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Software Product Description 

PRODUCT NAME: PDP-1 1/60 Microprogramming Tools, version i 

SPD 15.89.1 


The PDP-11/60 Microprogramming Tools Software Kit 
provides basic microcode development software in- 
cluding a microcode assembler and a microcode 
loader for use with the user control store (UCS) op- 
tion of the PDP-1 1/60 under the RSX-11M operating 

The microcode assembler accepts micro instructions 
and DIGITAL-supplied IVIACRO commands, which de- 
fine the 11/60 microword. The micro assembler pro- 
duces an absolute object module and a user listing. 

The microcode loader accepts an object module (cre- 
ated by the micro assembler) and a DIGITAL-supplied 
object module (to provide a dispatch table and error 
handling). It loads the writable control store of the 
PDP-1 1/60. 

Sources are also included: They are written in 
IVIACRO-11 and FORTRAN IV-PLUS for the micro as- 
sembler and loader. 


Any valid RSX-11M configuration with the PDP-11/60 
UCS option and a 64K byte partition for microcode 




RSX-11M Real-time Operating System, Version 3 or 




C — Software Support will be provided as stated in 
the Software Support Categories Addendum to this 


No updates are planned for this product. 


All binary licensed software, including any subse- 
quent updates, Is furnished under the licensing provi- 
sions of DIGITAL'S Standard Terms and Conditions of 
Sale, which provide in part that the software and any 
part thereof may be used on only the single CPU on 
which the software is first installed, and may be cop- 

ied, in whole or in part (with the proper inclusion of 
the DIGITAL copyright notice and any DIGITAL 
proprietary notices on the software) only for use on 
such CPU. All source licensed software is furnished 
only under the terms and conditions of a separate 
Software Program Sources Agreement between Pur- 
chaser and DIGITAL. 

The following key (E, T, V, Z) represents the distribu- 
tion media for the product and must be specified at 
the end of the order number, e.g., KU116-AE = binar- 
ies and sources on RK05 disk. 



RK05 Disk Cartridge 
RK06 Disk Cartridge 
RK07 Disk Cartridge 
No hardware dependency 

Standard Options 

KU116 -AE— 

User control 
binaries and 
no support 
RK05 disk. 

KU116 -AT- 

User control 
binaries and 
no support 
RK06 disk. 

KU116 -AV— 

User control 
binaries, and 
no support 
RK07 disk 

store, single-use license, 
sources, documentation, 
services, distributed on 

store, single-use license, 
sources, documentation, 
services, distributed on 

store, single-use license, 
sources, documentation, 
services, distributed on 

Miscellaneous Options 
QR444 -GZ— 

Documentation only 


QR444 -SZ— 

UCS Consulting Services (one week) 

June 1 978 


PDP-11/60 Microprogramming Tools, Version 1 SPD 15.89.1 

Each software product (hereinafter 'SOFTWARE') with a designated Support Category A or B in the appiicable Software Product 
Description (SPD) existing at the time of order will be the current release at the time of delivery and will conform to the SPD. 
DrGITAUs sole obligation shall be to correct defects (nonconformance of the SOFTWARE to the SPD) as described below. Any 
SOFTWARE with a designated Support Category C will be furnished on an 'as is' basis. 

For SOFTWARE with a designated Support Category A or B, DIGITAL will provide the services set forth below without additional 


1 UDon notification by customer to the nearest DIGITAL office that the computer system, including all required prerequisite 
hardware and software, is ready for the installation of the SOFTWARE, DIGITAL will install such SOFTWARE in any location 
within the contiguous forty-eight (48) United States, the District of Columbia, or a country in which DIGITAL or a subsidiary 
of DIGITAL has a software service facility. The notification must be received by DIGITAL and the system must be ready for 
installation within thirty (30) days after the delivery of the SOFTWARE to customer or DIGITAL will have no obligation to 
install. Installation will consist of: (1) verification that all components of the SOFTWARE have been received by customer, (2) 
loading the SOFTWARE, and (3) executing a DIGITAL sample procedure. 

2 During the ninety (90) day period after installation, if the customer encounters a problem with the current unaltered release 
■ of the SOFTWARE which DIGITAL determines to be a defect in the SOFTWARE, DIGITAL will provide the following remedial 

service (on site where necessary): (1) if the SOFTWARE is inoperable, apply a temporary correction (TC) or make a 
reasonable attempt to develop an emergency by-pass, and (2) assist the customer to prepare a Software Performance 
Report (SPR) and submit it to DIGITAL. 

3 Durina the one (1) year period following installation, if the customer encounters a problem with the SOFTWARE which his 
diagnosis indicales is caused by a SOFTWARE defect, the customer may submit an SPR to DIGITAL DIGITAL wMI respond 
to problems reported in SPRs which are caused by defects in the current unaltered release of the SOFTWARE via the 
Maintenance Periodical for the SOFTWARE, which reports SPRs received, code corrections, temporary corrections generahy 
useful emergency by-passes and/or notice of the availability of corrected code. Software Updates if any released by 
DIGITAL during the one (1) year period, will be provided to the customer on DIGITAL'S standard distribution media as 
specified in the applicable SPD. The customer will be charged only for the media on which such updates are provided, 
unless otherwise stated in the applicable SPD, at DIGITAL'S then current media prices. 


During the one (1) year period following delivery, the services provided to the customer will be the same as set forth in 3 above. 


SOFTWARE is provided on an 'as is' basis. Any software services. If available, will be provided at the then current charges. 
DIGITAL shall have the right to make additional charges for any additional effort required to provide services resulting from 
customer use of other than current unaltered release of the SOFTWARE operated in accordance with the SPD.