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VOL. I. 




J. Billing, Printer and Stereotyper, Guildford, Surrey. 


It was not the Publisher's intention to write any more premoni- 
tions nntil the eonclosion of the work, when all he might have 
to say would be included in a general preface ; but numerous 
communications, public and private, seem to require earlier re- 

Borne well-meant advisers have suggested the omission of what 
they deemed unimportant articles of past literature, and the sub- 
stitution of works of modem date. JBut they overlook the de- 
clared principle of the present edition, which is, that it shall be a 
faithful, though revised and enlarged, reprint of its predecessor, 
withoutomissions of any kind, andthatModemLiterature (whether 
omitted by Lowndes or subsequent to the period when he wrote) 
is to form a Supplementary Volume. Besides which, were it even 
advisable to omit anything on account of worthlessness, it would 
be extremely difficult to determine what belongs to this category. 

Every bibliographer knows the importance wnich an apparently 
worthless volume sometimes acquires by adventitious circum- 
stance. It may establish a date or a fact, and settle a vast amount 
of controversy. A supposed piece of waste paper might fix an im- 
portant epoch in the history of engraving or printing, and an old 
book cover, (such as was once heedlessly thrown away) deter- 
mine, with an Approximation to certainty, the period of the first 
block-books^ These reasons must serve as an answer to those 
who advocate omissions. 

Some have regretted the paucity of literary and critical notices ; 
but these are far more numerous in Lowndes than in any other 
book of the kind, and do not, besides, strictly belong to biblio- 
graphy, but rather to literary history and biography. ISTo doubt 
an alpluibetical arrangement of pithy extracts urom reviews would 
be a very agreeable as well as convenient repertory, but such a 
work, to answer its purpose, would require to be four times as 
large as it is proposed to make the present. 

Other critics or correspondents, who are pleased to admit 
my capabilitiesi wonder that I should tie myself to Lowndes, 

a 2 




and not rather make a new and perfect book in my own 
name. To these I reply, that the labonr required to make 
anything like a perfect Manual of Bibliography, is, both 
physicaQy and mentally, far beyond what wonld be conceiredby 
those who have not engaged in snch duties, while the requital of 
even a successful achieyement would be below what might be 
derived from the most ordinary pursuit. Dr. Watt, auwor of 
the ' Bibliotheca Britannica,' exhausted in health and pocket by 
his herculean labour, died on the eve of its completion, nor did 
it yield any benefit either to his successors or nublishers ; and 
Lowndes, after years of unwearied exertion, oied in distress. 
Many more such examples might be adduced. 

There would be no difficulty in making a perfect book, — as far 
as anything human can be penect — ^were the appliances sufficient ; 
but nothing less than a liberal and independent appointment 
from the Crown 'can ever provide a stimulus adequate to the 
desired object. It would be possible to renter and describe, 
under one alphabet, every book known to hterature, and to in- 
dicate the particular libraries where tiiey are to be foimd ; and, 
if undivided attention could be bestowed on such an object, it 
might be accomplished in a very few years. Manuscripts might 
be treated in the same manner, and classed Indexes to the whole 
follow. But such a happy consummatiofi is rather to be sighed 
for than expected : meanwhile the literary public wiU, it is 
hoped, take m good part the installment now made in a right 

The present part is enlarged and corrected on every page, as 
will be evident on comparison. Among the articles which have 
undergone more especial attention may be enumerated : British 
Museum, Britton, Bro^ham, Brvdges (Sir Egerton), Bunyan, 
Butler (Sam.), Byron, Caxton, Chaucer, Coleridge, Costume, 
Cook (Capt.), Cooke (W. B.), Cowper, Crabbe, Crighton, &c. 
All contmuations and new editions of books mentioned by 
Lowndes, have, as far as possible, been indicated, and fre<|uent 
additions made of the auction prices of rare and early prmted 
volumes. Indeed, all has been done that could weU oe done, 
without reconstructing the whole work, and the Publisher only 
hopes that he may be able to go through his task with as little 
cause of compliant as he has yet encountered. The publication 
was undertaken, more as a boon to his confreres and to literary 
men, than as an object of mercantile profit, and he trusts it will 
be received as such. 


April so, 1858. 



Ik proportion to the adyancement and general diffusion of litera- 
ture ought to be the publication of references to, and accounts 
of, the multifarious works with which the genius of past and of 
the present times has enlightened and benefited mankind. Bib- 
LioaBAPHT, or a knowledge of particular books, the peculiarities 
of editions, their yalue, and what may be termed an intimate 
acquaintance with the history and character of a work, has, how- 
ever, been singularly neglected in this country ; and rich as our 
literature is in most departments, that particular class, on which 
all others are in a great degree dependent, is confessedly defi- 
cient. In France, Spain, Italy, Grermany, and Holland, nume- 
rous volumes have been written on the literary history of those 
several countries, together with others on imiversal literature ; 
but in England, excepting a few catalogues of books on particu- 
lar subjects, no general Bibliographical work deserving the name 
was ever published until the appearance of the '* Bibliotheca 
Britannica" by Watt, which will be again alluded to. It is not 
intended to explain the cause of the low state of Bibliographical 
knowledge in England ; but it may, perhaps, be partly ascribed 
to the folly of acquiring, at enormous prices, works which are no 
otherwise valuable than for their rarity, consisting, as that rarity 
sometimes does, in a colophon or the name of a printer, the tex- 
ture or colour of the paper, the width of the margin, the occur- 
rence or omission of a date, or even in an obvious defect. Man- 
kind are disposed to remember the abuse rather than the utility 
of pursuits in which few are deeply interested ; and in the ridi- 
cule which the enthusiastic zeal of bibliomaniacs has cast on Bib- 
liography, they lose sight of the fact, that all accurate knowledge 
is in a greater or less degree absolutely dependent thereon. 

The accumulated wisdom of ages is deposited in Books ; can 
there, then, be more useful information than that by which these 
repositories of knowledge are rendered available to the world by 
proper classification, separating the valuable from the worthless, 

and presenting the student with a convenient and trustworthy 



guide to the respeotire sources P Bibliography is, in truth, -the 
mariner's compass of learning ; for without it the student would 
be floating on the immense ocean of literature, with no other 
means than what chance afforded of attaining the object of his 
Toyage. To pursue the simile, it may be said that the art of 
navigation is not more indispensable to a mariner than is a cer- 
tain acquaintance with Bibliography to him who passes any part 
of his life in intellectual pursuits. 

Dr. Johnson has obserred, with his usual elegance and pro*- 
priety, " by the means of Catalogues only can be known what 
has been written on every part of learning, and the hasard 
avoided of encountering difficulties which have ahready been 
cleared, discussing questions which have already been decided, 
and digging in mines of literature which former ages have ex- 
hausted ;" but a bare Catalogue, though the most laborious, is 
the humblest part of a Bibliographer's duty. Mere industry may 
enable him to copy titles, names, and dates ; but to classify and 
arrange .works into the several divisions and subdivisions, which 
a student requires— to describe the merits of each work, and the 
peculiarity of each edition — to point out the true from the spu- 
rious edition— and to give such a collation of works which do 
not either by signatures, pagination, or otherwise, present the 
means of ascertaining whether it be complete or imperfect—to 
trace rare works from library to library, in order that those who 
wish to consult them may know where they are deposited — and 
to give the different prices at which books have at various times 
been sold, that an idea may be formed of their value— require a 
combination of talent, research, and industry, which entitle the 
labours of a BibUographer to much more respect than has hitherto 
been conceded to them. 

In thus stating the acquirements necessary for a Bibliographer, 
the Editor has in view rather to deprecate severity of criticism 
on whatever defects may be found in this work, than, with un- 
seemly presumption, to exaggerate the merit of its compilation* 
"No one can be insensible to the errors which are incidental to 
the Jirsf edition of a work of this nature ; for, as it is well re- 
marked by Monsieur Kenouard, whose reputation as a Biblio- 
grapher proves that he must be well aware of the difficulties 
incidental to the pursuit : — ** Si bien pr^par^ soit-on, et quelques 


sotns que Ton apporte a la composition d'un ouvrage bibliogra- 
{Aiique, H est encore presque impossible de ne pas laisser dans sa 
l^atetmhre publication nne midtitude d'errenrs, de lacunes, de sup* 
positions, de mensonges inyoluntaires." After these imperfect 
obsenrations on the utility and difficulties of Bibliography, the 
EditoiT will proceed to allude, in as few words as possible, to the 
plan and contents of Watt's ** Bibliotheca Britannica," to show 
in what points these volumes supply information which is not 
contained in that valuable compilation. In speaking of the Bib- 
liotheca Britannica, no praise can be too high; for, notwith- 
standing its imperfections, it contains a mass of most valuable 
matter, disposed in such form as to be of great assistance to 
persons desirous of ascertaining what works have been written 
on a particular subject, or by a particular author. It is obvious, 
however, that, from the very extensive plan adopted by Watt, 
his work must necessarily be incomplete in various points, which, 
though of minor detail, are of great importance. Thus, for in- 
stance, he gives neither the collation nor prices of books ; nor 
does he afibrd a guide to the best authors on any particular sub- 
ject, or to the best editions-^information of the highest value to 
foreigners and students* 

The Biblioobafheb's Manual was undertaken to supply a 
desideratum in English Literature, by presenting the Collector, 
the Author, and the Bookseller with a notice, in alphabetical 
order, under the names of their respective authors, of the prin- 
cipal works in the various departments of Divinity, Ecclesiastical 
and Civil History, more particularly of Great Britain, Biography, 
Voyages and Travels, Antiquities, Heraldry, Jurisprudence, 
Sciences, the Arts and Belles Lettres, &c. 

It was stated in the prospectus that these notices would exceed 
ttoenty thousand; but as the Editor proceeded, he was insensibly 
compelled to extend the limits which he had prescribed to him- 
self ; and the work does, in fact, contain notices of upwards of 
fifty thotuand distinct books, published in, or relating to. Great 
Britain and Ireland, from the invention of printing to the pre- 
sent time. He deceives himself, if this fact will not be deemed 
a sufficient apology for the work having exceeded what was 
originally contemplated. To these notices are annexed, 

Firtt, A concise account of the inerits of the work, titken 



occasionally from Beviews, but more generally from writers 
estabUslied reputation. 

Secondly, Its peculiar bibliographical character, sucb as the 
mode in which it was originally published, its contents, limited 
number printed, rarity, whether the name of the author was 
real or fictitious, and occasionally supplying the name of the 
author of a work published anonymously ; if an early work, to 
whom dedicated ; the merits and variations of the different edi- 
tions ; where and when printed ; also notices of reprints of rare 
works, and of tracts, whether in the Somers and Harleian Mis- ' 
ceUanies, or similar publications, and likewise of those early 
Yoyages and Travels which appear in Pinkerton's, Churchill's, 
the Harleian and other Collections :— in a word, all the points 
which belong to the " history" of a book are stated. 

Thirdly, Collations of the contents of the rarer and more im- 
portant articles, including a Ust of the plates. 

Fourthly, Beferences to the number in the catalogues of cele- 
brated sales, specifying the price for which the work was sold. 

Upon the utility of such information it is scarcely necessary 
to insist : without a Manual of this nature the collector may in- 
deed, as is happily remarked by a French Bibliographer, form a 
collection, but not a library, since the one consists simply of a 
mass of books purchased without knowledge or discrimination 
of subjects or editions ; but a library, by which is meant a selec- 
tion of the best writers, and of the best editions, depends more 
upon the erudition, judgment, and iaste of the possessor, than 
upon his wealth or liberality. 

No doubt can be entertained of the utility of attaching to the 
title of a book the opinion entertained of its merits by those who 
hanre undertaken to pronounce a critical opinion upon them, either 
in reference to the collector or to the student : to both they 
serve as a guide. But with respect to the various criticisms 
which will be found scattered throughout the work, the Editor 
wishes to be understood, that when no authority is given, ho 
states the general character of the works, rather than ofiers an 
opinion of his own. In the case of works of a religious naturp, 
the criticism will of course be understood as expressing the esti- 
mation in which the work is held by the particular sect to which 
the author belonged. 


The importance of knowing the exact character of^ and the 
difference between the editions of any work, is well understood 
by authors and Kterary persons, bnt to more general readers it 
may be necessary to remark, that in each edition an Author is 
presumed to have availed himself of the additional information, 
and to have corrected the errors, which the suggestions of critical 
journals, or of his Mends, or his own studies, may have supplied. 
It is not, perhaps, too much to say, with respect to works on 
history, or consisting of a condensation of, or criticisms foimded 
upon, mere facts, that no first edition is so perfect as its author . 
iB capable of rendering it. Until his labours are before hint in 
print, and time has cooled the fervour of mind incidental to com- 
position, he is scarcely competent to estimate, calmly and dis- 
passionately, the value and bearing of the materials of which 
history is composed. A single additional fact, derived possibly 
from an obscure volume, or a manuscript, which escaped his re- 
searches when his work was written, may overturn or confirm 
his most ingenious hypotheses. To works of imagination, novels, 
poetry, and the drama, the value of revision is almost as great — 
they supply as it were the last touches of the master ; and in 
the second edition the author introduces those improvements 
which, (in an age when the Horatian precept has ceased to apply, 
either in principle or practice) are rarely to be found in the first 
impression ; whilst every subsequent reprint affords him the 
opportunity of imparting greater accuracy, more abundant in- 
form&tion, and more elaborate polish to his lucubrations. Hence 
arises the immense superiority of a second edition over the first, 
of a third over a second, and thus in numerical progression of 
each over its predecessor. The claims which a first sometimes 
possesses over a later edition of a work, consists chiefly of re- 
marks which prudence or justice may have induced an author 
to cancel. A referenpe to the first edition of an early writer is, 
however, often essential in restoring the correct reading of a line 
or passage. If a typographical error is made in the second edi- 
tion, it is almost certain to be perpetuated in succeeding im- 
pressions, from its being the practice to print each edition &om 
the one which immediately preceded it. Moreover, there is a 
peculiarity about every edition of every work, which renders it 
imperative that it should be carefully referred to by an editor of 


Buch work : it may also happen that a first edition contains yalti* 
able extraneous matter, which a desire to impart more con- 
sistency to his labonrs, caused the author afterwards to omit. 
To those who terite books, a knowledge of such peculiarities in 
editions is indispensable ; and by those who only read them, but 
who are interested in the curiosities and technicalities of litera- 
ture, the information will not be despised. 

It is the duty of an author to know the history of a work 
which he consults : by making the statements it contains his 
authority, he, in some measure, adopts them as his own ; and a 
Manual, which enables him to form an idea of the degree of 
credit that ought to be attached to the book before him, cannot 
fail to facilitate and benefit his labours. A critical examiner of 
his authorities, knows that the slightest fact — the date, the dedi- 
cation, whether a private work or one intended for general circu- 
lation, for example — are points by which the credibility of a 
writer may, possibly, be impugned or confirmed. 

By the CoUations the buyer and seller are alike enabled to 
judge whether a book is perfect ; hence disputes may, with slight 
trouble, be avoided ; and although at first sight this may seem but ' 
a very trifling recommendation to a bibliographical work, where 
they are for the^r*^ time given, those who have collated even a 
single volume will at once believe that much time has been con- 
sumed in this object ; and it is hoped they will agree with the 
Editor in thinking that it has not been thrown away. 

The utility of stating the prices at which books have sold at 
public auctions, and thereby to give the public the means of 
judging of their value, must be sufficiently obvious. Although no 
conclusion can be safely drawn from those prices, nor can they by 
any means be depended upon as a certain guide, stiU, the sums 
wliich books have produced at public sales wiU be referred to as 
authorities, and the variations in their value must prove a source 
of amusement from their indicating the changes which have taken 
place in caprice or taste. 

It not unfrequently happens, that for some literary purpose, a 
person wishes to consult a particular book of great rarity, but is 
wholly at a loss to discover where a copy is to be found. In the 
instances of uncommon works, the editor has stated if it is in the 
British Museum, in the Bodleian, or other public Library ; and 


shonld a copy have been sold by auction within the present cen- 
tury, a reference is usually given to the number in the catalogue 
in which it is mentioned, thus affording a clue to its present 

It is due to his own labours that the Editor should state that 
this is ihe first attempt in England to supply these various points 
of Bibliographical information in one work ; and though the cele- 
brated ** Manuel du Libraire " of Brunet has served as his model, 
that valuable compilation is extremely imperfect ii^ relation to 
British literature. 

The Editor is aware of an objection to which his work is liable 
from the circumstance of many books, which may be considered 
worthless, being noticed, merely because they have occasionally 
brought large prices at public sales ; but, as he might have in- 
curred still greater blame, had he omitted them, he has preferred 
admitting a few whose claim to a place might be disputed, than 
leaving out any work to which an ideal value has been attached, 
remembering the remark of Johnson, *' that no book is so worth, 
less as not to contain something good." It is also to be remem- 
bered, that scarcely any two persons agree in their estimation of 
a book, and that their taste and judgment are influenced by their 
attachment to particular pursuits. On the other hand, he is sen- 
sible that he may unconsciously have omitted articles of import- 
ance, more especially very recent publications, from the difficulty 
of keeping pace with the daily productions of the press. For these, 
and all other omissions, he trusts to the candour of his readers : 
all who have had occasion to search for information on a particu- 
lar subject, must be aware that much valuable matter has escaped 
them, notwithstanding the most careful inquiries. 

It would be a waste of time to name the particular sources 
which have been consulted. A single glance will, the Editor 
flatters himself, ensure credence to his statement, that many hun- 
dreds of volumes have been constantly referred to, and that, in 
numerous instances, the books noticed have been carefuUy ex- 
amined. The merit of indefatigable industry will not, he hopes, 
be denied him ; and though his labours have not required either 
genius or splendid talents, he, nevertheless, trusts that he may 
be deemed a safe and useful pioneer to the present and future 
explorers of the inexhaustible mines of British Literature. The 

xii FBEFi.CE. 

trayeller well knows the importance of a road-book and direetioii 
posts ; the mariner is equally sensible of the yalue of charts and 
beacons ; and the youthful and ardent literary husbandman, on 
entering the immeasurable fields of knowledge, will soon learn, 
from the assurances of the veteran labourer, as well as from his 
own experience, that his progress will be painful, his success 
uncertain, without the assistance which, the Editor humbly hopes, 
these volumes will supply. 

The little that remains to be said is an acknowledgment, the 
sincerity of which must supply its deficiency in expression, of the 
Editor's gratitude to the numerous friends by whose kind assist- 
ance and advice his labours have been at once cheered and bene- 
fited ; more particularly 

To the Eight Honourable Thomas Gbekyille, who is no less 
the master of the contents, than of the property of his books^ and 
who, in the most obliging manner, tendered him the use of his 
splendid library, as well as of his interesting catalogues, with, 
which, it may be hoped, he may be induced to favour the public. 

In common with most persons interested in literary pursuits, 
the Editor is under many obligations to Philip Augustus Han- 
BOTT, Esq.y to whose late curious and extensive library liberal 
access was always afibrded him. 

To Messrs. Payne and Foss, Mr. Cochbak, Mr. Piceebing, 
and especially Mr, S»odd, for. their constant advice and most 
useful suggestions, he is eminently obliged. 

To Mr. E. H. Evans he is particularly indebted for many 
valuable hints, and for the loan of the sale catalogues of the nu- 
merous important libraries which have passed through his hands, 
which exhibit a profound knowledge of his profession. — To Messrs. 
SoTHBBY he begs to return his thanks for access to their extensive 
series of catalogues. 

Gratitude demands a strong acknowledgment to the late Wil- 
LiAK Mebedith, Esq., under whose hospitable roof this Manual 
was commenced in the year 1820. By the late Bichabd Hebeb, 
Esq., (who, as a collector, united the judgment of a Cotton with 
the princely munificence of a Harley,) he was honoured with ap- 
probation and encouragement, and with the ofi*er of access to his 

immense literary treasures. 

W. T. L. 




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12mo. Heber, 22. 17s. 

Bbiceeii., John, M.D. Natural 
History of North Carolina. Dublin 
1737. Svo. 6s. 

Heath, 2770,98.60. Fonthill, 280O. U 





Bbidall. See Bbtdaix. 

Bridegroom. — The Counterfeit 
Bridegroom: or the defeated Widow, 
a Comedy. Loud. 1677. 4to. 3b. 

Middleton's No Wit, no Help, like a 
Woman's, altered and printed with a new 

Brideling, &c. of a rich Churle in 
Hampshire, 1595, See Philips, 

Bbid&e, Bey. Bewick. Lectures 
on the Elements of Algebra. Broxb. 
1811. royal 8vo. lOs. 6d. Tenth 

edition, 1840. 8vo. 78. 

A valuable introduction to the acienee. 

This author likewise published An Intro- 
duction to the Study of the Mathematical 
Principles of Natural Philosophy. 1814. 8vo. 
2 vols. 12. Is. 

Lectures on Conie Seciions. 1811. 8vo.6s. 

Lectures on Plain Tri^nometry. 1818. 
8vo. 4s. 

A Treatise on Mechanics. 1814. 8vo. 
i;. Is. 

A Treatise on the Conio Sections. 1811. 
8to. bi. 

A Treatise on the Theory and Solution 
of Cubic and Biquadratic Equations, and 
of Equations of the higher Order. 1821. 
870. 6s. 

— William. Works. Lond. 1649. 

4to. 3 vols. 158. 

The author was an eminent non-con- 
formist divine and rigid calvinist. [New 
edition, of the Works many now first col- 
lected, with memoirs, Lond. 1845, 8vo. 6 
vols, portrait, 12. lis. 6d.] 

Bbidgen, B. Antiquities of Sef- 
ton Church, near Liyerpool. Lond. 
1822. fol. with 33 plates, i;. 158. 

Interior Decorations of Sefton Church, 
Lancashire. Lond. folio, 12. is. 

Designs for Grecian and other Furni- 
ture, Candelabra and Interior Decorations, 
(published in conjunction with H. Shaw), 
with 60 plates. Lond. 1838, royal 4to. 
12. lis. 6d. LAEOK PAPER, imp. 4to. coloured 
plates, 32. 8s. 

BBEoaES, Bev. Charles. Expo- 
sition of Psahn CXTX. Lond. 1827, 
12mo. 1849. 7s. 

— John, Bishop of Oxford. Su- 
premacie of Christian Princes, ouer 
all Persons throughout their Do- 
minions, in all Causes so vrell eccle- 
siaetical as temporall. Lond. 1573. 
4to. 158. 

, Pp. 1114, and a list of ftnlts, besides de* 

dication to Q. Elizabeth, a pre&ee. ' Master 
Stapleton's common places, and his bead- 
roll of vntruthes.' Written in answer te 
Thomas Stapleton and Nic. Sanders. £Lof^ 
ner, 1854. Velvet, fine copy, 22. ISs. 

— Defence of the Gouenunent 
established in the Church of England 
for Ecclesiastical Matters. Lond. 

1587. 4to. 12s. 

Pp. 1401, besides the preface. This is 
the book pointed at by Martin Marprelats 
in his epitome ' read ouer D. J ohn Bridges, 
for it is a worthy Worke.' See Martin 

Bridges likewise published a Bermon 
on Sic Deus dilexit muudum, &c John 
8. (10) 1671, 4to. 

— • John, and the Bev. Peter 
Whaller. History and Antiquities 
ofNorthamptonslure, Oxford)l791, 
folio. 2 Tols. 

Vol. 1. Title, Preface, 6 pp. History, 
A— 7 Q. 610 pp. and 11 plates. Vol. II. 
Title, History continued, Indexes, Con- 
tents, and Directions to the Binder, 872 pp; 
List of Subscribers, 8 pp. and 87 plates, la 
some copies of vol. 8 there isduplicate plate 
6, 'South-west View of the Parish ChtiToh 
of Ecton,' and plate 12, 'Lilfozd, the seat 
of Thomas Powis, Esq.' is erroneoaslT 

S'aced at 841 of vol. i. instead of vol. ii. 
ometimes Faden's foor-sheet map of 
orthamptonshire, 1779, is added, but forms 
no actual part of the book.] Beckford in 
1817.97. uncut, 72. 78. Bindley, pt. i. 879. 6i, 
88. Alcnome, 98, 82. 10s. Nassan, pt. i. 062, 
mssia, 92. Dent, pt. i. 486, mssia, 91. 6s. 
Marq. of Townshend, 431, 102. 6s. Heath, 
4877, 172. 17s. 

— Matthew. Boman Empire 

under Constantine the Great. Lond. 

1828. Sto. pp. 467. 
Of this wow seven copies were stnick 

off on LASOB PAPBB. 

— Noah. Vulgar Arithmetique. 

Lond. (1653). 12mo. 

Prefixed is a portrait, with four English 
verses by G(eorge) W(ither), engraved by 
Faithome. The Portrait re-engraved as 
Milton, for Duroveray's edition. 

Bridges likewise published 'Stenogra- 
phie and Cry ptographie,' 1668 . 12mo. with a 
portrait bv Loggan, 10s. 6d. ' Lux Menss. 
toria: Arithmetick natural and decimal.' 
1661, 8vo. 

Bbedget, St. (of Sweden). Liber 
Bevelationum celestiu dne Birgitte 
de Swecia. Lubec. 1492. folio. 

First edition, according to Nicolson, of 
which there is a copy in the British Mu- 


neam. Reprinted Nurexnb. 1517.— Naremb. 
1531. Towneley, pt. ii. 1849, 198. 6d.— 
Bom. 1666, and also at Antwerp, &c. 

Bbidget, St. (of Ireland). Brigida 
Thaumaturga^ sive Dissertatio enco- 
miastioa in Laudem ipsius SanctsB : 
partim archalca ex sacra et antiqua 
HistoriaEcdesiastica : partim etiam 
parensetica ad Alumnos CoUegiorum. 
Paris. 1620. 8to. 5^. 5s. 

A copy of this work relative to the Trish 
fSaint S. Bridget, is in the British Museum. 
'The main of this book consists of digres- 
sions, recounting the many corresponden- 
cies and long intercourses that have been 
betwixt France and Ireland, in matters of 
religion and learning.' — Nicolson. The au- 
thor, D. R. is supposed to beDonatRourcke 
(David Rooth, Bp. of Ossory). 

For another piece of Biography, see Pa- 

— ^ The Lyfe of Seynt Birgette. 

Lond. B. Fpson, 1516. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Museum. Wilks, 
1847 (wantingtitle and 2 leaves, Table), 10^ 

•— Certain Beuelations of Saynt 

Briget, with an Epistle of Sekjnt 

Bemarde, called the Golden Epistle. 

liond. Thomaa Godfrey, Svo. 

Inglis, 848. An edition of The four 
Revelations of St. Bridget, by Richard 
Whytforde. Lond. 1631, 12mo. See Tan- 
nei'B BibL Brit 765. 

— The most derout Prayers of 
St. Bvigitte touching the most holy 
Passion of our Saviour Jesus Christ. 
Antw. 1659. 12mo. 68. 


Bbedghan, Sir John. Keports 

£rom 12 to 19 £. James. Lond. 

1651-59. foUo, 7s. 

These reports embrace so short a period 
that they are seldom referred to. 

— John. Sketch of Knole, in 

Kent ; with a brief G-enealogy of the 

Sackville Family. Lond. 1817. 8to. 
Pp. 172, and a slip of errata, with nine 
plates. A former edition appeared 1797, 
8vo. with 6 plates. 

— Sir Orlando. Conveyances. 

Fifth Edition. Lond. 1725. folio, 2 

parts. 128. 

Best edition of a work of authority, with 
port, by Vander Gucht. 

*- Seports of Judgments in C, P. 



from Mich. 1660 to Trin. 1667, 
edited from the Hargrave M!SS. by 
S. Bannister. Lond. 1823. royal 
Svo. 10s. 

— Bichard Whalley. Analytical 
Digest of the reported Cases in the 
Courts of Equity and hieh Court of 
Parliament n*om the earhest authen- 
tic Period. Third Edition. Lond. 

1822-32. roy. Svo. 5 vols. 4Z. 14s. 6d. 

The first edition, 1806-7. 3 vols. IL lis. 6d. 
Second edition, 1813. 3 vols. 21. 12s. 6d. A 
Supplement by J. Flather, 1822, royal Svo. 
Digest of the reported Gases on Points of 
Practice and pleading in Equity. 1824, roy. 
Svo. IL 48. 

Mr. R. W. Bridgman has likewise pub- 
lished Thesaurus Juridicus, 1798, 1800, 
1806. royal Svo. 2 vols. 11. Is. Reflections 
on the Study of the Law. 1804. Svo. 4s. 6d. 
Short View of Legal Bibliography. 1807. 
Svo. 68. A Synthesis of the Law of Nisi 
PriuB. 1809. Svo. Part I. 

— William. Translations from 
the Greek, viz. Aristotle's Synopsis 
of the Virtues and Vices, the Simi- 
Utudes of Demophilus, the golden 
Sentences of Democrates^ and the 
Pythagoric Symbols, -with the Ex- 
planations of lamblichus. To which 
are added, the Pvthagoric Sentences 
of Demophilus, by ^omas Taylor. 

Lond. 1804. crown Syo. 5s. 

W. Bridgman likewise published a 
translation^ of Andronicus Rhodius. 

BsiDawATEB, Benjamin. Beli- 

gio Bibliopolie, or the religion of a 

Bookseller. Lond. 1691. 8vo. 

Written in imitation of Sir.Thos. Brown's 
Religio Medici, and usually attributed to 
John Dunton. Nassau, pt. i.828, Ss. Con- 
stable, 76, 88. 

— John. Concertatio Ecclesiee 
Gatholicee in Anglia adversus Cal- 
vino-Papistas et Puritanos sub 
Elizabetha Begina^ quorundam 
Hominum Poctrina et Sanctitate 
illustrium renovata et recognita; 
&c. AugustfiB Trevirorum. 1588. 4to. 

1594. 4to. 3 parts in 1 vol. 3^. Ss. 

Best edition, with numerous additions, 
and a preface, to which Bridgwater sub- 
scribes himself Job. AqusBpontanus. The 
first edition, which was written by Job. 
6ibl)on, a Jesuit, and John Fenn, appeared 
Aug. Trev. 15^ Svo. IL Is. A life of 

T 2 




Bridgwater wiQ be found in Wood's Aih. 

BBIBOBBTJ0, JuHuB. Floras Cal- 
rinistici decerpti ex Vita Boberti 
Pydlei, OomitbLeicestriae in AngUa, 
&c. pro Elicabetha Anglite BegmB, 

G-ubematoris. Neapoli, 1585. 8yo. 
A cop7 is in the Bzitish Mnseum. 

Bbi<kh3, Henry. ArithmeticaLo' 

garithmioa. Lond. 1624. folio. 

A second edition improved *per Adr. 
Ulacq,' was published at Goude. 1638. fol. 
Again, Goude, 1688. fol. Printed also at 
the end of Sciographia, m the Art ci Sha- 
dowes, by J. W(ell8). Lond. 1636. 8yo. 
An English translation, 16S1. folio. 

BBiaHiD, aliag Bonayenture, 
O'Heoghusa, Giolla. A Catechism 
in Frose. sm. Syo. Louyain, 1606. 

Reprinted Antv. 1611. This catechism 
or abridgment of Christian Doctrine is also 
reprinted at the end of Donlevy's Irish 
Catechism. Parie, 1642. 

BBiaHT, George, D.D. Tabulte 

Mosiacie duee. £>nd. 1680. folio. 

Dr. Bright likewise published Religionis, 
sen Legis Christians Tabul» undecim. 
Lend. 1667, folio. 

— lUcliard, M.D. Trayeb from 
Vienna through, lower Hungaiy; 
with some Aoeomit of Vienna during 
the Congress. Edinb. 1818. 4to. 
with plates, 11, lis. 6d. 

The principal topics in this yolnme are 
agriculture and statistics. It is commend- 
ed in the Edinb. Rev. no. 61. Drury, 745, 
21 148. 

— Timothy, M.D. Treatise on 

Mehmchoty. Lond. 1586. 12mo. 5s. 
This curious work was probably the 
prototype of Burton's Anatomy of Melan- 
choly. Nassau, pt. i. 826, 148. Reprinted 
1613. 12mo. 

— Charactery ; an Arte of shorte, 
swift and secrete Writing bj Cha« 
racter. Lond. 1588. 24mo. 

In this very ingenious work Bright 
claims the invention of the art. It contains 
K 2, in twelves, dedicated to Q. Elizabeth. 
Bindley, pt i. 681, 81. lis. 

Dr. Bright likewise published, Hedidna 
Therapevtiee pars, de dyscrasia corporis 
humani. Lond. 1688. 8vo. Hygieina. 
Londini, 1668. Svo. n.d. 8vo. Animad- 
versiones in G. A. Bcribonii Physioam. 
Cantab. 1684. 8vo. Therapeutica. Pars 
altera. 1580 A vm. Abridgement of the 

Book of Actes and M<Mtument8. Ij<m4. 
1688. 4to. 

Bbightmak, Thomas. Predic- 
tions and Prophecies written 46 
years since concerning the three 
Churches of G^ermanie, ^England, 
and Scotland. 1641. 4to. 5s. 

Several other works written by this 
puritan divine will be found in the British 

Bbightwbll, Kichard, t.e. Fbith, 

Bbigeda. See Bsidget. 

Bbinckhaib, L. Warnings of 
G^ermany by wonderful signes and 
strange Prodigies. Lond. 1638. 8yo. 
with plates. 

Gordonstonn, 875> IZ. 8s. 

Bbinsley, John, Bishop of 
doyne. Elements of Plane Astro- 
nomy. 1822. 8vo. [Edited by the 
Bey. T. Luby. Dublin, 1836, 8to. 
10s. 6d.] 

'Admirable lectures on Astronomy .*^- 
Quart* Rev. 

BsiKiiET, John. Discourse proT- 
ing by Scripture and Reason and the 
best Authors, that there are Witchee. 
Lond. 1686. 8yo. 

This writer likewise pnblisbMl A IMs- 
oovery of the Impostures of Witches and 
Astrologers. London, 1680. 8vo. Reed, 
8868, 8s. Both works are in the British 

Bbikbley, John. Lvdysliterarivs: 
or the Qrammar Schoole. Lond. 
1612. 4to. 6s. 

With a preface by Bishop Hall, reprint- 
ed 1627. A list of the works of this ' noted 
grammarian, sometime a schoolmaster 
and minister in Great Yarmouth in Nor- 
folk, an. 1686; wiU be found in the BriUsh 
Museum. Set Wood's Ath. Oxon. by 
Bliss, i. 40. 

BBiSBuns, John, M.D. Anatomy 
of Paintinff, with an Introduction 
giving a tmort View of picturesque 
Anatomy. Lond. 1769. foL ISs. 

This work contains Albinus' six Tables, 
the Anatomy of Celsos, with notes, and the 
Physiology of Cicero, lasgs papbb, 12.8s. 

Bsissoir, M. de. Account of the 
Shipwreck and Captivity of M. de 
Brisson. Lond. 1789. 8yo. 3s 

A I>escription of the Deserts of Africa 
firom Senegid to Mohmoo. 8u SaDOVisa. 




BftiSSOT, James Peter» de War- 

yille. New Trayeb in the United 

States of America, performed in 

1788. Translated from the French. 

Lend. 1792. 8vo. Bs. 

The former entitled Considerations on 
the relative Situation of Fraooe and the 
United States. Translated from the French 
of Etienne Glaviere and J. P. Brissot de 
Warville. Lond. 1788. 8to. 69. 

Bbisted, John. Pedeslsdan Tour 

through Part of the Highlands of 

Scothmd. Lond. 1803. 8yo. 2 rols. 
Towoeley, pt. iL 80, lis. Constable, 78, 

— Eesouroes of the United States 

of America. New York, 1818. 8yo. 
Pp.605. Reprinted at London, in 8to. 
14s. A notice of this work will be found 
in the Quart. Rev. zxi. 1—25. 

Bristol, George Bighv, Earl of. 

Elvira, or the worst not always true, 

a Comedj, by a Person of Quality. 

Lond. 1667. 4to. 

Rhodes, 058, 2b. 6d. Published anony- 
mously, and reprinted in Dodsley's Collec- 
tion of Old Plays. A life of the author, and 
a list of his wxitlngs, as likewise that of 
John Dlgby, Earl of Bristol, will be found 
in Wood"s Athen. Oxon. 

— John, i.e, John Thobnbo- 
BOTTGH, Bishop of Bristol 

Bristol — ^The fietire Maide of Bris- 

tow : as it was plaide at Hampton 

before the King and Queenes most 

excellent Maiesties. Lond. 1605. 


Black letter. A copy is in the British 
If oseum. Rozburghe, 4124, 71. lOs. 

— The City Charters. To which 

aie added, tile Bounds of the City. 

Bristol, 1736. 4to. 10s. 6d. 
The Charters, pp. 207 : the bounds, 12 

E}. with a fronUspiece, representing Q. 
iicabeth presenting the charter. Dent, 
pt. i. 617, russia II. 8s. 

The Charters and Letters patent, newly 
translated, and accompanied by the origi- 
nal Latin by the Rer. Sam. Beyer. Bristol, 
181S. 4to. II. 6e. Pp. xriii. and 817, with 
errata and addenda, 1 page, labospapkb, 
UllB.6d. [/SmBbtxb.] 

The Bristol Memorialist. (Edited by 
William Tyson.) Bristol, 1828. 8to. Pp. 
820, besides title, dedication, and advertise- 
ment, 8 leaves ; index, 2 leaves, and a plan 
of the city of Bristol, by I. M. 1871, 

Bbistow, Biohard. Treatise of 
diuerse Wayes to finde out the 
Truthe in this Time of Heresie. 
Antwerpiae, 1574, 16mo. 

Reprinted Antwerpe, 1699. 18mo. a copy 
of which is in the Bo^elan Library. An 
account of ihia * most sealons person f<nr the 
R. Cath. cause ' will be found in Wood's 
Athen. Oxon. 

Britain, Great. See Britannia. 

Bbitadte, William de. The 
Dutch Usurpation, or a brief Yiew 
of the Behaviour of the States Ge- 
neral of the United Provinces to- 
wards the Kings of Great Britain. 

Lond. 1672. 4to. 

Reprinted in the third volume of the 
Harleian Miscellany. 

Britannia. — ^The Description of 
Britain, folio, hlack letter. 

This work is usually subjoined to what 
is called Caxton's Chronicle. 

— De Behus gestis Britannis 

Commentarioli tres. Lond. Bin- 

neman. 12mo. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

— The Historic of Great Britan- 
nic, from the Bomans first Entrance 
until! the Baigne of Eghert. Lond. 

1606. 4to. 

By John Clapham. Inglls, 858, Ss. Sir 
P. Thompson, 606, IQs. White Knights, 
786, 12. Is. Naasau, pt i. 2115, russia, 

— Britannia triumphans, sive 

Icon Qvater Maximi Monarchi 

Jacohi 1. Lond. 1607. 12mo. 5s. 
Dedicated to Henry, Prince of Wales. 

— Magnip Britanniie DeUcise, seu 
Insularum et Begnorum Descriptio. 
Colon. Elzevir, 1618. 12mo. 7s. 6d. 

— Ecclesiastical Protestant His- 
tory of the high pastoral and fiettherly 
Care of the Popes of Bome over the 
Church of Britain. 1625. 8vo. 9s. 

— Historia Britannica; hoc est 

de Behus gestis Britannie seu An- 

gliffi Commentarioli tres. Oxon. 

1640. 12mo. 

Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. 1. 1452, 12b. 

— Motuum Britannicorum verax 
Cushi ex ipsius Joabi et oculati 




Testis Frototypis totus translatus. 
Botterod. 164j7. Syo. 

Britannia Triumphalis : a brief 
History of the Warres and other 
State Affairs of Great Britain, 
from the Death of the late "Kxag to 
the Dissolution of the last Parlia- 
ment. Lond. 1654. 8to. 

Lloyd, 273, 6fi. HolUs, 127, 6b. 6d. 

— Britain's Triumph, or Affairs 

of Gt-reat Britain from the Death of 

Charles to the third Year of the 

Lord Protector. Lond. 1656. 8vo. 
Nassau, pt. i. 828, 78. 

— Britains Triumph for her nn- 
parallerd Deliverance and her joy- 
ful celebrating the Proclamation of 
£. Charles the Second. Lond. 1660. 


In verse. Strettell, 1682, Ih iB. Bind- 
ley, pt. 1. 1277, 32. 10s. 

— The civil "Warres of Great 
Britain and Ireland, by an impartial 
Pen. Lond. 1661. fol. 15s. Another 
Edition. Glasg. 1664. 4to. 

— Great Britain's Glory, or a 
brief Description of the Splendor 
and Magnificence of the Boyal Ex- 
change, with some remarkable Pas- 
sages relating to the present Engage- 
ment, presented to the Merchants of 
London. Lond. 1672. 4to. 

In verse. Bindley, pt. ii. 1618, 1{. Is. 
Inglis, 710, 8s. 

— History of the Church of 

Ghreat Britain. Lond. 1675. 4to. 
Nassau, pt. i. 221, 8s. 

— Britannia languens ; or, a 

Dbcourse of l^rade. Lond. 1680. 

8vo. 4s. 

This book, like some others, treats of 
trade in all its branches; and is frequently 
quoted with respect. 

— Britannia Speculum; or, a 
short View of the ancient and mo- 
dem State of Great Britain. Lond. 
1683. 12mo. 4s. 

— Historical Collections, relating 
the Originals, Conversions and Re- 
volutions of the Inhabitants of 
G^reat Britain to the Norman Con- 


?ue8t, (edited by Dr. Geo. Hickee). 
iond. 1706. 8vo. 

— Britannia illustrata, &o. See 

— Magna Britannia et Hibernia 
antiqua et nova. 1720 — 31. See 
Cox, Ltsons. 

— Tour through the whole Island 
of Great Britain. 1724. See Dkp os, 
Daniel, €U»o Maceat. 

— Memoirs of the Antiquities 
of G-. Britain, relating to the Re- 
formation. Lond. 1723. 12mo. with 


Dent, pt i. 1406, 6s. Nassau, pt i. 2229, 
98. Fonthill, 1614, 178. 

— Curious and diverting Jour- 
nies through the whole Island of 
Great Britain. Lond. 1734. 4to* 
10s. 6d. 

— An Essay on the Antiquitietf 
of Great Britain and Ireland, de- 
signed as an Attempt to show an. 
AJGinity betwixt the Languages of 
the ancient Britons and the Ame* 
ricans of the Isthmus of Dari^n. 
Edinb. 1738. 8vo. [by the Eev. Dp. 

Perry, pt i. 1421, 8s. 

— Britannia Sancta, or the Lives 

of the most celebrated British, 

English, Scottish, and Irish Saints. 

Printed by Thomas Meighan, 1745. 

4to. 2 parts, 15s. 

Nassau, pt i. 606, mssia, 22. 168. labo^ 
PAPBB ? Williams, 244, mor. 31. 8s. 

— Essays concerning British An- 
tiquities. 1763. See jCkwrs, Henry 
Home, Lord. 

— Britannia curiosa : or, a De- 
scription of the most remarkable 
Curiosities of the Island of Great 
Britain. Lond. 1777. 8vo. 6 vols, 
with plates. 

Towneley, pt. iL 40, 11. Is. An edition 
without date. Nassau, p. L 806, It lis. 6d« 
Towneley, pt ii. 84, 11. 2a. 

— Notice historiqud des De* 
scentes faites dans les Isles Britan- 
niques. 1798* 4to. aveo une Carte« 
3s. 6d« 




Britaania.— Annals of Great Bri- 
tain. 1807. 8yo. 3 yoIb. See Camp- 
bell, Thomas. 

— Journal of a Tour and Eesi- 
dence during 1810-11. By a French 
Traveller. See SiHOin>, L. 

— Britannia depicta. ^00 Lysons. 

— Ordnance Survey of Q^reat 
Britain. See Obdnai^ce. 

Britannia nova. See YiR&lNik, 

British Album. Lond. 1790. 

12mo. 2 vols. 78. 

Most of the poems in these volumes 
were originally published in the daily 
paper called ' the World ;' they were 
afterwards collected into two volumes, 
under the title of the 'Poetry of the 
World/ and then the 'Poetry of Delia 
Crusea, Anna Matilda,' &c. 

British Bellman. Printed in the 

Tear of the Saints Fear, Anno 

Pomini 1648. 4to. 

Pp. 24, reprinted in the Harleiaa Mis- 
cellany, vol. 7. 

British Biograp hy, or an Account 
of the Lives and Writings of emi- 
nent Persons in Qreat Britain and 
Ireland, fromWickliff to the pre- 
sent time. Lond. 1766-72. 8vo. 7 
vols. Lond- 1773, 10 vols, portraits. 

Dr. Towers is the reputed author of 
this work. 

British Chronologist, from the 

!(nvasion of the Bomans to the 

present Time. Lond. 1775. 8vo. 

3 vols. 15s. 

An edition 1789. 8vo. 8 vols. Bishop 
of Ely, 71, 15s. Earl of Kerry, 31, 1{. 6s. 
White Knights, 606, 1/. 6s. 

British Critic, from the Com- 
mencement in May, 1783, to 1843. 

8vo. 104 vols. 

First sbbibs, 1798-181S, 43 vols, (puhlish- 
ed monthly), with Indexes 2 vols., 44 vols. 
— Sbooitd skbibs. Prom Jan. 1814 to June, 
1826 (pub. monthly), 28 vols.— Thibd sb- 
bibs. From Oct 1826 to Oct. 1826 (pub. 
3'uarterly), 8 vols.— Foubth series. From 
an. 1827 to Dec. 1843 (pub. quarterly), 34 
vols. Alter which it ceased. 

British Curiosities in Art and 

Nature. Lond. 1728. 12mo. 

Nassau, pti. 888, 4s. Other editions, 
1718, 1721. 

British Encyclopedia. See Ni- 
caoisos, Wm. 

British Librarian. See Olsyb, 

British lightning ; or suddaine 
Tumults in England, Scotland, and 
Ireland, to wame the United Pro- 
vinces to imderstand the Dangers 
and the causes thereof to defend 
those amongst us from being par- 
takers of their Plagues. Written 
jSrst in Low Dutch, by Q-. L. V., 
and translated for the Benefit of 
Brittaine. Printed in the Yeare 
1643. 4to^ 

This pamphlet, curious as tending to 
show the light in which the Dutch regard- 
ed the civil wars of England, is reprinted 
in the fifth yolume of tiie Somers Colleo* 
tion of Tracts. 

British Magazine. liond. 1760. 
8vo. vols. 

Edited by Dr. SmoUett, assisted by 
Goldsmith. Another magazine of this title 
was published July, 1782 to Dec. 1788. 8vo. 
8 vols, with plates after Stothard, 12s. and 
anotiier 1800. 8vo. 2 vols, [and another 
from 1832 to its close in 1848. 86 vol8.8vo.J 

Bbitish Musevm. 

A View of the British Museum, or a re- 
gular account of what is most remarkable 
there. Circa 1760. 8vo. 

The general Contents of the British 
Museum; with Remarks, serving as a 
Directory in viewing that noble Cabinet. 
1761. Second edition, 1762. 8vo. 

Sjmopsis of the contents of the British 
Museum, Lond. 1806. 8vo. Frequently 
reprinted. (The sixty-third edition was 
published in 1866, at one shiUing.) 

Letters on the British Museum. Lond. 
1767. 12mo. pp. 94, ^* M* 

Acts of Parliament, Statutes and Rules 
relating to the British Museum. 1768. 8vo. 

Act of 26 Geo. II. for the Purchase of 
the Museum or Collection of Sir Hans 
Sloane, and of the Harleian Collection of 
MSS. and for providing of one general Re- 

SDsitory for the better Reception of these 
olleetions, and of the Cottonian Library. 
1764. Reprinted 1794. 12mo. 

Acts and Totes of Parliament relating 
to the British Museum, with tlis Statutes 
and Rules thereof, ana the Succession of 
the Trustees and Offtcers ; with a Supple- 
ment. Lond. 1806-& 8va frequently re- 
printed. ^ 

Statutes and Rules relating to the In- 
spection and Use of the British Museum^ 
and for the better Security and Preserv|i- 
tion of the same. 1769. Reprinted 1768i 
12mo. frequently reprinted* 




BuiTiBH MusBTTM — eoitiinued. 

The WUl of Sir Hans Sloane, But 
Load. 1768. Sto. 

Authentic ocmies of the Godieils 1>eloiig>- 
Ing to the last Will and Testament of Sir 
Hans Sloane, Bart Lond. 1768. S^o. 

Minerva trlomphans: the Muse's Essay 
to the Honour of the Cotton Libranr as it 
is now given to the Pnhlio. LoncL 1701. 

Catalogns Libroram MSS. Blbliotheei^ 
Gotteniana,^Ssc. ByTho. Smith. Oxon.1696. 

A Catalogue of the MSS. In the Cotto- 
■iaa Library, with an Appendix* «nd also 
a Catalogue of the Charters preserved in 
the same Library. By Tho. Astle. Lond. 
1777. 8vo. 

A Report from the Committee appointed 
to view the Cottonian Library, after the 
fire at ' Ashbnmham House, In 1781, bv 
which many of the books were injured, 
with an Appendix by David Casley. Lond. 
1782. folio. 

A Catalogue of the MSS. of the King's 
Library, an Appendix to the Catalpgae of 
the Cottonian Library ; together with an 
account of Books burnt or damaged by a 
late Fire. One hundred and fifty Speci- 
mens of the Manner of Writing in different 
Ages, from the third to the fifteenth Cen- 
tiuy, on copper plates ; and some Observa- 
tions upon MSS. in a Prefsee. By David 
Casley. Lond. 1784. 4to. Pp. xxiv. and 
860, with an index of 28 pages, and sixteen 
plates. This collection was muiUflceuily 
conferred on the British Museum by King 
George II. Ooughf 864, 16s. Sir P. Thomp- 
son, SOI, 16s. 6d. Bindley, pt i. 2008^ 
17s. 6d. Brockett, 788, II. 98. 

A Catalogue of the Manuscripts In the 
Cottonian Library deposited in the British 
Museum. Lond. 1802. fol. ByJ.Planta. Pp. 
XV. and 618, with index, 7 T to 8 0. Bind- 
ley, pt i. 941, 18s. Willett, 9084, rossia, 
12. Is. 

A Catalogue of the Harleian Cdlection 
of MSS. (by H. Wanley). Lond. 1788-08. 
folio. 2 vols, with portraits of Robert uid 
Edward Harley, Earls of Oxford. Beed, 
989, 21. 7s. Bindley, pt. i. 839, 16s. 

A Catalogue of the Harleian MSS. In the 
British MuRenm, with Indexee of Fersons, 
Places and Matters. 1808-12. folio. 4 vols. 
This valuable catalogue was made by H. 
Wanley and the Rev. R. Nares. Pab- 
lished at SI. 8s. The indexes, oompiled by 
the Rev. T. H. Home, are sold separately 
at 8Z. 2s. 

A Catalogue ef the MSS. pnserved In 
the British Museum, hitherto undesorlbed. 
By Samuel Ayseough. Lond. 1782. 4to. 2 

A Catalogue of the entire oollection of 
MSS. on Paper and on Vellum, of the late 
Marqoia of Lansdowne 1807. dro. 9 voli. 

<;atalogne of tiie Lansdowne HS8. by P. 
Douce and H. Ellis, folio. 1819. 

Catalogue of Law MSS. formerly in the 
possession of F. Hargrave, Esq. now depo- 
sited in the British Mnsenm. 1818. 4to. 
12s. By Bemy £lli% aftarwardg chief 

Catalogue of the Amndel MSS. 1834, foL 
12. 8s.; or with edlonred platee, 42. 14b. 6d. 

Catalogue of the Bumey MSS. 1840^ foL 
188. ; or with ccdoured plates, 82. 8s. 

Index to the Amnctol and the Barney 
MSS. 1840, foL 16s. 

Catalogue Codicum Manuseriptomm Ori- 
entalium. Pars 1. Codices Syriaooe etCar- 
shunioos amplectens. 1838. fol. 19s. Para 9. 
(in 9 vols.) Codicum Arabieomm rartem 
amplectens. 1846. fol. 14s. 1862. folio. 14s. 
Pars 8. Codices ^thiopiooa amptectens. 
1847, foL 10s. 

Index to Additional MSS. 1783-1836. foL 
1849, only 100 copies printed, 2/: 9s. 

Lists of Additional MSS. 1886-1840. Svo. 
lOs. 1841-1846. 8vo. 12. 

Catalogue of MS. Musie in the Britiah 
Museum (by — Oliphant), 1842. 8vo. 6s. 

Catalogue of MS. Maps, Charts, and 
Plans rby J. Holmes), 1844. 2 vols. Rvo. 1/. 

Qreek Papyri in the British Museum 
(by the Rev. J. ForshaU), pt i. 1889. 4to. 

IQS. I<ABOn PAPSB, 16s. 

Select Papyri in the Hieratic Character 
(by S.NjBirch), 8 parts. 1841-1844. folio. 
42. 7s. 

Papyri in the HIerogljrphIc and Hieratie 
Chancters, from the ooUeotlon of the Earl 
of Belmore. 1843. foL 0s. 

Catalogus Librorum impressorum qui In 
Museo Britannico adservantur. Lond. 
1787. folio. 2 vols. Dr. Maty and Mr. Har- 
per compiled two-thirds of this catalogue, 
the remidnder was done by Ayseough. 
Bindley, pt i. 940, 12s. 

Ottalogus Librorum impfessomm qui In 
Museo Britannico adservantar (bvMr., now 
Sir Hen. Ellis, and the Rev. H. H. Baber^ 
Lond. 1818-19. 8vo. 7 vols, in 8 pts. 

Catalogue of Printed Books (extending 
to the letter A only, by A. Paniusi). Lond* 
1841. folio. VOL i. 12. 

Catalogus Blbliothecae Historieo Natu- 
raUs, etc See Bahks (Sir J.) 

Blbliothecffi Regisa Catalogus (Catalogue 
of the Library of Geo. III. now in the Bri- 
tish Museum), (by Sir F. Barnard and 
others). 6 vols. roy. folio, portrait. 1820-99. 

Catalogue of the Maps, Prints, Drawings, 
&c., forming the Geographical and Topo- 
graphical c(Aection in the library of K. 
George III. roy. folio, 1829. 82. 8s. (Printed 
uniformly with the preceding volumes, to 
which it is usually added.) 

Catalogue of the Geographical CoUeo- 
tion in the liibrary of K. Geo. III. 1829, 9 
vols. 8vo. 12. 4s. (a reprint of the meedbig.) 




Bbitish Mussuif — eontinued, 

Bibliotheca Gnnyilliana, (edited by 
Pavne and Fobs, and notes by Mr. Gren- 
nile), 8 vols. 8vo. 184S^, scarce, 42. 4s. 
LABOX PAPSBy 72. 17b. 6d. [VoL 8, called 
Part the Seeaadj is still on sale. Sro. 12. lis. 
6d. LABOR PAPBB, 22. 128. 6d.3 

Oatlines for the Classification of a Li- 
brary, submitted to the Trustees. 1825. 4to. 
By the Bev. Thomas Hartvell Home. So- 
theby's (Bp. Bloomfield), Dec. 1867. 12. Is. 

Fessilia HantoniensiA oollecta, et in Mn- 
88B0 Britannico deposita, a Gustavo Bran- 
der. Lond. 1786. 4to. B— M 2, besides half 
title, title, a preface of four pages, eight 
plates and a rignette. 22. 2s. Reprinted 
by W. Wood. Lond. 1829. :4to. 18b. Plates 
on India paper, 12. Is. 

Museum Britannicum ; or a Display in 
82 Plates, of Antiquities and natural Cu- 
riosities, in the British Museum, after the 
original Designs fh>m Nature, by John and 
Andrev Van Rymsdyk. Lond. 1778. Se- 
cond edition, 1791. folio. 

Egyptian Monuments, firom the CoUee- 
tion formed hy the National Institute under 
Bonaparte, and given up to the British 
Troops under Lord Hutchinson, on the 
capitulation of Alexandria, by General 
Menon, now deposited in the British Mu- 
seum, oblong folio. Twenty-one plates, 
engraved by T. Medland, fh>m Drawings 
by W. Alexander, F.8.A. Published in 

The Temb of Alexander, a Dissertation 
on the Sarcophagus iMPOught from Alexan- 
dria, and now deposited in the British Mu- 
Benm, by £. D. Clarke, LL.D. Lond. 1806> 
4to. pp. 161, besides contents and list of 6; 
plates, 2 pp. and errata, &c. 2 pp. 

A Letter addressed to the Gentlemen of 
the British Museum, by the Author <tf the 
Diaaertation on the Alexandrian Saroopha> 
gns. Lond. 1807, 4to. i^. 8. 

A Descrq^tionofthe Collection of ancient 
Terracottas in the British Miueum (by 
Taylor Combe), Lond. 1810, 4to. Contains 
41 plates^ after drawings by Wm. Alexan- 
der. 12. lis. 6d. LABOK PAPBB, 22. 12s. 6d. 

Twelve copies printed in folio, for presents 
to Royal Perscmages only. 

Marbles, described by Tavlor Combe, 
Coekerall, and £. Hawkins ; the plates by 
W. Alexander, Goibould, and others. lOpts. 
Lond. 1612-46. 4tD. Published at 212. 2s. 6d. 
LABOC PApnt, imp. 4to. proof plates, 812. 88. 
Twelve copies printed in folio, with proofs 
and etflhinga, for presents to Royu Per* 

Teterom Popnlormn et Begun Nnmi 
qui in. Museo Brfttannieo adservantur (k 
Taylor Combe). Lond. 1814, 4to. pp. viii. 
Ordo Numorum geogr. 2 pages. NiunI, 246 
pp. Indexes, 10 pp. Descriptio Tabularum, 
6 pp. and 15 plates, after Corbould, by 

Nummi veteres in Mus^ ILP. Knight 
ab Ipso descripti. 1880. 4to. 12. 16s. 

Description of the Anglo-GiOtio Coins, 
by Ed. Hawkins. 1826. 4to. 12. 4s. 

Egyptian Monuments, from the collection 
of the Earl of Belmore. 1848. 161. 16s. 

Inscriptions in the Cuneiform Character, 
from Assyrian Monuments, discovered by 
A. H. Layard, D.CX. 1861. fol. 12. Is. 

Catalogue of the Greek and Etruscan 
Vases in tlie British Museum, voL i. lasi. 

8V0. 68. WKK PAPKB, 7S. 6d. 

Besides these Catalogues, the Brittsh, 
Museum has published a great variety of 
Lists and Catalogues of subjects of Natu- 
ral History, chiefly in 12mo. at small 
prices. A printed list of these may be had 
on application to the Secretary's office, Bri- 
tish Musetun, and is given in the Official 
Synopls of the Britirii Museom. 

BritiBh Plutarch. The third Edi* 
tion. Lond. 1791. 12mo. 8 vols. 
U Is. 

An edition 1762, 18mo. 12 vols, in 6, with 
portraits, 16s. Another, with additions, 
by Francis Wrangham. 1816, Svo. 6 vols. 
22. 2b. 

British Beview, fix>m the Com- 
mencement in 1811 to its dose in 

1826. 60 parts in 23 vols. 

Broekett, 887, 20 vols, and one number, 

Bbitok, ll". See Bbston, Ki- 

Briton, The, from May 29,1762, to 
Feb. 12, 1768, foUo. 

A paper written by Dr. Smollett In de- 
fence of Lord Bute's Administration. A 
periodical paper entitled The Briton, com- 
menced Feb. 19, 1724. 

Bbittok.* Lond. by me Bobert 
Bedman. 8yo. 68. 

Black letter. Fo. CCIxxxviiL besides 
title, prologue, and a table of cxxvi chap. 
This excellent manual of our laws is nso- 
ally ascribed, says Nicolson, to John de 
Breton, Bish<9 o^ Hereford. It contains 
the ancient pleas of the crown, and as a 
concise abridgment of the law is considerw 
ed as a compendium of Bracton's treatise. 
Often reprinted with notes. An edition, 
1640. 68. Another, by Bob. Kelham, 1762. 

Bbittok, John. A brief Memoir 

of the Life and Writings of John 

.Britton, F.SJl. &c. 

A piece of auto-biography, oontained in 
the third volume d the Beauties of Wilt- 
shire, of which some copies were printed 
off separately. (1825.) 

[Autobiography of J(^ Britton (to his 




Bmtton — continued, 

death, in 1867), in three parts. 1849-60 (sic 
the tittesV forming 2 vols, royal Svo. demy 
4to. and imp. 4to. (25 copies). Part L 602 
pp. firitton testimonial, 23 pp. Part ii. 
216 pp. Part iii. (Appendix) 206 pp. lu the 
Appendix irill be found a complete list of 
Mr. Britton's worlds.] 

The following is a list of the principal 
irorks published by Mr. Britton : 

Thb Brauties ov Wiltsbirx. Lond. 
1801-26,8yo. Svols.with Tiews,22.2s. labgk 
PAPER, royal Svo. 160 copies printed. Nas- 
sau, pt i. 8S4, 2 vols, russia, II. 14s. Baker, 
31, 2 vols, with proofs and etchings, 11. 17s. 
Dent, pt i. 269, 2 vols, with two sets of 
proofs, one before the letters, russia, 41. 
Vol. III. published at 12. 4b. labor papbb 
at U. lis. 6d. 

An historical Account of Gorsham House 
in Wiltshire, with a Catalogue of the Ho- 
tures. Lond. 1806. crown 8vo. 6b. demy 
Svo. royal Svo. 7s. 6d. 

Historical, topographical, and antiqua- 
rian Sketches of Wiltshire. Lond. 1814. 
A portion of the ' Beauties of England and 
Wales.' of which 25 copies were worked 
off with the above title page. 

Topographical Sketches of North Wilt- 
shire. Lond. 1826. med. Svo. 11. lis. 6d. 
royal, 22. 2s. 

AscHiTEornBAii AKTiQurnxs of Grbat 
Bbitaix. London, 1806—26. 4to. 6 vols. 
Published at 272. 12s. labob papbb, imp. 
4to. at 482. Jadis, 131, 6 vols. vols. 1—4, rus- 
sia, vol. 5, sewed, 362. 16s. Nassau, pt. i. 
606, 4 vols. 272. 68. Dent pt i. 618, 4 vols. 
Proofs, with nearly a duplicate set of etch- 
ings, 432. Is. Drury, 747, 6 vols, proofs, 
morocco, 602. 8s. (Reissued in 1830. 6 vols. 
4to. with later impressions of Uie plates, 162. 
16s., since which reduced to 72. 17s. 6d. Nat- 
tali.) TThe 6th volume is complete in it- 
self, under the title of ' Chronological His- 
tory and Qraphic lUnstrations of Chris- 
tian Arohitectnre in England,' with 86 
plates, 4to. 1826, published at 62.12s. 

LABOB papbb, 112.] 

Cathbdbal Anttquitisb of Obbat Bbi- 
TAiH. Lond. 1814— 82. 1. Salisbury, med. 
4ta 82. 8s. imp. 4to. 62. 6s. 2. Norwich, 
med. 4to. 22. 10s. imp.4to. 42. 48. 8. Win- 
chester, med. 4to. 82. Ss. imp. 4to. 62. 6s. 4. 
York. med. 4to. 32. 12s. Imp. 4ta 62. 6. 
Lichfield, med. 4to. 12. ISs. imp. 4to. 82. 3s. 

6. Oxford, med. 4to. 12. 4s. imp. 4to. 22. 2s. 

7. Canterbury, med. 4to. 82. 8s. imp. 4to. 62. 
68. 8. Wells, med. 4to. 22. 10s. imp. 4to. 
42.4s. 9. Exeter, med. 4to. 82. 10s. imp. 
4to. 42. 4s. 10. Peterborough, med 4to. 12. 
18s. imp. 4to. 32. 3s. 11. Qlouoester. 1829, . 
med. 4to. 22. 10s. imp. 4to. 42. 4s. 12. Bris-' 
tol. 1880, med. 4to. 12. 4s. imp. 4to. 22. 2s. 
IS. Hereford. 1831, med. 4to. 12. 18b. imp. 
4to. 82.8s. 14. Worcester. 1832, med. 4to. 
12. 18s. imp.4to. 82. Ss. 68 parts, forming 6 

vols. 4to. with 311 engravings, pnbliabed 
together at 332. labgb papbb, 65l Of the 
entire work some copies were printed in 
imp. 4to. with proofs and etchikob, at 
double the price of the ordinary imperial ; 
some on supeb-botal folio, with pboofs 
OMLT, at the same price, and a few in folio, 
with PBOOFS and btchinqs, at nearly double 
the price of the imp. 4to. proofs and etch- 

CLate impressionB of the small iwper 
have since been reduced to 102.) 
LiNCOLK Cathbdbal not having been 

Eublished by Mr. Britton, was re-edited by 
Im on Wild's plates, and printed to match. 
lOplates, 1837,med. 4to. 12.6s. laboe papbb, 
imp. 4to. 12. lis. 6d. laboest papbb, 22. 2b. 
History and Antiquities of Bath Abbey- 
Church, with 10 plates. Lond. 1825. royal 
Svo. 12. medium 4to. 12. lis. 6d., imperial 
4to. 22. 2s. , v^u». 

An Essay relating to Redcliffe Church, 
BristoL Lond. 1813. royal Svo. 168., medium 
4to. 24s. Bindley, pt i. 721, 19s. Imperial 
4to. 12. lis. 6d. Dent, pt. I. 619, with 
proofs and etchings on India paper, 22. 28. 
reissued 1843, royal Svo. 12s. 

Graphical and Literary Illustrations of 
Fonthill Abbey, Wiltshire, 1828. 4to. 12.5s. 
imperial 4to. 22. 2s. and royal fol. 6 copies. 

Arohitectural Antiquities of Roslyn 
Chapel, Scotland, 1810. imperial 4to. 14s. 

Graphic Illustrations with historical 
and descriptive accounts of Toddington, 
Gloucestershire, the seat of Lord Sudeley, 
with 81 plates. Lond. 1840. 4to. 22. 28. 
labor papbb, royal 4to. 42. 4s. 

The Fine Arts of the English School^ 
with 24 engravings. Lond. 1812, Imperial 
4to. Published at 62. 10s. Fonthill, 8788, 
22. 9s. Brockett, 629, morocco, 62. lOs. 
LABOE PAPEB. Proofs, atlas 4to. 112. India 
proofs before letters. 

Picturesque Antiquities of English 
Cities, with 60 engravings by J. Le Keuz. 
Lond. 1828^. 6 parts, forming 1 voL 4to. 
72. 4s. LABOR paper. pToof impressiouB, 
imp. 4to. 122. laboest paper, India proofs 
and etchings, imp.' folio, 812. lOs. (12 copies.) 
Beissned 1886, 4to. 12. Is. 

Picturesque Views of the English Cities, 
from Drawings from Robson, with 32 En- 
gravings by Le Kenx, Woolnoth, and 
others. 1827. 4 parts, forming 1 voL medium 
4to. 42. 4s. LABOR PAPRB, TOyal 4to. India 
proofs. 82. Ss. India proofs and etchings, 
162. 16s. A comfonioH to the preceding toorlu 

The Union of Arohitectnre, Sculpture, 
and Painting, with descriptive accounts of 
the House and Galleries of John Soane, 
with 29 plates. Lond. 1887. medima 4to. 
22. 2s., imperial 4to. 82. 3s. 

Dictionary of the Arohitecturo fend 
ArchsBology of the Middle Ages, with 49 
plates by Le Keux,4 parts, forming ItoI. 
royal Svo. 1830^ 22.16b. labob papbb* 


BbittoK — continued. ^ 

med. 4to. W. labobst papbb, Proofs imp. 
4to. 71. 78. India proofs (only 10 copies 
taken off)« 12^. 

Casslobury Park, Hertfordshire, the 
seat of the Earl of Essex. Lond. 1837. 
imp. folio. 8i. 8s. labob paper (20 copies), 
atlas folio. lOi. 10s. [Republished in Ro- 
binson's Vitnivius Bntannicus, atlas folio, 
82. 188.6d.] , ^^^ ^^„ 

Architectural Illustrations of the Public 
Buildings of London, with historical and 
descriptiTe Accounts of each Edifice, (the 
letterpress by J. Britton, the engravings 
by or under the direction of A. Pugin). Lond. 
1828. published lu 20 parts with 188 plates, 
fbrming 2 vols. 8vo. med. 8vo. 6t 58. imp 
8vo. i8i. 88. 4to. PB00F8 on india papbb, 
142.148. (100 copies.) Second edition, en- 
larged, by W. H. Leeds, 2 vols, royal 8vo. 
Lond. 1888, 11. lis. ed. ,^ ^ ^ 

Catalogue Raisonnd of the Marquis of 
Stafford's Pictures at Cleveland House. 
Lond. 1808. 8vo. published at 7s. Royal 
8vo. at lOs. 6d. Dent, pt. i. 260, 18s. 

Essay on the Life and Writings of 
Shakspeare, 1814. 16mo. Hibbert, 22. 10s. 
1818, 16mo. Privately printed. Boswell, 
889, 12. 2s. Dent, pt. i. 261, 19s. 

Memoirs of Sir John Soane. Lond. 1884. 

royal 8vo. .., , 

Memoirs of Sir Jef&eyWyatville. Lond. 

1834. royal 8vo. , ^ ^«., 

Memoir of John Aubrey. Lond. 1846. 
4to. (860 copies). Mr. Britton also edited 
Aubrey's Natural History of Wiltshire. 
Lond. 4to. 1817 (260 copies). 

Authorship of the Letters of Junius 
elucidated, including a Memoir of Col. 
Barr^. Lond. 1848. royal 8vo. and 4to. ^ 

Britton and Bbatlet*b Beautiee 
of England andWales. 5gtf Beauties. 

— and Ferrey's Christ Church, 
Hants. See Ferrey. 

Beittdn's Bowre of Delights. 
1597. -S«tf Breton, Nicholas. 

Bbixitts, Grermanus. Germani 

Brizii Antissiodorensis Antimorus. 

Lutetie ex Officina Petri Vidoue 

(1519). 4to. 

A Latin Poem, (A to I 6, in fours) at 
the end ' Thome Mori Lapsus inexcusa- 
biles in Syllabarum Quantitate in Elegia 
ad Henricumoctanum;' 'Erasmus Rotero- 
damns Germano Brixiano,' et* Gcrmanus 
Brixins Dediderio Erasmo.' See Wood's 
Ath. Oxon. by BUss, i. 89-90. 

Bbockedon, William. Illustra- 
tions of the Passes of the Alps. 
Lond. 1827-9. Published in 12 
partS) forming 2 yols. med. 4ito* 



with 109 engravings, lOZ. 10s. (now 
31. 138. 6d. Bohn). Laegb papeb, 
proofs, roy. 4to. 161. India peoops, 
roy . 4to. 20/. Labgee papee, proofs 
before letters, imperial 4to. 30/. 
Labgest papee, proofs and etch- 
ings, atlas folio (only 12 copies 
prmted) ,6315, All since considerably 

reduced in price. 

[Mr. Brockedon published Italy, Classi- 
cal, Historical, and Picturesque, 20 parts, 
forming 1 vol. imperial 4to. with 60 en- 
gravings on steel. Lond. 1842-14, 52. 10s. 
Proofs, 81. 188. 6d. Boad Book from Lon- 
don to Naples, with 30 engravings. Lond. 
1835, 8vo. 11. 4s. imp. 8vo. 11. lis. 6d. Ex- 
CUBSIONS in the Alps, with map. Lond. 
1845, post8vo. 10s. 6d., reduced to 6s.] 

Beockett, J. T. Selecta N"u- 
mismata aurea Imperatomm Bo- 
manorum, ex Museo J, T. Brockett* 
Nov. Castr. 1822. 

Of this work 32 copies were printed in 
8vo. Brockett, 2170; and two copies in 
cxown 4to. Brockett, 2177, 158. 

— Q-lossary of North Country 
Words. Newcastle, 1825, cr. 8vo. Ss. 

An excellent little work. Second edi- 
tion, 8vo. 1829. Third edition, Lond. 1846, 
2 vols, crown 8vo. 12. Is. 

BeockiiESBT, Bichard. Expli- 
cation of the Gospel Theism, and 
the Divinity of the Christian Reli* 
gion. Lond. 1706. folio. IL Is, 
A learned and curious work. 

BbocewelIi, Charles. Histo^of 
Portugal; towhichis added the His* 
tory 5 Brazil. Lond. 1726. 8vo. 5s. 

Beocqitiebe, Bertrsmdon de la. 
Travels to Palestine, and Betum' 
from Jerusalem oTcrland to France, 
1432 — ^3, transL by Thos. Johne8« 

Hafod, 1807. royal 8vo. 

Gough, 562, 128. 6d. Dmry, 611, 18s. 
Fonthill, 829, 12. 10s. laboe paper, in 
small 4to. (12 copies printed) Malkin^ 
390. mor. [Reprinted in Bohn's Early 
Travels in Palestine, 58.] 

Bbodeeif, W. J. and P. Bing- 
ham* Beports in the C. P. from 
East. T. 69 0eo. III. 1819, to 
East. T. 3 Gko. IV. 1822. Lond. 
1820-2. 8vo. 3 vols. 12s. 

A continuation of Taunton's Reports. 
These reports are regnlarly contiaaed by 
Mr. Bingham. 




BsoDDE, Alexander. Diary of 
Alexander Brodie, Esq., who was 
one of the Senators of the College 
of Justice in 1650 and 1658, and a 
OenUeman of shining Pietie, &c. 
Edinburgh, 1740. 8to. lOs. 6d. 

Bbodie. History of the Boman 
Government, till the Usurpation of 
Augustus CSesar. Lond* 1810. 8yo. 

— George. Histoiy of the Bri- 
tish Empire, from the Accession of 
Charles L to the Bestoration, with 
an Introduction. Lond. 1822. 8to. 
4 Tols. 21, 12s. 6d. 

Bbodbiok, gliomas. Historia 
sacra : an Account of all the Feasts 
and Fasts of the Church of Eng- 
land. Lond. 1705. 6yo. with por- 
trait hv Sherwin, 1704. 

Williams, 291, morocco. 82. Ss. 

— History of the late War in 
the Netherluids, together with an 
Abstract of the Treaty of Utretcht. 
Lond. I7l3w 8vo. 4s, 

Bboke. See BsooKB. 
BboeeB) James. Sermon preach- 
ed at Pauls Cross, Norember 12, 

1553. B. Caly. 1554. 8to. 

Sotheby, 1863, calf, 11 188. 
- BBaHE, Alexander. The Cun- 
ning Lorers, a Comedy. Lond. 

1654 4>to. 

BoxlHii^he,4512, 6a. Rhodes, 660, fis. 
Reed, 7736, 6b. 6d. Field, 121, 88. 

— Songs and other Poems. Lond. 

1664). 5s. 

Pp. 876, witb portrait by D. Loggan. 
Dedicated to Sir John Robinson, with 
commendatory verses. BibL Anglo-Poet. 
76, 12. l8. Bindley, pt. 1. 468, 12. 3s. 
Garrick, 811, date, 1061, with portrait by 
Hertoehs, 10s. 6d. White Knights, 611, 
date, 1661, with port, by Hertod^ , mor. 

A. Brome likewise published Fancy's 
Festivals. Lond. 1667, 4ta A congratu- 
latory Poem on the Return of K. Charles 
JI. Lond. 1660. 4to. And a translation 
of Horace, 1666^ Sec. 

— Covent Ghirden Drollery, or a 
Collection of all the choice Songs, 
Poems, Prologues, and Epilogues. 
Lond. 1672. small Svo. 

Pp. 112. Blbl. Anglo-Poet. 126, 91. 88. 
Utterson, 7L Gardner, 1864^ 62. 

Bbokb, James, M.A. Travels 

over England, Scotland, and Wales. 

Lond. 1726. 8to. 5s. 
Originally printed in 1700, again in 1707. 

— Richard. Lachryma) Muaa- 
rum : the Tears of the Muses ; 
exprest in Elegies written by divers 
Persons o£ Nobility and Worth, 
upon the Death of Henry Lord 
Hastingjg, onely Sonn of the Bt. 
Hon. Ferdinando, Earl of Hiin- 
tingdon, Heir-generaU of the high 
bom Prince George, Duke of Cla- 
rence, Brother to K. Edward IV. 
collected and set fDrth by B. B. 

Lond. 1650. Svo. 

Pp. dS, with a frontispiece of the muses 
surrounding a human ngure in a shroud, 
and a sheet containing an epitaph of Lord 
Hastings. This volume is also curious 
fh)m containing an elegy by Dryden, 
which was his west printed production, as 
it was written when he was a boy at 
Westminster. Marq. of Townshend, 1870, 
UlOs. Reed, 7066. 22. 88. Sotheby, 1821, 
22. White Knights, 2267, data 1648, 82. d& 
Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 484, 42. 4s. 4S}, 52. 
Bindley, pt ii. 1387, with the front and 
the folio leaf generally wanting, 62. 16s. 6d. 

— Ten new Playes. Lond. 1653- 
9. 12mo. 2 vols, with portrait by- 
Cross. [Not marked as voL 1 and 
2, but described as "Eire new 

Plays" on each title.] 

Vol. I. contains The madd Couple well 
matcht, Novella, Court Beggar, City 
Witt, Damoiselle, with port by T. Gross. 
Vol. II. The English Moot, the Loye- 
flick Court, Covent Garden weeded, the 
new. Academy, the Queen and Concubine. 
Reed, 8029, 12. 12s. Rhodes, 669, 12. ISs. 
Boxburghe, 8902. 15 Plays, 2 vols. Sro. 
and 1 Tol. 4to. 62. 68.— Vol. I. Brocket^ 
892, no portrait, 188. Bp. of Ely, 94, Us. 
6d. Jadis, 40, 12, lis. Nassau, pt i. 886, IZ. 
168.— Vol. ii. Nassau, pt i. 887, 78. Bind> 
ley, pt i. 464, 18s. Jadi8,41, 12. Besides 
the above, Brome wrote, 

The Northern Lasse. Lond. 1632. 4to. 
Boswell, 1684, 78. Field, 122, lOs. Rhodes, 
661, 12. 48. Reprinted 1686. 1663. Rhodes, 
662, 6s. 6d. 1706. Rhodes, 668, 88. 

The Sparagus Garden. Lond. 1640. 
4to. 48. Rhodes, 8641, 9s. 

The Antipodes. Lon4. 1640. 4to. Ros* 
bnrghe, 4618, 6s. Rhodes, 666, 68. 




A Jovial Crew. Lond. 1661. 4to. 48. 
Frequently reprinted. 

Ttae Queenee Exchange. Lond. 1667. 4s. 
Roxbnrghe, 4516, 5b. dd. Bhodes, 668^ 8b. 
AtenrandB entitled 

The SoyaU Exchange. Lond. 1661. 4to. 

Bbomhall, Thomas. Treatise 
of Spirits ; or, an History of Appa- 
ritions, Oracles, Prophecies, and 
Predictions, witii Breams, Visions, 
and BeyelationB. Lond. 1668* 

folio. 18e. 

Stanley, 751, 12. lis. 6d. 

Bromleion. A Discourse of the 
most substantial Points of Diuini- 
tie, handled by diuers Common 
Places ; with great Studie, Since- 
ritie and Perspicuitie. Lond. 1595. 

Dedicated 'To Sir Henry Bromley, 
Knight— S. 1. The Epiatle to the Reader.' 
566 pages. IngUs, 801, 68. 6d. 

Bbomist, Sir Qeorge. Collec- 
tion of original Bo^^ Letters, 
written by K. Charles I. II., K, 
James II., and the King and Queen 
of Bohemia ; together with original 
Letters written by Prince Bupert, 
Charles Louis Count Palatine, the 
Duchess of Hanover, and several 
other distinguished Persons : from 
the Year 1619 to 1665. Lond. 
1787. Svo. with portraits, 7s. 6d. 
A valuable collection. Boxbiirghe,6889, 


— Henry, Catalogue of En- 
graved British Portraits, from Eg- 
bert the Chreat to the present Time. 
With an Appendix, containing the 
Portraits of such Foreigners as may 
claim a Place in the British Series. 
Methodically disposed in Classes, 
and interspersed with a number of 
Notices Biographical and Genea- 
logical, never before published. 

Lond. 1793. 4to. 12s. 

Tide, pre&ee, &c 6 leaves; work, pp. 
1--479. Appendix, 66 pp. Index, 40 
leaves. Edirards, 88, msaia, 12. 6s. labok 
PAPBB, 18s. Bindley, pt i. 901, 198. (kL 

-— Bev. Bob. Anth. History of 
the Pine Arts, Painting, Sculp- 
ture, and Architecture. In four 

Parts. Lond. 1798-5. 4to. 2 vols. 
1^. 5s. 

Bbomixy, Wm. Bemarksonthe 
grand tour of France and Italy. 

London, 8vo. 1705. 11. Is. 

[This was first published in 1608, hat 
bought up and reissued by hia political 
opponents in 1706, irith the addition of a 
burlesque table of contents. See Bibli- 
otheca Parriana, p. 702.] 

Bbooe, Benjamin. Lives of the 

Puritans. Lond. 1818. 8vo. 3 vols. 

i;. Is. 

This trork forms a comprehensiTe ap- 
pendage to Neal's History of the Pnritans, 
and Palmer's Non-Conformist's Memorial. 
Williams, 294^ 12. 16s., botal papbb, pub- 
lished at 22. 14b. Mr. Brook published 
A History of Religious Liberty, 1821, Sro. 
2 vols. 12. 4s. 

BsooKX, Arthur. Agreemente 

of sondry Places of Scripture, 

seeming in shew to isjrre, seruing 

in stead of Commentaryes, not 

only for these, but others lyke. 

TransL out of French, and nowe 

fyrst publyshed by Artiiure Broke. 

Lond. 1563. 8vo. 

This writer translated paraphrastieaUy 
trma the Italian, * The tragicall hystory 
<^Bomeu8 and Joliet.' Bee Bandxllo. 

— Charlotte. Beliques of Irish 

Poetry, transl. into English Terse, 

with Notes and the Originals in the 

Irish Character. Dublm, 1789. 4to. 

1^. 5s. Beprinted BubUn. 8vo. 
A valuable work. 

— Christopher. Eglognes ; de- 
dicated to ms much loved Friend 
Mr. Will. Brown, of the Inner- 
Temple. Lond. 1614. 8vo. 

Copiea of this, and of the following arti- 
cle are in the Bodleian library. In the 
British BibUographer, ii. 286-42, is a 
notice of a MS. by Brooke, entitled * A 
funerall Poem : consecrated to the Memo- 
rie of Sr Arthure Chichester, Baron of 
Belfast, &c 1625.' 

— Christopher, and W(illiam) 

B(rowne). Two Elegies conseorat' 

ed to Heniy Prince of Wales. 

Lond. 1618. 4to. 

Pp. 84. Strettell, 1012. 82. lOs, Bibl. 
Anglo-Poet. 854, 82. 18s. 6d. 



Bbookb and Warwick, Earl of. 
Letters to Mrs. Wilmot Serres, illus- 
trated with the Poems and Memoirs 
oi his Lordship, &c. 1819. 8to. 16s. 

— IVlke CJreville, Lord. Cer- 

taine learned and elegant Workes. 

Lond. 1633. folio. 

Pp. 28 to 82, then 1—296; with title and 
eontents, which are a TreaUe of Hnmane 
Learning. An Inqnimtion Tpon Fame 
and Honour. ATreatieofWarres. The 
Tragedie of Alaham MnsUpha. Cslica, 
containing cix Sonnets. A Letter to an 
Hononrable Ijadj, and a Letter to Greuill 
Yamey residing in France of Tranell. It 
is srappoeed that the absent pages 1 to 22, 
consisted of a ' Treatise on Eeligion,' can- 
celled hj order of Abp. Land. Bibl. Anglo- 
Poet. 2a, 18^ Bindley, pt i. 394, rassia, 
12. Is. Roscoe, 1341, 12. 138. ijibok paper. 
Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 63, 22. Gs. Bright, 
fine, 82. 178. 

— Mustapha, a Tragedy. Lond. 

1609. 4to. 

A fragment only, probably printed snr- 
reptitioQsly. Bozbnrghe, 4518, 138. 
Bhodes, 1193, 22. 2s. 

— The five Tears of King 

James, or, the Condition of the 

State of England, and the Behition 

it had to ouer Provinces. Lond. 

1643. 4to. 

Hollis, 209, 68. Saonders in 1818, 8b. 
Pp. 84, reprinted in the Harleian Miscel- 
lany, voL 7. This work, though bearing 
the name of Lord Brooke, has nothing of 
his style, and is full of mis-etatemente. 
It was evidently written by one of the 
Presbyterian saints for party purposes, 
and was republished with additions, under 
the title of * The first fourteen Years of 
King James, &c. 4to. 1651.' 

-- The Lifeof Sir PhiUp Sidney ; 
together with a short Account of the 
Maxims and Policies used hy Q. 
Elizabeth in her Government. Lond. 
1652. 12mo. 

Contains pp. 247, dedicated to the Coun- 
tess of Sunderland, with port, of Sidney, 
by Howe. ' It is to be wish'd that his life 
might be written by some judicious hand, 
and that the imperfect essay of Sir Fulk 
Greviil L. Brook might be supply'd.'— Jn(. 
a Wood. Nassau, pt. i. 1376, 12s. Sir M. 
M. Sykes, pt i. 1404, morocco, 12. Heath, 
1572, 32. 88. 

— Life of Sir Philip Sydney, 
with a Prefiioe, &c. by SirEgerton 


Brydges. X:ent, 1816^ royal Swo. 2 

vols. port. 

Printed at the private press at Iiee 

Bbookb, F. G-., Lord. Bemains; 
being Poems of Monarchy and Re- 
ligion. Lond. 1670. 12mo. 6s. 

Bindley, pt. IL 859, ISe. 6d. Steevens, 

— Henry. Collection of tiie 

Pieces formerly published by Henry 

Brooke, Esq. To which are added, 

several plays and Poems, now first 

printed. Lond. 1778. 8vo. 4 


Heath, 1964, 12. lis. 6d. Boxbnrghe, 
3943, 19s. Reed. 6694, 12. Is. Another 
editlim, in which many passages, in some 
parts whole pages, are omitted. Dublin, 
1792, 8vo. 4 vols. 

— Brookiana ; Anecdotes of 
Henry Brooke. Lond. 1804. 12nio. 
2 vols. 7s. 

— A Guide to the Stars, bdng an 
easy Method of knowing the rela- 
tive Position of all the principal 
fixed Stars, 1820. 4to. ISs. 

— Balph. Discouerie of certain 
Errours in (CSamden's) Britannia, 
1594. By Yorke Heraolt. [Lond. 

1596.] 4to. 

First edition consisting of 77 pp. with 
dedication to * Robert Earle of Essex,' &c. 
pp. 2. ' To Maister Camden,* pp. 3. < An 
attempt by an envious person to blast the 
deservedly great reputation of the Britan- 
nia.'— ^iooZsoti. Gordonstoun, 361, Ss. 6d. 
Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 667, 98. 

Another edition, to which are added 
Camden's Answer and Brooke's Reply. 
Lond. 1724. 4to. 6s. With a portrait of 
Brooke and a view of his monument. 
Each part has a separate titie-page, with 
the date of 1723. Nassau, pt 1. ms- 
sia, 16s. LABQK FAPKB. Bindley, pt. i. 9u7, 
138. 6d. 

— Catalogve and Succession of 
the Kings, Princes, Dukes, Mar- 
quesses, Earls, and Viscounts of this 
Beahne of England, since the Nor- 
man Conquest to tlus present Yeere, 
1622. foUo. 

A truly valuable work, compiled ftom 
official records, consisting of pp. 392, with 
dedication to King James and an address 
to the reader. Bindley, pt, i. 671, 18s. 




F<nithin» 1868, 1{. Ss. To a Jew copies of 
this second edition, a statement of Brooke's 
case was prefixed. 

The former edition, 1619, folio, pp. 276, 
besides dedication, address, errors, and at 
the end a table, also 2 pp. of errata. Sir 
F. Thompson, 167, 8s. In the Bodleian 
library is a copy of this first edition with 
marginal notes bj- Camden and Vincent 
Siee YiKCENT, Angnstine. 

Bbooke, Sir Bobert. La graunde 
Abridgement. Lond. 1673, folio. 

'This abridgment, which is principallv 
Ibnnded npon that of Fitzherbert, is di- 
gested under a greater number of titles, 
and besides the authorities collected bj 
Fitsberhert, Brooke abridges a great num- 
ber of readings, which seem to have fallen 
under his own knowledge as a Judge and 
chief justiceoftheoommon-pleas,and which 
are no where else extant, except in a small 
volume selected from this abridgment, 
entitled new Cases.'— Tr<>rraU. 

Other editions, lfi68, 1570, 1676, 1686. 
Inglis, 396, 6s. 

Sir Bobert Brooke has likewise published 
* Le Liuer des Assises et Flees del Corone, 
&c. Lond. 1680. foL 

— Ascm nouell Cases deles 
ans et temps le Roy, Hen. Vlll. 
Edw. 6. e la Boygne Mary. Lond. 
1678. 16mo. 

Contains 116 leaTes, and a table at the 
end. Beprinted 1687. 1607. 8vo. 

— Bobert Greville, Lord. The 
Nature of Truth, Lond. 1641. 

A memoir, with a list of this author's 
writings, will be found in Wood's Athen. 
Oxon. At the sale of Gough's library, no. 
676, the following, ' England's Losse and 
Lamentation, occasioned by the Death of 
Robert Lord Brooke, 1642,' and other tracts 
relative to his Lordship, 4to. sold fbr 

— T. Certeyn Meditations, and 
Thinges to be had in Bemem- 
braunce, and well considered by 
euery Ohristia, before he receiue 
y* Sacrament. M.D. xlviii. Im- 
printed by John Day and Wyllyam 
Seres. 8vo. 

Black letter, consisting of 17 leaves. 

— T. A reply to the Libell cast 
abroad in Defence of D. Ed. Boner, 
by T. Brooke, Lond. John Day, 

From Mr. Baker's copy of Hamifieira 
Catalogue, 6. 22. 

Bbooee (Thomas). Certain Yorses 

written by Thomas Brooke, G-entle- 

man, of Bolsbie, in the Time of his 

Imprisonment, the Day before his 

Death, who suffered in Norwich, the 

80th of August, 1670. Norwich, by 

Anthony de Solempne. 

These verses, consisting of eight fonr 
line stanzas, are reprinted in Leland'a 
Collectanea, vi. 41. 

— T. H. History of the Island 
of St. Helena, from its Discovery 
by the Portuguese to the year 1806. 

Lond. 1808. 8vo. 

Dmry, 612. 48. Fonthill, 2883, IZ. lOs. 

BsooESS. — Melanthe, Fabula 
Pastoralis. 1616. 4to. 

This play, written by Mr. Brookes, of 
Trinity Coll. Cambridge, was acted before 
King James I. on Friday, the 10th of 
March, 1614. Bindley, pt. i. 1296 (one 
leaf MS.) i;. 2s. Boswell, 1886, 19s. 

Bbooess, B., M.D. Art of An- 
gling, Bock and Sea-Fishing. Lond. 
1740. 12mo. with cuts. 6b. 

First Edition, reprinted 1748, &c., &c. 
Dr. Brookes published A System of Natural 
History. Lond. 1768, 12mo. 6 vols. 10s. 6d 

— Bich. The General Giuetteer. 

The 18th Edition, edited by Col. 

Landmann. Lond. 1816. 8vo. 

Lond. 1861. 12s. 

The first edition of this useful work ap- 
peared in 1762, 8vo. 

— Samuel. Introduction to the 

Study of Conchology. Lond. 1816. 


Pp. 174, with 11 plates, 9 of which are 
beautifully coloured, published at 32. 10s. 
LABOK PAPBB, at 62. 16s. 6d. 

Bbooeb, Fran. Barbarian Cruelty, 
being a ta-ue History of the dis- 
tressed condition of the Christian 
Captives imder the Tyranny of Muly 
Ishmael, Emperor of Morocco. 

Lond. 1693. 12mo. 

A copy is in the British Museum. Jadis, 
108, 6s. 6d. 

— Henry James. Familiar 
Introduction to Crystallography. 
Lond. 1823. 8vo. 

Pp. 608, published at 16a» 




Bbooks, James, Biehop of Glo- 

ceeter. Sermon at Paul's Cross in 

the first Year of Queen Mary, on 

Hatth. 9. 18. Lond. 1553. Svo. 

A copy Is in the Bodleian. Two ora- 
tions of this sealoas malntainer of the 
Boman Catholic religion will be found in 
Fox's Acts and Monuments of the Church. 

— Thomas. London's Lamen- 
tations or a serious Discourse con- 
cerning that late fiery Dispensation 
that turned our (once renowned) 
City into a ruinous Heap. Lond. 
1670. 4to. 

OoaaHotu Title, dedication to Sir W. 
Turner, Knt 14 pp. ; the table, 14 pp. ; 
Lond.'B Lamentations, 176, pp. The first 
part of the application, 271 pages. Bind- 
ley, pt i. 1117, 7b. 6d. pt. iv. 146, 4s. 

Bbookshaw, G^rge. Pomona 

Britannica. Lond. 1812. atks fol. 

[the original copies are much the 

best coloured.] 

Pp. v. and 60, with 93 coloured plates. 
Dent, pt i. 487, morocco, 132. 18s. Duke 
of York, 1002, russia, dZ. 16s.— 4713, mo- 
rocco, 12{. 128. An edition. Lond. 1817. 
elephant, 4to. 2 vols, published in 12 parts, 
at 12. Is. each. Mr. Brookshaw published 
A Treatise on Flower Painting, with a 
Supplement, royal 4to. and the Horticul- 
tural Beposito]^, royal 8to. 2 yols. 

Bboomb, Bev. Arthur. Selec- 
tions from the Writings of Fuller 
and South, with some account of 
the Life and Character of the for* 
mer. Lond. 1815. 12mo. 5s. 6d. 

— William, LL.D. Poems on 
several Occasions. Lond. 1727. 
8yo. 5s. 

Pp. 260, with portrait by Vertne. Bibl. 
Anglo-Poet 77, 12s. An edition. Lond. 
1739. 870. This writer assisted Ozell and 
Oldisworth in their translation of the 
Iliad into prose. Of Pope's translation of 
the Odyssey, he furnished the 2nd, 6th, 
8th, 11th, 12th, 16th, 18th, and 28d books, 
with all the notes. 

Bbosbibb, Martha. A true Dis- 
course on the Matter of M. Bros- 
sier, of Bomoamtrn, pretended to 
be possessed of a Deril, translated 
by Abraham HartweL Lond. 1599« 

A cqp7 of this work, not noticed by 

Ames or Herbert, is in the British Mnseoxn. 
IngUs, 804, 12s. 

Bbostbb, J. Progress of tiie 
Brosterian System for the effectual 
Removal of Impediments in Speech, 
from which emanates an entirely 
new Art of Beading and Speaking, 
discovered by J. Broster. [of Chea- 
ter, formerly a bookseller.] 1827. 
8vo. 2s. 6d. 

Brother in Law, a Comedy. Kent. 

1814. 8vo. 6s. 

Written by the Bev. Mr. Canr. A gra- 
tuitous offering, on the part of the prin- 
ter, to the Subscribers to the Lee Priory 
publications. Brand, 8b. 6d. 

Bbothsbs, Bichard. A revealed 

Knowledge of the Prophecies and 

Times, in two Books. Lond. 1794. 

8vo. 5s. 

A variety of tzaets respecting this wild 
enthusiast, were published by N. B. Hal- 
hed, M.P., Geo. Home, DJD. afterwards 
Bishop of Norwich, David Levi, J09. 
Moser, &c. &c. 

BBOxraHAM, Lord. Lciquiry into 
the colonial Policy of the European. 
Powers. Lond. 1803. 8vo. 2 vols. 

8/. 8s. 

A work exhibiting considerable talent, 
for which the author received great praise. 
Said to have been written when he waa 
under age. 

— Practical Observations upon 
the Education .of the People ; ad- 
dressed to the Working Classes and 

their Employers. Lond. 1825. 12mo. 

Pp. 88. A valuable pamphlet, highly- 
recommended by the Edinburgh Beview. 
— Treatise on Beform. A limited niunber 
printed by the Author for the use of hia 
friends. See Quart Bev. vii. 266-81. 

[Lord Brougham has since published 
many other works, e. g» 

Historical Skbtobbs ov STATESMvir, 
temp. George III. 8 vols, royal 8vo. 1839- 
43, portraits, 3^.Ss.; without portraits, 
IL lis 6d. [An edition in Knight's shil- 
ling series, 6 vols. 18mo. cloth. 9s.] 

Lives of Mbn ov Lbttebs akd Sciskcb, 
temp. George III. 2 toIs. royal 8vo. 1845^ 
portraits, tt. 2s. ; without portraits, IL Is. 

PoLniGAL Philosopht, including Prin- 
ciples of Government, Monarchial Govern- 
ment, Aristocracy, Aristocratic Govern- 
ment, and British Constitution, 8 vols. 
8vo. 184(HL third edition. Bohn. 1863. 12. Is. 




Bbofghah — eontintted. 

(The Essay on the British Constitution 
is sold separately, Ss.) 

Spbbchss at the Bar and in Parliament, 
4 vols. 8to, 1848. 21. 8s. 

Dissertations ok Subjects of Soixncb 
coimected irith Natural Theology, 2 vols, 
post 8vo. 1839. 

DiscowBSK ov Natural THBOLOor, 
showing the nature of the evidence and 
the advantages of the study, post 8vo. 1836. 

[These two preceding works are com- 
monly adjoined to Lord Brougham and 
Sir Charles Bell's edition of Paley's Natu- 
ral Theology, 2 vols. 1886, forming toge- 
ther 5 vols, post 8vo. 12. 6s. These were 
abridged and republished in Knight's 
shilling volumes, 4 vols. 1863.] 

DiALOOUB OH Instinct, 1849. 18mo. 

Albkbt Lunel ; or, the Chateau of Lan- 
gnedoc, 3 vols, post 8vo. 1844. This novel 
was suppressed on the eve of publication, 
and it is said not above five copies are 
extant. 62. 6s. 

Works collected by himself, in 10 vols, 
post 8vo. Edinb. 1856-7. pub. at 6s. per vol. 

Vol. I. Lives of Men of Science, temp. 
Geo. III. 

II. Lives of Men of Letters, tefnp. 
Geo. III. ' 

III. IV. y. Eminent Statesmen. 

VI. Natural Theology. 

VII. Rhetorical and Literary Disserta- 
tions and Addresses. 

VIII. Rhetorical and Political Disser- 

IX. X. Speeches on Social and Political 
Subjects, (with which this series termi- 

Contributions to the Edinburoh Re- 
view. Glasg. 1866. 8 vols. 8vo. 11. 16s. 

Bboughton, Rev. Brian. Six 
Picturesque Views in North Wales, 
engraved in Aquatinta bv Aiken, 
from Drawings made on the Spot : 
with Poetical Reflections on leaving 
the Country. Lond. 4to. 12s. 

— Hugh. Works. Lond. 1662. 
folio, with portrait, aet. 37. 

This collection of the works of Brough- 
ton was edited by Dr. Lightfoot, who has 

{prefixed a commendatory preface. Bind- 
ey, pt. 1. 677, 11. An account of Brough- 
ttm, and of his translations of Daniel, Ec- 
clesiastes, Lamentations, and Job, will be 
found in Lewis's History, 297-306, and 
some curious anecdotes relative to him 
*re in Wood's Athen. Oxon. by Dr. Bliss, 
li. 808-9. 

List 0/ the Works of this noted Hebrew and 
Babbiaieal Scholar, 
A short View of the Persian Monanshie 

and of Daniels Weekes. Lond. 1690. 4to. 
46 pages. Ss. 

A letter to a Friende, touching Mordo- 
chai his Age. Lond. 1600. 4to. B 2, in 
fours, 8s. 

A Treatise of Melchisedek prouing him 
to be Sem. Lond. 1691. 4to. I, in fours. 
Dedicated to ' Syr William Cecill.' 8s. 

Textes of Scripture. Lond. 1591. 4to. 
C 2^, in fours. Introduced with an Epistle 
' To the Christian Reader.' 8s. 

To the most high and mightie Prince 
Elizabeth, by the Grace of God, Queene 
of Englande. Jlso, An Epistle sent vnto 
the Archb. of C. and D. Elmer, then u: of 
Loud, chosen Vmpires touching the D. 
that read against the Concent of Scripture, 
and Author of that Concent. Lond. Nou. 
4. 1691. 4to. 4 leaves. Roman types. 

To the worshypfuU and learned, the 
Vicechauncelour, and others the Gover- 
nours of Leaming^houses in the Vniuer- 
sitie of Oxforde (1692). 4to. B, in fours, 
neat white letter. 

An Apologie in briefe Assertions defend- 
ing that our Lord died in the Time pro- 
perly foretold to Daniel. Lond. 1692. 4tO' 
Dedicated 'To Sir Peregrine Bertye 
Knight, Lord of Willoughby and Eresby. 
L 8, in fours, with two leaves of a frag- 
ment of Phlegon in Greek, with the En- 
glish translation interpolated, which was 
printed by ' a Printer dwelling farre off.' 

A Seder 01am. 1694. 4to. pp. 32, in- 
cluding dedication * To Henrie Earle of 
Huntingdon; &c. and 'To the Reader.' 
Bindley, pt. iii. 1967, 6s. 

Daniel his Chaldie Visions and his 
Ebrew. Lond. 1696. 4to. Dedicated ' To 
— the LL. of her M. most honorable priuie 
counsel.' * To the Christian Reader,' «fec. 
P, in fours, with copper-plate cuts, and 
much Hebrew type. Inglis, 806, lis.— 
Bindley, pt. i. 1084, 10s. 6d. Reprinted 
1697. Saunders in 1818, 12s. 6d. Hanau, 
1607, 4to. 

A Concent of Scripture. [London, 1696.1 
4to. 7s. 6d. (40 leaves with 7 engravings.) 
Dedicated to Q. Elizabeth, after which is 
the preface. G 3, in fours, with a map of 
the world, both hemispheres in one globu- 
lar projection, engraved on a copper-plate. 
Some copies have an engraved title-page. 
Bindley, pt. i. 1802, 8s— printed ok 
VELLUM. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt 1. 569, 51. 
10s. Mac-Carthy, torn. i. p. 21. no. 132, 
120 fir. WiUiams, 245, date 1692. Presen- 
tation copy to Q. Elizabeth, morocco, 01. 
28. 6d. 'This tract contains specimens by 
W. Rogers, of the earliest copper-plate 
engraving in England. Reprinted 1620. 

An Epistle to the learned Nobllitie of 
England, touching translating the Bible 
fh>m the Original. Middlebvrg, 1697, 4to. 
pp. 66, lOs. 6d. 



BBoiroHTOif — continued. 

An Explication of the Article irepl t» 
KartKBtvy eU &«« of our Lordes Soules 
going from his Body to Paradise touched 
by the Greke, generally ad» : &c. 1599. 4to. 

Master Brovghtons Letters, especially 
his last Pamphlet to and against the Lord 
Archbishop of Canterbury, about Sheol 
and Hades for the Descent into Hell, an- 
swered in their Kind. Lond. 1600, 4to. 
Introduced with an Epistle 'To the 
Reader; 46 pages. Written in answer to 
the foregoing article. 
' Exposition of the Common Prayer. Lond. 
1603. 4to. 6b. 

A Declaration of the generall Comiption 
of Religion, Scripture, and all Learning, 
wrought by D. Bilson. 1604. 4to. 5s. Re- 
printed In the second volume of the Somers 
Collection of Tracts. 

Two little Workes defensive of our Re- 
demption. Lond. 1604. 4to. Reprinted in 
the second volume of the Somers Collection 

of Tracts. , , .^ „ , 

A Comment upon Coheleth or Eccle- 
siates, framed for the instruction of Prince 
Henry. 1606. 4to. 

The Lamentations of Jeremy, translated 
with great Care of his Hebrew Elegancie 
and oratorious Speaches. 1606. 4to. Re- 
printed 1606. 4to. 

Ovr Lorde's Famile, and many other 
Poinctes depending vpon it, opened aganst 
a Jew, Rabbi David Farar. Amst. 1608. 4to. 

A defence of the Book entitled a Con- 
cent of Scripture. 1609. 4to. 

J6b. To the King. 1610. 

A Revelation of the Apocalypse. 1610. 
4to. Bindley, pt. i. 1081, 21, 78. 

A Require of Agreement to the Groundes 
of Divinitie Studie. 1611. 4to. 

Observations upon the first ten Fathers. 

1612. 4to. ' ^ . 41, 

A Petition to the King to hasten Allow- 
ance to Ebrew Institution of Ebrewe8.4to. 
Sundry Workes, defending the Certayn- 
tie of the holy Chronicle : dedicated to- 
geather vnto her Maiestie : with Re- 
quest, that Authoritie might stablysh 
the Tmeth vnto publique Agreement. 
Job. 12; Hand 34, 3, 4. 4to. This title- 
page and dedication are set before the 
following pieces which had been before 
printed at diflferent times, viz.— Textes of 
Scripture : Seder 01am ; An apologie— 
that our Lord died in the time foretold to 
Daniel : a treatise of Melchisedex. 

A Schedule of the Works of Mr. Hugh 
Broughton as they were preparing for the 
Presse. fol. 

Bboitghton, Richard. Eccle- 
fiiastical History of Great Britaiii, 
deduced by Ages or Centuries. 
Poway, 1633, fol. 


' Tho' 'tis a rapsody, and a thing not 
well digested, yet there is a good deal ox 
reading shew'd in it. 'Tis said in the 
title to be the first tome, as if another waa 
to follow.'— a«<. a Wood. Townetey, pt. iL 
843, 13s. 

Bboughton, Richard. Memorial 

of the antient, most holy, and reli- 
gious State of Great Britain. liOnd. 

1650. 8vo. 

Nassau, pt.L840,e8. 

— Monastichon Britannicum ; 

or, a historical! Narration of the 

first Founding and flourishing 

State of the ancient Monasteries, 

religious Rules and Orders, of 

Great Brittaine in the Tymes of 

the Brittaines and Primitive Church 

of the Saxons. Lond. 1655. 8vo. 

7s. 6d. 

' A small book of undigested tales print- 
ed a dozen years after the death of the 
author.'— ^ieoteon. Nassau, pt. i. 841, 126. 
Marq. of Townshend, 289, lOs. 

Eowlande. Discourse of the 

Lyfe and Death of Sir WiUiam 
Pawlet, Knight, Lord Seint John, 
Erie of Wiltshire, Marquis of Win- 
chester. Lond. 1572. 8to. 

A copy of this poetical tract is in the 
British Museum. 

A reprint of this edition was made at 
the private press at Lee Priory. 1818. 
8vo. with port. 

Tho. An historical Dic- 
tionary of aU Eeligions ; from the 
Creation of the World to this pre- 
sent Time. Lond. 1756. folio. 2 
vols, [sometimes in 1 vol. with 

single title only.] 21. 2s. 

The Germans have thought so well of 
this work as to translate it into their own 
language. Some copies are entitled ' Bib- 
liotheca historico sacra.' Lond. 1787. 
folio. 2volB. Williams, 874, 51. 128. 6d. 
Gossett, 995,8f.43. Uarl of Kerry, 416, 
3Z. 15s. Some copies bear the date of 1742. 

— Thomas Duer. Letters writ- 
ten in a Mahratta Camp, during 
the Year 1809, descriptive of the 
Character, Manners, Domestic 
Hahits, and Religious Ceremonies 
of the Mahrattas. Lond. 1813. 


Pp. 860, with 10 coloured engravings. 
A work containing both instruction and 




•mnsement, but written in a very diifnse 
style.— Quart. Review. Fonthill, 416> II. 
This author published Selections of 
the popular Poetry of the Hindoos, ar- 
ranged and translated ; with a Preface 
on the Literature of the Hindoos. Lend. 
1814. 8yo. 68. 

BsoxreHTOir, William Robert. 
Voyage of Discovery to the North 
Pacific Ocean, 1795-8. Lond. 1804. 

Contains pp. 420, and 9 plates. Font- 
hill; 8104, 12. 14s. 

Bbown. See Bsowini. 

— Andrew. History of Glas- 
gow, and of Paisley, Greenock, 
and Port-Glasgow. Glasgow, 1795. 

Edinb. 1797. 8to. 2 vols. 7s. 

Vol. I. pp. 28 and 195, also one leaf of 
advertisement. Vol. II. pp. 886, besides 

— Sir Anthony. See Bacon, Sir 

— Edward ? Description of an 

annual World, and sacred Poems. 

1641. 8vq. with a frontispiece. 

Bindley, pt. i. 638, 3s. Nassau, pt. i. 
343, 7s. 

— Edward. Warning Piece for 

England. 1643. 4to. 

Prefixed is a port, of E. Brown, sitting, 
two children by him, engraved by Mar- 
flhalL Bindley, pt i. 1103, 102. 10s. 

— Edward. Discourse of the Ori- 
ginal, &c. of the Cossacks, with an- 
other of the Precopian Tartars, and 
the History of the Wars of the Cos- 
sacks against Poland. Lond. 1672. 

— Edward, M.D. Travels in 
Divers Parts of Europe. Lond. 
1686 or 7. foL with plates. 6s. 

Best edition, laboe papeb, 12s. These 
travelb, relating chiefly to natural history, 
mines, mineral waters, &c. are reprinted 
in the second volume of Harris' Collection 
of Voyages and Travels. The former edi- 
tions, 1073. 4to. again, 1A79. 4to. 

— Edward. Fasciculus Eerum 
expetendarum et fugiendarum, prout 
ah Orthuino Gratio editus. Londini, 
1690. folio. 2 vols. 22. 2b. 

Lasob papeb, hi. 68. A copy is in the 
Grenville Library. This cuiious and 
esteemed work is a collection of fugitive 

pieces intended to display the errors of the 
Church of Kome. It was first published 
at Cologne in 1686 by Orthniuns Oratiot. 
Bbowtt, Edward. Travels and 
Adventures of Edward Brown, for- 
merly a Merchant in London. Lond. 

1789. 8vo. 4s. 

Written by John Campbell, LL.D. 
Fonthin, 3869, IZ. Is.— 1763. 12mo. 2 vols. 
6s. Dmry, 614, 7b. 

— Hugh. True Principles of 

Ghumery investigated andexplained. 

Lond. 1777. 4to. 9s. 

In this work will be found Translations 
of Professor Enler's Observations on Qniv- 
nery, &c. labob papeb, five copies print- 
ed. Duke of York, 962, 17s. 

— John, D.D. Estimate of the 

Manners and Principles of the 

Times. Lond. 1757-8. 8vo. 2vol8. 
This work on its first, publication exci- 
ted uncommon attention, and ran through 
seven editions in one year. Dr. Brown 
llkewisepublished a Dissertation on Poetry 
and Music. Lond. 1763. 4to. and various 
other works. Sermons on various sub- 
jects. 1764. 8vo. WiUiams, 296, lis. 

— John, of Haddington. Dic- 
tionary of the Bihle. Ix)nd. 1769. 
Svo. 2 vols. 

Frst edition. According to the Rev. 
T. H. Home, the fifth edition is the best. 
W. Orme observes, 'It has repeatedly 
been pirated in a shameless manner, and 
sentiments introduced under Mr. Brown's 
name, to which he was decidedly opposed.' 
An Abridgment was published 1796^ 
1816, &e. This eminent dissenting Cal- 
vinistic Clergyman also published a self- 
interpreting Bible, 4to. 2 vols. A general 
History of the Christian Church. Edinb. 
1771. 12mo. 2 vols. 6s. and other much es- 
teemed works. 

— John. Historical and G-e- 

nealogical Tree of the Eoyal Family 

of Scotland, from the most early 

Accounts to the present Time 1797. 

Lond. and Edinh. 12s. 

A large sheet, at the bottom of which is 
the approbation of the Lyon Office, signed 
James Cumyug, in which this tree is 
stated to be more complete and full than 
the two others, one compiled by Duncan 
Stewart, the other by Sir Robert Douglas. 
The second edition enlarged and improved 
appeared in 1811. Browne likewise pub- 
lished other genealogical trees, viz. of the 
Family of Graham (1806), of the House of 
Elphinstone (1906), of the Macdoaalds, 1810. 




Bbown, John, M.D. Medical 
Works, with a biographical Account 
of the Author, by W. C. Brown, 
M.D. Lond. 1804. Sto. 8 yols. 12b. 
These works bj the author of the Bru- 
nonian system of medicine, are much es- 
teemed by the profession. 

— John. Northern Courts ; con- 
taining original Memoirs of the 
Sovereigns of Sweden and Denmark 
since 1766. Lond. 1818. Svo. 2 vols. 


A severe critique on this collection of 
tales and reports, appeared in the Q. Rev. 
xlx. 879-90. This writer likewise pub- 
lished Anecdotes and Characters of the 
House of Brtmswick. 1820. 8vo. 6s. 

— John William. Life of Lep- 
nardo da Vinci, with a critical ac- 
count of his Works. Lond. 1828. 

crown 8to. 

With a portrait of Da Vinci and an en- 
graving of the Last Supper. This work 
is compiled chiefly firom MSB. and printed 
works in the Ambrosian library at Milan. 

— Josiah. Beports upon Ap- 
peals and Writs of Error in Parlia- 
ment, 1701—79. The second Edi- 
tion J with Notes and many addi- 
tional Cases, brought down to the 
Year 1800, by T. E. Tomlins. 

Lond. 1803. royal 8vo. 8 vols. 21. 

The former edition 1779—83. folio. 7 
vols. 21. 2s. An edition Dublin, 1784-9. 
8vo. 8 vols. 22. 12s. 6d. £ke Collbs, 
Richard. Mr. Brown likewise published 
A New Abridgment of Cases in Equity, 
Lond. 1793. 4to. Vol. I. containing Abate- 
ment-Award. 10s. 6d. 

— Peter. Illustrations of Zoo- 
logy, containing fify coloured 
Plates, with a short bescription. 

Lond. 1776. 4to. 21. 2s. 

Pp. 136, with 50 coloured plates, de- 
signed as a supplement to Edwards' Birds. 
The descriptions were mostly written by 
Pennant. Borne copies are coloured in- 
differently, and sell very low. 

— R. Principles of Practical 
Perspective. Lond. 1816. royal 
4to. 4 parts in 2 yols. with plates, 
11. 6s. 

— Bob. Prodromus Mores Not» 
HoUandifis et Insulfs Yan-Diemen. 
Lond. 1810. 8vo. voL i. 1^ lis. 6d. 

A work of great merit, which, before It 
was reprinted at Norimberg, 1827, had 
become worth 21. 2s. The various contri- 
butions of Mr. Brown (now President of 
the Lin. Soc.) to scientific journals, hare 
been collected by Nees ab Esenbeck, and 
published under the title of 'Yermischte 
botanische schrlften.' Leipsig, 1825-34. 
8vo. 6 vols, in 6. 11. lis. 6d. 

Bbown, Eobert. Chloris Mel- 
villiana. 1823. 4to. 

Sotheby's, in 1826, Ids. 

— Thomas, commonly called 
Tom. Works. Lond, 1707-8. 8vo. 3 

Constable, 87, 1^ 68. 4th Edition, much 
enlarged. 1715, 12mo. 4 vols. Works and 
Remains, 1719-20, 6 vols. Bindley, pt. i. 
306, II. 15s. Nassau, pt. i. 846, mor. 2Z. Ss. 
1720, 4 vols. Lloyd, 278, 12. 18s. 1730, 4 
vols. Roxbnrghe, 6703, 11. lis. 6d. Eighth 
edition, carefully corrected. Lond, 1744, 
12mo. 4 vols. 1760, 4 vols. Strettell, 106, 
12. Is. Vol. V. Remains, 1721, 12mo. 5s. 
In 1806 was published the Beauties of 
Tom Brown, by G. H. Wilson, 12mo. 

— Thomas, M.D. Inquiry into 
the Belation of Cause and Effect. 
Third edition, Edinb. 1818. 8vo. 
Fourth edition, Lond. 1835. 8vo. 128. 

— Lectures on the Philosophy of 

the HumanMind. Edinb. 1820. 8vo. 

4 vols. [1846. 4 vols. 8vo. 11. 16s.] 

'An inestimable book.' — Dr. Parr. Re- 
printed, with a biogpraphical memoir by 
Welsh, and an index, 1828, 8vo. in 1 vol. 
[1844. 8vo. 14s.] This celebrated physician 
was professor of moral philosophy in the 
University of Edinburgh. An account of 
his life and writings was published by the 
Rev. D. Welsh, with his portrait, 8vo. 148. 

— Thomas, the younger. See 
MooBE, Thomas. 

— William. ^Reports of Cases in 
Chancery from 18 to 34 Geo. III. 
Fifth Edition, with important Cor- 
rections and Additions, by Rob. 
Belt. Lond. 1820. royal 8vo. 4 vols 

4Z. 16s. 

Best Edition. First Edition, 1786—94. 
folio. 4 vols. 12. 78. Second Edition, 1794. 
folio, 4 vols. II. lis. 6d. Third Edition, 
1801. royal 8vo. 4 vols. 21. Fourth Edi- 
tion, by the Hon. R. H. Eden. 1819, royal 
8vo. 4 vols. 11. lOs. 

— Wm. D.D. Antiquities of the 
Jews, carefully compiled from au- 
thentic Sources, and their Customs 




illustrated by modemTrayels. Lond, 

1820. 8vo. 2 vols. 11. Is. 

According to Rfiv. T. H. Home, 'The 
most elaborate system of Jewish anti- 
quity extant in the English hinguage.' 

Beown, Wm. Lawrence, D.D, 
Essay on the Existence of a su- 
preme Being possessed of infinite 
Power, Wisdom, and Goodness. 
Abwdeen, 1816. 8vo. 2 vols. 

1/. Is. 

To this work Burnet's fi^t prize of 
12002. was adjudged. 

— Comparative View of Chris- 
tianity and of other Forms of Reli- 
gion, particularly with regard to 
their moral Tendency. 8vo. 2 vols. 


This learned professor has likewise pub- 
lished, Essay on the Folly of Scepticism, 
&c. Lond. 1788, 8vo. 28. 6d. Essay on 
the natural Equality of Mankind. 1794. 
8vo. Ss. 6d. Sermons. 1803. 8vo. 78. Phile- 
mon, a Poem. Edinb. 1809. 12mo. 2 vols. 
68. An Attempt toward an explanation 
of the Book of Revelation. 1812. 8vo. 88. 

Bbowke, Ales., AxB pictoria : or 
an iicademy treating of Drawing, 
Painting, Limning, Etching : to 
which are added xxxi Copper- 
plates. Lond. 1675. fol. with 
port, by A. de Jode, after J. Huys- 

man, 15s. 

Browne likewise published ' A compen- 
dious Drawing Book.' Lond. folio. 

— E-ev. Arthur. A short View 
of the first Principles of the Diffe- 
rential Calculus. Lond. 1825. Svo.Ss. 

Simply a commentary on the first two 
or three chapters of the Theorie des Fonc- 

— Arthur, LL.D. View of the 
Civil Law, and of the Law of Ad- 
miralty. The second Edition, with 
great Additions, 1802. 8vo, 2 vols. 

II. Is. 

The substance of a course of Lectures 
read in the University of Dublin, by the 
Professor of Civil Law in that University. 
Dr. Browne likewise published, A compen- 
dious View of the Ecclesiastical Law of 
Ireland. Second Edition, with great Ad- 
ditions. 1803. 8vo. 12s. 

— David. CaUigrsphia, or the 

Arte of Faire "Writing. Sainct- 

Andrewes, hy Edward Raban, 1622. 


Reed, 8, 16s. A copy of this work, as 
likewise 'The Intxoductioa to the true 
understanding of the whole Arte of Ex- 
pedition in teaching to write,' 1638, 4to. 
are in the British Museum. 

Bbowitb, Edw. A rare Pateme 
of Justice and Mercy ; exemplified 
LQ the many notable and charitable 
Legacies of Sir James Cambel, 
Knight, and Alderman of Lon- 
don, deceased; worthy Imitation. 
Whereunto is annexed a Meteor 
and a Starre : or a brief and plea- 
sant Meditation of God's Provi- 
dence to his chosen, of the Edu- 
cation of Children, and of the 
Vertue of Love ; with other Poems. 

Lond. 1642 sm. 8vo. 

A copy of this work, with ' Sir James 
Cambels dark's disaster, by making 
Books,' Lond. 1642, 4to, is in the Britisli 

— George, Abp. of Dublin. 
Historical Collections of the Church 
of Ireland, during the Beigns of K. 
Henry VIII., Edward VI., and Q. 
Mary. Lond. 1681. 4to. 58. 

Nassau, pt. i. 2167. 12. Is. Reprinted 
in the firat volume of the Phenix, and in 
the fifth volume of the Harleian Miscel- 

— Isaac Hawkins. Poems upon 
various Subjects, Latin and English. 
Lond. 1768. 8vo. with port, by S. F. 

Bavenet. 48. 

* Poems by his son, I. Hawkins Browne, 
and Mich. Wodhull, with plates designed 
by Sterne. Few copies printed, none for 
sale.' Seed, 7S96, 22. 9s. In 1817 ap- 
peared Essays on Subjects of important 
Inquiry in Metaphysics, Morals, and 
Religion, 8vo. 

— John. The Marchants Avizo. 

Lond. 1589. 4to. 

liot noticed by Ames or Herbert. Pp. 
68, with title, dedication, &c. 8 more. 
Beprinted 1616. 4to. 

— John, M.D. On the King's 

Evil. Lond. 1684. 8vo. 

Prefixed is a portrait of the author, and 
alsoa frontispiece, representing K.Gharlcs 
II. on his throne touching for the Evil. 
Nassau, pt. i. 845, 98. Towneley, pt. i. 




908, 14b. 6d. This celebrated snrgeon 

Jiublished The AnRtomy of the MuBcles, 
olio, (of which the copies on large papeb 
haye a portrait), besides many other works. 

Bbowite, John SamueL Catalogue 
of Bishops^ containing the Succes- 
sion of Archbishops and Bishops of 
the Provinces ot Canterbury and 
York, from the glorious Revolution 
of 1688 to the present Time. Lond. 
1812. 8vo.pp. 38. 

— L^de. Catalogue veteris 

Mvi vani Gheneris Moniunentorum 

qxm Oimeliarchio Lyde Browne, 

Arm. Ant. Soc. apud Wimbledon 

asservantur. 1768. 8vo. 7s. 

Privately printed. A copy is iu the 
British Museum. 

— Rev. Moses. Poems on vari- 
ous Subjects. Lond. 1739. 8vo. 5s. 
Bindley, pt. i. 406, morocco, 9s. 

— Angling Sports, in nine pis- 
catory Eclogues, with notes. Lond. 

1778. 8vo. 6s. 

Best edition. The first edition entitled 
'Piscatory Eclogues' appeared anony- 
mously 1729. 8vo. Hawoii;h, 814, 12s. 
The second in the author's poems, 1739, 
8vo. Browne brought again into notice 
Walton and Cotton's Angler, and edited 
three editions. He published several other 
little works, chiefly religious. 

— Patrick, M.D. The civil and 

natural Histoiy of Jamaica, in three 

Parts, with fifty Copper-plates. 

Lond. 1766. folio. 1^. Is. or with 

the plates coloured, 21. 2s. 

A review of this valuable work, written 
by Dr. Bam. Johnson, appeared in the 
Literary Magazine, fieckford in 1817, 
208, 11. lis. 6d. A second edition, with 
the addition of a Linnaean index, and a 
map of Jamaica, appeared 1789. folio. 
Dent, pt. 1. 489, 12. Ss. 

— Peter, Bishop of Cork and 
Boss. The Procedure, Extent, 
and Limits of human Understand- 
ing. Lond. 1729. 8vo. 8s. 6d. 

This learned divine likewise published 
a discourse ' Of Drinking in Bemembrance 
of the Dead.' Lond. 1716, 8vo. -A Dis* 
eonrse of Drinkii^; Healths.' Lond. 1716, 
8vo. 8s. 6d. &c 

— Sermons on various Subjects. 
DubUn, 1749. 8vo. 2 vols, 10s. 6d. 

These sermons, written against the So* 
cinians, are much admired for their manly 
and easy style. Beprlnted Lond. 1749, 
8vo. 2 vols. 

Browne, Bichard. Medicinamu- 

sica ; to which is annex'd an Essay 

on the Spleen and Yapours. Lond. 

1729. 8vo. 46. 

— Bobert. Booke which shew- 
eth the Life and Manners of all 
true Christians. Middleburgh, 1682. 

Contains 0, In fours; the last page 
blank. Inglis, 306, 6s. 6d. Nassau, pt i. 
610, 7s. Browne likewise publish&l ' A 
Treatise of Beformation/ and ' A Treatise 
upon the 23d Chapter of St. Matthew.' A 
particular account of this author, who is 
usually considered the founder of the Pu- 
ritans or Independents, thence frequently 
called Brownists, will be found in the Bio- 
graphia Britannica. 

— Sam. Collection of Merry 
Jokes, with the curious Story of 
the unfortunate French Pastrycook. 
8vo. 6s. 

— Thomas. Tomus alter et 
idem ; or the Historic of that &- 
mous Princesse Elizabeth. Lond. 
1629. 4to, with portrait of Elizabeth. 

According to Ant. ii Wood, a translation 
of Camden's second volume of his Annals. 
1689—1602, to which Browne has added 
an appendix, containing animadversions, 
corrections, and additions. Gordon, 357, 
Ids. Nassau, pt. i. 612, 5s. 613, 8s. 
Bindley, pt i. 906, 9s. It frequently ao- 
companies Darcie's Annals. 

' — Sir Thomas, Knt. M.D. Cer- 
tain miscellany Tracts. Lond. 1684. 
8vb. with portrait by P. Van- 

CoiUente. 1. Observations npon several 
Plants mentioned in Scripture. S. Of Gar- 
lands, and coronary or Garden-plants. 8. 
Of the Fishes eaten by our Saviour with 
his Disciples, after his Besurrection from 
the Dead. 4. Answer to certain Enquiries 
relating to Fishes, Birds, Insects. 6. Of 
Hawks and Falconry. 6. Of Cymbals, 
&o. 7. Of Bopalie, or gradual Verses. Ac 
8. Of Languages, and particularly of the 
Saxon Tongue. 9. Or Artlfioial Hills, 
Mounts, or Barrows in many Parts of 
England. 10. What Place is meant by 
that name. 11. Of the Answers of the 
Oracle of Apollo at Delphos to Croesus, 
King of Lydia. 12. A Prophecy concera- 
ing the future State of several Matious. 




18t Mu88Bum claasnxn, or Bibliofheca ab- 
Bcondita, &c, 

Bbowne, Sir Thomas. The Works 
of the learned Sir Thomas Browne, 
Kt. Doctor of Physick, late of Nor- 
wich. Lond. 1686. fol. 

Prefixed i8 a, portrait of the author, by 
R. White. 

Content*. 1. Enquiries into vulgar and 
eonunon EiTon. 7th Edition, corrected 
and enlarged by the author. 2. Religio 
K edici^ with Annotations and Observations 
upon it. 3. Hydriotaphia ; or Urn-Burial : 
together with the Garden of Cyrus. With 
alphabetical tables. Oairick, 681, 11. 6s. 
Bindley, pt i. 188, 12. Ss. Dent, pt. i. 488^ 

A new and much improved edition of 
Sir T. Browne's Works was published by 
Mr. Wilkin, of Norwich, 4 vols. 8vo. 18S6. 
22. 8s. LABOK PAPBB, 42. 48. siuce republish- 
ed in 8 vols, price 16s. in Bohn's Antiqua- 
riaa Library. 

— Posthumous Works of the 
learned Sir Thomas Browne, Knt. 
M.D. late of Norwich. To which 
is prefixed his life. Lond.- 1712. Svo. 

Contents. — 1. Repertorium, or the Anti- 
quities of the Cathedral church of Norwich. 
II. An account of some Urns, &c. found at 
Brampton in Norfolk, anno 1667.— III. 
liCtters between Sir William Dugdale and 
Sir Thomas Browne.— IV. Miscellanies. — 
y. Antiquitates Capellae D. Johannis 
Evaugelistn, Authore Johanne Burton, 
A.M. This volume contains Title: pre- 
face and contents, 2 pp. ; life, pp. i — xl, 
ending with the catchword ' Misoell— ' ; 
Uiscellanies, pp. i— 8 ; title page 'Reper- 
torium;' the account, B— L, 74 pages; 
index, 4 pp. ; concerning some umes, A — 
B, 14 pp., misprinted 16, pp. 11 and 12 are 
omitted; some letters between Dugdale 
and Browne, a — g 4, 66 pp.; Antiquitates 
Capellae D. Johannis Evangelistae, A — II 
4, 64 pp. Plates.— I, Portrait of Browne, 
by vander Gncht>-II. Monument of 
Browne, p. xiz. of the life.— III. Norwic. 
Ecel. Gaui. Fades anstralis, p. i.— IV. 
Monumental Pillar of Bp. Parkhurst, p. 8. 
—V. VI. XIV.— XXI. Monuments of^ Sir 
Ja. Hobart, p. 4. Bp. Goldwell, p. 6. Bp. 
Beamier, p. 88. Mrs. Barbara Astley, p. 
41. Bp. Overalljp. 48. Dr. Robert Pep- 
per, p. 61. Mr. Wm. Inglott, p. 62. Mr. 
Osbert Parsley, p. 67. Bp. Reynolds, p. 
78, erroneously marked 68. Bp. Sparrow, 

8. 74.— VII. Sir Tho. Erpingham, &c. p. 
.—VIII. Arms of Sir W. Boleyn, Knt. 
p. 14^~IX. X. Standing Hearse, p. 16.— 
XI. Two plates of shields.— XII. Erring- 
ham Gate, p. 3.— XIII. Norwic. Eccles. 
fftcies OGcld* p. 26.P— XXII. A Roman am. 

p. 10. — XXni. Schola regia Norwicensia. 
Brockett, 896. 198. Bindley, pt. i. 607, 9b. 
6d. LARGK PAPXB. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. 
i. 363. 12. 10s. Lloyd, 280, 14s. Towneley, 
pt. ii. 46. 12. Nassau, pt. i. 847, 12. 28. 
Dent, pt. i. 266, russia, 168. 6d. Reprinted 
in 17U or 1728»withanewprefiBUie. Heath, 

Religio Medici. London, 1642. 12mo. 
First edition, with front, by Marshall, re- 
printed 1648, with the observation of Sir 
Kenhn Digby, &c A (surreptitious) edi- 
tion, 1663, fol. with portrait Lond. 1788. 
12mo. Best edition, with life by Dr. John- 
son. * A paradoxical piece, written with 
great spirit, and translated into almost 
every language in Europe.' Granger, An- 
swered by Alex. Ross, in his * Medieus 
Medicatus,' 1646. Svo. 

Nature's Cabinet unlocked, wherein is 
discovered the natural Causes of Metals, 
Stones, &c. 1667. 12mo.— A worthless 
publication, falsely attributed to Sir Tho- 
mas Browne. 

Hydriotaphia : Urn Bnriall, or a Dis- 
course of the sepulchrall Umes lately 
found in Norfolk : with Garden of Cyras. 
Lond. 1668» Svo. 'One of the most beau- 
tiful works of this admirable author.'— 
Qu. Rm. Coll. Hydriotaphia,p. i. 1-84. Gar- 
den of Cyras. Front, of Garden. Title, pp. 
89-202, misprinted 102, besides title, epistle 
dedicatory to Thomas Le Gros, Esq. a se- 
cond dedicatorv to Nich. Bacon, Esq. an 
address from the stationer to the reader, 
and list of books, with a front, of four 
of the uras, and a label, meant to be 
pasted at back of book. A notice of the 
work will bff^ found in the Retr. Rev. i.84- 
94. Towneley, pt. L 284, 4s. Bindley, pt. 
i. 633, 28. 6d. Fourth Edit. 1786, Svo. pp. 
60, with an engraving of five uras as a 

Pseudodoxia Epidemlca; Enquiries Into 
very many received Tenets, and commonly 
presumed Troths, or Enquiries into vul- 
gar and common Errors. Sixth Edition. 
Lond. 1672. 4to. with portrait by V. Hove, 
10s. 6d. Best Edition, enlarged by the 
author with many explanations, additions, 
alterations, &c. The former editions. In 
folio. 1646. 48. 1660. 1667, or 8. It was 
answered by Alex. Ross in his Arcana 
Microcosmi, 1662, Svo. and by Job. Robin- 
son, M.D. in his Eudoxa, &c. 1666. 8vo. 

Christian Morals. The Becond Edition, 
with a Life of the author, by Samuel 
Johnson, LL.D. and explanatory Notes. 
Lond. 1766. 12mo. 8s. 6d. The first edition, 
pub. by Dr. John Jeffrey, appeared Cam* 
bridge, 1716. Svo. A review of the work, 
by Dr. Johnson, appeared in the Literary 

Letters to his Son. See Retr. Rer. i* 



BnowinB, Thomas. Story of the 
Ordination of the first Pl^otestant 
Bisliops in Q. Elizabeth's Beign, 
at the Nag's-Head Tavern in Cheap- 
side, thoroughly examined, and 
proved to be a Fable. Lond. 1731. 
8vo. 7s. 

— Th., LL.D. British Cicero, or 

a Selection of the most admired 

Speeches in the English Language. 

Lond. 1808. 8vo. 3 vols. 1?. 

This author likewise published several 
useful elementary works. 

— William. Works, containing 
Britannia's Pastorals, with Notes 
and Observations by the Rev. W. 
Thompson, late of Queen's College, 
Oxford ; the Shepherds Pipe,, con- 
sisting of Pastorals ; the Inner- 
Temple Masque, never published 
before ; and other Poems : with the 
Life of the Author. Lond. 1772. 

12mo. 3 vols. 

This edition was edited by T. Davies. 
Bibl. Anglo.-Poet 72, 12. 78. Roscoe, 
1363. 12s. Roxburghe, 3350. 10s. 6d. In 
the Retrospective Review, iii. 148—86, 
will be found an excellent notice of this 
author, and bis poems will be found in the 
fitUi volume of Chalmers' edition of the 

— Original Poems, never before 

published. (Edited by Sir E. 

Brydges.) Kent, 1815. 4to. 4 pts. 
From the Lee Priory press.— Eighty 
copies printed. * There is a peaceftil deli, 
oacy and pure morality in these recovered 
strains, iwliich surpass those previously 
collected in his works.'— Porft. Sir M. M. 
Sykes, pt iii. 1166. lOs. 

Britannia's Pastorals. In two Books. 
Lond. 1613-16, folio. Bright, 793, lakob 
PAPXB. Charles II.'s copy, old mor. 67. 2s. 6d. 
Bibl. Anglo.-Poet. 69, 37. Ss. Bindley, pt. i. 
196, no date, with front, by Hole, 21.— 
1623. 8vo.— 1625. 8vo. White Knights, 618, 
19s. Lloyd, 281, 11. Is. Stanley, 392, 12. 
18s. BibL Anglo.-Poet, 70, 22.2s. Nassau, 
pt. i. 842, russia, 32. 8s. Bindley, pt. i. 
468, russia, 8Z. 6s. [Republished with notes 
by the Rev. W. Thompson, 24mo. 2s.] 

Shepheard's Pipe, in seven Eclog^ies. 
Lond. 16U. 8vo A copy is in the Bod- 
leian. At the end, on sign. F. 4, is this 
title, * Other Eglogues : by Mr. Brooke, 


Mr. Wither, and Mr. Davies :' at sign. H. 
i. • Another Eclogve by Mr. George Wi- 
ther.' Stz«ttell, 1862. 22. IDs. White 
Knights, 4486. Southgate, 72. 1620. 8vo. 
pp. 114. , Perry, 1^ Dedicated to Ed- 
ward, Lord Zouch, with commendatory 
Terses by E. Johnson and John Onley. 
Bibl. Anglo.-Poet 71, 62. 68. 
See also Brooks, Christ 

— T. Browne, his fifbieTears Prac- 
tice : or an exact Discourse con- 
cerning Snaffle-Biding. Lond. 1624. 


A copy is in the^ British Museum. 
White Knights, 738, 12. 19s. Another 
work, entitled ' Arte of riding the great 
Horse.' Lond. 16—. 4to. Gordonstoun, 
286, 1/. 9s. 

— W. Q-. Travels in Africa. 

Egypt, and Syria, 1792-8. Lond. 

1799, 4to, 10s. 6d. 

A most valuable work, and, except in 
some few peculiarities of the author, a 
model for travellers. Dent, pt i. 622, ms- 
sia, 198. Rozburghe. 7322, 168. 6d. labok 
PAPBB. Fonthill, 3101. 42. 10s. Reprinted 
with additions, 1806. 4to. 12. Is. 

Brownists — ^A true Confession 
of the Faith, and humble Acknow- 
ledgement of the Brownists. 1596. 


This eonfbssion consists of 45 articles, 
the margins filled with texts of scripture. 
C in fours, the last leaf blank. Several 
tracts relating to the Brownists, 1641 — 3. 
will be found in the British Museum. 

' BBOWinx)W, Bichard, and John 
Gou)SBOROUGH. Beportsof Cases 
in G. P. in the Beigns of Q. Eliza- 
beth and K. James 1. in two Parts, 

Lond. 1675, 4to, 18s, 

Best edition, with a portrait of Brown- 
low, by Cross. The former editions, 1661, 
1662, 1664, with portrait by Cross, 9s. 

Brownlow likewise published A Book 
of Entries, 1698. fol. 5s. Writs Judicial, 
1663, 4to. 3s. 6d. Brevla Judicialia, 1662. 
fol. 4a. Declarations and Pleadings, in 
EngUsh, 8 pts. 1669, 1664. 4to. 6s. 

Beowneig, Balph, Bishop of 
Exeter. XL. Sermons, by Maurtyn. 
Lond. 1685. folio. 

Williams, 876, with portrait of the 
Bishop by Faithome, 148. The edition 
1674, consisting of LXY Sermons, fol. 2 
vols, in 1. lOs. 6d. ToU I. contains 40, 
Vol. II. 85 Sermons. ^ 

Seimon at the Funeral of Ralph Bronn- 
rig. Bishop of Exeter, with his Life. By 
.John Oanden, Bishop of Worcester. Lond. 
1660. 8vo. with portrait by Faithome. 
Mostly remitted, says Ant. k Wood, 
without acknowledgment, in a book enti- 
tled, Memoirs of Worthies, published by 
David Lloyd. 

Beowneighj, William, M.D. 

Art of making common Salt as 

now practised in most Parts of 

the World. Lond. 1748. 8vo. 10s. 6d. 

A masterly treatise. 

Browsholme Hall. — ^Description 
of Browsholme Hall, in the West 
Eiding of the County of York ; and 
of the Parish of Waddington, in the 
same County ; also, a Collection 
of Letters, from original Manu- 
scripts, in the Beigns of Charles I. 
and II. and James II., in the Pos- 
session of Thos. Lister Parker, of 
Browsholme HaU. Lond. 1815. 4to. 
1/. lis. 6d. 

Pp. 130, with 20 plates, by L C. Buck- 
ler, Jun., and a pedigree of the family of 
Parker. Prirately printed. One hundred 
copies sold. Dowdeswell, 268, 21. 43. So- 
theby's, May, 1820, 52. 2s. 6d. North, 52. 5s. 

Bbitce, James. Travels to dis- 
cover the Source of the Nile, in the 
Years 1768—78. Edinb. 1790. 
4to. 5 vols, with port, by Heath, 
maps and plates. 

Duke of York, 966, 42. 9s. Steevens, 
1884, 42. 17s. Marq. of Townshend, 676, 
62. 5s. Bindley, pt. i. 668, 52. 12s. 6d. 
Reed, 8524, 52. 15s. 6d. Rozburghe, 7829. 
62. Fonthill, 339, 72. 17s. 6d. Nassau, pt. 
i. 614, with Murray's life, russia, 72. 17s. 
6d. LABGB PAPBB (12 copies printed). 

An Account of the Life and Writings of 
James Bruce, by Alex. Murray. Edinb. 
1806. 4to. Port 12. 

Observations on the Authenticity of' 
Bruce's Travels, by Richard Wharton. 
Newc. upon Tyne, 1800. 4to. 5s. 

A Complimentary Letter to James 
Brace. By Peter Pindar. Lond. 1790. 4to. 

— The second Edition, corrected 
and enlarged, to which is prefixed 
the Life of the Author (by Salt). 
Edinb. 1805. 8vo. 7 vols, with 
maps and plates in 4to. 

Drury, 517, 5^. labqe papbb. Earl of 



Kerry, 43, 62. ICs. Reprinted, Edinb. 
1815, 8vo. 7 vols, and 4to. atlas. An abridg- 
ment by Samuel Shaw. Lond. 1790. 12mo. 
2b. 6d. 

Bbuoe, John. Beport on the Ar- 
rangements which were made, for 
the internal Defence of these King- 
doms, when Spain,. by its Armad^ 
projected the Invasion and Con- 
quest of England. 1798. 8vo. II. Is. 

Pp. iv. 97. Appendix, pp. ccjcxrviii. 
besides contents, 7 leaves. At p. 82 is a 
chart of the River Thames, Anno 1588. 
Privately printed for the use of ministers 
at the time of Buonaparte's threatened in 

John Bruce likewise published anony- 
mously for private circulation, 'Re- 
view of the Events and Treaties which 
established the Balance of Power in En- 
rope, and the Balance of Trade in Favor 
of Great Britain, 1796.' 8vo. pp. 181, with 
a 'Sketch showing the Ports of the 
Netherlands from which France may at- 
tack Britain and distress its Trade.' 

— Beport on the Events and 
Circumstances which produced the 
Union of the Kingdoms of Eng- 
land and Scotland ; on the Efiects 
of this great national Event, on 
the reciprocal Interests of both 
Kingdoms; and on the political and 
commercial Influence of Great Bri- 
tain, in the Balance of Power in 

Europe. 1799. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Privately printed. Vol. I. pp. iv. and 
403. Vol. II. Appendix, pp. dxciii. with 
title and contents, 8 leaves. A Letter 
from the Duke of Portland, sent with a 
copy of this report, is printed in Beloe'a 
Anecd. ii. 482. Rozburghe, 8S17, 12. 13s. 
Duke of York, with Report concerning 
the Spanish Armada, 1688^ 12. 15s. 

— Annals of the East-India 
Companv,1600-l707-8. Lond. 1810. 
4to. 3vols. 

Duke of York, 996, 12. 3fl. 

— Michael. Poems on several 

Occasions. 1770. (Reprinted in 

1784 and 1807. 8vo.) 

Prefixed Is a most pleasing and well- 
written preface by John Logan. The me- 
rits of this elegant i>oet are discussed in 
no. LX. of Drake's Lit. Hours, til. 826^2. 

— Peter Henry. Memoirs, con* 
taining an Account of his Travels 
in Germany, Eussia^ Tartaiy, 




Turkey, tihe West Indies, &c. LoncL 

1782. 4to. 

FonthUl, 1196. 15s. 

Bbitos, Eobert. Eleren Sermons 
on the Sacrament. Edinb. 1591. 
B. Waldegrave. 16mo. 

Aeopfis in the British Maseum. A 
lonner edition appeared 1690. Bnice 
likewise published The Way to tme Peace 
and Best, delivered at Edinburgh, in XYI 
Sermons on the Lord's Supper. Lond. 
1617. 4to. 6s. 

— Robert, King of Scotland. 
See Babboub, John. Haby^, 

— The King's Remembrancer's 

Report relative to the Tomb of King 

Robert the Bruce. Edinb. 1821. 


D. of York, 4204, 7s. 6d. 

— Catalogue of Lord Bruce's 
Library at Tottenham Park, 1713. 


Privately printed. Bindley, pt i. 1663, 

BsrCH, Richard. Epigramma- 

trm Hecatontades du». Londini, 

1627. 12mo. 

A copy is in the British Maseum. 

Bbucioli, Anton, CJommentary 
upon the Canticle of Canticles, 
transL firom the Italian, by Tho. 
James. Lond. 1598. 8to. 

Bbvckeb, John James. History 
of Philosophy. See Enmeld, Wm. 

BstJCEirEB, John. Philosophi- 
cal Survey of the Animal Creation. 

Lond. 1762. 8vo. 

In the seventh and eighth chapters of 
this work are sentiments very similar to 
those lately promulgated by Mr. Mal- 

BBXTGChEHAir, Lewis William. 
Yiew of the English Editions, 
Translations and Illustrations of the 
antient Greek and Latin Authors, 
with Remarks and a Supplement. 
Stettin, 1797—1801. 8vo. i;.lls. 6d. 

An excellent work, displaying consideiv 
able research and industry. [The Sup- 
plement is often deficient] Bindley, pt L 
440. russia, 1/. 6s. Goesett, 906, 12. ISs. 

Beumot, p. The Greek Theatre. 
Lond. 1759. 4to. 8 vols. ISs, 

Translated hy Mrs. Charlotte Lennox, 
with the assistance of Boyle, Earl of Cork 
and Orrery, and Dr. Samuel Johnson. 
Beed, 8627, 11. 6a. 

BBUKJsrs, Ricardus. S. Thomo 

Cantuariensis et Henrici IT. illvstr. 

Anglorvm Regis Monomachia. GoL 

Agr. 1626. 8vo. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

Bbfite, de la. Relation de 

la Campaffne d'Irlande en 1691 
sous le G)mmandement de M. le 
G^n^ral de GinkeL Amst. 1693. 
12mo. 6b. 

Bbuno Nolano. Giordano. 
Degli heroici Furori al molto illus- 
tre & excellente Cauallidro Signor 
PhilHppo Sidneo. Parigi appresso 
Antonio Baio. {sed Loud, vautrol- 

lier.) 1685. 8vo. 

Cos.— 16 leaves of preliminary matter, 
and 124 of text A— Q 4. Hanrott, 91 Is. 

This and the following article are in- 
serted in Herbert's Ames, under the head 
of Thomas Y autrolller. Both pieces, with 
many others by the same author, are in 
the British Museum. 

— Spaccio de la Bestia trion- 
fante. Stampato in Parigi, 1584. 
16mo. {sed Lond. VautroUier.) 

16 leaves of preliminary matter. Pp. 
261, and 2 of errata. The epistle de- 
dicatory to Sir Philip Sidney is on 15 
leaves. A copy is said to have been sold 
for 601. Toland imagined his copy the 
only one extant. At the sale of the li- 
brary of Ch. Bernard, Esq. in 1711, it sold 
for 282. to Walter Clavel, Esq. At that of 
James West, Esq. in 1778, this with the 
piece 'degli Heroici Furori' sold together 
for 9/. 15s. — Herbert. 

This famous book, which was supposed 
to inculcate atheistical principles, appears 
from a critique of the work in the Specta- 
tor (no. 380) to be a harmless prodnctionu 
According to Toland, it was not printed at 
Paris, but in London, and the impression 
is said to have consisted of twen^ copies 

— • Spacoio de la Bestia trion* 

fimte, or the Expulsion of the tri* 

umphant Beast. 1718. 8vo. 

'This translation is commonly attri- 
buted to Toland— but upon the authority 
of the translator himself, namely, the late 
William Morehead, Esq., I am warranted 
to say, that it was hastily made by blia 
for the private use of Mr. CoUins, nor ewer 




intended to be printed; though shortl/ 
after taken oat of Mr. Collins' library by 
Toland (as he believed) and sent to the 
press.' — S. Paterson, Sir P. Thompson, 
61, mor. lU 13s. Bindley, pt 1. 606, 12. 6s. 
[The works of this free-thinking mystic 
extend to about 19 small volumes, mostly 
printed in France, and are of great rarity. 
See Bohn's Guinea Catalogue.] 

BBTmswESD, John. Joannis 

Brunsuerdi Progynmaamata quee- 

dam poetica. Lond. 1589. 4to. 

An edition of the date of 1690 is in the 
British Museum. Brownswerd or Bruns- 
werdus, ' a most noted master of the Latin 
tongue, deservedly numbered amongst the 
best Latin poets that lived in the reign 
of Q. £lizabeth.'-^an<. d Wood, 

Brunswic and Lunebnrg, Ferdi- 
nand Duke of. The Operations of 
the allied Army, 1757—62. Lond. 
4to. with maps and plans. lOs. 

Brunswick — ^Limenburgh. See 
JOKB&y David. 

Bbttnswyks, Jherom. The 
Vertuose Boke of Distyllaeion of 
the Waters of all Maner of Herbes, 
with the lygures of the Styllato- 
ries, translated out of Duyche into 
Englysshe, Imprinted by me Lau- 
rens Andrewe, 1527. folio. 

Black letter, with trood cuts. This 
translation was made by Laurence An- 
drewes. Sir M. M. Sykes, 308, 3L 6s. 
Inglis, S96. 22. 7s. Forster, 153, 22. 8s. 
' Bmnswyke, Iherome of. The noble Ex- 
peryence. Fetrus Treveris, 1626. Inglis, 
397. 11. 16s. 

BBUODnns, Anthony. Fropugna- 

culum CathoUcffi yeritatis pars prima 

historica, in quinque libros distri- 

buta. Fragee, 1668. 4to. 

This work is written against Carves* 
Lyra. Ate Ca&vb ; also Fbodutus. 

Bbubaiots. See BiOH, Bamaby. 

Brute's History. See Habybt, 

BsrTON, William. Nerwes from 
the itilast Indies : or a Yoyage to 
BengaUa. Lond. 1688. 4to. with 
port^t of the Great Mogul. 

A copy is in the British Museum. Jadis, 
S87, if. 128. Bindley, pt i. 667, 22. 2s. 
Oordonstoun, 38^ 71. 78. Beprinteid in the 
second volume of the Oxford Collection of 
Voyages and Travels, and also in the fifth | 

volume of the neiT edition of Haklnyt's 

Bbuttts, Stephanus Junius. Yin- 

dicifiB contra Tyranos : sine, de 

Frincipis in Fopulum, Fopulique 

in Frincipem, legitima Fotestate. 

Edinburgi, 1597. 8vo. 78. 6d. 

By some ascribed to Hubert Lang^et, by 
others to Theodore Beza. Hollis, 210, 
mor. U. 6s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 184. 
1/. Bindley, pt. iv. 279, 7s. 6d. An 
edition 1680. 7s. 6d. Bindley, pt.ii. 140*2, 
12.38. An edition 1689. 8vo. in the Bri. 
,ti8h Museum. 

— Defence of Liberty against 

Tyrants. 1648. 4to. 

This translation is said to have been 
made by "Walker, the executioner of K. 
Charles I. Hollis, 212, 8s. 6d. Bindley, 
pt. i. 1131, 12. Is. 

Vindication of Liberty of Religion, 
translated [from the Latin] by N. Y. 1646. 

Ebtan", I., D.D. Harvest-Home, 
being the Summe of certain (2) Ser- 
mons upon Job 5. 26, by F. B., D.D. 
late Faster of the Holy Trinity in 
Coventry. Lond. printed for the 
Author, 1674. 4to. 

In verse, 60 pp. probably printed for 
private distribution. 

— MichaeL Dictionary of Paint- 
ers and Engravers. Lond. 1816. 4to. 
2 vols, with portrait and monograms. 

5/. 5s. 

Published in seven parts, 1813 — 16. 
Brockett, 624, 91. 168. Sir M. M. Sykes, 
pt. i. 666, 42. 6s. larok papeb. Grave, 
106, 4/. Nassau, pt. i. 616, 61. lOs. Duke 
of York, 967, 62. 2s. 6d. labgb and thick 
PAPEB. Dowdeswell, 161, 112. lis. [New 
edition, revised and completed to the pre- 
sent time by George Stanley, with portrait, 
cyphers, and monograms. Lond. Bohn, 
1849. imp. 8vo. 22. 2s.J 

— Fhilip. Collection of Arms, 
Crests, &c, alphabetically displayed, 
with the Blazoning annexed to each 

Coat, &c. Lond. 1790, folio. 
Published in numbers. 
BvYAKTy Charles. Flora di»te- 
tica, or History of Esculent Flants. 

Lond. 1783. 8vo. 5s. 

This -writer likewise published An his- 
torical Account of two Species of Lyco- 
perdon. Lond. 1782. 8vo. 28. and A DIo« 
tionary of the ornamental Trees^ Shrab% 




and Plants, most commonl7 cnltivated in 
Great Britain. Norwich, 1790. 8vo. 78. 

Bbtant, Jacob. A new System, 
or, an Analysis of ancient Mytfao- 
logf . Lond. I774r6 4to. 3. vols. 

This work established the author's re- 
putation as a profound scholar; though 
many of his conjectures were opposed by 
different writers. A second edition of vols. 
i. and ii. appeared 1780. In some copies 
of the second volume, there is an engrav- 
ing of the Marlborough Gem by Bartolozzi, 
in others by Sherwin : that by Bartolozzi 
is preferred. Bindley, pt. i. 734, 32. 16s. 
Dent, pt. L 628, 42. 4b, Roscoe, 1822, 42. 
148.6d. Gosset, 971, 62. 6s. Fonthill,1867, 
62. Stanley, 434 ^ith the Bartolozzi 
gem), 72. 17s. 6d. Heath, 1476 (with the 
Bartolozzi gem), 82. 8s. Roxburghe, 689, 
82. 8s. White Knights, 744. mor.82. 18s.6d. 
Steeveng, 1671, 92. 9s. Williams, 247 (with 
the Bartolozzi gem), morocco, 132. 13s. — 
Reprinted 1807. 8vo. 6 vols. Rosooe, 1934, 
21. 18s. LAROK PAPBB. Earl of Kerry, 
42, 42. 6s. Sir H. M. Sykes, pt. i. 362, 
ruBsia, 62. 28. 6d. Drury, 621, russia, 62. 
8s. 6d. Williams, 299, 72. lOs. 

This learned writer likewise published. 

Observations and Inquiries relating to 
various Parts of ancient History ; calcu- 
lated to throw Light on that ancient King- 
dom of Egypt, as well as on the History 
of the Assyrians, Chaldeans, Babylonians, 
Edomites and other nations. Cambridge, 
1767. 4to. 168. Gosset, 970, 12.2s. Roz- 
burghe, 7404, 12. 4s. Heath, 2170, 12. Ss. 

A Vindication of the Apamean Medal, 
Ac. Lend. 1776. 4to. Is. First published 
in the Archseologia. 

A fiBirther Illustration of the Analysis. 
Lond. 1778. 8vo. 

An Address to Dr. Priestley upon his 
Doctrine of Philosophical Necessity illus- 
trated. Lond. 1780. 8vo. 

Vindiein Flavians : or, a Vindication of 
the Testimony given by Josephus concern- 
ing our Saviour Jesus Christ Lond. 1780. 
8vo. Is. 6d. 

Observations on the Poems of Thomas 
Rowley, in which the Authenticity of these 
Poems is ascertained. Lond. 1781. 8vo. 
3 vols. Drury, 638, 6s. 

A Treatise upon the Authenticity of the 
Scriptures, and the Truth of the Christian 
Religion. Lond. 1792. 8vo. 6s. Reprinted 
1793 and 1811. 

Observations on a controverted Passage 
in Justin Martyr, p. 47. Edit. Benedict. 
HagiB Gomit. 1742. Also upon the Wor- 
ship of Angels. Lond. 1798. 4to. 

Observations upon the Plagues inflicted 
upon the Egyptians. Lond. 1794. 8vo. 
White Knights, 630, moroooo, 12. 5b. A 
second edition 1810. 6vo. 

Observations upon a Treatise, entitled 
a Description of the Plain of Troy by 
Monsieur le Chevalier. Eton, 1795. 4to. 

A Dissertation oonoeming the War of 
Troy and the Expedition of the Greciam^ 
as described by Homer. Lond. 1796. 4to. 
7s. 6d. The second edition corrected. Lond. 
1799. 4to. 

The Sentiments of Fhilo-Judeus con* 
ceming the AOroz or Word of Giod, to- 
gether with large Extracts from his Writ- 
ings, compared with the Scriptures, on 
many other Doctrines of the ChriHtian 
Religion. Cambridge, 1797. 8vo. Drury^ 

An Expostulation, addressed to the Bri' 
tish Critic. Eton, 1799. 4to. 

Some Observations upon the Vindica- 
tion of Homer, &c. written by J. B. S. 
Morritt. Eton, 1799. 4to. 4s. 

Observations upon some Passages of 
Scripture, which the Enemies to Religion 
have thought most obnoxious, and attend- 
ed with Difficulties not to be surmounted. 
Lond. 1803. 4to. 

An Apology addressed to John Richard- 
son. Not published. See Monthly Re- 
view, Ixiii. 108. 

B&YDALL, John. CameraBegis : 

or a short View of London. Lond. 

1676. 8vo, 3s, 

Pp. 126, CB— 1 7} with title and dedi- 
cation. A list of tlxe writings of this in- 
dustrious author wiU be found in Wood's 
Athen. Ozon. 

Bbydges, Sir Samuel Egerton, 
Bart, Gensura Literaria: contain- 
ing Titles, Abstracts, and Opinions 
of old English Books, with original 
Disquisitions, Articles of Biography, 
and other literary Antiquities. 
Lond. 1805—9. 8vo. 40 iios. in 10 

A work justiy held in high estimation 
by all antiquaries in literature. Two 
hundred and fifty copies printed. Bindley, 
pt. i. 296, 42. 68. Saunders in 1818, 51. lOs. 
Holies, 264, 61. 12s. 6d.— Second Edition, 
1816, 10 vols. 8vo. (260 copies printed). 
The articles in this reprint are classed in 
chronological order, under their separate 
heads of Poetry, History, &c, which, with, 
a general Index to the whole, give the 
new Edition a great superiority over the 
former. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ill. 11, 42. 9s. 
Brockett, 410, 72. 10s. 

— British Bihliographer. Lond. 
1810 — 14. 8to. 15 nos. in 4 vols, 
with portraits. 61. 5s. 

Bindley, pt. iv. 268, 22. ,10s. Brockett, 
406, 32. 6s. Strettell, 96, 32. 98. Nassau, 




pi i. 86S, 82. 13s. 6d. Sir M. M. Sykes, 
pt L 867. 81. 4a., pt. liL 12, 4Z. Hanrott, H. 
4fl. fVol. IV. is composed of Reprints of 
Tusser's Five Hundred points of Good 
Uosbandry; the Paradise. of dainty De- 
rises ; England's Helicon ; and the Mirror 
of Magistrates.] This and the following 
article 'Restituta/ were intended as con- 
tinuations of the Gensura Literaiia. 

Bbtdges. Restituta ; or, Titles, 
Extracts and Characters of old 
Books in English Literature re- 
vived. Lond. 1814^ 8vo. 28 nos. 
in 4 vols. 21. 2b. 

Strettell, 96, 21 Brockett, 409, 27. 6s. 
Nassau, pt. i. 864, 21. 10s. 

Bes Literarise, 8vo. 8 vols. Seventy-five 
copies printed, 42. 4s. Vol. I. Naples, 1821, 
pp. 294, with title, preface, and contents, 
3 leaves. Vol. II. Rome, 1821. pp. vni. 
and 8—180, with imprimatur, one leaf, 
and a plate of arms. Vol. III. Geneva, 
1822. pp. zlvii. and 644. Appendix, 
pp. zii. Hibbert, 62. 6s. Hanrott, 82. 

Polyanthea Librorum vetustiorum, Itali- 
corum, Gallicorum, Hispanlconun, Angli- 
canorum, etLatinorum. Genevas, 1822, 
8vo. pp. Ivi. and 464, 76 copies printed. 
Hanrott, 32. 10s. 

Cimella ; sen Examen eriticum Libro- 
rum, ex Diariis Literariis Lii^uft procipue 
Gallica, ab Anno 1666, usque ad Annum 
1792 scriptis, selectum. Genevsa, 1828. 
8vo. pp. zxzvi. 416. and xLViii. 76 copies 
printed. The last paging pp. I-xlviii. 
consists of Indexes to Res Literarise and 
Polyanthea. Hanrott, 32. 8s. 

Gnomica : Detached Thoughts, senten- 
tious, axiomatic, moral, critical, and biblio- 
graphical. Geneva, 1824. 8vo. 76 copies 
printed.' Hanrott, 82. 88. 

The Anti-critic, an original Work, con- 
taining literary Criticisms and Opinions. 
Geneva, 1822. royal 8vo. pp. 260. Seventy- 
five copies printed. Hanrott, 82. 10s. 

Desultoria, or Comments on Books and 
Men. Kent, 1816. 12mo. 78. 6d. Printed 
at the private press at Lee Priory. 

Memoirs of the Peers of England, during 
the Reign of James the First. London, 
1802. 8vo. 6s. pp. 643. Dedicated to the 
memory of Sir Thomas Egerton, Knight, 
with a preface. LAsas papkb, 4to. Nassau, 
pt. ii. 611, 12. 18s. Hanrott, 12. 4s. 

Biographical Peerage of Great Britain, 
in which are memoirs and characters 
of the most celebrated persons of each 
family. Lond. 1806—17. ISmo. 4 vols. 
From the illnaturedl way in which the 
Botices are written, it has been called 
"The Scandalous Chronicle;" one in par- 
ticular, of Lord Spencer, was cancelled. 

Atavias Regies. Florence, 1820. royal 
4ta 60 copies printed. Hanrott, 72. 78. 

Papers respecting the Chandos Peerage 
claims (being unpublished fragments). 
1822. folio. 

Chandos Family, 80 pages, 4to. no title. 
Reprinted from the Introduetion to Sude- 
ley Castle. 

Stemmata Illnstria, with 9 plates. Paris, 
1825, royal folio. 100 copies printed. Evans 
in 1834, 102. 10s. Some copies have two 
additional plates making, 10 in alL 

Lex Torres, a discussion on the Laws of 
England. Geneva, 1830. 14 nos. forming 

1 vol. 8vY>. of 480 pp. with folding table of 
contents, 22. 2s. 

Sonoets and other Poems. Ijond. 1786. 
8vo. First edition.— Lond. 1796. 8vo.— 
Lond. 1807. small 8vo. Fourth edition. 

Select Poems, with a Preface. Kent, 
Lee Priory, 1814. 4to. 

Occasional Poems, written in the year 
1811. Kent, Lee Priory, 1814. 4to. One 
copy on India paper. 

Odo, Count of Lingen, a poetical tale. 
Geneva, 1824. square 12mo. 60 copies 
pilnted, 12. Is. 

Lake of Geneva, a Poem. Geneva, 1882. 
small 8vo. 2 vols, plates, lasob papkb in 
4to. Hanrott, 32. 5s. 

Mary de Clifford, a Novel. 1792. 8vo. 

Fitzalbini, a Novel. 1796. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Le Forester, a Novel, 1801. 8vo. 3 vols. 

Coningsby, a tragic tale. Geneva, 1813. 
12mo. Geneva, 1819. 12mo. 

Bertram, a Poetical Tale, in four Cantos. 
Kent, Lee Priory, 1814. 8vo. Strettell, 
130, 10s. Bindley, pt. i. 684, 12s. 

Lord Brokenhurst, or a fragment of 
winter leaves, a tragic tale. Geneva, 1819. 
12mo., 6s. 

Sir Ralph Willoughby,an historical tale 
of the XVI century, in which are inserted 
the dedicatory sonnets of Edmund Spenser. 
Florence, 1820. 12mo. Hanrott, lis. 

Tragic Tales, 2 vols. 12mo. Lond. 1820. 
Hanrott, 12b. 

The Hall of Hillingsley, a tale. Lond. 
1821. 12mo. 3 vols. 

Sylvan Wanderer, consisting of a Series 
of moral, sentimental, and critical Essays. 
Kent, Lee Priory, 1813—21. 8vo.4 pts.lOs. 
6d. From the private press at Lee Priory. 

The Ruminator, a Series of moral, criti- 
cal, and sentimental Essays. Lond. 1812. 

2 vols. Brockctt, 2646, 7s. 6d. These 
papers originally appeared in the Censura 

Exoerpta Tndoriana; or, Extracts firom 
Elizabethan Literature, with a critical 
Preface. Kent, 1814—18. 8vo. 2 vols. 
100 copies printed at the private press 
at Lee Priory, laros papeb, 6 copies 

Anglo- Genevan Critic^ Journal. Ge- 
neva, 1831. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Character of Lord Rokeby. Kent, Lee 
Priory, 1817. 8vo. 

Letters on Lord Byron, 1824. 8vo. 




IiBAgiiuttiTQ Biography. Loud. 1881. 
8vo. 2 vols. 

Green Book, or Register of the Order of 
thf Emerald Star, a CoUectioa of Bio- 
graphical Sketches of the eminent literati 
of the day, &c, folio (40 pages), without 
place or date. It has no title page. 

LiTT6 des Anglois k Geneve, with a few 
biographical notes by John Southanden 
Bum (but really by Sir Egerton BrydgesX 
Lond. 1831. small 8vo. Privately printed. 

This pamphlet contains a list of the 
names of those, of their families, friends, 
and servants, who fled from England du- 
ring the persecation of Qneen Mary, and 
settled at Geneva. Also the marriages, 
births, and deaths during their stay at 

The Population and Riches of Nations. 
Geneva, 1819. 8vo. Uanrott, 128. 

What are Riches. Geneva, 1821. 8vo. 
Kent, Lee Priory. 1822. 8vo. 6s. 

Expositions on the Parliamentary Re- 
form Bill, 1831. folio. 

Letters from the Continent. Kent, 
1821—2. 8vo, 2 vols. Printed at the pri- 
vate press at Lee Priory. Hanrott, 128. 

Recollections of Foreign Travel, on Life, 
Literature,and Self-Knowledge. PostSvo. 
2 vols. 10s. 6d. 

My Note-Book. 12mo. 

A Note on the Suppression of the Me- 
moirs announced by the Author in 1826, 
oout«dning numerous Strictures oncontem- 
porary Public Characters. Paris, 1826. 
12mo. 7h. 6d. 

Autobiography, Times, Opinions, and 
Contemporaries. Lond. 1834, 8vo. 2 vols. 

Sir Egerton Brydges edited Collins' 
Peerage of England, ««e Colliks. Phil- 
lips' Theatrum Poetarum Anglicanorum, 
see Phillips ; see also, in Appendix, List 
of the hu Priory Publieationa. 

Bbtdone, Patp. Tour through 
Sicily and Malta. Lond. 1773. Svo. 
2 vols, with a map. lOs. 6d. 

Liveliness of description of scenery and 
manners, couched in an easy and elegant 
' style, has rendered these volumes ex- 
tremely popular, notwithstanding they do 
not display much learning or knowledge, 
and are even sometimes superficial and 
inaccurate. 1774. Bindley, pt. i. 816, 10s. 
6d., 1776. Drury,625, lis. 

Lettres sur la Siciie et 1' Isle de Malte, 
ponr servir de Supplement au Voyage de 
Brydone, par le Comte de Borch. Turin, 
1782. Svo. 2 vols, avec figures, 10s. 6d. 

Bbydson, Thomas. View of 
Heraldry, in reference to the Usages 
of ChiviJry, and the general Eco- 
nomy of the Feudal System ; with 
an Appendix respecting such Dis- 

tinctions of Bank, as have place in 

the British Constitution. Edinb. 

1795. Syo. pp. 319. 7s. 6d. 

A work of uncommon ingenuity, deservo 
ing of being called ' The Philosophy of 
Heraldry.' Mr. Brydson likewise pub- 
lished Observations concerning Prece- 
dency, and some of the Distinctions of 
Rank. Ecclesiastic and Secular, on which 
it is founded. 1812. 4to. 7s. 6d. 

Bbybeett, Lodowick. Discourse 

of GiviU-Life ; containing the Ethike 

Part of Morall Fhilosophie. Lond. 

1606. 4to. 

This remarkably and valuable publica- 
tion, Mr. Malone ingeniously coigectures, 
was written between 1681 and 1689 : 
The Discourse is 'written to the right 
honorable Arthur, late Lord Grey, of 
WUton.' Inglis, 308, 8s. 6d. BosweU, 318, 
9s. 6d. Bindley, pt. i. 1100, 11. Is. Reed, 
1781, morocco, 12. lis. 6d. 

— Mourning Muse of Thestylis. 

Frequently quoted by Mr. Todd In his 
edition of Milton. In Ritson's Bibl. Poet, 
appears ' The mourning muses of Lod. 
Bryskett vpon the deathe of the most 
noble Sir Philip Sydney, Knight, &c.' 
licensed to John Wolfe, 22d August, 1687. 

Buo. See Buck. 

Bucaniers of America. The His- 
tory of the Bucaniers, made English 
firom the Dutch, written by John 
Esquemeling. Lond. 1684. 4to. 4 
pts. in 1 vol. 

The fourth part, containing the voyage 
of Capt. O. Sharp, is considered scarce; 
the work is reprinted entire in Bumey's 
Discoveries In the South Seas, and lOso 
separately. An excellent notice of ' The 
History of the Bucaniers ; being an im- 
partial Relation of all the Battles, Sieges, 
and other most eminent Assaults commit- 
ted for several years upon the Coasts of 
the West Indies, by the Pirates of Jamaica 
and Tortuga: both English and other 
Nations. More especially the unparalleled 
atehievements of Sir H. M. (Henry Mor- 

g&n). Made English from the Dutch 
opy : written by J. Esquemeling, one of 
the Bucaniers : very much corrected ftom 
the Errors of the Original by the Rela- 
tions of some English Oentlemen, that then 
resided in those Parts, will be found in the 
Retrosp. Rev. vol. iii. 27-61. Dent, pt. i. ^ 
11. Is. Rozburghe, 7887, 27. 68. Nassau, 
pt i. 2120, 12. 9s. FonthiU, 33S2, 42. Is. 
—Edition, 1699. Nassau, pt i. 1696, 6s. 
Towneley, pt. ii. 487, 7s.— 1741, 12mo. 2 
vols. Dowdeswell, 346^ 18s. Gough, 14s. 




Ooflsett, 928, 17fl. It has been reprinted 
in Walker's British Classics, 1810. 12mo. 

BucA^ruB, GblielmoB. Body of 
Divinity, translated firom the Latin 
by Bob. Hill. Lend. 1659, 4to. 

BucEB, Martin. ScriptaAnglicana 
fere omnia a Conrado Huberto col- 
lecta. Acyuncta est Historia de 
Obitu Buceri, quseque Uli et Paulo 
Fagio post Mortem contig^. Basil, 
1577. folio. 11, 58. 

Gratulatio Bucerl ad Ecclesiam Angli- 
caoam, 1648. 4to. See Strype's Eccl. 
Hemor. it. 146. In Stryi>e*8 Annals, ii. 
266, &e. will be found an acconnt of 
Tho. Sampson's Epitome of Bucer's Book, 
De Reg^no Christi. 

A briefe Treatise oonoeming the Bur- 
nynge of Bucerand Phagrius at Cambridge, 
in the Tyme of Queene Mary, with theyr 
Restitution. Translated into Englyshe by 
Arthur Goldyng. Anno 1662. Lond.l6mo. 
Black letter. Contains M. 4, in eights, 
besides a short address ' To the reader' 
prefixed. Reed, 616, 16s. 6d. 

The Hynd and Exposition of Martyn 
Baoer yppon these wordes of 8. Matthew, 
Woo be to the Worlde bycause of Offences. 
Embden, 1666, 16mo. Black letter. D, 
in fours, 7s. 6d. 

The Judgement of Mai'tin Bucer con 
ceming Divorce, written to Edwai'd the 
aixt in his second Book of the Kingdom 
of Christ Lond. 1644. 4to. 6s. 

Martin Bncer his Judgement concerning 
Divorce written to Edward VI. in his se- 
cond Book of the Kingdom of Christ, 
wherein a late Book, restoring the Doc- 
trine and Discipline of Divorce, is heer 
Iustify'd by the Anthoritie of Martin Bucer. 
iOnd. 1646. 4to. 

The Gratulation of M. Martin Bucer 
unto the Church of England for the Resti- 
tncion of Christes Religion, and hys An- 
swere vnto the Epistles of Steue (Gardiner) 
Bisshoppe of Winchester, concerning the 
vnmarried state of Preestes and Cloyste- 
rars, transl. out of Latin into Englishe 
(by Sir Thos. Uoby). Lond. by me Richard 
Jngge. 16mo. 10s. 6d. Black letter. 

The Judgement of Martin Bucer and 
Peter Martyr upon the Controversie rela- 
tive to the Apparel, &c. London, by 
Bicharde Jngge. 4to. Black letter. 12s. 

A Treatise how by the Worde of God 
Christian Mens Almose ought to bee dis- 
tributed. 8vo. 

— See Cask, Nicolans. 
Chekb, Sir John. 
HuRRBTUS, Cunr. 

BUOH, Leopold Von. Travels 

through Norway and Lapland, du- 

ring the years 1806, 7, 8, translated 

from the original G^erman, by John 

Black, wim Notes and XUus* 

trations, chiefly mineralogical, and 

some Account of the Author, br 

Robert Jameson, ,F.B.S.E. F.L.S, 

&c. Lond. 1813. 4to. 

pp. 484^ with maps and physical aw- 
tlons. An indifferent translation of a work 
containing much valuable information. 

BvoHAK, David Stewart Erskine, 
Earl of. Essays on the Lives 
and Writings of Fletcher of Sal- 
toun, and the Poet Thomson, with 
some Pieces of Thomson's never 

before published.Lond. 1792. 8vo.5s. 

An elegant work, consisting of pp. 
xzxix. and 279, with contents, and a port, 
of Andrew Fletcher, ' Anna Forbes, del.' 

The following are by the same author: 

Plan for the better Regulation of the 
Peerage of Scotland. By the Earl of Biw 
Chan. Edinb. 1780. 4to. 2s. 6d. 

Dissertation on certain memorable Oc- 
currences in the History of Scotland. By 
the Earl of Buchan. Glasgow, 1786, 4to. 

An Account of the Life, Writings, and 
Inventions of John Napier, of Merchiston. 
By the Earl of Buchan and Walter Mlnto, 
LL.D. Perth, 1787. 4to. Edinb. 1788. 4to. 
7s. 6d. 

-^ Peter. Account of the Fa- 
mily of Keith, Earls Marischal of 
Scotland, and of the attainted 
Scottish Noblemen who lost their 
Titles and Estates m 1715 and 1746, 
for their Adherence to the Stuart 
Cause. Peterhead, 1820. 12mo. 

with front, 2s. 6d. 

Mr. Buchan has likewise published. 
Gleanings of Scotch, English, and Irish 
scarce old Ballads, chiefly tragical and 
historical, many of them connected with 
the Localities of Aberdeenshire, and to 
be found in no other Collection extant, 
with explanatory Notes. Peterhead, 1825. 
18mo. 2h. 6d. A curious and valuable 
collection of songs, containing much in- 
formation relative to their localities and 

Ancient Ballads and Songs of the North 
of Scotland, hitherto unpublished, with 
notes. Edinb. 1828. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Witchcraft detected and prevented, or 
the School of Black Art newly opened. 
Peterhead, 1826. 18mo. with wood cuts, 
Ac 2s. 6d. 

— William, M.B. Domestic Me- 




dicine. The twentj-second^dition, 
by A. P. Buchan, M.D. Lond. 1826. 
8vo. 10b. 6d. 

The first edition of this popalar work 
appeared in 1769. Nineteen, editions, con- 
sisting of 18,000 copies, were published 
during the lifetime of the author, and the 
work has been translated into almost all 
the modem European languages. 

Buchanan, Claudius, D.D. 
ChriBtian Besearohes in Asia ; with 
Notices of the Translations of the 
Scriptures into the Oriental Lan- 
guages. Oamb. 1811. Svo. 7s. 
L. p. 10s. 

Frequently reprinted. Remarks on the 
Ghristian Researches, by Major 8. Waring, 
8vo. 8s. 

Memoir of the Expediency of an Eccle- 
siastical Establishment for British India. 
London, 1806. 4to. pp. 126. 10s. 

Sermons on interesting Subjects. Lon- 
don, 1812. Svo. 7s. 

A brief View of the State of the Colo- 
nies of G. Britain and of her Asiatic Em- 
pire, in respect to religious Instructien. 
London, 1813. Svo. 6s. 

An Apology for promoting Christianity 
in India. London, 1813. Svo. Bs. 

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of 
the Rev. Claudius Buchanan, by Hugh 
Pearson, M.A. Lond. 1819. 8vo. 2 vols, 
with portrait. 11. Is. and 12mo. 68. 

— David. Belation of some main 

Passages of things, wherein the Scots 

are particularly concerned, from the 

very first Beginning of these im- 

happy Troubles to this Day. Lond. 

1645. 12mo. 

Buchanan likewise published an Ex- 
planation of some Truths of the Carriage 
of Things about this great Work. Lon- 
don, 1645. 4to. A short view of the con- 
dition of Scotland. 

— Francis, M.D. Journey firom 

Madras through the Countries of 

Mysore, Canara and Malabar. 

Lond. 1807. 4to. 3 vols. 

Duke of York, 969, 11. 14s. large 
PAPEU. Fonthill, 744, 71. 5s. A highly 
valuable and authentic work, containing 
much information on the productions, cli- 
mate, manufactures, as also on the man- 
ners, religion, &c. of these districts. His 
Journey through Mysore, Canara and Ma^ 
labar will be found in the eighth volume 
of Pinkerton's Collection of Voyages and 
Travels. For other works by this author, 
«M Haxilton, Francis. 

BuOHAiTAK, George. Opera om- 
nia, curante Thom4 Buddimanno. 

Edinb. 1715. folio. 2 vols. U Is. 

Bindley, pt. i. 757, 11. is. Heath, 285, 
12. 17s. LABOB PAPKB. Roxburghe, 6891, 
mor. 4Z. Askew, in 1776, no. 1064, 71. 7s. 
Mac-Carthy, 72 fr. 

A Censure or Examination of Thos. 
Ruddiman's philological Notes on the 
Works of the great Buchanan, by James 
Man. Aberdeen, 1763. 12mo. 4s. 

Anticrisis ; or, a Discussion of a scnrri- 
lous and malicious Libel, published by one 
Mr. James Man, of Aberdeen. By Thomas 
Rttddiman, A.M. Edinb. 1754. 8vo. pp. 226. 
, Andi alteram Partem; or, a farther 
Vindication of his Edition of Buchanan's 
Works, « against James Man. Edinb. 
1756. 8vo. 

— Opa» omnia ourante Tho. 
Buddimanno, cum Indicibus Se- 
rum memorabilium et Prsefatione 
Petri Burmanni. Lugd. Bat. 1725. 
4to. 2 vols. i;. lis. 6d. 

There are copies on laboe papbb. 

— B«rum Scoticarum Historia. 

Edinburgi apud Alexandrum Ar- 

buthnetimi, 1582. folio. 

Editio princeps, 'with many an error 
in every page,' consisting of 249 leaves, 
besides the prefixes. Roman type. Tlie 
errata typographica subjoined to Craw- 
ford's notes on Buchanan's' History, 1708, 
fill twelve pages. Home Tooke, 93, 7s. 6d. 
Roxburghe, 8688, 9s. 6d. Sotheby's in 
April, 1822, 21. 7s. An edition Edinb. 
1683. folio. Roxburghe, 8689, 5s.— Genev. 
1583. This edition contains an index and 
the dialogue * de Jure Regni,' which are 
not in that of 1582.— Francof. 1594. 8vo. 
58.— Francof. ad Moen. 1638. 8vo. 5b. — 
Amst. 1642. 12mo.— Amst. 1643. 8vo.— 
Amst 1656. folio.— Traj. ad Rhen. 1697. 
8vo.— Amst. Elz« 1668. 8vo. Roxburghe, 
8691, 2s.— Edinb. 1727. 8vo. 6s.— Abre- 
donisa, 1762. Svo. 7s. An edition, with a 
copious index, edited by James Man. 

— History of Scotland. Lond. 
1690. folio, with port, by White, 

'In 'good modem I^llsh.^—Nicolson. 
Another, translated by W. Bond. London, 
1721-2. Svo. 3 vols. 18s. The third vo- 
lume. * An Appendix to the History of 
Scotland, containing 1. A Detection of the 
Actions of Mary Queen of Scots. 2. De 
Jure Regni apud ScotoB (Anglice). 1721. 
Svo. 6s. is frequently wanting. Roxburghe 
Sup. 668, 2 vols. 16b.— 1724. fol. 168.— 1733. 
Svo. 8 vols, with portraits. 166.— Edinb. 
1751. Pablisbed in xuunben.— Edinb, 

• • • 

> • 




1702. 8vo. 2 vols. 148.— Edinb. 1766. 9vo. 
2 vols. 128. A new edition, corrected and 
improved. Edinb. 1821, 8vo. 8 vols.— With 
a Continuation by John Watkins, LL.D. 
8vo. with portraits, 16s. 

Notes and Observations, by T. Crawford. 
Ediub. 1706. 12mo. 78. Nassau, pt i. 2442. 

BFCHANAif, Gfeorge. Ane Ad- 

monitoun direct to the trew Lordis 

Maiuteneris of the Kingis Graces 

Authoritie. M. Q-. B. Striviling be 

Eobert Lekprevik, 1571. 8vo. 

Containing 30 PP'(16 leaves) in the 
Scottish tongue. Bindley, pt. i. 485, mo- 
rocco, 51. 16s. 6d. Reprinted in the third 
volume of the Harleian Miscellany, and in 
the second volume of the Kestituta. An- 
other edition. Lond. by John Day, 1671, 
12mo. Boswell, 63, morocco, 19ft. Dent, 
pt. i. 273, 88. Bozburghe, 8739, 11. 6s. 
Another Edition. St. Andrews, 1672. 

— De Maria Scotonun Begina, 
totaque eius contra Begem Gonju- 
ratione, fcedo cum Bothuelio Adult- 
erio, nefSetria in Maritum Grudelitate 
et BaHie, horrendo super et deter- 
rimo eiusdem Farricidio : plena, et 
tragica plane Historia. (Lond. 
1572.) 8vo. 

This tract, published anonymously, is 
confidently attributed to George Buchanan, 
and is supposed to have been printed by 
John Day. It consists of 122 pages, ex- 
clusive of the title-page. Sir M. M. Sykes, 
pt. i. 364, mor. 11. 13s. Dent, pt. i. 862, 
ruBsia, 17s. Reprinted under tiie title of 
Detecdo Marin Reginsa Scotorum, and in- 
serted in Jebb, de Vita Marito Scotorum 
Regime, vol. i. 

— Ane Detectioun of the Doingis 

of Marie, Queue of Scottis, twich- 

ing the Murther of hir Husband, 

&c. Translatit out of Latine quhilk 

was written be M. G-. B. Sanctan- 

drois be Bobert Leckpreyik, 157*2. 


Black letter. Roxburghe,8740,2M2s.6d. 
First edition in English, supi>osed to have 
been translated by the aathor. Reprinted 
in the second volnme of Anderson's Col- 
lections relating to Mary Queen of Scots. 
Another edition [Lond. by John Day, 
1672.] 8vo. Black letter. The whole y 4, 
half sheets, the last leaf blank, as is 
the last page of the foregoing leaf. Dent, 
pt. i. ass, 12. 9s. Sir P. Thompson, 31, 
U.lfia. Dowdeswell,64,2/.10ii. Rozbui^ghe. 

VOL. I. 

8741, 21. 10s. White Knights, 2649. 2Z. 168. 
Sir. M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 365, port of Maiy 
inserted, mor. 32. Inglis, 224, 32. 7s. Mo- 
demised and reprinted 1651, with port. 
Roxburghe, 8742, 17s. Brockett, 415, mor. 
12. 78. 1967, 12. lis. 6d.— 1689, with a ri- 
diculous preface. 4to. 3s. 6d.— 1721, 8vo. 6s. 

— Histoire de Marie Boyne 

d'Escosse touchant la Coniuration 

fidcte contre le Boy, et TAdult^re 

conunis auec le Comte de Bothwel, 

traduicte de Latin en Francois, par 

Thomas Waltem.^ Edimbourg par 

moy Thomaa Vvaltem, 1572. 16mo. 
The printer's name is fictitious — the 
translation was evidently printed in Lon- 
don. Mac Carthy, 29 fir. See Mabt, Quben 
ov Scots. 

— De Jure Begni apud Scotos 

DialoguB. Edinburgi apud Joan. 

Boseum pro H. Chorteris (1579). 


Dated Sterlini, 10 Jan. 1579. Hollis. 
213, 12. Another edition, sine loco, 1679. 
Hollis, 212, 18s. 6d. This much esteemed 
tract was attacked by the author's 
countrymen. Adam Blackwood, Dr. Minian 
Winzet, and Dr. William Barclay. 

— 1680. 4to. In the British Museum. 
Bindley, pt. i. 1474, 22. 12s. 6d. Rox- 
burghe, 1164, 2s. 6d. 1680, 12mo.— Edinb. 
1681. 8vo.— Glasg. 1761. — The same, trans- 
lated by Philalethes, printed in the Year 
1680, 88. 6d.— 1689. 4to.— 1721. 8vo. 68.— 
Another translation, with two Disserta- 
tions prefixed, by Robert Macfarlan, 1799, 
8vo. 6s. 

— Jephthes, sive Votum Tra- 
goedia. Paris, apud G-. Morelium, 
1554. 4to. 

A translation of Jephthah, by W. Tait, 
1760, 8vo. Constable, 96, 6s. 

La trag^die du Jepht^e, tradnicte du 
Latin (en vers Francoin), par Claude de 
Yesel. Paris, Rob. Estienne, 1656, small 
8vo. 32 leaves, one of which is not num- 
bered. Ueber, 12. 10s. Also translated 
into French verse by Florent Chretien. 
Orleans, 1567, 4to. and Paris, 12mo. 1587. 

— Baptistes, sive Calumnia, Tra- 
goedia, Edinburg apud Hen, Char- 
teris, 1578, 8vo. 

Another edition, Londlnl, excudebat 
Tho. Vautrolerus, 1678, 8vo. 

— Tyrannical Q-ovemment ana- 
tomized, or, a Discourse concern- 
ing eyil Counselors : being the Life 
and Death of John the Baptist, 
and presented to the King's most 




excellent Majesty, hj the Author. 

1642. 4to. 

This translation is attributed bv Peek on 
Blender grounds to Milton, and has been 
supposed, with great probability, to have 
been intended as a hinttoGharles the First, 
of the danger he then incarred from the 
counsels of some about him ; and the his- 
tory of the Baptist, who lost his head by 
the instigation of Herodias, seems figura- 
tively to glance at the death of Lord 
Strafford, and at the influence of the Queen. 
Rhodes, 412, 6b. Lloyd, 1291, 8s. 

BnoHANAV, G-eorge. De Frosodia 
LibelluB. Edinb. excud. R. Walde- 
grave(1596). 8vo. 

— Poemata omnia, innumeris 

pene locis, ex ipsius autog^)ho 

oastigata et aucta. Edinb. A. Hart, 

1615. 24mo. 

Opera Poetica. In Bibliopolfo Comme- 
liniano, 2 parts in 1. 8vo. Poemata quee 
extant. Lugd. Batav. Elzevir, 1628. 24]no. 
Another edition, Elzevir, 1676. 12mo. 

— Dvellvm Poeticvm pro dig- 

nitate Faraphraseos Psalmi cente- 

simi quu*ti Decertantibus G-eorgio 

Eglisemmio et Giorgio Buchanano. 

Cui annexa Epigrammata necnon 

Astrologicum de Causis & Effec- 

tibus noui Cometee Judicium. Lond. 

1619. 8vo. 

The following, ' Judicium de Gertamine 
G. Eglisemmii cum G. Buchanano, pro 
DignitateParaphraseos Psalmi ciiii. Lond. 
1620. 8vo.' was written by William Bar- 
clay. Copies of both are in the British 

— Commentariufl in Vitam 

Gheorgij Buchanani, ab ipsomet 

scriptam. Edinb. 1702. 12mo. Vs. 

This Ufe, published by Sir Robert Sib- 
bald, was cei*tainly compiled by Sir Peter 
Young. Prefixed is a portrait by James 

— The very learned Scotsman, 
Mr. George Buchanan's Fratres 
Eraterrimi, three Books of Epi- 
grams, and Book of Miscellanies, 
in English Terse ; with the Illus- 
trations of the proper Names and 
Mythologies therein mentioned. By 
Bobert Monteith. Edinb. 1708. 

Pp.80. Bibl. Auglo^Poet. 477, 2{. 6s. 

Roxburghe, 3480, 7s. 6d. Ferry, pt. IL 
76$, 138. Bindley, pt 1. 4S6, 22. lOs. 

— The Chamseleon, or the crafty 
Statesman; describ*d in the Cha> 
racter of Mr. Maitland of Lething- 
ton. Lond. 1710. Syo. 

— G-eorgii Buchanani Scoti ad 

Yiros sui Sseculi clarissimos, eorum- 

que ad eundem Epistolfie. Ex MSS. 

accurate descriptse, nunc primum 

in Lucem editee. Lond. 1711. Svo. 
Pp.93. Roxburghe, 6807, 4s. 6d. 

— Memoirs of tlie life and 
Writings of George Buchanan, by 
David Irving, LL.D. Edinb. 1807. 
8vo. 7s. 

Reprinted Edinb. 1817. Svo. pp. 435. 
Anecdotes of Buchanan will be found in 
Geo. Chalmers' Life of Ruddiman. Lond. 
1794. Svo. 

See Psalmi.— Mary Queen of Soots. — 
Scotland. Miscellanea. 1710. 

— James, Sketches of the His- 
tory, Manners and Customs of the 
North American Indians. 1824. 

The author of this work is, according to 
the Quarterly Review, 'absolutely without 
any qualifications whatever for the task 
he has undertaken.' 

— Bev. John Lanne. Travels in 

the Western Hebrides, from 1782 to 

1790. Lond. 1793. 8vo. 5s. 

A statistical account, containing much 
interesting information, written expresHly- 
to point out means of improvement. Fout- 
hill, 2674, 16s. Mr. Buchanan likewise 
published A Defence of the Scots High- 
landers in general ; and , some learned 
Characters in particular, &c. Lond. 1794, 
Svo. 6s. An attempt to refute the novel 
position of Pinkerton concerning the early 
History of the Soots Nation.— A general 
View of the Fisheries of Great Britain. 
Svo. 6s. 

— Robertson. Practical Essays 
on Mill Work and other Maclii- 
nery. Second Edition, by T. 

Tredgold. Lond. 1823. 8vo. IL 48. 

Another edition, with Examples of Mo- 
dem Invention, by T. Tredgold, re-edited 
and improved by Geo. Rennie. Lond. 18^. 
Svo. with plates in atlas folio. 

Treatise on propelling Vessels by Steam, 
1816. Svo. with 17 plates, ISs. 

Essays on the Economy of Fuel and 
Management of Heat Glasgow, ISlOu 
8vo. 6s. 




An Essay on the Wanning of Mills and 
other Buildings by Steam. Glasgow, 1807. 
8vo. 28. 

BvcHAiTAVj'William. Essay upon 
the Family and Surname of Bu- 
chanan. Q-Iasffow, 1723. 4to. 

Bindley, 1124, 22. ISs. 6d. Nassau, pt. 1. 
617,88. Sotheby's in 1821, 198. 

— Inquiry into the Genealogy 
and present State of ancient Scot- 
tish Surnames, with the Origin and 
Descent of the Highland Clans and 
Family of Buchanan. Edinh. 1775. 
Syo. lOs. 6d. 

Reprinted Glasgow, 1793. 12mo. 6s. 
— Glasg. 1820. Brockett, 416, labok 
PAPER, 88. 6d. 

— Reports of certain remarkahle 
Cases in the Court of Session, and 
Trials in the High Court of Justi- 
ciary. 1813. Svo. 18s. 

— Memoirs of Painting, con- 
taining a chronological History of 
the Importation of Pictures hy the 
great Masters into G-, Britain since 
die Period of the French Eevolu- 
tion ; with critical Kemarks there- 
on, and Sketches of Characters of 
leading Masters of various Schools 
of Painting. Lond. 1824. Svo. 
2 vols. 158. 

BucHLBBUS, Joh. Sacrarum 

pro£EUiarumque Phrasium Poetica- 

rum Thesaurus, &c. Lond. 1669. 

12mo. 68. 

To this, the I7th edition, 1669, accord- 
ing to Wood, were added two works by 
John Phillips, the nephew of Milton, viz. 
Tractatnlus de Carmine dramatico Poeta- 
nim et compendiosa Enumeratio Poeta- 
rum a Tempore Dantis Aligerii usque ad* 
hanc ^tatem, of which most copies are 

Buck, Adam. One hundred 

Engravings, from Paintings on 

Greek Vases. Lond. 1812. folio. 

— Charles. Theological Dic- 
tionary. Lond. 1802. Svo. 2 vols. 

Reprinted 1821, 8vo. 2 vols. 12. Is. The 
author has published several other xeli- 
gious treatises, &c. 

— Sir George:, Knt. Aa^vi^ 
TToXvffTi^avoQ, An Eclog treating 
of Crownes and of Garlands, and 
to whom of right the^ appertaine. 

ByG. B. Knight. Lond. G.Eld 

for T. Adams. 1605. 4to. 

A poem of 57 eight-line stanzas (O 8, 
in fouro), 'addressed and consecrated to 
the King's MaieHtie.' Bindley, pt. iv. 
706, 21. 14b. IngUs' Old Plays, 8, 21. 2s. 
Perry, SI. 6s. 

— The Great Plantagenet, or a 

continued Succession of that royall 

Name, firom Henry the Second to 

our Soveraigne King Charles. By 

Gteo. Buck, Gentleman. Lond. 

Nich. and John Okes. 1635. 4to. 

Pp.60, with commendatory verses, dedi- 
cation to Sir John Finch, and preface. Se- 
cond edition of the Eclog, published, ac- 
cording to Ritson, 'by some fellow' who . 
assumed Buck's name. The two editions 
vary exceedingly. Nassau, pt. i. 618, lOs. 
Jadis, 147, russia, II. Is. Towneley, pt. i. 
892, 21. 16s. Gordonstoun, 299, 31. IBs. 6d. 
Bindley, pt. 1. 763, 4i. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 
24, 42. IDs. Isted, 22. Ss. Perry. 31. 8s. 

— The third Vniversitie of Eng- 
land. 1615. folio. 

A copy is in tlie British Museum. ' Of 
the third University of England.* Lond. 
1631. fol. printed by way of appendix to 
Edward Howe's continuation of Stow's 

— History of the Life and Beigne 
of Eichard the Third. Lond. 1646. 

folio, with port, by T. Cross. 

In this history ' Sir George Buck, con- 
trary to all historians before his time, doth 
make King Richard III. an admirable 
man, and not at all that man that other 
histories make him to be,'— ^n^ A Wood 
Baker, 272, russia, 22. ISs. Towueley, pt. 
ii. 837; 18s. Boswell, 674, 16s. Roxburghe, 
8369, 11. 2s.— 1647. Brockett, 688, 11. Is. 
Nassau, pt.i.668,16s. Bindley, pt. i. 669, 
1^ 2fl. Reprinted in the first volume of 
Kennett's History of England. 

[The original MS., containing some cu- 
rious unpublished matter, sold at Yar- 
nold's sale for 180 guineas, now in Bohn's 
Catalogue at 36^.] 

— J. W. Reports of Cases in 
Bankruptcy, from 1816 to 1820, 
with a Digest of all the contempo- 
rary Cases decided in the other 
Courts. Lond. 1821. royal Svo. 

12. 168. 
A continuation of Geo. Rose's Reports. 

— Samuel and NathanieL An- 
tiquities, or venerahle Kemains 
of above 400 Castles, &c. &c. in 
England and Wales, with nearly 




100 Views of Cities and chief 

Towns. Lond. 1774. folio. 6 vols. 

in 3. 

S; and N. Buck drev and eng^ved 428 
▼lews of cities, castles, and religious ruins. 
They were fixst published, 1727-40, in 17 
series or sections, by subscription, at two 
guineas each set, consisting of 24 prints. 
They were afterwards purchased by Robt. 
Sayer, and subsequently by Laurie and 
Whittle, who sold second impressions 
from the plates (but with several addi- 
tions) in three volumes, under the title of 
Buck's Antiquities, or venerable Ruins. 
Lond. 1774. 2 vols, and 'Buck's perspective 
Views of 100 Cities and chief Towns in 
England and Wales, with historical Ac- 
counts of their Antiquity, &c. &c. Lon- 
don, 1774.'— Vols. I. and II. contain 428 
plates, with descriptive letter-press. Vol. 
III. is of a larger size, in oblong folio, and 
contains 83 plates, with descriptive letter- 
press. Portraits of the two brothers, an 
emblematical frontispiece, and an index 
map will be found in the work. Marq. of 
Townshend, 437, 142. 14s. Dent, pt. i. 491, 
1728, &c. 4 vols. 201. 138. Sotheby's in 
March 1824, 282. 7s. Beckford in 1817, 91, 
an original subscription set, russia, 681. 

BuOKB, Charles. On the Beau- 
ties, Harmonies and Sublimities of 
Nature. Lond. 1821. 8vo. 4 vols. 

1/. 5s. 

[Reprinted in 3 vols. 8vo. Lond. Tegg, 
1837, 1/. lis. 6d.] 

— Wyl, his Testament. See 
Lact, John. 

BucEEBrDaE, John, successively 
Bishop of Rochester and Ely. De 
Potestate Papse in Bebvs tempo- 
ralibvs sive in Begibvs deponendis 
vsm'pata; adversus EobertvmCar- 
dinalem Bellarminvm. Lond. 1614, 

This work was attacked by Becanus the 
Jesuit, and vindicated by R. Bushel. A 
life of Buckeridge will be found in Wood's 
A then. Oxon. 

BucKHTJEST, Earl of Dorset. 
The Tragedie of Q-orboduc, whereof 
three Actee were written by Thos. 
Nortone, and the two last by Tho- 
mas Sackuyle, &c. Lond. for Wil- 
ham Griffith, 1565. 4to. 

A spurious edition, published without 
the consent of the authors. 

— The Tragedie of Ferrex and 
Porrex. Lond. by John Daye 

(1571), 16mo. 

Black letter, without date, or notation 
of pages, consisting of 81 leaves, printed 
with the consent and under the inspection 
of the authors. A copy is in the Bod- 
leian library. White Knights, 3668, mor. 
131. Steevens, 1261 (a few leaves MS.), 
22. 13s. Rhodes, 2012 (3 leaves reprinted), 
SI, 8s. Roxburghe, 6662, lOZ. Bindley, 
pt. iii. 1123, 162. lOs. JoUey, 1844^ 82. 88. 
—1690, 4to. Bindley, pt. iii. 784, russia, 
82. 18s. 6d. Jolley, 1844, 102. 6s.— 1736, with 
a j;>reface by Jos. Spence, 8vo. 2s. 6d. A 
notice of this play, which has been also 
reprinted in Hawkins' Origin of the En- 
glish Drama, and in Dodsley's Collection, 
will be found in the 66th section of War- 
ton's History of English Poetry. 

A life of Lord Buckhurst, willi a reprint 
of his Introduction to the Mirror of Ma- 
gistrates, will be found in Dr. Bliss' edi- 
tion of Wood's Athen. Oxon. ii. 30-44. 
Lord Buckhurst's Poetical Works were 
reprinted, 1820. 

BucEiifGHAM, Gteorge VilUers, 
Duke of. A continued JournaU 
of all the Proceedings of the Duke 
of Buckingham his Gb*ace, in the 
Isle of Ree, a part of France. 1627, 

Part I. ' from the beginning untill this 
seventeenth of August,' &c. 11 leaves. 
Part II. 'since the last of July/ 6 leaves, 
with a portraiture of a knife, on a half 
sheet. Part III. * since the last of AugusV 
six leaves. 

The Duke of Buckingham's Manifesta- 
tion of Remonstrance, with a Journal of 
his Proceedings in the Isle of Ree. 1627. 
4to. Lloyd, 443, 16s. 

An unhappy View of the whole Beha* 
viour of my Lord Duke of Buckingham, 
at the French Island called the Isle of 
Rhee, discovered by Colonell William 
Fleetwood, an unfortunate Commander in 
that untoward Service. 1648. This most 
fierce and prejudiced impeachment of an 
expedition, ill plaimed and unhappily ter- 
minated, is reprinted in the fifth volume 
of the Somers Collection of Tracts. 

— Duke of. Works containing 
his Flays and Miscellanies in Prose 
and Verse, with Explanatory Notes 
and Memoirs of the Author pjy T. 
Eyans]. Lond. 1775. 12mo. 2 vols- 

Best edition, with portrait of the Duke 
byCollyer. Garrick, 329, 12s. 6d. Mai^. 




of Townshend. 298, 10«. 6d. Reed, 8032, 
lOs. 6d. Heath, 1775, lis. Nassau, pt.i. 
858 lis. On iin>XA papxb, Steevens, 1227, 


BuciONaHAM, C^eo^ge Villiers. 
A Catalogue of the Pictures of 
George VUliera, Duke of Bucking- 
hiun. 1758. See Vebtue, Geo, 

— John Sheffield, Duke of. 
Works. Lond. 1723. 4to. 2 vols. lOs. 

With portrait by G. Vertue. Nassau, 
pt i. 619, russia, 158. Foiithill, 537, 11. 2s. 
—1726. 12mo. 2 vols. 4s.— 1729, 8vo. 2 vols. 
6s. Dent, pt. ii. 406, mor. 11. 16s.— 1740. 
Heath, 1726, 5s. 6d. * Castrations, con- 
taining an Account of the Revolution in 
1688.' 8vo. 2s. 6d. 

— J. S. Travels in Palestine, 
through the Countries of Bashan 
and Gilead, East of the Biver 
Jordan, including a visit to the 
Cities of G^raza and Gtuuala, in 
the Decapolis. Lond. 1821. 4to. 

pp. 650, with maps and plates. Dmry, 
766, 2/. lis. Reprinted 1822, 2 vols. 8vo. 

— Travels among the Arab 
Tribes inhabiting the Countries East 
of Syria and Palestine. Lond. 1825. 
4to. with plates. 

— Travels in Mesopotamia ; in- 
cluding a Journey to Ur of the 
Chaldees, and the Buins of Nineveh 

and Babylon. Lond. 1827. 4to. 

A second edition, 1827, 8vo. 2 vols, with 
30 engravings, published at 12. lis. 6d. 

— Travds in Assyria, Media and 
Persia, including a journey from 
Bagdad across Mount Zagross by 
the pass of Alexander to Hamadan. 

Lond. 1828. 4to. 

Reprinted 1831, 2 vols. 8vo. 

BxrcKLAND, Balph. Seven Sparks 

of the enkindled Soul. Four 

Lamentations, drawn out of the 

holy Scriptures after the Form 

of Psabns. (Borne, 1603.) 12mo. 

A collection of 'ejaciUations very full of 
mostferventdevotionfor the reconcilement 
of England and Scotland to the Roman 
Church.' Buckland has also written An 
Embassage from Heaven, 8vo., a copy of 
which is in the Bodleian library. 

— Bev. William. Beliquiee 
Diluvianee ; or, Observations on 
the Organic Bemains contained in 

Caves, Fissures, and Diluvial Gra- 
vel, and on other Geological Phe- 
nomena, attesting the Action of an 
Universal Deluge. Lond. .1823, 
4to. Second edition, with Addi- 
tions, 1824. 4to. 11. lis. 6d, 

pp. 303, with 27 plates. Reviews of this 
very interesting and excellent work ap- 
peared in the Edinburgh and Quart. 
Reviews. [Also Geology and Mineralogy 
considered with reference to Natural Theo- 
logy, 1837, 2 vols. 8vo. forming one of tiie 
Bridge water Treatises.] 

Buc£LEB, Benjamin, D. D. 
Stemmata Chicheleana; or a ge- 
nealogical Account of some of the 
Families derived from Thomas 
Chichele, of Higham-Ferrars With 
a Supplement. Oxford, 1765—76. 

The object of this work is to shew who 
were the persons entitled to the fellowship 
of All Souls Oxford, which is secured to 
the kindred of Ghichely, Archbishop of 
Canterbury, the founder of the College by 
the statutes. Title; preface and entita, 
14 PP> ; geneal tables, 156 pp. ; index, 10 
pp.; advertisement, one page, and two 

flates. Supplement. Title ; preface; 
'art I. 13 pp.; Part II. pp. 16—160, and 
index, 8 pages. Towneley, pt. ii. 1417, 
16s. 6d. Marq. of Townuhe'nd, 771, 12. 16s. 

— John ChesseU. Views of the 
Cathedral Churches of England 
•and Wales, with Descriptions. 
•Lond. 1822. royal 4to. 8 Nos. 


Containing 82 plates, published at 41. 4s. 
Imp. 4to. 62. 6s. Royal fol. 81. 8s. This 
artist likewise published anonymously. 
Observations on the original Architecture 
of St Mary Magdalen College, Oxford, 
and on the Innovations anciently or re- 
cently attempted. Lond. 1828. 8vo. 60 pp 
A tract containing much information on 
early architecture. 

[Views of Endowed Grammar Schools. 
Lond. 1827. 4to. 60 plates, pub. SZ. 8s. larob 
PAPBB, folio, India proofs, pub. 42. 4s. but 
both since reduced.'] 

Buckley, Francis. Relation 
of the Proceedings, Examinations, 
Tryal and horrid Murder of Col. 
Eusehius Andrewe, hy John Brad- 
shaw, President of the pretended 
High Court of Justice and others. 
1660. 4to. 




The most copions and complete account 
of this case, consisting of 40 leaves. A 
copy is in the BritiHh Mnseum. 

BuDDEN, John. Ghilielmi Pat- 
tern, cui Waynfleti agnomen fuit, 
Vita, Obitusque. Oxon. 1602. 4to. 


Reprinted in a book entitled Vitse seleo- 
tornm aliquot Virorum, &c. Loud. 1681. 
4to. Published by Wm. Bates, D.D. 
Budden likewise published Johannis Mor- 
tonl Cantuariensis olim Archiep. Vita 
Obitusque. Lond. 1607, 8vo. 5s. 

BUDDICOM, Rev. R. P. Chris- 
tian Exodus : or the Deliverance 
of the Israelites from Egypt prac- 
tically considered in a Series of 

Discourses. Lond. 1826. 8vo. 2 vols. 
Published at 11. Is. Rev. R. P. Bnddicom 
published Sermons on Faith and Duty. 
12mo. 2 vols. lOs., and other works, for 
which see London Catalogue. 

Btjd&e, J. The Practical Miner's 
Goiide, 1825. royal 8vo. 30s. 

BuD&ELL, Eustace. Memoirs 
of the illustrious Family of the 
Boyles ; particularly of Charles. 
Earl of Orrery : with a particular 
Account of the Controversy con- 
cerning Phalarifl's Epistles. ' With 
an Appendix containing the Cha- 
racter of the Hon. Robert Boyle. 
The third Edition, carefully cor- 
rected. Lond. 1737. 8vo. 6s. 

In this work will be found much valu- 
able information relating to Ireland. The 
dedication to John Earl of Orrery, and 
table of con tents occupy 40 pages; memoirs, 
pp. 258 ; appendix, pp. 34. Prefixed is a 
portrait of Charles Earl of Orrery, by B. 
Baron. The former editions, 17—, 1732. 

BuDGEN, Richard. Passage of 
the Hurricane from the Sea-side at 
Bexhill in Sussex, to Newingden- 
Level, 29 May, 1729. Lond. 1730. 
Svo. with a map. 4s. 

Buenos Ayres. — ^Relation of a 
Voyage to Buenos Ayres, and by 
Land to Potosi. Lond. 1716. 18mo. 
with a map. 

White Knights, 4345, 7s. 

— Five Years' Residence in 
Buenos Ayres, 1820-5. By an En- 
glishman. 1827. 8yo. 68. 

BuFPA, John, M.D. Travels 
through the Empire of Morocco. 
Lond. 1810. 8yo. with a map. 3s. 

BuPFON, Gteoge Louis Le Clerc, 
Count de. l^atural History gene- 
ral and particular, translated by 
William Smellie, with Additions by 
William Wood. Lond. 1812. Svo. 
20 vols, with plates. 

The only complete English translation 
of finffon. Bi*ockett, 419, bds. 62. 2s. 6d. 
Duke of York, 709, 71, 178. 6d. 

Natural History, general and particu- 
lar, illustrated with Copper-plates, and 
occasional Notes and ObservaUons by the 
Translator (William Smellie). Edlnb, 
1781—5. 8vo. 9 vols. Beprinted 1791. 
Svo. 9 vols. 

Natural History of Birds, illustrated 
witli Engravings, and a Preface, Notes, 
and Additions by the Translator (W. Smel- 
lie). Lond. 1793. Svo. 9 vols. 

Buffon's Natural History from the 
French, with Notes by the Translator 
(Barr). Lond. 1792-8. Svo. 15 vols. 2L 2a. 


Natural History abridged. Lond. 179U 
Svo. 10s. 

— See Cepede, Count de la. 

Bfgg, Francis. Pilgrim's Pro- 
gress from Quakerism to Chris- 
tianity. Lond. 1700. 12mo. 10s. 6d, 

With a portrait, let. 5S, 1698, hj Van 
Hove, and plate. Towneley, pt. i. 296» 
12. 28. The first edition appeared 1698, 
4to. Bugg likewise published Mystery 
of the little Whore unfolded. 1705. fol. 128. 
and several other works in opposition to 
the Quakers, whom he had len. 

— Eev. GteoTge. Scriptural 
Gteology, or Q-eological Phenomena 
consistent only with the literal In- 
terpretation of the sacred Scrip- 
tures, upon the Subjects of the 
Creation and Deluge. Lond. 1827. 
8vo. 2 vols. 

Published anonymously. 

Builder's Magazine, or monthly 
Companion for Architects, Carpen- 
ters, Masons, Bricklayers, &c. Lond. 
1774 4to. 1^. Is. 

• Contains 186 plates. 

BuLENaEii. See BtjjjjIS&e:&. 

BuLEELET, Edward, D.D. An- 
swere to ten friuolous and foolish 
Eeasons set down by the Hhemish 




JestutB and Papists in their Preface 
before the new Testament. With 
a Discouerie of many great Cor- 
ruptions and Faults in the said 
EngUsh Translation. Lond. Gteo. 

hishop, 1588. 4to. 

Dedicated to Sir Francis Walsingham, 
Xnight, 103 pages. 

BuLKELEY, John, and Jt Cttm- 
MDfS. Voyage to the South Seas 
in 1740-1. Lond. 1743. 8vo. 4s. 6d. 

Fonthill, 2679. 198.— The Sequel, by- 
Alex. Campbell Lond. 1747. 8vo. 28. 6d. 

BuLKLET, Rev. Charles. Notes 
on the Bible, with Memoirs of the 
Author and his Works, by Joshua 
Toulmin, D.D. Lond. 1802. 8vo. 

3 Tols. 

HoUis, 133, IZ. 9s. Tbis protestant dis- 
senting minister likewise published, 

Discourses on publick Occasions. 1761. 
8vo. 2 vols. 9s. 

The Oeconomy of the Gospel, in four 
books. 1764. 4to. 4s. 6d. 

Discourses on the Parables and Mira- 
cles, with occasional Illustrations. 1771. 
8vo. 4 vols. 11. 4s. and other works. 

Bulkley, — The late Calamity of a 

Parcel of Land and many great Oaks 

and other Trees sunk many Yards 

under Ground, neer unto the Parish 

of Bulkley, about nine Miles from 

Chester. Lond. 1657. 12mo. 
A copy is in the British Museum. 

BxTXL, George, Bishop of St. 
DaTid's. Opera omnia, cura Jo. 
Em. Grrabe. Lond. 1703. foHo, 
1/. Is. with a portrait. 

These works, says 13p. Watson, are 
' esteemed by the learned, as one of the 
main pillars of what is called Orthodoxy.' 
LABOS PAPEB, 12. lls. 6d. Williams, 378, 
morocco, 51. An edition, 1721, with port. 
by Y. Oucht, 11. Is. labqb papeb, 
Sotheby's, in Feb. 1823, 21. Is. 

— Some important Points of 
primitive Christianity maintained 
and defended in several Sermons 
and other Discourses. With a 
Life of the Author, by Eobert Nel- 
son. Lond. 1713. 8vo. 4 vols, with 

port. 11. 4s. L. F. 11. 15s. 

Williams, 860, with other works by 
Bishop Bull, 1713, 14, SO, and 1801. 8 vols. 
6^ Sa. A second edition of the life with 
additions appeared in 1714. Bvo. 68. A 

new edition of the Sermons and LifiB^ 
Oxford, 1816, 8vo. in 3 vols. II. 

— Works concerning the Trinity, 
&c. translated by Fr. Holland. 
Lond. 1725 or 1730. 8vo. 2 vols. 18s. 

— Works, collected and revised 
by the Rev. E. Burton, with Life 
by Bob. Nelson. Oxford, 1827. 
8vo. 7 vols, in 8. [reprinted 1846. 
8vo. 8 vols. 21, 9s.] 

Best edition. Printed at the Clarendon 

Harmonia Apostolica. Lond. 1670, 4to. 
Reprinted Basil, 1740, Svo. A Transla- 
tion by Thomas Wilkinson, 1801, Svo. 68. 

Examen Censuree et Apologia. Lond. 
1676, 4to. 

Defensio Fidel Nicffims. Oxon.1686. 4to. 

Judicium Ecclesie Catholicfie. Ozon. 
1694, 8vo. 6s. A l*ranslation by the Rev. 
T. Rankin. Lond. 1825. 8vo. 

In several letters which passed between 
Dr. George Hickes and a Popish Priest, 
1705, 8vo., will be found The Corruptions 
of the Church of Rome, &c., written by 
Bp. Bull, which has been frequently re- 

A Companion for the Candidates of holy 
Orders. Lond. 1714, 8vo. 28. Reprinted 
in ' The Clergyman's Instructor.' 

A Vindication of the Church of England 
from the Errors and Corruptions of the 
Church of Rome. Lond. 1719 or 1724. 
8vo. 4s. 

— Henry. Christian Prayers 

and Holy Meditations. Lond. 1570. 


Black letter. Inglis, 227, 7s. 6d. Re- 
printed 1584, 1692, 1606. An edition. 
Lond, by Henrie Middleton. 1670, 12mo. 
1674 again, 1678, 82mo. Williams, 1446, 
elegant in morocco, 41, 10s, [Reprinted by 
the Parker Society, Camb. 1842. small 8vo.1 

— John, Mus. D. The Oration, 
the 6th Day of October, 1597, in 
the new erected Colledge of Sir 
Thomas Gresham, Knt. deceased ; 
made in the Commendation of the 
Founder, and the excellent Science 

of Musicke. Lond. by Thos. Este. 

An account of this eminent musician will 
be found in Bnmey's Music, ill. 106—14. 

Bullffi Fapales. 

A Declaration of the Bull of Pope In- 
nocent VIII. for Confirmation of the Mar- 
riage between K. Henry VII. and Eliza- 
beth, Daughter of K. Edward IV. and for 
the Establishment of the Crown to K. 
Henry VII. and his Issue. A broadside. 




Bulla PlenarUe Indnlgentiae per S J) Jl. 
Jaltnm Dlnina ProuidentiA Papam III. 
eonoemae omnibus Ghristi Fidelibns, qui 
Deo Optimo pro Vnione Regni Anglift 
Sanctse Matri Ecclesiie iam facta Oratias 
egerint, ac pro ceteris qui adhuc In Errore 
remanent, nee non pro Pace inter Principes 
Ghristianos obtinenda bumiliter supplica- 
nerint. Datum Romee, 9 Kal. Jan. 1654. 
A broadside, printed by J. Cawood. 

The holy Bull, and Grusado of Rome for 
all those which desire full Pardon and In- 
dulgence of their Sinnes : and that for a 
little Money, to weete, for two Spanish 
Kealls, TiE. thirteene Pence. Loud. 1688. 
4to. BUick letter. A— H 2, A 1 blank. 
Inglis, 309, 12. 10s. White Knights, 1963, 
morocco, 22. 18s. 

Brutum Fulmen; or the Bulls of P. 
Paul III. and P. Pius V. concerning the 
Damnation, Excommunication and Deposi- 
tion of K. Henry VIII. and Q. Elizabeth, 
with Notes by Bishop Barlow. Lond. 1681. 
4to. 78. 6d. Bp. of Ely, 206, lis. 

The famous Bull in Cosna Domini, pub- 
lished at Rome every Maunday-Thursday 
against Hereticks and all InfWngers of 
Ecclesiastical Liberties. Lond. 1689. 4to. 

See BuLLiNQER, Henry Norton, Thos. 
Jewel, John. 

Bull. A disclosing of the great 
Bull and certaine calves that he hath 
gotten, and especially the monster 
bull that waited at my Lord's gate. 

Lond. Daye, 12mo, 

Brand, II. lis. 

Bull Bayting, A new ; or, a 

Match play d at the Town BuU of 

Ely, by twelve Mungrells, viz. four 

English, four Lrish, and four Scotch 

Dogs, &c. 1649. 4to. 

Rhodes, 276, 8s. 
Bull-Feather Hall, or the Anti- 
quity and Dignity of Horns amply 
shown, as also a Description of the 
Manners, Bights, Customs, &c. with 
an exact Eolation of their Manner 
of going to Highgate with Trumpets 
and Horn Music. Lond. 1664. 


Nassau, pt. i. 620, ISs. Strettell, 866, 
62. Bindley, pt i. 746, 62. 10s. 

BULLAB, John. Historical and 
Picturesque Ghiide to the Isle of 
Wight. Southampton, 1807. Svo. 

— A Companion in a Tour round 
Bouthampton. The third Edition, 

improved and enlarged. South- 
ampton, 1809. 12mo. 

A— Aa 6, 281 pages, and 4 pages of 

B VLLEIK, William. Gouemement 
of Healthe. Lond. J. Daye. (1558.) 


A favourite work of the day, frequently 
reprinted, 1669. Svo. Bindley, pt. i. 602, 
12. lOs. — 1696. 16mo. Granger mentions 
one with the date of 1648, which, as well 
as the others, has a wood-cut of the author. 

Regimen against the Pleurisie. Lond. 
1662. 16mo. A copy is in the British 

Bulwarke of Defece againste all Sicknes, 
Somes and Woundes that dooe daily a»- 
saulte Mankinde. 1662. Lond. hy Jhon 
Kyngston. foL Dedicated to 'Lorde Henry 
Gary, Baron of Hunsdon,' then an epistle 
to the reader, and a list of the authors, &o. 
' The Boke of Simples' contains fol. zc be- 
sides an index, with cuts of plants and 
stills. < A litUe Dialogue/ fol. zlviij and 
an index, with 'The Anatomie' of the 
bones. Next, ' The Booke of Gomponndes/ 
48 leaves, besides a table, and ' The Apo- 
ticaries rules' at the end, then 'The Booke 
of the Yse of Sickmen and wholesome 
Medicen/ with a cut of an infirm miCn, 
with a walking-stick, by some supposed 
to be BuUein's portrait. The leaves of 
this part are numbered from xlviij to fol. 
Ixxxil ; then, the index. Reprinted by T. 
MarHhe, 1679. fol. Nassau, pt. i. 666, 12s. 

A Dialogue, wherein is a godlie Regi. 
ment against the Fever Pestilence. Lon- 
don, 1664. 4to. A curious and ingenious 
little work, reprinted 1673, 1678. 

A very ample accoimt of Bullein and 
his productions, with extracts from them, 
will be found in the Biographia Biitan- 
nica, edited by Dr. Kippis. 

BuLLEB, Sir fVancis. Intro- 
duction to the Law relative to Trials 
at ^isi PriuB. Seventh Edition, 
with Annotations hy B. Bridgman. 
Lond. 1817. royal 8vo. U. 4s. 

A valuable and highly esteemed work. 
The former editions 1767, 1772, 1775, 1780, 
1790, and 1798. 

BxTLLET, John Baptist. History 
of the Estahlishment of Christianity. 
Translated from the French by W. 
Salisbury, B.D. With Notes by 
the Translator, and some Strictures 
on Gtibbon's Account of Christi- 
anity and its first Teachers. Lond. 
1776. Svo. 5s. 

' This work is well executed, and may 




be serviceable to tboBe who have not 
Lardner's Collection of Jewish and Hea- 
then Testimonies.' — Bp. Watmm. Wil-- 
Uuns, 802, morocco, 11. 

BuLLiNasBOEB, Edw. Abridg- 
ment of the Public Statutes of Ire- 
land now in Force and of general 

Use. 1768. 4to. 2 vols. 2Z. 2s. 

The above is oontinaed by four appen- 
dixes, published by Francis Yesey. 11. 6s. 

Abridgment of all the English and Irish 
Statutes relating to the Revenue of Ire- 
Und. 1769. 8vo. 7s. 6d. 

Duty and Authority of Justices of the 
Peace and Parish Officers for Ireland. 
1766. 4to. 11. Is. 

Ecclesiastical Law of Ireland. 1770. 
4to. 2 vols. 21. 2s. 

BtTLLiNaEB, Henry. A hvndred 
Sermons vpo the Apocalips. Lond. 

John Day, 1561. 4to. 11. Is. 

Contains 670 pages, besides dedication 
to Lorde Wentworth by John Daus the 
translator; 'aSixlan, touching the con- 
tentes of thys booke/ next ' The Preface 
of Henry BulUnger/ on 26 pages. And 
after that; 'Rithmi e vetusto codice de- 
scriptl Romanum ouendam cognomento 
Laoihtnco taxantes.^ omitted in the sub- 
sequent edition of 1673.— 1673. The sei^ 
mons in this edition on 817 leaves. 

The sermons of this celebrated reformer 
were ordered to be read by the clergy of 

The Summe or Substaunce of the se- 
eoude Epestle of S. Paul to the Thessa- 
lonyans, translated by R. H. Southwark, 
163a 8vo. 

The golds Boke of Christen Matrimonye, 
newly set forthe in English by Theodore 
Basille (Tho. Becon). London, 1642. 8vo. 
The same as * The ChiiHten State of Ma- 
trimony.' Becon's preface is addressed 
* To his singular good fbende master An- 
thony Gryse.' 

The Christen State of Matrimony 
(translated into English by Miles Cover- 
dale). London, 1643. 8vo. Black letter. 
The treatise contains Ixxviii leaves, be- 
sides a table. The preface, written by 
Tho. Becon, 15 leaves, and * The author 
to the Christen readers' on 2 leaves. One 
of the books prohibited by proclamation, 
21 Hen. VIII. An edit. 1576. 16mo. 

An holsome Antidotus agaynst Anabap- 
tlates, newly translated by John Yeron 
Senonoys. London, 1648. 8vo. P 4, in 

Two EpisUes, one of Henry BuUynger, 
another of Johan Caluyne : whether it be 
lawfol for a Chrysten Man to communi- 
cate or be Partaker of the Masse of the 
Fapysts. London. B. Stoughton. 164& 8vo. 

B 7, in eights. Inglis, 231. 19s. Another 
edition without place or date, ISmo. Eight 
leaves. Inglis, 1649. 

A Dialogue betweene the seditious 
Anabaptist and the true Christian about 
Obedience to Magistrates. Worcester, 
1649. 8vo. 

A Treatise or Sermon concemynge Ma- 
gistrates and Obedience of Subjects, &c. 
London, 1649. Svo. 

Three Dialogues betweene the seditious 
Libertine or rebell Anabaptist, and the 
true obedient Christen: wherein Obe- 
dience to Magistrates is handled. Trans- 
lated out of Latin by John Veron. Wor- 
cester, 1651. Svo. A copy is in the Bod- 

A Defence of the Baptizing of Children 
against the Anabaptists, translated out of 
Latin into English, by John Yeron Seno- 
noys. Worcester, 1561. See Staype's Bo- 
des. Memor. ii. 317-8. 

Absolvta de Christl Domini et Catho- 
licsB eius Ecclesise Sacramentis Tractatio. 
Londini, 1561. 16mo. 123 leaves, besides 
a dedication to Q. Elizabeth, and an 
epistle by loan k Lasco. 

Treatise of the Cohabitacion of the 
Faithfull with the UnfaithfuU. 1665. In- 
glis, 232, 12. Is. 

The Judgement in certeyne Matters of 
Religion. 1666. 16mo. C, in eightri. Ex- 
tracts from his decades of Sermons. In- 
glis, 233, 9s. 

Judgement declaring it lawiViU for the 
Ministers of the Church of England to 
weare the Apparell prescribed by the 
Lawes. English and Latin. London, 
William Seres, 1666. 16mo, Inglis, 234, 
6s. 6d. 

BvIIa Papisticsa ante Biennium contra 
Reginam Elizabetham prumulgatse, Con- 
futatio. Londini, 1571. 4to. Dedicated to 
Abp. Grind al and Bps. Coxe and Jewell. 
A copy is in the Lambeth Library. 

A Confvtation of the Popes Bull, toge- 
ther with a Defence of the Queene, trans- 
lated by Arthur Golding. Impr. by John 
Daye, 1672. 4to. 12s. Black letter. 

Common Places of Christian Religion, 
translated into English by lohn Stock- 
wood. London, 1672. 8vo. Reprinted 

Questions of Religion cast abroad in 
Heluetia, translated into Engllshe by John 
Coxe. London, 1672. Svo. 

Tragedies of Tyrants, englyshed (by 
Thomas Twine). London, 1676. Svo. 
10s. 6d. 142 leaves, at the end is a table 
of three pages. Garrick, 337, 1^ 6s. 

Exhortation to the Ministers of Gods 
Worde, translated by John Cox. London, 
1676. Svo. 38. 6d. 

Fiftie Sermons diuided into fiae De- 
cades, conteyning the chiefs and principall 
Poiutes of Christian Religion, translated 





oat of Latlne by H. I. Xiondon, 1677. 4to. 
12. Is. The prefixes to the first two decades 
are a preface, of the foure generall Synodes, 
and two tables. The third and fourth de- 
cades are dedicated to K. Edward VI. 
The last eight sermons of the fourth de- 
cade, also dedicated as the former twelve, 
were not published till some time after 
the former. The fifth and last decade. 
Printed in double columns with lines, 1142 

Sages. Reprinted 1684 and 1587. [The 
ve decades have been reprinted from the 
edition of 1687 by the Parker Society, 
1849—52, in 4 vols. 8vo. Also Four Ser- 
mons on the Sacraments (modernized), 
Cambridge, 1841, 8vo. 6s.] In a small 
tract entitled ' The Judgment of Hen. Bul- 
linger/ 1566, mention is made of ' hys pre- 
face of the fift decade to my Lord Gray,' 
which Herbert thinks was never printed. 

A Discourse of the Woorthynesse, Au- 
thoritie and Sufficiencie of the holy Scrip- 
ture, translated out of Latine by Ino 
Tomkys. Lond. 1579, 16mo. 

The Summe of the 4 Euangelistes, trans- 
lated by lo. Tomkis. Lond, 1582. 8vo. 

The Beliefe of Hen. BuUinger, conteyn- 
ing his ludgement on the Lordes Supper, 
with an Exposition on the 6 Article of the 
Christian Faith, translated by Fr. Shakel- 
ton. Lond. 8vo. 6s. 

Two Sermons on the Ende of the World, 
translated by Tho. Potter. Lond. Jno. 
Allde. n. d. small 8vo. 

Bullock, Henry, D.D. Oratio 
habita Cantabrigise, in frequentis- 
simo cetu, precentibos Caesans 
OratoribuB et nonullis aliis Episco- 
pis, ad reuerendiss. D. Thomam 
Gardinalem, Titulo sanctse Oecilae, 
Legatum a Latere, Archiepiscopum 
Eboracensem, et Angliae supre- 
mmn Cancellarimn. Cantab, per 

loan. Siberch. 1521. 4to. 

Two sheets. Dedicated * Doctissimo ac 
enm Primis claro Joanni Talero.' See the 
Collections to Fiddes' Life of Wolsey, p- 
43, and p. 260. A copy is in the British 

— William. Vii*ginia impartially 

examined and left to public View. 

Lond. 1649. 4to. 

pp. 66. Dedicated to the Earl of Amn- 
dell and to Lord Baltimore. Nassau, pt i. 
(SI, 17s. Foster, March, 1857, 62. 

BuLLOEAB, Jo. English Expo- 
sitor. Lond. 1616. 12mo. 

Bindley, pt i. 477, 19s. 6d. Steevens, 
3, lis. An edition, Lond. 1666. Inglis, 
235, 4b. 6d. Bindley, pt. i. 478, 6s. 6d. 
Beprinted Cambcidere, 1667, 1680. ISmo. 

— Wm. Booke at large for the 
Amendment of Orthographie for 
English Speech. Lond. H. Denham, 
1580, 4to, 

A copy is in the British Museum. Pre- 
fixed are ' Bullokar to his Countrie. The 
Prologe' in alexandrinea The amend- 
ment of orthography is on 64 pages. Then 
a table of the contents of the thirteen 
chapters ; and the names of the letters 
according to thisamendment,ontwo leaves 
printed on one side only. 

— Bref Grammar for English. 
Lond. by Edmund Bollifant, 1586. 

In black letter, 68 pp. with many no- 
velties in the type, and affectations of 
spelling. In the preface, which is in 
verse, and contains an account of his life, 
he promises a dictionary of tiie English 
language, which he adds will make his 
thinl work. 

See JEbof. Cato. 

Bttlmab, Captain John. Note of 
such Arts and Mysteries as an 
English Gentleman, a Soldier, and 
a Mariner, is able by GtodiS Assist- 
ance to perform. Lond. 1649. folio. 

A copy is in the British Museum, as are 
also the following written by Bulman. 

His Petition to the House of Lords, 
1641, fol. 

Propositions for the blowing up of a 
Boat and a Man over London Bridge in 
Safety, 1643. fol.— 1647. fol. 

BuLSTBODE, Edward. Beports 

of Cases in the Court of K. B. in 

theKeigns of James I and Charles I. 

Lond. 1688. folio. 32. Ss. 

In this edition there is a chasm, pp. 
104-14. The former edition, 1667, 8, 9. 
fulio. 3 pts. 1/. lis. 6d. In part II. there 
is a chasm in the paging, pp. 99-109. 
Bulstrode likewise published The golden 
Chain, or a Miscellany of divine Sen- 
tences of the sacred Scriptures and of 
other Authors, Lond. 1667. 8vo. 

— Sir Bichard. Memoirs and 
Keflections upon the Beigns and 
Government of K. Charles L & II. 
Lond. 1721. 8vo. 4s. 

Fonthill, 1467, 88. Garrick, 886, Ss. 6d. 
Sir Richara likewise published Letters 
written to the Earl of Arlington. Lond. 
1712. 8vo. 6s., and Essays on Sut^ects of 
Manners and Morals, 1734, 8vo. Ss. fid. 

SrLTEBL^John. Amorotui Oron* 




tus, or Love in Fashion, a Comedy 
in heroic Verse. Lond. 1665. 4to. 
A translation of the Amoiir k la Mode 
of T. Comeille. Rhodes, 689, 23. Garrick, 
247, 3s. Some copies have the title of 
The Amorous Gallant, 1675. ' Bulteel's 
Apothegms of the Antients. 1686. 8vo.' 
Roxburghe, 1429, Ss. 6d. 

Bflwee, John. Anthropome- 
tamorphosis : Man transformed ; or, 
the artificiallChangling. Lond. 1653 
or 4. 4to. 

Best edition, with a portrait hy Faith- 
ome and front, by Cross, and numerous 
wood-cuts. Boswell, 576, 16s. Grave, 
106, russia, IZ. 163. Inglis, 310, 22. 12s. 6d. 
Bindley, pt. i. 894, 42. 48. Nassau, pt i. 
622, with the two titles, 1653 and 1654, 
4Z. 6s, FiKB PAPKB, date 1652? Stanley, 
695, 131. 28. 6d.— First edition, 1660, 12mo. 
with portrait of the author in the title. 
Nassau, pt. i. 454, Ss. Lloyd, 284, lOs. 6d. 
Bindley, pt i. 596, 12. Ss. 

Ghirologia, or the natvrall Langvage of 
the Hand: whereunto is added Chironomla. 
Lond. 1644, 18mo. with a port, and firant. by 
Marshall. Bindley, pt. i. 516, date 1648 ? 
6s. 6d. Nassau, pt 1. 451, 8s. Towneley, 
pt. i. 293, 10s. 6d. 

Phllocophus, or the Deafe and Dumbe 
Man's Friend. Lond. 1648. 12mo. with 
a frontispiece hy MarshalL Towneley, pt. 
i. 577, 7s. Inglis, 237, 7s. 6d. Bindley, 
pt. i. 597, 8s. Home Tooke, 95, lis. 
White Knights, 3205, morocco, 178. 

Pathomyotomia, or a Dissection of the 
significative Muscles of the Affections 
of the Minde. Lond. 1649. 12mo. The 
scarcest of all Bnlwer's publications. 
Nassau, pt. i.453, lis. 

An account of Bulwer and his writings 
will be found in Oldys' British Librarian, 
pp. 364-72, and in the Retrosp. Review. 
N.S. ii. 206-17. 

BuNBTJET, Will. Eeports of 
Cases in the Court of Exchequer, 
from the Beginning of the Eeign of 
0eo. I. to the 14 of George II. hy 
O. Wilson King. Lond. 1755. fol. 

IL Is. 

These loose notes of cases were never 
intended for publication. Second edition, 
(With additional References. Dublin, 1793. 
8vo. 6s. 

BxTNTCLE, John. See Amosy, 

BunhiU-Fields. — The Inscriptions 
upon the Tomhs, G-rave-stones, &c. 
in the Dissenters* Burial Place, near 

Bunhill-Fields. Lond. 1717. 8vo. 


Pp. 46. Attributed to the celebrated 
antiquary Richard Rawlinson. 

BuiTNT, Edmund. The whole 
Summe of Christian Beligion. Lond. 

1576. 18mo. 

Black letter. Inglis,, 238, Ss. 

The Scepter of Ivdah. Lond. 1584. 8vo. 

A Booke of Christian Exercise appertain- 
ing to Resolution, by R(obert) P(ar8ons) 
Perused and accompanied with a Treatise 
tending to Pacification : By Edmund 
Bunny. Imprinted 1585. 8vo. 5b. Fre- 
quently reprinted. 

Certain Prayers, &c. Lond. 1586. 4to. 
' This book, as I take it, gave birth to the 
accession form.' —Feck. 

An Admonition out of the Prophet loeL 
Loud. 1588. 8vo. 

The Coronation of Dauid. Lond. 1688; 

A briefe Answer vnto R(obert) P(arsons). 
1589. 8vo. 

Of Divorce for Adulterie, and marrying 
again. Oxford, 1610. 4to. Oxf. 1618. 
Gordonstoun, 220, 3s. 

The Comer Stone ; or a Form of teach> 
ing Jesus Christ out of the Scriptureu. 
Lond. 1611. folio. 

A notice of Bunney and his writings 
will be found in Wood's Athen. Oxon. 

— Francis. Comparison be- 
tween the auncient Fayth of the 
Bomans, and the new Bomish Be- 

Hgion. Lond. 1595. 4to. 

Dedicated to * Katheren Conntiae of 
Uuntingdon,' 78 pages. Inglis, 311, 6s. 6d. 

There was another edition of this work, 
1595, entitled Truth and Falshood, on 
which was appended A short Answer to 
the Reasons, which commonly the Popish 
Recusants in these North Parts alleadze, 
why they will not come to our Churches. 

A Suruey of the Pope's Supremacie. 
Lond. 1695. 4to. 5s. Written against 
Cardinal Bellarmine. 

Exposition on the 28th JVerse of the 
third Chapter of the Epistle to the Romans, 
Lond. 1616. 4to. 

A Guide unto Godlinesse : or,- a plain 
familiar Exposition to the ten Command- 
ments. Lond. 1617. 8vo. 

' This person was very zealous in the 
way he professed, was a great admirer of 
Jo. Calvin, a constant preacher, charitable, 
and a stiff enemy to popery .'—J.nt.d Wood, 

BtTNTENGh, Henry. Travels of 
the holy Patriarchs, Prophets, &o. 
as they are related in the Old and 




New Testaments. Lond. 1619 or 
1629. 4to. 7s. 6d. 

BXTNTAN, John. Works. Lond. 
1692. foHo. 

[This waa to have been two yds. the 
first of which only was published.] 

Works, with a Preface by George White- 
field. 1787. fol.2vols.portr.and plates.S^.Bs. 
Williams, 379, 61. 128. 6d.— Edinb. 1771. 
8vo. 8 vols, plates, 2Z. 2s.— Notes by Mason. 
Lond. 1784. 8vo. 6 vols. 2i. 128. 6d.— Works 
(the first complete ed.) and Life, ed. by G. 
Oflfor. Glasg. roy. 8vo. 8 vols. 2/. 148.— 
Practical Works, by the Revd. A. Philip. 
Aberd. 1841. sml. 8vo. 6 vols. 15s. 


FiBST KDiTioN, (First part,) fcp. 8vo. 253 
pages. Lond. 1678, of excessive rarity, the 
only perfect copy kpown being iu the pos- 
session of H. S. Holford, Esq. (value 502.) 

Sbooitd bdition, with additions, fcp. 8vo. 
276 pages, also 1678. 

Thibo bditiok, 1679, with port by R. 
W(hite). 286 pages. 

FouBTH BDITIOK, 1680, 288 pages, port, 
by Roy. 

Fifth Bumoy, 1680, port, and one wood 
cat at p. 128. 221 pages. A second dis- 
tinct fifth edition, 1681, illust^ted with 
copper-plates, under which, for the first 
time, Bunyan placed his verses. Only two 
copies known, both in the possession of G. 
Onor, value 101 Pirated editions were pub- 
lished by Bradyl : but no copies are known. 

Sixth bditiok, no copy known. 

Sbvbkth bditiok, 1681, port, and one 
cut, 286 pages. Bunyan used this edition 
In composing his second part. 

Eighth bditiok, 1682. Nikth bditiok, 
1684. Tbkth bditiok, 1685. Elevbkth 
bditiok, 1688. TwBLFTH bditiok, 1689. 
Thibtbbkth bditiok, n. d. Fiftbekth 
bditiok, 1702. 

The Second Part of the Pilgrim's Pro- 
gress, front, and one cut. Anon, 1688. 
Not by Bunyan, an imitation, but very 
•rare. A copy iu the Library of the Bapt. 
Mission House, and in Mr. OfTor's, 

Sbgokd Pabt. First bditiok, 1684. 
fcp. 8vo. 224 pages, front, and two cuts, 
ext. rare. Puttick, 1856, imperfect, 4L 

Second edition, prob. 1687. Sixth edi- 
tion, 1693. Seventh edition, 1696. Eighth 
edition, 1702. Ninth edition, 1708. Since 
which innumerable editions of both parts, 
of every size and price, have issued from 
the press. 

The so-called Thibd Pabt, first printed 
in 1692, and of which a sixth edition ap- 
peared in 1706, is a spurious and contempt- 
ible production. 

With sculptures engraved by J. Sturt. 
1760, 8vo. 10s. -With Notes. Lond. 1776. 
8vo. 32nd edition, plates by Sturt. 7s.— 
Motes, by the Rev. G. Border. Coventry, 

1786. 13mo.8s.6d. Frequently reprinted.— 
Notes, by John Bradford. Lond. 1792. 8vo. 
Edwards, 779,12s.— Hepstinstall's Edition, 
with plates, royal 8vo. 1795. Fonthill, 2246, 

21. 6s. Williams, 804, mor. 32.— Notes, by 
Thomas Scott. Lond. 1794. 8vo. with 
plates, Stothard's designs, 9s. Williams, 
305, 21. 198. Frequently reprinted.— With 
plates, 1796, 4to. Roxburghe, 498, 9s. 6d. 
—By Joshua Gilpin. Wellington, 1811, 
8vo.— With Notes, by W. Mason, 1813. 
V2mo. Ss.— With plates after the designs 
of Rich. Westall. 1820. 12mo. 7s.— Notes 
by Ivimey. 1821. 12mo. 8s.— By Southey. 
Lond. 1830, 8vo. with two plates by Martin, 
and port. 11. Is.— Labob Paper, proofs, 

22. 28. Reprinted 1839, post 8vo. lOs. 6d.— 
B. G. Offor. Lond. 1848, royal 8vo.— Lond. 
Pickering, 1849, 8vo. 108.6d.— By the Revd. 
R. Philip. Lond. Virtue, 1843, royal 8vo. 
with wood cuts and steel engravings, ISs. — 
Notes by Scott, and Life by the Revd. J. 
M. Wilson, with 40 plates by David Scott. 
Lond. royal 8vo. 17s. 6d.— By the Revd. T. 
Scott, with 17 plates by Stothard. Lond. 
Bohn, 1852,128. Indiaproofs. 12. Is.— Key 
to the Pilgrim's Progress, 179a Williams, 
808, ISs. Numerous wood cuts. 

Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress in verse 
by Hoffman. 1706, with cuts, lOs. 

A list of all Bunyan's works (60V with 
dates, is at end of memoir to Offors edi- 
tion of the Pilgrim, 12mo. 1856, 2s. 6d. 

Dr. Johnson observed of Bunyan, * His 
Pilgrim's Progress has great merit, both 
for invention, imagination, and the con- 
duct of the story : and it has the best evi- 
dence of its merit, the general and con- 
tinued approbation of the public' 

A Life of Bunyan, by J. Ivimey, was 
published 1809. 12mo. with a poitrait, 4s. 

BuoNAMici, Castruccio. Com- 
mentaries of ihe late War in Italy, 
translated from the Latin, with an 
Introduction, by A, Wishart, M.A. 

Lond. 1753. 8vo. Bs. 

A work written with considerable ele- 
gance, fidelity, and judgment 

Buonaparte, Louis. Docu- 
ments historiques et Reflections sur 
le Gouvernment de la HoUande. 
Lond. 1820. Svo. 3 vols. 9s. [or L. p. 
18s. Alsoin English, 3vols. Svo. 10s.] 

— Lucien. Charlemagne ; ou 
I'Eglise dcHvree. Lond. 1814. 4to. 
2 vols, published at M, 4s. 

A translation in English verse, by the 
Rev. S. Butler, and the Rev. F. Hodgson. 
1815. 4to. 2 vols. (Both original and trans- 
lation are now sold for less than 12. Is.) 
Memoirs of Lucieu Buonaparte, Prince of 
Ganino. Svo. 2 vols, with a portrait, ISs. 




BTmBiTBT, John. A Beiation of 
a Journey of Lord Henry Howard 
(afterwards Duke of Norfolk), 
from London to Vienna, and thence 
to Constantinople. Lond. 1671. 

12mo. 4s. 

Townelej, pt. i. 285, mor. 13s. 
BuBOHELL, Wm. J. Travels in 
the Interior of Southern Africa. 
Lond. 1822-4. 4to. with a map and 

numerous engravings. 

Vol. i. published at 31. 18s. 6d. Vol. il. 
at 41 Us. 6d. 

BuECHETT, Josiah. History of 
the most remarkahle Transactions 
at Sea from the earliest Accounts of 
Time to the Conclusion of the War 
with France. Lond. 1720. fol. with 
port, by GI-. Vertue. 10s. 6d, 

BUBCEHAKDT, Johu Lcwis. 

Travels in Nubia, performed in 
1813, to which is prefixed a life of 
the Author. Second Edition. Lond. 

1821. 4to. U lis. 6d. 

First Edition, 1819. 4to. 

Travels in Syria and the Holy Land, j 
Lond. 1822. 4to. 21. 10s. , 

Travels in Arabia ; comprehending the 
territories in Hedjas, [edited by Sir Will. 
Ouseley]. Lond. ito. 1829. 31. Ss. Re- 
printed, 1829. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Notes on the Bedouins and Wahabys, 
[edited by 8h Wm. Ouseley]. Lond. 1830. 
4to. 21. 12s. 6d. Reprinted, 1831. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Arabic Proverbs ; or, the Manners and 
Customs of the modem Egyptians, illus- 
trated from their proverbial sayings. 
Lond. 1830. 4to. 32.3s. 

Few travellers have done more for geo- 
graphy than this celebrated and much- 
esteemed writer. The details contain 
the best notices ever received in Europe 
of the actual state of society; trade, ma- 
nufactures, and government of those parts. 

BuEDEE, George. ViQage Ser- 
mons, for the Use of Families, 
Sunday Schools, &c. 1799—1812. 

12mo. 8 vols. 

Likewise published in 8vo. An edition, 
Lond. 1838, 12mo. 8 vols. 

— Eev. Samuel. The Scrip- 
ture Expositor ; a new Comraentarv, 
critical and practical, on the Holy 
Bible. Lond. 1809. 4to. 4 parts in 

2 vols. 

One prominent object of this work. 

which is both critical and practical, is, to 
illustrate the Scriptures by the assistance 
of Eastern customs, fins papbb. Earl 
of Kerry, 186, russia, 51. 

— Oriental Customs : or an Il- 
lustration of the sacred Scriptures, 
by an explanatory AppHcation of 
the Customs and Manners of the 
Eastern Nations. Sixth Edition. 
Lond. 1822. 8vo. 2 vols, and Ix)nd. 
1839. in one vol. 8vo. 

' A useful abridgment of Harmer's Ob- 
servations, with many valuable additions 
from recent voyagers and travellers, ar- 
ranged in the order of the books, chapter?, 
and verses of the Bible.'— ^ome. 

— Oriental Literature, applied 
to the Illustration of the sacred 
Scriptures. Lond. 1822. 8vo. 2 vols 
11. 10s. 

Designed as a sequel to Oriental Cus* 

— Memoirs of eminently pious 
Women of the British Empire. 
Lond. 1823. 12mo. 3 vols, with por- 
traits. 18s. 

BuEEL, John. Poems. Edinb. 
Waldegrave (1595-6). 4to. 

Bright, 1845, title wanting, ends onRecto 
4, morocco, supposed unique, 131. 13s. 

The work contains "The History of 
Famphilus," on 52 pages — " the Descrip- 
tion of the Queenes Majestie ( ) 
most honorable entry into the town of 
Edinburgh, upon the 19th day of Mali, 
1590,'!^ 18 pages, &c. &c. 

BiTEaEE, Gottfried Augustus. Le- 
onora (with the Text), transl. from 
the German by W. R. Spencer. 
Plates from Designs by Lady Diana 
Beduclerc. Lond. 1796. foL 

Published at 11. Is. Drury, 994, mo- 
rocco, 11. Is, LARGE PAPRB. Proofs. White 
Knights, pt. i. 782, morocco, 21. 16s. Bind- 
ley, pt. ii. 616, morocco, IZ. 9s. Rozburghe 
Sup. 709, 11. lis. 6d. ON VELLUM, with the 
plates taken off upon white satin. North, 
pt. ii. 1243, morocco, 31. ISs. This copy 
was purchased at Christie's rooms in 
April, 1804, for 252. 4s. This tale has been 
likewise translated by J. T. Stanley, 
H. J. Pye, and others. Stanley's Trans- 
lation, with Illustrations by Blake. Lond. 
1796 Fonthill, 1781. li.Ss. [Translated 
by Julia Cameron, with Illustrations by 
Maglisb, small 4to. Lond. 1847. 7s. 6d.] 

BuBGES, Anthony. Spiritual 
Refinings ; or a Treatise of Grace 



and Assurance. Lond. 1652. folio. 

lOs. 6d. 

Reprinted 1658, folio. 10s, 6d, This non- 
conformist divine has likewise published : 

Yindiclea Legis ; in xxix Lectures 
preached at Laurence Jury, London. Lond. 
1646. 4to. 8s. 6d. Reprinted 1647. 

ITbie true Doctrine of Ivstification as- 
serted and vindicated, in two Parts. Lond. 
1648. 4to. 7b. 

Doctrine of Original Sin asserted and 
vindicated. 1668. fol. 98. 

Scripture Dictionary for Church Officers 
and people ; being a Commentary on the 
third Chapter of the first Epistle to the 
Corinthians. 1659. folio. 78. 6d. &c. &c. 

BuEGES, Cornel. D.B. No Sa- 
crilege nor Sin to alienate or pur- 
chase Cathedral Lands, as such. 
The third Edition, revised and ab- 
breviated, for the Service of the Par- 
liament, with a Post-cript to Dr. 
Pearson. Lond. 1660. 4to. 

HoUis, 214, 78. 6d. First edition, 16—. 
Second Edition, 1659. 8vo. Williams, 126, 
68. 6d. ' This second impression, as I ap- 
prehend, was wrote upon a prospect of the 
king's coming in, and danger of losing all : 
for it is wrote in a very mortified stile. 
This is his case concerning buying bishop's 
lands.'— Cbte. A long account of Burges 
and his writings will be found in Wood's 
Athen. Oxon. 

— Francis. Some Observations 
on the Use and Original of the 
noble Arte and Mystery of Print- 
ing. Norwich, 1701. 8vo. 

The author states this to be the first 
book printed at Norwich. It consists of 17 
pages, and was reprinted in tlie Harleian 
Miscellany, vol. 8. [The author is mis- 
taken: there were several Dutch books 
printed at Norwich, 1568-1578,] 

— Sir James Bland, Bart. Rea- 
sons in Favour of a new Translation 
of the Scriptures. Lond. 1819. 8vo. 

Designed as a defence of Mr. Bellamy 
against the severe strictures of the Quar- 
terly Review. 

The Birth and Triumph of Love, a 
Poem. Lond. 1796. 4to. pp.58, with 
fine plates, from the designs of jflie Prin- 
cess Elizabeth. 

Dramas. Lond. 1817. 8vo. 2 vols. 

BuBGESS, Thomas, successively 
Bishop of St. David's and Salisbury. 
Hebrew Elements and Primer. 
Glasgow, 1823. 12mo. 


The above, with the Bishop's engraved 
copies of Hebrew letters and words, ac- 
cording to Mr. Home, form the simplest 
and clearest introduction to the reading 
of Hebrew without points, which perhaps 
has ever been published. The Primer 
first appeared 1806. 12mo. The Elements. 
1807. 8vo. 

Observatlones in quasdam Sophoclis, 
Euripidis et iEschyli Tragedias. Oxon. 
1778 8vo. 

An Essay on the Study of Antiquities. 
Second Edition, corrected and enlarged, 
Oxford, 1782. 8vo. 28. 6d. 

Initia Homerica. 1788. 8vo. 2s. 6d.— 
1820. 8vo. Drury, 532, 78. 611, 7s. 6d. 

Conspectus criticarum Observationum. 
[1788]. 8vo. 

Remarks on Josephus's Account of He- 
rod's rebuilding of the Temple at Jeru- 
salem. Oxford, 1788. 8vo. 

Inltla Paulina, sive Introductio ad Lec- 
tionem Pauli Epistolamm. Lond. 1804. 
12mo. Adapted for the exclusive use of 
those who are studying the epistles of S. 
Paul in the original language. 

Elementary Evidences of the Truth of 
Christianity, in a Series of Easter Cate- 
chisms. Lond. 1806. 12mo. 28. 6d. 

The Bible, and nothing but the Bible, is 
the Religion of the Chiu-ch of England. 
Lond. 1816. 8vo. 68. 

Tracts on the Oiigfin and Independence 
of the Ancient British Church, &c. Lond. 
1815, 8vo. with a map, 9s. 

Tracts on the Divinity of Christ, and 
on the Repeal of the Statute against 
Blasphemy. Lond. 1820. 8vo. 12s. 

A Vindication of 1 John, v. 7, from the 
objections of M. Griesbach. The second 
Edition, to which are added, a Preface in 
Reply to the Quarterly, and a Postscript 
in Answer to a recent Pnblcatlon entitled 
Paleeoromaica. Lond. 1826. 8vo. 

A Letter to the Clergy of the Diocese of 
St. David's, on a Passage of the second 
Symbolum Antiochenum of the fourth. 
Century, as an Evidence of the Authenti- 
city of 1 John, V. 7. Lond. 1825. 8vo. 
ds. 6d. 

BuEGH. See Buego. 

BuEGH, James. Political Dis- 
quisitions : or, an Enquiry into 
public EiTors, Defects, and Abuses. 
Lond. 1774-5. 8vo. 3 vols. 10s. 6d. 
An esteemed work. 

An Essay on the Dignity of Human 
Nature. Lond. 1767. 8vo. 2 vols. 10s. 6d. 
The first edition appeared 1764. 4to. 5a. 
Reprinted, 1794. 8vo. Edwards, 88, 68. 

The Art of Speaking. Lond. 1762. 8vo. 
An excellent treatise, well calculated for 




schools, firequentlj reprinted. An edition 
1768. Williams, 806, SB. 6d. 

BusGH, Sir John. See Mabk- 
HAH, Bobert. 

— "William. Scriptural Confu- 
tation of the Arguments against the 
Trinity with a Sequel. York, 1775, 
8. 8yo.l0s. 6d. 

Written in answer to the Rey. T. Lind- 
sey's Apology. 

BuEaLET, or Burleigh, W. Cecil, 
First Lord. Collection of State Pa- 
pers. Edited bj Sam. Haynes and 
William Murdin. Lond. 1740-59. 
folio. 2 vols. 8^. 3s. 

A notice of this -work, will be found in 
the Retr. Rev. N. S. i. 204—30, 41»— 36. 
Vol. i. A collection of papers relating to 
affairs in the reigns of K. Henry VIII., 
K. Edward VI., Q. Mary, and Q. Elizabeth, 
1542—70. pp. 624. Vol. ii. relating to 
Affairs in the Reign of Q. EliKabeth, 1571 
—86. pp. 813. Heath, 4435, 22. 4s. 

Precepts or Directions for the well 
Ordering and Carriage of a Man's Life, 
left by William, Lord Burghly, to his 
Sonne, at his Death. Also some other Pre- 
cepts, which soraetimes was the Jewell 
and Delight of the iRight Honorable Lord 
Francis Earl of, Bedford. Lond. 1636. 
18mo. with portrait of Lord Burghley, 
engraved by T. Cecill. Dowdeswell, 66, 
168. Nassau, pt i. 460, date 1637, no por- 
trait, 8s. The Precepts of Lord Burleigh 
delivered to his second son, Robert Cecil, 
are to be found in Peck's Desiderata Cu- 
liosa, and in Kippis' edition of the Bio- 
graphia Biitannica. 

Advice to Q. Elizabeth in Matters of 
Keligion and SUte. 1661. 12mo. Re- 
printed in the seventh volume of the Har- 
leian Miscellany. 

A Memorial presented to Q. Elizabeth, 
against her Msjesty's being engross'd by 
any particular Favourite. Lond. 1714. 

— Memoirs of the Life and Ad- 
ministration of the Bt. Hon. Wil- 
liam Cecil, Lord Burghley, Secre- 
tary of State in the Beign of K. 
Edward VI., and Lord High Trea- 
surer of England in the Beign of Q. 
Elizabeth. By the Bev. Edward 
Narea, D.D. Lond. 1828-31. 4to. 

3 Tols. 9L 3s. 

Memoirs of W. CecU, Lord Burleigh, 
by R. C. 1738. 4to. Lloyd, 239, 5s. 

— Execution of Justice in Eng- 
land. 1583. 4to. 

Black letter. Gordonstoun, 21. 4s. 
[A French translation was printed at 
Paris, 1584, small 8vo.] 

— See CoLLiKB, Arthur. Justitia 
Britannica. Scrinia Ceciliana. 

Burghley House. — ^A G-uide to' 
Burghley House (by T. Blore). 
Stamford, 1815. 8vo. 

Title, dedication, preface and contents, 
10 pages; the Guide, 292 pp.; index to 
the portraits, also two plates, and the pe- 
digree of the Marq. of Exeter. Dbmv 
Quarto, wtth an engraved title-page and 
proof plates. 

A History or Description of Barghley 
House. Shrewsb. 1797. 8vo. pp. 215. 
Dent, pt. i. 1068. 58. Bindley, pt. i. 1804. 
4s. 6d. 

BuROO, Dominicus de. Libellus 

Bupplex ecclesiasticorum Hiber- 

norum exulum, nee obscurorum nee 

paucormn. 1687. 8vo. 

12 leaves, very rare. 

— Gio Battista de. Viaggio 
de cinque anni in Asia, Africa ed 
Europa del Turco. Milano, s. a. 
(sed. 1686) 12mo. 3 vols. 

It contains many curious particulars 
relative to the history of Ireland. Sup- 
posed to have been written by an ancestor 
of the Clauricarde family. 

Hanrott, 51. 18s. Heber, 71. 12s. 6d. 

Hydraulica : o sia trattato dell' acqne 
minerali del Massino,S.Manritio,&c.conla 
guerra della Valtellina del 1618 final 1638. 
Milan, 1689. 12mo. Heber, 2M2s. 6d. 

— Joh. de. Pupilla Oculi omni- 
bus Presbyteris precique Anglicanis 
summ^ necessana. 1510. foHo, 15s. 

This treatise (in qua tractatur de sep- 
tem Sacramentoiil Administratione de 
dece Preceptis Decalogi, &c.) was printed 
at the expense of William Bretton. It 
contains folios xxxii. besides a copious 
index. Another edition. Roth. 1610. 4to. 
Both editions are in the British Museum. 
Another work, Tractatus de septem Sa- 
cramentis. Lond. 1512. fol. 15s. 

-r- P. Thomas de. Hibemia 

Dominicana j sive Historia Pro- 

vincifle Hibemiee Ordinis Prsedica- 

torum. Colon. Agripp. 1762 — 72. 


Pp. 797, besides title, epistola Domino 
Nei-io Cardinali Corsino, Ucentia appruba- 




tio, index capituin, nomina gubscriptornm, 
xvi. pp. The Supplement, viz. pp. 798— 
0.50, is of extreme rarity. TliiH work, 
though bearing the imprint of Cologne, 
was executed by Edmund Finn, at Kil- 
kenny, under Burgh's own inspection. One 
chapter, on the state of the Protestants 
in Ireland under the reign of James II., is 
cancelled in most copies. Hibbert, 71. 
Uanrott, 71. 15s. Heber, 71. 

[Officia propria Sanctorum HibemisB, 
ab omnibus utriusque sexus, qui ad horas 
Ganonicas tenentur. Dublin, 1761. 12mo. 
66 leaves.] 

Btjbgotnb, Lieut-Q«n. John. 
Dramatic and Poetical Works, to 
which is prefixed, Memoirs of the 
Author. Lond. 1808. 12mo. 2 vols, 
with plates. 68. l. p. lOs. 6d. 

BuBHiLL, Robert, D.D. Invi- 

tatorius panegyricus, ad Begem 

optimimi de Elizabeths nuper Ke- 

ginse posteriore ad Oxoniam Ad- 

ventu, &c. Oxon. 1603. 4to. 

An account of the works of Burhill, who, 
according to Ant. k Wood, ' was a person 
of great reading and profound judgment, 
was well vers'd in the fathers and school- 
men, right learned and well grounded in 
the Hebrew tongue, an exact disputant, 
and in his younger yeara a noted Latin 
poet,' will be found in the Athen. Oxon. 

BuBKE, Bt. Hon. Edmund. 
Works. Lond. 1792—1827. 4to. 8 

vols. SI. 8s. 

An edition 1801—27. 8vo. 16 vols 61. 68. 
LA^BOE PAPER, 102. lOs. Boston (with Lon- 
don title-pages), 1846, 8vo. 9 vols. 3/. 13a. 
6d.— 1852, 8vo. 8 vols. 41. 168.— 1854, royal 
8vo. 2 vols. 11. lOs. 8 vols, post 8vo. 1^7, 
Bohn's Library, H. 8s. 

Speeches. Lond. 1816. 8vo. 4 vols. 21. 2b. 

Epistolary Correspondence of the Rt. 
Hon. Edmund Burke and Dr. French Law- 
rence. Published from the original Ma- 
nuscripts. Loud. 1827. 8vo. 5s. 

Correspondence between the year 1744 
and his decease, in 1797, edited by Earl 
Fitzwilliam, and Sir R. Bourke. Lond. 
1844. 4 vols. 8vo. 12. Is. 

Beauties of the Rt. Hon. Edmund Burke, 
alphabetically arranged. Lond. 1796. 8vo. 
2 vols, 7s. 6d. 

Memoirs, by Charles MTormick. Lond. 
1797. 4to. pp. 383, with an advertisement. 
A mean and malignant attack. 

Life, by Rob. Bisset, LL.D. Lond. 1800. 
8vo. 2 vols, with portrait. 8s. A scanty and 
imperfect memoir. 

Memoir, by James Prior,with Specimens 
of his Poetry and Letters, &o Lond. 1824, 

8vo. Poftndt after Sir Joshua Reynplds, 
and autographs. Second edition. Lond. 
1826, 8vo. 2 vols. Third edition, enlarged. 
Lond. 1839, in 1 vol. 8vo. 10s. 6d Fifth 
edition, enlarged, post 8vo. (Bohn's British, 
CUssics), 1864, 8s. 6d. A valuable addition 
to English biography. 

[Account of the European Settlements 
in America, 1757. 8vo. 2 vols. maps. 
Again, 1765 and 1770. 

Reflections on the French Revolution, 
1790. 8vo. 

Philosophical Enquiry into the origin of 
our ideas on the Sublime and Beantlfiil, 
8vo. 1773.] 

— John. Dictionary of the Peer- 
age and Baronetage of the British 

Empire, &c. Lond. 1828. 

[Tnis work has since been republished 
with improvements and additions. The 
last edition edited by John Bernard Burke, 
1868. 11. 18s. Many other heraldic works 
have been published by John and his son, 
John Bernard Burke, which will be noted 
in the Appendix. We may here note: 


LAKD, comprising a Registry of all Ar- 
morial Bearings from the earliest to the 
present time, including the late grants by 
the College of Arms. Third edition, with a 
Supplement. Lond. Bohn, 1844. 11. Is. 

Royal Families of England, Scotland, 
AND Wales, with their descendants. Sove- 
reigns, and Subjects. Lond. Bohn, 1848- 
51. royal 8vo. 2 vols. 12. 48. 

Roll of Battle Abbst, annotated. 
Lond. 1848. square 12mo. with plates of 
Arms, 68. or with the Anns emblazoned, 

BuBEHEAD, Henry. A Tragedy 
of Colas Fury, or Lirenda's Miserie. 
Silken. 1646. 4to. 

The subject of this play is the Irish 
Rebellion, which broke out in October, 
1645. Lirenda is an anagram of Ireland. 
A copy is in the British Museum. 

BuBKiTT, William. Expository 
Notes, with Practical Ohservations 
on the New Testament. Lond. 
1752. fol. with port, and plates, 
21. 2s. 

Best edition, large paper? Williams, 
880. 41. 6s. A deservedly popular work, 
says Mr. Home. Burkitt, according to 
Dr. Doddridge, ' has many schemes of old 
Bermons; his sentiments vary in different 
parts of the work, as the authors, flrom 
whom he took his materials, were ortho- 
dox or not' An edition, 1729. fol. with 
portrait by White, 18s. 1734. foL Sir P. 
Thompson, 179. 11. S«. 1739. fol. Be. 




printed, 1760. fol. 1772. 1779. 1814. 4to. 
UIOb. 1819. 4to. 

BuBKiTT, Winiam. Expository 
Notes, abridged bj Bean* Glasse, 
D.B. Lond. 1806. 4to. 2 yoIb. 
11. lis. 6d. 

. An abridgment for the nse of the poor 
has appeared in one thick volume in 8to. 

BttbIiAKAqui, J. J. Principles of 
natural and politic Law, transl. by 
Tho. Nugent, LL.D. Lond. 1763. 
8vo. 2 vols. 12s. 

Best edition. The former, 1748-52. 8vo. 
2 YolB. 78. 6d. 


finBiiET, Chialter. Liber de vita ac 
moribus philosophormn poetarum- 
que veterum. Without place or 
date, but (Colonise, Ulric ZeU, about 

1467) 4to. 

Coll. 14 leaves of table, and 98 or 99 
leaves of 27 lines. Hibbert, 61. 5s. 

Other editions (Coloni«). Per me Ar^ 
nold Ter Hoemen, 1472. 4to. Table of 
Philosophers and text, 88 leaves. Alpha> 
betical t^ble, 10 leaves. Heber, 21. 6s.— 
An edition without place or date, in folio 
of 68 leaves, comprising 7 leaves of table, 
in double columns of d8 lines. Heber, 
12. 10s. — An edition without place or date. 
At the end, J. C. H. (EttatacUi Seyaer), 4to. 
86 leaves of 33 lines, comprising the title 
and table, 7 leaves.— Colonise, Conradus de 
Homborch (about 1476), 4ta 89 leaves. — 
without place or date (Nuremburg, Cobnrg), 
folio, 88 leaves, of Si lines. — Nuremburg 
Coburg^ 1477, folio, 89 leaves of S3 lines.— 
Lovanii per Johannem de Westphalia 
(circa 1477), 4to.— Nuremburg, Creusner, 
1479, folio, 76 leaves of 36 lines.-~Spir8e, per 
fratres Heist, circa 1480, 4to. Hibbert, 
6Z. 5s. — Expositio super artem veterem, 
Forphirii et Aristotelis. Venetiis, Joan 
Herbot, 1481, folio, 118 leaves, doable co- 
lumns of 66 lines. 

For other editions, 99$ Hain, Ko. 4126, 
and after. 

— Tractatus expositorius super 

libros Posteriorum. Oxonie, 1512. 


Another work, viz. Tractat. perbreuis 
de Materia et Forma et de Belativis. In 
celeberrima Vniversitate Oxoniensi, per 
me Joannem Scolar, 1618. 4to. 

BTTBMAir, Charles. Lives of Elias 
Ashmole, Esq. and Mr, William 
lilly, written by themselres ; with 
vot. X. 

several occasional Letters. Lond. 
1774. 8vo. 6s. 

Pp. 407, including the advertisement to 
the reader, with a plate, containing por- 
traits of Ashmole and Lilly, by J. Lodge. 
Heath, 1695, lis. 

— Peter. Oration against the 
Studies of Humanity, shewing that 
the learned Languages are not 
only useless but dangerous, trans- 
lated into English and the origi- 
nal annext. Lond. 1722. 8vo. is. 

BuBN, J. S. See Betdges, Sir 
S* E. 

— John Ilderton. Digested In- 
dex to the modem Reports of the 
Courts of Common Law, previous 
to the Term Reports. Lond. 1804. 

royal 8vo. 18s. 
J. I. Bum likewise published, 
A practical Treatirie of the Laws of Ma- 
rine Insurances. 1801. 12mo. 6s. A Trea- 
tise of the Law relating to Stock Jobbing. 
1808. 8vo. 3s. 6d. Attorney's Practice in 
K. B. 1806. 8vo. 148. 6d. 

— Richard, LL.D. Justice of 
the Peace and Parish Officer. 

Ist Edition, 1756; 2 vols. 2d. 1766. 8vo. 

2 vols. 8d. 1756. fol. 4th. 1767. 8vo. 

3 vols. 6th. 1758. fol 6th. 1768. 3 vols. 
7th. 1763. 8th. 1764. 4to. 2 vols. 9th. 
1766. 3 vols. 10th. vols. 11th. 1770. 8vo. 
— vols. 12th. 1772. 8vo. 4 vols. Suppl. by 
W. Robinson, 1774. 8vo. 13th. 1776. 8vo. 

4 vols. 14th. 1780. 8vo. 4 vols. 16th. 1785. 
8vo.4vol8. 16th. 1788. 8vo. 4 vols. 17th. 
By John Bum, 17&3. 8vo. 4 vols. An Ap- 
pendix, 1796. 8vo. 18th. By John Bum, 
1797. 8vo. 4 vols. 19th. 1800. 8vo. 4 vols. 
20th. By William Woodfall, 1805. 8vo. 4 
vols. 2l8t. By Duraford and King, 1810. 
8vo. 6 vols. 22d. By John King, 1814. 
8vo. 6 vols. 23d. By G. Chetwynd, 1820. 
8vo. 6 vols. 24th. By Sir G. Chetwynd, 
Bart. 1826. 8vo. 6 vols. 42. 4s. 29th. By 
Bere, Ghitty, and Wise, 1845-62. 8vo. 7 vols. 
71. 10s. 

— Ecclesiastical Law. 

This work is commended by Black- 
stone, Comm. V. i. c. ii. 1st Edition, wjth 
Addenda, 1760-5»4to. 2 vols. 2d. 1767. 
4to. 2 vols. Sd. 1775, 8vo. 4 vols. 4th. 
1781, 8vo. 4 vols. 6th. 1788, 8vo. 4 vols. 
6th. By Simon Eraser, 1797, 8vo. 4 vols. 
7th. By Simon Eraser, 1809, 8vo. 4 vols. 
8th. By R. P. Tyrwhit^ 1824, 8vo. 4 vols. 
9th. By R. PhilUmoie, 1842, 8vo. 4 vols. 





Dr. Barn likewise palliBhed : 

The Uistory of the Poor Iawb, with Ob- 
■eryations. 1764. Svo. 3a. 6d. 

A new Law Dictionary, continued by his 
Son. 1792. 8vo. 2 vols, with portrait, 88. 

Miscellany Sermons, extracted chiefly 
from the Works of Divines of the last 
Century. Lond. 1778, 8vo. 4 vols. 

BuBKABT, Andrew, D.D. Tra- 
vels through the middle Settlements 
in North America, in the Years 
1769 and 1760. Lond. 1775. 8vo. 

ds. 6d. 

FonthiU, 2789, lis. An edition, 1798, 
4to. Drury, 762, 68. Fonthill, 8077, 2Z. Is. 
Reprinted in the thirteenth volume of 
Plnkerton's Coll. of Voyages anct Travels. 

BuENE, Nicol. Dispvtation 
concerning the controversit Head- 
dis of Religion haldin in the Bealme 
of Scotland. Parise, 1581. 8vo. 

Contains 190 leaves besides the prefixes, 
viz. title, dedication to ' King James the 
saxt,' and 'To the christian reidar.' At the 
end of the volume is a Uble of 'The ma- 
terls of controverse,' two quotations, and 
the colophon. On the last leaf, a flourish 
by way of ornament. On fol. 103, &c. is 
introduced an epigram of Beza's, with a 
libidinous translation. Roxburghe, 260, 
148. Supplement, 660, 1^ lis. 6d. Home 
Tooke, 101, MS. title, 11. Inglis, 63, 11. 68. 
Perry, pt i. 1319, 21. Is. Bindley, pt. i. 
486, 21. 29. Homer. 1864, calf, IZ. 78. An 
edition, 1682, is in the British Museum. 

BttbnelIj, Henry. Landgartha, 

a Tragie-comedy. Dubl. 1641. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Museum. Rox- 
burghe, 4689, 11. 1 Is. 6d. IngUs' Old Plays, 
18, 11. llH. 6d. 

Bfenet, Gilbert, Bishop of 
Sfiklisbury. Memoires of the Lives 
and Actions of James and Wil- 
liam Dukes of Hamilton and Castle- 
herald, &c. In seven Books. Lond. 

1677. foHo. 11. Is. 

B to Kkk,in fours, and LU, 6 leaves, be- 
sides 11 leaves, containing titles, dedica- 
tion, imprimatur, preface, addenda, errata, 
and contents, also portraits of James and 
William Dukes of Hamilton, by White, 
and of K. Charles 1. by Faithome. In 
this work will be found an account of the 
civil wars of Scothind, 1626-62, with many 
letters, instractions, and other papers 
written by K. Charles I. labob papbr. 
Dowdeswell, 166, rassia, 21. 12s. 6d. Nas- 
sau, pt. 1. 668, with additional ports, ms. 
41. 10s. New edition, Oxford, 1862, 8vo. 


— The HjBtory of the Befor- 
mation of the Church of England. 
Lond. 1679,81. 1716. fol. 3 vols. 

Upon the first publication of this work, 
the author obtained the thanks of both 
houses of parliament, with a desire that 
he would prosecute the undertaking, and 
complete that valuable work. 

Vol. I. 1679. The second Edition cor- 
rected, 1681. The third edition. The 
fourth edition, with additions, alterations, 
and amendments ; communicated to the' 
author by several hands, 1716. This vo- 
lume contains the following plates by 
White. 1. Frontispiece. 2. Henry YIII. 
8. Q. Catherine. 4. Cardinal Wolsey. 
6. Abp. Cranmer. 6. Anna Bullen. 7. 
Thomas Cromwell. 8. Sir Thomas More. 
VoL II. 1681. The second edition corrects 
ed, 1683. Again, 1716. This volume con- 
tains the following plates by White. 1. 
Frontispiece. 2. K. Edward VI. 9. Bishop 
Ridley. 4. Edward Duke of Somerset. 
6. Q. Mary. 6. Lady Jane Gray. 7. Car- 
dinal Pole. 8. Bishop Gardiner. 9. Q. 
Elizabeth. 10. Abp. Parker. Vol. III. 
1716, and 1763. The edition of 1716 con- 
tains the following portraits by Vertue. 1. 
W. Cecil, Lord Burghley. 2. Bp. Latimer. 
8. Bp. JeweL 4. Sir N. Bacon. 5. Sir 
F. Walsingham, 8 vols. Nassau, pt. i. 666, 

51. 7s. Willett, 460, 1681—1763, 42. 4s. 
Heath, 4427, 42. 9s. HoUis, 237, bL 78. 6d. 
Roxburghe, 7838, 62. 10s. Edwards, 784, 
61. 16s. 6d. Roscoe, 632, date 1683, 61. 6n. 
Dent, pt. i. ^2, morocco, 13L Ids. labob 
PAPBB, (ex. rare) Duke of Grafton, 901, 
with some additional plates, 1062. Is., pur- 
chased by Earl Spencer. 

Another edition. Dublin, 1730^, folio, 
8 vols, with portraits. Sotheby's in 1821, 

52. 158. 6d. 

Another edition. Oxford, 1816, royal 
8vo. 6 vols. 82. 8s. labob papeb in impe- 
rial 8vo. 92. 9ti. Williams, 316, mor. 212. 

Another edition. Lond. 1820, 6vo. 6 vols. 
Priestley's edition, with copies of the por- 
traits of the original edition, labob papbu. 
Brockett, 436, rassia, 92. 6s. 

Oxfoni, Clar. Press, 1829, 8vo. 7 vols. 
32.10s. Lond. edited by Nares. Dove, 1838. 
8vo. 4 vols. Lond. 1841, imp. 8va 2 vols. 
(Reprinted 1857), 12. Is. 

A Specimen of some Errors and Defects 
in the History of the Reformation, by An- 
thony Hanner (i. e. Henry Whuton). 
Lond. 1698, 8vo. 68. 

A Letter writ to (Dr. Wm. Lloyd) the 
Bishop of Cov. and Litchfield concerning a 
Book called A Specimen, &o. by Anthony 
Harmer. Lond. 1693, 4to. Ant. it Wood, 
under the signature of E. D., defended him- 
self fh)m the reproaches oast upon him 




and his works in this pamphlet bf Bishop 


A Preface to the B— p of S — ^r-^m's In- 
troduction to the third Volume, by Gre- 
gory Mlsosarum (Dr. Swift). liond. 1713,8vo. 

Antidotum Saiisburiense ; or an Expos- 
talation with the Bp. of Sarum on his Pre- 
&ce. Lond. 1713, 8vo. 2s. 6d. 

An Introduction to the third Volume of 
the History of the Reformation. Second 
Edition. Lond. 1714, 8vo. 43. Published 
by the Bishop before his third volume 
came out, to induce persons who were able 
to supply him with additional materials. 

Speculum Sarisburianum, in Remarks 
on some Passages in a Pamphlet entituled 
An Introduction, &c. Lond. 1714, Svo. 

BuENETjBp. The Abridgement of 
the History of the Beformation of 
the Church of England. Lond. 1682. 
Svo, with portraits, 68. 

Bindley, pt.1. 613, 78. Roxburghe, 7839, 
date 1683, 6s. 6d, Reprinted 1705. 8vo. 
Another edition, Lond. 1719, 12mo. 3 vols. 
12s. The abridgment of the third volume 
was done by Gilbert Burnet, M.A., the 
Bishop's second son. The firontispieces to 
each volume consist of portraits of the 
bishops. Another edition. Oxford, 1808, 
Svo. 98. Again, edited by G. £. Corrie. 
Oxford, 1867. Svo. IDs. 6d. 

— History of his own Time, see 
p. 317. 

— Some Passages in the Life 
and Death of John Earl of Ro- 
chester. Lond. 1680. 8to. 4s. 

First edition, with a portrait of the Earl 
by R.White. Dent, pt. 1. 366, U. 'This 
the critic ought to read for its elegance, 
the philosopher for its arguments, and the 
saint for its piety.'— X)r. Johnson. Re- 
printed in the sixth volume of Words- 
worth's Ecclesiastical Biography, and very 
frequently separately. [Ekiited, with the 
life of Sir Matthew HalQ, by Dp. Jebb. 
liOnd. 1833, Svo. lOs. 6d. post. Svo. 7s.] 

— Life and Death of Sir Matthew 
Hale, Knt. Lond. 1682. 12mo. 
Ss. 6d. 

First edition, with a portrait of Hale, by 
V. Hove. Nassau, pt.i. 462, 9s. Williams, 
814, 14s. Second edition, 1682, 12mo. to 
which were annexed ' Additional Notes on 
the Life and Death of Sir Matthew Hale/ 
written by Richard Baxter. Reprinted in 
the sixth volume of Wordsworth's Eccle- 
siastical Biography, and frequently sepa- 
rately. An edition with Fell's Life of 
Hammond. Oxford, 1806, sm. Svo. 48. 6d. 
Edwards, 66, 8s. 6d. Dmry, 618, 6s. 

— Some Letters containing an 

Account of what seemed most re- 
markahle in Switzerland, Italy, &o. 
to which is annexed his Answer to 
Mr. Yarillas. Amst. or Botterdam, 

1686. 8vo. 4s. 

This curious and entertaining narrative 
surpasses everything in its kind extant, 
in ihe style, sentiments, matter, and me- 
thod. The observations upon the corrup- 
tions and impostures of popery will afford 
pleasure to every consistent ProteNtant. 

Another edition, to which is added, aH 
Appendix containing some Remarks on 
Switzerland and Italy, written by a Per- 
son of Quality. Rotter. 1687, Svo. 48. 
Other editions. Lond. 1689, 8vo.— Lond. 
1724, Svo. Bindley, pt i. 612, 4s. 6d.— 
With a character of the Bishop. Lond. 
1760, 12mo. 6s. Heath, 2882, 6s. It is also 
inserted in the second volume of Harris's 
Collection of Voyages and Travels. 

A Letter to Bishop Stillingfleet, together 
with some Reflectious upon Dr. Burnet's 
Letters, by Simon Lowth. Lond. 1687, 
4to. 3s. 6d. 

Reflections on Dr. Gilbert Burnet's Tra- 
vels. 1688, Svo. 

Animadversions on the Reflections. 
1688, Svo. 

— Life of William Bedell, D D. 
Lord Bishop of Kilmore, in Ireland, 
with his letters. Lond. 1692. 8vo. 6s. 

* The life of this excellent prelate is one 
of those books which ought to be in every 
parochial library.' Socond edition with 
additions. DubUn,1736,8vo.6s. Williams, 
313, on thick writing paper, morocco. 
12. lis. 6d. Reprinted Dublin, 1768, Svo. 
In the British Museum is a copy of the 
edition 1692, with M S . additions by the Rev. 
John Lewis of Margate, and Dr. Birch. 

— A Discourse of the Pastoral 

Care. Lond. 1692. 4to. 

Recommended by Bishops Watson and 
Tomline. Reprinted Lond. 1692, Svo. 
WiUUms, 312, lis. 6d. A third edition 
was printed 1713, Svo. to which were add- 
ed a nev preface, and a tenth chapter con- 
cerning presentations to benefices and 
simony. 14th edition, with the new pre- 
face prefixed' to the third edition, and a 
life of the author. Lond. 1821, 12mo. 4s. 

The Bishop of Salisbury's new Preface 
to his Pastoral Care considered. Loud.- 
1713, Svo. 3s. 

— Exposition of the XXXIX 
Articles of the Church of England. 
Lond. 1699. folio. 

A work highly commended by Arch- 
bishops Tillotson, Tenlson and Sharp, 

T 2 




BishopB StiUingfleet, Patrick, Lloyd, Hall 
and wniiam8.— 1705, folio. Reprinted 1720, 
fol. 1737, fol. 108. Fifth edition. Loud. 
1746, 8vo. with port. lOa. Oxford, 181i, 8vo. 
Williams, 316, in pig skin, 11. 68. Oxford, 
1819, 8vo. 9fl. Oxford, 1846, 8tro. 7b. By 
Page. Lond. Svo. 9b. 

The Exposition given by the Bishop of 
Saruni, of the 2d Article of our Reli^on, 
examined. By Jonathan Edwards, DJ>. 
Lond. 1702. 

Remarks on the Examination of the se- 
cond Article of our Church. Lond. 1702, 

A prefatory Discourse to an Examina- 
tion of the Exposition. Lond. 1702, 4to. 

A Defence of the Bishop of Sarum. 
Lond. 1703, 4to. 

Exposition of XXIIId Article of Church 
of England defended. 1703, 4to. 28. 6d. 

BiTENET, Bp. History of his own 

Time : to which is added, the Life 

of the Author, by his Son, Thomas 

Burnet. Lond. 1724-84. folio, 2 vol|. 

i;. Is. 

Bishop Atterbnry said on the appear- 
ance of Bp. Burnet's History : 'D — him. 
he has told a great deal of truth; but where 
the Devil did he learn it?' CoHaMSS. 
xxiii. p. 107. Dr. Johnson observed, ' Bar- 
net's History of his own Times is very, 
entertaining. The style, indeed, is mere 
chit-chat. I do not believe that Burnet 
intentionally lied ; but he was so much 
pr^udiced, that he took no pains to find 
out the tnith. He was like a man who 
resolves to regulate his time by a certain 
watch ; but will not Inqnira whether the 
watch is right or not.' 

Roxburghe, Supplement, 711, IZ. 9b. 
Bindley, pt. 1. 381, 11. 16a. Roscoe, 461, 
2;. 10s. White Knights, 783, mssia, 32. 3s. 
LABOB PAPBB. Heath, 4469, 91. 16s. Sir 
M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 758, russia, 4Z. 14s. 6d. 
Nassau, pt. i. 667, russia, 2/. lis. Rox- 
btirgbe, 8530, 22. 15b. Dent, pt. i. 493, 
mor. 62. lOs. 
I An edition, Dublin, 1724, fol. 2 vols. 168. 
An edition, 1725^ small Svo. 6 vols. Sur- 
reptitiously printed at the Hague by 
Thomas Johnson, labgb papbb. Sir r. 
Thompson, 34, 12. 10s. 

An abridgment was published by the 
Rev. Thos. Stackhouse, 1724, Svo. with 
front. 38. 6d. and a French translation of 
the work appeared A la Haye, 1735^ 
2 vols, in 4, 4to. with portraits. 

The conclusion of the history, which is 
addressed to men of all orders and degrees, 
has been published, Lond. 1784, Svo. 1751, 

— History of- his own Time, 

with the Author's Life by Editor, 

and some explanatory Notes. Lond. 
1753. Svo. 4 vols, with port. 

Another edition. Edinb. 1753, 12mo. 6 
vols. Gosset, 1021, 18s. Fonthill, 7, 12. 58. 

Another edition. Lend. 1766, Svo. 4 vols, 
with portrait. 

— History of his own Time. 
Lond. 1809. Svo. 4 vols. 

Evans' edition, labob papbb, in imp. 
Svo. (50 printed). White Knights, 636, 
morocco, 152. 158. 

Another edition, Lond. 1818, Svo. 4 vols. 

— History of his own Time, 

with the suppressed Passages, and 

Notes by Speaker Onslow and 

others. Oxford, 1823. 8vo. 6 vols. 

2U 7b. [Eeprinted, Oxford, 1833.] 

This edition was superintended by the 
learned Dr.Routh, President of Magdalen 
College, Oxford ; with portraits of Bishop 
Burnet and the Earl of Dartmouth, labqe 
PAPKB (60 printed, 25 for sale). Dniry, 617, 
morocco, 322. 6s. Dent, pt. i. 364, 142. 
Williams, 317, mor. 302. 9s. f An edition, 
in imperial 8vo., sometimes divided into 
2 vols. Lond. 1839. Reprinted by Bohn, 
1857. 138. 6d.] 

Additional annotations in the second 
edition of Bp. Burnet's History of his own 
Time, with notes, [by Dr. Routh, accom- 
modated to the pages of the first edition]. 
25 copies printed on labob papbb. 

History of the reign of King James II. 
Notes by the Earl of Dartmouth, Speaker 
Onslow, and Dean Swift, Additional ob- 
servations, now enlarged and edited, by 
[Dr. Routh]. Oxford. 1852. Svo. 

Remarks on Bp. Burnet's History of his 
own Time. By a true Briton. Lond. Svo. 

A Specimen of the gross Errors in the 
second volume of Collier's Ecdes. Hist 
being a Vindication of the late Bishop of 
Sarum. Lond. 1724, Svo. 

A Specimen of the Bishop of Sarum's 
posthumons History of the Affairs of the 
Church and State of Oreat Britain during 
his Life, by Robert Elliot, M.A. To which 
is added, Mr. Lesley's Character of an 
Enthusiastick. Lond. Svo. pp. vi & 42. 

A Review of Bishop Burnet's History 
of his own Times. By a Gentleman. Lond. 
1724, Svo. pp. 69. 

A Specimen of some firee and impartial 
Remarlu on publick Affairs and particu- 
lar Persons, especially relating to Soot- 
land. By John Cookbum, D.D. Lond. Svo. 
pp. Iv & 70. 

A Vindication of Bishop Burnet from » 
Libel entitled a Specimen of some free and 
impartial Remarks, &c. by John Cockbum. 
D.D. Lond. 1724^ Svo. 




BusNBT — eontinued. 

A Defenoe of Dr. Coekbnrn^ Mrainst the 
Calumnies and Aspersions of a Libel, en- 
titul'd, A Vindication of the Ute Bishop 
Bcmet, with occasional Remarks on the 
Bishop's History, whereby the Credibility 
of it may be Judged. Lond. 8to. pp. 08. 

A Review of Bishop Burnet's History, 
with critical Remarks. Liond. 1784, 8vo. 

Impartial Examination of Bp. Bnmet's 
History, by Tho. Salmon. Lond. 1724, 
8vo. 2 vols. 6s. 

Historical and critical Remarks, by B. 
Higgous. Lond. 1726, Svo. Ss. laboe 
PAPKB, 4s. 6d. Williams, 862, mor. 12. 8b« 
Second edition, 1727, 8s. 6d. 

Bishop Burnet's late History chained 
with Partiality and Misrepresentation re- 
specting tiie murder of Arthur, Earl of 
Essex. By Lawr. Braddon. Lond. 1725, 8vo. 
A Letter to the Author of the Reflec- 
tions historical and political ^George Gran- 
ville. Lord Lansdown), by Thomas Bur- 
net, Esq. 
List of Bishop Burnetts other Publications. 
Discourse on Sir Robert Fletcher of 
Saltoun. Edinb. 1665, 12mo. 10s. 6d. 

A modest and free Confer^ice between 
a Conformist and Nonconformist, in seven 
Dialogues. Glasgow, 1668, 12mo. 

Rome's Glory, or a Collection of divers 
Miracles wrought by Popish Saints, col- 
lected out of their own Authors, with a 
pre&tory Discourse, declaring the Impos- 
sibility and Folly of such vain Impos- 
tures. Lond. 1673, Svo. 

The Mystery of Iniquity unvailed. 
Lond. 1678, 12mo. In answer to this ap- 
peared Anti-Uaman,by W. E. 1679, Svo. 

A y indication of the Authority, Consti- 
tution, and Laws of the Church and State 
of Scotland : in four Conferences. Glasg. 
1673, Svo. 68. Bindley, pt. i. 514, date 
1778, 6s. 6d. Heath, 4782, 98. A new edi- 
tion. 1724, 8vo. 

Observations on the first and second of 
the Canons commonly ascribed to the Holy 
Apostles. Glasgow, 1673, 12mo. 

An Account given by J. Ken, a Jesuit, of 
the Truth of Religion examined. 1674. Svo. 
A rational Method for proving tbe Truth 
of Christian Religion, as it is professed in 
the Church of England. Lond. 1675, 12mo. 
8s. 6d. Written in answer to ' A rational 
eompendipiis Way to convince without 
Diiqrate all Persons whatsoever dissent- 
ing from the true Religion ; by J. Ken.' 

A Relation of a Conference held about 
Religion at London, 8d April, 1676; by 
Edward StiUiugfleet, D.D. and Gilbert 
Burnet, with some Gentlemen of the 
Church of Rome (Edmund Coleman, a Je- 
suit, and others). Lond. 1676, Svo. 2s. 6d. 
Reprinted in 1687, 4to. 

A modest Survey of a Discourse, entitled 
The naked Truth ; or the true State of the 

Primitive Church, by an humble Modera- 
tor (Dr. Herbert Crofts, Bishop of Hero- 
ford). 1676, 4to. 

A Vindication of the Ordinations of the 
Church of England, in Answer to a Paper 
written by one of the Church of Rome. 
Lond. 1677, Svo. 68. The second edition 
was published 1688, 4to. 

On tbe Importance of substantial Piety 
and vital Religion. 1677, 12mo. The pre- 
face to 'The Life of God in the Soul of 
Man, by Henrv Scougal, M.A.' 8s. 6d. 

A Letter written upon the Discovery of 
the late Plot. 1678, 4to. 

The Unreasonableness and Impiety of 
Popery, in a second Letter written upon 
the Discovery of the late Plot. 1678^ 4to. 

A Relation of the Massacre of about an 
hundred thousand Protestants in France, 
in 1572. Lond. 1678, 4to. 8s. 6d. 

A Decree made at Rome, March, 2, 1679, 
condemning some Opinions of the Jesuits, 
and other Casuists. Lond. 1679, 4to. Ss. 

The Infallibility of the Romish Church 
examined and confuted. 1680, 4to. 

The Last Words of Lewis du Moulin. 
Lond. 1680, 4to. 88. 

The Conversion and Persecution of Eve 
Cohan, now called Elizabeth Verboon, a 
Person of Quality of the Jewish Religion, 
1680, 4to. 

The Policy of Rome as delivered by 
Cardinal Palavicini in hl8 History of tlie 
Council of Trent. Englished out of French. 
With a Preface by Gilbert Burnet, D.D 
Lond. 1681, Svo. 68. 

A Collection of Letters and Instmments 
that have pasMed during the late Contests 
of France concerning the Regale. I^ond. 
1681, Svo. 

News from France : in a Letter, giving 
a Relation of the present State of the Di^ 
ference between the French King and the 
Court of Rome, &c. 1682, 4to. 

The History of the Rights of Princes 
in the Disposing of Ecclesiastical Bene- 
fices and Church Lands. Lond. 1682. Svo. 
4s. In 1682, were published Animadver- 
sions on this work. 4to. 

An answer to the Animadversions on 
the History of the Rights of Princes, &c. 
Lond. 1682. 4to. 

The last Confession and Meditations of 
Lieut. John Stem : together with the last 
Confession of George Boroaky. Written 
by Gilbert Burnet, D.D., and Anthouy 
Homeek, D.D. Lond. 1682. fol. pp. 28. 
This account of the murderers of iTiomaB 
Thynne, Esq., called fh>m his great wealth, 
' Tom of Ten Thousand,' is reprinted in the 
eighth volume of the Harleian Miscellany. 

A Letter writ by the last Assembly Ge- 

?|eral of the Clergy of France to the Pro- 
estants. Translated Into English and 
examined : by Gilbert Burnet, D D. Loud. 
1683. Svo. 4s. 




Bfenet — conlinued^ 

A Translation of Sir Thomas More's 
Utopia, with a Preface, concerning Trans- 
lations. Lond. 1686. 12mo. 48. Frequently 

A letter from G. Burnet, D.D. to Si- 
mon Lowth, occasioned by his late Rook 
on the subject of Church Power. A Letter 
to Dr. Burnet. An Answer to a Letter to 
Dr. Burnet. A Letter, occasioned by the 
second Letter to Dr. Burnet. Lond. 1685. 
Four Tracts. 

Beflections on Mr. Yarilla's History of 
the Bevolutions that have happened in 
Europe in matters of Beligion. Amst. 
1686. 12mo.3s.6d. Another edition. Lond. 
1689. 12mo. 

A Defence of the Beflections on the 
ninth Book of the first volume of Mr. 
Vai-illa's History of Heresies. Amst. 1687. 
12mo. 2s. 

A Continuation of Beflections on Mr. 
Varilla's History of Heresies. Amst. 1687. 
12mo. 2s. 

The Citation of Gilbert Burnet, D.D., 
to answer in Scotland, on 27th June, old 
Stylo, 1687, for High Treason; together 
uith his Answer, and three Letters writ- 
ton by him to the Earl of Middletoun. 
lf{87. 4to. 6s. 

Lettres de Citation a Mr. Burnet pour 
comparoitre en Ecosse le 27 Jiiin vieux 
Stile, avec sa Beponse. Lond. 1687. 4to. 

A Belation of the Death of the primi- 
tive Persecutors, translated from the 
Latin of Lactantius, with a large Preface 
concerning Persecution. Amst. 1687. 8vo. 
Second Edition. Lond. 1713. 8vo. 

Keasons against the Bepealing the Acts 
of Parliament concerning the Test 1687. 

Some Beflections on his Majesty's Pro- 
clamation of the 12th of February, 1686-7, 
for a toleration in Scotland ; together with 
the said Proclamation. 1687. 4to. 

A Letter containing some Beflections on 
his Majesty's Declaration for Liberty of 
Conscience, dated April 4, 1687. 4to. 

An Answer to Henry Payne's Letter 
concerning his Majesty's Declaration of 
Indulgence, written to the Author of a 
Letter to a Dissenter. 1687. 4to. 

An Answer to a Paper printed with 
Allowance, entitled ' A new Test of the 
Church of England's Loyalty.' 1687, 4to. 

The Earl of Melfort's Letter to the Pres- 
byterian Ministers in Scotland, written in 
his Majesty's Name upon their Address : to- 
gether with some remarks upon it, 1687. 4to. 
A Beview of the Beflections on the 
Prince of Orange's Declaration; printed at 
Exeter, in November, 1688. 4to. 

An Inquiry into the Measures of Sub- 
mission to the supreme Authority, and of 
the Grounds upon which it may be lawfViI 
or necessary for Subjects to defend their 

Beligion, Lives, and Liberties. 1688. 4to. 
1698. 4to. 

Some Extracts out of Mr. James Stew, 
art's Letters, from 12th July to 19th Nov. 
1687, which were communicated to Myn- 
heer Fagel, the States' Pensioner of the 
Province of Holland ; together with some 
Beferenees to Mr. Stewart's printed Letter. 
1688. 4to. 

Beflections on a Pamphlet, entitled ' Par- 
liamentum Pacificum,^ (written by John 
Northleigh, M.D.) licensed by the Earl of 
Sunderhmd, and printed tn London, ia 
March, 1688. 4to. 

Dr. Burnet's Vindication of hiniself from 
the Calumnies with which he is aspersed 
in a Pamphlet entitled ' Parliameutiun 
Pacificnm,^licensed by the Earl of Simder- 
land, and printed in London, Mar. 1688, 4to. 

A Letter to a Lord upon his happy Con- 
version from Popery to the Protestant Be- 
ligion, 7th Dec. 1688. 4to. Two leaves, 8s. 

Beflections on Mr. Varillas his History 
of Heresy, Book I. Tome I. as fax as re- 
lates to English Matters, more especiall/ 
those of Wickliff. 1688. 12mo. 

An Apology for the Church of England, 
with Belation to the Spirit of Persecution 
for which she is accused. Lond. 1688. 4to. 

An Inquiry into the present State of 
Affairs; and in particular, whether we 
owe Allegiance to the King in these Cir- 
cumstances ? And, whether we are bound 
to treat with him, and call him back again 
or not ? Printed by Authority. 1686. 4to. 

An Edict in the Boman Law (de inspi- 
ciendo Ventre, custodiendoqne Partu), coa- 
ceming the visiting a Woman with Child, 
and the looking after what may be born 
of her; with Observations from Aristo- 
phanes and Cicero, relatitig to the same 
Cases. 1688. 4to. 

Beflections on a Paper, entitled 'His 
Maiesty's Beasons for withdrawing him- 
self from Bochester.' Published by Au- 
thority. 1688. 4to. 

A Discourse concerning Transubstantisr 
tion and Idolatry ; being in Answer to the 
Bishop of Oxford's Plea relating to those 
two Points. 1688. 4to. This work was first 
published in two tracts, the first entitled 
' A second Part of the Inquiry into the 
Beasons offered by Dr. Samuel Parker, 
Bishop of Oxford, for abrogating the 
'Test.' 168a 4to. the latter 'A continu- 
ation of the second Part of the Inquiry,' 
1688. 4to. 

A Letter containing Bemarks on the 
two Papers written ^K. Charles II. con- 
cerning Beligion. 16881 4to. This letter 
was written 1686, but not published till 

Beflectloiu on *the Belation of the Eng- 
lish Beformation, and the Theses relating 
to it; lately printed at Oxford, by Obadioh 




T'tTEirET —eoniinuedt 
"Walker, Master of Univ rslty Coll., in two 
Parts. Amst.1686. Lond. 1689. 410.38.6(1. 
A Pastoral Letter to the Clergy of bis 
Diocese, concerning the Oaths of Alle- 
giance and Sapremacy to K.- William and 
Q. Mary ; dated 15th May, 1689. 4to. is. 
This letter having, in pages 19, 20, 21, 
touched upon the right of conquest, gave 
such offence to some persons in both bouses 
of parliament, that it was, says Bishop 
Kennet, ordered to be burned by the hands 
of the common executioner, in 1693. In 
1690, appeared A Letter in Answer, 4to. 

A Letter to Mr. Thevenot, containing a 
Censure of Mr. Le Grand's History of K. 
Henry the Eighth's Divorce ; to which is 
, added a Censure of Mr. de Meux'a (Bos- 
suet) History of the Variations of the 
Protestant Churches, together with some 
further fieflections on Mr. Le Grand. Lond. 
1689. 4to. 4s. 6d. 

A Collection o' eighteen Papers relating 
to the Affairs of Church and State during 
the reign of K. James II. Lond. 166^. 
4to. 12. lis. 6d. 

Dr. G. Burnet's Tracts. Load. 1689. 
12mo. 2 vols. 

Six Papers : to which is added an Apo- 
logy for the Church of England, &c. and 
an Enquiry into the Measures of Submis- 
sion to the Bupream Authority, &c. Lond. 
1689, 4to. 

Instructions for the Archdeacons of the 
Diocese of Salisbury, to be delivered by 
them to the Clergy in their Easter Visita- 
tions ; together with a Letter from their 
Diocesan, dated 22nd April, 1690. 1690. 4to. 
A short Directory, containing proper 
Rules how to prepare young Persons for 
Confirmation. 1690. 4to. 

Four Discourses delivered to the Clergy 
of the Diocese of Salisbury ; with a large 
prefatory Epistle to the Clergy of the said 
Diocese. Lond. 1694. 8vo. 4s. In the 
prefatory address, dated 8th Dec. 1693, will 
be found a distinct account of the design 
of each discourse, and a confutation of the 
objections which had been alleged against 
the revolution.— Notes upon the Bishop of 
Salisbury's'four Discourses. Lond. printed 
in Usum Sarum, 1695. 4to. 38. 

Animadversions on Mr. Hill's Book, en- 
titoled ' A Vindication of the primitive 
Fathers.' Lond. 1695. 4to. 8s. 6a. 

An Essay on the Memory of the late 
Queen (Mary). Lond. 1696. Svo. with por- 
trait of Mary, 4s. l. p. 6s. 

A Letter to Dr. John Williams in De- 
fence of the Discourse on the Divinity 
and Death of Christ. Lond. 1695. 4to. 
4b. 6d. Designed as a reply to the object* 
ions of an Unitarian writer, contained in 
' Some Considerations on the Explications 
of the Doctrine of the Trinity/ pnbliahed 
ie&4. 4to. 

Reflections upon a Pamphlot entituled, 
[Some Discourses upon Dr. Burnet and 
Dr. Tillotson. Lond. 1695. 4to. 5s. attri- 
buted to Dr. Geo. Hickes.] Lond. 1698. 
Svo. 4s. 

Reflections on a Book entituled 'The 
Rights, Power^ and Privileges of an En- 
glish Convocation stated and vindicated' 
[written by Bp. Atterbury]. Lond. 1700. 
4to. S8.6d. 

A Speech in the House of Lords, De- 
cember, 1703, upon the Bill entitled ' An 
Act for preventing occasional Conformity.* 
1703. 4to. 

Tracte and Sermons published in the 
Years 1677—1704. Lond. 1704. 4to. 8 vols, 
with portraits, 22. 2s. 

An Exposition of the Church Catechism, 
for the use of the Diocese of Sarum. Lond. 
1710. Svo. 4s. 

A Speech in the House of Lords, 16th 
March, 1709-10, upon the first Article of 
the Impeachment of Dr. Henry Sacheverel, 
1710. Svo. Is. 6d. 

Four Letters between Gilbert, Lord 
Bishop of Salisbury, and Mr. H. Dodwell, 
on occasion of Mr. Dodwell's Resolution to 
leave the Nonjurors and return to the 
Communion or the Church of England. 
Lond. 1718. Svo. 88. 6d. Published by Rob. 

Some Sermons preaeh'd on several Oc- 
casions, and an Essay towards a new Book 
of Homilies in seven Sermons. Lond. 1713. 
Svo. 5b. 

A Resolution of two important Cases 
of Conscience. Question the first : Is a 
Woman's Barrenness a just Ground for 
Divorce, or for Polygamy ? Question the 
second : Is Polygamy, in any Case, lawful 
under the Gospel? 1733. Published in the 
Appendix to the Memoirs, &c. of John 
Macky, Esq. 5s. 

Thoughte on Education, now first printed 
from an original MS. Lond. 1761. Svo. 3s. 

A Memorial offered to the Princess 
Sophia, Electress of Hanover, containing 
a Delineation of the Constitution and Po- ■ 
licy of England, with Anecdotes concern- 
ing remarkable Persons of that Time. 
Lond. 1815. Svo. 6s. Now first published, 
according to the original in the Royal Li- 
brary at Hanover. 

BxriorBT, Gilbert, Bishop of Sa- 
liisbiiry. Sermons oh Bev&cgl occa- 
sions, viz; 

1. 6tli Dec 1674, on Rom. xili. 5. 1675, 4to. 
1710, Svo. 2. aOth Jan. 1674-5, 2 Sam. i. 12. 
1675, 4to. with No. 1. 1710,8vo. 2*.18th July, 
1678, at the Funeral of Mrs. Anne Serle. 
1678, 4to. 8. 2d Sept 1680. Amos, iv. 11, 
12. 1680, 4to. 4. 22d Dec. 1680. Rev. iii. 
2, 8. 1681, 4to. 5. 80th Jan. 1680-1. Zach. 
vUi. 19. 1681, 4to. 6. 29th Sept. 1681. 
Matth. xU. 26. 1681, 4to. 7. 28th June, 



BuBNET — continued, 

1682. Psalm zxzvii. 87. 1682, 4to. 8. 6tb 
Not. 1681. Psalm xzil. 21. 1684, 4to. 9. 
S8dD6C.1688.Psalmcxvlil.28.1689,4to. 10. 
31st JaB. 1688-9. Psalm czliv. 16. 1689, 4to. 
11. 11th April, 1689. 2 Sam. xzUi. 3, 4. 
1689, 4to. 12. 5th Not. 1689. Micah, tI. 6. 
1689, 4to. 13. 26th Not. 1689. Acts Tii.l6. 
1689, 4to. 14. 26th Dee. 1689. 1 Tim. iii. 
16. 1690, 4to. 15. 12th Mar. 1689-90. Luke 
xix. 41, 42. 1690, 4to. 16. 16th July, 1690. 
PsaL IxxxT. 8. 1690, 4to. 17. 19th Oct. 1690. 
Psalm cxliT. 10, 11. 1690, 4to. 18. 19th 
Feb. 1690-1. Prov. xxxi. 30, 31. 1691, 4to. 
19. 29th April, 1691. Psalm zii. 1. 1691, 
4to. 20th. 26th Not. 1691. ProT. xx. 28. 
1691, 4to. 21. 7th Jan. 1691-2. Eocles. 11. 
26. 1692, 4to. 22. 11th March, 1693-4. 

1 Cor. i. 26. 1694, 4to. 23. 29th May, 
1694. Psalm ct. 6. 1694, 4to. 24. 30th 
Not. 1694. 2 Tim. It. 7. 1094, 4to. 25. 10th 
Feb. 1694^. 2 Cor. tI. 1. 1695, 4to. 26. 
26th Dec. 1696. Gal. It. 4. 1696, 4to. 27. 
7th March, 1696-7. Ephes. t. 1. 1697," 4to. 
28. 2(1 Dec. 1697. 2 Ghron. ix. 8. 1697, 4to. 
29. 25th April, 1698. GaL tI. lO, 1698, 4to. 
30. 25th March, 1700. Ptot.. xxTii. 5, 6. 
1700, 4to. 31. — Jan. 17034. 1 Cor. xU. 
26, 27. 1704. 4to. 32. 18th Feb. 17034. 
Malachii.ll. 1704, 4to. S3. — Oct 1704. 
PhiL ii. 1, 2. 1704, 4to. Prefixed is a 
charge giTen at the triennial Tisitation of 
the Diocese of Salisbury in October, 1704. 
34. 10th March, 1705-6. Psalm xlix. 20. 
1706, 4to. 86. 25th March, 1706. Matth. 
xxiT. 12, 4to. 36. 27th June, 1706. Deut. 
It. 6, 7, 8, 8to. 37. Slst Dec. 1706. Psalm 
Ixxii. 4. 1707, 8to. 38. 29th May, 1710. 
Matth. xxii. 21. 1710, 8to. 39 & 40. 5th and 
7th Not. 1710. Psalm cxUt. 16. 1710. 8to. 
41. 2d April, 1711. Psalm cxxii. 6, 7,8, 9. 
1711, 4to. 42. 29th March, 1714. Daniel, 
iT.27 1714,8to. 43. — 1714. Acts, xx. 28, 
4to. With this sermon is a charge giTen 
at the triennial Tisitation of the Diocese 
of Salisbury, 1714. 44. 31st Oct. 1714. 
Psalm ii. 10, 11, 8to. 45. 5th June, 1689. 

2 Chron. xt. 2. 46. 27th Oct 1692. Exod. 
It. 13. 47. 16 March, 1701-2. Isaiah, xlix. 
33. 48. Against Popery, near the end of 
the reign of K. Charles II. Ephes. i. 3. 
48 & 50. 20th July, 1683, before the Lord 
Wm. Russell, BeT. xIt. 18. Psalm xxiii.4. 
51. Upon Death,— 1705. Eocles. xli. 7. 52. 
Upon the Lotc of God. Matth. xxii. 36, 
86, 37, 38. 58. Upon the Loto of our 
Neighbour. Matth. xxU. 89, 40. 64. 
Against Peijury. LeTit. zix. 12. 66. Of 
the Nature of Oaths, and against profane 
Swearing. James t. 12. 66. Upon keeping 
holy the Sabbath-day. Exod. xx. 8, 9, 10, 
11. 57. Against Adultery and Unclean- 
ness. Heb. xiii. 4. 66. Against Drunken- 
ness. Ephes. T. 18. 

Nos. 3^82 inclusiTe are in the collection 
of tracts and sermoosi written and pub- 


lished in the years 1677-1704. 1704. 4io. 8 
Tols. Nos. 45—58 were printed in 1713. 
8to. entitled ' Some Sennons preached on 
seTeral occasions, &g.' 

In the BeT. Sampson Letsome's work 
entitled 'The Preacher's Assistant,' the 
following two sermons on Ephes. t. 1^ 
1678. 4to. and on 2 Tim. i. 6, 1689. 4to. are 
(probably erroneously) ascribed to Bishop 

Memorin saemm GOb. Burnet. Salisb. 
Episc. EJusdem Epitaphium. 1714-16. fol. 

A Character of the Bishop of Sarum: 
with a true Copy of his last Will and 
Testament. Lend. 1716. 8to. 2s. 6d. 

A Life, Character, and an Account ot 
the Writings of Bishop Burnet, by John 
le Clerc. Loud. 1715. 8to. 2s. 

A Character of Bishop Burnet. In Mis- 
cellanies, by Geo. SaTille, Marquis of Ha- 

[Mrs. Burnet, the wife of the Bishop, 
published A Method of DeTotion; or, 
Rules for holy and dcTout liTing, with 
prayers. To which is added an Acconut 
of her Life, by T.Goodwyn. Lond. 1709. 

Subnet, Rev. Gilbert Practical 
Sermons (48) on varions Subjects. 
Lond. 1747. 8to. 2 vols, 

— John. Practical Hints on 
Composition in Painting, iUustrated 
by Examples from the. great Mas- 
ters of the Italian, Blemish and 
Dutch Schools, Lond. 1822. 4to. 


Pp. 22. with plates. This writer like- 
wise published Practical Hints on Colour 
in Painting, Illustrated by Examples from 
the works of the Venetian, Flemish, and 
Dutch Schools. Lond. 1827, 4to. Bem. 
brandt and his works. Lond. 1848. 4to. 
Landscape Painting in oil colours. 1849. 
4to. and seTeral other works, for which 
see London Catalogue. 

— Thomas, D.D., of the Charter 
House. Sacred l^heory of the 
Earth. Lond. 1759. $vo. 2 vols. 98. 

Best edition. WiUlaihs, 811, 12. 13s. 
This Book may be consic'iered the master- 
piece of this writer, andf though. In point 
of philosophy, it is cor^ipletely exploded, 
the book will ever contlinue to charm the 
reader by the eloqueiice of its style, and 
the grandeur of its ^ imagery. It was an- 
swered by Warren./ Bp. Croft, Keill, and 
Whiston : to all of whom Dr. Burnet re- 
plied. The original edition in Latin en- 
titled TeUuris Tlteoria, 1681. 4to. 2 toIs. 
See Betr. Rev. ytL 13842. 




De Statn Mortuontm et ResurgeTitlam 
Liber, 1720? 4to.— Lbnd. 1723. 4to. Priv. 
printed.— 1726, 8vo.— 1727 (adjicitur Ap- 
pendix de futnra Judseorum Bestaur- 
atione). 8vo. 8s. labob papeb. Wil- 
liams, 809, morocco, 12. 68.— Translatfed by 
Matthias Barbery. Lond. 1728, 8vo. 2 
▼ols. 4b. Respecting the early editions of 
this work and the learned aathoi's trea- 
tise, De Fideet OfBciis Christianorum, 
MS Nichols^ Literary Aneodotes, vi. 221-2. 

De Fide et Officiis Ghristlanoram. Lond. 
1722. 4to. Priv. printed.— 1727. 8vo. Priv. 
printed.— 1728. 8vo.— 1783. Svo.— Trans- 
lated by John Dennis. Svo. 

Archnologie Philosophicn Libri duo. 
Lond. 1(J92. 4to.^l728, Svo -1733, Svo.— 
Translated, with Remarks thereon by Mr. 
Foxton. Lond. 1729, Svo. 

' All the Latin works of Dr. Bamet are 
written with snch perspicuity and ele- 
gance of style, that, notwithstanding the 
singularity of some of his opinions, they 
are highly deserving of attention.' — 2^. 

BuBNET, Thomas. Second Tale 
of a Tub; or, the History of Robert 
Powel, the Puppet-shew Man. 
Lond. 171 5. 8to. with a frontis- 
piece, 58. 

A satire on Sir Robert Walpole, ascribed 
to Thomas Du£fet. 

BuBirxTT, G^rge. Specimens of 
English Prose Writers, from the 
earliest Times to the Close of the 
eighteenth Century ; with Sketches 
biographical and literary; inclu- 
ding an Account of Books, as well 
as of their Authors, with occasional 
Criticisms. Lond. 1807 or 1813. 

crown Svo. 3 vols. 

An elegant and Judicious compilation, 
forming a companion to Ellis's Specimens. 
Brookett, 483, 16s. 

BuBNET, Charles, Mus. B. The 

present State of Music in Prance 

and Italy, 1 vol. in Ghermany, the 

Ketherlfuids, and United Provinces, 

2 vols. Lond. 1771, 3. Svo. drols. 

Elegant and entertaining travels, com- 
mended by Dr. Johnson. Fonthill, 2046, 
date 1776, 12. 4s. Bindley, pt i. 817, date 
1773, 16s. 

— BGfltory of Music, from the 

earliest Ages to the present Period. 

To which is prefixed a DiBsertation 

on the Musick of the Ancients. 

Lond. 1776-89. 4to. 4 roU. with 

A work of much reputation. [There was 
a second edition of vol. 1 in 1789.] Dent, 

St. i. 626. 22. 18s. Constable, 214, msflia, 
iL 18s. Strettell, 868, 41. Boxburghe. 
1694, 4^ 6s. BuppL 666, 41. 12s. Nassau^ 
pti.624,62. Steevens, 1600, N. WiOett, 
400, 62.68. Boeooe, 267, 82. Ss. Fonthill, 

— Account of the Musical Per- 
formances in Commemoration of 
HandeL Lond. 1785. 4to. wiUi 

Bindley, pt. L 782, 8s. 6d. Kassau, pt. i. 
626, 168. Dent, pt, i. 627, morocco, 16s. 
Beckford in 1817, 187, with proof impres- 
sions of the plates in different states, mo- 
rocco, 12. 168. 

-— Memoirs of the Abate Metas- 
tasio. In which are incorporated 
Translations of his principal Let- 
ters. Lond. 1796- Sto, SyoIb' 
Fonthill, 62, 12. Is. 

— Charles, B. D. Remarks on 
the Greek Yersee of Milton. Lond. 
1790. Svo. 

— Tentamen de Metris ab -^s- 

chylo in Choricis Cantibus adhibitis. 

Cantab. 1809. Sto. 16s. 

A highly esteemed and much valued 
work. Drury,621,12.14s. Williams, 318, 
morocco, 22. 16s. 

— Captain James. A Chrono- 
logical History of the Voyages and 
DisooTeries in the South Sea or 
Pacific Ocean ; illustrated with 
Charts and other Plates. Lo&d. 

1803-17. 4to. 6 vok. 

A masterly digest of the voyages in the 
South Sea, displaying a rare union of nau- 
tical science and literary research. [Vol. 4 
contains a History of the Buccaxders.j Dru- 
ry, 763,62.6s. Captain Bnmey likewisepub- 
lished A History of North-Eastem voy- 
ages of Discovery. Lond. 1819, Svo. 7s. 

— Richd. KEPAI2T0N AOPON, 

King Charles the Second presented 

to the Houses of Parliament in their 

next Session as the Strength, 

Honour, and Peace of the Nations ; 

delivered in Eight Sermons. Lond. 

(1660). 4to. 

Written in a vauntlngandbombaststyle. 
Prefised is a portrait of the King. Bindley, 
pt. i. 1110, 42. 14s. 6d. White Knighti^ 
763, morocco, 22. lOs. 




BTTBNirr, Miss. See D'Asblat, 

BuBNHAM, Bichard. Pious Me- 
morials ; OP, the Power of Re- 
ligion upon the Mind, in Sickness, 

and at Death. Lond. 1768. 8to. 5s 
The preface to this work, consisting of 
short anecdotes, inter8i>ersed with devout 
reflections, was written by the Rev. James 
Hervey, author of the Meditations. An 
edition published by Burder, 1820, 8vo.8h. 

BuBKS, Bobert. Works, with 
an Account of his Life and a Criti- 
cism on his Writings. To which 
are prefixed, some Observations on 
the Character and Condition of the 
Scottish Peasantry. By James 
Currie. Liverpool, 1800. 8vo. 4 vols. 

with portrait, 11. lis. 6d. 

In this edition of Bums, frequently re- 
printed, the editor has excluded every ex- 
ceptionable piece. The "Reliques," 
mentioned below, forms a fifth, or supple- 
mentary volume to this edition. An edi- 
tion, with additional notes by the P9et's 
brother, Gilbert Bums. Lond. 1820, 8vo. 
4 vols, with portrait, 1{. 16s. 

Life and Works, by Allan Cunningham, 
1834. fcap.8vo.8vols. Entirely republished 
in 1 vol. royal 8vo. Bohn, 1842. lOs. 6d. 

Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect 
By Robert Bums, first edition, mr«. Kil- 
marnock, 1786, 8vo. Second edition. Edinb. 
1787, 8vo. with portrait by J. Beugo. Rox- 
burghe, 8404,7s. Third edition. Lond. 1787, 
8 vo. An edition, 1797, 8vo. 2 vols. Edwards, 
86, 8s. 

Heron's (i. e. John Pinkerton) Memoir 
of the Life of the late Robert Bums. 
Edinb. 1797, 8vo. 

Poems ascribed to Robert Bums, not 
contained in any edition of his works hi- 
therto published. Glasgow, 1801, 8vo. 8s. 
This volume contains among much that is 
worthless some of Bums' most brilliant 
poetry, omitted in Dr. Gurrie's edition. 
Roxburghe, 8496, lis. 

Letters addressed to Clarinda. Glas- 
gow, 1802, 12mo. This volume was sup- 

Views in North Britain to illustrate the 
Poems of Robert Bums. Engraved by 
Storer and Greig. Lond. 1806. 8vo. LAsas 
PAPBB. 4to. White Knights, 752, 158. 

Reliques, consisting chiefly of original 
Letters, Poems, and critical Observations 
on Scottish Songs. Collected and pub- 
lished by R. H. Cromek. Lond. 1808, 8vo. 
108. 6d. 

Select Scotish Songs, ancient and mo- 
dem ; with critical Observatlona and bio- 

graphical Notices, by Robert Bums. Edited 
by R. U. Cromek. Lond. 1810, 8vo. 2 vols. 
Stretell, 1004, 12. 

Poems by Robert Bums : with an Ac- 
count of his Life, and miscellaneous Re- 
marks on his Writings. Containing also 
many Poems and Letters not printed in 
Dr. Currie's edition. Edinb. 1811, 6vo. 2 
vols, with portrait and engravings, il. 4a. 

BOYAL PAPES, 81s. 6d. 

A Critique on the Poems of Robert 
Bums. 1812. 8vo. 10s. 6d. 

Review of the Life of Robert Bums, by 
Alex. Peterkin. Edinb. 1815, 8vo. 

A Letter to a Friend of Robert Bums, 
occasioned by an intended Republication 
of an Account of the Life of Bums. By 
Dr. Currie ; and of the Selection made by 
him from his Letters. By Wm. Wordfi- 
worth. 1816, 8vo. 2s. 6d. 

The Poems and Songs of Robert Bums, 
with a new Sketch of the Life of the Au- 
thor, &c by the Rev. Hamilton Paul. 
Glasgow, 1819, 5s. 6d. 

A Pilgrimage to the Land of Bums. 
1822, sm. 8vo. 8s. 

The Life of Robert Bums, by J. G. 
Lockhart. Edinb. 1828, 8vo. with port, 
by Miller after Nasmyth, 128. Reprinted 
in Constable's Miscellany. 

A Series of Illustrations of the Poems 
of Bums, from Designs by W. Kidd. Pait 
'i. 5s. To be completed in 20 parts. 

Bums, illustrated in a series of Pictures 
and Portraits (88), edited by Allan Cun- 
ningham, in 28 parts, forming 2 vols. 4to. 
1840. 22. 108. 

Poems, with Memoir and Notes, by Sir 
H. Nicolas. 1889, 12mo. 8 vols. 

BuEE, Thomas Benge. The 
History of Tunbridge Wells. Lond. 
1766. 8vo. 5s. 

A well-written and entertaining work. 
LARGE p APEB. 7s. 6d. Nassau, pt. i. 468, 15s. 

BuBBELL, Lady. Poems. Lond. 

1793. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Her ladyship likewise published The 
Thymbriad, from Xenophon's Cyropedia. 

1794, 8vo. and Telemachus. 1794, Svo. 
Roxburghe, 8606, 8 vols. 18s. 

— PercivaL Sutton's Svna- 
gogve ; or the English Centurion. 
Lond. 1629, 4to. 

Prefixed is a portrait of Sir T. Sntton 
by Elstracke. Bindley, pt. i. 1128. 11. Is. 

BuBBHUs, or BuBBOuaHS. See 

BuBBiDGtE, EzekieL Histonta 
nuperse Berum Mutationis in An* 
glia. Lond. 1697. 8vo. 5s. 
Heath, 4476, 7s. 6d. 

BuBSOuaHS, Jeremiah. Exposi- 
tion with practical Observations on 
the Prophesie of Hosea. Lond. 
1643, 50, 52, 57, 4to. 4 vols. 158. 

Most of the writings of thin puritan 
divine, who was forced to quit the Univer- 
sity of Cambridge, on account of non-cop- 
formity, will be found in the British Mu- 

Bttbeow, Rev. Edw. I. Elements 
of Conchology, according to the 
Linnean System. Second Edition. 
Lond. 1818. 8vo. 168. Third edi- 
tion. Lond. 1825. 8vo. Fourth 
edition. 1844. 

Pp. 248, with 28 plates, plain, 8s. co- 
loured, 18s. The first edition appeared 
in 1816. 

— Sir James. Anecdotes and 

Observations relating to Oliver 

Cromwell and his Family ; serving 

to rectify several Errors concerning 

him, published by Nicolaus Oom- 

nenus Papadapoli, in his ' Historia 

Gymnasii Patavini.' 1763. 4to. 6s. 

Printed for private circulation by Sir 
James Burrow, Master of the Grown Office. 
Part of the above appeared in the Gentle- 
man's Magazine for December, 1767. 

— Reports in K.B. in the Time 
of Lord Mansfield, from Mich. 30 
Geo. II. to Eaater 12 Geo. III. 
FiflJh Edition, with critical Notes 
and Observations, &c. by Sergeant 
Hill. Lond. 1812. royal 8vo. 5 vols. 
41 158. ' 

Best edition. These reports are highly 
esteemed by the profession. An edition, 
Dublin, 1778-80, 8vo. 6 vols. IZ. Ss. First 
edition, 1766^, fol. 5 vols. 21. Fourth 
edition, 1790, royal 8vo. 6 vols. 82: Ss. Sir 
James likewise published a Series of the 
Decisions of the Gonrt of K.B. upon 
Settlement Cases. 1732 to 1768. Third 
edition, 1786, 4to. 1/. 10s. 

BiTBSEBius, Jo. Bapt. Institu- 
tions of the Practice of Medicine, 
translated from the Latin by Wil- 
liam Cullen Brown. Edin.1800— 3. 
8vo. 5 vols. 11. Is. 

Bubt's (Capt. Ed.) Letters from 
Scotland. See ScoTLAin). 

Bttethogoe, Eichard, M. D. 
Essay upon Keason and the Nature 
of Spirits. Lond. 1694. 8vo. 5b. 



A curious treatise, containing much 
novel reasoning relative to the appearance 
of spirits. An account of Burthogge and 
his writings will be found in Wood'g 
Athen. Oxon. 

BuETON, Eev. Edward. A De- 
scription of the Antiquities and 
other Curiosities of Home. Second 
Edition, with numerous Additions. 
Lond. 1828. Small 8vo. 2 vols, with 
plates 15s. 

A much-esteemed and judicious work. 
The first edition. Oxford, 1821, 8vo. pp. 
590. 15s. Drury; 623, 11. in. 

-^ George. Essay towards re- 
conciling the Numbers of Daniel 
and St. John, determining the Birth 
of our Saviour, and fixing a precise 
Time for the Continuance of the 
Desolation of the Jews. With a 
Supplement. Norwich and London, 
1766, 8. 8vo. 7s. 6d. 

Williams, 319* and 320, IZ. 6s. laeob 
PAPEB. Williams, 821, without the Sup- 
plerdent, 19s. Burton likewise published 
The Analysis of Two Chronological Tables. 
1787, 4to. 2s. 6d. 

— Henry. A Narration of the 
Life of Henry Burton, according to 
a Copy written with his own hand. 
Lond. 1643. 4to. vdth a portrait. 

Nassau, pt. i. 384, 11. 10s. 

An account of this puritan divine, who 
was pilloried with Piynne and Bastwick ; 
with a list of his writings, mostly contro- 
versial an4 abusive, will be found in 
Wood's Fasti Oxon. The Baiting of the 
Pope's Bull. 1627, 4to. Gordonstoun, 168, 

— Hezekiah, D.D. Discourses. 
Lond. 1684-5. 8vo. 2 vols, with 
portrait by R. White, 8s. 

Published by Abp. Tillotson. 

— John. History of Eriander. 
Lond. 1661. 8vo. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

— John, M. D. Monasticon 
Eboracense ; and the Ecclesiastical 
History of Yorkshire. York, 1758. 

Pp. xii. and 448, indexes, and addenda, 
86 pp. with two plans, pp. 141, 288^ and a 
map at p. 438. 

This work was intended to be completed 
in two volumes, and the plates inserted in 
the present were to have been given in 
the second volume ; bat the author dying, 




Feb. 21, 1771, the design wu vAvwc com- 
Biockett, 689, 22. 18b. WiUett, 451, 

81. 6s. LABQK PAPXR. Dent, pt. I. 496, 
russia, 8^ 18a. Constable, 287, rnssia, 

82, 19e. Heath, 4578, rassia, 71* 98. 0d. 
Nassau, pt. i. 672, SI. 6s. 

This author likewise published a Trea- 
tise en Midwifery, with etohings by George 
Btubbs, the well-known animal painter. 
He is the Doctor Slop in Sterne's Tristram 

BuBTOV, John, M.D. Pentalo- 

gift^ eiye TragOBcUaruin Ghmcanun 

Delectus, cum AxmotationibuB Joh. 

Burton, cuiObservationes, Indicem- 

que GrsBcum adjecit Tho. Burgess. 

Oxon. 1779. 8to. 2 toIs. 

Best edition of this esteemed selection. 
Oosset, 1027, ISs. labob papbr. Dent, 
pt. ii. 90, morocco, 12. lis. 6d. Drur7,625, 
nissia, 11. Ss. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 702, 
morocco, 12. 128. Heath, 4369, 22. 12s. 

The former edition, Ozon. 1768, Bvo. 

1 vol. contains some observations by Bur- 
ton, which were omitted in that in 1779. 68. 
LAfiaBPAPXB. Heath, 4838, Us. 6d. Wil- 
liams, 1798, morocco, 12. 98. 

Sermons preached before the University 
of Oxford. Oxford, 1764. 8vo. 2 vols. 8s. 

Opusoula miscellanea theologica et me- 
trioo Prosaica. Oxon. 1771, 8vo. 

Iter Sunlense. Prsemittitur de LingusB 
Gnoce Institutionibus quibusdam Epis- 
toIaCritica. Lond. 1762, 8vo. pp. 182,68. 

— Bobert. Anatomy of Me- 
lancholy. The eleventh Edition 
corrected ; to which is prefixed, an 
Account of the Author. (Edited by 
Edward Du Bois.) Lond. 1806. 8vo. 

2 vols, with frontispieces. 
[Frequently reprinted, 2 vol8.8vo. 12. Is. 

Also in 1 vol. 86. 6d.] 

A work once almost foi^tten, but which 
owed its revival to the inordinate praise 
of Dr. Johnson, who observed that it 'was 
the only book that ever took him out of 
bed two hours sooner than he wished to 
rise.' Prom this storehouse of learning, 
intermingled with quaint observations 
aud witty illustrations, many modem 
writers have drawn amply, without ac- 
knowledgment, particularly Sterne, who 
has in the most barefaced manner copied 
the best of his pathetic, as well as hu- 
morous pansagea. 

List of the earlier Editknt. 
First Edition. Oxford, 1621, 4to. Lloyd, 
444, 148. Inglii, 818, U ll8.6d. Jadis, 

817, 12. iOs. Bindley, pt 1. 898, 2L 16s.— 
Second edition, folio. Oxford, 1624.— Tbird 
edition. Oxford, 1628. with Aront.— Fourth 
edition. Oxford, 1632, fol. with fh>nt. and 
port, by C. Le Blon. Steevens, 1446, with 
MS. notes by Steevens, 82. 98. Inglis,400, 
17s.— Fifth edition. 1638.— Sixth edition. 
1661-2, fol. with frontispiece. Dent, pt. 1. 
494, russia, 12. 7s. Bindley, pt. i. 891, 
12. 7s. Goldsmid, 163, 12. 68. In the ad- 
dress to the reader, it is stated, that this 
edition is printed from a copy corrected 
with several considerable additions by the 
author, latelv deceased.— Seventh edition. 
1660, folio, firbnt. Lloyd, 268, 17s. Bind- 
ley, pt. i. 392, 12. 6s. pt. iv. 845, 168. 6d.— 
Eighth edition. 1676, fol. ftont. Kox- 
burghe, 1836, 12. IOs. Brockett, 686, 168. 
Gosset, 1233, 12. 19b. — Ninth edition.— 
Tenth edition? 1800. Fonthill, 1060, 12. 
LAEGB PAPXB* Nassau, pt. i. 474, 12. 18s. 

In vol. i. of the Works of Charles Lamb, 
are "Curious fragments, extracted from a 
common-place book which belonged to 
Bobert Burton, the' famous author of the 
Anatomy of Melancholy." 

BuBTON, Bobert or Bichard. 
Wars in England, Scotland, and 
Ireland. — ^Historictd Bemarks on 
the ancient and present State ot 
London and Westminster. — ^Admi- 
rable Curiosities, Barities and 
Wonders in England, Scotland and 
Ireland. — History of the Kingdom 
of Scotland. — History of the House 
of Orange. Westminster, 1810-13. 

4to. 6 voltf. 

These reprints were edited and publish- 
ed by Machell Stace; fifty copies were on 

LABQK PAPBB. NsSSaU, pt. 1. 626, &C. 

72. 7s. Respecting the author of twelve 
penny books (viz. Nath. Crouch, aUas Ro- 
bert or Richard Burton), see Dunton^s Life 
and Errors. 

Thi/dUomng eompUatioM are by ike some 
atUkm', aU 12mo. or ISmo* 

Miracles of Art and Nature, or a brief 
Description of the several Varieties of 
Birds, Beasts, Fishes, &c. of other conn- 
treys. 1678, 12mo. 10s. 6d. Fourth edition, 
1706, 12mo. Tenth edition, 1737, 12mo. 

Historical Bemarques on London and 
Westminster. 1681, 12mo. Boxburghe, 
8631, 6s.6d.-3rd edition, 1684. Lloyd,297. 
—1703.— 1722.— 1780, entitied A new View 
and Observations on the ancient and pre> 
sent State of London and Westminster, 
Continued by an able Hand. 12mo. pp. 
312 (B-N 12) and pp. 145-468 {0-X 6) with 
title and 'to the Reader,' also a firont. oo&- 




taininij; the Boyal Arms and the Arms of 
the City of London. Beed, S660, 8b. Nas- 
saa, pt i. 472, Ss. Dent, pt. i. 369, mor. 

The Apprcntice'B Companion, containing 
plain and useful directions for Servants. 
Loud. 1681, 12nio. front. 

The Wars in England, Scotland and 
Ireland, from 1626 to 1600. 1681.— Fourth 
edition, 1683, 12mo. Nassau, pt. i. 466, 68. 
—1684. Lloyd, 297.— 1706.-1737. 

Wonderful Prodigies of Judgment and 
Mercy, discovered in Three Hundred His- 
toriea. 1681.— 1682.— 1685.— Fifth edition, 
1699.— Edinb. 1762. 

Wonderful (or Admirable) Curiosities, 
Rarities and Wonders in England, Scot- 
land and Ireland. 1682.-1684. Lloyd, 
297.— 1685. Towneley, pt 1. 278, lis.— 
1697.— 1728. 

The extraordinary Adventures and Dis- 
coveries of several ftimous Men. 1688.— 
1728. Lloyd, 288, 58. 

Two Joumies to Jerusalem. 1688, 12mo. 
Nassau, pt i. 464, 5s.— 1685.— 17S0.-1738. 
—1759. Steevens, 1891, 7s. 6d. 

Strange and prodigious religious Cns- 
toms and Manners of sundry Nations. 

Emblems. 1684, 12mo. Bindley, pti. 
658, 21. 5s. 

English Empire in America. 1686. 
12mo. maps and pictures. Lloyd, 287, Ss. 
6d.— 1711.— Sixth edition, 1728. — Nassau, 
pt i. 471.— 1735.— 1789. 

England's Monarchs, or an Account of 
the Kings of England, from the Invasion 
of Romans to this Time, See. 1686, 12mo. 
Lloyd, 297.-1691.-1694. Bindley, pt i. 
656.— n. d. 

History of Scotland and Ireland. 1686. 
12mo. Lloyd, 200, 4s. Nassau, pt i. 466, 
9s. Towneley, pt. ii. 366, II. 6s.— 1696. 

History of the Kingdom of Ireland. 1686. 
—1692. Nassau, pt i. 467, 4s.— 1693. 
Towneley, pt i. 280, 8s. 6d. Seventh edit 
DubUn, 1731, 12mo. 

Young Man's Calling, with Lives of se- 
veral excellent Persons of both Sexes. 

Remarks upon the Lives of several ex- 
cellent young Persons of both Sexes. 
Lond. 1718, 12mo. 

A View of the English Acquisitions in 
Guinea, and the East Indies. 1686, 12mo. 
Bindley, pt i. 660.-1726.— 1728. Nassau, 
pt i. 471. 

The English Hero,or Sir Francis Drake 
revived. 1667.— Eighth edition, 1710, 12mo. 
—1739.-1756. — n. d. 

The Life and dangerous Voyages of Sir 
Francis Drake. Fourteenth edition. Lond. 
n.d. 12mo. 

History of the nine Worthies of the 
World. 1687. Constable, 107, 8s.— 1713. 
'1727. 12mo. 

Winter Evening's Entertainments. 1687. 
Sixth edition, 1787. Bindley, pt i. 669. 

Female Excellency, or the Ladies Glory. 
Lond. 1686, 12mo. Fourth edition, 1728. 

Vanities of the Life of Man from his 
Birth to his Death, with Pictures and 
Poems. 168S, front and wood cuts, 12mo. 
Third edition, 1708, 12mo. 

Delightfhl Fables in Prose and Verse. 

History of Oliver CromwelL 1692.— 
1696, port 12mo. Lloyd, 282, 6s. 6d.— 1706. 
Dowdeswell, 176, 12s.— 1728. 

Memorable Accidents and unheard-of 
Transactions. 1693. From the French of 
T. Leonard. Nassau, pt i> 468, 6s. — n. d. 
—1733. 12mo. front 

History of the House of Orange. 1693. 

History of the late King James 2. and 
Charles 2. 1693, 12mo. 

Epitome of all the Lives of the Kings of 
France. 1693. White Knights, 641, 98. 

The general History of Earthquakes. 
1694, front. 12mo.— 1734.— 1736. 

The History of the Principality of 
Wales, in three Parts. 1696, front 12mo. 
Towneley, pt 1. 279, 4s. See Retrosp. Rev. 
V. 206-22. Second edition, 1780. Nassau, 
pt i. 473, 12s. 

Martyrs in Flames, or Historyof Popery. 
1695.-1718. — n. d. Third edition, 1729, 

Unfortunate Court Favourites of Eng- 
land. 1696, fi:ont 12mo. Nassau, pt i. 469, 
6s.— 1706. 

Unparellel'd Varieties : or, the match- 
less Actions and Passions of Mankind, 
displayed in near 400 notable Instances 
and Examples. The third edition. Lond. 
1697, 12mo. Lloyd, 294, 6s. Foarth edit. 
1728, 12mo. 

Extraordinary Adventures, Revolutions, 
and Events. Third edition. Lond, 1704, 

Divine Banquet. 1707. 

History of the Lives of English Divines 
who promoted the Reformation. 1709. 
Bindley, pt. i. 666.-1746. 

Unhappy Princesses ; or the History of 
Anne Boleyn and Lady Jane Orey. 1710. 
—1733, 12mo. front 

JBsop's Fables in Prose and Verse. 1713. 

History of Virginia. 1712. 

Triumphs of Love, containing fifteen 
Histories. 1760. 

Ingenious Riddles. 

English Heroine, or the Life and Adven- 
tures of Mrs. Christian Davis, commonly 
called Mother Ross. 

Youth's Divine Pastime, containing 
Forty remarkable Scripture Histories, 
turned into English verse. Twelfth edit 
Lond. n.d. 12mo. 

History of Flowers, Plants, &c of Holy 




Kingdcmi of Darkness, or the History of 
Demons, Spectres, Witches, &c. Fourth 
edition, Lond. 1728, 12mo. wood cats. 

[The whole of the foregoing, with a few 
exceptions, are in the Grenville Library, 
British Museum.] 

BuBTON, Thomas. Diary from 
1656 to 1659, now first published 
firom the origiiial MSS. Edited and 
iUustrated by J. T. Butt. Lond. 
1828. 8vo. 4 vols. 11. Is. 

— William. Caveat for Suerties. 

Lond. 1593. 12mo. 

Inglis, 242, lis. A Life of this divine 
with a list of his nnmerous publications 
will be found in Dr. Bliss's edition of 
Wood's Athen. Oxon. ii. 1—8. 

— Seven Dialogues both pithie 

and profitable. Lond. 1606. 4to. 

Black letter. CoUation A [41), a (2 1), 
B to U 3. Forster, 168, blue morocco, 
52.2s.6d. Ferry, Si. 10s. Midgeley, 22. ISs. 
JoUey, 1844, 82. 7s. Sotheby, May, 1856, 
unbound, IIZ. These dialogues are be- 
tween a good Woman and a Shrew ; the 
conversion of a harlot, a popish pilgrimage, 

— Description of Leicestershire : 
containing Matters of Antiquitye, 
History e, Armoire, and Genealogy. 
Lond. (1622). foUo. 

An account of this work will be found 
in Oldys' British Librarian, 287—09. 

Collation. An engraved title-page ; de- 
dication to 'George Villiers, Marquesse 
and Earle of Buckingham,' 2 pagen ; To 
the Reader, 6 pages ; The work, pp. 1— 
882 (821—82 not paged), with a portr. of 
the author by F. Delaram, and a map en- 
graved by Wm. Kip. Brockett, 587, 18s. 
Nassau, pt i. 670, SI. White Knights, pt. 
i. 786, russia, 11. 16s. Dent, pt. i. 496, 
22. 148. Willett, 457, 42. 78. labob papeb. 
Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 754, mssia. 162. 163. 
A copy is in the GrenvUle Library, Bri- 
tish Museum. 

The second edition enlarged and cor- 
rected. Lynn, 1777, folio. Title, dedica- 
tion, preface, 8 pp. ; list of subscribers, 2 
pp. ; the work, 298 pp. ; list of all the she- 
riffs, 4 pp.', index, 2 pp. with a map by 
Pyle, and two plaSesoF arms to face p. 1. 
Brockett, 638, lOs. laboe papeb. Heath, 
4618, russia, 1{. 

— Commentary on Antoninus his 
Itineraiy or Joumies of the Koman 
Empire, so far as it concemeth Bri- 
tain. With a chorographicall Map 
of the several Stations ; and I^idexes 
to the whole Work. Lond. 1658. foL 

This work eontalns a portrait and map 
by Hollar. Towneley, pt. i. 886, IZ. 4s. 
Heath, 4519, 12. 8s. Dent, pt. i. 162, mo- 
rocco, 12. 16s. Nassau, pt. i. 671» russia, 
82. Pt. ii. 1210,* 22. 

This writer, who is highly commended 
by Ant. k Wood, published 

Laudatio fhnebris in Obitum D. Tho. 
Alleni. Lond. 1682. Oxon. 1688, 4to. 

GrsacsB Linguse Historia. Lond. 1657, 
8vo. Cosset, 1025, 69. 6d. 

— Wm. Researches into the 
Phraseologv, Manners, History, and 
Religion of the ancient Eastern Na- 
tions, as illustrative of sacred Scrip- 
tures, and into the Accuracy of the 
English Translation of the Bible. 

Lond. 1805. 8vo. 2 vols. 

A compilation, containing materials of 
varions value, beautifully printed. Gosset, 
1028, 6s. 6d. vim papeb, 10s. 6d. 

Bttby, Bichard de, Bishop of 
Durham. Incipit plogus in librum 
de amore librorum, qui dicitur Phi- 

lobiblon. (lionise. 1473. 4to. 

First edition. 48 leaves of 26 lines. Wil- 
liams, 62. 10s. 

— Philobiblon de queremoniis Ii • 
brorum, omnibus litterarum ama- 
toribus perutile. (Spirse per Johan 
et Conrad Hiist. 1483.) 4to. - 

88 leaves of 81 lines. 

— Philobiblon sive de Amore Li- 
brorum et Institutione Bibliothecce 
Tractatus pulcherrimus ; oui acces- 
sit Appendix de MSS. Oxonien- 
sibus, opera et studio T. I. (Tho. 

James). Oxon. 1599. 4to. 

The first treatise on bibliography by an 
English writer, pp. 62, and an appendix, 4 
leaves, besides ' Thomea Bodlceo? ' Vita ex 
BalsBo, ex libro quoda vetusto de Antiquit. 
Dunelmensibus.' Constable, 889, 12. Ids. 
Bindley, pt. iii. 1801. 22. 5s. Brockett, 
2637, 12. 15s. Dibdin, 642, morocco, 22. lis. 
An edition, Paris, Gasp. Philippe pour 
Jean Petit, 1500, 4to. Frankfort, 1510, 4to. 
Lflfipsic, 1674, 8vo. Leipsic, 1708, 4to. 

Philobiblon, a treatise on the love of 
Books, translated from the first edition, 
1478, [by J. B. Inglis]. Lond. 1832. 8vo. 

Bury St. Edmunds. — Komina 
quorundam e Primariis olim Bi^se 
G-rammaticalis Scolee Buriffi S. Ed- 
mundi Carminibus illustrata, edita 
aBandaJI Lond. 1719. 


N6t mentioned by Gough* Bindley, pt. 
ii. 2005, 42. 16a. Nassau, pt. i. 2496, 82. Ids. 

A Description of the ancient and present 
State of the Town and Abbey of Bury St. 
Edmunds. The third edition, with consi- 
derable additions. Bury St. Edm. 1782, 
8vo. Pages 114, including a notice ftom 
the editor to. the reader. Nassau, pt. i. 476, 
98. First printed by Qillingwater in 1771. 
Again, 1804. 

Description of Bury St. Edmunds, with 
illustrations of Churches, 1626, postSvo. 8s. 

Bttsbequius, Aug. Qisl. Opera^ 
qiiibus accessit Epitome de Mori- 
biiB Turcarum. Lond. 1660. 12iuo. 


A translation of this author's Travels 
into Turkey. Lond. 1744, 12mo. 68. These 
travels contain much valuable political 
information. White Knights, 648, 10s. 
A notice of them will be found in the Retr. 
Bev. xiii. 66—87. Another, entitled Epis- 
tles concerning his Embassy into Turkey, 
1694. White Kniglits, 647, 6s. Rox- 
burghe, 7266, 4s. 

Bfsbt, Eichard, D.D. Ghram- 
xnatica Busbeiana, in Usum ScholeD 
Begiffi Westmonasteriensis, 8vo. 

Frequently printed. This able school- 
master published several other elementary 
works, a list of which may be seen in 
Wood's Atheu. Oxon. 

A Narrative of the Differences between 
Mr. Busby and Mr. Bagshawe, Masters of 
Westminster School. Lond. 1659, 4to. A 
copy is in the British Museum. See Be- 
loe's Anecdotes, vi. 888 — 41. Bindley, pt. 
iv. 668, 6s. King and Loch^e's in 1814, 
IL 18s. 

— Thomas, Mus. D. History of 

Music : comprising the Lives of 

eminent Composers and Musical 

Writers. Lond, 1819. 8vo. 2 vols. 

lOs. 6d. 

Dr. Busby has likewise published A 
complete Dictionary of Music, crown 8vo. 
6s. A Grammar of Music. Second edi- 
tion, with Improvements, 182 , 9s. Con- 
cert Room and Orchestra Anecdotes of 
Music and Musicians. 1826, Svols. 12tiio. 
XI. Is. A Musical Manual, or Technical 
Directory. 1828,8s. 

BusCHiNO, Anth. Fred. D.D. 

System of Geography, translated 

from the German. Lond. 1762. 

4to. 6 vols, with 36 maps. 

Of this work it has been said, though the 
minuteness of Buscbing is generally tire- 



some and superfluous, yet we can pardon 
it, for the accuracy of its details. Bindley, 
pt. i. 663, 16s. Roxburghe, 7116, 32. 68. 

BrsENEiiLO, Gio. Francesco, ^ro- 

spective of the Naval Triumph of 

the Venetians over the Turk, in 

Terse, hy Tho.Higgons. Lond. 1658. 


Pp.64. White Knights, 660, 68. Towne- 
ley, pt. U. 867, lOs. 6d. Bindley, pt. i. 687, 
M. 10s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet 866, 21. 128. 6d. 
There are copies on large paper. 

Bush, J. Hihemia curiosa. A 

Letter giving a general View of the 

Manners, &c. &c. of the Inhahitants 

of Ireland. Lond. 1764. 8vo. Ts. 
Another edition, 1782, 8vo. 

BusHE, Paul, first Bishop of Bris- 
tol. A lytell Treatyse in Englysshe^ 
called the Extripacion of Ignorancy, 
compyled by Sir Faule Bushe Freest 
and Bonhome of Edyndon. (Bich. 

Fjnison.) 4to. 

A copy of this poetical tract, consisting 
of four sheets, dedicated unto Mary, daugh- 
ter of K. Henry VIII., is in the public li- 
brary at Cambridge. 

— Certayne gostly Medycynes 
necessary to be rsed among wel dis- 
posed People to eschewe and to 
auoyde the comen Flage of Festi- 
lens. Impr. by me Bob. Bedman. 


Contains B 4, or 12 leaves. A collection 
of prayers or conjurations against the 
plague of pestilence. 

— An Exhortation to Margaret, 

Wife of John Bu^es, Clothier of 

Eingswood in the (x)unty of Wilts. 

By Faul Bush, Bishop of Bristol. 

Lond. hy John Cawood, 1654. 8vo. 
See Strype's Eccl. Memor. iii. p. 172. 
Another edition without date. An account 
of Bush will be found in Wood's Athen. 

Bush, William. True Eelation 

of the admirable Voyage and Tra- 

vell of William Bush, Gentleman, 

who with his own Hands, without 

any Mens Helpe made a Finnace, 

in which he passt by Ayre, Land 

and Water from Lambome in Bark- 

shire, to the Custom House Key, in 

London. 1607. 4to. 




Black letter, with fixmt. ' Beed, 6461, 61. 
North, pt. Ui. 689, 62. 

BusHELL, Thomas. Speeches and 
Sonss at the Fresentment of Mr. 
Bushell's Book to the Queenes Ma- 
jesty. Oxford, 1636. 4to. 

Dent, pt. i. 62a lis. Bindley, pt. iii. 1864, 
11. 6s. Khodes, 351, 81. 

— ' Mr. Bushell's Abridgment of 
the Lord Chancellor Bacon's Philo- 
sophical Theory in Mineral Perse- 
cutions. Lond. 1659. 4to. 

80 leaves, including the table of contents, 
with portrait by Faithome. In this vo- 
lome will be found New Atalanti8,a work 
unfinished, written by Lord Bacon. Bind- 
ley, SI. Ss. 

Bashell has likewise published 'A 
^ast and true Remonstrance of his Ma- 
jesty's Mines Royal in the Principality of 
Wales. Lond. 1642, 4to.' His life wiU^ 
found in Wood's Athen. Oxon. 

BuswELL, John. Account of the 

Knights of the most noble Order 

of the Ghffter. Lond. 1757. 8to. 4s. 
Pp. 318, Introduction, pp. 12 and Ap- 
pendix not included. Compiled from the 
works of Ashmole and Anstls. 

— Sir G-eorge, Bart. A copy of 
the Last Will and Testament of Sir 
George Buswell, Bart, of Clipston. 
Lond. 1714. 8vo. 

Reprinted at Market Harborongh. 8vo. 
31 pp. This pamphlet, interesting to col- 
lectors of Northamptonshire History, was 
privately printed. 

Butcher, Bev. Edmund. Ex- 
cursion from Sidmouth to Chester, 
in the Summer of 1803. Lond. 
1805. 12mo. 2 toIs. 5s. 

— Bichard. The Survey and 
Antiquitie of the Towne of Stam- 
ford, in the County of Lincolne. 

Lond. 1646. small 4to. 

Pp. 47, besides title, the honourable en- 
signes of Stamford, epistle dedicatory, 
poems, and table, 6 leaves. Jadis, 133, 
morocco, 12. 6s. 

— The Survey and Antiquity of 
the Town of Stamford, by Bichard 
Butcher. A brief Description of 
the Town of Tottenham Highcrosse, 
by Wilhebn Bedwell. The Tvma- 
ment of Tottenham, by Gilbert 
Pilldngton. Lond. 17l7>8. 8vo. 

A—K, in eights. Thwe ars two signa- 
tures, marked 6. Roxbnrgha, 8648, 128. 
Marq. of Townaend, 312, 12s. Nassau, pt. 
i. 47^ 6s. LABOB PAPXV. Heath, 4616^ 1Z.98. 
Baker, 69, 11. 78. White Knights, 651, 
russia, 21, 2s. 

Bute, John Stuart, Earl at Bo- 
tanical Tables, containing the dif- 
ferent Families of British Flanti^ 
distinguished by a few obvious Parts 
of Fructification, ranged in a sy- 
noptical Method: some Observa- 
tions on the Terms employed in 
Botany, and particularly on those 
borrowed from the Anatomical De- 
scriptions of Animals, and a G-los- 
sary explaining Botanical Terms, 
4to. 9 vols, [about 1785.] with nu- 
merous figures. 

Of this work, which is more qdendid 
than nsefiil, but twelve copies were print- 
ed. A description and collation of the 
work will be found in Sir Jos. Banks' QSa- 
talogue. Sir R. Borough, 1813, 822. 19s. 
Queen Charlotte, 1819, 1172. 

Bute Administration* 

British Antidote to Caledonian Poison, 
1762-3, 2 vols. 12mo. Lloyd, 274, 21. 28. 
Bindley, pt. i. 625, 1 vol. 1762, 11. lis. 6d. 

A Political and Satyrical History of the 
Tears 1766 and 1757, in a Series of 75 
Prints. 12mo. Beed, 6376, 10s. Sotheby^s 
in 1821, 18s. 

Scotch Politics, or the satirical History 
of the Year 1762, in 26 Plates by Darley. 
12mo. White Knights, 3723, 11. Is. 

A political and satirical History and 
Account of Scotch Influence, in 199 carlcA- 
ture Prints. 2 vols. 12bio. with the double 
plates. Perry, pt. ii. 1067, 21. 28. 

A political and satirical History of the 
Tears 1756 to 1762, in a series of 112 hu- 
morous Prints. 12mo. 11. lis. 6d. 

BuTLEB, Bev. Alban. The liyes 
of the Fathers, Mkrtyrs, and other 
principal Saints ; compiled from 
original Monuments and other au- 
thentic Becords: illustrated with 
the Bemarks of judicious modem 
Critics and Historians. Lond. 
1812-13. 8vo. 12 vols, with 40 en- 

Best edition, stereotyped, and publishud 
in 120 numbers. Prefixed is a life of the 
author by Charles Butler, Esq. of Lin- 
coln's Inn. * A work of merit— the sense 
and Ifiaming belong to the author— lik 




prejudices are tliose of his profession.'— 
Otbban. First edition, without notes, 1746, 
6 Tola. Another, Lond. 1756, Svo. 6 vols. 
A copy on labob wBrriNo papeb, Wil- 
liams, 823, morocco, 862. 16s. (A copy is in 
the Grenville Library, British Museum.) 
Another edit^ Dublin, 1779-80, 8 vo. 12 vols. 
Gough, 604,12. 19s. [Frequently reprinted, 
12 vols. 8vo. 1847, SZ. with plates, 32. 12s. 
— 12 vols. 12mo. 1846, 22. 28.-12 vols. 82mo. 
1847, 12s. A compact edition, 2 vols, royal 
8to. 1836, plates, 12. lOs.J 

Letters on the History of the Popes, 
published by Archibald Bower. Dublin, 
1778, 8vo. 

The Life of Mary of the Gross. 'It is 
rather a vehicle to convey instruction on 
various important duties of a religions life, 
and on sublime prayer, than a minute ac* 
count of the life and actions of the man.' 
— (7. Arf2«r. 

Treatise on Katural and Revealed Re- 

The Moveable Feasts and Fasts, and 
other annual Observances of the Catholic 
Church. 1774, 8vo. Gough, 606,4s. 6d. Re- 
printed with life by G. Butler. Dublin, 
1839, 8vo. 

Sermons. 8 vols. ' His sermons were 
sometimes interesting and pathetic: but 
they were always desultory, and almost 
always immeasurably long/— (7. Butler. 

Short Life of Sir Toby Matthews. 1796^ 

An Account of the Life and Writings of 
Alban Butler. 1793, 8vo. 6s. 

BuTLEB, Sev. Charles. The Prin- 
ciples of Music. Lond. 1636. 4to. 

This tract, dedicated to K. Charles I., 
was the only theoretical or didactie work 
on the sul]gect of music, published in that 
king's reign. White Knights, 766, 4s. 
Gordonstoun, 287, 68. 

Rhetoricje Libri duo. Oxonise, 160O. 
16mo. Id, in eights, besides dedication to 
Sir Thomas Egerton, some commendatory 
verses, and an address to the reader. 
Fourth edition. Ozon. 1618, 4to. — Oxon. 
1629, 4to.— Lond. 1686, 8vo. 

The feminine Monarohie ; or, a Treatise 
concerning Bees, and the due Ordering of 
them. Oxford, 1609, 8vo. A— O, besides 
a preface of 6 pages, Latin and English 
verses 2 pages, and a table of contents, 
16 pages.— Lond. 1628, 4to.— Oxford, 1684, 
4to. White Knights, 764, mor. 10s. Gor- 
donstoun, 268, 2s. 6d. Nassau, pt. i. 681, 
m88ia,8s. Translated, with additions, into 
Latin, by Rich. Richardson. Lond. 1678, 
m Oxon. 1682, 8vo. 

XYTFENEIA De PfopinquiUte Matrlmo- 
nimn fanpediente Regvla. Oxon. 1626, 4to. 
Reprinted at Frankfort in 1648, 6vo. in tlw 

TOL. Z. 

same volume with Fr. Florens de Nuptiis 
Consobrinarum prohibitis aut premissis. 

The English Grammar. Oxford, 1633. 
4to. An account of this work, in which 
the author proposes a new and more simple 
orthography for our language, will be foimd 
in the Grammar prefixed by Dr. Johnson 
to his Dictionary. Lloyd, 446, 4s. 6d. 
—1634. Towneley, pt i. 899, with the 
Feminine Monarchy, 1684, and Principles 
of Music, 1686, 12. 18s. 

OratorisB Libri duo. Oxon. 1683, 4to.— 
Lond. 1636, 8vo. 

— Ghajrles, of Lincoln's Inn. Phi- 
lological and Biographical Works. 

Lond. 1817. 8to. 5 rols. 

An Essay on the Legality of impressing 
Seamen. Lond. 1777, 8vo.— 1778, 8vo. Re- 
printed in the Pamphleteer, no. 46, but not 
in the collection of this author's works. 

Hore Biblicffi ; being a connected Series 
of Notes on the Text and Literary History 
of the Bibles, or Sacred Books of the Jews 
and Christians ; and on the Bibles or Books 
accounted sacred by the Mahometans, 
Hindus, Parsees, Chinese, and Scandina- 
vians, 1797—1807, crown 8vo. 2 vols, with 
an Appendix. Privately printed. Vol. I. 
was reprinted, 1799—1807, vol. i. fourth 
edition, vol. ii. second edition, royal 870. 

Notes on the Koran, the Zend-Avesta, 
the Yedas, the Kings, and the Edda. Ox- 
ford, 1802, 8vo. Privately printed. 

HorsB Juridicee SubsecivsB ; or Notes on 
the Grecian, Roman, Feudal and Canon 
Law. Lond. 1804, 8vo. Reprinted 1807, 
royal 8vo. 98. 

A connected Series of Notes on the chief 
Revolutions of the principal Stetes which 
composed the empire of Charlemagne, 
l^rom his Coronation in 814, to its Dissolu- 
tion in 1806 : on the Genealogies of the 
Imperial House of Hapsburg, and of the 
six secular Electors of Germany ; and on 
Roman, German, French and English No- 
bility. Lond. 1807, royal 8vo. 16s. 

The Life of Fenelon, Archbishop of 
Cambray. Lond. 1810, 8vo. pp. 288. 10s. 6d. 
—Second edition, to which are added, the 
Lives of St. Vincent of Paul and Henri- 
Marie de Boudon, a Letter on ancient and 
modem Music, and historical Minutes of 
the Society of Jesus. Lond. 1819, 8vo. 
10s. 6d. 

Some Account of the Life and Writings 
of Jas. Benigne Bossuet, Bishop of Meaux. 
Lond. 1812, crown 8vo. pp. 180. 7s. 

An Essay on the Life of Michel de 
rHopital, Chancellor of France. 1814, post 
8vo. 4s. 

An historical and literary Aeooont of the 
Formularies, Confessions of Faith, or sym- 
bolic Books of the Roman Catholic, Greek, 
and principal Protestant Chorehes. To 




whiehftTe added four EnayB. Loud. 1816, 
8vo. 7s. 6d. Dmrv, 628, U. 

The Lives of Dom Annand Jean Le 
BonthilUer de Ranc^, of the Monastery of 
La Trappe ; and of Tliomas a Kempis. 
With some Account of the principal reli- 
gions and military Orders of the Roman 
Catholic Church. Lond. 1814, Svo. 

The inaugural Oration spoken Nor. 4, 
1816, at the Laying of the first Stone of 
the London Institution. Lond. 1816, 8vo. 

Historical Memoirs of the English, Irish 
and Scottish Catholics since the Reforma- 
tion. Lond. 1819-2— .Svo. 4 vols. Dmry, 
690, 12. ISs. Second edition. Third em- 
tion, corrected, revised, and considerably 
augmented. Lond. 1822, 8yo. 4 toIb. 2/. 8s. 

[Supplementary Memoirs of the English 
Catholics, addressed to Charles Butler by 
the Rey. J. M. 1820, 8vo.] 

Reminiscences, with a Correspondence 
between the late Dr. Parr and the Author. 
Lond. 1822-7, 8to. 2 Tohi. A third edition 
of Tol. i. appeared 1828, 8yo. 

Tljie Book of the Rom. Catholic Church. 
In a Series of Letters addressed to Robert 
Bouthej, Esq. on his ' Book of the Church.' 
Lond. 1825, Svo. 9s. 6d. 

A Letter to the Rt. Rer. C. J. Blomfield, 
Bishop of Chester ; in Vindication of a 
Passage in his ' Book of the Roman Catho- 
lic Churdi' censured in a Letter addressed 
by him to his Lordship. Lond. 1825, Svo. 

The Life of Erasmus, with historical 
Remarks on the State of Literature be- 
tween the tenth and sixteenth Centuries. 
Lond. 1825, Svo. 7s. 6d. 

Vindication of the Book of ' The Roman 
Catholic Church,' against the Rev. Geo. 
Townshend's ' Accusations of History 
against the Church of Rome :' with Notice 
of some Charges brought against ' The 
Book of theRomanCatholicChurch,' in the 
Publications of Dr. Philpotts, the Rev. H. 
J. Todd, the Rev. I. B. White, and in some 
anonymous publications, wi th Copies of Dr. 
Philpott'a fourth Letter to Mr. Butler, 
containing a charge against Dr. Lingard ; 
and a Letter of Dr. Lingard to Mr. Butler, 
in Reply to the Charge. Lond. 1826, Svo. 
9s. 6d. 

Appendix to Mr. Butler's Yindication 
of 'The Book of the Roman Catholic 
Church,' in Reply to Dr. Southey's Pre- 
face to his Yindiclae Ecclesia Anglicans. 
Lond. 1826, Svo. 

Reply to the Article in the Quarterly 
Review for March, 1826, on the ' Revela- 
tions of La Soenr Nativity.' To which is 
added an Essay on mystical Devotion. 
Lond. 1826, Svo. 

The Life of Hugo Grotius, with brief Mi- 
nutes of the civil, ecclesiastical and literary 
History of the Netherlands. Lond.l826,8vo. 

Life of H. F. D'Aguesseaa. Lond. 1880, 

A Letter <m the Coronation Oath ; with 
Notice of the recently-published Letters <^ 
the late King to Loitl Kenyon, and his 
Lordship's Answers ; and Letters of the 
late Mr. Pitt to the late King, and the late 
King's Answers. Lond. 1827. 

On the London Polyglott. An elegant 
little treatise, printed for private use. 
crown Svo. 

BiTTLEB, James. See Osmokd, 

Duke of. 

— John, Bishop of Hereford. 
Select SermoiiB, to which are added 
two Charges to the Clergy of the 
Diocese. 1801. Svo. with portrait, 6s. 

The letters of Junius have been ascrib- 
ed to this prelate, but without foundation, 

— Joseph, Bishop of Durham, 

Works. Oxf. 1807. 8vo. 2 vols. New 

edition, by Sam. Hali£sa. Oxf. 1849. 

8to. 2 vols. lis. 

The works of this learned prelate are 
held in the highest estimation, particu- 
larly his Analogy of Religion. Frequently 
reprinted in Svo. and 12mo. ; also in Bohn s 
Standard Library, Ss. 6d. 

— Samttel. Hudibsas, in three 
Parts. Lond. 1668, 1664, and 1678. 

First Editionb. 

Of Parts I. and II. there are thioe dif- 
ferent editions under the same dates, 
which, taken merely by the title, may 
easily be confoun4ed with each other. The 
legitimate ' author's edition' would seem 
to be that printed in small Svo., all thre« 
IMurts uniform in size and type, and on 
rather stout paper. The earlieat edition 
of the first part is, no doubt, that called 
tpuriotu, a small volume Ciemo.), dated 
1668, without name either of printer, pub- 
lisher, or licenser. We are led to this 
knowledge by the following advertisement 
in thePublick lutelligenoer, published by 
authority, December 28, 1662 :— ' There is 
stolen abroad a most false imperfect copy 
of a poem called Hudibras, without name 
either of printer or bookseller, as fit for 
go lame and spurious an impression. The 
true and perfect edition printed by the aa> 
thor's original, is sold by Richard Marriot 
under St Dunstan's church in Fleet 
Street' When tlie legitimate * author's 
edition,' in small Svo. came out in 1668, 
another smaller edition, the size of the 
spurious one, appears to have been pub- 
lished at the same time, and by the same 
publishers, probably to compete in cbeap- 
ness with its rival. 

The 'author's edition' of Part II. was 
printed uniform with its predecessors in 
Doth small Svo. and 16mo.; and there 
seems to have been no tpuriom edition of 




tfle Mtaal twok; which was protected hj 
the copyright ' impriniatni' of Sir Roger 
I'Estrange. But a doggrel sabsUtute, by 
■ome other writer, called Hudibkas. The 
Skoond Pabt was pablished uoiform with 
the sporions first part, likewiae without 
name of printer or pabliaher. 

JPart III. first printed in 1678, appeared 
in only one size, i. e, small 6vo. uniform 
with the two preceding parts of the au- 
thor's edition. 

It may be convenient to give a seriatim 
list of these various parts. 

Part I. Idmo. 'London, printed in the 
year 1063.' WUJumi printer or puUuher'* 
name, and presumed to be epuriou*. 

Part I. small Svo. Lond. Printed by J. 
G. for Bichard Harriot, 1668, with Impri- 
matur Jo. Berkenhead, Nov. 11, 1662 

Part 1. 16mo. with exactly the same 
imprint and imprimatur as the preceding. 

Fart II. small 8vo. Lond. IMnted by 
T. R. for John Martyn and James AUcHtry, 
1664, with Imprimatur Roger L'Estrange, 
Nov. 6, 1668. 

Part II. 16mo. with the same imprint 
and imprimatur. 

Part II. Spurioua, under title of ' Hudi- 
bras, the second part' Lond. printed in 
the year 1663. 

Part III. small 8va Lond. printed for 
Simon Miller, 1678. 

Of this there is only one ostensible edi- 
tion, but there are two states of it under 
the same date. The earlier has five lines 
of JSrrotoat the end; the later has the 
corrections Inserted, and on the back of 
the title ' Licensed and entered aceording 
to the Act of Parliament for printing.* 

Lowndes has the following note, which 
WB have not chosen to cancel, although 
quife sure it is founded in error. 

*This spurious second part went through 
three editions in the same year : the first 
two do not diflTer, except in the type : the 
third, entitled " Hudibras, the second 
Part, with the continuation of the third 
Canto, to which is added a fourth Canto. 
1663."^' Field, 1869, 16s. 

— Hndibras. Ssoond Editioit. The 
First and Second Part (in one volume;, 
eorrected and amended, with several ad- 
ditions and annotations. Lond. Printed 
Sr T. N. for John Martyn and Henry 
erringman, 1674^ small 8vo. 412 pages. 
The Third Part Lond. Printed for Ro- 
bert Home, 1679, small 8vo. 264 pages. 

VoUaire says of Butler's ' Hudibras'— 
'There is one English Poem, the title 
whereof is Hudibras ; it is I>on Quixote- 
it is our Satyre M^nipp^ blended toge- 
ther : I never met with so much wit in 
one single book as in this.* 

BVTtJBB, Sam. Hudibras, in three 
Parts. Lond. 1710. 18mo. 3 vols. 

Bindley, pt i. 319, 7s. 890, with the 
Remains, 3 vols. 1720, 16s. 6d. An 
edition, Lond. 1712, 6vo. Lond. 1716, 12mo. 
—1720, 12mo. SUnley, 410, with the Pos- 
thumous Works, 2 vols. 1716, uncut, 22. 2s. 

Btttlbb, Sam. Hudibras, in three 
Parts, with annotations, 1726. 12mo. 

First edition with Hogarth's cuts. 
This is the edition used bv Dr. Johnson 
for quotations in his Dictionary. Brockett. 
443, 14s. Bindley, pt 1. 821, with the 
posthumous works, 1764, 7s. Frequently re- 
printed. An edition, 1732, in 8vo. with- 
outplates. Roxburghe, 3384, 6s. 6d. [An 
ediUon, B. Motte, Lond. 1782, 12mo. with 
plates, reprinted 8. Powell, ])ublin, 1782, 
12mo. 16 pIate8.V-1789, Hogarth's plates, 
•with MS. notes by Dr. Farmer, sold at 
his sale, 1796, 1/. 3b. purchased by Samuel 
Rogers, and resold at his sale, 1856, I^.IOh. 

— Hudibras, in three Parts, 
with large Annotations and a Pre- 
£Bice by Zachary Grey, LL.D. Cam- 
bridge and Lond. 1744. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Best edition. Copies in fine condition 
are in considerable request. The cuts are 
beautifully engraved by Hogarth. Heath, 
1779, 22. 8s. Bindley, pt i. 822, 82. 4s. 
Sotheby's in 1826, 41. 98. larqb papeb. 
Dent, pt. i. 872, 61. pt. ii. 2, russia, 92. 2s. 6d. 
Stanley, 411, morocco by Roger Payne, 
162. Fonthill, 8061, HI. lis. BibL Anglo- 
Poet 81, ruBsia, 122. Williams, 822, in 
morocco, with an original autograph letter 
of Butler. 142. 6s. Foster, 106, March 
1867, 11/. 10s. 

Critical,historioal, and expIanatoryNotes 
upon Hudibras, by way of Supplement to 
tne two editions published in the Years 
1744 and 1746, by Zaohary Grev, LL.D. 
To which is prefixed a Dissertation upon 
burlesque Poetrv, by the late Montague 
Bacon, Esq.; and an Appendix, containing 
a Translation of Part of the 1st Canto into 
Latin Doggrel. Attributed to J. Tunstall. 
Lond. 1762, 8vo. published at Is. Stee- 
vens,1063. Reed, 7818, 17s. 

Hndibras, with notes by Orey. Second 
edition, 1764, 8vo. 2 vols. [This edition 
has many emendations upon that of 1744.] 
Roxburghe, 8886, 18s. 6d. Marq. of Tow n- 
send, 818, 12. 9s.— Third edition improved, 
1772, 8vo. 2 vols. Garrick, 349, 22. 2s.— 
Edinb. 1770, 8 vohk Oarrick, 861, 8s.— 
1790, 8ve. 9 vols. Reed, 6613, 12. laegb 
PAPSB. Nassau, pt IL 1469, mor. 82. Ids. 
6d.— 1801, 8vo. 2 vols. Drury, 683, russia, 
12. 7a. LABOB PAPKB.^— 1806, 6vo. 9 vols. 

— Hudibras, in three Parts. 
Lond. 1750. 18mo. 

A neat little edition, with a beautiful 

z 2 



portrait of the author by Nixon. Stan- 
ley, 412, morocco, 12.8s.— 1800, Bindley, pt 
i. 828, 68. 

BT7TLEB,Sam. Hadibra8,aFoem, 
in three Cantos, with Notes [By Dr. 
T. Nash.] Lond. 1793. 4to. 3 vols. 
200 copies printed, some with the plates 
in red, others in black. An elegant edi- 
tion, edited by Dr. Nash, the historian of 
Worcestershire, who has added a variety 
of entertaining notes. Reed, 6700, 71. 2b. 6d. 
Roxburghe, 3387, 82.128. Bindley, pt. i. 
739, uncut, 142.— With Hogarth's cuts in- 
serted. Fonthill, 2414, 132. ISs. Stanley, 
413, morocco, 142. 14s. Dent, pt. i. 630, mo- 
rocco, 162. 5s. 6d. One copy, printed ov 
▼ELLUM, the cuts on india paper. Earl of 
Devon, 262. [Nash's edition has been re- 
published, 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. J. Murray, 
1885-40. Again in 2 vols, post 8vo. por- 
traitsAud plates, 12. Is. Lond. Washboaraa, 

— Hudibrafi, with Dr. Ghrey's 
Annotations. A new Edition, cor- 
rected and enlarged. Lond. Bald- 
win. 1819. 8vo. 3 vols. 

Best modem edition, vith portraits, 
plates, and numerous wood cuts, labgb 
PAPER, in royal 8vo. imperial paper, proofs 
on INDIA PAPER. Duke of Yotkj. 986, russia, 
72. 7s. 

[X series of (60) Portraits to illustrate 
this edition was published by Baldwin, in 
ten parts, royal 8vo. 42. Proofs on India 
paper, super royal 8vo. 62. Super royal 
4to. 72. 10s.] 

— Hudibras, Poeme, traduit en 
Vers Francois, avec des Remarques. 
Lond. (Paris), 1757. 12mo. 3 vols. 

Two hundred copies printed. Strettel, 
107, 12. 188. Nassau, pt. i. 482, morocco, 22. 
Perry, pt. 1. 1871, 22. 4s. Sir M. M. Sylses, 

St. i. 877, 22. 16s. Lloyd, 301, 32. 4s. Rox- 
urghe, 3386, 32. 16s. Harq. of Townsend, 
317,82.16s, Bindley, pt. i, 824, 52. 5s. Ed- 
wards, 129, 62. 78. 6d. FonthiU, 3519, 72. 
Inglis, 243, morocco, 82. 10s. 6d. 

This masterly translation was made 
by John Towneley, and not by Col. Fran- 
cis Towneley, as generally reported. The 
publication of it was superintended by M. 
r Abbii Tuberville Needham, and the ' re- 
marques* were written by Larcher. The 
original English text is preserved, and it 
is illustratM with engravings, after the 
designs of Hogarth. 

Another adition. Paris, Didot, 1819, 
12mo. 8 vols, with 16 engravings after Ho- 
garth, 12. la. FINE PAPER, 12. to, VBLLUM 

rAPBB,12. 16s. A faithful reprint, with the 
addition of a key to Hudibras by Lottin 
Ifl Jean6,and some account of the translator. 

— FoflthumoiiB Works, in Prose 


and Verse, from ori^nal MSS. and 
scarce and valuable Pieces formerl^r 
printed : with a Key to Hudibras, 
by Sir Koger L'Estrange. The 
sixth Edition. Lond. 1720. 3 vols, 
with cuts. 

Out of fifty pieces which this publica- 
tion contains, there are only three wMch 
have any claim to be considered as the 
genuine productions of the celebrated But- 
ler. See Retr. Rev. ii. 256—70, iil. 818-35. 
Bindley, pt. i. 320, with Hudibias, 1710, 
16s. 6d. 

An edition, 1716, 2 vols. 12mo. White 
Knights, 654, 6s. Stanley, 410, with Hudi- 
bras, 1720, uncut, 22. 2s. Nassau, pt. L 481, 
with Hudibras, 1716, 12mo. old morocco, 42. 
4s.— 1732. Garrick, 352, lOs.— 1764. 12mo. 
Bindley, pt. i. 821, with Hudibras, 1726, 7s, 

— Bemains in Verse and Prose, 
published from the original MSS. 
with Notes by R. Thyer. Lond. 
1759. Bvo. 2 vols. 

' These remains do not answer my ex- 
pectation, and as for the editor, he is 
always in the wrong when there was a 
possibility of his mistalcing.'— ^. War- 
hurUm. Bindley, pt i. 325, 12s. 6d. Rox- 
burghe, 3888, 198. Stanley, 414, 12. 9b. 
Heath, 1780, 1/. lis. Garrick, 850, 198. 

— The genuine poetical Bemains 
of Samuel Butler, with Notes by 
Bobert Thyer. With a Selection 
from the Author's Characters in 
Prose. Lond. 1827. 8vo. 

Published from the original MSS. for- 
merly in the possession of W. Longueville, 
and illustrated with numerous woodcuts 
and portraits of Butler and Thyer. This 
edition was to have formed two volumes, 
but the publisher dying previous to its 
completion, a title-page was printed, to 
make it appear a complete work. labo& 
PAPBB, in royal 8vo. with proofs on India 
paper, imp. 8vo. Also in small folio. 
Pieces aUributed to Butler. 

The Act^ and Monuments of our late 
Parliament Lond. 1659. Reprinted 1710, 
8vo. 16 pp. In the fifth volume of the 
Harleian Miscellany. 

A Letter from Mercurins Givicus to Mes- 
curius Rusticus, 1643. Reprinted in the 
fourth volume of the Somers GoUectioa of 

Proposals for fanning out Liberty of 
Conscience, 1663. Reprinted in * Wit and 
Loyalty revived/ 1682. 

The Plagiary exposed, being a Reply to 
a Book entitled <King Charles's Case, 
formerly written by Jolm Cook, of Gray*a 
Inn, Barrister, and since copied out, under 
the title of Colonel Ludlow's Letter.' 16U1, 




4to. 12 leavea. Reprinted in the fifth vo- 
lume of the Somers Collection of Tracts. 

The secret History of the Calves' Head 
Chib. /S^ Calves' Head Club. 

Butler^s Ghost : or HudibraB, 
the fourth Part; with Reflections 
on these Times. 1682. See Dttb- 
PEY, Tom. 

BuTLEB, Samuel, D.D., Bp. of Lich- 
field. Sketch of modem and ancient 
Geography. Lond. 1851. 8vo. 78. 6d. 

The former ediUons, 1813, 1822, 1826. 

>Btjtleb. Some Account of the 
Family of the Butlers, but more 
particularly of the late Duke of 
Ormond, the Earl of Ossory, his 
Father, and James Duke of Or- 
mond his Grandfather. Lond. 1716. 

8vo. 68. 

[Life of James second Ihike of Ormond. 
Lond. 8vo. 1747, with portrait.] 

Bfttbeeebld, Swithume. Sum- 
marie of the Principles of Christian 
Eeligion, selected in Manner of 
Comon- places out of the Writings 
of the best Diuines of our Age. 
Lond. 1582. 8vo. 

— Catechisme, or Principles of 
the true Qiristian Beligion, briefly 
selected out of many good Books. 
Lond. 1590. 8vo. 

BtrTTEEWOKTH, Johu. Concord- 
ance and Dictionary of the holy 
Scriptures. The second Edition, 
with considerable Additions. Co- 
ventry, 1785. 8vo. 89. 

A useful and Judicious abridfpnent of 
Cruden. The first edition appeared in 
1767, 8vo. 6s. A new edition by Dr. Adam 
Clarke, 1812, 8vo. lOs. 6d. 

BiTTTSS, Henry. Dyets Dry Din- 
ner : consisting of eight seueral 
Courses. 1. Fruites. 2. Hearbes. 
3. Flesh. 4. Fish. 5. Whitemeats. 
6. Spice. 7. Sauce. 8. Toba<3co. 

Liond. B. Creed, 1599. small 8vo. 

A curious work. Boswell, 457, 9s. Perry, 
pt. L 469,82. Nassau, pt. i. 487, russia, 
4j. 7s. Bindley, pt i. 615, 61. 12s. 6d. A 
portrait of Buttes will be found in Hard- 
ing's Biogpraphical Mirror. 

— Sir William. A Booke of 
Epitaphs made ypon the Death of 
Sir William Buttes, Knight, who 

deceased 3 Sept. 1583. Lond. Imp. 

by Middleton, 8vo. 

Sotheby's, March, 1851, W. 43. 

BuxTOEP, John. Lexicon He- 

braicum et Chaldaicum. GHasgu», 

1824. 8yo. 

A former edition. Lond. 1646, 8vo. 7s. 6d. 

'The world is more beholden to Buxtorf 
for bis learned and judicious labours, than 
to any other that lived in his time, and 
his name ought ever to be preserved with 
honour in acknowledgment of ItJ^Dean 

Epitome Orammatiicte HebnBce. Lond. 
1653, 12mo. 8s. 

A short Introduction to the Hebrew 
Tong^ie ; translated by John Davis. Oxon. 
1657, 12mo. 

Synagoga Judaica, translated by Alan 
Blaney. Lond. 1666, 4to. 

Manuale Hebralcum et Chaldaicum. 
Oxon. 1807, 12mo. 5s. 

Byam, Henry, D.D. Thirteen 
Sermons, mo8t of them preached 
before his Majesty K. Charles II. 
in his Exile. Lond. 1675. 8vo. Ss. 

Byeield, Nicholas. Exposition 

upon the Epistle to the Colossians. 

Lond. 1615. folio. lOs. 6d. 

Reprinted 1628, folio. This divine, * in 
the opinion of the zealots, was a person of ' 
profound judgment, short memory, sharp 
wit, quick Invention, and of unwearied in- 
dustry.' — Ant. it Wood. 

An Essay concerning the Assurance of 
God's Love and of Mairs Salvation. Lond. 
1614, 8vo. 

Directions for the private Reading of 
the Scriptures, &c. Lond. 1618, 8vo. Re- 
printed 1648, 8vo. 

Beginning of the Doctrine of Christ, or 
a Catalogue of Sins. Lond. 1619-20, 12mo. 
2 vols. 

The Marrow of the Oracles of God. 
Lond. 1660, 12mo. 5tf. Best edition, con- 
taining the following six treatises: 1. 
The Principles or the Pattern of wholsom 
Words (first printed Lond. 1618, 8vo.) 2. 
The spiritual Touchstone (former editions 
1620 and 87). 8. The Signs of a wicked 
Man (Lond. 1620, 12mo.). 4. The Promises ; 
or, a Treatise shewing how a Godly Chris- 
tian may support his Heart with Comfort, 
&c. 5. The Rules of a holy Life (Lond. 
1619-20, 12mo.). 6. The Cure of Death 
(Lond. 1618, 8vo.). 

A Commentary upon the three first 
Chapters of the First Epistle of St. Peter. 
Lond. 1637, folio, 78. 6d. 

Exposition on the Apostles Creed. Lond. 
1626, 4to. 




Btood. See Bigod. 

Bygge, Thomas. Travels in the 

French Bepublic, translated from 

the Danish by John Jones, LL.D. 

Lond. 1801. 12mo. 4s. 

These travels are interesting from the 
account they give of the different scientific 
and literary establishments in France. 

Btng, Sir Gheorge. An Account 
of the Expedition of the British 
Fleet to Sicily, 1718-20, under the 
Command of Sir G«orge Byng. 
Lond. 1739. 8vo. 4s. 

Bybchenbha, Baph. Discourse 
upon the Defeat of the Bebels Q>^- 

rone and O'DonelL 1602. 4to. 
In verse. Garrick, 206. 
Bybp, William. Fsalmes, So- 
nets and Songs of Sadnes and Fietie, 
made into Musicke of fine Farts. 

Frinted by T. Esto (1588). 4to. 

Dedicated to Sir Christopher Hatton. 
Bindley, pt 1. 1278, 2i. lOs. Perry, pt i. 
825, 21. 48. This work is thus divided- 
Tenor, Contratenor, Bassus, Medins. Bibl. 
Anglo-Poet. 116. Sapeflus, Boswell, 628, 
198. An edition, 1688. 

-^ Musica Transalpina. Madri- 

gales, translated of 4, 5, and 6 Farts. 

'In twelve Books. Lond. by Tho. 

East, 1588, 1597. 4to. 

The first and second sets complete. So- 
theby's, in 1826, 62. Dent, pt. if. 74S. 

-^ Son^ of sundrie Nature, some 

of Gravitie and others of Myrth, 

fit for all Companies and Voyces, 

set to Musick for 8, 4, 5, and 6 

Voyces. In six Books. Lond. by 

Tho. East, 1589. 4to. 

Dedicated to Lord Unnsdon. Sotheby's, 
in 1826, 51. 68. 

— Liber primus et secundus sa- 

crarum Cantionum, quarum aUie ad 

quinque, aUie vero ad sex Voces 

SDditffi simt. Excudebat T. East, 

1589. 4to. 

Liber 1. dedicated ' Edvardo Somerset, 
Gomiti Worcestrice.' Lib. II. * lUustrissi- 
mo Proceri— Domino Lumley.' &c. The 
style of these sacred apngs, which are de- 
dicated to Edward Somerset, Earl of Wor- 
cester, is peculiarly grave and solid. Bibl. 
Anglo-Poet. 116. 

— Gbadualia, ao Oantiones sacne, 
quinis, quatemis, trinisque Vocibus 

concinnatse. Lopd. 1610. 4to. 4 

vols. 1^. lis. 6d. 

Admirable pieces of harmony. 

— Fsalmes, Songs and Somiets, 

fit for Voyces op Viols of 8, 4, 5, 

and 6 Farts. Lond. 1611. 4to. 

The last work published by Byrd. So- 
theby's in 1826 (Bassus, Tenor, Sextos and 

— See Farthenia. Tallis, Tho- 

An account of this admirable ebnreh 
mnsician and his publications will be 
found in Bumey's Music, iii. 8i4, 98,95-8, 
and in Hawkins, iii. 28S-814. 

BYBini, William. Scenery, &c. 
See Cbibis, James. Heabne, Tho- 
mas. Lybonb. Britannia Depieta^ 


Bybom, Jbhn, M.A. Miscella- 
neous Foems. Manchest-er, 1773. 

8vo. 2 vols. lOs. 

Reed, 6618, lis. 6d. i.AxaE papeb. 
Bindley, pt. i. 406, 16s. Beprinted 1814, 
8vo. 2 vols. 128. 

Byrom likewise published an excellent 
system of stenography, entitled^ The Uni- 
versal English Shoiirhand. Manchester. 
1767, 12mo. A former edition, consisting of 
60 copies for the use of the anthor'sfriends, 
appeared in 1749. Of late years other edi- 
tions have been published by Tho. MoU- 
neux and John Falmer. 

Bybok, George Gordon Noel 
Byron, Lord. Works. 

To form a complete edition of Lord 
Byron's works in 8vo. it was formerly 
necessary to have the six volumes pub- 
lished by Murray, two volumes pnb- 
lished by Hfint, one volume by Knight 
and Lacey, and one volume containing 
Don Juan, in 16 cantos, printed by Da- 
vison. An uniform edition was published 
at Paris, 1822-4, 12mo. 16 vols.— Another, 
Paris, 1822-4, 12mo. 12 vols.— Another, 
Paris, 1826, 8yo. 7 volsT-Another, Paris, 
1826, 82mo. 18 vols. — Another, containing 
the whole in one volume, with a Life by 
Henry Bulwer. Paris, 1826, 8vo. 

Works with his Life and Letters, edited 
by T. Moore, Lond. Murray, 1838, 12mo. 17 
vols.— Poetical Works, in one volume, 
royal 8vo. Murray, 1837 ; frequently re- 
printed.— 8 vols.8vo. 41.48. Lond. Murray, 
1840.— LABOB PAPKB, in 4to. published lOi. 
lOs.— Lond. Murray, 1866. 8vo. 6 vols. 22. 
68.— Lond. Murray, 1861, fcap.8vo. 10 vols. 
12. IDs.— Lond. Murray, 1867, in small tyiM, 
crown 8vo. 98. — Lcmcl^ 186S, 24mo. 8 vols. 

[The copyright having now expired of 




almost every thine, excepting the Foorth 
Canto of Childe Harold, there are many 
rival editions of all sizes and prices.] 

Hours of Idleness, a Series of Poems, 
original and translated. By George Gor- 
don, Lord Byron, a Minor. Newark, 
1807, crown 8vo. 6s. Sir M. M. Sykes, 
pt. i. 882, 16s. Bindley, pt ill. 38, 12. Ids. 
Brockett, 661, 7s. 6d. This work was 
severely criticised in the Edinburgh Re- 
view, no.xxii. which occasioned his Lord- 
ship's admirable satire ' English Bards 
and Scotch Reviewers.' 

(jIn Mr. Moore's Life of Byron we are 
intormed of an edijkion of the Hours of 
Idleness printed in 1806, in 4to, the entire 
edition or which was snppressed, with the 
•zeeptionef two, or, at most, three copies.] 

Poems. Newark, 180a Drury, 689, 14s. 
Reprinted London, 1820, 8vo. with a plate 
marked ' Hours of Idleness.' 

English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, a 
Satire, 1809. First edition, 12mo.pp. 64, and' 
two leaves containing title and preface. 
FonthilU 1696, 12. Ss. Sir M. M. Sykes, 

?t. i. 888, 10s. Second edition. Fonthill, 
696, 16s. Third edition, 1810. Drury, 
640, 18s. Fourth edition, 1811. Brockett, 
668, 18s. This edition has been frequentiy 
reprinted in Ireland, [and elsewhere] with 
the date of 1811. A fifth edition was 
printed, revised by the noble aathor, bat 
of which very few copies are extant. 

The Corse of Minerva, a Poem, printed 
anonymously in a thin 4to. 1812. 

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, a Romannt. 
Cantos I. and II. Lond. 1812, 4to. 11, lOs. 
Second edition, 1812, 8vo. 128. 

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. Canto the 
third. Lond. 1816, 8vo. 6s. 6d. 

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. Canto the 
fourth. Lond. April 28, 1818, 8vo. 12s. 

Waltz, an apostrophic Hymn, by Ho- 
race Homem, Esq. 1813, 4io. Ss. Original 
edition. Reprinted in 8vo. &c. 

The Giaour, a Fragment of a Turkish 
Tale. Lond. 1813, first edition, 8vo. 4s. 
6d. Lond. 1818, 8vo. Sixth edition, (much 

The Bride of Abydos, a Torklsh Tale. 
Loud. 1813, 8vo. 6s. 6d. 

Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte. Lond; 1814, 
8vo. Ifi. 6d. 

The Corsair, a Tale, Lond. 1814, 8vo. 

Lara, a Tale. Jacqueline, a Tale (by S. 
Kogers, Esq.) Lond. 1814, cr. 8vo. 6& 6d. 
An edition of Lara only, 1814, 8vo. 

Hebrew Melodies. Lond. 1815. 8vo. 4s. 6d. 
Published also with the Music arranged 
by Braham ai^ Nathan in folio. 

The Siege of Corinth, and Parisina. 
I«ond. 1816, 8vo. 6s. 6d. 

Poems on his domestic circumstances 
(suppressed poems), with a life. Lond. 
1816. 8vo. port 

The Prisoner of Chillon, a Dream, and 
other Poems, Lond. 1816, 8vo. 68. 

Manf^d, a dramatic Poem. Lond. 1817. 

The Lament of Tasso. Jxmd. 1817, 8vo. 

Monody on the Death of the Rt. Hon. 
R. B. Sheridan. Lond. 1817, 8vo. Is, 

Beppo, a Venetiazr Story. Lond. 1818, 
8vo. ds. 6d. 

Maaeppa, a Poem. I«ond. 1819, 8vo. 

Don Juan. Cantos I. and II. Lond. Da- 
vison, 1819, 4to. 

Don Juan. Cantos III. IV. and V. Lond. 
Davison, 1821, 8vo. 

Don Juan. Cantos VI., VII., & YIIL 
Lond. 1823. 

Don Juan. Cantos IX., X., db XL 
Lond. 1828. 

Don Juan. Cantos XII. XIII. XIV. 
Lond. 1828, 12mo. 

Don Juan. Cantos XV. and XYI. Lond. 
1824, 12mo. 

Letter to **•* *♦*•♦* (John Murray) 
on the Rev. W. L. Bowles's Strictures on 
the Life and Writings of Pope. Lond. 
1821. 8vo. 8s. 

Marino Faliero, Doge of Venice, an his- 
torical Tragedy, with Notes. The Pro- 
phecy of Dante, a Poem. Lond. 1821, 8vo. 

SardanapatuB, ^ Tragedy. The Two 
Foscari, a Tragedy. Cain, a Mystery. 
Lond. 1821, 8vo. 16tf. 

Werner, a Tragedy. Lond. 1823, Svo. 
6b. 6d. 

The Deformed Transfonned. Lond. 1824^ 
Svo. 6s. 

The Parliamentary Speeches in 1812 
and 1818. Lond. 1824, Svo. 

The Vision of Judgment, first published 
in Part I. of the Liberal, 1822. 

Heaven and Earth, a Mystery, first 
published in Part II. of the Liberal, 1823. 

The Island ; or Christian and his Com- 
rades. Lond. J. Hunt, 1828, Svo. 

The Age of Bronze. Lond. J. Hunt, 
1823. Svo. 

Morgante Maggiore dl Messer Lulgi 
Pulci. Canto I., first published in Part 
IV.of the Liberal, 1828. 


A Series of 12 Illustrations byT. Sto- 
thard, R.A. engraved by C. Heath, fee. 
Svo. 12., demy Svo. 12. lOs. 

Thurston's Illustrations to the Corsair. 
Lond. 1814, royal Svo. 6s. 6d. 

Twenty-one new Plates, engraved bv 
C. Heath, from Drawings by R. Westall, 
R.A. With a Portrait by Armstrong, 
fixxm the Picture by T. Phillips, R.A. 
Lond. 1830, fso. Svo. 12. 10s. Svo. 22. 2s. 
4to. 32. 8s. 

The Portrait of Lord Bynm, after Phil- 
lips, engraved by Agar, is said to be the 
best likeness of his Lordship. 




Landacape Illostiatioiu to the Life and 
Works of Lord Byron, by Finden, with 
deacriptionB by Brockedon, 1833-4, imp 
&ro. 8 Tola. 41. 14s. 6d. labob papkb, 
Proofs in 4to. 81. 98. 6d, India Proofs, lU 8a. 
pQbllshed in 24 parts. 

Byron Oallery; Illostrationa to Poetical 
Works. Lond. 18*6, royal 8vo. 12s. 

lUnstratiiHia by Chalon. Lond. 1846, 
4to. 12. 10s. 

Heath's lUoBtratioiui. Lond. 18 ,4to. 
12. lOs. 

Les Dames de Byron, or Portraits of the 
principal Female characters in Lord By- 
ron's poems, engraved under the superin- 
tendence of W. and £. Finden. Lond. 1837, 
4to. 89 Portraits. 

Bvion's Tales and Poems, with 46 beau- 
tifm engravings on ateel* by Finden. 
Lond. 1866, 8vo. lOs. 6d. 

Beply to Fare thee well. Lines address- 
ed to Lord Byron. Lond. 1816, 8vo. 

Reflections onShip board. Lond.l616,8vo. 

An Address to the Rt. Hon. Lord By- 
ron, by T. H. B. Lond. 1817, 8vo. 

Ghilde Harold's Pilgrimage to the Dead 
Sea, Death on the Pale Horse, and other 
Poems. Lond. 1818, 8vo. 

Historical Illustrations of the fourth 
Canto of Childe Harold. By J. C. Hob- 
honse, Esq. Lond. 181^ 8vo. 14b. 

Remarks, critical and moral, on the Tar 
lents of Lord Byron, and the Tendencies 
of Don Jnan. By the Author of Hypo- 
crisy, a Satire. [C. Colton.] Lond. 1819, 8vo. 

A poetical Epistle from Alma Mater to 
Lord Byron, occasioned by some Lines in 
Beppo. Cambridge, 1819, 8vo. 

Memoirs, historical and critical, of the 
Life and Writings of Lord Byron, with 
Anecdotes of some of his Gontenrporaries. 
Lond. 1822, 8vo. with portrait aner Har- 
lowe, 14s. 

Lord Byron's Private Correspondence, 
including his Letters to his Mother, writ- 
ten from Portugal, Spain, Greece^ and 
other Parts of the Mediterranean. Pub- 
lished from the Originals, with Notes and 
Observations, by B. C. Dallas, 1824, 8vo. 

Cato to Lord Byron, on the Immorality 
of his Writings. Lond. 1824, 8vo. 28. 6d. 

RecoUeetions, by R. C. Dallas. 182^ 8vo. 

Conversations of Lord Byron : noted 
during a Residence with his Lordship at 
Pisa, in the years 1821 and 1822. By 
Thomas Medwin. Lond. 1824. 4to. A 
new edition, 1824, 8vo. 

Captain Medwin vindicated firom the Ca- 
Innmies of the Reviewers. Lond. 1826, 8 vo. 

Letters on the Character and poetical 
Genius of Lord Byron, by Sir S. Egerton 
Brydges, Bart. Lond. 1824, 8vo. pp. vii. 
and 467. lOs. 6d. 

Lcnrd Bvron, par Mme. Lonise-Sw. Bel* 
loe. Paris, 1824, 8vo. 2 vols, with port, 
of his Lordship, a viewof Newstead Abbey, 
and a fac-simUe letter of Byron's. 

Anecdotes of Lord Bjnm, from authen- 
tic Sources ; with Remarks illustrative of 
his Connection with the principal literary 
Characters of the present day. Lond. 1826^ 
fsc. 8vo. 6s. 

To the Departed. Stanzas to the Me- 
morv of Lord Byron. Lond. 1826, 8vo. 

The Life, Writings, Ojpinions and Times 
of the Rt. Hon. George Gordon NoelByron, 
Lord Byron. In whidi are separately given 
copious Recollections of the lately-destroy- 
ed MS. originally intended for posthumous 
Publication, and entitled Memoirs of my 
own Life and Times, by the Rt. Hon. 
Lord Byron. Lond. 1826. 8vo. 3 vols. 

The last Days of Lord Byron, with his 
Lordship's Opinions on various Subjects, 
particularly on the State and Prospects of 
Greece. By WUUam Parry. Lond. 1825^ 
8vo. 14s. 

Lord Byron en Italic et en 6t^, oa 
Aper^u de sa Vie et de ses Ouvrages,d'aprte 
des Sources authentiques ; accompagn^ de 
Pieces in^dites et d'un Tableau litdraire 
et politique de ces deux Centres, par le 
Marquis de Salvo. Lond. 1825, 8vo. 
with portrait of Lord Byron, 6s. 1826, 8v0b 

Narrative of Lord Byron's Voyage jte 
Corsica and Sardinia, 1821; compiled f^m 
Minutes made by the Passengers, and Ex* 
tracts from the Journal of his Lordship's 
Yacht, kept by Capt. Benson, R.N. l&H, 
8vo. 8s. 

A short Narrative of Lord Byron's last 
Journey to Greece. Extracted tmm the 
Joumid of Count Peter Gamba, who at- 
tended' his Lordship on that Expedition. 
Lond. 1826, 8vo. 128. 

Correspondence of Lord Byron with a 
Friend, including his Letters to his Mo* 
ther, written from Portugal, Spain, Greece, 
and the Shores of the Mediterranean, in 
1809, 1810, and 1811. Also Recollections 
of the Poet, by the late R. C. Dallas, 
The whole forming an original Me- 
moir of Lord Byron's Life, from 1806 to 
1814, and a Continuation and preliminary 
Statement of the Proceedings by which 
the Letters were suppressed in England, 
at the suit of Lord Byron's Executors. By 
the Rev. A. R. C. 'DaUas. Paris, 1825, 
12mo. 3 vols. A French translation has 

An Inquiry into the moral Character of 
Lord Byron, By J. W^.. Simmonds. 1826, 
8vo. 4s. 

The last Canto of Childe Harold. By 
Lamartine. 1827. post 8vo. 7s. 6d. 

Lord Byron ana some of his Contemi>o- 
raries, with Recollections of the AathoT*s 
Life, and of his Visit to Italy. By Leigk 




HQQt Lond. 1828, 4to. pp.618. Beprinted 
in 2 vols. 8vo. 1628. 

Life, Letters, and Joarnals, edited by 
Thomas Moore. Lond. 1830, 4to. 2 vols, 
published 42. 48. labob and thick papeb, 
62. 6s.— Lond. 1832, 8to, 8 vols. 21. 5s.— 
Lond. 1837, royal 8yo. 15b., again 1850, 12s. 
—Lond. 1861, 12mo. 6 vols. 18s. 

Memoirs of Lord Byron, by Gt, Clinton. 
Lond. 1828, 8vo. 

Life of Lorct Byron, by John Gait Lond. 
1830—1837, 12mo. 

Life, by Armstrong. Lond. 1846, 18mo. 

Conversations with the Countess of 
Blessington. Lond. 1851, 8vo. 

Memoir, by H. L. Bulwer. Lond. 18 , 

Remarks on the exclusion of Lord Br- 
^ron's monument from Westminster Ab- 
bey (by Sir John Hobhouse), 8vo. Pri- 
vately printed. 

Btboit, Hon. John. NarratiTe of 

the great Distresses suffered by him- 

iBelf and his Companions on the 

Coast of Patagonia, 1740-6. Lond. 

1768, 8vo. Ss. 

An excellent notice of AnsOn's and 
Byron's Voyages will be found in the Retr. 
Rev. X. 285-314. Byron's Narrative is 
reprinted in the first volume of Hawkes- 
worth's Collection ; and in the third of Cal- 
lander's Terra Australis Cognita. 

Another account, entitled A Voyage 
round the World, in his Majesty's Ship the 
Dolphin, commanded by the Hon. Commo- 
dore Byron. By an Officer on Board the 
said Ship. Lond. 1767, 8vo. 8s. 6d. 

— Rt. Hon. Lord. A Narrative 
of the Yoyage of his Majesty's Ship 

Blonde to the Sandwich Islands in 
1824-5. 4to. with plates. 
Byshop, see Bishop. 

Btsshs, Edward. Art of En- 
glish Poetry. Lond. 1702. 8vo. 

Beprl^ted 17q& White Knights, 666, 
56.— 1718, 8vo. Gorddnstotm, 296, 6b.— 
1725, 12mo. 2 vols.— 1737, 12mo. 2 vols.— 
1762. White Knights, 657, 6e. 

Bysshe likewise published, The British 
Parnassus, or Common-plabe of English 
Poetry. Lond. 1714, 8vo. 2 vols. Nassau, 
pL i. 496, 10s, 

Btthewood,W. M. and Jabmait, 
T. Selection of Precedents, forming 
a System of Conveyancing, with 
Dissertations and practical Notes. 
Third edition, hy G. Sweet, Lond. 
Vols, i-vii. and vols. ix. and xi. roy. 
8vo. 1839-49. 12Z. 12s., and Supp. 
to vol. ix. 1850, 18s. 

Bythnxb, Victorin. Lyra Pro- 
phetica Davidis B«gis, sive Analysis 
critico-practica Psalmoram. Glas- 

guse et Londini, 1823. 8vo. 11. 

A beautiful reprint of a most valuable 
help to the critical and grammatical study 
of the book of Psalms, admirably well 
calculated for a learner of the Hebrew lan- 
guage. The formereditionsin4to.l645,1660. 
1663, 1664, 1664. 1679 (commonly called 
the best edition). An account of this able 
linguist and his publications may be seen 
in Wood's Athen. Oxon. 

[Translated by the Rev. T. Dee and 
N. L. Benmohel. Lond. 1847, 8vo. 12. 48.] 

ol Boil. Pi 

A. — Another 

Letter of Mr. A. 
C to hia disjei- 
nited Kineman 
ooncemiug the 
Appeal, State, 
ed 1602. 4to. 
inV It Wood, In 
u uid mchud 

C. A. — 8jh« : or, dirara Copies 
of Teneg made apon eondiy occa- 
sioni. Lond. 1636. 8vo. 

C. A.— £m Copley, AhQlodj. 
CowiST, Abraham. 

C. B. — Puritaniem the Mother, 
Sin the Daughter, lie. 1633. 8to. 

'Writtsn by m CithoUc priest, md print- 
ed iHTond (be ana-'—Anl. i Wool. 

0. C. — Ane brief EiplonstiOD of 
the Life of the Harquies of Argjle, 
compoeed in Scotiah Bl^me, bj 
C. 0. Appointed to be simg to tlie 
Tune of Old Oray Bl«iU. 1656. 4to. 

C. E. — A Dialogae agoinat the 
Tyrannie of tlie Pwutea, by E, C. 

O. Q. — A pit«ona Platfbraie of 
oppresied Mjrnde. Lond. T. 
■diner. 8to. 

Bluk laUar. Bltn^i BIbl.Pagt. p. «. 

0. 0. — £m CiBBW, G«orge. 
CEAfXAK, Oeorge. 

0. H.— The Foreat of Taacj : 
wherein is contained v^ prety 
Apothegmea and pleasant Calories, 
both in Meeter and Proae, Songa, 
Sonets, kc Lond. Tho. Furfoote 
(1579). 4to. 

A. corioos uid InlBtMtlng work, ooulst- 
iDg sf M luTH. by WHton uralbed to 
IlenTTCoaiubU, nod byfUtHm to Usaij 
Chsllk. Haber, pt iT. 318, 71, 10a. 

C. E. — Si* Cbettli, Henry. 
CocEBom, Henry. Constiau^ 

C. J.— Saint Marie Magdalen's 
Conreraion. (A religions poem by 
no English Jesuit, with re&rraioa 
to Shakgpere.) 160S. Uo. 

ColL A u D S, 14 laveg. Rodd, ISU, 

C. J.— The Muses Uistiease, a 
store house of rich &iiciea writtai 
at auccedaniouB boon doring the 
action at News-k. 1660. 

JoIlsT, 181S,iiiDnicco,ai.(<»l7oneoaier 

C. J.— A Foore Enight, his Fal- 
laoe of Private Pleasures, Ac Ac, 
gallantly garnished with a goodly 
gallerf of strange inventions, written 
by a student in Cambridge, and 

Eublished by Z. C. Glent. Lond. 
.ich. Jones. 1679. 4to. Black letter. 
[Beprinted lot the BaibnitAi Clnb. fi» 

Gent Lond. imp. by Eldei (1601). 

BltlL Croft^ COM. BestltDU, It. mo. 
Wsrtoo'i Poetrr, 8vo. Iv. *01. 

O. J.— A pleasant Comedio, called 
Two merry Milke Haids, or the 
beet Words weare the Garland, as 
acted by the Company of tiie BerdU. 
Printed by B. Aleop, 1G20. 4to. 

RDlburgbe, tH3, iS^. Rud, §M7, IL 
IngLI>^01dFU7ii,119, U.S1. JoUej, 18U, 

C. J.— The melancholy OaTolisr, 
or Fancy's Master-Piece, a Poem 
byJ.O. I654.12mo. 

A COOT Is 1b Uw British UuHiun. Bii^- 
le;, pt. L 1«W. 

C. J. — Par If obile : t^ Lire* 

C. T. 

C. J.— Th« Theatre of Catholi- 
que and Protestdnt Beliglon, written 
by J. C. Anno 1620. 8vo. 1?. Is. 

A portion of this work, viz. pp. 430, 438, 
and the whole of chap. 3, hook ii, relates 
to the Catholic history of Ireland. 

C. J. — See Cleteland, John. 
CoTGBAVEjJohn. CeulLjJ. Cubby, 
John. Cabtwbioht, John. 

C. M. — See Cabteb, Matthew. 

C. H. — ^The Blasinge of Bawdrie, 
<^^lie procured by Beldame B. 
prmcipall Broker of all Iniquitie. 
Lond. Johnes, 1574. 16nio. 

In verse, commencing with a dialogae 
hetween the printer and the author. 

C. Br. — ^A godlie Forme of house- 
holde Gk>uemm6nt. Lond. 1598. 

Dedicated to-Rohert Bnrgaine of Koz- 
all, 884 pages. Again 1600. 

C. B. — Harmony of the Muses. 


Ferry, pt. i. 2212, 82. 193. 

C R. — Table Alphabetical, or 
English Expositor, containing and 
teaching the true writing and un- 
derstanding of hard usual English 
words. 1617. 12mo. 

C. B. — An Elegie sacred to the 
immortaU Memorie of Lady Mar- 
garet Smith. 4to. 

With woodcut. Marq. of Townshend, 
2993, 83. 6d. Bindley, pt. iv. 1068. 

C. B. — Minerva, or the Art of 
Weaving : containing the Anti- 
quity, Utility, and Excellency of 
Weaving. Lond. 1677. 4to. 3 pts. 

158. « 

in verse. Heher, pt. iv. 310, 12. lOs. 

C. B.— A History of the English 
College at Doway. 1713. 12mo. 

C. R. — See Chambeblaine, Bich- 
ard. Cotton, Boger. Ceashaw, 
Bichard. Cbowlet, Bobert. 

C. Bo. — ^Historicall Discourse of 

Muley Hamet*8 Bising to the three 

Kingdomes of Moruecos, Fes and 

Sus. Lond. 1609. 4to. 

Black letter. Lloyd, 447, 2b. 6d. 

C. S. — See Cboxall, Samuel. 

C. T. — A spirituall Purgation 
sent vnto al tihem that laboure of 



Lathers Errour, as touching the 
bodely Fresens of Christe our Sa- 
uiour in the Sacrament, &c. Lond. 
Hugh Singleton. Svo. 

K, in eights, dedicated to Syr Thomas 

C. T.— A Glasse for the Times, 
&c. with a briefe collection of the 
Errors of our Times, and their Au- 
thors Names. Collected by T. C. a 

Eriend to Truth. Lond. 1648. 4to. 
Milton and his doctrine of Divorce are 
noticed in p. 6 of this work. 

C. T. — See Cabtwbight, Tho- 



C. W.— The Adventures of Lady 
Egeria, containing her miserable 
Banislunent by Duke Lampanus, 
her Husbande. Lond. B. Walde- 
grave. 4to. 

Black letter. Steevens, 1180, 22. 68. 
White Knights, 1623, lOL 5s. North, 
81. 18s. 6d. 

C. W. — ^The renowned History of 
Fragosa, King of Arragon, and his 
three Sonnes. Lond. 1656, 4to. 

Black letter, in 2 parts. Steevens, 1175. 

0. W,—See Cabt, Walter. 
CoLMAlf , W. 

Cabala, sive Scrinia Sacra : Mys- 
teries of State and Government, in 
Letters : to which is added, in this 
third Edition, a second Fart, con- 
sisting of a choice Collection of 
original Letters and Negotiations, ^ 
never before published. Ix>nd. 1691. 

Best edition. Dent, pt. i. 497, mssia, 
15s. Heath, 4433, 12. 168. Roscoe, 477, 
12. 16s. An excellent notice of. this valu> 
able bnt undigested mass, will be found in 
the Retr. Rev. N. S. ii. 28.— First edition, 
Lond. 1661, 4to. 2 vols, and vol. iii. enti- 
tled Scrinia Ceciliana, 1663, 4to.— Second 
edition, 1663, folio, pp. 416, and table, like- 
wise a preface and alphabetical table, 
Oarrick, 533,98. The word Cabal is formed 
Irom the Initial Letters of the names of 
five ministers in Charles the Second's 
time ; viz. Clifford, Ashby, Buckingham, 
Arlington and Lauderdale. 

Cabinet. — ^The rich Cabinet fur- 
nished with a Yarietie of exquisite 
Discriptions, exquisite Characters, 




witty Discourses, and delightful 
Histories. Lond. 1616. 12ino. 18s. 
Another irork entitled the Golden Ca- 
binet of true Trensure, containing the 
Bumme of morall Philosophie. Lond. 1612, 
18mo. 7s. 6d. 

Cabinet. The Cabinet of Mirth. 

Perry, pt. 1. 2810, 18b. 6d. 

— The Cabinet, by a Society of 
Cbntlemen. Norwich, 1794-5. 12mo. 
8 vols. 

A political paper, published hj a So- 
ciety of Gentlemen at Norwich. It was 
commenced in Oct. 1794. 

Cabbeba, Dr. Paul F. Descrip- 
tion of the Kuins of an ancient 
City discoyered near Palenque, 
Kingdom of Guatemala, in Ame- 
rica; from the original report of 
Capt. Don Antonio del Bio : fol- 
lowed by a critical investigation 
into the History of the Americans. 
Lond. 1822. 4to. 5s. 

CacklogaUinia. — A Voyage to 
Cacklogallinia. 1727. Svo. with a 

Bindley, pt iii. 1782, 6s. 6d. Stanley, 
686, 128. 

CadelIi, W. a. Journey in Car- 
niola, Italy, and France in the Years 
1817, 1818. Edinb. 1820. 8vo. 2 
yoIb. with 33 plates. 11. 16s. 

Cadenedus, Jacobus, M. D. 
AstrsesB Venetse PlavsTS in Caroli 
II. Stvarti M. Br. Begis Instaura- 
tione. Patav. (1661.) 4to. 

Another, entitled Pallas Pronvba, in 
Nvptiis Caroli Secvndi & Catherine Mag. 
fir. Franc. & Hiber. Reg. Potentiss. Pa- 
tav^. 1662, 4to. Copies of both ate in the 
British Museum. 

Cadiebe, M. C. See Gibaed, 

Cadooan, Eev. Wm. Bromley. 
Discourses, &c. with Memoirs of 
his Life, by Bichard Cecil, A.M. 
Lond. 1798. 8vo. with port. 7s. 6d. 

Cadwallader^s Prophesie. See 
Habbebt, William. 

Cjbduon Monachus. Paraphrasis 
poetica Geneseos ac prsecipuarum 
sacrffi paginsB historianun, abhino 

Annos hlzx. Anglo-Saxonlc^ con* 

scripta, et nunc primiim edita a 

Francisco Junio, FF. Amst. 1655. 


A cnrious w<nrk. 

Fignr» qvsedam antiqviB ex Csedmonia 
Monachi Paraphraseos in Genesim Exem- 
plari penretusto, in Bibl. Bodleiana adser-> 
vata. delineate. Anno Domini m.d€!G.ut. 
4to. 6e. Fifteen engraving^s by J. Oreene, 
F.A.S. privately printed at the expense of 
Dr. Charles Lyttleton and £dward Sowe 

[Metrical Anglo-Saxon paraphrase of 
parts of the Holy Scriptures, edited from 
a MS. of the 10th century in the Bodleian 
Library, by Be^j. Thorpe, Lond. 1832, 

Fifty engravings from the MS. of Csed- 
mon's paraphrase, in the Bodleian Li- 
brary, with descriptive notices by Sir H. 
Ellis, 4to. 6s. Being Plates 52-104 of the 
Archseologia, vol. 24.] 

C^LiAifO, Torqnato. See Ches- 
teb, Bobert. 

Caernarvonshire. A Sketch of 
its History, Antiquities, Mountains, 
and Productions. Lond. 1792. 

Dent, pt. i. 376, 8s. 

Cmbas,, Caius Julius. Commen- 

tarii, novis Emendationibus, &c. 

Lond. Hatfield and Newton, 1585. 

16mo. 6s. 

First edition, printed in England. Pp. 
607, with woodcut and maps. Italic types. 
Again, Lond. Hatfield, 1600, 16mo. 

— Quae extant, Interpretatione 

et Notis, in usum DelphinL Lond. 

1693. 8vo. 

Frequently reprinted. 

— Quae extant, accuratissime com 

Libris editis et MSS. optimis col- 

lata^ accesserunt Annotationes Sam. 

Clarke : item Indices utilissimi. 

Lond. 1712. royal fol. 

The most sumptuous classical work 
which this countiy has produced. It ia 
ornamented with 87 plates. The forty- 
second, representing a bull, is sometimes 
wanting or damaged. Towneley, pt. i. 228, 
russia, 132. 13s. Roxburghe, 7648, 122. Ed- 
wards, 244, 121. 12s. LARGE PAPBB, (twoxity- 
five copies printed). Duke of Grafton, 813, 
morocco, 642. Is. Duke of Devonshire's 
Duplicates, morocco, by Roger Payne, 
m,na. Dent, pt 1. 486, mor. 261. 4s. Sir 


U. M. Sykes, pt i. 756, mor. 802. Font- 
hill, 3700, 241. 3s. 

Editions by Clarke in 8to. 1720, 1739, 
1758. Heath, 88i4, 98. 1771. 1778, 5b.^ 

CiBSAB, Opera (edente M. Mait- 
taire). Lond.Toii8on,l7l6.12ino.48. 

A correct edition, with an excellent in- 
dex. LABQE FAPSB. Dent, pt. i. 518, mor. 
by Roger Payne, 8/. 5s. Duke of Grafton, 
814, Ids. Often reprinted, 1736, 1749, 1759 

— Conunentarii, ex recens. Joan. 
Bavisii, cum Notis yariorum : ac- 
cessere Metaphrasis GrsBca Libro- 
mm yii de Bello GhkUico, &c. Can- 
tab. 1727. 4to. 98.^ 

A valuable and esteemed edition, [same 
edition as 1706, with a new title, and the 
addition of 34 pp. containing; the eurce ae- 
euTidaJ] LAKOBPAPEB. Heath, 8848,1/. 5s. 
A former edition appeared 1706, 4to. Dm- 
ly, 766, 7s. 

An edition. Lond. J. Brindley, 1744, 
ISmo. 2 vols. 4s. 

— Opera^ notas et animadyers. 
addidit Th. Bentlej ; accedmit con- 
jectiirse et emendationes Jac. Jurini. 
Lond. 1742. 8vo. 58. 

— Opera, cum A. Hirtii de Re- 
bus a Offisare gestis Comment, ex 
recens. Sam. Clarke. Giasg. Foulis, 

1750. 4to. 

Brockett, 726, Ss. laboe papeb, folio. 
Dake of Grafton, 816, 1/. 4b. Sir M. M. 
Sykes, pt. i. 766, mor. 2/. Another edition, 
Glasg. 1750, 12mo. 3 vols. Biockett, 560, 
4s. 6d. Duke of York, 127, 6s. 

— Commentaria de Bello Ghd- 

lico, cum Yersione Anglica. Bj 

Jolmson Towera, M.A. Lond. 1755. 

8to. 38. 6d. 

The translation is literal, for the oae of 

— Julii Csesaris et aliorum de 

Bello Gbllico, &c. Conmientarii, 

juxta edit. Oudendorpii Oxon. 

1780. 6vo. 68. 

A very correct reprint, labob papkb. 
Drury, 658, 8b. Heath, 4361, 98. 6d. 

— Opera omnia [edente H. Ho- 
mer]. Lond. 1790. 8vo. [laegb 

PAPEB, 2 vols. roj. 8to. 11. Is.] 

This edition, which is very beautifhlly 
printed, is, according to Dr. Dibdin, ' de- 
serving of a place in the students library 
fixxm its extreme correctness.' labob pa- 
Sir M. M. Sykes, pt i. 478, 12. lis. 6d. 



Duke of Grafton, 818, 188. FonthiU, 3847, 
mor. 52. 58. Drury, 659, mor. 12. 10s. Dent, 
pt. i. 378; mor. by Roger Payne, 22. 4s. 

Editio altera, cura Hunter. Cupri, 1809. 
12mo. FiNB PAFBB. Brockott, 561, S». 6d. 

Editio altera, cura J. Dymock. Glasg. 
1812, 12mo. 5s. 

For other editions of GsBsar, «m Yal- 
pt's Delphik Yabioeuh Classics, and 
RflGENT Classics, in Appendix. 

— Opera, e recens. Ouden- 
dorpii, post CeUarium et Morum 
denuo curavit J. J. Oberlinus. 

Lond. Priestley, 1825. 8to. 
Drury, 662, 6s. 6d. 

— Commentaries as touching 
British affairs. 4to. Without print- 
er's name, date, or place. 

[This and the next article are very 
likely to be the same edition.] 

By the style, Ames concludes it to have 
been executed by John Kastell. The mar- 
gin is in Latin and Roman character, and 
the translation made by John Tiptoft, 
Earl of Worcester. 

— Julius Cesar's Commentaries, 

newlj translated owte of Latin in to 

Englyshe as much as cocemeth 

thys Bealme of England sumtyme 

calhrd Brytayne. 1530. folio 

This translation was made by John Tip- 
toft, Earl of Worcester, and was proba- 
bly printed by John Rastell. A copy is in 
the British Museum. Bright, 262. 10s. 

— The eyght Bookes of Caius 

Julius Cssar, translated by Arthur 

Gk)ldinge. Lond. Wm. Seres, 1563, 

16mo. Lond. 1565, folio. Lond. 

1565, 8to. 

Black letter. 1565. 8vo. Dedicated to Syr 
William Cecill Knight. After the dedicar 
tion is a preface and a table of ' Errours es- 
caped in printing.' The Commentaries con- 
tain 272 leaves besides the prefixes, and at 
the end * An Exposition of the old Names 
of the Countries, Cities,' &c. North, pt. i. 
481, 6s. 6d. Bindley, pt. i. 1191, russia, 
8s. 6d. Nassau, pt. i. 497, 10s. Sir M. M. 
Sykes, pt. i. 479, mor. 19b. Reprinted, T. 
East, 1578.— 1590, 4to. 128 leaves, besides 
the prefixes, 7s. Nassau, pt. 1. 686, 1/. 66. 

— De Bello ciYili, three books 
translated by Chapman. Lond. 
1604. folio. 

— The Commentaries, by Cle- 
ment Edmonds, Esq. with excellent 
and useful Observations. Also the 



Commeataries of Aulas HiitiaB, 
now first made English, with a Life 
of CiBsar, and an Aoconnt of his 
Medals. Lend. 1670. foL 68. 

A former edition, 16S5, fol. Beprinted 
1096, folio. Clement Edmonds' obserra- 
tionf first appeared 1600-9, folio, 8 vols. 
Beprinted and dedicated to Henry P. of 
Wales, of whom there is a portrait in the 
title. Lend. n. d. fol. Gordonstonn, 860, 
with firont port and plates, 15s. 

Cjesab. The Commentaries, &c. 
made English from the originalLatin 
by Martin Bladen, Gbnt. with the 
Life of CsBsar, Notes, and Sculp- 
tures from the Designs of PaUadio. 

Lond. 1750. 8vo. 

Best edition, with some additional notes 
signed Typogr. (I. e. Wm. Bowyer). The 
editions previous were in 1706^ 1712. Rox- 
borghe, 7654,8b. 6d.— 1715, 1719, 1726, 

— The Commentaries of Cssar, 
translated into English : to which is 
prefixed a Discourse concerning the 
Koman Art of War. By William 
Duncan. Lond. 1758. fol. plates. 

Pp. 104 and 836, with index, dedication 
to George Prince of Wales, an advertise- 
ment, and 86 plates, the same as in 
Clarke's edition of Ceesar, folio, 1712. An 
excellent translation from Dr. Clark's 
edition accompanied with an elaborate 
dissertation on the Roman art of war. 
Oarrick, 794, 91. 128. 6d. Sir P. Thompson, 
190, «.— 1766, 8vo. 2 vols. Drury, 663, 
1/. 7s.— 1776, 8vo. 2 vols. Nassau, pt. i. 496, 
date 1779? 12s.— 1806, 8vo. 2 vols. 1819. 

Works, translated by J. Towers, with 
the text. Oxon. 1766, 1768, 1786, 1812, 8vo. 
A translation by Hair, with the Latin text. 
Edinb. 1777, 1792, 12mo. 

— Julii C»saris Portus Iccius. 
See SoMiTEB, William. 

CeBsar and Pompey, The Tragedy 
of: or, Cesar's Ilevenge. Acted 
hy the Students of Trinity College, 
in Oxford. Lond. 1607. 4to. 1^. 

lis. 6d. 

Jolley, II. 148. Another, Lond. n. d. 4to. 
is probably an earlier edition than the 
above, as no mention is made of its hav- 
ing been acted by the students of Trinity 
College, 21. 2s. 

Cjbsab, Sir Julius, Knt. Antient 
State, Authority and Proceedings 
of the Court of Bequests. 1696. 4to. 


Among Sir Hans Sloane'a M39. in fhs 
British Museum, No. 1874, are 'Ordinaaoes 
for the Redress of sundry Errors, Default^ 
and abuses in the High Court of Chancery.' 
A life of this eminent civilian hae been 
edited by Edmnnd Lodge, with 17 portraito 
ofhis family, 4to. 

Cjesab, IPhilip. Discourse of the 
damnable Sect of Usurers, &c. 
transL by Tho. Sogers. Lond. 1578. 

Caoliostbo, Alex. Count. The 

Life of Joseph Balsamo, commonly 

called Count Cagliostro. Lond. 

1791. 8vo. 88. 6d. 

Pp. 194, with a portrait Another life. 
1787, 8vo. This notorious impostor died 
1794, in one of the prisons of tne inquisi- 
tion at Rome. 

Caitts. See Kay. 

Calabar. — ^A true Belation of the 

Murders of Kegroes or Moors, 

committed on three Englishmen in 

Old Calabar in Ghiinny. Lond. 

1672. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Husenm. 

Calaky, Edmund, D.D. Ser- 
mons on the l>ini^. Lond. 1722. 

8to. with port, by Vertue. 4s. 6d. 

This eminent nonconformist divine has 
likewise published Memoirs of the Kev. 
Jolin Howe, 1724, 8vo. 48. The Life of 
Dr. Increase Mather. See Baxtsb, Rlch- 
abd, F^LKBB, Samuel. 

[Historical account of my own Life, now 
first printed from the original MS., with 
notes by J. T. Butt. Lond. 1829, Svo. 
2 vols.] 

CalanthropandLucilla. SeeKuv- 


Calabio, Marius de. Concor- 

danti^ Bibliorum, Hebr. et Lat. 

edente Gxiil. Bomaine. Lond. 1747. 

folio. 4 vols. 

Valuable not only as a ooncordanee, but 
as a lexicon of the Hebrew language, with 
its various dependent dialects. The edi- 
tor, Romaine, has unfortunately altered 
some important passages, to favour tlie 
Hutchinsonian system, to which he was 
attached. A very limited number were 
printed. Heath, 42. 4s. 

Caloott, Wellins. Disquisition 
of the Principles and Practices of 
the Society of free and accepted 
Masons ; together with some Strio- 




tures on the Origin, Nature and 

Design of that Institution. Lond. 

1769. 8to. 98. 

CALDCLEuaH, Alexander. Tra- 

yels in South America, during the 

Years 1819-20-21 ; containing an 

Account of the present State of 

Brazil. Lond. 1825. 8yo. 2 vols. 

A work, says the Quarterly Review, 
heavy and languid, hut the author has 
added considerably to our stock of infor- 
mation concerning several parts of S. Ame- 
rica. Drury, 667, 16s. 

Caldecott, Thomas. Beports 

of Cases relative to the Dufy and 

0£Sce of a Justice of the reaoe, 

1776-85. Lond. 1786-1800. 4to. 8 

pts. 1^. 5s. 

This gentleman also edited Hamlet as 
a specimen for a complete edition of Shak- 
spere. 17 — ^,8vo. 

Caldebon. Belation of the Death 
of Don Bodrigo Calderon, Marques 
of seven Churches, &o. 1622. 4to. 
Caldebwood, David. True His- 
tory of the Church of Scotland, 
from the Beginning of the Befor- 
mation unto the End of the Beign 
of James YI. Printed in the Year 
1678. foUo. 18s. 

'This abstract is in high esteem with 
the men of its author's principles.' — Nicol- 

[New edition* from the original MS. 
eoited by the Rev. T. Thomson, with an 
Index. Edinb. Wodrow Society, 1842-8, 
Svo. 8 vols.] 

De Reglmine EoclesiBe Sooticanss brevis 
Belatio. Lond. 16ia 

Calderwood's Recantation ; or, a tripar- 
tite Discourse directed to such as refuse 
Conformitie to the Ordinances of the 
Church, 162S, 4to. A base forgery, by one 
Scot, written during an unfoimded report 
of Calderwood's death. 

Scot! Tov TvxovTov Paraclesis contra 
Danielis Tineli Silesii Paraenesin, ad Sco- 
tos Genevensis Discipline Zelotas con- 
acriptara, ci^us Pars prima est de Episco- 
pal EcclesitB fiegimine, 1622, 4to. 

Altare Damascenum, sen Ecclesin An- 
glicance Politia Bcclesin Scoticaneobtru- 
aa, a Formal! sta quodam delineata, illus. 
trata et examiuata, sub Nomine olim 
Edward! Dldoclavii, Studio & Opera 
Davidis Calderwood. Lugd. Bat 1706, 
4to. lOs. 6d. A reply to Abp. Spotswood, 
in which thia Scotch presbyterian divine 

has attacked the church of England with 
the asperity peculiar to his party. Origi- 
nally published under the title of * The 
Altar of Damascus,' Anno 1621, Svo. Con- 
stable, 5s. 6d. and much enlarged in the 
Latin work, 1628. 

Caldwell, Thomas. Collection 

of antient and modem Epitaphs and 

Inscriptions. Lond. 1796. 12mo. 
Dent, pt. 1. 880, lOs. 6d. 

— Andrew. Accoimt of the ex- 
traordinary Escape of James Stuart, 
Esq. (commonly called Athenian 
Stuart) from bemg put to Death b j 
some Turks, in whose Company he 
happened to be travelb'ng. Lond. 

1804. foHo. 

Privately printed. 
Caldwell. A true Discourse 
of the Practices of Elizabeth Cald- 
well, Ma: Jeffrey Bownd, Isabell 
Hall Widdow, and Q-eo. Femeby, 
on the Parson of Ma : Thomas 
Caldwell, in the County of Chester, 
to haye murdered and poysoned 
him with diuers others, (byC. G-. 

Dugdale). Lond. 1604. 4to. 

Reed, 1999, U. lis. A copy is in the 
British Museum. 

Caledonia. — Caledonia's Coye- 
nant, or ane Panegyiick to the 
World, wherin is brieflie set doune 
the trew Cans and Occasioune of 
the present Troubles of the King- 
dome of Scotland. By G-. L. Lon- 
don, 1641, 4to. 18s. 

Bindley, 8/. 6s. A poetical tract. 

Caledonia. The Recruits thereof in the 
Rising Sun (the name of one of the Vessels 
that sailed in the first Darien Expedition) 
their Farewell to Scotland, 1699. 

Caledonia, or the Pedler tum'd Mer- 
chant, a Tragi-comedy, in Verse. Lond. 
1700, 4to. Bindley, pt. iv. 402, 6e. Brock- 
eU, 728, 7s. 6d. 

Galedoniad, a Collection of Poems, Lond. 
1776, crown Svo. 8 vols. Drury, 66B, lis. 
Nassan^t. i. 600, 198. 

The Works of the Caledonian Bards, 
translated fh>m the Gaelic by John Clark, 
1778, 28. 6d. 


Calef, Robert. More Wonders 
of the invisible World, displayed in 
five Parts. Lond. 1700. 4to. 6s. 




Calendar historical. Wherin is 
oontamed an easie Declaration of 
the golden Nombre. Of the Epacte. 
Of the Indiction Bomaine. Jdso of 
the Cycle of the Sunne, and the 
Cause why it was inuented. Printed 
by John Crispin, 1569. 4to. 10s. 6d. 

To the months woodcuts are affixed. 

The Calender of Scripture. Whearein 
the Hebru, Challdiao, Arabian, Phenician, 
8yrian, Persian, Greek and Latin Names, 
of Nations,Cantreys, Men, Weemen, Idols, 
Cities, Hills, Riuers, and of other Places 
in the holly Byble mentioned, by Order of 
Letters ar set, and turned into our En. 
glish Toong. 1576. An anonymons publi- 
cation, attributed by Ames to William 
Patten. It is introduced with an epistle 
from ' The Printer (R. Jugge) vnto the gen- 
tle Reedar.— ix of Aprill 1676.' Coc2, in 
fours. Annexed is a list of authors who 
have written on the sacred scriptures in 
whole or in part, on Ddd 8. On the last 
leaf a large table of 'Fauts, to be amend- 
ed.' Bindley, pt. ii. 149. 12. Is. 

Calendarium Botulonun Paten- 
tium in Torn LondinensL Lond. 
1802. folio. 

' A calendar of the principal entries on 
the patent rolls, which contain grants of 
offices, honours and lands ; confirmations 
of grants to bodies corporate ; restitutions 
of temporalities to bishops, abbots and 
other ecclesiastical persons ; commissions 
under the great seal, &c. from 8 John, 1201 
to 23 Edward IV. 1483.' PubUshed at 
1{. 168. 

Calendarium Botulonun Charta- 
rum et Inqmsitionum ad quod 
Damnum. (Temp. Reg. Ed. II. et 
Hen. VI.) Lond. 1803. foKo. 

' The first part of this volume is a ca- 
lendar to the charter rolls in the Tower, 
from 1 John, 1199, to 28 Edward IV. 1488. 
They contain royal grants of privileges to 
cities, towns, and corporations ; grants of 
markets, fairs, and free warrens ; together 
with cresrtions of nobility from the reign 
of Edward II. ; grants to religious houses, 
&c. The inquisitions Ad Quod Damnum, 
to which the second part of the volume is 
a calendar, extend from 1 Edward II. 1307, 
to 28 Henry VI. 1450, and were taken 
when any market, fair, or other peculiar 
privilege was solicited, to inquire by a 
Jury whether such grant would be injuri- 
ous to the crown or to others.' Published 
at 22. 

Calendarium Inquisitionum post 

Mortem sive Escaetarum, (edited 

by J. Caley and J. Bayley). L<md. 

1806, 8, 21, 28, folio. 4 toIb. 61, 68. 

Vol. I. TemporibuB Regnm Hen. III. 
Ed. I. and Ed. II. Vol. II. Tempore Re- 
gis Edwardi III. Vol. III. Temporibos 
Regnm Rich. II. and Hen. IV. Vol» IV. 
Rich. III. 

'Calendars to the inquisitions, some- 
times called Escheats, which were taken 
on the deaths of individuals, to inquire of 
what lands they died seized, by what ser- 
vices they were held, whether they were ' 
attainted of treason or aliens, and tiie 
name and age of their heirs ; and they are 
the best evidence which is extant of the 
descent of families and property. The ca- 
lendars are arranged chronologically, and 
extead from 8 Henry III. 1218, to 14 Hen- 
ry V. 1418 : viz. vol. 1, those temp. Henry 
III. Edward I. & II.; vol. 2, temp. Edward 
III.; and vol. 8, temp. Richard II. and 
Henry IV.' 

The three preceding articles were print- 
ed under the sanction of His Majesty'a 
Commissioners of the Public Records. 
[For other books of this character, tee Es- 


Cales YoYAaE, The. ^mDbaeb,- 
Sir Francis. 

CalfhiIiIi, James. An Aynswere 
to the Treatise of the Crosse. Lond. 

1565. 4to. 

Prefixed is an epistle to lohn Bfartiall. 
Contains besides, 187 leaves, of which the 
preface occupies 20. At the end a table, 
and some Latin and English verses. Inglis, ' 
319, 6s. A list of the writings, with life 
of Calf hill, ' who in his younger days was 
a noted poet and comedian, and in his 
elder, an exact disputant, and had an ex- 
cellent faculty in speaking and preaching,* 
will be found in Wood Athen. Oxon. 

[Reprinted by the Parker Society, Me 

Calidas. Sacontala, or the fatal 
Bing, an Indian Drama^ translated 
from the original Sanscrit and Fn^ 
crit, hy Sir Wm. Jones. Calcutta^ . 
1790. 4to. 

This drama, which has been freqnenil7 
reprinted, is supposed to be a Ikithful re- 
presentation of Hindoo manners about 
2000 years ago. Lond. 1792, 12mo. Stan- 
ley, 433, mor. 12s. 6d. 

Another work, entitled The M^gha Di&tft, 
or Cloud Messenger, a Poem in the San- 
scrit Language, with a Translation into 
English verse, notes, and illustratioiui, hj 
Hor. Hayman Wilson. Calcutta, 1818, 4to. 
Inglis, 820, les. Wilson's translaUon haa 
been rej^ted at London, 1814, 8vo. 7b. 




8w Oriental Translatloa Fond, Ap> 
Calilah and Dimnah. 

This celebrated Arabian fable-book 
(best knoirn in Europe as Pilpay's Fables), 
appeared in English as early as 1570, under 
tbe title of Donie's Moral Philosophy. See 
Doris, and Pilpat. 

Califonua. — ^An historical Jouiv 
nal of the Expeditions by Sea and 
Land, to the X^orth of California ; 
in 1768, 1769, and 1770. From a 
Spanish MS. translated by Wm. 
Eeveley. Published by A. Dal- 
rymple. 1790. 4to. 5s. 

A cnrlons and interesUng Jonmal, con- 
sisting of pp. 76, with two maps. 

Calisto and Melibea. Se€ Celes- 

Callandeb, John. Terra Aus- 
tralis cognlta : or, Voyages to the 
Terra Australis, or Souuiem He- 
misphere, during the sixteenth, 
seventeenth, and eighteenth Centu- 
ries. Edinb. 1766-8. 8vo. 8 vols. 
Dent, pt. i. 881, 12. 6b. 

— Essay towards a literal Ver- 
sion of the New Testament, in the 
Epistle of Paul directed to the 

Ephesians. Glasg. 1799. 

A curious specimen of literal rendering, 
ill which the order of the Greek words is 
rigidly followed. The notes are in Greek. 

Callandab, John of Craigfbrth. 
Two ancient Scotish Poems, the 
Gaberlunzie Man, and Christ's 
Kirk on the Green, with Notes and 

Observations. Edxnb. 1782. 8vo. 

The deficiencies of Callander as an edi- 
tor are amply compensated by his uncom- 
mon erudition as a philologist. Reed, 6621, 
IQs. Bindley, pt. i. 1058, 86. 6d. Rox- 
burghe, 3207, 8s. 

Callaway, John. Oriental Ob- 
servations, and occasional Criti- 
cisms, more or less illustrating se- 
veral hundred Passages of Scrip- 
ture. Lond. 1827. 12mo. 

'This little hut unassumii^ volume 
oontainsmany valuable elucidations of the 
sacred volume, which will be sought in 
vain in some of its more voluminous pre- 
deoessors.'— Hom«. 

[Vocabulary of the English, Portuguese, 
and Cingalese language. Colombo, 1816, 
8vo. School Dictionary, CingaleM-JBO' 

VOL. I. 

glish, English-Cingalese. Colombo, 1821, 
4to. Yakkun Natannawa, a Cingalese 
poem, translated. Lond. 1830, 8vo. J 

Callcott, John Wall, Mus. D. 
Musical Grammar, in four Parts. 

Lond. 1806. 8vo.8s. 

A much esteemed work. Reprinted 
1809, 8vo. Another, by Horsley, 12mo. 
10s. 6d. 

Callihachus, Hymni, &c. The- 

ognidis Carmina ; Epigrammata 

CLXXYi ex Anthologia Grseca ; 6a- 

leni Suasoria ad Artes, 6hr, et Lat. 

cum Kotis (edente Tho. Bentley). 

Lond. 1741. 8vo. 

This edition, pronounced by Harwood 
*not Inferior to any edition of Callima- 
chns,* is severely handled in the Museum 
Crlticnm.ii.lfiO. Drnry, 670, 2s. 6d. 

— Hymni, &c. Ghrsece. G-lasg. 

1765. foho. 

A very correct and beautiful edition, ac- 
cording to Dr. Harwood, accompanied with 
some plates of statues from the antique. 
Drury, 1001, Ss. Heath, 8484, mor. 18ij. 
Quarto. Drury, 770, Ss. Duke of Graf- 
ton, 460, 68. 

— Quae supersunt, QriBoe : re- 
censuit et cum Kotarum Delectu 
edidit C. J. Blomfield (Episc. Lon- 
dinensis). Cantab. 1815. 8vo. lOs.Gd. 

The most judicious and popular edition 
extant Drury, 678, mor. 1/. 6s. 

— The Hymns, transl. from the 
Ghreek into English Verse, with 
explanatory Notes. To which are 
added select Epigrams and the 
Coma Berenices of the same Author, 
six Hymns of Orpheus, &c. By 
Wm. Dodd,BJL Lond. 1755. 4to. 

Drury, 676> lOs. labos papbb. Heath, 
3486, lis. 6d. 

— The Works, translated into 
English Verse, with the original 
Text, and I^otes carefully selected 
from former Commentators, and 
additional Observations, by H. W. 

Tytler, M.D. Lond. 1793. 4to. 16s. 

An elegant tranalatioUfWith many learn- 
ed and judicious notes. [Reprinted, ao- 
companied by a literal prose translation, 
in Bohu's Classical Library. See Appen- 

Callis, Bobert. Beading upon 
the Statutes of Sewers. Fifth 
Edition, with additions, by W. J. 

A A 




Broderip. Lond. 1824. royal Syo. 


Best edition. The former editions, 1647, 
2s. 1685, 1686, tlie same edition with dif- 
ferent title-pages, 6s. 1810, royal Syo. 
Brockett, 6533, i;. 8s. 

Calmbt, Dom AuguBtin. An- 
tiquities sacred and prophane ; or, 
a Collection of critical Dissertations 
on the old and new Testament, 
translated from the French, by N. 

Tindal. London, 1727. 4to. 

This book was never completed. It 
originally appeared in numbers, and com- 
prises select dissertations on the poetry 
and music of the Hebrews, their history, 
chronology, money, coins, &c. &c. Bind- 
ley, pt. i. 1810, 9s. ' 

— A historical, critical, geogra- 
phical, and etymological Dictionary 
of the Bible. Translated from the 
French, with occasional Remarks 
by John Golson and the Rev. 
Sam. D'Oyley Lond. 1732. folio. 
3 vols. 

This, though the work of a Catholic, 
and frequently tinctured with Catholic 
theology, is by far the most valuable dic- 
tionary to the Bible which has been pub- 
lished. In vol. III. is a very extensive 
Bibliotheca Sacra, which, though it dis- 
plays great erudition and research, 
strongly discovers the author's partiality 
for Catholic writers. Gough, 685, 6t. 6s. 
Bp. Randolph, 398, 10{. 

— Dictionary of the Holy Bible, 
edited by the late Charles Taylor, 
with considerable additions, espe- 
cially in respect to illustrations 
from the works of recent travellers 
in the Holy Land, 202 Plates. The 
fifth Edition revised, &c. Lond. 
1828. 5 vols. 4to. 

Best edition, published in 34 parts at 6s. 
each. — 'In its present improved state, 
Taylor's edition of Calmet's Dictionary 
is indispensably necessary to every biblical 
student who can afford to purchase it.' — 
First edition by Taylor. Dictiouarv. 2 
vols. 1797-1801. Fragments, 2 vols. 1*798- 
1800, 4to. 4 vols. Gossett, 1237, 5 vols. 
1797-1804, 6Z. 10s. Earl of Kerry, 205, 
4 vols. ruRsia, lOi. 6s. Bindley, pt. i. 1809, 
62. 12s. 6d. — Fourth edition, revised, &c. 
1823, 4to. 5 vols. Ninth edition [Lond. 
Bohn, 1847, 5 vols.4to. 202 plates, 31. ISs. 6d. 
Also an abridgment, in 1 vol. imp. 8vo. 
1847, 15a. 

— Dissertations upon the Appari* 
tions of Angels, Daemons, and 
G-hosts, and concerning the Yam- 
piree of Hungary, Bcmemia, Mo- 
ravia, and Silesia. Translated from 

the French. Lond. 1759. 8vo. 

Stanley, 757, 12s. Heath, 1496, 198. [A. 
recent translation, by H. Christmas, 2 vols. 
post8vo. 18 , 12. Is. Also incorporated in 
Mrs. Crowe's ' Kight side of Nature.'] 

Calthobp, Sir Henry, Knt. 
Liberties, Usages and Gustomes of 
the City of LondojL Lond. 1642. 

small 4to. 

Pp. 25, exclusive of the title. This 
work, which is a sort of alphabetical index 
to the Liber Albus, was reprinted in 1674, 
4to. and also in the Somers CoUection of 

Sir Henry likewise published Reports 
of special Cases touching several Customs 
and Liberties of the City of London : 
whereunto is annexed divers ancient Cua- 
tomes and Usages of the said City. Lond. 
1655, 12mo. B— N 2, 179 pages, with a 
dedication to Sir Thomas Loe, Knt. and 
table of contents, 6 pages. 

Calfbenede, G:. do Costes de 
la. Cassandra, translated from the 
French, by Sir Charles Cotterell, 
Knt. Lond. 1652. fol. 

Bindley,.pt. i. 1138, 8s.— 1661, folio, with 
a frontispiece. Gordonstoun, 624.-1667, 
folio. Koxbnrghe, 6408, 12. Is.— 1676, folio. 
Druiy, 1010, 6s. The third edition very 
much corrected. Lond. 1725, 12mo. 5 vols, 
with frontispieces by Hogarth, 158. 

Cleopatra, translated by Robert Love- 
day. Lond. 1668, felio. Roxburghe, 6402, 
16s. 1687, folio, 1781, 12mo. 8 vols. 

Pharamond, translated by J. Phillips. 
Lond. 1677, folio, 7s. 

[Jeanne Re3rne d'Angleterre trag^die. 
Paris, 1638, 8vo. An historical play on 
Lady Jane Gray.] 

Caivee, Edward. Passion and 
Discretion, in Yovth and Age. 
Lond. 1641. 4to. 

Pp. 120 [and should have four appro- 
priate plates by Stent, which very rarely 
occur.] Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 677, russia, 
21. 3s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet, 903, 4d. 14s. 6d. 

Divine Passions, poetically expressed. 
Lond. T. H. for Richard Harper. 1643, 4to. 
Skegg. 1842, 12. 16s. 

England's sad Postvre, or a tme De- 
scription of the present Estate of poora 
distressed England, and of the lamentable 




Condition of these distracted Times, since 
the Beginning of this civil! and unnatural 
Warr. (In verse.) Presented to the right 
honourable, pious and valiant, Edwarde 
Earle of Manchester. Lond. B. Alsop, 
1644, 8vo. pp. 48. Bindley, pt. iv. 296, 1/. 
Nassau, pt. i. 601, russia, 21. lis. Sir M. 
If. Sykes, 32. 3b.— This worlc should have 
a portrait of the Earl of Manchester by 
Cross, of which it is said only two impres- 
sions are knowa Skegg, 1842, with por- 
trait by T. Gross, and additional portrait 
of the Earl by Hollar, 92. 9s. 

Calver's Royal Vision. (1648.) 4to. 

Zions thankfull Ecchoes from the Clifts 
of Ireland. Lond. 1649, 4to. Fanner, 8s. 

Calveelt, William. Dyalogue 

bitwene the Playntife and the De- 

fendaunt. Gompyled hj William 

Caluerlr, whyles he was Prisoner 

in the Towre of London. Lond. by 

Thomas G-od&ay. n. d. 4to. 

Contains signatures A, B, C, in fours. 
In stanzas of 7 lines. Very rare. Heber, 
pt. iv. 621, 62. 188. 

Calyebt, James. Napthali, seu 
Collectatio theologica de Beditu 
decern Tribuum, Conyersione, et 
Mensibus, EzekieIis.Lond.1672.4to. 

A learned work, written by a noncon- 
formist divine. 

Calves-Head Club. — ^The secret 

History of the Calves-Head Club : 

or, the Republican unmasked. 

Lond. 1703. 4to. 

Pp. 22, reprinted in the sixth volume of 
the Harleian Miscellany. Bindley, pt. iv. 
442, 2s.— 1704, 4to. Bindley, pt. iii. 1972, 
2s. 6d.— 1705, 8vo. with plate of O. Crom- 
well'sCabinet Council.— The sixth edition, 
with large improvements, 1706,8vo.— 1707, 
8vor— 1709, 8vo. with one plate.— 1713, 8vo. 
with plates.— 1718, 8vo. with plates. This 
miserable trash has been attributed to the 
author of Hudibras. Milton is said to 
have been a principal founder of this club; 
a festival which began to be held, during 
the usurpation, on the 30th of January, in 
opposition to Dr. Hammond and other di- 
vines of the Church of England, who met 
privately to lament that day, in a form of 
prayer, Uttle different from what we now 
find in the liturgy. 

Caltik, John. Institvtio Chris- 

tianfie Beligionis. Additi sunt 

nuper duo Indices, item Annota- 

tiunculffi perutiles. Lond. 1576. 8vo. 

Pages 742, neatly printed in brevier 

Roman, besides the prefixes. At tlie end 

are a table of contents, an index by Calvin; 
and another by Marlorat 

Institutionis Christianae Religionis 
Epitome, per Gull. Laurence. Lond. 1668, 
8vo. Again, Ed. Bunniam, 1684. 

— The Institution of Christian 

Beligion, translated into Englysh 

according to the Author's last 

Edition (by Thomas Norton). Lond. 

B. Wolfe and B. Harison, 1561. fol. 
Another editioa Loud. 1662, folio. 
Again, Widow of R.Wolfe, 1672, folio. The 
institution on 602 leaves, the prefixes ai*e 
The Preface, by T. N.; Calvin's dedication 
to the French king; Calvin's epistle to 
the reader, and a table of contents. Ano- 
ther edition, w hereunto are newly added 
sundry Tables. &c. Lond. 1674, 4to. 12. Is. 
fol. 472, besides the prefixes.— 1680, 8vo. ? 
—1682, 4to. 12. Is.— 1687, 4to. There are 

Srefixed the Preface, by T. N. ; Calvin's 
edication to the French King ; Calvin's 
epistle to the reader, and a table of con- 
tents. The Institution on 607 leaves ; at 
the end are four other copious tables. — 
With marginal notes 'containing in briefe 
the Substance of the Matter handled in 
each Section.' Lond. 1699, 4to. 11. Is. — 
1661, fol. 128. 

£dm. Bunnie his Abridgemente of Cal- 
uins Institutions: translated by Edw. 
May, 1580, 8vo. From Maunseirs Catar 
logue, p. 25. 

An Abridgement of the Institution of 
Christian Religion by William Lawrence, 
translated by Christopher Fetherstone. 
Edinb. Th. Vautrollier. 1585, 12mo. De- 
dicated to 'Ladie Judeth Pelham.' To 
the Christian Reader. To M. Richard 
Martin. A generall table, 398 pages, with 
an alphabetical table at the end. Inglis 
247, 48. 6d.— Edinb. 1686, 8vo. contains 
only 306 pages, beHides the prefixes. — 
Now againe cori'ected and in manie Places 
augmented. Edinb. 1587, 8vo. 368 pages, 
besides the prefixes. 

Aphorismes of Christian Religion : or a 
very compendious Abridgement of M. I. 
Caluin's Institutions, set forth in short 
Sentences by M. I. Plscator: and now 
Englished by H. Holland. Lond. 1596, 8vo. 
Dedicated to Dr. Goodman. To tlie Reader. 
The Author's Preface. A Table. 197 pages. 

— John. Institutes of the Chris- 
tian B>eligion. Translated from the 
Latin by John Allen. Lond. 1813. 

8to. 3 vols. 1^. 5s. 
An excellent translation. [Reprinted in 

2 vols. 8vo. 1844. 12. Is. Another transla- 
tion, by H. Beveridge. Edinb. 1846-6, 8vo. 

3 vols.] 

— Institucion de la Religion 




Caivin — conHnued. 
Christum, traduzida en Bomanoe 
Oastelaoo por Cypriano de Yalera. 
"En. Gasa de Bicardo del Campo. 

Lond. [Field], 1597. small 4to. 

Pp. 1082, besides the prefixes and afOzes. 
The signatures in eights. 

' I hold the memory of Calvin in high 
veneration; his works have a place in my 
library; and in the study of the holy 
scriptures, he is one of the commentators 
-whom I most frequently cotaulV—Bishop 

List of CaUritCa other works. 

The Mynde of M. Jhon Calnyne, what a 
faithfull Man, whiche is instructe in the 
Worde of God, ought to do dwellinge 
amongest the Papistes. Translated by 
R. Q. Ipyswyche by me Jhon Oswen. 
1I.D.ZLVIII. 16mo. K 4, in eights. Inglis, 
249, 178. A copy is in Lambeth Library. 

A brief Declaration of the fained Sacra- 
ment, translated ont of the Latine into 
Englysh, by W. B. In Septembre, anno 
1548. Ippyswich, lOmo. B. in eights. 

Of the Life or Conuersation of a Christen 
Man, translated into English by Thomas 
Broke, Esquier.Paymaister of Doner. An. 
M j> JOiiz. Lond. 8vo. K 3, in eights. 15b. 

A short Instruction for to arme all good 
Christian People agaynst the Anabap- 
tlstes. Lond. 1649, 8vo. L 4, in eights. 
Sotheby, Dec. 1854, morocco, 11. 6s. An- 
other edition, without date, 8vo. L 4, in 

An Epistle written to Edwaide Duke of 
Somerset, translated out of Frenshe by 
the same Duke. Lond. 165(X 8vo. Intro- 
duced by an anonymous address ' To the 
Christian reader.' E 2, in eights. Home 
Tooke, 111, rnssia, 14s. 6d. 

Certaine Homilies conteining AdmonitiS 
for this Time, with an Apologie of Robert 
Horn (Bp. of Winchester). Imprited at 
Rome before the Castle of S. Angel, at 
the Signe of S. Peter, 1653, Ifimo. H 8, in 
eighte. Sotheby's in 1824, 1{. Is. 

Ratio & Forma publice orandi Deum, 
atque administrandi Sacramenta. et eiet. 
in Angloram Eoclesiam, quso Geneva col- 
ligitur, recepta : cnm ludlcio et Compro- 
batione D. Johannis Calvini. Geneve: 
apud Joannem Crispinum, 1556. See also 

Catechismns Eccleslae Genevensia. 
Lond. 1572, 8vo. Inglis, 264, 16s. Again 
1575, 8vo. Neither editions are noticed by 

Calvin's Catechism, translated for the 
Use of the English. Geneva, by .John 
Crespin, 1556, 8vo. Perry, pt. i. 1606. 

In a bookseller's catalogue for 1827. 
' Catechisme, or Maner to teach Children 
the Christian Religion ; also a Sonnet, by 

Wm. Stewart, to the chnrch of ScotHand, 
.with Prayers, Confession of Faith need 
in the English Congregation at GeiiBir% 
and the Psalms of David, with the Musle* 
Ac. Edinbrongh, by me Robert Lekpriulk, 
1664, 12mo.' described as beautiftilly bound 
with very massive silver clasps, oomers, 
&e. was priced 212. Also in the Grenvill« 
Library, British Mnsenm. 

The Catechisme or Maner to teaeba 
Children the ChrlstianReligion. Wherei^ 
the Minister demandeth theQne8tion,aiid 
the Childe maketh Answers. 1560. OMA' 
ner, 1864, morocco, 81. Ss. 1562, 16mo^^ 
Another edition, 1660, 16mo.— 1682, IBoio^ 
This catechism is divided into '65S<md«U.' 
After which is ' The Maner to examine 
children before thev be admitted to th« 
Supperof the Lorde.^ Then stfndjyJE'oniw 
of Prayer, Confessions, Ac. Km eights. 
—1686, l6mo.-1592, 8vo.— 1594, 8vo.— 
Edinb. 1596, 16mo. 

The Catechisme in two Partes ; the first 
in Scotch Poetry, having a Kalendarbe» 
fore it. The second Part in Latin aaA 
Scotis Prose. Edinb. by John Rom for 
Henrie Charterls, 1574, 16mo. 

The Catechisme. Aberdeen, by Edward 
Rabane, 1628. 12mo. IngUs, 261, 12. Is. 

Sermons vpon the Songe that Esechiaa 
made after he had been sicke and afflicted 
by the Hand of God, conteyned in the 88 
Chapiter of Esay. Translated ont of 
French into Englishe, 1560. Lond. by John 
Day, 8vo. The four -Sermons are coin- 
tained in 79 pages, dedicated to Kathxin^ 
Duchess of Sunolke, by A. L. the tnuyn 
lator. Bright, very fine, 42.48. — Another 
edition. Lond. 1574, 8vo. with an epistle 
of 18 pages to Katharine, Dnohesa m Suf- 
folk, signed A. L.— Another edition, 1668^ 

Fovre godlye Sermons agaynst the Pol- 
Ivtion of Idolatries, translated fyrst inli> 
Latine, and afterward into English by 
diuers godly learned Men. Lond. Rowland 
Hall. 1561, 16mo. with an epistle of the 
printer, Ronlande Hall's, to the reader. 
Q 4, in eights. Nassan, pt. i. 502, U. 48. 
Inglis, 245, l2s. 

A Treatise, declarynge what great Profit 
might come to all Christendome, yf there 
were a Regester made of all Sainetes 
Bodies and other Reliqnes, which are as 
well in Italy, as in Fraunee, Dutchland, 
Spaine, and other Kingdomes and Coim- 
treys. Translated out of Frenche into 
English, by Steuen WyUiers. 1561. Lond. 
Rowland Hall, 16mo. The running tltie 
is a treatise of reliqnes. H, in eights. 
Nassau, pt. i. 508, 22. 6s. Inglis, 346, 19s. 

Thre notable Sermones on thre senersU 
Sondayes in Maye, the Yere 1561, vpon 
the Psalm 46. Englished by Will. Warde. 
Lond. 1562, 16mo. F, in eights. On the 
back of the title is an epistle by the pilntor 




Calvin — amtmued. 

BowUnd Hall, to the reader. Towneley, 


Treatise ccmceniing Offences, translated 
ent of liatine by Arthur Golding. Lend. 
1567, 8to. From Mannsell's catidogue, p. 

Commentaries vpon the Prophet Daniell, 
translated into EngUshe (by Arthur Glid- 
ing). Lond. 1670, 4to. One hundred and 
tiTMity leaves, besides an address to the 
reader by A. O. ; John Galuine to all the 
true Worshippers of Ood, and ' The Lec- 
tures and Readynges of John Galuine 
▼pon Daniell.' The running title through^ 
out * Meditations vpon the Booke of the 
Prophet Daniel.' Inglis,821,7s.6d. White 
Knights, 763, with Sermon by Fox, 1670, 
If. 198. — 1674. From Maimsell's Catalogue, 
p. 96.— 1696, 4to. White Knights, 768, 
11, 12s. 

Sermone vpon the Epistle of Saincte 
Paule to the Galathians. Lond. 167^ 4to. 
19s. Dedicated to Sir W. Cecil!, Knt. by A. 
Golding ; then the argument and the table. 
The sermons on S29 leaves, at the end, 
Calvin's prayer before and after his ser- 
mons. — Another edition, without date. 

Sermons vpon the Booke of Job, trans- 
lated by Arthnr Golding. Lond. 1674^ 
foUo, 168.-1680, folio. Sotheby's in 1824, 
7s. 6d. and 9s.— 1684, folio. Dedicated to 
' Robert, Earie of Leicester,' &c. then M. 
Calvin's preface, and a table, 169 sermons, 
on 761 pages, double columns, neatly print- 
ed on small pica Roman. Ferry, ptL 1878,8s. 

The Sermons vpon the Epistle of S. 
Paule too the Epiiesians, translated out 
of French into English by Arth. Golding. 
Lond. 1677, 4to. Dedicated to Edmund, 
Abp. of Canterbury, then an address to all 
ehnstians,and the argument. The sermons 
on 847 leaves. Inglls, 822, 7s. 

A Coanmentarie vpon S. Faules Epistles 
to the Coriothians, translated by Tho. 
Tymme. Lond. 1677, 4to. Dedicated to Ed- 
mund, Abp. of Canterbury. 

A Commentarie upon the first Booke of 
Hoaes called Genesis : translated by Tho. 
Tymme. Lond. 1678, 4to. Dedicated to Am- 
Uoee, Earle of Warwicke. 926 pages. 

Lectnres, or daily Sermons upon the 
Trojfhet Jonas, translated by Nath. Bax- 
ter. Lond. 1678, 4to. 12s.— Another edi- 
tion, whereunto is annexed an excellente 
Exposition of the two last Epistles of 
Bainet Jhon, by Doctor Auguste Mario- 
rate, englished by N. B. (Nath. Baxter). 
Lond. 1680, 4to. 6s. Dedicated to Sir Fran- 
eis Walsyngham, Knight, &o. 70 leaves. 
The Epistles of St John have a separate 
title-page, and are dedicated to tiie ' Ladle 
Ursnla Walsingham,' 16 leaves. In the 
dedieatlon the translator has indulged 
himself in a bitter and curious invective 

against the reading of romances and po- 
pular books of the time. 

A Commentarie vpon the Booke of 
loRue, translated out of Latine by W. P. 
Whereunto is added a Table, Ac Lond. 
1678^ 4to. Fol. 106, besides the argument 
prefixed, and a table at the end. 

Sermons on the Epistles of S. Paule to 
Timothle and Titus, translated out of 
French by L. T. (Leonard Tomson). 
Lond. 1679, 4to. There are 80 sermons on 
the two epistles to Timothy, and 17 on 
tl^e epistles to Titus; occupying together,' 
exclusive of the preface and table prefixed, 
1248 pages in double columns, neatly print- 
ed on pica roman. Sotheby's in 1821, 12.8s. 

lliirteene Sermons, entreating of the fi'ee 
Election of God in lacob, and of Reproba- 
tion in Esau, translated by lohn Fielde. 
Lond. 1679, 4to. 68. Dedicated to the 
Earl and Oountess of Bedford. At the 
end of the sermons is ' An Answers to a 
libel against Predestination.' 176 leaves. 

Foure Sermons entreating of Matters 
very profitable for our Time, with a briefe 
Exposition of the lxxxvii Psalme, trans- 
lated by lohn Fielde. Lond. 1679, 4to. 
Dedicated to ' Henry Earle of Hunting- 
ton, Lord Hastings,' Sbo, ' 1. Caluin to all 
true Christians.' 

Sermons (16) vpon the 10 Commande- 
ments, translated oy lohn Harmar. Lond. 
1679, 4to. 10s. 6d. Inglis, 828.— Another 
edition, 1681. 

Three Propositions or Speeches. To 
which also is added an Exposition vpon 
that Part of the Catechisme, which is ap- 
pointed for the three and fortieth Sunday 
in Number. Translated into English by 
T. W. (Thomas Wilcox). Lond. 1580, 8vo, 
Dedicated to 'Syr Richard Knlghtley, 
Knt. and the Ladle Elisabeth, his Wy&.' 
L 8, in eights. 

Two and twentie Sermons, in which is 
most religiously handled the 119 Psalme 
of Dauid, by 8 verses aparte according to 
the Hebrewe Alphabet. Translated by 
T. S. (Tho. Stocker). Lond. 1680, 4to. De- 
dicated to ' Sir Robert lermyn.' *To all 
faithfull Readers.' 190 leaves. 

A Commentarie vpon the Epistle to the 
Galathians, translated by R. Y. Lond. 
1681, 4to. Dedicated to John, BiHhop of 
London, by R. V, then Calvin's argument 
161 pages, with two more containing errata. 
An excellent Treatise of the Immorta- 
litie of the Soule, englished by T. Stocker. 
Lond. 1681, 8vo. Contains 12 leaves of 
prefixes, and 09 of the treatise. The work 
is dedicated to Philip Earl of ArundeL 

Sermons (27) concerning the Diunltie, 
&e. of Christ, translated by Tho. Stocker, 
Lond. 1681, 8vo. 

A Sermon oonteining an Exhortation to 
suffer persecution for following lenus 
Christe and his Gospell, vpon Heb. 18; 




Caltin — continued. 
IS. Translated from the French. Lond. 
1681, 6vo. At the end ' An Anstrere to 
the Slanders of the Fapistes against 
Christ syllie Flock, «fec. Finis quod 1. P.' 
In verse. C S, in eights. 

A Commentarie vpon the Epistle to the 
ColoBSions. Translated by R. Y. Lond. 
(156i;, 4to. Dedicated to ' Maister Noel 
Deane of Ponies' and others, by R. V. 
Then ' The Argument by Maister Caluln.' 
86 pages. 

The Sermons vpon the fifth Booke of 
MoseS; called Deuteronomie, translated by 
Arthur Qolding. Lond. 1683, folio. De- 
dicated to Sir Thomas Bromley, Knight. 
Two hundred sermons, which, ezclnsive of 
the prefixes and affixes, occupy 1247 pages, 
in double columns, very neatly printed on 
long-primer Roman, and the texts on pica. 
The signatures are in sixes. 

A Commentarie upon theEpistle of Saint 
Paul to the Romanes, translated by Chr. 
Rosdell. Lond. 1583, 4to. Dedicated to 
' Sir Edwarde Seimer, Knt. Baron Beau- 
champe and Earle of Hertforde.' ' lohn 
Caluine vnto Gryney.' ' The Argument.' 
902 leaves and a table or index. 

[Commentary on the Psalms, 3 vols. 
8vo. Lond. Tegg, 1840, i;. 10s. Formed 
on the basis of Golding's Translation; 
another will be found in the Translation 
Fund Books. See Appendix.] 

Praiers vsed by M. John Caluin at the 
End of his Reading on the Prophet Ho- 
seah, translated by Jcfia. Field. Lond. 
1683, 16mo. 

A Harmonie vpon Matthew, Mark, and 
Luke, with the Commentarie of M. lohn 
Caluine, translated by E. P. (Eusebius 
Paget). Whereunto is also added a Co- 
mentarie on S. lohn by the same Author. 
Lond. 1684, 4to. Dedicated to ' Frauncis 
Earle of Bedford,' &c. by Eusebius Paget. 
' To the renowned Pieres, &c. of Franke- 
ford,' by I. Calvin, two tables, and the ar- 
gument. 806 pages, AnotJier edition, 
1610, 4to, 10s. 

Two godly and learned Sermons, trans- 
lated by M. Robert Home, late By shop of 
Winchester. Lond. 1584, 8vo. Dedicated 
to Lord Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. 
&c. by Antb. Munday. Contains K in 
eights, the last leaf blank ; and sign. A 
has only 4 leaves; the first before the 
title, with only A J and the fourth blank. 
Sotheby, 1864, 18s. 

A Commentarie vpon the Epistle of 8. 
Panle vnto the PhilippianH, translated by 
Wm. Becket. Lond. 1684, 4to. 

The Commentaries upon the Acts of the 
Apostles, translated by Chr. Featherstone. 
Lond. 1586, 4to. 10s. 6d. Dedicated to 
' Henrle, Earle of Huntington, Lord Hast- 
ings,' &c. The epistle to the reader. To 
' L. Nicolas RadEiwill, Duke in OUka,' &c. 

The argument 698 (printed 298) pages, and 
a table or index. Very neatly printed in 
white letter. 

Sermons on the History of Melcbese- 
deck, &c. translated by Thomas Stocker. 
Lond. 1592, 8vo. 

A Treatise of a Christian Life, trans- 
lated by John Shutte. Lond. 1594, 8vo. 

Commentarie on the Epistle to the He- 
•brewes, translated by Clement Cotton. 
Lond. 1605, 4to. 78. 

Commentarie upon the Prophecie of 
Isaiah, translated by Clement Cotton. 
Lond. 1609, folio, 15s. 

Lectures upon Jeremiah. Lond. 1620^ 
4to. 7s. 

A faythful and moste godly treatise 
concemynge the most sacred sacrament of 
the blessed body and blonde of our Saviour, 
translated by a faythful brother. Wliere- 
unto is added the order that the church 
and congregation of Cfariste in Denmarfce 
doth ufe. Without place or date, but 
abroad. 12mo. 

A Treatyse concemynge the Sacrament. 
Lond. by John Day and Wyllyam Serei 
8va Contains F, in eights. The epistle 
to the reader occupies 21 pages.— Herbert's 
copy, mor. resold Sotheby, June, 1856, 
5/, 128. 6d.— Another edition, probably the 
first. Without place, printer's name ordate. 
Two godly and notable Sermons: the 
one concemynge Pacience in Aduersitie, 
the other touchyng the most comfortable 
Assurance of oure Salvation in Chryste 
Jesu. Lond. by William Seres, n. d. 12mo. 
Text. 2 Tim. i. 8, 9, 10. 

An Admonition against Astrology iudi- 
ciall, and other Curiosities that raigne now 
in the World. Englished by G. G.fGoddred 
Gylby.) Lond. by Roulande Hall, 16mo. 

The Commentaries vpon the first Epis- 
tle of Sainct Jhon, and vpon the Epistle of 
Jude : translated into Englishe by W. H. 
Lond. by John Kyngstone, 8vo. Dedicated 
to Maister William Swan,of Wye,inKcnt. 
The Comment on S. John in 108 leaves ; 
that on S. Jude in 26. Inglis, 250, 16s. 

Calvin's Common Prayer Book. In the 
Phenix, vol. ii. See Albikb, John de. 
Theod. Bbza. H. Bfllinoee. PsAiiics, 
and especially the Calvik Trakslatiok 
Society's Publioationb, in Appendix. 

Camardpa. — The Loves of Ca- 
marupa and Camalatk, an ancient 
Indian Tale, elucidating the Ciu* 
toms and manners of the Orientals. 
In a series of Adventures of Ki^ah. 
Camarupa and his Companions. 
Translated fi^m the Persian by- 
William Francklin. Lond. 1793. 
8to. pp. 284. 8s. 6d. 




Cambbl, Sir James. SeeBnawKE^ 

Cambine, Andrew. Two very 
notable Commentaries, the one of 
the Originall of the Turcks and 
Empire of the House of Ottoman- 
no, written by Andrewe Cambine, 
and thother, of the Warres of the 
Turcke agaiast G«orge Scander- 
berg, Prince of Epiro, translated 
oute of Italian into English, by 
John Shute. Lond. Bouland Hall 
for Humfrey Toye, 1562. 4to. 

Dedicated to 'Syr Edfv. Fynes Lorde 
Clinton and Say.' The first treatise con- 
tains besides; 100 leaves ; the second, 46. 
Bennie, mor. 22. Ss. 

Cambria. — ^The ancient Laws of 
Osmbria; containing the institu- 
tional Treads of D^vniral Moel- 
mud, the Laws of Howel the Good, 
&c. &c. Translated £rom the Welsh 
by WiUiam Probert. Lond. 1823. 
8to. pp. 414. 

— The Cambrian Register. Lond. 
1796-1818. 8to. 3 vols, with plates, 
11. Is. 

There hare been many other anony- 
mons works published relative to Wales, 
viz. Cambrian Biography, the Cambrian 
Directory, Itinerary, Visitor, Traveller's 
Gnide, &c. 

Cambbidge, Bichard Owen. Ac- 
count of the War in India^ 1750- 
60. Lond. 1761. 4to. with maps, 

plans, &c. 

An historical publication, valuable for 
its accuracy and authenticity. Fonthill, 
624, 8s. Heath, 2696, 9s. 6d.— 1762, 8vo. 
8s. 6d. 

— Works, with an Account of 
his Life and Character, by Or. O. 
Cambridge, M.A. Lond. 1803. 4to. 

Pp. 680. Bindley, pt i. 1627, 10s. 6d. 
Reed, 0701, 12. Ss. labqe paper. Garrick, 
489, 128. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt 1. 677% 12. 

— The Scribleriad, an heroic 
Poem, in six Books. Lond. 1751. 

4to. with curious plates. 6s. 

This mock-heroic poem, intended to ex- 
poae false taste and false science, is replete 
with happy parodies of distinguitthed pas- 
sages in the classics, particularly Virgil. 
Cambridge. — ^History of the Uni- 

versity of Cambridge, its Colleges, 
and its pubUc Buudings. Lond. 
1815. 4to. 2 vols. 

Published by Ackermann. Nassau, pt. i. 
142, russia, 81. 16s. Dowdeswell, 95, with 
additional portraits of the founders, 
61. 16s. 6d. LABOE PAPSB, wlth coloured 
plates, in folio. Dent, pt. i. 137, with a 
portrait of the Duke of Gloucester on In- 
dia paper, 12Z. 

True Copies of all the Latine Orations, 
at Cambridge, the 25th and 27th of Fe- 
bruarie, 1622, by the Vice-chancellor and 
others of that Unireraitie, in their Enter- 
tainment of Don Charles de Colonna, Am- 
bassador for his Catholicke Migestie of 
Spaine, &c. with their Translations into 
English. Lond. 1623, 4to. Sixteen leaves, 
reprinted in the tenth volume of the Har- 
leian Miscellany. 

The Foundation of the Universitie of 
Cambridge, with a Catalogue of the prin- 
cipal Founders and special Benefactors of 
all the Colledges. Lond. 1661, 4to. 68. 

Musarum Cantabrigiensinm luctus et 
gratulatio-ille in funebre Oliveri protecto- 
ils; hsec de Ricardi successione felicis* 
sima ad eundem Cant 1668. 4to. 

Catalogus Flantarum circaCantabrigiam 
mascentium. Lond. 1660, 12mo. Pp. 313. 
Appendices to thit). volume were printed in 
1663r and 1686. 

A Poem attempting something on the 
Rarities of the Univei*sity of Cambridge, 
1673, 4to. Farmer, 8s. 

Cambridge Jests, or witty Alarums for 
melancholy Spirits. Lond. 1674, 12mo. 
Wretched trash. IngUs, 829, 12. 9b.— An 
edition, 1721, 8vo. 

A Step to Stir-Bitch-Fair, with He- 
marks upon the University of Cambridge. 
Lond. 1700, folio. Nassau, pt. i. 673, 16s. 

The History and Antiquities of the Uni- 
versity of Cambridge, in two Parts. Lond. 
1721, 8vo. 8s. 6d. Two hundred and sixty- 
five pages, besides two titles, a preface of 
10 pages, and an Index, 6 pp. Some copies 
have a reprinted title-page without a date. 

Catalogus Ubromm MSS. in Biblio- 
theca Collegii Corporis Christi in Canta- 
brigia: quos legavit Matt. Parkerua 
Archiep. Cantuar. Lond. 1722, folio. Pp. 
128, including the title, arrangement of 
the books and index. 

Catalognis Librorum Orient. MBS.Num- 
momm aliorumque Cimelior. qnibus Aca- 
demi» Cantabr. Bibllothecam locapletap 
vitreverendus Vir Oeorgius Lewis, Archi- 
diaconus Medensis. 1727, 8to. 18 pp. 

A Projecte conteyninge the State, Order 
and Manner of Qoremmente of the Uni- 
versity of Cambridge : as now it is to be 
seene in the three and fortietii Yeare of 




CAMBBiDCtx — eonthnted, 

the Raigne of Q. Elizabeth. Cambr. 1768, 
4to. 68. Privately printed by D. Lort. 

GataloguB Libroriun in Bibliotheca Aulae 
DivflB Catharinn Cantabrigise. 1771. royal 
4to. pp. 94. This catalogue, printed solely 
for the use of the students and feUows, 
was edited by Charles Prescot, M.A. 

Catalogns Librorum MSS. quos Collegio 
Corporis Christi et B. Marin Yirginis in 
Academia Cantabrigiensi legavlt Mat- 
thssns Parker, Arch. Cantnar. Edidit Jar 
cobus Nasmith, A.M. Cantab. 1777, 4to. 
12b. Pp. 458, including the title, dedica- 
tion, preface, corrigenda and index. A 
portadt of Abp. Parker is prefixed. 

Gantabrigienses Qraduati, sire Catalo- 
gns exhibeos Nomina eorum quos, 1669- 
1787, Gradu quocunque omarit Academia 
Cantabrigiensis. Cantabr. 1787, 4to. Re- 
printed, with additions, 1800, 4to. 1824, 
8to. 12s. 

Oradus ad Cantabriglam : or, a Dictio- 
nary of Terms academical and colloquial, 
or cant vhich are used at the University 
with Illustrations. Lond. 1803, 12mo. 
Roxburghe, 6714, 6s. 6d. [Reprinted in 
8vo. with the plates, 18 , 7s.] 

Charter and Statutes of Downing Col- 
lege, Cambridge. 1806, 4to. Bp. of Ely, 

The Cambridge Problems, being a Col- 
lection of the priuted Questions proposed 
to the Candidates for tiie Degree of Ba- 
chelor of Arts, at the General Examina- 
tions, 1801-10. with a Preface. By a Grsr 
duate of the University. 1810, 6s. 

Cambridge Prize Poems, or the Eng. 
lish Poems that have obtained the annual 
premium instituted by the Rev. T. Seaton, 
from 1760 to 1806. 1817, 2 vols. 8vo. 1818, 
fso. 8vo. 6s. An edition 1778, edited by 
I. Reed, Ss. fikb papsb (twelve copies 
printed^ Reed, 6622, 168. 

Greek and Latin Prize Poems, fh>m 
1814 to 1832. Gamb. 1838, 8vo. 78. 1814 
to 1837. Camb. 1837, 8vo, 78. 

Cambridge Prize (English) Poems,which 
have obtained the Chancellor's Gold Medal 
from 1813 to 1819. Lond. 1819, 13mo. 68. 
From 1813 to 1820. Lond. 1820, 12mo. 6s. 

Cantabrigienses Musn sen carmina qu»- 
dam numismataaureo Cantlbiigiae omata. 
Lond. 1810, 8vo. 6s. 

Cambridge Quarterly Review. 

Cambridge Calendan. Published an- 
nually since 1796. 

Cambridge Tart, Epigrammatie and Sa* 
ttrio-poetical Effusions. Lond. 1828, 12mo. 

Notes on Cambridge Chorohes. 1827, 
8vo. 6s. 

Letters fh>m Cambridge, illustrative of 
the Habits, Studies and Peculiarities of 
the University. Lond. 1828, 8vo. pp. 218. 
Of no value. 

Book Karities in the University (tf Cam' 

bridge, illustrated by original letters and 
notes, by the Rev. C. M. Hartshome. 
Lond. 1829, 8vo. labqb papbb, royal 8vo. 
Also Manuscript Rarities of the Univer- 
sity of Cambridge, 1841, 8va 

Cambridge Toll Cause, tried in the 
Court of K. B. to determine the Right of 
the Coiporation of Cambridge to exact eeiv 
tain Tolls Arom the Inhabitants of the 
Town of Cambridge, with an Appendix cl 
Documents. Lond. 1829, 8vo. 10b. 

The Account of Pythagoras's School in 
Cambridge, as in Mr. Grose's Antiquities 
of England and Wales, and other Notioes. 
folio. By the Rev. Joseph Kilner. Tide; 
introduction, 8 pages; the account^ ppw 
6-66 { half title * Something Suppleme» 
tary ;' table of contents, 2 pp. ; ' Of the 
House of Scholars of Merton,' pp. 60^168^ 
also nine plates. Bindley, pt i. 170, 68. M. 
North, pti. 182*, 6s. 6d. 

Statuta Coll Reginatis apnd Cantab, 
anno 1660, a Regis oommissariis refor* 
mata, accedunt interp. Statuorum a pn^ 
side et sociis. Cantob. 1882, 4to. Edited 
bv G. C. G. (the Rev. G. Com. Gorham). 
60 copies printed for use of the fellows 
only, and 4 on vellum for the College. 

Churches of Cambridgeshire, published 
by the Cambridge Camden Society, viz.. 
Cherry Hinton, Trumpington, Histon, 
Harlton, Haslingfield, 7 parts, impL 8vo. 
20 lithographs, besides woodcuts. 1845. 
10s. 6d. 

Le Keux's Memorials of Cambridge, with 
historical and descriptive accounts, by 
Thomas Wright and H. L. Jones. Lond. 
1846, 8vo. 2 vols. 76 plates, 22. 28. lakob 
PAPBB, 21. 14b. Proofs, 62. 6s., elkaob mneh 

Of the noble and extensive Public Li- 
brary at Cambridge no catalogue has yet 
appeared. In Dr. Con. Middleton's Misc. 
Works, 4ta vol. iii. p. 47fr«20, is a method 
of arrangement. 

Catalogue of Queen's College Libnury, 
tee Home. 

Cambridge University Transactions dur- 
ing the Puritan Controversies of the 16th 
and 17thCenturies, collected by Jas. Hey- 
wood and Thos. Wright Lond. 1854, 2 
vols. 8vo. 16s. 

Early Cambridge University and Col- 
lege Statutes, fi'om the 18th to the 16th 
Century, in English, collected by James 
Heywood. Lond. 1866, 2 vols. 8vo. ISs. 6d. 

Cambridge Antiquarian Society. 3m 

Cfambiidge Philoeopbical Society. Set 

Cantrabrigia Depicts, iSSw Habbadbt. 
R. B., Wilson (Jos.) 

Camden, Williain. Britanma^ 

sive florentissimorym R^norv'm 

Anglue, ScotuB, Hibernifld, et In- 

BulajTm adiaoeatiuin ezintima An- 




Uqmt&te chorograpbica Descriptio. 

Iond.1586. 8to. 

'The eommon san, irhereat our modem 
vriters have all lighted their little torches.' 
^NieoUon, [This work passed through 
eight editions between 1686 and 1590.] 
First edition, dedicated to Sir W. Cecil, 
liord BuTffhley, then an address to the 
reader, and several commendatory verses. 
Bngland, on 476 pages; Scotland coi);- 
tUined to p. 485. Ireland has a separate 
title page, dedicated 'Domino Edwardo 
Bobejk>, Ecfhitl aurato,' &c. continued 
to p. 556, then tables of the ancient and 
modem names. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. 
L 465. lOsw— 1587, 8vo. England on 550 pp. 
Scotland continued to p. 648. The Saxon 
alphabet iUnstrated, and an additional 
Ssdex. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 483, 5s. 
Nassau, pt. i. 604, 98. Card. Fesch, 846, 
12.68.— 1590. 8vo. England on 662 pp. 
Scotland continued to p. 671; Ireland, 
having a separate title, to p. 719 ; Insulte 
firitannics, to p. 762. At the end are 
tables and an index.— 1694. 4to. The whole 
on 717 pages, besides prefixes and aflixes. 
Brockett, 729, 4s. Towneley, pt. i. 502, 
68.— 1600. 4to. 881 pages, dedicated to the 
Queen, and at the end of the tables is an 
epistle ' Ad lectorem,' 30 pages. There is 
likewise a frontispiece, engraved by W. 
Bc^rs ; two maps of England, as under 
the Romans and the Saxons ; seven plates 
ot Roman coins; and a view of Stone- 
benge. Bindley, pt. ii. 883, Ss. In this 
fifbh edition Camden made use of Brooke's 
eorrections, shewing nevertheless in the 
Latin reply, prefixed to it, the most per- 
fect disdain of his antagonist's abilities. 
See BaooKXf Ralph.— Londb G. Bishop, 
1607. folio. The last edition, corrected by 
the author. Gordonstoun, 680, n.— ^oretjjm 
eektiont. Francof. 1690.— Amst. 1617.— 
Francof. 1616. 8vo.— LeldsB, 1689.— Amst 
1648. foL— Amst. 1669. fol. &o. 

Britannia, in Epitomen contracta a Reg- 
nero Vitellio ZiriziBO. Amst. 1689, 12mo. 
8s. An 'unskilful epitome.'— iiTicoZaon. 

CAMSEir, W. Britannia, trans- 
latednewly into Enfflish by Philemon 
Holland, M.D. finally revised, &c. hj 
the said Author. Lond. 1637. folio. 
A notice of this work, and of others on 
the subject of County History, will be 
found in the Retr. Rev. ix. 207—88. Ros< 
eoe, 617, 88. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. 1. 760, 
11. 6s. A former edition, 1610, folio. 
Bindley, pt. i. 952, 58. A translation of 
the Britannia, by Richard Knolles, fol. 
MS. is in the Ashmolean Museum at Ox- 
ford. It formerly belonged to .Camden. 
See Dr. Bliss's edition of Wood's Athen. 
Qzon. 11. 82. 

— Britanbia: or, a Chorogra- 
phieal description of G-. Britain 
and Ireland, together with adjacent 
Islands. Written in Latin by 
Wiiliatn Camden ; and translated 
into English with additions and 
itnproyement by Edmund Gibson, 
D.D. late Lord Bishop of London. 
Lond. 1772. folio. 2 toIs. with por- 
traits and maps. 

The names of thoee who assisted Bishop 
Gibson in his editions of Camden, are 
given in the Censura Literaria. Marquis 
of Townshend, 623, 21. 28. labob papbu. 
The former editions of thisBishop's trans- 
lation appeared :— Lond. 1695, folio. 1 voL 
Roxburghe, 8554, 98. labob papbb. Gar- 
rick, 634, 16s.— 1722, fol. 2 vols. 
Combe, 614, 21. 28. Stevens, 1816y 12. Ss. 
LABOB papbb. Sir P. Thomson, 184, 
11. 148. Dent, pt. i. 602, 82. 7s.— 1768. 


Two parts and a portion of a third of a' 
translation by W. O. (William Oldys) were 
printed in 4to. without date. 

— Britannia, translated from the 

Edition publidied by the Author 

in MDOYII. Enlarged by the latest 

Discoyeries by Bichard Gough., 

Lond. 1789. folio. 3 vols. 

Best edition (so called, but query why) 
with maps and other copperplates. Marq. 
of Townshend, 624, russia, 12^ 12b. Brock- 
ett, 642, 91. 9s. Nassau, pt. i. 674, russia, 
182. 18s. Fonthill, 2489, 171. Dent, pt. 1. 
508, with the maps coloured, russia, 102. 168. 
Roxburghe, 8556, 92. 9s. Sir M. M. Sykes, 
pt. i. 761, 102. 5b. In the Bodleian Is a 
copy, greatly augmented and illustrated 
with additional plates and drawings for a 
new edition bequeathed to the library by 
Gough. The edition of 1806, folio, 4 vols, 
is a reprint of the 8 vols, with additions 
and corrections to the first volume, the 
only one Gough superintended, having 
quarrelled with the publisher. John Ni- 
chols, F.S.A., superintended the remain- 
ing volumes. The fine paper copies have 
the maps coloured. Drury, 100%, russia, 
182. 28. 6d. FiNB PAPBB. Sir M. M. Sykes, 
pt. i. 762, 132. 2s. 6d. 

— Institutio GhreeccB G-ramma- 

tices cox^endiaria, in Usmn Begise 

Scholffi Westmonaeteriensis Lond, 

1597. 8vo. 

Of this work the editions are innnm^ 

— Keges, Beginffi, NobUes et al^ 
in Ecclesia Collegiata B. Petri 




Westmonasterii sepulti, usque ad 

Annum 1606. Lond. 1606. 4to. 

▲ — L 4. In this collection of epitaphs 
are included many that have been since 
destroyed or effaced. Towneley, pt. ii. 
1404, 8s. 6d. Nassau, pt. i. 2346, Ss. Bind- 
ley, pt. ii. 880, 198. LABOE PAPER. 

— An edition. Lond. 1600. 4to. K 6. in 
fonrs. Gongh, 3136, 7s. Steevens, 1845, 
88. 6d. Again, with additions said to be 
made from a collection begun by John 
Skelton, the poet 1603, 4to. White 
Knights, 3568, 9b. 

Camdek, W. Annales Bervm 

Anglicarum et Hibemicarvm reg- 

nante Elizabetha. Prima Pars emen- 

datior, altera nunc primum in lucem 

edita. Lugd. Bat. 1628. 8yo. 5s. 

Published by Elzevir. Reprinted Leyde. 
Elz. 1628, 1639. Amst. Elz. 1677, 8vo. 
The first edition of part i. (to the year 
1689) appeared Lond. 1615, fol. Roscoe,473, 
8s. 6d. (to which may be Joined the second 
part. Lond. 1627, folio). The best edition 
of the complete work appeared, Oxon. 1717, 
8yo. 3 vols. See Hbabnb, Thomas. 

— Annals, or the Historie of 
Elizabeth, late Queen of En^and. 
Translated into English by K, N. 
Gtent. with divers Additions of the 
Authors never before published. 
The third Edition. Lond. 1635. 
folio, with port, and front. 78. 

' A most exquisite history, undertaken 
by the special directions and command of 
tlie great Lord CeciV—Ntcolson. Sir P. 
Thompson, 196, 9s.— 1630, with port, of Q. 
Eliz. fol. lOs. 6d. Roscoe, 1837, 17s.— 
ie76,'fol. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt i. 763, 9s. 
—1688, folio, with portrait, 12s. Dent, 
pt. i. 500, russia, 19s. 

The Life of Elizabeth, translated by 
Davis, with an Appendix : also, the An- 
nals of K. James I. never before in En- 
glish, will be found in the second volume 
of Kennet's History of England. For other 
editions, aee Bbowk, Thomas, D.D. D'Ab- 
CIB, Abraham. 

[Annales des choses qni se sont passes 
en Angleterre et en Irelande sous le 
rigne d'Elizabeth jusqu'en 1689. Tra- 
dnit par Paul de Bellegent. Lond. Field, 
1624, 4to. Another translation (to 1603) 
appeared tn Paris, 1627, 4to.] 

•— Bemains concerning Britain. 
The seventh Edition, much amend- 
ed, &c. by John Philipot and W. D. 
Lond. 1674. small Bvo. portrait. 

Best edition^ consisting of pp. 666, with 
a table and portrait of Camden by White. 

Dedicated to Prince Charles Lodowlck. 
Nassau, pt. i. 505, 13s.— First edition, 1606, 
Hindley, pt. i. 2027, 4b. 6d.-1614 or 1623. 
4to. Steevens, 1731, russia, 5s. Bindley, 
pt.i.2028,3s.— 1627.— 1629. pp.346. Bindley, 
pt. i. 2029, 3s. 6d.— Fifth edition, 1636 or 7, 
4to. Heath, 4386, 8s. Dent, pt. i. 635, 10s. 
White Knights, 4636, 17s. A Copy on 
LAROE PAPBR is in the Grenville Library. 
—Sixth edition, 1657, 4to. Steevens, 1732, 
4b. 6d. Bindley, pt. i. 2030, 7s. Edwards, 
678, 168. 

— A Description of Scotland, 

with a supplement by Sir James 

Dalrymple. Edinb. 1695. 8vo. 

'A noble edition.' — Nicolscn. Dent, pt. i. 
384, 4s. 6d. 

— Anghca, Hibemica, NormAn- 
nica, Cambrica, a Yeteribus scripta : 
ex Bibhotheca Gviliehni CamdenL 
Francof. 1602 or 3. folio. 

A valuable collection of old English his* 
torians. Towneley, pt. ii. 146, 30s. Bi- 
shop Randolph, 195, 6/. Gough, 696, 21. 15s. 
Gordonstoun, 112, 11. 15s. Heber, 11. 18s. 
—1664? Heath, 4494, 3/. 68. 

Contents. — Asser Menevensis. Anonymns 
de Vita Gulielmi Conquestoris. Thomas 
Walsingham. Thomas de la More. Gu- 
lielmus Gemiticensis. Giraldus Cam- 

See Gaenet, Henry, 

— Gamdeni insignia. Oxon. 
1624 4to. 12s. 

An Oxford collection of verses written 
on the death of that learned antiquary. 

— Gruillelmi Camdeni et illus- 
trium Virorum ad G-. Camdenum 
Epistolee, cum appendice vani 
argumenti accesserunt ftiinalium 
Begni Begis Jacob! I. apparatus et 
commentarius de Antiquitate, Dig- 
nitate et Officio Comitis Maresca^ 
Anglise. Frsemittitur Gamdeoi 
Vita, scriptore Thom4 Smit^o. 
Lond. 1691. 4to. 

Pp. 613, with port, of Camden, set. 58^ 
1609, by White. Roxburghe, 6809, 4s. 6d. 
LABGB PAPER. Bindley, pt. ii. 334, 17a. 
CAMDBir Society Publications. See Ap- 

Oamsl, Thomas. Gamelles K&- 
ioindre to Churchyarde or CameUes 
Conclusion. Jmprinted by Hary 
Sutton, folio. 

In verse, consisting of four rides fbllo. 
His answer ' To Gtoodman Chappels Sup- 
plication* is contained in 20 UnM of a very 


odd kind of English poetry, spelt stranpely 
and signed ' Thomas Camell.' See Ames, 
by Herbert, li. 815-«, and iii. 1571. 

Camesabitts, Bayid. Be Statu 

Hominis reteris simul ac noree 

Bcclesifie et Infidelium Conversione. 

Catakuni, 1627. 4to. 

Mentioned by Bp. Nioolson in his Scot- 
tish Historical Library. 

— De Scotorum fortitudine, doc- 
trina et pietate, ac de ortu et pro- 
gressu haeresis in Begnifi ScotisB et 
Anglise, Libri qyatvor. Paris, 1631. 

Gordonstoixn, 4B4, 15s. 6d. Bindley, 
pt ii. 831, 12. lOs. Hanrott, U. 28. 6d. 

— P. Tiiving Librarie, done into 
English by J. Molle, with Addi- 
tions by his Sonne. Lond. 1625. fol. 

Gordonstoun, 650, 6s. 6d. An edition, 
1621, folio. 

Cameeon, Archibald. The Life 

of Dr. Archibald Cameron, Brother 

to Bonald Cameron of Lochiel, Chief 

of that Clan. Lond. 1753. 8vo. 

with portrait, 3s. 6d. 

The portrait prefixed is that of CoUey 

Memoirs of Dr. Archibald Cameron, by 
Andrew- Hen<?erBon. Lond. 1753, Svo. 

Treason, Sedition, and Kebellion fully 
and impartially considered. With Ee- 
xnarks upon the case of the unhappy Dr. 
Cameron. Lond. 1763, 8yo. 

— Charles. The Baths of the 

Bomans explained and illustrated, 

with the Bestorations of PaUadio 

corrected and improyed : to which 

is prefixed an introductory Preface, 

pointing out the Ifature of the 

Work, and a Bissertation upon the 

State of the Arts during the different 

periods of the Boman Empire. 

Lond. 1771. atlaa folio. 3/. 3s. 77 

rSome copies haye the ceilings coloured.] 
In English and French. Combe, 613, 
11. 28. Towneley, pt. ii. 519, 8^. 3s. Font- 
hilt, 1906, U. 15s. Edwards, 196, with the 
plates of the ancient ceilings and pictures 
colofued, 112. Us. 

— Jenny. See AsBiTTmroT) 

Campieu), Benjamin. A theo- 
logical Biscourae of Angels and 



their Ministries. Lond. 1678. 8yo. 


Camoens, Luis de. The Lusiad, 
or Portugalls historical! Poem: 
written in the Portingall Language^ 
and now newly put into English 
by Bichard Fanshaw. Lond. 1655. 


Pp. 246, dedicated to William Earle of 
Stafford, with a bust-portrait of Camoens, 
and full-length portraits of Prince Henry 
of Portugal and Yasco de Gama. A cri- 
tique on this version will be found in the 
Quarterly Review, xxvii. 26—9. Heath, 
2189, \l. 6s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 106, 
rnssia, \l. 6s. Bindley, pt. i. 1137, 11. lOs. 
Lloyd, 818 (ti tie wanting), 22. Bibl. Anglo- 
Poet 256, U. lOs. 

— The Lusiad : or the Bisco- 
yery of India, translated by Wm. 
Julius Mickle. Second Edition 
(with some Emendations and Ad- 
ditions). Oxford, 1778. 4to. lOs. 6d. 

According to the Quarterly Review, a 
highly admirable but unfaithful transla- 
tion of this prince of Portuguese poets. 
Heath, 2140, 12. lis. 6d. The first edition 
appeared 1776, 4to. 78. 6d. Reprinted 
1798, 8vo. 2 vols. Edwards, 158, 10s. 6d. 
— 1807, 12rao. 3 vols, with plates. 

— The Lusiad, an Epic Poem, 

in ten Cantos. Translated into 

English Verse, with Notes by 

Thomas Moore Musgrave. Lond. 

1826. 8yo Published at \l. Is. 

The Lusiad, books I — Y., translated by 
Ed. Qulllinam, with notes by J. Adam- 
son. Lond. 1663, 8vo. 5s. 

— Poems, with Kemarks on his 
Life and Writings, Notes by Lord 
Viscount Strangrord. Lond. 1804. 


Pp. 160. Lord Byron observes, ' It is to 
be remarked, that tbe things given to the 
public as Poems of Camoens, are no more 
to be found in the original Portuguese, 
than in the Song of Solomon.'— 1808, 
12mo.— 1810, 12mo. Brockett, 2928, 78. 
—1824. 12mo. 

Memoirs of Camoens, by John Adam- 
son, 1820, post 8vo. 2 vols.j also on LABes 


Campaigns. — The History of the 
Campaigns of 1796 and 1797, in 
Germany and Italy; and of the 
Campaigns of 1799 in Q«rmany, 
Switzerland, Italy, and Holland. 




Translated from the French. LoncL 

1800-1. 8yo. 6 vols. 21. 28. 
Rozbnrghe, 8B60, 6 yoIs. 22. Ss. 

A History of the Campaigns of the Bri- 
tish Forces in Spain and Portugal. Lond. 
1812-14, 8vo. 6 vols. ISs. labgb papbb, 

The Triumphs of Europe in the Cam- 
paigns of 1812, 18, and 14, commemorated 
by a series of twelve views coloured. 
Lond. 1814, foUo. Duke of York, 1260, 
12. 4s. The Campaign of Waterloo, pub- 
lished by Bowyer, 1816, folio. Duke of 
York, 1254, 11. 7s. 

The Campaigns of the Duke of Welling- 
ton. Paris, 1817, folio, ikpbbial vbllum 
PAFBB. Duke of York, 1266, morocco, 168. 
ow VELLUH. Duke of York, 1256, morocco, 
172. 17s. Another, published by Colnaghi, 
1812, folio. Duke of York, 1016, PBOors, 
■ome on India paper, 12. 19s. 

A Narrative of the Campaigns of the 
British Army at Washington and New 
Orleanff, under General Ross, Pakenham 
and I^mbert, in the years 1814 and 1816 ; 
with some Account of the Countries visit- 
ed. By the Author of ' The Subaltern.' 
Lond. 1826, 8vo. 12s. In this excellent 
work, the author describes the scenes and 
feelings which belong to a soldier's life, 
with peculiar clearness and force. 

Camfav, Madame. Memoirs of 
the priyate Life of Marie Anto* 
nette Queen of France and Na- 
varre : to which are added, Becol- 
lections. Sketches and Anecdotes, 
illustrative of the Beigns of Louis 
XIV. Louis XV. and Louis XVI. 
Lond. 1823. 8vo. 2 vols. 11. 8s. 

The same in French, 8vo. 2 vols. Pub- 
lished at 12. 4s. [Mad. Campau also wrote 
her own memoirs, called 'Private Jour* 
nal,' &c., 8vo. lOs. 6d.] 

Oamfjlnella, Thomas. Advice 

to the Xing of Spain for attaining 

the universal Monarchy of the 

World, transl. into English by Ed. 

Chilmead, with an admonitorie 

Preffice by William 'Prynne. Lond. 

1659. 4to. 5s. 

Another work, entitled Discourse touch- 
ing the Spanish Monarchy. 1664, 4to. 6b. 

Campania. — Strange Newes from 

Campania a Province in Italy. 

Printed at AttaUa in the Yeare 

1647. 4to. 10s. 6d. 

Pp. 8. A copy is in the British Moseiun* 
Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 668, 82. 88. 

Campbell, A. D. Qrammsr 
of the Teloogoo Language, com- 
monly called the Qentoo. Madras, 
1816. 4to; 

— Dictionary of the Teloogoo 
Language, commonly called the 
G^ntoo. Madras, 1821. 4to. 52. 5b. 

-— Alexander. Introduction to 

the History of Poetry in ScotUmdi 

with a conversation on Scottish ' 

Song. To which are subjoined 

Songs of the Lowlands of Scotland, 

with characteristic designs by David 

Allan. Edinb. 1798-9. 2 vols. 4to. 
Ninety copies printed. 'A valuable 
work, containing much interesting matter 
in a miscellaneous form.'— AsrX;. Dent^ 
pt. i. 637, 22. 2s. Bindley, pt 1. 1647, 22. 6s. 
Goldsmid, 161, 22. 2s. Bibl. Anglo4*oet. 
887. Constable, 219, 82. 4s. Gough, 856^ 
12. lis. 6d. itABQE PAPER. Rozburghe, 
8191, 32. 4s. date 1788 P Sir M. M. Sykea^ 
pt. i. 680, 32. 7s. date 1793? 

— Journey from Edinburgh 
through parts of North Britauu 
Lond. 1802. 4to. 2 vols. 

Pp. 840, with forty-four engravings. A 
model to the tourist. Nassau, pt. i. 640« 
12. Is. Rozburghe, 7218, russia, 22. 3s. 

— Imperial History of the 
Bebellion in Scotland in the Years 
1744-6 ; to which is added a Jour^ 
nal of the Adventures and Escape 
of the Toung Chevalier, after the 
Battle of Gulloden. Lond. 18 — . 
12mo. ds. 6d. 

— Alexander. History of Leith, 
fi*om the earliest Accounts to the 
present Period; with a Sketch o£ 
the Antiquities of the Town. Leith, 
1824. 8vo. 8s. 6d. 

— Hon. Archibald. Doctrine 

of a middle State between Death 

and the Resurrection $ of Prayers 

for the Dead and the necessity of 

Purification. Lond. 1721. folio. 68. 
A curious work, according to Boswell, 
written by a learned and resi>ectable gen- 
tleman, a non-juring bishop. BinSey, 
pt i. 1183, 9s. 

— Archibald, D.D. TheAuthea- 
ticity of the Gospel-history justified t 
and the Truth of the Christian 




Bevelation demonstrated, from the 
I/awB and Constitution of Human 
Nature. Edinb. 1759. 8to; 2 vols. 

CampbeIiL, Arch. Voyage round 
the World, from 1806 to 1812, in 
which Japan, Kamschatka, the Aleu- 
tian Islands, and the Sandwich 
islands were visited, &c. Edinb- 

1816. 8vo. 6s. 

A work containing much carious and in- 
teresting information particularly relative 
td the Sandwich Islands. 

— Archibald. See Lexiphanes. 

— Colen, John Woolfb, and 
James Q-andon. Vitruvius Britan- 
nicus, or, the British Architect; 
containing the Flans, Elevations, 
and Sections of the regular build- 
ings, both publick and private, i^ 
Great Britain, with a variety of new 
designs. Lond. 1715, 17, 25, 67, 
71, folio; 5 vols. 500 plates, 

FoQthill, 2513, vols. i. U. Ui. 62. 6b. 1723, 
▼ols. iv. V. 61. 16fl. 6d. labgb papkb, 
6 vols. Nassau, pt. i. 676, 191. 19s. Ed- 
wards, 183. russia, 802. Dent, pt. 1. 604, 
morocco, 822. Os. 6d. Boxburghe, 1647, 
vols. i. U. iil. 82. ISsi 6d. Supp. 713, 
vols. i. and ii. 12. 68. Bindley, pt. i. 938, 
vols. i. ii. iil. 22. 12s. 6d. 

— Donald. Journey over Land 

to India, partly by a route never 

gone before by any European. Lond. 

1795. 4to. 

Pp. '604. Fonthill, 8102, 32. Is. Box- 
bur^be, 7316, 78. 6d. An Abridgment, 
1796, 12mo. 3s. 

— Duncan. See Depoe, BanieL 
Haywoop, Eliza. 

— George, B.B. Lectures on 

Ecclesiastical History: to which 

is added, an Essay on Christian 

Temperance and Sen-denial. With 

some Account of the Life and 

Writings of the Author, by the 

Rer. G. S. Keith. Lond. 1813. 

8vo. 2 vols. 16s. 

a most valuable and excellent work, 
displaying profound andaccurate research. 
An edition, 1800. Gosset, 1063, lis. Aber- 
deen, 1816, 8vo. 2 vols. Reprinted 1824, 
8vo, 1 vol. 78. 

The Philosophy of Rhetoric. Lond. 1776, 
8vo. 2 vols. 12s. Heath, 186, 16. Beprint^ 
ed Edinb. 1816, 8vo. 2 vols. 16s. and in 
1 vol. 8vo. 1823. ^ An Abridgment by 
Jameson, 1823, 12ino.7s. 6d. 

Lectures on systematic Theology and 
Pulpit Eloquence. 1807, 12mo. 78. 6d. 

A Dissertation on Miracles, with a Cor* 
respondence on the Subject' by Mr. Hume, 
Dr. Campbell, and Dr. Blair. To which are 
added, Sermons and Tracts. Edinb. 1797, 
8vo. 2 vols. 168. Best edition of this mas- 
terly defence of the evidence arising from 
Miracles. Reprinted Edinb. 1812, 8vo.9s. 

Lectures on the Pastoral Character. 
Newly edited by J. Eraser, D.D. Lond. 
1811, 8vo. 6s. 

— Translation of the Gospels. 
See Gospels. 

OahpbeIiL, Sir Hugh, of Calder. 

An Essay on the Lord's Prayer. 

Edinb. 1709. small 8vo. 4s. 
Constable, 1168, 78. 6d. 

— Hugh, LL.D. The Case of 
Mary Queen of Scots, and of 
Elizabeth Queen of England, drawn 
from the State Papers, and most 
authentic Sources. Lond. 1825. 
8vo. 128. 

— James. A Treatise on Mo- 
dem Eaulconry. Edinb. 1773. 8vo. 

The introduction was written by the 
Bev. Alez. Gillies in ridicule of Lord Mon- 
boddo's origin and progress of language, 
tiien lately published. The account of 
hawking is fabulous. Bindley, pt i. 1070, 
6s. 6d. 

— John, LL.D. The nHlitary 
History of Prince Eugene and 
the Duke of Marlborough. Lond. 
1736. folio. 2 vols. 

— History of the Old Testament, 

digested into the Order of Time. 

Lond. 1738. folio, 2 vols. ISs. 
In little estimation. 

— A political Survey of Britain. 

Lond. 1774. 4to. 2 vols. 

A very usefiil work, displaying wonder- 
ful research and labour, though held in lit- 
tle estimation. The index is sometimes 
wanHng. Bindley, pt.i. 1624, 13s. 6d. Ed- 
wards, 606, 148. 6d. Towneley, pt. U. 469, 
198. Beed,8641, 12. 68. Steevens, 1742, 
12. 68. Home Tooke, 116, 12. 10s. Heath, 
1410, 12. 16s. 

— Lives of the British Admirals, 
by H. Bedhead Yorke and W. Ste- 
venson. Lond. Barrington, 1812-17. 




8vo. 8 vols. 21. 28. LABaE Pjlpsb, 

8/. 3s. 

Best edition, with portraits, labok pa- 
PBB, 22. 2s.— 1744, 8vo. 4 vols. Reed, 4896, 
16tt. — 1799, Svo. 4 vols, with maps and 
fronts.— 1781, 4 vols. Stanley, 66, 2/.— 
Edinb. 1786,8vo.4 vols.— Lond. Stockdale, 
1818, royal 8vo. 8 vols, portraits, 12. lis. 6d. 

GAHFBBLLyJohn. Beports of Oases 
at Nisi Piius in the Courts of K. B. 
and 0. P. from Mich. T. 48 Geo. 
III. to Hil. T. 56 Geo. III. 18(»7- 
16. Lond. 1809-16. royal 8vo. 4 
Yols. 1/. 

The reports are continued hy Tho. 
Starkie and by Ryan and Moody. 

— Rev. John. Travels in South 
Africa, undertaken at the request 
of the Missionary Society. Lond. 
1815, 18i22. 8vo. 3 vols. 

These narratives contain accounts of 
some populous tribes and large towns hi- 
therto unknown. Notices will be found 
in the Quart. Rev. xiii. 309-40, zxvii. 

— John. The Strafford Peer- 
age : to which are prefixed genea- 
logical Tables containing a Hneal 
Descent of the two noble Candidates 
(Richard Stafford Cooke and Sir 
George Jemingham, Bart.). Lond. 

1818. 4to. 

Pp. 300, dedicated to the Prince Regent 
Two genealogical tables should accom- 
pany the work. 

— Robert. The Life of John 

Duke of Argyle and Greenwich. 

Lond. 1745. 8vo. Portrait. 

Pp. , with a genealogical table. Marq. 
of Townshend, 325, 7s. 6d. Remarks upon 
the Life, in a Letter to Robert Campbell, 
Esq. Lond. 1745, 8vo. 

— Thomas, LL.D. Strictures 
on the Ecclesiastical and Lite- 
rary History of Ireland, also an 
historical Sketch of tho Constitu- 
tion and Government. Dublin, 

1789 and 1790. Svo. 8s. 

A well-written and ingenious work. 

— Thomas (the Poet). Annals of 
Great Britain, from the Ascension of 
George III, to the Peace of Amiens. 
Edinb. 1807. Svo. 3 vols. 

Brockett, 566, 10s. Earl of Kerry, 21, 

— Specimens of the British 
Poets, with biographical and criti- 
cal notices, and an Essay on En- 
glish Poetiy. LoncL 1819. crown 

8vo. 7 vols. 

A much-esteemed selection. Brockett, 
670, 2i. 2s. Di-ury, 683, mor. 52. 16fl. 6d. 
Reprinted, Lond. 1844, in one vol. royal 
Svo. 16s. Of the essay prefixed to the first 
volume, three copies were printed on paper 
of an imperial octavo size. 

— Poetical Works, now first 
collected. Lond. 1828. post 8vo. 
2 vols. 18s. 

Prefixed is a portrait after Sir Thomas 
Lawrence. Illustrated edition, with vig- 
nettes after Turner. Lond. 1848, Svo. IL 
India proofs, 12. 10s. 

Gertrude of Wyoming and other Poems. 
Lond. 1809, 4to.— 1810, 8vo.— 1816, 12mo. 
—1820^ 12mo. with plates after Westall. 

Theodric, a domestic tale, with other 
Poems. Lond. 1824, fscp. 8vo. 83. 

The Pleasures of Hope, Edinh. 1799, 
12mo. First edition.— With other Poems. 
1803, 4to. plates. Roxhurghe, 3539, 16s. 
White Knights, 4637, 13s. Frequently re- 
printed. ' One of the most beautiful didac- 
tic poems in our language.'— Lord Byron. 

The Pilgrim of Glencoe, and other 
poems. Lond. 1842, Svo. 

Letters from the South, containing an 
account of Algiers. Lond. 1837, 8vo. 2 vols. 

Life of Mrs. Siddons. Lond. 1^4, 8vo. 
2 vols. 

Life of Petrarch, Lond. 1841. Svo. 2 vols, 
pub. 12. tls. 6d. 

Frederick the Great and his times. 
Lond. 1843. Svo. 4 vols. New edition, 
1844, post Svo. 2 vols. 

History of our own Times, vols. 1 and 2. 
Lond. 1843-6, Svo. (Written anonymoasly.) 

Life and Letters, with several nnpub- 
lished Poems, edited by Dr. Beattie. 
Lond. 1848. Svo. 3 vols, pub. at 22.68., 
now 12s. 

Campensis, John. A Paraphra- 
sis vpon aU the Psalmes of Dauid, 
traslated oute of Latyne into En- 
glyshe. 1535. 24mo. 

B, in eights. Prefixed is an epistle 
' Vnto the Reader.' After the Psalms is a 
table, and ' The boke of Solomon called 

Camper, Peter. The Works on 
the Connexion hetween the Science 
of Anatomy and the Arts of Draw- 
ing, Painting, Statuary, &c. in two 
Books. Translated £:om the Ihitch, 




by T. Cogan, M.D. Lond. 1794. 
4ito. 15s. 

Pp. 200, with 17 plates. 
Campion, Edmund. A true Ee- 
port of the Disputation, or rather 
priuate Conference, had in the 
Tower of London, with Edm. Cam- 
pion, lesuite. Lond. Chr. Barker, 

1583. 4to. 

This is considered the best vindication 
of the proceedings against Edm. Campion. 
Beed, 3642, 11. 12s. 

An Advertisement and Defence for 
Trueth against her Backbiters, and spe- 
cially agsdnst the whispering Favourers 
and Colourers of Campion's, and the rest 
of his Gonfederats Treasons. 1581, 4to. One 
sheet of four leaves, the last page blanlc. 

A briefe Censure vppon two Bookes 
written (by W. Charke and M. Hanmer) 
in Answere to M. Edmonde Campions 
Oflfer of Disputation. Doway, by John 
Lyon, 1581, 16mo. 84 pp. Lloyd, 819. lis. 
Roscoe, 624, 8s. Ascribed to Rob. Parsons. 
To this censure W. Charke made a reply. 

A particular Declaration or Testimony 
of the undutiful and traytorous Affection 
borne against her Majesty, by Edmond 
Campion, Jesuiit, and other condemned 
Priests, witnessed by their own Confes- 
sions. Lond. 1682, 4to. 8 sheets and a 
half. Lloyd, 493, 9s. Inglis, 326, 17s. 
Nassau, pt. i. 880, inlaid, 12. 18s. Towne- 
ley pt. ii. 1667, 8s. Reprinted in the si^rth 
number of Morgan's Phoenix Britannicus. 

A true Reporte of the Death and Mar- 
tyrdoxne of M, (Edmund) Campion, lesuite 
and Prieste, and M. (Rodulph) Sherwin, 
and M. (Alexander) Bryan, Preistes at 
Tibome, the first of December, 1581. Ob- 
served and written by a Catholic Priest, 
which was present thereat. Whereunto 
is annexld certayne Verses made by sun- 
drie Persons, no place or date. (Doway, 
1682), 16mo. A— Gii. 26 leaves. This 
anonymous tract is attributed to Robert 
Parsons. Lloyd, 1095, 4Z. 9s. Bright, 42. 8s. 
It was written in answer to one by Ant. 
Munday, entitled A Discoverie of Ed- 
mund Campion and his Confederates. 
1682, 12mo.; has been translated into 
French, Paris, 1682, 12mo. and into Italian, 
Turino, 1582, 4to. 

A Defence of the Censure gyuen vpon 
two Bookes of William Charke and Mere- 
dith Hanmer, whiche they wrote against 
M. Edmond Campion, and against his 
Offer of Disputation. An. 1582, 8vo, Pre- 
fixed are an epistle by ' The setter forth of 
this booke' (i.e. Robert Parsons). 'The 
answere to the preface.' ' The contentes.' 
The censure is given entire in paragraphs, 
printed in Italics; the defence of each 
follows, printed in Roman. 173 pages, be- 
side the prefixes^ and a table at the end. 

Edmvndi Campianl lesvite Rationes 
decern, quibus fretus, Certamen Anglica- 
nee Ecclesise Ministris obtulit iu Causa 
Fidei, et ad eas Gvlielmi Whitakeri Res- 
ponsio. Antv. 1682, 8vo. 7s. 

Edmvndi Campiani oblati Certamlnis 
in Causa Fidei Rationes decem redditit 
Academicis Angliee. Addita est brevis 
Narratio Yitse & Martyrii eiusdem Cam- 
piani. Ingolst. 1684, 12mo. 

Rationes decem qvibus fretvs Certamen 
Adversariis obtvlit in Causa Fidei Ed- 
mundus Campianus. Herbip. 1589, 12mo. 
This work, says Granger, written against 
the Protestant religion, has been solidly 
answered by several of our best divines. 
The Roman Catholics, according to Ant. & 
Wood, count it an epitome of all their 
doctrine.— Rochelle, 1686, 8vo.— Cadomi, 
1616.— Antv. 1631, 3s. 6d. ' These reasons 
were first printed in the house of one 
Stonor, a Oath. gent, living near to Hen- 
ley, in Oxfordshire, an. 1581, afterwards, 
at least five times, publicly beyond the 
seas, (of which one was at Aug. Trev. 
1683 iu Coucertat. Eccles. Cath.) and at 
length were translated into English. 
Lond. 1687, 4to. These reasons were very 
learnedly answered by Will. Whittaker 
of Cambridge, and replyed upon by John 
Durey, a Scot; which Durey was an- 
swered by Dr. Laur. Humphrey.'— Jn<. d 

Edmvndi Campiani Opuscula omnia 
nunc primum e MS. edita. Mediol. 1625, 

Campion, Edmund. See Muitday, An- 
thony. Charkb, William. Hanmeb, Me- 
redith. Ellyot, George. Whitakkb, 
William. Boubik, Paul. A Life of Cam- 
pion will be found in Dr. Bliss' edition of 
Wood's Athen. Oxon. i. 478-8. 

Campion, Thomas. Observa- 
tions in the Art of English Poesie. 
Printed by Bic. Field, 1602. square 

This gave rise to Daniel's Defence of 
Rhvme. The ob-servations, consisting of 
26 leaves, are reprinted in Ancient critical 
Essays upon English Poets and Poesy. 
Lond. 1816, 4to. Campion's object was to 
prove that the English tongue was capa^ 
ble of admitting as many and various 
measures as the Greek and Latin, and to 
explode what be terms ' the childish titi- 
lation of riming.' 

The Description of a Maske, presented 
before the Kinges Majestie, at Wliite- 
Hall, in Honour of the Lord Hayes, and 
his Bride, Daughter and Heire to the 
Lord Dennye. Lond. 1607, 4to. On the 
back of the title is a whole-length figure 
of a man richly dressed in the costume of 
the stage. Roxburghe, 4543, 15s. Dent, 



pt L 688, 11. liu RhodeR, 70S, 102. Re- 
printed in Nichols^ Progresfles of K. Jas. I. 
A Relation of the late RoyaU Enteiv 
talnment given by the Lord Knoirles, at 
Cairsome House neere Redding, to Queen 
Anne, in her Progreeae fcoirarda the Bathe, 
vpon the seuen and eight and twentie 
Dayea of ApriU 1613. Lond. 1613, 4to. 
White Knights. 1649, morocco, II. 28. 
Garrick, 1845. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt 1.092, 
«. 5s. pt iiL 791, 12. la. Dent, pt i. 1146^ 
SZ. lis. Rhodes, 707, lOZ. Reprinted in 
Nichols' Progresses of K. James I. 

Songs (7) of Mourning: bewailing the 
▼Btimely Death of Prince Henry. Word- 
ed by Tho. Campion. And set forth to 
bee song with one Voyce to the Lnte or 
Violl: By John Goprario. Lond. 1618, 
folio. Ten leaves, 61.6b, A copy of this 
publication, inscribed in a copy of Latin 
verses to Frederick, Count Palatine, the 
brother-in-law of Prince Henry, is in the 
Bodleian Library. 

The Description of a Maske. presented 
In the Banqueting Roome at Whitehall, at 
the Mariage of the Earl of Somerset and 
the Lady Frances Howard. Whereunto 
are annexed divers choyse Ayres com- 
posed from this Maske, that may be song 
with a single Voyce to the Lute or Base- 
viall. Lond. 1614, 4to. Dent pt. i. 639, 
U. 78. pt ii. 723, 31. 4s. Rhodes, 706, 101. 
JoUey, 1848, 61 7s. 6d. Reprinted in Ni- 
chols' Progresses of K. James I. 

Tho. Campiani Epigrammatnm Llbri IL 
Vmbra. Lond. 1619, 12mo. Of the two 
Books of Epigrams, the first contains 226, 
the latter, 228, then follows the Umbra, a 
long Poem, with 13 Elegies. 

A new Way of making fowre parts in 
Coonter-point, by a most familiar and in- 
fidlible Rvle. Secondly, a necessary Dis- 
coarse of Keyes and their proper Closes. 
Thirdly, the allowed Passages of all con- 
cords perfect, or imperfect, are declared. 
Also by Way of Pre&ce, the Nature of the 
Scale is expressed, with a briefe Method 
teaching to sing. Pr. by T. S. for John 
Browne. 8vo. These musical instructions, 
probably published about 1618, were re- 
printed as • The Art of setting or com- 
posing of Mvslck in Parts.' Lond. 1660, 
8vo. as * The Art of Descant, or composing 
Musick in Parte,' Ac. 1674, 8vo. Some of 
Campion's poems are printed in Davison's 
Poetical Rhapsody. 

Campis, Thomas de. Fiue not- 
able Chapytres moche profytable 
for euery Man, dylygently to re- 
corde, and after do folowe thyr- 
tene Degrees of Mortyfycacyon. 
Impp. by me Rob. Wyer. 16mo. 

. « **°^°" c 6, in eights. At the end 
' Hee, Thomas de C«mpis.' 


I Camus, C. S. L. A Treatise 

'on the Teeth of Wheels, Pinions, 

Ac. Translated from the French, 

with Additions. Lond. 1806. 8to. 

10s. 6d. 

A valuable irork, illnstrated by 16 

— John Peter, Bishop of Belley. 
Admirable Events, with morall Re- 
lations, translated into English by 
S. Du Verger. Lond. 1639. 4to. 

A description of this work will be found 
in the Censura Llteraria. Steevens, 1186. 
8s. 6d. 

Nature's Paradox : or. the innocent Im- 
postor, originally intituled Iphigenes, 
englished, from the French, by Ma^m 
Wright. Lond. 1662, 4to. A romance, 
interspersed with poetry, pp. 872, besides 
6 leaves of introductory matter. Prefixed 
is a frontispiece by Tanghan. Nassau, 
pt. i. 2149, date 1661, 9s. Bindley, pt. il. 
2180, 6s. 6d. 

The loving Enemfe made English by 
M%Jor Wright, as his Recreation during 
his Imprisonment. Lond. 1660, 12mo. 48. 

Several other of the pious stories, writ- 
ten by this prelate to counteract the xt>- 
mances of his time have been translated 
into English. ' 

Oanada. — The Canadian Free- 
holder. Lond. 1777-9. 8fo. 8 vols. 


Written by Pr. Maseres, Cursltor Baron 
of the Court of Exchequer. 

— A few plain Directions for 

Persons int^iding to proceed as 

Settlers to Upper Ginada. By an 

English Farmersettled there. Lond. 

1820. 12mo. 

Pp. 100, with a map. A hastily written 
but useful little work. 

Oanaib, Ch. Rich. Etchings, 

after the original Designs of Baf- 

foele, Parmegiano, Gnido Beni, &c. 

Lond. 1775. foL 

g Consisting of 119 platea, published by 

Canaries.— -The Conquest of the 
Grand Canaries, made this last 
summer by threescore and thirteene 
saQe of shippes, sent forth at the 
command and direction of the States 
generall of the United Prouinces, 
to the Coast of Spaine and the 




Gaoarie-Isles : with the taking of 
a towne in the He of G^omera, and 
the successe of part of the saide 
fleete in their retume homeward. 
Which set saile for Spaine the 25 
of Maie, and returned home the 
10 of September, 1599. Lond. by 
P. S. for Wm. ABpley, 1599. 4to. 
sixteen leaves. 

Reprinted in fhe fifth volume of the 
new edition of Hakluyt's Voyages. 

A pleasant Description of the fortunate 
Ilanaes, called the Hands of Canaria, irith 
their strange Fruits and Commodities, 
composed by the poore Pilgrime. Lond. 
Th. East, 1583, IBmo. Twelve leaves. In- 
gUs, 254, 62. 6s. 

Cancelleb, James. Alphabet 
of Prayers. Lond. 1564. 16mo. 

White Knights, 690, morocco, 11. 16s. 
Another edition, 1676, 16mo. In this al- 
phabet ' many prayers have the first letter 
of them in alphabetical order : and the 
initial letter of others form his patron's 
name, Robert Dudley.' 

The Path of Obedience. Lond. by John 
Wayland. 8vo. Dedicated to Queen Mary. 

A Treatise, wherein is declared the per- 
nitious opinions of those obstinate People 
of Kent. Svo. 

Of the Life active & contemplative, en- 
titled. The Pearle of Perfection. Lond. 
1658, Svo. 

CA2n>A, Charles du. Vie de S. 
Thomas (a Becket) Arohevesque de 
Cantorbie, ayec les Constitutions 
royalles, qui ont cause son Ezil 
et son Martyre: ensemble les 
Miracles aduenus par son Inter- 
cession en TAbbaye de Domp. 
Msurtin pr^s de Hescun en Artois. 

S. Omer, 1615. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Hnseum. 
Lloyd, 245, date 1616, 41. 16s. 

Candia. — A Description of Can- 
dida in its antient and modem 
State : with an Account of the 
Si^e thereof. Lond. 1670. 12mo. 

White Knights, 691, 6s. 

A Belatian of the Siege of Candia, 16T0, 
870. 6s. 

GAinsPABirs, Petr. Maria. De 
Atramentis cujuscunque generis 
Opus. Lond. 1660. 4to. 

VOL. T. 

6p. of Ely, 683, 3s. A former edition, 
Ven. 1619, 4to. 

Caistisivs, Peter. Catechisme, 
translated by Adam £ing^ of Edin- 
burgh, with !Kallendar, and ane 
schort Vaye scharing how we maye 
verdily prsepare us to Confession 
beffoir the receaving of the halie 

Sacrament. Paris, 1588. 16mo. 

Boxburghe, 605, dl. ds. Homer, 1854, 
velvet, 11. 88. Another translation by H. 
Garnet Lond. 1690, Svo. St Omers, 1622, 

Caknb, John. Necessity of Se- 
paration from the Church of Eng- 
land proved by the Nonconformist 

Principles. 1634. 4to. 7s. 6d. 

This learned English puritan of the 
rigid sect of Brownists or Independents is 
now principally known by a Bible with 
numerous parallel references. He also 
wrote a number of controversial pieces, 
some of which are very curious. 

CAMTTDra, Elizabeth. Genuine 
and impartial Memoirs of Elizabeth 
Canning. Lond. 1754. 12mo. 5s. 

Trials of Mary Squires and Susanna 
Wells. Lond. 1768, 4to. Nassau, pt. ii. 

The Case of Eliz. Canning fairly stated. 
Lond. 1753, Svo. Keed, 4469, with ballads 
relative thereto, and sundry scraps from 
Newspapers, SI. 6s. 

The hard Case of Mary Squires fhe 
Oipsey, and Susannah Wells. Lond. 1753, 
Svo. *The Case of Elizabeth Canning 
foirly stated,' with a new title-page. 

The Story of Elizabeth Canning consi- 
dered. By Dr. Hill. Lond. 1753, 8vo. 

The Inspector inspected ; or Dr. Hill's 
Story of Elizabeth Canning examined and 
impartially considered. By Philolog^s. 
Lond. 1753, Svo. 

A Letter to the Earl of — — . By a 
Clergyman. Lond. 1753, Svo. 

A complete Answer to the Clergyman's 

Letter to the Earl of . By a wild 

Indian, suddenly landed from California. 
Lond. 1763, Svo. 

The Imposture detected. Lond. 1763, 

The controverted hard Case of Marv 
Squire's Magazine of Facts re-examined. 
Lond. 1763, Svo. with a print of the court 
at the Old Bailey. 

A physical Account of the Case of Eli- 
zabeth Canning. By James Silas Dodd. 
Lond. 1753, Svo. 

Canning's Magazine. Lond. 1763, Svo. 
—1754, 4to. 

B B 



Ganking — continued. 

The Eridence of Elizabeth Caiming 
fnlly confuted. Bj BritannicoB. Lond. 
1753, 8to. 

A clear State of the Case of Elizabeth 
Canning, by Henry Fielding, Esq. Lond. 
1763, 8to. . 

The Truth of the Case ; or, Canning and 
Sqnix«8 fairly exposed. Lond. 1753, 8yo. 

An Appeal to the Public, in Behalf of 
EUzabeth Canning. By Daniel Cox, M.d: 
Lond. 1758, 8vo. 

The Account of Canning and Squires 
fairly ballanced. By a disinterested By- 
stander. Lond. 1768, Sro. 

An Address to the City of London, 
fh)m Sir Crisp Gascoigne, Knt. late Lord 
Mayor. Lond. 1754, folio. 

A Refutation of Sir Crisp Gascoigne's 
Address to the Liverymen of London. 
Lond. 1754, folio. 

An Ode to Sir Crisp Gascoign. By Mr. 
Brecknock. Lond. 1864, folio. 

A Refutation of Sir Crisp Gascoigne's 
Account of his Conduct, &c. Lond. 1754, 


A Liveryman's Reply to Sir Crisp Gas- 
coigne's Address. Lond. 1754, 8vo. 

A Counter Address to the Public. Lond. 
1754, folio. 

The Chronicle of the Ganningites and 
Egyptians or Gipseyites. Lond. 1754, 8vo. 

An Account of the mysterious Affair of 
Mary Squires and Elizabeth Canning. 
Lond. 1764, 8vo. Roxburghe, 2008, 5s. 

A Letter from an unhappy young Lady, 
noTf under Confinement in Newgate, to a 
certain right hon. Magistrate. Lond. 1754, 


Truth triumphant; or, the genuine Ac- 
count of the whole Proceedings against 
Elizabeth Canning. Lond. 1754, 8vo. 

A Collection of several Papers relating 
to Elizabeth Canning. Lond. 1754, 8vo. 

Miss Canning and the Gypsy. By a 
Lover of Truth. Lond, 1754, 8vo. 

Canning's Farthing Post. Lond. 1754, 


A tme Narrative of the proceedings, 
with Reraai-ks on the Evidence given, 
upon the memorable Trials of Mary 
Squires and Elizabeth Canning. Impar- 
tially considered by a Lover of Truth. 
Lond. 1754, 8vo. 

Some Account of the Case between Eli- 
zabeth Canning and Mary Squires. Lond. 
1754, 8vo. 

The Canniniad. Lond. 1754, folio, with 

a frontispiece. ,.« j , 

The unfortunate Maid, exemphfied in 
the Story of Elizabeth Canning vindi- 
cated from every mean Aspersion thrown 
upon it By an impartial Band. Lond. 

1754, 8vo. « . X ,. . 

The Trial of Elizabeth Canning, taken 


in Short-Hand by T. Gnmey, S. Radd« 
and I. Harman. Lond. 1755, folio. 

A full and authentic Account of the 
strange and mysterious Affair between { 
Mary Squires a Gypsey and Elizabeth i 
Canning. Lond. 1756, 12mo. with portraita ^ 
and plates. 

A full Relation of every Thing that has 
happened to Elizabeth Canning, since 
Sentence has been passed upon her about 
the Gypsy. 8vo. \ 

Virtue triumphant ; or, Elizabeth Can- * 
ning In America. Lond. 8vo. 

A collection of tracts, illustrated with 
portraits and priut-i. Nassau, pt. i. 881, 
132. 6s.— Ten tracts. Baker, 127, SL 

Canning, Gfeorge. Poems. Lond. 

1767. 4to. 

Bindley, pt. i. 1646, 13s. Mr. Canning, 
father to the late premier, also published 
a translation of the Anti-Lucretius, which 
is reprinted in this volume. 

— Rt. Hon. Geo. The Speeches, 
with a Memoir of his life, hy B. 
Therry. Lond. 1828. 8vo. 6 vols. 

1845. 8vo. 6 vols. 

Mr. Canning contributed to the Anti- 
jaeobin Review, and wrote several of the 
poems in a work entitled Poetry of the 

[The Microcosm, edited by Gregorv 
Griffin. Windsor, 1793, 12mo. 2 vols. Ano- 
ther edition, 1809, 1826.— Political Life, br 
A. G. Stepleton. Second edition, with 
Appendix. Lond. 1831, 8vo. 3 vols.] 

Canons. — Liber quorundam Ca- 

noniim Disciplinee Ecclesise Angli- 

canee. Lond. 1571. 12mo. 

Twelve leaves. Two editions were 
printed by John Day. 

— A Booke of certaine Canons 
concemying some Parte of the 
Discipline of the Chnrche of Eng- 
land, In the Yeare of Lord 1571. 
Lond. 1571. 4to. 

Sixteen leaves, the last blank. Sir M 
M. Sykes, pt. i. 448, 21. 198. 

— Canons and Constitutions 
Ecclesiastical!, gathered and put in 
Forme for the Q-ovemament of 
the Church of Scotland. Aberdene, 
by Edw. Raban, 1636. 4to. 

Gordonstoun, 4^, 6s. 6d. Constable, 
1047, 9s. Inglis, 327, 18s. 

Canova, Antonio. The Works 
in Sculpture and Modelling, en- 




graved in outline hj Henry Moses ; 

with descriptions m)m the Italian 

of the Countess Albrizzi, and a 

biographical Memoir by Count Ci- 

oognara. Lond. 1824-8. imperial 8yo. 

3 vols. 61. 68. [now 21. 58. Bohn]. 

This work contains 148 plates of the 
■works of Canova, very spiritedly etched, 
also six engravings of medals struck in 
honour of Canova, and his portrait, labqb 
PAPEB, in imperial 4to.92.98. india, paper, 
(60copies)162. 16s. 

fMemoirs, by J. S. If ernes, with a criti- 
cal analysis of his works. Edinb. 1823, 
8vo. port and plates,] 

See Elqik Ma&blbs. 

Cant. — A Dictionary of the 
Canting Crew. Lond. 1700. 12mo. 
lOs. 6d. 

A new Canting Dictionary. Lond. 1785, 
8vo. with frontispiece. Roxburghe, 6701, 
6s. Supplem. 766, 88. Nassau, pt. i. 606, 

Canting Academy. 1674, with Aront 
Reed, 1833, 10s. Roxburghe, 6693, 148. 

New Dictionary of the Terms ancient 
and modem of the Canting Crew, in its 
several Tribes of Gipsies, Thieves, &c. 
Lond. 12mo. Reed, 1G84, 6s. 

A Dictionanr of all the Cant and Flash 
Languages. Lond. 1797, 8vo. 5fl. 

See £. B.; Gbobb, F. ; Bbb, Jon. 

Cantjeits, Andreas. Theses Phi- 
losophicee quasMareschallani Alum- 
ni, &c. publice propugnabunt, &c. 

Abred. 1658. 4to. 

Gordonstoun, 651, 98. 

Cantemib, Demetrius. History 

of the Growth and Decay of the 

Othman Empire : translated from 

the Latin by N. Tiudal. Lond. 

1734-5. folio. 

Earl of Kerry, 417, date 1756, 178. 

Canterbuiy. — An accurate De- 
scription and History of the metro- 
politan and cathedral Churches of 
Canterbury and York, from their 
£rBt Foundation to the present 

Year. Lond. 1756. folio. 

S — Nn 2, besides the title, an index of 
8 pages, and a list of plates of the build- 
ings, &c. 1 page. An abridgment of Dart's 
Canterbury Cathedral and Drake's York. 
All the illustrations, 117 in number, of this 

pn))lication are worked from the coppers 
originally eng^ved for those works. 
See Uastbo, £. Dabt, J. 

History of the Lives and Actions of the 
Archbishops of Canterbury, flrom Austin 
Poole. 1732, 8vo. 7s. 

Catalogas Librorum Bibliothecra Eccle- 
siaa Christi Cantuariensis. CantuarisB, 
1743, 8vo. pp. 106. 

[Historical description of the Metropoli- 
tical Church of Christ, Canterbury, with 
observations on Gothic Architecture, and 
Lives of the Archbishops from St. Augus- 
tine to the present time. Cant. 1783, 8vo.] 

Translation of the several Charters, &c. 
granted to Canterbury, with a Description 
of the Boundaries of the City. 1791, 8vo. 

Catalogue of the Books, both manuscript 
and printed, which are preserved in the 
Library of Christ Church, Canterbury. 
1802, 8vo. pp. 237, including two titles and 
an advertisement. By the Rev. H. J. 
Todd. 160 copies printed for the use of 
public libraries, &c. and not intended for 

Canterbury. See Laud, Abp. of 


Canticles. See Solomon's Song. 

CAifTiLTJPE, S. Thomas. The 
Life and Gests of S. Thomas Can- 
tilupe, Bishop of Hereford, Lord 
Chancellor of England. Collected 
by R.S.S.I. Gant, 1674. 8vo. 

Reed, 4721, lis. 6d. Roxburghe, 233, 
138. 6d. Lloyd. 107, 11. Is. Nassau, pt. i. 
1991, 1/. 10s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1170, 31. 4s. 
Towneley, pt. i. 468, russia, 32. 13s. 6d. 

Cantus, Songs and Fancies to 
three, four or five parts, both apt 
for Voices and Viols. With a brief 
Introduction to Musick, as is taught 
in the Musick-school of Aberdeen. 
The third Edition, much enlarged 
and corrected. Oblong 4to. Aber- 
deen by John Forbes, 1682. 

First edition, Aberdeen, 1662. Second 
edition, Aberdeen, 1666. 

Canttte, King of Denmark and 
of England. Canuti Begis et Mar- 
tyris Historia. Hafiiise, 1602. 
Cough, 724, 11. 23. See Gouoh, Richard. 
Cap and the Head, a pleasant 
dialogue. Imp. by H. Denham, 
1565, 12mo. 

On the fantastic fitshions of the reign 
of Q. Elizabeth. 




Caoubsin (Wm). The dylectable I 
newesse and tithyngoB of the 
glorious yictorye of the BhodTuifi 
agaynestthe Turkes, translated nrom 
the Latin by John Eay, Poet Lau- 
reate, folio, no date or place (but 
probably Machlinia 1482). 

23 leaves. Copies are in the Grenville 
Library, British Musenm, and the Spencer 
Library. The latter from Mac Carthy's 

Cape of Good Hope. — An Ac- 
count of the Colony of the Cape 
of G-ood Hope, with a View to the 
Information of Emigrants. 1819. 

An excellent article on the Cape of Oood 
Hope, with a notice of this yalaabla little 
work, will be found in the Quart. Rev. 
xzii. 203-46, XXT. 453-66. 

A Guide to the Cape of Good Hope. 
1819, 8vo. 6s. 6d. Of no valne. 

Notes on the Cape of Good Hope, made 
during an Excursion in that Colony in 
the Year 1820. Lond. 182L 8to. pp. 907, 
7b. 6d. A valuable, thongh in some re- 
spects erroneous, work. 

OafeIi, Arthur, Lord. Daily 
Observations; or Meditations di- 
vine and morall. 1654. 4to. 
Lloyd, 1007, U.U. 

Excellent Contemplations divine and 
morall of Arthur Lord Capel, with some 
Account of his Life, also his pious Advice 
to his Son the late Earl of Essex. Lond. 
1683, 12mo. with portrait of Lord Capel, 
around which is a funereal border. 

Obsequies on that vuexemplar Cham- 
pion of Chivalrie and perfect Pattern of 
true Prowesse, Arthur Lord Oapel (1648), 

Capell, Edward. Prolusions; 
or select Pieces of ancient Poetry : 
in three parts, with a Pre&oe. Lond. 
1760. 8vo. 

Cmtenta, — 1. The not browns Msyde; 
Master Sackvilles Induction, and <>ver- 
bnry's Wife. ii. Edward the third, a Play 
thought to be writ by Shakespeare, iii. 
Mosce teipsum, by Sir John Davis. Nas- 
sau, pt. i. 610, 17s. Bindley, pt. i. 1036, 
IL 38. Dent, pt. i. 388, morocco, U. 3s. 
Soxburghe, 8176, IJ. 12s. BibL Anglo- 
Poet. 129, 12. 16s. 130, morocco, 8^ White 
Knights, 8847, morocco, 22. lOs. 

— Catalogue of Mr. Capell's 
Shaksperiana ; presented by him 

to Trinity College, Cambrtdge, and 
printed from an exact copy of his 

own MS. 1779. 8vo. 

Thirty copies printed at the expense of 
George Steevens, Esq. who requested Chose 
to whom he presented copies to keep it 
fipom the sigM (tf any bookseller, for other- 
wise it may have the means of rising 
Shaksperiana above 100 per cent Bos- 
weU, 603, 168. Field, 611, 11. Is. [Re- 
printed, in Hartshome's Book Barities in 
Cambridge, 1829. 8vo. pp. 290-319.] 

— Notes and various Readings 
to Shakespeare. Lond. 1779-80. 4to. 
3 vols. 

Combe, 376. 12.188. Boswell, 590, 22. 188. 
Uoyd, 460, 42. 17s. Bindley, pt i. 1628, 
62.6s. Roxburghe,8886,62.10s. Strettell, 
673, mssia, 62. 2s. 6d. Part 1 is <rf very 
common occurrence. 6b. 

Cafell-Bbooke, a. de, M.A. 

Travels through Sweden, Norway 

and Finmark to the Ncxrth Cape, 

in the Summer of 1820. Lond. 

1823, with lithographic prints. 

* A volume by no means destitute of in- 
terest or amusement, written with the 
feelings and in the style of a gentlranan.' 
— Qmart Beview. 

A Winter's Journey through Lapland 
and Sweden, with Obsenrationa on Fin- 
mai^ and its InhaMtanta, made during a 
Residence at Hanunerfest, near the North 
Cape. Lond. 1826, 4to. wiUi 31 engravings, 

Capellvs. Ludov. Hinge of 
Faith and Beligion, translated by 
Philip Marinel Lond. 1660. 8vo. 

This eminent French protestant's Criti- 
ca Sacra is stvled by Bp. Warborton a 
master-piece of criticism. Many of this 
writer's pieces will be found in the Critid 

CAPaBATE, John. Lives of the 

Saints. See L^enda nova Anglise. 
[Capgrave's Chronicle of England, print- 
ed from the aothor's Autograph In the 
Public Library of the University of Cam- 
bridge, edited with an introduction and 
glossary by the Revd. Fr. Charlea Hin- 
geston. Lond. Longman, 1868. 8vo.] 

Capito, Wolfgangus. An Epi* 
tome of the Psaymes, or hriefe Me- 
ditacions vpon the same, with di* 
uerse other moste Christian Prayers, 
translated hj Bichard Tauemen 
Lond. 1539. 16mo. 


the Siimme or pith of the 160 Psalms 
of David reduced in a forme of prayers 
and meditations, with certayne other 
Kodlye orysons very necessary for an 
fortes of peoplfl to say dayly. Tanslated 
by Richard Tavenaer. Lond. J. Byadei, 
1639, 12mo. Coll. R Iv in eights. A copy 
is in the Lambeth library. 

Capitula, vide Constitutiones. 

Cappb, Newcome. Critical Re- 
marks on many important PasBSges 
of Scripture, together with Dis- 
sertations upon several Subjects, 
tending to illustrate the Phrase- 
olocy and Doctrine of the New 
Testament. York, 1802. 8vo. 2 vols. 

The work of a celebrated Unitarian mi- 
nister, pubUshed by Ws widow, who has 
prefixed memoirs of the author's life. 
Hollis, 155, 17s. .«^nn_ 

Disoouraes on the Providence and Go- 
vernment of God. 1795, 8vo. 3s. 

A connected History of the Life and , 
divine Mission of Jesus Christ, as rewarded 
by the four EvangeUsts. York, 1809, 8vo. 
Hollis, 158, 6s. ^ ^, , _. 

Discourses chiefly on Devotional sub- 
fects, to which Is pretaed a memoir of 
his life. York, 1806. 8vo. 

Discourses chiefly on Practical subjects. 
York, 1816. 8vo. 

Cappbe, Benj. Pitts. Topo- 
graphical Dictionary of the Umted 
Kingdom. Lond. 1808. 8vo. with 

°D?nt, pt.l. 391, 118. Keprlnted 1813 
and 1827; 8vo. B. P. Capper publi«hed 
an Account of the PopS»**«'*,'»^*^^;ii5;" 
vation of England and Wales. Lond. 1801, 

8vo. 88. ^, . . 

— Col. James. Observations on 

the Passage to India through Egypt 
and across the great Desert. Lond. 

1784. 4»to. map. 

FonthlU, 662, 9s. Col. Capper puV 
llshed Observations on the Winds and 
Mo^m; lUustrated with aChart^and 
accompanied with Notes ge^PrapWcal and 
Jl^ofological Lond. 1801, 4to. pp. 260. 
FonthiU, 847, 9s 

Oapbiata, Peter John. History 
of the Wars of Italy, 1613.44s in 
eighteen Books, rendered mto En- 
glish by Henry Gary, Earl of Mon- 
mouth. Lond. 1663. foho. 

Prefixed is a portrait of the Earl, by 

Caps well fit, or select Epigrams 
by TKtus in Sandgate and Titus 



every where. Newcastle, 1785. 870 


In the Newcastle dialect. Brockett, 

578,138. . ,_^^ 

Captain, The Captive — , 1665. 

See Bbaithwait, Richard. 

Capucin Escossois, Histoire mer- 

veilleuse et trfes veritable. Eouen, 

1560. „ ^ ^, 

Inglls, 266, 8s.— Paris, 1666. Constable, 

118, is. 6d.— Rouen, 1700, 12mo. 2s. 6d. 
Capy8tranus,a metrical Romance. 

4to. ^ ^ 

Roxbnrghe, 8271, imperfect. 

Cabaccioli, Charles. The An- 
tiquities of Arundel : the peculiar 
Privilege of its Castle and Lord- 
ship : with OQ Abstract qf the Lives 
of the Earls of Arundel from the 
Conquest to the present Time. 

Lond. 1766, 8vo. 

Half-title ; title ; dedication to the Duke 
of Norfolk : preface, 2 pages ; antiqultlen, 
276 pages, and giibscrlbers' names, 4 pages. 
Nassau, pt. 1. 49,98. Marq. of Townshend, 
66,138. Heath, 4674, IZ. 6s. Dent, pt. 1. 
69. Illustrated with plates, vussia, 11. 9s. 
—--The Life of Robert Lord Clive, Baron 
Plassey. Lond. 1776-6, 8vo. 4 vols. A 
confused jumble. , 

Caricoioltis, Ghileacius. IN ewes 
from Italy of a second Moses, or 
the Life of Galeacivs Caracciolvs 
the noble Marquesse of Vioo, from 
the Italian,by Theod.Beza, and then 
intoEnglifth,byW.Crashaw. Lond. 

1608. 4to. ^^ ^ T ^ 

pp. 82. Dedicated to Edmund Lord 
Sheffield, his mother and wife. S. Ireland 
In 1801, no. 631, 17s. ReprinJ«d 16l2,4to.-- 
1636.— 1668, 12mo. with plates. White 
Knights, 2093, 116.-1677. Nassau, pt. 1. 
1786, 38. 

Cabadoc of Lhancarvan. His- 
tory of Wales. -S«e PowBLL, David. 
Lloyd, Humphrey 

Caramania.— The secret History 
of the present Intrigues of the 
Court of Caramania. Lond. 1727. 

1 A licentious publication by Mrs. Eliza 

Cabatb, August, de. History of 
the Discouerie and Conquest of 
1 the Prouinces of Peru, in the South 




Sea : translated out of the Spanish 
Tongue by T. Nicholas. Lond. 
1S81. 4to. 

Cabafbius, Emperor in Britain. 
See Stukelet, Wm. 

Casatxlla Epirota, Joannes. 
Index Aristophanicus. Oxon. 1822. 
8vo. 10s. 

Caebebet or Carbury. — The 
Earle of Carberey's Pedigree, with 
their Titles and honourable Endow- 
ments, liond. 1646. 4to. 

a curious tract. See Vauohah, Rob. 

Caed, Henry. The History of 
the Revolutions of Kussia. Land. 
1804. 8vo. 68. 

H. Card likewise pabllstbed 

The Reiga of Charlemagne considered. 
Lond. 1807, 8to. 60. 

Literary Recreations. Lond. 1809, 8vo. 

Card, The. Lond. printed for the 
maker, and sold by Newberry. 1755. 
12mo. 2 vols. 

Front, of Knave of Clubs. A novel in 
the form of letters, by Kidgell. 

Cabdakus, Hier. Cast. Com- 
forte, translated into Englishe (by 
Thomas Bedingfield). Anno Do- 
mini 1573. Lond. 4to. 

Inglis, 328, 148. Sir M. M. Sykes. pt 1. 
682, 1/. 68. Bindley, pt. i. 2186, 82. 128. 
North, pt. i. 776, «. 68. Perry, pt. i. 1044. 
21. Is. Sotheby, June 1866, 22. 68. Re- 
printed 1676, 4to. Dedicated to the ' Earle 
of Oxenforde,' by Thomas Bedingfield. 

Then 'To Thomas Bedingfield, £s- 

quyer/ by ' £. Oxenford/ also some com- 
mendatory verses by 'the Earle of Oxen- 
forde, Thomas Chnrchyarde, and George 
Gascoigne.' Contains, besides, 103 leaves. 
Boswell. 602, 6s. 6d. Another entitled 
' Three Books of Consolation.' 1688, 12mo. 

Cardiganshire. — Description of 

the Mines in Cardiganshire, with 


Dent, pt. 1. S93, lOs. 6d. 

Cardinal. — The Scarlet gown, or 
History of the Cardinals. Lond. 
1663. 8vo. 

Another work, History of the Cardinals 
of the Romish Church fron their first Crea- 
tion to Pope Clement IX. Lond. 1670, 
folio. Bindley, pt i. 2066, 8s. 6d. 

CaeDonne, D.D. de. Miscellany 

of Eastern lieaming, translated 

I from Tnrkish, Arabian, and Persian 

Manuscripts, in the Library of the 

King of France, translated into 

English. Lond. 1770. 12mo. 2 

vols. 5s. 

Cabdovkel, Adam de. Nmnis- 

mata ScotisB ; or, a Series of the 

Scottish Coinage, from the Beign of 

William the Lion to the Union. 

Edinb. 1786. 4to. 20 plates. 

Roxbarghe, 8809, 11. Be. Brockett, 733, 
K. lis. Combe, 379, U 

— Picturesque Antiquities of 

Scotland, etohed by Adam de Car> 

donnel. Lond. 1788-93. Svo. 4 pts. 

100 plates. 

Intended as a tnpplement to Pemoanf a 
Tour in Scotland. In some copies the 
plates are taken off on separate leaves. 
QUABTO. ^twkett, 734, rossia. 12. 2a. On 
VELLUM. Mac-Carthy, vol. ii. p. 173, 
no. 4846, 176 financs. Parts 1 and 2 (00 
vellum) are in the Grenville Library. 

— P. D. Tagus. Complementnm 

fortunatarum insularum Partes 2. 

I. Tagus. II. Ghdathea Yaticinans. 

Being partof anEpithalaminm upon 

the auspicioiis mateh of Charles II. 

and Catherina Infanta of Portugal 

With a description of the Fortunate 

Islands. Written originally in 

French by P. D. C. Gent., with other 

pieces. Lond. W. G. 1662. 8vo. 

Portraits of Charles II. and Ca- 

therine of Portugal 

This is a very rare book, written by 
Cardonnel, not by Philibert Comte de 
Grammont, to whom it has been ascribed. 
It also contains translations of other pieces 
by Waller and Dryden. 

Cabpb. — A short and plaine Dia* 
logue concerning the Unlawfulness 
of playing at Cards or Tables. Lond. 
for Bichard Boile. 16mo. 7s. 6d. 

In Dr. BUss* Wood's Athen. Oxon. iii. 
632, an edition of the date of 1688, 8vo. is 
attributed to Tbo. Gataker. Herbert no> 
tiees ' A Patent to Raffe Bowes and Tho- 
mas Beddingfield Esqniers to imfKHrt 
Playing Cards into this Kingdom -^x 
1671, &c.' See his Edition of Ames' Typo;. 
Antiq. iii. 1628. 

Cabds, (The blou^ game at), as 
it was played by the King of Hearts 
and the rest of his suite against the 




residue of the pack. Shuffled at 
London, cut at York, &c. ^to. 
Brand, 12. 2s. 
Caeeles, John. Certeyne godly 
and comfortable Letters (3) written 
in the Time of his Lnprisonment* 

1566. 18mo. 

At the eud of Bp. Ridley's Lamentation 
of the miHerable Estate of the Church of 
Christ. These letters haye been repeat- 
edly printed. 

Cabeless, Franck. i. e. Bichard 

Cabew, Bampfylde-Moore. An 
Apology for the Life of Bampfylde- 
Moore Carew, [byBobert Gbadby]. 

Lond. 1749. 8vo. Ss. 

Pp. 149. This is not a mere romance, as 
there really nras such a person as Bampfy Ide 
Moore Carew, bat his exploits are height- 
ened in the colouring by his ingenious 
biographer (Goadby). There was an account 
of this beggar published some years pre- 
vious, entitled Acoomplish'd Vagabond, or 
oompleat Mumper, ezemplifyM in the bold 
and artful Enterprizes, and merry Pranks 
of Bampfylde Carew. Oxon. 1745, 8vo. 
10s. 6d. Another, The Life, Voyages, and 
Adventures of Bampfylde-Moore Carew. 
By Tho. Price. Lond. 8vo. [Also a large 
fbl. Broadside, with woodcut portrait, rare.] 

— Lady Elizabeth. The Tragedie 

of Mariam, the fsdre Queene of 

lewry. Lond. Th. Creede, 1613. 


Roxburghe, 4644, IZ. Rhodes, 706, 12. 5s. 
IngUs' Old PUys, 14, 11. Ss. Bright, 21. 10s. 

— Sir George, Earl of Totness. 
See Stappobd, Thomas. 

— George. The Title and In- 
terest of Jeremy Elwes, Esq. ; and 
other Creditors of WiUiam Courten, 
to several Mannors and Lands with- 
in the Counties of Worcester and 
Gloucester asserted. Lond. 1659. foL 

A copy of the above, as well as of the 
three following, are in the British Museum. 

A Discourse addressed to Denzill Lord 
HolliR, offering several Reasons, Argu- 
ments, and Propositions for the Improve- 
ment of his MajestieB Revenues: &c 1861, 

Fraud and Violence discovered and de- 
tected, &c. Lond. 1662, fol. Reed, 1790, 

Fraud and Oppression detected and ar- 
raigned, &c. 1676, fol. Reed, 1791, 14b. 

Hinc illn lacrymse ; or an epitome of 

the Life and Death of Sir Wm. Courten, 
and Sir Paul Pyndar. Lond. 1681, folio. 

Cabew, Bichard. Survey of Corn- 
wall: to ^hich are added, Notes by 
the late Thomas Tonkin, and now 
first published from the original 
MSS. by Francis, Lord Be Bunstan- 
ville. Likewise, a Journal or Mi- 
nutes of the Convocation of a Par- 
liament of Tinners for the Stanna- 
ries of Cornwall, held at Truro, in 
the Yev 1710. The Grant of the 
Sheriffalty to Edward Buke of 

Cornwall, &c. Lond. 1811. 4to. 

The best edition, with a portrait of the 
author by W. Evans. 'An exact and ex- 
cellent survey.'— ^tcoZson. larob papkb. 
Towneley, pt. ii. 814, 17s. Nassau, pt. i. 
642, 11. lis. Although more Histories of 
Cornwall have been written than of any 
other county, they are all wretched pro- 
ductions ; and the Survey of Carew re- 
mains beyond all comparison the most 
accurate and satisfactory. 

First Edition. Lond. S. S. for John Jag- 
gard. 1602, 4to. B — Ss 8, with corrections, 
1 folio, and the table of the second booke, 
4 folios, besides the title, a dedication to 
Sir Walter Raleigh, Knt. 2 pages, to the 
reader, the prosopopeia to the booke, and 
the table of the first booke, 4 folios. Bind- 
ley, pt. ii. 132, 6s. Dent, pt. i. 640, mor. 
7s. White Knights, 916, morocco, 12. 48. 
In the Library of the Royal Institution is 
a copy, witii arms in trick, by W. Burton, 
described in Rawlinson's English Topo- 
gnrapher, p. 20. Another edition, with an 
Epistle concerning the Excellencies of 
the English Tongue; and the Life of the 
author by Hugh Carew, Lond. 1723, 
4to. Dent, pt. 1. 641, 14s. large papbr. 
Duke of Grafton, 898, 13s. 6d. Nassau, 
pt. 1. 641, morocco, 22. 8s. Reprinted, with 
no other addition than a list of subscribers 
of six pages, 1769, 4to. Drury, 778, russia, 
19s. Heath, 4708, 12. 88. 

— Thomas. Poems, Songs and 

Sonnets; together with a Mask. 

[Edited by T. Maitland, afterwards 

Lord Bundrennan.] Edinb. 1824. 

crown 8vo. 

126 printed. CareVs Sonnets were 
more in request, between 1680 and 1640, 
tiian anv poet's of his time. They were 
many of them set to music by H. and 
W. Lawes, and other eminent compoBers. 
Al. Chalmers has fnduded them in his 
edition of the Poets, and notices of them 
will be found in the Retr. Rev. vi. 224-87, 
and Quart. Rev. iv. 166-76. First Edition , 
Lond. 1640, small 8vo. pp. 264. The Maaqos 




his a wparate titto-pftge. Nasaan, pt L 
613, 7b. BibL Anglo-Poet 148, IL la.— 
Second Edition. Lond. 1643. Ganrick. 
906, 6a. Naaaan, pt. i. 614^ Ta.^Third 
Edition. Lond. 1661, small 8vo. pp. 224. 
BibL Anglo-Poet. 149, 128.— Fourtb Edi- 
tion. Lond. 1970, Bto. pp. 282. BibL Anglo- 
Poet 160, 10a. 6d.— 1772, ISmo. Ss. Heath, 
1761, 6t. BibL Anglo.Poet 161, 9b. 

A Selection from the Poetical Works of 
Thomas Carew (By John Fry, of Bristol). 
Loud. 1810, small 8vo. pp. 96, 4s. A very 
insignificant performance. 

CoBlam Britannicum, a Maske at White- 
hall in the Banqvetting-Hovse, on Shrove- 
Tresday-Night, the 18 of Febmary, 1638. 
Lond. 1634, 4to. Field, 186, 8b. Box- 
burghe, 4646. 8s. HoUis, 218, 6b. Rhodes, 
709, II. lis. 6d. Dent, pt IL 1S80, IL lis. 6d. 
This masqne has been erroneously ascribed 
to Sir Wm. Davenant, and is inserted in 
his works. 1673, folio. 

Cabew, Thomas. Historical Ac- 
count of tiie Bights of Elections of 
ihe several Counties, Cities, and Bo- 
roughs of Gh*eat Britain, collected 
from Public Becords and the Jour- 
nals of Parliament, with a PrefEUse. 

Lond. 1755. foUo. 

Nassau, pt. i. 882, 2L 5s. 
Cabey, Henry. Poems on several 

Occasions. Lond. 1729. 4to. 

Prefixed is a portrait of Carey by Faber 
after J.Worsdale. Bindley, pt 1. 2218, 4s. 
BibL Anglo-Poet 119. 

Mnsioal Century in 100 English Ballads 
set to Music. 1787, folio, 2 vols, with por^ 
trait by Faber. Bindley, pt i. 1139, 128. 

Dramatic Works. Lond. 1743, 4to. Reed, 
7783. 88. Bindley, pt i. 1837, mor. 78. 
Boxbnrghe, 8936, 9s. 6d. BibL Anglo-Poet 
119. This collection does not contain a 
faroe by Carey, entitled Hanging and 
Marriage. 1722, 12mo. Rhodes, 711, 48. 

— Patrick. Trivial Poems and 
Triolets (1651). By P. Carey. Edited 
from the original MS. with a Pre- 
face, by Walter Scott. Edinb. 1820. 
4to. 158. 

These poems were previously printed, of 
which Sir Walter Scott was not aware. 

— William, D.I). Ghnmmar of 
the Sungskrit Language : to which 
are add^ Examples &r the Exer- 
cise of the Student, and a complete 
List of the Dhatoos or Boots, with 
an Appendix. Serampore, 1806. 
royal 4to. SI. 8b. 

An admirable work, consisting of 906 

J>p. App. 106^ and index 24 pp., and 6 
eaves of errata. The former edition, 
1804, 4to. 

Dialogues intended to fiMilitate the Ae- 
quiring of the Bengalee Language. Se- 
rampore, 1801, 8to. 18b. Tluurd edition, 
181CC Svo. 

Grammar of the Bengalee Language. 
Serampore, 1801, 8to. 1804, 4to. Seeood 
edition, 1806, 8to. Fourth edition. Seram- 
pore, 1818, 8to. 

Dictionary of the Bengalee Langnage, 
in which tlie Words are traced to tiielr 
Origin and their various Meaidngs given. 
Serampore, 1815, 4to. 3 vols. 6L 6s. Se- 
rampore, 1826, 4to. 8 vols. An abridged 
edition. Serampore, 1887, 8vo. 2 nda. 

Grammar of the Mahratta Language. 
Serampore, 1806, 8vo. Second edition, 
1808, 8vo. 

Dictionary of the Mahratta Language. 
Serampore, 1810, 8va 

Grammar of the Punjabee Language. 
Serampore, 1812, 8vo. 12s. 

Grammar of the Telinga Language. Se- 
rampore, 1814, 8vo. 16s. 

Grammar of the Kumata Language. 
Serampore, 1817, 8vo. 

History of Raja Pratap Aditiya, the 
late King of the Island of Sangor, in the 
Bengalee Language. Serampore, 1801, 8vo. 

Grammar of the Burman Language. By 
(Felix Carey) his son. Serampore, 181^ 

Caribbeeana, containing Ijetters 

and Dissertations, togemer with 

Poetical Essays, written by several 

Hands in the West Indies. Lond. 

1741. 4to. 2 vols. 

Marq. of Townshend, 696, 6s. Nasaaa. 
pt. i. 643, lis. 

Caribee Islands. — ^Laws, 1690- 
1780. 1734. foUo, li. Is. 

Caricatures. ^e«GB06B,GiLLBAT, 

Cabib. See Caby. 

Gabieb, Benjamin, D.D. A 
Missive to his Maj. of Gh*eat Bri- 
tain K. Jam. containing the Mo- 
tives of his Conversion to the Cath. 
Religion, &c. Liese, 1614. Svo. 

In 1649 were printed two impressions of 
the missive in 8vo. said in the title to be 
printed at Paris, but in truth, says Ant. & 
Wood, at London, with a large preface and 
marginal notes to it by N. Strange, a Bom. 
Cath. The work was answered by Geo. 
Hakewell, D.D. 1616, 4to. Carier like- 
wise published a Letter, of the miserable 
Ends of such as impugn the Cath. Ch. 
printed 1616, 4to. 

Cabion, John. The thre Bokes 



of Cronicles : ^heimto is added 
an Appendix, 1532-50, gathered bj 
John Funcke of Nurenborough. 
Lond. Geo. Lynne, 1550. 4to. 

Dedicated by the printer G. Ljnne to 
K. Edward YI., after vhioh is a preface 
oonoeming ' Thevse of readynge hystories.' 
The chronicle contains fol. celxxix, besides 
an index, at the end of which is the print- 
er's rebas, and colophon. North, pt. i. 
778, 88. 6d. pt iii. 102, Ids. Perry, pt. i. 
833, 12. 68. Towneley, pt. ii. 806, i;. 7s. 
White Knights, 917, 21. IDs. Alchome, 
60, 32. 13s. 6d. Boxburghe, 7411, russia, 

Cabksbsb, James.* Lucida in- 
tenraUa : containing divOTs miscel- 
laneous Poems, written at iFinsburj 
and Bethlem, by the Doctors Patent 

extraordinary. Lond. 1679. 4to. 

Upon Dr. Thomas Allen. Bindley, pt ii. 
2644, 78. 6d. 

Carlaverock. — The Si^e of Car- 
laverock in the xxviiL Edward I. 
A.D. MCCC. ; witn the Arms of 
the Earls, Barons, and Knights, 
who were present on the Occasion j 
with the Translation, a History of 
the Castle, and Memoirs of the 
Personi^es commemorated by the 
Poet. By Nicholas Harris Nicolas. 

Lond. 1828. 4to. 21. 2s. 

A highly valuable work for historians 
and antiquarians, most ably edited. Some 
copies have the arms illuminated, and 
bring 62. 6s. 

GablblIi, Lodowick. Two new 
Playes : the Fool would be a ¥a- 
vourit, or the discreet Lover ; and 
Osmond the great Turk, or the noble 
Servant. Lond. 1657. 8vo. 

Rhodes, 718, 68. Bp. of Ely, 299, 8s. 
Kozburghe, 4667 and 8, lis. 

The Deserving FaTOurite. Lond. 1829, 
4to. Rhodes, 716, Ss. 6d. Roxbnrghe, 
4666,48. Reprinted 1669, 8vo. Roxburghe, 
4666, 88. 6d. 

Arviragus and Philicla. Lond. 1689, 
12mo. 2 parts. Roxburghe, 4664, Ss. 
Rhodes, 716, 8s. 6d. Gordonstoun, 606, lOs. 
Qarrick, 886, lis. Nassau, pt i. 616, 17s. 

The passionate Lovers, a Tragl-Comedy. 
Lond. 1666» 4to. 2 parts. Rhodes, 717, 8s. 
Roxburghe, 4668, 4s. Garrickj 867, 6s. 6d. 
Reed, 7736, lis. 

Heraclius, Emperour of the East, a Tra- 
gedy written in French by M. de Cor- 



neille: englished by Lodowick Garlell, 
Lond. 1664, 4to. Roxburghe, 4666, Is. 6d. 
Rhodes, 719, Is. 6d. Field, 142, 3s. 

Cableton, Sir Dudley, Knt. 
Letters to and from Sir Dudley 
Carleton, Knt. during his Embassy 
in HoUand, from January 1615-16 
to December, 1620. Lond. 1757. 

Only 20 copies printed and published at 
the expense of Lonl Royston, the secondEarl 
of Hardwick, the author of the Preface. 
Bindley, pt i. 1818. 48. 6d. Marq. of 
Townshend, 698, 12. 1 s. Heath, 4443, 12. ISs. 
Again, ' with large Additions to the his- 
torical Preface.' Lond. 1776, 4to. 60 copies 
printed. 1780, 4to. (best edition) with a 

[State Letters during his embassy at the 
Hague, A.D. 1627, and first edited by T. P. 
(Sir Thomas Phillips). Typis Mediomon- 
tanis, 1841, 4to. Only 100 copies printed, 
21. 2b. Coll. 76 pages.] 

— Qeorge, successively Bishop of 

Landaff and Chichester. A. thaoik- 

fiill Remembrance of God's Mercy, 

in an historicall Collection of the 

great and merciful! Deliverances of 

the Church and State of England 

since the Gospel beganne here to 

flourish, from the beginning of Q. 

Elizabeth. Lond. 1627. 4to. 

The third edition revised and enlarged, 
with an engraved title by W. Pass, a por- 
trait of Carleton, and 21 curious cuts, by 
F. H . (Frederic Hulsius). Inglis, 829, 19s. 
Bindley, pt i. 2177, 21. 18s. Towneley, pt i. 
413, 11 16s. White knights, 919, mor. 9s. 
Baker, 184, 21. 16s.— First edition. 1624, 
4to. with front by Pass. Reed, 8648, 98. 6d. 
— Second edition. 16 — .—Fourth edition. 
Lond. 1630, 4to. Dow'deswell, 120, russia, 
21. Nassau, pt. i. 644, 1^ 5s. 

Heroici Characteres : ad illvst. Eqvitem 
Henricum Nevillum. Oxon. 1608, 4to. 
Bindley, pt ii. 868, 16s. 

AZTPOAOrOMANlA : the Madnesse of 
Astrologers, or an Examiiuttion of Sir G. 
Heydon 8 Defence of Judiciarie Astrologie, 
published by T. Vicars. Lond. 1624, 4to. 
Grordonstoun, 681, 5s. 

Vita Bemardi Oilpini. , Lond. 1628, 4to. 
Reprinted by Dr. Bates in Vitee selectonim 
aliquot Yironun. 1704, 4to. Translated 
into English. Lond. 1629, 4to. Inglis, 880, 
7s. 6d. Another edition, with his Sermon 
preached before K. Edward the Sixth, 
Anno 1652. Lond. 1636, 12mo. 7s. It is 
also reprinted in Wordsworth's Eccles. 
Biography, vol. iv. 



Tithes, examined and proved to bee due 
to the Clergie hy a divine right. Loud. 
T. Este. 1666, 4to. 

A life of Carleton, with a Uat of his 
works, will be found in Wood's Athen. 

Casleton, Capt. George. See 
Defoe, Daniel. 

— Mary, the GKjrman. Princess. 
The Memoires of Mary Carleton, 
commonly stiled the G-erman Prin- 
cess. Lond. 1673. 12mo. with por- 
trait by Chantry. 

Reed, 2126, 16s. Bindley, pt. 1. 1206, with 
Mary Carleton's Case. 1663, 6vo. 12. 13s. 

The great l^ryall and Arraignment of 
the Germain Princess. Lond. 1663, 4to. 
Nassau, pt. i. 645, 6s. pt. 11. 1330, with 
portrait, 17s. 

An historicall Narrative of the German 
Princess. Lond. 1663, 4to. 

The Case of Mary (Carleton, the German 
Princess. 1663. Nassau, pt. i. 533, with 
two portraits, 78. 

The ultimum Yale of Jo. Carleton, of 
the Middle Temple, Husband of the Ger- 
man Princess. Lond. 1663, 4to. 

The counterfeet Lady unveiled. Lond. 
1679, 16mo. with portrait. Towneley, pt i. 
831, russia, 17. Is. 

Memoirs of Madam Charlton, stiled the 
German Princess. 1678, 4to. Bindley, 
pt. iii. 398, 8s. 6d. 

Deportment and Carriage before her 
Execution. 1672, 4to. 3s. 6d. 

Cabuell, Eobert. Britaines 

Glorie: or an allegorieall Dreame, 

with the Exposition thereof. Lond. 

1619. sm. 8vo. 

Pp. 66. This allegorical dream, dedi- 
cated ' To all vertvovs Nobilitie, Keuerend 
Clergie. and well affected Gentrie,' is in 
verse, tne exposition is in prose, with oc- 
casional quotations in verae. Bibl. Anglo- 
Poet 147, 21. 2s. 

Cablietle, Christ. A D^scoyrse 

concemmg two diuine Positions. 

Lond. X582. 16mo. 9s. 

Sotheby, Dec. 1864, ISs. This discourse 
oonceming the ascension and resurrection, 
is intended as a confutation of a treatise 
published by R. Smith. D.D. 1562. Cblt- 
lisle likewise published A Discourse of 
Peter's Lyfe, Peregrination and Death. 
Lond. Wai-d, 1682, 4to. and also without 

Cablisle, Charles Howard, Earl 

of. Belation of liis three Embassies 

from Charles II. to the Courts of Mus- 


covey, Sweden, and Denmark, 1663 
1664, by G-. M. Lond. 1669. 8vo. 

Prefixed is a portrait of the Earl, by 
Fairthome. Nassau, pt i. 617,68. Rox- 
burghe, 7187, 68. 6d. Lloyd, 309, 17s. 
This book, containing many cnrious re- 
marlcs upon'the countries through which 
the Earl passed, Ib reprinted in Harris's 

Cablisle, Frederick Howard, 

Earl of. Tragedies and Poems. 

Lond. 1807, Svo. and 4to. 

Privately printed. Brockett, 676, mor. 

Poems. 1773, 4to. Bindley, pt i. 2176, 
with a portrait, and The Fathers Revenge, 
1783, 12. 3s. 

The Father's Revenge, a Tragedy. 
Lend. 1783, 4to. Privately printed. Ano- 
ther edition, with other Poems. 180O, 4to. 
with 4 plates after Westall and 2 vignettes. 
Twenty-five copies printed. Sir M. M. 
Sykes, pt i. 686, mor. 82. 6s. Bindley, 
pt. i. 1632, 32. 18s. Roxburghe, 3982, mor. 
62. lOs. Beckford, in 1817, 62, with portrait 
of the author, a proof, morocco, 52. 188. 
Another edition, 1812, 8vo. 

The Step-mother, a Tragedy. Lond. 
1800, 8vo. 2s. Roxburghe. 4661, 6s. An 
edition, 1812, 8vo. Privately printed. 

Thoughts on the present Condition of 
the stage. Lond. 1808, 8vo. 28. Published 

— Nicholas. A Topographical 

Dictionary of Great Britain and 

Ireland. Lond. 1808-13. 4to. 6 

vols. 3Z. 3s. 

A veiy useful publication, thus divided: 
England, 1806, 2 vols.— Ireland, 1810, 1 vol. 
--Wales, 1811, 1 vol.— Scotland and the 
Islands in the British Seas, 1813, 2 vols. 

A concise Description of endowed Gram- 
mar Schools. Lond. 1818, 8vo. 2 vols. 
Combe, 817, 12s. uibob paper. Dmry, 
696, russia, IZ. ISs. Brockett, 677, russia, 
22. 16s. 678, morocco, 22. 19fl. Sixty Views 
of endowed Grammar Schools, finom ori- 
ginid Drawings by J. C. Buckler. Lond. 
1827-8, 4to. 10 no8. plain, 6s. india paper, 
7s. 6d. each. 

Collections for a History of the ancient 
Family of Carlisle. Lond. 1822, 4to. pp. 
xvi and 414. 100 copies. Privately print>- 
ed by Mr. Nicol for the author, [Nic. Car- 

Hints on Bnral Residences. Lond. 1825, 
4to. 76 copies. Privately printed. 

Collections for a History of the ancient 
Family of Bland. Lond. 1826, 4to. pp. xix. 
and 306. 100 copies. Privately printed 
by Mr. NlooL 




An historical Account of the Origin of 
the Commission appointed to inquire con- 
cerning Charities iu England and Wales ; 
and an Illustration of several old Customs 
and Words which occur in the Reports. 
Lond. 1828, 8yo. pp. 830. 

Inquiry into the place and quality of the 
Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber, royal 
8vo. 1829. 

Account of the several Foreign Orders 
of Knighthood conferred on British sub- 
jects, royal 8vo. 1889. 

Memoirs of the Life and Works of Wm. 
Wyon, with Appendix, &c., 8vo. privately 

Carlos. — Don Carlos, written in 
French, Anno 1672, and newly 
Englished by H. J. Lond. 1676. 

12mo. 38. 6d. "" 

From this novel, written by S. Real, Ot- 
way took his tragedy. Nassau, pt. i. 619, 

Caeltle, J. D. Maured Allata- 
fet Jemaleddini Filii Togri-Bardii, 
sen Rerum .^gyptiacarum Annales, 
ab anno Chnsti 971, usque ad 
annum 1453. E Codice MS..Bib- 
liothecse Academise Cantabrigien- 
sis textum Arabicum primus edddit, 
Latin^ yertit notisque illustravit 
J. D. Carlyle, A.M. Cantab. 1792. 

4to. 12s. 

A valuable work, with a critical and 
elegant commentary. 

Specimens of Arabian Poetry, from the 
earliest Time to the Extinction of the Kha- 
lifat, with some Account of the Authors. 
Camb. 1796, 4to. pp. 260. These specimens 
are highly praised by Dr. N. Drake in his 
Literary Hours. Drury, 779, 10s. Font- 
hill, 735, 10s. 6d. White Knights, 920, 
mssia, 15s.— Lond. 1810, royal 8vo. 6s. 

Poems, suggested chiefly by Scenes in 
Asia-Minor, Syria, and Greece, with pre- 
faces. Camb. 1805, 4to. pp. 170, with two 
views. Bindley, pt. i. 1631, with the Spe- 
cimens of Arabian Poetry, 1/. 5s. 

Carmarthen. — Charter for the 
Borough of Carmarthen, 4 Gteo. 
III. 1765. 8vo. 58. 

Cabmsliaihjs, Peter. Petri Car- 
mehani carmen de sponsalibus inter 
Carolum Principem CastellsB et 
Mariam filiam Henrici VII. Eegis 
AnglicB. (Londini Kidiardus Pyn- 

eon, circa 1514.) 4to. with cuts. 
34 leaves. This treatise contains a very 

particular account of the reception and 
entertainment of the Embassy from the 
Emperor Maximilian and Charles Prince 
of Castile, Archd. of Austria to conclude a 
treaty of marriage between the said Prince 
Charles (after Charles Y.) and the Princess 
Mary, third daughter of K. Henry VII. ov 
VELLUM. Bibl. Harl. iv. 525, 10,200, after- 
wards Mao-Carthy, 2786, 1000 fr. Now in 
the Grenville Library. J olley, (on vbllum^, 
1851, 412. 10s. (9 leaves stained at comers). 

Cabmeni, Francesco. Nissena, 
an excellent new Bomance, en- 
glished from the Italian, by an 
honourable Anti-Socordist. Lond. 
1653. 8vo. 

Cabmey, Angel. Plates of the 
Coins of the Kings of Syria. Lond. 

1761. foKo. 

Combe, 617, 21. 8s. 
Cabmichael, James. Gframma- 
tice Latine, de Etymologia, Liber 

secundus. Cantebrigie, 1587. 4to. 
Dedicated to K. James YI. of Scotland. 
Pp. 52, besides six leaves for title, dedica- 
tion, some poems, &c. 

— Various Tracts concerning the 
Peerage of Scotland. Edinburgh, 
1791. 4to. 

Carmina. — ^De Carminum Qene- 

ribus. Lond. in -^dibus W. de 

Worde. 1525. 4to. 

Sixteen leaves. 

— Carminum Proverbialum Loci 

communes, in Gratiam luuentibus 

selecti. Lond. 1588. 16mo. 

Commencing with rhymed Latin verses 
'S. A. 1. ad emptorem.' 216 pp. Gossett, 
1096. 9s.— Again 1595. Gordonstoun, 202, 
2s. 6d.— 1603, 12mo. 

— Carmina Quadragesimalia. 

Oxon. 1723-48. royal 8vo. 2 vols. 

' A collection containing some pieces of 
high merit:— Tytler. Bp. of Ely, 818, 9s. 
White Knights, 697, mor. 9s. Heath, 
4296, 12s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 502, 148. 
Nassau, pt. i. 520, mor. 11. 6s. An edition 
of the two parts, in one volume. Glasg. 
1757, 12mo. 

Cabi^, John. Letters from the 
East, written during a recent Tour 
through Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, 
Palestine, Syria, and Greece. Lond. 
1826. 8vo. with a coloured plate. 

A portion of these letters flrat appeared 




in the New Monthly Magazine. Mr. Carne 
lias alio written two small ▼(dnmes, enti- 
tled, Tales of the West, which exhibit a 
correet picture of the manners of the peo- 
ple of Cornwall, and of its scenery. 

Gabolina. — An historical Ac- 
count of theBiseand Progress of the 
Colonies of South Carolina and 
Georgia. Lond. 1779. 8to. 2 vol8.7s. 

Written by the Rev. Alex. Hewitt. 

A brief Description of the Province of 
Carolina on the Coasts of Florida. Lond. 
1606, 4to. 

An Account of Carolina, with an Ab- 
stract of the Patent Lond. 1682, 4to. Re- 
printed 1682, 4to. 

The two Charters granted bv K.Charles 
II. to the Proprietors, with tne first and 
last ftindamental Constitutions of that Co- 
lony. Lond. 4to. 

Acts of Assembly of the Province of 
Iforth Carolina. Newbem, 1778, folio. 

— See Catsbbt. 

Cabon, R. p. F. R. Remon- 
strantia Hibemorum contra Lova- 
nienses, Yltramontanasque Cen- 
Buras, de immutabili Regum Im- 
perio, subditorumque fid&tate, et 
obedientia indispensabili ; ex SS. 
Scripturis, Patribus, Theologis, &c. 
▼indicata. Cum duplici Appen- 
dice ; una, de Libertate GaUicana ; 
altera, contra Inffallibilitatem Pon- 
tificis Romani. (Lond.) Anno Bom. 
1665, folio. 

Pp. 266, 94, 102, with index and errata, 
4 leaves. Likewise title, dedication to K. 

Charles IT. 'Ad Alexandrum VII. 

Qverimonia,' and 'Ad Lectorem,' 12 leaves. 
Stowe, 1849, 122. 10s. Homer, 1864, mo- 
rocco, 62. 12s. 6d. Many copies of this 
work are supposed to have b«en destroyed 
in the fire of London. One is in the Bri- 
tish Museum. [Reprinted in vol. i. of Du- 
pery Traitez des Droits et Libertez de 
I'Eglise Gallicans augments per J. L. 
Brunet, 4 vols, folio, 1730.1 

Roma triumphans septfcollis qua nova 
hactenus et Insolita methodo comparative, 
etc. Antwerp, 1686 [i.e. 1653], 16mo. 

Apoetolatusevangelicus Missionariorum 
regularium per universum mundum ex- 
positus. Antwerp, 1653, 16mo. 

Controversiae genuoles fidei, contra in- 
fideles omnes, Judsaos Mohametanos et 
cnjuscunque sect« hereticos. Paris, 1660, 

Loyalty asserted, and the late remon- 
Btnmoe or allegiance of the Irish olei^ 

and layty confirmed snd proved by the 
authority of scriptures, fathers, &c. Lond. 
1662, 4to. 

A vindication of the Roman Catholicks 
of the English nation from some asper- 
sions lately cast npon them. Lond. 1660^ 

Cabok, Francis and Joost 
Schouten. Description of the King- 
doms of Japan and Siam, translated 
from the Dutch hj Sir Roger 

Manlev, Lond. 1663. 12mo. 

Another edition, 1671, with a map. Fonl- 
hill, 207, 10s. Caron's account or Japan 
will be found in the seventh volume of 
Pickerion'tf Collection Of Yoyages and 

Cabpentes. The Life of G^rge 

Lord Carpenter. Lond. 1736. 8yo. 

with portrait. 4s« 

— Rev. John. Sorrowftdl Song 
forsinfull Soules,composedTpon the 
strange and wonderful! Shading of 
the Earth, the 6 of Aprill, 1586. 8vo. 

From Maunsell's catalogue, p. 28. A 
notice of Carpenter and his works will be 
found in Wood's Athen. Oxon. 

— Richard. . Experience, His- 
toric, and Diyinitie: divided into 
fire Books. Lond. 1642. 8to. 

A work containing many curious anec- 
dotes of himself and the Roman Catholics. 
Prefixed is a frontispiece by Marshall. 
Inglis, 250, 6s. To this treatise a new title, 
* The Downfal of Antichrist,' &c. was af- 
fixed 164& 

Astrology proved harmless, nseAil, 
pious. Lond. 1657, 4to. Six sheets dedi- 
cated to Elias Ashmole. Prefixed is a 
portrait of the author by Faithome. 

A new Play called the Pragmatical Je- 
suit new-leven'd. A Comedy. Lond. 4to. 
with a portrait of the author in a lay 
habit, by T. Cross. An account of this 
theological mountebank will be found in 
Wood's Athen. Oxon. 

— William. Scripture Natural 
Histoiy, or an Account of the Zoo- 
logy, Botany, and Geology of tbe 
Bible. Lond. 1828. 8to. [Author 
of Scientia Biblica, 3 vols. 8to. and 
other works.] 

Caspije, Joseph Constantino. A 
Description of tne Muscles of the 
Human Body as they appear on 
Dissection ; with Prints and Maps 




sliewing the Insertions of Muscles. 

Lond. 1801. 4to. 10s. 6d. 
An esteemed work. 

An Aoconnt of two sncoessftil Opera- 
tions for restoring a lost NoRe from the 
Integuments of the Forehead, &c. Lond. 
1816, 4to. with Dlates, 15& 

A History of the high Operation for the 
Stone, by Incision above the Pubis. Lond. 
1819, 8vo. 8b. 6d. 

Introduction to Electricity and Galva- 
nism. Lond. 1808^ 8vo. 

CABPZOYirrs, loh. 6k>t. De- 
fence of the Hebrew Bible, in An* 
Bwer to W. Whiston, transl. from 
the Latin by Moses MiarcuB. Lond. 

1729. 8vo. 

This tract, which forms the third part 

of Introductio ad Libros canonicos veteris 

Testament!, has additional notes by the 

* translator, who was a converted Jew. 

Cosset, 1107, lis. 

Casb, Eer. George. Sermons. 

Edinb. 1777. 12mo. 3 vols. 98, 
Published by Sir Wm. Forbes. 
— Sir John. The Stranger in 
Ireland ; or a Tour in the southern 
and western parts of that Country 

in 1805. Lond. 1806. 4to. 

Pp. 6S0, with 17 plates. Duke of Tork, 
181^ 16s. In ridicule of this work, which 
is little else than a tourist^s common-place 
book, appeared an excellent Jeu d'esprit 
entitled ' My Pocket Book/ by Edward 
Dubois, 1807, 12mo. 

The Stranger in France ; or, a Tonr from 
Devonshire to Paris. Lond. 1808, 4to. 
pp. 261, with 12 engravings in aquatinta. 
Sozburghe, 7226, 7s. Duke of York. 1211, 
9s. 6d. Keprinted 1809, 8vo. 

A Northern Summer; or Travels round 
the Baltic through Denmark, Sweden, 
Russia, Prussia, and Part of Oeimany, in 
1804. Lond. 1806, 4to. pp. 480, with 11 

A Tour through Holland, along the 
right and left Banks of the Bhine, to the 
South of Germany, in 1806. Lond. 1807, 
4to. pp. 468, with 21 engravings. Duke of 
York, 1214, 17s. 

Caledonian Sketches ; or, a Tonr 
through Scotland in 1807. Lond. 1809, 4to. 
pp. 541, with 12 plates. 

Descriptive Travels in the Southern and 
Eastern Parts of Spain and the Balearic 
Isles, in the Year 1809. Lond. 1811, 4to. 
Duke of York, 1216, 9s. The Quarterly 
Reviewers term Carr's travels 'Utter 

Poems, 1812, 8vo. with a portrait 

Casb, Nicolaus. DeObitaTheo- 

logi Boctoris Martmini Buceri 

Epistolse duse : item Epigrammata 

varia cum Or, timi Latine con- 

scriptainevndemMinistrum. Lond. 

1551. 4to. 

According to Heame, Nio. Can* was an 
elegant and judicious writer in Latin. 

— Be Scriptorum Britannico- 
rum Paucitate, et Studiorum Im- 
pedimentis Oratio, Lond. 1576. 

Carr published a Latin translation of 
some of the Orations of Demosthenes, 

— Ealph. Mahumetane or Turk- 
ish Hjstorje containing three 
Bookes, &c. Translated from the 
French and Italian Tongues by E. 

Garr. Lond. 1600. 4to. 

Each book is dedicated to one of the 
three brothers, Rob., Will., and Edw. CaiT 
separately; and *Tbe Narration of the 
Warres of Gypros ' to them all jointly. 
122 leaves. 

— Samuel, D.D. SermonB on 
practical Subjects. Lond. 1795. 
8vo. 3 vols. 

Bindley, pt i. 1067, 18s. 

Oabbascon, Thomas. Canonico 
dell' Insigne Catedral di Here- 
fordia^ e Vioario di Blakmer d'ln- 
ghilterra. Con lioencia, y priyilegio 
e costa del Autor ; por Maria San- 
chez. Nodriza, 1638. Svo. 

Gabse, John. A larum belLe for 
London, with a caveat or warning 
to England, also a pitiful com- 
plamt of the penit^te synner. 
Imp. by Henry Kirckham. 1573. 

Chalmers' copy (unique), resold, Jol- 
ley, 1848, 182. Ss. 

Casbeba, D. Pietro. Treatise 
on the Ghmie of Chess, first pub- 
lished m 1617, by D. Pietro Car- 
rera, transL from the Italian with 
additional Notes and Bemarks by 

W. Lewis. Lond. 1822. Svo. 8s. 

LABOs PAPBB (fiO copiss printed), 16s. 
The Original ' II Gioco degli Scacchi di 
D. Pietro Carrera/ Mllitello, 1617, is ex- 
cessively rare. 

Cabsikoton, F. a. and J. 
Fayite. BeportB at Nisi Frius in 
the K. B. and C. P. and Exch. 



with oftBes taried in the Cent. Crimi- 
nfkl Court and on the Circuits, from 
Mich. T. 1823 to East. T. 1841. 
Lond. 1823-41. 9 vols, royal 8vo.6^. 
Mr. CarriDgtoQ published a Sapple- 
meut to ali the moderu Treatises on the 
Criminal Lav; containing the Altera- 
tions by Statute. Lond. 1828, 12mo. 
7s. 6d. [Also Carrington and Marshman's 
Beports at Nisi Prius, in the Q. B., C. P. 
and Ezch. &c. from 8 Vict, to Hil. T. 6 
Vict. Lond.Svo. 12s. Carrington and Kir- 
wan's Reports at Nisi Prius from Hil. T. 
6 Vict, to 18 Vict. Lond. 8vo. 2 vols. 11. 10s.] 

— S. The History of the Life 
and Death of Oliver, late Lord 
Protector. Lond. 1659. 8vo. 

Prefixed is a portrait. Sir P. Thompson. 
67, 15s. Dowdeswell, 172, 11. lis. 

Cabstabes, William. State 
Papers and Letters, relating to 
public Affairs in Gh*eat Britain, but 
more particularly in Scotland, dur- 
ing the Beigns of Xing William 

and Queen Anne, with Memoir. 
Published from the Originals, by 
Joseph M*Cormick, D.D. Edinb. 
1774. 4to. 

Bindley, pt. ii. 366, lOs. Rozburgfae, 
8766, 12s. Heath, 4484, 11. 14b. 

Carta Feodi SimpUcis cum Lit- 
tera attumatoria. Lond. per W. 
de Worde. 4to. 

Thirty-three leaves, ending on sign. F— 
iii. insixes. Willett,1299, with the J ustyces 
of Paes, 1610, and Modus tenendi Curia Ba- 
ronum, also piinted by W. de Worde, 131. 
Another edition (Lond. by John Rastell), 
16mo. F 4, in octaves, the first leaf blank.— 
Robert Redman, 1627, 16mo.— Robert Red- 
man, 1680, 16mo. E 10, in ocUves.— Tho. 
Berthelet, 1643,16mo.44 leaves.— Wyllyam 
Myddylton, 1645, IBnio. Willett, 1401.— 
Rich. Kele, 1546, 16mo. 60 leaves. 

Cabte, Sam. Tabula Chrono- 
logica Archiepisccpatuum et Epis- 
copatuum in Anglia et Wallia. 
Ortus, Divisiones, &c. breviter ex- 
hibens; ima cum Indice alphabe- 
tico Nominum quibus apud Au- 
thores insigniuntur, concinnata per 
Sam. Carte Vic. S. Martini Leycestr. 
In the thirteenth volume of the Somers 
Collection of Tracts. 

— Thomas, M.A. History of the 
Life of James Duke of Ormonde, 
1610-88. Lond. 1735-6. foL 3 vols. 

' CAE 

This history contains by far the most 
copious and best account of the Irish Re- 
bellion of any extant. • Vol. 1. 1736. Title 
and dedication to the Earl of Arraa, 
2 leaves ; the preface, pp. juii. ; the intro- 
duction, pp. Ixvii.; an history, pp. 606, and 
the contents, 3 leaves. VoL II. 1736, 
pp. 668, not including title; appendix, 
consisting of letters, &c. pp. 133, after 
which are the contents, table and errata, 
on 11 pages. VoL III. Letters written 
by the Kings Charles I. and II., tlie Duke 
of Ormonde, the Secretaries of State, the 
Ms,rqnes8 of Clanricarde and other great 
Men during the Troubles of Great Britain 
and Ireland. 1736. Title, preface and 
table, 6 leaves ; letters, pp. 1—606. labgs 
PAi»RB. Heath, 4764, lOZ. 16s. 

[New edition, carefully compared with 
the original MSS. Oxford, 1851, 8vo. 
6 vols. 21. 6s.J 

[Collection of original Letters and Pa- 
pers concerning the Affairs of England 
from 1641 to 1660, found among the Dukeof • 
Ormond's Papers. Lond. 1739, 8vo. 2 vols.] 

— Catalogue des Bolles Gascons, 
Normands et Fi'an^ois, conserves 
dans les Archives de la Tour de 
Londres. A Londres et se trouve ^ 
Paris, 1743. foUo. 2vols. 

Published by De Palmeuse. The ori- 
ginal preface by Carte was cancelled by 
order of the Frencli government, and ano- 
ther by Bougainville inserted in most 
copies in its place. Vol. I. half-tiUe, title, 
preface of viij pp. signed Tho. Carte. Ca- 
talogue, Ac. pp. 1—462, and errata 1 leaf* 
VoL II. half-title, title, and catalogue, pp. 
1—406, and 1 leaf of errata. Gough, £^8, 
21. 9s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 767, mor. 41. 
18s. Edwards, 581, mor. by Padaloup, 71. 

— A general History of England, 
from the earliest Times to AD. 
1654. Lond. 1747-65. foUo. 4 vols. 

' You may read Hume for his eloquence, 
hot Carte is the historian for facts.'— TTar^ 
ton. Vol. i. 1747, pp. xvi. and 856. Vol. ii. 
1760, pp. iv. and 874. Vol. iii. 1752, pp. iv. 
and 828, also 4 leaves of index. Vol. iv. 
1755. Vol. iv. pp. 684, not including title. 
Marq. of Townshend, 632, 91. 158. Heath, 
4368, russia, 101. 15s. large paper. Sir 
M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 766, russia, 152, 48. 6d. 

A general Account of the necessary Ma- 
terials for au History of England, the So- 
ciety and Subscription proposed for de- 
fraying the Expences thereof, and tlie 
Method wherein Mr. Carte intends to 
proceed in carrying on the said Work. 
(1738), 4to. 

A Collection of the several Papers pub- 
lished by Thomas Carte, in Kelation to his 
History of England. Lond.l744,8vu.8s.6d. 




RemarlcB upon Mr. Carte's Specimen of 
hiH general History of England. Lond. 
1748, 8vo. 28. 6d. 

A Letter to John Trot-Plaid, con- 
cerning Mr. Carte's general History of 
England, by Duncan Mao Carte a High- 
lander. Lond. 1748, 8vo. 

The Irish Massacre set in a true Light. 
Wherein Mr. Baxter's Account of it in the 
History of his own Life, a/Ld the abridg- 
ment thereof by Dr. Calamy, are fully 
considered. Together with two Lettere 
from Mr. Channdler (the Dissenting 
Teacher of Bath, reviving the aforesaid 
Account) to the Rev. Mr. Thomas Carte 
at Bath, with his two Replies to Mr. 
Chaandler. Reprinted in the fifth volume 
of the Somers Collection of Traets. 

Cabteb, Edmund. The Arti- 
ficers Looking-Glass : containing 
an exact and diverting Bepresen- 
tation of the Lives, &c. oi Lim- 
ners, Stone-Carvers, Glass-Blowers, 
Framework-Knitters, &c. &c. Lond. 

1726. 8vo. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

— Edmund. History of the 
County of Cambridge from the ear- 
liest Account to the present Time. 

Cambridge, 1753. 8vo. 

Half-title, title, index of 3 pages, the 
history concluding'Endof Vol. I.' B— Zz 2, 
856 pages. Dent, pt. i. 896, 21. 4s. Nas- 
sau, pt. i. 624, 32. Steevens, 1653, 62. 12s. 6d. 
Towneley, pt. ii. 85, 142. Bindley, pt. i. 
976, with the History of the University, 
1763, 182. 18s. 

Reprinted and brought down to 1819, 
by Wm. Upcott. ,1819, 8vo. (100 copies), 
10s. 6d. — LARGE PAPER (40 copies), 12. Is. 

— The History oi the University 
of Cambridge from its Original to 
the Year 1753. Lond. 1753. 8vo. 

Pp. viii and 471, with table and errata, 
1 page. This most inaccurate book is the 
best outline for a history of the univer- 
sity, which we possess. Towneley, pt li. 
86, 68. Steevens, 1852, 7s. 6d. Bp. of 
£ly, 804, 7s. 6d. Nassau, pt i. 625, 12. 6s. 
^ent, pt i. 897, with views inserted, 12. 7s. 

— Mrs. Elizabeth. Memoirs of 
the Life of Mrs. E. Carter ; with a 
new Edition of her Poems, some 
of which have never appeared be- 
fore. To which are added some 
miscellaneous Essays in Prose ; 
together with her Notes on the 
Bible, and Answers to Objections 
concerning the Christian Religion. 

By the Bev. M. Pennington. Lond. 

1807. 4to. 

Reprinted 1806, 8vo. 2 vob.— 1816, 8vo. 
2 vols.— 1826, 8vo. 2 vols. 

Poems upon several Occasions by Mrs. 
Elizabeth Carter. Lond. 1738, 4to. publi sh- 
ed anonymously.— 1762.— 1776.— 1789. 8to. 

A Series of Letters between Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Carter and Miss Cathei'ine Talbot, 
1741-70. To which are added, Letters to 
Mrs. Vesey, 1763-87. Published by the 
Rev. M. Pennington. Lond. 1808, 4to. 
2 vols.— 1809, 8vo. 4 vols. Bindley, pt. i. 
966, with her life. 2 vols. 12. 68.— 1819, 8vo. 
8 vols. 

Letters to Mrs, Montagu, 1766—1800, 
Published from the Oiig^inals in the pos- 
session of the Rev. Montagu Pennington, 
1817, 8vo. 8 vols. 

See Epictbtub. 

— Francis. Journey from Gib- 
raltar to Malaga. Lond. 1777. 8vo. 
2 vols. 

Some copies have an additional volume, 
containing a chart, medals, &c. labor 
PAPER. Fonthill, 2694, 82. Is.— 1780. Best 
edition. Heath, 2497, with the large and 
small plates, 18s. large paper. 

— Francis, MD. Account of 
the various Systems of Medicine, 
from the days of Hippocrates to 
the present Time. Lond. 1788. 8vo. 
2 vols. 8s. 

— John. The Nail and the 

Wheel ; in two several Sermons in 

the Green- Yard at Norwich. Lond. 

1647, 4to. 

'Nail hit on the head,' with port, by 
Dunstall, 1644. Carter's Wheel, 1647. 
Nassau, pt. i. 647, 10s. 

— The Tombstone and a rare 

Sight. Lond. 1653. 8vo. 

Pp. with a portrait of Carter, by R. 
Vaughan. Nassau, pt. i. 622, 17s. 

— John. Specimens of the an- 
cient Sculpture and Painting now 
remaining in this Kingdoni from 
the earliest Period to the Reign of 
Henry VIII. Lond. 1780-7. foHo. 

2 vols. , 

This work was designed to show the 
rise and progress of sculpture and paint- 
ing in England, to explain obscure and 
doubtful parts of history, and preserve 
the portraits of greut and eminent per- 
sonages. Dent, pt. i. 607, ruAsia, 14Z. larue 
paper. Nassau, pt. i. BM, russia, 133. 10s. 
Fonthill, 8182, ilchly bound, 87;. 168. 




J|New edition, topographically arranged, 
th notes by Merrick, Dawson Tnmer, 
and Jobn Britton. Lond. 1838, 8 vols, folio. 
Bohn. 81. 8g. 180 plates.] 

Cabtes, John. Collection of 120 
Views of ancient Buildings in Eng- 
land, drawn and etched bj J. Car- 
ter. Lond. 1786. 32mo. 6 vols. 

Dent, pt i. 896, 1^ Ss. Nassau, pt. 1. 
626, 82. 10s. Republished as ' Specimens 
of Gothic Architecture, ancient Buildings 
in England, comprised in 180 Views. 
Lond. 1824,' 32mo. 4 vols. 18s. 

— The ancient Architecture of 
England. Lond. 1795--1816, folio, 

2 vols. 

VoL 1. 31 nmnbors, consisting of fron- 
tispiece, engraved title, dedication to the 
Duke of York, contents, pp. 64, and 79 
plates. Of vol. ii. only 7 numbers were 

Fonthill, 671, 82. 8s. laboe papbb. Nas- 
sau, pt. i. 886, russia, 4t. [New edition, 
edited by John Britton. Lond. Bohn, 1846, 
royal folio, 8 vols, in 1, 109 plates, 61. 3s.] 

[The life of John Ramble, Junr., 12mo. 
is a Life of John Carter.] 

— Iklatthew. Relation of that as 
honourable as unfortunate l^pedi- 
tion of Kent, Essex, and Colches- 
ter : by M. C. a lojall Actor in that 
Engagement, Aimo Dom. 1648. 

Printedin the Yeare 1650. 12mo. 6s. 
This tract records several particulars 
not noticed by Lord Clarendon and our 
general historians. Nassau, pt. i. 623*, 9s. 
Steevens, 1714, 10s. 6d. Reprinted Col- 
chester, 12mo. n. d. 

— Honor Bedivivus ; or, the 

Analysis of Honor and Armory. 

Lond. 1673, 8vo. 

The best edition (pp. 361) revised by a 
friend, and published after the author's 
decease. The plates by Gaywood are re- 
duced copies of the whole-length figures 
in Mines' Catalogue of Honor. Nassau, 
pt i. 623, 9s.— First edition, 1666, 8to. with 
a dedication to William, Marquess of 
Hereford, and an engraved title by R. 
Gajrwood. Brockett, 684, morocco, 17s. — 
1660, 8vo. White Knights, 702, 88. Bind- 
ley, pt. i. 1361, 11. 4s. 

— Samuel. Reports of several 
Cases in C. P. in the 16th, 17th, 
18th, and 19th of K. Charles XL 
To which are added, some Cases 
adjudged in the Time of Lord C. J. 
Vaughan. Lond. 1688, fol. 10s. 6d. 

Cabtxbomacx), JS^icolo. Bicci- 

ardetto. The first Canto translated 
from the Italian, with an Introduc- 
tion concerning the prmcipal ro- 
mantic, burlesque and mock-heroic 
Poets ; and Notes by Sylvester 
(Douglas) Lord Glenbervie. Lond. 
1821, 12mo. 

Not published. Beprinted 1822, 8vo. 

The two first Cantos of Richardetto, 
Af«ely translated from the original bur- 
lesque Poem of Nicoolo Fortiguerra, other- 
wise Carteromaco. Lond. 1820, 8vo, 6s. 6d. 

Castes. See Besoastes. 

Cabthsnt, John. Voyage of the 
wandering Knight, translatMl out of 
French into English, by W. G. 

(Will.Gbodyeare). Lond. 1581, 4to. 

Dedicated to Sir Francis Drake, Knt. 
128 pages. Roxburghe, 6396, 6L 6a. It is 
probable that Bunyan in his Pilgrim's 
Progress was much indebted to tMs work. 
— 1607, 4to. — Lond. by Thomas Snodhanr. 
4to. Steevens, 1191, lis. Gordonstonn, 
628, 12. lis. 6d. Inglis, 383, 9s.— Lond. 1660. 
4to.— Lond. by W. Stansby, n.d. 4to. Nas- 
sau, pt. \. 648, 6s.— 1661.— North, pt. iil. 742, 
lOs. 6d.— 1670. Garrick, 2610. See Betr. 
ReT. i. 260-8. 

Cabthew, Thomas. Beports of 
Cases in K. B. &om the 3 K. James 
11. to 12 K. William 111. Second 
Edition, with marginal Bieferonces. 
Lond. 1741, fol. 11. 10s. 

Carthew, per Lord Kenyon, is in geae^ 
ral a good reporter, though, according to 
Lord Thnrlow, Carthew and Comberbach 
were equally bad authority. The fonner 
edition, 1728, folio, 10s. 6d. 

Cartwbioht, Christopher. Electa 

Thargumico-Babbinica ; siveAnno- 

tationes in Ghenesin, et in Exodum. 

Lond. 1648, 58, 12mo. 2 vols. Ss. 

A learned and valuable work. Another 
piece of Cartwright's, entttled Mellificium 
Uebraicum, will be found in the eighth 
volume of the Critici Sacri. To Cart- 
wright belongs the honour of being the 
first who applied the more ancient writ- 
ings of the Jews to the illostxation of the 

— G^oree, The Heroic Lover, 
or the Imanta of Spain. Lond. 
1661, 8vo. 

Rhodes, 724, 7s. 

— GJ«orge. A Journal of Tranaac- 
tions and Events, during a Besidence 
of nearly sixteen Years on the Coast 




of Labrador. Newark, 1792, 4to. 
3 vols, with clmrtB, 21. 2a, 

Duke of York, 1216, 16b. Hollis, 219, 
22.48. LABQKPAFKtt. Duke of York, 1217, 
lU 128. ' ' 

GABTWBiaHT, Major John. Life 
and Correspondence, edited by his 
Niece, P. D. Cartwright. tond. 
1826, 8vo. 2 vols, wim a portrait 
and other plates, 11. 8s. 

[Major John Cartwright wag brother to 
George Cartwright, author of the preced- 
ing article.] 

— John. The Preachers Travels 
to the Confines of the East Indies, 
through Syria, Mesopotamia, Ar- 
menia, Media, Hircania, and Par- 
thia, &c. A Bektion of Sir Anth. 
Sherley's Entertainment in the^ 
Court of the King of Persia. De- 
scription of the Port in the Persian 
Gulf commodious for the East- 
Lidia Merchants of England. Se- 
hearsal of some gross absurdities in 
the Turkish Alcoran. Lond. 1611, 

Reed, 8660, 18b. North, pt ilL 688, 198. 
Bindley, pt iii. 1883, 12. 4s. Nassaa, pt. i. 
«51, 11. 10s. IngUa, 834, mor. SI. 16a. 
Jadis, 236, mor. 42. Sotheby, 1849, mor. 
21. 48. This volume being contnacted, has 
been remitted into the second volume ^ 
Purchas' Pilgrims, and also into the first 
volnme of the Oxford Collection of Voy- 
ages and Travels. 

— Thomas. Confutation of the 
Bhemish Translation Glosses and 
Annotations of the New Testament. 
Lond. 1618, foUo. 

This confutation of the English Roman 
Catholic version displays the writer's ex- 
tensive acquaintance with the Scriptures, 
and the power of his controversial talents. 
Bp. of Ely, 498, 7s. 6d. Cartwright, says 
Mr. Park, was the leader of the Puritans, 
and greatly distinguished himself at the 
university of Cambridge as a laborious 
student, an acute disputant, and ao ad* 
mired preacher. 

An Admonition to Parliament. 1672, 
8vo. This admonition, ibcording to Mr. 
Strype, was printed and reprinted no less 
than four times, notwithstanding the di- 
ligence of the bishops to suppress it. The 
last edition, with additions (D 4 in eights), 
is copiously described by Herbert in his 
edition of Ames' Typog. Antiq. Hi. 16S1-2. 

VOL. I. 

Mr. Neal states, that this first admonition 
was presented to the house by the authors 
themselves, Mr. Field and Mr. Wilcox, 
for which they were committed to New- 
gate, Oct 2. White Knights, 704, m. 6s. 
A second Admonition to the Parliament. 
1672, 8vo. 64 pp. besides preface. This 
second Admonition was written by Cart- 
wright. Soon after the publication of the 
Admonitions, a pamphlet of 12 leaves ap- 
peared, commencing with a preface super- 
scribed. * Grace and peace orom God,' fol- 
lowed Dy two epistolary exhortations; 
one, 'An Exhortation to the Byshops to 
deale Brotherly with theyr Brethen.' The 
other, ' An Exhortation to the bishops and 
their clergie to answer a little booke,' &c 
Gertaine Articles, collected and taken 
(as it is thought) bv the Byshops out of a 
little Boke entituled an Admonition to the 
Parliament, wyth an Answere to the same 
(1672), 8vo. B, in fours, half sheets. Said 
to have been printed at Wandsworth, near 

A Replve to an Answere made of M. Dr. 
Whitegifte, againste the Admonition to 
ParUament. By T. G. (1678), 4to. Pp. 224, 
the numbers placed in the middle of Ibhe 
page. Prefixed is 'A short Table of the 
princypall poyntes,' &c. 

A Defence of the Ecclesiastical Regi- 
ment in Englande, defaced by T. C. in his 
Replie agaynst D. Whitgifte. 1674, 16mo. 
7b. Goidonstoun, 17s. 

An Examination of M. Doctor Whit- 
giftes Censures, oonteined in two Tables 
set before his Booke entituled ; The De- 
fence of the Aunswere to the Admonition, 
against the Replie of T. C. 1676, 16mo. 

"The second Replie of Thomas Cart- 
wright: agaynst Malster Doctor Whit- 
gf tes second Answer touching the Ghurehe 
iscipUne. JmprintedM.DJiXxv.4to. Con- 
tains DCLXvi (printed only dlxvi) pages, a 
table and a note, besides prefixes. Sothe- 
by, Dec. 1864, 11. 14s. 

The Rest of the second Replie of Tho- 
mas Cartwright : agaynst Master Doctor 
Whitgifts second ijiswer, touching the 
Church Discipline. Imprinted k j>xxxvn. 
4to. Prefixed is an epistle ' To the Read- 
er.' 'An Answer to the residvw of the 
snhnises.' Besides 266 pages, white let- 
ter, with a table. 

The first and second Admonitions to the 
Parliament, together with certain Artides 
collected out of the first, &c. (1689). 

A Replve to an Answere made of M. 
Doctor Whitgifte agaynste the Admoni- 
tion to the Parliament, by T. C. (1689), 
4to. Sotheby, Deo. 1864, U 128. 

A brief Apologle of Thomas Cartwright 
against all such slaimderous Accusations 
as it pleaseth Mr. Sutcliffe in his seueraU 
Pamphlettes most iniurloosly to loade him 





with. 1696, 4to. D 2, in fonn. Prefixed ' 
Is an epistle ' To the Header.* 49. 

:Lvv (i^a) ev xP<«TCtf. The Answere to 
the Preface of the Rhemish Testament, by 
T. Cartvright. Edinb. 1602, small 8to. 
pp. 214. Gordonstonn, 470, 48. Neal, in 
his History of the Paritans, does not seem 
to have been aware of the alMve answer to 
the Preface of the Rhemish Testament. 

In Librvm Salomonis, qvi inscribitrr 
Ecclesiastcs, cum Metaphrasi Homilin 
qvae et ivsti Commentaiii Loco esse pos- 
sint. I^ond. 1604, 4to. 

See Ecclesiastical Discipline; Fibld, 
John ; SuTCUFFK, Matt. ; Whitoift, John. 

CABTWBiChHT, William. Come- 
dies. Tragi-Comedies, with other 
Poems. Lend. 1651, Sto. with por- 
trait by Lombart. 

Lloyd, 313, 138. 6d. Strettell, 282, mor. 
168. Boswell, 496. 18b. Bp. of Ely, 296^ 
19s. 6d. Nassau, pt. i. 627, 11. Rhodes, 
727, i;. Roxbur{<he, 3906, II. 28. Roacoe, 
1361, IL 68. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 131, mor. 
21. 2s. White Knights, 706, 22. 68. An 
index to this volume was printed, but sup- 
pressed. Fragments of it are to be foand 
in the copy in the Bodleian Library. 
There are likewise variations and peculi- 
arlties in difEarent copies, in particular at 
pp. 301 and 302, in some copies the second 
and fifth stanzas in the verses ' On the 
Queen's Return from the Low Countries* 
are entirely omitted ; as are likewise at 
p. 305, in the verses on the death of Sir 
Bevill Grenvill, twelve lines commencing 
' You now that boatit the spirit, and its 
sway,' and ending ' Could wish his fate 
together with hix cause.' See Antk Wood's 
Athen. Oxon. by Bliss, iii. 68-72. Retr. 
Rev. ii. 160-72. 

The royall Slave, a Tragi-oomedy. Ox- 
ford, 1639, 4to. Rhodes, 725, 68.— Oxford, 
1640, 4to. Rhodes, 726, Is. 

To Philip Earle of Pembroke and 
Mountgomery, upon his I^ordship's Elec- 
tion of Chancellor of the Vniversity of Ox- 
ford. Lond. 1641, folio. 

An Offupring of Mercyt issuing out of 
the Womb of Cruelty ; or, a Passion Ser- 
mon preached in Ch. Ch. in Oxon, on Acts 
2, 23. Lond. 1652, Svo. 

Of the signal Days in the Month of Nov. 
in Relation to the Crown and Royal Fa- 
mily. Lond. 1671, 4to. A poem consisting 
of one sheet. Other poems by tiiis author 
will be found in Ileary Lawes' Ayres and 
Dialogues, 1653, 69, fol. 2 vols. 

— William. Stenography : or 
short and swift Writing. Lond. 
1642, 12mo. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

Casthe, Thomas. Itinerarivm. 

Mogvnt. 1639-41-46, lOmo. 3 vols. 

Bindley, pt i. 1426, vol. 1, dated 1640^ and 
vol. 2, 18J. 2s. 6d. Col. Stanley, 202. lOs. 
Loscomlae, 112, 82. 8s. 

This work is very rarely found complete; 
the third part is the scarcest. It consists of 

Itinerarivm, in fortissimft inxta et no- 
bilissima Legione streuuissimi Domini 
Colonell D. Walterl Deverouz sub Sao- 
Coesar. Maiestaie stipendia merentis com 
HistoriA facti Butleri, Gordon, Lesly et 
aliorum. Mogn^tisa, 1639, 16mo. A — Y 
i, in eights. Jadis, 123, lOs. 6d.— Editio 
tertia auctior et correctior. Mogvntis, 
1640, 16mo. A— 0, in twelves, 12 blank, 
also 18 leaves, consisting of titles, epistle 
dedicatory, dedication, to the reader, and 
'censura et approbatio.' 

Itinerarii Pars II. Cui snb Fineni acce- 
dnnt Vindicise. In Momos Avthoris. 
Item Paucula queadam de Butleriana Pro- 
sapia. Mogvutiae, 1641, 16mo. A — Q 9, 
in twelves (Q 9 containing the errata), also 
12 leaves containing the titles, epistle 
dedicatory, dedication, and ' approbatio.' 
Jadis, 122, vols. i. and ii. 21. 10s. 

Itinerarij Pars iii. Spirse, 1646, 16mo. 
A — O 6, in twelves. 

— Lyra aiye Anaoephalsoais Hi- 
bemica, in qua de Exordio, sea. 
Origine, Nomine, Moribus, Riti- 
busque Q-entis Hibemicee succinte 
tractatur ; cui quoque acceseere An- 
nales ejusd^m Hibemise, necnon 
Berum gestarum per Europam ab 
Anno 1148 usque ad Annum 1650. 
Editio secunda, multis Additamen- 
tis locupletata et k Hendis repur- 
gata, cum brevi Berum calamitos^ 
contingentium precipueque Turci- 
carum, Relatione k 50. ufique ad 66, 
annum, eeneis etiaon tesseUis insig- 
nita. Sukbaci, 1666, 4to. 

This curious work is dedicated to Pope 
Alexander Vl 1. Collation a to c 2. A to 
LU. and Index, a to d 2, all in fours. Platrs. 
lerua sev Hibernia vetvsta at p. i. Dona- 
tus O Brien qvondam Hibernorum Rex, 
&c. p. 13. Insula^ PurgatoriJ S. Patricii 
Descriptio. p. 113. Portiait of K. Charles 
I. and a circumstantial account of Ms be- 
haviour upon the scaffold^ p. 375. The 
Autlior's Portrait, by M. Ulismayer, p. 
442, Roxburghe, 3819, 42. 68. Bindley, pt. i 
ii. 332, 122. Vis. Dowdeswell. 121, 62. 6d. | 
Grave, III. (6 leaves wanting), 12. Is. Han- ' 
rott, 62. 8s. 6d. A copy on labqb papku 
is in theGrenville Library. , 

The first edition, according to Nicolson, 
was published in 1660. In the GrenviUe 




as also in West's catalogue, 4634, is an 
edition dated Yien. Austr. 1651, 4to. 

Caevb, Thomas. Bespousio veri- 
dica ad illotum Libellum, cui No- 
men anatomicum examen P. Antonii 
Bruodini Hibemi Ord. Min. Strict. 
Observantia) sub. ementito Komine 
P. Comelii 6 MoUonii editum. So- 

liflbaci, 1672. 12ino. 

Pp. 260 (title page included)— a blank 
leaf— two leaves of errata. In this ex- 
tremely rare and probably unique little 
volume (p. 145) is the following curious 
notice respecting the pronunciation of the 
author's name : ' Majores nostri, et agnati 
omnes semper se scripserunt Gorew, aut 
Carve, qusa tamen pronunciantur fer^ ut 
Cary, nam « in fine apnd Anglos et Gallos 
rar6efferturetunonest Consonans sed vo- 
calis et subtiliter pronunciatur (sicut apud 
Gallos) ferfe ut V Evans, 1832, 89Z. Bright, 
10/. 15s. Vida Bruodine— Mahoony— Pro- 

[Rerum Germanicum ab anno 1617, ad 
annum 1641, gestarum epitome, anno 
1641 {absque locc), 12mo. A— F in twelves, 
finishing on the verse of G 1. Haurott, 
6{. 6s. Ueber, 12. 17s.] 

Cabvee, Jonathan. Travels 
through the interior Parts of North 
America, in the Years 1766, 7 and 
8. Lond. 1781. 8vo. with plates. 

Third and best edition, to which is pre- 
fixed some account of the author by Dr. 
Lettsom, a portrait and a coloured engrav- 
ing of the tobacco plant. This valuable 
-work has lately attracted much attention 
£rom its description of parts near to the 
supposed north-west passage. 1778, 8vo. 
Boxbnrghe, 7344, 10s. 6d. labqb pap£B. 
Bindley, pt. i. 1016, russia, 19s. 

Capt. Carver published A Treatise on 
the Culture of the Tobacco Plant Lond. 
1779, 8vo. with two plates, 28. 6d. 

— The new Universal Traveller. 

liond. 1779. folio. 

This compilation the widow of Captain 
Carver denied to be thework of h er husband. 

— M. Discourse of the Terres- 
trial Paradise, aiming at a more 
probable discovery of the true situ- 
ation of that happy place of our 
first parents habitation. Lond. 1666. 
8vo. with map. 

Carving. — The Boke of Ker- 

uynge. Lond. by W. de Worde, 

1508. 4to. 

Twelve leaves. A copy Is among Bishop 
More's books in the public library at Cam- 

Another EditiocLond. by W. de Wbrde, 
1613, 4to. 12 leaves. A copy is in the Bri- 
tish Museum. 

Another edition, entitled The Booke of 
Caruyng. Lond. by Abraham Veale, 8vo. 

Carving. — ^The Booke of Carving 

and Sewing. Lond. 1613. 8vo. 

Black letter, consisting of 20 leaves. A 
description of this tract, of which there is 
a copy in the British Museum, will be 
found in the Oldys* Catalogue of Pamph- 
lets in the Harleian Library, no. 402. 

Cast, Sir George. Exports of 

Cases in Chancery. Lond. 1820. 

12mo. 6s. 
The former editions, 1650,1666,5s. each. 

— H. The Law of England : 
or, a true Guide for all Persons 
concerned in Ecclesiastical Courts. 
Lond. 1666. 12mo. 3s. 6d. 

— John. New Itinerary ; or, an 
accurate Delineation of the great 
Boads, both direct and cross, 
throughout England and Wales. 
The 10th Edition. Lond. 1821. 

8vo. 13s. 

The first edition of this popular and 
highly useful work appeared in 1798. Mr. 
Cary likewise published an Atlas of County 
Maps in 4to., accompanied with a descrip- 
tion, price 21. 8s., folio 8Z. 8s. Also a Gene- 
ral Atlas, 102. 10s., and various valuable 

— Robert, LL.D. Palaologia 

Chronica : a chronological ^A-ccount 

of ancient Time, in three parts. 1. 

DedacticaL 2. Apodeictical. 3^. 

Canonical. Lond. 1677. foho. 
A work of considerable merit. 

— Walter. A Booke of the Pro- 
perties of Herbes, called an Herbal, 

by W. C. Lond. 8vo. 

On the back of the title begins 'The 
tyme of gatherynge Seedes,' &c. Contains 
besides, X 4, in eights. 

The Hammer for the Stone. Lond. 1581, 
16mo. Introduced with an address 'To 
the Reader.' * The Author to those that 
vexed with the stone,' in verse. B 4, in 

A briefe Treatise, called Caries Fai*e- 
well to Physicke : also the Hammer for 
the Stone. Lond. 1583, 16mo. On the 
back of the title is The Author's verse. 
The work, consisting of 54 pages, is intro- 
duced with a short address ' To the Reader.' 
—1597.— 1598.— 1611.— 1625. 

— Walter. The present State of 
England expressed in this Paradox, 




our Fathers were very rich with 

little, and wee poore with much. 

Lond. 1626. 4to. 

Oordonstoun, 660, 10s. 6d.~1827, 4to. pp. 
21. Reprinted in the third volume of the 
Uarlei&n Miaoellanj. 

CabyIi, Joseph. An Exposition, 
with practical Observations on the 
Book of Job, Lond. 1676-7. fol. 
2 vols, with portrait by White. 

21. 12s. 6d. 

' A most elaborate, learned, judidous, 
and pioos vork, oontidning a rich fund of 
critical and practical divinity.'— 2>r. WO- 

The former edition. Lond. 1648-66, 4to. 
12 vols. 

A life of this leaned and jealous non- 
conformist, with a list of his writtogs, will 
be found in Wood's Athen. Oxon. 

'Garyls Sermon before the Commons on 
the solemn League and Covenant, port, by 
White, vfUh Bollara Cuts inserted, 1643. 
Coleman's Sermon, on the Covenant, 1643,' 
4to. Nassau, pt. L 662, 10/. 

Cabysvobt, The Et. Hon. John 
Joshua Proby, Earl of. Dramatic 
and miscellaneous Poems. Lond. 
1810. crown 8vo. 2 vols. 6s. 

Revenge of Guendolin, 1786, 8vo. Twelve 
copies printed. Reed, 6628, 11. Is. 

[Essay on the proper temper of the 
mind towards Qod. To which is added a 
dissertation on the example of Christ. 
Lond. 1817, 12mo. Only 80 copies printed.] 

Casa. See Case. 

Casas or Casatts. See Las 


Casafbon, Isaac. Be Kebus 
sacris et ecclesiasticis Exercitationes 
XYI ad Card. Baronii Prolegomena 
in Annales. Lond. 1614. foUo. 

— Ephemerides, cum prsefintione 
et nobis edente J. Bussell, S.T.P* 
Oxford, 1850. 8vo. 2 vlos. 1^. 5s. 

— Originall of Idolatries, trans, by 

Abraham Darcie. Lond* 1624. 4to. 
Fuller, in his Church History, states that 
Abraham Darcie was imprisoned for fa- 
thering npdn Isaac Casaubon a book he 
translated from the French, intitled the 
' Original of Idolatry,' printed in 4to. 1624. 
A vindication of Isaac Casaubon by his s<»i 
Meric Casaubon, D J), appeared 1634, 4to. 

Casaubon, Meric, D.D. De qua- 
tuor Lioguis Commentatio; Pars 

prior: de Lingua Hebraica et de 

Lingua Saxonica. Lond. 1650. 12mo. 

Home Tooke, 186, 7b. 6d. 

A Treatise of Use and Custom. 1638^ 
4to. Boswell, 686, 8s. 

De Yerbomm Uso, et accuratSB eorom 
CognitioniB Utilltate, Diatriba^ Lond. 
1647, 12mo. 

Of Credulity and Incredulity in Things 
natural, civil, and divine. Lond. 1668-70, 
8vo. 4s. A new title, ' A Treatise proving 
Spirits, Witches, and supernatural Ope- 
rations by pregnant Instances and Evi- 
dences,' &c. Lond. 1672, 8vo. 

A life of Casaubon and a list of his 
writings will be found in Wood's Athen. 

Case, John della. Galateo, first 
written in the Italian Tongue, and 
now done into English bj Robert 
Peterson. Lond. 1576. 4to. 

Pp. 122, besides dedication to ' Lord Ro- 
bert Dadley, Earle of Leycester,' some 
commendatory verses, and a list of errors 
corrected. Bmdley, pt i. 1848. 22. 7s. In- 
glls, 67^ morocco, 22. 14s. — Another trans- 
lation of this ele^mt and interesting trea- 
tise on manners. 1703, 8vo. — Another, 
1774, 12mo. 2s. 6d. 

The Arts of Grandeur and Submission, 
translated from the Latin of Giov. della 
Casa, by Henry Stubbe. Lond. 166 , 
1666, 1670, 12mo. 

— John, M.D. Specvlvm mo- 
raUvm QvsestionTm in vniversam 
Ethicen Aristotelis. Oxon. 1585. 

The first book printed at the new press 
at Oxford. 

The Praise of Mvsicke. Oxenford, 1686, 
12mo. pp. 162. besides dedication ' To Sit 
Walter Rawley, Knight,' by Joseph 
Barnes, the printer, and 'The PreftM^ to 
the Reader.' An erudite performance, 
published anonymously. Inglis, 1061, 4s. 
White Knights, 2887, morocco, 8<. 10s. 

Refiexus Speculi moralis, sen Commen- 
tariuB in magna Moralia Aristotelis. 
Oxon. 1686, 8vo. Again 1696. 

Thesaurus Oeconomiae, seu Commen- 
tarius Oeconomica Aristotelis. Oxon. 1587, 
4to. Again 1698. 

Apolc^Sia Musicea tarn vocalis, qnam in- 
Btrumentalis et mixtae. Oxon. 1688, 8vo. 

Sphoera Civitatis. Oxon. 1688, 4to. 98. 

Summa veterum Interpretum in vniver- 
sam Dialecticam Aristotelis. Oxon. 1608, 
8vo. A former edition, 1692, 4to. Reprint- 
ed Francof. 1698, 12mo. 

AncUla Philosophic seu IBpltome in nzx 




Libroa Phiflieomm Aristotells. Oxon. 1699, 

Lapis PhiloBophicYS, aev Commentarius 
in 8 Lib. Phys. ArlBtot. Oxon. (1699), 4to. 

A life of this writer will be foond in 
Wood's Athen. Oxon. 

Case, John, M.D. The J^^ 
lical Gtiide, shewing Men and Wo- 
men their Lot and Chance in this 
elementaiy Life. Lond. 1697. 8yo. 

This, says Granger/ is one pf the most 
profound astrological pieces Uiat the world 
ever saw. The diagrams would probably 
have pu2Eled Euclid^ though he had stu- 
died astrology.' Prefixed is a portrait of 
tlie author in a sexangular frame. A copy 
of the work is in the British Museum. 
Nassau, pt. i. 634^ IZ. 8s. 

. Compendium Anatomicum. .Lond. 1096, 
12mo. A work in which the author de- 
fends that quadrupeds and all other ani- 
mals, as well as birds, proceed ab ovo. 
Reprinted Amst. 1696, 12mo. 

Medical Expositor. 1698, 12mo. with 
portrait by Van Hove. 

— R. J. A Commentary on the 
ProTerbs of Solomon. Lond. 1822. 

Case. — TheCaseisaltred. How? 
Aske Dalio and Millo. Lond. 1635. 


A copy is in the British Museum. An 
edition, 1604, 4to. black letter, with a wood 
cut. Reed, 1968, Ids. Oordonstoun, 007, 
41. 148. 6d.— 1630. Brand, 22. 8s. 

Cases of Impotency and Divorce. 

Lond. 1714-16. 12mo. 5 vols. 

WiUet^ 867, 6 vols, with portraits, 22. 6s. 
Marq. of Townshend, 441, 4 vols, with 
portraits, 22. 8s. Dowdeswell, 72, 6 vols, 
with portrait of Col. Fielding, 12. Ss. 

Cases with ^opinions of eminent 
Counsel, in Matters of Law, EquiW, 
and Oonyejancing, alphabeticallj 
arranged, and digested under dis- 
tinct Heads. (By Philip Burton.) 

Lond. 1791. Svo. 2 vols. 15s. 

A selection from a large collection of 
opinions on special cases t>y several late 
eminent counsel. 

— See Chaxmebs, Ot, 
Casimis, Mathias. The Odes of 

Oasimire, translated bj Gt. H. (G-. 

Hils). Lond. 1646. 12mo. 

In Latin and English, with a frontis- 
piece by Marshall. According to I>r. 
Drake, many of Casimifs odes are worthy 

of the genius of Horace. Nassau, pt. i. 
686, 7s. Inglis, 260, 12s. Bindley, pt. iil. 
1149, russia, 16s. 6d. An edition of the 
original Cassimiri Sarbievii Lyric. Can- 
tab. 1684. Brockett, 686, 6s. 

Cablet, David, Catalogue. See 
British Museum. 

Cassak, Eev. Stephen Hyde. 
Lives and Memoirs of the Bishops 
of Sherborne and Salisbury from 
705 to 1824. Salisbury, 1824. 8vo. 
10s. 6d. 

This divine published The Lives of the 
Bishop of Winchester, from Be'rinus, tlie 
first Bishop of the West Saxons, to the 
present Time. Lond. 1827, 8vo. 2 vols. 
12. 10s. 

Lives of the Bishops of Bath and Wells 
from the earliest to the present Period. 
Lond. 1829, 8vo. 2 vols. 

Cassiodobus. Complexiones in 
Epistolas, Acta Apostolorum et 
Apocalypsin, cura S. Chandleri. 
Lond. 1722. 12mo. 4s. 

OASsniB, . Cassius of Par- 
ma his Orpheus, with Nathan 
ChitrsBus his Commentarie, trans- 
lated and abridged by Boger Baw- 

lyns, Lond. 1587. 4to. 

A — D 2, in fours, with two dedications, 
one in English, the other in Latin, to Ro- 
bert Earl of Essex ; also ' To his louing 
Masters and friends, the Students of Lyn- 
colnes June.' Bindley, ptiii. 1616, 122. 17s. 

Castalio. See Oastellio. 

Castansda, Fern. Lopez de. 
The first Booke of the Historic of 
the Discouverie and Conquest of 
the East Indias enterprised by the 
Portingales. TransL into English 
by N. L. (Nicholas Lichefield). 
Lond. Th. East, 1582. 4to. 

Dedicated to Sir F. Drake. Black letter, 
Roxburghe, 727d, IL White Knights, 
2606, morocco, 11. 18a Oordonstoun. 674, 
21. 2s. North, pt. iii. 671, russia, 42. 4s. 

CASTAinzA, John. Christian Pil- 

grime. Paris, 1652. 

Inglis, 261, morocco, 11. 
Castell, Edmund, B.D. Sol 
AnglisB oriens Auspiciis CaroU II. 
Begum gloriosissinu. Lond. 1660. 


Pp.— .with portrait of K. Charles II. A 
series ox complimentary verses addressed 
to the King by Gastell, in all the bin- 




f^ageB used in liif Polyglot Lexicon. Bind- 
ley, pt. ii. 171, 62. 2b. 6d. Tovneley, pt. i. 
751, ei. 16s. 6d. A copy is in the British 

Castell, Oratio in Scholis Theo- 
logiois habita ab Edmimdo CasteUo. 

Loud. 1667. 4to. 

A copy of this oration, as well as of 
' Bibliotheca Castelliana. Lond. 1686/ 4to. 
cum pretils MSS., are in the British Mn- 

' — Lexicon Heptaglotton, He- 
braicum, Chaldaicmn, Syriacum, 
Samaritanum, JSthiopicum, Arabi- 
cum conjunctum et Persicum sepa- 
ratim. Cui accessit brevis et har- 
monica Ghrammatics, omniiun pre- 
cedentium Linguarum delineatio. 

Lond. 1669, folio: 2 vols. 71 17b. 6d. 

This work, embracing all the oriental 
languages in Walton's Polyglot, and de- 
signed to complete it, is, says Dr. A. 
Clarke, ' probably the greatest and most 
perfect work of the kind ever performed 
by human industry and learning.' Some 
copies bear the date of 1686. 

Vol. i. Title, one leaf; dedication to K. 
Charles II. one leaf; Preface, 2 leaves; 
Harmonia, pp. 44 on 11 leaves. Testimo- 
nia, &c. 1 leaf. Lexicon, pp. 1—2088. 
A — Z, 2 leaves each. Aa — LUl, in fours, 
Mmmm— Eeeee, 2 leaves each, Fffff— 
Fpppp, in fours. Prefixed is a pwtralt oi 
the author by Faithome. — Vol. title, 
pp. 2089—4008. Qqqqq— 9 C, Lexici. Pars 
altera. A— Bbb, 2 leaves each, pp. 573. 
LARGE PAPER, of which Only four copies 
are known : one in the British Museum, 
another at Lambeth Palace, a third in St 
Paul's Cathedral, and the fourth at St. 
John's College, Cambridge. 

The Syriac part of this Lexicon was 
published with Additions, by Michaelis, 
at Gottingen, 1788, 4to. 2 vols. 

— Robert. YiUas of the Ancients 

illustrated. Lond* 1728. folio. 

FonthiU, 1866, 14s. labqe paper. Nas- 
sau, pt. i. 886, U lls.6d. 

— William, Disooverie of the 

Coasts and Continent of America, 

from the Equinoctiall Northward, 

and of the ac^acent Islee. Lond. 

1644. 4to. 

North, pt. iii. 678, mssia, U. 9b. Re- 
printed in the second volnme of the Oxford 
Collection of Voyages and Travels. A copy 
of the above, as likewise ' A Petition of 
W. C. exhibited to the High Covrt of Par- 
liament, for the propagating of the Gospel 
in America and the West Indies,' dec. 
1641, 4to. are in the British Museum. 

Cabteiuo, Sebast. Dialogomm 

sacronun Libri quatuor. Londini 

1578. 8vo. 

Reprinted 1680, &c. &c. 
A Conference of Faith, translated by 
Clement Barksdale. Lond. 1679, 12mo. 

Cabtelnaf, Michel de. Memoirs 

of the Beigns of Francis II. and 

Charles IX. of France, transl. bv the 

Bey. — Kelly. Lond. 1724. folio. 

An excellent historical work. Rox- 
burghe, 8006>, 6s. 6d. The portion relating 
to Mary Q. of Scots, as well as that written 
by M. de Laboureur and the Sr. de Bran- 
tome, will be found in Jebb de Vita et 
Rebus gestis Marin Sootorum Reginn. 
vol. ii. 

Casteba, J, Life of Catherine 
II. of Bussia. See Tooes, Wil- 

Cabti, Oiamb. Court and Par- 
liament of Beasts, translated from 
the AnimaU Parlanti of Giambat- 
tista Casti, by William Stewart 
Bose. Lond. 1819. &cp. 8to. 5s. 6d. 

Pp. 119. A notice of this condensed bat 
exceUent translation will be found in the 
Quart. Rev. xxi. 486—656. Mr. Rose has 
omitted whatever might offend delicacy. 

The Tre Giuli, translated from the Ita- 
lian of G. B. Casti. Lond. 1826, post 8vo. 

The Three Groats, translated byM. Mou- 
tag^e. Lond. 1841, post 8vo. 78. 6d. 
CASTiauoNE, Baldessar. II Cor- 

tee:iano. Lond. 1727. 4to. 

An edition, in Italian and English, with 
a portrait of the author by Vertue. This 
work is emphatically termed by the Ita- 
lians the ' golden book.' Bindley, pt. i. 
2010, 4». ^. Garrick, 496, 12mo. lakob 
PAPKB. Strettell, 692, mor. 98. 

— The Covrtyer, done into En- 

gljshe, by Thomas Hobj. Jjond. 

1561. 4to. 

Contains Zz 6, besides titie, dedication 
of the translator to ' Lord Henry Mast- 
inges,' and that of the author to ' Lord 
IJychaell de Sylua Bishop of Vlseo.' On 
the last leaf of the work is ' A Letter to 
syr I. Cheekes,' which Herbert has re- 
printed in his edition of Ames' Typofif. 
Antiq. as it has been omitted in the sub- 
sequent editions of this translation. In- 
glis, SS8, 68. 6d. Bindley, pt. i. jOOO, 14s. 
—1677, 4to. Y, in eights. Nassau, pt. I. 
664, 8s.— 1688, 4to. pp. 616. This edition 
is printed in three columns, viz. Italian in 
Italics, French in Roman, and English in 
black letter. Nassau, pt. i. 663, 78. Sir 
M. M. Sykesi pt. , 699, 48. Bindley 





pt. ii. 126, 128. 6d.— 1603, 4to. Reed, 1778, 
6s. 6d. 

Gastiglionx, Baldessar. De Ca- 

riali libri quatuor, ex Italico Ser- 

mone in Latinum. conuersi, BarthoL 

Gierke Int«rprete. Lond. 1571. 8to. 

* A treatise remarkable for its polite La- 
timtjJ—Warton. Reprinted 1577, 8vo.— 
1585, Sro.— 1612, 8vo.— 1619, Cant.— 1713, 
Kx Recens. Sam. Drake, 8vo. 8s. lakoe 
PA.PSB, 4s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. mor. 
12. 9s. 

Gastile. — ^Belacion de la Jornada 

del Exa*^. Gondestable de Gastilla 

a las pazes entre Hespana y Ingla- 

terra, que se concluyeron en Lon- 

dres, por el Mee de Agosto, A£o 

1604. Anvers, 1604. 4to. IL la. 

— The Pilgrime of Gastile, trans- 
lated from the Spanish. 1623. 4to. 

Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 345, 6s. Gor- 
doostonn, 1864^ Ss. Nassau, pt ii. 763, 9s. 

Castle. — ^The Castell of Pleasure. 

Lond. by W. de Worde. 4to. n. d. 
Eighteen leaves. From 'L' enuoy de 
Robert Coplande Vymprlmeur,' it would 
appear that Neyil, son of Lord Latimer, 
was the author of this poetical tract. Rox- 
burghe, 3284, 662. resold Sir M. M. Sykes, 
pt. i. 690, 31/. 

— The Castell of Labour, wherin 
is Kychesse, Yertue and Honour. 

Lond. by W. de Worde, 1506. 4to. 

A — I iii. with curious wood outs. A 
copy, supposed unique, is in the public 
library at Cambridge. The whole per- 
formance is in seven-line stanzas, and is 
an allegorical poem translated from the 
French of P. Gringoire. by Alex. Bar- 
clay. Warton, in his History of Poetry, 
8vo. iii. 80, note d, says, it is from the 
French of 8. Gelais, by Bp. Alcock.? 

Another Edition. Enprynted by me 
Bicharde Pynson. 4to. with wood cuts. 

— The Castle of Loue, trans- 
lated out of Spaynyshe into En- 
glyshe by John Bowrchier Elnyght, 
Lord Bemes, Impr. by me Bobert 
"Wyer. 8vo. 

Specimens of this romance ' translated 
at the instance of the Lady Elyzabeth 
Carew,' are g^ven in Park's edition of 
Walpole's Royal and Noble Authors. 

Another edition. Lond. by John Kyoge. 
8vo. R 4, in eights. 

— A Proclamacyon of the hygh 
Smperour Jesu Christ Tuto his 

faythfall Christen, conoemynge the 
CasteU of Fayth, which now by the 
Grace of Qod is lyke to be wonne 
into the Chrysten Mennes Handes 
again. Lond. 1534, 12mo. 

Twelve leaves. Reprinted 1547, 16mo. 
B, in eights. 1577, 16mo. 

— ^A Castle for the Soule, contain- 

mg many goldly Prayers, and diuine 

Meditations. Lond. 1576. 16mo. 
Printed within a pretty border, and de- 
dicated to Lord Ambrose, Earle of War- 
wicke, with an acrostic upon his name. 
Another edition, 1686. 

Castlehaven, James Touchet, 
LordAudley, Earl of. The Me- 
moirs of his engagement and Car- 
riage in the Wars of Ireland, from 
the Year 1642 to the Year 1651. 
Written by himself. Lond. Henry 

Brome, 1680. 8vo. 

Pp. 136. This edition is said to have 
been suppressed by the author. Nassau, 
pt. i. 2230, 38. Gough, 735, 6s. Another 
edition. Lond. Joanna Brome, 1681. Towne- 
ley, pt i. 492, 15s. Another, ' The Earl of 
Castlehaven's Review enlarged and cor- 
rected, with an appendix and postscript.' 
Lond. Charles Brome, 1684, 12mo.— 1684, 
8vo. pp. 177 (not 161), and appendix, pp. 73r 
This second edition is considerably altered 
and enlarged, and the dedication to the 
king suppressed. Another, with Lord An- 
glesey's Letter. Dublin, 1815, 8vo. pp. xv. 
and 143; advertisement, pp. 2; letter, 
pp. 41, and postscript 1 le^f. Best edition, 
LABOB PAPER (80 printed). 

A Letter from a Person of Honour in 
the Countrey written to tlve Earl of Cafr. 
tlehaveu : being Observations and Reflec- 
tions upon his Lordship's Memoires con- 
cerning the Wars of Ireland. Lond. 1681, 
8vo. lOs. Written by Arthur Annesley, 
Earl of Anglesey. 

Brief Reflections on the Earl of Castle^ 
haven's MtmolrB. Lond. 1682, 8vo. Sa. 6d. 
Written by Dr. Edm. Borlase, author of 
the Uistonr of the execrable Irish Re- 
bdlion, 1660, foUo. 

Cabtlebayek, Mervin Touchet, 
Earl of. The Arraignment and 
Conyiction of Mervin Lord Audley, 
E^l of Castlehaven, at Westminster, 
on Monday, April 25, 1641. Lond. 
1642, 4to. 

Prefixed is a donbtfnl wood-cut portrait 
of the EarL Grave, 118, 5b. Lloyd. 228, 




Tryal of the Earl of CutlehaTen for 
Rape aiM Bodomy. 1080, 8to. 1706, 8to. 
1719, 8vo. 

Castlbmaik, Boger Palmer, Earl 

of. Account of the present War 

betwixt the Venetians and Turks. 

Lond. 1666. 8yo. 

With a portrait of the Earl by Fai- 
thome, a map and plan of Candia bj Hol- 
lar. Toirneley, pt. L 332, 6a. Grave, S7, 
78. 6d. Boxbarghe, 8238, 10s. Lloyd, 
814, 148. 

Lord Gastlemain's Apology in Behalf of 
the Papists, reprinted and answered. (Bv 
Dr. Lloyd, Bi^op of St. Asaph.) Lond. 
1887, 4to. 

Reply to the answer of the Gatholiqae 
apology or vindication of the Catholics of 
England, with catalogue of the Catholics 
that died and suffered for their loyalty. 
1868, 12mo. Printed abroad. 

A short and true Account of the mate- 
rial Passages in the late War betwixt the 
English and Dutch. Lond. 1871, 12mo. 
With portrait of the Earl by Faithome. 
Reprinted 1872, 12mo. 

The Compendium : or a short View of 
the late Tryals in Relation to the present 
Plot against His Majesty and Govern- 
ment, &c. Lond. 1879, 4to. 

The Earl of Castlemaln's Manifesto. 
Printed Anno 1681, small 8vo. pp. 138, 6s. 
Privately printed. 

The Embassy. Sm Wkiqwt, M. 
Cat. — A Cat may look upon a 
King. Lond. 1652. 12mo. 

Prefixed is a iirontispieoe containing a 
portrait of K. James I. Nassau, pt. i. 637, 
lis. Another, A Cat may look at a filing. 
Amst. 171^ 8vo. Lloyd, 316, 7s. 8d. A 
virulent attack upon the series of English 
monarchs, reprinted in the 13th volume of 
the Somers Collection of Tracts. 

Cat. — ^Beware of the Cat. Three 
parts. Lond. Ed. Allde, 1584. 12mo. 

Satirical poem against Popery, only one 
copy known (title wanting) successively. 
Rawlinson, West, Herbert, Bteevens, Duke 
of Rozburghe, Heber. 

Catalogues of Books. 
A Catalogue of certaine Bookes vhich 
have been published and (by authoritie} 
printed in England, both in Latine ana 
English, since the Year 1628, vntil No- 
vember, 1831. Lond. 1831, 4to. nine leaves. 
This catalog^ie was probably continued 
for some years. 

A Catalogue of the most approved Di- 
vinity-Books which have been printed or 
. reprinted about twenty Yeares past, and 
continued down to 1666,Mensi8 Martii 28. 
Lond. 1666, 12mo. 

Catalogues of Books printed and pub* 
lished in London from Hillary Term 1895-6 
to Trinity Term 1709. 1888-1709, foL 68 

Catalogi Llbromm MSS. Anglia et Hi- 
bemifiB in unum collect!, cum Indice alph»- 
betico. Oxon. 1607, folio, with a flrontia- 

Sieoe, containing portraits, 22. 2b. Mich. 
laittaire is supposed to have been the 
chief compiler of this most useful cata- 
logue. A new edition is a 4eBideratnm. 

Catalogus universalis Librorum inorani 
Facultate,Linguaque insignium et rarissi- 
morum, (auct Jo. Hartley). Lond. 1699, 
1701, 8vo. 2 vols. 

The Monthly Catalogue, from May to 
Dee. 1714. Lond. 1714, foL 8 nos. 

The Monthly Catalogue : containing « 
Register of Books, Sermons, Plays, Poetry, 
&c. Lond. 1726-9, 4to. 8 vols. 

A complete Catalogue of Books pub- 
lished froih the Beginning of this Century 
to the present Time. With the Prices 
affixed. To which is added, a Catalogue 
of the School Books now in general Use. 
Lond. 1768, 8vo. This list, which is com- 
monly entitled the London Catalogue, has 
been frequently reprinted. 1773, 8vo. — 
1779, 8vo.— 1799.— 1806.— 1811, 8vo.— 181«, 
Snpplement,8vo. 1822.— 1814-1846. Lond. 
Hodgson, 1846, 8vo.— 1818-1861. Lond. 
Hodgson, 1861, 8vo.— 1831-1866. Lond. 
Hodgson, 1866, 8vo. II. 88. 

Classified Index to the London Cata- 
logue of Books, 1814-1846. Lond. Hodgson, 
1848, 8vo.— The same, 1816-1861. Lond. 
Hodgson, 1863, 8vo. 

British Catalogue of Books published 
from October 1887 to December 1862, with 
sizes, prices, dates, and publishers' names, 
compiled by Sampson Low. Vol. I. Gene- 
ral Alphabet. 1837 to 1849, with Supple- 
ments to 1862. Lond. 1868, 8vo. 

Supplements are published annually, as 
an Index to the Publishers' Circular. 

Catalogues. See BBNT,Wm. Cl,lysli^ 
Robert. London, Wm. Maunsell, An- 
drew. British Museum. 

For List of Catalogues referred to 
throughout this work, aee Appendix. 

Catalogues various. 

Catalogue of the Mobility of England, 
Scotland, and IreUnd. 1642, 8vo. White 
ELnights, 794, mor. lOs. 

A Catalogue of the Names of the Dukes, 
Marquesses and Earles, &c. that have ab-' 
sented themselves from Parliament 1642, 

A Catalogue of all the Kings which 
have reigned in England since the first 
Entrance of the Romans, also of the Kings 
and Princes of Wales. 1641, Iftno. 

A Catalogue of the Lords, Knights and 
Gentlemen that have compounded for their 
Estates. Lond. 1666, 12mo. Nassau, pt. I. 




688, 6s. Another edition. To irhich are 
added, BOfne Gentlemen's names, which 
▼ere omitted in the former edition. Ches- 
ter, 1633, Svo. 8s. 6d. 

A new Catalogue of the Dnkes, Mar- 
qidsses, &c. Lond. hy T. C. for Tho. 
Walkley, 1658, 8to. 176 pp. hesldes pre- 
liminaries. A portion of this work, ' A 
new Catalogue of the Lords, Baronets and 
Knights, made by his Highness, the Lord 
Protector, since tiie second of November, 
1667,' Ac. is reprinted in the second num- 
ber of Morgan's Phoenix Britannieus. 

A Catalogue of the Peers of the King- 
dom of England, according to their Birth 
and Creation. 1660, folio. Reprinted in 
the seventh volume of the Somers Collec- 
tion of Tracts. 

A peifect Catalogue of all the Arch- 
bishops and Bishops in England and 
Wales, established by his Majesty K. 
Charles II., ranked in their Order, whereof 
the five first take Place by Act of Parlia- 
ment, the rest according to their Conse- 
cration. 1660. Reprinted in the seventh 
volume of the Somers Collection of Tracts. 

Catalogue of Knights Batcbelaurs made 
by K. James I. 1660, with port, of James. 
Bindley, pt. i. 1364. 11. Is. 

A Catalogue of the Names of all such 
who were summoned to any Parliament 
(or reputed Parliament) 1640— 61. Lond. 
1661, Svo. 

Catalogue of the Knights of the Garter, 
from the first institution to 1661, 4to. 
Bindley, pt. iv. 176, 6s. 6d. 

A Catalogue of Nobility. 1662. See 
PAVTLKr, Robert. 

Catalogue of the Succession of the Kings 
of England from William I. to James II. 
Lond. 1686, foUo. 

Cataneo Novarese, Girolamo. 
Most briefe Tables to Know redily 
how manie Banckes of Footemen 
anned with Corsletts, as ynanued, 
go to the making of a iust Battaile, 
tPOJD. an hundred vnto twentie thou- 
sand, &o. Toumed out of Italian 
into English, by H. G. Lond. 1588. 

4to. 10s. 6d. 

Dedicated by the author to the Earle 
Aloi^ Auogardo, after which is a short 
address to the reader. li, in fours ; A 6, 
E 2. A former edition. Lond. W. Wil- 
iamson. 1674, 4to. li , in fours. 

Catascopo's ( ) a Surveigh and 
Critique Censure of the Christian 

world, inverse. "W.Stansby,1615.8vo. 
Farmer, 131. 13s. 
Catcott, Alexander. Treatise 
on the Deluge and Structure of the 

Earth. The second Edition, con- 
siderably enlarged. Lond. 1768. 

8vo. lOs. 

Best edition. Pp. xvi. and 423, with two 
plates. An ingenious performance, now in 
considerable request, framed on the prin- 
ciples of Hutchinson. Williams, 406, 12.3s. 
A former edition appeared in 1761, 8vo. 

— A. S. The antient Prinoiples 
of the true and sacred Philosophy, 
as lately explained by John Hutch- 
inson. Originally published in 
Latin by A. S. Catcott ; translated 
with notes, and a preliimnary dis- 
sertation on the Character and 
Writings of Moses, by Alexander 

Maxwell. ' Lond. 1822. 8vo. 

In this work will be found an attempt at 
a philosophical exposition of the first chap- 
ter of Genesis. 

Catech^is Keligionis Christianse 

compendiosior, h Conventu vene- 

randorum magnse Britannise Theo- 

logorum, &c. Concionat, &c. in 

Lmguam Grsecam pariter et Lati- 

nam traducta et in Lucem edita a 

J. Harmar. Lond. 1659. 8yo. 6s. 

A translation of the lesser or shortercate- 
chism, made by the Assembly of Divines. 

Catechism. — ^A short Catechisme, 

sett fourth by the Kings Maiesties 

(Edward VI.) Authoritie, for all 

Scholemaisters to teache. liond. 

by John Daye. 1553. 16mo. 

To this catechism the articles agreed 
upon by the Bishops are subjoined. The 
volume contains fol. Ixxxviii. besides pre- 
fixes, ' An Ininnction — ^by the Kyng : the 
Copie of the Kynges Maiesties Letters 
Patentes,' and an alphabetical table. At 
the end of the articles are some short 
prayers for children. Bp. Randolph, 418, 
1{. 6s. Constable, 131, 42. 148. 6d. Other 
editions were printed by R. Grafton and 
It. Wolfe, the same year. See Cate- 

A briefe Catechisme and Dialogrne be- 
twene the Husbande and his Wife : con- 
taynynge a pyththy Deolaracyon of the 
Pater^noster, Crede,and tene Commaunde- 
mentes, veiy necessary for all men to 
knowe, ^y R. Legatt). Wesell, 1646, Svo. 
A copy 18 in the British Museum. 

A shorte Catechisme. A briefe and 

godly Bringinge vp of Youth, ; set 

forth in Manor of a Dialogue. Lond. 1650, 
16mo. Contains L in eights, half sheets. 




On a single leaf at the end are the errata. 
Quere,if not whatiu Maunsell's Catalogue, 
p. 29, is entitled Edmond Allen's Gate- 
cliisme ? 

A Catecbisme, or a Christian Doctrine 
necessarie for Chyldren and the ignorant 
People. (Loua. 1667) 16mo. A copy is in 
the jBritisn Maseum. 

A Catechisme of Christian Religion, 
taught in the Schooles and Churches of 
the Low-Countries, and Dominions of the 
Countie Palatine. With the Arguments 
and Vse of the seueral Doctrins of the 
same Catechisme by Jeremias Bastingins. 
And now authorised by the Kings Maiestie 
for the Vse of Scotland. Whereunto is ad- 
ioyned certain Praiers for sundry Pur- 
poses. Edinburgh, 1691, 16mo. Prefixed 
are, ' The A. B. C— The Lords Prayer— 
The Beliefe — The ten Commandements— 
A Praier to be vsed before Catechising.' 
See Bastikoius, Jeremias. 

Catechism, or first Instructio of Faith to 
be learned of eueiy Child before he bee 
brought to be confirmed of the Bishop. 
Lond. 8vo. From Maunsell's Catalogue, 
p. 29. 

The Foundation of Christian Religion 
gathered into six principles, known as 
Perkins Catechism, many times printed 
in 18mo. 1642, &c. 

The Bacovian Catechisme. Amst. 1662, 
8to. 4s. a copy is in the British Museum, 
as likewise Votes of Parliament touching 
the Book. Lond. 1662. fol. 

The BuBsian Catedusm. Lond. 1726, 
8to. 6s. 

Catechism in Irish, printed by Oodfirey 
Daniel. 1662, Svo. again in 1680. 

The Catechistn or Christian Doctrine, 
by way of Question and Answer (English 
and Irish) : to which are added the Ele- 
ments of the Irish Language, [by Father 
Donlevy.l Paris, 1742, 8vo. lOs. 6d. 

Catechism. See Allrk, Edmond. CaI/- 
ym, John. Canisius, Peter. Cbanhbb, 
Thomas. Hamilton, Abp. of St. Andrews, 
John. NowBLL, Alex. Primer. 

Gatechismo que significa, Forma 
de Instrucion ; compuesto en Maner 
a de Dialogo. Lond. 1596. 16mo. 

CatechismuB brevis Christianae 
Disciplinae adjunct! sunt Articuli. 

Lond. R. Wulfium. 1653. Svo. 

K.Edward the Sixth's catechism. Some 
curious information respecting this and 
other editions will be found in Dr. Dib- 
din's edition of Ames' Typog. Antiq. iv, 
19-20,86,68. Collier's Ecd. Hist. ii. 8S6. 
Strype's Memor. ii. 867. 

Alphabetum et ratio legend! Hibemi- 
eam et catechismus in eadem linguA. 
Johna Keamagh. Dublin, 1671, Svo. (The 
title being in Irish, the preoeding ia a 

translation. The first book ever printed 
in the Irish language and character. 


Catechisms oft anderwigsinghe in de 
Christelicke leere, 12mo. Ohedrockt [tot 
Noorwitx] in Jaer. 1668 [by Anthonium 
de Solemne. 1 Black letter, 47 leares, and 
one of Hegfster. A copy is la Trinity 
College, Dublin, the earliest book printed 
at Norwich. 

Catechismus Latino Carmine redditns, 
et in Libros quatuor digestas Patricti 
Adamsoni Opera atque Indnstria. fidinb. 
1681, 16mo. Dedicated to K. James VI. 

Catechismus. See Calvik, John. C&ah- 
HEB, Thomas. Nowbll, Alex. 

CatechismuB Judsoram Heb. et 
Lat. a Lied, de Compeigne de Veil. 
Lond. 1679. 12mo. 58. 

Catel, — . A Treatise on Har- 
mony, written for the use of the 
Pupils in the Conservatoire of Music 
in Paris, by Catel, translated into 
English, with additional notes and 
explanations. Lond, 1825. 128. 

Catesby, Mark. The natunl 
History of Carolina, Florida, and 
the Bahama Islands (in English 
and French), with Appendix and 
Index. Lond. 1731, 4i3, 48. imp. 
folio. 2 vols. 220 plates, coloured, 
and map. [The Appendix contain- 
ing 20 plates, is often deficient.] 

Original and most esteemed edition. 
Dent, pt. i. 662, uncut, 142. lis. 

New edition, by Geo. Edwards. 1754, 
folio, 2 vols. The plates of this edition 
are oolonred with superior care. Stanley, 
94 342. 13s. Towneley, pt. ii. 522, 151. 

New edition, with a Linnsean Index and 
Appendix. liOnd. 1771, folio, 2 vols. Vol. i. 
pp. xliv. and 100, with 100 coloured plates. 
Vol. ii. pp. 100, with 100 coloured plates. 
Appendix pp.20, with 20 plates. Fonthill, 
674, 102. 5s. Oarrick, 792, mssia, 102. 10s. 

— Hortus EuropsB Americanus, 
or a Collection of 85 Trees and 
Shrubs, the Produce of North Ame- 
rica, adapted to the CUmate and 
Soil of Qreat Britain. Lond. 1767, 

4to. 15s. 

With 17 coloured engravings^ 
CATHSBuns. See Kateebins. 

— II. of Bussia. See ToOKX, 

Catholics. — Bescriptiones mus- 
dam illius inhnmanffi et multiplicis 




Persecutionis <)uam in AngM prop- 
ter Fidem Bustinent Catholic^ OhriS' 

tiani. 1588, folio. 

This Bingularlj curioiiti and rare work 
oonidstB of six rolio pages ; five of them 
contain plates, occupying nearly the half 
of each : they are well executed, and judg- 
ing from their general appearance, and 
the time when the work was published, 
were most probably engraven by Thomas 
de Leuw. See Pabsoxs, Robert. 

Adrertissement desCathoIiqnes Anglols 
auz Francois Catholiques du Danger de 
perdre leur Religion, siln recoiventun Roi 
qui soit Heretiqne. 1586, 8vo. 5b. 

Responses des vrais Catholiques Fran- 
cois k I'Avertissement des Catholiques 
Anglois, pour TExcIusion du Roy (Henri 
mo 1588, 8vo. 

Lettre d'vn Gentilhomme Catholiqye 
Francois contenant brene Response aux 
Calomnies d'vn certain pretendu Anglois. 
1587, 8vo. 

Response d'vn Gentilhomme Francois a 
TAdvertlHsement des Catholicques An- 
glois. 1687, 8vo. 

Catholikes Supplication to the King for 
Toleration of the Catholike Religion in 
England. 1608, 4to. Ireland, in 1801, 
620, 16s. 

An Answere to eertaine scandalous 
Papers, Rcattered abroad under Colour of a 
Catholicke Admonition. 1606, 4to. Ire- 
land, 1801, 567, mor. 9s. 6d. 

Catholike Moderator, proving that we 
who are members of the Catholike Apos- 
tolilce and Roman Church ought not to 
eondemne the Protestants for Heretikes 
nntll further proofe be made. Lond. 1624, 

Historie of the Defenders of the Catho- 
liqne FaiUi (by Chr. Lever). Lond. 1627, 
4to. with front. Gordonstoun. 1120, 12s. 6d. 

Catholike Apologie against the libels, 
declarations, &c., made and published by 
those of the League, small 8vo. Lond. for 
Ed. Aggas. See Castlemain. Again with 
Reply to the Answer. 1674, 8vo. 

The State of the Roman Catholic Reli- 
gion throughout the World, written for the 
Use of Pope Innocent the Xlth. 1716, 8vo. 
A translation from the Italian, published 
by Sir Rich Steele. The dedication has 
been ascribed to BenJ . Hoadly, Bp. of Win- 

The State and Beharlonr of English Ca- 
tholics from the Reformation to the Year 
1780. In two Parts. Lond. 1780, 8vo. Re- 
printed 1781. 

In the British Mnseam are many tracts, 
&C. relative to the Catholics tsoax 1666 to 
the prenent time. 

See Martyrs and Martyrology. 

Catley, Ann. Life and Me- 
moire of* the late Miss Ann Catley* 

Lond. n. d. 8vo. 

Field, 1147, 6s. 6d. Another entitled 
Memoirs of the celebrated Miss Ann G — y 
1773, 12mo. 2 vols, with portrait Field, 
1148, 11, 16s. Su also Ambboss, Miss. 

Cato, Dionjsius. Liber Gatho- 

nis (Latine) cum Commento. Impr. 

per Wyn. de Worde, 1612. 4to. 

Again 1614, 4to. Another. Rothomagi, 
in Officina Richard! Goupil, 4to. Printed 
at the expenoe of, and for, Martin Coffin 
dwelling in Exeter. 

— Catho pro Pueris. Londoniis 

per Wynandmn de "VVorde (1513). 


This edition has six leaves, and begins 
thus : ' Precepta ad bene beateque viveu- 
dum emendata perdiligenter.' It ends; 
' Laus Deo.' 

— Disticha moralia, cum Scho- 

liis auctis Erasmi, &c. 1514. 4to. 

An unknown edition, supposed to be the 
first production of the press of Peter Tre- 
veris in Sonthwark. 

— Catonis Disticha moralia ex 
Castigatione Erasmi, cum Annota- 
tionibus Bichardi Tavemeri. Lon- 
dini in oedibus Nicholai Montani. 
1553. Bvo. 

Some copies have the name of Nicholas 
Hill as printer, others that of T. Berthelet. 
Bindley, pt. i. 1444, \l. 17s. 

— Catonis Disticha moralia, ex 
Oastigatione D. Erasmi, &c. Lond. ex 

JBdibus Boberti Caly. 1555. 16mo. 

Of this edition but one copy is said to 
exist. Garrick, 868, U. Ids. 6d. The fol- 
lowing is the title : ' Catonis Disticha mo- 
ralia, ex Castig^atlone D. Erasmi Rotero- 
dami ma cum Annotationibus & Scholiis 
Richardi Tanemeri Anglico Idiomate con- 
scriptis in Vsum Anglicie Inuentutis. Ali- 
quot Sententias insig^es ex vaiiis coUectsi 
Scriptoribns per eundem Erasmnm. Mimi 
Publiani, cum Anglicis eiusdem Richardi 
Scholiis, recogniti.' An edition Lond. Jhon 
Whaley, 1662,.16mo.— Steevens, 179, 58. 

[Here begynneth the boke of Cato, both 
in Latyn and Englyshe. Lond. Wm. Cop- 
land, 1668, 12mo. 

This Poetical version of Cato, printed in 
black letter, in the Grenville Library, is 
supposed unique.] 

— Disticha de Moribus (Lat. et 
Ang.) a Car. Hoole. Lond. 1704. 
12mo. 2s. 

Frequently reprinted. 




Cato. The Book called Oathon, I Cato, Marc. Pore. M. Porciiw 
tranfilated out of Frensshe into En- Cato concerning Agriculture, trans- 

glysflhe, by William Caxton. West- 
mystre. 1483. folio. 

Contains sign, a to 1 in eights (a i being 
blank and i having ten leaves, of whioh the 

lated by the Eev. Thomas Owen- 
Lond. 1803, 8vo. 4s, 6d. 

Pp. 144. An excellent translation. In 
Tanner's Bibl. Brit. 710 is the following: 

last is blank) and is preceded by the pro- ' An Argument wherein the Apparel in 
logue and table, 8 or 4 leaves. Watson Women is both reproved and defended: 

being a Translation of Cato's Speech, and 
L. Valerius' Answer out of the fourth 

Taylor, 201. 10s. 6d. Inglis, 408, 281. 178. 
6d. Alchome, lfi9 (sign, e wanting) 612. 9s. 
re8old,White Knights, 966,222. Is. Wilkes. 
1847 (8 leaves wanting, and some mended) 
281. 158. Gardner, 1864, morocco, 811. 
Copies are to be found in the libraries of 
K. George III., Earl Spencer, Cambridge 
University, St. John's CoUege, Oxford, 
the Hunterian College, and I^ambeth Li- 
brary. See Ames, by Dlbdin, i. 196-200. 
Bibl. Spencer, iv. 268*-4». Brit. BibL iv. 
323-6. Dibdin's Lincoln Nosegay, no. Ul. 

— Precepts of Cato, with An- 
notations of D. Erasmus of Boter- 
dame, with sage and prudent Say- 
engs of the seuen wyse Men. Lond. 
1560. 16mo. 

Reed, 1844, 4s. Herbert notices another 
edition without date, 24mo. 

— Cato construed, or a fSamiliar 
and easie Interpretation vpon Catos 
morall verses. First done in Laten 
and French by Maturinus Corde- 
rius, and now newly englished, to 
the comfort of all young SchoUers. 

JLond. 1584. 18mo. 

K 2, in eights. 

A translation of ' the shorte Sentenoez 
of the wyz Cato, in true Ortography, with 
grammar Notz,' willbefouildinBulloker's 
Version of -SJsop, 1686, 8vo. 

— Cato's I^ecepts and Sententise 
Pueriles, translated grammatically 
byJohnBrinsley. Lond. 1612. 8vo. 

— Cato Variegatvs or Catoes 
Morall Distichs, translated and pa- 
raphras'd, with Yariations of Ex- 
pressing, in English Verse. By Sir 
Bichard Baker, Xnight. Lond. 
1636. 4to. 

The Distidis of Cato in Latin Verse, 
with several Poetical English Transla- 
tions. Title, To the Reader, 3 leaves. 
Cato, B— 8, 102 pp. Constable, 228, 18s. 
Bindley, pt. i. 1889, 17s. Bibl. Anglo- 
Poet. 26, i;. 18s. 

— Cato's moral Distichs, english- 
ed in Couplets. Philadelphia^ by 
B. Franklin, 1735, 4to. 6s. 

Decadof Livy. By Wm. Thomas.' Lond. 
1661, 12mo. 

Cato, Valerius. Carmina cum 
notis Putschii et WemsdoriSi cura 
J. A. Giles. Lond. 1838, Svo. 58, 

One hundred copies printed. Also in 
Maittaire's Corpus Poetarum. 

Cato. — Parvus Chatho, and Mag- 
nus Catho. folio. 

Printed by Caxton. The entire work, 
consisting of 26 leaves, a 7, b 8, c 8, d 4,- is 
poetical, being in seven-line stanzas, each 
preceded by a Latin distich. The parvus 
Catho commences on the recto of a ij (a i 
being blank) and ends on the recto of the 
next leaf aiij ; on the reverse of the same 
leaf MagnusCatho,consi8ting of foor books, 
commences and concludes on the recto of 
d iiij. ' Cato Parvus, or Facetus, or Ur- 
banus, was written by Daniel Chnrche, or 
Eksclesiensis, a domestic in the court of 
Heniy the Second, about the year 1180.' 
— Warton. Lydgate, says Dr. Dibdin, was 
the translator both of Cato Mag^ius and 
Parvus. Copies are in the libraries of K. • 
George III., Earl Spencer, and St. John's 
Coll. Oxford. See Ames, by Dibdin, i. 200- 
1. Bibl. Spencer. iv.264*-6*. Warton'a 
Poetry, Svo. iii. 6-7. 466, note y. 

Cato Christianus. In quern co- 
niiciuntur ea omnia, quae in scusris 
Literis ad Parentum, Puerorumque 
Pietatem yidentur maxim^ perti- 
nere. Lond. 1600. 16mo. 

Cato turned wrong side outward. 
See Dedeeindus, F. N. 

Cato's Letters. Lond. 1755. 
12mo. 4 vols. 10s. 

Thdse letters, commencing Nov. 1720, 
originally published in the ' London' and 
afterwards in the ' British Journal,' were 
writtei^ by John Trenchard and Thomas 
Gordon. Other editions, 1724, 1787, 1748^ 
12mo. 4 vols. 

Catbof, E. Francis. TheBoman 
History: with Notes. Done into 
English from the original Frenoh 



of the Bev. Fathers Catron and 

Bouill^ (by B. Bundj). Lond. 

1728-37. folio. 6 vols, plates. 

From thlB work Hooke Is said to have 
compiled his history ; it is in little estima^ 
tion. Rozburghe, 7786, 1^ lis. 6d, 

The Herculean Labour; or the Angsean 
Stable cleansed: being remarks on Mr. 
Bandy's Translation of the Roman His- 
tory. With the first Canto of Voltaire's 
Henriade. Lond. 1709, 8vo. 

Ozell's Mens Testaoeoos; or the Roman 
Laystall, being serions and facetious re- 
marks on some thoosand of comical mis- 
takes, &c. in Bnndy's folio Translation of 
Catron and RoaUU's Roman. History. 
Lond. 1729, 8vo. 8s. 6d. 

Catbou, ¥. Francis. The general 
History of the Mogul Empire, from 
its foundation by Tamerlane, to the 
late Emperor Orangzeb. Lond. 
1709, 8vo. 48. 

Taken from the Portuguese memoirs of 
M. Manouchi, a Venetian. 

History of the Mogul Dynasty in India, 
from its Foundation by Tamerlane, in 1399, 
to the Accession of Aurungzebe, in 1667. 
Translated firom the French. Lond. 1826, 
8vo. 12s. 

Cattan*, Christ. G^omancie, 
whereunto is annexed the Wheele 
of Pythagoras. Translated from the 
French. Lond. 15S1.4to. woodcuts. 

Black letter. Pp. 224, besides the pre- 
fixes. Inglis, 840, 12. Aitother edition, 
1606^ 4to. 10s. 6d. 

Caterpillars of this Nation ana- 
tomized, in a DiscoTeiy of House- 
Breakers, Pick-Pockets, &c. Lond. 
1659. 4to. 

Reed, 1961, IBs. 

CatuIiLUS. Phaselus et ad eum 
quotquot extant parodis, cum an- 
notalionibus doc&s. yiror. etc. cu- 
rante Sixto Octayiano. Eboraci. Jo 
Mariantium. 1579. 8yo. 

— Caius Val. Catullus, et in 
etunls.YossiiObseFTationeB. Lond. 
1684. 4to. 

An esteemed edition, with an elegant 
and erudite commentary. Bindley, pt. ii. 
829, 4s. LABOR PAPBS. Drury, 944, 22. 2s. 
The edition 'Ultrajecti, 1691/ is the 
same as this, with a nev title, the address 
to the reader, and the last leaf of the index 
xeprinted, and the errata at the end of the 
volume omitted. 



— Catullus, Tibullus et Proper- 
tius, cum yariis Lectionibus. Can- 
tab. 1702. 4to. 

A splendid and accurate edition, though 
held in little estimation. DniTy,4691*, Ss. 
Rozbnrghe, 2466, 12. Ss. 

— Catullus, Tibullus et Proper- 
tius (edente M. Maittaire). Lond. 
1715. 12mo. 3s. 

An accurate edition, with an excellent 
index, labob papkb, 12s. Dent, pt. L 514, 
morooco, by Roger Payne, Bl. Ss. 

An edition of Catullus, Tibullus, and Pro- 
pertins. Lond. Brindley, 1749, 18mo. 8s. 

— Catullus, Tibullus et Proper- 
tius. Birm. 1772. 4to. 

A beautiful edition, printed by Basker- 
ville. Duke of Grafton, 504, 78. Dent, pt. 
i. 406, mor. 98. 6d. Drury, 948, mor. 198. 
6d. Heath, 8498, mor. 11. 6s. 

An edition, 1772, 12mo. Ss. 

— Catullus, Tibullus et Proper- 

tius. Lond. 1774. 12mo. 38. 6d. 

A neat and respectable edition, edited 
by Dr. Harwood. 

— Catullus, recensuit Joannes 

Wilkes. Lond. 1788. 4to. pp. 124. 
One hundred copies printed. Duke of 
Grafton, 505, 10s. Drury, 945, russia, lis. 
Brockett, 758, russia, lis. Bindley, pt. ii. 
830, 1^ 158. Towneley, pt i. 214, morocco, 
II. 17s. Ok vbllum, three copies printed^ 
Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 603, 82. Ss. Wil- 
liams, 827, morocco, 102. 15s. 

— Catullus, Yarietate Lectionis 

et perpet. Adnot. illustrat. a Fred. 

G^. Doering. Lond. 1820. 8vo. 
Drury, 720, lOs. 6d. 

— Catullus, Tibullus et Proper* 
tius. Lond. T^pis C. Corrall. 1824. 
48mo. 6s. 

Pickering's edition, the smallest ever 
printed. Twenty .four copies were taken 
off on India papbb, and six on TVLum. 

— The Poems in English Verse, 

with the Latin text revised, and 

classical Notes (by Dr. Nott). 

Lond. 1796. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Prefixed are engravings of Catullus and 
Com. Nepos. A complete and not inele- 
gant translation with a life of Catullus, 
and a good index of persons, places and 
suMects. Fonthill, 1694, II. 108. Duke 
of York, 928, 188. Nassau, pt. 1. 660, 128. 
labqb papbb, 12. 48. 

— The Poems, translated, with a 
pre&ce and notes by the Hon. 
George Lamb. Lond. 1821. &cap. 
8vo. 2 vols. 




Drnty, 7S3, 12. Ss. A translation ofThe 
Marriage of PeleuB and Thetis, hj the 
Bev. F. Ottey, A.M. 1827, 8vo. 28. 6d. 

Oattleisld, James. Portraits and 
Memoirs of Itemarkable Characters 
from the reign of Edward III. to the 
Beyolution. Lond. 1794. royal 8vo. 
2 vols. 

Grave, 113, 10s. 6d. laror paper. 4U>. 
Roxburghe, 9288, with a Augment of vol. 8, 
67. enlarged into 8 vols, royal 8vo. 109 ports. 

1813, pub. 42. 4s. LAROB, PAPER, 4to. 62. 6s. 

Portraits, Memoirs, and Characters of 
remarkable Persons, from the devolution 
in 1686 to the end of the Reign of George 
II. collected from the most authentic Ac- 
counts extant Lond. 1819-20, royal 8vo. 
4 vols. LARQB PAPKR in 4to. pub. 12Z. 12s. 
157 portraits. 

— Calcographiana ; the Printsel- 
ler*8 Chronicle and Collector's Guide 
to the Knowledge and Value of en- 
graved British Portraits. Lond. 

1814. 8to. 

With portrait, 4b. 6d. Nassau, pt. i. 664, 
4s. Brockett, 842, Us. Stiettell, 266, in- 
terleaved, 13b. LARGE PAPER, in folio, wlth 

portrait on India paper, 12 copies printed. 
Nassau, pt. i. 889, 10s. 

The Oxford Cabinet, consisting of en- 
gravings from original pictures in the 
Ashmolean Museum, and other public and 
private collections, with biographical anec- 
dotes, by John Aubrey and other cele- 
brated writers. Lond. 1797, 4to. Plates. 

The History of the Gun-Powder Plot ; 
with several historical circumstances prior 
to the event, connecting the plots of the 
Romanists to re-establish Popery in this 
kingdom. Lond. 1804, 8vo. Plates. 

The Gallery of British Portraits,contidn- 
ing those of distingruished and noble Per- 
sonages during the Reigns of James Land 
Charles I. and under the Commonwealth, 
with biographical Notices collected from 
the best authorities, by James Caulfield. 
Lond. 1814, large 4to. Parts I. and II. only 
published, each containing six portraits. 
Saunders in 1818, 168. Some were ti^en 
off in colours, large paper, Imp. folio. 

Memoirs of Sir Robert Naunton, Ent. 
Author of Fragmenta Regalia : with some 
of his posthumous Wiitings, from Manu- 
scripts in his own Hand, never before 
printed. Lond. 1814, small 4to. Pp.60, 
not including title, with portrait by Rob. 
Cooper. LARUE paper in folio. 

The High Court of Justice, comprising 
memoirs of the principal persons who sat 
in ludgraent on King Charles the First, 
and signed his death-warrant. Illustrated 
with their portraits, autographs, and seals. 
Lond. 1824, 4to. 

— See Eccentric Magazine. 
Caumpeden, Hugo. iS^BoccoB. 
Caundibhe, Bdchard. Image ot 

Nature and Grace. Lond. hy John 

Daye (1574). 16mo. Ts. 

Black letter. 126 leaves, besides an 
epistle dedicatory, and the arguments of 
the chapters. At the end is a table. 

Cavb, Isaac de. A new and rare 
Invention of Water- Works. Xiond. 
1704. 4to. with plates. 158. 

A curions work, * teaching how to raise 
water higher than the Spring, by which 
Invention the perpetual Motion is pro- 
posed, and many hard Labours perfwined. 
As also, a Description of CapL Savory's 
Engine for raisii^ of vast Quantities of 
Water by Fire.' 

— See Wilton Garden. 

— Salomon de. La Perspectiye 

avec la Baison des Omhres et Mir- 

roirs. Lond. 1612. foUo. IBs. 

Supposed to be the first treatise on per- 
spective printed in England. It is dedi- 
cated to Henry, Prince of Walea. 

Cause, Bart. Shield and Buckler 

of Faith, translated from the French 

by T. S. Lond. 1569, 4to. 
Inglis, 942, 88. 

Cafssin, Nicholas. Holy Court, 

translated by Sir Tho. Hawkens, 

Knt. Fourth edition. Lond. 1678. 

folio. 11. Is. 

In this work will be fonnd a life of Mary 
Queen of Scots, the original French of 
which is reprinted by Jebb. An Italian 
translation by C. Ant. Berardi appeared, 
Bologna, 12mo. 

Cavaleeitjs, Joan. Bapt. Ec<de- 
siffi Anglicans trophtea; sive SS. 
martyrum, qui pro Christo catholi- 
cffique Mei veritate asserenda an- 
tiquo recenticrique persecutionum 
tempore mortem in Anglia subje- 
runt, passiones, per J. B. de Caval- 
leriis eeneis typis repreesentatse. 
Bomse, 1584. foHo, a series of en- 
gravings, bl. 5s. 

Cavaliers (the) Common Prayer 
Booke unclaspt, it being Prayers 
and Thaaksgiyings used in his 
Majesty's (Charles I.) Chapel and 
in his Armory. York, 1644, re- 
printed Lond. 1644. 4to. 




Oayaxlieb, James. Memoirs of 

the Wars of tiie Cevemies. Dublin, 

1726, 8vo. 

Roxbnrghe, 8061, 6s. Reprinted Dnblin, 
1727, 8vo. 

CjlYALLO, Tiberius. Elements of 
natural or experimental Philosophy. 
Lend. 1808, 8vo. 4 vols, with plates. 

12. lis. 6d. 

A valuable vork. Earl of Kerry, 121, 
31. 8s. This eminent philosopher like- 
wise published — 

Treatise on Electricity, Lend. 1777, 8vo. 
1796, Svo. 3 vols. 

Treatise on the Nature and Properties 
of Air, Lend. 1781, 4to. 

Mineralogical Tables, folio, 6s. 

Treatise on Magnetism, 1787, 8vo. 1800, 

Essay on factitious Airs, Lond. 1798, 8vo. 

History and Practice of Aerostation, 
1786, 6vo. Fonthill, 2483. 78. 

Essay on Medical Electricity, 1780, 8vo. 

Cave, H. Antiquities of York, 

drawn and etched by H. Gaye. Lond. 

1818. imperial 4to. 

Collation.— Title] introduction, 2 pages ; 
antiquities, B— D 3, and list of plates (40 
in number, not including a frontispiece^ 
one page. Lond. 1813, large papeb, vith 
PROOF iMPBEssiONS of the plates on india 


Cavb, William, D.D. Antiqui- 

tates Apostolicse ; or the History of 

the Lives, Acts, and Martyrdoms of 

the Holy Apostles and the two 

Evangelists, St. Mark and St. Luke 

(being a continuation of the Life of 

Christ by Jeremy Taylor). Lond. 

1675. foUo. 

other editions. The second, 1676, folio. 
The third, 1677, folio. The fifth, 1684. 

— Apostolici : or the History of 
the Lives, Acts, and Martyrdoms of 
those who were contemporary with, 
or immediately succeeded the Apos- 
tles : as also the most eminent of 
the Primitive Fathers, for the first 
three hundred Years : to which is 
added a Chronology of the three 
first Ages of the Church. Lond. 
1677. foHo. 15s. 

The second edition, corrected, 1682, folio. 
—1716, foUo. Bindley, pt. 1. 1151, 11. 8s. 
—1733, folio. Dent, pt. i. 610, 11. 8s. 

CatBjW., D.D. Ecclesiastici ; or 
the History of the most eminent E»- 
thiers of the Church that flourisht in 
the fourth century, together with an 
account of the state of Paganism 
under the first Christian emperors. 

Lond. 1683. folio. II. Is. l. p. 21. 28. 

This and the preceding articles are often 
bound together, and form 2 or 3 vols, folio, 
2Z. 12s. 6d. They have been reprinted 
under the superintendence of Henty Gary, 
Oxford (for Tegg), 1840, 8vo. viz. 

Lives of'the Apostles, 1 vol. 88. 

Lives of the^ Fathers, 3 vols. 12. is. 

— Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum 
Historia literaria, a Christo nato 
usque ad sseculum ziY. Oxonii, 

1740-3. folio. 2 vols. 

The best edition of a valuable work, 
displaying great reading, research, and 
accuracv, superintended by Dr. Waterland . 
Bp. of Ely, 477, 12. 16s. Bindley, pt. i. 
1328, 11. Gosset, 1473, 12. 17s. large 
PAPER, Heath, 476, 32. Williams, 486, 
62. 10s. The original of 1686-9, fol. 2 vols, 
is very Inferior. Other editions, €k>l. Allob. 
1720, folio. [Reprinted from the Oxford 
edit.ofl740-3,at Basle. 1741-45, folio,2vols.l 

A kind of supplement to this and other 
similar works was published at Leipsic in 
1722. ' Gasimii'i Oudini Commentarius do 
Scriptoribus Eoclesiee antiquis, illontm 
Scriptis, tarn impressis quam manu- 
scriptis, & Bellarmino, Possevino, Caveeo, 
Du Pin, et aliis omissis, ad annum 1460. 
8 vols, folio, Lipsiee, 1722, 42. 4s. 

Chartophylax Ecclesiasticus. Ijondini, 
1685, 8vo. An Abridgment of the lli.>- 
toria Literaria. P. Colomesius publlKlied 
Ad Gul. Cave Chartophylacem Ecclesias- 
ticum Paralipomena, Lond. 1686, Svo. 

Primitive Christianity, or the religion 
of the ancient Christians, in three parts. 
1672, 1673, 1675. 1682, 1702. Seventh edi- 
tion corrected. Lond. 1714, 8vo. 4s. Edited 
by Stebbing, 2 voK fcap. 8vo. 5s. Edited 
by H. Carey. Oxford, 8vo. 1849. Ss. 

A Dissertation concerning the Govern- 
ment of the ancient Church, by Bisiiops, 
Metropolitans and Patriarchs. Lond. 1683, 
Svo. 3s. 6d. Keprinted with Primitive 
Christianity, 1849. Svo. 

Cavelltjs (H.). The mirror of 
the Sacrament of Penance, com- 
posed by the poor brother of the 
order of St. Francis, Hugh, the son 
ofAngil. Emanuel Telaph printed' 
it permissu superiorum. 1618. 12mo. 

The title of this book is in the Irish 
language and character, of wliich the 
above is a translation. 




Cavendish, George. The Life of 
Cardinal Wolsey, and Metrical Ver- 
sions from the original Autograph 
Manuscript, with Notes and other 
Illustrations by S. W. Singer, ciiis- 
wick, 1825. 8vo. 2 vols, with por- 
traits, &c. 

One of the most interesting and valu- 
able specimens of biography in the En- 
glish language, labob papbe (60 copies). 
Drury, 732, morocco, 41. 148. 6d. WiUiams, 
410, morocco, 61. 7s. 6d. Reprinted 1827, 
in 1 vol. with omissions. 

First edition, entitled 'The Negotia- 
tions ,of Thomas Woolsey, the great Car- 
dinal of England.' Lond. 1641, 4to. pp. 
118, with a port of Wolsey, by Marshall. 
White Knights, pt. i. 936, morocco, 41. 
Marq. of Townshend, 3448, 16s. Towneley. 
pt. i. 818, 412, U. Is. Bindley, pt. i. 21781 
148. Jadis, 134^ morocco, 11 6tf. Goidon- 
stoun, 2395, 21. 7s. 

Another, * The Life and Death of Tho- 
mas Woolsey.' Lond. 1667, 12mo' pp. 167, 
with portrait Dedicated to Henry Mar- 
quis of Dorchester. Stanley, 66, 11 8b. 

ySii^.^'***^^*^' ^^^' 128. Towneley,pt 
ii. 876, 10s. Fonthill,3560,2Z. Brand, s/.Ss. 

a ^^^^^^.'^'^??' ®^<*- ^*- Heath, 1681, 
OS. 6d. This biographical memoir is re- 
printed from the edition 1641, in the fifth 
volume of the Harleian Miscellany, and 
from original MSS. in tlie first volume of 
Wordsworth's Ecclesiastical Biography. 
A critical notice of it will be found in 
the Retrosp. Rev. v. 1-44. 

— Who wrote Cavendish's Life 
ofWolsey? 1814. 4to. 

An admirable pamphlet, written by the 
Rev. Joseph Hunter of Bath. One hun- 
dred copies printed. Nassau, pt. ii. 1604, 
8s. It is reprinted in Cavendish's Life, 
edited by Mr. Singer. ' 

— ^e« Newcastle, Duke of. 

— Society. See Appendix. 

CAViBHiLL,John,M.D. An Ex- 
planation of the seventy weeks of 
Daniel, and of the several sections 
of these seventy Weeks. To which 
are added, an Exposition of the 
Chronology of the Jewish Judges. 
With Tables illustrating both Sub* 
jects. Lond. 1777. 8vo. 46. 

A learned and valuable work, well worth 
reading. , 

Caveblet, Sir H. Eemarks in 
his travells. Lond. 1683. folio. 
Sotheby's, in June 1821, IBs. 6d. 

Caw, George. Poetical Museum, 

containing Songs and Poems on al- 
most every Subject, edited witibi 
Notes by George Caw. Hawick, 
1784. 18mo. 4b. 6d. 

Many of the border ballads, afterwards 
published by Sir Walter Scott, In the 
Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, first 
appeared in this Collection, fikh pafsb, 


Cawdeat, Robert. Treasurie or 
Store-house of Similies. Xioiid. 
1600. 4to. 

Dedicated to Sir John Harringrton, 
Knight, as also to James Harrington, Esq. 
and to the reader. 860 pages and a table. 
Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. 1. 786, 11. 2s. Wil- 
liams, 828, S;. 3s. Again, 1609, 4to. Bind- 
ley, pt. i. 2082, 6s. 6dL Nassau, pt. L 817. 
7s. Inglis, 343, 8s. ' 

Cawlet, William. Laws concern- 
ing Jesuits, seminaiy Priests, !Be- 
cusants, &c. and concerning the 
Oaths of Supremacy and Allegiance, 
explained by divers Judgments and 
Resolutions of the reverend Judges. 
Lond. 1680. foKo. 78. 

Abridged by Joseph Keble. Lond. 
1681, 8vo. 

Cawton, Thomas. Life and Death 
of the Bev. Thomas Oawton, with a 
Sermon preached by him at Mer- 
cer^s Chappel, Febr. 25, 1648. Lond. 
1662. 8vo. 

Prefixed is a portrait of Cawton, «t. 54. 
Bindley, pt ii. 1172, 11. 4s. Sir M. M. 
Sykes, pt. i. 630, 19s. 

Cawwood.— ThePleasant History 
of Cawwood the Book. Lond. 1656L 

Another edition, 1683, 4to. black letter, 
with cuts. Lloyd, 750, 168. Nassau, pt. 
i. 818, 11. Is. 

Caxton, William. The Croni- 
des of Englond. Westmynstre, 10 
June, 1480. The Discripcion of 
Britayne. Westmynstre, 18 Au- 
gust, 1480. folio. 

The Gronides has neither numerals 
nor catchwords, but has signatures. Th« 
volume commences with a table of seven 
printed leaves. A blank leaf forming sign, 
a. follows, and on a 2, the text of the chro- 
nicle begins, and it terminates on the ncU> 
of y 6 in eights, the reverse being blank. 
The Description of Britain contains onlj 
29 leaves, without signatures, commeneiBg 
a brief proheme and a table of ihe ciiap- 




ten on the revene of the first leaf. Al- 
cborne (two leaves MS.); 632. Leigh and 
Sothebr s in 1816, 1052. See Ames, by Dib- 
din, 1.86-100. Bibl. Spencer, iv. 227-9. Dib- 
din'sLinooIn Nosegay, No. 11. A fsopy bound 
in 1 vol. is in the Lambeth Archiepiscopal 
library. For other editions, see Chronicle. 

lAat of Works from the press of OaxUm, in 

their supposed order of publication. Forpar^ 

tiadar descriptions see, the various heads, 

FevBE, Raool le. Recueil des Hlstoires 
de Troyes, n. d. (1465-7), folio. 

Russell, Job. Froposltio, n.d. 4to. 

FsvKB. Kaoul le. Recnyell of the His- 
toryes of Troye, n. d. (1472X folio. 

Fs^LMS. Medltacions sur les sept 
Fseaulmes Penitenciaulx, before 1474, fol. 

Chbss.— The Game and Playe of the 
Chesse, 1474,folio. (The first book printed 
by Caxton vMh a date.) 

GoBDTALB, (in French) " Les qnatre der- 
renieres choses," n. d. (before 1474), folio. 

Fbvbs, Raoul le. The hoole lyf of 
Jason, n. d. (1477), folio. 

Philosophy.— The Dlctes and Sayengis 
of the Philosophirs. Three editions, 1477, 
1491, fol. 

Chauobb, Geoffrey. The Book of the 
Tales of Gauntjrrborye. First edition, 
n. d. (1477), folio. 

Christine of Pisa. The moral Pro- 
uerbes of Christyne, n. d. (1478), folio. 

GHAnGEB.and Lydgate'b Minor Poems, 
n. d. (1479-80) 4to. consisting of eight se- 
parate tracts bound up together. 

For a detailed list of these and other poems 
in a volume at Cambridge, see p. 426, 

OoBDYALB, or Momorare novisslma, 1479, 

Boethius, a. M. T. S. The Boke of Gon- 
solacion of Philosophie, n. d.(1480X folio. 

Chess. — Game and play of the Cheese, se- 
cond edit, with woodcuts, n.d. (1479-80), foL 

Cato. — ^Parvus Catho. n. d. folio. Tmo 
editions, one of them 4to. 

Caztok, William. The Cronicles of 
Englond, 1480, folio. 

The DisGBiPCiON of Britayne, 1480, fol. 

MiBBOB of the Worlds — Thymage or 
Myrrour of the World. Tvfo editions, 1481, 
(1491) fol. 

Lydoatb, John. The Werke of Sat 
pience, n. d. (1481) folio. 

Bbynabd the Fox.— The Historye of 
Reynard the Fore. Two editions. 1481, 
(1490-1\ foUo. 

Cicbbo. The Boke of Tulle of old Age, 
&c. 1481, folio. 

GoDFBBY of Bullogne.— The last Siege 
and Conqueste of Jherusalem, 1481, folio. 


GtriLBYiLLB, Gnll. de. Pylgremage of 
the Sowle, 1488, foUo. 

Festiyal.— Liber Festivalis. Quatuor 
Sarraones. Two edittons, 1488 (1481), folio. 

VOL* I. 

Travels.— A Book for Travellers, n. d. 
(1481-3), folio. 

GowBB, John. Confessio Amantis, 1483, 
(misprinted 1493), folio. 

YoRAortfB, Jac. de. The Golden Le- 
gende, 1483. folio. Second edit. n.d. 1484-6, 
sm. fol. Third edition, 20th May, 1493, fol. 

Cato, Dion. The Book callyd Cathon, 
1483, folio. 

Toub-Lakdby. Geof&oy de la. The 
Knyght of the Tonre, 1488, folio. 

MaoT. ThesubtylHistoryesandFables 
of Esope, 1484, folio. 

Chauobb, Geoffirey. The Book of the 
Tales of Cantyrfoorye, second edition, n. d. 
(1484^), foL 

Chauobb, 6eo£frey. The Book of Fame, 
n. d. (1484^), 4to. 

Chartibr, Alain. The Cnrial made by 
Mayster Alaixr Charretier, n. d. (1484-6),foI. 

Chauobb, GeojB&ey. Troylus and Cre- 
side, n. d. (1484-6), folio. 

Lydoatb, John. The Lyf of our Ladye, 
n. d. (1484-6), folio. 

Wbnbfbbdb, Saint— ^The Lyf o^Sajmt 
Wenefryde, n. d. (1484-6), folio. 

Cbjvalby.— The Book of the Ordre of 
Chyualry or Knyghthode, n. d. (1484), 4to. 

Abthub, King of Great Britain. — A 
Book of the noble Hystoryes of Kvnge 
Arthur and of certeyn of his KnygQtes, 
1485, foUo. 

Charles the Great.— The Lyf of Charles 
theGrete. 1486, foUo. 

Paris. — Thystory of the Knyght Parys 
and of the fair Yyene, 1486, folio. 

Katheeinb of Siena. The Lyf of Saynt 
Katherin of Sene, with the Reuelacyons 
of Saynt Elysabetii, the Kvngesdoughter 
of Hungarye, n. d. (I486), folio. 

Lb Grand, Ja. The Book of good 
Manors. 1487, folio. 

Royal Book.— The Ryal Book ; or a 
Book for a King, 1484, (date of preface, 
but probably printed later), folio. 

DiBEOTORiUM Sacerdotum, nA. (1487-8), 
folio. Two editions. 

BoNAvBNTURB Scti. Spoculum vite 
Ghristi, n. d. (1487^), foUo. 

RoYB, Guy de. Poctrinal of Sapience, 
1489, folio. 

Chbistinb of Pisa. The Fayt of Armes 
and of Chyualrye, n. d. (1489), folio. 

Gbbsok, John. The Arte and Crafte to 
knowe well to dye, n. d. (1^0), folio. 

ViBGiL. The Boke of Eneydos (1490), fol. 

Statutes, i. il. ill. iv. Henry vll. n. d. 
(1480), folio. 

Praybbs. — Fifteen O's and other 
prayers, a d. (1490), 4to. unique, in the 
British Museimi. 

Blanchabdik and Eglantine. — Blanch- 
ardyn and Eglantyne, or the proude layde 
of love, n. d. (1490-1), folio. 

A Boke of diners fmytful ghoostly Mat- 
ters, n. d. (1490-1), foUo. 

B D 




LoTSw— TretTse of Lone,&e.ii. 4. (1490-1) 

CBAsnsnra of God's Children— The 
pronffitable Boke for Manes Bonle, — called 
the Chastysing of Goddes Children, n. d. 
(1490-1), folio. 

Atkoh, the foare sones of, n. d. (1^0-1), 
foUo. The only eopsfknoumia tit Lord Spem- 
eer'e Ubrary, 

Ihfancia Salvatoris, n. d. 4to. (quoted 
1)7 Ames, else unknown). 

LuciDABY.— A lytel Tretise, intytaled 
or namedf The Lucidarye, n. d. 4to. {Be- 
lieved to be ApocryphaT). 

Hhodbs.— The Siege of the Cytee of 
Rhodes, n.. d. folio. 

Statuta ap'd Westmonasteriu edita 
Anno primo Regis Bicardi terdi, n. d. 
folio. \McuMima.f) 

Health.— Gouemale of Helthe, Ac 

HoBA, 12mo. (a fragment of 8 pages, 
the only specimen known). 

Ballad. — A fragment raaballad printed 
by Caxton is in the British Museum. 
[This is only a portion of his first edition 
of Chaucer.] 

Lykdrwood Constitntionesproyinciales, 
34mo. not by Caxton, but printed in Cax- 
ton'p house by Wynldn de Worde. 

i^cciDENOB (the). do. do. 

Kbndale, Johannes. Indulgence for 
the defence of Rhodes, 1480, 4to. 

Dr. Dibdin,in his edition of Ames,men- 
tionrt several doubtful pieces not enume- 
rated in the above list. 

Lives of Caxton hare been written by 
Oldys (Biog. Brit.) Lewis, Dibdin (Typog. 
Antiq. vol. i.^, Knight, Stevenson, &c. 

[Mr. William Blades, printer, has in 
the press a monograph of Caxton and 
his productions, giving the result of a 
careful investigation of the several va- 
rieties of type employed by him, together 
with a collation and list (with dates) of ex- 
isting specimens of his press both in public 
and private libraries, and a reprint of the 
Prologues and Epilogues. It will comprise 
facsimiles of type and woodcuts. Our 
present attempt at a chronological ar- 
rangement is formed on thQ basis of his 

Cat, John. Abridgment of the 
Statutes in Force and of general 
Use, from ]tf agna Charta to 1 G^eo. 
III. inclusive. Lond. 1739-6, foUo. 
8 vols. 158. 

A second edition. Lond. 1762, folio. 
2 vols. 

Catlet, Arthur. Life of Sir 
Walter Ealegh,Knight. Lond. 1805. 
4to. 2 vols. 

Bindley, pt. 1. 1636, 9s. Sir M. M. Sykes, 
pt. i. 604, 10s. Duke of York, 1223, 18s. 
Second edition 1^)6 8vo. 2 vols. 

— Memoirs of Sir Thomas Morc^ 
with a new Translation of hia XTbo- 
pia, also his History of King Bicha;Qcl 
TIL, and his Latin Poems. Lond. 

1806. 4to. 2 vols. 

Sir M. M. Sykes, pt L 606, 188. Doke 
ofYork,1224« 1Z.5S. 

Catlijs, Count de. Encaustie, 
See MxTNTZ, J. H. 

— Mme de. Memoirs, Anecdotes 
and Characters of the court of Louis 
XIV. translated from the Souvenirs, 
or BecoUections of Madame de Oaj- 
lus. Lond. 1770. 12mo. 2 vols. Ss. 

Cazei^ote, J. Selection of curi- 
ous and entertaining Games at 
Chess, that have been actually 
played by J. Cazenove. Lond.. 

1817. 12mo. 

This book has only been circulated 
among the piivate friends of the author, 
who was the president of the London 
Chess Club. 

Cebes. Tabula, G-r. et Lat. Opera 

Tho. Johnson. Lond. 1720. Svo. as. 
A useful and correct edition, with select 
notes. LABOB PAPER. Heath, 3706, 5s. 6d. 
The Cambridge edition of 1655, and the 
London editions of 1670, 1788, 1740, 1745, 
&c. merit little notice. 

— Tabula, Qtr. et Lat. ex Editions 

Gronovii. C^lasg. 1747. 18mo. 

Text, including title, pp. 61. Notnis, 
pp. 63--76. Latin Version, pp. 1 — 19. 
' A very beautiful and accurate edition.*— 
Harwood. One or more copies were taken 
off ON VELLUM. Other editions, 1757, 1771. 

— The Table of Cebes the Phi- 
losopher (translated out of Latine 
into English, by Syr Frances 
Poyngz). Howe one may take Pro- 
fite of his Enemies, translated out 
of Plutarche. A Treatyse perswad- 
ing a Man paciently to suffer the 
Death of his Freende. Lond. in the 
House late Thomas Berthelettes. 

16mo. (no date). 

K, in eights, half sheets. The first En- 
glish translation of Cebes. The other two 
pieces were printed before by Tho. Ber- 

— - Tlie Table, or the Picture of 
Human Life, in EngUsh Terse, with 
Notes, by Thomas Scott. Lond. 
1754. 4to. 




An accurate work, with valuable notes.^ 
Another translation of Gebes was pub-' 
lished by Sam. Boyse, Edinb. 1781, 8vo. 
wliich were reprinted several times. 

Cebes. The Tablet of Cebes, op a 

Picture of Human Life. By a Gten- 

tleman of Oxford. Lond. 1759. 4to. 
A good translation. Another version of 
Cebes will also be found in Dr. Johnson's 

— See EpiOTETtrs. 

— Edward, Lord. A Jovp- 
nall and Relation of the action 
which by his Majesties Commande- 
ment Edward Lord Cecyl, Baron of 
Putney, and Viscount of Wimble- 
don, Admiratl, and Lieutenant Ge- 
nerall of his Maiestyes Forces, did 
vndertake vpon the Coast of Spaine, 

1625. Printed in the Year 1626. 4to. 
A copy Is in the British Museum. This 
tract WAS probably privately printed. Gor- 
donstoun^ 678, 1/. 10s. 

Ceoii/, Rev. Richard. Works, 

edited by the Rev. Josiah Pratt. 

Lond. 1811. 8vo. 4 vols. 

Vol. i. contains Memoirs of Gadof^an, 
John Bacon the Sculptor, and the Rev. 
John Newton. — Vol. ii. his Miscellanies 
and practical Tracts.— Vol. iii. his Ser- 
mons. — Vol. iv. his Remains. An edition 
by Pratt. Lond. 1816, 8vo. 3 vols, with 
portrait; 12. 168. Lond. 1838, 8vo. 2 vols. 
11. 48. [The Remains, edited by Pratt, 
are published separately in various edi- 
tions, from Is. 6d. to 5s.] 

— Sir Robert, afterwards Earl of 
Salisbury. The secret Correspon- 
dence with James VI. King of Scot- 
land. Lond. 1767. 12mo. pp. 235. 

One of the publications of Sir David 
Dalryniple, Bart. Lord Hailes. This cor- 
respondence is referred to by Dr. Robert- 
son in bis History of Scotland. Rozburghe, 
8445> lOs. 6d. Fonthill, 1462, 12s. 

— William, /SeeBiniOHLET,Lord. 

Celestina. — The Spanish Bawd 
represented in Celestina ; or the tra- 
gicke Comedy of Calisto and Meli- 
bea. Lond. 1631. foHo. 

This play, consisting of twenty-one acts, 
is the longest that was ever publiSied. 
It was originally written in Spanish by 
Fernando de Roias, and translated into 
English by James Mabbe. Gordonstoun, 
19^, 7s. 6d. See Alemak, Mateo. 

C^LLA, Paola Delia, M.D. Nar- 

rative of an Expedition from Tripoli 
to the western Frontier of Egypt in 
1817. Lond- 1822. 8vo. 10s. 6d. 

CeIiULBius, Christopher. Notitia 

Orbis antiqui, sive Geographia ple- 

nior. Cantab. 1703, etAmst. 1706. 

4to. 2 vols. 1^. 58. 

Heath, 2150, SI. 10s. Gellarius' Maps 
of ancient Geography have been frequently 
published, viz. London, 1764, folio. 1785, 
4to. &c. 

Cellini, Benvenuto. Memoirs 
written by himself. The third edi- 
tion, revised &om the ItaUan, with 
Notes (by Thomas Roscoe.) Lond. 
1822.8VO. 2 vols, with portrait, 11. 4s. 
[New edition, in Bohn*s Standard 

Library, 1850, 3s. 6d.] 

This work contains a variety of curious 
and entertaining particulars relating to 
Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture. 
Drury, 784, XI. lOs. A former edition, by 
Thomas Nugent, LL.D. 1771, 8vo. 2 vols. 
Roxburghe, 9220, 12. 5s. Hollis, 769, H. 14s. 
Bindley, pt. i. 971, 31. 8s. Towneley, pt. 
ii. 580.12. 6s. Nassau, pt. i. 656, 19s. Font- 
hUl, 192, 82. 8s. 

Celsus, Aur. Com. De Medi- 

cina Libri octo, quibus accedunt 

Indices' ex recensione Leon. Targse, 

curaAdami Dickinson. Lond. 1814. 

12mo. 9s. 

— Medicinse Libri octo, ex re- 
censione Leonardi Targse: quibus 
accedunt Tituli Marginales perpetui 
Capitimi Librorumque, &c. &c. 
Concinnavit Eduardus MilUgan, 
M.D. 1826. 8vo. 16s. Second edi- 
tion, Edinb. 1831, 9s. 

[An edition, Latin and English, by Col- 
lier, 2 vols, post Svo. IBs. Another, by Lee, 
2 vols. Svo. 12s. Another, with inter- 
linear translation by Underwood, 8 vols. 
12ilio. 15s.] 

— Of Medicine, in eight Books, 

translated, with Notes critical and 

explanatory, by James Gfrieve, M.D. 

Lond. 1756. 8vo. 68. 

A work executed with much learning 
and ability. Reprinted 1814, 12mo. 

— Sentences. See Hippocrates, 

— Julia. De Vita et Sebus gestis 
Julii CsDsaris, ex Museeo J. Q-. 
arsBvii. Lond. 1697. Svo. 




This work, whicli gave rise to mnel eon- 
tTOTewy, was written by Fr. Petrarcha. 
CsLBVS, Discourse against the 

Christian Belifion. 

A translation of this disconrae, as &r as 
it can be gathered out of Origen's eight 
Books against him, with notes, will be 
found in John Glas' Works. 

See also Taylor, Tho., Celsus, Porphyry 
and others, translated, 1838. 18mo. 

Censor. — The C^or. Lond. 1717. 

12ino. 8 vols. 68. 

Tliis publication, by the laborious Lewis 
Theobald, ilrst appeared in Mist's Weekly 

CEKBOBnojs. De Die natali Liber. 
Cantab. 1695. 12mo. 2s. 6d. 

Censvre of a LoTaU Subiect. See 
Whetstonb, George. 

Censura Literaria. See Bbtdgbs. 

Censura Temporum. The good 
or ill tendencies of Books, Sermons, 
Pamphlets, &c. impartiallj consi- 
dered, in a Dialogue between £u- 
bulus and Sophroneus. Printed for 
H. Clements, 1708-9. 4to. 2 vols. 

This work was published monthly in 
small quarto, 82 pages in each number. 

Centinel. 27 nos. 

A periodical pnblieatioa by Tho. Franck- 
lln, D.D. 

CssTUYRE, Susanna. Works 
(oonsistingof nineteenPlajs). Lond. 

1761. 12mo. 8 vols, with portrait. 

The dramade productions of this lady 
are much admired, particularly her Busy 
Body, Wonder, and Bold Stroke for a 
Wife. Boxburghe, 8983, II. 15s. Nassau, 
pt.i. 686, 12. 18s. Field, 148, 12.6s. Heath, 
1967, 12. lis. 

Cepabiijs, Yirgilio. Life of B. 
Aioysius Gonzaga, of the Society of 
Jesus, eldest Sonne of Ferdinand 
Prince of the S. B. Empire. Paris, 

1637. 8vo. lOs. 6d. 

With a portrait. Dedicated to Mary, 
Gountesse of Buckingham. 

CepuaIiA, Constant. See Antho- 

Cepebb, Count de la. The natu- 
ral History of oviparous Quadrupeds 
and Serpents, translated from the 
French bv Bobert Kerr. Lond. 1802. 

Svo. 4 vols. 

This vork generally accompanies Smel- 
lle's translation of Buffon. 

CEFOBiinrs, Jacobus. Compen- 

dium G-rammaticse Gnecs Jaocfai 
Ceporini, Opera Joannis Frisii Ti* 
gurini castigatum et auctuzn. Lond« 

1585. Svo. 
An edit. 1690. SirM. M. Sykes, 1083. 12. 1 s 
Ceremonies.— Dialogue, or fami- 
liar Talke betwene two Neighbours 
concemyng the chyefest Ceremo- 
nyee that were bv themighti Power 
of Gk>d*s most nolie pure Worde, 
suppressed in Englande, and now 
for our Unworthines, set up a^yne 
by the Impes of Antichrist. From 
Koane, by Michael Wodde, 1554. 


Not mentioned by Ames or Herbert. 
White Knights, 1219, 12. lis. 6d. Towne- 
ley, pt. i . 345, with a portrait of Qneen 
Mary by Delaram, 82. 8s. Brand, 32. 12b. 

Cebiziebs, Ben^ de. The tdum- 

?hant Lady, translated by Sir Wm. 
lOwer, Knt. Lond. 1656. Svo. 
Prefixed is s fhmtispiece by Gaywood. 
Nassau, pt i. 889, 4b, 

The innocent Lord, rendred into En- 
glish, by Sir W. Lovre, Knt Lond. 1656, 

The innocent Lady, or the iUustrions 
Innocence, transl. by SirW. Lover. Lond. 
1664, 8vo. ivith a frontispiece by T. Crosse. 

Certamen Seraphicum. See An- 
&ELUS a S. Francisco. 

Certamen triplex a tribus Societ. 
Jesu, ex provincia Anglicana Saoer- 
dotibus, P. T. Hollando, P. R. Cor- 
bseo, P. H. Morsseo, intra proximum 
triennium pro avita fide, religione 
sacerdotio, contra veritatis, pietatis, 
eodesifieque hostee, susceptum for- 
titer, decertatum oonstanter oonfso 
turn faliciter Londini in Anglia. 

Antwp. 1645. Bvo. 

With three portraits of HoUand, Cor- 
bie and Morse. Bindley, pt L 1440, 
92. 9s. Woodbura, 1864, moroooo, «. 8h. 
Hibbert, 31. 18s. 6d . 

Cestani, Qiacomo. La sanctita 
prodigiosa Yita S. Brigida, Iber- 
nese. 4to. Yen. 1677. 82. Ss. pp. 668. 

CEBTAia. n mose delL Ibemia 
YitaS.Patrizio. Bologna^ 1686. 4to. 
plates. Zl. Ss. 

Cebtantbs, Migud de. Tlda y 
Hechos del ingenioso hidalgo Bon 



40 L 

Quixote de la Mancha. Lond. 1738. 
4to. 4 vols. 

A splendid and excellent edition,, pub- 
lished by Lord Carteret, with plates, two 
of which are by Hogarth. Heath, 2124, 62. 6s. 

GEBYAirTES, Miguel de. Don 
Quixote, con Anote^ones, Indices j 
varias Lecciones per D. Juan Bowie. 
Lond. 1781, 4to. 6 vols, in 3. 

An edition in little estimation. Stee- 
TQDS, 626, 18s. 6d. Goldsmid. 264, 12. 4s. 
L. p. Heath, 2126, %l. Drury, 966, 22. 

A Letter to Bishop Perey, oonceming a 
new and classical edition of Don Quixote. 
By John Bowie. Lond. 1777, 4to. 3s. 6d. 

Remarks on the extraordinary Conduct 
of the Knight of the ten Stars, and his 
Italian Esqnire, to the Editor of Don 
Quixote. In a Letter to the Bev. J. 8., 
D.D. Lond. 1786, 8vo. Is. 

Tolondron: Speeches to John Bowie 
about bis edition of Don Quixote. By 
Joseph Baretti. Lond. 1786, 8vo. Ss. 6d. 

— Don Quixote. Nueva Edicion, 

oorregida por el Sdo. Don Felipe 

Fernandez, A.M. Lond. 1808, 12mo. 

4 vols. 168. 

Reprinted 1814, 18mo. 4 vols. 

— Don Quixote, translated by 
Thomas Shelton. Lond. Ed. Blount, 
1612-20. 4to. 2 vols, with fronts. 

This our first English translation, ac- 
cording to Jarvis. is taken from the Ita- 
lian of LorenjK) Franciosint. Bindley, pt 
ii.666, 22.6s, Roxburghe, 6S37, morocco, 
82. Ss. Jadis, 164, 82. 6s. Oordonstoun, 
626, 82. lOs. Inglis, 846, morocco, 42. 4s. 
Hunter in 1818, 62. 78. 6d. North, pt. iii. 
788, lussia, 72. 178. 6d,— An edition, 1662, 
folio, 14s.— 1676, folio, 148.— 1728, 4 voIh. 
Gough, 766, 16s. 6d.— 1781, 12mo. 4 vols. 
Stanley, 727, 16s. 

— Don Quixote, made English 

according to the Humour of our 

modem Language, and adorned 

with several (9) Copper-plates, by 

J. Philips. Lond. 1687. foho. 

Boxburghe, 6888; 6s. 6d. Reed, 006, 
lis. 6d. Nassau, pt. i. 880, 12. 2s. JBind- 
ley, pt. 1. 1627, 22. 28. 

— Don Qxuxote, translated bv 

Shelton and Stevens. Lond. 1706. 

2 vols. 8vo. 

Bindlev, pt. i. 1726, with AvelUneda'a 
oontinnation, 8 vols. 12. 6s. 

— Don Quixote, translated by P. 
A. Motteux. Lond. 1719. 12mo. 4 

' On the whole, I am inclln >d to think, 
that the version of Motteux is by far the 
best we have yet seen of the Romance of 
Cervantes ; and that if corrected in its 
licentious abbreviations and enlargements, 
we should have nothing to desire superior 
to it in the way of translation.'- 7^t2«r. 
Roxburghe, 6889, 12. 18r. 1726, 12mo. 4 vols, 
plates by Coy pel.— Glasgow, 1757, 4 vols. 
Bindley, pt i. 1726, 12. 

— Life and Exploits of the inge- 
nious Gentleman Don Quixote de la 
Mancha, translated by Charles Jar- 
vis. Lond. 1742. 4to. 2 vols. 

An elegant edition. To the preface of 
this translation Bp. Warburton added a 
supplement on the origin of romances of 
chivalry. Oarrick, 600, 12. Is, Marq. uf 
Townshend, 606, rusdia, 92,-1749, 8vo. 
2 vols. Steevens, 629, 12. Is.— The third 
edition, Lond. 1766, 4to. 2 vols, with 68 
plates by Vander Gucht, after the designs 
of Vanderbank. The same engravings 
were first used for Lord Carteret's edition, 
1766, 12mo. 4 vols, plates.— 1801, 8vo. 4 
vols, with plates by Stothard. White 
Knights, pt. i. 812, russia, 22. 128. 6d. 
Roxburghe, 6840, 42. is.iiABOB papkb, with 
PBOOF PLATBS. Duks of York, 942, 82. 16s, 
Stanley, 728, 42. 48. Nassau, pt. ii. 1468, 
mssia, 42.4s. Strettell, 446, morocco, 42. 18s. 
[Translated by Jarvis, illustrated with 
numerous wood engravings by Tony Jo- 
hannot, 8 vols. roy. 8vo. Lond. 1838, 22. lOs. 
reprinted in 2 vols, royal 8vo. Bohn, 1842, 
12. 88.] 

— Don Quixote, translated from 

the Spanish, to which is prefixed, 

some Account of the Author's Life, 

by T. Smollett, M.D. Lond. 1755. 

4to. 2 vols. 

Illustrated with 26 plates, designed bv 
Hayman. Edwards, 181, with two addi- 
tional sets of plates, morocco, 162. Sir M. 
H. Sykes, pt i. 696, russis^ 62. lOs. North, 
pt. iii. 799, with additional plates, russia, 
102. Frequently reprinted in 24mo. 4 vols. 

— Don Quixote, embellished with 
(74) Engravings from Pictures 
painted by Bobert Smirke, B.A. 
Lond. 1818. royal 8vo. 4 vols. Pub- 
lished at 8^ Ss. 

This translation is dedicated to the 
Earl of Lonsdale, by Mary Smirke. In 
the Prefkoe of the Editor (p. xv)->' Con- 
cerning the present edition, it Is proper 
to acknowledge, that, with a constant re- 
ference to the Spanisn original, a tree use 
has been made of the sfvAral preceding 
versions,' &e, Brockett, 868, 22. lis. 
QUABTO, with plates on India paper, pub- 
lished at 162 16s. XJLBUBST PAP£B,in4tO. 




with plates on India paper, proofs before 
the letters, published at 262. 6s. Dent, 
pt. i. 847, im. 

[ A few sets of the 74 Illustrations were 
taken off separately in folio, on India paper 
at 16 guineas ; proofs before all letters, at 
26 guineas. Now about half this value. 
A set of artist's proofs with touched proofs, 
variations, and etchings, valued at 80 
guineas, is in the possession of Godfrey 
Windns, Esq.] 

Ceslyasteb. Don Quixote, trans- 
lated into English. Lond. 1820. 

fscap. 8vo. 4 vols. 

A neat edition, with plates after the 
designs of Westall, published at II. 16s. 

— Don Quixote, translated into 

English. Edinb. 1822. post 8ro. 

5 vols. 21. 2s. 

Motteux's translation, revised by J. G. 
Lockliart, with notes from the edition 
published by the Spanish Academy. 

A Continuation of Don Quixote, written 
oitiginally in Spanish by Alouzo Feman- 
diz de Avellaneda ; translated into En- 
glish by W, A. Yai'dley . Lond. 1784, 8vo. 
2 vols. Stanley, 780, 15s. Another trans- 
lation by Captain Stevens, 1708, 8vo, 
Another by Baker, 1745, 12mo, 2 vols. 
7s. 6d, Captain Stevens' version with a 
naw title-page. 

The Life and Exploits of the ingenious 
Gentleman, Don Quixote de la Mancha ; 
containing his fourth Sally, and the fifth 
Part of his Adventures : written by the 
Licentiate Alonzo Fernandez de Avella- 
neda. With Illustrations and Corrections 
.by the Licentiate Don Isidro Perales y 
Torres, now first translated from the 
Spanish. Lond. 1807, 12mo, 3 vols. 12r. 
See Gayton. 

— The Travels of Persiles and 

Sigismunda, a Northern History, 

translated from the French by M. L. 

Lond. 1619. 4to. 

Gordonstoun, 627, 11. 8s. North, pt. iii. 
734, morocco, 3/. 6s. Hanrott, 31. 19s, (the 
binding in morocco cost 121. 12s.) resold. 
Sotheby, (Gardner), July, 1854, 11/.— 1639, 
Roxburghe, 6342,1/. 7s.— 1741, 12mo. 2 vols, 
with portrait, 7s. 6d. (An edition, Lond. 
1664, small 8vo. 10s. 6d.) 

Other translaiions frota t?ie lo&rks of Cer- 

The exemplary Novels of Mich, de Cer- 
vantes Saavedra, in six Books. Translated 
by James Mabbe. Lond. 1640, folio. 

Delight in several shapes, &c. in six 
pleasant Histories. Lond. 1654. folio, 
with front. The exemplary novels, 1640, 
with a new title-page. Jadis, 209, 1/. 2s. 
Bindley, pt iv. 1113, 1/. Is 

The troublesome and hard Adventures 
in Love, translated into English by R. G. 
(R. Codrington), Gent. Lond. 1652, 4to>. 
Black letter, A — Mm, in fours, A 1 blank. 
Bindley, pt. ii 140, 9s. 6d. Goldsmid, 70^ 
10s. 6d. Garrick, 498, lis. Inglis, 941, 
russia, lis. Steevens, 1183, lis. 6d. Nas- 
sau, pt. i. 820, 15s. 

The Jealous Estramaduran, transL by 
J. Ozell. Lond. (1709), 12mo. 3s. 

A Dialogue between Scipio and Ber- 
ganza. To which is annexed the comical 
History of Rincon and Cortado. Liond. 
1767, 8vo. 8s. 

The Life of Cervantes, by Mayans y 
Siscar. Lond. 1738, 4to. with portrait of 
Cervantes by Vertue. Bindley, pt. iit 
615, 6s. This generally accompanies 
Jarvis' translation. 

Srhe exemplary novels have been pub- 
ed in Bohn's Extra volumes, post 8vo. 
8s. 6d.] 

Cespedes, Don Gon^alo de. Gre- 
rardo the unfortunate Spaniard, or 
a Pattern for lascivious Lovers, 
translated from the Spanish by 
Leonard Digges. Lond. 1622. 4to. 
Gordonstoun, 778, 6s. Reed, 2664, 68. 6d. 
Steevens, 1187, 8s. 6d. Goldsmid, 282^ 14s. 
—1653, 8vo. 

Cessol, Ja. S^e Chess. 

Ceylon. — The History of Ceylon, 
from the earliest Period to the 
Year 1815 ; with characteristic De- 
tails of the Eeligion, Laws, and 
Manners of the People, by Philale- 
thes (Robert Fellowes) A.M. Oxon. 
To which is added, Knox's Histoiy 

of that Island. Lond. 1817. 4to. 
Drury, 957, 198. 

Chafin, WiQiapi. Anecdates 
respecting Cranboum Chase, with 
a very concise Account of it ; to- 
gether with the amusements it af- 
forded our Ancestors in the Days 
of Yore. 8vo. 4b. 

Chalcographimania ; or, the Por- 
trait-collector and Printseller's Chro- 
nicle, with Lifatuations of every 
Description. A humorous Poem, 
in. four Books, with copious Notea 
explanatory. By Satiricus Sculptor. 
Lond. 1814. 8vo. 3s. 6d. 

This poem is anything but humoroiuL 
and the notes are throughout tinctnnra 
with malevolence. "Written by W. H. Ire- 
land from information mostly ftumishei 
by T. Coram. Prefixed la a pretendsd 




copr of a print Of Will. Somers. Strettell, 

GhalehHiL, John. Thealma and 
Clearchus, a pastoral History in 
smooth and easie Terse. Lond. 
1688. 8vo. pp. 174. 

This work was edited and the preface 
written by the celebrated Isaac Walton. 
Notices of it will be found in the Retrosp. 
Bev. iv. 208—49, and in Beloe's Anecdotes, 
1. 6»>74. Field, 1416, 18s. Nassau, pt. i. 
568, 12. IB. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 688, 
rossia, 12. 10s. White Knights, 815, mor. 
12.15s. Bindley, pt. I 1067, 62. Bibl. 
Anglo-Poet. 120, 82. 88. Midgeley, 5^ 6s. 
An edition, revised by S. W. Singer, Chis- 
wiek, 1820, 12mo. 

Ghaleley, Thomas. Works ; 
with a Journal of his Christian Ex- 
.periences. ^ond. 1751. Svo. 6s. 

Chalkley was one ot the Society of 

ChaIiLoneb, Sichard, Bishop 
of Debra and V. A. The Life of 
Bichard Challoner, collected from 
his Writings, from authentick Be- 
cords, and from near twenty years 
personal Acquaintance with him,, 
by James Barnard. Lond. 1784. 
12mo. portrait. 

— Memoirs of missionary Priests 
and other Catholics that have suf- 
fered Death in England, 1741-2, 
Svo. 2 vols. Manchester, 1803. 

Chalmebs, Alexander. History 
of the Colleges, HaUs, and Public 
Buildings attached to the Univer- 
sity of Oxford, including the Lives 
of the Founders. Oxford, 1810. 

Svo. 2 vols> 1^ lis. 6d. 

According to the Quarterly Reviewers, 
this work 'contains much information 
which will be nsefiil and amusing to the 

enerality of readers, and which could not 
procured, except in works which are 
now become scarce and expensive.' Vol. 
1. pp. xvi. and 260, and 15 plates, not in- 
eluding the engraved title. Vol. ii. pp. 
261—486, (not including the half title and 
title); inaex, list of plates, and errata. 
This volume contains plates 16—81. 
BoTAL Octavo, published at 
QuABTO, with proofs on India paper. A 
small number printed. Sir M. M. Sykes, 
pt. i. 686, 21. 12s. Baker, 188, 21. 12s. 6d. 
K assail, pt i. 821, SI. lOs. Duke of York, 
1228, 4;. 8s. Dent, pt. i. 792, 42. 12s. 

Towneley, pt. ii. 812, russia, SI. Fonthill, 
798, 62. 6s. A small number of the plates 
were worked off as etchings to accompany 
the 4to. edition, but were separately sold. 
Chalmebs. The general Biogra- 
phical Dictionary. Lond. 1812 — 17. 

Svo. 32 vols. 

In this much improved edition, of the 
London Biographical Dictionary, Alex. 
Chalmers has taken more than common 
pains in giving accurate lists of the works 
of such as were authors, with the dates 
of the best editions, &c. &c. Brockett, 857, 
uncut, 12;. 14s. Dent, pt. i. 413, 162. 16s. 
Williams, 252, in pigskin, 291. 188. 6d. 
Drnry, 820, extra, 212. 10s. 6d. The former 
editions 1763, Svo. 11 vols. 1786, Svo. 12 
vols. 1798, Svo. 16 vols, are now of little 
value. See Biographical. 

— George. Caledonia; or, an 
Account historical and topographic 
of North Britam. Lond. 1807, 10, 
24. 4to. 3 vols. 5L 5s. LAsaE 

FAPEB, 71. 178. 6d. 

This work, which was to have been ex- 
tended to six volumes, the most elaborate 
and exact inits peculiar walkwhich modem 
or perhaps any time have seen, may justly 
be ranked with Camden's Britannia. (Un- 
fortunately it has never been completed, 
the fourth volume still remaining in MS. 
Tliis was sold in Chalmers' sale with To- 
pographical Dictionary of Scotland, 9 vols, 
in MS. for 302. bought by Thorpe. 

— The Life of Mary, Queen of 

Scots, drawn from the State Papers, 

with six subsidiary Memoirs : 1. 

Of the Calumnies concerning the 

Scottish Queen. 2. Memoirs of 

Francis II. 3. Of Lord Damley. 4. 

Of James, Earl Bothwell. 5. Of the 

Earl of Murray. 6. Of Secretary 

Maitland. Lond. 1818. 4to. 2 vols. 
Illustrated by ten plates of medals, 
portraits, and views. Brockett, 767, bds. 
2/. 6s. Another edition. Lond. 18 , Svo. 
S vols. 

Political Annals of the present United 
Colonies, from their Settlement to the 
Peaoeofl768. BookI.Lond.l780,4to.2;.28. 

The Life of Daniel De Foe. Lond. 1790, 
Svo. 88. This life was prefixed to his 
edition of De Foe's History of the Union, 
4to. and to Robinson Crusoe, a few copies 
of which were taken off separately— it 
contains a long list of De Foe's works. 

A Collection of Treaties between Great 
Britain and other Powers. Lond. 1790« 
Svo. 2 vols. Bozbnrghe; 7481, 16s. 





The Life of Thomas Ruddimui, A.H. 
the Keeper, for ahuost fifty years, of the 
Llhmry belonging to the Facnlty of Ad- 
vocates at Edinhnrgh ; to which are sub- 
joined new Anecdotes of Bachanan. Lond. 
1794, 8vo. pp. 487, with title, advertise- 
ment, specimen of Raddiman's writing, 
and his portrait In this volume will be 
found, among much interesting matter, a 
very curious chronological list of News- 

fapers. FonthlU. 122, 98. Bindley, pt.i. 
182, 6s. Roxburghe, 9826, 7s. 

An Apology, Supplemental Apology, 
and Appendix, for the Believers in the 
Bhakspeaie-Papers. Lond. 1797, 9, 1800, 
8vo. 8 vols. These volumes, containing a 
great mass of curious and most valuable 
information relative to the history of the 
English drama, are indispensably neces- 
sary to every Shaksperian collector. 
Field, 664, 12s. Roxburghe, 8889, 12s. 

The Estimate of the comparative 
Strength of G. Britain, and of the Losses 
of her Trade from every War since the 
Revolution. Lond. 1810, 8vo. 12s. One of 
the most useful and conclusive books both 
for the extent and accuracy of its re- 
searches, and the force of its reasonings, 
first published in 1782, reprinted 1766, 
1794 1802. 

Considerations on Commerce, Bullion, 
and Coin, Circulation, and Exchanges, with 
a View to our present Circumstances. 
Lond. 1811, 8vo. 6s. 6d. 

Historical View of the Domestic Eco- 
nomy of G. Britain and Ireland from the 
earliest to the present Times. Edinb. 1812, 
8vo. A valuable and masterly work. 

Opinions of eminent Lawyers concern- 
ing the Colonies and Commerce of Great 
Britain. 1814, 8vo. 2 vols. 82, da. 

Another Account of the Incidents from 
which the Title and Part of the Frefiioe 
of Shakespeare's Tempest were derived. 
Lond. 1816, 8vo. Forty copies privately 
printed. Field, 678, 1{. I7s. Bo8well,666. 
16s. See Halone. 

The Author of Junius ascertained finnn 
a Concatenatlraiof Cireomstances, amountp 
ingto Demonstration. Lond. 1817, 8vo. 

The Poetic Remains of some of the 
Scottish Kings, now first collected by 
George Chalmers, F,R,S. &e. Lond. 1824, 
post 8vo. with a ftill length portrait of Jas. 
I., and a fao-simile of his writing. 10s. 6d. 

A Letter on a disputed Point of Genea- 
logy in the Stewart ramily. 

Account of the Kings, their Coronation; 
of the Parliament, its Constitution ; of the 
King's Authority; and of the Officers of 
State, 4to. Twelve copies printed. 

Chalmeriana; or a Collection of Papers, 
literary and political, entitled Letters, 
Verses, 8ec. on reading a late heavy sup- 
plemental Apology for the Believers in 

the ShakspearePapers. Load. 180Q, Sv*. 
66. This infamous and cruel attack on one 
of the most worthy of men was written hf 
George Hardinge. Field, 656, 6fl. 6d. 

Chalmers, Thomas, D.D. The 
Christian and Civil Economy of 
large Towns. Glasgow, 1821-6. 
8vo. 8 vols. 

Published at It 7s. in numbers. 

The Evidence and Authority of the 
Christian Revelation. Edinb. 1814, ISmo. 
4s. 6d. Frequently reprinted. 

A Series of Discourses on the Christian 
Religion, viewed in Connexion with mo- 
dem Astronomy, 1817, 8vo. 88. 

Sermons preached in the Tron ChmtJl, 
Glasgow. Glasgow, 1^19, Svo. 12s. 

Considerations on thtf System of Paro- 
chial Schools in Scotland, and on the Ad- 
vantage of establishing them in large 
Towns. Glasgow, 1819. 

The Application of Christianity to the 
commercial and ordinary Affairs of liife, 
in a Series of Discourses. 8vo. 9a, 

Speec1;ie8 and Tracts. Glasgow, 182S, 
8to. 8s. 6d. 

BsiDOBWATBR Tbsatisb, ou thePow«r, 
Wisdom, and Goodness of God, as mani- 
fested in the adaptation of external na- 
ture to the Moral and Intellectual consti- 
tution of Man. Lond. 1888, 2 vols. 8vo. 
Reprinted in 1 voL post 8vo. Bohn, 1869^ 

Original Works, 26 vols. 12mo. each 4s. 
Glasgow, 1886-40. 

Posthumous Works, 9 vols, 8vo. each 
10s. 6d. Lond. 1848. 

[Memoirs of the Life and Writings, of 
Dr. Chalmers edited by Dr. W. Hanna. 
Edinb. 1861, 8vo. 4 vols. 22. 2s.] 

CbaIiONEB, Edward. Sermons. 
Lond. 1623 and Ozon. 1629. 4to. 
2 vols. 128. 

Each volume contains six sermons. A 
life and list of the works of this author, 
who 'was reputed, considering his age, a 
very learned man, able for the pulpi^and 
well read in polemical divinity, as most of 
his lucubrations shew/ will be found in 
Wood's Athen. Oxon. 

— Sir Thomas, Knt. De Bep. 

Anglorum instauranda Libri decern. 

Huic accessit in Laudem Henric^ 

YIIT. Carmen panegyricnm. Item 

de iUnstrium quorundam Encomiis 

MisceUanea, cum Epigrammatis ae 

Epitaphijs noxmuUis. Londizu^ T. 

VautroUerius, 1579, 4to, 

Bindley, pt. iiL 837, 17s. IngUa. 847 
ruBsia, 12. 10s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. 1. 697^ 
12.12s. Nassau, pt. i. 822, 12. 198. Anedi- 




tfoa of the Poem on Henry YIII. appeared 
1560. 4to. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 608, 62. 

CHixoiTEB, Thomas. Belation of 
the strange Fmding out of Moses his 
Tomb, in a Valley near onto Mount 
Nebo in Palestina, &o, Lond. 1 657. 

8ro. 58. 

' This book, at its Unt appearance, made 
a neat noise, and pnsled the presby terian 
raobies for a time : at length the author 
thereof being known, and his story found 
to be' a meer sham, the book became ridi- 
cnlous, and was put to posterior uses.' — 
Ant, d Wood* 

GHAMBAin), Lewis. Dictionary 

French and English. New Edition 

considerably en£urged and improved 

by Des Carrieres. Lond. 1805. 4to. 


Best edition. Another edition (retrench- 
ed in some parts, enlarged in others) 1816, 
8to. 4 vols. Brockett, 861, 12. 16s. Wil- 
liams, 416, morocco, 82. 17s. An edition, 
1778, 4to. 2 vols. Roxburghe, S154, 12. 9s. 

Ghahbeb, John. Treatise against 

Irdicial Astrologie. 'Lond. 1601. 

4to. 78. L. p. 10s. 6d. 

This work was roughly handled by Sir 
Christ. Heydon in his defence of judicial 
astrologry. Another work by Chamber, 
* Astronomiae Encomivm.' Lond. 1601, 
4to. The two works. Gordonstoun, 667 and 
690, 12. 7s. An account of Chamber will 
be found in Wood's Athen. Oxon. 

Chambebiaine, Henry. History 
and Survey of the Cities of London 
and Westminster, the Borough of 
Southwark, and parts adjacent, by a 
Society of Gentlemen; revised, ic. 
by Henry Chamberlaine. Lond. 
(1769-70). folio, with phtes. 

An inaccurate compilation, published In 
numbers by Cooke. Towneley, pt 11. 686, 
IDs. 6d: 

— James. A sacred Poem, where- 
in the Birth, Miracles, Death, Be- 
surrection and Ascension of the 
most holy Jesus are delineated, 
with his rrayer before his Appre- 
hension. Also eighteen of David's 
Psalms, with the Book of Lamen- 
tations paraphrased : together with 
Poems on several Occasions. Lond. 
1680. 8vo. 

Pp. 214^ with a frontispiece. Bindley, 

pt i. 1.367, 48. Nassau, pt 1, 673,7s. Bibl. 
Anglo-Poet 904, 12. Is. 

OHAMBEBLAnni, John. Imitations 
of original Drawings by Hans Hol- 
bein in the Collection of his Majesty, 
for the Portraits of illustrious Per- 
sons of the Court of Henry VIII., 
with biographical Tracts (by Ed- 
mund Lod^e). Published by John 
Chamberlame. Lond. 1792-1800. 
atlas folio. 2 vols. 

Fourteen numbers, published at 872. 168 
This work consists of^72 portraits, not in- 
cluding those of Hans Holbein and his 
Wife ; all, with the exception of four, en- 
graved by Bartolozzi. The biographical 
tracts are derived from no common sources, 
and exhibit recondite research, and hap- 
piness of display, for which Mr. Lodge was 
so remaricable. The first impressions are 

Srinted on tinted (commonly called Hol- 
ein) paper, mostly the size ofthe page ; the 
second are on the same, but a smaller size, 
mounted on drawing paper ; and the third 
on a kind of white stained paper, the size 
of the page. Marquis of Townshend, 642, 
18 nos. 182. North, pt. ii. 686, red morocco, 
242. Ss. Nassau, pt. i. 1956, ruasia, 212. 
10s. 6d. Fonthill, 8260, mssia, 812. 10s. 
Duke of York, 1262, morocco, 212. lOs. 6d. 
Brockett, 1678, morocco, 262. 68. Rox- 
burghe, 1606, russia, 892. 18s. Dent, pt i. 
664, russia, 161. 16s. Of this work a very 
few copies (it is said not more than six) 
were carefully mounted on card paper, 
ruled in gold and black. Sotheby's, in Mar. 
1828. red mor. 442. 28. 

An intended coutinuation of this fine 
work, consisting of portraits of the court 
of Francis II. of France, was commenced, 
but proceeded only to the extent of eight 
portraits, which remained unpublished 
till acquired by Mr. Bohn. They have since 
been appended to some copies of the origi- 
nal book, with memoirs by Mrs. Jameson. 
Another edition with the 80 engrayings 
beautifully reduced, 1812, large 4to. (pub- 
lished at 162.) 62. 168. 6d. Proofs, 102. 10s. 
duplicate proofs, plain and coloured, 202. 

— Imitations of drawings in the 
Boyal CoUection, being Engravings 
£rom the Designs of Leoiuurdo da 
Vinci, Raphael, N. Poussin, Caracci, 
Claude, Michael Angelo, by Barto- 
lozzi, Tomkins, &o. Lond. 1797 — 
1811. imp. folio, complete in 8 nos. 
21. 2s. each. A complete edition 
published under the title of Original 
Designs, &c. 1812. 70 plates, imp. 
folio, (pub. 12L) 61, 58. 




Chahbeblaike, Bichard. Litho- 
bolia; or, the Stone-throwing DeviL 
Lond. 1698. 4to. 10s. 6d. 

OhambebIiAIH^, Bob. Noctur- 
nal! Lucubrations : or Meditations 
divine and morall. Whereunto are 
added Epigrams and Epitaphs. 

Lond. 1638. 16mo. 

Pp. 124. Reed, 1847, 8s. 6d. Lloyd, 323, 
li. 68. Bibl. Anglo Poet. 133, 12. 10s. 
Bindley, pt. i. 1866, 12. 15s. Bright, mor. 
21. 6s. 

The Swaggering Damsell, a Comedy. 
Lond. 1640, 4to. Roxbarghe, 4570, 9s. 

Jocabella, or cabinet of conceits, where- 
unto are added Epigrams and other Poems, 
front. Lond. R. Hodgkinson, 1640, 12mo. 
HaUiwell, May, 1867, 62. 15s. 

Chambeblains, William. Pha- 
ronnida ; a heroiok Poetm. Lond. 

1659. 12mo. 

Pp. 4£|0, with a portrait by A. Hertocks, 
dedicated to Sir William Portman, Bart. 
Nassau, pt. i. 570, 9s, Bindley, pt. i. 1157, 
168. Reed, 6680, 178. White Knights, 
816, russia, 22. 18s. Midgley, 32. 138. 6d. 
Reprinted in 8 vols. 12mo. by Chappie, 
Pall Mall. 

Southey, in a note to his ' Joan of Arc,' 
calls Chamberlaine '* a poet, who has told 
an interesting story in uncouth rhymes, 
and mingles sublimity of thought, and 
beauty of expression, with the quaintest 
conceits and most awkward inversions.' 
According to Campbell, one of the most 
interesting stories ever told in verse, and 
contidning so much amusing matter as to 
be made into a prose novel, entitled Ero. 
mena, or the Noble Stranger, 1683. See 
also the Censura Llteraria and RetrospeO' 
tive Review. 

Loves Victory, a Tragl-comedy. Lond. 
1658, 4to. Retrosp. Rev. i. 258— 71. Rox- 
burghe, 4671, 5s. This play was after- 
wards published under the title of Wits 
led by the Nose, 1678, 4to. Roxburghe, 
4572, 8s. 6d. 

Chambeblatne, Edward. The 
late Warre parallel' d: or, a brief 
Eolation of the five Years civil 
Warres of Henry III King of Eng- 
land. Lond. 1660. 4to. 5s. 

A former edition, entitled ' The present 
War paralleled,' appeared in 1647. 

— Angliee Notitia: or the pre- 
sent state of England. By Edward 

Ghamberlayne. Lond. 1667. 12mo. 

Firstedition,with fix) W.Falthome, 

eontaining portraits of K. Charles II., 

Abp. Sheldon, and the Earl of Shaftesboxy. 
Second edition, 1669. Reprinted 1669, 1670^ 
1671, 1672, 1678,1674, 1676, 1677, 1679, 1682. 
16th edition, 1684. edition, contain- 
ing many corrections and additions by- 
Andrew Allam, according tfi Ant. a Wood, 
1687, 1682. 1694, 1700. 20th edition, 1702, 
the last edited by the original compiler. 
2l8t edition. 1704, 1707. The editions be- 
fore 1688 contain some curious matter 
omitted in the subsequent ones. 

Continued by his son, see next article, 
John Chamberlayne. 

[The Rise and Fall of Count Olivares. 
The unparallel'd imposture of Michael de 
Molina, executed at Madrid in 1641. Tbe 
right and title of the present King of For- 
tugall, Don John the Fourth. Translated 
out of Italian, Spanish, and Portnguese. 
Lond. 1652, 12mo7] 

Ohambeblaynb, John. Magn» 
Britanniee Notitia : or, the present 
State of Ghreat Britain. Lond. 

1755. 8to. 

Last edition. The former editions 1706, 
1710. 3rd Edition, 1715, 1716, 1718. 5th 
Edition, 1723, 1726, 1727, 1728, 1729, 1785^ 
1736, 1787. 8th Edition, 1738, 1741, 1745. 
37th Edition. 1748. 

This author translated Brandt's Refor- 
mation. See also Nieuwentyt, Oratio Do- 
minica, and Osterwald. 

Chambeelen, Paul. An im- 
partial History of the Life and 
Beign of Queen Anne. Lond. 1738. 
folio. 12s. 


Chambess, Ephraim. Cyclopee- 
dia : or, an universal Dictionary of 
Arts and Sciences. With the Sup- 
plement and modem Improvements 
incorporated in one Alphabet. By 
Abraham Bees, D.D. Lend. 1788 

— 91. folio. 4 vols. 

Duke of York, 1264, 32. 68. Towneley, 
pt. ii. 580, mssia, 62. The first edition of 
this valuable work (which afterwards be- 
came the basis of Rees's Cyclopcedia), ap- 
peared 1728^ folio, 2 vols. Reprinted 178P, 
1739, 1741, and 1746. 

— John. Bibliotheca Becondita ; 
or a collection of curious private 
pieces, some of which great en- 
deavours have been used to conceal 
from Publick view. Lond. 1739. 
8vo. 2 vols. 

— John. Harmony of the four 




Gospels, with many historical and 
doctrinal Notes, selected from va- 
rious Authors. Lond. 1813. 8vo. 

( HAiiBEBS, John. History of 
Malvern. Worcester, 1820. cr. 8vo. 
with five plates. 9s. demy 8vo. 15s. 

This writer likewiBO published Biogra- 
phical Illustrations of Worcestershire, to 
which is added a list of living authors of 
the County. Worcester, 1820, 8vo. 

— Eohert. Miracles lately wrought 

by the blessed Virgin at Mont-aigu. 

Antwerp, 1606. 

Chambers was the first confessor to the 
English Benedictine Nuns at BrusselH. 
Reed, 520, 4s. 6d. Towneley, pt. i. 4JJ7, 

— Sabin. The Garden of the 
Virgin Mary. St, Omer. 1619. 8vo. 

— William, D.D. Scotibanse Ec- 
clesifiB Infantia, virilis ^tas, Senec- 
tus. Paris, 1643. 4to. 

— Sir William. Treatise on civil 
Architecture. Edited by Joseph 
Gwilt. Lond. 1825. imperial 8vo. 
2 vols. 3Z. 3s. LAEGE PAPEB, royal 
4to. 2 vols. 4il. 14s. 6d, 

Fourth edition, with very considerable 
and important additions. An accurate and 
precise treatise, equally acceptable to the 
architect, the connoisseur, and the builder. 
According to the Hon. Hor. Walpole, late 
Earl of Orford, ' it is the most sensible 
book, and the most exempt from preju- 
dices, tiiat was ever written on that sci- 
ence.' First editioii, imp. folio, 1759. Font- 
hiU, S097, 6Z. 12s. 6d. Edwards, 187, 21. 
12s. 6d. 1768. The third edition, conside- 
rably augmented, 1791, imp. folio. [An 
edition, by J. B. Papworth. Lond. 1830, 
4to. 32. 38.] 

Designs of Chinese Buildings, Furni- 
ture, Dresses, Machines, and Utensils. En- 
graved by the best Hands from the Origi- 
nals drawn in China by W. Chambers, 
Architect. To which is annexed, A De- 
scription of their Temples, Houses, Gar- 
dens, &c. Lond. 1767, royal folio, 128. 
Fonthill, 3266, 22. 13s. 

Plans, Elevations, Sections, and perspec- 
tive Views of the Gardens and Buildings 
at Kew,in Surrey. Lond. 1763, imp. folio. 
Title, dedication to the Princess Dowager 
of Wales, with a description of the .41 
plates, and directions to the binder, 8 
pages. Nassau, pt. I. 891, 11. 13s. Font- 
hiU, 3266, 22. lis. 

Dissertation on Oriental Gardening. 
Lond. 1772, 4to. with vignettes by Barto- 

lozzi, 5s. LA.BGE PAPER. Brockett, 7o8f 


Heroic Epistle to Sir Wm. Chambers. 
These well-known satires are confidently 
ascribed to Mason, though he never ac- 
knowledged them himself, uor are they 
inserted in any edition of his works. In 
1805 appeared The Poetical Works of the 
Author of the heroic Epistle to Sir Wil- 
liam Chambers, crown 8vo. pp 133, 3s. 6d. 

Chambee, David. Histoire ab- 

hr6g6e de tovs les Eoys de France, 

Angleterre et d'Escosse, mise en 

or<£e par forme d'Harmonie. Paris, 

Rob. Oolombel, 1579. 8vt). (with an 

anchor on the title page.) 

This work, written by a Scotchman, who 
was one of the followers of Mary, Queen of 
Scots, contains much curious information, 
not to be found elsewhere. It is dedicated 
to that unfortunate Princess. What relates 
to Scotland is principally taken from Hec- 
tor Boethius. Gordonstoun, 668, 21. 14s. 
According to Nicholson, a former edition 
appeared 1672. 

T?ie two fdllomng tracts are generally 
found in the volume, and apparently belong 
to it. 

La Recherche des Singvlaritez plvs re- 
marqvables conceraant I'Estat d'Encosse. 
Paris, 1579, 8vo. There were two edi- 
tions printed 1579. Gough, 761, 21. 4s. 

Discovrs de la legitime Svccession des 
Femmes avx Possessions de leurs P&rens: 
& du Gouemement des Princesses aux 
Empires & Royaumes. Pai-is, 1579, 8vo. 
Two editions the same year. Reprinted 
in the first volume of Jebb deYitaetRebus 
gestis MarisB Reginee Scotorum. 

The three parts in one vol. 21. 2s. to 82. Ss . 

— M. 0. de la. Art how to 

know Men, translated by John 

Davies of Kidwelly. Lond. 1665. 

8vo. 28. 6d. 

The works of this writer are now in lit- 
tle estimation. 

The Characters of the Passions. Lond. 
1660, 8vo. 2s. 6d. 

A Discourse of the Knowledge of Beasts. 
Lond. 1667, 8vo. 2s. 6d. 

ChamiliiAbd, — . The Vision of 
Mons. Chamillard concerning the 
Battle of Bamilies and the miracu- 
lous Revolution in Flanders begim 
May the 12th, 1706. A Poem by 
a Nephew of the late Mr. John 
Milton. Lond. 1706. folio. 

Consisting of seven leaves, ' hnmbly in-^ 




leiibM to the Right Honourable John 
Lord Somers.' 

Chamfnet, Anth. Treatise on 
the Vocation of Bishops and other 
Eoclesiasticall Ministers, proring 
the Ministers of the pretenaed B>e- 
formed Churches to nave no Call- 
ing. Douay, 1616. 4to. 

Sir M. M. Sykes, pt i. 700. V. U. 

Champion. — The Champion. 
Lond. 1741. 12mo. 2 yols. 5s. 

The greater portion of this periodical 
was written by the celebrated Henry 

CHAMFiniis, John. The Har- 

uest is at Hande, wherein the Tares 

shall he hound and cast into the 

Fire,&c. Lond-hyHumfreyPoweU, 

1548. 8vo. 

From UaunselFs Catalogue, p. 67. 
Chancjeus or Chaiwey. Jn^ 
fflice Chaunct. 

Chance. — On the Laws of Chance, 
Lond. 1692. 

One of the earliest treatises on this sub- 
ject, published anonymously. 

Chancellors. — lives of the Lord 
Chancellors, &o. Lond. 1712. 8vo. 
2 vols. 7s. 6d. 

Brockett, 8S3, 10s. /8m Hardy, T. D. 

Chancery. — Calendars of the Pro- 
ceedings in Chancery in the Beign 
of Elizaheth ; to which are pre- 
fixed Examples of earlier Proceed- 
ings in that Court, namely from 
the Beign of Bichard II. to that 
of Elizaheth inclusive. From the 
Originals in the Tower. 1827. foho. 
vol. 1. 21. 28. 

The earlier chancery proceedings pre- 
fixed to this volume present most valu- 
able information on every point of interest 
to the antiquary and historian in the 14tb, 
15th, and 16th centuries. 

Practice of the High Court of Chancery 
unfolded, with the Nature of the several 
Offices belonging to it, and Reports of 
many Cases wherein Relief has been had 
and denied. Lond. 1672, 12mo. 

Gases aivned and decreed in the High 
Court of Chancery, in the Reign of K. 
Charles II. Lond. 17S6. folio, 21. 10s. In 
three parts: part i. Third edition, 1730 or 
1786 : part ii. Second edition, 1786; part 
iii. Fourth edition, no date. 

Reports of Cases in the Court of Chan 
eery, in the Reigna of K. Charleii i. 
Charles II. James II. William III. and Q. 
Anne. Third edition, with many addi- 
tional References. Lond. 1736, folio, 11.6a. 
Best edition. The former editions 1697, 
8vo. 2 vols. 1716-6, 8vo. 3 vols. 

Select Cases in the High Court of Chan- 
cery, before the late Lords Commissioneni 
of the great Seal, and the lata Lord Chan- 
cellor King, 1724—83. Lond. 1740, folio, 

Precedents in Chancery, being a Collec- 
tion of Cases in Chancery, 1688-1722. 
Second edition, with Notes and References 
by T. Pinch. Lond. 1786, royal 8vo. 14a. 
It is said by Lord Hardwicke, these notes, 
down to 1708, were taken by Mr. Pooley, 
the remainder by Mr. Robins. The for- 
mer editions 1783, 1747 or 1760, 7s. 6d. 

Digested Index to the Chancery Rq. 
ports, from 1688 to 1806. Second edition. 
Lond. 1807, royal 8vo. 18s. First edition, 
1802, royal 8vo. 9s. 

Chajndleb, Edward, successively 
Bishop of Covent^ and Litchfield, 
and of Durham. Defence of Chris- 
tianity from the Prophecies of the 
old Testament. Lond. 1725. 8vo. 

— A Vindication of the Defence. 
Lond. 1728. 2 vols- Svo. 

A very able, learned, and masterly work, 
written in answer to Collins's Scheme of 
literal Prophecy. WilUams, 417, U 68. 
418, i;. 9s. 

— Bichard, D.D. Travels in 
Asia Minor and in Greece. Lond. 

1817. 4to. 2 vols. 

These valuable travels, highly interest- 
ing to the antiquarian, were originally 
published at the exi>ense of the Society 
of Dilettanti. Oxford, 1826. Svo. 2 voU. 
Drury, 821, 19s. 6d. Travels in Asia Mi- 
nor. Oxford, 1775, 4to.— Dublhi, 1776. Svo. 
68. — Second edition. Lond. 1776, 4to. — 
Travels in Greece. Oxford, 1776, 4ta— 
Dublin, 1776, Svo. 6s. 2 vols. 1776. Heath, 
2646, 4{. 10s. Beckford in 1817, 42, 42. 4a. 
New edition, with an account of the 
author by Ralph Churton. Oxford, 1825, 
Svo. 2 vols. 18b. 

Marmora Oxoniensia. Ozonii. ' 1768, 
royal folio. This work consists of eograT- 
ings of the Arundelian Marbles. BUr M. 
M. Sykes. pt. i. 781, rossia, 81. 18s. 6d. 
Dent, pt. i. 667, with the original drawings 
by J. Miller, a portrait of Howard Earl<tf 
Arundel, after Rubens, a proof impreasloii, 
and a print after Hollar. 88^ 17>. 

Inscriptiones antiqvae, pleiaeqve ]i<m- 
dvm editae, in Asia Minori et Qra«cia, 
praesertim Athenls, collectae, cvm Appen- 
dice. Oxon. 1774^ folio. Qoogh, 8M, 148. 




History of Ilium, or Troy : including the 
Hdjaoent Country and the opposite Coast 
of the Chersonesusor Thrace. Lond. 1802, 
4to. Pp. vil. and 167, with a map accord- 
ing to D'AnviUe. Roxburghe, 8966, 12s. 

The Life of William Waynflete, Bishop 
of Winchester, Lord High Chancellor of 
Snglande in the Reign of Henry VI., and 
Pounder of Magdalen College, Oxford. 
Lond. 1811, royal 8vo. 12s. pp. xvi. and 
410, also index, 18 pages, and plates. 
LABOB PAPBB, (60 coples, six of ▼hlch have 
impressions or the plates on India paper.) 
Nassau, pt. 1. 674, 11. 198. Bp. of Ely, 283, 
82. 2b. Jadis, 76, 21. With the plates on 
India paper. Williams, 420, morocco, 
4;. Is. FonthiU, 1485, sumptuously bound, 
62. 2s. 6d. 

— See Dilettanti. 

Chakdleb, Samuel, D.D. A cri- 
tical History of the Life of £ing 
David. Lond. 1766. 8vo. 2 vols. 

An Important and highly-esteemed work, 
the most valuable of all Dr. Chandler's 
publications. Bindley, pt. i. 978, 16s. Goa- 
set, 1160, 16s. Oxford, 1868, in one volume, 
8vo. 8s. 6d. 

A Vindication of the Christian Religion, 
in two Parts. Lond. 1726, 8. 8vo. 3s. 

A Paraphrase and critical Commentary 
on the Prophecy of Joel. Lond. 1786, 4to. 
48. 6d. 

History of Persecution, from the Patri- 
archal Age to the Reign of K. George II. 
Lond. 1786. 8vo. with plates. Gosset, 
1168, 9s. 6d. Another edition, edited by 
C. Atmore. Hull, 1813, 8vo. 7s. 

A Review of the History of the Han 
after God's own Heart; in which the 
Falsehoods and Misrepresentations of the 
Historian areexposedand corrected. Lond. 
1762, 8vo. Gosset, 1169, 6s. This Review 
was occasioned by a vile publication, 
{iee Aknbt, Peter), produced on occasion of 
a sermon, published by Dr. Chandler, in 
which he compared K.George 11. to King 
David, V. a Man after God's own Heart 

Sermons on various Subjects, with a 
Preface by Thomas Amory. Lond. 1768, 
8vo. 4 vols, with portrait. Bindley, pt. i. 
972, II. 8s. 

A Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistles 
of St. Paul to the Galatians and Ephe- 
sians : together with a Commentary on 
the Epistles of St. Paul to the Thessa- 
lonians. Lond. 1777, 4to. 7s. 6d. A post- 
humous work of this celebrated Arian, 
published by the Rev. Nath. White. 

Chanbos, Grey Srydges, Lord. 
See Horse subsecivse. 

— Sir John. See Wtblby, Wil- 

GHAmnsL, Elinor. A message 

from Q-od (by a dumb woman) to 
his Highness the Lord Protector. 
Together with a word of advice to 
the Commons of England and Wales 
for the electing of a Parliament. 
Printed in the year 1653, or, as the 
Vulgar think, 1654. 12mo. 

Eight leaves. A copy is in the Gren- 
vlUe Library. 

Chansone, Tine, qi fiit fet al Bois 
de Belreggart par ung bon Compag- 
non qi se Mucea illoecs les horri- 
bles Croaultees des Justices Trayll- 

bastone, &c. 4to. 

Edited by Francis Cohen, now Palgrave, 
F.R.S. Boswell, S077, 10s. 6d. 

Chanson, moult pitoyable des 

grievouses oppressions que la poure 

Commune de Engleterre souffire, et 

autres Chansons. Lond. 1818. 4to. 
Edited by Sir Francis Palgrave. 

Chantbeau, Peter Nicholas. 

Voyages dans les trois Boyaumes 

d'Angleterre, d'Ecosse, et d'lre- 

lande, 1788-9. Paris, 1792. 8vo. 

3 vols. 10s. 6d. 

A tolerably £air statement of the political 
constitution, religious opinions, manners, 
prejudices, state of arts and sciences, &c. 
of Britain. 

Philosophical, political and literary Tra- 
vels in Russia, 1788. Transl. from the 
French. Perth, 1794, 8vo. 2 vols, with a 
map and plates, lOs. Replete with curious 
and original information. Edwards, 611, 


Chaplain. — The Family Chap- 
lain. 1775. 2 vols. 

WiUiams, 700, 2Z. 

Chapman, Gi^orge. Poetical and 

other Works, viz. 

ZxlavvKToc. The Shadow of Night : con- 
taining two poeticall Hymnes. Deulsed 
by G. C. Gent. Lond. 1604, 4to. Pp. 40. 
Dedicated to 'Master Mathew Roydon.' 
Steevens, 793. Reed, 6707, 11. Sir M. M. 
Sykes, pt. 1. 701, morooeo. SI. Ss. Bibl. 
Anglo.-Poet. 97, morocco, 261. Hayley, 8^. 
Bright, 1606, 62. 12s. 6d. 

Quids Banquet of Sence. A Coronet for 
his Mistresse Phllosophle, and his amo- 
rous Zodlacke. With a Translation of a 
Latine Coppie, written by a Fryer, Anno 
Dom. 1400. Lond. by I. R. for Mchard 
Smith, 1606, 4to. Pp. 68. Dedicated to 
Mathew Royden, after which are commen- 




ChafuaN — continued, 
datory verses, by Kichard Stapleton, Tho. 
WilliamB and I. D. of the Middle Temple. 
Bibl. Anglo-Poet 96, inor. 261. Steerens, 
792, 192. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 702, date 
1695 ? morocco, 182. Resold, Bright, 162. 16b. 
Another edition. Lond. 1639, 12mo. This 
edition has neither the dedication nor 
commendatory yenies. 

The blindeBegger of Alexandria. Lond. 
1698, 4to. F. in foiin. Rhodes, 745, H. 68. 
IngUs' Old Plays, 28, 62. 10s. 

A pleasant Comedy intituled an hume- 
roiis Dayes Myrth. Lond. 1699, 4to. No 
division. H 2, in fours. Roxburghe, 4682, 

All Fooles, a Comedy. Lond. 1605, 4to. 
Roxbnrghe, 4673, 7b. Rhodes, 746, lis. 
Reed, 7762, lis. 6d. Reprinted in Dods- 
ley's Collection. 

Eastward Hoe : as it was play'd in the 
Blackfriers. Made by Geo: Chapman, 
Ben: Jonson, loh. Marston. Lond. 1606, 
4to. It is said that for writing this come- 
dy, wherein the authors were accused of 
reflecting on the Scots, they were com- 
mitted to prison, and were in danger of 
losing their ears and noses. The offensive 
parts are omitted in most copies. From 
the Eastward Hoe, Hogarth is supposed to 
have taken the plan of his set of prints, 
called 'The industrious and idle Prentices.^ 
Roxburghe, 4580, 16s. 6d. Rhodes, 747, 12. 
Ualliwell, May, 1856, 12. 148. Field, 149, 
with the cancelled passages, 12. Ss. Re- 
printed in Dodsley's Collection. 

Monsievr D'Olive, a Comedie. Lond. 

1606, 4to. Roxburghe, 4585, 10s. 6d. Bos- 
well, 609, 18s. Rhodes. 749, 18s. Reed, 
7748, 12. lOs. Inglis' Old Plays, 15. 12. lis. 
Sotbeby, 1881, 82. 10s. Reprinted in 'Old 
Plays,' 1816, vol. iii. 

The Gentleman Ysher. Lond. 1606, 4to. 
Roxburghe, 4581, 78. 6d. Inglis' Old Plays, 
16, 12. 7s. Reed, 7747, 12. 16s. Rhodes, 
748. 12. Is. 

BusHy d'Ambois: a Tragedie, Lond. 

1607, 4to. Inglis' Old Plays, 17, 12. 10s. 
Reprinted 1608. Rhodes, 751, 98. Bind- 
1^, pt. i. 2187, 9s.— 1616.— 1641. Rhodes, 
752, Is.— 1646. Reprinted in ' Old Plays,^ 
1816. vol. ill. 

TheConspiracleand Tragedie of Charles 
Duke of Byron. Lond. 1608, 4to. Rox- 
burghe, 4578, 8s. 6d. White Knights, 150, 
188. Inglis' Old Plays, 19, 12. 6a Re- 
printed 1626, 4to. Nassau, pt i. 823, 2s. 
Rhodes, 758, 88. Roxburghe, 4579, 68. 

EvthymUe Raptus; or the Teares of 
Peace: with Interlocutions. Lond. 1609, 
4to. A— F 2, 22 leaves. Steevens, 794. 
Bibl.Anglo.Poet 902, 82. 18s. 6d. Sotheby, 
I>eo. 1854, mor. 22. 6b. 

May Day, a wittie Comedie. Lond. 
1611, 4to. Boswell, 1678, 78. White 
Kuights, 152, 128. Rhodes^ 764, 14s. Rox- 

bnrghe, 4688, 168. Inglis' Old Plays, », 
12. 68. Reprinted iu 'Old Plays,^ 1B16, 
vol. iv. 

An Epicede, or funerall Song on ibe 
most Disastrovs Death of Henry, Prince of 
Wales. Lond. 1612, 4to. pp. 82, and plate 
of the Hearse, by Hole. Dedicated to 
Mr. Henry Jones. Steevens, 793. Reed, 
6708, 138. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt i. 708, 
morocco, 42. lOs. pt. iii. 76, 12. Ss. BtbL 
Anglo-Poet 99, morocco, 102. Dedication 
often wanting. 

The funerals of the High and Hlgfaty 
Prince Henry, Prince of Wales. Lond. 
1618, 4to. Heber, with the Epicede, and 
folding-plate of the Herse, 42. 168. 

The Widowes Teares, a Comedie. Lond. 
1612, 4to. Rhodes, 755, 68. Roxburghe, 
4686, 78. Field, 153, 12. 48. Reprinted in 
Dodsley's Collection. 

The Revenge of Bussy d'Ambois, 
Lond. 1618, 4to. Rhodes, 756, 19s. Rox- 
burghe, 4576, 12. Ss. Inglis' Old Plays, 18, 
22. 2s. White Knights, 42. 10s. 

The memorable Maske of the two ho- 
norable Houses or Inns of Court; the 
Middle Temple and Lyncolnes Inne, as it 
was performed before the King at White- 
hall, on Shrove Mnnday at Night, being 
the 16th of Feb. 1618, at the Nuptialls of 
the Palsgrave, and this thrice gracious 
Princesse Elizabeth, &c. Lond. (1614), 4to. 
Dedicated to Sir E. Philipps, Master of the 
Rolls. This masque, the machinery of 
which was by Inlgo Jones, costupwards of 
10602. Hollis, 229, 13s. Roxburghe, 4584, 
12. 28. Dent, pt i. 795, 62. Rhodes, 757, 
72. 28. 6d. Reprinted in NichoLs' Pxx>. 
gresses of K. James I. 

Andromeda liberata : or the Nvptials of 
Persevs and Andromeda. Lond. 1614, 4to. 
Steevens, 793. Forster, 907, 14s. ferry, 
42.1s. Bright, 22. 78. 

Collation. Title Page. To the Reader. 
The Argument Poetical dedication to 
the Earl of Somerset, six leaves. The 
poem 17 leaves. Twenty-six leaves. ' De- 
dicated by a large poetical epistle to Ro- 
bert Earl of Somereet, and Frances his 
Countess; but this being not rightly un- 
derstood, amd carped at by many, came out 
soon after a pamphlet written in prose and 
poetry, entitled ' A free and offenceless Joa- 
tificatlon of a late Poem, entitled Andro- 
meda Liberata.' Lond. 1614, in two sheets 
4to. pen'd, I presume, by Chapman.' — 
Ant. 4 Wood. Reed, 7749. North, pt Iii. 
777, russia, ISs. Perry, 32. 98. Bright, 

Eugenia: or true Nobilities Trance: 
For the most memorable Death of the th rice 
noble and religiovs William Lord RnsseL 
&c. Diuided into foure Vigils of the Night. 
Anno 1614, 4to. Pp. 44, not numbered, 
Steevens, 798. 

Two Wise Men and all the rest Fooles. 




Ceafmak — continued. 
or a oomicall Moral, censuring the FoUiea 
of this Age, as it hath been divers Times 
acted. 1619, 4to. This play, published 
anonymously, consists of seven Acts. In- 
glis' Old PUys, 21, 22. 198. Bhodes, 768, 
4^ Is. Bright, 21. 28. 

Pro Yere Autamni Lachrymae, to the 
Memorleof Sir Horatio Yere. Lond. 1622, 
4to. Steevens, 793. Bright, 82. 19s. 

A lustification of a strange Action of 
Nero; In burying with a solemne Fvnerall 
one of the cast Hayres of his Mistresse 
Poppea. Also a lust Beproofe of a Ro- 
mano smell-Feast, being the fifth Satire of 
Iweuall. Translated by Geoi^e Chap- 
man. Lond. 1629, 4to. Dedicated to 
Bichard Hubert, Esq. This publication 
of Creorge Chapman is mentioned by 
Kitson as two works. See Collier's Poet. 
Decam. ii. 60—4. Steevens, 793. Inglis, 
848, 11. lOs. Bright, 21. 2s. 
-Cesar and Pompey, a Roman Tragedy, 
declaring their Warres. Out of whose 
Events is evicted this Proposition ; enly a 
just Man is a free Man. By G eorge Chap- 
man. Lond. 1631, 4to. There is no earlier 
edition of this play, nor was it ever in- 
tended for the stage. Roxburgbe, 4576, 
2s. Rhodes, 769, 7s. 6d. Some copies are 
entitled The Warres of Pompey and 
Cnsar, &c. Rhodes, 761, 6s. Boswell, 
610, lOs. Reprinted 1653, 4to. Rhodes, 
762, 28. 

The Ball, a Comedy, written by George 
Chapman and James Shirley. Lond. 1639, 
4to. Ss. 6d. Reprinted in vol. 1 of The 
Old English Drama. Lond. 1825. 

The Tragedie of Chabot, Admirall of 
France : written by George Chapman and 
James Shirley. Lond. 1689, 4to. Rox- 
burghe, 4577, 5s. 

Revenge for Honour, a Tragedie. Lond. 
1654. 4to. Rhodes, 764, 168. Reprinted 
1659, 4to. 

The Tragedy of Alphonsus, Emperor of 
Germany, Lond. 1664, 4to. Rhodes, 763, 
8s. 6d. Roxburghe, 4574, 6s. Inglis' Old 
Plays, 22, 13s. Bindley, pt. i. 2188, date 
1648, with Cesar and Pompey, 1631, 16s. 

Noahs Flovd. 4to. Erroneously assigned 
to George Chapman by Rltson, but writ- 
ten by Drayton. 

The second Maiden's Tragedy. This 
forms no. 1 of * The Old English Drama.' 
Lond. 1826. 

See Mablowe, Christ. Hbsiod. Hohbb. 
MuBiBus. Petbabch. According to War- 
ton, Chapman ' contributed in no inconsi- 
derable degree to enrich and advance the 
Bnglish stage.' An account of Chapman 
and of his works will be found in the Re- 
trosp. Rev. iv. 833—81. v. 816— 22. Wood's 
Athen. Oxon. by Bliss, ii. 576—81. War- 
ton's Poetry, 8vo. iv. 274-6. 

Chapman, Henry. Thennfie i«- 

divivee : the City of Bath described ; 

with some observations on those 

Boveraign, Waters. ' Lond. 1763, 

4to. 5s. 

Pp. 23, including the title and two dedi- 

— John. A most true Beport 

of the miraculous moving and 

sinking of a Plot of Gfround about 

9 acres at Westram, in Kent, from 

the 18th Deer, till the 29th, 1596. 

4to. woodcut. 

Black letter. Bright, 71. 178. 6d. 

— John, D.D. Eusebius : or the 
true Christian's Defense against a late 
Book (by Morgan) entitul*d The 
Moral Philosopher. Camb. and 
Lond. 1739-41. 8vo. 2 vols. 6s. 

— Thomas, D.D. Essay on the 
Boman Senate, Camb. 1750. Svo. 

A work in some estimation, labqb 
PAPEB. Williams, 422, 16a. 

— WilUam. Observations on 
the various Systems of Canal Na- 
vigation. Lond. 1797. 4to. 68. 

Pp. 104, with 4 plates. 

Chapone, Mrs. Hester. Letters 

on the Improvement of the Mind. 

Lond. 1773. 12mo. 2 vols. 56, 
Frequently reprinted. 

Miscellanies in Prose and Verse. Lond. 
1775, 12mo. 3s. 

Posthumous Works, with an Account of 
her Life and Character. Second edition 
corrected, with some Additions. Lond. 
1808, 12mo. 2 vols. 88. 

A Letter toanewlymarried Lady. Lond. 
1777, 12mo. 

Chappe d'Auteroche. See D'Au- 


Chapfell, Bartholemew. Gar- 
den of Prudence, wherein is con- 
tained a Patheticall Discourse and 
godly Meditation most brieflie 
touching the Vanities of the World, 
the Calamities of Hell and the 

Felicities of Heaven.Lond.1595. Svo. 
Five sheets. Pp. 78. Dedicated to 
' Anne, Coimtesse of Warwick.' A notice 
of tliis little moral work,a mixttire of proKe 
and rhyme, will he foimd in the Restitata, 





ii. 60&-6. Bihl. Anglo-Poet. 166, 262. 
Sotheby's In 1821, IIZ. 10«. 

Chafpell, Edward, Ijieut. B.N. 
Karrative of a Voyage to Hudson's 
Bay, containing some Account of the 
north-eastern Coast of America: 
and of the Tribes inhabiting that 
remote r^on. Lond. 1817. 8to. 
8s. 6d. 

Of little Ytlae. 8m Quart. Rev. zyili. 

Voyagte of Us Hf^esty's Ship Rosamond 
to Newfoandland and the Southern Coast 
of Labrador. Lond. 1818, 8vo. with a map 
and plates, 88. 6d. 

Chapfxlow, Leonard. Com- 
mentary on the Book of Job, in 
which IS inserted the Hebrew Text 
and English Translation : with a 
Paraphrase from the third Verse 
of the third Chapter, where it is 
supposed the Metre b^ins ; to the 
seventh verse of the forty-second 
chapter, where it ends. Camb. 
1752. 4to. 2 vols. 18s. 

The author of this esteemed work, who 
was a disciple of Schultens, contributed 
materially to the advancement of Oriental 
Literature in England. He edited Spen- 
cer de Legibus. 

Elementa Lingnse Arabics ex Erpenii 
RiidimentisutplurimumdesimiptsB. Lond. 
1730, 8Vo. 8s. 6d. 

Six Assemblies or Ingenions Conversa- 
tions of learned Men among the Arabians. 
1787, 8vo. 28. 

Chapple, William, of Exeter. 
A Beview of Part of Bisdon's Sur- 
vey of Devon: containing the 
general Description of that County; 
with Corrections, Annotations, and 
Additions. Exeter, 1785. 4to. 5s. 

Preface, with life of the author, 4 pages ; 
list of subscribers, 7 pages; account of 
Risdon, 8 pages; review, p. 7 to 144 (A 4 
— S 4), ending with tlie catchword ' The.' 
There is a chasm in the paging from 116 
to 126. 

Chaptal, M. J. A. Chemistry 
applied to Arts and Manufactures, 
translated from the French. Lond, 
1807. 8vo. 4vols.l88. 

An esteemed work. 

Elements of Chemistry, translated from 

the French, byW. Nicholson. Lood«IS791, 
8vo. 8 vols. 10s. 

Chasden or Chabdovt, Johfiy 
Bishop of Down and Connor. A 
Sermon at the Funerals of Syr'| 
Giiwen Carewe. Oxford, 1586, 8vo. 

The text, 1 Thes. 4; 18-18. This divine, 
who, aoeordiog to Ant. a Wood, was a 
noted preacher, and w<HiderfuIly followed 
for his edifying sermons, likewise pub- 
lished several other sermons about this 

Chabdiv, Sir John, Knt. Tra* '| 

vels in Persia and the East Indies. 

Lond. 1686. folio, vol. L with port. 

by D. Loggan. 

The travels of Chardin were productive 
of a fund of the most valuable toad eurioos 
information. Ghardin's travels throogli'i 
Persia wiU be found in YoL ii. of Harris^ 
Collection, and extracts from them in YoL .\ 
ix. of Pinkerton's Collection. 

Chabfy, Guiniad. Fisherman $ 

or, the Art of Angling made easy. 

Lond. 8vo. (1812), 2b. 6d. 

A Compilation bv George Smeetoow 
printer, of St. Martinis Lane. Of no value. 

Charibbee Leeward Islands. — 

Acts of Assembly, from 1690 to 

1730. Lond. 1734. folio. 
WiUett. 106^ 148. 8d. 
Chabiton. The Loves of ChsB- i 
reas and Callirrhoe, translated into 
English. Lond. 1764. 12mo. 2 

vols. 6s. 

A translation, not from the Greek, but 
ih>m.the Italian, by two young ladles. 

[It has been sinoe translated In Bohn's 
Classical Library.] 

Chaskb, Charlotte. The Art 
of Management, or Tragedy ex- 
pelled. Lond. 1735. 8vo. 

A dramatic piece intended as a satiM on. 
Fleetwood, the theatrical manager, wbo is 
said to have purchased and destroyed 
nearly the whole impression. Field, 966b 
12. 14s. Rhodes, 765, 22. 68. 

A Narrative ofthe Lifeof Mrs. Charlotta 
Charke (youngest Daughter of Coiley 
Cibber, Esq.) written by herself. Load. 
1766, 12mo. with portrait, 6b. Field, UOT, 
8s. 6d. Reed, 8060, 98. 

The Lover's Treat; or, miDataral Ha» 
tred. Lond. 8vo. 6s. 

The History of Henry Dumooti Esq. 
and Hiss Charlotte Evelyn, with some 
critical Remarks on comic Actors. 
13mo. 8s. 




Chaeke, William. An Answer 

to a seditioiis Pamphlet lately cast 

abroade hy a lesuite, with, a Dis- 

couerie of that blasphemous Sect. 

Lond, 1580. 8to. 5b. 

a in eights. Again 1581, 6s. 

An Answeare for the Tima vnto that 
foule & wicked Defence of the Censure 
that was given vpon M. Charkes Booke 
and Meredith Hanmers. Addressed to 
the Christian reader. L<nid. 1583, 4to. 107 

A RepUe to a Censure written against 
the two Answers to a lesuites seditious 
Pamphlet Lond. 1581, 8vo. Q 7, in eights. 

A Treatise against the Defense of the 
Censure given vpon the Books of W. 
Charke and Meredith Hanmer, hy an vn- 
knowne Popish Traytor, in Maintenance 
of the seditious Challenge of Edmond 
Campion, lately condemned and executed 
for high Treason. Hereunto are adioyned 
two Treatises written hy D. Fulke : the 
one against Aliens Booke of the Authori- 
tie of Priesthode to remitte Sinnes, &c. 
The other against the railing Declama< 
tion of P. Frarine. Cambridge, 1686. The 
first tract contains 359 pages; the second, 
with a separate title-page, 681 pages; the 
tliird, with a separate title-page also, 54 
pages. In some copies the date is omitted. 

See Caupiok, Edmund. Passoks, Ro- 

Charles I. King of Gbeat Bri- 
tain. Beliqyise Sacras Carolinse: 
or, the Works of King Charles I. 
collected together, and digested in 
Order, according to their sereraU 
Subjects, civil and sacred. Hague, 
by Samuell Browne, 1651. 8vo. 


-A— T 2, in eights ; Eicon Basilice, 247 
pp. with title dated 1649, and contents, 2 
iMiyes; Papers between K. Charles I. and 
Alex. Henderson, &c. &c. pp. 149 to 324. 
A perfect copy of prayers used by his Ma- 
jestie, &c. &c. 8 leaves. Prefixed to the 
yolume is a folding plate by Marshall, re- 
presenting K. Charles I. on one knee, &c. 

An edition, printed at the Hague, n. d. 
with two portraits by Marshall. To wneley, 
pt. i. 829, 14fl. Nassau, pt. i. 679, mssia, 
12n. Ant k Wood mentions an edition of 
' Reliqnin Sacr« Carolinn' printed at the 
Hague, 1648-9, in a large 8vo. 

— Bibliotheca Begia : or a Col- 
lection of such Papers of his late 
Majesty, as haye escaped the Wrack 

VOL. I, 

and Kuine of these Times, &c. Lond. 

1659, 8vo. 

Prefixed is a portrait and plate by Hol- 
lar. Gordonstoun, 625*, 9s. 

— BA2IAIKA. The Workes of 
King Charles the Martyr : with a 
Collection of Declarations, Treaties 
and other Papers, concerning the 
Differences betwixt his sacred Ma- 
jesty and his two Houses of Parlia- 
ment. Lond. 1662. folio. 2 vols, 
with portrait by Hertochs, and 

front, by Hollar. 

This edfition was edited by William Ful- 
man and Rich. Perrenchief, D.D. Dowdes- 
well, 291, 16s. 6d. An edition, 1687, fol. 
with English title, port., and plates. 
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GratuUitlodeCaroli Prindpis inHispan. 
Adventu. Lond. 1623, 4to. 

Gratulatio Academiae Cantabrigiensis 
de sereniss. Principis Reditu ex Hispaniis 
exoptatissimo. Cantab. 1623, 4to. Bind- 
ley, pt. ii. 164, 6s. 

Carolus Redux. Ozon. 1623, 4to. Bind- 
ley, pt. ii. 371, 6s. 

A trve Relation and lovmall of the 
Manner of the Arrivall, and magnificent 
Entertainment given to Charles, Prince of 
Great Britaine, by the King of Spaine in 
his Court at Madrid. Lond. 1623, 4to. Pp. 
35, 12s. Roxburghe, 4001. 6s. White 
Knights, 8498, morocco, 12. 2s. Reed, 8551, 
22.4s. Towneley, pt. i. 702. Reprinted in 
the second volume of the Somers Collec- 
tion of Tracts, f And an abridgment of it 
is given in Jackson's History of the Scot- 
tish Stage.] 

Two royall Entertainments ^ven to 
Charles Prince of Great Britain at the 
Feasts of Easter and Pentecost, by Philip 
TY. King of Spain. Lond. 1623, 4to. Bind- 
ley, pt. iv. 319, 7s. 8d. Roxburghe, 4000, 
10s. 6d. Dent, pt. i. 1146, 12b. Rhodes, 
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Continuation of a former Relation con- 
cerning the Entertainment given to the 
Prince his Highnesse by the King of 
Spaine in his Court at Madrid. Lond. 
1623, 4to. Gordonstoun, 612, with 'The 
joyfuU Returns.' Lond. 1623, 32. 3s. 

A Relation of the Departure of the most 
illustrious Prince of Wales ftosa Madrid, 
the 9th of September, 162a Stilo novo. 
In the second volume of the Somers Col- 
lection of Tracts. 

The ioyfull Retume of Charles, Prince of 
Great Brittalne, firom the Court of Spaine. 

X B 




Chablss I. — continued. 
Together with a Relation of hiB magnifi- 
cent Entertainment in Madrid, and on his 
W ay to St Anderas, by the King of Spaine. 
Lond. 1623, 4to. 7s. 6d. White Knights, 
949, 158. 

[Presens admirables du roy d'Espagne an 
Prince de Gales et seigneurs de sa suitte 
en Espagne, &c. Paris, 1623, 12mo.] 

A true Relation of the Treaty and Rati- 
fication of the Marriage, concluded and 
agreed upon bet-wreen Charles, King of 
Great Britaine, France and Ireland, and 
the Lady Henrietta Maria, Daughter of 
France, and Sister to his most Christian 
Majesty, the French King. Lond. 1625. 
Reprinted in the fourth volume of the So- 
mers Collection of Tracts. 

A trve Discovrse of all the royal Pas- 
sages, &c. obserued at the Contract and 
Mariage of Charles King of Great Britaine 
and the Lady Henrietta Maria of Burbon. 
Lond. 1625, 4to. pp. 36. Bindley, pt. iv. 
767,8s. Roxburghe, 4002, 14s. 6d. Sotheby, 
Dec, 1857, «. 

A Relation of the glorious Triumphs and 
Order of the Ceremonies observed in the 
Marriage of Charles King of Great Britr 
tatne and the Lady Henrietta Maria, 
SiRter to the King of France, &c. Lond. 
1626, 4to. In English and French. Gor- 
don«toun, 613, with 'Treaty of Marriage 
between Charles and Henrietta Maria,' 
12. lis. 6d. 

Le Triomphe glorievx et I'Ordre des 
Ceremonies obseruees au Mariage du Roy 
de la Grand' Bretagne, et de Madame 
Soenr du Roy. Par le Sieur D. B. Paris, 
16*25, 8vo. 

[II glorioso tiionfo etordine delle ceremo- 
niefatte nel Matrimonio del Re della Gran 
Bertagna (sic) e di Madama Sorella del Re 
Christianissimo, trad, di Lingua Francese 
in I taliana. Roma. 1626, 4to.] 

Epithalam. in R. Caroli cum Pr, Henr. 
Mar. Connubinm. Oxon. 1625, 4to. 4s. 

Epithalamium Caroli et H. MariseRegi* 
nsB Regis Mag. Br. a Musis Cantabrigien- 
sibvs decantatum. Cant. 1625, 4to. 4s. 
Bindley, pt. ii. 826,2s. 6d. See also Abbxitb- 
TH^ns, Adam. 

Epithalamium Gallo Britannicum: or 
Great Britaines, Frances, and the most 
Parts of Europes unspeakable Joy for the 
most happy Union and blessed Contract of 
Charles Prince of Wales, and the Lady 
Henrietta Maria, &c. Are to be sold by 
Thomas Archer, &c. 1626, 4to. with a cu- 
rious print (said to be unique) of Charles 
and Henrietta, whole lengths, joining 
hands; round it are the genealogies of 
both families, the royal arms above, and 22 
verses underneath. This ai*ticle was roost 
probably written by George Marceline. 
Gordonstoun, 1610, 282. 12s. 6d., resold 

Dowdeswell, 1828, no. 632, 172. Nassao, 
pt. ii. 198, 732. 10s. 

Cantabrigiensium Dolor et Solameii,8eit 
Deoessio beatissimi Regis lacobi Pacifid 
et Svccessio angustiss. Regis Caroli. Can- 
tab. 1626, 4to. 5s. 

The imperial Achievement of oar dread 
Soveraigne King Charles, together with 
the Armes, Crests, Supporters, and Mot- 
towes of all the several Companies and 
Corporations of the famous Citty of Loo- 
don ; as they now bear them. Are to be 
sould by WilUam Webb, &c. (1625 ?) 4to. 
A smaU tract engraved in an ordinary 
manner. At the Iwttom of the achiev&- 
ment are the arms of nine companies of 

AnagrammataRegia. In Honorem Regis 
Caroli conscripta. Lond. 1626, 4to. 

Eclogue ov CIi ant pastoral svr lesl^opoea 
des serenisses Princes Charles et de Hen- 
riette Marie. Lond. 1627, 4to. 

Euphemia et Yota Carolo pro Maria naia. 
Lond. 1631, 4to. 4s. 

Anthologia in Regis Exanthemata, sen 
Gratulatio Musarum Cantabrigiensium de 
felicissim^ conservata Regis Caroli Vale- 
tudine. Cantab. 1632, 4ta. Bindley, pt. 
ii. 357, 4s. 

The Muses Complaint of the Kings Jour- 
ney 1o Scotland. 4to. port. 1632, 8vo. 
Farmer, 158. Bindley, pt. iv. 292, 21. 19s. 

The Kings Maiesties Declaration to his 
Subjects, concerning lawful! Sports to bee 
vsed. Lond. Rob. Barker. 1633, 4to. Gor- 
donstoun, 494, 7s. 6d., and 1633, 8vo. 

His birthright, a poem by P— M. Edlnb. 
1683, 4to. Bindley, 12. 168. 

Rex Redux, sive Musa Cantabrigiensi 
voti damnas de Incolumitate & felicl Re- 
ditu Regis Caroli post receptam Coronam, 
Comitiaq ; peracta in Scotia. Cantab. 1633, 

Solis Britannici Perigoeum. Oxon. 1633 
4to. Bindley, pt. iii. 2070, 4s. 6d. 

Musarum Oxoniensium pro Rege sue 
Soteria. Oxon. 1633, 4to. 4s. 

Musarum Edinensium in Caroli Regis 
Ingressum in Scotiam. Edinb. 1633, 4to. 

Rosffi Carolus Magnus. Edlnb. 1633, 4to. 

Glasgueusis Academise Xapiarnpiow ad 
Carolum I. Edinb. 1633, 4to. Roxburgh^, 
2814, lOs. Bindley, pt. iii. 682, the three 
last articles, 42. 4s. 

EIZOAIA, Musarum Edinensium, in 
Caroli Regis, Musanim Tutani Ingressa 
in Scotiam.— Scotland's Welcome to ber 
dread Soveraigne K. Charles, by David 
Primrose — Grampius Gratulation to King 
Charles, by William Douglas. Edinburgi, 
16^3, 4to. Gordonstoun, 615, 32. Ss. 8k 
Robertson, George. 

The Entertainment of Charles King 

of Great Britaine, France and Ireland, into 
I his citie of Edinbu:^h, the 15th of June, 
1 1633. Edinburgh, 1633, 4to. pp. 36. Rox- 




GHABLEg I. — continued. 
burghe, 4120, 16s. Dent, pt i. 1147, 12. 19s. 
OordoDstoun, 617, 82. 19a. Bindley, pt. ii. 
1216, 42. 14t. 6d. Rhodes, 849, 52. 2s. 6d. 
Jolley, 42. lOs. The Fanegyrick to K, 
Charles, written by Walter Forbes, fonn- 
i^g the last three leayes of this tract, are 
reprinted in'Yarioas Pieces of fagitiye 
Seotish Poetry.' edited by Laing. 

[GoTonata Minerva, a masqne presented 
before Prince Charles, the Dnke of York, 
&c, ou the 27th Feb. 1636. Oordonstonn, 
42. lOa.] 

The King and Queene's Entertainment, 
at Richmond, after their Departure f^om 
Oxford : in a Masque, presented by Prince 
Charles. Sept. 12, 1636. Oxford, 1636, 4to. 
16 leaves. North, pt. iii. 524, 5s. Reed, 
8167, lis. Roxburghe, 4121, 128. Bindley, 
pt ii. 2341, 12. 7s. Dent, pt i. 1148, 22. 198. 
Rhodes, 352, 62. 10s. 

[Coron» Carolina qnadra torasive per- 
petuandi Imperii Caroli ex quarto pignore 
flliciter suscepto capitum augumons. Ox. 
1686, 4to.] 

Floa Britannicus veris novissime Filiola 

Carolo et Maries nata 1636. Oxon. . 

4to. Bindley, pt. iii. 985, with portr. of 
Charles Prince of Wales and his Sisters. 
12. lOs. 

BYNQArA. Gantab. 1637, 4to. See Aitkb, 
fifth Child of K. Charles I. 

The Declaration of K. Charles I. con- 
cerning the late Tumults in Scotland; 
with a particular Deduction of the sedi- 
tions Practices of the Covenanters, out of 
their own foul Acts and Writings. Lond. 
1639, folio, with portrait Gordonstoun, 
501, 6s. 6d. Roxburghe, 8759, 58. 6d. 
LA.BOB PAPEB, Bright, 22. 9s. [Drawn up by 
Dr. Balcanquhal.] 

Voces Votive ab Academicis Cantibri- 
gieusibus pro novissimo Carolo et Marie 
Principe Filio emisse. Cantab. 1640, 4to. 
Bindley, pt. iv.806, 8s. 

K. Cnarles's Declaration concerning his 
Proceedings with his Subjects of Scotland. 
Lond. 1640, 4to. Roxburghe, 8457. 8s. An 
edition in French. 1640, 4to. Roxburghe, 
8458, Is. 6d. 

Uorti Carolini Rosa altera. Oxon. 1640, 
4to. 48. 
f The trve Effigies of our most illustrious 
Soveraigne Lord, King Charles, Qveene 
Mary, with the Rest of the Royall Proge- 
nie. Also a Compendium or Abstract of 
their most famous Genealogies and Pede- 
irrees, expressed in Prose and Verse. With 
the Times and Places of their Births. 
Lond. 1641, 4to. This tract consists of 18 
pages, on 10 leaves. Portraits. — On page 8, 
K. Charles. On p. 6, Queen Henrietta 
Maria, by W. Hollar. On p. 7, Prince 
Charles. On p. 9, Princess Mary by W. 
Hollar, On p. 11, James Duke of York 
by M. Meiian. On p. 18, Princess Eliza- 

beth. On p. 16, Lady Anna, by J. t. L. 
On p. 17, Henry Duke of Gloucester. On 
the opposite pages are copies of verses. 
A copy is in the British Museum. Nassau, 
pt i. 1309, 302. 10s. Sir M. M. Sykes. 
pt i. 1008, 252. 48. Bindley, pt ii. 1191, 
80/. 9s. Farmer, 232. Towneley, now 
in the Grenville Library, British Mu- 
seum. Skegg, 1842, with 30 other scarce 
portraits of the family, 172. 10s. 

Ancient Customs and Manner of holding 
Parliaments in England, with the stately 
and magnificent Order of proceeding to 
Parliament of King Charles on Monday, 
13th April, 1640, first on Horseback from 
Whitehall to Westminster Abbey-Church, 
and from thence on Foot to Uie Parlia- 
ment-House. Lond. 1641, 4to. with a front- 
ispiece representing the King sitting in 
State, 9s. 

Ovatio Carolina ; the Triumph of King 
Charles ; or, the triumphant Manner and 
Order of receiving his Majesty into his 
City of London, on Thursday the twenty- 
fifth Day of November, Anno Dom. 1641, 
upon his safe and happy return from Scot- 
land. Witli Mr. Recorder's Speech to hia 
Majesty: and his Majesty's most gracious 
Answer. Lond. 1641, 4to. pp.88. King 
and Loch^e's in March, 1810, 22. ISs. Re- 
printed in the Harleian Miscell. vol. 7, 
and in the fourth volume of the Somers 
Collection of Tracts. 

The triumphant Entry of King Charles 
into London, 1641, 4to. Roxburghe, 4003, 
16s. 6d. 

Englands Comfort and Londons Joy; 
expressed in the Entertainment of King 
Charles at his Retume from Scotland, on 
Thursday the 25 of Novera. 1641, by the 
Right Honourable Richard Gumey, Enq., 
Lord Major, &c. of London, 4to. Pp. 8, 
with » coarse wood cut of the King on 
horseback, in the title page, and throe 
others of various parts of the procession. 
Jolley, 1858, 62. 

Irenodia Gantabrigiensis: ob paciferum 
sereniss. Regis Caroli e Scotia Rcditum 
Mense Novembri 1641 . Cantab. 1641, 4to. 
4s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2821, 158. 6d. 

Eucharistica Oxoniensia in R. Caroli e 
Scotia Reditum. Oxon. 1641, 4to. 

King Charles his Entertainment and 
London's Loyaltie. Lond. 1641, 4to. 

Five Speeches spoken to his Majesty 
returning out of Scotland, with the De- 
scription of what honourable Triumphs 
his Mijesty did ride into London, 1641, 

Sol Britannicus Regi consecratus, 1641. 

His Majesties Passing through the 
Scot's Armie, as also his Entertainment 
by General Lesly. Together with the 
Manner of the Scots marching out of New- 
castle, 1641, 4to. 

A Relation of the King's Entertainment 



Thakles I. — continued, 
into Scotland on Fryday the 18 of Aiieust. 
1641. 1641, 4to. 

The King's Entertainment at Yorke: 
as it was i-eiated by lohn Strickland, the 
22 of March, 1641, who came out of Yorke 
on Saturday last at nine of the Clocke. 
Lond. 1641, folio. 

Englands congratnlatorie Entertain- 
ment of his Majestie out of Scotland and 
his Welcome to London, 1641, folio. 

The King's most gratioas Speech, with 
a Royall Invitation from both their Ma- 
jesties for the Lord Mayor, &c. to feast 
with them at Hampton Court, 1641, 4to. 

A true Relation of his Majesty's Recep- 
tion and royal Entertainment at Lincoln. 
Lond. 1642, 4to. 

A true and exact Relation of the Kings 
Entertainment at the City of Chester with 
the Recorder's Speech at his entering the 
City. Lond. 1642, 4to. 
, Caroli Regi Antichrist© Brontia. Edinb. 
1643, 4to. Inglis, 331, 8s. 

An exact Collection of all Remon- 
strances, Declarations, &c. &c. betweene 
the Kings Majesty and his high Court of 
Parliament,. Dec. 1641, to March 21, 1643. 
1641-^3. Lond. E. Husband, 1643, 4to. with 
frontispiece. Bindley, pt. i. 2208, 6s. Rox- 
burghe, 8459, 12s. Hollls, 410, 11. 

[Husband also published another collec- 
tion. Mar. 9, 1642, tiU Dec. 1646, in one 
volume, folio, 1646. 

The Royal Enteitainment of the King 
by the Royalists of Huntington. Lond. 

1645, 4to. 

A Summarie or short Survey of the 
Annalls and most remarkable Records of 
King Charles his Reigne from the first 
Yeare thereof to this present, 1646. Lond. 

1646, folioj 

[Micro Chronicon : or a Briefe (Chrono- 
logy of the time and phice of the Battles, 
etc. which have happened between his 
Majestie and the Parliament, 1647, 12mo. 
portrait. A portion of the volume entitled 
Mei-curius Rusticus.] 

[Prince Charles his Letany and Pravers 
for the King of Great Britaine in his* sad 
condition. Constantly used in his chapel 
at 8 in the morning, and at 6 in the after^ 
noone, daily, 1648, 12moJ 

A perfect Narrative of the Proceedings 
of the High Court of Justice in the Tryal 
of the King on Saturday, the 20, and 
Monday the 22, of this instant January. 
Lond. 1648, 4to 3 pts. lOs. 6d. This most 
authentic account of the memorable trial 
of King Charles I. printed daily during 
the tryal, is reprinted in the fifth volume of 
the Somers Collection of Tracts. 

[His Augusta or city Royal, a Poem, 
1648, 4to. Skegg, with equestrian por- 
trait of the king, SI es.j 

ElKQM BAXlAiKH. The Poartraictoie 


of his sacred Mi^estyin his Sidlttides and 
Sufferings, 1648, 8vo. Reprinted, 1649. 4^0; 

Imago Regis Caroli, in illis sols JEnrnt- 
nifi et Solitudine. Hag. Com. 1849, 12mo. 
with a front, by MarshaL A traoaUition 
of the Eicon Basilioe, by John Earle, Bp. 
of Salisbury. 

Sylloge variorum Tractatunm Anglico 
quidem idiomate et ab Auctoribus Anglis 
conscriptorum sed in Linguam transia- 
torum quibus Caroli Britanniae, &c. Regis 
Innocentia illustratur, sine loco, 1649 
4to. lOs. 6d. A reprint of 16 rare tracts. ' 

A Narration of the Title, GovermnenL 
and Cause of the Death of the late Charles 
Stuart, King of Enghind. Published by 
Authority, Lond. 1649, 4to. 

An Elegy sacred to the Memory of 
King Charles, who was most barbarously 
murdered by the Sectaries of the Army 
January 30, clolocxlix. folio. 

An Elegie upon the Death of Kine 
Charles the Martyr (1649), folio. 

Monumentum regale : or a Tombe elect- 
ed for Charles the first : in select Blegies 
Epitaphs and Poems, 1649, 8vo. ' 

Subjects Sorrow ; or Lamentations upon 
the Death of Britaine's Josiah King 
Charles. Lond. 1649, 4to. with corioua 
front. Lloyd, 1280, 5fl. Towneley, pt. i. 
750, oS. 

Loyalties teares,flowiiig after the Blond 
of the Royal sufferer, Charles I. etc. 
England's Glory and Shame, by J. B. (qy. 
J. Berkenhead). 1649. A in eight leaves, 
first blank, s. L 

Jeremias redivivus, or, an elegiacall hun 
mentation on the Death of Charl«8 the 
first, 1649, 4to. 

An Elegie ou the meekest of men, tfa« 
most glorious of princes. 4t6. 1649. 

An Elegie and Epitaph on Charles I.. 
by F. H. ^ 

A faithful Subjects Sigh on the univer- 
sally hvmented Death of Charles I. (In 
verse). 1649, 4to. 

[A Miracle of Miracles wrought by the 
Blood of King Charles I. of happy me- 
mory upon a ma yd at Deptford, 4 miles 
from London, who by the violence of the 
disease called the King's Evill was blind 
one whole yeere ; but by making use of a 
piece of Handkireher dipped in the King's 
blood is recovered of her sight The troth 
hereof many thousands can testifie. Lond. 
1649, 4to. In th4 OremriOe Colketum. 

The Princely Pellican. Royall resolves 
presented in sundry choice observationa» 
extracted from his Mi^esties Divine Me- 
ditations. With satisfactory reasons to 
the whole kingdome that his sacred p<>>r^ 
son was the onely author of them, 1649, 
4to. In the OrenviUe CoUectwn. Reprinted 
in Herbert's Memoirs, 1702, 8vo. 

The Paper» whidi pMsed at Ncnrcastla 




Chasleb I. — continued. 
betwlzt his sacred Majestie and M. Al. 
Henderson, concerning the change of 
Ghorch Government, a.d. 1646. Lond. 
1649, 8vo. port. In ihe GrenviUe Collection.'] 

Defensio regla pro Garolo I. Elz. 1649, 
12mo. 4b. Reprinted Sumptibns Regiis 
1660, 12mo. By Salmasius. See Hilton de- 
fansio pro populo. 

The divine penitential Meditations and 
Voves of his late sacred Majesty in his 
Solitude at Holmby House, faithfully 
turned into Verse by £. K, Lond. 1649, 

The famous Tragedie of King Charles I. 
1649, 4to. Rozburghe, 4192, 21. 2s. Nas- 
sau, pt. ii. 1323, 11. 12s. Rhodes, 63, 6s. 
again, 1709, 8vo. 

Memoires du feu Charles I. d'Angle- 
terre. Paris, 1649, 4to.avec portrait Bind- 
ley, pt. iii. 755, 3s. 

[Yermeerdert Engelandts memoriael tot- 
Beuwige gedachtenis, Verhalende de Pro- 
ceduren, &c., en executien van de vice- 
roy van Yrlandt de Bisschop van Cantel- 
bury, den Koningh van Engelandt ; alle 
binnen London ge-executeert. Amst. 1649, 
4to. This book, apparently a translation 
of the Tragieum Theatrum, is valued for the 
six engravings of Strafford, Laud, Charles 
I., Fairfax, Cromwell, and of Whitehall.] 

Ulstoire dv Procez de Charles Stvart 
Roy d'Angleterre. Lond. 1660, 12mo. with 

Sortralt. Nassau, pt. i. 1571, 12s. White 
Lnights, 822, 78. 

Somnium Cantabrigiense, or a Poem 
upon the Death of the late King, brought 
to London by a Post to the Muses. Lond. 
1650, 4to. 

The none-fluch jDharles his Character, 
liOnd. 1651, 12mo. with portr. of Charles. 
Nassau, pt. i. 2437, 6s. HoUis, 287, 9s. 6d. 
Lloyd, 891, 6s. 6d. 

The Life and Reigne of King Charles, or 
the Pseudo-Martyr discovered. Lond. 
1651, 12mo. HoUis, 766, 4s. Lloyd, 109, 
7s. 6d. Roxburghe, 8409, 5s. Supple- 
ment, 571, 5s. 6d. 

The Court of K. Charles continued unto 
the Beginning of these unhappy Times, 
&c. Lond. 1651, 8vo. A libel, according to 
Ant. h. Wood. 

Regii Sanguinis Clamor adversus Parri> 
cidas Anglicanos. Hag. Com. 1662, 12mo. 
28. 6d. 1652, 4to. Frequently reprinted. 
[Written by Ph. du Moulin, under the as- 
sumed name of Alexander More ; answered 
by Milton.] 

[Brittannlarum Rex, a seeuri et calamo 
Mlltoni vlndicatus. Dublin, 1652. This 
scarce piece escaped Archdeacon Todd.J 

StipendiarisB Lacrymae, or Tribute of 
Teares, paid upon the sacred Hearse of 
Frinoe Charles T. Hague, 1654, 4to. 

A true Relation of some Passages which 
Ipasaed at Madrid in 1623,by Prince Charles 

being then in Spain prosecuting the Match 
with the Lady Infanta. Lond. 1655, 4to. 
Reprinted in the fifth volume of the So- 
mers Collection of Tracts. 

History of the Reign of King Charles 
the first; disposed into Annals. Lond. 
1656 or 6, folio, with front, containing port, 
of Charles by Faithome, lOs. 6d. 

[Charles Stuart and Oliver Cromwell 
united, or glad tidings of peace to all 
Christendom, by Walter Gostelved, 12mo. 
1655, 12s.] 

pglio (The) of Tray tors containing the 
Trial of his Majestie and names of his 
Judges, 8cc. 1655, 4to. port. 11, Is.] 

Psalterium Carolinum. The Devotions 
of his sacred Majestie in his Solitudes 
and Sufferings, rendered in Verse. Set 
to Musick for 3 Voices and an Organ, or 
Theorbo, by John Wilson, Lond. 1657-60, 
folio. Bindley, pt. ii. 2359, 12s. 

A short View of the Life and Reign of 
King Charles (the second Monarch of 
Great Britain) from his Birth to his Bu- 
rial. Lond. 1658, 12mo. with port, by 
Marshall, 68. 

Iter Carolinum : being a'Succinct Rela- 
tion of the necessitated Marches, Re- 
treats, and Sufferings of his Majesty 
Charles I. from January 10. 1641, till the 
Time of his Death, 1648. Collected by a 
daily Attendant upon his Sacred Majesty, 
during all the said Time, 1660, 4to. 18 
leaves, 4s. Reprinted Gutch's in Collec- 
tanea Curioso, ii. 426. 

The Character of K. Charles I. written 
by a Person of Quality. 1660, 12mo. with 
portrait, 6s. 

The faithful yet imperfect Character of 
a glorious King, King Charles I. his Coun- 
try's and Religion's Martyr. Lond. 1660, 
12mo. with portrait. Nassau, pt. i. 677, 
9s. Towneley, pt. i. 327, 12s. Lloyd, 827, 

England's black Tribunall : set forth in 
the Triall of K. Charles I. etc. Lond. 1660, 
8vo. with port, by Gay wood. Roxburghe, 
8469. 5s. Reprinted, 1680, &c. Sixth 
edition, 1789. 

An exact and most impartial Accompt 
of the Indictments, &c. of twenty-niue 
Regicides. Lond. 1660, 4to. 

Royall Martyr; to which is added, a 
short History of King Charles II. Lond. 
1660, 8vo. with port, of K. Charles I. 
Lloyd, 1111, 16b. 

An Elegie and Epitaph on that glorious 
Saint, and blessed Martyr, King Charles I., 
the best of kings since Christ, but mur- 
dered by the worst of men since the crea- 
tion. Lond. 1661, 4to. 

Effata Regalia. Aphorismes of Charles 
the first, collected ana published by Rich- 
ard Watson. Lond. 1661, 12mo. 5s. 

Abregede laVieet duRegne de Charles, 




Chables I. — coniinued. 
Paris, 1664; 12ino. with portrait Lloyd, 
6, 88. 6d. 

Royal Martyr, or the Life and Death of 
King Charles I. Lend. 1676, 8to. With 
portrait by White, 6s. 

Pious Politician, or Maxims of Charles 
I. 1634, with portrait. Nassau, pt ii. 29, 


Memoirs of the two last Years of the 
Reign of K. Charles I. by Sir T. Herbert, 
Major Huntington, Cot. Edw. Coke, and 
Mr. H. Firebraoe. With a Character of 
that Martyr, by Diodati and Henderson. 
To which is added, the Death-Bed Re> 
pentance of Mr. Lenthall, (the Speaker of 
the House of Commons). Lond. 1702, 
8vo. A valuable history, consisting of 
pp. 808, with an advertisement to the 
reader. Lloyd, 149, 78. 

A View of the Reign of King Charles 
the first Lond. 1704, 4to. 

History of Charles the first. Lond. 1716, 
8vo. 2 vols, with portrait. Dowdeswell, 

Tbe Case of the Royal Martyr consid- 
ered with Candour. Lond. 1758, 8vo. 2 
vols. 6s. 

Letters between Col. Robert Hammond 
and the Committee of Lords and Commons 
relating to K. Charles I. while he was 
confiqed in Carisbrooke Castle. To which 
is prefixed a Letter firom John Ashbum- 
ham, Esq. concerning his Deportment to- 
wards the King. Lond. 1764, 8vo. Hollis, 
768, 46. Steevens, 1716, 68. 

An Essay towards attaining a true State 
of the character and Reign of K. Cbarles 
I. and the Causes of the Civil War, Lond. 
1780, 8vo. Ss. 

Memoirs of King Charles I. and the 
Loyalists who suffered in his Cause; 
chiefly extracted from Lord Clarendon's 
History of the Rebellion. Lond. 1795, 8vo. 
8s. 6d. 4to. 68. 

A narrative of the attendance of John 
Ashbumham on Charles the First, from 
Oxford to the Isle of Wight, with a vin- 
dication of his character and conduct, by 
Lord Ashbumham. Lond. 1880, 8vo. 2 
vols, portrait, 10s. 6d. labob paper, 12. Is. 

[In the British Museum are several 
printed Tracts, in Spanish, having refer- 
ence to Charles's romantic expedition to 
Spain In 1628, to woo the Infanta ; in com- 
pany with the Duke of Buckingham. 
Also a most extensive collection relating 
to the same period given to the Library 
by George III.J 

Biography, &c. of K. Charles T. See 
Bate, George, M.D. Bayly, Thomas, 
D.D. BxLLBKDBinTS, Gul. BiscH, Thomas. 
BisAocioNi, MayoUno. Bboklby, Sir 
George. Bulstrodb, Sir Rich. Clasbn- 
DON, Edward Hyde, Earl of. D'Ibbaeli, 
Isaac. DuYaii, MidaaeL Fkllowbs, W. D. 

Habbis, William. Hailes, Sir David 
Dalrymple, Lord. L'Estbanob, Roger. 
Mabbbbs, F. Miltok, J. Mibanoul^a, 
Scipio. Mouuk, Ph. Pena, J. Ant d^ ia. 
Pbimbose, D. and G. Pbodiitub, Ant Sai/- 


George. Wabwick, Sir Philip. 

Charles II. King of Great Britain. 
An Account of the Preservation of 
Charles II. after the Battle of Wor- 
cester, drawn up by himseKl To 
which are added his Letters to se- 
veral Persons. Glasg. 1766. 8vo. 

Pp. 190. Printed ftom a MS. in tbe 
Pepysian Collection. The preface is signed 
Dav. Dalrymple, and the book is dedicated 
to Thomas Holies, Duke of Newcastle, 
Chancellor of theUniversity of Cambridge. 
Retrosp. Rev. xiv. 48—68. Lloyd, 11, €&. 
Roxburghe, 8476, 6s. 6d. Dent, pt. i. 417, 
9s. Steevens, 1719, 14h. 6d. White 
Knights, pt. 1. 823, morocco, 1/. A new- 
title, with the date of 1801. North, pt. L 
3, 4s. 6d. 

Another, 1803, with plates of Chaxlee 
II., Rich. Pendrell, Boscobel House, Mrs. 
Jane Lane, and Tbo. Dalyell. North, pt. 
i. 4, 7s. 6d. Se*t Blount, Thomas. 

Britannia natalis. Oxon, 1680, 4to. 
Bindley, pt ii. 1471, 3s. 

A Proclamation proclaiming Charles 
Prince of Wales King of Gi-eat Britaine, 
France and Ireland. [Feb.l. 1648-9.1 Lond. 

The true Manner of the Crowning of 
Charles the Second, King of Scotland at 
Scone on the first Day of January, 1650, 

The Forme and Order of the Coronation 
of Charles the Second, King of Scotland, 
England, France and Ireland ; as it was 
acted and done at Scoone, the first Day of 
January, 1651. Aberdene, 1661, 4to. 4s. 
Reprinted Aberdeene, 1660, 4to. pp. S8. 
The sermon by Mr.Robert Douglas which 
is printed first, occupies 28 pp. The 
* Forme' consists of 10 pages.— An edit. 
Lond. 1660, 4to. Reed, 8780, 68.— Another. 
Edinb. 1725, 8vo. pp. 74. It will also be 
found in the first volume of the Phenix, 
1707, and the sixth volume of the Someni 
Collection of Tracts. 

The History of his sacred Majesty 
Charles II. King of England, &c. Begun 
from the Murder of his royal Father of 
happy Memory, and continued to the prfr* 
sent Year, 16^. By a Person of Quality. 
Lond. 12mo. A scarce Tract, containing 
many curious particulars, mentioned In 
the notes to Evelyn's Memoirs, and in Ho- 
race Smith's novel of Brambletye Hoitse. 

A true Narrative and Relation of his 
most sacred Majesties miraculous Escape 
from Worcester oatbethirdof S«ptemMr« 




Chables XL — continued. 
1651, tiU his arrival at Paris, 1660, 4to. 
Reprinted in 4to. with a cut on the title. 
One sheet, reprinted in the fourth volume 
of the Harleian Miscellany. 

Relation en Forme de Journal, du Voy- 
age et Sejour, que le serenissime et tres- 
puissant Prince Charles II. Roy de la 
Grand Bretagne, &c. a fait en Uollande 
depnls le 26 May, jnsques au 2 Juin, 1660, 
de la Haye, 1660, folio, pp. 108, with port, 
of Charles II. in armour and 3 folding 
plates. A handsomely printed worlc, con- 
taining many curious particulars, drawn 
up from public documents with great cave. 
Bindley, pt. ill. 216, 18s. 6d. Fonthill, 
8052, n. 16b. 

A Relation, in Form of a Journal, of 
the Voiage and Residence, which Prince 
'Charles the 2, hath made in Holland, from 
the 25 of May to the 2 of June, 1660. 
Rendered into English out of the original 
French by Sir Wm. Lower, Knight. Hague, 
1660, folio, pp. 116, with plates, Inglis, 11, 
Ooiigh, 895, 22. Ss. 

The Royal Pilgrimage, or the Progresse 
and Travels of K. Charles II. through the 
most and greatest Courts of Europe. 
Lond. 1660, 4to. 

A Collection of his Majesty's gracious 
Letters, Speeches, Messages and Declara- 
tions since April 4, 1660. Lond. 1660, 4to. 
{>p. 146. This collection contains the 
etters, speeches, &c. of K. Charles II. 
preliminary to his restoration and in the 
first parliament after it. 

A Character of King Charles II. Lond. 
1660, 4to. with a portrait. This character, 
according to Ant. 2i Wood, was written by 
George Morley, D.D. Towneley, pt. i. 
417, with a proof impression of the por- 
trait, 22. Ant. ii Wo^ also mentions one 
written by Walter Charlton, 1660, 4to. re- 
printed, 1662. 

England's Triumph, a more exact His- 
tory of his Majesties Escape after the 
Battle of Worcester. Lond. 1660, 8vo. 
with portrait of K.^Charles II. on horse- 
hack. Towneley, pt. i. 866, 12s. 

[Miraculum Basilicon, truly exhibiting 
the preservation of his sacred Majesty 
after the battle of Worcester, &c. (by Abr. 
Jennings), 1664, 12mo. ISs.] 

[The five faithful brothers, a discourse 
between Charles II. and the five brothers 
at his escape from Worcester, with Mrs. 
Lanes conveying his Msjesty through all 
his difficulties, &c., 1660, 12mo.] 

Votivum Carolo,or a Welcome to Chas. 
II. from the Master and Scholars of Wood- 
stock School, 1660. 4to. Bindley, pt. iv. 
d82. Garriek, 1806. 

England's Joy : or a Relation of the 
most remarkable Passages, from his Ma^ 
Jesty's Arrival at Dover, to his Entrance 
atWhitehalL Lend. 1660, 4to. 8 pp. Re- 

printed in the third volume of the Har- 
leian Miscellany, and in the seventh of 
the Somers Collection of Tracts. 8^^ also 
Britannia.— Britain's Triumph, 1660. 

Grampius' Congratulation in plain Scots 
Language to his Majesties thrise happy 
Return. Printed Anno Dom. 1660, 4to. 
Four leaves. Reprinted in ' Yiurious 
Pieces of fugitive Scotish Poetry' edited 
by Laing. 

Londons Glory represented by Time, 
Truth and Fame: at the magnificent 
Triumphs and Entertainment of Charles 
II. the Dukes of York and Glocester, &c 
at Guildhall on Thursday the 6th Day of 
July, 1660. Lond. 1660, 4to. 

Iter Australe, a Poem on the Return of 
K. Charles II. 1660, 4to. Bindley, pt. iv. 

Eucharistia Basilice ad illustris : Caro- 
lum II. post duodecennale Exilium triste 
nimis in Patriam redeuntemquod Mag. J. 
Row cecenit. Aberdoniis, 1660, 4to. In- 
glis, 649, 17s. 

Britannia rediviva. Oxon, 1660, 4to. 
Bindley, pt ii. 1470, 3b. Sir M. M..Syke8, 
pt. i. 664, 6s. 

Academies Cantabrigiensis ZiiZTPA, 
sive ad Carolum II. reducem de Regnis 
ipsi Musis per ipsum feliciter restitutis 
Gratvlatio. Cantab. 1660, 4to. .38. 6d. 

[Charles Triumphant, that is that 
Charles who died fh>m Charles proceed, 
1660, 12mo. Brand, 12. Is.] 

The Manner of the Solemnity of the 
Coronation of King Charles, 1660, folio. 
See Walkkb, Edward. 

A Proclamation declaring his Mi^esty's 
Pleasure touching his Coronation* Lond. 
1660, folio. 

A Proclamation to summon the Persons 
therein named, who sate, gave Judgment, 
and assisted in that horrid and detestable 
Murder of his Mi^esties Royal Father of 
blessed Memory, to appear and render 
themselves witliin Foutteen Days, under 
Pain of being excepted from Pardon. 
Lond. 1660. This paper, though contain- 
ing facts very generally known, has some 
particulars of names and expressions, 
which are not usually given in our En- 
glish histories. It is reprinted in Beloe's 
Anecd. ii. 427-9. 

Stella Meridlana Garolo II. Verses 
written 31 Years since on the Birtli of 
Charles, 1661, 4to. Bindley, pt. iii. 2083, 
16s. 6d. 

An imperfect Pourtraicture of King 
Charles the II. Lond. 1661, 4to. with a 
portrait. Bindley, pt. ii. 2318, 6s. 6d. 

Monarchy revived in the most Ulns- 
trious Charles the Second whose Life and 
Reign is exactly described in the ensuing 
Discoorse. Lond. 1661, 12mo. ByEggles- 
field, reprinted with portraits, 8vo. 1828, 
16b. proofs on lodla paper, XL 8b. roy. 8vo. 




Chaxlbb n. — eotUinued. 

A ProelanutUm nUting to the Proees- 
sloD at the Cofonatioii of K. Charles IL 
Load, leei, foUo. 

A Cople of the List or Boll of his Ma- 
jesties Prooeeding from the Tower to 
Whitehsll, as it irill he marshalled hy 
the Lords deputed for the OfBoe of Eaxl 
MarsliaL Load. 1661, folio. 

The Form of his Majesties Coronation- 
Feast, 28 April, 1661. 1661, foUo. 

On the thnnder happening after the 
Solemnity of the Coronatl<Hi of Charles II. 
on St. George's Day, 1661. In the seventh 
volume of the Somers Collection of Tracts. 

Gloria Britannica ; or a Fanegyrick on 
his Majesties Pass^ thorow London to 
his Coronation. Lond. 1661, 4to. 

Neptunes Address to his most sacred 
Majesty Charies the Second, congratulat- 
ing his Coronation oelehrated the 22nd 
Day of Aprill, 1661, in several Designe- 
ments and Shews upon the Water before 
Whitehall, at his Majesties Return from 
the Land Triumphs. Lond. 1661, folio. 

Festa Georgians, or the Gentries and 
Countries Joy for the Coronation of the 
King on St George's Day. Lond. 1661, 

A Poem upon his Majestfes Coronation 
the 23 of April, 1661. St Georges Day. 
Lond. 1661, folio. 

An humble Monitory to Charles the se- 
cond: presented to him in his Passage 
from the Abbey of Westminster upon the 
Day of his Coronation, 1661, folio. 

A Sermon preached at the coronation of 
Charles II. by George (Morley), Bishop 
of Worcester^ 1661, Ito. front, and full 
length portrait. 

E/jKvK\oxo(>eia\ or Universal Motion, 
being Part of that Magnificent Entertain- 
ment by the noble Prince De la Grange, 
Lord Lieutenant of Lincoln's Inn. Pre- 
sented to Charles II. on Friday, the 3 of 
January, 1662. 1662, 4to. Bhodes, 863, 
42. 14a. 6d. 

Complementnm fortunamm Insulamm : 
Poems on the Marriage of Charles II. 
with Katharine of Braganza, 1662, 8vo. 
with a frontispiece and two portraits, 
Towneley, pt. ii. 830, 22. Nassau, pt. L 901, 
6s. Bindley, pt. i. 1209, 16s. 6d. 

Galathea Yaticinans, being part of an 
£pithalamium upon the auspicious Match 
of K. Charles II. and Catharina Infanta 
of Portugal, with a Description ef the 
Fortunate Islands, and Poems, by Waller 
and Dryden, 1662, 8vo. with portraits. 
Inglis, 278, morocco, Ik 10s. Bindley, pt. 
ii. 1210, 8Z. 128. 

Characteristie Notices of Charles II. 
and certain Individuals of his Court, from 
contemporary Journals, 1600-1688. In 
the Retrosp. Review, xiii. 167-79. 

Cambridge Verses on the Marriage of 

Charles U. 168S; 4to. Bindley, pt iL 147, 
7s. 6d. 
Oxford Yenes npoo the NnptUIs^ 190, 


The Marxiage Ceremony of K. Charies 
II. Printed in the Year 1679, folio. Bind- 
ley, pt ii. 1061. 

Cambridge Verses on tiie Dealii, 1686^ 
4to. Bindley, pt ii. 862, U as. 

A true BelatioQ of the late King's 
Death. * To which are added. Copies of 
two Papers written by the late King 
Charles II. of Uessed Memory, found in 
the strong Box. In the first volome of 
the Phenix, 1707, and also in the eighth 
volume of the Somers Collection of Tnets. 

Copies of two Papers written by the 
late King Charles the Second, of blessed 
Memory, folio, 4 pp. Published and dr- 
enlated by James II. immediatdy after 
the death ci his brother. They were 
answered by the learned Dr. StiUingfleet, 
and occasioned a sharp oontroversy be- 
tween him and Dryden, who took part in 
a defence published, ' by command.' Re- 
printed in the fifth volume oi the Har- 
leian Miscellany. 

Certain Letters, evidencing K. Charles 
IL's Stedfastness in the Protestant Bali* 
gion : Sent from the Princess of Tvrenne, 
and the Ministers of Charenton, to some 
Persons of Quality in London. In the first 
volume of the Phenix, 1707. 

A Letter to a Person of Honoor con- 
cerning the King's disavowing the having 
been married to the Duke of Monmouth's 
Mother. In the seventh volume of the 
Somers Collection of Tracts. 

Augustus Anglicus: a compendious 
View of the Lifo and Reign of Charles II. 
Lond. 1686, 12mo. with a portrait by Van 
Hove, 38. 6d. Lloyd, 176, 6s. 6d. 

State-Tracts, in two Parts. Lond. 1683, 
folio, .9s. 

The Secret History of the Court and 
Reign of Charles the Second, by a Member 
of his Privy Council. To which are added, 
introductory Sketches of the preceding 
Period from the Accession of James I. 
With Notes, and a Supplement^ continuing 
the Narrative in a summary Manner to 
the Revolution: by the Editor. Lond. 
1792, 8vo. 2 vols. 10s. 

Beauties of the Court of Charles II., with 
their portraits after Sir Peter Lely; and 
Memoirs by Mrs. Jameson. Lond. 1881-8^ 
6 parts forming one volume, royal 4to. 
61. 68. LABGB PAPEB, Prools OH India 
paper, small folio, 102. lOs. A few copi«a 
printed in colours and finished by hand, 
262. 4s. Second editioU,with an Intro- 
ductory Essay and other additions. Lond. 
1838, imp. 8vo. 2 vols. 22. 6s. Third edi- 
tion, in cne volume, imp. 8vo. some of the 
portraits re-engraved. Lond. Bohn, 1851, 
12. 6b. India pboofs, 2L 10s. 




("XABUES H. — continued. 

A Personal history of King Charles I1> 
ftom hie landing in Scotland, June 23, 
1660, till his escape out of England, Oct. 
15, 1651, with an outline of his life imme- 
diately before and after these dates, by 
the Rev. C.J. Lyons. 8yo.l851, map, only 
260 printed. 

Biography, &c. of K. Charles II. See 
BBRKBLKT/George Monck. Broub, Alex- 
ander. Bkomley, Sir George. Bulstbodb, 
Sir RichRrd. Cadekedus, Jacobus. Cas- 
TBLL, Ed. Clarendon, Ednrard Hyde, 
Earl of. Danyebs, John. Dcnois, Coun- 

George Savllle, Marquis of. Habbib, 
William. Hudlbston, Bich. Ooilby, 
John. Sandebs, E. 

Chables, James Edward, com- 
monly called *The young Cheva- 
lier.* Narratiye of the Chevalier. 

Lond. 1765. 8vo. 

Rozburghe, 8541, 68. 

See Jacobite Correspondence, Abbotsford 
Club Publications, Appendix. 

Charles the Great.— The Lyf of 

Charles the Gh'eat (from the French) . 

Explicit per William Caxton, 1485. 


This exceedingly rare romance is a 
small folio, printed in double columns. 
The preface begins on the second leaf, or 
si^. a y ; the signatures extend a to m 
vli in octaves, and very probably had an- 
other leaf with his cypher to complete 
the sheet. A copy is in the library of K. 
George III., now in the British Museum. 
See Ames' Typog. Antiq. by Dr. Dibdin, 
i. 256-00. 

Charles V. Emperor of Germany. 
The Expedycion of Charles the v 
Emperoure agayenst the Citie of 
Angiers shewyng what Mysfor- 
tunes hefell in the last Somer of^ 
M.CCCC.xIj. the more pitie, where- 
fore our Lorde strengthen hym in 

this Toyage nowe. 1545. 16mo. 
Probably printed by John Wayland. 

A lamentable and piteous Treatise, 
verye necessarye for everie Christen 
Manne to reade: wherein is contayned, 
not onelythe High Enterprise and Va- 
leanntnes of th' Emperonr Charles the V. 
and his Army (in his Voyage made to the 
Towne of Argler in Alfrique, agaynst the 
Turckes, the Enemyes of the Christen 
Fayth, th' Inhabitoures of the same), but 
also the myserable Chaunces of Wynde 
and Wether ; with dy verse other Adver- 
sites,hable to move even a stonye Hearte 
to bewayle the same, and to pray to God 

for his Ajde and Sncooure. Whlehe 
was written and sent unto thd Lorde of 
Langest. Truly and dylygently translated 
out of Latyn into Frenche, and out of 
Frenche into English, 1542. Ricardus 
Grafton excudebat, cum Privilegio ad im- 
primendom solum, 8vo. 27 pp. Reprinted 
in the fourth v(dnme of the Harleian Mis- 

[The answere of Cardus the Fyfte Em- 
I)erour, unto the letters convocatorye of 
Paule the thyrd Bysshope of Rome con- 
cemingea generall Cocell to be celebrated 
at Trident. No place or date, small 8vo. 
Eight leaves.] 

See Maey, Daughter of King Henry. 
RoBBBTBON, William, D.D. Yvllagok, 
Syr Nicholas. Sandoval, Prud. du. 

Chables IX. of France. See 

Chables XII. of Sweden. The 
History of the Wars of Charles XII. 
King of Sweden. Lond. 1720. 8vo. 

Roxburghe,7871,datel726, 8s. A former 
edition, 1715, 4to. See Adlebfeld, Gua- 
tavus. VoLTAiBB, F. H. A. de. 

Charles Duke of Orleans. Po- 
ems, written in English during his 
captivity in England after the fiat- 
tie of Agincourt. Lond. 1827. 4to. 

fPresented by WatsourTaylor to the 
Roxburghe Club ; 44 copies printed on 
paper and 4 on vellum. Hanrott, on vel- 
lum (with an autograph of Charles d'Or- 
leans inserted,) 172.] 

Chables, George. History of the 
Transactions in Scotland. 1715-16, 
1745-6. Stirling, 1817. 8vo. 2 vols. 

— Joseph. The Dispersion of the 
Men of Bahel considered. Lond. 
1769. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Williams, 429, U- 8s. 

Chableswobth, John. Practi- 
cal Sermons ; selected and abridged 
from various Authors, l^ewark, 

1788—93. 8vo. 3 vols. 

HolUs, 857, II. Is. 
Chableton. See Chablton. 

Chableyoix, Peter Franc. Xa- 

vierde. History of Paraguay. Lond. 

1769. 8vo. 2 vols. 8s. 

This work contains an account of the 
plants, animals, fruits, &c.of this countrv ; 
and is particularly interesting from the 
account it gives of the celebrated Jesuit 
establishment in Paraguay. 




Journal of a Voyage to North- America. 
Lend. 1761, 8vo. 2 vols. 68. The phyaical 
and moral state of the inhabitants are 
the prluoipal objects of this work. Ano- 
ther translation, entitled * Letters to the 
Dutchess of Lesaiguieries,' appeared, 1763, 
in 1 vol. 6vo. 48. 

Chablotte, Princess of Wales. 
A biographical Memoir of the pub- 
lic and private Life of her Boyal 
Highness the Princess Charlotte; 
with an AppendiiL of valuable Do- 
cuments. 8yo. 

CHABLToy, Lionel. The History 
of Whitby and of Whitby Abbov, 
divided into three Books. York, 

1779. 4to. 

Pp. xviil and 379, with a plan as a fron- 
tispiece, S.E. prospect of Whitby Abbey, 
at p. 49. and two other plates at p. 286. 
Drury, 966, 7s. Brockett, 764, lis. Bind- 
ley, pt. i. 1630, ISs. Towneley, pt. ii. 316, 
168. Nassau, pt. i. 1826, 168. Marq. of 
Townshend, 768, 17s. 

— Walter, M.D. Chorea Gigan- 
tum : or, the most famous Anti- 
quity of Great Britain, vulgarly 
called Stone-Heng, standing on Sa- 
lisbury Plain, restored to the Danes. 

Lond. 1663. 4to. 

Title, in red and black, and imprima- 
tur; dedication to K. Charles II. 8 pages; 
lines addressed to the author; descriptive 
letter-press, [B — I 4] 64 pages, and two 
wood cuts, pp. 1 & 8. Roxburghe, 8663, 68. 
White Knights, pt.i.962, morocco, 11. 18s. 
Bindley, pt. iv. 362, 6s. Nassau, pt. i. 
1826, 128. Dent, pt i. 801, morocco, 12s. 
Beprinted 1726. See Stone-Ueng. 

The Ephesian and Cimmerian Matrons; 
two remarkable Examples of the Power 
of Lore and Wit. Lond. 1661 or 1652, 
4to. 6s. A Latin translation by Barth. 
Harris. Lond. 1666, 12mo. Strettell, 419, 
morocco, 7s. 

The Darkness of Atheism dispelled by 
the Light of Nature. Lond. 1662, 4to. 
with portnit by Lombart Gordonstoun, 
439, 9s. 

The Immortality of the Human Soul 
demonstrated by Reasons natural. Lond. 
1667, 8vo. with portrait by D. Lombart, 6s. 

Two philosophical Discourses : the first 
concerning the different Wits of Men, the 
aecond concerning the Mysteries of Vint- 
ners. Lond. 1668, 8vo. 4s. Reprinted 1676, 
1692. Locke is supposed to have taken se- 
veral of his ideas from the first discourse. 

Ezercitationes de Dlfferentiis et Nomi- 
nibua Animalinm. Editlo secunda. Ozon. 

1677, folio, 68. Best edition. ukBos PAra^ 
108. 6d. 

Enquiries into Human Nature in lis 
Anatomy Prelections in the new Theatn 
of the Royal College of Physicians in 
London. Lond. 1680, 4to. with portrait bgr 
Loggan. Gordonstoun, 672, 6s. In the 
British Museum is a copy of this work, 
with MS. additions by the author, and 
likewise several of his other works. 

A life of Charlton and a list of his writ- 
ings will be found in Wood's Athen. Oxoq. 
See Hblxont, J. B. von. 

Charmer, The, a Collection of 

Songs, Scots and English. Edinb. 

1749, 2 vols. 

Sotheby's in April, 1823, 12. Is. 

The Charmer, with Hymen an Inter- 
lude. 8vo. n. d. Rhodes, 2786, ISs. 

Chabmes, Pajot des. Art of 

Bleaching. Translated from the 

French, with an Appendix. Lond. 

1799. 8vp. 68. 
Pp. 861, with nine plates in quarto, &c 
Chabkoce, John. History of 
Marine Architecture, including an 
enlarged and progressive View of 
the Nautical Begulations and Naval 
History, both civil and military, of 
all Nations, especially of G-reat Bri- 
tain. Lond. 1800-2. 4to. 3 vols. 
100 plates, 21. 10s. 

A valuable and esteemed work. 

Biographia Navalis, from the year 16G0, 
to the present time. Lond. 1794-— 98, 8vo. 
6 vols, with portraits and other engrav- 
ings by Bartolozsi, &c. 

Biographical Memoirs of LordViBCOunt 
Nelson. Lond. 1806, 8vo. pp. 429. Appx. 
89. In this hasty compilation tlie aath<» 
was assisted by Capt Locker, Lieut.-Gov. 
of Greenwich Hospital, with a seriea of 
letters, Ac 

— Stephen, B. D. Works, edited 
by the Kev. Edward Parsons of 
Leeds. Lond. 1815. 8vo. 9 vols, 
with portrait. 

Pubushed at 42. 148. 6d. iJk.BaB papkb, 
at 61, 16s. 6d. The works of thia cele- 
brated non-conformist divine are highhf 
eulogized by Toplady. A former edition. 
Lond. 1684, fol. 2 vols, with a portrait by 
White, SI. 3s. 

Discourses upon the Existence and At- 
tributes of Qod. Lond. 1684^ folio, 12. Is. 

Discourses upon the Existence and At- 
tributes of God, and also upon Regeneia- 




• tion, abridged from the Writings of Ste- 
phen Chamock, B.D. by the Rev. GriflRth 
WilHams. Lond. 1797, 8vo. 78. 6d. 

Treatise on Divine Providence. Lond. 
1680, 8vo. 6s. Reprinted 1686, 8vo. 1808, 
Svo. 48. 6d. 

Chamwood, in Leioestepehire. — 
A brief Belation of a Wonderful Ac- 
cident, a Dissolution of the Earth 
in tlie Forest of Charnwood. Lond. 

1679. 4to. 

Reprinted in the second volume of the 
Haiieian Miscellany. 

Chasondas. See Aschyta^. 

Gharbeties. See Chabtieb. 

Chabbieb, F. Magnse Britannis 
Auster Iknographicus, ad I. Vice- 
comitem Scudamorem, Magns Bii- 
tanniseBegis apud BegemFrancorum 

Legatum. 1637. 4to. 78., again 1707. 

Privately printed. 

Chabbon, Peter. On Wisdom, 

translated by Q-eo. Stanhope, D.D. 

Lond. 1697. Svo. 3 vols. 7s. 6d., 

again 1707. Svo. 3 vols. 

Another translation by Sampson Len- 
nard, 4to. 16S8, with portrait of the trans- 
lator by R. V (aughan). 

Charts Bcriptse. See Gayton, 

Charter House. — Bules and Or- 
ders relating to Charter-house, and 

to the good Government thereof. 4to. 

Chronicles of the Charter House, by 
W. J. D. R. Lond. 1847, 8vo. 

Proceedings at Charter House upon 
King James II. presenting a Papist to be 
admitted into that Hospital, folio, 1689. 

Regulations respecting the Poor Bro- 
tliers of the Charter House. Lond. 1851, 
royal Svo. not published. 

Some account of. the earlv history and 
foundation of the Hospital o/ King James, 
founded in Charter House at the sole cost 
and charges of Thomas Sutton. Lond. 
1854. Privately printed by the Master, 
Archdeacon W. H. Hale. 

Memorials of Charterhouse. Lond, 1844, 

For other vorks relating to the Charter- 
llouse, see Bbascboft, Bukbsll, Hxbns, 
Smythe, Sutton. 

Chabtebis, CoL Francis. His- 
tory, from his Birth to his present 
Catastrophe in Newgate. 1730. 4to. 
with mezzot. portrait. 

Constable, 235, IQs. 6d. Another edi- 
tion. Lond. n. d. 4to. front. 

Life of Colonel Don Francisco, n. d. Svo. 
with wood-cut portrait of Colonel Charte- 
ris, or Chartres. Lloyd, 116, 68. 

MemoirsofColonelCh— 8, 1780. Lloyd, 
189, 4s. 

Chabtieb, Alain. The Curial 
made by Maystre Alain Charretier. 
Translated in Englysshe by WyUy- 
am Caxton. folio. 

This work consists of six leaves, with- 
out numerals or catch-words, containing 
38 lines to the full page. Copies are in 
the libraries of K. George III., British 
Museum, and Earl Spencer. See Ames' 
Typog. Antiq. by Dibdin, i. 883-6. Bibl. 
Spencer, iv. 831-3. 

Chastellttx, F. J. Marquis de. 
Travels in North America, 1780-2, 
translated from the French, with 
Notes. Lond. 1787. 8vo. 2 vols. 
7s. 6d. 

Chastising of God's Children.— 

The prouffitable Boke for Mannes 

Soule, called the Chastysing of 

Goddes Children. Tretyse of Loue, 

&c. folio. 

This work, printed bv William Caxton, 
is executed in double columns, and the sig- 
natures of the first extend to H in sixes, 
H having only four leaves. The signa- 
tures of tiie ' Tretyse of Loue,' &c. extend 
A to H, in sixes. Copies are in the col- 
lections of K.George III., British Museum, 
and Earl Spencer, and in the Cambridge 
University Library. Roxburghe, 91, 140i. 
Gardner, 1854, 25/. See Ames, by Dibdin, 
i. 856-7. Bibl. Spencer, iv. 836-48. 

— The Chastysing of Goddes 
Chyldem. Tretises of Love, &o. 
(Lond. by W. de Worde, 1493). 

The first i»art contains Hiiij in sixes, 
and two leaves prefixed for title, preface 
and table. The treatises of Love, &c. 
A— H 6, in sixes, or 48 leaves. On the 
last leaf of the second part will be found 
Caxton's small white grounded cypher. 
See Ames, by Dibdin, ii. 298-308. White 
Knights, pt. i. 970, 322. lis. 

vels in Chreeoe, Palestine, Egypt 
and Barbary, 1806-7. transl. &om 
the French by Fred. Shoberl. Lond. 
1811. 8vo. 2 vols. 10s. 6d. 

Those who admire this author's manner 
and style will be gratified with these tra- 
vels: and those who dislike them, may 
still glean much information on antiqui- 
ties, manners, customs, religion, &c 




Demonstration of the Existence of God, 
tnniilated by Fred. ShoberU Lond. 1806, 

BonTenirs d'ltalie, d*Ang1eterre et d'- 
Amfirique, suiris de Morceaux dirers de 
Morale et de Litt6ratur«. Lond. 1816, 8to. 
2 parts in 1 vol. 

Of Buonaparte and the Bourbons, and 
the necessity of rallying round our legiti- 
mate Princes, for the Happiness of France 
and Earope, 1814, 4s. 

The Monarchy according to the Charter. 
Lond. 8to. An imirartant and admirable 
work, for which tiie author suffered perse- 
en tion flrom the soi>disant constitutional 
ministera of France. 

Essai historique, politique et morale snr 
les Revolutions anciennes et modemes. 
Iwond. 1615, 8vo. 128. A former edition. 
Lond. 1797, 8va 

Martyrs, or the Triumph of the Chris- 
tian Religion, translated from the French, 
by W. J. Walter. Lond. 1812, 8vo. 2 vols. 

The Beauties of Christianity, with a 
Preface and Notes by the Rev. H. Kett. 
Lond. 1818, 8vo. 8 vols. 15s. 

Memoirs of his Own Times. Lond. 1888, 
8vo. 2 vols. 12. Ss. 

Congress of Verona. Lond. 1888, 8vo, 2 
vols, ll/ls. 

Sketches of English Literature. Lond. 
1886, 8vo. 2 vols. II. 4s. 

Chatelab, — . Effusions of Love, 

from Chatelar to Mary Queen of 

Scotland, transl. from a Gt^Uic MS. 

in the Scotch College at Paris. Lond. 

1805. 12mo. with front, and port. 

of Mary. 

An undoubted forgery by W. H. Ireland. 
Brockett, 1181, mor. 11. 7s. Second edition, 
to which is added Historical fragments. 
Poetry, &c. of Mary Queen of Scots. 
Lond. 1806, 12mo. pp. 224. 

Chatelet, Duke de. Travels in 

Portugal, with Notes by J. F. Bour- 

going. Lond. 1809. 8vo. 2 toIs. lOs. 
This work, which was in reality written 
by M. Cormartin, one of the Vendean 
chiefs, is very full and various, as well as 
excellent in its contents, embracing every- 
thing but antiquities and public buildings. 

Chateb, James. Grammar of 

the Cingalese Language. Colombo, 

1815. Svo. 158. 

Chatpieid, C. View of the His- 
tory of the darker Ages, compre- 
hending a general Sketch of the 
Boman and Barbarian History, &c. 
Lond. 1824. 8to. 

PubUshed at 7s. 6d. 

— Teutonic Antiquities ; or, hu* 
torical and geographical Sketehes 
of Boman and Barbarian History, 
&c. Lond. 1828. Svo. pp. 270. 

— Bobert. Beview of the com- 
mercial, political, and moral State 
of Hindoostan. Lond. 1808. 4to. 

Chatham, W. Pitt, Earl ol 
Letters written by the late Earl of 
Chatham to his Nephew Thomas 
Pitt, (afterwards Lord Comelford), 
then at Cambridge. Lond. 1804. 
crown 8to. 5s. labge fapeb. 
Published by Lord GrenviUe. 

— Anecdotes of the Bt. Hon. 
William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, and > 
of the principal Erents of his Time, 
with his Speeches in Parliament^ < 

1736—78. Lond. 1792. 4to. 2 vols. 

Reprinted 1798, 8vo. 8 vols. Again 1796L 
Again 1797. Again 1810, 8vo. 8 Yols. [Of 
this edition some copies have the title 
' Speeches in Parliament.'] A compila- 
tion by Almon the bookseller. 

[Correspondence, edited by(W.S. Tay- 
lor and Capt. J. H. Pringle) the execu- 
tors of his son, John Earl of Chatham, and 
published from the Original MSS. Loud. 
1838 8vo. 2 vols.l 

The History of the Life of William Pitt, ■ 
Earl of Chatham. Lond. 1783, Svo. 3s. 6d. 

Chatteeton, Thomas. Works, 

with his life. Lond. 1803. 8vo. 3 


Published by subscription under the dl* 
rection of Dr. Southeyand Mr. Cottle, ft»r 
the benefit of Miss Newton, niece of this 
impostor. Rozbnrghe, 8486, 12. Ss. Bind- 
ley, pt. i. 978, 11. 4s. HoUis, 258, 12. lis. 6d. 
Drury, 830, russia, 22.8s. Fonthill, 8878, 
Bl. Is. Cambridge, 1842, post 8vo. S yola 

12s. LASGE PAPEK, CrOWU 8V0. ISs. 

Miscellanies in Prose andVerse. Lond. 
1778, 8vo. 8s. 6d. Roxburghe, 3434, 96. 

A Supplement to the MisoelUnles nf 
Thomas Chatterton. Lond. 1784, Svo. 2s. 

A Letter to the Editor of the Miscel- 
lanies of Thomas Chatterton. Strawheny- 
hill, 1779, Svo. Ss. 6d. 

Life, with Criticism on his Genius and 
Writings, by Dr. Gregory, 1789, Svo. 

Life, including unpublished Poems and 
Correspondence, by John Dix, 1837, ISroo. 

The Life of Thomas Chatterton. Tiy 
John Davis, Author of TraVels in Ame* ' 
rica. Lond. crown 8vo. 4b, (1800). 




Far other tracts, &c. relating to Chatter- 
tOB, see R0WLE7— Love and Madness, by 
Herbert Croft. 

Chaucbe, Geoffrey. TheWorkes 
newlv printed, with dyuers Workes 
which were neuer in Print before. 

Lond. Thomas Godfiraj, 1532. folio. 
The first edition of the entire works of 
Chaucer^ trith the exception of the Plough- 
man's Tale, which latter was first printed 
in the edition of 1543. It contains fo. 
ccc.lxxxiiL and is dedicated to K. Henry 
VIII. by 'Wm.Thynne,chefe Clerk of his 
Kech3nQ,' by whom it was compiled. The 
numbers of the folios are omitted till folio 
ziii ; again no. 18 is omitted also and folio 
ecc is twice inserted. [This is the only 
book known with a date printed by Thos. 
Godfray.l Towneley, pt. i. 434, imperfect, 
62.68. Sotheby, June, 1856, 202. This 
edition, according to Tyrwhitt, was con- 
sidered, notwithstanding its many imper- 
fections, as the standard edition, and was 
copied, not only by the booksellers, in 
their several editions of 1542, 1546, 1555, 
and 1661, but also by Thos. Speght in 1597 
and 1602. 

— The Workes newlye printed, 

with dyuers Workes whych were 

neuer in print before. Lond. John 

Bg^es, 1542. folio. 

Contains 872 leayes, besides the prefix. 
A reprint of Godfray's edition of 1532, with 
the addition of the Plowman's Tale, first 
published in this edition. To this edition 
different publishers' names are sometimes 
ibund on the title-page: William Bon- 
ham, Richard Kele, Robert Toy, Thomas 
Petit, and perhaps others, each having 
his own name alone, as printer, in the co- 
lophon of so many copies as were his pro- 
per share. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 85, 72. 7s. 
809,62.6s. 900.72.7s. Bright, 52. 12s. 6d. 
Crawfurd, 102. 5s. 

— The Workes newlie printed 
with diuers AddicionSjWhiche were 
neuer in Print before: with the Siege 
and Destruction of the worthy Citee 
of Thebes, compiled by Jhon Lid- 
gate, Monk of Berie, 1561. Lond. 
Jhon Kyngston for Jhon Wight, 
1561. foHo. 

This edition was edited by John Stowe. 
Chaucer's works end on fol. ccclxxviij. 
The tales have a fresh title-page succeed- 
ing the prologue, table, &c. of three leaves. 
The prologues to the tales with wood cuts, 
succeed, and at fol. cxiiii 'The Romaunt 
of the Rose' follows, and has a f^sh title- 
page. For some of the additions made in 

this and later editions, the reputation of 
Chaucer owes but small obligations ; and 
for the emendationein. the text, and altera- 
tions in the spelling, still less. Sir M. M. 
Sykes, pt i. 900 (title defective), 18s. Ros- 
coe, 1323, 22. 3s. Nassau, pt. i. 893, 22. 38. 
Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 901, 52. 6s. Wilkes, 1847, 

— The Workes of our antient 

and learned English Poet, Q«firey 

Chaucer, newly printed. Lond. 

Impensis G-eor. Sishop, Anno 1598. 


Edited by Thos. Speght, and dedicated 
to Sir Robert Cecil, Knight. Probably 
printed by Adam Islip, who printed it also 
for Tho. "Wight; changingthe name on the 
title when a certain quantity was printed. 
The prefixed letter of Francis Beaumont is 
dated 1597. Folios 394, besides 27 leaves of 
introductory matter, and a plate of ' The 
Progenie of Geffrey Chaucer.' At the end 
of the volume 'The old and obscure Words 
of Chaucer explained,' 8 leaves ; correc- 
tions and annotations, 5 leaves, and ' Faults 
escaped,' one leaf. According to the title, 
' In this Impression you shall find these 
Additions ; 1 His Portraiture & Progenie 
shewed. 2 His Life collected. 8 Argu- 
ments to euevy Booke. 4 Old and ob- 
scure words explained. 6 Authors by him 
cited declared. 6 Difficulties opened. 7 
Two Books of his (viz. his Dream and 
The Flower and the Leaf) neuer before 
printed.' Bindley, pt. i. 947, 12 3s. Saun> 
ders in 1818, 12. 9s. Bibl. AnglcPoet. 
rnssia, 86. 32. 10s. 

— The Workes of our ancient 

and learned English Poet, Geffrey 

Chaucer, newly printed. Lond. 

Adam IsUp. 1602. folio. 

Black letter, pp. 826. A re-impression 
of Speght's edition. ' To that which was 
done in the former impression, thus much 
is now added. 1 In the life of Chaucer 
many things inserted. 2 The whole worke 
by old Copies reformed. 3 Sentences and 
Prouerbeu noted. 4 The Signification of 
the old and obscure words prooued : ahio 
Characters shewing from what Tongue or 
Dialect they are derlued. 5 The Latine 
and French not Englished by Chaucer, 
translated. 6 The Treatise called lacke 
Vpland, against Friers: and Chaucer's 
A.B.C, called La Pri&re de Nostre Dame 
at this Impression added.' Field, 1731, 15s. 
Boswell, 679, 16s. Nassau, pt. i. 894^ 16s. 
Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 901, 12. Gough, 
896, 12. Is. Towneley, pt. i. 436, 12. 12m. 
Roscoe, 1824, 12. 14. Drury, 1016, 1/. 16s. 
M. of Townshend, 646, 22. 14s. Roxbnrghe, 
3290, 82. White Knights, pt. i. 971, rus. 
32. 88. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 88, 42. 4s. 




Ohavcsb. The Works. Also the 
Siege of Thebes by J. Lidgate. 

Lond. 1687. folio, with a portrait. 

Towneley, pt. H. 626, lis. Boiwell, 682, 
Ids. Heath, 1784, 12. Is. 

This is a reimpressiop of Speght's edi- 
tion of 1603. 

— The Works, compared with 
the former Editions and many valu- 
able MSS. out of which three Tales 
are added which ware never before 
printed: by John Urry, together 
with a Glossaiy (by Dr. J. Thomas). 
With the Authors Life, newly writ- 
ten, and a Preface, giving an Ac- 

coimt of this edit. Lond. 1721. fol. 
Pp. 760, with portrait of Chaucer by 
Vertue, of Urry by Pigu^. and eng^v- 
ings of the Pilgrims. Tynrhitt in his 
prefiiMre, observes that the Glossary to his 
edition of the Canterbury Tales will ap- 
ply to every edition of Chaucer's Works 
except Mr. Urry's, and adds that * Mr. 
Urry's edition should never be opened 
by any one for the purpose of reading 
Chancer.' 1000 copies were printed on 
small paper, at 1/. 10s. Koxburghe, 3251, 
1^ lOs. Marquis of Townshend, 647, rus. 
1^. 14s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 89, 1^. 168. 
RoRcoe, 1325, 2L 6s. Home Tooke, 136, 
3/. 13s. 6d. LABGB PAPER, 250copies print- 
ed, at 2<. lOs. Bindley, pt. i. 948, 1/. 14s. 
Garrick, 798, 1/. 15s. Duke of Grafton, 136, 
1/. 168. Heath, 1783, 2/. 28. Bibl. Anglo- 
Poet. 90, 3/. 3s. Fouthill, 2507, 11. lOs. 

— The Works of. Edinb. 1777. 
18mo. 12 vols. Again, Edinb. 1782. 
12mo. 14 vols. 

Published by Hell, in his edition of the 
British Poets, with engravings after Sto- 

— The Works, edited by S. W. 
Singer. Lond. 1822. foolscap 8vo. 

6 vols. IZ. 5s. 

A coiTect edition of the acknowledged 
poems of Chaucer. The works of Chaucer 
will also be found in the Collections of 
Poets, published by Bell, Anderson, and 

[Poetical Works, edited by 8irH. Nicolas, 
post 8vo. 6 vols. Part of the Aldine edi- 
tion of the British Poets. Pickering, 1845. 
2 copies printed on vbllum. Pickering's 
sale, 1864, mor. 26/. lOs.] 

Poetical Works, with introduction, 
notes, memoir, and glossary, by Robert 
Bell. Lond. Parker, 1866. 12mo. 8 vols. 11, 

— TheBookof theTalesof Caun- 
tyrburye. W. Caxton, 1475. folio. 

First edition, an elegant spneimen fA 
Cazton'8 press, consisting of 871 leavat^ 
without signatures, numerals, or eatel^ 
words, but unfortunately printed from a 
verv incorrect MS. Only two perfi»et 
copies are known: one in the lilnuryof 
K. George III., British Museum, the oihef 
i in Merton College, both without nreCioe 
or advertisement. The Spencer and Qren- ' 
ville copies have six leaves supplied in 
fac-simile. See Ames, by Dibdin^ i.291-^. 
Bibl. Spenoer. iv. 288-92. Heber, pt iv. 
816 (222 leaves), 1102. 16s. 

— The Book of the Tales of 

Cauntyrburye, folio. 

Second edition, from Cazton's press, with 
wood cuts, printed from a better MS., tJiea 
in the possession of Wm. Thynne, Esq. 
(1481-2). There are three sets of si^a* 
tures, viz. 1. a to v in eights (a 1 lieing 
blank, and v having only six leaves). 2, 
aa to ii in eights (ii having but six), a 
A to K, in eights, inclusively. Osly one 
perfect copy known, in the library of St. 
John's College, Oxford. Copies made np 
with fac-similes by Harris are in tlie 
Grenville Library, and Lord Spencer'H. 
Imperfect copies are in the British Mu- 
seum, the library of the Royal Society, 
and Lord Ashbumham. Heber, pt. iv. 
816 (wanting 28 leaves) in fine condition, 
782. 16s. See Ames, by Dibdin, i. 295-901. 
Bibl. Spencdr. iv. 292-909. , 

— Canterbuiy Tales. Wynken 

de Worde, 1495. folio. 

Third in^pression, a reprint of Caxton's 
second edition. Ritson's Bibl. Poet. p. aoi 

— Canterbury Tales. Westmes* 

tre, Wynkyn de Worde, 1498. Ijyd- 

gat Here folowyth the Tnterpreta- 

con of the names of Goddis and 

GK>dde8ses of this treatyse folow- 

ynge as Poetes wiyte, n. d. folio. 

CoZ/afiow.— This volume consists of 163 
leaves, printed in double columns except 
one leaf (U 1). The sigriatores are ftom 
B to Z, and in sixes, with the following^ 
exceptions: B, four leaves ; C, eight leaves; 
D, eight leaves ; R, eight leaves ; S, eight 
leaves; T, four leaves; U, five leaves ; Y, 
four leaves; after sign. Z there are 15 
leaves without the usual letters for signa- 
tures, but with certain marks. The last 
of these leaves has the colophon with the 
date 1498. Then follows a leaf, on front 
of which is a wood cut (used in the Pn>- 
logue) representing the Pilgrims at their 
Banquet, and on the back is Caxton*n mo> 
nogram. After which, isLydgat's Tre»- 
tyse of Goddis and Goddesses. It eom- 
mences on A 1, and has 14 leaves, vis. 
A, 6 leaves ; B, 6 leaves ; C, 3 leaves ; on 
reverse of the last, Caxton's monogram. 




A copy is in the Grenyille Collection, 
British Mnseum. Gardner, July, 1864 
(dated by mistake 1488 in the auctioneer's 
catalogue) 246^ 

Chauceb. Canterbury Tales. 

Lond. Richard Pyneon, n. d. about 

1493. foUo. 

The leaves are not nnmhered, nor has it 
catchwords ; but it has running titles and 
signatures. The signatures of the first 
alphabet go no further than v ; the second 
alphabet to 11, all octaves except the last, 
which has only six leaves ; then the prose 
begins with a fresh set of signatures toK5; 
on the back of which is Pynson's small 
mark ; the last leaf K 6 is blank. Sup- 
posed to be the earliest specimen of Fyn- 
son's press. Copies are in the libraries of 
the Royal Society (imperfect) and Earl 
Spencer. [The only perfect copy known 
is that at Althorp, formerly belonging to 
Dr. Chauncy.l <$«« Ames, by Dibdin, ii. 
621^. Bibl. Spencer, iv. 426^1. Rox- 
bnrghe, 3247, imperfect (wanting about 
GO leaves) lU. Ss. 6d. Heber (the Rox- 
burghe copy, first leaf fac-siroile by Uar- 
rifl) 601. 18b. now in the possession of Lord 
Ashbumham. 1864, Loscombe, 269j[100 
leaves, but imp.) 21/. lOs. Bright, imp. 
161. 16s. Sotheby (Stevens) Aug. 19, 1867, 
title and last leaf fao-similed by Harris, 
and wanting 12 leaves, 61/. 

— Caunterbury Tales. Lond. 
by mc Rycharde Pynson, 1526. fol. 

This edition has running titles, but no 
catchwords, and contains by signatures y 4, 
all sixes, except x and y, which are fours 
only. iS$«Dibain's Ames, ii. 618-20. Sothe- 
by's in 1821 (four leaves wanting), 71. 
S&unders' in 1818 (three leaves wanting), 
18/. 13s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 898 four leaves 
wanting) 26/. Roxburghe, 3249 (wanting 
proverbs and title to Canterbury Tales), 
80/. 9s. [This volume was afterwards 
found to contain Troyliis and Cresyde. 
Pynson, n. d. Resold, Ueber, pt. iv. 819, 
12M2S.] V 

— Canterbury Tales in the Ori- 
ginal ; from the most authentic 
MSS. and as they are turned into 
modem Language by the most emi- 
nent hands, &c. Lond: 1737 or 
1740. 8yo. with portrait by Vertue. 

Published by Tho. Morell, D.D. Of this 
edition Tyrwhitt has conspicuously avail- 
ed himself in his notes and glossary. 
Beed, 6638, 68. 6d. larob papeb. Steevens, 
804,9s.6d. Bindley, pt.i. 967, 19s. UoUis, 
250, date 1740, morocco, 1/. 48. 

— Canterbury Tales modemis'd 
by several Hands. Publish'd by 

Mr. Ogle. Lond. 1741. 8to. 8 vols. 

Prefixed is a portrait of Chaucer. Heath, 
1786, 14s. 6d. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 94, 
1/. lis. 6d. 96, 21. 6s. An edition. Dublin, 
1742, 8vo. 2 vols. 

— Canterbury Tales, to which 
is added, an Essay on his Language 
and Versification; an introductory 
discourse ; notes, and a glossary (by 
Thomas Tyrwhitt). Lond. 1776-8. 
8yo. 5 vols. 

This is said to be the best edited Poet 
in the English language. Roscoe, 182^ 
32. 12s. Heath, 1786*, 32. 17s. Roxburghe, 
3262, 42. FonthUl, 3021, 4/. Is. Bindley, 
pt. i. 968, 42. 4s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 
641, morocco, 62. Dent, pt i. 424, morocco, 
by Roger Payne, 62. 68. Home Tooke, 
187, mor. 62. 10s. Stanley, 880, morocco, 
62. 10s. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 91, 62. 16s. 6d. 

— Canterbury Tales, to which 
are added, an Essay on his Lan- 
guage and Yersrfication, and an 
introductory discourse, together 
with a glossary by the late Thomas 
Tyrwhitt. The second Edition. 

Oxford, 1798. 4to. 2 vols. 

This edition was printed by the Univer- 
sity of Oxford, as a tribute of respect for 
the editor. Prefixed is a portrait of Tyr- 
whitt. Bibl. Anglo-Poet 93, 22. 10s. Rox- 
burghe, 8263, with plates by Mortimer, 
rtissia, 62. 68. Fonthill, 3891, boards, 22. 
LABOB PAPER, published at 42. 4s. Nas- 
sau, pt. i. 827, 42. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 
706, 32. Ss. Dent, pt. i. 804, morocco, 82. 16b. 
White Knights, 964, with Mortimer's 
Plates, russla, 42. Edwards, 126» with 
Mortimer's plates, morocco, 62. 9s. 

— Canterbury Tales, with an 
Essay on Language, &c. Intro- 
ductory Essay, Notes, and a Glos- 
sary, byT. Tyrwhitt. Lond. 1822. 

post 8vo. 6 vols. 2,1. 128. 6d. 

This edition is printed from Tyrwhitt's 
own edition, the emendations are inserted, 
and the additional notes in their respec- 
tive order— and the Glossary in one alpha- 
bet, and the whole re-arranged. Prefixed 
are a portrait of Chaucer and a reduction 
of the celebrated pilgrimage, designed by 
Stothard. Drury, 881, morocco, 42. 148. 6d. 
LABOE PAPER, 60 printed, 6/. 6s., with a 
proof and etching of the Pilgrimage. 

[Heprinted, Lond. Pickering, 1830, 8vo. 
6 vols. 22. 12s. 6d. Two copies taken olf 
entirely on inuia papeb. An edition wa:4 
published in 1 vol. imp.Svo. Moxon, lBi6, 




Chauc£B. Canterbury Tales ; a 
new Text with illustratiye notes hj 
Thomas Wright. Svols. royal 12mo. 
1847-51, forming a part of the Percy 
Society Publications. 

-- Canterbury Tales completed 

in a modem Version (by William 

Lipscomb, M.A). Lond. 1795, post 

8to. 8 vols. 

A Gorreet and elegant modernization, 
aecording to Todd. Edirarda, 126, 128. 
Beed, 6640, 12s. 6d. Sir M . M. Sykes, pt 
1. 642, 17s. 

— Canterbury Tales in the origi- 
nal, from the most authentic MSS., 
and as they are turned into mo- 
dem language by Dryden, Pope, &c. 
Lond. 1887. 8vo. 

— Bomaunt of the Eose, Troilus 
and Crescide, and the minor Poems, 
with life by Sir H. Nicolas. Lond. 
1846. smaU 8yo. 3 vols. 

— Troylus and Creside. Expli- 
cit per Caxton, n. d. folio. 

CoIL Sign, a — g in eights, li ten leaves, 
i— in eights, and p four leaves. Sign. 
a<-l is blank, forming 118 leaves. It is 

{trinted in single columns, without capital 
nitials, or any running title, and the leaves 
are not numbered. Copies are in the 
King's Library, and in the collections of 
Earl Spencer (imperfect) the Hon. Thos. 
Grenville, and St, John's College, Ox- 
ford. Towneley, pt. i. 436 (sign. P 1 want- 
ing), 262?. resold White Knights, 972, 
162;. 16s. 8m Ames by Dibdin, 1. 313-6. 
Bibl. Spencer, iv, 819, 211. 

— The noble and amorous au' 

cyent Hystoir of Troylus and Cre- 

syde, in the Tyme of the Syege of 

Troye. Copyled by Geflfraye Oiau- 

cer. Lnprynted by me Wynkyn 

de Worde, 1517. 4to. 

To z iiii in eights, with a leaf, contain- 
ing a wood-cut of the lovers, and a device 
of the printer. Roxburghe, 8248, 432. re- 
sold. Bright, 492. 10s. A copy is in the 
Duke of Devonshire's Library^ and the 
Public Library of Cambridge, /ke Ames, 
by Dibdin, ii. 212—14. 

— The Boke of Troylus & Cre- 

seyde, newly printed by a trewe 

Copye. Lond. Eycharde Pynson. 

n. d. folio. 

This edition, printed in double oolamns, 
ends on the recto of sign. K vj, and con- 

tains K 6, A and B hi sixes, tfae rest- 
the signatnres fonrsand sixes mltemal 
Sae Ames, by Dibdin. U. ^15-16w 

— The Loves of T-oilus and Tl 
seid, written hy Ch^ivoer ; riih\ 
Commentary, by Sir Frsnci. 
aston: never before published. LiOi 
1796. 8vo. 2s. 6d. 

26 leaves. A portion only of this 
with Advertisement and introdnctory 
tracts, published by F. O. W(aldnni). 

— Amorum TroiH et Creseic 
Libri duo priores AngUoo-Laf 
Oxon. ezcud. Joh. Lichfield, 1< 

Book 1. 105 pp. Book 2. (inaerih. 
John Rons, 6 pp.) 150 pp. Title, Lat 
dedication to Jnmus, an address to 
candid reader, and copies of verses, 
leaves. Published by Sir Praneis Kyni 
ton, (the English text on the right, 
Latin translation on the left hand ]^_ 
but not meeting encouragement, thethi 
remaining books, with the comment 
notes on the whole, never appeuied. 
notice of the version will be found in 
Retrosp. Rev. zii. 106-23. Bindley, pt. 
587, 58. Nassau, pt. i. 828, 9s. North, 
iii. 758, 12s. IngUs, 1688^ 148. Rose 
1327, 12. Sir M. M. Sykes. pt. u. 62*. U ! 
Gordonstoun, 1839, 22. 4s. 

— The Assemble of Fonles, eoi 

pyled by the preclared and {anioi|| 

Gierke Geffiray Chaucer. Lond. 

me Wynjcvn de Worde, 1530. folii 
Fourteen leaves ; supposed unique. Th| 
work seems to have been printed by Ca 
ton nnder the tiUe of the ' Parliament 
Birds.' See Ames, by Dibdin, ii. 27( 
Bibl. A-nglo-Poet. 96, 60L Strettell, 51 
211. Saunders in 1818, 322., lis. A forme 
edition was published wiu the Book 
Fame, &c. by Richard Pynson in 1526. 

— The Book of Fame made by' 
Gtefferey Chaucer. Emprynted by 
Wylliam Caxton. no place, foUo. 

This volume contains a to d in eights, a 
1 being blank and d having only 6 printed 
leaves and a blank one. Copies are in the 
Royal Library, Lord ft^ncei's and the 
Public Library, Cambridge. See Ame8,by 
Dibdin, 1. 811—8. Bibl. Spencer, iv. 

— The Boke of Fame made by 
Gteffnj Chaucer : with dyuera other 
of his Workes. Lond. by me By- 
charde "Pynson, 1626. folio. 

Printed m double oolamns, similar to the 
Canterbury Tales of the same date. The 




other works oomsist of * The Assemble of 
Foules. The Bpke called la belle Dame 
Sanns mercy, w^4 translate out of Frencbe 
in to Englyssh'i 07 Geffray Chaucer, flour 
of poetes in onr< mother tong, Gertayne 
moralliprouerbt J of the foresayd Geflray 
Chance^ doyng.' /SSm Dibdin's Ames, ii. 

Chaucer's Book of Fame was printed 
also at Edinbui^h, br Walter Chepman in 
1606, in the Sootish dialect or orthography, 
under the title of ' The Maying or Dispart 
of Chancer.' 

Chauoeb. The Loue and Com- 
playntes bytwene Mars and Yenns. 
This in pryntyde in Westmoster in 
kyng. streto: For me Julianns No- 
tarii. 4to. 

FourteenleaTes^inRitson's Bibl. Poetica 
attributed to Chaucer. Sozburghe, 8285, 

— The Plowman's Tale, folio. 

Printed by Godfrey, n. d. 

Heber, pt. 4 (wanting last leaf). 

— The Plouumans Tale com- 

pylled by Syr Gbflftray Chaucer 

Knyght. Lond. by WyUyam Hyll. 


Black letter. Nassau, pt. i. 686, mo- 
rocco, bU 18s. There are many variations 
in this poem (falsely attributed to Chah- 
cer) from that printed by Urry in his Edi- 

— The Ploughmans Tale ; shew- 
ing by the Doctrine and Lives of 
the Bomish Clereie, that the Pope 
is Antichrist, and they his Minis- 
ters. Printed by Ot. E. 1606. 4to. 

To this edition, consisting of 81 leaves, 
there is no preface nor editor's name, but 
marginal notes are given to explain the 
obsolete words. Steevens, 810, 3s. 6d. 
White Knights, 42. lOs. Bkegg, 42. 12s. 

— A Collection of Chaucer's and 
Lydgate's Minor Poems. 4to. 

A curious collection of old poetry, firom 
Cazton's (or possibly Wynkyn de Worde's) 
press, in the Public Libnry at Cambridge, 

1. StansPuerad Mensam; or, Lessons 
of Behaviour to the Young. A translation 
from the 'Carmen Juvenile de Horibus 
Puerorum' of Sulpitius, by Lydgate. 

2. An holy Salve Begina in English. 

8. Parvus Gatho. Translated by Lyd- 

4. Magnus Catho, in fbur Books. Trans- 
lated by Lydgate. 

6. Fahle of the Chorle and the Birde, 
generally attributed to Lydgate. 

VOL. I. 

6. Fable of the Horse, the Ghoos and 
the Sheep. Generally attributed to Lyd- 
gate. Of this piece there are two different 
impressions byCazton, the orthography 
often materially varying. 

7. A list of proper Terms or Phrases In 
speaking of Beasts, Birds, &c. 

8. The Temple of Olas. Written in 
imitation of Chaucer's Temple of Fame. 
Whether Lydgate or Hawes be the author, 
is a disputed point. A copy consisting of 
83 leaves, is among Bp. More's books in 
the public library at Cambridge. 

9. Seipio's Dream, called, The Parlia- 
ment of Birds. The Parliament of Birds 
by Bale and Pitts is ascribed to Lydgate, 
but that must be a different piece from 
this, which is the same with the * Assem- 
blee of Foules' by Chaucer. 

10. A Tretyse whiche John Skogan 
sente unto the Lordes and Oentlemen of 
the Kynge's Hows, ezhortynge them to 
lose no Time on their Yongthe. In Urry's 
Chaucer, p. 646. See Tyrwhitf s account 
of this article in his edition of the Canter- 
buiy Tales. 8vo. v. 19. 

11. The good Counceyl of Chaueer. In 
Urry's Chaucer, p. 648. 

12. The Book of Curtesye. T. Thomas, 
in his preface to Urry's edition, men- 
tions this article among other small pieces 
of Chaucer's, under the title of 'The 
Boke of Cnrtesye or Lytyll John.' Dr. 
Dibdin mentions having seen a fragment 
of this article * Enprinted atte Westmos- 

18. Annelida and Arcyie. Attributed 
to Chaucer. 

14. Chaucer's Complaint to his Purse. 
In Urry's edition, p. 649. 

16. Thenuoye of Chaucer. 

For a farther account of this curious 
volume, see Ames, by Dibdin, i. 806—11. 

— Poems modernized by Words- 
worth, Leigh Himt, Home, Bell, 
and others, with Life by Professor 
Schmitz. Lond. 1841. 12mo. 7s. 6d. 

Riches of Chaucer, with memoir by 
Cowden Clarke. Lond. 1885^ 12mo. 2 vols. 

Tales from Chaucer in prose, by Cow- 
den Clarke. Lond. 12mo. 

Cambuscan, or the Squire's Tale, mo- 
dernized by Boyse, continued by Ogle, 
and concluded by Sterling. Dublin, pri- 
vately printed, 1786. 

The New Wife of Beath (in imitation 
of Chancer), 12mo. Black letter.— Second 
edition, black letter. Qlasgow, 1700, 12mo. 

— See Todd, J. H. - (Godwin, 
William. Bbathwait, Bichard. 
BoETHius, A. M. T. S. 

An excellent article on this father of 
English poetry will be found in the lletr. 

F F 




Rev. Jx. 173-206. xil. 106—83, and xlv. 
805— 67, also inWarton's English Poetry, 

Chaucer's Ghoast, being twelve 
of Ovid's Fables in the Manner of 
Chaucer. Lond. 1672. 8vo. 

Field. 1438, 48. Nassau, pt. i. 667, 66. 
Towneley. pt. ii. 190,68. Reed, 6648, 6b. 6d. 
Skegg, 1^ 

Chauchabd, Captain. Map of 
the Empire of Germanj, Holland, 
the Netherlands, Switzerland, the 
Grisons, Italy, Sicily, Corsica and 

Sardinia. Lond. 1800. atlas foUo. 
Accompanied with a 4to. volume of re- 
ference. Orury, 966. 11. lOs. Bp. of Ely 
609, i:. 6s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 902, 
it. lis. 6d. 

Chaunct, Sir Henry, Kt. The 
historical ibitiquities of Hertford- 

sliire. Lond. lyOO. folio. 

A oopions analysisof thismneh-eBteemed 
county history will be found in Savafse's 
Librarian, i. 49— 63, and in Upcott's Bri- 
tish Topography, i. 83—8. 600 copies 
were printed. Nassau, pt. i. 896, 862. Dent, 
pt. 1. 666, with additional plates and co> 
loured drawings, 271. 168. 6d. Edwards, 
641, russia, 242. ds. Dowdeswell, 292, 
'2fU. 168. 6d. White Knights, 973, morocco, 
26/. 6b. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 899, russia, 
20;. 9s. 6d. Boxburghe, 8614 (the three 
scarce plates wanting), 16i. 68. Heath, 
4676, morocco by Roger Payne, 862. 14s. 

CoOathn.— Title, in red and black ; dedi- 
c& tion to John, Earl of Bndgwater,4 pages ; 

f>reface, 4 pages ; the historical antiquities 
C— Hhhh 4], 600 pages ; degrees of pre- 
cedency [liii], p. 601; advertisement, 2 
pages ; two indexes of 11 and 9 pages ; cor- 
rections, &c. 1 page, and printed direc- 
tions for placing the cuts [generally 
wanting] 1 page. Four cancelled leaves, 
the first, p. 6; the second, p. 121; the 
third, p. 283 ; the fourth, p. 90B.—PkUes. 

I. Portrait of the author, by J. Savage. 2. 
Map of the county. H. Moll fee. p. 1. 3. 
Manor House at Broadfield. J. Savage sc. 
p. 74. 4. Risden House. J. Drapentier 
sc. p. 79. 6. Hyde Hall. J. Drapentier sc 
p. 81. 6. New Sills Bury. J. Drai>entier 
sc. p. 99 (often wanting). 7. Cockenhatch. 
J. Drapentier sc. p. 102. 8. Widyall Hall. 
J. Drapentier sc. p: 111. 9. Parsonage 
House at Throcking. J. Savage sc. p. 118. 
10. Aspeden HaU. J. Drapentier sc. p. 126. 

II. Litle Court. J. Drapentier sc. p. 131. 
12. Burnt (Brent) Pelham HalL J. Dra- 

Emtiersc. p. 142. 13. Mores Place. J. 
rapentier sc p. 160. 14. Pisho Bury. J. 
Drapentier sc p. 179. 16. Hide HaU. J. 

I Drapentier sc. p. 188. 16. Monmnents 
I John Jocelin, Esq. and Philippahis 
J. Drapentier sc. p. 184. 17. Mom 
of Sir Thomas Hewyt, Kt. and Ban* 
186. 18. Monument of Qeo. Lord H 

6186. 19. Monuments of Sir Wi 
ewyt Knt. and EHs. his Wife, p. 
20. New Place. J. Drapentier sc. p. 
81. Monument of Bridget, Dang* of 
John Gore, Kt. p. 191. 22. Monnment 
Sir John Gore, Kt p. 191. 23. StanBl 
Bury. J. Drapentier sc. p. 19^ 24. 
don House. J. Drapentier sc. p. 199. Si>^ 
Standon Lordship. J. Drapentier ac. p.29QL 
(often wanting) 26.Hamell8. J.Drapenti^- 
sc. p. 227. 27. The north Prospect of tlMi 
TownofHertfoidfromPorthill. J.Drapen*, 
tier se. p. 262 (often wanting). 28. BaUs. J. 
Drapentier sc p. 266. 29. The Parke. J. 
Drapentier sc. p. 266. 30. Bedwell Parke. 
J. Drapentier sc. p. 276. 31 . Gamfeild ^IsM. 
J. Drapentier sc p. 277, marked 272. 82. 
Knebworth Place. J. Drapentier sc. p. 3U, 
marked 363. 33. The Town of Hitchio, 
J. Drapentier sc. p. 388, marked 891. 84. 
Hitchin Church. J. Drapentier sc p. 892. 
86. Temple Dinsley. J. Drapentier sc. p. 
397. 86.*Offley Place. J. Drapentier s&lh 
404. 87. Little Offley. J. D. sc. p. 407. 

88. Stagen Hoe. J. Drapentier sc. p. 414. 

89. Map of St. Alban's. John Oliver sc p. 
428. 40. The Hoo. J. Drapentier se. p. 
610. 41. The south Prospect of Bushey 
Hall. J. Drapentier sc. p. 640. 42. Ths 
east and west Prospect of Bushey HaU. 
J. Drapentier sc. p. 641. 43. The north 
Prospect of Bushey Hall. J. Drapentier 
sc p. 541. 44. Barkhamstead Place. John 
Oliver sc p. 577. 46. Manor Honse oi 
Tring. J. Oliver ac. p. 698. 46. Manor 
Honse of Penley. J. Oliver bc. p. 694. 

[The three plates usually wanting, are 
as already stated : New Sills Bury, at p. 
^-Standon Lordship, p. 220— and ffert- 
ford Town, p. 262.] 

An edition, Hertford, 1827, 8vo. 2 vols. 
with lithographic plates, 1/. 10b. labob 
PAPBB, in royal octavo, 22. 6s. 

- Chauncey, Maurice. HiBtoria 

aliquot nostri Sseculi Martyran), 

cum pia, turn Lectu jucunda, nun- 

quam ante hac Typis ezcusa. 1550. 

4to. 42. 4fi. 

Strype, in his Ecclesiastical Memorials, 
has printed much of the information con* 
taiuf d in this book. A copy of Chaanev 
or Chauncie's work is in the Bodleian U* 
brary. It contains 1. The Epitaph of Sit 
Tho. More. 2. The Captivity and Ms^ 
tyrdom of John Fisher, B. of Rochester. 
3. The Capt. and Mart, of the said Sir 
Tho. More. 4. The Martyrdom of Rej- 
nold Brigitt a pious Divine and of othen* 


I The PassioB of 18 Cdrtlnuiana of Lon- 

^Vitoac Martyni GartnBianorum aliqnot, 
Mi Ijondini pro Unitate Ecclesisadversutt 
HiBretioos Btrenu^ depugnantes vari^ tru- 
pUtl sunt, Narratio. Mediolani, 1606, 8vo. 
i^Commentariolus de Vitsa Ratione et 
■Entyrio oetodecim Cartnsianorum qui in 
iUglia sub Bege Henrico VIII crudeliter 
SOadati sant ; una cum nova historica Re- 
yo ne 12 Martyrum Cartusianorum Ru- 
linnandeDaium qui Anno 1672 Agonem 
'Ijtom complevemnt, anctore Amoldo Ha- 
^Venaio,item EpistolsBParanetica D.Martini 
Landnrenis CoIonisB. 1606. Gandayi,ie08. 
•#n>. In this work will be found a curious 
tlate of one of tbe Irish Martyrs. Bindley, 
Ft i. 1439, 168. 6d. Williams, (the three 
ytrta), «. 80. 6d. 

This volume is composed of Three parts. 

A life of the author, Maurice Ghauncey, 
will be fonnd in Wood's Athen. Oxon. 

Chauncey, WiUiam. The Root- 
mg out of the Bomishe Supremacie. 
loud, for lohn Perm, 1580. 16mo. 

Dedicated to *Lorde Robert Dudley, 
Sarle of Leycester.' 'To the Christian 
fieader.' 141 pages, on the back of the 
Isst leaf Is the author's coat of arms. Bind- 
ley, pt. i. 1196, 6s. 

— The Conversion of a Gientle- 
man long Tyme misled in Foperie 
to the sincere and true Profession 
of the Gospel of Christ Jesus. 
Lond. 1587. 4to. 

Black letter. Gordonstoun, 448, 98. 6d. 

Chsapside Cbobs. 

The Resolution of the Rovnd-Heads, to 
pull downe Cheap-side Croese. Lond. 1641, 
4to. 4 leaves. 

The remaiicable Fvneral of Cheapside- 
Crosse in London. Lond. 1642, 4to. 4 

The Crosse's Case in Cheapside. 1642, 

The doIeAill Lamentation of Cheapside 
Ctosse : or old England sick of the Stag- 
gsn. Lond. 1641, 4to. King and Loch6e's, 
in March, 1810, 11. lis. 

^ An Answer to the Lamentation of Cheap- 
side Crosse. Lond.4to. King and Loch^e's 
in March, 1810, IZ. 78. 

Cheap-side Crosse censured and con- 
demned, in a Letter sent from the Vice- 
t'hancellour and other learned Men of the 
fcawus Tniversitie of Oxford. Lond. 1641, 
4to. Dent, pt. i. 806, with Loveday's 
answer, 14s. 6d. King and Loch^e's in 
March, 1810, 4s. 

Answer to the Questions of the Citizens 
<^ London, concerning Cheapside Cross 
(by George Abbot, Archb. of Canterbury). 



Loveday's Answer to the Lamentation 
of Cheapside Crosse, in Verse. 4to. with 
front. Dent. pt. i. 806, with Cheapside 
Crosse censured, 1641, 14s. 6d. 

The Downe-fall of Dagon, or the Taking 
downe of Cheap-aide Crosse this second of 
May, 1643. 1643, 4to. King and Loch^'s 
in March, 1810, 12. 3s. 

A Vindication of Cheapside Crosse 
against the Roundheads. Oxf. 1643, folio. 

See Peacham, Henry. 

Checus, or Cheeks. SeeCwKKE. 

Chedsey, William. Sermon at 

Paul's Crosse, Not. 16, 1544. 8vo. 

A life of this great stickler for the Catho- 
lic religion will be found in Wood's Athen. 
Oxon., and several of his discourses will 
be found in Fox's Acts and Monuments of 
the Church. 

Chedwobth, John, Lord. Notes 

upon some of the obscure Passages 

in Shakespeare's Plays. Lond. 

1805. Svo. 

Privately printed. Reed, 8624,11s. Nas- 
sau, pt. ii. 451, 128. Field, 671, 17s. Bind- 
ley, pt ill. 1007, 18s. 6d. Extracts from 
the mSS. of this Nobleman will be found 
in Seymour's Remarks upon Sbakspeare. 

— Letters (140) from the late 
Lord Chedworth to the Rev. Tho- 
mas Crompton : written in the pe- 
riod from January 1780, to May 
1795. Lond. 1828. 4to. 

CHEI80LM, William. Examen 
Confessionis Fidei CalviniansB quam 
Scotis omnihuB Ministri Calviniani 
suhscribendam et jurandam pro- 
ponunt, Auctore, Key. D. D. (Juli- 
elmo Cheisolmo Scoto Episcopo 
Yasionensi. Aveuione, 1601. 8vo. 

A copy is in the British Museum. In a 
bookseller's catalogue, another copy was 
marked 82. Ids. 6d. 

Cheks, Henr^. See NiaxB Bas- 
sentinus, Franciscus. 

— Sir John. A Eemedy for Se- 

dition, wherein are conteyned many 

Thinges concemynse the true and 

loyaU Obeysance, that Comens ow 

vnto their Prince and Souerygne 

Lorde the Kynge. Anno. M.D.xxxvi. 

Lond. in iBdibus Tho. Sertheleti. 


Contains F, in fours. 




Epitaphinm in Anton. Dennciom. Lond. 
1551, 4to. A copy is in the Bodleian Lib. 

De ObitA Martini Baceri Epigtole dun. 
Item Epii^raramata varia cvm Grsece tvm 
Latini conscripta in eundem fidelissimil 
Dioini Uerbi Ministnim. Lond. 1661, 
4tn. 6s. 

Tbe Hart of Sedicion, bow grievous it 
is to a Common-wealth. Lond. 1549, 8vo. 
Inglis, 1308, 6b. 6d. Reprinted 1569, Sva 
M in fours, half sheets. Home Tooke, 
138, 22. 8s. White Knights, 828, morocco, 
12. Is. Gardner, 1854, 1/. 12s.— 1576, 8vo. 
Oordonstoun, 527, 9s., and Oxford, 1641, 
4to. entitled, 'The trve Subiect to the 
Bebel.' Gordonstoun. 528, 68. To this edi- 
tion is prefixed a preface applicable to 
those times, and a life of the author, by 
Ger. Langbaine. Another life of Cheke 
was published by Strype. 

Disputat de Pronunciatione Lingan 
GmcsB. Basil. 1655, 12mo. A copy ia in 
the Bodleian LibraiT'. 

A royall Eleg^e on King Edward the 
Vlth. 1610, 4to. with portrait. Reed, 
6711, ei. 8s. 

Several MSS. written by Sir John Cheke 
are now in the British Museum. See 

Ghbee, William. Anagrammata 
Chron-Agrammata Begia. Lond, 
1613. 8to. 

Copies are in the British Museum and 
Bodleian Libraries. 

CHXLiDOBiTrs Tiguriniifl. Of the 
Institution and first Beginning of 
Christian Princes, and the Originall 
of Kingdomes : whereunto is an- 
nexed a Treatise of Peace and 
Warre, and another of the Dignitie 
of Manage, englished hj James 
Chillester Londoner. Lond. 1571. 
4to. 128. 

Pp. 199, with a dedication to the Queen, 
and a table of contents. 

Cheltenham. — The History of 
Cheltenham and its Enyir^ns. Chel- 
tenham, 1803. 8to. 

'Pp. xvi. & 858, with two plates. Writ- 
ten by the Rev. T.F.Dibdin,D.D. Towne- 
ley, pt ii. 416, mssia, 16s. large papkr, 
15s. Reprinted 1808. Marquis of Towns- 
bend, 2788, Ids. 

Chemical Society. — See Appendix* 

CHBionnus, Martinus. A Dis- 
couerie and Batterie of the great 
Fort of vnwritten Traditions, trans- 
lated into Enghsh hy B. Y. A Con- 


futation of vnwritten Verities mam 

by Thomas Cranmer, late Arche- 

bishop of Canterbvuie. Lend. 168& 


The first article, the seeond title tf 
which is an Examination of the Ckmnsdl 
of Trent, touching the Decree of Tradi- 
tions, consists of 85 pages, dedicated t» 
' M. James Altham, Esq. ; and the Lady 
ludde his wife.' * To the oourteovs 
Reader.' The latter, 79 pages* the sigoap 
tures continued. 

Chbnsyix, Bichard. Two Plays. 
(Mantuan Beyels and Homy YIl.) 
Lond. 1812. Svo. 5s. 

These plays mar be regarded ' aa tbe 
boldest, the most elaborate, and, upon the 
whole, the mqpt suoceKsfbl imitation of 
the general style, taste, and diction of ear 
older dramatiHts that has appeured in the 

S resent times.' — Edinb.Bevievf, Ghenevix's 
dramatic Poems, 1801, 8vo. Koxlnu^he^ 
Snpplem. 672, 6«. 

Chbnibb, Louis. State of the 
Empire of Morocco, translated from 
the French. Lond. 1788. 8to. 2 
vols. 10s. 6d. 

A work containing much Talnable infor- 
mation, written by the Gharg6 des Affaires 
from the King of France to the £mperor 
of Morocco. 

CHSBiNGKroir, Lord Viscount 
Memoirs of the Government and 
Manners of the present Portngnese. 
Lond. 1782. 12mo. 2 vols. Ss. 

Chbbtbey, Andrew. See Chbis- 
TINE of Pisa. Christianity. Lu- 
cidary. Commandments. 

An account of this writer, and his traoa* 
lations from the French, will be found in 
Wartoo's History of English Poetry, 8va 
vol. iii. 863-1 

Ckbseldek, William. Anatomy 

of the Human Body. Lond. 1740. 

Svo. with plates, ys. 

A valuable work. The former edltioD^ 
1713, 1722, 1796. An appendix to the 
fourth edition, 1730. 

A Treatise on the high Operation for the 
Stone. Lond. 1728, 8vo. with 17 plates, 4ii. 

Osteographia, or the Anatomy- of the 
Bones. Lond. 1788, atlas folio, 21. 2b. Ia 
1736 appeared Remarks on that pompoot 
work, the Osteographia. By Dr, Jirfia 
Douglas. Svo. 

Cheshire. — ^Newes out of Cheehirs 




of the new found Well. 1600. 4to. 
^th frontispiece. 

Bindley, pt. iii. 783, 21. lis. 
Cheshire. A. Sketch of the Mate- 
rials for a new History of Cheshire. 
The second Edition, with an entire 
new Pre&ce, &c. (by Dr. Foote 

<a-ower.) 1773. 4to. 

Pp. xU. (including advertisement and 
preface) and 94, with a plate of Hugh 
XjUpus'B sword of dignity at p. 21. 

— The History of Cheshire, to 

-which is prefixed, an Introduction, 

exhibiting a general View of the 

State of the Kingdom previous to, 

and immediately after, the Norman 

Conquest. Chester, 1778. 8vo. 2 vols. 

10s, 6d. 

This work contains ' King's Vale-Royal 
entire ; together with considerable £x- 
tntcts from Sir Peter Leycester's Anti- 
qnitiea of Cheshire ; and the Observa- 
tions of later Writers, particularly Pen- 
nant, Grose, &c. &c.' Vol. i. Title ; con- 
tents, errata, and directions to the binder, 
4 pages ; advertisement, 3 pages ; intro- 
duction, 88 pages. The Vale-Eoyal of 
England, 430 pages. Vol. ii. title, and pp. 
431-994. The map of the county, promised 
at the conclusion of the advertisement, 
-was never published. Dent, pt. i. 1064, 
1/. 2s. Nassau, pt i. 670, 1/. 3s. Dent, pt. 
i. 426, with additional plates, russia, SI. 

Chesne. See Du Chesne. 

Chess. — The Gbme and Plave of 

the Chesse : Translated out oi the 

French, and imprynted hy William 

Carton, 1474 folio. 

This work, consisting of 72 leaves, 
without signatures, catch'words, or nume- 
rals, is the first book to which Cazton 
affixed the date of the imprint It is a 
translation from tiie French of lehan De 
Vigny, who, in turn, is supposed to have 
translated it from the Latin of Jacobus de 
C<e8olli8,orGasulis, or Cessol, or of Casali, 
in Italy. Alchome, 166 (six leaves MS.), 
542. 128. White Knights, 974 (two leaves 
MS.), morocco, 421. resold, (table and two 
leaves MS.) 362. 16s. Hodgson, 1856, 602. lOs. 
See Ames, by Dibdin, i. 28^. Bibl. 
Spencer, iv. 189-93. 

— The Oame and Playe of the 
Chesse. Explicit per Caxton. foho. 

This edition contains 84 leaves (sign, a 
to k in eights, a blank leaf a 1, and k and 1 
having each only six leaves), has 29 lines 
in a page, and is illustrated with 24 wood 
cuts. WiUett, 604, 1732. 5b. IngUs, 697, 

(several leaves supplied in facsimile) 312* 
10s. /Sto Ames, by Dibdin, i.S6>52. Bibl. 
Spencer, iv. 194-6. 

— The pleausaunt and wittie 

Playe of the Cheastes renewed, with 

Instructions hoth to leame it easely, 

and to play it well. Lately trans- 

lated out of Italian into French : 

and now set forth in EngUshe hy 

James Bowhothum. Lond. 1562. 


Towneley, pt ii. 1046, 4Z. 14s. 6d. An- 
other editioa Lond. 1669, 16mo. This 
edition has several schemes of the board 
and men, and contains O 8, in eights. 

— Ludus Scacchiffi: Chesse-Play. 
A Ghune hoth pleasant, wittie and 
pohticke: with certain briefe In- 
structions therevnto belonging ; 
Translated out of the ItaUan into 
the English Tongue. Containing 
also therein, a prety and pleasant 
Poeme of a whole Game played at 
Chesse. Written by Q-. B(lochimo). 
Lond. by H. lackson, 1597. 4to. 

Title, to the Header, Chesse PIay,Poem, 
and to the Reader, 24 leaves. Nassau, pt. 
i. 2666, 12. 168. White Knights, 958, 22. 
A fac-simile reprint, in 1810, 4to. 6s. 

The Game at Chesse, a metaphorical 
Discourse shewing the present Estate of 
this Kingdome. Lond. 1643, 4to. White 
Knights, 969, 68. 

The History of Chess, together with 
short and plain Instructions, by which any 
one may easily play it without the Help of 
a Teacher. Lond. 1768, 8vo. 2s. 6d. 

Chess. 1787-9. 8vo. 2 vols. See Twiss, 

Stratagems of Chess, or a Collection 
of critical and remarkable Situations ; se- 
lected from the works of the most eminent 
Masters. Lond. 1816, fscap. 8vo. 78. This 
work has gone through several editions. 

The Buke of ye Chess, script per manum 

Jhon Sloane. 1818, 4to. Forty copies 

printed at the Auchinleck press. Boswell, 

3067, 18s. 3218, 12s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. 

. 1644, U. 8s. Dent, pt. ii. 1283, 16s. 

Chess Player's Chronicle, edited by 
Howard Staunton. Lond. 1841-62, 13 vols. 
8vo. First Series. The Second Series is 
in course of publication. 

Chesteb, Bobert. Loves Mar- 

tyr, or BosaUns Complaint. Lond. 

1601. 4to. 

Pp. 190. Dedicated to ' Sir John Sails- 
burie, after which follow, each In twelve 



lines, 'The Authors request to the Phoenix 
and ' To the kind Reader.' The title is as 
follows: ' Loyes Martyr: or.Rosalins Com- 
plaint. AUegorlcallfshadowingthe Truth 
of Loue, in the constant Fate of the Phce- 
nix and Turtle. A Poeme enterlaced with 
much Varitie and Raritie ; now first trans- 
lated out of the venerable Italian Torquato 
CoBliano, by Robert Chester. With the 
true Legend of famous King Arthur, the 
last of the nine Worthies, being the first 
Essay of a new Brytish Poet : collected 
out of dierse authentical Records. To 
these are added some new Compositions, 
of seuerall modem Writers whose Names 
are subscribed to their seuefall Works, 
upon the first Subiect, viz. the Phoenix 
and Turtle.' The modem writers are 
Shakespeare, Jonson, Marston, Chapman 
and others. Blbl. Anglo-Poet. 108, 501. 
Roxburghe, 8286, 342. 86. Sir M. H. Sykes, 
pt. i. 7^ 612. 198. 

Chester, B. The AnnalB of 
Qreat Britain. A Poem, small 4to. 

Lond. 1611. 

Lyte, 1849, supposed unique, 4101. 
Chester. The whole Proceedings 
in several Informations, in the Na- 
ture of a Quo Warranto. 1791. 

8to. 2 vols. 15s. 

An accurate and complete account Pre- 
fixed is a short but interesting sketeh of 
the political history of the city of Chester. 

Chester's Triumph in honour of her 
prince, 4to. 1610 (yide D^tixs, R.) Reid, 
42. 188. Reprinted by the Hon. Mr. Ciive. 

Chester Courant and Manchester viO' 
dicated. 1745-6, 12mo. 2 vols. 

Chester Miscellany, Extracte from the 
Chester Courant. Chester, 1760. Lloyd, 
881, lis. Dent, pt. i. 426, 10s. 

The Charter of the City of Chester, 

granted by King Henry Vllth with a Con- 
rmation thereof bv Queen Elizabeth; 
now first published from a faithful Trans- 
lation made before the civil Wars. Ches- 
ter, 1778, 4to. pp. 28, including title and 

An Account of the Siege of Chester: 
during the civil Wars between K. Charles 
I. and his Parliament Chester, 1790, 

History of the Siege of Chester during 
the Wars in the Time of King Charles I. 
Lond. (1806), 8vo. pp. 186, with a folding 
plan of the fortifications, and five wood- 
cuts on the letter-press. Another edition, 
Chester, 1790, 8vo. 

A concise History of the County and 
Citv of Chester, 1791, 12mo. pp. 142, with 
a plan, 2s. 6d. 

History of the City of Chester, from its 
foundation to the present time. XUnstratod 


with five etehings by G. Cnitt, Chestv; 
1816, 8vo. 

Chester Mysteries, da I>iliiYi» 

Noe, de Oocisione InnooeaitimL 

1818. 4to. plates. 

Presented to the members of th« Soz- 
burghe club, by J. H. Mart land, F.SJS. 
Boswell, 3046, 62. 68. Dent, pt. ISOGL 
62. 68. Rhodes, 2976, 122. Sir M. H. 
Sykes, 1630, 122. 128. Bindlej. pt. UL 
1797, 192. 88. 6d. North, pt. i. 986, m, 
lis. 6d. [The Shakespeare Society have 

Knblished the Townley MSS. of Chester 
[ysteries in one vol. 8vo. See Appendix j 
Ghsstebfieid, Philip Dotrmer 
Stanhope, Earl of. Letters to his 
Son PMlip Stanhope, together witJi 
seyeral other Pieces on ▼arions 

Suhjects. Lond. 1774!. 4to. 2 vols. 

A supplement and index were published, 
1777, 4to. Heath, 1681, 12. 2s. Roxburghe, 
6866,168. Letters and Miscell. Works, 
4to. 4 vols. Nassau, pt i. 890, russia, 
42. 12a. Dent, pt. i. 806,* rossia, 9L 9m. 
Fonthlll, 266, 7, 42. 168. Lond. 1774, 8v<fc. 
4 vols. There are many editions of the 
letters In 8vo. 12mo. &c. 

New edition with additions, edited by 
Ijord Mahon, (now Earl Stenhope). Lond. 
1846^, 8vo. 6 vols, portrait. 

— Miscellaneous Works, con- 
sisting of Letters to his fViends, 
never before printed, and various 
other Articles. To which are pre- 
fixed, Memoirs of his Life, by M. 
Maty, M.D. Tjond. 1777-8. 4to. 2 
Tols. with portraits. 

Vol. i. conteining Miscellaneoas Pieces 
and Characters. Vol. ii. Letters to his 
Friends. Vol. ill. The Art of PleaaiB^r ; 
Free Thoughts and bold Truths; the Case 
of the Hanover Forces, with Vindication 
and farther Vindication ; the Lords "Prih- 
tests; Letter to the Abb^ de la Ville. and 
Poems. Heath, 1680, 2 vols. 12. lOs. Bind- 
ley, pt.i. 1818, 2 vols, 178. Drury, 968;, 
2 vols. 148. Reprinted, 1779, 8vo. 4 vols. 

Two Dialogues, conteining a compara- 
tive View of the Lives, Characters and 
Writings of Philip the late Earl of Ches- 
terfield and Dr. S. Johnson. Lond. 1787, 
8vo. 4s. 

Remarks on the late Earl of Chester- 
field's Letters to his Son. By William 
Crawford, M.A. Lond. 1776» 12mo, Ss. 

Curious Particulars and genuine Anec- 
dotes respecting the late Lora Chesterfield 
and David Hume^wlth a Parallel between 
those celebrated Personages. Lond. 1788, 
8vo. 2s. 6d. 




' Chftracters of eminent Personages of his 
own Time, written by tlie late Earl of 
Chesterfield. Lond. 1777, 12mo. Is. 

Mis Characters reriewed. Lond. 1777, 

Appendix to his Works, being the Gha. 
racters given by him, contrasted with 
Characters of the same Persons by others. 
JLond. 1778, 4to. 

The Life of the late Earl of Chester- 
field : or the Man of the World. Lond. 
1774, 12mo. 2 vols. 6s. 

Free and impartial Remarks on the 
ILretters written by the Earl of Chester- 
field, &e. By a Man of the World. Lond. 
1774, 4to. Is. 6d. 

Lord Chesterfield's Advice to his Son 
on Men and Manners. Lond. 1776, 8vo. 
Ir^requently reprinted. 

An Apology for Mrs. Eugenia Stan- 
hope, Editor of the Earl of Chesterfield's 
Letters. By an Amateur da Bon Ton. 
Xiond. 1776, 870. Is. 6d. 

Memoirs of Asiaticus. Lond. (1784), 

Supplement to bis Letters. Lond. 1787, 

Ohestebtok, G. L. Narrative 

of Proceedings in Venezuela in 

1819 and 1820. Lond. 1820. 8vo. 

78. 6d. 

Chetham, Humphrey. Bib- 

Hotheca ChethamensiB, sive Biblio- 

thecsB publLcsB Mancuniensis ab 

Humf. Chetham Armigero fimdatse 

Catalogus; exhibens labros in va- 

rias Classes pro Yarietate Argu- 

menti distributos. Mancunii, 1791 

— 1826. 8vo. 3 vols. 

A well-arranged catalog^ie, compiled by 
J. Radcliffe and the Rev. Parr Oreswell, 
privately printed. Prefixed is a porttait 
of Chetham. 

— Ja. Angler's Vade Mecum ; 

or, a compendious yet full Dis- 

course of Angling. Lond. 1681. 


First edition. Haworth, 874, 68. 6d.— 
Second edition. Lond. 1689, 8vo. Haworth, 
875. masia, 128.— Third edition. Lond. 
1700, 8vo. Haworth, 876, 88. 6d. 

— Society. See Appendix. 

Chsttlb, Henry. A doleful 
Ditty, or sorowfoll Sonet, of the 
Lord Darly, Nevew to the noble 
and worthy King, King Henry the 
eyght; and is to be song to the 

Tune of *Blacke and Yellow.' 

(1567.) Lond. by Thomas Gosson. 
A brmidsidd, reprinted in the Harleian 
Miscell. vol. 10, from a copy, supposed 
unique, in the library of the Society of 

Kinde-Harts Dreame. Containing five 
Apparitions with their Inuectines against 
Abuses raigning. Delinered by seaerall 
Ghosts vnto him to be publisht after Piers 
Penilesse Post had reftised the Carriage. 
By H. C. Lond. for William Wright 
[1598], 4to. Black letter. Containing anec- 
dotes of the petty literary squabbles in 
which Chettle was concerned with Greene, 
Nashe, Tarleton, and the players. 

Piers Plainnes seauen xeres Prentiship 
by H. C. Lond. by J. Danter for Thomas 
Go8son,1605, 4to. Black letter. Midgley, 
12. 8s. 

The pope's pittiful Lamentation for the 
Death of his deere Darling, Don Joan of 
Austria; and Deaths Annswer to the 
same. With an Epltaphe upon the Death 
of the said Don Joan. Translated after 
the French printed Copy, by H. C. Im- 
printed by J. C. 16mo. Four leaves. Bes- 
titnta, iv. 148-63. Bibl. Anglo-Poet 649. 

England's mourning Garment; worn 
here by plain Shepherds in Memory of 
Elisabeth. To which is added the true 
Manner of her imperial Funeral: after 
which follows the Shepherds-spring song, 
for Entertainment of King James, Lond. 
(1603), 4to. pp. 48. North, pt. iii. 794. 
2/. 16s. Strettell, 581, 11. 18s. Reprinted 
in the third volimie of the Harleian Mis- 

The Tragedy of Hofliman, or a Revenge 
for a Father. Lond. 1681, 4to. Reed, 7765, 
28. Roxburghe, 4168, 88. Rhodes, 771, 
Ss. 6d. 

This prolific writer, according to the 
Biographia Dramatica. assisted in up- 
wanis of 200 dramatic productions, of 
which only two have been printed. See 

Chetwdtd, B. Vow of Teares, 
for the Losse of Prince Henry. 
Lond. 1612. 8vo. 5b. 

— John. Anthologia historica ; 
containing fourteen Centuries of 
memorable Passages and remark- 
able Occurrences. Lond. 1674. 


Nassau, pt i. 676*. 78. Skegg, Russia, 
IZ. Is. Republished 1691 with this title. 
Collections historical, political, theologi- 
cal ; collected out of the most esteemed 
AuUiors of all Sorts of Learning, digested 




into Fifteen Centuries, to which is annesced, 
a Century of legendary Stories, 8vo. 

Chetwood, William Bufus. A 
general History of the Stage. Loud. 

1749. 12mo. 

A vork of little merit. Nassao, pt. i. 
877, 6s. An edition, Dublin, 1748, with 

Flays. 1760. Reed, 8041, 9s. 

The British Theatre ; containing the 
lives of the English Dramatic Poets; 
with an Account of all their Plays, to- 
gether with the idves of most of the 
principal Actors as well as Poets. To 
which is prefixed, a short View of the 
Bise and Progress of the English Stage. 
1760, 12mo, 88. A compilation full of the 
grossest blunders. 

Memoirs of the Life of Ben Jonson. 
Lend. 1766, 12mo. 6b. Bindley, pt. i. 
10S6, with his HUtory of the fftage, 1748, 

Theatrical Records, 1766. 12mo. This 
author is styled by George Steerens, a 
blockhead and a measureless and bungling 

Cheyaueb, M. Desoription of 

the Plain of Troy, translated from 

the Origmal not yet published, 

and the version accompanied with 

Notes and Illiistrations by Andrew 

DalzeL Edinb. 1791. 4to. 10s. 6d. 
Pp. 164, with four maps, two of which 
are by the author. Roxburghe, 8966, 17s. 
Dmry, 969, with Bryant's Observations, 
Eton, 1796, 1/. Is. See BBTAin*, Jacob. 

The pretended Tomb of Homer: drawn 
by Fiorillo, from a Sketch of M. Le Che- 
valier. With Illustrations and Notes. 
By C. G. Heyne. Lend. 1796, 4to. pp. 20, 
with plates, 4s. 6d. 

— Nicholas. Histoire de Ghiil- 
laume III. Boy d'Angleterre, &c. 
&c. par Medailles, Inscriptions, 
Arcs de Triomphe & autres Mo- 
numens publics. Amst. 1692. folio. 

In this work every public act of the 
reign of K. William III . is finely engraved 
by Roman de Hooghe, &c Brockett, 647, 

Explication des Medailles autoor du 
Portrait du Due de Marlborough. 1704, 
foUo. Bindley, pt. i. 1600, 6s. 6d. 

CheyaiiLIEs, Temple, M.A. On 
the historical Types contained in 
the Old Testament. Twenty Dis- 
courses preached before the Uni- 
yersity of Cambridge in 1826, at 

the Lecture foimded by the 
John Hulse. Oamb. 1826. 8fo. 

Cherelere Aaaiene (the 
of the Swan, an old English. P< 
from an ancient MS.). 1820. 4to. 
Presented to the members of tbe ~ 
burghe Club by EL V. Utterson. 

8t ii. 1216, 21. ISs. 6d. Nassau, pt. L «3j 
[. Sir M. Sykes, 1639, 82, 7a. ~ 
a060, 8L 19s. 

C^eyiot^ a Poetical Vragment, 
hj R. W(harton), with Notes by 
Bishop Percy, &c. Newc. 1817. smafi 
8to. OS. 

This poetical (fragment, ooDtalning^ no- 
tices of the principal places in Northam- 
berlandfis ornamented irith two woodcuts 
by Bewick. 

Gheyy Chase, with a Prefiguse 
(by Piancis Douglas) and Notes 
on some Passages of the Poem. 
To which is subjoined, Hardb^k- 
nute, a Fragment, with Notes. 
Aberdeen, 1754. 12mo. 48. 

In the preface an attempt is made to 
prove that the author intended the Eari 
of Douglas for his hero. 

The History of the memorable bat un- 
happy Hunting on Chevy-Chase. 4to. A 
romance. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt iL 70, lis. 

Chew Gazette, The. 

One hundred copies, privately printed. 
5«e Wood's Athenss Oxon. by Dr. BUss. 
iv. 128-4. 

Chkyn, W. God*s glorious Per- 
fections shining in Christ. Tlie 
Friendship of Christ. The Old 
Man's Wftming to the Young ; and 
other Poems. Edinb. 1718. 
Constable, 146, 188. 

Chbynb, Qeorge, H.I>. Philo- 
sophical frinciples of Beligion na- 
tural and rerealed. In two Paris. 
Lond. 1715. 8vo. 5s. LAses papeb, 
7s. 6d. 

The works of this eminent physltiaii on 
Fevers, Sec. are still held in estimatioa. 
His Essay on Health and TreaUae on the 
English Malady were £ftvourite hooka of 
Dr. Sam. Johnson's. 

Dr. Cheyne's own Account of himself 
and of his Wiitlnes : faithftilly extracted 
from his various Works. Lond. 1748, 8va 

Chxtnbll, Francis, D.D. The 
Bise, Ghrowth and Banger of Soci- 
nianisme. Lond. 1643. 4to. Gb. 




A life of this noted nonoonfonnlst will 
be found in Wood's Athen. Oxon. 8u 


ChiohsIiB, Henry, Bp. of Can- 

terbnry. See Buokleb, Be]:\j. D.D. 

Duck, Arthur. Spenceb, O. L. 

Chicheyache and Bjcome. 
Pablished in Dodslef's Collection of 
Old Pluys, voL xiL 

Chiflet, J. Palms deri An- 
P^licani, sea Narrationes eorum quse 
in Anglia contingerunt circa Mortem 
quam pro Beligione YII Sacerdotes 
Angli fortiter oppetiere. Broxell®, 
1645. 8vo. XOs. 6d. 

Chivnet, SamueL Gbnius genu- 
ine, a Treatise on Horses and Horse 

Bacing. Lond. 1804. Byo. 

This Dook, containing an account of some 
of the first characters on the turf, is said 
to have been suppressed at the instiga- 
tion of George, Frince of Wales. It was 
originally published at 61 68., 

Child, Sir Josiah. Discourse of 
Trade; to which is added a Trea- 
tise against Usury hj the same 

Author. Glasg. 1751. Sto. 4s. 

PThe first edition was published, Lond. 
1694, sm. 8yo. and reprinted seyerai timAs 
before 1761.] 

Sir Joaiah Child's Proposals for the Re- 
lief and Employment of the Poor, 4to. will 
be found reprinted in the eleventh volume 
of the Somers Collection of Tracts. 

— William, Mus. D. The first 

Set of Psalms of three Voices, &c. 

with a continual Bass either for 

the Organ or Theorho, composed 

after the Italian Way. Lond. 1639. 

Svo.— 1660. 3^. 38. 

Eng^ren on copper plates. 
GhildeAIarique, a Poet's Bererie. 

Edinh. 1818. 4to. 

Written by B. P. aillies. 
Children.— The Children of the 
Chapel stript and whipt. 1569. 


An anonymous puritanical pamphlet 
among Bishop Tannei's Books at Oxford. 

A Wonder woorth theReading, or a true 
and iaithfhll Relation of a Woman, now 
dwelling in Kent Street, who, vpon Thurs- 
day, being the SI. of August last, was de- 
livered of a prodigious and monstrous 
Child. Lond. 1617, 4to. A copy is in the 
British Museum. 

Bules to get Children with handsome 
Faces, that so their children may not have 
such strange, prodigious, ill boding Faces 
as their Fathers. 1642, 4to. King and 
Loch^s, in March 1810, 98. 6d. 

The true and most miraculous Narra- 
tive of a Child bom with two Tongues. 
1660, 4to. A copy is in the Britisti Mu- 

Chiij)BEY, Joshua, D.D: Bri- 
tannia Baconica: or, the Natural 
Barities of England, Scotland, and 
Wales. Lond. 1661 or 2. 12mo. 
3s. 6d. 

A volume ' manifestly too small for the 
performance.'— i^icoZmm. From this book ■ 
Dr. Plot took a hint for the writing the 
Natural History of Oxfordshire. An 
acconntof Childrey will be found in Wood's 
Athen. Oxon. 

CHiLiiiNawoBTH, Wm. Works, 

with his Life by Birch. Lond. 

1742. foUo. 

Best edition. Dmry, 1Q17, 11. 6s. Home 
Tooke, 189, 11. 9s. An edition. Dublin, 
1762, 8vo. 2 vols. Gosset, 1186. 9s. 6d. 
Williams, 426, with Life, Lond. 1726, 
morocco, 12. 14s. Another, Lond. 1820, 
8vo. 8 vols. Drury, 835, 11. 8s. Oxford, 
18S8, 8vo. 3 vols. 11. Is. 6d. The Religion 
of Protestants first appeared Oxford, 1638, 
folio. Reprinted 1664. 1674. 1684. 1687. 
1704. 1719. 1727, and frequently re- 
printed. [12mo. Lond. Bohn, 1846, Ss. 6d.l 

An historical and critical Account of the 
Life and Writings of William Chiliing- 
worth. Lond. 1725, 4s. la&qb pjipeb, 6s. 

Chillingworthi Novissima : or, the Sick- 
ness, Heresy, Death and burial of William 
Chillingworth. ByFrancisCheynell. 1644, 
4to. 32 leaves. 'One of the most villainous 
books that ever was printed; it is the 
quintessence of railing, and ought to be 
kept, or regarded, as the pattern and 
standaM of that sort of writing; as the 
man he spends it upon, for that of good- 
nature, and clear and strong arguing.' 
—Locke. An edition. 1726, 8vo. 

Chilhead, £d. See Gatpa- 
BELL. Malala. Campanella. 

China. — ^The Historie of the 
great and mightie Kingdome of 
China, and the Situation thereof: 
Together with the great Biches, 
huge Citties, poUticke Goueme- 
ment, and rare Inuentions in the 
same. Translated out df Spanish 






(of Joan Goncales de Mendoca) by 

B. Parke. Lond. 1688. 4to. 

Dedicated to ' M. Tho. Candish, Esq. ; 
1 Jan. 1689.' Pp. 410. Marquis of Towng- 
hend, 772. II. Inglls, S52, 22. 15s. Bind- 
ley, pt. iii. 1172, 14s. 6d. North, pt. Ul. 
678, morocco, 62. Roxburghe, 8885. 16s. 
White Knights, 8320, morocco, 22. 14s. 

China. — ^The strange and mar- 
veilous Newes lately come from the 
great Eingdome of Chyna, which 
adioyneth to the East Indya ; traas- 
lated out of the Castlyn Tongue by 
T(homas) N(ichola8). Lond. by 
Thomas Ghrdiner and Thomas 
Dawson. 12mo. 

Jadis, 106, 71. 78. This carious black 
letter tract, consisting of six leaves, is re- 
printed in the Censura Literaria. 

— True and perfect Description 
of three strange and wonderful 
Voyages performed by the Ships of 
Holland and Zealand towards the 
Kingdoms of Cathaia and China, 
translated by Philip. 1609. 4to. 

Jadis, 271, (the title and dedication in 
fac-simile) russia, 22. 2s. 

A true Account of the present State of 
Christianity in China. Lond. 1709, 4to. 

Hau Kiou Choaun; or, the pleasing His- 
tory; a Translation from the Chinese 
Lang^nage. To which are added, 1. The 
Argument or Story of a Chinese Play ; 2. 
A Collection of Chinese Proverbs; 3. 
Fragments of Chinese Poetry. With 
Notes. Lond. 1761, 12mo. 4 vols. A 
genuine Chinese novel, containing a faith- 
mi picture of the domestic manners, habite, 
and characters of this sing^ar people. It 
vas translated from a Portuguese MS. by 
Tho. Percy, Bishop of Dromore. Fonthill, 
8514, 22. Is. Rozburghe, 8892, 12. 5s. 

Miscellaneous Pieces relating to the 
Chinese. Lond. 1762, 12mo. 2 vols. 78. 
Collected by Tho. Percy, Bishop of Dro- 

The Chinese Traveller : to which is pre- 
fixed, the Life of Confucius. Lond. 1772, 
12mo. with a map and plates, 6s. Col- 
lected firom Duhalde, Le Comte, andotiier 
modem Travellers. 

A complete View of the Chinese Empire. 
Lond. 1796, 8vo. 5s. In this work will 
be found an account of Lord Macartney's 
Embassy, patched up in London fix)m the 
meagre journal kept by a menial aarvant 
of the Ambassador. 

The Punishments of China : illustrated 
by twenty-two (coloured) Engravings, with 
Explanations in English and Fsenck. 

Lond. 1801. royal 4to. Published at 
SI. 188. 6d. Roxburghe, 8306) II. 17s. 

Ta Tsing Leu Lee; being the funda- 
mental Laws, and a Selection from the 
supplementuy Statutes of the Penal Code 
of China. Translated &om the Chinese, 
and accompanied with an Appendix, oata- 
sisting of authentic Documents and a few 
occasional Notes, illustrative of the Sub- 
ject of the Work. By Sir G. T. Staimtod, 
Bart. Lond. 1810, 4ta An extraordinary 
and valuable work, the first book which 
has ever been translated immediately 
from the Chinese character into the En- 
glish language. Drury, 4048, russia, Ite. 

The Conquest of the Miao-tse, an impe- 
rial Poem by Kien-lung, entitled a cfaond 
Song of Harmony for the first Paxt of the 
Spring. From tiie Chinese. By Stephen 
Weston. Lond. 1810, royal 8vo. pp. 58, 
with 5 plates. 

Fan-hy-cheu: a Tale, in Chinese and 
English : with Notes, and a short Gram- 
mar of the Chinese Language. By Stephen 
Weston, B.D. Lond. 1814, royu Svo. pp. 

Translations firom the Original Chinese: 
with Notes. Canton, 1815. small 4to. 

Dialogues and detached Sentenoesin the 
Chinese Language ; with a free and verbal 
Translation in English. Collected from 
various sources. Macao, 1816, royal Svo. 
Pp. viii and 262. Designed as an initia- 
tory work for the use of students of Chi- 

Chinese Poem, inscribed on Porcelain, 
with a Translation and Notes by Stepfa. 
Weston. Lond. 1816, Svo. 

Laou-sing-urk, or * An Heir in his old 
Age,' a Chinese Drama. Tnuislated from 
the original Chinese. By J. F. Davis, 
of Canton. To which is prefixed a brief 
View of the Chinese Drama and of their 
theatrical Exhibitions. Lond. 1817. Small 
Svo. pp. 164, 5s. 6d. 

The sacred Edict, containing sixteen 
Maxims of the Emperor Kang He, ampli- 
fied by his Son the £lmperor Young^ Ching; 
together with a Paraphrase on the whole 
by a Mandarin. Translated from the 
Chinese Original, and illustrated with 
Notes, by the Rev. William Milne. Lond. 
1818), Svo. 5s. 

Dialogues and detached Sentences in 
the Chinese Language, with a fr«e and 
verbal Translation in English. 1818. xoyal 
8va 12s. 

The afiiaotionate Pair, or the History of 
Sung-Kin, a Chinese Tale, translated from 
the Chinese by P. P. Thorns. Lond. lS2a 

Chinese Courtship in Verse ; to which 
is added an Appendix, treating <tf the 
Revenue of China, &c &c By Peter 
Pering Thoms. Lond. 1824, Svo. 128. 

A Narrative of the Chinese Embassy 
from the Emperor Kang Hee to the &haa 




Chin A — continued. 
of the Tourgouth Tartars, on the Banks of 
the Volga, in the Years 1712, 13, 14 and 
15. Translated from the original Chinese, 
&c. By Sir George Thomas. Staunton, 
Bart Lond. 1821, 8vo. 18s. 

Chinese Novels, translated from the 
Originals ; to which are added, Proyerbs 
and moral Maxims. By J. F. Davis, FJR.S. 
Lond. 1822, 8vo. pp. 260, Ss. 6d. 

Chinese moral Maxims, with a fi^e and 
verbal Translation, affording Examples of 
the grammatical Structure of the Lan- 
guage. Compiled by J. F. Davis. 1826, 
8vo. 5s. 6d. 

Icones Plantamm Sponte China nascen- 
tium ^ Bibliotheca Braamiana excerptse. 
Lond. folio, 90 coloured plates. 21. 2s. 

For Dictionaries, Grammars, and other 
works on the Chinese Language, «m 


8ee Costimie. Wbston, Stephen. 
Chinese Spy, The, or Emissary 
from the Court of Pekin, commis- 
sioned to examine into the present 
State of Europe. Lond. 1765. 

12mo. 6 vols. 12s. 

An ingenious and entertaining collection 
of letters written by the Marqais D'Argens. 

Chiffeitdale, Tho. Designs for 
Household Furniture. Lond. 1762. 

folio, plates, 3/. 3s. 

Gentleman and Cabinet Maker's Direc- 
tor. Lond. 1759, folio. 

Chirurgia. See Surgery. 

Chisenhale, Edward. Catho- 
like History, collected and gathered 
out of Scripture, Councels, ancient 
Fathers, and modem authentick 
Writers, both ecclesiastical and 
ci^ Lond. 1653. 12mo. with 


a learned work, occasioned by a book 
written by Dr. Thomas Vane, entituled 
' The lost Sheep returned Home.' Pre- 
fixed is a portrai t of Chisenhale surrounded 
with emblematical figures. Nassau, pt. i. 
679, 7s. 

Chibhtill, Edmund. Travels 
in Turkey and back to England. 

Lond. 1747. folio. 6s. 

Edited by the learned Dr. Mead. Font- 
hill, 1904, 11. 9s. Beckford in 1817, 292, 
7b. 6d. LABOB PAPEB. Dent, pt i. 660, 
with the Antiquitates AsiaticsB et Inscrip- 
tio Sigea, in 1 voL 21. Ss. Heath, 2666, 12s. 

Gnlielmo tertio Terra Marique Principi 
invietiasimo, in Gallos Pugna Navali nu- 
perrime devictos ; Carmen heroieum. Oxon. 
1682, 410, three sheets. 

Inscriptio Sigea antiqnissima BOYZTPO- 
4>HA0N exarata. Commentario eam his- 
torico, grammatico, critico, illustravit Ed- 
muudus ChishuU, S. T. B. Lond. 1721, 
folio, 48. LABOE PAPEB. 7b. 6d. The ' Ap- 
pendicnla' were never printed on that size. 

Antiquitates Asiatics Christianam 
^vam antecedentes, ex primariis Monu- 
mentis Grsecis descriptse, Latine versee, 
Notis & Commentariis illusti-atss. Acce- 
dit Monumentum Latinum Ancyranum. 
Lond. 1728, folio. In this work Chishull 
included several smaller publicatiouH, 
which had appeared separately, all relat- 
ing to the same subject. Cough, 903, 8s. 6d. 
Fonthill, 1906, 11. 68. Heath, 2561, 11. 3s. 
LABGE PAPEB. Combe, 633, 10s. 6d. In 
the British Museum is a copy with MS. 
notes by the author. 

Antiquitates A siaticse. Pars altera, folio. 
Pp. 12, with the head of Homer. Fifty 
copies printed. The original MS. from 
which these few pages were printed, is in 
the British Museum. 

Chittt, E, Index to all the 

reported Cases, Statutes, and G^e- 

ral Orders, in or relating to theprin- 

ciples, pleading, and practice of 

Equity and Bankruptejr from the 

earliest period to the end of 1852, 

by J. Macaulay. Third edit. Lond. 

1853. royal 8yo. 4 vols. 

— E. and Fobsteb, E. Digested 
Index to the Common Law Beports 
as to Conyeyancing and Bank- 
ruptcy from the reign of Elizabeth, 
1558. Lond. 1841. royal 8vo. 

— H. Treatise on the Law of 
Descents. Lond. 1825. royal 8yo. 
11. Is. 

— Joseph. Beports of Cases, 
principally on Practice and Plead- 
ing, and relating to the Office of 
Magistrates, detei*mined in the 
Court of K. B., with Notes. Lond. 
1820-3. royal 8vo. 2 vols. 3/. 3s. 

Highly valued by the profession. 

A practical Treatise on Pleading, cor- 
rected by H. Greening. Seventh edition. 
Lond. 1844, royal 8vo. 3 vols. 42. 10s. 

A practical Treatise on Criminal Law. 
Second edition. Lond. 1826, royal 8vo. 4 
vols. 62. 6b. The former edition, 1816, 
royal 8vo. 4 vols. 21. 2s. 

A practical Treatise on the Law of Bills 
of Exchange, Ac., by Chitty and Holme. 
Ninth edition. Lond. 1840, royal 8vo. 
II. lis. 6d. 




A pnetieal Treatise on the Law of 
Nations. Lend. 1812, 8to. 10s. 0d. 

A practical Treatise on the Law relatire 
to Apprentices and Jonmeymen. Lond. 
181S, 8vo. 7b. 6d. 

Treatise on the Laws of Commerce and 
ManufjMtores. Lond. 182i, rojal 8vo. 4 
Tols. 62. 6s. 

Treatise on the Oame Laws. Second 
Edition. Lond. 1826, mjral 8vo. 12. 8b. The 
former edition, 1812—1^ 8yo. 8 vols. 

Synopsis of Practice. A sheet table. 4s. 

Practice of the Law in all its Depart- 
ments : with a View of Bights, Injaries, 
Remedies, as ameliorated by recent Sta- 
tutes, Ac With new practical Forms, 
and a general Index to the whole Work. 
Lond. 1837-42, royal 8vo. 8 vols. 62. 

Collection of SUtutes, with Notes 
thereon, intended as a Circuit and Court 
CompanioD, by W. N. Welsby and Ed- 
ward Beavan. Second edition. Lond. 
1851. royal Sro. 2 vols. 4i. 4s. 

Practical Treatise on Medical Juris- 
prudence, with so much of Anatomy, &c. 
as are essential to be known by Members 
of Parliament, Lawyers, &c with expla- 
natory Notes. Lond. 1834. royal 8vo. 

Stamp Laws, by S. Atkinson. Third 
edition. 1850. 12mo. 14s. 

Chittt, (Junior) Joseph. Trea^ 
tise on the Law of the Pi^rogatiTes 
of the Grown, and the relative 
Duties and Bights of the Subject. 
Lond. 1820. royal 8to. 12. Is. 

A practical Treatise on the Law of Con- 
tracts not under Seal, and niwn the osaal 
Defences to Actions thereon, by John A. 
Bussell. Fourth edition. Lond. 1850. royal 
8vo. 12. lis. 6d. 

Practical Treatise on Bills of Exchange, 
Promissory Notes, and Bankers' Checks, 
&e. Lond. 1834. royal Svo. 2 vols. 

Summary of the Office and Duty of Con- 
stables, by T. W. Saunders. Third edi- 
tion. Lond. 1844. Svo. Ss. 6d. 

Precedents in Pleading; with copious 
Notes on Practice, Pleading, and Evi- 
dence, by H. Pearson. Second edition, 
Lond. 1847. rojral Svo. 22. 

— Thomas. Forms of Practical 
Proceeding in the Courts of Q. 6., 
G.P.andExch. ofPleas. Sixth edi- 
tion. Lond. 1847. royal 12mo. 1^. 2s. 

Chiralnr.— The Book of the Or- 
dre of dhiualry or Knyghthode. 
Translated out of Frensshe into En- 
ghsshe by William Caxton, &c, 
(1484). folio. 

A translation of' Ordene de Cheralrie' 

ofHnesdeTabarie. It consists of 58 leaves 
extending to sign, g iij in octaves, eoak> 
mencing on sign, a ij. Copies are in the 
libraries of the British Museum and Eail 
Spencer, (wanting 16 leaves). See Oldyi^ 
Brit. Librarian, 191—8. Ames, hy Dibdio, 
i. 821—89. Blhl. Spencer, ir. 666*— a— 
Fraser, 1862, (g. 8. 8, 4, latter Idank, want- 
ing), but wiUi a 1, not in any other copy. 
6N. IDs. 

— The Histoiy of the Tryall of 
ChevaliT, with the Life and Death 
of CSaTalero, Dick Boivyer. As it 
hath been lately acted 1^ the Earle 
of Darby his Servants. Lond. 1605. 

Rhodes, 407, 162. Some copies are en- 
titled * This gallant Caualiero Dicke Bow- 
yer, newly acted.' 

Choeleth. See Ecdesiastea. 

Choice, The : being a Collection 

of two hundred and fifty celebrated 

Songs. Lond. 1729. 12mo. lOs. 6d. 
There are other collections with the 
same title. 

Choice of Change, or Triplicitie 

of Divinity, Poetry, &c. Ea8^1585. 

4to. See Simon Bobsok. 

Bindley, 42. 1696, Ferry, 2Z. Ss. 
Choice, Chance, and Change : or, 
Conoeites in their Colours. Lond. 

1606. 4to. 22. 2s. 

This work is 'a dialog^ie vpon a sodaine 
meeting betweene A mo filo and Tidero.' 
Tidero having visited several unknown 
countries, describes the manners and diver- 
sions of uie people. A copy is in the Bod- 
leian. S;m Brit. Bibl. ii. 66&60. 

Choiselat, Prudens. DiscoYrse 
of Kousebandrie : translated from 
the French by B. E. Lond. 1580. 

A copy of this work, not noticed by Ajnes 
or Herbert, is in the British Museum. 

Cholmley, Sir Hugh. Sir Hiigh 

Chobnley's Memoirs of his Life, 

with an Account of the Distresses 

his Family underwent in the Civil 

Wars. 1787. 4to. 

One hundred copies printed for presents. 
Dent, pt. i. 807, 82. lOs. Bindley, pt. i. 
1820, 62. 7s. 6d. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. 1. 706; 
162. 168. 

An account of Tangier, with some ao> 
count of himself and his journey through 
France and Spain, to that place where he 
was engaged in building the Mole, &Gt 
Lond. 1787, 4to. Heber, 72. 2b. 6d. 




In the British ICusenm are 

A true and exact Relation of all the 
Froceedines of Sir Hugh ChoImleT's Re- 
volt in deserting the Parliament and 
going: to the Queen (of Charles I.) Lond. 
1643, 4to. 
. ' Proceedings of Sir H. Cholmley in York- 
shire. Lond. 1643, 4to. 

Resolutions of the House of Commons, 
April 3, 1648, relating to Sir Hugh Chobn- 
ley. Lond. 1643, folio. 

An exact Relation of the Surrender of 
Scarbro' Castle, by Sir Hugh Cholmeley. 
Lond. (1645), 4to. 

Letters intercepted from Sir Hugh 
Cholmley, 1643, 4to. 

Chomel, NoeL The Family Dic- 
tionary, tranfilated into English, re^ 
Tised and recommended by B. Brad- 
ley. Lond. 1726. folio. 2 vols. 128. 

This translation of the * Dictionaire 
CEconomique' is now in no request. 

Chorle, The, and the Birde. See 

liTDOATE, John. Chauoes, G^- 

Ghoeley, Josiah. Metrical In- 
dex to the Bible. Norw. 1711. 8vo. 

Bindley, pt i. 1206, 8s. — 1714. Nas- 
sau, pt. i. 686, 6s. It has been reprinted 
in 18mo. 

Christendom. — ^Apithie and most 

earnest Exhortation concerning the 

Estate of Ohristiandome. Ant- 

werpe, 1683. 12mo. 
Bindley, pt. 1. 2174, 6s. Inglis, 286, 6s. 

— Memorable Conceits of divers 
noble and famous Personages of 
Christendome of this our modeme 
Time. Lond. 1602. 24mo. 6s. 

Dedicated to 'Maister Walter Raw- 

Cheistian IV. King of Den- 
mark. The King of Denmark's 
Welcome : containing his Arriuall, 
Abode and Entertainment, both in 
the Citie and other Places. Lond. 

1606. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Museum. Gar- 
rick, 1323. See RoBABT, Hen. 

— Edward. Origin, Progress 
and present Practice of the Bank- 
rupt Law, both in England and Ire- 
land. Second Edition. Lond. 1818. 

8vo. 2 vols. 11. 188. 

This eminent barrister has likewise 
published an improved edition of Black- 

stone's Commentaries, and several other 
esteemed works. 


Speculum Xhristiani. Vide Wattok, 

Christian! Hominis Institutnm. Lond. 
per H. Pepwell, 1520, 4to. 

Christiana Pietatis prima Institutio, 
Vide NowBLL, Alexander. 

Cuiusdam fidelis Christiani Epistolaad 
Christianos omnes, eos salubriter admo- 
nentis, atque ad Fenitentiam Salutatem 
adhortantis. Subsequitur et Divi Augns- 
tini de Miseria, ac Brevitate hiijus mor- 
talis Vitae, Sermo devotissimus, et ad 
Mundi Contemptum efficaclssimus, DAN 
TQNMETABOAH. ImpresBum in Alma 
Cantabrigia, per me Johannem Siberch, 
1621, 4to. 3 sheets, finely printed in English 
Roman letter, omitting the initials. On 
the last leaf ' Joannis Duncelli, Hammel- 
burgensis; in Saeculi hiijus Amatorem, 

Praxis Cultus divini juxta Ritns primcB- 
vorum Christianorum. Dublin, 1@93. A 
collection of liturgies. See Wood's Athen. 
Oxon. by Dr. Bliss, iv. 430. 

Christ and Christianitv. 

The. Passion of our Lord lesu Christe 
wythe the Contemplati5s. Translated owt 
of Frenche ynto Englysche [1606]. folio. 
Contains g 4, in eights. It is very inoor- 
rectiy printed, and has neither running- 
title, catch-words, pages, name of printer, 
place, nor date of printing. Towneley, pt. 
i. 763, 122. 12s. 

The vy ShedyngesoftheBlodeoflhesu 
Cryste. liOnd. by W. de Worde, 1609, 
4to. Contains B, in fours. Another edi- 
tion ' The Shedynge of the Blood of our 
Lord Jhesu Cryste at seven Tymes. West* 
mynster by W. de Worde.' 4to. Nine 

A goostely Treatyse of the Passyon of 
our Lord Jesu Chryst, with many deuout 
Contemplacyons, Examples and Exten- 
cions of the same. Lond. by W. de Worde, 
1621, 4to. A translation from the French 
by Andrew Chertsey, consisting of 64 
leaves, with 24 wood-cuts. Wood and 
Warton notice an edition of the date of 

The true BeUefe in Christ and his Sa- 
cramentes, set forth in a Dialogue between 
a Christen Father and his Sonne. Lond. 
1660, 16mo. G ^ in eights, dedicated to 
' Lady Ann Douchesse of Somersette.' 

Christ Jesus Triumphant, translated 
out of Latin by Richard Daye, and by 
him printed 1678, 8vo. Black letter. Again 
in 1679, also same year by John Daye. 

The Christen Rule, or state of the 
World from the Highest to the Lowest; 
and how every Man should lyue to please 
Qod in his Callynge. Lond. 1662, 16mo. 




Christ andClirifltianity — continued. 

Whether Christen Faith maje be kepte 
secret in the Heart, without ConfeBsion 
thereof openly to the Worlde as occasion 
shall seme. Also what Hurt cometh by 
the that have receiued the Gospell, to he 
preset at the Masse, vnto the simple yn- 
leamed. Roane, 1663, 16mo. 8 leaves. 

A Christian Exhortation to the Sicke, 
with a Catecliisme. Translated out of 
French, by Rob. Hesse. Lond. 1666, Svo. 

Christian Prayers and Meditations. The 
Letanie. Lydleys Prayers. Lond. 1674, 
16mo. Kk, in eights, 6b. Reprinted 1687, 
and without date. 

The Benefit that Christians receyue by 
Jesus Christ crucified. Translated out of 
French by A. G. Lond. 1680, 4tb. Another 
edition. Lond. n.d. 8vo. H 8, in eights. 
Prefixed are two epistles, one To the En- 
glish Reader, the other, To all Christians 
vnder Beaven. 

Ane short and generall Confession of the 
trewe Christiane Fayth and Religion. 
Edinb. 1580, 16nio. Herbert notices two 
other editions printed at Loudon. 

A Treatise on Christian Renvndation. 
Whereunto is added a shorte Discourse 
against going to Hereticall Churches with 
a Protestation. (1581), 16mo. 78. 6d. Pp. 
170. After which 'The Declaration of 
the Fathers of the Councell of Trent, con- 
cerning the going vnto Churches, at such 
Time a% hereticall Seruice is saied, or 
Heresy preached.' Both in Latin and 
English, introduced with a preface' To the 
Catholicke Reader.' The whole of this on 
40 pages. 

Christian Instruction, containing a Col- 
lection of sundry Places of Scripture, seru- 
ing for an Exposition on the Lord's Prair, 
Creede and ten Commandemeuts, and the 
Sacraments : translated out of French, by 
Geo. Capelin, Gent. Lond. 1681, 16mo. 
Again 1585, 32mo. 

Christian Questions and Answeres. 
wherein is set forth the chiefe Pointes of 
Christian Religion. Lond. 1682, 8vo. 

The Christians Combat, translated out 
of French, by Geo. Capelin, Gent. Lond. 
1591, 8vo. 

An Exhortation to the Carienge of 
Chrystes Crosse. 82mo. K 6, in eights. 
Su Strype's Eocl. Memor. iii. 151. 

The Declaracyon and Power of the 
Chrysten Fayth. Impr. by me Robert 
Wyer, 16mo. C 6, in fours. Dibdin, 848, 

The Summe of Cbristianitie, translated 
by Tristam Reuell. Lond. by Robert Red- 
man, 8vo. 

The Imitation or Folowing of Christ. 
See Kkhpis, Thomas k. 

A Memoriall of a Christian Life. Douay, 
1612, 12mo. Fonthill, 1433, 12. Another 

edition. St. Omers, 1625. Bindley, pt. ii. 

Christianity as old as the Cieation. Set 
TiNDAL, Matthew. 

Plain Reasons for being a Christian. 
Lond. 1780. Reprinted by Bishop Watson 
in his Collection of Tlieological Tracts, 
who observes, ' The merit of this tract will 
not be seen by an hasty reader; every 
article of it contains matter for much con- 
sideration, and shews the author to have 
been well acquainted with his subject. It 
was written by Dr. Chandler, but not pub- 
lished till it had been revised by some 
other dissenting ministers.' 

The History of the Life and Death of 
Jesus Christ, with the Lives of the xll 
AposUes. Lond. 1737 or 8, folio, with 33 
plates, 12. Is. 

The evangelical History of our Lord 
Jesus Christ harmonized, explained, and 
illustrated with Variety of Notes practiCHl, 
historical, and critical, &c. Lond. 1758, 
8vo. 2 vols. 88. 

The Genealogies of Jesus Christ in Mat- 
thew and Luke explained, and the Jewiiih 
Objections removed. Lond. 1771, 8vo. 

Historical View of Christianity from 
Scripture; with a Commentary by Ed. 
Gibbon, and Notes from Bolingbroke, Vol- 
taire, &c. 1806, 4to. 

The Christian Observer, conducted by 
Members of the established Church, 1802- 
57. liond. 8vo. 66 vols. Published monthly 
by Hatchard, at Is. 6d. per number, and 
continued to the present day. 

Christian Guardian and Church of Eng- 
land Magazine. Lond. 1869-27. 8vo. 19 
vols. Published monthly by Seeley, at 6d. 
per number. [Discontinued about 1851.] 

The History of our Lord and Saviour 
Jesus Christ : arranged according to the 
Order of Time, and in the exact Words of 
the four Gospels. To which are added the 
Lives of the four Evangelists ; an Account 
of the principal Jewish Sects and Parties; 
and the prophetic History of Christ. 1810, 
royal 8vo. with 47 plates. 

The Christian Reader's Guide; a cha- 
racteristic Catalogue of the most impor- 
tant modem English Publications on Theo- 
logy, and other Branches of Knowledge 
therewith connected. 1812, 8vo. Part I. 

Ecce Homo, or an Enquiry into the Life 
of Christ, by Josephus Tela, i, «. Jos. 
Webb, 1813, 8vo. This volume was or- 
dered to be suppressed. 

Evidences of the Christian Religion 
collected from the Works of various Au- 
thors. 1816, 5 vols. Nassau, t>t. 1. 1166, 

Christian Remembrancer, ortheChurch- 
man's biblical, ecclesiastical, and literary 
Miscellany. Lond, 1819-28, 8vo. 10 vols. 
Published by the Rivingtons monthly. 

The Christian Review and clerical Ma< 




firazine. Lomd. 1827-9, 8vo. Published 
quarterly at 88. per number. 

The Christian Magazine, or a Treasury 
of divine Knowledge. By Dr. Dodd and 
others. Lond. 1767, 8vo. 8 vols, with ports. 
&c. Williams, 429, 42. 168. 

Chbistie, James. An Inquiry 
into the antient Gfreek Ghame sup- 
posed to have been inyented by 
Palamedes, antecedent to the Siege 
of Troy; with Beasons for believing 
the same to have been known from 
remote Antiquity in China, and 
progressively improved into the 
Chinese, Indian, Persian, and Eu- 
ropean Chess. Also, two Dis- 
sertations: I. On the Athenian 
Skirophoria. 11. On the mystical 
Meaning of the Bough and Um- 
brella, in the Skiran Bates. Lond. 

1801. 4to. 

Pp. 190. Brocket, 768, 11. 3s. White 
Knights, 1113, 168. Drury, 972, russia, 
11. 28. Rozburghe, 1740, 22. 168 This and 
the following works by the late James 
Christie, the celebrated auctioneer, are 
held in much esteem by the learned. 

— Disquisition upon Etruscan 
Yases, displaying their probable 
Connection with the Shows at Eleu- 
sis, and the Chinese Feast of Lan- 
terns. Lond. 1806. folio. 

One hundred copies printed for private 
distribution, with 16 plates. To some co- 
pies is adjoined an engraving of a vase 
which belonged to J. Edwards. Dent, pt. i. 
659, morocco, 6Z. 6s. Combe, 635, 61. 6s. 
Sir M. M. Sykes, pt 1. 903, 71. 10s. Dowde&< 
well, 300, 72. 10s. Baker, 192, 81. 8s. Gough, 
1862, 101. Sir F. Thompson, 986, 101. 15s. 
Fonthill, 771, 131. 138.— 8711, 131. ISs. As- 
tle, 142. 68. 

— Disquisitions upon the painted 

Greek "Vases, and their probable 

Connexion with the Shows of the 

Eleusinian and other Mysteries. 

Lond. 1825. 4to. 21. 2s. 

[A republication of the previous work 
with additions.] 

— Essay on the earliest Species 
of Idolatry, the Worship of the 
Elements. Lond. 1814. 4to. 7s. 6d. 

— An enquiry into the early his- 
tory of Greek sculpture. Lond. 
1832. 4to. with portrait. 

This work forms the fntrodnction to the 
second volume of Spedmetts of Ancient 
Sculpture. Only 50 copies have been print- 
ed, at the expense of Mr. Stirling Christie. 

Chbistina, Queen of Sweden. 
Works, containing Maxims and 
Sentences ;. $md Keflexions on Alex- 
ander the Great. Translated from 
the French, with her Life, &c. by the 
Translator. Lond. 1753. 12mo. 

2s. 6d. 

The History of Christina, Queen of 
Swedeland, with the Reason of her Abdi- 
cation and Motives of her Conversion to 
the Church of Rome. 1660, 8vo. 6s. 

A Relation of the Life of Christina 
Queen of Sweden, translated out of French, 
by I(ames) H(owell). Lond. 1656, 4to. 

The History of Christina Alessandra, 
Queen of Swedland. By John Burbery. 
Lond. 1658, 12mo. 

Intrigues and Gallantries of Christina, 
Queen of Sweden. 1697, 12mo. with port. 
Nassau, pt. i. 1773, 98. 

Christine of Pisa. The morale 

Frouerbes of Cristyne. Enprinted 

by Caxton (1478). foUo. 

Four leaves. This metrical translation 
of the work of Christine de Pisa, by the 
gallant and accomplished Earl Rivers, is 
reprinted entire in the Bibliotheca Spencer- 
iana, iv. 218—24. A copy, in fine preser- 
vation, sold in the sale of Sir F. Freeling, 
Bart., no. 885. for I. Se« also Ames by 
Dibdin, i. 72-7. 

— The Fayt of Armes and Chy- 

uahrye. Per Caxton (1489). folio. 

This volume consists of 142 leaves, sign. 
A to S in eights (S having only 6 printed 
leaves, the sixth blank), preceded by a 
table of two leaves. The work is princi- 
pally derived from the military treatises 
of Vegetius, Frontinus and the Arbre des 
Batailles. White Knights, 1569, (table 
wanting) morocco, 44Z. 2s. Inglis, 791, 
892.18s. Saunders' in 1818, 62;. 10s. Rox- 
burghe, 6S48, morocco, 896?. Towneley, 
pt. i. 650, (two leaves MS.) 186/. 10s. Al> 
chome, 171 (two leaves of table wanting), 
602. 188.— Wilkes^ 1847, (two leaves of table, 
fac-siniile) 54/. resold, 1864, 771.— See Ames 
by Dibdin, i. 274-9. Blbl. Spencer, iv. 284-6. 

— The Boke of the Cyte of 
Ladyes (translated by Brian Anelay 
or Annesley). Lond. by Henry 
Pepwell, 1521. 4to. 

According to Ellis, Warton, and Ritson, 
a translation from the Tr^sor de la CH6 
des Dames, written by Christian of Flse. 




Bindley, pt. i. 761 (title and the first three 
chapters wanting), 81. 178. 

Christmas. — Christmasse Ga- 

roUes. Lond. by W. de Worde, 

1521. 4to. 

A fragment is among Heame's books in 
the Bodleian library. ' These were festal 
chansons for eniiyening the merriments of 
the Christmas celebrity : and not snch re- 
ligious songs as are current at this day 
with the common people under the same 
title, and which were substituted by those 
enemies of innocent and useful mirth the 
puritans.'— H^artofi. 

Christmas Banckette. Philemon the 
maker of the Banckette, Theophyle Euse- 
bius ; and Christopher the gestes. Lond. 
John Mayler, 1643, 8vo. 

New caroUs for this merry time of Christ- 
IQM. Lond. printed by H. B. 1661, small 
12mo. Twelve leaves. 

Christmas Carolles newely imprinted. 
Lond. by Richard Kele, 8vo. (circa 1660). 
Copious extracts from this volume, sup- 
posed unique, are given in Bibliographical 
Misoellanies. Oxford, 1818, 4to. Su Sir 
F. Freeling's sale, no. 290. 

Christmas Treat, or gay Companion : a 
Collection of Epigrams. Dublin, 1707. 
Sotheby's in Feb. 1824, lis. 

An Account of the Christmas Prince, as 
it was exhibited in the University of Ox- 
ford in the year 1607. Lond. 1816, 4to. 
Pp. XV. and 76. Published from the ori- 
ginal MS. in St. John's College Library, 
by P. Bliss, D.D. 260 copies printed. It 
forms No. 7 of the Miscellanea Antiqua 

Some ancient Christmas Carols, with 
the Tunes to which they were formerly 
sung in the West of England. Collected 
by Davies Gilbert Lond. 1822, 8vo. 6s. 
pp. 86. A literary and musicsd curiosity. 

Christmas Carols, or sacred songs, with 
appropriate music, and an account of the 
Ctiristmas Carol. Small 4to. Lond. 1888. 

Chrismas Carols, ancient and modem ; 
also French provincial Carols, with an in- 
troduction and notes by Wm. Sandys. 
Lond. 1838, 8vo. 

Old Christmas Carols. See Appbxdix. 
Percy Society, nos. 14 and 78. 

Chbistofebson, John, Bishop 

of Chicht»ter. Exortation to all 

Mexme to take hede and beware of 

Bebellion. Lond. John Cawood, 

1554. 16mo. 

O 4, in eights, half 4 sheets, dedicated 
to ' Qneene Marye:' At the end are ' two 
godlye Prayers, one for the Queues High- 
nes, and another for the good and quiete 

Estate of the whole Realme.* Whit 
Knights, 886, 21. lOs. Inglis, 286, 2i. Ill 
Homer, 1864, mor. 2). 12s. 

Ghiistophers, Saint. Newes 

strange Newes from St. ~ 

tophers of a tempestuouB Spirit 

which is called by the Tndiang 

Hurry-cano or Whirlwind ; whei 

unto is added the true and last ~ 

lations of the dreadful Accident 

which happened at Wittioombe 

Deyonshire,2lOctobre,1638. Lone 

1638. 12mo. 

The relations are in verse. Gordonstonn, 
1676» 11. 188. 

Christophers, St. — ^The Laws of 

St, Christophers, from 1711 to 1791. 

St. Christopher's, 1791. foL 3^. Se. 

T former editions. 1780. folio, 168.-> 
1769, foHo, 11, 6s. 

Chbonicles. The Croniclis of 
Engldde with the Frute of Timis. 
St. Albans (1483). folio. 

This book consists of 386 leaTe8,and con- 
tains two sets of signatures ; the nrst, from 
a to z, the sign, for & and the figure 9^ ixi- 
clusively in eights, a 1 being blank : the 
second firora A to K, inclusivelT, ineigfata. 
Then one leaf, on the recto of which the 
book ends. Prefixed is a table consistinf 
of seven leaves. The Description of Bri- 
tain is not to be found in this edition. 
C >pies are in the libraries of K. GeorKe UI. 
and Earl Spencer, (both imperfect) (also a 
fine copy in the Grenville Library, British 
Museum, the most perfect copy known, but 
four leaves of the table are supplied by 
Harris.] SirP.Thomson,964,severalleave8 
MS. 29^. 8s. Heber, pt. iv. wanting 14 
leaves. On vblluk. A copy (wanting 
the last leaf of text, and one containing the 
device of the printer) is in the posseaaiolt 
of Miss Currer, of Eshton Hall, in Yotk- 
shire. See BibL Spencer, iv. 88»— 72: 
Dibdin's Libr. Comp. 17a 

— The Cronides of Englond, 
Weetmynstre, June 5, 1480. The 
Discripcion of Britayne, West- 
mynstre, August 18, 1480. See 
Caxton, WilEam. 

This work is sometimes called the Chro- 
nicle of St. Alban's, and sometimes Cax* 
ton's Chronicle, also Fructus Temporuia. 

Other Editiofu. 

Chronicle of England. [W. de Haoh- 
llnia], folio. There are two sets of sigoa- 
tures exclusive of the table, oonaiBti&g of 




ChbonicIiES — continued. 
10 leaves, each haTing 8 leaves to a sig- 
nature. The first set extends from a to z 
and 7 : the second, commencing with aa i 
extends to ee 4 in eights. The description 
of Britain does not accompany this edition. 
It is said the only perfect copy of this 
edition known, is now in the possession of 
Earl Spencer. Towneloy, pt. i. 587, im- 
perfect, 122. resold, Heber, pt. iv. 1012. 
61. 6s. See Bibl. Spencer, iv. 893-4. 

The Chronyoles of tlie Londe of Engl5d. 
Andewarpe, by Maister Gerard de Leew. 
1493, folio. Printed in double columns. 
The signatures to i, run in eights ; i and k 
liave each 6 only ; 1 and m each 8 ; n 6 ; 
o, p and q each 8 ; r, 6 ; s, t, v, in eights ; 
X, Y, each 6. Prefixed is a title, and also 
a table of 6 leaves. Heber, pt. iv. 1018, 
371. 168. See Bibl. Spencer, iv. 229—81. 

The Cronycle of Englonde with the 
Fruite of Tymes. The Descrlpcyoa of 
£ngIonde. Westmestre by Wynkyn de 
"Worde, 1497, folio. This edition has been 
bitterly accused hy Heame of glaring de- 
viations from the original. A copy is in the 
library of K. George III. [one at Althorp, 
another In the Grenville Libraiy, British 
Alusenm.] Another on vbllum is in tlie 
Library at Lamheth Palace. [These are 
the only copies known.] See Ames, by 
Bibdin, U. 69-71. Bibl. Spencer, iv. 401-2. 

The Ghronycle of Englonde with the 
Frute of Tymes. The Descrypcyon of 
Englonde, Wayls, Scotland, and Irlond: 
speaking of the Noblesse and Worthy- 
nesse of the same. In Fleto strete by 
Wynkyn de Worde, 1502, folio. Sotheby^s 
in May 1823, 27i. 68. Heber, pt iv. 1014, 
17^ IDs. fine copy. 

The Cronycle of Englond, with the 
Froyt of Tymes. The Descrypcyon of 
Englond, Walys, Scotland, and Irlond. 
E^tnpryntedby Julyane Notary (1504), folio. 

The Ghronycle of Englonde with the 
Fruyte of Tymes, &c. The Descrypcyon 
of Englonde. Impr. by Sicharde Pynson, 
1510, folio. A perfect copy is in the posses- 
sion of Earl Spencer. To the Description 
of Englond is added (what Herbert had not 
found in any other edition of this book) 
' Anglornm Regum breuis Epylogus post 
Gonquestum.' Roscoe, 468, the Chronicle 
only, two leaves wanting, 82. lOs. ' The 
Descrjrpcyon of Englonde.' Inglis, 606, 
morocco, 102. lOs. Towneley, pt. 1. 540, 
morocco, 172. 

The Cronycle of Englonde with the 
Fmyt of Tymes. The DescryxKjyon of 
Englonde, Walys, Sootlond, and Irelonde. 
Enprynted by me Julyan Notary, 1616, 
folio. The Gronicle fol. cxxviii. The De- 
scription is not nambered, but the signa- 
ttties are continued from the Chronicle to 
&. A copy is in the British Museum. 
Boscoe, 464, the Cronide only, sheet A 

TOL. I. 

wanting, 91. 96. Boxbnrghe, 8868*, mor. 
282.7s. resold White Knight8,1161, 662. 148. 
Inglis, 607, first leaf wanting, 82.88. See 
Ames, by Dibdin, ii. 680. Brit. BibUog. ii. 

The same. Lond. by Wynkyn de Words. 
1515, folio. This edition has wooden cnta. 
The table begins at the back of a frontis- 
piece and the Chronicle contains fol.clxiii. 
Then follows ' The Descnrpcion of Eng- 
londe,' which has a kind of map in pros- 
pective for its frontispiece. The leaves 
not numbered extend to Dili. Towneley, 
pt. i. 538, a leaf wanting in the Chronicle, 
302. Heber, pt iv. 1015 (title mended^, 
112. 15s. Herbert was of opinion that this 
third impression was copied from one of 
Pynson's earlier editions. 

The same. Imprynted by me Wynkyn 
de Worde, 1520, folio. The Chronicle ends 
on the recto of the third leaf after sign, 
bbiiij : the Description on the reverse .of 
sig^. Diij. Constable, 561, the Chronicle 
only, two leaves wanting, 22. 19s. Sotheby, 
1856 (wanting title), mor. 82. 28. 6d. 

The Cronycles of Englonde, with the 
Dedes of Popes and Emperors, and also 
the Descripcyon of Englonde. Lond. by 
Wynkyn de Worde, 1628, folio. The last 
edition printed by W. de Worde. After 
the title, a table on sign. Aa ii. then the 
prologue and work in 7 parts, folios 1-clxiii. 
' The Descripcyon of Englonde,' with a 
table, ends on sign. Dili. Koxburghe, 8854, 
272. 16s. 6d. 

Chbonicles yarious. 

The newe Chronycles of Englonde and 
of Fraunce. Emprynted by Kichard Pyn- 
son, 1516, folio. 

A lytell Cronycle, translated (out of 
Frenche into Englysshe) and imprinted at 
the Cost and Charge of Kicharde Pynson, 
by the Comaundement of the ryght high 
and mighty Prince, Edwarde, Duke of 
Buckingham,Yerleof Gloucestie Staffarde 
and of Northampton. Imprinted by the 
said Richard Pynson (n. d.), folio. This 
book, printed in double columns, with 
running titles and the leaves numbered 
but no catchwords, contains hy signatures 
AtoEinsixeB;F4;G3;H6; J4. 

A short Cronycle, wherein is mentioned 
all the Names of all the Kings of England, 
of the Mayors and Sheriffs of the Cytye of 
London : and of diuers and many notable 
Actes and Things done, in and sith the 
Time of King Henry the fourth. Iiond. 
by John Byddell, 1639, 12mo. 

Another edition printed 1642. Also ano- 
ther without date. 

A Gronicle of Yeres, fr5 the Begrnnynge 
of the Worlde, wherin ye shal fynd the 
Names of all the Kynges of EngLande, of 
the Mayers & Shyrenes of ye Gyte of 
LQdon & bryefly of many notable Actis 
done in and syth the Keygn of Kyng 



Chsoiteclbs — continued. 
Henry the fourthe : newly augmented and 
corrected. A.D. m.d.xliii. Lond. by Tho- 
mas Petyt. 8vo. Contains D 7 in eights. 
White Knights, 1038, 11. 13s. Brand. 11. Is. 

Another edition, 1544. Lond. Wyllyam 
Myddylton, 16mo. CollaHm.—A. and B in 
eights. C 4. Twenty leaves. A copy is 
in the Grenvflle Library, British Museum. 

Another edition ' vnto the Yere of our 
Lorde MJ>Jvii.' Lond. by W. Copland, 

A Chronycle, with a Genealogie. 1547. 
See Kbltok, Arth<ir. 

Cronicle of Yeres from the begyning of 
the Worlde. wherein ye shall fynde the 
Names of all the Kynges of England, of 
the Mayres and Shyriffes of the Citie of 
London, &c. Printed by Wm. Vowell, 1651. 
Bibl. Har. no. 11720. 

A breuiat Cronicle contaynynge all the 
Kinges from Brute to this daye, and 
manye notable Actes gathered oat of 
dluers Cronicles fr5 Willyam Conqneronr 
vnto the Yere of Christ a M.v.clii. Can- 
terbury by John Mychell. 12mo. Dedi- 
cated to * Syr Antony Anchor Master of 
the Kinges Juel House' by the printer 
John Mychell.— To know when the four 
tei-ms begin and end.— The Years from 
Adam unto Christ.— A Table of the Kings 
from Brute unto the Conqueror.— Colla- 
tion. Title and prefatory matter 8 leaves. 
Text A, B,C in eights. Dd eight, Eefour. 
D to L in eights, together 108 leaves.— A 
copy is in the Grenville Library, British 

Another edition. Canterbury, John My- 
chell (1552), 12mo. Black letter. Colla- 
tion. A sheet of eight leaves with a 
signature followed by A— Nvii in eights. 
A copy is in the Grenville Library, British 

Another edition. Canterbury, Johan 
Mychel, 1658. 4^ in eights, in the Bri- 
tish Museum. 

A breuiat Cronicle contayning all the 
Kynges, from Brute to this day, and many 
notable Actes, gathered out of dluers 
Chronicle8,from William theConqueroure, 
vnto the Yeare of Christ, with the 
Mayors and ShryflTes of the Citie of Lon- 
don, newly corrected and amended. Impr. 
by Jhon Kynge. 16mo. P. 3, in eights. 
In this book it is said ' printing began at 
Mens by John Faust. 1467.' Herbert 
notices other editions 1654^ 1657, 1559. 
Towneley, pt i. 274, 8?. 6s. 

A briefe Cronicle, contaynyng the Ac- 
coumpte of the Raygnes of all the Kynges 
in this Realme,from the Entring of Brutus 
to this present Yeare, whereunto is added, 
a perpetuall Kalender, for the readier 
Findinge of Dayes & Tymes herein men- 
tioned. Lond. by Thomas Marshe (1561), 
8vo. Contains N, in eights, besides the 


kalendar, &c. prefixed. The date is takii 
from the concluding article. 

This Chi-onicle of Briteyn, l>eginniogit 
William the Conquerour, endeth wyth on 
moste dread and soueraigne Lady Qoeeae 
Elizabeth. Anno. 1568, folio. Black letter, 
pp. 1869, after which is a table ocmsistiiu 
of 16 leaves. The work ends thus— 1 
finishe and make an ende in the jend 
our Lord 1568 the x viii day of Marehe and 
in the xi yere of the reigne of this most 
noble and vertuous Princesse Elizabetli 
our most dread and souereigne Lady.' 

A breue Cronycle of the Bysbope of 
Romes Blessynge, and of his Prelates bo- 
neficiall and charitable Rewardes, from 
the Tymeof Kynge Heralde vnto this Day. 
Lond. John Daye. 16mo. n. d. Contains 8 
leaves. Ames ascribes this Chronicle ta 
the Rev. Tlio. Gibson. Rozburghe, 3281. 
morocco, 8/. ISs. 6d. A copy is in Lam- 
beth Library. 

Ane Tractat of a Part of ye Yngliai 
Cronikle, shawand of yar Kings, Part<if 
yar ewell and cursit Gouemance and yir 
vnhappie lynage, als well fra autentik 
Writ als fra var awne fenzeit Policronl- 
con. Printed at the Auchinleck Vtess, 
1818, 4to. Boswell, 8075, 10s. 6d. SirM.M. 
Sykes, pt i. 1646, 12. 9s. 

Cheonicles. See under the re* 
spective heads ; HoUnshed, Hall, 
Hardyng, Grafton, Fabyan, Arnold, 
Bastell, jFroissart, Monstrelet, Wfl- 
liam of Malmesbmy, Heame, Ko- 
bert's Welsh, Saxon, &c. 

The Series of reprints, forming from SO 
to SO vols. 4to. will be deacribed under 


Many of the Monkish Chronicles, and 
among them Matthew Paris, Roger of 
Wendover, Itoger Hoveden, Ordericus Vi- 
ta] is, Henry of Huntingdon, Matthew ot 
Westminster, and Florence of Worcester, 
have been trauKlated, and published in 
Bohn's Antiquarian Library ; and several 
minor Chronicles are contained in the ra- 
rious Club publications, for ail which m 

Chronographia. A Description 
of Time from the beginning of tiw 
World, vnto the Yeare of our Lord, 
137.' Lond. for Rob. Dexter, 1590. 

Pp. 66. Prefixed is an epistle ' To tbi 
Reader,' and also commendatory verwt. 
Herbert also notices another, ' The second 
edition corrected and augmented.' 1590: 

Chronographise Asiaticse et M- 
gyptiacse Specimen. In quo— 1. 
Origo Chronologise LXX Interpw 


turn investigatur. 2. Conspectus 
totiuB Operis exhibitur. Lond. 
1759. 8vo. 2&. 6d. 

Ghrysal : or, the Adyentures of 
a Guinea. The third Edition greatly 
inlarged and corrected. Lond. 1762. 
12mo. 4 vols. 

A masterly but caustic satire, written by 
Charles Johnson. In Davis' Olio, 13-21, 
will be found a key to the characters. 
Other editions, 1768, 1771, 1775, 1783, 
4 vols. 12mo. Reprinted in Ballantyne's 
Novelists' Library. 

Chbysostom, St. John, Bishop 

of Constantinople. S. Johannis 

Chrysostomi Opera, GJrflBc^. Etonse, 

1610-13. folio. 8 vols. bl. Ss. 

A valuable and much-esteemed edition. 
Sir H. Savile in his preface states, that 
having himself visited, about twelve years 
before, all the public and private libraries 
in Britain, and copied out thjence what- 
ever he thought useful to his design, he 
then sent some learned men into France, 
Germany, Italy, and the East, to tran- 
scribe such parts as he had not already 
done, and collate the MSS. ; and he ac- 
knowledges the assistance of Thnanns, 
Y^serus, Schottns, Is. Gasaubon, Fronto 
DucfiBUS, Gruter, Boeschelius and other 
learned men. The whole charge of this 
edition, in transcribing and collating MSS., 
is aaid to have amounted to no less than 

D. loannis Chrysostomi Homilin duee, 
nunc primum in Lucem 8Bdit«e, et ad se- 
reniss. AngliseRe^eLatinsB factse a loanne 
Cheko Cantabrigiensi. Lond. R. Wolfe. 
154d,4to. The Greek text A to E vj in fours, 
£ vj containing the imprint. The Latin ver- 
sion a to g vj in fours. It is said to be one 
of the first Greek books printed in England. 

De Prouidentia Dei ac de Fato Orationes 
sex, Johanne Checo Cantabrigiensi Inter- 
prete. Lond. R. Wolfe, 1546, 8vo. 

D. Joannis Chrysostomi HomilisB sex. 
Ex maniiscriptis Codicibus Noui Collegij, 
loannis Harmari Opera et Industria nunc 
primum in Lucem editsB. Oxon. 1586, 4to. 
By some said to be the first Greek book 
printed at Oxford. 

Homilin ad Popnium Antiochenum ha- 
bitffi, du8B & viginti. (Jmnes, excepta pri- 
ma, nunc primum in Lucem editse, ex 
manuscriptis Noui Collegij Oxoniensis 
Codicibus. Opera & Studio loannis Har- 
mari. Cum Latina Yersione eiusdera, 
Homilie decimse nonee, que in Latlnis 
etiam Exemplaribus hactenus desiderata 
est. Lond. 1590, 8vo. Pp. 361, with a de- 
dication to Sir Chr. Hatton, to the reader, 
and errata. 



De Saoerdotio. Gr. et Lat. Ed. Jo. 
Hughes. Cantab. 1710, 8vo. 5s. Bp. of 
Ely, 821, IDs. 6d. 

De Sacerdotio, Gr. et Lat k Jo. Hughes; 
et S. Gregorii Nazianzeni Oratio Apologe- 
tica, Gr. et Lat. k S. Thirlby. Cantab. 
1712, 8vo. 6s. 

Exoerpta ex Libro de Sacerdotio, Gr. et 
Lat. ed. T. Borgess. Lond. 1816, 12mo. 4s. 


A Sermon of Saint Chrysostome, wherein 
besyde that it is fumysshed with heuenly 
Wisedome & Teachinge, he wondei-fully 
proueth, that no Man is hurted but of bym 
selfe; translated into Englishe by the 
Floure of lemed Menne in his Tyme, Tho- 
mas Lupsette, Londoner. Lond. in Offic. 
T. Berthelet, 1642, 8vo. Contains D 6, in 

A compendious Treatise of Sayne John 
Chrisostom, provinge that no man is hurt 
but of him selfe. Translated by Charles 
Chavalarie. Lond. by John Mayler for 
John Gough, 1542, 16mo. 10s. 6d. 

An Homilie vpon that Saying of Saint 
Paul, Brethren, J wold not haue yon igno- 
rant, what is becom of those that slepe, to 
the End ye lament not, &c. With also a 
Discourse vpon Job, and Abraham, newely 
made out of Greke into Latin by Master 
Cheke, and englished by Tho. Chaloner. 
Lond. in Offic Tho. Berthelet. 1644, 8vo. 
Contains C 10, in eights. Reprinted 1652, 

A Sermon of John Chrisostome of Fa- 
cience, of tlie Ende of the Worlde, and of 
the last Judgment, translated into English 
by Tho. Sampson. 1650, 8vo. Pnttick, 
1855, 32. 8s. 

A Treatise concerning the Restitution 
of a Sinner, which is chiefly made against 
Desperacy on, newly translated ontof Greek 
into English. Lond. 1654, 16mo. A for- 
mer edition, 1553. 

An Exposition vpon the Epistle of S. 
Panle the Apostle to the Ephesians. Lond. 
1581, 4to. Contains 841 pages, with an 
Epistle to the Reader and a dedication to 
'Anne Countesse of Oxenforde' by the 
anonymous translator ; at end, an alpha- 
betical table. This volume consists of 
84 sennons or homelies, and 21 moral- dis- 

The Restitution of a Sinner, translated 
out of Greek. Lond. John Cawood, 1554, 

The Restitution of a Sinner, translated 
by Robert Wolcombe. Lond. 1688y 24nio. 
Ant k Wood notices an edition of the date 
of 1581. 

Places of Scripture, by Willoughbie. 
Oxford, 1602. Nassau, pt i. 686, 6s. 

SaintChrysostome his Parensssis, or Ad- 
monition wherein bee recalls Theodonis 
the fallen transl. by the Lord Yiscouut 

GtQ 2 





CH1J.TS08T0M — continued, 
Orandison, Prisoner in the Tower. I/ond. 
1664, 12mo. 

Tlie golden Booke concerning the Edn- 
catlon of Children, translated into English 
by John E(TeIyn;. Loud. 1659, Timo. 
BoBwell, 1041. 16s. 

On Compunction of the Heart, translated 
by John veneer. Lond. 1728, 8vo. 6s. 

St John ChrysoBtoQi; Arch-Bishop of 
Constantinople, his six Books concerning 
the Priesthood, transl. from the Greek by 
Henry Hollier. Lond. Svo. 5!t. 

Of the Priesthood, in six Books, transl. 
firom the Greek by the Rev. John Bunco, 
M.A. Lond. 1759, Svo. 6b. A faithful 

The Sin of Sodom reproved ; being two 
Sermons in Chrysostom's Commentary on 
8t. Paul's Epistle to the Romans. Transl. 
from the Greek by Edward Lewis, M.A. 
Lond. 1772, Svo. 2b. 

Sermons, viz. on Christmas Day; on 
Good Friday ; on Easter Day ; on Wliit- 
■unday ; on Ascension Day ; on Trinity 
Sunday. Translated ftom the Greek. To 
which is prefiz'd the Life of the Author 
by the Rev. William Scott, M.A. Lond. 
1774-6, Svo. These five sermons were 
published separately. 

Select Passages. See Boyd, Hugh 
Stewart. See Appendix. Library of the 

Chrjste crosse me Spede. A. B . C. 
A lytell proper Jeste. Lond. by 

Wynkyn de Worde. 4to. 

A curious poetical jest. Inglis, 504, 
51. 10s. 

Chubb', Thomas. Tracts and 

posthumous Works. Lond. 1754. 

8vo. 6 vols. 

Roxburghe, 604. 12. Is. Drury, 846, 18s. 
The works of this once noted deistical 
writer are now held in little estimation. 

Chudleioh, Lady Mary. Poems 
on several Occasions. Third Edi- 
tion. Lond. 1722. Svo. 28. 6d. 

1703, 8vo. White Knights, 637, date 
1713, morocco, 8s. 1709. 

Eiisays npon several Subjects in Prose 
and Verse. Lond. 1710, Svo. 2s. 6d. 

Chitbch, NatlumieL Cheap 

Riches; or, a pocket Companion 

made of five hundred Proverbiall 

Aphorismes, &c. Lond. 1654. 12mo. 

Nassau, pt. i. 688, 158. 

Divine Ejaculations, 1665. Nassau, pt. 
i. 687, 4s. 

— John. Cabinet of Quadru- 
peds, consisting of (84) highly 


finished Engravings by Jamef 
Tookey, firom Drawings by Juliui 
Ibbetson ; with historical and sci- 
entific Descriptions. Lond. 1805- 
10. 4to. 2 vols. 

Published in numbers or parts, at 82. 12i 
Bindley, pt. i. 1816, russia, 61. Duke of 
York, 1288, 42. 4s. labqe papbb, in folio, 
with proof impressions. 

Church. — History of the Churches 
in England and Scotland, from the 
Reformation to this present Time. 
By a Clergyman. Newcastle upon 

Type, 1771-2. Svo. 3 vols. 

Prefixed are portraits of Luther, Crui- 
mer and Calvin. 

The Chirche of the evyll Men and Wo- 
man, whereof Lucyfer is the Head; and 
the Membres is all the Players dyssoluto 
and Synners reproved. 1611, 4to. Black 
letter, consisting of 38 leaves. From tiu 
preface it appears to be extracted from St 
Bemardyns boke, entytuled ' The Crysten 
Relygyon.' It is a severe invective against 
all kinds of gamesters, especially playen 
at cards and dice, and was probably printed 
by Pynson. A copy is in the Bodleiia 

Our Sauiour Jesus Christ hath not oaer* 
charged his Chirche with many Ceremo- 
nies. The Lord shall knit vp his Hynds 
in fewe Wordes for our rightwise makynge 
euen by Faith onely tobeiustified. EMje. 
X. M. D. X. LJjj. in Febru. 8vo. Cootatna 
C 6, in eights. At the end 'At Z^rik.' 
Wh&te Knights, 2186, morocco, 12. 48. 

Compendium Doctrinae de vera vm'ca- 
que Dei et Christ! Ecclesia, eiusqne f id« 
et Confessione pura : in qua Peregrinornm 
Ecclesia Londini, Autoritate atqne A»- 
sensu sacrae Maiestatis reglae. Qaem 
Deus opt. max. ad singnlare Ecclesiae 
suae Decua, Omamentum.acDefensioiiem 
Cper Gratiam suam) semet, gnberoet, e 
fortunet. Amen. Lond. excad. Steph. Mj- 
e|xlmannus, 1551, 8vo. 

The Champion of the Church. To the 
Nobles of England. Printed at Roane, by 
an;^EngliRh Scolers Copie, by Micheu 
Woode, the 8 January, 1564, IGmo. 

An humble Supplication unto God for 
the restoring of hys holy Woorde unto 
the Churcheof Englande. Straaburgfa,16H 

A poore Mannes Benenolence to the 
afflicted Church. Lond. by Alexander 
Lacy, 1666, 16mo. Black letter. A oopT 
is in Lord Spencer's library. 

A Dialogve, concerning the Strife of oar 
Churche : wherein are aunswered diuene 
of those vninst Accusations, wherewith 
the Oodly Preachers and Professon of tbe 




Chuech — cmitinued. 
Gospel are falsely charged ; with a briefe 
xDeclaration of some such monstrous 
Abuses, as our Byshops have not bene 
ashamed to foster. Lond. 1584, 16mo. 136 

Chiiich Discipline. Parte of a register 
contajminge sundrie memorable matters 
vritten by divers godly and learned in 
our time, which stand for and desire the 
reformation of our church discipline. 4to. 
RWaldegrave. Edin. 1588 or 73. Heber, 
«. 7s. 6d. Homer, 1854, mor. 4Z. 78. 6d. 

A briefe and plaine Declaration con- 
cerning the Desires of all those faithfuU 
Ministers, that have & do seeke for the 
Discipline & Reformation of the Church 
of Englande : which may serue for a iust 
Apologie against the f^lse Accusations & 
Slaunders of their Aduersaries. Lond. 
1584, 16mo. It is introduced by ' A pra>- 
Ibce to the Christian Reader.' The running 
title ' A learned Discourse of Ecclesiasti- 
call Gouemment' 148 pages. Gordon- 
6toun, 692, 88. An answer to this work 
appeared in 1687, entitled ' A Defence of 
Gouemment established in the Church of 
Kngland for Ecclesiastical Matters/ 4to. 

A True Description, out of the Word of 
God, of the Visible Church, 1686, 4to. 4 
leaves. Again 1589. 

The State of the Church of Englande, 
laide open in a Conference betweene Dio- 
trephes. a Byshopp, TertuUus a Papist, 
Demetrius an Vsurer, Pandochus an Inne- 
keeper, and Paule a Preacher of the Woi*de 
of God. (1688). 16mo. A puritanical 
pamphlet, containing I 2, in eights, but D, 
£, F and H are omitted, and yet the book 
appears perfect. 

A Demonstration of the Traeth of that 
Discipline which Christ hath prescribed 
in his Worde for the Gouemment of his 
Church, in all Times and Places, vntill the 
End of the World. (1588). 4to. Written by 
John Udall, for which he was tryed and 
condemned to be hanged ; but died broken- 
hearted in the White Lion prison [Sonth- 
wark], just as a pardon had been procured 
for him, in 1692. Gordonstoun, 1760, 7s. 
By some it is ascribed to John Fenry, alias 
Martin Marprelate. 

Treatise of perpetual Visibility and Suc- 
cession of the true Church in all Ages. 1624. 
See Abbot, George, Abp. of Canterbury. 

The Rights and Liberties of the Church 
asserted and vindicated against the pre- 
tendedRightand Usurpation of Patronage. 
Edinb. 1639, 8v6. 

Disputation of the Church, wherein the 
old Religion is maintained. Doway, 1640, 
8vo 98 

History of the Church of Great Britain, 
from the Birth of our Saviour until the 
Year 1667. Lond. 1674, 4to. Nassau, pt. 
i. 2121, date 1675, Sa. 

Declaration of the Faith of the congre- 
gational Churches. Lond. 1729. Privately 
printed. Williams, 661, morocco, XL lOs. 

Free and candid Disquisitions relating 
to the Church of England, and the Means 
of advancing Religion therein. Second 
edition. Lond. 1760, 8vo. 

The Ornaments of Churches considered. 
Oxford, 1761, 4to. PubUshed by Dr. 
Charles Wilson. Half-title and title; 
contents and errata, 6 pages ; dedication, 
&c. pp. 143 ; appendix, 38 pp. ; postscript, 
8 pages, with a plan of the great east 
window and altar piece purchased by par- 
liament in 1758, and a portrait of the 
right hon. Arthur Onslow. 

An Inquiry into the Constitution, &e. 
of the primitive Church. See Kiko, Sir 

Letters on the Church. By an Episco- 
palian. Lond. 1826, 8vo. pp. 192. 

Chitbchill, Charles. Poetical 
Works, with explanatory Notes and 
an authentic Account of his Life 
(by W. Tooke of Gray's Inn). 
Lond. 1804. 8vo. 2 vols, with por- 
trait, 10s. 6d. 

Best edition, ably and usefully illus- 
trated. Reprinted, Lond. 1844, 12mo. 8 
vols, in the Aldine Poets. Churchill's 
poems are incorporated in Chalmers' and 
other editions of the Poets. 

Poems. 1763, 4to. 2 vols. Roxburghe, 
Suppl. 666, IZ.— 1766, 8vo. 2 vols. Roscoe, 
1426, 11. 18s. 1769, 2 vols. 8vo. 

The Rosciad was first published anony- 
mously in March, 1761, 4to. Alterations 
were made in every subsequent edition. 
A large collection of tracts relative to the 
author and his satire, at the sale of Mr. 
Field's collection of dramatic publications, 
no. 1248, produced SI. 16s. 

Epistle to Hogarth (1763) and the Ghost 
(1762), 4to. Bindley, pt. i. 1633, with MS. 
corrections by the author, 16s. 6d. 

The works of C. Churchill. Small 8vo. 
1770 ; again, Lond. 1774. Vols. i. n.^ and 
III. consisting of Poems. Vol. rv. of Ser- 
mons. Heath, 1787, 12. 2s. Fonthill, 138, 
12. 88. Williams, 436, morocco, 31. lOs. 

Genuine memoirs. With an account of, 
and observations on, his writings. Lond. 
1766, 12mo. 

— T. O. Life of Lord Viscount 

Nelson, &c. Lond. 1808. 4to. 

This publication may be considered as 
a vehicle for prints, which, however, ai-e 
neither good in design or execution, labob 
PAPEB, with proof plates. Brockett, 769, 
12. Is. Duke of York, 1289, 11 Is. 

— Sir Winston, Kt. Divi Bri- 
tannici ; being a Bemark upon the 




Lives of all the Kings of this Isle 
irom the Year of the World 2855 
unto the Year of Grace, 1660. 

Lond. 1676. folio. 

Pp. 862, with dedication to K. Charles 
II., also a discourse of 40 pages upon go- 
veiiiment. This work, written by the 
father of the great John Churcbill, Duke 
of Marlboroughj shews the author to have 
been well read in our ancient historians, 
and is considered very accurate as to 
dates and authorities. Dent, pt. i. 661, 
9s. 6d. In some copies of this work is a 
passage that the king may raise money 
without his parliament, which passage, 
' being much resented by several members 
of parliament then sitting, the leaf of the 
remaining copies wherein it was, was re- 
printed without that passage, purposely 
to please and give content.' — Jnt. d Wood. 
The work is styled by Nicolson, * a di- 
verting view of the arms and exploits of 
our kings.' 

Chitbohill. See Voyages. 

Chttbchman, John. Magnetic 

Atlas, or Variation Charts of the 

whole terraqueous Globe. Lond, 

1794. 4to. 

Another edition, 1804, 4to. 

— Tbeophilus, t. e. Peter Hetlin. 

Churcliman, The, armed against 

the Errors of the Time. 1814. 8vo. 

3 vols. 11. 5s. 6d. 

A collection of tracts in defence of the 
church of England. 

Chuechyaed, Thomas. Davie 

Dicar's Dream. 1562-3. 

In verse. This book was attacked by 
one Thomas Camel, and the following 
tracts appeared on that controversy. 

The Debate betwyn Churchyard and 
Caraell, 4to. Twenty-eight leaves. It 
ends with 'Camelles crosse rowe,' and 
has the names of several poets about that 

Camelles Reioindre to Churchyarde, or 
Camell's Conclusion, &c. in Verse. 

A plajrn and fynall Confutation of Cam- 
mells corlyke Oblatracion. Imprinted in 
Fletstrit by Wyllyam Gryffyth (1560), fol. 
Two hundred lines on one sheet. 

A Decree betwene Churchy arde the Poet 
and Camell. Lond. by Richard Harvy. 
A broadside. 

Western Wyll vpon the Debate betwyxte 
Churchyarde and Camell, with Danid Di- 
cars Dreame. 4to. In six-line stanzas. 

The Contention betwizte Churchyeard 
and Camell, vpon Dauid Dycers Dreame 
eett out in suche order, that it is bothe 
wyttye and profytable for all Degryes. 

Lond. by Owen Rogers, for Mychell Lob- 
lee, 1560, 4to. White Knights, 1116, alsoio 
Koxburghe sale, 3318. This edition with 
other pieces was in Heber, pt. iv. S54» 91. 
9s. Another edition, 1665. Steevens, 811^ 
with curious MS. notes, 42. 96. 
See Camell, Thomas. 

— A Discourse of Bebellion, 
drawne forth to wanie the wanton 
Wittes how to kepe their Heades 
on their shoulders. Lond. Wm. 
ariffith. 1570. 12mo. 

Collation. — Four leaves. Reed, 6717. 
Heber, pt. iv. 311, 52. 

— The firste Parte of Churoh- 

yardes Chippes ; contayning twelve 

Labours. Devised and published 

only by Thomas Churchyard, Cten- 

tilman. Lond. by Thomas Marshe, 

1575. 4to. 

The Chips, dedicated to Maister Chris- 
topher Hatton, Esq. (afterwards Sir C. 
liatton) are as follows:— 1. The Siege tA 
Leeth. 2. A Farewell to the Worlde. S. 
A fayned Fancie of the Spyder and the 
Crowte. 4. A dollful Discourse of a Lady 
and a Knight. 5. The Rode into Scotlande, 
by Sir William Dreury, Knight (prose). 
6. Sir Symond Bnrley's Tragedie. 7. A 
tragicall Discourse of the unhappy Man's 
Life. 8. A Discourse of Yertue. 9. Charche- 
yarde's Dreame. 10. A Tale of a Fryer 
and a Shuemaker's Wife. 11. The Siege 
of Edenborough Castle. 18. The whole 
Order of the receiving of the Qaeene's 
Majestie into Bristowe. Nos. 2, 4, 6 and 9 
are reprinted in Churchyard's Challenge, 
and no. 12 in vol. i. of Nichols' Progreases 
of Q. Elizabeth. 1788. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 
104, 2 leaves wanting, 121. Fillingham, 
14;. 14s. Heber, pt iv. 366, 82. 15a. Jolley, 
1843, n. lOs. — 1851, 3/. l8s. -^ An earlier 
edition of the date of 1565 is noticed by 
Ritson—Another edition. 1578, 4to. White 
Knights, 1116. Sotheby's in 1823, bL 188. 
Rhodes, 2704, 62. 16s. 6d. Saunders in 1818^ 
14Z.14S. Ueber, pt. iv. 357, 6<. 16a. 6d. 
Gardner, July 1864, 162. 

— A Prayse and Beporte of Mais- 
ter Martyne Eorboishers Voyage to 
Meta incognita. Lond. Andrew 

Maunsell. 1578. 16mo. 

A copy is in the British ICuseom. Seed, 

— A lamentable and pitiful! De- 
scription of the wofull Warrea in 
Flaunders, since the foure last 
Yeares of the Emperor Charlee the 
fifth bis Baigne ; with a briefe Se* 


hesrsall of many Things done since 
that Season, vntil this present Yeare, 
and death of Don lohn. Written 
by Thomas Chupchyarde, Gentle- 
man. Lond. by Balph Newberie, 
1578. 4to. 

Black letter. Forty-two leaves, dedicated 
to Sir F. WalRingham, Knt.,then 'The la- 
mentation of Flaunders' in verse ; which 
with the narrative occupy 72 pages. At 
the end an epilogue ' To the Worlde' on two 
leaves more. Strettell,680; morocco, 3Z. 139. 
6d. Inglis, 353, II. ISs. Bindley, pt. i.2191, 
31. Beed, 6714, 4Z. 19b. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 
106, 71, 7b. resold, Saunders in 1818, 42. 
Perry, pt i. 1288, morocco, SI. ISs. 6d. 
Jolley, 1843, &. 2s. 6d. White Knights, 
1116. Heber, pt. iv. 368, 42. 6b. Skegg, 
1842, 71. 2s. 6d. Churchyard's narrative 
must be considered valuable from its em- 
bodying historical facts relative to trans- 
actions in which he was personally con- 

CnxTBCHTAED. The three first 
Bookes of Ovid de Tristibus. 1578. 
See Ovid. 

— A generall Behearsall of 

Warres, wherein is fine hundred 

seuerall Semtces of Land and Sea ; 

as Sieges, Battailes, &c. A thou- 

sande Q^ntle mennes Names of the 

best Sort of Warriours. A Praise and 

true Honour of Soldiours, &c. &c. 

Tjond, by Edward White (1579). 4to. 
Black letter. A miscellany in prose 
and verse, containing thirteen dif»rent 
tracts. Pp. 240, dedicated to Sir Chr. Hat- 
ton, after which is a preface. The run- 
ning title of this volume is Ghurchyarde's 
Choice, but in reality is the second part 
of the Ghippes. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 108, 
Si;, resold by Saunders in 1818, 92. 19s. 6d. 
Heber, pt. iv. 360, 4j. 10s. Jolley, 1848, 111. 
Midgely, 92. 198. 6d. 

— A Discourse of the Queenes 
Maiesties Entertainement in Suf- 
folk and Norfolk (in 1578) : with a 
Description of many Things then 
presently scene. Deuised by Thos. 
Churchyarde, G^ent. With diuers 
Shewes of his own Inuention sette 
out at Norwich; and some Behearsal 
of her Highnesse Betoume from 
Progresse. Wherevnto is adioyned 
a Commendation of Sir Humfrey 
Gilberts ventrous loumey. 



Imprinted by H. Bynneman, dedicated 
to M. Gilbert Gerrard, A.G. 1577-8. Heber, 
pt. It. 861, «. 

— Another edit, with A "Welcome 
home to M. Martin Frobusher, and 
all those Gentlemen and Souldiers, 
that have bene with him the last 
loumey, in the Countrey called 
(Meta incognita) whiche Welcome 
was written since this Booke was 
put* to the Printing, and ioyned to 
the same Booke K>r a true Testi- 
mony of Churchyardes good Will 
for the Furtherance of Mayster 
Frobushers Fame. Imprinted by 

Henrie Bynneman (1579). 4to. 

Dedicated to Maister William Jarret, 
Attorney General. Kiij in fours, and L 
4 leaves. Roxburghe, 8818. Heber, pt 
iv. 362, m. 16s. White Knights, 1116. Nas- 
sau, pt. i. 886, 212. 10s. Gough, 1086, H. 7s. 
Repnnted in the second volume of Ni- 
chols' Progresses of Q. Elizabeth, and in 
the Supplement to Holinshed's Chroni- 

— The Miserie of Flavnders, 

Calamitie of Fraunce, Misfortune 

of Portugall, Ynquietnes of Jre- 

lande, Troubles of Scotland ; and 

the blessed State of Englande. 

Written by Tho. Churchyarde, 

Ghent. Lond. for Andrewe Maun- 

sell. 1579. 4to. 

Black letter. 20 leaves. Dedicated ' To 
the Queenes most excellent Maiestie.' A 
copy is in the British Museum. Heber, 
pt. iv. 363, 182. 18s. 

— The Services of Sir William 
Drury, Lord Justice of Ireland in 
1578 and 1579. Lond. 1580. 4to. 

— A pleasaunte Laborinth, called 
Churohyard's Chance, framed on 
Fancies, Verses, Epitaphs, &c. Lond. 
J. Kingston. 1580. 4to. 

Black letter. Heber, pt. It. 864, 92. 

— A true Report of a dangerous 

Service, attempted and brought to 

pass, by Englishmen, Scotsmen, 

and Walloons, for the Taking of 

Machlin, in Flanders. Lond. John 

Perrin. n. d. (1580). 16mo. 

Black letter. Dedicated to Lord Nor- 
rice. Reed, 3787, 12. Ids. Heber, pt iv. 
818, 22. 19s. 





Chttbchyabd. a light Bondell 

of IjyIj Discoursee called Church- 

yardee Charge, presented as ' a new 

Years GHft to the Bight Honourable 

the Earle of Surrie. Imprinted hj 

Jhon Kjngston, 1580. 4to. 

Black latter. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 
70e,«.7B.6d. Beed, 8716, 112. 68. White 
Knights, 1116. Perry, pt. i. 1287, morocco, 
142. Heber, pt. It. 866, 91. 16b. Bright, 
72.78. Skegg, 142. 68. 

— A Wamine to the Wise, a 
Feare to the Fond, a Bridle to the 
Lewde, and a Glasse to the Gh)od. 
Written of the late Earthquake 
chanced in London, and other 
Places, the 6th of April, 1580 : for 
the Glory of 6k)d, and Benefite of 
Men, that warily can walk, and 
wisely can iudge. Set forth in 
Verse and Prose. Ix)nd. by John 
AUde and Nich. Lyng, 1580. 8vo. 

Contains 16 leaves. In this tract will 
he found ' A short Discourse by Tarlton 
upon the Earthquake.' This Bichard 
Tarleton was the Qaeen's jester, and the 
most humorous comedian of the age. 

— Wonders of Wiltshire, and 
the Earthquake of Kent. 1580. 
8vo. ' 

— A Scourge for Rebels : where- 
in are many notable Services truly 
set out, with everie particular 
Point touching the Troubles of 
Ireland, as farre as the painful and 
dutiful Service of the Earl of Or- 
mond is known. Lond. for Thomas 
Cadman, 1584. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Museum. Bind- 
ley, pt. iv. 626, 62. 188. Heber, pt. iv. 366, 

-^ GPhe Worthines of Wales. 
Ix)nd. for Tho. Cadman, 1587. 4to. 
Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth. White 
Knights. 1116. Heber, pt. iv. 367, 92. An- 
other edition in 1776, 8vo. 6s. 

— The Epitaph of Sir Philip 

Sidney, Knight, lately Lord Go- 

uemoiur of Flvshing. Lond. by 

Gleorge Bobinson (1587). 4to. 

A copy of this tract is among Bishop 
Tanner^s books in the Bodleian library. 
Heber, pt. iv. 868, 62. 6b. 

— A Sparke of Friendship and 

warm Good-WilL Whereunto is 

joined the Commodity of sundiy 

Sciences, and the Benefit that 

Paper bringeth, with many rare 

Matters rehearsed in the same. 

With a Description and Ck>mmen« 

dation of a Paper-Mill, now of late 

set up (near the Town of Dartford) 

by an High G-erman, called M. 

Spilman, Jeweller to the Queen's 

most excellent Majesty. Written 

by Thomas Churchyard, C^nt. 

(Printed at Lond. 1588.) 4to. 

Beprinted in the third volume of the 
Harleian Miscellany, and in the secood 
volume of Nichols' Progresses of Q. Eliza- 
beth, 1788. Herbert and Ritson mention, 
ap edition of the date of 1666. 

— A Feast fall of sad cheere 

Where griefes are all on heape ; 

Where solace is full deere. 

And sorrowes are good cheime. 

Lond. Printed for William Holme, 

1592. small 4ito. 

A copy is in the Bodleian Library. This, 
according to Ritson, contains epitaphs on 
the Earl of Worcester, Sir James Acroft, 
controller of the household. Sir Will. Win- 
ter, Sir Will. Holstock, controller of the 
navy, Dr. Underbill, Bishop of Oxford, &c 
'Heber, pt. iv. 369, 61, 12s. 6d. 

— Churchyard's Challenge. Iioud. 
by lohn Wolfe, 1593. 4to. 

Pp.278. Black letter. Dedicated to Sir 
John Wolley, Knight, after which is a 
preface ' to the worthiest sorte of people 
that gently can reade and justly canjudge.' 
'The seuerall matters contained in this 
booke' (two leaves often wanting) are as 
follows : 1. The Tragedie of the Earle of 
Moreton. 2. The Tragedie of Sir Simon 
Burley. 8. A Discourse that a Man is but 
his Minde (in prose). 4. A Discourse of 
the true Steps of Manhood (in prose). 6. 
A Warning to tbe Wanderers abroad, that 
seeke to sow Dissention at Home. 6. A 
Discourse of the Honor of a Souldier (in 
prose). 7. A Discourse of Gentlemen ly- 
ing in London, that were better keepe 
House at Home in their Countre^. 8. A 
Discourse of an olde Souldier and a young. 
9. A Discourse of Misfortune and Calami- 
tie (in prose). 10. A Discourse and Com* 
mendation of those that can make Code. 
11. The Tragedie of Shore's Wife, much 
augmented. 12. A Story of an Eagle and 
a Lady, excellently set out in Du Bartas. 




18. A. Traf^call Diacoone of the haplesse 
Han's Life. 14. A Diacoorse of a faatas- 
ticall Dreame. 15. A Discourse of Law 
and worthy Lawyers. To the Right Hon. 
liady Puckering. 16. A few plaine Verses 
of Truth against the flatterie of Time : 
made when the Queen's Majestie was last 
in Ozenford. 17. A Discoui'se of the only 
Phoenix of the Worlde. 18. A Praise of 
that Pheniz, and Verses translated out of 
Fi-ench. 19. The Adue the Writer made 
long agoe to the World, when he went to 
studie. 20. A tragicall Discourse of a 
dolorous Gentlewoman. 21. A doleAill 
Discourse of a great Lorde and a Ladie ; 
translated out of French. No. 1 is reprint- 
ed in the Chippes. edited by Chalmers. Nos. 
2, 14, 19,21, were first printed in Church- 
yard's Chippes (nos. ^ 9, 2 and 4), and for 
I4o 16, see Nichols' Progresses of Q Eliza- 
t)eth, vol. iii. No. 11 was first printed iu the 
Mirror for Magistrates, 1560 : in this edi- 
tion the legend, has an augmentation of 21 
stanzas. The original poem of 1559, with 
the augmentations, are reprinted in the 
Censura Literaria. Sotheby's in 1821, 
MS. title, 112. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 105, mo- 
rocco, 45Z. Roxburghe, 8318 (with other 
pieces, 2 vols.) White Knights, 1116. 
Steevens, 811, no title, 11. 9s. Perry, pt. i. 
1289, MS. title, mor. 61. 18s. Heber, pt. iv. 
870, 122. An edition of Churchyard's Chal- 
lenge, date 1580? Reed, 6717, with a co- 
pious MS. account of the author's worlcs 
by Is. Reed, and a small octavo tract enti- 
tled a Discourse of Rebellion, 1670, 172. lOs. 
TJtterson (containing sheet T. in Tragedie 
of Shore's Wife), 13/. resold Gardner, 7/. 7s. 

— A pleasant Conoeite penned 

In Yerse, coUourablj sette out and 

humblie presented on Newyeeres 

Pay last to the Queene's Majestie 

at Hampton Ck>urt. Lond. by Boger 

Warde, 1593. 4to. 

Eight leaves. Heber, pt. iv. 371, 32. 8s. 
Beprinted in the second volume of Nichols' 
Progresses of Q. Elizabeth. 1788. 

— The Mirror of Man and Man- 
ners of Men. Lond. for W. Holme 
or Ar. Hatfield. 1594. 4to. 

Reprint, Auchinleck Press, 4to. 1816. Bos- 
well, 3243, 10s. 6d. Bindley, pt. iii. 1799. 
with Churchyard's Discourse of Courts and 
Wars, 42. 4s. 

— A Musicall Consort of hea- 
yenly Harmonie (compoimded out 
of manie Parts of Musicke) called 
Church-yards Charitie. Lond. by 
Ar. Hatfield for William Hohne, 
1695. 4to. 

Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 102, morocco, 40i. 
Reed, 6718, 82. 158. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 
710, morocco, 92. 5a. Heber, pt. iv. 372, 72. 
Bright rfine copy), 92. 5s. This volume 
is inscribed to Robert Devereuz Earle 
of Essex and Ewe, &c.; then follows a 
metrical address 'To the general read- 
ers' and ' the author to his booke.' 
' Churchyard's Charitie,' consisting of 90 
seven- line stanzas, nms on to 28 pages. 
After which, is ' A Praise of Poetrie,' 17 
pages with a title, which is reprinted at 
length in the Censura Literaria. Reprint. 
Auchinleck Press, 1817, 4to. BoBwelI,d248, 
19s. 3064, 2/. Is. 

— A pleasant Discourse of 
Court and Wars. Lond. Ar. Hat- 
field. 1696. 4to. 

Reprint. 1816, 4to. Boswell, 8245. Bind- 
ley, pt. iii. 1799, with Churchyard's Mir- 
ror of Men, 42.4s. 

— Churchyard's Cherishing. 

Lond. 1596. 4to. 

Reprinted at the Auchinleck Press. Bos- 
well, 3065. 

— The Honor of the Lawe. 

Lond. Ar. Hatfield, 1596. • 4to. 

A poem in one sheet and half. North, 
pt. iii. 787, morocco, 52. 58. Perry, pt. i. 
1290, morocco, 102. ISia. Heber, pt. iv. 874, 

— A sad and solemne FuneraU 

of the right honorable Sir Francis 

Sjiowles, Knight, &c. Lond. by 

Ar. Hatfield for Wm. Holme, 1596. 


Reprinted Arom a copy in the collection 
of the Marquis of Stafford, in the second 
volume of the Heliconia. Another edition 
at the Auchinleck Press. 1816, 4to. Bos- 
well, 3065. 

— Choice Mirrour of Honour, 
&c. Lond. 1597. 4to. 

— The fortvnate Farewell to the 

most forward and noble Earle of 

Essex. Lond. by Edm. BoUifant 

for William Wood, 1599. 4to. 
■ A poem .of four leaves, consisting of 
twelve stanzas, dedicated to Lord Harry 
Seamer. Heber, pt. iv. 875, 82. lis. Re- 
printed in the second volume of Nicbolii* 
Progresses of Q. Elizabeth. 1788. 

— The Welcome home of the 

Erie of Essex. Lond. 1699. 

Reprinted in Nichols' Progresses of Q. 
Elizabeth. Vol. 2. 

— The History of the civil Wars 
of France. Lond. 1600. 4to. 




CnrECHTABD. A trve Disco vrse 
historical!, of the sveceeding Go- 
vemovrs in the Netherlands, and 
the ciuill Warres there begun in the 
Yeare 1565, with the memorable 
Services of our honourable EngUsh 
Generals, Captaines, and Soul^ers, 
especiallj vnder Sir John Nonce, 
Knight, there performed from the 
Yeere 1577. vntill the Yeere 1589. 
and afterwards in Fortugale, France, 
Britaine and Ireland, yntill the 
Yeare 1598. Translated and col- 
lected by T. C. Esqvire and Ric. 
Bo. Lond. for Mat. Lownes, 1602. 


Pp. 166; dedicated to ' Sir Edward Sey- 
mour, Knight/ after which are addresses 
in Latin verse to Sir John Norice by Peter 
Bizar. A copy is in the British Musenm. 
Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 107, 62. 6s. Reed, 6716, 
21. North, pt. iii. 714, 6s. 6d. Nassau, 
pt i. 887, 4Z. 10a. Jadis, 137, 13s. Sir 
M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 711, 12. 6s. Heber, pt 
iv. 376, 4d. 128. Skegg, 11. 7s. 

— Good Will. Sad and heavy 
Yerses in the Nature of an Epitaph, 
for the Losse of the Archbishop of 
Canterbury, lately deceased. Pri- 
mate and Metropolitane of all Eng- 
land. Lond. by Simon Stafford, 
1604. 4to. 

Reprinted from a copy, supposed unique, 
in the Marquis of Stafford's collection, in 
the second volume of the Helicouia. 

— A blessed Balme to search 

and salve Sedition. Lond. Printed 

by Simon Stafford. 1604. 4to. 

A poem of six leaves, written in stanzas 
of seven lines, to the King, upon the plot, 
for which the two priests Watson and 
Clark were executed. 

— A Paean triumphall ; upon 

the King's publick Entry from the 

Tower of London to Westminster, 

on March the fifteenth. Lond. 1603. 


A poem written in heroic verse, and 
printed in ten pages. 

— A Myrrour for Man where in 
he shall see the myserable State of 
thys Worlde. Lond. by Robert 
Toye, 4to. 

Three leaves, printed, according to Tan- 
ner, in the reign of K. Edward VI. See 
Dibdin's Lincolu Nosegay, no. xviL 

— The Lamentation of Freynd- 


A ballad printed by Wyer. Heber, pt 
iv. 365, 3Z. ISfi. Bd. 

Another edition, printed by Colwell, and 
Five otlver Broadside Ballads by Church- 
yard, sold in Heber's sale, pt. iv. 377, for 
132. lOs. 

— The most true Beporte of 
James Fitz Morrice Death. Lond. 
Ed. White, n. d. 12mo. 

Six leaves. Black letter. Reed, 6754. 
Heber, pt. 3U, 31. lOs. 

— The Devises of Warre and a 
Play at Awsterly, her Highness 
(Queen Elizabeth) being at Sir 
Thomas Ghresham's. 

Of this work, though printed, no copy 
is now known. 

— The Wonders of the Air, the 
Trembling of the Earth and the 
Warning before the Judgement- 
d&j. Lond. 4to. 

In prose. Inscribed to Doctor Cssssr. 

— The Worthines of Wales, the 
last Booke. 

— Twelve long Tales for Christ- 
mas, dedicated to twelve honour- 
able Lords. 

— Book of a sumptuous Shew 
in Shrovetide, by Sir Walter Haw- 
ley. Sir Bobert Carey, M. Chidley, 
and M. Arthur Gorge ; in which 
Book was the whole Service of my 
Lord of Lester mentioned, that he 
and his Traine did in Flaunders ; 
and the Gentlemen Pensioners 
proved to be a great Piece of Ho- 
nour to the Coiu^. 

It is ^oubtful whether these three last 
articles, though mentioned by Chnich* 
yard, ever appeared in print 

— Chips concerning Scotland, 
with historical Notices and a Life of 
the Author, by George Chalmers. 
Lond. 1817. 8vo. 

Pp. iv. and 211. Ably edited. Contain- 
ing only Nos. 1. 6. 11. from the edition of 
1676. With some other pieces relative to 





A Rebuke to Rebellion. A poem in the 
Royal MSS. in the British Museum, 17 
B vii. Printed in the second volume of Ni- 
chols' Progresses of Queen Elizabeth. 

Declaration of Mr. Churchyard, under 
his own Hand, of Lord Arran's Message 
by him to Lord Hunsdon. MS. Harl. 6999, 
art. 111. 

For further notice of this poet, see Ames 
by Herbert. Ritson's BibL Poet. Censora 
Literaria. British Bibliographer. Wood's 
Athen. Oxon. by Bliss. Bimiographical 
MiscellanieH. Churchyard's Chips, edited 
by Qeorge Chalmers. 

Chubton, Balph. The Lives of 
William Smyth, Bishop of Lin- 
coln and Sir Eichard Sutton, 
Xnight, Founders of Brazen Nose 

College. Oxford, 1800. 8vo. 

Pp. 602, including dedication, preface, 
contents and index. Plates. Portrait of 
Bishop Smyth, p. 1. St. John's Hospital, 
Litchfield, p. 86. Collegium Aenei Nasi, 
p. 310. Portrait of Sir Richard Sutton, 
p. 406. The continuation of the pedigree 
of Smyth, on two sheets, forming pages 
468, 9; with an asterisk. The autographs 
and seals of Bishop Smyth and Sir Richard 
Sutton, p. 483. The Pedigree of Sutton 
forms p. 633, with an asterisk. Bindley, 

Et. i. 983, 16s. Dent, pt. i. 481, 178. Font- 
ill, 3647, IZ. 16s. Williams, 488, morocco, 
62. 7s. 6d. 

— Life of Alexander Nowell, 

Dean of St. Pauls, chiefly compiled 

from [Registers, Letters, and other 

authentic Evidences. Oxford, 1809. 


A valuable and elaborate biographical 
work, consisting of pp. 448, with engrav- 
ings. Bindley, pt. i. 984, 14s. 6d. Fonthill, 
1688, 1^ 6s. LARGE PAPBB [ouly 26 printed^ 
with the portraits on India paper. Sir 
M. M. Sykes, pt. ,657,8/. 8s. Williams, 
436,moTocco,42.68. 437, morocco, 82, 13s. 6d. 

Chute, or Ckewt, Anthony^ 

Beautie <^honoured, written under 

the Title of Shore's Wife. Lond. 

1593. 4to. 

An imitative history in verse, supposed 
unique, consisting of 197 six-line stanzas, 
inscribed to Sir Edward Winckfield, by his 
'worships mostbounden,A.C.' Steevens, 
812, 31. 168. Bindley, pt. i. 2203, 84/. Ids. 
Perry, pt. i. 1266,26/. Jadis, 146, 16/. 16b. 
Hibbert,16/.16B. JoUey, 1848, 36/. Bright, 
26/. 108. 

Chtlinbki, Samuel Boguslaus. 
Account of the Translations of the 
Bible into the Lithvanian Tongue 
Oxford, 1659. 4to. 

Chttbjetts, David. A Postil or 
orderly Disposing of certeine Epis- 
tles Ysually red m the Church of 
God vppoh the Sundayes and 
Holydayes throughout the whole 
Yeere, translated into English, by 
Arthur G^olding. Lond. 1570. 4to. 

Dedicated to 'Sir Walter Myldmay, 
Knight.' The Postil on 489 pages, then a 
table and exposition of words. Boswell, 
619,6s.6d. Inglis, 364, 18s. Again 1677. 
Sotheby, June 1866, 1/. 16s. 

A soueraigne Salue for a sick Soule. en- 
glished by W. F. Lond. 1690, 16mo. Pre- 
fixed is an introduction ' To the Reader.' 
D 4, in eights. 

CiBBEB, Colley. DramatioWorks. 
Lond. 1777. 12mo. 5 vols, with 


Best edition. Drury, 860, 1/. lis. 6d. 
Roxburghe, 3929, 1/. 2b. Heath, 1960, 1/. 3s. 
—1721, 4to. 2 vols.— 1760, 12mo. 4 vols. 
Reed, 8044, 16s. 

— An Apology for the Life of 
Colley Cibber, Comedian, with an 
historical View of the Stage during 
his own Time. A new Edition 
with Notes by E. Bellchambers. 
Lond. 1822. 8to. 5s. 

One of the most amusing specimens of 
biography in the language, and the best 
history of the English stage during the 
time Cibber, the hero of the Dnnciad, was 
concerned with it. An able notice of the 
work will be found in the Retrosp. Rev. 1. 

First edition. 1740, 4to. with a portrait 
after Van Loo and G. V. Gucbt Bindley, 
pt. i. 1821, 68. 6d. Roxburghe, 9298, Ss. 6d. 
Field, 1149, 6s^l740, 8vo. Field, 1162, 
68. 6d.— 1750, 8vo. with portrait Heath, 
1919, 7b. 6d. Bindley, pt. i. 1028, 6b. Reed, 
8046, with ezplanatdons, amendments, &c. 
of ditto, 1740, 10b.— Fourth edition, with 
an account of the Rise and Progress of the 
Englioh Stage : a Dialogue on old Plays 
and old Players : and a List of dramatic 
Authors and their Works. Lond. 1756, 
12mo. 2 vols, with portrait, Os. Rox- 
burghe, 9299, 1/. Is. 

The Trial of Colley Gibber, for writing 
a Book intitled An Apology for his Hie, 
&c. Lond. 1740, 8to. 2s. 6d. 




A Blast upon Bays, or a new Lick at 
the Laiireat. Lond. 1742, 8vo. 2s. 6d. 

A brief Supplement to Colley Gibber, 
his Lives of the late famous Actors and 
ActresHes. By Tony Aston. 8vo. Reed, 
8046, 22. 6s. Field, 1158, 12. 16s. 

CoIIey Gibber's Jestd. Newc. 1761, 
12mo. 5s. 

A Rhapsody upon the Marvellous ; aris- 
ing from the first Odes of Pindar and 
Horace. Being a Scrutiny into ancient 
poetical Fame, demanded by modem 
common Sense. By GoUey Gibber, P. L. 
Lond. 1760, 4to. 

A Letter to Mr. Gibber on his Trans- 
formation of King John. Lond. 1746, Svo. 

A Letter fh>m Mr. Gibber to Mr. Pope. 
Lond. 1742, Svo. 

The Egotist, or Golley upon Gibber. 
Lond. 1743, Svo. 

Another occasional Letter fh>m Mr. 
Gibber to Mr. Pope. Lond. 1744, Svo. 

Sawney and CoUey: a poetical Dia. 
logue occasioned by a Letter from the 
Lauraat x>f St. James', to the Homer of 
Twickenham. Lond. folio. Field, 1165, 
illustrated with portraits and a curious 
satirical print of Pope, 198. 

The Gharacter and Gonduct of Gicero 
considered, from the History of his Life, 
by the Rev. Dr. Middleton. Lond. pt. ii. 
1747, 4to. 

The Laureat, or right Side of Golley 
Gibber. Lond. 1740, Svo. Bindley, 1370, 
Ss. 6d. 

OiBBEB, TheophiluB. The Lives 
of the Poets of G-. Britain and Ire- 
land to the Time of Bean Svrift. 
Compiled &om ample Materials, 
scattered in a Variety of Books, 
and especially from the MS. Notes 
of the late ingenious Mr. Coxeter 
and others, collected for this De- 
sign. Lond. 1753. 12mo. 5 vols. 

According to Dr. Drake, these lives 
(principally written by Shiels, a Scotch- 
man, and corrected, in the style and dic- 
tion, by Theophilus Gibber; are not de- 
void of merit ; they communicate some 
traditionary information ; are, in point of 
style, tolerably correct ; and embrace 213 
names, from the period of Ghaucer to 
about the middle of the 18th century. On 
the other hand, the late W. Gifford pro- 
nounced them a ' wretched tissue of ig- 
norance and malice.' Bindley, pt i. 966. 
16s. Reed, 6660, 16h. 

The Lives and Gharacters of the most 
eminent Actors and Actresses of G. Brit- 
ain and Ireland, from Shakespear to the 

present Time. Interspersed with a ge* 
neral History of the Stage. By Theo- 
philus Gibber. Part I. To which is 
prefixed, a familiar Epistle frxxm Theo- 
philus Gibber to William Warborton. 
Lond. 1763, Svo. 8s. This part contains 
the Life of Barton Booth. The Epistle 
alludes to Warburton's petulant censures 
on our Author's father. No more was 
ever published. 

Apology for the Life of Mr. T— C—, 
Gomedian, being a proper Sequel to the 
Apology for the Life of Golley Gibber. 
Lond. 1740, Svo. 6s. Ascribed to H. Field- 

The Harlots Progress, or the Ridotto 
al' Fresco, a grotesque Pantom. Enter- 
tainmenL Loud. 1738, 4to. Rhodes, 784, 
7s. Reed, 7768, with Triumph of Peace 
by Dodsley, and Ghoice of Apollo, 81. 

Pattie and Peggy ; or, the fair Found- 
ling, a Scotch Ballad Opera. Lond. 1730, 
Svo. Roxbnrghe, 4608, 68. 6d. 

Romeo and Juliet, revised and altered 
from Shakspeare. Lond. (1748X ^^o* ^o^- 
hurghe, 8862, lis. 

An historical Tragedy of the civil Wars 
in the Reign of King Henry YI. Loud. 
(1723), Svo. Roxburghe, 3843, 8s.>-Secoud 
edition, 1724, Svo. 

.The Lover, a Gomedy. Lond. 1730, Svo. 
2s. 6d. 

The Auction^ a Farce. Lond. 1757, Svo. 

Buskin and Sock: Gontroversial Letters 
between Sheridan, Tragedian; and Gibber, 
Gomedian. Dublin, 1748, Svo. 

Gibber and Sheridan, or the Dublin 
Miscellany. Dublin, 1743, 12mo. 

Gibber's two Dissertations on the The- 
atres, with an Appendix, in three Parts, 
Svo. 8s. 6d. Reed, 8043, 6s. 

An Epistle from Mr. Theophilus Gibber 
to David Garrick. to which are prefixed, 
some occasional Verses, Petitions, &e. 
Lond. 1766, Svo. 2s. 6d. Roxburghe, 4024, 
date 1769, 6s. 6d. 

A Lick at a Liar: or Galumny detected: 
being an occasional Letter to a Friend by 
Theophilus Gibber, Gomedian. Lond. Svo. 

Four or^l^ul Letters from Theo. Gibber 
to Mr. 6le^..0aA Mrs. Gibber. Lond. 
1789, Svo. 

The Gomforts of Matrimony exempli- 
fied. Lond. 1739, Svo. 

Guckoldom's Glory, or the Horns of the 
righteous exalted, in a Sermon preached 
at Salterns Hall, on Sunday the 29th of 
Oct. 1788. Dedicated to Mr. Theo. C— r, 
(1739), Svo. with a frontispiece. Field, 
1618, 6s. 6d. 

The Tryals of two Gauses between 
Theophilus Gibber, Gent., Plaintiff, and 
William Sloper, Defendant Lond. 1740, 

Eight Tracts by and concerning Theo- 




pMIas Gibber, with carions prints, &c. 
inserted. Reed, 8043, 61. 5b. resold. Field, 
1157, 2Z. 

CiCEEO, Marcus TuUius. Opera 
omnia quae extant, a Dionysio Lam- 
bino Monstroliensi ex Codicibus 
Manuscriptis emendata & aucta : 
— Eiusdem D. Lambini Annota- 
tiones, seu Emendationum Kationes 
singulis Tomis distinctee, &c. Frag- 
menta omnia quse extant, &c. Lend, 
per loh. I. & Edm. C. (John Jack- 
son & Edm. Carpenter). 1585. 8yo. 
9 vols. 

— OpOTa omniti, ex. Cod. MSS. 

Fide emendata, Stud. Jani Guliel- 

mii et Jani Qruteri. Lond. 1680-1. 

folio. 4 tom. in 2 vols. 12s. 

An incorrect reprint. The preface was 
written by Dr. Adam Littleton, lasgb 
PAPER. 12. 4s. 

— Opera, ex Editione Oliveti. 

GlasgufiB, Foulis, 1749. 12mo. 20 


A very beautiful and correct edition of 
Olivet's text, pine papbs. Duke of Graf- 
ton, 387, 51. 

— Opera, cum Indicibus, variis 

Lectionibus, et Clave. Oxon. Cla- 

rend. 1783. 4to. 10 vols. 

A very elegant and correct reimpression 
of the text of Olivet, with various readings, 
but without notes. Drury, 978, russia, 
61. 88. 6d. White Knights, 1118, 52. 158. 6d. 
The fall-length portrait of Cicero, engrav- 
ed by Sherwin, is frequently wanting. A 
volume of Notes 'Oliveti Delectus Com- 
mentariorum in M. T. Giceronis opera 
omnia. Oxonii, 1821, 4to.' was printed to 
accompany this edition. Only 100 copies 
are said to have been struck off, price 
61. 5s. 

— Opera omnia, ex Becensione 
J. Aug. Emesti cum ejusdem Notis 
et Clave Ciceroniana. Oxonii, 1810, 
Svo. 8 vols. 

— Opera omnia, ex Becensione 

J. Aug. Emesti; cum ejusdem 

Notis et Clave Ciceroniana. Lond. 

B. Priestley, 1819. 8vo. 8 vols. 
An elegant edition. There are copies on 


[As accompaniments to this edition 
were simultaneously published: Oliveti 
Nct« in Ciceronem ad edit. Ernest accom- 
mod. 8 vol8.8vo. Lond. 1819. Nizolii Lexi- 

con Giceronianum jnxta edit. Facciolati, 
3 vols. Svo. Lond. 1819. Of both works 
there are copies on large papbb.] 

— Opera, ex Becensionibus Oli- 
veti et Emesti, edita a Johanne 
Cai»ey, LL.D. Lond. 1820. 18mo. 

12 vols. 21. 2s. 

The Regent's edition. 

— Opera, ex Editione Emesti, 

cum notis et interpretatione in 

usum Delphini. Lond. Valpy, 1830. 

12 parts in 17 vols. 8vo. IiABGE 

PAPER, 8vo. generally bound in 21 

vols, or more. 

Part of Valpy's Delphin Variorum 

— De Oratore. Lond. 1573. Svo. 
— ^ De Oratore ad Quintum Fra- 

trem Libri tres. Cantabrigiae, ex 

Offidna Johannis Legat, 1589. 

32mo. 5s. 

Perhaps, says Dr. Dibdin, the smallest 
edition of a classic ever printed at an uni- 

— De Oratore, Libri III. ex Ee- 

cens. Th. Cockman. Oxonii, 1696. 

8vo. 2s. 6d. 

An edition of little moment, larob 
PAPER. Williams, 444, morocco, il. 7s. 
Heath, 4244, 6s. 6d. Bindley, pt. i. 1649, 
lis. Oxon. 1706, Svo. 2s. 6d. 

— Omnes quiadArtem Oratoriam 
pertinent Libri, cum Interpretatione 
et Notis Jac. Proust, ad Usum Del- 
phini. Oxon. 1714, 16, 18. 8vo. 
3 vols. 18s. 

An esteemed edition. Gough, 793, 4, 12. 
LARGE PAPER. Dcut, pt. 1. 439, morocco, 
4;. Heath, 4281, 2Z. 3s. Drury, 861, mo- 
rocco, SI. 16s. Williams, 445, 9 & 50, mo- 
rocco, 52. 6s.— Vol. II. containing Libri 
de Claris Oratoribus, is used to complete 
the variorum edition of Cicero. Williams, 
448, morocco, 12. ISs. 

— Ad Quintum Eratrem Dialogi 

III. de Oratore, ex MSS. emen- 

davit, Notisque illustravit Zach. 

Fearce. Cantab. 1732. 8vo. 5s. 

A valuable edition, larob paper. 
Duke of Grafton, 266, 148. Dent, pt. i. 
436, morocco, 22. Is. Williams, 446, mo- 
rocco, 12. 19s. 463, morocco, 22. 58. — First 
edition. Cantab. 1716, Svo. Roxburghe, 
2229, 2s.— Lond. 1746, Svo. 6s. This edi- 
tion has some additional notes. — Lond. 
1771, Svo. Heath, 4180, 6s.— Lond. 177^ 
Svo.— Glasg. 1749, 12mo. 




CiCBBO. DeOmtore, Libri tres, ex 
Editioiie Jo. Aug. Emesti, cum 
Kotis variopum. Oxonii, 1809. 8vo. 

An accurate reprint, with notes from 
varioufi commentators. Drurf, 868, mo- 
rocco, 148. LAROE PAPER. 

— De Oratore, de clarie Orato- 
ribus Opatoriffi Fartitionea et To- 
pics^ Curd. Stewart. Edinb. 1812. 

8vo. 5b. LABGhE FAPEB, lOs. 

— De Oratore, ex Editione Jo. 
Aug. Emesti, k Greenwood. Loud. 
1824. 8vo. Lond. 1838. 8vo. Ts. 6d. 

— De Oratore. Translated into 
English by Gt. P.(arry). Lond. 
1723. 8vo. 

— De Oratore, translated with 
Notes historical and explanatory by 
Wm. Guthrie. Second Edition re- 
vised and corrected. Lond. 1765. 


Williams, 447, 128. The first edition 
was published in 1742.— 1758. Nassau, pt. 
i. 686, 6s. Oxford, 1808. 12mo. 

— Cicero on the complete Orator, 
in three Books or Dialogues, in- 
scribed to his Brother Quintus. 
Translated into English, with Notes 
and Illustrations by G«orge Barnes. 
Lond. 1762. 8vo. 6s. 

A heavy, verbose, and inaccurate trans- 

— Brutus and Orator, now first 
transl. into English, by E. Jones. 

Lond. 1776. 8vo. 

A translation of more than common 
merit ; faithful, elegant, and perspicuous. 
iNassau, pt. i. 701, 6s. 

On Oratory and Orators, translated by 
Guthrie and Jones. Oxford, 1812, 8vo. 
2 vols. 

Aoademica, recensuit, variorum 

Notis suas immiscuit, et Tumebi 

Petrique Fabri Commentarios ad 

jimxit Jo. Daviaius. Cantab. 1736. 

8vo. 6s. 

Best edition. Cantab. 1725, 8vo. 8a. 
LAiiQE PAPER. Koxburghc, Suppl. 66, 
6s. 6d. 

— De Finibus Bonorum et Ma- 
lorum Paradoxon, Bentleii. Cantab. 
1718. 8vo. and 1728. 8vo. 

This edition, according to Emesti. Ib 
' luculenter nitide et diligenter castigata.* 
Roxburghe, 1271, 2s. 6d. 

— De FinibuB Bonorum. et Ma- 

lorum Libri V. ex Becens. Jo. Da- 

visii, cum ejusdem Animadversi- 

onibus et Notis Yariorum. Cantab. 

1741. 8vo. 

Best edition. Edwards, 289, 7b. Dent, 
part i. 447, morocco, 16s.— 1728, 4s. lasgk 
PAPER.— Cant. 1804, 8vo. 4s. Oxon. 180§, 
8vo. 7s. LABOB PAPKB, 12s. Drury, 866, 
morocco, 16s. Williams, 466, morocco, 
11. 8s. 

— Tully's five Books de Finibus, 
translated into Eitglish by S. P. 
Grent. (Samuel Parker) revised by 
Jeremy CoUier : together with an 
Apology for the philosophical Writ- 
ings of Cicero, by Henry Dodwell. 

Lond. 1702. 8vo. 3s. 

New edit. Oxford, 1812. 
. — The Morals, containing, first, 
his Conferences de Finibus, — 
2. His Academics — translated into 
English by Wm. Chithrie. Lond. 
1744. 8vo. 6s. 

— Qusestiones Tusculanac per 
Erasmum. Lond. 1577. 8vo. 

— Tusculanarum Quiestionum 

Libri Y. cum Comment. Davisii et 

Emendat. B. Bentleii. Cantab. 

1738. 8vo. 68. 

Best edition.— 1708 or 1709, 28. 6d.— 
1723, Ss. 6d. LARGE PAPER. Dcut, pt. i. 
447, morocco, Ida. Williams, 457, mo- 
rocco, 11. 7s. 1730,68 — Oxon, 1805, labob 
PAPER. Williams, 458, morocco, 12. 13s. 

— Tusculanse Qusestiones. Lond. 

1759. 12mo. 46. 
A neat and correct edition by Bowyer. 

— Tusculanarum Disputationum 

Libri, Davisii; accedunt Bentleii 

Emendationes hactenus ineditee. 

Oxon. 1805. 8vo. 6s. 

This edition contains 26 pages of notes 
by Bentley, never before published. IiABOb 
PAPER. Drury, 876, morocco, 19s. 

— TuscuIansB Disputationes re- 
cognovit OrelHus ; cum notis angti- 
CM, Ox. 1831. 8vo. 78. 

— Those fyue Questions, which 
Marke Tullye Cicero disputed in 
his Manor of Tusculanum, trans- 




lated & englished by John Dolman. 
Lond. Tho. Marshe, 1561. 16mo. 

Dedicated to Bishop Jewel. Bindley, 
pt. ii. 1214, 6s. 6d. 

CiCEEO. The five days debate at 
Cicero's House in Tuseulum, 
transl. by Christ. Wase. Lond. 
1683. 8vo. 

— Five Books of Tusculan Dis- 
putations, done into English by a 
Gentleman [Main] of Christ Church 
Coll. Oxford, 1714 Svo. 3s. 6d. 

Foiiner tranalations, Lond. 1683, Svo. 
2s. 6d. Lond. 1715. 8vo. 28. 6d. Lond. 
1824, Svo. Oxford, 1834, Svo. 

— The Tusculan Disputations of 
M. T. Cicero, ia five Books. A new 
Translation by a Gentleman. Lond. 

1758. Svo. 

A translation destitute of every kind of 
merit. Drury, 877, 48. 6d.— Another edi- 
tion in 1828. 

— De Natura Deorum Libri III. 

cum Notis variorum recensuit, suis- 

que Animadversionibus iUustravit 

emaculavit Jo. Davisius. Cantab. 

1744. Svo. 6s. 

Best edition.— 1718, Sa. large paper. 
Duke of Grafton, 113, 4b. Dent, pt. i. 
444, morocco, 17a. Williams, 464, morocco, 
U. lis. 6d.— ^723,3s. 6d. labgb paper. 68. 
— 1733,8vo.48.— Oxon. 1807, Svo. 7b. large 
PAPER. 128. Williams, 456, morocco, 11. 68. 

— De Natura Deorum, Libri tres. 

Glaag. 1741. 12mo. 28. 

A neat and correct edition, with the 
readings and conjectures of Bouker and 

— De Natura Deorum Liber 
quartus nunc primum edidit P. 
Seraphinus. Oxon. 1813. Svo. 

3s. 6d. 

— Tully's three Books touching 
the Nature of the Gods, done into 
English. Lond. 1683. Svo. 28. 6d. 

— On the Nature of the Gods, 
with critical, philosophical and ex- 
planatory Notes. To which is added 
an Enquiry into the Astronomy 
and Anatomy of the Ancients, with 
a chronological Table, and Remarks 
on tho Theology of the Greek Plii- 

losophers (by Tho. Francklin). 

Lond. 1741. Svo. 
Reprinted 177$, Svo. 6e.— 1829, Svo. 68. 

CiCEBO. Libri de Divinatione, et 
Fato; recensuit et suis Animad- 
versionibus illustravit et emendavit 
Jo. Davisius : accedunt Notse. Can- 
tab. 1730. Svo. 68. 

Best edition.— 1721, ds. labor papeb. 
Dent, pt. i. 445, morocco. 18s. Williams, 
451, morocco, XL 138. 

— De Divinatione, with notes by 
Allen. Lond. 1836. post Svo. 

— De Legibus Libri III. recen- 
suit ac Variorum Notis suas ad- 
jecit Jo. Davisius. Cantab. 1745. 

Svo. 68. 

Best edition —1727, Svo. 3s. laeoe 
PAPKB. Williams, 452, morocco, 21. 6s. 

— Political Works, viz., Treatise 
on the Laws and on the B«public, 
translated by Fr. Barham. Lond. 
1846. Svo. 2 vob. 

— De Officiis Libri tres. Lond. 
1583. 16mo. 

— De Officiis Libri tres, Cato 

major, Lselius, Paradoxa, etc. ex 

optimis Exemplaribus recensuit, 

selectisque variorum Notis, nonnul- 

las etiam suas adjecit Th. Tooly. 

Oxon. 1717. Svo. 

Heath, 4161, 48. 6d. Drnry, 887, mo- 
rocco, 62. 6s. LABQE PAPEB. Bindley, pt. i. 
1548, 12. 58. Dent, pt. i. 441, rnssia, 13s. 
Williams, 460, morocco, 12. Is. 461, mo- 
rocco, 12. 13b. 

— De Officiis Libri tres, Notis 

Z. Pearce. Lond. 1745. Svo. 48. 

A very valuable edition. Lond. 1778, 
Svo. 6s. This edition is superior to that 
of 1746. Oxon. 1811, 12mo. 4a. 

— De Officiis Libri tres. Glasg. 

1757. 12mo. 

Printed by R. and A. Foulis. labge 
PAPEB. Williams, 462, 168.— Another edi- 
tion. Glasg. 1784, 2s. laeoe fapeu. 
Duke of Grafton, 164, 5s. 6d. 

— De Officiis Libri tres, ex Edi- 

tione Oliveti (edente H. Homer). 

Lond. 1791. 12mo. 
An elegant and correct edition. Duke 




of Qrafton, 162, morocco, 7s. 6d. Edwards, 
242, morocco, 11. 6s. Stanley, 23, morocco, 
by Roger Payne, 1^ ISs. Foothill, 1618, 
morocco, 11. Dent, pt. I. 443, morocco, by 
Roger Payne, 21. 

CicsBO. De Officiis^ex Edit. Heu- 
BingerL Lond. 1820. 24mo. 2s. 6d. 
The Regent's edition. 

— De Officiis Libri HI. ex Ee- 
cei?8. J. Mich, et J. Fred. Heusin- 
gerum, quorum Animad. Sohola- 
rum usibus accommodayit Com*. 
Heusinger. Accedunt Not» Jo, 
Toupii. Oxon. 1828. 12mo. 48. 6d. 

— De Officiis, de Senectute, et 
de Amicitia. Lond. 1821. 48mo. 58. 

Pickering's edition; the smallest ever 
printed. Six copies were taken off upon 
vellum, and twenty on India paper. 

— The three Bookes of Tullye* 

Offyces, bothe in La^ge Tonge 

and in Englysshe, lately translated 

by Eoberte Whytinton. Lond. by 

W. de Worde, 1534 8vo. 

Contains sheets X 8, in octaves, besides 
the prefixes. [The earliest book found by 
Herbert in Italic type by W. de Worde.J 
Home Tooke, 144, 82. 15b. Another edi- 
tion. Lond. by John Byddell, 1540, 16mo. 
Bindley, pt. i. 1377, 128. 

— Thre Bookes of Duties, to 

Marcus his Sonne, turned out of 

Latine into English, by Nicholas 

Grimal^. Whereunto the Latin is 

adioyned. Lond. by Bichard Tottel, 

1553. 12mo. 

Black letter. Dedicated to ' Thomas 
Bishop of Elie.' — 1556. Dedicated to 
'Thomas, Bisshop of Elie,' then ' N.G. to 
the reader.' Contains besides, fol. 158, 
and a table at the end. On the sell of the 
compartment of the title-page is the date 
of 1534.— Nassau, pt 1. 695, 5s. Reed, 1859, 
8s. 1558, 16mo. fol. 16a The Latin in 
the Italic type. ■ White Knights, 847, rus- 
sla, 14s.-^1568, 8vo. fol. 168. The Latin 
in Roman type. -- 1674. — 1683. White 
Knights, 848, russia, 10s. Boswell, 664, 3s. 
— 1590, 16mo.— 1596, 16mo. Heath, 4162, 
2s. 6d. Reed, 1860, 58.— No date. 16d)o. 
Nassau, pt. i. 694, 6s. 

— GPhe first Book of Tully's 
Offices, transl. into English by 
Brinsley. Lond. 1616. 8vo. 48. 

— Offices, translated grammati- 
oolly. Lond. 1631. 12mo. 46. 

Cicero. Offices, translated by Sir^ 
Boger L'Estrange. Lond. 1720. 

8vo. 28. 6d. 

The former editions 1680, 1681, 1684,J 
1688» 1689, 1699, again 1758 and 1834. 

— Offices, translated by Tho. 
Cockman. Lond. 1756. 12mo.' 

38. 6d. 

other editions, Lond. 1706, 1714, 1715, 
1720, 1722, 1723, 1780, 1732, 1739. DubUa, 
1732. Camb. 1776- Oxf. 1819. 

— Offices — Cato Major — ^Lselius 
— Paradoxes — Vision of Scipio — 
Letters concerning the Duties of a 
Magistrate: translated into En- 
glish, with Notes critical and ex- 
planatory, by Wm. Guthrie. Lond. 

1755. 8vo. 6s. 

Nassau, pt. i. 696, Us.— 1820,8vo. 

— De Officiis, translated and ac- 
companied with Notes and Obser- 
servations by Wm McCartney, 
Minister of Old Kirkpatrick. 

Edinb. 1798. 8vo. 5s. 

A good version, with useful notes. 

— The Offices of Cicero con- 
taining the original Text, Order of 
Construction, and an interUneary 
Translation on the Principles of 
Locke, by William Johnson. Lend. 
1828. 8yo. Gs. 

— Cicero de Senectute et de 
Amicitia. From the Text of Er- .. 
nesti. By E. H. Barker. Lond. j 
1811. 12mo. 6s. 

— Tullius de Senectute. [Trans- 
lated from the French version of 
Laurence de Primo, by Wylyam de 
Wyreestre, alias Botaner, and] en- 
prynted by me symple persone 
Wmiam Caxtone into Englysshe. 
— .M.CCCC.Ixxxi. TuDiuB de 
Amicicia, translated into our ma- 
ternall Englissh Tongue by the 
noble famouB Erie, The Erie of 
Wurcestre. Explicit per Caxton. 

Copies are in the British MnBenm,DQke 
of Devonshire and Earl Spencer's Libraries. 
Boxburghe, 1276, first and last leaf 118. 
116;. Strettel, 826, morocco, 422. Wlllett^ 




613, 2t02. resold White Knights. 1182, 872. 
3s. resold Watson Taylor in 1823, 47;. 16s. 
6d. resold Brockett, 782, 472. 5s. resold So- 
theby, Dec. 1867, 2762. De Senectute (only), 
JoUey, 1861, 802. 

OoUaUon. De Senectate. Z, 6 leaves, the 
first blank ; a, 6 leaves, a 6 blank ; b to h, 
8 leaves each ; i 8 leaves. De Amicitia,a to 
d 4 inclusive, in eights ; two declarations 
made by Publius Cornelias Sclpio and Cains 
Flaminius, competitors for the love of Ln- 
cresse, shewing wherein Tnie Honour and 
Nobleness consists (written by Banatusius 
Magno Montanus), d 5 to f 8 in eights, in 
nil 120 leaves. 

See Ames, by Dibdin. L 119-€a 'Bibl. 
Spencer, iv. 265-6. 

CiCEBO. TuUius de Amicicia, in 
iEnglish. Here after ensueth a good- 
ly Treatyse of Amyte or Frend- 
shypp, composed in Latyn, and 
lately traaslatyd into Englyshe. 


Black letter. Eighteen leaves. A copy 
f 8 in the British Museum, bound up with 
the translation Cicero de Senectute and de 
Amicitia, printed by- Caxton. It is a re- 
print of the Earl of Worcester's transla- 
tion as far as sign, d 4 of Caxton's edition. 

— Tullius de Senectute, bothe 
Latyn and Englysshe Tonge 

in ^ 

translated by Bobert Whitinton, 
Poete Laureate. Lond. by John 
Byddell, 1540. 16mo, 12s. 

A to F 4, in eights. Another edition. 
No date, 16mo. A to F 4, in eights. 

— The Booke of Freiendeship. 

Anno Dni. 1662. Lond. by Tho. 

PowelL 82nio: 

Dedicated to ' Katharine Dnehes of Snf- 
folke,' by John Harryngton, then an epistle 
'To the Reader.' Contains besides 85 
leaves, and a table at the end. This 
translation was made from the French, by 
Sir John Harington, who ' caused his Ver- 
sion to be oonfeixed with the Latine Anctor, 
and so by the knowen well lemed to be 

— The worthy Booke of old 
Age, otherwise entituled, the elder 
Oato, now englished: whereunto 
is added, a Becital of diuers Men, 
that lined long, with a Declaration 
of sundry Sortes of Teares, and the 
Diuersitie betwene the Yeres in the 
old Time, and our .Tears now a 
Dayes. Lond. Hio. Marshe, 1569. 

roL. I. 

Dedicated to the Lord William Panlet, 
Marquis of Winchester. 64 leaves. 

CiCEBO. Fovre seuerall Treatises : 
conteyninge his moste learned and 
eloquente Discourses of Frend- 
shippe ; Old age : Paradoxes : and 
Scipio his Dreame. All turned out of 
Latine ii^to English, by Tho. New- 
ton. Lond. Tho. Marshe, 1577. Svo. 

Dedicated to ' FraQcis Earle of Bedford, 
Lord RnsselL' Contains besides, S in 
eights, including a table at the end. 

— Cicero's Cato major, by Sir 
John Denham. 1648. 

Lloyd, 8S3, 88. 6d. 

— Cato Major, by W. Austin. 

Lond. 1671. Second Edition, Lond. 

1684, 8vo. 

Title engraved by J. Goddard. 

— Cato Major and Lselius trans- 
lated into English, by Sam. Parker. 

Lond. 1704. 12mo. 2s. 6d. 

Reprinted at Oxford, 1720, 1727, 1731. 
Lond. 1786, 12mo. Boxburghe, 1277, Is. 6d. 

— Cato Major, with explanatory 
Notes (by Logan, of Pennsylvania). 
Philadelphia, by Benjamin Frank- 
lin, 1744. 8vo. 

Hollis, 271, 6s. 6d. Brockett, 772, 8s. 
An edition was printed at London, 1778, 
'8vo. in which the name of Dr. Franklin, 
erroneously appears as tiie translator. Re- 
printed Lond. 1760, 8vo. Glasg. 1761, 12mo. 

— Tully*s compendious Treatise 
of old Age : translated with co- 
pious Notes by William Massey. 
Lond. 1753. Svo. 

— Cato : or an Essay upon Old 

Age, and Lielius, or an Essay on 

Fnendship, with Bemarks, by Wm. 

Mehnoth. Lond. 1773, 7. 8vo. 2 


The remarks discover learning combin- 
ed with taste : and the translation is exe- 
cuted in a masterly manner. Hollis, 270, 
12s. Heath, 4168, 17s.— 1796, 1807, 1816. 
The Cato was reprinted 1777, 1785, 8vq. 
The Lnlins. 1786, 8vo. 

— The Paradox, lately translated 
out of the Latin Tongue into En- 
glishe, by Bobert Whittinton, Poet 
Laureat. Southwarke by John Bed- 
man (1540). 16mo. 





CiCEBO. Somnium Soipionis. 

The Theology and Philofophy in Cice- 
ro's Somnium Scipionis explained: or. a 
brief Attempt to demonBtrate, that tne 
Newtonian System is perfectly agreeable 
to the Notions of the wisest Antients : and 
that Mathematical Principles are the only 
sure ones. Lond. 1761, 8vo. The ne plus 
ultra of Hntchinsonianism. In this twelve- 
penny pamphlet Newton is proved an 
Atheist and a Bloeikhead. See Life of Bp. 
Home, by W. Jones, p. 88 ; also Bp. War- 
burton's Letters to Hurd, p. 6. 

A Letter ftom an Hutchinsonian to his 
Friend, relating to a remarkable Prophecy 
lately nilfill'd. Oxford, 17S2, 8vo. A merry 
pamphlet written in ridicule of 'The 
Theology ai^ Philosophy in Cicero's Som- 
nium Scipionis explaiiiea, &c' 

— Thoughts on the following 
Su^ects, Tiz. 1. Belmon. 2. Man. 
3. Oonscienoe. 4. The Passions. 
5. Wisdom. 6. Probity. 7. Elo- 
quenoe. 8. Friendship. 9. Old Age. 
10. Death. 11. Scipio's Dream. 12. 
Miscellaneous ThoTiffhts. Published 
in Latin and fVencn, by the Abb^ 
D'OUvet ; to which is now added 
an English Translation, with Notes. 
Lond. 1750. 12mo. 48. 6d. 

A good translation, for the use of learners 
in general, of any of the three languages, 
or of the whole. Aneditiob in English 
only of this valuable manual of ancient 
wisdom and morality appeared 1768, 12mo. 

— Orationes Philippicie, Im- 

pressum Lond. opera et sumpta 

Bichardi P^nsonii, xy. Apruis. 

1521. 12mo. 

Collation, b to r in eights. 

— Orationes. Lond. 1579. 16mo. 

Printed frequently. 

— Orationum a Joan. Michaele 

Bruto emendatum, &c. Lond. 1596. 

16mo. 8 Tols. 

A former edition. 1687, 10mo. 

— Orationes qusedam selectaB, 

cum Interpretatione & Notis in 

XJsum Delphini. Lond. 8vo. 6s. 
Frequently reprinted. 

— Trium Orationum Partes in- 

editee. Lond. 1816. 8vo. 
Drury, 859, 6s». 6<1. 

CiCEBO. Sex Orationum] 
inedita^ cum Commentariis anti( 
item ineditis, inveoit, reoensuit, Kc 
tisque iUustrayit Angelas 
Lond. 1816. 8vo. 9s. 

— The chosen eloquent Oratioi 
for the Poet Archias, selected froi 
his Orations, and now first pul 
lished in English. 1571. 

By Drant. Su Warton's Hist, of En^ 
Poetry. 8vo. It. 266. 

— Cicero against Catiline, 
four invective Orations. TransH 
lated by Christ. Wase. Lond. 167l*| 

— Second Oration against Cati-i| 
line, appUed to the present Timesj 
Lond. 1715. 8vo. 

— The Orations, transL int 

English, with Notes historical and] 

critical, and Arguments to each{j 

by Wm. Ghithrie. Second Edition,] 

revised and corrected with addi-* 

tional Notes. Lond. 1745. 8vo« 

8 vols. 

On the whole a good translation, whic 
has been favourably received, and has goL. 
dirough several editions. [It does not 
hoirever, contain the whole of the On 
tions, which are for the first time giveii] 
complete in Bohn's translation. See p. 464.|j 
The first edit, was published in 1741, Sroj 
8 vols.— 1768, 8vo. 3 vols. Rozbarghe,! 
Suppl. 677, 18b. Dublin, 1766, 8vo. 3 vo1b«| 
—1778, 8vo. 8 vols. Edwards, 240, 15a»l 
Nassau, pt. i. 099, 128. Lond. 1806, Svo^] 
2 vols. 

— Select Orations, translated^! 

into English, with iiie Originallj 

Latin in the opposite Page, andll 

Notes historical, critical and expla-l 

natory by Wm. Duncan. Lond.] 

1765. 8vo. 6s. 

The Latin text is very correct, and thttj 
translation is a good one. Lond. i799|, 8roJ 
—Revised by Geo. Mason. Edinb. 18S5»1 

— The Orations translated intoi] 
English, with notes historical aiid{ 
critical. Dublin, 1766. 

' A heavy, formal, and insipid verdon.*] 

— Select Orations, tranBlfttedj 
by Professor Duncan, and inter- 




spersed with a Variety of Notes 
explanatory of the Persons, Man- 
ners, and Customs of the l^omans. 
Adapted to the English Beader hy 
Sir CSiaries Whitworth. Lond. 1777. 

8to. 10b. 6d. 

An improved edition, often reprinted. 

CiCEEO. The principal Orations, 

translated with Notes, classical and 

original, by Capt. John Rutherford. 

liond. 1781. royal 4to. 12s. 

This tranalation is much inferior to 
Onthrie*8. Prefixed is a head of Gioero 
by Cipriani and Bartolossi. 

— The Orations against Cains 

Cornelius Yerres, transl. by Jae. 

White, with Annotations. Lond. 

1787. 4to. 15s. 

A translation often nervous and elegant, 
and generally fiEiithfal. 

— The two last Pleadings against 
Gains Yerres, translated and illus- 
trated with Notes by Charles Kel- 

sall. Lond. 1812. 8yo. Ss. 
Fenthill, 2634, 11. 28. 

Libellus prim. Epistol. M. TuUii 
Cicer. Decus Oxoniensium, fmi- 
turn Universitate OxoniensL 4to. 

This hook, printed at the charge of Car- 
dinal Wolsey, with the king's arms on one 
side, and the cardinal's on the other, has 
neither date nor printer's name. 

— Epistolffi ad Fainiliares, a D. 

Lambino, ex Codicibus Manuscrip- 

tis emendatee; &c. Item P. Ma- 

nutii Annotationes breuiss. in 

Margine adscripts. Excudebant 

loh. lacsonus & Edm. BoUifantus, 

1585. 16mo. 

Another edition. 1600, 8vo. Another 
edition. 1681. 

— Epistols ad FamiUares, cum 

Notis, a Joan. Bos& editsB. Cantab. 

1749. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Bindley, pt. i. 1660, 11. 88. Gosset, 1248, 
21. 10s. According to Dr. Harwood 'a 
very valuable ediUon— the notes (which 
are in Englisb) display a rich fund of Ju- 
dicious criticism with regard to Cicero's 
correspondence, and the history and situ- 
ation of himself and his friends.' labqb 
PAPKU. Williams, 442, morocco by Roger 
Payne, 62. 7a. 6d. 

CiCEBO. The familiar Epistles, 

by J. Webbe. Lond. 12mo. 

Bozbnrghe, 6782, 68. In a Panoplie of 
Epistles by Abraham Fleming, 1676, 4to. 
will be found ' certaine selected Epistles 
oat of M. T. Cicero.' 

— Letters to several of his 

friends, with Remarks by William 

Melmoth. Lond. 1758. 8vo. 3 vols. 
An elegant translation of more than or- 
dinary merit. — 1778, 8vo. 8 vols. Nassau, 
pt. i. 702, 148.^1789, 8vo. 8 vols. Hollis, 
272, 16s.~1804, 8vo. 8 vols.— 1814, 8vo. 
2 vols.— With his life and letters to Atti- 
CU8, by Herberden. Lond. Bohn, 1848, and 
frequently reprinted in one volume, royal 
8vo. 128. 

— An Epistle or Letter of Ex- 
hortation written in Latyne to his 
Brother Quintus the Proconsull or 
Deputy of Asia, wherein the office 
of a Magistrate is connyngly & 
wisely described. Translated into 
EnglyshebyG^. (oddred) Gt. (ylby). 

Lono. Bowland Hall, 1561. 16mo. 

C, in eights. An epistle is prefixed 
' Goddred Oylby to the reader.' 

— Epistles to Atticus, translated 

into English, with Notes historical, 

critical, and explanatory, by Wm. 

Gutbrie. Londl 1752. 8vo. 2 vols. 
An inelegant version, ftill both of quaint 
and oant phrases. Nassau, pt i. 708, 18s. 
Another edition, revised and improved by 
J. Jones. 1806, 8vo. 3 vols. In this edition 
the translation is greatly improved, and 
many useful notes added. 

— Letters to Titus Fomponius 
Atticus ; transl. into English with 
Notes. By William Heberden, M.D. 
1826. 8yo. 2 vols. 1835. 8yo. 2 vols. 
With Familiar Letters and Life. 
Lond. 1848, royal 8vo. 12s. 

— Epistles to M. Brutus, and of 
Brutus to Cicero, with the Latin 
Text on the opposite Page and En- 
glish Notes to each Epistle, by Gon- 
yers Middleton, D.D. Lond. 1748. 


In the prefatory Dissertation, Dr. M. 
considers and professes to confute the ob- 
jections raised against the authenticity of 
these epistles, bv the Rev. D. Tunstal. 

Epistola ad Vinmi eruditum Conyers 

HH 2 




Middleton, a J. Tniuull, D.D. Cantab. 
1741. 8vo. See Tuvstall, James. 

Remarks on the Epistles of Cicero to 
Brutos, «Dd of Brntos to Cicero, with a 
Dissertation upon fonr Oradons ascribed 
to Cicero. By Jeremiah Markland. Lend. 
1745, 8vo. 68. LABGB FAPKB. WlUiamSi 

1183, 168. 

CiCEBO. De B«pnblicaqufe super- 
•unt, e Codioe Yaticano descnpsit 
Angelus MaiuB, Bibliothecse v ati- 

cans Ciistos. Loud. 1853. 8to. 
Pp. 348. Drury, 880, 12t. 

— GonBolatio. Liber quo se ip- 
sum de Filiae Morte consolatus est. 
Nunc primum repeitus et in Lu- 
cem ecUtus. Excud. pro GhiL Fon- 
sonbio, 1683. 8yo. 

— Faraclesis : or Consolations 
reduced from natural and revealed 
Beligion: the first supposed to 
have been composed by Cicero, 
the last originally written by Tho. 
Blacklock, D.I). Edinb. 1767. 8vo. 

The translation of the Consolatio, falsely 
attributed to Cicero, is an excellent one. 

[The WoBRBor Cickro, literally trans- 
lated, are published in Bohn's Classical 
Library, vi*. : 

Offices, Old Age, Friendship, Scipio's 
Dream, Paradoxes, &c. literally translated 
on the basiii of Coclunan,by Cyrus C. Ed- 

Orations and Bhetorici^l Works (Rhe- 
torical Invention, the Orator, Topics, Ora- 
torical Partitions and Style of Orators), 
translated by C. D. Yonge, with Index, 
4 Yols. 

Academics, De Finibns and Tuseulan 
Questions, translated by C. D. Yonge, 
with Sketch of the Greek Philosophy. 

Nature of the Gods, Divination, Fate, 
Laws, Republic, &c. translated by C. D. 
Yonge and Francis Barham. 

Oratory and Orators, with the Letters 
to Brutus, translated by the Rev. J. S. 
Watson, with General Index. 
JTo complete this series of Cicero's 
Works, the Lbttebs, translated by Mel- 
moth and Heberden. in one volume^ royal 
Svo. must be added.] 

Marci TuUil Ciceronis Vita, ex optimis 
qnibnsque Scriptoribus delibata & in Com- 
pendium reducta, a J. Harmaro. Oxon, 
1662, Svo. 88. 

The Tragedy of Marcus Tullius Cicero. 
Lond. 1651, 4to. Rhodes, 248| 7s. 6d. Rox- 
burgbe, 4209, 10s. 

Observations on the Uft of Ciooa 
Lond. 1733, Svo. 

See CiBBKB, Colley. EsKsan, Jo. An^ 
MiDDLBTOK, Conyers. 

CuEZA, Peter de. The aeveaatem 
Years Travels of Peter de CSea 
through the mighty Kiii^oin of 
Peru, and the large Prorinces of 
Cartagena and Popayan in South 
America. (Translated by John 
Stevens). Lond. 1709. 4to. 

Cinque Ports. — Charters of the 
Cinque Ports, two antient Towns, 
and their Memhov, translated into 
English, with Annotations histori- 
cal and critical : w]ierein divers old 
Words are explained, and some of 
the antient Customs and Privileges 
observed. By Sam. Jeakes. Lond. 

1728. foUo. 21. 28. 

This book was written in 1678, and after 
the death of the author was printed at 
the recommendation of Ld. Ch. Bar. Oft- 
bert The Charters with the tab|e, B— 
Coc, 190 pages, also a title, dedication to 
the Duke of Dorset, 2 pages ; advertise- 
ment and list of books, 8 pages, also a list 
of subscribers, 2 pages. Bishop of Civ 
1004, 178. Marquis of Townshend, 1914, 
18s. LABOB PAPBB. Nassau, pt. L 1970, 
mssiSy 11. 2b. 

Magna et antiqna Charta Qninqne Por- 
tuum Domini Regis et Membrorum eorun- 
dem. Cantab. 1676, 8vo. 8e. pp. 95. in- 
cluding the errata and corrigenda. An 
English translation appeared Lond. 168S, 
12mo. 88. 

Collection of the Statutes relating to 
the Cinque Ports, 1726. Nassau, pt. L 
707, 78. 

The ancient Liberties and Privileges of 
the Cinque Ports and Ancient Towns : to 
which is prefixed, an original Sketch of 
constitutional Rights, &c By James Rus- 
sell of Rye. Lond. 1809. 12mo. 

See Romney Marsh. 

Cinthias Bevenge, or Msenan- 

ders Extasie. Lond. 1613. 4to. 

This play, which is in verse, is tedi- 
ously long. The plot is taken from Ovid 
and Lucan. 

CiPBiAi^i, G. B. A Collection 

of Prints (50) after the Sketches 

and Drawings of G-. B. Cipriani, 

engraved by Biehard Earlom. folia 
Published by Boydell. White Knights. 
1166. U 14b. Fonthill, 688^ 12. 48. 763, 
11. 7a. 




CiBx:ETBKaa, John. Epistola ad 

Johannem Cirenbergtun, ob accep- 

turn Synodalium Epistolarum Gon- 

cilii BasUiensiB Khroypa^ov pnefixa 

Tariorum Carminibus honorariis in 

eundem Cirenbergimn. Oxon. 1631. 


Among the names of the writera of the 
verses are Richard Busby, Jasper Maine, 
Thomas Gartwright, and Thomas Mas- 
ters. The dedication to Cirenbeiir is jby 
£oase, the chief librarian of the Bodleian. 

Cirencester. — The Description of 

IBritain: translated from Kichard 

of Cirencester ; "with the original 

Treatise de Situ Britannia and a 

Conunentary on the Itinerary. 

Xond. 1809. 8vo. lOs. 6d, 

This edition, edited by H. Hatcher, is 
illustrated with two maps and a fac-simile 
of the MS. of Richard of Cirencester. 
i^ABOB PAPBB, in royal Svo. IBs. [Also in 
Dyer's Vulgar Errors, Svo. 1816 ; also in 
the volume of Six Old English Chronicles, 
in Bohu's Antiquarian Library.] The ori- 
ginal Latin will bti found in C. Bertram's 
collection of British historians. See also 
8T17KBLBT, Wm. M.D. 

Cities Advocate. /See Philipot, J. 

— The Cities great Concern in 
this Question of Honour and Arms, 
'whether Apprenticeship extinguish- 
ed Gentry? discoursed; with a 
clear Befutation of the pemidoos 
Error that it doth« Lond. 1674. 


Pp. 97. Dedicated ' Honoratissimo Se- 
natui Popnloque Aagnsta Urbis Londi- 
nensis,' after wliich is ' the Bookseller's 
Report,' * A Preface in Defence of Trade 
and Commerce,' and an address ' to the 
Reader.' Prefixed is a portrait of Lord 
Fitzwater. White Knights, 86S, 7s. Re^, 
8736. 8s. 6d. Nassau, pt. i. 705, mssia, 8s. 
Bindley, pt. 1. 1268, 18s. 

Citizen, Unlucky, intermixed with 
choice Novels. 1673. Svo. 

Prefixed is a portrait of Klrkman, the 
editor, and also a frontispiece. Perry, 
pt. iy. 264, 21. 28. 

Citteme Lessons. — A new Booke 

of Citteme Lessons, with a plaine 

and easie Instruction for to leame 

the Tableture, to conduct & dispose 

thy Hand; sette forth to the Tunes 

of many Fsahnes, as they be sung 

in Churches : also Fauins, Galliars, 
and diners other sweet and easy 
Lessons. Lond. for William Barley, 
1598. 4to. 

Civil Engineers. See Appendix. 

CiAGETT, William, D.D. Para- 
phrase, with Notes, on the sixth 
Chapter of St. John against Tran- 
substantiation. Lond. 1686. 4to. 

Reprinted 1693, 8vo.- A paraphrase and 
Notes upon the 1, 2, 8, 4, 6, 7 and 8 Chap- 
ters of St. John, will be found with his 
Sermons. 1693, 8vo. 

Sermons (17, 11 and 33). Lond. 1689,93. 
1720, Svo. 4 vols. 15s. The other works of 
this divine are now in littie estimation. 

Several of his tracts against the Ro- 
manists are printed by Bp. Gibson, in the 
Preservative against Popery. 

Claibon, Hvppolite. Memoirs 
of Hyppolite Churon, the celebrated 
French Actress ; with Eeflections 
upon the dramatic Art : written by 
herself, translated from the French. 
Lond. 1800. 12mo. 2 vols. Ss. 

Clancie, Major. Life and Death 

of Major Clancie, the grandest 

Cheat in this Age. 1680. 12mo. 
Nassau, pt. i. 1994, 128. 

Clancie's Cheats, or the Life and Death 
of Major Clancie. 1687, 12mo. Llovd,77, 
12s. 6d. 

Clancy, Michael, M. D. Tem- 
plum Veneris, sive Amorum Rhap- 
sodifiB. Lond. 1745. 4to. 

— Memoirs. Dublin, 1760. Svo. 
2 vols. 

CLAirEiCABDE,ITlick Burgh, Mar- 
quis of. The Memoirs and Letters 
of Ulicke, Marquis of Clanricarde 
and Earl of St. Albans. Printed 
from an authentic MS. and now 
first published by the present Earl 
of Cknricarde. Lond. 1757. folio. 

21. 2s. LABGE PAPEB, 3^. 3s. 

Valuable as containing much informa- 
tion relative to the Irish rebellion in the 
time of K. Charles I. Oarrick, 687, 12. 2s. 

Memoirs of the Right Hon. the Marqnis 
of Clanricarde, Lord Deputy G-eneral of 
Ireland. Lond. 1722, royal 8vo. Two hun- 
dred and fifty copies printed.— 'A lean 




collection of lettert, warraDts, orders, and 
other loose and incoherent state-papers 
relating to the Irish Rebellion.'«-Mcobon. 
Lloyd, 148, 9s. Nassau, pt. i. 706, 78. 8ir 
M. M. Sfkes, pt i. 676, 10s. Fonthill, 
1071, 148. Dent,pt. i. 448, mssia, 12.8s. 
Reed, S740, 6h. Heath, 4767, 7s. labob 
PAPER.— An edition, Dublin, 1744, 8vo. 
Gough, 806, Ss. 6d. 
See Burgh. 

Clap, Thomas. Aniukls of Yale 
College, in Newharen, in Connecti- 
cut, from its Foundation in 1700 
to 1766. Newhaven, 1766. 8vo. 58. 

CxAPHAM, Henoch. Briefe of 
the Bible, drawne first into English 
Poesy, and then illustrated by apte 
Annotations; together with some 
other necessary Appendices. Print- 
ed for Robert Waldegrave. 16mo. 

n. d. 

Another edition. Printed by Robert 
Waldegrave, 1686, 16mo. pp. 238, 7s. 6d. 
Reed, 626. 9s. 6d. Inglls, 288, 12s. Bibl. 
Anglo-Poet. 164, 22. 2s. Pickering, 1864, 
m. 88.--1603. Pickering, 1864, 22. 16s.— 
The third Edition, in sundry Things 
amended and enlarged. Lond. 1608, 16mo. 
A notice of this edition, which is in- 
scribed to Henry Prince of Wales, will 
be found in the Censura Literaria. — 1639. 
Nassau, pt. i. 707, 8s. 

Sommons to Doomes-daie sent vnto his 
beloued England, as a Memoriall of his 
deepe printed Lone and Loyaltie. Edinb. 
1506, 8vo. 79 pages. The text of this ser- 
mon is 2 Pet 8. vers. 10, 11. Again 1696. 

Sinners Sleep, wherein Christ willing 
her to arise ; receiveth but an untoward 
Annwer. Edinb. 1696, 8vo. 

Theological Axioms or Conclusions 
(xii): publickly controverted, discussed 
and concluded by that poore English Con- 
gregation, in Amstelredam : To whom 
H. G. for the present ad ministreth the 
Ohospel. Togither with an Examination of 
the saide Conclusions of Henoch Clapham. 
Herevnto is added a little Tractate enti- 
tnled, The Carpenter, do lo xcvii. 4to. 
F, in fours. Black letter. 

Bibliotheca theologica : or, a Librarye 
theological. Amstelrodam, 1697, 4to. Pre- 
fixed is ' The Proheme' wholly in double 
columns. The treatise consists of an 
analysis and elucidation of the fourteen 
first chapters of Genesis, 28 leaves, besides 
theproeme. Dibdin, 344, with ' The Syn 
against the holy Ohoste,' 1/. 10s. 

The Syn against the holy Ohoste. Am- 
sterdam, 1698, 4to. C. in fours. 

.£lohim Triuno,displayed by his Workes 

physical] and metaphysicall, in a 
of diverse Forme : adi^ted U> the Hebnw 
Text, the Frame of Divinitie, and catho- 
like Expoeltionu by Henoch dapham^ 
1601, 4to. 

An Epistle disoovrsing vpon the present 
Pestilence. Lond. 1608, 4to. 4s. 

His Demaundes and Answers toaehing 
the Pestilence, 1604, 4to. 

Errovr on the light Hand through a pre- 
posterous Zeale. Lond. 1606, 12mo. 

Errovr on the left Hand throngh a pre- 
posterous Zeale. Lond. 1606, 12mo. 

Olaphak, John. Narcissus. Xiond. 
1591. 4to. 

A copy is in the British Mnsemn. 

See Britannia. 1606. 

— Rev. Samuel. Sermons, se- 
lected and abridged, chiefly from 
minor Authors, adapted to the 
Epistles, G-ospels, and Lessons, for 
the use of famLlies. Lond. 1803, 
4, 11. 8vo. 8 vols. [Beprinted in 
2 vols. Svo. Lond. 1830, 11. 4fi.] 

This author has published The several 
Points of Sessions Law, alphabetically 
arranged, contained in Bum and the other 
Authorities. Lond. 1818. Svo. 2 vols. 1/. 8ft. 

The Pentateuch, or the five Books of 
Moses illustrated ; being an Explication 
of the Phraseology incorporated with the 
Text. Lond. 1818, 12mo. A judicioas 
work, intended for the use of families and 

Claffebton. See Dienhaic 
Clase, St. The Life and Bule 
of St. Clare, and Conversion of St 
Agnes her Sister, and of another 
St. Agnes. Also, the lafe of St 
Cathanne of Bologna. 1622. Svo. 
Reprinted 1635. Bindley, pt. ii. esi.— 

Cla££, John* Poems, descriptive 
of Eural Life and Scenery. Second 
Edition. Lond. 1820. crown Svo. 
An IntereMting little volume. 

The Village MinHtrel, and other Poems. 
By John Clare, the Northamptonshire Pea- 
sant. Fscap. 8vo. 2 vols. 1821, with a por- 

Moments of Forgetfulness, in verse. 
Lond. 1824. 8vo. / 

The Shepherd's Calendar, with Village 
Stories and other poems. Lond. 1827, Svo. 

Rural Muse. Loud. 1886. 12mo. 

— Martin, A. M. A Treatise on 
the Motion of Fluids, natural and 

i»^lificial. Revised and corrected, 
with considerable Additions, by R. 
Hall, M.D. London, 1802. 8vo. 7s. 

Pp. 380, with plates. A former edition. 
Loud. 1736, 8vo. 48. 

CiiAEEiTDON, Edward Hyde, Earl 
of. The History of the Rebellion 
and Civil Wars in England, to 
which is added, an historical View 
of the Affairs of Ireland. A new 
Edition, exhibiting a faithful Colla- 
tion of the original MS. with all 
the suppressed Passages; also the 
unpublished Notes of Bishop War- 
burton. Oxford, 1826. 8vo. 8 vols. 

21. 128. 

Edited by Dr. Bandinel. 'Clarendon's 
History of the Rebellion is one of the 
noblest historical works of the English 
nation. In the present edition, which is 
the first correct and complete pnblication 
of his History, the j)a88ages omitted, and 
the words altered in the original and all 
preceding editions, are now for the first 
time laid before the public.'— JainJur^A 
Memew. laroe papbb, fifty copies printed. 
Williams, 466, bds. Ul. New edition, Ox- 
ford, 1849, 8vo. 7 vols. ». lOs. 




Oxford, 1702, 3, 4, folio, 8 vols. The titles 
of some copies of this first edition are uni- 
formly dated 1704. Garrick, 688, 21. ISs. 
Koxburghe, 8485, with the Life, 1769, 
22. 12s.6d. LARaBPAPBE. The favourite 
edition of the Grangerites. Nassau, pt. i. 
899, with the Life, 7Z. 78. Sir M. M. Sykes, 
pt. 1. 928, with the Life, 11. 78. Marq. of 
Townshend, 654, with the Life, 61. 16s. 6d. 
Pent, pt. 1. 664, with the Life, russia, 

Oxford, 1705-6, 8vo. 3 vols in 6. Roscoe, 
1840, 21. 198. Sotheby's in 1826, with por- 
traits before the numbers, 61. 8b. 6d. large 
PAPER. Sotheby's in 1821, SI. 16s. 

Oxford, 1707, folio, 8 vols. Boswell, 
683, m. 19s. LABOR PAPER. Only si^ copies 
said to have been printed. Druiy, 1211, 
with the Life and State Papers, 1707-66, 
7 vols, russia, Ibl. 15s. 

Oxford, 1707, 8vo. 8 vols, in 6, Kox- 
burghe, 8486, lU 48. Bindley, pt. i. 1060, 
21. 8s. Hollis, 277, with the portraits, 

1715, 61. 2s. 6d. LARGE PAPER, 21. 2s. 

Nassau, pt 1. 708, with Burton's Genuine- 
ness, 1741 21. 6s. Heath, 4447, with ap- 
pendix and heads. 7Z. 7s. 

Oxford, 1709, 8vo. 8 vols, in 6. Fonthill, 
1437 2/. 7s. 

Oxford, 1712, 8vo. 3 vols, in 6, with poiv 
trait of the Earl to each volume, 22. 2s. 

Oxford, 1717, 8vo. 6 vols. Gordonstoun, 
656, with portraits, Ac. Oxford, 1717-iO, 
8 vols. SI. lis. 

Dublin, 1719^ folio, 8 vols. A spurious 

Oxford, 1721, 8vo. 3 vols, in 6. 

Oxford, 1731, 8vo. 6 vols, with portraits. 
Commonly called the masters' edition ; as 
it was printed for masters of arts only. 

Oxford, 1732, folio, 3 vols. 

Oxford, 1732, 8vo. 3 vols, in 6. Sotheby's 
in 1824, 3Z. 38. large paper. Sotheby's 
in 1821, with the Life, together 9 vols. 
91. 5s. 

Basil, 1796, 8vo. 17 vols, including the 

Oxford, 1807, 8vo. 8 vols, in 6. Earl of 
Kerry, 86, 61. 2s. 6d. large paper (60 
printed). White Knights, 864, morocco^ 
211. Williams, 465, morocco, 71 168.. Bp. 
Randolph, 246, 12^. 17s. Dent, pt. i. 449, 
&. 88. Baker, 92, 91. 9s. 

Oxford, 1816, 4to. 8 vols, in 0. royal 

paper, 72. 178. 6d. IMPERIAL PAPER, 161. 16s. 

8vo, 6 vols. 22. LARGE PAPER. Strettcll, 
571, with the Life, Ac together 8 vols. 
272. 6s. 

Oxford, 1819. 8vo. 3 vols, in 6. To this 
edition is added an historical View of the 
Affairs of Ireland. Brockett, 892, 22. 2s. 
With the suppressed passages, 18mo. 7 
vols. 1889, lU 5s. -With his Ufe in 1 vo- 
lume, royal 8vo. 1842,12. 2s.— Lond. Smith. 
2 vols. impl. 8vo. 1840, 21. 16s. 65 Portraits. 

The History of the grand Rebellion in 
Verse. See Ward, Edward. 

A Supplement to the History of the 
grand Rebellion; containing the Tracts, 
Speeches, Tetters, &c. mentioned in the 
said Hi8tory ; with the Heads of the great 
Men on both Sides, being 85 in Number. 
Lond. 1717, 8vo. Bindley, pt. i. 1052, 21. 68. 
Again 1724, 8vo. The heads were origin- 
ally engraved for Ward's * History of the 
Rebellion in verse,' 1713. 

Mr. Le Clerc's Account of the Earl of 
Clarendon's History of the Civil Wars. 
By J[ohn] 0[ldmixon]. In two Parts. Loud. 
1710, 8vo. 5s. Of part 1 a second edition 
appeared 1710. 

Clarendon and Whitelock compared, and 
Remarks on the Unfairness of the Cha- 
racters, in the History of the Rebellion. 
Lond. 1727, 8vo. By Oldmixon. Bindley, 
pt. i. 1054, 68. 6d. Roxburghe, 84, 86, date 
1737, 48. 6d. 

Clarendon and Whitelock ferther com- 
par'd. Lond. 1780. 8vo. An anonymous 
pamphlet, says Granger, well worth the 
reader's attention, written by John Davys, 
of Hertford College, Oxford. 

The Genuineness of Lord Clarendon's 
History vindicated. Mr. Oldmixon's 
Slander confuted. The true State of the 
Case misrepresented. By John Burton, 




DJ). Oxford, 1744, 8yo. 8a. la&os papbs, 
ta. Williama, 819, morocco, 18b. Lloyd, 
oSo, 8B* 

Ghaciet«nof eminmit men in the Reigns 
of Charies I. and II. including the Rebel- 
licm, from the Works of Lord Chancellor 
Clarendon. Lond. 1794, Bro. Pp. 201,3s. 6d. 
Uksan PAPKB, in 4to. 1793. Bindley, pt. i. 

CiiASENDON. The HistoiT of the 

Bebellion and Civil War in Lreland. 

Lond. 1720. 8to. with portrait of the 

Duke of Ormond by White. 

This little piece, improperly styled His- 
tory of the RebeUion and Civil War in 
Ireland, is merely a vindication of the 
Marquis of Ormonde in the peace which 
he made twice with the confederate catho- 
lics, and A display of their ingratitude and 
infatuation. The noble historian's at. 
tachment to the cause of K. Charles I. 
hath evidently given a bias to the whole 
of his great work. Roxburghe, 8825, 
17s. 6d. LAsai PAPBB. Lloyd, 836, 168. 
Heath, 4766, 12. Ss.— Lond. 1721, 8vo.~ 
1740, 8vo. 

— The History of the Beign of 

King Charles the Second, from the 

Bestoration to the End of the Year 

1667. Printed for M. Cooper. 4to. 

2 vola. [about 1755.] 

A portion of the following article. This 
edition, of which the introduction is said 
to have been written by Dr. Shebbeare, 
was r^rously suppressed. Sir M. M. 
Sykes. pt i. 1718, morocco, 141. Bright, 

— life of Edward Earl of 
Clarendon, Lord High Chancellor 
of England, and Chancellor of the 
University of Oxford. Being a 
Continiiation of the History of the 
grand Bebellion, iirom the Bestor- 
ation to his Banishment in 1667. 
Written by himself. Oxford, 1759. 

foHo, Zl. 2s. LASeE PAPEB, Bl. 3s. 

Boswell, 684, 16s. Edwards, 43, U. Ss. 
This history is fiill of a thousand curious 
anecdotes, and fully answers mv expecta- 
tion. In the composition of the characters, 
however, the continuation is not equal to 
the history of the rebellion.*— i^. War- 

Oxford, 1760, 8vo. 8 vols. 16b. Bindley, 
pt. i. 1061, 11. Fonthill, 1987, 11. 88. 

Oxford, 1760, 8vo. boyal papeb, and 
large type, 2 vols. Heath, 4448, \L 148. 
Williams, 487, wiih port, by Loggan,3Z.18s. 

Oxford, 1761, 8vo. 3 vols, ISs. HoUis, 

770, 2i. 14S. LABOB PAPEB, 11. IS. 

' Oxford, 1817, 4to..2 vols. Boyat papeA 
22. 18s. Imperial, 62. 6s. 

Life, and Continuation with tbe sap- 
pressed passages. Oxford, 1827, 8vo. 8 vou. 

,18s. LABOB PAPZB. 22. SS. 

State Papers collected by Edward, Eail 
of Clarendon. Commencing flrom the Tear 
MDCXXI. containing the Materials trouk 
which his History of the great Rebellion 
was composed, and the Authorities on 
which the Troth of his Belation is found- 
ed. Oxford, 1767, 73, 86, folio, S vols. 
82. 19s. Brockett, 783, 12. 18s. ulbgb pa- 
PBB. 62. 19s. Heath, 4448, 22. 28. 

Beligion and Policy and the Coante. 
nance and Assistance each should g^ve to 
the other. With a Survey of the Power 
and Jurisdiction of the Pope in the Do- 
minions of other Princes. Oxford, 1811, 
royal 8vo. 2 vols. 18s. Earl of Kerry, 86» 
12. Is. LABOB PAPBB, lu imperial 8vo. 50 
copies printed. Dent, pt 1. 460, raasia, 
22. 2s. Williams, 468; 32. 16s. Alchome, 
72. 7s. 

A Collection of several Tracts of E2dward 
Earl of Clarendon. Published from hie 
Lordship's original Manuscripts. Lond. 
1727, fouo, 15s. asain 1751. These tracts 
were obtained from Lord Clarendon's 
youngest daughter, the Lady Frances 
Knightley. Heath, 1682, 12. 5s. 

A full Answer to an infamous and tral^ 
orouB Pamphlet, entitled A Declaration of 
the Commons of England, in Parliament 
assembled, expressing their Beasons and 
Grounds of passing their late Besolntions 
touching no farther Address, or Applicsr- 
tion, to be made to the King. Lond. 1646^ 

Animadversions on shook entitled Fana- 
ticism fanatically imputed to the CathoHe 
Church, by Dr. StiUingfleet, and the Im« 
putation refuted and retorted, by Sam. 
Cressy. Lond. 1674, 8vo. Printed twice 
in 1674. 

Brief View and Survey of the dai^e* 
Tous and pernicious Errors to Church uid 
State, in Hobbes's Leviathan. Oxon. 
1676, 4to. 6s. LABOB PAPBB. Bindley, pt. i. 
2206, 16s. 6d. 

Essay on active Life, and Dialogue on 
Education, and the Bespect due to Age. 
Glasg. 1764-6, 12mo. 3 vols. 

Essays, moral and entertaining, on the 
various Faculties and Passions of the Hu- 
man Mind. A new edition. 1815, fscap. 
8vo. 2 vols. 12s. Published by the Rev. 
James Stanier Clarke, 1>.D. 

The natural History of the Passions. 
8vo. ' Many doubted whether he (Lord 
Clarendon) was the author of it, and by 
more thought that it was the sharking 
trick of a bookseller to set his name to for 
sale sake.'— ^n(. d Wood. 

An historical Enquiry respecting the 




Character of Edward Hyde, Earl of Cla- 1 
rendon. By the Hon. Agar Elliii. Lond. 
1827, 8vo. 

CLabendok, HenrjHyde, Second 
Earl o£ The CorreBpondence, and of 
his Brother Laurence Hyde, Earl of 
Bochester; -with the Diary of Lord 
Clarendon, from 1687 to 1690, con- 
taining minute Particulars of the 
Events attending the Bevolution : 
and the Diary of Lord Bochester 
during his Embassy to Poland in 
1676. Edited from the original 
Manuscripts with Notes, by* Samuel 
Weller Singer, F.S. A. Lond. 1828. 
4!to. 2 vols. 52. 6s. reduced to 11, 

lis. 6d. 

Best edition, illustrated with 10 plates. 
One copy was struck off on thioc oBAwiNa 
PAPEB. The former edition. Oxford, 1763, 
4to. 2 vols, edited by Dr. Doaglas, Bishop 
of Salishnry, is now of little value. Bind- 
ley, pt. 1. 1636, 11. 8b. Marq. of Towns- 
hend, 784, II. lis. 6d. An edition was 
printed in Dublin, Svo. 2 vols. 

Life and Administration of Henry H yde 
Earl of Clarendon, with original Corre- 
spondence and authentic Papers never be- 
fore published. By T. H. Lister. Lond. 
1838. 8vo. 8 vols. IL Is. 

The History and Antiquities of the Ca- 
thedral Church of Winchester. See Gale, 

— The Clarendon family vindi- 
cated from the gross fisdsehoods 
and misrepresentations of .John 
Oldmixon, author of the history of 
the Stuarts ; and George Duckett. 
Lond. 1732. 8vo. 

— B. Y. Sketch of the Bevenue 
and Finances of Ireland, with Ab- 
stracts of the principal, Heads of 
Beceipt and Expenditure for sixty 
Years, and the various Supplies 
since the Bevolution. Lond. 1791. 

4to. 10s. 6d. 

Pp. 202, with charts. A clear and elar 
borate view of the finances of the sister 

Clariodus. — The History of Clari- 

odus and Meliades. 

An ancient metrical romance, in the 
Scottish dialect, in the Advocates' Library 
of Edinburgh. Fxinted in 1860 in 4to. 

CiiABiBGE, John. The Shep- 
heard's Legacy $ or John Clearidge 
his forty years experience of the 
Weather, being an excellent Trea- 
tise, wherein is shewed the know- 
ledge of the "Weather. First, by 
the Bising and Setting of the Sun< 
2, How Sie Weather is known by 
the Moon. 8, By the Stars. 4, By 
the Clouds. 5, By the Mists. 6, By 
the Bainbow. 7, And especially by 
the Winds. Whereby the Weather 
may be exactly known from Time 
to Time: which Observation was 
never heretofore published by any 
Author. 8, Also, how to keep your 
Sheep sound when they be sound. 
9, And how to cure them if they be 
rotten. 10, In shewed the Antiquitv 
and Honour of Shepheards. Witn 
some certain and assured Cures for 
the Horse, Cow, and Sheep. 

An Almanack is out at twelve months day. 
My Legacy it doth endure for aye ; 
But take you Notice, though 'tis but a hint, 
It far excels some books of greater prints 

London : printed and are to be sold 

by John Hancock, Junior, at the 

Three Bibles in Popes-head Ally, 

next Comhill, 1670. sm. 8vo. 

Original edition of the Shepherd of Ban- 
bury's Weather-rules, a work of great 
popularity among the lower orders of the 
people. A copy is in the British Museum. 
32 pp. The praface, signed 'John Cla- 
ridge, sen. of Hanwell, near Banbury,' but 
omitted in all subsequent editions. Re- 
published with additions in 1744, by Dr. 
John Campbell, but without affixing his 
own name, or giving any information of 
its author, or of previous editions. Reprint- 
ed 1748, 1827, &c.— See Note* and Queriea, 
No. 181, 185S. 

— Bichard. The Life and post- 
humous Works of Bichard Claridge 
(a Quaker) : collected by Joseph 
Besse. Lond« 1726. 8vo. 

CLABE,Hugh. A concise History 
of Knighthood; containing .the re- 
ligious and military Orders which 
have been instituted in Europe, &c« 
Lond. 1784. 8vo. 2 vols, with 82 
plates, lOs. 6d. Labge Papsb, 11,1b. 




Ilrath, lan, 9«. LABOBFAPSB. Ifuq. 
of Townsheiid, tfR, lis. 

riiASEjHugh. Introduction to 
Heraldry. Lond. 1845. 14rth edition, 

7s. 6d. coloured, 18s. 

A good elementary work. The former 
editions 1776, 1776, 17—, 1779, 1781, 1788, 
18M, 1812. Nmsu, pt L 713^ 8s. 1818, 1888. 

— Rev. N. The Way of Truth, 

or a Body of Divinity consonant 

to the Doctrine of the Church of 

England. Lend. 1717-18. 8yo. 

2 vols. 

Willisnu, 469, 12. is. 

— Samuel The I^ws of Chance. 

' Lond. 1758. 8yo. 4s. 

An aceorate work. 

— William. The Grand Tiyal, 

or Poetical Excertitations upon the 

Book of Job. Edinb. 1685. folio. 
See also Clarks.' 

Clabee, Adam, LL.D. View of 
the Succession of Sacred Literature, 
in a chronological Arrangement of 
Authors and meir Works, from the 
Invention of alphabetical Charac- 
ters, to the Year of our Lord, 1445. 
Lond. 1821. 12mo. 1830. 8vo. 
1831. 8vo. 2 vols. The Second 
volume is by J. B. B. Clarke. 

A former edition, 1807, 12mo. 6s. ' A little 
▼olome equally interesting to Uie biblical 
and bibliographical student'— ^oni«. 

— A Bibliographical Dictionary, 

conttuning a cluronological Account, 

alphabetioilly arranged, of the most 

curious, useful and important Books 

in all Departments of Literature. 

Liverpool and Lond.1802 — 4. 12mo. 

6 vols, [usually accompanied by the 

Bibliographic^ Miscellany. See 

next article. The 8 vols. 1/. lis. 6d.] 
A creditable work for a first attempt : 
it ooDtains a summary of the life of each 
author, the time when he lived, and his 
works. It is unfortunately in many in- 
stances very inaccurate as to titles, dates, 
Ac. Copies with the Bibl. Miscell. Nas. 
sau, pt i. 714, 22. Is. Strettell. 264, 12. ISs. 
Roscoe, 84, 22. 10s. labor papbr. Earl of 
Kerry, 116, 82. Ids. 6d. Sir M. M. Sykes, 
pt i. e79, 82. 7s. Bindley, pt i. 888, 82. 8s. 

— The Bibliographical Miscel- 
lany ; or, Supplement to the Bibli- 

ogvaphieal Dictioaary. Lond.l8Q6u 
12mo, 2 Tolfl, 7b. 6d. 

VoL I. contains an aeeoant of Qie En- 
glish TrsBslatiOBa of the Oraek and Bo- 
man Classica, and Eecle8ia8tical IKTritera; 
alsoan eztensire listof Arabic and Perstaa 
elementary treatises, with a jMuticttlar da- 
seription of the principal works of the beat 
Arabic and Persian Writers.— YoL IL B»- 
marks on the Origin of Language, and al- 
phabetical Characters ; a abort hiatory. 
&c of printing, a catalogoe oi aathors and 
their works on bibliography and typogra- 
phy ; an alphabetical list of places where 
printing was carried on in the fifteenth cen- 
tury; an essay on bibliography: aeversl 
bibliographical systems ; a table of the 
olympiads ; the Roman calendar; the H^ 
rah or Moluunmedan era, uid tables of the 
Kalifii, Kings of Persia, Ac 

— Dissertation on Foljglott 
Bibles. 1803. 12mo. 

One hundred copies separately printed. 
This tract originally appeared in the 
Bibliographical Dictionary. 

See Bible, p. 193. 

— Charles. Some Conjectares 
relative to a very ancient Piece of 
Money, latc^ found at "Rlthinti in 
Kent, &c. Lond. 1751. 4to. 2s. 6d. 

In answer to this tract appeared Re- 
marks on some Conjectures. By George 
North, A Jf . To which is added, aa epie- 
tolary Dissertation on some supposed Sax- 
on Gold Coins : read beftne the Society of 
Antiquaries, Dec. 19, 1761. Lond. 17GS, 
4to. 2b. 6d. 

— Architecfcura Ecdeaiastica 
Londini, or graphical Scenery of 
the cathedral, collegiate and paro- 
chial Churches in London, Soatfa- 
wark, Westminster, and the ad- 
joining Parishes, with 122 Plates. 
Lond. 1820. dephant 4>to. 

Published at 92. botal roue. -1S2. ISs. 
India papeb pboovb, 2K. 4s. [bat now 
much reduced.] 

— Edward, M,A. Lett^n con- 
cerning the Spanish Nation : written 
at Madrid during the Yean 1760 
and 1761. Lond. 1765. 4to. 58. 

These letters prindpiJly relate to anti- 
quities and Spanish literature. In the 
sppendix there is a catalogue of the HS3. 
in the library of the Escurial. Theaathw 
was chaplain to Lord Bristol's embassj at 
Madrid. Bindley, pti.l886»«B.6d. Feot- 
hill, 421, 10s. 

— Edward Daniel, LL.D. Tour 
through the South of England, 


Wales and Part of Ireland, made 

during the Summer of 1791. Lond. 

1793. 8to. 

With plates in aqnatint. Bindley, pt. lii. 
1163^ 17a. 6d. labob papbb, in 4to. (Twelve 
copies printed), 81. Sa. This work, pub- 
lished anonymously, was the first produc- 
tion of the celebrated traveller, and was 
Written before he was of age. It is 
throughout natural, eloquent, character- 
istic, of youthful ardour and spirit, and 
strongly indicative of feelings, which do 
honour to the goodness and humanity of 
bis heart.— The greater part of the copies 
have been destroyed or lost within a short 
period after its publication. See Otter's 
Life of Clarke. There are copies on fine 
paper, with the plates coloured. 

Clabee, Edward Daniel, LL.D. 
Travels in various Countries of 
Europe, Asia and Africa. Cam- 
bridge, &c. 1810 — 23. 4to. 6 vols, 
numerous plates, [to which the life 
is sometimes added, making 7 vols. 

102. lOs.] 

Perhaps the most instructive and en- 
caging book of travels ever published in 
this country. Strettell, 595, vols. i. to v. 
I8i. Koscoe, 1861, vols. i. to iv. 111. 158. 
Drury, 117-^ with the Life together, 6 vols, 
russia, 212. lOs. laboe papbb. Bir M. M. 
Svkes, pt. i. 715, vols. i. to iv. russia, 
m. 19s. White Knights, 1124, vols. i. to 
m. 12/. 128.— Vol. I. Part the first. Eussia, 
Tartary, and Turkey. First edition. Camb. 
1810, 4to. To this first edition, an appen- 
dix was aifierwards published. 2ud edition, 
Lond. 1811. 4to. 8rd. 1813, 4to. 4th. 1816, 
8vo.— VoL II. Greece, Egypt and the Holy 
Land. Section the first. First edition. 
Rroxb. 1812, 4to. 2nd. erf. 1813, 4to. 8rd. 
ed. 1817, 8vo.— Vol.III. Greece, Egypt and 
the Holy Land. Section the second. First 
edition. 1818, 4to. 2nd. ed. 1817. 8vo.— Vol. 
IV. Greece, Egypt and the Holy Lwid. 
Section the third : to which is added, a 
Supplement respecting the Author's Jour- 
ney from Constantinople to Vienna, con- 
taining his Account of the Gold Mines of 
Transylvania, in Hungary. First edition. 
1816, 4to. 2nd. 1818, 8vo.-Vol. V. Den- 
mark, Sweden, Lapland, Finland. Norway 
and Russia. Section the first. First edi- 
tion. 1819, 4to. 2nd. ed. 18 . 8vo.— Vol. 
VI. Denmark, &c. Section the second. 
First edition. 1823, 4to. 

The Octavo edition. 1816-20, was pub- 
lished collectively in 11 vols, at 91 12s. 
This edition contains only a selection of 
the plates. 

Testimonies of different Authors, re- 
specting the colossal Statue of Ceres, placed 



in the Vestibule of the public Library at 
Cambridge July the first, 1803 ; with a 
short Account of its Removal from Eleusis, 
Nov. 22, 1801. Cambridge. 1808, 8vo. 

Greek Marbles, brought from the Shores 
of the Euxine, the Archipelago, and the 
Mediterranean, and deposited in the Ves- 
tibule of the University of Cambridge. 
Cambridge, 1809, 8vo. Combe, 479, 8b. 
4to. PROOFS. lOs. 6d. Drury, 1173, 11. 6s. 

The Tomb of Alexander ; a dissertation 
on the sarcophagus brought from Alexan- 
dria, and now in the British Museum. 
Camb. 1805, 4to. with 5 plates. 

A letter addressed to the gentlemen of 
the British Museum by the author of the 
dissertation on the Alexandrian sarcopha- 
gus. Camb. 1807, 4to. 

The Gas Blow- pipe, or Art of Fusion, 
by burning the gaseous Constituents of 
Water: giving the History of the philoso- 
phical Apparatus so denominated; the 
Proofs of Analogy in its Operations to the 
Nature of Volcanoes; together with an 
Appendix, containing an Account of Ex- 
periments with this Blow-pipe. Lond. 
1819, 8vo. 

Syllabus of lectures in mineralogy, con- 
taining a methodical distribution of mine- 
rals. Lond. 1818^ 8ve. 

— The Life and Bemains of the 
Bev. Edw. Daniel Clarke, LL.I). 
Professor of Mineralogy in the Uni- 
versity of Cambridge. Lond. 1824. 

4to. 8^. 3s. 

Pp. 667. A valuable accompaniment to 
the travels of the amiable and accom- 
plished Dr. Clarke, edited by his friend 
Rev. Wm. Otter. 

An edition. 182 . 8vo. 2 vols.— For other 
works by Dr. Clarke, see British Museum. 

— George Somers, D.D, He- 
brew Criticism and Poetry. 1810. 
8vo. 15s. 

— James. A Survey of the 
Lakes of Cumberland, Westmor- 
land and Lancashire : together with 
an Account, historical, topogra- 
phical, and descriptive, of the adja^ 
cent Country. To which is added, 
a Sketch of the Border Laws and 
Customs. Lond. 1787 or 9. folio. 


pp. xlll & 194, with 11 maps, and two 
marked 2* Places seen from Penrilii Bea- 
con & 4*^. A singularantique Silver Instru- 
ment.— Copies, with Farrington's views 
inuerted. Edwards, 685, morocco, 71. 78. 
Dent, pt. i. 665, morocco, 22. fts. Nassau, 
pt. i. 1101, russia, 52. 58. 




Glaskz, James Edward. A Dis- 
sertation on the Dragon, Beast and 
false Prophet of the Apocalypse; 
in which the Numher 666 is satis- 
fectorily explained ; and also a full 
Illustration of Daniel's Vision of 
the Bam and He-GK>at. Lond. 
1814. 8yo. 4s. 

— James Stanier, D.D. The 

Life of Admiral Lord Nelson, K.B. 

from his Lordship's Manuscripts. 

By the Bev. James Stanier Clarke, 

F.R.S. and John M*Arthur, LL.D. 

Lond. 1809. 4to. 2 toIs. 

Of this work 1200 copies -were subscribed 
for. LABGB PAPER, in Imp. 4to. with proof 
plates. Sir M. M. Sjkes, pt. i. 716, 21. 128. 6d. 
Fonthill, 2283, 61. 15a, 6d. Brockett, 775, 
2^ 68. On VELLUM, 8 copies printed. 
Sotheby's, in M&rch, 1824, 162. Hodson, 
~^, 812. 108. Beckford in 1617, 287, 
4.52. Ss. An abridgement was published 
1810, 8vo. at 16s. 

— The Life of James the Second, 

King of Eqgland, &c. collected out 

of Memoirs writ of his own Hand, 

together with the King's Advice to 

his Son, and his Majesty's Will. 

Lond. 1816. 4to. 2 vols. 

Published firom the original Stuart 
Manuscripts, then in the possession of his 
Mi^esty, now deposited in the British 
Museum, price 6L 68. Duke of York, 1245, 
1^ lis. 6d. Strettell, 667, 42. 17s. Sir M. 
M. Sykes, pt i. 717, nusia, 6^ 16b. 6d. 

The Progress of maritime Discovery, 
from the earliest Period to the Close of 
the 18th Century, forming an extensive 
System of Hydrography. Lond. 1803, 4to. 
Pp. 1000, with plates and vignettes, also a 
separate Atlas.— This work was to have 
extended to seven volumes ; but the first 
was so decidedly condemned, that no se- 
cond has appeared. 

Nanfhigia; or, historical Memoirs of 
Shipwrecks and of the providential Deli- 
verance of Vessels. Lond. 1806, 12mo. 2 
vols. 9s.— In this work the author has in- 
serted some fabulous stories, * because the 
example which it held forth would be as 
nseftii as if it were true.' 

— John. The Trvmpet of Apollo. 

Lond. 1602. 12mo. 

A copy is in the British Museum. 

— An Essay upon Study. Lond. 
12mo. 2s. 6d. 

Fraqnently printed. The anthor, win 
waa master of we grammar school in HaO, 
published many other elementary- workji, 
particularly several Latin clasaica, with 
literal English translatioaa. 

Clarke, John Lyster. A Rule 
how to hring yp Children. Lond. 
1588. 8yo. 

Dedicated ' To the Earle of Huntingdon,* 
139 leaves ; on the last, are the printer's 
arms and colophon. This is a aialogue 
between a &ther and his son, wherein the 
Christian and relative duties are illus- 
trated and proved by the scriptures. 

— L. History of the Bihle. 

1737. 4to. 2 Yols. 

Bindley, pt. i. 1811, 18s. 

— Mary Anne. TheBival Princes ; 
or, a faithful !NarratiTe of Facts re- 
lating to Mrs. M. A. Clarke's poli- 
tical Acquaintance with Col. Wardle, 
&cl Ac. Lond. 1810. 8vo. 2 toIs. 
with port, hy Freeman, 6s. 

other works relative to this notorlons 
affair were printed nnder the name of 
M. A. C. 

— Samuel. Scientia metrica & 
rhythmica; sen Tractatus de Pro- 
sodia Arahica, ex Authorihus pro- 
batiss. eruta. Oxon. 1661. 8vo. 

A life of this author, * right famous for 
Oriental learning,' with a list of his works, 
both printed and manuscript, will be found 
in Dr. Bliss' edition of Wood's Atheo. 

— Bey. Sam. Lives of sundry emi- 
nent Persons in this latter ii^e, in 
two Farts. I. of Divines. II. of 
Nobility and Gentry of both Sexes ; 
to which is added, his own Life, 
and the Lives of the Countess of 
Suffolk, Sir Nathaniel Bamardiston, 
Mr. Kiehard Blackerby, and Mr. 
Samuel Fairclough, dntwn up by 
other hands. Lond. 1683. folio. 15s. 

Prefixed is a portrait of the author by R. 
White. The works of this laborious and 
usefiil compiler are collected trom souteeii 
now dispersed, inaccessible or lost, and 
contain muoh curious matter, though, ac- 
cording to Wood, ' Clarke was a severe Cal- 
vinist, and a scribbling plagiary, as his 
works (mostly the lives of presbyteriaa 
divines) shew.' Nassau, pt i. 900, 17s. 
Lloyd, 267, 8s. 6d. 

A Mirror or Looking-glass for Saints & 
Sinners: whereunto is added, a gcogn- 




?1iicftl Description of the known World. 
*he fourth ifdition, very mach enlarged. 
Lond. 1071, folio, 2 vols. Portrait. Rox- 
bnrghe, 1969, U. 28.— 1646, 12mo.— 1654, 
4to. with an oval port, of Clark by R. Gay- 
wood. Bindley, pt.i. 1161, 10s. Nassan, 
pt. i. 710, 98.— 1657, fol. with front, by Gay- 
wood, Hollis, 238. 98. 

A general Martyrologie, containing a 
Collection of all the greatest Persecutions 
which have befaUen the Church of Christ 
from the Creation to onr present Times. 
The third Edition corrected and enlarged. 
Lond. 1673, folio.— 1677. Grave, 171, li.48. 
First edition, entitled ' A Collection of the 
Lives of ten eminent Divines.' &c. Lond. 
1662, 4to. pp. 635, besides title. Another 
edition, 4to. with porjt. of Clarice, set. 66, 
1664, by T. Cross. 

The Marrow of Ecclesiastical History, 
in two Parts: the first, containing the 
Life of Jesns Christ, with the Lives of the 
ancient Fathers, &c: the second, the 
Lives of Christian Emperors, Kings, &c 
&c. The third Eklition corrected and much 
enlarged. Lond. 1676, folio, with a por- 
trait of Clark by J. Dunstall. First edi- 
tion, in two parts, 1660, 4to. with a portrait 
of the author, set. 60, 1649, in his hair 
(some in a cap), by T. Cross. Nassau, pt. 
i. 842, 2 vols. 2^. 2s. Lloyd, 464, pt i. 16s. 

Under the name of Edw. Samuel Clark 
or Clarke the following have appeared :— 

The Life and Death of Nebnchadnezzer 
the Great. 1664. Reprinted in the seventh 
volume of the Somers Collection of Tracts. 

Life and Death of William ^he Conque- 
ror. 1671, 4to. 

The Life and Death of the valiant and 
renowned Sir Francis Drake. Lond. 1671, 
4to. with portrait by R. Vaughan. Font- 
hill, 8242, 21. 2s. Jadis, 196, russia, 16s. 
1671, 8vo. 

A true apd full Narrative of the Delive- 
rance frtnn the Spanish Invasion, 1668, 
and the Gunpowder Plot, Nov. 6, 1605, 
with God's Judgnnent upon the Papists by 
the Fall of the Honse in Black-Friers, 
npon their fifth of Nov. 1628, collected from 
theRelaltionof Dr.-Gouge, an Eye Witness. 
1671, 12ma 6s. Reprinted by Smeeton. 

Life and Death of Edward the Black 
Prince. 1678, 4to. with portrait of the 
anthor by Cross, 6s. 

Englands Remembrancer; being a Sum- 
mary of most remarkable Exploits, from 
1000 to 1676. Lond. 1076, 8va with plates. 
Dowdeswell, 90, 6s. 6d. [First edition 
1657, 12mo. with two plates, hardly ever 
found with the book]. 

Protestant Schoolmaster, containing 
plain and easy Directions for spelling and 
reading English, Sec. with a brief and true 
Account of the bloody Persecutions, Mas- 

sacres, Plots, Treasons and mostinhnman 
Tortures .committed by the Papists upon 
the Protestants for near 600 years past, 
&c. Lond. 1680, 12mo. with a frontispiece 
and plates of Tortures. Skegg, 384, Is. 

The History of the glorious Life, Reign 
and Death of Queen Elizabeth. Lond. 
1682, 12mo. Dowdeswell, 91, 5s. 6d. 

The Life of Tamerlane the Great. Lond. 
4to. Nassau, pt. i. russia, 18s. 

Looking-Glass for Persecutors. Lond. 
small 8vo. 1674. 

The Saints Nosegay, or Poeieof 741 spi- 
ritual Flowers. Lond. 1641. 12mo. 

See Bible, 1690, p. 188. 

Claeke, Sam. D.D. Works, with 
a Preface giying some Account of 
the Author, by Benjamin (Hoadly) 
Bishop of Winchester. Lond. 
1738. fol. di vols, with portrait of 


The writings of Dr. Clarke on the Tri- 
nity contain a great deal of discussion re- 
specting the meaning of Scripture, and 
occasioned a very extended controversy in 
England. Drury, 1212, 82. 3s. Gossett, 
1478, 82. 8s. LABOR PAPBB, Heath, 849, 51, 
Duke of Grafton, 106, ruRsia, 61. 10s. Wil- 
liams, 492, 81. 6s.— 1742, folio, 4 vols. Bp. of 
Ely, 494, 32. 168. 

Cmtents.—YoiB. I. and II. Sermons, in- 
cluding those preached at Boyle's Lecture, 

2%« cnntents of these vols, are aUo puh- 
liaked separatelpj as/oUows: 

Sbrmoks, published from the Author's 
MS. by John Clarke, D.D. Dean of Sa- 
rum. Lond. 1730-1. 8vo. 10 vols. Best 
edition, larqb paper. Williams, 471, 
morocco, 92. 15s. 472, with life, morocco, 
162.-1749, small 12nio. 11 vols. 12. 6h. A 
beautiftal little edition.— 1756, 8vo. 8 vols. 
Earl of Kerry, 92, 42.— 1748, 8vo. 10 vols. 
1820, 8vo. 7 vols. Drury, 896, 82. Dr. 
Johnson remarked, * I shonld recommend 
Dr. Clarke's Sermons were he orthodox ; 
however, it is very well known lohere he 
is not orthodox, which was upon tlie doc- 
trine of the Trinity, as to which he is a 
condemned heretick; so one is aware of it.' 

Sermons pr^oned in 1704 and 17(X}, at 
the Lecture fminded by the Hon. Rob. 
Boyle, Esq. Lond. 1706-6, 8vo. 2 vols. 6s. 
These volumes have been frequently re- 
printed. The latter is inserted by Bp. 
Watson in his Collection of Theological 

Vol. III. A Paraphrase on the four Evan- 
gelists. ' Dr. Clarke's parajfhrase on tiie 
Evangelists deserves an attentive reading; 
he narrates a story in handsome language, 
and connects the parts well together ; but 
fails much in emphasis, and seemfttomis- 



CLA. ^ 

take the or^er of the histories.'— 27r. Dodd- 
ridge. (This has been frequently printed 
in 8to. 2 vols, and generally accompanies 
Pyle on the Epistles^ 

Three practical Essajm on Baptism, 
Confirmation, and Repentance. 

An Exposition of the Ghnrch Catechism. 
(This has been printed separately. Lond. 
1729, 8ro. 8b. 6d.— 1760, 8^0. WUliams. 
473, 128.) 

A Letter to H. Dodwell concerning the 
Immortality of the Bonl; together with 
the four Defenses of it. To which are 
added the Remarks on S^. Clarke's Letter 
to H. Dodwell and the sereral Replies to 
the Doctor's Defenses thereof. 

Reflections on Toland's Amyntor. 

Vol. ly. The Scripture Doctrine of the 
Trinity. (Printed separately. Lond. 1733, 
third edition, 8vo. Ss.) 

Several Tracts relating to the Subject 
of the Trinity. 

A Collection of Papers which passed be- 
tween M. Leibnitz and Dr. Clarke relating 
to the Principles of Natural Philosophy and 
Religion. (Separately. Lond. 1717, 8vo. 
3s. 6d. FINE PAPEB. Bindley, part i. 1197,7s.) 

A Letter to Bei^amin Hoadly, FJR.S., 
occasioned by the controversy relating to 
the Propositions of Velocity and Force in 
Bodies in motion. 

Sermons selected from the Works of the 
Rev. Dr. Samuel Clarke, in Opposition to 
tlie Tenets of Methodism and Calvinism ; 
with some Account of his Life. By the 
Rev. Sam . Clapham. Lond. 1806, 8vo. 9s. 

A practical Paraphrase on the EpiHtles 
of Saint Paul to the Romans, Galatians, 
and the Epistle to the Hebrews, after the 
Manner of Dr. Clarke's Paraphrase on the 
four Evangelists. Lond. 1744, 8vo. 

See Prayer Reformed. 

Clasee, Th. A Oomemorac^cn of 
the Life of Peter Kempe, late' of 
Staunford, deceased : also the tragi- 
cail Discourse of him and his Wjfe, 
deceasinge bothe within the Space of 
V Houres, reported \»y Tho. Clarke 
as Witness of the same. Lond. 
by John Clmrlewood, 1577. 8to. 

— The Becantation of Tho. 
Clarke (sometime a seminarie Priest 
of the College of Rheimes) made 
at Pauls Crosse, 1 July, 1593 ; 
whereunto is annext a former Re- 
cantation made by him in a public 
Assembly, on Easter Day, 15 Apr. 
1598. Lond. 1594. Svo. 

Bindley, pt. iii. 428, 28. 

Ci.AR£E, William, M.A. The Con- 
nexion of the Boman, Saxon, and 
English Coins, deduced from Ob- 
servations on the Saxon Weights 

and Money. Lond. 1767. 4to. ISs. 
A valuable work in oonsiderahle request. 
Brockett, 773, with a postscript intended 
as an appendix, 22. 8s. Combe, 663, lis. 
Heath, 14S8, 12. lis. 6d. Towuelay, pt. L 
17,U4s. HoUis, 400, li. 16«. 

— William, Bookseller. Sepe^ 
torhim Bibliographicum ; or, some 
Account of the most celebrated 
British Libraries. Lond. 1819. 
royal 8to. portraits and frontis- 

g'o this work is sometimes appended 
ialogue in the Shades, 4 leaves, and 
a Ballad entitled Ham Doings at Rox- 
burghe-Hall, 4 leaves. Also a Diary of 
Roger Payne, with an engraved sketch of a 
monument to be erected to his memory by 
the Bibliomaniacal Club, 1821.] A work 
containing much curious bibliognipbical 
information, to which the editor of these 
pages has frequently been indebted. i.abob 
PAPER, in super-royal dvo. with proof on In- 
dia paper. Fonthlll, 767, IL 178. Brockett, 
2499, russia, 42. 8s. Dent, pt. i. 624. 1/. IDs. 
Nassau, pt i. 715, 12. 128. Skegg, 2/. 8s. 

ChASxaov, David. Sermons and 
Discourses on several divine Sub- 
jects. Lond. 1696. foL 158. 

Prefixed is a portrait of the author by 
R. White. 

— Bessy. Conflict in Consci- 
ence of a deare Christian, named 
Bessie Clarksone, in the Parish of 
Lanerk, which shee lay ynder three 
Teare and an half. Edinb. 1631. 
12mo. 18s. 

— Thomas, M.A. A Portraiture 
of Quakerism. Second Edition. 

Lond. 1807. 8vo. "8 vols. 

Of the first edition of this celebrated 
work 2,600 copies were sold witiliont ad* 

The History of the Rise, Progress, and 
Accomplishment of the Abolition of the 
Slave Trade, by the British Parliament. 
Lond. 1808, 8vo. 8 vols. 12s. 

Memoirs of the private and public Life 
of William Penn. I^ond. 181 3, 8vo. 2 voIh. 
16s. A notice of this work wiU be found 
in the Edinburgh Review, zxi. 444—^8. 




Clasaical Manual ; or, a mytho- 
logical, historical and geographical 
Commentary on Pope's Homer and 
Dryden*8 JSneid of Virgil, with a 
yery copious Index. Lond. 1827. 
8yo. 18s. 

Classical Journal, The, from the 
Commencement in March, 1810, to 
December, 1829. Lond. Valpy, 

8vo. 80 nos. in 40 rols. 

It was published quarterly, at 68. per 
number. An esteemed literary Journal, 
principally devoted to classical literature, 
though occasionally contidning biMical 
criticism, &c. 

Classiques. — Choix des Classi- 
ques Fran^ais, dirig^ par L. T. 
Ventouillac. Lond. 1823—7. 24 
Livr. avec portraits et figures. 

An elegant little irork, with instructlTe 
noteB,ana the lives of the authors. Livr. 1. 
Elizabeth, par Mme. Gottin. 2 & 8. Numa 
Pompilius, par Florian. 2 vol. 4. Nou- 
veaux Morceaux choisis de Buffon. 6 & 6. 
Charles XII. par Voltaire. 2 torn. 7. La 
Ohaumiere Indienne, &c. par J. H. B. de 
Saint Pierre. 8. Paul et Ylrginie, par 
T. H. Bemardln de Saint-Pierre. 9 & 10. 
Choix de Tragedies de P. Comeille. 2 torn. 
11. Choix de Contes Moraux de Marmon- 
tel. 12. Bellsaire, par J. F. Marmontel. 
13 & 14. Histoire de Russie sous Pierre le 
Grand, par Voltaire. 16 & 16: Choix de 
Trag^ies de Jean Bacine. 2 torn. 17 & 
18. T^l^maque, par Fenelon. 2 tom. 19. 
Choix des Fens6es de B. PascaL '20 & 21. 
Choix des Tragedies de Voltaire. 2 tom. 
22. Morceaux d' Histoire de divers Au- 
teurs. 23 & 24. Choix des Comedies de 


CitAtrDE, John. An historical De- 
fence of the Beformation, translated 

by T. B. Lond. 1683. 4to. Ss. 

Another edition, with life by John 
Townsend. Lond. 1816, 2 vols. 12s. 

— Essay on the Composition of 
a Sermon, formerly translated from 
the French by the Rer. Bobert 
Bobinson, with an Appendix ; con- 
taining one hundred Skeletons of 
Sermons ; sereral being the Sub- 
stance of sermons preached before 
the University, by the Bev. Cliarles 
Simeon, M.A. Cambridge, 1796. 
royal 8yo. pp. 874. 128. 

The fdwmer edition.' Camb. 1779, 8vo. 

2 vols. 12s. Gosset, 1289, 12.- 1788, 8\'0. 
2 vols. Williams, 476, II. I6s. A Judicious 
abridgment of this esteemed work will be 
found in Williams' Christian Preacher. 
See SiMEOK. 

CiAUDiAN, Claudius. Opera. 
Lond. 1793—6. 8vo. 

Never published. Edited by R. Heber. 
One copy was taken off on vellum. See 
Dr. Dibdin's Bibl. Decam. ii. 884. This 
edition remained unfinished till the death 
of the editor; afterwards it was published. 
Lond. 1886, 12mo. 2 vols. 50 copies were 
taken off in royal 8vo. 

— The Bape of Proserpine in 

three Books. By Leonard Digges. 

Lond. 1617. 4to. 

Oarriek, 2865. The same copy. JoUey, 
1848, IL 10s. Reed. 6720. 28. 6d. Bright, U 
17s. Again, 1628. Steevens, 190 and 1041. 
According to Ant. 2^ Wood, Digges 'was 
esteemed by those that knew him in Univ. 
Coll. a great master of English language, 
a perfect understander of the French and 
Spanish, a good poet, and no mean orator.* 

— The Bape of Proserpine, trans- 
lated by Jabez Hughes. The second 
Edition with Notes. Lond. 1723. 
2s. 6d. 

The first edition appeared 1714, 8vo. In 
Jabez Hughes' Miscellanies, 8vo. Lond. 
1787, is a translation of Claud ian's two 
Books against Rufinus, and his Epithala- 
mium of Honorius and Maria. 

— The Bape of Proserpine, with 
other Poems ; translated into En- 
glish Verse, with occasional Notes, 
by Jacob Gfeo. Strutt. . 1812. 8to. 
10s. 6d. 

— Whole Works,now first trans- 
lated into English Bhyme. By A. 

Hawkins, 1817. 8vo. 2 vols. 10s. 6d. 
Translations of portions of Claudian will 
be found in Sir J. Beaumont's Poeins, 
1629, in Ab. Cowley's Works, in Dr. Wm. 
King's Miscellany, in Bp. Warburton's 
Miscellaneons Translations, &c. &c. [And 
in Translations in rhyme by the Hon. H. 
Howard. Lond» 1844. 8vo.] 

Clatell, John. A Becantation 
of an iU-led Life, Lond. 1634> 4to. 

Third edition, consisting of 70 pages, 
with a portrait by W. Hole. In this po- 
etical traet,the author professes to discover 
all the villanles of his profession, that 
of a highwayman. His first depredations 
were on Gad's-hill. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 
109,32.8s. Nassau, pt. 1.846, Si. 16b. Bind- 
ley, pt. i. 2194, 2{. 2s. Roxbitrghe, 2374, 
82.48. lDgliB,360, 11. 6s. Bright, 1816» 22. 4s. 



An edition 1828, with port, of Clavell, tet. 
86, by Kich. Meighan. Bindley, pt i. IIM, 
22.16s. Gardner, 22. Is.— 1634. Hodgson. 
1866, 21. 16s. 

Discoyery of the High-way Law; with 
Instructions how to shun or apprehend a 
Thief. Lond. 1628, 8to, In verse. First 
issue of the previous work. Skegg, por- 
trait, 12, 188. Bright. 1316, (no port.) 12s. 
CLiLVELL, Robert. The general 
Catalogue of Books printed in 
England since the dreadful Fire of 
London. Lond. 1680. folio. 

The third edition. Brockett, 784, with 
14 suppl. lOs, 1673, folio.—1676, folio. Con- 
tinuation to Trinity Term, 1700, folio. 

Clavigeeo, Abb^ D. Francesco, 
Saverio. History of Mexico, col- 
lected from Spanish and Mexican 
Historians, from Manuscripts and 
ancient Paintings, of the Lidians. 
Translated from the ItaUan, by 
Charles CuUen. Lond. 1787. 4to. 
2 vols. 

A valuable work, illustrated with charts 
and plates. Besides natural history, there 
is in this work much learned research on 
the ancient history of Mexico. Roxburghe, 
8926, 12. 7s. Marq. of Townshend, 786, 
12. 10s. Duke of York, 1468, 12. 78.-1469, 
12.68. Fonthill, 636, 22. 10s. 

Clay, Edward, jun. History 
and Description of Framlingham. 
Halesworth, 18mo. 

Pp. 144, with 2 plates of the castle. 

— Mary. The Highway-woman, 
or a narrative of the wicked life 
and deplorable death of Mary Clay, 
alias Jenny Fox. Lond. 4to. wood- 
cut, 1665. 

Clayton, Gyles. The approved 
Order of Martiall Discipline, with 
every particular Offycer his 0%ce 
and Dutie ; with many Strataeemes 
adjoyned to the same. Lond. 
1591. 4to. 

Black letter, with portrait of Q. Eliza^ 
beth, on back of title. Gordonstoun, 685. 
II. 28. ' 

— John. The Reports of Pleas 
of Assize at York, with some Pre- 
cedents useful for Pleaders in En- 
glish. Lond. 1651. 12mo. 

— Robert, Bishop of Clogher. 
The Chronology of the Hebrew 


Bible vindicated. The Facts com- 
pared with other ancient HiBtories^ 
and the difficulties explainefl from 
the Flood to the death of Moses. 
Lond. 1747. 4to. 

In this excellent work, the Bishop de- 
fends the numbers of the Hebraw text, and 
maintains the Usherian system of chrono- 
logy with a great variety of learning. 

An Essay on Spirit With an Inqnirr 
into the sentiments of the primitive Fa^ 
thers of the Church, &c. From the Dub- 
lin copy, with Additions and Corrections 
by the Author. Lond. 1751, 8vo. 6s. This 
work, though generallv ascribed to the Bi- 
shop, is only an adoption of his. [He 
wrote only the introduction.] It pro- 
duced an amazing controversy, and more 
than from twenty to thirty writers ap- 
peared in the way of attack and defence. 
An impartial Enquiry into the Time of 
the coming of the Messiah ;' together with 
an Abstract of the EvidemJe on which the 
Belief of the Christian Religion is found- 
ed; in two letters to aii. eminent Jew. 
Lond. 1761, 8vo.4s. In ttis, and in the 
author's Dissertation on'i^rophecy-, 1749, 
the Bishop endeavours to shew, from a 
comparison of the Prophecies of Daniel and 
John, that the dispersion of the Jews will 
terminate, and the fall of the Papacy take 
place about the year 2000t 

A Vindication of the Histories of the 
Old and New Testament, in the Answer to 
the Objections of the late Lord Boling- 
broke. (In three Parti.) Dublin, 1752. 4, 7, 
8vo. Mr. Orme observes, *In this vindi- 
cation there are many things that are im- 
portant, and much that is pernicious.' 

A Journal from Grand Cairo to Mount 
Sinai and back again. Translated from a 
Manuscript, written by the Prefetto of 
Egypt, in company with the Missionaries 
de propaganda Fide at Grand Cairo. To 
which are added, some Remarks on the 
Origin of Hieroglyphics and the Mytho- 
logy of the ancient Heathens. Lond. 1753L 
4to. 6s. 8vo. 2s. 6d. Published with a view 
of exQitiiig antiquaries to make some en- 
quiry into those ancient characters, which 
are discovered in great numbeiB in tbe 
wilderness of Sinai. 8vo. Williams, 604» 
mor. 14s. FonthUl. 2887, 16s. 4to. Font- 
hill, 882, 7s. Reprinted in the tenth vo- 
lume of Pinkerton's Collection of Voyages 
and Travels, and also with Maaocuell's 
Journey, Edition 1810, 8vo. 

Cleaveland. See Cixvelakd. 

Oleaveb, William, snocessiTely 
Bishop of Chester, Bangor, and St. 
Asaph. De Bhythmo Qmconim 




Xiber Bingularis* OxoniJ, 1775 — 

1783. 12mo. 5s. 

Pp. 1.50. An excellent little work. 

DlrectionB to his Clergy, with a List of 
Books recommended to the younger Clergy 
and other Students in Divinity within the 
IMoceae of Cheater. Many editions. 

Sermons on select Subjects. Oxford, 
1806, 8to. 

Decretum Laeedoemoxdorum contra Ti> 
motheum e Codd. MSS. Oxon. cum Com- 
mentario. Oxon. 1777. Svo. 

See HoMBB, Oxon. 1800. 

Clef ded Champs, poor trouver 
plusieurs Animaux taiit Bestes qu' 
Oyseaux, avec plusieurs Fleurs et 
]EVuitz. Imprim^ aux Blacke-friers 
(London) pour Jaques le Moyne, 
dit de Morgues, Peintre. 1586. 

oblong folio. 

A copy is in Sir Jos. Banks' Uhrary, now 
In the British Ijiuseum. 

Cleoate, . TravaiU from 

Terra Incogn^'tA through the Wil- 
derness of Sinne. Lond. 1650. 

Cleges. — Sir Cleges. 

Acomplete specimen of therealFahliau, 
inserted from an imperfect copy by Weber 
in his collection of niotrieal romances. The 
conclusion, the /part wanting in the copy 
used by Weber, is given from a MS. in tiie 
Ashmolean Collectioi at Oxford, in the 
British Bibliographer, ii. 17—19. 

CleiiANd, James. HPQ-JIAI- 

AEI A, or the Institution of a young 

Nobleman. Oxford, Barnes, 1607. 


Oordonstoun, 664, 168. 6d. Beed, 1974, 
128. Constable, 287, 9s. 6d. Inglis, 861, 
18b. Bindley, pt i. 2022, 7s. 6d. 

Death and Funeral of Lodovick (Stu- 
art) Duke of Richmond. Lond. W. Stans- 
by, 1624, 4to. with a plate of the Duke 
lying in state. Ctough, 1096, 4L 14s. 6d. 
Nassau, pt. i. 846, 32. 

Jacobs Well and Abbots Condvit paral- 
leled, preached and applied to the vse of 
the Citie of Canterbury by James Cleland, 
DJ>. Lond. 1626, 4to. On John ir. 6, with 
a neat engraving of the conduit as a fron- 

— James, M. D. Annals of Glas- 
gow ; comprinng an Account of the 
public Buildings, Charities, and 
theBise and l^rogreoB of that City. 
Glasgow, 1816. 8yo. 2 vds. 150. 

VOL. I. 

This author published other works re- 
lating to Glasgow. 

CleIiASTD, John. Specimen of an 
Etimological Yocabulary, or Essay, 
by Means of the analytic Method, to 
retrieve the antient Celtic. With 
additional Articles. Lond. 1768-9. 
8vo. 7s. 

An esteemed work. 

The Way to Things by Words and to 
Words by Things : being a Sketch of an 
Attempt at the Retrieval of the ancient 
Celtic or primitive Language of Europe : 
to which 18 added, a succinct Account of 
the Sanscrit, or the learned Language of 
the Bramins ; also two Essays, the one on 
the Origin of the musical Waits at Christ- 
mas, the other on the real Secret of the 
Free-Masons. Lond. 1766, 8vo. 

Memoirs of a Coxcomb. Lond. 1761, 
12mo. 6s. A work of considerable merit, 
containing a narrative of adventures in 
the world of gallantry. Bindley, pt. i. 1206, 
6s. 6d. 

Three dramatic ^eoes, viz. Titus Yes* 
pasian, the Ladies Subscription, and Tom- 
bo-Chiqui. Lond. 1766-8, 8vo. Rhodes, 
68. 6d. 

Surprises of Love. Lond. 1766, 12mo. 
Duke of York, 1099, 8s. Reed, 1872, Ids. 

The Man of Honour. Lond. 17 — , 
12mo. 8 vols. 10s. 6d. [Said to have been 
written as an amende honorable for his 
exceptionable 'Memoir of a Woman of 

This author, son of Col. C, the WilL 
Honeycomb of the Spectator, published a 
novel entitled, ^anny Hill, or) Memoirs 
bf a Woman (» Pleasure, (2 vols. 12mo. 
1760), a book of the most pernicious ten- 
dency, justly censured by every one who 
has the least regard to virtue and decency. 
The copyright was sold for 20 Guineas to 
Griffiths the bookseller, who cleared about 
10/X)02. by the sale of it [Griffiths procured 
a favourable review of it in the Monthly 
Review ; but after this had appeared the 
language was considerably altered for the 
worse by Drybutter, the bookseller, who 
was punished for it by being put in the 
pillory in 1767.] Cleland having been sum- 
moned before the privy council, pleaded 
poverty as his excuse; upon which the 
late Earl Granville very nobly settled an 
annuity of 1002. per annum, on condition of 
his refraining from so Immoral a mode of 

— WiDiam. A Collection of 

several Poems and Yerses composed 

upon various Qcoasions. Pnnted 

in the Year 1697. small 8yo. 12s. 

Pp. 140. The author styles himself 
Lieutenant CoUonell to my Lord Angus's 

I I 




Regiment. Bibl. Anglo^Poet. 006 (MS. 
title), 21. 12s. 6d. 

Cielia, The Hock, or Madam 
Quixote: being a comical History of 
French Gkdlantries. Lond. 1678. 
8vo. 5b. 

The romance of Clelie was written hj 
Magdeleine de Scudery.' 

Glemsns ALEXAKDBnnjs. Opera, 
recognita et illuBtrata per Joannem 
Pottermn, Episcopum Oxoniensem. 
Oxon. 1715. folio. 2 vols. 

According to Dr. Harwood, * Averysplen- 
did and elaborate edition, worthy the ce- 
lebrity of the place where it was publish- 
ed, and the erudition of the very learned 
prelate who hath so happily illustrated 
this miscellaneous writer.^ Combe, 637, 
IL 168. Gough, 910, IZ. 17s. Drury, 1214, 
21. 168. Williams, 498, morocco, 61, large 
PAPER. Heath, 606, 51. 12s. 6d. Reprinted 
Venice, 1767, folio, 2 vols. 

Clemens Bomanus, S. Epistola 
prior ad Corinthios, Gr. et Jjat. cum 
Notis Patr. Jwiii, Sooto-britanni, 
Oxon. 1633. 4to. 

Editio princeps. Gordonstoon, S92, 28. 


— Ad Corinthios EpistolsD duse, 
Ghp. et Lat. cum Notis variorum, ex 
Recensione Henr. Wotton. Cantab. 
1718. 8vo. 6s. 

A very correct and excellent edition, ac- 
cording to Dr. Harwood. labqe paper. 
Drury, 904. mor. U. ISs. Williams, 505, 
mor. 11. 128.— Oxon. 1677, 12mo. 28. 6d. 
Edited by J. Fell, Bishop of Oxford, large 
PAPER. 68.— Lond. 1687, 8vo. Ss. Edited by 
Colom'esius. Lond. 1^5. 

S. Clementis Romani, S. Tgnatil, S. Po- 
lycarpi, patrum apostolicorum qua) super- 
sunt, accedunt S. Ignatii et S. Polycarpi 
martyria, gr. ad fidem codicum recens, etc. 
illustravit Gul. Jacobson. Oxford, 1838, 
8vo. 2 vols. 

— The First Epistle of Clement 
the Apostle to the Corinthians, with 
Annotations by William Burton. 
Lond. 1647. 4to. 

Reprinted 1662, 4to. Another transla- 
tion. Aberdeen, 1768, 8vo. 28. Said to be a 
good translation, with an excellent preface. 
It will likewise be found in Abp. Wake's 
translation of the genuine Epistles of the 
Apostolical Fathers. 

In Whiston's Primitive Christianity Re- 
vived will be found * The Recognitions of 
Clement; on* the Travels of Peter, in ten 
Books; likewise * The Constitutions of the 

Holy Apostles,' by. Clement, in Greek and 

The pretended Authority of the Citt- 
mentine Constitutions confdted. liood. 
1714, 8vo. A tract by Bp. Smalbrok^ 
which the reader of Whiston's Primitive 
Chistianity Revived would do well to con- 

Clemens VIII. AFardon and Ab- 
solution granted hy Pope ClemeBA 
the viii for the Church of Wox- 
bridge (or Uxbridge) in the Diocese 
of London, by Ihomas (Wolsey) 
Cardinal of York Legate. Imp. 
per me Eich. Fakes. 

A small sheet. 

Apologia pro Uierarchia Ecdesiasticaa 
S. D. N. Clemente, P. P. VIII. his Annis 
apud Anglos institnta. Permissa Supezio- 
rum (1601), 8vo. 68. An appendix was vti^ 
lished 1602, 8vo. 

A briefe Apologie, or Defence of the 
Catholike Ecclesiastical Hierarchie and 
Subordination in England, erected these 
later Yeares by Pope Clement the eight; 
and impugned by certain Libels printed 
and published of late both in Latine and 
English, by some vnquiet Persons vnder 
the Name of Priests of the Seminaries. 

The famous Conclave wherein Clement 
VIII. was elected Pope : with the Intrigues 
and cunning Devices of that ecclesiastical 
Assembly. Translated from ^e Italian. 
Lond. 1670, 4to. 6s. 

Clemens XIV. See Q^angaitelij. 

Clemens k Lybeo-Monte, Veu- 
ceslaus. Gttrteriados, sive Avre» 
Perisceledis, Libri dvo. Lugd. Bat, 
1634. foUo. 

A curious work on the order of the garter. 

Trinobantiados Augnstsa, sive Londini, 
Libri VI. Lond. 1686, 4to. Nassau, pt.L 
817, IZ. 3s. Bindley, pt. ii. 356, 68. 

Viola, 1636, 4to. 

Clement. — ^A Dyalogue of one 
Clemente, a Clerke of the Convo- 
cacjon, and one Bamarde, a Burges 
of the Parlyament, dvsputynge be- 
twene them, what Auctoryte the 
Clergye have to make Lawes. And 
how farre, and where theyr Power 
dothe extende (1530?). 16mo. 

— Petie Schole, with an English 
Orthographic, wherein, by Rules 
lately prescribed, is taught a Me- 
thod to enable both a Childe to 



read perfectly within one Month, 

and also the imperfect to write 

English aright. Lend. 1587. 16mo. 

Black letter. 

Clbmetttuta Sobiesei, Obnsort 
of 'The old Pretender.* Female For- 
titude exemplified, in an impartial 
Narrative of the Seizure, Escape, 
and Marriage of the Princess Cle- 
mentina Sobiesky, as it was par* 
ticularly set down by Mr. Charles 
"Wogan (formerly one of the Pres- 
ton Prisoners). Lond. 1722. 8vo. 6s. 

— Wife of James Francis-Ed- 
ward, Son of K. James II. Solenne 
lEsequie de Maria Clementina So- 
bieski, Begina dell' Inghilterra, 
celebrate nella Chiesa di S. Pater- 
niano in Fano. 1735. folio. 

Farentalia in Anniveraarto Fnoere Ma- 
rise ClementimB, Mat^nse Britanniss Regi- 
nffi, habita coram sacro Gollegio S. K. E. 
Cardinalium Jussa sacrsa Congregationis 
de propoganda Fide, &c. folio. Bindley, 
pt. Hi. 606, 78. pt. ii.2682 (date 1786), 178. 

Academia Funebri nel giomo Aimivei> 
sario della Morte dl Maria Clementiiia Re- 
gina della Oran Brettagna. Roma, 1737, 
folio. Bindley, pt 1 179, lis. 

De Gostumi e della Morte di Maria Cle- 
mentina, Regina d' Inghilterra, Francia 
et d' Irlando. Roma, 1744, 8vo. with por- 
trait, &c. 5s. 

Cleocreton. — ^The Delectable His- 
tory of Cleocreton andCloryana. 4to. 

A black letter Romance. White 
Knights, 8748. Steevens, 1188, 16b. 

Cleomenes. — ^The renowned His- 
tory of Cleomenes and Juliet. Lond. 

1577. 8vo. 

See Warton's Poetry, 8vo. ir. 802. 

Cleopatra. See CALFBEinsDE. 

Cleophilus, Comoedia. Lond. 
1700. 4to. 

Wri tten by Waterhouse. Bindley, pt. it 

Clergy.— *A proper Dyaloge be- 
twene a Gentillman and an Hus- 
bandman ; eche complayneinge to 
other theyr myserable Calamyte, 
through the Ambicion of the 
Clergye. 8vo. 

. Black letter, in rerse, consisting of 24 



Enonnytess ysed by ye Clergy, and 8pe> 
dally against ye Heresy of Simony vsyd 
by the Clergy. Lond. by Thomas GKxl- 
finsy (n. d.) 8ivo. 

A Treatise concerning the Power of the 
Clergye, and the Lawes of the Realme. 
Lond. by Thomas Godfray (n.d.),8vo. 

A reasonable Motion in the Behalfe of 
snch of the Clergie as are now questioned 
in Parliament for their Places. Printed in 
the unfortunate Teare to Pries tR, 1661, 4to. 
Bindley, pt iv. 87. A poetical doggrel, re- 
lative to Btrafiford and Laud, reprinted in 
the fourth volume of the Somers Collec- 
tion of Tracts. 

Collection of several Acts of Parliament, 
&c. for providing Maintenance for Minis- 
ters, Heads of CoUedges and Halls, in the 
University of Oxford and Cambridge, and 
other pious Uses. 1667, 4to. Hollis, 411, 


Clergyman's (The) Instructor, or 
a Collection of Tracts on the Minis- 
terial Duties. Oxford, 1824. 8vo. 
6s. 6d. Sixth edition, 1855, 8to. 7s. 

TheClergyman's Assistant ; being aColr 
lection of Statutes, Ordinances and Forms 
relating to the Rights, Duties and Liabi- 
lities of the Clergy. A new Edition, en- 
larged and corrected. Oxford, 1822, 8vo. 
10s. Oxford, 1807. Williams, 606, 9s. 
Clergyman's Vade Mecum. See Johnson, 

Clerio. — Loves and Adventures 
of Clerio and Logia. Lond. 1655. 
small 8vo. 

Nassau, pt. i. 2064^ 4s. 

Clerk, Bartholomew. See Saitdeb> 

— Charles. Work on Swedish 
Spiders. See Mastyn, Thomas. 

— John, of Eldin. An Essay on 
naval Tactics, systematical and his- 
torical. In four Parts. Lond. 

1790-8. 4to, 

This vorlc, which on its publication was 
.highly lauded, is taken almost wholly 
from a work ' L'Art des Armen Naval es, — 
par le P. Paul Hoste. Lyon, 1697.' Anew 
edition. Edinb. 1804, 4to. Third edition, 
with notes by Lord Rodney. Lond. 1827, 

— Etchings chiefly of Views in 
Scotland. 1773—1779. Edinh. 1825. 
4to. 27 plates. 

Forty copies printed on India paper, and 
presented to the members of the Banna- 
tyne Club by the Hon. Lord Eldin. 

1 1 a 




Glebke, Francis. Praxis bu- 

premse Cuiiffi Admiralitatis ; Oui ad- 

jiciuntur Articuli Magistii Rowgh- 

ton, ad Officium Admiralitatis spec- 

tantes. Lond. 1798. 12mo. 58. 

Fifth and best edition. A work, accord- 
ing to Lord Hardw icke, of undoubted credit. 

Praxis tarn Jus dlcentibna, quam aliia 
omnibus, qui in Foro Ecclesiastlco Tersan- 
tur, apprlme ntilis. Dubl. 1666, 4to. 

— John Opvscrlvm plane di- 
vinum de Mortuorum Sesurrec- 
tione et extremo luditio, in quatuor 
Lingiiifi succincte conscriptum. Au- 
thors Joanne Clerco. Iiatyne, 
Euglvsshe, Italian, Frenche. Loud, 
by Joannes Herforde, 1546. 4to. 

'Contains 81 leaves, dedicated to 'Henry 
Conte de Surrey.' Printed in double co- 
lumns, so that the four languages are 
apparent at one view ; the Latin and Ita- 
lian in Koman letter, the English and 
French in black. This work is curious on 
sRoount of some of the speculations it con- 
tains, but above all as It affords a com- 
parative view of the orthography and 
idiom of the English, French and Italian 
languages at that period. 

Another edition, 1647, 4to. to which are 
added two treatises on Italian and French 
verbs. Tanner notices an edition 1678, in 

A Declaration briefly conteyneng as well 
the true Understandyngeof Tharticlesen- 
suynge as allso a Recitall of the capital 
Errours against the same Predestination. 
Ffree Will, Faythe, Justification, Good 
Woorkes, Christian Libertye. John Clerc 
ttie Authour. Anno M.DJLLyi. Lond. 
by Nycholas Hyll, 8vo. 

— Wm. The Triall of Bastar- 
die with a Table of the Ijeuitical, 
English, and Fositiye Canon Cata- 
logues, their Concordance and Dif- 
ference. Lond. 1594. 4to. 

White Knights, 1129, 6s. Bindley, pt L 
1846, 6s. Sir P. Thompson, 189, U. 

— Marciano, or the Discovery, 

a Tagi-comedy. Edinb. 1663. 4to. 


This piece is said to have been acted 
with great applause, before his M^esty's 
high Commissioner, and othera of the no- 
bility, at the abbey of Holyrood house. 

Cleby, M. Journal de ce qui 

s'est pass^ h la Tour dn Temple 

pendant la Captirite de Louis XTL 
Boi de France. Lond. 1798. 8rsi. 
Written Ifv the Valet de Chamteed« 
fioi. Fonthill, 8390, 1^ labob papbb, 
with an official document bearing sigim- 
tures of the King and Queen, moroeoo, 
Sotheby, 1868, 22. 17b. An English tranato- 
tion has been published by R.C. DaUaa» 
Lond. 1798, 8vo. Another by J. Bennett 
Lond. 1828, 8vo. 

— Memoirs of P. L. H. Clery, 
formerly Yalet de Chambre of the 
Duchesse d' Angouleme, 8to. 2 toIb 
with portraits. 

Clbyelajo), Ezra, B.D. A ge- 
nealogical History of the noble and 
illustrious Family of Courtenay. 
In three Farts. Exon. 1735. £d1k>. 

Pp. 307. with title, dedication to ' Sir 
William Courtenay Bart' &c. Spam. At 
<»nd ' A Collection of Deeds and Imrtm- 
ments,' &c. 82 pp. .Inserted are 12 genea- 
logical tables. Gibbon, speaking of this 
work, observes, ' The first part is extracted 
from William of Tyre ; the seooud, from 
Bouchet's French History; and the third, 
from vMTious memorials, public, provincial 
and private, of the Conrtenays of Devon- 
shire. The Rector ci Honiton (E;sra 
Cleaveland) has more gratitude than in- 
dustry, and more industry than criticiam.' 
Bindley, pt. i. 1136, 12, 28. Towneley, pt 
ii. 623, 15s. 6d. Nassau, pt L 1103, II. 19b. 
FonthilL 2411, 62. 56. Brockett, 786, U ISs. 
Gough, 909, U. 28. Sir P. Tharapflon, 194, 

— John. Works, contaimng his 

Poems, Orations, Epistles, coUasted 

into one Volume, with the liife of 

the Author. Lond. 1687. 12mo. 

Pp. 646, with portrait BIbL Anglo- 
Poet 162, 11. Is. Nassau, pt i. 718. Sto. 
* While the first edition and e&eets of 
Paradise Lost were slowly stmggling 
throuffh the mists of bigotry and party 
prejudice into public reputation, ib» 
PoMns of Cleveland were poured forth in 
innumerable impressions. The reverse is 
now the singular contrast; and Cleveland 
has had the fkte of those poets, described 
in Johnson's life of Cowley, whCL ' paying 
their court to temporary prejudioes, have 
been at one time too much praised, and at 
another too much neglected.' " — ^etrotf. 
Rev, zii. 123-42. 

The Character of a London DinnalL 
Lond. 1644, 4to. Another edition with seve- 
ral! select Poems : by the same Anthoi. 
Printed in the Yeere 1647, 4to. pp. 6S. 
BibL Anglo-Poet 166^ 188. An editiOB of 




GuBYELAFD, John — continued. 

the Character of a Diurnal-Maker. Loud. 
1654, 4to. 

Poems, 1661. Another edition, 1651, 
"With additions, 2 ports. 78 leaves, besides 

M(mumentuiD Regale, or atombe erected 
for that incomparable and glorious mo- 
narch Charles I. In select elegies, epi- 
taphs and poems. Lond. 1649, ISmo. 

Poems, 1668, 12mo. [new title only to 
1651], with a portrait in a band. Reed, 
6662, 6s. 

Idol of the Clownes, 1654. Nassau, pt. 
i. 720, 8s. Woodhouse, 62. 78. 6d. 

Poems bj J. C. with Additions, never 
before printed. Printed in the Year 1654, 
small 8vo. pp. 120. BibL Anglo-Poet. 167, 
128. Bosooe. 1S74, 78. 6d. Heath, 1788, 
2s. 6d. Reed, 6654, Is. 6d. 

Poems, by J. C. with Additions, never 
before printed. Printed in the year 1657, 
sm. 8vo. pp. 107. 

Rustick rampant, or rural Anarchy 
affronting Monarchy in the Person of Wat 
Tyler. Lond. 1668, 16mo. portrait. Nas- 
sau, pt. i. 721, 3s. 

Poems. By John Cleavland. With 
Additions, never before printed* Printed 
for W. Shears, 1660, small 8vo. pp. 244, 
with a portrait of the author, a bust. Bibl. 
Anglo.Poet. 168, 10s. 6d. White Knights, 
860,4s. Bindlev, pt. i. 1046, 6s. 

J. Cleavelana Revived: Poems, Ora- 
tions, Epistles, and other of his genuine 
incomparable Pieces, never before pub- 
lished. With some other exquisite Re- 
mains of the most eminent Wits ot both 
the Universities that were his Contempo- 
raries. Lond. 1669, 16mo. pp. 127, portrait. 
' J. Cleaveland revived : Poems, Orations, 
Epistles, and other of his genuine incom- 
parable Pieces. Lond. 1660, 12mo. with 
portrait. White Knights, 869, 6s. 

Poems. By John Cleavland. With 
Additions never before printed. Lond. 
1661, small 8vo. pp. 2S6» with portrait. 
Bibl. Anglo-Poet 169. 

Cleveland Revived, 1662, 8vo. with por- 

Poems, by John Cleavland. Lond. 1662, 
small 8vo. pp. 238, with portrait Bibl. 
Anglo-Poet 160, mor. 11. 5s. 

Poems, by John Cleaveland, 1666. 

Poems, by John Cleaveland ; with Ad- 
ditions, never before printed. Lond. 1666, 
sm. 8vo. pp. 280. 

Cliavelandi YindfclsB ; or Clieveland's 
genuine Poems, Orations, Epistles, Ac. 
purged from the many false and spurious 
ones which have usurped his Name, and 
frominnumerableErrours and Corruptions 
in the txyte Copies. To which are added 
many Additions never printed before. 
With an Account of the Author's Life. 
Published according to the Author's own 

Copies. Lond. 1677, 8vo. pp. 239, with por- 
trait in a canonical habit, probably ficti- 
tious, as Cleveland never was in holy 
orders. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 161, morocco, 
12. lis. 6d. 

J. Cleavland revived : Poems, Orations, 
Epistles, and other of his senuine incom- 
parable Pieces, &c. This Iburth Edition, 
besides many other never "before pnblisht 
Additions, is enriched with the Author's 
Midsummer Moon, or Lunacy rampant, 
&c. now at last pnblisht from his original 
Copies, by some of his intrusted Friends. 
Lond. 16i^ sm. 8vo. pp. 182. 

Clievelandi Yindicise ; or Clieveland's 
genuine Poems, Orations, Epistles, &c. 
Purged from tlie many false and spurious 
ones which have usurped his Name, and 
from innumerable En-ors and Corruptions 
iu the true Copies. To which are added 
many Additions never printed before. 
With an Account of the Author's Life. 
Lond. 1677, 8vo. Pp. 262. with portrait 

The Works of J. Cleveland, 1699, 8vo. 
with portrait, 6s. Bindley, pt i. 1047, 
2s. 6d. 

A full account of this forgotten versifier 
will be found in Nichols' History of Lei- 
cestershire, and a notice of ten different 
editions of his poems is in the Retrosp. 
Rev. zii. 128-^12. 

Cleyxland, Parker. An elemen- 
tary Treatise on Mineralogy and 
G^eology. Boston, U.S. 1816. 8vo. 9s. 
1822. 8vo. 

A very excellent work, ably noticed iu 
the Edinburgh Review, xxx. 374— 8& 
CHdamas, or the Sicilian Tale. 

Lond. 1659. small 8vo. 

Prefixed is a firontlBpieoe by Marshal. 
Nassau, pt. i. 724, 12. 28. 

GuFFOBD, Arthur. Tixall Poetry, 
with Notes and IllustrationB. By 
Arthur CMord. Edinb. 1813. 4to. 
lOs. 6d. 

Sir M. M. Sykes, pt l. 724,12. Brockett, 
776, 12. Is. LABGB PAFBB, In royal 4to. 
with proof plates. In No. VI. of Dr. N. 
Drake^s Evenings in Autumn, is a long 
article on this most amusing work. 

— CoUectanea Clifibrdiana) in 
three Parts, containing I. Anec- 
dotes of illustrious Personages of 
the Name of Clifford. II. Histo- 
rical and Genealogical Notices re- 
specting the Origin and Antiquity 
of the Clifford FamUy. HI. Clif- 
ford, a Tragedy. Paris, 1817. 8vo- 

Pp. 7 to 218, and 9 leaves of introduc- 
tory matter. Part III. pp. 146 and one 
leaf of index. Privately printed. 



Clj^ordiana, industria et studio. O. 
Oliver, collecta, Exeter, not published, 
small Syo. irithout dat« (about 1822). 

Cliffobd, Sir Thomas and Ar- 
thur. Historical and Topographical 
description of the parish of Tixall. 
Paris, 1817. 4to. portraits and 

Privately printed. Sotheby's in June 

1827, lOs. LARGE PAPBE. 

— Chr. Schoole of Horseman- 
ship, with a strange and rare In- 
vention how to male a new Backe, 
and how to teach a Horse to lie 
upon his BeUj untill the Bider take 

his Backe. Lond. 1585. 4to. 

Black letter, dedicated to Sir Philip 
Sidney. Prefixed are verses by Sir John 
Trade. Inglis, 364, 16s. 

— James. Collection of the 
divine Services and Anthems usu- 
ally sung in his Majesties Chapell, 
and in aU the cathedral and col- 
legiate Choirs of England and Ire- 
land. Lond. 1663 or 4. 8vo. lOs. 6d. 

To this book Ant. k Wood and others 
frequently refer in speaking of our choral 
music. It contains the words of the ser- 
vices and anthems of near seventy of our 
church composers, whose works were in 
use in cathedrals soon after the Restora- 

— Martin. A Treatise of hu- 
mane Beason. Lond. 1675. 12mo. 

Keprinted 1691, 12mo. Lond. 1735, 8vo. 
and in the first volume of the Pheniz, and 
in the ninth volume of the Harleian Mis- 
cellany. Respecting tiiis work and its 
author, see Wood's Athen. Oxon. 

Clift, Henry. New Book of 
Declarations, Pleadings, "Verdicts, 
Judgments and judicial Writs j 
~with the Entries thereupon, digested 
and published by Sir Charles In- 
glesby Knt. Lond. 1703 or 19. 
foUo. 7s. 6d. 

Clinton, H. F. Fasti Hellenici 
The Civil and Literary Chronology 
of Greece, from the earliest Accounts 
to the LVth Olympiad. Oxford, 
1834. 11. 10s. 6d. From the LVIth 
to the LXXIIIrd Olympiad. Third 
edition. Ox. 1841. 1^. 14s. 6d. 
From the LXXIYth Olympiad to 
the Death of Augustus. Second 

edition. Ox. 1851. 11. 128. Together, 

3 vols. 4to. 41. 146. 6d. 

Epitome of the Oivil and Literary Chnv 
nology of Greece, from the earliest Ae> 
counts to tide Death of Augustas. Ox. 
1851, 8vo. 6s. 6d. 

— Fasti Bomani. The Civil and 

Literary Chronology of Kome azid 

Constantinople from the Death of 

Augustus to the Death of Justin IL 

Ox. 1845. 21. 2s. From the Death of 

Augustus to the Death of HeracHus, 

VoL II. Appendix, Ox. 1850. 1^.78. 

2 vols. 4to. SI. 9s. 

Epitmne of the Civil and Literary Chro- 
nology of Rome and Constantinople from 
the Death of Augustus to the Death d 
Justin II. Ox. 1864, 8vo. 78. 

Clio and Euterpe ; or British 

Harmony. 1762. 8vo. 3 vols. 

With engravings to each song. A 
fourth volume was partly printed. Sothe- 
by's in 1824, 12. Skegg, 393. 12. lOs. 

Clive, Bobert, Lord. See Ca- 
BACCiOLi, Charles. 

Clodoaldus. — A Saxon Historie 
of the admirable Adventures of 
Clodoaldus and his three Children. 
Translated out of French by Sir 
Thomas Hawkins. Lond. 1634. 4to. 
Grordonstoun, 1175, 12. 6s. Boxbur^be, 
6400, 12. 4b. 

Cloria. — ^The Princesse Cloria or 

the Boyal Bomance. Lond. 1665. 


With a firontispiece. Roxbui^be, 6401, 
18s. Brockett, 788, 6s. 

Close, Francis, A.M. The Book 
of Genesis considered and illus- 
trated in a Series of historical Dis- 
courses. Lond. 1826. 8vo. 

This writer has published somevolnmea 
of Sermons and other works^ forirhicb«e« 
London Catalogue. 

Closse, 0eo. The Parricide Pa- 
pist, or Cut-throate Cathohkei, A 
tragicall Discourse of a Murther 
lately committed at Padstow, in the 
Countie of Cornwall, by a pro- 
fessed Papist killing his owne Fa- 
ther, and afterwards himselfis, ia 
Zeale of his Popish Religion, the 
11 of March last past, 1606. Lond. 
1606. 4ito. 




' Black letter. Oordonstoun, 451, 12. Is. 
Nassau, pt. 1. 848, 1/. as. Bright, 1329, 12. 168. 
Clowes, William. A prooued 
Practise for all young Chirurgions 
concerning Burnings with Gbun- 
powder & Woundes made with 
O-imshot, &c. Hereto is adioyned 
ii Treatise of the French or Spanish 
Pocks, by lohn Almenar. Also a 
Collection of Aphorismes, English 

and Latinel Lond. 1591. 4to. 

Pages 200, as numbered ; but besides 
the prefixes, and table at the end, there 
are 61 leaves inserted before p. 97, with 
cuts of instruments, &c. Other editions, 
1588. 4to. 1637, 4to.— This celebrated 
' Maister in Chirurger^' published several 
other works formeny in great repute. 

CLrBBE, Eev. John. Miscel- 
laneous Tracts. Ipswich, 1770. 

12mo. 2 Tols. 5s. 

Nassau, pt. i. 728. Steevens, 814, with 
Hogarth's design, 7s. 6d. This author's 
History and Antiquities of Wheatfield, in 
Suffolk, is considered a piece of excellent 
irony at the expense of modem antiqua- 

The original edition of the Antiquities 
of Wheatfield. Lond. 1768, 4to. Dent, 
pt. i. 817. Roxburghe, 6710, with a por- 
trait and his physiognomy, also a plate by 
Hogarth, 178. 

Clubs.— The secret History of 
Clubs of all Descriptions. [By Ned 

Ward.] Lond. 1709. 8vo. 

BibL Llwyd. 208, 17b. 

A compleat and humourous Account of 
all the remarkable Clubs and Societies in 
London and Westminster from the R — 1 
S — y down to the Lumber-Troop, &c. 
Lidnd. 1745, 12mo. Nassau, pt. i. 769, 10s. 
Brand, 2<. Ss. 

The Clubs of London, with Anecdotes 
of their members. Lond. 1828. 8vo. 2 vols. 

Cluttbebuck, Eobert. The His- 
tory and Antiquities of the County 
of Hertford; compiled from the 
best Authorities and original Be- 
cords, preserved in pubUc Reposi- 
tories and prirate Collections. Lond. 

1815,21,27. roy.foLS vols.l6^. 15b. 
Published at 82. 8s. per volume. VoL i. 
Title and dedication, 2 leaves ; preface, 
and list of subscribers, pp. vlii. ; geogra- 
phical description, &c. pp. xxxvi.; the 
history, pp. 626 ; appendix, indexes, &c. 
106 pages.— Vol. 1 contains plates. A 
separate leaf of two pages, containing a 

description of Cashiobury Park, has been 
printed by John Britton, for insertion in 
the work. — ^Vol. ii. The history (not In- 
cluding title) pp. 1—664 ; appendix, &c. 
73 pages. 1*1118 volume contains 8 plates. 
—Vol. iii. Title, advertisement, and list of 
subscribers, pp. vlii.; the history, pp. 619, 
indexes, &c. 62 pages, after which is a leaf 
containing directions to the binder for 
placing the plates. In this volume there 
are duplicate pages 621 and 522 and 11 
plates. With vol. iii. was delivered a map 
of the county and the following cancels : 
pp. xxxvii. 248, 244, 336 & 336, in vol. i. 
and pp. 271 & 272, in vol. ii. 

LARGE PAPEB, With proof plates. Pub-