag. Com. 1745), corrected by the cele- 
brated Person, without the Professor's con- 
sent or knowledge. Large Paper. Wil- 
liams, 20, morocco, 4/. 8s. 

— Ibid. Greece, cum Emenda* 
tionibus et novis Lectionibus. 
Glasguse, 1795. folio, published at 
4/. 48. 

A handsome edition printed from the 
text of Stanley, corrected by Professor 
Porson. 52 copies were printed on 
small, and 11 or 12 on large paper. FlRZ- 
man's designs are frequently inaerted. 

. Lai;ge paper. Sir M, M . Sykes, Pt i. 

/ ISZ, with PUaanan'B pistes, in morocco, 

verae, adorned with seiilpture, and 
illustrated with annotations, by 
John Ogilby. Lend. 1665, folio. 

The plates mostly by Hollar. A trans- 
lation stiH in estimation. Fonthitl, 2476, 
SL 10s. White Knights, pt.i. 185, morocco, 
4/. Us.6d. Republuihed folio, 1668. Bind- 
ley, pt. u. 1714, 1/. lis. 

iBsop. — -^sop's Fables, with his 
Life in English, French, and Latin 
The English by Tho Philipott; 
the French and Latin by Rob. Cod- 
rington. London, 1666, folio. 

With 112 sculptures, by Fr. Barlow. 
The greater part of the impression of this 
edition was burnt in the fire of London. 
Bmdiey, pt.i. 166, 2/. 9s. 

— .£sop explained in English 
and Latin verse. Lond. 1672, 8vo. 

Nassan, pt. i. IS, 16s. 
. — The Fables paraphrased in 
verse, adorned with sculptures, 
and illustrated with annotations, 
by John Ogilby. Lon. 1672-3. 8vo. 
2 vols. 

Nassau, part i. 14. 16s« — Vol. 2,' en- 
titled .£sopics, 1673. Lloyd, 20, 7s. Perry, 
ptii.9l7,8s. 6d. 

— - .£8op explained in English 
and Latin verse, with a collection 
of English Proverbs and Sayings. 
London, 1682. ]2fno. lOs. to 12s. 

— .£sop*s Fables, with his 
Life in English, French, and Latin, 
newly translated, illustrated with 
one hundred and twelve sculptures, 
and thirty-one new figures, repre- 
senting his life, by Francis Barlow. 
London, 1687. folio. 

Nassau, part i. 202, 2/. 12s. 6d. W. 
Knight's Lib. part i. 186, 3/. Ss. Grave 
156, morocco, 4/. 14s. 6d. 

LARGE PAPER. Sotheby's in 1825, 4/. 4s. 
FonthiU Lib. 3349, 8/. SUnley, 439, 
russia, 8/. 8s. Reprinted 1703, in folio, 
2/. 2s, Tlus work is much admired for 
the accurate delineation of the animals, 
and for the freedom with which the subjects 
are etched. The verses under the sculp- 
tures in the life are by Mrs. Aphra Behn — 
plate 17 is frequently wanting. 

— Three centuries of iEsopian 
Fables in English prose, done from 
JEsop, Phcedrus, Camerarius, and 
others, by Phih'p Ayres, Esq. 
London, 1689. 8vo. ;-fs. 6d. 

Reprinted 1702. 

— Fables of JEsopy and other 


eminent Mythologists, with Morals 
and Reflections by Sir Roger L'Es- 
trange. London, 1692-4. folio. 2 
vols 9s. 

This version was reprinted in folio, vol. i, 
1694, and n. d. vol. ii, 1699 and 1704, 
also frequently in 8va 2 vols* viz. 1703, 8, 
14, 15, 24, 38. 

.^sop. — .^sop's Fables, with the 
Moral Reflections of Mons. Ban 
doin, translated from the French, 
with the Life of .^Isop, by John 
Toland. London, 1704. 8 vo. 58. 

— Truth in Fiction, or Morality 
in Masquerade ; a collection of 
Fables from JEsop and others, 
done into English verse, by Ed- 
mund Arwakcr. Loqd. 1708, 8vo. 
pp. 350, 4s, 

Bibl. Anglo.-Poet. No. 6, lOs. 6d, 

*— Fables of iEsop and others. 
Translated into English, with an 
Application to each Table, by Sa- 
muel Croxall, D.D. London, 1722. 
-8vo. 38. 6d. 

Often reprinted. The celebrated novelist, 
Samuel Richardson, likewise published an 
edition of .£sop's Fables, with Reflections. 

— - Fables, in English and Latin 
inierlineary, by John Locke. Lon- 
don, 1723. 8vo. second edition, 
with sculptures, 1/. Is. 

This book, by the celebrated Locke, is 
Uttle known, and is not included in the 
editions of his works. 

— Select Fables of ^op and 
other Fabulists, by Dodsley, printed 
by Baskerville, Birmingham, 1764 

This is considered the best translation of 
iBsop. The first edition appeared in 1761, 
and of lat^ years it has been frequently re- 
printed. Gosset, 1857, (date 1761) 17s. 6d. 
Bindley, pt ui. 1562, (date 1761) 15s. 
Baker, 646, (date 1764) with proof plates 
and original drawings, 4/. 14s. 6d. 

— Fables, with Life. London, 
1793. Royal 8vo. 2 vols, with 112 

White Knights, pt. i. 25, morocco, 
U. 19s. 

— Fables. Lond. 1797. 12mo. 

A beautiful edition, published by Hep- 
dnstjUl, with copper plate engravings to 
each fable, reprinted by Whittingham and 
others with the same plates. Bindley, pt. 
i. 18, 18s. 

— The Fables of JBsop 


and others, with Designs on Wood 
b; Thomas Bewick. Newcastle 
1818. 8vo. R Is. Royal, I/. 5s. 
Imperidl. 11. lis. 6d. 

or Ibu nark Ik?re U ■•rcond cditiDn. 
prioted 1813, both in demy indnyit, but 
BDI LB impctul Svo. 

Of £iDp tbcK biT* been MVi-'nl othet 
tnnaluiana, tu. oat by H. Steera, ISOi, 
•*•. 1*. 6i]. ADotbei' by JeSbyi Taylor, 
ofOnzar, 1831, limo. it. 

£sop. — Some Ob!ervations on 
the Fables of £sop, as commented 
apon by Sir R(^r L'Estraage. By 

■ Divine of the Church of Scotland 
(Jaoies Gordon, Bishop of Aber- 
deen.) Edinb. 1700. Sro. 5s. 

— JEaop in Select Fables, viz. ut 
TnnbHdge, at Bathe, at Epsom, at 
Whitehsll, from Tunbridge, at Ara- 
■tenlam. London, 1698. Svo. 

Lloyd, No. 19, Ul 

— .£sop's Fables burlesqued. 
London. Svo. with a fronUspiece. 

Dent, pL i. 30, 10*. 
Africa. Western Africa ; being 

■ Description of the Manners, (>ub- 
tons. Dresses, and Character of its 
InhabiUnU. London, 1821. 12mo. 
4vols. wiih 47 engravings, U. Is. 

— Procpedin^ of the Associa- 
tion for promoting the Discovery of 
tbe interior Parts of Africa. Lon- 
don, 1793-1803. 4to. 2 vols, with 

PrinMil for the use of the metnb*r« of 
AtHodalWn. Koibuigbc, 7331, iL Ut. 
b e£li« «u Kflenrvdi piibUibed Id Svo. 

— Reports (18) of the Direc- 
tcTioftbe African Institution. Lon- 
don, 1807-1824. 8vo. 

-ioAFFTDs. The PrcceplCB 
leach yog a Prjnce or a noble 
btate hii Duetie, transluted into 
Edflmhe by Thomas Paynell 
London, t^ Tho. Berthelet 16mo. 

BUck L^ttd. RepriDUd id 1JS3, vitb 
Lud. Vivei" iDUodueUon to Wiidoni, by 

AoisorAggas, Radolph. Pre- 
pntive to Platting of Landes and 
TcDcments, forSurueigh. London, 
bjTho. Scarlet, 1596. 4to. 

Bbch talCT. On "> PM": Thi. 
iMwUti wanjat pabluhed iheflnt map 



a iei8. 

of London in IJOD, .,, 
and likeitiw in 1T3T. 

AoATiiARCiDis et Mbmnonis 
Historicorum, qtiie supersuni om- 
nia, e OrEcco iam recens in Lati- 
num Iraducta, per Rich. Brettuni. 
Oxoniw, ex Officina lyptigraiihicft 
Joseph! Barnes ii, 1597. ISuio. 

pp. HO, beiidn dedication (o ' D. 
Thome Lgrrtone.' St. It ii dw con- 
lainid In thi- Geognpbi Minotn, edited 
by Hudson. 

Agatliocles.— The Sicilian Ty- 
rant, or the Life of Ai);atliocle8. 
London, 1678. 8vo. with portrait of 
Agathocles (i. e. O. Cromwell) in- 
scribed ' Tyrannus,' Ss. 

Tbis nork. intended ai ■ parallel to 0. 
Cromwell, wu wriuen by Richard Pernn- 
chief MaB<au, pt-ii. 479, Si; tOfll. An 
edition was publiihed in IBSl. Lloyd, 
Hit, LASOE FAPca, lOt. 6d. A Poem on 
the jubjecl wai publiahed 1G83, by Tlioa. 
Hoy, Ji.D. 

Age.— The cheating Ag« found 
out, 4U), 

A collection of traod cuti, with venef. 
Bindley, pt. L l\9%. I6i. 

A^s. — The Four Ages of Eng- 
laad ; of, the Iron Age, with other 
select Poems : written in the Year 
1648. London, 1675. Svo. pp. 94. 

Bibl. Anglo-Poet. No. 71S, tSi. Perry, 

— Ages of Sinn, or Sinnes 
Birth and Growth, with the Stepps 
and Degrees ofSin, from Tlioughth 
to finall Impenitence. l.;ondon, 
circa 1656. 4to. 

Nine engraTings wiiU English venei 
underneatii each of them, publlihed 
tiv T. Jenner. Bindley, pi. i- 1S4, 
SI. ISi. 6d. 

Aggeus. See Haggai. 

Ac LION nv, William. Painting 
illuslrated in three Dialogues; with 
the Lives of the most eminent Paint- 
ers from Cimaibue to Raphael and 
Michael Angclo. Liind.1685. 4to. 

Tbii gentleman likewlie published an- 
other work ' On Painting.' London. 1719. 

Ao s ESI, Donna Maria Gaetaoa. 
Analytical Institutions, translated 
into English bythe Rev.JohnCoI- 
vm. London, 1802. 4to. 2 vols. 
21. 2s. 



An excellent tntntlaUon of a very useful 
work, published attlie expense of*Mr. Baron 
Maaeres, under the care of the Rev. John 

Agnew.— Sketch of a genealo- 

fical and historical Account of the 
'amily of Vaux, Vans, or De Vil- 
libus; now represented in Scot- 
land by Vans Agnew, of Barnbar- 
row, &c. in the County of Wigion, 
Scotland. Pembroke, 1800. 4to. 
pp. 36. 

Privately printed. A copy is in the Royal 

Agriculture. Communications 
to the Board of Agriculture, on 
Subjects relative to the Husbandry 
and internal Improvement of the 
Country. London, 1797-181 1.4to. 
7 vols. 

— The Substance of a Lec- 
ture on the Advantages which have 
resulted froai the FstaMishment 
of the Board of Agriculture. By 
the Secretary of the Board (Arthur 
Young). Lond. 1809. 8vo. 3s. 6d. 

— Review and complete Ab- 
stract of the Repoits of the Board 
of Agricultuie from the several 
Departments of England, by Wm. 
Marshall. London, 1817. 8vo. 5 
vols. li. Is. 

These reviews were published separately, 
vis. the Northvrn Department, 1808: the 
Western, 1810: the Eastern, 1812: the 
Midland, 1815, and the Southern and Pe- 
ninsular, 1817. 

Agricultural Surveys of Great 
Britain and Ireland. 


Bedfordshire, by Thos Stone, 4to. 1794 

by Thos. Batchelor, 8vo. 

1808 or 1813 
Berkshire, by W. Pearce, 4to. 1794 

by Wm. Mavor, LL.D. 8vo. 

1809 or 1813 
Buckinghamshire, by Wm. James and 

Jacob Malcolm, 4to. 1794 

— - bv the Rev. St. John Priest, 8vo. 

1310 or 1813 
Cambridgeshire, by C. Vancouver, 4to. 


by the Rev. W. Gooch, 8vo. 

1811 or 1813 

Cheshire, by Thomas Wedge, with an 

Appendix, 4to. 1794 

H. Holland, 8vo. 1808 or 1813 

Cornwall, by Robert Eraser, 4to. 1 794 


Agricultural Surveys : 

Cornwall, by G. B.'Worgan, 8to. 1811 
Cumberland, by J. Bailey and G.CuUey, 

4to. 1794 

Cumb' riand. Set Northumberland. 
Derbyshire, by Tho. Brown 4to. 1794 

J. Farey, 8vo. 3 vols 1811, 13, 17 

Devonshire, by Robert Fraser, 4 to. 


C. Vancouver, 8vo 1808 or 1813 

Dorsetshire, by John Claridge, 4to. 1793 

W.Stevenson, 8vo. 1815 

Durham, by os. Oranjrer, 4to. 1794 

John Bailey, 8vo. 1810 or 1813 

Essex, by Messrs. Grivgs, 4to. 1794 

C. Vancouver, 4 to. 1795 

A. Youn^. 8vo 2 vols. 1807 

Gloucestrr. by Geo. Turner, 4to. 1724 

Tho. Riidge, 8vo. 1807 or 1813 

Hampshire, by A. and W. Driver : to 

which is added, the Isle of Wight, by 

the Rev. Mr. Warner, 4to. 1794 

Hampshire, including the Isle of Wight, 

by C. Vancouver, 8vo. 1810 or 1813 
Herefordshire, by John Clark, 4to. 1794 

Duncumb, A. M. 8vo. 1805 

Hertfordshire, by D. Walker, 4to. 1795 

A. Young, 8vo. 1804 

Huntingdonshire, by Thomas Stone, 4to. 


Geo. Maxwell. 4to. 1793 

R Parkinson, 8vo. 1811 or 1813 

Kent, by John Boys, 4to. 

Brentford, 1794. 8vo. 1796 or 1805 
Lancashire, by John Holt, 4to. 1794 

from the Conununications of Mr. 

John Holt, &c. 8vo. 1795 

by Dr. Dickson, revised by Ste- 
vens .n, 8vo. 1806 

Leicestershire, by John Monk, 4to. 1794 
Leicestershire, by Wm. Pitt, and Rut- 
landshire, by R. Parkinson, 8vo. 

1809 or 1813 
Lincolnshire, by Tho. Stone, 4 to. 1794 

A. Young, 8vo. 1799 

Second Edition, 18— 

A Review of Young's Survey, by 

Tho. Stone. Second Edition. 8vo. 

Man, Isle of, by Basil Quayle, 4to. 1794 

Not published for sale. 
Middlesex, by Tho. Baird, 4to. 1793 
Peter Foot, 4to. 1794 

J. Middleton. 8vo. 1798, 1807 

Monmouthshire, by John Fox, 4to. 

Brentford, 1794 
Monmouthshire, by C. H assail, 8vo. 1812 
Norfolk, by N. Kent, 4to. 

1793. 8vo. 1794 

by A. Young, 8vo. 1804 

Northamptonshire, by J. Donaldson, 4to. 

Edinb. 1794 

by W. Pitt, 8vo. 1809 

Northumberland, by J. Bailey and G. 
Cullcy, 4to. 1794 

Agricultural Sunreys: 

Northmnberlaiid and Cumberland, by J. 

Baitoy and G. Colley ; and Westmor 

land, by A.Priiigle. The Third Edition. 

Svo. 1805 

Nottinghamshire, by Rob. Lowe, 4to. 

1794, Svo. 1798 
Ozfcrdshire, by R. Davis, 4to. 1794 

by A. Young, 8vo. 1809 or 1813 

Rotlaiidsliire, by J. Crutchley, 4to. 1794 
by Rich. Parkinson. Set Leices- 

Shropshire, by J. Bishton,4to. Brent 1794 

Jos. Plymley, 8vo. * 1803 

Somenetshire, by John Billingsley, 4 to. 

1794, 8vo. Bath, 1798 
StaArdslure, by W. Pitt, 4to. 1796 

8to. 1794 
Suffalk, by A. Young, 4to. 1794. 8vo. 

1798. 1804 
Svirey:^ by W. James and J. Malcolm, 

4tow 1794 

Stevenson, 8vo. 1809 

S«sBex,byA.Yottng,4to. 1793.8vo. 1808 
Warwickshlie, by J. Wedge, 4to. 1 794 

- by A. Murray, 8vo. 1815 
Westmoreland, by A. Pringle, 4to. 

Edinb. 1 794 

See Northumberland. 

Wiltshire, by Tho. Davis, 4to. 1794 

Svo. 1811 or 1813 

Worcestershire, by W. T. Pomeroy, 4lo. 


W. Rtt, 8vo. 1813 

Yorkshire, East Riding, by I. Leatham, 

4to. 1794 

by H. E. Strickland, 8vo. York, 1812 

Yorkshire, North Riding, by John Tuke, 

4to. 1794, 8vo. 1800 

West Riding, by Messrs. Rennie, 

Bmn, and Shirreff, 4to. 1794 

by R. Brovrn, 8vo. Edinb. 1799 


Wsles, by Walter Davies, 8to. 3 vols. 


(North) by George Kay, 4 to. 

Edinb. 1794 
Brecknockshire, by John Clark, 4to. 1 794 
Caermarthenshire, by C. Hassall, 4to. 

Cardiganshire, from the Communications 
of Tho. Lloyd, Esq. and the Rev. Mr. 
Tomer, 4to. 1794 

Glamorganshire, by John Fox, 4to. 1796 
PembnAeshire, by C. Hassall, 4to. 1794 
Radnofshire, by John Clark, 4to. 1794 


Korthcm Counties and Islands, by Sir 
John Sinclair, Bart. 4to. 1794 

Central Highlands of Scotland, by Mar- 
sfaaU,4to. 1794 

Aberdeenshire, by James Anderson, 
LL.D. 4to. Edinb. 1794 

Abcfdeenshire, by Geo. Skene Keith, 8vo. 

Aberdeen, 1811 



Agricultural Surveys : 

Angus, or For&rshire, by the Rev. 

Roger, 4to. Edinb. 1794 

by the Rev. J. Headrick, 8vo. 1831 

Argyleshire, by James Robson, 4to. 1794 

bv' John Smith, D.D. 8vo. 

1805, 1812 
and Western Part of Inverness- 
shire, by James Robson, 4to. 1794 
Ayrshre, by Col. Fullarton. Bdin. 1793 

W. Alton, 8vo. Giasg. 1811 

Bantfshire, by Souter, 8vo. 

by James Donaldson, 4to. 

Edinb. 1794 
B( rwickshire, by Alex. Lowe, 4to. 1794 

by Rob. Kerr, 8vo. 

1806 or 1809 or 1813 
Bute, by W. Aiton, 8vo. Glasg. 1816 
Caithness, by J. Hendertton, 8vo. 1812 
Clackmannanshire, by J. F. Erskine, 4to. 

Edinb. 1795 
Clydesdale, by John NMismith, 4to. 

1794. 8 vo. 1798. 1806 
Dumbartonshire, by tlie Rev. David Ure, 

4to. 1794 
by the Ri v. A. White and Duncan 

Mac&rlane, D.D. 8vo. Glasg. 1811 
Dumfriesshire, by Bryce Johnston, D.D. 

an Appendix, 4to. 1794 

, by Dr. Singer, 8vo. Edinb. 1812 

Elgin or Moray, by James Donaldson, 

4to. 1794 

Fifeshure, by R. Beatson, 4to. 1794 

, by J. Thomson, D.D. 8vo. Edinb. 

Galloway, by J.Webster, 4to. Edinb. 1794 

by the Rev. S. Smith, Svo. 1813 

Hebridae or Hebrides, by Rob. Heron, 

4to. Edinb. 1794 

Hebrides, by James Macdonald, Svo. 181 1 

by Walker, 8vo. 2 vols. 

Inverness, by James Robertson, D. D. 

Svo. 1808 

Kincardineshire, by T. Donaldson, 4to. 


by J. Robertson, D.D. Svo. 1810 

Kinrosshire,bythe Rev.D. Ure,4to. 1794 
Lothian (East) by G. B. Hepburn, 4to. 


(East) by R. Somerville, Svo. 1805 

(Mid-) by George Robertson, 4to, 

Edinb. 1793, Svo. Edinb. 1795 
(Mid-) by Kob. Bald, Svo. 1812 

(West) by James Trotter, 4to. 

Edinb. 1794, with an Appendix, Svo. 


(Mid-) Abridged Report. 4to. 1795 

Nairn, &c. by James Donaldson, 4to. 1794 
and Moray, by the Rev. W. Leslie, 

Svo. 1811 

Peebles, by the Ren. Charles Findlater, 

Svo. Edinb. 1802. 1814 

Perth, Banff, Northampton and Meams, 

or Kincardine, by James Donaldson, 

4to. 1794 



Agricultural Surveys : 

Perth, by James Robertaon, D.D. 8vo. 

Perth, 1799 

Perthshire (Southern Districts of) by 

James Robertson, D.D. 4to. 1794 

Perthshire, Carse of Gowrie in,^by 

James Donaldson, 4to. 1794 

Renfrewshbre, bv John Wilson. 

by Alex. Martin, 4to. 1 794 

. Ross and. Cromarty, by Sir George 
Stuart Mackensie, 8vo. 1813 

Roxburphe and Selkirk, by Robert 
Douglas, D.D. 8vo. Edinb. 1798. 1802 
Roxburghshire, by the Rev. D. Ure, 4to. 
^ 1794 

Stirfmgshire, by R. Belsches, 4 to. 
— > by Graham, 8vo. 
Sutherland, by J. Henderson, 8vo, 1815 
Selkirk, by Thomas Johnston, 4to. 1794 
Tweeddale, by Thomas Johnston, 4to. 

Orkney Islands, by John Shirreff, 8vo. 

Edinb. 1814 


Antrim, by the Rev. John Dubourdieu, 

8vo. 2 vols. Dublui, 1812 

Armagh, by Sir Charles Coote, Bart. 

8T0. ibid. 1804 

Cavan, by Sir Charles Coote, Bart. 8vo. 

ibid. 1802 
Cork, by the Rev. Horatio Townsend, 
8vo. ibid. 1810 

Clare, by Hely Dutton, 8vo. ibid. 1808 
Donegal, by James M'Pharlan, M. D., 
8vo. ibid. 1802 

Down, by the Rev. John Dubourdieu, 
8vo. ibid. 1802 

Dublin, by Lieutenant Joseph Archer, 
8vo. ibid. 1802 

— . Observations on Archer's Statisti- 
cal Survey, by Hely Dutton, 8vo. 

ibid. 1802 
Galloway, by the Rev. Sam. Smith, 8vo. 

London, 1810 
Kilkenny, by Wm. Tighe, 8vo. 

DubUn, 1802 
King's and Queen's Counties, by Sir 
Charles Coote, 8vo. 2 vols. ibid. 1801 
Kildare, by Tho. Jas. Rawson, 8vo. 

ibid. 1807 

Leitrlm, Mayo, and Sligo, by James 

M'Pharlan, M.D.,8vo. 3 vols.ib. 1802 

Londonderry, by the Rev Geo. Vaughan 

Sampson, 8vo. ibid. 1802 

Meath, by Robert Thompson, 8vo. ibid. 


Monaghan, by Sir Charles Coote, Bart. 

8vo, ibid. 1801 

Tyrone, by John M*Evoy, 8vo. ibid. 

Wexford, by Robert Frazer, 8vo. ib.1801 
Wicklow, by Robert Praser, 8 vo. ib.1801 

Aguippa, Henry Cornelius. Of 
the Vanitie and Uncertaintie of 
Artes and Sciences, englished by 


Ja.(mes) Sa.(nford), Gent. Lond. 
by Henry Wykes, 1569. 4to.9s. 

Black Letter. Reprinted 1 575. An ex- 
cellent article on this work will be found in 
the Retrospective Review, vol. xiv., 181 — 

Agrippa, Henry Cornelius, The 
Vanity of Arts and Sciences. Lon- 
don, 1676. 1684. 8vo. with por- 
trait, 59. 

— Three Bookes ofOccult Phi- 
losophy, translated by J. F. Lond. 
1651. 4to. with portrait. 

Fonthill, 407, 10$. Sotheby's in April, 
1822, U.48. Roxburghe,(4 books, 1651— 
65) 12s. Od. Inglis, Ko. 102, (4 books, 1651 
—65) 13s. 

— Fourth Book of Occult Phi- 
losophy, translated by Robert Tur- 
ner. London, 1665. 4to. 5s. 

This book is spurious. Another ver- 
sion appeared in 1783. 8vo. 48. 

— Treatise of Nobility, and 
the Excellency of Woman-kind, 
translated by David Ciapham. 
London, 1542. 8vo. 

Black Letter. Composed in compliment' 
to Margaret of Austria. 

— The Praise of Matrimony, 
translated by David Ciapham. 
London, by Tho. Berthelet. 1545. 

Black Letter. 

— The Glory of Women, trans- 
lated by Edward Fleetwood. Lon- 
don, 1652. 4to. 

— Female Pre-eminence, trans- 
lated from the Latin, by Henry 
Care. London, 1670. 8vo. 

With a fulsome dedication to Queen 

Ahmad Bin Abubeker, Bin Wah- 
shih. See Hammer (Jos.) 

AiCKiN. Siege of Londonderry 
in verse. Dublin, 1699. 8vo. 

Nassau, pt. i. 19, lis. 

AlK IN, Arthur.— Journal of a 
Tourlhroujjh North Wales and Part 
of Shropshire ; with observations in 
Mineralogy and other branches of 
Natural History. London, 1797 
or 1798 8vo. pp. 231,4s. 

An admirable specimen of a mineralogi- 
cal and geological tour. Fonthill, 2 1 48, 9s. 

Ai KIN, Arthur and C. R. Dic- 
tionary of Chemistry and Mine- 


ralogy. LoDd. 1807. 4to. 2 vols, 
with an AppeiMlix, 1814. 4U>. 
51. 15». W. 

An inTiliable cODdrDodon of Chemic*] 
and MineimloyKml idence, tbe moal com- 
frcbcnuTC in ihe Eoglbb luigua^. 

AiKix, Edmund. Designs for 
Villas, and other Rural Buildings. 
Load. 1808. 4to. With 31 plates, 

— Essay oa the Doric Order of 
Architecture. London, 1810. im- 
perial folio, I5a. 

— Plans, Elevation, FSeclion, 
■od View of tbe Cathedral Church 
dT St. Paul, London ; engrav- 
ed br J- Le Keux from Draw- 
ings by James Elmes, aithitect: 
with an historical and descriptive j 
Kcount by Edmund Aikin, archi- 
tect. London, 1813. Elephant 4to. ' 

Fi« pl«i™, wilh m Emy of IB pigci, 
(B — F.) Bbo liilt uid prtl'aceor2 pi^et, 
i^iad J. B. (John Biilltin.) Somecopiea 
nre printed in Allu Ito. Thii publicmlion 
ofigiiultf •ppeared in the fini Totame oT 
' Tbe nae Art* at the EnE»ita Scbool.' 

AiKiK, JohD,M. D. Essayson 
Song Writing, wilh a collection of 
tuch English songs as are most 
eminent for poetical merit. To 
which are added some original 
pieces. London. 1772. 8vo. 3s. 6d. 

A iDDrb ettecmed ud tieguit collcctian, 
n^Dted ■! Warrington, 1TT4, uid DubGn, 

— New edition, with additions, 
«id corrections, and a Auppte- ! 
ivDt by R. H. Evans. London, I 
1810. cruwn 8vo. pp. 380,9s. I 

Tlie beM edidoD. 

— Vocal Poeiry.oraselect Col- 
lection of English Songs. To which 
15 prefixed, an Essay on Song Writ- 
lag. Lond. 1810, post 8vo.)ip.304. 

Th2« editton, •! "ell *• Ihit of Mr. 
Eiau's b tonuitrMj enlarged. Dr. 
Ajkinlikewurpiitillahed ' An EuaTOn Ap- 

Kn&)o "f N"""' »»""r » P""^* 

1777, iDMll 8to 2». fld. i and 'Letlen on a 
CwKiif Englirb Pottry,' 1804, llmo. 3i. 

— Letters from s Father to his 
Son. on various Topics relative to 
Ueratare and the Conduct of Life. 
Uad. 1793-1800. 8»o. 2 vols. 9s. 

AIL 21 

■ AiKiv, John, H.D. Description 
of the Country from thirty to forty 
miles round Manchester. London, 

ContaiDi pp^ xri. 6S(, with liit of nib- 
•criben, and 73 platet, 21. 2*. large 
fAFRK. 31. 13i. Sd. 

Tbe large map U freqqeotly irsnllDg. 
Willelt, 74, mua, 31. 9i. Bdnrdf, 047, 
nuDa,3l.1.0i. BeeUbrd, IBIT. No. 144, 
cuuia, SI. ISu 

— Lives of John Selden. and 
Archbp. Usher, with Notices of the 
principal English Men of Letters, 
wilh whom ihey were connected, 
London, 1811. 6s. 

— Annals of the Reign of King 
George III. from its commence- 
ment to thegeneral Peace in 1815, 
London, 1820. Svo.S vols. W. 53. 

An abridgenienl in ISmo. 4*. Sd. 

— England Delineated, Lon- 
, don, 1818, 8vo. 14g. 
I Tbe former editioni of thii niefiil nork, 
! cbleflydeaignedlcirtfaeuaeoryavDgpenoni, 

appeared in IT88, I79S, 1SD3. 

— and others. General Bio- 
graphy : or Lives of the most emi- 
nent persons arranged, according 
to alphabetical order. London, 
1799-1815, 4lo. 10 vols. 

' A worlbleii compilation,' according to 
Giffoid. SitM. M.S;kei,pU 1.122, 31. lOh 
I MoUia, 1T3, 12/. 

I AiKiN, Lucy. Memoirs of the 
Court of Queen Elizabeth. Lond. 
I 1818. 8vo. 2 vols, with a portrait 
:of the Queen, li. 5s. 

I Reprintad, 1S23. 

I — Memoirs of the Court of 
I King James tha First. London, 
1822, 8vo. 3 vols. 1(. 4s. 

Vol. 1. pp. 444, wilh portiail. Vol. 
II. pp. 40S. U. 4i. An admirable Uituri- 
cal irorlc, ' neari;,' uya ilie Edinb. Re- 
view. ' ai enlertainlng ■> a noTel, and far 
more iailructive than moat hituriea.' 

— Memoirs of John Aikin, 
M.D. with a seloction of his 
miscellanpous Pieces, biographical, 
morvil and critical. Lond. 1824. 
Svo. 2 vols. II. 4s. 

AiLHF.a, John, LL.D. Mus«e 
Sacrs; : sen Jomas, Jeremiee Threni, 
et Daniel Graeco redditi Carmine. 
OxoDim, 1652. 12mo. 5b. 



According to Ant. k Wood, Ailmer was 
' accounted an excellent Grecian, and a 
good Groek and Latin poet, aa appears by 
thii book, which he composed when a 
young man/ 


A I N8L IB, John. Treatise on Land 
Surveying. Edinb. 1812. 4to. with 
plates, 18s. 

AiNswoRTii, Henry. Annota- 
tions on the five Books of Moses, 
the Psalms, and the Song of Solo- 
mon. Lond. 1639. folio. 1/. Is. to 
IL 7s. 

Best edition of a laborious and 'useAil 
work, containing a literal translation of all 
the books mentioned, as well as annotations 
in them. The substance b given in the 
Latin Synopsis of Poole. 

— Two Treatises. The first of 
the Communion of Saints; the 
second, entitled, an Arrow against 
Idolatry. To this edition is pre- 
fixed, some Account of the Life and 
Writings of the Author. Edinburgh, 
1792. 8vo. pp. 344, 3s. 6d. 

The other writings of this eminent non- 
conformist Divine of the sect called Brown- 
ists, who died 1622, are in some estima- 

AiKSwoRTHi Robert. Dic- 
tionary of the Latin Tongue. Lon- 
don, 1762. folio. 2 vols. 3/. 3s. 

llie first edition of this work, was pub- 
lished 1736. 4to. 78. reprinted with addi- 
tions by Patrick, 1746. 4to. 2 vols. 258. 
LARGE PAPfin, 35s. 1751. 4to. 288. 1761. 
4to. A very cmrecC edition, 1/. 1 Is. 6d. By 
Thomas Morell, 1773. 1778. 1783. 1796. 
1808. 1/. lis. 6d. to 2/. 28. each. The 
edition, 1752. in folio. Willett, 112, 4/. 48. 

— Another Edition, revised by 
Dr. Carey. London, 1816. 4to. 
21. 15s, 

Reprinted 1823. There have been 
abridgements of this work by Young, 
Thomas, Morell, and Jamieson. 

AiNswoRTH, Wm. Marrow of 
the Bible in Verse. London, 1652. 
12mo. 7s. 

Nassau, pt. i. 25. 17s. 

Air Bank. — An Account of the 
Fall of the Air Bank. 1778. 4to. 

Roxb. 9352, 1/. 3s. 

AiRAT, Henry. Lectures upon 
the whole Epistle of St. Paul to the 
Philippians. London, 1618. 4to. 

The work of a rigid Calvinist. 


Aires and Dialogues, Select, 
composed by John Wilson, C. 
Coleman, H. and W. Lawes, &c. 
London, 1653. folio. 21. 2s. 

A valuable and esteemed collection. Re- 
printed 1659. 1669. Bindley, pt. iU. 1250, 
date 1669, 3^ 5s. 

AiTOK, William. Hortus Kew- 
ensis ; or a Catalogue of the Plants 
cultivated in the Royal Botanic 
Garden at Kew. London, 1789. 
8vo. 3 vols. lOsi 6d. 

A most curious, instructive and excellent 
botanical work, which for sdentiiic arrange- 
ment and execution has never been sur- 

— New edition, enlarged by 
his Son, W.T. Aiton. Lond. 1810- 
1811,8vo. 5 vols. 3/. 3s. 

An Epitome of this edition was published 
1814. 8vo. 12s. Some copies were printed 
with references to where the plants are 
figured, lOs. 

Ajax his Speech to the Grecian 
Knabbs; from Ovid*s Metam. 
Li6. xiii. Consedere duces, et vulgi 
stante corona, &c. attempted in 
broad Buchans, by R (obert) 
F(orbes)Gent. To which is added 
a Journal to Portsmouth, and a 
Shop-Bill, in the same Dialect; 
with a Key. Edinb. 1765. 12mo. 

To this edition the Polemo Middinia is 
subjoined. An edition, Edinb. 1754. Rox- 
burghe, 346 1, 9s. 

Akbar, or Akber. See Ayeen 

Akbur of Betlis. Fra^pnents^ 
containing Reflections on the Laws, 
Manners, Customs and Religions 
of certain Asiatic, Afric and Eu- 
ropean Nations. Lond. 1784-5. 
8vo. 3 vols. 

A KEN SIDE, Mark. Poems. Lon- 
don, 1772, 4to. With portrait, 
BBtat. 35. Profile by E. Fisher, 
12.S. Copies on fine writing paper, 


An elegant edition. Akeuside's Poems 
are inserted in Anderson, Chalmers, and 
every subsequent Collection of British Poets. 
Heath, 1764, \L Ss. On fine writing paper, 
Hollis, 173, 1/. lis. Gd.. Romxm, 1419, 
1/. 178. 

— Works. New Brunswick, 


New Jeney, 1808. 12ino. 2 toIs. 
78. 6d. 

Thu edition contains lome pieces never 
More printed. In 1796 wit published his 
Fleasofcs of Imai^nation, mth a critical 
Eaay by Mrs. Barbanld, 12mo. with 
pbtes after StoChard, Ss. 

Akerby, George. Life of Mr. 
James 8piller, the late Come- 
dian. Londcm, 1729. 8vo. 

Alaba«tp.r, William. Roxana 
Tragvdia a Plagiarii Unguibus 
Tindicta, aucUet recognita ab Au- 
thore. Londini. 1()32. 12mo. with 
front, by Gaywood, containing an 
interior view of the theatre. 

Praised by Dr. Johnson as a composition 
cqyal to the Latin poetry of Milton. Bos- 
vell, SI, Ss.'6d. In/lis, No. 9, 6s. Reed, 
8469, 8s. Nassau, pt. i. 26, morocco, 1/. 
A surreptitiims edition was publuhed the 

Alabaster, William. Lexicon 
Pentaglotton, Hebraicum, Chal- 
dticuiD* Syriacum, Talmudico — 
RabbinicumctArabicum. Londini, 
1637. folio, 68. 

Tins writer likewise published several 
sdber worka, and is styled by Ant. a 
Wood, ' the rarest poet and Grecian that 
0y one a^, or nation produced*' He at- 
tended as chaplain on Robert, Earl of Essex, 
ii the Cadis voyage, where he changed his 
icfigioa* and wrote ' Seven Motives' for 
what be had done, answered by John Rac- 
Ker, 159S, and by Roger Fenton, 1599. 

Alan, William, Cardinal. See 

Alavb, or Alakus. See 

Ahmm for London; or, the 
iSiege of Antwerp; with the ven- 
tnms Actes and valoroDS Deeds of 
the lame Soldier. Acted by the 
liord Chamberlain's servants, Lon- 
don, 1602. 4to. 

TlM plot io taken from ' The tragical 
ffislory of the City of Antwerp.' Rhodes, 
S, If. 19s. Inglis' Old Plays, 133, 4/. 

Alazono-Mastix ; or, the Cha- 
rictcr of a Cockney : in a Satyri- 
call Poem. Dedicated (as a New- 
Tear's-Gift) to the Apprentices of 
Loodoo. By Junius Anonymus, 
tLoadmi Apprentice. Lond. 1651. 
4to. pp. 16. 

' ALB 23 

An account of this curious satirical poem 
will be found in the Retrosp. Review, viii. 

Alban , St. — De inclyti et gloriosi 
Protomartyris Anglie Albani quern 
in Germania el Gallia Albinum 
vocant, Convcrsione, Passione, 
Translatione, ex Miraculonim 
Choniscatione. (Colonics, 1502) 
4to. black letter, 3/. 3s. 

This very rare life of the English Saint 
and protomartyr. Saint Alhan, is dedicated 
to K. Henry viii. by the Abbot and Monks 
of the Monastery of St. Pantaleon, in Co- 

— Some Account of the Abbey 
Church of St. Alban, Illustra- 
tive of the Plans, Elevation, and 
Sections of that Building. Lon- 
don, 1813. atlas folio. 

Published by the Society of Antiquaries. 
North, pt.i. 137, 1/. Hs. 

Albemarle, Duke of. See 

Alberivs Trencurianus, Clau- 
dius. A Demonstrative Oration of 
the Resurrection of the Deade. 
London, by Hugh Singleton, 

Black Letter. 15 leaves. Dedicated to 
the * Draper's Sodetie,' by W. M. the trans- 

Alberoni, Julius, Cardinal. The 
political Testament; exhibiting a 
general View of the Politics and 
Interests of the several Courts of 
Europe. Translated from the Ita- 
lian. London, 1753. 8vo. 58. 

A compilation of no authority, written 
by Maubert de Gouvest A life of the 
Cardinal by O. Moore, appeared in 1808, 
8vo. likewise a publication entitled ' Cardi- 
nal Alberoni's Scheme for reducing . the 
Turkish Empire to the Obedience of Chris- 
tian Princes,' without date. 

Alberti, Leon Battista. Delia 
Architettura, della Pittura, della 
Statua, &c, in Italian and English , 
by James Leoni. Lond. 1739. folio. 
3 vols, with plates, \L lis. 6d. 

Fonthill, 877. 2/. Is. An edition 
London, 1726. 3 vols. 

Albertus Magnus. Liber Ag- 
g^egationis seu Liber Secrctorum 
Alberti Magni de VirtuUbus Her- 

24 ALB 

banim, Lapiduni et Aniinaliumqua- 
Tumdam. In Civit. l.ondon. per 
Wilh de Mechlinia. 4to. 

Block Lttler. A. (o D. in eiHliU, E. m, 
uid four vrllhout catcb ntxila or po^nation. 
A 1, U blank. The moat elrguit ipeci. 
men of Michlinia'i pm*, sccordu^ la Dh. 
DIbdin. A eopf ie in Eul SpFncer'i Li- 
brary. White Knighli, pi. L 134. mo- 

— The Booke ofSecreies. , 

of the Virtues o( Herbes, Stones, 
aod cerUioe BeaBtee. Also h 
Booke of the same author of tho 
nmniaylous thinges of the \rorld. 
ftnd of certain effeclea caused of 
certa^ne BeBBtea. London, bjWm, 
Copland. ISmo. lOs. 6d. 

BUcklcner,A.t(«ighti. Thrlui 
leaf bLuik. An eiiOoo oTAlbertui' SccrU, 
wu publiihed 1637, ISmo. in black lct~ 

— De SecretU Mulierum : or ihe 
Mysteries of Human Generation 
fully revealed, faithfully rendered 
into English, with explanatory 
Notes, and approved of by the late 
John Quincy, M.D. London, 1725. 
8to. 5s. 

A publicatibu by Edmund Curll. 

Albektus, Sigandus. Libei 

Modonim Signiticandi Alb«ti. 

Apud VUlam Sancti Albani, 1480. 


Black Utter, 46 leavea. b. b. c. d. f 
in ugbti, and f. in si»i. The text begini 
OD tht Tectoofa. 1. A copy iiinthe Royal 
Llbnry at Parii. Dr. Dibdin notlcea two 
other edidoni, of thii work, one wilhoul 
d*U, the other 1915, both priutad by W, 

Albiis, Th. de. i.e. Thomas 

Albin, Eleazar. Natural His- 
tory of English Insects. London, 
1720. 4to. With 100 plates co- 
loured. If. lis. 6d. 

SoUieby'i in 1S26, rauia, U. 13a. Willell, 
79, date 1724. 51. IDi. 

— Natural History of Eng- 
lish Insects, with Notes and Ob- 
servations by W.Derham. London, 
1749.410. 100 coloured plates, 
wilh a' page of the text to each, 
2t 28. I 

— Insectorum Anglie Naturalis 


Historia, cum Annotat. GuL Der- 

, ham. Lond. 1731. 4to. with 100 

j coloured plates. 

I Albin, Eleazar. Natural His- 
tory of Birds. London. 1731-4-8, 

I 4to. 3 vols. 2J. 12s.6d. 

Vol. i. pp. 96. and 101 coloured plates. 
' Vol. ii. pp. 92. and 104 coloured plate*. 
, Vol. iii. pp. 95. and 101 mloured pUlu. 
I WHIeU, ai, Bl. 18>.6d. A French trant- 
ladon, with D^rham'i Nolci, &c. wu pub- 
j lilheil, a b Haye, 17S0, 4ta. 3 voli. 

I — Natural History of Spiders 
and other curious losects. Lond. 
; 17:)6. 4to. U. Is. 

I pp. 76. irith 53 coloured platei and > 
ponrwt of Albin on bonebnck, by J. Scotin. 
I The principal parti of thii well-known 
, work, are inserted in the ' Annd of Tho- 
' mai >lart]'n,' 1783, 4ta. Willett, B0.3I1 
79. M. oT Townafaend, No. 138. Birda, In- 
■Fcla and Spiden, 1736-49. tto. 5 T<d*. 
161. 16a. 

— Natural History of Eng- 
lish Song-Birds ; a new edidoa, 
corrected, with several Improve- 
ments under the article of Canarr 
Birds. London, 1779. 8vo. With 
plates, plain, 3>. coloured, 7s. 

The former rdicioni, London, 1737,1747, 
17S9, andEdinb. 1776. 

— History of esculent Fish, 
with North's E*say on Fish and 
Fish Ponds. Lond. 1794. 4t0. 
pp. 80. with 18 coloured plates, 

In lilde eidmation. 
Albin, John. A History of ihe 
Isle of Wight, from the earliest 
times of authentic iuformation to 
thepresent period. Newport, 1795, 
Svo. With a sheet map. Sa. 

Fonthill, 2140, U. 13a. 

Albine, called De Seres, John 
de. A notable Discourse, dis- 
cussing who are the right ministeis 
of the Catholike Church : with an 
Offer made by a Catholike to a 
learned Protestant, wherein shall 
appere the difference betwixte die 
open knowen Church of the Ca- 
cholikes, from the hid onknowen 
Congregation of the Protestantes. 
Duaci per Johaitnem BelleiuiB, 
1575, l6mo. 


The wotk, tlie innniiig title of whidi is 
' A notable Disooune against Heresies,' is 
intTodnocd by a pre&ce, and consists of 98 
leaTcs, nmnbeFed. The ' Oflfer* C. in eights, 
^ last leaf blank. This work written 
sgainst Calvin and his Disdples, was an- 
swered by Thomas Spark, and Robert 

ALBiNOVAVUSy C. Pedo. The 
Elegies, with an English version, 
by J. Plumtre, D.D. Kiddermins- 
ter, 1807. 12mo. pp, 127, 4s. 
FIVE PAPER, 58. 6d. 

The original win also be found in Mait- 
twe's Corpns Poetarum Latinomm. 

ALBijrus, Bernard Siegfred. 
Anatomical Tables of the Skeleton 
asd Muscles of the Human Body. 
LoDdoD, 1749-50. impl. folio. 29 
No8« in 1 vol. 3/. 3s. 

A complete anatomical description of the 
hunsn skeleton and musdes, rery accu- 
Mely engrared. The following should ac- 
CMBpany this much esteemed work. 1. 
Tkree whole length anatomical tables, re- 
|Rtenting a man, and a woman, 5s. 2. A 
waipleat syatem of the blood vesssels on 
6ar sheets, with tables of explanation on 
Kven sheets, 7s. 6d. 3. A complete system 
sf the nenrca, on (bar sheets, with tables of 
cxphmcdoB, 7s. 6d. WiUett, 114, (com- 

— Another Edition, 1777. folio, 
with explanations in 4to. 2/. 2s. 

Albion^s Queene. The famous 
Hiitorieof. London, 1601. 4to. 

iUacfc Letter. Of this romance, (of 
vtich only one copy is known, wanting 
ihtet A.) Queen Katherine is the heroine. 

Albon and Amphabel.— The 
^lorxNu Lyfe and Passion of Seiat 
Albon, Prothoroartyr of Englande, 
and ft JfA the Lyfe jind Passion of 
Saint Ampbabel, translated out of 
Frenche and Laten in to Englishe, 
by John Ljdgate, Monke of Bury. 
Styni Albon, 1534. 4to. 

The whsle contains y, in fours. In 
KvcB Kned stansas, four on a page. A 
ctfj «f thb cztzemely rare work is in the 



Albofow.— The Life of the holy 
aid bleated Virgin, Sainte Alborow. 
(Richard Pynson) 4to. 

fnm Mnnsdl's CataL ip. 67, col. 2. 
Albucasis. DeChirurgia,Arab. 
ei LaL cora Johannis Channing. 

Oxon. 1778. 4to. 2 vols. U. 5s. 


A valuable work. In Dr. Freind's His- ^ 
tory of Physic is a very elaborate analy&is 
of Albucasis's works and practice. 


The purest text of this poet will be 
found in the Museum Criticum, vol. 1, pp. 
421-44, edited by Bishop Blomfield. 

Alcedo, D. Ant. de. Geo- 
graphical and Historical Diction- 
ary of America and the West In- 
dies, with large additions and 
Compilations, by G. A. Thompson. 
London, 1812-15. 4to. 5 vols. 

Thompson's edition for its additions, &c. 
is infinitely more valuable than the original. 
Sir M. Sykeii, pt. i. 125, 5/. 58. Duke of 
York, 235, 5/. 58. 

Alchemy. — Marrow of Alchemy, 
a Poem. London, 1654. 4to. 

Nassau, pt. i. 2197, 19s. Sir P. Thomp- 
son, 463, 17s. 6d. 

Alc I ATus, Andrew. Emblemata. 
See WiLLET, Andrew. 

To this work, first publbhed Paris, 1585, 
subsequent writers, particularly George 
Wither, have been greatly indebted. 

Alcidalis and Zrlida, His- 
tory of, a Tale of the fourteenth 
century. Lond. 1789. 8vo. 

Some copies have a fictitious title, pur- 
porting to have been printed at Strawberry- 
hill, MDCCLXXXix. and have produced con- 
siderable prices, viz. Sotheby's in June, 
1827, 1/. 6s. Brockett, 2947, 1/. ISs. 
Goldsmid, 373, 2/. 5$. 

Alcilia : Philoparlhens louing 
Folly. Wherevnto is added Pig- 
maiion's Image, by John Marston, 
witli the Love of Amos and Laura, 
by S. P. Lond. for Richard Haw- 
kins, 1619. 

The poem of Amos and Laura is dedi- 
cated to the celebrated Izaak Walton. Ano- 
ther edition appeared in 1628, 4to. with the 
addition of Epigrammes by Sir J. H [aring- 
ton] and others. Lloyd, 208,< Edition 1628.) 

Alcimous, in Platonicam Phi- 
losophiam Introductio, Gr. et Lat. 
(ediderunt Jo. Langbeenius et Jo. 
Fellus.) Oxon. 1667. 8vo.2s.6d. 

An excellent edition. A translation of 
the introduction to the Platonic Philosophy 
will be found in Stanley's History of Phi- 

Alciphron's Epistles, in which 



are described the domeetic Man- 
ners, the Courtesans, and Para- 
sites of Greece, (translated from 
the Greek by the Rev. Mr. Monro 
and the Rev, Wm. Beloe.) London, 
1791. 8vo. 4s. 

This work is in general (says Dr. A. 
Clarke) well done; and is accompanied 
by very useful notes. 

Alcock, John. Successively 
Bishop of Rochester, Worcester, 
and Ely, Spousape of a Virgin to 
Christ. 4to. 1486. 

— Gallicantus ad Cofratres 
8U0S curatos in Sinodo apud Bern- 
well, XXV, die mensis Septembris, 
1498. (Lood. per R. Pynson) 


The work consisting of 26 leaves, (A — D 
vi. in eights,) is divided into xvi chapters. 
A copy is in the library of Earl Spencer. 

— Sermo Johls Alcok, Epi Elien. 
Enprinted at Westmestre bi Wyn- 
kin the Worde. 4to. 

Black letter, extends to d viij. In this 
sermon the Bishop directs his hearers to 
obtun full knowledge of all proclamations 
as registered in the Court of Chancery. 
Two short extracts from this work to con- 
firm the elucidation of the well known line 
in Hamlet, 

' Unhouseld, disappointed, unanel'd,' 
will be found in the Britbh Bibliographer, 
ii. 532-3. 

— Mons Perfectionis, other- 
wyce called in Englyssh, the 
Hylle of Perfection. Emprynted 
by Rycharde Pynson, in the xiii 
yere of K, Henry the vii. 4to. 

Black letter, e iij* An exhortation to 
the Carthusians, recommending prayer, 
obedience, and the solitude of the cell. 
WUIeU, 1629, (with the Abbaye of the 
Holy Ghost,) 9/. 198. 6d. Dr. Dibdin, in 
his much improved ediUon of Ames, notices 
three editions, one by Pynson, 1497, and 
two by W. de Worde, 1497 and 1501. . 

— The Abbaye of the Holy 
Ghost. Westmestre, by W. de 
Worde, 4fo. 

Black Letter, 18 leaves printed in dou- 
ble columns. Willett, 1629. (with Mons 
Perfectionis, > 9/. 19s. 6d. Maunsell men- 
tions an edition of the date of 1531. 

Alcorak. 5«6 Mahomet. 
Alcoran of the Franciscans. See 
Frakcis, St. 


Aldini, John. An Account of 
the late Improvements in Galvan- 
ism, &c. London, 1803. 4to. with 
plates, 9s. 

In 1819 was published another work by 
this author, entitled ' General Views on the 
Application of Calvinism to Medical Pur- 
poses.' Qb, 

Aldrich, Henry, D. D. Artis 
Lop:ic8e Compendium- Oxon. 1691, 
large 8vo. Six sheets. With Aris- 
totle's portrait in the title page, 3s. 

Reprinted, with variations and additions, 
1696, 1704, 1750, and still used as a text 
book at Oxford. A translation, with Ques- 
tions, appeared in 1825, 12mo. 3s. 6d. 

— The Elements of Civil 
Architecture, translated by the 
Rev. Philip Smyth. Lond. 1789, 
royal 8vo with 55 plates, and a 
portrait of Aldrich, after Kneller, 
12s. to 15s. 

nccordini? to the Rev. J. C. Eustace, • a 
very clear and concise treatise on the ge- 
neral principles, proportions, and terms of 
this art, and may be recommended as a 
good work of the kind for the use of be- 
ginners.' A thhrd edition was published at 
Oxford, in 1821. Unpublished editions of 
the Elem.Archit. and InstitGeom. atBind- 
ley's Sale, pt i. No. 204, brought W. is. 

Aldus. Vide Manutius, Al- 

Alector, the. Cock, 1590. See 
Aneau, Bart. 

Alkman, Mateo. The Life of 
Guzman d'Alfarache ; or, the Spa- 
nish -Rogue: to which is added 
the celebrated Tragi-Comedy, Ce- 
lestina. Done into English from 
the new French Version, and com- 
pared with the original (Spanish). 
By several Hands. Lond. 1708. 8vo. 
2 vols. With sculptures, by Cas- 
par Bouttats. 

Roxburghe, 6347, 1/. 10^ Of this 
very popular Novel, or Romance there hate 
been several translations, in folio, 1628, 
1630, 1634, 1656, 10s. to 15s. each. In 

the Retrospective Review, vol. v. 189 S05, 

is an excellent notice of this work, whidi 
contains a fund of acute and compreheBsiTe 
observations on almost every rank la i^ 
ciety, from the most abject to the most 
elevated. An edition ' epitomis'd into 
English, by A. S. Gent,' appeared in 1655. 

Alemand, Louis Augustine. 


Hbtoire Monastique d'frelande. preceding his Death. Lond. 1766. 
Paris, 1690. 12mo. 58. 4to. 5s. 

TKi work was afterwards enlarged by "^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^ Unitarian, containing a 
Capiaia Stevrns, and pablished under the K'^goo^icritical remarks. HolJis, 174, 12s.Gd. 
dde of lionaadcon Hibemicum. ALEXANDER, Will. See SrBtL' 

Alev. See AhLhv. line, Earl of. 

Ale«, or Alesius. See Hales. Alexander, William. Medulla 

Alexander de Alexandria, in Historiee ScotiGe, being a History 

iii Ubros Aristotelis de Anima. of the Lives and Reigns of the 

Impressum per me Theodoricu Kings of Scotland, from Fergus 1, 

Rood de Colonia in alma Vniu'si- to Charles II. Lond. 1685. 12mo. 

tateOxoD. m.cccc.lxxxi. Small 58. 

felio. — A short Survey of the Li- 

Itettd in double colnmnik G 6 and Y neal Descent of the Sovereign 

Ssieblanklttives. A copy wanting the Princes in Europe. Edinb. 1704. 

(de page is m the Bndsh Museum. o ^ ^ 

— de Villa Dei. Textus Alex- ^"^^^ ^ „ , . , ^ ,, . 

J . o » -.•• i- . • Constable, No. 13, 7g. 

iiicto cum Sententus Constructi. _ William, M.D. The His- 

onlms. Lond. Rich. Pynson, ^^ ^f Women, from the eariiest 

m?^^.^: .n , o . . Antiquity to the present Time. 

Black letter, 50 leaves. Repnnted t««A. in-tck >«»^ fi i- lo- 

1513, 4ta. This work was for M>me cen- London. 1779. 4tO. 2 vols. 12s. 

tmaihe most faYourite manual of gram- , Reprinted 1782, 8vo. 2 vols. Heath, 

■vaaediaschoola. Dr. Dibdin mentions ^^^^'^^^J.^' 

m efitioa of 1503, printed by W. de — William Sketches from 

Woide, bttt questions its existence ; and in Nature, made in China. London, 

the BibL Llwyd. No. 452. is a copy 1797. royal 8vO. 

frinted by Pynson. 1516, which product "^ 

If. 1 ig. This ingenious artist was draftsman to 

— Aphrodiensis ad Imperatores ^"^ Macartney during his embassy to 

% vj ^ ^ y 1 4. n China, and afterwards in the pnnt depart- 

de Fate et de eo quod nOStree Po- „^„j ^f ^^e British Museum. S^rCoiaE, 

testatis est. Ammonius Hermeee Taylor and Costume of China, 
in Libri Aristotelis de Interpreta- _ Observations on the con- 

tione Sectionem s^cunclam, Gr. gtruction and Fitting up of Mcet- 

etUt. L^ndmi, 1658, small 8 vo. j^^ houses, &c. for Public Wor- 

3i. 6d.to5s. _ . , ^ , ship. London, 1820. 4to. with 

-. James Edward, Travels pia^g, &c. 9s. 

^ ^"^,'00^ England, 1825-6. ^^ Alexander, a Romance. 

london, 1827. 4tO. with maps and in^^ted by Weber in his Collection of 

fkte§, jNlbUshed at H. lis. 6d. Metrical Romances, vol. i. In the Library 

•ApeffcrDiance,'saystheQuarteriyRe- *>^ the Hon. W. Maule of Panmure is a 

fins, *aMmiY rery juyenile, but con- translation (probably unique) of this romance 

lyUTely and interesting aescrip- »nto S>«>tish verse, printed by Alexander 

partieulariy of scenes in Burmah Arbuthnot. , , ,,. t. 

^gyor.' Alexander and the Kmg of 

— John. Paraphrase upon the Egypt. A mock Play, as it is acted 
FAeenth Chapter of the First by the Mummers every Christmas. 
E^e to the Corinthians, with Newcastle, 1788. 4to. 

eriticil Notes and Observations, Rhodes, No. 7, l Is. 

lid m Preliminary Dissertation. ^ Alexis of Piedmont. The 

A Commentary, with critical Re- Secrete,^n Four Parts, translated 

Mkf upon the sixth, seventh, by JJ^ iHiam Warde. London, by 

4Bd part of the eighth chapters of H. Bynneman, 1568. 4to. 

on {IV1.U1 «. R J^AA^A Black letter. This work, which has been 

tke RoiBans. To which is added ^^^^^^^ ^^ pubUshed in every European 

I Sermon on Ecclesiastes IX. 10. language, is by Haller attributed to Hiero- 

conpoied by the Author the day nymo Roselie. luglis, 106, ISs. Reprinted 

28 ALF 

l>as, lOs. Od. and 1615, 7i. M. The M- i 
lowing u a liil of ih? tepuate editioni d( 
the four pam. Parti. 1559, 1502, 1S63, | 
ISSe, 15B0. Putn. 1563, n. d., 156T, 
1580. Part iii. IS60, 1578. Puit iv. (iran- ' 
dated by RIcb. Androie) 15S9, 1573. i 

Aleym, Charles. Tlie Battaiiea ' 
of Creocey aifd Poictierit. London, ' 
1633. 8vo. pp. 138. 

Second edition. White Knighti, pt I. ' 
55, U. Lloyd, S3*. !'■ *a. K'auau, pi. 1. < 
27, U. 111. 6d. Garrick. No. 12, (with 
the Hiitoiie of Henrie the Setenlb) 2L 5>. I 
Bibl. Anglo-Poel. Vo. 555. The fotmer I 
edition appeared in IS31. 

— The HJBtorie of Henrie, of 
that name the Seventh Kin^ or 
England. With that famed Bat- 
taile upon Red more, near Bob worth, 
London, 1638. 8vo. 

Contuni pp. ISO. (A, S lea*ei, fi — K,in 
eight!, and L, 6 leaves) with portiait of the 
King, by Hantaill. Slrettell, 10, 17i. Sir 
M. M. Syke>, pt. i. 39, 17i. pt. ii. 1, 11. li. 
I.iayd,ai, ISi. Jadi>,e5, IBk Bibl. A n- 
Ijlo-Pact. No. 10, morocco. If. 16s. N'auau, 
pi.i. U,2l. ii. Dowdeawell, 3, Sl.13i.Sd. 
Aleyo likewiie published the Hiilory oi 
Eiuyalui and Lucrclia, tianslalcd from thi 


Thi< work was •upeiintcnded by Sir 
ll. Crofl, and contaiai the illuatralioiii 
<>r Mr. Manning. Dr. Johtuon obterred, 
that the notea are ' Tery judleiou* and ac- 
v-urate, but, they are loo few.' Roaeoe, 
f61,6i. 6d. Thliilliulrioni monarch like- 
wise was translator of Bede's Eccleoastical 
History, Boelhiui' Consolalion of Philoso- 
phy, and a Portion of the historian Oroaiiu. 
Pot the Lives of him, t« Aaiep, Metie- 

, Aiei 

r. Sir 

I of /Ene. 

, Sylvi. 

Select Cases in 
B. R. 22, 23,and 24 K. Charles I. 
with the Names of the learned 
Counsel who argued the satne. 
London, 1681 or 1688. folio. 8s 
ALriERi, Vittorio. Quindici 
Tfagedie, dedicate all' Autort; 
medesimo ed agguntevi sue Memo- 
rie letteraric, con la Merope dJ 
MafTei, c rArisIodemo di Monti; 
dair Editore il Dott. Antonio Mon- 
tucci. Edinborgo, 1805-6. 12mo. 
3 vola. M. Is. 

A very neat and correct edition. Zolli 
published an edition of ' I'lagedie icelte.' 
lima. 3 vols. lOi. 

— The Tra^^etlies, translated 
by Charles Lloyd. London, 1815. 
12mo. 3 vols. lOs. 6d. 

— Vita di Vittorio Alfieri. Lon- 
dra, 1806. 8vo. 2 vols. lOs. 

An English translation of this poet's Life 
appeared in 1810. Sro. 2 vols. IDs. 

Alfoudus, M. fideGnLFPiTii, 

ALPaED the Great. The Will 
of King Alfred, with Notes by 
Thos.Aatle. O;iford,1787. 4to.5!. 

John ) Powell, Robert. 

Aloarotti, Francis. Sir Isaac 
Newton's Philosophy, explained 
for the Use of the Ladies; in six 
Dialogues of Light and Colours. 
Prom the Italian, by Eliz. Carter. 
London, 1739. l2mo. 2 vols. 68. 

KepTiuled I74S. Sevi^ral other pieceaof 
Algarotti's have been translated Into Eng- 
litb, vis. Letters containing the Slate of ttat 
Persian Empire, 1769. 13mo. 3 vols. S*. 
Essays on Painting and on the Opera, 1764. 
1767. I2mo. 2 vols. 5i. &c. 

Algiers Voyage, in a Journal), 
_ or brjefc Reportary of all Occur- 
rents hapning in the Fleet of Ships 
sent out by the Kiiige his most ex- 
cellent Majeatie, as well against the 
Pirates of Algiers as others. Ix>n- 
don, 1621. 4to. 

North, pt. iii. 597, 19>. Gordontloun, 
12S, I(. 5s. 

Algorisme. See Arithmetic. 

Alhacen. The History of 
Tamerlane the Great by his Favou- 
rite Alhacen, a learned Arabian. 
Translated into English, with 
Notes, by L.Vane. London, 1753. 
8vo. 4s. 

Reprinted 17B3, l2nio. 3i. fld. 

Ali Bey. Travels of AM Bey 
in Morocco, Tripoli, Cyprus, Egyp^ 
Arabia, Syria, and Turkey, between 
the Years 1803 and 1807, written 
by himself. London, 1816. 4to. 2 
vols, wilh plates. 

This traveller, whose original name 
was Domingo Badia y Leblich, waa a 
native of Spdn. tie, under hJa asamned 
ehaiacter, procured accent to many places, 
to which Christiani were not permitted 
to go ; from ihii came his travels an 
instructive and curioui, but they certainly 

he Dru. 


r. Si. 

Ali Ebn Abi Talebi. Sententite, 
Arab, et Lat. e Codd. MSS. des- 
cripsit, Latine vertit, et Annott- 


tionibus illostrayit Cornelius van 
Waenen. Oxonii, 1806. 4to. pp. 
ifi. and 428, 1 /. 

A coRcct and Taluable edition. 

All Sentences of All, Son-in- 
Law of Mahomet, translated from 
an Arabick MS. in the Bodleian , by 
Simon Ockley. London, 1717 or 
1718. 8to. 3s. 6d. 

Likewise to be found inOckley's History 
sf the Sarmcens, third edition. 

Alien Priories. See Gough, 

Alimony, Lady, or the AKmony 
Lady, an excellent pleasant new 
Comedy. London, 1659. 4 to. 

Attributed by Anr. i Wood to Thomas 
Lodge and Robert Greene. Rhodes, 225, 
14s. Reed« 7485, U 2s. 

All Pacha of Janina, Vizier 
Epinis, The Life of, including a 
compeodioud History of modem 
Greece. London, 1823. 8vo. with 
portraits and plates. Published at 
10s. 6d. 

Alsiannder, Kyng. See Alex- 
ander, a Romance. 

Alison, Archibald. Essays on 
the Nature and Principles of Taste. 
Fourth Edition. Edinb. 1816. 8vo. 
2 vols. 16s. 

An excellent and highly pleasing work, 
irst published 1790, 4to. 1 vol. 10s. 6d. 

— Sermons, chiefly on particu- 
lar occasions. Edinb. 1814-15. 
E«o. 2 Tols. 16s. 

?re({iicntly reprinted. According to Dr. 
Dibdm, the beautiful and refined fancy and 
ndodioiis style of this writer render his 
vorks desenring of a conspicuous place in 
every well-chosen Ubrary. 

— Richard. An Houres Recrea- 
tion in Musicke, apt fur Instru- 
Bents and Voyces. Lon. 1606. 4to. 

BiU. Anglo-Poet No. 116. 

Alithinologia, 1664-1667. Vide 
Ltsch, John. 

Allan, George, of Darlington, 
Collections relating to Sherburu 
Hospital, in Durham. Printed in 
the year 1771. 4to. 

Fifty copies printed without signatures 
arp^iBg, coonttiQg of 156 leaves, and 4 
ihtcs. mndlej, pt i. 1640, 2/. 9s. Dent, 
ft iL 1037. 1/. l**- SlrM. M. Sykes, 
rtL 1003.31 



Allan, of Darlington, George. 
Collectanea Dunelrcensia. Tracts 
relating to the County of Durham, 

Bindley, pt.i. 1641. 5L 7s. 6d. Leigh 
and Sotheby's in Nov. 1800. 5L 158. 6d. 
Sotheby's in Dec. 1822. 5/. 158. 6d. Allan 
in March, 1822, no. 623. 19/. A tract, en- 
titled ' Address and Queries relatire to a 
History of Durham.' Darlington, 1774. 
Brockett, 217, l/.6s. 

— Catalogue of Books and 
Tracts, printed at the private press 
of G. Allan, Esq. Newcastle, 
1818. 8vo. 7s. 

One hundred copies printed. At the 
sale of the library of Mr. Brockett (Cat. 
No. 231) a collection of the tracts printed at 
the Darlin^n private press, were sold for 
52/. IDs. 

— Robert. Dictionary of 
the ancient Language of Scotland. 
£dinb. 1804. 4to. No. 1, 38. 

— A Treatise on the Operation 
of Lithotomy. Edinb. 1 808 . folio, 
with plates, U. Is. 

This eminent surgeon likewise published 
an esteemed work', cntiUed ' A System of 
pathological and operative Surgery, founded 
on Anatomy,' 8vo. vol. L 1819. 12s. 6d. 
voL ii. 1822. 12s. 6d. vol. iii. pt. i. 1824. 
8s. 6d. 

Allason, Thomas. Picturesque 
Views of the celebrated Antiquities 
of Pola in Istria. London, 1819. 

This work was printed in super-royfd 
folio, pp. 67, with 10 plates and 4 vignettes, 
engraved by the Cookes, H. Moses and C. 
Armstrong, 21. 2s. imperial folio, corres- 
ponding in size with Stuart's Athens, with 
proof plates on French paper, 3/. The 
same with plates on India paper, proofs, 
3L lbs. 

Aldridge, W.T. Goldsmith's 
Repository: containing a concise 
elementary Treatise on the Art of 
assaying Metals, &c. London, 
1789. 8vo. pp. 382. 9s. 

A useful work. 

Alleike, Joseph. Alarm to un- 
converted Sinners and other Works. 
Edinb. 1752. 12mo. 2 vols. 10s. 6d. 

The writings of this non- conformist Di- 
vine are in some estimation, particularly his 
Alarm to unconverted Sinners, which has 
been often reprinted. His life was publish- 
ed b^ Bicb. jBaxfiT, 1072 and 1677. 8vo. 
and also by George Newton, 167 3« 8vo. 




Set Dr. Blift't Wood's A then. Ozon. iii. 

All£ine, Richard. Works, in 
four Parts. London^ 1671. 8vo. 

The writings of this sealous non-conibr- 
mist (of which the above only forms a part) 
are much admired by those of Calvinistic 
sentiments, particularly his Vindidae Fie- 
Utis, 1664-6. 3 pU. A list of his writings 
wiU be found in Bliss's edition of Wood's 
Athens Oxon. iv. 13-15. 

Allen, Benjamin. Natural His- 
tory of the Chalybeate and Purg- 
ing Waters of England, with their 
Essays and Uses. Lond. 1699. 8vo. 

Dent, pt L 29, morocco, 15s. 6d. Allen 
also published the Natural History of the 
Mineral Waters of Great Britain, 1711. 8vo. 
Dent, pt. i. 30. mor. 128. 

— Edmond. Catechisme,that 
is to say, a Christen Instruc- 
cion of the principall Pointes of 
Christes Religion. London, 1551. 
8vo. Black letter. 

White Knights, pt. I. 53. morocco, 1/. 4s. 
A former edition, according to Dr. Dibdin, 
appeared in 1548. 

— J. The younger Brother, 
his* Apologie, or a Father's free 
Power disputed, for the Disposition 
of his Lands, &c. Oxf. 1624. 4to. 

A notice of this work will be found in 
Oldys' British Librarian, 210—212. Oor- 
donstoun, 39, ISs. Kecd, 6517, 16s. 

— John. Royal Spiritual Maga- 
zine, or Christian's Grand Treasure. 
Lond. 1761. 8 vo. 3 vols, with plates, 

Reprinted 1809. 8vo. 3 vols. 

— Spiritual Exposition of the Bi- 
ble, or the Christian's Gospel Trea- 
sure. Lond. 1765. fol. 2 vols. 21, 28, 

Reprinted lately in 8vo. 4 vols. 2/. 10s. 
FINE PAPER, 3/. 3s. 

— Modern Judaism, or a brief 
account of the Opinions, Tradi- 
tions, Rites, and Ceremonies of the 
Jews in modern Times. London, 
1816. 8vo. 10s. 6d. 

The best work on modem Judaism in 
our language. 

— Thomas. Chain of Scripture, 
Chronology, from the Creation to 
the Death of Christ, in seven 
Periods. London, 1659. 4to. 5s. 

The most esteemed of this celebrated 
Non-conformist's works, with a frontis- 
piece by Hoilmr, reprinted 1668. 


A LLEN, Thomas. History and 
Antiquities of the Parish and Pa- 
lace of Lambeth. London, 1824-7. 
8vo. XL 16s. 4to. 3/. 1 28. 

Published in parts. Mr. Allen is now pnb- 
lishing the History of London in Numbers. 

— William, styled Cardinal 
of England. Defense and Decla- 
ration of the Caiholike Churchies 
Doctrine touching Purgatory, and 
Prayers for the Soules departed. 
Antwerp, by John Latius, 1565. 
8vo. 10s. 

Containing O o 7 in eights. This, accord- 
ing to Warton, ' was the basis of Alleyo's 
polemical reputadon. It abounds, though, 
more in rhetoric than argument, and contains 
much ingenious declamation and sophistry.' 

— Treatise made in Defence 
of the lauful Power and Authoritie 
of Priesthod to remitte Sinnes: 
of the Peoples Duetie for Confes* 
sion of their Sianes to Gods Minis- 
ters : and of the Churches Mean- 
ing concerning Indulgences, com- 
monly called Pope's Palrdos. Lo- 
vanii, apud Joannem Foulerum, 
1567. 16mo. 

Contains pp. 412, with an index, besides 
an address and pre&ce. Answered by Dr. 
Will. Fulke of Cambridge. 

— Apologie and true Declara- 
tion of the Institution and Ende- 

juours of the two English Colleges, 
the one in Rome, the other now 
resident in Rhemes. Mounts, in 
Henault, 1581. 8vo. 10s. 6d. 

Contains 122 leaves. The running title 
of this book (which, according to Bolton in 
his Hypercritica, is ' a princely, grave, and 
flourishing piece of natural and exquisite 
English') is, ' An Apology for the English 

— An Admonition to the No- 
bility and People of England and 
Ireland concerninge the present 
Wares made for the Execution of 
his Holines Sentence, by the high 
and mightie King Catholike of 
Spaine. By the Cardinal of Eng- 
lande, 1588. 8vo. 

Contains GO pages, including the title. 
This work, together with A Declaration of 
the Sentence of Pope Sixtus the 5th were 
printed at Antwerp, in order to be dispentod 
in England, when the Spaniard should 
arrive there. For a further notice of tiib 


viik^ tm Xlcobc'B edition of .4^vl80B*8 
Poetical Rhapsody, i. Ixxiv. and Liagard's 
Englaad, 8vo. nii. 535—9. 

ALLENy^VjIliam, styled Cardinal 
of England. A Defence of English 
Catholiques against a slanderous 
Libel, intituled. The Execution of 
Justice in England. (Ingolst. about 
1584) 8vo. 7s. 

Contains 218 pages, besides preface, 
contents, and ' the fiinltes' corrected. This 
book, published anonymously, but conft- 
dendy attributed to Cardinal Allen by Ant. 
i Wood, was answered by Dr. Tho. Bilson 
in ' The true Difference between Christian 
sabiectioo and Tuchristian Rebellion.* Oxf. 
15S5. The running title of Allen's trea- 
tiie is ' An Answere to the Libel of English 

Allen, William. See Titus. 
Cd. Silas. 

Alles, William, D. D. Works, 
with a Preface by Bp. Williams, 
and a Sermon at the Ftineral of 
Allen, by Bp. Kidder. Lond. 1707. 
Folio, lOs. 6d. 

Allestkbe, Richard, D. D. 
XL Sermons preached before the 
King, and on solemn occaksions. 
Oxford, 1684. folio, with portrait 
bj D. Log^n, 10s. 6d. 

Beat edition, with a life of Allestree 
pabUshed by Bishop Fell. To Bishop Fell 
sod Dr. AUestree have been attributed the 
works written bv the author of the Whole 
Daty of Man. 

Alley, Rev. Jerome. Vindiciee 
Christianee ; a comparative Esti- 
male of the Genius and Temper of 
t^ Greek, the Roman, the Hindu, 
die Mahometan, and the Christian 
fieiigions. Lend. 1826. 8vo. 1 6s. 

Allet, William, Bishop of 
Eieter. nTOXOMTXEION. The 
poore Man's Librarie. London , by 
John Day, 1565. folio, 2 tomes. 

Btaek letter. This work consisU of 
lectures (7 and 5 ) upon the first epistle of 
Sl Peter, with ' Miscellanea,' that is, many 
cvioos anecdotes and explanations of per- 
Mas. places, fte. wliich, says Dr. Dibdin, 
aiaUcA the author's extensive reading. 
Tone 1 , fiAn 292, the prefixes conaist of some 
U&D veraea of four pages, and an epistle 
dedicatory to ' Lorde Russel, Earle of Bed- 
fcide.* Tome 2, without any title-page, 
QMabn IbL HO, after which, tables for 
M loaet, •a fiwrteen leaves more. 

-Another edition, faitbfuii/ 



corrected and amended. London, 
by John Daye, 1571. folio, in 2 
tomes. 1/. lis. 6d. 

Black letter. Tome 1 ends on folio 217, 
having the ftame prefixes as the edition of 
1565. Tome 3 contains 1 10 leaves, with a 
title, and two indexes at the end. 

Allibond, John, D. D. Rus- 
tica Academiee Oxoniensis nuper 
reformatae Description in Visitatione 
Fanatica Octobris sexto, &c. A.D. 
1648, cum Comitis ibidem anno 
sequente : et aliis Notatu cum In- 
dignis. Folio. 

A Latin poem of exquisite humour, 
twice printed in 1648 ; reprinted 1705, foil 
and again with an Hudibrastic translation, 
by Edward Ward, in the fifth volume of 
the Somers collection of Tracts. A very 
curious copy with a complete key in MS. is 
to be found in Wood's study. No. 423. 

Allison, Thomas. Voyage from 
Archang:el in Russia, in the year 
1697, with an Account of the Ship 
and Company wintering near the 
North Cape, in the latitude of 71. 
London, 1699. 8vo. 5s. 

Reprinted in the first volume of Pinker- 
ton's Collection of Voyages and Travels. 

All IX, Peter, D.D. Reflexions 
upon the Books of the Holy Scrip- 
ture to establish the Tnith of the 
Christian Religion. London, 1688. 
8vo. 2 vols. 7s. 

Reprinted London, 1809, and Ozfbrd, 
1822, and also in vol. 1 or' Bishop Watson's 
Collection of Tlieological Tracts, who states 
this work has been always held in great 
repute for the plainness and erudition with 
which it is written. 

— Remarks upon the History of 
the Churches of Piedmont. Lon- 
don, 1690, 4to. 7s. 

Reprinted Oxford, 1821, 8vo. Ts. 

— Remarks upon the History of 
the Albigenses. London, 1692. 4to. 

Reprinted Oxford, 1821, 8vo. 6s. 6d. 

— Judgment of the Ancient 
Jewish Church against the Unita- 
rians. London, 1699. Bvo. lOs. 

A curious and interesting work, pub- 
lished anonymously. Gossett, 71, 1/. Is. 
Reprinted Oxford, 1821, 8vo. 7s. 6d. 

— Diatriba de Anno et Mense 
NataliJesuChristi. London, 1710. 
8vo. 38. 6d. 



Ad erudite work, in iiUch Allii endea- 
Toun W >bew ihit tbe Ucul*h «u bom 
not in wiDler, but in the ipring. Kepriuted 
1722, 12mo. 

A catklogut of the elabormte wrltingi of 
IhU Iranied divine oflbe Church of Bagltknd 
will be found in Wall'a BiblioUirci Briuo- . 

Allot, Robert. England's 
Parnassus, or the choicest Plowera 
of our modern Poets, with their 
poetical! Comparisons, &c. wbere- 
iinto are annexed other various 
Discourses both pleaaaunt and pro- 
fitable. London, 1600. Small 8vo. 

Of thii work, reprinlwi by Park in tht 
Heliconii, Wulon obtervea, that the oie- 
judidoiu, the eilracM copioui, and 

with ■ degree of 

The ■ 

o Sjrr Thoiou 
HounKm, KnC to the reader, and errata, 
S leavs: work B— Kk (SID pp.) after- 
ward* ■ leaf, frequently wialingiCODtiiaing' 
to Unci. coDimencing ' Fame's windy 
tnimp,' &c. Lloyd, 120, 21. White 
Knighti, pt. i. 61, mor. 21. I2i fld. Sir 
H. H. Sykei, *i, Dior. 2'. 16i. Stretlell, 
II, nuUH, 3'. 3>. Baiwell, S98, 31. Ti. 
iDgtis, 14, 31. IS>. Bindtej, pi. i. 210S, 
4i. 16i. Bibl. Anglo-Foet. 1, 20i. Roi- 
burgbe,31Tl, 911. 

Allwood, Rev. Philip. Lite- 
rary Antiquities of Greece. Also, 
Remarks on some Observations in 
the British Critic. London, 1799, 
1S01.41O. 15b. 

— Twelve Lectures on the Pro- 
phecies relating to the Christian 
Church, being the ninth portion of 
those founded bv Bishop Warbur- 
ton, with a BupplemeDt. London, 
1815,1819. 8vo. 3 vols. ISs. 

Almoh, John, Biographical, 
Literary, and Political Anecdotes 
of several of the most eminent per- 
sons of the present age, with an 
Appendix. London, 1797. 8vo. 
3 vols. 

Thii work, though partial, ii interetting, 
u containing manjr curioui partlculara of 
thi poUtical character! and contest! of the 
day. Reed, 34fia, IH Sotheby'i in 18ST, 

Almond, for a Parrat. See 
Martik Marphblate. 

Alphabetum. Latino Anglicum; 
Institutio compendiaria totius . 
OrammaticGe quam — Rex noster | 


hoc noaine evulgari iussit, &c. 



The firti part bai 41 leavei, the latl 40 
learei. Dr. Dibdin in hli edidon ofAmet, 
menliont a copy on Tellum, curiauily illu- 

Alphabetic Writing. Conjectu- 
ral Observations on the Origin and 
Progress of Alphabetic Writing- 
London, 1772. 8vo. 3s. 

Written by the Re*. Charlei Dt-rj. 

Alsof, Antony. OdarumLibri 
duo. Londini, 1752. 4lo. 5b. 

Tlieieodea have been much admired, aa 
breathing at once the eaae and feiliTily of 
Horace, at the aame time preiervlikg hla 
remarkable felidty of dicdon, without *er- 

— George. The character of 
the Province of Maryland. Lon- 

jdon, 1666. 12mo. 

A rare work, with a map.audapottraitaf 

AUop, /£(. 2S, BiiEngliih verm. Lloyd, 
I 2T, 2f. li. Solheby'i in December, 1B2!, 
I 2L2i. Another work entitled ■ An Orthodox 

Plea,' 16S9, with a portrait by W. Shenrio, 


I — Vincent. Anti-Sozzo : an Ad- 
I swer to W. Sherlock's Discourse on 
Christ. London, 1675. 8vo. 7s. 

A witty book, written by a celebrated 
uon-conformiat ditine, who likewlie pob- 
li^ed lerefal other worka whidi an beM 

1 Alst£diub, John Henry. The 
beloved City, or the SaiuU' Reign 
on Earth, a thousand Yeani. Lon- 
don, 1643. 4to. 

In thia work Aiitediua aiierti, that the 
bithful thill reign with Jetui Chiiit 1000 
yean ; alter which will be the general i«. 

aurrcction, and the lail judgment 

— Templnm Musicum, w the 
Musical Synopsis. Translated from 
the Latin by John Bircheusha. 
London, 1664. 8vo. with frontis- 
piece by Chantry, 5s. 

Alston, Charles, M. D. Lec- 
tures on the Materia Medica; 
also Directions for the Study, and 
an Appendix on the Method of 
Prescribing. London, 1770. 4to. 

2 vols. 12s. 

In little eitimation. Thli wiitei UkewiM 
publiahed acTeral other medical and booud' 

Altham, Roger, D.D. Ser- 
mons oo serentl occaiiona. Loo- 
don, 1732. 8*0. 2 voIb. 6i.' 
WaKum, 36, 11. Sl 
Altieri, Ferdin. lulian and 
English DicUonaiy, corrvcUd and 
improred by Evattgeliat Palenno. 
London, 1750 or 1751. 4to. 2 Toli. 

Beit cditian. The fbrin» one of 1716, 
ViOnt, 8t, !/. Tl 

Alokedus BeTerlaceniie. Fuie 
Heanie, Thomas. 

Alvakui, Eman. De Sylla- 
buuro Quflntitate, An Melrica, et 
Lnsut Poetices. London, 1730. 
fito. 6fl. 

A talotblc grimiiKtitil ImtUe. 
liRci Pin*. DcDt. put 1. 3S, nun*, 
IS*. WiUiuu, 37, nuna, \L 19*. 

Alves, Robert. Sketches of 
the Hisior; of Litenitare. Edinb. 
1794, 5, 8to. pp. 298, 38. 6d. 

Altntok, Robert. LibetluaSo- 
phistvum. London, per W. de 
Wofde. 1525. 4to. 

Dr. Dibdin in bi* editiob ofAmet, no- 
tkn Stc nbtiona oTthii work, tbn* bj W. 
it Werde. ■nd two by PjrDMn. 

Anudis of Gaul.— The Trea- 
nrie of Amadis of Fraunce, 
translated from the French. Im- 
printed by Hen. Byanemun, 4to. 
Black leUer. 

Kot neatfamed by Herbert. Nottb, pt. 
D. 7M, IL 1%. IngUi, 110, II. 19>. Qold- 
n^ 166, iL 

— The History of Atnodis de 
Gaale (Four Books) written in 
Fnnch by the Lord of Euars, Ni- 
cholas de Herberay. Translated 
by Anthony Munday. Lond. 1619. 

Id tl 
nny tnit of 

A MB 33 

Amadis of Gaul. — The Sixth Book 

of the History of Amadis de Oanle, 

translated by Francis Kirkman. 

London, 1652. 4to. 10s. 6d. 

— The History of Amadis of 
Greece, together with the Enter* 
prises of bis Coien Lucencio. Lon- 
don, 1694. small 4to. 15s. 

Blick letter, pp. !SD. A trsiulation {root 
the Hventb book q{ the Amidii de Oaul. 
LU, pt.i.137, ruuia, 19<. Roibuigbe, 
B3B3, \L Sa. Ooldimid, No. 407, date 
1C83, R lli.6d. 

— Amadis of Gaul, by Vas* 
CO Lobeira, from the Spanish 
Version of Garciordonez de Mon- 

I, by Robert Southey. London, 
i. 12mo. 4 vols. 16s. 
I alcemcd tnuulatlDn. Sit H. U. 
Sykei,pl.L14. ]7t. 

— A Poem in Three Books; 
freely translated from the fint 
Part of the French Veriiion of 
Nicholas de Herberay, Sieur dea 
Essars: with Notes: by William 
Stewart Rose, Esq. London, 1803. 
crown Svo. pp. 220. 6s. 

J>rury, b9, Bl 6d. 
Ambassador (The) his Behaviour,' 
Charge, Privileges and Familie. 
London, 1603. 12mo. 5b. 

Dedicated to Wm. Esrie of Pembroke. 

notbri work on ibli lubject, entitled 'Tbe 
perfect A mbauidor,' km pnbliihed IflSI, 
by Francia Thynae. 

MBLER, CharleB. Reports of 
Cases Bi^ued aod determined in 
the High Court of Chancery, with 
some few in other Courts. London, 
1790, folio, pp. 783, U. 5s. to \L 

Mined, Slid all tbe Iboliih anacbronlimi 
mi iboiniBable obKeniliei of the French- 
■n an recaiud. Pan* lii. and it. haTe 
-pTT tillc-FaK« of the data of 1618. 
tMenn*. 1 1 S3. tL 3*. 

— The Fifth Book of the His- 
tory of Amadis de Gaule, by J. 
J|(4iuon.) London, 1664. 4t0. 


of o 
, oiih ■ fen 1 

1 Lord 

the Couri 

>f Chancery, 
■ up ine Dine oeiween Lard Hard- 
and Lord Tburiow. An Edition, 
DubUn, 1790,8*0. ISi. 

Amboyna. A true Relation 
of the Proceedings against the 
English at Amboyna, in the East 
Indiei by the Netherlandish Go- 
vemour and Councel there, Lond. 
1624, 4to. with front. 12s. 

Frequently reprinted. In tbe Sritiih 
Hiueom are many tract* relative lo ttd> 



of three, four, five, and six Parts, 
for Voices and Viols. London, 
1615. 4to. 

Sotheby's in 1823, (Bassus only, 4s.) 

Amnrr, Richard. Essay to- 
wards the Interpretation of the 
Prophecies of Daniel, with occa- 
sional Remarks upon some of the 
most celebrated Commentaries on 
them. London, 1776. 8vo. 5s. 

An ingenious though unconvincing work, 
written by an Unitarian. The author like- 
wise published ' An Account of the posi- 
tlTe Institutions of Christianity.* 1774. 8vo. 
28. 6d. and ' Considerations on a future 
State/ &c. 1797. 8vo. 5s. 

Amory, Thomas. Memoirs of 
several Ladies of Great Britain. 
London, 1769. l*2mo. 2 vols. lOs. 

Hollis, 828, 12s. 6d. The former edition 
of this work appeared in 1755. 8to. with 
two letters to the reviewers. An excellent 
notice of tins Unitarian romance will be 
found in the Retrosp. Review, vi. 100 — 13. 

— Life of John Buncle, Esq. 
London, 1825. 8vo. 3 vols. 

The former editions of this amusing and 
singular work, which is a sort of sketch 
of his own life, appeared m 1756-66. 8vo. 
and 12mo. 4 vols. Edition, 1766, IloUis, 
768, 2 vols. 17s. 

Amos, William. Minutes in 
Agriculture and Planting, illus- 
trated with dried Specimens of 
natural Grasses. Boston and Lon- 
don, 1810. royal 4to. 6s. 

This author likewise published, ' The 
Theory and Prin<;iples of the Drill Hus- 
bandry.' London, 1794. 4to. 7s. 6d. and 
' Minutes of Agriculture and Planting.' 
London, 1804. 78. 6d. 

Amours of English Gallantry, in 
several Poems. London, 1675. 

Perry, pt. i. 131, 1/. lis. Bindley, pt i. 
^8, iL 18s. 

Amours of Messalina, late Queen 
of England, (Queen of James II.) 
London, 1689. 12mo. 

Perry, pt i. 44, Ss. 6d. French editions 
appeared in 12roo. in Cologne, 1689, and 
ViUe-Franche, 1691. 

Amsin(k, Paul. Tunbridge 
Wells and its Nei),(hbourhood, il- 
lustrated by a Series of Etchings 
and Historical Descriptions. By 
Paul Anisinck, Esq. The Etchings 
executed by Letitia Byrne. Lond, 


1810. royal 4to. I/. 5s. large 
PAPER 1/. 15s. 

Contains pp. 183 (B — to 3 A— 2.) with 
title, advertisement 1 page, list of subscri- 
bers 3 pages, list of plates 2 pages, and 31 

Amurath. — Most rare and 
straunge Discourses of Amuratbe 
the Turkish Emperor that now is, 
of the Warres between him and 
the Persians, and also of the Tar- 
tars and Muscovites. London, for 
HacketU 4to. 

Not noticed by Ames, Herbert, or Dr. 
Dibdin. Nassau, pt. ii. 188, 2/. 2s. 

Amygdala Britannica, 1647. 
See Wither, George. 

Am YR ALDUS, Moses. Dis- 
course concerning divine Dreams 
mentioned in Scripture, trans- 
lated from the French, by James 
Lowde. London, 1676. 8vo. 5s. 

A curious work by an eminent Frendi 
Protestant Divine. A translation of his 
' Treatise concerning Religions' appeared 
in 16C0. 12mo. 4s. 

Anabaptists anatomized and si- 
lenced in a Public Dispute. Lon- 
don, 1654. 8vo. with front, by 

Nassau, pt. i. 34, 15s. In the British 
Museum Catalogue are many tracts^ &c. 
relating to the Anabaptists. 

Anaciieon. Odec, Gr. et Lat. 
cum Notis et variis Accessionibus, 
Opera et Studio Josusb Barnes, 
Cantab. 1705. 12mo. with three 
portraits, viz. of Anacreon, the 
Duke of Marlborough, and BameSf 

Reprinted Cantab. 1721, and Lond. 
1734. The edition of 1721 is preferred, 
that of 1734 U incorrect. Edition 1705. 
Gosset, 101, 10s. Heath, 3451, 16s. 6d. 
Bindley, pt. i. 208, 16s. 6d. Williams, 40, 
morocco, 1/. lis. Edition 1721. White 
Knights, 105, 9s. Dent, pt i. 39, mor. 

— Carmina Gr. et Lat. Mendis 

purgavit, Notasque cum nova In* 

terpretatione litterali adjecit Will, 

Baxter. Londirii. 1710. 12mo. 

An exc llent edidon according to Har- 
wood. Gos^et, 102, 7s. 6d. Dent, pt L 
38, utor. lis. 6d. A former edition i^ 
peared in 1695. Dent, pt i. 37, 8s. 

— Carmina, Gr. et Lat. cum 


Notis et Indice (edente Mich. 
Maittaire). Lond. 1725. 4to. I5s. 

One hundred copies printed. Bindley, 
pel 532, russia, 1/. Duke of Grafton, 
439, 1/. 10s. 

AwACftEON. Carmina, Gr. cum 
NoWs Versionibus, Scholiis et No- 
tis (edente Mich. Maittaire). Lond. 
1740. 4to. 

One hundred copies printed on common, 
And six Qoples on fine writing paper. This 
cation contains the notes of Buthillerius, 
vhicfa are noit in that of 1725. Drury, 
2M0, russia, 19s. WiUett, 83, li. 2s. Bp. 
of Ely, 170, 1/. 6s. 

— CarmiDa cum Notis perpetuis. 
Accedunt ejusdem ut perhibentur 
Fngmenta et PoetrisB Sapphus, 
qus supersunt. Lond. 1742. 12mo 

An elpgant edition edited by Trapp. 
Heuh,3453, lis. Roscoe, 840, 17s. 

— Carmina, cum Sapphonis et 

Alcsi Fragmentis, Gnece. Glasg. 

1751. 32mo. 

An elegant little edition. ]>ent, pt S. 
40, mor. 9s. 6d. Drury, 72, mor. 5s. Some 
copies were printed upon silk. A neat edi- 
tion of Anacreon and Sappho, Gr. & Lat. 
WHpabUsbed at Glasgow, 1744. 12mo. 4s. 

— Carmina, Greece. Glasg. 

1757. 12mo. 58. 6d. 

This edition, says Dr. Harwood, does 
oedit to the UniTcrsity of Glasgow, both 
b regard to splendor and correctness. 
A neat and correct edition of Anacreon, Gr. 
ct Lat. by Gail, Dublin, 1801. 8to. 6s. ; also 
nwthrr containing Anacreon, Sappho, and 
Aksas, Gr. et Lat Glasg. 1801. smaU 
8«a. 3s. 6d. 

— Odaria, ad Textus Barnesiani 
Fidem emendata. Accedunt Variee 
Lectiones curi Edwardi Forster. 
Londini, 1802. small 8vo. 

An dcgant edition, ornamented with vig- 
Httca. Bindley, pt i. 221, 5s. lakoe 
PsrEft. Brockett, 29, 10s. 6d. White 
tyiy^^ 109, mor. 15s. Drury, 78, mor. 
1/. 2s. A lew copies were printed on 

— Anacreontica, Graece; recen- 
loitNotisque criticis instruxitFred. 
Hear. BoUie. Oxonii, 1 809. 8vo. 
Si. large papek. 8s. 

Printed for N. Bliss, who likewise pub- 
) IsMaa edition, Oxon. 1812. 24mo. 3s. 

— Anacreon. Bion. Moschvs. 
Kiues, by Secundus. Cvpido cru- 
dficied by Ausonius. Venvs Vigils, 



incerto Aothore. Excitations. Syl- 
via's Park, by Theophile. Acanthus 
Complaint, by Tristan. Orontay 
by Preii. Echo, by Marino. Love's 
Embassy, by Boscan. The Soli- 
tvde, by Gong^ra. A Platonick 
Discourse upon Love. Written in 
Italian by John Picus Mirandula 
in Explication of a Sonnet, by Hie- 
ronimo Benivieni. Printed in the 
year 1651. 8vo. 

An elegant and much esteemed version 
by the learned Thomas Stanley, of which a 
reprint, consbting of 150 copies, appeared 
in 1815. 

Anacreon. Anacreon done into 
English out of the original Greek, 
(by T. Wood, A. Cowley, Oldham, 
and Francis Willis.) Oxon. 1683. 
8vo. 3s. to 5s. 

Another translation of Anacreon and 
Sappho, by Sewell, 1713. 12mo. 2s. 6d. 

— translated into English Verse ; 
with Notes explanatory and poeti- 
cal. To which are added, the 
Odes, &c. of Sappho. By John 
Addison. London, 1735. 12mo. 

A good translation, with the Greek Tezt» 
and useful notes. White Knights, 110, 
6s. Fonthill, 3548, Ss. 

— Anacreon, Sappho, Bion, 
Moschus, and Museeus. translated 
by a Gentleman of Cambridge, 
(Francis Fawkes, M.A.) Ix)ndon, 
1760. 12mo. 

An esteemed translation, reprinted 1789. 
12mo. and inserted in Anderson and Chal- 
mers' Collections of the Poets. Dent, pt. i. 
45, 5s. 6d. Fonthill, 3549, 93. 

— Anacreon and Sappho, with 
Pieces from ancient Authors, &c. 
(by E. B. Greene.) London, 1768. 

In little estimation. Garrick, 56, 78. 6d. 
and 57, 78. A literal translation of Anacreon, 
was also published by the Rev. D. H. 
Urquhart, 1787. 12mo. 2s. Cd. 

— Odes, translated into Eng- 
lish Verse, with Notes by Thomas 
Moore. London, 1800. 4to. pp. 
280, with three plates, 15s. 

An elegant, spirited, and highly poetical 
version, frequently reprinted in 12mo. The 
edition 1802. 12mo. 2 toIs. on large 
PAPEB, Deut, pt 1.46, mor. 1/. 28. 



Anacreon. The Odes translated 
into English Measure, by Lord 
Thurlow. Lond. 1822. 12ino. 5s. 

Of Anacreon thtre have been othertrans- 
lations, viz. by the Rev. Hercules Younge, 
1802, 12mo. ; by Thomas Girdlestone, 
M.D. 1803, crown 8vo. Ss. 6d.; by the 
Rev. Thomas Gilpin, 1807, 12mo. Ss. ; by 
T.Orger, L.L.D. 1825, 12roo. 3s. 6d. 

Analecta Greeca Majora et Mi^ 
nora. Vide Dalzel, A. 

Analogia Honorum. See Lo- 
gan, J. 

Analytical Review from the 
Commencement in 1788 to 1798 
inclusive; also vol. i. of a New 
Series, for 1799. Londou. 8vo. 
29 vob. 

Dr. Geddes was a principal contributor 
to this periodical. Mollis, 28, 29, 3/. Is. 

Ak A STASH Sinaitfls Anagogica- 
rum Contemplationum in Hexame- 
ron. Lib. xii. hactenus desideratus ; 
cui preemissa est Expostulatio Pet. 
Allix de S. Chrysostomi Epistolam 
ad CsBsarium Monachum ad versus 
Apollinarii Hseresin. Londini,l682. 
4to. 5s. 

Published by the celebrated French critic 
And. Dader. 

Anas. Selections from the 
French Anas : containing Remarks 
of eminent Scholars on Men and 
Books; together with Anecdotes 
and Apophthegms of illustrious 
Persons. London, 1797. 12mo. 2 
vols. 7s. 

Anastasius. See Hope. 

Anatomic of a Woman's Tongue, 
divided into five Parts; Medicine, a 
Poison, a Serpent, Fire, and Thun- 
der. London, 1638. 4to. 

A scarce poetical tract. 

Anatomic of the World, with its 
Frailtie and Decay, a Poem. Lond. 
1621. 8vo. Two ParU. 

Perry, pt. i. 132, 1/. 8s. 

Anatomy of a Hande in the 
Manner of a Dyall, necessary for 
all People. Imprented at Holy 
Well, by Wyllyam Follingham for 
Richarde Bankes. 1544. 12mo. 

Black letter. 

Anaya, a. Essay on Spanish 


Literature, followed by a History 
of the Spanish Drama, and Speci- 
mens of the Writers of the different 
Ages. London, 1818. 12mo. 5s. 

Anderson, Adam. Deduction 
of the Origin of Commerce from the 
earliest Accounts. Carefully re- 
vised, corrected and continued to 
the present Time. London, 1 80 1 . 
4to. 4 vols. 

A justly celebrated and valuable work, 
replete with useful information, though in 
some measure superseded by David Mac- 
pherson's Annals of Commerce. The first 
edition appeared 1764. folio. 2 vols. Ids. 
Heath, 1408, XL 15s. Another edition, 
1789, 4to. 4 vols. 

Anderson, ^neas. Narrative 
of the British Embassy to China, 
in 1792, 1793, and 1794. Lond. 
1795. 4to. 12s. 

This narrative of Earl Macartney's Em- 
bassy is of little value in comparison with 
that of Sir G. L. Staunton, Bart. Fondiill, 
3086, 2/. An abridgment also appeared 
in 1795: 

— Journal of the Forces which 
sailed from the Downs in April, 
1800, on a secret Expedition under 
the command of Lieut. Gen. Pigot, 
till their arrival in Minorca, and 
continued through all the subse- 
quent transactions of the Army to 
the surrender of Alexandria : with 
a particular account of Malta* 
Lond. 1802. 4to. with engravings, 
10s. to 15s. 

Fonthill, 3106, 2/. 4s. 

Anderson, Sir Edmund. Re- 
ports in the Common Pleas, chiefly 
in the rei^ of Q. Elizabeth, in 
French. London, 1664, 5. folio. 
2 parts, with portrait by W. 
Faithorne, 10s. large PAPERylSs. 

Sotheby's in 1824. XL Among tiie 
MS. Harl. 4817, are ' Les Reportes de 
Seignior Edm. Anderson, senr. chiefe Jus- 
tice de Common Banc' 

— Henry. The Court Convert, 
or a sincere Sorrow for Sin, faith- 
fully traversed, expressing the Dig^ 
nity of a true Penitent. Printed 
for the Author, 18mo. 5s. 

Contains pp. 9 to 32, with a title and cfAi- 
tle dedicatory. Some copies ofthiapotmhave 
the name of Audley as the author. 


tov, James. Ane godly 
lit the first and second 
yf Christ, with the Tone 
ilerenycht. 1595. Edin- 
Rohert Smyth. 16mo. 

a leven-Une stansas consisting 
Another edition was printed 
I by Andro Hart. 

f shewing that the Crown 
cm of Scotland is impe* 
idependent* Edinburgh, 

. 59. 

work, written to confute the 

Drake, and misrepresenta- 

Md, the parfiament of Scotland 

author a reward, and thanks 

red to him by the Lord Chan- 



zui — ; 

ii. (nUtprint xziz) title to book 1, 
pp. 1. — 467 (misprint, 455). 

N.B. Iq some copies p. xxzrii. baa been 
cancelled, and by additional matter extend- 
ed to p. xli. 

Detached Genmlogieal Tobht. 

Auberie de BelUmionte. 

XII Tables of the eldest Bnmdi of the 
House of Yvery, on seven leaves. 

Table to Book III. 

Descent finom the Barons of Kiry. 

Table to Book IV. 

Table the first of the fifth book (at the 
back) the quarters of Sir Riduud de 
Perceval, first of that name. 

Table the tecond of the fifth bode 

[lections relating to the 
f Mary Queen of Scot- 
h an explanatory Index 
nolete words, and a Pre- 
Ab. 1727-8. 4to. 4 vols. 

kftOE PAPER, 3/. ds. 

lyal Genealogies, or the 
cal Tables of Emperors, 
d Princes, from Adam to 
les. Lond. 1732. folio. 

oaeful and valuable work of the 
mbobly the most difficult and la- 
ever undertaken by author or 
II. M. Sykesjpt. i. 146, laHoe 
la, 61, 5s. Some copies bear the 
I, with new addenda and corri- 
die preface. Bindley, pt.i. 159, 
ma, pt. 1. 203, 2/. 8s. 
ectus Diplomatuin et Nu- 
ll Scotiee Thesaurus, auxit 
etavit Thomas Ruddima- 
inb. 1739. folio. 

Suable and useful work, with 
tiwtd by Sturt. Dent, pt i. 146, 
wneley, pt. i. 72, 6L 158. Nas- 
f04, 71. 12s. 6d. Sir M. M. 
t 145, 71. 17$. 6d. Brockett, 
Sa. It is said some copies were 
IB fine paper. The introduction 
«a was afterwards inadequately 
lad published with notes. Edinb. 
0. Ss. 6d. Brockett, 2653, 9s. 

Genealogical History of 
e of Yvery : in its different 
I of Yvery, Luvel, Perceval 
may. London, 1742. royal 

rk, written principally by the 
aim Peravmi. fint Eari of Eg- 
prirately printed, 
k— YoL LTiUe,pp.i— »i, 1—30, 

' Orate pro Anima Rye. PeroevaL' 
The Manor of Weston-in-Gordano. 
Tomb of ' Rycharde Percyvale— MXCCC. 

Vol. II. Title, ' To the Reader/ 9 kaifet, 

title to book vi. pp. S— 533. Paget 446 

and 447 are missing, and between pp. 

452-3, are duplicate pages 453 to 460. 

Dttaehtd Ggmaltf^ieal Tabki, 

Table to the rizth book. 

Sydenham, Cave, Tilly, Kitafi>rd, PedL- 
stone and Redmere. 

House of De la More. 

Earb of Flanders, &c. 

The thirty-two Quarters of the Children 
of John, Lord Vise. Perceval, and the 
Lady Catharine Cedlhis wife. 

Table to Book 7. 


The Mannor of Sydenham. 

Loghart Castle, near MaUow in Ireland. 

Castle of Liscarrol, in the County of Cork. 

The Castle of Kanturk. 

Map of Part of the Estate of the Right 
Hon. John Perdval, Eari of Egmont 


Mount Pleasant, near Tunbridge Wells. 

Beverston Castle. 

Portraits engraved by Faber. 

Rich. Perceval Esq. died 1620. 

Alice Wife to Rich. Perceval Esq. living 

The Right Hon. Sir Philip Perceval Kt 

died 1647. 
Catharine, Wife to Sir Philip Perceval 

Kt. died 2 Jan. 1681-2. 
George Perceval Esq. ob. 25 March 

The Rt Hon. S' In*. Perceval Bart 

ob. 1665. 
Catharine, Wife to S'. lohn Perceval 

Bart died 17 Aug. 1679. 
Robert Perceval Esq. dyed 5 of June, 

Sir Philip Perceval Bart dyed ll<k of 

Sep'. 1680. 
S» In». Perceval Bart died 1686. 



Catharine, Wife to S'. In^. PcroeTal 
BaH.diedS^ofFeb^. 1691-2. 

The Hon****. Philip Perceval Esq. bom 
13tkofNoT'. 16M6. 

The RigVt Honi>ic. luhn Perceval Earl 
ofEg^lont bom July 12, 1683. 

The Rt Hon^i*. Catharine Wife to John 
Perceval Earl of Egmont bom 1689. 

Sir Philip Parker K«'. knighted by a 
EUzUi. 1578. 

Catherine, Wife to Sir Philip Parker Knt. 

The Right Hon. John L* Vi»c*. Per- 
ceval bom 24 of Feb. 1710/11. 

Catharine, Wife to John L'. Visd. Per- 
ceval marrd. 15 Feb. 1736/7. 

The Right Hon. Sir Philip Perceval K"t. 

died 1647. Engraved by W. H. Toms, 


There are four portraits of the Rawdons, 

which were engraved for an intended History 

of that family — the portraits are sometimes 

inserted in the House of Yvery, but form 

no part of the work. 

Fontliill, 22 1 0, 1 4/. 1 4s. M. of Towns- 
bend, 33, russia, 20^. Brockett, 33, mo- 
rocco, 23/. White Knights, pt. i. 1 13. mo- 
rocco, 14/. Bindley, pti. 34, 15/. Evans in 
March, 1814, 18/. 18s. Duke of Grafton, 
906, 16/. 5s. 6d. Nassau, pt. i. 37. mor. 
22/. Dent, pt. i. 48, mssia. 21/. lOs. 
Maddison, 29/. Baker, No. 13, (with the 
arms emblazoned, tuled with red lines, and 
bound in morocco) 31/. IDs. Gough, No. 
64 (without portraits) 4/. lOs. 

Anderson, James^LL. D. An 
Account of the present State of the 
Hebrides and Western Coasts of 
Scotland. Edinb. 1785. 8vo. with 
a map, 5s. 

Written expressly to point out means of 

— The Bee ; or Literary Weekly 
Intelligencer. London, 1790-4. 
Small Svo. 18 vols, with portraits. 

Complete sets of this valuable periodical 
work, in which Dr. Anderson received ma- 
terial assistance from men of taste and 
learning are of rare occurrence. It was 
printed on three papers, coarse, common, 
and fine. Constable, No. 17. 1/. 10s. 

— Essays relating to Agriculture 
and Rural Affairs. Fifth edition, 
with Additions and Corrections. 
London, 1800. 8vo. 3 vols. lOs. 6d. 

The first edition appeared 1775. Svo. 
1 vol. anonymously. 

^- Recreations in Agriculture 
and Natural History, Arts and 
Miscellaneous Literature. London, 


1799-1802. 8vo. 6 vols. U. lOs. 


A copious list of this eminent Agricul- 
tural writer's works, will be fonnd in 
Watt's Bibliotheca Britannica. 

Anderson, James, M. D. Let- 
ters to Sir Josph Banks, Bart, on 
the Cochineal Insects, discovered 
at Madras. Madras, 1788-9-90. 
4to. with plates. lOs. 6d. 

This writer likewise publuhed ' An Ac- 
count of the Importation of American Co- 
chineal Insects into Hindostan. Madrai,1795. 

— John, M.A. Defence of 
the Church, Government, Faith, 
Worship and Spirit of the Pres- 
byterians. Glasg. 1714. 4to. 

— John. Observations on Ro- 
man Antiquities discovered between 
the Forth and Clyde. Edinb. 
1800. 4to. 

Rozburghe, 8777. 5s. 6d. 

— Account of a Mission to the 
East Coast of Sumatra in 1823, 
under the Direction of the Govern- 
ment of Prince of Wales's Island. 
London, 1826. 8vo. with maps and 
plates, 16s. 

A critique on this work appeared in the 
Quarterly Review, zxxiv. 99 — 110. 

— Patrick, M.D. The Colde 

Spring of Kinghorne Craig» hii 

admirable and new tryed Properties, 

so far foorth as yet are found true 

by Experience. Edinb. 1618. 4ta 
With wood-cut view of the ' Colde 
Spring,' on back of title. Gordonstoun, 
60, 1/. lis. 6d. Another work of an 
occurrence by this author is entitled * Gimna 
Angelica.' Edinb. 1635. 12mo. 

— R. Rudiments of Tamol 
Grammar ; combining with the 
Rules of Kodun Tamul, or the 
ordinary Dialect, an Introduction 
to Shen Tamul, or the elegant 
Dialect of the Language. Lond. 
1821. 4to. 18s. 

— Walter, D.D. History 
of France during the Reigns of 
Francis I. and Charles IX. To 
which is prefixed, a Review of 
the general History of the Mo^ 
narchy, from its Origin to that 
Period. London, 1769. 4to. 2v0l8. 

Abdersom, Walter, D.D. His> 

torj of Fmnce, from the Com- 
mencemenl of the Reign of Henn,' 
lll.tothe geoeral Peace of MuD»- 
tcr. LoDdon, 1775-83. 4to. 5 voli 
If. 11». 6d. 

TU( writcr'a Frokdi hutorie* we in no 

— PbikMophy of Ancient Greece 
Iavcttigat«d : wilb Kemarks on the 
ddiDcated Systems of iheir Foun- 
de;i ; and aoine Account of their 
Lires and Character*, and those of 
ibebDott eminent Disciples. Edin~ 
bm^, 1791. 4to. pp. 585. \5a. 

A worii at BmA larning wriltei) dith » 
WW t» tun^J the dcfldcoca of SUolev't 
WwMwj at PhiloMph J. 

— William. Aadenon's Lon- 
don Commercial Dictionary and | 
General Sea-Port Gaietteer ; with , 
the Dntiea of Customs and Excise 
brooght down to the present time. 
A new edition. London, 1826. 8ro. 
U. la. 

A owfbl IrDrk. 

AxDiADA, Jacintho Freire of. 
Life of Don John de L'astro Vice- 
roy of Irtdia, wherein are seen the 
Ponngueie Voyage in the East 
Indie*, their Discoveries and Con 
quests there, Ac. translxted by 
Sir Peter Wyche, Knt, London, 
1664. foJio, with a head by Faith- 
orae and cuts. 

TW vork from *rh'cb Ibii is tnnitited 
a ua.iij ooc of Ihe b«l wiitten booki 

AsDKEAS, Anthony. Anthonii 
Andree luper duoderim Libros Me- 
taphysics QiNMiiones, per Thoroam 
Pealieth. Per me Ji^hanoem Let- 
tog, 1480. folio. 

SoppSMd lo be (be lint book printed in 
Ltadnn. Dr. Uibdin lUtei, that > copT 
rftkoi xvk wuiling Ivo leSTFi » Ihe be. 
fJBBBv ia in the libnry of HagiUIrn Col- ' 
1^, Oi Old. SeT i«l other edidoni were 
frthhiil *bnMd ID the ISthCrntur;. 

— Etartimeus. Certaine Ser- 
■onsnpoDthefiAb Chapiter of the 
Songs of Solomon. London, 1563. 

B^ Lcttar. liO Imtcs, psgcd from 
Defeated to Vatic Henrie 

AND 41 

Esri of HontingCoD, Lorde Htitii^ ftc. 
White Koighti, 115, mor. II. li. An 
edilion, 1S95. Inglit, 19. lOa. 

Andrbwb. Laurence. The won- 
derful Shape and Nature of Man, 
Beastea, Serpentes, Fowles, Fishes, 
and MoNBteis, translated out of 
diuers Authors, by Laur. Andrew, 
of Cxlis, and printed at Antuerpe, 
with Piciurts, by Job. Doesborow 
(1510) folio. 

Black Letter. Laurence Aoilrewa like. ^ 
wiM publiibed ' The VaJualionof Qolde and ' 
Siluer,' mat t trvuluion of ' The Bok« 
of Dutyllacion, by Jbemm Bniniwfke.' 

— Thomas. The Unmasking of a 
feminine Machiavell. I^nd. 1604. 

Contain! Si lavei. Dedinccdio M.D. 
Langwonb, Archdeicon of Weill. 

A poeticnl Iran of little inerlt, cootain- 
ing a dexripciiin of the Battle at Newport, 
in Ftinden, Sind June, ISOO. Inglii, Old 
Plaji, 4u>. No. 2, SL L 164, 6f. Oi. 

Amdkewls, George. Dictio- 
nary of the Slang and Cant Lan- 
gua^'Cs. London. 12mo. 5s. 

Andrews, CapL Journey from 
BuenosAyres.throughtheProvi nces 
of Cordova, Tucuman, and Salta, to 
Potosi, thence by the Deaerts of 
Carxnja to Arica, and subsequently 
to Santiago de Chili and Coquimlw. 
London, 1827. post 8vo. 2 vols, 
pp. 665. 

A clear and Kniible vork, contaiolng 
much valuable inlbrmalion. 

— George. Reports of Cases in 
the Court of King s Bench, in the 
1 1 and 12 years nf King George 
III. with additional Notes and Re- 
ferences, Arc. by G, W. Vernon, 
London, 1792. 8vo. 10s. 6d. 

BrM rdidon. Tbe former edilian ITS4, 
in ratio, Ti.ed. 

— H. C. Botanist's Repository 
for new and rare Plants, containing 
coloured Figures of such Plants aa 
have not hitherto appeared in any 
similar Publication, with Descrip- 
lions in English and Latin. Lond. 
1797— 1814, 4to. 10 vols. 

Edwaida, 730, 6 volt. IS/, lis. White 
Knlghu, pt. i. 156, 8 voli. 20J. 9i. Cd. 
ItoKoe, 1767, 9vaU.30I. 19*. ed. SltM. 
M. Syke^ pt.i. 25}, 10 Kill, morocco, 39/. 

42 AND 

Abdkbwi, H. C. Coloured Eq- | 
graviaeis of Heaths, the Drawiogs 
takeu from living Plants only, wilh 
the appropriate specific character, 
full Decription, Ac. Load. 1802-9. 
folio, 3 vols, with coloured plntes. 

Becklsrd, 1BI7, No. IBS, 15'. it ed. 
WUte KntghU, Va. 191, dedicMion copy, 
nwroeeo, ill. 10*. 6d. Bdmoc, No. 1768, 
til. St. 

— Heathery, or a Mooo- 
mph of the Genus Erica T>tl) the 
D«flcriptioo> in Latin and Engliah. 
London, 1804-12, 8vo. 

Of Ihti WDtk41 numbcn bsK been pnb- 
Mibed Kt 5). ckIi. Mr. Aadmri hu likewiie 
pnbUihed > work on Kowi, Vo*. 1 to Sfl, St. 
each, and another on atnniumi, Noi. 1 lo 
U, 3*. ed. emch. 

— Junes Pettit. Anecdotes, &c. 
ancient and modem, with observa- 
tions. London, 1789-90. 8vo. 6b. 

Contalni pp. 4T0. Addenda, pp. 100. 
with a Grbnt. repreienling a man diilltling 
Iroin an alembic. Thu amudng and hu- 
DUKHu collection bu been KTCnil dBHs re- 

_ HiBtory of Great Britain 
(from ihe Landing of Julius Catsai 
to the Accession of Edward VI.) 
connected with the Chronology of 
Europe, with Notes. &c. London, 
1794-5. 4to. 2 vols, with a front. 

Containi pp. 4T7 and 966. The notea to 
thia valuable hialorinl worli conuinagreal 
variety oTeurioiu and amiuing particulin. 
Sir H.H. Sfkea, pt. i. !54, IL 13i. Heath, 
4374, 91. it. Fonthill, 6$1, !f. ISs. 

— John. Anatomie of Baae- 
nesse; or the foure Quarters of 
a Knaue. Flallerie, Ingratitude, 
Enuie, Detraction. Lond. 1615. 



1, lt>T. 

10 Sir Robert Syd- 
ney, by J. A. Beiidn tliii poetical tract 
(a copy or which ii in Ihe BodleUii) thii 
'paiiifiil preacher of Qod't work' publiihed 
oth«t ttkingi on religioui lubjecti, a liit of 
which will be found in Dr. Bliu'i edition of 
V'ood'i Alhen. Oxon. ii. 493-9. 

— . Plans of the most capital 
CiUes of Europe, and BOme re- 
markable Cities in the other three 
parts of the wovld ; with n tlescrip- 
tion of their most remarkable Build- 
ings, &c. &c. London, 1792.4to. 
with 42 folding coloured plans, 15b. 

Thii map-teller and engraTcr, abo po^ 

AsDRE" s, John, LL.D. History 
of the War with America, France, 
Spain and Holland, 1775—83. 
London, 1786. «vo. 4 vols. 12i. 

A judidoiu comjuUcion. Andni|i like- 
miie pablidud ■ The Hittory of the Rero- 
lutioiu of Denraad;,' 1774. Sto, S T(d>. 

— Lancelot, snccewively Bishop 
of Ely, Chichester and Winchester. 
Oputculaquaedamposthuma. Lon- 
dini, 1629. 4to. 10s. 6d. 

— Preecea Privata, Or. et Lat. 
Oxon, 1826. iSmo. 

Thii manual of devotiona tbrmed of 
•entencn from the ncred icriptnTBa, aal 
the wtitingi of the btbera, wu eompUal 
by lliii learned prelate for Ua own pri- 

' worn In ]^ecet by hi) flngen and wet widt 
hi> tear*.' The Hrtt edition wai printed al 
Oilbrd, 1474. 18mo. with a portrait byD. 
Loggan, ISa. A tranilatini by N. Dialu 
appoared 16TS. ISmo. 3). and anoltier ta 
George Stanhope, D.D. I730.Sva.4i.whl^ 
lalier hai been frequently rrprinted. 

— XCVI Sermons, published by 
his Majesties Special Command* 
ment. London, 1631. folio, with 
portrait. It. Is. 

Reprinted IS3S. tSil. 1061. Soow oT 
I IhiieniinenidiTTne'iKTmoniwertpnblUwd 
in 1589, Hilbout bii nmacnt- 
I — Patern of Catechistical Doc- 
trine, or ExpoBition of the Tea 
Commandments. London, 16<U. 
folio, with portrait, 9s. 

Reprinted tSSO. 10T9. each wltb a («- 

— Collection of Posthumous atid 
Orphan Lectures delivered at St. 
Paul's and St. GilasV Lond. 1687. 
fol. with B portrait by Vaughan, 10«. 

The most popular of all hli iirnlnrllMia 
A (brmer edition 1649. folio. ISi. 

— Seventeen Sermons modein- 
iaed by the R«v. Charles Daubmy, 
Archdeacon of Sarum. Londtni, 
1821. 8vo. lOa.ed. 

Thii learned and eminent divina pab> 
lished leveral other workt, chiefly conll*- 
rortial, psrlicularly Tortura Tord, lOW, 
4lo.and Re<poii«o ad Apologiam Card. Bih 
larminl, 1610, 4to. both of which an ODM- 
aide red unanswerable. 

— W. Eusebius. Review of Fox*! 
Book of Martyrs. Nos, 1 to 40. 


AodroboTOSy a Biograpliical 
Farce in three acts, viz. the Senate, 
the Consietoryp and the Apotheosis, 
printed at lloropolis, (i. e. M«^« 
wtkt^) since Aagiuit. (170-.) 4to. 

A copy of tki* whiroileal piece, by Coxe- 
tcr, attiibatad to OoTeinor Hunter, ii in 
the Ken^bfc Collection of Playi. 

Andromeda Liberata. 1614. See 
Cbapman, George. 

Andronicusy a Tragedy. Im- 
pieties long Successe* or.HeaTen*8 
late Revenge. London, 1661. 870. 

A eopyb in the Biftkli Muietim. 

AxDRONicus Rhodius. Ethi- 
Gr. cum Interpretatione Dan. 
Reinaii. Cantab. 1679. 8vo. 38. 6d. 

The viiionmi edition, not equal to tliot 
ofLeyden, 1617. 8fa Copies of tlM Cun- 
hridge edition of 1679. on fihb PAr£R, 
are very rare. 

— Editio altera. Subjungitur 
Andronici Libellus ve^ va6w 
(edeoteTh.Gaisford). Oxon.1809. 
8fo. 8s. 

A TduaUe critical edition. 

— Paraphrase on the Nicoma- 
chean Ethics of Aristotle, tran- 
slated by William BridgnaD. 
London, 1807. 4to. ISs. 

In ttdi translation Bridgnuin waa greatly 
UBsted by Thomas Taylor, the trudator 
«f Plalo^ Afiatotle, ftc 

AvEAU, Bart. AABKTOP. The 
Coek. Containing the first Part of 
the most excellent and mytheologi- 
oall Historie of the valorous Sqmre 
Abetor; Sonne to the renowned 
nrioce Macrobius Franc-Oal; and 
to the Pcevdesse Princesse Prisear- 
aie, Qneene of High Tartary. Lon- 
don, 1590. 4to. 

Black letter. A copy in Longman and 
Co.'s CaHlogiie tor 1816. No. 5469, (sup- 
fmed BMqw) waa marked 15L ISt. 

Anecdotes of Polite Literature. 
LondoD, 1764. 12mo. 5 vols. 

An ananing and jodidouf sdcctiott, very 
mtOf printed. SteevcBS, 944, 16s. 6d. 

HsOii, se, U. Ss. 

Angel— The Life of the Rev. 
Fa. Aogel, of Joyeuse, Capuchin 
Prncher. Douay, 1623. 8vo. with 
thfee portraits* 

A eopy is in cbe Bridih Moaenm. Nas- 



sftu, pt I 1987, masia, IL IDs. Lloyd^ 119, 
1/. 198. IngUs,872,St 16s. 

Akoel, Johto. ' History of Ire- 
land. Dublin, 1781. 12mo. 2 vok. 

AifOBLL, Christ. Christ^ Angell 
a Gi-ecian, who tasted of many 
Stripes and Torments inflicted by 
the Turkes, his Account of the 
Cruelties he endured ; also his Episr 
tle in Commendation of England, 
particularly Oxford and Cambridge, 
where he resided for some years. 
Oxford, 1617. 4to. with wood cuts. 

In Greek and English. Marq. of Towns- 
hcnd, 145, 1/. 6s. Inglis, 119, 1/. lis. 
Nassau, pt. 1. 166, 2/. 

— Encomion of the faniotra 
Kingdom of Great Britain, and the 
two flourishing Sister Universities, 
Cambridge and Oxford. Cambr. 
1619. 4to. 

A copy is in the Bodleian Library. 

— Enchiridion de Institutis 
Greecorum Gr. et Lat. Cantab^ 
1619. 4to. 158. 

A Latin copy of this work ' learnedly 
noted* by Geoige Fhelaviua, according to 
Ant. & Wood, appeared at Francof. 1655. 
8to. endtled Status et Ritus EcdesiflB 
Grftcs. Copies of both editions are in die 
British Museum. Angell likewise published 
' De Antichristo,' 1624. 4to. « 

— John. Stenography, or Short 
Hand improved. London, 1758. 
8vo. 4s. 

The prefkce or dedication to this system, 
wh^ch is complex and difficult, was written 
by Dr. Samuel Johnson. 

AvoELO, — . L'Ecole des 
Armes. Londres, 1763. oblong 

Rozburghe, 1713, Vs. 6d. Duke of York, 
273, Rlls. 

— - Michael. A Selection of 
Twelve Heads fVom the Last Judg- 
ment of Michael Angelo, by R. 
Duppa, F.S.A. London, 1801. 
imperial folio. 

Of ddswoik, very few copies were print- 
ed, the copper plates have been destroyed. 
It was published at 4/. 4a» 

Anobloi9i, Battista. Letters 
on the English Nation, translated 
from the orig^inal Italian. London, 
1755 or 6. 8vo. 2 vols. 3s. 6d. 

A libeBoQS work, written by Dr. Sheb* 


• ANG 

beare, under the feigned name of a Jesuit' 
Willett, 23, 68. 

> Angelus, Anglice Anoil or 


Angelcts a S. Francisco. Cer- 

tamen seraphicum Provinciee Ad- 
gliee pro Sancta Dei Ecclesia, 
Opera et Lahore Angeli a S. Fran- 
cisco. Duaci, 1649. 4to. with 
portraits, 3/. ds. 

Written by N. Mason. A copy is in the 
British Museum. Sotheby's in 1816, 
17/. 17s. Evans in 1817, 9L 9s. 

— Apologia pro Scoto- Anglo. 
Duac. 1656. 12mo. 

A copy b in the British Museum. 

Angler. — The Angler: a Poem 
in six Cantos : hy Piscator. Lou- 
don, 1819. 12mo. pp. 234. 6s. 

Copies on thick paper (20 printed) 10s. 
On VELLUM (unique) Sotheby's in 1823, 
4/. 12s. 

— The experienced Angler, 
1662. See Venablbs, Robert. 

— The Gentleman Angler. Lon- 
don, 1726. 8vo. 5s. 

Reprinted 1736, n. d* and in 178C, as a 
novel publication. 

— The North Country Angler ; 
or, the Art of Angling as practised 
in the Northern Counties of Eng- 
land. Leeds, 1800. 8vo. 

The first edition of this treatise was pub- 
lished London, 1786. 8vo. 

— The universal Angler, or that 
Art improved in all its Parts, espe- 
cially in Fly-fishing. London, 1766. 

— The Angler's Magazine, by 
a Lover of that healthful and inno- 
cent Diversion. London, 1754. 
8vo. 3s. 

Haworth, 791, 10s. 6d. 

— The Angler's Manual : or, 
concise Lessons of Experience. 
Liverpool, 1808. oblong 8exto,with 
Etchings by Howitt. 

Some copies were printed in 4 to. 

— The Angler's Vade Mecum. 
London, 1689. 12mo. 6s. 

Reprinted 1689, 1700. 

— The Anglers, eight Dialogues 
in Verse, with Notes. London, 
1758. 8vo. 38. 6d. 

A well written little work, consisting of 
56 pp. with an addretf to the reader. Ha- 
worth, 787, 9s. 


Anglesey, Arthur Annesley, 
Earl of. Memoirs, intermixed with 
moral, political, and historical Ob- 
servations, by Way of Discourse, in 
a Letter (to Sir Pet. Pett) : to which 
is prefixed, a Letter written by his 
Lordship during his ^ Retirement 
from Court. London, 1693. 8vo. 

Published by Sir Pet. Pett, Knight. An 
answer to this work by Shr Peter Thomp- 
son, Bart, will be found appended to ' The 
Earl of Anglesey's State of the OoTemment 
and Kingdom/ &c> London, 1694. 4to. 4s. 

— Privileges of the House of 
Lords and Commons. London, 
1702. 8vo. pp 172. 

Heath, 4409, Ss. 6d. An account of 
this nobleman, with a list of his writingi, 
will be found by Dr. Bliss' Edition of 
Wood's A. O. iT. 181-7, 579. 

Anglesey — ^The History of the 
Island of Anglesey, with the Me- 
moirs and genealogical Account of 
Owen Glendour. London^ 1775. 
4to. 5s. 

Intended as a suppl(>ment to Rowland's 
Mona antiqua restaurata. 

Angleterre — Les Chroniques. 
Foyez Bouchard, AUain. 

— Discourse des Troubles nou- 
vellement advenuz du Royaume 
d' Angleterre au Moys d* Octobre, 
1569 ; avec une Declaration, faicte 
par le Comte de Northuoiberland, 
et autres grand Seii^neurs d* Angle- 
terre. Lyon, 1570. 8vo. 

— Annales des Choses memo- 
rabies d* Angleterre sous Henry 
VIH. Paris, 1647. 4to. 

Towneley, pt. i.S13. in morooeo, IL ISat 

^— Description des Guerres d' 
Angleterre et de France. Amst. 
1668. 4to. 

Bindley, pt ti. 785, 13s. 6d. 

— Histoire des Evenemens tra- 
giques d* Angleterre, et des demiers 
Troubles d'Ecosse. contenant une 
Relation des Conspirations contre 
les Rois Charges II. et Jacques IL 
Cologne, 1686. 12mo. 

Constable, 424, 5s. Towneley, pt iL 
443, with portraits, 18s. 

— Histoire d' Angleterre, repre- 
sentee par Figures par F. A. Darid, 
accompagn^es d'un Precis histo- 


rique (par Le Toarnear et aatres.) 
Paris, 1784-1800. 4 to. 3 vols. 

In ^rtrj little estimation. Some copiea are 
fmied on Tellam paper. 

Aneleterre. De la Constitution de 
rAogieterre et des Changemens 
qa'elle a ^prouv^s dans son Esprit 
que dans ses Formes, depuis son 
Origine jusqq' k nos Jours : ayec 
quelques Remarques sur Tancienne 
Constitution de France. Par un 
Anglois, (M. Frisell). Seconde 
Editicm. Paris, 1820. 8vo. 99 pp. 

A vahiable little work. 

Anglia. — De Persecutione An- 
glicana Epistola, 1582. Fide Par- 
SOK89 Robert. 

— - Descriptiones quoedam illius 
inhnmanee et multipiicis Persecu- 
tionis quam in Anglia propter fi- 
dem sostinent Catholic^ Christiani. 

Six pages, with prints. In a sale at 
Sodieby's in 1824, the foUowing, *DePer- 
leeotioae Anglicana Lihellus, 6 plates, Ro- 
mat, isas,' was sold for 21. 158. 

— Relatio felicis Agonis, quein 
pro Religione Catholica glorios^ 
sabiemnt aliquot e Societate Jesu 
Saceidotum in ultima Angliee Per- 
lecutione. Pragse, 1683. 4to. with 
portraits. 21. 2s. 

— Regni Anglice sub Elizabetha 
Religio etGubernatio Ecclesiastica. 
Lond. 1729. 4to. 5s. 

Angling. — A Catalogue of books 
OQ Angling, with some brief notices 
of teteral of their authors. London, 
1811. 8vo. pp. 21. 

By Mr. Ellis of the Britbh Museum : 
•rifinally printed in the British Biblio- 
Srspher, of which fifty copies were taken off 
separately. Sotheby's in June, 1827, 18s. 

^llieArtof Angling. 165d.4to. 
See Barker, Thomas. 

— New and excellent Experi- 
meots and Secrets in the art of 
An|;iing. London, 1675. 12mo. 
with frontispiece and cuts, 6s. 

Sotheby's in 1823, R Is. Reprinted 
1C77 and 1883. 

— The true Art of Angling. 
Load, for Ustonson^ 1770. 12mo. 

Haworth, 78f ,• 128. 

— An Esaaj on the right of 
Angliog; in the River Thames, and 



in all the other .navigable rivers. 
Reading. 8vo. 

Haworth, 777, 148. 
Anglorum, Metamorphoses, or Re- 
flections upon the late changes of 
Government in England. 1660. 8vo. 

Lloyd, 858, 4s. 

— Metamorphosis, sive Muta- 
tionesvariee Regum, Regni, Rerum- 
que Angliee. Anno. 1653. 12mo. 5s. 

Principally taken fVom Clement Walker's 
History of Independency, by M. Z. Box- 

— Speculum, or the Worthies 
of England in Church and State, 
alphabetically digested into the 
several Shires and Counties therein 
contained, &c. Lond. 1684. 8vo. 
pp. 974. 68. 

An abridgment of Fuller's Worthies of 
England, with a continuation. The preface 
is signed G. S. Nassau, pt i. 39, 10s. 
Bp.of Ely, 25, 14s. 6d. Gough, 69, 1/. Is. 

Angus, W. Seats of the No- 
bility and Gentry in Great Bri- 
tain and Wales, in a . collection of 
select Views engraved by W* An- 
gus, from Pictures and Drawings 
by the most eminent Masters, with 
Descriptions of each View. Lond. 
1787-1810. oblong 4tp. 

In no estimation except the impressions 
be good. Bindley, pt. i. 126, 3/. 15s.Font^ 
hill, 1311, 5^ 58. GrsTe, 97, 5L 12s. 6d. 
The copper-plates of this work are, or were, 
lately in existence, and many copies were 
struck off bearing the date of 1787. 

Annalia Dvbrensia : Vpon the 
yeerely Celebration of Mr. Robert 
Dover's Olympick Games vpon 
Cotwofd Hills. London, 1636. 4to. 

Contains pp. 72, A — K 2, with a 
frontispiece, in the lower part of which 
is Captain Dover on horseback. In Dr. 
Bliss's edition of Ant. i Wood's Athe- 
ne Oxonienses, It. 222-3, will be found an 
account of this curious work. — Grig. Edit. 
BibL Anglo- Poet. 891, 71. 78. Bindley, 
pt. i. 152, 12^128. Saunders in 1818, 
13/.2s.6d.— Reprint. Boswell, 918, 2/.10s. 
Nassau, pt i. 168, ruMia, 2L Us. Towne- 
ley, pt. i. 302, 3/. 13. 6d. 

Annals of the Fine Arts. Lond. 
1816-20. 8vo. 17 Nos. in 5 vols, 
with plates, li. lis. 6d. 

Anne Bullen, Queen of K. 
Henry VIII. Epistre contenant 
leProces criminel faict a TEncon- 



tie de la Royne Anne Boullantd'An- 
gleterre en Vers par Carles Aul- 
mosnier du Daulphin. Lyon, 1545. 

Sir M. M. Syket. pt. i. 243, IL lOt. In 
Midioli' ProgreMes of Q. Elinbeth wiO be 
IboiidthcCeremonial of Marriage and Vents 
and Ditiet made at her Coronation. In the 
Hooiehold Book of Henry VIII. are many 
carious fiicts relating to Anne Boleyn. 

Anne, Queen of King James I. 

Academise Oxouiensis Funebria 

sacra Annee Reginee. Oxon. 1619. 

4to. 6s. 

Another * LachrymsB Cantabrigienses.' 
Cantib. 1619, 4to. 6s. 

— Fiah Child of K. Charles 
I. 2TN0AIA, siye Musanim Can- 
tab. Concentus et Congratulatio ad 
Regem Carolum de (]^uinta Sobole, 
clarissima Principe, sibi nuper feli- 
cissim^ nata. Cantab. 1637. 4to. 

Bindley, pt. ilL 581, 9s. 

•— Queen of Great Britain. 
The liife of Queen Anne. London, 
1721 .8vo. 2 vols. 5i. SeeBoTER, A. 

ANKEsoit, James. I. e. Max- 
well, James. 

An NET, Peter. The Free En- 
quirer. London, 1762. folio. 

for this delstical publication the author 
was pillored, and impriaoned. Annet was 
probably author of the following, for the 
most part published without his name : 

Judging fi>r ourselves ; or, Free-think- 
ii^thc great Duty of Religion, 1739, 1794. 

The History of Joseph considered, by 
Mencius Philalethes, 1744. 

The Conception of Jesus considered, 1744. 

The Resurrection of Jesus considered, in 
Answer to the Tryal of the Witnesses. 
1744. 1st Edition, n.d. 2d. spurious. 3d. 
with great amendm^Rii, 1744. 

The Resurrection reconsidered, 1744. 

The Resurrection of Jesus demonstrated 
to have no Proof. 

The Resurrection Defenders ftript of all 
Defence, 1745. 

The Sequel of the Resurrection of Jesus 
conridered, (1745). 

Obserrations on the Life of St. PauL 

The History and Character of Paul exa- 

A Letter to Gilbert West, Esq. and to 
the Author of the Obsenrations on St. 
Paul's Conversion, 1748. 

Supematurals examined. 

Social Bliss considered, 1749. 

A Collection of the Tracts of a certain 
free Enquirer, noted by his sufferings for 
his opinions, 1766. 


Lectvies, 1768, witha portrsU of Aane^^ 
by Darling. 

Short Hand. Three editions. 

An KILO, Orostus. Disseitatio 
de B^Uo Dano-Anglico, 4to. Gs. 

Annual Biography and Obituary 
from 1817 to 1827, inclusive, 8inK 

11 vols. 

Published U I5i. each. Brockatt, 84, 
7 vols. 2^ 8s. 

Annual Register, from its com* 
mencement in 1758 to 1790 inda- 
sive, 32 vols. Continuation pub- 
lished by Otridge, Baldwin, and 
others, 1791—1827 inclusive, 37 
vols., and Index from 1758 to 
1819. 1 vol. London, 8vo. 70 vob^ 

Roxburghe, 7454, (1758—1801) 16^ 
18s. Earl of Kerry, S3, (1758—1817)191. 
8s. Ponthill, 1 189, (1758— 1819) 241. Doks 
of Yoric, 111, (1758— 1823) Sl/.Drary, 89, 
(1758—1825) 42/. 10s. 

This valuable publication originated wlA 
Robert Dodsley, at the suggestion of ICr. 
Burke, who was for some years the prin- 
cipal contributor. 

In the years 1790, the copyriglit and 
stock from 1758 to that year were told: 
the stock was purchased by Otridge and 
other booksellers; the copyright of the 
same series by the Riringtons. Since that 
period each party have published continua* 

Some sets of the work hate been mtdt 
up by substituting Rirington's contlnuatioai, 
with fictitious titles. How to distingnSsh 
the substitution may be ascertained by re* 
ferring to the prefiue of the General Indtt 
pnUiAed by Baldwin, frc 1824, 8vo.pric« 
It 4s. 

Annual Register. A Ck>ntinua* 
tion, 1791—1800.11 vols. 1801-^ 
1812, 12 vols. 1820-^, 5 vols. 
Published by Messrs. Rivingtons; 
London, 8vo. 

This, continuation has the character of 
being more careftilly compiled than that 
published by Otridge and omen. A gene* 
ral index, 1758 — 80,waa published by Doda- 
ley, 1783, and anotiier, 1781^^2, by tke 
Rivingtons, 1799. 

— The New Annual Register 
from its commenceroent in- 1780, to 
1825, inclusive. London, 8vo. 46 

Andrew Kippls, D.D. was maav ymai 
editor of this A nnual. Diwy, 90, (1 780 — 
1825, 48 volt.) 1L Sotheby's ki 1827, 
1780—1806, 27 vols.) 31. 


Ann«tl Register. The Edinburgh 
AoDual Reg^ter^from the commeoce- 
meDtl808 to 1827. Edinb. 8vo, 

Sir Waltrx Soott is nippotedto be fiie edi- 
toriftlus work. Drury, Mo. 1285, (1808 

Annual Review, from the com- 
mencement in ISOSy to its Finish in 
1808, by Arthur Aikin. London, 
roysl 8¥0. 7 vols. 

Am caeeUent periodical, which met with 
Vat fittle encouragement. 

Annus Mirabilis. Lond. 1660, 
&c. 4to. 

Am aonoml pnMication, much ceni«red 
kj Ant. & Wood. 

Anonymiana. See Peg gb, Sa- 

A SQUitTiL^ Louis Peter. Sum- 
mary of Universal History ; ei^hi- 
bitiog the Rise, Decline, and Re- 
volutions of the different Nations 
of the World, from the Creation to 
the pietent Time. Translated from 
the Fieoch. London, 1800. 8vo. 
9vob. 21. 10s. 

Said to be an abridgement of the Eng> 
lib Umwraal History. Earl of Keiry, 
tt, beoad in ▼eUum, 4/. 5f. A trans- 
blian of Anqnetil*s Memoirs of the Court 
ti Prance during the reign of Louis 
XIV., asid tbe Regency of the DuIlc of 
Orirans, was pobUshed 1791, Svo. 2 vols. 
Ma. id. 

An sow, George, Lord. A Voyage 
tuimd the Worldyl 740 — 4, compiled 
from Papers, and other Materials of 
the Right Hon. George, Lord An- 
son, by Richard Walter, M. A. 
(ficsj. Robins,) London, 1 748. 4to. 
with 42 plates. 

In Davis* OHo, pp. 1 — 4, is an article 
as to who waa the compiler of this voyage. 
Heath, tteS, II. 18s. Willett, 88, 2/. 2$. 
LiaospArca* Gongh, 183, Si. 4a. Nassau, 
fL'ul0^tLS§. Baker, 145, with a draw- 
b^of Lord Anson, by Wale, ZL 8s. Roz- 
bui^ 7 1 SO, Sf.lOs. Marq.ofTownshend, 
14S, S/. I^ Reprinted 1749, 4to. 1748, 
tsa. 17S7, 4CO. 1776, 4to. Also in Cajlan- 
4sir^s Voyages, yoL Hi., in Harris, and other 



— A Supplement to Lord An- 
son's Voyage round the World, 
containing a Discorery and De- 
Kription of the Island of Frivola 
By the Abbe Cotbr. To which is 

prefixed an introductory Preface 
by the Translator. London, 1752, 
8vo. 2s. 6d. 

A satirical iromsBce on the French 

Anspach, Lewis Amedeus. 
Summary of the Laws of Commerce 
and Navigation, adapted to the 
Island of Newfoundland. London, 

1809. 8vo. 

This author likewise published a History 
of the Island of Newfoundland. London, 

1810, Svo. pp. 512, with two maps. 

— Lady Craven, Margravine of. 
The Sleep-walker. Strawberry- 
Hill, 1778. 8vo. 

A translation from the French of Pont 
de Vile, of which only 75 copies were - 
printed. Sir M. M.Sykes, pt. iii. 89 1,11.48. 
Strettell, 1609, mor. XL 5s. Roxburghe, 
4374, XL 10s. Brockett, 2950, 2L Lady 
Craven likewise published ' The Minia- 
ture Picture,' 1781, Svo. Roxburghe, 
4373, 7s. 6d., Nouijad, Hammenmith, 
1803, 5s., and others. 

— Journey through the Cri- 
mea to Constantinople. In a Series 
of Letters from the Right Hon. 
Elisabeth, Lady Craven, to the 
Margrave of Brandebourg Anspach 
and Bareith. London, 1789. 4to. 
pp. 332, 153. 

Fonthill, 361, \L 3s. 

— Pleasant Passetime for Christ- 
mas Evenings, or the Predictions 
of Cosmopolitus Occultarius, &c. 
London, 1795. 12mo. 

Privately printed. A copy on vellum at 
the sale of theMac-Carthy Library brought 
63 fr. 

— Letters from Lady Craven to 
the Margrave of Anspach, du- 
ring her Travels through France, 
Germany, Russia, &c. in 1785 and 
1787. Second Edition, including 
a variety of Letters not before 
published. London, 1814. 4to. 

i— Memoirs of the Margravine 
of Anspach, written by herself. 
London, 1826. 8vo. 2 vols, with 
portraits, 28s. 

Anstey, Christopher. Poetical 

Works, with some Account of his 

Life and Writings. London, 1808. 

4to. with plates. 

Nassau, pt. L 170, XL 14s. The writings 



of lUi eelebntcd pcnon fasTC been much 
■dmittd, pvdculirljF the Kiw Bath Onidc, 
ittdcb hu gonr ibrougb numr editiona. 
Hii ' Election B*U,' ITTS, 4to. )ud cnt« 
■der the muintr of Hogulb. C. Aniuy, 
in 1T?4, publiched ■ poem b ita. cadtica 
■ The Pricii diuecled,' which he 4llerwirda 

Anbtii, John, Garter King of 
Anns- Curia Militaris, oi a Treatise 
of the Court of Chivalry. Londoa, 
1702. 8vo. it. 

Thii curiam Tract (nircr publiihid), 
containi only the introduetion uid eodtentg 

— Letien to a Peer con- 
cerDtng the Honour of Eatl MaT< 
■hall. London, 1706. 8vo. pp. 52^ 

Anenluged ind amended edition. The 
original wu publiihed in 1703, 8to. 

The Roister of the most noble 
Order of the Garter, ujually called 
tlie Black Book ; with Notei and an ' 
Introduction. London, 1724, folio, 
2 vols. 

Vd. i. pp< 470. E^tor'i Appendix, Sic. 


< Tbe IWmer edition ITM-T- rtjii Sto. t 

Answere, An, to a Papyatycall 
ExhortacyoQ to avoyde false Doc- 
tryne, under that Colour to mayn- 
tayne the same. Without place or 
dat«. 8vo. 

Black letter. In tnw, the Eihortatiaa 
and Auwer being printed alteraaloir : tht 
fint in tix line itaniu, Uie UlUr in Skd^ 
tot^cil doggreL 

AnUr. See Hamiltow, Ter- 

Antenor. Travels in Greece. 
Ste Laktier, E. F. 

Aktes, John. Observations OD 
the Manners and Customs of tb« 
^yptians. London, 1800. 4tO. 
with a map. 

Fonliilll, 432, S: Beprinled Dahlia 
1801. Itmo. 

Aniheologia. 1655. See Fui- 
LER, ThomttB, D.D. 

Anthing, Fred. History ofttw 
Campaigns of Count Aleic.Suworow 
Rymnikski, translated from ibe 
London, 1799. 8ro. i 

pp. 11, betide* S preface, ftc- pp. 34, and wls. 8s. 

■n aii^orical froiitiipiece bj ]- Sympaon. I Anthologia, scu selecta qundaot 
Vol. li. pp. soo, with an introducticM, i9 Pocmata Italorum qui LaLine scrip- 

page*. Dent, pt.i. 190, morocco.SJ. ISt. fid. 
Hinj. of TowiDhcnd, IDS, 3'. I3i. 6d. 
LAKQE fapeh. NaoBu, pt. 1. lOS, niu. 
31. 3i. Sir M. H Sykel, pt. <. 147, mar. 
31. St. Heath, I61S, nil. 3(. 17a. Willett, 
127, ruula,7(. 7i. Fonthill, 2427, 101. 

— Otraerriitiona introductory to 
an historical Essay upon the 
Knighthood of the Bath. London, 
1725. 4to. 

CoDtalni pp. 88. At the end ' A Collec- 
tion of Aulhoiitiet reTerred to in tbe Intro- 
. duction.' Bindley, pt. <. 13S, 7a. 

Thig work rontaini all which could be 
collected on the Order oFthe Bath, from the 
eailieal period 
■nthor wrote, and exhibits 
induitry and 

change! which took place in tbe Order ic 
ISIS, with obaeriratioiii on the lubject wil 
be (bund in .the Oetroapective Review, N. 

senint. Lend. 1684. 12ma. 5s, 

PubJiahed by Bp. Atterfaury, with tn 
elegant ptr&ce. 

AntholoKiaHibernica. Steln- 

Anthol<^iK Gnecs a Constan* 
tino Cephala conditn Libri trei; 
edidit J. J. Reiake. Oxon. 1766. 
Svo 5b. 

Publiihed with an elegant Latin prefK*, 
by Tho. Wurion, editor of Theocrita*. 
CAUSE PAPER. Head], 39S9, lOi. Dent, 


I Anthology. A Selection of 
Z}" f^. Greet Epigrams from Briinck'i 

proola oi great I . . , r o — i . 

' " ' Antholc^, With an English tran* 

laiion. Oxon. 1791. 12mo. 23.6d. 

— Translations chiefly from the 

Greek Antholog.-, with Taks and 

miscellaneiius Poems, by Bland 

ER, Alexander. Re- 

gmVorCMe8"i'n'"tlie"'Court"of | """^ Merivae. L<,n.l. 1806'. 8vo. 7«. 
xchequer, from Enster Term 32 A ™ii 
Geo. III. to Trinity Term, 37 Geo. •""'"■ "^ 

in. Ixindon, 1817. royal 8vo. 
vols. 21. 5s. 

Ideiable merit, in whi<l 
vil: be found abeaulirul tranalation of now 
noble tinea rrom the Hedea of Enrl^ds)^ 
and a Greek epgnun by Dr. Johnwo- 
Drury, 472, mar- lOi. 


Anthology.— CoUecdons from the 
Greek Antbolc^.and from the pas- 
lorel, elegiac and dramatic Poets of 
Gieece, by the Rev. R. Blaod and 
othen. London, 1813. 8to. pp. 
525. 12«. 

A nimble poetic Tcnion. libge rirEa. 
DniT,ai3,n»Ba, 1'. 9>. 

— The English. See Ritson, 
Jweph. ' 

Anthony.— The Lyfe of Saynte 
Anthonye. Impr. by Julyan No- 
tary (1520) 4to. 

Bluk letKr. 

Anthony, King of Portugal. — The 
Explanation of the Right and Tytle 
of Aatbonie the First, King of Por- 
tugal!, concerning his Warres for 
tbe Recoaerie of hia Kingdome. I 
leyden in the Priming House of 
Christopher Plantyn. 1585. 4to. 

ronuiiu pp. 14, Mid ' A Pedigree or 
TtblcofGciinlogie.'&c. Bindlef, p(. IL 
IM«,Si. Llo^d, 506, 161. Sir P. Thonip- 
■D,1M, U tl(.6d. 

Ahthoht, Francis, M.D. Me- 
diciiue Chymicffi et veri potabilis 
Auri Assertio, ex Lucubralionibas, 
Fra. Aothonit Londinensis in Me- 
dicina Doctoris. Cantab. 1610. 
4to. 5s. 

Tha ddnue ii ditided into Mven chip' 
m, Ihe lul CDumeiatn the KTenl dii- 
Vmptn which hti (urem polmUle cui« ; 
anof whidi it the pUgue ittelf. 

— Apologia Veriialis illusces- 
centis pro AuroPotabili,&c. Load. 
W6. 4to. 5s. 

Tb ifolofj and Derence wen llkewi« 
j-iM"fctiliii Engliih, IfllG. Ito. Id aTuwer 
w (kn B«ted emiriiic, Dr. Gvinne pub- 
Ukid ■ Aomm nOD Aurum.' Lond. ISIl. 
40, nd Dr. CotU ' The Anti- Apology.' 
Oibfd,l6El. tto. 

— John. Lucas Redivivus, 
w the Gospel Physician, pre- 
KTibing (by Way of Meditation) 

[ Diiine Physic, Ac. lAJndon, 1656. 

I 410. with portrait by T. Cross. 

i Tb writei wai Ihe »n of the noted cm- 

tiac. nd fikewiic publiihed ' The ComroTt 
' riifatg«U.' IBS4.4IO. 

Antichrist.— Downfal of Anti- 
djMesMas. 1546. 

A parn of tlurtr odaT* itaxas, in 
■iKh. on VanoB. the nanelcM Mtiriii 
...nhMi-j.... oD the tUtlmwl of thai 
X irho get (bHi UnDg b; 

nnenting lerrice-bookB foi 


'riling and orni 
the old papiitic v 

Antichrist. — A short description 
nf Anti-Christ with a Warning. 
(About 1548) 8vo. 

Bluk letter. White Knlghu, 133, mar. 
If. I St. 

Antidote against Melancholy, 
made up in Pills, compounded of 
witty Ballads, jovial Songs, and 
merry Catches. London and West- 
minster, 1661. 4to. with a plate. 
Liard,2ia, St. ia>.ed. 

— A coUectiop of merry Songs, 
with Music. 1749. 12mo. 

Nunu, pt I. 46, lOi. Dent, pt. i. GO, 
12s. Botwcll.TS, 12i. Solheby'i in 1X23, 

Antidotharius, The. Imprynted 
byme, R.Wyer, ICmo. 

Bbckleller. Conuiiusign. E In roura, half 
■heeti. ' It aeems to have been,' saya Her- 
bert, ' ftom Iheie little chesp phytical trea- 
tiiea, Hhich perhapi lotd for an hairpenny, 
t_ _ penny, [■-- ■" '■ 

■d with th 

.' Then 

wereieveraleditiontby Wyer,diffcringhi 
and Ihere in the spelling of a few trotdl. 
Two will be found in the Brid.h Muieum. 
Inglii, No. 23, If. 

Anii-Dvello, or a Treatise in 
which is discussed the Lawfulness 
and Vnlawfulness of single Com- 
bats : together with tbe Forme of 
severall Dvells performed in the 
Kingdom upon sundry Occasions. 
London. 1632. 4to. pp. 63, with 
plate of Giiiye of Warwick. 

Reed, 3304, If. 139. 

Antigua. — Collect, of Exotica from 
thel.slandof Antigua. By a Lady. 
Lond. 1800. foL 21. 33. coloured. 

— Laws of Antigua, consisting 
of ihe Acts of ihe Leeward Islands, 
from N(iv.l690to April,1798; and 
the Acts of Antigua, from April, 
1668, to May, 1804; with analy- 
tical Tallies nf the Acts, and an 
Index. 1805— 18. 4to. 3 vols. Ti.Ts. 

Anti-Jaci>l>in. — The Anti-Jaco- 
bin, or Weekly Examiner, from 
Nov. 20, 1797, to July 9, 1798. 
London, 4to. 36 Nos. with a Pros- 
All Ihal wu pulilisht'd in 4(0. 

— or Weekly Examiner, 1.ond. 
1793, 8vo. 2 vols. 

50 ANT 

Said lo hat« been tdited tf Wm. OU- 
ford, Eh|. Roiburgbe, 7DD8, 9i. Dniry, 
101,11. II. 

Anti'jacobin Review and Maga- 
zine, or Monthly Political anil 
Literary Censor, from the Com- 
mencement in 1798, to the Con- 
clusion in 1S31. 8to. 

(iiflbrd, Fratt, uid Cuining, were con- 
tribulnr) M Ihii periodical. In the eu-ly 
Tulumei ur oiicatur** by Cillny. 

Heith, 1491, 30 toIi. T1. t7i. Sd. Dukr 
cfVork, lis, 61 VDL1799— 19ai,4(.4.. 

— The Poetry of the AntU 
Jacobin, London, 1801. 4to. 15s. 
Srpiintcd in llmo. 
Antiociiekus, Joan. Fide Ma- 

Antipus. — The Compariaon be* 
twene the Antipus and the Anti^ 
(raphe, or Answere thereunto, with 
Apology or DefenK of the same 
Antipus and Reprehenceofthe An- 
tigraphe. (Lond. by John Daye) 4to. 

Black >tler,>ix leavu. In doggrcl netie. 
Roiburghe, 3190, mar. SI. 6i, 

Antiquarian Repertory : a Mis~ 
celtany intended to prcserre and 
illustrate several valuable remains 
of old Times. Lond. 1775-84. 4lo. 
4 voU. with plates. 

Thi. valuable work wai romplled by, oi 
under Ihedirectlon of, FrandiGrOM.Thomn- 
AiUe, and olber etKtnent anliqutriei. Dent, 
pC i. ilU, niuia, 31. 4>. Bmdity, pi. i. 
109. 31. S>. Townelcy, pi. ii- lOS, niuia, 
41. lit. 6<L Heed, 330S, it. Fandiill, 
ISCS, 61 3>. 

— A new edition, with many 
valuable additions. Lond. 1807-9. 
4lo. 4 vols. 

Publiihud and ediled by Jcffery the book- 
uller. The very able preface to Ihb ediliou 
waa writleu by Edmund Lodgr, Eiq. Dent, 
pU t. 230, ruBsia, it. it. Sd. Bindley, pt. i. 
no, 8J. 8a. LaHOErirKB, Deul, pL L 381, 
bda. 1L Ta. Naiuu, pL L 173, 91. Fonlbm. 
1159, 91. Brockrtt, S3S. ciuaii, l3Mla. fid. 

AntitiUrtriaii and Topugrophical 
Cabinet, and Itinerary. Sat Sio- 
HER and Grrig. 

Antiqiiarii'S of London. — Arche- 
olt^ia, or Miscellaneous Tracts 
ralatini; (o Antiiinilv. London, 
1770 — 1824.41.1. 20voi9. Index 10 
the fiisi 16 volumes, 1809. 1 vol. 

The feu ith and eighth TDlnmes are of rare 
occurrence. Sweteu, 1737,13 iola.12/. Bd- 


worda, 70, 12 voli. 171. Gt Od. Roxliurghe, 
8ST3, 13 volt, in ruuia, 39(. Tooneley, 
pt. ii. 104, HtoIs. 2iL Reed, 17Gg, IJ 
•oil. xilh Ordinnneea and Liber Quotid. 
!3(. 10a. Willell. 9$, 16 voli. wiib Libn 
duo lid, UrdinlDcei, and Index, 3U. 
Baker, 148, 10 toll, with Indeii, StJ. lOt. 
Denl, pi. t. 290, 16 roll. Index and Ub«t 
Quotid. 29'. Duke of York, 2S9, 17 Toll, 
and Indei, 211. lOi. 6d. Dindley, pt. L 
106, 18 vola. and Index, 321. ID). Naaun, 
pt. i. ISl, 19 vols. Index, Ordtnancet, and 
Liber Quoiid. ruuia, 33/. Combe, 139, 
IS vol>. and Index, Hi. Dniry, 338,20 
Toll. pt. i. of vol. 21, Ordinance! and Lib. 
Quoiid. 331. 13s. 

Anliquaries of London. — Queriei 
proposed to gentlemen in the >«• 
veral partaof Great Britain. Lond. 
1754. 8vo. 35. 

— Three Chronological Tablet 
of the Members. By Sir John Fenn. 
London, 1784. 4to. 

— Liber Quotidianus Cootraro- 
tulatoris Garderobae, Anno Regni 
Regis Edwardi l-vicesimo octavo. 
A.D. 1299 and 1300. 1787. 4to. 12i. 

Tliii volume, layi Jlr. Nicolai, ' aboondi 
highly inlereating ialbrmation, illiutia- 


of the hiiU 
avy, prori, 


MSS. bavebeenn 
well edited; but amidgt much grouikd tx 
praise, it ii to be regfetled that it doea not 

I cnnlatn an index, an omiiuon Hhich con- 

' tiderably Icaieni ill utility.* 

— Colk-clion of Ordinances and 
Regulations for the Goverannent of 

! the Royal Household, made in di- 
vers Reigns, from K. Edward III. 
to K. Wilii^im 111. and Q. Mary. 
1790. 4to. 123. 

'Thii collMtion contalniutany cariouiU- 
luMrationi oT the manncn ofoui anceiloii, 
and esprdally of the royal houieholdi, 
price] iri* proriaioni, &e. and may be deemed 
one of iliF rpw text book* Ibr ant1r|uariaa 

— List of the Members of thfl 
Social V of Anliquaries from 1717 to 
I79G;1798. 4lo. 

By IticharJ Cough. 

'— Copy of the Royal Charter 
And Statutes, and of Orders .and 
Regida'ions established by the 
Council of the Society. Loodon, 
1800. 410. 

Antiquaries of London. 

Tbe ekarter, &e. of this society were 
fikewbe printed in 8vo. 1752, 1759, 1764, 

— A Catalogue of tbe printed 
Books and MSS. in the Library of 
the Society. Ix)ndon, 1816. 4to. 

Tbe society have likewise published the 

Mlewing Prints, tm. 
Le Chunp de Drap d'Or. The Inter- 
Tiew of Henry VIII. and Francis I. 
between Guiiies and Ardres in June 
1520. From the original Rcture in 
Wiadaor Castle. With an historical 
t>escription by Sir Joseph Aj^oflb, Bu 
4to. pp. 45, 1771. folio. 2i.8t. 
En c ampment o£ the English Forces near 
Portsmouth, MDXLV. from a coeval 
Paintiag at Cowdry in Sussex. With 
an historical Description, by Sir Joseph 
Ayloffe, Bvt 4to. pp. 20, 1778. folio. 
It 5s. 
IV Embarkadon of K. Henry VIII. at 
Dover, May xxxi. MOZX. From the 
erigiinal Picture in Windsor Castle. 
With a Description by John Topham, 
Esq. 4lui. pp.42, wiUi two etdungK, 
1781. foUo. 1/. lls.6d. 
Tbe PraccHioo of K. Edward VI. Feb. 
xix. ifDXLTXi. prerious to his Corona- 
tion. Eng^Tcd from a coeval Paint- 
iag al Ccmdry, in Sussex, by James 
Kuire. With an Account, in 4to. pp. 
20, 1787. fbUo. 1/. IK Gd. 
Tbe Departure of K. Heury VIII. from 
Calais, July xxv. mdxliv. The En- 
campment o(K. Henry VIII. at Mar- 
qnison, July mdxliv. The Siege of 
Boulogne by K. Henry VIII. M dxliy. 
Three Prints from coeval Psintingft at 
Cowdry, in Sussex. With a Descrip- 
tion. 4 to. pp. 32. 17SS. folio. 22. 2s. 
A let of the above prints with the Cathe- 

Ms of Exeter, Bath, and Durham, and St. 

Stephea's Chapel, in 1 vol Roxburghe, 

B601, 21L 10s. 6d. 

PriaCs engraved by George Vertue, vit : 
Plan of London and Westminster, as it 

was near the Beginning of the Reign 

«r Q. EUaabeth, by R. Agas. 1737. 

Eight plates, 6a. 
Vinvs oC the Chappel of St Thomas on 

London Bridge. 1747-8. Two plates, 4s. 
An exact Surveigh of the Streets, Lanes, 

and Churches comprehended within 

tbe Ruins of the City of London, by 

John Leake. 1723. Two plates. 3s. 
Two Views of Sl Martin's Church in the 

Fields, with the Plan Three plates, 

2s. 6i. 
The tesselated Psrcment at Stunsfi^ld, in 

Oxianlshire. One pUte, Is. 
Views af Mr. Lethiullter's Mummy. 

1721 T«o platcib !•• 



Antiquaries of London. 

Nine historical Prints representii^ Kings^ 
Queens, Princes, 8ec of the Tt^or Fa- 
mily, with a Description of 21 pp. 
Republished by the Society, 1 766. 2/.7s. 

Portraits of K. Oharles I. and his Queen. 
One plate, 5s. 

Plan and Elevation of the Petty Canons* 
Houses at Windsor. Is. 

Lincoln's Inn Chapel, with the Ambula- 
tory, 1751. 2s. 6d. 

A Survey and Ground Plot of the Royal 
Palace at Whitehall, 1747. 2s. 

The Market Cross at Chichester, 1749. 

The View of the Charity Children in 
the Strand upon the vii of July, 
MDCCXiii, 1715. Two sheets 7s. 6d. 

Portrait of Sir John Hawkwood (Joannes 
Acutus EquesBritannicus) 1771. Is. 6d. 

Views of the Ruins of Stanton Harconrt, 
in Oxfordshire, drawn and etched by 
Earl Haroourt. Four plates, 1/. Is. 

For other Publications by this 
Society, See 

FoLKKs, Martin. 

Vetusta Monumenta. 

Roy, William. 






Albans, St. 

The last sixarticles in one volume. Drury, 
200, SL 18s. 6d. Stretteil, 1045, ruasia, 
11/. 58. Dent, pt. i. 50tf. 12/. 1 2s. 

Antiquities — Essay on the Study 
of Antiquities. See Buiigess, 
Thomas, Bishop of St. Davids. 

— Miscellaneous Antiquities. 
See Walpole, Horace, Earl of 

Anti-Theatre from Feb. 15, 1719- 
20, to April 4, 1720. London. 15 
numbers complete. 

Written in opposition to the popular 
paper of Sir Richard Steele, entitled The 

Anton, Robert. Philosopbers* 
Satyrs. London, 1616. 4to. 15s. 

These dull satires are entitled from the 
seven planets. Some copies bear the date 
of 1617, and the title of * Vices Anatomie.* 
Bindley, pt. i. 150, U. Is. Constable, 188 » 
moroccOf 3/. 3s. 

Antoninus, Marcus Aurelias. 
De SeipsOy seu Vita sua, Libri xii. 


52 ANT 

Gr. et Lat. cum AQaotationibus M. 

Casauboni. Loud. 1643.8vo. Ss. 

A neat and iccunU edition. 

Antosinus, Maicus Auralias. 
De Seipiio, Btudio, oper&que 
- Thomffi Gatakeri. Cantab. 1652. 
4to. 6s. 

A •■luable edition. Coplea on lutte 
pipet arc nre. An el(g>nl little edition 
wu printed Oion. 1081). ISmo. 3i. 

— Editio altera, aucta et idoneis 
Script, veterum Testimoniis finnata, 
a Geo. Staohope. London, 1697. 
4ti}. 5s. 

An incorrect edition, Copiei on large 
paper »« very rare. Aikew, 21. 2». 

— Recc^niti et Notis iUustrati, 
a Nic Ibbetson. 0;<on. 1704. 8vo. 

An excellent edition, according (a Dr. 
Haivfood, vilb lotne e^tl« at the end, 
attributed h> Antoninut. lahoe fafeb. 
Solheby'i in 1824, U li. Drury. 102, mo- 
rocco, by Roger Payne, t(. Si. Dent, pt. i. 
o,by Re«erPayne,l/.l««. Wil- 

is, m 

d 11. I9a. 

a Comment. Th. Gata- 
keri, oecnon M. Antonini Vita, a 
Geo. Stanhope. Londini, 1707. 
4tO. 6s. j 

A good and lueful edilion. The Glugon 
editioni of 1741 and 1751. 2l on fin£ | 
PAPBR, Is. each. The edilion 1744, on | 
PINE rAPBR, Williami, 60, motocco, ISi. 

— The golden Boke of Marcus ' 
Aurelius Emperour and Oratour, ■ 
translated out of Prenche into Eng- i 
lishe by John Bourchier Knyght* 
Lorde Barners. London in the i 
House of Tbo. Berthelel (1534) 
16mo. 9s. 

Black letter. Conlaint Oovij, in eighti. 
The first impretsion of tbii popular work. 
Reprinted 1536, 1337, 1S42, 1540, 1S53, 
1SS4, ISSe, 1357,1359, 1306, 1376,1588, 
138T,in4ta. and 16mo. 

— Meditations translated with 
Notes by Meric Casaubon, D.D, 
Fiftb edition, with the Life of An- 
toninus, translated from the Frencb 
of Dacier, by W. King, London, 
1692. 8vo. 3s. 

Reprinted ISBIand 1703. The ediiion.s 
of 16S4, 1635, 1684, and 1673, are of ihc 
aameralue. Thtre is a copy of the edition 
ot 1634 in Die British Miuenni, with th<^ 
(19. notea and addidoni of the editor. 

— Conversation with himself. 


Ilia Life by M. Dacier, and the Hy- 
tholt^cal Picture of Cebea tho 
Theban, translated by Jeremy Col- 
lier. London, 1701. 8vo. 3i. 

An inelegant trantlaAm, abounding with 
vulgar and ludicrotu expreiiiont, reprinted 
1708. 1726. 

Antohihus, Marcus Aurelius. 
Conmentaries, translated by James 
Thompson. London, 1747. 8vo. 

Edwardi, MS, 4i. 

— Meditations newly translated 
out of the Greek, with Notes and a 
Life of the Author. Glasgow, 1749. 
i2mo. 2 vols. 58. 

' Con-ect in the main, but defldent in 
point of elegance.' — Monthly Rei. 

An edidon 1764, 4lli. edlL Heed, 1655, 
I iai.6d, Williama, 51, morocco, 151. 

— Meditations. A new trans- 
I lation by R. Graves, M.A. Bath, 

1792. 8vo.5s. 

' The beat Engliih lertion of Antoni- 
nui, rendered particularly valuable by the 
1 judidoui nolea of the traoalalor. 

I Antoninus Pfus. Anto- 
nini Iter Britanniarum, Cnmmen- 
^ taries illustratum ThoiTiie Gale. 
I Opus posthumum revisit, auxit, 
I edidit R. G[ale]. Accessit Ano- 
I nymi Ravenantis Britanniee Cho- 
: rographica. Londini, 1709. 4to. 5s. 

A good edition. Heath, 4520, Si. 6d. 
I SaunderalnlBlS, 71, 14i. Another edi- 
. tion will be found in Leland'a Itinerar*, 
>ol. iiL 1711. " 

— Iter Britanniarum, with a new 
Comment, by the Rev. Thomas 
Reynolds, A.M. Cambridge, 1799, 
4to. with two maps. 

Dent, pt. i. 283, IDLfld. Towneley, pt. 
ii. 109, 10s. 6d. LjiBaKPiPSa,l/. Ila-Bd, 

Antokiotto, Gioi^. L'Arte 
Armonica : or, a Treatise on the 
Composition of Music, in three 
books ; with an Introduction on the 
History and Progress of Music, 
from its beginning to this time, 
tran-ilated into Enghsh, London. 
1760. folio. 2 vols. 12s. 

A tolerable I 

and skiUulperJbnnanca, 
Antrobus, Benjamin. Buds 
and Blossoms of Piety, with ume 


Fnut of the Spirit of Lo?e. Lon* 
doD, 1691. 8to. 

NtKau, pL i. 360, 3s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 
m,U 5s. 

Antwerp.— Antwerpe*8 Unitye. 
An Accord or Peace in Religion, 
and Goremmenty concluded by his 
Higfanew, Sec. London, 1579. 

Black letter. A copy is in the British 

— Newesfrora Antweq), 10 Aug. 
1580. Translated partly out of 
French and partly out of Lattin. 
London. 4to. 

Black letter. E 2, in fours. Herbert 
nentiona another work relating to this dty, 
pffinted 1576, entitled ' The Spoile of Ant- 



— Entertainment of Frauncis 
the Frenche Kings Brother at Ant- 
werp. London, 1582. 16mo. 

Black letter. 

— Historic of the Citie of Ant- 
werpe since the Departure of 
Phillip King of Spain out of Ne- 
therlands till 1586. Lond.1586. 4to. 

Bbdi letter. 27 leaTes. Lloyd, 749, 
17s. HoUis, 658, 168. Bindley, pt. ii. 
1S82, It 7s. 

Ape-Gentle-woman, or the Cha- 
racter of an Exchange Wench. 
1675. 4to. 

StietteU, 173, 10s. White Knights, pt. i. 
1«2, f /. 

ApiciusCselius. Vide Cx,livs, 

Apocalypse. See St. John . 

Apocrypha. — The Volume of the 

Bokes called Apocripha. London, 

bvJohn Day and Wylliam Seres. 

(1549) 16mo. 

Black letter. A. — Yy. iii. A full page 
ccntaint 33 Unes. Copies are in the British 
Mttfeom and Lambeth Libraries. Inglis, 
26 (ihcet B. wanting) 15s. 

— With critical observations by 
Charles Wilson. Edinb. 1801. 
8to. 3s. 6d. 

In the British Museum is an Essay con- 
crming the Books commonly called Apa- 
oypha. London, 1740. 8to. 

ApoLLiNARius. Interpretatio 
Psalmorum Versibus Heroicis : 
£x Bibliotheca Regia. Londini, 

1590. 16mo. 48. 

Comains pp. 20S,aiid errata. Elegantly 
yoatcd IB pka Greek. 

Apollo. — The British Apollo ; 
or curious Amusements for the In- 
genious. London, 1708-10. folio, 
3 vols H. Is. 

An abridgment of this curious periodical 
work, ' contuning 2,000 Answers Co Ques- 
tions in motit Arts and Sciences,' was pub- 
lished 1726. and 1740, 12mo. 3 toIs. Edi- 
tion, 1740, Gosset, 883, 16s. 6d. Rox- 
burghe, 6708, 12s. Nassau, pt. i. 330. 158. 

— Apollo Christian or Helicon 
Reformed. London, 1617. 8vo. 

Six Poems, dedicated to Algernon Lord 
Percie. Sir M. M. Sykes, pL i. mor. 2QL 

— Apollo shroving, 1627. See 
Hawkins, William. 

— Apollo's Cabinet, or the 
Muse's Delight. A Collection of 
English and Italian JSongs, Can- 
tatas and Duets, with the Music. 
Liverpool, 1756. 

Nassau, pt i. 52, 1/. 

— Apollo's Feast, pleasant In- 
trigues, Old Tales, Witty Poems, 
&c. London, 1703. 8vo. 

Bindley, pt. i. 24, U Is. 

Apollo DO Rus. — AvoXKn^fov roZ 

vepiOcSv BtpyJoyd, In usum scho- 
ht Westmonasteriensis. Londini, 
1686. 8vo. 

Edited by Thomas Knipe, chief master 
of Westminster SchooL 

Apollonii, Gull. Consider- 
atio quarundam Controversiarum, 
ad Regimem Eclesiee spectantum 
quee in Angliee Regno hodie agi- 
tantur ; ex Mandato et Jussu Ciassis 
Walachrianee conscripta. Lond. 

1644. 8vo. 
An English translation was published 

1645, and in 1647, appeared 'The supreme 
Power of Christian States vindicated against 
Gulielmus Apollonii,' 4to. 

Apollonius Pero^us. — de 
Sectione Ration is Libri ii. ex Ara- 
bico MS. Latine versi. Accedunt 
de Sectione Spatii Libri ii. restitui : 
prffimittuntur Pappi Lemmata et 
Prwfatio ad Septimum Collectionis 
Mathematicse Greecee, Opera et 
Studio Edra. Halley. Oxon. 1706, 
8vo. 2s. 6d. 

An edition of the Conica, Lat. will be 
found in Barrow's edition of Archimedes. 



ApolloKius Pergeeus. Cdni- 
corum Libri octo et Sereni Antis- 
sensis de Sectione CyiiDdri et Cuni 
Libri duo, Gr. et Lat. edente £dm. 
IJalley. Oxon. 1710. folio, lOs. 6d. 

A Tery correct and elegant edition. 
LARGE PAPER. Roxburgfae, 1449, SOs. 
Heath, 1 305| russia, 41. 48. 

— Locorum pianorum Libri duo, 
restituti a Rob. Simson, M.D. 
GlasguflB, 1749. 4to. 7s. 6d. 

A valuable edition. 

— Inclinationum Libri duo Res- 
tituebai S. Horsley. Oxon. 1790. 
4to. 1 8s. 

A valuable edition, edited by Bishop 

— Tbe Two Books concerning 
Tangencies, &c. by Jobn Lawson, 
B.D. second edition, with two sup* 
plements,&c. Lond. 1771,4to. 68. 

In this work Lawson has proved himself 
a futhful translator, and an able geometri- 
cian, llie former edition was published at 
Cambridge', 1 764, 4to. * A Restitution of 
the Geometrical Treatise of A pollonius Per- 
gaeus on I negations,' by Reuben Burrow, 

Appollonius Rhodins. Argo- 
nauticorum Libri IV. Or. edidit, 
nova fere Interpretatione illustravity 
&c. Joan. Shaw. Oxonii. 1777. 
4to. 2 vols. 

An edition more beautiful than correct. 
Heath, 3483, russia, 1/. 12s. Drury, 330, 
russia, ]/. lis. 6d. Sir M. M. Sykes, 
pt i. 268, russia, 2/. 

— Ibid. Gr. et Lat. edidit, &c. 
Joan. Shaw. Oxon. 1779. 8vo. 2 
vols. lOs. 

LARGE PAPER. Dent. pt. i. 68, morocco, 
18s. Williams, 56, morocco, U. 15s. 

— Argonautics, in four Books, 
by Francis Fawkes. The whole 
revised, corrected and completed 
by his coadjutor and editor, (the 
Rev. H. Meen) who has annexed a 
translation of Coluthus* Greek 
Poem on the Rape of Helen, with 
Notes. London, 1780. 8vo. 5s. 

An easy, fluent and perspicuous ti^nsla- 
tion, according to the Monthly Review. An 
excellent translation of ' The Loves of 
Medea and Jason,' was published by the 
Rev. J. Ekins, 1771. 4to. 1772. 12mo. 2s. 6d. 

*— Argonautic Expedition, trans- 
lated into English Verse. (By Ed- 


ward Barnaby Greene.) Lgnfcton, 
1780. 8vo. 2 vols. 5s. 

Inferior to Fawkes's tranalatioB. 

A POLLONIUS Rhodius. The 
Argonautrc, translated into Engr 
lish Verse, wkh Notes critical, his- 
torical, and explanatory : and Dis* 
sertations by W. Preston, Esq. 

Dublin, 1803. 12mo. dvols. 12s. 

This version, according to Dr. Nathan 
Drake, is greatly superior to those of his 
predecessors, accompanied by interesting 
notes and •observ'attons. 

ApoUonias of Tyre. Kvnge 
Appolyn of Thyre, translated by 
Rob. Copland. London, by W. 
de WoTde, 1510. 4to. 

Black letter. This romance foran th* 
153d. chapter of an edition of the Ocita 
Romanorum, printed in 1468, «ml ift con- 
sidered by Mr. Dopce, as tlie probable «ti* 
ginal of the play of Pericles. Roxbuigh^ 
6353. 110/. 

ApoUonius, Lucina and Tharsia. 
The Fatterne of Paineful Adven- 
tures, containing the most exceUent, 
pleasant, and variable Historie of 
jPrtnce Appollonius, the Lady Lu- 
cina his wife, and Tharsia hik 
Daughter, translated by T. Twine. 
London, 1607. 4to. 

Black letter. Stetvens, 1 195, 21, 2s. 

Apology, Royal, with a Parallel 
of Doleman, Bradshaw, Sidney, &c, 
London, 1684, 4to. 

Nassau, pt ii. 983, 2/. 58. 

Apophthegms, Witty, delivered 
at several times and upon sever^ 
occasions, by King James L the 
Marquis of Worcester, Francis 
Lord Bacon, and Sir Thomas More. 
London, 1658. small 8vo. 

With a frontispiece by Marshall, contain- 
ing their portraits. Lloy<l, 1253, 14s. 
White Knights, 4500, morocco, 15t. Nas- 
sau, pt. ii. 1274, 1/. An edition 1671. 
Perry, pt. i. 2812, 128. 

Apostles Creed, The History of 
the. See King, Sir Peter. 

Apostolical Epistles. A new 
literal Translation, from the origi- 
nal Greek, of all the Apostolical 
Epistles; with a Commentary and 
Notes, philological, critical, expla* 
natory and practical. To which 
is added a History of the Life of 


tike Apostle Paul.' By J as. Mac- 
knigfat, D.1X Bdiiiburgh,1795.4to. 
4 vols. 8/. 8s. Without the Greek 
Text, :^ vols 

Aceofding to Mr. Orme 'This ia one 
of the most useful, and of the moat dan- 
|ffB«s bopki oo iha New Testament, 
vhick haM thrown considerable light on the 
Epistlea, nnd« at the same time, has pro- 
pagated moat pernicious Ticws oftheir leading 
Aodrines.' Goaaet, S41S. 3 toIs. 52. 5s. 

Apostolical Epistles. Another 
Edilioa. Lond. 1816. 8vo. 6 vols. 
Wiihout the Greek Text, 4 vols. 

Dmry, S518, 6 vols. m. 10s. 

— Fathers. 5tfe Wake, Archb. 
of Canterbury. 

Apparel. ~ Advertisements, partly 
£wdae Order in the publick Admi- 
■istration of the Holy Sacrament, 
ind partly for the Apparel of all 
Persons Ecclesiastical, &c. Lond. 

Reprinted in Sparrow's Collection of Ar- 
ndei, ftc. Dr. Oibdin in his edition of 
Asms, nodcet a broadside on the subject 
of Appaiel, printed by Jugge and Cawood, 
entitled ' A Decree of the Prinye Counsel] 
St WestnuBster. Anno 1559.' Besides 
vlwh the following tracts printed in Black 
letter, hare appeared. 
A brief Discourse against the outwarde 
Apparell and ministrlng Garmentes of 
the Popi^bc Church, 1506. 16mo. 15s. 
Contains C in eights. The introduc- 
tion is in Terse. Reprinted 157S. 
A briefe Examination for the Tyme, of a 
certain Declaration lately put in print 
in the Name and Defence of certain 
Miaisters in London, refusing to weare 
t^ Apparell prescribed. London, 
[IMS], 4to. The examination contains 
• ••••••2, in fours ; the let- 
ters annexed, D. in fours. Bindley, 
pLiL 1210, 9s. 6d. Inglis, 117, W. 
3s. Constable, 238, 1/. 6s. 
Aa Amwere for the Tym<' to the Exami- 
natioife put in Print, without the Au- 
thours Na ue, pretendingto mayntayne 
the Apparell prescribed. 1566. 16mo. 
15s. Contain* 153 pages, and afold- 
mg uUe aAer p. 18; also, an addi- 
Dooal paragraph to come in at p. 23, 
after th-'se words, 'to render our 
reasones.' The 16 first pages are not 
To my louynge Brethren, thnt is troublyd 
sboat the Popisbe Apparrell, two 
ibcrt fomi'oruble KpisUes. [1566.] 
Knbo. 15s. Contains C, in fours. On 
the first leaf of Herb«rt*s copy was in 
Mi. ' Gylbyes EpistelL* 



An Anawere to a Question, that was 
mouyd, whi the godly Men wold not 
weare a Surples. [1566.] 16mo. 1 58. 
Contains C. in fours. 

Judgement of M. Henry Bullinger, de- 
claring it lawfhll for the Ministers of 
the Church to weare the Apparell 
prescribed by the Laws. London, 1566. 
16mo. 15 s. 

Apparitions, an Essay on. See 
Mo R ETON, Andrew. 

About 1640—60, many tracts were pub- 
lished concerning Apparitions, which have 
sometimes produced considerable sums, via. 
15s. to 20s. at auctions. Several of them 
may be seen in the British Museum. 

A p PERT. Art of preserving all 
kinds of Animal and Vegetable 
Substances for several years, trans- 
lated from the French., London, 
1811. 12mo. 5s. 

Published by order of the French Minis- 
ter of the Interior, on the report of the 
Board of Arts and Manufactures. 

Appi A w . The avncient Historic 
and exquisite Chronicle of the Ro- 
mane Warres, with a continuation. 
London, 1578. 4to. 

Black Letter. Contains pp. 445, then a 
table in double columns, on four leave<). 
According to Herbert there were two edi- 
tions of Appian, 1578. Bindley, pt. i. 146, 
10s. Home Todke, 19, W. Is. 

— History in two Books. 
Translated into English by J. D. 
(John Davies). London, 1679. 
folioy 5s. 

Other editions were published, London, 
1696, 1703. in folio. The work is dedi- 
cated to the Earl of Ossory. 

Appreece, J. See Rhese, 

Apprius. The History of Kin 
Apprius, (i. e. Priapus). London, 
1728. 8vo. 

One of Curirs publications. Perry, pt. i. 
2084, 7s. 

Apsley, Sir Allen, Knt. Or- 
der and Disorder; or the World 
made and undone. Being Medita- 
tions upon the Creation and the 
Fall, as it is recorded in the Begin- 
ning of Genesis. London, 1679. 

A poem in five cantos. 

Apfiiorpe, East, D. D. Let- 
ters on the Prevalence of Christia- 
nity before its civil establishment: 
with observations on a late History 



fi6 APU 

of the Decline of the Roman Em- 

[»re. London, 1776. 8vo. 5s. 

* The aathor hu rnriched Ui work with 
miny leunrd rcnurki, ind ctpeditly with 
■ cUmlogiic af riril uid tcclMiuticat hiitD- 
mm, which the r«der will Bud lo be very 
luefal.' — Bithop Wation. 

Apthohfe, East, D.D. Dis- 
courees on Prophecy : read in the 
Chapel of LincolnVInn, at the 
Lecture founded by Wm. Warbur- 
ton, late Lord Bishop of Gloucester. 
London, 1786. 9vo. 2 vols. 10b. 

A most eicellCDt sod highly eiteemed 

Apuleius, Lucius. The xi 
Bookes of the Golden Asse, trans- 
lated out of Latine into English, by 
Will. Adiinglon. Lond. 1566. 4to. 

Black Letter. Dedicated ' To Thomu 
Earl of Suuex. (f^om) Vniucnilr. Coll. 
Oxon. 18 Septemb. 1306.' Reprinted, 
■ " J. ISBO. *to. H!00.4to. 

1639, 4ta. That of ISSa i* the 
EiUtian 1S6C, Foriler, 113, moi. it 3i. 
NiHiu, pt. i. ITS, SJ. 7i.fld. Editian, 
ISBfl, While Knighti, IBS, ruuii, 21. ISt. 
Edition, 1039, Bindle;, pt. i. 14S, U. St. 
While Knighu, IGS, moracco, SI. 1 li. 

— Metamorphosis, or Golden 
Ass, and Philosophical Works, 
translated by Thomas Taylor. Lon- 
don, 1822, 8vo. 15s. Large 
Paper, W. 10s. 

An «t«med version by the iTanilaloi of 
Plato and Anilotle. Some copies of the 
■mail, and all the large paper copici, have 
lappfeuedpaiiaget, generally placed at the 
end of the volume. 

Bishop Warburton supposed that this 

of the I 

1 int. 

the Pagan religion, in opposition to Chris- 
tianity, to vfhicfa be rcpreacnts him as an 
inteterate enemy. This opioion, hanever, 
h» been contested by Dr. Lardner. 

— Fable of Cupid and Psyche ; 
to which are added a poetical 
Paraphrase on the Speech of Dioti- 
tna, in the Banquet of Plato, &c. 
Src, with an Introduction, in which 
the meaning of the Fable is un- 
folded, [by Thomas Taylor.] Lon- 
don, 1 795. 8vo. 4s. 

A translation of the Lovci of Cupid and 
Psyche, by Lockman, will be found in Fon- 

— Cupid and Psyche, translated 


by Hudson Gumey, Esq, I/md. 
1799. 8vo. 5s., 4to, 7s. 6d. 

An eicelleat poetical tranilatlon of the 
mort beautiful itory whidi anHqnity fan 
left tu. Third editian, 1801. Qoldamid, 
ISS, 8*. 

Apulkivs, Lucius. The new 
Metamorphosis; being the Golden 
Ass, alter'd and improved to the 
modern time and manners. Written 
in Italian by Carlo Monte Sncio,and 
translated from the Vatican MS. 
London, 1708, 9, 8vo. 2 vota. 

Roiburghe, eST4, ISa. Od. Font- 
hill, 190, ISs. Bindley, pt. Ul S3S, 
18s. Gd. Nassau, pi. i. 93, U Reprinted 
1821, 8va. 2 tola, with a fraudulent riew ef 
pauing it offas a tranilatton of Aptilrini. 

— Another Edition. London, 
1724. 12mo. 3 vols, with platesbj 

Ireland, 1801, No. 77, If. la. Baker, 
19, 21. 6b. 

Aqubpontami;s, Joannes. An- 
glice, Briogwater, John. 

Aquino, Charles de. Sacra 
Exequialia in Funere Jacoki II. 
Regis. Romee, 1702. folio, 15s. 

Printed at the charge of Cardinal Barbe- 
rini. Gough, 2034, II. 2i. 

Aka, Jehan. See Ouselet, 
Sir Wm. 

Arabian Nights' Entertainments, 
translated from the French. IiOn- 
don,1724. I2mo. 6 vols. 

'Bindley, pt. i. 10, 18a. 6d. Thia old 
traoslalion is not only incorrect, hut CDvat 
and vulgar in iti diction. It haa, howenr, 
been frequently reprinted in ISmo. 4 vidi. 
A valuable edition wai pubUahed in 1T9S, 
by Richard Gougb, coniiderably enlarged 
from (he Paris edition, vrilh notes of illns- 
tration, and a prelice, in which the np- 
ptementary talea published by Dom Chant 
ate proved to be a palpable towgrrj. 

— Translated by the Rev. Ed- 
ward Forster. Ixindon. 1802. 8vo. 
5 vols, wilb plates after Smirke's 

A very elegant tranilation. Demy Svo. 
Duke of York, 13S, 21. 111. Saundera' in 
1818, 3'. Royal Svo. with proof plates, 
Nistau, pt. i. 54, ruaaia, 31. 9s. Sotheliy's 
in 1B24, morocco, ii. 9s. Quarto, with 
proola before the lettera, Sir M. H. Sykel, 
pt. i. Sn, bds. 5J. 13s.6d. Solbeby'a in 
May, 1823, 'I. ITt 8d. Drory, S33, mo- 
rocco, W. ISf Two copies were pubtiibed 
with proof plata on utin, BnKketl, »>, 


moeco, Iftl. 7t. 6d. An edition of For- A frivolofns and worthlew narratiTe, full 

Act's translatkm has been published in of ridiculoas blunders. Quarterly Review. 

ISmo. 4 ToU. Duke.of York, 253, 19s. Brocket!, 1292, 

Arabian Nights Entertainments, Ulls.6d. 

translated by William Beaumont, Aratus. Pheenomena et Diose- 

Lwid.l811.royaU2mo. 4vols. U. meia, cum Theonis Scholiis et 

A BMMrt entertaining Tolunie in eludda- Eratosthenis Catasterismis, etc. 

tkmof these oriental fictions, was published Greece. Aocesserunt Annotationes 

by the Rer. Richard Hole, 1797. 8vo. 5s. j^ Eratosthenem et Hymnos Dio- 

— To which is added, a Selec- nysii. (Curante Jo. Fell.) Oxon. 
tkm of new Tales, now first trans- 1672. 8vo. 5s. 

bted from the Arabic Originals; An excellent critical edition. Gossett 

also an Introduction and Notes^ by ^^®» morocco, lis. Williams, 64,mor. IBs. 

Jonathan Scott LL.D Ix,ndon'. I^T^f 'Arr';,^ ' "JTJuT'i^rT 

1811. royal l8roo. with frontlS- of Aratus, in Mr. DodweU*s study, there ii 

pieces, 6 vols. a printed letter prefixed to the notes 'upon 

This edition was carefully revised and ^^^ hymns, from Dr. Bernard to Mr. Dod- 

srcMionaUy corrected from the Arabic The well, which I never saw in any other 

btrodnction and notes are valuable, as il- '^PX* ... 

lartrativeofthereligiion, manners, and cufl- AratUS. DlOSemeia, NotlS et 

Idau of the Mabommedans. Post octavo, Collatione Scriptorum illustrayit 

^J^^^J ^^^^ J^^^r^y^ ^'^y Tho. Forster. Lond. 1815. 8vo. 

^'JkIL ^ll T''r).T^n^^. Translations from Aratus will be found 

- .f^'. ?!; L l«i 1 lai^ 1 '^ J*»>«* Hughes* MisceUanies, 1737, Svo. 

Bowpnatmsat Calcutta, vol. L 1814. vol. . ai a r\ 

fi.1818- A RBUT KNOT, Alexander. Ora- 

— With plates after the Designs tionesde Origine et Dignitate Juris, 
of Rich. Westall. London, 1819. Edinb. 1572. 4to. 

12II10. 4 Tols. U. 8s. J"»« *"*°' ?.^, ^^' lf"?«d and elegant 

performance published Buchanan s History 

An dcgant edition. In 1814 was pub- of Scotland, A life of him will be found in 

fiihcd the Adventures of Hunchback, with Irving's Scotish Poets, vol. ii- 

prints by Daniell, from drawings by Smirke. — Archib. Life and Adventures 

li^teriai 4to. North, pt.i. 35, (proofr on of Simon Eraser, Lord Lovat. Lon- 

mil pa fee) 5/. 12s. 6d. , jmAc irt -.l * •* i. 

,.T ^ i_. i^T- 1.. • w - "on, 1746. 12mo. with portrait by 

— New Arabian Nighte Enter- ^ Hogarth, 6s. 

ttipmenU ; »^^ from the origi- _ y^^ ^^ Adventures of Miss 

nal Onental MS. By Jos. Von Jenny Cameron. London, 1746. 

Hsmaier, and now first translated i2mo. 4s. 

imo English by the Rev. G. Lambe. Brockett, 44, l Is. Reprinted Boston, 

Loud. 1826. fcp. 8vo. 3 vols. 18s. I750.8vo. 

Atabian Tales, translated from — John, M.D. Tables of an« 

tbe original Arabic into French; cient Coins, Weights and Measures, 

and from the French into English, explained and exemplify'd in seve- 

by Robert Heron. Edmburgh, rai Dissertations. London, 1727. 

1792. 12mo. 4 vols. 10s. 4to. lOs. 6d. 

Sir If. M. Sykes, pLL 74, 12$. Pont- A standard work of great learning and 

^ 1982 13s. value, though not wholly free from inaccu- 

Ambi^ and Persian Tales. See p^- S^,l^rb\L^.^%% 

Scott, Jonathan, LL.U. n g,. Stanley, 77, russia, 1/. IBs. 

AeAGO, J. Narrative of aVoyage In * Litenede Re Nummaria,* 1729. Svo. 

iwrndthe World, by Captain Frey- '•ntten by Smith, will be found Re- 

*• ^ J *u^ VAoffl IfilT 1ft marks on these Tables. In the year 

cmet dunng the Years 1817, 18, i747,werepublishedObservationson them 

I9,ind 20, on a scientific fixpedl- ,,y the Rev. Beiy. Langworth, D.D. 4to. 

tkm Qodertakea by order or the 5s. Gosset, 3187, lOs. 6d. 

Preach Oovenunent. Lond. 1822. — Tables. To which is added 

4to. an Appendix, containing Observa- 

58 ARC 

tions by Benj. Langwith, D,D. 

London, 1754. 4to. 

Best edition. Brockett, 244, 1/. Is. 
Dent, pt.i. 288, l/.5s. pt. u. 1074, 175. 
Sir P. Thompson, 95, 1/. Us. 6d. Wil- 
lett, »3, 2/. These vahiable Table? were 
translated into Latin by Daniel Koenig, 
and published at Utrecht 1756. 

Arbuthkot, John, M.D. The 
Miscellaneous Works. Glasgow, 
1750, or 1751. 8vo. 2 vols. 

These volumes were pronounced by the 
Doctor's son not to be the works of his 
father, but a gross imposition on the public. 
Willett, 85, 10s. 6d. Dent, pti. 75. 16s. 
Reprinted 1770. 12mo. 2 vols. 10s. 6d. In 
the Retrospective Review, viii. 285 — 304, 
will be found an account of the life and 
writings of Dr. Arbuthnot« 

A RCA N DAM. Booke to find the 
fatall Destiny, Con artel! ation. Com- 
plexion and natnrall Inclination 
of euery Man and Childe by his 
Birth. With an Addition of Phi- 
siognoniy, tourned out of French 
into our vulgar Tqnguc by William 
Warde. Lond. 1578. 4to. 10s. 6d. 

Black letter, with wood cuts, contains Q 
4,in eights. Reprinted 1592,1617,1652,and 
17Y4. Edition 1617, North, pt.i. 75, 1/. lOs. 
Edition 1652, Roxburghe, (Supplem. No. 
648) 5s. White Knights, 4366, 5s. 

Arceus, Franciscus, M.D. Me- 
thod of curing Woundes with other 
Precepts of the same Arte, trans- 
lated into English by John Read, 
Chirurgeon. Whereunto is added 
the exact Cure of the Caruncle, 
translated out of Johanes Ardern : 
&c. Imprinted by Thomas East, 
1588. 4to. 10s. 6d. 

Black letter. In this work will be found 
' A Complaint of the Abuse of the noble 
Arte of Chirurgerfe,' by John Read, in 

Archseologia. See Antiquaries 
of London, 

ArchsBologia ^liana, published 
by the Society of Antiquaries at 
Newcastle. Newcastle, 1 8 1 6-27 . 
4to. vol. i. U. 10s. and vol. ii. pt.i. 

Archaica, containing a Reprint 
of scarce old English Prose Tracts, 
with Prefaces critical and biogra- 
phical» by Sir £. Brydges, Bart. I strong, Archibald. 
London, 1815. 4to. 2 vols. I Ahchenholz, M. d*. Picture 


This work was published witfi tlM Heli- 
conia by Mr. Park, of which 200 copies 
only were printed. 

Contents : — Greene'sPbilomela — Greene's 
Arcana — Southwell's Triumplis over Death 
— Breton's Characters and hb Good and 6ie 
Bad — Nash's Christ's Tears orer Jerusakm 
— Harvey's Four Letters and Sonnets, 
touching Robert Greene — Harvey'a Plerce'i 
Supererogation — New Letter o( Notable 
Contents— Brathwayte's Essays upon the 
Five Senses. 

Strcttell, 1 7 1 , 2/. 2s. Nassau, pt i. 1 79, 
2/. 4s. Saunders' in 1 8 1 8, 2/. 1 2s. 6d. 

Archbishops — ^The Forme and 
Maner of makyng and consecrat- 
yng of Archebishoppes, Bishoppes^ 
Priestes and Deacons, m.d.xiix. 
Rich. Grafton excud. 1549. 4to. 

Black letter. Contains K, in ftmn. 
Marq. of Townshend, 156, 3s. 6d. Bind- 
ley, pt. ii. 1023, 1/. 10s. 

— A short Treatise of Arch- 
Bishops Lords Spiritual. Printed 
in the year 1641. 4to. 

Reprinted in the nixth number of Mor- 
gan's rhcenix Britannicus. 

Arch DALE, John. A new De- 
scription of the fertile and pleasant 
Province of Carolina. London, 
1707. 4to. 

North, pt. iii. 599, 8s. 

Arch DA LL, Mervyn,A.M. Mo- 
nasticon Hibernicurn: or, an History 
of the Abbies, Priories, and other 
Religious Houses in Ireland. Dub* 
lin, 1786. 4to. 

A valuable and esteemed work, contain* 
ing pp. 820, besides title, dedication, list of 
subscribers, and introduction, xw pp. in 
index and errata, 4 leaves ; also a map tf 
Ireland, 1786, and 18 plates of costume. 
Dent, pt. i. 289, russia, 1/. 13s. FonthiH, 
1819, 1M68. Marq.of Townshend, 155, 
1/. 17s. Nassau, pt. i. 180, 2/. 9s. 

Arciidekin, Richard. Of Mi- 
racles, and the new Miracles done 
by the Relicks of St. Francis 
Xaviers, in the Jesuits' College at 
Mechlin. Louvanii, 1667. 8vo. 

— Vitae et Miraculorum Sancti 
Patricii, Hibemiae Apostoli Epi- 
tome : cum brevi Notitia Hibernise, 
et Prophetia S. Malackiee, &c. 
Lovan. 1671. 8vo. 

Archee or Archy. See Arm- 


of Borland, translated from the 
French. London, 1790. 12mo. 2 
?o1s. 4s. 

A wrvuhed trmnsUtioD. Archenhols 
piUiabed tbe following work relating to 
QfCBt Britain ' Anmden der BrittUchen 
GcKiiidite.' Tutungue, 1789-98. 8vo. 20 

A EC HER, Rev. James. Sermons 
foreYerj Sunday in the Year. 1st 
and 2d Series. London, 1817, 22. 
8to. 4 vols. 2/. 2s. 

These excellent Catholic Sermons have 
ptaed through sereral editions. 

Aecber, John» M.D. Every 

Man his own Doctor : to which is 

added, an Herbal. London, 1673. 

8to. with portrait. 

White KnighU, pt. i. 219, 10s. The 
fanBer edUtion appeared in 1671* InBcloe's 
Aaeedotes, i. 199-200, is a list of inven- 
tioQt hy this celebrated physician. 

Archery. — Artof Archeric. Lon- 
don, 1634. 8vo. with a frontispiece. 

Nassau, pt. L 63, 8s. Bindley, pt. i. 72, 

— Poems in English and Latin 
OD the Archers and Royal-Com- 
nuiyof Archers, by several Hands. 
Edinb. 1726. 12mo. 5s. 

Aechimedrs. Quee supersunt 
omnia, cum Eutochii Commentariis 
(Greece). Ex reccnsione JosephiTo- 
relli, cum nova Versione Latin a. 
Aiccedunt I..ectiones variantes ex 
Codd. Mediceo et Parisicosibus. 
Oioa. 1792. folio. 

The Boat cooipUitc and magnificent edi- 
timtfUiis author's works. Willett, 134, 
U 1^ LABGE PAPER. Dent, pt. i. 154, 
■sncKD. Drur^r, 382, nissia, 2/. 19s. 

— Arenanus, et Diinensio Cir- 
cvli: Eatacii Ascalonitie in banc 
Comment. Gr. cum Versione et 
Notis Job. Wallis. Oxonii. 1676. 
1200. 3s. 

A iirmer edition appeared 1666. 

— Opera, Apollonii Pergeei Coni- 
conim Libri I V . Theodosii Sphae- 
rica, Methodo nova illustrata per 
li. Barrow. London, 1675. 4tp. 


A nmIL editioOt highly praised by Mon- 

Arenarius, translated from 

the Greek, with Notes and illus^- 
tions (by G. Anderson). To which 



is added, the Dissertation of Chris- 
topher Clavius on the same Sub- 
ject, from the Latin. Lond. 1784. 
8vo. 3s. 

A masterly translation, with curious and 
pertinent notes and illustrations. Portions 
of the Theorems of Archimedes will be 
found in Whiston and Barrow's Tersions of 

Architecture. — The Grecian Or- 
ders of Architecture delineated and 
explained from the Antiquities of 
Athens; also Parallels of the Orders 
of Palladio, Scamroozzi and Vig- 
nola, to which are added Remarks 
concerning public and private Edi- 
fices; with Designs. London, 1768. 
folio. H. 5s. 

— Rudiments of ancient Archi- 
tecture, with a Dictionary of Terms. 
The second Edition, much en- 
larged. London, 1794. royal 8vo. 
wim 11 plates, and a portrait of 
James Stuart on the title page, 6s. 

A Tery useful work, reprinted 1804, 
1810. The first edition appeared in 1789. 

— Essays on Gothic Architec* 
ture, by the Rev. T. Warton, Rev. 
J. Bentham, Captain Grose, and 
the Rev. J. Milner, with a Letter 
to the Publisher. The second Edi- 
tion, to which is added a List of 
the Cathedrals of England, with 
their Dimensions. London, 1802. 
8vo. with twelve plates, 10s. 6d. 

A valuable and esteemed work, reprinted 
1808. 10s. 6d. The first edition appeared 
in 1808. 6s. Sir M. M. Sykcs, pt. iii. 
1063, 14s. Fonthill, 1088, 17s. 

Arch TT AS, &c. Political Frag- 
ments of Archytas, Charondas, Za- 
leucus, and other ancient Pythago- 
reans, and Ethical Fragments of 
Hierocles, translated from the 
Greek, by Thomas Taylor. Lond. 
1822. 8vo. 6s. 

Fragments of Archytas will be found in 
Gale's Opuscula Mythologica, &c Cantab. 
1670. Amst. 1688. 

Ardai Viraf Nameb, or the Re- 
velatioasof Ardai Viraf; translated 
from the Persian and Guzeratea 
Versions, by J. A. Pope. London, 
1816. avo. 5s. 

Ardea of Fever8ham.--»The la- 
I mentable and true Tragedie of M. 

60 ARE 

Arden of Fevenham in Kent. 

PrinUd for Edward White, 1592. 


Thii black Icttri pU;, rrom which Lillc 
hai not unrnquentlf copied whotf lirica, 
ITM reprmled 1S99. ito. 1633. 4ta. 15i. 
ud U^; 1770. BfO. with ■ ridiculoui pre- 
boe imputing it to Shakexpearc, 3i. 6d. 
LaSOB PAPER, 6i, Edition 1599. FonlFr, 
I144,3t. EditioD 1633. Rhodri, 1S33, II. 
8othaby'«inNDT.I826, 11.7i Raiburghi, 
4049, 11. ?•■ FonUi, 1 1S7, II- 14a. Bindle;, 
pt. 1. 157, 3L 31. Edidoa 1770. Bindltf, 
pLl. IT, Tt. 

AsET^uBof Cappadocia. JEtio- 
logica, Semeiotica et Therapeutica, 
Or. et Lat. ex Recensione et cum 
Notis Joannis Wigan. Osonii. 
1723. foiio. lOs. 6d. LaROE 

PAPER, 11. Is. 

or thii beautiful and correct edidoa 300 
copin were printed. 

— AretffiuB; consisting of eight 
Books on the Causes, Symptoms 
and Cure of acute and chronic 
Diseaseif translated from the ori- 
ginal Greek, by John Mofiatt, 
M.D. Lnndon. 1785. 8»o. Ss. 

A tranitatian, according to the Monthlj 
Rariewen, general] y coincl,and «b ich giiea 
ptcttj nearly the lenK of the originaL 

Ahbtikus, Leonard. Fide 
Akistotklf.s. Phalaris. 

— The Historie of Leonard 
Aretine, concerning theWarres be- 
twenetlie Imperiallsand the Gothei 
for the possession of Italy, trans- 
lated by Arthur Goldyng. Lon- 
don, 1563. 16mo. 

Black letter. 18D leatei, brndei an 
cpiitle and prchce. Solhtby'g in 1B2S, 
il.Bi. White KnighU, S!7, morocco, 31.4>, 

Aretius, Benedictus. A short 
History of ValentinuB Oentilis, the 
Tritheist, translated into English 
(with a Preface by Dr. South) 
London, 1696. 8vo. 3s. 

GCHKI, 160, fll. 

Arztius, Jacob. Primula Ye- 
ns, seu Panegyrica ad excel!. 
Principem Palatinum, In Regis 
Jacobi InauguratJonem Carmen. 
InNuptiaaillustr. Principis Frede- 
rici et Elizabeths Meletemata. 
Loud. 1613. 4to. 

A cspjr it In tha Britiih Hoanmi. 


Akfevillb, Nicolay d*. La 
Navigation du Roy d'Eacoiae 
Jacques cinquiesme du Nom, au- 
tour de son Royaume, et lalea 
Hebrides et Orchades, soubz la 
Conduite d* Alexandre Lyndsay, 
excellent Pilot Escossois. Pans, 
1583. 4to. with a map. 

A copy i* In the Briluh Muaeiim. 

Aroall, John. Iniroductio ad 
Artem Dialeclicam. Lend. 1605. 

A ' very bcete and pleuant' book, ao- 

corditig to Ant. i Wood. 

AaoALL, Rich. The Bn'de't 
Ornament; poetical Essays upon a 
divineSubjeet. London, 1621. 4Lo. 

Thii poet, who wai pstromaed by Biibap 
King, pnbliihfd a renion of Solomon's 
(Otig. Sit Solomon. 

— Funeral Elegy, consecrated 
to the Memory of his ever honoured 
Lord King, late B. of London, &c. 

In the Britiih Miueum calAlogne Uw 
AccedcDs of 'Armory ii etroneanal; attri- 
buted to Ricliud Aigall. 

Argehsola, (Barth. Leon. de). 
The Discoverv and Conquest of the 
Molucco and Phiiippine Islands; 
translated from the Spanish. Lon- 
don, 1708. 4to. with 4 plates. 

Dent. pL i. 291, Tl fid. Nanaa, pt. L 
183, Si. Townelej, 115, lDi.Sd. 

Argumentum Anli-Normani- 
cum : a scawinable Treatise, where- 
in is proved that William the Con- 
queror did not get the imperial 
Crown of England by the sword, 
but by the election and consent of 
the people. London, 1689. 8vo. 5s. 

Thit publication, occuioned by a work 
of William Pettyfi. entitled • Anllent 
Right* Dftbe Commoni of England,' 1S80, 
*u uiiwered by Dr. Biady in bii latro- 
diiction ID Old Engliih History. It b by 
(onie attributed to Atwood, and by otben 
Id Cooke. 

ABGT1.E, Archibald Campbell, 
Marquis of. Instructions to a Son, 
and Maxima of State. IxindoD, 
1661. 12mo. with portrait. 

Lloyd, 34, lOi. Roiburgbe, Soppte- 
meiit, 541, IL 3i. Bindley, pt.i. 51, lUi. 
Stanley, No. 18, nuda, by Roger Payiu^ 
2L 131. «d. ' 

— The Charge of High Treuon 

i|ui>tt the Haiqaeu of Aifyle and 
hi> Complice*, Jan. 23, 1661. 
London, 1661. 4to. 

In At RaxbDTitlw Librarr wu a copy 
<d the above, wilh tbe Uarqnii'i unwei, 
Ik. Sena Tncu, do. lOSO, 1'. llg. (Id. 
n tbe Biltiah Un- 

AaoTLE, ArcLibald Campbell, 
Duke of. Catalt^t Librorum, 
A.C.D.A.(Archib. Campbell Ducis 
A^stbeliK.) Glas^ffi, 1758. 4to. 

Priimtdjr printed. Reed, 184, 7u Od. 
Bndwtt,747, lis. IXbdlD, ), lli. 

Akioito, Lodovico. Orlando 
Fsrioao. Birmingtmm, 1773. 8vo. 
and 4to. 4 vob. with platei by 
Biibriout nod otherg. 

nc )Mt piodiictiMi of Bukervillc'i 
poL Braoet in hi* Muniel du Libraire 
tttone, that the plalei la tbe Ito. are 
H( lo giMtd aa time in the 8to. edition, 
■d HkewiK tliat innie iheeti In die Ant 
N^Bc Huu Id Isave been reprinted. 
Ocraro, Winett, 41, dL Sireltell, 41, mo. 
nos, St. Baker, li3, morocto, (with 
Ae adfitioa of aererai prooft.) ISi. ISl 
fltABto, Drarf, 339, morocco, 101. IDi. 
PmUD, S418, moiwco, lOL St. Dent. 
|t L nS, manMco, JiU Stanley, 288, 
mtacta,tlL Heath, lD4S,iruin>cco,33',l(. 

— Orlando FurioHi, with an 
oplanatton of equivocal words, 
ud poetical figurea, and an eluci- 
dation of all the passa§;es coDcem- 
ing hittory and fable. By Agostino 
lula. Camb. 1789. 8to. 4 vols. 

A vcrj correct correct edition of tlie 
■ifiaaL Sleeiena, 588, 17t. 

— Orlando Furioso, con tiote, 
faMigUo da Leonardo Nardini, 
id BIO degli Studiosi della Lin^a 
Ittlkna. Londra, 1801. 12mo. 
4lMi. 14a. 

k Mat editioD. Drurj, 310, II. lOi, 
Otttt.edliaiuby RomualdoZolti, Londan, 
K11. IXbo. 4 ml*, lla-i by Boichinl, 
lliS, IBdo. e Tob. 8i. 

— Orlando Furioso in English 
Herakal Verse, by (Sir) John 
Hirinild. London, by Richard 
Fi^, 1591. Folio, pp. 450, U. 5s. 

Tht tub Tinitpir'"t port, of Sit John H. 
^pand by W. Ragen. Tint eiUtJon. 
II mil dim to the Qnarteriy Reriew, an 
*rtJfii[ of iwnldfraH- merit, written 
ia lining EngStk i on the contrary by 
£■• toacd an Uucemate and IbeUe *er- 
■>. BiU.Ai^>»-Pae^3«>t3''3>"'*dii, 
M4, It Ifc. 

ARl 61 

AmtosTO, Lodorico. OTlando 
Furioso, now secondly imprinted. 
London, 1607. folio, pp. 450. 

Crarrick, 287, It li. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 
317, It III. «d. 

— Orlando Furioso, now thirdly 
revised and amended, with the ad- 
dition of the author's <i. e. Haring- 
ton's) Epigrnms, (4 Books.) Ixm- 
don, 1634. folio, pp. 496. 

The Ulle page li engraved, and hu Ha- 
rington'i portrait al the bottom, by CocbaD. 
Toi»neley, pt. ii, IJS, il. N««mu, pL i. 
20B, 2t li. Bindley, pt. i. 187, 2L fig. 
RoibuiBhe, iOTS, tl. ISi. Sir H. tL 
Syk<e,pt.1.31t,nioT. 81. Sl Bibl. Anglo- 
Poet, No. 318, at ISi. 6d. HeUh,2l)43, 
morocco, 31. ISc ed. 

— Orlando Furioso in Italian 
and English, by Temple Henry 
Croker. London, 1755, 4to. 2 
vols. 1/. 5s. 

I n lome copiei of thii edition (which ia 
in no eitimatlon,) the name of Temple 
Henry Croker, in olheri, that of Wm. 
Hit^ni appein u the Innilatoi. It if 
uiil that nuuiy copiei weje dntroyedby file. 

— Orlando Furioso, translated, 
with notes, by John Hoolc. Lon- 
don, 1783. 8vo. 5 vols, with port. 
of Hoole. 

According to the Qusiterly Reiieir, 
llrHile il the most contemptible of tranila- 
. on, and grauly ignonnl of the Ilalian 
language. Reprinted 1799. Bra. S toIi. 
(someon large piper). 13DT. toyal ISmo. 
5 vult. 8ic. and inserted in Chalmera' Col- 
Icclion of PoetL Edition 1783. Heath. 
2044, ItlOt. Williami, 88, It 7a. Edi- 
tion 1799. LAKOE FArEH, Na«u, pt. i. 97, 
1^ 18*. Fonthiil, 1316, with proof platet, 
it. IOl a tint volume of thti tnnilation 
„as pul>liibcd, wilh vignetlet, after Honi- 
taer, 1773. Svo. Garrick, 32, Sl 

— The Orlando reduced to 
twenty-four books, tbe narrative 
connected, and the stories disposed 
ill a regular series, by John Hoole. 
London, 1791. 8vo. 2 vols. 

In little ettlmation. Reed, 8135, 7i. 
Edvrard), 1S4, motocco, lt7i. 

— Orlando Furioso, translated 
into English verse by WiUiam 
Stewart Rote, London, 1825—7, 
post 6vo. vols. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 

A ipirited tmnilalloD, wya T. Moore. 
A traniiadon In Engliib proe, wilh notea, 
by Chrittopher Jobnaon, Sto. vol. 1, baa 
jiul appeared. 



Ariosto, Lodovico. An Abrege- 
ment of Roland Furious, translait 
out of Ariost; together with some 
Rhapsodies of the author's youthful 
Braine : and last, ane Schersing out 
of tnieFelicete,composit inScottesh 
Meiter be Stewart of Baldyneis. 

For an account of this MS. see the 
Rettituta, vol. i. pp. 313 — 17. 

' — Le Satire ed altre Rime, Lib. 
ii. con le Annotazioni di Paolo 
Rolli. Londra, 1716. 8vo. 3s. 
Large Paper, D. of Grafton, 628, 58. 

— Satyres, in English, by Ger- 
vis Markliam. London, 1608. 4to. 
pp. 108. 

This version is claimed hy Robert Tofte 
in a note (p. G) of his Iramlation of Rcned. 
Varchi'g Blazon of Jealousic. Peiry, pt. iv. 
30G, 13s. Bindley, pt. i. 341, IGs. Gor- 
donstoun, 100,2/. lOs. Sotheby's in May, 
1823, 2/. 12s. ()d. 

— Seven Planets gouerning Ita- 
lic, with a new addition of three 
most excellent Elegies, written by 
the same Lodovico Ariosto. Lon- 
don, 1611. 4to. 

The edition of 1608 with a new title- 
page, and the addition of the three elegies 
with a separate pa^nation. 

— Satires, (five translated by the 
Rev. — H— rt — n,the second and 
last by the editor, the Rev. T. H. 
Croker.) London, 1759. 8vo. 3s.6d. 

— Two Tales, the one in Dis- 
praise of Men, the other in Disgrace 
of Women ; with certain other Ita- 
lian Stanzas and Proverbs. By 
R.(obert) T.(ofte) Gentleman. Lon» 
don, 1597. 4to. 

— Comedie, Scholastica, dei 
Suppositi, e la Lena. Londra, 
1737-9. 12mo. 3 vols. 

A translation of the Supposes by Geo. 
Oascoyne appeared in 1566, and is reprinted 
in the third volume of Hawkina'i Origin of 
the Drama. 

Aristjenetus. Love Epistles, 
translated from the Greek into 
English Metre, (by Richard Brins- 
ley Sheridan and Mr. Halhed.) 
London, 1771. 8vo. 58, 

A much esteemed version. A former 
version, entitled * Letters of Love and Gal- 
lantry,' 1750, 8vo. 4s. and translation*, or 
rather imitations, of some of the epistles 
will be found in Tom Brown's Works. 


Aeistaecbus. De Magnitadi- 
nibas et Distantiis Solis et LuiMi 
Liber. Pappi Alex. Fragmentam 
e secundo Libro Collectionis Ma- 
thematics. Gr. et Lat. Notis Job. 
Wallis. Oxon. 1688, 8vo. 48. 

Also inserted in the Opera Mathemadea 
of WaUis. Oxon. 1699, in folio. 

— or the Principles of Ck>mpo« 
sition. London, 1791. 8vo. pp. 
432, 6s. 

This work written by the ingenious and 
learned Dr. Withers, was originaUy pulK 
li^ed in nuinl>ers. At the end, are Re- 
marks on Dr. Johnson's Dictionary, with 
proposals for a new English Dictionary. 

Aristeas. Historia LXXIL 
Interpretum, Gr. et Lat. Accessefe 
Vetenim Testimonia de eorum Ver- 

sijne. Oxonii, 1692. 8vo. 4s. 

A spurious work, large FAPfia. Dniry, 
221, U WiUiams, 70, morocco, 1/: 10a. 
Reprinted by Archdeacon Hody, with a 
confutation in ' De Bibliorum Textibui ori- 
ginalibus,' Oxon. 1705, folio. 

— History of the Septaagint 
written by Aristeas 1900 yean 
since. Newly done into Enelish 
by J. Done. The second edition 
revised and very much, corrected 
from the original. London, 1685| 
8vo. 5s. 

The first edition of this translation mv 
published in 1633, 12mo. 3s. laeqm PAPaa, 

— History of the seven ty->tiro 
Interpreters : to which is added, the 
History of the Angels, and their 
Gallantry with the daughters of 
Men, written by Enoch, the Pa- 
triarch. Published in Greek, by 
Dr. Grabe, made English by Mr* 
Lewis, of C.C.C* Oxford. Load. 
1715. 12mo, 4s. 

Another translation of Aristcae will be 
found in Wm. Whistbn's Authentic Record^ 
pt IL 8to. 1727. The celebrated poet 
Thomas Moore, is said to have been grettly 
indebted to Enoch's History in his poem 
entitled the Lioves of the Angela. 

Aristidp.s, iElius. Opem om- 
nia, Gr. et Lat. cum Notis et Emen- 
dationibus Gul. Canteri, &c. Ad- 
junctis insuper Veterum Scboliui et 
Prolegomenis Sopatri ApanMensis. 
Ex Recensione Sam • Jefab. Oxoniii. 
1722-30. 4to. 2 vols. 


l oag e praBsUntMtima,' Gosset, 
S!4, Si. Sfl. I.A&QS PAPER. Dmiy, 340, 
tL 18s. (ML Dent, pL i. 293, morocco, 8/. 
IkCdL Sir If. M. Sylcei, pt i. 376, mo- 
neco, 81. I St. Willett, 97, 9L Hestb, 
M«3, nuns, lOL 15s. 

Aeistophahes. — ComoedisB, 
Greece, exoptimisExempl. emenda- 
te; cum LatioaVersione, variisLec- 
tkmjlms, Notis et Emeodationibus: 
accedont deperditanim Comoedia- 
rom Fragmenta, ct Index Verbo- 
ram, Nominum propriorum, &c. a 
Rich. Fr. Phil. Briinck. Oxonii. 
1810. 8to. 4 vols. 188. 

A reprintof the edition Argentor. 1781-3. 
SfiL 4 Yob. with the notes at the foot of the 
toL Royml Octavo, 1/. 7s. Quarto, Pub- 
fi^ed at lOL lOs. Drury 344, nli8fa^2tl48. 

— Comcediee, Gr. ex Edit R. F. 
P. BniDdc. Oxon. 1814. 32mo. 

A neat e^tioQ. Drury 231, mor. 18i. 

— ComGediee, &e. Gr. et Lat 
nriis Lecttonibus, Sec. a R. F. 
P. Bmnck. Lond. 1823. 8vo. 3 vols. 
pnUkhed at 2/. 2s. , 

Aa aditiMi, without Notes, small 8vo. 3 

— CoDKBdiee cum Scholiis el 
Ttffietate Lectkmis, recensuit Imm. 
BeUEems. Accedont Versio La* 
tan, deperditanim Fragmenta, In- 
da locapletissimus, Noteeque Rei- 
Bgii, Beckii, Dindorfii, Schotzii, 
Bmkif 9 Dobreiiy Porsoni, Elmsleii, 
Hermanni, Fischerii, Hemsterhu- 
w, &c. Sec. Londini, 1828. 8?o. 

5 1^31. 15s. 

AMghly vulusUeedition. lauoe paper, 
5^ lit. Sd. The ' Annotationes', 3 toIs. 



Williams, 73, lis. Another edStion, 
1755. 3s. 

Aristophanes. — Equites, 
GrsBce, Oxon. 1593. 4to. 

— Achamenses, Gr. cum Anno- 
tationibus (P. Elmsley.) Oxonii. 
1809. 8vo. 

This edition was suppressed by its learned 

— Comedies, translated by T. 
Mitchell, A.M. Lond. 1820, 22. 
8vo. vols. i. and ii. 

A highly valuable and classical version. 

— Four- Comedies tran^ated 
into English, (viz. the Clouds, by 
R. Cumberland; Plutus by H. 
Fielding and Wm. Young; the 
Frogs by C. Dunster, and the 
Birds by—). Lond. 1812. 8vo. 7s. 

— The Clouds, now first entirely 
translated into English, with the 
principal Scholia, ami Notes critical 
and explanatory, by James White. 
London, 1759. 12mo. 3s. 6d. 

An admirable version done in a spedet 
of easy blank verse, with learned and Judi- 
cious notes. Roxburghe, 4376, 2s. 6d. 
Reed, 8011, 2/. 3s. A translation of the 
Clouds, will be found in Stanley's History 
of Philosophy. 

— A pleasant Comedie ; entito- 
led Hey for Honesty, down with 
Knavery. Translated out of Aris- 
tophanes his Plutus^ by Thomas 
Randolph; augmented and pub- 
lished by F. J. Lond. 1651. 4to. 4s. 

In this play the celebrated Architect Sir 
Christopher Wren, perfonned the character 
of Naenias. Rhodes, 1932, 5s. 6d. Roz- 
burghe, 5687, 4s. 

-^ The World's Idol ) or Plutus 
the God of Wealth, from the Greek, 
by H, H. B. together with his Notes 
and a short Disc6urse upon it. 

■iy be had separately, 91. 58. Several of 
the plays, vis. Aves, Nubes, Plutus, and 
Raaae, were alao published separately. 

- Plntns ct Nubes. Gr. et Lat. I i;;;don,°1659,'4to. 
cam Notts Jon. Lengii. Lond. 

1732. 8vo. 

Inlbis beantiful and correct edition 'in 
asam stodiosae juventutis,' the Scholia are 
placed beneath the text : it also contains 
two useful indexes, and a Kfie of Aristo- 
yhsBCiby Pri^hlinus. Heath, 3574, Gs. 6d. 
The former edition appeared in 1695, 
2s. Sd. An edition of the Plutus, by Do- 
Wee, Ii aonesed to 'R. Porsoni Not« in 
lilaHil— iin.' Cant. 18S0, Svo. 

— Nubes, Greece, ex Edittone 

Roxburghe, 4378, Ss. Rhodes, 447, 16s. 
A translation of the Plutus, by E. F. J. 
Carrington, Esq- and of the Birds, by the 
Rev. H. F. Cary, have lately appeared ; 
likewise a literal translation with notes of 
Plutusand the Frogs. Oxford, 1822, 8vo.8s. 

Aristoteles. De Vitiis et 
Virtutibus, cum Georgii Gemisti 
Plethonis Libello de Virtutibus, 
Gr. et Lat. ex Recensione Ed v. 
Faconer. Oxon. 1752. 8vo. 3s. 6d. 
Glasg. 1744. ! — Aristotelis Ethicorum Nico- 



macheorum Libri X. Gr. et Lat. 
cum NotisGul. Wilkinson. Oxon. 
1716. 8vo. 

A highly valuable and esteemed edition. 
Roxburghe, 1209, 58. 6d. WilUams, 76, 
morocco, 1/. 12s. lakqe paper. Heath, 
4269, 1/. 58. Drury, 249, morocco, by 
Roger Payne, 1/. 68. Dent, pt. i. 89, mor. 
1/. 15s. D. of Grafton, 141, morocco, 2/. 
88. Williams, 77, mor. 2^ 9s. Reprinted 
Oxon. 1803. 1809. 1818. of which edi- 
tions there are copies on large paper, 
(small paper, 88. large paper, 148.) 

AaisTOTELEs. Textus Ethico- 
mm Aristotelis per Leonard uAre- 
tinu lucidissime translatus, cor- 
rectissimeq; impressus Oxoniis. 


The second production of the Oxford 
Press, contains A — Y 6, in eights. A 1 
blank. A copy u in the Bodleian, All Souls, 
and Pembroke Libraries, Oxford, and also 
in Lord Spencer's Collection. 

— Ethicorum ad Nicomachum 
Libri decern per Queestiones expo* 
siti, per Sam. Heilandum. Ex Offi- 
cina Henr. Bynneman. 1581. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

— Poiitica et (Economica, ex 
Edit. Sylbur^ii, cum Versione Lam- 
bini et Synopsi Analytica Duvallii. 
Oxon. 1810. 8vo.2tom. 

A neat and correct edition. Drury 254, 
nissia, XL Is. 

— De Rhetorica seu Arte Di- 
cen(fi Libri tres, Grcecolat. (edidit 
Theod. Govlston) Lond. 1619. 
4to. 5s. 

Contains 239 pp. with title, dedication to 
Prince Charles, pre&ce, &c. 3 leaves, also 
table, index of authors, and errata, 3 leaves. 
Copies on large paper are extremely 
rare. GuU ton's, according to Dr. Dibdin, 
was the most popular of the versions of 
Aristotle's Rhetoric in our country during 
the 17 th century. Reprinted Lond. 1696, 
4to. andCamb. 1728, 8vo. 

— Ibid. Gr. et Lat. cum Notis 
Variorum (Cura Gul. Battie.) Cant. 
1728. 8vo. 5s. 

A very excellent edition. 

— Ibid. Gr. cum variis Lectio- 
nibus et Notis (edente Holwell). 
Oxon. 1759. 8vo. 12s. 

A very correct and beautiful edition, 
printed without accents. Heath, 3627, 
R Is. LARGE PAPER. Dent, pt i. 88, 
morocco, 1/. 7s. Williams, 80 mor. IL 8s. 
Sir M. M. Sykes, pt i. 87. moroccOi !/• 168. 
Drury, 250, morocco, 21. 3s. 


Aristotbles. — De Rhetorica 
Libri iii. ad FidemMSS. recogniti^ 
cum Versione Latina. Oxon. 1805. 
Bro. 68. 

A very useful as well as elegant edition 
' in usum juventutis academicse.' Reprinted 
in 1809- and 1820. 

— Animadversiones Variorum in 
Arist. de Rhetorica Libros iii. 
Oxon. 1820. 8vo. lis. 

Williams 81, morocco, IL la. 

— De Mundo Liber, Greece^ cum 
Versione Latina GuLBudeei. Glasg. 
1745. 12mo. ds. 

— De Poetica Liber, Latine con- 
versus et analytica Methodo iUus* 
tratusy a Theod. Goulston. Lond. 
1623. 4to. 5s. 

Goulston is styled by Ant a Wood, an 
excellent Latinist and a noted Grsocian.' 
Goulston's edition was reprinted Cant 1696. 
8vo. with additional notes, 2i« 6d« and at 
Glasg. 1745. 8vo. 48. 

— Ibid. Gr. et Lat. cum Notis. 
Oxonii, 1760. 8vo. 48. 

A very good edition ' J. Chdsam. B 
Dono amid"! Editoris, J. P.* MS. maU, 
LARGE PAPER. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt L 86, 
mor. 18s. Dent, mor. lb WilUams, 6S, 
mor. 19s. 

— Ibid, ex Versione Theod. 
Gouistoni. Lectionis Varietalem 
— Verborum Indicem, et Obsenra- 
tiones suas adjunxitT. Winstanlej, 
A.M. Oxon. 1780. Bvo. 68. 

This excellent edition, says Dr. Harwoodp 
will ever he a monument of the editor't 
learning and industry; but it la more cal- 
culated for the critic than the studant, 
LARGE PAPER. Hcath, 4362, lOt. Draj, 
244, morocco, 13s. Dent, pt i. 86, mo- 
rocco, 1/. 5s. Williams 79, morocco,.!^ 10a. 

— Ibid. Textu Gulstpniano; cum 
Praelectione, Versione et Notis 
Editoris, Gul. Cooke. Accedit Ele- 
gia Grayiana, Greece. Cantab. 
1785. 8vo. 3s. 6d. 

A respectable edition, larob PAm. 
Dent, pt. i. 87. morocco, lU Ua. 6d. 
Drury 245, morocco, 2L 15s. 

— Greece et Latine. Lectionem 
constituit, Versionem refinxit, 
Animadversionibus illustravit Tho- 
mas Tyrwhitt. Oxon. 1794. 4to. 

A very elegant and accurate ediCloii* 
Steevens, 171, IL 8s. Drury, 346, mor. 
lU 9s. Dent, pt. L 296, morooco^ }L}^ 
Rotcoe, 148, morocco, XL 14f. SirJL If. 


Sykes, pt i f 8S, nisna, !(. ISs. large 
FAPCB, in Iblio, 30 copies printed, which 
were reaenrcd by the delegates of the Uni- 
fcnity press a« presents for eminent charac- 
tm. Bp. Randolph, 181, morocco, 37^ 16s. 

Aeistoteles. De Poetica Li- 
ber, a Tho. Tyrwhitt, curante T. 
Burgess. Oxon: 1794. 8vo. 43. 

FIVE ^APEa, 58. 

Ileprinted Ozon. 1806 and 1817, of 
vlDch cditioiis there are copies on large 


— Pepli Fragmeotum, pluribus 
aMtum Epitaph lis, partim nuper 
edidt, paitim nunc primum e Co- 
dice Haiieiano (Carante T. Bur- 
^eis.) Dundmixy 1798. Svo. 

— Logica,. seu lotroductio in 
toUm Aristotelis Philosophiam ab 
Annenico Idiotnate ia Latinum 
?eita; Adiicitur Oratio Dominica 
qui a Chrtsto prolata aperti erant 
Coeli. Luc. 3. 21y e Syriaco versa. 
Doblin. 1657. 12mo. 

-* Ezcerpta ex Aristotelis Or- 
nno: de Simplicibus Terminis, de 
Propositione, et de Syllogismo. 
Aooedant Psellide quinqueVocibus 
iSber, et Simplicii in Categorias 
Prolegoiiiena. Uxon. 1802. 8vo. 4s. 

Aristotle. Works, translated 
and iOostrated with copious Elqci- 
datioDs, by Thomas Taylor. Lon- 
don, 1812. 4to. 10 vols. 

Of dris valuable translation, the only 
eoB|lcic one extant in the English Ian- 
gvfe, Ifty copies only were printed at the 
of William Meredith, Esq. The 
(of some of which a few extra 
ere printed) appeared as follows*: 
TW Phyacs (pp. xix. and 575) 1806. 
TWOiipBiion (pp. 844) 1807. 
The Treatbes on the Heavens, on Gene- 
latJtD, and Corruption, and on Meteors 
(pp. vSL and 608,>nrith a plate of ma- 
thematical figures) 1807. 
The Treatises on the Soul, on Sense and 
ScBsiblcs, ftc (pp- xlT. and 520, with 
s plate of mathematical figures) 1808. 
The History of Animals and Treatise on 
Physiogno m y ( pp. xxu. and 487 ) 1809. 
The Treatiaes on the Parts, and progres- 
mt Motion of Animals, Proulcms; 
ad his Treatise on indivisible lines 
(pp. vii. 607. vliL and 62) 1810. 
The Rhetoric^ Poetic, and Nicomacfaean 

Ethics (ppuzz^a. and 604) 1811. 
The (ifctt asA Bndcmi>n Ethics, the 



Politics and Econoniics (pp. viii and 
535) 1811. 
The Metaphysics, &c. (pp. xxix and 686) 


A Dissertation on the Philosophy of Aris- 
totle, by Thomas Taylor (pp.xzvlii 
and 577) 1812. 
Copies arc in the Bodleian Library and 
London Institution. Watson Taylor, 
36'. 15s. North, pt. i. 280, 30/. ps. 

Aristotle. Ethiques, now newly 
traslated into English, from the 
Italian by Jhon Wylkinson. Lond. 
Rich. Grafton, 1547. l6mo. 

Black letter. Contains L 3 in eights, 
half sheets, with a prefiue, dedicated to 
Edward, Earl of Derby. 

— Politiques, translated out of 
Greeke into French, with Exposi- 
tions, by Lovs Ijt Roy, called Re- 
gius, translated out of French 
into English. London, 1597. folio. 

Contains 393 pages and a table. Dedi- 
cated to ' Sir Robert Sidney Knight,' by I. 
D. *To the courteous Reader.' * I'o 
Henrie King of Fraunce and Poleland, the 
third of that name,' by Loys Le Roy. ' In- 
terpres at Lectoreni,* in ten Latin hexame- 
teis. The geniune work, according to 
Warton. Again 1598. Koxburghe, 1 220, 

— Ethics and Politics, compris- 
ing his practical Philosophy, trans- 
fated from the Greek. Illustrated 
by Introductions and Notes, the 
critical Hfstory of his Life, and a 
new Analysis of his speculative 
Works, by John Gillies, LLD. &c. 
London, 1797. 4to. 2 vols. 

A translation executed with strict fide- 
lity and great classical taste. Repiinted 
1804, 1813. 8vo. 2 vok. each. Edition 
1804. Earl of Kerry, 13, l/.4s. ; and 1813. 
Drury, 255, 25s. Thomas Taylor pub- 
lished an answer to Dr. Gillies' Supplement 
to his Aualyiis of Aristotk's Works, 1804. 
8vo. 3s. 6d. 

— New Translation of the Ni- 
comachean Ethics of Aristotle, by 
a Member of the University. Ox- 
ford, 1818. 8vo. 8s. 

Treatise on Government, 

translated from the Greek, by Wil- 
liam Ellis, M.A. London, 1776. 

4to. I5s. 

A faithful and perspicuous version. Re- 
printed 4to. London, 1778. 




Aristotle. Rhetoricky made 
English b^ the Translators of the 
Art of Thinking. London, 1686. 
8vo. 3s. 

Reprinted 1693. 8vo. and Oxford, 1816. 

— Rhetoric, translated with 
NoteSi by D. M. Crimmin. Lon- 
don, 1812. Svo. 8s. 

— Rhetoric, translated, with an In- 
troduction and Appendix, by John 
Gillies, LL.D. 128. Lond.l 823.8 vo. 

An excellent translation. 

— Rhetoric, literally translated 
from the Greek ; with Notes, by a 
Graduate of the University. To 
which is added, an Analysis of 
Aristotle's Rhetoric, by Thomas 
Hobbes, of Malmsbury. Oxford, 
1823. 8vo. 128. 

— Rhetoric, Poetic and Nico- 
machean Ethics, translated by 
Thomas Taylor. London, 1818. 
8vo. 2 vols. 12s. 

Drury, 253, 20i. 

— Metaphysics, translated with 
copious Notes, &c. by Thomas 
Taylor. London, 1801. 4to. l/.ls. 

This edition contains some valuable ,nat- 
ter by the translator, not reprinted jn jj^p 
ninth volume of his complete translation of 
Aristotle's works. 

— Art of Poetry, translated 
from the original Greek, with Da- 
cier's Notes. Loud. 1705.8vo.2s.6d. 

A translation of Dacier*s French version, 
reprinted 1709 and 1714. 

— Poetics, translated from the 
Greek into English. Lond. 1775. 
8vo. 2s. 6d. 

* So very literal,* says Mr. Pye, * as to 
be absolutely unintelligible to any person 
not acquainted with the ori^nal.' 

Treatise on Poetry, translated 

with Notes on the Translation and 
on the Original ; and two Disserta- 
tions on poetical and musical Imi- 
tations, by Thomas Twining, M.A. 
Oxford, 1789. 4to. 1/. Is. 

Contains pp. 5G7. Of this translation all 
the literary journals have spoken in terms 
of very high and justly-merited praise. 
Drury, 347, 1^ A Second Edition, im- 
proved by D. Twining, M.A. London, 
1812. Svo. 2 vols. Drury, 24S, lis. 


Aristotle. Poetics^ translated 
from the Greek, with Notes by 
Henry James Pye, Esq. London, 
1792. 4to. 

An edition fiur superior to that of 1788. 
4to. According to the Monthly Review- 
ers, ' Mr. P. has executed the dUlcult and 
laborious task with elegance, force, and pre- 
cision.' Roscoe, 150, R Is. 

— The Secret of Secrets 
of Aristotyle, with the Goner- 
nale of Princes and euery Maner 
of Estate, with Rules of Helth for 
Body and Soul, newly translatsd 
out of French, by Robert Ck>pl tod. 
London, printed by Robert Cop* 
land, 1528. 4to. 

Black letter. A to I, in fours. A for- 
gery, according to Warton, consecrated with 
the name of Aristotle. Weber says it was 
composed in yerse by Pierre de Vemon ia 
the 12th century. 

— De Cursione Lune. The 
Course and Disposition of the 
Dayes of the M oone in Laten and 
in Englishe, whiche be good and 
whiche be badde, after the Influ- 
ences of the Moone. Drawen oat 
of a Boke of Aristoteles de AstiO'- 
nomiis, &c. (London, by Richard 
Fakes.) 16mo. 

Black letter. A kind of astrological for- 
tune-telling treatise, in which the auUior 
descants on each particular day, in old Ei^ 
lish verse. 

— The Nature and Dysposycion 
of the vij Dayes in the Weke, and 
sheweth what the Thondre in euery 
Month in the Yere, chaunsynge, 
doth protende and sygnyfye. WHk 
the Course and Dysposycion, of the 
Dayes of the Moone whiche ben 
good, and whiche ben bad, after 
the Influences of the Moone. 
Drawen out of a Laten Bo<^ of 
Aristotiles Astronimis. Imprinted 
by me Robert Wyer. 12mo. 

Black letter. Contains B in eighti. 

— The Problems of Aristotle with 
other Philosophers and Physitioas; 
wherein are contained divers Ques- 
tions, with their Answers, touching 
the Estate of Mans Bodie. I.^ud. 
1595. 16mo. 6s. 

Black letter. After the problems of Aris- 
totle, are those of Marcus Antoniiu 

»7 ji 


IkM of Alnuidcr ArhioifiKn, 141 in ' 
Bnotei. The wock ni frequently re- ' 
(rioted in tbe 17tb century. 

Uuxy olber iratlii twre been pnbliibed, 
t* lAicb the name of Aiittotle bu been 
Uidjr alBxcd, but Ihef it of nd value or ' 

Akithm Ktji, Valens. Mausolea , 
Rtgam, Regiiianim, D^naBtBTtim, 
NobOiDm, sumptuoiiuiina, artifi- 
cimJMiiiia, tna^ificentiisima, t<on- 
dmi Anglonim, in OccideataU Ur- 
InAngulo structa, h.e. eonindem 
lucriptioDes omaes in Lucem re- 
dacts Cara Valeatit Arithmsei, 
Prafeuoris Academic). Literis et 
SupUbus Joannig Eichora. Fran- 
cof. Marcbion. 1618. 12mo. 
A K^ri* in <b( BritiibMuteani. 

Arithmetic. — An Introduction 
for to lerne to reken wiib the Pen 
md with the Counters, after the | 
tne Cast of Arismetyke or Awgrym 
is bole Numbers, aud alto in bio- 
kea; nawly corrected andcertajue , 
dilei and Enwmples added ther- ; 
Uto^ 1536. Imprented 15d7.8vo. i 

Bkck letter. CoDlaiot 8 v. uid Ihiee 
Ifank IMTB : Numben to the end. Thii I 
nrlninpiinted IS3B,lS4a, 1974, IS81 ' 

■4 1MI. ; 

AiLiKGTOv, Earl of. Letters to 
S« WiEUam Temple, Bart. 166^— 
'0, lo Sir Rich. Fanibaw, the Earl 
ofSandwich, the Earl of Sunder- 
It^andSir Wm. Godolphin, dur- 
iB{ their respective Embassies in 
Spn. 1664-74 : as also Sir Ro- i 
ben &MilhweU io Portugal. Lon- ' 
doi.l701.8TO. 2 vols. 10>. 6d. 

CtM^B rf- *i* >n<i *B°- '"<«' 1'"'" 
tfiW la nudght iBta Ibe lecRt widabicun 
an«|eBWBt «f sbln during the *bo>e in- 
nntiDt period. WiUeit. 4S, R lOi. Roi- 
baptist, h. 

Arhiv, Robert. Discourse of 
Eljubeth Caldwell, who, with some 
ciber Complices, attempted to 
poKn her Husband. Loud. 1604. 

NeU of Ninnies, simply of 
itbout Compounds. 

■~~ UiftOTf or the Two Hoids 

ARM 67 

j of More Ctacke. London, 1609. 

Tbe title conlMDiapoTtnit of tbe author 
m hii tiigc dren. Rbodea, 46S, MS. title 
11. St. Reed, 7890, H. lOi. Solheby'iin 
N'OT. 1826. 21. IZa. Inglii' Old Pltyt, 9, 
iL 3i. Sodieby'i m 1)123. TJ. lT>.6d. 

AaNiH, Robert. The valiant 
Welchman ; or, iho Chronicle His~ 
lory of the Life and valiant Deeds 
of Caradoc, the Great, King of 
Cambiia, now called Wales. Lond. 
1615. 4to. 

Reprinied 1663. Ito. Edition, 1615. 
fthtidfi, IGB. tSi. Ingli)' Old PUp, IfilS. 
Nth 10, 2f. Ti. Dale 1663, with ftonl. 
Roibui^he, 4333, 6a. 6d. Rbodei, 471, 
13a. Reed, 843), II. 2u Solbeby'i In 
Feb. IS24. If ;>. 

— Italian Taylor and hia Boy. 
London, 1609 4to. 

Eitenda to Hi. IngUt, 129,6/. Sa> 
Ibcby'tiu ISS3, 71. Kingand Lochee'iin 
Uarcfa leiO, 101. lOi. Goidonatoun, 101, 
121 12i. Reprinted in lac-nmile, ISll, 

AnninianHeresie,1628. 5k R.J. 

Armiuian Nunnery; or, a briefe 
Description and Relation of a late 
erected monasiicall Place, called 
the Arminian Nunnery, at Little 
Gidding, in Huntingdonshire. 
Printed by Thomas Underbill, 
1641. 4to. 

Contains pp. 10, with a view of the nun- 
nery BJ)d the whole length figure ofa nuD, 
as a vigaelte, in the title page. Cougb, 
416, II. 3s. King and Lochie'i in March 
1810, II. 2: Nauiu, pt. i. IS6, 31. 2a. 
RrpHnled by Ilearne in the Snt rolutue of 
Peter Unglofi'i Chronicle. 

Ahkinius, James, D.D. The 
Work', translated from the Latin. 
To which are prefixed, the Life 
of the Author, Extrdcta from bis 
Letters, Sec. By James Nichols. 
, London, 1825. 8vo. voL i. with 
port. 16i. 

An excellent traulalian, ' with a great 
deal of important matter in the prolego- 
mena and Dolet.' 

— The Life and Death of James 
Arminius and Simon Episcopius. 
Now published in the Eng-lish 
Tougue. London, 16T2. 12mo. 5s. 
I Arms borne by Families of Great 
Britain and Ireland. (The principal 
historical and allusive) with their 

respective Authorities, cotlecUd by , 
an Authority, with a Representa- 
tion of the Anns on copper-platei. 
London, 1803. 4to. 

Conuina pp. viii and S52. Thin uwlm, 
■nd !□ muij pUcei nonienilcal, conipiUeion 
i« uiuiIlT stiriliutcil Id Col. Di la MotU. 
The major part or tlie impretuon <•» de- 
stroyed >n Uie' Rrr *l Nitbol*' Printing 
Office. Sir M. H. Sykn, HS3, It Ti. 
RoibuTShe, S6T5, If. Ib. 

ARMflTROKQ, Archibald. At- 
chy'g Dream, Bometime Jester to 
his Majestie but exiled the Court 
by Canterburies Malice. With a 
Relation Tor whom an odd Chaire 
stood voidin HpII. 1641. 4to. 

One ihtet. The fronlispiece repreienta 
Aichbiahop Laud in bed with ■ doven foot 
It the bed tide, (great iwoni in the iiindoH 
and Arch; iluiiUiig by. White KnighU, 
pt. i. 171, U 4s. 

— Archee'a Banquet of Jests 
new and old. Lond. 1657. ISn.o. 
with a portrait of Archee whole 
length, and four verses, by T. 

iDgUa, 30, moriKco, 51. ISa. <i<l. IGGS, 
with port. Sothebjr'iin May 1823, mar. l/.lf. 

— Jests found in his Closet after 
his decease. liondon, 1660. with 
portrait engraved by GaywoocI, 
inscribed 'This is no Afuckle 
John nor Somnrers William.' 

Inlreluid'i CilalDgne ISDI, No. 482, 
una • Life of Archer, Jeiter to Jamei and 
Cbarlet the Flrft, with portrul by Cecill.' 

— John, Col. History of the 
Navigation of the Port of King's 
Lyn and of Cambridge, and the 
rest of the trading Towns in those 
Parts; and of the navigable Rivers 
that have their Course through the 
Bedford Level. London, 1725. folio. 

nonUiDipp. 148, beiidea prcr*ce, errati, 
and lilt or lubicriberi' names, ci.lil pa^a, 
■lio aertn map< and plalei. In 1766, the 
old title, preface* and contenti were can- 
celled, and ncK onea pHnled, and alter the 
table of contenti iiui addition of ' An Ab- 
■tiact' coniiaiing of tiro pagei. 

— John. History of the fsland ' 
of Minorca. Second Edition. Lon- 
don, 1756. 8vo. j 

Contain! pp. !fi4, with fiteplatei. Dent, i 
pt. L 9 1, St. fid. Towueley, pL. i. 369, 7a. 
FoDthill, 2696, Ut. The Brat edition ap- 
peared in IT«i. 

ArmstkokO) John, H.D. Mis- 
cellanies. London, 1770. IZmo. 
Q vols. 

Naaiau, pt. i. 60, Ti. In IT95 mi pnb- 
liihed The Art of preierring Health. By 
John Armatrong, M. D. To whkh i* pre- 
Aied a critical Etaay on the PoeiD. By J. 
Aikin, M.I). 1795. St. 
I' — R. A., A.M. Caelic Dio- 
itiinary. in two Parts: 1. Gaelic 
I and English ; 2. English and 
Gaelic- London, 1825. 4to. 
3t. 13s. 6d. 

Annslrong. — The pleasant Hil- 
' tory of Jonny Armstrong, 4to. Ss. 
: Abnald, Richard. Critical 
' Commentary upon the Apocnrpha. 
, London, 1744, 8, 52. Folio, 3 
Parts, 2(. 28. 

I Thiajudicioua and valuable worli nnially 
accompaniet (he ctRnmeatoriet of Paliiek, 
Lowth, and Whitby, and ii the *cuccM 
volume of the act. It hat been re^iinled 
ISOB, IHOS, 1822, ltd. U Uead. Bfi- 
tion 1744, Gough 2729, with HS. DMab; 
Jer. Markland, JL 7a. 

Amalt and Lucenda. See Hot- 
LYDAND, Claudius. 

Arhaud, Henri. History of 
the glorious Return of the Vaudoit 
to their valley in 1689. Translated 
from ibe original by Hugh Dyke 
Acland, Esq. with sketches of the 

' country, engraved by Flnden. 
London, 1826. 8vo. 

I Arhdtiuv, Johannes. De vero 

, ChristianismoLibrilV.cum Judiois 
ejus de Theologia Polemica, LaL 
ex Vewione A. W, Boetni. Lmd. 

, 1708. 8vo. 2toIs. 

The ma*t ealeemed work of all tkow 
written by Ihia celebrated Prate*tuit dlflike. 
Raiburgfae, 401, 7*.ad. Itbaabecn tiu*- 
lated into Engtiih 171244, Bvo. ! to*. 
and again, by W. Jacquei, ISIS, Sto. 9 
vol*. 9t. each. An edition of the trandar 
Uon by W. H. Boehm. London, 1T30. tn. 
3 lOlt. William*, S2, II. 19*. 

Amo Miscellany: a Collection 
of fugitive pieces by a Society 
called the Oziosi. Florence, 1784. 
8vo. 78. 6d. 

Frivately printed. 

Arnold, John. An Account 
kept during thirteen months in th« 
Royal Observatory at Greeowicb, 
of the going of a pocket Chrono- 

meter. A Letter from Hr. Chris* I 
tian Meyer, Astroaomer to the | 
Elector PaltHioe. On the Long^itude, 
m a Letter to the CommiRsioners 
of that Board. An Answer to an 
tnooymoBs letter on the Longitude. 
Lmd. 17SO-2. 4to. Four Tracts, 


AaKOLD, Richard. The Name* 
of the Balyfa, Cuatos, Mayrea, and 
Sbeief* of y* Cite fo. London from 
Ibe Tyme of Kynge Richard the 
Gnt, callfrd Curede Lyon, which 
ns crajrned y iii day of Septebre 
j'yereof ourLordeGodsi'Lkxxix. 
(1502.) Small folio. 

Bhck imer. Fol cxriii. with * ' Kilm- 
Irf cMODMndng on A IL flrat editJoD. 
tlH dMoibcd in Ibc Ceiuara Littenrin, tL 

— The Naniei of the Baylyfs, 
Cottoae, Mayers, and Sherefa of 
the Cyte of London, &c. (1521.) 

Bl*d( bttcT. A 4 laTn, A 1 btuik. 
B 1~C 4. IS Iram, Ibm B 1— U S, 170 
Inn. A ftiU dncription oT thU cditWD, 
(■ wtocfa, acciirdiDg lo Hevnt.Ibt hiiUny 
(Ban mncfa loser Ihu the flnt,) wilt be 
ftod ioCHdri'Briiiib Llbrvlu, pp.31— S S. 

— TTie Names of f Bayiifs, 
Cnttoe, Maiers, and Shereftof the 
Cjteof Londo, &c. folio. 

Bbck Mier. Tbe sgnatnn* art irregu- 
\m, A caot^ning llw table df tonterti, 4 
hntt, tfac Bnt of whidi U bluk, tbeti *no- 
te^. A wiUi 8 leCTCi; B 4, oa tbe Snt 
iBtrf wUcfa begini the Dumbning of the 
b<H^ CS — E8; P«-^«i KB; !i 6 ; 
T «; T S, the lut pa^ of wbkh b biknk. 
i (trr (utl dncriptidn of tbk edIIieD will 
kbud m Hobert'i Kmtt iii. 1746—51. 
Ci)in of Ihe viiinui edilioiu h>Te been 
■M w DBder: Muon, ISf. 1S>. Brand, 
IV. Ih. LaiudowBC, 11. ITi. 6d. Sir P. 
TbiMiiiiiii, 14T, ISf. Roibn^hr, 835S, 
tU. u Namo, pt. i- >07, 71. Sir H. 
)L^ka,434, lit. ISa. Dent, pi. i. ISS, 

— The Customs of London, 
Mknwise called Arnold's Chroni- 
cle: containing among divers other 
■liters tbe original of the cele- 
bnied Poem of the Nut-brown 
Maid. Reprinted from tbe first 
edition, with the AddltioDS included 
istbesecond. London, 1811. 4to. 
pp. ni and 300, 1/. Is. 



. A faithful Ttpriot, with a jodidaiu iiitr»- 
ductioa, by Fnocii Doun, Eiq. Wuton 
obierTB ol tbli work, that it !■ perbap* 
the nuMl beterogtneoua and Tmilli&riDiu 
miirallan]' that mr eilrtcd. 

Arnold de Noua Villa. The 
Defence of Age and Recouery of 
Youth. Impr. by me Robert 
Wyer, 16mo. 

Black letter. Ccmtaiiu B, in tosn. In- 
^|32, II. lOi. 

Arhold, Thomaa. M.D. Ob- 
aervatioDS on the Nature, Kinds, 
Causes, and Prevention of Insanity. 
London, 1800. 8vo. 3 vols. 9s. 

A very entertaining work, coBtuaing tbe 
opinioni both of andenu and modemi upon 
tbi* inbjeet, illuHrated by a variet; of 
curiooi facU. A fotmer editiMi appeared 

Ahsot, Hugo. Collection 
and Abridgement of celebrated 
criminal Trials in Scotland, from 
A.D. 1536 to 1784, with historical 
and critical remarks. Edin. I8I2. 
8vo. lOs. 6d. 

The IbrnwT e^tion, 17B9, 4ta. Roi- 
burghe, 1079, lU Bindley, pi. i. 118, Ol 

— History of Edinburgh, from 
the earliest accounts to the present 
lime. To which ia added an Ap- 
pendix. Second Edition. Edin. 
1789. 4to. pp. 674, and twenty 

Beit edition of an aieliil and eateitalDing 
work. Roiburghe, 8785, U.3*. In 1779 
the fonner edition appeared. NaiBu, 188, 
9*. Roxburghe, 8784, R \t. Heatb, 4T2S, 
XL lOt. 

Arhwav, John, D.D. Tablet, 
or Moderation of Charles the First, 
Martyr, with an Alarum to the 
subjects of England. Hague, 1650. 
small 8vo. 

or Ihii edition, according loAnl. a Wood,, 
a (em copin only were printed. Itwaa 
reprinted at London, Idei, with port of 
Charleal. Svo. by the care of Will. RideT> 
who manied the author"! near kiniwoman. 
Tbeedhion 1S61. Dowdetwell, 18, Si.Gd. 
Townelcy, pt. i. S63. lOi. 6d. 

Arrian's History of Alexan- 
der's Expedition, transl. from the 
Greek, with notes, historical, geo- 
graphical, and critical, by John 
Rook. To which is prefixed Le 
Clerc's Criticism upon Q. Curtius. 
Anian's Indian History. His Ac- 

count of the diviHon of the Empirft 
after Alexsuder'a death. Rade- 
rut's Tales. A Catalogue of the 
Authors who hare wrote hia history, 
A Chronology of the whole, and a 
complete Index. London, 1729. 
8vo. 2 vols. 12b. to 14*. 

A T«y uwrul *Dd nluablD woik, bilh- 
fbllr ud accuralciy eieeuted. Edw*nU, 
SIS, 191. Cough, 132, 11. 4i. Rox- 
binghe, 7532, If, St. Coiutsble, 28, mar. 
If. 2i. Rcprintcil IBM, Bvo. 2 roll. 12*. 

Arbian's Voyage round the 
Euxine Sea, accompanied with a 
Oeographical Dissertation and Map. 
To which are added three Dis- 
courses. By William ViDcent,D.D. 
London, 1805. 4to. 

The original will be Ibund In Hudson'i 
Ocognphite Tctcik SoriploHi, 

AaRDWSUiTH, A. Oeneral 
Atlas, constructed from the latest 
authorities. London, 1827. royal 
4to. with 53 maps, U. 16s. Co- 
loured, 2{. 12t>. Gd. 

Tfali celebrMnl hrdiograplicr hu pub- 
liikcd a Tuiety oiTm^, highly viluid lot 
thor Kcoiacy. 

— John, D. D. Amulla Cate- 
chetica : a Chain of Principles, or 
an orderly Concatenation of Theo- 
logical Aphorisms and Exercila- 
tions, wherein the chief heads of 
Christian Religion are asserted and 
improved. Camb. 1659. 4to.l0g.6d. 

WilliuQi, 111, morocco, SL Sl Rf- 
pilnted Edinb. Ifl22, Svo. St. Thii work, 
■nd liken IK the ■uthar'i Tsctica Sicn, 
l<IS7. 4to. and other publicaliont, nmk I 
bigli unong th* Puritinical writing*. Tu> 
dca Eton, Williuni, 110, 1/. lOi. 

— John Pauncefort. The Art 
of instructing the Infant Deaf and 
Dumb. London, Svo. I 

Id this intcrettini little volume the plan [ 
of the celebrated Abbe De i'Epee ii to- ' 

Arrowsmilh and Herst. A trne 
and esact relation of the death 
of two CAthoIics [Edmund Arrow- 
smith and Richard Herat] who 
suSeted for their religion at the 
Summer Assizes, held at Lancaster 
in 1628. Republished with addi- 
tions, liondon. 1737. Svo. with 
their portraits, 5s. 


AuAKes. Orations of A 
against Philip, the trecherous Kt>v 
of Macedone : or the Embassaoota 
of Venice against the Prince that 
Tndercrafty league with Scaoder- 
beg, layed snares for ChriatMi- 
dome : and of Scanderb^, prayeng 
ayde of Christian Princes agayut 
peiiurous murdering Mahumet, and 
Mahumetes confederate. With a 
notable example of God's ren> 
geange vppon a faithlesse Kyi^ 
Quene, and her children. London, 
by John Daye. l6mo. 

BUck letur, Cmlaini V 2, In bun, 
hair iheeta. A notable eiamploi A ia 
eighth, including the title aod » blank 1e«f 

i ptefiied. Day printed three editiooa widi- 

, out date. The work i) by Tanner, (BiU. 

I Brit. SSI,) aKribed to Thomu MortoD. 

, Nouau, pi. i, 2468', II. Gi. Sir M. M. 

. Sykei, 577, IJ. 19(. 

; Akteui. Memoirs of the Ijfa. 
I of Artemi, of Wagarschapat, near 
Mount Ararat, in Armenia, fhMa 
I the original Armenian. Written by 
himself. Load. 1822. Bvo. t». 
I 374, 7b. 

I Abtekidokus. Interpretation 
of Dreams, digested into five Books. 
Tlie Tenth Edition, corrected br as 
original copy, with the Life ta ihs 
Au thor, &c . London, 1 690. 1 2mo. 

A work foimerly in conrfdinUe MtlBga- 
lion, u will appear from dit muoetmu edi- 
tioD) publiihed. An ediUon of the dUa of 
1 044, (by Bamaid AUop) ia in thi BiUak 
MnieuDh An edition, IdOS. (obUi, ST, 1 1^ 

Artuihoton, Henry. Princi- 
pal! Points of Holy Profession, 
touching these three estates of 
Maokind. J. The ii Creation. 2. 
Their Subsersion. 3. Their Res- 
toration, &c. Composed in Vene, 
by H. A. G. Prmted by Tho 
Pavyer, 1607. 4lo. 

An acoiuut of Artlungton will be Ibaod 
In Weevei'a Funeral Honumenti. 

AnTHua, Kingof Great Britain. 
Assertio Arturij Regis BritanniK, 
1544 and 1554, 4to.with the tran»< 
lation hy Rich. Robinson. 1582 or 
1583. 4to. See Lkland, John. 

— King of Great Britaio. 

A Book of the noble Hystoryes 
of Knge Arthnr, and of certeyn 
of hu KnTghtes, redaced in to 
Englyoehe by Syr Thomas Malory, 
Knyght, and by me William Cbk- 
ton, deuyded into xxi Bookes, 
cliapytred and emprynted and fy- 
nyibed in Thabbey Westmeitre, 
M.CCCC.LXXXV. folio. 

Wttk letter. the probeme comnwnca 
OB Ihr ivcto of ngn A ij, uid lenniruln an 
Acnctoofii^ iiij, ind it lucceeded by | 
Actable, which occil|He« the 11 lubiequenl 
iHTCi. The first chapter beglni on (he | 
ncuof ngn aj: and Ihc entire Tolume (i- 
Rab to three learet oAcr (ign ceiij.' in , 
n(bi ; Ibe laiui having l>ul di tesTa. A I 
faiiri opf or tbit edition u in the tibrary I 
«0(tei[ej Parli, belon^ng to the Earl of 
imtj. Another (unlbitUDalfly defirctiTe) 
itio Eari Spencer*! libiarj. Sti Amei hj 
Dt. Dibdin, i. 141— $1. Brit. Bibliogr, 
L O. BibL Spencer, i*- 403—0. 

Akthdk. The Boolte of Kyngc 
Arthur and of hia noble Knyztetof 
dwronnd Table. Westmestre, by 
Wpkyn de Wordc, 1498. folio. 

thA letter. The ilgnaluni ran in 

im Kt*,eachiiireofatab<eof*ightleaTei<. 

Fnl a I* V, in dghti and Mxea, alternately ; 

T ba eight learea. Next A, B, C, i'l 

■IB; D.d«ht; E, (Ui F, G, H, in eigbf, 

Tu Y, indaMvely, in uieii X, four, Y, 

f*t. Ai Ihc third let, A, B, C, D, E, in 

vtt. E rj being blank. Of thii edition, a 

f ri|(b( of Caiton'i, only one copy ii uid 1 u 

tut, BOW intbe pooeulonor EarlSpencer, 

f li Dr. Dibdin'i Edition of Amet, vol. t. 

i *■)—$!, Ihc variatiODtin ihii edition from 

t <<« if Caitoo'i are given ; aad a very 

^ npobt deaoiptioD, with ipedmeni of Ih? 

nrf odi, irill be ibimd in the BibL Spen- 

[ 9. 

— The Booke of Kynge Arthur 
4e. London, by Wynkyn d( 
Worde. 1529. folio. 

, wiih e 

A ncrti 

opT d IlmeiiitiDn, («id to be nnlqur, oill 
W faaad in Cole'i ffibUogiapbkal and Dri- 
oipQie Tour, 1324, l — V. 

— The Story of Kynge Arthur, 
unI aito of hit Enyghtes of the 
Roaiide Table, London, by W. 
Copland, 1557. folio. 

Bls^ tetter. Each of the SI booki hi'. 
>>«ad-c«t prefixed. The laat leaf con- 
KiM the dericc of the printer. Dent, yt 
>■ UJ, mncxo. Ml. Oa. 

Aktupk, King of Great Bri- 
<«■— IW Story of King Arthnr ; 

ART 71 

and alio of his Knighta of the 
Rounde Table. London, byThomaa 
East, folio. 

Black letter. Oo 0, in eight!. Thl> 
cdlilon diSen in a feir phratn (but not 
iiiitarially, Iram Caaton'i. Dent, pt. i. 163, 
marorco,b7R«?erPayne,13f. Roibursbe, 
6ii6,27L 6>. Qoldimid, IBIO, ISG, til 

AuTnuR. — The History of the 
renowned Prince Artbvr. As also 
all the noble Acts and heroicke 
Deeds of his valiant Knights of the 
Itovnd Table. London, 1634.4to. 
Black leltei. with three titlei and two 
tVonlJipiecEa. Thii edition it probably a 
rL'print rrom Eait'i edition, and ii the iait 
uf any value in the eitimalion of coUectam, 
Hindley, pL i. 340, SL 3s. Lloyd, 2U, SL 9k 
S'auau, pt. i. ISO, 31. Dent, pt 1.398, 
ruitia, 4J. IngUi, 123, 4t 4>. Sir U. 11. 
.Syke<,ptL2BT,nian>ccD,SJ.7i.0d. Wlula 
Knighu, pt. i. 9ST, nuda, 61. Oi. Reed, 
''6S5, 71. lOb Garrick, 321.81. North, 
|it. ill. 73T, nusia, Si. 10>. TowDeley, pt 
I. 831, til. it. HoibDTghe, O.IST, nuua, 
ML 12i. Stanley, 746, niuia, 181. 

— The History of the renowned 
l^rince Arthur, &c. Lond. 1816. 
24aio. 3 vols, nith frontispieces. 

A correct re^nt of the edition of 1634. 
Another edition nu publiahed, 34mo. 3 

I — The Byrth, Lyfe and Actes 
of Kyng Arthur; of his noble 

I Knygbtes of the rounde Table, &c. 
With an Introduction and Notes, 

I by Robert Southey, Esr;. I^ondon, 

j 1817. 410. 2 vols. 2/. 28. 

I LAlaE PAPER. Midgtiey, 588, Si. it. 
This work, uyi Sir Walter Scott, " cdntaini 
a ihuTt abridgtnent of the moil celebrated 
adventurei of the Round Table ; and being 
wriiten in comparaUvely modern language*, 
give! the general readrt an excellent idea 
of what romances of chivalry actually were. 
The Life of King Arthur, by JoiephRitlOD,. 
Eiq. wai publiihed 1S2S. 

— The avncient Ot^er, Societie, 
and Vnitie laudable of Prince 
Arthnre, and his knightly Armory 
of the Round Table. With atbree- 
fold assertion friendly in Fauour 
and Furtherance of English Arch* 
cry at this day. Translated and 
collecled by R. R. (Richard Ro- 
binson.) London, by John Wolfe 
1583. 4to. 



Black letter. Contains M, in Ibiin, witb 
wood cutg. A particular deacription of this 
book will be found in the British Bibliogra- 
pher, i. 125—35, and in Moule's Bibl.Herald. 
art xxz. pp. 26—30. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. 1. 
289, mor. 6/. 68. 

Arthur of Little Britain. The 
Hystory of Arthur of Lytell Bry- 
tayne, translated put of Frensshe in 
to Englishe, by the noble Johan 
Bourghcher^ Knyght, Lorde Bar- 
ners, newly imprinted. London, 
by Robert Redbome. folio. 

Black letter. The text printed in double 
colunins, commences on sign A, preceded 
by the title, prologue and table. In the 
whole clxxiiii leaves, numbered at the last 
foL Ixix. Copious descriptions of this edition 
will be found in the Brit BibL It. 228—33, 
and in Dr. Dibdin's Ames, iy. 190-2. Rox- 
burghe, No. 6355, very imperfect, (erro- 
neously attributed to Copland) 6L 10s. 

— New Edition, edited by E. 
V. Utterson. London, 1814. 4to. 

With a series of plates from illuminated 
drawings. Drury, 357, 1/. 12s. With co- 
loured plates. Sir. M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 290. 
4^ Is. LABOEST PAPEB, (25 printed) with 
duplicates of the plates printed in colours, 
heightenied with gold. Nassau, pt i. 191, 
5/. 58. Sotheby's in 1824, morocco. 71. 
Brockett, 249, russia, 1 U, Is. 6d. 

Arthur, Prince. An allegorical 
Romance; the Story from Spenser. 
London, 1779. 12mo. 2 vols. 5s. 

Written by Alex. Bicknell. 

Art II us, Gotardus. Dialogues 
in the English and Malaiane Lan- 
guages, translated by Augustine 
Spalding. London, 1614. 4to. 

A copy b in the British Museum. 

Articles. — ^The Articles of our 
Fayth. The X Comaiindementes, 
The vii Works of Mercy. The vii 
dedely Synnes. The vii pry ncy pall 

^tues. And the vii Sacramentis 
of holy Chirche whiche euery Cu- 
rate is bounde for to declare to his . 
Parysshens iiii Tymes in the Yere. 
Impressum per me Richard um Pyn- 
8on. 4to. 

Black letter. 4 leaves. White Knights, 
pt i. S29, morocco, AL 48. 

Articles to be enquii-ed of in 
the Kynges Maiesties (Edward 
VI.) Visitacion. Rich. GraAon 
excud. (1547.) 4to. 


Black letter. 6 leatet. According to Dr. 
Dibdin there were two editions printed this 
year by Grafton. The latter has head titles 
to the several parts. In Strype's Eodet. 
Memor. ii. p. 48, &c. 

Articles to be enquiretl of in 
the Visitations to be had within the 
Diocese of Canterbury, in the se- 
cond year of the reign of Edward 
the Sixth. London^ by Richard 
Grafton, 1548. 4to. 

Black letter. Contains 86 artides on 
eight leaves. Reprinted in Sparrow's Col« 
lection of Articles, &c. 

Articles to be enquired of, in 
the Visitation of the Diocess of 
London, by Nicolas [Ridley] 
Bishop of London, in the fourth 
year of £dward the Sixth. Lond. 
by Reynold Wolfe, 1550. 4to. 

Black letter. Reprinted in Spairow's 
Collection of Articles, &c Dr. Dibdin 
notices * Articles of Visitation (Arch. Cimii- 
mer) in the Diocese of Norwich,' 1549, 4ta 

Articles to be enquired of, in the 
generall Visitation of Edmonde 
[Bonner] Bisshoppe of London, in the Ciue and Diocese of 
London. Londini in .£dibus Joan* 
nis Cawodi, 1554. 4to. 

Black letter. E 3, in fours. Reflectioiis 
on these articles were published by John 
Bale, and a translation, with many quaint 
and pertinent remarks in the maigin ap» 
peared under the following title, ' Nova In- 
quisitio Hsreticae Pravitatis in Regno An- 
gliae, scripta populari Lingua Gentis, et im- 
pressa Lundini; conversa antem in Lati- 
num Sermonem, ut omnes Fii inteUigant, 
quam salutaris ipsa sit, et quantum dpCne 
debeant, similem fieri in aliis etiam Bcgub 
Inquisitionem. Lipuas ; 1555.' 

Articles to be enquyred, m 
thordinary Visitacion of the Lorde 
Cardinall Pooles Grace Archeby- 
shop of Caunterbury wythin hyt 
Dioces of Canterbury. In the yeare 
of our Lorde God. m.v.cJvL 4to. 

Black letter. Four leaves. Accorffii^ 
to Herbert only some of these attidct an 
mentioned by Collier, more by Strypc^ 
though not in the same words. Together 
they will not make up the complete number 
of 21 touching the dergy, and S3 reladu^ 
to the laity. 

Articles to be enquired in the 
Visitation in the first Yere of the 
Raigne of £lizabeth| Sec. Load. 

bj Ridiaid 
mod, 1559. 

nCfnilt0Q IB 

Aae^s Typof. 
■tny cditSou 
1M7 to IMO^ 


Jugpipe and John Ca* 
4to. 78. 

Contains B 3, in foon. 
Spiff ow'i Collection of Arti- 



and Dr. Dibdin't editions of 
Antiqiuties will be found 

of Visitation articles from 
likewise many of a much 

In the Brituh Museum* 

agreed upon by the 
BMiopa and other learned and 
godly Men in the last Convocation 
at Londoo in 1552. To root out 
the Discord of Opinions and esta- 
biiih the Ag^reement of true Reli- 
gion. Published by the KiDg;8 
Majesties Aotbority 1553. Lond. 
by John Day, ,1553. 4to. 

Rcprimod in 'Sparrow's Collection of 
Aiiicka» ftc and in Burnet's History of 
tW RefMrmation. These 4S Articles pub- 
Ibbed by the authority of K. Edward VI. 
woe fcpcsled by Q. Mary soon after her 
ifrisilaii Another edition, Rich.^Grafton, 
and. 156S, dto. Black letter. 

Articles of Religion. A Declara- 
tioQ of certain principal Articles of 
Religion^ set out by the Order of 
both Archbishops, Metropolitans, 
lid the rest of the Bishops, for the 
tJiiity of Doctrine to be taught 
ind holden of all Persons, &c. 
London, by R. Jugge, 1561. 

Sm Bishop Burnet's History of the Re- 
ftmtiiaOf pc* iL Records, p. 336. 

Articles whereupon it was agreed 
bj the Archbishoppes and Bish- 
opMs in the Conuocation holden 
tt Loudon, 1562, for the Auoiding 
of (he Dioersities of Opinions, and 
for the Stablishyng of Consent 
touching true Religion. Put forth 
bf the Queenes Aucthoritie. Lond. 
l^ R. Jugge and J. Cawood, 1571. 

Bkck letter. Contains D 2, in fours. 
J«R printed other editions, with and 
dates, and John Daye also printed 
hi 1571. 4to. 

— - Another edition. London, 
b? Christ. Barker, 1579. 4to. 7s. 

Black letter. From this edition all 
■hssfoent ones hare been printed. 

— Another edition. Reprinted by 
bb Majesties Cemmandment, with 

his Royal Declaration prefixed 
thereunto. London, 1630, 4to. 

This edition is reprinted in Sparrow's 
Collection of Articles, frc. 

Articles.-.The XXXIX Articles 
of the Church of England, illus- 
trated by copious Extracts from the 
Liturgy, Homilies, &c. and con- 
firmed by numerous Passages of 
Scripture. By the Rev. William 
Wilson, B. D. Lond. 1821. 8vo. 

— The Religion of the Refor- 
mation as exhibited in the thirty- 
nine Articles of the Church of 
England. 1826. 12mo. 7s. 

— of Religion agreed vpon in 
the Conuocation holden at Dvblin 
in 1615. London, 1628. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

Articuli de quibus in Synodo 
Londinensi m.d.lii. ad tollendam 
Opinionum Dissentionem, et Con- 
sensum verae Religionis forman- 
dum inter Episcopos et alios eru- 
ditos Viros convenerat, Regia Au- 
thcyitate in Lucem editi. Londini, 
apud Reginaldum Wolfium, 1553, 

Reprinted in Bishop Sparrow's Collection 
of Articles, &c. 

— Ibid. Lond. apud Reg. Wol- 
fium. 1563. 4to. 

Printed, according to Dr. Dibdin, in 
8vo. the same year, with the first clause of 
the 20th article. 

— Ibid. Londini, apud Johan- 
nem Dayum, 1571. 4to. 

Consisting of 12 leares. Reprinted in 
Sparrow's Collection of Articles, &c. There 
were several other editions printed about 
this time. 

Articuli per Archiepiscopum, 
Episcopos, et reliquum Olerum 
CantuariensisProuincicB, in Synodo 
inchoata Londini, 24to. Mensis 
Nouembris, Anno Domini, 1584, 
Regniq ; serenissimae in Christo 
Principis, DomincB Elizabethee, 
27mo stabiliti, et Regia Auctoritate 
approbati et confirmati. Londini, in 
iEdibus C. B. (Chr. Barker, 1584.) 
4to. 7s. 

Reprinted in Bishop Spanow's CoUec- 



tion of Articles, &c Another edition was 
published by Abel Jefies without date. 

Articuli Cbristiance Fidei quam 
Ecclesiaprofitetur AngUcana,Versu 
(quoad ejus fieri potuit) expressi 
facillimo, a Joanne Glanvillo. Oxon. 
1613. 4to. 

Consisting of six sheets. 

Articuli ad Narrationes novas 
pertin. format!. Londini, apud 
Pynson(1525) 16mo. lOs. 6d. 

Black letter. A commentary and some 
rules upon the count declarations, &c. con- 
tained in the 'Novs Narrationes.' lie- 
printed frequently prior to 1550. 

Artis. Edmund Tyrrell. Ante- 
diluvian Phytology, illustrated by 
the Fossil Remains of Plants pecu- 
liar to Coal Formations. London, 
1825. royal 4to. published at 
21. 10s. 

Artist, The, a Series of Essays 
relative to Painting, Poetry, Sculp- 
ture, Architecture, the Drama, 
Discoveries of Seamen, and various 
other subjects. London, 1809-10. 
4to. 2 vols. 12s. to 15s. 

Edited by Prince Hoarc. 

Artopjeus, Peter. The Diuisyon 
of the Places of the Lawe and of 
the Gospell, gathered out of the 
hooly Scriptures, by Petrum Arto- 
pGoum. Whereunto is added two 
Orations of Praying to God made 
by S. John Chrysostome, trans- 
lated into English. Imprinted by 
my waiter Lynne. 16mo. 

Black letter. Dr. Dibdin notices an 
edition of the year 1548, without the two 
orations of S. John Chrysostom. 

Arts. The Handmaid to the 
Arts. London, 1764. 8vo. 2 vols. 

A useful book. The former edition of 
175^. 8 vo. 2 vols. 12s. Reprinted * with 
considerable additions and improvements,' 
1706. 12mo. 2 vols. 9s. 

— Transactions of the Society 
instituted at London for the En- 
courageinentof Arts, Manufactures, 
and Commerce. From the com- 
mencement in 1783, to the year 
1827, inclusive. London, 8vo. 44 
vols, with plates. 

Willett, 2257, (vols. 1 to 27,) 11/. lis. 
1783^1309. Dent, pt. IL 811, (42 vols.) 


\0L Sotheby's in 1825, (1783^1823 40 
vols. 5/. 10s. 

Arunuell, Rev. F. V. J. A 
Visit to the Seven Churches in Asia, 
with an Excursion into Pisidia. 
London, 1828. 8 vo. 

AiiuNDEL and Surrey, Ala* 
thca Talbot, Countess of. Nature 
unbowelled ; her choicest secrets 
digested into receipts, whereunto 
are annexed many rare and hitherto 
unimparted inventions. London, 
1665. 8vo. with portr. by Hollar, 

Arusxens, Philip, Bishop of. 
See Pestilence. 

Arvieux, Laurent, Chev. d*. 
Travels in Arabia the Desart ; done 
into English by an eminent hand. 
London, 1718. 8vo. with plates. 

Willett, 47, 6s. 6d. 

A R w A K E R, Edmund. See 
Hugo, Herm. 

Ascanius, or the young Adven* 
turer; a true history. London, 
1746. 12mo. 5s. 

Bindley, pti. CO, 8s. Dent, pt.i.96, 
1/. Reprinted 1769, &c. 

Ascanius Modeme, ou Tillustre 
Avanturier. Edinbourg, 1763. 
r2mo. 2 pties. avec figures, 68. to 

A romantic account of the adventures of 
the Pretender. 

Ascensius Deciynsons, with the 
playne Expositor. Without place, 
printer's name, or date. 4to. 

Black letter. Contains D, in sizes. Mr. 
Heber possesses a copy of this granunatied 
treatise, which Dr. Dibdin suspects was 
printed abroad. 

As CHAM, Anthony. A little 
Herball of the Properties of Hcrbes, 
newly amended and corrected, wyth 
certayn additions. M.D.L. Lon- 
don, by Jhon Kynge. 16mo. 

Black letter. Contains K 7, in eights. 
Whit.' Knights, 252, 10s. 6d. Dr. Dibdin 
noticcsan edition of ihe date of 1 550, printed 
by W. Powell. Powell's JSdition, White 
Knights, 251,19s. 

— A lytel Treaty se of Astrono* 
my. M.D.LLi. By Anthony As- 
kam. London, by Wylliam PoweL 

Black letter. FoL zzi. withataUe of 


oia*fuee*. MaimHD,iDhi>ot>l<igiie,pt.ii. 
p. 1, Doticn u edidoa of the due of 1530. 
AKbun likcwiie pubUibcd Kver»l other 
iMnmoimcsl tncti. 

AscuAM, Anthony. Of the 
Confiuions and Revolutions of 
GOTemment. Second edition, with 
idditions. London, 1649. Svo. 5s. 

HotOt. 43, Si. 6il. The b«>t edition, 
(Mtriiuos nine dupten more than In thai 
rf 1H8. A ccnniK of Ihit work by Biihop 
Indtnon, ■ppcmd in 1049. Svo'. 3i. 
nil ttpuUkan wu unuinate d in Spain 
bj lii nOrd royUiiti, in 1650. of which 
a account waa publiihed IGSI. 4to. re- 
phitod in the Ibnrth laiuma of (he Hirleian 

— Roger.. English Works, with 
notes and observations, and the 
ulhor's life. By James Bennel. 
LoDdon(1761)4to. lOs. 6d. 

The tile of Aacham, and the dedication 
tt the Earl of Sbaltibury were, according 
n B«weU, written by Dr. Sara. Jobnion. 
Badler, pL i. 13S, nuua, 17t. Home 
Teohr, tS, ITi. «d. Dent, pL i. 300, mo- 
tacBSlt 4t. 

— English Works, London, 
1315. 8to. 

BindtCT, pt. i. 13, 14>. Drary, 260, 
■anno,!!. 13). 

— Apologia pro Ceena Domi- 
Dica contra Miaaam et eius Presti- 
fpH : &c. Ix>ndini, ex Typog. H. 
Middletoni, 1577. Svo. 

Coated pp. !06, bnidei dedicaUon to 
Ac EatI of Lcicciter, tome heiametcn, 
nj n epatle to the reader. Boawell, 
IM, Ti. <d. Reprinted UST. 

— Epistolaram Libri tres, &c. 
Hk accesserunt pauca qutedaro 
nudetn R.A. Poemata. ItemOra- 
«dM Dictionis Elegantia. Lon- 
dini in Officina H. Middletoni, 
1378. Svo. 103.6d. 

Dedicated to Q. Eliiabeth. Reprinted 

— Ibid, edidit Elstob. Oxon. 
1703, Svo, with a frontispiece by M. 
Bargbert, containing ten English 
portraits, and the author reading 
a letter to Q. Elizabeth, 

The bed edition of the letten, though 
"ttoBt A*rt\tin't poema. 
>t mj T^B^le for style i 



cham'i proae bai little elegance. GoMett, 
198, 7: Od. Bindley, pt. L 14, Ta. Od. 
Williami, 8»o. mor, IJ. 7«. 'ladOE fapeh, 
Healh, 42S4, 18s. fid. Dent, pt. t ST, 
mor. !L Ii. WilUami, S9, mor. 21. ISt. 

Abciiam, Rofter. The Rchole- 
raaster. An. 1570. London, by 
John Daye, 1570. 4lo. I8«. 

Blacli letter. Contains CS leai«, be- 
lidei the dedication to Sir W. Cecil, Knt., 
and a preface by the author. Reprinted 
1571, 1ST3, 1579, 1589. 

— The Schoolmaster, with notes 
and additions by James Upton. 
London, 1711, 8vo. 

Home Tooke, 27, St. M. larCb fa- 
PER, ffindley, pt. i. 11, »■. Sd. Wllliatna, 

89, morocco, If. Si. An edition 1743. 
flouelt, 19S, 12;. Bindley, pt. 1.12, 
' A book,' uy> Dr. Campbell, ' that will be 
(Inay) uieful, and evertaelingty eiteemed 
on account of the good tense, Judicioua 
obsertBlions, cicellent characlen of ancient 
aulhora, and many pieaaant and prolICable 
ipauagei of English history, which are 
plentirulty iprinklcd therein.' 

— A Report and Discourse of 
the affaires and state of Germany, 
and the Emperor Charles his Court, 
duryng certaine yeares (1.550 — 2), 
while the said Roger was there. 
1552, London, by John Daye. 
4to. 8s. 

Black letter. Contains 3« leases. Thii 
account ii suted by Dr. Campbell to be 
one of the moat delicate pieces of history 
that erer wai penned in our language, 

capable of shining in the cabinet ai in the 
closet. Thtre are two other editions, one 
I5TD, the other without date. 

— ToxophiluB, the Schole of 
Schootinge, conteyned in two 
Bootes. Londini, in JEdibus Ed. 
Whytuhurch. 1545. 4to. 

Black letwr. Contains Y in four*, be- 
side* eight leaves of intioductor? matter. 
First edition, dedicated to K. Henry VIU. 
The rarest and moil valuable in a pecu- 
niary point of view of all Ascham's publica- 
tions. An e»rellent arlide on Toiophilus 
will be found in the Retroip. Reriew, Iv. 
78_S7. Reprinted 1571 and 1589. Edi- 
tion 154S, Terry, pi. i. 198, 1'. 13». Ha- 
worlh, 73S,ni«ia, U.16s. Edition 1571. 
Gordonstoun, 73, 2'. 28. Edition 1J89. 
Steevcns, 1505, 21. IDs. Bindley, pL i. 139, 
II. Is. Sir M. M. Bykes, 293, 9i. Bot- 
burghe, 1710, a(. Ji. 

76 ASH 

AaciiAU, Ro^. Toxopliilui. 
To which isadd^.a Dcdicadonind 
Preface by ihe Rev. John Walurs. 
Wrexham, 1786. 12iiio. 5a. 

A Dftrly vertaiim reprint of tbt finl 
edition, wilh ■ Eitrnni fraoi Dookt lubae- 
quent to the date of Toiophiliu.' 

AsoiLL, John. An Argument, 
proving, that according to (he Co~ 
venant of eternal Life, revealed in 
the Scripturea, Man may be trans- 
lated from hence into that eternal 
Li fe.without passing through Death. 
Dublin, 1698. 8vo. 

For Ihli remirkjible iKaltte upon the 
pouibllil; of Kvoiding dealb, Aigillwaiei- 
pell(d from tbe puiiainifnti of Ireland and 
England. He likewiie publithrd terenl 
other worki, cUffly on polilicil conlroretiy, 
(brmerlj in omsiderabLe rrputc- 

Afiii, John, LL.D. A new and 
complete Dictionary of the English 
Language. To nhich ii prefixed, 
a comprehensive Grammar. Ix)n> 
don, 1 775, or 1795. 8vo. 2 vols. 1 8s. 

Thli dictionary, thaugh of no itindard 
antlioritf, li ukKiI, u contuninf; obiolete, 
prorlncial, and (ant word* and [ihraac), be- 
nda a mnllilude of techniial icrmi. Ed- 
wardi, 9, rutsia, tl. Si. 

AsiiE, Thunas. Fasciculus 
Floram ; or a Handful of Flowers 
gathered out of Sir Edw. Coke, 
London, 1618. 12mo. 4s. 

Thli compiler likewiie publiihed leTenl 
lablu to (he Year Bookt, Lord Coka'a uid 
Djer'a Rrporli, ftc. 

— Travels in America, in the 
year 1806, for the purpose of ex- 
ploring the Riven of Allegtianny, 
Honoi^hela, Ohio, and the Mis- 
sissippi, and ascertaining the Pro- 
duce and Condition of their Banks 
and Vicinity. Lond. 1808. 12mo. 
3 vols. 9b. 

Acmrdinfi (o the Quarterly Betiew, Aihe 
' bu (pailed a good booli by engraAing 
incredible iloriei on authentic Cicti.' 

— Commercial View and Geo- 
graphical Sketch of the Brazils in 
South America, and of tlic Island 
of Madeira. London, 1812. 8vo.5b. I 

Aihe travelled on the coDlinent of Ame- | 
ilea leveral yean. I 

AiULET, Robert Almansor I 
tbe learned imd rictorioua King | 


I that conqveicd Spaio, hi* Lifo and 
I Death. London, 1627. 4to. 9b. 

I A trandation tmn a Spaiuib copy, pfiat- 
I ed at Saragoia 1M3. Bindley, pL i. 14f, 

10>.Sd. Nauau. pL i. 194, I3i. Aihfey 
. >lu piibliibed an Aecoimtof Cochin China. 

teBtaai, Cbr. 
I AsiiuoLfc, Elias. FaKicalm 

Chemicus: Chymical Collcctioiu 

evpreKsmg the Ingrow, Progreas 
' and Egress of the secret Hermetic 
I Science out of tbe choicest and 
! most famous Authors, by Jamea 
' Hasoile [i. t. Elias Ashmofe.] Lou- 
I don, 1650. 12mo.withafrant.coB- 
j tainingAshmole'sportrait,in>cribed 
Mercuriophilus Angllcus.' 5b. 

Treflied are prolegomena, acciirdbig la 
(krc'd witb " '" 

Wood, ' 


— Theatrum Chcmicum Britaa- 
nicum, containing seretal poetical 
Pieces of our fatnqus PhiloBopheti 
. who have written the Henn^qne 
I Mysteries in their owne ancient 
I Language. London, 1652. 4{o. 

Contalni pp. i 1 0, with plate* piiated an 
tin letter-pren, irilh the exeeplian of ana 
at p. 117, frequently noting. Roacoo, 

' H3T, If. 3l Inglii, lU, mar. 11. 8a. 

I N'auau, pt. i. IBS, riuaia, 1/. lOt. NoRh, 
pt. iiL TBI, mor. 11. ISi. Gordooatomi, 
ei, U It*. Bindley, pt. i. 141, monEeo, 
31- la*. Sd. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 4, Sf. I«a. 
Thii wott gained Adimole groat repu- 
tation, and WM the meaui of extending Ui 
acquaintance in ihe literary world. To 
•ome copiei aporlfail[a buatb; Failbankc) 

' — The Way to Bliss, in thres 
Books. London, 1658. 4to. 4b. 

An attempt to prove the pODltdlityof 
I lurh a thing a* the philoaopher'a atone. 
I AcRirding to Ant. i Wood, ' p;n'd by an 
' unknown author liring In the rrign oT Qu. 

I — The Institution, Laws, and 
Ceremonies of the most noble Or- 
derof the Garter. Lond. 1672. folio. 

Cimlaini A to 4 U, in four*, wilh ttlk 
and imprimatur, 1 leavri ; Appendix, a to 

j c c, two leave* each, c c 1, containing the 
emta : portrait of K. Charie* 11. by Sbei- 

I Kin, and 30 plate* moitly engraved by Hol- 
lar, pp.JI,8G, »4, 131, 133, 1S4, 117, 
139, 140, 14!, 141, 146, 147, SM, MS, 
!!4,li9, 234, !3S, 117, 404, SIS, i7<, 
593, 043, 708-P, 710-11, 711-13, 714-1$, 
710-17. A labonoui and higUy walaiik 
work, dnwn up with great per^katty sod 


A oopioat aoaljas will be finud in 
OUji'Sridgh LIbnriui, 119—26. Uoyd, 
tU, 4L Its. Marq. of Townsbend, 205, 
5Ll5^6d. T>owdesweU, 135, rnnia, 6L 
Tainwley,pL n. 148, 61. 5s. Heatb, 1617, 
1L WiDett, 144, 71. 14s. 6d. Bindley, 
pc L 160,81. 18s. 6d. large papf.r. Font- 
UD, 3677, 191. Dent, pt i. 164, morocco, 
21i. NasHB, pC. i. 209, 24/. 3s. Sir M. 
M.Sjkcs,S19.iBor.25(. 14s. 6d. Edwards, 
SS7. asor. 421. 

Sone copies have a reprinted title of tbe 
dite af 1093, with the catalogue of knigbts- 
cmpaBMBs coQtinued to that time. 

Am abridgemeBt, with a continuation of 
the list of the Kn^ts, &c was published 
fwid o B, 1715. 8to. pp. 565, with a portrait 
tf Ocarga August Prince of Wales, to whom 
ii ii defeated, and plates, 7s. 6d. large 
PsriR, 12s. Willett, 48, 2/. 5s. 

— Antiquities of Berkshire, 
with a large Appendix, dkc. Lon- 
dofl, 1719 or 1723. 8vo. 3 vols. 

Vol. i. pp. cxzTiii. and 194, also a por- 
tnit sT Ashmole, by If. Vdr. Gucht, and a 
Aset Bwp, rontaining a view of Windsor 
Code, by W. Hollar. Vol. n. pp. 195— 
SM, with errata, 2 pages. Vol. iii. pp. 428, 
vitk two plates, pp. 210 and 331. This 
wee work by no means supplies tbe place 
flf aa histoiy 6r that county ; as it contains 
Btdenavv dwn epitaphs and some pedi- 
grees. White Knights, pt. i. 249, morocco, 
ML Is. Od. Heath, 4692, 5(. 5s. Towne- 
ky, pt it 25, 62. 6s. Sir P. Thompson, 
M, 6L 12s. 6d. WiUett, 49, 11/. lis. 
uioB PAPER. Nassau, pt i. 70, 10/. 5s. 
DBit,pti. 99, 21/. 

— History and Antiquities of 
Berkshire. Reading, 1736. small 

rsatiiiii pp. 17 — 340, and index, 2 pages, 
W ai u the iife, consisting of 8 pages, and a 
■^by H. MalL I>ent, pt i. 165, 81. 5s. 
^hs^afTowDshcnd, 204, 3/. 16s. Nassau, 
it L Ii, rassia, 5/. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt i. 
'IS, 61 8s. Cd. 

— - Memoirs of the Life of Elias 
Ashmole, Esq. drawn up by him- 
self by Way of Diary: with an 
Appendix of original Letters. Lon- 
don, 1717. small 8vo. 3s. 6d. to 

Beprinted 1774. See Buemam, Charles. 

AsHMoaE, John. Certain se- 
lected Odes of Horace englished, 
tad their Arguments annexed ; 
vith Poems, ancient and modem, 
of dirers Subiects, translated, 
^erenntoare added, both in Latin 
and £i^;lisli, sundry new Epigram- 



mes, Anagrammes, Epitaphes. 
London, 1621. 4to. 

Contains pp. 102. Nassau, pt. L 196, 
mor. I/. 10s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 890, 4/. 4s. 

Ash WELL, John. The Letters 
whyche Johan Ash well Priour of 
Newnham Abbey besydes Bedforde, 
sente secretly to the Byshope of 
Lyncolne, M.D.xxvii. Wherein 
tbe sayde Pryour accuseth George 
Joye, that Tyme beyng Felow of 
Peter College in Cambrydge, of 
fbwer Opinions : with the Answere 
of the sayde George unto the same 
Opinyons. (At (he end.) At 
Straszburge 10 Daye of June. 
If Thys lytell Boke be delyuered to 
Johan Ashwel, Priour of Newnha 
Abbey, besydes Bedford, with 
Spede. 16mo. 

Black letter. Contains D 4, in eights. 
Sotheby's in 1825. 2/. 4s. . A notice of this 
carious work, will found in the Ketoosp. 
Review, N. S. vol. U. 96— 102. 

Asia.— Dissertations and mis- 
cellaneous Pieces relating to the 
History and Antiquities, &c. of Asia. 
Lond. 1792-6. 8vo. 3 vols. 12s. 

A selection of essays firom the Ariatic 

— Asiatic Annual Register from 
1799 to 1810-11 inclusive. *Lond. 
8vo. vols. i. to xii. 

Lawrence Dundas Campbell was the edi- 
tor of this periodical work till the 'year 
1809. The register is still in course of pub- 
lication. Fonthill, 2701,(12vols.)6{.16s.6d. 

— Asiatic Journal and Monthly 
Register for British India and its 
Dependencies, from its Commence- 
ment in Jan. 1816 to the present 
Time. London, 8vo. 

A number is publbhed on the first of 
erery month, 3s. 6d. each. 

— Asiatic Miscellany, con- 
sisting of original Proauctions, 
Translations, Fugitive Pieces, Imi- 
tations. Calcutta, 1785-6. royal 
4to. 2 vols. 

To this work Sir Wm. Jones was a large 
contributor. Fonthill» 1335, IL Another 
work entitled < The New Asiatic Miscel- 
lany.' Calcutta, 1788. 8vo. 3 vols, and 'The 
New Asiatic Miscellany.' Calcutta, 1789. 
4to. iToL 

Asiatic Researches; or, Trans- 



actions of the Society instituted in 
Bengal, for enquiring into the His- 
tory and Antiquities, the Arts, 
Science, and Literature of Asia. 
Calcutta, 1788-1825. 4to. 15 vols, 
with plates. 

Sir M. M. Sykes, pt i. 295, 11 voU. 
nissia, 22{. 1 Is. Gd. 

Asiatic Researches. Another 
Edition. London, 1799, &c. 4to. 

Roxburghe, 8877, C vols. 3/. 13s. Gd. 
Towneley, pt. ii. 122, 7 vols. 1/. 8s. An 
edition in 8vo. vol. i. to xii. London, 1806- 
18. Dent, pt. i. 100, 11 vols. 2/. 6s. Earl 
of Kerry, 627, 1 1 vols. 5/. 28. 6d. 

Asia. — Transactions of the Royal 
Asiatic Society of Great Britain 
and Ireland. London, 1824-6. 4to. 
Parts i. and ii. 12. lis. 6d. 

Asinus Onustus. The Assc over* 
laden. To his loving and deare 
Mistresse, Elizabeth the blessed 
Queene of England [1589.] 4to. 

This book was reprinted in 1642, with 
this additional anecdote, ' This book was 
delivered to Queene Elii : being at None- 
Such Jul. 27. Anno 1589.' 

AsKE, James. Elizabetha tri- 
umphans : conteyning the damned 
Practizes that the divelish Popes of 
Rome have used ever sithcnce 
her Highnesse (Q. Elizabeth) first 
comming to the Crowne, with a 
Declaration of the Manner, how 
her Excellency was entertained by 
her Souldyers into her Campe 
Roy all at Tilbery in Essex ; and of 
the Overthrow had against the 
Spanish Fleete. London, 1588. 

Black letter, pp. 44, dedicated ' To 
Julius Ca'sar, Doctor of the Ci\ill Law.* A 
Poem in blank verse, reprinted in the 
second volume of Nichols' Progresses, &c, 
ofQ. Elisabeth, 1788. Dent, pt. i. 301, 
2L 9s. Forster, 91G, 2^ 12s. Gd. Inglis. 
129, 7/. Gordonstoun, 103, 7/. 7s. Bind- 
ley, pt. iv. 337, 8/. 18s. 6d. Saunders in 
1818, 13/. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 2, 15/. 

AsKEWy Anne. See Balk, John. 
C sow LEY, Robert. 

As.VA,T. Dc Divortio Henrici 
VIIL Regis Angliffi cumCatharina 
Arragonica Disseitatio. Lug. Bat. 
17d7.4to. 78. 


Aspeden Church. — Survey of 
the present State of Aspeden 
Church, Herts, June 1793. Lend. 
1796. 4to. 38. 6d. 

Contains pp. 13, with four plates. 

As PIN, J. Systematic Analysis 
of Universal History to the Death 
of Alexander. London, 1826. 4to. 
2 vols. 

Published in parts at Ss. each. 

Assembly-man, The. See Bir- 
kenhead, Sir John. 

AssER, Menevensis. Annales 
Rerum gestarum iBlfredi Magni, 
recensuit Franc. Wise, A.M. 
Oxonii. 1722. 8vo. 

Contains pp. xxx and 181, besides title, 
and a port of Alfred, by Vertue ; to iIm 
reader, 4 pages; a second title andsubscri- 
bera' names. At p. 137, is a spedmen of 
Asserts Life of Alfred, in the Saxon d»- 
racter. Roxburghe, 8532*, 7s. Towndtej, 
pt. i. 1G2, 98. LARGE PAPER. Heath, 
4291, 19s. Nassau, pt. L 72, Ii. Ss. Sir 
M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 1594, IL 3s. Dent, 
pt i. 105, nor. \L 15s. Williams, 90, 
morocco, 2/. 10s. 

This life was first publbhed by Aithb. 
Parker, in the old Saxon character at the end 
of his edition of Thomas of Walsingham's 
History, Lond. 1571. folio, and it is like- 
wise to be found in Camdeni Aoglica, ftc. 
Francof. 1603. folio. 

Assisarum Liber. (Lond. apud 
Rich. Pynson) 16ino. 

Black letter. Contains cliiiL leaves. A 
table is prefixed. This book is without either 
title or colophon, but has Pynson's dcviet 
I on the last page. 

I Assisarum et Placitorum Corone 
(Liber.) (lx>ndon, by John Rastel, 
1516.) folio. 

Bhick letter. Contains sign. S 8, in 
the second alphabet; a and b, in the fint 
alphabet have eight leaves each, all die 
rest sixes. Prefixed is a table, with an 
English prologue by John Rastel. TUs 
valuable work, acceding to Dr. Dibdin, is 
in the Norman or Law French, and ooo- 
tains the assizes and pleas of the crown for 
the whole reign of K. Edward III. Bp. of 
Eh, 233, 8s. 

Assize of Bread. — ^The Boke 
named the Assise of Bread, &c. 
Imprynted by me T. Colwell, in 
the House of Rob. Wyer. 4to. 

Black letter. At the sale of Naifliu*< 

Library, pt i. 197, Ais edttkm was wfM fer 







U lOt. A great Tsriety of editions are 
MCked in Herbert and Dr. Dibdin's edi- 
tions of Ames, Gongb's British Topographyi 
and Gkewise in Clarkc*s Bibi. Legum. An 
edidon in black letter, 1626, with wood cuts. 
Naaan, pt. i. 198, 16s. 

Assises, The Great, holden in 
Parnassus. ^See Wither, George. 

AsTLE, Thomas. An Account 
of the Seals of the Kings, Royal 
Boroughs, and Magnates of Scot- 
land. Printed in the year 1792. fol. 

Contains pp. 44, with 5 plates. Dedi- 
cated to tbe Earl of Leicester. This forms 
1 portion of the third volume of the Vetusta 
Moaamenta. Some copies were printed 
SI s separate publication. Fonthill, 1918, 

— Origin and Progress of Writ- 
ing, as well hieroglyphic as ele- 
meatarj. Second edition improved. 
LoodoD, 1803. 4to. 

The completest work on the subject of 
vn&igcztant in this or any other language, 
hiffii, 258, 1/. 17s. LAROE PAPER in 
mjal fi»Go. Baker, 267, R 15s. Dent, 
rLi.166.2/. 14a. KafBau,pt.L211,2^9s. Sir 
LM. Sykca. pti. 321, nnsia, 4/. 48. The 
htma cdilioik 1784. 4to. Bindley, pti. 
131, 17s. 6d. WUlett, 101, U 148. Stan- 
k7,7S. tL 18s. 

AsTLET, Thomas. Collection 
of Voyages and Travels. See 
Voyages and Travels, 

AsTow, Anthony, commonly 
called Tony. See Gibber, Coiley. 

Astronomy. — Memoirs of the 
Astronomical Society of London. 
Umdon, ld22-7. 4to. vols. 1, 2, 
UHi 3, pt. i. 

— The Dyffcrencc of Astrono- 
nj, with the Gouernayle to kepe 
Mans Body in Helth, all the foure 
&iions of the Yeare. Impr. by 
Be Robeit Wyer. 16mo. 

Uvk Irtter. Contains E in fours. Dr. 
^XUm notiees two other works on this sub- 
JBct, printed without date by Wyer. 

Asylum for fugitive Pieces in 
Prose and Verse, not in any other 
Collection: with several Pieces 
Kver before published. London, 
1785-9. 12mo. 4 vols. 7s. 6d. 

CUeiy of a political nature, collected by 
Ma Ahnoo, the publisber. 

Aulantis, The new. SeeMAV- 
LtY, Mrs. 

ATH 79 

Atchievements. — The Martial 
Atchievements of Great Britain 
and her Allies, from 1799 to 1815. 
London. Elephant 4to. 

With fifty-one coloured plates. Duke of 
York, 2884, 3/. 58. laroe paper. Dent, 
ptii. 758, morocco, 10/. lOs. 

— The Naval Atchievements of 
Great Britain and her Allies, froi^ 
1793 to 1817, London. Elephant 

With coloured plates. Duke of York, 
2883, 1/. lOs. 

AthensBum, The, a Magazine^ 
of literary and miscellaneous In- 
fonnation, from the Commence- 
ment in 1807 to the finish in 1809. 
London. 8vo. 5 vols. 

A valuable miscellany edited by John 

Atiianasids. Four Orations 
against the Greeks, and his Ora- 
tion against the Gentdbs. Trans- 
lated from the Greek, by Mr. S. 
Parker; with a Confutation of Mr. 
Whiston's impious Doctrine. Ox- 
ford, 1712. 8vo. 2 vols. 

In Whiston's Collection of andent mo- 
numents, 8vo. 1713, are translations of 
Athanasius' Life of Anthony the Monk, and 
on the Incarnation of the World. 

— Life and actions of St. Atha- 
nasius, together with the Rise, 
Growth, and Downfall of the 
Arian Heresie : collected from pri- 
mitive Writers, by N. B. P. C. 
London, 1664. 8vo. 5s. 

Athenagoras. Opera, 
Lat. cura Fell. Oxon. 1682. 18mo. 
3s. 6d. 

A good edition, large paper. Wil- 
liams, 91, morocco, !/• 8s. 

— Legatio pro Christianis et de 
Mortuorum Resurrect ione, Gr, et 
Lat. cum Notis variorum. Studio 
Edw. Dechair. Oxon. 1706.8vo. 58. 

According to Dr. Harwood, this is a Tery 
elaborate edition of Athenagoras, and does 
great honor to the learning and industry of 
the editor, large paper. Heath, 4257, 
8s. 6d. Williams, 92 mor. 1/. 198. 

— The Apologetics. 1. For the 
Christian Religion. 2. For the 
truth of the Resurrection. With two 
Fragments, one attributed to Jose- 



pliaSy and the other to Methodius, 
concerning the State of the Dead. 
With the original Greek printed in 
the Appendix. Done into English, 
with Notes and Dissertations by 
David Humphreys, B.D. Lond. 
1714. 8vo. 6s. 

In 1573 was published ' The Discourse 
of Athenagons touching the Resurrection 
of the Dead, by Richard Porder.' 

Athenian Gazette. See Dun ton, 

Athenian Letters: or the Episto- 
lary Correspondence of an Agent 
to the King of Persia residing at 
Athens during the Peloponnesian 
War. London, 1741-3. 8vo. 4 vols. 

Of this edition twelve copies only were 
printed, at the expense of the authors, viz. 
the Hon. Mr. Yorke (late Earl of Hard- 
wieke) the Hon. E. Yorke, Rev. Dr. 
Rookt, Rev. Dr. Green Bishop of Lincoln, 
Daniel Wray, Esq. Rev. Mr. Heaton, H. 
Coventry, Esq. Rev. Mr. Lawry, Mrs. 
Kath. Talbot, Rev. Dr. Birch, and the Rev. 
Dr. Salter. One letter on the life, &c. of 
Hippocrates, was written by Dr. Heberden. 

—A new edition. Lond. 1781. 

One hundred copies printed for presents. 
Subsequent to this a pirated edition ap- 
peared in Dublin. 

-*• A new Edition. London, 
(Dublin) 1792. 8vo. 2 vols. 

With a front to vol. i. A very neat 
edition. Bindley, pt. i. 1, l7s. 6d. Ano- 
ther edition was published at Basil, 1800, 
in 3 vols. 8vo. 10s. 6d. 

— - A new Edition, to which is 
pre6xed a Geographical Index. 
London 1798.4to.2 vols.withengra* 

vings, and a map of ancient Greece. 

Brockett, 261, 4/. 4s. Strettell, 168, 
2L 68. Bindley, pL i. 3, 2/. 6s. laroe 
PAFER, printed for presents. Earl of 
Kerry, I78,russia, 3(. 158. Fonthill, 3892, 
boards, 2L 2s. 

An edition, 1810. Holiis, 182, 2L 14s. 

Athens.— Ruins of Athens, with 
Remains and other valuable Anti- 
quities in Greece. London, 1759. 
imperial folio. 

Drury, 405, 2/. 

Atherlon, Bishop of Waterford. 
The Life and Death of John Ather- 


ton^ Bishop of Waterford, who for 

incest, b y, and many other 

enormous crimes, after having lived 
a vicious life, dyed a shameful 
death ; and was, on the 5th of 
December last past, hanged on the 
Gallows Green at Dublin, and his 
man John Childe, being his Proc- 
tor &c. 1641. 4to. 

With wood-cut on back of title. Oor- 
donstoun, 126, 1/. 3s. Nassau, pt i. 2379,. 
1/. 13s. Sotheby's in Dec. 1823, 2L 3s. 
For other works respecting this prelate, Su 
Bernard, D.D. Nicholas, and King,D.D. 

Atkins, John. Relation of a 
Voyage to Guinea, Brazil, and the 
West Indies. London, 1737. 8vo. 
ds. 6d. 

This Tolume, which chiefly consists of 
the personal adventures of the author, wiU, 
however, afford some insight into the man- 
ners and habits of the people. Willett, 
51, 10s. 

Atkinson, James. Account 
of the State of Agriculture and 
Grazing in New South Wales. 
London, 1827. 8vo. 7s. or with a 
map, 14s. 

' A useful little work.' 

— John. Compendium of the 
Ornithology of Great Britain. 
Lond. 1820. 8vo. Published at 8s. 

— John Augustus. See Cos* 

— John Augustus and Jamei 
Walker. A picturesque Representa- 
tion of the Manners, &c. of the Rnt- 
sians, illustrated by 100 copper- 
plates, beautifully coloured, with a& 
explanation of each in English and 
French. Lond. 1803-5, or 1812. 
folio, 3 vols. 

Dent, pt i. 168, in 1 vol. mssia, St lis. 
Nassau, pt. i- 212, 3/. 16s. D. of Tock, 
1502, 5/. 5s. 

— William. Views of Pictnres- 
que Cottages, with Plans. Lond. 
1805. 4to. 15s. 

Duke of York, 479, II. 

Atktns, John Tracy. 'Reports 
of Cases argued and determined in 
the High Court of Chancery, in 
the time of Lord Chancellor Hard- 
wicke. The third edition 

and corrected, with Note> and Re- 
roence* b; P. W, Sander*. Lon- 
don, 1794. Toyal Svo. 3 vols. 

Bat cdhjon at ■ my Taliuble stllectioii 
•fnporu. ^xbeby'i in 18S1 ud 1824. 
iL 13k6d. BDd SL IDi. The fannn edi- 
li«n*lT»— S. fbUo, 3 toIi. 1781-2. 

Atkyni, Richard. Origiaalaad 
Growth of Printing. Load. 1644. 

Comabu i ibecti, with fkinL by D. Log- 
|U, ccntainiDgpartniUDf KingCharlei II. 
iRhk Sheldon, the Eul of CUrendon an<i 
Ac Dnkc of Albemule. The tkUit; ol' 
AtkjDi' (rguiaCDU in IsTour or Careellii it. 
At fiiil prmtcr in EogUod. in oppoiiliotj 
* CuUD, uc ably txpotd by Dr. Mid- 
lEKn. Sir P. Thompson, (03, 31. lit. 
Kndlcy, pL i. 1S3, 31. Ut. 

~~ Sir Robert. Knt. The an 
dnt and present State of do- 
cnteishire. Loadon, 1713, folio. 

Hiitory 859 p*ge*. *nd index 1 page*. I 
koidn dele, prcAce, *nd advtrlisement T 
ntm, add the auLhor'a epitaph. The ; 
■ttk eontsiiM 74 pUle* (including a por- j 
Wt gf the autbm) the whi^ engrarad by ' 
T- Kip, exceplii^ the fint ten. | 

Sone o^ie* of lhi> work were deitroyed | 
kftnin the printing office of Bowyer'i 
h&er, in White Frian. According to 
fiahop NicolKH) ' many of the maietiali 
■irt gaihcnd by Dr. Robert Panoni, 
Ckunllarofibediacne.' Bixktard, ISIT. 
», 131, 3a. Gd. Marq. of ToHDihend, 20G, 
lU 10«. Deni, pL i. IflB, saor. HI. lis. 
FiDrtt, MS, 15/. Kauau, pL i. SIS, ruuia, 
If. lit. Sit H. M. Syltee. pL i. 3S3< 

Atlaa. — The Eogliab Atlas. 
Oxon. 1680, 1, 3, 2. royal folio, 4 
vols. U. 5%. 

Published by Moaei Tilt, and highly 
commended by Ant. a Wood, In whose 
Athene Oxonieniea as account of the ra- 
riout contributor! will be found. 

ATTEaBuRT, Francis, Bishop 
of Rochester. Sermons and Dis- 
courses complete. London, 1740. 
Svo. 4 vols, with portrait, 1/. 43. 

Willctt, 52 (4 vols with ponrait, 1730-4). 
II. 1T«. GoMct, ■ — ■ -■ - 

Jrinted ii 

1820. Svo 

Williams, 2 vol«, 1743, lJ.9i. 

— MiscelLaneous Works, with 
historical Notes, by John Nichols. 
London, 1789-98. 8vo. 5 vols. 
21. IDs. 

Thii collection contains all Atlerbury'g 
tncti and • vast mass of curious and in- 
terciting ecclesiastical history. 

An edition entitled 'The Epistolary 
Correspondence,' &c 1783-98. Svo. S tdIi. 
(he filUi volume which is the same in both 
editions, is of uncommon occurrence. His 
private cotrespondence was published by 
Sir D. Dalrymple, afterwards Lord Haiies, 

I76B. 4 

. 2s. Sd. 


— The second Edition. Load. 
1T68. folio. 

H»vy 452 pages, and indei fl pages, 
Mdcstide, preEice, and advertisement, 
n**, the author's epitaph and direnions 
h-Fbdng the 73 plates, 2 pages. 

Thiseditian ha* not ilie author's portrait. 
Htjoblished by Wm. Herbert, the editor 
•rimti' Typo^rapbicsl Aniiquides. Great 
part of this second edition waslikewlie des. 
Keyed by firr. M. of Townshend, 207, 
U 15«. — LASOE r*FER. Lloyd, 250, 
iMsia. 31. Bs- Heath, 4693, tus^ 41. 
ik. M. Biodley, pu i. 153, 61. lOs. 

— Parliamentary and Political 
Tncts. London, 1734 or 1741, 
in. 6*. 

These tracts are valued as a treasure 
t.' Isgal knowledge, M. of Tonnshend, 
mi, 7e. Od. Heath, 4413, ISs. 6d. 'The 
tiw i^ aacinit Juriadiction of the House 

AtterbuTyana : beings Miscella- 
aies by the late Bishop of Roches-,&c. London. 1727. 8vo.5s. 

One ofCurll'a publications. 

Attersoi., William. Commen- 
farie on the Booke of Numbers. 
London, 1618. folio, 7s. 6d. 

This wt^ter Ukewise published a Com- 
mentary upon the Epistles of Sc. Paul to 
I'hilemon, 1618 and 1633, 7s. Od. and other 

Atwood, George. Treatise on 
the Rectilinear Motion and Rota- 
tion of Bodies, with a Description 
of original EnperimenU relslive to 
the subject. London, 1784. royal 
8vo. \l. Us. 6d. 

A highly valuahle work. This eminent 

Analysis of a course of Lectures on the 

Trinriples of Natural Philosophy,' 1784. 
Svo. Si. and 'A Disieriatian on theCon- 
■.truclion and Properties of Arches,' with a 
Supplement, lSOl-4. 4to. IBi. 

Atwood, W. Superiority and 
direct Dominion of the impe- 


rial Crown of England over the 1721,1723,1731. The first edition con* 

Crown and Kingdom of ScoUand, ^°» »«. oval portrait, pasted a. a yignetta 

o T J t^nnA a r on the title-pagc. 

tV ^"i v\ ?'^^*V . AuBRY, M. Oxonii Dux poeti- 

This book, which was replied to by An- i *• • tr •!_ ^ i. 

demon in 1705, wa«, by the Parliament of ^^^> ^'^^ LatiniS VersibiA hexame- 

Scotland, ordered to be burnt by the hands trig et pentatnetns Descriptio. 

of the common hangman. Oxonii, 1795. 8vo. pp. 64. 

AUALE, Lemeke. A Comme- „ A poetical translation entitled 'The 

«,r.rot;.x« Ir. T\\^^ r.f Pl««*«,.^o VA Beauties of Oxford,' by WUliam Wills, 

moration or Dirge of Bastarde Ed- ^ ^ ^outh, n. d. pp. 78. 

monde Boner, alias Sauage,v8urped Audley, Lady Eleanor. Strange 

Bisshoppe of London. Compiled and wonderfull Prophecies. Lond. 

by Lemeke Auale, 1569. Im- 1649, 4to. 

printed by P. O. 8vo. Bindley, pt. iv. 588, with six other tracts 

Black letter, cvj in eights, twenty-two by the same, 1/. lOs. 
leaves. A most virulent piece of personal a an \ir x i. -n • t 

invective, written in the Skeltonic iiieasure, Au DLEY.— The Way to be Ricb, 

in which the descent of Bonner ispretcnded according tO the practice of the 

to be traced fix)m a juggler, a cutpurse, and great Audley, who begun with tWO 

a^Tom o'Bedlam. Bindley, pt. L 1357, hundred pounds, in the year 1605, 

. and dyed worth four hundred 

AuBER.-.Analysisof theConsti- thousand pounds this instant No- 

tution of the East India Company, vember, 1662. London, 1662. 4to. 

and of the Laws passed by Parlia- pp 33, 

ment, for the Government of their This tract may justly be called the 

Affairs. London, 1826. royal 8vo. Miser's Magazine, being full of precepts 

n. 1 Is. 6d. *^^ precedents in the great art and myt- 

A valuable and useful publication. ^^r^J^ ^^"^"«- ,.^^j!^"f«*'^' ^289, 14i. 

. . , XT . 1 TT- Bmdley, pt. 11. 253J, 2/. 6s. 

AuBUEY, John. Natural His- . , 

tory and Antiquities of the County A udoen us, Joannes, ^nglice 

of Surrey. London, 1719. 8vo. 5. Owen, John, 
y^lg "^ AuELA, Don Lewes de. The 

Commentaries of Don Lewes de 

\ol. I. consisting of title, licence frorn ^^^j j guniga, of the great 

Ogilby, account of the work, pp. xlviu. -,, • o ^ i />» ■ o*^* 

Evelyn's letter to Aubrey, 9 pages, * to the ^^^rs m Uermany by Charlcs the 

Reader,' 2 pages, title, the history 258 pp. Fifth against John Frederike Duke 

index 6 pages, with a portrait of the author, of Saxon and Phih'p the Lanterane 

folded map of the county, and view of ^c U«^e^n .»:»k ^«k^» ,««^* t*^ 

Richmond Palace. Vol. ii. pp. 307 with of Hesson, with Other gret Pnnces 
Index, p. i— viii. Vol. iii, pp. 368, with ^"d Cities Of the Lutherans, trans- 
index, 8 pages. Vol. iv. pp. 279, and lated out of Spanish into English, 
index 8 pages, with a west view of Albury. An. Do. 1 555. Londini; in .£dibus 

and a genealogy of the family o^ Richardi Totteli. 16m0. 

vol. 5. pp. 420. (pp. 417 to 420, not num- »,,,.. ^ ,,' . 

bered) with 8 plates of marbles. Sotheby's .r.^^^J^J^^* Contains U 6. m eights. 

in 1826, morocco, 7/. 12s. 6d. Sir P. J'*« ^.^'^?^°" Vu^.^"**" ^"** ^ 

Thompson, 21, 9/. 16s. 6d. large paper, ^•'^y* " "^ncd John Wilkinson. 

Dent, pt. i. 103, ruswa, 19/. 5$. Willett, AUERELL, VViltiam. A WOnder- 

54, 22/. Is. Towneley, pt. ii. 26, russia, full and straunge Newes which 

26/. 5s. Nassau, pt. i. 77. 26/. 15s. 6d. happened in the Countye of Suf- 

Beckford(1817,125.mor.29/.8.. . fo,|;^ ^„^ ^ ^J ^^ ^« 

— Miscellanies upon vanous u.u- « u • t? j • • 

Subjects. A new iSition with I'^Tw^''!^!'^^''^' '"'if'^ * 

considerable ImprovemenU.. To '^y"^, ^^''^*^' '•** »?'*'« "^ " « 

which is nrefixed some Account of *" ""** Compas. London, for 

A_» 1 •* .. fTx f Black letter. 14 leaves, 

very curious work treaUng of Day-fa- . ., 

tality, Omens, Dreams, Apparitions, &c. -7 A maruailousCombat of Con- 

Tht fonner editions appeared 1696,1714, trarieties, maliguantlie working in 

the Hembera of Humatne Ctea- i 
Wres, by W. A. LondoD, by Th.' 
Haclcet, 1588. 4to. 

Bhck kttET. DedicMrd ' lo Matter | 
Ctwgc Bond, Lfird Mayor of LoodoD.* I 

— AuERtLL, William. Four' 
notable Histories, applyed to 
foore worthy Examples; as 1. A 
Kail for DaiDtie Darlings. 2. ' 
A Spectacle for negligent Pa- I 
renta. 3. A Gla&s for disobedient 
Sonne*. 4. And a Myrrour for | 
Tlitoous Maydes. Wherunlo is 
added a Dialc^ue expressing the ' 
ComjpttODS of this age. Written 
b; W. A. Lond. for Tbo. Hacket, 
IS90. 4to. 

Bhck letlcT. An eA6on ot the dite of 
1S94, 4to. uokoown to Amn, Herbert, or 
Dr-Dibdlin. Inglii, No. 4331, 4J. 6(. 

AuouHTiNE, or Austin, St. 
De Hteresibaa. cum Notis Welch* 
nu. Oson. 1721. 8vo. 5s. 

— The Rule of Saynt Augus- 
(jne.bothein LatynandEnglysshe, 
«ith two Eiposycyona. And also 
T'nine Rule agayn onely in Eng- 
inihe withoat Latyn or Eipoay 
noo (by Rycharde Whylforde). 
Udou, by W. de Worde, 1525. j 
410. ! 

Shck Itltcr. Canloini Tolloi IxxxTiy ! 
nk title *Di] lul leaf conUining the I 
iniin'i deiicc. Dr. DitxUn noli«i ■ re- 
1^ ofthii editicm in 1SZ7, >Uo the Rule 
'BE^TMhe •loot' (I93J). I 

— The Myrrour of the Church, ' 
ude by Saynt Austyn of Abyn- j 
dot. London, by W. de Worde, 
I52J. 4to. I 

KaA kltcr, 30 leiTCi, with IS wood- ' 

.\a tdiiion, 'Sothwvke, b; Peter Tre- 
uri^'ln^i, 13t, 4/. 4*. 

He Mliming tnotUliont of pOTdoni 
of Sl i1 mMriiii appeured in the liiteenlh 

Two Bekei, theme entitled of ihe Predei- 
UodM of SuDtei I tholber arPencutnnce 
Tgw die«de: wberrnto u« anneicd the 
Tkuniinmdoot of two jundent gener«ll 
CooceDti, b; JohD Scotj. the Ute B. of 
Ckdnttrfjimt IS4S. lOmo). 

A Wovke conetmjni idulteioai M«- 
^V- Load. USD. Ifimo. 

1 AnaiBc'i twelre Steppft of Abnm, 

AUG 83 

Twelra Sermotu, by me Tho. Paynell, 
155S, leiDo. 

An Introduction to the Loue oTGoH, bjr. 
Edm. IPreke] BiihoporilocheiteT. Land. 
isa4. Iflmo. 

Cert»ine »tlect Pi«yer» gitbered out of 
S. Augiilline'a Meditalioni, alio' hii Ml- 
nuell. 1S74, I57r,15-G. and no dale. ISmo. 
An edition ISSO, Nixau, pi. i. 79, I3i. 

An IntroduFtiaa to the I.ooue of Qod, by 
Edmunil [Frekr^BiihopofN'onnich, turned 
into Engliih Meter by Itobt. Fletcber, 
15SI. London, ISmo, 

S. Auitustinea Ladder tu Paradice, by T. 
W. London, 15B1. ISmo. 

A prftioTi Dooke of heaTenlie Medita- 
tions, by Thorou Kogen, London, ISBI. 


S. Auguitinea Praien, by Tbo. Rogen. 
Wheievmo ii annexed S. Auguitinei PmI- 
ter, I5S1, 15S1. ISmo. 

A Glaise of T>itie Glory, by W. Prid. 
Doct. of the Lanei, nith certaine Prayers 
added thereto, 1J93, 1000. l2nio. 

Augustine, or Austin. — 
St. Augustine of the Citie of 
God, with the Comments of Ludti- 
»icua Vives. Engliahed by J. 
Healey. London. 1620. folio. 18s. 

Sennd and belt edition : the Ibiiner wai 
publiihedin 1610. 9i. 

— S. Austins Confessions, trans- 
lated bv SirTobie Matthew. Lood. 
1634. "l6mo. 

A catbolii^ trBm^lation sold. BFcording to 
Ant. a Wood, fur sixteen shilUugs a copy, 
though, u John Gee saith, it might hara 
been afforded roc3i. 64. 

— S. Auguslin's Confessions, 
translated by William Watla. Lond. 
1631. l8mo. with a front, by 
Vaughan, 5s. 

— The Life of S. Augustine. 
The first Part. Written by him- 
self in the first ten Books of his 
Confessions. London, 1660. 8vo. 

— St. Augustin*s Confessions, 
with the Continuation of his Life 
to the End thereof, extracted 
out of Possidius, and tlie Father's 
own unquestion'd Works, by Abr. 
Woodhead. London, 1679. 8vo. 

— Meditations, and Treatise of 
the Love of God, translated by 
Geo. Stanhope, D. D. London, 
1701. 8vo, 48. 



Reprinted 1708, 1714, 1720, 1728, 
1745: the edition 1708 on large faper. 
Williams, 96, morocco, 21, 12s. 

Augustine, or Austin. — 
A g:oodly Narration how S. Au- 
gustine, the Apostle of Eng- 
land, raysed two dead Bodies at 
LongcomptOy Warwickshire, col- 
lected out of divers authors. Trans- 
lated by Joh. Lid gate, Monke of 
Bury. Printed at S. Austens at 
Canterburie (1525). 4to. 

From Maunseirs Catalogue, p. 6. 

— St. Augustin*s Religion col- 
lected from his own Writings, by 
John Brierlyor Brerely, (i.e. James 
Anderson of Lancashire). London, 
1620. 8vo. 4s. 

J. Brierly was a popish priest, and wrote 
his book to prove that St. Augustin held 
the Popish doctrine. This was answered 
in two other books with the same title ; 
the first anonymously, 4to. Lond. 1624. 3s. 
the second by Wm. Crompton, 4to. Lond. 
1625, and again by the same in a work 
entitled St.Augustin*8 Sums, 4to. London, 
1625. 58. 

— The Kernell of the historical 
Part of S. Augustiu's Confessions. 
Paris, 1638. Svo, 

Tuwnelcy, pt.i. 461, 1/. lis. 6d. In the 
Bibl. Monast. Fleetwood, No. 416, is 'The 
Kernell of St. Augustin's Confessions,' 
1538. Svo. Gellius. Vide Gel- 
LiuSy Aulus. 

Aung ELL, John. The Agree- 
ment of the holye Fathers and 
Doctors of the Churche vpon the 
chiefest Religion. London, by 
William Harforde (1555). 16mo. 

Black letter. Contains P. 4, in eights. 
Dedicated to * Q. Marye, wyfe to Phillip.' 

AuNOERviLLE, Richard de. 
Vide Bury, Ric. de. 

A UK ELI AN us. Vide CjELlUS 


AuRELio. The Historic of Au- 
relio and of Isabell, Daughter of 
the Kinge of Schotlande, nyewly 
translaede in foure languages, 
Frenche, Italien, Spanishe, and 
Inglishc. Impressa en Anuers, 
1556. 12mo. 

Written by Jean de Flores. It has been 
erroneouily stated, that Shakeipeare's Tem- 


pest was formed on this fkvonrite romance, 
die scene of which is laid in Scotland. 
Nassau, pt. i. 1570, 1/. Is. Oordonstoim, 

925, 1/. Is. An edition also in four lan- 
guages. BruxcUe, 1608. Bindley, pt. ii. 

926, Rlls. 

AuRLLius, Abrah. In Nupiias 
Frederici V. Comiti Palatini ad 
Rhenuni,&c. et Elizabethee Magni 
M. B. Regis Filiae, Epithalamiuin. 
Londini, 1613. 4to. 5s. 

AuRELius, Marcus. See An- 
toninus, Marcus Aurelius. 

AuRELius Victor^ Sextos. 
The Lives of the illustrious Ro- 
mans, translated by several young 
gentlemen educated by M. Mac* 
dwell. London, 1693. Svo. 

An edition of the original will be found 
with Justinus. Londini, 1586. 

AuRELLio, Gio. Battista. Ex- 
amine di varii Giudicii de i Politicly 
e dell a Dottrina e de i Fatti de i 
Protestanti veri e de i Cattolici 
Romani. Londra nella Stampeiia 
di Gouanni Wolfio, 1587. 4to. 

Austen, or Austin, D. Aure- 
lius. See Augustine, St. 

Austin, Gilbert, A.M. Chi- 
ronomia, or a Treatise on Rheto- 
rical Delivery ; together with an 
Investigation of the Elements of 
Gesture, and a new Method of the 
Notation thereof. London, 1806. 
4to. with plates, 12s. 

Williams, 112, morocco, SL Ss. 

— Samuel. Austin's* Urania ; 
or the heavenly Muse, jn a Poem 
full of Meditations for the Comfort 
of all Souls at all Times. Lon- 
don, 1629. small 8vo. 10s. 6d. 

Sotheby's in 1821,11.108. 

— Naps upon Parnassus: a 
sleepy Muse nipt and pincht, 
though not awakened. London, 
1658. 8vo. 

Sir M. M. Sykcs, 171, IL Is. Nassau, 
pt, i. 83, H. Is. Strcttell, 971, 1/. 5i. 
Bindley, pt. i. 98, 3i. 5s. Pt. iii. 219S, 
1/. 18s. Lloyd, 884, 2/. 12i. «d. Auidn 
likewise wrote a Panegyric on K.CbarlesII. 
London, 1661. Svo. 

Austin, William. Certaine 
devout, godly, and learned Medita* 
tions. London, 1635. folio, with 


port and frontispiece by G. Glover. 

This work gives us a fitvourable idea of 
ibe piety of the author. 

Austin, William. — Atlas under 
Olympus, an heroick poem. Lpn- 
don, 1664. 8vo. 

Bindley, pt. i. 44, 1/. Is. Lloyd, 41, 
17s. Sir M. M. Sykes,pt. i. 170, 19s. 

— The Anatomy of the Pesti- 
lence, a Poem, in three parts. 
London, 1666. 8vo. with a portrait. 

Bindley, pL L 45, 6/. )i68. 6d. 

— - Hsec Homo, wherein the 
eioellency of the creation of Woman 
ii described by way of an essay. 
London, 1637. 12mo. 

Taken in some degree from Agrippa 
De Nobilitate et Proecellentia Fseminei 
Sextos. PKfized are a portrait of Mary 
GniBdi, with a watch, by O. Glover, also 
la engraved title by Glover, containing the 
ntbor's portrait Bindley, pt i. 88, 148. 
Fsmhin, 1516, 18s. Nassau, pt.i. 82, 11. 
Towndey, pt. i. 266, W, 4s. 

Autography 9 British. See 


Automathes. The Case of. See 
KiEKBY, John. 

Ataitx. The Negociations of 
Count d*Avaux, Ambassador from 
Lewis XIV. to the States-General 
of the United Provinces. London, 
1754-5. 12mo. 4 vols. 10s. 6d. 

Interesdng as containing the secret his- 
tory of the rise and motives of the Duke of 
MoQSMKith's rebellion, and the intrigues of 
tWCoart of France in favor of K.James 11. 
*pamKL the Prince of Orange. 

At ELLA VEDA, A. F. dc. See 


Atesbury, Rob. de. See 
Heaene, Thomas. 

AvisoN, Charles. Essay on 
Moiical Expression. London, 
1775. 12mo. 4s. 

Best edition of an amusing and ingenious 
peribrmaoce, written with a view of exalt- 
b; Geminiani, Marcello, and Rameau, at 
the expense of Handel. The first edition 
«M in 1753, shortly after appeared Re- 
larks (by Hayes), to which Avison replied. 

Ayeen Akbery ; or the Institutes 
of the Emperor Akber. Translated 
from the original Persian (of Abul- 
Fuel), by Francis Gladwin. Cal- 
cutta, 1783 — 6- 4to. 3 vols. 21. 28. 



The best edition. Willett, 226, russia, 
2/. IDs. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 304. 2L 3s. 
Fonthill, 3351, 9/. 9s. Reprinted London, 
1800, 4to. 2 vols. 16s., 8vo. 2 vols. 10s. 6d. 
The edition in 1772, 4 to. 1 vo^. is of no 

Aylet, Robert, LL.D. Susan- 
na; or the Arraignment of the two 
Eldersi in verse. London, 1622. 

Sir M. M. Sykes, 172, 12. 10s. 

— Peace, with her foure Car- 
ders : Thrift's Equipage : Susanna : 
Joseph, or Pharaoh's Favourite. 
London, 1622. 8vo. 

Mentioned in the Restitnta, iv. 39. 

Aylet, Robert, LL.D. A Wife 
not ready made but bespoken, by 
Dicus the Batchelor, and made up 
for him by his fellow shepheard 
Tityrus: in four pastorall Eclogues* 
The second edition, wherein are 
some things added, but nothing 
amended. London, 1653. 8vo. 
pp. 26. 

A poetical pleadii^ for and against 

— Divine and Moral Specula- 
tions, in Metrical Numbers, upon 
various subjects. London, 1654. 
8vo. with portrait by T. Cross. 

Nassau, 84, U. 2s. Bindley, pt L 80, 
(with the Wife not ready made, 1653,) 2/.7sk 

— Devotions; viz. L A good 
woman's prayer. 2. The humble 
man*s prayer, by R, A. D. L. Lon- 
don, 1655. 8vo. 

Contains pp. 15, with a front, by Cross, 
representing a female figure at prayer. 
Each part of these devotional exercises is 
preceded by a short poem. 

Ayliffe, John, LL.D. The 

antient and present State of the 

University of Oxford. London, 

1714 or 23. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Vol. i. B — Mm, besides title, dedication , 
preface, and list of subscribers. Vol. ii. A — 
Y 4, and a — m 8, besides title. Ordered to 
be burnt by the common hangman. Bind- 
ley, pt, i. 5, 7s. 6d. Bp. of Ely, 22, 8s. 
Nassau, pt.i. 78, 8s. — large PAPER,Heath, 
4687, IL Is. Dent, pt i. 107, U Us. 6d 
Williams, 104, morocco, 3/. 10s. 

— Case of Dr. Ayliffe, at Ox- 
ford. London, 1716. 8vo. 5s. 

Contadnspp. i— xxvi. 27— 98, and Ap- 
pendix, pp. i— xiv. This tract is sometimes 
fonnd with th« author'a History of Oxford. 



Ayliffe, Joho, L. L. D. — 
Parergon Juris Canonici Angli- 
can! ; or a Commentary by way 
of supplement to the Canons and 
Constitutions of the Church of 
England. Lond, 1726 or 1734. fol. 

Brockett, 3565, 5i. Sotheby's io 1824, 
10s. Ayliffe likewise published ' New 
Pandect of the Roman Civil Law. Lon- 
don, 1734. folio, 8s. 

Aylmer, John, Bishop of Lon- 
don. An Harborowe for faithful! 
and trewe subiectes against the 
late blowne Blaste, concerning the 
Gouememc't of Wemen. Anno 
jtf.D.lix. At Strasborowe, the 26 
of April! . 4to. 

Roman Letter. R 3, in fours, dedicated 
' To Francis Erie of Bedford and the 
Lord Robert Duddeley.' According to 
Bishop Nicolson, ' an able answer to John 
Knox, published anonymously.' A life of 
Aylmer was published by Strype. 

Ayloffe, Sir Joseph^ Bart. 
Calendars of the ancient Charters, 
&c. and of the Welch and Scottish 
Kolls^ now remaining in the Tower 
of London, &c. &c. London, 1772 
or 1774. 4to. 

This work was begun by the Rev. P. 
Morant. Heath, 4392, Hs. 6d. 

Aymon. The Hystory of the 
four Sonnesof Aymon. Emprynted 
the 8th day of May, 1504. folio. 

Black letter. From the colophon to 
Copland's edition we arc assured that an 
edition was printed by W. de Worde. 

— The foure Sonnes of Aimon. 
Emprynted by W. Copland, 1554. 

Black letter, with wood cuts. Contains 
Clxxvii. folios. Of this highly interesting 
romance some copies are printed for Tho- 
mas Petyt, others for Robert Toye. Rox- 
burghe, GSGl, morocco, 55/. Brunet, in 
his ' Manuel du Libraire,' FariS} 1820, vol. 
iii.p. 175-G, notices several French editions 
of this romance. 

Ay RE, William. Memoirs of 
the Life and Writings of Alexander 
Pope. London, 1745. 8vo. 2 vols, 
with portraits. 

Ayhes, Philip. Emblems of 
Love, in four Languages. Dedi- 
cated to the Lad yes. London 

Contaiuspp. 180. The plates engraved 


by NichoUs. White Knights, pt. i. 267, ^ * 
Bibl. Anglo-Poet 9, \L Is. — An edition 
of the date 1683, White Knights, pt. I. 268, 
5s. Bindley, pt. i. 52, 9s. Sir M. M. 
Sykes, 174, lis. 

Ayrks, PhUip. — Lyric Poems, 
made in Imitation of the Italians. 
Of which many are Translations 
from other Languages. London, 
1687. 8vo. 

Contains pp. 190, with frontispieoe. 
Sir M. M.Sykes, 173, 2s. Reed, 6547, 3s. 
6d. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 8, 12s. 

Ayscouoit, Rev. Samuel. An 

Index to the remarlcable Passages 

and Wonls made use of by Shake^ 

speare, calculated to point out the 

different Meanings to which the 

words are applied. London, 1790. 

royal 8vo. 15s. to 20s. 

A work of great labour, highly valua- 
ble and useful. Reprinted Dublin, 1791, 
and London, 1827, in demy 8vo. ISs., soas 
to range with the editions of Shakespeare. 

— Catalogue of the MSS. pre- 
served in the British Museum, 
hitherto undescribed. London, 
1782. 4to. 2 vols. 

An elaborate and highly useful catalogue^ 
Bindley, pt. i. 120, 14s. Sir M. M. 

Sykes, pt. i. 306, 19s. — large paper, 

Steevens, 84, 1/. 13s. 

Ayscu, Edward. Historic, con- 
tayning the Warres, Treaties, Mar- 
riages, and other Occurrents be- 
tween England and Scotland, from 
K. William the Conqueror vntill 
the happy Vnion. London, 1607. 
4to. 15s. 

Aytoun, Sir Robert. Basia' 
sive Strena Cal. Jan. Londini, 
1605. 4to. 

Several poetical pieces of Ayton's will b« 
found in the Delitis Poetanim Scotonun. 
Amst. 1637. 

Azores. A Report of th^ Truth 
of the Fight about the Isles of 
A9orees, this last Summer; be- 
twixt the Revenge and an Armada 
of the King of Spaine. Printed 
for W. Ponsonbie, 1591. 4to. 

Black letter, 14 leaves. This tract, 
said to be ' penned by the honorable Sir 
Walter Raleigh,' is reprinted in Hakluyt, 
vol. ii. A copy of the tract ia in the Bri* 
this Museum. 

A, See B. I. — Letter, wberein ia con- 

Bkome, Ales- teined a laife Discourse of the 
ander. peopling and Inhabiting the Caun- 

B. A. p. — trie called the Arde« and other ad- 
Court of James ] jacent in the North of Ireland, and 
'J')- the First, King | taken io hand by Sir Thomas 
of Great Bri- ; Smith, one of the Queenea Maies- 

tain and Ireland: with divers 
Rule*, most pure Precept*, and 
Mlected DefintiiooB, lively deline- 
ated. Lond. 1620. 4to. with port, 
of James, by Vaughan. 

DOTrddwcU, 35T, S*. 6d. OordonitanD, 
Ul.lf. Si. 

B. C. — Lusus Amatoiius; sive 
HniKi Pocma, &c. Cm alia (tres 
icilicet) acceduntNugffi Poeticec. 
Loodinl. 1694. 4to. 

Tbc flnl e( thoe ' VagK Poedcc,' jt 
FngmeDnm Libn qumli Pocmilii vere 
tnni qiiad Pandinu Amiua Inicribltur.' 

B. E. — See Bolton, Edmund. 

B. G. — A newe Boolce called 
llie Shippe of Safpgarde. Lon- 
don, by W, Seres, 1569. 16mo. 

Bbrfc lener. Extendi to F ij in right). 
ittOtgoiialpotm on the lib of nun, »■ 
nfog Id 3 IB actiTc itaniu. 

B. G. — Beware the Cat. Lon- 
don, by Edw. Allde. 1684. »vo. 

Vuk Wtter. F 4, in eijthti. Dedicated 
a J(ka Yuog, Eiq. bf C. B. The (ubjen 
i/ lUi mrioui book ii the pnramcd power 
tfoDTtnaliiiD in Urdt, which ii denied by 
WD*, nd ■oened b J othen. Roibiirghe, 
HJI, 11. 5*. 

B. G.— S*e Chess. 

B. G. Knight.— 5ee Birc, Sir 

B. H. — See Bt.ouiiT, Henry, 
Bold, Henry. BuKNiiLL.Henry 
B. I.— A brife and foythfull 
DcclaratioD of the Uue Fayth of 
Qirm.made by certeyne Men suss- 
pected of Heresye. — Per me J. B. 
1^7. l6aio. 

Bhck ktur. Conuiu B, in etghu. 
ttMUj aritten hf John Bale. logUt, 


Priiiie Counsel, and Thomas 
Smith, Esquire, his Sonne. Lond. 
by Henry Binncman (1572), 16mo. 
Black letter. 31 leaTta, folded in (bun. 
Copioui extracts from ihli InlemliDg Utto- 
rical cract Mill be IbundintlteCcaniuUler. 
rlL i0~6, !3<] - 44. A copy ii in the Britiih 
Huieam. While KnigliU, 2397, lOL 

-See Bradfuhd, John. 

- Caveat against Fortune, 

with divers Histories approving the 

ime. London, by A. JefTes. 12mo. 

Not mentioned by Herbert. GordanitoaD, 


-The Drudge, a Piece of 
Gallantry.' London, 1673. 8to. 
Llojia, 43, 7). Od. 
B. J. — London's Triumph. 
Robert Titchbum, Mayor, At the 
expense of the Skinner's Company. 
Lond. 1656. 4to. 

B. M. G.— See, 

B. N.— 5m BiLi.iKGSi.Ey, Ni- 
cholas. BasTOH, Nicholas. 

B, N. — ■ Discourse of Trade. 
Lond. 1690. 8vo. 

Marq. orToniuhcnil, 3153, 11a. 

B. 0.— Questions of profitable 
and pleasant Concernings, called 
the Reporter the Display of 
Life, ti^elher with a Panecea 
or suppling Plaister to cure if it 
were possible the principall Di- 
seases wherewith this present Time' 
is especially vexed. Lond. 1594. 4to. 

Dedicated ■ To Robert P.nrle of Euci, 
Scc—O. B. The EpitllL' to the Reader,' 34 
lea*ei. Then ' The Argiimeol/ 4 leaiea 

by 1 

B. P. — Juvenilia sacra, or divine 



youthful! Meditations. Lond. 1664. 

Lloyd, 44, 48. 

B. R. — The Plowmans Com- 
plaint of sundry wicked Liuers, 
and espccally of the bad Br inging 
up of Children, written in Verse by 
R. B. London, for Hugh Corne, 
1580. 8vo. 

From Maunsell's Catalogue, p. 81. 

B. R. — Greens Funerals in xiv 
Sonnets. London, 1604. 4to. 

R. B. says Ritson, is supposed to be 
Richard Barnfield. 

B.R — Adagia Scotica, or a Col- 
lection of Scotch Proverbs, &c. 
Collected by R. B. Very usefull 
and delightful. London, 1668. 

B. R. — See BARON,Robert. 

Brathwait, Rich. 

BkOME, Richard. 

Burton, R. 
B. T,— Life and Death of the 
merry Devil of Edmonton, with the 
pleasant Prancks of Smug the 
Smith, Sir John, and mine Host of 
the George, about the Stealing of 
Veneson,byT. B. Lond. 1632. 4to. 

Black letter, with frontispiece. Steevens, 
833, 21 68. This tract has been reprinted 
by CaulBeld. 

B. T. — Love will find out the 
Way. A Comedy by T. B. Lond, 
1661. 410. 

Shirley's Constant Maid with a new 
tide. Roxburj^he, 4393, 11. lis. 6d. 

B.T.— Sc« Bastard, Thomas. 
Bayly, Thomas. 
Brewer, Anthony. 

B. V. — See Bourne, Vincent. 

B. VV. — That which seemes best 
is worst, exprest in a paraphrasti- 
cal Transcript of Juvenals tenth 
Satyre, together with the tragicall 
Narration of Virginias Death inter- 
serted. London, 1617. 8vo. 

Lloyd, 699, AL lOs. 

B. W. — AVeBAGw ELL, William. 

Babbage, Charles, M. A. Com- 
parative View of the various Insti- 
tutions for the Assurance of Lives. 
London, 1826, 8vo. lOs. 6d. 


A book well calculated to conTey import 
tant information on a subject in which num- 
bers are interested. 

Mr. Babbage has published a Table of 
Logarithms of the natural Numben from I 
to 108000, 1837, royal 8vo. 12s. 

Babbler, The. London, 1767. 
12mo. 2 vols. 

These essays originally appeared in 
Owen's Weekly Chronicle. Gowet, 279, 
4s. FonthUl, 1398, IGs. 

Baber. — Memoirs of Zehir-ed- 
din Muhammed Baber, Emperor of 
Hindustan, written by himself, io 
the Jaghatai Turki, and translated 
partly by the late John Leyden, 
Esq. M. D. partly by William Ere- 
kine, Esq. With notes and geo- 
graphical and historical introduc- 
tion ; together with a map of the 
countries between the Oxus and 
Jaxartes, and a Memoir regarding 
its Construction^ by Charles Wad- 
dingtouy Esq. London, 1826. 

A very curious and admirably edit)ed 
work, according to the Edinb. ReTlcw, 
xlvi. 39. 

Babinoton, Benjamin. Ad- 
ventures of the Gooroo Parama- 
tan : a Tale in the Tamul language : 
accompanied by a Translation aod 
Vocabulary, together with an Ana- 
lysis of the first Story. London, 

pp. 243, 188. 

— Gervase, successively Bbhop 
of Llandaffy Exeter and Worcester. 
Works containing comfortable 
Notes upon the Five Books of 
Moses, &c. London » 1615. folio, 
with portrait by R. Elstracke. 

Reprinted 1637, foHo, 98. Many of the 
works of this learned English prelate were 
published separately, 1583 — 1604. 

— John. Pyrotechnia, a Trea- 
tise on Fire works. London, 16^. 
folio, with portrait, a small oval, by 
J. Droeshout, in the title, lOs. 6d. 

Babkias. yide Tyrwhitt, 

Babylon. — Inscriptions copied 
from Stones and Bricks, and oiher 
Antiquities, discovered among the 


• Runic of ancient Babylon. Lond. 
1803. hre sbeeU, IL U. 

Ba^an, Don Albaro de^ Mar- 
qub of Santa Cruz. Discourse of 
that which happened in the Battel 1 
fought betweene the two Navies 
of Spaine and Portugal!, at the 
lihnda of Azores, Anno Dom. 
1582. Ix>ndon. 12mo. 

A copy if in the BritiBh Museum. 

— Relation of the expougn- 
tbie Attempt and Conquest of the 
Yiande of Tercera, and all the 
Tkands thereto adioyniog : don 
bf Don Albaro de Bacan. Lond. 
(1683) ]2mo. 

A copy is in the Britith M uieum. 

Bacchus and Venus, or a select 
Collection of Songs, &c. to which 
b added a Collection of Songs, in 
tlie Canting Dialect, with a Dic- 
tioaarj explaining all the burlesque 
and canting tenns used by the se- 
veral tribes of Gypsies, Beggars, 
Ac. London, 1737. ]2mo. 

Iiglit, 46, 13t. Sotheby'i in 1824, 168. 
ISiMa, pL i. 87, l/.18f. 

Bachelor. See Batchelor. 

Bacuiler, Samuel. Discourse 
pOMring by many and forcible Rea- 
■ow, what great Dangers will hang 
•w oar Heads of England and 
France, Ac. Printed 1626. 4to. 

GordoDstoun, 205, 12g. 

BjicKvt, Isaac. , History of 
New England, with particular re- 
ference to the Baptists. Boston, New 
Englaad, 1777. 8vo. 2 vols. I5s. 

Bicoir, Francis, Baron of Veru- 
^ Viicount St. Albans, Works, 
toodon, 1730. folio, 4 vols, with 
portrait, by Vertuc. 

^iUttll«d by John Blackbourne. Roz- 

^^ffc*! 69W, 2i. I5i. LARGE PAPER, 

P*ted on writing paper, 6/. 6s. A few 
<7in of Mallet*! Kfe, and the additional 
IKRteoBtamed in the edition of 1740, were 
r>att»d to complete this edition at lOs. 6d. 
^ nail, and 15s. the large paper. 

•* Works, with several additional 
P«ces ; to which is prefixed a new 
L%of the Author, by Mr. Mallet. 
London, 1740. folio, 4 vols. 

^ few copies printed on a superfine 
L^c PAPXR, Sotheby's in Dec. 1822, 



I 6/. 5s. Mallet's life was published sepa- 
rately in 1740. Svo. 48. 

Bacon's Works, with a Life of 
the Author, by Mallet. London, 
1753. folio, 3 vols, with portrait 
by Vertue. 

An edition more methodical, more ele- 
gant, and every way more complete, than 
any preceding. Roscoe, 719, 3/. 8s. 
— LARGE PAPER, Williams, 116, morocoo, 
11/. Os. 6d. 

— Works. London, 1765. 4to. 
5 vols, with portrait by Vertue. 

This beautiful and accurate edition was 
corrected throughout hy the Rey. Jolm 
Gambold, and the Latin volumes revised hy 
Mr. Bowyer. Brockett, 462, BL 8s. Nassau, 
pt. i. 367, nissia, iOL 15s. Heath, 1671, IZL 
13s. Williams, 213, morocco, 16/. 16s. 

— Another Edition. London, 
1778. 4to. 5 vols, with portrait. 

A reprint of the edition of 1 765. Dent, 
pt. i. 307, russU, 6/. 6s. Mollis, 184, 9L 

— Works. London, 1803. Svo. 
10 vols. 

The first complete edition in Svo. — la RGB 
PAPER. Saunders in 1818, russia, 9/. 98. 
Drury, 306, russia, 10/. lOs. Reprinted 
1819, 1826, 10 vols, of wliich edition there 
wi re likewise copies on large paper. 

— Works. A new Edition 
edited by Basil Montagu, Esq. 
London, 1825-8. 8vo. vols. i. to ix. 
10s. 6d. each. (To be completed in 
14 vols.) 

This edition has been carefully collated 
with the original editions, and Translations 
as well ax the Originals of the Latin works, 
are given. It contains also numerous let- 
ters, portraits, and fac-umiles, which are 
not to be found in any other edition, large 
PAPER, imperial 8vo. (60 copies printed) 
1/. lis. 6d. each volume. 

— Philosophical Works metho- 
dized and made English from the 
Originals ; with occasional Notes, 
by Peter Shaw, M.D. London, 
r733. 4to. 3 vols. 

This edition does not contain the whole 
of Lord Bacon's works, nor dues it profess 
to contain correct tranKlatioiis . 

— Works. A new Edition, 
London, 1815. 12mo.l2 vols. 3/. 38. 

A reprint of Dr. Sh iw*a edition. 

— Essayes (10). Religious Medi- 
tations. Places of Perswasion and 
Disswasion. London, by John 
Winder, for Humfrey Hooper, 
1597. 16mo. 






* ■ * • - 

fiitiT^ c »i!? . P aiT *i : r ? -in-v-fcan n inii 
Irsw^iiii-n L'.aiicn. 'zt J*:hn. 

•'••mnrt A.urinn. n ▼luin -ne Me4a> 
A -*» t *. n rv"*!-.^ Eiait>7. ic- - I* I. 

fcr J-.Q.-. Jii-rir*!. l'«V '.-rnc. 

- T'l"..* loo^an M -hs i iinrrf^i njrnr: it 
•Ju* *^r.init -ilrimi. A m 'V tx i'oiao- A 
i inri O 4 iu.nii. ViMiaa. 3C -. ^-i. ii. 

— Fo»;rth Eil.'rc. Liadca. 
hj Jor.n h^^le, lr.12. sinall Sic. 

A.-; 'Titarr^i ri'.ccr. ;»fra-jii u sin 

taim.-i^ »i— " v, :hr uhi* it' :t;ncdnc*. 
iA «!«-,;•. M.t -Im "wi ir» =i3C ptinrei 
m 'Jr^ «orir. A '^ Q. In n^hii. A I lad 
<liiriar.«. L.n7i. U. ILi. Reel. >'*4. 

— Fifth E/iition. Lcndoo. tor 
John .Shzz^rd, l^jl2. In mo. 

fJ^Tit»in« A — O ir. eizf.'-*. G only 
livAi, atA a. ] hUr.k. Asnther ^nted 
e«LcMn, <l:7;'iiHJ -r.tA tvo paru: tbe fir*c a 
reprint of '.ImJ of 1^06; the icrond !h« 
•/14»#riai fit-taji from rht former ««iitioa 
#/ ^'12. Yj-'it ;h.' pubil*her w» not avare 
thtf Bs/'on hi^id enianr^ lOTr.eot the Euays 
in th^ former part. It however <:ontd:ns 
th*- H*-.iir-0'>* Vf^'fliutioni «n<l Plairej of 
y»-r\if%i.\t,x\ %tA Di««wviiiori, not to b*>- iound 
ifi »h^ Uffn.t^ ofi'r of K12. Boiwell, 12S, 

— Sixtli f>]ition. Ixinclon, for 
John J;»'^:;ard, lf»13. l6mo. 

Thi« ^diriori contains, according to the 
fal>k, i I Kt^a js though 39 aiid 40 are 
rtfit Vt \tf. found in th« Tolume. Ft likewise 
rr^ntain* th«r Hdifriou* Meditations and 
l'\tu-t.% of |Vr%wa4if/n and iJi.iAvraaion. A 

- I' 3, in rights. A 1 blank. 

-- Ariotlicr FfJiiion. Fdinb. by 
Amlro llfirt, 1014. small 8vo. 

Till* M|»|i«'ar« to \rt: a reprint of the edi- 
tion of 1013. A to K C, in fights. Jadis, 
7, 'i/. 2a.— KditiotiM, F^nidon, J019, and 
\n%2. H«!«-d, U'»H'A and 1772, Kih. each. 

— Another edition. Ix>ndon, 
by J. D. for Elizafjvth Jaggard; 
K;24. Htnall 8vo. 

This edition likewise conUins the Reli- 



Ea rav'i Ejwrcs or Comueb, 
z::^! ud mcraO. oewij enlarged. 
Lend. I-'i?. -fell. 

Tie Jxs ^ifinua jmminm y M Fij^ 
-ins mi* nut miiiiiH. in. ~ ~ 
3— lin 
-iii*rnkd n'Bi 
3opvc*L 14-L -vxzh 3CSk 

a^pmxiM I'i£3. I^i^. 1432^ IS39,1MI, 

— EdsiTf. cniuZaled from die 
Lien- by Wm. WiilyvMtt, ULD. 
Lradca." ITii). Sto. -2 Tob. 14s. 

TTu «eaiiii voiam s a cnMriitiaB of 
* Z>« Asiemaciii SoncanHu* LAiei 

— E«siv5 monL eGODomicd 
ind ^t:utic;il. L»idoo, 1798. 8fO. 

LAmijs F«ras. ji BUm^C espies priDlcd, 
one •K'wbch siia :&e BncU Mhcvbi, and 
asudier in Ear* Soencer's Sbmy. 

— ^a^Tiri Monli, con th altro 
sno Trattato dt^Da Sapienim dttii 
An tic hi, tndocti in Italiano ^ 
Tobia MatheiJ Londra, 1618. 

A :o G 3. with tirle. 5 lesTes ofdedkt- 
tion. - a Don Coanode Mcdki, Gm Don 
£ Tohcuia/ by - Tobia MaAci,' and tafak 
ofa>c:eti£s. iXeua Sapccnn degli AnticH 
A to K 4. in ei^t&. {K 4, coatainiag the 
em:a. Sincer. 3^ 4f. Bindley, *pt i. 
S77. 2.. 4fw 

— Essays moraux : trad, en 
Francois par le Sieur .Arthur 
Corses, Cher. Anglois. Londres, 

: 1619. 16mo. 

A copy is in the British Mmeom. 

— Twoo Bookes of thePtofictenGe 
and Aduancement of Leaminj^, di- 
nine and humane. London, 1605. 
4to. 10s. 6d. 

Contains 1 IS learet, and the title. Roi- 
, coe 157, with Dr. Jos. Wartoo's MS. le- 
' marks, \L 2s. Lord Bacon enlarged this 
work into ix books, and caused it to be 
translated into Laitin — it waa aAecwaidf 
re-translated into English, by Gilbert 

— .Second Edition. London, 
1629. 4to. 

Contains A to Tt, pp. 335 and the title. 

— Third Edition. Oxford, 1633. 

Contains pp. 335, and the title. 


B'COK. Another Edition, with 
the qnoCationa translated, Lond. 
IS25, cKnrn 8vq. tOs. 6d. 

id aiulTii* to tlui edition. 

nby B 

I, E>q. 

— Opera. Tornvs prii 
jnet de DigQitate& Augmeotia 

Scieotiamn Libros .IX. (Cura et 
fiit Gnl. Rawley). Loodini, 
1623. folio. 

Fb« cditiaD, ncwdiDglr Kun uid k- 
tM*« to AicfabUiop TenuoD, 'the&lieil 
tai mamt csmct cdiliini.' A copy ii id the 

— Of the Advancement and 
Prafidence of Learning, or the 
Putftiona of Sciences, IX Bookes. 
hteipreted by Gilbert Wats. Ox- 
fgrd. 1640. folio. 

Cgotain* A — Rrr. 1, in fbon, beiidc* 94 
Inn* •riDtraductOTT matter. . It Iu> >!» 
■ dik nd poitrait, engraved b j HanhaU. 

— Another Edition. London, 
1674. folio. 

— De Sapientia Veterum Liber. 
Londini, 1609. 13mo. 

Cootaiiu pp. I !9, bwidet title and intiD- 

hrriMeJ lalT, Umo, \S3i. ISmo: All 
*ne aditicaa an in the Briliih Uiueum. 

— Wiiedome of the Aacienta, 
done into EDgliah by Sir Arthur 
Gc^ei Knight. Lond. 1619. 12mo. 

Cawain* pp. lIS.beBda title, andlntro- 
imarj naoer, 13 leain. Namu, pl.L 

— Instauratio Magna (i. e. No- 
ma Oigannm, aire Indicia vera de 
Inlnpitiatione Naturte.) Londini, 
IfrlO. folio. 

Ra editian, pp. 360. Faraacera ad 
ffiaoi^ Namnlnu et Eiperimetitalem, 
I^IT. kcadea an engraved title hj Sim. 
ha, ^ 4 leaiea, containing prebcc and 
Kiai'm to K- Jamet. An epitome in 
E^b^ br U. D. iBpeared I6T6, falio. 

— Edttio altera, ctim Indice 
Hemm. Oxonii, 1813. 8vo. 8s. 

TMi tdiiioD doei not contain the ' Fa- 
atcen.' An account or Lord Bacon'i No- 
•» OrgaBum Scientianim, bai been pub- 
iiM in I parti, Sto. b; the Sociel; Tor 
Ikt OOidoo of Uierol Knowledge. 

— Hiitoria naturalJB et eipe- 
nneatalit ad coodendam Philo. 
Kiphiua, sire, Phoenomena Vni- 
'tni, qme est lostaurationis Hag* 
oa Pars lertia. Lond. 1622, 8vo. 

BAG 91 

Bacon. HistoriaVitKet Morlra, 
quK est Instavrationis Magnee Pars 
tertia. Londini, 1623. small 8vo. 

Contaitiipp. 454, boidei title and ' Vi- 
lentibTi et Pmteiu Salutem,' 3 Icavei. 

— The Hiatorie of Life and 
Death; with Observations natnrall 
and experimentall for the Prolong- 
ing of Life. London, 1633, 12mo. 

— Another Edition, by William 
Rawley, D.D. Lond. 1638. 12mo. 

Cont^ni pp. 333, beddea title, dedica- 
tion to Sir Edward Hodey, Kiught, by 
Muinpbrej Uoalej, and to the Reader, 9 
leavea. Tlierc ■■ likewiie an engraved 
tide, with Ida portrait, b; O. Glover. 

— Another Edition. London, 
1650. folio. 

Contain) pp. G4, beudei title, ' To tlia 
Reader,' ' to Uie pment Age and Poiterit; 
greetiiig,' and pre&ce, 4 leain. An ex- 
cellent ailicle on thii work, will be fonnd 
in theJleDoep. Rev. vii. 64~B7. 

— Hiatorie of the Rai^ne of K. 
Henry VII, London, 1622. folio, 
Ids. 6d. 

Coataitii pp. 348. Defeated to ' Charlei 
Prince or Wale*,' with a portrait ot tbe 
King bj 1. Payne. Bindlev, pL i. STO, 
with Lord Bacon'a autograph, Bi. St. Dd. 
Reprinted 1639, folio: 1641. folio, pp. 34S, 
with dedication to P. Charica and a Cable, 
also a portrait of Bucon, by W. Maribalt, 


I Godwii 


Henry VIII. Bdwud VI. and a Mary, 

folio, It. Od. Thii admirable hiitorical 
work ii iiuerted in the Grtc volume of Ken- 
nel') Hiitory of England ; and In 1786, 
appeared an ediliun of the life 'now flntnew 
written,' in wbich the native limplidly 
and genmne dignity of Bacon are totally 

— Sylva Sylvartim or a Na- 
tnrall Hiatorie, in ten Centuries, 
Published by William Rawley, 
D.D. London, 1627. folio. 

Freflied ia a portrait of Bacon, and alio 
an engraved title, by S. CedlL Reprinted 
1B3S, 1639, 165S, IGTO, 1676 (the Wnth 
edition), 1677. 

— OiscouTse of the happy Union 
of England and Scotland. lAnd. 
1603. 12mo. 

— Sir Francis Bacon his Apolo- 
gie, in certaine Imputations ,coii- 
cerntag the late Earle of Essex. 
London, 1604. 12mo. 

Flnt edition, contaning pp. 72, includ- 
ing the title. Jadii, 01, !'■ U. 



Bacon. Another Edition. Lon- 
don, 1605. 12 mo. 

Contains pp. 72. Said to be unique. 
Jadis, 62, 1/. 10s. Reprinted 1642, 4to. 

— Charge touching Duels, with 
the Decree of the Star-Chamber, 
in the same Cause. Lond. 1614. 4to. 

— Ccrtaine Psalmes, in Verse, 
by Francis Lord Verulam. Lond. 
1623. 4to. 

Dr, Cotton mentions two editions of this 
work, one ' for Street and Whitaker/ the 
other * for Hannah Barrett and R. WhiU- 
ker.' The Psalms are, Psalm i. xii. xc. dv. 
cxxri. cxxxvii. cxlix. 

— Apophthegmes, new and old. 
London, 1625. 12mo. 

Contains pp. 307, (B to X 2, in eights.) 
besides title. Jadis 9, 13s. 

— Certaine Miscellany Works, 
published by William Rawley, 
b.D. London, 1629. 4to. 

— Operum moralium etcivilium 
Tomus, Cura et Fide Guil. 
Rawley. Londini, 1638. fol. With 
a portrait of Bacon (by S. Pass.) 

Contents: Historia Henrici VII. Ser- 
mones Fideles, sive Interiora Renim. De 
Sapientia Veterum Liber. Dialogus de 
Bello Sacro. Nova Atlantis. Tractatus 
de Dignitate et Augmentis Scientiarum. 
Historia Ventonim. Historia Vits et 

— Considerations touching a 
Warre with Spaine. 1629. 4to. 

— New Atlantis. A Worke 
unfinished. (1635) folio. 

Reprinted (1 639) folio. (1662) foUo. 1060, 
8vo. continued by R. H. wherein is set 
forth a Platform of Monarchical Government. 

— Certaine Considerations, 
touching the better Pacitication and 
Edification of the Church of Eng- 
land. 1640. 4to. 

Reprinted with a new preiace, London, 
1689, 4to. 

— Three Speeches concerning 
the Post Natl, Naturalization of 
the Scotch in England, Vnion of 
the Lawes of England and Scot- 
land. London, 1641. 4to. 

Contains pp. 1 — 28, 55 — 8, and 57—88, 
with a title. 

— Discourse concerning Church 
Affairs. Imprinted 1641. 4to. 

Published without the author's name. 

— Essay of a King. London, 
1642. 4to. 


Bacov. XVL Pfopositionscon* 
ceming the Reigp ana Qofenimeat 
of a King, London, 1647, 4to. 

— Remaines, being Essaies and 
severall Letters, &c. Lond.l648,4to. 

Contains pp. 103, with title and table, 3 

— Mirrour of State and Elo- 
quence. London, 1656. 4to. 

Contains pp. 103, with title andcontenti^ 
3 leaves. The running title is < Bacon*8 

— Felicity of Queen Elizabeth; 
and her Times, with other Things. 
London, 1651, 12mo. 

Conuins A, 6 leaves, B — H, in twelves. 

— ' Relation of the Poysoning of 
Sir Thomas Overbury. London^ 
1651. 8vo. with portrait, by Laor. 

Lloyd, 40, IDs. 6d. 

— History of Winds, translated 
by R. G. London, 1653. 12mo. 
with portrait by T. Cross. 

— Resuscitatio, or Bringing 
into publick Light severall Pieces 
of the Works, hitherto sleeping; 
together with his Lordship's Lite, 
by William Rawley, D.D. Lood. 

1657. folio, with a portrait of his 

Reprinted 1661, 1671. 

— Opuscula varia Posthama, 
Philosophica, Civilia et Theolo- 
gica. Nunc primum edita, cura et 
Fide Guilielmi Rawley, una cum 
nobilissimi Auctoris Vita. Londini* 

1658. small 8vo. 

pp. 216. besides 18 leaves, containing 
title, &c. 

— Articles of Enquiry touching 
Metals and Minerals. London, 
1662. folio. 

— Baconiana; or certain ge- 
nuine Remains of Sir Francis Ba- 
con. London, 1679. 8vo. 

An Edition 1674. 4to. with pcnrtndt. 

— Letters written during the 
Reign of King James the First. 
(Collected by Robert Stephens) 
London, 1702. 4to. 10s. 6d. 

— Letters and Remains, col- 
lected by Robert Stephens. Lon- 

Idon, 1734. 4to. with portrait by 
I Vertue, 10s. 


Bacov. Original Letters, Me- 
mom, Parliamentary Affairs, State 
Papers, &c. published by Rob. 
Stephens, with an Account of the 
Life of Lord Bacon. London, 
1736. 4to. 

— I^etlers, Speeches, Charges, 
Advices, &c, now first published 
by Tbomas Birch, D.O. with a 
Supplement. London, 17Gd-4. 
8to. 4s. 

Bindley, pL i. 679, 10s. 

— Law Tracts, viz. 1 . Propo- 
sition for compiling an Amend- 
ment of our Laws. 2. Offer of a 
Digea»t of the Laws. 3. Elements 
of the Common Law of England. 
4. Use of the Law. 5. Cases of 
Treason. 6. Arguments in Law in 
certain great and difficult Cases. 
7. Ordinances in Chancery. 8. 
Reading on the Statute of Uses. 
London. 1736, 7, or 1741, 8vo. 

KoiL 3 and 4 were printed 1030, 1630, 
1139. ~No. 5, 1641, 4to. aho reprinted in 
tk fifth Tdume of the Harleian Miscellany. 
-No. 7, 16S3, 1640, 1642, 1656.~No. 8, 
1142, 4to. abo 1804, with notes hy W. H. 
Bsire. 8to. 10ft. 

— Miscellaneous Writings on 
Philosophy, Morality, and Religion, 
wm first collected into one volume. 
London, 1802. Svo. Ss. 6d. 

— Exeroplum Tractatus de Fon- 
tib«s Juris, and other Latin Pieces 
of Lord Bacon ; translated by 
JaoesGlassford, Esq. Advocate. 
Edinburgh, 1823. 12mo. 

^Verulamiana; or Opinions on 
Men, Manners, Literature, Politics, 
tod Theology, by Francis Bacon, 
Baron of Verulam, &c. &c. To 
which is prefixed a Life of the Au- 
thor, by the Editor. Lond. 1803. 
12mo. 4s. 6d. 

— MemoricB honoratissimi Do- 
mini Francisci, Baronis de Veni- 
Itniio, Vice-Comitis Sancti Albani, 
iicnnD. Lond. 1626. 4to. 

A met, 17 ksTM. of ▼eiyrare occur- 
laee, sprinted in the Harieian MitceUany. 
A copj ii in the BiitiiblCiisenm. 



Bacon, John. Liber Regis, vel 
Thesaurus Rerum Ecclesiasticanim, 
with an Appendix, containing pro- 
per Directions and Precedents re* 
latingto Presentations, Institutions, 
Inductions, Dispensations, &c. 
London, 1786. 4to. 

A very valuable and useful work, which 
has entirely superseded that by Ectoo. 
Nassau, pt i. 368, russia, 2/. 10s. 

— Matthew. Abridgement of 
the Law. Sixth Edition, with con- 
siderable additions by Sir Henry 
Gwillim. London, 1807. royal 8vo. 
7 vols. 7L 78. 

Best edition of a luminous, scientific and 
much esteemed work. A new edition is 
preparing for publication by C. E. Dodd, 
Esq. First edition 1736—59, folio. 5 vols. 
1/. Is. Second edition, 1762, fol. 5 vols. 
1/. lis. 6d, Thurd edition, 1768—70. fol. 
5 vols. It 15s. Fourth edition, 1778, 5 
vols, and Supplement by Cunningham, 
1786, 2/. l-2s. 6d. Fiftli edition, with con- 
siderable additions by Henry Gwillim, 
1798, royal Svo. 7 vols. Sotheby's in 1821, 
6L An edition, Dublin, 1786, 8vo. 5 vols. 
Sotheby's in 1827, 1/. 4s. 

Bacon likewise published a treaUse on 
leases and terms for years, 1798, royal 
8vo. 7s. 

— Nathaniel. Discourse of the 
Uniformity of the Government of 
England, from the first Times till 
the End of the Reigne of Q. Eliza* 
beth. London, 1647-51. 4to. 2 
vols, with frontispiece by Marshall. 
lOs. 6d. 

This work is highly praised by the Earl 
of Chatham in his Letters to his Nephew. 
It was secretly reprinted in 1672, and again 
in 1682, for which editions the publis^rs 
were prosecuted. 5s. each. Fourth edition, 
with an advertisement, I7a9, folio. 78. Fifth 
edition corrected, &c.l 760, 4to. 128. Heath, 
4395, H. Is. 

— Sir Nicholas. Right of Suc- 
cession to the Crown of England 
in the Family of the Stuarts, ex- 
clusive of Mary Queen of Scots, 
learnedly asserted against Sir An- 
thony Brown ; faithfully published 
by Nath. Boothe. Lond. 1723. Svo. 

— A Remembrance of the wor- 
thie Sir Nicholas Bacon. 4to. 

Boiwell, 3242, 15s. 



Bacon, Roger. Libellusde re- 
tardantis Senectutis Accidentibus 
et de Sensibus Conservandis, &c. 
Oxon. 1590. 8vo. pp. 134. 

— Cure of old Age, and Pre- 
servation of Youth, translated by 
Richard Browne; also a physical 
Account of the Tree of Life, by 
Edw. Madeira Arrais ; translated 
from the Latin. London, 1683. 
Svo. 5s. 

An excellent article on this, and several 
other works of the same description, will be 
found in the Rctr. Rev. vii. 64—87. 

— Mirror of Alchimy. Also 
a most excellent Discourse of the 
admirable Force and Efficacies 
of Art and Nature. London, 1597. 

Contains pp. 84. Reed, 894, 1 Is. 6d. 

— Discovery of the Miracles of 
Art, Nature and Magick ; faith- 
fully translated out of Dr. Dees 
own Copy, by T. M. London, 1659. 

— Opus Majus ad Clementem 
Quartum Ponlificcm Romanum,pri- 
mum edidit S. Jebb, M.D. Lon- 
dini. 1733. folio. 1/. Is. large 
PAPER, 1/. 16s. 

Reprinted Venice, 1750, folio. Several 
of Roger Bacon's pieces are slill remaining 
in MS. 

— The famous Historic of Fryer 
Bacon, containing the wonderful 
Things that he did in his Life ; also 
the Manner of his Death ; with the 
Lives and Deaths of the two Con- 
jurors Bungye and Vandenoast. 
London. 4to. 

Black letter. Reprinted entire in the 
Miscellanea Antiqua Anglicana, and in 
Thoms's Eariy English Fictions. White 
Knighu, 342, inor. 21. 128. Gd. Sotheby's 
in Dec. 1820, 3/. Bindley, pt. ii. 1888, 
date 1C55, 2/. 78. Fonthill, 3238, date 
1661, 3/. 1 6s. The later impressions were 
much abridged. 

Baddeley. Memoirs of Mrs. 
Sophia Baddeley, by Mrs. Steele. 
London, 1787. 12mo. 6 vols. 

Duke of York, 3475, 15s. An abridge- 
ment of the life of this celebrated actress 
appeared 1787. 12mo. 2s. 6d. 

Badelly, John, M.D. Narra- 
tive of the extraordinary Cure per- 


formed by Prince Alexander Ho- 
henlohe on Miss Barbara 0*Con- 
nor, a Nun, in the Convent of New 
Hall, near Chelmsford ; with a full 
Refutation of the numerous falte 
Reports and Misrepresentations. 
Third Edition. London, 1823. 

Baert, — . Tableau de la 
Grande Bretagne et de Tlrlande. 
Paris, 1801. Svo. 4 vols. lOs. 6d. 

An edition, 1796, Earl of Keny, 8S, 

11. 58. 

Bag LEY, George. Guide to 
the Tongues ancient and modem, 
being short and comprehentiTe 
Grammars of the English, French, 
Italian, Spanish, German, Latin, 
Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Chaldaic 
and Syriac Languages, each at one 
view. Second edition. Shrewi* 
bury, 1800. folio. 12s. 

Bagnal's Ghost. See Qaytok, 

Bagot, Lewis, successively 
Bishop of Bristol, Norwich, and St. 
Asaph. Twelve Discourses on the 
Prophecies, concerning the first Es- 
tablishment and subsequent His* 
tory of Christianity, preached at the 
Warburtonian Lecture, in Lincolns 
Inn. Oxford, 1780. Svo, 8s. 

B.iGsiiAw, William. De Spiri- 
tualibus Pecci, or Notes concerning 
the Work of God, and some that 
have been Workers together with 
God, in the High Peak of Derby 
shire. London, 1702. 12mo. 

A curious work, partly of a biogra^iiciil 
kind, written by a nonconformist niinitter. 

Bagwell, William. The Mer- 
chant distressed, his Observations 
when he was a Prisoner for Debt in 
London in 1637. Lond. 1644. 4to. 

Bindley, pt. iv. 1080, 12s. Inglia, 134, 
with port, of Bagwell inserted, 2/. 1 It. In 
the British Museum will be found ' The 
distressed Merchant, and the Priaoner'a 
Comfort in Distresse/ London, 1645, 4ta 
likewise another tract relating to BagircU, 
entitled * A full Discovery of a foul Con- 
cealment,' 1652, folio. 

— Wits Extraction, conveyed to 
the Ingenious in Riddles, Observa- 
tions, and Morals. By W. B. 


Truth's flenrant. London, 1664. 


A curiovs work, with a portrait * ^t 
U, 1659 ;' at the back of which u printed 
a ttmBj group seated at table at an 
CfiBiiig party ; with an explanation, en- 
gmrcd by J. Chantry. Nassau, pt. i. 91, 
II. Nasan, pt. iL 1470, (front, wanting, 
hot port, of Bagwell uiserted,^ 2/. 98. 
This writer likewise published Sphynx 
Thebaniis ; an Arithmetical Description of 
bodi the Globes ; and the Mystery of Astro- 
nomy, 1655, 8vo. with frontispiece by 
Gaywood. Towneley, pt i. 288, 6s. 6d. 

Babar-Danush. See Scott, 

Bailey, Rev. — . History of 
Newcastle upon Tyne,and its Vici- 
nity. Newc. upon Tyne, 1801. 
8vo. pp. 612, with 5 plates. 

PttbGdied anmiyniously, by subscription. 

— James. M.A. Hieroglyphi- 
coram Origo et Natura. Cantab. 
1816. 8vo. 3s. 

— Nath. Etymological English 
Dictionary. London, 1737. Svo. 
2to18. 15s. 

8to. edition, containing many words 
in the folio editions. Edition, 1726, 
•«o.2w)la. Bindley, pt.i. 311, 148.6d. 

— Another edition, by Jos. 
Nicol Scott. London, 1764* folio. 

Best edition of this yaluable work, for- 
■eriy ha the greatest repute. Dent, pt. i. 
118,rassia, 4/. An edition, 1736, Roscoe, 
146, U f s. 

— Walter, M. D. Discours of 
cntiin Bathes or Medicinall Wa- 
ten in the Countie of Warwicke, 
^"ffxt mto a Village called Newn- 
lam Regis, 1587. 16mo. 

A etfj of this rare work, with several 
f<Wn«rhten by Bailey, who was physi- 
os to Q. EUxabeth. will be found in the 
Biidih Mnseum. 

— William. Advancement of 
Alts, Manufactures, and Com- 
Bwree ; or Descriptions of the use- 
M Machines and Models contain- 
ed in the Repository of the Society 
kt the Encouragement of Arts, 
Manufactures, and Commerce. 
London, 1772—9. royal 4to. 2 
n>ls. with 105 plates, in folio. 

Baillie, Joanna. Series of 
Playi to delineate the stronger Pas- 
Mms of the Mind, 3 vols., and 



Miscellaneous Plays, 1 vol. Lon- 
don, 1798, 1802, 1812, 1804, 8 vo. 
4 vols. 1/. 10s. 

Drury, 310, russia, 21, 

Baillie, John. Sixty Tables 
elucidatory of the first part of a 
Course of Lectures on the Gram- 
mar of the Arabic Language. Cal- 
cutta, 1801. folio, 1/. Is. 

— Five Books upon Gram- 
niar, together with the Princi- 
ples of Inflection in the Arabic 
Language; collated from ancient 
MSS. Calcutta, 1802-3. 4to. 
1/. Is. 

Dr. Adam Clarke observes 'Of all the 
publications on this department of Litera- 
ture, these are the most useful and import- 

— Digest of Mahummedan 
Law, according to the Tenets 
of the twelve Imams, compiled 
under the Superintendence of Sir 
W. Jones. Calcutta, 1805. 4to. 
4 vols. 102. 10s. 

A highly valuable work. 

— Marianne. Sketch of the 
Manners and Customs of Portugal 
and Lisbon, made during a Resi- 
dence in 1821,2,3. London, 
1825. 12mo. 2 vols. 15s. 

A very faithful and agreeable book. 

— Matthew, M. D. Works, 
to which is prefixed an Account 
of his Life by James Wardrop. 
London, 1825. 8vo. 2 vols. 1/. 5s. 

The fifth edition of this celebrated phy- 
sician's treatise on Morbid Anatomy, was 
published 1818, 8vo. lOs. 6d., and the 
second edition of a series of Engravings, 
intended to illustrate the Morbid Anatomy, 
1812, 4to. atS/. 8s. 

— Robert. Letters and Jour- 
nals; containing an impartial ac- 
count of public Transactions in 
England and Scotland, from 1637 
to 1 662 : with an account of the 
Author's Life, and a Glossary. 
Edinh. 1775. 8vo. 2 vols. 12s. 

A valuable work, published at the re- 
commendation of Dr. Robertson and David 
Hume. Rozburghe, 7845, 19s. 

Bailly, M. Letters upon the 
Atlantis of Plato, and the Ancient 
History of Asia: intended aa a 

96 BAK 

Continuation of Letters upon the 
Origin of the Sciences* addressed 
to M. de Voltaire. London, 1801. 
2 vols. 8vo. 14s. 

Baii.y, Francis. Doctrine of 
Interest and Annuities, and of Life 
Annuities and Assurances, with an 
Appendix. Ix)ndon, 1809, 10, 
13. 8vo. 2vols. 

Copies of ihis valuable work have brought 
3/. 3s. 

— Epitome of Universal His- 
tory, Ancient and Modern. Lon- 
don, 1813. 8vo. 2 vols. 1/. Is. 

Baily. See Bayly. 

Bainbridge, G. C. Fly- 
Fisher's Guide. Liverpool, 1816. 
8vo. 15s. 

Twelve copies, coloured with great care, 
not intended for sole, 4to. 21. 28. 

— John. Canicularia, una cum 
Demonstratione Ol-tus Sirii heliaci, 
pro Parallelo inferioris ^gypti. — 
Quibus accesserunt insignioruro 
aliquot Stellarum Longitudines et 
Latitudines,ex astronomicis Obser- 
vationibus Vlug Bcigi, Tamerlani 
Magni Nepotis. Oxon. 1648. 

This eminent physician and astronomer 
likewise published another work, entitled 
' An astronomicall Description of the late 
Comet, IGIS.* London, 1619. 4to. 

Ba I N£s, Edward. History, Ga- 
zetteer, Directory, &c. of Lan- 
cashire. Liverpool, 1825. 8vo. 2 

Bakek, F.Aug. Sancta Sophia; 
or Directions for the Prayer of Con- 
templation, &c. extracted out of 
the Treatises written by F. Aug. 
Baker, by S. Cressy, Doway, 
1657. 8vo. 2 vols, with portrait of 

Roxburghe, Supplement, 545. 19s. 
Lloyd, 1 1 1 7, 1/. Is. Towncley, pt. i. 673, 
morocco, 21. 8s. 

— D. Poems. — Hicathrifc ; 
Duellum,sive Pugnasingularis inter 
Juvenem quendam fortissimum, 
cui Nomen Hicathrift,et Gigantem 
ferocissimum. Lond. 1697. 8vo. 5s. 

— David Erskine. Biographia 
Dramatica, or a Companion to the 


Play-House, with Additions and 
Improvements throughout, by Is. 
Reed and Stephen Jones. Lon- 
don, 1812. 8vo. 3 vols, in 4. 

A severe critique from the pen of OcCt- 
vius Gilchrist appeared in the Quarteriy 
Review, vil 282—93; to which JoBfi 
replied in a pamphlet entitled Hypercriti- 
cism £xpo>ed, 1812. 8vo. Brocket!, 316, 
1/. 8s. Nassau, pt. i. 255, R Is The for- 
mer editions of 1764 and 1782, are «f 
very little value. 


Bak LR, George. Catalogue of 
Books, &c. printed at Strawbeny 
Hill. London, 1810. 4to. 

Twenty copies printed for preienti. 

— History and Antiquities of 
the County of Northampton. Lou- 
don, 1822. folio. ParU 1 and 2. 

One of the most valuable topognyhkal 
works ever published, displaying the mutt 
minute research and industry. LAEOl 
PAPER. Part i. 1822. Sir M. M.Sykfl^, 
pt. i. 458. 3/. 15s. Dmry, 591, 3/. Deitt, 
pt. i. 320. W.4s. 

— Henry. Medulla Poetanim 
Romanorum : or the most beautiful 
and instructive Passages of the 
Roman Poets, with translations in 
English verse. London, 17d7.8vo. 
2 vols. 7s. 

In little estimation. Reed, 655 1, 8s. 6d. 
— LARGE PAPER. Dmry, 312, Ms. Wil- 
liams, 132, morocco, 2/. St. 

— The Microscope made Easy, 
and Employment for the Micros- 
cope. London, 1743 — 53. Svo. 
2 vols, with plates, 78. 

The first volunie of this valuable and 
pleasing work has been frequently re- 
printed. Edwards, 351, 178. Baker Bke- 
wise published ' A natural History of the 
Tolype,' 1743, 8vo. 4«. 

— J. History of the fnqai- 
sition in Portugal, Spain, the East 
and West Indies, in all its Branches, 
from the origin oi it in theyear 
1163, to its present state. West- 
minster, 1736. 4to. 

Marq. of Townshend, 1 708, 8s. 

— James. Picturesque Guide 
through Wales, 1796.4to. 

Bindley, pt. i. 730, 4 parts, IL 15i. 
Towneley, pt. ii. 283, 3 toU. rusda» 
2/. 12s. Gd. 

— Sir Richard. Meditations 
and Disquisitions upon the Lord's 
Prayer. London^ 1637. 4to. 

Wnm, >14, lib A Itft of Biker, 
u< ■ U(t af hi* writlBsi will be ImiimI ia 
Dr. Bte'i cdidoD of Adl t Wood'* Atban. 
OiM. in. US — SI. 

Baxek, Sir Richard. Chro- 
oicle of the Kings of England, with 
1*0 Cootipua lion B. London. 1730 
Br3.rotio, U. 10a. 

nc belt cdltiaDidMngh the Mriiercmn. 
pilk a Uil y Alt af IMl, contain taanj 
mtoui doeimmti, md MTtntI intcmting 
yaticatan ooiittrd bj PbTlllpt and fatt fU- 
bwm. FhM cdiAm, 1041, with front 
k; audiall, 19*. Fanlbm, 13M, with 
fim. at Ckrici, 5L IV Sd. SmiBd edi- i 
tin, IU9, Iff*. Third edition, (with* 
(MDDiudoa bj Edw. Phlllipi,) 16S0. 
Onj, Mt, 14i. FoHith cditloa, 18S5, 
l«h FMb cditian, 1670. Bindley, pL L 
MI, tU. 6± AnlnudTmioiu wm pub- 
UtdonthUcdidonbyTho. Blount. Oi- 
Sud. 1«7J, 8tol Towoelty, pt. i, S84, >•. 
Sitt edhMD, IBT4, Ufa Serena cdldon, 
lfT», «L Eichth ediUcm, 1G<4, Di. 

BAKEK.Richard. TheatTumRe- 
dinvuna, or the Theatre vintlicated, 
aaatwer to Mr. Pryni' Histrio- 
Mtltx. London, 1662. 8vo. 

Si^u, pt. i. 9i, Ifli. BikM alw piib- 
hhtd TheUnim triuOplunii or, k IHi. I 
MTV of Pbrc London, IfiTO, llmo. ' 
l(td, W13,««. Bd. Bairell, 131,9(.ad. | 

— Thomas. Iteflexiona upon 
LdTDtBg, wherein is shewn the 
Inwfficiency thereof in its several 
Parttcnlara, in order to evince the 
UKfalnns and Necessity of Reve- 

IUtioo. London, 1756. 8vo. 4s. i 
Bm e^lian oTa very ingenioui work, at I 
tne QiBc DOC of the mott popular booki in 

~ Hemoirs of the Life and I 
^ntingi of Thomas Baker, from 
■he Paper* of Dr. Zachary Grey. 
With a Cauif^e ofhia MS. Cul- 
Icclioas. By R. Masters. London, 
1794. Hvo. 4b. 

Baeeweli, Robert. Introdoc- 
tiooto Geology. Third Edition, 
tnli^. LoDd.I828.8vo.l8j. 

Tbibrmtrediliani 1813, 1819. Thit 
nitB iiktviM pabltihed an IntrodDction to 
MhmlOBT and CrriuUography.lSlS, Bid. 

— Ofaaerratioiu made during a 
RoideDce in the Tarentalse end 
nriou Parta of the Grecian and 
PcBniiM Ufft, io BofOj, and id 

BAL 99 

Switeerland and Anvergne, in th« 
Yearsl820,21,and 22. London, 
1823. 8vo. 2 vols, with plates, 
W. 6i. 

Bakhtyar Nameh ; or. Story of 
Prince Bakhtyar and the Ten Vi- 
ziers: a series of Persian Tales, 
from a MS. in the Collection of Sir 
W. Ouseley. London, 1 800. royal 
8vo. 16s. 

Balbulo and Rosina. — Beware 
the Beare: the strange but pleasing 
History of Balbulo and Rosina. 
London, 1650. 12mo. 

A copy ii in the Britiih Miucum. 

Balcahras, Colin Lrndesay, 
Earl of. Account of the Affairs of 
Scotland, relating to the Rerolu* 
tioninl688. London, 1714. 6vo, 
with a Key, 6s. 

A lalnable hia'orical document. Re* 
prinlrd Edinb. 1714. l!mo. Alioiaserted 
in the eleTcnib iDlunie of the Somen Col- 
lection oi Tracli. 

Baldovini, Francesco. Cec- 
co's Complaint, translated from 
II Lamento de Cecco da V'arlungo, 
by John Hunter. London, 1800. 
Svo. 2s. 6d. 

L*anc rirER, in 4ta. (eight copiet 
primed,) St. Reprinted I8D5, Svo. of 

printed on thick piper. 

Bai-dwin, Archbishop of Can- 
terbury. De venerabili ac divinis- 
siino Altaris Sacramento Sermo. 
Ex praeclara Cantabrlgiensi Aca- 
demia, 1521.4to. 

One of the flrsl books printed at Com- 
bri%e. In the dcdirUion toNicholu Weit, 
Biihop of Ely, the printer itiles himielf 
■ lohannei Sibcrch, primui ulriutque Lin- 
guae in Anglica ImpreHOr.' Uaidvfin'a 
works were collected and published by Ber- 
trand Tiuier in 168!. For an acconnt of 
hit itinerary ihrDugh Walei Sc* OmtLDU* 

— George. Political Recollec- 
tions relative to Egypt; wilh a 
Narrative of the ever memorable 
British campaign in the Spring of 
1801. Lond. 1801. 8vo. 63. 

Fonthill, 38S9, ISi. 

— TroOpereDrammaticheprese 

98 BAL 

nelle Visioni di Dafini. Londra, 


Piivatfly primed. 
Baldwin, Geot^e. Investiga- 
tion into Principles, Sic. in English 
and Italian. Lood. 4io. II. Ib. 

Primely printed. 

■• — Thomas. Aeropaidia : con- 
taining the Narrntive uf a Balloon 
Excursion from ChcE'ier, in 1785. 
Hints on the Imptoven^ent or BhI- 
looni, &c. Ixindon, 1786. 8vo. 
7s. 6d. 

A curious treatise. Fonlliill, 2163, 13i. 

— William. Treatise ol moral 
f hylosophie, contaynjng the Say- 
ingcs of the Wysc London, by 
Edw. Whytchurch, 1547 16mo. 

BUck letter. Dedintcd to ' EdwBrde 
BeaucliBnipe, Earle of lltrtrorde,' then, a 
prelogiic to the leeder. CoiitBini bciidea, 
■ign. R. in eigfali. .\ treHlue rormeily 
In condJvrable reputation, rqirinted tSSO, 
and n. d. (iwa edition!, one l>y E. Whil- 
chunb, the other hy John Way land.) 
Enlarged by T. Palfreynuin, and printeil 
\5(H, 15TS, I j79, 1181, I58T, I5Q6, n. d. 
(by Tho Snodham) 1600, lOlO, lOSI 
Edition ISSO, iteed, SfiSO, il.Ss. IS79, 
Sir H. H. Sykea, 301, morocco, lOa. White 
Knlghti,3IT, mar. IDs. 1590, Nauau, 

pi. i. lar.js. 

— Funeratles of King Edward 
the Sixt. Wherin are declared 
the Causers and Causes of his 
Death. London, by Thomas 
Marshe, 1560. 4io. 

Black Ict'er, pp. 34. On the title ii the 
portnit of ihe KinK, which ii repealed on 
Ihe rcclo of ihe last I"ar. Nuiau, pt. i. 
371, (date tS5»!) V. Ou Sir H. M. 
Sykea, 393, II'. 111. Peiry, pt. L 8S4, 
UL Uu Saunden' in IBIS, raaila, 
ML ISa. Towneley, pt. ii. 1556, IBf. Ig>. 
Bindley, pt i. 75!, (<ri(h a liniile leaf, 
' impryntnl by Copland,' cnnlaining a 
prayer Tor K. lidward VI.) 13'. 18(. 

Roibunjhe, 3309, 191. 19s. bibl. An- 
glo-Poet. 2!l, niuia, S5i. 

— Another edition. London, 
1817. 4to. 

Pretenled lo Ihe Member* of the Rot- 
burghe Club by ihe Rev. J. W. Dodd. 
Deiit,pt. ii. 1901, U.lOi. SitM. M.Syket, 

SM. 16S3, 1'. lOi. SIrellell, 
iadlcy, pLiii. I7!S, 3'. 19a. BojiteII, 
303B, 31. 19i. Anolhrr reprint appeared 
In 4ta. 10a. fld. 

Bale, John, Bishop or Ossory. 


lllvstrivm maioria Britanniae Scrip- 
tontm Summariu. Wesalis, 1649. 
(In calce) Gippeswtci in Anglia per 
loannem Ouertnn, 1548. 4to. ILlt. 

A to Su 3, lietidei liiie, dedicatory cpb- 
tlc, alphabetical index, and compKionibDT 
veraei, 11 leHri. Rir and Sia, cooiiiflBg 
of 'additio' are not found in all cofitt, 
Firal edi lion, containing 5 ceutniieai TU* 
work may be canaidered ai the (buodatka 
of &njtli*h biography, and ai audi valuable 
D.bdin, lOD, maiia, U. Oi. Bindley, pL L 
14Sl,infineold binding, 51.5a. 

In thf title page ii a nood-cut portnit gf 
Bale preH'nting hii book to BdnrdVl. 
and at Ihe end of Ihe table of eoolealt ia ■ 
wand cut portrait of WieUflt. , 

Hale, John, Bishop of Outxy. ^ 
^^criptiirvm illii»triu maioHs Br]h , 
tannic Ciiialogus. Ba<(il. 1557— 4. 

folio. 3/. 3s. 

Panprior.a— I, A~Z,aalou,AaU>Ata, 
in foun, beudea title, Ac — leavea. Tan 
poalerior, pp. !50, with title, Itc lOltBMi, ■ 
and two indeiei, 4! leave*. The lot l*tf I 
of the work contun* the colophon oTOpod- i 
nut, 1559, LAHOE ritrEB, IHb^ Ml, 

On the hack of the titlc-pagea to CMb ftlt, > 

Thi* work,M)'t Warton, 'perhap* originally ' 
uodenaken by Bale ai a vehide of Ua aenll- 

presentalioni and partialitiea, ajuint b«i ' 
hli religloiu prejudice*, bui of gtotal 
inaccuraciei, proceeding from negUgmcoM 
misinformalioa.' In the Hritiih UaaHHali 
a copy, with MS. nolea by the aulbor, aal 
in Ihe Royal Inililudon ia another wiA 
MS. nam by Archb. Parker and Dr. T. 

— Comedy concemynge thre 
Lawesof Nature, Moses, and Christ, 
corrupted by the Sodomy tes, Vhtr 
risees and Papystes most wyctced. 
u.D.xxxviii. and lately inprentsd 
per Nicolaum Bamburgcnsem. 8fa> 

Rlnck letter. Conlaina G 4,in eight*. A 
copy ii in Ihe Maloni.' Collection at OiftiA 

— Another edition. London, 
by Thomas Colvrel, 15fi2. 4to. 

Black letter. A latirical play agriMt 
popery, probably, aaya Warton, Ibc Blalrf 
the kind in our language. Ponter,IlA5| 
3'. Ii. Rhodes, 499, (iheet A wanlh«} 
4'. 6a. 

— Tragedye orEnterludemftDj- 
festing the chefe Promysea of Gm 

by all Ages in the olda 

Lawe, — M-c 

, 4to. 

k • 


Black letter. A copy of thii interlude 
a b the British Muteam. It is reprinted 
is Doddey** CoUectlotwf Old PUys. 

Bale, John. Bishop of O^ory. 
Anotber editioo. Imprynted by 
Jobn Chariewood, 1577. 4lo. 

Black letter. 16 leaves. Roxburghe, 
4M5, 12L Steevens, 1221, 12/. 15s. 

— Brefe Comedy or Cnterlude 
of Johan Baptystes preachy nge in 
the Wyldemesse. — Compiled Anno 
M.D.xxxviii. 4to. 

Black letter. 18 pages. Reprinted in 
dK int volume of the Harleian Miscel- 

— Brefe Comedy or Enterlude, 
coDceming the Temptatyon of our 
Loide and Sarer Jesus Christ by 
Stthan in the Desart. Compyled 
by Johan Bale, Anno 1538. 8vo. 

Black letter. 

— Chronycle concemyngge the 
Eiafflioacyon and DeaUi of Syr 
Johan Oldecastell, the Lord Cob- 
ham, 1554. 8vo. 

Black letter. With whole length portrait 
«f Lovd Cobiiam. According to Hearae, 
' a Ijiny book, not really in ittelf worth 
akavc twopence.' Hollis, 52, 2/. 9s. 

— Another edition. London, 
by Anthony Scoloker and Wyllya 
Soes. 8to. 




letter. Contains O, in eights. 
Reprinted in the second volume of the 
Hsrician Miscellany. Nassau, pt i. 100, 
IL ISi. Inglia, 5J, U 14s. White Knights, 
U\, iwria, SL U, Roxburghe, 8421, 3/.48. 
StM^ 123, 3^ 4s. Denyer, 1, 3/.13s.6d. 

— Another edition. London, 
1729. royal 8vo. with port, of Lord 

Edked by the Rev. John Blackboume. i. 101, 12s. Roxburghe, 8422, 
141. Bbidky, pt i. 442, 16s. Williams, 
lU, in pig-skin, XL 4s. Heath, 4309, 
If. 9s. Dnkeof Grafton, 879, 1/. 9s. On 
TcLLim, (of which a copy is in the British 
,) Dent pt. L 177, (with portraits 
upon vellum inserted,) 61. 6s. Wil- 
135, morocco, 9i. 12s. 

— Mysterye of Iniquyte con- 
ti3fiied within the heretycall Ge- 
nealogve of Ponce Pantolabus, 
iiWe'both dyclosed and confuted 
by Joban Bale, An. M.n.xlij. Ge- 
nen, by Mychael Woode, 1545. 

Black letter. Contains M, in eights. A 
copy is in the British Museum. White 
Knights, 280, russia, 2/. 18s. Inglis, 50, 
3/. 13s. 6d. 

Bale, John, Bishop of Ossory. 
Artes of Englysh Votaryes, com- 
prehendynge their vnchast Prac- 
tyses and Examples by ail Ages, 
from the VVorldes Begynnynge to 
thys present Yeare, collected out of 
their o^ne Lejjendes and Chrony- 
cles. Wesel,1546.8vo. 

Black letter. A copy is in the British 
Museum. White Knighu, 277, with pt. 2, 
London, 1551, russia, 3/. 9s. 

— Actes of Englysh Votaryes. 
London, by Thomas Raynaide, 
1548. 8vo. 

Black letter. Contains 86 leaves. 

— The First two Partes of the 
Actes, or unchast Examples of the 
English Votaryes. Lond. by Abra- 
ham Vele, 1550-1. I6mo. 

Black letter. 79 leaves, besides the de- 
dication. Nassau, pt. i. 98, i3s. Bindley, 
pti.464, U. 13s. 

— Another edition. London, 
by Jhon Tysdale, 1560. 16mo. 

filack letter. The first part contains N 4, 
in eights, besides the dddication. The se- 
cond, V in eights. White Knights, 278, 
russia, 1/. Is. Inglis, 52, 1/. Is. Gough, 
250, 1/. 2s. Denyer, 6, 1/. 8s. Home 
Tooke, 37, 1/. lis. 

— First Examinacyon of Anne 
Askewe, lately martyred in Smyth- 
felde by the Romysh Popes Vp- 
holders, with the Elucydacyon of 
Johan Bale. Marp. in Hessen, 
1546. 12mo. 

Black letter. In the British Museum. 
White Knights, 283, mor. 13s. White 
Knights, 281, (both parts) 3/. 13s.6d. and 
282, 21. 12s. 6d. Bindley, pt i. 463, (both 
parts) 3/. 13s. 6d. 

— Lattre Examinacyon of Anne 

Askewe, lately martyred in Smyth- 

felde by the wycked Synagoge of 

Antichrist, with the Elucydacyon 

of Johan Bale. iMarp. in Hessen, 

1547. l2mo. 

Black letter. In the British Museum. 
Inglis, 51, 2(. 3s. 

— Confession of the Synner after 
the sacred Scriptures. Collected 
by John Bale, 1549. 8vo. 


103 BAH 

C(»)cerntng the Unlawfulneas of 
playiog at Cards or Tables, or any 
other Game coniisiinfr in Chance. 
London, for Richard Boile. l'2mo. 

Conliini 3 !(»«. Addnued la ■ Multr 
Liopil Middi»n,' &c. Tht dcdirMrion it 
datrd 15B3. In tlie Briliih Miueum are 
two tditioni, onewilh the due of lflS3. 

Balnaves, Hcory. Conression 
of Faith concerning: how the trou- 
bled Man should seek Reruge iu 
God. Edinb. 1584, 8ro. 

With ■ preblory epitile rxini Jolm 
Knoi. Roxburghe, AS9, 31. fls. 13al- 
n«vH likeniie publ'uhpd a Treatise con- 
ctmlng Jiutlfiotion. Edinl). ISbO, 1JS4. 

Baltiiarpe, J. The Straights 
Voyage, or St. David's Poem. 
London, l67I.8vo. 

Uojfi, 4S, ». 121.6J. 

Balti MORI, Fred. Calvert, Lord. 
Tour to Ihe East, in ihe Years 1 75:) 
and 1764. WitU Remarks on Ihe 
City of Constaniiiiriplc and the 
Turks. Also select Pieces of 
Oriental Wit, Poetry, and Wisdom. 
London, 1767. 8vo. 5s. 

Roiburjihe, 7IS0, ii. fid. Boker, 33, 
(with flatet) ml motocro, 2(. 9.'. An 
edition wuprinleil at Dublin, ITiiS. 

— Gaiidia Poeti^a, LaUoa, An- 
glica, et Gallica Lingua composita, 
Anno 1769. AujustiE, 1770. 4to, 
with plates. 

Priralriy printed fin- preienls. Il i> said 
Out only ten ea|Nn were printed. Slrellrli, 
3Se, 31. Si. Sir M. M. Sykea, pt. i. 397, 
morocco, 4'. Randolph, il. ISt. Gd. Reed. 
61182, el. 10>. Uiodle), pt. i. T48, did- 

— Ccelestes et Inferi, Venet. 
1771. 4to. 

BIndlcv, pi. ii. 349, fit. 6.\. Biixtkj, pt, 
i. 749, U. 18«. Reed, eOS3, 10b. Cd. 

Balzac, J. L.Gueide. Letters 
and Re main es. London, 1655-8. 
8vo. 2 vols. 

Th«e letlen were formerly in much re- 
qnnt, but vn now ilmoil forgolien. 

BambiirKh. A Catalogue of 
the Library at Bambiirgh Castle, in 
Northiimlierlanil. 4lo, 

(Pri»«telypiinred.) A fnlaioEuenfii curious 
and valuable litiriry, collected by Dr. Tho, 
Sharp, who died Id 1792, BiJiop of Elj, 
4S0, 31, 15*. Sothebj-'i in <■>"*-*» 


London, 1778. 

> are highly praiwd hj 

•■ ■ J In 



Thew aooM 
l)f. Soothey, i 

[|i? Quutnly Reriew: they uc npiintci 
in Park'* Collectiaa of the Poeta. 

BAHPFiELn, Pnncis. All ia 
one. All useful Scieni^es and pro- 
fitable Arts in one Book of Jeho- 
vali £lokini. Printed, 1677. folk*. 
In two Parts. 

Gordonitoun, SOS, S). Hoit of th* 

H'drki of ihU lingulu diaracter an In Aa 

llrilith Muieum, and a UTe of him will ba 

id in Dr. Bliu'iedltionoTWaod'aAtfae- 

X Oion. 

. ia<i-8 


BAMProN,lxird. 5ee H'Douall, 
Andrew, Lord Bampton. 

Bampton Lecture. A Collectioo 
ofthe Sermons preaclied at the Lee- 
lure, founded by the Rev, John 
Bampton, from its foundation in 
) 780 to the year 1 827. Oxford and 
London. 8vo. SO vols. 

Thii collection of Sannona ii •rldam mat 
■ThoK by Cobb aad Ta- 

'ilUanu, 138. ITSO— 
44 vola. with loma coammriil 
•eta <Dtcr(ed, 391. 
irso, by Jaraea Bandincl. 
I7B1, by Timothy Neva. 
i;sa, by Robert HolnM*. 
17S3, hy John Cobb, 
1184, by JoKph White. 
I7SS, by Ralph Chunon. 
1786, by George Croft 
17ST, by William Hawkioa. 
I7SS, by Rlchu^ Sliepheid. 
17SB, by Edward Talhuo, S Toli. 

1790, by Henry Kett. 
179), by RobenMorret. 

1792, by JohnE«e)eigh. 

1793, by JaniH Williamnn. 

1791, by Tbomai Wintle. 
1195, by Daniel Veytie. 
179fl, by BobertCray. 
179T, by William Hneb. 
179B. by Charici Henry Hall. 
1799, liy William Uairow. 
IHOO, by George Richarda. 

1801, by George Stanley Paber, 1 nla- 

1802. by George Frederic Nott. 
180.?, by John Farret. 

1H04, by Rlfhord Laorencc. 
IHOS, by Edward Nareh 
180S, by John Browne, 
ISOT, by Thomai Le Uenuier. 
1808, by John PearoK. 
1*09, by J. B. 8. Carwlthen. 
llIOi by Thomu Falconer. 


Un. by John Bidlake. 
ItlS, by Richard Mant. 
It 13, by John Collinton. 
1814, by William Van Mildert. 
IBiy by Reginald Heber. 
It 16, by John Hume Spry. 

1817, by John Mi.ier. 

1818, by Charles Abel Moysey. 

1819, by Hector Daviea Morgan. 
18tO, by Godfrey Pauasett. 
18S1, by John Jones. 

1855, by Richard Whately. 

1853, by Charles Goddard. 

1854, by John Joaias Conybeare. 
18i5, by H. D. Morgan. 

1856, by William Vaux. 
1817, by H. H. Milman. 

Banbury, The Shephsrd of. 
Rules to know of the Chan^ of 
the Weather. By John Claridge. 
London, 1744. Svo. ds. 6d. 

A small woric of great popularity among 
Ac lower orders of the people, said to have 
written by John Campbell, LL.D. 
1827. 8vo. 

Bahcks, J. Miscellaneous 
Works in Ver*e and Prose. Lon- 
don, 1738-9, 8vo. 2 vols, with 
plates after Hogarth 5s. 

Baxcroft, Edward, M. D. 
Bsiay on the natural History of 
Qutana, in South America. Lon- 
don, 1769. Svo. with a plate. 5s. 

Beudes natural history, this work may 
be coQsalted with advantage on the man- 
nen, &c. of the natiTet. Heath, 2753, 
7t.6d. Willet. 61, 158. 

— Experimental Researches 
conceminjj^ the Philosophy of per- 
inineat Colours, and the best 
Means of producing them by Dye- 
^lur. Calico Printing, &c. London, 
^^11 Svo. 2 vols. 

The most scientific work on the subject. 
The fint edition of vol. L 1794, is now of 
little nlue. 

— Richard, Archbishop of Can- 
terbury. Surray of the pretended 
h)lv Discipline. London, 1593. 
W. 15s. 

IVefiud is an epistle to the reader, con- 
^u, ftc. 464 pp. and the errata. Re- 
Frioied 1663. 4to. From this and the fol- 
iswing work much information respecting 
iWPuriuns may be obtained. 

— Daungerous Positions and 
Proceedings, published and prac- 
tised within this Hand of Brytain^, 
vixler Pretenceof Reformationy and 



for the Presbyteriall Discipline. 
London^ 1593. 4to. 

Prefixed are ' An Advertisement to the 
Reader. — The Contents.' Then a collec- 
tion of sentences from the scriptures and the 
Others. 183 pp. White Knights, 848, 
\L 4s. Sotheby's in 1824, 21. 6t, Ke- 
printed lG4a 4to. Bindley, pt i. 1092, 
OS. fid. 

By\NCROFT, Thos. Two Bookes 
of Epigrammes and Epitaphs. (481 
in number.) London, 1639. 4to. 

Contains pp. 86. A copious account of 
this volume will be found in the Restituta,!!. 
490_6. Nassau, pt. i. 374, mor. R lis. 
Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 399, 2/. Inglis, 139, 
mor. 21. 19s. Roxburghe, 3375, ZL 3s. 
Towneley, pt. i. 391, 4/. 14s. 6d. Strettell, 
363, mor. 4/. 15s. Bindley, pt i. 744, 
4/. 17s. Lloyd, 226, lOt lUs. Bibl.Anglo- 
Poet. 80,20^ 

— Glutton's Feavers. London, 
1817. 4to. 

Presented to the members of the Rox- 
buighe Club, by J. D. Phelps, Esq. Dent, 
pt ii. 1204, 12s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 
1626, 1/. lOs. Boswell, 3037, 4/. Bmdley, 
pt iu. 1796, 9LIU. fid. 

— Heroieal Lover. Lond, 1658. 

Reed, 6554. 1/. 10s. 6d. 

Banoello, Matteo. La prima, 
la seconda, la terza, e la quarta 
Parte del Novelle del Bandello. 
Londra per S. Harding, 1740. 4to. 
4 vols in 3. 

An elegant reprint of the ediUon of Lucca 
1554 and Lione 1573, parte i. 368 leaves ; 
parte ii 391 leaves, including one contain- 
ing the register; parte iii. 231 leaves ; parte 
iv. 132 leaves, and 4 of introductory matter, 
including the title. A copy on large 
PAPER at the sale of the Mac Carthy library 
produced 326fr. 

— The tragicall Historye of 
Romeus and Juliet written first in 
Italian by Bandell, and nowe in 
Englishe by Ar.[thur] Br.[oke] 
London, by Richard Tottill, 1562 

Black letter. In fours extends to fo. 84, 
besides four leaves of introduction. This 
edition, with the title of 1587, is reprinted 
in Malone's Supplement to Shakespeare 
1780 ; of which reprint about 12 copies 
were taken off, with new paging, for private 
distribution. In the Brituh Bibliographer 
(vol. iL 113—16) will be found the pre&ce 
to the edition of 1562, omitted in that of 
1587, and alio in Malonc's reprint 



Bandkllo, Matteo. Another 
edition. London, by Rob. Robin- 
■on, 1587. 4to. 

— A most lamentable and tra- 
gicall Historic, which a Spanishe 
Gentlewoman named Violenta ex- 
ecuted upon her Louer Didaco, 
because he espoused another beying 
iirst betrothed vnter her. Newly 
translated into English Meeter, by 
T. A. (Thomas Acheley.) London, 
by Joim Charlewood for Thomas 
Batter, 1576. 12mo. 

Black letter. Not noticed by Ames or 
Herbert. It is mentioned by Ritson in bis 
Bibliograpbia Poetica, under X^omas Acbe- 
ley. A copy was sold at Steevens' sale 
Ko. 1102 'whb other articles. 

Bandinel, Bulkley, D. D. 
Catalogue of Books relating to Bri- 
tish Topography, and Saxon and 
Northern Literature, bequeathed to 
the Bodleian Library by Richard 
Gough. Oxford, 1814. 4to. pp. 
459, 1/. Us. 6d. 

The moit complete catalogue of English 
topography extant. 

Banier, Abbe Antoine. My- 
thology and Fables of the Ancients 
explained from History. London, 
1 739, 1 740. 8vo. 4 vols. 1 /. 4s. 

A work containing an immense store of 
important information. Williams, 140, 
morocco, 4^ 

Banister, John. Historic of 
Man sucked from the Sap of the 
most approved Anatomists, &c. 
London, by John Daye, 1578. folio. 
Black letter, with cuts. Home Tooke, 
88, 14s. Bani«ter likewise published several 
other chirurgical works. 

Ban 1ST F. a, John, and Thomas 
Low. New Ayres and Dialo^es 
composed for Voices and Viols of 
two, three, and four Parts: together 
with Lessons for Viols or Violins. 
London, 1678. 8vo. 

Bankes, Henry. Civil and con- 
stitutional History of Rome, from 
its Foundation to the Age of Au- 
gustus. London, 1818. 8vo.2vols. 

An excellent article on the early History 
of Rome, with a notice of this woik, will be 
found in the Quarterly ReTiewzzTii.273 — 
308. Drury, 319, extra bound, 1/. 4f. 
LARGE paper^ Combe, 99, bds. 18a. 


Bankes Bay Horse in a Trance. 
See Marocus Kxtaticus. 

Banks, John. Critical Review 
of the Life of Oliver Cromwell. 
Lond. 1760. 12mo. with port. 4s. 

Upon the whole an impartial wovIe, often 

— Sir Joseph, Bart. Catalogus 

Bibliothecie historico -natural is Jo* 

sephi Banks, Baroneti,&c. Auctore 

Jona Dryander. LondiniylTQS — 

1800. 8vo. 5 vols. 

An excellent and admirably amqged 
catalogue, certainly the most compreheoiiTe 
of the kind eTcr pubr»hed. It containa a 
collation of all the article!^ in the library, 
and is illustrated with much curio as and 
important in formation. 250 copies printed. 
Vol. i. pp. tH. and 809, and index. VoL I. 
pp. XX. 578, and index. VoL lit. ppw zxiB* 
656, and index. Vol. iv. pp. ix. and 390. 
Vol. T. pp. 531. Dibdin, 20, Si. 12a» id. 
Bindley, pt i. 993, 5/. 17s. 

•— Thomas, C. Dormant and 

Extinct Baronage of England, froA 

the Norman Conquest to year 1 809. 

London, 1807—9. 4to. 3 vols. 

A work of no merit. The greattrpnt 
of its contents was copied firom Dugdale't 
Baronage, but as many of that writer's most 
important statements, and all his r e fe r e ncc i 
to his authorities are omitted, it is of infl^ 
nitely less \-alue. The account of iklci 
created siuce Dugdmle wrote, ia chiefly 
taken from Collins. An appendix ia •■- 
nexed to the Stemmata Anglicana. Brodctll, 
466, 3/. 4s. Duke of York, 488, ZL lis. 

LARGE FAFKR, 5/. 5s 

— Genealogical and biographi- 
cal History of the dormant and 
extinct Peerage of Engiand, from 
the Norman Conquest; including 
the Regal Families anterior to the 
House of Brunswick. Lond. 1813. 
8vo. Vol. i. 10s. 

This volume ia the only one wliicii ap* 
peared of an intended new edition in six 
octavo volumes, of the Dormant and ExdncC 
Barorage. it commences (|>. 1 to 145) 
with a genealogical account of the EitfaCt 
Royal Families of England, whldi la a 
useful compilation fiom Sandfiordt andoChtf 
expensive works, though by no aieuit it> 
markable for accuracy or r ea e awh . The 
titles of Peerage treated o^exteod in alpto 
betical order from Abeigavenny toBanlarryf 
(p. 148 to the end,) and preaent the beat «C 
the rarioua spedmena of the author's genea- 
logical abilities. The elaborate noCSee of 
the ringttlar daiin to the Bnlvj rmntft 


wooU alone render this Toliune of lome 
value, M the printed caaes, whence it was 
comDiled, may not he easil j procured.' 

Banks, Thomas C. Stemmata 
Anglicana; or, a miscellaneous 
Collection of Genealogy. London, 
JS25. 4to. d/.d8. 

This volume commences with a treatise 
of little merit on the Tarious dignities of 
Pemge, and the manner of establishing 
duwM to them. The only valuable part of 
the work is that entitled "BaronesRejecti/' 
bnng an account of individuals who appear 
to hare hehl the rank of Barons, but who 
are not noticed by other writers, which 
in aiany instances exhibit proofs of consi- 
denhic reaearch. The History of Extinct 
ftoyal FsBBiliea, p. 296 to 456, is a literal 
Rprittt of what appeared in the volume last 
Bendoned. The appendix contains " Ad- 
^tions and Emendations to the author's 
Dormant and Extinct Baronage, with In- 
dexes/' but it is hot deserving of much 
attention, the corrections being very few, 
aad the indexes extremely bad. large 
rapCK, ft/. 5«. Some copies are entitled 
* k genealog^ical History of divers Families 
of the ancient Peerage of England.' 1826. 

— History of the ancient noble 
Fimily of Marmyun ; their office of 
Kiog's Champion,&c. Lond. 1817. 
8fo. 10s. 6d. 4to. 1/. Is. 

A very imperfect work. Mr. Banks is 
the aathor of some other publications of a 
noilar nature, but they are unworthy of 
Wsag particularly mentioned. 

Bav w ATT NE, Richard. Journal 
of the Transactions in Scotland, 
during the Contest between the 
Adherents of Queen Mary and those 
of her Son in 1570-7K72-73. 
Ediob. 1806. 8vo. 12s. 

Baaaatyne was secretary to John Knox. 

Bannatyne MS. Ancient Scot- 
tish Poems. Published from the 
M S . of George Bannaty ne, 1568. 
Edinb. 1770.12hio. 48. 

Efited by Sir David Dalrymple, after- 
vttds Lord Hailes. Heath, 1879, 10s. 6d. 
Koxburghff, 3195, 12s. Strettell, 1006, 
ntti^ 17s. A reprint, Leeds, 1815. 8vo. 
Tvohondred copies printed on common 
pBper ; and thirty- one on coloured paper. 

Banqaett of Dainties; -for all 

ncbe Gestes that loue moderatt 

Bjale. London, by Tho. Hacket, 

1566. 8vo. 

Blich letter, cooUins pp. 42. Thispoetical 
biaqnrt is not noticed by Ames, Herbert, 

BAR 105 

or Dr. Dibdin, but an account from an im- 
perfect copy will be found in the Censura 
Literaria voL vii. 55-7. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 
42, morocco, (title MS.) 10/. 10s. re-sold 
by Saunders in 1818, 6L 16s. 6d. 

Bansley, Charles. Rhyming 
Satire on the Pride and Vices of 
Women now a Days. London by 
Thomas Raynalde (about 1540) 4 to. 

Black letter, conimendng, 

* Bo peep, what have we spied.' 

Baptism. Sacra Institutio Bapti- 
zandi, Matrimonium celebrandi» 
Infermos ungendi, Mortuos sepe- 
liendi, acalii nonnulli Ritus Ec- 
clesiastici, juxta usum insignis 
Ecclcsia Sarisburiensis. Duaci, 
1604. 4to. 10s. 6d. 

— Of Baptisme, 1646. See 
Lawrence, Henry. 

— Ordo Baptizandi, aliaqiie 
Sacramenta administrandi, et Offi- 
cia qusedam Ecclesiastica rite pa- 
ragendi, Jussu Pauli V. pro Anj^lia, 
Hibernia et Scotia. Paris, 1657. 
12mo. 7s. 

— Ordo Baptizandi aliaque 
Sacramenta administrandi, &c. pro 
Anglia, Hibernia et Scotia. Lond. 
1686. 12mo. 10s. 

This book was printed by the special 
command of James II. in order to form the 
standard of what he considered the true 
Catholic religion in this country. 

Baratariana; a Collection of 
Pieces, published during the Ad- 
ministration of Lord Townshend in 
Ireland, with Supplement. Dublin, 
1772-3. 8vo. 3 vols, in 2, with 

Nassau, pt. i. 109, Ss. Garrick, IOC, 9s. 

* Baratti, Giacomo. Travels 
into the remote countries of the 
Abissitis or Ethiopia interior, trans- 
lated by G. D. Lond. 1670. 12mo. 

Constable, 39, 6s. 6d. Heath, 2G99, 8s. 

Barba, Alvarez Alonzo. Art 
of Metals, translated by Edward 
Montagu, Earl of Sandwich. Lon- 
don, 1674. 8vo. 3s. 6d. 

Reprinted in ' A Collection of valuable 
Treatises upon Metals, Mines, and Minerals.' 
1740. 12mo. The sale of Barba's book 
was prohibited in Spain, under the penalty 
of the Inquisition. 



Barbadillo, Don Alonso Ge« 
ronimo de Salas. Fortunate Fool, 
translated (from the Spanish) by 
Philip Ayres. Ix)nd.l670. 12mo. 58. 

Barbados. — Laws of Barba- 
does, from 1643 to 1762, by Ri- 
chard Hall, 1762. 4to. 2/. l2s. 6d. 

— Public Acts in Force, passed 
by the Legislature of Barbadoes, 
from May 11, 1762, to Aprils, 
1800. By Samuel Moore. 1801. 
royal 8vo. 

Barbara. The Life of St. 
Barbara. Lond. By July an No- 
tary (1618) 4to. 

Black letter. Four leaves. 

Barbaro, Daniel. Relatione 
dell* illustrissimo Daniel Barbaro, 
fatta nel serenissimo Senato doppo 
la sua Legazione d' Inghilterra ove 
fu Ambasciatore per la serenissima 
Republica in Tempo del Re Ed- 
vardo vi nel ndli. 4to. 

A copy i« in the British Museum. 

Barbary. History of Barbary. 
London, 1609. 4to. 

Inglis. 140, 3/. 28. 

— Three Miseries of Barbary : 
Plague, Famine, ciuill Warre. 
With a Relation of the Death of 
Mahamet the late Emperour : and 
a briefe Report of the now present 
Wars betweene the three Brothers. 
London. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

— Late Newes out of Barbary. 
London, 1613. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

— Voyage to Barbary, for the 
Redemption of Captives in 1720, 
by the Mathurin-Trinitarian Fa- 
thers, 1735. 8vo. With map and 
plates, 7s. 

— Several Voyages to Barbary, 
with Notes, historical and critical. 
The second Edition corrected. 
London, 1736. 8vo. 3s. 6d. 

Contains, pp. 146, with ContenU. Also 
Appendix, pp. 158, with six Maps, &c de- 
signed by Captain Henry Boyde. 

Bakbauld, Anna Letitia. Se- 
lections from the Spectator, Tatler, 
Guardian and Freeholder. With 


a preliminary Essay. Lond. 1804. 
12mo. 3 vols. 9t. 

An excellent selectUm. 

Barbauld, Anna Letitia. 
Poetical Works, the Correipond- 
ence and other Prose Pieces, with 
a Memoir. By Lucy Aikin. Loud. 
1826. 8vo. 2 vols. 24s. 

Barber, J. T. Tour through 
South Wales and Monmouthshire. 
London, 1803. 8vo. 15s. 

This work is chiefly i^ctnretqiM, and 
descriptive of manners. It contains pp. S5ft, 
with a Map and twenty Views, engraviA 
from drawings, by the aQthov. FonthiU, 
2799, FROors, IL 12s. Copies are priatad 
in an inferior manner, without plates* 

BARBER,William. Farm Build* 
ings ; or, Rural Economy. Lond« 
1805, 4to. wi^ six platts. lOs. 6d. 

Barber likewise published a Descriplioa 
of the Mode of Building in Pis^ 1S06. 4to.. 

Barberikus, Mafiseus, t. c. 
Urban viii. Poemata, cum Vita 
Auctoris et Annotationibus adjec- 
tis,edidit Jos. Brown. Oxon. 1786. 

Dent, pt. i. 179, mssia, 6s. Od.— LimoK 
PAPER. Williams, 141, morocco, IL 

Barbier, John. Janua Lin- 
guarum quadrilinguis, or a Mefie 
ofTongues,I^tine, English, French 
and Spanish. Londini, 1617. 4ta. 

Ingib, 523, morocco, SL 3s. 

— Jos. Game of Cbesse-play, 

being a princely Exercise, whereby 

the Learner may profit more by 

reading of this small Book, this 

by playing of a thousand Malei. 

London, 1672. 12mo. with wood 


A' Treatise of no merit Tawnafeft 
pt i. 287, 18s. Marq. of Townsheiidl, 8^ 
18s. 6d. White Kni|;fats, pt i. Sfl> 

morocco, 1/. 2s. 

Barbour, John. The Adti 
and Life of Robert Bruce. Edifr* 
burgh, 1620. 8vo. 

Black letter, pp. 444. Aococdiiis ^ 
Pinkerton the first edition was pubUdiedk 
1610. (?) Reprinted 1648, 1605, 1671^ 
1671, 1672, 1737, 1758. E«tloB 16ff, 
Bibl. Anglo- Poet. 21, moroeoo^ 4L 4i. 
— 1670, GordonstouD, 853, 12s. 64* S«i- 
burghe, 3242, 21, 5s.— 1672, Bindley, pt J. 
56, 3/. 18s.— 1758, Nassau, ptL 876, 9i. 
Towncley, pt. ii. 188, 18i. KimIW, pt. L 
747, 16s. ' ^ 


Bjem0b, John. The Bruce; 

or the Hiatory of Robert I. King 

orScodaMJ. Wriiteo in Scottish 

Tene b; John Bftrbour. The fint 

Sonine Edition, published ftam a 
R. dated 1489 ; with Notes and 
■ Gloeury, by J. Finkertoo. 
Load. 1790. 12iiki. 3toIs. 15». 
Uoji, SI, 11,11. Roibmgta«, 1143, 

— The Bmce, published from a 
Ms. due MCCCCLXXXix. with 
Kotesand a Life of the Author, by 
John Wallace JamiesCHi. Edinb. 
tttO. 4to. 

T>s hMB^nd Md Bftj conci printed 

Bakbut, James. Genera In- 
RCtomm of LiDOKus exemplified 
by variona Specimens of English 
hiecls, with Descriptions in Eng- 
liih and French. London, 17S1. 
4lo. with plates, plain 11. Is. co- 
knicd, 2L 12i. 6d. 

Ccoulaa pp. 3TI, uul t> platn.— The 
tipatt (tra^ogi. BecUirri, ISI7, 138, 
«Mas>,TLiri. M. 

— Genera Verminm, with Ex- 
f hu a ti o u a in English and French. 
LoBckn, 1783-S. 4to. Two Parts, 
Mh plates, plain, 18s. coloured, 
U2s. ; 

nni.pp. lOI.snd II pUlcL Put II. j 
{ToMro. > pp. T0, snd 1 4 plUn. 

Bamcklet. SMBxacLAT. I 

BiacLAT, Alexander. Alex. ! 

Baiiley fait Figure of onr Mother ' 

Helj Church, oppressed by the j 

Fraach King. (Rich. Pynson) 4Lo. 

Ptmb Mansicll'i CauL p. T. 1 

— Egloges of Aleiader Barclay, :' 
Pitst, Sic. Loodoo, by Ricbarde ■ 
IVosoa. folio. ; 

Bhck l««CT. Crat^M 33 InTC* wilh ' 
em. DtM, pL I. SIS, irflk the • FyfU 
EfU^' HiDUd by W. de Warit, 361. 

— Eglc^es of Alex. Barclay, 
Ptiest, whereof the first three con- 
taneth the Uiseriei ofCourters and 
CoBtcs. London, by John Her- 

Bhck letter. 

— EglogM of Alexander Bar- 
diy,PrMat. London, by Humphrey 
Ptvdl (rixmt 1548). 4t9. 



Btadi Itlur. ConUlDi P. 3, inburi, pp. 
lie. IngUi, 113, 6d. BlbL Augla- 
PoM, 894, lj(. 

Bakclat, Alexander. Certayne 
^oges. London, by JohoCawood, 
I Black letter. D in liies. Appended to 
BrtuCi Slultifeni Nsvli. 

— The fyfle Eg'^ff "f Alexandre 
Barclay of the Cytezen and Vplon- 

I dyshman. London, by W. de 
I Wotde. 4to. 

I Blick letter. Conluni B in rixei. Wood- 
;houie, iSI. Dent,pt i. 313, iriththeEg- 
loget printed by PynioD, 301. 

~~ The Introductory to write 
and to pronounce Freoche com- 
pyled by Alexander Barcley. Lon- 
don, by HobeH Copland, 1£2I. 

Blick letter. Canlaini C 4, in jiiei. 

— JteeBaANDT, Sebastian. 
Castle of Labour. 
Hancth, Dominecke. 
Sa llobt. 

A very elabonle iccounl of tUi el 

n iheu 

if Warton'i HUtory of BngGab 
FtHliy. Purlhei noticei, &c will alio b« 
Ibunil in Bliu't Wood'i A. O. i. lOJ— Vuia 

BUu' Spedmeiu, i. 406—6. 

— John. Grammatica LaUna 
Johannis Berkley. (Rich. Pynson, 
1516) 4to. 

— Barclay his Ai^nla, or the 
Loves of Poliarchus and Argenis, 
translated by Kingsmill Long. 
London, 1625, folio. 

A political all^ory, pronounced by tbe 
poet Cowpei, the moit amuiinK romanee 
cTer written. Bindtey, pL i. \9b, 5i. 

— Argenis, translated by Sir 
Robert Le Grys, Knight; the 
Verses by Tlioraas May, Esq. 
London, 1628, 9, 4to. 

]0IS. OordonilDun, 311, i,. 6d.— 1639, 

Bindley,pLi. 108S, ruwa. Si. Sd. 

— Argenis, translated by Kings- 
mill Long, Esq. The second edi> 
tion beautified with pictures, tdge* 
ther with a key pnefiied to unlock 
the wholestory. Lond. 1636, 4to. 

Conbdiii A— Bbb S, in eight*. The 
rata ait on the letter pmi. On the back 
of A 4, ii a portrait of Barclay. Boxbrn/gbe, 
«0S7, 1* Naaaan, pt L ST8, Vs. 



Bale, John, Bishop ofOssory. 
Dialogue or Comunycacyon to be 
had at a Table betwene two Chyl- 
dren, gathered out of the holy Scrip- 
tures, by Johan Bale, for the 2 yonge 
Sonnes, Johan and Paule, 1549. 

— Laboryousc Journey, and 
Serche of John Leylande for Ene:- 
landes Antiquitees. Lond. 1549. 

Dent, pt. i. 1248, mor. 2/. 2t. Reprint- 
ed at Oxford in the Lives of Leland, Heame 
and Wood, in 1772; at the same time 
some copies were printed separately. 

— Ymage of both Churches after 
the Reuclacion of Saincte John the 
Euangelyst. London by me John 
Wyer, 1550. 4 to. 1/. lis. 6d. 

Black letter. The first part contains 
84, tlie second 88, and the third 83 leaves. 

— Another edition. Impr. by 
me Rychardc Wyer, 1550. 12mo. 

— Another edition. London, by 
John Daye and William Seres. 

Black letter- In three parts, introduced 
with a preface, and adorned with cuts. 
Part i. contains T in eights. Part ii. con- 
tains t 4, in eighU. Part iii. Rr, in eights, 
all double signatures. White Knights, 279, 
russia, 198. Inglis, 54, 1/. ISs. 

— Another edition. London^ 
by Tho. East. 1 8mo. 

Black letter. 

— Another edition. London, 
by R. Jugge. 18mo. 

Black letter. Nassau, pt. i. 99, 16s. 

— Apology, of Johan Bale, 
against a ranke Papyst, Auqo 
Do. M.cccc.L. A brefe Expo- 
sicyon also upon the xxx Chap- 
ter of Numeri, which was the 
fyrst Occasion ofthys present Vary- 
ance. London by John Daye. 8vo. 

Black letter.. 

— Vocacyon of Joha Bale to 
the Bishoprick of Ossory in Ire- 
lande, hisPersecucionsin the same, 
and finall Delyueraunce. Rome, 
1553. 8vo. 

Black letter. Reprinted in the Harleian 
Miscellany, voL vi. A copy is in the Bri- 
tish Museum. 

— A Declaration of Edmonde 
Bonner's Articles, concerning the 


Clergie of London Dyocese. Basil. 

A portion of this work, ' A Tesdmooy 
geuen forth by Fraunces Baldwin Atreba- 
tius, concerning the baudy Behaviour and 
lecherous Life of Doctor Thomas Martya,' 
is reprinted in the fourth number of Mor- 
gan's Phenix Britannicus. 

Bale, John, Bishop of Ossory. 
Another Edition. London, by Jhpn 
Tysdale, 1561. 16mo. 

Black letter. Contains folio 70, betides 
the pre&ce. A copy is in the Bodleian li- 
brary. Inglis, 56, 1/. 15s. 

— Historye of the Christen Dc- 
partynge of the reverede Ma,. D. 
Martyne Luther,' translated into, 
Englysh, by Johan Bale. (At end.) 
Thus endeth the Oracyo or PiQ* 
cesse rehearccd off Philippe Mc* 
lanchton at the Buryall of the Re- 
uercnde Mao, Doctor Murtyiie 
Luther, Translated by Johan Bak. 
Anno M.D.LXvi. 8vo. 

Black letter. ConUini folio 21. Th|. 
date is evidently a misprinl for 1 5i6. Bale 
died in 1563. 

— Pageabt of Popes. Eng- 
lished with sondry Additioosby 
J(ohn) S(tudlcy). London, l^ 
Tho. Marshe, 1574, 4to. 

Black letter. Nassau, pt i. 3ti, 16s. 
Bindley, pt. i. 1079, 17s. Cd. Sotheby's id 
1825, U. 2s. North, pt. iii. 728, laoiMDOb 
1/. 4s. Inglis, 137, illustrated andlMid 
in morocco, AL 8s. 

— Expostulation or Complajfote 
agaynst. the Blasphemyes of 8 
franticke Papyst of Hamshyre. 
London, by John Daye. 16aio, 

Black letter. Contains C, in eights, the 
last leaf blank. Dedicated to * Johi Dikt 
of Northumberlaiid.' 

— See Harrison, John. 

Leland, John, 
Mantuanus, Bapt. 
Stalbryde, Henry. 
Wraguton, WiUiam. 

Bales, Peter. Writing Schode- 
m aster; conteining three Bookes 
in one ; the first teaching sirift 
Writing; the second, true Wri- 
ting ; the third, faire Writing. Lon« 
don, by Thomas Orwin, 1590. 4^0* 
Black letter. Dedicated ' To Sr Cbiiir 
tophcr Hatton, Knight.' R 3, in fini» 
An edition, 'with sundry new e^Bliooii' 


1597, 1 2mo. An acooiint of this celebrated 
pn»OB, who was one of the firel who intro- 
duced short-hand writing into this country, 
«iU be finmd in Dr. Bliis's ▼aluable etfi- 
ti^ ol Wood's iltbcn. Oxon. L 656-7. 

Baley. See Bailby. 

Balfour, Sir James. Practicks 
or a System of the more ancient 
Law of Scotland. Edinb. 1754. 

With a prefcoe and a life of the author, 
by Goodal. Roxbuighe, 1054, lOt. 6d. 

— Sir Andrew. See Sibbald, 
Sir Robert, M.D. 

— Sir James, Bart. Histo- 
fical Works, (viz. The Annales 
of Scotland, from mlvii — 
■DCXL and MemoriaUs and Pas^* 
sages of Church and State, from | 
XDC^Li — MocLii. &c.) Pub- 
lished from the original MSS. pre- 
senred in the Library of the Faculty 
of Adirocates (by James Haig.) 
Edinb. 1824, or Lond. 1825. 8vo. 

4 vols, with portrait by Lixars. 

Balguy, John, D.D. Twenty 
Sennoos on various Occasions. 
London, 1750. 8vo. 2 vols. lOs. 

1W writings of this eminent divine of 
the chorch of England, are held in cond- 
ierable estimation, particuUriy his Essay 
on Redemption. 

— Thomas, D.D. Works, edited 
by James Drake. Cambridge, 
1822. 8vo. 2 vols. 12s. 

Sensible and exeellent discourses. His 
vsric on divine benevolence u a most able 
uisver, to aodent and modem seeptlcs. 

Balista, Clir. Ouerthrow of 
the Gowte, written in Latin Verse 
by Chr. Balista, translated by 
B^amaby) G.(ooge). London, for 
Abr. Veafe, 1577. 8vo. 

Ball, John. Treatise concern- 
ing all the principal Grounds of 
the Christian Religion. London. 
4to. 5s. 

The most popular of all this Puritan Di- 
vtae'i woriu. It was fourteen times 
priated bcfiwe the year 163S, and has been 
inailated into Turidsh, by Wm. Seaman. 
Oiferd, 1660. 8vo. 

— Thomas, and F. Beatty. 
Rqiorts of Cases in the High Court 
of Chancery, Ireland^ 1807-11. 
Dablhi, 1821-3. royal 8vo. 2 vols. 
2L 19t. 6d. 

BAL . 


Ballad. — An Answere to a Ro- 
mish Rime, lately printed and en» 
tituled, A proper new Ballad. — 
Written by that Protestant and Ca- 
tholikc J. R. London, 1602. 4to. 

The Ballad b given in 24stansas, Roman 
type, and the answer by J. R. in 46 stanzas, 
black letter. 20 leaves. Ptrry, pt i. 209, 
R 2a. According to the author's address 
there was an answer iii prose by CrowUy, 
in 1588. 

— A Ballad Book. Edinb. 1824. 

Thirty copies printed for private distri- 
bution, by the editor, C. K. Sharpe, Esq. 

Ballads.— A Collection of Old 
Ballads,' corrected from the best 
and most antient Copies extant, 
with Introductions historical and 
critical. London, 1726-38. 12mo. 
3 vols, with plates. 

This collection is, by Dr. Farmer, as- 
cribed to Ambrose Phillips. Dent, pt i. 
178, AL Duke of York, 3837, 4i. White 
Knights, pt. i. 285, 4i. 5s. Rozburghe, 
3220, 4L 14s. 6d. Perry, pL xi. 882, 5/. 
Dibdin, 714, 5/. lOs. Gough, 254, 6K 
17s. 6d. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 509, 1L 7s. 
StreCtell, 988, morocco, 7L 7s. Nassau, 
pt. i. 104, 7/. 12s. 6d. Sotheby's in May, 
1823, 7/. 17s. 6d. 

— A Collection of Old Ballads. 
Glasgow, 1755. 

— Scarce ancient Ballads; 
many never before published. 
Aberdeen, 1822. 12mo. 

— The Common Place Book of 
ancient and modem Ballads, and 
Metrical Legendary Tales, an ori- 
ginal Selection, many never before 
published. Edinburgh, 1824. 

The ballads in this selection ' many 
never before published,' are all modern. 

Ballard, George. Memoirs 
of several Ladies of Great Britain, 
who have been celebrated for their 
Writings or Skill in the learned 
Languiiges, Arts and Sciences* 
Oxford, 1752. 4to. 

An entertaining work, comprising notices 
of the lives and writings of 62 ladies, com- 
mencing with J uliana of Norwich, and ending 
withContitantiaGrierson. Bindley, pt.i. 902, 
178. Sir P. Thompson, 127, \L 8s. Wil- 
liams, 215, morocco, 1/. 14s. Reprinted 
in London, 1775, 8vo. lOs. 6d. Avery 
large collection of Ballard*s epistolary cor- 
respondence is in the Bodleian Library. 

Balmford, James. Dialogue 



concerning the Unlawfulness of 
playing at Cards or Tables, or any 
other Game consisting in Chance. 
London, for Richard Boile. l'2mo. 

Contains 8 leaves. Addressed to ' Master 
Lional Maddison/ &c. The dedication is 
dated 1593. In tlie British Museum are 
two editions, one with the date of 1623. 

Balnaves, Henry. Confession 
of Faith concerning how the trou- 
bled Man should seek Refuge in 
God. Edinb. 1584. 8vo. 

With a prefatory episUe from John 
Knox. Roxburghe, 489, 3/. 68. Bal- 
naves likewise published a Treatise con- 
ceniing Justification. Edinb. 1550, 1584. 

Baltiiarpe,J. The Straights 
Voyage, or St. David's Poem. 
London, 1671. 8vo. 

Lloyd, 49, 61. 12s. 6d. 

Baltimore, Fred.Calvert,Lord. 
Tour to the East, in the Years 1753 
and 1764. With Remarks on the 
City of Constantinople and the 
Turks. Also select Pieces of 
Oriental Wit, Poetry, and Wisdom. 
London, 1767. 8vo. 5s. 

Roxburghe, 7256, 3s. 6d. Balcer, 23, 
(with plates) red moroeco, 2/. 9s. An 
edition was printed at Dublin, 1768. 

— Gaiidia Poetica, Latina, An- 
glica, et Gallica Lingua composita, 
Anno 1769. Augustoe, 1770. 4to. 
with plates. 

Privately printed for presents. It is said 
that only ten copies were printed. Strcttell, 
366, 3/. 3s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt i. 397, 
morocco, 4/. Randolph, 5/. 15s. 6d. Reed, 
6682, 6/. 10s. Bindley, pt. i. 748, mo- 
rocco, 7/. 7 s. 

— Coelestes et Inferi. Venet. 
1771. 4to, 

Bindley, pt. ii. 349, 6$. 6d. Bindley, pt. 
i. 749, 1/. 188. Reed, 6683, 10s. 6d. 

Balzac, J. L. Guezde. Letters 
and Remaines. London, 1655-8. 
8vo. 2 vols. 

These letters were formerly in much re- 
quest, but are now almost forgotten. 

Bamburgh. A Catalogue of 
the Library at Bamburgh Castle, in 
Northumi)erlan<l. 4to. 

(Privately piinted.) A catalogue of a curious 
and valuable library, collected by Dr. Tho. 
Sharp, who died in 1792. Bi:,hop of Ely, 
450, 21. 158. Sotheby's in 1826, 68. 6d. 

BAMPFYLDEy John. Sixteen 


Sonnets. London, 1778. small 

These sonnets are highly praised by 
Dr. Southey, in his specimens, and by 
the Quarterly Review : they are reprinted 
in Park's Collection of the Poets. 

Bampfield, Francis. All in 
one. All useful Sciences and pro- 
fitable Arts in one Book of Jeho- 
vah ^lokim. Printed, 1677. folk). 
In two Parts. 

Gordonstoun, 808, Ss. Most of the 
works of this singular character are io the 
British Museum, and a life of him will bt 
found in Dr. Bliss'sedition of Wood's Athe- 
nae Oxon. iv. 126-8. 

B A M p TO N , Lord . See M* DoualU 
Andrew, Lord Bampton. 

Bampton Lecture. A CollectioD 
of the Sermons preached at the Lec- 
ture, founded by the Rev. John 
Bampton, from its foundation in 
1780 to the year 1827. Oxford and 
London. 8vo. 50 vols. 

This collection of Sermons if seldom met 
with complete. — Those by Cobb and Ta- 
tham are exceedingly scarce, but are said 
to be reprinting. Williams, 138, 1780— 
1821, 44 vols, with some controversial 
tracts inserted, 39/. 

1780, by James Dandinel. 

1781, by Timothy Neve, 

1 782, by Robert Holmei. 

1783, by John Cobb. 

1784, by Joseph White. 

1785, by Ralph Churton. 

1786, by George Croft 

1787, by William Hawkins. 

1788, by Richard Shepherd. ' 

1789, by Edward Tatham, 2 vols. 

1790, by Henry Kett. 

1791, by Robert Morres. 

1792, by John Eveleigh. 

1793, by James Williamson. 
I 1794, by Thomas Wintle. 

1795, by Daniel Veysie. 

1796, by Robert Gray. 

1797, by William Finch. 

1798, by ChaHes Henry Hall. 

1799, by William Barrow. 

1800, by George Richards. 

1801, by George Stanley Faber, 2 vols. 

1802, by George Frederic Nott. 

1803, by John Farrer. 

1804, by Richard Laurence. 

1805, by Edward Nares. 

1 806, by John Browne. 

1807, by Thomas Le Mesurier. 

1 808, by John Penrose. 

1809, by J. B. S. Carwithen. 

1810, by Thomas Falconer. 


1811, by John Bidlake. 

1812, by Richard Mant. 

1813, by John Collinson. 

1814, by Williun Van Mildert. 

1815, by Reginald Heber. 

1816, by John Hume Spry. 

1817, by John Mi.ler. 

1818, by Charles Abel Moysey. 

1819, by Hector Uavies Morgan. 

1820, by Godfrey Faussett. 

1821, by John Jones. 

1822, by Richard Whately. 

1823, by Charles Goddard. 

1824, by John Josias Conybeare. 

1825, by H. D. Morgan. 
1828, by William Vaux. 
1827, by H. H. Milman. 

Banbury, The Shepherd of. 
Roles to know of the Chan^ of 
the Weather. By John Claridge. 
London, 1744. Svo. ds. 6d. 

A small work of great popularity among 
te lower orders of the people, siud to have 
been written by John Campbell, LL.D. 
Reprinted 1827. Svo. 

Banck:», J. Miscellaneous 
Works in Ver«e and Prose. Lon- 
don, 1738-9, Svo. 2 vols, with 
plates after Hogarth 5s. 

Bamcroft, Edward, M. D. 
Essay on the natural History of 
Guiana, in South America. Lon- 
don, 1769. Svo. with a plate. 5s. 

Besides natural history, this work may 
be convnlted with advantage on the man- 
Ben, &c. of the natives. Heath, 2753, 
7L6d. Willet, 61, 15s. 

— Experimental Researches 
concerning^ the Philosophy of per- 
maDent Colours, and the best 
Means of producing them by Dye- 
iQ£:. Calico Printing, &c. London, 
1S13, Svo. 2 vols. 

The ino«t scientific work on the subject* 
Tke fint edition of vol. L 1794, is now of 
Ciiie TAlue. 

— Richard, Archbishop of Can- 
terbury. Survay of the pretended 
holy Discipline. London, 1593. 
4lo. 15s. 

Prefixed is an epistle to the reader, con- 
^ti, ftc. 464 pp. and the errata. Re- 
printed 1663. 4 to. From this and the fol- 
W«mg work much information respecting 
(W Puriuns may be obtained. 

— Daungerous Positions and 
Proceedings, published and prac- 
tised within this Hand of Brytain^, 
Toder Pretence of Reformation, and 



for the Presbyteriall Discipline. 
London, 1593. 4to. 

Prefixed are * An Advertisement to the 
Reader. — The Contents.' Then a collec- 
tion of sentences from the scriptures and the 
fathers. 183 pp. White KnighU, 848, 
U 4s. Sotheby's in 1824, 21. Gs, He- 
printed 1C40. 4to. Bindley, pt i. 1092, 
5s. 6il. 

Bancroft, Thos. Two Bookes 

of Epigrammes and Epitaphs. (481 

in number.) London, 1639. 4to. 

Contains pp. 86. A copious account of 
this volume will be found in the Restituta,ii. 
490 — 6. Nassau, pt. i. 374, mor. U lis. 
Sir M. M. SykcH, pt. i. 399, 2/. Inglis, 139, 
mor. 21. 198. Roxburghe, 3375, ZL 3s. 
Towneley, pt. i. 391, 4/. 14s. 6d. Strettell, 
363, mor. AL 15s. Bindley, pt i. 744, 
4/. 17s. Lloyd, 226, 10^ lUs. Bibl.Anglo- 
Poet. 80, 20/. 

— Glutton's Feavers. London, 
1817. 4to. 

Presented to the members of the Rox- 
burghe Club, by J. D. Phelps, Esq. Dent, 
pt ii. 1204, 12s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pU i. 
1626, U, 10s. Boswell, 3037, 4/. Bindley, 
ptiii. 1796, 9/. lis. 6d. 

— Heroioal Lover. Lond, 1658. 

Reed, 6554. U. 10s. 6d. 

Bandello, Matteo. La prima, 
la seconda, la terza, e la quarta 
Paite del Novella del Bandello. 
Londra per S. Harding, 1740. 4to. 
4 vols in 3. 

An elegant reprint of the edition of Lucca 
1554 and Lione 1573, parte i. 368 leaves; 
parte ii 391 leaves, including one contain- 
ing the register; parte iii. 231 leaves ; parte 
iv. 132 leaves, and 4 of introductory matter, 
including the title. A copy on large 
PAPER at the sale of the Mac Carthy library 
produced 326fr. 

— The tragical 1 Historye of 
Romeus and Juliet written first in 
Italian by Bandell, and nowe in 
Englishe by Ar.[thur] Br.[oke] 
London, by Richard Tottill, 1562 

Black letter. In fours extends to fo. 84, 
besides four leaves of introduction. This 
edition, with the title of 1587, is reprinted 
in Malone's Supplement to Shakespeare 
1780; of which reprint about 12 copies 
were taken off, with new paging, for private 
distribution. In the British Bibliographer 
(vol. ii. 113—16) will be found the pre&ce 
to the edition of 1562, omitted in that of 
1587, and also in Malone's reprint 



Bandcllo, Matteo. Another 
edition. London, by Rob. Robin- 
wn, 1587. 4to. 

— A most lamentable and tra- 
gicall Historie, which a Spanishe 
Gentlewoman named Violenta ex- 
ecuted upon her Louer Didaco, 
becausehe espoused another beying 
first betrothed vnter her. Newly 
translated into English Meeter, by 
T. A. (Thomas Acheley.) London, 
by Jdin Chariewood for Thomas 
Batter, 1576. 12mo. 

Black letter. Not noticed by Ames or 
Herbert It is mentioned by Ritson in his 
Bibfiographia Poetica, under Xbomas Acbe- 
ley. A copy was sold at Steerens* sale 
Ko. 1102 with other articles. 

B.ANDiNEL, Bulkley, D. D. 
Catalogue of Books relating to Bri- 
tish Topography, and Saxon and 
Northern Literature, bequeathed to 
the Bodleian Library by Richard 
Gough. Oxibrd, 1814. 4to. pp. 
459, 1/. Us. 6d. 

The most complete catalogne of Engli&h 
lopography extant. 

Banieil, Abbe Antoine. My- 
thology and Fables of the Ancients 
explained from History. London, 
1 739, 1 740. 8vo. 4 vols. 1 L 48. 

A work containing an immense store of 
important information. Williams, 140, 
morocco, 4/. 

Banister, John. Historic of 
Man sucked from the Sap of the 
most approved Anatomists, &c. 
London, by John Daye, 1578. folio. 

Black letter, with cuts. Horne Tooke, 
88, 1 4s. Banister likewise published several 
other chirurgical works. 

Banistf.r, John, and Thomas 
Low. New Ay res and Dialogues 
composed for Voices and Viols of 
two, three, and four Parts: together 
with Lessons for Viols or Violins. 
London, 1678. 8vo. 

Bankes, Henry. Civil and con- 
stitutional History of Rome, from 
its Foundation to the Age of Au- 
gustus. London, 1818. 8vo.2vols. 
An excellent article on the early History 
of Rome, with a notice of this woik, will be 
found in the Quarteriy Reriew xxvii.27S — 
SOS. Dmry, S19, extra bound, 1/. 48. 
LARGE PAPEa, CoiBbe,99, bds. 18s. 


Bankes Bay Horse in a Trance. 
See Marocus Extaticus. 

Banks, John. Critical Review 
of the Life of Oliver Cromwell. 
Lond. 1760. 12mo. with port. 4s. 

Upon the whole an impartial woik, often 

— Sir Joseph, Bart. Catalogus 
BibliothecGB hisitorico-naturalts Jo- 
seph i Banks, Baroneti,&c. Auctore 
Jona Dryander. Londini, 1798 — 
1800. 8vo. 5 vols. 

An excellent and admirably arranged 
catalogue, certainly the most oomprefaeniini 
of the kind ever published. It oontaini a 
collation of all the article.t in the library, 
and is illustrated with much curious and 
important information. 250 copies primed. 
Vol. i. pp. Tii. and 809, and index. Vol. 1. 
pp. XX. 678, and index. VoL iii. pp. xxffi* 
656, and index. Vol. iv. pp. ix. and 890. 
Vol. ▼. pp. 531. Dibdin, 20, 5/. 12a» id. 
Bindley, pt 1. 993, 5/. 17s. 

— Thomas, C. Dormant and 
Extinct Baronage of England, firoii 
the Norman Conquest to year 1 809. 
London, 1807—9. 4to. 3 vob. 

A work of uo merit< The greater pot 
of its contents was copied from Dugdale'i 
Baronage, but as many of that writer^s moit 
important statements, and all his refiereneei 
to his authorities are omitted, it is of in^ 
nitely less value. The account of titles 
created siuce Dugdale wrote, ia cbieiy 
taken from Collins. An appendix ia ■»- 
nexed to the Stemmata AngBcana. Brodcaflb 
466, 3/. 4s. Duke of York, 488, 31. lis. 

— LARGE PAPER, 5/. 5s. 

— Genealogical and biographi- 
cal History of the dormant and 
extinct Peerage of England, from 
the Norman Conquest; including 
the Regal Families anterior to the 
House of Brunswick. Lond. 181^ 
8vo. Vol. i. 10s. 

This volume is the only one wliich ap* 
peared of an intended new edition in lix 
octavo volumes, of the Dormant and Extiact 
Baronage. It commences (p. 1 to 141) 
with a genealogical account of the BidMt 
Royal Families of England, which li i 
useful compilation fiom Sandfbrd, andoAtf 
expensive works, though by no mnant i^ 
markable for accuracy or r ca e ar c h . Thi 
titles of Peerage treated of, extend in alphi^ 
betical order from AbergaveMiy toBanbuyt 
(p. 148 to the end,) and preaent the bat if 
the various specimens of the anthor'sgaMS- 
logical abilities. The elabonte note if 
the singular daim to tha BanlNBry fma$t 


woaU alone render thb volume of some 
value, as the printed caaea, whence it was 
camoUed, may not be easily procured.' 

Banks, Thomas C. Stemmata 
ADglkrana; or, a miscellaneous 
Collection of Genealogy. London, 
1825. 4to. 3/. ds. 

This volume commences with a treatise 
of little merit on the Tarious dignities of 
Peoage, and the manner of establishing 
cbims to them. The only valuable part of 
the work is that entitled <* Barones Rcjecti/' 
being an account of individuals who appear 
to hate held the rank of Barons, but who 
sre not noticed by other writers, which 
b many instances exhiUt proofs of consi- 
dcnUe research. The Hbtory of Extinct 
Rojai Families, p. 296 to 456, is a literal 
reprint of what appeared in the volume last 
neotioned. The appendix contains " Ad- 
£tions and Emendations to the author's 
Dormant and Extinct Baronage, with In- 
dexes," but it is not deserving of much 
tttendoo, the corrections being very few, 
and the indexes extremely bad. large 
PAPCR, 9/. 5s. Some copies are entitied 
' A genealog;ical History of divers Families 
«f the ancient Peerage of England.' 1826. 

— History of the ancient noble 
Family of Marmyun ; their office of 
King's Champion, &c. Lond. 1817. 
8fo. 10s. 6d. 4to. ]/. Is. 

A very imperfect work. Mr. Banks is 
^ author of some other publications of a 
■flilar nature, but they are unworthy of 
kciBg particularly mentioned. 

Bah V A TTNE, Richard. Journal 
of the Transactions in Scotland, 
during Uie Contest between the 
Adherents of Queen Mary and those 
o( her Son in 1570-7U72-73. 
Edinb. 1806. 8vo. 12s. 

BsBoityne was secretary to John Knox. 

fiannatyne MS. Ancient Scot- 
tish Poems. Published from the i 
MS. of George Bannatyne, 1 568 . 
Edinb. 1770.12mo. 4s. 

Efited by Sir David Dalrymple, after- 
viris Lord Hailes. Heath, 1879, lOs. 6d. 
loibnrgfae, 3195, 12s. Strettell, 1006, 
ntm, 17s. A reprint, Leeds, 1815. 8vo. 
TvD hundred copies printed on common 
ffn; and thirty- one on coloured paper. 

Banqoett of Dainties; -for all 
nche Gestes that loue moderatt 
Djate. London, by Tho. Hacket, 
1566. 8yo. 

BiMk letter, cooUins pp. 42. Thispoetical 
is not noticed by Ames, Herbert, 



or Dr. Dibdin, but an account from an im- 
perfect copy will be found in the Censura 
Literaria vol. y'u. 55-7. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 
42, morocco, (tide MS.) lOL 10s. re-sold 
by Saunders in 1818, 61. 168. 6d. 

Banslet, Charles. Rhyming 
Satire on the Pride and Vices of 
Women now a Days. London by 
Thomas Raynalde (about 1 540) 4to. 

Black letter, conimendng, 

* Bo peep, what have we spied.' 

Baptism . Sacra Institutio Bapti- 
zandi, Matrimoniuro celebrandi, 
Infermos ungendi, Mortuos sepe- 
liendi, acalii nonnulli Ritus £c- 
clcsiastici, juxta usum insignis 
Ecclesiec Sarisburiensis. Duaci, 
1604. 4to. 10s. 6d. 

— Of Baptisme, 1646. See 
Lawrence, Henry. 

— Ordo Baptizandi, aliaqne 
Sacramenta administrandi, et Offi- 
cia queedam Ecclesiastica rite pa- 
ragendi, Jussu Pauli V. pro Anj^lia, 
Hibernia et Scotia. Paris, 1657. 
12mo. 7s. 

— Ordo Baptizandi aliaque 
Sacramenta administrandi, &c. pro 
Anglia, Hibernia et Scotia. Lond. 
1686. 12mo. 10s. 

This book was printed by the special 
command of James II. in order to form the 
standard of wliat he considered the true 
Catholic religion in this country. 

Baratariana; a Collection of 
Pieces, published during the Ad- 
ministration of Lord Townshend in 
Ireland, with Supplement. Dublin, 
1772-3. 8vo. 3 vols, in 2, with 

Nassau, pt. i. 109, 8s. Garrick, IOC, 9s. 

Baratti, Giacomo. Travels 
into the remote countries of the 
Abissinsor Ethiopia interior, trans- 
lated by G. D. Lond. 1670. 12mo. 

Constable, 39, 6s. Cd. Heath, 2699, 8s. 

Bauba, Alvarez Alonzo. Art 
of Metals, translated by Edward 
Montagu, Earl of Sandwich, Lon- 
don, 1674. Bvo. 3s. 6d. 

Reprinted in ' A Collection of valuable 
Treatises upon Metals, Mines, and Minerals.' 
1740. 12mo. The sale of Barba*s book 
was prohibited in Spain, under the penalty 
of the Inquisition. 



Barbadillo, Don Alonao Ge« 
ronimo de Salas. Fortunate Fool, 
translated (from the Spanish) by 
Philip Ayres. Lond.1670. 12nio. 59. 

Barbados. — Laws of Barba- 
does, from 1643 to 1762, by Ri- 
chard Hall, 1762. 4to. 21. 128. 6d. 

— Public Acts in Force, passed 
by the Legislature of Barbadoes, 
from May 11, 1762, to Aprils, 
1800. By Samuel Moore. 1801. 
royal 8vo. 

Barbara. The Life of St. 
Barbara. Lond. By Julyan No- 
tary (1518) 4to. 

Black letter' Four leavef. 

Barbaro, Daniel. Relazione 
deir illustrissimo Daniel Barbaro, 
faita nel serenissimo Senato doppo 
la sua Legazione d' Ingbilterra ove 
fu Ambasciatore per la serenissima 
Republica in Tempo del Re Ed- 
vardo vi nel mdli. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

Barbary. History of Barbary. 
London, 1609. 4to. 

Inglis. 140, 3/. 28. 

— Three Miseries of Barbary : 
Plague, Famine, ciuill Warre. 
With a Relation of the Death of 
Mahamet the late Emperour : and 
a briefe Report of the now present 
Wars be twee ne the three Brothers. 
London. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

— Late Newes out of Barbary. 
London, 1613. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

— Voyage to Barbary, for the 
Redemption of Captives in 1720, 
by the Mathurin-Trinitarian Fa- 
thers, 1735. 8vo. With map and 
plates, 7s. 

— Several Voyages to Barbary, 
with Notes, historical and critical. 
The second Edition corrected. 
London, 1736. 8vo. 3s. 6d. 

Contains, pp. 146, with Contents. Also 
Appendix, pp. 158, with six Maps, &c. de- 
ligned by Captain Henry Boyde. 

Baubauld, Anna Letitia. Se- 
lections from the Spectator, Tatler, 
Guardian and Freeholder. With 


a preliminary Essay. Lond. 1804. 
12mo. 3 vols. 9i. 

An excellent selection. 

Barbaulh, Anna Letitia* 
Poetical Works, the Correspoiid- 
ence and other Prose Pieces, with 
a Memoir. By Lucy Aikin. Load. 
1826. 8vo. 2 vols. 24s. 

Barber, J. T. Tour through 
South Wales and Monmouthshire. 
London, 1803. 8vo. 15s. 

This work is chiefly picturesque, and 
descriptive of manners. It contains pp. S59, 
witli a Map and twenty Views, engnvtd 
from drawings, by the author. Ponthill, 
S799, PROOFS, 1/. 12s. Copies are printed 
in an inferior manner, without plates* 

BARBER,WiIliam. Farm Build* 
ings ; or, Rural Economy, Lond. 
1 805, 4to. with six plates, 10s. 6d. 

Barber likewise published a DescriptioB 
of the Mode of Building in Pis6. ISOS. 4ia.. 

Barberinus, Mafffleus, t. e. 
Urban viii. Poemata, cum Vita 
Auctoris et Annotationibus adjec- 
tis,edidit Jos. Brown. Oxon. 1796. 

Dent, pt.i. 179, nissia, 6s. 8d. — laRsk 
PAPER. Williams, 141, morocco, 1/. 

Barrier, John. Janua Lin- 
guarum quadrilinguis, or a Mes^e 
ofTongueSiLatine, English, French 
and Spanish. Londini, 1617. 4to. 

Inglis, 523, morocco, SL 3s. 

— Jos. Game of Chesse-pli^, 
being a princely Exercise, whereby 
the Learner may profit more by 
reading of this small Book, thta 
by playing of a thousand Mates. 
Liondon, 1672. 12mo. with wood 

A' Treatise of no merit Ttwnsiki, 
pt i. 287, 18s. Marq. of Townilieiid, U, 
18s. 6d. White Knights, pt i. Sff, 
morocco, 11, 2s. 

Barbour, John. The Aotei 
and Life of Robert Bruce. Edin^ 
burgh, 1620. 8vo. 

Black letter, pp. 444. Aoeot^bag Is 
Pinkerton the first edition was puUUisdb 
161G. (7) Reprinted 1648, 1005, ISTI^ 
1671, 1672, 1787, 1758. £«t|Qii IfH, 
Bihl. Anglo-Poet. 21, laorocoD, 4t ll. 
— 1670, GordonstouD, S53, 12s.6d. B«i- 
burghe, 3242, 21. 5s.— 1672, Bindlej. pti. 
56, 3/. 18s.— 1758, Nassau, ptL AiTii. 
Towntlay, pt. U. 138. 13s. Slndlfv. pt. i. 
747,16s. ' '^ 


Babbovr, John. The Bruce; 
or tlie History of Robert I. King 
ofScoUaod. Wjitteo in Scottish 
Tene bj John Barbour. The first 
;[€OQjne Edition, published from a 
MS. dated 1489 ; with Notes and 
t Gloesary, by J. Pinkerton. 
Loud. 1790. 12010. 3 vols. 15s. 

Lloyd, 51, ILlB, Roxbnrgtae, SS43, 
II 7i. 

— The Bmce, published from a 
MS. date mcccclxxxix. with 
Notes and a Life of the Author, by 
Mm Wallace Jamieson. Edinb. 
1820. 4to. 

Two hundred and fifty cdpiei printed 
BndMtt, 4«7, 2/. 

Barbut, James. Genera In- 
lectomm of Llnnseus exemplified 
by various Specimens of English 
Insects, with Descriptions in Eng- 
lish and French. London, 1781. 
4lo. with plates, plain 11. Is. co- 
kmred, 2L 12s. Sd. 

Comsat pp. 371, and 22 plates. — The 
MgiMl drmwingt. Becklbrd, 1817, 138, 
■nMo»,7Ll7a. 6d. 

— Genera Vermium, with Ex- 
pliMitioDS in English and French. 
LoodoB, 1783-8. 4to. Two Parts, 
vith plates, plain, 18s. coloured, 

Pttt i.pp. 101, and 1 1 plates. Part ii. 
(TMfaua») pp. 70, mod 1 4 plates. 

Babcklet. Stfe Barclay. 

Babclat, Alexander. Alex. 
Ankley his Figure of our Mother 
Holy Church, oppressed by the 
FfCB^ King. (Rich. Pynson) 4to. 

Ffoai llaiusell's CataL p. 7. 

<— Egloges of Alexader Barclay, 
FresC, Stc. London, by Richarde 
Pynton. folio. 

Black letter. Contabis 22 leares with 
ols. Ii>e»t,pc i. 312, with the * Fyfte 
tsliC* F*ntcd by W. de Worde, 36/. 

— Egloges of Alex. Barclay, 
Priest, whereof the first three con- 
tdnedi the Miseries of Couriers and 
Covtes. London, by John Her- 

Black letter. 

— Egloges of Alexander Bar- 
day, Prisat. London, by Humphrey 
Pendl (dxwt 1548). 4to. 



Blaek letter. Contains P. 2, in fours, pp. 
116. IngUs, 143, 6/. 2s. 6d. BibL Ai^o- 
Poct, 894, 15/. 

Barclay, Alexander. Certayne 
Egloges. London, by John Cawood, 

Black letter. D in sixes. Appended to 
Brant's Stultifera Navis. 

— The fyfte Eglog of Alexandre 
Barclay of the Cytezen and Vplon- 
dyshman. London, by W. de 
Worde. 4to. 

Black letter. Contains E in sixes. Wood- 
house, 25/. Dent, pt. i. 312, with the Eg- 
loges printed by Pynson, 36/. 

— The introductory to write 
and to pronounce Frenche com- 
pyled by Alexander Barcley. Lon- 
don, by Robert Copland, 1521. 

Black letter. Contains C 4, in sixes. 

— See Brandt, Sebastian. 

Castle of Labour. 
Manctn, Dominecke. 

A very elaborate account of this elegant 
writer's productions is given in the xxix 
section of Warton*s History of English 
Poetry. Further notices, &c will also be 
fband in Bliss's Wood's A. O. i. 205—9 and 
BUb' Spedmens, i. 406—9. 

— John. Grammatica Latin a 
Johannis Barkley. (Rich. Pynson, 
1516) 4to. 

— Barclay his Argenis, or the 
Loves of Poliarchus and Argenis, 
translated by Kingsmill Long. 
London, 1625, folio. 

A political allegory, pronounced by the 
poet Cowper, the most amusing romance 
ever written. Bindley, pt. i. 195, 5s. 

— Argenis, translated by Sir 
Robert Le Grys, Knight; the 
Verses by Tliomas May, Esq. 
London, 1628, 9, 4to. 

1628, Oordonstoun, 311, 5s. 6d.— 1629, 
Bindley, pLi. 1088, russia, 8s. 6d. 

— Argenis, translated by Kings- 
mill Long, Esq. The second edi- 
tion beautified with pictures, t6ge- 
ther with a key prsefixed to unlock 
the whole story. Loud. 1636, 4to. 

Contains A — Bbb 2, in eights. The 
cnts are on the letter press. On the back 
of A 4, is a portrait of Barclay. Roxburgfae, 
6087, 5s. Nassau, pt L 378, 9i. 



Barclay, John. The Phoenix, 
or the History of Polyarchus and 
Argeuis. Translated from the Latin, 
[by Clara Reeve.] London, 1771, 
12mo. 4 vols. 12s. 

Barclay published an account of the 
Gunpowder plot, which will be found 
ftt the end of his Satyricon and likewise se- 
veral controversial works relative to Eng- 
land in the reign of James I. 

— Icon Animanim ; the Mirror 
of Mindes, translated by T. May. 
London. 1631. 12mo. 5s. 

A masterly description of tlie manners of 
the several nations of Europe in the begin- 
ning of the 18th century, with remarks 
moral acd philosophical on the various 
tempers of men. 

— Description of the Roman 
Catholick Church, written in the 
year 1679. (in verse.) Edinb. 1741 . 

Constable, 41, 6s. 

— Sketch of the Life of John 
Barclay, 1786. 4to. 

Published by Sir David Dalrymple Lord 

— Sir Richard, Knt. Discourse 
of the Felicitie of Man : or his 
Summum Bonum. Written by Sir 
Richard Barkley, Knight. Lond. 
1598. 4to. 

Reprinted 1603, 1631. This work 'is 
in fact a garner tilled with the most amusing 
and best histories, and little narrations, told 
ic the author's own words, and occasionally 
enlarged, but in perfect keeping and con- 
sistency.' Rctrosp. Review. Edition 1598, 
Reed, 1774, 6s.— 1603, Inglis, 142, 5s. 
—1631, Nassau, pt i. 377, lis. 

— Robert. Works. London, 
1692. folio. 1718. 8vo; 3 vols. 

The celebrated apologist for the quakers, 
and one of the ablest writers of that sect : 
his works are much esteemed. 

— Apology for the true Christian 

Divinity, as the same is held forth 

and preached by the People, called 

in scorn, Quakers. Birmingham, 

1765. 4to. 18s. 

An elegant edition printed by Basker- 
▼ille. Bindley, pt. i. 920, russia, I/. 2s. 
The first edidon appeared in 1676, 4to. de- 
dicated to Charles II. has been frequently 
reprinted, and translated into most Euro- 
pean languages. 

— Genealogical Account of 


the Barclays of Urie, 1110—1731, 
with Memoirs of Colonel David 
Barclay, and his son Robert Bar- 
clay, author of the * Apology for 
the Quakers/ ,Lond. 1812. 8vo. 

Edited by Mr. Henry Mill. The origi- 
nal edition appeared in or about 1740. 

Ba acLA Y, William. De Remo 
et regali Potestate adversus Bucha- 
nanum, Bruturo, Boucherium and 
reliquos Monarchomachos Libri 
sex. Paris, 1600. 4to. 

A celebrated treatke denjring the an- 
thorityof the Pope over Sovereigns in Tem- 
porals. This learned civilian pubUshed 
several other controvernal works. 

— Caliirrhoe or the Well of the 
Spaw. Aberd. 1615, 1670. 8vo. 

— Barclaii Gulielmi ex Vita 
Julii Agricolse, Auctore Genero, 

Bareith. — Memoires de Frederi- 
que Sophie Wilhelmine de Prusset 
Margrave de Bareith, Soeur de 
Fred^ric-le-Grand, ecrits de sa 
Main. Londres, 18r2. 8vo. 2 vols. 

An English translation of these amnang 
memoirs appeared 1812, Svo. 2 vols. Dniry, 
413, 17s. 

Baret, John. Alvearie or Quad- 
ruple Dictionarie, English, Latioe, 
Greeke, and French. Londini, 
1580. folio, 10s. 6d. 

Dedicated to Lord Burleigh. A former 
edition, containing three languages Euglidi» 
Latin and French, appeared in 1573,' foBa 
1580. Perry, pt i. 436, 2L 2$. Bindley, 
pt. i. 575, 14s. Home Tooke, 40, 2L 5s. 
—1573, Roxburghe, 2161, R Is. 

— Michael. Hipponimie, or the 
Vineyard of Horsemanship. Lond. 
1618. 4to. 

B A RETT!, Joseph. Italian Li- 
brary, containing an account of the 
Lives and Works of the most va- 
luable Authors of Italy. With a 
Preface, exhibiting the changes of 
the Tuscan language, from the bar- 
barous ages to the present time. 
London, 1757. 8vo. 6s. 
A useful work. 

— Account of the Manners and 
Customs of Italy ; with an Appen- 
dix. Lond. 1768-9. 8vo. 2 voLi. 6s. 

r . 


' A wry entertaining book.' Dr, Johnton, 
BiMOey. pt. L 314» ISs. 

Ba RETT I, Joseph. Dictionary of 
the English and Italian Languages. 
London, 1760. 4to. 2 vols. 18s. 

The dedication to this dictionary was 
vritten by Dr. Johnson. Reprinted 1778, 
1790, 4to« and 1820, 8yo. 2 vols. Edition 
1760, Dent, pt. i. 313,russia, 1/. Is.— 1778, 
Rodwfglie, 2121, U. 10s.~1790, Edwards, 
U, \L 2s. White Knights, 353, russia, 

— Journey from London to Ge- 
noa, through England, Portugal, 
Spain and France. Ix>ndon, 1770, 
8ro. 4 vols. lOs. 6d. 

An entertaining work. Fonthill, 2087, 
SOt.— 4to. 2 Tols. Drury, 374, 16s. Font- 
hill, 418, R 13s. 

— Dictionary of the English 
and Spanish Languages. London, 
1778. foUo. 

Reprinted 1794, 1800, in 4to. and 1807, 
Stol 2 vols. Edition 1 794, Dent, pt. i. 313, 
a 6s.— 1800, White Knights, pt. 1. 352, 
rwsa, U, 14s. 

Thb writer likewise published many 
siher works, chiefly grammatical. 

B A a H A M , Henry. Hortus Ame- 
ricanus. Kingston, Jamaica, 1794. 
8to. pp. 212, 5s. 

Barker, Andrew. Report of 
the two famous Pirates, Capt. Ward 
tod Danseter. London, 1609. 4lo. 

Dabome took the plot of ' A Christian 
tnm'd Turk,' from the above. Nassau, 
pt ii. 372. 

— Edmund Henry. Classical 
»d Bihiical Recreations. Lond, 
181-2. 8?o. vol. i. 8s. 6d. 

— Thomas. Art of Angling. 
London, 1651. 12mo. 

An e<fition, 1653, 4to. without the au- 
tbor'i name. A reprint of the edition of 
1651, appeared 1820, and that of 1653 
vai reprinted at Leeds, 1817, of which 
•K copy was struck off in 4to. Edition 
\^Z. Bindley, pt. iv. 524, 6s. White 
Kaghts,pt. i. 158, 8s. Haworth, 919, \L2i, 

— Barker's Delight ; or, the 
Art of Angling. The second edi- 
tioQ, much enlarged. London, 
1657 or 1659. 12 mo. 

CoDtsim pp. !▼. and 27. Haworth, 921, 
^ 1659, 17f. Reprinted 1820, of which 
<« espies were printed on yeUow paper, 
'*' one on Teilmn. 

Barklct. See Barclay. 



Barrsdale, Clement. Nympha 
Libethris: or the Cotswold Muse 
presenting some extempore verses 
to the Imitation of yong Scholars : 
in four Parts. London, 1651. 
12mo. pp. 96. 

Perry, pt. iv. 316, 2/. Is. Dent, pt.i. 
182, mor. 61. 15s. Saunders in 1818, 
15/. 158. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 83, 20L A 
reprint, consisting of 40 copies, was publish- 
ed 1816, by Sir Egcrton Brydges. Nassau, 
pt i. 117, 15s. Bindley, pt. i. 643, 17s. 
Strettelt, 129, 19s. 

— Memorials of worthy Persons. 
Two Decads, 12mo. London, 1661. 
A third Dccad, Oxford, 1662. A 
fourth Decad> Oxford, 1663. A 
6f\h Becad, entitled * A Remem- 
brance of excellent Men.' Lon- 
don, 1670. 8vo. 2/. 

Anthony a Wood says, this work is 
* scribled from the sermons preached at 
their funerals, their lives, and characters 
occasionally given of them, in public 
authors.' Nassau, pt. ii. 1465, 2 vob. 
1661-3, W. 

In Dr. Bliss's edition of Wood's Athenae 
Oxonienses, iv. 221 — 5, will be found a 
biography, with a list of th^ writings of 

Barkshire. — Publication of Guia- 
nas Plantation, newly undertaken 
by the Earl of Barkshire. London, 
1632. 4to. 

Barkstead, or Barksted, Will. 
Myrrha, the Mother of Adonis, or 
Lusts Prodigies, a Poem. Lon- 
don, 1607. 

— Hirem, or the Fair Greek, a 
Poem. London, 1611. 8vo. 

Barlaamus Monachus. Bar- 
laamide Papae Principatu Libellus. 
Nunc primum Greece et Latine 
editus, opera Johannis Luidii. 
Oxoniee, 1592. 4to. 19 leaves, 6s. 

Barlace, G. Sketch of the 
Progress of Knowledge in England, 
with notices of learned men. Lon- 
don, 1820. 4to. H. Is. 

Barljeus, Caspar. Britannia 
triumph ans, sive in inaugurationem 
Caroli 1. Mag. Brit. Francis et 
Hibernise Regis, Fidei Dcfensoris, 
Poemation. Lugd. Bat. 1626. 


A copy is in the Bridsh Museum* 



Baiiley. Martyrdome of Saint 
George. London, 1614. 4to. with 

Dent, pt. i. 309, 3^ 3t. NaMtu, pt i. 

Barlow, Francis. Multee et 
diversse Avium species. Londini, 
1671. 4to. 

A c(^y is in the British Museum. 

•— Book of such Beasts as are 
most useful for Drawing, Graving, 
or Armes-painting and Chaseing, 
designed by F. Barlow, and en- 
graved by William Vaughan. 1664. 

Thirtetn small plates, exclusive of the 
engraTed title. 

— Seuerall Wayes of Hunting, 
Hawking, and Fishing, according 
to the English Manner, &c, in- 
vented by Francis Barlow, etched 
by W. Hollar. London. ' 

Barlow published a much esteemed edi- 
tion of the Fables of ^sop. 

— Various Birds and Beasts (67) 
drawn from the Life. London. 

— Rev. Frederic. English 
Peerage. London, 1775. 8vo. 
2 vols. 7s. 

In no estimation as a genealogical work. 
A former edition appeared in 1773. 

— Joel. Columbiad, a Poem. 
Philadelphia, 1807. 4to.with plates 
after Smirke's designs. 

Sotheby's in Dec 1820. 3/. 3s. Re- 
printed London, 1809. 8ro. 5s. 

— John. Exposition of the first 
and second Chapters of the second 
Epistle to Timothy, with a Dis- 
course of spiritual Stedfastness and 
five Sermons. Lond. 1632. folio. 

Barlow likewise published several ser- 
mons, of which an account will be found in 
Dr. Bliss' edition of Wood's Athen. Oxon. ii. 

— Peter, F. R. S. Mathema- 
tical and Philosophical Dictionary; 
with historical Sketches of the Rise, 
Progress and present State of the 
several Departments of the Sci- 
ences. Lond. 1813. royal 8vo.l/. Is. 

— £ssay on Magnetic Attrac- 
tions and on the Laws of Terrestrial 
and Electro-Magnetism. London, 
1822. 8vo. with plates. 8s. 

Mr. Barlow who has highly distinguished 
himself by hb scientific labors is professor 


uf niatbcmaticB at tlie militaiy academy at 
Woolwidi. He is the mithor of eevenl 
other Taloable treatiset. 

Barlow, Stephen. History of 
Ireland, from the earliest period to 
the present time. Ix>iidon, 1814. 
8vo. 2 vols. 10s. 

— Thomas, Bishop of Lincoln. 
Several Cases of Conscience learn- 
edly and judiciously resolved. Lon- 
don, ^1692. 8vo. with portrait bj 
R. White. 4s. 

— The genuine Remains, con- 
taining divers Discourses, theologi- 
cal, philosophical, historical, &c. 
London, 1693. 8vo. 4s. 

Published by Shr Peter Pett In 1604, 
Reflections on this work by Henry Brougham 
appeared in 4to. 

— Directions for the Choice of 
Books in the Study of Divioity. 
Oxford, 1699. 4to. 6s. 

A Kfe of this emhient prelate, with a list 
of his works, will be found hi Dr. BHss** 
edition of Wood's Athense Oxonienaet, if. 

— William, successively Bishop 
of Rochester and Lincoln. Vita et 
Obitus Richardi Cosin, Legam 
Doctoris, &c. Excudebant D^po- 
tati Chr. Barker. 1598. 4to. 38. 6d. 

— Sermon preached at Paules 
Crosse on the 6rst Sunday in Lent, 
Martii 1, 1600. With a short Dis- 
course of the late Earle of Essex 
his Confession and Penitence, be- 
fore and at the Time of his Death. 
Whereunto is annexed, a tnis 
Copie, in Substance, of the Beha- 
viour, Speache, and Prayer of the 
said Earle, at the Time of his Exe- 
cution. 1601. 8vo. 

Contains 39 leaves. Nassau, pt.L 118^ 

— Sum and Substance of the 
Conference at Hampton Court, Jan. 
14, 1603. Lond. 1604. 4to. 10s. 6d. 

Reprinted 1625, 1638, and also in ths 
tint volume of the Pheniz, 1707. Svo. 

— William, Bishop of Bath. 
Dialogue describing the origmaH 
Ground of these Lutheran Faccioof 
and many of their Abuses* com* 
pyled by Syr William Bariovps 
ChanoD, late Byshop of BaAe. 


Anno 1553. London by John 
Cawoode. IGmo. 

Black ktter. Contains L, in eights, half 
ikects. Aecor^ng to Ant. a Wood, * thought 
tohavebeenloTged under his name.' Lloyd, 
52, (MS. title) lis. Inglis, 62, 19s. White 
Knights, S98, mor. 1/. 8s. 

Barlow, William. Navigators 
Supply. Lond. 1597. 4tQ. 10s. 6d. 

CoDtAina L 2, in fours, besides dedication 
to the Earl of Essex and commendatory 
Tcnes. This eminent mathematician and 
diiine diaroTered many uses of the magnet 
and loadstone whidi were unknown befoie 
kb time, and was the first inventor of the 
caapaas box, as it is now used at sea. 

— Magnetical Adyertisements: 
ordirert pertinent Observations and 
approved Experiments concerning 
the Nature and Properties of the 
Loadctoney &c. Lond. 1616. 4to. 

This book was ahhnadverted upon by 
Mark Ridley, a physician, in 1617, in an- 
swer to which Barlowe published ' A brief 
Diseowfy/ London, 1618. 4to. 

BariDudas. See Bermudas. 

Barhabas. pp. App. Bama- 
\m et HeimsB Opera, Gr. et Lat. 
Oxon. 1685. 12mo. 4s. 

A good edition. Dr. Harwood. The 
t£tio jMiuc e ps of this most ancient of all 
the iubcr*, was publbhed by Archb. Usher, 
1613, 4low along with the Epistles of Igna- 
tias. A translation will be found in Ardib. 
Wske's Epistles of the Apostolical Fathers. 

Bamaby, Drunken. See Bratii- 
▼AiTy Richard. 

Barnard. — Protestant Beadsman. 

Oaly twelve copies printed. Sir M. M. 
SjVcs, 340. 

B41VARD, John, D.D. Theo- 
logo-Historicus, or the true Life of 
Peter He^lyn, D.D. London. 1683. 
12mo. with portrait of Heylyn. 5$. 

Written in opposition to Vernon *s Life 
sf that author. 

Barnard Family. — Copy of a 
gnealogical Account of the Barnard 
Fanily, now in the Possession 
of Mr. John Barnard, of NicoU's 
Sqoare, London, Silver Flatter. 

Privately printed in 1816. 

BARVAmoiVK, of Escalanta. 
Discourse of the Navigation which 
Ibe Portugalea do make to the 
Rcafant and Provinces of the East 
Paru of the World. 1579. 4to. 



Black letter. Reprinted in the Oxford 
Collection of Voyages and Travels, toL ii. 

Barmardjston, Thomas. Re- 
ports of Cases in Chancery, 1740-1. 
London, 1742. folio, 15s. 

Lord Mansfield absolutely forbid the 
citing of Barnardiston's Reports in tlie 
Court of Chancery. 

— Reports of Cases in the Court 
of King's Bench, from 12 Geo. J. 
to 7 Geo. II. Lond. 1744. fol. 30s. 

BAaKARDisTON. Suffolk's 
Tears : or Elegies on that renowned 
Knight Sir Nathaniel Bamardiston. 
Lond. 1653. 4to. pp. 70. li.7s, 

Ka^u, pt ii. 1175| (with two portraits 
of him and the plate) 2L 12s. Saunders 
in 1818, 4/. BibL Anglo-Poet. 685, 12/. 
12s. A Sermon of the funeral at Bamar- 
diston was published by Samuel Fairdough, 
Lond. 1653, 4to. 

Barnbfeilde or Bamefield. 
See Barnfield. 

Barnes, Barnabe. Divine Cen- 
turie of Spiritual Sonnets. Lond. 
1595. 4to. 

Contains pp. 62. Dedicated to ' Tobie 
(Matthews) Bishop and Comte Palatine of 
Duresme and Sadberge.' Printed in the 
Italic letter, with borders round each page. 
Sir M. M. Sykes, 403, 12/. Bibl. Anglo- 
Poet. 78, 30/. Reprinted in the second 
volume of the Heliconia. 

— Foure Bookes of Offices; 
enabling privat Persons for the 
speciall Service of all good Princes 
and Policies. London, 1606. folio. 

Contains pp. 210. Dedicated to K. 
James. Some copies have commendatory 
verses. A copious description of these vo- 
lumes will be found in the Restituta, iv. 
127—35. Gordonstoun, 248, 7s. 6d. 249, 

— Devil's Charter ; a Trageedie, 
conteining the Life and Death of 
Pope Alexander the Sixt. London, 

1607. 4to. 

Roxburghe, 4421, 15s. Reed, 7698, 1/. 
Bindley, pt. i. 1098, 1/. Rhodes, 514, 
1/. 4s. IngHs' Old Plays, 1 1, 8/. 5s. 

— Parthenophil and Parthenophe. 
Sonnettes, Madrigals, Elegies and 

A brief description of this volume (sup- 
posed unique) taken from a copy wanting 
part of the title, will be found in Beloe's 
Anecdotes, ii. 777—9. The printer's address 
U dated 1593. 



Barnes, Henry. Notes of Cases 
of Practice in the Common Pleas, 
from Michaelmas Term 1732 to 
Hilary Term 1756 inclusive. Third 
Edition. London, 1790. royal 8vo. 

— John. Catholico-Romanus 
Pacificus. Oxon. 1680. 8vo. 

Remitted into Browne's ' Fasciculus Re- 
rum expetendarum ct fugtendarum.* An 
account of this persecuted individual will 
be found in Wood's Athcnae Oxon. by Dr. 
Bliss, ii. 500—2. 

— Joshua, B.D. Gerania : a new 
Discovery of a little Sort of People, 
anciently discoursed of, called*Pig- 
mies. London, 1675. 12mo. 58. 

— The History of Edward HL 
together with that of Edward the 
Black Prince. Cambridge, 1688. 
folio, with 4 portraits, 1/. Is. 

An elal)oratc collection of facti), inter- 
mixed with long speeches from Barnes' 
imagination, in imitation of Thucydidcs. 
Dent, pU i. 322, 1/. 1 3s. Bindley, pt i. 
5C8, 2/. 2s. Drury, 595, 21, 2s. Barnes 
edited valuable editions of Anacrcon and 
Euripides, n 

Barnes, B ERNES, or Bern ERs, 
Juliana. The Bokys of Haukyng 
and Huntyng, and also of Cootar- 
muris at St. Albons, 14S6. folio. 

Black letter, 88 leaves. The signatures 
run a to f in eights, ai being blank and D 
only 4 leaves. The treatise upon Coat- 
Armour, &c. begins on a i and extends to 
f X in eights, a has six, b five, c, d, and e, 
eight, and f, 10 leaves. Perfect copies of 
this work arc in the possession of Earl 
Spencer and the Earl of Pembroke. A per- 
fect copy is estimated by Dr. Dibdin at 
420/., and 9 very imperfect one at the Rox- 
burghe sale produced 147/., resold at the 
sale of the White Knights' Library, 394, for 
84/. A copy very nearly perfect is in the 
library of Mr. Phelps of Lincoln's Inn. 

— Treatyse perteynynge to 
Hawkynge, Huntynge, and Fyssh- 
ynge with an Angle : and also a 
ryght noble Treatise of the Lygnage 
of Cot Armours, endynge with a 
Treatise which specyfyeth of Bias- 
ynge of Armvs. Westmestre, by 
Wynkyn the Worde, 1496. folio. 

Black letter, with wood cuts. The varia- 
tions of this from the former edition, inde- 
pendent of tht orthography, consist of the 
additions of two wood-cuts upon the first 


leaf of the ballad of ' Ever gnmercy myn 
owne purse ;' the ' txeatjrie of fysahyngc 
with an angle ;' and a substitution on the 
last leaf, of the arms of England, in place 
of those of Sahit Albans. White Knightai 
305, morocco, 60/. ISs. resold, wanting C 
ii and iii, for 46/. 48. Dent, pt. L 139, 
morocco, 13/. lOs. A perfect copy on vd- 
lum with the arms emblazoned b in the 
library of the Hon. Thomas Gren?itte. 
Another, Haworth, 966, 4 leaves MS. 
39/. 1 8s. The treatise on armory has been 
incorrectly reprinted in the Appendix to 
Dallaway's Inquiries into the Science oi 
Heraldry. Gloucester, 1793. 4to. 

Barnes, Juliana. Booke of 
Elauking, Huntyng, and Fysshyng, 
with all the Properties and Mede* 
cynes that are necessary to be kept. 
Lond. by WylliamCoplande. 4to« 

Black letter, with wood cuts, con- 
tdns m iiij, pp. 96. It is said only one 
perfect copy of this edition is known. 
Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 27, 35/. 

— Booke of Hauking, Huntyng, 
and Fysshyng with all the Proper- 
ties and Medecynes that are neces- 
sary to be kept. Part i. London, 
by Robert Toye. Part ii. London, 
by Wyllyam Copland for Robert 
Toye. Part iii. London, by Wyl- 
lyain Copland. 4to. 

Black letter. The signatures go regu- 
larly through all three. Sotheby's ia 
May, 1823, 38/. 17:1. Dent, pt. ti. 1076, 
10/. 10s. 

— Booke of Hauking, Hunt- 
yng, and Fysshyng, with all the 
Properties and Medecynes that are 
necessary to be kept. London, by 
Abraham Vele. 4to. 

The wood- cuts, folios, &c. simuar to tha' 
printed by W. Copland. At the end of the 
Treatise of Hunting, London, by Wyllyim 
Copland, for Robert Toye. Mason, 1 It. 1 61. 
A copy b in the British Museum wanting 
the title page, and the two leaves with the 
measures of blowing. 

— Booke of Haukyng, Hunt- 
yng, and Fyshyng with all tli6 
Properties and Medecynes that 
are necessary to be kept*. Londcm, 
by William Coplande, for Rychard 
Tottell. 4to. 

Black letter. Probably the same editisi 
as that with the name of Toy. Ingiis, lH, 


Barves, Jaliana. Boke of 
Htwkynge, Haatynge, aud Fyssh- 
VBge, with all the Propertys and 
Medecjnes that are necessary to 
be kepte. London, bv me Hery 
Tab. 4to. 

VUA letter. Contaios 46 leaves, not 
Dmbered, extending to sign. M iiij., sign* 
1 ktving only two leivei. The teit begins 
m m^KL. miy and eacli treatise hasa distinct 
crisphan. A copy of this editimi, supposed 
■ ■ qa a , is aaoong Crync's books in the Bod- 
Idia Lihnry. 

— Boke of Hawkynge, Hunt- 
TDge, and Fysshynge, with all the 
rfopertyes and Medecynes that 
are necessarye to be kepte. Lou- 
den, by John VVaiey. 4to. 

Black letter, with wood-cots. In this 
c£tion the original reading of St. Thomas 
«f Canterbury was restored, it was therefore, 
yrobaUy, poblubed during the short reign 
if Qneen Mary, supposed to be the same 
cfition aa that printed by Henry Tab. 
Haworth, 958, SL 

— Boke of Haukyng, Huntynge, 
and Fysshynge, with all the Pro- 
perties and Medecynes that are 
necessary to be kepte, by Dame 
Juliana Bemes. London, by Wyl- 
ham Powell. 4to. 

Black letter. Bibl. Pearson, 202. 
Hsworth, 959, 7L 5s. 

— Boke of Haukyn^e, Hun- 
ivoge, and Fyshing, with all the 
Properties aud Medecynes that 
ueoecessary tobe kepte. London, 
by William Powell, 1550. 8vo. 

Dr.Dlbdin in his Bibliographical Deca- 
■noB aotices an edition 1586, 4to. printed 

— The Gentlemans Academic, 
or the Booke of St. Albans ; con- 
taining three Bookes : the first of 
Hawking, the second of Hunting, 
and the last of Armorie, reduced 
into a better Method by G.(ervase) 
il.(arkbain) London (by Valentine 
Sinines) for Humfrey Lownes, 1 595. 

Bbck letter. Contains D d, in fours, 
(tt. 9S) inscribed * To the Gentlemen of 
Ughad : and all the good fellowship of 
RiniiBen and Pakonen.' The Treatises 
tf Haating and Armory have separate title- 
Fps. A gaiUed reprint of the Book of 
St Albans, mndi altmd in the language. 
lUitNirgbe, 1733, nudA, 91. 19s. 6d. 



BAaNEs, Juliana. Book con- 
taining the Treatises of Hawking; 
Hunting; Coat-Armour; Fishing; 
and Blading of Arms, as printed at 
Westminster, by \Vy nkyn de Wprde, 
1496. London, 1810. folio. 

A ' verbatim, literatim, et punctuatim' re- 
print under the editorial care of Mr. Joseph 
Haslewood, who has prefixed a very inte- 
resting introduction, both biographical and 
bibliographical, fiill of curious research. 
One hundred and fifty copies were printed. 
Nassau, pt. i. 401, 1/. 19s. Bindley, pt. i. 
185, 4/. Towneley, pt. i. SL 18s. 6d. 
Brocket, 503, morocco, 10/. A few copies 
of the Bibliographical Introduction were 
publiahed separately, Bindley, 429, 16s. 

— Trealyse of Fysshynge with an 
Angle. Wynkyn de Worde. (1532) 

Black letter. A to D iiij. supposed to 
be unique. Haworth, 963, 19i. 19s. 

— Treatise of Fysshynge with 
an Angle. London, 1827, crown 
8vo. 5s. 

Printed with Baskerville's types, and 
embellished with fac-simile wood cuts. 
This is not only the earliest, but by far the 
most curious essay upon angling which 
has ever appeared in the English, or per- 
haps in any other language. In the most 
important features, Walton has closely fol- 
lowed this production. In piety and virtue 
— iu the inculcation of morality — in an ar- 
dent love for their art, and still more, in 
that placid and Christian spirit for which 
tlie amiable Walton was so conspicuous, 
the early writer was scarcely inferior to his 
or her more celebrated successor. 

— Robert, D.D. Supplicacion 
vnto Prynce H. the viii. The 
Cause of my Condempnation. — The 
hole Disputacion betwenc the 
Byshops and Doctour Barnes. 
London, by me Johan Byddell, 
1534. 4to. 

Black letter. The whole X 2, in fours, 
commencing on B 1. Inglis, 64, (no title) 
7s. 6d. 

— Supplication vnto Kynge 
Henrye the eyght, with the Decla- 
ration of his Articles condened for 
Heresy by the Byshops. London, 
by Hugh Syngel ton. 8vo. 
Black letter. 

— See Tin DAL. 
BARjiESTAPLE,0bertu8. Maria 

Stnarta Regina Scotioe, Dotaria 
Francice, Haires Anglice, Hybernice, 




Martyr. EcclesieyinnocensaCeede 
Darleana: Vindice Oberto Barae- 
stapolio. Ingolst. 1588. 12ino. 

A copy is in the British Museum. Inglis, 
898, 1/. 17s. Nassau, pt i. 120, with a 
portrait, also ' Summarium de Morte Mariae 
Stuarts.' Ingolst. 1588. SU 

BARNE8TAPLE,0bertus. Editio 
altera. Colon. 1627. 8vo. IGs. 

In this account Q.Mary is represented as 
having been persecuted entirely on account 
of her adherence to the Catholic religion. 
Reprinted by Jebb in * De Vita et Rebus 
gestis Mariae Scotorum Reginae.' 

Barnewall, R. v. and E. H. 
Alderson. Reports of Cases in 
the Court of King's Bench, from 
Michaelmas Term, 58 Geo. III. to 
Trinity Term, 3 Geo. IV. 1822. 
London, 1818-22. royal 8vo. 5 
vols. 7/. 14s. 6d. 

A continuation of Maule and Selwyn*s 

— and C. Creswell. Reports 
of Cases in the Court of King's 
Bench, from Mich, 3 Geo. IV. 
1822, to Hil. 6 Geo. IV. 1825. 
London, 1823-6. royal 8vo. 4 vols. 
51. 178. 6(1. 

In continuation of the former series. 

Barn FIELD, Richard. Affec- 
tionate Shepherd: containing the 
Complaint of Daphnis for the Love 
of Ganymede. London, by John 
Danter, 1594. 4to. 

Contains pp. 56. Inscribed in a metrical 
dedication to Uie ' Ladie Penelope Ritch.' 
Reed, 6685, 16/. 10s. A copy according 
to Beloe, is in Sion CoUege Library, An 
edition 1595 is noticed m the Theatrum 
Poetarum, 1800, p. 323, and one of 
1596, in Ritson's Bibliographia Poetica, p. 

— Cynthia, with certaine Son- 
nets, and the Legend of Cassandra. 
London, for Humfrey Lownes, 
1595. 12mo. 

Dedicated to William Stanley, Earl of 
Darby. Reed, 6777, 12/. 5s. An account 
of tliis volume will be found in the Resti- 
tuta, iv. 493 — 6. It is also appended to the 
third edition of the Affectionate Shepherd, 

— Encomion of Ladv Pecunia; 
or the Praise of Money ; the Com- 
plaint of Poetrie for the Death of 
Liberalitie : i. c. Tlie Combat bc- 


tweene Conscience and Covetous- 
ness, in the Minde of Man : with 
Poems in divers Humors. London^ 
1598. 4to. 

Todd, in his edition of Spenser, n^ticef 
an edition of Lady Pecunia of the date of 

Barnfield, Richard. Poems* 
Auchinleck Press, 1816. 4to. 

Presented to the Members of the Roz- 
burghe Club by James Boiwell, Btc|. 
Thirty-four or five copies printed. Sir yL 
M. Sykes, pt i. 1619, 1/. 68. Dent, pt iL 
1197, 1/. 10s. BosweU, 3028, 4L6s. Bind- 
ley, ptiii. 1793, 6/. 16s. Cd. 

Warton speaks highly of Bamfidd as a 
poet, and among his poems will be found 
that beautiful Ode, oommendng 

' As it fell upon a day 

' In the merry month of May,' 

which has been attributed to Shakespeare. 

Baro, Bonaventure. Obsidio et 
Expugnatio Arcis Duncannon in 
Ilibei-nia sub Thoma Prestono. 

— Peter. D. D. In Jonam 
Prophetam Preelectiones xxxix : 
Conciones tres ad Clerum Caota- 
brigiensem, habitee in Tempio B. 
Mariee : Theses publicae in Scholis 
perorates et disputatoe : Precationes 
quibus usus est Author in sub 
Proelectionibus inchoandis et fioi- 
endis. Londini, 1579. folia 12s« 

— Petri Baronis Stemptni 
de Preestantta et Dignitate Diui- 
nee Legis Libri duo. Adjectus eit 
alius Tractatus eiusdem Authoris. 
Lond. ex Officina H. Middeltooi. 

— De Fide, ejusque Ortu et 
Natura, plana ac dilucida Ex- 
plicatio. Adjecta sunt alia que- 
dam ejusdem authoris de eodem 
Argumento. Londini, apud Rich* 
Dayum, 1580. 16mo. 5s. 

— Treatise of God's Prooidence 
and of Comforts against all kiadf 
of Crosses, &c. Englished bj 
J.(ohn) L.(udham). Loudaat bj 
John Wolfe, 1590. 8vo. pp. 541. 

Also without date by the 8am« printer* 
Inglis, 66 f lOs. 6d. 

A life of this learned dirine, with a Ibt 
of his works, will be found in Wood's FHli« 
edited by Dr, Bliss, 1, 203-4. 

Baio^, Richftrd. — Ste Cordial 
for low spirits. Pillare of Priest- 
craft and Orthodoxy shaken. 

— Robert, of Aberdeen. Phi- 
loMiphia Theologiee Ancillans, sen 
Eiplicatio Questionum Philosophi- 
ctnim in Dispp. Theologicis oc- 
cancntiain. Andrap. 1621. 8?o. 

In Watl'i BibHattana BriUnnin will be 
fcod KTml DIher rare piNCt by ibia «u- 
Aw, pdolcd at Aberdrtn. 

— Mirza, a Tragedie, really 
Kled at Persia, in the last Age, 
iOostiated with historical! Annola- 
tJODs. London. Syo. 

A— 9 (4) in rightL Acnrding to Wir- 
m, > copy or Jonum'* Catiline. Rhodci, 
ilt, U, «d. Bindlef, pt. iiL 9T, ?•. Bind-, tSi-ad. 

— EPOTonAirNION, or the Cy- 
prian Academy. London, 1647, 

CMUaiiia pp. fil, alio litlr, dedicallon 
« Jam Howell, to the Ladiei and 
fifnafpaaeii of Enfjland, and camiriiDiei]- 
Bynnn, 11 leaTo. Infixed ii a fron- 
l W '' " t ■») alM a portrait bj Manhall. 
iamSag to Warton, * aort or poetical 
NBVoe, farmed on the plan i>f Sidney'! 
Inida. Saunden in IBIS, el, ISi. 6d. 
KL ABflo-Poet, 3!, I0(. Some cOfHei are 
teed IMS. GraTe, 8, iL it. Nanu, pL 
i. lll,{(od Hins) SL IS: Bindley, pr. L 
U(,I/. Sa. Towurlry, pi. ii. 5*7, 3L lOi. 
Ctfici wudiw front, and portrsit hare 

— Apologie for Paris for reject- 
ntCflfJnno and Pallas, and pre- 
KBiiDg of Atea Golden Bait to 
VcDBt. With a Disoussion of the 
Bnaoos that might induce him to 
bniur dtber of the three. Lon- 
doo, 1649. 16mo. ISs. 

— Pocula CasUlia. The Au- 
Aot's Motto. Fortune's Tennia- 
Bifl. Elita. Poems. Epigrams, 
tc by R. B. Gent. London, 
1650. 8vo. 

CaniM tf. tSt, (rith port ' Mm. ran 
■VkyUanbalL Haasmpt-L lSS,ILI2i. 
n>ii U^oi, pt. L Ui, Sf. Sa. BiU. 
Aitfa-Pait U, SL U. 

The lirutationi, or rather open pU- 
giariiou of thii writer are giren in the ap- 
pendix to Todd'i edition of Hilton'a Poeti- 
cal worki. 

Bakok, Stephen. Sermonesde* 
J clamati corn almaVniuersitateCati- 
I brigiosi per venerandum Patrem 
Fratrcm Stephaiium Baronis Fra- 
trum Minorum de Obseniatia Nii- 
cupaloru, &c. Tractatnlus de 
Regimine Principu. Lend, per 
Wynandum [de Woide.] 4to. 

Blaric letter. To G iiij in octa>ei i th« 
latter tract B 8, both in dmifale columni. 
Bindley, pt i. 87S, IL St Inglli, 87, 
IJ. 193. Llkewiie printed at Parii in 

Baronetage, The English, 1741. 
iSee Wotlon, Thomas. 

Baronetage of England. See 
Collins, Arthur. 

Baronetage of England, A new. 
London, 1769. 12mo. 3 vols. 
10s. 6d. 

Publilhed by J. Almon. 

Baronetage of England, The 
new. London, 1804. 12mo. 2 

I vols, with plates b; F. Adolpho. 

I Edited by the ReT. W. Belliaili. 

I Baronets. 1. HisMaJestiesCom- 
mission touching the Creation of 
Baronets; whereunto are annexed 
divers instructions, &c. London, 
1611.— 2. The Decree and Estab- 
lishment of tlie King's Maiestie, 
upon a Controuersie of Prece- 
dence, &c. London, 1612.— 3. 
Three Palents concerning the 
honovrable Degree and Dignitie of 
Baronets, (pp. 39.) London, 16 17. 
4to. Three Tracts. 

Copiei are in the Britiah Muieum. Gor- 
donatoun, ISTT, (No*. 1 and 3,) IJ. la. 
No. 3 ia reprinted in the lecond nlume of 
the Somen Collection of Tracti. 

— A Catalogue of the Ba- 
ronets of this kingdom of England, 
Trom the first erection of that 
Dignity, until the 4th of July, 
1681, inclusive. London, 1661. 

Conlaina pp. US, and 8 pagee added io 
continuation of the eatalogne to 1696. 

Compiled from the Docquet boohi of Iha 



Baron I us, Annales Ecclesi- 
astic!. — A new Essay towards a 
true Ecclesiastical History, which 
may serve as a Key to the Annals 
of baronius. 4to. 

A copy if in the British Museum. 

Ba RRET, Rev. B. Life of Car- 
dinal Ximenes. London, 1813. 
8vo. 9s. 

Barrkt, Phineas, Tables of 
the several European Exchanges, 
&c. London, 1772. 4to. W. Is. 

— Robert. Theorike and Prac- 
tike of moderne Warres, discoursed 
in Dialogue wise. London, 1598. 

Mr. George Chalmers says that Shake- 
speare evidently alludes to this work in his 
All's Well that ends Well. Gordonstoun, 
282, 13s. 

Barrett, Francis. Magus, or 
Celestial Intelligencer, being a com- 
plete System of occult Philosophy. 
London, 1801. 4to. with engrav- 
ings, W. 7s. 

This professor, as he styles himself, of 
Chtmistry, Natural and Occult Philosophy, 
&c. published Lives of Alchemistical Phi- 
losophers, 1815. 8vo. 6s. 

— William. History and Anti- 
quities of the City of Bristol. Bris- 
tol, 1789. 4to. 

* A motly compound of real and sup- 
poaitious history.' — Park Contains pp. xix. 
and 704, with 31 plates. Nassau, pt. i« 
381, II. 3s. Heath, 4702, U lis. Dent, 
pt i. 314, russia, 1/. 13s. M. of Towns- 
hend, 350, 21. Bcckford, 1817, 47, russia, 

— John, D.D. Essay on the 
earlier part of the Life of Swift. 
To which are subjoined various 
Pieces ascribed to Swift, two of 
his original Letters, and extracts 
from his Remarks on Bp. Burnett's 
History. London, 1808. 8vo. pp, 
232, 68. 

This work is incorporated in Nichols* 
Edition of Swift. Foiiihill, 1G61, 9s. 

Barretto, Joseph, J un. Dic- 
tionary of the Persian and Arabic 
Languages. Calcutta, 1804. 8vo. 
2 vols. 2L 128. 6d. 

— Shums-ool-Loghat ; or a 
Dictionary of the Persian and Ara- 


bic Languages, the interpretation 
being in Persian : compiled by 
learned Natives, under the inspec- 
tion of Joseph Barretto, jun. Cal- 
cutta, 1806. 4to. 2 vols. 8L Ss* 

Barretier. An Account of 
th^ Life of John Philip Bajrretier, 
who was Master of five Languages 
at the Age of nine years. London, 
1744. 8vo. 3s. 6d. 

Barret, Lodowick. Ram- 
Alley : or Merrie Trickes : a Co- 
medy diners Times here-to-lbre 
acted by the Children of the Kings 
Reuels. London, 1611. 4to. 

Reprinted in Dodsley's Collection ofOM 
Plays. Roxburghe, 44S2, 8s. 6d. Rhodes, 
519, 10s. 6d. I-kUtion, 1635.— Rhodes 
521, 2s.~1639. Bindley, pti. 1090,8s. 

Barri or Borri, Chriatopboro. 
Cochinchina, containing many ad- 
mirable Rarities and Singularitiet 
of that Countrey, extracted out of 
an Italian Relation, by Rob. 
Ashley. London, 1633. 4to. 

Gordonstoun, 381, ]/. Bindley, pt L 
334, 1/.6S. North, pt. iii. 001, R 18i. 
Reprinted in the second volume of flie 
Churchill Collection of Voyages and 

Barri, Giacomo. Paintei^t 
Voyage to Italy, in which all the 
famous Paintings and the most 
eminent Masters are particalarixed 
(translated by W. Lodge.) Lond. 
1679. 8vo. 

A curious work, with firont. and porurain 
of artists, etched by the tnmdator. A ctff 
is in the British if usenm. Roacoe^ 1611, 

1/. 2s. 

Barri, or Barrt, GiraUi 
Bishop of St. Davids. Fu/eGi a Al- 
dus Cambrensis. 

Bar HI FEB, William. Militarie 
Discipline ; or, the Young Artillery 
Man. The fourth Edition, newlf 
revised and enlarged by lieat. Col* 
Wm. BarriflCe. London, 1643. 4(0. 

Contains A — X in fours, md T 3 le«««if 
with a portrait of Barriii; < iEtatis warn 4I»' 
and a plate of arms ** Anna Paris Fvicis*'' 
Edition, 1635, Bindley, pC L 1107, with 
port, by Glover, 1^ 9s. 

— Mars, his Trivmph: or thi 
Description of a& Exercise per- 


rfonaed the xyiii of October, 1638, 
in Merchant TajloTs' Hall, by cer- 
tain Gentlemen of the Artillery 
Garden, London. London, by J. 
L. 1639. 4to. 5s. 

Contmins 2S leaTes. 

Baerinoton, Hon. Daines. 
Miscellanies. London, 178l.4to. 

— Obsenrations on the Statutes. 
London, 1795, 4to. 

A valuable work, with a commentary, 
of wUdi an excellent notice will be found 
IB tbe Rctnwp. Review, ix. 250—63. The 
fenaer editions 1766, 1767, 1769, 1775. 

— Possibility of approaching the 
North Pole asserted, with an Ap- 
pendix, by Col. Beaufoy. London, 
1818. 8vo. with a map, 5s. 

Barringtoa'a Tracts on the possibility of 
readiBig the North Pole were first pub- 
Bibcd io the year 1775, and reprinted in 
bit volaiiie of miscellanies. They caused 
the memorable voyage undertaken by Cap- 
tsin Phipps, afterwards Lord Mulgrave. 
Several papers by this vrriter will be found 
in the Arthaeologia. 

—George. Account of a Voyage 
to, with the History of New South 
Wales. To which' is prefixed a 
detail of his Life, Trials, Speeches, 
Ac. London, 1810. 8vo, 2 vols, 
with plates. 

A work of no authority, though frequently 
printed. Poathill, 2827, 2828. Voyage, 
1715, 10s. 6d. Sequel, 1800, 9s. 

— Sir Jonah. Historic Anec- 
dotes, and secret Memoirs relative 
to the legislative Union between 

Great Britain and Ireland. Lond. 

1809-15. 4to. five parU. 

Pabfisbed at II. Is. on demy, and on 
rsTtl paper, 2/. 2s. each. 

— Personal Sketches of his own 
Times. Lond. 1827. 8vo. 2 vols. 
II. 8s. 

— John Shute, Ix)rd. Miscel- 
Uaea Sacra : a new Edition, with 
lar^ AdditioQS and Corrections. 
Undon, 1770. 8vo. 3 vols. 15s. 

Bat edition of a valuable work publlihed 
^ dtt author's aoo, the Bishop of Durham, 
Tile fint edidon was published anony- 
««ttly in 1725, 8vo. 2 vcAs. 

— Shnte. Bishop of Durham, 
^eriMas, Chaagts and Tracts, by 



Shute, Lord Bishop of Durham. 
Now first collected. Lond 1811. 
8vo. 9s. 

Bar RING TON, Shute, Bishop 
of Durham. Political Life of 
William Wildman, Viscount Bar- 
rington, compiled from original 
Papei*s. By his brother Shute, 
Bishop of Durham. Lond. 1814. 

8vO. 6s. LARGF. PAPER, 12s. 

Edited by Sir Thomas Bernard, large 
PAPER, in 4to. Duke of York, 493, mo- 
rocco, 1/. lis. 

Barrister, The: or Strictures on 
the Education proper for the Bar. 
London, 1792. 12mo. 2 vols. 5s. 

The greater part of tlifcse volumes ap« 
peared in the newspaper called ' The World.' 
Reprinted 1818. 

Barron, William. Lectures 
on Belles Lettres and Logic. Lond. 
1806. 8vo. 2 vols. 10s. 6d. 

A valuable work for the student* 

. Barros, T. F. W. De Atlantic 
Neptune. London, 1780. folio. 
2 vols. 

Barrow, Isaac, D.D. Works 
published by Archbishop Tillot- 
son. London, 1683-7. folb, 4 vols. 

with portrait. 

Vol. IV. contains Opuscula. Sotheby in 
1824, 3 volii. 1/. 14s. Drury 597, 3 vols, 
date 1687-92, russia, 4/. 

— Works, published by Arch- 
bishop Tillotson. London, 1716. 
folio, 3 vols. 

Roxburghe, 490, 1/. 16s. Williams, 
117.3/. 12a. 

— Works, published by Arch- 
bishop Tillotson. London, 1722. 
folio, 3 vols. 

Williams, 118, uncut, 3/. Ss, Williams 
1724, morocco, TL — larqe paper. Wil- 
liams 119, morocco,* 1 5/. 

— Works, published by Arch- 
bishop Tillotson. London, 1741. 
folio, 3 vols, in 2, 3/. 6s. 

The best edition. Heath, 853, 2L 10s. 
Bishop of Qy, 830, 2/. 15s. Nassau, pL L 
218, 8/. 3s. Marquis of Townshend, 917, 
8/. 13s. 6d. 

— Sermons. Edinb. 1751. 12mo. 
6 vols. 21. 2s. 

HoUis 62, 3/. 6s. 

— Theological Works. O xfoid, 
1818. 8to. 6 vols. 2/. 17i. in sheets. 


' . I I- «- 

V -. 

- X 


_ .■: j-n . 

? ■ : ."•* 

nr^i j^sBTj Tsa: ner i*!-l: ir. iiit InmiHT 

— J :»!.:;. CoIlecUciiofauibemic, 
-Ziteiz.'. MUtd enierLainine Vojaeies 
iZii DacC'Tcrie*. disefted in a 
chrc-n?IoricaI Series. LondoD, 1765. 
!-=». 3 Tcls. 

Tr.;f v.-rk vv tnzuUitd into French br 

— Account of Travels into the 

I^itericT of Soutbern Africa, in the '. 

Years 1797 and 1798. London,; 

ISM -4. 4to. -2 Tolf. I 

Hiib:y ri:jab> f:r ihrlr Tarietr and " 
ei-e-: cf XDfcriEaaoa. bosh political and j 
^.•.ir.ri&z. \'A. l pp. 420, with a mip. ( 
^ -- ::. r?. 43i. with cncravings. Googh, " 
r^i?. :.*:ji. FocthiU,042. R 13f- Rox- j 
ti--ihtf. :j34. i;. i:*- EaH of Kerry, 195, \ 
2 . y«. SavCteH. 334. 3/. lOs. Fonthill, 
24i. 2.. I3i. Drunr. 377, with coloured 
^:<M» 4.'. \i» 

— Tmvels in China. London, 
I SO 4. 410. 

iVii*Aii!:< pp. 1^22. with engravlngt. Thb 
^vU-^l tU'^l crAv«IU-r was one of the suite to 
ih,' vlll^(wv ot (be Karl of Macartney. 
i^»«K'». t5<\ I" lUtW. Strettell, 355, 
I I*., ttii 01* Kerry. 196,2/. 3«. Drury, 

Vov.ii;v to Coi'hin China, in 
ill, NT uV 1 ;j>': and 1793 : to which 
I. .»iiiii'\r*l, ciu Aorount of a Jour- 
m^Y n*-**!** »» *'»*' .V»*"" 1801 and 
I 'li* •' !*• llip iv!«iilriu*r of the Chief 
I.I ilik> |lm*<hutiim Nation. Lond. 

V I tkm r^t valtuble of all Mr. 

iuliJdBflk« H rtUlM to a country 


wru r. cnfrra^iiipi by Medland, eobared 
one tuforipnaldrawhigiby Alezmndcrand 
Z'jiii". iiiiidjrr. pt. i. 560, 1/. St. StrcC- 
irl. ;.4*. i.. it'*. I>rur\-. 376. 32. 16s. Eari 
cr'Lcr^. ICT.;;:. 17*». in 1K09, a pretended 
• rewji 7aii»juui>n bi- Malte Brun, appeared 
:i vaiiri liii TcjcT of JBarrow wac completely 
ii?«£ and rnrrupted. 

Ea&£c>«, John. Some Ac- 
r:>Lz.: cJ the public Life, and a 
S»eiec!OTk from the unpublished 
^;.L.::j"* of ibe Earl of Macartney. 
Ttit Ihn&T consistinf of Extracts 
frcta. slij Account of the Russian 
Empire ; k Sketch of the political 
HisiuTT of Ireland : and a Journal 
of an Embassy frum the King of 
Great Britain to the Emperor of 
China : with an Appendix to each 
volume. London, 1807. 4to. 2 
\ols. 1/. Is. 

This work forms an excellent accompa- 
niment to Sir G. Staunton's account of Ui 
lord^bip*ft eicbany to China. According 
to the UuarteKy Reriew, the ' short sketdi, 
relating to Russia contains more infimna- 
tjon than if to be met with in many 4to. 
volumes.' Bindley, pL i. 561, XL Drury, 
37S. 1/. 13s. 

— Chronological History of 
Voyages into the Polar Regions. 
To which are added, a Narratire 
of Captain Buchan's Expedition 
into the interior of Newfoundland, 
and a Relation of the discovery of 
the Strait of Anian, made by Cap- 
tain L. F. Maldonado, in the year 
1588, with an original map of the 
Arctic Regions. London, 1818. 

Several articles on the possibility of a 
N. W. Passage, have appeared in the Qna^ 
terly Review. Drury, 408, lis. 

Barrowe, Henry. Brief Dit- 
coverie of the false Church. As is 
the Mother such the Daughter is* 
1590. 4to. 6s. 

Contains 263 pages. Reprinted in 1707. 
In the British Museum is 'Mr. Heniy 
Barrowe's Platforme,' 1593. 8vo. 

Barkuel, L'Abbi. Memoires 
pour serviraTHistoire du Jacobi- 
nisme. Londres, 1797-8. 8vo. 
4 vols. 

A translation by the Hon. Robert Clif- 
ford appevfd 1798, 8vou 4 vols. Eari of 


InTT> "t II> !•■ WUIUmi, MT^U. lOt. 
Ad ibridgiiwnt vn QkcwiM pubfidwd in 

BtKRT, Sir Edward, Bart. Ob- 
Hrratioos on the Wines of the 
Ancients. London, 1775. 4to. 

The HibMMice of thu work win be Ibimil 
b Dr. Alu. HcDdcrwii't Hiitory of 
, WiaB. Dnirr, 534, ISi. Sd. Bindley, 
ptL SIT, 11. ti. Dent, pL I. 311, 11. 13i. 
FmUU, HM, il. 3«. 

— George, D.D. Hislo^ of the 
Orkner lalftnds. Second Edition, 
by the Rev. James Headrick. 
Uinh. 1808. 4to. with a map and 

The fimwr edidon of thii highly nltu- 
Hc work appond u Edinb. IBOJ, 4to. 
The (dditioni ue of very little momiDt 

— Irish, Captaine Gerat. Dis- 
cnaree of Military Discipline, de- 
Tided into three Doockes. Bruxells, 
1634. small folio, 15s. 

Thi* ongulu ind eitremely curioui 
■wfc i* DM Doticedby GnMeinhiihiilDiy 
(fihe Eogfiih irniy. ConUini pp. 211, 
adune fflfdcdicatiaii, ftc There in also 
•a eatnred dtlc-page. oontilning the unu 
rfthe Bury Euniiy, &c. 

— Bishop of St. David's, 01- 
nU. fUeUiRALDUs Cambrensis. 

— James. Works of James 
Barry, Esq. Historical Painter ; 
with some account of his Life and 
WtttiDgs. London, 1609. 4to. 
2 •oil. 

bdley, p(. i. T33, V. Si. Duke of 
T"*, 4W, tL 5*. 

BiKsTott, John, Safeg:uard of 
Sodetie: describing the Institu- 
cido of Lawes, and Policies to pre- 
•ffne euety Felowship of People by 
Degrees of Ciuil Gouemmente. 
hxAoa, 1576, 16mo. 

B4KTA>. Vide Du Ba&tab. 

BiKTELL, Jnn. Edmund. Cro- 
■er, considered as a Watering 
Place. The second Edition, much 
enlarged. London, 1606. 8vo. 

CoHuiM pp. xif. and 124, with 3 plitei. 
loubiB, TIT, ]<!■. The Bnl edidon wu 
paMu Holt in 1800. 

— Hints for Picturesque Im- 
pmmenls in ornamented Cot- 
|*g(s, and their Scenery ; includ- 
■H (oiM obterrationi on the La- 

BAR 119 

bourer and his Cottage. Illustrated 
by Sketches. Lond. 1804. royal 
8to. 10s. 6d. 

Barthelemy, Abbi. Reflections on 
the ancient Alphabet and Lan- 
guage of Palmyra. London, 1755. 
" lio, with plates, 3s. 6d. 

Printed on imperial paper, In order (o 
hind up with ffood'i Rnlni of Palmyn. 

— Travels of Anacharais the 
Younger in Greece, during the 
Middle of the fourth century before 
the Christian iEra; translated from 
the French. London, 1791. 8vo. 
7 vols, with a volume in 4to. con- 
taining maps, plates, views and 

A fiithliil and el^ant iraiulalioa of a 
oil imeieiling and valuable wDifc. Hollii, 
I, 21. 12]. An abridgment hai been pub- 
Uihed 1 79T, 8ro. 1 vol. An edition ISOT, 
B»o. 7 ToU»Qd410. 1 vol. 18S— 8vo. 
I. and 4to. 1 vol. 1S17, Svo. 6 rola. 
■nd Mlat in 4(0.-1796, Btd. 3 voli. and 
•du. Drury, 409, ISs. 

— Travels in Italy, with an Ap- 
pendix, 'containing several Pieces 
by the Abb^ Winkelman, Father 
Jacquier, the Abb^ Zarillo, and 
other learned men. Tran^ated 
from the French. London, 1802. 
8vo. pp. 420. 6s. 

A hif^y inlereiting and Bttraclive vo- 
lume of trsirli. 

Barthlet, John. Pedegrewa 
of Heretiques. Wherein is truely 
and plainely set out, the fint Roote 
of Heretiques begon in the Church 
since the Time end Passage of the 
Gospell, together with an Example 
of the Ofspring of the same. Lon- 
don, by Henry Denham, 1566. 

Black letter, 90 leave*, bendei title, 
epiitle to ihe Earl ef Leiceiler, and LaUn 
veriM, 1 leavet. Oppoute (be (llle of thii 
curioui work ii a folio wood-cut ofa (ree, 
repre«nting the errort, crimet and fanad- 
ciun of the Church of Rome. In ■ book- 
■eller'i late catalogue it ii marked at 

BARTHOLOHXUsAnglicuB. tide 

Bartholomew. The Ordre of 
the Hospital of S. Bartholomews 
in Weitsmjthfielde io London. 



Londoiiy by R. Grafton, 1552. 

Contains A — J, in eights. Sir M. M. 
Sykes, pt. ii. 579, ZL 5s. Reprinted the 
following year. 

Bartholomew. Orders and Ordi- 
nances for the Government of 
Bartholomew Hospitall, Orders for 
Orphan's Portions, &c. with Dis- 
course of the laudable Customs of 
London. London, 1652. 4to. 5s. 

Contains pp. 82^ including the title and 

Bartholomew Fair. Bartholo- 
mew Faire, or Variety of Fancies, 
where you may 6nde a Faire of 
Wares, and al to please the JVIinde. 
London, 1641. 4to. with wood cuts. 

This tract was reprinted about 1816, 
28. 6d. The original, King and Lochee's in 
March 1810. 1/. 7$. 

— Bartholomew Faire, with the 
severall Enormities and Misde- 
meanors, which are there scene and 
acted. London, 1641. 4to. 

Nassau, pt. i. 382, lis, 

— A Bartholomew Fairing:, new, 
new, new, &c. Lond. 1649. 4to. 

A mere party pamphlet, in live short acts, 
never performed. Bindley, pt.i. 1091, 2^ 
In the British Museum arc several other 
tracts with the title of Bartholomew Fair, 
mo:it of which have a political tendency. 

Bartlett, Benjamin. Man- 
duessedum llomanorum : being 
the History and Antiquities of the 
Parish of Manchester (including 
the Hamlets of Hartshiil, Oldbury, 
andAtherstone)and also of the adja- 
cent Parish of Ansleyin the County 
of Warwick. London, 1791. 4to. 

This volume forms the first portion of 
the continuation of the * Biblioth. Topog. 

— On the Episcopal Coins of 
'Durham. Newcastle, 1817. 5s. 6d. 

One hundred and five copies printed. 
Brockett, 2170. 

— Episcopal Coins of Durham, 
and Monastic Coins of Reading. 

Brockett, 229, 1/. lis. Gd. 

Baktolomeo, Fra. Paol.daSan. 
V^oyage to the East Indies, with 
Notes and Illustrations by John 


Reinhold Forster, LL.D. London. 
1802. 8vo. 6s. 

There are few works which throw 
more light than this does on the religions 
antiquities of India. Bartolomeo resided 
there thirteen years, viz. 1776—89. 
Fonthill, 2891, 1/. Is. 

Bautolus, p. Daniel. The 
learned Man defended and re- 
formed. In two Parts. Translated 
from the Italian by Tho. Salusbury. 
London. 1660. 8vo. 

A curious work, with a frontispiece con- 
taining the arms of Salusbury quartoed 
with those of Clement, and a portrait of 
Monk. Bindley, pt. i. 518, Us. 

Barton, Benj. Smith. M. D. 
Fragments of the natural History of 
Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1799. 
folio. Part i. pp. xviii. and 24. 

— Collections for an Essay 
towards a Materia Medica of the 
United States. Philadelphia, 1798. 
8vo. pp. 49. 

— Elements of Botany. Lond. 
1804. royal 8vo. 10s, 

Contains pp. 344 and 35, with 30 
coloured plates. An edition was pubUihed 
at Philadelphia in 1803. 8vo. 

— Charles. Elements of Con- 
veyancing, in Theory and Practice. 
Second edition^ carefully revised, 
&c. London, 1810 — 22. royal 8vo. 
5 vols. 5L 

A highly esteemed work. The former 
edition, 1802-5. royal Svo. 6 vols. Brocket, 
3J23. 1/. 18s. Mr. Barton likewise pub- 
lished * Historical Treatiae of a Suit Id 
Equity,' 1 796. 8vo. 

— Rev. Edward. Descriptioa 
of the Antiquities and other Curi- 
osities of Rome. London, 1822. 
8vo. I5s. 

— Richard. Lectures (6) in 
Naturul Philosophy, designed to ' 
be a Foundation for reasoning per- 
tinently upon the PetrifactioDSi 
Gems, Chrystals, and Sanatife 
Quality of Lough Neagh in Ireland; 
and intended to be an Introduction 
to the Natural History of several 
Countries contiguous to that Lfdce, 
particularly the County of Ard- 
magh. Dublin, 1751. 4to. 15s. 

A curious work consisting of 209 pp. 
besides title, dedication to the lemed 


hi> frkadlji *ddm> 
■TCI \ alio T piMci 
3, 'but it of a). Hnlb, 4T8S, 

BiKTOM, Richard. Dialogue 
nnceniin^ tome Things of Impor- 
Unce to Ireland, particularly to the 
Count}' of Ardmagh. Some Re- 
■uilu towards a full Deacription 
of Upprr and Lower Lough Leoe, 
aax Killaniey, in the Countv of 
Kerrr. Dublin, 1751. 4lo. Two 
Tncu, 9s. 

— Williatn. View of many Er- 
nn and um gt<M Absurdities in 
ibtold translation of the Piatms 
In English Metre, as also in som 
other Translations lately pabiished. 
London, 1655. 4(o. 6s. 

NotDOtietd in Ibe Athfnec Oioninun. 
Aopfii in the Briliiti Mmciim likuriK, 
' jl Cntpr; df Klect Hpuru.' Loodon, 
]<». Ilmo. ud ' A biitl Rclilian of llie 
Ut »d lltatfa of Williun Baniui, of 
ShnatbiUT.' Lond. Dr.ColtOD 
li ha Lut of Ibe niioiu cditioni of Ihc 
BUt, BoticM lennl ediUoiu of Buton'i 
Ptildu ud HfiDfu. 

— William P. C. M.D. Vege- 
Uble BlaUria Medica of the United 
Stslet, or Medical Botany, with 
alomed Engravings. 1831. 4lo. 
!T(ds.6t. 6s. 

BAaTKAU. Set Bertram. 

— John. ObseTTatioQs made in 
Wi Travels from Pensylvania to 
Owndsgo, Ace. with an Account 
of Am Cataracts of Niagara, by P. 
Xiln. London, 1751. 8vo. 3a. 6ii. 

r<MUn,1784, IOl BiTtmn'i Tiluablc 
JmiuI kipt upon s Journey from St. 
^WBDH np the Rinr St. Johu'i, will be 
^■i^Stnk'i Account of Eut Florida. 

— William. Travels through 
!l. and 8> Canriina, Georgia, 
£.ti>d W. Flonda, the Cherokee 
^Muby, the extensive Territories 
■tlbc Nucctfulges or Creeic Con- 
Uwicy, andtlw Country of {the 
(Waws. Lond. 1 793. 8vo. with 

f mA to Itwen of n«- 

'Hr.U«rn»nli b« feimd ia the Am*- 
a FioMi'i Lettm. 

6AS 121 

Barwigk, Edward. Treatise 
«n the Church, chiefly with respect 
to its GoTernment. Second Edi- 
tion, considerably enlarged and im> 
proved. London, 1815. Bvo. 12s. 
Tbe fbimer edition apptucd in 1SI9. 
• — Humfrey. DiKOUfM con- 
cerning the Force and Effect of all 
manual Weapons of Fire, and the 
Disability of the Long Bowe or 
Archery, in Respect of others of 
greater Force now in Use, &c. 
London, for R. OlifTe. 4to. 

Wrilten in answer to ' Certain DiicODnei 
written by Sir John Smylhe, Knt.conrem- 
ing Weapoiii,' &c, 1S90. Qordoniloun, 
383, IBt. fid. 

— Peter. Vita Joh. Barwick, 
S. T. P, in qua non pauca Arcana 
Studia pro Regno Britannico, Ho- 
tibas intestJnis coUapso, in Lotiem 
proferunlur. Londini, 1721. 8vo. 

4a. LARO£ PAPER, 78. 6d. 

A_ work of great interest and (muicmenl, 
particularly of the period of ihe mloratlon 
oTKingCharlei II. Prefixed are portnlti 
of John and Peter Uarwich, byVertne, Au 
Englidi tranilalion, with notes by Hilklah 
Bedford, appeared in 1721. Svo. 4i. of 

rjiTER, 7a. 6J. llcnili, 4297, 10). 6d. Wil- 
liam*, 1007, 13f. John Barwick publiilied ■ 
Life of Bithop Morton, 1A60. 4to. with 
portrait of Honon, by Falthome. Wil- 
liami, !1B, TDiua, I li. 

Bas, William. Sword and 
Buckler, or serving Man's Defence. 
London, 1602. 4to, 

In ill Una itaoiu. Steeveni, 767, 
II. lOi. 

Basil, St. the Great. Letter to 
Gregory Nazaanzen, translated by 
Richard Sherrie. I.ondon,by John 
Day. 16 mo. 

Black letter. From Maunaell'a Cata- 
logue, p. 7. 

— Exhortation to his Kinsman 
to the Study of the Scriptures, 
translated by Will. Barker. Impr. 
by John Cawood, 1557. 8vo. 

Black Idler. 

— Homelye, howe younge Men 
ought to reade Foetes end Ora- 
tours. Translated out of Greke. 
Anno H.D.Lvii. Imprinted by 
John Cawood. 8vo. 



Black letter. A termon of St. Boul On 
fiuting, ia uinexed to Canliiial Pole'* Trea- 
tise on JiutiiicillDn. Lovanii, ISSS. And 
Baiil on Solitude, will be Tound with tome 
tncUaCSl.Cyprian, lOTS. .SwnltoBoTD, 
■nd Stocier. 

BmriXiita ^nftx, Beu Sylloge Epis- 
tolarum, Oraliunum, et Carminum 
regalium, qute quos Britannice Mo- 
narchas Amhores, qtioa etiam Edi- 
toi'CB antehac habuerint, inspicienti 
■tatim con a tab it. Lond. 1640. 
Svo. 5s. 

Publlihed bf Thomu Wyltei. 

Basil LB, Theodore. i.«. Thomas 

Babinstochius, I.e. White. 

Basire, Isaac, D.D. Ancient 
Liberty of the Britannic Churcli, 
nod the legitimate Eicemption 
thereof from the Roman Patriar- 
chate, discoursed in four Positions. 
Trao elated by Richard Watson. 
London, 1661. Svo. 6s. 

The original Latin appeared at Bmgei, 
1SS6. Sm 

Bashage, James de Fraqnener, 
History of the Jews from Jesus 
Christ to the present Time, trans- 
lated by Thomas Taylor, London, 
1708. folio. 

ended ai 
Hlitory. Gough, 2 



:, IHs. 
pt. i. 323, n 

JacoboMagnsBritannite, Franoiee 
and Hibernite, regi Magnam Bri- 
tanniam. (Poema) Lond. 1605. 4to. 

A copy is in the Britiih Muieum. War- 
lan ipeaks of Baitard a* an clqant daiaic 
tchalar, and better qiulified for occaiional 
pointed [jitin rplgnm, than for anjr aoTtaf 
Eiigliih vernflcatian. 

Bastard, Thomas. Sermons. 
(Five and Twelve). London, 1615. 
4to. 2 vols. 

For writing a pasquinade entitled Mar- 
irelale'i Baitardini, to eipOM the amonn 
n the Univenity and Town of Oxfind, 
(Mtard vtt eipelled the UnifctKtf. An 
icnnint ol him will be found in Ur. BUat*! 
ediiion arWaad'i Athen. Oxon. U. 3ST-V. 
Bastard, The, a Tragedy. Loo- 
don, 1652. 4to. 9s. 

Coieter attribulet thia play to Coaoo 


Bastikoids, Jeremias. Expo- 
sition or Commeotarie vpon the 
Catechisme of Christian Religion, 
which is taught in the Low Coun- 
tries, and the Countie Palfttine, 
translated out of Lntine into Eng- 
lish, with three Tables. Cambridge, 
1595. Svo. 

Inglii, 71, ICi. Herbert mmtioiii otb« 

Bastwick, John, M.D. te- 
tany. Anno 1637. 4lo. lOs. 

This ■ 

in abridgomenl by Ci 

BASsoMPiEBBii:, Marshal de 
Memoirs of his Embassy to tht 
Court of England in 1626, trans- 
lated, with Notes. London, 1S18. 
Svo. 6s. 

Notice or these curious anil inlereiting 
memoin will be Ibund in the Relnispecllve 
Revi^, xiv. G9— 9H. FonthiU, 1G59, 9a. 

Bastard, Thomas. Chresio- 
Itros. Seven Bookes of Epigrames: 
written by T.B, London, by R. 
Bradocke, 1598. 12mo. 

Contains pp. 1S4, dedicated to Sir Chaf. 
Blmint, KnI. Lord Mounljuy. A copy i^ 
in the British Museum, and a notice ofii 
will be found in the Censuri Liteiaria. 
Sleevent, 7GS, 21. 3s. Terry, pL i. 929. 
lOL IDs. Bindley, pt. i. iSO, lit. it. 6i- 
White Knights, pLi. 312, mar. 171. ITs. 
Riuan menliaos an edition with the date of 

Bastard, Thomas. Serenissi- 
mo potent! Esimoque Monarchee 

performance, for which the author ■«• 
much persecuted, is reprinted in the filtt 
volume of the Somert Collection of Ti«». 
An elaborate notice of the work la hi Iki 
Retroip. Review, L lSI-98. 

— Flagellum Pontificis et Epil- 
coporum Latialium. Load. 1641. 

Svo. with portrait. 

For this work, in which the autboi DM 

lupposed to have had the lusbopa of £■(* 

and in view, Baitwick wai thrown IM 

Gatehouse prison. Bindlcjr, p.-L 

5s. fid. Bastwick likewiae pobUil 

w Diicovery of the Frelatea Tjnny,' 

1. with his portrait, with rourEnfU 

!i, IDs. 6d. ' The utter RohUds Ai 

whole Army aflndependenta and ScctMiffc 

1G<6. with frantiiidece by Croal* uuilalahf 

portrait of the author in comjiett umK- 

Lloyd, 228, 1/. 

Batchelor.— The Bacheler's Bia- 
quet: ora Banquet for Bachden: 
wherein is prepared sundry dainW 
dishes to fumith their tables, can* 
ously drest, and sertouily aemd 


in. Pleasantly discoursing the 
nraible humors of women ; their 
quicknesse of wittes, and unsearch- 
able deceits. 1604. 4to. 

Bbck letter, 39 pegei. Probably written 
ky Thomas Dcdter. An edition, 1603, 
Rodmigfae, 6078, 21, 15f. Nassau, pt i. 
10S€, 4L 16a. Reprinted 1660, with a 

Batchelor. — Essays from the 

Batchelor; in Prose and Verse. 

By the Authors of the Epistle to 

Goiges Edmond Howard, Esq. 

Loud. 1773. 12mo. 2 vols. 6s. 

A eoOectioD of humorous and witty 
casyi, written during Lord Townsbend's 
fiBflnble TJcerojralty in Ireland, by Jeph- 
MB, ConiteDay, the Ker. Mr. Boroughs, && 
aad originally publbhed at Dublin. The 
Oohfia rditioD, Reed, 1691, 8s. 6d. Font- 
UD, 1398, 16s. 

Batch I LE a, John. Virgin's 
Ptttem : in the exemplary Life and 
liBWDted Death of Mrs. Susannah 
Perwich. London, 1661. 12mo. 

PkcSxed is a portrait of Mrs. Perwich, by 
T. Crasa. Bindley, pt. i. 519, 1 Is. 

Bate, George, M.D. Elenchus 
Motuum nuperorum in Anglia, 
Ural ac Juris Regii et Parliamen- 
Uriis hrevis Enarratio. Lut. Paris. 
1649. l2mo. 5s. 

A work ' worth reading,' says Bishop 
Wvbvtoa. Reprinted with additions to 
IMS. Loud. 1661. 8¥0.; again with fur- 
t^ additioiM to 1663, 8vo. and with a 
tkod pvt, 1676, 8to. 4s. It was answered 
W B«k Pugh ' Elenchus Elenchi, sive 

Ankniitniaui's in Elenchum M. Angliic,' 

fm, lfS4. Svo. 

— Aceount of the Rise and 
Progress of the Troubles in Eng- 
bfid, translated by A. Lovel. Lon- 
fai, 1685. 8vo. 3 parts in 1 vol. 
vidi a frontispiece, 5s. 

Bm in iliii woriL is said to lean too 
■■th la tiw side of the puritans. 

— LifeSy Actions, and Execu- 
tioa of the prime Actors «nd prin- 
optl Contmrers of the horrid Mur- 
^ of King Charles the First. 
UdoD, 1661. 12mo. 4s. 

Xttviittai bj the physidan Bate, but 
^*mtiihgi hi inferior to him in all re- 
f«ti.* AbL a Wood. 

— John. Portraiture of Hypo- 
cw, Iroely and jHthilie pictured 



in her colours. London, for John 
Dalderne, 1589. 16mo. 

Black letter. Dedicated to * Sir An- 
thonie Therold,' and * To the Christian 
Reader,' 192 pages. The running title, 
' A Dialogue between a Christian and an 

Bate, John. Mysteries of Na- 
ture and Art in foure severall Parts. 
1. Of Waterworks. 2. Of Fire 
Works. 3. Of Drawing, Washing, 
Limming, Painting, and Engraving. 
4. Of sundry Experiments. The 
second Edition, with many Addi- 
tions unto every Pact* [London] 
1635. 4to. 

A curious treatise. Title, with engraved 
border, to the reader, a leaf, then compli- 
mentary verses and work A — Q, q. in fours. 
Prefixed is a portrait of the author, by G. 
Giffbrd, at p. 61 is a separate wood-cut re- 
presenting the hones at work to the engine 
for a Tyde-water, and at p. 65 another 
marked D, representing the wheel of an 
engine. Gordonstoun, 286, 7s. Towne- 
ley, pt. L 400, IL 5s. The first edition 
appeared in 1634, and it was reprinted 
1638. 1654, Roxburghe, 1768, 7s. 6d. 

— Julius. Critica Hebreea : or, 
a Hebrew English Dictionary, with- 
out points. London, 1767. 4to. 
1/. 5s. 

This learned divine of the Hutchinsonian 
persuasion, published a translation of the 
Pentateuch, 1783, 'An Hebrew Gram- 
mar,' 1751. 8vo. also several valuable 
tracts, chiefly controversial. 

Bateman, Stephen. Christall 
Glasse of Christian Reformation, 
London, hy John Day, 1569. 4to. 

Black letter. A — X 4, with many very 
curious wood cuts. A copy of this work 
which appears to be a translation of Lycos- 
thenes ' De Prodigiis et Ostentis,' with ad- 
ditions ftom the English Chronicles, is in 
the British Museum. An imperfect copy was 
priced lately in a bookseller's catalogue, 
5/. 5s. 

— Golden Booke of the Leaden 
Goddes, wherein is described the 
vague Imagination of Heathe 
Pagans and counter faict Christ- 
ians : wyth a Description of their 
seueral Tables, what ech of their 
Pictures signified. Lond, by Tho- 
mas Marshe, 1577. 4to. 

Dedicated to Lord Henry Cary, Baron 

of Hunsdon, &c. 72 pages. Shakespeare is 

supposed to have consulted this book, which 

may be considered as the first attempt to- 



wardi a PantbMn, or dsKiiplion of (hi 
Heathen Cod*. A copy ii ia ihe BiitJih 
MuMum. Inglii, HB, lit. Kanau, pt. 
i. 3B8, 31. li. Bindley, p(. i. 12S1, if. 6>- 
Bateuah, Stephen. Trarayled 
Pilgreme, briDgin^ Newcs from all 
Parts of the Worlde, such like 
scarce harde before. [London, by 
John Denham] 1569. 4tu. 

BUck letter, w]ih W wood-call. An al- 
Icgotical-IhcotDglcal ronunce ot the life at 
iiiun, in venc of 1 1 tyllublci, in which are 
introduced cliuacten and hiitoriciilinddcnti 
rciatlte to the reigni of Henry VIII. EJ. 
ward VI. Qureii* Mu]r and Eliiabelh. 
Sotheby'i in April Uil, Ml. ISi. dd. re- 
sold, Peny, pt. i. S18, 261. lit. fld. 

— Of the Arrivall of the 3 
Graces in Anglia, lamenting the 
Abuses of the present Age. Wil- 
liam Norton. 4to. 

Five iliceli. Xotitcd in Herbett't 
AiDct, ii. Htl!, who aim SI p. 1021, hat the 
fdlowing entry, ' The new Arriuai of the 
three Crncei into Aiiglia, lamenting the 
Abiuei of the prtienl Age,' a* printed by 
ThoDiBi Eait. 410. 

— Doome warning all Men to 
Judgement : In Maner of a generdll 
GhroDiclc. IraprinteU by R- Nu- 
bery, IfiSl. 4to. 

Black letter. Contain! 437 paga, be- 
ride« dedication to ' Sir Thomai llroniicy, 
Knt' ' To Ihe gentle Header,' commenda- 
tory renet, a catalogue of authori, the an- 
tiquity of England, and the author's coat of 
armi, with many cuU of prodigies, raon- 
tleri,3:c. Itoibiirghe, 401, Sg. and Supple- 
ment, 6A9, IJ.10a Nassan. pt.i. 3BD, 21. IGx. 

— Joyfull Newes out of Hel- 
vetia, from Theophr. Paracelaum, 
declaring the ruinate Fall of (he 
Papall Dignitie ; also a Treatise 
againstVsuiie. By Stephen Batman. 
l.rf)ndon, for John Alldc, 157.5. 8vo. 

~ Thomas, M.D, Delineations 
ofCiitftneou* Diseases, roin]in8ed 
in the classification of the late Dr. 
WUIan, with a new Series. Lon- 
don, 1817. 4to. 12 patts published 
at IL Is. each. ; 

Tliji eminent physician publUhod a va- ^ 
luable Synopiii of Cutaneoua Dlietics, 6th 
edition, ISO], and other oorka, and in , 
ISS6, appeared sonic Account of hii Life 
and Character, Biro. 7t. 6d. 

Bates, Ely. Observations on 
some important Points of Divinity, 
chiefly (hose iu Controversy be- 


tween tbe AnniniBiui and Calra- 
niits. Extracted from an Author o 
Ihe 17tb century. Second edition 
with Additions. Lond.181 1. 8vo. 6t 

Batea likeiriie pubiiihed Rural Phttoi» 
phy, ISOS. Christian Politic*, in tcm 
parla, ISO! — 6, and olhei woilu. 

Bates, G. See Bate, George 

— William, D.D. Viira selec 
lorum aliquot Virorum, qui Doc 
trin^, Dignilate, aut Pietate, incls' 
mere. Londini, 1681. 4to. 

A valuable collection of liTei vnonatin) 
to thirty two, moitly taken tnm Mne 
traiti. Bp.of Ely, 433, Ss. Heath, 1SS4, Iff 

— Works, containing wMne Ser 
inons on the everlasting Rett 
the Saints, with a Sermon at fai 
Funeral, by John Howe. Loiu] 
1700. folio, with portrwt, by R 
White, after Knellev.U. Is. 

The work! of thia eminent Doncoafbr 

! milt divine, were pubiiihed lepuateljr 
j ]aG3-99. Another edition of hli wnka 
' London, 1723, folio, with portnit, If. Ja. 

I — Works. A new Edition, bi 
the Rev. W. Farmer. Lond. ISljf 
8vo. 4 vols, with a portrait, 1 1. 16* 

Farmer Ukewiae edited an editioa 
Ilstei' Harmony of tbe Divine Attribnw 
IB15. avo. Si. 

Datesun, Thomas. ThefirstaM 

second set of English MadrigallsjU 
3, 4, 5, and 6 Voices. Newly coni' 
posed by I'homas Bateton. LoDd> 
1604-18. 4to. 2 vols. 

Sft Hnv,kinii' Mudc, iii. 376. Banter^ 
Mu^ic, iii. 34T. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 11«. 

Bath.— The Manner of Creatiif 
the Knighls of the Order of the 
Bath. London, 16fil. 4to. 

Roprinti^d in the Harleian MiMxHOT, 
vol. 1. ThP Siatuiea tif the Order «M 
published U25, 1744, 1771, 1787, 1811 

— Lcs Armes des Chevaliers de 
rOrdre du Bain, creez le 17" jour 
(Ic Jiiin, 1725. J.SvmpKm, Jnnr. sculp, royal foL2I. l2i,6<L 

A leriea of one hundred and (bity ha- 

oresiiani from tbe plate* now fiuditlkc 

lis In Henry Vllth'g Chapel, unljlf^ 


— Plan, Elevations, Sectiooi, 
and Specimens of the Aichitedos 
of the Abbey Church of Bath, (10 
plates,) engraved by Jamea Batifr 
from Drawings by John Carter. 


With tome Account of the Abbey 
Charch»(8 pftges.) London, 1798. 
tdat folio. 

Pnbiialifid bj the Society of Antiquaries. 
Xwth, pLi. 138, XL 18s. Steevens, 1942, 
li. ] 6f. M. of Townfthend, 219, 2/. 58. 

Bath. — Bath illustrated by a Se- 
ries of ViewSy from the Drawings of 
John Claude Nattes ; with descrip- 
tioQs to each Plate. Lond. 1 806. fol. 

Pttbiuhed at 71. 7s. Nassau, pt. i. 220, 
11 18a. The Views Coloured, Duke of 
York, 8933, 12. 8s. 

— Letters and Papers on Agri- 
cttluire» Planting, &c. selected 
from the Correspondence Book of 
the Society instituted at Bath, for 
the Encouragement of Agriculture, 
Aitsjtfanufactures, and Commerce. 
London, 1780-182^ 8vo. 14 vols. 

An abridgment of the first nine volumes 
■ff c ai c d in 1803, 8to. 2 vols. 

Bathe, William. Introduction 
to the tme Arte of Musicke. Lon- 
don, by Abel Jeffes, 1584. 4to. 

FfasC edition, totally different firom the 

— Briefe Introduction to tlie 
Skill of Song. London, by Tho- 
nasEste. 8vo. 1/. Is. 

A copy of this edition is in the Brituh 
Mnseuaa. Sir John Hawkins has given 
citracts from both these productions, but 
ther have fittle merit 

DATIIUR8T, Ralph, M.D. Life 
tod Literary Remains, by Thomas 
Warton, M.A. Lond. 1761. 8vo. 58. 

BiTiiAV. See Batkmam and 

Battely, John. Opera pos- 
thom; viz. Antiquitates Rutu- 

e • et Antiquitates S. Edmundi 
r^ ad annum 1272, perductee. 
Oioniee, 1745. 4to. with 16 maps 
tnd plates, 58. 

Aa elegant posthumous discourse, says 
hkof KieoUon. iJiROE paper, 8s. Nas- 
■B,pLL 890, !(. 14s. A former edition 
tfibe Andqaitates Rutuplns, Oxon. 1711, 
N.3s. LAKOE PAPER, 58. Williams, 152, 
■sraceo^ 18a. An English translation ap- 
Fttrad, London, 1774, 8vo. 3s. 

Battkux, Abbot. Course of 
^ Bdles Lettres : or, the Princi-^ 
pictof Literature, translated from 
^ French. London, 1761. 12mo. 
^ voh. 9«. 



The best edition of the original appeared 
at Paris, 1774, 8vo. 5 volt. 

Battle. — Copye of the Letter 
folowing whiche specifyeth of the 
greatest and meruelous visyoned 
Batayle, that euer was sene or 
herde of. And also of the Letter 
y' was sent from the great Turke 
vnto our holy Fad* y* Pope of 
Rome. Andwarpe by me Johan 
of Dousborowe. 4to. 

Four leaves, without signatures. The 
former letter was written by Bartho- 
lomeus de Clereville, ' in y* castell of ville 
dere, in y« yere of our lorde m.ccccc.xvH. 
in the Month of Januarij.' The latter U 
reprinted in Ames, by Herbert, iii. 1531-2. 

— Batayll of Egynge Courte 
and the great Sege of Rone. Impr. 
by John Skot. 4to. 

Black letter. 6 leaves. 

— The tre\ve Encountre or Ba- 
tayle lately don betwene Englade 
and Scotlande. In whiche Batayle 
the Scottsshe Kynge was slayne. 
Empr. by me Richarde Faques. 4to. 

Black letter, four leaves. White Knights, 
1720, 13/. 13s. A reprint of this Interesting 
historical account of the Battle of Flodden 
Field, in fkc-simile, 1809,4to. 4s. Another 
reprint, Newcastle, 1822, crown 8vo. 4s. on 
VELLUM, six copies printed. Brockett,472, 

— Flodden Field, in nine Fits. 

London, 1664. small 8vo. 

Steevcns, 860, russia, IL 8s. Bindley, 
pt. iii. 1554, 5/. 7s. 6d. 

— Famous old Ballad of Flod- 
den Field. York,Tho. Gent.n. d. 

Nassau, pt. i. 1207. 78. 

— History of the Battle of Flod- 
don, in Verse. Published with 
Notes by Robert Lambe. Berwick 
upon Tweed, 1774. 12mo. 4s. 


— Battle of Flodden Field, with 
Notes and Illustrations by Henry 
Weber. Edinb. 1808, 8vo. 10s. 

Best edition. Notes and Illustrations to 
the Battle of Flodden Field, 8vo. 16 copies 
printed, 3s- 6d. An edition of the work, 
Newcastle, 1819. Brockett, 1758, 4s. 6d. 

— Reporte of the Skirmish 
fought betweene the States of 
Flaunders, and Don Joan, Duke 
of Austria, with the number of all 

126 BAT 

Ihem, that were slayne on both 
■ides, which Battle was fought 1 
August, being Lammas Day. Im- 
pr. by William Bartlet, 1 578. 16mo. 

Black leller. 

Battle. — Dolorous Discourse of a 
bloudy Battel fought in BLirbarie, 
4 Aug. 1578. lohnChar- 
lewood for Tho. Man. ISmo. 

Black letter. Towneley, pt. i. 344, 
It. 61. SirM. M. Sykc>,pl.i.9Bl, IMUdd. 

— ' Discourse of a Battaile fought 
neere to Cracouia in Pologne, tlie 
25 of December last, beiweenc 
Maxamilian, Archduke of Austrich, 
the Emperours Brother, and Sigis- 
rouDd, Sonne to the King of Swe- 
den, each pretending to be the 
elect King of Pologne. Translated 
out of the French. London, by 
Thomas Orwin, 1588. ISmo. 

BUck lellrr. 

— The Battle of Alcazar, 1594. 
Ste Peele, George. 

— The Battaile fought belweene 
Count Maurice and the Archduke 
of Austria, nere Newport, in Flan- 
ders. 1600. 4to. 

Black letter, wilh ■ plate. Nauau, pt. 
1. 885. 

— Wonderful Battel of Star- 
lings : fought at the City of Cork, 
in Ireland, the 12th and 14th of 
October, 1621. Lond. 1622. 4to. 

Reprinted in tiie third nuraber o( Mor~ 
gin' I PhsniT Btitannicus. 

— The great and famous Bat- 
tle of Lutien, fought between the 
renowned King of Sweden and 
Walstein. Here is also inserted an 
Abridgment of the King's Life, and 
a Relation of the King of Bohe- 
mia's Death, faithfully translated , 
out of the French Copy. Printed I 
1633. 4to. 7s. 6d. ' 

Contiini 45 page). Reprinted in the I 
fourth volume of Ibe Harleisn Miscellany. I 

— Relation of the Battle of j 
Maxen, wilh a Treatise on Profiles, ) 
the manner of attackiag and de- , 
fending unfortified Heights and 
Mountains, and positions taken for 
the defence of Maxen. Translated 
by an Officer. London, 1785. 4lo. 
with plans, 10s. fid. 

Battle.— The Battle of Waterloo, 
also of Ligny, and Quatie-Bru, in 
1815, illustrated with portnuta of 
Wellington and Blucher, maptutd 
enlai^d plans, view of the Field 
of Waterloo, and 34 etchings from 
sketches by Capiain Jones. Tendi 
edition, enlarged and corrected. 
Lond. 1817.410.4/. 4s. Best edit. 

Many of the particulara in ihli raluaUt 
■ccouni were Aimiilied by re^meaul 
metrei, and commanding offlcen of pud- 
cuiai anna o{ liie lenice, beildei ill pabOs 
accounts, both English and Forrign, aad 

missioned officera. At the end U ft lilt if 
tfaeofflceisengiged, fumiihed by autboritj. 
India fafir Fsonra. SI. 9i. 

— All the famous Battels that 
have been fought in our sge, 
throughout the Worlde, as well bj 
Sea as| Lande. London, by Hen- 
rye Bynneman. 4to. 

Black letter. Written by John Pglmoo. 
I Reed,331S, 11. Si. Toifndcy, pt I 303, U 

I — Second Part of the Books of 
Battailes, fought in our Age; taken 
out of the best Authors, and Writers 
in sundrie Languages. Londoo, 
for Gabriel Cawood, 1587. 4(o. 

Black letter. A copy ii in (be BiitU 
Museum. Inglii, ISO, (sritli the taratc 
article), If. Si. 

— The two famous pitcht bat- 
telU of Lypsich and Lutien, with 
an Elegie upon the Death of Oai- 
tavus the Great, composed in bs- 
roick verse by John Ruiisell. Ctoi' 
bridge, 1634. 4to. 16s. 

Batty, Captain. Campaigsof 
the left Wing of the Allied Ann' 
in the Western Pyrenees and SoBti 
of France, in the years 1813-14, 
under Field Marshal the Marqeis 
of Wellington. Lond. l823.4to.2t 

ConUini pp. 18S, with a plan andplaMi 
drawn and etched by Ciplaln BaUy. Fir 

ihe. other publicitiotu iiF thia guulh— 
>« Scenery. 

B.iuDiEii,Mich. Historyoftfc* 
Calamities of Margaret of AnJMj 
Queen of England. Lond. 1737. 
8vo. 5s. 

A valuable work, <rilh a pcebci taAl 
eminent Engliih hittoriau TboBU wti- 
The work under the abore dtlc, I7S5, U» 
t Tols. ia ■ trandalion of the fclibo■M^ 
raiive written by the Abbe Frevosb 




Baudius, Dominicas. Monv- 
mentam coosecratam Honori et 
Memorne seren. BritanniarumPrin- 
cipis Henrici Frederici. Lugd. 
Bat. 1612. 4to. 

A copy it in the British Museum. 

Bavdwim or Ba^ldwiv. See 

Bauer, Francw, F.R.S. Deli- 
neations of exotick Plan ts cultivated 
in the Royal Garden at Kew, drawn 
and coloured, and the characters 
distplajed according to the Linnsean 
System. London, 1796. folio. 

K«. I and II, with 20 coloured plates, 
piHakid hj W. T. Alton. 

— lUustrationes FlorsD Novse 
HoUtndtt aive Icones Generum 
qne in Prodomo Florae Nov. Hoi. 
etlnsttlee Van-Diemen, descripsit 
Rob. Brown, 1813. pars I. 

Bawd. — ^Tbe London Bawd, with 
Wr Character and Life : discover- 
ing the various and subtile Intrigues 
of lewd Women. London, 1711. 
12ino. 10s. 6d. 

Basteh, Andrew. Inquiry into 
tbe Nature of the Human Soul, 
vherein its Immateriality is evinced 
from the Principles of Reason and 
Philosophy. London, 1745, 8ro. 
3 vols. Appendix, 1750. 1 vol. 


TIard and best edition. The appendix 
ii rf me occnrrence. 

' He who would see the justest and pre- 
QKit Mtkms of God, and the soul, may 
lead dhhodk ; one of the most finished of 
tfcc hiai, in my hunble opinion, that the 
picxBf tkaes, greatly advanced in true 
pMhMphy,baTe produced.'— Bishop W ar- 


— Malho, or the Cosmotheona 
Pnerilis, in ten Dialogues ; wherein 
froiD the Phenomena of the Mate- 
rial World, briefly explained, the 
Principles of Natural Religion are 
Miiced and demonstrated. Lon- 
te, 1745. Bvo. 2 vols. 6s. 

TUb tnmk was originaUy published 
'« LitiB, 1740, Sto. 2 vols. Ss. The 
ikhdedUoD 'conccCed and enlarged,' was 
lilUed 1765, ISmo. S vols. 6s. Another, 
* ^enaodated to tbecapadties ind instrac- 
ti^ifte yoodi of both taxes,* by Samuel 
^^bttc, IMbfio, 1776, ISmo. 2 toIs. 6s. 

Another work of this author's was published 
from his MSS. by the Re¥. Dr. Duncan of 
South Wamborough, entitled *Thc Evi- 
dence of Reason in Proof of the Immor- 
tality of the Soul,' 1779, Svo. Oosset, 354, 
8s. 6d. 

Baxt£R, Richard. Practical 
Works. London, 1707. folio, 4 vols, 
with front, and portrait, 10^ 10s. 

A rich treasure of controversial, casuisti- 
cal, positive, and practical divinity. IV il- 
hams, 121, russia, 21/. 

— Works. A new edition, with 
a Life of the Author. London, 
1827. 8vo. 18 vols. 10/. 10s, 

An unfinished work. 

Saint's Everlasting Rest, London, 1653, 
4to. with frontispiece, lOs. Frequently 

Confession of Faith, 1655. 4 to. 6s. 
Reformed Pastor, 1656, Svo. 5s. Re- 
printed 1657, 1825. 

Reasons of the Christian Religion, 1667, 
4to. with portrait, with eight English verses, 

Life of Faith, 1670, 4 to. with front, and 
port, by White, 10s. 6d. Reprinted 1803, 

Christian Directory, 1075, folio, with 
port, and frontispiece, IL 8s. An abridge- 
ment by A dam Clarke. Liverpool, 1802, 
8vo. 2 vols. 10s. 

Breviate of the Life of Margaret, wife of 
Richard Baxter, 1681, 4 to. Bindley, ptiL 
2518, XL 7s. 

Treatise of Episcopacy, 1681. 4to. 9s. 
Paraphrase on the New Testament, 1685, 
Svo. with portrait, 6s. Reprinted 1695, 

CathoHck Theologie, 1675, folio, with 
portrait, 15s. 

Church History of the Government of 
Bishops, and their Councils abbreviated, 
1680, 4to. 6s. Bindley, pt.i. 018, 128. 

Poetical Fragments, 1681, small Svo. pp. 
150. Nassau, pt. i. 129, 4s. Bibl. Anglo. 
Poet. 66, 3/. 3s. Reprinted 1821, 12mo.4s. 
Methodus Theologize Christianee, 1681, 
folio, with portrut, 158. 

Certainty of the World of Spirits, 1691. 
Svo. 6s. A notice of this work will be 
found in the Retrosp. Rev. v. 87 — 136. 

A copious list of the works of this emi- 
nent nonconformist divine will be found in 
Watt's Bibliotheca Britannica. 

— Reliquice Baxteriance. A 
Narrative of his Life and Times, 
published by Matthew Sylvester. 
London, 1696. folio, with portrait 
by R. White, 1/. 7s. 



The life extracted from this narrative \a 
reprinted in the fifth volame of Words- 
worth's Ecclesiutical Biography. 

Baxter, Richard. Abridge- 
ment of Baxter's History of his Life 
and Times, and an Account of the 
Ministers, &c. ejected afler the Res- 
tauration, by Edm. Calamy, D.D. 
with the Continuation. London, 
1713, 27. 8vo. 4 vols. 1/. 6s. 

Replete with much useful matter, and 
many valuable particulars of the hi&tory of 
the times of Charles I. In this second cdl> 
tionof 1713, Baxter's reformed liturgy i;i 

Calamy, in answer to some objections 
made to this work, published ' A Defence 
of moderate Noncunfurniity, in answer to 
the Reflections of OUyfie and Iloadly.' 
London, 1703, 4, 5. 8to. 3 vols. 12s. 

— Thomas. Illustration of the 
Egyptian, Grecian, and Roman 
Costume, in 40 outlines, selected, 
drawn, and engraved by T. Baxter. 
London, 1810. 8vo. 

An edition in 4 to. Fonthill, G92, 15s. 

— Will. Glossarium Antiqui- 
latum Btitannicarum, accedunt 
Edv. Luidii de Fluviorum, Mon- 
tium, Urbium, &c. in Britannia 
Nominibus, Adversaria posthuma. 
Londini, 1733. 8vo. with portrait 
by Vertue, 6s. large paper^ 

A ' curious' work, according to Dp. Nicol- 
son. The tirst edition consisting of 350 co- 
pies, appeared in 1719, 8vo. 4s.. lakok 
PAPER. Dent, pt. i. 193, morocco, 1 5s. 
White Knigliti, pt. i. 318, russia, 1/. Nas- 
lau, pt. i. 130, (^with the Reliq. L^axtcr. 
1726) russia, 21. 5s. 

— Glossarium Antiquitatum 
Romanarum, (edente Mos. Wil- 
liams). Londini^ 1731. 8vo. with 
portrait by Vertue, 4s. 

Of this work 250 copies on small, and 
120 on large paper, were printed. Some 
are entiUed Ueliquiro Baxtcriansp, 1726. 
LARGE PAPER, lOs. 6d. Heatl>, 4315, 2/. 

In some copies will be found ' A View of 
a Book, entitled Rcliquix Baxterians. In 
a Letter to a Friend.' Written by Wm. 
Bowyer, and reprinted in the first volume 
of Nichols' Dter. Anccd. 

Bayard. The right joyous 
and pleasant History of the Feats, 
Geats, and Prowesses of the Che- 
valier Bayard, the good Knight 


without Fear and without Reproach. 
By the Loyal Servant. Londoii, 
1825. small 8vo.2 vols. 163. 

An excellent translation of a work curioua 
in itself, and in iu whole tendency unes* 
ceptionably good. 

Bayfield, Robert. Enchiri- 
dion Medicum. Londini, 1655. 
8vo. with a portrait, * Mi. 27/ by 


The portrait, for which this work it 
alone esteemed, was prefixed to the aotlior^s 
subsequent works. Grave, No. II, 14a. 

Bayle, Peter. Dictionary His- 
torical and Critical. Lond. 1710. 
tbiio,4 vols. 

Bayle's Dictionary is a very usefbl-wori^ 
for those to consult who love the biogra- 
phical part of literature, which is what I 
love most. — Dr. Johnson. 

Marquis of Townshend, 400, IL 16s. 
LARGE rAPr.R, Roxburghc, 9275, 3/. 9s. 
Boswell, 337, 3/. 10s. 

— The second Edition, care- 
fully collated, &c. To which is 
prefixed a Life of the Author, by 
Des Maizeaux. London, 1734-7. 
folio, 5 vols, with port, by James 

Marq. of Townshend, 401, 4i. 78. BiiiA> 
ley, pt. i. 375, 4/. lOs. Home Tooke, 4Z, 
5/. 10s. Sir P. Thompson, 160, 7L l(k, 
LARGE PAPER, in 10 vols. Dent, pt L 
324, 7/. Another translation of thk onMh 
esteemed work is included in ' A Gcninl 
Dictionary Historical and CriticaL' IiM- 
don, 1734—41, folio, 10 Tols. AnabiUr 
ment in 12mo. 4 vols, has lately appcucd. 

— Commentary on these w€fds 
of the Gospel, Luke xiv. 23, * Con- 
pel them to come in, that my 
House may be full.' In four Parts, 

London, 1708. 8vo. 2 vols. 6s. 

A very shrewd exposure of the §aXif 
and wickedness of persecution. When 
first printed in French, it was pretended ID 
be translated from the Englitb, as the 
author wished to disguise himself. 

Batlet, John, F.R.S. History 
and Antiquities of the Towerof Loo* 
don. London, 1821-5. 4to. 2 vols, 
with plates. Published at 6/. 16s.6d. 

A very valuable work, large PAPSSi 

12/. 12s. 

Bayly. SeeBAiLET. 

6AYLY,Anselai, LL.D. Allianes 
of Music, Poetry, and Oratory* 
London, 1789. 8vo. pp. 390, 6s. 


Tlu Tiiter fiktwife published several 
other workB, including la Hebrew and 
Eo^di Bible, witb Remarkf, &c. 

Bayly f Lewis, Bishop of Ban- 
gor. Practice of Piety. The ele- 
renth Edition. Lond. 1619. 8vo. 

Upwirda of tarty editions of tiiis once 
Httcmed work have been published, and it 
buaUo been translated into Welsh, French, 
lad other European Languages. 

— Thomas, D.D. Royal Char- 
ter granted unto Kings by God 
hiuuelf, &c. A Treatise wherein 
if proved that Episcopacy is Jure 
Divino. London, 1649. 12mo. 
with port, of Charles II. by Van 
Bore, 5s. 

Beprinted 1656 and 1680. For this 
vorii the author was committed to New- 

— Certamen Religiosum, or 
I Conference between Charles, 
King of England, and Henry, late 
Mvqaets and Earl of Worcester, 
GQQceming Religion; at his Ma- 
jesties being at Raglan Castle. 
London, 1649. 8vo. 

To tUs work, which is considered ficti- 
tisiiSk two answers were published, one by 
HiB. L'Estrange, 1651, 12mo.; the other 
bf CC. (Christopher Cartwright,) 1651, 
Ito* It is likewise commented upon by 
Dr. Pm. Heylin, in his epistle to the Bib- 

— Herba Parietis : or the 
^all-Flower, as it grew out of 
tbe Stone-Chamber belonging to 
^e«|ite. London, 1650. folio, 

9am, pC i. 434, 5s. White Knights, 
r- 1 »9, 16s. 

' — End to Controversie between 
the Roman Catholick and Protes- 
tat Religions. Doway, 1654. 4to. 

— Life and Death of John 

Riber, Bishop of Rochester. Lon- 

^, 1655. 12mo. with portrait by 

LVanghany 10s. 6d« 

tUs fife, written by Richard Hall, D.D. 
■fCkistChnicb, Cambridge, was repub- 
hhid try Tho. CoJECter, 17S9. 12mo. with 
F^tnit, 5s. 

— William. Astronomical Ob- 
iKr?ations. See Cook, Captain 

Batmokt. See Bbaumoitt. 



Batnr, Paul. Commentary on 
the Epistle to the Ephesians. Lon- 
don, 1643. folio, 9s. 

This English divine, of considerable emi- 
nence at Cambridge, published a commen- 
tary on the Colossians, several sermons 
and other religious works, 1618-37. 

Baynes, Roger. Praise of Solita- 
rinesse, set down in the Form of a 
Dialogue : wherein is conteyned, a 
Discourse philosophical of the Lyfe 
active and contemplative. London, 

Black letter. Oordonstoun, 328, 4/. 198. 

— The Baynes of Aqvisgrane, 
the 1 Part and 1 Volume, entitvled 
Variety : contayning three Bookes, 
in the Forme of Dialogues, vnder 
the Titles following, viz. Profit, 
Pleasure, Honour. Augusta in 
German V, 1617. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

Bayning. — Death repealed by a 
thankful Memorial sent from Ch. 
Ch. in Oxon, celebrating the 
noble Deserts of the Rt. Hon. Paifl 
Viscount Bayning. Oxon, 1638. 

Perry, pt. 1. 1681, 9s. Bindley, pi U. 
576, 15s. 

Bazilitflogia. See Holland, H. 

Beacon, Richard. Solon his 
Follie, or a politique Discourse, 
touching the Reformation of Com- 
mon-weales conquered, declined or 
corrupted. Oxford, 1 594. 4to. 

Dedicated ' To her Maiestie— The author 
to the reader — The boolce vnto t^e reader.' 
Besides 114 pages. Steevens, 769, 6s. 
Perry, pt. i. 641, russia, 8s. 

— T. See Becon, Thomas. 
Beadle of Bridewell's Answer to 

the Belman of London. London, 
1610. 4to. 

Black letter. Roxburghe, 6686, U. 5s. 

Bbao u R, J. de. History of the 
Campagnes 1548 and 1549, with 
an mtroductory Preface by the 
Translator (Patrick Abercromby) 
1707. 8vo. 7s. 

Jadis, 78, morocco, 12. The original was 
publishedat Paris, 1556. SmBeavove. 

BsAacROFT, Philip, D.D. Ac- 
coant of Thomas Sutton, Esq. 
and of his Foundation in Charter 
House. Lond. 1737. 8vo. lOs. 6d. 



Contains pp. xvi. and 276, with tliree 
plates. LARGE f APER. Dcnt, pt. i. 194, 
morocco, 1/. Is. Towneley,pt. ii. 41, mo- 
rocco, 1/. Baker, 29, morocco, 2U 68. 
Heath, 4643, 1/. 6i. 

Beard, Th. Theatre of God's 
Judgements. Lond. 1597. 4to. 6s. 

Granger says ' Dr. Tho. Taylor was a 
Joint compiler of this volume. In the third 
edition, 1631, 4to. from p. 542, to the end 
is for the first time added. The fourth and 
generally esteemed best edition, appeared 
in 1648, small folio, lOs. 6d. 

— Pedantius, Comoedia olim 
Cantabrig. acta in Coll. Trin. nun- 
quam antehac Typis evulgata, 
1631. 12mo. 7s. 6d. 

Prefixed is a small whole length portrait 
of the author with a rod and a label from 
his mouth, inscribed ' As in presenti.' Dr. 
Beard was Oliver Cromwell's schoolmaster. 

Beaton and Wischart. The 
tragicall Death of Dauid Beaton, 
Bishop of St. Andirewes ; with the 
Martyrdome of George Wischart, 
Gent. London, 1546. 8vo. 

Bojburghe, 8736, no date, 14/. 58. 

Beatson, Alexander. Tracts ' 
relating to the Island of St. Helena; 
vritten during a Re&idcnce of five ! 
Years. London, 1816. 4to. I 

This work contains little else than statis- 
tical, meteorological, and agricultural ob- 
servations on the island, and plans for its 
better administration and cultivation. Font- 
hill, 535, 18s. Beatson likewise published 
A View of the War with Tippoo Sultaun. 
London, 1800. 4to. Drury, 536, 10s. 6d. 
Kozburghe, 8873, lis. 

— Robert, LL.D. Naval and 
Military Memoirs of Great Britain, 
from the Year 1727 to the present 
Time. London, 1804. 8vo. 6 
ToU. IMOs. 

A former edition appeared in 1790, 8vo. 
S ^-ols. Beatson likewise published a Chro- 
nological Register of both Houses of the 
British Parliament, 1708-1807. London. 
1808. 8vo. 3 vols. 

— Political Index to the His- 
tories of Great Britain and Ireland, 
third edition, corrected and much 
enlarged. London, 1806. 8vo. 3 
vols, W. 4s. 

Best edition of a very utelul book, com- 
piled flnom Sir W. Dugdale's Summons to 
Parliament, the Historical Register, and a 
x-ariety of Chronicles and Peerages. Earl 
of Kerry, SO, Sf. 2s. 


Beattib, JameSy LL.D. Min- 
strel, with other Poems* To which 
are prefixed, Memoirs of the Life of 
the Author, by Alex. Chalmers. 
London, 1811. 12mo. with portrait 
by Heath and 4 plates. 

Many of the poems in this are not to be 
found in former editions. The first editiflB 
of Seattle's poems appeared in 1760; the 
second, with variations and omiasions, in 
176({ ; notices of both which will be fiwod 
in the Centura Literaria. An elegant edi- 
tion, with plates from the designs of Ridi. 
Westall, appeared in 1816. A third Book 
of the Minstrel was written by Mr. M^vale, 
and published 1808. 4to. 4s. 

— Account of the Life and 
Writings of James Beattie, LL.D. 
including many of his original Let- 
ters. By Sir W. Forbes. Edinb. 
1806. 4to. 2 vols, with portrait after 
Sir Jos. Reynolds, IL lis. 6d. 

LARGE PAPRIl, 3/. 3s. 

Reprinted 1807, 8vo. 3 vols, and 1824 k 
two vols. The following works written by 
Dr. Beattie, whom Bishop Warburtonpio- 
nounccd superior to the whole crew of 
Scotch metaphysicians, are in great re- 
quest: — 

Essays on Poetry and Music, fte. Edinb. 
1776. 8vo. 

Frequently reprinted. The ftnt edi- 
tion appeared 1776. 4to. with the 
Author's £ssay on Truth. 
Dissertations moral and critical. Londoif 
1786. 8 vo. 2 vols. 

A former edition appeared 1783, 4lBi 
Evidences of the Christian ReHfkik 
London, 1786. l2mo. S volt. 6i. 
Reprinted 1788, S vols. 1814, 1 fd. 
Theory of Language, in two Paili^ 1783. 

The first edition appeared with hb 
Elements of Moral Science, 1 790-3. 8i% 
2 vols. Edmb. 1807. 8vo. S volt. ICi- 
1817. Svo. 2 vols. 
An Essay on Truth, the Kvendi edltton; 
to which is now added, a Sketdi of dw 
Origin and Progress of the Woflu 
London, 1807. 8vo. 
The first edition appeared in 1770. 

Beauchesnc, John de» and 
John Baldok. Booke containiiif 
divers Sortes of Hands, aswdlthe 
English as French Secretary, with 
the Italian, Chancery, and Couit 
Hands : also the Proportio of the 
Capital! of Romae. London, 1570. 
broad 4to. 1/. Is. 

I apprehend them, aayi Hei1)ert, tohate 

BEA BEA 131 

^eMwrittai by Mr. Bemdiefne, a idiool. Sonnets, with other Poems. Lond. 

niCT to Blackfirun, and cot oft wood by i a/zo Oy^ 

Mr-BaUkHL Again 1574, 1590, 1602. r J \ - ^ u u - 

- ^ .1 ' In this collecUon, made by the printer 

DBA CFG RT, Daniel Augustus, Blacklock, some pieces are inserted not 

LL.D* Memoir of a Map of Ire- ^^tten by this author. Roxburghe, 3369, 

land. Loudoo 1792 4to 1/ U ^^•* I-loyd, 59, ISs. Sir M. M. Syket, 

CW«ir-« 9ii ; V , P^»- 206, Hs. White Knights, pt. i. 326, 

-^^TTii.r, l'- "^!^^"«*y 18s- Bi;dley,pti.63l,2l:5s. 

<»t of the dni"«id"^resi'sS''srau „ Beaumont Francis and John 

of lidand, and an Index of all the places r LETCHER. Poems. The Golden 

wttA a|>|»ear on the author's map. The Remains of Francis Beaumont and 

pubibhed by Faden. Marquis of John Fletcher. The second edi- 

t.'^.r«.'^Dr,!p"K: »•"".-'»' th« AddiUon of other 

■kk the map coL mor. 1/. 12s. Drolleries by severall Wits of these 

•— Francis. Karamania, or a present times. London, 1660. 8vo. 

brief Description of the South 1/. lis. 6d. 
Coast of Asia Minor, and of the — Comedies and Tragedies, pub- 

Benains of Antiquity. London, Hshcd by the Author's originall Co- 

1818. 8to. with plates, 14s. pies. London, 1647. folio, with 

A vahsable addition to the maritime geo- portrait of Fletcher, by Marshall. 

ripby and antiquitiet of a >irt of Asia First collected edition, contaming— Plays 

lec dcaeribed lutherto. dedicated by ten comedians to PhiKp the 

Beaugdb, Jan de. Histoire Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery. In 

dc la Guerre d'Ecosse, traittant '•*" ediUon edited by John Shirley, are 

eoome le Royaume fut assailly et !L^^T7\^""i?lf*- «/ t"' "^T a^!!^* 

-^ J »''_*• / ^ I 8655, 17s. Marquis of Townshend, 402, 

« grande Partie occupfee par les igs. Rhodes, 2665, U. lis. Roscoe, 1351, 

Anglois, et depuis rendu paisible a 4/. 5s. Dmry, 603, (with the Wild Goose 

tt Rejne, et reduit en son ancien C'**"* I652)rus8ia, 6/. 68. 
EsUU et Dignity. Paris pour Gil- — ^'^^^7 Comedies and Trage- 

[ its Corrozet, 1556. 8vo. ^*^«* London, 1679. folio, with 

Acnriing to Bishop Nicolson, the au- P^''^'"^' ^^ Fletcher, by Marshall. 
*« was pfeaent atmany of the skirmishes, ^»«*^» ^^^» ^^«- Bindley, pt. i. 184, 1/. 

kcmndooed in this work. A copy is in ?°*^J"8^*^' ^^?\1L J"*, ,^/^''';,?J5'' 

^British Moaenm. Lloyd, 58, 4/. So- V\ ^s. Reed, 865V Ij. 5s. White 

tMjfs in Jnly 1821, U 6s. A transU- f^l^^^*\^^- \\^^^' J^\^^''\^^^\^'^}^' 

«• ky P. Abercromby, was published Ifi* ^Z. 5s. Home Tooke, 46, with his 

BuuLiEu, Luke de. Vie de — Comedies and Tragedies. 

S. lloiBas (a Becket) Archevesque ^-^ndon , 1 7 1 1 . Svo. 7 vols, 
de Ctntorbcry et Martyr. Paris, DowdesweU, 44, il. 5s. 

^674. 4to. !/• Is. — Works, with Notes by Theo- 

Acopy is In die British Musenm. bald, Seward and Sympson. Lon- 

BiauLiiB, Renauld de, Ar- don, 1750. Svo. 10 vols, with two 

ckevesqne de Bourges. Oraison fu- portraits. 

|*.delaRo,n*d'E«:o«e. Imp. ,,^r "S Jc^'iS ^8. Yo^re; 

■•p.LllXTllI. 3897 3/, i3g. gj. Marquis of Townshend, 

Bcpraitcd by Jebb in ' De Vita et Re- io2, 41. 4s. 

sif tfi/tt§ 39ansB Scotomm Resins. . • m* 

n 1? • n — Dramatic Works, with Notes 

Beaumokt, Francis. Poems. .^. r V i ♦«.. k«„«^:^«- 

loadon 1640 4to critical and explanatory, by various 

%r * . 5 -o, * „.. o_ iJt^u^ Commentators. London, 1778. 

aSMn, pt. 1. 393, mssia, vs. Dinoley, . . 4. •* r u 

|tl 754, 1/. 12a- Reprinted in Chalmers' 8vo. 10 vols. With portraiteot Beau- 

CsBccdoo of tlie Poets, and in Weber's mont and Fletcher, and 54 engrav- 

^^Hisa dT tbe worka of Beaumont and ioos. 

'**'*"« • .!_ w 1 Edited by George Colman. Drury, 422, 

— Poems, VIZ. the Hermaphro- j^. i,. Bindley, pt i. 295, 2L 2s. Dent, 

<ute,the Remedy of Love; Elegies; pt h J 95, 2L 28. Ganick, 127, 21. 158, 



Nassau, pt i. 134, 3/. 3s. Steevens, 1226, 
5/. lOs. Reed, 8021, (with a double set of 
plates) .6/. 8s. 6d. 

Beaumont, Francis, and John 
Fletcher. Works, with an In- 
troduction and explanatory Notes, 
by Henry Weber. London, 1812. 
8vo. 14 vols, with portraits. 

This edition was severely censured by 
Oiffbrd and Oct. Gilchrist. Brockett, 96, 
5/. 2s. 6d. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 208, 
7/. 12s. 6d. Dniry, 423, 7/. 12s. 6d. Stret- 
tell, 76, SL 88. A wretched edition in 
royal 8vo. printed in double columns, for 
Stockdale, appeared 1811. 

Original EdUiom cf the Plaijs * 

The Woman Hater. London, 1607, 4to. 

Rhodes, 525, 1^. 2$. 
The Masque of the Inner Temple and 

Grayes Inn, 1612. ib. n. d. 4to. He* 

printed in Nichols' Progresses of King 

James I. Towneley, pt. i. 702. 
The Knight of the Burning Pestle, ib. 

1613. 4to. Rhodes, 528, 16s. Re- 
printed 1635. 4t& 48. 
Cupid's Revenge, ib. 1615. 4 to. Rhodes, 

531, 1/. Is. Reprinted, 1630, 1635, 

The Scomfvl Lidie. ib. 1616. 4to. 

Rhodes, 533, U. Is. Field,98, 1/. Is. 
A King and no King. ib. 1619.4to. with 

frontispiece. Reed, 7703, 2/. 12s. 6d. 

An edition 1625. Rhodes, 537, 13s. 
The Maid's Tragedy, ib. 1619. 4to. Re- 
printed 1622. 1630. Rhodes, 542, 18s. 

1638. 1641. 1650, and 1661, 4to. 
Philaster. Sb. 1620. 4to. with frontispiece. 

Reed, 7705, 24/. Sotheby's in April 

1821, 8/. 8s. 
Thierry and Theodoret ib. 1621. 4to. 

Boswell, 1701, 5s. Rhodes, 547, 15s. 

Field, 102, 17s. 
The faithfVil Shepheardesse. ib. no date. 

4to. 2/. 28. Second Edition (1629) 4to. 

Rhodes, 554, 18s. Third, 1634, 4to. 
The two noble Kinsmen, ib. 1634. 4to. 

Rhodes, 558, 38. 6d. Rozburghe, 

4916, 6s. 6d. 
The Elder Brother, ib. 1637. 4to. 

Rhodes, 559, 4s. Roxburghe, 4913, 

2s. 6d. 
Monsieur Thomas, ib. 1639. 4to. Rhodes, 

563, 4s. 

it without Money, ib. 1639. 4 to. 

Rhodes, 564, 4s. Roxburghe, 4436, 

Is. 6d. 
The Coronation, ib. 1640. 4to. Claimed 

by Shirley. 
The Bloody Brother, ib. 1639. 4to. 

Rhodes, 566, 58. 6d. 
Rollo, Duke of Normandy. Oxford, 

1640. 4to. The bloody Brother, with 

a new title. Rhodes, 567, 38. Rox- 
burghe, 6915, 28. 6d. 


Rule a Wife and have a Wil 
164D.4to. Rhodes, 568, 

The Night Walker, ib. 
Rhodes, 569, 3s. Roxbu 
4s. 6d. 

The WUd Goose Chase, ib. 

The Beggar's Bush. ib. 
Rhodes, 572, 5s. Thiacdi 
to have been printed from 
MS. and contains many si 
ings to the folio of 1647, 
escaped Beaumont and 

Beaumont, Sir H 
name assumed by Josepl 

— J. F. Albanii. 
through the Rhsettan 
the year 1782. Lond< 
imperial folio, 2/. 2s. 

Contains pp. 82, with aq 
gravings. With coloured pl 
Saunders in 1818, morocco, 8i 

— Select Views in the 
France, with topograp) 
historical descriptions. 
1794. folio, U. lis. 6d. 

Beckford 1817, 307, mor 
Dent, pt. i. 326, morocco, 3^ i 
2441, 3i. 13s.6d. 

— Travels through the 
Alps. London, 1795. fo 

Beckford, 1817, 306, mor. 3 
burghe, 7255, (with the Rh 

7/. 7s. With COLOURED PLATl 

in 1818, mor. 8/. 8s. 

— Travels from Franc 
through the Lepontine k 
don, 1800. folio. 

Saunders in 1818, 2i. lOs. 

LOURED PLATES, 7/. 7s. An 

tion appeared 1806, folio, 1/. 1 
Beaumont also published 1/ 
resque aux Alpes-pennines. G* 
folio, with 12 coloured plat 
Voyage du Comte de Nice. G( 
folio, with 12 coloured plat 
Description des Alpes Oreo 
tiennes. Paris, 1802, 4to. 4 
folio volume of plates. 

Beaumont, Sir Jol 
Bos worth Field, with a 
other Poems. London, 1* 

Title, dedication to the I 
&c. 11 leaves. Poems, B^ 
pages 181 and 182, are missing 
Reprinted in Chalmers' Edition 
Nassau, pt, L 22 1, 7s. Sir M. 
pt. iL 2, 15s. Heed, 6560, U 
1/. Is. White Knights, 82 
1/. 148. Bindley, pt. i. 46 


Towneley, pt. i. 289, 21. 2s. Lloyd, 60, 
21.3s. BibL Anglo-Poet, 25, 2/. 6s. The 
poem of Bocworth Field was reprinted 
1710, 8to. Ib the Censoia Literaria, 
wm be found a poetical epistle * To his late 
^^esty (James I.) concerning the true 
Fonne of English Poetry,' written by Sir 
John BeamnonL 

Beaumont, John. Treatise of 
Spirited AppariUons, Witchcrafts, 
and other Ma^cal Practices. Lon- 
don, 1705. 8vo. 

Written to prove the real existence of 
vitAes MMid apparitions. Roxburghe, 1986, 
Tt. Heath, 1497, 8s. 

— Gleanings of Antiquities. 
Loodoo, 1724. 8vo.4s. 

Contains additions to the treatise of 

— Joseph, D. D. Psyche, or 
Lore's Mystery, in 24 Cantos. 
The second Edition, with Correc- 
tions throughout, and four new 
Cantos, never before printed. Cam- 
bridge, 1702. folio, with portrait by 
White, 10s. 6d. 

Pope is reported to have said of thb worki 
' tkst there are in it a great many flowers 
■dl worth gathering ; and a roan who has 
the sit of stealing wisely, will find his ac- 
esaat in iL' An Edition, Cambridge, 1648, 
faia, 7sl a notice, with copious extracts, 
vS be fimnd in the Retrosp. Review, xi. 
tlS-3S7, xu. 229-48. 

— Poems in English and Latin, 

with an Appendix, containing some 

Dissertations and Remarks on the 

Yj^t to the Colossians. London, 

n49. 4to. 58. 

Mxed to this collection of Poems, is 
u acBMBt of the author's life. 

— Robert. Love*s Missives to 
tortile, with Essaies. Lond. 1 660. 

Coatains pp. 120. A notice of this work 
*iD be fimnd in the RestituU, iii 278-81. 
iUci 1695, 5s. Lloyd, 61, 5s. Nassau, 
pt 1 222, 7s. 

BtAusoB RE, Isaac. History of 
tbe Reformation, from the French 
of M. de Beausobre, by John 
Macanlay. London, 1802. 8vo. 

CoooiiMfp. 414. The original of this 
VHk, written by an eminent Calvinistic 
Me, was pabUabed at Berlin, 1784, 8vo. 

— and JamesLENVANT. In- 



troduction to the Reading of the 
Holy Scriptures, intended chiefly 
for young Students in Divinity. 
Camb. 1779. 

Inserted in Bishop Watson's Collection 
of Theological Tracts, who observes, " This 
u a work of extraordinary merit ; the au- 
thors have left scarcely any topick untouch- 
ed, of which the young student in divinity 
may be supposed to want information.' An 
edition, London, 1806, 8vo. 65. 

Beauties of Cambria. See Cam- 

Beauties of England, A new Dis- 
play of the. London, 1772. Bvo. 
2 vols, with plates. 

Nassau, pt. i. 1141, rusida, 1/. 5s. The 
first edition appeared 1767, 8vo. Third 
edition, 1776, 8vo. 2 vols. Towneley, pt. 
ii. 50, russia, 15s. An edition 1787, 8vo. 
2 voh. 

Beauties of England and Wales, 
or Delineations topographical, 
historical and descriptive of each 
County ; embellished with Engrav- 
ings. Lond. 1801-16. 8vo. 18 vols, 
in 25. The Introduction, by J. N. 
Brewer, 1818. 1 vol. 

Sotheby's in 1826, in Nos. 15/. 15s. So- 
theby's in 1825, 26 vols. 17/. Sotheby's in 
March 1824, 26 vols, half- bound, 23/. So- 
theby's in 1819, 25 vols, half-bound, russia, 
25/. LARGE PAPER, in royal 8vo. with 
proof plates. Drury 424, with Brewer's 
Introduction, and the Beauties of Scotland, 
in 32 vols, morocco, 60/. 18s. Williams, 
160, 26 vols, morocco, 68/. 5s. Earl of 
Kerry, 33, 26 vols, extra bound, 38/. 17s. 
Sotheby's in 1824, 26 vols. bds. 26/. 15s. 6d. 
Sir M. M. Sykes, 1070, 18 vols, in 25, 
36/. 15s. Dent, pt. i. 258. Proof Impres- 
sions, with numerous duplicates, proo& be- 
fore the letters, on INDIA paper, in russia, 
56/. 14s. 

Introduction, by J. Norris Brewer, 1818, 

pp. xl. 676, and two maps. 
Vol. I. Bedfordshire, Berkshire, and 
Buckinghamshire, by J. Britton, and 
E. W. Bray ley, 1801, pp.400, besides 
title, advertisement, list of books, Src. 
and index, 10 leaves ; also a map to 
each county, and 6, 14 and 9 plates. 
Vol. II. Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, and 
Cornwall, by the same, 1801, pp. 524, 
with Hst of books, &c. and index, 12 
leaves ; also 3 maps and 8, 6, and 10 
VoL III. Cumberland, the Isle of Man, 
and Derbyshire, by the same, 1802, 
pp. 552, with list of books, &c. and 



index 11 IcAves; also two maps, mod 

10 and 22 {dates. 

VoL nr. DeTOushire and Donetshire, by 
the same, 1803, pp. 560, with list of 
books, Sx. and index, 11 leases; also 
two maps, and 22 and 1 1 plates. 

Vol. V. Durham, Essex, and Glocester- 
bhire, by the same, 1803, pp. 736, 
with list of books, &c. and index, 
12 leaves ; also 3 maps, and 7, 20, and 

1 1 plates. 

Vol. VI. Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, 
and Herefordshire, by the same, 1805, 
pp. 599, with list of books, &c. and 
index, 12 leaves ; also 2 maps, and 16 
and 10 plates. 
Vol. VII. Hertfordshire and Hunting- 
donshire, by • the same, 1808, pp. 
1—404, 405»— 574,» with advertise- 
ment, list of books, &c 6 leaves, in- 
dexes, and additions and corrections, 
14 leaves; also three maps, and 17, 
and 2, plates. 
Vol. VIII. Kent, by the same, 1808, pp. 
405—612, Gll-1366, with title, dedi- 
cation, list of booki^ &c. and index, 25 
leaves ; also 38 plntes. Pages 405 to 
612, arc generally placed at the end 
of vol. vii. 
Vol. IX. Lancashire, Leicestershire, and 
Lincolnshire, by John Britton, 1807, 
pp. viii and 5—808, with list of books, 
&c. index and corrections, 16 leaves'; 
also 3 maps, and 14, 5, and 7 plates. 
Vols i. to ix. consist of Nos. 1 to 
72, and Nos. 61,» 62,» 63,» 
64,» 05.» 
Vol. X. Part i. London and Middlesex, 
by £. \Y. Brayley, vol. i. 1810. pp. 
680, also list of books, &c. and in- 
dexes, 33 leaves, besides a general 
title, dedicution, and advertisement, 
3 leaves, also an engraved title contain- 
ing a vignette. 
Vol. X. Part il. London and Middlesex, 
by E. W. Ilrnyley, vol. U. 1814, pp. 
803, and general index, 30 leaves, 
also general title, advertisement, and 
notice respecting list of books, 4 leaves. 
In this part are 23 plates, some con- 
taining two views on one plate. 
Vol. X. Part iii. London and Middlesex, 
• by the Rev. Jos. Nightingale, vol. iii. 
1815, pp. 75 6, (not including title) and 
index, 1 2 leaves, besides general title 
and advertisement, 2 leaves. In this 
part are 33 plates. 
Vol. X. Continuation of Part iii. Lon- 
dop and Westminster, by the Rev. Jos. 
Nightingale, vol. iii. part ii. 1815, pp. 
752, with additions and corrections, 3 
leaves ; list of books, &c. 8 leaves, and 
index, 24 leaves. In this part are 43 

Vol. X. The three parts in 4 vols. 
Nos. 1 to 40. 


Vol.z. Part It. London and 
by J. Nonis Brewer, vtLU 
; 758, list of books, ke. Ii 
additions and coirections, 
In this part are 53 {dates. 
Fnthr. conslttoof 10 Ni 

Vol. XI. Monmouthshire, by ' 
Evans, 1810, pp. iv and II 
Ust of books, &C. and ind< 
also a map and 11 plata 
by J. Britton, pp. 383, v 
and 21 plates. Northampt 
J. Britton, pp. 239, wil 
books, &C. and index, let 
map and 7 plates. 

Vol. xi. consists of 10 N 

Vol. XII. Part i. General 
Northumberland,, by the 
Hodgson, pp. 256, with a i 
plates. Nottinghamshire, 
Laird, pp. 416, with a map i 

Vol. XII. Part ii. Oxfordshir 
Brewer, pp. viii. (includi 
title to the volume), and 54 
of booksj &c. and index, 
also a map and 22 plates, 
shire, by F. C. Laird, pp. ] 
map, and 4 plates. 

The two parts of Vol. ' 
of 10 Nos. 

Vol. XIII. Part i. Shropshi 
Rev. J. Nightingale, 181J 
and 338, a list of books, & 
dex, 10 leaves, also a a 
plates. Somersetshire, by 
J. Nightingale, pp. 339 tc 
a list of books, and index, 
also a map and 1 1 plates. '. 
the volume is a general title 
of 1811. 

Vol. XIII. Part ii. Staffordsl 

Rev. J. Nightingale, 1813 

713_1201, and list of bool 

index, 9 leaves ; also a map i 

Vol. xiii, in two parts, 

16 Nos. 

Vol. XIV. By Mr. Shoberl, ! 
and dedication, 2 leaves. { 
423, with a map, and 13 pis 
rey, pp. 307, with a mapan< 
Sussex, 208 pp. with list of 
and index, 5 leaves, also a n 

Vol. xiv. consists of 12 No 
Vol. XV. Part i. Wiltshire, 
Britton, 1814, pp. viii. and 
errata, list of books, &c i 
13 leaves ; also a map and 
Vol. XV. Part ii. Title, pn 
list of plates, 4 leaves. War 
by J. Norris Brewer, 1814 
with list of books, &c. index, 
and corrections, 1 1 leaves, a 
and 16 plates. Westmorela 
Rev. J. Hodgson, pp. 245, fi 
3 leaves, also a map and 


Worctttenhize, by F. C. Laird, pp. 
416, with a map mod 15 plates. 
Vol XT. coniisU of 22 Kos. Part i, 
No. 1 to 10, with No. ?.• Part 
u. No8. 11 to 21. 
Vol. XVI. Yorkthirv, by John Bigland, 
1812, pp. Tin. and 938, with index, 
10 leaTCs, also 4 maps and 27 plates. 
VoL xvi. connsts of 12 Nos. 
VoL XTU. North Wales, by the Rev. J. 
Efans, 1812, pp. it. and 970, with a 
map and 30 plates. 
Vol. XTil. consists of 12 Nos. 
Vol. XVIII. South Wales, by Thomas 
Rees, pp. Tiii. and 917. with a Ust of 1 
boolES, ftc. 13 leaves, and index, and 
errau, 15 leaves ; also a map and 34 
VoL xTxiL connsts of 12 Nos. At 
the end of this volume is an ad- 
dress fiwm the Publisher, and di- 
rections for placing the cuts. 

Beauties of Nature and Art dis- 
^jed in a Tour through the 
World. London, 1763-4. small 
12aio. 14 vols, with maps and 
pUtes, 1 1. 5s. 

Beauties of Scotland. See For- 
STTB, Robert. 

Beauties of Wiluhire. See 

BtlTTOV, J. 

Beauties of the Irish Press, 
with Arthur O'Connor's Letter to 
Lord Castlereagh. [Dublin, n. d.] 

Very rare: the work was rigorously 



Beautj. A Discourse of aux- 
iiiar] Beauty, or artificial! Hand- 
Mmeaeise, in Point of Conscience 
between two Ladies. London, 
1656. 8vo. 5s. 

Tkii wotfc is ascrihed to Dr. Gauden hy 
hat ft Wood, hot it seems rather to have 
bcca the work of Obadiah Walker. It had 
cdtdon in 1662, under the title of 

'A DHconrte of artifidall Beauty, with 
MK aatyrical Censures on the vulgar 
Emn of these Thnes.' Wood, in his first 
cAisB, SKxibetthe work to Bishop Taylor, 
tat tUs nbuke was ooirected in the se- 
qaL'—Pa. Bliss. 

Beavvais, M. Essay on the 
Mems of distinguisbing antique 
fiOB couoterfeit Coins and Me- 
(Ui, translated from the French, 
with Notes and Illustrations by J. 

T. Brockett. Newcastle, 1819. 
crown 8vo. 5s. 

Two hundred and five copies printed. 

Beaveb, John. Roman Mili- 
tary Punishments. London. 1725. 
4to. with plates. 

Valued for the plates, which are hy Ho- 

LARGE PAPER, Steevens, 1564, with ad- 
ditional plates, morocco, 13^ 5s. Nassau, 
pt. i. 394. With head pieces to the chap- 
ters, engraved hy Hogarth, and duplicates, 
with variations at the end, in red mo- 
rocco, 21/. Baker, 756, morocco, 21/. 

— Captain Philip. African 
Memoranda, relative to an Attempt 
to establish a British Settlement on 
the Island of Bulama, 1792. Lon- 
don, 1805. 4to. pp. 620. 

White Knighta, pt i. 364, 14s. 

Be A WES, Windham. Lex 
Mercatoria. Sixth Edition, con- 
siderably enlarged by J. Chitty, 
Esq. London, 1813. 4to. 2 vols. 
3/. 3s. 

Best edition. The former editions are 
now of little value. 

Bebelius, John. Critical Re- 
marks on the Epistles, as they were 
published from several authentic 
Copies, by John Bebelius at Basil, 
in 1531. (By Benj. Dawson.) 
York, 1735. 8vo. 

Brc, Jean du, Abbot of Morti- 
mer. History of the Great Empe- 
rourTamerlan. Newly translated 
out of French into English, by 
H. M. London, 1597. 4to. 
pp. 265. 

Warton observes that probably the story 
of Tamerlane was introduced into our early 
drama from this publication. Inglis, 1392, 
88. Sir M.M. Sykes, pt i. 408, ISs. Gor- 
donstoun, 380, 19s. 

Becanus, Martin. Dissidium 
Anglicanum de Pri'matu Regis, 
cum brevi Pr-dcfatione ad Catholicos 
in Angliadegentes. Mogunt. 1612. 
12mo. 10s. 

I This eminent Jesuit, who was the great 
friend and supporter of Bellarmin, in his 
o>ntroversies with K. James I. and Archb. 
Andrews, publbhed Refiitatio Apologise et 
Monitoriae Prse&tionis Jacobi Regis Anglise. 
Mogunt. 1610. 8vo. and several other 
pieces relating to England, valued at about 
10s. each. 



Beccaria. Marquis. Essay on 
Crimes and Punishments, trans- 
lated from the Italian; with a Com- 
mentary attributed to M. de Vol- 
taire, translated from the French. 
London, 1766. 8vo. 68. 

A celebrated work which is said to have 
gone through above fifty editions and trans- 
lations. Tlie original was published 1764, 

— Giamb. Treatise on Artifi- 
cial Electricity. Translated from 
the Italian. London, 1776. 4to. 
7s. 6d. 

Beccatelli, Lodovico, Archb. 
of Ragusa. Life of Card. Regi- 
nald Pole, translated from the Ita- 
lian, with Notes, and an Appendix, 
by the Rev. Benj. Pye. London, 
1766. 8vo. 3s. 6d. 

An edition of the Life, in Latin, was 
published. Lond. 1690, 8vo. 3s. 

Beche. H. T. de la. Selection 
of the Geological Memoirs, con- 
tained in the Annates des Mines ; 
together with a Synoptical Table of 
Equivalent Formations. London, 
1824. 8vo. 18s. 

Beciier, John Joachim. Mag- 
nalia Natune : or the Philosopher's 
Stone, lately exposed to public 
Sight and Sale. London, 1680. 
4to. pp. 38, 5s. 

Reprinted in the seventli volume of the 
Harleian Miscellany. 

Beck, Cave. The Ufiiversal 
Character, by which all Nations 
may understand one anothers 
Conceptions. London, 1657. 8vo. 

A curious work, with a frontispiece, con- 
taining, as it is supposed, a portrait of the 
author, under the figure of the European. 
Nassau, pt- i. 223, 158. White Knights, 
pt. i. 401, russia, 1/. Is. Towneley, pt. i. 
294, XL 5s. 

Bbcke, Edmon. Confutation 
of the most detestable and anabap- 
tistical Opinion, that Christ dyd 
not take hys Flesh of the blessed 
Vyrgyn Mary. London, by John 
Day, 1550. 4to. 

In metre, unknown to Herbert, but no- 
ticed by Ritson in bis Bibliographia Poetica. 

Beck ET, Andrew. Shakespeare's 
himself again ; or, the Language of 


the Poet asserted. London, 1815. 

8vo. 2 vols. 

In little estimation. Bindley, pt. iii. 
1102, 13s. 

Beck ET, S. Thomas, Archbishop 
of Canterbury. Vita et Processus 
S.Thome Cantuariensis Martyris su- 
per Libertate Ecclesiastica. Parii. 

J oh. Philip Alemanus, 1495. 4to. 

Black letter. A copy is in the British 
Museum. Towneley. ptii. 1476, 17s. 

— The Lyfe of the blessed Mar- 
tyr Saynte Thomas. Imprynted by 
me Ryarde Pynson. 4to. 

Black letter, 8 leaves. StretteU, 1S39» 
9/. 9s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2534, 191. 

— The Life, or the Ecclesiasti- 
cal Historie of S. Thomas, Arch- 
bishope of Canterbury. By A. B. 
Colloniee, 1639. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Mtueunk 
Towneley, pt L 467, 12s. White Knight^ 
pt. i. 402, mor. 1/. 3s. Willett, 350, UlSt. 

— EpistolsB et Vita Divi Thome 
Cantuariensis. Necnon Epistols 
Alexandri III. Pontificis, &c. con- 
cernentcs Sacerdotii et Inajterii 
Concord iam : Oper& et Studio F. 
Christiani Lupi Iprensis. Bruz. 
1682. 4to. 2 parts in 1 vol. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

— Prophecie concerniog the 
Wars betwixt England, France, and 
Holland. London, 1666. 4to. 

In answer to this appeared ' A Letiv 
written to a Friend in Wilts, upon oocmmo ^ 
of a late ridiculous Pamphlet,' 1666, 4to. 

— «See Beau LIEU, Luke de. 

Brun£U8, Ric. 
Can DA, Charles de. 
Cola, Giov. BatlUta. 
Stapletov, Thomtf. 


Beck FORD, Peter. ThooghU 
on Huntinor. Sarum, 1781.4to.8i. 
First Edition. A notice of tlda walk 
will be found in the Retrosp. Review, A 
230—47. Third Edition, with fiont hf 
Bartolozzi. Sarum, 1784, 4s. Duke flf 
York, 509, mor. 1/. Is. Another, Leodon^ 
1 796, 8to. with 20 engrtvingi, 9s. 

— Familiar Letters from Italj. 
Salisbury, 1805. 8vo. 2 vols, 

Bindley, pt I 315, 68. Drory, 425, 


— William. BiograpUcai Me- 


f extracrdinary Painters. 
1780. 12ino. 

xl w(u4[, published anonymous- 
di ft notice will be found in the 
Ber. X. 172—9. Reed, 3479, 
iBI, 154 and 1055, 1/. Is. each. 
US4, 12mo. 5i. 

roRD, William. An Ara- 
e, (Vathek) from an un- 
1 MS. with Notes critical 
baatory, (by Mr. Henley) 
1786. small Bvo. 5s. 

, 521, 17s. 1934, 10s.6d. large 
Bted for presents, 158. Fonthill, 
St. A new edition, 1809. Third 
riaed and corrected, with an en- 
itlqpfece, 1815, 8to. 10s. 6d. 
nectnea of costume, beauty of 
, aid power of imagination, this 
n and sublime tale fiur surpasses 
«■ imitations; and bears such 
riipnality, that those who have 
Eiat will have some difficulty in 
i to be more than a translation.' 

Lord Btfron, 
doD in French was published 
lai. 6d. LAaGE rAPER. Font- 
7«. 2108, IL 5s. 

ecmnt of the Island of Ja- 

London, 1790. Bvo. 2 

Vol. i. pp. 464, vol. 

eontaining much valuable infor- 
"onthill, 1024, U.]ls.6d. 

>tory of France from the 
-ly Records to the Death 
I XVI. London, 1794. 
lis. 24s. 

WAN N, John. History of 
IS and Discoveries. Trans* 
n the German by William 
London, 1815. 8vo. 4 

iBfecrftting and valuable work. 
' cdilion appeared in 1 797, 8vo. 3 
dialburth was added in 1814. 

r, Thomas. The Worckes, 
r perused, corrected and 
. London, by John Day, 

ter. In 3 parts. Part i- ends 
LZZvtiL the prefixes are, * The 
Authors,' and * The Preface,' 
t. Part. ii. on ibl. cclsLxxxix. 
Iblie cccccxiii. Bach part has a 
ic Williams, 124, 5/.12s.6d. 
tafi^ owl Liu <f Editions. 

montofHcsncn, 1541, 8to. 



The Christmas Banket, 154|^ Svo. In- 

glis, 69, l/.Os. BiU. Llwyd. 49,* 32. 12s. 
The Potadon for Lent, 1542, 8to. 1543, 

The Pathwaye unto Prayer, 1542, 8vo. 

1543, 8vo. Inglis, 70, 5s« 
The Nosegaye. 
The Policie of Warre, 1543, entitled, 

' The true Defece of Peace,' 8vo. 
Daiud's Harpe, 1542, 8vo. 1543, 8vo. 
The New Yeare's Gifte, l543,8vo. Reed, 

486, 9s. 1560, fbUo. 
The Inuectiue against Swearyng, 1543, 

The Gouemaunce of Vertue, 1550, 8vo. 

1566, 8vo. 1574, 8vo. 1578, 8vo. 

1586, Svo. 
The Catechisme. 
The^Boke of Matrimony, 1542, 1543, 

1546, 8vo. Mentioned in Watt's 

Bibl. Britan. 

PART ir. 

The Jewel of Joy. 

The Principles of Christen Religion, no 
date, 12mo. 

The firuitful Treatise of Fastyng. 

The Castell of Comfort, no date, 8vo. 
Goldsmid, 95, 7s. 6d. Inglis, 76, 138. 

The Solace of the Soul, 1548, 8vo. 
1549, entiUed ' The Pliysicke of the 
Soule.' 8vo. 

The Fortres of the Faythfull, 1560, 
12mo. 10s. 6d. 

The Christen Knight. 

Homely agaynst Whordome. 

The Floute of Godly Prayers, no date 

The Pomaunder of Prayer. 1532, King 
and Loch^e's, in 1814, 5/. 15s. 1558, 
1565, Inglis, 76, Os. 1578. No date. 
Inglis, 77, U. Is. The Sicke Man's 
Salue, 1561, 8to. Sir M. M. Sykes, 
pt. i. 211, mor. 2/. 1574, 1579, 
1582, 1587, no date, 1610, 1613, 
1619, Inglis, 78, 3s. 
This calvinistical devotional tract, 
was, says Clifford, a frequent sub- 
ject of ridicule with the wits of 
those days. 

The Dialoge of Chrystes Birth. 

The Inuective agaynst Whoredome (in 
verse). No date, 12mo. 

A comfortable Epistle to the afflicted 
People of God. Strasburgh, 1554, 8vo. 
Bindley, pt. i. 1364. 

An humble Supplication unto God for 
the restoryng of his Worde. 

The Dbplaying of the Popish Masse. 
In Latin. Basil. 1559, 8vo. In 
English. London, 1637, 12mo. 2s.6d. 

The common Tlaces of the holy Scrip- 

A Comparison betwene the Lordes Sup- 
per and the Popes Klasse. 




Certayne Articles of Christen Religion, 
proued and confirmed with the Testi- 
monies and Authorities of the aundent 

The monstrous Marchandise of the Ro- 
mishe Byshops. 

The Reliques of Rome, 1553, 8vo. So- 
theby's in 1824, 8s. 6d. 1560, 8vo. 
IngUs, 74, 10s. 6d. 1563, 8vo. White 
Knights, 3630, mor. 12s. Denyer, 8, 
2/. 28. no date, 8to. North, pt L 
215, russia, 9s. Sir M. M. Sykes,pt.L 
202, 13s. 

The Diuersitie betwene God's Worde 
and Man's Iniundon. No date, 8to. 
entitled, ' Antithesis.' 

The Actes of Christ and of Antichrist. 
1577, 12mo, A copy is in the Bri- 
tish Museum. 

Christes Chronicle. 

The Summarye of the new Testament 

The Demaundes of Holy Scripture. 

The glorious Triumphe of God*s most 
bleMcd Worde. 

The Prayse of Death. 

Becon, Thomas. A newPostil, 
conteinyng Sermons vpon the Gos- 
pells. London, 1566. 4to. \0s. 6d, 

Reprinted 1567, 9s. Inglis, 152, 17s. 

Beddoes, Thomas, M.D. Hy- 
geia; or Essays moral and medical, 
on the Causes affecting the perso- 
nal State of our middling and 
affluent classes. London, 1801-2, 
8vo. 3 vols. \L Is. 

A sensible and excellent work. A 
copious list of this eminent physician's 
various publications will be found in Watt's 
Bibliotheca Britannica. A life of him was 
published by Stock, 1811, 4to. 

6ede> The venerable. Opera 
omnia. Colon. A^ip. 1612. vel 
1688. folio, 8 tom. m 4, 51. 5s. 
. According to Dr. Henry Uie only com- 
plete edition. 

— Opera queedam theologica, 
necnon historica. Accesserunt Eg- 
bert! Archiep. Ebor. Dialogus de 
Ecclesiastica Institutione, et Ald- 
helmi Episc. Scireb. Liber de Vir- 
ginitate. Lond. 1693. 4to. lOs. 6d. 

Edited by H.Wharton. 

— Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis 
Anglorum. Sine Loco aut Anno, 
folio, U. lis. 6d. 

First edition, according to Brunet, con- 
tisting of 97 leaves, printed in double co- 
lumns, 40 lines each. Vidg Panzer, Annal. 
Typog. i. 83. no. 445, Other Editions, 


Argent. 1513. folio. Gough, 845, 14a. 
Antv. 1550. folio, 128. Lovan. 1566. ISma 
58. Heidelb. 1587. 12mo. 4s. Col. Agrip. 
1601. 12mo. 3s. 

Bede, The venerable. Eccle- 
siasticse Historise Gentis Anglo- 
rum Libri V. tribus procipui MSS. 
Latinis a Mendis hand paucis 
rcpurgati : &c. &c. (Per Abrah. 
Whelocum.) Cantab.4.foUo,3[.3t. 

An excellent edition, in whidi wiU be 
found King Alfred's Saxon Version, nume- 
rous notes, and a Saxon Chronology. 
Dent, pt. I 393, morocco, 2/.8s. The latte 
portion of the work, dated 1643, eoniisCia| 
of the Anglo-Saxon laws, is sometiiBM 
found separately, 1^ Is. An editioii was 
published at Paris, 1681. 4to. 7^ 6d. 

** Historise Ecclesiastico Oen« 

tis Anglorum Libri V. una cum re- 

liquis ejus Operibus historicis in 

unam volumen coUectis : cura et 

studio Joh. Smith. Cantabr. 1722. 

folio. 3^ 3s. 

The best edition, with learned notes and 
dissertations. King Alfred's Saxon venioB ii 
also inserted in tUs edition. Heath, 450S, 
d(. Ss. LARGE PAPER, 3(. 13s. 6d. to 4L4li 

— History of the Church of 
Englande, translated by Thomai 
Stapleton. Antwerp, 1565. 4to. 

According to Bishop Nicolaon, ' A pv* 
tial translation by a doctor of trinity, b 
the university of Lovain.' Reed, S31S,.Bior. 
2/. 148. Nassau, pt. i. 395, mssia, St 16i. 

— Historic of the Church of 
England. St. Omers, 1622. BvoAU 

Dent, pt. i. 200, 13s. * Hiatory of tki 
Church of Scotland.' St. Omen, liU 
Nassau, pt. L 225, II. Ss. 

— Ecclesiastical History of 
the English Nation from tkeUNH- 
ing of Julius Csesar till the Year of 
our Lord 731, translated into Bqff- 
lish from Dr. Smith's Editioii.nro 
which is added, the Life of thi 
Author, also explanatory NolM. 
London, 1723. 8va. 

This work, says Dr. Adam Ckdce, b 
scarce — the trandation is, la Ae nb^ 
well done, and the notes very uaeiU. 

Sotheby's in 1826, SOs. Brockettb 104| 
1/. 1:1. Williams, 161, moroooo^ IL 14^ 

— History of the primitin 
Church of England, translated bj 
Hurst ; to which are added, a Lin 
of the Saint, and an Appendix of 
of Notes from Stapleton, Cres^i 







Smith ted Steveni. Lend. 1814. 
8n. 13s. 

6BDi,TheTmenble. England's 
OU ReligioD faithfully gathered oui 
oTBede, bj H. B. Antverp, 1656. 

— Epistole dnee, necnon ViUe 
Ablatniii Wiremuthensiiim et 
Oeiwieiuiam. Accewit Egberti 
Ardi. Ebor. Bede EeqoaiiR Dialo- 
g» de Eccleaiaitica Inititutione. 
Ex antiquia Cpdd. MS8. in Incem 
Muh et notii illuBtraTit Jac. Wa- 
iMs. Dublin. 1664. 8vd. Si. 

— LiTetoftheAbbotaorWear- 
moath, trantJated by Wilcock. 
Saadcriand, 1818. 

Brackctt, M6«, Bl 

— Axramata philosophica, Sla- 
dio If . Joannis Kroeielie. Impen- 
m R. OM, 1592. 8<ro. 

— Renim Anglicarum Scriptorea 
poat Bedam. FUcSavile, Henry. 
Bbdxll, William, Bp. of Kil- 
■ore. A Protestant Memorial, or 
Ac Shepherd's Tale of the Powder 
Plot, a Poem in Spenser's Style, 

e'lSAed from the original MS. 
od amongthePapenortfaelate 
Dr. DflUagbam. London, 1713. 
8ra. 15s. 

BwwdH, 174. II. IDi. A life of tlii* 
tmm ami eSMoplar; divine, wu pubUihcd 
br IT^ir BomM, I68S, Bra. Biibop of 
By, TS, Si. Sd. Rcprinud 1691, tod 
Tta .ITTir. IT'" ThcedlOon ITSfl on 

nica WMITOKI rATER. WUUuu, 313, 
■ 1M.lf.llfc»J. 

— Some Or^nal Letters, con- 
ffffng the Step* taken towards a 
a Rdormation of Religion at Ve- 
nee, on the Quarrel between that 
Slate and Pope Paul V. Dublin, 
1742. 12mo. 

A ttfj ii Id the Britiih Uoteum. Reed, 
liM, 11*. Admmii; the Lunbcth USS. no. 
171, k aoe by Blihop BedcU in uuwet to 
Ihlii --■■"■ 

BBorosD, Arthur. Scripture 
CknmtAoTj demonstrated by as- 
^t)nnnrir*l Calcolations ; aa also 
W the Tear <^ Jubilee, and the 
Sabbatical Tear among the Jews. 
Loodon, 1730. folio, 18s. labox 
tAnt, U. 4a. 


The bTpotberit on which thli el 

work ii formed, hu been (et Hide b» tb« 
nluKbte pubUcation of Dr. Halei. TUt 
leuned and pioiu divine pubtiihed miooi 
■ennona, and tmtiMi. leTeral of whlcb 
were igBinic riaj-houiei snd miuic Hii 
ijeriaiu Retnonttnnn, 1709, Sro. Wil. 
liiiDi, 163, morocTo, Ifii. 

Bedford, Hilkiah. Hereditary 
Right of the Ciown of England 
as3erted,<bc. Lond. 1713.folio,58. 

The real aathor of Ihi) work wu Qeorge 
Hubin, a nonjurtng cler^ynun, andTklr. 
B. wai flned 1000 marki, and impritoned 
Ihiee rean (br writing, printing, end pub- 
lishing the nme. Bindley, pt.L iTS, ISc 

Bedford. TheEpitaphoftheraost 
noble and valiant Jasper, late Duke 
of Bedford. London, by W. de 
Worde. 4to. 

Congliting of eight pagei. A copf It in 
thn Pepydin library of Magdalen College, 

An account of (he RubcII*, Barli of Bed- 
ford, waa publiilied SnhbyA. L. 16 — : > 
Lifeof FranriiEarle of Bedford, by George 
Whetilone, 198S. 4lo. and a Sermon at Ua 

ineral, by Tho.Sparke, D.D. Oion, IftSS. 

— Anecdotes of the House of 
Bedford, from the Norman Con- 
quest to the present Period. Lon- 

)n, (1796.) 8vo. 3b. 

Written in aniwer to ■ A Letter to a 
Noble Lwd,* from the pen of the Right 
Hon. Edmund Buike. 

Bedford Level. — Collection of 
Laws, together with an introduc- 
tory History thereof, by Charles 
Nalson Cole. Second Edition, 
with Additions. London, 1803. 
3vo. 10b. 6d. 

The e^lion of 1761 iilen complete. An 
account of a coniiderable number of tracta 
written on the mbject of the lurvcyi of the 
fcni in thii part of the country, and the 
<liipu(e> arinng thereupon, may be Men tn 
Ooogh'i BriL TopDg. i. 19S, &c Maity of 
the tract! are in the Britiih Mutcum and 
London Initilulion Libraries 

Bedford Marbles.— Outline Ed- 
^*ingB of the Woburn Abbey 
Marbles. 1822. folio. 

Conlwning 48 engratlngt in outline, 38 
from the antique, the othen fiom ourblei 
hy ChanCrey, Weitmacotl, Thorraliden 
HDd Canon, from drawing) by Corbould; 
■rift an appendii containing a diuertadon 
oa tb« Lanti Vaae, by Hr. Chiiitie, and on 
■n Bodaot hymn to the gracei by Ugo Foa- 
Folo. A copy la in the Britlih Huscom. 



Bedford Missal. See Gouoh, 

Bedloe, Captain William. The 
Life and Death of Captain William 
Bedloe. London 1681. 8vo. with 
a portrait, by R. White. ISs. 

Bedloe's gallantries and rogueries re- 
corded in this volume beggar description. 
Bindley, ptii. 1173, R 16<i. 

A Narrative of the Popish Plot. Lond. 
1679, folio, pp. 35, Ss. Od. ; and a tragedy, 
' The excommunicated Prince,' according 
to the title, written by Bedloe, was pub- 
lished 1679, folio, Ss. 6d. See Wood's 
Fasti, ii. 373. 

Bedwell, William. Kalenda- 
rium Viatorivm generale. The 
Traveller's Kalendar, serving gene- 
rally for all Parts of the World. 
London, 1614. Svo. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

— Mohammedis Impostune ; 
whereunto is annexed the Arabian 
Trvdgman. London, 1615. 4to. 

Another, entitled ' Mahomet unmasked,' 
1642, 4to. 

— Wilhelm. A brief Descrip- 
tion of the Towne of Tottenham 
High Crosse, in Middlesex. To 
which is 'added the Tvrnament of 
Tottenham, by Mr. Gilbert Pil- 
kington. London, 1631. 4to. 

White Knights, 33C2, morocco, 4/. 6s. 
Nassau, pt i. 396, russia, 18s. Re- 
printed with Butcher's Stamford, 1717, 
Svo. An account of Pilkington's Tour- 
nament of Tottenham, will be found in 
the forty-third section of Wartcm's His- 
tory of Poetry. 

Bee, Jacob. 

Twenty copies privately printed by Sir 
Cuth. Sharp. Brockett, 1685, 4s. 6d. 

— Jon. Slang. — A Dictio- 
nary of the Turf, the Ring, the 
Chase, the Pit, the Bon- ton, and 
the Varieties of Life, forming the 
complctest and roost authentic 
Lexicon Balatronicum hitherto of- 
fered to the notice of the Sporting 
World, by Jon Bee, Esq. Editor 
of the Fancy, Fancy Gaiette, Liv- 
ing Picture of Loudon, and the like 
of that. London, 1823. 

Bee, The, or universal Weekly 
Pamphlet, by a Society of Gentle- 
men and Booksellers. London^ 


1733-4. 8vo. 8 vols. consistiDg oi 

100 Nos. 

Edited by Eustace BridgcU. Bindley, 
pt i. 293, 9s. For another perio^Ucil pub- 
lication entitled The Bee, see An DEMOir, 
James, LL.D. and in 1759, 8 Not. ap- 
peared with the same title, written Vy 
Oliver Goldsmith. 

Beeardr, Richard. A godly 
Psalm of Mary Queen, 
which brought us Comfort all. 
Thro God whom we of Deuty praise 
that give her Foes a Fall. 
London, 1557. Svo. 

A celebration of the accession of Qneet 
Mary. With ptolm-tunes, in Iburpaitt. 
Beearde likewise published a poetical bntd- 
side, entitled ' Alphabetum Bcourdi,* printp 
ed by W. Copland. 

Beech RY, F. W. and H. W. 

Proceedings of the Expedition to 
explore the Northern Coasts of 
Africa in 1821 and 1822, compre- 
hending an Account of the Syrtii 
and Cyrenaica, of the andent 
Cities, composing the Pentapolis, 
and other various existing Remains* 
London, 1827. 4to. 31. 3s. 

Beeckman, Captain Danid. 
Voyage to and from the Island of 
Borneo in the East Indies. Load. 
1718. 8vo. 5s. 

An interesting work, even at this £i- 
tance of time, reprinted in the eleventh vo- 
lume of Pinkerton*8 Collection of Voysgei 
and Travels. Rozburgbe, 7305, 5s. 

Beedomk, Poems Divine and 
Humane. London, 1641. 8vo. 

Reed, 6562, U 16a. Bindley, pt i. 417. 
4/. 5s. Reprinted in Wit a Sportinff, ISiT* 

Bee Hiue of the RomisheChuidiy 
translated out of Dutch into Eng- 
lish, by Geo. Gilpin, the Elder* 
London, 1580. 16mo. 108,6d. 

Black letter. Dedicated to 'Uvm 
Philip Sidney, Esq.,' hy John Stdl, «* 
whose proper costs and chai^ges thiivrortfay 
book was translated and printed. Nfftli* 
pt. i. 21S, mor. 1/. 68. Sir M. If . Sykifc 
pt. i. 212, mor. 1/. ISi. Th* MAkh 
1579, Bindley, pt. ui. 709, 7s. 6d. EditiaP 
1623, Sotheby's in 1824, 6a. White 
Knights, pt i. 406, 3s. 

Beek, J. Triumph Roytl; 
containing a sliort Accouot of th0 
most remarkable Battels, &c. oi 
the House of Nassau. Londoo, 
1692. 8 vo. 5s. 


Warm Beere, farre more 
Iben that which is drunke 
UDdbfidge, 1641. 12ino. 

pC iu. 2203, lis. 6d. Re- 
I, Sto. 

I, The, or Progress of 

Qosport, 1736. 4to. 

B6^ 6i. 6d. Sotheby's in March, 

RKLL, Jamei. Les De- 
Im Grand Bretagne et de 
Leyde, 1707. 12mo. 8 
. many plates, U. Is. 

lays the Quarterly Reriew, as 
ibftble features most of which 
J past away. White Knights, 
■an, pt, i.229, 12. Is. Towne- 
\tt 1/. Us. M. of Townshend, 

Second Edition. Leide. 
mo. 8 vols. 

u L 590, 13s. 6d. Bindley, pt. 
9i. Drury, 427, 1/. 13s. So> 
1823, 2/. 12s. 6d. Edwards, 

SL The plates only in 4to. 

ttO, 13s. 

r. — History of the Blind 
»f Bednal Qreen. Lond. 

M. Sykes, pt i. 426, rnssia, 
Bdcrs in 1818, 1/. Is. There is 
til the same title, by Jo. Day, 

BEE 141 

Beh n, Mrs. Aphra. Plays. The 
Second Edition. London, 1716. 
2 vols, with portrait by Vander 

This edition contains 15 plays, seven in 
Vol.i. and eight in Vol. u. Field, 119, 
date 1702-16. 1/. 9s. 

— Plays. London, 1724. 12mo. 
4 vols, with portrait, by R. White, 
after T. Riley. 

In this edition Prologues and Epilogues 
are omitted. Naasau, pt i. 230, 1/. 17s. 

Original Editions, as published in 


Forced Marriage, 1671. 

The amorous Prince, 1671. 

The Dutch Lover, 1673. 

Adelazar, 1677. 

The Town Pop, 1677. 

The Rover, part L 1677. 

The Debauchee, 1677. 

Sir Patient Fancy, 1678. 

The feigned Courtesans, 1679* 

The Rover, part ii. 1681. 

The City Heiress, 1682. 

The false Count, 1682. 

The Roundheads, 1682. 

The young King, 1683. 

The luckey Chance, 1687. 

The Emperor of the Moon, 1687* 

The Widow Ranter, 1690. 

The younger Brother, 1696. 
Bindley, pt. i. 741, 1/. 5.4. Roxburghe, 
4442, &c. (except the Debauchee) 21, 3s. 

Mrs. hehn likeuiat pithlished : 
Poems. London, 1684, 8vo. 4s. Mis- 
cellany beingof a Collection of Poems, 
by several hands, 1685, 8to. 48. Ly- 
cidus, or the Lover in Fashion, trans- 
lated by Mrs. A. Behn, 1688, 4to. 4s. 
Lover*s Watch, 1686, 8vo. with front 
48. Histories and Novels, 1698, 1718, 
8vo. 1722, 1735 (eighth edition) &c. 
12mo. 2 vols. 5s. 
To her also are attributed love letters 

between a Nobleman (Ford Lord 

Grey) and his sister (the Countess 

of Berkley.) 

Behrens, Geo. Henning. Na- 
tural History of Hartz Forest, in 
Germany, translated by John An- 
dree. London, 1730. 8vo. ds. 6d. 

Bekihsau, John. Desnpremo 
et absoluto Regis Imperio. Lon- 

rh«rptn is contained a ner- ^*°'» 1546. 8vo. 
Dcrein is coniainea a per Dedicated to King Henry VIIL Re. 

talogue of bis Workes. Lon- ^^^^^ .„ ^^^ g^^ volume of Monarchia S. 

e Beggar's Ape, a Poem. 
4to. with a frontispiece. 

117, I/. 3s. Nassau, pt i. 397, 
'•wneley, pt. i. 390. 

le Supplication of Beg- 
ee Fish, Simon. 

aiae of Antiquity and Com- 
f Beggery, Beggert, and 
, m Poem. London, 1 62 1 . 
I a frontispiece. 

Aey, pt. iii. 2271, ZL 9s. 

lEK, Jacob. Works, to 
hicb is prefixed the Life of 
lor. With Figures illus- 
lu Principles. Left by the 
illiam l^w, M.A. Lond. 
i. 4to. 4 vols. 1/. 16s. 

he Life of one Jacob Boeh- 

44. 4to. 5s. 
er fife of this celebrated mystic 
by Frauds Okely, 1780, 8vo. 


Roman! Imperii, & Mekhior Goldastus 
Hamensfeldius. Franc 1621, folio. Dr. 
Dibdin mentions a doubtful edition of the 
date of 1537. 



Bekker, Balthazar. World be- 
witched ; or an Examiuatioo of the 
common opinion concerning Spirits. 
London, 1695. 12mo. vol. 1. 
38. 6d. 

The best account of the power of devils, is 
that given by the celebrated and persecuted 
Dr. Bekker in his work entitled ' Le 
Monde enchante.' — Retrosp. Review. 

Bel.— Adam Bel, Clym of the 
Cloughe, and Wyllyam of Clou- 
desle. London, by William Cop- 
land. 4to. 

This very ancient, curious and popular 
performance is reprinted from a copy in the 
Garrick collection of plays, in the British 
Museum, in Ritson's Fleces of ancient po- 
pular Poetry. 

— Adam Bel, Clym of the 
Cloughe, and Wyllyam of Clou- 
desle. No printer's name or date. 

Contains pp. 18. Bibl. Anglo-Poet, 3, 
(4 leaves MS.) 3^ resold at Saunders' in 
1818, U. 18s. 

— Adam Bell, Clim of the 
Clough, and William of Clou- 
desle. Lond. by James Roberts, 
1605, 4to. 

To this reprint consisting of 17 leaves, 
was affixed ' The second part,' a very in- 
ferior and servile production. A copy is in 
the Bodleian. 

— Adam Bel, Clim of the 
Cloughe, and William of Clou- 
desle. London, 1668. 4to. 

Roxburghe, 3403, 4L 

— Adam Bell, Clim of the 
Clough, and young William of 
Cloudesley. The second Part. 
London, 1616. 4to. 

This edition differs considerably from 
the former one, printed in 1605.. 

Bel, William. The Testament 
of William Bel, Gentleman, left 
written in his owne Hand ; with 
Annotations at the End, and Sen- 
tences by his Sonne, Francis Bel. 
Doway, 163^, 12mo. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

Belcamp, Jo. V. Consilium 
et Votum pro ordinanda ac sta- 
bilienda Hibemia. Lond. 1651. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

Belch I RB, Dabridgecourt. 
Hans Beer Pot his invisible Co- 


medie of See me and See me not t 
acted in the Low ConntrieSy by an 
honest Company of Health- Drink- 
ers. London, 1618. 4to. 

PhiUips and Winstanley have cmiieoiuly 
attributed this pieee to Thomas Nsih. A 
copy is in the British Museum. Inglis' Old 
Plays, 1 2, 4/. Is. Sotheby's in AprU, 182 1, 
5/. 2s. 6d. 

Belfast. — Historical Collections. 
Belfast, 1817. 8vo. 

A meagre collection of annals, laaMi 
only as a book of reference. 

I — Select Papers of the Literary 

Society of Belfast 1809, &c. 4to. 

Fasc. 1. ii. iii, iv. 3s. each. 

Belfour, John. History of 

Scotland, from the earliest accounts 

to the present time. Lond. 1770. 

8vo. 5s. 

A useful epitome. 

Belgicke Pismire and Souldier.. 
See Scot, Thomas. 

Belgium. See Rutlahd, Duke 

Belianis of Greece. — The Honour 
of Chivalrie, set downe in the most 
famous Historic of Don Bellianis. 
London, 1598. ^to. 

Only the first part An e^tion -UBknown 
to Ames, Herbert, or Dr. Dibdin. Stanley, 
747, 7/. 

— Honour of Chivalry, or the 
famous and delectable History of 
Don Belianis of Greece, translated 
out of Italian. London^ 1 650. 4to. 

Black letter. Steevens, 1156, Us. An 
edition 1671, 4to. 2 parts. Goldsmid,440S, 
6s. 6d.— 1673, (by Kirkman.) Goldniid, 
404, 13s. 6d.— 1683, (by Shuriey). Oolds- 
mid, 405, 1/. Is.— 1694, Roxburghe, 6M4, 
R 6s.— 1703. 4to. 2 parts. Naann, pt i. 
1285, 98. White Knights, 369, 10a. GtoU- 
smid, 406, (the continuation) nuria, 31. 4s. 

Beling, Richard. Vindicia- 
rum Catholicorum in Hibemia, 
Rerum in Hibemia gestarum ab 
Anno 1641, ad Annum lj649. 
Paris. 1650. 12mo. 

A rare book published under the name of 
Philopater Irenseus, unknown to Nioolson, 
and most bibliographers. Gordonstouo, 
1767, 5^ 

— Innocentiee suee impetitsB per 
Reverendissimum FeraensemXNic. 
French) Vindicise. . Paris. 1652. 


BcEnc'a Mcouiit of tbe 
tdud, dniing tin period of ihc rebelllOD, 
I tMBmi more trortby of credit than muj 
fbBcb bj tb* Bomkh putj. 

Bsi-iiro, Richard. Annotationes 
■ Jokumia Poncii Librum, cui 
ntidas, Vindicice Ererss: acces- 
cnnt Bcltngi Viadiciee. Paria. 
1654. 8to. 

BsLKiiAP, Jeremy, A.M. Hia- 
tsn oT New Hampshire. Pbiladel- 
phn. and Boaton, 1784-92. 8vo. 
3 TOlf. 15>. 

T«k.I. and II. arc htrtmitsl. Vol. III. 
alMH M cUmMc, wil, prodoa, ftc. 

Bell, — .The Conressiou, Ob- 
rtmacj, and Ignorance of Father 
EUI, a RomUh Pnest, wherein ie 
iledared the manner or his Tryal, 
Condemnation and Execntion on 
Monday, December 10, 1643. 
1643. 4to. 

Nuai],ptU. 1333, 111. 

— Andrew. D.D. ElemenU of 
lUtioa. Lond. 8to. 3 parts, II. Ss. 

— Benjamin. Svstem of Sar- 
my, Edinb. I8OII Svo. 7 vols. 

TW brawT edition) ■ppeared Ediob. 
lTtM,8TO. Siok. 1793, 6 n>l(. 17M, 
THb. Bell likewiK publiihed icTenl 
MkiT mrpol worlu. 

Bell, Charles. Essays on the 
Anatomy d Expression in Painting. 
Second Edition. London, 18S4. 
4to.with plates. 21. 12g. fid. 

tk fanner edition 1806, 4U>. Sir H. 
>.t)k«, pi. L 409, U lOi. Duke of 
Tail, Ml. 

— Anatomy or the Brain, ex- 
llMed in a Series of Engraving. 
Undcn, 1811. 4to. 21. 2s. 

klK^ edition eppeend in 1S0S, Ito. 
Ik leB btt UkrwiM puhUihed otber t*- 
UhwiAa, the prinopal of which *re 
* ' ' " wdmcDi of Morbid 
n the Aulhor'i Coi- 
_. > in Windmill SincI, and 
■liind fron the Dinnoni inicilbed 
DkAib, Verica, Rm morlnaa et 
1m. Laodoa,lB13. bUo. II. 16). 
A IcMtipdoti of Bell't Muuum, baa 
benpoMibed, 4u>. 2a. 
ItMib «f OpnatiTe Hurf[ery, fimadcd on 
AtBaaiiof Anatomf. Landon, ISll. 
A kt^ edition appeued b IBOT. 
Eipiffaifi, mduning ibe Conne of 
AtNtntt. toi^a 



lUuatrationi of the great Opeiatloiu of 
Surgerj, Trephine, Hetnla, Ampota- 
lation, Aneuriam, and Lilholomr. 
London, ISil. lai^ lio. with SI 
platea, St. ISi. plain, St. Sa. coloured. 
EngraTingi of the Atteriea. Third Edi- 
tion. London, IS!4. Sto. plain 13t. 
coloured tt. la. 

The flnt edition appeared in IBOI. 
Bell, Geoi^ Joseph. Com- 
mentaries on the Laws of ScoUuid, 
and on the Principles of Mercantile 
Jnriapmdence. Fourth Edition. 
Edinburgih, 182i. 4to. 2 vols. 
41. 14s. 6d. 

— Henry. Historical Esaayon 
the Original of Painting. LonaOD, 
1728. Svo. 4s. 

— Henry Nugent. Hunting- 
don Peerage: to which is prefixed 
a genealogical and biographical 
History of the illustrious House of 
Hastings, including a Memoir of 
the present Earl and Family. Lon- 
don, 1820. 4to. 

Contdni pp. 403, with a portndt of the 
Eail of Hunlingdan. The gtoealo^cal 
account of the lunily ii wholly recompoNd 
from the moat authentic loaicei, and the 
dngnlu drcunwtancei attending the eala- 
hUUiineal of the claim to the dtlc of 
Huntingdon, which bad been nnclaimed. 
Gir nearly tbiity yean ace detailed with 
more fpiril and Tivadty than truth. To the 
anaotd copiei a new title page waa aSaed 
in laSl, with the addition of a Qenealo^ol 
Table, and portraiti of the Counteia of 
HontingdoD, Jane Shore, Lady JaneOrey, 
Uenij HaiCiDga of the Woodlanda, and the 

— Major James. Chronolc^cal 
TablesofUaiTersal History, brought 
down to the end of the Reign of 
George III. London, 1820, royal 
foUo, II. 10s. 

— John. Gratiarum Actio oh 
profligatam His[>anorum Classem, 
que Ecclesie Dei in vtroque Bri- 
tannin Re^o extremem Vaslita- 
tern minaU est. Edinh. 1590. 16mo. 

A poem, in Latin el^ac vene, consM- 
ing of (ii IcaTei, dedicated by the author 
Jotaanei Belni, to Hr. Robert Bruce, H. 
Id Edinburgh. 

— of Antermony. Travels from 
St. Petersburg, in Russia, to divers 
parts of A»a. Glasg. 1763. 4to. 
2 vols. 

144 BEL BEL 

The best model for travel-writing in the Black letter. Interesting for the notioea 

English language. — Quart. Review. Dm- it affords of many distinguished Jesnitt fal 

ry, 539, IL 2s. Gough, 634, R 48. Bind- England, during the reign of Elizabeth, 

ley, pt. i. 594, 1/. 4s. Sir P. Thompson, Reed, 3320, 8s. Bell published other 

124, IL 1 Is. 6d. Heath, 2547, 2L 12s. 6d. works relative to popery, several of which 

Fonthill, 311, 31. 3si Reprinted Dublin, were in the Gordonstoun Library, not. 147 

1704, 8vo. 2 vols. Edinb. 1788, 8vo. to 153. In the Bodleian Library is *The 

2 vols. Edinb. 1800, 8vo. 2 vols, and also dolefvl Knell of Thomas Bell,' by B. C. 

in the seventh volume of Pinkerton's Col- (Father Parsons.) Roane, 1607, 8vo. 

'"trjlTn."'''Je7rfNcw Pan. . B.ll Thoma,. Roma restkuta. 

theon ! or, historical DicUonary of V,"^ Antiqu.tatum Romanarum 

the Gods. Demi-Gods. Heroes Compendium absolutum. ex op- 

and Fabulous Personsof Antiquity, *""'» Authonbus m Usum studio- 

&c. Lond. 1790. 4to. 2 vols, in l! "^J"'^"^"'" collectumr Gl^. 

with plates. 1672.8vo5s. 

. '^ „ ,, . . - , ., ^. A very brief compendium, highly ei- 

Anexoellent and useful compilation, tolled by cotemporary versifiers. AftLtha 

uent, pt. 1. 450, u. 5s. f^^^^Yi book is a 'Coronis de Scotoram 

— Theatre. ) ^ Theatre. Stratagematis.* Reprinted Lond. 1677. 

Poets. > ^ Poets. l2mo. 

FugitivePoetry, ) Poetry. — William, D.D. Enqairyinto 

— Principles of Surgery. Edin. the Divine Missions of John the 
1801,6, 7. 4to. 3 vols, with 160 Baptist and Jesus Christ. Lond. 
plates, 4/. 4s. 1761. 8vo. 5s. 

— Anatomy and Pliysioloey of Williams 163, 13s. The works of thk 
the Human Body; and the Ana- '^''' "^ recommended by Bbhop Wat- 

'TNp^i?rhfe.''I '^! ?T^" Bella Scot.AngIica.-A Brief of 

r> 11 tf.u i?A\' J A lonrt counters which have happened 

Bell. Fifth Edition. Lond. 1822. i. • . i?^ i j j c? *i rj^TCl-. 

8vo. 3 vols. 21. 12s. 6d. \7%'. England and Scot and from 

Mr. John Bell likewise published cnp,- f ' J™" Jf ^'"' P""*"** ^"*- 

vings of the Bones, Muscles, and Joints. Io4o. 4tO. OS. 

Third Edition, 4to. 1/. lis. 6d. BELLAMY, George AddC. ApO- 

— Robert. Treatise on the logy for her Life, written bT her* 
Election Laws, as they relate to self. To which is annexedf ber 
Scotland, in the Parliament of the original Letter to John Calcraftt 
United Kingdom of Great Britain Esq. advertised to be published m 
and Ireland. Edinb. 1812. 4to. October 1767, but which was thea 
21, 5s. , violently suppressed. London, 

— Dictionary of the Law of 1785. 12mo. 6 vols, with portiait 
Scotland. Second Edition. Edinb. by Bartolozzi, and frontispieoaii 
1815. 8vo. 2 vols. 1/. 48. 15s. 

— System of the Form of Deeds V^^- ^- ^^ pubUshed subsequently and 

used in Scotland. Edinb. 1811. » frequentl^y wanting. Duke ofYorkj^SWJ 

Q ^ , ., .^ 5 vols. 18s. An edition was pnbliiatd 

»V0. 7 vols. 4«. lOs. Dublin, 1785, in 2 vols. In 1785, ap- 

Best edition. The seventh volume, in- peared ' Letters addressed to Mr^ BcUtmyf 

tended as a supplement to former editions occasioned by her Apology, by Edivaid 

is sold separately. Mr. Bell has published V/illet,* 8vo. Reed, 8615, 68. 6d. 

several other Scotch Law Book.. _ jo,,„ hj^j ^f ^ jj^jj. 

— Thomas. Survey of Popery, gjong, a new and enlaned Bdi- 
t -A-ato"He of Popish Tyrannie. J^^rtJoro^r SSeT^- 

London, 1603. 4tO. with very UtUe eneooiagement 


BsLLAMT, Thomas. Philanax 
igticus: or, a Christian Caveat 
r all Kings, Princes, and Pre- 
ct, how they entrust a Sort 
pretended Protestants of Integ- 
y»or suffer them to commix with 
sir GoYernment. London, 1663. 
0. 5s. 

k cwiom account of this work wiU be 
■dm Dr.Blin'f edition of Wood's Athen. 
ML IT. 139. 

Bella KM IK, Robert. Re- 
onsio ad Librvm inscriptvm ' Tri- 
td nodo triplex Cuneus.' 1608. 

rhk answer to King James appeared 
Iv the ilctitloiis name of Mattheus 



— A trve Relation of the last 
cknes and Death of Cardinall 
iUarmine, who died in Rome the 
UKoteenth Day of September 
31 : by C. E. of the Society of 
Mf. 16^2. 12iiio. 

Bindley, pL iii. 288, 48. 
' BcBannin was one of the best contro- 
nUL writers of his time : few authors 
m imat ijrrater honour to tbeir profes- 
ft«r opinioDS, and certain it is none have 
vaorv ably defended the cause of the 
wUb diarcfa, or contended in iavourof the 

5 with greater advantage.' — Dr, Bliu, 
BLLAY, William de. Instnic- 
ns for the Warres, translated 
OB the French) by Paule lue, 
mL London, 1589. 4to 7s. 6d. 

■kIc letter. Contains 312 pp. besides 

Bdle Asscrobl4e, La, from the 
HiBencenient in lH06 to the 
Time. lx>ndon. roval 8vo. 

monthly, -with portraits and 
!■ af costume, and which for future 
• wlO §OTUM a valuable record of the cos- 
IB of part of the but, and present century, 
HBe af the recent plates of the female 
Bqr are Tahusble. 

Bklleh AC H I tf 8, Ogerius. Sa- 
Bvcolica Elizabeth Bri- 
Francise, et Hiberuise 

ig;iiiaD dicata. Lond. 1583. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

Belles DEN US, Gulielmus. Ca- 
ll primi et Henriettee Mariee, 
egb et Regine Magnse Bri tan- 
is, dec. Epithalamivm. Paris. 
625. 4to. 

A copy is in the Britlah Museum. 

Bellendenus, Gulielmus. Ci- 
cero's Prince, the Reasons and 
Counsels for Settlement and good 
Governmentof a Kingdom, collected 
out of Cicero's Works. London, 
1668. 12mo. 

Bindley, pt. i. 644, Ss. White Knights, 
pt i. 849, morocco, 7s. 

— De Statu Libri tres. Editio 
secunda, long^ emendation Lond. 
1787. Bvo. 15s. 

With an elaborate and learned preface by 
the editor. Dr. Parr, and portraits of Burke, 
Fox, and North, to each of whom sections 
are dedicated. Drury, 428, russia, IGs. Sir 
M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 215, morocco, 1/. 2s. 
Home Tooke» 49, U. 5s. 

The 'Prsfatlo/ separately, 1788, 8to. 
Bindley, pt. ii. 2246, with the portraits of 
Burke, Fox, and North, and the cancelled 
leaf, ISs. pt. iii. 76, with the cancellied leaf, 
6s. 6d. 

— A free translation of the Pre- 
face to Bellendenus (by the Rev. 
William Beloe). London, 1788. 
8vo. ds. 6d, 

Hollis, 1013, 8s. Home Tooke, 514, 
12s. 6d. 

This celebrated preface gave rise to the 
following tracts : — 

Remarks on the new Edition of Bellen- 
denus, with some Obserrations on the 
extraordinary Preface. 1787. 8to. 

Animadversions on the political part of 
the Preface to Bellendenus. l788.8vo. 

In olentem Bellendeni Editorem Car- 
men Antamoellaeum. With an Epistle 
dedicatory to the free translator of the 
celebrated Preface to Bellendenus. 
4 to. 

The Parriad, addressed to the Editor of 
Bellendene, upon his elegant but illi- 
beral Preface. By William Chapman, 
A.M. 1788. 4to. 

Sellers, Fettiplace. Delinea- 
tion of universal Law. London, 
1754. 4to. 6s. 

An excellent outline. A former edition 
appeared 1740. 4to. Ss. Mr. Betters like- 
wise published * On the Ends of Society,' 
1759. 4to. 

— Fulk. Sermon July 24, 
1655, at the Interment of John 
Lamotte, Esq. Aid. of London. 
London, 1656. 4to. with portrait 
by Faithome. 

Bell EWE, Richard. Les Ans 
dv Roy Richard le second. Lond. 

1585. 8yo. 10s. 6d. 

This book forms a substitute for the year 
book of that reign, which is wholly omitted. 


146 BEL 

Bellicard, M. Observations 
upon the Antiquities of Hercula- 
neum. London, 1753. 8vo. with 
42 plates, 6s. 

An ingenious work, containing some 
particulars wliich had escaped the observa- 
tion of former writers. 

Bellin, Nicholas. Essai g6o- 
graphique sur les Isles Britanni- 
ques. Paris, 1757. 4 to. 78. 

Bellomatus, Joannes. Qra* 
dus ComparatioDum cum Verbis 
anomalis simul cum eorum Com- 
positis. London, by me John Toye, 

The only piece known printed by John 
Toye. It consists of eight leaves, and has 
John Scot's device at the end. Dr. Dibdin 
•numerates three other editions printed by 
W. de Worde, 1526. 1527, and 1530. 

Bellon, P. Irish Spaw; being 
a Short Discourse on Minercd 
Waters in general, &c. Dublin, 
1684. 8vo. 

A copy is in the British Museum. Nas- 
sau, pt. i. 238, U 10s. 

Bellopoelius, Petrus. De 
Pace inter invictissimos Henricum 
Galliarvm et Edvardvm Angliee 
Reges Oratio. Londini in .ZEkiibus 
Guill. Powell, 1552. 4to. 

Contains H 5, in fours. Dedicated to 
John Duke of Northumberland. 

Bellora and Fidelio. See 
Greene, Robert. 

Bel LOT, James ? French Me- 
thode, 1588. 

Bindley, pt. i. 671, 15s. Not mentioned 
by Dr. DibAn, who however notices that 
James Bellot had licence to print 'The 
EngUshe Skoolmaster.' 

bellum Grammaticale, a Dis- 
course of grete War and Dissention 
between two worthy Princes, the 
Noun and the Verb, contending for 
the chiefe Place or Dignity in Ora- 
tion, turned into English by Wil- 
liam Haywarde. Lond. 1576. 8vo. 

Wood mentions an edition of the date of 
1574, and states that he was informed that 
Dr. Leonard Hutten was the author of the 
Trag.Com. called Bellum Grammaticale. 

Bellum Grammaticale ; sive No- 
minura Verborumque Discordia 
civilis. Lond. 1635. 12mo. 

Acted before Queen Elisabeth in Christ 
Church, Oxford, on Sunday the 24th of 


Sept. 1592. An editioii 1638. Rozboi^, 

3649, 5s Edinb. 1698. Bindley* pt. U 

843, 108«~lHmdon, 1729. Nassau, pt,l. 
239, 4s. 

Bellus. Jnglice Bsll. 
Belman.— The Bdman of Lon- 
don. See Decker, Thomaf. 

— Merry Bell-man's Out-Cryes, 

or the Cities O Yes ! being a mad 

merry Ditty, both pleasant and 

witty, to be cry'd in Prick-Song 

Prose, through County and City. 

Printed in the Year of Bartledum 

Fair, 1655. 4to. 
King and Loch^e's in March 1810, ISt. 

— The Bell-Man's Treanvrj, 
containing above a hundred aefe- 
ral Verses, fitted for all Humoun 
and Fancies, and suited to all 
Times and Seasons. Lond» 1707. 
8vo. 18s. 

Beloe, Rev. William. Anec- 
dotes of Literature and scaice 
Books. London, 1807-12. 8fO. 
6 vols. 

A work containing much biUlugiaplM 
information, and extracts from enlBM 
worlcs. Bindley, pt. i. 411, 1/. ISfc Mm- 
sau, pti. 233, U. 14s. Dnir7,499, ll.lfe 
Brockett. 1 12, 2/. StrettcU, 97, SI. IH 

Mr. Beloe likewise published « lilwJIi 
nies/ 1795. 12mo. 3 vols. 7a. 6d. FonM. 
3561, W. 16«. And also tranalatiaiis d 
Herodotus, Coluthus, Gellins, ftc. 

— Sexagenarian ; or, Reodkc- 
tions of a literary Life. London, . 
1817. 8vo. 2 vols. r2s. 

These volumes for prasmmpdoi^ wkh 
statement, and malignity, have ranlf b«B 
exceeded, or even equalled. Nasna, pC^ I* 
234, 7s. Strettell, 98, with a 118. Iffi 
XL lis. 0d. Bindley, pt 1. 410, wiih a 
MS.Key, li. 13s. 

Belsham, Thomaa. Menoin 
of the late Rev. Tbeophilus Utd- 
sey, A.M. with a brief Analysis of 
his Works ; also, a Greneral Vww 
of the Progress of the Unitariai^ 
Doctrine in England and America. 
London, 18lV^. 8vo. 128. 

This vrriter has published many olhsr 
works, whidi are held in eitinraiB If 
those of the Unitarian ptmuMlMu 

— William. EwMiys, pUlaao- 
phical, historical, and Itteftfy* 

LmdoD, 1789-91, 8ro. 3 vols. 

RcprfBtcd irn. 

Belsbah, William. Hiitory 
of Qnat Britain from the Revolu- 
tion 1688,totheConcluBionofthe 
IVcatf of Amieoa. London, 1802. 
8vo. 12 vda. it. l'2s. 6d. 

In Bttia MiDUioii. An tditiaa 1791, 
4m. S nb. Sf U. M. BjktM, pt. L 414, 
U, ins, Sra. 10 Toll. Dent, pt. i. SIM, 
U. ISb 1101, Sre. 8 nil. Sdwudi, «01, 

Beltkami, J. C. Pilgrimage 
m Europe and America, leading to 
Ike Diacorerj of the Sourcea of the 
Haunipp, and Bloody River, &c. 
Lcndoa, 1838. 2 vola. 

Bu.aa. AngUct Bell. 

Bid'vedeic, or the Gaiden of the 
NiMes. See Bodeiiiiaii, John. 

Belzomi, G. Narrative of the 
OperaUoni and recent Diacoverie* 
within the Pyramids, Templea, 
Tomba, and Excavations in l^ypt 
aod Nnbia. London, 1820. 4to. 
«ith > portrait. 

. Dtot, pt. L 4ST, 11. Tb »rM.H. 
%,ft.\. 413, iL li. Id illailniiiHi of 
mnlln too ■eiin of pUts (one con- 

4M^ bT 44, llie Mbcr DfO) wen publuhed. 

DAi at Tork, 71B. with the coloured 

fktti, U. S*. Sd. Dnirj, S40, nildi, with 

Ac oionrad ptatei, 51. li. fld. 

A thbd ef tSon of the Dimtire wm pob- 

Uai ISn, Sto. > coU. II. St. 

Bemetzbieder. . Husic 

made caaj to ever; Capacity, in a 
Sens of Dialogue*, tranalated by 
Oifird Bernard. London, 1778. 
4to. 3b. fid. 

laWtwii work by Bcmttirirder, eoticled 
fii^iiilaai of > uw Method of Huilc, 
171), tvo. ^, A eomplele TmtiM of 
Hide, IMO, 4(10. 

BcBDiau, SirThomaa. Newei 
liMi TTrkie, or a true Relation of 
te fa ai lifer a of Sir Thomaa Ben- 
it Ambauador, with the grand 
'nir at CtmaUDtioople. Lon- 
Mo, 1648. 4to. 

A espj b In Iha Brituh MnwmB. 
BiVDLos. See Bevloe. 
Bevsimct. See Bevvst. 
BifEDicTOSr Abfasa PetvobnT- 
tWia. nde Hbame, ~ 

BEN 147 

Bem ESK, Sir Richard de. Boke 
of Meaauryge of Laode. London, 
by Thomas Colwell [1562]. 18mo. 

Bluklnur.G in cighU, introduced with 
The PtcEac« of Tbo. Poynell, CtunoD of 
Huton.' Bindley, pt. W. lD»fi, 3*. Ac- 
" ig to the Britiih Miutum CMalc^uc 
wen two edllioiu printed bj 'tho. 
Colirell. An edition, imprinted br R. 
Wyer. 16n». Inglii, S2, Si. Sd. WMto 
Knighti.pLL 41S, runs, Ul Another edl- 
-' n, Southwuk.byJimeiNicholwn. ISma. 

Beng&li Selections, with Trana- 
lalioiis and a Vocabulary, by O. 
C. Haiightoa. London, IB22. 4tO. 
U. 10s. 

Behqelids, John Albert. In- 
troduction to hie ExpoaitioD of the 
Apocalypse ; with hii Preface, and 
the grealeat part of the Conclnaion 
of it: and also his marginal Note* 
on the Text, which are a Suromaiy 
of the whole Exposition, translated 
from the High-Dutch, by John 
Robertaoo, M.D. London, 1757. 
8vo. 5s. 

All eiteemed work. 

iBNaBK, Miss. Memoirs of 
AnneBoleyn, Queen ofHenry VIII. 
London, 1821. 8vo. 2 vols. 16*. 

- Memoirs of Mary Queen of 
Scota, with Anecdotes of the Conit 
of Henry U. London, 1822. 8ro. 
2 vols. 248. 

TUen princlp«1l;rrani Chllmen' Lib of 
thi* unfonnnue PrinccM. 

- Memoirs of Elizabeth Stuart, 
Queen of Bohemia, Daughter to 
King James L London, 1825. 
poat 8vo. 2 vols. II. 4s. 

Tbii lutharen bu Uktwi 
Heniolri Ot Mn. Etliibelh Humiitni, BiO. 
!voU., ISSO, 
S*o. ISa. Her hiitoiical memoir* ire of 

Ben Gorion. Vide Joseph Ben 

BBNjAkifir, Rabbi. Trareta of 
Rabbi Benjamin, Son of Jonah of 
Tudela ; through Europe, Aua, 
and Africa, from the ancient King- 
dom of Navarre, to the Frontiers of 
China. Translated from the He- 
brew, with a Dissettation and 
Notes, by the Rev. B. Gerrona. 
London, 1783. 12mo. 5a. 



A very faithful translation of a curious 
but fictitious narrative, written to lift up 
the sinking spirits of his countrymen. It 
will be found in Harris and Pinkerton's 
Collections of Voyages and Travels. 

Benloe, Wm. Reports en le 
Regnes de. Henry VIII. Edward 
VI. Philip et Mary, at Elizabeth. 

In this edition there is a vacancy, viz. 
pp. 44 to 88, and the 4 pages preceding 44 
are wrongly numbered. 

— and William Dalison. Re- 
ports des divers Pleadings et Cases 
en le Court del Common-bank, en 
le Regnes de les Roys Henry VII. 
Henry VIII. Edward VI. et les 
Reines Mary et Elizabeth. Lond 
1689. folio, 15s. 

Ben LOWES, Edward. Sphinx 
Theologica, seu Musica Templi, 
ubi Discordia Concors. Cantab. 
1626. 8vo. 

— Honorifica Armorum Cessa- 
tio, sive Pads et Fidei Associatio 
Feb. II. An. 1643. Svo. 

— Theophila, or Love's Sacrifice, 
a Divine Poem. Lond. 1652. folio. 

This very extraordinary and rare Book, 
is seldom found complete. 

TiUe. A. 2 leaves, f 2 leaves. ^^ 2 
leaves. ^^^ 2 leaves. B. 6 leaves. C. 
6 leaves — but between C. and C 2. should 
be inserted (c) 2 leaves, and (d) one leaf. 
It will be found by this arrangement, that 
all the catchwords agree. C — N, 6 leaves 
each ; sheet O, seven leaves, pages 123, 124, 
being double ; the first set not cont^iining 
engraved verses at the bottom of page 123, 
and the second set containing them ; the 
latter very rare. P — V, C leaves ; X — Nn, 
2 leaves each. The paging 1 — 268 com- 
mences on sheet D. 

Engi'avings and Decorationi, 

1. Portrait of Benlowes, surrounded by 
a wreath of laurel, beautifully etched 
(by Barlow). 

2. Opposite A 2. A Lady in a Winter 
habit, with a mask on, engraved by 

3. Canto I. The Prelibation to the Sa- 
crifice (stg. D. p« 1.) an engraving 
with eight verses at the bottom, com- 

** The Author musing, here survay.'* 

4. Canto 2. The Humitiation, with 
eight verses, commencing 

** Satan caused Eves, Eve Adams &11." 

5. At page 25. A wyod-cut^ (size of the 


page) Adam and Eve, and the Tree 
of Knowledge. The cut first oocnn 
in Barker's Bible, 1633, folio. 

6. P. 37, Canto 3 The Restaurmtion, 
with eight verses, commencing 

" Here Angels tender from the Side." 

7. P. 50, Canto 4. I'he InamoFation, 
with ei-'ht verses, commencing 

" The Soulc against Temptation fights." 

8. P. 67. Canto 5. The RepresenU- 
tion, with eigiit verses, commencing 

"View here the Author's high Designe." 
This plate is printed at the back of 
the letter-press of p. 65. 

9. Canto 6. The Association, with eight 
verses, commencing, 

" Here Abraham, David, Daniel stand." 

10. Canto 7. The Contemplation, without 
verses. (An angel, with an emblem of 
eternity in his hand, Theophila lookiqg 
upwards in' an attitude of adorattoo.) 

11. Canto 8. The Admiration, without 
verses. (1'heophila supported by two 
Angels ascending.) Tlie other half of 
the Engraving representing the Fall of 
the Wicked into Hell. 

12. P. 122—3. An Emblematical Femik 
Figure of Astronomy. 

13. Canto 9. The Recapitulation, (A 
Portrsut of Theophila treading on a 
serpent; a palm-branch and book&i 
her right hand, &c.) 'lliis |dateil 
larger than the others, and it very mc 

14. P. i61. Ludus Literarius Chriilii- 
nus, Anthreno-Tripsis seu CrabnNinii 
tritur Edw. Benlosii. An Ei^iraving 
surrounded by a border of flowenb 
with seven verses at bottom* very rue. 

15. Canto 10. The Abnegation. Tbs 
Author looking up to the Heaveiii» 
from which a hand, with au enDMem 
of Eternity, surmounted by a Crown, 
also a figure in armour, with a dMkf 
in the foreground. 

16. Canto 11, at the End, p. 20€. The 
Spring, an Engraving by HoUar, on 
the Letter- press. 

17. P. 209. Typus Orbis Terranim, (the 
two Hemispheres.) on the letter-proHL 

18 and 19. P. 210. 212. Two small En- 
gravings on the. letter- press. 

20. Canto 12. The Seioregation, a ftiit 
Etching, very rare. The author iathe 
country, discoursing with a ahephcrd» 

21. Canto 13. The Re-invitation. A 
Female Figure, in an attitude of 
Prayer. In the corner, on a icralit 
Theophila's Love Sacrifice, by Bdv» 
Benlowes, Esq. Lombart icuJ^ widi 
six Latin and six English rtnm, 
signed Jer. Collier. 

22. On p. 245. A wood-cttt of Q* Eliafc^ 
beth praying. 


23, 24. At end of the Toluiiie, two tingu- 

Ur Engravings, one by T.Cecill, A.D. 

1632» the other with a Monogram. 

The above collation was made from a 

copy supposed perfect, bat on comparing it 

with another formerly Mr. Inglis's, tlie fol- 

bwing additional engravings were found. 

This copy, it is said, cost the proprietor 60/. 

1. An Etching. Subject ; St Matthew, 
cfa.21, verse 28. 

2, 3, 4, 5. The Four Seasons, by Hol- 
kr, 3 quarter length; the regular set 

6. An Ei^raving; the day of Judgment 
In the comer at bottom " Vanitas vani- 
tat oia Vanitas," &c. 

7. The anthor in the Country conversing 
with a Shepherd. The same subject as 
in plate 20, but a different engraving. 

8. A curiou.i emblematical engraving al- 
lusive to the vanity of the world ; be- 
ing the bust of a female, a Cupid 
issuing from the forehead, the breast 
formed by globes, &c. very rare. 

9. An Engraving with a legend in the 
left comer, at the top, " the Extrava- 
gant Shepherd.'* 

10. A folded Engraving, at the left 
comer at bottom, " lanbattest laspers 
In, et Pe." 

11. An Engraidi>g intituled " A curious 
fnece of antiquity on the Crucifixion 
of our Saviour and the two Thieves." 

Ingis, 198, morocco, 4/. 18s. Bibl.- 
A^io-Poet 18, 8/. 19, SL 8s. Bindley, 
ft i. 189, 12L 5s. Nassau, pt. i. 437, 
(mid to be the most perfect copy in exist- 
OMe) 26/. 5s. 

Bek LOWES, Edw. Summary of 

dhrine Wisedome. Lond. 16^. 4to. 
In verse. Bindley, pt iv. 1076. 

— Oxonii Encomium. Oxon. 

1672. Folio. 

Four sheets, mostly in Latin verse. 

4 lie of Benlowes, with a list of his 
wbIu, will be found in Dr. Bliss's edition of 
Wsad's Fasti, iL 358-9. 

BiiiMETy Saint. The Rule of 

Srot Benet. Imprinted by Rych- 
e PynsoD, 1516. folio. 
Bbck letter, contains sign. O. 7. A 
Tiocite relating to the rule of St. Bennet 
«9be Ibvnd in ' Diners fruytful Ghostiy 
Maiefs,' printed by Caxton. 

— Rule of St Benedict, by C. 
F. Douay, 1638. 

Dedicated to ' Mrs. AnneCarie, daugh- 
Iv to die Lord Viscount of Faukland.' 
Aaelhs work, entitled ' Life and Bfirades 
tf It Benedict,' 1638, 12mo, with plates. 
Bttth, IMl, 9a. 6d. 

— Benjamiii. Memorial of the 
Refonnation, and of Britain's De- 



liverances from Popery and arbi- 
trary Power, with a Defence. Lon- 
don, 1721, 3. 8vo. 2 vols. 98. 

BeNNtT, Benjamin. Christian 
Oratory; or the Devotion of the 
Closet displayed. London, 1725. 
8vo. with portrait, by J. Pine, 6s. 

The work of a dissenting minister of con- 
siderable note, frequently reprinted. An 
edition 1732, Svo- 2 vols Williams, 165, 
21. A new edition, with an Appendix, 
1811, Svo. 2 vols. 12s. 

— Chr. Theatri Tabidorum 
Vestibulum et Tabidorum Thea- 
trum. Lond. 1654, 6. 8vo. 2 vols, 
with portrait by Lombari, 7s. 

— George. Oiam Haneshemoth ; 
or a View of the Intermediate 
state. Carlisle, 1800. 8vo. 73. 6d. 

Highly commended by Bp. Horsley, who 
pronounces it * a work of various erudition 
and deep research.' 

— H. Treasury of Wit : 
being a methodical Selection of 
about twelve hundred, the best, 
Apophthegms and Jests; from 
Books in several Languages. Lon- 
don, 1786. l2mo. 2 vols. 5s. 

Nassau, pt. i. 235, 9s. 

— John. Madrigalls to fovre 
Voyces, newly pvblished by John 
Bennett, his first Works. London, 
1599. 15s. 

This volume, dedicated to Ralpe Ashe- 
ton, Esq. contains xvii songs. 

— Thomas. Paraphrase, with 
Annotations upon the Book of 
Common Prayer. London, 1708. 
8vo. 3s. fid. 

This eminent English divine likewise 
published an Essay on the xxxix Articles, 
1715, Svo. 4s., and many other religioua 
treatises, chiefly controversial. His History 
of Forms of Prayer, Camb. 1708, 8tow 
Williams, 164,1/. 158. 

Beko, Cardinal. LifeofHilde- 
brand, called Gregory the 7th, 
translated by Thomas Swinerton, 
under the name of Joh. Roberts. 
London, by W. de Worde, 1533, 

Reprinted in 12mo. tlie same year. A 
copy of which is in the Bodleian Lihrary. 
Su Dr. Bliss's Edition of Wood's Athen. 

Bbkse, Peter. Analogo-Dia- 



phora, seu Concordia discrepans, 
et Discrepantia concordans trium 
Linguarum Gal Ucee, Italics et His- 
paoicGB. Oxon. 1637. 8vo. 

Benson, George, D.D. Para- 
phrase and Notes on six of the 
Epistles of St. Paul, and on the 
seven Catholic Epistles; to which 
are annexed several critical Dis- 
sertations. London, 1752-6. 4to. 
2 vols. 21, 2s. 

Best edition of a work written in conti- 
nuation of Locke's attempt to illustrate the 
Epbtles, and with Peirce's work, completes 
the design. Hollis, 189, U. 5s. Gosset, 
714, 1/. 16s. Williams, 221, 3/.9s. 

— History of the First Planting 
of the Christian Religion. Lon- 
don, 1756. 4to. 3 vols. 

Best edition of a work of very considera- 
ble research, fiill of important matter. Gos- 
set, 715, 1/. 4s. The first edition appeared 
in 1735, 4to. 2 vols. Hollis, 188, 10s. 

— Reasonableness of the Chris- 
tian Religion as delivered in the 
Scriptures. The third Edition. 
Lond. 1759. 8vo. 2 vols. 

' The author not only advances many ar- 
guments in proof of the truth of the Chris- 
tian Religion, but obviatesin a familiar way 
the chief objections of the Anti-revelation- 
itts.' — Bi$linp WaUon. 

An edition, 1743. Williams, 167, 8s. 

— History of the Life of Jesus 
Christ, taken from the New Testa- 
ment : to which is added. Memoirs 
of the Author. London, 1764. 4to. 
with port, by J. McArdell, 1/. Is. 

, The creed of this learned writer, which 
was Arian, verging to Sodnian, prevented 
him, says Mr. Orme, from doing jusUce to 
his subject. Williams, 222, 2/. 12s. 6d. 

— Thomas. Vocabularium An- 
glo-Saxonicum Lexico Gul. Som- 
neri magna parte auctius. Oxoniee, 
170). 8vo. 15s. 

. Bishop of Ely, 103, 1/. 

— Wm. Letters conceraine: 
Poetical Translations, and Virgil's 
and Milton's Arts of Verse. Lon- 
don, 1739. 8vo. 4s. 

Published without the author's name. 

— Robert, M.A. Sketches of 
Corsica, a Journal written during 
a Visit to that Island in 1823, with 
an Outline of its History and Spe- 


cimensoftbe I^angnage and Poetry 
of the People. London, 1 825. 8vo. 
10s. 6d. 

This interesting work is spoken of wHh 
much approbation by Sir Walter Soott In 
his life of Napoleon. ^ 

Bent, William. Meteorology 
cal Journals and Extracts, horn 
1786 to 1808, kept in Londop.Svo. 

— Literary Aavertiser, or List 
of New Publications from the Com- 
mencement in January, 1802, to 
the present time. London. 4to. 

Published monthly. 

Bentham, Edward. Reflec- 
tions upon the Study of Difinity, 
to which are subjoined, Heads of a 
Course of Lectures. Oxford, 1774. 

8vo. 4s. 

A work containing many Judickmi ohier- 
vations ; the heads of lectures exhibit, pcr> 
haps, as complete a plan of t h eoto s ^cai ttii- 
dies as was ever delivered. 

— Orationes Funebres, Grsoe. 

Oxon. 1746. 8vo. 

Best edition. A very degant work, vitk 
an index and valuable notes. Dent, pL & 
47, rusua, lis. Frequently reprintcdU 

— George. Outline of a New 
System of Logic. Lond. 1827. 8vo. 

— James, M.A. History and 
Antiquities of the Conventual and 
Cathedral Church of Ely, 673— 
1771. Cambridge, 1771. royal 4to. 

Vol. i. A— Ee 4, pp. 224»besidet title; di- 
dication two pages, list of subecriben^ ftv 
pages ; preface, five pages ; cou ten ts aal 
errata, three pages. — Vol. iL Ff-— Oo 1^ pf* 
225—92. Appendix and index ^70 pig" 
besides the title ptge, and an iavantory rf 
two pages. The lut of plates witk d h w 
tions to the binder form pages 890, 891, 
292. in Davis' Olio, will be found CoM 
Notes on this work. Nassau, pt. L 191^ 
russin, 41. 4s. Towneley, pt. fi. 81% 
4^ lOs. Bindley, pt. i. 722, nuti% 41. I8fc 
Heath, 4632, rusda, 5/. Baker, 199, a^ 
rocco, S/. 108. 6d. Towneehend, S91, nt- 
sia, 8/. 15s. Fonthill, 3S0S, iMioee% 
8/. 17s. 6d. Dent, pL i. 458, witk tiM 
Supplement, 1817, 8 vols. ruMia, Tt 15i. 
Dniry, 543, with the Supplemtnt, 9 vokfai 
hogskin, 8/. 15s. A few copies were lakoi 
off on large paper. 

— Supplement to the first 
Edition of Mr. Pentham*s Ely, hj 
William Stercnson. Nonrieb,I8I7. 
imperial 4to. 


■And and eighty copies were 
t—piMil and twenty-fiTe en 
mr; with proo& on India paper, 
tow Fontlun, 590, SI. Title, de- 
nAtte, contents, and list of suh> 
pp. Mamoirt of Bentham, 20 
idinda, half title. An acknow- 
, Ae. two pages { addenda, 
•opplement, 02 pages; notes, 
lad by a half titles 154 pages 
d U are repeated with asterisks) } 
ke.^54 pagess catalogue of the 
amta, 1 page. 

Cy Jamesy M.A. His- 

LThe secoDd Edition. 
V. James BenthaiD. 
n2. imperial 4to. 

■tftion, 250 copies were printed 
illy and 25 on elephant paper. 
Me, dedication, advertisement, 
dkatSon, prefiice, and contents, 
of Benthnn, with the pedigree 
ttba which the work, 224 pp. 
dc^ an inventory, then the work, 
-M, after which appendix, •TO 
lAnda, Title, the Editor's thanks, 
■la, tiien the addenda 28 pages, 
Hdiis to the lander, and errata on 
dip. This edition has also se- 
ea nore than the former one. 

■pplement to the Second 
, by William Stevenson. 
ly 1817. imperial 4to. 

■Itttions in the supplement to 
id edition, consist of a slight 
fai the title, and the omission 
nemoirs of Mr. Bentham, the 
md plates 2 and 15 ; in other 
mmtk ia thesame. Only 84 copies 
■■Itnicntary volimie are printed. 

itmny. Introduction to 
BCiples of Morals and Le- 
I. A new edition, corrected 
Author. Lond. 1823. 2 vols. 
rL by Worthington, IMs. 

^ werK the author has given to the 
( aakvged and enlightened views, 
^tovcd for all nations, and for all 
fa come.' — Edinb. Review. The 
■B was printed in 4to. 1780, and 
ifai 1789. 

jf Jfr. Bentham's Works. 
CDtOD Govement, being a Critique 
nadEstone's Commentaries, 1776, 
, Second edition enlarged 1823, 


of the Hard Labour BiU, 1778, 

catf Usury, 1787, 3s. 6d. Second 
laBp Doblio, 17^1. Third cation, 
k a pinteal agafaut Law Taxes, 
f, Itmo. 7s. 



An Essay on the usefulness of Chemis* 
try, translated from the Swedish of 
Beigman, 1783. 8vo. 
Draught of a Code for the Organisation 
of the Judicial Establishment in France,. 
1791, 8vo. pp. 242. 
Panopticon, or the Inspection Houte,. 
1791, 12mo. 3 parts in 2 vols. 14s. 
The 3 plates are seldom found in the 
Essay on Political Tactics, 1791, 4to. 5s. 
To the National Convention of France, 
'Emancipate your Colonies,' 1793, 
8vo. pp. 48. 
Supply without Burden, or Escheat vice 
Taxation, vrith a Protest against Law ' 
Takes, 1796, 12mo. 3s. 
Pauper Management, 1797, 8vo. pp. 288. 
Published in Young's Annals of 
Letters (Two) to Lord Pelham, 1802^ 

8vo. pp. 80 and 72. 
Plea for the Constitution, 1803, 8tow 

3s. 6d. 
Scotch Reform, 1808, 8vo. Os. 
Chrestonudhia, 1816-7, 8vo. 2 pts. 15s. 
Parliamentary Reform Catechism, 181 f,. 

8vo. 8s. 
Ditto, with Additions, by Wooler, 8vo. 4s. 
On Codification and Public Instruction,. 

1817. 8vo. 8s. 
< Swear not at all,' 1817, 8vo. 3s. 6d. 
A Table of the Springs of Action, ISIT^ 

8vo. 3s. 6d. 
Church of Englandism and its Catechisnk 

examined, 1818, 8vo. 1/. 
Radical Reform Bill, 1819, 8vo. 4s. 
The King against Sir C. Wolesley, Bart. 

&C. 1820, 8vo. Is. 
The King agwnst Edmonds, &c. 1820, 

8vo. Is. 
Observations on the restrictive and prohi* 

bitory commercial System, 1821, 8vo. 

Art of packing special Juries, 1821, 8vo. 

10s. 6d. 
On the Liberty of the Press, 1821, 8vo. Is. 
Three Tracts relative to Spanish and Por- 
tuguese Affairs, 1821, 8vo. Is. 6d. 
Letter to Count Toreno, on the Spanish 

Penal Code, 1822, 8vo. 5i. 
Not Paul but Jesus, by Gamaliel Smith, 

1823, 8vo. 128. 
Truth versus Ashhurst, 1823, 8vo. Od. 
Book of Fallacies, 1824, 8vo. 12s. 
Observations on Peel's Police Magistrates 
Salary Raising Bill, 1825, 8vo. 2^6d. 
Mother Church reUeved by Bleedings 

1825, 8vo. Is. 
Rationale of Reward, 1825, 8vo. 12s. 
Indications respecting Lord Eldon, 1825, 

8vo. 3s. 
Postscript to ditto, 1826, 8vo. li- 
Rationale of Judicial Evidence, 1827, 8to* 

5 vols. 3/. 




Introduction to the Rationale of Evi- 
dence, 8vo. pp. 148. 

Defence of Kconomy against Burke. In 
Pamphleteer, No. XVI. 

Defence of Economy against Rose. In 
Pamphleteer, No. XX. 

Leading Principles of a constitutional 
Code for any State. In Pamphleteer, 
No. XLIV. 

Codification proposal, 1827* 8to. 

Apologie de TUsure. Paris, 1790. 8vo. 

Lettres sur la liberty du tiux de Tint^ret 
de I'argent i;ubli^es par De Lessert. 
Paris, 1790. 8vo. 

Panoptiquc Memoire sur un nouveau 
prindpc pour construir des mai^ons 
d'inspectiun et nommement des mai- 
sons de force. Paris, 1792. 8vo. 

Esquisse d'un ouvrage en faveur des 
Pauvres, publiee par Ad. Duquesnoy. 
Paris, An. X> 8vo. 

Trait^ de Legislation civile et penale, 
publieesparEt. Dumunt. Paris, 1802. 
Svo. 3 vols. Second edition, Paris, 
, Svo. 3 vols. Spanish transla- 
tion, with Commentaries by Ramon de 
Salas, Madrid, 1821. Svo. 3 vols. Se- 
cond edition, Paris, 1825. ISmo. 6 
vob. Two Russian translations and 
an Italian translation. 

Thdorie des Pemes et des Recompenses, 
publiee par Kt. Dumont. Londres, 
1811. Svo. 2 vols. Second edition, 
Paris, 1818. Svo. 2 vols. Tl.ird edi- 
tion, Paris, 1826 Svo. 2 vols. Spanish 
translation, Paris. ISmo. 4 vols. 

Tactique des Assemblees Legislatives, 
publi6e par Kt. Dumont Geneve, 
1815, Svo. 2 vols. Second edition, 
Paris, 1822, Svo. 2 vols. Spanish 
translation, Paris. 

Etsus de J^r^mie Bentham sur la situa- 
tion politique de I'Espagne. Paris, 
1823. Svo. 

Essai sur la classification des principales 
branches d'art et science, publie par 
George Bentham. Paris, 1823. Svo. 

Trait^ des Preuves Judiciaircs, publie par 
Et. Dumont. Paris, 1823. Svo. 2 vols. 
Spanish translation, Paris, 1825. 
ISmo. 4 vols English translation, 
London, 1825. Svo. 

De rOrganisation Judidaire et de la 
Codification, publiee par Et Dumont. 
Paris, 1828. Svo. 

Bentivoglio, Guido, Cardi- 
nal. Historicall Relations of the 
United Provinces and of Flanders, 
rendered into English by Henry 
[Carey] Earle of Monmouth. Lon- 
don, 1652. folio, 6s. 

Prefixed is a portrait by Faithorne, of 
the Earl of Monnouth. 


Bentivoglio, Guido, Car- 
dinal. History of the Wars of 
Flanders, englished by Henry 
[Carey! Earle of Monmouth. Lon- 
don, 1678. folio, 68. 

Contains pp. 26 and 387, with a map of 
the 17 provinces and above 20 figures. To 
this edition is a continuation from 1071 to 
1675. Roxburghe, 7945, lis. The fbf^ 
mer edition appeared 1654, to whidi ii 
prefixed a portrait of the Earl. 

— Collection of Letters to di- 
vers Persons of eminence, during 
his Nunciature in France and 
Flanders. In Italian and English* 
London. 12mo. 4s. 

Bentley, John. Halifax. See 
Bently, William. 

— Genealogical Table of the 
Royal Families of England from 
the Norman Conquest to the year 
1790. London, 1790. folio, Ss. 

— Historical View of the Hindu 
Astronomy. London, 1826. 8vo. 
with plates, 14s. 

— Richard, D.D. Emenda- 
tiones in Menandri et Phileqionit 
Reliquias, ex nupera Editione 
Joan n is Clerici. Accedit Epittola 
de Johanne Malela Antiocheno. 
Cantab. 1713. Svo. 

Combe, 662, 5s. 6d. D. of Gniftoa, 
329, Ss. Williams, 169, 9s. 

— Proposals for printing a new. 

Edition of the Greek Testament, 

and St. Hierom*s Latin Version. 

London, 1721. 4to. 

Bindley, pt. i. 917, with tracts relitiiv It 
the proposals, 10s. 6d. 

Bkntley, Richard, D.D. Re- 
marks upon a late Discourse of. / 
Free Thinking:, (by Collins) in a I 
Letter to F. H., D.D. by Phileleo- f 
therus Lipsiensis. Camb. 174d|, ;^ 

Svo. 6s. ' ' 

• -I 

Best edition of a most valual>ke work > 
which should be studied by every man who 

is desirous of forming just notions of biblt- '^ 

cal criticism. The edition 1737. WUfiaiB% fe 

169, 9s. Bcntley's remarks on Fiti ^ 

Thinking, are reprinted in Bishop Rtt- b 

dolph's Knchiridion Theologicuoo. ^ 

— Dissertation upon the Epb- '^ 

ties of Phalaris, with an Answer to i 

the Objections of the Hon. Charlei 4 

Boyle, to which are added 0r. i 


Bentley's DtUertation on the Epii- 
tiet o( TlieinutoclM, SocratM> 
Euripides, and others, nnd the 
Pabwa <k JEeofi at originally 
printedtWith occasional Remarks on 
the whole. Lond. 1777. 8to. 10s. ' 

fimatii Qu( 

BEN 153 

ra, &e. — Wh»t wremonie 
ougbl by God 

Draj, 436, 
IB*. Hath, IB1, IBk Edwudi iH. li. 8i. 
WilSnoi, ITO, U 111. Sd. RcprloUd 
nil, am. The EntedidoQippruTd 1098, 
Sn. *t. 

For the larimu tneti publiibcd on ihii 
m t t etw itf . Su Ph*lab[i. 

Bcx-rLET. Richard, D.D. Eight 
SennoDS preached at the Hon. R. 
Boyle's Lecture. Oxford, 1809. 
8ro. 7s. 6d. 

Tbt Snt Beyle Lttttat prcuhcd. An 
rOma, Ctmb. iji*. WUlianu, 168, 
l«i. ed. ITU, Bindley, pL I. 4Si, lOi. 

— Richaidi Bentleii et docto- 
rnm Viromm Emstols, partim mu- 
tne, Accedit RichaidiDawesiiad 
Josanem TaTlorum EpiitoU singu- 
brii. LondtDi, 1807. 4to. 

EStel by the late Dr. C. Bomey. One 
bwlitd and Bliy copiti ■ere •truck off on 
lH|e aad Uty on ■mill piper, all Ibr prime 
<Si>iili«ii Preflicd mportrwu and r*c- 
dal* aaUgnptu of Brnttey and Grstini. 
USUVArsa, Dnuy, S41, ruada, H. 19i. 
firll.M.8ykea,pl.i.4ia,Si. lBi.Gciuf!h, 
M,al. 18*. Sd. Combe, 333, li. lli.Sd. 
iMbeby'i in 1811, 3'. St. Rcprinled 
14*. IHS, 8T0. I>niry, 435, III. 
la tbc Brituh Unieum It a Tery targe 
wTitlcn by, and againat 
c, many of which are or 

— Thomas. Monvment of 
HatiOM* ; containing leuen seuc- 
rall Lamps of Virginitie, or distinct 
Tnatoet; whereof the firat fine 
cflocerne Praier and Meditation, 
the other two last. Precepts and 
Examples, as thewoorthi^ works, 

dlie of Men, partlie of Women. 
led br H. Deaham [1582] 4to. 
3 nil. 

tkA letter. InslU, 150, (luppMed to 
tt te aoty peiftet copy Incditence) ISf. 

E«k oCtheae lanqn hai a diidnct lille- 
pi|t. Ob tbc back of Ibe flnt, ot general 
tttftft, ii ' A Fraiei npon ibe poette 
pAiet,' 'hr- fcUoo in order ' To Queen 
Hi^lh— Ir-T" Virginiutia! — To the 

rhii^ Reader. Faciei mititantia Ec- 

doic^-Rab. Harbedt ad leetorem^^r- 
pmntarn Dbri.— The namei of ni&dile 

in the lime of pnirr. publike or priuate.' 
Then ' Ttie fint Limpe oF Virginilie,' on 
49 pagH. ■ The Kcond L&mpe,' on !58 
pagca. ' The third Lampe,' continued 
from the leeond lo p. 38!, At the end It 
a neat cut of the 1 lit Judgment, on the back 
or which begini a table for the three lampt. 
' The Jburth Lampe' continued Tram the 
third la p. 1000, with ibe lame cut of the 
latl judgment and a table. ' The flilh 
Lampe,' on 213 pign, with a table at the 
end. ' The giit Lampe/ on 115 pagei. 
' The Kuenlh Lampe,' continued frotn the 
dith, top. 331. 

Behtly, William. Hallifax 
and its Gibbet-Law placed in atrue 
Light, together with a Description 
oftheTown: to which are added, the 
unparaUel'd Tragedies committed 
by Sir John Eland and his grand 
AntBgoniBlB. Lond. 1708. 8to. 5b. 

Thit work wai written by Dr. Samuel 
Uidgley, when in priun for debt 1 but pub- 
luhed after hii death by Bently, who 
alBxed hii name ai the author. An editioit 
ITII, ISmo.with frontiiplece. Heatb, 
4538, 15i. [ITOl] with a iittntiiplece. 
Fonthill, 2iS2. \l. fli. Sir M. H. Sykei, 
pi. I. 3IB, ruuia, 10). 

Benwel Village. — A most plea- 
sant Description of Benwel Vill^;e 
in the County of Northumberland, 
by Q. Z. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 
1726. 12mo. 

A ludicrouj performance, written by Dr. 
EtliiDQ. pp. SSS, with two indexet and 
errata, 4 leaver. Uinilley, pt. iu S22B. 
W. 13i. Perry, pL i. 13G9, morocco, II. 13i. 
Brockelt, 124, mor 
i. BSe, ruuia, IL 1T>. 

BeHTowsKT, Mauritius Aaeus- 
tus Count de. Memoirs and Tra- 
vels.consistingof his military Oper- 
ations in Poland, his Exile into 
Kamchatka, hia Escape and Voy- 
age fiom that Peninsula through 
the Northern Pacific Ocesn touch- 
ing at Japan and Fortnosa, to 
Carton in China, with an Account 
of the Preach Settlement he was 
appointed to form upon the Island 
of Madagascar. London, 1790. 
4to. 2 vols, with port, and plates. 

Amidit much that ia trifling, and more 
that ia douhllhl, thli work conl^na lonM 



curioui and authentic information relating 
to Kamichatka and Madagaacar ; what he 
ttatet on the rabject of his communications 
with Japan, is very suspicions. Roxbuighe, 
7170, U. 13s. FonthiU, 3076, 5L 7s. 6d. 

Beracoth. — Massaceth Beracoth, 
Titulus Talmudicus, in quo agitur 
de BenedictioDibus, Precibus & 
Oratiarum Actionibus, adjecti Ver- 
sione Latin&. Oxon. 1667. 8vo. 

Published by Sam. Clarke 'in usnm stu- 
diosorum Uterarum Taimudicanim in ^de 

Bercherus, GuHelmus. Epi- 
taphia et Inscriptiones lugubres. 
Londiniy 1566. 4to. 

Contains E in fours. A copy is in the 
British Museum. Dr. Dibdin mentions an 
edition of the date of 1554. 

Berchtold, Count Leopold. 
Essay to direct and extend the In- 
quiries of patriotic Travellers. To 
which is annexed, a List of English 
and Foreign Works intended for the 
Instruction and Bene6t of Travel- 
lers ; and a Catalogue of the most 
interesting European Travels which 
have been published, in different 
Languages, from the earliest Times 
down to September 8th, 1787. 
London, 1789. 8vo. 2 vols. 7s. 

Berdmore, Samuel, D.D. Spe- 
cimens of Literary Resemblance in 
the Worksof Pope, Gray, and other 
celebrated Writei-s, with critical Ob- 
servations. London, 1801. 8vo. 

Berekger, Richard. History 
of the Art of Horsemanship. Lon- 
don, 1771. 4to. 2 vols, in 1. 

Dent, pt i. 459, 14s. 6d. Duke of 
York, 721, morocco, 1/. lOs. 

Bergerac, Cyrano de. Saty- 
rical Characters and handsome 
Descriptions in Letters, translated 
from the French, by a Person of 
Honor. Ix)ndon, 1658. 8vo. 

An account of this singular and amusing 
work will be found in th j Rctrosp. Review, 
i. 279-87. Nassau, pt. i. 242, 4&. 

— History of the World in the 
Sun and Moon, done into English, 
by Tho. St. Serf, Gent. London, 
1659. 12mo. 

Townclcy, pt. i. 291, 6s. 6d. 


Be RGERACy Cyrano de. Coiiii« 
cal History of the States and Em- 
pires of the Worlds of the Moon 
and Sun; newly englished by A. 
Lovell. Lond. 1687. 8to. 5s. 

Prefixed it a front, by Van Hove* An 
interesting analyas of this curious produc- 
tion, will be found in Dunlop's History of 
Fiction, iii. 334. 

— Voyage to the Moon^ with 
some Account of the solar Worid, 
done from the French, by S. 
Derrick. London , 1753. 12mo. 

To thb phiIo8(^hical romance od the 
system of Descartes, Swift u supposed to 
hare been greatly indebted : the journey to 
the moon being the origin of Swift's Brob- 
dingnag, and that to the sun suggesting At 
voyage to Laputa. 

Bergman, Torbern. Physical 
and Chemical Essays, translated 
from the Latin, with Notes and Il- 
lustrations, by Edm. Cullen, M.D. 
London, 1788-91. 8vo. 3 vols. 

An excellent work. Several othtr trea- 
tises by this celebrated Swedish dwaiit 
and natural philosopher have been tran- 
slated into English, vis. OutHnet tT 
Mineralogy, by William Withering, IfJX 
Birm. 1 783. 8 vo. A Dissertation of £lMtift 
Attractions. London, 1785, 8to. ftc 

Berington, Rev. Joaefb. 
Memoirs of Gregorio Panzani; giv- 
ing an Account of his Agency ia 
England y 1634-6, translated firon 
the Italian originsd, with an Intro- 
duction and a Supplement. Lend. 
1793. 8vo. 6s. 

Bindley, pt. i. 429, 1 1s. The Rev. C 
Plowden published Remarks oa this wwfc. 
Liege, 1794, 8vo. 5s. 

— History of the Lives of Abeil- 
lard and Helolsa; comprising s 
period of eighty-four years, froa 
1079 to 1163: with their genaiM 
Letters, from the Collection of 
Amboise. The second edition* 
Birm. 1788. 4to. 1/. Is. 

A valuable and accurate work, compowJ 
from authentic materials. 

— History of the Reign «f 
Henry II. and of Richard and Jobi 
his Sons ; with the Events of thil 
Period, from 1154 to 1216. J» ' 
which the Character of Thomas k 
Becket is vindicated from the At- 


.- < 



tacks of Oeo^ Lord Lyttelton. 
BicBrngfaam. 1790, 4to. II. I<. 
ROMOS, 48S, If. «•. 
BKKmoTOR, Rev. Jose]A. 
Litenij History of the mkldU 
Ago. London, 1814. 4to. 

HolBi I»l, II. Si. Drnry, 517, 
ILTb Biodutt, 4B<, IL 3i. 

— RimoD. DiBseTtBtioni on the 
Houical Creation, Deluge, Build- 
ing of Babel, and Confusion or 
Tooguet. LondoD, 1750. 8vo. 

nc fndiKtuKi at ■ Romin Citbolic 
viftA, Jbplaflnf cOfuidmble zrveKrch, 
tkni^ lield In UUl* cfdnudon. 

Berxklet, George Berkeley, 
Eulof. Historical Applicationg, 
and oocasional MeditflUons upon 
■erenl Subjects, written bj a Per- 
•OB of Honour. London, 1670. 
13iH. 7s. 6d. 

A Hide book, nloabla fbr iU merit, ai 
*dl M it! nrltj. A third cditiim kppeaml 

— Bishop of Cloyne. Works ; 
to which is sdded, an Account of 
Ui Life, and sereral of his Letters 
to Tbomas Prior, Esq. Dean Oer- 
nii.andMr. Pope. London, 1764. 
4to. 2 vols, with port, by Cooke. 

NtUBO, pt. L 400, ruuia, 31. ISi. 
Hwh, I0T4, nuda, 31. ISi. ad. An >dl- 
6m ISM, Bto. S *o1i. Dniry, 43S, 31. 3*. 

— Alciphron, or the minute 
PhaNopher, ia seven Dialogues ; 
cootainiDg an Apology for the 
Chritfiu Religion against Free- 
Thinken. London. 1732. 8vo. 

A« ■ifMiililiii dialogue, cnnlaiiuag h 
fTMihl rotation of ihe ductrinci of 
llfciiia PitaBwi, and the Ditbelicf of 
BcTtiallMi. Kadlcy, pt. L 194, S). Wil- 
^M, 171, II. It. 

— Sins, a Chain of philosophi- 
cal Reflections and Inquiries re- 
ipcctiag the Virtues of Tsr Water 
■ tlw Plague : Farther ThoughU 
•a Tar Water. Lond. 1747,52. 

IkMt neti cidtcd at the time of that 

Bekkrley, George. Principles 
of Human Knowledge. Lonuon, 
1776. 8vo. 

A truly original and majtcrly work. 
GoaM,43a,l7t. HepriaIedl8Sa,7i. The 
flm cdiljon ap^ared in 1734. 

— Memoirs of Geoi^ Berkeley, 
D.D.late Bishop of Cloyne, in Ire- 
land. The second Edition, with Im- 
provement!!. London. 1784. 8vo> 
3s. 6d. 

Tbe farmer edition appeared in 1776. 

— Geoi^e Monck. Poems, with 
a Preface by the Editor (his Mo- 
ther) conaistmg of some Anecdotes 
of Mr. Monck Berkeley, and seve- 
ral of his Friends. London, 1797. 

Privately printed, vrith a portrait of 
Berkeley, ttom a painting b]r the Rer. W. 
Peten. Bindley, p(. 1.737, U. 3i. 

— Literary Relics, Containing 
original Letters from King Charles 
II. King James II. the Queen of 
Bohemia, Swift, Berkeley, Addison, 
Steele, Conereve, the Duke of 
Ormond, and Bishop Rundle; to 
irhicb is prefixed, an Inquiry into 
the Life of Dean Swift. London, 
1789. 8vo. 69. 

— John, Collectanea Historica- 
complexa ipsius Negotiationem 
Anni 1647, cum Olivario Cromwel, 
Iretoo, & aliis Exercitus Preefectis 
pro Revocatione Caroli I. in Regni 
Ad ministration em. Lond. 1699. 

Berkeley Peerage. — An Address 
__ the Peers of the United King- 
dom of Great Briuin and Ireland, 
from Mary, Countess of Berkeley. 
London, 1811. 8va. 3s. 6d. 

On thii cUlm the faUowinf have ap- 

1. Hinulea of Erlaence taken before tbe 
Committee for Privilege!, on tbe Eail 
of Berkeley'! Pedigree, In the Yeai 
17Mi ordered to be reprinted Slh 
March, ISll. folio, pp. 85. 

2. Cbw of William Fitihaidinge Berke- 
ley, on hit Pedtion to the King, to bt 
Bummoned to Parliament for the 
EaTldom of Berkeley, Feb. ISll. folio, 
pp. 4, with a pedigree of tbe Earldom 
of Berkeley. 



3. Minutei of EYidence gifen before the 
Committee of Privileges, to whom the 
Petition of William Fitxbmrdinge 
Berkeley, daiming as of Right to be 
Earl of Berkeley, was referred. Or- 
dered to be printed 8lh March, 1811. 
folio, pp. 876. 

4* Appendix to the Minutes of the Com- 
mittee of Privileges on the Berkeley 
Peerage of the 7th June, 1811. Or- 
dered to be printed 7th June, 1811. 
folio, pp. 6. 

5. Index of the Names of Witnesses ex- 
amined, pp. 3. 

The above five Marq. of Townshend, 
2628, IL 7s. 

6. A Narrative of the Minutes of Evi- 
dence respecting the Claim to the 
Berkeley Peerage, as taken before the 
Committee of Privileges in 1811 ; to- 
gether with the entire evidence of the 
Persons principally concerned; to 
which are added, iac- similes of the 
Banns, and Register of the Marriage ; 
extracted from the Parish Books of 
Berkeley. To the whole is prefixed, 
a Sketch of the Proceedings of the 
Committee on the Earl of Berkeley's 
Pedigree, in the year 1799. London, 
1811. 8vo. pp. 276, with a preface and 
Introduction, pp. 13, 5s. 

Berkeley. — Pedigree and Des- 
cent of Norborne Berkeley, Esq. 
from John Lord Botetourt, who 
was summoned to Pari. 33 Edw. I. 
— ^The Case of Norborne Berkeley, 
Esq. in Relation to the Barony of 
Botetourt, folio. 

Copies are in the British Museum. 

— Abstracts and Extracts of 
Smyth's Lives of the Berkeleys, il- 
lustrative of ancient Qflanners, and 
the Constitution ; including all the 
Pedigrees in that ancient Manus- 
cript. To which are annexed, a 
copious Histoid of the Castle and 
Parish of Berkeley, consisting of 
Matter never before published. By 
Thomas Dudley Fosbrooke, M.A. 
F.R.S. London, 1820. 4to. 

Berkenhout, John, M.D. 
Synopsis of the natural History of 
Great Britain and Ireland. Lond. 
1795. 8vo. 2 vols. lOs. 

The former editions appeared 1767-70, 
8ro. 3 vols. 1789, Svo. 2 vols. 

— Biographia Literaria; or a 
Biographical History of Literature : 
containing the Lives of English, 


Scotiah, and Irish Aathors, from 
the Dawn of Letters in these King^ 
doms, to the present Time, chro- 
nologically and classicallyarranged. 
VoL I. From the Beginning of the 
fifth to the End of the sixth Century. 
London, 1777. 4to. IBs. 

Of thisjudidous and useful compilation, 
only one, out of three volumes, was pub- 

Berkley, Hon. Capt. George. 

Naval History of Britain, from the 

earliest Periods of which there are 

any Accounts in History to the 

Conclusion of the Year 1756. Ix)n- 

don, 1757. folio, 12s. 

Written b^ Sir John Hill, M.D. 

— Memoirs of Sir John Berkley, 
containing an Account of his Ne- 
gotiation for restoring King Charles 
the first. London, 1702. 8to« 

Roxburghe, 8479, 12s. An edition ap- 
peared 1699, 8vo. pp. 93, 5f. which it re- 
printed in the ninth volume of the HaileiiB 

— Sir William. The lost Ladr, 
a Tragy-comedy. London, 1639. 

Reprinted in the first edition of Doddey*! 
Collection of Old PUys. Rhodes, 2668, fa 
Berkley likewise published ' A DiMOunt 
and View of Virginia/ folio. Particulin 
respecting him will be found in Dr. B&tfi 
edition of Wood's Athen. Ozon. UL lUl-t 

Berkshire. — Looke up and see 
Wonders: a miraculous Apparitioii 
in the Ayre, lately scene in Baik* 
shire at Bawlkin Green near Hat- 
ford, April 9, 1628. Lond. 1628. 
4to. with wood cut. 188. 

A copy is in the British MuaemiL 

Bermuda. A plaine Descrip- 
tion of the Barm?aas, now called 
Sommer Hands. Lond. 1613. 4to. 

Jadis, 260, morocco, 5/. 5s. A copy it 
in the British Museum, also QrdeittDi 
Constitvtlons ordained by the Goaemov 
and Company, 6 Feb. 1621. 162S. 4to. 

— Acts of Assembly passed io 
Bermuda or Summer Islandf, fioa 
i690to 1713. London, 1719. fclBo. 

— Laws of Bermuda»from 1690 
to 1736. 1719, 37, 2 parts. 

Bernard, Saint. Medjtacooi* 
Westmesterby Wynkyn de Wocde» 
1496. 4to. 




A eopjitin the Boyal Collection. Dr. 
DiHiD nocieei aaoCbcr edition by W. de 
Wovde, 1545. 4to. 

BsRiTARDy Saint. A goodly 
T>eatf9e called a Notable Lesson, 
otherwise the Qolden Pystle. Im- 
pretsus Anno Dom. 1630. 4to. 

Tke iMt iMf hM the mmrkt of W. C. and 
Wjnkyii de Worde. Dr.Dtbdin notices te- 
rati other editiont of the translation of 
S. Bcnard't Ephtle, lix. by W. de Worde, 
BO date; by Thomai Oodfray, no date; 
and by Robert Wyrc, 1531. 

— Treatvse of well Liuynge, 
translated by Thomas Paynell. 
liondoo by Thomas Petyt. 8vo. 

Comafaia kL cxcriii, besides dedication 
to Mary, dangfater of K. Henry Tiii. and a 
taUe. Another edition by John ByddelL 

B.d. t2BI0. 

— Hive of sacred Honiecombes, 
traDslatedbyAntonieBatt, Monke. 
Doway, 1631. 18mo. with front. 

Towneley, pt I. 450, 68. 

— Complaint or Dialoeue, be- 
twixt the Soule and Bodie of a 
damned Man. See Crash a w, W. 

Brrvard, — . Discoursdesplus 
nemorables Faictz des Roys et 
Qrands-Seig^eurs d' Angleterre de- 
poia 500 Ans ; ayec les Genealo- 
gies des Roynes d*Angleterre et 
d'Ecosse; plus un Guide des Che- 
Biins d'Angleterre. Paris, 1579. 

Sotheby'sin July, 1821. U. 28. 

— Edward. De Mensuris et 
PoDderibas antiquis Libri tres. 
Editio altera purior, et duplo locu- 
plcijor. Oxon. 1688. 8vo. 58. 

A Mefnl work originally pablished with 
Dr. Pieock'a Coouqentary on Hosea. 

»- Librorum MSS. Academia- 
non Oxooiensis et Cantabrigiensis, 
et celebrinm per Angliam, Hibemi- 
a8M|iie Bibliothecarum Catalogus, 
cam Indice alphabetico. Oxon. 
1696-7. folio, 2pt8. in 1 vol. 15s. 

VnAxtd is a Tery learned preface and 
r sfh w M htdt x. An accoant of bemard will 
W 6nd In Dr. Bliss's edition of Wood's 
Mbuu Oimi. iT. 701^10. 

— John. Oratio de vera Animi 
TnnqnDitate. Londini, 1 568 . 4to. 

Mttealed ' Pctro Osbnmo.' Contains 
118 kases, besides prefixes commendatory. 
AtiiiiihtlflBbyAnth.lfarten. 1570. 8?o. 

-- Nicholas, D.D. Penitent 



Deathof John Atheriouylate Bishop 
of Waterford in Ireland , who was 
executed at Dublin, 5 Dec. 1640. 
London, 1641. 4to. 

Reprinted Dublin, 1641. 4 to. London, 
1642. 12mo. Nassau, pt. i. 119, 78. Inglis, 
61, Ss. Fonthill,613,18s. London, 1651, 
12mo. London, 1709, 8vo. 

Bernard, Nicholas, D. D. 
Life and Death of Dr. James 
Usher, late Archbishop of Armagh. 
London, 1656, 4to. with portrait. 
3s. 6d. 

An account of Bemard, with a list of his 
writings, wiU be found in Wood's Fasti 

— Richard* Key of Knowledge 
for the Opening of the secret Mys- 
teries of St. John's mysticall Reve- 
lation. London, 1617, 4to. with 
a frontispiece. 8s. 

— Looke beyond Luther : or an 
Answere to that Question, where 
this onr Religion was before Lu- 
ther's Time. London, 1623. 4to. 

Bernard likewise published ' A Guide to 
Grand Jurymen.' London, 1627. 12mo. 

— The Isle of Man, or the legal 
Proceeding in Man-shire against 
Sin. London, 1627. 8vo. 

A religious allegory, frequently reprinted. 
1629, Nassau, pt.L 243, 17s. 1663, Bind- 
ley, pt {. 605, 4s. 6d. Bristol, 1808, 
12nio. 28. 

— The Bible Battels, or the 
sacred Art Military. Lond. 1629. 

— Thesaurus Biblicus, sive 
Promptuarium Sacrum. Londini. 
4 to. with portrait by W. Hollar. 

An enlaii^d edition was published, Lon- 
don, 1664, folio, 128. Bernard published 
other works, a list of which will be seen in 
Watt's Bibliotheca Britannica. 

— Sir T. Life of Sir F. Bemard. 
London, 1790, 8vo. 

PriTately printed. Bindley, pt.i. 431, 
U Is. 

Berk A RBI, Major John. Life 
of Major John Bertiardi. London, 
1729, 8vo. with portrait by G. vr. 

Lbyd. 113, 4s. Towneley, pt i. 472, 

Berners or Bernes. See 

— John Bourchier Lord. See 



Antoninus. Arthur of Little Bri- 
tain; Castle of Love; Frois- 
8 ART ; Hugh of Bourdeaux. 

Bernier, Francis. History of 
the late Revolution of the, Empire 
of the great Mogul, and concern- 
ing the Extent of Hindostan. Lon- 
don, 1671-2, 8vo. 4 vols, in 2. 

A notice of this excellent work will be 
found in the Retrosp. Review, N. S. i. 245 
-—08. Dent, pt.i. 207, rutsia, 188. Bindley, 
pt i. 506, 1/. 58. White KnighU, 424, U 58. 
Rozburghe, 7289, 2/. 

— Travels in the Mogul Empire, 
translated from the French by 
Irving Brock. London, 1826, 8vo. 
2 vols. 188. 

' A good translation of this excellent old 
traveller.' — Quart Rev. " A more curious 
and entertaining work than Bemier's Tra- 
vels can hardly be imagined; the lively 
style of the author, combined with his in- 
telligence, and the extraordinary nature of 
the scenes of which he was an eye-wit- 
ness, render his work altogether more like 
a glowing romance than a detail of real 
events." Bemier's Voyage to the East 
Indies is aUo reprinted in the Oxford Col- 
lection of Voyages and Travels, vol. ii. and 
In Pinkerton's Collection, vol. viii. 

Bernoulli, James. Doctrine 
of Permutations and Combinations, 
and some other useful Mathemati- 
cal Tracts. Published by Francis 
MasereSi Esq.. London, 1795. 8vo. 
pp.606, 12s. 

-— John. Sexcentenary Table. 
London, 1779, 4to. 5s. 

Published by the Board of Longitude. 

Berriman, John. Critical 
Dissertation upon 1 Tim. iii. 16. 
London, 1741, 8vo. 4s. 

In this work are noticed several glaring 
and unpardonable blunders in the impres- 
sions of the Bible during the xviith century. 
A copy is in the British Museum with the 
author's MS. notes. 

— William. D. D. Christian 
Doctrines and Duties explained and 
recommended, in forty Sermons, 
&c. London, 1751, 8vo. 2 vol. 10s. 

In conmderable estimation. Dr. Berri- 
man published several other works. 

Berry, William. Introduc- 
tion to Heraldry. London, 1810, 
8vo. 9s. 

Contains pp. 158, besides prefiKe, pp. 3. 


Berry, William. History of 
the Island of Guernsey, with Par- 
ticulars of the neighbouring Is- 
lands of Aldemey, Serk and Jersey. 
London, 1815, 4to. with a map 
and plates. 

Fonthill, 244, 14s. Dmry, 551, niatia, 
U 9s. 

— Genealogia Antiqua, or My- 
thological and Classical Tables ; 
compiled from the best Authors on 
fabulous and ancient History. Lon- 
don, 1816. folio. 

Contains pp. 87, besides index, pp. 10. 
Dedicated to Lord OrenYille. 

— Encyclopedia Heraldica, or 
Complete Dictionary of Heraldry. 
London, 1828. 4to. 2 vols* with 

A valuable Heraldic wozk, as itcmbnots 
the greater part of the contents of Edmond- 
son and other writers, with ongiiial matter. 

Bert, Edmund. Treatise of 
Hawkes and Hawking, diaided mto 
three Bookes. London, 1619, 4to. 

Contains pp. 109, besides the title. 
Haworth, 933, 13s. Inglis, 157, II. Sir 
M.M.Sykes, 1/. 

BcRTiiELsoNE, AndrcRS. En- 
glish and Danish Dictionary. Lon* 
don, 1754. 4to. IDs. 6d. 

Wolff in 1779 published a Danish and 
English Dictionary, 

Bert HOLD us, Andr. Vertaei 
and strange Vse of a new Terra 
sigillata, lately found in Germanie^ 
translated by b. G. London, 1587. 

A copy is in the British Museum. Re* 
printed 1589. 

Berthollet, C. L. M. D. 
Elements of the Art of Dyeing, 
translated from the French by Wil- 
liam Hamilton, M.D. Lond.1791. 
8vo. 2 vols. 12s. 

Another translation, with a Description 
of the Art of Bleaching, was published 18S4, 
8vo. 2 vols. R 4 s. The following havf 
likewise appeared, An Essay on Chemicd 
Statics, translated by B. Lambert London 
1804, 8vo. 2 vols. 10s. Reseaidiesinloths 
Laws of Chemical Affinity. London, ISH 
8vo. 4s. Essay on the new Ifctbod i 
Bleadiing by means of oxygenated mnistie 
add, translated by Rob. Kerr. EdiBbaiA 
1790, 13mo.8s.6d. 

Bertin, — • China, its Cos- 

tames, AiU, tnd Manaraclnies, 
edited from the CoUectioni of M. 
BfrtiD, irith addttioiu, &c. Lond. 
1812. Svo. 4 ToU. with [datea, 
phin 31. 3$. coloured 41. 4i. 

Bertiv, Captaiii Joseph. Game 
of Cbea. Lond. 1735. 12ma. 4s. 

Ci|*iin Botin ii entitled to the pniK of 
btiing indented the thrcA pBViu' gamlilt 

BcKTSAM or Ratrau, Monk 
of Corby ia the ninth Ceaturv. De 
CofporeetSsn^ineDomiai Liber. 
Loodini, 1688. Svo. 5». 

BcM edOoD, with • new Ei«IUh tiaiu- 
Wal hr Vn. Ho^Un*, ud m hUtoriol 
HmiiMJuu Mid ancndix bj Dr. Pelei 
iOb. AfeenMT adltfon appeared 1S86. 4i. 

— B<riu of Barthra Prieit, ia- 
tceatbgeofthee Bodye and Bloude 
of Chriite,WTyUento ^reateCharies 
Ae Ea^erouK, and *et forth vii. C, 
Team agoo. aod imprinted An. 
DaL M.D.XLix. London by Tho* 
mu Raynalde. Svo. 10s. 

Black Ictttr. Cont^Da C in dghU. On 
be keck of lb tMe ta 'The Ljft of Bar- 
tea Piyeate bj Jahanoei Thrjthemrua.' 
D^ DiMta oolfen aootbce edition bj Anth. 
Ijma, 15«. Bus. An edidon IS4B, 
l^kSa, 111. 

— Booke of Bertram the Priett, 
Cnt tnailated and printed in 
Et^iih 1546, and nowe newly 
Rained corrected and published ' 
bj T(homas) W(ilcox) 1581. j 
London, 1582. 8ro. ! 

— Another translation by Sir ' 
HaBphrey Lynde. Lond. 1623. 8vo. 

Reffined wlih addition! 1680. limo. 
■itk apaimit of Cfaariea the Great, King 
efFMCc. 4>. 

— Another translation, by Wil- 
Eun Gaitd. Aberdeen, 1624. 

A oipT bin the Britiih Uoienm. 

— Car. Britannicarum Gen- 
liin HiatorisB antJcjUK Scriptores 
tto — ^Ricardui Connensis — Uildae 
Badoncoi — Nenniu* Bancfaoten- 
■ rrrcninir. Motiique et Indice 
■oik Car. Bertramns. .Haunis. 
1767. 8fD. with a frontiquece and 

Bertkand, M. Historical Re- 
lation of the Plagne at Marseilles 
in the Year 1720. Translated 
from the French MS. by Anne 
Plomtre. London, 1805. 8ro. 6s. 

A notice of thii excellent biitory, and of 
ibt wiiten on the Plague, will be bund In 
Ihe Relroap. Review, nL SIB — 39. 

— de Moleville, A. F. HLi- 
toire d'Angleterre deptus la pre- 
miere Invasion des Romains jus- 
qu' k U Paix de 1763. Paris, 
1815. Svo. 6 vols. 

— Chronological Abridgment 
of the Hittory of Great Britain. 
London, 1811. 8vo. 4 yoIs. I6fl. 

Earl afKerr;, IT, t(. Ifli. 

— Private Memoirs relative to 
the last Year of the Reign of Lewis 
XVI. late King of France. Lond. 
1797. 8vo. 3 vols, with five por- 
traits, iOs. 6d. 

Earl of Kerry, SB, U 4i. 

— Annals of the French Revo- 
lution, translated by R. C. Dallas. 
London, 1600. Svo. Two ParU, in 
9 vols. 

£atlafKeTT7,!e, 3(. If. Fonlhill, I4SS, 
•llh the priTatc Memoin of Leoii XVI. 
la yolt. morocco, It. IDs. 

— Costume of Austria. See 

Berwick, Marshal Duke of. 
Memoirs of the Marshal Duke of 
Berwick, written bT himself, with 

Continuation, 1716-34, &c. 
Translated from the French. Lon- 
don, 1779. Svo. 2 vols. 10s. 6d. 

— Rev. Edw. Lives of Marcus 
Valerius Messala Corvinus, Titus 
Pomponius Atticns, Caius Asinius 
Pollio, Marcus Terentios Varro 
and Cneius Cornelius Gallus, with 
Notes and Illustrations. London, 
1813-4, small Svo. 7s. 

Mr. Berwick hai likcwiM pnblidied He- 
mckn at the Lift of the ridei Sdpio Aftica- 
oui, IS18, small Sto. Ti. 

Bbsardus, John Bapt. Ob- 
servations on Lute Playing. Lon- 
don, 1610. folk). 

Bbbsb, Joseph. Collection of 
the Sufferings of the People called 



Quakers, for the Testimony of a 
a good Conscience. Lond. 1753. 
folio, 2 vols. 11. 10s. 

Best, George. Discovrse of 
the (three) late Voyages of Discoue- 
rie for the Finding of a Passage to 
Cathaya by the Northweast, vnder 
the Conduct of Martin Frobisher 
Generall. With a particular Card 
therevnto adioyned of Meta incog- 
nita. London, 1578. 4to. 

Dedicated to ' Sir Christopher Hatto, 
Knight/ then the printer*! preface. The 
ftrst voyage on 52 pages; the second on 
39 pages; and the third on 6B pages. 
Jadis, 270, with fac-siroile drawings of the 
two voKpi, SL lOs. Steerens, 1877, 2L 18s. 
North, pt. iii. 585. The third and last 
Voyage into Meta Incognita was also 
printed in ISmo. 

-~ Thomas. Art of Angling. To 
which is added, the complete Fly- 
Fisher. London, 1787. 12mo. 3s. 

Frequently reprinted. 

Beswick. — Life of Lavinia Bes- 
wick, alias Fenton, alias Polly 
Peachum. London, 1728. 8vo. 
IDs. 6d. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

Betagh, William. Voyage 
round the World. London, 1728. 
8vo. 4s. 

Reprinted in the first volume of Harris's 
Collection of Voyages and Travels. The 
Account of Peru will likewise be found in 
the fourteenth volume of Pinkerton's Col- 

Betham, Matilda. Biographi- 
cal Dictionary of the celebrated 
Women of every Age and Country. 
London, 1 804. 8vo. with a frontis« 
piece containing five portraits, 
7s. 6d. 

— Peter. See Purlilia. 

-^ Rev. William. Genealogical 
Tables of the Sovereigns of the 
World, from the earliest to the pre- 
sent Period. London, 1795. folio. 

A useful work, but much less valuable 
than Anderson's elaborate compilation, 
containing 716 Genealogical Tables, with 
an Index, pp. 5. Dedicated to the King. 
Kosooe, 296, 1/, 7s. Roxburghe, 9130, 
russia, 21, 8s. pine paper, fifty printed, 
3/. 3s. 

— Baronetage of England, or 
tlie History of the English Baron - 


ets, and such Baronets of Scotland 
as are of English Families. Ips- 
wich and London, 1801-5. 4to. 
5 Tols. 

A Tery incorrect and imperfect work. 
Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 4S1, bda. 3/. Sa. 

Bktham, Sir William. Irish 
Antiquarian Researches. Dablin, 
1826-7. 8vo. 

Parts L and II. pp. 442, and Appendiz, 
pp. 55. 

Beth UK E, Philip. The Coan- 
sellor of Estate, translated by Ed- 
ward Grimeston. London, 1634. 


Prefixed u a portrait of Chaikgt. by 
Marshall. Gordonstoun, 234, 9t. Sd. 

Bets, John. Genealogy of the 
York and Lancaster Families. See 
Hall, Edward. . 

Betterton, Thomas. History 
of the English Stage. London, 
1741. 8vo. with portrait. 

Reed, 8025, 12s. Roxburghe, Supple- 
ment, 549, 9s. fid. 550, 8s. In 1710, ap- 
peared a Life of Betterton, by Gildon, with 
his Amorous Widow, a comedy, and m por- 
trait of Betterton, 8to. Reed, 8247, 4i. 
Roxburghe, 3293, 5s. fid. 9291, 8s. 

Bettie, W. Historie of Titana 
and Thesevs. London, 1636. 4to. 

Black letter, containing tfgn. G. 2. A 
notice of this curious work will be Ibund in 
the British Bibliographer, U. 43fi-7. Stce- 
vens, 1196, 12s. 

Betty-Land. — ^The present Stale 
of Betty- Land. Lond. 1684. 8?o. 

White Knights, 438, 8s. 

Bevan, Joseph Gumev. Life 
of the Apostle Paul, as related in 
the Scriptures, with select Notes, 
critical, explanatory, and relating 
to Persons and Places. London, 
1807. 8 vo. 69. 

This work is interesting, as allbrfing 
some explanation of the theological senti- 
ments of the Quakers. Mr. Bevan like- 
wise published ' A Refutation of aome of 
the more modem MisrepresentatioQa of the 
Quakers, with a Lifis of James Na]fkr.^ 
London, 1800, 8?o. and other woflub 

BEVER,Thomas,LL.D. Histofj 
of the Legal Polity of the Roman 
State; and of the Rise, Promn, 
and Extent of the Roman Mwi. 
London, 1781. 4to. 18s. 

Dr. Bever likewise publiahed a DUoonne 


tody of Jurbprudence and the 
. Oxfiird, 1766, 4to. 
.RKGIU8* Anglice^ Beve- 

;ridg£, William^ Bishop 
Laaph. Works. London, 
»Uo, 2 vols, with portrait. 
by Is. Kiinber, who has preAzed 
he Bishop. Sotheby's in 1821, 
6d. l^'iUiams, 125, morocco. 

orks. Lond. 1820. 8vo. 6 


'^orks, with a Memoir of the 

and a critical Examination 

itings, by Thomas Hartwell 

M.A. London, 1824. 8vo. 

H, 88. 

ly complete edition of Bishop Bc- 
vorks. It is well edited and hand- 
inted. The greater part of the im- 
raa unfortunately destroyed by fire. 

frammatica Syriaca, et de 
Qin Orientalium PrsestantiCL 
ate. Londini, 1658. 8vo. 

Hrniiams, 174, mor. lis. 

BMftfxfl» sive Pandectae Ca- 
8S. Apostolorum et Conci- 
ab Ecclesia Grseca recep- 
tee, per Gul. Beveregium. 
672. folio, 2 vols. 2/.128.6d. 

k in unirersal estimation, with 




Vol. I. 
• Apostolorum et Condliornm. 
■i cujosque Caaonis Epitome. 
■i B^samonis,"^ 
iZooano > Scholia. 

Aiistcni J 

I JSgyptii Arabica Paraphmsis, 
htUrp. Lat. 

Vol. II. 
fi ct aliorum Canones, cum Scho- 
rhsodori Balsamonis et Jo. Zona- 

\m Gregoiii Thcologi ^ de sacris 

Mctria >Iibris 

kaipliilochii — lambis. J legendis. 
IB cc Taiaaii Epistolte. 
AffH^* Epistolarum Canon. Sy- 

•■■ Blatlarct de Rebus quae in 
do Synodo qus Photium 

Synodi Conatantinopol]. 

Codex Canooum £c»clesi8e 
f« vindicatos ac illustra- 
^odini, 1678. 4to. 68. 

Be v£ RIDGE, Wm. Bishop of St. 
Asaph, Thesaurus Theologicus, or a 
compleat System of Divinity, sum- 
med up in brief Notes upon Helect 
Places of the old and new Testa- 
ment. Lond. 1710-11. 8vo. 4 vols. 

Gossett,450, l/.7ii. Bp. of Ely, 50, lUs. 
Reprinted. London, 1816, 8vo. 2 vols. 18s. 
and Oxford, 1820, and London, 1828, 8vo. 
2 vols. 1/. 4s. 

— Private Thoughts upon Reli- 
gion, and a Christian Life. Lon- 
don, 1713. 8vo. 2 vols. 7s. 6d. 

Frequently reprinted in 1 vol. 

— Exposition of the xxxix Arti- 
cles. London, 1716. 8vo. with 
portrait, 5s. 

An edition was published 1711, in folio, 
with portrait, lOd. 6d. 

— Institutionum chronologica- 
rum Libri IF. un^ cum totidem 
Arithmelices chronologicee Libel- 
lis. Londini, 1705.4to. 58. 

According to Ant. a Wood Dr. John 
Hudson abridged Beveridge's Introduction 
to Chronology, and printed two impres- 
sions for the use of his pupils. 

— Sixteen Sermons abridged 
from the Works,by the I^y!.H^G. 
Glasse. To whichare aidd^ tea ori- 
ginal Discourses. Lond. 1805. 8vo. 

WilUams, 175, 10s. 

— Sermons selected and abridg- 
ed by the Rev. John Dakins. 
Lond. 1815. 8vo. 2 vols. W. 

Beverley, Peter. Historie of 
Ariodanto and Jeneura, Daughter 
to the King of Scottes, in English 
Verse. Lond. byTho. East. lomo. 

Black letter. Gordonstoun, 296, morocco, 
3U 10s. Kozburghe, 3234. Another Edi- 
tion, 1600, 12mo. 5«e Warton's Poetry, iv. 
310, note 1. 

— R. History and present 

state of Virginia. London, 1722. 

8vo. with a front, and 14 engravings 

by Gribelin, 58. 

This work contains many pertinent 
remarks. A former edition, 1705. Font- 
hill, 3202, 9s. 

Bevin, Elway. Instruction of 
the Art of Musicke, to teach how 
to make Descant of all Proportions 
that are in use, 1631. 4to. 5s. 6d. 

This writer, who was a musician emi- 
nently skilled in the knowledge of practical 




Bevisof Hampton^or Southamp- 
ton. Sir Deuys of Southampton, 
the Son of Cuy Erie of Southamp- 
ton. [Rich. Pynson] 4to. 

An abstract of this romance from the 
Caius CoIL MS., and the edition printed by 
Pynson, will be found in the second volume 
of Ellis' Specimens. 

— Sir Beuys of Hampton. Lon- 
don, by W. Coplande. 4to. 

Black letter. A to S 3, in fours. A 
copy is in the Garrick Collection in the 
British Museum. 

^- Syr Bevis of Hampton. 
London, by Thomas East. 4to. 

Black letter. 33 leaves. A copy is in 
the Bodleian Library. 

— Sir Bevi^ of Hampton, (ante 
1662.) 4to. 

Black letter. Of this edition only one 
copy is known. 

— Sir Bevis of Hampton. Lon- 
don, 1662. 4to. 

Black letter, with cuts. Steevens, 11 90, 
8/. 13s.6d.rtsoM Roxburghe, 3230,7/.76. 
again Sir M. M. Sykes, pt ii. 74, lOL lOs. 

— Sir Bevis of Southampton. 
London, 1689. 4to. 

Sir M. M. Sykes, 1506, 78. Nassau, 
pt. i. 402, 8s. North, pt iii. 738, W.9s. 
Goldsmid, 272, 4L 6s. 

Bewick, Thomas. History of 
Quadrupeds. The Figures engraved 
on wood, by T. Bewick. Newcas- 
tle, 1790. 8vo, 

Fizat edition. Steevens, 1520, 1^ 3s. 
Roxbuighe, 1795, l/..3s. Bindley, pt i. 
297, 1/* 5s. Brockett, 138, mor. 2/. 2s. 
RoTAL, Steevens, 1521, 2/. 5s. Brockett, 
137, mor. 5/. 7s. 6d. A copy on extra 
THICK ROYAL PAPER was recently sold at 
Evans' for upwards of 10/. 

Second edition, 1791. Demt, Lloyd, 63, 
1/. 9s. Roscoe, 1783, 21, 17s. Royal, 
Dent, pt L 209, 1/. 2s. Nassau, pt ii. 1455, 
2/. 2s. WiUiams, 176, mor. 3L 15s. 

Third Edition, 1792. Demy, IBs. 
Royal, l/.lOs. 

Fourth Edition, 1800. Demy, 12s. 
Royal, Earl of Kerry, 630, russia, 3/. 38. 
Imperial, (the (hrst on this size paper) 
2L 8s. Edwards, 452, russia, AL 10s. 

Fifth Edition, 1807. Demy. Brockett, 
145, mor. XL 4s. Rotal, IL 1 Is. 6d. Im- 
perial, 2L 2u 

Sixth Edition, 1811. Demy, 16s. 
Brodtett, 146, mor. W. Is. 

8«venUi Edition, 1820. Demy, IL Is. 
BoTU., XL lOii Imperial, 2L 2s. 


Eighth Edition, 1824. Demy, It 
Royal, 1/. 10a. Imperial, 2L 21. 

Bewick, Thomas. Figures of 
Quadrupeds and Tail Pieces tukea 
off without the Letter Press. New- 
castle, 1818. 4to. 2/. 28. 

Twenty-four or five co|»es printed*. 
Brockett, 183, morocco, 6/. 2s. 6d. On 
India paper (twelve copies.) Brockett, 
1 68, 4/. 4s. A second edition, without the 
tail pieces, appeared 1824. 

— History of British Birds. 
The Figures engraved on wood by 
T. Bewick. Newcastle, 1797- 
1804. 8vo, 2 vols. 

First edition. The last leaf of voL L is 
sometimes found blank, sometimes with tht 
third edition of the Quadrupeds advertised, 
and others with the fourth edition. Qneiy, 
If there have not been more tiian one 
edifton with the same date? Roseoc, 
1784, 5L 5s. Royal. WilBams, 177, 
morocco, 5/. 7s. 6d. Nassau, pt. i. 1456, 
6L 6s. Earl of Kerry, 631, mssia, 6L lOs. 
Brockett, 139, morocco, 71. Some ospte 
were printed on thicker royal. Impbual, 
6/. 6s. 

Second Edition, 1805, 2 vols. Demt, 
I/, lis. 6d. Royal. Brockett, 144. mor. 
3/. 19s. Imperial. Edwards, 75S, rus- 
sia, 61. 10s. 

Third Edition, 1809. Demy. XL 10s. 

Fourth Edition, 1816. Demy. Brodtftt, 
147, morocco, 3/. 8s. 

Fifth Edition, 1821. Demt. Brodiett, 
160, 1/. 14s. Royal. Brockett, 159,2<.ts. 
Imperial. Brockett, 158, $L Is. 

A new and enlarged Edition, 1826. Dbmt, 
Ii. 16s. Royal, 2/. 5s. Imperial, 31. Is. 

— Supplement to the His- 
tory of British Birds. Newcasde» 
1822. 8vo. 

This supplement is intended for ikt t0t 
four editions. 

Demy, 6s. Royal. 8s. Imperial, lis. 

— Figures of Britith Land BUf 
(with the Vignettes) engraved on 
wood by T. Bewick. To which are 
added, a few foreign BiidSy wSk 
their vulgar and scientific Names. 
Newcastle, 1800. royal Svo. 13s. 

These are the cuts to the 8nt w^tgrn 
with a few fordgn birds added. The me^ 
was not pnUidied to correspond* Bnckitt^ 
141, morocco, SI. 58. 

— Figures of British Laiul and 
Water Birds, together witk aifV 
Figures of Foreign Biida* Neir* 
castle, 1817. demy 4tol 

Twenty-five oopiit )|fi|ic^ wltert 



IctUrpKtt. Brockett, 182, morocco, 5/. 
Some iSew lett of die figures and vlgnettet 
hftTe been taken off on India paper on 
■iipa» in oumnting. Another edition ap- 
peared in 1825. 

Bewick, Thomas. CutsofUie 
Supplement to the British Birds, 
iritliout the letter press. Newcas- 
tle, 1821, 4to. 12s. 

— Select Fables, with Cuts 
designed and engraved by Thomas 
and John Bewick, and others, 
preyioQt to the year 1784: to- 
gedier with a Memoir and a de- 
scriptive Catalogue of the Works 
of Messrs, Bewick. Newcastle, 
1820, 8to. 

Bkockctt, 154,13s. RorAL. Brockett, 
lASk 11. lis. 6d. IifPEaiAL. Brockett, 
ISl, XL tu Twelve copies with the cuts 
ad tiU pieces taken off on India papsr. 
Itackett, 152. 51. 5s. 

— Vignettes to Bewick's Various 
Woiks. Newcastle, 1827. 8yo. 
2L 2s. 4to. 21. 2s. 

— Fables of iEsop, forming 
tke iftk folume of his works. Vide 

Bewicke, Robert. Tables of 
dtt several European Exchanges. 
London, 1802. 4to. 2 yols. 

PnbUshed at 42. 4s. 

Besa, Theodore. Tragedie of 
Abnbam's Sacrifice translated into 
English by A[rthur] G[olding]; 
Uied at Powles Belchamp, in 
Bike, the 11th Day of August 
ICTS. London, by Vautrowllier, 
1577. 18mo. 

MMk letter, with wood cuts. Forster, 
HM, Iti. 5a. King and Locke's in 
UK %M 

— Sermons (xxxi) vpon the 
tkee first Chapters of the Canticle 
of Canticles, translated out of 
Fmch by John Harmar. Oxford, 
1587. 4to. 

h ddt work the fitthSon of curled locks, 
ksHdcanned fai terms sindlar tethose used 
lyhynne. Ins^ 158, 5s. Boswell, 

^' Cordial for a sick Conscience, 
lushted into English by H. 
A(im]. London^ 1593. 8?o. 

A posifcal trad, consisting of S4 leaTes, 
■wwn la Hcitat or Ritson, noticed in 
te BkidA BMogr^her, U. 183-7. 



Thi following Workt rf Ben ars many of 
them if rare oeewrrenoi. 

Admonition to the Parliament Roan, 
1553. 8vo. Herbert also notices another 
edition, 1560. 8vo. 

Briefe Declaration of the chiefe Points 
of Christian Religion. Geneoa, 1556. 
16mo. From Mauniell's Catalogue, 
p. 9. Another edition. ' Imprinted 
by Dauid Moptid and John Mather.' 
16mo. 58. 

An Oration made Tuesday the ix Day of 
September, 1561, in the Noonnery of 
Poyssy. London, by R. Jugge, 1561. 
8vo. Contains E 4, in eights. Bind- 
ley, pt. i. 1364. 

Ane Answer made the 4th Day of Sep- 
tembrc, 1561, to the Cardinal of Lor- 
raine, in the Name of die reformed 
Churches, &c. Edinbuigh, by Robert 
Lekprevik, 1562. 8 vo. 

Life and Death of M. John Calvin, with 
his last Will and CaUlpgue of his 
Works. London, by H. Denharo, 
1564. 8vo. Bindley, pt L 604. 
Inglis, 86, 17s. 

Quastionum et Responsionum Christia- 
narum Libellus. Londini, 1571. 16mo. 
7s. Reprinted 1577. 

Sum of the Christian Faith, translated 
by Robert Fyll. London, 1572. 
16nio. 7s. Black letter. Herbert and 
Dr. Dibdin notice other editions, 1563, 
1585, and without date. 

Confessio Christianse Fidei et eiusdem 
Collatio cum Papistids Hsreisbus. 
Londini, 1575. 8vo. Contains X 4, in 
eights. Reprinted 1581. 

QoKstionum et Responsionum Christia- 
narum Pars altera. Londini, 1577. 
8vo. A translation of this part was 
published by John Field, 1580. Svo. 

Booke of Christian Questions and An- 
swers, translated into Engfishe by 
Arthur Goldinge. London, 1577. 8vo. 
Contains 90 leaves, besides the dedi- 
cation to ' Lorde Henry Earie of Hun- 
tingdon, Baron Hastinges.' Reprinted, 
1578. An edition, 1586. Inglis, 
87, 12s. 

Display of Popish Practices, or patched 
Pelagianisme, translated by Will Hop- 
kinson. London, 1578. 4to. 

Little Catechisme. London, 1578. Svo. 
From Maunseirs Catalogue, p. 29. 

Judgment concerning a threefold Order 
of Bbhops, &C. (1580). SmStrype's 
Annals, li. 629, &c. Ant a Wood says, 
' this was done as it was supposed by 
Field in order to make episcopacy 
shake, and to incline the people to 
change the government of the diurch 
by bishop, into that of elder.' 

Trtatise of the Plague, tamed into Eng- 
lish by John Sto^wood. Lond.(1580.) 
Svo. Dedicated to Sir Henry Sidney. 

[64 BIB 

Trcuure of Tnilli, larned Into Engluh 
by John Stockirood. London, 1581. 
8«i. it. Herbeit in hi. edilion of 
Amei'i TypogTmphical Andquitiei, 
notlc«i B fonner edilion enlitled I'm- 
dM of Truth, innaltted by M. Wittlng- 
hun. OenevBiboul ISSe. 
The pMlms truly opened by Parephruea 
in Prow>, from the Latin, by AM. Gil- 
bie. London, 19B1. ISmo. 
DiKOune of the true mi vinble Msriu 
oftheCmliolic Church. IraniUUid by 
Tho. Wileoi. London, 1582. IBmo. 
Agun without dale. 
Cbriitian Mediuliona *pon eight Paaimn 
of the Prophet Darid, &c. tranilated 
out of Frpnehe by I- ». Londo" 
1S82, IBmo. Reprinted 1569, /I 
edilion by Chr. Barker, no dale. V/il- 
lianu, ISO, 18s. 
Confulalion of the Pope'* Cannoni, 
mnilated by Tho. Stocker. London, 
15SS. IBmo. Reprinted 1587. 
Two Tory learned Srtmonj, logelhei 
with a ihort Sum of the Sacrament of 
the Lord'. Supper, by T. W. {Thomas 
Wilrack..) London, 1588. 8vo, 
Confemon of Fidth, with a ConfnUUOii 
of rapcnlidoui Emnincontrarie there- 
unto, tianilated out of Ftencli by Rob, 
Fill). Lond. 1589. 8to. Ingltn, 88, 7s. 
Paraphrastiral Eiplanation of U holie 
Pulnu, engli.hed fay Ant. Gilbio. 
Lond. 1S90. a^mo. pp. 77, and a Ublcr, 
Two EiMilles, tran.lalcd by R. V»ui. 

London, 1593, 3vo. 
Maiiler Beia't Honhold Prayer., for the 
Con>olation and Perfection of a Chris- 
dan Life. London, 1007. 18m'>. 
black letter, with borders. 

BEZA,Theod. CodexCantabngi- 
eniis, vide Evangelia, 

Bhagval-Geeia. SeeWiLKiss, 
Charles. I 

Bhascara Achoria. 5eeTAVLoii, 

BiANCHA, John. Dissertation 
on the Case of Catherine Vi Main, 
a young woman bom in Rome, who 
for eight yeara passed in th« Habit 
of Man, was killed for an Amour 
with a young Lady, &c. I^ndon, 
1651. 12mo. 

A tianilation from the Italian. 
BiBLiA Sacra Polj^glolta, eom- 

{lectentia Tejtttis onginales^ He- 
mum cum Penlateucho Sama- 
litano, Chaldaicum.Graecum, Ver- 
■iooemque antiquaniro Samarita- 
OK, GTmi:ee, LXX. Interp. Chal- 

daicte, Syriac«, Arabicse, ,ffithio- 
piesc, Persicte, Vulg. Lat.quicquid 
ranipaTari poierat. Cum Teittuum 
ergiorum Orientalium Transla- 
tionibuB Latinis. Cum Apparatu, 
A])pendicibuB, Tabulia, variis Lec- 
etc. Edidit Brianus Walton, 
S.T.D. Lond. 1657. folio,6¥ol«. 
with portrait by Lombart, 

' AH the preceding Polyglot., were edip- 
aed in use and excellence, if not in iplendaiD 
and liic, by that which ia cUled the Ei^liA 
and London Polyglot,'— Cdr^-wcfuj. 

The Ian leaf bnt one of the preface ii tao- 
T.,|lert in many co|^ea, in which mention ii 
made of the Protector In theae wordi: 
' I'limo sutcm commemorandi quonuB 
HiFore chartun a rectigalibua immunemha- 
biumua, quod quinque adhinc annu (1S51) 
a eoncilio lecrelioro primd coaceaaum, poa- 
tca a UTcniuimoD, PsotecTORE ^niqH 
krorullio, operi. promoTendi cauia, bcnifw 
■■onfinnatum el CMitinuatum erat, qidbn^ 
Sic. In the loyal copiei the dauae ii al- 

and the wordi ' SerenlM. PBlHCKPt 
D. Cak. Ludov. pr. Palatih.' are bond. 
In xnoe copiei are found a dedication t* 
King Charlei II, (reprinted I81I,fiiUo)aod 
' An advcrdiement la the SubKribeta aod 
other>,unlo whom any copiei of the Snt 10- 
Lume of the Bible .haU be dellTered,' wtakfa 
latter ha. been reprinted by ToddinhiaBft 
of Walton, p, 08, and by Dr. Dibdin in Ui 
Introduction to the Greek and Ladn CI**- 
alCLpp, 22-3. 

In the ApparatuiCriticniiaBtreatiKtB- 
litled 'Eiplicalio Idiotiamorum, aeu no- 
prietatum Ungute Hebnica et Gr^ce qHI 
a^iua in Scripturi. occurtanl', in which iki 
suthor aika, in what manner the aenaetf 
dctipture i. to be determined. Over (be 
fourth and fifth answen ( in rooel copic*) ■ 
Lpcr, containing other fourth and Att 

1'hc PolygloII, C vola, DukeofGraftoo,!, 
il. 13.. Copies with Cantell'i Lcdtoo. 
Bp. Randolph, 3S2, 431. 383, 381, 17b 
ith the dedication taUtt 
11,411. Gos>et,a03, 45L itilk^ 

284, S 


, B07, I 
, with the dedicatk^ 

Heath 4!1, 


by Roger Payne, 731. 10., 

1 AnoEF.\rF.n, II copiea printed, all wiA 
the royal ptebce. Copei of whiA ai«b 
the Royal Library, Biitiah Umean^ K 
Paul'a, St. John'a.Camb. Shtvwabnry S^ 
Library, Lambeth, and in lord Sftaca^ 

To complete, uya Mr. Home, the L«a- 
don Polyglott, the IbUawlng pobliadM 
■hould be added, 1. Panjpfaiuii CW- 

Chraniconiiii, AnctOR lUbtn Jcm 
Venion* Ladna > Daiide Wilkins'. Amil. 1 
Itli, 4lo. 3. Dr. CuteU'B Lciinin HepU- ' 
iMon. The poTduMr ihould il» pronin 
Dr. Jshn Owm'i CanridCTBtiont on the 
pBlnlotI, ISSa. 8vo. BUhop Walton'i n- 
plf.ndtled 'TtwCocuideialorCaDiidered,' 
&e. 1659. 810. Uld t miMt imparUnt work 
Wiltsn'i Inmductio md Lecdoiwin Urigua- 
nnn Orinu&um. &c Lund. I6S1, ISoio. 
Of Ibc tetter work oh hundred mfHetwere 
KpriMed ISIS, in folio, of which B7 nerr 
dcNrajcd by &re in Much I S32. U( the 
ihcec copiei UTtd one mi pretealed by 
Ur. BifMM to Ihi Briciih Mueum, one ID ' 
the RcT. U. Todd, and the other i> in (he 

For fortber informatioii teipectinK Ihii 
nioMc Pidyglott, connilt Harue'i Crit. 
Iali«d. to the Soiplurei, ii. appendix, 
IS— n. Todd'i Uemoin of Biihop Wal- 
Md. Cluke'c Bibliogr. KctionBry. L S4B 
— '•. Butler'i HorK Bibl. i. 138—49. 
Dr. Kbdin'a IntroducUan to (he CiMaa. 
lUd edition, L 13— !7. 

Ib lT97,the Her. jMiih Pntliuued 'A 
hii|iii I III, with Spedioeni of a New Po- 
IjflM Kbk, in Qurto,' uid in 1799, 
■whrr ' FiMpectiu, with Spedment of 
MocnraPoly^t Bible;' but be wuit of 
iinnMm III! lit the dnign hu not been 
o mi t ioKt eucutioD. A ■imilir fate hu 
alKBded ' The Plan and Spedmen of Bib- 
ii Polf^ottm Briiannica,' publiihed and 
dralatedby the Rtr. Adam Clarke, LL.D. 
in IBtO, in Iblla, reprinted in the Claiiical 
JoiRial, iT. 4B3- T. 

— Biblia Sacra Polyglotta, Tex- 
tu Archeiypos, Versionesque prre- 
cipiiu mb Ecclesta antiqiiiiiis recep- 
m complectantia. Loml. 1817-2» 
4U). 51. 5s. 8vo. 4 vols. 4/. 93. 

Tlwpol]rglot,pub1itheilby Mr. Bagsler, 

Oy TcMmiCDI, the Samaritan I'enUteuch, 
tk ttfO^M Greek Venion of tiie Old 

Ikifacd Engliih Tf r^on of the entire ffible, 
Ike gripnU Greek teit of the New I esta- 
■eM, and ibe (cnenble Peicbito or old 
Ijiiac Vawm of it. A good account of the 
1^ «f tU* Ftdyglat, may be teen in 
T«dd'>UeiDoinofBialiopW4lton,i.369 9. 

— BibliaSacra Polyglotta, Gul- 
bx, Italice, Hiipanicc el Gertna- 
BMS, Veniones praecipuas ab Ec- 
devi Chriftiania hodie receptas, 
irt Tut vulgo apprabatas, com- 
plectantia. Londini. 4to. 

Of tlM afliaD DO perfect copy exiaU, 
AtBhde WCTcdatnredby Ore in Hatch, 
lin, at Mr. B^ptcr'i.axccptliig 33 eoplej 

BIB 165 

Biblia Sacra Polyglotta. Lon- 

(fini, 1828. folio, 8/. 83. 

Thii nork bean the title of " Bagiter'i 
London Poiyglotl Bibif," and preienti 8 
Langusgei at each opening of the Tolume. 

ihe Septua^QI Greek variion of (he Old 
TeBiamsni, Ihe Vulga.e ^giin. Diodali'a 
Italian, Scio'a Spaniili, OiterwnW* Frpnch, 
Luther'i German, and the autliurtsed ver- 
jion of Ihe Englith Biiile. iheurittinaJ Greek 
[ext of the New Testament, and the lene- 
lable Patchili, or old Syrian venion of it. 

Biblia Hebrnica (sine punctis) 
accurdiite Nath. Forsler. Oxon. 
17.50. 4to. 3/. 3s. 

except thai in Ihe Poljglui. printed in 
Bngland. It hai iiowcver iici'n liiglily 
ceniured by Masrh, Ihungh Dr. Aiiotn 
Clarke, pronounces it 10 l,e ' Ilie most ele- 

— The old Testament, English 
and Hebrew, wiili Remarks criti- 
cal and grammatical on tlie He- 
brew, and Corrections of the Eng- 
lish, by Anselm Bayly, LL.D. • 
London, 1774. royal 8vo. 4 vols. 
3/. lOs. 

An uieful edition of the Maaorctic He- 


.1 for tl 

c Hell 

hand page; and the 
■iithoriaed English vertion on tlie right 
hand page, diviiled into two columns. Ilic 
critical notes, wliirh are few, are placed 
under ihe English text. 

— Veins Testamenttim Hehrai- 
ciim, euro variis Lecti<)nibiis,edidit 
Benj. Kennirott. Oxonii, 1776- 
80. f<,lio, 2 vols. 71. 17b 6d. 

Thi) edilion of the Hebrew Bible la, ac- 
cording to the learned Dr. Henry Owen, 

I Hebrew lexl than all the methods hitherto 
practiied.' It has alio been pronounced by 

I oneof Ihe nioil wary of Crerman critica to 
be ' ■ flnt rate and even unique ornament 

I of a theological colleiiion.' Sir M. M. 

; Sykea. pt. i. 47 1 , morocco, 81. Si. Goitett, 

, 500, rusna, 91. 19i. Od. For a further ac- 
count or thi) spleudid work >M. Bishop 

I Manh'i Diiinily Leclurcs, pari iL pp. 
ID5-S. MonlMy Review, vol. Iv. 92— 
100,lriT. 173— 82,321— B, and lir.121— 
31. To Dr. KennicoU'a Hebrew Bible, H. 
de Roni published an important aupple- 
meiit in 4 vols. 4to. printed at Parma, 

17e«-7, entitled, V«ri» LectiOMl Veleiii 
T«tKnenll.— &» Kennicott, B. 

Biblia Hebraica, or the He- 
brew Scriptures of the old Testa- 
mer.t, without Points, after the 
Text of Kennicott, with various 
Readings, and English Notei, by 
B. BoothroyJ, D.D. Poniefract, 
1810 — 16. 4lo. 2 vols. 3J, 13s. 6d. 

Thii fditioD, sccordiog lo Mr. Home, 
' ii peculiilly inlcrwting lo the Hebrew 
•cfaolar and critk, ** it contain!, in a ron- 
denied fbnn, (be inbilancc of t)ie n)»I 
valuable and exp«n«ve worlu. Xlie typ« 
U Tcry clear, and the poetical parti of tbe 
Hebreo Scriptural are printed in hemis- 
ticha, BccoTdiDg to the armngtmenl pto- 
poinl by Bp. Ixtirlb, and adopted by Abp. 
Newconie.' There are cople) an Lat}^ 
Paper in royal quarto. 

— Biblia Hebraica, ad Editio- 
nem Vanderhooght, k J. S. C. F. 
Prey. Uodiiii, 1812. 8vo. 2 vol*. 
2/. 2s. 

add to be rery iniomrt. hoyaL TAttK, 
31. St. 

— Biblia Hebraica, Versibus, 
Capitihus, et Seclionibui inter- 
stincta. LondJDi, 1822 and 1826. 
12mo. U. ts. 

Another e^don wu printed willioul the 
painti, R li. Both are on the bui> of 
TtndeiliDaght't, and owe their chaiac- 
ttr for accuracy to die talent and auiduity 
OT Henn. H. Jacob and J- Dalleniande. 
The vatiout resdingj of the Hebrew and 
Samaritan Pentateucli are given, together 
with the Matorelic notea, tenned Keri and 
Ketib. To tome copiet an Engliah veraion 
irili be found oppoilte, in othen a French, 
&c. An Engiiati and Hebre* edition of 
the Old Ttiliment wai pnbBihed b; Baga- 
t«r, 18!e, 12iiM>. if. 11a. 6d, 

— The Bible in the Arabic Lao- 
gnage. Newcaatle-opon-Tyne, 
1811. 4to. 189. 

Tlria edition wu luperln tended by the 
late AnWc prof^uor, the Rev. J. D.Car- 
lyle. Twelve cdpin were printed In iacge 
folio Ibr prnenti ; one of Eheie ta deponted 
In the Briltih IWuaeunt. Another el^anl 
edition, Newcaatie-upon-Tyne, 1816, 4to. 

— Vetns Teatamenbim SyriaCe, 
edidit Samuel Lee, A.M. Londini, 
1823. 4to. 

Thia edition waa printed under the pa- 
tronage of the Church WHionary Sodety, 
and at the enenae oT the Briliab and Fo- 
rdgn Btbl* Sodety. Three UBS. were 


collated for Ihia edMon, vis. 1. Thattma^t 
by the Rev. Dr. Buchanan from TranncoKt 
in the Eatt Indie*. 2. Another beioiigLv 
to the Rev. Dr. Adam Clarke. 3. One of 
the Syriac Pentateuch, In the Library of 
Mew College, Oxford. 

— Vetus Tcitamentum Graectim, 
ex Versione LXX. InUrprettim. 
In S. Biblia Graca Scholia, ic. 
Novi Test a men ti Libri omnes 
Gnece. Londini, 1653. 8vo. 3 vols, 
in 1. 10s. 6d. 

This edition, printed by Roger Daldel, 
which profewei lo follow aceutately the 
Roman edition of 15SB, haa bten ae«enly 
handled by Walton, Bo*, Maach and Harlct. 
According to Mr. Home, the editon have 
altered and interpolated tlie text in aevenl 
piacea, in order to bring it nearer to the 
Hebrew tent, and the modem Teidooi, 
4to. cdltioa. Drnry, 5ST, ISt. Heath, 
417, 18). 

— VetutTestamentumGitetiuDi, 
juxta Exemplar Vaticoaam. Can- 
tab. 1665. 12mo. 

Tlila Cambridge edition wai twice printed, 
Arat by John Field In IflflS, ajad then bf 
John Hayea In 1684, with the otigliMl date 
of laei. Prefixed la a learned pteftce of 
19 pigea, written by the celebrated BiAap 
Feeraon. Drury, 444, vrith the Otetk 
Teitament, Aportypha, and Lllorn. Ifc* 

— Vetus Teatamentum Qnece, 
ex antiqniss. Codice MS. Aluu- 
drino descnptum, Cura et Studio 
Joan. Ernesti Orabe. Oxonii. 
1707— 19. folio. 4 torn, in 3 Tolf. 
W. Hi. 6d. 

' Editio omnium editionsm ^ItnJlUe 


EiegantJam,' ftc. 
(.ARai rarxB. 3t 3>. An edition hi Ire. 
4Tsli.inS. IJ. 

— Vetus Testamentum Qrcconii 
cum variisLectii)nibus,edatL Rob. 
Holmes, et Jac. Parsona. Oxoo. 
1798—1827. folio. 5 vols. 

A truly valuable and aplendld editloa it 
the Septuagint veraion. Vol. L eanabdlg 
of 3 puU. wai pubiiahed ITSG, IMl, 
1804. Vol. ii. corapridng all theUelMlal 
bsoki fhini Juehoa to the aecond liMk if 
Chrouidea, indunvely; the acveiri tett 
culi of which were pnbliibed IdHmUIm- 
ing otder, ni.i Joihu* in ISIB; ialgm 
and RuUi in 1S12 ; 1 Klngt In ISl J; ud 
the five temainlng booha Id the few ane- 
ceeding yean, The third and tmtb i«- 
lumaa, canlainiog the lieok of JA I* A* 
Prophet Jcreni^ were pabliilwd ial»— 
IS; and the — 



which oontaini the Apocryphal booki, be- 
tween the yean 1825 and 1827. Forcha- 
racten and critiquca of thia magiuficent 
nndntakiag aw Bishop Manh'i twelfth Lec- 
ture; Eclectic Reiriew ii. part. i. 85—90, 
214—21, 267—74, 337—48; Clauical 
Joiinial,iz. 475— 9,xiz. 367—72; Home's 
IntrodoeCioc to the Scriptures, ii. appendix, 
37— 8b 

— Vetus Teatainentum Greecum, 
juxia Exemplar Vaticanuniy ex 

Editione Lamb. Bos. Oxon. 1805. 
8fo. 5 vols. 

An d^gant, acciualet and commodious 
editioo, printed in columns. 

— Vetus Testamentum e Co- 
dice MS. AlexandriDO, qui Lon- 
dini in Bibliotheca Musei Britan- 
nici assenratur, Typis ad Simi- 
litadiaem ipsius Codicis Scriptum 
fideliter descriptum, Cura et Lahore 
Henrici Herveii Baber, A.M. Lon- 
dini, 1816-28. imperial 4U). 4 

Thu edition ezhiUta a bithfiil fiK-rimile 
of the eelchrated Alexandrian manuscript, 
the canliat existing of the Scriptures ; it 
wu printed at the public ezpence, under 
die eonmnl of the Trustees of the British 
Mbkiub. The tfiree fint volumes comprise 
the catire text of the septuagint ; and the 
faurth eontaina the notes and the prolego- 



On PAPBa, 250 copies were printed, 

tad on VBLLVic ten copies, and which 

ue thna diipoaed : The library of King 

Georie III. The Imperial library at Vienna. 

The Bihlioch6queduRoi at Paris. TheAbp. 

ofCameAary. The Duke of Devonsliire. 

Thb eopy la fire inches taller than any of 

fhc rteta. £ari Spencer. John Dent, Esq. 

Sir M. M. Sykes, Bart. Archdeacon Us- 

sbcr. Rev. H. H.Baber. The publication 

price ei ike work complete upon vellum, 

is 184 girfncaay and on peper, 30/. 15s. 

The New Testament, which completes 
tikb ediikm of the Scriptures, was published 
by Woide, tide TesL Nov. Or. Woide.1786. 

— Veins Testamentum^ secun- 
dom Exemplar Vaiicanum. Acce- 
dontvariae LectioneseCodice Alex- 
udnno, nee non Introductio J. B. 
Cirpoofii. Oxon. 1817. 8vo. 6 
Tob. II. 7s. 

Ahmdiemely printed and accurate edi- 
iSsa. The intioduction is extracted firom 
(W ncend and third chapters of Carpao- 
^ Crific-a Sacra. Put HL large paper, 
^k Ototj. 446, ruaria, 81. 88. >Vil- 
^ Iff, with Oriedwch's Testament, 

— Vetus Testamentum Greecum. 
Londiniy 1819. 8vo. 

An elepmtly executed volume correctly 
printed after the editions of HolmesandBos. 

— Vetus ac Novum Testamen- 
tum Greecum cum variis Lectioni- 
bus Millii et Griesbachii. Londini, 
1826. 12mo. 1/. 6s. 

Copies of this edition published by Mr. 
Bagster, have also been printed with the au- 
thorised English version on the opposite 
page, W. 16s. 

— Vetus Testamentum juxta 
Exemplar Vaticanum. Glasguss, 
1822. l8mo. 3 vols. 1 8s. and Lon- 
don, 1 vol. 12mo. 1827. 18s. 

This very neat edition was printed at the 
university preu, at Glasgow. 

Biblia Latina. — Sacres Bibliee 
Tomus. Excudebat Thomas Bar- 
tbolctus. 1585. 4to. 

The first Latin Bible printed in England. 
Copies are in the British Museum and Bod- 
leian libraries. 

•— Testameiiti Veteris Biblia 
Sacra, Latini recens ex Hebrseo 
facti, bievibusque Scholiis illus- 
trati ab Imm. Tremellio et Franc. 
Junio: acccsserunt Libri Apocry- 
phi, Latini redditi et Notis quibus- 
dam aucti, a Fr. Junio. Londini, 
1580. 8vo. lOs. 6d. 

First London edition of this version which 
was made under the direction of the Elec- 
tor Palatine, Frederick III. Reprinted 
with Beza*s Testament, 1581, 8vo. 1585. 
8vo. 1593, foUo, 12s. 1640, with an^- 
graved titie page, by Marshall, 12mo. 5s. 
1650, 12mo. 1661, Svo. 1680, 12mo. 

Biblia Sacra ex Sebastiani Cas- 
tellionis Interpretatione ej usque 
postrema Recognitionc. Londini, 
1724. 12mo. 4 vols. 15s. 

This edition of Cajttalio's Bible is printed 
without the notes usually accompanying the 


This version was attacked both by Catho- 
lics and Protestants. Castalio publbhed a de- 
fence of himself and his work in 1562, 1 2mo. 

Biblia Sacra Vulgata. Londiniy 
1836. 12mo. 188, 

Bagiter*s esteemed edition. 

— Annotationes in V'etus Testa- 
mentum, et in Epistolam ad Ephe- 
sios, incerto Autore : c Bibliotheca 
Johannis Archiep. Eboracensis in 
Lucem erut«. Cantabr. 1653.8vo. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

168 BIB 

— DitquisitioDeB criticte du 
variiti per divcrsa Loca et Tempore 
Biblioruro Editionibus. LoDdint, 
1684. 4io. 6i. 

BiBLiA. The Bible, that is, the 
holy Scripture of the old and new 
Testament, faitlifully and truly 
translated out or Douche and Latyn 
iDto Englishe. | Zurich, by Chr. 
Froschover] 1535. folio. 

r, prl.,1, 

n dDub 

in B Ibrfigu iccrelary-golhic-lype, niih 
vrood-cuu, by Hans Stbsid Behui. 
Ihii am ProtnUnttnnilaikHioribe whole 
Bible li contidercd u the JiHnl produclion 
of Tyndal oiidCowrdilc. Il i> uid thai 
only two pcifecl copie* exiat ; one in tbv 
Britiih Miucum, llie olb«r in die library oi' 
Lord Jerwy. Denyer, 17, iniperfrct, 39J. 
ISi. Dent, pL I. 330 (the title and liro fol- 
lowing learn aupplied by S9 fac-iimilei.) 

CUIult.m. Wond-cul tillc; dEdication to 
ILHenry VIII. Spp. 'A prologe to the rea- 
der,' 6 pp.; ' The tioket of Ihe hole Byble.' 
2 pp. 'TheconWntes of the bake ofGeneus,' 

. ge. The firtt bouk ot Mosea, &c. fol. . 
ic. (then Bhould follow, according in Her- 
bert, amapoflbe Holy Land.) ' The wconil 
pwte oflbe Olde TeiUmenl,' Josua, &c to 
H«attr, fol. ii— CXI. Job, Hrc to • Salomon's 
twleltei,' Tol. i— m. • All the Proplietes in 
Bogllahe,- foL il—cii. ' Apocripha,' fol.ii 
—liixiii. faljcly numbered liui. Then 
Ibllowa a blank teaf. ' The Newe Teita- 
roenle,' fol. ii— eiili. on the revere of the 
iut ia ' Piynted in ifae yeare of oure Lordt 
H.D.xxxv. and fyniihed the fourth daye oi 
October,' A full page contains 57 linct 
The dedication, prulugue, and contents of 
Qcneiit, are printed in a different type, 
there are KparaCe title pa;e« W the fire 
boolu tbimed of the wood-cuti which de. 
coraleihebook.eiduilTeofthe general title, 

Sm Dr. Cotton's List of Edliioni of the I 
BRileS— 1, 8S— 6, 90, »8— B, and 111—2, 
Ame*' Typ. Aniiq, by Merbtn, iii. 15(4, S. ! 
Bibl. Harleiana, i. -lo. I5S, Bibl. Spencer, i, 
78 — SI. Abp,New<»nie'sHiiior. View, 39 | 
— 33,Lenii' 
doni of the Bible, 91—104. Home's Iniro- 
dnGdontatbeSctipCurti,ii. appendix 60—1 

-- The Byble, whieh ig the holy 
Scripture : in which are contayned 
the olde and newe Testament truely 
and pti rely tra nutated intoEnglysh, 
by Thomas Matihew. 1537. folio. 

Black letter, with marginal annotalioni 
and wood cuta In aereral parta. The Can~ 
tidea lie printed In red and black ; the 
■r«aU In die OotUe letter. ThU Bible wm 


' printed by Grafton and Whilchnrehdtbcrat 
I Hamburg, Hilbarow,oiPaiia.Ilnile*bal 
I little IVora Tyndal's and Carenlale'i trwida- 
, lion ; andlhelewemendationaudadditlani 
which it contain!, were lupplied by John 
RogEri, who lupetintended the publicukn, 
I auiiming the name of Matthew. Copie* 
' ate in the Britiali Muieum, Lambeth, Bod- 
leian, Si. Finl'a, Sie. libiuie*. Sotbcby'a 
in June, 1S22, t9i. ig>. Denyer, 18, (front. 
' and concluding leaf, MR.) 331. 13a. Or 
M, M.Sykea,pt.i,<]13,7Sf. ISi. 

CelUiai,. Title,inredandb:ack, within 
a wood engraving, at the bottom in larg* 
characters ' Set forth with the Kbgei moil 
gracyoui licence i" A cslendoraDl almaoM 
for 18 years, beginning 1538,' 4 pag«i 'An 
eiliortadon to the study of the holy Scrip- 
turet,' 1 pa^ei ' The inmineandcaolentor 
. all the hoIyScripIure,'Spagei;dedica|]oato 
K. Henry VllLSpagei) ' To the Chryrten 
readen,'aiid a ' Table of prindpd matten,* 
, together 2e pageai ' The Names of all llw 
bokes of the Byble,' &c 1 page, on the le- 
] verse of which ia a wood engraving of AdJM 
, sndEveinParadite: Geneiit to Salomon'! 
■ Ballet, fol. i— ccilvii. A title, ' The Vf 
phetes in £nglisli,' in black and red, b*- 
I tween IC wood cuts ; • Eaay,' &c U Uah- 
I chy, ful. i— xciiii. )' ■ The volume of tke 
I buke) called Apocripha,' &c in red and 
I black, between 13 wood cuti; Eadna, fte. 
to 2 Maccabees, fol. I<— luii. One blank 
Meat 'The Newe Testament — H. a 
I iixtii.' in red and black, wiLhln the mat 
wood- engraving ai that to tlie O, T. St. 
' Matthew to Beielatjoni, whh Ublei of the 
Bpiitles, foLii— di. On the next and IM 
leafiithcimprintwithtbe date otu.njiaS. 
A full page contain! 60 lineL 

Sic Dr. Cotton's Lilt, 4, 88, SB, 111-*. 

Bibl. Hiri. 1 

431-6, Kbdin'! Libr. Comp. S»— L 
DibiUn'! jEdeiAlthorp. i.63-3. Bp.Ta«- 
line'a Cbr. Theol. ii. 9. Abp. KewoMM^ 
liitt. View, 3«-_42. Lewi.'. HiXery, IW 
—12, Hunie'. Introd. 11. appendli, M-l. 

— The Byble, that ia the onUe 
iind newe Teetaraet faithfullj trant- 
latedinto Bng^lish. SouthwEirke,bj 
James Nicolson, 1537. folio. 

A copy of thh edition i> in the BipdH 
Museum, BristoL 
Str, Dr. Cotton's List, p. 4. . 

— The Byble, &c. Southwaikc, 
by James Nycolion, 1537. 4to. 

Callatim. Title, canprehendin^ HBMi 
eodo. d within an arabesque bvdv) 
ninients, 3 pages j Coverdale'. addiMi M 
(lie King and ■ unto the CtulHan >«*dei' 
fullow, then two leave* of acalaidui Om 
the text, fol. i — ccxiriL ' Ihethyrdaputrf 
the ohle Teaunente,' Ac Job, Ac. U.B— 
:lixlx, 'ThcnewTcitamtDVwftlialM 


letornnmcnb, coodnding at fol. cxzufi. 
then two leaves of a uble, dosing the volume 

Set Ames, by Dibdin, Hi. 51, 52. Bibl. 
Uari. no. 288. ^des Altborp. L 61-2. 

— The Bible, by Thomas 
Matthew (1538) folio. 

A reprint of the edition of 1537, with 
some variation. Set Dr. Cott6n's List, 
p. 5. 

— The Bvble in Englyshe, 
truly translated after the Veryte of 
the Hebrue and Greke Textes, by 
y'dylygent Studye of diuerse ex- 
cellent learned Men, expert in 
the forsayde Tonges. Prynted 
by Rychard Grafton and Ed- 
ward Whitchurcbe, 1539. foho. 
18/. 185. 

BladL letter, with wood cuts, printed 
ondcr the direction of Coverdale and pa- 
tnoage of Cranmer, containing some im- 
prsvcnent of Matthew's translation. It is 
gencnlly called the Great BiUe, and is sup- 
posed to be the same which GraAou ob- 
dined lesve to print at Paris in 1538. 
The preftee vras written by Abp. Cranmer, 
It shiMild foem, according to Dr. Combe, 
tkst two copies of this Bible, of which 2500 
e^iei were printed, are rarely found alike. 
Copici are in the British Museum, Lam- 
beth, and St. Pool's libraries, and one on 
Tellnm b In the Dbrary of Peterhouse Coll, 

CtfiUtim. Title in blade and red, on the 

reverse ' Ae bames of all the books' ; * Ka- 

lendar and almanac* (beginning 1539) four 

(; 'Anezliortacyon,'&c. 1 page; '.The 

and oontente,' 2 pages; ' A Prolo- 

1 P>S« * * A description,' &c. 

Genesis, fol. i— Ixxxuii ; < The 

of the Byble,' Sec in black and 

16 wood cuts. Joshua, &c. 

. ' The thiide parte,' &c. 

betwMB l€ Afferent wood cuts. Psalms to 

MabeU, fid. li— czzxiiiL ; 'The volume of 

the boofces, called Hagiographa,' in black 

sad rrdy within the same title as at the be- 

gianag, on the reverse is an address to the 

nadcr; Eadras, &c IbL U— bu; < The Newe 

Tctttmcnt,' ftc. In black and red, between 

Bine laigcr wood cuts ; St. Matthew, &c 

ial* ft— ^fii' the last two containing tables 

«f ike epistles and gospels. On the last is 

* t^aiiilMd in AprylCanno M.ccccc«xxxix.' 

iUp^gt haa 6S fines. The engraved 

^ piges are aM. to have been designed 


Sa Dr. Cotton's List, e, 86, 92, 101-3, 
117-4. fibl. HarL L no. 159. Ames by 
1^ iiL 4ZS -40. Beloe's Anecdotes, 
^S13. Bp.Toinliiics's 

BIB 169 

Abp. Newcome's hist. View, 43 — 5. Lewis' 
History, 122—9. Home's Introduction ii. 
appendix, 62-3. 

— The Byble, &c. London, by 
Edward Whitchurch, 1539. fol. 

Second edition of Cranmer's Bible. A 
copy is in Sion College Library. Accord- 
ing to Lewis the numbers of the folios of 
the two editions stand thus : 

1st. 2d. 
Tom. 1 81 84 

2 123 123 

3 134 132 

4 61 80 

5 102 103 

St8 Dr. Cotton's List, p. 6. Lewis' His- 
tory, 129-30. 

— The most sacred Bible, trans- 
lated into Engl y she and newly 
recognised with great diligence 
after most faithful Exemplars, by 
Richard Taverner. London, by 
John Byddcll for Thomas Barthlett, 
1539. folio. 

Black letter. First edition of Taverncr's 
Bible. Copies are to be found in tho 
British Museum, and Bodleian libraries. 
Denyer, 19, (title wanting, and ending with 
the second boke of the Maccabees) 8/. 8s. 

Collation, Title. A dedication to the king. 
An exhortation to the study of the holy 
Scriptures. The summe and content of all 
the holy Scripture. The names of all the 
bokes, &c. A briefe rehersall declarynge 
how long the world hath endured, &c. A 
Table of the principal matters. Genesis to 
Solomon's song, fol. i. — ccxxx. Then fol- 
lows on a separate leaf, ' The bokc of the 
Prophetes, Esaye,' &c. Esaye to Ma- 
lachy, fol. ii— Ixxxxi. ; on a separate leaf, 
*The volume of the bokes allied Apo- 
cripha.' Esdras, &c. folio i — Ixxv. A 
blank leaf. After which the title of the 
new Testament, within an architectural 
compartment. St. Matthew, &c. fol i — 
d. Tables of Epistles, &c. 3 leaves, not 
numbered; on the last is the date of 
M.D.XXXIX. This edition has no wood 
cuts. In the margin are notes, references, 
and pointing hands, and the running titles 
and titles of chapters are in Roman letters. 
A full page has 68 lines. 

Set Dr. Cotton's List, 6, 86-7, 92-3, 
102, 117. Ames, by Dibdln, iii. 394-5. 
BibL Harl. no. 160. Beloe's Anecdotes, ii. 
313. Dibdin's Lib. Comp. 30 ~ I. Abp. 
Newcome's hist. View, 46 — 8. Lewis' 
History, 130-4. Home's Introduction, ii. 
appendix, 63—4. 

Dr. Cotton thus briefly notices, * Bible 
recognised by Richard Taverner. London, 




by John Bydell, for Tho. Berthelet, 1539, 
4to. and an imperfect copy of the Bible, as 
set forth by Abp. Cranmer. Southwark, 
by J. Nicolson, 1539 ? 4to. is described in 
Dr. Dibdin's edition of Ames* Typogra- 
phical Antiquities, iii. 57-8. 

— The Byble in Englyshe, 
with a Prologe thereunto, made by 
Thomas [Crhnnier| Archebysshop 
of Cantorbury. Printed by Ed- 
ward Whitchurch, 1540. royal folio, 
10/.' lOs. 

ITie preface by Archb. Cranmer is re- 
printed in the third volume of * The Fathers 
of the Engiish Church,' Some copies of 
this edition have ' Hichard Grafton* as the 
printer, others are dated * Apryll, 1540,' 
and others, ' May, 1541.* Copies are in 
the British Museum, Bodleian, Lambeth, 
Sion College, and in £arl Spencer's Col- 
lection. Two are known printed on vel- 
lum, one in the British Museum, which 
formerly belonged to King Henry VIII. the 
other in St. John's Coll. Library, Cam- 

Collation . — The title is within the compart- 
ment of the edition of 1 539, except that Lord 
Cromwell's arms' are here defaced and the 
shield is left blank. After the title follows 
' A prologue or preface,' &c. by Cranmer, 6 
pages ; ' The names of all the bokes,' 
l|page ; Genesis, &c. fol. I — Izxxiiii. ; * The 
aeconde parte,' &c. Josua, &c. fol. ii — 
cxziii. ; * The thyrde parte,' &c. Psalms, 
&c. fol. ii — cxxxii. ; * The volume of bokes 
called Hagiographa.' Esdras, &c. fol, ii — 
Ixxx. ' The newe Testament,' title in a 
comfHurtment, as at the beginning; St, 
Matthew, &c. fol. ii^^ii ; two leaves of 
tables, not numbered. A full page con- 
tains 62 lines. 

See Dr. Cotton's list. 6-7, US. Bibl. 
JEdti Allhorp. i. 63. Lewis' History, 134 
—7. Ames, by Dr. Dibdin, iii. 440, 441-2, 

An edition of Cranmer's Bible was pub- 
lished in 1541, some copies of which ac- 
cording to Dr. Cotton, were ' fini&hed in 
November j 1540.' Dr. Dibdin in the JEdei 
Althorp. i. 64, notices an edition of 1540, 
by Whitchurch, * Fyniasbed in July.' 

«- The Byble in Englyshe, 
truly translated after the Veryte 
of the Hebrue and Greke Textes, 
by the diligent Studye of dyuers 
excellent leraed Men, experte in 
the fore sayde Tongues. London, 
by Thomas Petyt and Roberte 
Redman, for Thomas Berthclet, 
1540. folio. 


Copiei are in the Bridsh Muteam, St 
Paul's, and Emanuel College Cambridge* 

CoUatuffi. — Title, and the following pre- 
fixes, vis. an almanackc, 1540-68, a kakndar 
for the 12 months, the names of the booki, 
and contents of the chapters, and a short 
prol(^^e, — leaves; Genesis to Job, fol. 1 — 
ccxiiii. ; The Psalter of David to the end of 
the books called Hagiographa, fol. i — 
CCxxvij. (folio C Ixii is omitted.) The new 
Testament ends on fol. C.ij. dien follows % 

See Dr. Cotton's List, 7. Ames by Dibr 
din, iii. 233, 309-11. Dibdin's Lib. Com. 
31. Lewis' History, 139-40. 

— The Bible, in Five Parts 

or Volumes. London, by Rob. Red* 

man, 1640. l6mo. 

Abo printed by Day and Serea, in 1549. 
of which no complete copy is known. Set 
Ames by Dibdin, iii. 935. 

— The Byble in Englyshe of 
the largest and greatest Volume, 
oversene and perused at the Co* 
maudemet of the Kynges Hyghnes, 
by Cuthbert (Tunstall), Bysshop 
of Duresme, and Nicolas (Heath), 
Bisshop of Rocheiiter. Printed 
by Edwarde Whitchurch, 1541. 

Copies are in Lambeth, St. PauTs, Skm 
Coll. and other Libraries, Dr. Cotton con* 
ceives this to be the edition 1540. the titk 
and last leaf only being reprinted. 

Collation. — Title, in black and red, mXUbka 
thewoodcut of the editions 1539 and 1540; 
a calendar and almanack in red and black, 4 
pages; Cranmer's preface, 6 pages; Gene- 
sis to Deuteronomy, fol. i — InxziilL ; ' Tke 
seconde parte of the Byble,* &c. within 16 
woodcuts. Josua to Job, fol. ii~cui3.{ 
* The thyrde parte.' Psalms to MalacU, 
fol. ii — cxxxii. Apocrypha ( title waotii^) 
fol. ii — Ixxx.; St. Matthew, &c. (title lraB^ 
ing) fol. ii^>ciiL falsely numbered cSBi 
One more of table not nninbercd. Oft dM 
reverse of this last is ' Fynysihed in }Uj% 

See Dr. Cotton's List, 7-8, 118-9. BQl 
Harl. na 164. 

— The Byble in Englyshe of 
the largest and greatest Volttne, 
ouersene and perused at the 
Comaundement of the Kyngei 
Hyghnes, by Cuthbert [Tonstall] 
Byshop of Duresme, and Nieolii 
[Heath], Bisshop of Rochester. 
Printed by Richanle Orafton» 1541. 
folio, black letter, with wood 



Copia are m die Britkh Moseniii, Bed- 
im, and Sl Pliurs libnrict. 
rwifl(Mi^-.Title in bbckaad icd, within 
a wood eat, on the re«ene * The names of all. 
the books* ; calendar and almanac, 4 pages; 
Ciamnci^s prologne, 6 pages ; Genesis to 
DentcronooBj, Ibl. i - Ixxii. ; The seconde 
Fute of the Byblr, &c. within 16 wood 
cotB. Jusoa to lob, IbL ii — cviiL ' The j 
ftyrde parte,' frc. ; Psalms to Malacfay ! 
lbl.n..€zvi.; ' Theiui parte,' &c; Esdras, 
ta S Macabees, fol. ii — Izx. &lsely num- 
bcted Izz i. < The newe Testament ;' St 
Matthew, Ac. fol. ii — xdL On the reverse 
of the last leaf is ' Fyny<hed in Norewber. 
Aano Ujcccccxli.* A full page contains 



Sev Dr. Cotton's List, 7, 1 1 9-SO. Ames 
by DibdiB,iii. 443-4. Beloe's Anecdotes, 
iL 114. BIU. Harl. 165. LewU History, 

— llie Byble in Englyslie, 
drc. after ihe Translacion appoint- 
eil to be read in the Churches.— 
London, by Edward Wbitchurchey 
1549. folio. 

A reprint of Cnnmer's edition of 1541, 
which according to Dr. Cotton was cer- 
Huily printed at two different presses. 
Some copies appear with the name of Rich. 
Gnftoo, as the printer. Copies are in the 
Bodleian, Exeter Coll. All Soul's Coll. Li> 
fefaricsy Oxford, and in the Baptist Mn- 

Cfilimtimt, — Title, in black, within a wood 
cat ooatalning the king's arms at the top ; 
Craniaei's prok^gue, 7 pages ; ' The summe 
■ad eootcnt of all the holy Scripture,' &c. 2 
pigcs. ' An exhortacion to the studye/ &c. 
1 page : Genesis to Deuteronomy, fol. i — 
inS. ' The seconde parte of the Byble,' 
IccIb a eompartment made up of xi wood 
ctt; IflMia to Job, ibl. ii-— cxlii.; < The 
Ayrie parte/ &c. ; Psalms to Malachy, fol. 
il — ohJE.; ' Apogrypha. The fourth 
parte of the Bible'; Esdras, &c.— 
xcris ' The newe Testament/ &c. between 
If wood-cats, on the rererse begins ' A 
TsUe/ which occupies 3 pages; St. Mat- 
thcwv, frc. foL i — cxtI. A rail page con- 

5si Dr. Cotton's List. 9, 120-1. Bibl. 
HaL now 166. Ames by Dibdin, ilL 467, 
4H Brit. Bibl. iL 11. LewU' History, 


— The Byble, now lately 
^ greate Industry and Diligece 
xeeoioiied (by Edin. Becke, after 
Tuernerlf Recognition.) Lend. 
^ JhoD Daye and William Seres, 
1549. folio. 

Black letter, with wood cuts throughout. 
This edition contains Tyndal's prologues. 
At the beginning of the psalms is a wood- 
cut, occupying the whole breadth of the 
page : and before each gospel is the figurt 
of the writLr, executed in a different style 
from the other cuts. To that of St Mark 
is affix d the engraver's mark L F. Copies 
are in the Lambeth, British Museum, and 
Bodleian Libraries. Bp. Kandolph, 372, 
(one leaf wanting) 6L 10s. Willett, 291, 
russia, 10/. 10s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pL i. 
614, nJ8»ia. 31/. 10s. 

Ctiilatum. — Title, in red and black, on the 
reverse is ' An Almanac for xxix years ;' ' Ca- 
lendar,' 2 leaves; * An exhorution,' &c. 'The 
summe and content/ &c. 1 leaf ; ' Dedica- 
tion by £dn). Becke,' 3 pages ; ' A descrip- 
tion & successe,* &c. 1 page ; ' A Table 
of the principal n^atters,' &c. ' A perfect 
supputation of the yeres from Adam unto 
Christ/ &c. together 12 leaves; 'Apro- 
loge,' *\ Agister,' 2 leaves. All these 
pieces occupy 20 leaves. Genesis to Deu- 
teronomy, fol. i — IxxxtL 'The seconde 
parte of the Byble' vrithin a compartment 
containing 4 historical cuts ; Josua to Job, 
fol. ii^cxiii. < The thyrd parte/ Psalms 
to Malachi, fol. ii^cxlv. In this part are 
two leaves not numbered, between IbL 
xlviii and xlix. * The volume of the bokes 
called Apocrypha/ &c. on the reverse is an 
address to the reader; Esdras, &c. foL U — 
Ixxvi. ' The newe Testament,' in a com- 
partment, with the four Kvangelists at the 
comers. ' William Tyndale unto the 
Christen Reader/ &c. fol. ii^cxxl. Table, 
two leaves. Fol. Ixxxv. is omitted. The 
titles, notes and references are wholly In 
the Gothic character, and a full pago con- 
tains 65 lines. 

See Dr. Cotton's List. 9, 114-5. Ames 
by Dibdin, iv. 57-8. Bibl. Uari, no. 197. 
Lewis' History, 177—9. 

— The Byble, whych is all the 
holy Scripture. By Thomas Mat- 
thewe, 1537. London, by Thomas 
Raynaldeand William Hyll, 1649. 

Black letter. Reprinted froni the edi- 
tion of 1537, with some alterations, and 
published by Edmund Becke. The num- 
bering of the leaves is very clumsy and 
confused through the whole of the volume : 
the types are rude and much battered, 
and the composition is very faulty. Co- 
pies are in the Lambeth and St Paul's 

CMatioru — Thetitie; a calendar and alma- 
nac, 4 pages ; ' Ane exhortation,' 1 page ; 
' The summe and contente,' &c. 2 pages: ' A 
desdfpdoQ and successe/ &c. 2 pages i 
* To the rtader,' 1 paga. 'A table of foin- 
dpal matters.' 27 pages. ' The names of 

172 BIB 

mil Ihc boko,' &c. ' A brief ctheuial of , 
the yfarei psMed,' Src. ' Uuio the re»iler | 
W. T/ 3 pi«ea i Ceneiia to Job, folio i— I 
ccUiil. fkliely numbered ccKliiii. ; Pulmi < 
10 Mmlachi, fol. i — ccxvi. Talsely numbered I 
rriii. The Apocrypha, Tol. ccxvii. — cccil- 
Title of the N'ew Tosltment, in bLack ! 
within > cumpartment ; St. Mallhen 1o the i 
Acta, fol. it — liivi- Tyiidal'i prologue to 
(be Epiatle lo the Romana, 4 tea>« not 
numbered. The Kpialle lo tin Komans, 
Ice. Ibl. i — ilviii. A full page conlains 53 

Sti Dr. Collon'a LiaL B, Ill-l. Bibl. 
Harl. n*. IBS. Amea, by Dibdin, iii. 570. 
Dibdin'i Lib. Comp. 32. Lewia Hiitory, 

— The Bible, in Five PmrU 
or Volumes. LondoD, by Jhon 
Day and Wylliam Seres, ]549. 

Tbiaediaonb thus divided: l.ThePen- 
Uleuch. 1. The Bake of Josna-The Soke 
of Hiob. 3. The Faalter— The Boke of 
the Prophet Maladii. 4. The Boket called 
the Apocrypha — The Ihyrd Booke of the 
Machabeea. <1he first tranglation of thai 
book in Eogtiah.) 5. The new Tcalament. 
Each part baa a title page and a colophon. 
S« Amea, by Dibdin, iv. SS— 9. The ae- 
cond and fourth part Williami, 194, mo- 

. rocco, 71. 2a. 6d. Put 2. Sir H. M. Sykei, 
pt. i. 2S3, 3L 13a. 6d. 

■ ■ Dr. Cotton noticea two other edition* of 
lh« Bible in 1S4S, 4to. one printed for 

■John Cawood, the other by Richard Graf- 
ton. A copy of the latter la in ihe Baptiat 
Huaeum, Bristol. 

— The Bible in Englishe ac- 
cordbge to the Traii^lacioo that 
is appointed to be redde in the 
Churches. Printed by Ed. Whyt- 
churche, l£50.4to. 

A copy ia in SL Paul'a Library. It com- 
mencea with .\bp. Craimier'i ' Prologue lo 
the reader;' 'The Summe and calent of 
all the b«1y Scripture:' ' The namea of the 
bookea of Ihe Bible,' It hia title pagei 
also belbre Joauo, The Fulmei, and The 
Volume of Ihe bookea, called Hagio- 
grapha, likewiae The newe Testament in 

Set Dr. Cotton'i Liat, 10. Amei by 
Dibdin, ill. 495. Lewii' Hiatory, 183. 

— The whole Byble, faylhfuliy 
.' translated into Englyshe, by Myles 
, Cpverdale, and newly oversene and 

conecte. M.D.L. Prynted for 
Andrewe Hester (1550) 4to. 

laSklpton'a TiaTda, among the Chnrcb- 

ill Colleclion, vol. vi. IBS, tbia edition it 
laid to be 'printed at Zuricb, by Chriatnplm 
Forahower, IS Aujpiit, I5S0.' Dr.CMton 

observea that ' pertiipa the preliminary 
piecei were printed in London ; bnt Ih* 
body of Ihe Hork ia unqueitionably of fo- 
reign Ivpogmphy.' Hollia, 193, title MS. 
morocco, 91.5b. 

Ciifl<iiii>iF. Title, witliin an archllectunl 
comparimeul ; ' The boke* of the hcJe 
Byble,' 1 page; dedication to King Edward 
VI. 4 pagei; ' Mylei Coieidale to the 
Christen reader,' 5 pagei; almanac te 
fourteen yeara, beginning 1550, and ca- 
lendar, 4 pages. Ceneint to 'i. Haccsr 
beea, fol. i.— ciccxdv. ; St. Malthew, &e. 
fol.i— cixi.; Tsblea, 3 leavn, not bod* . 
bered. The Apocrypha begina on fol. ccce. 
and a full page coulaiiu 50 linei. 

S« Dr. Cotton'a List, 10—1 1, Bl-1, 101. 
112. Amea by Dibdin, iii. 335-6. Lewb' 
Hiatory, 182-3. 

— The Bible: set furthe accord- 
ing to the Coppy of Thomii 
Mathew's Translation [by Edm. 
Becke]. London, by Jhoo Daye, 
1551. folio. 

Matthew'a edidoo, widi antne rariadao, 
and an addition of the third book of Ot 
Maccabeea, by Edmond Becke. It eoa- 
taina Tyndal'a prologuea, and haamargiBd 
notea, referencea,and pointing handa. RTaiy 
part ii in Ihe Gothic Idler, and at tke be- 
ginning of each Ooapel ia a wood cot, Co- 
piea are in the Briliah Muaenm, I^ur 
bclh, St. Faul'a, and Bodlnan UbnlM; 
Denycr,21,(amileimperfect,Hl IU.U. 
Sotheby'a in 18S4, (title and index w«BI- 
jOg), 301. 

Odltlum. Title, wiihin a compMtBaat, 
baring the king'i armi and iidtiali at Or 
lop, and John Daye'i device or rebiu al da 
bollom; 'To Ihe Chriaten reader'. • A Ta- 
ble of the principal matters.' ftc. 'Agaate 
yng of cerlaynehaidewordei,' ftc 'Aqci- 
hortalion loihe sludye of Ihe Holy SciipMn,' 
' The lunime and content of alldie lUy 
Scripture." 'A supputadon of yerea," k 
' The names of all Ihe bookea,' »e. ' i i 
regyater,' &c. ' A deacripdon and BC> ' 
<xae of the kyngea of Juda ft Uioua- ' 
lem,' Sic. W. Tyndal'a prologoe. Tbw 
preliminary piecei occupy 19 lanf% b*- 
aidc) the title. Geneda to DenteraooDyi 
fol. 1— Uziiiii. • The aecond parte.' iiMa 
to Job, fol. ii — cniL • The thirde pans.' 
Paalms to Malachi, Ibl. i—ciUi. .■ Tb 
volume of the bakes called ApoeripU,' W 
Ihe reveiM, ■ a prologs in the nate-' 
iil Eidns, to ill Macniwet, fU. Il--bid 
■ The newe Teatasienl, &c AunolUUX' 
Tyndal's ptologue to Rorebuiias, td- 1- 
leriit. Tab1eiofepiatltt,ftc]leBrM. A 
(ill] p^« containi OT lints. 


See Dr. Cotum't List, 12, 1 15-6. Ames 
by Dibdin, W. 65-6, Bibl. Harl. no. 170. 
Beloe's Anecdotes, iL 315. Lewis History, 
1S9.90. 2Bde« Althorp. 1164>5. 

Dr. Cotton mentions a donbtful edition. 
London, by Jobn Daye, 1551, 12roo. 

— The whole Byble, after the 
Translacion of Tho. Matthew. 
London, by Nich. Hyll, 1551. 

The Tolmne contains Ty ndal*s prologues ; 
baa marginal notes and references, and 
c3|Htal letters down the page, but no wood 
rats or Roman diaracten. The names of 
not fewer than six booksellers are found 
each by itself^ upon this edition, y\z. Tho. 
Petite. Tho. Raynalde, J. Waley, Rob. 
Toy, John Wyghte, W. Bonham. The 
colophon of a copy in the library of Trinity 
College, Oxford, runs thus, * Imprynted at 
London by Nicolas Hyll, dwelling in Say net 
John's Streaite, at the coste and charges of 
ccrtayne honest menne of the occupacyon, 
whose names be upon their bokes.' Bind- 
ley, pt. i 384 ! with the Common Prayer, 
1552, and old Vernon of Psalms, 1567. 
7L 17s. 6d. 

CMtiion. Title, in black and red, within a 
campaitm ent formed by two large wood cuts 
at top and bottom, with four smaller on the 
tUet ; on the reverse is an aknanac, begin- 
nbg 1549. ' A Table for the ordre of the 
Ptthaa.* ' llie order how the rest of holy 
Scnptore is to be read.* ' The Kalender.' 
' An exhortation unto the study,' &c. The 
nunmo and content of the holy Scripture.' 
* To the Christian readers.* ' A descrip- 
cJoo ft sucoesse of the Kynges of Juda 
xbd Jerusalem.' * A table of the principal 
Batten.' ' A perfit snpputacion of the 
ycares,* &c. ' A prologue, shewing the 
«c of the Snripture.' ' The names of the 
bskct of the Byble.' ' A register, or a 
bricfr rrhearsall of the names,' &c. These 
ft e BuMMi y pieces occupy 19 leaves, exclu- 
■ve of the title. Genesis to Deuteronomy, 
iial. i^— cni.; ' The seconde parte of the 
Byble,' frfr between 1 1 wood cuts j Josua 
to Job, foL ii— cIt. < The thirde parte.' &c. ; 
Pialms to Maladii, foL ii— czc. ' The vo- 
hme of the bokes called Apocripha,' be- 
tween ten wood cuts; fol. ii— cii. ' The 
Kcwc Testament,' &c. St. Matthew, &c. 
U. ii->d., the last of which is not 
wmhatdm On the reverse of the last 
h the eolophon. A full page contains 55 



5k Dr. Cotton's LUt, ix— x. 12, 116-7. 
Aws, by Dibdin, iii. 513, 571, 575, iv. 
<^S, 971. 370. Bibl. Harl. no. 169. 
L>«b' Historr, 187-8, 192—4. 

— The Byble in English, accord- 
to the Tnaislatk) that is ap- 

pointed to be read in Churches. 
London, by Edw. VVhytchurche, 
1553. fol. 

Probably copied from the first edition of 
1539; since here, as in that, the Apocry- 
phal books are entitled Hagiographa. A 
full page has 58, sometimes 59 lines. Co- 
pies are in St. Paul's, Worcester Coll. and 
the Earl of Bridgewater's Libraries. 

See Dr. Cotton's List, 13, 121. Ames, 
by Dibdin, iii. 498>9. Lewis' History, 

— The whole Byble, faithfully 
translated into Englyshe by Myles 
Coverdale. London, by Richard 
Jugge, 1553. 4to. 

The Zurich edition of 1550, with a new 
title-page, almanac, &c Copies are in St. 
Paul's, Balliol Coll. Exeter Coll. Libraries, 
and in the Baptist Museum, Bristol. 

Sm Dr. Cotton's List. p. 13. Ames, by 
Dibdin, iv. 246-7. Bibl. Harl. no. 291. 
Lewis' History, 196-7. 

— The Bible in Englishe, accord- 
ing to the Translation of the great 
Bvble. London, by R. Grafton 
and Edw. Whitchurch, 1553. 

The type of this edition, printed in 
double columns, is remarkably small. In 
the margin are references and indications 
of the portions appointed to be read as les- 
sons in the church. A full page has 62 
lines, and there are neither prologues, 
heads of chapters, notes, nor wood-cuts. 
Some copies have only Grafton's name as 
printer. In St« Paul's Library, and the 
Baptist Museum, Bristol. Inglis, 161, 
morocco, IW. lOs. 

5fcDr. Cotton's List, 13, 121-2. Ame« 
by Dibdin, iii. 478, 498. Bibl. Harl. no. 
290. ^des Althorp. i. 65. 

— The Bible and holy Scriptures, 
translated according to the Ebrue 
and Greke, and conferred with the 
best translations in divers Langages. 
With most profitable Annotations 
upon all the harde Places, and 
other Thingcs of great Importance. 
Geneva, by Rouland Hall, 1560. 

The first edition of the Genevan version, 
which was for many years the most popular 
one in England, and it went through about 
50 editions in the course of 30 years. From 
the peculiar rendering of Genesis iii. 7. the 
editions of this translation have been com- 
monly known by the name of ' Breeches 
Bibles.' The translators were Bp. Cover- 



itle, AiKhony Gilby, WillitTD Whitling 
turn, Chriitopher Woodmui, Thomu 
Sunpcon, ind Thomai Cole; to vhom 
aamF ^d, Jalin Knox, John Bodlcigh, ind 
JohnPu^lFin. Sothrby'i in Juni, 1SS2, 
TJ. lTi.Gd. Copiei Bre in the Lambeth, 
St John'! Coll. and Billiol Coll. Libnries, 
the lalter on eictedingly fine one, printed 

CtlLtioi. On thebBckoflhc^Lliit'The 
order of lU the booki.' &c. An Epiille 1o 
Quern E^iMbclh, 4pa(!e(. ' To our beloveii 
in the Lord .' flrc- 2pigci. Gencutiio3 Mao 
rabeei, tbiio l—fH. The deKriptiun of 
the Holy Lanil, with ■ map. Then fol- 
low! a litle, 'The neve Tetument,' fte. 
■ The holy Goipcl,' ic. fol. ii.— clill.' A 

7 p«gee. ' A Tahle of the prindpal ihings 
oinlsined in the Bible,' IT pagei and* 
half. ' A perflle lupputation of the yerea 
and timeirrom Adaia unto Christ,' 3 pages. 
' The order of the yerei from Paul'* eon- 
ver(ion,' 1 page. The book b printed in 
tvo columni, ■ fujl' page contidning 63 
Unei. At Numben, cbap. ixiiii. ii a map 
of the journeys of the laaeliteii at Joshua, 
XT. a amaller one, of the division of the 
land oTCanaan Tortile twelve tribeai at the 
end of Kiechiel, a map of the temple and 
dUe tesioied; before the Acta, a map of. 
placet mentioned therein. I 

Sit Dr. Cotton's List, pp. 14, ST, 94, 
104,122-3. Amea, by Uibdin, ir. 410-1. 
BibL Hari. no. 292. Dibdin't Caiiano Li- 
brmry, 1113-4, 

— The Bible. Geneva, 1561- 
folio. .- 

Thia edition ia printed in the Roman 
letter I the old Teilament contains 43S 
pa«ea, each page OS liaci. 

Sit Dr. Cotton 'a List, 14-15. 
Heiberl, iil 1003. 

— The Bible. London, by Jhoo 
Cawoode, 1561. 4to. 

Cranmcr's EdiiioD. Co|riei are in the 
Biitiih Uuteum and Lambeth ifbrarieg. 

Cuilirliini. Title and preliminary pieces, 
— leavei;Gene>ulaJob,ral.l-cnii.;-Tlie 
tfairde parte of ibe Ityble' ; Psalms to Mala- 
chi,b1.i~-eixi{iL TheTOlumeofthebookes 
calicd Hagiographa' ; Euiiu, &i;. folio 
Miiv— cciiT. ; ' The New* I e.Umente' ; 
St. HatthefT, &c. fbl. il— eii.; the two 
laal, containing tables, are not numbered. 
The type is a small Oothic, a lull page 
containing 61 lines. 

SMDr.Collon'iList, IS, 122. Ames by 


pointed to be read in Churchu. 
London, by Richaide Haniion, 
1562. folio. 

Cnnmer'a Bible. A copy is in the Bap> 
list Mu«rum at Bristol. 

CollatiaH. Title, &c.; Cnnmer'a prologue, 
B pages ; ' A desciiptiiin and auccete of the 
folio i.— xc.j on the reverie of the laMii 
' The second partortlie Bible,' &c. ; Joana 
to Job, fol. i — cxiiviii. on the reverie of tha 
lail, ■ The third part,' &c. Pialmi to 
Malachi— civl. in the Psalms the foHoa aM 
not marked, and Pronetbt commenee OD 
fbl. iixv. b. ' The fourth pan,' lie. Ea- 
draa, fot. i.— Ixxiiiil. "The newe Tcata- 


i pages ; St. Matthew, ftc 
o 1.— civiii. A fSiil page contalnaSSIiDC*. 
e beadi of chapten, u &i as Jtabm 
ipter riii. are in a diSterent letter froH 
te of the real of the volumi 

. Lilt, 11 


Amea, by 

— The Bible in Eng:lishe, accord* 
idg to the Tnnalatiou that ia ap- 

Harl. no. 171. Beloe'i Aneed.H. *». 
Amea, by Uibdin,iv.5S»-eO. Lewis' Hl» 
lory, 213-14. 

— The Bible in Engl y she, accord- 
ing to the Translation apoynted b; 
the Queenes Maiesties Injanctiotu 
to be read in all Churches within 
her Majesties Real me. Ronev 
at the CoHte and Charges of 
Richard Cannardeii, 1566. folio, 
10^ lOs. 

Cranmer'i Bible, Denyer, No. lU, 
(front, and two leaves, MS.) 171. I7i. C^ 
pica are in the British Huaenm attd B«4- 
leian librariei. 

St4 Dr. Cotton's List, IS. BibL HaiL 
no. 112. Lewis' History, 114-7. Ama, 
by Herbert, lii. 1C14-15. Leftia' ffiaWT, 
114. Uibdin's JEda Allhop, L SS-H. 
Beloe's Anecdotes, ii. 31S. 

Dr. Dibdin briefly noticet aa edittgaW 
Rich. Grenon, 1S66. Bto. 

— The Ilolie Bible. Londcn.b; 
Richard Jugge, 1568. folio, 7/.7i 

First edition arParker'B,oi 'TheBUiW 
Bible,' rarely found in a perfect state. It 
contains three portraits, engraved on cap- 
per, of Queen KUubeth, Lord LdccMS, 
and Secretary Cecil. At the commoicv 
ment of the Epiatie to the Rebrewilaa 
wood-cut, representing the atory tt Ldi 
and the swan. 

Ctllnlian. Title, a eopper-plate esifnr- 
ing ; ' The aumme of the whole actipM^' 
1 leaf i ' A Table of the genealngit be* 
Adnm to Chiiat,' 1 1 pages, tbe initial ktw 
contains Abp. Parker's arma, tec ioMA 
wfaichisthedate tSSB; ' A table of d> 
bMka,' ftih a pageai Ihea BUaBk;«|a; j 


' Pkoper Lcnoniy' ftc. 2 paget; < Proper 
Pinlms,' frc oo 4 pages; a calendar, 12 
pagrt: Abp. Parker's pre&ce, in the Roman 
letter, 6 pages ; Cranmer's preface, in Gothic 
letter, 5 pag. s ; ' A description of the yeres,' 
kc 1 pagp ; * The order of the books,' &c. 
1 page, rerene Uank; Genesis, &c. fol. i — 
cxxviii.; on a separate leaf, ' The second 
part ai the Byble,' &c. underneath is 
the portrait of Lord Leicester, in ar- 
mov, within an oval; ' The booke of 
Josodi, frc. fol. iL— clxzxv. ; on a separate 
leaf; ' The thirde parte,* &c. beneath is a 
wood cot, cm the rererse is ' A prologue of 
Sc BaaUl the, upon the Psalmes,' 
with Lord Bnrieigfa*s arms in the initial D. 
At the beginning of the first psalm is 
tlie portrait of Lord Burleigh standing 
between two pillars. ' The Psalmes,' &c. 
td, V L c ci ii . On a separate leaf * The 
folaic of the bookes called Apocrypha,' 
Aac. beneath it a wood cut ; * The thirde 
booke oi Eadras,' &c. fol ii.--cxviit Then 
title of the new Testament, being a wood 
cagvaving somewhat similar in desiga to 
the froo^spiece of the old Testament, on 
the lerctae is ' A preface,' &c. with Abp. 
Parker's arms in the initial letter; St. 
Matthew, frc. fol. ii^— cItU. (misprint dix.) 
Oa the reverie of this last is the colophon, 
sad Jngge'a dence, but no date. A full 
ftfi of text has 57 lines, and the whole 
Buber of engravings, including the title, 
pamaifiSy and maps, is 143. 

8tt Dr. Cotton's List, 16, 87, 94, 104-5, 
123.5. Ames, by Dibdin, W. 256. Dib- 
din's Lib. Comp. 30-1. Beloe's Anec 
doCtt.&3ie. Bibl. 173. Tom- 
fiae's Cbr. Theol. iL 15-16. Centura U- 
tersria. Abp. Newcome's IIi»tor. View, 
TH-fO. Lewis' HUtory, 235-53. Dib- 
din's £dc8 Althorp. i. 66-7. Home's In- 
trednctioo, ii. appendix 67. 

— The Bible in Englyshe. Lon- 
don^bj R. Jugge and J. Cawood, 
1568. 4lo. 

CfBoiBer's Bible. Copies are in Trinity 
CsIL Caaibcidge, and All Soul's College. Li- 
hoiicsL Sea Lewis' History, 217-8. 

— The Bible. London, by John 
Ctwood, 1569. 4to. 

Copies arc in the Lambeth Library, in 
iktt of £arl Spencer, and in the Baptist 
Misnni, BrIatoL 

^ The Bible. London, by R. 
Jagge, 1569. 4to. 31. Ids. 6d. 

Iteaod edition of The BUhops Bible. 

Sff Dt, Cotton's List, 16. Ames, by 
KUb, iv. 256-7. BibL Harl. no. 294. 
Uahr Hbtory, 253-0. 

-*The Bible, translated accord- 
«( to the Ebrae and Oreke. Ge- 
^^ 1570. 4to. 



A copy of this Genevan Tersion is in the 
Bodleian Library. Herl>ert in hn Ames 
briefly notices an edition of 1568? and Dr. 
Cotton thinks the editions of 1569 end 
1570 to be one and the same. Dr. C. also 
notices a doubtful edition of this version 
1570, in folio. 

— The Bible. Lond. by Richard 
Ju&gc, 1570. 4to. 

— TTieholie Bible. London, by 
Richardc J ugge, 1572. folio. 

Second edition in folio. In this reprint 
of the Bi»hops Bible, are two verHions of 
Psalter, that of the Great Bible in black let- 
ter, and a new one in Roman. Abp. Par- 
ker's prefaces are reprinted in vol. vii. of 
the Fathers of the English Church. 

This edition varies in many particu- 
lars from that of 15 US. The prefixes are 
nearly the same ; G.^ncsis, &c. foL i— cxii ; 
Josbh, &c. fol. cziii — cclxx ; Psalms, &c* 
fol. ii.^-clxzzix ; Esdras iii. &c. fol. ii — cv. 
The new TesUment, foL ii— cxxxviil. 8 
more leaves of tabic unnumbered. The 
colophon with the date 1572, is on the 
recto of the last. The engravings through- 
out the whole volume, including the titles, 
portraits, and maps, are only 30 in num- 
ber. Denyer, 25, with the port of Lord 
Burleigh without the letter B. 6/. 16s. 6d. 

Sts Dr.Cotton'H List, 17, 125-6. Beloe's 
Anecdotes, ii. 317. Bibl. Harl. 174. 
Ames by Dibdin. iv. 258-9. Lewis' His- 
tory, 257 — 9. Dibdin's Cassano Library, 

— The holie Byble. London, by 
Richard Jugge, 1573. 4to. 

Cranmer's Bible. 

Sfe Bibl. Harl. i. 195. ^des Althorp, 
i. 68. 

— The Bible. Lond. by Richard 
Juggc, 1574. folio. 

Tlic Bibhops Bible. A copy is in the 
Baptist Museum, Bristol. See Bibl. Harl. 
i. no. 175. Lewis' History, p. 260. Ano- 
ther edition, by John Judson, 1575, folio. 

— ITie Bible. Lond. by Richard 
Jugge. 1575. 4to. 

Dr. Cotton notices other editions of the 
date of 1575, viz. one for William Norton, 
BibL Harl. no. 177. Another by John Wal- 
ley, fc^o. Bibl. Harl. no. 176. A third 
by Chr. Barker, 8vo. and a Genevan ver- 
sion, 4to. 

— The Bible. London, by Chr. 
Barker, 1576. folio. 

This edition of the Genevan version is 
very neatly printed on long primer Roman, 
with the argumenu in Latin. The Old 
Testament consisU of 365, the Apo- 
crypha, 84, and the New Testament, 
115 leaves. An account will be found in 



Lewis' History, 264-71, and Home's In- 
troduction ii. appendix 66. Dr. Cotton 
notices another edition of this version, by 
Chr. Barker, 1576. 4to. 

— The Scriptures in the Ge- 
nevan "V^ersion, comprehending 
the Olde Testament, the Apo- 
crypha, and a Newe Testament. 
Edinburgh, by Thomas Bassan- 
dyne, 1576. folio. 

A copy of this first edition of the Scrip- 
tures from the Scottish press is in the 
Advocates' Library at Edinburgh. The 
old Testament consists of 503 double 
pages; the new of 125 double pages. 
It is handsomely printed with a sharp 
roraan letter, and is seemingly the same 
in the text, in the notes, in th^ mar- 
ginal references, and the whole disposi- 
tion of the several parts, as the Geneva 
Edition of 1561. Prefixed is a dedication 
to K. James VI. in the Scotish language. 
" A briefe Table of the Interpretation of 
the Propre Names, which are chiefly founde 
in the Olde Testament." The Romane 
Calendare, compared with the Hebrewe 
Calendare. " Rules for understanding 
this double Calendare," by R(obert) Pont ; 
some verses on, and a prayer for the true 
use of the Scriptures ; then follows " A 
description and successe of the Kingtfs of 
Juda and Jerusalem." 

See Dr. Cotton's List, 19. Ames, by 
Herbert, iii. 1499, 1818. Dr. Dibdin's 
JEdea Althorp. i. 68-70, and his LiWr. 
Conip. 31-2. Bibl. Ilarl. i. no. 178. Be- 
loe's Anecdotes ii. 329-31. 

— The Bible. Lond. by Richard 
Jugge, 1576. 4to. 

See Bibl. Harl. no. 296. 

— The Bible. London, by Chr. 
Barker, 1577. folio. 

The Genevan version. An edition in 
4to. is noticed in the Bibl. Harl. no. 297. 

— The Bible. London, by R. 
Jugge, 1677. LABGE 8vo. 

The Bishops' Bible. See Ames, by Dr. 
Dibdin,iv. 261-2. 

— The Bible. London, by 
Christopher Barker, 1578. folio, 
3/. 3s. 

In this edition of the Genevan Bible, are 
two versions of the Psalms ; the Genevan, 
printed in Roman letter; and that of the 
Great Bible, printed in Gothic similar to the 
rest of the volume. The preface is re- 
printed in vol. viii. of the Fathers of the 
English Church. 

See Dr. Cotton's List, 32. Bibl. Harl. 
no. 179. Beloe's Anecdotes, ii. 701. Lewis' 
History, 271-3. 


— The Bible. London, by As- 
signeraent of Chr. Barker, 1578. 

The Bishops' Bible. 

— The Bible. Edinburgh, be 
Alexander Arbuthnett, 1579. folio. 

The Genevan version. See JEAw 
Althorp. i. 68 — 70. Dr. Dibdin's Lincoln 
Nosegay, no. v. 

— The Bible. London, by Chr. 
Barker, 1579. 4to. 10s. fyd. 

The Genevan version. Barker printed 
other editions of this Genevan version, vix. 
1580, folio ; 1581, folio and 4to. (B. Harl 
no. 298), and 8vo. (iEdes Althorp. i. 70-1). 
1582 folio and 4to. ; 1583, foUo, (B.Hari. 
nos. 1 80 and 1 8 1 . Lewis History, 275-6, 
Bp. of Ely, 227, 1/. 5s. WillUms, 367, 
21. 5s.) and 16mo. (The thhrd part, ill 
Dr. Cotton's list, p. 22.) 1584, folio and 
4to. 1585, 4to. 

— The Bible. London, by Chr. 
Barker, 1585. folio. 

The Bishops' Bible. Sotheby's in June, 
1822, russia, 21, 128. 6d. See Bibl. Harl. 
no. 182. iEdes Althorp. i. 

— The Bible. London, 1586. 

4to. . •' 

The Genevan version. Reprinted 1586, 
8vo. 1587, 4to. 1588, 4to. 1589, ibBo 
and 4to. Bindley, pt. i. 911, 111. 6d. 
1590, 4to. Bindley, pt. i. 912, on yellow 
paper, 15s. 6d. 

— The Bible. London, by the 
Deputies of Chr. Barker, 1591. 

The Bishops' Bible. Dr. Cotton notices 
* The third part of the Bible,' as printed 
by the Deputies of Chr. Barker, 1591, 
1 6mo. 

— The Bible. London, by .the 
Deputies of Chr. Barker, 1592. 
4 to. 9s. 

The Genevan version. Reprinted 1594, 
4to. 1595, folio and 4to. Dr. Cotton no- 
tices a doubtful edition of the Bible, ai 
printed by Geo. Bishop, R. Newbury, and 
R. Barker, 1593, folio. 

— The Holy Bible. London, by 
the Deputies of Chr. Barker, 1595. 

.^he Bishops' Bible, except the Paalai^ 
which are according to Cranmer*!. •SatLewb 
History, 260-2. White Knights, 579, 
21. 15s. 

— The Bible. London, by the 
Deputies of Chr. Barker, 1596. 

The Genevan version. Reprinted 1597,' 


•»o. ISBo^^" 'e'woii «.J '^"•^to./ duct/on. ii ."•^•We Talk tt 

ij- '^ ^i wSr*^ '"Sod «"»■ '■'^^•-"ofXT.r'^' rt;„S:ii'' '''- 

fcL*^ ««S«n^' «. 81. 160^ *?.'*«••. 1612 Tto ^"don, by R 

& "^^o-ii^ ''do?°^'«'» '^•^^ol''''•' ^-"^ Bi„ & «" «* 


^ "■'"•■•". 7;ft!"" • *« u,n,J, 3,00, 
**^'- Co,,o„-.'|,,..",^«'chard B„v' 8.0. 

•^ ton* to^. ""'' •"'"'■'^d, .„rf ... ^" «■> edit „: „r t""'' '95 L ^P*' *c. 
. Camerariu, ■„..„" from B.,. Robert V,. . _ ^-c/inhiir,!. ."•• 





Ahandlome edition containing a vtry 
material error of the press, by substituting 
3ftf ibr we may appoint over this business in 
Acts vi. 3. This error has been without 
foundation imputed to the Independents 
and sometimes to tlie Presbyterians. It ap- 
peared in many other editions prior to 1685. 
Bindley, pt.i. 388, mor.5/. iSs. Gd. Copies, 
with the Trayer, of the edition of 1 638, are 
not uncommon on large paper. 

— The Bible. Edinburgh, 1638. 

A very small edition printed by Young. 

— The Bible. Amsterdam^ 
1640. folio. 

A very handsome edition of the Genevan 
tersion, printed ' conform to the edition 
printed by Andrew Hart.' Another edition 
8)>peared Amsterdam, 1644. folio. An edi- 
tion of the royal text, with annotatiMis, 
Amsterdam, 1642. folio. 

— The Bible. Edinb. 1642. 

A neat pocket Bible, printed in parts by 
Evan Tyler. 

— The Bible, with marginal 
Notes, shewing Scripture to be the 
best Interpreter of Scripture. By 
John Canne. Amsterdam, 1644. 

The marginal references of tliis learned 
Brownist are generally very judicious and 
apposite. The later editions, which pass 
under the name of Canne's Bible, are full 
of errors, and crowded with references, 
which do not belong to the original author. 

— The Bible. Cambridge, by 

Field, 1648. 4to. 

Roxburghe, 16, 12s. An edition, Lon- 
don, by Barker, 1646. Williams, 196, in 
'ilk, 2/. Another, Cambridge by Daniel, 
1648. Williams, 197, hi fish skin, 3/. 15s. 
Another, Kdinb. by Evan Tyler, 1649. 8va 
Another, the Royal translation, with the 
Genevan notes. London, 1649. 4to. 

— The Bible, in Short-hand, by 
Jeremiah Rich. 1650. 12 mo. with 
port, and front, by Cross. 

White Knights, 459, morocco, 9s. 

— The Bible. Cambridge, by 
John Field, 1653. 24mo. 

This edition says Mr. Home, is usually 
called the Pearl Bibl-^, from the very small 
type with which it was printed, but is dis- 
graced by very numerous erratas, some of 
Which are of importance. An imitation of 
It was made in Holland in 1658 ; but the 
genuine edition is known by having the four 
first psalms on a page without turning over. 
White Knights, 445, morocco, with silver 
daspt, 1/. 13s. Williams, 198, morocco, 

Mr. D'lsraeli in his Curiosities of Lit'jra- 


ture, has an titide on ' Peari BiUes ilid Kt 
Thousand Errata,' from whidi the follow- 
ing instances arc copied. — Rom. vi. 18^ 
* Neither yield ye your members as instm- 
ments of righteoutness unto sin,* — ibr wi- 
righteoumeu. — 1 Cor. vi. 9. * Know ye not 
that the unrighteous ihail inherit the king- 
dom of God,' for shall not vthrrit. * Thii 
grratum served as the foundation of a dan* 
gerous doctrine, for many libL'rtinet arge^ 
the text from thb corrupt Bible, against the 
reproof of a divine.' 

— The Bible. Cambridge, by J. 
Field, 1657. 8vo. 

Bindley, pt i. 416, 13s. 6d. Dent, pt. i. 
213, illustrated with platei by Van Laa- 
geren, in old morocco, 3L 13a. 6d. 

The Bibles printed daring the tittie of 
the Commonwealth, have been generally 
reputed to be full of errors : — In a tnct 
entitled * The London Printer bia Lamen- 
tation ; or the Press oppressed or ofer^ 
pressed, 1660'. 4to. (reprinted in the Har- 
Icbn Miscellany), it is said, that Bill and 
Barker had contrived to get into their pos- 
session ' ever since the sixth of March 1655, 
the manuscript copy of the last translatioii 
of the Holy Bible in English, attested wttk 
the hands of the venerable and learned 
translators in King James's time.' And that 
having thus secured themselves from in- 
stant detection, they published editiona fil- 
led with ' egregious blaAfhemies and damna- 
ble errata.* — Dr. Cotton, 

— The Dutch AnnotationsopoQ 
the whole Bible, together with toeir 
Translation according to the direo 
tion of the Synod of Dort, 1618. 
By Theodore Haak, Esq. London, 
1657. folio, 2 vols. 

This work, dedicated to Cromwell, is 
very similar in plan and character to the 
Assembly's Annotationa. An ncooont af 
the work, and of the translator% Sn> will 
be found in Dr. Bliss' edition of Weed's 
Athen. Oxon. iv. 279. Gosaet, S455, 
1/. 7s. 

— The Bible. London, bj J* 

Field, 1658. 24mo. 

One of the most correct and beanliM 
editions of the Bible, seldom found in good 
preservation. 'Williams, 199, in fish skin, 
4/. IGs. Roxburghe, 17, 3/. 17s. 

— The Bible. Cambridge, by 
John Field, 1660. folio, \nih cfao- 
rographical cuts by John Ogilbj* 

Thi) edition which may be conddered ss 
an unrivalled specimen of the press of tbc 
time, was severely censured by Bishsp 
Wetcnlial in ' Scripture aathcnfic end FsUk 
certain,' 1 686. In Acts vL 3. the word Ye 
was substituted for We. 




BAiburgbe, 18, morocco, 6/. 15s. Grave, 
401, morocco, 3/. 13t. 6d. Bindley, pti. 
M9, with the Prayer, morocco, 5/. 15s. — 
Laaos PAPER. Edwards, 813, illustrated 
vilh platca by Hollar, morocco, 21/. Wil- 
liams, 369, morocco, \\U 

An edition by Field, 1660. 8to. 

AoocHer by Field, 1661. 8vo. HoUis, 
76, mer. 31. 13s. 6d. 

AaoCfaer, with Bsarginal Notes by John 
CiUK. No place, 1668. 8vo. 

Another, by Field, 1663. 4to. Duke of 
Grdton, SO, with the Common Prayer, 
Boroooo, 51. 16s. 

Another, with marginal Notes, by John 
Canne. Amat 1664. 8vo. 

Another by Field, 1666. 4to. 1/ Is. 
' Another by Field, 1606. folio. Duke of 
Gralhmy SI, morocco, 6^ 6s. 

Another by Field, 1668. 4to. Bishop of 
Ely, with Prayer, and Jackson's Index Bib- 
liens, W. 14^ 

Otben, with Genevan Notes. Amst. or 
London, 1672, 1679. folio. 14s. each. 

Finm the time of Field to the end of the 
seventeenth centuiy, several curious flat 
KUes were printed, which are denominated 
fimrti^ Biiim, firom the use made of them 
in the pnlptt during that period. 

•— The Bible. Cambridge, by 
Hayes, 1674. folio. 

RoBbnrgfae, 19, 2/. Jadis, 361. King 
James Il.'a copy splendidly bound in vel- 
fc^ with the crown, the royal initials, and 
onhomed ornaments on the sides, 49/. 78. 

An edition, with additional parallel texts. 
Cambr. 1677. 4to. 

— The Bible. Cambridge, by J. 
Hayes, 1678. folio. 

PnbCshed by Anthony Scattergood, D.D. 
aiih the addition of many parallel teats, 
vilh are still reprinted in the margin of the 

— The Bible. By John Canne. 

One of the most valuable of the earlier 
pocket editions. 

in 1683 oar authorised translation was 
csrrccted, and many references to parallel 
luts added by Dr. Scattergood. — Home, 

— The Bible, 1683—5. See 
PooLiy Matthew. 

— The Old and New Testa- 
vtBts, with Annotations and paral- 
lel Scriptures, &c. by Sam. Clarke, 
A.M. Lend. 1690. folio, 21. lOs. 

' The selection of parallel texts is admi- 
nUe; and the notes, though very brief, 
•c mitten with great judgment. The work 
vnrsesomaendnd, fas very hi^ terms, by 
I^Onen aid Bntoa, aa wtU aa Mr. Bax< 



ter and Mr. Howe. It is also recommend- 
ed by Bishop Cleaver to the attention of 
the younger clergy. The author was a non- 
conformist' — Home, Reprinted London, 
1760, ibl. with plates, 31. 3s. Glasg. 17C5, 
foL XL lOs. &c. 

In variouseditionsof the Bible printed be- 
tween the year 1690 and the oommenceroent 
of the present century, an error will be found 
in 1 Tim. iv. 16. where we read, Take heed 
unto thyself and ihif doctrine, instead of the 

— The Bible, in Short-hand, by 
Wm. Addy, en^ved by J. Sturt. 
(London, 1695) 8vo. with portrait 
of Addy, by Sturt, 10s. 6d. 

— The Bible, with marginal 
Notes, shewing the Scripture to be 
the best Interpreter of Scripture, 
(by Joiin Canne.) London, by 
Charles Bill. 1698. 12mo. I0s.6d. 

Reprinted London, 1700. 4 to. XL lOs. 

— The Bible. London, 1701. 
Large folio. 

A very fine edition, published under 
the direction of Ab]). Tenison, with addi- 
tional marginal references, chronological 
dates, and an index by Bishop Lloyd, and 
accurate tables of Scripture weights and 
measures by Bishop Cumberland. This 
edition is however said to abound with ty- 
pographical errors. — Home, Dowdeswell, 
143, ruled, and bound in russia, 5/. 15s. 6d. 
It was likewise printed in 1G99. 4to. 

— The Bible. Printed in the 
Year 1708. folio. 1/. 10s. 

The authorised translation, with the an- 
notations which accompany the Geneva 
Version. Reprinted 1715, &c. 

— The Bible, 1709—29. See 
Wells, Edward, D.D. 

— The Bible, 1710. ^'ecHcN- 
RT, Matthew. 

— The Bible. Oxford, 1711. 

Remarkable, says Mr. Tutet, for this 
mistake in Isaiah, chap. Ivii. vet. 12. 'I 
will declare thy righteousness and thy 
works, for they thall profit thee.' 

— The Bible. Edinb. by James 
Watson, 1715. 8vo. 18s. 

A rare and coveted edition, says Dr. 
Dibdin. Roxburghe, 24, 3/. 15s. An edi- 
tion, Edinb. n4.4to. Bibl. Hari. no. 825. 
Another, Edinb. 1716. White Knights, 
448. morocco, with silver daspa, 17s« Wil- 
liams, 201, morocco, 1/. 16s. Another, 
Edinb. 1717. Roxburghe, 25, 2/. 7s. 

— The Bible. Oxford, by J- 



Baskett, 1717. folio, 2 vols, with 
a front, by Du Bosc, and vignette 
engravings by Vander Gucht. ' 

A most magnificent edition, called ' The 
Vinegar Bible/ from an error in the running 
title at Luke. chap. xxii. where it is read 
* the parable of the vinegar/ instead of* the 
parable of the vineyard.' Williams, 370, 
ruled, mor. 12/. 12s. Dent, pt i. 331, 
with a set of plates, proofs before the letters, 
from Macklin's edition, 16/. 16s. There 
are two copies of this roost magnificent 
book printed upon vellum, one in the Royal, 
the other in the Bodleian Library. 

— The Bible. Edinburgh, by 
Watson, 1722. 8vo. 

According to Mr. Home, one of the most 
valuable of the earlier pocket editions. 

. — The Bible. 1727-67. See 
Patrick, Lowtij, Arnald and 

— The Bible, with critical and 
explanatory Annotations, compiled 
from Grotius, Lightfoot, Poole, 
Calmet, and others. London, 
1735. folio, 3 vols, with plates, 
2/. 10s. 

— The Bible, with an Expos! • 
tion, in which several mis-trans- 
lations are rectified, by J. Mar- 
chant. London, 1743-5. folio. 
2 vols. 

— The Bible, 1748—63. See 
Gill, John, D.D. 

— The Bible. Printed in the 
year 1750. 12mo. 4 vols. 

The Anglo- Romish version, witli some 
alterations in the text and many in the 
notes, published from the copy of Dr. Cha- 
loner, titular Bishop of Debra, and one of 
the vicars apostolic of the Romish Church 
in England. 

— The Family Bible, by S. 
Smith. London, 1752-3. folio, 2 
vols, with plates. H. Is. 

— The Universal Bible, with 
Notes, &c. by S. Nelson, D.D. 
London, 1758-60. folio, 2 vols, 
with plates. 1/. Is. 

— The Bible. 1759. See 


— The Royal Bible, by Leo- 
nard Howard. London, 1761. 
fol. 2 vols. 1/. Is. 

— The Bible illustrated and 
explained, by the Rev. John But- 


ley. Second edition. Lond. 1761. 
4to. 2 vols. 

— The Family Bible, with ex- 
planatory Notes, by FrancisFawkes, 
M.A. Lond. 1761-2, 4to. 2 vols. 

Garrick, 778, 18s. 

— The British Bible, illustrated 
with Notes, in a manner entirely 
new, by James Millar. London, 

1762. fol. U. Is. 

— The Bible. Cambridge^ by 
Benlham, 1762. folio. 

This edition in folio, with the exception 
of about six copies, was destroyed by fire, 
at Dodd's the publisher's warehouse. 
Sotheby's in 1821, mor. C/. Ss. 6d. 

— The Bible. Cambridge, 1763. 

From Baskerville's press One of die 
most beautiful books ever printed. Con- 
stable, 278, morocco, 7/. it, Williams, 
37 1 , morocco, 8/. 10s. Heath. 443, moroc- 
co, 0/. Roxburghe, 26, 10(. 15s. 

— The Christians Commentaryi 
by William Rider, A.B. London, 

1763. folio, 3 vols. 1/. 4s. 

— A new and literal Transla- 
tion of all the Books of the Old 
and New Testament, with Notes 
critical and explanatory. By An- 
thony Purver. London, 1764. 
folio, 2 vols. 

This singular work was printed it 
the expense of Doctor Fothergill, tht 
Quaker. Purser was originally a ihoe- 
maker, and Uught himself Hebrew, Grcek, 
and Latin, in order that he might tnotltft 
the Bible. Gosset, 4483, 2L 2a. 

— The Bible. 1764. 12nio. 
5 vols. 

The Rhemish version of the Old aad 
New Testament, corrected by Dr.Chalooer. 

— The Bible, 1765. See Ua- 


— The Bible, with explanatoiy 
Notes, by John Wesley, M.A. 
Bristol, 1765. 4to. 3 vols. 3l.3n. 

— The grand Imperial Bible, 
by Luke Phillips. London, 1766« 
4to. \l. Is. 

— The Bible, with marginal 
References. Oxford, 1769. 4lo. 
41. 4s. 

The ' standard edition,' (rom wMch aU 
subsequent impressions have been caecatfi< 
It was made under tho direction of tb< 




Viee-Chaiicenar and delegatet of Che Cla- 
rendon press at Oxford. A full account of 
Dr. Blayney's Collation and Revision, was 
oommnnicated by him to the Gentleman's 
Magasine, zxxiz, 517~-9. The folio edition 
is very scarce, owing to the destruction of 
a large part of the impression by a fire in 
the warehouse in London. Sothebv*s in 
Jooe, 1822. 9/. 9s. Gossct, 495, iL Us.6d. 

— The Bible, with Annotations. 
BirniiDgham, bv J. Baskerville, 
1769. folio, 2/. i2s. Gd. 

— The Bible, with Annotations. 
Birmingham, by Boden and Adams, 
1769. folio. 

The annotations differ from those in the 
iMner edition. 

— The Bible, wherein the Mis- 
takes in the present Translation are 
corrected, with Notes. Aberdeen, 
1769. folio, 2to1s. 

— The Bible, 1770. SeeDoDD, 
W. LL.D. 

— The complete Family Bible, 

with Notes, by the Rev. Cru- 

deo. London, 1770. fol. 2 vols. 
1/. Is. 

' The eompiler of this indifferently exe- 
ealed eoaaientary is not to be confounded 
vkk Mr. Alexander Cruden, author of the 
wtB-kaown Concordance to the Holy Scrip- 
tarea'.^ — Home. 

— Ttie Bible, with practical 
Observations, by the Rev. Mr. 
Oftervald, &c. Edinb. 1770.8vo. 

Translated at the desire of, and recom- 
■eaded by, the Society for propagating 
Chiiadan Knowledge. 

— The Bible, with Notes. Bir- 
mingliam, by J. Baskerville, 1772. 
folio, 2/. 28. 

— The Bible, with Notes and 
Observations by Richard Wynne. 

— A Commentaiy on the Holy 
Bible, with Notes. Bristol, by Wil- 
hm Pine, 1774. ]8mo. \L 5s. 

— TTie Christian's Divine Li- 
hiry, inoftrated with Notes thco- 
h^l, historical, practical, and 
cmical, by Henry Southwell, D.D. 
Udoo, 1774. folio, 2 vols. H. Is. 

— The Bible, with Annotations. 

UodoD, 1775. folio, 15t. 
The Geoevan vcrrion. 



— The Bible. London, 1776. 

Pasham*s edition. White Knights, 449, 
morocco, W. 5s. Stanley, 117, morocco, 
3/. 68. Williams, 205, ruled, morocco, 
richly tooled, 4/. Os. 

— The Bible, with Notes expla- 
natory, selected from the Works of 
several Authors. London, 1777. 
folio, \l. Is. 

— The self-interpreling Bible, 
by John Brown. Edinb. 1778. 
4to. 2 vols. 1/. 5s. 

So called from the copiousness of its mar- 
ginal references. Frequently reprinted. 

— The Bible, with a Commen- 
tary by the Rev. James Cookson. 
London, 1784. folio, 1/. Is. 

— The Bible, with Notes, by 
Thomas Wilson, D.D. Lord Bishop 
of Sodor and Man, and various 
Renderings, collected from other 
Translations, by the Rev. Clement 
Cruttwell, the Editor. Bath, 1785, 
4to. 3 vols. 4/. 4s. 

This edition contains a translation of the 
apocryphal third book of Maccabees, which 
has not appeared in any English Bibles, 
since Becke's edition of 1551. The text 
and marginal references, are printed with 
equal beauty and correctness. Steevens, 
98, blue turkey, 7/. 7s. GoN8et,728,6/.8s.Cd. 
LARGE PAPER, (twelve copics printed) 
Dent, pt i. 332, morocco, 31/. lOs. Stanley, 
119, morocco, 58/. 16s. Sir M. M. Sykes, 
pt. i. 615, morocco, 64/. Is. 

— The Bible, with original 
Notes, &c. &c. by Thomas Scott. 
Lond. 1788—92. 4to.5 vols. 4L4. 

First Edition, published in numbers. 
Frequently reprinted. 

— The Bible. London, 1790. 
12mo. 1/. Is. 

A neat edition, published by Scatcherd 
and Whittaker. 

— The Bible, faithfully trans- 
lated from the corrected Texts of 
the Originals, with various Read- 
ings, explanatory Notes, and criti- 
cal Remarks by the Rev. Alex. 
Geddes, LL.D. London, 1792, 7, 
1800. 4to. vol. i. ii., and Remarks, 
vol. i. 

The following are necessary to form a 
complete collection of Geddes' translation : 
Prospectus. Glasgow, 1780. 7s, 6d. Ap- 
pendix, London, 1787. 3s. Od. Proposals, 



ib. 1788. If, 6d. General Aniwer to die 
Queries, &c. ib. 1790. li. 6d. Bible, voL 
1 and 11. containing the historical books 
from Genesis to Chronicles, and the Boole 
of Ruth, ib. 1792, 7. Address to the Public, 
ib. 1793. Is. Critical Remarlcs on the 
Hebrew Scriptures, vol. 1, ib. 1800. 1/. Is. 
The Rev. John Earic published Remarks 
on the prefaces prefixed to the first and 
lecond volumes of this translation, 12mo. 2s. 

' A literary phenomenon of a curious 
nature; a priest of the Romish church, re- 
sident in England, translating the scriptures 
into our native tongue, and publicly main- 
taining, against two Protestants, Dr. Vices. 
Kooi, and the writer in the Monthly Re- 
view for January, 1797, the great utility of 
a new English translation, in preference to 
that made a hundred and eighty years ago.' 
— Abp, Kewcome, Of the Doctor's heterodox 
commentaries and verdon, the reader, says 
Mr. Home, mav see an ample examination 
and refutation m the 4th, 14th, 19th, and 
80th volumes of the British critic. This 
examination is attributed to Bp. Horsley. 

Gosset, 727, 8 vols. 2/. 12s. fid. largi 
rAPER,Duke of GraAon,23 and 88, 3/. 5s. 

— The Bible. Oxford, 1792. 

Remarkable for a mistake in St. Luke, 
chap. xxii. 34, where St. Philip instead of 
St. Peter is named as the disdple who 
should deny Christ. — Dr. Cotton, 

— The Christian and British 
Family Bible, by Wright. London, 
1792, folio, IZ. 

^- The Bible, ornamented with 
Engravings, by James Fittler, from 
celebrated Pictures by old Masters. 
London, 1795. royal 8vo. 2 vols. 

Printed by Hensley, and published by 
Bowyer. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 226, mor. 
8/. 6s. Bindley, 417, mor, 4/. 5s. large 
PAPER, in 4to. 

— The Bible. London, 1795. 
royal 4to. with plates, 4/. 4s. 

Heptinstairs superb edition. 

— The Bible. London, 1796. 
12mo. W. Is. 

Bowyer's Cabinet edition, large pa- 
per. WilUams, 206, an unique copy, ruled, 
wlUi tities painted, the first leaf of every 
chapter gilt, &c. &c. morocco, 7/. 7s. 

— The Bible, 1796. 12mo, 5 
vols. !/• Is* 

• The Tulgate version. 

The Bible, with Ostervald's 

.Arguments and Observations, 
London, 1799. royal 4to. 1/. 5s. 

— The Bible, with Engravings 
from Pictures and Designs by the 


most eminent Artists. London, 
1 800. folio. 7 vols. 

Macklin's splendid edition, pabliabrdiii 
70 Numbers, at 1/. Is. each. The Apocry- 
pha, 1816. publ'ished at 18/. 18s. B«ck« 
ford in 1817, 300, (with the Apocrypha,) 
35/. Us. Koxbuighe, 27, blue turkey, 

— The Bible. London, 1800. 

Corrall's edition. White KnighU, 450| 
mor. R Is. 

— The Bible, with explanatory 
Notes on the most interesting Pas- 
sages, by the Rev. Henry Cox 
Mason, M.A. &c. London, 1800. 
4to. 18s. 

— The Bible. Bristol, 1802. 
32mo. 1/. Is. 

Edwards' diamond Edition, and the 
smallest ever printed. 

— The Bible. London, 1802. 
crown 8vo. 10 vols. 

Reeve's edition. Another Bditkm, 
HoYAL OCTAVO, 9 vols. Karl of Kerry, 63, 
mor. 5/. 10s. Quarto, Drury, 555, mor. 
6/. 65. Printed on Vellum, in 4to. In 
a bookseller's catalogue for 1820, maiked 
105/. afterwards offered at 52L 

Beautiful editions, with short ezplana- 
tory notes, and philological schoKa. Ac- 
cording to Mr. Home, Mr. Reevts'i wnbm 
are selected with great judgment fton te 
labours of Patrick, Lowth, Whitby, ud 
others ; and his mode of printing the tezt 
is admirable. The historical parts, whick 
are in prose, are printed in contiguouf 
paragraphs, and the poetical parts an 
divided into verses. Each book is divided 
into sections, confbnnable to the natval 
divisions of the several subjects; and to 
fiidlltate reference, the chapters and versei 
are distinctly pointed out in the maii^ 
An edition, without notes, 8vo. 4 vols. 14s, 


— A new Translation of the 
Bible ; an Attempt to preserve the 
Holy Scriptures from their Disre* 
pute with Free-lliinkers, end their 
M isapplication to certain Tenets, by 
a new and correct Translation of 
controverted Passages, illustrated 
with Notes and the Opinion of fthf 
Ancients, by Robert TomlinsOQ* 
London, 1803. 8vo. 78. 

— The Bible, with Notes ui 
Annotations. Liverpool, 1804. 
folio, 1/. Is. 

— The Bible, translated from 



the Latin Viilp;ate, first published 
at the English College at Dooay ; 
newly revised and corrected ac- 
cording to the Clementin edition, 
with Annotations. Edinb. 1805. 
8fo. 5 Tols. \L lOs. L. p. 2/. 28. 

— The Bible. Lond. 1806. 4to. 
3/. ds. 

Notwidittanding the gre%t labour and 
attention beatovrei by Dr. Blayney on lua 
c^tiM, Oxford, 1769, itmiut now yield the 
palm of accuracy to the Tery beautiful and 
coercct one printed by Woodfidl, and pub- 
Kihrd by Mewn. Eyre and Strahan in 
1806, and again io 1813, 4to. larob- 
FAFES, in imperial 4to. AL 4s. 

— The Bible. Oxford, 1807. 
4to. 2 vols. 3/. 3s. 

An edition esteemed for its accuracy. 
LABoc PAFER in imperial 4to. Stanley, 
ItO, m wocct v IW* 5s* 

— The old Coven &nt, commonly 
called the Old Testament, trans- 
lated from the Septuagint The 
New Covenant, translated from 
the Greek. By Charles Thomson. 
Philadelphia, 1808. 8vo. 4 vols. 

Tlw only English rersion of the Septua- 
dat Tbia translation is, says Mr. Home, 
fahfidly executed. The notes which ac> 
ly tba work, are very brief, but sa* 



— The Bible, illustrated from 
the Works of the most approved 
Commentators. 1809, 2 vols. 

LASOB PAPCt, Drury, 441, russia, 

— The Bible, with a Comment- 
vy by Thomas Coke, LL D. Lon- 
don, 1906. 4to. 6 vols. 3/. 13s. 6d. 

— The BiUe, with short Notes, 
bf seteral learned and pious Refor- 
Bers, as printed by Royal Autho- 
lity, at the Time of the Reforma- 
lipB,witli additional Notes and Dis- 
artatkmt. London, 1810. 4to. with 
ttapt, tables, and vignette cngra- 
viags, 1/. lis. 6d. 

Tlis editioD, which is entitled Tlie Kc 
iHwr's Bible, was edited by the Rev. Tlio- 
■M Webster. The notes to the old Testa- 
ant aie reprinted from those appended 
% At BiBfiisli version of the Bible, pub- 
^Ubti at Oeoera ; Uie annotations to tlie 
Mm Testament are translated from the 
Wa of Theodoiv Beaa. 

-*'nie Bible^ printed from the 

most correct Copies of the present 
authorised Translation, including 
the marginal Readings and parallel 
Texts; with a Commentary and 
critical Notes, by Adam Clarke, 
LL.D. London, 1810-26. 4to. 8 

A highly elaborate work. Mr. Home 
obserres, the literary world in general^ and 
biblical students in particular, are greatly 
indebted to Dr. Clarke for the light he has 
thrown on many very difficult passages. 


— The Bible. Edinburgh, 1811. 

Copies on large paper, (small octavo) 
are says Dr. Dibdin, much more beautiful 
than the vaunted diamond letter Bible of 
Richlieu, 1656, Svo. WillUms, 209, ruled 
and bound in morocco, SL 10s. 6d. 210, 
morocco, 11/. 5s. 

— The Family Bible, with Notes 
and practical Reflections, by the 
Rev. Is. Saunders. Lond. 1811. 
4to. ^ vols, with plates, 2/. 2s. 

Complete in thirteen parts. 

— The Devotional Family Bi- 
ble, with Notes and Illustrations^ 
partly original and partly selected, 
by the Rev. John Fawcett, D.D. 
London, 1811. 4to. 2 vols. 21. 2s. 

This work is wholly designed for family 
nse, to which it is excellently adapted ; but 
the marginal renderings and p&rallel texts 
have been ent'rdy omitted.— /f/>rn«. 

Earl of Kerry, 187, russia 4/. Somt 
copies are printed in royal quarto, 3/. Ss. 

— The Bible, with Notes^ criti- 
cal, philological, and explanatory, 
by John Hewlett. London, 1811. 
4to. 3 vols, with plates, 3/. 13s. 6d. 
without plates, 3/. 

This edition contains the Apocrypha. 
LARGE PAPER. Earl of Kerry, 189, in 6 volst 
with 120 engravings, morocco, 16/. ISs. 

An edition of the notes, without the 
text, appeared 1816. Svo. 5 vols. IL 5s. 

— The Bible, with Notes from 
various Commentators, by S. 
Clarke. London , 1811. folio. 

An indifferent compilation published in 

— The Bible, with a Commen- 
tary, by George Burder. London, 
1811. 4to. 2 vols. 

Some copies are printed in royal 



— The Bible, translated from 
the Latin Vulgate, with useful 
Notes, &c. by G. L. Haydock. 
Manchester, 1811 — 4. foho, 2 

A reprint of Dr. Challoner's text of the 
Douay version. 

— The Royal standard devo- 
tional Family Bible. Yarmouth, 
1811-6. 4to. 3 vols. 

— The Bible, with Notes, &c. 
&c. by the Rev. Joseph Benson. 

.Lond. 1811-8. 4to. 5 vols. 

' An elaborate and very useful commen- 
tary.* — Home. 

— The complete Family Bible, 
with illustrative Notes, by the Rev. 
John Styles of Brighton. Lond. 
1812. 4to. 2 vols. 

— The Bible. London, 1813. 4to. 
31. 3s. 

A beautiful and accurate edition printed 
by Woodfall. It has been recommended, 
says Mr. Home, by the General Conven- 
tion of the Protestant Episcopal Church in 
the United States of America, to be adopted 
as the Standard Edu'wrif to which future 
editions of the English Version of the Holy 
Scriptures (for the use of the members of 
that church) are to be made conformable. 
ROYAL 4 to. 4^ 4s. 

— The Bible. London, 1814. 
medium 8vo. 

A beautifully printed book, executed by 
His Majesty's Printers. 

— The Bible. London, 1814. 
24mo. H. Is. 

Printed with diamond type by Corrall for 
Messrs. Eyre and Strahan. 

Brockctt, 309, morocco, ll. 78. 

— A revised translation and in- 
terpretation of the Holy Scrip- 
tures, after the Eastern Manner, 
by David Macrae, D.D. Glas- 
gow, 1815. 4 to. ll. 10s. 

A former edition appeared at Glasgow, 
4799, 8vo. 9s. It has been reprinted in 
8vo. 3 vols. 

In this work the author has certainly 
succeeded in introducing very mdny ap- 
proved renderings ; but he has also marred 
exceedingly that venerable simplicity and 
dignity which are so eminently conspicuous 
in the authorised version. — Htrtie. 

— The Bible, illustrated with 
Engravings by Charles Heath, from 


the Designs of Westall. Oxford, 
1815. 3 vols. 

A very elegant edition. The plates have 
been twice engraved. 

Brockett, 4891, morocco, 5t Anmdqne 
copy on the largest paper, with three sets 
of plates, viz. etchings, proofii, and proofii 
on India paper, in 3 volt, folio, morocco. 
North, part i. 303. 

— The Bible. Cambridge^ by 
J. Smith [1815]. 8vo. 

LARGE PAPER, (three copies printed.) 

— The Bible. London, 1816. 

This pocket edition, published by Bag^ 
stcr, contains a new selection of upwards of 
sixty thousand references to passages that 
are really parallel. — Harm. 

A copy, printed on India papbe, Wil« 
Hams, 211, morocco, 6/. 6s. 

— The Bible. Dublin, 1816. 

The Anglo-Romish version, 'corrected, 
revised and approved of by the most Rev. 
Y>r, Fray, R. C. Archbishop of Dublin.' 
For a review of the dangerous and obnoxi- 
ous tenets in this edition. See the British 
Critic, N. S. viii. 290—308. 

— The Bible, with Notes ex- 
planatory and practical, taken from 
the most eminent Writers of the 
Church of England, prepared and 
arranged by G. D*Oyly, D.D. and 
the Rev. R. Mant, Bishop of Down 
and Connor. Oxford, 1817. 4to. 18 
parts complete in 3 vols, with 
maps and outline engravings. 

This work, which may be pronoonoed a 
library of divinity, was published under dw 
sanction of the venerable Society for Pl»* 
moting Christian Knowledge. Upwards of 
30,000 copies have been sold. Of tht lir 
hour attending this publication, aome ito 
may be formed, when it is stated, that tbe 
works of upwards of 160 authors have beet 
consulted for it, amounting to several hw* 
dred volumes. There is a useful ooneoid* 
ancc iu 4to. edited by the Rev. T. W. Bel- 
lamy, M.A. which is usually bound up viCk 
this commentary : and in the year 1811^ 
the Rev. Dr. Wilson, published an indi^ 
much more complete than that annexed H 
the work. 

Nassau, pt i. 40G, 3/. largc rirVt 
in royal 4to. Earl of Kerry, 188,6/.16i.iM. 
Bindley, pt. i. 915, 18/. 10s. WilBanf^ 
232. A picked copy, ruled with red fiiMi^ 
red morocco, 16/. 

Reprinted, Cambridge, 1822, 4to. 8 ^Mk 
3/. 13s. Gd. 

— The self-interpreting Bible, 
by John Brown. A new Ediiioii, 

vilh coniiderabk Additions by tlie 
Rer. Thomu Raffles. I»n(Ion, 
1BI7. 4to. 2 vol*, vith engraving. 
Bnl cditkid, puUUhed in puu. Th[i 
■vrk, whidi U ixcecdinglr useful to 
pnaehcn, for in mugiail refereacn and 
If pnclieal TcBntioiu, mi fint published 
b 1771, mad b» gone thimigh rtpnted 
ditnoB. iKDiji rmoort. Sotheby'i in 
IM4, 111 l«f. 

— The BiUe, with Notes, &c. 
pnnand and arraaged by the Rev. 
G.D'Ovly, D.D. and the Rcv.Rich, 
Utat, Biihop of Down and Con- 
nor. New York, 1818-20. 4io. 

3 Toll. 

' To thij nptint, edited b j the Bigbt RcT. 
i.H. Hobut. D.D. biibop of the PiMc*- 
UM Efbcapal duircb In the Stata of New , 
York, BBmeroui •dditinid uocci •elected 
froa tlw wiiiiDga of upitardi of thirty of 

Vn. irOjlj and MuiL Uuiy other nMei 
wi Ekmnae Mlecled from leTenl of the 
Mhon cited br Doctor* D'Oylr and 
Uul.-— tfonie. 

— The Bible, with hiitoncal 
Preface!, by £. Nares, D.D. Lod- 
doD, 1818. folio, 9parU. 

SMhcl^') In 18S1, Si. e>. 

— The Bible, neirly translated 
Iran the origmal Hebrew, wi[h 
Kolcs critical and explanatory, by 
John Bellamy. London, 1818— 
!1.4to. Parts!. II. III. 

Tk airegsut cUimi of the ■uthor and 
Us •sttmTagandM of Inteiprttslion, hne 
tan opoied in the Quarterly lieriew, 
ta.U«-W, U9-t0, and xxiii. SST-SI9 ; 
» A* Eelectie Rerirw, N. S. x. 1— SO, 
ItM*. 9S0.8»i Id the And-Juobm 
>nini, Iv. aT-lOS, 193 307. 305-16; 
h Mr. VUttaker'i Enquiry into the Inter- 
piOtiM of the Hebrew Scripturci, and 
1^|ll mill Cnnbridge, IBIS SOi in Pro- 
faMT Las'! LMtei W Hr. Bellamy. Cam- 
Uli^ till : and lait, ibou^ oat leait in 
•riM, fa Mr. Hyman UnrwiU'* Vindidai 
t0M^, — Hinu. InatuwetloUiaQuar- 
Mj Icticw, BsUamfpnbliifaed ' A R^y,' 

'taMoaaln Favour ofa nei 
i(*t8aircani>' ISIS. Bn>. 

— A new family Bible, and im- 
pMidVciMOD, with Notes critical 
■d ajdanatoiy ; and short prac- 
tial Aeflectiona on each Chiipter, 
^Ibe Rer. B. Boothroyd, D.D. 
lW«lnct, 1818, 31, 3. 4to. 3 

JWu improved EngUab vcnioD of the 
Riblc will be found a valuable help Id the 
f riiicol undentanding of Ihe gured Strip- 

— The Bible, with a centre Co- 

liminor original References. Lond. 
1319. I2B10. II. 4». 

' Tliu moil elceant and UMful of aU 
Ihi^ pocket editiooi of the entire Engliih 
Bible with parallel references, is [hat pub- 
li.^hed by Mr. Bagaler, and ccrlainly a new 
»'lccIion of upwnrdi of sixty tliouinad re- 
fercnecilo puiagcs that are really parallc!.' 

— The Bible, with allemaW 
Pages of Biblical Concordance. 
London, 1820. ISuio. 

Published by Bagsler. Williams, 1011, 
morono, 21. lOi. 

— The Old and New Testament, 
airanged in hislorlcal and chrooo- 
loj^Hcal Order, with copious Indexes, 
by ihe Rev. Geo. Townsend. Lon- 
don. 1821—5. 8vo. 4 vols. 
3^ 133. 6d. 

Thie very elaborate performance ia cba- 
r,ic(cri»ed by Archdeacon Naree, ai bdng 
' digtiled with such skill, and llluKraled 
"iili sueh notes, u prove the author tahaie 
>ludled bis task with deep altenlion and 

Willianu,312, morocco, St.lOs. — Second 
cdliion coirccted, &c- London, IB2€ — 7. 
Svu. 4 vols. 

— The Bible. Oxford, 1821. 

— The Bible, with original 
Notes, practical Observations, and 
copious Marginal References. By 
Thomas Scott. London, 1822. 4tO. 
G vols. 

Tilth and best edition, stereotyped; the 
Urgcit work ever submitted to that process. 
Mrlloroe deems it ' ui act oi bare Justice 
lo tmte, that be ho never consulted this 
elHborate rammenlary in vain on difficult 
paisHges in the Scriptures. And in every 
inttance, eipedally in the Pentateuch, b» 
fuund, in Mr. Seolt's Commentary, brief 
but toVd refutatlani of alleged contra^- 
tiuns. which he could And in no other dmi- 
lir work extant in the Engliali Language.' 

-^ The Bible, arranged and 
adapted for Family Reading, with 
No lea, practical and explanatory. 
tBy a Layman of the Church of 
England. 1824. 4 to. 3/. 3s. 

186 BIB 

— Tl.e Holy Bible, translated | 
from the Latin Vulgate, with An- 
notations, References, and an his- 
torical and chronological Index. 
The whole revised and diligently 
compared with the Latin Vulgate, 
Dublin and London, 1825. 8vo. 

Thit, ttyt Mr. Home, ii the litot and 
mott ailj tratiMe tAitioa of (he Anglo- 
Romiih lenioa of the Bible. It hu been 
■tiered Tar the better, and made confbrm- 
■bteto our Protautit nulhorued vertion, in 
•eTsral liuUncei, which hod been stigma- 
tiied bjr Rainuiiiti ai heretical' Sti Hamil- 
too'i ObaerraliORi on the Preunc State of 
the Roman Catholic Engliih Bible, pp. 19 

— The Cottage Bible and Fa- 
mily Expositor, with practical Re- 
flexions and short explanatory 
Notes, by Thomas Williams, Lon- 
don, 1825-7. 8vo. 3 vols. 

Tliii unauumlng but rheap and useful 
cammentary on the Holy Scriplurei, though 
pniEeuedly dcHgned for person) aad tjmi- 
lie* in the humbler wglki of life, is not un- 
iTOrthy the attention of ilndenti oT ■ hiKhei 
claia, who ma; nqt be able to purchue 
more bulky or more oipeniive commenla- 
riei. The fine paper copiea are handaome 
library booki. — Hana. 

— The Bible. Oxford, 1827, 

Thii elegant pocket edillon ii, laya Mr. 
Home, fiom ill type aiuifiae, known by tha 
qipellttion of die Oxford ruby octavo 

— The Comprehensive Bible ', 
containing the authorized Version, 
with the veriaug Readings and mar- 
ginal Notes, a general Introduction 
&c. &Q. &c. London, 1827. 
crown 4to. U. 10s. 

TUi valoabie Bible containi fOOO notei, 
which by a limple index are made to iliui- 
bate 40,000 pungei. Not one note i> of 
m doctrinal or conIro*eriial nature, hut 
compriaeilluitialioniorjewiihand Eaalem 
nannen, cuitomi, lilea, and ceremoniei, 
&c. && DEUt PArEi, with larger type, 

SI. 5>. ROYAL FAFER, 31. lOs. aUFER 

KOTAL cream-coloured waiTiNa-FAPca 
31. ISi. 

— The Bible in Welsh.— Y Beibl 
Cys-segT-tan. Sef yr hen Deata- 
ment, a'r Newydd, 2 Tim. iii. 14, 
15, Testament newydd ein Har- 
glwydd Jesu Grist, Rom. i. 16. 

London, by Christopher and Ro;- 
bert Barker, 1588. folio. 

Black letter. Containi 5S5 leniea. Thli, 
the Old Testament, the Apoeryplia and Ibe 
New Teitament— hai conlenti to each (*ap- 
ter — Is distinguiihed into veraei throughout 
— haiaome marginal referencei — ha» prefix- 
ed a Latin deditaiion to Queen EUiabelb, 
' Gulielmui Morgan,'— hai a olndu, 
one or two tablei besidei, and ia mnD- 
bered not by pigei, but by ieavea. The 
dediealion is reprinted In Llewelyn's A^ 
count of the Briliih Venioni and E£tliiai 
oflhe Bible. Sotheby'i in 18Ii, SI. ISa. 

I — The Bible in Welsh. London, 
j by Norton and Bill, 1620. folio, 

I Black letter. Old Testament and Apo- 
crypha, Eeee 3. New Teitament, Y i. 
The second edidoa of the Bible in Wetsk, 
utiially called Pan7'l Bible. pTcBied il ■ 
calendar, and a Laliii dedication to King 
James, by Richard Parry, biihop of St. 
A Kiph, whit* ii reprinted in Uewelyn'i Ac- 
count of the British or Welsh Veniaiu aid 
Edilioni Bible. Thii, layi Ant a Wood, i> 
the translation now used in Wales, and is eat 
of the bent traniUlioni extant, and jaoA 
betlerlhan the English. A copyof tUi,N 
well a> the editions of IST7, lTI7,arebi 
the Bririah Muieum. 

— The Bible in Welsh, 1630. 

The (Ittl edition in a portable dH,pil>t- 
ed at the eipence of one or more ddioN rf 
London, reprinted 16S4, SOOO codMt 
1677, or 1678, 8000 copiei; 1089 or 1<N| 
1718; 1717. 

— The Bible in Welsh. Oxfgid, 
1690. folio. 

Printed under the intpeetioQ of Dbk^ 

— The Bible, in Welsh. Cm- 
bridge, 1746. royal 8vo. 1 8s. 

A lery excellent edition. Other ettlMt 

1752,1769, or 1770. ! 

— The Bible in Welsh. Cir- J 
marthen, 1779. 4to. j 

Thii Bible (including a Welih CoMMdr i 

ance) ii, in many respecli, a good mtj . 

though supposed to contain, in two gt llsN 1 

pasaagci of the nlleetiona, at th* end «f At J 

chapter!, a bnctnre of SabelliaidiSL 3 

— The Bible in Welsh. Loft* , 
don, 1799. j 

This editian coniiited of ten iboMil j 

copies of the Welib Bible, C 

and linging Psalms, ttcsid 

e«ra copies of ibe Now T 

— The Bible in Welsh. OiM 
1821. crowaSvo. 

According to Mr. Hone, OB* of lbs ■< ' 


betntifiil •pecimcM of typogimphy, printed 
it the ezpence of the Society for Promoting 
Chriitiaii Knowledge. 

Sereial editions of the Welsh Bible have 
been pnblished by the Bible Society, Sto. 
Hao^mad 24mo. 

— The Bible in the Manks Ver- 
tioD. Whiteha?en, 1775. 4to. 

Printed at the expense of the Society for 
proaodng Christian Knowledge. In 1819 
a h e nntlfu l and accoiate octavo edition of 
the Hanks Bible was published by the Bri- 
liihand Foveign BiUe Society. 

— The Bible in the Gaelic. 
Edinb. 1807. 8vo. 2 vols. 

The acveral books of the Old Testament 
were tnuMlated and published in detached 
poctew or nrinmes 1783, 1787, and 1801. 
The New Testament appeared in 1 796. 

— The Bible m the Gaelic. 
Edinburgh, 1826. 4to. 

TUsp which may be oonridered as the 
rtsadud edition of the Gaelic Bible, was 
leriicd by i^ committee of clergymen, ap- 
soimed \^ the General Assembly of the 
Ckaidi Off Scotland. Several editions of the 
Gaefie Bible, have been published by the 
Bibk Sodcfy, 8vo. and ISmo. 

~ The Books of the Old Testa- 
ment, traoslated into Irish, by Wil- 
liam Bedel, late Bishop of Kilmore. 
LoDdoD, 1685. 4to. 21. 28. 

Printed at the expence of the Hon. Robt 
Bsyle. The new Testament was translated 
Vy WBlam O'Domhnuill. London, 1681. 
4is. An edition of the Old Testament with 
ihs Hew Testament, tranilated by William 

O^DoBhnvilL 1690. 8vo. 10s. 6d. These 

UMn Ke ssod to abound with errors gram- 

Bisticsl ad typographical. 

— The Bible in Irish. London, 
1817. 8?o. 

lernil editions of the Bible in Irish 
htic been published by the British and 
Fntipi BiUe Society, ftc viz. in the Ro- 
«a dttncter, 810. and in the vernacular, 

— A Table of the principal Mat- 
toi contained in the Bible. Lond. 
(1548) 16ino. 

H 6, In dghts. FrequenUy 



— A briefe and compendiouse 
Table, 10 the Manor of a Concor- 
tbnee, g^athered and set furth by 
Hcnij Bollinger, Leo Jade, Con- 
nde Pdlicane and by the other 

Ministers of the Church of Tigue. 
1550. 8vo. 

In this work appeared ' The third boke 
of the Macbabees.' Copies are in the Bri* 
tish Museiun and Bodleian libraries. Re- 
printed 1563. 8va T 2, in eights. 

— A bnefeSumme of the whole 
Bible, &c. translated by Anth. 
Scoloker. London, 1575. 16mo. 

— Fort- Royal of the Scriptures, 
or the Vade Mecum Concordance. 
Lond. 1649. 12mo. 

Williamsons, ISs. 

— - A brief Description of an 
Edition of the Bible in the original 
Hebrew, Samaritan, and Qreek, 
with the most ancient Ti-anslations 
of the Jewish and Christian 
Churches (1652) folio. 

A copy is in the Britbh Museum. 

— Propositions concerning the 
printing of the Bible in the original 
and other learned Languages. 
1653. folio. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

— Annotations upon all the 
Books of the Old and New Testa- 
ment, by the Assembly of Divines. 
London, 1657. folio, 2 vols. 

Third and best edition of the ' Assembly's 
Annotations/ so called from the drcum- 
stance of its having been composed by mem- 
bers of the Assembly of Divines, who sat at 
Westminster during the great rebellion. An 
account of the authors is in Calamy's Life 
of Baxter. The work is pronounced by 
Job Orton to be valuable, though rather 
long, and to contain much excellent criti- 
cism. Dr. Z. Grey, on the other hand 
speaks of it very disrespectfully. 

The first edition 1645. folio, 9s. Second 
1651. folio, 2 vols. \L Is. Additional An- 
notations, or a Collection of all the several 
Additions to the third (above the first and 
second) impression. London, 1658. Svo. 4s. 

— An Account of the Transla- 
tion of the Bible into the Lithvanian 
Tongue. Oxford, 1659. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

— An exact Catalogue, or Col- 
lection of our English Writers on 
the Old and New Testament. Lon- 
don, 1663. small Svo. 33. 6d. 

Sotheby's in 1823, date 16C8, Ts. 6d. 

— Critical Enquiries into the 
various Editions of the Bible. 1684, 

I Bishop of Ely, 689, 10s, 



— Ex Nihilo Omnia: or the 
Saints Companion. Being a Scrip- 
turc — Memorial of divine Distichs 
upon the Holy Bible, in English 
and Latin. London, 1693. l^mo. 

Contains pp. 144. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 
248, 9s. Cd. 

— The History of the Bible, 
translated from the French by R. 
G. Printed in the year 1747. 

Translated from the French of David 
Martin by Richard Gough, the antiquary, 
when 1 1 years of age. Twenty-five copies 
were printed. 

— Critical Notes on some Pas- 
sages of Scripture, comparing them 
with the most ancient Versions, 
and restoring them to their original 
Reading or true Sense. London, 
1747. 8vo. 

These notes, published anonymously, 
were written by Nicholas Mann. Accord- 
ing to Mr. Home, they contain some good 
illustrations of confessedly difficult passages 
of scripture. 

— The Question truely stated, 
and calmly considered, whether or 
no there be any just Reasons for a 
new Translation of the Bible, or a 
Review of our Liturgy, Articles 
and Canons. London, 1751. 8vo. 
28. 6d. 

A moderate, candid, and sensible tract, 

— A Dictionary of the Holy 
Bible. London, 1759. 8vo. 3 vols. 

An abridgement of Calmet, Stackhouse 
and other illustrators of the Bible. Williams, 
203, morocco, 2/. 7s. 

— A List of various Editions of 
the Bible and Parts thereof in' 
English, from the year 1526 to! 
1776, from a MS. (no. 1140) in: 
the Archiepiscopal Library at Lam> 
Deth, much enlarged and impioved.^ 
Printed by Bowyer, 1776. 8vo. 
3s. 6d. 

This List, commonly called Dr. Ducarers 
list, was made by Mark Cephas Tutet, Esq. 
and 250 copies were privately printed for 
presents only, at the expense of the Archb. 
of Canterbury. Another edition, 1778, 
printed on one side only for presents (8vo. 
37 leaves, 250 copies) 5s. Bindley, pt ii. 
1383, 1/. lOs. Gosset, 515, 1 6s. 

This list, with additions, will be found 
in Cruttwell's ectition of the Bible with Bp. 


Wilson's Notes, and in Archbishop New- 
come's historical view of the English bibli- 
cal translations, printed at Dublin, 1792. 

— The Reasons for revising by 
Authority our present Version of 
the Bible, briefly stated, and im- 
partially considered. London, 
1790. 8vo. 

An anonymous work justly entitled tt 
the attention of the public — Abp, Neweome. 
Some copies are dated Cambridge, 1788. 

— Candid Examination of the 
assumed Divine Authority of the 
Bible. 1796. 4to. 

Home Tooke, 57, U. la. 

— Compendium of the Holy 

Scriptures. 1809. 3 vols. 

Eari of Kerry, 95, R lis. 6d. 

— An Index to the Bible. Lon- 

This useful index, by Dr. Priestley, is 
printed in various sizes to bind np widi 

— Reasons vi^hy a new Trans- 
lation of the Bible should not be 
published vi^ithout a previous State- 
ment and Examination of all the 
material Passages, which may be 
supposed to be misinterpreted. 

Durham, 1816. 8vo. 

Written by Thomas Burgess, D.D. now 
bishop of Salisbury. 

— Scripture Genealogy from 
Adam to Christ* London, 1817« 
royal 4to. 

This collection of 30 e ng r a Te d tables is 
an improvement upon those of Speed. 

— Scripture Harmony, or Con- 
cordance of Parallel Passages; 
being a Commentary on the Bible, 
from its own resources : consisting 
of an extensive collection of RefeP" 
ences from the most esteemed Edi- 
tors and Commentators. Londoo, 
1818. 18mo. 18s. 

Of this work the Rev. Mr. Home speaks 
as follows. * The contents of this useful 
compilation are comprised in three partlcn- 
lars, viz. 1 . The Chronology, in wmdi Dr. 
Blayney is followed, his being dMmed the 
best fitted for general utility. S. The 
Various Readings, in the gitinff of which 
great care has been bestowed. And S. TIfe 
Scripture References— a laborious oompik- 
tion of half a nullion of scripfore rnbr- 
ences, chieHy firom Caniie, 'BfoWn, Seoct, 
I Dr. Blayney, «nd the Lttfai V«l|int«, and 


other Writcfiy who htm devoted their ser- 
vices to this uaefol mode of illustrating the 

An edition of the Scripture Harmony is 
printed in 4to. 1/. 4s. royal 8to. W. 4s. or 
with the text on opposite pages, 1/. 168^ 

— An Index to the Bible, in 
which the subjects are alphabeti- 
cally arranged. 

TUa very useful index by some attributed 
to the Rer. Mr. Simeon, is printed in 8 
kaaa, vis. royal 4to. 2s. Demy 4 to. 2s. 
ft»yml 8vo. 2s. Demy 8vo. 2s. Foolscap 
Sva. Is. 6d. Demy 12mo. Is. 6d. Royal 
ISma Is. 6d. Small siae 24mo. Is. 6d. 
The first edition appeared in 181 1. 

— Reasons why a new Trans- 
lation on of the Bible should be 
published. 1819. 8vo. 

Of no great value. 

— Scripture Atlas. 

Thia atbs publisbed by Mr. Leigh, is 
• ppo rdin g to Mr. Home, ' executed in a 
Miperior style, and has had a very extensive 
sde. Mr. Wyld's Scripture AtUs is a neat 

— The Bible, in various Foreigpi 



marktd * were printed fur the Fo- 
rmgm mmd hritiah BWe Soeieiif. 

• Anbic, 8vo. 

* Dwtch, Svo. 

• Dmish, Svo. 

* French, 12mo. 
Flench, 1819, royal S4mo. 14i. 
French, by J. F. Ostervald, 1825, Svo. 

14s. Published by Bagstcr. 

Gemao, by Martin Luther, 1825. small 
%^ Us. Published by Bagster. 

* Hebrew, 8vo. 

* IlBfim, by Martini, Svo. 
Itifian, byGio.Diodati,1819.8vo. U. 4s. 
ItdteD. by Gia Diodati, 1825. Svo. 14s. 

PabOshed by Bagster. 

* Malay, in Roman Character, Svo. 

* Portuguese, by De Almeida, Svo. 

* ■ Ant. Pereira, Svo. 
Poftogueae, by Antonio Pereira, 1828, 

■■I Svo. 14s. Published by Bagster. 

* Spuiisib, Svo. and 12mo. 
Spanish, by Don Philipe Sdo de San 

Migwl, 1SS3, small Svo. 14s. Published by 

* S«ie£sh,8vo. 

* tyiiac, crown 4to. 
TvUsh, by Wm. Seaman. Oxford, 


Far other vcnboi printed at the expense 
if the society ibroad nd by aflUlated basti- 
taiioos, sat the Reports and brief Views, 

publisbed by the British and Foreign Bible 

I — The Images of the Old Tes- 
tament, lately expressed, set forthe 
in Ynglishe and Frenche, with a 
playn and brief Exposition. Lyons 
by Johan Frellon, 1549. 4to. 

The cuts are from the designs of Holbein, 
fuc-similes of which are now engraving and 
will shortly appear. A copy is in the 
British Museum. Gordonstoun, 1264, mo- 
rocco, 2/. 3s. 

— The true and lyuely historyke 
Pvrireatvres of the woll Bible (with 
the Arguments of echc Figure, 
translated into English Metre by 
Peter Derendel). Lyons by Jean 
of Toumes, 1553. Svo. 

One hundred and fburleavea,vrith wood- 
cuts by Bernard Salomon (le Petit Ber- 
nard). A collection of well-finished wood 
cuts, with four lines to each in explanation 
of the subject, written in a barbarous and 
almost unintelligible jaigon. White 
Knights, 453, morocco, 5^ 5s. Bindley, 
pt.iu. 1542, 6i. 6s. 

— A volume of Plates to the 
Bible, with Descriptions by Sla- 
tyer. 4to. 

Bindley, pt. iv. 150, 1/. 58. 

— Series of Engravings from 
Scripture. Are to be sould by R. 

Bindley, pt ii. 1221, with MS. English 
verses opposite to each plate, It 13s. 

— Pictures of the Old and New 
Testaments, shewing the tnost no- 
table Histories, in 150 Copper 
plates, by most famous and princi- 
pal Masters. The Text in French 
and English. Amsterdam, 4to.li28. 

— Scripture illustrated by En- 
gravings referring to Natural 
Science, Customs, Manners, <fec. 
By the editor of Calmet's Diction* 
ary of the Bible. 1802. 4to. 

' Many otherwise obscure passages of the 
Bible, are in this work happily elucidaled 
from natural science, &c Though it does 
not profess to be a complete natural history 
of the Scriptures) yet it illustrates that in- 
teresting .«nbject in yery many inftaBoei.' 
— Horne, 

— A Series of Eighty-one De- 
signs, by Thurston and Craig, en- 



graved on wood by Bewick. Lond. 
1810. royal 4 to. 

— A Set of Engravings, from 
the Designs of Corbouldand Riley, 
adapted to illustrate the Old and 
New Testaments. London, 1818. 
royal 4to. 1/. Is. 

— Scripture (Costume exhibited 
in a Series of Engravings, drawn 
under the Superintendance of Ben- 
jamin West, P. R. A. by R. Satch- 
well, with biographical Sketches 
and historical Remarks on the 
Manners and Customs of eastern 
Nations. London, 1819. elephant 

— Sixty Illustrations and Em- 
bellishments of the Holy Scriptures, 
from superior Designs by eminent 
Masters, engraved in outline and 
tinted, with Descriptions in French 
and English. London, 1824. 
12mo. 7s. 6d. 

Published by Bagster. 

Bible Society. — Twenty -three 
Reports of the British and Foreign 
Bible Society. London, 1805-27. 

— Memorial for the Bible So- 
cieties in Scotland: containing Re- 
marks on the Complaint of his 
Majesty's Printers against the 
Marquis of liuntly and others. 
With an Appendix, consisting of 
many original Papers. Edinburgh, 
1824. 8vo. 12s. 

Contains pp. xxxii. 25 G & 96. The sale 
of this book, written by Dr. Lee, was pro- 
hibited bj the Court of Session in Scot- 
land. In it will be found much curious 
t>ibliographical information relating to the 
early literature of Scotland. 

BiBLiANOER, Theod. Consul- 
tation, by what Meanes the cruell 
Power of the Turks both maye and 
ought for to be repelled of the 
Christian People [translated from 
the Latin]. Basill, 1542. 16mo. 

Black letter. Contains V in eights. 
White KnigbU, pt. i. 457. lis. A copy of 
the date of 1513 7 is in the BriUsh Mu- 

Bibliographical Dictionary and 


Miscellany, See Clarke, Adam, 

Bibliosophia ; or Book Wisdom. 
London, 1810. 12mo. 

An anonymous and vapid attempt at wit, 
by the Rev. James Beresford. Sir M. M. 
Sykes, pt. i. 221, 2s. Strcttell, 120, 6s. 

Bibliographical Memoranda; in 
Illustration of old English Litera- 
ture. Bristol, 1816. 4to. 

One hundred copies printed. Edited by 
J. J. Fry. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. L 1195, 
1/. 8s. StretteU, 1018, U 5s. 

Bibliographical Miscellanies; 
being a Selection of curious Pieces 
in Verse and Prose. Oxf. 1813. 

One hundred copies printed. Edited by 
Philip Bliss, D.D. Nassau, pL L 414, 
13s. Bindley, pt. i. 742, 10s. 6d. 

Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica ; or, 
a descriptive Catalogue of a Col- 
lection of early English Poetry, in 
the Possession of Longman and Co. 
illustrated by occasional Extracts 
and Remarks critical and biblio- 
graphical. London, 1805. royal 

This extremely useful catalogue made by 
Acton Frederic GriflBth, is deserving of a 
place in every good library, from the inter- 
esting information which it affords of the 
works of our early poets. Nassau, pt. L 
2052, R 5s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt In. 750, 
1/. 13s. Brockett, 313, 1/. 9s. — lakoe 
PAPER. (50 printed.) Nassau, pt i. 2053, 
3/. 5s. Dent, pt i. 1350, rusda, R 16s. 

-— Annua, or the Annual Cata- 
logue for 1699, &c. Lond. 1700- 
l . 4to. 3 Nos. 

A copy of Nos. 1 and 3 is in the Britiih 


— Biblica. See Parker, 

— Fanatica ; or the Phanatique 
Library. 1660. 4to. 

Contains pp. 8. A ridiculous attack oa 
the republicans and conmoonwealth men, 
reprinted in the eight volume of the Htf- 
leian Misceilany. 

— Litteraria; a Collection of 
Inscriptions, Medals, DissertalioDfy 
&c. London, 1722-4, 4to* 10 
nos. in 1 vol. lOs. 6d. 

A very valuable literary journal pnbUih- 
ed by Dr. Jebb, Mr. Wasse, Dr. WottM, 
Dr. Jortin, Dr. Pearce, and others, ftodi- 
eU, 491, 14s. 


Bibliotbeca* Miiitum; or, the 
Souldiers Publick Library. Lon- 
don, 1659. 4to. 78. 

Concaiiis pp. 6. A cutting satire against 
tlie republicans, reprinted in the seventh 
volume of the Harieian Miscellany, and in 
tlie fifth Dumber of Morgan's Fboeniz 6ri- 



— Parliamenti; Libri Tbeologi, 
Politici, Historici, qui prostant 
Tenales in Vico yulgo vocato Lit- 
tle-Britain. Done into English for 
the Assembly of Divines. Anno 
Domini, 1653. 8vo. 6s. 

Contafna pp. 12. A bold and pertinent 
attack on the hypocritical leaders during 
the time of the commonwealth. Reprinted 
in the seventh volume of the Somers' CoN 
lection of Tracts. 

— Parliamenti: Classis se- 
cunda. Done into English for the 
Assembly of Divines. Anno Do- 
mini 1653. 4 to. 

A eoDy of ^his and the former tract are 
la theBritiah Museum. 

— . Regia. See Charles 1. 

— Topographica Britannica. 
See NicBOLs, John. 

— Universalis, or an historical 
AcGompt of Books, and Transac- 
tions of the learned World, begun 
A. D. M.DC.LXxxviii. Edin- 
borgh, 1688. 18mo. 

A copy ia in the British Museum. 

Bibliotheque Angloise, ou His- 
toiie Litteraire de la Grand Bre- 
ta^. Amst. 1717-27. 18mo. 15 
vA%,\L Is. 

Aifccicfl of review edited by Michael 
de b Rcebe and Amand de la Chapelle. 

— Angloise, Nouvelle, par Mr. 
de Joncourt. A la Haye, 1756-7. 
12aio. 3 vols. 5s. 

— Britanniqne, ou Histoire des 
OuTnges des Savans de la Grande 
ficetagne* 1733-46, avec la Table. 
A h Haye, 1733, &c. 12mo. 25 
n)l. II, Is. 

— Britannique, r^digee par 
Aoguste Pictet et F. G. Maurice. 
Geneve, 1796-1845. 8vo. 140 vols. 
Tables tnaqu'en 1815. 4 vols. 

Each year of tUa jcramal is divided into 
7faLvii.LittifBtuie, Svok.; Sciences ee 
Am, I vtla.; Asricaltnie, 1 vol. 

BiCHAT, Xavier. Physiological 
Researches on Life and Death, 
translated from the French, by F. 
Gold. London, 1815. 8vo. 9s. 

The works of this celebrated French phy- 
udan are much esteemed by hu country- 

BiCKERSTAFF, Isaac. t. e. Sir 
Richard Steele. 

BiCKERSTETH, Rcv. Edward. 
Scripture Help, designed to assist 
in reading the Bible profitably. 
Tenth Edition. Lond. 1823. 8vo. 

A practical introduction to the reading 
of the Scriptures, frequently reprinted. The 
sale of upwards of 15,000 copies of the 
large editions, and of more than 100,000 
copies of the 18mo. abridgment, sufficiently 
attest the high estimation in which this 
manual is deservedly held. — Uame, This 
excellent author has published other works; 

BiCK HAM, George. First Prin- 
ciples of Heraldry. Lond. (1742) 

A work of no value, consisting of pp. 12. 
The title as well as the whole book b en- 

— Universal Penman. London, 
1743. folio. 

A neatly engraved work, with numerous 
head and tail pieces. Bindley, pt. i. 586, 
17s. 6d. 

— British Monarchy, or a new 
chorographical Description of all 
the Dominions subject to the King 
of Great Britain. London, 1748. 
folio. ]5s. 

Consisting of 190 plates. Nassau, pt i. 
440, U. 13s. Dent, pt. i. 334, date 1734, 
russia, 2/. 

— Deliciee Britannicee ; or, the 
Curiosities of Kensington, Hampton 
Court, and Windsor Castle deli- 
neated. The second edition, with 
additions. London. 8vo. 

Contains pp. vlii. and 184 (B— N 4.) 
with 9 plates. 

— Musical Entertainer, a Col- 
lection of Songs set to Music, with 
engraved Head-pieces. 2 vols. 

The engraved head-pieces consist mostly 
of topographical views. Sotheby's in 
1825, 2L 2s. 

BicKNELL, Alexander. Life of 
Alfred the Great, King of the An- 
glo-Saxons, Lond. 1777. 8vo. 5s. 

Edwards, 39, 7s. 


192 B)B 

BicKNELL, Alexander. History 
of Edward the Black Prince, wiih a 
shortViewofthe Reigns of Edward 
I, II. aod III. and a summary Ac- 
countof (he Institution oflhe Order 
of the Garter. London. I 777, 8vo. 
with portrait of the Black Prince, 5a. 

This wiiier putlialisd jevcral otlier hii- 
(oiical compilallnni, of litlle iBlue, and le>> 

BicKKOLL, Edm. Swoorde 
against Swaryn^. London, for 
William Towreolde. 8vo. 

Blartltoer. lag\U, 8», 9$. M. 

BiDDLE, John, Confession of 
Faith, touching the Holy Trinity, 
according to Scripture. London, 
1658. 8vo. 

A life of tbii cclebnied SocidUd irriler, 
■lih ■ li>E of hii worlu, will be IbuDd in 
Di. Blin'i editiaa ol Wood't Athen. Oxoa 
iil. 303—903. 

— Joannis Bidelli Vita. Lond. 
1682. 12mo. 

The sulhoc iru, m I have tieen inTonned 
one Joh. Farrington, J. C- T. o( the Inner 
Tcm^.— ^nl. a iVoed. 

BiDDULPii, Rev. Thomas T. 
Baptism a Seal of' the Christian 
Covenant; or Remarks on Dr. 
Mant's TiBct on Regeneration, 
London, 1815. 8vo. 

Contains pp. !SS. A notice oTlhiiwork 
will bt found in Ihe Qairlerly Reritw, iv. 

— Practical Essays on the Li- 
turgy of the Church of England. 
London, 1832. 8vo. 3 vols. W.5ti. 

A<;i:ording to the Quartcrlf Review, 
' Theie Euayi hnve been read iritli piei- ' 
sure and improvement, by miny, whose 
opiidons do not slb^tlier accord wilh those 
of Mr. Biddulph.' Tlie Ibnoei editions 
ITS9, ISmo i vols. ISIO, 8vo. 3 toU. 

— Divine Influence ; or the 
Operation of the Holy Spirit traced 
from the Creation of Man to the 
ConsnmmBtion of all Things, Lon- 
don, 1»24. 8vo. 

Comslni pp. S63. According to the { 
Qu*Tt*Tl]r Bevleir, tUi tmtj ts princi- 
pally taken from Dr. Vices. Knox's t^hrii- 
tl«D FhUoM^T. 

— Theology of the early Pa- 
triarchs, illustrated by an Appeal 
to subsequent Parts of the Holy 


Scriptures. Bristol, 1825. 8vo. 
■2 vols. U. Is. 

BiDDt;LPii, William. Travels 
offoure ^glishmen and aPreacber 
into Africa, Asia, Troy, Bytbinia, 
Tliracia and to the blacic Sea : and 
into Syria, &c. &c. Lond. 1612. 

Black Idler. QordoDitoun, 3S3, 4J- St. 

BiDLAKE, John.D.D. SermoDi 
on various Subjects. London, 
1808. 8vo. 3 vols. 18s. 

Dr. Bidlake likcwiie pobliihed seven! 
very pleasing volumes of poems, whiditn 
recommended by Dr. N. Drake. 

BiDPAi. Kalila and Dimna or 
the Fables of Bidpai, trenslaled 
from the Arabic, by Knatchbull. 
Oxford, 1819. 8vo. 10s. 6d. 

BiEtFELD, Baron de. Ele- 
mcnls'of universal Erudition, con- 
taining an analytical Abridgment 
of the Sciences, Polite Arts, and 
Belles Lettres, translated from the 
German, bv William Hooper, M.D. 
London, 17"70. 8vo. 3 vols. 9s. 

Dr. Itogpcr likeivluc tranilucd Letters, 
conlaimiig on^aul Anecdolea of the Pnit- 
sian Court, 1761-70. 12mo. 4 roll. 7 s. M. 

Bienville,, M.D. Nym- 
phomania ; or a Dissertation on the 
Furor Uterinus, &c. translated 
from the French, by E. S. Wilaaot, 
M.D. London, 1775. 8to. 5s. 

Bieston, Roger. Bayte uid 
Snare of Fortune. London, by 
John Wayland. folio. 

Contains 10 leavei. Written in 0* 
octave lUniB. On Ihe tail leaf Is an (ow 
tic of the author's name Rogcm KcMsS. 
Inglis, SOO, 17s. Sir M. M. Syket, pL i. 

017, 3(. 10s. 

Bigelow, American Medical Bo> 
tany. Boston, 1817, royal StO. 
6 pts. with 60 coloured plates. 

Bio LAND, John. Ge<^nt|ihh 
cal and Historical View of tli* 
World. London, 1810. 8T0.5Tt>li. 
Published at 3/, I3s. 6d. 

A highly useful work for Jineails •«■ 
dents. This writer likewise pubUalwd Hb- 
toiy of Spain, 1810, gvo-SvoIik Skskkrf 
the History of Bnrope, 1783—1810, llll. 
Svo. 2 vols. History of Engiand, MIfi 
8to. S vols, aud various other wotka. 

BicLAXD, Ralph. Obserradont 
on Marriages, Baptisms and Bu- 
rials, as preserved in Parochial Re- 
giiters, London, 1764. 4to. 59. 

ConUiiu pp. 90. A trj curioiu book, 
cODtuning mDcb laloablc infonnatian lor . 

tbe plan 


Bindley, | 

— Historical, m on a mental, and 
genealogical Collections, relative 
to Ibe County of Gloucester. Lon- 
don, 1791-3. folio, 2 vols. Zl. 3». 

Tbn work ii nol compUted. Bindler, 
pt. I ST8. SI. Sl 

Vol I.— Title half ih«t, with . quoW- 
ddo from WuUn ; dedintion to th: Duke 
tl S'eriblk; pR&ce, 1 pagei ; hiitot]', ftc. 
Ul f*tn : ud direnloai for pladng (he 
U dctMlied r^Mf in >qL i. Vol. ii.— 
Trie; qDotition m in toI. I; hiitory, 25! 
p)(B, cndiiig with Ihe nlchwordi ' elxxxl. 
Nnringtm.' In Ihii volume, coo^rEing 
*f ita Diimben, lliere ue 1 1 dctscbed 

BiooD or Stood, Sir Francis. 
Treatise concerning Impropria- 
lions of Benefices. London, 1571. 

TfrineD after tlie breach vhich K. 
Hniry 8. made with the pope, hii mir- 
riaft with Ann? Bollcfn, and tbe birth cf 
<L CGiabrth, u 'tii canjectured by clrcum- 
nattt. The ep'uUe, didlnted (o K. 
RtiiT 8, is TCprinled at the end of Sir 

KtBrr Spelmui'i iroik on Cithtf Ant. a 


BnaGannita. See Strachet, 

Buou, tlie, or Annual of Liter- 
(tiicsodthe Arts, l2mD. (Vol. 1.) 
LoodoB, 1828. 12s. with prooriro- 
pressioas of the Engravings, on 
India paper. If. Is. 

Tka nloBK U embelliihed with BngraT- 
up ■ftet Sir Tbamai Lawrence, P. R. A. 
iMkitd, Wilkie, and athera. It eonisini 
DMilalwaKirtwolelteri of Cicero, one by 
Hk H^catv, and tbe other by Ihe late 
Ma ef Toik— alM an IntereitinB letter by 
fbWilttr Seett, Bart. deacriptlTe of a (a- 
rtr P>«>i> by WUkie, ftc &c 

Bill, Anna. Mirror of Mo- 
4atie. London, 1621. 3vo. 

I ia a pmtrait of Atui Bill, wilh 
it Hude, ftc Tbe followiag 

af HoeulitSc, with from, by S. 

hB. Uknt at Hodcatte, wlib portrut of 
'Mi Btl, ml. Vdle o< Modeity, 
'•wta ibe Hcmary af Anna Bill, witb 

dotie. I 

.1 Am Btl, 
I ^'ncataibi 

BiLLi»Gs,Joseph. S»Sauer, 

Billings, Peter. Folly pre- 
dominant, or the Town taLen in 
1 with the palpable Deceptions and 
' froihy Orations of four public Oru- 
I tors, three of which suddenly 
springing up like MushTOoms, must . 
I as Soon decay. London, 1755, 

A very uncommon tract, wilh portrait! 
orilenle)', Foole, Macklin, and Slepheni^ 
Rceit,904, II. it. 

BiLLiNflSLsy, Martin. Pens 

Eicellencie. or the Secretary's 
Delight. London, 1618. 4lo. with 
portrait by W, Hole, 7s. 

Thii writer likewite publiibed a Copy 
Book, 410. with porlnul, ' icl. 27, 1423,' 
by J. Goddard. 

BrLLiNOSLr,Nic[iolBs. Brachy- 
Martyrologia : or a Breviary of all 
the greatest Persecitions which 
hnve befallen the Saints and Peo- 
ple of God from tlie Creation to 
our present times; paraphrased. 
London, 1057. 8vo. 

Conlaim pp. 228. Dedicated Id Jeremy 
Martin, M.D. A notice of the work will 
be found in (he Rcxiluta, iv. 454-7. 
Bindley, pt. i. 449, 21. lli. Bibl. Anglo- 
Pae(. S2, 31. 3i. Naisau, pt. i. 2Sa, 31. 3). 

— KOSMOBPE*lA, or the In- 
fancy of the World. Lond. 1658. 

Conlaini pp. SOS. Dedica(ed to Prancia 
Roui. A notice of Ibe work will be found 
in the Drit. Bibl. ii. 643-0, and Reitituu 
iv. 458-Oa. Bindley, pt. i. 418, 21, 1u 
Illbl. Anglo-PoeL 53, 31. 3». 

— Treasury nf Divine Raptures. 
I^ndon, 1667, 8»o. 

Thii little work consisting of pp. 240, 
wiu intended aa the 8rit portion of an t\- 
(eniive alphabe^icil colli c I ion, but no more 
cTcr appeared. Nassau, pi. i. SSl.ruaila, 
11. 13>. Bibl. Anglo.-Poet 54, 3f. lOi. 

BiLLiHOTOK, Mrs. Memoirs 
of Mrs. Billington, from her Birth. 
London, 1792. 8vo. with a por- 
trait, a small oval, by A. v. Assen. 
lOs. 6d. 

Jin Infamous attack oo tlua celebrated 
tooHm, published wi(b a Ticw, It is mp- 
poted, of extorting money. Perry, pL Ir, 
C C 



533, 13s. An answer, with the life and 
adventures of Richard Daly, Esq. and an 
account of the Irish Theatre, appeared in 
1799, 8to. 

Bills of Mortality. —Collection 
of the yearly Bills of Mortality, 
with GrauQt*8 Observations. Sir 
\V. Petty on the Growth of the 
City of London. Corbyn Morris 
on the past Growth and present 
State of the City of London. Lon- 
don, 1759. 4to. 

Edited by Thomas Birch, D.D. In 
1665 appeared * Reflections on the Weekly 
Bills of Mortality, for the Cities of London 
and Westminster,' 4to. in 24 leaves. 

BiLLYNs, Wm. Five Wounds 
of Christ, a Poem from an ancjent 
Parchment Roll. Published by 
W. Baleman. Manchester, 1814. 

Black letter, with fiau:-sumles. Twenty 
Ave copies printed. Saunders in 1 8 1 8, with 
a duplicate set of the plates in colours, 
morocco, 3/. 5s. 

BiLSoVy Thomas, Bishop of 
Winchester. Difference betweene 
Christian Subiection and vnchris- 
tian Rebellion. Oxford, 158.5. 4to. 

Reprinted London, 1586, 16mo. Cer- 
tain Observations collected out of this trea- 
tise 1641, will be found reprinted in the 
fourth volume of the Somers' Collection of 

— Perpetval Government of 
Christes Church. London, 1593. 
4to. 5s. 

Black letter, contains pp. 414. Reprinted 

1610, 4 to. A Latin translation appeared 

1611. 4to. 

— - Treatise of the Sufferings and 
Victory of Christ in the Worke of 
our Redemption. London, 1598. 
8vo. 5s. 

' These sermons preached at Paul's Cross, 
made great alarms among the puritaniucal 
brethren.' — Ant, a Wood. This eminent 
divine likewise published ' A Survey of 
Christ's Sufferings and Descent into Hell/ 
London, 1604. folio. Gordonstonn, 141. 
6s. 6d. 

Bilion . — ^The Boy of Bilson . See 
FowLES, Susanna. Perry, Wil- 

B I V ET , F . Stephen . Li ves and 
singular Virtues of the Saints, 
Eleazar Count of Salran, and Del- 


phina, his wife ; both Virgins and 
married. London, 1638. 8vo. 

BiNFiELD, William. Travels 
and Adventures, with an accurate 
Account of the Dog- Bird. London, 
1753. 12rao. 2 vols. 63. 

Bingham, Jos. A.M. Works, 
containing the Originea Ecclesias- 
ticee, or Antiquities of the Christian 
Church ; a Scholastical History of 
Lay Baptism; the French Churches' 
Apology for the Church of Eng- 
land ; a Discourse concerning the 
Mercy of God to penitent Sinners. 
London, 1726. folio. 2 vols. 

An inraluable treasure of Christian anti- 
quities. Oosset, 788, XL 15s. Bp. of Ely, 
231, 1/. 16s. 

— Origines Ecclesiasticse ; or 

the Antiquities of the Christian 

Church. London, 1710 — 22. 8vo. 

10 vols. 

A Latin edition was published at Halla, 
1724-9, in 10 vols. 4 to. with a preface hy 
the learned Budaeus. An abridgement of 
this work, by A. Blackmore. London, 172S. 
8vo. 2 vols. Si. 

— Origines Ecclesiasticce. Lon- 
don, 1821. 8vo. vol. 1. 

' Bingham is a writer who does eqoal 
honour to the English clergy, and to tbt 
English nation, and whose leiming is only 
to be equalled by his modexmtion and !»• 
partiality." — Quarurly Review. 

— P. Reports in the Cooit of 
Common Pleas, from Trinity Tern 
3 Geo. IV. 1822, to HUatyTem 
6 Geo. IV. 1825. Lond. 1824-5. 
royal 8vo. 2 vols. 21. 78. 

These reportj^ are regularly continued. 

BiMGLET, Rev. Wm. Tonr 
round North Wales. I>ondoa, i800# ^ 
8vo. 2 vols, with views in aqift- ] 
tinta by Aiken. ■ 4 

In this work the language* miiWib \ 
customs, antiquities, and botany, are ftl^ i 
cularly attended to and well Jcum rfi 
Bindley, pt i. 482, 1 Ss. Townciey, pt ft 
37,9s. Fonthill, 2192, 2^ Ss. 

Another edition, 1804* 8vo. 2 wk 
Townciey, pt. ii. 38, 12a. i 

— Animal Biography; or Aneo- ^ 
dotes of the Animal CreatioOy ar< ^ 
ranged according to the SystMi -] 
of Linneeus. London, 1.803. 8f9* ^ 
3 vols. 158. '1 


Ob0 of tbe most entertaining books in 
the Eqglish language, frequently re- 

BiNGLKTy Rev. W. Memoirs 
of British Quadrupeds. London, 
1809. 8vo. 2 vols, with 70 plates. 

At the sale of Nassau's library, pt. i. 
153, a copy on large paper, with coloured 
plates, pr«Mluced 1/. lis. 6d. This author 
has pobtishcd several other worlLs. 

BiHNiNO, Hun;h. Works; viz. 
Sermons on the Catechisniy &c. 
Edinb. 1736. 4to. 8s. 

Beat edition. Williams, 233, XL 3s. 

BiocHiMO, — . Royall Game 
of Chease Play^ illustrated with 
almost an hundred Gamhetts. Lon- 
don, 1656. 12mo. with portrait of 
Charles I. by Stent. 

A translation of Greco, by Dr. Budden. 
XMnn, pt. i. 13t, no portrait. Ids. Stan- 
leT,91, lL7s. White Knights, 463, mor. 

Biographia Britannica : or the 
Lives of the most eminent Persons 
of Great Britain and Ireland. Lon- 
don, 1747-66. folio. 7 vols. vol. 6, 
being in two parts. 

An indispensable work in every Eng- 
Eih MftffT*^* library. Steevena, 1801, 
7(. lOs. Bindley, pt.i. 376, 8i. 12s. 
Dmt, pC L 333, rusda, 7i. lOs. Heath, 
1521, 101. HoUis, 234, lOL 10s. Brock- 
nt, 2S7, mssia, 11/. Is. 6d. Marquis of 
Towmhcnd, 412, 12i.5s. Edwards, 36, 
laiaa, 171. lakok paper — Stanley, 52, 
tIL 16s. «d. Kozburghe, 9277, tZL 

— enlarged by Andrew Kippist 

D.D. and others. Lond. 1777-93. 

folio. Vok. 1 to 5. 

Ad encedingly valuable work, which 
it ii nut I sail J to poasess, as well as the 
kma cdMoa. Bindley, pt- 1 377, 2/. 9s. 
Onry, 797, 2(. 9a. Brockett, 288, 2/. 3s. 
Dike el York, 2700, 3i. 3s. Sir M. M. 
Brkci, pC L 6118, 3(. 15s. Steevens, 1802, 
4l7a6d. Roacoe, 271, 5J. 5s. Edwards, 
n, raaia, 6L A portion of a sixth volume 
(Pcadey to Foster) was printed, of which, 
itb 1^ only two copies exist 

Biographia Classica. A new 
Edition corrected and enlarged by 
Edwaid Harwpod, D.D. London, 
1778. 12ino. 2 toIs. 

Xmmb, pt. L 256, 15s. A former edition 
^lond 1749, ISmowS vols. 5s. 

Biognpbia Ecdesiastica; or, the 
Lives of ue mott eminent Fathers 



of the Christian Church. London, 
1704. 8vo. 2 vols. 98. 

Williams, 253, 1/. 16s. 

Biographia Gallica ; or, the Lives 
of the eminent French Writers of 
both Sexes, from the Restoration 
of Learning under Francis I. to the 
present Time. London, 1752. i2mo. 
2 vols. 6s. 

An entertaining collection of anecdote 
(not lives) relating to most of the noted 
writers of the French nation. 

Biographical Collections; or, 
Lives and Characters, from the 
Works of the Rev. Mr. Baxter and 
Dr. Bates ; with various Additions 
interspersed. Together with Ab- 
stracts of their Funeral Sermons. 
London, 1767. l2mo. 2 vols. 6s. 

Memoirs of a considerable number of 
eminent divines (chiefly among the puritans) 
of the last age. 

Biographical Dictionary, A new 
and general. London, 1798. Bvo. 
15 vols. 

Steevena, 1595, 4/. White Knights, 
pt L 464, russia, bL 5s. An edition 1784, 
8vo. 12 vols. \L 16s. 

— See Chalmers, Alexander. 

Biographical Dictionary of the 
Living Authors of Great Britain 
and Ireland. London, 1816! Bvo. 

As accurate a list of the works of the 
authors liWngin 1816, as could possibly be 

Biographical Magazine, or his- 
torical Library. London, 1776. 4to. 
with portraits. 

Nassau, pt. ii. 1560, 1/. 6s. Another 
work, entiUed Biographical Magasine, con- 
taining 140 portraits, 1794, 8vo. Sotheby's 
in 1825, 15s. 

Biographical Magazine, con- 
toining Portraits, with Lives and 
Characters of eminent Persons. 

Twenty-four Nos. complete. Brockett, 
318, 1/. 16s. 

Biographical Mirrour. See 

Biographie Moderne : Lives of 
remarkable Characters during the 
French Revolution. London, 1811. 

Bvo. 3 vols. 12s. 

Two editions of this work, one in 180], 
the other with alterations, &c in 1806, 



were published at Paris, but immediately 
suppressed. This is a translation of Uie 
edition of 1806. Eari of Kerry, 74, R 6n. 

Biographiiim Feeinineum; the 
Female Worthies. London, 1766. 
12mo. 2 vols. 6s. 

Biography. — Contem^porary Bio- 
graphy. London, 1824. 3 vols, 
urith 150 engraved portraits, 
21. 28. 

BiON. Bionis ct Moschi quee 
supersunt, Gr. et Lat. cum Notts 
Jo. Heskin. Oxou. 1748. 8vo. 

A very elegant and correct edition. 
Heath, 3458, la, 6d. Williams, 254, mor. 
1/. Is. 

— Bionis et Moschi Idyllia, Gr. 
illustrabat et emcndabat Giibertus 
Wakefield. London, 1795. 8vo. 

A beautiful and correct edition, printed 
without accents, fc. 8vo. demy 8vo. and 
royal 8vo. large paper in 4to. Drury, 
462, mor. 15s. 6d. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 
230, 1/. Williams, 255, mor. XL 78. 
Brockctt, 494, morocco, 1/. lis. 6d. 

— Bionis, Moschi et Tyrtsei 
quce supersunt, Gr. et Lat. Edin- 
burgi, 1807. 18mo. 

A beautifully printed edition. 

— The Idyllia, and other Poems 
that are extant of Bion and Mos- 
chus ; transl. from the Greek into 
English verse. To which are added 
a Aiw other Translations, with 
Notes critical and explanatory. 
12mo. 6s. 6d. 

For other editions and translations of 
Bion /€€ Anacreon, Mvsjevs, Poete 
Minorca Orsci, Theocritus. 

BiOK, Nic. Construction and 
Uses of Mathematical Instruments, 
by Edm. Stone. London, 1758. 
folio. 188. 

A very excellent and esteemed work. 
The second Edition contains an Appendix, 
which makes it greatly preferable to that 
of 1723, Mo. 

BiONDi, Gio. Franc. Storia 
della Guerre civili d'lnghilterra. 
Venezia, 1637, 41,47. 4to. 3 vols. 
10s. 6d. 

— History of the civili Warres 
of England, betweene the Houses 
of Lancaster and Yorke, englished 
by Henryi Earle of Monmouth. 


London, 1641-6. folio, 2 vols, with 
front, by Elstracke. 10s. 6d. 

An ' elegant history.' — Bp. NMaon. 

BioNDi, Gio. Franc. Eromena, 
or Love and Revenge, englished by 
John Hay ward. Lond. 1632. fol. 

Gordonstoun. 316, 7s. 6d. 

— Banished Virgin, englished 
by John Hayward. London, 1635. 

Gordonstoun, 317, 5s. Bindley, pt i. 
396, 5s. 

— Coralbo, a new Romance. 

London, 1655. folio. 

Prefixed is a portrait of the Duke of 
Newcastle on horseback. Sotheby's m 
December, 1822, 10s. 6d. 

Birch, Thoma?, D.D. Life of 
the Hon. Robert Boyle. London, 
1741. 8vo. 5s. 

Reprinted 1744, of which a copy with 
MS. notes by the author, u in the British 
Museum. Edition 1744, Bindley, pt L 
423, 7s. 

— Heads of illustrious Persons 
of Great Britain, engpraven by Hou- 
braken and Vertue, with their 
Lives and Characters, by Thomas 
Birch. Lond. 1743-52. fol. 2 vols. 

Vol. i. pp. 160, with title and contents, 
2 leaves, and 80 portraits, of which 71 
are by Houbraken. Vol. U. pp. 56, with 
title and contents, 2 leaves, and 28 por- 
traits, of which 23 are by Houbraken. 
Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 1533, 8<. 8s. 
LARGB PAPER, (200 copiet stfuck ofl^ 100 
before, 100 after the small paper oopici.) 
Dent, pt i. 340, russia, 18(. FonddU, 
1484, 18/. 188. Roxburghe, 9282, 25i4fc 
Nassau, pt. T. 1964, rossia, 26L 15i. 6d. 
Edwards, 47, nissia, 27L 6s. Heath, 15M, 
34/. 13s. An edition, with tetouched im- 
pressions of the plates, appeared 1813, on 
gmall and large paper. 

— Inquiry into the Share whkh 
K. Charles 1. had in the Transac- 
tions of the Earl of GlamoigaDy 
afterwards Marquis of Worce8tar» 
for bringing over a Body of Irish 
Rebels to assist that Kine m the 
Years 1645 and 1646. Londoo, 
1747. 8vo. 

Reprintcdf 1756, with an Appends. 
Heath, 4462, 5s. 6d. Bindler, pt L 
328. 4s. 

— View of the Negotiatioif 
between the Courts of Bnghod, 
France, and BruMeb, from IS&i 


to 1617, extracted chiefly from the 
MS. State Papers of Sir Thomas 
Edmondes, Knt. London, 1749. 
8vo. 5s. 

Heath, 4438, 9s. 6d. 

— Life of the Rev. John Tillot- 
8on» Archb. of Canterbury. Lon- 
don, 1752. 8vo. 5s. 

A eopy is in the British Museum, with a 
f.w MS. note« by the author, large pa- 
PEB, ReeJ, 4819, XL 28. WUliams, 256, 
mor. 2/. Second edition, corrected and 
enlaiged, 1753, 8vo. Bindley, pt. i. 331, 
7/. Wntiams, 257, mor. 1/. 6s. In 17 55 
appeared Remarks upon this Life, 8vo. 


— Memoirs of the Reign of 
Qaeen Elizabeth, from the Year 
1581 till her Death. London, 
1754. 4to. 2 vols. 

Dr. Birdi has formed his narrative of the 
moat striking fiurts in the numerous letters 
of the Bacon fiunily, though, as might be 
eipected, the letters are much abbreviated. 
Kndksy, pt. i. 903, 2i. 5s. Heath, 4432, 
ZL 9s. Nassau, pt i. 408, 2L 15s. Font- 
hiU, 854, 2/. 2s. Marq. of Townshend, 
175, 3L Sa. Reed, 3329, 21. 3s. 

— History of the Royal Society 
of London. London, 1756. 4to. 
4 vols. 

Rerievred by Dr. S. Johnson in the 
Literary Ms^asine. Drury, 562, 21. 8s. 
Sir p. Thompson, 135, 18s. 

Life of Henry, Prince of 

Wales. London, 1760. 8vo. 6s. 

An excellent and just account of this 
task w31 be Ibund in Lodge's Memoir of 
Prinee Henry. Fonthill, 2257, 18s. thick 
pspn. Williams, 258, mor. 1/. 17s. Re- 
priiilea 8ft Dublin, 1760, 8vo. Birch like- 
wise pnbfisbed a life of John Ward, LL. D. 
LsoAm, 17SS, 8vo. 

— William. Delices de la 
Grande Bretagnc: a Series of 
Views (36 in number) with De- 
scriptions. London, 1791. oblong 


la little estimation. Rozburghe, 8568, 
U. 13s. Bindley, pt. i- 728, first impres- 



— Songe betwenethe Queue's 
Mij^ie and Englande. London, 
by WiOimm Pickeringe. 

BcHiiitcd In tiie tenth volume of the 
HaWaa Ifisccllaay, from a copy, supposed 
» in tb* libnry of the Society of 

BiRCiiEDUs Anglke Birk- 


BiRCKBEK, Simon. The Pro- 
testant's Evidence. London, 1657. 

This book was valued by Selden, and 
other learned men, says Ant. a Wood. A 
former edition appeared 1634, 4to. 

Bird, John. Osteuta Carolina : 
or the late Calamities of England, 
with the Authors of them. Lon- 
don, 1661. 4to. 6s. 

— Samuel. Lectures vpon the 
8 and 9 chapters of the second 
Epistle to the Corinthians, and 
upon the 1 1 Chapter of the Epistle 
vnto the Hebrewes, and upon the 
38 Psalme. Cambridge, 1598. 
16mo. 2 vols, in 1. 

Nassau, pt. i. 259, 13s. Bird likewise 
published a * Dialogue between Paule aud 
Demas.' London, 1580, 8vo. 80 leaves, 
with an epistle to the reader. 

— William. Magazine of Ho- 
nour, or a Treatise on the seve- 
ral Degrees of the Nobility of 
this Kingdom. Printed for Wil- 
liam Sheares, 1642. 8vo. pp. 158, 
2s. fid. 

Although this treatise contains little 
more than the argument of Mr. Serg. Dod- 
dridge in the disputed question regarding 
the Barony of Abiergavenny, it is well de- 
serving of perusal by persons interested in 
the history of the peerage. Towneley, pt i. 
286, 9s. The volume has had several title- 

Bird. See Btrd. 

Birds. — A proper new Boke of 
the Armony of Byrdes. London, 
by John Wyght. 12mo. 

This curious little volume, consisting of 8 
leaves, written in the Skeltonic manner, 
is reprinted in the fourth volume of Dr. 
Dibdin's edition of Ames, p. 379-84. 

— Ornithologia Nova : the His- 
tory of Birds. Birm. 1743. 12mo. 
2 vols. 

This work is adorned with 400 figures of 
birds, very neatly engraved on wood, in a 
style superior to any other work of the 
period. Nassau, pt. i. 2471, 1/. 10s. Dent, 
pt. i. 1077, russia, 1/. 8s. Some copies 
bear the imprint of London, 1745. Bind- 
ley, pt. ii. 309, IL Stanley, 101, mor, 



BiRKBECKy Morris. 'Notes on 
a Jouraey in America, from the 
Coast of Virginia to the Territory 
of Illinois. London, 1818. 8 vo. 

A notice of this work, and likewise of 
the author's Letters from Illin<n8, will be 
found in the Quarterly Review, xiz. 54-78. 

Birkenhead, Sir John. The 
Assembly Man, written in the year 
1647. London, 1662-3. 4to. ' 

Contains pp. 22, with a front by Fai- 
thorne, supposed to have been intended for 
Hugh Peters, or some active zealot of that 
period. Towneley, pt ii. 1558, 15s. 6d. 

This once admired character of an As- 
sembly Man, meant to be the representa- 
tive of that celebrated body of divines who 
met at Westminster for the establishment 
of church discipline upon the Presbyterian 
plan, was reprinted 168), 1704, and in the 
fiftli volume of the Harleian Miscellany. 

— Paul's Church Yard. Libri 
Theologiciy &c. 4to. 

Centuria prima, 8 pages. Centuria se- 
cunda, 8 pages. A cutting satire against 
the republicans during O. Cromwell's Pro- 
tectorate. Reed, 5383, 98. 

— Two Centuries of Paul's 

Church- Yard, 12 mo. 

This second edition, to which was added 
' Bibliotheca Parliamenti,' is reprinted in 
the ninth volume of the Harleian Miscellany. 
Paterson observed that ' the spirited hu- 
mour of this little book was admirable, 
and worthy the pen of a Butler.' Towne- 
ley, pt. ii, 53, 16s. Inglis, 91, Hs. 

Birkenhead's News from Pembroke and 
Montgomery will be found in the fifth 
volume of the Harleian Miscellany, and 
according to Ant. a Wood, this wit and 
royalist wrote an anniversary poem on the 
nuptials of John, Earl of Bridgwater, 22 
July, 1652. 

BiRKiiEAD, Henry. Poemata 

in Elegiaca, lambica, Polymetra 

Antitechnemata et Metaphrases, 

membratim qvadripertita. Oxon. 

1656. 19mo. 

Birkhead, according to Ant. i Wood, 
* was accounted an excellent Latin poet, a 
good Qredan, and well vers'd in all human 
learning.' Nassau, pt. i. 258, 1/. 

— & Hen. Stubbe. Otium 
Literarum; me Miscellanea q use- 
dam Poemata, &c. Oxon. 1656. 
8vo. 48. 

Stubbe's DelidsB Poetamm Anglicano- 
rum were reprinted 1658. 8vo. and had at 
the end added to them Elogis Romse et 


— Oxford Verses on the Death 
of Sir BeviU Orenvilie. 1684. 4to. 

Prefixed is a portrait by Faithome. 
Reed, 6688, U 8s. 

Birmingham. Views (Eight in 
aquatint, after P. H. Witton, jun. 
by W. Ellis) of the Ruins of the 
principal Houses destroyed during 
the Riots of Birmingham, 1791. 
with Letler-press Descriptions in 
English and French. Lond. 1792. 
oblong 4to. 

BiRNiE, William. The Blame 
of Kirk burial, tending to persuade 
Ceroiteriul Civility. Edin. 1606. 

Birth of Mankind. See Rat- 
NALD, Thomas. 

Births. — Two most strange 
Births. London, 1608. 4to. 

An account of this curious black letter 
tract of eight leaves will be found in Oldys* 
catalogue of pamphlets affixed to die 
Harleian Miscellany, no. 529. 

BisANi, Alexander. Pictu- 
resque Tour through Pait of Eu- 
rope, Asia, and Africa. London, 
1793. 8vo. 

In this work will be found plates after 
Athenian Stuart's designs. Nassau, pt. iL 
1172, 68. Dent, pt. ii. 1069, mor. 9s« 

BisACcioNM, El Conde Mayo- 
lino. Gverras civiles de Inglater- 
ra, tragica Muerte de su Rey 
Carlos. Escrita en Toscano — 
trad, en Lcngva Castellana Don 
Diego Felipe de Albornoz. Bar- 
celona, 1673. 4to. 48. 

BiscoE, Richard, D.D. His- 
tory of the Acts of the hdy Apos- 
tles confirmed from other authors* 
and considered as full Evidence of 
the Truth of Christianity. Lon- 
don, 1742. 8vo. 2 vols. 158. 

This learned and elaborate work con- 
tains the substance of Dr.Biscoe'sSennont 
preached at Mr. Boyle's Lecture be t ween 
the years 1736 and 1738. D^. Doddridge 
frequently refers to it as a work of gretl 
utility, and as showing. In the moat eon- 
vincing manner, how incontetCablj tiK 
Acts of the Apostles demoofftnte the truth 
of Christianity. — Ham§, 

Bishop, John. BeautifuU 
Blossomes gathered by John By- 
shop, from the best Trees of all 


Kyndet. London, for Henrie 
Cockyn» 1577. 4to. 

Gtntaios 154 letTet, and the errata. 
Prefixed are The Author Tiito his Booke, 
the Authour vnto the Reader, and a Table. 
At page 61 ia the remarkable story on 
which Walpolc's mysterious Mother is 

— Garden of Recreation, col- 
leded out of the most auncient and 
best Writers in all Ages by John 
Bishoppe, Gentleman. London 
for Henrie Cockin, 1578. 4to. 

The fiinner book, with a new title-page. 

— Matthew. The Life and 
Adventures of Matthew Bishop, of 
Doddin^n, in Oxfordshire, con- 
taining an Account of several Ac- 
tions by Sea, Battles, and Sieges by 
Land, in which he was present, from 
1701 to 1711, interspersed with 
many curious Incidents, entertain- 
ing Conversations, and judicious 
ReBections; written by himself. 
London, 1744. 8?o. Gs. 

An amusing piece of autobiography, 
written by a oommon sailor, ably noticed in 
the Retrosp. Rev. N. S. ii. 42, ftc. 

— Samuel, Poetical Works, with 
Life by the Rev. Thomas Clare. 
London, 1796. 4to. 2 vols. 

Bfaidtey, pt i. 738, 7s. This writer 
Ekewiae published Sermons, chiefly upon 
practical sul^ects, 1798, 8vo. 4s. 

— William. Reformation of a 
CathoKc deformed, by Will. Per- 
kbs. Printed 1604—7. 4to. 2. 

A tte, with a list of the works of this 
Ktmuk Catholic priest, who was in 1622 
cmied Btshop of Chalcedon by the Pope, 
wiDhe hand in Dr. Bliss* edition of Wood's 
Athcaa Oioiuensis, Ui. 356-7. 

Bishop.— The Boke of the De- 
scrjpcyon of the Ima^s of a very 
Chrysten Bysshop and of a coun- 
luhjie Bysshop. Impr. by Wyl- 
Ipan MarshalL 8vo. 

CooiaUa ▼ vij. hi eights. The prefiiee 
eomiKs of ten unnnmbered pages. This 
koriu wUdi is qMtcd by Prynne in his 
UiAy Pkdadc, pp. 337-8, as « a very 
nas OM,' if « Uting and coarse satire 
ififaut the Roman Catholic Bishops — cer- 
taa texts of aciiptnre being chosen and 



— The Forme and Maner of 

makyng^ and consecrating^ Bi- 
shoppes, Priestes, and Deacons. 
London, 1552. folio. 

Reprinted 1559, ftc. The first edition 
appeared 1549. Ste Archbishops. An 
edition 1629, reprinted in Sparrow's Col- 
lection of Articles, &c. 1671, and frequently 
since separately. 

— The Sum of the Actes & 
Decrees made by dyuers Byshopes 
of Rome, 1 538 . Translated out of 
Latyn into Englyshe, and im- 
printed in ye House of Thomas 
GybsoQ. 12mo. 16 leaves. 

Black letter. Bindley, pt. iii. 852. 
16fl. 6d. Inglis. 444, 17s. White 
Knighu, 3737. 1/. 2s. 

— Lord Bishops none of the 
Lord's Bishops. Londun, 1640. 

Bindley, pt. u. 2528. lis. In the Bri- 
tish Museum is a yery large collection of 
Tracts relating to the Bishops, 1640, &c. 

— An Apology for the ancient 
Power of the Bishops to sit and 
vote in Parliaments. London, 
1660. 4to. 

Written by the Rev. Jeremiah Stephens, 
the learned coadjutor of Sir Henry Spel- 
man, in h's Collection of the Councils. In 
Moule's Bibl. Heraldica will be found a list 
of the tracts, &c. on this celebrated contro- 

— The Proceedings and Trial of 
the Bishops in the Court of King's 
Bench, Anno Dom. 1688. Lon- 
don, 1689. folio, 6s. 

Prefixed is afirontispiece, containing their 
portraits, by White. 

— See Salmon, N. 

B ISM ARK, Count von. Lec- 
tures on the Tactics of Cavalry. 
Translated from the German, with 
Notes. By Major N. Ludlow 
Beamish. London, 1827. 8vo. pp. 

402, with plates. 

This translation is considered superior to 
that of Major Fred. Johnston's. 

BispiiAM, Thomas. Iter Aus- 
trale, a Reginensibus Oxon, An. 
1668 expeditum. Oxon. 1660. 

An ingenious Latin poem, dedicated to 
Tho. Barlow, provost of Qu. Coll. Oxford.— 
AhL a Wood, 

BissE, Thomas, D.D. Beauty 



of Holiness in the Common Prayer. 
London, 1721. 8vo. 38. 6d. 

A copy on large paper, Willama, 259, 
morocco, XL 98. Another work * Decency 
and Order in Publick Worship/ 1723. 8vo. 
LARGE FAFER, ruled With red lines, Wil- 
liams, 260, morocco, 1/. 2s. 

BissETT, Robert, LI. D. History 
of the Reign of George IH. A 
new Edition completed. London, 
1825. Svo. 6 vols. 

The edition 1803, Svo. G vols. Earl of 
Kerry, 29, 2t. 9s. Dr. Bisset likewise pub- 
lished a life of Edm. Burke, 1798. Svo. 1 
vol. and 1800, Svo. 2 vols. 

BiTAUBc, P. J. Joseph, a 
Poem, translated from the French^ 
(by the Rev. W. Beloe ) London, 
1783. 12mo. 2 vols. 5s. 

Black, John. Life of Torqnato 
Tasso; with an Account of his 
Writings. Edinb. 1810. 4to. 2 
vols, with port, by Raimbach. 

A very valuable and elaborate work. 
Dniry, 564, \L 28. Roscoe, 274. 21. 48. 

— Joseph, M.D. Lectures on 
tlie Elements of Chemistry, pub- 
lished by John Robinson, LL.D. 
Edinb. 1803. 4to. 2 vols. II. 10s. 

Dr. Black, as a chemist, opened that 
path of dbcovery which has since been 
prosecuted with such splendid success. 

— W. M. D. An Historical 
Sketch of Medicine and Surgery, 
from their Origin to the present 
Time ; and of the principal Authors, 
Discoveries, Improvements, Imper- 
fections, and Errors. London, 
1782. 8vo. 5s. 

Black, William. Privileges 
of the Royal Burrows. Ediilb. 
1707. 12mo. 5s. 

Black ADDER, J. Life and 
Diary of Lieut.-Col. J . Blackadder, 
of the Cameronian Regiment, Sec. 
who served under the Duke of 
Marlborough, and afterwards in 
the Rebellion of 1715, in Scotland. 
By Andrew Crichton. Edinburgh, 
1824. 12mo. with portrait, 5s. 6d. 
Blackall, Offspring, Bishop 
of Exeter. Works, with a Preface 
by Archbishop Dawes. London, 
1723. folio. 2 vols, with portrait by 
Vertue, 15s. 


— Discourses on our Loid*s 
Sermon on the Mount. London, 
1717. Svo. 8 vols, with portrait hy 
V. Gucht. 

Drury, 466, R Is. Williams, 262, mo- 
rocco, 5/. 18s. 

Blackamorr,. A. Ecclesise 
Primitive Notitia; or, a Summary 
of Christian Antiquities, Index 
Heereticus, and an Account of the 
first eight Councils. Lond. 1722. 
8vo. 2 vols. 10s. 

Blackburn p, Francis, Arch- 
deacon of Cleveland. Works Theo- 
logical and Miscellaneous, with 
Life by his Son. Cambridge, 
1804. Svo. 7 vols, with portrait, 

1/. 4s. {\\ > r * ^ . / , ^ /?!At--u 

— The Confessional ; or a fcll i 
and free Inquiry into the Right, 
Utility, Edification, and Success of 
establishing systematical Confes- 
sions of Faith and Doctrine in Pro- 
testant Churches. Third Edition. 
London, 1770. 8vo. 5s. 

The author of this work, who is well 
known to be a yery learned clergyman of 
the Church of England, takes so much no- 
tice of all the writers who opposed hb sen- 
timents, that there is no need to give a 
particular enumeration of the 8everal pam- 
phlets which were written against it.<— > 
Bp. Watson. Williams, 263, 15s. 

— Historical View of the Con- 
troversy concerning an interme- 
diate s'ate. London, 1772. Svo. 
78. fid. 

— Remarks on Johnson's Life of 
Milton ; to which are added, Mil- 
ton*s Tractate of Edvcation and 
AreopagitiCvi. Lond. 1780. 12mo. 

Privately printed, at the expenM of 
Archd. Blackburne, without his name. 

Blacker, Valentine. Memoir 
of the Operations of the British 
Army in India. London, 1821. 
4to. with plates. 

Published at AL 1 48. 6d. Duke of York, 

734, 2 vols. mor. 3/. 3s. 

Black- Friars. 1. The doleful 
Even Song, or a true Narration of 
that Calamity which befell Mr. 
Dnifye, a Jesuite, and the greater 


Part of his Aaditory, by the 
Downefall of the Floore of an 
Assembly in the Black-friers on 
Sunday, the 26 of Octob. last. 2. 
Something written by occasion of 
that Accident in the Black Friers. 
3. A Word of Comfort, by I. R. 
P. London, 1623. 4to. Three 

Copicfl are In the Biitisli Mmcmn. The 
ttm tnet, Nama, pt I. 41 1. 21. Si. The 
•ceond. King and Lochee't, in Mardi,1810, 
Sa. The three tracts. Bindley, pt it 
751, 13a. 

Black IT, Joseph. Remains, 
with Life by Pratt. London, 
1811. 8to.2 vols. 10s. 

AlucKETT, Sir W. Memoirs 
'dhBUr W. Biackett. Newcastle, 

Two liiindred and sixty copies printed. 



Blackguardiana; or, Dictionary 
of Ro^es, Bawds, &c. 8vo. with 

Uoyd, 179, ISs. Od. Bindley, pt L 
4», 2L 2s. 

Blacklock, Thomas, D.D. 
Poems, with an Essay on the Edu- 
cation of the Blind. To which is 
prefixed an Account of his Life and 
Writings, by Henry Mackenzie, 
1793. 4to. 10s. 6d. 

laeotponted in ChahnersT Collection of 
tW Britisb Poets. 

Blackmaw, John. Collects^ 
fioa Mansuetudinum et bonorum 
Moram Reps Henrici VI. ex Col- 
lectioe Magistri Joannis Blak- 
naa. [London, by Robert Cop- 
had]. 4to. 

Black letter, with wood cuts, consisting 
tf ISB Icsfca. Ooogh, 1106, SL 8s. Re- 
pteed hy Hcarae in his edition of Otter- 

BLACKMoax, Sir Richard, M.D. 
A Paraphrase on the Book of Job, 
the Songs of Moses, Deborah, and 
Dand, and on foar select Psalms, 
tone Chapters of Isaiah, and the 
Ikiid Chapter of Habakkuk. Lon- 
don, 1700. foKo. 1716. 12mo. 

A — frff' taoiL of aomefittle merit as 
psctry, hoc fittk as a ^«nion of the orisi- 

nal text. Tlie edition 1716, on large 
paper. Nassau, pt L 263, 10s. 

— Creation, a philosophical 
Poem in seven Books. London, 

1712. 8vo.4s. 

Addison observes, ' This work was un- 
dertaken with so good an intention, and 
executed with so great a mastery, that it 
deserves to be looked upon as one of the 
most useftil and noble productions in our 
English verse :' and Dr. Johnson says, 
' if he had written nothing else it would 
have transmitted him to posterity among 
the first (kvourites of the English Muse.' 

Sir Richard Blackmore likewise pub- 
lished other Poems, viz. Prince Artfiur» 
Alfred, King Arthur, a Satire on Wit, 
Elixa, Sec, and several Medical works. 
His poem of the Creation, with life by Dr. 
Johnson, is inserted in Chalmers' Collection 
of the Poets. 

Blackstone, Henry. Reports 
of Cases in the Courts of Common 
Pleas and Exchequer Chamber, 
from Easter Term, 28 Geo. III. 
1788, to Hilary Term, 36 Geo. III. 
inclusive. The third Edition, cor- 
rected, with additional Notes and 
improved Indexes. London, 1 801 • 
royal 8vo. 2 vols. 21, 16s. 

Best edition. The former editions ap- 
peared in folio, 1791, 1/. 10s. and 1796, 
2 vols. each. 

— Jo. Specimen Botanicum 
quo Plantarum plurium rariorum 
AngliflB indigenarum Loci natales 
illustrantur. Lond. 1 746. 8vo. 3s. 

This writer likewise published * Fasd- 
cnlus Plantarum circa Hare6eld sponte 
nascentium.' Lond. 1737, Svo. 

— Sir William, Knt. LL.D. 
Great Charter, and Charter of the 
Forest, with other authentic In- 
struments ; to which is prefixed an 
introductory Discourse concerning 
the History of the Charters. Ox- 
ford, 1759. royal 4to. 

Bindley, pt i. 924, 8s. Dent pt i. 
466, 14s. 6d. Steevens, 1752, IL 2s. 
Oough, 657, IL 5s. Marquia oC Towni- 
bend, 1868, 1/. 10s. 

^- Commentaries on the Laws 

of England. 

Of these Commentaries Sir Wm. Jones 
observed, ' they are the most correct and 
beautiful outline that ever was exhibited in 
any human idence.' 

D D 



Lift of EdUiont, 

1st Edition. Oxford, 1765—9. 4to. 4 
▼oil. 2L 28. 

2d Edition. Oxford, 1768, 4to. 4 vols. 
Home Tooke, 66, with MS. notes by 
Tooke, 6/. 188. 6d. 

3d Edition. 

4th Edition. 

5th Edition. Oxford, 1773, 8to. 4 vols. 

6th Edition. London, 1774, 4to. 4 voU. 
with port by HalL Heath, 1661, lMls.6d. 

7th Edition. Oxford, 1775, 8vo. 4 Tols. 
Steeyens, 1753, lis. 

8th Edition. Oxford, 1778, 8vo. 4 toIs. 

Continued by Ri. Bum, LL.D. London, 
1783, 8vo. 4 vols. 

By Ri. Bum, LL.D. and John Williams. 
London, 1787, 8vo. 4 toIs. Edwards, 602, 

By the same. London, 1791, 8vo. 4 toIs. 
Koxburghe, 973, 1/. 2s. 

With Notes and Additions by Edw. 
Christian. London, 1793-4, 8to. 4 yois. 
with portraits of the Judges. 

By Ed. Christian, 1800, 8vo. 4 volt. 
Dent, pt i. 225, lOs. 

By Ed. Christian, 1803, 8vo. 4 yols. 

By E. Christian. London, 1809, 8yo. 
4 yols. 

By J.F. Archbold. London, 1811, royal 
8yo. 4 yols. 

By J. Williams. London, 1822, 8yo. 
4 yols. 

ByJ.T. Coleridge. London, 1825, 8yo. 
4 yola. with a portrait. 

By J. Chitty. London, 1826, royal 8yo. 
4 yols. 

An Abridgement, by William Curry, 
8yo. 1796, 58. 1809, 10s. 

An Abridgement, by John Gifford, 1821, 
8yo. 15«. 

An Analysis, by Baron Field, 1811, 8yo. 

An Epitome for the Use of Schools, by 
N. Wanostrocht, LL.D. 12mo. 10s. 6d. 

Law Glossary of the Latin, Greek, Nor- 
man, French, and other Languages, by 
Thomas Taylor, 1819, 8yo. 9s. 

Traeti on tht tuhfeet of Bladaton^t Com' 

Remarks, by James Sedgwick, 1800, 
4to. 12s. 1804. 

Vindication of, against Sedgwick, by 
Wm. Hen. Rowe, 1806, 8yo. 6s. 

A Reply to Dr. Priestley. Remarks 
on the fourth yolume of the Commentaries, 
1769, 8vo. 

LiBiters by Philip Fumeaux, D.D. The 
second edition, with Additions and an Ap- 
pen^iZf 1771, 8va 4s. 

Fragment on Goyernment, by Jeremy 
Bentham, 1776, 8yo. 8s. 1623, 8yo. 88. 

A Letter to Dr. Blackstone, occasioned 
by a Passage in his Commentaries con- 


coming the Character of the Ecclenastics 
of the present Age. 8yo. Bd. 

— Tracts, chiefly relating to the 
Antiquities and Laws of England. 
London, 1771. 4to. H. Is. 

Best edition. 

Contents. — An analysis of the law of 
England. An essay on collateral consan- 
guinity. Considerations on copyholders. 
Obseryadons on the Oxford press. An 
introductioD to the great charter. Magna 
charta, charta de foresta. llie former 
edition, 1762, 8yo. 2 yols. 

An argument of Sir W. Blackstone in 
the Exchequer Chamber, in the ca^e of 
Ferrin and Blake, will be found in Har- 
graye's Law Tracts, and his Memoir con* 
cerning the authenticity of Dr. Littleton's 
roll, containing an andent copy of magna 
charta, is printed in Gutch's Collectanea 

— Reports of Cases determined 
in the several Courts of Westmin- 
ster Hall, from 1746 to 1779. 
London, 1781. folio, 2 vob. 31. 3s. 

These reports are not generally recdyed 
by the profession with that aj^robation 
which has followed all the other writings 
of this great author. An edition, Dublin, 

1781, 8yo. 2 yols. 2^ 2s. 

— Biographical History of Sir 
William Blackstone. London, 

1782. 8vo. 48. 

A compilation stolen principally from 
the account giyen by Mr. Clitherow, in 
his preface to ihe learned Judge's rnorts. 

Blackwall, Anthony. Intro- 
duction to the Classics. London, 
1740. 12mo. 2s. 6d. 

A yaluable little boot. 

— The Sacred Classics defended 
and illustrated. London, 1727-31. 
8vo. 2 vols, with portrait by Ver- 
tue, 6s. 

Williams, 264, morocco, 1/. 9s. A aceood 
edition, 1737, 8yo. 2 yols. 

This work, according to Dr. Doddridge, 
' giyes many well chosen inatanoea of pat- 
sages in the classics, which may jastify 
many of those in Scripture that have been 
accounted solecisms. They illnatnlt tht 
beauty of many others, slnd oootaSn good 
obseryations on the divisions of diapCen 
and yerses, by which the senae of talpCui t 
is often absudU' 

* Blackwall was a atrenuoua advocMi ftr 
the purity of the Greek style of the Hew 
1 estament, which he yindlostet in Ui inK 
yolimie. The second yolnme, whkb it 
most valuable, contains many etcetteat 
obseryations on tht di^on of the New 



Testauent ittto dnpten ud Tmet, and 
Abo on rarioufl mdingt. The work was 
timnslated inti Latin by Christopher Well, 
and poblislied at Leipaie in 1730, 4to. — 

Black WELL, Elizabeth. Herbal 
containing 500 Cuts of the most 
uaeful Plants which are now used 
in the Practice of Physick. Lon- 
don, 1737. t'oho, 2 vols, plain, 25s. 
coloured, 3/. 3s. 

This work, which in its day was highly 
esteemed, is now in little request Some 
copiea are dated 1739 or 1751. 1739, WiU 
liams, 87S, LaaoE fapee, with coloured 
plates, 5i. 158. 5d. 

— > George, Arch priest of 
Eogtmnd. A large Examination 
taken at Lambeth, according to 
his Majesties* Direction, Point by 
Point, of George Blackwell. Lon- 
don, 1607. 4to. 

Gordonstoon, 193, 7s. 

— Answers upon sundry his 
Examinations, together with his 
Approbation, &c. Lond. 1607.4to. 

Consisting of 21 leaver. A life of this 
fivine wiU be found in Dr. Bliss' Edition 
ef Wood'a Athens Ozon. ii. 122-4, and 
■ost of his writings will be found in. the 
Britiah Museum. 

— Qoesstio in G. Blacvellum 
AogliflB Archipresbyterum a Papa 
designatuna. 1609 4ro. 

Bindley, pt. iU. 1440, lis. 

John. Compendium of Mi- 

littry Discipline. London, 1726 
or 9. 

With plates by Hogarth. Reed, 942, 2s. 
Bsker, 41, mor. 1 Is. 

— Sir Ralph. The Honour of 
Merchant Tailors. London. 4to. 

WpT^ letter, with a portrait of BlacltwelL 
A watk of the same class, if not written by 
the t— »^ hand, with the well known his- 
iMj ef Sir lUdiard Whittington. 

.- Thomas. Enquiry into the 
Life and Writings of Homer. Lon- 
don, 1735. 8vo. 5s. 

A pcoducdon which displays more emdi- 
tfsn than genius, and more afTectation than 
tim ^m^- Rozborghe, 9163, lis. larue 
Pana. FontUn, 644, 16s. Heath, 1541, 
li.U Bakcr,41, with the proofs, 1747, 
SUs. W1llhni8,t65,mof.ll/.8s. Reprinted 
1716, and In 1747, 8to. appeared Proofs of 
Ak Enqoirj tfaasiated into English. The 
tlM eiltioa flCiha wtrk appeared in 1757. 



— Letters concerning Mytho- 
logy. London, 1748. Svo. 4s. 

A pompous trifle, of which a second 
edition, or rather a new title-page, appeared 
in 1757. 

— Memoirs of the Court of 
Augustus. Edinb. and London, 
1753—63, 4to. 3 vols. 

This work was most ably reviewed by 
Dr. Johnson in the Literary Magaiine. 
Earl of Kerry, 192, 3^ 18s. Sir P. Thomp- 
son, 134, 2/. LARGE PAPER, Roxbuigho, 
7774, 4/. 8s. An edition appeared Basil, 
1794, Svo. 7 vols. 

Blackwood's Edinburgh Maga- 
zine, from the Commencement in 
1817 to the present Time. Edinb. 

Published monthly. Some copies of Oc- 
tober, 1817, contain Hogg's Chaldee Ma- 
nuscript, which was afterwards cancelled. 
Brockett, 328, 1817—23, %L 15s. 

Blackwood, Adam. De Con- 
junctione Religionis et Imperii ad 
illustriss. Principem D. Mariam 
ScotieB Reginam. Paris. 1575. 
Svo. 10s. 6d. 

— Adami Blacuodcci adversus 
Geo. Buchanani Dialogum de Jure 
Regni apud Scotos pro Regibus 
Apologia. Pictav. 1581. 4to. 

Bindley, pt. i. 1475, 9s. 6d. 

— Editio secunda, per Aucto- 
rem recognita. Paris. 1583. Svo. 

— Sanctarum Precationum 
Prooemia, quibus addita sunt ejus- 
dem Argumeuti varii Generis Odse, 
cum aliis quibusdem Poematiis. 
August. Picton. 1598. 12mo. 

Gordonstoun, 176, IL Is.. 

— Martyre de la Reyne 4' ^* 
cosse. Edinb. 1587. Svo. Anvers. 
1588. Svo. 

A most virulent invective against Queen 
Elizabeth. — Buhnp NieoUnn^ Blackwood*s 
works, with his portnut by J. Picart, ap- 
peared at Paris, ^1644. 4to. from which 
edition this tract is reprinted In the second 
volume of Jebb de Vita, &c. Marise. 

— ^ Christopher. Expositions 
and Sermons upon the ten first 
Chapters of St. Matthew. London, 
1659. 4to. 

B LA cow, Richard. Letter to 
William King, LL.D. Principal of 
St. Mary Hall, in Oxford; con- 
taining a particular Account of the 



treasonable Riot in February 1747. 
London, 1823. 8vo. Is.6d. 

Blacuodaus, Anglicff Black- 

Blag DO V, Francis Wm. Mo- 
dern Discoveries ; translated, &c. 
from the Works of the most emi- 
nent Authors. London, 1802-3. 
18mo. 8 vols. II, Is. 

— Brief History of ancient and 
modem India, from the earliest 
Periods to the Termination of the 
Maratta War. London, 1805. 
atlas folio, with coloured plates 
by Daniell. 

'Sothebv's in June, 1822. 4/. lis. Font- 
hUl, 768,61. 58. 

— The European in India, from 
Drawings by C. Doyley, Esq. with 
Preface and History by T. W. 
Blagdon and Capt. Williamson. 
London, 1813. royal 4to. 

Blage, Thomas. Schole of 
Wise Conceytes. 1569. 

A book of ^sopian &bles. RiUon's 
BiU. Poet. 132. 

Blag RAVE, John. Mathema- 
tical Jewel. London, 1585. folio. 

A Tery curious work with wood-cuts by 
the author. A copy of this work, as well 
as Blagrave's Baculura familliare, 1596, 
and Astrolabium Vranicum, 1566. are in 
tile British Museum. A life of him wi[l be 
found in Dr. Bliss's edition of Wood's Athen. 
Oxon. iL 96-8. 

Blag RAVE, Jos. Planispherium 

Catholicum. Londini, 1658. 4to. 

In the title are portraits of Blagrave and 
Palmer by D. L(oggan). 

— Epitome of the Art of Hus- 
bandry. London, 1669. 12mo. 5s. 

Reprinted 1679 and 1685. In this work 
win be found brief experimental directions 
Ibr the right use of the angle. 

Blaii9e, Dekbere. Outlines 

of the veterinary Art. New Edition. 

London, 1816. 8vo. 2 vols. 

This writer has likewise published scve- 
jal other esteemed works on the diseases 
of Horses and Dogs. 

Blaimvillf., M. de. Travels 
through Holland, Germany, Swit- 
zerland and other Parts of Europe, 
but especially Italy. Translated 
from the French, by TumbuU and 
'Guthrie. London, 1743 or 1757. 
4to. 3 vobt with maps, &c. 


These travels though praised by Dr. 
Johnson are now held in Uttle estimation. 
Reed, 3332, 1/. 2s. 

Blair, Am. See Wallace, 
Sir William. 

•— Hugh, D.D. Sermons, with 

Life, by James Finlayson, D.D. 

Edinb. and London, 1777-1801. 

8vo. 5 vols. 

These excellent sermons have passed 
through innumerable editions. 

— Lectures on Rhetoric and 
Belles Lettres. London, 1798. 
8vo. 3 ?ols. 

Frequently reprinted. The tot edition 
appeared 1783, 4to. 2 yols. with a portrait. 
Heath, 134. 1/. lis. 6d. WilUama, 284. 
R 8s. An account of Bbir*s Lift and Wri- 
tings was published by John Hill, LL.D. 
1807. 8vo. 6s. 

— James. Our Saviour's divine 
Sermon on the Mount, contained 
in the Vih, Vlth, and Vllth Chap- 
ters of St. Matthew's Gospel, ex- 
plained ; and the Practice of it re- 
commended in diverse Sermons and 
discourses. To which is prefixed 
a Paraphrase on the whole Ser- 
mon on the Mount. Lond. 1740. 
8vo. 4 vols. 1/. 5s. 

Best edition of these valuable Semoiis, 
with a recommendatory prefiice by Or. 
Waterland. Williams, 806, 2i. 967, m»- 
rocco, 2L 98. The former editioa appeutd 
1722, 8 vo. 5 vols. 

— John, LL.D. Lectures on the 
Canon of the Scriptures. London, 
1785. 4to. 6s. 

A work of considerable learning and if- 

— Chronology and Historr of 
the World, illustrated in LVI 
Tables, with 14 Maps, and a Dis- 
sertation of the Rise ajid Progress 
of Geography. Lond. 1768. folio. 

Heath, 2143, AL lOs. The first tiUim 
of this valuable and highly usefiil worit qn 
peared 1756, Roxburghe, 7360^ IL 15s. 
and Supplement 707, 15s. Aa edUkm, 
1779, Drury 798. runsia. Si. 158. OdMr 
editions with continuations hare appentd 
1790, 1803, Dent, pt L 341, niMla»4J. In 
1815. 1820. The XIV maps wcfepoUUH 
ed separately. 

— Patrick. Botanical Entys 
in two Parte. Lond. 1730. 8n>« 

A most ingenions wofk, felMii^ dbUif 
totiietexetorplMili«fillh4iiltlfi. lUi 


writer likewise poUiilied Phtrmaoo^Bota- 
nologia. London, 1723-8, 4to. extending 
onlj to the letter H. 

Blair, Robert. Grave, a Poem, 

with 12 plates, by Scbiavonetti, 

after Blake. Lond. 1808. large 4to. 

Duke of York, 738, R tome copies are 
printed in fi>Ua This much esteemed poem 
has passed through numerous editions, and 
is reprinted in Chalmers and other Collec- 
dons of the Poets. 

Blake, Wm. Silver Drops, or 
serious Things ; with Letters con- 
cerning the Lady's Charity School, 
at Ilighgate. 12mo. 48. 

Contains pp. 303 (A— T 3) with 4 
pbtca. Nassau, pt. L 267, Ss. 

BLAVCiiARDy W. T. Complete 
Instructor of Short-Hand. 1 786.4co. 

Best edition of a valuable treatiae. The 
Conner appeared 1779. 

Bianchardin and Eglantine. — 
The Hystorye of Kynge Blanchar- 
dyn and Queen Eglantyne his 
Wyfe. Impr. by Cazton, 1485. fol. 

This work consists of 54 chapters, with 
• taUa. Only one copy of dus curious 
nmaace, and that ImpeiriGect is known to 
akiL It was purchased by Earl Spencer 
•t the sale of the Roiburghe Library, 
mo, inr f 15i. 5s. 

Blawcourt, Handiequer de. Art 
of making Glass, translated from 
the French. London^lGQQ. 8vo. 

A naefal treatise. Dent, pt L 227, Ss. 

Blavd, Rev. R. Algebraical 
Problems, producing simple and 
quadratic Equatious, with their 
Sobtaonfl. London, 1812, royal 

A WHffc of considerable utility. A key 
vispaUUMd 1827, Sto. 9s. 

— Collection of the most beau- 
tiM Poemi of the minor Poets of 
Gieeoe* with Notes and lUustra- 
tiont. London, 1813. 8vo. 

— Robt. M.D. Proverbs chiefly 
taken from the Adagia of Erasmus, 
with Explanations ; and illustrated 
by Examples from the Spanish, Ital- 
ian, Fiencb and English Languages. 
London, 1814. crown 8vo. 2 vols. 

Bbdlay, pL L 407, with a few MS. re- 
nAsby the author, IL 2s. 

— Td>ie. Baite for Momus, so 
called nix>n Occasion of a Sermon 
at Bedford, injnrioiisly traduced 



by the factious. Lond. 1589. 4to« 

Black letter. Contdns pp. 88, with an 
epistle to the reader, and a wood-cut of 
St. George killing the dragon, on the back 
of the title. Inglis, 164, 7s. 6d. Gordon- 
stoun, 157. lOs. 6d. 

Blandford, Marquis of. Ca- 

talogus Librorum qui in Bibliothe- 

ca Blandfordiensi reperiuntur, cum 

duobus Supplementis. Londini, 

1812. 4to. 

The privately printed cablogue of the 
White Knights Collection, since sold by 
auction, by Mr. £Tans* Brockett, 747, 

Blandy, Mary. Trial of Mary 
Blandy, for the Murder of her Fa- 
ther. London, 1752. folio. 
Reprinted 1752, in 8to. 

Thefolbwing Tracts on thit untu^tpy affwr 
hav§ appmred : 

The Tryals and Hutory of Mary Blandy 
and Ells. JeflAreyes. 1752. 4to. with 
ports. Rozburghe, 1025, 19s. 

Miss Mary Blandy's own Account of the 
AffUir between her and Mr. Cranstoun. 
1752. 8vo. 

A candid Appeal to the Publick, by a 
Gentleman at Oxford. 1752. Svo. 

A Letter from a Gentleman to Miss Mary 
Blandy, with her Answer thereto, 175 i> 

The secret Hbtory of Miss Blandy, firom 
her first Appearance at Bath, to her 
Execution at Oxford. 1752. Svo. 

Memoirs of William Henry Cranstoun, 
Esq. 1752. Svo. 

An impartial Enquiry into the Case of 
Miss Blandy, with Reflections on her 
Trial, Defence, Repentance, Denial 
and Death. 1753. Svo. 

The fair Parricide, a Tragedy of three 
Acts, founded on the late melancholy 
Event 1752. Svo. 

Captain Cranstoun's Account of the Poi- 
soning the late Mr. Blandy, declared 
solemnly by him before he died at 
Fumes, in Flanders, on the 80th of No- 
vember last. 1753. 8vo. 

The genuine Lives of Capt. Cranstoun 
and Miss Mary Blandy. By a Gen- 
tleman, who was a Spectator at her 
Trial and Death, and afterwards ac- 
companied the Captain in his Travels 
through France. 1753. 8vo. with a 

The female Parridde, a Tragedy, by 
Edward Crane, of Manchester. 1761. 

Roxburghe, 1026, Nine Tracts, 17s. 
Baker, 42, Six Tracts, 1/. 10s. 

— William. Castle, or Picture 
of Pollicy. London^ 1681. 4to. 



Black letter, 30 leaves, betides 4 of pre- 
fixes, including the tide. This curious 
tract contains an account of the exploits of 
' M. John Noris, Oenerall of the army of 
the States in Friseland.' A copy is in the 
British Museum. 

Blaquirre, Edward. Letters 
from the Mediterranean. Lond. 
1824. 8vo. 2 vols. 

These volumes, chiefly relate to the civil 
and political state of Sicily, Malta, Tunis 
and Tripoli, and contiun much valuable in- 
formation. The author has likewise pub- 
lished several works on Greece, in support 
of the attempts to rescue it from the Otto- 
man power. 

Blaxton, John. English Usu- 
rer, or Usury condemned by the 
most learned and famous Divines 
of the Church of England, &c. 
London, 1634. 4to. with a frontis- 

At the end are verses by George Wither. 
Nastttu, pt. i. 413, lOs. Gordonstoun, 219, 
19s. Towncley, pt. i. 389, U. Is. 

Blayney, Allan. Festorum 
Metropolis. The metropolitaine 
Feast of the Birth-day of our Sa- 
viour Jesus Christ, annually to be 
kept holy by them that call upon 
him in all Nations. London, 1654. 
small 8vo. 

A copy is in the British Museum. Bibl. 
Anglo-Poet. 260. 

— Benjamin, D.D. Disserta- 
tion, by Way of Inquiry, into the 
'true Import and Application of the 
Vision related Dan. ix. 20. to the 
End. Oxford, 1775. 4to. 

A learned tract, in which some of Pro- 
fetsor Michaelis* opinions are controverted. 

— Lord. Narrative of a forced 
Journey through Spain and France, 
with a SequeL London, 1815-16. 
8vo. 3 vols. 

A severe critique on this work appeared 
in the Quart. Rev. xiv. 1 12—20. and xv. 

Blazon of Coloures in Armoryes 
and Ensignes military, translated 
(oute of a little Frenche Booke 
printed at Parys, 1546) by me 
R(ichard) R(obinson.) London, 
by R. I. for lohn Wolf (1583). 

A long description of this very rare 
hook will be found in the British Biblio- 
grapher, L 125^)2. 


Blenerh ASSET, Thomas. A 
Direction for the Plantation of 
Ulster, 1610. 

Blenerhasset was one of writers In the 
Mirror for MagistAites. 

Blet£R1E,J.P. R.dela. Life of 
Julian the Apostate. Lond. 1746. 

A curious and well written performance. 

Blioii, Richard. Reports of 
Cases heard in the House of Lords 
on Appeals and Writs of Errors. 
London, 18'22-6. royal 8vo. 3 vols. 

These reports are in continuation of thoM 
by Mr. Dow, and are still in the course 
of publication. 

— William. Narrative of the 
Mutiny on Board the Bounty ; and 
the subsequent Voyage of Part of 
the Crew in the Ship's Boat from 
Tofon, one of the Friendly Islands, 
to Timor, a Dutch Settlement in 
the East Indies. Written by Lieut. 
William Bli^h. Lond. 1 790. 4to. 
with charts, 7s. 

Fonthill, 309, 14s. 

— Voyage to the South Sea. 
London, 1792. 4to. with port, by 
J. Conde. 12s. 

Bindley, pt. i. 565. 15s. Drory, 567, 
17s. Roxburghe, 7172, li. Is. FonthiU, 
3098, 2/. lis. 

Blitu, Walter. English Im- 
prover, or a new Survey of Hut- 
bandry, &c. London, 1649. 4to. 

A well known and Tery ingenious work. 
^-Qunrt. Rtvino. SulMequent editioiis, 
with additions, were entitled ' The Improv«r 
Improved.' The third impression, 1652, 
with portrait and plates, lOs. 

Blome, Richard. Description 
of the Island of Jamaica, with the 
other Isles and Territories of Ame- 
rica to which the English are re- 
lated, with the State of Algiers. 
London, 1672. 12 mo. with maps. 

White Kni.hta, pt. i. 472, 198. Na«a% 
pt. i. 271, 7s. I1ie edition 1678, Svo. with 
portrait. Roxburghe, 7349, 8s. 

— Britannia, or a Geographical 
Description of England, Scotland, 
and Ireland y and the Isles and 
Territories thereto belonging. Lon- 
don, 1673. folio. 

A ' most entire pieot of dieft oat of 
Camden and Speed.'— Bjp. Njeoban. 

BLO BLO 207 

RozVurglie, 8654. 5s. larqk paper, of Townsbend, 374, 3/. Some copies bear 

Dent, pt. i. 343, with maps and arms co- the date of 1751. Bp. of Ely, 200, 7s. 6d. 

loured, U Toinieley, pt. U. 177, withtbe Dent, pt. i. 467, 8t. Reed, 3334, 10s. 6d. 

pimees cokmred, \L 3s. Bindley, pt. L 1 1 1 4, 1 Is. 6d. 

- Alphabetical Account of the _ gssay towards a topograph! - 
Nobility and Gentry of England cal History of the County of Nor- 
"^v **"?', ,.London, 1673. folio, folk, continued by the Rev. Charles 
oJ!;!rat"tSe1nrof~c^^^^^^ Parkin Fersfiefd, &c. 1739-73. 

1673. The arms are in number eight bun- follO, 5 vols. 

drtd and twelve. Dowdeswell, 146, nissia, 12/. 5s. Dent, 

— Essay to Heraldry ; in two ?*• *• ^^*» russla, 14/. 14s. Marquis of 
Paru. Load. 1684. 8vo. pp. 259. '^.T'-^T^' *-^' ,l/S« ^'' « '^^''/i!?' 

Cont^ospp. 259. with a dedi'cliion to J^,"; ^i Jl^gT' Heath. 4518, 

^i^J^'^.^li^Al'^'fU^^^^^^^^.' C.//atu,n.-Vol. I. 1739, Title; list of 

An editKW, enutled Art of Heraldry, 1685. „b«,ribeni. 4 pages ; introduction, 3 pages; 

r- 4i • u *• History,A— 9 K.771 pag s; Indexej, pp. 

— UcnUemans Recreation, 772— 808. P/af«f,besidcstbo8e on the letter- 

OOaaisting of Horsemanship. Hawk- press, l. Monumental figures at p. 68. 9. 

ing. Hunting, Fowling, Fishin^, The prospect of BukenbamCutle, p. 261. 

&C London, 1710. folio, wirh J. Monument, with the pjrtadt of Thomas 

• . ' ' Lord. RichardMn, at p. 683, also separate, 

P**^^* pedigrees of the family of Blomefield, at 

Marq. of Townshcnd, 418, 2L Edition p. 74. of HoUand, p. 232. of Wright, p. 

1666. Roxburghe, 1735, 2/. 6s. lahoe 368. of Jernegan, on 4 pages, between pp. 

rjPEB, Dent pL I. 343, morocco, 5/. 10s. 660 and 661. of William. Lord Richardson, 

« Ridiard Blooroe, a kind of an arms p. 684. Pages 765 to 770 contahi the pe- 

priatcr, (but originally a ruler of books digree of the family of Wodebouse, and in 

and paper) who has since practised, for some copies pp. 33 to 48 IndiisiTe, are 

dheia yean, progging tricks in employing wanting. 

■cceaaitODa persons to write in several arts, Vol. ii. Fersfield, 1741, or Norwich, 

aad to get contributions of noblemen.'— 1745. Title; dedication to John Nuthall, 

'^"'"i ***• _ _ Esq.; the history, &c 913 pages^pages 

Blomefield, Rev. Francis. 770 to 780 omitted. Piattu 1. A plan of 

Historj of the ancient City and Norwich, with references on a separate 

Burgh of Thetford. Fers6eld, S"n*^*^^*'^PU' 2. Monument of Bp 

iTon i4» ^'^» P* ^^^' ^* ^^^ Ichnography of 

17jy. 4tO. Norwich Cathedral, p. 489. 4. The Seals 

Title; dedication, 2 pages; contents, 2 of Norwich Cathedral, p. 534. 5. Monu- 

p^gcs; Mitory. A— Za. 184 pages; ap- ment of Aug. Briggs, Esq. p. 64L 6. Mo- 

pnfiz. 12 pages. This work is inserted nument of Edmond Hobart, Esq. p. 643. 

fa *e aathor's Brst volume of his history of 7. Monument of Uichard Manby, p. 749. 

IhaMk. Towneley, pt ii. 273, 5s. Bind- g. Fac simile of a Grant of the Town of 

ky.ft. L 1292, 1/. Is. Nassau, pt. L 415, Hexham, p. 848. A Pedigree of the fiunily 

^^ of Briggs faces p. 640. 

— Collectanea Cantabrigiensia; Vol. iii. Lynn, 1769. Tide, prefiu^c, 

V Collections relating to Cam- ^i^J^'^^^'^' ^^ f'^'''^' VJ^* 

... ri ' 'a 9* ji K 2,870 pages; mdexes, 8 pages. PlaUs. 

bridge University, lown, and j. Portrait of Sir Henry Spelman, Knt. 

County. Norwich, 1750. 4tO. p. 464. 2. Brass of the Fountaine Family, 

C^mtaina 268 pages, besides the title, p. 622. 3. Monument of Erasmus Earle. 

The anlbor began his Collectanea with an p. 532. 4. Monument of Thomas Mars« 

aecBont of Ely Roll, Luton, and Cadding- ham, Esq. p. 593. 5. E£Bgies of Cathe- 

tsa Cksrcfaes in Bedfordshire, and Atwooid rine Schuldham, p. 661. 6. Portrait of 

Charch. in Buckinghamshire, which were James Calthorpe, p. 762. 7-8. The East 

friated in 26 quarto pages, including Ger- and West Fronts of Houghton Hall, p. 798. 

tsa fai this comity, which forms p. 6 of the Pedigree of the Family of Bedingfield, at 

pRKBt cation ; hot chustng to confine p. 482. 

Wtlf to Cambridgeshire, be cancelled Vol It. Lynn, 1775. Title ; list of 

ihcae p«fe** '^^ added Cantabrigiensia to subscribers, 2 pages ; the history, &c. pp. 

hii title. — Gomgh* 794. Platm, 1. Forty-three shields of 

Towneley, pc. iL 274, 2/. 10s. Heath, arms, at p. 60. 2. Portrait of John Dc- 

4634, 14a. NaaMU, pt. i. 416, 15t. Marq. thick, p. 217. 3. The south-east prospect 



of CrooMre Cbnrch. p. 304. 4. Monu- 
ment of Robert Wiggett, p. 383. 5. Mo- 
nument of Rice Wiggetc, p. 383. 6. Mo- 
nument of William Bulwar, p. 459. 7. 
Plan of the town of King's Lynn, p. 574. 
8. A south-east view of King's Lynn, p. 
576. 9. A chronological table of the 
Mayors of Lynn Regis, p. 586. 10. A 
▼lew of Lynn Market Cross, p, 504. 11. 
A map of Marsh Land in Norfolk, p. 601. 
18. St. Peter's Church at Walpole, p. 716. 
13. Tomb of Thomas Winde. Esq. p. 780. 
VoL V. Lynn, 1775. Title ; the his- 
tory, &c. pp. 783—1709. Platis, 1. View 
of the seat of Richard Milles, p. 090. 2. 
North view of North Elmham Church, p. 
1000. 3. South west prospect of Snetds- 
ham Church, p. 1315. 4. Arms and seals 
in the Priory Church of Horsham St. Faith's, 
p. 1358. 5. View of Yarmouth, p. 1589. 
The pedigree of the family of L'Estrange, 
on two folded sheets, faces p. 1265. Some 
lets have reprinted titles. 

— Essay towards a topographi- 
cal History of the County of Nor- 
folk, continued by the Rev. Charles 
Parkin. London, 1 805 — 10. royal 
8vo. 1 1 vols. 

Duke of York, 744, 5/. 5s. Sir M. M. 
Sykes, pt i. 427, 5/. 7s> large paper in 

CMtUiou. — ^Vol. i. pp. xvi. and 548 ; 
index, 2 pages, and 9 plates, and pedigrees. 

Vol. iL pp. 559, index, 3 pages, and 4 
pedigrees and plates. 

VoL iii. pp. YiiL and 672, not including 
Index, with a folded sheet plan of the City 
of Norwich, and an explanation to face the 

VoL iv. 580 pp. besides two titles, con- 
tents, index, and 7 plates and pedigrees. 

VoL V. pp. 5S7, besides title, and an 
index of three pages. 

VoL ?i. Title; preface, 7 pages; history, 
521 pp. not including the index, and 6 
plates and pedigrees. 

VoL Tii. pp. 520, besides title, an index 
of 3 pages, and 6 plates and pedigrees. 

VoL Tiii. pp. 548, l>esides title, an index 
of 4 pages, and 9 plates and pedigrees. At 
p. 533 is a chronological table of the Mayors 
of Lynn Regis. 

VoL ix. pp. 527, bendes the title, an 
index of 4 pages, and 5 plates. 

VoL X. pp. 479, besides the title, an 
index of 4 pages, and a pedigree and two 

Vol. xi. Two titles ; history, 402 pages; 
indexes, 80 pages ; some remarkable oc- 
currences, &c, 3 pages; list of subscribers, 
1 1 pages; directions to the binder, 3 pages ; 
and a view of Yarmouth at p. 255. 

Blom FIELD, Charles James, 
Bishop of Chester. Dissertation 


upon the traditional Knowledge of 
a promised Redeemer, which sub- 
sisted before the Advent of our Sa- 
viour. Cambridge, IB 19. 8vo. 
4s. 6d. 

Blomfield, C. J. Bishop of 
Chester. Twelve Lectures on the 
Acts of the Apostles : to which is 
added a new Edition of Five Lec- 
tures on the Gospel of St. John, as 
bearing Testimony to Jesus Chrbt. 
London, 1828. 8vo. 10s. 6d. 

The former edition of the Lccturei on 
Saint John appeared 1823, 12mo. 2s. 

Blondel, David. Treatise of 
the Sibyls, translated by J. Davies. 
London, 1661. folio, 5s. 

Koxburghe, 670, 9s. 6d. 

— Pindar and Horace compar- 
ed, translated by J. Davies. Lond. 
1680. 8vo. 4s. 

Another translation bj Sher- 

burne, 1606, 8vo. 4s. 

Blovdeville. SeeBLUNDE- 

Blood, Thomas. Remarks on 
the Life and Death of the famed 
Mr. Blood. London, 1680. folio. 

Reprinted in the eighth volume of the 
Somers Collection of Tracts. 

Blood for Blood : or, Murthers 
revenged, brief! v set forth in thirty 
tragical Histories, to which are 
added five more, being the sad 
Product of our own Times, vii. 
Charles the Martyr, and four 
others. London, 1661. 8vo. with 

Sotheby's in May, 1823, 15t. 

Bloom Ft eld, Ezekiel. Lec- 
tures on the Philosophy of History, 
accompanied with Notes and illus- 
trative Engravings. London, 1820. 
4to. 20s. 

— Robert. Farmer's Boy, a 
rural Poem. Lond. 1805. 12mo. 

Frequently reprinted. An elmnt edi- 
tion, 1800, 4to. with wood cuu by Bewid* 

5s. LAROB PAPBE, lOs. 6d. 

In illustration of this poem, a adcete 
of views was published by MetBf . Slonr 
and Greig, 1806, 8to. 4t. 

— Rural Tales, Ballads, and 
Songs. London, 1802« 12mo. 4s. 


An elegut edition was published 1802, 
with wood cuts by Bewick, 5*. la roe 
PArsft, 8«. This celebrated poet has 
fikewiM paUiahed Wild Flowers, 180G. 
Miscellaneous Poeins, 1806. The Banks 
of Wye. May Day, with the Muses, 
182S. ISino. The Remains in Poetry and 
Pmse, 1824. &cap. 8to. 2 vols. 12s. 

Bloomfield, Rev. S. T. Re- 
censio synoptica AoDotationis sa> 
cne, being a critical Digest and 
synoptical Arrangement of the 
most important Annotations on the 
New Testament, excgetical, phi- 
lologicaly and doctrinal. London, 
1827. 8vo. 8 vols. 

One of the most important works in 
iaexed literatare which has been offered to 
the attention of Bible students for many 
years. — Hanu, 

Bloeb, Edward. Monumental 
Remains of noble and eminent 
Persons. London, 1825. imperial 
8ro. 5 pts. with 30 plates, 31. 15s. 

An elegant work, which it is to be re- 
gretted did not meet with sufficient encou- 
lagcment. Quarto, 6/. 6s. india paper 



-— Thomas. History and Anti- 
quities of the County of Rutland. 
Stamford, (1811). royal folio, vol. 
],part ii. 

This work merits great praise, and de- 
ierredly ranks very high among such pub- 


— History of the Manor and 
Manor House of South Win- 
field, in Derbyshire. London, 
1793. 4to. 

No. 9. sf the Miscellaneous Antiquities, 
in coBliDiiatiou of the Biblloth, Top<^. 
Brit, ffindley, pt. i. 909, 6s. Drury, 568, 

— Account of the Public 
Schools, Hospitals, and other cha- 
ntable Foundations in the Bo- 
roogfa of Stanford. Stanford, 
1813. 8vo. 

B— 3 A 3, besides title, introduction 
■d CDBteuts. 

Blosius, F. Mirrour forMonkes. 
Pvts, 1676. 18mo. with front, and 

White Knights. pt.i. 473, mor. 1/. 5s. 

Blouht, Cnarles. Miscella- 
neoas Works. Lond* 1695. 12mo. 

The works of this writer are field in 
some little estimation with the Deists. 

BLouNT,Edward. Ars Aulica, the 
Courtier's Arte. London, 1607. 
12 mo. 53. 

— Hone Subsescivee. Obser- 
vation and Discovrses. London, 
1626. 8 vo. 63. 

— See CoNESTAOGio, Jerome. 


Earle, John, Bishop of 

— Sir Henry. Voyage into the 
Levant. Third Edition. London, 
1638. 4to. 53. 

Of little value or authority ; reprinted in 
the Oxford and Pinkerton's Collections of 
Voyages and Travels. Nassau, pt. i. 419, 
78. The first edidon appeared 1636, 4to. 
Fonthill, 2612, li. ; reprinted 1637, 1650, 
1669, Nassau, pt.i. 276, 5s. 

— Tho. Academie of Elo- 
quence. London, 1654. 12mo. 

The title engraved by W. Faithome con- 
taining portraits of Lord Bacon and Shr P. 
Sidney. 1656. Nassau, pt. i. 273, W. 

— Glossographia, or Dictionary 
of hard Words. London, 1719. 
8vo. 5s. 

The best edition. It was first printed 
in 1656 : reprinted 1670, 1671, 1674, 
1679, 1691, 1707. 

— Boscobcl, or the compleat 
History of his sacred Majesties 
most miraculous Preservation after 
the Battle of Worcester. The third 
edition, with Additions. London, 

Best edition. Part i. 8 1 pp. Part ii. 90 
pp. also five plates. Pen'd, says A. d Wood, 
with great truth and fidelity. Baker, 44, 
russia, 2L 3s. A notice of the worlc and 
its various editions will be found in the Re* 
trosp. Review, xiv. 47 — 68. The edition 
1660. Bindley, pt. i. 616, 13s. Towne- 
Icy, pt. ii. 52, 168. Williams, 270, with 
portraits of Charles II. Mrs. Jane Lane, 
Richard Pendcrcll, and the plan, morocco, 
4/. 14s.6d.—- 1662. with port, of Charles II. 
ground plot and plan. Jadis, 72, morocco, 

2/. 8s. — 1692. Nassau, pt. i. 290, 178. 

1725. Roxburghe, 8475, • R 16s.~1748. 
Y/hite Knights, pt. i. 51 1, 9s. 

— Law Dictionary and Glossary 
of obscure Words and Terms, in 
ancient Law, Records, &c. by W. 
Nelson. London, 1717. folio, 5s. 

Best edition. The former editions, 
1679, 1691. 

E E 



— Fra^enta Antiquitatis ; or, 
ancient Tenures of Land » and jocu- 
lar Customs of Manors, with consi- 
derable Additions, by H. M. Beck- 
with. Lond. 1815.4to.2M2s.6d. 

Best edition of a very popular work. 
FINE PAPER, 3/. 3s. The original edition, 
London, 1679, 8vo. Heath, 4558, 7s. 
New KdiUon, with Alterations, Additions, 
&C. by Josiah Bcckwith. York, 1784. 8vo. 
Rozburghe, 977, RlOs. Supplement, 553, 
16s. Dent, pt. i. 229, russia, lis. Nassau, 
pt. i. 275, R 

Art of Making Devises. See 
Estienne (Henry.) 

— Thomas rope. Censura cele- 
brium Authonim ; sive Tractatus in 
quo varia Virorum doctorum de 
clarissimis cujusque Seculi Scripto- 
ribus Judicia traduntur. Londini, 
1690. fol. 10s. 6d. 

Heath, 229,18s. An erudite work, much 
esteemed by the curious, reprinted at Gene- 
va, 1694, 4to. and again 1710 and 1718. 

— Natural History: containing 
many not common Observations: 
extracted out of the best modern 
Writers. Lond. 1693. 8vo. 38. Gd. 

— De Re Poetica ; or Remarks 
upon Poetry, with Characters and 
Censures of the most considerable 
Poets, vehether antient or modem. 
London, 1694. 4 to. 

Contains pp. 392. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 
73, li. 59. Bindley, pt i. 735, Is. 6d. 
Heath, 221, 8s. 6d. Reed, 6690, with MS. 
additions by Mr. Wm. Oldys, 3/. lis. 

— Essays. Lond. 1697. 8vo. 5s. 

Mr. Chalmers observes, that ' in point 
of learning, judgment, and freedom of 
thought, these essayes are in no way in- 
ferior to those of the celebrated Montaigne.' 

Blow, John. Amphion Angli- 
cus. London, 1700. folio, with 
portrait by R. White. 

Nassau, pt, i. 445, 6s. Towneley, pt. ii. 
339, 1/. Is. 

Blue Blanket. — Historical Ac- 
count of the Blue Blanket, or 
Craftsmen Banner, with the Prero- 
gatives of the Crafts of Edinburgh. 
Edinb. 1780. with cuts, 

Nassau, pt i. 1576, 6s. 

Blumedbach, J. F. Manual 
of the Elements of Natural History: 
translated from the tenth German 


Edition, by R. T. Gore. New 
Edition. London, 1826.8^. 148. 

A translation of the authors system of 
comparative Anatomy, with additions by 
W. Lawrence, appeared 1807. 8vo. 12s. 

Blumentiial, Life of 
General De Zieten, translated from 
the German, by the Rev. B. Beres- 
ford. Berlin, 1803. 8vo.2vol8. 9*. 
Blundell Gallery. — Engravings 
and Etchings of the principal Sta- 
tues, BusU, Bass-Reliefs, Sepul- 
chral Monuments, Cinerary Unis» 
&c, in the Collection of Henry 
Blundell, Esq. at Ince. 1809. im* 

perial folio. 

Privately printed. Only twenty copiet 
are said to have been struck off for pretentt. 
A copy is in the British Museum. Gombe^ 
1052, with a MS. memorandum of the 
plates, morocco, 33/. 12s. 6d« 

Blundeville, Thomas. Three 
Treatises, the one called the learned 
Prince, the other the Fruites of 
Foes, the thyrde the Porte of Rest. 
London, by Wyllyam Seres, 1561. 

The first is written in four-lined stnmi, 
and contains C 3, in fours ; the lecoAd, 
likewise in four-lined stanzas, with a sepa- 
rate titie page, contiuns £ 2 in Icmn ; the 
third tract, which also has a separate tide- 
page, is in prose, and contains K in fowft 
The whole are taken from Plutarch. MbL 
Anglo- Poet 51, 12/. 12s. resold hy San- 
ders in 1818, for 5/. 15s. 6d. ReprlBled 
according to Herbert, 1568, 1580^andn.d. 

— Treatise declaringhowe maay 
Counsels, and what Maner oi 
Counselers a Prince that will go- 
uerue well ought to haue. Lood. 
by William Seres (1570). 16mo. 

This treatise dedicated to the ' Eile if 
Leyccster,' contains Q, in fonn. It«H 
first written in Spanish by Federigo Ferio^ 
and aflerwardi translated into Italiao, by 
Alfonso D'UlIoa. 

— Methode of wryting and 
reading Hystories, according to 
the Precepts of Francisco PatriA), 
and Accontio Tridentino. Lood. 
1574. 16mo. 

This treatise, dedicated to the 'Erie if 
Leycester,' contains H in fours. 

— Briefe Description of TDoentI 
Mappcs and Gardes, and of tbeir 
Vse; and also the Vse ofPthole- 
mey his Tables. Lond. 1589.410. 





Black letter. Dedicated to Mr. Frandt 
Windain. F 2, in foan, with the mariner's 
quadrant to fold. Ingljs, 167,11s. 

Blixndeville, Thomas. His 
Exercises containing sixe Treatises. 
London, 1594. 4to. 

Each tract has a separate title-page, but 
the Iblioa are continued to 350, with tables 
and pfofcctioos. Reprinted 1 59 7 , 4 to. with 
tht addition of ' A briefe Description of 
Tohrcnal Maps and Cards,' &c. 

— Art of Logike. Lood. 1 599. 

CoBtains Preface ' To the Reader. A 
Poitcript The Contents,' 170 pages. 

— Booke containing the ryding 
and breakinge greate Horses. Lon- 
doOf by William Seres. 4to. 

CoDtilna besides prefixes, F 4, in eights. 
At the end are 50 wood cuU of the halter 
aad varkms sorts of bitts. 

— llie foure chiefest OflBces be- 
longiDg to Horsemanship. Lond. 
1580. 4to. 7s. 6d. 

The last three tracts have distinct tltle- 
MpMy &c The first treatise contains 22 
itnm; the second, 80 ; the third, 22 ; the 
IhIv S6 ; beiides their several prefixes. Re- 
priBted 1597 and 1609. First edition, 
1565-ft. Inglis, 165, imperfect, 10s. 

— Tbe Theoriques of the seven 
Planeto. London, 1602. 4to. 

Bhmderille likewise published < The 
Makiag, Description and Use of the Two 
lasliiinifnti tat Sea-men to find out the La- 
filadc.' London, 1602. 4to. 

Bluht. Charles. Essay on Me- 
dianical Drawing. Lond. 1811. 
rojal4to. 3/. 3s. 

Blvvt, H. See Blount, 

— Ser. J. J. Vestiges of an- 
cient Manners and Customs disco- 
fenble in modem Italy and Sicily. 
LomIoo, 1823. 8vo. 9s. 6d. 

CoHtainB pp. 293. Drury, 476, 18s. 

— Veracity of the Gospels and 
Acts of the Apostles, argued from 
the uodersigned Coincidences to be 
fcond in them, when compared, 1 • 
vidi each other, and 2. with Jose* 
plim. London, 1828. 8vo. 

An admirable supplement to Dr. Lard- 
Mil's Ciedabaity of the Gospel History, and 
tsDK.F^Ity's Harm PauUuae. 

— Leonard. Aase upon Asse, a 
PdcM. 8to. 




Boa DEN, James. Inquiry into 
the Authenticity of various Pic- 
tures and Prints, which, from the 
Decease of the Poet to our own 
Times, have been offered to the 
Public as Portraits of Shakspeare. 
London, 1824. 8vo. with five por- 
traits, 15s. LAUGE PAPER, in 4to. 
1/. lis. 6J. 

— Memoii*s of the Life of John 
Philip Kemble, Esq. including a 
History of the Stage from the Time 
of Garrick to the present Period. 
London, 1825. 8vo. 2 vols, with 
portrait after Sir T. Lawrence. 28s. 

Mr. Boaden likewise published Memoiri 
of Mrs. SiddoDS, 8vo. 2 vols, with a portrait 
of this celebrated actress after Sir Thomas 

Boa RDM AN, Thomas. Diction- 
ary of the Veterinary Art. Lond. 
1805. 4to. with 39 plates, W. Is. 

BoATE, Gerard. Irelands Na- 
tural History, published by Samuel 
Hartlib. London, 1652. 12roo. 
3s. 6d. 

' A work excellent in its kind ; as not 
only Adl of truth and certainty, but written 
with much judgment, order and exactness.' 
— Nicoboti, Bindley, pt. i. GOO, 58. 6d. 

— Natural History of Ireland, 
in three parts, by Dr. Gerard 
Boate, Thomas Molineaux, M.D. 
and others. Dublin, 1726. 4to. 

Towneley, pt. ii. 143, 1 Is. Bindley, pt. 
I 720, 158. Heath, 4778, 18s. An edi- 
tion, Dublin, 1755. 4to. Marquis of 
Townsbend, 375, 1/. lis. 6d. Another, 
Dublin, 1790, 4to. 

BoAYSTUAU, Peter. Theatrum 
Mundi, whereunto is added a 
Worke of the Excellencie of M an- 
kynd. Englished by John Alday. 
London, 1574. 16mo. 

Black letter. Contains 987 pages, be- 
ndes' title, dedication to Sir Wm. Chester 
Knt the printer to the reader ; Peter Boays- 
tuaa to tiie reader ; and table. Burton was 
probubly acquainted with tliis work, as 
there arc many passages in his Anatomy 
of Melancholy, which bear a strong resem- 
blance. Boswell, 227, 3s. 6d. Bindley, 
pt. i. 461, 48. — An edition without date, 
Steevens, 773, 4b. 6d. Inglis, 03, 8s.— 
Another, 1581. Sotheby's in 1824, 19s. 



Bobbin, Tim. See Colliee, 

Boccaccio, Giovanni. II De- 
camerone. Londra, 1725. 4to. 14s. 

An accurate edition. ' Histampato se- 
condo I'Edizione dell* Anno 1527, da P. 
BoUi/ Drury, 570, morocco, 1/. 78. 
LARGE PAPER, in foIio, 1/. Us. 66. Stan- 
ley, 488, red raor. 15/. An edition of the 
Decamerone, Lond. 1727, 12mo. 2 vols. 
108. Cd. 

— Decamerone (da Vincenzio 
Martinelli, colla Prefazione delT 
Editore,e Vita di Boccaccio,Tavola 
ed Osservazioni). Londra, 1762. 
royal 4to. 18s. 

A fine edition, containing pp. xvi. and 
574, * Tavola,* 8 pages, and * Osxenra- 
zioni,' 35 pp. also a port, of Martinelli, en- 
graved by F. Bartolozzi. 

— II Decamerone. Londra, 
1792. 4to. n. Is. 

A reprint of Martinelli*8 edition. 
There are several editions bearing the 
imprint of London, which were printed 

— II Decamerone, con un Dis- 
corso critico da Ugo Foscolo. 
Londra, 1825. crown 8vo. 3 vols, 
with a portrait and ten engravings 
by Fox, from designs by Stothard, 
21. 12s. 66. 

* In this new and beautifully printed edi- 
tion of the Decameron, the text has been 
carefully revised by Signor Foscolo, whose 
prefatory essay on the genius of Boccaccio 
will afibrd great pleasure and instruction to 
the admirers of the old Italian novelist' 

LAROB PAPER, in demy 8vo. 4/. 14s. 6d. 
ON INDIA PAPER, 61, 6s. One copy was 
taken off upon vellum, now in the collec- 
tion of George Hibbert, Esq. Stothard's 
Illustrations are sold separately, 1 1. Proofs, 
2L India Taper Proofs, 3/. 

— Decameron, translated into 
English. London, 1625, 1620. 
folio, two parts. 

Part i. 1C25. Bindley, pt. i. 191, 1/. 
13s. Partii. 1620. White Knights, 767, 
nissia, R 10s. Bindley, pt. i. 190, 1/. 
Gordonstoun, 313, U. 4s. Two Parts, 
1625, 1620. Garrick, 527, 1/. 13s. 
Nassau, pt i. 446, with both the fronts, 
and wood-cats, 2/. lis. 

— Novels and Tales. London, 
1684. folio, with portrait by 
White, 98. 

Another, London, 1712, 8vo. Gold- 
smid, 693, 78. Roxburghe, 6305, W. 4s. 

Boccaccio, Giovanni. The De- 
cameron, translated from the Ital- 
ian. London, 1741. Svo. 10s. 6d. 

While Knights, 481, morocco, 31. Nas- 
sau, pt. i. 277, lOs. 

— The Decameron, translated 
from the Italian. The second Edi- 
tion, corrected and improved, to 
which are prefixed. Remarks on the 
Life and Writings of Boccaccio, and 
an Advertisement (by Dubois.) 
London, 1804. 8vo. 2 vols. 16s. 

ROYAL PAPEn, R ll8.6d. Reprinted 
1820, 8vo. lOs. 6d. 1822, 1 8mo. 4 vols. 7s. 

— The Boke calleddc John Bo- 
chas descriuinge the Falleof Princis 
Princessis and other Nobles, tras- 
lated ito Englissh, by John Lad- 
gate, &c. London, by Richard 
Pynson, 1494. folio. 

First impression, in black letter, consist- 
ing of 2H leaves, with wood cuts. There 
are two sets of signatures, 'each running in 
eights ; the first extends to v, the second to 
II, which has only three printed leaves. The 
prologue occupies 3 leaves, a i being blank. 
Copies are in the Bodleian and in Earl 
Spencer's library. Towneley, pt. i. russia, 
27/. 16s. 6d. 

— Another Edition. London, 
by Richarde Pynson, 1527. folio. 

This edition has double columns, run* 
ning titles, and the leaves numbered, with 
catch-words, regularly every page to folio 
xxxviii. afterwards only at the close ofevery 
signature, and even then sometimes omitted. 
It contains fol. ccxn. Deut, pt. L 345, 
russia, 9/. 

— Another Edition. London, 

byR. Tottel, 1554. folio. 

Black letter, with wood cuts. Prefixed 
are a table of contents, and ' The Prologs 
of John Lydgate,' at the end of whldi is t 
cut of the author. The poem is divided into 
nine books, with a cut before each of tbeai, 
and ends on fol. ccxix. To this edition it 
annexed ' The Daunceof Machabree,'wluch 
finishes on fol. CCxxiii. Towneley, pt i. 
428, 2/. 12s. 6d. White Knights, 772. 
3/. 3s. Alchome, 02, 3/. 9s. BibL Anglo- 
Poet 416, 6/. 6s. 

— Another Edition. London, 
by John Wayland, 1558. folio, 
21. 2s. 

This edition in black letter, without eoti^ 
seems to have been printed at two presses. 
The first seven boolts contain 'Iblio Clxiiii, 
besides the title and table of contents on 
sign. -|- six leaves, and the first prologue <m 




f^ it "g. A. The righlh and ninth 
bMAt with > Irnh Kt of ilgnituiM, eon- 
Ijin &1. iixrii ; ud h>Te uiolhcr lt«f mlh ' 
the tJOe • A Mcmoritl of luch Princn,' &ir. 
■t the bMk of which ii ' The copy of (he 
«"«»*» Maieitiei Letleri PjtenKi/ Bot- 
b»tbc, 3!ai, morocco, 13(. Ji. 6d. Field, 
ITIS, rania, 3/. Si. 

— AnotherEdition. London, by 
John Wayland. folio. 

Bhck letter. A ropy of Ihli edition i> 
in the Britiih Miuenm. Nuuiu, pt. i. 
<47. II. ISi. Roicoc, 1329, it. I89. Sir 
M. M. SykM,pt. ii. 260, nitii*, 31. 13a. Od. 

'Theworkii not improperly ilyled ■ mi 
of tntfedicL It iinot merely ■ norratiTeor 
owaendiwittfortbeirrinkind miifortunei. 
Tie pbn it perfectly dranulie. and pmrlly 
■iiggi Had by the pageants of the timea. 
B»ery pcraOBagc ii luppoied 10 appear b«- 
fcre the pact, and to rehite hia reipeclive 
nfleringi : and ifae Ggorti of iheie tpeetrei 

Mm was pdpntar here, becauu il had no 
En^nfa ewDplet.'— IFoTton. 

— Philocopo, composed in Tta- 
liao, by M. loho Bocace, turned 
into Englivh, by H. G. London, 
by Abell Jefies, 1587. 

Dedicated to ' M. V/m. Rice, Eiq.' L, in 
tichla. Tewneley, pi. i. !90, 3L It. 

— Amorous Fiammetta, done 
inio English, by B. Giouano del 
M. Temp. (Bart. Yoitn^ of the 
Hid. Temple). With Notes in ihe 
Hargine, and with a Table in the 
Bade of the cheefegt Matters. 
Viintcd by L C. 1587. 4to. 

« ._ .. . .. , 5j^ William Hatton 
Newman, To the noble 
I of the Ciitie of Caitale, 
fa Ma Fenata ; Gabriel Giolito. — The 
aacboor Ut Prologue. Fiammelta ipeak- 
Mk.' llSlnve*. IngUi, 16», SL 19a. 8d. 
KntoTglw, dSOS, lot. 10a. 

— A frfeasaant and delightfull 
Hiitory of Galesns, Cymon, and 
Iphigenia, deicribing the Ficlcle- 
MM of Fortune iu Love, translated 
OBt of Italian into English verse, 
br T. C. Gentleman. Printed by 
Sicholai Wyer. 12mo. 

Bbdt kder, In ataniu. 

— A notable Historye of Nasta- 
gto and Tianenari, no leu pitiefull 
thin plcuaont, translated oat of 
Italian into English Vene, by C.T. 

London, by Thomas Purefootc, 
1569. 12rao. 

Black letter. According to Warlon, 
' Tye hu unluckily applied to tbii tale, the 
■ame aunia nhich he uied in Irinalatlng 
the Acta of the Apostlca.' 

— Sigisraonda and GuJacard. 
See WiLTER. William. 

— De Praclaris Mulierlbus, 
translated fro-n Bocasse, by Henry 
Parcare, Knight, Lord Morlev. 
London. 1789. 8vo. 

A translalion of the Pretkie, and a Spe- 
omen of the work only in Waldron'a Li- 
terary Muaeum. 

BocAnE, Madam du. Letters 
concerning England, Holland and 
Italy. London, 1770. 12mo. 2 
vols. 5s. 

An entertaining work. 

BoccALiNi, Tntjan. Adver- 
tisements from Parnassus, trans- 
lated into English, by H. Carey, 
Earl of Monmouth. Lond. 1656 
or 7. folio, with portrait of the Earl 
by Faithome, 53. 

Reprinted 1069, 10T4, with Ihe Politick 
Touchstone, and in 170G, with a prebce by 
Ilnghet, the Poet. Other worki by this 
writer hme been Iranilsted into Engliah, 
Til. Newea from Pnrnaisui. Helicon, I6S!. 
4i. and The new-feund Politiche, 1620, 
4lo. 6(. 

Bocco, Paulus. Icones et Do- 
se riptiones variorum Plantarum 
Sicilian, Melttffi, Gallice et Halite. 
Oxon. 1674. 410. Ss. 

Edited hy Morison. 

Boccus. — The History of Kyng 
Boccus and Sydracke. Translated 
by Hugo of Caumpeden oute of 
Frenchein to Engtisshe. Lond. by 
Thomas Godfray. (1510?)4to. 

Black lellcr. B. to S. i. in the lecond 
alrhabet, with title and table of contenls. 
A romance in Tcne, coDsiitJng of qncitions 
and aniwera. 362 in number. Steevcnn, 
TT4. (no title) 21. 19b. Roxburfihe, 3!;2, 
30/. reaald While KnighU, &50, 351. Us. 

Stt Wirton'i Poetry, il, 408.. Amei, by 
Dibdin, iii. ZD. Ril«m'a Bibl. Poet. SOI. 

— The Bolte of Demaundes, 
of the Scyence of Philosophe and 
Astronomyc, betwene Kynge Boc- 
cus and the Phylosopher Sydracke. 
Printed by Rober Wyer. 12mo. 



Contains D. in fours. This tract has 
neither prefece nor introduction : but it 
consists of 24 question?, with their answers 
in prose. 

In the British Museum is ' Certajne 
Questyons of Kyngc Boctlius of the Maners, 
Tokyns, and Condycions of Man, with the 
Answeres made to the same, by the Phylo- 
sopher Sydrac. Printed by Rob. Wyer.* 
12mo. Black letter. 

Boccus. — A Booke of Medicines 
of King Bocchus. Lond. by Rob. 
Redman. 4to. 

BocHART, Samuel. Hierozoi- 
con, sive bipertitum Opus de 
malibus S. ScriptunB. Londini, 
1663. folio, 2 vols. 1/. Is. 

' His Geographia sacra hath made' him 
famous in the learned world, as also his 
Hierozbicon ; for both which, eminent au- 
thors do in a high manner celebrate his 
name.* — Ant. a Wood, 

BoCHAs. See Boccaccio. 

BooEKiiAM, John. Politeu- 
phuia. Wits Commonwealth. Lond. 
1598. 8vo. 

A collection of sententious extracts from 
the ancient moral philosophers, &c. fre- 
quently reprinted. The eighteenth edition 
was printed 1661. Anedidon 'newly cor- 
rected and amended.' 1644. 68. Palladis 
Tamia, Wits Treasury, by F. Meres, forms 
a second part. 

— Wits Theater of the little 
World. London, 1598. 16mo. 

Reprinted 1599. Gordonstoun, 308, 
1/, 15s. NassaUfpt. il 1252, l/« Is. Perry, 
pt iv. 459, 5s. 6d. 460, XL 13s. 

Bodenuam, John. Bel-vedere, 
or the Garden of the Muses. Lon- 
don, 1600. 16mo. 

A collection of mere sentences, from 
most of the principal poets living and dead, 
consisting of pp. 236, besides the table of 
contents, &c [R. in eights.] Sir M. M. 
Sykes, pt i. 239. (one leaf MS.) 3/. Perry, 
pt. iv. 315. 5^ pt. i. 533, 61. 6s. Steevens, 
1 127, with additions and a MS. index, 11/. 
15s. Bindley, pt i. 455, 13/. 2s. 6d. 
Bibl. Anglo-Poet 55, 25/. 

— Garden of the Muses. Lon- 
don, 1610. 8vo. 

Contains pp. 250. Mr. Oldys doubted 
the existence of this edition, in which the 
editor's prccroium is omitted. It consists 
of pp. 250. Nassau, pt i. 278, 2/. 15s. 
Sir. M. M. Sykes, pt L 240, 21. 18s. 
Sotheby's in 1821, morocco, 4/. and 6L 6s. 
Bibl. Anglo-Poet 56, 21/. 

— England's Helicon. Lond. 
1600. 4to. 


This first edition coosistiiig of 192 pp« 
contains 150 poems. The arms of Boden- 
ham, are on the back of the title page. 

— England's Helicon, or the 
Muse's Harmony. Lond. 1614. 8vo. 

Second edition. 

— England's Helicon, with a 
biographical and critical Introduc- 
tion, and the Variations and Addi- 
tions of the two Editions. Lond. 
1812. 8vo. 

Reprinted entire in the British Biblio- 
grapher, at which time one hundred and 
twenty copies were printed off seperately 
in 4to. Published at 2/. 2s. 

BoDRRiE, Antoine Le Fevre de 
la. Ambassades en Angleterre 
sous le Regne d'Henri IV. & la 
Minority de Louis XIII. depuisles 
Annees 1606 jusqu'en 1611. 1750. 
12mo. 5 vols. 10s. 6d. 

BooiN, John. The six Bookes 

of a Common -Weale, out of the 

French and Latine copies, done 

into English, by Richard Knolles. 

London, 1606. folio. 7s. 

This work of Bodin's, says Giilbrd, was 

once read at our universities. It is dedi- 
cated to Sir Peter Manwood, Knight. 

BoDius, Anglice^ Botd. 

BoDLEY, Sir Thomas. Oratio 
funebris habita in Schola Theok>« 
gica in Obitum clariss. Equitis 
Tho. Bodley. Oxon. 1613. 4to. 

This oration written by Is. Wake is re* 
printed in Dr. Will. Bates's Vitae selects 
rum aliquot Virorum. London. 1681. AUh 
In the British Museum Catalogue it it 
attributed to Richard Corbet, Biihop oC 

— Ivsta Fvnebria Ptdemtti 
Ozoniensis, Thomoe Bodleii Equi* 
tio avrati, celebrata in Acadfimii 
Oxoniensi. Mensis Martii 29, 1613. 
Oxon. 1613. 4to. 

A copious collection of funereal Tertet 
by Archb. Laud, Robert Burton, author of 
the Anatomy of Melancholy, Isaac Casau- 
bon, &c. Bindley, pt. ii. 1227, It 28. 

— Bodleiomnema : seu Car- 
mina et Orationes in Obitus ejus. 
Oxon. 1613. 4to. 

Bindley, pt i. 1469. XL Is. 

— The Life of Sir Thomas Bod- 
ley, the honourable Founder of the 
Publick Library in the UnhrerMty 
of Oxford, Written by himsdf. 
Oxford, 1647. 4to. 


BioAfj, pt & aM8, 41. 5s. SirM.M. 
Sykcs, pt.i. 437, 18c Namu, pt. L 2380, 
inli^ with aporttmit tnd ^iew of the library 
inMTted, St. 18t. 

ThU tract eondsting of SO pp. including 
die title and epirtle to the reader^is reprint- 
ed In the fimrth volume of the Harleian 

BoDLBT, Sir Thomas. Litters 
D. Tho. Bodleio r» %d»v ex Morbo 
decombeotiy missos. Oxon. 1658. 

PoUished finom the originalt In the Bod- 
Wan librarr. 

— ReliqufB Bodleianee. 1703. 
See Hearne, Thomas. 

Bodleian Library. — Ecloga Ox- 
nio-CantabrigeoBis, tributa in Li- 
bros daos: Opera et Studio T. I. 
[Thomas James]. Londini, 1600. 

Cootaina pp. 284, including two title- 
Liber prior continet catalogum con- 
libronnn mamucriptorunf in illustla- 
Ubliotheds, doanun llorentissimarum 
Ozoiii« et Cantabrigis. Dber 
', cataloguin eomndem disdnctum et 
dinfiwitiiin aecnndam quatuor facilitates, ob- 
serrato tarn in nominibos, qaam in operibus 
^■Sy alphabetico liteiarum ordine. 

— Catalogus universalis Libro- 
mm in BiUiolheca Eodlciana. Ac- 
cenit Appendix Librorum recens 
allatoram. Oxon. 1635-6. 4to. 5s. 

Thia catalogue was prepared by Dr. 
Theoiaa James. The first edition appeared 
in 1605t the second with addidons in 1620. 
Imltis inaerted all the MSS. then in the 
BeAoBB Libiary. The appendix was writ- 
tea hy John Rouse. 

— Catalogvs Interpretvm S. 
ScnpCfie, jvxta Nvmeronrm Ordi- 
nev, qvo extant in Bibliotheca 
BodJeiana : olima D. Jamesio in 
Ufom Theologorum concinnatus, 
mmc Tero alterft fere Parte auctior 
ledditiu. &c. Oxoniee, 1635. 4to. 

Contains pp. 55. 

. — A Nomenclator of such 
[ Tracts and Sermons as have beene 
priated or translated into English 
upon any Place or Booke of Holy 
Seriptare. Now to be had in the 
BOit famoos and publiqne Library 
of Sir Thomas Bodley, in Oxford. 
1642. ISino. 

A carioBi litlle week, pnblished by John 
▼crancil or Venmllas^ fynmAy in some 



request, as two editions were published 
within a short time. 

Bodleian Library.— Catalogus 
Librorum impressorum Bibliothecse 
Bodleiance, a Tho. Hyde. Oxon. 
1674. folio. 6s. 

Contains pp. 766, including the title, 
dedication, preface and errata, with the 
same portraits of the founders, on the letter 
press, at the beginning of each letter, as 
are in Wood*s Hist Univ. Oxon. Prefixed 
to this catalogue is a print by M. Burghers, 
containing the portraits of Sir T. Bodley, 
Wm. Earl of Pembroke, Abp. Laud, ^ 
Kenelm Digby and John Selden. 

— Catalogus impressorum Li- 
brorum Bibliothectt Bodleiance. 
Oxonii, 1738. folio. 

Vol. L title; preface, signed Rob. Fysher; 
Hyde's address, 6 pages ; the catalogue, 6 11 
pages [A— 7 P 2]. The portraits of Sir 
Thomas Bodley, William Earl of Pembroke, 
Abp. Laud, Sir Kenelm Digby, and John 
Selden, designed and engraved by M. Bur- 
ghers, on one plate, are prefixed. Vol, ii« 
half-title, the catalogue, I— ZYPE, 714 
pages ; errata, 1 leaf 

Bindley, pt. i. 1330, U. 10s. larob 


— Nvmmorum Antiquorvm Scri- 
niis Bodleianis reconditorvm Cata-* 
logvsy cvm Commentarioy Tabvlis 
aeneis, et Appendice. Oxonii. 
1750. folio. 15s. 

Title ; Latin dedication, signed Francis- 
cus Wise ; preface, p. v — xiv ; half-title, 
and clenchus opens on the reverse; the 
catalogue, A — Krrr 2, 343 pages ; index, 
13 pages. On pages 251 — 95, are twenty* 
three plates of coins, also twenty-nine plates 
of coins and other embellishments engraved 
by M. Burghers and J. Green are on the 
several pages of letter-press. 

— Bibliothecae Bodleianee Co- 
dicum Manuscriptorum Orienta- 
Hum Catalogus. Pars 1. a Joanne 
Uri. Pars II. ab Alex. Nicoll, 
A.M. Oxon. 1787, 1821. 1/. lOs. 
& 18s. 

— Notitia Edition nm quoad 
Libros Hebr. Gr. et Lat. quoe vel 
primarice vel Seec. xv. impressoey 
vel Aldina?, in Bibl. Bodl. adser- 
vantur. Oxon. 1795. 8vo. Is. 6d. 

This valuable notitia is ascribed to Dr. 
Randolph the late Bishop of London, and 
the Rev. Dr. Wm. Jackson. It contains 
pp. 64, including the title and contents. A 



new edition id now preparing by the Rev. 
Dr. Bandinel. 

Bodleian Library. — CodicesMSS. 
et iropressi, cum Notis MSS. olim 
D\ Orvilliani, qui in Bibliotheca 
Bodieiana adservantur. Oxon. 
1806. 4to. 8s. 

Some copies were struck off in folio. 

— Catalogus sive Nolitia MSS, 
qui a ce). £. D. Clarke comparati 
in Bibliotheca Bodieiana adser- 
vantur. luseruntur Scholia quoe- 
dam inedita in Platonem et in Car- 
mina Gregorii Nazianzcni. Oxon. 
1812, 1815.410.2 Farts. 

Part I. by Professor Gaisfurd. Part the 
second, containing the Oriental MS. was 
edited by Alex. Nicoll, A.M. 

— Letters written by eminent 
Persons in the 17lh and'l8th Cen- 
turies: to which are added, Hearne*s 
Journies to Reading and to Whad- 
don Hall, and Lives of eminent 
Men, by John Aubrey, Esq. The 
whole now first published from the 
Originals in the Bodleian Library 
and Ashmolean Museum; with 
biographical and literary Illustra- 
tions. London, 1813. 8vo. 2 vols, 
in 3. 

Vol. i. pp. xxiii and 304. Vol. ii. pt. i. 
pp. 352. Vol. ii. pt ii. pp. 353--C68. 

Strettell, 779, 11.78. Brockctt, 1881. 

— A Catalogue of the Books 
relating toBritish (includingWelsh, 
Scottish and Irish) Topography, 
and Saxon and Northern Litera- 
ture, bequeathed to the Bodleian 
Library in the Year mdccxcix by 
Richard Gough, Esq. F.S.A. Ox- 
ford, 1814. 4to. 1/. lis. 6d. 

Title ; extract from Gough's will, and a 
notice of the mode of arrangement, signed 
B. Bandinel ; the catalogue and index pp. 

— Catalogus Librorum impres- 
sorum quibus Bibliotheca Bod- 
ieiana aucta est Annis 1825, 6, 
7. folio. 

Published annually. 

— Oxoniana (being Selections 
from Books and Manuscripts de- 
posited in the Bodleian Library.) 
London. 12mo. 4 vols. 12s. 

BoDMERy — . Noah : at- 


tempted from the German, in 
twelve Books. By Joseph Collyer. 
London, 1767. l2mo. 2 vols. 5s. 

A miserable translation. 

BoDuuoAK, Nicholas, other- 
wise Adams. An Epitome of the 
Title that the Kynges Maiestie of 
England hath to the Souereigntie of 
Scotlande continued vpon the aun- 
cient Writers of both Nations from 
the Beginyng. London by Richard 
Grafton, 1548. 

Black letter. A copy is in the British 
Museum. White Knights, 492, Si. 15s. 

BoECE. See Boetiiius. 

Bo EM us, Joannes. Manners 
and Customs of all Nations, trans- 
lated by E. Aston. London^ 1611. 
4to. 5s. 

Reed, 3335, lis. For another translation 
of this work, sec Watreman, WilUam. 

BoERiiAAVE, Herman. Apho- 
risms concerning the Knowledge 
and Cure of Diseases, translated 
into English, with Observations 
and Explanations. London, 1735. 
8vo. 5s. 

On this work Van Swieten wrote an ex- 
cellent commentary which jioa likewise 
been translated into English. 

— Elements of Chemistry^ trans- 
lated by P. Shaw. Lond. 1753. 
4to. 2 vols. 10s. 6d. 

An excellent translation of a work once 
in the highest estimation. Many other 
works^ written by this most illustrions Phy- 
sician and Professor at Leyden have been 
translated into English. 

BoETnius, A. M. T. S. Dc 
Consolatione Philosophise. Glas- 
guse, 1751. 8vo. 3s. 6d. 4to. 5i. 

A correct edition, Sto. Williams, S7I, 
morocco, lOs. 

— Consolationis Philosophne 
Libri, Anglo-saxonice redditi ab 
Alfredo Rege, ex RecensioneChrist 
Rawlinson. Oxon. 1698. roytl 
8vo. with a head of Junias by Bar- 
ghers, after Vandyke. 

Bindley, pt. i. 823, U 3s. Deiit,pt i. 
235, morocco, XL 7s. Wimams, 277, ns- 
rocco, 2/. 15s. 

— The Boke of Conaolacion of 
Philosophic, by Boecias (translated 
by Geoffrey Chaucer and printed by 
Caxton). folio. 





Mak k in Ladn lod Engliih ) the | 
M died Bt Inglh, but onlf ■ few 
riDM «f a period, and ibcn llw | 
'Ibupertdd Id Engliih; uid u on ' 
tj UHin and Englub throughoul, I 
I wWtyigpt cditioDt of Chaucer ; ' 
iht Latu and EngUih liie b; side 
mod'* edition of tbubook, 15S6.' 
TfcbeditioQ huneilberilgnstum, 
I, cMctawotd*, DOT cap:tal initiiU: 
■ wn n in nambcT. A full page 
90 linn. Copin arc lo be Tound in 
iik Museum, Bodleian Libmry, 
B Odlege Liimiy, Oilord, and in 
■KCT*! and (he Hon- Mr. Gren- 
dfactioDi. &« Amea, by Dibdin, 
(. BiW, Spencer. iT.310— !. White 
T74, iinpeifcct,nuda, SSL 111. ed. 
^ 173, impeifect, 931. 111. 
rhe Boke of Comfort, trans- 
nto Eoglesse Ton^, En- 
I in the exempt MoDaateiy 
Mtok in Denshyre, by me 
rhomaa Ry chard Monke, 


inLed at Tailitock, c 

ft 7, in eigfati. It n 
fith b7 John Walton, i^anon ni 
■d Sob-dean at Yotk, at the' re- 
r tlitabeth Berkeley, and wai 
ba Ifae year lilO. According to 
~ The printing compawr who let 

_r>h;. hnAir uvinii In h>» h»n 

■ of tbu book aeer 
Dntdunan or a aeiman.' A cop 
r Bodleian library. Qoogh, 061 
K-aold, bring imperfect, for Hi 
Srt Wood'i Atben. Oion. by Di 

Boetius de Consolation ae 
iphiee, translated by George 
I alias Coldewel. I^ndon, 
■ Cawoode, 1556. 4to. 
hBcT, conlaining F f i, in foun, 
1 1> Queen Mary. The Latin ii 
!■ ttalie*, on the inner ma^n. 

fire Bookes of Philosophi- 
cmfort, translaUd by J. T. 
1, 1609. 12mo. 

■deed by Dr. Adam Clarke. Con- 
it09, dedicated to the Counleiw 
tDmrager. Bindley, pt. i. 61S,II). 

Of tha Consolation of Philo- 
made English and illus- 
whh Notes by the Right 
tiduud (Graham) Lord Vis- 
Preitoa. SectHid Edition 

corrected. London, I712.8vo. 3s. 

A fiood ttanataliDn, oiiginally puUJahed 
in 169S. Bra. 

— Consolation of Philosophy, 
translated into En^liah, by W. 
Causton. Lxind. 1730. 8ro.3s.6d. 

— Consolation of Philosophy, 
translated, with Notes and lilua- 
trations, by the Rev. Philip Rid- 
path. London, 1785. 8vo. 5b. 

An eicellent trsnalation with Tery oaefut 
I, and a life of Boelhiua, drawn up with 
gnat accuracy and fidelity. Roiburghc, 
1397, 9i. fid. 

— Consolation of Philosophy, 
translated by R. Duncan. Edinb. 
1789. 8vo. 

— The Metres of Boethius on 
the Consolation of Philosophy. 
London, 1792. 8vo. 3s. 

A ptiful perbiuiance. 

BoETiiius, Hector. Episcopo- 

rum Murthlacen. & Aberdonen. 

Vits. Prelo Ascensiano, 1522. 4to, 

The chief eceleiiutical blitory of the 
dioceie of Aberdeen. — Nie.ilim. It con- 
taini 40 learei incioding (he title ; (he lait 
blank. An Imperfect copy ii in the Kiilith 

— Scotorum Historic a prima 
Geotig Origine. Typis et Opera 
Jodoci Badii, 1526. folio. 

First edition, consiidnff of only ITboolu, 
of a work abounding wiUi fiction* of every 

— Scotorum Historise Lib. XIX. 
Paris. 1575. folio. W. lis. 6d. 

Beit edition. A copy ii in the Britiah 
Muackim. Koxburghe, SG8B, date 1174. 3/. 

— Hystory and Croniklis of 
Scotland, ttanslatit by John Bel- 
jendene. Edinburgh by me Thomas 
Dauidson. folio. 

Black letter. The preBiei on F, In lixeL 
The bittory has a Iresh act of lignaturei, 
and the leavn nuuibercd lo Fo. ccl. 
White Kiugbti, 40IS, morocco, C4I. I*. 
noiburgbe, 86B7, SSI. Towneley, pL 1. 
4S9, moToceo, 8il. On vellum, three 
copies known, one of which It In the library 
of the Uniienity of Edinburgh. Boece'i 
Hiitory waa epitomiied, continued to (be 
year 1SH6. mostly by Fr. Thynne, Lancia- 
ler berald, and printed with Holinshed'a 

— History and Chronicles of 
Scotland. Edinb. 1821. 4to. 2 vols, 
with cuts. 5/. 59. 



Of thUelegant reprint two hundred copies 
were struck off, and one or more cm vel- 

Boo AN, Zachary. Homenis 
EBPAIZON, sive Comparatio Ho- 
meri cum Srriptoribus Sacris, quo 
ad Normam Loquendi. Subnecti- 
tur He>iodus OMHPIZON. Oxonii, 
1658. 8vo. 

A learned philological work. Williams, 
911»nior. U. 7a. Heath, 3390, 12. lis. 
Perry, ptii. 135, 1/. 5d. 

Zachary Hogan likewise published ' A 
View of the Threats and Punishments re- 
corded in the Scriptures, alphabetically 
composed.' Oxford, 1653. 12mo. 4s. 
' Meditations of the Mirth of a Christian 
Life.' Oxford, 1653. 8vo. and * Help to 
Prayer.' Oxford, 1660. 8vo. 

BoGATZKY, C. H. V, Golden 
Treasury for the Children of God. 

Thia work lias gone through numerous 

Bogg Witticisms, or Dear Joy *s 
Common Places. 

Inglis, 205, 19s. 

BoouE, David, D. D. Essay 
on the Divine' Authority of the 
New Testament. Portsea, 1801. 

A rery valuable little work. Gosset, 
813, 5s. Frequently reprinted, the later 
editions with additions. 

— and Bennett, James. His- 
tory of Dissenters, from the Revo- 
lution in 1688, to the Year 1808. 
By David Bogue and James Ben- 
nett. London, 1808. &c. 8vo. 4 
vols. 2/. 2s. 

According to the Quarterly Review, 
Messis. Bogue and Bennett are any thing 
rather than impaitial writers. 

Bohemia. — History of the Bo- 
hemian Persecution, from 894 to 
1632. London, 1650. 12mo. 6s. 

In the British Museum are several works 
relating to Bohemia, particularly about the 
years 1619—20. An account of the Bo- 
hemian and Moravian Brethren, translated 
from the German, was published at Brad- 
ford, 1822. 12mo. 2s. 6d. 

BoiiUN, Edmund. Charac- 
ter of Q. Elizabetli. London, 
1693. 8vo. with portraits of Eliza- 
beth and Mary. 6s. 

Tlus short system of her policies was 
translated into French, and printed k la 
Haye, 1695, 8vo. Bohun, who was a 


I political and miscellaneoas writer of the 
17th century, published many other worin, 
chiefly oom^ations, now in little or no 

Boh UN, Wm. Privilegia Londini : 
or, the Rights, Liberties, Privileges, 
Laws, and Customs of the Citv of 
London. Third Edition* with Ad- 
ditions. London, 1723. 8vo. 68. 

This writer likewise published ierera! 
other law books. 

Boiardo, Matteo Maria. Or* 
lando innamorato, riformato da 
Lodovico Domenichi. Dublin. 
1784. 8vo. 3 vols. 18s. 

Many copies of this e(Ution, which was 
printed at the expense of Dr. Hill, at the 
press of the College of Dublin, wer^ de- 
stroyed by fire. 

— Orlando iDamorato. The 
three first Bookes done into Eng- 
lish heroicall verse, by R(obert) 
T(ofte). London, 1598. 4to. 

Steevens, 507, 128. but now worth con- 
siderably more. 


las. Les (Euvres. Giasg. 1749. 
12mo. 2 vols. 7s. 6d. 

A neat edition, printed by Fonlia. 

— Poesies, avec des Notes par 
M. de Levizac. Londres, 1800. 
12mo. 4 vols. 

Of the works of this writer the foHowiiif 
translations have appeared: The Ait of 
Poetry. London, 1683, 8to. 3t. Latria, 
a mock heroic Poem, 1708, 8vo. St. The 
Works, by Ozell and others, 17 IS, 810. S 
vols. 5s. Posthumous Works, 17IS— 4, 
8vo. 3 vols. Satires, 1808, 8to. 

B018OELIV, Louis de. Ancieit 
and Modem Malta, with au Ap- 
pendix, containing a number of 
authentic State Papers, &c. Lon- 
don, 1804 or 5. 4to. 3 Tok. with 
a map and other engravings. 

The first part of this work it deoeripCive. 
and contains an interesting acoomit of 
Malta and the Maltese ; the rest if histori- 
cal. FonthiU, 323, IL 10s. Dnry, 57S, 
russia, 1/. lOs. Brockett, AOl, \L 19ft. 

— Travels through Denmirk 
and Sweden : to which is prefixed, 
a Journal of a Voyage down tte 
Elbe from Dresden to Hamburgh: 
including a compendious histoncil 
Account of the Hanseattc L^teoe. 
By Louis de Boisgelin. LondiHii 



1810. 4to. 3 ifiAt. witli 13 views 
after Dr. C. Parry, U. Ss. 

Saoc mpjc* baTecolodted plsle*. Dniry. 

Bois Guibbert, Pierre le PesaDt 
de. Histoire de Marie Regne 
d'Ecoise. Parii, 1675. ]2mo. 3 

BoisiDS, Anglicf, BoTs, 
Bold, Henry. Wit a sporting 
ia a pleasant Grove of new Fancies. 
BjH.B. London,1657. small 8vo, 

Contaioa pp. 1 1 6, willi b portnit M. 33, 
KbL Anglo-PocL 4)3, BhidkT, pt. iii. 
»»], «. ISi. 

-~ Poemi Lyrique, Macaronique, 
Hermque, Sm. Lond. 1664. small 

Coaluiu pp. ISO. DcdinUd to ' Calo- 
Mi Unrj Wallop/ tSlet which m Mme 
lamiuvaiMarj tenet. Bibl. Anglo-VocL 
n, •(. ««. BindlcT, pL i. MT, bt. lOi. 
Id thr Britidi Mtuemn u ' Sl Qcorge'i 
Dif, Mocdto tbe CsroDilian orbit Uajesly 
Chuln II. London, 1861.' folio. 

— Latine Songs, with tbeir 
Eng^iah: aod Poems. London, 
1685. 8vo. 

CoDlwiu pp. ITS. K*MU, pL i. S7S, 
Ih. BindfeT' pt- ■■ ^48, li. 9t. pt. iii. 
list, »*. BiU. Aoglo-PiMt. 04, 
11. 111. «d. A thort uxounl of Bold vili 
k fcoBdin Wood'i Athene OunieDan. 

BoLiKOBROKE, Henry Saint 
John, Viscount. Works, published 
by David Mallet. London, 1754. 
4ao. 5 vols. 

Left m > legieT «> Dsn>i Mallet, Tor tra- 
dodaf (he memor? of Alex. Pope. Roko*. 
•7S,4J. h. Healh, 1075, IL Marquitor 
Tt mifciiiil, 3BS, 51. Tt. Sd. Drar;, 977, 
■U Ike Lmen, 7(. 7t. An edition Len- 
ity ])H, Sto. B volt. 

~ PbiloBophtcal Works. Pub- 
Ikbed by David MalleL London, 
1754. 6ra. 5 vols. W. li- 

— Letters and Correspondence, 
vitb State Paperai explanatory 
NotOi and a Translation of the 
tsreign Letters, &c. by the Rev. 
Gilbert Parke. London, 1798. 
4ta. 2 vols. 

Hcrtk, 1S70, 11- it- nvt paPEi, SJ.Si. 
Aaeiilias, 17V8, Sn. i voU. Pope pub- 
^tad u editka of Balingliroke'i Patriot 
II iihiiihMliiolj'. a copy of wUcfa, at the 
^ of Hr. BtaidteT'i Ubmy, pt.l. B»2, 
pthwt II, lOfc Pope likeiirite pnated ■ 
D of ail Lordthlp'i [eilen | 

on the tjdrit of pMriotitm, nYlted, tubdj. 
>ided, ailered, lind, in thort, Tc-modelled 
according to hii own iileu, Neartj tlie 
whole impreuion, coniistiiig of ISOO copiei, 
were burnt by hij Lordship. 

— Henry. Voyage lo the De- 
merary, containing a stafistical 
Account of the Seitlements there, 
and those on tlie Essequibo, the 
Berbice, and other contiguous Ri- 
vers of Guayaua. London, 1807. 

' The booli of a very ingenioui man.' — 
Quart. lUsiim. Fonthill, 3S6, 1 li. 

Bolton, Edmund. Element' 
of Armories. London, 1610. 4to: 


Contains 310 pp. dedicated to ' Henrie, 
Eail of MuitliamplDn,' &c. by E. B. after 
which are commendxlioni by W. Segu, 
and i olhen, and an addicts to tlie reader. 
Sir P. Thompson, 82S, 9s. Bindley, pt H. 
1300, 111. i.ARoa r<PEB, with the uini 
embluooed. Sir M. M. Sykei, pi. L 130. 
IL 17i. Tbit work eoniliii of a dialogue 
between two kniglita, Sir ETilace and Sir 
Amiai. ll It written in a Tery pedHDtk 
tlyle ; bul many curioui rumplet are 
brought forward, ind illnilraled by wood- 
cut*, iplritediy executed. 

— Nero CiEsar, or Monarcbie 
depraued, an historical Work. Lon- 
don, 1634. folio, with engraved 
title by Delaram, 10a. 6d. 

Sir P. Thompson, 1T3, 16s. Bindley, 
pt. i. 573, IDi. «d. Afler the Hrtt publica- 
tion there were lonie addiiioni made to the 
work, and a new title-page ilnicK off, with 
the dite 1637. Tlie cupiei hearing dale 
G!i, ha» not the M^nk:! fur the coint 
filled up, those of 1637 bavp. 

— Hypercritica; or, a Rule of 
Judgment for writing or reading 
our Histories. 

Thii Ughly esteemed and lentibie Irca- 
die, wriitcD in 1617, will be found in Nic. 
TriTeti Annalium Continuatio,andlnTo).li. 
ident Critical Eiiayi upon Engliih 
Poeu and Poeiy. Dr. Blin obserTci, that 
' MS. in the Bodleian [Rawl. Miic i.} 
ilaining part only of the H ) percritica, 
fen coruidFrably sith that from which 
Dr. Hall printed bit edition.' .K long ac- 
count of Bolton will be found in the Bo- 
graph ia Britannica. 

■ James. Filices Britannicte : 
An History of the British proper 
Ferns, witli Descriptions. Leeds 
and Huddersfield, 1785—90. 4to. 
21. 2s. 



Part i. pp. 50, with 31 coloured plates. 
Part.ii. pp. 60— 81, and plates coloured 

Bolton , James. History of Fun- 
gusses, growing about Halifax. 
Huddersfield, 1788^91. 4to. 4 
vols, with plates. 

Vol. i. Pages and Plates coloured, 44. 
Vol. ii. 45—92. Vol. iii. 93— 138. Vol. 
iv. Appendix or Supplement, 139 — 82. 
Towneley, pt. ii. 137, 4/. 14s. 6d. Sir M. 
M. Sykes, pt i. 441, 21. lis. 

— Natural History of British 
Song Birds. London, 1794 — 6. 
4to. 2 vols, with coloured plates. 

Sotheby's in 1826, 21. 7s. Towncley, 
pt. ii. 325, 2/. lOs. 

— Sir Richard. Justice of Peace 
for Ireland, enlarged and corrected 
by Michael Trovers, 1750. 4to. 
10s. 6d. 

A former edition appeared, Dublin, 1 683, 
folio. In Harris' Jlibernica will be found 
Sir R. Bolton's Declaration, setting forth 
how, and by what means, the laws and 
statutes of England came to be of force in 
Ireland, with Serjeant Mayart's answer to 
Sir R. Bolton. 

— Robert. Worke of the 
foure last Things, Death, Judg- 
ment, Hell, and Heaven: with an 
Assise Sermon, and Notes on Jus- 
tice Nicolls, his Funerall. Toge- 
ther with the Life and Death of 
the Author. Published by E(d- 
ward) B(agsh awe). Lond.1633.4to. 
with portrait by Payne, 1632. 15s. 

Williams, 235, 1/. lis. 6d. This 
learned and eminent puritan scholar like- 
wise published, A Discourse about the 
state of true Happiness. London, 1611, 
4to. 5s. A sixth edition appeared 1631. 
Instructions fur the right comforting afflicted 
Consciences. London, IG31, 4to. 6d. 
Helps to Humiliation. Oxford, 1631, 12mo. 
Carnal Professor. London, 1634, 12mo. 
Sermons. London, 1625, 33, 35, 40, 4to. 
4 vols. 1/. Threefold Treatise: The Saints 
sure and perpetual Guide, &c. Lon- 
don, 1634, 4to. Devout Prayers upon 
solemn occasions. London, 1638, ]2mo. 
Discourse concerning Usury. London, 
1637, 4to. The last VisiUtion, Conflicts 
and Death of Mr. Tho. Peacock, 1646. 
His life was published 1641, 4 to. 

— Samuel, D. D. Dead 
Saint speaking to Saints and Sin- 
ners living. London, 1657, folio, 


with portrait by W. Faithorne, 
10s. 6d. 

— Solomon. Extinct Peerage 
of England. London, 1769. 8vo. 

A very useful work, consisting of pp. 315, 
with a preface and index. Heath, 1622, 
7s. 6d. Roxburghe, 8671, 10s. 6d. 

Bolts, William. Considerations 
on India Affairs. London, 1772- 
5. 4to. 2 Parts in 3 vols. 

Bombay. — Transactions of the 
Literary Society of Bombay. Lon- 
don, 1819, 20, 3. 4to. 3 vob. 
with plates. 

Vol. i. published at 2/. 12s. 6d. VoL iL 
3/. 3/. Vol. iii. 3/. 13s. 6d. 

Bom BET, L. A. C. LiFea of 
Haydn and Mozart ; with Observa- 
tions on the Genius of Metastasio, 
and the present State of Music in 
France and Italy. Translated from 
the French, with Notes by the 
Author of the Sacred Melodies. 
London, 1817. 8vo. 

A valuable, authentic, and inteieftiiig 
volume of musical biography. SbetteU, 
1586, I4s. 

BoMBiN, Paul. Vita et Mar- 
tyrivm Edmvndi Campiani, Mar- 
tyris Angli Societate lesv. Ant- 
verp. 1618. 12mo. 

A copy is in the British Muieuin. So- 
theby's in July, 1831, 2U Reprinted, ac- 
cording to Ant. a Wood, at Mantua, 1680, 

Bon. — John Bon and Mast Per- 
son. London by John Daye and 
Willy a Seres. 4to. 

A bitter satire, consisting of four Itna, 
against the reat Presence, written by one 
Luke a physician, of which only one copy 
is said to exist. It has been reprinted hi 
fac-simile, 1807, 3s. of which 25 copies wen 
struck off upon parchment or veOam. 
Brockctt, 1796, 8s. 6d. Constable, M4, 
6s. Nassau, pt i. 2329, 10a. SirM.lf. 
Sykes, pt ii. 92, morocco, XL 13a. Tome- 
ley, pt i. 388, 1 Is. 

Bon Ton Magazine, or Micro- 
scope of Fashion and Folly. Lon- 
don, 1791. 8vo. 4vols. 

Bona, John. Guide to Eter- 
nity, extracted out of the Writings 
of the holy Fat hers,and ancient Phi- 
losophers. London, 1709. 8yo. 31. 
Frequently reprinted. 

BoNARELLi, Guidub. de. Filli 





dl ScirOy Favola pastorale. Glasg. 
1763. small 8vo. 5s. 

— Filli di Sciro, translated into 
English by J. S. (probably James 
Shirley). London, 1655. 4to. 

Inglii' Old I^yt, 121,88. Roxbarghe, 
575S, ISs. 

Bom AYEKTURE, Saint. Legeda 
maior beatissimi Patris Francisci a 
Bonavetura. Paris, in Offic. Clau- 
dii CheualloD, venund. Londonijs. 

ConUint a to m 4 in eights. 

— Speculum Vite Christi ; or 
the Myrroure of the blessed Lyf of 
Jhesu Cryste. EmpryiUed by 
Wyllyam Caxton. Folio, with 

Compiled fit>m the Latin of Bonaven- 
tU9 De If editatione Vite Cristi. The Kng- 
EA tianslator i« suppoted to be John Mor- 
toBy an Augttitine friar. The volume ends 
oo llie n wt ne of sign, t iiij in eights, A 1 
Mn^ blank. On sign. S commences a short 
treadae of the sacrament of Christ's body. 
A copy b in Earl Spencer's library. Rox- 
fenfj^fte, 112, two leaves wanting. 45i. 
8m Amea, by Dibdin, i. 320--2. Bibl. 
Spencer, iv. 326-7. Warton's Poetry, 
Svo. iL 426. 

— Speculum Vite Cristi i^cum 
Tractatu brere de Sacramento et 
OratioDe ejusdem Sacramenti) 
Wettmonasterii, 1494. folio. 

Tkia volome, consisting of pp. 168 and 
16, wms printed by W. de Worde. 

— Vita Christi. London^ by 
W.deWoide 1517. 4to. 

letter. To D d 5, without W. de 

derice, in fours and eights, with 

WUte Knights, 1 106, 8/. Another 

, by W. de Worde, 1525. 4to. con- 

W bdiy leaves, with numerous cuts. 

1530, 4to. D d 6, with cuts. 



— The Myrrour of the blessyed 
Life of Jhesu Cyrst, translated into 
Engclish 1410. Emprinted by 
Richard Pynson. folio, with cuts. 

p.ffffta^ gign. r iiij in eights. Both W. 
4c Worde*! and the present impression are 
iiipiisfinm Cazton'f publication of the same 
ivoiIl There ii an edition by Pynson, in 

— Saiat Bonaventure his Les- 
sons, entitled Alphabetum Religio- 
sonim [translatea by Richard Whit- 

ford]. London, by W. de Worde, 
1532. 4to. 

— The Life of S. Francis. 
Douay, 1610. 8vo. 10s. 6d. 

Dr. Dibdin notices an edition of the Life 
of St. Francis, printed by Pynson. 

BoN D, John. King Charles his 
Welcome Home. London, 1641. 
4to. with wood-cut portrait, 12s. 

Bond likewise wrote England's Reioyc- 
ing for the Parliament's Retvrne. London, 
1641. 4to. The Poets Recantation having 
suffered in the Pillory, ib. 1642. 4to. 

Ant. a Wood mentions several of the 
name of John Bond, one who published 
commentaries on Horace and Pcrsius, ' a 
polite and rare critic, whose labours have 
advanced the commonwealth of learning 
very much,' another, autlior of * A Door of 
Hope,' 1641. and other religious treatises, 
' an impudent, canting, and blasphemous 
person, who by his doctrine did lead people 
to rebellion, advance the cause of Satan 
much, and in fine by his, and the endea- 
vours of his brethren, brought all things to 
ruin, merely to advance their unsatiable 
and ambitious desires.' 

— William. Supernatural Phi- 
losopher, or the Mysteries of Ma- 
gick. Second Edition. London, 
1728. 8vo. with 2 portraits and 3 
plates. 6s. 

Defoe's Life of Duncan Campbell, with 
a new title-page. 

BoNDE, Cuiielgus. Scutum Ijle- 
gale. London, 1660. with front, 
and port. 

Inglis, 208, 14s. 

— William. De Julii Clovii 
clari admodum Pictoris Operibus. 
[Londini]. 1733. folio. 

Of very uncommon occurrence. 

BoNKFONius, Joh. Carmina, 
edente Maittaire. Londini, 1720. 
12mo. 3s. 

— Belinda; or, the Kisses, 
translated, and accompanied with 
the original Latin. London, 1798. 
8vo. 4s. 6d. 

Booi Ominis Votum. See Wi- 
ther, George. 

Bonn EL, James. Harmony of 
the holy Gospels. London, 1705. 
8vo. 3s. 6d. 

Bonner, Edmund, Bishop of 
London. The Declaration of the 
Bishop of London^ to be published 



to the Lay People of his Diocese, 
concerning the Reconciliation. 

A broadside dated Lond. 12. Feb. 1554. 

BoNNERy Edmund, Bishop of 
London. Articles (37) to be en- 
quired of in his general Visita- 
tion, exercised by him in the City 
and Dioc. of Lond. an. 1554. 

On these articles, reprinted by Bishop 
Burnet in hit History of the Reformation, 
Jo. Bale ' has commented on with a great 
deal of raillery.' 

— Jniuuctions geuen in the Vi- 
sitatio of Eilniunde, Bishop of 
London. London, by John Ca- 
voody 1 555. 4to. 

Nine leaves. 

— Ilomelies not onely promised 
before in his Boke, intituled, A ne- 
cessary Doctrine, but also now of 
late adioyned, &c. Anno, 
London, by John Cawood. 4to. 

T 2, in fours. 

— A profitable and necessary 
Doctrine, with certayne Homelies, 
adioyned thervnto. Lond in i in 
.^ibus Joannis Cawodi, 1555. 


Ccc, in fours. ' This doctrine or cate- 
chism is said to have been composed by 
his chaplains, John Harpeofield and Henry 
Pendleton, and to be taken out of the In- 
stitution of a Christian Man, set out by K. 
Hen. 8. only varied in some points.* — Ant. 
a Wood. Bindley, pt i. 1097 (Doctrine 
and Homelics), 3/. IGs. Williams, 2^7, 
both parts, morocco, 4/. lOs. Sir M. M. 
Sykes, pt. iii. 708. Other editions, without 
date. Sir M. M. Sykcs, pt. i. 442, ]/. 18s. 

Another edition at the end of which is a 
' Tetrasticlton, in immodicam prxsentis 
temporis pluuiam.' Also, ' A Dialogue bo- 
twene man and the Ay re of lyke eflTectc* 
Then ' Domine salue fac' &c. 4to. Dr. 
Dibdin notices Bishop Bonner's Works. 
Also his Catechism, 4to. See catalogue of 
Dr. Lort's books, 1086. Bishop Bonner's 
Catechism, 1555. 4to. 

In Fox's Acta and Mon. of the Church, 
and fip* Burnet's History of the Reforma- 
tion, will be found much by and relating 
to Bishop Bonner. 

See AVALEf Lemeke. 
Bale, John. 
Brooke, T. 
Harpbsfield, John. 
Knell, T. 

— Richard. Treatise of the 
right Worshipping of Christ in 


the Sacrament. London, for Gual- 
ther Lin, 1548. 8vo. 

From Maunsell's Catalogne, p. 22. Se§ 
Strype's Keel. Mem. ii. 146. 

Bon n et, Charles. Philosophi- 
cal and critical Inquiries concern* 
ing Christianity, translated by J. L. 
Boissier. London, 1787. 8¥0. 

Several other works by this eminent na- 
tural philosopher, have been translated into 

Bonn EVA L. Memoirs of the 
the Bashaw Count Bonneval, 
from his Birth to his Death. Lon- 
don, 1750. 8vo.6s. 

An entertaining work, contuning much 
secret history o: Europe, told afttf the 
manner of romance. 

BoNNEY, Henry Kaye, D.D. 
Life of Jeremy Taylor, Bishop of 
Down, Connor and Dromore. 
London, 1815. 8vo. with poitraity 

Dr. Bonney likewise published Memoiii 
of T. F. Middleton, Bishop of Calcutta, and 
also Historic Nodces of Fotheringay. Oiin- 
dle, 1821. 8vo. Brockett, 348, 6s. 6d. 
349, LARGE PAPER, 6s. 6d. 

BoNNOK, T. Views of the in- 
terior and exterior of Gloucester 
Cathedral : drawn and engraved by 
T. Bonnor, in 1796, and reprinted 

in 1815. 8vo. 

Contains pp. 37, with 12 plates. Tht 
ichnography of the cathedral accompanies 
the letter>pres«. Some impressions of the 
plates were taken off in quarto, and a smalt 
number of the same size on India paper. 

— Interior and exterior Views 

of Goodrich Castle, on the Banki 

of the Wye, drawn and engraved 

hy T. Bonnor, 1798, and reprinted 

iii 1815. 8vo. 

i ontMns pp. 57, with an engraved page, 
and 13 plates. Some copies of the pisies 
were taken off in quarto ; and a limited 
nuTubcr oi the same size on India paper. 

BoNNYCASTLE, Jolin. Trea- 
tise on Ai^elira. Second Edition. 
London, 1823 8vo. 2 vols. U. 5f. 

Bonny castle likewise publLthed sevcisl 
other excellent elementary treatises, which 
have been fVequently reprinted. 

— R. H. Spanish America. 
London, 1818. Svo. 2 voU. with 
maps, 12s, 


BowtcKit, Ambrow. Patteni 
n joang Student! in the Unirer- 
ity, tet forth in the Lire of Mr. 
L mbroK Bon wicke, sometime Srho- 
ir of St. John's College, Cam- 
vidge. London, 1729. 12mo. 

Tbi* little Tolnrae «u gtnirall j ucribed 
> Booyer, tbe letnicd prialcr, though It 
ni fai raalitf tbc pmloctimi of Ambrue'i 
UIkt. The ptefiic« wa« irrittca by Bow- 

Book._The Book of good M»- 
len, translated out of the Frensshe 
oto Englisshe. (Imprinted by Wil- 
iam Caxlon, 1487.) folio. 

The prologue begini on lign. * I . and on 
hi lat leaf (thi Uth 4fttr lign. h v.) wt 
Bra Explicit ft hie tit finii per Cuton, 
M. ftc. L*U) Deo. Su Ama by Ulbdin, 


— ABokeofdiuenghottlyMa- 
en. Emprynted at Weatmynstre. 

TUi ralume, printed by Caiton, connita 

if duce timii« : the flnt (A— H, in 

4|feti} b entitled ' The TrcatyM of the ry 

?«yBtei of true Loue and euerlaMyng 

Vyidfloi dnwen at tbe Soke tbM i> wty- 

« ia Laten named Orologiu Sapiede.' 

te KCDnd (A— U, <n eigbti) ' A Tn>- 

^t Anrynge the i^ i'roffiU'i of Tribula- 

'm.' The ibird [30 leaTea, a and b in 

llM, c in faun] relatn to the Kule of St. 

^■■L The whole nilume c«ii>iilt of 

llMna. Willett. ITTT. Hit. S: A 

* ft in Etii Spencer*! library. 

'« AmM, bv l>ibdin, I. 330 -(. BiU. 

Her. IT 3!'a— 31. 

— The Booke of Death, or howe 
'hiiitiii'i Man ougiit to behaue 
idfe in the Danger of Death : 
Ik»v ihev arc to be comforted 
K de;tre Frends are tlcparted 
if this VVorld. Translated out 
•It Dutch. Iiy Md.'sCuiierdale. 
DO. 1579. 16nio. 

^ Hauiuc;ri CUalogue, p. 4S. 

The KUckc Booke. Printed 
C. I60J. 4to. 

1 Wner. Steewiu, 770, If. Si. 
|be, 6«71, 31. I3i. fil, Keeil, 
I. 111. 6d. Bind:('<r. pi. i. tl97. 
L Saundenin ISIH, 7l. IT., fid. 

Ite first and setoi^il Booke 
iplioe ; t(^ther with some 
'^the generall Asuemblies, 
«Dd confirming the same : 

BOO 223 

and an Act of PaHiament. 1621 . 


Gordonatoun, ISl, 13(. 

Book.— The Booke of Bulla, 
baited with two Cetituries of bold 
Jests and nimble Lies. London, 
1636. 12mo. 

— A Book of the Continuation 
of Forreign Passages, that is of 
Peace between theCommon-vrealtb 
and the Netherlands, England and 
France, from Generall Blake's 
Fleet, the Turks in Airier consent 
to deliver up all the English Slarei, 
and desire for Peace, with Account 
of the battering their Castle, setting 
their Fleet on Fire, Attempt on the 
Island of Jamaica, with Nanative 
of various Engagement!, with the 
Spaniards, &c. London, for T. 
Jcnner, 1657. 4to. 11. Is. 

A curioiu hiitorical tract, with plitei of 
tbe Uliing the Spaniih West India Fleet, 
Map or tbe liUnd of Jamaica, Btake'i En- 
gagement with the Turhi of Tunnii, For- 
ItaiU of [he Queen of Sweden, Aleiander 
VII. Lewii XIII, &c. IIollli, 903, «i. 
Towneley, pt. i. 318, 31. Ss. SauDd«3 In 
IBIS, SI. Si. 

— Book of Fortune. 1672. fol. 

Feriy, pt.L05t, 41. Ii. 

— Book of Rates now used in 
the Sin Cuiiom House of the 
Church and Court of Rome, with 
the Pardons for all Manner of Vil- 
lanies and Sums to be paid. 1674. 

Dent, pt. i. 340, !3t. 

— The Book of Fun, or the 
Quintessence of Wit and Mirth, 
wiib frolicfiome Stuff from all 
the jollicsl Authors, &c. Lond. 
1759. 12ino. tis. 

— Tlie Book of Life, a biblio- 
t^raphical Melodv, dedicated to the 
Riixliur-hClub.' 1830. 8vo. 

Fifty fivi c'lpiei privately printed for 
prcicnts, by tl. Ilionuon. Sir M. H. 
: Sykes, pt. i. 242, Ti. 

! Booker, John. The Bloody 
Almanack, to which England is 
directed to foreknow what shall 
come to passe. London, 1643. 




Nauau, pt. ii. 807, 8s. King and 
Lochee's, in March 1810, 165.6d. 

Booker, John. No Mercurius 
Aquaticus, but a Cable Rope dou- 
ble twisted for John Taylor the 
Water Poet. 1644. 4to. 

Nassau, pt. i. 425, 1/. Is. Booker like- 
wise published another tract against the 
Water Poet, entitled * A Rope treble- 
twisted for John Tayler.' Loudon, 1G44. 

— Bloody Irish Almanack. 
London, 1646. 4to. 

This piece which contains some memo- 
rable particulars relative to the war in 
Ireland, is the only work of Booker, worth 
the reader's notice. Towneley, pt i. 315, 
5s. Many of Booker's publications are in 
the British Museum. 

— Dutch Fortune Teller, disco- 
vering XXXVI Questions, which 
old and young, married Men and 
Women, Bachelors and Maids, de- 
light to be resolved of. 1677. folio. 

Nassau, pt. i. 448, 158. An edition, no 
date. 8vo. 

— L, Historical Account of 
Dudley Castle. 8vo. 7s. 6d. large 

PAPER, 15s. 

Books. — Critical Observations on 
Books. London, 1 776. 8vo. 2 vols. 

BooNE, Rev. T. C. Book of 
Churches and Sects ; or the Opini- 
ons of all Denominations of Chris- 
tians differing from the Church of 
England, traced to their Source. 
London, 1826. 8vo. 14s. 

— J. S. Essay on the Study of 
modem History. London, 1821. 
8vo. 8s. 

A spirited and luminous work. 

BooRDR. See Borde. 

Boot, Arnold, M.D. Animad- 
versiones sacree ad Textum Hebrai- 
cum veteris Testamenti. Londini, 
1644. 4to. 6s. 

A learned work. 

— Ger. et Arnold. Philoso- 
phia naturalis reformata ; id est, 
Philosophies Aristotelicse Exami- 
natio et Confutatio, et novoe ac 
verioris Introductio. Dublin. 1641. 

BooTE, R. Historical Treatise 
qLaq Action or Suit at Law. Sixth 


Edition, with considerable addi- 
tions, by John Adams, Serjeant at 
Law. London, 1823, 8vo. 99. 6d. 

The former editions of this valnable and 
esteemed work appeared 1799, 1781, 1795, 
1805, and 1814. 

Booth, Abraham. Works, with 
his Life. London, 1813. 8vo. 3 
vols, with portrait. 18s. 

The writings of this popalar dissenting 
minister are much esteemed by thoae of his 
sect His Psedobaptism examined b con- 
sidered by them as unanswerable. 

— Barton. Memoirs of the 
Life of Barton Booth, with his 
Character. London, 1733. 8vo. 
with portrait by Vander Gucht,48. 

Other lives of this celebrated actor were 
published by Theophilus Gibber, 8vo. 4s. 
and by Mr. Victor, 8vo. 48. 

— David. Analytical Diction- 
ary of the English Language. I^d- 
don, 1822-4. 4to. Parte i. and ii. 

An introduction to this dictionary was 
published Edinb. 1806, 8to. HomeTodke, 

81, 8s. Gd. 

— George. Nature and Prac- 
tice of real Actions in their Write 
and Process, both original and 
judicial. Second Edition corrected, 
with the Notes of Serjeant Hill. 

London, 1811. royal 8?o. 16s. 

The first edition appeared London, 1701, 
folio, some of which htkve the date of 1704. 

— John. Lexicon of the pri- 
mitive Works of the Greek Lan- 
guage. London, 1817. 8vo. 9s. 

— Robert. Encomivm Herovnij 
Carmine AXPOSTIKO tentatrm. 
Londini, 1620. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Miuemn. 

BooTUBT, Sir Brooke. Tears 
of Penelope. Lond. 1795. small 
folio, with engravings after the 
designs of Fascii. 

— Sorroivs sacred to the Me- 
mory of Penelope. Lond. 1796. 

Towneley, pt ii. 345, 7t.' Foothill, 
1735, W. 

— Fables and Satires, with a 
Preface on the .£sopean Fable. 
Edinb. 1809. post 8vo. 2 vols. 
10s. 6d. 

— Richard. Description of 
Madagascar. London, 1646. 4to. 


Bbdl*;, ptL IST4, I8i. JiOm, 

iLif lngJu,1TS,^ISL Nonh,pLiif. 
5S7. mu. 11. Bi. Rcffinled la the Oz- 
fad CoUecdM of Tin^a mud Traveli, Tol. 
B. In tfaa Britkh liBmua ii a tnct end- 
tk4 'A tcu DrinailoB ofthe iniollBnble 
WTMgi dan* to Rlchud Bootbby, HeduDt 
tth^M, bj two tewd DoYanti ta the hoa. 
Eat India Csopanj. l^iim, 1814, Itc 

BooTBOUSB, Samuel. Remon- 
•trance of ■everal natioaal Injuries 
and Indi^ities perpetrated by the 
D^ of Tuni*, in Barbary. Lon- 
doD. 1653. 4to. 

A cnpj li )b the Biltiih HweDm. 

BooTHROTD, B. The History 
of the ancient Borouglt nf Ponte- 
fraet. Pontefract, 1807. 8vo. in 
tw« parts. 15*. 

Ff, nt 490, and zxiT. with s fnntit- 
pccr, and >n plaui, rii. atp.l62,lBS, 

BoQVtKB, Peter. Defence of 
the old and true Profession of 
Chriattanitie, againit (he new 
coaiilerfieiteSector leauites, trans- 
lated by T. G. Lond. 1581. 8vo. 

BoBDK, Andrew, H.D. Boke 
ofthe Introduction of Knowled^. 
London, by W. Copland. 4to, with 

A cnrioiu uid interaiting work, divided 
bto 37 chapten, conUd^ng man; genuine 
tiMti and ebanctcfielie neticn of vorioui 
ontriea. Bindle;, pt i. MS, 13i. ISi. 
rudenrl printed two cditioni, one eiCend- 
laff ta Nii\J. the other A — Bb, S leavei 
cuk, and Cc^ with ) learei. Sm Amea by 
Dibfia, OL 198 — 00. Briddi Bibliogra- 
pfaer. i*. 1»— JO. Rileon'a Blbl. Poel. 
lU. Wafton'a Poetrr, 8tb. lii. 3i«— SI. 

-~ AAe of the Introduction of 
Koowled^. London, 1814. 4to. 

Of tUenprint 100 coptei wete primed, 
mtfcett, S04, *i. OBTSLLUU, (Ibui copiei 
■rkted). Sir H. M. Sylte*, pt. i. 141, 

— Pryncyplei of Aslronomye. 
L(»iiion,byRobertCopland. 16mo. 

A tnatiw an Aanlef>i, In xili chapten. 
A tOfj h among Bithop Uoore'i t<oolu in 
the puMie niiraiT al Cambridge. 

— Br«viarie of Health. London, 
by W. Middleton, 1547. 4to. 

• The fint written of that racuity in Eng. 
U,' nyi Fnlier. Herbert ia of opinion 
IbMlfiddlcton printed an cdiUon belbre 
IMT.inlSwo. R^irintcd IHS, t5S3. 
Towndry, pCL 4«, Udt. Sir M. H. 

BOR 325 

Sfkei, pt. I. 445, If. Si. Inglii, 1T5, 1st. 

1S96, Naiuu, pu 1. 4!<, a pM. use— I, 

ISi. 1957, 1575, 1587, Goldtmfd, 142, 
I9i. 159S. 

— R^imente, or Dietary of 
Health. Imprinted by me Thomas 
Colwel, 1562. I6ino. 

Inglii, 210, 4(.6d. l564,WhiteKmghli, 
507, mar. 9b. 150T, Peiry, pt. i. 48H, Oi. 
Bindley, p^ i. 400, II). 1570. Two edi- 
tion* by Robert Wyer, without date), are 
in Ilie Britiih Museum. 

■ Of Borde'g numeroui books the only 
one that con aBord any degree of enter' 
talnment to the modern reader ■• the 
Dietarie of Helthe ; where, giring direc- 
tion! a> a phyndan, inncemlng the cliolee 
of houiei, diet, and apparel, and not lui- 
pectiog how little he ihould initruct, and 
how much he migbl amuie a curioui poa- 
leilty, he hai pieierred many anecdolea of 
the private life, ciutomi, and art) of our 
anceitort.' — ICorlmi. 

- Merie Tales of the Madmen 
of Gotham, ^thered together by 
A. B. of Physick Doctour. 

According to Ant. i Wood, ' Printed at 
London in the time of K. Hen. 8, in wboae 
reign and alter, it wai accounted a book 
fall of wit and mirth by Kholara and gentle- 
1. AAerwardi, being often printed, ia 
'•old only on the ttnlli of ballad -lingera.' 
An action, London 1630, l2nio.ii in the 
Bodleian library. Thii phyiician hai the 
reputation of being the original Merry 
Andrew ; to him ii (iKribed ' A Hiitorie of 
the Mylner of AbyngtoD,' 4to. and John 
Scogiu'i Jedn. SwWarton'i Poctry,iectiDn 
XLI. Wood') Atb. Oxon. by Dr. Bliu, 
■ 170—82. 

Border Antiquities. Set Scott, 
Sir Walter, Bart. 

BoREWAH, Robert, D. D. 
naittm-$faiiAf>f, the Triumph of 
Learning over T^orancc, and of 
Truth over Falsehood. Lontjon, 
1653. 4to. 

Reprinted In the firit volume of the 
Harleian Miicellany. 

- Mirrourof Mercy and Judg;e- 
ment, or an exact antl true Narra- 
tive of the Life and Death of 
Freeman Sond«. Lond. 1655. 4to. 

Reprinted with Sir Ctotge Sondei' own 
count ■< Rreiham (IT92) imall Hvo. 
and in the tenlh Tolume of [he Harleian 
MiKcUany. Rob. Doreman likewise pub- 
Gulled The Churdiman'a Catechism, Lon- 
in, lost, 4to. A Mirrour of Clirialianity 
id a Mirrour of Charity : or a true and 

226 BOR 

■uct NamiiTe of tbc Lile uid Death 
of Alice Dou^eu Dudlar, kc. Landoii, 
I6Ce.4lo. StnnonanPhmpiii.!0.; Leu- 
dou.lSSS. 410. A Fauegf rick and Senncm 
•t the Funeral of Dr. Combar. London, 
1654. 4to. An Antidote agalnit Swearing. 
Li)ndDi],166!, 8ro. 

Borgia, Cardinal. Letters from 
the Cardinal Borgia and the Cardi- 
nal D'York. London, 1801. 4to. 

Prirately printed by Hit 1. C. HIppuley, 
Bart. Duke orYork. S933, lla. 

BoRFET, Abie I. PoBtliniinia 
Caroli IL Tlie Palingenesy, or. 
Second-Birth of Charles the Second 
to his Kingly Life ; upon the Day 
of his first, Ma; 29. London, 
1660. 4to. 

A copy i* in the Britiib Muieum. 
BoRiHGDOH, Lord. Some Ac- 
count of Lord Bonngdon's Accident 
and Death. London, 1818. 4to. 
with portrait, 58. 

Prirately printed. Dent, pt.i. 472, nith 
ponrait upon India paper, ISi. 

BoKLASE, Edmund, M. D, 
Latham Spaw in Lancashire; with 
Bome remarkable Cases and Curea 
affected by it. lAndon, 1670. 8vo, 
3s. 6d. 

— Reduf^tion of Ireland to the 
Crown of England. London, 1675. 
8vo. 4s. 

' A ibortbut instmctliework.' NUolmn. 
Roiburgbe, 881G, 11. 5a. DenI, pL 11. 
1313, ISi. Bindley, pt, i. 653, Si. fid. 

— History of the execrable Irish 
Rebellion. London, 1680. folio. 

Bp.ofEly, !37, 111. Bd. Heath, 4703, 
ISi.fid. Annrding to Ant-B Wood, 'much 
of tbia book i> taken froiD another entitled. 
The Iriah Rebellion. London, 1646, 4to. 
written by Sir John Temple, Knt.' Dr. 
Boriaie gJw wrote Brief Ketlectiana on the 
Ear! of Cutlehaven's Memoin. London, 
1683. 8vo. 3s. 6d. 

— William, LL.D. Observations 
on the Antiquities of the County of 
Cornwall. Oxford, 1754. folio. 
with 24 plates, 159. 

Title ; dedication to Sir John St. Aubyii 
orClowuice, Bar^ 2 pi8«: to ihc reader, 
" ' ' -' .„^ particular mtiqulticb 

where eipUined, 8 paget; 

tenti, 4 pagei I hutory, Sic. pp. 1 — 414. 

— William. Observations 
antieot and present State of th< 



latands of Scilly. Oxford, 1756. 
4to. 8b. 

Thia work waa reviewed by Dr. Johnaon 
id the UtenryMagadne. Heath, 4711, 
!J. St. Reed, 3S38, !I. Harqi^ of Town*- 
bend, 389, 31. 4i. Bindley, pt. i. ItB, 10*. 

BoRLASE, Wm. LL.D. Natural 
History ofComwall. Oiford,'1758. 
folio, with a map and 28 plates. 

Tbii Totume is moch icatcec than dw 
.^ntiqiutieiofComwalL Title; c 
'I pigei ; an introductory e- 
6 pagei ; list of aubacrilKn, 4 pi^ni umm 
urcontent(,3 pagea; natural Malory, [B— 
iO] 326 pigea; etnla. and diieetiou fa 
placing tbe plates, S pa^ei. Stt Savan'a 
Ubrarim. iii. S41— 64. Copiei of th« Ha- 

ry and Antiqulliei, 1758 — St. 

, _._ _ir P. Thompmn, 162. 41. St. 
Drury, 809, nuda, 41. 4*. Heath, 4TU, 
^1. 15a. Sd. Beckfutd, in 1817, 8S, mer. 
71.171. 6d. Dent,pUi. 480, TUiai., S1.S*. 
or the Natural Hiitory tome copaea WCK 
struck off on lahqe fafek. 

— Antiquities, hiatorical and 
monumental, of the Count; of 
Cornwall. The second edition re- 
vised, with several Additions by 
the Author; to which is Added a 
Map of Cornwall, and two new 
Plates. London, 1769. folio. 

Lloyd. S5S, U Is. Bingley, pl.i. ISO, 
II. lli.Gd. Title! dedicitioa ta Ste Jota 
St. Aobyn, Btrt.j to the reader, 5 p*t**S 
contenti, Spageii hiitary,&c. [B — 6B1} 
464 pagei. PloUa. New Map, p. 1 : 
Map, p. Hi Fl. vii. p. 117; PLz.p. 1(4; 
PI. li. p. 173; rig.LTheWrJiigchM«e,ftc 
p. 173; PLiiil.p.l74i PLijT.p.mi 
ki*. p.l9S; p.l»; n.STli. 
p.!0«; Pl.XTiii.p.108; RxK.p.«f[ 
Pl.ixi.p.S13i PI. iiiLp.214t FLKdt< 
p. 258; PLniT.p.S87; PI. iw. ft'l 
Pl.iiviii.p.3ie; Vl.xxix.f.Ht; PLm. 
p. 35! ; PL iixi. p. S5t ; PI. xzzU. p. IM ; 
PL xxxiii. p. 358; Fl. ixxit. p. 37*1 
PL xxiT. p. 391; PI. m*l. SMl tW 
other plate* are on the letter preia. Tht 
new map, pi. iiii & ixilil, are noliatbt 
edition of 1754. Si§ Savage't UbiaiiaD, 
ii, lS3^£t5. 

Born, Baron Inigo. Tiateli 
through the Bannat of Temeswar, 
Transylvania and Hungary, in 1770. 
By Baron Inigo Bom. To which 
is added, J. J. Ferber's Minenio* 
gical History of Bohemia. Trwu- 
laled from the Geiman, with toW 
explanatory Notes, and ■ Prefkee 
on the Mechanical Arts, the Art of 

BOR BOS 227 

Mining and its present State and laski, a Polish OenUeman. Written 

fulnre Improvement, by R. E. by himself. London, 1788. 8vo. 

Raspe. London, 1777. 8vo. 58. with portrait by W. Hincks. 4b. 
A Tcry ndnable nunermlogiad tour, like- — - Memoirs of the Life and 

^.^^^^'^^^^^^ J^^^^ rej- Travels of Count Boruwlaski. Dor- 

pecting tlM tribes inhabitang Tranaylvania i^^ iq„^ q„^ 

tnd the aiyuent districu. ham, 1820. 8 vo. 

BoaH, Baron Inigo. New Pro- ^ , ^'?f'^*"' 3.??/.^»- ^.^^^ 
cess of Amalgamation of Gold and ^^^|\^™^''i ^"T"^" ^"^"^Z 

Silver Ores,^ind other metallic ^\^'^ ^^V?"^p?^""- ^VY^ 

Mixtures, translated by R. E. "^^"'^^- W^'»^" Pl^on^mi Lin- 

Raspe. To which are added, a ^^ ^,"f.^*' "^^°^^. ^p?^™!""!* 

SQppfement and an Address to the P^^^'^^o de Ellipsi et Pleonwnio 

Soficribns. London, 1791. 4to. '" Gr«ca Lingua. Oxon. 1813. 

A vBluable work, contittiiig of pp, 290, ^^St ,^« , , « a a-^^ 

«tth Cventy-two copper platei. ^,^™7^ fl^l morocco, 1/. Ss. An edition 

Borough, V^aiiam. Discovrs Glasg. 1813 8vo Drury.489, «..6d 

oftlie Variation of the Cumpas,or ^^rN, "^"r'p ""1 ?if iJunpr 

_....^>:_ii w^ji. i».j leoi ""c Notes of Frederick Lewner, 

n^ticall Needle. Lond. 1581. t^„3,„ted by Percival Stockdale. 

n«JL'tetter,Tepriiited 1585, 1596. 4to. London 1772. 8vo. 68. 

Bo«,uoH,Jlohn. Impetu. Ju. ..^^-J Xtl ir^^ffiS! "" "" 
Temlea et qnwlain sedations all- _ l. V. Het Uren van Maria 

quBtuIam Animi Epistote. Oxon. stuart Koninginne van Schodand. 

1643. 8vo. Amst. 1647. 

*Sr«r*^^tra:S,'^rr;S ^ Bos.nqckt, John Bemard and 

VeIrfM^ Th*. PwmOiie, Tha Coppin, Sir Christopher FULLER. ReporU of 

H. IptlaMB, ftc. Cases argued and determmed in 

— Sir John. Soveraignty of the the Courts of Common Pleas and 
British Seas, proved by Records, Exchequer Chamber, and in the 
History, and the mnnicipall Lawes House of Loids, 36 Geo. IlL to 44 
of the Kingdom. Written in the Geo. III. London, 1800-4. folio. 
Tear 1633. London, 1651. 12mo. 3 vols. 21. lOs. 

5s. An edition 1814. royal 8 vo. 3 vols. AL iu 

Deot, pt i. SS7, lOt. 6d. — New Reports in the C. P. 44 

Boioagfas of Great Britain. See Geo. IIL to 47 Geo. IIL Lond. 

Oldfibld, T. H. B. 1806—8. royal 8vo. 2 vols. 21. 2s. 

BoaTHWICK, William. Inquiry These reports are continued by Taunton, 

iato the Origin and Limitations of B">J«"P' f"^ Bingham. 
the Feudal Dignities of ScoUand. Boscobel.5eeBLouNT, Thomas. 
Ediaborgh, 1775. 8vo. Bosman, William. Description 

TMa tract b iatended to exhibits Tiew of ^^ Guinea. London, 1705. 8vo. 5s. 
the rimirariona of the ancient dignities of Roxburgfae. 7322, Cs. FonthiU, 2848, 

Soodand. Btockett, 354, 9a. ^^^- l^eprinted 1721, 8vo. Dent, pt. i. 

— Remarks on British Anti- "?J ^*' ^^ •!f®J» P>okerton's Collection 

M.:*:.^ ^. 1 Tk-. r\-:^ j of Voyages and Travels, voL xti. 

qmuet, viz. 1. The Ongin and ^^ c. P. de. Essai sur les 

^remony of judical CombaU. 2. Medailles antiques des lies de Ce- 
IlieSoleinniUes of ancient Writ., ^alonie et d^Ithaque. Londres. 

3. The ancient and modem Uge of i^\q 4to 15$ 
Arawrial FJCTrM. 4. The Form __' Proceedings in Parga, and 

?Lf°"*^ ,^'2?**- Edmbuigh, the Ionian Islands. London, 1819. 

i//D. oVO« dS. CXl« OyQ gg 

BnM^«tt, S55,^ 6d. Excell«it articles on Pargt, wiU be found 

UOEUWLASKI. ^Memoirs of the in the Edinburgh and Quarterly Reviews. 

celebrated Dwarf, Joseph Boruw- Bossewell. See Boswell. 



BossUy M. Travels through 
Louisiana, trausl. by J. R. Forster, 
with Notes. To which is added a 
syslematic Catalogue of all the 
known Plants of English North- 
America, together with an Abstract 
of Articles contained in Peter 
Loefling*s Travels through Spain 
and Cumana in South America. 
London, 1771. 8vo. 2 vols. 10s.6d. 

This work forms a portion of Uie Linnean 

BossuET, J. B. Eveque de 
Mcaux. Le veritable Genie du 
Christian isme, ou (Euvres choisies. 
Londres, 1802-4. Svo. 3 vol. 

A beautiful book. 

— Discours sur THistoire Uni- 
verselle, a Monseigneur le Dau- 
phin. Londres, 1807. 8vo. avec 
port, par Audinet. 

All elegant edition of tbis valuable epi- 
tome of Ancient History. A correspond- 
ing edition of the Oraisons Funebres et 
Discours. Londres, 1S07. Svo. 

— Exposition of the Doctrine of 
the Catholick Church. London, 
1685. 4to. 48. 

This translation is attributed, on very 
slight grounds, to Dryden. 

— History of the Variations of 
the Protestant Churches. Antwerp, 
1742. 8vo. 2 vols. 1/. Is. 

This work was refuted by several able 

^ History of France, from Pha- 

ramond to Charles IX. translated 

from the French. Edinburgh, 1762. 

12mo. 4 vols. 7s. 6d. 

— View of Universal History, 
translated by James Elphinston. 
London, 1778. 12mo. 2 vols. 5s. 

Another entitled Introduction to Univer- 
sal History, in two Parts, by Richard Spen- 
cer. London, 1729-30. Svo. 

— Select Sermons and funeral 
Orations, with an Essay on Pulpit 
Eloquence. London, 1801. 8vo. 5s. 

A life of Bossuet has been published by 
Charles BuUer. London, 1812. Svo. 7$. 

BossuT,John. General History of 
Mathematics, from the earliest 
Times to the Middle of the eigh- 
teenth Century, translated from the 
French : to which is affixed a chro- 


nological Table of the most emi- 
nent Mathematicians. London, 
1803. 8vo. 6s. 

BosTOCK, John, M.D. Treatise 
on Physiology. 1824-7. 8vo. 3 vob. 

Boston , Thomas. Whole Works ; 
to which is subjoined the Marrow 
of modern Divinity illustrated, with 
many valuable Notes. Edinburgh, 
1767. folio. U. 58. 

The works of this popular and letmed 
Scotch divine were published separately, 
and some of them have been freqneDtty re- 
printed, particularly hb ' Human Nature Id 

its fourfold state.' 

— Memoirs of his Life, TSme 
and Writings. Edinb. 1776. Svo. 

Reprinted Kdinb. IS 13. Sto. AnabiklK- 
ment by Pritchard appeared 1811, 12mo. 
2s. 6d. 

Boston. — Transactions of the 
American Academy of Arts and 
Sciences. Boston, 1780-1818. 4te. 

BoswELL, Sir Alexander. Clan- 
AlpinsVow. 1811. 

Bindley, pt i. 083, lis. 

— Edward. Civil Division of 
the County of Dorset. Shediorae 
(1795). Svo. 

Title ; advertisempnt, errata and addenda, 
2 pages ; dedication to George LordRbers; 
list of subscribers, 3 pages ; the dvO difi« 
sion, &c. pp. i — xxii ; list of fees, 6 ps^ct; 
preliminary obserrations, &c. 4 pagea ; the 
names, &c. pp.1 — 107 ; appendix, 64 pages} 
index, 3 pages; and general index, SS 
pages. Between pp. 8 and 9 of the tppen- 
dix are 4 pages of opinions on the Kiitfirtwi 
case. Prefixed is a folded map of DoneC- 
shire. Mollis, 118, Cs. 6d. 

— H. Description of a Collec- 
tion of picturesque Views and Re- 
presentations of the Antiquities of 
England and Wales. London, folio, 
with plates. 

— J. Method of Study; or, 
an useful Library. London, 1738. 
8vo. 2 vols. ' 

In little estimation. Gosaet, 846, (>s.6d, 

— James. Account of Corsica. 
Glasgow, 1768. Svo. i 

First and uncaatrated edition. Dmj, * 
491, 7s. 6d. Heath, 2311, 14a. > 

Bosw£LL, James. Journal ofa ? 
Tour to the Hebridesi with Samuel \ 

JohnMW, LL.D. Loud, 17S5. 8vo. 

madl^. pL i. U7, Sh FoniUU, 71, 

111. Rozborib, 7S13, 19*. Second 

~ , mrUeduidcomcted, 1785, Sto. 

._. 1807,1813. 
Life of Samael Johnson, 
I<L. D. wiih additional Notei and 
lUnatrationi, by F. P. Walesby, 
£*q. of Wftdham College. Oxford, 
1826. 8vo.4 vols. IJ. 128. 

Of thB edition SO copiei wen printed 
•a LAKOE rAFBi, U it 4). Fint edition, 
17S1, 4ta. I relt. with pott, after Sir 
JaahBB Rerncld*. Roiburghe, 9314, 
IL 11*. M. Uarq. of Townihend, 389, 
tl. lOi. WilHuu, S40, SI. lit. (Id.— A 
w p p lt iu f at wMpnblitlifdl7B3.— 1793,8to. 
StoU. Buid1eT,pt.i. 301, ISi. Dent, pt-t. 
941, 1/. It. Ponthill, 79, If. I4>.— 1799, 
■to. 4 tol*. Bindley, pt iil. 10, IL U. 
Sunkej, 99, 2(. Ifli^ 1804, 8*0. 4 rak 
Biodler. pt. i. 302, U. 2m. Dtoij, i92, 
IL )•!.— 18D7.8TO. 4 toll. BlndUf, pL' 

13, U. 1 


f*. L 304. It. 3>. Of lite tbere hsie beei 


— Memoir of the late Edmood 
Halone.Esq. Lond. 1814. 8vd. 5b. 

nil iketch origuwil)' appMred in the 
Gentlcmin'a Uagiiine. A Tew coplei oTIt, 
widi lODie iddilloni, were ifterwirda 
printed for pririte diatribution- 

— John. Workes of Anoorie, 
devyded into three Bookea. In 
JEdibua Richardi Toielli, 1672. 

Tlw flnl book Rmtaini 17 leivei; the 
HUnd, 138 ; and the third, 30 leairei oi 
AHoa ; with nuraeroui cuu. Dcdiealed te 
Mr W. CrdI, Baron of Burghlelgb. Sit 
11. H. Sykea, pt. L 447, lis. Whiu 
Kn^ta, 972, iner. If. Thii deiervedlj 
(■IiKdwark wuieprinled 1387. Boiwell, 
fM, lie. Bindley, pt-i. 1275, If. Inglii, 
17», If. 31. Marq. of Townihend, 3489, 
V. Ii. An edition 1010, BoiwcIl, SB9, 

BoswoKTH, Rev. J. Elements 
of Anglo-Saxon Grammar, wiib 
copious Notes. London, 1823. 

An nceneiit work, intended to dirett 
(be Saini GtainiiiiT of the naelei* Ladn 
incDBibniiGei adopted by preceding wii' 

— William. Thechaatand lost 
Loven Utelj shadowed in the Per- 
Mos of Arcadins and Sepha, Ac- 
Ac. LondoD, 1651. 8vo. 

BOU 329 

Conttini pp. 127, without inlraductioii, 
te. Freflxed ti an ■nanymauj poitta)^ 
M. 30, ia37, by O. Olover. Inglli, 912, 
1f.9a. 409, li. ISt. Nw 
iiti, p^ L 294, II. ISi. BiU. Anglo-Fort. 

Botanist's Guide through the 
Counties of Northumberland and 
Durham. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 
1805. 8vo. 2 toIs. 10s. 

The following anonymoui botinicilpnb- 

lidtioni ire held In wme ettiinstion, vii. 
Botiniit'i Cilcodar and Pocket Flon'i 
Undon, 1797, ISmo. 3 vaU. lOa. Tnu* 
lelatiie to Botany, tranalaled from diSb- 
reDtlingDigei. ie09. Bro. 5f. EteraenU 
of the Science of Botany, ai etUblUhedby 
Lioneus. 1809, llmo. 2 Tola. 10a. Con< 
(erutiona on Botany. 1817, )2mD. The 
Botaniit'i Companion. 1B!0, lima. StoI*. 

BoTEBo, Giov, Of the Great- 
ness and Magnificence of Cities, 
translated hy Robert Peterson. 
London, 1606.4to.55. 

BoTT, Edmund. Ste Const, 

BoTTARELLi, P. Italian, Eng- 
lish, and French Pocket Diction- 
ary. To which is prefixed a new 
compendious Italian Grammar. 
London, 1777. 3 vols l98. 

Bottom the WeaTer. The merry 
conceited Humors of Boitom the 
Weaver. London, no date. 4to. 

An interlude Uk(n from Shakeipeuv'i 
M id lummer Nights Ureim, by tome itui- 
huted Id Robert Coi, Coniidiu. An edi- 
tion 1661. Sotheby't in Norembet, 1838, 

Bouchard, Alain. Chroniques 
et Annates des Fays d'Angletene 
et BreUigne. Pnris. 1531. folio. 

Beit edition of a work cluied bj !>■ 
PreinOf and Debure among romance*. 
Wiilett, 417, muia, 111. Pint edidon, 
pubHihed inonyuiouily. Parii, tS14. fbllo. 
White KnighU, 4f. 14a. Reprinted Caen, 
iini date, folio. Caen, ISIS, folio. Piri*, 
ISIS, folio. Cien, 193!. folio. Pari*, 
1941. 4to. 

BoucREH, Rev. Jonathan. 
View of the Causes and Conse- 
quences of the American Revolu- 
tion, in thirteen Discourses. Lon- 
don, 1797. 8vo.4s. 

TUi writer likewiae publiihed • nlnable 
enp^ement to Dr. Johnson'* DicAoBiry, 
AUO, 1807. 4to.9i. 



BouCHET, Jean. Annales d*- 

Aquitaine, Faits et Gestes des 

Rois de France et d'Angleterre, 

&c. augmenteesde plusieurs Pieces 

rarcs et historiques, recueillics par 

Abraham Mounin. Poitiers, 1644. 


Best and most complete edition. First 
edition. Poitiers, 1525. folio. Reprinted 
Fdct 1531. folio. Poict. 1535. folio. Paris. 
1537. folio. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 627, 
morocco, XL 3s. Paris, 1540. foUo. Poict 
1557. folio. 

BoucHETTE, Jos. Topogra- 
phical Description of Lower Cana- 
da. London, 1815. 8vo. 

Fonthill, 1212, 1/. Is. 

Bougainville, Lewis de. 
Voyage round the World, 1766 — 
9. London, 1773, 4to. 

Bindley, pt. i. 566, 78. Roxburgbe, 
7161, 168. 

— History of a V^oyage (to the 
Malouine) or Falkland Islands, 
made in 1763 and 1764, under the 
command of M. de Bougainville: 
and of two voyages to the Streights 
of Magellan, with an account of 
the Patagonians. Translated from 
Dom Pemety's historical Journal, 
written in French. Lond. 1773. 

4to. 7s. 

BouiiouRs, Dominick. Life of 
St. Francis Xavier, of the Society 
of Jesus, translated by Dryden. 
London, 1688. 8vo. 5s. 

Fonthill, 1609, IBs. 

Bouillon, Jean. Histoire de 
la Vie et dv Pvrgatoire de St. Pa- 
trice, Archev.& Primatd'Hybernie. 
Lyon, 1674. 12mo. 15s. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

BouLAiNviLLiERs, HcnH 
Comte de. Etat de la France. 
Londres, 1727-8. folio, 3 vols, 
avec une carte. 158. 

Willett, 419, U. 2s. Heath, 2329, n.68. 
Towneley, pt. ii. 5,00, 1/. 7i. Bou- 
laiDvilliers likewise published Histoire des 
•ndens Parlements de France. Londres, 
1737. folio, of which an English trans- 
lation appeared 1739. 8vo. 2 vols. 5s. 
and Vie de Mahomed, Londres, 1730. 
8vo. 8s. 

BouLAMO£R,N. A. Recherches 


sur' rOri^inedu Despotisme Orien- 
tal. Londres, 1763. 12mo. 58. 

An English translation, Amst. 1764. 
12mo. 58. Both editions were printed at 
the private press set up by John Wilkes at 
his residence in Great George Street, West* 

BouLAY de la Meurthe. Tab- 
leau Politique des Regnes de 
Charles II. et de Jacques II, der- 
niers Rois de la M aison de Stuart. 
Paris, 1822. 8 vo. 2 torn. 

This work (according to the pre&ce) was 
surreptitiously printed a La Haye. 

M. Boulay also published Eissai eur let 
Causes qui, en 1649, amenerent en Angle- 
terre rEtablisseroent de la Republique; tor 
celles qui devaient I'y consolider; sur tIW 
qui Ty firent perir. 1799.' 

Boulter, Hugh, D. D. Lord 
Primate of all Ireland. Letters, 
containing an Account of the most 
interesting Transactions which 
passed in Ireland from 1724 to 
1738. Oxford, 1769-70. Svo. 2 
vols. 10s. 6d. 

Bouquet, Henry. Account of 
the Expedition against the Chic 
Indians, in the Year 1764. LondoD, 
1766. 4to. with plates by Benj. 
West. 58. 

BouLTON, Samuel. Medicioa 

magica tamen Physica. LondoD, 

1665. 12mo. 4s. 

A former edition of this curious workuH 
peared 1656. 12mo. 

Bourbon, Count de. Descrip- 
tive Catalogue of Diamonds in the 
Cabinet of Sir A. Hume, Bart. 
1815. 4to. 1/. Is. 

Bo URC III ER, Thomas. Historit 
Ecclesiastica de Martyrio Fratni^m 
Ordinis D. Francisci, qui partimio 
Anglia sub Henrico VIM, partimin 
Belgio, partim et in Hybemia, 
Tempore Clizabethse regnantia Re- 
ginee passi sunt, 1536-82. Paris, 

1582. 8vo. W. Is. 

Copies are in the British Museum andk 
the Bodleian libraries. Reprinted Iiwolit 

1583. 12mo. Paris, 1585, 1586. Svo. 

BouROALOu£, LoQis. Piactical 
Divinity. 12mo. 4 vols. II. 4s. 

A translation of tooie telect ttntpm 
written by this celebrated Jesuit, was pub* 
Ijjhed in 8?o. 78. 6d, 


BoDRDK'deVilldinet. -HaiKEit-: 
rerer or Skilfiil Seaman, translated 
bytheCheTalierdeSauseuil. Lon- 
don, 1788. 4to. with 13 plaUs, 

BouBOET, Don John. History 
or the Royal Abbey of Bee, near 
Rouen in Normandy, translated 
from the French (by Dr. Ducarel), 
London, 1779. 6vo. with plates. 5s. 

Thii work ii luiull; appended to Gougfa'i 
AGen Pricrin. 

BoDROB, John Lord. The most 
hortible and trt^call Murtber of 
John Lord Bourgh, Baron of Cas- 
tell Conoell ; committed by Arnold 
Cosby, tbe 14 of January. Printed 
by R. R. 1591.410. 

Blodlej, pt U. SSB, iL ISa. Travels 
in Spain, to which are added, co- 

S'otis Extracts from the Essays on 
pun of M. Peyron. Translated 
from the French. London, 1789. 
Bra. 3 rols. with 12 plates, 15s. 

Ab •uiuat* and correct picnn, wiitten 
iB a dtu and diitiact idmuict. It [• re- 
IRBMdlii tht llflh Tohinu ofPiaknloa'* 
CaOcMloa oTVorigea mi TriTcli. 

BooKOOitro, J. F. Modern 
Stste of Spain, translated from the 
Freoch. London, 1808. 870. 4 
fob. with atlas in 4to. 

Ab exccUent work tmting fulljp of the 
wnnfactiiTH, the dTil, politicil, sod rell- 
paiii MatearSp«iB,ni«iinen,llterBtuTe,&c. 

BouKioNON, Antonia. Apology 
for H. Antonia Bourignon, in four 
PaiU. London, 1699. 810. 4s. 

Al^ end ofthf Tolumeli ■ lial of the 
■Mrkaofthu Inusle fDlhtuiut. Thelblloir- 
lag PiniUlioiii ba*c been publiihed. Light 
■flhc WoiU, t«9S. S«o. On Solid Virtue. 
l«t9.9to. liBhl tben in Dulcneu, ITOS. 
Bn. Gwpd Spirit, 170T.8to. Warning 
■ialMllhaBiiaitii. I70H. 8to. Academy 
orinmcd Dirinet, 170S. 8n>. 

BouKKK, Thomas. History of 
the Moora in Spain, from their In- 
Taaion of that Country till iheir final 
Eipniston from it. London, 1811. 
4io. 2li. 

Bouftv, Samuel, of Norwich. 
Sermons and Discourse!. London, 
1760. 3, 77. aw. 6 vols. 18a. 

nmaaaatniei by Jab Orton u * ipeci- 

BOU 231 

men ' of a good atjle for KmiDiu.' Scr- 
maiu an the Chriitian Religion. Loaixto, 
ITSS. Svo. WtlUama, 28S, ISi. 

Bourn, Thomas. Gazetteer of 
the most remarkable Places in the 
World, with brief Notices of the 
principal historical Events, and the 
most celebrated Persona connected 
with them. Third edi6on. Lon- 
don, 1822. 8vo. I8s. 

The Bnc edition appeared in 1807. 

BouKHB, Rgv. Henry. History 
of Newcastle upon Tyne. New- 
cBBtle upon Tyne, 1736. folio. 12s. 

Conlaini pp. viii, not including Hit of 
gubKribers, 3 pagoi and 348 (B-Rtt). Th« 
lul paged leaTwBi reprinted in 1757, but I> 
bound only in a feu copici. AppeniUi, 9 
pagei. A folded plan of Newoutle, &cei tbe 
title. Towneler, pt. U. 323,11. li. NunUi 
pLi. ISO, tL He«th,4S77, II. 7>.. BiiP. 
Tbompion, 173, 31. 4i. liroi papbr. 

— Henry. Antiquitates Tul- 
^ares: or, the Antiquities of the 
Common People. Newcastle, 
1725. Svo. 

Roiburghe, 8587, Bi. Reprinted with 
ad^lloiu, lei BniKD, John. 

— Vincent. Miscellaneous 
Poems; consisting of Originals and 
Translations. London, 1772. 4tO. 

Roacoe, 1437, lOi. 6d. Dent, pt. i. 474, 
morocco, 1 Si. 1734- 1743. Editia tortla. 
17S0. Heath, 1771, 8s. Oxford, IIOS. 
3 toll. 13ino. T>. 6d. 

— Poetical Works. Oiford, 
1825. crown Svo. 9a, 

Cowper think* Bonrae ' ■ better Latin 
poet than TibuUui, Propertiui, AuwhJui, 
ol any of tbe writert in bii way, except 
Ovid, and not at all inferior to fabn.' 

— William. Regiment for the 
Sea. London, by Tho. Hacket 
(1574). 4to. lOs. 6d. 

First edition. Inglia, 184, I7i. Re- 
printed (1577). 1SB4. 1587. Binilley,pt.L 
1121, 3f. 13i. 1592- and ISeS. 

— Inuentioaa or Deuices very 
necessary for all Generallet ana 
Captaines, or Leaders of Men, as 

I weU by Sea as by Land. An. 1578. 
London. 4tn. 

Inglis, 3SS, 3a. 

— Treasure for Traneilers, in 
five Books. London, 1578. 4tO.- 

A curious work, containing ' verj necct- 
iary matters for all iorti of tiatellen by i«« 



or land.' Inglis, 184, 2/. iSs. Towneley, 
pt i. 387, ruttia, 4/. 4%. 

— Arte of Shooting in great 
Ordnaunce. London, 1587.4to.4s. 

BouRNON, M. Lc Comte de. 
Trait6 de Min^ralogie. Londres, 
1808. 4to. 3 vols. 

In 1813 appeared Catalogne de la Col- 
lecdon minenlogique du Comte de Bour- 
non. 8vo. with a folio volume of plates, 
XL Is. 

BouRRiTy M. T. Relation of 
a Journey to the Glaciers in the 
Datchy of Savoy, translated from 
the French, by C. and F. Davy. 
Norwich, 1775. 8vo. 68. 

BouTciiER, William. Treatise 
on Forest Trees. Ediub. 1775. 4to. 
7s. 6d. 

BouTERwEK, Fred. History of 
Spanish and Portuguese Literature. 
London, 1823. 8vo. 2 vols. 1/. Is. 

BouvET, Father J. Life of 
Cang-hy, the present Emperor of 
China. London, 1699. 8vo. 3s. 6d. 

BouTet likewise wrote ' The present 
Condition of the Muscovite Empire till the 
Year 1699. London, 1699. 8vo. Heath. 
2544, 38. 

Bo VET, Richard. Pandemo- 
nium, or the Devil's Cloyster, being 
a further Blow to modem Saddu- 
cism, proving the Existence of 
Witches and Spirits. London, 
1684. 8vo. with front, by Slurt. 
Nassau, pt. i. 297, 10s, 

BouRGES. Foyex Beaulne. 

BowACK, John. The Antiqui- 
ties of Middlesex. London, 1705-6. 

Part I. title ; dedication to Hans Sloane, 
M.D. ; to the reader, errata and advertise- 
ment, 4 pages; the antiquities, [B— G] 22 
pages. Pait II. Title to the second part; 
title as before ; dedication to Henry Lord 
Bishop of London ; the antiquities [H — Q 
2] pp. 25 — 59 ; advertisement and errata, 
^ P*8C' Psvt III* ^"f*!^ announced, but 
never published. Dent, pt. i. 348, 2/. 

Bow DEN, John. Epitaph Wri- 
ter; consisting of upwards of 600 
original Epitaphs. To which is pre- 
fixed, an Essay on Epitaph Writing. 
Chester, 1791. 12mo. 3s. 6d. 

BowDicu^T. Edward. Mission 
from Cape Coast Castle to Ashan- 


tee, with a statistical Account of 
that Kingdom, and geographical 
Notices of other Parts of the Inte- 
rior of Africa. London, 1819. 4to. 

with plates. 

Of little value or interest Drury, 737, 
K. 13s. 

Mr. Bowdich likewise published An 
Analysis of the natural Classification of 
Mammalia, for the Use of StudenU and 
Travellers. Paris, 1821. 8vo. pp. 115, with 
15 plates. 15s. 

Introduction to the Ornithology of Covier. 
Paris, 1821. 8vo. pp. 86, and 17 plates, 15s. 

ElemenUofConchology. Paris, 1821-2. 
8vo. Part. i. pp. 74, with 1 9 plates. Pan iL 
pp. 38, with 9 plates, 1/. Us. 6d. 

Excursions in Madeira and Porto Santo, 
during the Autumn of 1823, while on bia 
third Voyage to Africa. London, 1825. 4to. 
2/. 28. 

BowDLER, Jun. John. Select 
Pieces in Prose and Verse. Lon- 
don, 1818. 8vo. 2 vols. 12s. 

The peculiar value of these volmnca, is 
the combination of talent, of taste, and of 
piety which they exhibit.' — Qutrttrlif R#- 


— Thomas. Sermons on the 
Nature, Offices, and Character of 
Jesus Christ. London, 1818. 8vo. 
2 vols. 1/. Is. 

— Mrs. Practical Observa- 
tions on the Revelation of Saint 
John, written in the year 1775. 
Second Edition. Bath, 1800. 12mo. 

This work is expressly designed for 
those who have not leisure or indioatioii 
to examine the prophetical meaning of tke 
apocalypse. The first edition was pubttdicd 
anonymously in 1 787. Several other ee- 
teeroed works by this lady have appeared, 
particularly a volume of Seriaons on tke 
Doctrines and Duties of Christianity, which 
has i^one through upwardsof twenty edidone. 

Bow EN, Thomas. Account of 
the Origin, Progress, and pre- 
sent State of Bethlehem Hospital. 
London, 1783. 4to. 5s. 

Bower, Alexander. Life of 
Luther, with an Account of the 
early Progress of the Reformatioo. 
London, 1813. 8vo. 7s. 6d. 

Bower likewise published a life of Dr. 
James Beattie. London, 1804. cr. Sm. 

— History of the University of 
Edinburgh. Edinb. 1817. Svo. 2 
vols. W. 4s. 


BowERy Archibald. History of 
tbe Popes, from the Foundation of 
the See of Rome to the present 
Time. By Archibald Bower, Edq. 
London, 1748-66. 4to. 7 vols. 

The publication of this work gare rise to 
much ooatroversy. Most of the tracts pro 
and con will be found in the firitbh Mu- 
sevB. Dniry, 73S, SL 

— Edmond. Dr. Lamb revived, 
or Witchcraft condemned in Ann 
Bodenham. Dr. Lambs Darling ; 
an exact Relation of the Contract 
and Engiigement made between 
the Devil and Mistris Anne Boden- 
ham. London, 1663. 4to. Two 

First tract. Roxborgfae, 1993, lis. 
Bindley, pC iv. 173, 13s. 

— John. Description of the 
Abbeys of Melrose and Old Mel- 
rose, with their Traditions. 1813. 
8vo. 5s, 

Bowea.— Trae Report of the hor- 
rible Murther committed in the 
HoBse of Sir Jerome Bowes, 20th 
Feb.1606.Undl606.4to. W.1 ls.6d. 

BowLE, John. Letter to Bishop 
Percy, concerning a new and clas- 
sical Edition of Don Quixotte. 
London, 1777. 4to. 3s. 6d. 

BowLBs, Rev. Wm. Lisle. Pan- 
las Parochialis; or, a plain and 
practical View of the Object, Ar- 
gumentf, and Connection of St. 
raara Epistle 'to the Romans: in 
a Series of Sermons, adapted to 
Coontfy Congregations. Bath, 
18S6. 8vo. 

This writer edited an edition of Pope's 
Vofks, and has also published several vo- 
Inaics of poems, &c. 

BowLK ER, Richard. Art of Ang- 
ling improTed in all its Parts, es- 
pecially Fly Fishing. Worcester 

(1746). 12mo. 

Fiiste£tfon. Haworth, 795,ni8sia, 1/. Is. 
Frcqvently repriated. The Third Edition 
was ptintad at BImiQgiliam with Basker- 

rille's tjpesL 

BowMAW, Hildebrand. Travels 
into Camofirria, Taupincera 01- 
fsctaria, and Auditante, in New 
Zedaod,&c. Loud. 1778. 8vo. 5s. 

BOW 233 

An imitation of GulliTer's Travels. Font- 
hill, 2771, lOs. 

Bow RET, Tho. Dictionary En- 
glish and Malayo, Malayo and En- 
glish. London, 1701. 4to. with a 

Towneley, pt. ii. 281, russia, II, 12s. 
Dent, pi. i. 475, lU 2s, 

— Dictionary of the Hudson's 
Bay Indian Language. 1701. folio. 

— Grammar of the Malay 
Tongue, compiled from Bowrey's 
Dictionary, and other authentic 
Documents. London, 1800. 4to. 
with B map. 7s. 6d. 

B0WR1N6, John, and Harry 
S. Van Dtk. Batavian Antho- 
logy ; or Specimens of the Dutch 
Poets ; wiih Remarks on the poeti- 
cal Literature and Language of 
the Netherlands. London, 1824. 
fscap. 8vo. 7s. 6d. 

Mr. Bowring has likewise pahlished 
Ancient Poetry and Romances of Spain, 
1824. post Svo. 10s. 6d. Servian Popular 
Poetry, 1827. fsc 8vo. 8s. Specimens of 
the Polish Poets. 1827. Specimens of tbe 
Russian Poets, 2 vols. 15s. 

Bowyer. — This gallant Caualiero 
Diclce Bowyer, newly acted. Lon- 
don, 1605. 4to. 

The running title of this dramatic piece 
is ' The History or the Tryal of Cheualry.' 

BowYER, William. Origin of 
Printing, Second and much im- 
proved Edition. To which was af- 
terwards added a Supplement, 
London, 1776, 81. 8vo. 10s. 6d. 

The first edition appeared in 1774, to 
which an appendix was added in 1778. 

— Miscellaneous Tracts, by the 
late William Bowyer, and several 
of his learned Friends; including 
Letters on literary Subjects, by 
Mr. Markland, Mr. Clarke, &c. 
&c. collected and illustrated with 
occasional Notes by John Nichols. 
London, 1785. 4to. IL Is. 

Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 451, IL 13s. 

— Critical Conjectures and Ob- 
servations on the New Testament, 
collected from various Authors. 
London, 1812. 4to. 11. 10s. 

Best edition of this valuable work, in- 
tended as a companion to the author's edi- 

H H 



tion of the Greek Testament Edition, 
1772, 8vo. 43. Third edition, 1782, 4to. 
Bindley, pt i. 916, XL 1 Is. Cd. Sir M. M. 
Sykes,pt.i.451, I69. Heath, 805, l/.13s. 

— Anecdotes. See Nichols, 

Box HORN! us, Mar. Zuirius. 
Originum Gallicarum Liber : acce- 
dit antiqiiee Linguee Britannicee 
Lexicon Britannico-latinum, cum 
adjectis et insertis Adagiis Britan- 
nicis Sapientioe Vcterum Druidum 
Reliquiis. Amst. 1654. 4to. I83. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

Boy Bishop. In Die Innocen- 
cium Scrmo pro Episcopo Puero- 
rnm. [London, by Wynkin de 

This contains a^out 25 pages in black 
letter, double columns. At the end is a 
wood- cut of the crucifixion, and the mark 
ofW.C. and Worde. 

— Episcopus Puerorum in Die 
Innocentium ; or Discoverie of an 
antient Custom in the Church of 
Saruro, of making an anniversarie 
Bishop among the Choristers. Lon- 
don, 1649, 4to. with cuts. 

SirM.M.Sykes, pt i. 1018, 5s. Nas- 
sau, pt. i. 1477, russia, 4s. An edition, 
1671, WhiteKuights, 1551, 58. This tract 
was written in explanation of a stone monu- 
ment still remaining in Salisbury-cathedral, 
representing a little boy habited in episcopal 
robes, with a mitre upon his head, a crosier 
in his hand, &c. and the explanation was 
derived from a chapter in the ancient sta- 
tutes of that church entitled De Episcopo 
Choristarum. A long account of the Boy 
Bishop will be found in Hawkins History of 
Music, vol. ii. 

BoYCE, Samuel. Poems on se- 
veral Occasions. London, 1757. 
8vo. 5s. 

Large PAPER. Garrick, 292, 12s. 6d. 

•— William, Mus. D. Anthems. 
London, 1788. folio, with portrait 
by J. K. Sherwin, 1775. 

An account of Dr.Boycc will be found in 
Bumey's Music, iii. 619 — 21. 

BoYCE. See Boetiiius. 

Boyd, And. Ad avgvsiissimvm 
Monarcham Carolum in Scotiam 
redeuntem. Carmen panegyricum. 
Edinb. 1633. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

— Hugh. Miscellaneous Works, 


with an Account of his Life and 
Writings by L. D. Campbell. Lon* 
don, 1800, 8vo. 2 ?oU. 9s. 

Boyd is one of the reputed authon of 
the Letters of Junius. Fonthlll, 2895, 
11, lU. A copy of this writer's Indian 
Observer. CalcutU, 1795. Bindley, pt i. 
641, 13s. 6d. 

BoYD, Hugh Stuart. Select 
Passages from the Writings of St 
Chrysostom, St. Gregory, Nazian- 
zen and St. Basil : translated from 
the Greek. London, 1810. royal 
8vo. 10s. 

— Mark Alex. Sketch of the 
Life of Mark Alexander Boyd. 
1787. 4to. 

By Sir David Dalrymple, Lord HaUes. 

— - Robert. Bodii in Epistolam 
Pauli Apostoli ad Ephesios Preelec- 
tiones supra CC. Lond. 1652. foL 
1/. Is. 

It consists of pp. 1236, with life by An- 
drew Rivet, preface by Principal BailUe, and 
Latin verses by David Leech, Zachary Boyd 
and others. Reprinted Genev. 1660, f»Uo. 
An English translation of these Pnelectioiif, 
which contain some good critical remarks, 
as well as many eloquent passages, was 
published in 4 to. by the author's son. 

— Monita de Filii sui primoge- 
niti Institutione. Accessit Heca- 
tombe Christiana. Edinb. 1701. 

An edition of the Hecatombe Christiaiia 
was published, Edinb. 1627, 8vo. 

— , LL.D. Office, Powers and 
Jurisdiction of his Majesty's Jus- 
tices of the Peace and Commis- 
sioners of Supply. Edinb. 1787, 
4to. 2 vols. 

Boyd also published Judicial Proceedings 
before the Court of Admiralty and Supreme 
Consbtorial or Commissary Court of ScoC* 
laud. Edinb. 1779. 4to. 

— Zachary. Garden of Zion. 
Glasgow, 1644, 4to. 

Roxburghc, 3339, 3/. 3s. Boyd like- 
wise published The Battle of the Soul ia 
Death. Kdinb. 1619, 1629. 8vo. Oratio 
pancgyrica ad Carolum Regem, pridie quan 
in Scotia coronatur. Edinb. 1633. 4to. 
Crosses, Comforts, Counsels. Glaag. 1643. 
8vo. Two Oriental Pearls, Grace and 
Glory, the godly Man's Chdoe and a Cor- 
dial of Comforts for a wearied Soul. Edia- 
burgh, 1718. 12mo. 


B0TDE9 H. Voyage to Barbary. 
LoodoD, 1736. 8vo. 

Hemth, 2723, St. 6d. 

BoTDELL, John. Collection of 
Prints, engraved after the most ca- 
pital Paintings in England, pub- 
Kshed by J. Boydell, with a Des- 
cription of each Picture in English 
and French. London, 1769. atlas 
folio. 9 Tols. 

Vol. i. conrains 50 plates.— Vol. ii. 64 
pbtn.— VoL ni. 78 plates.--Vol. iv. 87 
pbtei.— VoL V. 60 plates.— Vol. vi. 60 
plates. — ^Vol.vii. plates.— Vol. viiu* plates. 
— VoL ix. plates, making in the whole 561 
printi. Fonthill, 3774, half-bound russia, 
75| gmneas. 

— Views of Seats, Castles, and 
romantick Places in North Wales. 

Pkoofs. Dent, pt i. 350. 1/. 58. 

— The History of the River 
Thames. (By William Coombe.) 
London, 1794-6. folio. 2 vols. 

Time volumes contain coloured plates, 
kam drawings hy J. Farlngton, R. A. en- 
psvtd by J. E. Sudler. 

VoL L Title, and dedicadon to Horace 
Eari of Orfinrd; preface, table and list of 
piitti, S pages; the historical part, 312 
pages. — VoL U. Title; list of plates and 
table, 2 pages; history 294 pages. 

Dent, pC IL 145, russia, 3L lOs. Baker, 
271, 4/. 10s. Beckford, in 1817. 197, 
•LSa. 6d. Nassau, pt 1. 657, russia, 
IL 17a. 6d. Rozburghe, 8640, russia, 
8L ISa. M. FonthiU, 568, russia, 16/. 16s. 
1734, 5/. 

few copies of the plates were taken 



— Picturesque Scenery of Nor- 
way. 1820. folio. 2 vols, with co- 
looied plates. 

Sotheby's in 1823. 3/. lis. 

— - Illustrations of holy Writ, 
detigned and engraved by Isaac 
Taylor, royal 4to. 6/. 6s. 

Some copies in imperial 4to. Proofi on 
iVDia PAPEB, Si. 8a. 

— Thirty-nine Views in London 
and its Environs, drawn and en- 
graved by John and Thomas Boy- 
dell. Soe 17} by 10| inches. 

— Catalogue raisonn^ d*un 
Recneil d'Estampes, d'apr^s les 
pins Tableaux qui soient en Angle- 
terre. liOndres, 1779# 4to. 6s. 

— See GuERCifio. 

Gallery at Houghton. 
BoYER, Abel. Political State 
of Great Britain, 1711-40. Lond. 
8vo. 60 vols. 

A monthly publication containing a his- 
tory of all parties, ecclesiastical and civil, 
with abstracts of pamphlets, &c. relative to 
Great Britain and Europe. A copy is in 
the British Museum. Marquis of Town- 
send, 264, (vol. 39 wanting), 12/. 12s. 
Willett, 1920. 25/. Heath, 4405, 43/. Is. 

— Theater of Honour and No- 
bility, both in English and French. 

London, 1729. 4to. 128. 

Contains pp. 259, with a front engraved 
by P. Fourdrinier, and plates. 

— History of Queen Anne. Lon- 
don, 1735. folio, with portrait of 
the Queen by V. Gucht, plans and 
medals. lOs. 6d. 

This work is esteemed a very good 
chronicle of this period of £nglish history. 
Another entitled ' The History of the Reign 
of Q. Anne digested into Annals.' Lon- 
don, 1703-13.8VO. 11 vols. 10s. 6d. 

Boyer likewise published a {listory of 
William HI. 1702. 8vo. 3 vols, and a 
Life of Sir W. Temple. 1714. 8vo. with 

— French and English Diction- 
ary. London, 1816. 4to. 2 vols. 

Best edition of this esteemed work. An 
abridgement in 8vo. 12s. 

— Peter. History of the Vau- 
dois. London, 1690-2. 12mo. 
2 vols. 

Boyle, Charles. SeeOtLREVLY, 
Earl of. 

— Robert. Works, to which is 
prefixed the Life of the Author [by 
Thomas Birch, D.D.] Lond. 1744. 
folio. 5 vols. 

FonthiU, 1347, 3/. Is. Willett, 423, 
5/. 5s. LARGE PAPER. Garrick, 529, 
3^ 3s. Dr. Birch's Life of Boyle was 
likewise published separately, 1744. in 

— Another Edition. London, 
1772. 4to. 6 vols. 

Best edition. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt i, 
450, russia, 4^ lOi. Dent, pt. i. 477, 
russia, 4/. 1 Is. Nassau, pt. i. 589, russia, 
6L Duke of Grafton, 405, 61. 10s. Drury, 
743, 7/. 7s. Heath, 1677, 9/. 9s. 

— Philosophical Works abridg- 
ed. Lond, 1725. 4to. 3 vols. IL Is. 

238 BRA BRA 

Contains Fii, in ciffhts. Reprinted 1580, BRADFORD, Rev. WilKam. 

16mo. F 4, in eighu. Thii protestant Sketches of the Country, Charac- 

Martyr likewise published , n ter and Costume, made during 

A Letter sent to Master A. B. from I. B. ^ «.^«:«.« ^^A />» tVio TInnfA 

In which is set forth the Authoritie of Pa- the Campaign, and on the Koute 

rentes vpon their Children ; with an Addi- of the British Army, m FortUgal 

tion of a Sermon of Kepentancc. Anno and Spain, in 1808 and 1809 ; ac- 

1548. &ro. The letter consbts of nine companied with incidental lllustra- 

leaves, the sermon of leaves. ^' j n-»>.^-.;^*;^« **i* ^^^V, QhK 

Complaint of Verity, &c. London, 1559. tion and Description on each Sub. 

8vo. See Wood's Athen. Oxon. by Dr. ject. London, 1809. tollO, With 

Bliss, i. 59. coloured plates. 

A godly Meditacion of John Bradforth. Duke of York, 1000, 3/. 78. 1497, 

By CopUnde, 1560. Towneley, pt. i. 357. jj/. IGs. Dent, pt i. 481, 21. 2s. White 

In Maunsell's catalogue, p. 84, is Jo. Brad- Knights, 778, 6/. 16s. 6d. This work was 

ford, his godly Meditations, which he vsed published in Numbers at 10s. 6d. the 

being in Prison, entituled his Beades.' gj^all, at 16s. the large paper. 

All the Examinacions of M. John Brad- Br A DLEY , Charles. ScrmOnS 

^LlJ'Jd'Sct^ r^^^n'^frw: P-ched i„ the Pamh Charch of 

Condemnadon. Anno Domini, 1561, 8 vo. High Wycomoe. London, l»iy. 

10s. 6d. It is introduced with * The 8vO. 

Oryginall of his Lyfe,' 1 14 leaves. Williams, 288, lis. 

Godlie Meditations upon the Lordes — James, D.D. Astronomical 

^"n';^: "T ttSerlirnTbrMeSiu: OWmtions made at the Royal 

tions, Praiers, and Exercises. Whereunto Observatory at Greenwich, 1750 — 

is annexed a Defence of the Doctiine of 62, with a Continuation by the 

God's ctemall ElecUon and Predestination. R^y^ N. Bliss. Oxford, 1798, 

London, 1562. 16mo. 10s. 6d. Contains -, qac c^m^ o «^i« oi 

Q 6, in eights. The treatise on Election 1 805. foho. 2 vois. 9/. 

and Predestination was also published se- „ ^° ,^ ' ^^ 7" P"*^]^ Pro^edings of the 

parately 1562 Board of Longitude, m Regard to the 

Godly Meditations vppon the ten Com- Recovery of Uie late Dr. Bredley's Obscr- 

maundements, the Articles of the Fayth, ^»''«n»J J"]}^ some other Papers leUtivc 

and the Lords Prayer. Whervnto is thereto, foho, pp. 22. . , _ , . 
ioyned a Treatise against the Feare of —John. View of thelfUlnof 

Death: also a Comparison betweene the Christianity, with the History of 

old Man and the new: the Lawe and the ^he Life of ApoUoniUB TvaneeuS. 

Gosple, &c. 1567. London, 8vo. 10s. 6d. - j j -^J^q 4. 5 -^ 

Contains 96 leaves, besides the preface. ^^' ^.^' ^^^^'^^^' ^8- 

Two notable Sermons, the one of Re- - ^'<^^^'^' Histona Planta- 

pentance, and the other of the Lordes ^""1 SUCCUlentarum (AngllCB et 

Supper. London, 1574. 8vo. 5s. Reprinted Latine). Londioi, 1716 — 27. 4tO. 
1581, 1599. The sermon on repenUnce An unfinished work, consisting of five 

was likewise published separately, 1553. Decades, with 50 plates. 

Roxburghe, supplement, 597. _ Philosophical Account of the 

Treatose against the Feaire of Death; Works of Nature. London, 1721. 
whereunto are annexed certaine sweete v.»^« v» xi»..ui^ *.v «««, x#*»*. 

Meditations of the Kingdom of Christ, of ^to. 5s. 

Life everlasting, and of the blessed State Pp- 194, with 28 plates. Fonthill, 275, 

and Felicity of the same. London, 1583. l^s. 

24mo. Two other editions without date, — ^ Survey of the ancient Hu8« 

one printed by w. PoweU, the other for bandry and Gardening, collected 

"a^Cc; u, a Letter, whether it be ^^ ^^f^^'J"™? Columella, Vir- 

lawfuU to be present at the Popish Masse, g»i and Others, the most eminent 

and other superstitious Church Seruice. Writers among the Greeks and Ro* 

London. l6mo. mans; wherein many of the most 

froIJ^the'wriuWrhntr.^rr.! difficult Passages in those Author. 

be found in vol. vi of the Fathers of the ^f® explained. London, 1725. 

English Church, and many of his letters, 8vO. with CUtS. 5s. 
&c are printed in Fox, and other marty- This writer, who was Professor of Botany 

rologies. in the University of Cambridge, pubfished 

■•■J aOer woifci dd Agrieiiltnn, Bouoy, 
kc Hh DictioMriun Bounicum, ITSB, 
in. ! Tob. [| wd lo be the G«t attinapt of 
Ike kind in ihu £0011117. 

Bradbhaw. Henry. Holy Lyfe 
and History of Saynt Werburge, 
very fnitefull far all Chrialen Peo- 
ple to rede. Imprinted by Rich- 
udePynson, 1531. 4to. 

Bhck letter, conluning pp. iU, t IT. b 
Inn and eight! iltenKMly, beginning with 
Ciiij. then m Tiij. Two copiei ire in the 
Bodleian. Reed, 0973, 18i. Woodhouae, 
JIL 10& KbI. Anglo-PDet. 89S, 63J. re- 
nU bjr Saunden tn 1818, loi HI. 

— Lyfe of Sayat Radegunde. 
Impr. by Richard Pynson, 4to. 

Black letter, containing bj lignatoret 
e S, nghti and fbun alternately. Wood- 
iome. in 1803. 851. III. ITi. For tia- 
tber ptrtkulart rupeeCing Ihii writer (w 
H'anon'i Hiitory of Poetrr, 8td. iii. 13— 
14. Wood'i Athen. Oxon. b; Dr. Bliu, 
I 13—19. Savage'i LIbiarian, il. 75—9. 
Amn, br Dr. IMbdin, u. 191—9. 

— John. The President of 
Presidents; or an Ele^e on the 
Death of John Bradshaw(165d). 

Id tlM Britiih HuMum are wvenl tneli 
rebdng to Bradabaw. 

— Thomas. Shepherds Slarre, 
DOW of late seene and at this 
Rower to be observed merveilons 
orient in the East, which bring 
eUd Tydings to ail that may be- 
bdd ber Brightness. London, by 
Robert Robinson, 1591. 4to. pp. 

la fcrte. Dedioled to ' Robert Deue- 
m, Esrie of Enei, and unto Thomu, 
I^>d Burgh / tlnknown to Amei or Her- 
bcrl, bat mentioned b; Rllton in hii Bib- 
lif«iapUa Poetic*. Bibl. Angio-Poet. 34, 
BOTDRO. 301. HcMld by Saunden in 
IBIS Car 101. lOi. 

William English Puritan- 
ism, containing the main Opinions 
of the rigidest Sort of those thai 
went by that Name in England. 
London, 1605. 
TUi i* nlnable, aa ihewing the diffe- 
X between the principlei of [be andern 
'-—-— Tluier-' 

BRA 239 

Muse lately sprung up in America. 
London, 1&50. small 8vo. 

Conriating of pp. !32, Nauau, pt. I. 
.103, 9i. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 67, U. Si. 
Perry, pL 1. S39, II. 6: Bindley, pt. I. 
1541, 11. 15a. ToHneley, pL i. 079, mo- 
toeco, 31. ISa. 

— Captain Dudley. Life and 
tincommon Adventures of Captain 
Dudley BradstreeU Dublin, 1755. 

A copy il in the Brili^ Miuciun. Nas- 
sau, pt. i. 1990, mor. IL U 

Bradwardinb, Thomas, Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury. De Cansa 
Dei, contra Pelagivm, et de Virtute 
Cavsarvm ad suos Mertonenses, 
Libri tres : Opera et Studio D.Henr. 
Savilii. Londini, IG18. folio. 
U. 1 Is. 6d. 

This Bcarce and curious work, it, layi 
Dr. Adam Clarke, ' accuaed by the Catho- 
Lica at holding out the tanie doctrine whidi 
hat snce been termed Protntantiam.' 

Srsdwardine, who waa nearly cotempo- 
rary with Chaucer, publiahed aerenl aUlfU 
(nathematJcal work). 

Bhadwell, Stephen. Watch- 
man for the Pest. London, 1635. 

Tbia writer likewiie publiahed Helpt for 
ivddain Acddenti endangering Life, 1633. 
ISmo. and Thysick for the Slckneiae com- 
monly called the Plague. 1630. Ito. 

BRADr,Juhn, Clavis Calen- 

daria, or Analysis of the Calendar, 
illustrated with ecclesiastical His- 
tory and classical Anecdotes. Lon- 
don, 1812. 8vo. 2 vols. It. Is. 

An abridgment of thii useful work ap- 
peared 1814. 13mo. lOi. Btady likewiae 
publiihed Vuieliea of Literature, pint Sro. 


— Nicholas, D. D. Ser- 
mons, chiefly upon practical Sub- 
jects. London, 1730. 8vo. 3 vols. 
10s. 6d. 

Brady waa the Inuulalor, In conjunction 
with Tate, of the preient (enian of the 
Pialma. He likewiae tranilaled tbe £neid 
into Bngliih rerae. 

I — Robert, M. D. Introduction 
to the old English Htslory, com- 
! prehended in three several Tracts. 
' London, 1684. fol. 10b. 6d. 

Thii toluaie generally accoiopaniei the 
author'* history of England. laBoe fafeh. 



Sir M. M. Sykes, pt i. 630, morocco, 3/. 
Dr. Brady had previously published A full 
and clear Answer to a Book written by Wm. 
Petit, Esq. with some Animadversions upon 
Jani Acglorium Fades nova. Lond. 1681. 
8vo. 3s. 

— History of England, from the 
first Entrance of the Romans to the 
Death of Richard the Second. 
London, 1685, 1700. folio. 2 vols. 
II. lls.Gd. 

This tory history is commended by Lord- 
keeper Guildford and the Historian Hume ; 
the latter of whom is said to have been 
chiefly indebted to Brady for the &ctf and 
principles of his celebrated work. 

— Historical Treatise of Cities 
and Burghs or Boroughs. London, 
1690, folio. 5s. 

Reprinted 1704, folio. 1777, 8vo. Heath, 
4407, 12s. 

Braooe, Francis. Practical 
Discourses on the Parables of our 
Saviour. London, 1706. 8vo. 
2 vols. 78. 

These discourses, frequently reprinted, 
are still in Estimation. Brugge Ukewise 
published a work on the Miracles, 1706, 
&C. 8vo. 2 vols. 7 s. 

— The Passion of our Saviour, 
to which is added a Pindarick Ode 
on the suffering God, by Francis 

Engraved by Sturt. Nassau, pt.i. 2506, 
U, 10s. 

Bra HE, Tycho. Propheticall 
Conclusion of the new and much 
admired Staire of the North, 1572. 
London, 1632. 4to. 103.6d. 

A curious tract relating to Gustavus Adol- 
phus, consisting of 18 leaves (A — E 2) with 
portraits of Brahe and Gustavus Adolphus, 
and plate. Another tract entitled Astrono* 
micall Conjectur, 1632, 4to. is in the Bri- 
tish Museum. 

Braikerd, David. Life of D. 
Brainerd, Missionary from Scotland 
to the Indians. 1765. 

Bindley, pt. ii. 1310. 10s. 

Braithwait, R. 5eeBRATii- 
WAIT, Richard. 

Braithwaite, John. History 
of the Revolutions in the Empire 
of Morocco upon the Death of the 
late Emperor Muly IsLmael. Lon- 
don, 1729, royal 8vo. 


A work containing valuable information 
on the physical and moral state of the peo- 
ple, written by one who was «n eye- 
witness of the events he describes. Heath, 
2721, 4s. Dent, pt. i. 250, russia, 10s 6d. 
Fonthill, 2252, 1/. lls.Gd. 

Bra MH ALL, John, Archbishop 
of Armagh, Works (with Life by 
Dr. Vesey, Bishop of Limerick, 
afterwards Archbishop of Tuau). 
Dublin, 1767. folio. 1/. Is. 

Williams, 373, 2L Many of this eminent 
prelate's works were published separately. 
' The Consecration and Succession of Pro- 
testant Bishops justified,' &c. Gravenhagh, 
1658, 8vo. Brockett, 376, 2L 

B RAM WELL, George. Analyti- 
cal Table of the private Acts, 
1 Geo. 11. to 52 Geo. HI. Lou- 
don, 1813. royal 8vo. 

Sir M. M. Sykes, pt.i. 339, 1/. 

Branch, Lady Helen. Epice- 
di\nii, a funeral! Song, vpon the 
vertuous Life and godly Death of 
the Lady Helen Branch (by Sir 
William Harbert). A Commemo- 
ration of the Life and Death of 
Dame Helen Branch (by L P.). — 
An Epitaph of the vertuous Life 
and Death of Dame Helen Branch. 
London, 1594. 4lo. Three tracts 
in 1 vol. 

A notice of this work, helieved to be 
unique, will be found in the Restituta, iii. 
297—300. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 246, 60/. 
Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 1159, 17/. 5i. 

B RANCH E, T. Principia Legis 
et Equitatis. Fourth Edition, with 
Additions, and the Latin Rules and 
Maxims translated by John Rich- 
ardson. London, 1824. 12mo. 6s. 

This work contains more law and more 
useful matter than any one book of the 
same size which can be put into the hands 
of the student See Preston on Abitnctf, 
i. 214. 

Brand, Adam. Journal of the 
Embassy from the Emperors of 
Muscovy,<&c. over Land untoChina, 
by Everard Isbrand, their Secretary 
in the years 1693, 1694 and 1695, 
translated from the High-Dutch. 
London, 1698. 8?o. , 

Roxbufghe, 8890, 9t. 

— John. Description of Ork- 


ney, Zetland. Kghtland, Firth and 
CaithneM. Edinb. 1701 of 3. 8vo. 

A cmioiBt mod inteKstiag account. Jadis, 
««. »«. Baker, 49, 17b. Bindley, pt. i. 
510, H. It. Heath, 4728, lMl8.6d. 
Rozburgbe, 8780, Ulls.Od. Reprinted 
in the third volunie of Pinkerton's Collection 
rf Voyages and Travels. 

Beahd. John, M.A. History 
and ADtiquitiea of the Town and 
Coanty of the Town of Newcastle 
upon Tyne. London, 1789. 4to. 
2 fols. 

Vol. I. engraved title ; pp. xvi. and 
676 ; index, errata, and list of plates, 24 
ia BOBiber, 4 pages. Vol. II. enmved 
title ; the Idsioiy continued, with an 
appendix and addenda, 724 pages ; index, 
onisMODS, errata, and list of plates, 10 in 
number, 8 pages. Roxburghe, 8642, nis- 
sia, R ISi. Bindley, pt. i. 723, 21. 6b. 
Towneley, pt. ii. 275, rusnia^ 2/. 6s. 
Nassau, pL i. 592, russia, 2L 12s. 6d. 
Bedcford in 1817, 156, russia, 8/. 6b. 
Brockett, 512, with printed additions, 
nissia,3/. 16s. 

— Observations on Popular An- 
tiquities, chiefly illustrating the 
Ongin of our vulgar Customs, Ce- 
remonies and Superstitions. Ar- 
ranged and revised, with Additions, 
by Henry Ellis. London, 1813. 
4to. 2 vols. 

An able article on this entertaiuing and 
instructive work, will be found in the Quar- 
terly Rev. xi. 259-85. Bindley, pt. i. 724, 
2/. Is. Brockett. 513, russia, 3/. 13s. 6d. 
Coxnbc, 354, 1/- lOs. LARr.c paper. 
Dnirv, 4685, nissia, 5/. 7s. 6d. Sir M. M. 
5}kc*, pt. L 453, 4/. Strettcll, 359, russia, 
4/. 7s. A former edition, Newcastle, 1777. 
Bto. 7s. Reprinted London, 1810. 8vo. 

Brakdr, William Thomas, 
.^fanual of Chemistry. Second 
Edition. London, 1821. 8vo. 3 

Drury, £03, 2/. Is. The first edition 
appeared 1819, 8vo. 1 vol. larc.e paper. 
Sothtby's in 1823, 1/. 2s. Mr. Braude 
fcas likewise published Descriptive Cata- 
logue of the British Specimens deposited 
in the Geological Collection of the Koyol 
Institution. London, 1816. 8vo. 9a. Out- 
llnea of Geology, being the Substance of a 
Course of Lectures at the Royal Institu- 
tion in 1816. London, 1^17, Sva 7s. Gd. 
Tables, in Illustration of the Theory of 
definite rroportionols. Loudon, 1823, 8to. 
pp. six. and 88. 



Bravder, Gustavus. 56e Bri- 
tish Museum. 

Brandon, Saint. — ^The Lyfe of 
Saynt Brandon. London, by W. 
de VVorde. 4to. 

A copy of this life of the In ^h Saint, sup«. 
posed uniqns, i;; in the lit. Hon. Thomas 
Grenville's library. It consists of 10 
leaves, without numbers, signatures, or 
catchwords, having 33 Unes on a fuU 

— H. and C. Dukes of Suffolk. 
Vita et Obitus dvorvm Fratrum 
Suffolciensium Henrici et Carol! 
Brandon Ducum illustrissioiorum. 
Adduntur Epitaphia, &c. Lon- 
dini, 1552. 4to. 

Copies of this piece of English biography, 
published by Tho. Wilson, LL.D. are inth^ 
Bodleian Library, British Museum, and in 
Earl Spencer's Collection at Althorp. 

— Richard. Confession of 
Richard Brandon, the Hangman, 
conrerning his beheading Charles 
the First (with frontispiece). 1649. 
— Last Will and Testament of 
Richaid Brandon, Headsman and 
Hangman to the pretended Par- 
liament. 1049. 4to. 

Copies of both these tracts arc in th^ 
British Museum, Nassau, pt. i. 594, 
W. 13s. Dent, pt. i. 800. (The Confession 
with King Cliarlcs his !^pcech on the 
Scaffold) 1/. 7s. 

— Samuel. Tragicomoedi of 
the veituous Octavia. 1598. Lon- 
don. 12mo. 

Annexed is an epistle from Octavia to 
M. Antony and his answer. Koxburghe, 
4506.3/. 17s. 

Brandon Cause. — A true Narra- 
tive of the Proceedings in the seve- 
ral Suits in Law that have been be« 
tween tlie Rt. Hon. Charls Lord 
Gerard cf Brandon, and Alexander 
Filton, Esq. Hague, printed, 1663. 
4to. pp. 46. 

Brandt, Gerard. History of 
the Reformation, and other Eccle- 
siastical Matters, in and about the 
Low Countries. London, 17*20-3. 
folio. 4 vols, with portraits. 

Lord ITardwicke said that the Dutch 
language was worth acquiring, if it were 
only to enjoy the plou^iurc of reading 
this history. Marq. of Townshouil, 

I 1 

li. U. 




-tn titw 


,: nm. ' 



rip ^anoo .s Hr. 

in hii eigiitifllh 

ciMitte P'nuoiu 1509. nnio. 

?-)iv9 ot' 'he Vordc. Lraiuuiea 'lOt ^^ ' 

if«»i r^rnt^ne md Dncse ato 

Ea^ vuii* Tcinge. jt .ii^saiuur — Thomam. Pqok Mui'i Jewdl* 

BmrloT ?reMe. Lunaoii* !▼ ^t- ihai :s a> «y, a IVeatns of die 

P e atii ence: vnto wiucfa. is annexed 
a DeciaraDOBot the Veitnes of die 
Efcarbes Ciirdnm Bcnedictiis» and 
Ansceiica. Loodon. 1578. 8vo- 

acBrinmid I58BL 15»L IhwhrMji fikc- 
TxctBOon aiSbdSm cht Vii^^HL 1374 8m 

HftASi^R, Rich. LaatWiliand 

Coniieaaicm ot' the Chriidan Faidtg 

in the 4 Teare of die 

of Kio^ Edwazd the 6. 

f.^^itnM^ by John Oaf. Svo. 

Fpob MsBBHirs CataftBgB8> P» S^ 

Bn^iMS, Rot. J. Greek Qnr 
dus; or a Greek, Latin, and Eng- 
lish Froaodial Lejacon. LoBdon, 
1827. Svo. IL 4b. 

— SamueL Ship of Anna vie* 
M for all Sorts of People in thb 
woful Time of War, fashiooed bya 
plain Country-Fanner. LoBdoDt 

JL privaieiy pfintcd vobnae couiiliBf tf 

240 p^os. (kdicafeid to A* Lady Ehrai* 

. , , . ,, . . . Wi& ID Sir Jcrrace Bwcs. KnUbC. after 

•nH pror«>«Mn. under ±c aikforrot A ihip a» w >mr ^ji r>«» ^ ^ m«^-*, ^ 

tfaac hawiy la-mt oat 80 yean in jomly 
and pitamrr, he waa induced dniing a laaf 
Ulncai, to write thb hook cbicOy Cor Cfat 
oaa of hjaanclf and fanriliir fitiend*. 

BaATBWAiTy Richard. Goldea 
Fleece. VTherennto bee annexed 
two Elegies, entitled Narciasfs 
Change and iEsoo's Dotage. Lon- 
don, 1611. sm. 8?o. 

Pp. 112, de^ficated to M. Robert Bind- 
loae, Eaqnire. At sign. E S. ia diefoUoir- 
ing title < Sonneti or Madrigals. With the 
Art of Poesie annexed thereunto by "the 
same Anthor.' The Art of Poeila howeicr 
is wanting, andno copy has ai yatbeen die- 
orered extending beyond G 8, whidicndi 
with the catchword *' The." BIbL Angle- 
Poet 45, 2L U. 

I — Poets Willow : or the pat- 

' •B^fllL 1 9V. I CWWIaBTC9alSB«d^ aOO. -td. 

^ rhaiBMM. 176 OB 3t>>, :0<. 
a L8SI. 28i. 3mu x. :. 321. 
:s»$ ' M. iiL 9hL .in^ 
g^-PbcC 15. .054. 

— Another Edition. Loinian. 
by John C&wood, IJTO. ;biio» 

Blan .ftter. p^ "iTfL "vttit 
odStion sBcauias Mna ^af 
picTp^. md :s. jb tfant ■ i iwii n » ba 
i^mily ^ e fai e d n> 'Jw saiv :ai» me ttoaa 
P.-Tuon'i^nak r^iwnrirr. 3L ± J24. U. 
y wan. ic u 459. SL ' Hmmsmw L33tf. 
i* :2a. •»• Cjmtabie. 2S2. -iL (z«niaa> 
mnnn. 208, iii. -fa. Parv. pt :. 139. «- 5^ 
Wbite KaighiA. 18S. iil ^de^ ELoximzgiK. 
3^4. V, llK. id. BibL .Ingio-PtMr. Id, 
V2i. lis. mold by SanndcB in L818, 
Fonrhill. 1048. lU. I^ 

This work was dnt wntten in 
theiwe nmnaiatcd into Ladn. jod then into 
Prmch. The deagn was tn mficnia the 
pfwvuiKn^ ibilin and viees of 

finom. his own 
eooaiiTmen, and sddcd his advice ta the 
▼arsons fools, which possgam at least, the 
merits of goM sense snd joond aioralicy. 

— The gprete Shyppe of Fooles 
of thin Worlde (translated hy H. 
Watson.) London, by W. de 
Worde, 1517. 4to. with wood 

f n Proee. A to GO 6, fMirs and cighti 
a1fArr»at«ly, besides 8 leaves with the pro- 
Pmwf, ptiMft and table belbre sign. A. A 
f^r^ Is In the pos s e s si o n of Frsnds Donee, 
F«n. Rmbargbe, 3293, 64i. Vt. Dibdin 
in his Tonr, li. 249-50. notices a copy 
tfp TKf.ivM, of « The Shyppe of Fooles., by Wyafcirn de Worde, 1509.' 
Ato, with rats, ■• being in the Royal Li- 
brary at raris. 


sioDate Shepheard: with sundry 
delightfiill and no lesse passionate 
SonneU : &c. Lond* 1614. sm. 8vo. 

A copy of thif woric, written in lyric and 
■nacnoBtic measnret, consisting of 48 
leaves, (ppw 83, and 12 of tiUe, dedication, 
fcc.) it in the Bodleian library. 

Brathwait» Richard. The 
Pcod^aUTeares: or his Fare-well 
to Vanity, &c. London, 1614. 
small 8to. 

An excellent tract, written in good style 
and aboonding with sound morality, con- 
ilMing of 138 pp. besides title, dedication, 
and last leaf to the reader, t more. A 
eofy is in die Bod!eian library. 

— ScboUers Medley, or an in- 
termizt Discovrse vpon Historical! 
and Poeticall Relations. London, 
1614. 4to. 1/. lOs. 

The running title of this work, which 
of 03 leaves (pp. 118) title, frc. 



S more. Is * A Snnrey of History." A 
espy Is in the Bodleian library. 

•— Sunrey of History ; or, a 
Nnrsery for Gentry. London, 1638. 

Sceond edition, consisting of 2S1 leaTes : 
the title containing a portrait of the author 
Is the eentre. Is from the bnrin of Wm. 
ManhaUL Rozbnr^, 7369, 13s. Stanley, 
17, ISs. Lloyd, 439, 16s. 6d. Dowdes- 
wdi. III. 17s. Bindley, pt L 1106, 19s. 
Kasisa, pt. L 598, IL Is. According to Ant 
i Wood some copies bear the date of 1652. 
Towndey, pt. i. 398, date 1651, 2L 5s. 

-* Strappado for the Diuell. 
Epigrams and Satyres alluding to 
thie Time, with diuers Measures 
ef BO lease Delight. By Munawof^ 
to Us Friend ^ikmpartq. London, 
1615. 12mo. 

The second port of dM Tolume is entided 
Lofcs Labyrinth : or the True-Louers 
KB0C;iPC. By Richard Brathwayte. The 
whale condsts of 18S leaves. BibL Anglo- 
PlstC 47, SL 8s. Strettell, 1S7, S/. 17s. 
White Kitights, 597, 3i. 19s. . Inglis, 216, 
SL ISs. 6d. Rozbmghe, 3372, 2L 12s. 6d. 
Kassan, pt. L 312, 5L 10s. Roxburgbe 
Sapplemeat, 554. 1/. 5s. 

— Solemne loviall Disputation, 
Tbeofeticke and Practicke briefely 
shadowing the Law of Drinking, 
Ac. Sec. Oenozytbopolis, at the 
S^ of Red-eyes, 1617— The 
Smoaking Age, or the Man in the 
Mist: with the Life 4c Death of 

Tobacco, &c, Oenozythopolis. At 
the Signeof Teare-Nose, 1617. 8vo. 

Prefixed are two curious engrsTed titles 
by Marshall, with leaves explanatory. The 
late Mr. Bindley, considered this work as 
one of the scarcest books in England, and 
the plates by Marshall, are the earliest pro- 
duction of that engraver. Gordonstoun, 
1423, 41. 10s. Nassau, pt, i. 1881, mo- 
rocco, 9^ Bindley, pt. ii. 1345, 61, 6s. 
Towneley, pt. i. 475, 3/. 16s. 

— The good Wife: or a rare 
one amongst Women. Whereto is 
annexed an exquisite Discourse of 
Epitaphs; including the choicest 
thereof ancient or moderne. Lon- 
don, 16(8. small 8vo. 

Containing 156 pages. At sign. C 2 is a 
a fresh title page * Remains after Death :' 
1618.— 'Taking this volume altogether, I 
think it one of the most curious as well 
as one of the scarcest books of the period to 
whidi it belongs.'— Dr. Bliu, The Remains 
after Death, 1618. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 48, 
(13 pages MS.), 10/. 10s. Brydges' Resti- 
tuta, ui. 196-203. 

— Description of a good Wife : 
or, a rare one amongst Women. 
London, 1619, small Bvo. 

Bibl Anglo-Poet. 46. Set Hannay, 

-— A new Spring shadowed in 

sundry Pithie Poems. Mvsophilvs. 

London, 1619. 4to. 

Contains £ in fours, last leaf blank. 

-* Essaies vpon the Five Senses, 
with a pithie one vpon Detraction, 
&c. London, 1620. 12mo. 

The Character of " a Shrow*' at the end 
of the TOlume, which consists of 76 leaTes, 
is onutted in the second edition. Gordon- 
stoun, 330, 16s. 6d. 

— Essaies vpon the Five Senses, 
revived by anew Supplement; &c« 
The second Edition revised and 
enlarge^, by the Author. London, 
1635. 12mo. 12s. 

After the Essays on the five senses, end- 
ing p. 81, is a second title ' A Continuation 
of these Essayes,' &c and after p. 229, a 
third tiUe as < The Distinct Titles of these 
Contemplations.' &c. The whole consists 
of 167 leaTes. Nassau, pt. i. 313, XL 13s. 
Reprinted in the Archaica ftom an incom- 
plete copy. The omisdons, &c. however 
will be found in Brathwait's Bamabeee 
Journal, 1820. i. 168-74, 322-9. 

— Shepheards Tales. London, 
1621. 8vo. 

244 BRA BRA 

Conaisting of 25 leaves. A conUnuation Lc^ctvre and a SvppleiHent lately 

of these Tales or Eclogues was printed with annexed, and entituled the Tvrtles 

• Natvres Embassies Trivmph. The Third Edition re- 

Brathwait, Richard. Na- ^j^ed, corrected, and enlarged. - 

tvres Embassie: or, the Wilde Lo^jon, 1641. folio. U. 10s. 

mans Measvres : Danced naked ^j^.^ ^^,^^^ ^^ ^^ engmyed atle page 

by twelve Satyres, with sundry by W. Marshall, with a broadnde explana- 

others continued in the next Sec- tory. Kach of the four Articles, The Eng- 

tion. London, 1 62 1 . 8vo. ""^ GenUeman, the English Gentlewoman, 

r*^«*.;»;»» «« ofti fUi* Hm a mnr* a Ladies Love Lecture, and the Turtles 

Containing pp. 2?4, Utle, &c. 8 more. ^^ , ^^^.^ jj^^.^^^ ^^^^^ The three 

At p. 73, 18 another title* The second Section ***^ r • . ^^««j;«*, -^Sftft«« 

of Divini and MoraU Satyres - at p. 173, «^<««e ^T '". • TT? f • f 5SS 

•The Shepheards Tales.* at p 215, are omitted w this. Bmdley. pt. i. 395, 

• Omphale, or, the Inconstant Shepheard- *'• "*' «,. rr a ^ -<.- 

esse.' at p. 237. ' His Odes : or Philomels — Times Treasury ; Or Academy 

Teares.* A copy is in the Bodleian library, for Gentry. London, 1652. follO. 

Steevens, 782, 1/. 3s. Lloyd, 197, 61. This is the English Gentleman, 1641, 

Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 43, 8/. 8s. * His Odes ; with a new title-page, and a few additions 

or Philomers Teares,' were reprinted at Lee or alterations. The volume is dedicated to 

IMory, 1815. 8?o. 3s. 6d. William Earle of Strafford, instead of Plnlip 

— Times Cvrtaine drawne, or Earle of Pembroke, and has aUso a dedica- 

the Anatomic of Vanitie. With torya<idress toEUzabcthcDoJ^;agcr)Covn- 
othe^ choice Poems, entituled: ;rgtn^;:f2;?;T^^^^^^^^^ 

Health from Hehcon. London, Gentleman 1641 being destroyed). At the 

1621. 8v0. end of the volume will be found " A 

Consisting of pp. 214, dedicated to the Character of Honour," of 4 leaves only, a 

univ. of Oxford ; to John Earle of Bridge- head title. In other respects the copies are 

water. At sign. 1 * Panedone; or Health the same. Nassau, pt. i. 660, 12s. 

from Helicon :' Ded. to Sir Thomas Gains- — English Gentlewoman,drawne 

ford, KnighL A copy is in the Bodleian out to the full Body. London» 

library. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 49, 12/. 1631 4lo 

— Britam*s B^th. 1625. ^j^/ ^^jj^^ j^^, ^ frontisp. by Wffl. 

Mention is made of this work in a mar- Marsthall, with a folding broadside expla- 

ginal note attached to the dedication of the natory. After the printer's title are St 

Survey of History. 1638. and another ' The leaves of dedications, and a table. Aftet 

Hunts-mans Raunge.' is noticed In the mar- p. 22 1 of the work, is the charactef of " A 

gin ofthe English Gentleman, 1630, p. 198. Gentlewoman," 4 leaves, not paged, the 

— English Gentleman. Lon- " Embleme," and " Vpon the Errata," J 
1 1 rf3A A more, then an " Appendix vpon a former 

GOn, 1 OcJU. 4lO. supposed Impression of this title," 5 leaves. 

This volume has a fine fronlispiece by Dowdeswcll, 112, II. 2s. Nassau, pt. I 

Ro. Vaughan, with a folding broad-side as 590, 2/. Ss. Stanley, 16, with the Kiiglisll 

an explanatory draught. After p. 456, is Gentleman, 1630. 4/. 48. Another editldi 

a sheet without pagination, Nnn» (4th leaf will be found with tbe English Gedtkmui* 

blank): then follows a new title "Three 1(541 foi. 

choice Cliaracters of Marriage ;" &c. The _ Whimzies : OF, a new Cast 

whole volume consists of pp. 487, without /• ^u «. i 1 1 ^ leoi 

the dedication to Tho. Viscount Wcntworth. ^^ Characters. Loudoil, 1631. 

Strettell, 360, 15s. Dowdeswell, 113,1/. 4s. i2mO. 

Nassau, pt. i. 5U6, XL 13s. Inglis, 299, The dedication to Sir Alex. RadcliA. it 

XL 148. Korth, pL ill. 632, rusvia, 1/, 17s. signed Clitus Alexandrinus. In the work 

— Englisb Gentleman. The Z'^ ^'i:r^e ^'^itZt.'^ri.'^. 

second Edition : revised, correct- perienc'd Gamester." the whole volume 

ed, and enlarged. Lond. 1G33. 4tO. consists of 117 leaves. Bindley, pt. W. 864, 

Nearly a pa^nary reprint of the first 12s. Reed, 3362, IDs. 

edition, with the text revised and corrected, — Anniversaries upon his Pana- 

but not enlarged. It consists of 240 leaves, rete (Mrs. Frances Brathwait), 

lL%^v«:. roS^pt!',':,;'?:!,':^": ^"t"' '«'"'• a';% ,. . 

— English Genileknah; and 48^;^^ tX,*5 fp^;,^* ilSS^" 

Geutlewoman, with a Ladies Lcve- rfw v^ ih puwete eoMiiiMd. . 

Bkatbitait, Richard. Rag- 
lands Niobe ; or Elizas Ekgie. 
ImpriDtedby F. K. 1635. 12mo. 

AB EIrgj (0 the Uamrj of Lady Eliia- 
ktth HerbeTt, wife of Edwird Somenet 
Uid Hd^rt, &c. collating of 14 InJtt. 

— Arcadian Princesse ; or, the 
Triumph of Ivttice: Prescribing 
nceltent Rules of Physicke, for 
a licke lustii'e. Digested into fnwre 
Bookes, and faithfully rendred to 
the originall lialiau copy, by Rt. 
BrathTvail, Esq. London, lfl35. 

A tranilBtion IVsn Mariano Silnfo, ■ 
FlonDlioe, InlenpcrHdifilh ilriouil'ocuei. 

MlMHR.— Fronl. hy Klenfaill, Vcnea 
opon, Title, EpUUe dedint. to H. SoniencI, 
E)ri(ofW(]roHtcr,&c.T«timoniri& Sum- 
Birr of the Content!, I3]nves.— The Ar- 
oAan PrincHK (Put I.) !54 pp. paget 
island l»S(Ut> (PaFtii.)»Opp.and 
Ul« of Sink), Bpp. Strellc)!. IST, G>. 6d. 
BmsHI, 377, 7i. Uayd, 195, Id). Blnd- 
HPI-" * 

perora, being exactly collected from 
lalitu Casar unto the now reigning 
Ferdinand the second. London, 
1636. 12mo. 

PRfiied li an cngnxd titli, by W. 
Umlull. ThL- lolumc coniitu of pp. 384, 
koidc* dedicaiioni ud Uble. 

— Spititval Spicerie: containing 
MiDdric sweet I'ractates of Devo- 
tion and Pictie. London, 1638. 

JaEDbns Grnythradiuf a Crroian wu the 
■dhoi of (bii dialogue. At p. 228 li a new 
M>,'A Cbiittian Uial,' written bf Job. 
J«lai Laiuprrgiu*, n Carthuiian; alp.3S4, 
■ Tlwpauiaiutc PilgriTn ;' at p. 34S,a head- 
title, ■ Holy Uemoriali, oi heaTenly Me- 

— Psalmcs of David the King 
•ltd Prophet, and of other holy Pro- 
phets, {Ktrnphras'd in English, by 
R. B. London, 1638. 12mo. 

Tku lilllc TOlame hni an engriTcd title 
by Uanhil, *t Ibe bollom of which in a 
fBslI oval, eonralnlng a portnit lubKribed 
QnamqiiBnl u (inloided fin Rich. Brath- 
adt}. The volome coniliti of 300 pp. 

— Ar't asleepe Husband? A 
Bonltter I.«ctare ; stored with all 
VarieW of witty Jeaata, merry Tales 
and other pleMant Riuagca, &c. 

BRA 245 

By Phihigeites Panedonius. Lon- 
don, 1640, 8vo. 

I Thii valume,coniiatin|Torpp. 330, ihoold 
contain a fVont. by W. Manhall and a print 
al p. 216, atto round in the Two Lancaihire 
Lover.. IngH,, 34, 1/. li. Marq. of 
Townshend, S2, 1/. I*. Norih, pt, I. 87, 
rniiia, II. lis. Naj^iau, pi. i. 311, Sf.Si. 
SunJey, 675, 4/. 16j. 

— Two Lflncashire Lovers; or 
the excellent History of Philoclcs 
and Doriclea. ByMiisteus Patati- 
nus. London, 1G40. 8vo. 

Thianilome, conaiaiing of pp. 2flS, ha* 
an engraTCd title, and alto -j princ al p. Z47, 
same ai in " Ar't ailecpe Ilutband)" 
p. 21li. Kauau, pt, i. 316, II. Si. 

— Penitent Pilgrim. London, 
1641. 12nio. ISs. 

Thiivohimr, coniitlinft ofpp. <4S, hii 
an cngraied front, by W. Manhall. 

— Mercurius Britaonicus. 
Tragi-Comcedia LiitetiR. Summo 
cum Ap[ilatisu publice acta. Sine 
1..0C0 aut Anno. 4lo. 

ronsiiling of four sheeli. RoibnrBbe, 
3051, 4>. 

— Mercurius Brltannicus: or, 
the Engliih Intelligencer, a tragic 
comedy, at Parirt acted with great 
applause. Reprinted with sundry 
additions. Printed in the yeare 
1641. 4to. 

Thii pieco ii wholly paliiical ; the lab- 

le »hip-iE 
which wai one of ihe great potnit which 
occaiiancd the Iroulilei of K. Chadei I. 
Scmal of the judgea are attacked in it 
under ftigned namet ; parti c niarl y Juftice 
Hutlon and Juilice Cruke, under those of 
Hortenilui and Conui Aciitui; ai ii alao 
Pryniie, who ii introduced under the 
characler of rrinner. Roiburghe, 4S0I, 
4>. Rhodet, 639, lOi. Od. 

— Astraeas Tears. An Elegie 
vpon the Death of Sir Richard Hut- 
ton, Knight. London, 1641. ]2nio. 

Thii Toliime hat a IVonl. in Hanhall'i 
■lyle containing an eiceilcnl portnit of thi 
judge in hii robea, eilremely ran^ The 
work coneludri at liga. E 4 ; then ■ neir 
title for ' Panareleei Triumph; or Hyaieni 
hraient* Hymne." The whole canlaim 53 
letvei [lign. II 2]. NaHau,pt. i. 317, U.lOi. 

' — Bamabees J on mail (and 
Bessie Bell, both in Latin and 
English Verse) by Corymbaus. 
tLoudon. 1648—50-1 



Pint edition (conbdning uga. A — Yx, 
In ><gbli, nilh ■ frondtpece by Mitahall] 
inMciialljr diScring Grom tbe later ediiiani 
thty bsTing been modeiuiied, Sic. Wliiii 
Knigbu, Saa, morocco, 81. 10*. Nausu 
pt. i. 3115, T(. Curick, S6, (bad copy, n<j 
frantu{d«e) li. it. BibL Angli>-P«?t. S?, 
(flve leaTca reprinted) SL Ingtti, IIS, Zf.Gn 
SteeTcna, 760, II. lOi. Dent, pt i. 249, 
3'. 18>. A copy in Marcb, IBIS, w&s eold 

fiiT i6t ie>. 

BftATHWAiT, Richard. Drunken 
Bantaby's four Journeys to the 
North of England, in Latin and 
Engli^ Verse, &c. to which is 
added Bessy Bell. Loud. 1716. 
small 8vo. 

Second cdltioti, conititing or 63 leaver 
uid two plain. An fndex, and M)ine in- 
(roduclory mailer were added to ttaL. edi- 
tion, which bai been repealed in th* Bubie- 
quentonei. White Knigbu 300, moriKco, 
ISi. NuMu, pu i. 306, [61. Lloyil, ^3, 
«». Bindley, pt. i. 1755, lOt— 'Ihird 
Edition. London, 1733, laiall 8vo. 10! 
leam, with di cuti. Bibl. ADglo-ratt. 
59, 11. Si. White Knigbti,aOI,Gi. Nai- 
•au, pl.i.307, 7>. Reed, 6557, 15s. Gd. 
ROKoe, I3T«, 3M). Dniiy, 504, 11l 
SUnley,116, IJ. !f. aoi>ett,315, Ili.Od. 
Roilnirgbe, eOS7, IQi. Sd. Tawneley, 

pt. 1. 354, 18l, FINE FATEB. NwMU, pi. i. 

308, 19i.— An Editiott, DubUn, 1763. Svo. 
73 ieavei. — Fourth Edition. London, 
1776, im. 8vo. 103 leavei, with ni cop. 
per plalea. At the end of thll erlilion 
only there ii ' Lucui Chennua — Chevy 
Chue,' Kparateiy paged, and altemaiely 
I.atia and Engliita, ealending to 18 Iruvci. 
Thii trinilation li modem and anony- 

moui. Bilil. Anglo-Poet, 60, ISt 

While KnighU, 302, Si.—FllUi Edition, 
London, 1805, Sto. 08 learn, with Ec^cn 
■Kw Tignettes and tail ]riecea. Freflicd is 
to advertiieiaeDt relatiie to the luppoied 
tnthor, Bamaby Harrington, and hitJaur- 
nal. While Knigbti, 303, Sa. Nauau, 

ft. I. 30», 6). LiaoE FArER. BiU. AiikIo- 
OCL 60, IBi. Ooldtmid, 233, li. la. Thii 
edition wai partially collated with ihc 
earlier copiea. — Sixth edition. London, 
I80S, 8ia.08 1eaTea. Dniry,5a9,Bl — Se- 
Tenlh Edition. London, 1818. Naaiau, pt. i. 
3Il,BTalB.3l.4a. Bindley, pl.i. 1756, lOi. 
— A new edition. London, 1833. 12mo. 
with tour Dtbographic printa. 3a. Ad. 

— Barnabse Itinerarium, or 
Bamabee'g Journal, with a Life of 
the Author, a Bibliographical iu- 
taloeue of his Works. &lited from 
the first Edition, by Joseph Hasle- I 
wood. Load. ]820.8Ci.l2[iio.2vo]s. ' 


Of thia exceDently edited reprint oolr 
one hundred and tweaty-flia eopia wwn 
printed. Drury, 508,iiMcoc S(.4a. Bro^- 
ett, S3, ii. 3: 

— Hustnr Roll of the evUl 
Angels embatteld against 8. 
Michael. Faithfully collected out 
of the most authentike Anthon. 
By R. B. Gent. London, 1655. 

Acuiioua woifc, eonilatingolpp. 94. Id 
1659 it appeared with a new title-page, 
■ Cipitali HereiiAa, or the ctIII Angcb 
embattel'd againat St. Uichael.' 

— Lignum Vitw. Libdius io 
quatuor partes dislinctus : &c. 
Londioi, 1658. I2nio. 

Thia volume, mniiatinfi of pp. 679, hai 
an engraTed title by Vaughan. Bindley^ 
pt.L865, St. 

— Honest Ohoet, or a Voice 
from the Vault. Loud. 1658. 8ra. 

Contains pp. 33S, with two ptlnti bj . 
Vau^ian, one inacribed ' The booert 
Gboal,' the other 'An Age br Apea.' 
Heath, 1823, SI. 18a. Strettell,139, 3I.lSh 
Naatau, pt. 1.315, SI. 17a. White Koigfati, 
3017, 31. IBa. Dent, pt. 1. S49, 41. 4a. 
Towneley, pL i. 441, 71. 17*. BibL Aagh- 
Poet. SO, 101. There are co^ea on thicjl 
FtrsR which aell high. 

— To his Majesty upon his 
happy Arrivall in our late discom- 
posed Albion. London, 1660. 4to. 

A copy of thia poem, cooditing at d(l> 
iiea, la in the Britiab Muieom. 

— ■ The Captive-Captain: or the 
Restrained Cavalier ; &c. L(«- 
)n, 1665. 8vo. 

The Cbaraclera are of a Priam | Jaylart 
UlWih; a porter; the centry; ht ptl- 
aoner; lean priaoner; reatnined avaBari 
ftc. The lolunie conaiata of 9S leaim 
Bindley, pi. iii. 37, 11, 19a. 

- Tragi-Cointcdia, cui in titB- 
lum inscribitnr Regicitliam, Penpi- 
CBcissimus Judiciis acurati&s per- 
specta, pensBla, comprolnta. Loa- 
dini, 1665. 8vo. 68. 

At p. 159, Bedlamnm Noram. Setaa 
Britannia. (Para Seeunda.; The toloHS 
' la of 101 pp. 

■ Comment upon the Tm 
Tales of Sr Jeffray Chavctt, 
Knight. The Miller's Tale, and 
The Wife of Bath. Lond. 1665.8to. 

— Some Rules and Orders for 


tlie Oovemment of the House of 
an Earle. LoDdon, 1821. 4to. 
with portrait. 

Tint tnct forms No. 8 of the Bfiscellanea 
AntiqnA AngUcana. 

Brawl. — ^The new Brawle, or 
Tammill-Street against Rosemary- 
Lane: a mock Comedy. London, 
1654. 13mo. 

A copy Is in the British M asemn. 

Brat, Thomas, D.D. Biblio- 
theca Parochialis : or a Scheme of 
sach theological and other Heads 
as seem requisite to be perused by 
the reverend Clergy. London, 
1707. 8vo. 58. 

— Papal Usurpation and Per- 
setotion. London, 1712. fol. 5s. 

Tiilmdfd as s sopptement to Foz*s Book 
of lUrtyn. Dr. Brsy likewise published a 
Hanslation of Perrin's History of the old 
Wildenses and Albigenses, and other 
wosks. In 1748 appeared * Publick Spirit 
Ohutialed in the Life and Designs of the 
Rcr.Tbo. Bray, D.D.' 8to. 4s. 

— WUliam. Sketch of a Tour 
into Derbyshire and Yorkshire; 
iocladiog Part of Buckingham, 
Warwick, Leicester, Nottingham, 
Northampton, Bedford, and Hert- 
foid-shires. London, 1783. 8vo. 

Pp. 400. besides title, two prefaces, list 
if ike nine plates engraved by J. Carter, 
cnata, and iter. FonthiH, 2128, 1/. 5s. 
BeddM in 1817, 124, lis. 8d. Dent, 
pt.L fSt, 8s. Edwards, 837, 7s. Heath, 
4180, 18a. 8d. The first edition was pub- 
aymously, 1778, 8vo. and the 
Is reprinted in vol. 11 of Piokerton's 
oir Voyages and Travels. 
— Collections relating to Henry 
Smith, Esq. some time Alderman 
of London ; the Estates by him 
0?en to ^charitable Uses; and the 
Tratteesappointed by him. Lon- 
don, 1800. Svo. 

BeatleTy Edward Wedlake. 
A Series of Views of the most in- 
teresting Remains of the ancient 
Castles in England and Wales, 
engraved by W. Woolnoth; ac- 
fompanie4 by historical Descrip- 
tkms. London, 1823. royal 8?o. 

2 vols. 

rMUked at 5L QuAETO, at 7L 8s. 
IsiMA Paooffi, 10(. 10k 



A concise Account of Lambeth Palace, 
by E. W. Brayley and W. Herbert. Lon- 
don, 1808, 4to. 

Delineations, historical and topographi- 
cal, of the Isle of Thanet and the Cinque 
Ports, illustrated with (108) Engravings 
by W. Deeble. London, 1817—8, fsc. 8vo. 
15 nos. in 2 vols. ISs. Demy Svo. 1/. Is. 
Royal Svo. with proof plates on India 
paper, U. lis. 8d. 

Topographical Sketches of Brighthelm- 
stone and its Neighbourhood. London, 
1825, 12mo. 

An Inquiry into the Genuineness of 
Prynne's ' Defence of Stage Plays,' &c. 
together vrith a Reprint of the said Tract, 
and also of Prynne's ' Vindication*' Lon- 
don, 1825, Svo. 

Historical and descriptive Accounts of 
the Theatres of London. London, 1828, 
4to. 21, 2s. 

Brat-thwaitds, Willihelmas. 
Siren ccelestis centum Harmonia- 
rum, duarum, trium, et quatuor 
Vocum. LonJini, 1638. 4to. 

a copy is in the British Museum. 

Braza Nose Garlande. 181 1. 

Only 20 copies printed. Boswell, 3082. 

BaEDOWy G, G. A compen- 
dious View of universal History 
and Literature in the Series of 
Tables, from the German: to 
which is added, a Table of Painters, 
arrang^ed in Schools and Ages, 
compiled from the French notes 
of Matthew Von Bree, Sec. By 
Major James Bell. Lond. 1823. 
folio. U. lOs. 

Sir Matthew Von Bree's chronological 
Chart of the most celebrated Painters, 
translated and arranged, with the Addition 
of the English, &c by Major Bell. Plsdn, 
7s. 8d. Coloured and framed, 12s. 

BaEDWELL, S. Razing the 
Foundations of Brownisme, by 
S. B. London, 1.588. 4to. 

Brbp., John. Sketch of this 
Kingdom during the 14th Century, 
with a particular Account of the 
Campaign of K. Edward III. in 
1345 and 1346. London, 1791. 
4to. vol. 1 . 5s. 

This is rather a collection of materials 
for a work on the subject than a txnatise, 
but as those materials are chiefly taken 
from the best sources, though unskil- 
fully arranged, the Tolume is of consi- 
derable Tslue. The editor however pos- 



MMed no other qualifications for his task 
than zeal. 

Brekell, John. Essay on the 
Hebrew Tongue, to show that the 
Hebrew Bible might be originally 
read by Vowel Letters without the 
Vowel Points. London, 1758. 
8vo. 2s. 

A sensible little work, written on the 
Antl-Masoretic system. Brekell, who was 
an Unitarian Minister at Liverpool) pub- 
lished a volume of Discourses, 1765. 8vo. 


Breme, Thomas. Mirrour of 
Friendship : both how to know a 
perfect Friend and how to choose 
him. Translated out of Italian. 
London, 1584.- 16mo. 

Black letter. Not noticed by Ames or 
Herbert Gordonstoun, 322, with a Caveat 
against Fortune, by T. B. ]/. 10s. 

Bremond, M . S. Pilgrim, a 
pleasant Piece of Gallantry, trans- 
lated by P. Belon, Gent. Lon- 
don, 1680. 12mo, 4s. 

* The triumph of Love over Vortune, by 
S. Bremond,' 1678. White Knights, 599, 
itior. 9s, 

Bremont, S. Hattige ou les 
Amours dv Roy de Tamarin, Nou- 
velle. Cologne, 1676. 12mo. 6s. 

The secret history of the amours of 
Charles II. and the I)uches8 of Cleveland. 

Brekticjs, John. Exposition 
vpon the syxte Chapter of Saynte 
John, transl. into English by Rich- 
ard Shirrye. London, 1550. 8vo. 

The following works written by this 
reformer have been published in England : 

Homelye of the Kesurrection of Christe, 
transl. by Tho. Sampson. 1550, 8vo. 

Treatise of the Argumentes of the old 
and new Testament, by John Calcaskie. 
1550. 8vo. 

Ncwes from Niniue to Englande brought 
by the Prophete Jonas, transl. by Tho. I 
Timme. 1570. 8vo. 

Exposition on Hester, transl. by John 
Stockwood. 1584. 8vo. 

Brenton, Edward Pelham. 
Naval History of Great Britain 
from 1783 to 1822. Lond. 1823. 
8vo. 5 vols, with portraits, views, &c. 

Published at 5L 5s. ' A refutation of the 
Statements of Admiral Sir George Montagu.' 
1823. 8vo. 3m. 6d. 

Bre&elt^ John. The Protes- 


tants Apologie for the Roman 
Church. 1608. 8vo.6s. 

This work was written by Jamei Ander- 
son of Lancashire, undtt the assumed name 
of Brerely. See St. Aucii;«TiM*8 Religion. 

— Life of Luther. St. Omen, 
1624. 4to. 

Bindley, pt.i. 1284, IL 8s. 

Brereton, Henry. Newes of 
the present Miseries of Rushia, 
occasioned by the late Warre in 
that Coun trey. London, 1614. 4to. 

A copy of this black letter tract is in the 
British Museum. In it will be found* 
' memorable occurrences of our owne na- 
tionall forces English and Scottet, under 
the pay of the now King of Swethland.' 
Gordonstoun, 379, 1/. 19s. 

— John. Relation of the Dig- 
coverie of the north Part of Virgi- 
nia. London, 1602. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Museum. Bind- 
ley, pt i. 1293. Jadis, 5/. ISs. 6d. 

Brerewood, Edward. De Pon- 
deribus et Pretiis vetervm Num- 
morvm, eorumq ; cum receutioribos 
Collatione, Liber unvs. Londioiy 
1614, 4to. 

Heath, 2, 5s. 6d. Republished by Wal- 
ton, in the preliminary Dissertations to Uie 

— Enquiries touching the Di- 
versity of Languages and Religions 
through the chief Parts of the 
World. London, 1674. 8vo.58. 

There u considerable learning in this 
small work, partly biblical and partly rdat- 
ing to church history. A copious analyris of 
the work will be found in Oldys' British 
Librarian, 159-«-62. The former flditioBS 
appeared 1614. 4to.~1622. 4to. WUUams, 
241,1/ — 1635. 4to. iireiewood hai like- 
wise published, 

A Treatise on the Sabaoth, with KIc; 
Byfleld*s Answer, and Brerewood's Re* 
ply. Oxf. 16.30^2. 4to. Williams, S4S, 
date 1631, 14s. 

Tractatvs dvo, quorum primns est de 
Metoris, sccundus deOculo. 1631. Sto. 

CommentariiinEthicaAristotelis. Oxon. 
1640. 4to. The original MS. is now in 
Queen's Coll. library. 

Patriarchal Govemnkcnt of the aaciait 
Church. Oxford, 1 64 1 . 4s. 

A Life of Brerewood will be (bond ill 
Wood's Athenai Oxonienses. 

Dretagne.— Lea graad«s Croni* 


qnes de Bretagne. See Boa- 
cuARDy Alain. 

— Nouveau Theatre de la 
Grande Bretagne. See Kip. 

Bkbtor, Nicholas. Handful of 
frag^nt Flowers, selected and ga- 
thered out of the sacred Scriptures. 
By N. B. London, 1575 12mo 

Bindley, pt ill. 1135, 14/. resold 
Perrj, pL L 558, lOt 12s. 6d. Reprinted 
in die first volume of the HcHconia. 

— Floorish upon Fancier to 
which are annexed, the Toyes of 
an idle Head. lx)ndon, 1577.4to. 

Bindley, pt. i. 743, 42L resold, Perry, 
ptL 597, 28/. 17s. 0d.— Agidn, 1582, 4to. 
A— O U. io fours, which edition is r;:print- 
cd in the irrt volume of the Heticonia. 

— Workes of a young Wyt 
trust vp with a Fardell of prettie 
Fancies: whereunto is ioined an 
odde Kinde of Wooing with a Ban- 
quet of Comfettcs. London, 1 577. 

A curious little work, containing pictu- 
reM|ue descripdons of the nuinners of the 
does, ace. Steevens, 997. Rozburghe, 
dl7a White Knights, -3173. 

— Brittons Boure of Delights, 
contayning many Diuises of rare 
Epitapbes, pleasaunt Poems, Pas- 
toralb, and Sonnets. London^ 
1591. 4to. 

This edition was disowned by Breton in 
' The Pilgrimage to Paradise.' Perry, pt i. 
598, 16L 15s. 6d. Ritson mentions an 
ediiioo 1597. 4ta 

— The Countess of Pembrook*8 
Passion. 1592. 

A MS. tofj of tliis poem occurs in the 
Harleiao Collection, no. 1303. 

— Pilgrimage to Paradise. Ox- 
ford, 1592. 4ta. 

A |ifi dedicaled ' To the Gentlemen 
itndicnts and aoolers of Oxford.' 

— Marie Magdalens Loue, a 
practical Discourse on John 20, 
1 — 18. A solemne Passion of the 
Soules Loue. Loud. 1595. 16mo. 

The am tract, E 7, in eighu ; the latter, 
la sts-Une stanzas, coi^tinued to G 8. At 
the end ' Nicholas Britten.'' An edition of 
the latter tr