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Systems Development Department 

To: BUI Lynch Date: February 23, 1979 

From: Bill Kennedy Org: SDD/SS/DAM 

Subject: Progress - February, DAM Filed: [Iris]<Kennedy>Memo>Progress-Febriiary.Bravo 


The IOCS portion of lODU is now part of Communication Software. The new group is 
Diagnostics and Microcode (DAM). 

All members of DAM have invested a large effort in interviewing candidates for the group as well 
as other groups. This effort will continue at least until we are at full manpower. 

The first Draft of the 1979 Diagnostics, Microcode, and IOCS work plans were submitted. 

Bill Kennedy and Tom Chang participated in a general planning meeting for booting the DO with 
present and future devices. Bill has also participated in various Teak meetings delennining 
configurations, schedules, etc. 


Carol Hankins has left the group and the company. Tom Chang and Bill Kciuicdy are taking over 
Carol's duties with the microcode. 

Tom is learning the DO microcode. He was involved in tlie release of version 2.1b with Carol plus 
he made a new DO boot file for the Functional Test group after finding and correcting errors in the 
key translation of newly' added keys for ADUP. 

Tom summarized the word use pci" page per function for microcode version 2.1b. This summary 
was used by Bill Kennedy in preliminary planning for future microcode usage. 

Tom and Bill have worked out a strategy for Software Booting. Bill is working on a memo 
describing our strategy and Tom is working on the microcode necessary to suj:)pori the Software 
Booting. Portions of the Software Booting task have been parceled out to Pilot and Don Charnley 
from the Workstation Design group. 


Jim Peterson and I'lizabelh Rcntmccsters attended (he IWP Symposium in I.os Angeles. They will 
be participating in a debricfrng Crosstalk Tuesday, the 27th. 

Fli/.abcth has continued to work on the user interface of Verification Diagnostics. In this function, 
she is serving as an Alpha Tester for Star software, especially the wiiidow software. An initial 
version of Window has been debugged and run for the Verification Diagnostics. 

Progress - Month, Diagnostics AiidMicro code 2 

Jim Peterson has been coding Uie memory tests whicli will become part of tlie System Diagnostics. 
Tliese tests are written in Mesa and will eventually run with a version of UtilityPilot. 

Tom Clark continues to work on version 2.0 of the Initialization Diagnostics. He has integrated the 
Ethernet microcode diagnostics from Roy Ogus into ID successfully. NAND has also been updated 
to include tlie Etliernet diagnostics. Tom is working on a new memory testing algoritlim to be used 
to test DO main memory from tlie Initialization Diagnostics. 

Bill assisted in the installation of the RDC and Shugart 4008 on the DAM DO (Bags in room 33- 
227). lliis RDC/4000 will be used by Diagnostics to develop tests and IOCS to develop controllers 
and drivers. Bill has a second RDC and has asked tliat Hans Scharmann get another Shugart 4008 
with cables shipped to us as soon as possible to serve as backup. 

Acceptance Tests 

A schedule for availability of the Acceptance Tests for the Pre-Prototype DOs has been worked out 
by John Wick and Bill Kennedy. Bill is working on the microcode tests which comprise Phase 1 of 
the tests. 


Tom Chang has been trouble-shooting the problems in the DO Misc board update files. All known 
problems have been fixed. He has also assisted tlie Workstation group in finding the proper board 
and Sil macros to use in Workstation design. Tom has finished and verified the MultiWire board- 
characteristics for Ron Rider's Decompress board. 

Bill and Jim have taken possession of Altos in their offices. 

Bill has been assisting Jim White in the assumption of IOCS. Some transfer of information is still 
taking place. 

Bill has been managing the upgrade of Palo Alto Engineering Model DOs to a Pre-Prototypc level. 
This upgrade effort has gone slower than planned. All stumbling blocks should be passed now and 
progress accelerate. One EM DO in building 33 has been upgraded successfully and is being used 
to develop the microcode for tlie Pre-1'rototypc level machines. 'Hiis DO is in Rich Johnsson's 


Star7.1 software requires a double-disk, wide-body Alto to nm. DAM docs not presently have any 
wide-body Altos although chips arc on order to make one. 

New people in DAM are having difficulty acquiring the "big picture" of the basic system and all 
available support features and documentation. Tutorials would help on Mesa, Debugger, Pilot, and 
Star for all new employees of SDD. 

DAM is short on necessary people for Microcode and Diagnostics. Location of people in DAM is 
and will be a problem with tlie separation between buildings.