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JBATUBA 3935 <D (035) 550 0069 / 550 0050 ^(035)550 0060 

31 March 2020 

Enquiries: Office of the Hon. Speaker of Council 

This is to certify that the Council of Mtubatuba Municipality, in its emergency special meeting of 31 March 2020 
resolved as follows regarding draft Medium-Term Revenue and Expenditure Framework for 2019/2020;2020/21 
and 2021/2022 Financial Years. 

MTMC 096/2020 Draft Medium-Term Revenue and Expenditure Framework for 

2019/2020; 2020/21 and 2021/2022 Financial Years 

The Council resolved that: 

1. The Draft Medium-Term revenue and Expenditure Framework for 2020/21 and its resolutions be 
approved, that; 

2. The following budget related Policies be approved: 

|. Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy 

II. Funding and Reserves Policy 

III. Property Rates Policy 

IV. Tariffs Policy 

V. Asset Management Policy 

VI. Borrowings Policy 

VII. Budget Virement Policy 

VIII. Supply Chain Management Policy 

IX. Asset disposal Policy 

X. Budget Policy 

XI. Cash, Banking and investment Policy 

XII. Credit impairment Policy 

XIII. Indigent Policy 

Cllr M.M. Davies 
Honourable Speaker 
Mtubatuba Local Municipality 

Approved by: 

Tel: 035 560 0069 

Fax: 036 660 0060 

Email: opeaker.maviedavieggtmtutwtMtw.flP AZa. Cell: 060 669 2633