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BuUelin of 


Volume 2 

October 1899 to January 1902 



The Boston Book Company 

Charles C.Soule, President 
83-91 Francis St,Back Bay 

THE Bulletin of Bibliography is issued as a medium 
of communication between The Boston Book Com- 
pany and its library customers. 
The special work of The Boston Book Company is to 
supply libraries with collated and perfect sets of periodi- 
cals — using the term periodical in its broadest sense to 
cover year books and the publications of societies, as well 
as magazines and reviews in any language. 

The favor of correspondence is requested whenever a 
periodical set, or a part of a set is desired. 

Chas. C. Soule, President. 
"y^ Frederick W. Faxon, 

. r^f^r) Manager Library Department. 


Bulletin of Bibliography 

OF VOL. 2, OCTOBER 1899 — JANUARY 1902 

(Ten Numbers) 

American Magazine, N. Y. (A. B. Slauson) . . 39 
Art and Artists, Children's Reading List on. (Lida 

V. Thompson) 21, 43 

Bascom, Elvira Lucile, Best Editiotis of Robert 

Browning 122 

Bermuda in Periodical Literature, with Occasional 

References to Other Works ; a Bibliography. 

Series II. (G. W. Cole) 73, 87, loi, 119, 135, 150 
Bibliographies of the Philippine Islands. (A. G. S. 

Josephson) 10 

Bibliography of Bermuda, Series II. (G. W. Cole) 

73,87, loi, 119, 135, 150 
Bibliography of College Verse, Addenda. (J. L. 

Harrison) 70 

Births and Deaths^in the Periodical World 45, 61, 

78,93, no, 125, 140, 160 
Book-Titles, Changed. (Kansas City Public Library) 13 
Boston Book Company's Specialty. Periodical Sets 

34. 66, 69 
Boys, Good Stories of Adventure for. (Elizabeth P. 

Clarke) 28 

Brett, :W. H. Some Notes on The Gentleman's 

Magazine 5 

Browne, Nina E., Best Editions of Nathaniel Haw- 
thorne 138 

Browning, Robert, Best Editions of. (Elvira L. 

Bascom) 122 

Children's Books, a Graded List. (Helene L. 

Dickey) 103 

Children's books, Authors of 69 

Children's Reading List on Art and Artists. (Lida 

V. Thompson) 21, 43 

Civil War, Reading List on the. (St. Louis Public 

Library) 61 

Clarke, Elizabeth P. Good Stories of Adventure for 

Boys 28 


E. C. Richardson 133 

Cole, George Watson. Bermuda in Periodical Lit- 
erature ; a Bibliography. Series II. Ji, 87, 

loi, 119, 133, 150 
Collation of Periodicals 18 


College Verse, Bibliography of. Addenda. (J. L. 

Harrison) . . . . . . .70 

Cromwell, Oliver, Bibliography of. (Mary Medlicott) 

37. 53. 71. 90. 

Dickey, Helene L. Books for Children, a Graded 

List 103 

Edinburgh Review, and Selections from the Edin- 
burgh Review; Articles compared. (F. Wendte) 107 

Editorial . 5, 21, 37, 53, 69, 85, loi, 119, 133, 149 

Everybody's Magazine, The Royal Magazine, Lon- 
don. (F. W. Faxon) 13 

Faxon, F. W. Errata in Chronological Conspectus 

of Poole's Index and Supplements ... 24 

Magazine Perplexities. Everybody's Magazine 13 

Magazine Perplexities VI. Munse/s Maga- 
zine, American and English Editions . . 76 

French Fiction in the Rhnie des Deux Mondes 1856- 

1899. (New Haven Public Library.) . 85, 105 
Gentleman's Magazine. Some Notes on. (W. H. 

Brett) 5 

Harrison, J. L. Bibliography of College Verse . 70 
Hawthorne, Nathaniel, Best Editions of. (Nina E. 

Browne) 138 

Josephson, Aksel G. S. Bibliographies of the Phil- 
ippine Islands . . . . . . .10 

Juvenile books, a Graded List. (Helene L. Dickey) 103 

Juvenile works, authors of 69 

Legal Bibliography 96 

Library Science ; a Reading List. (Pratt Institute 

Library) 156 

Magazine Perplexities 

III Everybody's Magazine. (F. W. Faxon) . 13 

IV American Magazine, N. Y. (A. B. Slau- 

son) 39 

V Science and Lndustry, Scranton, Pa. (A. 

B. Slauson, Miss M. F. Wait) . . 59 

VI Munsey's Magazine, American and English 

Editions. (F. W. Faxon) ... 76 
Our Day; Addenda. (Enoch Pratt Free 

Library) 138 

Medlicott, Mary. Bibliography of Oliver Cromwell 

37. 53. 71. 90 


Bulletin of Bibliography. 

AfuHsey^s Magazine, American and English Editions 

(F. W. Faxon) 76 

Our Day; Magazine Perplexities, (Enoch Pratt 

Free Library) 138 

Paris Exposition of 1900, Magazine Articles on. (F. 

Wcndte) 42 

Periodical Literature. (A. R. Spofford) ... 66 
Periodical Literature, Reference List on. (Salem 

Public Library) 9i 26 

Periodicals, a Record of New Titles, Changed Titles, 

and Deaths, from January, 19CX). 45, 61, 78, 

93, no, 125, 140, 160 

Periodca Is, Gillalion of 18 

Philipi-iiie Islands, Bibliographies of. (A. G. S. Jos- 

e{Lson) .10 

Poole's Index Abridged . . . 50,53,82,119, 133 
Poole's Index and Supplements, Errata in 

1 1 he Chronological Conspectus. (F. W. 

Faxon) ....... 24 

II The References. (Frederika Wendt^) 40, 

56, 7S» 133 
Poole's Index ; Omissions from. (Withers Public 

Library) 133 

Reference Lists. Published by Libraries. Quarterly 
Index to. (Providence Public Library) 14, 30, 

41, 60, 77, 92, 109, 124, 142, 159 

Revue des deux Mondes, List of Fiction in, from 1856 

to 1899. (New Haven Public Library) . 85, 105 
Selections from the Edinburgh Review, Articles in. 
Compared with the Same in Edinburgh Review. 

(F. Wendte) 107 

Slauson, Allan B. Magazine Perplexities, IV. Amer- 
ican Magazine, N. Y. . . . . -39 

Magazine Perplexities, V. Science and Indus- 
try, Scranton ....... 59 

Standard Authors, Best Editions of. 

I Robert Browning. (Lucile E. Bascom) . 122 
II Nathaniel Hawthorne. (Nina E. Browne) 138 
Stories of Adventure for Boys. (Elizabeth P. Clarke) 28 
Thompson, Lida V. Children's Reading List on 

Art and Artists 21, 43 

Wait, Miss M. F. Tabular View of the Publications 

of the Colliery Engineer Co., Scranton, Pa. . 59 
Wendte, Frederika. Errata in the References in 

Poole's Index and Supplements . 40, 56, 75, 133 

Reading List of Magazine Articles on the Paris 

Exposition, 1900 42 

References to Selections from the Edinburgh 

Review compared with the Articles as issued in 
Edinburgh Review 107 

BuUelin of 

Number II October, 1899 Vol. 2, No.l 











The Boston Book Compati) 

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Freeman Place Chapel 

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(C C SOULE, Pres.) 

Boston, 15 1-2 Beacon Street, 

October, 1899 


For 5ale by The Boston Book Co. 

American Institute of flining Engineers. Transactions. 1871-96. 

New York. Vols. 1-26 and Index of vols. 1-15. 
Architectural Record. Vols. 1-6, 1892-97. New York. A scarce " Poole " 


Camden Society Publications. Vols. 1-5 1, 1838-51. 51 vols. London. 
Cloth. $2o.cxD. 

Catholic World. Vols. 1-60, 1865-95. New York. 

City Record. Official journal of the city of New York. 1873-91, 19 years, 
bound in 74 vols., half roan. The account of all official acts of a great city. 

Cosmopolis. London. 1896-98. 12 vols., all published ; unbound. $15.00. 

Electrical Engineer. Vols. 1-20, 1888-97. London. New series. 9 vols., 
cloth, remainder unbound. 20 vols. $40.00. 

Engineering News and American Railway Journal. Vols. 14-36. 
New York. Lacking a few numbers in vols. 25 and 26. 23 vols., folio, 
unbound. $35.00. 

Federated Institution of flining Engineers. Vols. i-io. London. 

Folk Lore Society. London. Publications complete, 1878-97, comprising 
Folk Lore Record, 1878-82, 5 vols, in 6; Folk Lore Journal, 7 vols, 
1 883-89 ; Folk Lore, vols. 1-8, 1 890-97. Miscellaneous publications, 2 1 vols. 
The miscellaneous books include the following : — 

Notes on the Folk Lore of the Northern Counties of England ; Aubrey's 
Remains of Gentilisme and Judaisme ; Notes on the Folk Lore of North- 
east of Scotland ; Researches respecting the book of Sindibad ; Folk 
Medicine ; Folk Lore and Provincial Names of British Birds ; Magyar Folk 
Tales ; Aino Folk Tales ; Studies in the Legend of the Holy Grail ; etc., etc. 

Galaxy. New York. 25 vols., unbound. 1866-78. Complete "Poole" set. 

Illustrated London News. London. Vols. 1-97, 1842-90. Cloth bound, good 

Institution of Electrical Engineers. Vols. 1-30., 1872-91. London. 

Knowledge. Vols. 1-2 1, 1881-98. London. 

A Vol. II No. 2 

London Quarterly Review. 90 Vols., 1853-98. London. The old series 

complete, as indexed in Poole. This is not the " Quarterly Review," London, 

or the " London Quarterly Review," New York. 
Hanchester Quarterly (The Manchester Literary Club). Vols. 1-13, 1882-94. 

A "Poole" set. 
Hurray's Hagazine. 10 vols., 1887-91. London. All published, half 

Husic. Chicago. 1891-99. Vols. 1-16, unbound. Rapidly getting scarce 

as many numbers are out of print. 
National Review. Vols., 1-30, 1883-98. London. 
Revue Generale des Chemins de Fer. Paris. 1878-93, vols. 1-32, and 

index of 1878-83. 33 vols., half calf. $55.00. 
Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. Transactions. Vols. 

1-4, 1893-96. 


Economist, De. Amsterdam. 1852-98. First to forty-seventh year, with 
Supplements and Index. 79 volumes well-bound, remainder unbound. 
(Published $160.00.) The great Dutch economic publication. $45.00. 

National Association for the Promotion of Social Science. London. 
1857-84, 1886, and an extra volume i860. 30 vols., all published, cloth. 

Nationalokonomist Tidskrift. Copenhagen. 1872-92. Vols. 1-29, un- 
bound, scarce complete. $58.00. 
A set to 1892 of the principal economic periodical of Denmark. 

Vragen des Tijds. 1874-97. Haarlem. First to twenty-fourth year. 46 
volumes, unbound. $48.00. 
Contains articles on political and social science. 


Ca C, SOULE, Pres,) 


(F. W.FAXON, Manager,) 

Bulletin of Bibliography 

Vol. 2 

OCTOBER, 1899 

No. 1 

This Bulletin is published^ primarily, as a means 
0/ communication between the Boston Book Com- 
pany and its customers. A constant endeavor will 
be made, however, to include in each issue enough 
original matter 0/ sufficient value to induce librar- 
ians to preserve and bind up the numbers. Each 
volume will be provided with a title-page and an 

No subscription price will be put upon the Jour- 
nal, and numbers ivill not be sold. It will be sent 
to a selected list of libraries, customers or likely to 
become customers of the Boston Book Company. 
The circulation of the Bulletin will be increased in 
proportion to the interest shown in it, and in the 
special work of the Library Department of the 
Boston Book Company. Correspondence is solic- 
ited, and should be addressed, 

The Boston Book Company, 

15% Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 


The vacation period is now fully over and 
library work has begun again in earnest. The 
time is at hand when the policy of the coming 
year must be outlined, the expenditure of book 
funds apportioned. 

This number of the Bulletin of Bibuography 
comes to you as a reminder that in order to keep 
the library well balanced in all its departments, 
a purchase of sets of reference periodicals is ne- 
cessary each year. Something must also be done 
to complete a few more of the defective sets. 

The value of periodicals in reference work is 
too apparent to need any comment here from us. 
We only urge you to decide early what sets you 
will add this year, and write us for estimates if 
what you wish is not on our advertising pages. 

This issue begins a new volume of our Bulle- 
tin. The few copies of volume one that remain 
may now be purchased at $1.50 each, neatly 
bound in buckram. Back numbers cannot be 
furnished, nor will any price be put upon the 
current volume until it is completed. 

We should be glad to receive for pubHcation 
lists or text articles of a bibliographical nature 
and of general interest to the library world. 

Some Notes on The Gentleman's Magazine. 
W. H. Brett, 


The " Gentleman's Magazine " is of interest 
not only for the intrinsic value and wide range 
of its contents but for its historical and literary 

The name " magazine " was first applied in the 
sense in which it is now so commonly used, to 
the "Gentleman's Magazine" by its founder, 
Edward Cave. When the first number of the 
"Gentleman's Magazine " was issued, George the 
Second had only been for four years on the throne 
of England. In Prussia, Frederick, not yet the 
Great, had narrowly escaped, at the hands of his 
tyrannical father, the doom to which his friend 
Kat was consigned, and was destined for eleven 
years longer to endure the petulant persecution 
of that testy monarch, who seemed to think more 
of a new recruit of the requisite stature, for his 
giant guards, than he did of his son and heir. 

The throne of France was occupied by Louis 
the fifteenth, and probably the worst of the name, 
and nearly all Europe was engaged in a war to 
settle the succession to the throne of a kingdom 
soon to be blotted from the map. The loyal 
American colonies of England, scattered in a thin 
fringe along the Atlantic seaboard, had as yet 
taken no important step toward that confedera- 
tion which was to bring independence, nationality 
and empire. In England itself the first Stuart 
rising was only about fifteen years in the past and 
the second about as far in the future. The king- 
dom which now sustains with equanimity a national 
debt of ;^640,ooo,ooo viewed with apprehension 
a debt of only ^^5 0,000,000, and that great finan- 
cial scheme, one of whose objects was to pay this 
debt off, the South Sea bubble, had a few years 
before blown up and bursted, an eighteenth cen- 
tury example of undue expansion. 

When the first number of the " Gentleman's 
Magazine " was issued, Pope was forty-three and 
his work was well nigh done, although the poem 
which is possibly the best known of all was not 
pubUshed until the next year. Thomson, bora in 
1700, had just issued the last of his poems on the 
seasons. Johnson, a young man of twenty-two, 

The Boston Book Company's 

Vol. 2 No. 1 

had just lost his father, the old book-seller, and 
was beginning a struggle which did not terminate 
until, more than thirty years afterwards, the gov- 
ernment gave him a pension and the Thrales a 

The Tatler, the Spectator and the Guardian 
appeared between 1709 and 17 13. The Rambler, 
the Adventurer, the Connoisseur and more of the 
same sort, in 1750, and the years following. Mid- 
way of this interim, came the first issues of the 
*' Gentleman's Magazine," which contained in its 
earlier volumes many communications which 
would have been welcomed by Addison or Steele. 

The publication office from which the first 
number of the magazine appeared in January, 
1731, and from which it continued to issue dur- 
ing the Hfetime of its founder and for many years 
afterwards, was the old St. John's Gate in Clerken- 
well. This was the old gate house of the estab- 
lishment of the Knights of St. John, the crusading 
Hospitallers who for so many years on the fields 
of Palestine and in Rhodes and Malta sustained 
the cause of Holy Church and the honor of Eng- 
land. A cut of the gateway appears on the title 
page of the first and subsequent volumes, sup- 
ported on each side by the list of periodicals 
from which extracts were most frequently made. 
A room over the gateway itself was the home of 
the Urban Club, and on the lower floor was a 
coffee room frequented by Johnson and others. 

According to the Introduction in the first vol- 
ume, the plan of the magazine was decided upon 
by a number of gentlemen to " meet a long-felt 
want." Their reason, briefly summarized, was 
this : namely, that, owing to " the overwhelming 
production of periodical literature," there being 
at that time not less than two hundred half-sheets 
issued in Ix>ndon each month, it had become 
necessary to provide a periodical which should 
extract the most important articles from each 
and lay them before its readers in a convenient 
form, and to this it was proposed to add original 
features of interest. In this day when we are ac- 
customed to find in a single issue of a Sunday 
paper more reading matter, exclusive of adver- 
tisements, than is found in Henry Esmond or a 
volume of Motley ; or in any one of the scores of 
monthly magazines as much as in an ordinary 
twelve-mo volume, two hundred half-sheets hardly 
seems overwhelming in quantity. 

The first volume, according to the title page, 
was edited by Sylvanus Urban, of Aldermans- 

bury, Gent. The second volume is edited by 
Silvanus Urban who spells his name this time 
with an "i" and adds neither place nor title. 
In the third volume the spelling of Sylvanus with 
a " y " is restored and the title " Gent." again 
added, but the fiction of the place is omitted. 
In this form it appears in all subsequent issues to 
the present time. 

The motto on the title page of the first volume 
was " Prodesse et delectare " : to this is added 
in the second volume those words afterward 
better known, " E pluribus unum." 

The list of journals quoted from, given on the 
title page, includes "The Craftsman," "The 
London Journal," "The Grubstreet Journal," 
"Fog's Journal," "The Universal Spectator," 
"The Free Briton" and several others. 

The full title reads, " The Gentleman's Maga- 
zine, or Trader's Monthly Intelligencer." The 
first part of each number of the earlier volumes 
consists of extracts from other journals, each duly 
credited. It was thus doing on a small scale what 
has since been done by the " Eclectic " and the 
" Living Age." 

In the first number is an extract from "The 
Universal Spectator," being a communication 
from a lady who signs herself Tristitia Stale, 
complaining of the persecution she suffers on 
account of being an old maid, and asking the 
editor to write an article in favor of the single 
life, and rebuking those malaperts who ridicule 
chastity. The same issue contains also a com- 
munication from Charlotte Wilful, who asks edi- 
torial advice as to the relative merits of two 
suitors whose attentions to her are being strongly 
favored by her mother. One is a well-to-do 
farmer, Squire Scrape, and the other, Mr. Myrtle, 
a man no longer young, who has squandered one 
fortune but expects shortly to inherit another. 
She warns the editor, however, in a sort of post- 
script, that he must be prompt, as she has already 
decided to elope on the next Tuesday with Mr. 
Plum, a young lawyer from the Inner Temple, 
who, although without money, has an amiable 

Among the items of news in the first volume 
are an account of the drowning of an old woman 
accused of witchcraft, and the repeated appear- 
ance of a ghost by whose means a murder was 
revealed and the remains of the victim found. 
The propriety of an experimental operation upon 
the ear of a condemned criminal is debated pro 

October, 1899. 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 

and con. Usually there does not appear to have 
been time to perform operations upon condemned 
criminals, as it was apparently the custom to exe- 
cute the sentence the next day after it was pro- 
nounced. In one case it notes that, the trial 
being concluded on Saturday, the execution was 
deferred until Monday. The first number notes 
without comment the sentence of a murderer to 
be hung, disembowelled and quartered, and of 
his accomplice, a woman, to be burned. The 
magazine seems to have paid much attention to 
crime and punishment. The volume for 1759 
contains a long and circumstantial account of 
the crime, trial and punishment of Eugene Aram, 
afterwards made famous by Bulwer and Hood, 
and among other interesting things in the first 
volume are a New Year's ode by Colley Gibber, 
the poet laureate, a long Latin epitaph, fortunately 
with a translation, on Mrs. Oldfield, and a conver- 
sation between the souls of a bishop, an actress 
and a physician, buried in Westminster Abbey. 
After a spirited discussion which becomes de- 
cidedly personal, the doctor attempts to close 
the conversation by telling the lady that a 
woman with such a tongue would turn paradise 
into a purgatory. She retorts that such a physi- 
cian would abolish immortality and make a desert 
of paradise. That ends the discussion ; the cof- 
fin lids close and silence reigns. 

There is a fierce argument against a standing 
army, and also a notice that a tradesman 
has discovered perpetual motion. Men pass, 
but evidently questions of policy and investiga- 
tion remain. There is also an account of the 
seizure of English ships and the torture of their 
crews by Spaniards. This was probably the oc- 
currence which led nine years later, to the attack 
on Cartagena, known as the "War of Jenkin's 
ear." There is also an account of a raid on a 
gambling house, in which the language used 
appears to be technical. 

Other features of each magazine are a record 
of current events, list of prices current, list of 
those who have failed in business disguised under 
the following form : B-kr-pts. 

The founder of the magazine was Edward 
Cave, the grandson of a gentleman and the son 
of a shoemaker, who seems to have been the 
better man of the two. He was born in 1694, 
attended school at Rugby for a time, was after- 
wards clerk to an excise collector and apprentice 
to a lumber merchant. He learned the printing 

trade, married a widow with some money, held a 
position in the postoflfice for a time, and then 
started the magazine which made him reputation 
and fortune. Although he had vainly urged the 
enterprise upon other publishers before under- 
taking it himself, no sooner was the magazine 
fairly established than rivals and imitators sprang 
up. For several years a competing magazine 
was edited by a former writer for Cave's maga- 
zine, which bore the same title and claimed to be 
the magazine. It reminds one of the rivalry not 
far from the same time between Benjamin Frank- 
lin and the opposition almanac maker. Franklin, 
indeed, started in Philadelphia a magazine on a 
similar plan bearing the title "The General 
Magazine," which never went farther than six 
issues, failing to be supported. 

Cave had other troubles. Twice he was ar- 
rested and punished for indiscreet publication of 
parliamentary or other public matters. In 1 738 
he was forbidden to report parliamentary proceed- 
ings. This was evaded by the device of report- 
ing regularly the proceedings of the parliament 
of Great Lilliput, and giving the prominent men 
fictitious names. 

This suggests one of the most interesting epi- 
sodes in the history of the magazine, the connec- 
tion with it of Dr. Johnson. 

Dr. Johnson came to London in 1 738 with 
little money, some letters of introduction, and an 
unfinished tragedy in his pocket. After a time 
he was introduced to Cave by Savage, the un- 
happy author of " The Wanderer." He was em- 
ployed by Cave and continued to write for the 
magazine regularly for several years, doing, 
among other things, the parliamentary report 
under the fiction of Great Lilliput. This was the 
first regular literary employment which he had. 
After his immediate connection with the maga- 
zine ceased, he still contributed occasionally to it, 
and his friendship for Cave continued through life. 

Cave lived to see the magazine a great success 
and to reap a fortune from it. He died in 1754. 
His life was written by Dr. Johnson, and a por- 
trait etched by Worlidge, from a painting by 
Kyte, appears in " The Gentleman's Magazine," 


After the death of Cave it was carried on for a 
time by his brother-in-law, David Henry, and 
afterwards passed into other hands. Although 
for so long a period as it has been published, the 
changes of ownership have been few. 


The Boston Book ODmpany's 

Vol. 2 No. 1 

From the beginning until 1782 the numbers 
for each year were bound in one volume. From 
1782 to date it has been paged and bound in two 
volumes each year. About the same time an 
improvement was made in the typography, and 
again about i860 a change was made in its 
dress. The number of the current volume [Oc- 
tober, 1899] is 289. 

From the early days of the magazine until i860 
great attention was paid to archceology and folk 
lore. This is well illustrated in the series of six- 
teen volumes of selections edited by Laurence 
Gomme. These treat of folk-lore, archaeology, 
literary curiosities, and bibliography, architectural 
antiquities and topography. A similar plan was 
suggested by Gibbon about 1790 and was carried 
out some twenty years later, being published in 
four volumes. 

In i860 a decided change was made in the 
policy of the magazine, and since that time it 
has little to distinguish it from other miscel- 
laneous magazines, although occasionally an article 
appears which has the old flavor. 

One of the most delightful things to me in 
turning over the historical pages of the old maga- 
zine is the charm of its contemporaneousness. 
I well remember how I was impressed when I 
found in the writings of one of the early fathers a 
letter to the Christians in prison expecting martyr- 
dom. The whole situation was made real to me. 

In just the same way the accounts in these old 
magazines of historical events which have since 
become famous, accounts which are generally 
imperfect and partial, give a stronger impression 
of reality than the finished history written at a 
later time : a reality due to the fact that to the 
writer they were actual and present. 

One may find in this magazine a current ac- 
count of the wars of Frederick the Great, accom- 
panied by excellent ropper-plate maps. One 
may find General Wolfe's dispatches detailing 
the operations before Quebec, followed by a let- 
ter from General Townshend, his successor, telF- 
ing the story of the battle and the death of Wolfe. 
The correspondence at Boston between General 
Howe and Mr. Washington is interesting, and 
after following the course of the war it is interest- 
ing to note the arrival at Whitehall, after two 
months' journey, of a member of I^rd Cornwallis' 
staff, bringing the general's account of that un- 
fortunate aflfair, the defeat of Colonel Tarleton by 
General Morgan. 

It follows the course of the French Revolution 
and Napoleon's career very seriously, but after 
the emperor is sent to Elba, like the literary 
gentleman with a wooden leg, it drops into 

poetry : — 

Little Nap Horner 

Is up in a corner 
Dreading his doleful doom. 

He who gave in his day 

Whole kingdoms away 
Now is glad to get Elba room." 

And so it chronicles the passing events through 
the times of reform, the Indian mutiny, and our 
own Civil War. 

The literary features of the magazine were of 
interest from the beginning. Although without 
poetic talent. Cave was, as Johnson says in his 
sketch, " a greater lover of poetry than any other 
art." While at first he relied upon clippings for 
the more solid part of his journal, he desired to 
obtain original communications for the poetical 
department. These were soon abundant, and 
the editor had to choose between the claims of 
many rival amateur poets. Nor was he contented 
to merely sit in judgment, but often attempted 
to straighten the crooked feet or revise the 
measure of the verses, and thereby he incurred 
the ill-will of the fond authors of their being. 
Later he offered prizes of money or books for 
the best poems upon stated subjects and for epi- 
grams, of which he was particularly fond. 

Throughout the first hundred years of the ex- 
istence of the magazine it has a strong classical 
flavor. Original Latin verses, translations from 
the Greek and I-^tin poets, especially the more 
genial ones, and classical quotations, abound. 

The first number contains a list of books pub- 
lished during the month and a half-page adver- 
tisement of one, a volume of sermons. In the 
second number it advertised at length a complete 
history of the executions which took place in 
1730. At first only brief paragraphs were given, 
but later the reviews became a feature, and from 
its foundation until about i860 almost every 
book of importance which appeared in England 
was either noticed or reviewed in its pages. To 
attempt to name them would be to give a cata- 
logue of the best English writers of a century 
and a half. 

Science also received attention. The first 
published accounts of Franklin's electrical ex- 
periments appeared in the " Gentleman's Maga- 
zine " for 1750. 

October, 1899 

Bulletin of BibliograpHy 

These suggestions of some of the many inter- 
esting things in this old magazine have been 
culled principally from its own pages. 

It is an interesting and impressive thought 
that through all the years with their changing 
seasons, the vicissitudes of peace and war which 

have passed since the issue of the first number in 
January, 1731, no month has passed in which the 
" Gentleman's Magazine " did not bring to readers 
and homes in town and country, its chronicle of 
events, with the opinion and genial comment of 
Sylvanus Urban, Gentleman. 


its makingf, character^ and use. 

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( To be continued,') 



Cataloguer, the John Crerar Library, Chicago 

This list contaios, with one or two exceptions, 
such bibliographies as deal with the Philippines 
only. Some titles here given are of books that, 
without being bibliographies, contain bibliograph- 
ical information. 

The main source of information has been the 
notes in the preface of " Catdlogo abreviado de 
la Biblioteca Filipino de VV. E. Retana " (^see 36 
in this list). Other sources have also been 
consulted, for instance, Emm. dc Marquie : " Ca- 
talogue des bibliographies g^ologiques," Paris, 

1896, and Henri Stein: "Manuel de bibilio- 
graphie g^n^rale." Paris, 1897. Reference has 
in all cases been made to the source of informa- 
tion. In the case of Stein, this only means that 
information has been found there ; it has been 
necessary to copy the titles from other bibliogra- 
phies. In all cases where a book has been found 
in Retana, reference has been given to its num- 
ber there. When the book itself has been seen, * 
before the title is used to show that entry has been 
made directly from a copy. 

October, 1899 

Bulletin of Bibliography 


It should be added that Mr. A. P. C. Griffin, 
of the Library of Congress, has prepared a list 
of books relating to the Philippines. It was 
prepared for the use of the members of the Phi- 
lippine Commission, and not printed ; but I un- 
derstand that Mr. Griffin is constantly adding to 
the list, which may be published later on. 

1864 Fr. Caspar Cano, agustino. Catdlogo de los re- 
ligiosos de N. P. S. Agustin de la provincia de Smo. 
Nombre de Jesus de Filipinas. Manila : Ramirez y 
Girandier, 1864. 

336/., 4/tf. Retana,i\o. I 

1867 ""Bibliotheca | Americana | Catalogue raisonne | 
d'une tr&s-precieuse | collection delivresanciens | et 
modernes | surl'Ameriqueetles Philippines | classes 
par I'ordre alphabetique de noms d'auteurs. | Redige 
par Ch. Leclf.rc. | Paris | Maisonneuve & O* 
VII. 407>., 8»<». Hetatta, ng. a 

1867-1892 Caru Semper. Reisen im Archipel dcr Phi- 
lippinen. II. Theil. Wissenschaftliche Resultate. 
Mit Abbildungen in Kupferstich und Farbendruck. 
Wiesbaden: C. W. Kreidel's Verlag, 1868-1892. 

Lval., ita. Vol. I originally published by W. Engelmann, 
eipzig, 1867. / T/ieii seems never to have been published. 
Contents: I. Holothurien. II. Malacologische Unter- 
suchungen von Rud. Bbrgm. III. LandmoUusken. IV. 
Die Sipunkuliden. Von Emil Selenka. Die Landdeckel- 
schnecken, Seewalzen, Holothurioidex, von Dr. Kurt 
Lam PERT. V. Die Schmetterlinge der philippinischen In- 
seln, von G. Semper. 

Each volume contains special bibliographies on holothuris. 
molluscs, etc. Stein. 3 

1874 Sebastian Vidal v Soler. Memoria sobre el 
ramo de monies en las Islas Filipinas. Madrid : Ari- 
ban y Ca, 1874. 

l4]i 456/., /. iio. — 300 copies printed. With an appendix, 
containing a bibliography of the Philippines, of 245 titles. 
Retana, 466. 4 

1875 L. Malloda. Sindpsis de las especies f6siles que 
se ban encontrado en Espaiia (la parte). (^Bole- 
tin de la Com. del mapa geol. de Esp., II, 187 j.) 

The introduction, /. 1-12, gives a bibliographic review of 
publications relating to the palaeontology of Spain, 1754-1874. 
Contains references to the Philippines. Stein, Margerie. 5 

1875-1877 [Catalogo publicado a retazos por D. Josfe 
Felipe del Pan.] 

In Revista de Filipinas. Manila: 1875-1877. Retana, 484. 6 

1876 Manuel Fernandez de Castro. Noticia del es- 
tado en que se hallan los Irabajos del mapa geol6- 
gico de Espaiia en 10 de Julio de 1874. (^Boletin 
de la Com. del mapa geol. de Esp., Ill, i8y6). 

89 p. Svo. Includes references to the Philippines and other 
Spanish colonies. Margerie. 7 

1878 Vicente Barrantes, corrector e ilustrador. Guer- 
ras piraticas de Filipinas. Madrid: M. G. Her- 
nandez, 1878. 

XVI, 448/., 4/0. With an appendix: " Apnnte bibliogrifico 
de algunos libros y papeles volantes." 90 titles. Retana, 548. 


1878 *Bibliotheca | Americana | Histoire, geographic, | 
voyages, archeologie et linguistique I des | deux 
Ameriques | et | des lies Philippines | redigee | par 

Ch. Leclerc | Paris | Maisonneuve et Cie [2 

lines], I 1878. 

XX, 737, la]/., %vo. " Les Isles Philippines, les Moluques et 
les Mariannes," /. 524-536. For references to Philippine lin- 
guistics, see table of contents, /. A'AT. Retana, stl. 9 











Fr. E:usebio Gomez Platero, franciscano. Cata- 
logo biografico de los religiosos Franciscanos de la 
provincia de San Gregorio Magno de Filipinas desde 
1577 hasta nuestras dias. Manila: Imp. de Sto. 
Tomas, por G. Memije, 1880. 
813, LV [i]/., 4/#. Retana, 613. 10 

Fr. Bonifacio Moral, agustino. Catalogo de et- 

critores agustinos espai^oles, Portugueses y ameri- 
canos. Valladolid, Madrid, 188 1. 

Retana, 663. n 

*Beitrage zur Petrographie der Philippinen und der 
Palau-Inseln. Von K. Oebbeke in Munchen. 

In Neues JahrbuchfiirMineralogie. I. Beilage-Band. Stutt- 

fart, 1881,/. 451-501. 
'he introductory pa^es, p. 431-433, contain references to the 
literature on the subject. xa 

F. BLUMENTRirr. Vocabular einzelner Ausdrucke 
und Redensarten, welche dem Spanischen der Phi- 
lippinischen Inseln cigenthumlich sind. Mit einem 
Anhange : Bibliotheca Philippina, alphabetisch ge- 
ordnete Sammlung einer Anzahl von Druckschriften 
und Manuscripten linguistischen, geographischen, 
ethnographischen, historischen und naturwissen- 
schaftlichen Inhalts, die auf die Philippinen Bezug 
haben. Leitmeritz : Druck von Dr. Karl Pickert. 

8vo. So according to Margerie. Stein gives the date as 1883, 
and says that the appendix, containing the biblit^raphy, is 
on^. 91-13 1. Heinsius and Kayser both give the imprint as 
follows: "Leitmeritz, 1885. (Wien : Verlag von Picliler's 
Wittwe und Sohn). VI, 64/., %voV Retana has the " Vo- 
cabular" and the " Bibliotheca Philippina," as separate pub- 
lications, (3217 & 33 18), and gives for both as imprint notning 
but "[1882-1885?]" 4'<'- rl 

*Las Islas Filipinas | en 1882 | Estudios hist6ricos, 
geograficos, | estadisticos y descriptivos | por | 
Francisco Javier de Moya v Jlmenez \ . , .[a 
lines'] I Madrid | Establiciemento tipografico de El 
Correo, ...[.? lines] \ 1883. 

K/, 363, [3]/., ivff. List of books relating to the Philippines 
/• »33-»47- Retana, 774. ,^ 

Fr. Ramon Martinez Vigil, dominico. La Or- 

den de Predicadores. Madrid : A. Perez DubruU, 


438/., ivo. With a " Catalogo " of authors. Retana, 833. 15 

Fr. Ramon Martinez Vigil. Ensayo de una bib- 
lioteca de Dominicos Espanoles. Madrid : P. Du- 
bruU, 1884. 

Forms the second and concluding part of his " La orden de 

Predicadores." Retana, %ii {bis). 

Is this the " Catilofo " mentioned in the above ? 16 

[Vicente Barrantes. Nota bibliografica sobre los 
corridos Tagalos] . 

In Cat.41ogo de la Exposici6n general de las Islas Filipinas 
celebrada en Madrid . . . 1887. Madrid, 1887. Retana, toi8. 

Vicente Barrantes. El teatro Tagalo. Madrid : 
M. G. Hernandez, 1889. 

300/., ^io. Originally published in La llustracidn artis 
tica, Barcelona, 1888. 

Contains a short list of books on Philippine philology, pre 
ceded by " Apunte bibliogriiico de la Pasi6n de Jesucnsto." 
Retana, 1177. x8 

[Fr. HiLARio Ocio.] Resena biogrilica de los re- 
ligiosos de la provincia del Santfsimo Rosario de 
Filipinas. Manila : Est. tip. del Real Colegio de 
Santo Tomas, 1891. 

3 vol. I. tfo. Vol. 1. [8], 536, IX /./ vol. If. [4], 497, /. VI 
Retana, 1445. ^9 


The Boston Book GDmpany's 

Vol. 2 No. 1 





x8ga Fr. Julian Veun'Chon. Escritos de los Portugueses 

y castellanos, referentes a las lenguas de China y 

el Jap6n. Estudio bi-bibliografico. Zaragoza : "La 1897 

Derccha," 1892. 

i40>., 4/#. 150 caput pruUtd. Rttana. 20 

1893 W. E. Retana. Catalogo de la biblioteca Filipina 

de W, E. Retana. Madrid : Viuda de M. Minuesa 

de los Rios, 1893. 

68 /.yW. -^ copits printtd. Retana, lyn. ax 

XS93 *Noticias | sobre | la imprenta y el grabado | en Fi- 
lipinas | per T. H. Pardo de Tavera | doctor en 
medicina . . . [12 /ines} \ Madrid | tipografia de 
los hijos de M. G. Hernandez | . . . | 1893. 
48/., 8v#. Retana, 1696. aa 

1893 *Estadismo | de las | Islas Filipinas | 6 \ mis viajes 
por este pais | por el padre | Fr. Joaquin Marti- 
nez DE ZuNiGA I Agustino calzado. | Publica esta 
obra por primera vez | extensamente anotoda | W. 
E. Retana. | Tomo primero [ — segundo] | Madrid 
I Diciembre de M.DCCCXCIII. 
/; xxxvtii, sji /. ,• //: iv., 119,/. *63j, %va. Verso of t. 
p.: "En la imprenta de la Viuda de M. Minuesa de los 

Vol. II: p. *<n-*ili : " Bibliogjafia." — This contains : (i) 
a bibliographical note on Martinez y Ziiniea's work; (z) a list 
of printers and printing presses in the Philippines ; ^3) a bib- 
liography of Philippine literature, enumerating 384 titles with 
very full collations and notes. Retana, 1680. 23 

1893 [Lista de trabajos referentes a Filipinas, debidos to* 
dos ellos 4 la pluma de escritores extranjeros.] 
In La Solidaridad, 1893. Madrid, 1893. Gives 328 titles- 
Retana, 1261. 34 

1894 W.E. Retana. Bibliografi'a de Mindanao. (Epftome.) 
Madrid : Viuda de M. Minuesa de los Rios, 1894. 
71 /., Sv». soo copies printed. Gires 174 titles, arranged 
chronologically. Retana, 1832. as 

tSgj *E! I periodismo Filipino | Noticias para su historia 
I (1811-1894) I Apuntes bibliograficos | notas cri- 

ticas I semblanzas | anecdotas { por | W.E. Retana 
I Madrid | 1895. 1898 

[6], 646, [a] p., lamo. Printed on one side only. Retana, 

El primer peri6dicode Filipinas por J. T. Mbdina, /. 533- 
5S4. Adiciones y rectificaciones por T. H. Pardo db Tanb- 
cv, /. 561-564. Notas >■ adiciones por Pbdro Torres v Lan- 
zas, 565-570. PeriiViicos manuschtos por Dksencanos, p. 
571-579- «6 

J 895 VV. E. Retana. Los antiguos alfabetos de Filipi- 
nas. (Notas bibliograficas.) Madrid: Viuda de M. 
Minuesa de los Rios, 1895. 

Repnnt io 80 copies from La politica de Espafla en Filipinas. 
A review of Fr. Cipriano Estudio de los anti- 
guos alfabetos Filipinos. Malab6n : Tipo-lit. del A. de Huer- 
fano*, 1895. Retana, 1930 a7 

1895-1898 'Epitome I de la | bibliografta general | de 
Filipinas | por ] VV. E. Retana. | Parte primera | 
Obras que pose' el autor | Madrid | 1895- 1898. 
Id Arcbivio del bibIi6filo Filipino. . . Madrid, 1895-189$. 
4. vol. 1898- 

Gives 1 167 numbers. Reprinted in f at&logo abreviado de la 
biblioteca filipina de W. b. Reuna, 1898, /. 1-277. ^** )S- 


1896 J. T. Medina. Ijtt. imprenta en Manila, desde sus 

odgenes basta 1810. Santiago de Chile: imp. y 1899 

grab, en casa del Autor, 1896. 

xcvi, 280 /., /. 4/». Gives 420 titles. Supplemented by 

his Bibliografia Eipafiola de las Filipinas. (1523-1810). 

1898. See j%. Retana, iooo. ag 

1896 W. E. Retana. La bibliografia Filipina en 1895. ^^M 
Madrid, 1896. 

Reprinted from Revista cHtica de historia y literatura Es- 
paliolas, Portuguesas i Hispano-Americanoa. Retana, 2629. 

1896 Catalogo de la libreHa de P. Vindkl. Tomot I, IL 
Madrid, 1896. 

ImporUnt on account of the large number of Philippine 
books. Retana, 2034, 2630. 31 

•Relacion descriptiva | de los | mapas, pianos, etc., 
I de Filipinas | existentes en el Archive general de 
Indias | por | Pedro Torres Lanzas \ . . . [2 
lines'] I Madrid | 1897. 

55/. In Arcbivio del bibli6fiIo filipino . . . Tomo 3. Madrid 


Also reprinted in aoo copies. Retana, 208S. 3a 

P. Vi.NDEL. Libros raros de historia, poesia, .... 

Islas Filipinas, . . . Madrid, 1897. 

64 /., 8v«. Retasia, 2090. 33 

J. T. Medina. Bibliografia Espafiola de las Filipinas 

(1523-1810.) Santiago de Chile : Imp. Cervantes, 


556 /., /. ^to. Supplement to his La imprenta en Manila, 

1896, See 30. Gives 666 titles. Retana, 210$. 34 

♦W.E. Retana | Catalogo abreviado | dela | biblio- 
teca Filipina | de | W. E. Retana | Madrid | Di- 
ciembre de MUCCCXCVIII. 

xxxvni, 665 /., Svo. 85 copies printed. 

P. 1-27^ are reprinted from Epitome de la biblioteca general 
de Filipinas por W. E. Retana, in Archivio de bibli6filo Fi- 
lipino . . . Tomo 1-4. Madrid 1895-1898. See tg. 
" Pr61ogo," p. vii-xii, contains a review of the most impor- 
tant Philippine bibliographies, with references to the resp. 
titles in the catalogue itself; p. xxiii-xxviii contains a check- 
list of 112 periodicals, also referring to the titles in the cata- 
logue. Gives 3687 titles. Retana, 2697. 33 

♦Contributions to Philippine ornithology. Part I. 
A list of the birds known to inhabit the Philippine 
and Palauan Islands, showing their distribution . . . 
By Dean C. Worcester, A. B., and Frank S. 
Bourns, M. D. — Part H. Notes on the distribu- 
tion of Philippine birds. By Dean C. Worcester. 

In Proceedings of the United States National Museum, vol- 
Washington, 1S98, /. 549-625. 
" List of papers referred to in compiling the distribution 

ume XX. Washington, 1S98, /. 549-62 

!r ' ' ■ 
list," p. 6t'8-62i 


*Reference lists. 58. The Philippine Islands. (Pre- 
pared by Miss M. Isabel Emerson, of the library 

In Monthly bulletin of the Providence Public Library. 
Providence, R. I., vol. 4, No. 6, June, 1898. /. 149-152. 
Poot note : " These references are not confined to works in 
this library." 37 

In San Francisco Free Public Library. Monthly bulletin. 
Volume IV., Number 6. June, 1898,/. 68-69. 3" 

1898 *The Philippine Islands, 

[n San Francisco Free Put 
/olume IV., Number 6. Ju 

1898 '"Special reading lists. Philippine Islands. 



In Bulletin of the Salem Public Library, voL IV, No. 13. 
Sept. 1898,/. 102-103. 39 

♦ [Charts relating to Philippine Islands, issued by 
the Hydrographic Office]. 

In Catalogue of United States public documents. No. 45. 
September, 1898,/. 542-544. 40 

99 *Spain and her colonies — Periodical references. 
Philippine Islands. 

In Mechanics' Institute Library bulletin, July, 1898, /. 31: 
Oct., 1898,/. 70-71; May, 1899, >. 56-58. 41 

•Price list of Hydrographic Office charts, covering 
ground in Hawaii, Philippines, Ladrones, Marshall, 
Caroline, and Gilbert Islands. [Washington, 1899]. 
7P.,%vo. Head title ; no t. p. 4a 

W. E. Retana. La imprenta en Filipinas (1593- 
1810) con una demostracidn grafico de la origina- 
lidad de la primitiva. Adiciones y observaciones a 
la Imprenta en Manila de D. J. T. Medina. Ma- 
drid, 1899. 

275/. x/acsim, 4/0. Advertised by Otto Harratsowit; Leip- 
zig. See also Retana, 2000. 43 

October, 1899 

Bulletin of Bibliography 




In September, 1899, there appeared Every- 
body's magazine, said to be published by Wana- 
maker, but bearing the imprint of "The North 
American Co., 74 East Ninth St., New York." 
This magazine is sold at ten cents, and is a popu- 
lar illustrated monthly. No. 2 is dated October, 
No. 3, November, 1899, and with an attractive 
cover will doubtless prove popular with the public. 

Iht ** Royal magazine'^ is a London monthly 
illustrated periodical, published at three pence by 
Arthur Pearson, Ltd. No. i was issued under 
date of November, 1898. October, 1899, com- 
pleted volume 2. 

On looking over the first number of Every- 
body's magazine, the writer was immediately 
struck by the evident English appearance of the 
illustrations. Suspicions being thus aroused, a 
comparison of the two publications led to a dis- 
covery which may be of interest to librarians. 

Everybody's magazine is using stories and ar- 
ticles from the Royal. In fact out of the twenty 
articles contained in the 104 pages of No. i, thir- 
teen are from various back numbers of the Royal 

Unlike other American editions of English ma- 
gazines the original plates are not used, but the 
text is reset, usually word for word. 

The same picture cuts are, however, used, for 
they appear to be exactly alike in both peri- 
odicals. The thirteen duplicated articles in 
Everybody's magazine. No. i, are from Nos. 6, 4, 2, 
7, 4, 8, 1, 5, 1, 5, 7, 7, 7, respectively of the Royal. 

In Everybody's, No. 2, there are twenty-one ar- 
ticles of which all but eight are republished from 
the Royal. They occur in Nos. i, 9, 4, 8, i, 11, 
2, 10, 10, II, II, 4, 4, respectively. In giving 
these numbers we follow the order in which the 

articles appeared in Everybody's magazine. It will 
thus be seen that the American editor draws at 
random on the back numbers of Royaliox material. 

In Everybody's, No. 3, there are eighteen arti- 
cles, of which five only are not found in Royal, 
vols. I and 2. In two of these five the same 
pictures are employed. 

We note a few cases where the American has 
not exactly followed the English magazine. For 
example : In a story, " The coachman's daughter " 
in Everybody's, No. 2, for October, 1899, two illus- 
trations are omitted which originally embellished 
the story in the Royal, November, 1898. 

The few articles which have appeared only in 
Everybody's are most of them very short. The 
series of pictures of American college presidents is 
perhaps the most valuable American contribution. 

A letter written the publishers of Everybody's 
asking in what English magazine some of the ar- 
ticles had appeared, elicited a rather tardy re- 
sponse, wherein it was stated : " So far as we 
know and believe, but one article printed by us 
has ever appeared in any American magazine. 
Some of them may have appeared in the Royal, 
of London. We are syndicating a great deal with 
certain English publishers." 

It will be seen that this rather guarded state- 
ment reluctantly admits a possibility of a partial 
use of what was published in the Royal. 

A letter to the Pearson Publishing Co., which 
issues the Royal, Pearson's, Pearson's weekly. 
Home notes, etc., brings the following prompt 
reply: "We furnish the entire contents, per 
arrangement, of Everybody's magazine, to the 
North American Company." 

Thus we get at the truth concerning Mr. Wana- 
maker's new Everybody's magazine. F. W. F. 


Supplied by the Kansas City Public Library. 

Bamum, " Forest and Jungle," same as " Wild beasts, 

Birds and Reptiles of the World," 
Brimblecom, " Young Archer," same as " An Archer with 

Stoddard, "Chumley's Post," same as " Red Beauty." 
Harraden, " Little Rosebud," same as " Things will take a 

Hilder, " Frozen Dragon," same as ",Young Folk's Story 

Book of Natural History." 
Roosevelt, " Big Game Hunting " includes " Wilderness 

Hunter," "Ranch Life on the Hunting Trail," and 

" Hunting Trip of a Ranchman." 

VonRhoden, " Obstinate Maid," same as "Taming a Tom- 
boy." (Translated and published under different titles.) 

" American Eloquence," same as ' Representative Ameri- 
can Orations," Ed. by Alexander Johnston, published 
by G. P. Putnam's Sons. 

" Northern Court Memoirs," same as " Memoirs of Courts 
of Sweden and Denmark, during Reigns of Christian 
of Denmark and Gustavus III and IV of Sweden." 
(Historic Court Memoirs.) 

" Private Life of Marie Antoinette," same as " Memoirs of 
Court of Marie Antoinette," of Historic Court Memoirs 


Vol. 3 No. I 


Compiled by The Providence (R. I.) Public Library. 

Since July i, 1899, the following subjects have been treated in reference 
lists in bulletins published by libraries. 

American novels. Warren County [Monmouth, 111.] 

Library BuUeiin, July. 
Americana. Town histories. SomervUle [Mass.] 

Public Librar}' BulUtin, July. 
Animals, Children's reading list on. Boston Book 

Co.'s Bulletin of Bibliography, July. 
Architecture. Books on. Mechanics Institute [San 

Francisco, Cal.] Library BulUtin, Sept. 
Beethoven. Ludwig van. Fitchburg [Mass.] Public 

Library Library BulUtin, Sept. 
Biography, Contemporary'. — Some foreign novelists 

and dramatists. Carnegie Library [Pittsburgh, 

Pa.J Monthly BulUtin, July. 
Ikwks. Best, of 1897. Fitchburg [Mass.] Public 

Library Library BulUtin, Sept. 
!k)oks, Best, of 1898. Fitchburg [Mass.] Public 

Library Library Bulletin, July. 
lk>oks first published in periodicals. Boston Book 

Co.'s BuUeiin of Bibliography, July. 
Books for young readers. Berkshire Athenaeum 

[Pitlsfield, Mass.] Quarterly BulUtin, July. 

Carnegie Library [Pittsburg, Pa.] Monthly 

BulUtin, July. 

Salem [Mass.] Public Library Class List (No. 

7), June. 

(Arranged according to school grades). Seattle 

Public Librar>' BulUtin, Aug. 

Waltham [Mass.] Public Library BulUtin, July 

and Sept. 

China. San Francisco [Cal.] Free Public Library 

Monthly BulUtin, Aug. 
Dreyfus aflair, List of books and magazine articles 

on. Boston [Mass.] Public Library Monthly 

BulUtin^ July. 

Harvard College Library List of Additions. 

InjjIiMh history to the accession of Henry VII., 

' »r -: sources for Pt. 2. Croydon [England] 
Public Libraries, Rtaders'' Indtx, July and Aug, 

Fish and fisheries. New York Public Library BulU- 
tin, July and Aug. 

Hakluyt Society Publications. San Francisco [Cal.] 
Free Public Library Monthly BulUtin, Aug. 

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Salem [Mass.] Public Li- 
brary BulUtin, Sept. 

Library buildings. — An index of pictures and plans. 
Boston [Mass.] Public Library Monthly BulUtin, 

.Missions, Books of value for the study of. Osterhout 
Free Library Library News-Utter [Wilkes-Barre, 
Pa.], Aug. 

Music, Books on. Mechanics Institute [San Fran- 
cisco, Cal.] Library BulUtin, July. 

Needlework, etc., List of books on. New York 
Public Library BulUtin, Sept. 

Ornament and decorative arts, Books on. San Fran- 
cisco [Cal.] Free Public Library Monthly BulUtin, 

Peace. Salem [Mass.] Public Library ^«//^//>/, June. 

Reference works. Osterhout Free Library Library 
News-Utter [ Wilkes- Barr6, Pa.], July, Aug., and 

Sports. New Bedford [Mass.] Free Public Library- 
Monthly BulUtin, May and June. 

Springfield and vicinity. Geography and geology, 
flora, birds and animals of. Springfield [Mass.] 
City Library BulUtin, Sept. 

Summer reading. Fitchburg [Mass.] Public Library 
IJbrary BulUtin, July. 

Tennyson, Lord. Fitchburg [Mass.] Public Library 
Library Bulletin, Sept. 

Venice. Salem [Mass.] Public Library BulUtin, June. 

Water supply, water purification, sewerage and sewage 
disposal. Paterson [N. J.] Free Public Library 
BulUtin, June-Aug. 

Yacht racing, etc. Mechanics Institute [San Fran- 
cisco, Cal.] Library BulUtin, Aug. 

It u our ioteation to pabluh regulariy this very umIuI quarterly index of Reference LisU, and we shall be glad to 
know of any Librmry Bulletin* containing •uch lisU, which are not included above. — Ed. BulUtin of Bibliography. 

October, 1899 


Bargains in Periodicals. 

Until December 15, we offer librarians the following low-priced volumes 
and sets. As in many cases we cannot duplicate the offer, please send order 
as soon as possible. 

Academy. London, 1882-92, vols. 21-44, all 

but last 3 vols, bound, 24 vols. . . $30.00 

American Quarterly Observer. Boston, 1833- 

34, 3 vols, complete, Poole set, bound . 2.00 

Analyst. London, 1880-95, ^o^s. 5-20, 16 
vols., V. 5-8 cloth, rest unbound 

Andover Review. Boston, 1884-92, 17 vols., 
unbound. In Poole .... 

Annals of Electricity, Magnetism and Chem- 
istry. London, 1836-41, vols. 1-7, 7 vols., 

— of Medicine. Edinburgh, 1796-98, vols. 
1-3, half calf ...... 

Annual Biography and Obituary. London, 
21 vols., 1817-37, all pub., cloth 

— Register. London, 1758-1810, a well- 
bound run from the beginning of this im- 
portant set .... . 

Anti-Jacobin Review. London, 1798-1807 
vols. 1-28, old half calf ... 

Antiquary. London, 1880-84, vols, i-io 
The first lo vols, of this "Poole" set, un 
bound ...... 

Archaeologia. London, 1 789-1 873, vols. 9- 
43, mostly all bound, but not uniform 

A fine chance to obtain the greater portion of a set of 
great value, usually beyond the reach of all but the 
largest libraries. 

Archaeological Journal of the British Archaeo- 
logical Institute. London, 1844-78, vols. 
1-35, cloth, 35 vols. .... 

— Review. London, 1888-90, 4 vols., all 
published, new cloth .... 
(Merged in " Folk Lore.") 

Argosy. London, a popular English illus- 
trated magazine indexed in "Poole," 1865- 
96, vols. 1-61, 61 vols., not quite uniform 
in binding ...... 

Art Journal. London, 1849-57, 9 vols. 
(Poole, vols. 1-9), bound, not uniform 

1860-72, 13 vols, (in Poole), bound . 

Blackwood's Magazine. Edinburgh, 18 17- 
53, vols. 1-74, half calf, sound except 2 
vols., binding broken .... 

This is the earlier and scarcer portion, and the original 
•dition as indexed in Poole. Remainder of set can 
readily be obtained. 














Bookman. N. Y., 1895-99, ^o^*. 1-8, un- 
bound, with the scarce Stevenson supple- 
ment ...... .$10.00 

Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. Bos- 
ton, 1833-52, vols. 8-45, 38 vols, bound in 
19 vols., half sheep ..... 9.75 

British Journal of Photography. London, 
1863-74, vols, 10-21, 12 vols, in II, old 
binding ....... 5.50 

Califomian Illustrated Magazine. San Fran- 
cisco, 1891-94, 5 vols., complete set, scarce 
with vol. 5 ..... . 10.00 

Century. N. Y., 1881-99, vols. 1-35, unbd. 9.75 

Classical Journal. London, 1810-29, 40 vols., 

all published . . . . . .25.00 

— Review. London, 1887-96, vols, i-io, 

5 vols, cloth, rest unbound . . . 23.50 

Clinical Society of London. 1868-77, vols. 

I-IO, 10 vols., cloth .... 7.50 

Coates' Herd Book. London, vols. 1-37, 1846- 

91 in 36 vols., bound .... 45.00 

Colonial Magazine and Commercial-Maritime 
Journal. London, 1840-42, vols. 1-9, 9 
vols, half calf ...... 9.00 

Congregational Year Book. London, 1864- 

83, 20 vols., cloth ..... 3.50 

Eclectic Magazine. N. Y., 1858-64, vols. 43- 

63, 21 vols., unbound .... 15.00 

Economic Journal. London, 1891-97, vols. 

1-7 3500 

Educational Review. N. Y., 1891, vols. 1- 

2, 2 vols., unbound ..... 2.75 

English Illustrated Magazine. London, 1883- 

99, vols. 1-20 ...... 19.00 

Family Economist. London, 1848-59, I. 
series 6 vols., II. series 10 vols., 16 vols., 
cloth 8.00 

Forum. N. Y., vols. 9-23, 1890-97, 15 vols., 

unbound ....... 10.50 

Hazell's Annual, a cyclopaedic record of men 
and topics of the day. London, 1886-95, 
10 vols., cloth 10.00 

Harvard Graduate's Magazine. Boston, 1892- 
96, vols. 1-4. The out-of-print portion of 
the set, unbound 3-oo 


October, 1899 


Household Words. London, 1850-59, 19 

vols., half morocco, complete Poole set . $14.00 

Institution of Civil Engineers. London. 
Minutes of Proceedings, vols. 34-77, 1873- 

84, 44 vols., paper 20.00 

A very cheap consecntive run of this set. 

Littell's Living Age. Boston, 1869-78, 40 
vols., many well bound. A fine chance to 
complete gaps in a librarj- set . . 10.00 

McClure's Magazine. N. Y., 1893-98, vols. 

l-ii, unbound ..... 11,00 

Manhattan. N, Y., 1883-84, 4 vols, all pub- 
lished. A very scarce Poole set . .15.00 

Massachusetts Quarterly Review. Boston, 
1847-50. 3 vols, all published. Sets of this 
famous literary review seldom occur for sale. 
In Poole \ . 12.00 

Monthly Chronicle, a national journal of poli- 
tics, literature, science and art. London, 
1838-41, vols. 1-7, boards . 6.00 

— Microscopical Journal. London, 1869-77, 

18 vols, bound in 9, half calf. All published, 23.00 

— Review. London, 1790-98, 27 vols., old 
binding 4.50 

1770-85. vols. 43-45. 47-55. 57-70, 

72, 27 vols 12.00 

Aho many odd volumes for completing sets at 50 cts. 

Nation. N. Y. We have an overstock of 
many volumes. Send us your list of miss- 
ing volumes. A complete set . . $100.00 

Naval Chronicle. London, 1 799-1 810, vols. 

1-24, half calf . ..... 24.00 

New Edinburgh Review. Edinburgh, 1821- 

23, 5 vols., unbound .... 4.00 

North American Review. Boston, new series, 
vols. 1-46, 1820-42, many volumes well 
bound ....... 30.00 

1879-87, 18 vols., unbound . . 18.00 

1888-98, 22 vols., unbound . 10.00 

Notes on Books. London, 1855-97, vols, i- 

8, half calf and cloth .... 12.00 

Our Day, (Joseph Cook's Magazine), Boston. 

1888-91, vols. 1-8, unbound . . 7,75 

Outing. N. Y., 1888-96, vols. 13-27, 15 

vols., unbound ..... 12.00 

Philobiblion. Monthly literar>' journal, N. Y., 
1861-63, 2 vols., all published. All printed 
on India paper, unbound . . ,1.75 

Railway World. Phila., 1875-84, 10 vols., 
quarto and folio, morocco bound, gilt edges, 
e.xtra fine run ...... 20.00 

Scribner's Magazine. N. Y.. 1887-96, vol. 
1-19 ; newly bound by us in half dark buck- 
ram, library style, gold lettering on skiver 
labels 25.00 


Aldine Edition of the British Poets. Lond. 1866. 

52,»ols. i2mo. Cloth, as new . . , . J22.00 

A n de r son, J. P. Book of Hritish Topography ; a 
rlaptifi ed catalogue of the topographical works in the 
British Museum relating to Great Britain and Ire- 
land. Lond. 8vo. 1881. Cloth . . . 4 00 

Bmaet. Manuel du libraire et deTamateur de livres. 
6»ols, Paris, i860. Supplement 1878-80. 2 vols, 
in I. In all, 8 vols, bound in 7. Half russia, fine 
condition. Best and latest edition . . . 49.50 

Sets of this are seldom offered so cheap. 

Boston Athenanm; Catalone. 5 vols. Half 
morocco, gilt top. Member^ private copy, as new 85.00 

Bartlett, J. B. Bibliography of Rhode Island. 

Providence. 8vo. 1864. Half cloth, scarce . 2.50 

Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. N.Y. 
4to. 4 vols. Half morocco, newly bound by us. 
(Published, fa 5. 00 in cloth.) 23.00 

Bible, The Hezaglot. Old and new testaments in 
the original tonnMs, with the Septuagint, Syriac, 
Valfate, the authorized English and German, and 
toenaoat approved French versions, arranged in par- 
allel columns. Lond. 1871. 4to. 6 vols. Cloth. 
Published, £6 6s ao.oo 

Bums, Sobert. Bibliography of, with notes and 
sketches of Bums clubs, monuments and statues. 
Kilmarnock. Svo. 1881. Half cloth . . . J3.00 

Sanderson's, Biography of the Siniers of the 
Declaration of mdependence. Kobt. T. Conrad, 
ed. Phila. 4to. Large paper copy . . 3.00 

Bibliotheca Piscatoria. A catalogue of books on 
angling, the fisheries and fish-culture. Westwood 
and Satchell. London. Svo. 1883. Cloth . . 2.00 

British Essayists, The, with preface by Rev. Robt. 

Lynam. 30 vols. 24mo. London, 1827 . . 16.00 

Cowper, Wm. Life and works, by Robt. Southey. 

vols. 1-15. London. i6mo. 1836 . . 4.00 

Fletcher, W. I. The "A. L. A." Index to general 

literature. Boston. 1893. 4*°' Cloth, new . . 4.50 
Ouild, B. A. The librarians' manual, a treatise on 

bibliography. New York. 8vo. 1858. Boards . 5.00 

Hain, Ludwig. Repertorium Bibliographicum, 4 
vols. Stuttgart and Paris. 1826-38. White parch- 
ment 29.00 

Hain, Ludwig. Kepertorium Bibliographicum. 

Register. Leipzig, svo. 1891 .... 7.00 


(C. C SOULE, Pres.) 

BuUelin of 


Number 12 January, 1900 Vol, 2, No, 2 















The Boston Book Company 

Charles C.Soule, President 
Freeman Place Chapel 


There are two kinds of collation as applied to books. 

1 . "To bring together and compare. Examine 
critically, noting points of agreement and dis- 
agreement." — Cent. Diet. 

2. " In bookbinding, to verify the arrangement 
of, as the sheets of a book after they have been 
gathered. It is usually done by counting and in- 
specting the signatures at the foot of the first page 
of each sheet." — Cent. Diet. 

No. 2 is sufficient for new books without plates, bound 
from sheets, but no. i is the only thorough way to collate 
periodical sets, wliich are almost always second-hand, and 
usually irregular in issue. 

The Boston Book Company, uses method no. i exclusive- 
ly, thus guaranteeing its customers the receipt not only of all 
text, plates, title pages and indexes, but also of the extra num- 
bers, supplements and illustrations often published but in many 
instances not called for in the contents, or in any way noted in 
the regular issues. 

Such extras are often of great importance, as in the case of 
Transactions of the National Association for Promotion of 
Social Science, The Studio, Bookman (N. Y.), etc., etc. 

The mere counting of the pages of the volumes is of little 
importance, without a critical examination and comparison of 
one set with another, and this few libraries are in a position 
to do. Is it safe to buy expensive sets without knowing whether 
they are complete or not? All our sets are examined and 
compared with others. 


(C. C. SOULE, Pres.) 

J5j4 Beacon Street, Boston, 

Specialists in 
Periodical Set.s. 

January, 1900. J9 


Scientific an6 XTccbnical 

Annates du jardin botanique de Buitenzorg. Leiden. 1877-98. Vols. 
1-18 $106.00 

Annates de la Societe entomologique Beige. Brussels. 1857-86. Vols, i- 

30 with index. Many plates .......... $60.00 

Biblioteca dell' Economista. Torino. 1850-91. 42 vols., including index. 
30 vols, bound, remainder unbound. Complete ...... $175.00 

This important set is seldom offered complete. It is a collection of the works of the best 
writers of all countries on Political Science. 

Electricien, r, Paris. 1881-87. Vols. i-ii. 1 1 vols, paper . . $20.00 
Electrotechnische Zeitschrift. Berlin and Miinchen. 1880-94. Vols. 1-15; 

5 vols, bound in half red morocco, remainder unbound ..... $45.00 

Internationales Archiv fur Ethnographie. Leiden. 1888-96. Vols. 1-9, 

and 6 supplements. Colored plates $55.00 

This is probably the best periodical on the subject ; the plates are especially notable. 

Journal of Microscopy and Natural Science. London. L Postal microscopi- 
cal society journal, 1882-83, 2 v. II. Journal of microscopy, 1884-87, 4 v. III. Journal of 
microscopy, 1888-90, 3 v. IV. International journal of microscopy, 1891-97, 7 v. In all 
16 vols. Cloth as new $18.00 

Lumiere electrique. Paris. 1879-91. Vols. 1-42. 41 vols, well bound in 

leather; vol. 42 unbound $50.00 

A complete set to 1891 of this important electrical periodical, which ceased in 1894. 

Sociedade de Geographica de Lisboa, Boletin. 1877-95. Vols, i- 14. $60.00 

The organ of the Royal Portuguese Geographical Society. 

Tijdschrift van het Aardrijkskundig Genootschap. Amsterdam. 1876-97. 
22 vols., and supplement 3 vols. ......... $48.00 

The publications of the Royal Geographical Society of the Netherlands. 

Tour du monde, Le. Paris. 1860-80. Vols. 1-40. 38 vols, bound in 19, half- 
morocco, vols. 39, 40, unbound . . . . . . . . . $35.00 

A journal devoted exclusively to travel, profusely illustrated. It gives accounts of remote 
and savage peoples not elsewhere described. 

Zeitschrift fiir Angewandte Chemie. Berlin. 1887-97. Vols, i-ii, 
paper .............. $48.00 

Zeitschrift fiir Instrumentenkunde. Berlin. 1881-97. Vols. 1-17, 
paper .............. $58.00 


(C. C. Soule, Pres.) 

20 Vol. a, No. 2. 

New Stock, January, 1900. 

Contemporary Review. London edition, 1866-97, vols. 1-72 ; vols. 1-50 in cloth, re- 

naainder unbound ........••••• Iiio.oo 

An exceptionally low price for a collated and guaranteed complete set of this scarce and indispen- 
sable English review. 

Fortnightly Review. London edition, 1865-98, vols. 1-70; 70 vols, cloth . . 115.00 

The companion set to Contemporary Review, The early portion is scarce. 

Education. Boston, 1880-99, vols. 1-19 

A set already very scarce and seldom offered complete. 

Theatre. London, 1878-97, 39 vols., the complete Poole set, 15 vols, bound, remainder 

unbound '. 39'00 

This valuable record of the stage is uncommon, with all the photographs of actors, actresses and 
scenes from plays. The pictures are real photographs inserted, not half-tone or other process repro- 

Illustrated London News. London edition, 1842-90, vols. 1-97, 97 vols., cloth . . 87.00 

.\n exceptionally sound set of this great historical publication, covering both pictorially and by written 
description, events of the world for over half the century. A few titles and indexes are missing as is 
nearly always the case. 

Special offer to a Small Library. 


We offer Poole's Index, 1882, in cloth, and Living Age, 1844-96, vols. 1-2 11, 144 vols, in two 
styles of binding, fresh as new, for ;?! 211.00. 

(Vols. 1-51 and 196-21 1 are new half buckram, sewed on tapes, extra strong. Vols. 52-195 are in half black 
Uather, sound and nearly new ) 

Littell's Living Age has published, during a weekly issue of over half a century, the most valuable 
articles from all the English periodicals. It will therefore be a fair substitute for these expen- 
sive reviews in any library which has Poole's Index. It is the most valuable " Poole set ". 

Poole's Index, third edition, indexes in one alphabet the articles published in the English and Ameri- 
can periodicals from 1800 to 1882, and is the basis of all reference work in a small library. 
(The three supplements to Poole are stil' to be had of publishers.) 

popular Ipenobical Sets. 

We always have in stock, at the second-hand market price, complete sets of 



Prices according to condition, whether bound or unbound, etc. 

i^ Country libraries will find it to their advantage to order our special library bindings on 
sets bought of us. Strong tape sewing, re-inforced hinges, and high grade material give results 
never before offered by a dealer. Write us. 



BOSTON 15>^, Beacon St. MASS. 


Vol. 2 

Bulletin of Bibliography 

JANUARY, 1900 

No. 2 

This Bulletin is published, primarily , as a means 
of communication betiveen the Boston Book Com- 
pany and its customers. A constant endeavor will 
be made, however, to include in each issue enough 
original matter of sufficient value to induce librar- 
ians to preserve and bind up the numbers. Each 
volume will be provided with a title-page and an 

No subscription price will be put upon the jour- 
nal, and numbers will not be sold. It will be sent 
to a selected list of libraries, customers or likely to 
become customers of the Boston Book Company. 
The circulation of the Bulletin will be increased in 
proportion to the interest shown in it, and in the 
special work of the Library Department of the 
Boston Book Company. Correspondence is solic- 
ited, and should be addressed, 

The Boston Book Company, 

7/^ Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 



We are glad to present as our leading article 
of this issue, the first portion of a children's 
reading list on art and artists by one of the 
Pratt Institute Library School graduates. It is a 
careful and thorough compilation, and will be 
a companion piece to the excellent "Animal 
List " recently published by the Bulletin of 
Bibliography. We intend to issue the present 
list separately as Bulletin of Bibliography Pam- 
phlet No. 8. (10 cents.) 

We publish in this number certain corrections 
which we think many owners of Poole's Index 
will be glad to make in their copies of the work. 
We hope to continue this list in our April issue, 
by printing errata in the references. Many li- 
brarians we feel sure would welcome such a list ; 
may we ask any one who has noted any errors 
in Poole to send them, even though the correct 
entry has not been discovered. It is desirable 
that the list should be as complete as possible 
before anything is published. Miss Frederika 
Wendte, of the periodical department, Boston 
Public Library, who has already noted many mis- 
prints, has consented to edit the list. Correc- 
tions may be sent direct to her, or to The Boston 
Book Company. We hope all who have noted 
errors will cooperate by sending list soon. 


Compiled by Lida V. Thompson, Pratt Institute Library School 
Class of 1899. 


Benjamin, S. G. W. Our American artist*. (See 
Wide Awake, v. 11, p. 49.) 

Bolton, Mrs. S. (K.) Famous European artisu. fc. 
1890.] ^ 

Carmoslne. Some high-bom young people. {Set 
Harper's young people, v. 10, p. 344.) 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Outline history of painting. 

Outline history of sculpture. 1885. 

Stories of art and artists. (See St. Nicholas, vols. 

8, 9, 10, 12, 13.) 

Howells, W. D. A little girl among the old masters. 


Elings and artists. (See Harper's round table, v. 13, 
p. 663.) 

Nugent, Meredith. Leaves from the sketch-book of 
an animal-artist. {See St. Nicholas, v. 25, pt. i, p. 383.) 

Contains anecdotes of animals used at models. 

Vasari, Giorgio. Stories of the Italian artists, adapted 
by E. L. S. i8Ss. 


Champlin, J. D. and Apthorp, W. F., eds. Cyclopedia 
of music and musicians. 3 v. 1888-90. 

Champlin, J. D. and Perkins, C. C, eds. Cyclopedia 
of painters and paintings. 4 v. 1886-87. 

Cole, Timothy. Old Dutch and Flemish masters ; with 
critical notes by Van Dyke. 1895. 

Old Italian masters; with historical notes by Still- 
man. 1892. 

Emery, M. S. How to enjoy pictures ; with a special 
chapter on pictures in the school-room, by Stella Skinner. 

Qrove, Sir George, ed. Dictionary of music and musi- 
cians. 5 v. 1890. 

Holden, F. P. Audiences; a few suggestions to those 
who look and listen. 1896. 

Krehbiel, H. E. How to listen to music. 1896. 
Spooner, Shearjashub. Biographical history of the 
fine arts. 2 v. 1867. 
Vem Dyke, J. C. How to judge of a picture. 1889. 


Adams, W. H. D. Temples, tombs, and monuments 
of ancient Greece and Rome. 187 1. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.). Outline history of architecture. 

Well illustrated and entertaining for young people. 

Fretageot, A. H. How a Hoosier boy saw the tower 
of Pisa. {See St. Nicholas, v. 9, pt. 2, p. 784.) 

Lefevre, Andre. Wonders of architecture. 1886. 

St. Peter's church. {See St. Nicholas, v. i, p. 589.) 


The Boston Book Company's 

Vol. 2 No. 2 

Bouthwick, E. D. A peep at old Lombardy. (S^e 
St. Nicholas, v. 3, p. 455.) 

Give* deacriptioa of Cremona cathedral. 
Ward. John. Bell-towers of Italy. {See St. Nicholas, 
T. 25, pt. I, p. 494) 


Bnttarworth, Hczekiah. Great comix>sers. [c 1884.] 
Contents : — American national songs. Hymn writers 
of the past Hymn writers of to-day. 

Crawford, A. B., and Chapin, Alice. letters from 
great musicians to young people. 1897. 

Elaon, L. C. Strange Music. {See St. Nicholas, y. 7, 
pt. I. p. 246.) 

Chioeae moaic. 

Lillie, Afrs. L. C. (W.) Famous pianists. {See Har- 
per's young people, v. 5, p. 212.) 

Story of musicians and music for young readers, 


Tunis, Agatha. From Bach to Wagner. (See St. 
Nicholas, voU. 12, 13.) 

Individual Biography. 

Bach. (German.) 1685-1750. 

Tunis, Agatha. Johann Sebastian Bach. {See htr 
From Bach to Wagner. St. Nicholas, v. 12, pt. i. 
p. 462.) 
Beethoven. (German.) 1772-1827. 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. Beethoven and the sym- 
phony. {Set his Great composers, [c. 1884.] p. 
Tunis, Agatha. Beethoven. {See her From Bach to 
Wjigner. St. Nicholas, v. 12, pt. 2, p. 760.) 
Chopin. (Polish.) 1809-1849. 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. Chopin and piano music 
{See his Great composers, [c. 1884 ] p. 84.) 

Tunis, Agatha. Chopin. {See her From Bach to 

Wagner. St. Nicholas, v. 13, pt. i, p. 143.) 
Oottachalk. (American.) 1829-1869. 

House, E. H. A patriotic pianist. {See Harper's 

young people, v. 12, p. 641.) 
HMndel. (German.) 1684-1759. 
Anecdote of Handel, the composer. {See Har^/er's 

young people, ». 13, p. 557.) 
Butterworth, Hezekiah. Handel, the father of the 

oratorio. (.9^^ A/> Great composers, [c. 1884.] p. 

Tunis, Agatha. Handel. {See her From Bach to 

Wagner. St. Nicholas, v. 12, pt. 2, p. 518.) 
Haydn. (German.) 1732-1809. 

Butterworth, Hezek*ah. Haydn and Mozart. {See 

his Great composers, [c. 1884.] p. 50.) 

UUie, Mrs. L. C. (W.) Papa Haydn. {See Harper's 
young people, v. 3. p. 754.) 

Lord, J. J. Haydn's Children's symphony. {See St. 
Nicholas, v. ., p. 429.) 

Tunis, Agatha. Haydn. {See her From Bach to 
Wagner. St. Nicholas, v. 12, pt. 2, p. 583.) 
Bofmann. (Polish.) 1877- 

A wonderful pianist. {See Harper's young people, 
v. 8, p. 747.) 

Lang, Mary. Little Josef Hofmann. {See St. Nicho- 
las, v. is,pt. t. p. 535.) 

Price. E. L. The child Josef Hofmann. {Set St. 

Nicholas, v. 15, pt. 2, p. 536.) 
Contaiat anec<)otei and a portrait. 

Liast. (Hungarian.) 1811-1886. 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. Liszt. {See his Great com- 
posers, [c 1884.] p. 94.) 
Mendelssohn. (German.) 1809-1847. 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. Mendelssohn. (.S"^^ his 
Great composers, [c. 1S84.] p. 76.) 

Lillie, Mrs. L. C. ( W.) Felix Mendelssohn- Bartholdy. 
{See Harper's young people, v. 4, p. 307.) 

Tunis, Agatha. Mendelssohn. (See her From Bach 

to Wagner. St. Nicholas, v. 12, pt. 2, p. 930.) 
Mozart. (German.) 1756-1791. 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. Haydn and Mozart. (See his 

Great composers, [c. 1884.] p. 50.) 
Meissner, S. K. de. Mozart and the magic flute. 

{See Wide awake, v. 29, p. 207.) 
Mozart's requiem. {See Harper's round table, v. 18, 

p. 1150.) 
Noyes, Emily. The little music king. (See St. 

Nicholas, v. 2, p. 129.) 
Tells stories of his childhood in simple language. 
Safford, M. J. Mozart in Rome. {See Harper's 

young people, v. 12, p. 635.) 
Tunis, Agatha. Mozart. {See her From Bach to 

Wagner. St. Nicholas, v. 12, pt. 2, p. 708.) 
Paganini. (Italian.) 17S4-1840. 

Flint, J. H. Little Nicholas; and how he became a 

great musician. (See St. Nicholas, v. 6, p. 274.) 
Patti. (Italian.) 1843- 

Bubna, Augusta de. Recollections of a little prima 

donna. {See St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. i, p. 393.) 
Tells stories of her child-life. 

Rossini. (Italian.) 1792-1868. 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. Rossini. (See his Great 
composers, [c. 1884,] p. 102.) 
Schubert. (German.) 1 797-1828. 

Tunis, Agatha. Schubert. (See her From Bach to 
Wagner. St. Nicholas, v. 12, pt. 2, p. 827.) 

Schumann. (German.) 1810-1856. 
Tunis, Agatha. Schumann. (See her from Bach to 

Wagner. St. Nicholas, v. 13, pt. i, p. 28.) 
Wagner. (German.) 1813-1883. 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. Wagner and his music in 

America. {See his Great composers, [c. 1884.] 

p. I7S-) 
Tunis, Agatha. Wilhelm Richard Wagner. {See 

her From Bach to Wagner. .St. Nicholas, v. 13, 

pt. I, p. 189.) 


Action. (Greek.) Fourth century, B.C. 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Action. {See her Stories of 
art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. i, p. 189.) 
Andrea del Sarto, Andrea Vanucchi, called. (Italian.) 
1 488- 1 530. 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Andrea del Sarto. {See her 
Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 9, pt. 2, 
P- 522-) 
Vasari, Giorgio. Andrea del Sarto. (See his Stories 
of the Italian artists. 1885. p. 173.) 
Apelles. (Greek.) Fourth century, B.C. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Apelles. {See her Stories of 
art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. i, p. 187.) 
Bastien-Lepage. (French.) 1848-1885. 
Hitchcock, Ripley. A peasant painter, Jules 
Bastien-Lepage. {See St. Nicholas, v. 15, pt. I, 

Bellini. (Italian.) 1427-1516. 

Vasari, Giorgio. The Bellini and Andrea Mantegna. 
(See his Stories of the Italian artists. 1883. p. 124.) 

January, 1900. 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


Bonheur. (French.) 1822-1899. 

Bacon, Henry. About Rosa Bonheur. {See Wide 
awake, r. 26, p. 160.) 

Good pictures. 
Botticelli, Alessandro Filipepi, called. (Italian.) 

Vasari, Giorgio. Filippo Lippi and Botticelli. {See 
his Stories of the Italian artists. 1885. p. 90.) 

Bro^nrn. (English-American.) 1831-. 

A'Becket, J. A. The child-painter, J. G. Brown. (^V-^ 

St. Nicholas, v. 22, pt. 2, p. 971.) 
Pictures of street children. 

Buffalmacco. (Italian.) 1262-1340. 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Buffalmacco. {See her Stories 
of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. 2, p. 678.) 

Vasari, Giorgio. The Gaddi and Buffalmacco. {See 
his Stories of the Italian artists. 1885. p. 13.) 
Cano. (Spaiiish.) 1601-1667. 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Alonso Cano. {See her Stories 
of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 12, pt.i,p. 307.) 

Cellini. (Italian.) 1500-1570. 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Benvenuto Cellini. {See her 
Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 9, pt. 2, 
p. 857.) 
Chardin. (French.) 1699-1779. 
Carmosine. French boys in the eighteenth century. 
{See Harper's young people, v. 10, p. 833.) 

Claude Lorraine, Claude Gel^e, called. (French.) 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Claude Lorraine. {See her 
Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 13, pt. 
I, P- 323) 
Correggio, Antonio Allegri, called. (Italian.) 1494- 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Correggio. {See her Stories 
of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 9, pt. 2, p. 524.) 
Couture. (French.) 181 5-1879. 
Picture of his painting " The idle student." {See St. 
Nicholas, v. 19, pt. i, p. 402.) 
Cuyp. (Dutch.) 1620- 1691. 

Picture of his painting " Two boys of Holland." {See 
St. Nicholas, v. 19, pt. i, p. 323.) 
David. (French.) 1748-1825. 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Jacques-Louis David. {See 
her Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 13, 
pt. I, p. 330.) 
Delacroix. (French.) 1 799-1863. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Ferdinand Victor Eugene 
Delacroix. {See her Stories of art and artists. St. 
Nicholas, v. 13, pt. i, p. 331.) 
Delaroche. (French.) 1797-1856. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Hippolyte Delaroche. {See 
her Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 13, 
pt. I, p. 331.) 
The princes in the tower. {See Letter-Box, St. 
Nicholas, v. 7, p. 356.) 
Dolph. (American.) 1835. 
Eraser, W. L. An artist who loves cats and dogs 
and paints them. {See St. Nicholas, t. 18, pt. 2, p. 

Contains beautiful pictures of cats. 

Domenichino. (Italian.) 1581-1641. 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Domenichino. {See her Stories 
of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 9, pt. 2, p. 936.) 
DUrer. (German.) 147 1-1528. 

Clement, yl/;rj.C.(E.) Albert Diircr. {See her ^\.ox\t% 
of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 2, pt. i, p. 278.) 
Contains pictures of his engravings and pages from his journal. 

Pra Angelioo, Guido da Pietro da Fiesole, called. 
(Italian.) 1387 1455. 
Vasari, Giorgio. Fra Angelico. {See his Stories of 
the Italian artists. 1885. p. 76.) 
Prire. (French.) 1819-. 

Champney, Mrs. E. (W.) Edouard Frire and his 
child pictures. {See St. Nicholas, v. 1 1, pt. i, p. 125.) 
Qainsborough. (English.) 1727-1788. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Thomas Gainsborough. {See 
her Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, t. m, 
pt. 2, p. 807.) 

O^rdme. (French.) 1824-. 

Hoeber, Arthur. A famous French painter. {See 
St. Nicholas, v. 23, pt. i, p. 3.) 
Giotto. (Italian.) 1276-1336. 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Giotto. {See her Stories of 
art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. 2, p. 676.) 

Lewis, E. C. A little Florentine lady. {See St. 

Nicholas, v. 16. pt. 2, p. 813.) 
Contains Giotto's portrait of Dante. 

Cavazza, E. The pupil of Cimabue. (5"^/ St. Nicholas, 
v. 16, pt. 2, p. 603.) Poem. 

Thomson, A. E. Shepherd boy of Vespignano. {See 
St. Nicholas, v. 7, pt. i, p. 224.) 

ConUins pictures of Giotto's bell-tower, portrait-statae of Giotto, 
and portrait of Cimabue. 

Vasari, Giorgio. Cimabue and Giotto. {See his 
Stories of the Italian artists. 1885. p. i.) 
Greuze. (French.) 1725-1805. 

Davis, Mrs. J. W. The broken pitcher. {See St. 
Nicholas, v. 10, pt. i, p. 323.) 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Jean Baptiste Greuze. {See 
her Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 13, 
pt. I, p. 326.) 

Guido Reni. (Italian.) 1 575-1642. 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Guido Reni. {See her Stories 
of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 9, pt. 2, p. 937.) 
Hals. (Dutch.) 1 580-1666. 

Carmosine. Some children by Franz Hals. {See 
Harper's young people, v. 10, p. 426.) 
Hokusai. (Japanese.) 1760-1849. 
Griffis, W. E. A Japanese funny artist. {See St. 
Nicholas, v. 10, pt. i, p. 340.) 
Ingres. (French.) 1781-1867. 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Jean Dominique Augustin 
Ingres. {See her Stories of art and artists. St. 
Nicholas, v. 13, pt. i, p. 330.) 
Landseer. (English.) 1802- 1873. 

Bolton, Mrs. S. (K.) Sir Edwin Landseer. {See her 

Famous European artists, [c. 1890.] p. 367.) 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Edwin Landseer. (^See her 
Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 13, pt. 
2, p. 813.) 
Lawrence. (English.) 1769-1830. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Thomas Lawrence. {See her 
Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 13, pt. 
2, p. 808.) 
Lebrun. (French.) 1755-1842. 

Carmosine. Madame Vig^e-Lebrun and her daugh- 
ter. {See Harper's young people, v. 10, p. 566.) 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Madam Le Brun. {See her 
Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 13, pt. 
I, p. 326.) 
Contains anecdotes and Madame Le Brun's picture of herself. 
Leonardo da Vinci. (Italian.) 1452-1519. 

Bolton, Mrs. S. (K.) Leonardo da Vinci. {See her 
Famous European artists, [c. 1890.] p. 66.) 


The Boston Book Company's 

Vol. 2 No. 9 

Leonardo da Vinci. {See Letter-Box, St. Nicholas. 

V. 8, pt. I, p. 174 ) 
Vasari, Giorgio. Leonardo da Vinci. {See his Stories 

of the Italian artists. 1885. p. 130.) 

MaMys. (Flemish.) 1460-1529. 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Quintin Massys or Metsys. 
(Ste her Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, 
V. 10, pt. I, p. 271.) 

Michelangelo, Michelagnolo Buonarroti, called. 
(Italun.) i475->564- 
Bolton, Mrs. S. (K.) Michel Angelo. (See her 
Famous European artists, [c 1890.] p. 7.) 

Eggleston, G. C. How a boy was hired out, and what 
came of it. {See Harper's young people, v. 3, 
p. 6sa) 

Anecdote of Lorenzo dei Medici and the niask of the faun. 

Vasari, Giorgio. Michael Angelo. (See his Stories of 
the Italian artists. 1885. p. 258.) 

Millala. (English.) 1829-1896. 
The princes in the tower. {See Letter Box, St. Nicho- 
las, V. 7, pt I, p. 356.) 

MiUet (French.) 181 5 -1875. 

Hitchcock, Ripley. Millet and the children. {See St. 
Nicholas, v. 15, pt. i, p. 166.) 

CooUiiu a portrait, pictures of peasant life, and sketches made bjr 
Millet for his grandchildren. 

Morales. (Spanbh.) 1 509-1 586. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Luis de Morales. {See her 
Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 12, pt. 
'. P- >73) 
Murillo. (Spanish.) 1617-1682. 

Bolton, Mrs. S. (K.) Murillo. {See her Famous 

European artists, [c. 1890.] p. 203.) 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Murillo. {See her Stories of 
art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 12, pt. i, p. 302.) 
Pausias. (Greek.) Fourth century, B.C. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Pausias. (.SV^ her Stories of 
art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. i, p. 187.) 

Pouasin. (French.) 1594-1665. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Nicholas Poussin. {See her 
Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 13, pt. 
'. P- 323) 
Protogenes. (Greek.) Fourth century, B.C. 

Clement, yV>-j. C. (E.) Protogenes. {See her ^\.oi\k% 

of art and artists. St. Nicholas, t. 8, p. i, p. 188.) 

Raphael, Rafael Sanzio, fa//^</. (Italian.) 1483-1520. 

Bolton, Mrs. S. (K.) Raphael of Urbino. {See her 

Famous European artists, [c. 1890.] p. 105.) 
Clement, Mrs. C (E.) Raphael. {See her Stories 
of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 9, pt. i, p. 115.) 

Vasari, Giorgio. Perugino and Raffaelo. (.SV^ his 
Stories of the Italian artists. 1885. p. 159.) 
To be continued. 


I. The Chronological Conspectus and Abbreviations; Titles and Imprints. 


In a work of the magnitude of Poole's Index 
it would be indeed surprising were not a few 
tjrpographical errors found. The cooperative 
plan on which the volumes have been compiled 
makes the chance of error greater. The wonder 
really is that the mistakes are so few and insig- 

In compiling lists of Poole periodicals I have 
found from time to time misprints, more or less 
important, in both the list of " Abbreviations, 
Titles, and Imprints," and the "Chronological 
Conspectus " of the various volumes of the Index. 
These two tables occur ? t the beginning of each 
of the volumes. 

I print this list with the hearty approval of the 
present editors, and in the hope that librarians 
may use it in making the corrections in their 
copies of Poole's Index. Several of the errors 
here noted have been corrected in the more recent 
editions, but most libraries are still using copies 
purchased when first published. 

* To be followed by a list of errata in the references ; any 
library having noted such errors will please communicate with us. 
See Editorial, p. ai. £0. 

Poole's Index, 3d Edition, 1882. 

Errata in " .-ibbm'iations, Titles and Imprints" 
pp. xiv.-xix. 

British and foreign review. In place of 18 vols., read 16 

Hogg's instructor. In place of I^ondon, 16 vols., read 

Edinburgh, 15 vols. 
Magazine of American history. In place of Conspectus 

no. 220, read 221. 
Monthly review. In place of 82 vols., read 84 vols. 
National magazine, N. V. In place of 1852-64, read 

New quarterly review. In place of 1853-61, read 1852-61. 
Niles* register. In place of 1811-35, read 1811-36, and 

omit the s after the apostrophe in title. 
Pioneer. In place of Conspectus no. 126, read 125. 
Popular science monthly. In place of Conspectus no. 205, 

read 206. 
Practical magazine. In place of 1873-76, read 1873-77. 
Religious cabinet. In place of 1842-43, 2 vols., read 1842, 

I vol. 
United States literary gazette. In place of 5 vols., read 6. 
Western monthly magazine. In place of Conspectus no. 

140, read 58. 
Western monthly review. In place of Conspectus no. 58, 

read 40. 

January, 1900. 

Bulletin of Bibliography 


Errata in ^^Chronological Conspectus" pp, xx.-xxvii. 
31 United States literary gazette. In place of 1825, 26, 

27, vols. I, 3, 4, read 1825, 26,27, vols. 1-2, 3-4, 5-6. 
79 Religious cabinet. In place of 1842-43, vols. 1-2, 

read 1842, vol. i. 
83 United States catholic magazine. In place of vols. 

1-7, read 2-7. {"Religious cabinet'^ was the title of 

vol. I.) 
107 Hogg's instructor. In place of 11, 13, 15, 16, read 

10, 12, 14, 15. 

[New series, vol. 10, 1853, was not indexed, and 3d 

series, vol. I, 1853, was indexed as vol. 10.] 
121 National magazine, N. Y. In place of 1852-64, vols. 

l-i3,readi8S2, i; 1853,3; l854,5; '855,7; 1856, 

9; 1857, 11; 1858, 13. 

Vol. 2, 1882-86. Boston, 1888. 

Errata in "Abbreviations, Titles and Imprints" 
pp. vi.-ix. 

[American] Journal of social science. In place of 10 
vols., read 11. 

Archaeologia. In place of 1882-3, read 1880-82. 

British ahnanac companion. In place of 1826-86, 61 vols., 
read 1828-86, 59 vols. 

Church quarterly review. In place of 5 vols., read 10. 

Field naturalist. Omit entirely; it is not indexed. 

Journal of science. In place of 23 vols., read 22. 

Manhattan. In place of 1882-84, read 1883-84. 

Metropolitan. In place of New York, 1853-58, read Balti- 
more, 1853-59. 

Errata in "Chronological Conspectus" pp. x.-xiii. 

188 [American] Journal of social science. In place of 

1881, 14, read 1881, 13, 14. 
200 Lutheran quarterly. Conspectus no. is 200, not 202. 
234 Metropolitan. In place of 1853-58, read 1853-59. 
239 Journal of science. Omit 1886, vol. 23. 
256 Church quarterly review. In place of 18, 19, 20, 21, 

22, read 14, 16, 18, 20, 22. 

266 Field naturalist. Omit entirely; it is not indexed. 

267 Jour, of christian philosophy. In place of 1882-83, 
vols. 1-2, read 1882, 3, 4, vols, i, 2, 3, 

269 Manhattan. In place of 1882-85, vols. 1-4, read 
1883, 1-2, 1884, 3-4. 

Vol. 3, 1887-91. Boston, 1893. 

Errata in "Abbreviations, Titles and Imprints" 

pp. vi.-ix. 

Amer. economic association publications. In place of 

Philadelphia, read Baltimore. 
Asiatic review. In place of 1887-90, read 1887-89. 
Chautauquan. In place of 10 vols., read 7 vols. 

Errata in "Chronological Conspectus" pp. x.-xiii. 
292 Asiatic review. In place of 1887-91, vols. 3, 4, 5, 6, 

7, read 1887, 88, 89, vols. 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. 
312 American magazine. In place of 8 read 9. 
317 Magazine of christian literature. In place of vol. 4, 
read 5. 

Vol. 4, 1892-96, Boston, 1897. 
Errata in " Abbreviations, Titles and Imprints" 
pp. viii-xiii. 
Around the world. In place of I vol., read 2. 

Baptist quarterly review. In place of abbreviation Bapt. 
Q., read Bapt. R. 

Economic review. In place of 1892-96 read 1891-96. 

Economic studies. In place of Baltimore read New York. 

Ethical record. In place of 1889-91, read 1889-90. 

Harvard graduates' magazine. In place of Cambridge, 
read Boston. 

Psychical review. In place of Conspectus no. 372, read 

Theological monthly. Omit the entire entry ; the periodi- 
cal died in 1891. 

Universalist quarterly. Omit the entire entry; the periodi- 
cal died in 1891. 

Errata in Chronological Conspectus, pp. xiv-xix. 
94 Universalist quarterly. Omit entire entry. 

292 Asiatic quarterly review. To 1 892-1 896, vols. 13-22, 
add 1890-91, vols. 9-10, 11-12. 

317 Magazine of christian literature. In place of "con- 
tinued as Thinker, No. 382," read "continued as 
Thinker No. 385." 

321 Theological monthly. Omit entire entry. 

347 Bookworm. In place of 1888-90, vols. 1-3, read 
1888-91, vols. 1-4. 

348 Ethical record. In place of 1889-91, read 1889-90. 
394 Around the world. In place of i, read i, 2. 

404 Citizen. In place of vol. i, read vols. 1-2. 

Annual Literary Index for 1897. 

Errata in " List of Periodicals Indexed, pp. vii-viii. 

Economic studies. In place of Baltimore, Md., read New 

Harvard graduates' magazine. In place of Cambridge, read 

Journal of political economy. In place of vols. 5-6, read 

Longman's magazine. In place of vols. * 29-30, read 

♦29, 30, 31. 
Macmillan's magazine. Inplace of *75-76, read ^75, 76, 77. 
Magazine of art. In place of vol. 20, read 20, 21. 
Pall Mall mag. Inplace of vols. 11-12, read vols. I1-13. 
Re\new of reviews. In place of * 15-16, read 15, i6. 
Reformed quarterly review, Ref. Q. should read Reformed 

church review, Ref. Q. 
Temple bar. In place of 109-111, read 1 10-112. 
Theatre. The abbreviation should be Theatre, without 

" n. s." 

Annual Literary index for 1898. 

Errata in List of Periodicals, Indexed, pp. vii-viii. 

Economic studies. In place of Baltimore, Md., read New 

Harvard graduates' magazine. In place of Cambridge, 

read Boston. 
Journal of political economy. In place of vols. 7-8, read 

Longman's magazine. In place of vols. * 31-32, read 

* 31. 32. 33- 
Magazine of art. In place of vols. 22-23, read 22. 
Review of reviews. In place of * 17, 18, read 17, 18. 
Studio (International). In place of 3-6, read •3-6. 
Temple bar. In place of * 1 1 i-i 13, read 1 13-115. 
P. viii. Foot-note •*. In place of 13-16, read 12-15. 


The Boston Book G)mpany's 

Vol. 2 No. 2 


Compiled by the Salem Public Library. 

Foreign'^Newspapers, continued. 

Godkin, EX L. Newspapers here and abroad. (In North 
American review. 1S90. v. 150, p. 197-204.) 

Italian journalism as seen in fiction. (In Blackwood's 
magazine. 1897. v. 162, p. 207-219.) 

Native press in India. (In Blackwood's magazine. 1897. 
V, 162, p. 579-586.) 

" Peking gazette " and Chinese posting. (In Living age. 
1896. V. 211, p. 642-647.) 

Rae, W. F. The Egyptian newspaper press. (In Nineteenth 
century. 1892. v. 32, p. 213-223.) 

Trench, F, C. The Russian journalistic press. (In Black- 
wood's magazine. 1890. V. 148, p. 1 15-126.) 


Art of blackmail [in English newspapers]. (In Contem- 
porary review. 1897. v. 74, p. 196-205.) 

Ashton, J. The Times and its founder. (In bis Eighteenth 
century waifs. 1887. p. 203-226.) 

Baker, A. Newspaper world; essays on press history and 
work. 1890. 

Balch, A. English and American newspapers. (In Lippin- 
cott's magazine. 1891. v. 48, p. 87-93.) 

Bourne, H. R. F. English Newspapers; chapters from 
the history of journalism. 1887. 

Escott, T. H. S. London pen and gown in the sixties and 

since. (In Fortnightly review. 1895. ^* ^3» P- 238- 

Greenwood, F. The newspaper press; half a century's 

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The Boston Book Compjmy's 

Vol. a No. 2 


Compiled by The Providence (R. I.) Public Library. 
Since Oct. i, 1899, the following subjects have been treated in reference lists in bulletins published by libraries. 

frica, South. Mechanics' Institute [San Francisco, 
Cal.] Library Bulletin, Oct. 

— Peterborough [Eng.] Public Library Bulletin, 

— Salem [iMass.j Public Library Bulletin, Nov. 

— San Francisco [Cal.] Free Public Library 
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111.] Library Bulletin, Oct. 

— Transvaal war. Osterhout Free Library, Li- 
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— Books and periodical literature relating to. 
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— Works relating to. New York Public Library 
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— , the Transvaal, and the Boers. Boston [Mass.] 
Public Librarj', Monthly Bulletin, Dec. 
merican local history and genealogy. San Fran- 
cisco [Cal.] Free Public Vihr^xy Monthly Bulletin, 

rt and artists. Fitchburg [Mass.] Public Library 
Library Bulletin, Nov. 

rt photographs. New Bedford [Mass.] Free Pub- 
lic Library Monthly Bulletin, Oct. 
iography, Contemporary. 4. — English and Ameri- 
can poets. 5. — Essayists and critics. Carnegie 
Library [Pittsburgh, Pa.] Monthly Bulletin, Nov. 
and Dec. 

ooks for pupils and teachers. (Arranged according 
to high school grades.) Seattle Public Library 
Bulletin, Oct. 

ooks for young people. Carnegie Library [Pitts- 
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— Waltham [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, 
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oston. Bibliography of. Pt. 2. Boston [Mass.] 
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utterflies and moths. Pratt Institute Free Library 
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hristmas. Seattle Public Library Bulletin, Dec. 

ongfresses of the United States, Documents of the 
first and second. New York Public Library 
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•ewey, George E. Warren County [Monmouth, 
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•rcyfiis case. Warren County [Monmouth, 111.] 
Library Bulletin, Oct. 

ngineering. Pratt Institute Free Library [Brook- 
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ssays. Some good essays. Salem [Mass.] Pub- 
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Football. Salem [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, 

Gardening, Indoor. Salem [Mass.] Public Library 
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Gothic architecture. Omaha [Neb.] Public Library 
Bulletin, Nov. 

Home reading for young people. Seattle Public Li- 
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Kindergarten. Brooklyn [N. Y.] Public Library 
Monthly, Oct. 

Landscape gardening and parks. New York Public 
Library Bulletin, Dec. 

Materia medica and therapeutics. Pratt Institute 
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New Year's day. Salem [Mass.] Public Library 
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Periodical literature : its making, character, and use. 
The Boston Book Co. s Bulletin of Bibliography, 

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Warren County [Monmouth, 111.] lAhnxy Bulletin, 

Twelfth night and day. Salem [Mass.] Public Li- 
brary Bulletin, Dec. 

Whittier. Salem [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, 

Januiry, 1000. 


Bargains in Periodicals. 

From February i to 15, unless previously sold, The Boston Book Company 
offers librarians the following volumes and sets. 

American Quarterly Review. Phila. 1827- 

37, 22 vols. Complete Poole set . .$22.00 

1827-34. 1-15. (Vol. 8 lacks Sept. 

1830.) 10.00 

American Review. Phila. 181 i-i 2, 4 vols. 
A complete set indexed by Poole as 
'* Walsh's Amer. Review " . . . 4.00 

Annals of American Academy of Political 
and Social Science. Phila. 1890-98, vols. 
1-12 20.00 

Anthropological Review. London, 1863-70, 
8 vols, unbound. The "Poole series" 
complete . . . . . .21.00 

Argonaut. Ed. by G. Gladstone, London, n. 

d., 5 vols, (about 1870), all pub., cloth . 4.00 

Asiatic Researches. London, 1798-18 12, 

II vols. ....... 5.00 

Bibliotheca Sacra. Andover and Oberlin, 

1 844-94 ; vols. 1-51, mostly unbound . 51.00 

1844-74, vols. 1-31 ; 22 vols, bound, 

rest unbound 20.00 

1844-69, vols. 1-26, bound . .13.00 

Boston Miscellany of Literature and Fashion. 

1842, 2 vols, in 1, half sheep . . . 2.00 

British and Foreign Medical Review. Lon- 
don, 1836-47, vols. 1-20, 22-24; 23 vols, 
half calf, followed by .... 

British and Foreign Medico-Chirurgical Re- 
view, or quarterly journal of practical medi- 
cine and surgery. London, 1848-77 ; vols. 
1-60, half calf, nearly all newly bound. 
Together 83 vols. ..... 35.00 

British Association for Advancement of 
Science. Reports, 1831-1895, and list of 
members. 64 vols., half leather, uniform 
and sound ..... 

Extra good condition, as sets usually have early vol- 
umes in boards. 

British Quarterly Review. Original London 
edition, 1845-86, 83 vols., all published, 
bound. Complete Poole set in condition to 
go directly on the shelves 

British Quarterly Review. London (and 
Poole) edition, vols. 53-83, the last vol- 
umes published. 31 vols. 
These volumes are all but 7 in new binding, and 

form the most desirable portion for completing sets. 

Bulletins and other State Intelligence. Lon- 
don, 1793-95, 1 797-1801, 1803-36, 1840, 

1841. The lot 

Vols, for filling gaps, 50 cts. each. 





Bulletins of Campaigns. London, 1 793-98, 
6 vols. ....... 

Califomian. 1880-82, 6 vols, all published, 
unbound, scarce ..... 
This is the connecting link between the first and sec- 
ond series of the " Overland Monthly." 

Califomian Illustrated Magazine . 1891 -94 , 

5 vols, unbound, all published . 

Connecticut Quarterly. Hartford, 1895-96, 

vols. 1-2, 2 vols., unbound 

This is very scarce and in demand. 
Eclectic Engineering Magazine. (Van Nos- 

trand's.) 1869-86, 35 vols., all pub., vols. 

2-21, bound in 10, rest unbound. A Poole 

set ....... . 

Essex Institute Bulletin. Salem, 1869-96, 
vols. 1-28, in 14 vols., cloth 

Proceedings and Communications, 1 848- 

71, vols. 1-6, pt. 2 unbound 

Cassell's Family Magazine. London, 1875- 
88, n. s., 1-14, well bound, except v. 5-7. 

Continental Monthly. N. Y., 1862-64, vols. 
1-5,5 vols., unbound .... 

Harbinger. N. Y., 1845-47, vols. 1-4, half 
calf, worn ...... 

The famous Brook Farm periodical ; very scarce. 

Horticultural Society of London. 4to. and 
8vo., Transactions, I. 7 vols., II. 3 vols., 
1812-48; Journal, 9 vols., 1846-55. A 
complete set, together 19 vols., well bound 

Idler. London, 1892-99, vols. 1-15, un- 
bound, ed. by J. K. Jerome; early vols, 
scarce ....... 

Igdrasil. London, 1890-92, 3 vols., un- 
bound, all published .... 
The journal of the Ruskin Reading Guild. 

Journal of Philology. Cambridge [Eng.], 
1868-95, vols. 1-23 ; 23 vols., cloth 

Journal of Physical Chemistry. Ithaca, N. 
Y., 1896-98, vols. 1-2, unbound 

Library Journal. We offer 1898-99, vols. 
23-24, complete for $3.00 each, and shall be 
able to send each year on its completion at 
same rate . A good chance for some small 
library to possess this valuable " tool." 
We wish to buy nos. in vols. 8, 10, 12, 13, 16. 

Macmillan's Magazine. London, 1859-97, 
vols. 1-76, 24 vols, in cloth, remainder un- 
bound. A Poole set at a great bargain 

1871-98, vols. 25-77, 53 vols., unbound, 


1 1.00 







Vol. 2. No, 2 



Griswold, Rufus W., Passages from the corres- 
pondence and other papers of. Edited by W. M. 
Griswold. Cambridge. 1898. Octavo. Canvas. 
PP- 3»3 *2.oo 

_ This book should find a place in every collection of 
bioeraphy. Mr. Griswold't correspondeoce with the 
leading literary men and journalists of his time resulted 
in his papers becoming the repository of an unusual 
amount 01 hterary information about books and their 
authors, and biograi>hical data at first hand. 


Pulling, Alexander. The order of the Coif. lUus. 

Boston. 1897 1.50 

This historical account of the English order of Ser- 
jeants-at-Law was originally published in 1884 at f'io.50. 
The republication is now offered at li-so, half its pub- 
lished price. It contains an account of law and lawyers 
before the time of Edward I. 


Griswold, W. M., Compiler. A descriptive list of 
books for the young. Cambridge. 1895. 
Octavo. Canvas, pp. vii., 175 

A carefully selected and topically arranged work, 
which would be very useful in any public library. The 
volume closes with a list of children's books recom- 
mended by Mr. G. M. Jones, Librarian of the Salem 
Public Library. 


History of California. San 
4 vols. Octavo. Qoth . 

These four volumes, containing 3,461 pages, form a 
most comprehensive history of California. After many 
years of study and personal research, Mr. Hittell has 
recently completed what must hereafter be considered 
as the standard history of the State. 


Hittell, Theodore H 
Francisco. i8q{ 

Bargfains in Miscellaneous Books 


Ac«rbi, J. Travels through Sweden, Finland and Lap- 
land to the North Cape, 1798-99. 2 vols. 410. Lon- 
don. Half calf 51.50 

Andersen, Hans Christian. The storyof my life. lamo. 
London. 1871. Portrait. Cloth . . . .1.50 

Anderson, Sir C. (Bart.) Eight weeks' journey in Nor- 
way . . . in 1852, with rough outlines. lamo. London. 
1833. Half calf 1.30 

Joseph, editor. Orkneyinga saga. Translated 

from the Icelandic by Jon A. Hjaltalin and Gilbert 
Gondie. 8vo. Edinburgh. 1873. 1^^P> plates, illus. 
Cloth 2.50 

Asbjomsen, F. Chr. Tales from the fjeld. A second 

series of popular tales from the Norse, by G. VV. Dasent. 

i2mo. London. 1874. Cloth 1.90 

Atkinson, J. B. An art tour to northern capitals of 

Europe. 8vo. London. 1873. Half morocco . . 2.00 
Baring-Oottld, Sabine. Iceland : its scenes and sagas. 

With numerous colored illustrations and a map. 8vo. 

London. 1S63. Cloth, uncut, extra condition . . 8.00 
Barnard, Eev. M. S. Sport in Norway and where to 

find it. izmo. London. 1864. Illus. Cloth . . .80 
Bjomson, Bjomstjeme. Ame; The bridal march; 

Magnhild ; A happy boy ; Synnove Solbakken ; Captain 

Mansana. Trans, from the Norse. 7 vols. Author's 

ed. i6mo. London. 1884. Tloth, new . . . 5.00 
• Sigurd Slembe. A dramatic trilogy. Trans. 

from the Norwegian by Wm. Morton Payne, lamo. 

Boston. 1888. Cloth 65 

Blackwood, Lord Dufferin. Yacht voyage. Letters 
from high latitudes, being some account of a voyage to 
Iceland, Jan. Mayen and Spitzbergen in 1856. lamo. 
Boston. 1859. Faded cloth 50.75 

Blaikie, John. Among the Goths and Vandals. 8vo. 
London. 1870. Cloth 55 

Bremer, Bobert. Excursions in Denmark, Norway and 
Sweden. 2 vols. 8vo. London. 1840. Half morocco, 1.50 

Brightwell, Miss. A life of Linnaeus. i6mo. London. 
1858. Cloth 50 

Brisman. Suen. Engelskt och svenskt hand-lexicon. 
8vo. Upsala. 1801. Boards 50 

Brown, John. Northern Courts ; containing original 
memoirs of the sovereigns of Sweden and Denmark 
since 1766. 2 vols. 8vo. London. 1818. Portraits. 
Boards, shabby 1.75 

Brunmark, Oustavus. Introduction to Swedish gram- 
n>ar. Revised and enlarged by Rev. J. B. Wahlin. 
i2mo. London. 1825. Boards .... i.oo 

Bunbnry, Selina. Summer in Northern Europe. 2 vols. 
London. 1856. Cloth 90 

Bunnett, F. E. (translator). Memoirs of Leonora Chris- 
tina. 8vo. London. 1872. Portrait, illustrations. 
Cloth 2.00 

Burton, Bichard F. Ultima Thule; or, a summer in 
Iceland. 2 vols. 8vo. London. 1875. I'lus. Cloth 5.00 


We offer a nearly consecutive run of bound volumes of Manchester (England) Chronicle 
and Guardian. This period was one of great commercial activity, and covers the invention of 
the railway, the great development of mining, and the iron industry, etc. It is doubtful if such 
a file of old papers could be duplicated at any price. 

We offer the 42 elephant folio volumes for $75.00. 



BuUelin of 


Number 1 3 April, 1 900 Vol. 2, No. 3 






BY A. B. SLAU50N. 








The Boston Book Company 

Charles C.jSoule,Pre;sident 
Freeman Place Chapel 

34 Vol. 2 No. 3 


Recognizing the importance of periodical literature in modern libraries, The Boston Book 
Company established its Library Department with the idea that a definite service could be rendered 
ovcrvrorked librarians by an intelligent effort to supply them with sets of Periodicals and Society 
Transactions bibliographically complete and materially perfect% 

Under the old method, librarians were forced to buy such sets or parts of sets as appeared in 
booksellers' catalogues, or were privately offered to them, taking their chances as to the complete- 
ness or perfectness of the sets. Before the publication of "Poole's Index" the shortcomings of 
such a mode of purchase were not apparent, because the deficiencies in sets so bought were not 
brought to special notice ; but in these days of thorough indexing, the constant showing up of tan- 
talizing defects obliges the conscientious librarian to assume the labor of collation, and the subse- 
quent vexatious time and money cost involved in trying to make the defects good. 

It is exactly this burdensome and wasteful labor which The Boston Book Company has 
endeavored to save librarians, by supplying only sets which have passed through the hands of a 
conscientious and carefully trained staff of collators. 

We find, however, that some librarians still prefer to buy sets by the old method, and to such 
librarians we wish to make it known, that while we consider our method the economical and prefer- 
able one to libraries in the end, we are entirely willing to sell uncoUated sets to such as prefer to 
buy them. 

We have always a great many uncollated sets on hand (because conscientious collation is a 
tedious and time-consuming work), and we can offer them as cheaply as any other dealers. In 
such cases we will make an offer of the volumes actually on hand, but will not undertake to supply, 
as we do ordinarily, every page, index, supplement, appendix, plate, or map. 

It is needless to say we shall do our best to supply any defects found by the purchasers of such 
sets ; and with by far the largest stock of periodicals in the country, our chances of being able to 
furnish what is needed are excellent. 

The Boston Book Company only asks that a fair comparison of price and quality be made» 
and is perfectly willing to sell to librarians by any method they may prefer. 


C. C. SOULE, Pres., 

Library Department, FRED. W. FAXON, Manager, 

X^Yz Beacon Street, Boston, U.S.A. 

April, 1900 35 


The following sets are offered for sale partly from our own stock, and partly from Continental 
dealers who, by arrangement, allow us to offer these on special terms in advance of cataloguing. 
Prices include transportation to Boston, and will be found to compare favorably with those abroad. 

Academie (L') royale des inscriptions et belles lettres: M^moires et Histoire. 17 19-81. 

99 vols, (lacking vol. 51 of M^moires.) J 12.00 

Annales de l'6co!e libre des Sciences Politiques. 1890-98. Unbound. II30.00 

Archiv. fiir mikroskop. Anatomic, 1865-94, vols. 1-43. Supplement and index. I335.00 
Archives Diplomatiques. Recueil mensuel international de diplomatie et d'histoire. Paris. 

1860-96, unbound. ^loo.oo 

Archives N^erlandaises des sciences exactes et naturelles. Haarlem. 1866-99. 33 

vols. (Pub. ^83.) ^39.00 

Astronomische Nachrichten. 1823-99, with all indexes and Erganzungshefte. 1^510.00 

Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. 1829-86. 115 vols, bound in 59. $65.00 

Crelle. Journal fiir die reine und angewandte Mathematik. Berlin. 1826-93. 98 vols. 

bound. $475.00 

Curtis Botanical Magazine. Lond. 1 787-1898. Vols. 1-124. Many thousand colored 

plates, bound, except a few recent volumes. $510.00 

Elektrotechnische Zeitschrift. Berlin. 1880-98. Vols. 1-19, unbound. $45.00 

Engineer. Lond. 1856-98. Vols. 1-86. Cloth. $145.00 

Engineering. Lond. 1866-98. Vols. 1-66. Cloth. $145.00 

Chemical News. Vol. i to 1898. Half morocco. Bound, 2 vols, in i, as usual. $155.00 
Institution of Civil Engineers. Minutes of Proceedings, from v. i (1837) to 1898. With 

all indexes, etc. Cloth. $250.00 

Another set, cloth, extra fresh. $290.00 

Iron and Steel Institute, Journal of the. Set to 1898. Cloth, with index. $148.00 

Jahresbericht uber die Untersuchung und Fortschritte auf dem Qesammtgebiete 

der Zuckerfabrikation. 1863-95. Vols. 1-34. $46.00 

Journal des Economistes. Paris. 1842-97. 213 vols., all but 32 of which are bound. $170.00 
Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry. 1881-98. Vols. 1-17. Half 

morocco. $125.00 

Marten's Recueil de trait^s de paix. 1761-1897. Partly bound. $195.00 

Netherlands, Acts of the States General. 1814-1896. Nearly 400 folio volumes (two-thirds 

well bound), forming a nearly complete copy, including the papers printed privately for 

members. $400.00 

Paris Exposition universelle de 1867, Rapports du Jury international. Paris. 1868. 13 

vols, in 14. Half morocco. $10.00 

Royal Institute of Dutch Engineers. 1848-98. Comprising — Algemeen verslag, Tijdschrift, 

Uittreksels, Verhandlingen. $70,00 

Sucrerie, (La), indigene et Coloniale, Revue hebdomadaire. 1866-94. Vols. 1-44. 

Half calf. (Pub. $115.) $44.00 

Zeitschrift des Vereins deutscher Ingenieure, Vols. 1-19. $60.00 


C. C. SOULE, Pres., 
Boston, U. S. A. 


Vol. 2 No. 3 


In accordance with our usual custom at end of our business year, we offer at a reduced price, to 
librarians ordering during May, any sets in stock. Below are a few newly purchased sets. Prices 
on application. (See also our Bargain Lists, page 47.) 

N. Y., 1825-33. 


8 V. lis. " Complete Poole bet." 

ami Journal, 1852-97, 31 vols. 

and Annual Reports, complete 1885-96. 

Journal 1876-98. 


t .n, 1885-96, vmI. i-io. " Poole set." 

N. Y., 1652-71, 20 v.ils.; as indexed in Poole. 

ARCHITECT, LONDON. 1869-99, vols. 1-60. 

A complete set, in uniform biiding, of the great British Architec- 
tural journal, very seldom for s .le complete. 


Journal of. 18S1-97, vols. I-19. 

BAPTIST REVIEW. Cincinnati nd N. Y., 1879-92. 
vol . 1-14. '• Po >L- set, complete." 

4to, 1835-97, vols. 1-125, ^'^" supplements and in- 

20 v lis. "Compl.te Pjole Set." 

COSMOPOLIS. London, 1896-98, 12 vols., all published. 
CONTEMPORARY REVIEW. London, 1866-98, vols. 

This is one of th: most valuable of the world's standard review* 
for use with Poole's loiex. 

V Is. 1-5. 

ECONOMIC REVIEW. London, 1891-98, vols. 1-8. 
( Puhiishol for the Oxford Univ. Branch of the Chris- 
tian Social Union.) 

ECONOMIC JOURNAL. London, 1891-9S., vols. 1-8. 

(Th • J.iuriiHl of tie British Eonomic Association.) 

We have succeeded in making up another set of each of the above 

scarci quarterlies. They are in great dem ind, and rapidly becoming 

scarce. Both are indexed in Poole. 


1869-86, 35 Vols. " Complete Poole set." 

ELECTRICAL ENGINEER. N. Y., 1882-98, vols. 1-26. 
C ■inplcte except lu Nos. in vols, i, 5 and S. 

1869-98, 30 vols. "Complete Scries." 

FORTNIGHTLY REVIEW. I^ndon, 1865-80, vols. 


The scarce part of this standard review, which no library can a£ford 
to be without. 


1890-99, vols. 1-9. 

1875-1899, vols. 1-29, and indexes. 31 vols, in 22 half- 
morocco new bound. 

The only catalogue of German books now published. This set it 
absolutelv complete. We also have for sale separately the late vols. 
|Or completing sets of Kayser, or continuing the " Heinsius " record. 

LIBRARY JOURNAL. N. Y., 1876-97, vols. 1-22, and 
In lex of vols, i -22. 

LUMIERE ELECTRIQUE, LA. Paris, 1879-94, vols. 

This is absolutely complete with the sc.irce portion present. 

93, 30 vols. "Complete Poole s t." 

ton, 1847-30, 3 Vols, all pui)lish d. "In Poole." 

Published at the time of Boston's famous coterie of authors, this 
set contains articles by many noted literary men. 

83, 4 vols. 

With the exception of Title and Index of vol. 4, this is a complete 
set of one of the scarcest periodicals indexed in Poole. 

NATIONAL REVIEW. London, 1855-64. 19 vols, all 
published. A Poole set not often catalogue.! complete. 


Baltim tc, 1868-57, vols. 1-17. 

These two sets, one a continuation of the other, are both indexed in 
Poole, and nearly every library in the country lacks them. An unu- 
sual opportunity. 

NEW JERSEY ARCHIVES. Newark, 1880-97, vols. 

1-19, and index of vols. I-IO. 

TIONS. 1 868-^9, vols. 1-22. 

PRESBYTERIAN REVIEW. 1880-89, 10 vols. 


Rome, 1871-99, vols. 1-30. 

REVIEW OF REVIEWS. London, 1871-91, vols. 1-17. 


OF THE. I. on. Ion, 1682-89, vols. 1-8. 

The early portion of this set is often lacking in our libraries. Sel- 
dom offered for sale. 

SCIENCE PROGRESS. London, 1894-98, vols. 1-8. 
"In Poole." 

burgh, 1885-99, vols. I-15. 

SATURDAY REVIEW. London, 1885-98, vols. 1-85. 
A fine uniformly bound set of this valuable weekly. 


Library Department, 

F. W. FAXON, Manager. 

Boston, Mass. 

Bulletin of Bibliography 

Vol. 2 

APRIL, 1900 

No. 3 

This Bulletin is published, primarily, as a 
means of communication between the Boston 
Book Company and its customers. A constant 
endeavor will be made, however, to include in 
each issue enough original matter of sufficient 
value to induce librarians to presence and bind 
up the numbers. Each volume will be provided 
with a title-page and an index. 

No subscription price will be put upon the jour- 
nal, and numbers tvill not be sold. It will be sent 
to a selected list of libraries, customers or likely to 
become customers of the Boston Book Company. 
The circulation of the Bulletin will be increased 
in proportion to the interest shown in it, and in 
the special work of the Library Department of 
the Boston Book Company. Correspondence is 
solicited, and should be addressed, 

The Boston Book Company, 

15% Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 


A notable contribution to this year's numbers of 
the Bulletin of Bibliography will be the " Crom- 
well Bibliography," the first part of which appears 
in our present issue. 

Miss Wendtd's reading list on the Paris exposi- 
tion is timely and gives the principal magazine 
references to the great French fair. 

We beg to remind our customers and readers 
that in May each year we make special reduc- 
tions on all our stock, in order to clear as much as 
possible for stock-taking. 


We are glad to be able to correct so many 
errors, as we feel that the compilation will be of 
much assistance to Ubrarians. We may remark 
here as showing the value of interviews or letters 
as compared with advertising, that we received one 
error as a result of our appeal in the January Bul- 
letin, while the rest have been secured by the 
personal effort of the Editor. 


The Boston Book Company will publish in May 
or June, a history of the Judiciary of Massachusetts, 
including the Colony of New Plymouth, the Colony 
and Province of Massachusetts Bay, and the 
Commonwealth; by William T. Davis of Ply- 
mouth. This will be an interesting book for 
general readers, as well as for lawyers. 


An annotated list of books and articles for 


Compiled by Mary Medlicott. of the City Library, Spring- 
field, Mass., from bibliographies by J. H.Swann of Manchesler, 
Eng., 1 he Nottingham , Eng ) Library Bulletin, and other lisU. 


Adams, Charles. Life of Oliver Cromwell. 1867. 

Andrews, J. R. Life of Cromwell to the death of Charles 
I. 1870. 

Baldock, T. S. Cromwell as a soldier. 1899. Wolseley 

An attempt to show "the Rrounds on which rest his claims to be 
°",*,. . .P/'^""* foremost soldiers." A soldier's thoughts about a 
soldier s lite and deeds. 

Reviewed in Athenaeum, 1899, vol. 2, p. 29, July i. 

Banks, John. A short critical review of the political life 
of ( Diver Cromwell . . By a Gentleman of the Middle 
Temple. 1739. 4th edit. 1760. 

The book is written with some vigour, and was one of the earliest 
in which was taken a view on the whole favourable of CromweU's 
career and character. — Diet. Nat. Biog. 

Bayne, Peter. Chief actors in the Puritan revolution 
(Chap. 10. Oliver Cromw. 11). 1878. 

Admirable specimens of judicious, incisive, and well-sustained 
criticism. — Adams. 

He has burrowed "in the paraphletary catacombs of the British 
Museum," and fraternized with people of the i7lh century in dingy 
pages unread for centuries. — Spectator. 

Bisset, A. British biography, v. 5. 

Brougham, Henry, Baron, and others. Old England's 
worthies, n. d. 

Short biographies and interesting portraits, etc. 

Carlyle, Thos. Oliver Cromwell's letters and speeches: 
with elucidations. 1845. Library edit. 5 vols. 1870-71. 

Carlyle professes to write for no other purpose than a mere elucida- 
tion of the text, but he has so far exceeded his professions as to frame 
the most powerful argument in behalf of Cromwell ever written . . . 
the chief strength and the greatest value of the book are in the original 

fiapers here collected, many of which were now for the first time pub- 
ished. — A dams. 

— On heroes, hero-worship, and the heroic in history. 
(Lecture 6. The hero as king : Cromwell, Napoleon.) 
[1840.] 1846. 

Church, S. H. Oliver Cromwell ; a history. 1894. 

— Oliver Cromwell. A history. . . Commemoration 
edition. 1899. 

Not the work of a professional historian, but of a writer who takes 
a deep interest in one of the greatest characters of English history. 
Judged from this point of view it shows wide reading, and is written 
with spirit and enthusiasm . . the author is not sufiSciently discriminat- 
ing in his authorities. — £ng. Hist. Rev. 

Clark, G. H. Oliver Cromwell. 1893. 

Gives illustrations from old paintings and prints. 
Contains interesting quotations from, and references to, previous 
estimates of Cromwell. 

Cornish, F. W. Life of Oliver Cromwell. 1884. 

An attempt to give a concise and clear view of Cromwell and his 
times, while giving enough of detail and facts of social life to make a 
good picture of the period. 


The Boston Book G^mpany^s 

Vol. 2 No. 3 

Cromwell, O. Memoirs of the Protector, Oliver Cromwell, 
and his sons, Richard and Henry. Illustrated by original 
letters, and other family papers. With portraits from 
original pictures. 1820. 2d ed. 1 821. 2 vols. 

The author's object was to vindicate the character of the Protector, 
and bis work is valuable as containing copies of original letters and 
authentic portraits. — Firth. 

See also for the " family papers" (in possession of Mrs. Prescott), 
Hist. MSS. Commission, ad Rept. 1871. p. 97. 

Cromwell, Thomas. Oliver Cromwell and his times. 1821. 

An attempt to stetr a middle course between the prejudiced repre- 
sentations of Hume and the unbounded panegyrists of Oliver Crom- 
well. — Lowndtt' Bibliog. Manual. 

Cromwelliana. A chronological detail of events in which 
Oliver Cromwell was engaged ; from 1642 to 1658. 
Compiled by Machell Stace. 1810. 

A volume of extracts from newspapers, but except for the Protec- 
torate the collection is very incomplete. — Firth. 

Cust, Sir Edward. Lives of the warriors of the civil wars 
... of England, vol. 2. 1867. 

Fellows, W. D. Historical sketches of Charles I., Crom- 
well, etc. Illustrated with lithographic plates. 1828. 

Cromwell's signatures, plates of coau of aras, besides portraits and 
other pictures. 

Firth, C. H. Oliver Cromwell. Dictionary of National 
Biography. Vol. 13. 1888. 

Mr. Firth is not free from the biographer's weakness : his essays 
are too uniformly eulof(istic in tone ; but his knowledge of the 
authorities is unusually accurate and comprehensive, and his careful 
notes on Cromwell bibliography would alone make his article valuable 
. . Altogether Mr. Firth has done an important piece of work in an 
excellent fashion. — A thtneeum. 

Fletcher, Henry. The perfect politician: or, a full view of 
the life and actions (military and civil) of O. Cromwell. 
Whereunto is added his character, and a compleat cata- 
logue of all the honours conferr'd by him on several 
persons. 1660. 2nd edit. 1680. 
The only early life of any value. — Firtk. 

Forster, John. Life of Oliver Cromwell. (Vols. 6 and 7 
of Lives of eminent statesmen, in Lardner's Cabinet 
Cyclopadia.) 1839. 

A work of considerable research, but written too much from the 
standpoint of the republican party. — 'Firth. 

Though Forster sympathized thoroughly with the Revolutionary 
movement, he condemns Cromwell severely for the part he took after 
the death of the kin^. As Carlyle is Cromwell's most able defender, 
Forster is perhaps bis most able prosecutor. — A dami. 

— Same. In his Statesmen of the Commonwealth. 

GaUrdi, P. F. de. La tyrannic heureuse, ou Cromwell 
politique, avec les artifices et intrigues dans tout le cours 
de sa conduite. 1671. 

Mainly based on Heath. — Firth. 

Gardiner, S. R. Cromwell's place in history. 1897. 

The work is of value chiefly for two reasons. It will aid in spread- 
ing correct ideas among the rapidly growing class of readers whose 
interest in the most difficult period of our history is keen, but whom 
time will not permit to study ttie author's larger work. . That [Crom- 
well] was still more the man of hesitation than the man of decision, 
that in many of the crises of his life his conduct was shaped by others, 
is Incoming known to everybody, and is brought out with great clear- 
ness fiere. — Eng. Hitt. Rev. 

— Oliver Cromwell. 1899. 

Reviewed in Athenaeum, 1899, vol. 2, p. 149, July 29. 

— Literature, 1899, vol. 5, p. 13, July 14. 

Gleig, G. R. Lives of British military commanders. Vol 
I. 1831. 

Harris, \Vm. An historical account of the life of Oliver 
Cromwell . . after the manner of Mr. Bayle . . To which 
is added an appendix of original papers. 1772. 
His notes are full of information from sources not easily accessible. 
— Diet. Nat. Biog. Written from the republican point of view. 

Harrison, Frederic. Oliver Cromwell. 1888. 

Mr. Harrison has not unfairly summed up the results of a long 
discussion. — Eng. Hist. Rev. 

The merit of the book lies in the fullness, fluency, and (on the 
whole) fairness of its luurative of facts. — Sat. Rev. 

Hawks, F. L. Oliver Cromwell. 1855, Romance of 

Hazlitt, William. Oliver Cromwell; a biography. 1857. 

Headley, J. T. Life of Oliver Cromwell. 1857. 

Heath, James. The history of the life and death of 
Oliver Cromwell, the late usurper, and pretended Pro- 
tector of England, &c., truly collected and published, for 
a warning to all tyrants and usurpers. 1663. [Abridged], 
Harleian Miscellany. Vol. I. 

The chief fountain of all the foolish lies that have circulated about 
Oliver. — Carlyle. 

Hood, E. P. Oliver Cromwell. His life, times, battle- 
fields, and contemporaries. 1882. 

A model of adroit book-making. . . . The result however, is to 
collect a large number of characteristic anecdotes in a convenient 
form. — Athenceum. 

Horton, R. F. Oliver Cromwell; a study in personal 
religion. 1897. 

A short and fairly readable biography from tlie "Christian and 
Independent" standpoint . . . too much of a panegyric to be in any 
sense a "study" of Cromwell's inner life. — Literature. 

James, G. P. R. Oliver Cromwell. In his Memoirs of 
great commanders. 1832. And later editions. 
A brief sketch, from the cavalier standpoint. 

Kimber, Isaac. The life of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Pro- 
tector of the Common-wealth of England, Scotland, and 
Ireland. 1724. 2d edit. 1725. 5th edit. 1743. 

" I have neither lessen'd his bad nor multiply'd his good Deeds, 
but have had a strict regard to truth, as far as I was by good author- 
ities convinc'd of it." — Pre/ace. 

Lamartine, A. M. L. de P. de. Cromwell. Memoirs of 
celebrated characters, v. 2. 1854. 

Regards Cromwell as an religious enthusiast and fanatic, seeking 
religious liberty for his OAvn party, the Independents, rather than 
honor for himself. 

Lodge, Edmund. Oliver Cromwell. In his portraits of 
illustrious personages, v. 3, 1821-34, and later editions. 
With copy of the portrait by Walker. 

Tlie brief biographical sketch depicts Cromwell as a fanatic aitd 
hypocrite, led by his own ambition and self interest. 

Merle D'Aubign^, J. H. The Protector : a vindication. 


The work by Dr. Merle d'Aubign^ is not likely to raise the reputa- 
tion of its author. It abounds in mistakes and misapprehensions, and 
seems to have been too hasty a performance to be worthy of its sub- 
ject. — Eclectic Review. 

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I. p. 229, Carlyle's Cromwell.) 1878. 
Written from the royalist point of view. — Adams. 
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Noble, Mark. Memoirs of the protectorate-house of 
Cromwell . . . collected chiefly from original papers and 
records . . . 1 784. 

Contains some useful faxts amid a mass of error. — Diet. Nat. 
Bio^. Carlyle terms this work "a kind of Cromwellian biographical 

Palgrave, Sir R. F. D. Oliver Cromwell, the Protector, 
An appreciation based on contemporary evidence. 1890. 

Mr. Palgrave's book . . . shows how history should not be written, 
and how far partisanship and political untrutli may lead even eminent 
writers astray. . . . Hie work is, we suppose, intended .is an answer to 
Carlyle. — Annual Register. 

Pauli, Reinbard. Life of Oliver Cromwell. 1883. 

April, 1900 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


Picton, Y. A. Oliver Cromwell : the man and his mission. 

[Mr. Picton] tells the world honestly that he " makes no pretension 
to original research," that he has mainly depended on Carlyle and 
more recent investigators for his facts . . [He] has, within the limita- 
tions he has stated, studied the Protector's character with minute 
care. — A cademy. 

Pike, G. H. Oliver Cromwell and his times; social, re- 
ligious and political life in the seventeenth century. 

As a contribution to the literature of this " century " year, Mr. 
Pike's sketch may perhaps be called " timely," but we cannot bielieve 
that it will enjoy an enduring fame. — Nation. 

Reviewed in Athenceum, 1899, vol. 2, p. 31, July i. 

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Remarkable instances in ancient and modern history ex- 
emplified in chronological order. 1796. Instance 16, 
Oliver Cromwell. 

Russell, Michael, bishop. Life of Oliver Cromwell. 2 

vols, 1833. 

A study ... to avoid extremes, and to give an unbiased view of 
Cromwell's conduct . . . making his character depend upon his actions. 
— Pre/ace. 

Sandford, J. L. Early Life of Cromwell. In his Studies of 
the great rebellion. 1858. 

This important work is the result of research . . . extending over 
a period of fifteen years. — A llibont. 

Of real and lasting value. — Athenceum, 

Smith, Goldwin. Three English statesmen. (Cromwell, 

pp. 55-114) 1868. 

Brilliant and valuable lectures. — Adams. "I speak of him not 
as a general, or as a party leader, but as a prince." — G. S. 

{To be 

Southey, Robert. Life of Oliver Cromwell. 1859. Aho 

in Quarterly Rev. vol. 25, p. 279. 

Written from the point of view of the royalists, regarding Cromwell 
as to a certain extent conscientious, but strong and resolute to cany 
out his own designs. 

Tangye, Sir Richard. The two Protectors; Oliver and 
Richard Cromwell. 1899. 
Sir Richard Tangye is too uncompromisingly partisan in every way 

to carry weight with the historical student . . . [He] contributes some 

interesting details (in one case valuable) from original materials in his 

own possession. — Academy. 

Reviewed in Athenaeum, 1899, vol. 2, p. 31, July I. 

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well, Milton and others. 1861. 
He confines himself to the judicious use of the material already 

contributed by others. — Athenteum. 

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The first foreign life of any value. — Firth. 
Waylen, James. The house of Cromwell. . . A genealogi> 
cal history of the descendants of the Protector, with 
anecdotes and letters [of Oliver Cromwell]. 1898. 

Altogether it is a useful book, and should be considered as a neceS' 
sary supplement to Noble's " Cromwell." — Eng. Hist. Rev. 

Wilkinson, Spenser, editor. From Cromwell to Welling- 
ton : twelve soldiers. (Cromwell. By Lieut. -Col. Cooper 
King and the editor.) 1899. 
Admirable military monograph. — Academy. 

Wilson, Daniel. Oliver Cromwell and the protectorate. 


Follows somewhat Carlyle's estimate and "elucidations" of Crom- 

Note also the lives of Cromwell by John Morley, now ap- 
pearing in the Century magazine, beginning with Novem- 
ber, 1899; and by Theodore Roosevelt, in Scribner's 
magazine, beginning with December, 1899. 



The American Magazine, published by the R. 
D. Boniface Publishing Company, New York, is 
Hkely to be perplexing to the binder. It was 
started as the American Home Magazine in May, 
1898, and the first four monthly numbers were 
published under that title. In September, 1898, 
the title changed to " The American Magazine," 
Numbers 5 and 6 of Volume i bearing that title. 
It is in the second volume, however, that the per- 
plexity begins. The issue for January, Number 3, 
counting the advertising pages, ends with page 
339. The February number begins with page 
511. Page 594 is followed by page 21, and by 
referring back to the beginning of the volume it 
is seen that this article had already appeared in 
the first number of volume 2, that for November, 
1898. Then follow ten articles already printed 
in earlier numbers. The titles appear in the list 
of contents for February, but for the obvious rea- 

son just noted no page number is given. Sixty 
pages of old matter having been inserted, instead 
of returning to the old pagination, it continued 
81, 82, etc. Counting the pages, including ads., 
to the end of the number, gives the figures 694. 
No March number was issued, but the first page 
of the April number bears the figures 758. The 
last page of this number, counting ads., would 
be 890, but the first page of the May number, 
the last of volume 2, begins with page 904. The 
same skipping of pages between numbers occurs 
throughout the third volume, June-November, 
1899. Number 6 of the third volume is a double 
number in size, but contains no article that had 
not already appeared in previous numbers of this 

A letter to the pubHshers of the American 
Magazine regarding the discrepancies in paging, 
elicited the following reply : " There were no 
page numbers or volume numbers skipped. " 


The Boston Book G^mpan/s 

Vol. 2 No. 3 


II. The References.* 

Compiled by Frederika Wendt6, Boston Public Library. 

Part I. 

The following list of errata in Poole and its 
supplements is compiled from reports made by 
seventeen libraries. 

The great diversity in the reference work of 
these libraries is shown by the fact that of the 
one hundred and fifty titles here given but seven- 
teen were duplicated. 

One library reports that it is unable to find a 
reference from Poole, vol. i, to "Transcendent- 
alism" made to the "Dial," vol. 2, p. 83. This 
is the Boston " Dial" published from 1841-1844, 
and for which Margaret Fuller wrote. The Chi- 
cago " Dial " was not published until 1880. 

In the records of errors were three from the 
Cumulative for 1897-1898, but it has been 
thought best to confine this Ust entirely to Poole 
and its supplements. However a supplementary 
list, in which the Cumulative will be included, 
may be published if this work of correction be 
continued, as it is to be hoped it will ; * for any 
effort in this direction is of so much assistance in 
accurate reference work. 

17 Alabama. Governor's message, 1818. Niles' reg., 

17:44, read 14: 44. 
32 American people. Characteristics. Knick. 20:245, 

read 21 : 245. 
55 Arctic exploration. Benefits from. Liv. Age, 86: 129, 

read 86:529. 
60 Arnold, Edwin. Light of Asia. Univ. Qiiar., 37 : 5 

read 38 : 5. 
63 Art. Progress of. Westm., 41 : 71, read 41 137. 
69 Astor, J. J. Harp, 30 : 308, read 30 : 300. 
151 Boscobel. A tale of the year 1 65 1. Colburn, 2: 1-447, 

read 149: 1-447. 
183 Byron, Lord. Moore's Life of. Quar. 43:168, read 

44 : 1 68. 
276 College recollections. Month, 108 : 200, read 

Monthly review, 108 :200. 
295 Continents, Origin of. Add to references given. Same 

art. Contemp. 22:198. 
301 Coral reefs. Am. j. of sci., 59 : 35, read 61 1357. 
311 Cranes of Ibycus. Poem from Schiller, Blackw., 
18:302, read 38:302. 

327 Custom House, N. Y., see also New York City. Cus- 
tom House. 

328 Cynicism. Modern. Blackw., 102 : 62, read 103 : 62. 

* We shall publish in the July Bulletin a further list of errors, and 
hope that all who have not already sent in lists will do so before June 
*j. — Ed. 


331 Dante. From the modem point of view. Knick. 
58:340, 505, read 53: 340, 505. 

366 Dress. Men and coats. Fraser, 24:268, read 24:208. 
374 Earl's Dene. (R. D. Francillon) read (R. E. Fran- 

390 Education. (C. E. Eliot), read (C. W. Eliot). 
400 Electricity as a factor in happiness. Appleton 

26 :447, read 26 :467. 
405 Emery. Am. j. Sci., 59 = 53. 354. read 57 : 283, 60 :354. 
413 England. Lake country. Notabilities of. Harp. 

7:541, read Atl. 7:541. 
425 Essays and reviews. No. Brit. 33:217, read 33:114. 
435 Examinations. Latham on. Brit Q., 72 :36o, read 

458 Fisherman of St. Auge. St. Paul's, 75 :6oo, 666, read 

6:572, 666. 
476 France. History of. Revolution of 1830. Quar. 48: 

234, read, 49:152. 
485 Frederick H. of Prussia. (T. Carlyle) Cornh. 6:107, 

read — Carlyle's History of. Cornh. 6:107. 
516 Germany. Home life in. Fraser, 91 :40, 774,, read 

91:655, 774. 
551 Greatshakes, Valentine, read Graterakes. 
557 Gregory VII. Pope. Ed. rev. 81 :I43, read 81 :273. 
566 Hale, Capt. Nathan. Harp. 60:53, read 61 :53. Liv. 

Age, 76:430, 477, read Hale, Nathan (of the Boston 

Advertiser) etc. 

597 Holland, Josiah G. Potter's Am. Mo. 17:455, read 

598 Holmes, AbieL Quar. 2 :309, read Quar. 2:319. 

— Obituary notice of. Am. Alma. 1836:316, read 

598 Holy Roman Empire. No. Brit. 42:183, read 42:93. 
606 Houdin. Life of. Westm. 72:91, read 72:51. 
620 Hypnotism. Same Art. Pop. Sci. Mo. 3 :573. Omit 

reference entirely. 
639 Inductive system of Philosophy. Ed. rev. 74:140, 

read 74:265. 
643 Inquisition. Letters on. Relig. Cat. 1 :23, 274, read 

Rel. Cab. etc. 
649 Intemperance and poverty. St. James, 39 : 206, read 

738 Leopold I. and the Belgians. Westm. 32:357, read 

738 Letters and letter-writing. Brit. q. 54 :392, read 

764 London, Out of. Appleton, 2:67, read 17:67. 

771 Ix)uis XVII. of France. Add Fraser, 19:192. 

772 Ix)uisa, Queen of Russia, read Prussia. 

773 Louvre. Galleries of. Liv. Age, 85 :353, read 85 :385. 
780 Lytton, E. L. Bulwer, Lord. Last Days of Pompeii. 

Dublin Univ. 5 :273, read 5 :276. 
792 Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. Am. j. Sci. 59 :332, read 

61 :332. 
828 Meteorites. Am. j. Sci. 59:36, read 61 :36. 

April, 1900 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


Pack Pack 

829 Meteorological journal. At Beloit. 185 1, read 1850- 843 Mind in Animals, Philosophy of. Hickok on. 

185 1, and add Am. j. Sci. 61 :34s. (J. Bascam.) read (J. Bascom). 

829 — At Marietta, Ohio. 1851-1862, read 1850-62. 844 Mineral springs of Canada. Am. j. Sci. 59 : 1 74, read 

and add Am. j. Sci. 6i :239. 61 : 1 74. 

(TV? be continued^ 


Compiled by The Providence (R. I.) Public Library, 
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The Boston Book GDmpany's 

Vol. 2 No. 3 


Compiled by Frederika Wendt^, of the Boston Public Library. 

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See also Nos. 1-76, 1899- 1900, of P Exposition de Paris. 
This is devoted to the interests of the Fair. 

April, 1900 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 



Compiled by Lida V. Thompson, Pratt Institute Library School Class of 1899. 
Part II. 

PAINTINQ, continued. 

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young people, v. 10, p. 516.) 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Anton Vandyck. {See her 

Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 10, pt. a 

p. 509.) 

Thomson, A. E. Babie Stuart. {See St. Nicholas, 
V. 7, pt. I, p. 376; v. 15, pt. I. p. 396.) 

Contains picture of the daughter of Charles I. of England. 
Van Eyck, Hubert. (Flemish.) 1366-1426. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Hubert Van Eyck, {See her 
Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. to, pt. 
I. p. 268.) 

Van Eyck, Jan. (Flemish.) 1390-1440. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Jan Van Eyck. {See her 
Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 10, 
pt. 1, p. 270.) 

Velasquez. (Spanish.) 1 599-1660. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Velasquez. (See her Stories 

of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 12, pt. i, p. 174.) 
Picture of his painting " A Spanish boy." {See St 

Nicholas, v. 20, pt. i, p. 402.) 

Vernet. (French.) 1 789-1863. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Emile Jean Horace Vernet 
{See her Stories of art and artists. St Nicholas, 
V. 13, pt I, p. 328.) 
Contains a picture of his painting, " The dog of the regiment." 
■Watteau. (French.) 1684-1721. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Antoine Watteau. (See her 
Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 13, pt i, 
p. 326.) 

Wilson. (English.) 1713-1782. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Richard Wilson. (See her 
Stories of art and artists. St Nicholas, v. 13, pt. 2, 
p. 807.) 
Zeuaris. (Greek.) Fifth century, B.C. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Zeuxis. (See her Stories of 
art and artists. St Nicholas, v. 8, pt. i, p. 187.) 
Tells the story of the trial of skill between Zeuxis and Parrhasius. 


The Boston Book Company's 

Vol. 2 No. 3 


Apollo Belvedere. (Greek.) 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Statue of Apollo Belvedere. 
(See her Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, 
V. 8, pt. 2, p. 554.) 
Tells story of the discovery of the statue, and myths of Apollo. 
Apollonios. (Greek.) First century, B.C. 

Clement, Afrs. C. (E.) Farnese bull. (See her Stories 
of ait and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. i, p. 405.) 
Tells the story of Dirce. 

AlcameneB. (Greek.) Fifth century. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Phidias. (See her Stories of 

art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. i, p. 190.) 
Contains the story of Phidias and Alcamenes. 
Head of J uno, possibly by Alcamenes. {See her 

Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. i, 

p. 189.) 
Alcamenes. {See her Stories of art and artists. 

St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. i, p. 399.) 

Tells the story of the competition of Alcamenes and Agoracritus 
in making a Venus Aphrodite. 

Bartholdl (French.) 1834- 

Barnard, Charles. Bartholdi statue. (iV^ St. Nicholas, 
V. II, pt. 2, p. 725.) 

Tells the story of the making of the statue of Liberty and its 

Brunelleschi. (Italian.) 1377-1446. 

Clement, Airs. C. (E.) Brunelleschi. {See her Stories 
of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 9, pt. 2, p. 851.) 
Tells the story of Brunelleschi and Donatello. 
Vasari, Giorgio. Filippo di ser Brunellesco. {See his 
Stories of the Italian artists. 1885. p. 51.) 
CallimachuB. (Greek.) Fifth century, B.C. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) C^llimachus. {See her Stories 
of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. i, p. 399.) 
Tells the story of the origin of the Corinthian capital. 

Canova. (Italian.) 1757-1822. 

Eggleston, G. C. Antonio Canova. {See Harper's 
young people, v. 3, p 202.) 

Chare*. (Greek.) 280 B.C. {See Colossus of Rhodes.) 
Civiletti. (Italian.) Fourteenth century. 
Lewis, E. C. A little Florentine lady. {^See St. Nicho- 
las. V. 16, pt 2, p. 813.) 
Contains a picture of a portrait statue of Dante a* a boy. 
Cleomenes. (Greek.) 363-146 B.C. 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Venus dei Medici. {See her 
Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v.8, pt. i, 
p. 40.C) 
Colossas of Rhodes. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Colossus at Rhodes. (See 
her Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, 
pt. I, p. 403.) 

Diana, Temple of, at Ephesus. 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E ) Temple of Diana at Ephesus. 
{See her Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, 
V. 8, pt. I, p. 403.) 

Dibntadea. (Greek.) Sixth century, B.C. 
Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) The first bas-relief. {See 
her Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, 
pt. I, p. 189.) 
Tells the story of Dibutades and Kora. 
Donatello. (Italian.) 1366-1468. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Donatello. (.SV^ her Stories 
of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 9, pt. 2, p. 854.) 

Vasari, Giorgio. Donatello. (.S>^ A>> Stories of the 
Italian artisU. 1885. p. 67.) 

Farnese Bull. (Greek.) 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Farnese Bull. {See her Stories 
of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. 1, p. 405.) 
Contains the story of Dirce. 

Ghiberti. (Italian.)~i378-i455. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Ghiberti. {See her Stories of 
art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 9, pt. 2, p. 853.) 

Vasari, Giorgio. Luca della Robbia and Lorenzo 
Ghiberti. {See his Stories of the Italian artists. 
1885. p. 42.) 

Horses of St. Mark's. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Bronze horses of St. Mark's, 
Venice. {See her Stories of art and artists. St. 
Nicholas, v. 8, pt. i, p. 405.) 

Lloyd, Mary. Famous horses of Venice. {See St. 
Nicholas, v. 5, p. 89.) 

Laoco5n group. (Greek.) 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Lacoon group. {See her 
Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. i, 
p. 404. 
Contains the story from the iGneid. 

Lysicrates. (Greek ) Fourth century, B.C. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Choragic monument of 
Lysicrates. (.S"*-^ her Stories of art and artists. St. 
Nicholas, v. 8, pt. 2, p. 554.) 


Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Tomb of Mausolus. {See her 
Stones of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. l, 
p. 402.) 
Tells the story ot Artemisia. 
Michelangelo. (Italian ) 1447-1564. 

Black, Alexander. Boyhood of Michael Angelo. {See 
St. Nicholas, v. 18, pt. I, p. 217.) 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Michael Angelo Buonarroti. 
{See her Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, 
V. 8, pt. 2, p. 680.) 

Tells the story of the mask of the faun. Contains portrait of 
Michael Angelo, a picture of his Moses, and an unfinished 

Noyes, Emily. The boy sculptor. {Set St. Nicho- 
las, v. 2, p. 407.) 
Tells the story of the faun made of the snow. 

Minerva, Temple of, at ^Egina. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Sculpture of the Temple of 
Minerva of Pallas at iEgina. {See her Stories of 
art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. 2, p. 554.) 

Myron. (Greek.) Fifth century, B.C. 

Clement, Mrs. C, (E.) Myron. {See her Stories of 

art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. 1, p. 192.) 
Picture of "The quoit-thrower." 

Niobe. (Greek.) Attributed to both Scopas and 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Niobe group. {See her 
Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt, i, 
p. 400. 

Tells the story of Niobe and her children. 

Obelisk. (Egyptian.) 

Barnard, Charles. True story of the Obelisk. {See 

St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. i, p. 310.) 
Good account of the obelisk in Central Park. 
Parthenon. (Greek.) Begun about 450 B.C. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Sculptures of the Parthenon. 
{See her Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas 
V. 8, pt. 2, p. 554.) 

April, 1900 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


Phidias. (Greek.) Fourth century, B.C. 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Dioscuri on Monte Cavallo 

at Rome. {Set her Stories of art and artists. St. 

Nicholas, t. 8, pt. i, p. 406.) 
Tells story of Castor and Pollux. 
Phidias. {See her Stories of art and artists. St. 

Nicholas, v. 8, pt. i, p. 190.) 

Tells the story of Phidias and Alcamenes making the statue of 

Praxiteles. (Greek.) Fourth century, B.C. 

Qement, A/rj. C. (E.) Praxiteles. (^See her Stories of 
art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. i, p. 399.) 

Robbia, Luca Delia. (Italian.) 1390-1463. 

Pennell, Mrs. E. (R.) Some famous Florentine 

babies. i^See St. Nicholas, v. 13, pt. I, p. 243.) 
Picttires of the Foundling Hospital, Florence. 

Vasari, Giorgio. Luca della Robbia and Lorenzo 
Ghiberti. {See his Stories of the Italian artists. 
1885. p. 42.) 

Scopas. (Greek.) Fourth century, B.C. See Niobe 


Thorwaldsen. (Danish.) 1770-1884. 

C. A. P. Thorwaldsen. (i"^*? St. Nicholas, t. 7, pt. l, 
p. 174.) 

Venus de' Medici. (Greek.) 

Clement, Mrs. C. (E.) Venus dei Medici. {See her 
Stories of art and artists. St. Nicholas, v. 8, pt. I, 
p. 400.) 

Venus de Milo. (Greek.) 

Ruff, M.D. Venus de Milo. {See St. Nicholas, t. 2, 
pt. I, p. 47.) 



( To be continued quarterly.') 

N, B. — The Editor will be glad to know of any omissions, or changes not noted, for inclu- 
sion in the next issue, and will esteem it a favor to be notified of new periodicals by any librarian 
who may receive a sample number, or hear of new ventures in serial publication. 

I. New Periodicals. 

Advanced Quarterly. Phila. quar., 8vo, vol. i. no. i, 

Jan., 1900. (Religious.) 
Alaskan Magazine and Canadian Yukoner, Tacoma, 

Wash., illus., mo., 8vo, vol. i, no. i, March, 1900. (Re- 
sources of Alaska and development of the Great Pacific.) 
American Automobile. New York, illus. mo,, 410, vol. 

1, no. I, Oct., 1899. 
American Boy. Detroit, 4to, mo., vol. i, no. i, Nov., 

•899. (Juvenile.) 

Golf. New York, 8vo, mo., vol. i, no. i, 1900. 

Mathematical Society, Transactions. Lancaster, 

Pa., 4to, quar., vol. I, no. i, Jan., 1900. 
Progress. Chicago. Sm. f., mo., vol. i, no. i, 

March, 1900. (Sociological.) 
Antiques. New York, illus. weekly, 4to, vol. i, no. i, 

Jan. 6, 1900. (Devoted to the interests of collectors of 

ancient art.) 
Architects' and Builders' Magazine. New York, 

mo., 8vo, vol. I, no. i, Oct., 1899. 
Architecture. New York, illus. mo., 4to, vol. i, no. i, 

Jan., 1900. 
Arena Quarterly. New York, quar., 8vo. 
Bachelor Book. Chicago, mo., nar. 8vo, vol. i, no. i, 

March, 1900. (Bibelot.) 
Banks' Sermons. Qeveland, mo., 8vo, vol. 1, no. i, 

Jan., 1900. 
Book-Lover, The. San Francisco, quar., 4to, vol. i, 

no. I, autumn, 1899. 
British American Patent Record. Wilkesbarre, Pa., 

mo., 4to, vol. I, No. i, Feb., 1900. 
Cape Nome R<x:ker. Nome City, Alaska, mo. folio, 

vol. I, no. I, Feb. 1900. (Mining.) 
Capital Magazine. Albany, N. Y. mo. 8vo, vol. i., no. 

I, Feb., 1900. (Current topics and literature.) 
Cement. New York, bi-mo. 410, vol. i, no. i, March, 

1900. (Trade Journal.) 
Chicago Entomological Society, Occasional memoirs. 

Chicago, irreg., 4to, vol. I, no. x, March, 1900. 

Chicago Music Journal. Chicago, 8vo, mo., vol. i, 
no. I, Feb., 1900. 

Chicago University, Yerkes observatory publications. 
Chicago, irreg., sq. fol., vol. I, March, 1900. 

Concert Helper. Dayton, Ohio, quar. 8vo, vol. i, 
no. I, Feb., 1900. (Musical.) 

Constructive Studies in the Life of Christ. Chi- 
cago, i2mo, vol. 1, no. i, Jan., 1900. 

Correct English. Chicago, 8vo, mo., vol. i, no. i, Nov., 

Cram's Magazine. Chicago, 8vo, mo., vol. i, no.i, Nov., 

1899. ( History, Geography, Current topics.) 
Doings of the Musicians. Boston, 4to, mo., vol. i, no. 

I, March, 1900. 
East and West. New York, 8vo, mo., vol. i, no. i, 

Nov., 1 899. ( Literary. ) 
Elementary School Record. Chicago. A series of 

nine monographs. No. i, Feb., 1900. (Art.) 
Everybody's Magazine. New York, 8vo, mo., illus., vol. 

I, no. I, Sept., 1899. (Popular; almost entirely a reprint 

of "The Royal," London.) 
Feilden's Magazine. London. 8vo, mo., illus., vol. i, 

no. I, August, 1899. (Industrial progress.) 
France, La. Boston, 8vo, mo., vol. i, no. i, Jan., 1900. 

( For study of French language .) 
Geographie, Bulletin de la Societe de Geograpbie. Paris, 

4to, mo., no. i, Jan. 15, 1900. 
Goose-Quill. Chicago, illus. i2mo, mo., no. i, Feb., 1900. 
Heart and Intellect Library. Columbus, Ohio, 8vo, 

quar., vol. I, no. I, Feb., 1900. (Anglo-Teutonic and 

American. ) 
Impressionist, The. New York, illus. 4to, mo., vol. i. 

no. I, Nov., 1889. 
Indian Review, The. Madras, India, 8vo, mo., vol. 1, no. 

I, Jan. I, 1900. 
International Monthly. Burlington, Vt., sm. 8vo, 

mo., vol. I, no. i, Jan., 1900. 
Jeunes, Les. New York, 8vo, mo., vol. i, no. I, March, 

1900. (Bibelot.) 


The Boston Book Company's 

Vol. 2 No. 3 

Journal of thk Sciknce ok Osteopathy. Kirksville, 
Mo., bi-mo., 8vo, vol. i, no. i, Feb., 1900. 

King of Illustrated Papers. London, fol. weekly, 
vol. I, no. I, Jan. 6, 1900. 

Lea\'en, The. Northfield, Minn., i6mo, mo., vol. i, no. i, 
March, 1900. (Bibelot.) 

Library, The. Pittsbui^h, illus., large 410, weekly, vol. 

I, no. I, March 10, 1900. (Literary.) 
Masters in Art. Boston, illus., 8vo, mo., vol. i, no. i, 

Jan., 1900. 
Matson's Monthly. Indianapolis, Ind. 8vo, mo., vol. i, 

no. I, Jan., 1900. (Life Insurance.) 

Miners' Magazine. Denver, sm. 8vo, mo., vol. i, no. i, 
Jan., 1900. (Organ Western Federation of Miners.) 

Mother and Child. Chicago, 8vo, mo., vol. i, no. i., 
Jan., 1900. 

Mountain Herald. Cumberland Gap, E^t Tenn., mo., 
vol. I, no. I, Feb., 1900. 

North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Reg- 
ister. Edenton, N. C, 8vo, quar., vol. i, no. i, Jan., 

Law Journai„ Raleigh, N. C, 8vo, mo., vol. i, 

no. I, March, 1900. (Organ State Bar Association.) 

Ophthalmologist. Chicago, 8vo, mo., vol. i,no. i, Jan., 

Pebble, The. Omaha, Neb., i6mo, mo., vol. 1. no. i, 

March, 1900. (Bibelot.) 
Pennsylvania German, The. Lebanon, Pa., 8vo, quar., 

vol. I, no. I, Jan., 1900. 

People's Monthly. Phila., illus., 410, mo., vol. i, no. i, 
March, 1900. 

Providence Libraries. Cooperative Bulletin. Provi- 
dence, R. I., 8vo, mo., vol. I, no. i, Jan., 1900. 

Rare Bits. Phila. 410, weekly, vol. i, no. i, March, 
1900. (Comic.) 

School Music. Indianapolis, Ind., 8vo, mo., vol. i, no. 

I, March, 1900. 

S.MART Set. New York, 8vo, mo., vol. I, no. l, March, 

Spear, The. London, illus. fol, weekly, vol. i, no. i, 

Jan. 24, 1900. (Literary and critical current events.) 
Sphere, The. London, illus. fol., weekly, vol. i, no, i, 

Jan. 27, 1900. (Current events, literary.) 

Successful American. New York, illus., 4to, mo., vol. i, 
no. I, Jan., 1900. (Biographical.) 

Types. New York, illus., 4to, weekly, no. i, Dec. 9, 1899. 

Useful Arts and Handicrafts. Chicago, sq. i2mo, 

weekly, no. I, Nov. 30, 1899. 
Waif's Messenger. Chicago, 8vo, mo., vol. i, no. i, 

Jan., 1900. (Sociological; succeeding //ow^/«j Child's 


Western Camera Notes. Minneapolis, Minn., illus., 
8vo, mo., vol. I, no. i, Dec., 1899. 

n. ChADged or Discontinued. 

American Angler. New York. Consolidated with Field 
and Stream, April, 1900. 

American Architect. Boston. Imperial edition dis- 
continued with Dec. 30, 1899. 

Fabian. New York. Last issue was vol. 5, no. 

II, Jan., 1900. 

Printer and Bookmaker. Changed from 

Printer and Bookmaker with vol 29, no. 5, Jan., 1900. 

Architecture and Building. New York. Consoli- 
dated with Builders^ Magazine to form Architecls' and 
Builders' Magazine, Jan., 1900. 

Benziger's Magazine. New York, 410. With vol. 2, 
no. 7, April, 1900, Our Boys and Girls became Benzi- 
ger's Magazine. ( Catholic, juvenile. ) 

Builders' Magazine. New York. Consolidated with 
Architecture and BuiUiing, to form Architects' and 
Builders' Magazine, Jan., 1900. 

Criterion. New York, 410. Changed from weekly to 
monthly, with April, 1900, vol. 23, no. 527, n. s., vol. i, 
no. I. 

Current History. (Cyclopaedic review of.) Changed 
from quarterly to monthly with March, 1900, vol. 10, no. i. 

Echo de la Semaine. Boston, weekly, 4to. Discon- 
tinued with issue of April 7, 1900. 

Economic Studies. New York. Discontinued with vol. 
4, no. 6, Dec, 1899. 

Educational News. Newark. Discontinued with vol. 
16, no. I, Jan., 1900. 

Electrical Engineering and Telephone Magazine. 
Chicago. Became Telephone Magazine v/'whvoX. 15, no. 
100, Jan., 1900. 

Half-Hour. New York. Discontinued with March, 

Harmon's Journal of Window Dressing and Deco- 
ration. Chicago. Discontinued with Dec, 1899. 

Homeless Child's Friend. Chicago. Succeeded by 
Waifs Messenger with Jan., 1900. 

Ideal Review. New York. Nezv Cycle became Ideal 
Kevietv with April, 1900, vol. 12, no. i. {^See also Meta- 
physical Magazine.) 

Intermediare des Biologistes. Paris. Discontinued 
with vol. 2, no. 10, Dec, 1899. 

Jeweler's Weekly. New York. Vol. 29, no. 19, Jan. 24, 
1900, last issue before consolidation with Jeweler's 
Circular and Horological Review, 

Junior Munsey. New York, 8vo. Quaker became 
Junior Munsey with vol 8, no. i, April, 1900. 

Literature. New York edition. Discontinued with Nov. 
24, 1899. 

Metaphysical Magazine. Became New Cycle with vol 
I, no. I, Jan., 1900. {^See also Ideal Review.) 

Natural Science, London. Discontinued with vol. 15, 
no. 94, Dec, 1899. 

National Sportsman. Boston. Name changed from 
New England Sportsman with Jan., 1900. 

New Cycle, New York. Name changed from Metaphysical 
Magazine with vol. 11, no, I, Jan., 1900, and again 
changed to Ideal Review with vol. 11, no. 2, April, 1900. 

New England Sportsman. Boston. Became National 
Sportsman with Jan., 1900. 

Our Boys' and Giri.s' Own. New York. Became Ben- 
ziger's Magazine with April, 1900, vol. 2, no, 7. 

Printer and Bookmaker. New York. Became Ameri- 
can Printer and Bookmaker with vol. 29, no. 5, Jan., 

Quaker, New York. Became Junior Munsey with vol. 
8, no, I, April, 1900, 

Raven, The, St. Louis. Name changed from Magazine 
of Medicine, Atlanta, with vol. 5, no. i, Jan, 15, 1900, 

Telephone Magazine, Name changed from Electrical 
Engineering and Telephone Magazine, with vol. 15, no, 
100, Jan., 1900. 

ToRREY Botanical Club. Cambridge. Discontinued 
with vol. 6, no. 12, Dec, 1899, 

April, 1900 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


Bargain List for May, 1900. 

These sets and volumes are priced at a discount from 
ordinary market values, as we wish to reduce stock before 
close of our business year, May 31. 


American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Pro- 
ceedings. Boston, 1873-74 to 1S95, "• s. vols. 
1-22, unbound. (Academy's price, ;$ 120.00.) . $75.00 

American Almanac. (Spofford's.) 1878-89, 12 

vols., cloth, all published 14.00 

American Journal of Numismatics. New York 
and Boston, vols. 3-14, 1867-79. 12 vols, un- 

Naturalist, 1-5, 1867-71, unbound 

Polytechnic Journal, Wash., 1853-4, 3 vols., 

half calf 2.00 

Register, a General Repository of History, 

Politics, and Science, vols. 1-7, 1806-10 (all 
published) 5.00 

American Quarterly Review. Phila., vols. 1-22, 
1827-37 (complete Poole set), binding some- 
what broken 22.00 

American Review and Literary Journal. (Quar- 
terly.) New York, 8vo, vols. 1-2, 1801-2, all pub. 1.50 

Annual of Scientific Discovery. 8vo, Boston, 

complete set, 21 vols., cloth . . . . 12.00 

Andover Review. Complete set, 19 vols. (Poole 

set), 1884-93, unbound ..... 19.00 

Athenseum. A magazine of literary and miscel- 
laneous information, monthly, 8vo, London. Vols. 
1-5, Jan., 1807 to June, 1809, 5 vols., half calf . 3.00 

Athenaeum. London, 1833-63, well bound in 
37 vols. (A few volumes lack the advertising 
pages.) 10.00 

Boston Almanac. 24mo, Boston, 1839, 1841, 
1842, 1844-53, 1855, 1856, 1857, 1858, i860, 
1871, 31 vols., cloth 5.50 

Bookworm (Berjeau). Vols. 1-5, 1866-70, 5 vols. 

cloth, scarce ....... 22.00 

Boston Journal of Chemistry. 4to, Boston, vols. 
I-19 (vols. l-io, bound in 3 vols., II-19 pts.), 
1866-85 12.00 

British Quarterly Review. London, 1845-57, 

vols. 1-26, half calf, (Poole edition) . . . 26.00 

Builder. London, 1847-77, vols. 5-34, sound 
binding. Fme opportunity to complete a set or 
gap 20.00 

Campbell's Foreign Monthly Magazine. 8vo, 
Phila., vols. 1-6, 1842 to Aug., 1844, 6 vols., 
all published, boards, with steel engravings. 
(A. L. A. Portrait Index) 

Cambridge Review. Cambridge (Eng.), vols. 
1-16, 1879-95, 16 vols., cloth, 4to. New 

Cavendish Society, Works of the. Handbook of 
Chemistry, by L. Gmelin. 8vo, London, vols. 
1-18, 1848-71, and Index, in 18 vols., cloth 

Cassell's Family Magazine. Vols. :-i4, 1875-88 
(vols. 1-4, 8-14, half roan, vols. 5-7 pts.) 

Chambers' Journal. London, 1864-97, 34 ^°^-' 
half calf (Poole) 

Chautauquan. 1880-97, vols. 1-25, unbound 

Christian Disciple. Boston, 1813-23, 11 vols., 
unbound (The predecessor of Christian Examiner) 

Classical Journal. Vols. 1-40, 1810-29 (vol. 7 
wts. index) bound in 37 vols., half calf 

Classical Review. 4to, London, vols, i-io, 1887- 
96, vols 1-5, cloth, vols. 6-10, unbound 

Coates' Herd Book. Vols. 1-3 Bulls; vols. 1-3 
Cows in 2 vols., vols. 4-37, 1846-91, boards 
and half calf, complete .... 

Congregational Year Book. Lond., 8vo, 1864-83 
20 vols., cloth ...... 

Contemporary Pulpit. Lond., 8vo, vols, i-io, 
1884-88, and Index, ii vols., cloth, new . 

Cornhill Magazine, n. s. vols. 1-14, 18832-90^, i 
vols., red cloth, 

Electrical Industries. 4to, New York, vols. 1-7 
no, 4, Dec, 1889 — Apr., 1896, unbound . 

Eclectic Magazine. New York, 1858-64, vols 
43-63, unbound 

Forum. Vols. 9-23, 15 vols., unbound 
Galaxy. Vols. 1-25, 1866-78; 25 vols., mostly 
unbound. (Lacks title and index of vol. 4.) 

Globe. Phila., 1889-97, vols. 1-7, unbound. 
Green Bag. 1889-98. Vols, i-io, and general 

index. (Regular price, 50.00) . 

(This special library edition of the Green Bag is 
bound in dark green cloth, lettered in gold, and 

1 1 2.00 
















The Boston Book GDmpan7*s 

Vol. 2 No. 3 


forms a desirable set for any library. The literature 
of the law; portraits of over a thousand prominent 
men; its biographical and historical character; the 
fact that it is indexed in Poole, and to be included 
in the forthcoming A. L. A. Portrait Index, render 
further argument in its favor unnecessary.) 

Harbinger. 4to, Boston (Pub. at Brook Farm), 
vols. 1-4, 1845-47, 4 vols., half calf, scarce 

Harper's Monthly. New York, 1850-82, vols. 
1-65, neatly bound in half leather, later volumes, 
not uniform 

ninstrated London News. 1849-67, odd bound 
volumes for children's rooms, or clipping. During 
May to close out, 10 vols, for . 

Littell's Living Age. Vols. 1-224, * 844-99, com- 
plete set, 61 vols, bound, rest unbound 

Literary Digest. Vols. 5-13, 9 vols., pts. . 

Library Journal. 1899, complete 

1900, when completed 

London Society. Vols. 1-66, 1862-94; 66 vols., 
about half the volumes bound, but not uniform . 

[ICaty's] New Review. With Literary Curiosities 
and Literary Intelligence. Vols. 1-9, 1 782-1 786; 
8vo, London ; 9 vols., half calf .... 

Medico-Chirurgical Transactions. Published by 
the Medical and Chirurgical Society. Vols, i- 
22, 1812-1839; 22 vols., half calf . 

Medical Times and Gazette. London, 4to, 1850- 
60, 1881-84, 28 vols., well bound 

Monthly Magazine and British Register. Lon 
don. .Series I. 60 vols., 1796-1825; Series II 
13 vols., 1826-31, 73 vols., bound 

Mnseum Criticntn, or Cambridge classical re 
searches. Vols. 1-2, 1826; half calf, 2 vols. 



1 10.00 





National Review. London, 1883-99, vols. 1-32; 
32 vols, unbound. (A great reduction from our 
usual price on this Poole set.) .... $32.00 

Naval Chronicle. Vols. 1-24, 1799-1810; 24 vols. 

half calf 20.00 

North British Review. Original, or "Poole" 
edition, vols. 1-32, 1844-1860; 30 vols., half 
calf; 2 vols., unbound 22.00 

Notes and Queries. London, 1849-97, series I. to 
IX., vol. 2; 98 volumes, all but 12 volumes 
bound. Index vols, of the 8 series, very scarce 
in sets. (A great reduction allowed if index 
vols, are not needed) 140.00 

1849-90, all but 15 vols, bound, 82 vols, in all 90.00 

Our Young Folks. Boston, 1865-73, 9 ^o^s. un- 
bound 10.00 

Portfolio. (Hamerton) 24 vols, folio, 1870-93. 
(The complete set of what was probably the finest 
art periodical ever published) .... 

Presbyterian Review. N. Y., 1880-89, *o ^ols., 

Public Libraries. Chicago, 1896-98, vols. 1-3, 3 
vols., half buckram 

Putnam's Monthly Magazine. N. Y., 1853-70, 
16 vols., all published (a Poole set), unbound . 

Quaker. N. Y., vols. 1-7, no. i, Nov., 1897 — 
Dec, 1899, unbound 

Rhode Island Historical Society. Publications, 
8vo, Providence, R. I., vols. 1-6, Apr., 1893 to 
Jan., 1899, 6 vols., unbound .... 15.00 

Scribner's Magazine. N. Y., 1887-96, vols. 1-19, 
newly bound by us in half dark buckram, library 
style, gold lettering on skiver labels . 19.00 

Windsor Magazine. London, 1895-99, vols. 1-9, 

unbound. (A popular periodical of merit.) . 9.00 





During May the two hundred remaining books of our Scandinavian collection (in English) 
will be sold off, singly or in lots, at or below cost. A list of these volumes, will be sent anyone 
desiring it. See page 32 of January Bulletin for a sample list. A discount of 33^ per cent 
will be given on any still unsold there mentioned. 


We offer a nearly consecutive run of bound volumes of Manchester (England) Chronicle 
and Guardian. This period was one of great commercial activity, and covers the invention of 
the railway, the great development of mining, the iron industry, etc. It is doubtful if such a file 
of old papers could be duplicated. 

Forty-two elephant folio volumes at a great bargain if sold during May. 


BuUelin of 


Number 14 JULY, 1900 Vol.2, No. 4 














The Boston Book Company 

Charles C.Soute.Prejstdent 
Freeman Place Chapel 

The Library Department of The Boston Book Company is established to give libraries reliable assistance 
in supplying and completing, at reasonable cost, their periodical sets, American, English, or Foreign. 


A SUMMER duty to your library is to 
complete the sets to be indexed in 


It is now in press, and to be published 
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fund by ordering now. Delivery and pay- 
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The Library Department of 



F. W. FAXON, Manager. BOSTON, U. ^. A. 

July, 1900 5J 



American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Proceedings. New Series. 

Vols. 1-22. 1873-4 — 95, 

Cumberland Presbyterian Quarterly, Cumberland, Tenn. Vols. 1-4, 

1880-83. 4 vols. 

(A scarce Poole set, of which we have never had the fifth or final volume.) 

Dial, Chicago. Semi-monthly literary and critical review. Vols. 1-26, 
1880-99. 26 vols. 

Garden and Forest, N. Y. Vols, i-io, 1888-97. 10 vols, all published. 

This weekly, the only American periodical on forestry indexed in Poole's Index, is now quite 

Gentleman's Magazine (Burton's), Phila. Vols. 1-7, 1837-40. 7 vols, all 

published. Extremely scarce and much sought for on account of the contributions from Poe. 

Historical Magazine and Notes and Queries (Dawson's). Vols. 1-23. 

i857-75' 23 vols, all published. This set has all the " extras." 

Ideal Review (Intelligence, Metaphysical Magazine), N. Y. Vols. 

1-6, 1895-97. 6 vols. 

Journal of the Association of Engineering Societies. Vols. 1-19, 

1881-97, 19 vols. 

Library Journal, N. Y. Vols. 1-22, 1876-97. 22 vols, and general index 

A unique set, as it is Justin Winsor's copy, and the early volumes have much extra material — 
correspondence, programmes, notices, etc., — bound in. 

Maine Historical Society. Collections and Proceedings, Portland, 

Me. New series. Vols, 1-9, 1890-98. 9 vols. 

New Eclectic (vols. 8-17, called Southern Magazine), Baltimore. Vols. 

1-17, 1868-75. 17 vols. 
A Southern periodical not often quoted complete. All indexed in Poole. 

Poet Lore, Boston. Vols. 1-8; new series, vols. 1-2; 1889-98. 10 vols. 

in all. 

Science Progress, London. Vols. 1-7, 1894-98. 7 vols, all published. 
Scottish Geographical Magazine, Edin. Vols. 1-15, 1885-99. 15 vols. 
Spenser Society, London. Vols. 1-37, 1867 to 1882-3. 2il vols. 

52 Vol 2 No. 4 


St. Nicholas, N. Y. Vols. 1-24, 1 873-1 897, making 42 volumes. Selected 
copies, $40.00 

This is a children's library in itself, and in unusually good condition. Other sets at lower 

Harper's Young People, N. Y. Vols. 1-18, and n. s. v. 1-2; 1880-99. The 
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This set has all the very scarce titles and contents and the extra supplements seldom pres- 
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Wide Awake, Boston, 1875-93, 37 volumes all published, |6o.oo 

Sets of this juvenile are very Hard to make up complete. It was merged in St. Nicholas. 

Our Young Folks, 1865-73, 9 volumes all published, cloth, $12.00. Also 
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This was edited by Trowbridge, Lucy Larcom and Gail Hamilton, and was one of the best 
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Oliver Optic's Magazine for Young Folks. 18 vols. 1867-75, unbound, all 
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Riverside Magazine, Boston, 4 vols., 1867-70, all published, $12.00. 

Considered by many the finest children's periodical ever published. 

Illustrated London News, ten odd volumes (bound), for use in the children's 
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Special Offer to Libraries until August 20. 

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Bulletin of Bibliography 

Vol. 2 

JULY, 1900 

No. 4 

This Bulletin is published, primarily , as a 
means of communication between the Boston 
Book Company and its customers. A constant 
endeavor will be made, however, to include in 
each issue enough original tnatter of sufft,cient 
value to induce librarians to preserve and bind 
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No subscription price will be put upon the jour- 
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The circulation of the Bulletin will be increased 
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The Boston Book Company, 

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The whole edition of the Bulletin of Bibliog- 
raphy (save the few numbers laid aside for future 
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libraries ; regularly to our customers, occasionally 
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odical sets, our special field. We make this 
statement in response to the many inquiries 
which we constantly receive. Send us an order 
and we will mail the Bulletin to your library for 
the coming year. 


An event of more than usual interest will be 
the publication, during the present year, of an 
Abridged Poole's Index to Periodicals, com- 
prising references to a selected list of sets. Some 
such work has long been needed, especially by 
smaller libraries, which could not afford the large 
index, or, if they were fortunate enough to pos- 
sess it, could not buy many of the periodicals 
which it indexed. 

Such a publication as the Abridgment now in 
press will be indispensable to the small library, 
and, from its one alphabet and more compact 
form, will be in demand in all public and col- 
lege libraries where any reference work is done. 
(See page 49, back of front cover.) 


An annotated list of books and articles for 


Compiled by Mary Medlicott, of the City Library, Spring- 
field, Mass., from bibliographies by J. H. Swann of Manchester, 
Eng., The Nottingham (Eng.) Library Bulletin, and other lists. 

Part IL 
Histories, Memoirs, Collections. 

Ashburnham, John. Narrative of his attendance on King 
Charles L ... To which is prefixed a vindication of his 
character and conduct. . . 1830. 2 vols. 

A full narrative drawn up by him and shown to many of his con- 
temporaries — Clarendon among the rest — remained unpublished un- 
til 1830, when his descendant, Lord Ashburnham, printed it with full 
elucidation, and accompanied it with a complete, caustic commentary 
on all the passages wherein Clarendon has made mention of the writer. 
The reputation of Ashburnham is cleared, and the treachery and 
malevolence' of the noble historian are exposed with unsparing se- 
verity. — Did. Nat. Biog. 

Baillie, Robt. Letters and journals, 1 637-1 662. Ed. by 
D. Laing. 1841. 3 vols. 

His " Letters and Journals " are for ScotlaQd much what Pepys 
and Evelyn are for England. — Diet. Nat. Biog. 

Balfour, Sir James. Historical works : Annales of Scot- 
land (Vols. 3 and 4, 1641-1652). 1825. 
A valuable contemporary record. — Gardiner &" M. 

Baxter, Richard. Reliquae Baxterianse : or, Mr. Richard 
Baxter's narrative of the most memorable passages of his 
life and times. Faithfully published from his own origi- 
nal manuscript by Matthew Sylvester. 1686. 
Supplies the Presbyterian view of affairs. — Firth. 
Throws light on the moral and social condition of the masses. — 

Gardiner <V M. 

Berkeley, Sir John. Memoirs, containing an account of 
his negotiation with Lieut-Gen. Cromwell . . . for re- 
storing King Charles L to the exercise of the govern- 
ment of England. 1826. 

Birch, Colonel John, Parliamentary Governor of Here- 
ford. Military memoir. Written by Roe, his secretary. 
With . . . commentary, notes and appendix, by the late 
Rev. John Webb. Edited by the Rev. T. W. Webb. 
Camden Society, N. S. 7. 1 873. 

Bisset, Andrew. History of the struggle for parliamentary 
government in England. 1877. 2 vols. 

This work is the fruit of long and careful investigation, and is one 
of the strongest presentations of the case against the king ever pub- 
lished. — A dams. 

— History of the Commonwealth of England. 1867. 2 


Covers the years 1649-53, and is based on the Domestic State 
Papers. — Firth. 

Mr. Bisset condemns Cromwell for the course he took in dissolving 
the Long Parliament, and thinks that much of the credit of the Pro- 
tector's rule was due to the Council, and especially to the wisdom of 
Blake, for whom he entertains an extravagant and almost unbounded 
admiration. — A dams. 

Bright, J. F. A history of England. (Vol. 2. 1485- 

1688.) 1887. 

It is clear, careful and accurate ... a book of solid rather than of 
brilliant qualities. — A dams. 


The Boston Book Company's 

Vol. 2 No. 4 

Brodie, George. A [constitutional] history of the British 
Empire, from the accession of Charles I. to the Restora- 
tion . . . 1822. 4 vols. 
While the author is a vigorous supporter of the Revolutionary 

policy, he condemns the course of Cromwell after the establishment of 

the Commonwealth. — Adams. 

Burnet, Bp. CI. The memoires of the lives and actions of 
James and William, Dukes of Hamilton and Castle- 
herald, etc. In which an account is given of the . . . 
civil wars of Scotland . . . 1625 to 1652. 1677. 

Burton, Thomas. Diary of Thomas Burton, Esq., mem- 
ber in the parliaments of Oliver and Richard Cromwell, 
1 656- 1 659. Ed. by J. T. Rutt. 1828. 4 vols. 
Supplies materials for an account of Cromwell's relations with his 

parliaments. — Firtk. 

Byington, E. H. The Puritan in England and New Eng- 
land. 1896. 
Showing the causes which led to the emigration of the Puritans from 

England under Charles I. 

Calendar of the proceedings of the Committee for Ad- 
vance of Money. 1 642-1 656 . . . Edited by M. A. E. 
Green. 1888. 3 vols. 

A very valuable addition to the records of the Long Parliament and 
the Commonwealth. In addition to their primary value as financial 
records, these volumes contain a mine of infortnation for the biographer 
and genealogist. — Eng. Hist. Rev. 

Calendar of the proceedings of the Committee for Com- 
pounding, etc., 1643-1660. . . Edited by M. A. E. Green. 
1889-92. 5 vols. 

In August, 1644, the principle of compounding with delinquents be- 
gan to be acted upon, but only as to prisoners, or those whose estates 
were already sequestered, and who, for the sake of liberty of person or 
hnds, were wilhng to come to a compromise with the ruling powers, 
and sacrifice part of their estate to save the remainder. — Prt/ace, 
Vol. I. 

Calendar of State Papers. Domestic series. 1640- 1660. 

Edited (to 1649) by W. D. Hamilton; (to 1660) by M. 

A. E. Green. 1880-86. 20 vols. 

Indispensable for a thorough study of the period. 
Carlyle, Thomas. Historical sketches of notable persons 

and events in the reigns of James I. and Charles I. Ed. 

by Alex. Carlyle. 1898. 

Carte, Thomas. History of the life of James, Duke of 
Ormonde, 1610-1688, wherein is contained an account 
of the most remarkable affairs of his time, and particu- 
larly of Ireland, under his government. 1736. 3 vols. 
He labors to prove that the pretended commission given by 
Charles at Oxford (11 Jan., 1644-$) to Lord Glamorgan (Lord Her- 
bert) for treating with the Irish catholics was a forgery of Glamor- 
Sd's. The book is still of value from the mass of materials which his 
igence collected. — Diet. Nat. Biog. 

Cary, Henry. Memorials of the Great Civil War. Edited 
from original letters in the Bodleian Library [Tanner 
MSS.]. 1842. 2 vols. 

Cattermole, Richard. Great civil war of the times of 
Charles I and Cromwell. 1857. 

With illustrations of men and events. 

Charles I. Letters to Queen Henrietta Maria, in 1646. 
Ed. by John Bruce. Camden Soc. 1856. No. 63. 

Christie, W. C. Life of Anthony Ashley Cooper, first 
Earl of Shaftesbury, 1 62 1 -1 683. 1871. 2 vols. 
Mr. Christie has undertaken the justification of one whose brilliant 
powers no one denies, but who is commonly held to have abused them 
for the basest of purposes. . . He asks us to believe that Shaftesbury 
was not the double-dyed villain that he appears in the pages of Lord 
Macaulay and Lord Campbell. . . Mr. Christie has been more success- 
ful in clearing Shaftesbury of ereat ctimes than in giving a favour- 
able impression of his general political conduct. — Sat. Rev. 

Clarendon, E. H., Earl of. History of the Rebellion and 
Civil Wars in England. . . . Exlited by W. D. Macray. 
1888. 6 vols. 
His admirable delineations of character and general ability as a 

writer hare obtained for his History a reputation much beyond that 

deserved by its historic merits, the work having been really designed as 
an elaborate justification of the royalist party. — Gardiner and M. 
See also Rank's History, Vol. 6. 

One of the greatest defects of Clarendon is his confused and care- 
less chronology, due in part to a faithless memory, in part to the fact 
that he wrote much of his history far from the papers which would have 
enabled him to be more exact, and long after the events he was relating. 
The full extent of this inaccuracy is for the first time shown by Mr. 
Macray's annotations, but the disclosures can hardly be considered a 
disservice to Clarendon's reputation. — Eng. Hist. Rev. 

— State papers. . . . commencing from 1621, containing the 
materials from which his History of the Great Rebellion 
was composed. 1767. 2 vols. 

Clowes, Wm. L. The royal navy : a history . . . (Vol. 3, 
chains. 20 and 21, for the Commonwealth period). 1897. 

Cobbett, (W.). Parliamentary history of England. Vols. 

2 and 3. 1807. 
Collins, (Arthur). Letters and memorials of state in the 

reigns of Queen Mary [etc.] . . . and Oliver's usurpation, 

faithfully transcribed from the originals at Penshurst 

Place in Kent, and from His Majesty's Office of Papers 

and Records of State. 1746. 2 vols. 

Commonly called the Sidney Papers. 
Corbet, (Julian). Monk {English men of action). 1889. 

It contains a succinct and able resumtf of the eventful era of the 
Civil War, of the rule of Cromwell, and of the Restoration, in which 
Monk was the conspicuous figure ; and it sets his personality clearly 
before us in distinct relief and in true proportion. — Acadtmy. 

Douglas, (W. S.). Cromwell's Scotch campaigns, 1650- 

51. 1898. 

Mr. Douglas has been able to bring under contribution some new 
sources of information, and possesses a far more complete knowledge of 
the ground over which Cromwell's army manceuvred than can possibly 
be acquired by a mere interloper from the south. — Eng. Hist. Rtv. 

Evelyn, (John) Diary. To which are added a selection 
from his familiar letters. . . Edited from the original 
MSS. by William Bray. A new edit. . . . with a life of 
the author by Henry B. Wheatley. 1879. 4 vols. 
" It is full of value on account of the importance of the information 
contained in it and the pleasing manner in which that information is 
conveyed. . . . Dutv kept him true to his king, and made him a repre- 
sentative cavalier.'' H. B. W. 

Fairfax Correspondence. Memoirs of the reign of 
Charles I. Edited by G. W. Johnson, 2 vols. Memori- 
als of the Civil War. Edited by Robert Bell. 2 vols. 

Selected from the papers of the Fairfax family. 
Firth, C. H., editor. The Clarke papers. Selections from 
the papers of William Clarke, secretary to the Council of 
the Army, 1647-1649 and to General Monck and the 
commanders of the army in Scotland, 1651-1660. 2 
vols. Camden Soc, N. S. 49,54. 1891-94. 
Taken altogether, these Clarke Papers bring stronglv out the con- 
servative and hesitating side of Cromwell's character, whilst they also 
bring us, as we have never been brought before, into the very heart of 
that army, in the midst of which Cromwell lived and moved, and enable 
us to trace the movements of political thought which afterwards devel- 
oped themselves in the constitutional experiments of the Common- 
wealth. — Gardiner. 

— Life of Thomas Harrison, major-general in the army of 
the Commonwealth of England, and one of the Judges 
of King Charles I. 1893. 

The sketch, as a whole, is an interesting and painstaking record of 
a man who, if somewhat of an enthusiast on some questions, was yet 
a sincere and ardent worker for liberty and righteousness as he under- 
stood them. — Eng. Hist. Rev. 

— Scotland and the Protectorate. letters and papers re- 
lating to the military government of Scotland, 1654- 
1659. Scottish Hist. Soc. 1899. 

Forster, John. Historical and biographical essays. (The 
Civil Wars and Oliver Cromwell, p. 241.) 1858. 
The aspects of Cromwell's character as presented by Guizot and 

Carlyle are well discussed. — Adams. 

Fronde, J. A. The English in Ireland in the eighteenth 
century. [Vol. I., chap. 2, sections 5 and 6, deal with 
Cromwell in Ireland.] 1872. 

July, 1900 

Bulletin of Bibliography, 


Gardiner, Bertha M. {Afrs. S. R.) and Phillpotts, J. S. 
King and commonwealth; a history of Charles I. and 
the Great Rebellion. 1874. 

Gardiner, S. R. First two Stuarts and Puritan revolu- 
tions, 1603-60. 1876. Epochs 0/ Modern History. 

— History of England . . . 1603- 1642. 1884-7. ^o ^°'*' 
We greatly mistake if in Mr. Gardiner's " History of England " our 

times have not produced a work destined to teach many a generation 
after them the true historical antecedents and conditions of the greatest 
pohtical struggle through which our nation has passed. — Sat. Rev. 

— History of the Great Civil War, 1642-1649. 188393. 
10 vols. 

Gives the fullest, most critical, and most authoritative account of the 
whole period. — Traill. 

— History of the Commonwealth and Protectorate, 1649- 
1660. i894-(Vols. I and 2). 

Mr. Gardiner is to be specially congratulated on the appearance of 
Vol. I. of the last division of his great work. . . Only those, perhaps, 
who have had occasion to study minutely certain special aspects or 
portions of this period of history can realise how thoroughly the task is 
being performed: but with each succeeding volume his mastery of the 
period becomes more apparent, even to the general reader, in the lumi- 
nous coherency of the narrative as a whole, not less than in the elucida- 
tion of many points hitherto obscure or dubious. — T. F. Henderson. 
Eng. Hut. Rev. 

— Student's History of England ... to 1885. 1890-92. 
3 vols. 

Briefer, and better suited for school use and popular use than his 
larger history. 

— editor. Constitutional documents of the Puritan 
Revolution, 1628- 1 660. 1889. 

— editor. I^etters and papers relating to the first Dutch 
war, 1652-54. Vol. I. Navy Records Society ^ 13. 

Gilbert, Sir J. T., editor. A contemporary histoy of 
affairs in Ireland from 1641 to 1652. 1879-80. Irish 
Arch, and Celtic Society. 6 vols. 
The new evidence [as here given] tends to convict Charles I. of 

complicity with the Irish Cathofics, in order to secure their assistance 

against his own Parliament. — Adams. 

Godwin, W. History of the Commonwealth of England. 

1 824-2. 4 vols. 

Still valuable from the author's knowledge of the pamphlet litera- 
ture of the period. — Firth. 

The Government of the Common- wealth of England, Scot- 
land, and Ireland, and the dominions thereto belonging ; 
as it was publickly declared at Westminster, the 16 day 
of December, 1653. . . . Published by His Highness the 
Lord Protector's special commandment. 1653. 

Grant, James. British battles on land and sea. Vol. i, 


Gives many illustrations of the places where battles were fought or 
sieges made by Cromwell and his men. 

Green, J. R. History of the English people. (Vol. 3. 

Puritan England, 1603-1660.) 1879. 

By far the most important general history of England that has ever 
been written. — A dams. 

— Short history of the English people. Vol. 3. Illus- 
trated edition. 1893. 

If Mr. Green's style has a fault, it is the rather unusual one of ex- 
cess of brilliancy. . . The value of his book lies above all in the power 
it shows of conceiving a period as a whole, of tracing the causes and 
results of events, and of following the great currents of thought. — 
Sat. Rev. 

Guizot, F. G. P. History of the English revolution, 1640- 


Guizot has seized with great firmness the leading characteristics of 
the period. Adams. 

— History of Oliver Cromwell and the English Common- 
wealth. Trans, by A. R. Scoble. 1854. 2 vols. 

The fairest and best account of the period for the general reader. 
The foreign politics and wars are admirably illustrated with a copious 
appendix of documents. — Green. 

— History of Richard Cromwell and the restoration of 
Charles 11. Trans, by A. R. Scoble. 1856. 2 vols. 

— Memoirs of George Monk, Duke of Albemarle. Trans, 
and edited ... by the Hon. J. Stuart Wortley. 1838. 
The volumes on Richard Cromwell and Monk are very full and 

satisfactory, and form an almost unique description of the difficulties 
and complications of the time. — Adams. 

Hallam, Henry. The constitutional history of England 
from . . . Henry VII. to the death of George II. 1850. 
2 vols. 

Its judicial spirit of fairness to all persons and parties makes it popu- 
lar with judicious minds, in spite of all its shortcomings. — Adams. 

Hamilton papers ; being selections from original letters 
(in the possession of the Duke of Hamilton and Grafton) 
relating to the years 1 638-1 650. Edited by S. R. Green. 
Camden Soc, N. S. 27. 1880. 

Hammond, Col. Robert. Letters between R. H. and the 
Committee of Lords and Commons . . . relating to King 
Charles I. 1 764. 

Contains several of Cromwell's letters. 

Hanbury, Benjamin. Historical memorials relating to the 
Independents or Congregationalists : from their rise to 
the restoration of the monarchy, A. D. 1660. 1839-44. 
His most important literary service to his denomination was a digest 

of the materials for their earlier history, including a rich and accurate 

collection of documents illustrating the rise of nonconformity. — Diet. 

Nat. Biog. 

Hannay, David. Admiral Blake. 1886. English worthies. 
Deals with the navy and the wars of the Commonwealth period. 

Harleian miscellany, vol. 8. Various papers concerning 
the times of Charles I. and Cromwell : Strafford's letter 
to the king ; Archbishop Laud's speech on the scaffold, 

Historical Manuscripts Commission. (See reports on the 
MSS. of Lowndes, Verney, Dukes of Sutherland, Man- 
chester, and Somerset, and Marquis of Ormonde.) 

Historical memoirs of the Irish rebellion, 1641 ; extracted 

from parliamentary journals, etc. 1758. 

A vindication of the Irish from the charges of disloyalty and cruelty 
to the English. 

Hodgson, Capt. John, of Coley Hall, near Halifax. Auto- 
biography. . . With notes by J. H. Turner. 1882. 
His description of the battle of Dunbar is the most valuable portion 

of his "Autobiography." — Diet. Nat. Biog. 

Holies, Denzil, Lord. Memoirs, 1641 to 1648. 1699 

Another edit. 1826. 

May be looked upon as a rejoinder to Ludlow. The production of 
a zealous royalist, during the time of his exile. — G. &" M. 

Hosmer, J. K. Life of young Sir Henry Vane, governor 
of Massachusetts Bay, and leader of the Long Parlia- 
ment. With a consideration of the English Common- 
wealth as a forecast of America. 1888. 
Students, perhaps, would rank Vane, among the men of his age and 
party, next to Cromwell, Hampden and Pym; but, to the majority of 
careless readers, his name probably hardly calls up any distinct mem- 
ory or association. . . The chapters which touch upon Vane's religious 
beliefs are very valuable. — Nation. 

Hume, David. History of England. (Vols. 6 and 7.) 


The portion relating to the reign of the Stuarts was the first written , 
and is, perhaps, the most faulty. . . Brodie, in his " Constitutional 
History," has shown the worthlessness of Hume's account of this 
period, and has made it plain that it is " a fictitious philosophy but- 
tressed by a fictitious narrative." — Adams. 

Huntingdon, Alaj. R. Sundry reasons inducing Maj. R. 

H. to lay down his commission. Presented . . . August 

2nd, 1648. 1826. 
Hutchinson, Lucy. Memoirs of the life of Colonel 

Hutchinson, governor of Nottingham Castle and town. 

Edited by C. H. Firth. 1885. 2 vols. 

Gives the views of the republican opposition. — Firth. 

Throws much light on the conduct of the committees through which 
Parliament worked, and the machinery whereby it maintained its 
authority over the whole kingdom, — G. &" M. 


The Boston Book Company^s 

Vol. 2 No. 4 

Journals of the House of Lords and House of Commons 
for the period. 

Knight, Charles. Popular history of England. Vols. 3 
and 4. 1856-62. 
With the ezcepiton of Green, for the purposes of the general readeri 

(this) is probably the best history of England yet completed. lUustra- 

tioDt are excellent. — Adams. 

Lane, W. Coolidge. The Carlyle Collection. A catalogue 
of books on Oliver Cromwell . . . bequeathed by Thomas 
Carlyle to Harvard College Library. 1888. 

Langmead, T. P. Taswell. Enghsh constitutional history, 
from the Teutonic conquest to the present time. 5th 
edit. 1896. 
Skould be prized for the vast amount of information it brings to the 

reader. — Adamt. 

Larned, J. N. History for ready reference. (Vol. 2. 
England. 1640-1660. pp. 853-893.) 1895. 

Lewis, Ijidy M. T. V. Lives of the friends and contem- 
poraries of Lord Chancellor Clarendon. [Lord Falk- 
land. Lord Capell. Marquis of Hertford.] 1852. 3 

Lingard, John. History of England ... to 1688 (Vol. 8). 
Useful for information a» to intrigues with the Catholics in England 

and Ireland. — Gretn. 

Ludlow, Edmund. Lieutenant- General of the horse in the 
army of the Commonwealth. Memoirs. Edited by C. 
H. Firth. 1894. 2 vols. 
Gives the views of the republican opposition. —Firth. 

To Ludlow's Mimoirs we are indebted for a good illustration of the 
Crorawellian policy in Ireland. — G. df M. 

The reader has to be constantly on his guard against the drawback 
that much of Ludlow's narrative, though that of a deeply interested 
contemporary, is secondhand only. — Eng. Hiit. Rev. 

Markham, Sir C. R. Life of the great Lord Fairfax, 
commander-in-chief of the army of the Parliament of Eng- 
land. 1870. 

A book of real and conscientious work. . . . Mr. Markham's chief 
object seems to be to challenge for Fairfax his proper place in the 
military history of the Civil War, in which he holds that [Fairfax's] 
fame has been unfairly overshadowed by the fame of Cromwell. — 
Sat. Rev. 
Marsden, J. B. History of the later Puritans. 1854. 

His volumes deserve to be studied quite as much by such as are anx- 
ious about the future, as by those who content themselves with look- 
ing continually to the past. — Edinb. Rev. 

Masson, David. Life of John Milton : narrated in con- 
nection with the political, ecclesiastical, and literary his- 
tory of his time. 1871-94. 7 vols. 

Thoroughness and impartiality are the qualities of highest value, 
perhaps, in this " Life of Milton. — Spectator. 

Although Mr. Masson may not be an elegant historian, he is what 
is of infinitely greater importance — a singularly accurate and therefore 
an altogether trustworthy one. — Sat. Rev. 

May, Thomas. Secretary to (he Parliament. History of 
the Parliament of England which began November 3rd, 
1640. 1647. Reprinted 18 12, 1854, etc. 

Fairly accurate and impartial. — Green. 

His narrative, considering the period, is remarkably free from in- 
vective and rancour, and tends to induce the belief that the statements 
it contains are on the whole faithful and impartial. — G. Sf M. 

( To be continued^ 


II. The References — (^Continued). 

Compiled by Frederika Wendt6, Boston Public Library. 

Part II. 

We continue the list of errata in Poole's Index 
and Supplements, and hope that in the next issue 
a still further list may appear. This is a coopera- 
tive work which should appeal to every libra- 
rian. The Carnegie Library, Pittsburgh, reports a 
curious error in the indexing of the ** Art Jour- 
nal." It appears that for the years 1877, 1878, 
1879, *^c American edition was indexed in place 
of the English, and no note made to show the dis- 
tinction ; furthermore the English volume numbers 
for those years were used as if that edition were 
the one indexed. Many of the references are 
duplicated in the English edition, but the ma- 
jority are not, and the references are so mislead- 
ing that we add to the main list a supple- 
mentary one of the corrected references to these 
three volumes, which may help to straighten out 
the confusion between the two sets. 

Poole's Index, 3d Edition, 1882. 


865 Monuments. Public. Ed. R. 115 :54i, read 115 1276. 
930 Norway. Two Summers in. No. Brit. 9:39, read 

9 = 73- 
940 Old continents. Add to reference given Same art. 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 3:573. Same art. Liv. Age 118:372. 
979 Patmore, Coventry. Angel in the house. Ed. R. 

107: 121, read (R. Garnett) Ed. R. 107:121. 
991 Perpetual motion. Am. j. Sci. 59 : 174, read 60: 174. 
996 Phelps, Elizabeth S., read Phelps, Mrs. Elizabeth 

996 Phelps, Mrs. Ida. Norman, read Phelps, Mrs. Ida 

998 Phillips, Wendell. As candidate for Governor of 

Mass. Nation 11 :i86, read li :287. 
1019 Poe, E. A. Last days of. (Wiess), read (Weiss.) 
1037 Portuguese literature. Quar. i :235, read i 1268. 
1050 Princess Isle, read Use. 

1053 Privateering. No. Amer. 10:166, read 1 1 :i66. 
1055 Prometheus. A poem. (J. R. Russell) read (J. R. 

1071 Quentin Durward. By Sir W. Scott. Colburn, 
6:82, read 8:82. 

July, 1900 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


1094 Religion. Influence of. (T. Kecfe) read (T. S. 

1 1 30 Roy's Wife. A novel. (T. J. W. Melville) read 

(G. W. J. Melville). 
1238 Spiritualism. Seance with Foster. (R. F. Seaman), 

read (R. F. Leaman). Scrib. 6: 179. 
1258 Stories, Old, On a group of, read Stones, Old, etc., 

and insert on page 1256. 
1262 Stuart, Charles Edward. References beginning — 

"and portrait painting" belong to Stuart, Gilbert, 

Add " See also Charles Edward, Pretender." 
1277 Switzerland, Saxon, read Saxony and Silesia, etc. 
1289 Telegraph. Atlantic submarine. Eel. m. 52:249, 

read 51 :249. 
1296 Territories of the U. S. Popular sovereignty in. 

Harp. 18:519, read 19:519. 
1298 Thackeray, W. M. Vanity Fair. Knick. 32:259, 

read 32:249. 
1364 Veddar, Elihu. Scrib. 21 : II, read 21 :iii. 
1382 Wallace, Sir W. Sketch of. Read Wallace, Prof. W. 
1405 Whirlwinds caused by the burning of a canebrake. 

Am. j. Sci. 59; 181, read 61 :i8i. 
1433 Woven of many threads. (Mrs. C. A. Hamilton) 

read (Mrs. C. V. Hamilton). 
1440 Zeruiah Hope, read Zerviah Hope. 
Poole's, 1882-1886, 
10 America. Manifest destiny of. Harp. 70:598, read 

70 :578. 
64 Caverly. C. S. Omit Same art. Liv, Age, 161:124. 
70 Castine, Maine. Cent. 2:685, read 2:695. 
98 Confucianism and Christianity compared. New Eng. 

46:417, read 45:417. 
136 Elective Studies. At Yale. New Eng. 46:459, read 

45 =459. 

152 Falstaff. Character of. Sat. rev. 64:748, read 64:835 

153 Fawcett, H. Literary autobiography, read Fawcett, 
Edgar, etc. 

157 Fish Commission, U. S. Results of work in 1883 

Nature, 29:457, read 29:407. 
195 Hamerton, P. G. Graphic Arts. Sat. rev. 57:581 

read 84:581. 
200 Heine, Heinrich. A family portrait. Liv. Age, 

154:154, read 154:159- 
415 Spiritualism. Evidence of. Fortn. 45:811, read 

243 Lassalle, Ferdinand. 19th Cent. 50 :36i, read 30 :36i. 

312 Newspaperism. Lippinc. 37 :470, read 38 :470. 

313 New York. Machine politics in. Cent. 10:74, read 

376 Roman Catholicism and religious thought. Cont. 

47:352, read 47:652. 
388 Scholar. The Ideal. New Eng. 46:537, read 45 :537. 
392 Scotus, Joannes Duns. Meth. Q., 45:5, read 65:5. 
400 Sheridan, Robert Brinsley, read Richard Brinsley. 
413 Speechmaking. Hints on. Harp. 73:932, read 

476 Wisconsin. Fifty years of her history. Mag. Western 
hist. 4:828, 5:100, 167. Omit 167. 
Poole's, 1887-1892. 
6 Agnosticism. Gnostic. Spec. 90:858, read 60 :858. 
22 Art. What are Americans doing in. Cent. 1 1 :46, 
read 21 :46. 

24 Astrology. Divination and coincidences. Cent. 

15 :629, read 13: 629. 
46 Birmingham, Ala. Chaut. 9 : 300, read 10:300. 
57 Browning's obscurity. N. Eng. Mag. n. s. 2 : 577, read 

n. s. I :577. 
68 Cards. Games with. All the year, 40 : 65, read 60 : 65. 
74 Charterhouse. London. Ath., 87 pt. i :3i7, read pt. 

85 Cities. American. Why bad? No. Amer. 151 :63o, 

read 1 50; 630. 
89 Qubs. For working-girls. Nineteenth Cent. 3 : 73, 

read 35 : 73. 
105 Criminals. Identification of. Fortn. Supply 53 : 361. 
155 Florence. Italy. Mediaeval life in. Chaut. 11:651, 

read 10: 651. 
159 France. Army. How affected by Revolution of 1 789, 

Un. Serv. (Phila.) 4 : 39, read 5 : 39. 
207 Ice-making and machine refrigeration. Pop. Sci. Mo. 

35 : 19, read 39 : 19. 

235 Kentucky. An old home in. Fortn. 60:32, read 
Atl. 60:32. 

236 Kindergarten. Evolution of. 10: 151, read Educa. 
10: 151. 

242 Lang, Andrew. Critic. 15 : 129, read 15 : 130. 
249 License. High. No. Amer. 144: 496, read 144: 498. 
273 Meditation. Unit. R. 33 : 24, read Mediation, etc. 
292 Mushrooms. Edible of United States. Science, 

14:453, read 13:453- 
338 Pompeii. Recent visit to. Antiq. n. s. 21: 48, read 

n. s. 22 :48. 
360 Rhodes, Cecil. Nineteenth Cent. 28: 176. Add Spec. 

366 Romanticism and idealism in fiction. Cont. 57 : 489, 

read 57: 479. 
446 Valentine's Day, St. All the year, 59 : 85, read, 60 : 85. 
448 Venice. Makers of. Oliphant's. Liv. Age, 1 70 : 622, 

read 176: 622. 
451 Vivisection. An unscientific view of. National, 

18: 120, read 18: 12. 
457 Waterloo. Campaign of. Scrib. 3:250, 387, read 

3 : 259, 387- 
475 Zodiacal light. The. And sun spots. Nation, 38 : 594, 
read Nature, 38 : 594. 

Poole's, 1892-1896. 

18 Animals. Distribution of. Affected by temperature. 

Nat. Geog. M. 3 : 228, read 6 : 228. 
20 Anti-toxin. Ways and means of. Read, Ants, Ways, etc. 
22 Arbitration. International. New Eng. M. n. s. 13: 21, 

read n. s. 14: 21. 
28 Arnold, Edwin. Poetry of. Is it consoling. Spec. 

69 :84, read Arnold, Matthew. Spec. 69 : 84. 
77 Bryant, W. C. Centennial of. Rev. of revs., 10 : 400, 

read 10: 401. 

103 Childhood. American, from a medical point of view. 

Am. j. Soc. Sci., 30 : 44,41 : 721, read 30 : 44. Same art. 

Pop. Sci. Mo. 41 : 721. 

116 Citizenship. Education for. Educa. 12 : 16, read 13:16. 

158 Domestic science. Reformation of. Nineteenth Cent. 

33 : 127, read Domestic service, etc. 
168 Education. Aims in. Forum. 19: 588, read 17: 558. 
201 Fitzgerald, Edward. Liv. Age, 192:99, read Fitz- 
gerald, Lord Edward. 


The Boston Book Company's 

Vol. 2 No. 4 


251 Hawkins, Anthony Hope. Works of. Sat. rev. 

8: 145. read 81 : 145. 
260 Holmes, O. W. Blackw. 152: 174, read 152: 194. 
29s Jails. An American lockup. Cornhill, 62 : 290, read 

68 : 290. 
311 Kipling, Rudyard. In England, read In India. 
466 Public schools. Management of. Educa. 15:1991 

read 14 : 199. 
466 Publicity. Fetish of. Nineteenth Cent. 1 7 : 647, read 

39 : 647- 
551 Story. The short, in America. Critic 23:608, read 

23 : 332- 
565 Taxation. Of church property. Why should it be 

taxed. Forum 18 : 372, read 17 : 372. 
571 Thackeray, W, M. Dramatic adaptation of works of. 

Ath. 96 pt. 2 : 107, read 92 pt. 2 : 107. 
598 University settlements. Outl. 50:906, 1090, read 

51 : 906, 1090. 

Annual Literary Index, 1897. 

62 Illustration of books. Outl. 56: 817, read 57: 817. 
113 School-houses. Public. Educa. 1 7 : 457, read 1 7 : 407. 

Annual Literary Index, 1898. 

23 China. Canton to Mandalay. Fortn. 63 : 264, read 

69: 264. 
72 Kipling, Rudyard. Recessional, read Retrocessional. 
121 Sienkiewicz. My acquaintance with. Cent. 428, 

read 34 : 428. 
140 Van Dyke, Henry. Nature for its own sake, read 
Van Dyke, John, etc. 

Art Journal, 1877-1878-1879. 

Poole indexes for these years the Amer. ed. instead of 
the English. Many of the articles are dupHcated, in which 
cases it is only necessary to change the page numbers; for 
the other articles the year is substituted for the vol. no., 
and the words Amer. ed. added in parentheses. These 
references are made to the first vol. of Poole, 1882 ed. 


32 American poetry. Landscape in. Art. j. 3i:i-333> 

read 1879:73-333 (Amer. ed.). 
61 Art. Christian. Tradition of. Art j. 29:5, 52, read 

1877: 5, 52 (Amer. ed.). 
98 Barker, T. J. Art j. 30:97, read 30:69. 
104 Beard, W. H. Art j. 30:321, read 1878:321 (Amer. 

106 Beavis, Richard. Art j. 29:97, read 29:65. 
149 Bookbinding, Mediaeval. Art j. 30:106, read 1878: 

106 (Amer. ed.). 
160 Bric-i-brac. High price of. Art j. 30:313, read 
1878:313 (Amer. ed.). 

162 Bridgman, F. A. Art j. 30:226, read 1878:226 
(Amer. ed.). 

163 Bristol, J. B. Art j. 30:133, read 1878:136 (Amer. 

169 Brown, G. L. Art j. 30:370, read 1878:370 (Amer. 

169 Brown, J. Appleton. Art j. 30:198, read 1878:198 

(Amer. ed.). 
227 Chevalier, Nicholas. Art j. 31 :225, read 31 : 121. 

247 Church, F. E. Art j. 30:65, read 1878:65 (Amer. 

309 Couture. Letters on. Art j. 31 1253, read 1879:253 

(Amer. ed.). 
361 Dore, Gustave, and his latest works. Art j. 31:185, 

read 1879:185 (Amer. ed.). 
366 Dressing. Art of. Art j. 29:316-378, read 29:229- 

396 Egypt. Illustrated. Art j. 31 :37-3S6, read 31 : 1-237. 
439 Faience. French. Art j. 29:273, read 1877:273 

(Amer, ed,). 
518 Ger8me, Leon. Art j. 29:26, read 1877:26 (Amer. 

ed.). Art j. 30:279, read 1878:279 (Amer. ed.). 
521 Gifford, R. S. Art j, 29:310, read 1877:310 (Amer, 

564 Haas, M, F, H. de. Art j. 30:185, read 1878:185 

(Amer. ed,). 
567 Halswelle, Keeley. Art j. 31 :ioi, read 31 :49. 
589 Hicks, T. Art j. 30:166, read 1878:166 (Amer, ed.), 
596 Hogarth, and Landseer, Art j. 31 :302, 325, 361, 

read 31 : 178, 201, 245, 
601 Homer, Winslow, Art j. 30:225, read 1878:225 

(Amer, ed.) 
616 Hunt, W. M. Art j. 30:116, read 1878:116 (Amer. 

661 Irish Art. Ancient. Art. j. 29 : 1 74-366, read 29 : 149- 

782 MacCallum, Andrew, Art j. 29:353, read 29:321, 
790 Majolica, Italian. Art j, 29:244, read 1877:244 

(Amer, ed.), 
862 Monograms. Art j. 30:36, read 1878 :36 (Amer, ed.). 
869 Moran, Peter, Art j, 31 :4i, read Moran, Thomas, 

1879:41 (Amer. ed.) 

935 Oakes, J. W, Art j. 31 :323, read 31 : 193, 

956 Pacific railway. Scenery of the. Art j. 29:1-228, 
read 29:25-281. 

959 Paintings. At Paris exhibition. Art j. 30:89, read 

1878:89 (Amer. ed.). 
971 Paris. Theatres. Architecture of. Art j. 31:265, 

read 1879:265 (Amer, ed.). 
1035 Porcelain, Medicean. Art j. 29:85, read 1877:85 

(Amer. ed.). 
1039 Pott, Laslett J. Art j. 29:289, read 29:257. 
1039 Pottery. Prehistoric. Art j. 31 :340, read 31 :2I3. 
1039 Pottery, Moorish, Persian and Rhodian, Art j, 

29 : 214, read 1877 :2I4 (Amer, ed,), 
1039 Pottery. Unglazed. Art j, 29:117, 146, 169, read 

1877:117, 146, 169 (Amer. ed,), 
1041 Poynter, Edw, J, Art j, 29:49, read 29: 17. 
1 106 Richards, W, T, Art j, 29:242, read 1877:242 

(Amer, ed.). 
1 1 13 Rococo. Art j, 31 :293, "^^^^ '879:293 (Amer, ed,). 
1 192 Shirlaw, Walter. Art j, 30:360, read 1878:360 

(Amer. ed.). 
1210 Smith, F. Hopkinson, Art j. 30:360, read 1878:360 

(Amer. ed.). 
1230 Spanish artists. Modem. Art j. 31:123, read 

1879:123 (Amer. ed.). 

July, 1900 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 




By A. B. Slauson, Library of Congress. 

The evolution of the new engineering peri- 
odical, " Science and Industry," published by 
the Colliery Engineer Company, Scranton, Pa,, 
is interesting, though the history of its growth 
is not easy to understand unless one has the 
complete file of the various publications of the 

In February, 1896, was started a monthly 
magazine called " Home Study." In July, 1897, 
the publishers established three other magazines, 
"Home Study for Building Trades," "Home 
Study for Electrical Workers," and " Home 
Study for Machinists and Steam Engineers." 
The original " Home Study " changed its name 
in February, 1897, at the beginning of the second 
volume, to " Home Study Magazine," and also 
changed size from quarto to octavo. The four 
magazines were then published in octavo form 
each month until January, 1899. In that month 
" Home Study for Building Trades " changed its 
name to " The Building Trades Magazine." In 
February, 1899, the other three magazines were 
consolidated into two, the original " Home 
Study" being combined with certain features 
of " Home Study for Machinists and Steam 
Engineers," and published under the title of 
" Mechanic Arts Magazine." " Home Study 
for Electrical Workers," combined with the 
steam engineering features of " Home Study 
for Machinists and Steam Engineers," was then 
issued under the title, " Steam- Electric Maga- 

In November, 1899, the three existing maga- 
zines, "Mechanic Arts Magazine," "Building 
Trades Magazine," and " Steam-Electric Maga- 
zine," were all consolidated into one, under the 
title, " Science and Industry," the first number 
under this title carrying on the volume and num- 
ber of the original " Home Study," as it had 
been carried through the various titles of " Home 
Study Magazine" and "Mechanic Arts Maga- 
zine," Vol. 4, No. 10, November, 1899. This 
volume ended with January, 1900. 

A summary may well be appended in order 
to make this more easily understood : — 

" Home Study," Vol. i, Feb., 1896, to Jan., 1897. 

" Home Study Magazine," Vols. 2, 3, Feb., 1897, to 
Jan., 1899. 

"Home Study for Building Trades," Vol, i— Vol. 2, 
No, 5, July, 1897, to January, 1899 ("7 numbers). 

"Home Study for Electrical Workers," Vols, I, 2 (18 
numbers), July, 1897, to Jan., 1899 (18 numbers). 

" Home Study for Machinists and Steam Engineers," 
Vols. I, 2 (18 numbers), July, 1897, to Jan., 1899, 

" Mechanic Arts Magazine " (continuation of " Home 
Study Magazine"), Vol. 4, Nos. 1-9, Feb, to Oct., 1899 
(continued as "Science and Industry"), 

" Building Trades Magazine " (continuation of " Home 
Study for Building Trades "), Vol, 2, No. 6, Vol. 3, No. 3, 
Jan. to Oct., 1899. 

" Steam- Electric Magazine" (consolidation). Vol. 3, 
Nos. 1-9, Feb. to Oct., 1899. 

"Science and Industry" (final consolidation). Vol. 4, 
Nos. 10-12, Nov,, 1899, to Jan., 1900, Vol, 5, Feb., 1900. 


• Diagram by Miss M. F. Wait, New York Public Library. 


V. I (1896) 4to. 

Home Study Magazine 
V. 2-3 (1897-98) 8vo. 

Home Study for Electrical Workers 
V, 1-2 (1897-99), 8vo. 

Home Study for Machinists, 

Steam Engineers, etc. 

V. 1-2, No. 1-6 (1897-99) Svo. 

Mechanic Arts Magazine 
V. 4, No. 1-9 (1899) 

Steam Electric Magazine 
V. 3, No. 1-9 (1899) 

Home Study for the 
Building Trades 
V. 1-2, No. 1-5 (1897-98) Svo, 

Building Trades Magazine 
V. 2, No. 6; V. 3, No. 1-3 (1899) 


V. 4, No. 10-12, V. 5, No. 1-6 (Nov., 1899-July, 1900) 


The Boston Book Company's 

Vol. 2 No. 4 


Compiled by the Providence (K. I.) Public Library. 
Since April I, 1900, the foUowing subjects have been treated in reference lists in bulletins published by libraries. 

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Periodical Literature relating to. Cambridge 
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Periodicals relating to Economics, Finance, Bank- 
ing, Sociology, Socialism, etc. New York lab- 
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that of May, 1899. San Francisco [Cal.] 
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Jidy, 1900 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


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United States. Boston [Mass.] Public Library 
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Compiled by the St. Louis Public Library. 

Blaine, J. G. Twenty years of Congress. 2 v. 

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progress and failure. 1866. 

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administration. 1891. 

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ment. 1 88 1. 2 V. 

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by battle in 1861-65. 

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Johnson, E. R. The story of a great conflict. 1894. 

Johnston, J. E. Narrative of military operations during 
the war between the states. 1874. 

Lincoln, A., i6iA Pres. of the U. S. Pen and voice; a 
compilation of his letters, also addresses, messages, and 
proclamations. 1 890. 

Long, A. L. Memoirs of R. E. Lee. 1886. 

Longstreet, J. From Manassas to Appomattox. 1896. 

McClellan, G. B. Report on the organization and cam- 
paigns of the army of the Potomac. 1864. 

Maury, D. H. Recollections of a Virginian in the Mexi- 
can, Indian and Civil wars. 1894. 

Moore, F., ed. Anecdotes, poetry and incidents of the 
war; north and south, 1860-65. 

Mosby, J. S. Mosby's war reminiscences; and Stuart's 
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NicoLAY, J. G., and Hay, J. Abraham Lincoln. 1890. 

Paris, L. P. A. d'C, comle de. The history of the civil 

war in America. i875-[88]. 4 v. 
Pollard, E. A. Life of Jefferson Davis, with a secret 

history of the Southern Confederacy, [c 1869.] 

The lost cause; a Southern history of the war. 1866. 

Porter, D. D. Incidents and anecdotes of the civil war. 

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Smith, G. The United States; an outline political history, 

SwiNTON, W. Campaigns of the Army of the Potoinac, 



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principal military operations of the civil war. 
Doubleday, a. Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. 1882. 
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of war history, 1861-65. ^- 2- 
Paris, L. P. A. d'O., comte de. The battle of Gettysburg. 

[c 1886.] 
Swinton, W. The twelve decisive battles of the war. 





( To be continued quarterly.^ 

N. B. — The Editor will be glad to kno^v of any omission or corrections since January, 1900, not 
noted, for inclusion in the next issue, and will esteem it a favor to be notified of new periodicals by any 
librarian who may receive a sample number. Reports of deaths will be gratefully received and recorded. 

I. New Periodicals. American Institute of Architects, Quarterly Bulletin. 

Agreement. Los Angeles, mo., 410, vol. i, no. i, April, Washington, D. C, quar., 8vo, vol. i, no. i, April, 

1900. (Interest of the sick.) 1900- 

American Bureau of Geography, Bulletin of the, American Museum Journal, The. New York, mo., ex- 

Winona, Minn., quar., sm. 8vo, illus., vol. i, no. i, cept June to Sept., 8vo, illus., vol. i, no. i, April, 1900. 

March, 1900. (Progress of American Museum of Natural History.) 


The Boston Book Company's 

Vol. 2 No. 4 

A. O. U. W. Wolverine Workman. Cadillac, Mich., 

fol., vol. I, no. I, April, igoo. (Grand Lodge A. O. U. 

W. of Michigan.) 
Book of Book Piates, The. Edinburgh, quar., sq. 8vo, 

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(Boston University.) 
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City's Millions, The. New York, quar., vol. 1, no. i, 

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Classmate. New York, weekly, fol., vol. i, no. i, May 

10, 1900. (Gossip.) 
Colored American Magazine. Boston, mo., 8vo, iUus., 

vol. I, no. I, May, 1900. (Literature, Art, etc., of the 

Negro race.) 
Dover Public Library Bulletin. Dover, N. H., quar., 

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Economist, The. New York, weekly, fol., vol. i, no. i, 

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March, 1900. 
Gossip. New York, weekly, 4to, vol. i, no. i, May lo» 

1900. (General Literature.) 
Graduate Bulletin of the University of Nebraska. Lin- 
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Interstate Journal and Advertiser. White River 

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Little Chronicle. Chicago, weekly, fol., illus., vol. 1, 

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June, 1900. (iMiscellaneous.) 
Nature Study. Manchester, N. H., mo., 8vo, illus., vol. 

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1900. (Fashions.) 

New York Real Estate Magazine, The. New York, 

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North American Notes and Queries. Quebec, Canada, 

mo., 4to, vol. I, no. i, June, 1900. (Literary.) 
Omahan, The. Omaha, mo., 4to, illus., first moon, April, 

Personal Impressions. San Francbco, mo., 8vo, vol. i, 

no. I, March, 1900. 
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May, 1900. ( Recording and Producing Sound.) 
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May, 1900. (Current topics.) 
Social Age, The. Rochester, N. Y., mo., 8vo, illus., 

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Society Courier. Pittsburgh, vol. i, no. i, April 16, 

Society de Luxe Times. New York, mo., 4to, vol. i, no. 

I, June 9, 1900. 
Solth Carolina Historical and Genealogical Mag- 
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Jan., 1900. 
Stevensoniana. New York, i2mo., illus., vol. i, part i, 

April, 1900. 
Stuffed Club for Everybody, A. Denver, 24mo., vol. 

I, no. I, May, 1900. (Bibelot.) 
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no. I, Jan., 1900. (Religious.) 
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Wall Street Charts. New York, mo., fol., vol. i, no. 

I, April 15, 1900. (Stocks.) 
What Women Should Know. Boston, mo., narrow 4to, 

vol. I, no. I, June, 1900. 
Womanhood. New York, mo., 8vo, vol. i, no. i, April, 


II. Changed or Discontinued. 

American Book Lore. Milwaukee. Discontinued. 
Birds and All Nature. Chicago. Became Nature and 

Art, June, 1900. 
Charles Austin Bates' Criticisms. New York. Became 

Current Advertising, with vol. 7, no. 4, April, 1900. 
Current Advertising. New York. Changed from Charles 

Austin Bates' Criticisms with April, 190O. 
Harper's Bazar. New York. Changed from fol. to 8vo, 

with May 5, 1900. 
Industries and Iron. London. Discontinued with 

March 30, 1900. 
Literary World. Boston. Changed from fortnightly 

to mo. with April, 1900. 
Nature and Art. Chicago. Changed from Birds and 

All Nature ^\\.\i ]\xn^, 1^00. 
Peck's Sun. Milwaukee. Discontinued with April 8, 

Raven, The. St. Louis. Discontinued temporarily with 

June, 1900. 

July, 1900 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


Bargain List for August^ 1900. 

From August i to 20, unless previously sold, The Boston Book Company 
offers Librarians the following volumes and sets. 


Academy. London. Vols. 1-57, 1869-99. vols. 

1-3, 5-14 cloth, rest unbound .... $50.00 

American Presbyterian Review. Philadel- 
phia and New York. Complete " Poole " set, 20 
vols. 1852-71 bound, but not uniform . . 25.00 

Archaeological Review. London. Vols. 1-4, 

1888-90, all published. Cloth, new . . . 8.00 
(Merged in Folk Lore Journal^ 

Art Interchange. Vols. 15-32, 1885-94 (ex- 
cept vol. 22). 13 vols, bound, 7 vols, unbound, 13.00 
(We cannot guarantee all the folding extra plates.) 

Biblical Review. London. Vols. 1-6, 1846-50, 

all published. A " Poole " set . . . . 9.00 

Canadian Magazine. Toronto. Vols. 1-14, 

1893-99, 14 vols, unbound .... 21.00 

(This set should be in every library, as the best Canadian review.) 

Cosmopolis. London, 1896-98, vols. 1-12, all 

published ........ 12.00 

(Has in each number articles in English, French and German.) 

Foreign Quarterly Review. London, 1827- 

46, 37 vols., new half buckram binding, all pub. 50.00 

Foreign Review. London, 1828-30, 5 vols., 
half roan . • 11 .00 

investors' Monthly Manual. London. L, 
6 vols., 1864-70. IL, 23 vols., 1871-93 ; 29 
vols., half calf, 45«oo 

Knickerbocker. New York, 1833-1862, vols. 

1-59; 59 vols, as unbound .... 59.00 
(An unusually long set of this scarce periodical.) 

Literary and Theological Review. New 

York, 1834-39, 6 vols,, one-half calf. Complete 

set 3.00 

Magazine of New England History. New- 
port, R. L, Jan., 1891 to Oct., 1893. 3 vols., all 
published, unbound ...... 4.75 

Manhattan. New York, 4 vols., 1883-84 ; all 
published. A scarce " Poole " set, bound in 3 
vols., one-half morocco 15.00 

National Review. London (Quarterly), 19 
vols., 1855-64, bound in 18 vols., cloth, an un- 
usual bargain ....... 38.00 

National Review. London (Monthly), vols. 

1-32, 1883-99, 32 vols, unbound ; a cheap set . 32.00 

New Jersey Archives. Vols. 1-19, 1631-87, 
1751-55 [1880-97], *od index of vols. i-io. 20 
vols, cloth 40.00 

Nineteenth Century. London. Vols. 1-46, 

1871-99; 27 vols, cloth, remainder unbound. 

An opportunity to get one of the great standard 

sets at a fraction of its original cost . . 40.00 

(This is the original or Poole edition, not the worthless 
American reprint.) 

Overland Monthly, ist series, 15 vols, com- 
plete, 1868-75, unbound. The most valuable 

portion of the set $30.00 

We wish to purchase n. s. vols. 1-^7 ; anyone having num- 
bers please communicate with us. 

Quaker. Vols. 1-6 ; 1897-1899, 6 vols, unbound 5.00 

(This became The Junior Munsey recently, and in its 
improved form will be taken by many libraries. The early 
volumes will be hard to get later.) 

Select Journal of Foreign Periodical Lit- 
erature. Philadelphia, 181 i-ia, 4 vols. . 4.00 

Sewanee Review. Vols. 1-7, 1892-99; 7 vols, 

unbound 12.00 

Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge. 

Washington, vols. 2-17, 16 vols., paper. A bar- 
gain 35.00 

These volumes are not sold, but issued to a limited 

number of libraries only. Hence they are seldom found 


Southern Agriculturist. Charleston, S. C. 

Vols. 1-5, 1828-35, 5 vols., bound . . . 1.25 

Street Railway Review. Chicago. Vols. 1-7, 
1891-97, 7 vols, unbound (vols, i and 7 have no 

titles and indexes) 25.00 

An unusual set. 

Napoleon. The 20 parts (4 vols.) as issued, of Sloane's 
Napoleon, new and unopened 8.00 

Clearance List of Popular American Titles. 

Atlantic Monthly. Vols. 1-24 

Harper's Monthly. Vols. 1-16, 16 vols. 
Vols. 44-60, 1 7 vols. 
Vols. 72-99, 28 vols. 

Century. Vols. 1-34, 1881-98 

Cosmopolitan. Vols. 13-21, 1892-96, 9 vols. 
Vols. 1-26 

Review of Reviews. New York. A Poole 
edition. Vols. 6-17, 1892-98, 12 vols. 

Vols. 6-10, 5 vols. 
Vols. 1-14, 14 vols. 

Vols. 10-18, 9 vols. 
Vols. 6-7, 2 vols. 

Vols. 7-14, 1890-93 

McClure's Magazine. 
Munsey's Magazine. 

Scribner's Magazine. 

8 vols. 

North American Review. Vols. 12-38, 1821 

1834, 27 vols 

Vols. 125-135, 151-165, 26 vols. . 

Litteil's Living Age. Vols. 100-138, 1869- 
78, 39 vols 











^ Vol. 2 No. 4 

Educational Institutions Need Education. 

We only want to remind the librarians of Normal Schools, Colleges, and other institutions of 
learning of the value to them of a set of the magazine 


(Vol. I-20, 1880-1890, June ; 20 Vols.), published in Boston Bi-Monthly and Monthly for 20 years. 


The only educational set to be included in the new •• Abridged Poole." 

We have secured from the publisher the entire remainder stock -of complete sets 
(three only in all), and offer them at the publisher's price. 

There are only three sets. Order now ; delivery and payment when desired. 
Write or telegraph. 


Rvt /IftaGasincs. 

We are prepared to furnish at reasonable prices sets of 

Studio, London. With or without the extra numbers. 
Artist, N. Y. The "Poole" portion of this set. 
Portfolio (Hamerton), London, 

Perhaps the finest art journal ever issued, devoting special attention to etching. Indexed by 

Universal Review, London. In Poole. 
Architectural Record, N. Y. In Poole. 
Art Journal, London. In Poole. 

Fine Arts Quarterly Review, London. A " Poole" set. 
flagazine of Art, London. A "Poole" set. To be indexed in "Poole 

We have portions of all the above if your set is not complete. 
Please write us for particulars if you are interested. Address 



A List of sets Indexed in tlie " ABRIDGED POOLE " will be sent to any library on applicati 

BuUelin of 


Number 15 OCTOBER, 1900 Vol.2, No. 5 














The Boston Book Company 

Charles C.Soule,Pre;st(lent 
Freeman Place Chapel 



(Extracts from Chapter 8 of i4 Book for All Readers, by A. R. Spofford.) 

" The librarian who desires to make the management of his library in the highest 
degree successful must give special attention to the important field of periodical litera- 
ture. . . . Whether a public library be large or small, its value to students will 
depend greatly upon the care and completeness with which its selection of periodical 
works is made and kept up from year to year. 

" Nothing is more common in all libraries . . . than imperfect . . . sets of serials. 
. . . Nothing can be more damaging than to find the sets . . . broken at the very point 
where the reference or wants of those consulting them require satisfaction, . . . and the 
librarian who is not willing or able to devote the time and means requisite to complete 
files of periodical publications under his charge is to be censured or commiserated, accord- 
ing to the causes of failure. ... In these publications . . . the collation of each part or 
number is imperative, in order to avoid imperfections which may be irreparable. . . . 

" Reviews and magazines supply the largest fund of discussion concerning such 
topics of scientific, social, literary and religious interest as occupy the public mind during 
the time in which they appear. More and more the best thought of the times gets 
reflected in the pages of this portion of the periodical press. No investigator in any de- 
partment can afford to overlook the rich stores contributed to thought in reviews and 
magazines. These articles are commonly more condensed and full of matter than the 
average books of the period. . . . 

" The experience of librarians shows that the most sought-for and the most useful 
contributions to any subject are frequently found, not in the books written upon it, but in 
the files of current periodicals, or in those of former years. 

..." The publication of Poole's Indexes to Periodical Literature has put the whole 
reading community on the quest for information to be found only (in condensed form, or 
in the latest treatment,) in these volumes of the periodical press. If a new library is to be 
formed, having no sets of periodicals on which to build, effort should be made to secure 
full sets from the beginning of as many of the prominent magazines and reviews, Ameri- 
can and foreign, as the funds will permit. . . . But vigilant care must be exercised to 
secure perfect sets, as numbers are often mutilated, or deficient in some pages or illustra- 
tions. This object can only be secured by collation of every volume, page by page, with 
due attention to the list of illustrations, if any are published. 

" Poole's Index to Periodical Literature ... is literally invaluable and indispensable 
as an aid to research." 

The Boston Book Company makes a specialty of supplying periodicals to Li- 
braries, collated and perfect. It also will be glad to help librarians fill gaps in 
their sets. The largest stock in America and twelve years' experience in this diffi- 
cult field are at your disposal if you write us. 


C. C. SOULE, President, 

J5>2 Beacon Street, Boston, U. S. A. 

October, 1900. ^7 


American Catholic Quarterly Review, Phila. 1876-97. Vols. 1-22. 

3 2 vols, unbound. 

(A Poole set, and the Standard Roman Catholic Review of America.) 

American Architect and Building News, Boston. Vols. 1-14. 1876-83. 

14 vols, bound in 8, cloth. 

American Geographical and Statistical Society, N. Y. Bulletin, 

2 vols.; and Journal, vols. 1-23, 1852-91. 25 vols, mostly unbound. 
(A set not often offered for sale, largely out of print.) 

American Journal of Science and Arts (Silliman's), New Haven. Vols. 

1-134, 1818-1887. 134 vols. About two-thirds of set in binding, rest unbound. 

American Historical Register. 5 vols., 1894-97. All published. In Poole. 
American Institute of flining Engineers. Transactions. Vols. 1-26, 

1871-96, and indexes of 1-20. 27 vols, half morocco. 

American Journal of Archaeology, N. Y. Vols. 1-14. 1885-99. 
American Journal of Philology. 1880-98. Vols. 1-19, unbound. 
[American] Journal of Social Science, N. Y. Vols. 1-37. 1869-99. 


American flonthly Review, Boston. 1832-33. 4 vols. 

American Society of Civil Engineers. Transactions. Vols. 1-36, 1868 

to 1896. Partly bound. 

Anthropological Institute, Journal of the. London. Vols. 1-26, 1871-97. 


Architectural Record, N. Y. Vols. 1-8, 1891-99. 8 vols., and the scarce 

extra series, complete. Unbound. 

Arena, Boston, Vols. 1-22, 1889-99. n vols, in cloth, rest unbound. 
Around the World, N. Y. 2 vols, 1893-5. All published. A Poole set. 

^ Vol. 2, No. 5 

Book Buyer. N. Y. n.s. vols. 1-17, 1884-99. 17 vols, unbound. 
Bookman, N. Y. Vols, i to 9, 1895-99. 9 vols, and extra supplement to 

vol. I ; unbound. 

British Association for Advancement of Science. Reports 1831-95, 

64 vols, half calf. 

Christian Examiner, Boston. Vols. 1-87, 1824-69. All published, half calf. 
Christian Remembrancer. Vols. 1-56, 1841-68. 56 vols, half calf. 

Complete Poole set. 

Church Quarterly Review, London. 1-47, 1875-99. 47 vols. 20 of 

which are bound. 

Comptes Rendus hebdomadaires des stances de Tacademie des 

sciences, Paris. Vols, i-i 25, 1835-97. Supplements and indexes. 130 

volumes "as unbound." 

Critic, N. Y. I. series 3 vols.; II. series vols. 1-32; 1881-98. 35 vols, 
(A very hard set to make up complete.) 

Current Literature, N. Y. 1888-99. Vols. 1-26. 

(First 13 vols, well bound.) 

Dial, Chicago. Vols. 1-28, 1880-98. 25 vols, unbound. 
A very scarce set. 

Education, Boston. Vols. 1-20, 1880-1900. 20 vols, cloth. 

English Review, London. 1-18, 1844-53. 

Gentleman's magazine (Burton's), Phila. Vols. 1-7, 1837-40. 

Litteirs Living Age, Boston. Vols. 1-203. 1844-94- 203 volumes, bound. 

Moniteur scientifique de Quesneville. 1.857-97. Vols. 1-39 ; mostly 


Saturday Review, London. Vols. 1-88, 1856-99. 88 vols, cloth. 



Bulletin of Bibliography 

Vol. 2 

OCTOBER, 1900 

No. 5 

TTiis Bulletin is published, primarily, as a 
means of communication between the Boston 
Book Company and its customers. A constant 
endeavor will be made, however, to include in 
each issue enough original matter of sufficient 
value to induce librarians to preserve and bind 
up the numbers. Each volume will be provided 
with a title-page and an index. 

No subscription price will be put upon the jour- 
nal, and numbers will not be sold. It will be sent 
to a selected list of libraries, customers or likely to 
become customers of the Boston Book Company. 
The circulation of the Bulletin will be increased 
in proportion to the interest shown in it, and in 
the special work of the Library Department of 
the Boston Book Company. Correspondence is 
solicited, and should be addressed. 

The Boston Book Company, 

ISY^ Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 


We desire, as the Fall business season opens, 
to say a few words about the rather special field 
covered by the Library Department of the Boston 
Book Company. We supply periodicals — using 
the term in its broadest sense — in sets, stretches 
and volumes. It is our desire to complete for 
libraries their periodical literature, supplying 
whole or partial sets, and guaranteeing perfection 
by careful expert collation. We have for the past 
eleven years done this with increasing success 
and feel that now our work cannot, in this special 
field, be approached by any firm that does not 
devote its entire time to serials. We handle not 
only American, but English and Continental sets 
as well. 

This is the time of year when the expenditures 
for the next ten months are planned. Let this 
come to you as a reminder that no library year 
is complete without some set of periodicals com- 
pleted, without some new set added to your pres- 
ent collection. The uniform development of 
a library demands this. We have nearly two-hun- 
dred and sixty complete sets in stock, and over 
ninety-thousand volumes, all periodicals, for you 
to choose from. \ 


Now that the gift-book is again upon us in 
force, it is interesting to note who provides it. 
For ten months out of the twelve we hear little 
or nothing of writers for the young, but in the 
eleventh and twelfth they enjoy something ap- 
proaching a monopoly. As a rule they are in- 
dustry incarnate. Mr. George A. Henty produces 
half-a-dozen boys' books a year ; Mr. George M. 
Fenn is, if possible, more prolific still ; Mr. David 
Ker appears smilingly at the Christmas season 
bringing his gifts of three or four rousing tales ; 
and there are other writers, male and female, 
who may fairly be described as prodigies of 
diligence. " Seest thou a man diligent in busi- 
ness," says the Book of books, " he shall stand 
before kings." Such honor ought surely to be 
the portion of those who year by year provide so 
abundantly for the amusement and edification of 
boys and girls. From the point of view of two 
generations of school-boys, Jules Verne is the 
king of living story-tellers. As a writer in Cham- 
bers's yournal well says, he has exploited the 
heavens and the earth for the material for his 
wonderful romances. " W. H. G. Kingston has 
also," continues the contributor to Chambers's, 
" filled a large place in the modern boys' library, 
and so has David Ker, who seems familiar with 
almost every available region of the world. 
Ascott R. Hope, clever and industrious as he 
has been, has never quite come to his own ; 
neither has Andrew Home, Reginald Horsley, 
nor D. Lawson Johnstone, author of * The Rebel 
Commodore ' and other works. Max Pember- 
ton, F. Wishaw, Bloundelle-Burton, Hugh St. 
Leger, and Frankfort Moore have all plenty of 
readers. Samuel Smiles is not a boys' writer in 
the ordinary sense ; but there is enough back- 
bone in his books to set up the present genera- 
tion in the path of perseverance and well-doing. 
All the classics have been retold and simplified. 
Rose Selfe has given us Dante's Purgatory in 
' How Dante Climbed the Mountain ' ; Mr. 
Church has retold the 'Iliad,' 'Odyssey,' and 
Greek tragedies; Plutarch, the King Arthur 
Legends, and Northern Sagas have not escaped ; 


The Boston Book Company's 

Vol. 2 No. 5 

nor Shakespeare, as witness Lamb's ' Tales ' ; 
and we have also a selection called ' Tennyson 
for the Young.' But the story is still the thing, 
and romance and modem narrative gain the ear 
both of youth and old age. Sir Walter Besant, 
for instance, finds ' The Three Musketeers ' as 
delightful now as when he sat in a corner, breath- 
less, panting, and followed all a livelong holiday 
'the fortunes of the immortal three who were 
four.' He asks of a story one thing — ' Seize 
me, and hold me with a grip of steel. Make me 
deaf and blind to all the world so long as I read 
in these enchanted pages. Carry me whither 
thou wilt. Play on me ; do with me what thou 
wilt, at thine own sweet will.' Besant also finds 
that Mark Twain's * Huckleberry Finn ' has the 
distinctive character of a good story in that it 
pleases or rather seizes every period of life, and 
appeals to all ages and every age. It has no 
motive, no moral, and no plot, and yet the boy 
of twelve reads with delight as well as the older 
reader. But we have now only left ourselves 
space for a few particulars about the more mod- 
em story-tellers for young folks." 

The writer in Chambers's touches on the works 
of Mr. Henty, Mr. G, M. Fenn, R. L. Stevenson, 
" Lewis Carroll," and Edward Lear. Mr. Henty, 
we leara, was bom in 1832, but "did not grad- 
uate at Cambridge." His alma mater is " the 
rough and tumble school of experience into which 
he plunged when engaged in the Purveyors' De- 
partment in the Crimea. Later, as special cor- 
respondent of the Standard, he saw life in many 
aspects during the Austro- Italian and Franco- 
German wars; he was in the Abyssinian and 
Ashanti expeditions, and has written books about 
both campaigns. He was also with Garibaldi in 

the Tyrol. Probably as part justification of his 
own success as a novelist, as well as in his capac- 
ity of writer for the young, he has pointed out 
that scarcely one of the prominent novelists of 
the day is a university man, and women who 
know nothing of the classics write as good fiction 
as men. His experience while editing a short- 
lived boys' paper called the Union yack has 
also led him to remark upon the lack of talent in 
composition conspicuous in the efforts of young 
people. Henty himself early excelled in compo- 
sition, and wrote his first novel at twenty. He 
considered it very bad, and it was never pub- 
lished. He began to write for young people in 
this way : he used always to have his children 
with him for an hour after dinner, and would 
then tell them stories. These stories were con- 
tinuous, and often lasted for weeks. It struck 
him one day that if his own young folks liked 
these tales, a larger public outside might also like 
them. This led him to write and then read one 
of his own stories, and when it was of the proper 
length he offered it to a publisher. It was 
promptly accepted, and Christmas would now 
hardly look like Christmas without one or two 
stories from his versatile pen." 

Mr. Fenn has in his time been schoolmaster, 
private tutor, and journalist, and is of opinion 
that a "talent for writing is inborn." Has anyone 
ever doubted the fact ? Of writers for girls 
special mention is made of Mrs. Molesworth and 
Mrs. L. T. Meade. The article is timely and 
interesting, and will be particularly relished at a 
time when the beneficent are thinking over the 
books that are presently to be bought for their 
young friends. 

Publishers' Circular, London. 


The following titles should be added to the bibliography of college verse which appeared in 

the January, 1899, number of the Bulletin : 

Stebbins, Charles Livingston. Harvard lyrics and other 
verses : being selections of the best verse written by 
Harvard undergraduates within the last ten years. Bos- 
ton, Brown, & Co., 1899. 

University of California. 

Berkeleyan Stock Company. College verses compiled by 
the Berkeleyan Stock Company, San Francisco, the Cali- 
fornia publishing company, 1882. 

University of Kansas. 

Sunflowers : poems written by various hands in the State 
University of Kansas. Lawrence, Journal Publishing 
Company, 1888. 

J. L. Harrison. 
University of Vermont. 

Talf, Russell W. Vermont verse : a collection of verse 
chiefly by the undergraduates of Vermont University, 
St. Albans, Vt., Wallace Cumming's Printing Company, 
1898 (Frontispiece). 

Brands from the burning: Prose and verse by undergradu- 
ate members of the Delta Psi fraternity of the University 
of Vermont, June, 1894. Printed for the fraternity. 
(Printed by C. H. Possons, Glens Falls, N. V.) 


Merrill, Charles Edmund, Jr. Vale verse. Now York. 
Maynard Merrill & Co., 1899. 

October, 1900 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 



An Annotated List of Books and Articles for the Study of Cromwell and his Times. 

Compiled by Mary Medlicott, of the City Library, Springfield, Mass., from bibliographies by J. H. Swann of Manchester, Eng. 

The Nottingham (Eng.) Library Bulletin, and other lists. 

Part III. 

Histories, Memoirs, Collections (Continued). 

Milton, John. Original papers illustrative of the life and 
writings of John Milton, including i6 letters of state 
written by him. . . . Ed. by W. D. Hamilton. Camden 
Soc. 75. 1859. See also Milton's "Prose Works." 
(Vol. 8, Mitford's edit.) 

For the study of the Protector's foreign policy. — Firth. 

— Original letters and papers of state, addressed to Crom- 
well. Prose Works. V. 8. 

Montereul, Jean de. The diplomatic correspondence of 
Jean de Montereul and the brothers de Bellievre, French 
ambassadors in England and Scotland, 1645-48. Edited, 
with an English translation, introduction and notes, by 
J. G. Fotheringham. Scottish Hist. Society. 1898-99. 
2 vols. 

Relates to the efforts made by France under the direction of Maza- 
rin to assist King Charles I. during the close of the Civil War. — In- 

(A) Modest vindication of Oliver Cromwell from the un- 
just accusations of Lieutenant-General Ludlow, in his 
Memoirs. 1698. Somers Tracts, Vol. 6. 416. 

Murphy, Denis. Cromwell in Ireland : a history of Crom- 
well's Irish campaign. 1883. 

He has given by far the most trustworthy account of his subject 
which is extant. . . . Strongly-coloured views no doubt interfere with the 
value of the book regarded as a source of authoritative opinion. But 
its value as a collection of facts is not much interfered with by them, 
and that value is considerable. — Sat. Rev. 

Nalson, John. An impartial collection of the great affairs 

of state, from the beginning of the Scotch rebellion . . . 

1639, to the murther of King Charles I. 1682-83. 2 


In his introduction he endeavours to convict Rushworth of tamper- 
ing with documents, and prints parallel passages to prove his asser- 
tions. His introduction is also noticeable as containing an exposition 
of the doctrine of non-resistance in its most servile form. — G. &' M. 

— A true copy of the journal of the High Court of justice 
for the tryal of King Charles I. as it was read in the 
House of Commons, 1683. 1684. 

Neal, Daniel. History of the Puritans. New edition, re- 
vised, etc., by J. Toulmin. 1793-7. 
Vol. II., Part IV., Chapters 1-3 may be consulted with profit. — 


Newcastle, Margaret, Duchess of. The life of William 

Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle Edited by C. H. Firth. 


For military affairs in Yorkshire. 

Nicholas Papers. Correspondence of Sir Edward Nicho- 
las, secretary of state [to Charles I. and Charles II.] 1641- 
1656. Edited by G. F. Warner. Camden Society, N, S. 
40, 50, 57. 1 886- 1 89 7. Another vol, yet to be issued, 

Nicoll, John. Writer to the Signet. A diary of public 
transactions and other occurrences, chiefly in Scotland, 
1650-1667. [Ed. by D. Laing.] 1836. 

Oppeaheim, M. A history of the administration of the 
royal navy and of merchant shipping in relation to the 
navy. (Vol. 1, 1509-1660.) 1896. 

Pepys, Samuel. Diary . . . with Lord Braybrooke's notes. 
Ed. by H. B. Wheatley. 8 vols. 1893-96. 

Phillips, J. R. Memoirs of the Civil War in Wales and 
the Marches. 1878. 

Illustrates Cromwell's share in th« first campaign of 1648. — yirtk. 

Prendergast, J. P. The Cromwellian settlement of Ireland. 

Describes the results of Cromwell's Irish expedition. — Firth, 
A useful book on a dismal subject. The whole of the work may be 
read with profit. — A dams. 

Prynne, William. Documents relating to the proceedings 
against him in 1634-37. Ed. by S. R. Gardiner, with a 
biographical fragment by John Bruce. Camden Soc. 
N,S. 18. 1877. 

Quarrel between the Earl of Manchester and Oliver Crom- 
well : an episode of the English Civil War. Ed. by D. 
Masson. Camden Soc. N,S. 12. 1875. 

In this volume a leading incident in the annals of oar civil war re- 
ceives for the first time adequate illustration and comment. — A cadtmy, 

Ranke, L. von. History of England principally in the 
seventeenth century. 1875. 6 vols. 

The bearings of foreign policy on the course of England during the 
sixteenth and seventeenth centuries have nowhere else been so well 
described. ... To one who is just beginning the study of English 
history, much of Ranke's work will be in a measure incomprehensible ; 
for one who has already considerable knowledge of the subject, it is per- 
haps superior to all others. It is the history for historians. — A dams. 

Rapin de Thoyras, Paul. History of England. 3d ed. 
J 743- 

Vol. 2 contains fine portraits of men of this period. 

Raymond, G. F. History of England . . . to . . . 1787- 
Good for the portraits. 

Routledge, James. Popular progress in England. 1876. 

Rushworth, John, assistant clerk of the House of Com- 
mons. Historical collections. (Vols. 3 and 4, 1640- 
48.) 1692. 4 vols. 

Dedicated to Richard Cromwell. Rushworth was vehemently de- 
nounced by royalist partisans for wilful suppression and garbling of 
documents. In the Somers Tracts [7 O ij some ol the documents 
which he failed to incorporate are supplied. — G. b* M. 

Sanford, J. L. Studies and illustrations of the Great Re- 
bellion. 1858. 

For evidence relating to Cromwell's life up to 1642. — Firth. 

It is a work condensing the results of much laborious and original 
research, ably thought out; the conclusions being, on the whole, 
favourable to the Puritan party, and especially to Cromwell and his 
policy. — G. b' M. 

Scobell, Henry. Collection of Acts and Ordinances, 1648- 
1657. 1653-57. 2 vols. 

For the study of Cromwell's legislation. 

Slingsby, Sir Henry. Original memoirs written during 
the great civil war. Ed. by Sir W. Scott. (Pt. 2. Re- 
lations of campaigns of Cromwell in Scotland, 1650.) 

Stoughton, John. Ecclesiastical history of England from 
the opening of the Long Parliament to the death of 
Cromwell. 1 867. 2 vols. 

Though unduly diffuse in style, [evinces] careful sttidjr of original 
sources and freedom from pedantry and prejudice. — Diet. Nat. Biog, 


The Boston Book G)mpany's 

Vol. 2 No. 6 

Symonds, Richard. Diary of the marches of the royal 
army during the great civil war. Edited by C. E. Long. 
Camden Society, 74. 1859. 

" He seems never, in his leisure moments, to have lost sight of his 
ruling passion, the love of topography, with its handmaids, genealogy 
and heraldry. . . As far as the incidents of the great struggle . . came 
under his observation, our author is entitled to the credit of strict ac- 
curacy." — Introduction. 

Thurloe, John, Secretary of State. Collection of state 
papers. . . . Containing authentic memorials of the Eng- 
lish affairs from 1638 to [1660]. Ed. by T. Birch. 1742. 

Consist chiefly of documents relating to Cromwell's policy, to the 
government of Ireland and Scotland, and contain also the greater part 
of the correspondence of Cromwell's foreign o£Bce. — Firth. 

Traill, H. D., editor. Social England. A record of the 
progress of the people. (Vol. 4, chap. 13. The Stuarts 
and the nation ; chap. 14. Civil War and the Common- 
wealth.) 1895. 

By varioiu writers, with a good list of authorities. 

Vaughan, Robert. History of England under the house 
of Stuart, including the Commonwealth. 1840. 2 vols. 

— Memorials of the Stuart dynasty. 1831. 2 vols. 

For some years the work was regarded as an authority on the Crom- 
wtlUao period . . . but is no longer of much importance. — Ad»mt. 

— editor. The protectorate of Oliver Cromwell, and the 
state of Europe during the early part of the reign of 
Lotiis XIV. illustrated in a series of letters . . . 1839. 

Concerst Cromwell'* relatioiu with Switzerland and the Vaudoia. 

Verney Family. Memoirs, during the Civil War and 
Commonwealth. Vols. 1-3. 1892-94. 

Throws light on the social history of the period. 

Vicars, John. Jehovah-Jirah. God in the mount, or Eng- 
land's Parliamentarie-Chronicle, . . . 1641-1643. 1644. 

Alwavs puritanical, and a fierce writer against Rome. Vicars showed 
himself from the opening of the Lone Parliament eaually fierce against 
prelacv. . . In virulent prose, mixed with doggerel verse, he chroni- 
cled the successes of his party against the cavaliers. — Diet. Nat. 

— Jehova-Jireh. God in the mount, or England's remem- 
brancer . . 1641-1642. 1642. 

— God's arke overtopping the world's waves, or the third 
part of the Parliamentary Chronicle. 1643-44. 1646. 

— The btirning-bush not consumed, or the fourth and 
last part of the Parliamentarie-Chronicle, . . . 1644-46. 

— England's worthies. Under whom all the civill and 
bloudy warres since anno 1642, to anno 1647, are re- 
lated. 1647. (repr. 181 7.) 

Walker, C. Relations and observations, historical and 
politick, upon the ParHament begun a.d. 1640. I. The 
mystery of the two Juntocs, Presbyterian and Indepen- 
dent. II. The history of Independency, etc. 1648-49. 

It is written in a rambling way, and in a vindictive Presbyterian 
spirit, full of bitterness; but it gives you an admirable idea of the 
character of the times, parties, and persons. ... It is full of curious 
anecdotes. — Bp. Warbnrton : Letttrt/rom a latt emintnt preUU*. 

Walker, Sir Edward, secretary of war to Chas. I. His- 
torical discourses upon several occasions. 1 705. 

Events of the years 1644-4$, those la Scotland in 1650, and the docu- 
menury evidence for the negodations in the Isle of Wight b«twe«n 
Charles and the Parliament in 1648. — G.&'M. 

Walker, John. An attempt towards recovering an account 
of the numbers and sufferings of the cletgy of the Church 
of England ... in the late times of the Grand Rebellion 
. . . 1714. 

Waller, Sir William. Vindication of character and con- 
duct Written by himself. 1793. 

Warbarton, Eliot B. G. Memoirs of Prince Rupert and 
the Cavaliers. 1849. 3 vols. 
The story of the Cavaliers is told in these volumes with much spirit 

— we wish we could add, with impartiality. — Athtnetum. 

Whitelocke, Sir B., Ambassador to Sweden. Journal of 
the Swedish ambassy . . . 1653-54. 1772. 2 vols. 

— Memorials of the English affairs ; or, an historical 
account of what passed from the beginning of the reign 
of King Charles I. to King Charles II., his happy 
restauration. 1732. 

One of the best accounts of the general home administration. 
Whitelocke was a man of acknowledged veracity and moderation of 
character, and his opportunities for observation in the important 
offices which he successively filled, and the fulness of his disclosures, 
render the work one of the highest authority for the period to which It 
relates. — G.b'M. 

Miscellany, including Articles in Peri- 

Anderson, F. The mask of Cromwell. English Illus- 
trated Mag. 1895, V. 14, p. 115. ^^^' 

Autographs (in facsimile) of Archbishop Laud, Pym, and 
others. In Autograph collecting. 1894, p. 193. 
Interesting as showing the signatures of these men. 

Barr, A. E. Cromwell and his court : incidents and anec- 
dotes gathered from Cromwellian newspapers and tracts. 
Harper's Mag. 1899, v. 98, p. 753. 

Bayne, Peter. Chief actors in the Puritan revolution. 
(Chap. 10, Oliver Cromwell). 1878. Also in Contem- 
porary Review. 1 873, v. 21, p. 408. 
Admirable specimens of judicious, incisive, and well-stistained criti- 
cism. A dams. 

Broadsides issued under the Commonwealth. Two special 
acts of Parliament, 1650; The Oath taken by Oliver 
Cromwell, 1653: An act for the security of the Lord 
Protector, 1656, etc. 

Carlyle, Thomas. On heroes, hero-worship and the heroic 
history. (Lecture 6. The hero as king; Cromwell, 
Napoleon). 1840. 

Thirty-five unpublished letters of Cromwell. Litnng 
Age, v. 16, pp. 214, 499. 

Charles I. Letters to Queen Henrietta Maria in 1646 
Edited by John Bruce. Camden Soc. v. 63. 1 856. 

Charles, V. E. P. Documens nouveaux sur Cromwell. 
Revue des deux mondes. 1846, n. s. v. 1 3, pp. 1 89, 65 1, 

Church, R. W. Carlyle's Cromwell. In his Occasional 
papers. 1897. 

Church, S. H. Cromwell; a tricentenary study. Atlan- 
tic Monthly. 1899, v. 83, p. 445. 

Cowley, Abraham. Discourse by way of vision concern- 
ing the government of Oliver Cromwell. In his Works. 
1568, V. 2. Also in his Essays. 1868. 

Cromwell, Oliver. Abbreviation of the arguments urged 
against the government of this nation by a king or single 
person. Harleian Miscellany. 1808, v. 8, p. 604. 

— His character illustrated by himself. Quarterly Re- 
view. 1886, V. 162, p. 414- 

Based on vol. 3 of Thurloe's " Stale Papers." A stud^ of Crom- 
well's character as tested by the secret history of the origin and sup- 
pression of the royalist rising of March, 1655. 

(To be concluded.) 

October, 1900 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 



A Bibliography. 

By George Watson Cole. 

The following list is a continuation of that 
which has already appeared in this periodical 
(vol. I, pp 52-54 ; 74-76), and like that contains 
only the titles of such articles as have passed 
under the compiler's eye. Especial effort has 
been made to render this supplementary list as 
complete as possible in articles dealing with Ber- 
muda from a scientific standpoint. In order to 
do this, references are made to several works 
which are not periodicals, most of the articles, 
however, are by authors who have also contrib- 
uted to the periodical literature of Bermuda. 

In looking over this list, the reader will doubt- 
less be struck by the frequent repetition of the 
names of John Matthew Jones, Sir John Henry 
Lefroy, and George Brown Goode. The first 
was the author of " The Naturalist in Bermuda," 
a pioneer work in its line, which has not inappro- 
priately been compared with Gilbert White's 
" Natural History of Selborne. The Bermuda con- 
tributions of this "worthy naturalist" on various 
scientific subjects, some eighteen or twenty in 
number, cover the period from 1858- 1884. Sir 
John Henry Lefroy, " sometime Governor of the 
Bermudas" (1871-77), merits the lasting grati- 
tude not only of Bermudians but of every student 
of history for the very able manner in which he 
compiled and edited the colonial records of 
those islands. His contributions to the literature 
of Bermuda cover a variety of subjects dating 
from 1872-1884. George Brown Goode's writ- 
ings upon the ichthyology of Bermuda began in 
1874 and continued to 1884. In this latter year, 
these three gentlemen were instrumental in bring- 
ing out Bulletin No. 25 of the United States 
National Museum, entitled " Contributions to the 
National History of the Bermudas." Volume 
one, only, of this work was published. With this 
work, in which their names were jointly associated, 
ended their contributions relating to those islands. 
But others have entered the field of research and 
special monographs are appearing every year in 
increasing numbers and value. 

During the spring of 1873 the "Challenger" 
Expedition visited Bermuda spending nearly a 
month in and about the islands. In the final re- 
ports of that Expedition are some eighty mono- 
graphs upon zoology, in nearly one-half of which 
may be found descriptions of the various species 
collected at or near Bermuda. References to 
these reports have been included in this list. 

The student of the colonial history of Bermuda, 
or of its trade and commerce should not forget 
to consult the " Parliamentary Papers " of Great 
Britain. They are rich in original matter on 
these subjects. Only a few references to some 
of the most important of these papers are given 
in the present list. 

The compiler requests that anyone discovering 
omissions or errors will do him the favor to 
call his attention to the same in order that a 
future edition, which is in contemplation, may be 
made as full and as free from errors as possible. 

September 21, igoo. 
SOI West 113 th St., New York. 

Aa, Pieter van der. De Aanmerkenswaardigste. . . Zee- 
en Landreizen der Portugeezen, Spanjaarden, [en] 
Engelsen, ... Leyden, 1727. folio. 

Ellis, Captain John, and others. Kort Berigt van Mr. 
Ellis, I . . . I . . . Reys | door de Straat van Magel- 
lanes | In 't Jaar 1593. | . . . | . . . | Mitsgaders | 
Engelse Reysen | na de Bermudas of Summer-Eylan- 
den. I En eerst | Hendrik May's Schip-breuk daar 
ontrent in 't Jaar 1593. | Beneffens | de Eerste Engelse 
Volk-Planting Aldaar, | Onder het beleid van Rich- 
ard Moore, A°. 161 2. | [etc.] Deel 5. [no. 11.] 
1 706. I map. 

k3L, Pieter van der. Naaukeurige Versameling der . . . 
Zee-en Land- Reysen, na Oost en West-Indien, . . . . 
Leyden, 1707. 8°. 

Ellis, Captain John, and others. Kort Berigt van Mr. 
Ellis, Reys door de Straat van Magellanes In 't Jaar 
1593. Mitsgaders Engelse Reysen na de Bermudas 
of Summer-Eylanden. [etc., as above]. Deel 21. 
[no. I.] 1706. I map. 

American geologist. A monthly journal of geology and 
allied sciences, Minneapolis. 8°. 

Fewkes, Jesse Walter. The origin of the present out- 
lines of the Bermudas. Vol. 5 (no. 2, February, 1890), 
pp. 88-100. 

Tarr, Ralph Stockman. Changes of level in the 
Bermuda Islands. Vol. 19 (no. 5, May, 1897), pp. 
293-303. 3 plates, with 5 views. 

Note.— This article was the result of "actual field work of about 
two weeks in March, 1896, during which time a large portion 
of the islands were examined." Also issued separately, with 
same pagination, and a cover title. 

American journal of science and arts. New Haven. 


Redfield, William C. Gale or Norther of the Gulf of 
Mexico in October, 1842. [with running title] Mexican 
Norther and Bermuda gale of Oct. 1842. 2d. series, 
vol. I. Poole vol. 51 (no. 2, March, 1846), p. 153- 
162. I chart. 

NoTB.— The gale here recorded passed over the Bermudas 
Oct. 9, 1842. From the chart, these islands appear to have 
been nearly in the center of its course. 


The Boston Book Company's 

Vol. 2 No. 6 

Scott, Andrew. Notes on the Bermuda Islands. 2d 
series, vol. 24. Poole vol. 74 (no. 71, September, 
»857). P- 274- 
NoTB. — Remarks on the geological formation of the Bermudas. 

GoODE, George Brown. On two Bermuda fishes, mis- 
takenly described as new; by Dr. A, Giinther. 3d se- 
ries, vol. 17. Poole \o\. 117 (no. 100, April, 1879), 
p. 340. 

NoTK. — The article here referred to appeared in the "Annals 
and magazine of natural history," vol. 3, sth series, pp. 150- 

GlOLOGY (The) of Bermuda. — Professor Wm. N. Rice. 
3d scries, voL 29. Poole vol. 129 (no. 172, April, 
1885), p. 338. 

NoTB. — A book nodce of Professor Rice's valuable monograph 
on this subject which appeared in Bulletin no. 25 of the U. S. 
National Museum, pp. 1-32. 

Verrill, Addison E. Descriptions of [imperfectly 
known and] new American Actineans, with critical 
notes on other species, i [-3]. Brief contributions 
to zoology from the Museum of Yale College, no. 58 
[-60]. 4th series, vol. 6, 7. Poole vol. 156 (no. 36, 
December, 1898), pp. 493-498; vol. 157 (no. 37, 
January, 1899), pp. 41-50; (no. 38, February, 1899), 
pp. 143-146. woodcuts. 

NoTS. — Six Bermuda species are here described of which two 
are new, while a woodcut of a seventh is given, without text. 

Verrill, Addison E. Notes on the geology of the Ber- 
mudas. 4th series, vol. 9. Poole vol. 159 (no. 53, 
May, 1900), p. 313-340. II illustrations ; i map. 

NoTB. — Also issued separately. " Mostly an abstract from a 
course of six lectures on the geoloey and natural history of the 
Bermudas (illustrated by over 200 lantern slides), delivered at 
the Lowell Institute in Boston, Nov. and Dec, iSog." — p. 
^13. A list of the principal works on the geology of Bermuda 
IS given on pp. 33(^340. 

American museam of natural history. Bulletin. New 

York. 8°. 

Bkan, Tarleton H. Notes upon fishes received at the 

New York Aquarium, with description of a new species 

of Snapper from Bermuda, Vol. 10(1898), pp. 45-50. 

NoTB. — Also issued separately, Feb. 25, 1898. Two Bermuda 

fish are here described, viz. : Neomttnsii hastingsi, new 

species, p. 45-47, and N. tynagris Linnaeus, pp. 47-48. 

American state papers. Gass I. Foreign relations. 
Washington, folio. 

Great Britain — Parliament (1812, July i). An act 
to allow British plantation sugar and coffee, imported 
into Bermuda in British ships, to be exported to the 
territories of the United States of America, in foreign 
ships or vessels ; and to permit articles, the production 
of the said United States, to be imported into the said 
island in foreign ships or vessels. Vol. 4 (1834), 
p. 411. 

Annals and magazine of natural history. London. 8°. 

Bi.ACK\vtLL, John. Notice of several species of spiders 
supposed to be new or little known to arachnologists. 
Vol. 2, 4th series (no. 12, Decemlier, 1868), pp. 403- 

NoTK. — Six Bermuda species are enumerated and descrit>e<l, two 
of which are new. 

GOnther, Albert Charles Lewis Gotthilf. Descriptions 
of new species of fishes in the British Museum. Vol. 
14, 4th series (no. 83, Noveml>er, 1874), p. 368-371 ; 
(no. 84, December, 1874), pp. 453-455- 
NoTB. — Two species, sent by J. Matthew Jones, from the 

Bermudas, are here describea -.—Fnndulus Bermudtt, p. 370- 

371 and SyHgnatkuiJoneiii, p. 455. 

Gunther, .Mbert Charles Lewis Gotthilf. Note on two 

Bermuda fishes recently described as new. Vol. 3, 

5th series (no. 17, May, 1879), p. 389-390). 

Note. — The two fishes were named by Gunther Gerresjonesii 

and Belone Jonesii. To the first of these Mr. Goode claimed 

to have previously given the name Diapterus Lt/royii. By a 

fortunate circumstance both of them had given the same name 

to the second species. Set Amer. Jour, of Sci. vol. 117, 

p. 340. 

BtTTLER, Arthur G. The Lepidoptera collected during 
the recent expedition of H. M. S. " Challenger." — Part 
IL Vol. 13, 5th series (no. 75, March, 1884), pp. 

NoTB. — "The collections from St. Thomas and Bermuda being 
from the New World, are here treated separately [pp. 183- 
188] from those of the other islands." Nine species are enu- 
merated from Bermuda. 

Appleton's journal of literature, science, and art. New 

York. 8°. 
Bermuda floating dock. Anon. Vol. 4 (no. 68, July 
16, 1870), p. 83-84. I woodcut. 

[Benjamin, Samuel Green Wheeler.] A trip to the 
Bermudas. New series, vol. 3 (no. [6] December, 
1877), pp. 519-523- 

Arber Edward, editor. An English garner. Ingatherings 
from our history and literature. Birmingham. 8°. 

S[harpe], E. BRITAINES BVSSE. ] OR | A COM- 
PVTA'riON I af well of the Charge of a Buffe or 
Her- I ring-Fifhing Ship. As alfo of the gaine and 
profit thereby. | LONDON, 1615. Vol. 3 (1880), 
p. 621 -656. 

Note. — The Hollanders called their herring vessels Busses. 
This tract was written to encourage the herring fishery and the 
construction of such vessels among the English. And for 
all the great and pitiful wafte of our Englifh Woods, yet will 
England afford I'imber & Plank enough for many BufCes ; 
but (to fpare England a while) Ireland will yeeld vs BufTes 
enough liefides many other good Shippes, if need be ; and 
Scotland will help vs, with Masts, but if we would fpare fo 
neare home, we may help our lelves out of Virginia and 
Sommer-Iflands [Bermuda]." — p. 651. Collation from the 
original volume in the British Museum. 

Archaeologia ; or. Miscellaneous tracts relating to an- 
tiquity. Published by the Society of Antiquaries of 
London. London. 4°. 
Pegge, Samuel. The question considered, whether 
England formerly produced any wine from grapes. 
Vol. 3 (1775). P- 53-66. 

NoTB.— " Mr. Gordon will tell you that aflarting of lands and 
cutting down timber occafloned barrennefs in respect of fruit 
at Bermudas, where the fall of the cedars, which formerly 
fheltered their fruit from hurtful winds is now the caufe of its 
being continually blafted ; infomuch that they have none of 
thofe fine oranges and other fruits defcribed by the poet 
[ Waller] in his Battel of the Sommer Iflands."— p. $6. 

Atlantic monthly. A magazine of literature, science, art, 
and politics. Boston awd' New York. 8°. 
[Clemens, Samuel Ijinghorne.] Some rambling notes 
of an idle excursion. [By Mark Twain.] Vol. 40 
(no. 240, October, 1877), p. 443-447 ; ("o- 241, 
November, 1877), p. 586-592; no. 242, December, 
'877), p. 718-724 ; vol 41 (no. 243, January, 1878), 
p. 12-19. 

NoTK.— Tliis lacks " The invalid's story " afterwards added to 
these notes when they appeared in book form in the author's 
" The stolen white elephant, etc.," (Bost., 1882). This article 
appeared simultaneously in the Atlantic Monthly, Belgravia, 
and the Canadian Monthly. 
Atlas geographicus ; or, a Compleat system of geography, 
(ancient and modern) for America. London. 4°. 

Bermudas, or Summer Islands. Vol. 5 (1717), pp. 684 
-687. I map. 

Note.— On page 686 among other topics treated is that of the 
libraritt of Bermuda. 

(To be continued.') 

October, 1900 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


II. The References — {^Continued). 

Compiled by Frederika Wendt^, Boston Public Library. 

Part III. 

3d Edition, 1882. 

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is by (R. L. Stevenson). 
220 Charles of Orleans. Cornhill 34:695, is by (R. L. 

231 China and Japan in 1865. Eel. rev. 122:175, 

read Ed. rev. 

232 China. Intercourse with. Quar. 4: 147, read42 : 147. 

233 China. Missions in. Protestant. (D. P. Kidder.) 

Meth. Quar. 22 : 426, omit reference. 

234 China. Trade of. Quar. 4:127. Omit reference, 
234 China. War of 1840-42. Quar, 65 : 294. Omit 

234 China. Society and manners. New Eng. 8 : 274, 

read New Eng. m. (Buckingham's) 8 : 274. 
245 Christmas symphony. (H. M, Jackson), read (H. 

H. Jackson.) 
420 Enthusiasm. So. lit. mess. 2 : 321. Omit reference. 

612 Hugo, Victor. Romances. (L, Stephen), read (R. 

L. Stevenson.) 
861 Monks. Fathers of the desert. Read, Lay monks 

in England, 
989. Pepys, Sam'l. Comhill 44: 31, is by (R. L. Steven- 
loio Pilgrims' signs in the Thames. Omit reference. 
1035 Pottery in the United States. Harp. 62 : 387, read 

1 1 12 Robsart, Amy. Lord Dudley and Queen Elizabeth. 

Liv. Age 70 : 50,569, read 70 : 50,659. 
1 160 Schopenhauer, Arthur. Views- of. Cornhill 33 : 433, 

read 430. 
1265 Suffrage, Universal. Evilsof. No. Amer. rev. 127 : I, 

read Failure, in place of " evils." 

1294 Tennyson. Dramas. Ed. rev. 145 : 383, read 198. 

1295 Tennyson. Holy Grail. Ed. rev. 131 : 502, read 258. 
1307 Thoreau, H. D. Character and opinions of. (R. L. 

Stephenson), read (R. L. Stevenson). 
1371 Villon, Fran9ois. Student, poet, and housebreaker. 

Is by (R. L. Stevenson). 
1 37 1 Villon, Francois. Temple Bar 51 : 197, is by (R. L. 

Stevenson) . 
1438 Yoshida-Torajiro. Cornhill 41 : 327, is by (R- L. 


Vol. 2, 1882-1886. 

43. Bible, Song of Solomon, Cent. 3:82, read 3: 821. 
46. Birds. Feathers. Character in. Read, Character in 

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68 Carlyle and Emerson. Atl. 51 : 320,560, Omit 320. 
79 Chinese question. Certain phases of. Overl. mo., 

n. s. 7 : 429, read 428. 
129 Echo of passion. Atl. 49 : 444, read 49 : 17,444. 
139 Emerson, R. W. Cent, 3 :873, read 872. 

163 Fort Chartres. (See Chartres, Fort.) Cross refer- 
ence, not given, should be Atl. 49 : 618. 

287 Mexico. City of. Cent. 2 :8i5, read 2 : 803. 

338 Philadelphia, Old, A ramble in. Cent, i : 665, 
read Cent. 1 : 655. 

342 Pilot boat. Cent. 23 : 1 77, read 1 : 177. 

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374 Robsart, Amye, Death of, Macmillan 53:181, 

read 131, 
392 Sculptors of early French renaissance. Read, 

Vol. 3, 1887-1891. 

45 Bird music. Oriole and thrush, (S. P, Cheney) 

Cent. 13 : 254, read 14 : 254. 

46 Bismarck, Prince Otto von. National 106 : 483, read 


46 Bismarck, Prince Otto von. Beginnings of. National 

105:347. read 18:347. 
78 China. Atrocities in. National 105:319, read 18: 

77 Children and modern literature. National 106:507 

read 18: 507. 
84 Churches. Restoration of. Same art., Liv. Age 

718, read 178. 
loi Corsica. (Bowen.) National 106, read 18. 
112 Days, Physiognomy of. Atl. 57: 52, read 57 : 59. 

145 Evolution and equality. National 105 : 371, read 18: 


146 Evolution versus specific recreations. National 106: 

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schools. National 105 : 422, read 18 : 422. 

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244 Law, Free, a scheme. National 18:125, read 18: 

266 Manitoba. Unique university of. National 106: 461, 

read 18:461. 
268 Marriage, Child, Hindu theory of. National 106: 

502, read 18: 502. 
314 Originality. Decay of. National 106: 520, read 18: 


366 Rome, New. Impressions of. National 106:472, 

read 18: 472. 

367 Rosegger, Petri Kettenfeier. National 105 : 302, read 


375 Satire, political. Twenty years of. Is misplaced 

under " Satins." 


The Boston Book G^mpany's 

Vol. 2 No. 6 

Vol. 4. 1892-1896. 

47 Birds' eggs. (J. Bunroughs.) Cent. lo: 273, read 

10: 271. 
88 Capital of United States, 1789- 1800. Life at, (H. 

L. Nelson.) Harp. 89 : 862, read 89 : 869. 
105 China and Japan. New Review 11:222, read 11 : 

448 Poetry. Feast of the gods, (J, V. Cheney.) Chaut. 

19: 167, read 19:37,167. 
520 Tennyson, Trees and flowers of. Liv, Age 23 : 

807, read Birds of, Liv. Age 213 : 807, 

Annual for 1897. 

30 Cotton belt. Life in the. (F, A. Doughty.) Lippinc, 

69 : 687, read 59 : 687. 
57 Harp. New chromatic. Music 13:724, read 13: 


48 France. Life in a French commune. (R, Donald.) 

71 : 424, read Cont. rev, 71 : 424, 
139 West Point. Pall Mall 11 : 130, read 11 : 121. 

Annual for 1898. 

13 Garden birds. Lippinc, 32 : 99, read 62 : 99, 

Annual for 1899. 

23 Christian science, (S. L. Qemens,) Cosmop. 27 : 

585 (D,), read (0.). 
91 Optimists and pessimists. Read Temp. Bar 116: 30 

(Ja). (Second line of entry is under Opie, John). 

In the list of errata, published in our July, 1900, issue, 
the following errors are noted by the Pratt Institate Li- 
brary, Brooklyn, 

243 Lasselle, Ferdinand. 19 cent, 30: 361 should appear 
in the 1 887-1 892 volume following the entry, 
Lang, Andrew. Critic 15 : 130, 
415 Spiritualism is out of alphabetical order; it should 
follow 413, 

89 Qubs for working girls. 19 cent, 35 : 73 should read 
25 : 73- 


American and English Editions. 

In November 1899 Mr. Munsey began the pub- 
lication of an English edition of Munsey's Maga- 
zine. A word regarding the differences and 
similarities of the two editions would seem of use 
that libraries may not be misled in completing 
their files. 

The English edition is printed and bound in 
New York and shipped to London. It is made 
up, according to a letter received from its pub- 
lisher," from the best in all the publications which 
Mr. Munsey is publishing [Puritan, Junior Mun- 
sey, Argosy], the best in all, that is, that is suited 
to an English audience." "The articles in the 
American Munsey not exactly suited to the Eng- 
lish public are omitted and the places filled by 
selections from the Puritan and Junior Munsey." 
We have selected at random for comparison the 
April, 1900, numbers of "1 he Munsey," New York 
and London editions. 

The covers are the same except that on one is 
" price sixpence," the other " ten cents." Both 
are vol. 23, no. i, and carry the same illustration. 
Inside we find no advertisements at all in the 
English copy. Of text the American issue has 
pages, 1-144 ; the English, pages 1-160. The 
frontispiece of the English copy occurs on page 
6 of the American number. The first article is 
from the Puritan for April, beginning there at 
page 26. 

The second English article is in the American 
Munsey at page 81, not 13. It seems to have 

been reset. The pictures are in different order 
and little changes are made to make the text in- 
telligible to the Englishmen. For example on 
page 14 we find " blue-coated policeman," where 
the article in the home edition reads simply 
" bluecoat." 

Again, whole paragraphs are omitted or written 
over, and at times illustrations are left out. In 
continued articles illustrations are used in one 
installment which originally appeared in another. 
In short, the number is quite different from its 
American namesake, yet no library would wish to 
take the English edition if it were already a sub- 
scriber to the American. 

In passing we may note that a portrait, called 
Captain Kaempff, on page 88 of the English 
edition for April, 1900, appears in the New 
York issue of May, 1895, ^s Captain Barends. 
The fact that Poole's Index includes the New 
York issue should deter even English libraries 
from subscribing to the English edition, just as 
in the case of the Strand and Pearson's Maga- 
zine our American libraries should insist on 
original editions only. 

It is much to be regretted that the same title 
and volume numbering should be kept when, in 
reaUty, two different magazines are issued. In 
this connection, it is only fair to mention the 
fact that the publishers of the English Illustrated 
Magazine have for their American edition changed 
the name to New Illustrated Magazine. 

October, 1900 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 



Compiled by the Providence (R. I.) Public Library. 
Since Jane l, 1900, the following subjects have been treated in reference lists in bulletins published by libraries. 

Adams, John. Notes on the trial of the British 
soldiers for the "Boston Massacre," 1770. 
Boston [Mass.] Public Library Monthly Bul- 
letin, Aug., 1900. 

Art Photographs, continued. New Bedford 
[Mass.] Free Public Library Monthly Bul- 
letin, June-July, 1900. 

Bayard, James Asheton. Letters. New York 
Public Library Bulletin, July, 1900. 

Biography, Contemporary, XI. Statesmen and 
Warriors. Carnegie Library [Pittsburgh, Pa.] 
Monthly Bulletin, June, 1900. 

Bryan, William J. Warren County [Monmouth, 
111.] Library Bulletin, July, 1900. 

China. Fitchburg [Mass.] Public Library Lib- 
rary Bulletin, Sept., 1900. 

Jersey City [N. J.] Free Public Library 

Library Record, Aug., 1900. 

Mechanics Institute [San Francisco, Cal.] 

Library Bulletin, July, 1900. 

— Newark [N. J.] Free Public Library Lib- 
rary News, July, 1900. 

Osterhout Free Library [Wilkes- Barr^, Pa.] 

Library News-Letter, Aug., 1900. 

— Salem [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, 
Sept., T900. 

Seattle [Wash.] Public Library Bulletin, 

Aug., 1900. 

— Somerville [Mass.] Public Library Library 
Bulletin, Sept., 1900. 

The far eastern crisis [China and Japan.] 

Croydon [Eng.] Public Libraries Reader's 
Index. July-Aug., Sept.-Oct., 1900. 

— and the Chinese. Otis Library [Norwich, 
Conn.] Bulletin. Sept., 1900. 

to Date. Warren County [Monmouth, 

111.] Library Bulletin, July, 1900. 
Civil War, Reading List on. The Boston Book 
Co.'s Bulletin of Bibliography, July, 1900. 

Cromwell, Oliver. The Boston Book Co.'s Bul- 
letin of Bibliography, July, 1900. 

French Literature. A selection of works in the 
French language. Clerkenwell [Eng.] Pub- 
lic Library Quarterly Guide for Readers, July, 

Genealogy and American Local History, Cata- 
logue of Works on. California State Library 
Quarterly Bulletin, April-June, 1900. 

Geology and Mineralogy, Books on. Manches- 
ter [N. H.] Public Library Bulletin, Sept., 

Greek Sculpture. Croydon [Eng.] Public Li- 
braries Reader's Index, Sept.-Oct., 1900. 

Insects. New Hampshire Library Commission. 
Bulletin, June, 1900. 

Jackson- Lewis Letters, Calendar of, 1806-64. 
New York Public Library Bulletin, Sept., 1900. 

Musicians, American. Fitchburg [Mass.] Pub- 
lic Library Library Bulletin, Sept., 1900. 

New York, State of, Works relating to; Pt. 2. 
New York Public Library Bulletin, June, 1900. 

Orchestia. Fitchburg [Mass.] Public Library 

Library Bulletin, Sept., 1900. 
Paris. Jersey City [N. J.] Free Public Library 

Library Record, June, 1900. 
Roosevelt's Books. Warren County [Monmouth, 

111.] Library Bulletin, July, 1900. 

Schools, Public, References from Courses of 
Study for, 1900. San Francisco [Cal.] Pub- 
lic Library Monthly Bulletin, Sept., 1900. 

Silver Question. Warren County [Monmouth, 
111.] Library Bulletin, July, 1900. 

Stories for Young People, List of Springfield 
[Mass.] Library Bulletin, July, Aug., 1900. 

Text-Books at present used in the Public Schools 
of Boston, List of. Boston [Mass.] Public 
Ij^xzxy Monthly Bulletin, Sept., 1900. 

Trusts. Warren County [Monmouth, 111.] Li- 
brary Bulletin, July, 1900. 


The Bosfton Book Company^s 

Vol. 2 No. 5 




( To be continued quarterly.^ 

N. B. — The Editor will be glad to know of any omission or corrections, since January, 1900, not 
noted, for inclusion in the next issue, and will esteem it a favor to be notified of new periodicals by any 
librarian who may receive a sample number. Reports of deaths will be gratefully received and recorded. 

I. — New Periodicals. 

Ad-Ags, the. 302 Camp St., New Orleans, mo., narrow 
8vo, illus., vol. I, no. i, June, 1900. Ji.oo per year. 

American I^wver's Quartkrlv. Cleveland, 0.,quar., 

▼ol. I, No. I, April, 1900. 
Bazaar, Exchange and Mart. 130 Broadway, New 

York, vol. I, no. i, June i, 1900. (Advertisement.) 
Bill of Fare, The. 3708 Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago, 

mo., Svo, vol I, no. i, June, 1900. |i.oo per year. 
Bonded List. 97 Cedar St., New York, quar., vol. i, no. 

I, Jan. 1900. 
Brown Alumni Monthly, The. Providence, R. I., mo., 

vol. I, no. I, June, 1900. Ji.oo per year. 
Brown Book of Boston, The. 100 Broad St., Boston, 

mo., 4to, vol. I, no. i. May, 1900. loc., $1.00. 
Bulb and Bittton. 268 Erie St., Cleveland, O., mo., 

vol. I, no. I, May, 1900. %\.oo. (Amateur Photog- 
raphy. ) 
Camera Craft. 120 Sutter St., San Francisco, mo., vol. 

I, no. I, May, 1900. I1.50. (Photography.) 
Cement and Slate. Allcntown, Pa., mo., 410, vol. i, 

no. I, July, 1900. I2.00. 
Charing Cross Magazine. 434 Strand, London, mo., 

8vo., illus., vol. I, no. i, Jan., 1900. 3d. per no. 
Children ok the United Statfjs. 548 So. 26th Ave., 

Omaha, Neb., mo., vol. i, no. i, Jan. 1900. 60c. per 

Cornhill Booklet, 2 1 Comhill, Boston, mo. , 1 6 mo, vol. 

I, no. I, July, 1900. IOC., f i.oo. (Bibelot.) 
Course of Study. Chicago Institute, 603 Marquette 

Bldg., Chicago, mo., vol. I, no. 1, July, 1900. 
Cranbrook Papers. Cran brook Society, Detroit, Mich., 

mo., 4to, illus., vol. i, no. i, June, 1900. 50c, ^^5.00. 
Credit Man, The. 97 Cedar St., New York, mo., sq. 12 

mo, vol. I, no. I, Sept. 1900. fi.oo. 
Expansionist. 258 Broadway, New York, mo., vol. 1, no. 

I, May, 1900. 25c, ^2.00. 
Flashlights. 146 Franklin St., Boston, mo., tm. 4to, vol. 

I, no. I, July, 1900. IOC, $1.00. 
Free Comrade, The. Wellesley, Mass., bi-nio., i6mo, 

vol. 1, no. I, Jan. 1900. 2Sc. per year. 
Hand in Hand. 380 Arcade, Qeveland, O., mo,, vol. i, 

no. I, Aug., 1900. 50c. per year. (Social and 

Ideal Ix»ve. 809 Carnegie Bldg., New York, mo., 4to, 

vol. I, no. I, May, 1900. loc., $1.00. 
Information. Temple Q., New York, mo., 8vo, illus., 

vol. X, no. I, July, 1900. ioc„ $1.00. 
Inland Educator and Indiana School Journal. In- 
dianapolis, 10 issues a year, Svo, illus., vol. 1, no. i, 

Aug., 1900. (Combination of two old periodicals.) 
International Socialist Review. 56 Fifth Ave.i 

Chicago, mo., sm. 8vo, vol. i, no. i, July i, 1900. loc., 

1 1. 00. 

Journal of Surgical Technology. 404 E. 14th St., 

New York, mo., Svo, illus., vol. I, no. i, July, 1900. 

IOC., $1.00. 
King's Views. 346 Broadway, New York, mo., fol., illus., 

vol. I, no. I, April, 1900. i^i.oo per year. 
Kleon. 305 Mear's Bldg., Scranton, Pa., rno., i2mo, 

illus., vol. I, no. I, Aug., 1900. loc., ^Si.oo. (Bibelot.) 
Layers' and Helpers' Journal. 636 N. Y. Ave., N.W. 

Washington, D. C, mo., vol. i, no. i, Aug. 1900. 50c. 

per year. 
Monumental Records. 76 Fifth Ave., New York, mo., 

4to, illus., vol. I, no. i, January, 1900. 25c., (2.00. 

New Hampshire Library Commission Bulletin. Con- 
cord, N. H., Svo, n.s. vol. i, no. i, March, 1900. 
New York Botanical Garden, Journal of the. 41 No. 

Queen St., Lancaster, Pa., mo., Svo, illus., vol. i, no. i, 

Jan., 1900. IOC., ;S5i.oo. 
Nursery, The. 254 W. 54th St., New York, mo., Svo, 

illus., vol. I, no. I, July, 1900. $1.00 (for mothers). 
Oil Era. 108 No. Spring St., Los Angeles, Cal., w., fol., 

vol I, no. I, February 3, 1900. $2.00 per year. 
Opal, The. 1721 Ferguson St., Cheyenne, Wyo., mo., 

Svo, vol. I, no. I, June, 1900. lOc, $1.00. 
Open Shelf. Public Library, Cleveland, O., quar.. Svo, 

n.s. vol. I, no. i, Jan. — Mar., 19CO. 
OiTiMisT, The. Boone, la., mo., 24 mo., vol. i, no. i, 

Sept. 1900. IOC, {i.oo. (Christian Review and In- 
Oracle of Nature, The. 500 Tabor Opera House Blk., 

Denver, Col., mo., Svo, vol. i, no. i, Aug., 1900. loc, 

ill 1, 00. 
Review of the Republic, The. 150 Nassau St., New 

York, mo., Svo. vol. i, No. I, June, 1900. 25c., ^3.00. 
Universal Magazine, The. London, mo., Svo, vol. i, 

no, I, Feb., 1900. 6d. per no. 
University Studies, The. University of Illinois, Cham- 
paign, 111., mo., Svo, vol. I, no. i, May, 1900. 

n. Changed or Discontinued. 
Book Notes. New York. Became the Book World, 

Sept., 1900. 
Book World, The. New York. Changed from Book 

Notes, Sept., 1900. 
Economist. New York. Became Wall Street Economist, 

Aug. 6, 1900. 
Impressions. San Francisco. Changed from Personal 

Impressions, Sept., 1900. 
Modern Culture. Akron, O. Changed from Self-Cul- 
ture Magazine, Sept., 1900. 
Old Ipswich. Ipswich, Mass. Suspended, June 14, 

Personal Impressions. San Francisco. Became Im- 

pres.sions, Sept., 1900. 
Self-Culture Magazine. Akron, O. Became Modern 

Culture, Sept., 1900, 
Wall Street Economist. New York. Changed from 

Economist, Aug. 6, 1900. 

October, 1900 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


Bargains in Periodicals. 

Until November 15 we offer the following periodicals to our library patrons at 
prices affixed. An early order will be advisable, as we have duplicates of but 
few of the items. 

Academy. Syracuse. Vol. 4, 1890 . . $1.00 

Alienist and Neurologist. Vols. 9, 10, 15, 16, 

18. Each 50 

American Academy, Annals of the. Vols. 1-12, 

1890-98, unbound 19.00 

Agriculturist. Vols. 26-48, 1867-89; 23 

vols., unbound ....... 12.00 

Almanac. 1830-61; 32 vols.; all but 2 

vols, bound; all published .... 16.00 

Almanac. 1880-85, paper; 6 vols. . . 2.00 

Amateur Photographer. Vols, i, 3, 4, 

1889, 1891, 1892; 3 vols., bound . . . 4.00 

Annual Register. New York. 8 vols., 

1825-33; a Poole set; all published . . . 12.00 

Artizan. I Series, vol. i ; II Series, 1-4, 

7-8, 12-13, 15-17. 19. 1865-75, N. Y. folio, 

13 vols.; sold as it is; slightly defective . . 5.00 
Association for Advancement of 

Science. Vols. 29-40, 12 vols., paper . . 6.00 
Biblical Repository. 30 vols., 1831-50; 

old binding; Poole set (lacking title and index of 

vol. 30) 20.00 

Florist. Vols. 4-6, 1888 90 2.00 

Garden. New York. Vols. 10-12, 1889- 

91., 3 vols. 1.50 

Historical Association, Report 1895 .75 

Historical Review. Vol. i, 1895-6 2.00 

Journal of Education (Barnard). Vols. 

I-S. 1855-58, 5 vols 6.50 

Journal of Insanity. Vols. 1-12, 1844- 

56; bound in 6 vols. ...... 10.00 

Magazine of Useful and Entertaining 

Knowledge. Boston. Vol. i, 1834-5 . . .75 
Medical Association, Transactions. Vols. 

2-3, 5-7, 9-12, mostly bound, 1849-59 . . 3.75 

Odd Fellow. New York. Vols. 1-4, cloth, 2.00 

Quarterly Review. Philadelphia. Vols. 

1-7, 1827-30 3.00 

Register. Philadelphia. Vols. 1-7, 1802-10, 7.00 

Remembrancer. Philadelphia. Vols. 1-3, 

J79S-6 5-00 

State Papers. Quarto series; odd volumes 

for filling sets. (10 or more volumes, 5i.oo 

each.) Each volume 1.50 

Year Book and National Register. Vol. 

I, 1869 7500 

Analectic Magazine. New York. Vols, i-ii, 

1813-18; II vols. 11.00 

Analyst. Des Moines, Iowa. Vols. 1-3, 1874- 

76; 3 vols, bound in 1 5.00 

Andover Review. Vols. 1-16, 1884-91; 16 

vols., unbound ....... $8.00 

Annual of Scientific Discovery. 1850-70; 

22 vols, bound in 21; cloth .... 10.00 

Appleton's Journal. New York. 26 vols., 
1869-81 ; bound, but not all sound; lacks a few 
extra cartoons ....... 30.00 

Architects' and Mechanics' Journal. 
New York. Vols. 1-3, 1859-61; 3 vols., one- 
half roan ........ 3.00 

Architectural Review and American 
Builders' Journal. Philadelphia. 1868-9; 
I vol., cloth 1.50 

Art Interchange. Vols. 15-21, 23-32, 1885-94; 

17 vols., all but 3 in binding .... 17.00 

Audubon Magazine. New York. Vol. I, 

1887-8 1.50 

Bachelor of Arts. New York. Vols. 1-4, 

1895-8; in Poole, unbound .... 5.00 

Bibliotheca Sacra. Vols. 1-27, 1844-70; 24 

vols, bound, rest unbound ..... I2.00 

Book Lover. New York. Vol. i, 1888-90, un- 
bound ........ 1. 00 

Boston Miscellany of Literature and 
Fashion. Vols. 1-2, 1842; 2 vols, in i, one-half 
sheep ........ 2.00 

Monthly Magazine. Vol. i, 1825-6, un- 
bound ........ 1. 00 

Brownson's Quarterly Review. (We wish 
to buy odd numbers and volumes, especially Janu- 
ary, 1857, and January and October, 1864.) 

Canadian Journal. Toronto. Vols. 1-3, 1852-5; 

3 vols., cloth; (vol. 3 lacks title and index) . 5.00 

Catholic World. New York. Vols. 13-21, 

1871-75 9 vols., unbound 6.00 

Chemical Society of London, Journal. Vols. 

66-74, 1896-8; 6 vols., one-half morocco . . 14.00 

Choice Literature. New York. Vols. 1-3, 

1883-4; 3 vols, in 2, cloth .... 3.00 

Christian Disciple. Boston. Vols. 1-5, 1819- 

23; in Poole, 5 vols., old binding . . .5.00 

Literature. (Wc wish to purchase Septem- 
ber, 1894, and any numbers in 1895.) 

Monthly Spectator. 10 vols., 1819-28, 

one- half sheep ; complete set, in Poole . . 8.00 

Church at Home and Abroad. Philadelphia. 

Vols. 1-9, 1887-91 ; 9 vols., unbound . . 4.00 

Churchman's Monthly Magazine. New 
Haven. I Series, 8 vols.; II Series, vols 1-2, 
1802-14; 10 vols, in 9, one-half calf (old) . . 7.00 

{Continued on page 80.) 

30 Vol. 2. No. 6 

Bargfains in Periodicals. 

Coniinued from page 79. 

Citizen, The. Philadelphia. Vols. 1-4, 1895-8; Democratic Review. New York. Vols. 1-3, 

4 vols.; all published; Poole set . . . $7.50 5-29,1837-51; 28 vols., various bindings . .$28.00 

City, The. New York. January, 1872; all published i.oo Ex Libris. Washington. Vol. i, 1896-97; all 

Connecticut Evangelical Magazine. Hart- published; unbound i 75 

ford. I Series, 7 vols; II Series, vols. 1-8, 1800- Farmer's Register. Shellbanks, Va. Vols, i, 

15; IS vols., one-half sheep .... 12.00 3, 5-8, 1833-1840; 6 vols., one-half calf; (old), 4.50 

Continental Monthly. New York. Vols. 1-4. Friend's Review. Philadelphia. Vols. 1-8. 

•862-3 •.4.00 ,8^^_ _ ^ _ ,2.50 

Cosmopolitan. New York. Vols. 1 -25, 1 886- Qalaxy. New York. (Merged in Atlantic.) Vol. 

9», unbound 27.00 1-25, 1866-78; complete Poole set, unbound . 20.00 

Critic. New York. New Series, vols. 10-22, ^iiiej*/^.iT 10 

1888^4. 13 vols., unbound . . . .12.00 Qeologica Society, Quarterly Journal. 1890-99; 

Cumberland Presbyterian Review. Vols. J ""f"^- "" ^"' 3 vols, unbound . . 20.00 

1-4, 1880-83; 4 vols., one-half morocco; (vol. Qlobe. Philadelphia. Vols. 1-7, 1889-97; 7 

4 lacks title and index.) 13.00 vols., unbound 5.50 

Danville Quarterly Review. Vols. 2-4, Green Bag. Boston. Vols, i-io, 1889-98; 

1862-4; 3 vols., unbound; in Poole . . . 5.00 cloth; and index of the lo volumes . . . 25.00 


We have constantly on hand at bargain prices sets of 


If any of your sets are worn out or incomplete, or if you need a 
duplicate set for circulation, w^rite us ; vv^e can please you on price and 



This book by W : T. Davis contains much of historic value, and is interesting as well as 
valuable. There are in it many sketches and stories of eminent lawyers. A full index of Names 
renders it especially valuable for historical and biographical reference. Public and college libraries 
should have it. 


(C: C. SOULE, President,) 

Library Departme7it: BOSTON, U.S.A. 

F: W. FAXON, Manager. 


BuUelin of 


Number 16 JANUARY, 1901 Vol.2, No. 6 















The Boston Book Company 

Charles C. Scute, Prejstdent 
Freeman Place Chapel 


What it Includes ; its Advantages to Libraries. 

It is not now expected that the ABRIDGED POOLE will be published until May r, 
1901. The price, though not yet announced, will hardly be over $10.00, and may be less 
if the advance orders justify it. Every library needs this volume. Let US book your 
order now for an early copy. 

The unexpected delay in publication will really be an advantage to libraries, since 
more time will be given for the completing of the broken files of the sets to be indexed. 
The publication will undoubtedly cause a rise in price on the sets indexed, as all are 
largely " out-of-print," and must be gotten together by long and persistent search. We 
have anticipated this demand, and laid in a good stock of the periodicals to be indexed in 
the Abridgment, and can on request make you favorable quotations upon nearly all. 
We will send you a check-list of the thirty-seven serials to be indexed if you desire us to 
estimate for you on any. 

Scope and Use. 

For the information of those who have not seen our former circulars, we say here that 
Poole's Index Abridgment covers all the subjects treated in the thirty-seven sets most com- 
monly in our smaller American libraries. It covers these sets from first publication to the end 
of 1899, and in one alphabet, in one volume. It will admirably meet the needs of small 
and growing libraries, where the prospect of having all the " Poole " periodicals is very poor. 
It will cover what they have, or can readily get; it will answer all ordinary reference ques- 

For large public, and college libraries its use will be constant on account of the ease 
of reference (one place to look instead of seven), and because the ABRIDGMENT will 
answer all ordinary demands. 

Order now, and send to us for a check-list of sets to be included in 




C. C. SOULE, President, 

J5^ Beacon Street, Boston. 



All libraries will wish to complete their files of the periodicals 
to be indexed in the Abridged Poole before prices rise. 

Below are some of the sets which are to be included. Others 
will be quoted on request. 

Arena, Boston. Vols. 1-22. 1889-99. 22 vols, unbound, $23.50. 
(This set has all the titles. No other firm can supply these.) 

Bookman, N. Y. Vols. 1-9. 1895-99. 9 vols, unbound. $10.00. 

(We supply with our sets the extra supplement if requested.) 

Chautauquan, Meadville, Pa. Vols, i to 29. 1880-99. 29 vols, unbound. 

Cosmopolitan, N. Y. Vols. 1-27. 1886-99. 27 vols, unbound. $32.00. 

(We are the only firm that supplies title pages to the entire set.) 

Education, Boston. Vols. 1-19. 1880-99. 19 volumes. 11 in cloth, 
8 unbound. All are new copies. 

(Has all the scarce portraits and title pages.) 

Qeograpliical Journal, Lond. Vols, 1-14. 1893-99. 14 vols, bound. 


(The organ and only present publication of the Royal Geographical Society.) 

National Magazine, Boston. Vols. i-io. 1894-99. 10 vols, unbound. 

(Vols. 1-4 called Bostonian, and scarce. We can offer but two sets at this price.) 
New World, Boston. 9 Vols. 189 2- 1900. All published. $22.00. 
Nineteenth Century. London Edition. Vols. 1-46. 1877-99. 46 vols. 

Unbound. ;^46.oo. 

Published at nearly ^4.00 the volume. 

For other Estimates, or portions of the above sets, write to 




NEW STOCK— 1 90 1. 

For Sale by the Boston Book Company. 

All the Year Round, London. Complete set, 76 volumes. 1859-95. Good 

sound cloth binding. 

American Anthropologist, Washington. Vols. 1-8. 1888-95. 8 vols. 
American Economic Association Publications. Vols. 1-8. 1886-93. 

8 vols. 

American Historical Review, N. Y. Vols. 1-5. 1895-1900. 5 vols. 
American Journal of Mathematics, Baltimore. Vols, i-io, and Index 

of vols. I-IO. 1878-89, II vols. 

American Journal of Psychology, Worcester. Vols. i-io. 1887-99. 

10 vols. 

Banker's Magazine, Lond. Vols. 1-65. 1844-98. 65 vols, half-calf. 

Brain, London. 1879-95. Vols. 1-18. 18 vols. 

Cosmopolis, London. 12 vols. 1896-98. All published. 

Foreign Quarterly Review, London. 37 vols. 1827-46. Bound. 

This important English set was merged in the "Westminster Review." 

Journal of the Camera Club, Lond. Vols. 1-8 1886-94. 8 vols. 
Lippincott's Magazine, Phila. Vols. 1-47. 1868-91. 47 vols. Nearly 

all well bound. 

Nature, London. Vols. 1-62. 1869-1900. 62 vols. Cloth. 
Niles' Register. 75 vols. Complete set. Bound. Extra nice condition. 
Philosophische Studien, Leipzig. 10 vols. 1883-94. Half- morocco. 
Prospective Review, Lond. 10 vols. 1845-55. Half-calf. 

Vol. 2 

Bulletin of Bibliography 

JANUARY, 1 90 1 

No. 6 

This Bulletin is published^ primarily, as a 
means of communication between the Boston 
Book Company and its customers. A constant 
endeavor will be made, however, to include in 
each issue enough original matter of sufficient 
value to induce librarians to preserve and bind 
up the numbers. Each volume will be provided 
with a title-page and an index. 

No subscription price will be put upon the jour- 
nal, and numbers will not be sold. It will be sent 
to a selected list of libraries, customers or likely to 
become customers of the Boston Book Company. 
The circulation of the Bulletin will be increased 
in proportion to the interest shown in it, and in 
the special work of the Library Department of 
the Boston Book Company. Correspondence is 
solicited, and should be addressed. 

The Boston Book Company, 

ijy^ Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 


At the threshold of a new century, we pause to 
wish all our readers happiness and prosperity. 
Thanking our many library friends for past pat- 
ronage, we promise to continue to use our best 
efforts to satisfy the most exacting, and to make 
more than ever synonymous the phrases "Boston 
Book Company" and "Collected and perfected 


The Bulletin of BiBLiocRAPHy begins the 
twentieth century with the assurance that its 
quarterly visits have been welcome and its con- 
tents useful in many libraries. Contributions of 
a bibliographical nature, suitable for its pages 
will be gratefully received. Its circulation is 
confined to libraries, its mission is primarily to 
advertise the business of the Boston Book Com- 
pany. An order now and then from its pages 
will ensure its receipt regularly, and render its 
continuance certain. 

The most important events in the bibliography 
of serials this year will be the publication of an 
Abridged Poole's Index, and an Index to theo- 
logical serial literature. Is your library prepared 
to use these books to the best advantage — that 
is, have you the sets that will be indexed by them ? 

J899: 2c PERIODE, v. J-J08 ; 3c 

(Stories which do not extend over more than one number of the 
Revue are not included.) 

Compiled by the New Haven (Conn.) Public Library. 

About, E. F. V. Le Turco. it p6r., v. 62. 

L'infame. 2e pdr., 65-66. 

Jacques Mainfroi. 2e p6r., v. 72-73. 

Etienne, histoire d'un coq en pate. 2e 

p^r., V. 77. 

Ahmed, le fellah. 2e p^r., v. 79-81. 

Achard, A. Madame Rose. 2e p^r., v. 7-8. 

Maurice de Treuil. 2e p6r., v. 5. 

Le mari de Delphine. 2e per., v. 84-85. 

Aide, H. Un po^te du grand monde. Trans. 

by Th. Bentzon. 3e pt^r., v. 46-47. 
Albane, P. Flamen. 2e p^r., v. 56. 

Souci. 2e p^r., v. 67. 

Aldrich, T. B. Prudence Palfrey. Trans, by 

Th. Bentzon. 3e p^r., v. 3-4. 
Annunzio, G. d'. Trioniphe de la mort. 3e p^r., 

v. 129-130. 
Les vierges aux rochers. 3e p^r., v. 136- 

Assolant, F. Acacia. 2e per., v. 14. 
Augustin-Thierry, G. See Thierry. 
Bazin, L. La sarcelle bleue. 3e p6r., v. 108. 

La terre qui meurt. 3e p6r., v. 150-151. 

De toute son ame. 36 per., v. 139. 

Belgiojoso, princesse C. T. de. Recits turco- 
asiatiques : 

Emina. 2e p^r., v. i. 

Un prince Kurde. 2e p^r., v. 2. 

Les deux femmes d'lsmail Bey. 2e p^r., 

v. 4. 

Un paysan Turc. 2e p6r., v. 12. 

Zobeideh. 2e p6r., v. 14. 

Rachel [histoire lombarde] . 2e p^r., v. 2 1 . 

Bentzon, Th. (Mme, Blanc). La Grande Sau- 
li^re. 3e p6r., v. 15. 

Ddsir^e Turpin. 36 p^r., v. 21. 

Un remords. 36 p^r., v. 25-27. 

L'obstacle. 36 p6r., v. 29-30. 

Georgette. 3e p^r., v. 35-36. 

Le veuvage d' Aline. 3e p^r., v. 43-44. 

Tete folle. 3e p6r., v. 57-58. 

Tony. 36 p6r., v. 64-65. 

Constance. 36 p6r., v. 104. 

Le parrain d' Annette. 36 p^r., v. 113. 


The Boston Book GDmpany's 

Vol. 2 No. 6 

Berkeley, C. de. Aventure de voyage. 3e p^r., 

V. 128. 

Instinct de coeur. 3e p^r., v. 123-124. 

Le journal de Mile de Sommers. 36 p^r., 

V. 109-110. 
Marcelle ; correspondance de jeune fille. 

3e p^r., V. 98. 

Vieille histoire. 3e p^r., v. 117. 

Bertheroy, J. Le double joug. 36 p^r., v. 140. 
Biart, L. Paysages de tropiques. 36 p6r., v. 

113, 114, 116. 
Bonni^res, R. de. Jeune avril. 3ep6r., v. 77- 


Les monach. 3e p^r., v. 65-66. 

Le petit Margeraont. 3e p^r., v. 99. 

Bosboom-Toussaint, A. L. G. Le major Frans 

(reduction par A. R^viUe). 3e p^r., v. 

Cantacuzene-Altieri, /n«r^xj^ O. Poverina. 36 

p^r., V. 37-38. 

Le mensonge de Sabine. 3e p^r., v. 40. 

Caro, P. Amour de jeune fille. 3e p6r., v. 105. 

L'idole. 36 p^r., v. 121-122. 

Pas a pas. 3e p6r., v. 144-145. 

Chabot, A. Les fiancds de Radegonde. ^e p^r.. 

V. 91-92. 

L'institutrice. 36 p^r., v. 102. 

Chenevi^re, A. Honneur de femme. 36 p^r., 

V. 116. 

Perle fausse. 36 p^r., v. 122-123. 

Cherbuliez, V. La bete. 36 p^r., v, 78-79. 

Miss Rovel, 3e p6r., v. 6-7. 

Le fianc^ de Mile. Saint-Maur. 3e pdr., 

V. 13-14- 

Samuel Brohl et Cie. 36 p6r., v. 19-20. 

L'id^e de Jean Teterol. 3e p^r., v. 27- 


Noirs et rouges. 3e p^r., v. 42-43. 

Le ferme du Choquard. 36 p^r., v. 54-55. 

Olivier Maugant. 36 p^r., v. 65-66. 

Le comte Kostia. 2e p^r., v. 39-40. 

Le prince Vitale. 2e pdr., v. 46. 

Paule M^r^. 2e p^r., v. 53-54. 

Le roman d'une honnete femme. 2e p^r,, 

V. 58-59- 

Le grand oeuvre. 2e p^r., v. 64. 

Prosper Randoce. 2e pdr., v. 70. 

L' aventure de Ladislas Bolski. 2e p^r., v. 

Le revanche de Joseph Noirel. 2e p6r., v. 


Meta Holdenis. 2e p^r., v. 103-104. 

Le roi Ap^pi, 3e p^r., v. 35. 

La vocation du Comte Ghislain. 3e p^r., 

V. 86-87. 

Apr^s fortune faite. 3e p^r., v. 130-131. 

Une gageure. 30 p^r., v. 98. 

Cherbuliez, V. Jacquine Vanessa. 3e. p^r., 

V. 144-145- 
Le secret du pr^cepteur. 36 p6r., v. 114- 

Daudet, E. Clarisse. 3e p^r., v. 24-25. 

Madame Robemier. 3e p^r., v. 31-32. 

Delard, E. Le joug. 36 p^r., v. 90. 

Les Dupourquet ; moeurs de province. 36 

p^r., V. 108-109. 
Delpit, A. Belle-Madarae. 36 p^r., v. iio-iii. 

Le fils de Coralie. 3e p6r., v. 31. 

Le mariage d'Odette. 36 p^r., v. 36-37. 

La marquise. 36 p^r., v, 51. 

Solange de Croix-Saint-Luc. 3e per., v. 


Th^r^sine. 3e p^r., v. 83-84. 

Dror, G. Autour d'une source. 2e p^r., v. 83- 

Duruy, G. Andr^e. 36 p^r., v. 62. 

Le garde du corps. 36 p^r., v. 69-70. 

Ni Dieu ni mattre ; pi^ce en 4 actes. 3e 

pdr., V. 1 00-101. 
Ebelot, E. Andr6 Cazaux I'lndien. 3e p6r., 

V. 40. 
Eggleston, E. Le pr^dicateur ambulant. 3e 

p6r., V. 5. 
Le mattre d'^cole de Flat-Creek. 2e p^r., 

V. 102. 
Erckmann-Chatrian. Les vieux de la vielle. 

3e p6r., V. 41-42. 

Le fou Yegof. 2e p6r., v. 35. . 

Histoire d'un sous-maitre. 2e p^r., v. 90. 

Fabre, F. Le roman d'un peintre. 36 p^r., 

v. 27-28. 
Fabre, F. Le roi Ramire. 3e p6r., v. 59. 
Fausse route. [Anon.] 3e p6r., v. 94-95. 
Feuillet, O. Honneur d'artiste. 3e p^r., v. 98. 
Le roman d'un jeune homme pauvre. 2e 

p6r., V. 15. 

Histoire de Sibylle. 2e p6r., v. 40-41. 

Monsieur de Camors. 2e p^r., v. 68-69. 

Un mariage dans le monde. 3e p^r., v. 1 1 . 

Les amours de Philippe. 3e p^r., v. 23. 

Le journal d'une femme. 3e p6r., v. a8. 

Histoire d'une Parisienne. 3e p6r., v. 44. 

La veuve. 3e p6r., v. 60. 

La morte. 3e p^r., v. 72-73. 

Forgues, E. Romans anglais : 

Thomey-hall. 2e p<5r., v. 3. 

Georgy Sandon. 2e p6r., v. 22. 

Une parque. 2e p6r., v. 30. 

Barberine au joug. 2e p^r., v. 61-62. 

Cousine Phyllis. 2e pdr., v. 62-63. 

Austin Elliot. 3e p6r., v. 50. 

Le rachat de Jane. 2e p^r., v. 65. 

Fausses routes. 2e p^r., v. 71. 

( To be eontitiMed.) 

January, 1901 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 



A Bibliography. 

By George 

Athenaeum (The) journal of literature, science, the fine 
arts, and the drama. London. 4° 

Voyage (The) of the " Challenger " : the Atlantic . . . 

By Sir C. Wyville Thomson. 1877, pt. 2 (no. 2614, 

December i, 1877), p. 701-703. 

NoTB. — A review of the work with the above title. "The deep- 
est hole in the Atlantic lies just north of the Virgin Islands. 
It has a depth af 3,875 fathoms [23,250 feet or 4.4 miles]. 
Whilst the Bermudas stand up as an isolated peak from the 
ocean bed, the Azores are projections from the summit of the 
meridional ridge." — p. 702. 

Atlas maritimus et commercialis; or a General view of the 
world. London, folio. 

Bermudas Islands. Vol. i (1728), p. 307-309. 1 map. 

Note. — Of this work, there are two volumes, usually bound in 
one, the second volume bearing the title: " General coasting 
pilot . . . with a sett of sea-charts . . . the greater part accord- 
ing to a new globular projection . . . The use of the projection 
justified by Dr. Halley. . . . To which are prefix'd Directions 
to mariners, by Nathaniel Cutler." 

Aungervyle Society. Reprints. Edinburgh. 8°. 

JoURDAN, Sil. A discovery of the Barmudas : otherwise 
called the He of Divels \etc\. 1610. Second series 
(Nos. 15 and 16, March and April, 1884), p. 273-284. 

Note. — Whole number 27 and 28. Separately paged at top 
(p. 1-12) with continuous paging of second series, at bottom of 
page. Pages 273-282 or i-io, appeared in the March number, 
and p. 283-284 or p. 11-12, in the April number. 

Badminton magazine of sports and pastimes. Lon- 
don. 8° 

Eldred, Charles E. Bermuda dingey racing. Vol. 6 
(no. 33, April, 1898), p. 422-427. 5 illustrations. 
Note. — The dingey is a small boat rigged with an astonishingly 
iarge amount of canvas and spars when engaged in racing. 

Bartram, John Tavenier. Catalogue of birds and shells 
found in Bermuda, now in the collection of John T. 
Bartram, Stock's Point, St. George's. [St. George's], 
Bermuda, [1875]. 16°. ii + 9 + W + 3PP- 
Note. — Mr. Bartram was an enthusiastic self-taught naturalist 
and collector. This catalogue gives 289 species of birds 
as determined by Lieut. Savile G. Reid and 149 of shells, 
the major part of the names being given by Prof. J. J. 
Rein, of Frankfort, Germany. In the Bermuda Library, 
at Hamilton, is preserved Mr. Bartram's Descriptive Cata- 
logue of Bermuda shells. It is an autograph MS. copy written 
on 28 sheets of paper (31. i x 19. 8 cm. in size^, which bears 
evidence of having been once bound in a blank book. It 
enumerates and describes 149 varieties of shells, and is closely 
and legibly written, containing about 35 lines to the page. 

Bermuda pocket almanack. Hamilton. i6°. 
Gardener's calendar (The). 1844, p. 35. 

Note. — Revised and corrected by a practical agriculturist and 
reprinted with additions yearly to date. This was the first 
issue of the Almanack. It contains 36 pp. and cover title-page. 

Table of precedency; [with] Queen's order for colonial 
uniforms. 1847, p. 40-41. 

List of Governors and Commanders-in-Chief subsequent 
to the dissolution of the Bermuda Company; 1687- 
1846. 1847, p. 46-47. 

Act [of the Imperial Parliament] to amend the laws in 
force for the encouragement of British shipbuilding 
and navigation. 26th June, 1849. 1850, p. 44-51. 

Williams, William Frith. Geological description — 
supposed source of fresh water — climate. From 
[his] History of Bermuda. 1850, p. 60-64. 

Watson Cole. 

Bermuda pocket almanack (continued.) 

[HURDis, John L.] Birds of Bermuda. 1850, p. 65-68. 
Note. — The first published list of Bermuda birds, containing 
114 species, with scientific and popular names, arranged by 
classes according to Audubon's synopsis of the birds of North 
America ; published in 1839. In addition 12 species are given 
as doubtful. Reprinted in 1851, p. 65-68, with additions, the 
list being increased to 124 species and 11 |^ven as "doubtful." 
It appeared again in 1853, p. 56-59, this Ume increased to 130 
species and eleven cmsed as ''doubtful." This latter list 
was dated at " Hamilton, November 18, 1853. 
Bermudas or Somers' Islands (The). [Collected from 

various sources.] 185 1, p. 45-52. 
Prime, Temple. List of shells and corals collected at 
Bermuda, by Temple Prince, L.L.B. {sic) of New 
York. 1852. 1853, p. 55. 

Note. — This list includes 12 species of land shells, 44 of marine 
shells, and 6 of corals. Six new species of land shells are 
named by the author : — Helix Sancta GeorgiensU ; Helix 
Somerietii ; Bulimus Sandy sit; Pupa Bermueiensis and 
Succinea Bermudensis. Two new species of marine shells 
are given : — Cerithium Bermudensis and Truncatella aurea. 

Bermudas, or Summers' Islands (The). Places, objects, 
and facts, principally worthy the notice of visitors. 
1854, p. 53-56. 

Note. — Taken from an anonymous pamphlet of the same title. 
Gives, among other information, list of 10 native birds. 

War services of military officers in Bermuda. 1861, p. 
Note. — Reprinted and continued yearly to date. 

Chief Justices of Bermuda [and] Attorney Generals, 

from 1700 to 1 86 1. 1862, p. 69. 
Bermudas. 1866, p. 69-70. 

Note. — From Colonial List ; 1865. 
Names of the different species of fishes in and around 
Bermuda. 1866, p. 73-74. 

Note. — Gives the common names, only, of 114 varieties of fish 
and of 29 shell fish. 

Electric [military] telegraph (The). 1867, p. 4i*-42.'* 
Note. — The line between St. George's and Mt. Langton was 
constructed in 1866, these two offices being opened in July of 
that year. Reprinted with additions yearly. 

Rein, J. J. Bermuda shells. 1867, p. 75-77. 
Note. — Gives scientific names of 135 species of the 156 speci- 
mens presented to the Museum in Hamilton, by Governor Ord. 
The shells were determined by Dr. J. J. Rein. 
Table of precedence [of colonial officers]. From rules 
and regulations for Her Majesty's colonial service. 
July, 1867. 1869, p. 87-88. 
Description of the Bermuda floating dock. 1872, p. 


Note. — This famous dock is 381 feet long, 124 wide, and 75 in 
depth, and has a displacement of upwards of 18,000 tons. 

Longbird Island causeway. 1872, p. 83-84. 

Note. — This causeway, finished in 1871 at an expense of ;f 28,000, 
was built to connect St. George's with the main island of Ber- 
muda. The west end was totally destroyed by the hurricane 
of Sept. 12, 1899. It is expected that it will be re-constucted 
by the end of next year. 
Hurricanes ; with nautical directions for avoiding and 
manoeuvering in them. Written ... by an experienced 
nautical gentleman. 1874, p. 55-56. 
Note. — Reprinted yearly, with few exceptions, from 1874-95. 
Depth and conformation of the Atlantic bed between 
the coast of Europe, via Teneriffe, St. Thomas, Ber- 
muda, Sandy Hook, U.S., and Halifax, N.S. 1874, 

P- 57-58. 

Note. — A summary of the observations of the " Challenger " 
Expedition. Reprinted in 1877 and 1879. 


The Boston Book G)mpan7's 

Vol. 2 No. 6 

Bermuda pocket almanack (coutinued.) 
Jones, J. Matthew. The Bermudas. 1874, p. 58- 6o. 
Note. — " Brief but interestine account of the structure of the 
islands forming the Bermudas, from his pamnhlet on the 
' Botany of Bermuda,' published in Halifax, N.S., in Octo- 
ber, 1873." This is followed by a short extract from Sir C. 
Wyville Thomson's paper in " Nature," for July 13, 1873. 

Bermuda itinerary. 1875, P- 97-'o4 » 121-124- 

Not*. — A ten days' itinerary for die tourist. Reprinted from 
1875-1878 inclusive. 

Bartram, John Tavenier. Catalogue of sea and land 
shells, found at the eastern end of Bermuda (chiefly 
in Castle Harbour), and are, with the exception of two, 
in the [author's] possession, and is the work of 30 
years. 1876, p. 113-114. 

NoTK. — One hundred and fifty species arc here enumerated. 
Reprinted in the Almanack far 1877, p. 95-96. 

Denison, Lieut H. Biids of Bermuda. 1876, p. 115- 

NoT«.— "There are supposed to be lix species of birds that visit 
Bermuda : in the accompanying list, tne names of 173 are given ; 
117 of the species named are in the collection of Mr. John T. 

Bartram, Stocks Point, St. George's." Reprinted with addi- 
tions as folloK-s : — 18^7, p. 97-101, with 175 species — 1878, p. 
loS-iii, with 181 species — 1879, p. 109-113 and 1881, p. 137- 
131, with 183 species." 

List of the quantity of lands in islands of Bermuda, dis- 
tinguished in R. Norwood's Book of survey, 1663, 
under the head of " General Lands." 1876, p. 119- 

Note. — The total amounts to 12,178 acres, about 773 of which 
are the property of the Imperial Government. According to 
the census of i&)i, s,4S2 acres were under cultivation. 

Names of the streets in the town of Hamilton. 1877, 
p. 41. 

NoTB. — The town of Hamilton was made a city by act of legisla- 
ture, passed Dec. 12, 1897. It covers 140 acres and in 1891 had 
a population of 1,854. 

GOODE, George Brown. Catalogue of the fishes of 
Bermuda [also] Additional species observed by Mr. J. 
Matthew Jones. 1877, P- 101-103. 
NoTB. — This is a reprint of the lists, arranged bv places, con- 
tained on pp, 13-15 and 75-76 of the author's catalogue, printed 
as Bulletin No. 5 of the U.S. National Museum. 

GoooE, George Brown. Catalogue of the fishes, etc., of 
Bermuda. 1878, p. 97-103. 

NoTB. — A systematic arrangement by classes, sub-classes, etc. 
Reprinted in 1879, P- 97~'"3 >"<^ again in 1881, p. 11&-12S. 
This list first appeared in the supplementary sheet to the Ber- 
muda Royal Gazerte of Mav i, 1877, columns 2-4. It was 
afterwards separately printed with the title: — "Provisional 
catalogue of the fishes of Bermuda." Stt entry below under 
the author's name. 

Bartram, John Tavenier. Sea and land shells of Ber- 
muda. 1878, p. 105-108. 

NoTB.— This list contaiiu 230 species, arran^d as follow* : — 
univalves, i-iio; bivalves, 111-183; multivalves, 184-188; 
cirrhopoda, 189-192; annelidx, 193-20^: echinidz, 204-212; 
land shells, 213-230. All these shells witn one exception were 
in the author's collection. 

HiNsoN, Dr. H. J. Catalogue of plants growing in 

Bermuda, both wild and cultivated, collected from a 

list in the Public Library, compiled by Sir John H. 

Lefroy, and other sources. 1878, p. 1 13-126. 

NoTB. — Arranged in parallel columns giving genera, species, and 

habitat; the genera being given in alphabetical oi^er. This 

list does not profess to contain all the plants growing wild in 

the islands. Reprinted with slight additioiu in 1879, p. 1 14-127 

and in 1881, p. 132-145. 

Bartram, John Tavenier. Sea and land shells of Ber- 
muda. 1879, p. 105-109. 

Note.— List increased to 269 species : — univalves, 1-152; land 
shells, 153-172 ; bivalves, «7J-2S5; cirrhopoda, 256-259; echi- 
nidz, 260-269. Reprinted In ira^i, p. 123-127. 

Bermuda, descriptive, historical and scientific. i879> 
p. 145-172- 

NoTB. 1.— Descriptive, p. i4S->67- II.— Historical, p. 167- 
171. in. — Scientific, p. 171-172. 

Bermuda pocket almanack (continued.) 
Tourist's (The) handy guide to Beimuda, specially pre- 
pared for the Bermuda Almanack, 1 88 1 . 1 88 1 , p. 49- 

Note. — Reprinted yearly, with corrections, additions, and 
changes, until 1886, when its title was changed to " Bermuda 
generally. The tourist's handy guide to Bermuda." 

Readb, Oswald A. Additions to catalogue of plants 

growing in Bermuda. 1881, p. 146-149. 

Note. — Arranged in parallel columns, giving genera and species; 

popular names, etc. ; and habitat. This list adds 167 species 

to the 560 of Dr. Hinson's Catalogue printed on p. 132-145 

of this same almanack. 

Rectors of parishes in Bermuda [1622-1881], now 
for the first time collected and published. 1881, p. 

Trinity Church restoration. 1885, p. 217-220. i 


Note. — Trinity Church, erected as a Chapel of Ease in 1855, 
was destroyed by fire, of incendiary origin, January 27, 1884. 
The work of building the present edifice was begun January 
6, 1885, and is still in progress. After many discouraging de- 
lays, the completed nave was dedicated December 21, 1894, 
having been raised to the dignity of a cathedral, by act of the 
Bermuda legislature passed in July of tliat year. 

Notes on " A journal of ye votes of Assembly; " 1696 
-1758. 1886, p. 78-94; — 1758-1764; 1887, p. 154- 


Note. — Extracts, by permission, from the " Ancient journals of 
the House of Assembly of Bermuda. From 1691-1785 " (3 
vols. 8°. Hamilton, 1890.), "now being officially printed, be- 
ing put through the press by William Hall Darrell, the effi- 
cient Clerk of the House of Assembly." 

Norwood's book of survey. 1662-3. 1886, p. 128-130. 

Note. — Gives an interesting account of the history of Bermuda's 

Doomsday book, which was reprinted by Lefroy in his 

MnnoriaU 0/ the Bertnudas, vol. 2 (Lond., 1879), p. 645- 

731 ; also separately printed, Lond., 1879, ^ PP- *°^ cover. 

Rainfall on the north side of Pagets for ten years, 1875 

to 1884 inclusive. 1886, p. 198. 

Note. — Rainfall ; 1878-1887, inclusive, 1889, p. ao8;— 1888- 
1897, inclusive, 1899, p. 290 ; — 1898, 1900, p. 280. 

Names (The) of the original aduenturers for the planta- 
con of the Somers Islands taken out of the Letters 
Patent of King James of blessed memorie. [1615.] 
1887, p. i93-»95- 
NoTB. — Reprinted from Lefroy 's Mtmorialt, vol. i, p. 99-100. 

DiuisiON (The) of the Summer Isles into Tribes, by Master 

Richard Norwood, Surueyor, 1618. 1887, p. 195-198. 

Note. — Reprinted from hchoy'i Mtmorials, vol. i,p. 140-143. 

Lefroy reprinted it from Smith's GtiuraU hitlorte ef Vir- 

ginia [etc.] (1624), p. 187-189. 

July (The) [1886] rainfall. [From the Bermuda Royal 
Gazette, August 3 and 17, 1886.] 1887, p. 200. 
Note. — "The total rain-fall was 18.62 inches, and it rained 20 

days out of the 31. The average of the 8 registers taken shows 

a fall for the month of 15.60 Inches." 

"Of the Bermudas or Summer Islands." 1888, p. 197- 

NoTB. — Reprinted from Beawes's Ltx Mercatoria and G*n' 
rrai cotHmerc* 0/ tkt uiorld. [London, 1750.] 

Onion disease in Bermuda. Report of the Board of 

Agriculture, December 23, 1887. 1888, p. 233-234. 

Extract from Bermuda Royal Gazette, December 6, 

1887, giving an accoimt of "the Jubilee gift of this 

people to their Queen." 1888, p. 235-236. 

Note. — The gift was an album of 100 photographic views of 

the islands, enclosed in a case of native cedar carved with 

floral designs emblematic of Bermuda. 

Stalagmite of carbonate of lime sawn from the floor 
of [Walsingham] cave in the Island of Bermuda. 
1889, p. 149. 

Note. — Reprinted from Proceedings of the Royal Society of 
Edinburgh, vol. 5, p. 423. 

Yachting in Bermuda; 1888. 1889, p. 165-170. 
Halifax (The) and Bermuda cable. 1891, p. 105-111. 

January, 1901 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


Bermuda pocket almanack (continued.) 
Comparative temperatures. 1891, p, 221-222. 

Note. — Gives tables of temperatures of Bermuda, Los Angeles, 
Cal., San Diego, Cal., Jacksonville, Fla., and St. Augustine, 
Fla., for the months of November-April, 1889- 1890. 

Press (The) in Bermuda. 1893, p. 158-163. 

Note. — A history of the newspaper press of the islands. The 

first newspaper "The Bermuaa Gazette," was issued, January 

17, 1784, at St. Georges. Reprinted 1894, p. 155-161 ; and 

somewhat abridged in 1899, p. 141-45. 

Trinity church, popularly styled by visitors TAe Caihe- 

dral. 1895, P- 1 15-128; also 1896, p. 116-129. 
Almanacks published in Bermuda since the introduc- 
tion of printing by Joseph Stockdale in 1784. 1899, 

p. 67-72. 
[Literature concerning Bermuda.] 1899, p. 86-88. 
Ruck, O. E., Major, R. E. Survey of Bermuda. 1899, 

p. 170-175; also 1900, p. 249-254. 

NoTK. — Survey commenced November, 1897, by the Royal 
Engineers. Ninety-eight trigonometrical stations have been es- 
tablished. " The map will be published on the scale of 6 inches 
to a mile in 6 sheets, each sheet measuring three feet by two 
feet and havingits shortest edge nmning due North and South. 
At the present rate of progress [November, 1898] the whole of 
the work should be completed by August, 1899, and the map 
will be probably ready for publication towards the end of same 
year." — p. 175. 
List of Governors, Admirals, Chief-Justices, etc., from 

1687 to date. 1899, P- 227-235. 

Note. — See also previous numbers of the almanack. Without 
attempting to give further references, it may be said that cer- 
tain matters of information, revised from year to year, have 
appeared regularly with each number of the almanack. Among 
these are Taoles of distances, by land and by water. Schedule of 
duties. Statistics of imports and exports, Lists of acts of the 
the Assembly, Statistics of population. Produce and prices. 
Revenue, Expenditures, Salaries of various officials. Signals 
employed. Officers of the civil, military and naval establish- 
ments, and various other matters of local interest. 

Savage, A. J. Survey of Bermuda. Addendum, being 
a short account of the work and progress during the 
year 1899. 1900, p. 266-268. 

Note. — "It may reasonably be assumed that, provided no unex- 
pected delay occurs, the whole of the work in connection with 
this survey will be finished by the end of March next year 
[1900], and that the map will be published not very long after- 
wards." — p. 267-268. 

Biologiska foreningens forhandlingar. Verhandlungen 
des Biologischen Vereins in Stockholm. Stockholm and 
Leipzig. 8°. 
FOKSSTRAND, Carl W, Metoder for preparering och 

konservering af hafsdjur samt nigra biologiska iaktta- 

gelser frSn Bermudas korallfauna. Band 2 (nr. 8, 

Mai, 1890), p. 108-11 1. 

Note. — "SeVmer: 1889:5,1890:1." 

Boston medical and surgical journal. Boston. 8°. 
Brainerd, John B. Letter from Bermuda. Vol. ii8 
(no. 16, April 19, 1888), p. 411-412. 

Note. — Statistics of temperature for ten years give highest <f>. 
lowest 42°. While it is no place for consumptives it is just 
the place for overworked and jaded men. 

British association for the advancement of science. 
Report of tenth meeting. London. 8°. 
Reid, Sir William. Extract from a letter, to Sir D. 
Brewster, dated August 1 7, 1 839, on the singular appear- 
ance of the sun at Bermuda, August 10, 1831, with a 
letter concerning the same by Augustus William Har- 
vey, dated Bermuda, 3rd August 1839. 
Note. — The sun's rays made white objects appear blue. This 
occurred about the time of the hurricane which passed over 
St. Vincent. Reid also records his observations of a water- 
spout three days before writing his letter. 

British colonial slavery,compared with that of pagan an- 
tiquity. London, 1830. 8°. 
Bermuda — Governor, Council, and Assembly (1827). 
The consolidated act, passed July, 1827, "To amelio- 
rate the condition of the slaves, [etc.]." p. 6i*-62*. 
Note. — Synopsis of sections 20, 26, 32, 35, 36, 38, 41, 44, 45. 

British medical journal. Ix)ndon. 4°. 

Harvey, Christopher. Endemic fevers at Bermuda. V^ol. 
2, 1890 (no. 1560, November 22, 1890), p. 1172-1173. 
Note. — From notes made at Bermuda from 1876-79. 

Brooklyn daily eagle (The). Brooklyn, folio. 

Beauties of Bermuda. A Brooklynite's trip to a land 

of sunny skies. Vol. 56 (no. 109, April 19, 1896), 

Onions of Bermuda. Vol. 56 (no. 123, May 3, 1896), 

p. 17. 1 illus. 
H EATON, John Langdon. Bermuda's batteries. Vol. 

56 (no. 137, May 17, 1896), p. 18. 
Bermuda sketches. Vol. 56 (no. 352, December 20, 

1896), p. 15. 

Note. — " The ' Mudian kindles his fire with oleander stalks, 
beats his mule with whips of coral [' sea rod» '], bails hit boat 
with a calabash split in half and cuts stone for his house with 
a common hand saw." 

Brown, Alexander. Genesis of the United States. Boston 
a«^New York, 1890, 2 vols., 8". 
SoMERS, Sir George. Somers to Salisbury. State Papers, 
Colonial, James I., vol. 1, no. 21. Indorsed: "Sir 
George Sommers to my Lord from Virginia. 15 June, 
1610." Addressed: "To the Right Honorable the 
Earle Salysbarie Lord Treasurer of England, Geve 
these." Vol. i, p. 400-402. 

Note. — 'This letter was written by Somers soon after his arrival 
in Virginia (May 10, i6io) and gives a complete account of his 
shipwreck upon the Bermudas. Mr. Neill published this letter 
in his Virginia Vetusta (Albany, 1885), p. 61-63. 

Rich, R. News from Virginia. The lost flocke trium- 
phant ; with the happy arrival of Sr Thomas Gates : 
and . . . Captaine Mr Christopher Newporte, and 
others into Virginia. With the maner of their dis- 
tresse in the Hand of Deuils (otherwise called Ber- 
moothawes) where they remayned 42 weekes and 
builded two Pynaces, in which they returned into Vir- 
ginia. 1610. Vol. 1, p. 420-426. 

Note. — A poetical tract, describing the adventures supposed to 
be referred to in Shakespeare's Tempest. Only two copies of 
the original are knovro to be extant. It has been reprinted 
several times. 

Voyage (The) of Captaine Samvel Argal, from lames 
Towne in Virginia, to feeke the He of Bermuda, and 
mifsing the fame, his putting ouer toward Sagadahoc 
and Cape Cod, and fo backe againe to lames Towne, 
begun the nineteenth of lune, 1610. Vol. i, p. 428- 
Note. — After Lefroy's Metnorials, Brown's Genesis of the 

United States is the best work to consult on the early history 

of Bermuda, or down to the year 1616. 

Bulletin of bibliography. Boston. 8°. 

Cole, George Watson. Bermuda in periodical literature. 
A bibliography. Vol. i (no. 4, January, 1898), p. 
52-54; — (no. 5, April, 1898), p. 74-76. 

Note. — Three himdred and fifty copies separately printed. 
Boston, 1898. (24°. 25 pp.) 

Cole, George Watson. Bermuda in periodical literature; 
with occasional references to other works. Series 2. 
Vol. 2 (5, October, 1900), p. 73-74 ; (6, January, 
1901), p. 87-89. 
Note. — To be continued. 

Bushell's Bermuda handbook. Hamilton. 8°. 

Small, H. B., and Bushell, John J. The Bermudas. 
Vol. 5 (1899), p. 25-97. II plates, 2 woodcuts, and 
1 map. 

Note. — "This volume is a combination, under our editing of 
the manuscript of ' In the Bermudas,' prepared by H. B. 
Small, Esq., . . . during his sojourn in these Islands through 
the winter and spring of 1897-8, and of the voluminous manu- 
script and notes prepared by us for our 1899 volume." — p. 8. 
It contains a chapter upon the philately of the island, with 
focsimiles of postage stamps, postal card headings, etc. 
( To be continued^ 


The Boston Book Company^s 

Vol. 2 No. 6 

An Annotated List of Books and Articxes for the Study of Cromwell and his Times. 

Compiled by Mary Medlicott, of the City Library, Springfield, Mass., from bibliographies by J. H. Swann, of Manchester, Eng. 

The Nottingham (Eng.) Library Bulletin, and other lists. 

Part IV. 

Miscellany, including Articles in Periodicals, 


Cromwell's Soldier's Bible; being a reprint in facsimile, 
of the " Souldier's pocket Bible," compiled by E. Calamy, 
and issued for the use of the G)mmonwealth in 1643; 
with a preface by Viscount Wolseley. 1895. 

Felton, C. C Carlyle's Letters of Cromwell. North Ameri. 
can Review. 1846, v. 62, p. 380. 

Firth, C. H. Cromwell and the expulsion of the Long 
Parliament in 1653. English Hist. Rev. v. 8, p. 526. 

— Cromwell and the House of Lords. Macmillan^s Ma^. 
1894-95, V. 71, pp. 151, 231. 

— Cromwell's views on sport. MacmillatCi Mag. 1894. 
V. 70, p. 401. 

" The real Cromwell " was by no means afraid to enjoy himself or 
averse to amusements ... all he demanded was that they should be 
kept subordinate to more important ends. C. H . F. 

Forster, John. The civil wars and Cromwell. Edinburgh 
Rez'iew. 1856, v. 103, p. i. 

Frith, C. H. Cromwell's place in history. Critic, v. 36, 
p. 309 (April, 1900). 

Gade, A. J. Oliver Cromwell. Cosmopolitan. 1899, v. 26 
pp. 565, 673. 

Galway, E. Huntingdon town; historical associations 
illustrated by pen and camera. 
Interesting souvenir of the Cromwell tri-centenary, April, 1899. 

Gardiner, S. R. Cromwell and Mazarin in 1652. Eng. 
Hist. Rev. V. n, p. 479. 

— Cromwell's constitutional aims. Contemp. Rev. v. 77, p 
133 (Jan. 1900). 

Haines, H. France and Cromwell. In Royal Historical 
Society transactions, new ser. v. 5. 
A criticism of Palgrave's Oliver Cromwell, the Protector. 

Hannigan, D. F. Cromwell and Pamell; a dialogue be- 
tween their ghosts. Westm. Rex: 1899, v. 152, p. 244. 

Harrison, F. Cromwell's work of reconstruction. lAv. 
Age. 1899, V. 223, p. 793. 

Hawthorne, N. Oliver Cromwell. In Biographical stories, 
vol. 1 2 of his Works. 

Written for children. An incident in the early days of Cromwell 
and Prince Charles, afterwards Cliarles I . 

Headley, J. T. Review of Carlyle's Cromwell. In his 
Miscellanies, 1850. 

Hamble petition presented to the Lord Protector. 1657. 
Somers Tracts. i8ll, v. 6. 

Kingsley, R. G. Cromwell at Ripley Castle; from the 
painting by Rudolph l^hmann, with a sketch of the in- 
cident portrayed. Art. J. 1893, ^' 45i P- 260. 

Lamb, S. Seasonable observations offered to the Lord 
Protector. Somers Tracts. i8li,v. 6. 

Lord, John. Oliver Cromwell; English revolution. 1599- 
1658. In his Beacon Lights, etc., v. 4. C. 1885. 

" The most difficult character in history to treat critically . . . after 
two centuries he is still a puzzle.'' An attempt to give an unbiassed 
judgment on Cromwell and his character. 

Macaulay, T. B. Conversation between Mr. Abraham 
Cowley and Mr. John Milton touching the great civil 
war. In his Essays, v. i. 

An imaginary conversation, giving the opinions of these two men 
on Charles I. and Cromwell.- 

— Hallam. In his Essays, v. i. 

A review of Hallam's Constitutional history of England, especially 
the period of Charles Land Cromwell, comparing Cromwell with 
Cxsar and Napoleon. 

— John Hampden. In his Essays, v. i. 

A review of Nugent's Memorials of Hampden and his times. 

— Milton. In his Essays, v. i. 

Critical estimate of Milton as a poet, but also a review of his politi- 
cal career. 

McDermot, G. Cromwell and liberty. Cath. World, v. 
71, p. 487 (July, 1900). 

Miller, Hugh. The Cromwell controversy. In his Essays. 

On the question of placing Cromwell's statue in the House of 

Milton, John. Letters of state to most of the sovereign 
princes, etc. ; during the administration of the Common- 
wealth. In his Works. 

— Original letters and papers of state addressed to Crom- 
well. In his Works. 

Morris, W. O'C. Cromwell as a soldier. Temple Bar, 
V. 96, p. 343. Also in Liv. Age, v. 196, p. 643. Liv. 
Age, v. 207, p. 598. 

Mozley, J. B. Carlyle's Cromwell. In his Essays, histori- 
cal and theological. 1884, v. i. 
Written from the royalist point of view. Adams. 

Ossoli, S. M. F. marchesa d\ Oliver Cromwell. In Life 
without and within. 

A criticism of Carlyle's I.etters and speeches of Cromwell, not ac- 
cepting in full, Carlyle's opinion of Cromwell. 

Palgrave, R. D. F. Henshaw's plot against the protector. 
Ath. 1898, Pt. I, pp. 470, 501, 534, 567, 724. 

Pepys, Samuel. Diary, 1660-65. With Lord Bray's notes; 
edited with additions, by H. B. Whealley. 8 v. 1893- 

Ramsay, R. W. Cromwell's daughter, Elizabeth Qaypole. 
English Hist. Rev. v. 7, p. 37. 

Rdmnsat, C. de. De Cromwell selon M. Carlyle et de M. 
Lamartine. Revue des deux mondes. 2d Ser. 1854, 
V. 5. P- '073- 

Rhodes, J. F. New estimate of Cromwell. Atlantic. 1898, 
V. 81, p. 842. 
A review of Gardiner's Cromwell's place in History. 

January, 1901 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


Rosebery, A. P. P., earl. Address at unveiling the statue 
of Cromwell. Critic, v. 36, p. 43. (January, 1900). 

Round, J. H. Cromwell and the electorate. Nineteenth 
Century. 1899, v. 46, p. 947. 

Russell, Wm. Extraordinary men and women, i860, 

V. I. 

Very brief, giving chiefly •ome of the legends connected with his 
early life. 

Seidlitz, Woldemar von, editor. Historisches Portratwerk, 
V. 2, 1600-1700. 

Portraits of men of the time ; Buckingham, Cromwell, Charles I., 
Milton, Strafford, etc. 

Smith, S. S. Cromwell; scenes from the marvelous story 
of the great regicide. Munsey's Mag, 1894, v. 11, p. 

Stead, W. T. Oliver Cromwell and the national Church of 
England. Rev. of Revs, 1899, v. 19, p. 691. 

Strong, Frank. The causes of Cromwell's West Indian 
expedition. American Hist. Rev. 1 899, v. 4, p. 228. 

Wallis, J. P. Cromwell's constitutional experiments. 
Nineteenth Century, v. 47, p. 443. (March, 1900). 

White, S. D. Oliver Cromwell. fVestminster Rev, 
1897, V. 147. P- 71- 

Wilson, J. G. Oliver Cromwell. In his Sketches of illus- 
trious soldiers. 1 880. 

A brief sketch, dealing chiefly with bis military career, and extoll- 
ing his diaracter. 

Poems on Cromwell and His Times. 

Bennett, W. C. March to Brentford of the London 
trained bands. — Marston Moor. — Rupert is out. In his 
Contributions to a ballad history of England (1879). 

Blackie, J. S. Cromwell. /« /«j Song of heroes. 1890. 

Browning, Robert. Strafford ; a tragedy. In his Works. 

Dircks, W. H , Ed, Cavalier and courtier lyrists. 

Dryden, John. Heroic stanzas to the memory of Oliver 

Emerson, R. W. Fate. 

Hugo, V. M. Cromwell. /« his Theatre, v. i. 

Lewis, G. Death of Cromwell. Temple Bar, v. 67, p. 1 3 1 . 

Lowell, J. R. A glance behind the curtain. 

Macaulay, T. B. Battle of Naseby. In his Miscellaneous 
poems. Also in Poems of Places; edited by H. W. 
Longfellow. England, v. 2. 

— Cavalier's march to London. In his Miscellaneous 

Mackay, Charles, Ed. Songs and ballads of the cavalier. 

Marvell, Andrew. First anniversary of the government 
under his highness the Lord Protector. — Iloratian ode 
upon Cromwell's return from Ireland. — In effigiem 
Oliveri Cromwell. — On the death of his late highness 
the Lord Protector. — On the victory obtained by Blake. 
In his Poems. 

Milton, John. Ad Christinam suecorum reginam nomine 
Cromwelli. — To the Lord General Cromwell; Sonnet, 
XVI. In his Poems. 

Swinburne, A. C. Cromwell's statue. Nineteenth Century. 

1895, V. 38, p. I. 
Thornbury, Walter. The Cavalier's escape (to Salisbury). 

In Longfellow's Poems of places, England, v. 3. 


Ainsworth, W. H. Boscobel; or, the royal oak. 

Tale of the year 1651 ; Prince Charles' escape after Worcester. 

— Orringdean Grange. 

A tale of the South Downs, and Charles's flight. 
Bayly, A. E. (Edna l^yvM., pseud,) To right the wrong. 

Mainly on the side of the Commonwealth. 

Barr, A. E. Friend Olivia. 

A novel of Cromwell's time, bringing in Cromwell and George Fox 
as characters. 

Caine, T. H. H. The shadow of a crime. 

A tale of the times and illustrating the life and manners. 

Charles, E. R. Draytons and Davenants. 
Pictures both sides of the struggle. 

— On both sides of the sea. 

A sequel to the Draytons and Davenants. 
Chetwode, R. D. To the death (juv.). 

Church, A. J. With the king at Oxford. 
Portrays the court and life at Oxford. 

Church, S. H. John Marmaduke; a romance of the Eng- 
lish invasion of Ireland in 1649. 

Cooke, J. E. Her majesty the queen (wife of Charles I.). 

Couch, A. T. Q. The splendid spur . . . adventures of John 
Marvel, a servant of K. Charles I. in 1642-43. 

Crake, A. D. Fairleigh Hall; a tale of Oxfordshire dur- 
ing the great rebellion. 

De Foe, D. Memoirs of a cavalier. 

— Life of Colonel Jack. 

Dix, B. M. Hugh Gwyeth. 

Cavalier side. 
Edgar, J. G. Cavaliers and roundheads (juv.). 
Fenn, G. M. The young castellan {juv.). 
Fletcher, J. S. Mistress Spitfire. 

Cavalier side. 

— When Charles I. was king. 

Tale of the times but not of the contest. 

Henty, G. A. Friends, though divided (Juv.), 
Gives a good view of the merits of both sides. 

Herbert, H. W. Cavaliers of England; or, times of the 
revolution, 1642 and 1648. 

— Oliver Cromwell; or, England's great protector. 

Hervey, M. H. Amyas Egerton, cavalier. 

England during the civil war. 
James, G. P. R. The Cavalier. 

Ends with the battle of Worcester, 1651. 

— Henry Masterton. 
Tale of 1651. 

Keddie, H. (Sarah lyiXtt, pseud.) A young Oxford maid. 

Largely Cavalier, but portrays both sides. 
Keightly, S. R. The Cavaliers. 
McChesney, D. G. Miriam Cromwell, royalist. 

— Rupert, by the grace of God. 

An unsuccessful plot to make Prince Rupert king. 
Macdonald, G. St. George and St. Michael. 

Under the Commonwealth. 
McManus, L. Silk of the kine. 

Ireland, during the occupation by Cromwell. 


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College Verse, Bibliography of; Addenda. The Boston 

Bock Co.'s Bulletin of Bibliography, Oct., 1900. 
Colonial Life. References on. VVestfield [Mass.] Athe- 
naeum Alonlhly Built tin, Dec, 1900. 
Cromwell, Oliver, Part III. The Boston Book Co.'s Bulle- 
tin of Bibliography, Oct., 1900. 
Dante, Reference List on. New Haven [Corm.] Library 

Bulletin, Dec, 1900. 
£cli(>se of May, 1900. Somerville [Mass.] Public Library 

Library Bulletin, Oct., 1900 
Education. Salem [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, Dec, 

English Administration in India, Bibliography of Books, 

Illustrating Prof. ti. Morse Stephens's Lowell Lectures on. 

Boston [Mass.] Public Library Monthly Bulletin, Dec, 

France in the Nineteenth Century. Westfield [Mass.] 

Athenaeum Monthly Bulletin, Nov., 1900. 
Halloween. Salem [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, Oct., 

Indians and the Plains, Stories of. Newark [N. J.] Public 

Library Library News, Oct., 1900. 
Jackson, Helen Hunt. Westfield [Mass.] Athenaeum 

Monthly Bulletin, Dec, 1900. 
Japan. Waltham [Mass] Public Library Bulletin, Scpi., 


Japanese Laquer, Few References to Books on. Springfield 
[Mass.] Library Bulletin, Dec, 1900. 

Knighthood and Chivalry, Stories of. Newark [N. J.] 
Public Library Library News, Oct., 1900. 

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. Salem [Mass.] Public 
Library Bulletin, Dec, 1900. 

Lowell, James Russell, Letters of, 1843-54. New York 
Public Library Bulletin, Oct., 1900. 

Lowell Lectures on the History of the English Administra- 
tion in India, Bibliography of Books Illustrating Prof. 
H. Morse Stephens's Boston. [Mass.] Public Library 
Monthly Bulletin, Dec, 1900. 

, List of Books Suggested in Connection with Dr. 

Newman Smyth's. Boston [Mass.] Public Library 
Monthly Bulletin, Dec, 1900. 

Manual Training, Value of. Somerville [Mass.] Public 
Library Library Bulletin, Nov., 1900. 

Mental Science, Palmistry, etc. Springfield [Mass.] 
Library Bulletin, Dec, 1900. 

Municipal Government. San Francisco [Cal.] Public 
Library Monthly Bulletin, Nov., 1900. 

New York, State of. Boundaries, References to Docu- 
ments, Reports, and other Papers in the New York 
Public Library relating to. New York Public Library 
Bulletin, Nov., 1900. 

Oregon. Portland [Oregon] Our Library, Nov., 1900. 

Paris Exposition. Somerville, [Mass.] Public Library 
Library Bulletin, Oct., 1900. 

1900. Westfield [Mass.] Athenaeum Monthly 

Bulletin, Dec, 1900. 

Periodicals, New, Titles of, (continued.) The Boston Book 
Co.'s Bulletin of Bibliography, Oct., 1900. 

Ruskin, John. Westfield [Mass.] Athen-tum Monthly 
Bulletin, Dec, 1900. 

Russia, List of Books on. Westfield [Mass.] Athenaeum 
Alonthly Bulletin, Oct., 1900. 

Social Science, Some works on, Westfield [Mass.] Athe- 
naeum Monthly Bulletin, Dec, 1900. 

South Africa. Salem [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, 
Nov., 1900. 

Spanish, Flemish and American Artists, Fitchburg [Mass.] 
Library Bulletin, Nov., 1900. 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. Westfield [Mass.] Athenaeum 
Monthly Bulletin, Dec, 1900. 

Thanksgiving Day. Manchester [N. H.] Library Bul- 
letin, Nov., 1900. 

Territorial Expansion of the United States. San Francisco 
[Cal.] Public Uihraxy Monthly Bulletin, Oct., 1900. 

Topics and Questions for Debate. Waltham [Mass.] 
Public Library Bulletin, Oct., 1900. 

Travel, Some Books of. Westfield [Mass.] Athenaeum 
Monthly Bulletin, Dec, 1900. 

Trusts, References of. San Francisco [Cal.] Public Li- 
brary Monthly Bulletin, Oct., 1900. 

Wagner, Wilhelm Richard. Salem [Mass.] PubUc li- 
brary Bulletin, Nov., 1900. 

Warner, Charles Dudley. Fitchburg [Mass.] Library 
Bulletin, Nov., 1900. 

Salem [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, 

Nov., 1900. 

Westfield, Mass. Westfield [Mass.] Athenaeum Monthly 
Bulletin, Dec, 1900. 

January, 1901 

Bulletin of Bibliography, 





( To be continued quarterly.) 

N. B. — The Editor will be glad to know of any omission or corrections, since January, 1900, not 
noted, for incluslbn in the next issue, and will esteem it a favor to be notified of new periodicals by 
any librarian who may receive a sample number. Reports of deaths will be gratefully received and 

I. — New Periodicals. 
After Dinner. Press Bldg., Lincoln, Neb., mo., foL, 

vol. I, no. I, Nov., 1900. 50c. per year. 
American Journal of Fashion. Meriden, Conn., mo., 

vol. I, no. I, Sept., 1900. %\.<xi per year. 
American Journal of Nursing. 624 Chestnut St., 

Phila., mo., 8vo, illus., vol. i, no. i, Oct., 1900. 20c. 

each, $2.CK> per year. 
American League Journal, The. Official organ of 

American League of New Church Young People's So- 
cieties, Chicago, 3 times yearly, sm. 8vo, vol i, no. i, 

Sept., 1900. 5c. each. 
American Pictorial Monthly, The. i Broadway, New 

York, mo., 4to, illus., vol. i, no. i, Oct., 1900. 3c., 25c. 
Automobile Topics. Park Row Bldg., New York, w., 

8vo, illus., vol. I, no. i, Oct. 20, 1900. loc. each. 
Bohemian. 13 Columbia St., Boston, mo., narrow 4to, 

illus., vol. I, no. I, Dec, 1900. 10 c, $1.00. (Bibelot.) 
Boys of the Empire. 16 Pilgrim St., London, w., also 

mo., vol. I, no. i, Oct. 24, 1900. id. 
Brace Up. Stephen Girard Bldg., Phila., mo., vol. i, 

no. I, May, 1900. 50c. per year. 
Centralblatt fur Mineralogie, Geologie und Pal^- 

ONTOLOGIE. Stuttgart, semi-mo., no. I, 1900 (probably 

May, not dated). Free to subscribers to Neues Jahrbuch 

fiir Mineralogie, Geologie und Palaeontologie. 
Children of the United States, The. 548 So. 26th 

Ave., Omaha, mo., 8vo, illus., vol. i, no. i, Jan., 1900. 

5c., 50c. 
College World. 2A Beacon St., Boston, mo., 4to, illus., 

vol. I, no. I, Nov., 1900. IOC each. 
Commercialist. Scranton, Pa., mo., vol. i, no. i, Aug., 

Culinary Topics. 14 Oliver St., Boston, mo., 8vo, illus., 

vol. I, no. I, Oct., 1900. IOC, %\.oo. 
DoGDOM. Battle Creek, Mich., mo,, 8vo, illus., vol. i, 

no. I, March, 1900. lOc, ;$i.oo. 
Editor's Friend. International Syndicate, Balto., semi- 
annual, 4to, illus., vol. I, no. i, 1900 (about Nov., no 

Entomological Student, The. Academy of Natural 

Sciences, Phila., mo., except July and Aug., sm. 4to, 

vol. I, no. I, April, 1900. 
Excelsior Magazine. Chicago, mo., sm. 8vo, vol. i» 

no. I, Oct., 1900. IOC, $1.00. 
Export-Anzeiger fur den Deutschen Buch-, Kunst- 

UND MusiKALiEN-HANDEL. Leipzig, mo. or oftener, 

4to, vol. I, no. I, Sept. 18, 1900. (Advertisements 

Farmington Magazine. Farmington, Conn., mo., 4to, 

illus., vol. I, no. I, Nov., 1900. 15c., J>i.50. 

Fashion World. 79 Fourth Ave., New York, mo., vol. i, 

no. I, Nov., 1900. JI1.20 per year. 
Florida Magazine. (See Sunny Lands.) 
Flour and Feed. Waukegan, 111., mo., 410, vol. i, no. i, 

Nov., 1900. 5c., 50c. 
F. O. G. Mandolin, Banjo, and Gottar Journal. 890 

Woodland Ave., Cleveland, bi-mo., 8vo, illus., vol. I, 

no. I, Nov.-Dec, 1900. 50c. per year. 
Free Lance, The. London, w., 4to, vol. i, no. i, Oct 6, 

1900. id. 
Good Cheer. Boston, mo., i6mo, vol. i, no. i, Nov., 

1900. IOC, $1.00. (Bibelot.) 
Humane Review, The. London, quar., 8vo, vol. i, no. i, 

April, 1900. IS., 5s. 
Imperial and Colonial Magazine and Review. Lon- 
don, mo., 8vo, illus., vol. l, no. i, Nov., 1900. is. each. 
Improvement. 212 Mears Bldg., Scranton, Pa., mo., 8vo, 

illus., vol. I, no. I, Nov., 1900. loc, t\.(x>, 
Italia, L'. 93 Belvidere St., Boston, quar., i2mo, vol. i, 

no. I, Oct., 1900. IOC, 50c. 
Justice. 823 W. Franklin St., Evansville, Ind., w., 4to, 

vol. I, no. I, Nov. 24, 1900. 25c per year. 
Legal Gazette, The. Huntingdon, Tenn., bi-mo., 8vo., 

vol. I, no. I, Jan.-Feb., 1900. ioc„$i.oo. 
Lincoln Medical Outlook. 121 So. 14th St., Lincoln, 

Neb., mo., 8vo, illus., vol. i, no. i, Oct., 1900. 50c. 

per year. 
Lion's Mouth, i 15 E. 6th St., Cincinnati, O., mo., i6mo, 

illus., vol. I, no. I, Nov., 1900. loc each. (Bibelot.) 

Listen. Evansville, Ind., mo., 4to, vol. 1, no. i, June, 

1900. IOC, ;?i.oo. (The Welfare of Humanity.) 
LriERARY Collector, The, 4 East 42d St., New York, 

mo., 8vo, vol. I, no. i, Oct., 1900. loc, $1.00. 
Mensajero del Hogar, El. Tampa, Fla., quar., 4to, 

illus., vol. I, no. I, Oct., 1900. 
Mental Science. 27 William St., New York, mo., i6mo, 

vol. I, no. I, Oct., 1900. ^i.oo per year. 
Monthly Review. Albemarle St., London, mo., 8vo, 

illus., vol. I, no. I, Oct., 1900. 2s. 6d., £,\. los. 
Motor World. 154 Nassau St., New York, w., 4to, 

illus., vol. I, no. I, Oct. 4, 1900. loc, $2.00. 
Muse, The. 857 Broadway, Oakland, Cal., quar., 8vo, 

illus., vol. I, no. I, Summer (June), 1900. lOc, 40c. 

Music Review. 220 Wabash Ave., Chicago, mo., 8vo, 

n. s. vol. I, no. i, Nov., 1900. 8c., 50c. 
Newfoundland Magazine, St. John's, JiTfld., mo., 8vo, 

illus., vol. I, no. I, July, 1900. 20c,, J2.00. 
New Irish Jurist, The. Dublin, w., fol., vol. i, no. i, 

Nov. 15, 1900. 6d., ;^i.5s. 


The Boston Book Gjmpany's 

Vol. 2 No. 6 

New Northwest, The. Colman Bldg., Seattle, f ol., illus., 

vol. I, no. I, Aug., 1900. 
Ne\v York Latin Leaflet, The. Eastern District High 

School, Brooklyn, N. Y., 4to, vol. i, no. i, Oct i, 1900. 

25c. per year, 25 issues. 
Noon. Evanston, 111., mo., 24 mo, vol. i, no. i, Oct., 

1900. IOC, tt.oo. (Bibelot.) 
Noon Hour. Chicago, mo., vol. i, No. i. Nov., 1900. 
North Land. Dnluth, Minn., mo., 4to, vol. i, no. i, 

Oct, 1900. (Children's Magazine.) 
OcxruLT AND Biological Journal, The. Applegate, 

Cal., mo., 8vo, vol. i, no. i, Sept., 1900. 15c., J 1.50. 

Onlooker, The. London, w., narrow 4to, illus., vol. i, 
no. I, Oct., 20, 1 900. 3d. 

Open Field, The. Scranton, Pa., w., 410, no. i, Sept., 
15, 1900, complete in 8 nos. 5c., 30c. the vol. 

Optimist, The. Boone, Iowa, mo., 24mo, vol. i, no. i, 
Sept, 1900. IOC., {i. 00. (Criticbm, Review and In- 
spiration.) (Correction of Oct, no.) 

Our Players Gallery. 26 W. 33d St., New York, quar. 
4to, vol. I, no. I, Oct., 1900. 25c., Jl.oo. (Illustra- 
tions only.) 

Paidology. Emporia, Kas., quar., 8vo, vol. i, no. i, July, 
1900. 35 c., 1 1. 00. (Science of the Child.) 

Patriotic Review. Boston, 410, vol. i, no. i, Sept., 
1900. 15c., ^ 1. 00. 

Pen and Scissors. Meriden, Conn., "Published occa- 
sionally," 8vo, vol. I, no. I, Sept, 1900. 

People, the Lands, and the Books, The. 922 Fulton- 
St., Brooklyn, N. Y., quar., 8vo, illus., vol. i, no. I, 
June, 1900. 2SC., $1.00. (Hebrew-Christian.) 

Piano Music Magazine. 8th and Locust Sts., Phila., 8vo, 
vol. I, no. I, Oct., 1900. IOC. each. (Music only.) 

Picture Postcard, The. 152 Fleet St., London, mo., sq. 
8vo, illus., vol. I, no., i, July, 1900. 2d., 2s. 6d. 

Power of Nature, The. 1533 Chestnut St., Phila., mo. 
8vo., vol. I, no. I, Sept, 1900. loc, $1.00. (Advance- 
ment of Osteopathy.) 

Providence Medical Journal, The. Providence, R. I., 
qnar., 8vo. vol. i, no. i, Jan., 1900. 25c., Ii.oo. 

Radiant Centre, The. 2016 O. St., Washington, D. C. 
mo., fol., vol. I, no. i, Jan., 1900. loc., |i.oo. (Philoso- 
phy, Science, Religion.) 

Railway and Mines Gazette, Denver, Col., mo., 8vo, 
vol I, no. I, Sept., 1900. 

Realization. Washington, D. C, mo., 12 mo, vol. i,no. 
I, Nov. 1900. (Progressive Philosophy.) 

Rhode Island Ornithology, Notes on. Bristol, R. I. 
quar., 8vo, vol. I, no. i, Jan., 1900. 20c., 75c. 

Rough Rider. Butte, Mont., mo., 4to, vol. i, no. i, 
Oct., 1900. 5c., 50C. 

Ro\AL Standard. Boston, quar., 8vo, voL i, no. i. 
Sept, 1900. 25c., Ji.oo. 

Schaefer's Checkerlist. New York, mo., 8vo, vol. i, 
no. I, Oct, 1900. (Checker playing.) 

Silicate News. Vesey and Church Sts., New York, 4to, 
" Published every now and then." First no., June, 1900. 
" Price, per copy, 50c. in gold, on the instalment plan." 

Stiletto, The. 223 W. 34th St, New York, mo., narrow 
8vo, vol. I, no. I, Aug., 1900. loc., f i.oo. (Bibelot.) 

Sunny Lands. St. Augustine, Fla., mo., vol. i, no. i, 
Jan., 1900. $1.00. Vol. I, no. 2, Nov., 1900, published 
as The Florida Magazine. 

Talent. 37 Caversham Road, London, mo., 8vo, illus., 
vol. I, no. I, Oct., 1900. 3d. each. (Drama, Education, 
Church Matters, Platforniism, Music Halls, Literature, 
Art, etc.) 

Tile Layers and Helpers' Journal. 636 New York 
Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C, mo., 4to, vol. i, no. i, 
Jan., 1900. 5c., 50c. (Correction of Oct. no.) 

Traveller, The. 7 Southampton -St., London, w., 4to, 
vol. I, no. I, July 21, 1900. 6d., £1 19s. 

Tribune of the People. 903 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, 
Pa., vol. I, no. I, [Aug., 1900]. loc. (A monologue.) 

Twentieth Century. Kansas City, Mo., mo., vol. i, 

no. I, Saturn 43, 2,000 (Oct, 1900). (100 years ahead 

of the time.) 
Twentieth Century Educator. 759 Power's Bldg., 

Rochester, N. Y., 8vo, vol. i, no. i, April, 1900. lOc, 

$1.00. (Correction of title in July no.). 
Typewriter. Typewriter Publishing Co., New York, vol. 

1, no. I, June, 1900. 

Union Advocate, The. 208 Pine St., Jamestown, N. Y., 

w., vol. I, no. I, April 19, 1900. 75c. 
Union Boot and Shoe Worker, The. 620 Atlantic 

Ave., Boston, m., vol. i, no. i, Jan., 1900. 5c., 50c. 
University of Toronto Monthly. Toronto, mo. (10 

nos. per year), 8vo, illus., vol. i, no. i, July, 1900. 

#1.00 per year. 
Vandal, The. Butler St., Pittsburgh, Pa., mo., sq. i6mo, 

vol. I, no. I, Mar., 1900. loc, $1.00. (Bibelot.) 

'Varsity Fortnightly, The. University of Illinois, Ur- 
bana. 111., fort , 8vo, illus,, vol. i, no. i, Nov. 26, 1900. 
loc. each. 

Woman's Physical Development. 25th St. and Broad- 
way, New York, mo., 8vo, illus., vol. i, no. i, Oct., 
1900. sc, 50c. 

World's Work, The. 34 Union Sq., New York, mo., 
sm. 4to, illus., vol. i, no. i, Nov., 1900. 25c., JS3-00. 

YoiTNG Mid- West. Academy Bldg., Iowa City, la., w., 
illus., vol. I, no. I, June, 1900. J1.50 per year. 

n. Changed or Discontinued. 

Coming Age. Chicago. Merged in Arena after Aug., 

East and West. New York. Discontinued with Oct., 

Great West. Discontinued with Oct., 1900. 
How to Grow Flowers. Became Home and Flowers 

with Nov., 1900. 
Mazama. Portland, Oregon. Became quarterly with vol. 

2, no. 1, Oct., 1900. (Vol. I, no. i, 1896; vol. I, no. 2, 

New Earth. New York. Discontinued with Sept., 1900. 
Parisian, Thf., Became Parisian Illustrated Review 

with Sept, 1900. 
Penny Magazine. New York. Became The Unique 

Monthly with Nov., 1900. 
Travelers' Official Railway Guide. Became Official 

Guide to the Railways and Steam Navigation Lines 

with June, 1900. 

January, 1901. Bulletin of Bibliography. 95 

Bargain List for January. 

Until February first we offer to our library customers the following periodicals 
at the net prices affixed. The Boston Book Co., Boston. 

The Green Bag, Boston. Vols. 1-12, and Index of Vols. i-io. 1889-1900. 

12 volumes bound in cloth. (Published at 1^48.00 unbound.) Price, newly bound, $30.00. 
(As this contains upwards of 1000 portraits, and will be indexed in the A. L. A. portrait index, 
an opportunity of securing the set should not be lost. It is now indexed in Poole.) 

European Agriculture and Rural Econ- Harvard Historical Studies, New York. 

omy, by H. Colman. 2 vols. Bost. 1846, Vols. 2-3 [1896] 2 vols. Cloth, new . . $2.50 

unbound $1.50 

Harbinger, The, devoted to social and politi- Harvard Monthly, Cambridge, vols. 3. 4. 5. 

, /r> u u »u T> 1 IT r>i. I X scarcc. Each 2.00 

calprogress,(Pub.bythe Brook Farm Phalanx) „, j, , 

vols. 1-4, 1845-47; 4 vols, half calf. . . 9.00 Vols. 11, I2, 13, 14, 17, 19, scarce. £,acn . 1.50 

Harvard Graduates' Magazine, Cambridge. Harvard Register, Vol. 3, 188 1, half morocco. i.oo 
First 4 vols, unbound 4.00 Unbound .50 

Harper's Monthly. Vols, i-ioo. 1850-1900. (Vols. 1-53 in half morocco. 

Vols. 54-75 in cloth. Vols. 76-100 unbound.) Set to date, nearly all in binding for only I65.00. 

Hazard. United States Commercial and Homlletic Review, vols. 9-1 7, 1885-89; 9 vols. 

Statistical Register, Philadelphia, 1839- unbound 4.00 

42, 6 vols, all pubUshed ... .6.00 Horticultural Register and Gardener's 

Historical Collections, and monthly literary "aSf"^' ^°''°"' ''°^'' '"^' '^^^'^^'' ^ ^°^' 2 oo 

journal. Concord, N. H. 1822-24, 3 vols., all ....*.' ' ' . " „ ^ 

published, boards 6.75 Horticulturist, Albany, etc. Vols. 1-19, 1846- 

64; 19 vols, in 18 half morocco, good sound 

Home, The, Buffalo, N. Y. 8vo, vols, i, 2, 6, binding 1400 

1856 and 1858; 3 vols., half roan . . . 1.75 Vols. 1-30, 1846-75; old binding . . . 20.00 

Hunt's Merchants Magazine, N. Y. 1839-1866. Vols. 1-55. 55 vols., 

of which 45 vols, are in binding. 1^29.00. 

(After February i price will again be ;?40.oo, the present market value.) 

Household Companion, Boston, 4to, 1882 Ladies' Home Journal, Philadelphia, 1886- 

-96, vols. 5-18, 14 vols., half morocco, titles 93, vols. 4-10, 7 vols, unbound . . . 12.00 

and indexes never published. (?) . 5.50 (Most libraries lack this early portion.) 

Illustrated flagazine of Art, New York, 4to ... rvi * xt xr 1 * 1 - 

1883-54, 4 volt, half roan . . . . 5.00 Literary Digest, New York, 4to, vols. 5-13, 9 

I .1 Ji • M 5 XT ,r , o vols, unbound 9.00 

International Magazine, New York, 1890- 

92, 5 vols., all published, unbound . 3.50 Literary and Philosophical Repository, 

A set bound 4.50 Middlebury, Vt., 1813-14, vols. 1-2; 2 vols., 

Journal of American Ethnology and Ar- cal* 4 00 

ch«ology. Boston 1891. vol. i paper 2 00 ^^^^ ^^^ Scientific Repository, and 

Journal of Physical Chemstry, Ithaca, ^iti^al review. New York, i82c^22, vols, i- 

N. Y., 1896-99, vols. 1-3 (Published |i2)un- 4; 4 vols., calf, nobby 3.75 

bound ........ 6.50 

Judge, New York, 1881-83, vols., 1-4, 4 vols. fletaphyslcal flagazine. New York, 1895- 

cloth 18.00 97, vols. 1-6, 6 vols, unbound as issued . . 5.00 

Journal of the Association of Engineering Societies, Phila. 1881-97. 

Vols. 1-18 unbound. i8 vols, partly "out of print " and quite uncommon. I39.00. 
(After February i price will be ;?5o.oo, the market value.) 



American Architect and Building News. Boston. 1876-98. Vols. 1-62. 

62 vols, unbound. Price, until February i, J 140.00 

The set is of the Regular Edition, and is guaranteed to have all but nine of the many thou- 
sand plates published with the numbers, and all but two titles and indexes. It is thus by far the 
most complete file recently offered. Many of the volumes are out of print. An unusual 
bargain, because guaranteed. 

riagazine of American History, N. Y. 1877-93. 30 vols, all published, 

unbound 1^75 -oo 

Romania, Paris. 1872-93. Vols. 1-22, and Table analytique; 1872-81. 
23 vols. Paper. A very uncommon set ....... . II195.00 


Board of Agriculture. Vols. 1-37. 1853-89. 
(Except v. 35.) 36 vols. Cloth. $20.00 

Board of Education. Vols. 1-^9. In 33 vols. 
Cloth. 1838-85 $33.00 

Board of Health. Vol. i-ii. 1870-79. 

Followed by 
Health, Lunacy and Charity. Vols. 1-7, 
and 5 Supplements. 1879-85. Board of 
Health, vols. 18-21. 1886-88. In all 27 
vols i^3o.oo 

Board of Charities. Vols. 1-15. 1865-78. 

15 vols. Cloth 1 1 0.00 

Railroad Commissioners. Vols. 1-8, 10-17. 

1869-85. 16 vols $12.50 

1869-1900. 33 vols. Cloth. $30.00 

Record Commissioners. Vols. 1-15. $8.00 

Statistics of Labor. Vols. 1-16. 1870-85. 

16 vols. Cloth $22.00 

Registration. Vols. 17, 18, 20-44. 1858, 
1861, 1862-85. 27 vols. Cloth. $12.00 


The Boston Book Company will be glad to place upon its mailing list for 
Legal Bibliography the name of any librarian interested in keeping in touch with 
law publications. 

Certain law books are necessary in the public library. Legal Bibliography 
will be sent you free as issued for the asking, and keep you posted in this 



Bulletin of 


Number 17 APRIL, 1901 Voi.2, No.7 



EDITORIAL: Abridged Poole.— University of Toronto Studies, etc. . . 101. g 













The Boston Book Company 

Charles C.Soule,PrejStdient 
Freeman Place Chapel 

98 The Boston Book G)mpany's voi. 2 no. 7 


Until May 10, we offer libraries nearly all our sets at a discount from our 
regular prices, which will make them more reasonable than similar ones from 
any other dealer. We do not ordinarily claim more than •' better service and 
goods for the same price." This time we claim better stock and lower prices. 
Write us before May 10 and we will quote you prices to prove this statement. 

Nearly 200 Americao and English Complete Sets on Hand. 

Please notice a few prices below on sets recently offered in the market at much 
higher figures. 

If you have any portion and want the completing volumes, we can give you 
information as to prices and scarcity. 

If you have a chance to buy a portion cheap, let us tell you whether the set 
can be completed, or whether it would not be advisable to await a chance to buy 
all at once. We can save you many dollars if we may have your confidence. 

Academy. London. 1869-98. Vols. 1-54. 25 vols, bound, remainder unbound. A 

very good reference set for any library ...... $65.00 

All the Year Round. 1859-1895. 76 vols., cloth. Complete set . . . 70.00 

Anthropological Institute. Journal of the. London. 1871-1897. Vols. 1-26, and 

index vol. 27 vols. ........ 115.00 

Bay State Monthly and New England Magazine. 1884-1900. The three series, 

making in all 27 volumes ........ 35.00 

Publisher asks I2.00 the volume for the portion still in print. 

April, 1901. Bulletin of Bibliography. - 99 

Canadian Hagazine. 1 893-1 900. Vols. 1-16 . . . . ' . $30.00 

The best popular monthly ever issued in Canada, and now out of print and rapidly 
rising in price. 

Cornhill Magazine. London. 1 860-1 894. Vols. 1-70. All in sound binding except 

the last 9 vols, which are unbound ....... 38.00 

Economic Journal. London. Official organ of the British Economic Association. 

1891-1899. 9 vols ......... 40.00 

Magazine of American History. Complete set. 1877-1893. 30 vols . . 65.00 

National Association for the Promotion of Social Science Transactions. Com- 
plete set of this valuable publication. 185 7-1 886. 30 vols, all published, good 
sound cloth .......... 39.00 

We have 5 sets of these transactions and the regular second-hand price has been 
^50.00 to $60.00. We wish to sell 3 sets at once at 1 3 9. 00 each. 

Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography. 187 7-1 895. vols. 1-18 25.00 

Putnam's Monthly. Complete set, 16 vols. 1853-1857, 1868-1870; all published . 10.00 

Saturday Review. London. 1856-1899. Vols. 1-88. A well-bound set (publisher's 

green cloth) of this scarce and valuable Poole Set . . . . .145.00 

Scribner's Magazine. 1887-1900. Vols. 1-26. Extra clean condition and with the 

titles and indexes, not usually in second-hand sets ..... 12.00 

Society of Antiquaries of London. Proceedings. L 1843-1859. 4 vols. IL 1859- 

1899. Vols. 1-14, Part 3. 17 vols, bound ..... 38.00 

Spencer Society. London. Vols. 1-37. 1867-1883 .... 30.00 

Studio. London. 1893-1900. Vols. 1-21 and all the extra numbers, as issued, splen- 
did condition, almost impossible to obtain now at any price .... 75.00 
This set has a full index of vols. 1-2 1 . We have seen no set offered with this included. 

Temple Bar. London. Vols. 1-118. 1860-99. ^^^ vob., including index volume 

of vols. 1-99 ......... 65.00 

Sunday Magazine. 1864-95. Vols. 1-31. 31 vols ..... 35.00 
This is one of the Poole sets seldom quoted at all. 


C. C. SOULE, President, 




BELOW are many POPULAR SETS of periodicals as recently priced by us. 
To sell these before Stocktaking, we offer them to Libraries at JO per cent, 
less than prices quoted. The only conditions are that at least $50.00 
worth shall be ordered, and that we have your order before May JO. 

May we book your advance order for POOLE'S INDEX ABRIDGED? 


Atlantic flonthly, complete set, 1857-1900. Vols. 

»-85- ^35 oo- 
Atlantic rionthly, vols. 9-25, 1862-70. 17 vols. 15.00. 
Arena, complete set, 1 889-99. Vols. 1-22. ^23.50. 
Arena, vols. i-io. {12.50. 
Arena, vols. 1-8. $11.00. 

Boolcman (N. Y.), complete set, 1895-1900. Vols. l-io. 

Bookman (N. Y.), vols. 1-8. (4 vols, bound, 4 vols, un- 
bound.) ^.00. 

Cosmopolitan, set, 18S6-98. Vols. 1-25, as issued. 


Cosmopolitan, 1892-98. Vols. 13-24. 12 vols. $4.00. 
Century, set, 1881-98. Vols. 1-34. {10.00. 
Century, vols. 1-23. {7.75. 
Century, vols. 25-34. 10 vols. I4.00. 

Ste also Scriimer's Monthly, 
Forum, complete set, 1886-1900. Vols. 1-28. {25.00. 
Forum, vols. 13-25. 13 vols. {6.75. 

Harper's flonthly, complete set, 1 850-1900. (Vols* 

I -1 00. Vols. I -7 1, leather bound; rest unbound). {65.00- 
Harper's flonthly, same, unbound; picked numbers. 

Harper's flonthly, 1872-90. Vols. 44-81. 38 vols. 

New England flag:azine, 1889-1900. n. s. vols. 1-21. 


North American Review, 1888-98. Vols. 146-166. 

21 vols. {15.00. 
North American Review, 1820-42. Vols. 11-55. 

45 vols, (about half of them bound). {20.00. 

Review of Reviews (N. Y. Edition), 1891-98. Vols. 
4-17. 14 vols. {6.00. 

Review of Reviews (N. Y. Edition), vols. 7-1 7. 1 1 
vols. {3.00. 

Note — The A merican Edition began in /8g/. 

5cribner'8 flonthly, 1870-81. Vols. 1-22 (all pub- 
lished), {ao.oo. 

Scribner's flonthly, vols. 1-8. 8 vols, bound. {10.00 


St. Nicholas, complete set, 1873-1900. Vols. 1-27. 

(i-i9in 32 vols, publisher's cloth; rest unbound.) 27 

years. {48.00. 
Riverside Magazine, 4 vols. All published. {10.00. 
Our Young Folks, 1865-73. 9 vols., all published. 

(Merged in St. Nicholas.) {10.00. 

Harper's Young People, complete set, 1879-99. Vols 
1-20, cloth. (Extra condition, with all titles and in- 
dexes.) {55.00. 

Harper's Young People, same, unbound. (As issued, 
without the titles and indexes, which are out of print 
and scarce). {35.00. 


Chautauquan, set . 
Contemporary review, set 
Critic, set .... 
Education, set . 
Educational review, set 






Fortnightly review, set ... . {140.00 
Qeographical Journal, set ... . 3500 
Littells Living Age (one half bound) set 135-00 

Nation, set 14500 

Nineteenth Century 50.00 


C C SOULE, Prcsi(knt, F. W. FAXON, Manager Library Dept. 


Bulletin of Bibliography 

Vol. 2 

APRIL, 1901 

No. 7 

This Bulletin is published, primarily, as a 
means of communication between the Boston 
Book Company and its customers. A constant 
endeavor will be made, however, to include in 
each issue enough original matter of sufficient 
value to induce librarians to preserve and bind 
up the numbers. Each volume will be provided 
with a title-page and an index. 

No subscription price will be put upon the jour- 
nal, and numbers will not be sold. It will be sent 
to a selected list of libraries, customers or likely to 
become customers of the Boston Book Company. 
The circulation of the Bulletin will be increased 
in proportion to the interest shown in it, and in 
the special work of the Library Department of 
the Boston Book Company. Correspondence is 
solicited, and should be addressed. 

The Boston Book Company, 

15% Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 






There are four matters of importance to bring 
to the attention of our readers at this time. 

First. The Abridged Poole's Index will be 
issued soon, and before we send out another 
number of the Bulletin of Bibuography. Li- 
brarians should see that we have their orders for 
this volume at once. Gaps in the sets indexed 
should be filled now, for prices will go up when 
the volume is issued, as the demand will be much 
increased. See opposite page. 

Second. This is our annual " stock-taking 
time," and we desire to reduce stock as much as 
possible. To do this we each year make prac- 
tically cost prices on many sets. See advertising 
pages in this number for a selection of many such 

Third. The Boston Book Company has be- 
come United States agent for the University of 
Toronto Studies, and henceforth all United States 
orders for these should be sent to 1 5 ^ Beacon 
Street, Boston. See back cover of this number 
for present list. 

Fourth. The " History of the Judiciary of 
Massachusetts " is a historical reference book that 
all public library's will find of value. An extended 
notice will be found on page 112. 


A Bibliography. 

By George Watson Cole. 

Cambridge tribune. Cambridge, Mass. folio. 

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(no. 43, January 20, 1894), p. 8, col. 4. 

Note. — A winter trip to Bermuda and first impressions of 
these islands. 

Canadian magazine. Toronto. 8°. 
Nicholson, Byron. The charms of Bermuda. Vol.13 
(no. 6, October, 1899), p. 543-548. 7 illustrations. 

Canadian monthly and national review (The). Tor- 
onto. 8°. 
[Clemens, Samuel Langhome.] Some rambling notes 
of an idle excursion. Vol. 12 (no. 4-6, October, No- 
vember and December, 1877), p. 351-355,446-451, 
559-564; — vol. 13 (no. I, January, 1878), p. 74-79. 
.S"** also " Atlantic Monthly " and " Belgravia" 

Canadian naturalist and geologist. Montreal. 8°. 
Kemp, Alexander F. Notes on the Bermudas and their 
natural history, with special reference to their marine 
algcB. Vol. 2 (no, 2, May, 1857), p. 145-156. 
NoTB. — Some seventy species of algae are here given. 

Cassell's snnshine series. New York. 12°. 

Floyd, Isobel (Henderson). Stolen America [a novel]. 
No. 47. [iii] + 242 p. and cover title. 4 plates. 
Note. — " ' Stolen America ' is the island of Bermuda, which 

the author describes with artistic pen, . . . Any one contem- 

Elating a visit to Bermuda will find this a rare 
eauties." — Annual American Catalogue, 1890. 

Catholic world. New York. 8°. 
Bermuda. Anon. Vol. 68 (no. 408, March, 1899), 
p. 806-818. 16 illus. (10 of Bermuda), i map. 

Challenger expedition. Report on the scientific results 
of the voyage of H. M. S. Challenger during the years 
1873-76. Narrative. London, royal 4°. 
Note. — The following references relate to Bermuda : 
Vol. I, pt. I. Sighted Bermuda, April 3, 1873, p. 136 ; left Ber- 
muda, April 21, 1873, p. 153 ; Bermuda, second visit, May 31 
to June 13, 1873, p. 160-167. 
Vol. I, pt. 2. Table showing positions and soundings near 
Bermuda, p. 1008-1009 ; Chronometers, p. 1020-102 1 ; Meridian 
distances, p. 1024-1025 ; Position of clock tower. Dock Yard, 
Bermuda, p. 1026. 
Vol. 2. Abstract of magnetical observations at Bermuda ; giving 
dates, geographical position (lat. and long, of fifteen different 
points), declination, variation of compass, inclination or dip, 
total force, and remarks, p. 25 ; Magnetical observations made - 
at seven land stations, p. 46 : Abstract of same, p. s^59> 7^1 
114-115,296. Meteorological observations, Friday, April 4-21, 
1873 and May 31 to June 13, 1873, P- 365-369. 

Challenger expedition. Report on the scientific results 
of the voyage of H. M. S. Challenger; 1873-76. 
Deep sea deposits. London, royal 4°. 
Murray John, and Renard, A. F. Nature and com- 
position of deep sea deposits. Tables, p. 46-55, 

Note. — The stations at which dredgings were made near Ber- 
muda were fifteen in number, and were as foUows : — 32, 32a, 
32b, on trip from St. Thomas to Bermuda. 32d, off Bermuda. 
33, at Bermuda inside the reef, jsa, 35b, 3SC, off Bermuda. 37, 
Bermuda to Halifax. 55, Halimx to Bermuda. 55, 56, 57a, 
57b, 58, off Bermuda. 


The Boston Book Gjmpany's 

Vol. 2 No. 7 

Challenger expedition. Report on the scientific results 
of the voyage of H. M. S. Challenger; 1873-76, 
Physics and chemistry. London, royal 4°. 

Creak, E, W. Magnetic results. 1888. R. 6 (vol. 
2)1 P- 4-5- ' plate. 
Challenger expedition. Report on the scientific results of 
the voyage of H. M. S. Challenger; 1873-76. A sum- 
mary of the scientific results. London, royal 4°. 

NoTK. — At pages 190-104 and 136-246 (pt. i) is given a record 
of the different stations at and near Bermuda, with the number 
and character of the zoological specimens obtained at each, the 
depth at which they were taken, etc. 

Challenger expedition. Report on the scientific results 
of the voyage of H. M. S. Challenger; 1873-76. 
Zoology. London, royal 4°. 
Davidson, Thomas. Brachiopoda. 1880. Pt. i (vol. i), 
p. 25, 64-65. I plate. 
Note. — Two species from Bermuda. 

Brady, G. S. Ostracoda. 1880. Pt. 3 (vol. i), p. 36-37, 

55-56, 90, 93, 126-127, 161, 174, 178. T plates. 

NoTB. — Eight species from Bermuda. 
GiJNTHER, Albert Charles Lewis Gotthilf. Shore fishes 

1880. Pt. 6 (vol. I), p. 8-1 1. I plate. 

KoTB. — Eight species from Bermuda. 
MosELEY, Henry Nottridge. Certain Hydroid, Alcyona- 

ri&n, and Madreporian corals. 1880. Pt. 7 (vol. 2), p. 

135-138, 138, 145-147, 182 (2), 184, 186-190. zplates 

and 6 illustrations. 

NoTB. — Seven species from Bermuda. 
Agassiz, Alexander. Echinoidea. 1881. Pt. 9 (vol.3), 

p. 218, 171. 

Note. — Two species from Bermuda. Six other species are at- 
tributed to the Bermudas. 

Lyman, Theo. Ophiuroidea. 1882. R. 14 (vol. 5), p. 88- 

89; 105-106, 179,190; 202,205-206; 274,276; 216, 

219; 218, 222; 245, 246; 126, 136; 179, 189; 36, 

43-44; 161-162; 170-171; 287-288. g plates. 

NoTB. — Thirteen species from Bermuda. See index for further 

references to species appearing in tables, also explanation of 

plates, p. 3J3-3<>8- 

Hertwig, Richard. Actiniaria. 1882. Pt. 15 (vol. 6). 

Note. — Four species from Bermuda. See alto "Summary of 
Results," p. 240. 

Herdmann, W. a. Tunicata. Part First. Ascidiae 

simplices. 1882. Pt. 17 (vol. 6), p. 210-211; 243-245; 

246-247, 255. 2 plates. 

Note. — Three species from Bermuda. 
Allman, G. J. Hydroida. 1883. Pt. 20 (vol. 7), p. 2. 

NoTB. — One Bermuda species, Aglaophenia ramosa. 

Brady, H. B. Foraminifera. 1884. Pt. 22 (vol. 9), p, 
209-210, 218-220, 318-319, 364-365, 367, 394-395 
395. 396-397. 518-519, 522, 539, 548-549. 686, 689, 
740-742. Various illustrations. 

NoTB. — Fourteen species from Bermuda described. See also 
" Summary of Results," p. 190-191, 195-197, 198-aoo, where 
about 260 species are enumerated. 

PoLfejAEFF, N. Calcarea. 1883. Pt. 24 (vol. 8), p.40-41, 
45-46, 53-59, 65-66. 7 plates. 

NoTB.— Nine species from Bermuda described, of which eight 
are new. 

HOEK, P. P.C. Cirripedia. [Systematic part.] 1883. Pt. 
25 (vol. 8), p. 163, 

NoTB. — One species from Bermuda: — Coronnla diaeUma, 
Linn., sp. 

Busk, George. Polyzoa. First Part. CheilostomaU. 1884. 

Pt. 30 (vol. 10), p. vi, 2, 42. 

NoTB. — Two species from Bermuda described. 
PoLfejAEFF, N. Keratosa [sponges.] 1884. Pt. 3i(vol. 

II), p. 70-71. \ plate. 

NoTB. — One species from Bermuda : — Verongia kirsiUa Q), 

Challenger expedition (continued). 

M'Intosh, William C. Annelida Polychaeta. 1885. 

Pt. 34 (vol. 12), p. XV. 

NoTB. — Twenty-one species from Bermuda described, of which 
fourteen are new. See also " Summary of results," p. 193, 
»o». 135. 242-243- 
Smith, E. A. Lamellibranchiata [bivalves.] 1885. Pt. 35 
(vol. 13), p. 8, 9. 

NoTB. — Twenty-four species from Bermuda described, of which 
ten are new. .S"** also " Summary of results," p. 194, 202, 
237. 245- 

Bars, G. O. Schizopoda. 1885. Pt. 37 (vol. 13), p. 
216-217. 1 plate. 

Note. — One new species from Bermuda described : — Herter- 
otnysis berntud*nsis. 

Herdmann, W. A. Tunicata. Second Part. Ascidix 
compositae. 1886. Pt. 38 (vol. 14), p. 50-52, 144- 
147; 265-266,351. I plates. 
Note. — Three new species from Bermuda. See also index. 

Th^el, Hjalmar. Holothurioidea. Second Part. 1885. 

R. 39 (vol. 14), p. 159, 162. 2. plates. 

Note. — Two species from Bermuda. 
Haeckel, Ernst. Radiolaria [Rhizopoda]. 1887. R. 

40 (vol. 18, First Part), p. clx. 

Note. — " Very few," from Bermuda, p. clx. 
Watson, R. B, Scaphopoda and Gasteropoda; with ap- 
pendix by Folin. 1886. Pt 42 (vol. 15), p. 7-8, 694. 

I plate. 

NoTB. — Twelve species from Bermuda, nine of which are new. 
See also " Summary of results," p. 194, 237. 

Haddon, a. C. Polyplacophora [or Chitons]. 1886. 
R. 43 (vol.1 125), p. .2-0 

Note. — One species from Bermuda : — Chiton sguamosus, 

HOYLE, W. E. Cephalopoda. 1886. R. 44 (vol. 16), 
p. 40, 172-173; 94-95, 201. 2 plates. 
Note. — Two species from Bermuda. See also index. 

Brooks, W. K. Stomatopoda [order of Malacostraca]. 
1886. Pt. 45 (vol. 16), p. 22, 56-58. I plate. 
Note. — One species from Bermuda: — Gonodactylus ehiragra, 

QUELCH, J. J. Reef -corals. 1886. Pt. 46 (vol. 16) 
various pages, i plate. 

Note. — Twenty-five species of true corals, including one new 
species, Oculina coronalis, were secured by the " Challenger " 
expedition at Bermuda. Six other species are known to exist 
there, making in all 28 true corals and 3 hydro-corals, which 
flourish on tlie reefs. For list see p. 9-11. 

MiERS, Edward J. Brachyura. 1886. R. 49 (vol. 17) 
p. xix, 224-225. I plate. 

Note. — Seventeen species from Bermuda. One new species : — 
GeryoH (?) ituertus. 

Busk, George. Polyzoa. Part Second. Cyclostomata, 
Ctenostomata, and Pedicellinea. 1886. R. 50 (vol. 

«7). P-5.33- 

NoTB. — Two spedes from Bermuda. 

Sladen, W. P. Asteroidea. (2 vols.) 1888. R. 51 (vol. 
30), p. 393, 399-400, 583, 651-652. 
NoTB. — Three species from Bermuda. See also index. 
Bate,C. S. Crustacea Macrura. (2 vols.) 1886. R. 52 
(vol. 24), 178-181, 211-213, 547-548, 795-798, li-liJ. 
4 plates. 

NoTB.— Five species from Bermuda, two of which are new. See 
also index. 
ScnuLZE, F. E. Hexactinellida. (2 vols.) 1886. R. 
S3 (vol. 21), p. 82-84, 107-108, 174-176, 288-289, 
301-304, 3 1 3-3 « 7. 350. 397. 428. 8 plates. 
Note. — Eight species from Bermuda, four of which are new. 
See alto index. 

( To be continued.) 

April, 1901 

Bulletin of Bibliography 



Gmipiled by Helene L. Dickey, Librarian Chicago Normal School. 

This list is for the use of parents of school children and does not give books for pupils above 
grammar grade. 


Alphabet of animals. 

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in color by Maud Humphrey. 
Buttercups and daisies. Stories by John Strange Winter, 

Molesworth, etc. 
Birds in their homes. Father Tuck's Nursery series. 
Red Riding Hood. Original colored pictures by Walter 

Christmas time. Bright stories for young folks by favorite 

Cherry-tree farm. Dutton & Co. 

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Doctor Quack and his comical cures. Dutton & Co. 
Dogs, great and small. Elizabeth S. Tucker. Fred. Stokes 

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Favorite tales from the nursery. 

Fine fun for every one. Dutton & Co. 

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Book of fairy tales. Maud Humphrey. 
Favorite fairy tales. Maud Humphrey. 
Kitty and her kits. Dutton & Co. 
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Picture palace in story town. 
Pretty and simple for little dimple. Dutton & Co. 
New Mother Goose pictures. Drawn by Chester Loomis. 

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Story of three Httle pigs. New York, 1892. 
The true Mother Goose. Blanch McManus. 




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Each and all 

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The Boston Book Company's 



Vol. 2 No. 7 

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Blue fairy book ; Red fairy book ; Yellow fairy 


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Sailor life. 

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Santa Claus' partner. 

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Perry, Nora, Three little daughters of the revolution. 
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Meadow people. 

Among the farmyard people. 

Pyle, Howard, Men of iron. (Romance of the time of 


Merry adventures of Robin Flood. 

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Repplier, Agnes, Book of famous verse. 
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Marmion ; a tale of Floddenfield. 

The talisman. 


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play them. 
Wiggin, Mrs. Kate D., Polly Oliver. 

Timothy's quest. 

Wright, Mabel O., Citizen bird. 

April, 1901 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 



V. J-J56. 

(Stories which do not extend over more than one number of the Revue are not included.) 

Compiled by the New Haven (Conn.) Public Library. 


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p^r., V. 86. 
Gr^ville, H., ps. L'expiation de Sav^li. 36 

p^r., V. 16. 
Gyp, ps. of comtesse Martel-Mirabeau. Une 

passionnette. 3e p6r., v. 103. 
Hal^vy, L. L'abb6 Constantin. 3e p^r., v. 49. 
Hervieu, P. L'inconnu. 3e p^r., v. 81. 

L'armature. 3e p^r., v. 126-127. 

Loti, P.,/j. Mon fr^re Yves. 36 p6r., v. 58-59. 
Margueritte, P. L'essor. 3e p^r., v. 134. 

La tourmente. 36 p6r., v. 118. 

Margueritte, P. andY. Femmes nouvelles. 36 

p6r., V. 152-153. 
Marthe de Thiennes. [Anon.] 36 p6r., 

V. 52. 
Masson-Forestier. Remords d'avocat. 36 p6r., 

V. 135- 

La faillite Mayard. 36 p^r., v. 156. 

Maupassant, G. de. Notre coeur. 3e p^r., v. 99. 
Meredith, G. Sandra Belloni. ^d. par E. 

Forgues. 2e p^r., v. 54. 
L'^preuve de Richard Feverel. ]Sd. par E. 

Forgues. 2e p6r., v. 56-57. 
Monnier, M. Gian et Hans. 36 p^r., v. 48. 
Molenes, P. de. Les caprices d'un r^gulier; 

scenes de la vie militaire. 2e p6r., v. 38- 

Murger, H. Les vacances de Camille. 2e p6r., 

V. 8-9. 
Ohnet, G. Les dames de Croix- Mo rt. 36 per. 

V. 73-74- 
Ouida,/j. Les fresques. 3e p6r., v. 57-58. 
Les Selve; moeurs du Latium. 36 p6r., v. 

Pereda, J. de. Sotileza; trans. Porcher. 36 

pdr., V. 149. 
Perret, P. Mademoiselle du Pless6. 2e p^r., v. 

La bague d'argent. 2e p6r., v. 49. 


Perret, P. Le prieur^. 2e p^r., v. 55-56. 

Un parasite. 2e p6r.,v. 60. 

Les sept croix de vie. 2e p^r., v. 63-64. 

Peyrebrune, G. de. Marco. 3e p^r., v. 46-47. 

Jean Bernard. 30 pdr., v. 53. 

Plessis, F. Ang^le de Blindes. 36 p^r., v. 135- 

Poradowska, M. Demoiselle Micia ; mceurs gal- 

liciennes. 3e p6r., v. 90-91. 

Idylle mazovienne. 36 p6r., v. ii6. 

Marylka. 3e p6r., v. 127. 

Popes et popadias. 3e p^r., v. 114. 

Pour Nodmi. 3e p6r., v. 154-155. 

Yega, esquisse des moeurs Ruth^nes 

p6r., V. 82. 
Pouvillon, ]S. L'innocent. 3e p6r., v. 63. 

Jean-de-Jeanne. 36 p^r., v. 75. 

Les Antibel. 36 pdr., v. in. 

Bemadette de Lourdes. 3e pdr., v. 120. 

Chante-pleure. 3e pdr., v., 96-97. 

L'image. 3e pdr., v. 136-137. 

Mademoiselle Cl^mence. 3e pdr., v. 124. 

Putlitz, G. de. La maison de la demoiselle. 36 

pdr., V. 50. 
Rabusson, H. Dans le monde. 36 p6r., v. 53- 


Madame de Givrd. 36 pdr., v. 59-60. 

Le roman d'un fataliste, 3e p^r., v. 68-69. 

L'amie. 3e pdr,, v. 71-72. 

Le stage d'Adh^mar. 3e p^r., v. 75-76. 

Un homme d'aujourd'hui. 3e p6r., v. 80- 


Mon capitaine. 36 pdr., v. 85-86. 

L'^pousde. 3e p^r., v. 88-89. 

Les chim^res de Marc Le Praistre. 30 

p^r., v. 146. 

HallaU ! 36 pdr., v. 100. 

Idylle et drame de salon. 3e pdr., v. 95- 


L'illusion de Florestan. 3e p^r., v. 9 3-94. 

Moderne. 3e pdr., v. 105. 

Reibrach, J. AUer et retour. 3e per., v.iii- 

Reybaud, Mme. C. Le cabaret de Gaubert. 

2e pdr., V. 10. 

L'oncle Cdsar. 2e pdr., v. 21-22. 

Renan, E. Souvenirs d'enfance. 3e p^r., v. 14, 

18,42, 48, 54. 
Riviere, H. Mademoiselle d'Avremont. 20 

p^r., v. 72. 


The Boston Book G^mpany's 

Vol. 2 No. 7 

Riviere, H. Le faute du man. ze p<fr., v. loo. 

La marquise de Ferlon, 36 pdr., v. 38. 

Les lendemains. 36 per., v. 120. 

Rod, E. Dernier refuge. 36 p^r., v. 132. 

La-haut. 36 p6r., v. 137-138. 

Le manage du pasteur Naudi^. 36 pdr., v. 


Au milieu du chemin. 3e per., v. 156. 

Les roches blanches. 3e p^r., v. 125-126. 

Le seconde vie de Michel Teissier. 3e pdr., 

V. 119. 
La vie priv^e de Michel Teissier. 3e p^r., 

V. 1 13-1 14. 
Ro^, A. Rachetd. 3e p^r., v. 129. 
Roman d'une inconnue. [Anon]. 36 p^r., v. 

Rouslane, V. Le Juif de Sofievka. ^e pdi., v. 

Sacher-Masoch, L. de. Femmes slaves. 36 

pdr., v. 93, 100, loi, 102, 107. 
Sacrifi^s ! [Anon.] 36 p^r., v. 102. 
Saint- Maurice, R. La maison du sommeil. 3e 

pdr., v. 154. 

Temple d'amour. 36 p^r., v. 141-142. 

Sand, G., ps. L'homme de neige. 2e p6r., v. 


Elle et lui. 2 e per., v. 19-20. 

Jean de la Roche. 2e p^r., v. 23-24. 

La ville noire. 2e p^r., v. 26-27. 

Le marquis de Villemer. 2e pdr., v. 28-29. 

Valvfedre. 2e pdr., v. 32-33. 

Tamaris. 2e p^r., v. 37-38. 

Antonia. 2e pdr., v. 41-42. 

Mademoiselle La Quintinie. 26 p6r., v. 44- 

La confession d'une jeune fille. 2e p^r., v, 


Monsieur Sylvestre. 2e p6r., v. 57-58. 

Le dernier amour. 2e p^r., v. 64. 

Mademoiselle Merquem. 2e p6r., v. 73- 


Pierre qui roule. 2e p^r., v. 81-83. 

Malgretout. 2e p^r., v. 85-86. 

Ctisarine Dietrich. 2e p6r., v. 88-89. 

Francia. 2e pdr., v. 93. 

Ma soeur Jeanne. 36 p6r., v. 1-2. 

Flamarande. 36 p6r., v. 7-9. 

Marianne. 36 f>^r., v. 10. 

La tour de Percemont. 30 p6r,, v. 12-13. 

Sand, M. Calirrho^. 2e p^r., v. 45-46. 
Miss Mary ; r^cit de la vie Am^ricaine. 2e 

p^r., V. 68-69. 
Sandeau, J. La maison de Penarvan. 2e p^r., 

V. II— 12. 
Schultz, J. La neuvaine de Colette. [Anon.] 

3e p6r., V. 83. 
Ce qu'elles peuvent. 36 p^r., v. 120-121. 

Serao, M. La danseuse. 36 p^r., v. 153-154. 
Standish, C. Nidv^s. 36 pdr., v. loi. 
Theuriet, A. Boisfleury. 36 p6r., v. 1 40-141. 

Coeurs meurtris. 36 p^r,, v. 133. 

Dans les roses. 36 p^r., v. 148. 

Deux soeurs. 36 p^r., v. 92-93. 

Flavie. 36 p^r., v. 128. 

Paternity. 36 pdr., v. 124-125. 

Mademoiselle Guignon. 2e p6r., v. 108. 

Le mariage de Gerard. 36 p6r., v. 3. 

La fortune d'Angele . 36 p^r., v. 9-10. 

Raymonde. 36 p^r., v. 14-15. 

Le filleul d'un marquis. 36 pdr., v. 23-24. 

La Maison des deux barbeaux. 36 p^r., v. 


Le fils Maugars. 36 p6r., v. 32-33. 

La princesse verte. 36 pdr., v. 38. 

Sauvageonne. 36 p^r., v. 45-46. 

Michel Verneuil. 36 p^r., v. 55-56. 

Eus^be Lombard. 36 p6r., v. 66-67. 

P^ch6 mortel. 36 p6r., v. 70. 

H^l^ne. 3e pdr., V. 74-75. 

Au paradis des enfants. 36 p^r., v. 79-80. 

Amour d'automne. 36 per., v. 84-85. 

L'amoureux de la pr^f^te. 36 p^r., v. 89. 

Thierry, G. A. La tresse blonde. 36 p^r., 

V. 88. 

Le masque ; conte mil^sien. 36 p^r., v. 121. 

Le stigmate. 36 pdr., v. 142. 

Uchard, M. Antoinette, ma cousine. 36 pdr., 

V. 107. 

La comtesse Diane. 2e pdr., v. 47. 

Jean de Chazol. 26 p^r., v. 75-76. 

Mon oncle Barbassou. 36 pdr., v. 16-17. 

L'^toiie de Jean. 36 pdr., v. 28—29. 

In^s Parker. 36 p^r., v. 39. 

Mademoiselle Blaisot. 36 p^r., v. 61. 

Joconde Berthier. 36 p^r., v. 76-77. 

Valrey, M. Marthe de Montbrun. 2e p^r., 

v. 7. 
Varigny, C. de. Ella Wilson. 36 pdr., v. 25. 

Les mines d'Uxmal. 36 p^r., v. 30. 

Vautier, G. La marraine. 36 p^r., v. 32. 

Le remords du ducteur. 36 p^r., v. 38. 

Vincent, J., ps. Jacques de Trevannes. 36 p^r., 

V. 22-23. 
Le retour de la princesse. 36 p^r., v. 33- 


Mis6 Fdrdol. 36 p^r., v. 40-41. 

Le cousin Noel. 36 p^r., v. 48-49. 

VogUtf, E. M. de. Jean d'Agrfeve. 36 pdr., v. 


Les morts qui parlent. 36 p<fr., v. 1 51-152. 

Ward, M. A. {Mrs. Humphry Ward.) Bessie 

36 p^r., V. 134. 
Watson, J. M. {/an Maclaren, ps.) Cas de 

conscience. 36 pdr., v. 141-142. 

April, 1901 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 



References to Selections from the "Edinburgh Review," compared with the Articles as 

' Originally Issued. 

By Frederika Wendt^, of the Boston Public Library. 

Poole, in the first volume, third edition, 1882; indexes 
" Selections from Edinburgh review." 6 volumes, 
Paris. As a rule the smaller libraries do not possess 
this file, and so some valuable reference matter must 
sometimes be lost for in many instances there is no 
way of telling from which volume of the " Edinburgh 
review," the articles in the " Selections " have been 

To overcome this difficulty the following list of the 
blind references has been compiled. 


50 Arbitrary governments. Present policy and future 

fate of. Ed. R. 39: 281. Selec. Ed. R. 4: 342. 
read Ed. R, 39 .-281. Same art, Selec. Ed. R. 
4: 342. 

51 Arblay, Frances Bumey. The wanderer. Ed. R. 

25, 320. read 24 : 320. 

87 Baillie, Joanna. Plays of. Plan of. Selec. Ed. R. 
i: 264. read Ed. R. 2 : 269. Same art. Selec. 
Ed. R. 1 : 264. 

87 Balance of power in Europe. Ed. R. 1 : 345, 
Selec. Ed. R. 5 : I read Ed. R. i : 345. Same 
art. Selec. Ed. R. 5 : i. 

113 Bentham, Jeremy. Selec. Ed. R. 2: 289. read Ed. 
R. 29:217. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 2: 289. 

154 Bourbons, Restoration of. Selec. Ed. R. 4:306. 
read Ed.R. 25 : 501. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 

182 Byron, Lord. As a dramatic poet. Selec. Ed. R. 
2 : 198, read Ed. R.^^t : 413. Same art. Selec. 
Ed. R. 2: 198. 

182 "Byxon, Lord. Life and Poetry of. Selec. Ed.R. 

1 : 376, read Ed. R. 53 : 544. Same art. Selec. 
Ed. R. 1 : 376. 

183 Byron, Lord. Sardanapalus. add reference. Ed. 

R. 36:413. 

219 Charles I. Execution of. Selec. Ed. R. 4: 136, 

read Ed. R. 48 : 120. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 

4 : 136. 

220 Charles II. Selec. Ed. R. 4 : 152, read Ed. R. 48 : 

150. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 4 : 152. 

250 Church of England, Corruption of. Selec. Ed. R. 

5 : 301, read Ed. R. 38 : 145. Same art. Selec. 
Ed. R. 5:301. 

262 Classical learning. Utility of. Selec. Ed. R. 3 :366, 
XG&A Ed. R. 15:41. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 
3 : 366. 

299 Copenhagen. Expedition against. Selec. Ed. R. 
4 : 168, read Ed. R.l^: 488. Same Art. Selec. 
Ed. R. 4 : 168. 

302. Corn laws. Selec. Ed. R. 6 : 21 1, read Ed. R. 44 : 
319. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 6: 211. 

309. Cousin, Victor. Philosophy of. Selec. Ed. R 
3: 310, Tt2LA\Ed. R.^o: 194. Same art. Selec. 
Ed. R. 3: 310. 

310 Cowper, W. Life and works of. Selec. Ed. R. 2: 

1 18, read Ed. R. 2 : 80. Same Art. Selec. Ed. 
R. 2: 118. 

311 Crabbe, George. Subjects of his poetry. Selec. 

Ed. R. 1 : 271, read Ed. R. 16: 30. Same art. 
Selec, Ed. R. i : 271. 

319 Cromwell, Oliver, and Napoleon. Selec. Ed. R. 
2: 376, read £a^. i¥. 48: 132. Same art. Selec. 
Ed.R. 2:376. 

325 Currency, Economical and secure. Ed. R. 31 : 53. 
Selec. Ed. R. 6 : 41, read Ed. R. 31 : 53. Same 
art. Selec. Ed. R. 6:41. 

330 Dante. Ed. R. 30: 317. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 
1 : 64, read Selec. Ed. R. 2 : 64. 

343 Demosthenes. Ed. R. 33 : 226. Selec. Ed. R. 
2 : 328, read Ed. R. 33 : 226. Same art. Selec. 
Ed. R. 2 : 328. 

363 Drama, History of. Selec. Ed. R. i : 139, read 

Ed. .^. 49 : 317. Same art. Selec. Ed. R i : 139. 

364 Dramatists. Old English. Selec. Ed. R. 2: 14, 

read Ed. R.^S: 117. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 
2 : 14. 

378 East India Co. Chinese question in. Ed.R. 52: 
282. Selec. Ed. R. 6 : 263, read Ed. R. 52 : 282. 
Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 6: 263. 

383 Edgeworth, Maria. Selec. Ed. R. 2 : 464, read Ed. 
R. 28 : 390. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 2 : 464. 

391 Education, Popular. Legislative provision for. 
Ed. R. 34: 214. Selec. Ed. R. 3 : 386, read Ed. 
R. 34: 214. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 3: 386. 

417 English literature. Elizabethan. Ed.R. 18:275. 

Selec. Ed. R. i : 170. read Ed R. 18: 275. Same 
art. Selec. Ed. R. i : 170. 

418 English poetry, from Queen Anne. Ed. R. 27: i. 

Selec. Ed. R. i : 180, read Ed. R. 27: i. Same 
art. Selec. Ed. R. i : 180. 

468 Forgery. Capital punishment for. Ed. R. 52 : 398. 
Selec. Ed. R. 6: 293, read Ed. R. 52: 398. Same 
art. Selec. Ed. R. 6 : 293. 

472 France. Aggressions against Spain. Selec. Ed. R. 
4 : 325, read Ed. .^. 38 : 241 . Same art. Selec. 
Ed. R. 4:325. 

499 Game laws. Selec. Ed. R. 6 : 240, read Ed. R. 
49: 55. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 6: 240. 


The Boston Book G)mpany*s 

Vol. 2 No. 7 


513 German literature. Selec. Ed. R. 3:1, read Ed. 
R. 46: 304. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 3:1. 

516 Germany. Metaphysical studies in. Selec. Ed. R. 
3 : 226, read Ed, R. 22 : 227. Same art. Selec. 
Ed. R. 3 : 226. 

544 Great Britain. Colonies. Value of. Ed. R. 42: 
281. Selec. Ed. R. 6: 137, read Ed. R. 42:281. 
Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 6 : 137- 

544 Great Britain. Constitution. Dangers of. Ed.R. 
27: 245. Selec. Ed. R. 5 : 60, read Ed. R. 27 : 
245. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 5 : 60. 

593 Hbtorical writing. Progress of. Selec. Ed. R. 3 : 
33, read Ed. R. 53: I. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 

598 Holy Alliance. Ed. R. 40: 414, read /^o:ji4, 

598 Holy alliance. Designs of. Selec. Ed. R. 4 : 355, 

read Ed. R. 40:514. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 

653 Ireland, Church of. Efforts for Education in. Ed. 

R- 43: 197- Selec. Ed. R. 3:469, read Ed, R. 

43: 197. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 3:469. 

680 Jefferson, T. Life and character of. Selec. Ed. R. 
2 : 366, read Ed. R. $i: 496. Same art. Selec. 
Ed. R. 2 : 366. 

690 Jews in England. Gvil disabilities of. Ed. R. 
52 : 363. Selec. Ed. R. 5 : 203, read Ed. R. 52 : 
363. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 5 : 203. 

704 Keats, John. Add to Endymion the reference .£</. 
^. 34 : 203. 

715 Laboring classes. Promotion of knowledge among. 
Ed. R. 41 : 96. Selec. Ed. R. 3: 401, read Ed. 
R. 41 : 96. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 3 : 401. 

842 Milton, poetry of. Ed. R. 42 : 305. Selec. Ed. R. 
2 : 34, read Ed. R. 42 : 305. Same art. Selec. 
Ed. R. 2 : 34. 

842 Milton. Public conduct of. Ed. R. 42 : 324. Selec. 
Ed. R. 2 : 48, read Ed. R. 42 : 324. Same art. 
Selec. Ed. R. 2 : 48. 

864 Montgomery, Robert. Poems of. Ed. R. 51:193. 
Selec. Ed. R. 1 : 363, read Ed. R. 51 : 193. Same 
art. Selec. Ed. R. i : 363. 

867 Moore, Thomas. Lalla Rookh. Selec. Ed. R. 
1:318, read Ed. R. 29:1. Same art. Selec. 
Ed. R. 1 : 318. 

954 Oxford University. Selec. Ed. R. 3 : 437, read 
Ed. R. 53 : 384. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 3 : 

967 Parga. Ed. R. 32:263. Selec. Ed. R. 4: i,read 
Ed. R. 32 : 263. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 4 : i 

973 Parliament, Reform of. Selec. Ed. R. 5 : 21 2, read 
Ed. R. 17 : 253. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 
5' 212. 

981 Pauperism. Causes and cure of. Selec. Ed. R. 
6: 160, read Ed. R. 28: l. Same art. Selec. 
Ed. R. 6: 160. 

988. People, Rights and duties of. Ed. R. 20 : 405. 
Selec. Ed. R. 5:46, read Ed. R. 20:405. Same 
art. Selec. Ed. R. 5 : 46. 

-012 Pitt, W. Earl of Chatham. Omit reference. Selec. 
R. 2 : 303. 

1 01 2 Pitt, Hon. W. Life of. Atid reference. Ed. R. 
35 : 437, same art. Selec. Ed. R. 2 : 303. 

1021 Poets. Uneducated. Ed.R. 54:69. Selec. Ed. 
R. 1 : 397, read Ed. R. 54: 69. Same art. Selec 
Ed. R. 1 : 397. 

102 1 Poetry. Descriptive. Selec. Ed. R. i : 186, read 

Ed. R. 37 : 407. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 
l: 186. 

1022 Poetry. Nature and objects of. Ed. R. 42:31 

Selec. Ed. R. i : 99, read Ed. R. 42 : 31. Same 
art. Selec. Ed. R. 1 : 99. 

1023 Poetry. Utility of. Selec. Ed. R. i : iii, read Ed. 

R. 47 : 184. Sa/ue art. Selec. Ed. R. I : III. 

1025 Political and vested rights. Ed. R. 53 : 502 Selec. 
Ed. R. 6: 304, read Ed. R. 53: 502. Same art. 
Selec. Ed. R. 6 : 304. 

1025 Political Economy. Selec. Ed. R. 6: i,read Ed.R. 
43 : I. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 6 : I. 

1049 Press. Liberty of. Selec. Ed. R. 5 : 324, read Ed. 
R. 27 : 102. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 5 : 324. 

1060 Prussia. Ed. R. 42:460. Selec. Ed. R. 4:82, 
read Ed. R. 42 : 460. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 

1 107 Richter, Jean Paul Friedrich. Selec. Ed. R. 2: 
448. read Ed. i?. 46 : 1 76. Same art. Selec. 
Ed. R. 2 : 448. 

1 1 14 Rogers, Samuel. Poems. Selec. Ed. R. 1:324, 
read Ed. R. 22 : 32. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 

1 167 Scotland. Parliamentary representation in. Ed. 

R. 52 : 208. Selec. Ed. R. 5 : 286, read Ed. R. 
52 : 208. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 5 : 286. 

1 168 Scott, Sir Walter. Selec. Ed. R. 2 : 209, 420, read 

Ed. R. 16:293. ^^"^' «'''• Selec. Ed. R. 2: 
209, 420. 

1 169 Scott, Sir Walter. Lady of the Lake, reviews. 

Add reference. Ed. R. 16: 263. 

1 169 Scott, 5i> Walter. Marmion. Ed. R. 12: i. Selec. 
Ed. R. 1:294, read Ed. R. 12:1. Same art. 
Selec. Ed. R. i : 294. 

1 183 Shakspere, W. Beauties of. Selec. Ed. R. i : 324 
read Ed. R. 28: 472. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 
I : 324. 

1208 Slavery. In the West Indies. Selec. Ed. R. 5 : 
355, read Ed. R. 6 : 326. Same art. Selec. Ed. 

K. 5:355- 
1226 Southey, Robert. Selec. Ed. R. 2: 230, read Ed. 
R. 17: 429. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 2 : 230. 

1285 Taxation. Effects of exorbitant. Ed. R. 33:159. 
Selec. Ed. R. 6: 71, read Ed. R. 33: 159. Same 
art. Selec. Ed. R. 6:71. 

•359 Usury. Remarks on. Selec. Ed. R. 6: 30, read 

Ed. i?. 27:339. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 6: 

1 365 Venice. Democratic constitution of. Ed. R. 46 : 

75. Selec. Ed. R. 4: 113, read Ed. R. 46: 75 

Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 4 : 113. 

1384 War of 1812. Selec. Ed. R. 4: 193, read Ed. R. 
19: 290. Same art. Selec. Ed. R. 4: 193. 

April, 1901 

Bulletin of Bibliography, 



Compiled by the Providence, R. I., Public Library. 
Since Jan. i, 1901, the following subjects have been treated in reference lists in bulletins published by libraries. 

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Feb., 1 90 1. 
Historical Novels of England. Westfield [Mass.] Athen- 
aeum Monthly Bulletin, March, 1901. 
Indians, North American. Los Angeles [Cal.] Public 

Library Mouthly Bulletin, Feb.-March, 1901. 
Lowell (J. R.). Salem [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, 

March, 1901. 
Middlesex Fells. Somerville [Mass.] Public Library 

Library Bulletin, Feb., 190 1. 
Music. Salem [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, Jan., 

Natural History and Natural Knowledge. Boston [Mass.] 

Public Library Monthly Bulletin, Jan., 1901. 

New York City, Check List of General Municipal Docu- 
ments of, and of New York State Documents, and other 
Papers, Relating to the City in the New York Pul)lic 
Library, Dec. 31, 1900. New York Public Library Bul- 
letin, Jan., 1 90 1. 

Financial History of. New York Public 

Library Bulletin, Feb., 1901. 

Guidebooks to. New York Public Li- 
brary Bulletin, Feb., 1901. 

History. New York Public Library Bul- 
letin, March, 1901. 

Maps and Atlases Relating to. New 

York Public Libraxy Bulletin, Feb., 1901. 

Newspapers Published in. New York 

Public Library Bulletin, Jan., 1901. 

State, North Eastern Boundary Controversy, 

References to Maps, Documents, Reports and other 
Papers in the New York Public Library Relating to. 
New York Public Library Bulletin, Dec, 1900. 

Nineteenth Century. Salem [Mass.] Public Library Bul- 
letin, Feb., 1901. 

Palmistry, Hypnotism, etc. Springfield [Mass.] Library 
Bulletin, Jan,, 1901. 

Pan-American Exposition. Fitchburg [Mass.] Public Li- 
brary Bulletin, March, 1 901. 

. Waltham [Mass.] Public Library Bul- 
letin, March, 1901. 

Patriot's Day, April 19. Waltham [Mass.] Public Library 
BuUetinfM&rch, 1901. 

Periodicals, New, Titles of (continued). The Boston Book 
Co.'s Bulletin of Bibliography, ]a.n., 1901. 

Presidents of the United States. Westfield [Mass.] 
Athenaeum Monthly Bulletin, March, 1901. 

Rights of Man. Boston [Mass.] Public Library Monthly 
Bulletin, Jan., 1901. 

Rome. Waltham [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, Jan.- 
Feb., 1 901. 

Shakespeare, Manchester [N. H.] PubUc Library Bul- 
letin, Jan., 1 90 1. 

Supplementary Reading for the Fitchburg Primary Schools. 
Fitchburg [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, March, 1901. 

Thanksgiving. Mercantile Library of Philadelphia [Pa.] 
Bulletin, Oct., 1900. 

Day. Peabody Institute Library [Danvers, Mass.] 

Bulletin, Sept.-Oct., 1900. 

Trees, Our Common. Somerville [Mass.] Public Library 
Library Bulletin, Feb., 1901. 

Verdi. Salem [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, March, 

. Waltham [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, March, 


Victoria. Osterhout Free Library [ Wilkes- Barre, Pa.] 
Library News Letter Feb., 1901. 

Salem [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, March, 


Washington, George. Los Angeles [Cal.] Public Library 
Monthly Bulletin, Jan.-Feb., 1901. 

Peabody Institute Library [Danvers, Mass.] 

Bulletin, Jan.-Feb., 1901. 

Springfield [Mass.] Library Bulletin, March, 


Young People's Books. Carnegie Library [Pittsburgh, Pa.] 
Monthly Bulletin, Oct.-Nov., 1900. 


The Boston Book G^mpany^s 

Vol. 2 No. 7 




(To he contintud quarterly.) 

N. B. — The Editor will be glad to know of any omission or corrections, since January, 1900, not 
noted, for inclusion in the next issue, and will esteem it a favor to be notified of new periodicals by 

any librarian who may receive a sample number, 

I. — New Periodicals. 

American Cat News, The. 604 Cable Bldg., Chicago., 
mo., 8vo, illus., vol. i, no. i, Dec. 1900. loc, $1.00. 

Architectural Annuau 931 Chestnut St., Philadel- 
phia, annual, 4to, illus., bound, vol. i, 1900. $3.50. 

Barger's Magazine, 1528 Wylie Ave., Pittsburgh, 
Pa., mo., Svo, illus., vol. i., no. i, Jan. 1901. 20c. 

Belgian Hare News. 87 St. Louis Ave., Chicago, 
mo., sm. 8 vo, illus., vol. i, no. i, Jan. 15, 1900. sc, 

Booklet, The. Laughlin Bldg. Los. Angeles, Cal., 
"Published every little while," r2mo. illus., vol.i, 
no. I, Dec., 1900. 2 " bits" per year. (Bibelot.) 

Bookworm. Birmingham, Ala., mo., 8vo, illus., vol- 
I, no. I., Dec., 1900. loc., |!i.oo. 

British Monthly. London, mo., 4to, illus., vol. i, 
no. I, Dec. 1900. 6d. each. (Religious.) 

Bureau of Economic Research, Quarterly Bulletin. 
35 Lafayette PI., New York, quar., Svo, vol. i, no. i, 
July, 1900. Jli.oo per year. 

Chevalier. Hamilton Bldg., Akron, O., mo., 4to. 

illus., vol. I, no. I, Dec, 1900. 50c. per year. 
Chicago Club Review. 91 Dearborn St., Chicago, 

semi-mo., fol., illus., vol. i, no. i, March 6, 1901, 

5c., Ii.oo. 
Church Journal. 1320 S. 21st St., Philadelphia, 

mo., 4to, illus., vol. i, no. i, Feb., 1901. 50c. per. 

Columbia Law Review. Columbia University, New 

York, mo. (10 issues), 8vo, vol. 1, no. i, Jan., 1901, 

30c., $2.00. 
Commerce, Accounts and Finance. 25 Pine St., New 

York, w., 4to, vol. i, no. i, Jan. 5, 1901. loc., 

Commoner, The. lincoln. Neb., w., 4to, no. i, Jan. 

23, 1901. 5c., Ji.oo. 
Detroit Monthly. 82 Griswold St., Detroit, Mich., 

mo., Svo, illus., vol. i, no. i, March, 1901. lOC, 50c. 

Dry Goods World. 309 Broadway, New York, semi- 
mo., fol., illus., vol. I, no. I, Feb. 16, 1901. ;(i.oo per 

Empire Review. London, mo., Svo, vol. i, no. i, Feb., 

I9OI. 18., I2S. 

EMPRE.SS Magazine. 150 Na-ssau St., New York, mo., 
fol., illus., vol. I, no. I, Nov., 1900. loc., ft. 00. 

Farmers' Home Journal. 203 Michigan Blvd. Chi- 
cago, mo., 4to, illus., vol.1, no. I, Oct., 1900. IOC., 

Finance. 402 Electrical Bldg., Cleveland, O., w., 4to, 
illus., vol. I, no. I, Jan. 20, 1901. loc., $5.00. 

Financial Red Book. 40a Electrical Bldg., Cleve- 
land, O., bi-mo., i2mo, vol. i, no. i, Oct., 1900. 
1 1.50 per year. 

Reports of deaths will be gratefully received and 

Good News, The. Columbus, Kas., mo., 4to, vol. i, 

no. I, March, 1901. 50c. per year. (Religious.) 
Good Work. 1420 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, mo., 

4to, illus., vol. I, no. I, Dec. 15, 1900. 25c. per year. 

Human Nature. 874 Broadway, New York, w., 4to, 

illus., vol. I, no. I, Dec. 5, 1900. 5c. each. 
Imperial and Colonial Magazine, The. London, 

mo., sm. Svo, illus., vol. i, pt. i, Nov., 1900. is. each. 
Iowa Library Commission, Bulletin of the. Des 

Moines, la., quar., Svo, illus., vol. i, no. i, Jan., 1901. 
Jester, The. 4543 Evans Ave., Chicago, mo., vol. i, 

no. I, Jan., 1901. loc. each. 
Journal of Adolescence. Oak Park, Chicago, mo., 

Svo, vol. I, no. I, Sept., 1900. loc, $1.00. 
Kansas City Public Library Quarterly, The. Kan- 
sas City, Mo., quar., Svo, vol. i, no. i, Jan., 1901. 
Kit-Kats. 202 Ferguson Blk., Pittsburgh, Pa., mo., 

i6mo, vol. I, no. i, Dec, 1900. loc, $1.00. 
Ladies' Fancy Work Magazine. 28 Tower Blk., 

Grand Rapids, Mich., quar., sm. Svo, illus., vol. i, 

no. I, Oct., 1900. IOC, 35c. 
Landlords' and Tenants' Gazette. 119 Nassau St., 

New York, w., vol. i, noi., Feb. i, 1901. $1.00 per 

Liberty Boys of '76. 24 Union Square, New York, 

w., no. I, Jan. 4, 1901. $2.50 per year. 
Lilliputian, The. Canton, N. Y., mo., for school year, 

i2mo., illus., vol. I, no I, Feb., 1901. lOc each. 
Literanian, The. 156 Fifth Ave., New York, mo., 

Svo. illus., vol. I, no. i, Nov., 1900. 35c., $4.00. 
Mechanician, The. 418 Kansas Ave., Topeka, Kan., 

mo., i2mo, illus., vol. i, no. i, Dec, 1900. loc, i!i.oo. 
Metropolitan Pulpit, The. 1589 Fulton St., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. mo., i2mo, vol. i, no. i, Jan., 1901. sc, 

Miatt's Quarterly Review. 5 Beekman St., New 

York, quar., Svo, illus., vol. i, no. i, Jan., 1901. 
Moment's View, The. 425 Marlborough St., Boston, 

mo., Svo, vol. I, no. i, Jan., 1901, 10c. , 5i-00. (Relig- 
Mother's Magazine. 21 W. iSth St., New York, mo. 

8 vo, illus., vol. I, no. i, Jan., 1901. loc. $1.00. 
Municipality. Madison, Wis., bi-mo., vol. 1, no. i, 

April, 1900. 5i.oo year. 
Musical Century, The. Springdale, Pa., mo., 4to, vol. 

I, no. I, Jan., 1901. 5c., 50c. 
Nebraska University of. Graduate Bulletin. 

Lincoln, Neb., annual, Svo, illus., vol. 1, April., 1900. 
New England Street Railway Club Bulletin- 

164 Federal St., Boston, mo., sm. Svo, illus., vol. i, no. i. 

Fell., 1 90 1. 20c, Jli.oo. 
New Yorker. St. James Bldg., New York, w., vol. i. 

no. I, March 6, 1901. ;p2.oo year. (Society.) 
(Remainder of A Ipkabtt will be incorporated in next quarter'' s lijl.) 

AprU, 1901 

Bulletin of Bibliography* 

Bargains in Periodicals. 


Until May lo we offer the following periodicals to our library patrons at 
prices affixed. An early order will be advisable, as we have duplicates of but 
few of the items. 

American Academy of Political and Social 
Science, Annals. Phila. 8°. Vols. 3, 5, 6, 9, 
10, II, unbound. Each I1.25 

American Agriculturist. New York. 410. 

Vols. 26-48, 1867-89; 23 vols., unbound . . 15.00 

American Amateur Photographer. New 

York. 8°. Vols. 1,3,4, 1889-92; 3 vols., bound. 3.50 

American Association for the Advance- 
ment of Science. Proceedings. Salem. 8°. 
Vols. 1-48, 1848-99 ; (except vol. 5). 47 vols., 
paper 30.00 

American Bee Journal. Philadelphia. 8°. 
Vols, i-li, 1861-1875, unbound, (vol. 7 defec- 
tive) 7.00 

American Economic Association. Publica- 
tions. New York. 8°. Vols, x-8, 1886-93 ; 
8 vols. >^ calf 

American Geologist. Minneapolis. S°. Vols. 
1-3, 1888-89; 3 vols., unbound 

American Historical Review. New York. 
Vols. 1-5, 1895-1900 ; 5 vols., unbound . 

American Journal of ilicroscopy. New 
York. 8°. Vols. 1-6, 1875-81 ; 6 vols., unbound 

American Journal of Sociology. Chicago 
8°. Vols. 1-5, 1895-1900, unbound • 

American Meteorological Journal. Boston 
8°. Vols. 1-3, 1884-87, unbound . 

American Notes and Queries. Philadelphia 
8°. Vols. 1-5, 1888-1890, unbound 

American Quarterly Register. Boston. 8' 
15 vols., 1827-43 ; full set, partly bound . 

Analyst. Des Moines, la. 8°. Vols. 1-3, 1874- 
76, bound in i vol 

Architectural Record. New York. 8°. Vols 
1-7, 1891-98 ; unbound, scarce 

Architects and Mechanics Journal. New 
York. 4to. Vols. 1-3, 1859-1861 ; 3 vols, yi 

Arena. Boston. 8°. Vols. 11-15, 5 vols. 

Bibliotheca Sacra. Oberlin. 8°. Vols. 1-27 ; 
24 vols., bound, 25, 26, 27, unbound 

Boston Journal of Chemistry. Boston. 4°. 
Vols. 1-19, 1866-85, partly bound . 

Bureau of American Republics. Bulletin. 
Washington, D. C. &°. Vols. 1-5, 1893-98 ; 5 
vols., paper 5.75 

Canadian Monthly. Toronto 8°. 21 vols., all 

published, unbound . . ... 40.00 

A set lacking 2 titles and indexes and 3 nos. . 30.CX5 

Catholic World. New York. Vols. 13-21, 

1871-1875 ; 9 vols., unbound .... 4.50 

Century. New series. 1881-1893. Vols. 

1-23 ; 23 vols., unbound. (Single vols. 60 cts.) 7.00 

Chautauquan. Vols. 13-23, 1891-1896; 11 

vols., unbound ....... 5*5° 










Critic. New York. New series. Vols. 15-21, 

1891-94 ; 7 vols., unbound .... 6.00 
New series. Vols. 23-30, 1895-98 ; 8 vols., 

unbound 5.00 

Democratic Review. Vols. 1, 2, 3, 5-22, 1837- 

1848 ; 21 vols., mostly unbound . . • 17.00 
Electrical World. New York folio. Vok 7- 

33 (lacking 9 numbers only, in 5 vols.) . . 35.00 
Friend's Review. Philadelphia. 8°. Vols. 1- 

8, 1847-55 ; 8 vols., bound .... 10.00 
iron. Lond. folio. 1873-93; 41 vols, all 

published ; cloth, except 6 vols, unbound . . 70.00 
Mining Magazine. New York. 1853-56, vols. 

1-6, half morocco ...... 3.50 

New Church Review. Boston. S°. Vols. 1-6, 

1894-99 ; 6 vols., unbound. (Poole set.) . . 6.00 
New Eclectic. (Later volumes called Southern 

Magazine). Baltimore. 1868-1875; 17 vols, all 

published. Scarce, I80.00 reduced to . . 65.00 
New Englander. New Haven. 1843-92 ; 56 

vols., all published, unbound .... 40.00 
New Princeton Review. New York. 1885- 

88 ; 6 vols., unbound, all published . . . 3.50 
New York Historical Society. Collections. 

1868-89, vols. 1-22 ; cloth .... 33.00 
Nova Scotia Historical Society. Reports 

and Collections. Vols. 1-4, 1878-1885 ; 4 vols. 7.00 
Ordeal, The. Boston. 8°. 1809; vol. i . 1.25 
Philobiblion. New York. 8°. Vols. 1-2,1861- 

63 ; all published, 2 vols, (on India paper) . 2.00 
Plough, the Loom and the Anvil. Philadel- 
phia. 1848-1857, vols, i-io ; 4 vols., bound, 

6 vols., unbound ...... 9.00 

Poor's Manual of Railroads. 1878, 1880. 

Each 2.00 

1882, 1884-1888, 1894, cloth. Each . . i.oo 

Portico, The. Baltimore. 8°. 1816-1817, vols. 

1-4 ; 4 vols., half calf 3.50 

Puritan. New York. (Recently changed to 

Junior Munsey.) Vols. 1-9 ; 3 vols., folio, cloth, 

rest 8° unbound 9.00 

Recreation. New York. 1 894-1900, vols. 1- 

13 ; 13 vols, unbound 12.00 

Roller mil. Buffalo, N. Y. 4to. Vols. 1-4, 

1882-86 ; bound in 2 vols., half roan . . 5.00 
Science. New York. 4to. 1880-81, vols. 1-2 ; 

all published, bound in i vol., cloth . . 2.00 

Self-Culture. Akron, O. 1895-1899, vols. I- 

9 ; 9 vols., unbound 9.00 

Wide Awake. Boston. 1875-93 ; 37 vols , all 

published. Price on application 
War of the Rebellion. Official Records of the 

Union and Confederate Armies. I Series. 1- 

53 ; II Series, 1-3 and atlas volumes. In all, 

142 vols., cloth. New 39.00 




We arc now the United States Agents for the University of Toronto 
Studies. AH orders for this country should be directed to us and 
will be promptly filled. 


Review of Historical Publications Relating to Canada, for the 
year 1900 ; Edited by Prof. George M. Wrong and H. H. Langton. 
In paper, $ i .00 net ; i7i cloth, $ i .50 net. 

University Similes Previously Published and for sale by the Boston 

Book Company s 

History 1st series. Review of Historical Publications 
relating to Canada, edited by Prof. George M. Wrong, 
and H. H. Langton. 

Vol. I Publications of 1896 

«* 2 " " 1897 

" 3 " " 1898 

"4 " " 1899 

Paper, each net $1.00 

History and series, No. 1. Louisbourg in 1745, the 
anonymous " Lettre d'un Habitant de Louisbourg," 
edited and translated by Prof. George M. Wrong. Net 

History, and Series, No. 2. Preliminary .Stages of the 
Peace of Amiens. By H. M. Brown. Net .75c. 

Economic Studies, No. 1 . Public Debts in Canada. 

By J. Roy Perry. Net .50c, 
Qeological Series, No. 1. Moose River Basin, by W. 

A. Parks. Net .50c. 
Extra publication not included in any scries. Morphology 
of the central cylinder in the Angiosperms, by E. C. 
Jeffrey. Net .50c. 

Psychological Series, No. 1. Spatial Threshold of 
Colour and its dependence on Contrast Phenomena. By 
W. B. Lane, with Appendices. Net .75c. 

No. 2. A contribution to the Psychology of Time. 
By M. A. Shaw and F. S. Wrinch. No. 3. Experiments 
on Time. Relations of Poetical Metres. By A. S. Hurst 
and John McKay. Together .75c. net. 

No. 4. Conceptions and Laws in Aesthetic, by Prof. 
A. Kirschmann. Experiment on the Aesthetic of Light 
and Colour, by Emma S. Baker. Experiments with 
School Children on Colour Combination, by W. J. 
Dobbie. Net $1.50. 

Biological Series, No. 1. The Gametophyte of Botry- 
chium Virginianum, by E. C. Jeffrey. Net .500. 

Physiological Series, No. I. The Structure, Micro- 
chemistry and Development of Nerve-Cells, with special 
reference to their Nuclien Compounds by F. H. Scott. 
Net .50c. 

No. 2. On the Cytology of Non-Nucleated Organ- 
isms, by Prof. A. B. Macallum. Net .75c. 

Anatomical Series, No. 1. Anatomy of the Orang- 
outang, by Prof. A. Primrose. Net |i.oo. 

foil SALE BY 

The Boston Book Company, Boston, U. S. A. 

Recently Published, 

A Book for Libraries, and HIstoHoal Students, 

History of the Judiciary of Massachusetts, including^ the Plymouth and Massachusetts 
G)Ionies, the Province of Massachusetts Bay, and the G)mmonweaIth, by William T. 
Davis, of Plymouth ; cloth, $3.00, net. 

The book contains an historical account of the rise and development of the judicial system of 
the State, from its first settlement to the present time, with brief biographical sketches of the 
judges and principal court officers. The number of these sketches is indicated by the fact that 
the Index of Names contains two thousand entries. These sketches, alone, give to the work a 
permanent biographical value. 

The Appendices contain the Patents and Charters of the Colonies and Province, to show the 
foundation upon which our judicial system was built. Published by 

THE BOSTON BOOK COMPANY, J5K Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. 

CHARLES C. SOULE, President. 


BuUelin of 


Number 18 JULY, 1901 Vol. 2, No. 8 












The Boston Book Company 

Charles C.Soule.PrejStdent 
Freeman Place Chapel 

RemovBl Sale, 

During July and August we shall remove our business to 
other and more commodious quarters in the suburbs of Bos- 
ton. The expense of transferring our immense stock will 
be large, and in order to reduce that item as much as pos- 
sible, we offer a special price to our library customers on all 
sets. The larger the order the bigger discount we will make. 


We omit mention of the common '' Poole ^^ sets because 
every library knows that we always have those on hand. 
Write us for what you want. Prices will be made excep- 
tional to clear off as many of these as possible. See pages 
US, n6, n7, US, J27. 


Om Cm SOULE, PresMenim 

J^y. 1901 Bulletin of Bibliography US 


We enumerate here a few of the sets in stock. Prices on application. 

Bibliographer, London. 1881-84. 6 volumes, all published. Cloth. 
Book Lore, London. 1884-87. 6 volumes, all published. Boards. 
Library, London. 1889-98. 10 volumes, complete series, scarce. Unbound. 

Kayser's Bucher Lexicon. Complete set. Vols. 1-30. 1750-1900, and indexes. New, 



Bibliotheca 5acra. 1844-81. Vols. 1-38, 2 2 volumes bound, rest unbound ; 38 volumes. 
Brownson's Quarterly Review. 1844-75. 24 vols., unbound, all published. Scarce. 

Christian Observer. 1802-1877, 76 vols., sound binding. Complete Poole set. 

Christian Remembrancer. 1819-68. 78 vols., half calf, all published. " Poole," scarce. 

Sacred Books of the East. London. Vols. 1-35. 35 volumes. Cloth, new. 

Yorkshireman. Pontefract. 1832-37. Vols. 1-5. 5 volumes, all published. Half-morocco. 


American Annals of Education and Instruction. Boston. 1831-35. Vols. 1-5. 5 vol- 
umes, bound. 
American Journal of Education and College Review. New York. 1856. Vols. 1-2. 2 

volumes, half-roan. 
Harbinger. (Brook Farm Publication), 1845-47. Vols. 1-4. 4 volumes, half-calf. 
National Conference of Charities and Correction Proceedings. 1875-78,1880-84. 9 

volumes, paper. 
National Educational Association.. 1884-99. 16 volumes, cloth as new. 
Niles' Register, Baltimore, Washington, and Philadelphia. 181 1-49. 75 volumes, all published. 

Old sheep binding, sound, full set. Very uncommon, 
Vermont Records of Council of Safety and Governor and Councils. 1 775-1836. 8 vol- 
umes. Cloth. 
Deputy Keeper of the Public Records, Reports, London. 1840-92. Vols. 1-53, in 26 

volumes half-morocco, new, and 3 volumes, paper. 
National Association for the Promotion of Social Science, Transactions, 1857-86, 
30 volumes, all pubUshed. Cloth. (In A, L. A Essay Index.) This valuable set is sel- 
dom offered with the extra volume on Trades Unions and Strikes and the volume of Tem- 
perance Legislation, both of which are here present. 
Royal United Service Institution, Journal, London. 1857-94. Volumes 1-38. 14 vol- 
umes bound, rest unbound. 
Speaker, London. 1890-99. Vols. 1-19. 18 volumes, cloth, i volume unbound. 
United Service Journal, London, 1829-61. Vols. 1-97. 97 volumes, half-calf. 

Jahrbuch fur Qesetzgebung, Verwaltung und Volkswirthschaft, Leipzig. 1877-95. 
Vols. 1-19. 19 volumes, paper. (A fine copy of this set on Legislation and Political 
Social Weekblad, Haarlem. 1887-98. Vols, i -12. 1 2 volumes, boards. 
Statistisches Jahrbuch fur das deutsche Reich, Berlin. 1880-96. Vols. 1-17. 17 vol- 
umes, paper. 


116 The Boston Book Company's voi. 2. No. 8 

Special Prices will be made for July orders. 


American Association for Advancement of Science. Vols. 1-48, 1848-99. Paper. Salem, 8°. 
American Geographical and Statistical Society, Bulletin znA Journal, New York. 1852-98 ; 

I. Vols. 1-2 ; II. 1-30. 32 volumes, pts. 
American Journal of Mathematics. Vols, i-ii, and index of vols. i-io. 1878-89. 12 vol- 
umes, unbound. (Vol. 11 lacks no. i.) 
American Journal of riicroscopy. Vols. 1-6. 1875-81, unbound. New York. 8°. 
Annual of Scientific Discovery. 1850-71. 22 volumes in 21, cloth, all published. Boston, 8". 
Boston Journal of Chemistry. Vols. 1-19. 1866-85. Unbound. Boston. 
Electrician, New York. 1882-95. Vol. i, no. 3 to vol. 20. 20 volumes, half-morocco. 
Nevk' York Academy of Sciences, Annals, 1-8. 1877-95. Transactions, 1-12, 14. 1881-93, 

1895. 21 volumes. Bound. 
Mining Magazine, New York. 1853-58. Vols, i -10, and index. 11 volumes. Cloth. 
National Electric Light Association. Proceedings First to fourteenth conventions. 1885-91. 

6 volumes cloth and 1 1 volumes pts. 1 7 volumes in all. 
Paving and Municipal Engineering. Vols. 3-17. 15 volumes. Unbound. 
Analytical Review. Vols. 1-22. 1788-95. Old binding. London, 8°. 
British Association for advancement of Science. Reports. 1831-95, and volume of lists of 

members. 64 volumes, complete, half-calf. London, 8°. 
Cavendish Society. Handbook of Chemistry, by Gmelin. 18 volumes, cloth. London. 
Civil Engineer and Architect's Journal. 1839-67, 30 volumes, all published, old, half- 
Edinburgh Journal of Science. 5 volumes, 1826, all published, half-calf. 
Electrical Engineer, London. 1888-97. N. S. vols. 1-20. Vols. 1-9 cloth, rest unbound. 
Engineering, London. 1866-94. Vols. 1-58, 58 volumes, half-morocco. 
Journal of Hicroscopy and Natural Science. (Postal Microscopical Society, Journal of 

microscopy, etc.) 16 volumes. 1882-97, all published. Cloth, new. 
Journal (Quarterly) of Science. Vols. 1-22. 1864-85. 22 volumes, all published. (Poole 

set.) 8 volumes bound, rest unbound. 
Royal Institution of Great Britian. Proceedings. Vols. 1-13. 1851-92. 13 volumes. 
Quarterly Journal. Vols. 1-29. 1816-30. 42 volumes, bound, some few shabby. 
Annalen der Physik und Chemie. New series. Wiedemann. Vols. 1-42. 1877-91. 

Namenregister of. Vols.i-35. Leipzig. 43 volumes in 34, half- morocco, as new. 
BolletinoderRComitato geologico d'ltalia. Rome. 1870-99. Volumes 1-30, unbound. 
Electricien, L', Paris, 1881 -87. Vols. i-ii. 11 volumes, half-morocco. 
Electrotechnische Zeitschrift. 1880-98. Vols. 1-19. 19 volumes, unbound. 
Lumidre Electrique. 1879-94. Vols. 1-53 and index, 16 volumes, bound, rest unbound. 
An absolutely complete set of this scarce publication. 

Vols. 1-42. 41 volumes well bound. 

Zeitschrift fiir Angewandte Chemie, Jahrgang, 1887-97. Vols, i-ii, paper. 

fUr Physikalishe Chemie. Vols. 1-28. 1887-99. 17 volumes, half-morocco, 

rest unbound. 28 volumes. Leipzig. 


July, 1901 Bulletin of Bibliography. U7 



American Dental Review, St. Louis. 1858-63. Vols. 1-4, no. i, in i volume, half-calf. 
American Journal of Insanity, Utica, New York. 1844-56, vols. 1-12, in 6, half-roan. 

1871-74, vols. 28-30. 1883-85, vols. 39-42. 
Architects and Mechanics' Journal, New York. 1859-61. 3 volumes, half-roan. 
Architectural Review, Philadelphia. 1868-69. Vol. i. Cloth. 
Manufacturers' Gazette, Boston. 1881-90. Vols. 1-13, 15-16. Unbound. 
Society of Naval Architects and flarine Engineers. Transactions, New York. 1893-96. 
Vols. 1-4. 4 volumes, cloth as new. 
Architect, London. 1869-97. Vols. 1-60. Cloth, (A very extra set of this foremost English 

Brain, London. 1878-95. Vols. 1-18. 18 volumes, unbound. 
British and Foreign Medico-Chirurgical Review, London. 1848-77. Vols. 1-60. 60 

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Let THE BOSTON BOOK CO. know what sets you want. 

U8 The Boston Book Compan/s Voi. 2 No. 8 


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Vol. 2 

Bulletin of Bibliography 

JULY. 1 901 

No. 8 

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A Bibliography. 
By George Watson Cole. 
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Sars, G. O. Phyllocarida. 1887. Ft. 56 (vol. 19), p. 

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NoTK. — Two new species from Bermuda. 
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Note. — Six species from Bermuda. 

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Note. — Four species from Bermuda, two of which are new. 
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Note. — Five species taken from gfulf-weed, south of Bermuda, 
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coetus spdurus ; and (?) Exocoetus affinis. 
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Note. — Gives a description of the Bermudas and their early 
history, p. 663-664. This is evidently added to Herrera's ac- 
count by the editors. 


The Boston Book Company's 

Vol. 2 No. 8 

Churchill, Awnsham, rrW Churchill, John. {^Continued.) 
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Note. — At pages 439-440 occurs a short account of the Ber- 
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of Captain Russel, a Frenchman, circa 1 560-1570; 01 Henry 
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Vol. 3 (1745), p. 147-508. 

Note. — Description, etc. of Bermuda, p. 405. Monson makes 
the follo\King statement, unverified by ouier historians : — 
"This iflanaat the beginning was dif covered by the /"or/w- 
gtu/e nation, and inhabited by them, till they found little profit 
accrued from it. and then they abandoned it, . . . ." 

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Companion to the British almanac. Published under 
the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of 
Useful Knowledge. Ix>ndon. 12°. 

Note. — Statistical infornution about Bermuda is given as 
follows : 

1828. English occupation ; 1609. p. 60. 

1829. Slave population 4,608. p. 199. 

1832. Population and trade statistic*. p. 104-105. 

1833. Rum imported from Bemiuda. p. 183. 

1834. Slaves, Education, p. 180-181. 

1835. Abolishment of slavery, p. 257. 

1839. Slaves, 4,026. Appraised value, ;£i7j,i94. p. 195. 

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Vol. 2 (No. 9, March and April, 1888), p. 118. 

Note. — This article was " to be continued," but this number 
was the last issue of the periodical, which was continued as 
the Nautilus. The following species are mentioned : — Lit- 
torina muricata, L. diiata, L. tcabra, L. ziczac, L. mauri- 
tiana, Ntrita iettellata, N.^loronta, Turbo ^ca, lanthina 
communis. I.globota, I. belUla, Fisturrlla barbadtnsis. Si- 
phonaria brunnta, and Chiton sfuamosus. 

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See United service magazine. 

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Abrolhos Reefs, Province of Bahia, Brazil, 1867. Vol. 
I (part 2, February, 1868), p. 351-371. 
Note — The following species of Echinodermata are here re- 
corded from Bermuda: — Ofhiontrtis rtticulata, p. 366 ; 
I.inckia ornitho^s, p. 367 ; Asterias Atlantica, p. 368-369 ; 
and Eckinometra Muhthni, p. 369. 

Connecticut academy of arts and sciences. {Continued.) 

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northeastern coast of America. Part i. The gigan- 

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(part I, February, 1880), p. 177-257. 

Note. — A species collected by G.Brown Goode, Dec, 1876, 
on the north shore of Bermuda, Sthenoteuthis pteropiis is 
here described, p. 228-233. It is also figured in plates 27, figs. 
7. 7a ; 36, figs, s, sa. 6, 7 : 37, fig. 7 ; and 54, figs. 2, 2a. 

Verrill, Addison Emory. Same. Part 2. The smaller 
Cephalopods, including the " squids" and the octopi, 
with other allied forms. Vol. 5 (part 2, June 1881), 
p. 259-446. 

Note. — S epioteuthis stpioidta d'Orb., collected by Goode in 
1878, p. 345-346- 

Pilsbry, Henry Augustus. The air-breathing Mollusks 
of the Bermudas. Vol. 10 (part 2, September, 1900), 
p. 491-509. I plate. 

Note. — Also issued as an author's separate. A general re- 
vision of all the known species of land shells. Forty-two 
species are enumerated. One species, Limax fla%>us L., 
taken by Prof. Verrill's party in 1898 has not hitherto been re- 
ported from Bermuda. The family of Zonitidcr contains the 
only genus of land shells peculiar to Bermuda, the Pctcilozon- 
ites bermudensis Pfr. The Melantpus redfieldi Pfr. was 
originally described from the Bermudas. Bibliography of the 
subject, p. 506-509. 

Carman, Samuel. Additions to the Ichthyological fauna 
of the Bermudas, from the collection of the Yale Ex- 
pedition of 1898. Vol. 10 (part 2, September, 1900), 
p. 510-512. 
Note. — One new species of fish and two rare species described. 

Verrill, Addison Emory, and Bush, Katherine J. Ad- 
ditions to the marine Moll'isca of the Bermudas. Vol. 
10 (part 2, September, 1900), p. 513-544. ^plates. 
Note. — This monograph enumerates eighty-seven species, 
twenty-four of which are new. The latter are as follows : — 
Lucina nux, Tellina (Ang'u/us), 'I'ornatinadecurreni, Bulla 
Bermuda, Siphonaria henica, Eulinta hypsela, E. antbly- 
tera, E. engonia, E. compsa, E. atypha, Turbonilla valuta, 
Odostotnia Jomiii, O. lubrica, O. (Cyclodostotnia) didyma, 
O. (Evalea) Somersi, Scala electa, Cerithiopsis Bermuden- 
sis, Ccecum tenue, C. tornatutn, C. obesum, C. delicatulum, 
C, debile, C. crispum, Rissoa (Manzonia) minuscuia. One 
rare form Petricola(Naranaia)lapicida{Gn\e\\n),vidLS taken 
from Ixirings in dead coral. Two species of Octopus were 
taken in 1898, O. zmlgaris and O. Bermudensis Hoyle = O. 
chromatus Heilprin ; also a squid, Sepioteuthis sepioidea 

Verriij., Addison Emory. The Nudibranchs and naked 
Tectibranchs of the Bermudas. Vol. 10 (part 2, Sep- 
tember, 1900), p. 545-550. I plate. 

Note. — Ten species are here described, eight of which are 
new: — Aplysia tnegaptera, Pleurobranchopsis, gen. no v. 
Pl*urobranckopsis aurantiaca, Coryphella (f) paUida,Doris 
(?) bistellata, D. (.') olivacea, Lamellidoris laciea, L. (?) qua- 
drimaculata. Chromodoris ( ?) roseopicta. The last two mon- 
graphs are also issued as a separate. 

Verrill, Addison Emory. Additions to the Antbozoa 
and Hydrozoa of the Bermudas. Vol. 10 (part 2, 
September, 1900), p. S51-572. ^ plates. 
Note. — The author enumerates thirty-one species of which the 
following are new : — Plesiastrtra Goodei, Phellia ru/a Ver- 
rill, Bunodeopsis globulifera, /.oantkus proteus, Protopuh- 
thoa, nom. nov. Type G. variabilis Duerden, Protopaiy- 
tkoa grandis, Palythoa grandiflirra, Eunicea grandis. Of 
Hydrozoa, the only si>ecies added to previous lists is the com- 
mon Porpita Linncrana. 

Verrill, Addison Emory. Additions to the Crustacea 
and Pycnogonida of the Bermudas. Vol. 10 (part 2, 
September. 1900), p. 573-582. i plate. 
Note. — Twenty -eight species of Crustacea are given and two 
new species of Pycnogonida, — no species of the latter group 
having been hitherto reported from this locality. They are 
as follows : — A mmothea ( ?) rugulosa, sp. nov. A mmothella. 
subgenus nov. and A chtlia ( ?) gracilis, sp. nov. The total 
number of Decapod Crustacea now known is about seventy- 
five, nearly all ot which are also West Indian species. 


Bulletin of Bibliography. 


Connecticut academy of arts and sciences. (Continued.) 

Verrii.l, Addison Emory: Additions to the Echinoderms 

of the Bermudas. Vol. lo (part 2, September, 1900), 

p. 583-587- 

Note. — Eleven species are enumerated. " Tlje total number of 
echinoderms now known from the Bermudas is about 40, all 
of which seem to be identical with West Indian species. . . . 
The small variety of true starfishes is remarkable, for only 
four species are known, and two of these are very rare." 

Verrili^ Addison Emory. Additions to the Tunicata 
and MoUuscoidea of the Bermudas. Vol. 10 (part 2, 
October, 190x3), p. 588-594. 4 figures and I plate. 
NoTK. — Seven species of Tunicata are described, of which four 
are new to science : — Halocynthia rubrilabia, Microcosmus 
tttmia/us, Polvcarpa multiphiala, and Diazona picta. Two 
species of MoUuscoidea are given, of which Barenisia titnida 
is new. The last four monographs are also issued as one 
Verrill, Addison Emory. Additions to the Turbellaria, 
Nemertina, and Annelida of the Bermudas, with Re- 
visions of some New England genera and species. 
Vol. 10 (part 2, Nov. and Dec, 1900), p. 595-672. 2 
figures and i plate. 

Note. —Turbellaria; three species, of which two are new: — 
Leptoplana lactoalba, and Pseudoceros pardalis. 
Nemertina; three species, of which two are new: — Lineus 
albocinctus, and L . albonatus. 

Of Annelida, the author's collection includes over no 
species. The following new species are recorded : — Phyl- 
lodoce Bertnudee, Eulalia, tnegalops, Syllis (^Typosyllis) co- 
rallicola, Var. lineolata, S. grandigularis, S. ( Typosyllis) 
catenula, S.jugularis, S . (Typosyllis) diplomorpka, S. (7V- 
tragleru), sp., S. Chatosyllis), sp., S. ( Typosyllis) annularis, 
S. (Typosyllis) cincinnala, Same (stem-form, with a sexual 
zooid.), 5. (E klersia) exigua, S. (Ehlersid) niiida, Haplosyl- 
lis cephalata, H. palpata, Trypanosyllis attenuata, T. Jer- 
tilis, T. tenella, Hemisyllis, gen. nov. dispar, sp. nov., Opis- 
thosyllis ntichalis, Same, Var. (Tjgularis, Eusyllis (Synsyllis) 
virtdtda, E. (Synsyllis) longigularis, Branchiosyllis lamelli- 
fera, Desmosyllis longisetosa, Odontosyllis enopla, O. 
Brachydonta, Grubeosyllis nitidula, G. rugulosa, Autolytus 
(Procerasa) simfUx, Marpkysa regalis, Heterotnarphysa, 
gen. nov. tenuis, Leodice ele^ans, L. stigmatura, L. con- 
cinna,L. tenuicirrata, L. untfrons, L. margaritacea, Ly si- 
dice bilobaia, Paramarphysa obtusa, Nematonereis hebes, 
Stauronereis, nom. nov. tnelanops, S. erythrops, S. poly- 
donta, Lutnbrinereis fuisuta, Arabella maculosa, Aricia 
setosa, Cirratulus (Audouiuia) capillaris, C. (Audouinia) 
iVebsteri V., Euclymene V., nom. nov. coronata, Clym.nella 
(Axioihella, sub-gen. nov.) Somersi, Eupolymnia, nom nov. 
(Polymniella, sub. gen. nov.) aurantiaca, Streblosoma (Eu. 
grytnaa, sub-gen. nov.) polybranchia, Proiothelepus, gen- 
nov. tenuis, Nicolea modesta, Loimia Bermudensis, Poly- 
cirrus corallicola, P. pennulifera, P. luminosus, Sthenelais 
setosa Bush., sp. nov., Chrysopetalum elegans Bush., sp. nov. 
Aspidosiphon spinulosum, and Golfingia elongata. 

Contributions to ornithology. London. 8°. 

Jardine, Sir William, Bart. Ornithology of the Ber- 
mudas. Vol. for 1849, P- 76-87; vol. for 1850, p. 5- 
M, 35-38, 67. 

Note.— Gives lists of birds furnished by Lieutenant Wedder- 
bum and Rev. H. B. Tristram, supplemented by the observa- 
tions of Captain Drummond and Mr. Hurdis. " Mr. Tris- 
tram, [who lived in Bermuda three years], printed a list in the 
islands, of all the birds that had occurred to his notice in 
1847." — p. 77. The lists here given comprise constant resi- 
dents, 8 species ; summer residents, 3 species ; autumnal and 
winter visitants, 88 species, revised to 84 ; vernal visitants, 3 
species ; accidental stragglers from the Eastern Hemisphere, 3 
species ; and doubtful, 5 species. In 1849, twenty species 
were added and in 1850 one. Supplementary remarks men- 
tion respectively 13 and 10 species. 

Cutler, Nathaniel. General coasting pilot. London, 
1728. folio. 
Sailing directions for the Iflands of Burmudas. p. 135. 
Note. — This work is the second part or volume of the " Atlas 
maritime & commercialis," published by James and John 
Knap ton. 
Dana, James Dwight. Corals and coral islands. New 
York (Dodd & Meade), 1872. (2d edition, 1874.) 8°. 

398 PP- 

Note. — Structure of the Bermuda Islands [with map], 
p. 218-221, 183 ; former extent, p. 370 ; and caverns, p. 361, 
A list of corals, furnished by Prof. A. E. Verrill, comprising 
17 species, is given on p. 114. 

Deutschen Malakozoologischen Gesellschaft, Jahrbucher 
der Frankfurt am Main. 8*^. 

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lusken. III. Die Inselfaunen. Siebenter Jahrgang 
(1880), p. 241-286. 

Note. — The MoUusks of Bermuda are discussed on p. 257- 
258 and a list of 20 species is given on p. 286. 

Dictionnaire encyclop^dique des sciences m^dicales. 
Directeur : A. Decbambre. Paris. 8°. 
Lk Roy de Mericourt, A. Bermudes (en espagnol 
Bermudas, appel^es aussi lies Somers). Tome 9 (1868), 
p. 168-177. 

Note. — There is also an edition bearing the date 1876. A 

short bibliography is appended to this article. 

Disturnell, J. Influence of climate in North and South 
America. New York (D. Van Nostrand), 1867. 8°. 

334 PP- 

Note. — Bermuda — Gulf stream, p, 273-275, Bermuda grass, 
p. 202. 

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nomic Association . New York. 8°. 
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rencies of the British plantations in America. Vol. 2 
(no. 5, October, 1897), p. 291-355. 

Note, — Originally published anonymously in London in 1739. 
Bermuda's observance of the Proclamation Act is noted at p. 
301-302 and 318. Commenting on this, the editor, Charles J. 
Bullock, says "On p. 302 Douglass had said that Bermuda 
observed the Parliamentary act of 1707. This was not al- 
together accurate, for Bermuda evaded the act by adopting a 
gold standard. Yet silver was rated at the proclamation rate 
of 6s. ID i-2d. per ounce, so that there is a basis for the 
author's statement. " — p. 318-319 note. 

Eden, Richard. First three English books on America; 
edited by Edward Arber. Birmingham, 1885. 4to. 
OviEDO Y Valdes, Gonzalo Fernandez. The natural his- 
tory of the West Indies. First printed in 1526. Sec- 
tion 2, p. 205-242. 

Note. — At page 233 (original edition, p. 203) is found the earli- 
est description of the discovery of Bermuda. This p>assage is 
quoted in full in Lefroy's Memorials 0/ the Bermudas, 
vol. I, p. 2-3. 

Edinburgh cabinet library. Edinburgh. 16°. 

Murray, Hugh. An historical and descriptive account 
of British America; comprehending Canada Upper 
and Lower, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfound- 
land, Prince Edward Island, the Bermudas, and the 
Fur Countries. Vol. 25-27 (Edin. aw^j'Lond., 1839). 
Note. — A description of the "Bermudas" occupies paees 
329-3^6 of volume 2. The author cites numerous authorities 
for his statements. 

Edinburgh review. Edinburgh. 8°. 

Horrors (The) of the negro slavery existing in our West 
India islands. [A review.] Vol. 7, (no. 13, October, 
1805), p. 244-248. 

Note. — Mentions (p. 245 note^ a law passed in Bermuda 
entitled : " An act for the security of the subject, to prevent 
the forfeiture of life and estate upon killing a negro or other 
slave," in which the penalty is fixed at ;£io. 

What is to be done with our criminals ? Vol. 86 (no. 
173. J"ly» 1847), p. 214-272. 

Note. — The statistics of crime in Canada and Bermuda, not- 
withstanding the importation of criminals, show that " the 
average of oSences to the population is nearly the same as in- 
England." p. 271. 

Transportation as it now is. [Review of several 
works.] Vol. 90 (no. 181, July, 1849), p. 1-39. 
Note. — Gives some glimpses of the convict life in Bermuda, 
where there were four frigates and a hospital sliip with accom- 
modations for 1,750 men employed on the dock-yard and forti- 
fications, and other ordinance work. An account is also given 
of the successful introduction of rewards for piece-work. 

Colonial policy (The) of Lord John. Russell's admin- 
istration. By Earl Grey. [A review.] Vol. 98 (no. 
199. July. 1853), p. 62-98. 
Note. — Bermuda mentioned, p. 88. 
{To be continued.') 


The Boston Book Company's 

Vol. 2 No. 8 

Best Editions of Robert Browning 

Compiled by Elvira Lucile Bascom. 

One of the practical difficulties that the librarian meets in the selection of books is the difficulty 
of determining appropriate editions. Even librarians who are skilled in weighing the merits of com- 
peting editions are unable to do so, because they are at a distance from book centers. 

I am making an attempt to relieve this difficulty to a certain degree by compiling a series cov- 
ering the best editions of about fifty standard authors. The first of the series treats of Ralph Waldo 
Emerson, and may be found in the twelfth annual report of the New York State Library School. 
The following Browning list is the second of the series. I have been promised the cooperation of 
able librarians in covering other authors. Criticisms of the various lists as they appear will be gladly 
received. The selection of editions in the Standard Library of the Providence Public Library, issued 
in pamphlet form, is of great service to librarians. The advantage of the projected series lies in the 
choice of editions which it offers, and in the fact that all included are in print. 

Salome Cutler Fairchild. 
Standard library edition — Riverside edition (1899) 
Poetic and dramatic works. 6 v. 5 por. i pi. O. Houghton %q; 1^1.50 per vol. 

V. I Pauline, Paracelsus, Strafford, Sordello, 

V. 5 

Pippa passes, King Victor and King 

V. 2 Dramatic lyrics, The return of the v. 6 

Druses, A blot in the 'scutcheon, Colombe's 

birthday. Dramatic romances, A soul's 

tragedy, Luria 
V. 3 The ring and the book 
v. 4 Christmas eve and Easter day, Men and 

women, In a balcony. Dramatis personae, 

Balaustion's adventure, Prince Hohen- 

stiel-Schwangau, Fifine at the fair 

The 1899 edition is preferable to that of 1891 because it incorporates the author's latest revisions, contains a 
few additional poems, and each Volume is provided with introduction and notes. 

Choice edition — Uniform edition 

Red cotton night-cap country, Aristoph- 
anes' apology. The inn album, Pacchiarotto 
and other poems 

The Agamemnon of ^schylus. La Saiziaz, 
The two poets of Croisic, Dramatic idyls 
(2 series), Jocoseria, Ferishtah's fancies, 
Parleyings, Fragments, Asolando; Tables 
of first lines and index of titles 

Works. 17 V. il. 3 por. O. 

Smith, Elder & Co. 5s. per vol. 



Pauline, Sordello 





Paracelsus, Strafford 





Pippa passes, King Victor and King 

Charles, The return of the Druses, A 



soul's tragedy 



A blot in the 'scutcheon, Colombe's 
birthday, Men and women 





Dramatic romances, Christmas eve and 
Easter day 





Dramatic lyrics, Luria 





In a balcony. Dramatis personae 





The ring and the book, books 1-4. 





The ring and the book, books 5-8 

Macmillan issues thic edition in nine volumes, ^20, $2.25 per volume 
volume are to ly-volume edition. 

The ring and the book, books 9-12 
Balaustion's adventure. Prince Hohenstiel- 
Schwangau, Fifine at the fair 
Red cotton night-cap country. The inn 
13 Aristophanes' apology, Agamemnon of 

Pacchiarotto and other poems, La Saisiaz, 
The two poets of Croisic 
Dramatic idyls (2 series), Jocoseria 
Ferishtah's fancies, Parleyings 
Asolando; Biographical and historical 

Page references of notes at end of last 

J^iy' 1001 Bulletin of Bibliography. J23 

Two-volume edition — Globe edition 

Poetical works, ed. by Augustine Birrell and F. G. Kenyon. 2 v. 2 por. D. Macmillan 153.50 


V. I Pauline, Paracelsus, Strafford, Sordello, v. 2 The ring and the book, Prince Hohenstiel- 
Pippa passes, King Victor and King Schwangau, Fifine at the fair, Red cotton 

Charles, Dramatic lyrics, The return of night-cap country, The inn album, Pac- 

the Druses, A blot in the 'scutcheon^ chiarotto, Agamemnon of ^schylus, La 

Colombe's birthday. Dramatic romances, Saiziaz, The two poets of Croisic, Dramatic 

Luria, A soul's tragedy, Christmas eve idyls (2 series), Jocoseria, Ferishtah's fan- 

and Easter day, Men and women, In a cies, Parleyings, Asolando ; Chronological 

balcony, Dramatis personae, Balaustion's list of Robert Browning's poems and plays ; 

adventure, Aristophanes' apology Index to first lines of shorter poems and 

songs ; General index 
One volume edition — Cambridge edition 

Complete poetic and dramatic works. 1033 p. i por. O. Houghton $^. 


Wise, Thomas J. Materials for a bibliography of the writings in prose and verse of Robert 
Browning. 269 p. In NicoU, W. R. and Wise, T. J. Literary anecdotes of the nineteenth 
century, v. i. Dodd ^8. 

This bibliography first appeared, in briefer form, in the Aihenaum at irregular intervals from 1894 to 1897. It 
is much more complete than the two following, but not so accessible to the average library. The edition is 
limited to 1000 copies. 

Orr, Mrs. Alexandra (Leighton). Chronological bibliography of Browning's works. 29 p. 
In Orr, Mrs. Alexandra (Leighton). Handbook to the works of Robert Browning. Macmil- 
lan $1.75. 

Cooke, George Willis. The best things said of Browning. 6 p. In Cooke, G. W. Guide- 
book to the poetic and dramatic works of Robert Browning. Houghton $2. 


Standard biography 

Orr, Mrs. Alexandra C^eighton). Life and letters of Robert Browning. 2 v. i por, i pi. 

O. Houghton $3. 

Shorter biography 

Sharp, William. Life of Robert Browning. 219 p. O. Scribner %\. (Great writers) 

Contains a bibliography which is much briefer than Wise's, lacks the advantage of selection as found in 
Cooke's, though fuller, and is not so nearly up to date as Mrs. Orr's list. 

Biographic collateral 

Browning, Robert, & Browning, Mrs. E. B. (Barrett). Letters, 1845-1846. 2 v. 2 por. 

2 fac-sim. O. Harper ^5. 

Browning, Mrs. Elizabeth Barrett (Barrett). Letters; ed. by F. G. Kenyon. 2 v. 
2 por. I pi. I fac-sim. D. Macmillan ;?2.5o. 


These are chosen as the most surely interpretative and the best adapted for ready reference. For students of Browning 
the following, containing both interpretative and critical matter, will be of value: J. T. Nettleship's Robert 
Browning, essays and thoughts ; James Fotheringham's Studies of the mind and art of Robert Browning ; Henry 
Jones' Browning as a philosophical and religious teacher; Hiram Corson's Introduction to the study of Robert 
Browning's poetry; London Browning society papers (from which a volume of Browning studies, edited by Edward 
Berdoe, is reprinted) ; Boston Browning society papers ; articles in Poet lore ; Browning study programmes by 
Charlotte Porter and Helen Clarke. 

Orr, Mrs. Alexandra (Leighton). Handbook to the works of Robert Browning. 420 p. D. 

Macmillan ^1.75. 

Qassifies the poems under ten groups and gives brief arguments of each. No explanation of allusions. 

Cooke, George Willis. Guide-book to the poetic and dramatic works of Robert Browning. 

451 p. O. Houghton 1t>2. 

Alphabetic arrangement of titles, characters, allusions and well-known quotations, with fairly full information 
Now incorporated in introduction and notes of 1899. Riverside edition. 


The Boston Book Company's 

Vol. 2 No. 8 

Berdoe, Edward. Browning cyclopedia ; a guide to the study of the works of Robert Brown- 
ing. 572 p. O. Macmillan $3.50, 

Arranged like Cooke, but covering a larger field. Gives full arguments, explanation of allusions, historical in- 
formation, etc. 

Molineux, Marie Ada. Phrase book from the poetic and dramatic works of Robert Brown- 
ing. 520 p. O. Houghton $3. 

An alphabetic list of phrases and a one-word index, with references to the 1891 Riverside and the Cambridge 
editions. Except for Asolando and four short poems, references are correct for the 1899 Riverside edition. 


Watts, G. F. artist. Frederick Keppel & Co., 20 E. i6th St., New York. 91^ x n^ in. 

For farther information regarding portraits of Browning, see three illustrated articles by W. M. Rossetti in 
Magazine of art, 1890, p. 181-88, 246-52, 261-67. 

Correspondence with prominent art firms in this country and England leads to the belief that no reproductions of the 
busts of Browning have been made. There are at least three busts in existence, those by Robert Barrett Browning, 
William Wetmore Story and Henrietta Montalba. 


Compiled by the Providence, R. I., Public Library. 
Since April i, 1901, the following subjects have been treated in reference lists published by libraries. 

Alfred the Great. Somerville [Mass.] Public Library 
Library Bulletin, April, 1901. 

Animal Stories for Children. Los Angeles [Cal.] Public 
Library Monthly Bulletin, May, 1901. 

Bermuda in Periodical Literature. Series II, part III. 
The Boston Book Co.'s Bulletin of Bibliography, April, 

Books, Fifty Best, for 1900. Westfield [Mass.] Athenaeum 

Monthly Bulletin, June, 1 90 1. 

Books for Children. The Boston Book Co.'s Bulletin of 
Bibliography, April, 1901. 

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Quarterly Bulletin, Jan.-Mar., 1901. 

Fiction, Historical. Nashua [N. H.] Public Library Bul- 
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in the French language, contained in the Revue 

des Deux Mondes, List of. 1856- 1899. Part II. The 
Boston Book Qo.\ Bulletin of Bibliography, April, 1901. 

List of Twenty-five Prose Fictions. Los Angeles 

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Reading list on. Los Angeles [Cal.] Public Library 

Monthly Bulletin, April, 1901. 

Indians. Los Angeles, [Cal.] PubUc Library Monthly Bul- 
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Our Library, April 1 901. 

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New York City, Almanacks. New York Public Library 

Bulletin, May, 1901. 
Churches. New York Public Library Bul- 

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Directories. New York Public Library 

Bulletin, May, 1901. 

Fire Department. New York Public Li- 
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Parks. New York Public Library Bulletin, 

April, 1901. 

Street Railways. New York Public Li- 
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Streets. New York Public Library Bul- 
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Vital Statistics. New York Public Li- 
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Water Front. New York Public Library 

Bulletin, April, 1901. 

Water Supply. New York Public Library 

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Rebellion, War of the. Westfield [Mass.] Athenneum 
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Russia. Somerville [Mass.] Public Library Library Bul- 
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St. Nicholas Prize List. Los Angeles [Cal.] Public Li- 
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April, 1901. 
Spring Rowers. Osterhout Free Library [Wilkesbarr^, 

Pa.] Library News Letter, May, 1901. 

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Victoria, Queen. Fitchburg [Mass.] Library Bulletin, 
May, 1901. 

July, 1901 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 





( To be continued quarterly!) 

N. B. — The Editor will be glad to know of any omission or corrections, since April, 1900, not 
noted, for inclusion in the next issue, and will esteem it a favor to be notified of new periodicals by 
any librarian who may receive a sample number. Reports of deaths will be gratefully received and 

New Periodicals. 

American Medicine. 1321 Walnut St., Phila., w. vol. i, 
no. I, April 6, 1901. 

American Tit-Bits. 358 Alexandria Ave., New York, 

quar., 4to, vol. i, no. i, June, 1901. loc. each. 
Art and Architecture. 605 Parrott Bldg., San Francisco, 

mo., vol. I, no. i, Nov., 1900. 35c., $3,00. 
Art Record, The. 435 Strand, London, W. C, w. 4to, 

illus', vol. I, no. I, Feb. 23, 1901. 2d. each. 
Book Bits and Paper Particles. 5 Tudor St., London, 

E. C, 8vo, vol. I, no. 1, May 17, 1901. 3d. each. 

(For the Colonial trade). 

Buffalo Amusement Guide, 410 Ellicott Sq., BuflFalo, 
N. Y., w., vol. I, no. I., March 30, 1901. loc. each. 

Caxton Magazine. 23 Abchurch Lane, London, E. C. 
mo., vol. I, no. i, April, 1901. ids. year. (Printing, 
Paper and Applied Trades.) 

Coast The. 730 New York Blk., Seattle, Wash., mo. vol. 

I, no. I, Feb., 1901. 5 1.00 year. 
Co-operation. 79 Dearborn St., Chicago, w., Svo, vol. i, 

no. I, Jan. 5, 1901. 5c., $1.00 . (Charities). 
Dwarf, The. Morton Park, 111., mo. Svo, illus., vol. i, 

no. I, April, 1901. 25c. year. 
English World. Poststrasse 3, Leipzig, mo., vol. i, no. i, 

Jan., 1901. M. 3 for 6 mos. 

Folio. 306 Douglas Blk., Los Angeles, Cal., mo., Svo, 
illus., vol. I, no. I, May, 1901. 500. year. 

Foreign Literature, The. 1332 Walnut St., Phila., mo., 
Svo, vol. I, no. I, Oct. 1900. IOC, JSi.oo. 

France, La. Poststiasse 3, Leipzig, mo. vol. i, no. i, Jan., 
1901. M. 3 for 6 mos. 

Guide, The. S5 Fifth Ave., Chicago, mo., Svo, illus, vol. i, 
no. I, April, 1901. IOC., ;fi.oo. 

Home and Garden, 929 Chestnut St., Phila., mo., 4to, 
illus,, vol. I, no. I, June, 1901. 50c., %\.qo. 

Interpreter, The. 1021 Masonic Temple, Chicago, mo., 

8vo., vol. I, no. I, Abib. (March 21-April iS), 1901, 

IOC., $1.00, 
Journal of the New Animal Therapy, The. 3515 

Grand Blvd., Chicago, quar., Svo, illus., vol. i, no. i, 

Jan. 1900. 25c,, jSi.oo. 

Junk, The. Ogdensburg, N, Y., mo., 24mo, vol. i, no. 
I, April, 1901. 5c., 50c. 

Kansas, City Jeweler and Optician. 21S Hall Bldg., 
Kansas City, Mo,, mo., 4to, illus,, vol. i, no. i. May, 1901 . 
IOC, $1.00. 

Knocker, The. Philadelphia, mo., i6mo, vol. r, no. i, 
May, 1901. IOC, ;^i.oo. 

Library Review. 1122 Chestnut St., Phila., mo., Svo, 
vol. I, no. I, June, 1901. loc. year. 

Louisiana Purchase, iio no. 40th St., St. Louis, Mo., 
mo., Svo, vol. I, no. i, April, 1901, 25c,, $2.50. 

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mo, vol. 1, no. i , April, 1901. 5c., 50c. (Bibelot.) 

Monatsberichte iJBER Kunstwissenschaft und Kun- 
sthandel. Liebigstrasse, Munich, mo., 4to, illus,, i 
jahrgang, heft i, Oct., 1900. M. 12 year. 

Monthly Home Investor of New York. 256 Broad- 
way, New York, mo., 4to, illus., vol. i, no. i, April, 1901, 
Sc, 50C. 

Mortuarian. Richmond Hill, New York, quar., vol. i, 
no, I, Dec, 1900. 15c. year. 

Musical World, The. 8 Beacon St., Boston, mo., 4to, 
illus., vol, I, no. I, Feb., 1901, lOC, J61.00, 

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4to, vol. I, no. I, March 12, 1901. lOc, $4.00, 

New England Express List. 34 Merchants Row, 
Boston, quar., vol. i, no. i, Dec. 15, 1900 to March 15, 
1 90 1. 50c. year. 

New York Magazine of Mysteries. 223 Williams St., 
New York, mo., fol., illus., vol. i, no. i. May, 1901. loc, 
1 1. 00. 

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New York, mo., vol. i, no. i, Feb., 1901. ^i-oo year. 

News Chronicle. 251 William St, New York, mo., 

Svo, vol. I, no. I, Jan., 1901. 50c., 55.00. 
North Carolina Booklet. Raleigh, N. C, mo., i6mo, 

vol. I, no, I, May 10, 1901. loc, $1.00. 
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mo., Svo, illus., vol. i, no. i, Oct., 1900. 6d. each. 
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vol. i,no. I, Jan. I, 1901. ioc.,$i.oo. (Ceramic Art.) 
Pacific Exporter, The. 431 California St., San P'ran- 

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IOC, $1.00. 
Pen and Palette. London, w., 4to, illus., vol.i, no, 

I, Dec, 15, 1900. id. each. 
Philharmonic. 202 Michigan Bldg., Chicago, quar., 

4to, illus., vol. I, no. 1, Jan., 1901. 15c., 50c. (Music, 

Art, Drama.) 
Phrenic World. Brownwood, Tex., mo., 4to, vol. i, 

no. I, Jan., 1901. loc, ^i.oo. (Phrenology.) 
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w., vol. I, no. I, Nov. 24, 1900. $1.00 year. 


The Boston Book Company's 

Vol. 2 No. 8 

Powder Magazine, The. 99 Woodward Ave., Detroit, 
Mich., w., i2mo, vol. i. no. i, March 28, 1901. 

Power and Lighting Economist. Troy, N. Y., quar., 
sm. 8vo, Ulus., vol. I, no. i, Jan., 1901. |i.oo year. 
Sc, J1.50. 

Practical Ideals. 200 Clarendon St., Boston, mo., 8vo, 
vol. I, no. I, Dec, 1900. lOc, jlioo. 

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8vo, illus., vol. I, no. 1, July, 1900. $2.00 each. 

Quarterly Bulletin of the Bureau of Economic 
Research. 35 Lafayette PL, New York, ruar., 8vo, illus., 
no. I, July, 1900. $1.00. each. 

Rebel, The. 1430 S. Penn. Sq., Philadelphia, mo., 8vo, 
vol. I, no. I, March, 1901. lOC, l^i.oo. 

Reconciler. High Point, N. C, mo., 8vo, vol. i. no. i, 
March-April, 1901. j!i.5o year. 

Revue de Synthese Historique. Paris, bi-mo., 8vo, 
vol. I, no. I, Aug., 1900. 

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no. I, Jan., 1901. loc., $1.00. (Bibelot.) 

Rocky Mountain Magazine. Helena, Mont., mo., 
8vo, illus., vol. I, no. 1, Sept., 1900. 25c., $2.00. 

Royal Mystic Tie. Denver, Col., mo., i2mo, vol. i, 
no. I, Dec, 1900. 25c., year. 

Sage Leaf. 82 Chandler St., Boston, mo., i6mo, vol. 
I, no. I, March, 1901. loc, |i.oo. (Bibelot.) 

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quar., i2mo, illus., new series, vol. i, no. i, April, 1901. 

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i2mo, illus., vol. I, no. i, March, 1900. loc, $1.00. 

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8vo, voL I, no. i, March, 1901. 25c., ;(2.oo. 

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vol. I, no. I, Jan., 1901. loc, {i.oo. 

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no. I, Dec. 1, 1900. $1.50 year. 
Shorthand Advocate. Downers Grove, 111., quar., i2mo, 

vol. I, no. I, Jan.-March, 1901. 30c., |i.oo. 

Slate, The. London, mo., 4to, vol. i, no. i, Jan., 1901. 
id. each. 

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vol. I, no. I, March 9, 1901. loc. each. (Mrs. Nation.) 

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vol. I, no. I, May, 1 901. $2.00 year. (Organ U. S. 
Naval Militia). 

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Social Unity, The. 70 Bible House, New York, mo., 
i2mo, vol. 1, no. i, Jan., 1901. 5c., 50. 

Song Evangel. Norman, Okla., mo., i3mo,vol. i,no. i, 
Jaii.1901. 5c., 25c. 

SONGLAND Choir. Waynesburg, Pa., mo., 8vo, vol. i. 
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Soul AND Mind. Denver, Col., mo., 4to, illus., vol. i, 
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Spanish War Journal. 320 Indiana Ave., Washing- 
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1901. 5c., Ji.oo. 

Spectator, The. 18 Sheriff St., Cleveland, C, w., 4to, 
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May, 1901. 25c, year. 

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Table and Home. New York, quar., 4to, illus. vol. i, 
no. I, June, 1901. 

Teachers' College Record. Columbia Univ., New York, 

bi-mo except July, Svo, vol. i, no. i, Jan., 1900. 20c., 

Telephony. Manhattan Bldg., Chicago, mo, 4to, illus., 

vol. I, no. I, Jan., 1901. loc, soc. 
Texas Railway and Industrial Journal. Fort Worth, 

Tex. mo., vol. i, no. i, Jan. 1901. i^i.50 year. 
Thrush, The., 4to, vol. !,no. i,Jan. i, 1901. 

4d. each. (Bibelot). 
Traction. Monadnock Bldg., Chicago, mo., vol. i, no. i, 

Feb., 1 901. $1.00 year. 
Twentieth Century Tales. Tacoma, Wash., " pub. when 

convenient," 4to, vol. i, no. i, March, 1901. 5c. each. 
Two Penny Classics. 5616 Drexel Ave., Chicago, qua.r, 

24mo, illus., vol. i, no. i, April, 1901. loc. year. 
United States Volunteer. Chattanooga, Tenn., mo., 

vol. I, no. I, Oct., 1900. 50C. year. 

Weekly Eclipse. 1252 Boonville St., Springfield, mo., 
w, 4to, vol. I, no. I. Dec. 8, 1900. 25c. year. 

Weekly News Chronicle and Encyclopedia. 251 

William St., New York, w., 410, vol. i, no. i, March 2, 

1 90 1. IOC, 53.00. 
Weltmer's Magazine. Nevada, Mo., mo., Svo, illus., 

vol. I, no. I, Jan., 1901. lOc, Si.oo. 
Western Printer, The. 424 Sansome St., San Francis- 
co, quar., 4to., illus., vol. i, no. i, Jan., 1901. 15c., 

Whim, The. Newark, N. J., mo., i6mo, vol. i, no. i, 

Feb., 1 901. 5c., 50C. (Bibelot). 
Whitaker's Train Guide. 12 Warwick Lane, London, 

E. C, Svo, no. I, Jan., 190 1. 
White Rat, The. 241 Broadway, New York, w., 4to, 

vol. I, no. I, March, 1901. lOc, ^S-oo. 
WiLBERFORCE CHURCH BuiLDER. 1 93 Westminster St., 

Providence, R. I., vol. I, no. i. May 11, 1901. sc. each. 
Wisconsin Natural History Society, Bulletin of the. 

Milwaukee, Wii., quar., Svo, illus.. n. s., vol. i, no. i, 

Jan., 1900. 
Worcester magazine, i i Foster St., Worcester St., Mass., 

mo., Svo, illus., vol. i, no. i, Jan. 15, 1901. 20c. $2.00. 
Yellow Dog, The. i6 Pacific Ave., Chicago, mo., Svo, 

vol. I, no, I, April, 1901. 5c., 50c. (Bibelot). 
Young America, hi Fifth Ave., New York, mo., Svo, 

illus., vol. 1, no. I, Oct., 1900. lOc, 7Sc. 
Young People's Magazine, The. Temple Court Bldg., 

Chicago, 4to, illus., vol. i, no. i, April, 1901. ioc.,$i.oo. 



American and English. 


American Academy of Political and Social 
Science, Annals, Phila., 1890-99, vols. 1-14 unbound. 

American Journal of Science (Sillinians), 181S-70, 
vols. I- 100, being the I & II series complete, mostly bound. 

American Law Review,i866-i9oo, vols. 1-34 ; bound 
in law sheep. 

American Quarterly Register, Andover, 1827-43, 15 
vols., all published. 

Andover Review, Boston, 1884-93, '9 vols., all pub- 

Antiquary, London, 1880-1900, vols. 1-36, bound. 

Around the World, New York, 1893-95, 2 vols., un- 
bound all published. 

Artist, American or Poole Edition from its commence- 
ment, vols. 23-29, 1898-1900, unbound. 

Atlantic flonthly, Boston, 1857-1900, vols. 1-86, un- 

Bookman, New York, 1895-1900, vols, i-ii, unbound. 

British Quarterly Review, 1845-86, London, 83 
vols., well bound, all published. 
(One of the eight standard English reviews.) 

Canadian Magazine, Toronto, 1893-1900, vols. 1-15. 
(The best popular monthly ever issued in Canada, rapidly 

becoming scarce.) 

Citizen, Phila., 1895-98, 4 vols., all published unbound. 

Continental flonthly, Boston and New York, 1862-64, 
6 vols., all published. 
(A war-time publication, not common complete.) 

Dial, Chicago, 1880-99 vols. 1-27, unbound. 

Economic Journal, London, 1891-99, vols. 1-9. 

Economic Review, London, 1891-99, vols. 1-9 

The above two sets are now getting very scarce, and will 

seldom be offered in future. 

Fine Arts Quarterly Review, London, 1863-67, 5 
vols., all pubhshed, bound. 

Folk Lore Society Publications, a complete set in- 
cluding miscellaneous volumes, 1878-99, 47 vols, cloth. 

Qalaxy, New York, 1866-78, 25 vols., all published, un- 

Garden and Forest, New York, 1890-97, 10 vols., all 
(This is a most valuable weekly, and but few sets can be 

had in future. It is badly out of print.) 

Geographical Journal, London, 1893-1900, vols. i-i6, 
(The organ of Royal Geog. Soc, and in great demand 

by American Libraries.) 

Qreen Bag, Boston, 1889-1900, vols. 1-12, 12 vols., 
cloth new. 

(A special edition for libraries at half subscribers' price. 

The history and literature of the law. Illustrated.) 

Harper's flonthly, New York, 1850- 1900, vols, i-ioi, 
about half in good binding. 

Harper's Young People, New York, 1879-99, 20 
vols., all published. Scarce complete. 
(No library should be without this and St. Nicholas.) 

Journal of Speculative Philosophy, St. Louis, 1867- 
93, 22 vols., unbound, all published. Edited by W, T. 

Journal of the Franklin Institute, Phila., 1826- 
1899, vols. I -148. 
(An excessively scarce set.) 

Littell's Living Age, Boston, 1844-1900, 227 vols., 

about half of the set in sound binding. 

(This set is indispensable to any library which does refer- 
ence work and has a copy of Poole. The smaller the 
library the more Littell is needed.) 

ricClure's flagazine. New York, 1893-1900, vols, i- 
15, (Fast rising in price.) 

riassachusetts Quarterly Review, Boston, 1841-50, 
3 vols., all published. 
(A literary periodical of very high order.) 

National Review, London, 1883-1900, vols. 1-35, un- 
(One of the strongest of the modem rivals of Fortnightly 


New Church Review, Boston, 1 894-1900, vols. 1-7, 

New York Review, New York, 1837-42, 10 vols., un- 
bound, all published. 

North British Review, Edin., 1844-71, 53 vols., un- 
bound, all published. 

Old and New, Boston, 1870-75, 11 vols., unbound, all 
published. Edited by E. E. Hale. 

Our Young Folks, Boston, 1865-73, 9 vols., unbound. 
Complete set. Merged in St. Nicholas. 

Pall Mall Magazine, London, 1 893-1 900, vols. 1-22, 


(This is the best illustrated popular periodical England 
has yet produced. Sets are now rising in value rapidly.) 
Popular Science flonthly, New York, 1872-1900, 

vols. 1-57, and supplement, vols. 1-4 (21 nos. in all), 

St. Nicholas, New York, 1873-1900, vols. 1-27, 27 

years. Partly bound. 
Scribner's Magazine, New York, 1 887-1 900, vols, i- 

28, unbound. Has the titles and indexes which are 

usuaUy out. 

Walford's Antiquarian flagazine and Bibliogra- 
pher, London, 1882-87, 12 vols., all published. 




JUST PUBLISHED. A Book that every Library in the United States should have. 

The Early Trading Companies of New France. 

A Contribntion to the History of Commerce and Discovery in North America. 

By H. p. BIGGAR, B. Litt. (Oxon.). 
Half morocco. Price, $4.00 net. 310 pp. 

This work is the result of many years' labor among the manuscript collections of 
Europe that contain records of the earliest voyages to America. It was originally sub- 
mitted as a thesis for the author's research degree in the University of Oxford. Subse- 
quently it was revised and enlarged, and is now a complete history of early French colonizing 
effort in America based upon an examination of all the available material, manuscript and 
otherwise. In both France and Spain the author has discovered much that is new. He 
devotes special attention to the French voyages to the new world of the sixteenth century. 
The fur trade and the fisheries are discussed very fully, as is also the history of the earliest 
French settlements in North America. The history ends with the organization of the great 
Company of One Hundred Associates. 

A special feature of the volume is the Appendix, containing an enumeration and 
criticism of sources for the period. These are arranged in three classes: (i) Official 
documents ; (2) Narrative sources ; (3) Anonymous pamphlets. The appendix of sources 
occupies more than one-third of the whole volume. 

Only 600 copies of this work have been printed, of which not more than 550 are for sale. 
Orders should be sent to 

THE BOSTON BOOK CO., Freeman Place Chapel, Boston. 

Forgery^ its Detection 
and Illtistf ation 


This volume embodies the author's experience of more than thirty years, in the study and 
investigfation of questioned handwriting:. More than forty noted cases, and over seventy 
pag:es of engravings are included. 293 pages, cloth binding. $2.50 net. 




Bulletin of 


Number 19 OCTOBER, 1901 Vol.2, No. 9 

(ISSUED OCTOBER 28, 1901) 

Contents p^oe 








MAGAZINE PERPLEXITIES. "OUR DAY" (Continued) - - - . 138 








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October, 1901 Bulletin of Bibliography J3J 


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Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. 

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Bulletin of Bibliography 

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OCTOBER, 1901 

No. 9 

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means of communication between The Boston 
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Librarians coming to Boston are cordially in- 
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Our telephone is " Brookline 424 " for those 
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Barristers' Hall, 15 Pemberton Square, and shall 
be glad to meet there by appointment our cus- 

Now is the time to think of filling up reference 
sets of periodicals. May we not hear from all 
our readers this Fall? 

Book Received : Classification, Theoretical and" 
Practical, with an Appendix containing an Essay 
towards a Bibliographical History of Systems of Qassi- 
fication. By E. C. Richardson. New York, Charles 
Scribner's Sons. 1901. pp. xiv + 248. JSi-25, net. 


Supplied by Withers Public Library, Bloomington, 111. 

Vol I, p. 13. Agassiz, L. Natural history of the U. S. 

Review ( O. W. Holmes). Atlan. i :320 
Vol, I, p. 48. Aquarium, My (A. R. Coggeshall). Atlan. 

1 : 426 
Vol. I, p, 64, Art exhibitions, British Gallery in New York, 

1858, Atlan, 1 : 501. 
Vol. I, p, 125, Illusions, Essay by R, W. Emerson. Atlan. 

Vol. 1, p. 148. Books, Essay by R. W. Emerson, Atlan. 

1 : 343- 
Vol. I, p, 299. Coppee, Francois. Atlan. 54: 759. 
Vol. I, p. 411. England, History of sixteenth century. 

Letters in reigns of Edward VI. and Mary. Ed. R. 

70 : 446. 
Vol. I, p. 597. Holland, Lord Henry R. V., House of. 

Harper 48 : 436. 
Vol. I, p. 631. India, Finances of ; Revenue system of. 

Ed. R. 70: 391, 
Vol, I, p, 843. Mind, Philosophy of Douglas on. Ed. R. 

Vol. I, p. 874. Mosaics, Florentine (J. L. Motley). Atlan. 

1 : 12, 129. ( This is indexed under Florence, but the 

cross reference seems desirable.) 
Vol. I, p. 1008. Pictures, something about. H. T. Tuck- 

erman. Atlan. i : 402. 
Vol. I, p. 1039. Pottery, Rookwood. Harper 62:834. 

( Indexed as Cincinnati, Decorative, but the more defi- 
nite title is desirable.) 
Vol. I. p. II 32. Ruskin. Fors Clavigera, Review. Eel. 

Mag. 84 : 116. (New Series 21.) ( Saturday Rev.) 
Vol. I, p. 1295. Tennyson. Poems. To Eel. M. 76: 713, 

add Eel. M. 77 : 75. 
Vol. I, p. 1295. Tennyson. Harold. Add Ed. R. 145:208. 
Vol. I, p. 1305. Thinking, Thoughts about. Eel. Mag. 

84:494. (New Series 21) (Cornhill Mag.) 
Same as Living Age 124 : 673. 
Vol. I, p. 1337. Tytler, Patrick Eraser. Collection of an- 
cient letters. Ed. R. 70 : 446. 
Vol. I, p. 1337. Uhland, John Ludwig. Liv. Age 82:531 

( Quarterly Rev. ) 
Vol. 2, p. 67. Cape Ann. Around Aimisquam to Marble- 
head. H. Rich. Cent, i : 49. 
Vol. 2, p. 68. Carlyle, country of. J. Burroughs. Atlan. 

Vol. 2, p. 91. Co-education at Columbia College. L. G. 

Runkle. Cent. 3 : 683. 
Vol. 2, p. 143. England, supremacy of. C. D. Warner. 

Cent. 3:134- 
Vol. 2, p. 155. Dobson's Fielding. Atlan. 52:135. 
Vol. 2, p. 185. Gray, Thomas. Gosse's life. Atlan. 50: 

Vol. 2, p. 191. Greek Play at Harvard. 1881, Costumes of. 

Cent. 1 : 65. 
Vol. 2, p. 194. Leland on gypsies. Atlan. 50: 416. 
Vol. 2, p. 202. Herrick, Robert and his verse. Atlan. 5 1 : 

Vol. 2, p. 212. Hunt, Leigh. Cent. 1 1704 Mary Cowden 


The Boston Book Company's 

Vol. 2 No. 9 

Vol. 2, p. 248. Land System of the U. S., evils of. W. T. 

Peters. Cent. 3:599. 

(Also add the same article on page 358 under Public 
Vol. 2, p. 257. Library Buildings, Proposed National. 

Cent. 1 : 592. 
Vol. 2, p. 297. Moravians. Cent. 1 : 209 & Cent. 1 : 499. 
VoL 2, p. 321. Old Madame, Story. H. P. Spofford. Cent. 

1 : 453- 
VoL 2, p. 383. St. Anne De Beaupre. Cent. 2:1. 

Vol. 2, p. 388. Schools, Public in the U. S., Hand work in. 

Cent. 2 : 890. 
Vol. 2, p. 404. Skating. Danish skate-sail. Cent. 1 1726. 
Vol. 2, p. 406. Snow storm. J. Burroughs. Cent. 2:547. 

Vol. 2, p. 409. Songs, Biography of two famous. Atlan. 

51 1769. ( Indexed under Skinner.) 
Vol. 2, p. 427. Supreme court of the U. S. Cent. 3: 161. 
Vol. 2, p. 451. Union Generale, Failure of. 1882. Atlan. 



II. The References — (^Continued). 

Compiled by Frederika Wendt^, Boston Public Library. 

Part IV. 

Vol. 1, Third Edition, 1882. 

30 American antiquities (T. W. Harris), No. Amer. 12 : 

225, read No, Amer. 12: 235. 
412 England, History, Reign of George HL England at 

his accession. Eel. mag. 51 : 462, read 50: 462. 
843 Mind in animals. Philosophy of. Hickok on. 

(J. Bascam) read (J. Bascom). 
1 189 Shelley, Percy Bysshe. Life and Writings of. Ed. 

R. 69 : 269, read 69 : 503. 
1283 Tartars, Revolt of, Blackw, 42: 89, read Tartars, 

Revolt of (T. De Quincey) Blackw. 42 : 89. 

Vol.2. 1882-1886. 

68 Carlyle, Thomas. As a political teacher. (S. O. 

Grady) Fortn. 45 : 516, read 44 : 516. 
158 Fisk, Wilbur. Meth. Quar. 44: 203, read 42: 203. 
232 Jackson, H. H. Critic 7:85,91, read 6:85, 91; 

also Athenaeum '85, 2 : 70, read '85, 2 : 271. 

Jackson, H. H. At Colorado Springs, Critic 6: 193. 

read 7 : 193. 
415 Spiritualism. Evidences of. Fortn. 45 : 811, read 


Vol.3. 1887-1891. 

267 Manufacturers and farmers. (E. P. Qark) Nation 

47 : 65, read 47 : 64. 
354 Raphael. Hours, in outline by Miller. Nation, 

53 : 496, read by Williams. 
404 Spenser, Edmund. One aspect of. And. R, 12: 272, 

read 12: 372. 
442 United States, Constitution of. Interpretation of. 

A century of. (J. B. McMaster) Cent. 15 : 366, read 


Vol. 4. 1892-1896. 

XVI Chronological conspectus. no. 306. Academy 
(Syr.) reference lo School and College should be 371 
instead of 369. 
36 Attention and will. (A. F. Shand) Mind 68:450, 

read 20 : 450. 
77 Bryn Mawr College. Festivals in. (S. G. Walker) 

Cent. 25 : 429, read 27 : 429. 
106 Chinese in New York City. (H. F. Clark) Cent. 

31 :494, read 31 : 104. 
207 Forest reservations in U. S, Fifteen new. Forum 

46 : 792, read Cent. 24 : 792. 
320 Languages. Modern. Mass. Teacher's Assoc., etc. 
Acad. 6 : 562, read Acad. (Syr.) 6 : 562. 

449 Police force in eleven principal cities of the U. S. 

(R, Wheatley) Chaut. 7 : 197, read 17 : 197. 
474 Reading, Youthful, of literary men. (E. Dickinson) 

read (E. Dickson). 

Annual for 1897. 

88 Musical memory. Music 12 : 626, read 12 : 636. 

Annual for 1898. 

104 Police, State. (J. B. Bishop) 67 : 405, read Nation 

123 Social passion in modern English essayists. (V. D. 

Scudder) Chaut. 27 : 593, read Chaut. 27 : 595. 

Annual for 1899. 

130 "Transit of Gloria Mundy." (B. B. Fernald) read 
(C B. Fernald). 

Cumulative for 1896. 

1 36 Geography of 1 7 1 6. C, J. 1 3 : 1 23, read C. J. 73 : 123. 
Cumulative for 1897. 

45 Belloc, Hilaire and others. Essays in liberalism, 
reviews, nation, 29: 877, read National 29: 877. 

269 Holidays. Ffites of France. Ind. 49:883, read 
49 : 833. 

633 Zangwill, Israel. How to review. Outl. 22 : 669, 
read 55 : 669. 

Cumulative for 1898. 

581 Raleigh, Sir Walter. Style, etc. Read Raleigh, 

Mr. Biscoe, of the N. Y, State Library, states that 
in the third edition, 1882, of Poole, some volumes of 
the Edinburgh revew, N. Y. edition, are indexed in 
place of the English edition. The following correc- 
tions are given by him: 
29. America. Marryatt's diary in. Edin. R. 70: 66, 
read 70: 123. 
'394 Wealth of Nations. Edin. R. 70 : 224, read 
70 : 426. 
II Africa. Civilization of. Edin R. 72:241, read 
629 India. British (T. B. Macaulay), Edin, R. 70 : 157, 
read 70 : 295. 

In the 1853 edition, vols. 60-94 were indexed 
from the N. Y. edition. 

October, 1901 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 



A Bibliography. 

By George 

Electrical engineer. A weekly review of theoretical and 
applied electricity. New York. 4°. 
BoGART, A. Livingston. Electrical matters in the Ber- 
mudas. Vol 9. (no. 109, June 4, 1890), p. 419-420. 
Note. — This article gives a description of the Halifax-Ber- 
muda cable. See also pages 418 and 421 for notices in con- 
nection with the laying of the cable under Mr. Joseph 
Rippon's direction. On page 326 of the same volume is 
the announcement of Mr. Rippon's arrival in Bermuda and 
his selection of a landing place for the Bermuda end. 

Znglish cyclopaedia conducted by Charles Knight. First 
Division; Geography. London. 4°, 
Bermudas, or Sommers' Islands. Vol. i, column 1048- 

NoTB. — A well-written article. It incorrectly calls St. George 
the capital instead of Hamilton. See a/jo other Encyclopae- 
dias, notably the Encyclopedia Britannica, various editions ; 
Rees Cyclojepdia ; Encyclopedic Modeme ; La Grande En- 
cyclop^die ; Encyclop^die des Gens du Monde; etc. 

English pilot. The fourth book. Describing the West 

India navigation. London, folio. 

Mount, W., and J., Page, T., and Son. A Defcription 

of Bermudas (or the Summer-Islands). (1758), p. 49. 

Note. — Other editions of this work appeared in 1742 and 1764. 

English scholar's library. Edited by Edward Arber. 
Birmingham, sm. 8°. 

Smith, Capt. John. Generall historic of Virginia, New 
England, and the Summer Isles. 1624. No. 16 
(1884), p. 273-692. 

Note. —The Fifth book. The General history of the Bermu- 
das ; 1593-1623, p. 623-688. 

— Same. 2 vols. ; paged continuously. No. 16 (1895), 
p. 273-692. 

Note. — Fifth book [etc.], vol. 2, p. 623-688. 
Smith, Capt. John. The true travels, adventvres, and 
observations. No. 16 (1884), p. 805-916. 
Note. — Chapter 22 ; Summer Isles ; 1624-1629, p. 889-890. 

— Same. 2 vols. ; paged continuously. No. 16 (1895), 
p. 805-916. 

Note. — Chapter 22 ; Summer Isles ; 1624-1629, vol. 2, p. 889- 

Entomological society of Ontario. Twenty-fifth annual 
report. Toronto. 8°. 

Geddes, Gamble. Insects collected in Bermuda during 
the winter of 1894. (1894), p. 25-27. 
Note. — The writer spent four months in Bermuda beginning 
January, 1894. The article includes the names of many food- 
plants of insects. The following insects were captured : Danais 
Archippus; Junonia Ccenia; Sphinx {Plegethontius) Cingu- 
laia; S. Chcerocampa {Deilonche, Grote) Tersa; Evdioptis 
hyalinata Linneus; Notnophila nocttiella; Botis adipaloi- 
des; Polistes pallipes, and housefly, musquito, katydids and 
grasshoppers. Numerous specimens (unidentified) were taken 
by the writer. " The spiders would give entertainment to any 
enthusiast for months, for their name is legion." — p. 27. 

Entomologist. London. 8°. 

Jones, John Matthew. An immense flight of small 
butterflies ( Terias Lisa), in the Bermudas. (Vol. 9 
(no. 153, March, 1876), p. 54-58. 

Note. — The flight of butterflies, here recorded, took place 
October i, 1874. 

Ersten Deutschen Geographentages zu Berlin. Ver- 

handlungen. Berlin. 8°. 

Reinn, J. J. Die Bermudas-Inseln and ihre Korallen- 
riffe, nebst einen Nachtrage gegen die Darwin'sche 
Senkungstheorie. Vol. for 1882 (7. und 8. Juni 
1881), p. 29-46. 

Watson Cole. 

[Estlacke, Francis, and others.'] A ] Bermudas Preacher 
I Proved a | Persecutor | Being a TUST I Tryal | of | 
Sampfon Bond's Book, | entituled, | A Publick Tryal of 
the Quakers, &c. | . . . London. 4°. 

Estlacke, Francis. To the Inhabitants of thefe ITlands 
I Bermudas : | A Teftimony for the Truth and People 

of God J called Quakers, ... nth of the 3d Month, 

1678. (1683), p. 1-9. 
Wilkinson, William. Some few Lines briefly Anfwer- 

ingfome | Part of SAMPSON BONDS Book,. . ., I 

... I [signed] Bermudas the I ft | Month, 1683. | 

... I (1683), p. 10-18. 
R., R. a Brief | Touch | of the | Deceit | and Falfe 

Doctrine | of | Sampson Bond | [signed] R. R. 

(1683), p. 19-27. 
Tysoe, John. Something further in answer to j Prieft 

Bond's I Lyes, Ignorance and Blafphemy, ] . . . J . . . 
I . . . [signed] John Tyfoe. (1683), p. 29 [28J-44, 

Estlacke, Francis. The | Truth | of | Chrift Jefus, | 
with the Professors thereof in the Ifland of | Bermu- 
das I (Commonly called Quakers) | Cleared from the 
Three Ungodly Falfe | Charges charged upon them 
by Samp. Bond (Teacher | in the faid Island) in a 
Book, Entituled, | The Quakers in Bermudas Tryed, 
etc. I . . . (1683), p. 45-92. 

Note. — Following this is an appendix (separately paged, 1-38), 
probably by the same hand. Both Sampson Bond's book 
and this reply are exceedingly rare. A copy of the former 
is in the hbrary of the Massachusetts Historical Society ; the 
reply is in the Library of Congress. Both may be found in 
the John Carter Brown Library at Providence. 

Evening Post, The. New York, folio. 

Bermuda lilies in the South. February 3, 1900, p. 13, 
col. 6. 

Bermuda experimental station. [Correspondence.] 
March 9, 1900, p. 7, col. 4. 

Extension of Time for ratifying Reciprocity Treaties 
between the United States and the British West In- 
dian Islands.] March 17, 1900, p. 19, col. 5. 

Expecting Boer prisoners. Plans for their reception at 
Bermuda. April 29, 1901, p. 2, col. 4. 

Arrival of Boers at the Bermudas. June 28, 1901, p. 
I, col. I. 

Field Columbian Museum. Publications; Chicago. 8°. 

MiLLSPAUGH, Charles Frederick. Plantae Utowanae. 
Plants collected in Bermuda, Porto Rico, St. Thomas, 
[etc.] ; December, 1898 to March, 1899. Publica- 
tion 43; Botanical Series, vol. 2, no. i. no pp. and 
cover title, i map. 
Note. — Part i . — Catalo^e of the species. 

Part I A. — Pubhcation 50; Botanical series, vol. 2, 
no. 2, p. 1 11-135. Reconsideration of the Cyperacese. 
Reconsideration of Cakile. 
I^rt II. {not yet puMished) — To contain a detailed 
account of the work and observations made of exist- 
ing conditions at each locali^, including plates and 
indices. In four different localities in Bermuda, 
one hundred and thirty-nine specimens were col- 
lected, December 28-31, 1898. 
Force, Peter, compiler. Tracts and other papers. Wash- 
ington. 8°. 

New life (The) of Virginea : declaring the former suc- 
cesse and present estate of that plantation, being the 


The Boston Book Company*s 

Vol. 2 No. 9 

second part of NouA Britannia. 1612. vol. 1, 

(1836 [1835]), no. 7. 24 pp. 

NoTK. — A reprint of a very rare pamphlet, in which there is a 
reference (p. 9-10) to the shipwreck and escape of Sir Thomas 
Gates and Sir George Sommers. The author (Robert John- 
son), in his preface, complains that nothing in his day, except 
it be the name of God, was so depraved, traduced, and derided 
as the name of Virginia. 

Trve declaration of the estate of the colonie in Vir- 
ginia, . . . 1610. vol. 3 (1844), no. I. 27 pp. 
NoT«. — " Contains probably the earliest notice of the Ber- 
mudias printed in England." — " Lkfroy's Memorials, vol. 
a, p. zi. The passage referred to occurs at p. io-i» and 
is quoted in full by Lbfroy, vol. i, p. iJ-14. 

A Plaine I Description | of the Barmvdas, ( now 
called Sommer | Islands. | With the manner of their 
discouerie | Anno 1609, by the shipwrack and admir- 
able deliuerance | of Sir Thomas Gales, and Sir 
George Sommers, .. . . 1 61 3. vol. 3 (1844), no. 3. 
24 pp. 

Note. — " This publication calls itself [in the address ' To the 
Readers '] the first book published to the world touching 
Sommer Islands, which, as Mr. Henry Stevens has pointed 
out, must have reference only to the recent adoption of that 
name. It is substantially a reprint of the ' Discovery of the 
Barmudas ' [by Sil. Jourdan]." Lbprov, vol. 2, p. xii. Re- 
printed in Lefroy, vol. i, p. 14-21 ; 63-64 ; 66-72. 

A I Declaration | of the State of | the G)lonie and 
Affaires | in Virginia: | . . . 1620. vol. 3 (1844), 
no. 5. 

NoTB. — A reference to the Summer Islands will be found at 
p. g. 

France- D/po/ General de la Marine. Publications. Paris. 
8°. and 4°. 

Kerhallet, Charles Philippe de. Manuel de la Navi- 
gation dans la Mer des Antilles et dans le Golfe du 
Mexique. 2 vols. 1853-54. 

Note. — Les lies de Bermudes, vol. i (1853), p. 501-520. lies 
de Bermudes [5 vues], vol. 2 (1854), planche 34. In vol. i, 
the author refers to many sources from which he has borrowed 
his materials. 

Kerhallet, Charles Philippe de. Considerations 
generales sur I'Ocean Atlantique [etc]. 3e ed. 1854. 
[xvi.] -\- 226 pp. -|- I 1. and cover title. 
Note, — Temperature et ouragans ou vents aux lies de Ber- 
mudes, p. 55-57; Octobre 10, 1780, .p. 65; Observations 
gte^rales pour les atterrages sur les lies de Bermudes, p. 
139-144 ; Other references, p. 53, 114, 151, 152, 170, and 171. 

Fuller worthies' library. Edited by the Rev. Alexander 
Grosart. St. George's, Blackburn, Lancashire. 16°. 

Brooke, Fulke Grevillc, \st Baron. Caelica in CX. 
sonnets; and The poem-plays. Vol. 3 (1870.) 

Note. — Sonnet LX., p. 68-69, which originally appeared in 
the author's " Ccrtaine Learned and Elegant Workes," pub- 
lished in London in 1633, contains the following allusions to 
Bermuda : — 

Who euer sailes neere to Bermuda coast, 

Goes hard aboord the monarchy of Feare 
Where all desires — but life's desire — are lost : 
For wealth and fame put off their glories there. 

Yet this ile poyson-like, by mischiefe knowne, 
Weanes not Desire from her sweet nurse, the sea ; 
But vnseene showes vs where our hopes be sowne, 
For, who will seeks the wealthe of westeme sunne. 
Oft by Bermuda's miseries must runne. 

DONNK,John. TheStorme. To Mr. Christopher Brook, 
from the Island Voyage with the Earl of Essex. Vol. 
2 ('«73). P- 3-7- 

Note. — This poem originally appeared in the quarto edition 
of 1633. It conuins the following couplet alluding to Ber- 
muda: — 

" Compard to these storme*, death is but a qualm 
Hell somewhat lighuome, the Bermudas calm." 

Marvell, Andrew. Bermudas. Vol. i (1872), p. 82- 

Note. — This poem oricinally appeared in the folio edition of 
1681, p. lO-II. 

Garden (The) ; an illustrated weekly journal of horticulture 
in all its branches. London. 4°. 

Carman, E. S. Bermuda grass. Vol. 22 (no. 571, 
October 28, 1882), p. 380. 

Note. — Answer to a query asking where seed of the Bermuda 
grass could be procured. 

Bermuda lily. Vol. 28 (no. 713, July 18, 1885), p. 72. 

P., H. Lilium longiflorum. Vol. 30 (no. 768, August 

7, 1886), p. 124-125. 1 plate. 

Note. — This is known as the Bermuda lily. 
Crook, J. Bermuda Hly. Vol. 31 (no. 813, June 18, 

1887), p. 561. 
SCOTUS, pseud. The Bermuda buttercup. Vol. 47 (no. 

1231, June 22, 1895), p. 447. 

Note. — The Oxalis cemua, which has numeroua large and 
pretty flowers of a clear yellow color. 

Garden and forest. A journal of horticulture, landscape 
art, and forestry. New York. 4°. 

Harger, Paul. Cultivation of the Bermuda Easter lily. 
Vol. 2 (no. 60, April 17, 1889), p. 184-185. i illus- 

Note. — "The Bermuda Easter-lily, sometimes known in the 
United States market as Lilium Harrisii (which is a mis- 
nomer), is a well-known Japanese plant botanically named 
Lilium longiflorum eximiuTtt. . . . one monstrosity grown 
in 1882, produced 145 perfect flowers." — p. 184. 

Troublesome grass, A. [Bermuda Grass.] Vol. 3 (no. 

126), July 23, 1890), p. 363-364. 

Note. — The Bermuda grass, Cynodon dactylon, sometimes 
called wire or scutch grass is a strange combination of the 
good and bad. It is a coarse grass and seems indestructible, 
unharmed by the sun of July or the frosts of winter. See also 
p. 387, for a letter by Thomas Meehan, of Germantown, Pa., 
upon this same grass. 

[Gardens of Bermuda, The. An editorial.] Vol. 4 (no. 
171, June 3, 1891), p. 254. 

Note. — "Taken as a whole Bermuda scenery has a singular 
charm for northern eyes, and the possibilities of gardening 
there are endless." 

Bermuda in May. [Correspondence.] Vol. 4 (no. 171, 
June 3, 1891), p. 262-263. 

Bermuda Juniper, The. [An editorial.] Vol. 4 (no. 

174)1 June 24, 1 891), p. 289-290. 2 illustrations. 

Note. — This editorial is illustrated by two fine full-page por- 
traits of Bermuda cedars, one, the old cedar in Devonshire 
churchyard, the other, a fine example of the Juniperus Ber- 
mudiana in the Devonshire marshes. 

Bermuda Palmetto, The. [An editorial.] Vol. 4 (no. 

175, July I, 1891), p. 302. I illustration. 

Note. — With this article is a full-^ge reproduction (p. J07) of 
a " photo^ph of the Bermuda Palmetto, Sabal Blackburn- 
tana, as it appears growing in its native marshes, a species 
endemic to the islands, and the most interesting plant of their 
flora after the Cedar." 

Bermuda onion, The Vol. 4 (no. 187, September 23, 
1891), p. 451-452. I illustration. 

Note. — Gives full information regarding the onion culture as 
carried on at Bermuda. 

Hastings, Russell. Bermuda potatoes. Vol. 4 (no. 192, 
October 28, 1891), p. 511. 

Note. — During the winter of 1890-1)1 there were shipped to 
American ports 80,000 bushels, the customs tsx upon which 
was ^20,000, " which the Bermudian feels to be infamous." 

Gardener's chronicle and agricultural gazette. London, 
[Potatoe disease at Bermuda.] [Vol. 7] (no. 13, 
March 28, 1846), p. 203. 

Note. — Information from Governor Reid to the Colonial 
Office, published with permission of the Government, giving 
extracts from the returns of five cultivators in the island. 
" The disease is ascribed to damp weather, and has been 
worst in marshy ground, where arrowroot also decays." 

Elliott, Charles. [Extract, etc., from speech of Gov- 
ernor Elliott on the cultivation of oranges and lemons 

October, 1901 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


in Bermuda.] [Vol. 12] (no. 22, May 31, 1851), 

P- 339- 

NoTB. — Governor Elliott did not "confine himself to mere 
recommendations ; for at his own expense he has just intro- 
duced the Longan and Cookia punctata into the Bermudas." 

Bermuda a colony, a fortress, and a prison. By a Field 
Officer. [Vol. 18] (no. ii, March 14, 1857), p. 175. 
NoTB. — A book notice of Ferdinand Whittingham's book, with 
the above title. 

MCX3RE, T. Adiantum bellum. Vol. 11, new series 
[Vol. 45] (no. 267, February 8, 1879), p. 172-173. 
NoTK. — "This i* the common [maiden-hair] fern of the 
island." It is endemic in the Bermudas. Gilbert, p. 595. 

Hemslky, William Botting. The Bermudas. Vol. 19 

new series [vol. 53] (no. 482, March 24, 1883), p. 367- 

368; (no. 484, April 7, 1883), p. 431-432- 

Note. — " With the exception of one or two ferns, a species of 

palm, and two or three flowering plants, there are no form* 

apparently peculiar to the islands ; and it is very probable 

that they do all occur in the West Indies, or on the continent 

of America. . . . My preliminary rou^h list comprises about 

320 species, whereof 133 were certainly introduced by man. 

. . . Then there are fifty-seven others which may have been 

introduced in the same way, though it is quite probable that 

they were conveyed thither by other than human agency ; 

whilst about 130 seem to be what we call indigenous." — 

P- 431. 

Hemsley, William Botting. The Bermuda cedar. Vol- 

19, new series [vol. 53] (no. 491, May 26, 1883), p- 

656-657. 2 illustrations. 

NoTK. — " The true Bermuda cedar was cultivated in England 
in 1684, as we learn from a letter written by Sir Hans Sloane 
to Mr. Ray in November of that year." 

Bermuda, lily. The. Vol. 24, new series [vol. 58] (no. 
604, July 25, 1885), p. 113. 

NoTK. — See also vol. 16, 3d series [vol. 76], (no. 415, December 
8, 1894), p. 6g8 ; vol. 18, 3d series [vol. 78] (no. 454, September 
7, 1895), p. 271 ; 304. " The Bermuda Lily was first brought 
to America from the Island of Bermuda in 1876, by Mrs. 
Thomas P. Sargent." About a year later the increase from 
some of these oulbs came into possession of Mr. William 
Harris of Philadelphia. " He began growing the bulbs and 
offered them to the public, with the addition of his name, as 
Lilium Harrisii." 

Bermudas, The. Vol. 9, 3d series [vol. 69] (no. 215, 

February 7, 1891), p. 167-168. 

NoTB. — " It is interesting to note here, in connection with our 
Jubilee year, that in our third number [1841] is an article on 
'Agriculture in the Bermudas,' and especially on the 'Eco- 
nomic cultivation of the Arrowroot,' and the ' First introduc- 
tion of the Plough into these islands." — p. 168. As the set 
of the Gardener's Chronicle which I consulted lacked vol. i 
this article (or articles) does not appear in its regular place in 
this list. 

Bermuda lily disease. Vol. 22, 3d series [vol. 82] (no. 

— , November 20, 1897), P- 3^8. 

Note. — A resum^ of Mr. Albert F. Wood's paper bearing the 

.same title, which appeared as Bulletin, No. 14 of the United 

States Department of Agriculture, Division of Vegetable 

Physiology and Patholog^y. 

Haycock, Arthur. The Bermuda Juniper. Vol. 25, 3d 
series [vol. 85] (no. 638, March 18, 1899), p. 176. 
NoTB. — The Bermuda juniper is a valuable and durable wood 
for furniture, building, and other purposes. 

General coasting pilot. See Atlas maritimus et com- 

Gentleman's magazine. London. 8°. 
From Bermudas, May 25. Vol. 2 (1732), p. 933. 

NoTB. — Reference to whale fishing in the Bermudas. 
Account of the strength of the following British Islands 

in the West-Indies. Anno. 1736. Vol. 10 (May 1740), 

p. 241-242. 

Note. — The fortifications in the Bermuda or Summer Islands 
given, p. 242. " ... it is probable that the Spaniards 
never thought of making settlements in thefe lilands, nor 
made any other Ufe of their Difcovery than to avoid them in 
their Navigation between Europe and the Indies." — p. 342. 

Geographisches Jahrbach. Gotba. i6°. 

Grisbach, August Heinrich Rudolph. Bericht fiber die 
Forschritte in der Geographie der Pflanzen. 5 Band 
(1874), p. 46-97. 

Note. — Bermudas forms section 1 of " Oceanische Inieln," p. 

Geographical journal, including the Proceedings of the 
Royal Geographical Society. London. 8°. 
Markham, Clements R. The limits between geology 
and physical geography. Vol. 2 (no. 6, December, 

1893). p. 5 19-525- 

Note. — Reference to North Rock, Bermuda, p. 523-524. 
Formation (The) of the Bermudas. Vol. 4 (no. 3, 
September, 1894), p. 274-275. 

Note. — A summary of Dr. Alexander Agassiz's views upon 
the subject, gathered from the American Journal 0/ Science 
tor June, 1894. 

Belhaven, Lord. [Remarks on the formation of sand- 
dunes in the Bermudas.] Vol. 9 (no. 3, March, 1897), 
P- 305. 

Admiralty surveys during the year 1896. Vol. 9 (no. 
6, June, 1897), p. 655-656. 

Note. — Surveys of the Narrows or ship channel, Stag channel, 

and Two Rocks passage, noted on p. 656. 
Geology of the Bermuda Islands. Vol. 10 (no. 6, De- 
cember, 1897), p. 639-640. 
Note. — Observations upon the conclusions reached by Mr. 

Ralph S. Tarr in his paper in the American geologist, vol. 

•9 (1897). p. 293-303, y. V. 

Geological Society of London. Proceedings. London. 8°. 
Nelson, Richard J. [Abstract of memoir "On the 
Geology of the Bermudas."] Vol. 2 (no. 36, 1833- 
1834), p. 81-82. 

Geological Society of London. Quarterly journal. Lon- 
don. 8°. 
Nelson, Richard J. On the geology of the Bahamas, 
and on coral-formations generally. [Abstract of paper 
read June 2, 1852.] Vol. 9, R. ist (Proceedings ; 
1853), P- 200-215. 

Note. — " The observations on the Bermudas, written during 
1830-33, and printed in the Society's Transactions for 1837, 
stand in such close relation," says the author, " to those of the 
present communication that the latter may be considered as a 
sequel to the former." — p. 201. 

Gledstone, James Paterson. Life and travels of George 
Whitefield. London. 8°. 

Whitefield, George. [Journal in the Bermudas: 
somewhat abridged.] (1871), p. 366-374. 
Note. — The Rev. George Whitefield landed in Bermuda March 
IS, 1748, and remained until May 22 of tiiat year, when he 
sailed directly for England. 

Godey's magazine. New York. 8°. 

Child, Mary E. Bermuda's suimy isles. Vol. 128 (no. 
767, May, 1894), p. 554-569. 12 illustrations. 
Note. — A well-written article, giving a historical and descrip- 
tive account of the islands. 

Goldie, T. W. Lecture on the geological formation of 
Bermuda. Delivered at Hamilton, October 10, 1867. 
Hamilton, reprinted 1893. 16". I 1. -f-29 pp. and 
cover title. 
Goode, George Brown. Provisional catalogue of the fishes 
of Bermuda. [Hamilton, May, 1877.] 8°. [ii] -|- 8 pp. 
Note. — Reprinted from the " Supplement to the Bermuda 
Royal Gazette, May i, 1877." "A list of the species of fishes 
known to occur in the waters of Bermuda, which gives the re- 
sults of the investigations made during the past five years by 
Mr. J. Matthew Jones and myself. . . . Our joint labors have 
now brought the number of species up to one hundred and 
sixty-eight. Of this number aoout eighty per cent, are West 
Indian in their formal relations, eight species belong to the 
coasts of Europe, seven or eight are found only in the Bermu- 
das, and the remainder are pelagic, or of very wide geo- 
graphical range." — p. t. 

(To be continued^ 


The Boston Book Gjmpany's 

Vol. 2. No. 9 



Since the statement regarding Our Day in 
Bulletin of Bibliography for July, 1899, we 
have noted these facts : 

January, 1899, number came, but in vain we 
waited for the February number. In due course 
of time the March number appeared, then fol- 
lowed in slow succession the May, July and Sep- 
tember numbers calling themselves vol. 18. nos. 
i> 3> 5» 6, 9. Evidently Our Day felt at this 
juncture it needed an additional month's rest, as 
it did not appear again until December, which 
number called itself vol. 18 no. 12. After repeat- 
ed inquiries we were calmly told the missing num- 
bers were never published, although we had paid 
for the full year with the understanding that it 

was to be a monthly. The pagination was con- 
tinuous throughout the year. 

Our Day can easily apply the quotation : 

" Variety is the spice of life ; 
That gives it all its flavor." 

It evidently has thought better of its hop, skip 
and jump fashion of doing things, for it struts 
serenely through the year 1900, coming monthly. 

The January number for 1901 is about twice 
the regxilar size, evidently despising the day of 
small things, and since then the periodical has 
come regularly in its larger size. 

Reference Dept. Enoch Pratt Free Library, 

Baltimore, Md. 

Best Editions of Nathaniel Hawthorne. 

Compiled by Nina E. Browne 

Standard library edition — Riverside edition 

Works, with bibliographical notes by George P. Lathrop. 
per vol. 



13 V. I por. 12 pi. O. Houghton I26 ; 

V. I Twice-told tales 

V. 2 Mosses from an old manse 

V. 3 House of the seven gables. The snow 
image, and other twice-told tales 

v. 4 Wonder book, Tanglewood tales. Grand- 
father's chair 

V. 5 Scarlet letter, Blithedale romance 

v. 6 Marble faun 

V. 7-8 Our old home, English note-books 

V. 9 American note-books 

V. 10 French and Italian note-books 

V. 1 1 DoUiver romance, Fanshawe, Septimius 

Felton, Ancestral footstep 
V, 12 Tales, Sketches, and other papers with 

A biographical sketch by G. P. Lothrop 
V. 13 Dr. Grimshawe's secret 

— Concord edition 
Works. 25 V. 3 por. 22 pi. D. Houghton 1^25. 

V. 1-2 Twice-told tales 
V. 3 Snow image and other twice-told tales 
V. 4-5 Mosses from an old manse 
V. 6 Scarlet letter 
V. 7 House of the seven gables 
V. 8 Blithedale romance 
v. 9-10 Marble faun 
v. 1 1 Our old home 

V. 12 True stories from history and biography 
v. 13 Wonder- book 

Printed from the same plates as the Little Classic edition but 

more attractive. 
More convenient for circulation than Riverside edition. 

V. 14 

V. 15- 

V. 17- 

V. 19- 

V. 21 
V. 2 2 

V. 23 
V. 24 
V. 25 

Tanglewood tales 
-16 American note-books 
-18 English note-books 
-20 French and Italian note-books 
Septimius Felton 
Fanshawe, Biographical sketches 
DoUiver romance, and other pieces 
Sketches and studies 
Analytical index and Sketch of Haw- 
thorne's life [by Eva M. O'Connor] 

on better paper, with wider margins and generally 

October. 1901 BuUctin of Bibliography^ J 39 

Choice edition — Wayside edition 

Works, with bibliographical notes by George P. Lathrop. 25 v. 24 pi. D. Houghton ^37.50. 
Sold only in sets. 

The contents of the edition are identical with those of the Riverside edition. 

There are many handsome illustrated editions of single volumes which are highly desirable, both 
for their artistic and interpretative value. 

Cheap edition — Popular edition 
Works. 8 v. D. Houghton ^lo. 


v. I Twice-told tales, House of the seven v. 5 True stories, Wonder-book, Tanglewood 

gables tales 

V. 2 Mosses from an old manse, Blithedale v. 6 American note-books, Our old home 

romance v. 7 English note-books 

V. 3 Scarlet letter, Marble faun v. 8 French and Italian note-books, Sketches 
V. 4 Snow image, Septimius Felton, Fanshawe, and studies 

DoUiver romance 
Printed from the plates of the Little Classic edition but on thin paper. 

Special volumes have been issued in cheap form for school use in Houghton's Riverside Litera- 
ture series. 

O'Connor, Eva M. An analytical index to the works of Nathaniel Hawthorne with a sketch 

of his life. 294 p. S. Houghton $1.25. 

Uniform with the Little Classic edition of Hawthorne's works. Incladed in the Concord edition of Hawthorne's 
works, V. 25. 


Anderson, John Parker. Bibliography of Hawthorne. 13 p. In Conway, M. D. Life of 
Nathaniel Hawthorne. Scribner ^i. 

„ . , , . , BIOGRAPHY 

Standard biography 

Hawthorne, Julian. Nathaniel Hawthorne and his wife (Riverside edition). 2 v. 6 por. 2 pi. 
O. Houghton 54. 
Shorter biography 
Lathrop, George Parsons. A study of Hawthorne. 350 p. S. Houghton 1 1.2 5. 

Other useful short biographies are M. D. Conway's Life of Nathaniel Hawthorne (Great writer series) and 
Henry James's Hawthorne (English men of letter series). 

Biographic collateral 

Lathrop, Mrs. Rose (Hawthorne). Memories of Hawthorne. 12 -|- 482 p. i por. O. 
Houghton $2. 

Made up largely of Mrs. Hawthorne's letters. 

Bridge, Horatio. Personal recollections of Nathaniel Hawthorne, ii -f 200 p. 3 por. 5 pi. D. 
Harper $1.25. 

Mr. Bridge was a college and life-long friend and contributes matter not given in the family lives. 
Enlargement of papers published in Harper's magazine. 

Biographic material is also to be found in Hawthorne's English, American, French and ItaUan 


Lithograph of photograph at the age of 56. 24 x 30 in. Houghton 85c. net 


Lander, Louisa. Plaster, height 2 ft. P. P. Caproni. Boston ^10. 

Original of marble in the Concord Public Library. 


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vol. I, no. I, June, 1901. 5c., 50c. Short Stories. 
Indicator, The. A Hesperian Leaflet. Three Rivers, 

North Bend, Ohio, 8vo., illus., no date. 10c. 
Japan and America. 203 Broadway, New York, N. Y., 

mo., fol., illus., vol. I, no. i, July, 1901. loc, ISi.oo. 
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Boston, Mass., mo., 4to, illus., vol. i, no. i, July, 1901. 

IOC, $1.00. 


cate all' IndustriA. Turin, mo., vol. i, no. i, Jan., 

1901. Lire 15. 
Revue Generale dk la Construction Metallique 

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partie commerciale, w., t. i, no. i, Jan., 1901. fr. 25. 
School Music Success. 479 Ellison St., Paterson, N. J., 

mo., except July and Aug., Svo, vol. i, no. i, June, 1901. 

35c., $3.00. 
Science Bulletin. Brooklyn Institute of Arts and 

Sciences, Museum, Brooklyn, N. Y., irreg., Svo, illus., 

vol. I, no. I. April, 1901. $3.00 vol. 
Searchlight, The. Appleton, Wis., mo., Svo, vol. i, no. 

I, July, 1901. IOC, $1.00. 
Stock Exchange Gazette. London, w., vol. i, no. i, 

Jan., 1901. i^.z%. 
Teacher's Journal, The. Marion, Ind., mo., Svo, illus., 

vol. I, no. I, July, 1901. lOc, $1.00. 
10 Story Book. Chicago, 111, mo., Svo, illus., vol. i, no. 

I, June, 1901. IOC each. Short stories. 
Things and Thoughts. Winchester, Va., bi-mo., Svo, 

illus., vol. I, no. I, March, 1901. 25c., I1.25. 
Tricks, for Amateurs. 493 Sixth Ave., New York, 

N. Y., semi-mo., Svo, illus., vol. I, no. i, June, 1901. 

5c., f I.oo. 

any librarian who may receive a sample number. 

I. New Periodicals. 

Action and Utterance. 31S W. 57th St., New York, 
N. v., bi-mo., i2mo., vol. i, no. i, June, 1901. ;$i.oo 

American Institute of ARCHiTEcrs, Quarterly Bul- 
letin. The Octagon, Washington, D. C, quar., Svo., 
vol. I, no. I, April, 1900. 

Annales de Bibliographic Critique. Paris, mo., t. i, 
no. I, Avril, 1901. fr. 6. 

Applied Arts Book, The. Worcester, Mass., mo., 
i2mo., illus., vol. I, no. I, Sept., 1901. 14c., Ii.oo. 


ZWEIGE. Halle, mo., vol. i, no. i, April, 1901. 75 pf. 

Armee und Marine. Berlin, w., jrg. i, hft. i, Oct., 1900. 

mk. 5.25 quart. 
Bibliografia EIspaSola. Madrid, semi-mo., vol. i,no. i. 

May, 1 90 1. ^3.00. 
Bourne's Insurance Magazine. London, mo., vol. i, 

no. I, March, 1901. 7s. each. 
Caledonian, The. 30 Greenwich Ave., New York, N. Y., 

mo., Svo., illus., vol. i, no. I, April, 1901. loc, 

Catholic Witness. 506 Battery St., San Francisco, Cal., 

mo., Svo., illus., vol. I, no. i, July, 1901. lOc, l^i.oo. 
Civic Councillor. 71 Bible House, New York, N. Y., 

w., fol., illus., vol. I, no. i, Feb. 22, 1901. 5c., $1.00. 
Connoisseur, The. London, mo., illus., no. i, Sept., 

1901. i6s. each. 
C0NTE.MPORAINE, La. Paris, semi-mo., vol. 1, no. i. Mars, 

1 90 1, fr. 28 year. 
C0S.MOPOLITE. 4 W. 22d St., New York, N. Y., mo., Svo., 

illus., vol. 1, no. I, June-July, 1901. loc, $1.00. 


LiVRES. Paris, mo., annee i, no. i, Jan., 1901. fr. 4. 
Crisis, The. London, quar., Svo., vol. i, no. i, Jan., 

1901. 6d. each. 
Criterion, The. Winchester, Tenn., bi-mo., Svo., vol. i, 

no. I, Sept., 1 90 1. 25c., 1 1.50. Fraternal. 
Current Encyclopedia. 153 La Salle St., Chicago, 111., 

and 125 E. 23d St., New York, N. Y., mo., sm. 4to, 

illus., vol I, July, 1901. $5.00 year. 
Deutsch-Amerikanische Geschichtsblatter. Chicago, 

111., quar., Svo., jrg. i, hft. i, Jan., 1901. |i 00,53.00. 
Eastern Counties Magazine, The. London, quar., 

i2mo., illus., vol. I, no. i, Aug. 1900. i8d. each. 
Electrical Investments. London, bi-mo., vol. i,no. i, 

March 20, 190 1. 3s. each. 
Family Doctor, The. Oklahoma City, Okla., mo., 4to, 

vol. I, no. I, Aug., 1901. IOC, li.oo. 
FiNNiANDlscHE RUNDSCHAU. Leipzig, quar., jrg. i, hft. i, 

Jan., 1901. mk. 6 year. 
Healthly Home Quarterly. Athol, Mass., quar., i2mo., 

vol. I, no. I, May-July, 1901. 25c., $1.00. 
H0.M0. Beverly, N. J., mo., i2mo., voL i, no. i, June, 

1901. IOC, ^i.oo. Bibelot 

October, 1901 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


Tufts Engineer. Tufts College, Mass., irreg., 8vo, illus. 

vol. I, no. I, June, 1901. 350. each. 
Twentieth Century Quarterly. 103 Maryland Ave., 

N. E., Washington, D. C, quar., 8vo, vol. I, no. i, June 

21, 1901. 50c. year. 
Urania. 153 Sixth Ave., New York, N. Y., 410, illus.. 

IOC. each. A chronicle of events. 
Whisper. East Aurora, N. Y., mo., 24mo, voL I, no. x, 

June, 1 90 1. ;$5.oo year. 
World Illustrated Weekly Review. Fine Arts Bldg., 

Chicago, 111., w., 4to, vol. i, no. i, March 9, 1901. 
Zeitlexikon. Stuttgart, mo., hft. i, Jan., 1901. Mk. 12 


II. Changed or Discontinaed. 

American, The. Philadelphia, Pa. Discontinued Oct., 

American Academy of Political and Social Science, 

Publications. Philadelphia, Pa. Discontinued Jan., 

American Home Magazine, The. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Consolidation of The Farm Magazine and The Pneu- 
matic. First no. Sept., 1900. 
American Kitchen Magazine and Culinary Topics, 

The. Boston, Mass. Consolidation of the American 

Kitchen Magazine and Culinary Topics. First no. April, 

American League Journal, The. Changed to The 

New-Church League Journal, Dec, 1900. 
Association Outlook. Springfield, Mass. Discontinued 

July, 1900. 
Bachelor Book, The. Chicago, 111. Suspended Oct., 

Bee, The. Discontinued Aug., 1900. 
Bibliographie Scientifique, La. Paris. Discontinued 

Jan., 1900. 
Biblioteca Philologica. Gottingen. Discontinued 

Dec, 1900. 
Bulletin of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. New 

York, N. Y. Changed to Department of Labor Bulle- 
tin, March, 1901. 
Bulletin Technique. Paris. Discontmued April, 

Charities' Review. New York, N.Y. Consolidated with 

Charities, March, 1901, 
Child-Study Monthly and Journal of Adolescence, 

The. Chicago, 111. Consolidation of The Child-Study 

Monthly and the Journal of Adolescence. First no. 

March, 1901. 
CrrY Record. Boston. Discontinued May, 1900. 
Civics. New York, N. Y. Discontinued Sept., 1900. 
Conscience. Berthoud, Colo. Discontinued in 1900. 
Deutsches Wochenblatt. Berlin. Changed to Deutsche 

Zeitschrift, and became semi-mo., Oct., 1900. 
Dominion. New York, N. Y. Continuation of The 

Healer. First no. Jan.-Feb., 1901. 
Engineering Review. New York, N. Y. Consolidation 

of Heating and Ventilation, and Sanitary Plumber. 

First no. Aug., 1900. 
Engineering Review and Engineering Index. New 

York, N. Y. Formerly Engineering Index. First no. 

Feb., 1 901. 
Era, The. Ithaca, N. Y. Consolidation of the Cornell 

Magazine, Alumni News, and Sun and Era. First no. 

Oct., 1900. 
Erythea. Berkeley, Cal. Discontinued June, 1900. 
Evangel, The. BufTalo, N. Y. Discontinued June, 

Genealogical Queries and Memoranda Quarterly. 

London. Discontinued May, 1900. 
Gossip. New York, N. Y. Discontinued in 1900. 

Historical Notes Relating to the Pbnnysylvanu 

Reformed Church. Philadelphia, Pa. Discontinued 

April, 1900. 
Home Crusade. Chicago, 111. Discontinued June, 

Index of Pittsburgh Life. Pittsburgh, Pa. Consolidation 

of Library and The Index. First no. Feb. 16, 1901. 
Journal of the American Animal Therapy Associa- 
tion, The. Chicago, 111. Formerly The Journal of the 

New Animal Therapy. First no. October, 1900. 
Junior Munsey. New York, N. Y. Formerly The 

Quaker. First no. April, 1900. 
Lind's Nahmaschinen Techniker. Berlin. Discon- 
tinued Dec, 1900. 
Literary Review. Changed to New Literary Review, 

March, 1901. 
Mining and Engineering Review and Electrician. 

San Francisco, Cal. Changed from mo. to w., Oct., 

13, 1900. 
MoNiTEUR des Architects. Paris. Discontinued Dec, 

Monumental Records. New York, N. Y. Changed to 

Records of the Past (Washington, D. C), Jan., 1901. 
New World. Boston, Mass. Discontinued Dec, 1900. 
Open Church. New York, N. Y. Discontinued Jan., 

Other Side, The. Changed to Public Policy, Jan., 

Our Players' Gallery. New York, N. Y. Changed to 

the Theatre, May, 1900. 
Painters' and Paperhangers' Journal. Baltimore, 

Md. Changed to Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators 

and Paperhangers of America, Official Journal. (Syra- 
cuse, N. Y.), Sept., 1900. 
Parisian, The. New York, N. Y. Discontinued in 

1901. Followed by Cosmopolite. 
Philadelphia Society for Organizing Charity. PhOa- 

delphia, Pa. Discontinued May, 1900. 
Photo Era. Boston, Mass. Absorbed American Journal 

of Photography, Dec, 1900. 
Puritan, The. New York, N. Y. Combined with 

Junior Munsey, April, 1901. 
Railway and Locomotive Engineering. Continuation 

of Locomotive Engineering. First no. Dec, 1900. 
Scots Magazine. Edinburgh. Discontinued May, 1900. 
Sparks from the Crescent Anvil. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Discontinued Nov., 1900. 
Teachers' Magazine. New York, N. Y. Discontinued 

Feb., 1900. 
Theatre, The. New York, N. Y. Formerly our Players' 

Gallery. First no. May, 1901. 
Town and Country. New York, N. Y. Continuation 

of Home Journal. First no. March 30, 1900. 
TULANE Collegian. Merged with Tulane Magazine 

under title of Tulane University Magazine, Nov., 

Types. New York, N. Y. Discontinued Aprfl, 1900. 
Typotheta/E and Platemaker. St. Louis, Mo. 

Changed to The Progressive Printer, Jan., 1901. 
Unitfj) Socialism. Los Angeles, Cal. Discontinued 

Jan.-Feb., 1900. 
Universal and Ludgate Magazine, The. London. 

Consolidation of The Universal Magazine and Ludgate 

Magazine. First no. March, 1901. 
Vegetarian Magazine. Changed to The Vegetarian and 

Our Fellow Creatures, Jan., 1901. 
Verdict. Discontinued Nov., 1900. 
World Illustrated Weekly Review. Chicago, 111. 

Changed to World-Review, March 30, 1901. 
Zeitschrift fur Luftschiffahrt und Physik der 

Atmosphare. Berlin. Discontinued Dec, 1900. 


The Boston Book Company^s 

Vol. 2 No. 9 


Compiled by the Providence, R. I., Public Library. 
Since June l, 1901, the following subjects have been treated in reference lists published by libraries. 

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June, 1901. 
Alfred, King. Croyden [Eng.] Public Libraries Reader's 

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. Salem [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, June, 

the Great. New Bedford [Mass.] Public Library 

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Bermuda in Periodical Literature. Series IL, Part IV. 

The Boston Pook Co.'s Bulletin of Bibliography, July, 


Birds. Manchester [N. H.] City Library Bulletin, July, 

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, Works of. San Francisco [Cal.] Public Li- 
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Lewis and Qark Centennial. Portland [Ore.] Library 

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New York City. Clubs, Charities, Hospitals, etc. New 

York [N. Y.] Public Library Bulletin, June, 1901. 

. Libraries. New York [N. Y.] Public 

Library Bulletin, June, 1901. 
. Schools. New York [N. Y.] Public 

Library Bulletin, June, 1901. 
. Views of. New York [N. Y.] Public 

Library Bulletin, June, 1901. 
Niagara Falls. Salem [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, 

June, 1901. 
Nineteenth Century. New York [N. Y.] Free Circulating 

Library Monthly List, July, 1901. 
Novels of Adventure. Springfield [Mass.] City Library 

Bulletin, Sept., 1901. 
Outdoor Sports and Games. Otis Library [Norwich, Conn.] 

Bulletin, May, 1901. 
Pan-American Exposition. Salem [Mass.] Public Library 

Bulletin, June, 1901. 
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Bulletin, June, 1901. 
Pleasant Essays. Springfield [Mass.] Gty Library Bulletin, 

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Russia. Somervillc [Mass.] Public Library Library Bul- 
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Science and Engineering. Springfield [Mass.] Qty Li- 
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South and West, Rambles in the. Springfield [Mass.] 
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Good Stories. Newark [N. J.] Public Library Library Sports and Out-door Games. Los Angeles [Cal.] Public 

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Holland. Westfield [Mass.] Athenaeum Monthly Bulletin, Teachers, Books for. Fitchburg [Mass.] Public Library 

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Hunting Trips. Springfield [Mass.] City Library BulUtin, Travel, New Books of. Los Angeles [Cal.] Public Li- 

Scpt., 1901. brary Monthly BulUtin, June, 1901. 

Insects. Manchester [N. H.] City Library BulUtin, July, Vacation Trips, Summer Resorts, etc. Otis Library [Nor- 

1901. wich. Conn.] Bulletin, June, 1901. 

October, 1901 BuUctin of Bibliography. J43 

A few Interesting Periodicals. 

Argonaut, London. 1875. ^^^s. 1-5. 5 volumes, cloth. (Literary and Religious.) 

Astronomical Register, London. 1863-86. Vols. 1-24. 24 volumes, as unbound. 

Cambridge Review, Cambridge, England. 1879-95. Vols. 1-16. 16 volumes, cloth. New. 
(A journal of university life and thought.) 

Classical Journal, London. 1810-29. Vols. 1-40, all published. 40 volumes, half-calf. Worn. 

Design and Work, London. 1876-80. Vols. 1-9. 9 volumes, cloth and parts. 

Field Naturalist, Manchester [Eng.]. 1883. 2 volumes in i, all published. Boards. 

Gardening, London. 1880-89. Vols. i-io. 10 volumes, cloth, fresh. 

Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland. 1829-93. Comprising Prize Essays, 
Transactions, Quarterly Journal. 69 volumes, bound. 

Horticultural Society of London, Transactions. 1812-48. Vols. 1-7, and n. s. 1-3. 10 
volumes and index. — Journal. 1846-55. Vol. 1-9. 19 volumes in all, bound. (All 

Phrenological Journal and Journal of Moral Science, London. 1823-47. Vols. 1-20, 
20 volumes, bound. 

Quarterly Journal of Prophecy, London. 1848-73. Vols. 1-25, bound. 

Saturday Magazine, London. 1832-44. 25 volumes, all published, boards. (Popular mis- 

Society of Antiquaries of London, Proceedings. 1843-93. I. Vols. 1-14. II. 1-4, Pt. 3. 

17 volumes, half-cloth. 

Union Review, London. 1863-75. 13 volumes in 12, cloth. (Religious.) 

Sammlung Qemeinverstandliche Wissenschaftliche Vortrage. 1-17. (Hefte 1-408.) 
1866-82. 17 volumes, half-calf. 

Vragen des Tyds. 1875-98. 25 volumes, cloth. 



CHARLES C. SOULE, President. 

J44 The Boston Book Company's voi. 2 No. 9 


American Monthly Review. 1832-33. 4 volumes, all published, old half-calf 
American Naturalist. 1867-99. Vols. 1-33. 33 volumes unbound. Scarce . 
Architectural Record, New York. 1891-98. Vols. 1-7, unbound, with the extra numbers 
Artist, New York. Vols. 23-30. 1898-1901. 8 volumes, new half-buckram 
This is the complete " Poole " edition. 

British Quarterly Review. 1845-86. 83 volumes, all published, half-roan . 
This is the English original edition as indexed in " Poole." 

Brochure Series of Architectural illustration. 1895-98. Vols. 1-4. 4 volumes 
unbound ......... 

Canadian riagazine. 1893-1900. Vols, i -15. 1 5 volumes unbound 
This Poole set should be in every public library. 

Catholic World. 1865-95. Vols. 1-6 1. 6 1 volumes unbound 
Christian Examiner. Boston. 1824-69. 87 volumes, all published, half-calf 
Christian Observer, London. 1802-1862. Vols. 1-20, 22-62. 61 volumes, old 
binding. (Vol. 21 was never published) ..... 

Citizen, Philadelphia. 1895-98. 4 volumes, all published, half- roan. " In Poole " 
English Illustrated Magazine. 1883-93. Vols. i-io. 10 years unbound . 
Fortnightly Review. 1865-1901. Vols. 1-75. 75 volumes, cloth . 

Original English edition. 
Granite Honthly. 1877-99. Vols. 1-27. 27 volumes, bound. 3 volumes are half- 
morocco, the rest cloth. A scarce set ..... . 

Harper's Weekly. 1857-98. Vols. 1-42. 30 volumes bound, remainder unbound . 
This set has the uncommon titles and indexes except in vols. 38-42. 

National Association for the Promotion of Social Science. Transactions. London. 

1857-86. 30 volumes, all published, cloth. A special price for October- November 
North British Review. Original edition. 1844-71. 53 volumes, all published, the 

greater portion bound ........ 

Saturday Review, London. 1 856-1 900. Vols. 1-90. 90 volumes, cloth 
Scientific American Supplement. 1876-95. Vols. 1-40. 40 volumes unbound 
Soci6t6 Internationale des Electriciens Bulletin. 1884-97. ^o\%. 1-14. 14 

volumes unbound. Paris. Quarto .....'. 



Bulletin of 


Number 20 JANUARY, 1902 Vol. 2, No. 10 

(Issued January 10, 1902; contains Title and Index of Vol. 2) 











The Boston Book Company 

Charles C.Soule,Prej5tdent 
83-91 Francis St,Back Boy 




Atnerican, SnglisK, Foreign 


l^e carry in stocK sets of nearly- all tHe .Stanclard Periodicals. Before you ordi 
tlseiMrkere, examine tKese prices for January. 

Contemporary Review to 1900. $n0.00 

Fortnightly Review to J 901. $125.00. Well bound 

Nineteenth Century to J 897. $45.00. Well bound 

North British Review. 53 vols, all published. $35.00. "Well bound 

Quarterly Review to J 872. J 32 vols. $60.00. Bound 

Edinburgh Review to J 895. $125.00. Bound 

Comhill Magazine to J 894. $38.00. Well bound 

Blackwood's Magazine to J 894. i56 vols. $95.00 

Macmillan's Magazine to J 897. $65.00. Bound 









Journals -^ 






For nny of tHese Mrrite 


Jan. 1902. Bulletin of Bibliography. U7 


Wc beg to call attention to the following sets of American periodicals, and 
request your orders for them. Many are quite unusual* 

American Economic Association. Publications. Vols. i-io. 1886-95, unbound. 
American Qeographical Society. Bulletin, 2 volumes, 1852-56. Journal, vols. 1-30. 1859-98. 

In all, 32 volumes, unbound. 
American Geologist. Vols. 1-22. 1888-98. 22 volumes, unbound. 
American Historical Review. Vols. 1-4. 1895-99. 4 volumes, half red morocco. 
American Institute of Mining Engineers. Vols. 1-25 and index of vols. 1-15. 7 volumes 

bound, 19 volumes in paper. 
American Naturalist. Vols. 1-33. 1867-99. 33 volumes, unbound. 
American Whig Review. 1845-52. 16 volumes, all published. 

Ballou's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion. Folio. Boston. Vols. 1-15. 1851-58. 
Brownson's Quarterly Review. 1844-75. 24 volumes, all published. Scarce. 
Chautauquan. Vols. 1-31. 1880-Sept., 1900. 31 volumes, unbound. 
Connecticut Quarterly. Vols. 1-3. 1895-97. 3 volumes, unbound. The scarce portion of 

the set. 
Critic. New York. Vols. 1-36. 1 881-1900. 37 volumes, unbound. Scarce. 
Every Saturday. 1866-74. 17 volumes, all published, unbound. 
Garden and Forest. 1888-97. 10 volumes. 1-4 half-roan, rest unbound; a scarce Poole set. 

$55.00. Publishers' price, $100.00, in cloth, for the few sets in hand. 
Historical Magazine. 23 volumes, all published. 1857-74, unbound. Complete, except i title 

and index. $55.00, This set, usually catalogued at $75.00, offers an opportunity to a 

small library that will seldom recur. The set from i860, edited by Henry B. Dawson, is 

a most important one in all historical research. 
Hunt's Merchants' Magazine. 63 volumes. 1839-1870, all published, mostly unbound. Tha 

late portion of this set is seldom offered for sale, though the early volumes are very cheap 

and common. 
International Review. New York. 14 volumes. 1874-83, all published, unbound. 
Maine Historical Society. Collections and Proceedings. Portland. 8°. Vols. 1-9. 1890-98. 

Poet-Lore. Vols. i-ii. 1889-99. 11 volumes, unbound. 

Radical. Boston. Vols. i-io. 1865-72. 10 volumes, all published; a scarce Poole set. 
Scientific American. 1859-94. Vols. 1-7 1. 71 volumes as unbound, $53.00. 
United Service. New York. 1879-97. 31 volumes, all published, unbound, scarce, complete. 
Wide Awake. Vols. 1-37. 1875-93. 37 volumes, unbound. Complete set. 



83 to 9 J Francis Street, Back Bay, Boston, U. S. A. 


Vol. 2. No, 10. 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


1 (Containing Nos, i to lo, April, 1897 to July, 1899) can be supplied in neat 

Buckram Binding, with title and index, .... Price, ^1.50 

2 (Containing Nos. 11 to 20, October, 1899 to January, 1902), in Buckram, 

uniform with Vol. i, and with title and index, . . . Price, $1.50 
Publisher's Buckram Cases for binding Volumes i and 2, 50 cents each. 
Odd numbers cannot be furnished. 



No. I. 





Bibliography of Ephemeral Bibelots. F. W. Faxon 

Bermuda in Periodical Literature ; a Bibliography. George Watson Cole. 

One Hundred Good Short Stories. Mrs. T. W. Elmendorf. 

Books not usually selected by Young People. Mrs. C. W. Whitney. 

Reading List on Library Buildings. Louise B. Krause. 

Children's Reading List on Animals. Pratt Institute Free Library. 

Bibliographies of the Philippine Islands. A. G. S. Josephson. 

Children's Reading List on Arts and Artists. Lida V. Thompson. 

Reading List in Library Science. Pratt Institute Library. . 

In Press, Bibliography of Bermuda, by George Watson Cole. 






Published by THE BOSTON BOOK CO., Boston, Mass. 

(C. C. SouLE, President). 

The Early Trading Companies of New France. 

A Contribution to the History of Commerce and Discovery in North America. 

By H. p. BIGGAR, B. Litt. (Oxon.). 
Halt morocco. Price, $4.00 net. 310 pp. 

This work is the result of many years' labor among the manuscript collections of 
Europe that contain records of the earliest voyages to America. It was originally sub- 
mitted as a thesis for the author's research degree in the University of Oxford. Subse- 
quently it was revised and enlarged, and is now a complete history of early French colonizing 
effort in America based upon an examination of all the available material, manuscript and 
otherwise. In both France and Spain the author has discovered much that is new. He 
devotes special attention to the French voyages to the new world of the sixteenth century. 
The fur trade and the fisheries are discussed very fully, as is also the history of the earliest 
French settlements in North America. The history ends with the organization of the great 
Company of One Hundred Associates. 

A special feature of the volume is the Appendix, containing an enumeration and 
criticism of sources for the period. These are arranged in three classes: (i) Official 
documents ; (2) Narrative sources ; (3) Anonymous pamphlets. The appendix of sources 
occupies more than one-third of the whole volume. 

Only 600 copies of this work have been printed. 

Orders should be sent to the United States Agents, 

THE BOSTON BOOK CO., 83-9 J Francis St., Back Bay, Boston. 

Bulletin of Bibliography 

Vol. 2 

JANUARY, 1902 

No. 10 

This Bulletin is published, primarily, as a 
means of communication between The Boston 
Book Company and its customers. A constant 
endeavor will be made, however, to include in 
each issue enough original matter of sufficient 
value to induce librarians to preserve and bind 
up the numbers. Each volume will be provided 
with a title-page and an index. 

No subscription price will be put upon the jour- 
nal, and numbers will not be sold. It will be sent 
to a selected list of libraries, customers or likely to 
become customers of The Boston Book Company. 
The circulation of the Bulletin will be increased 
in proportion to the interest shown in it, and in 
the special work of the Library Department of 
The Boston Book Company. Correspondence is 
solicited, and should be addressed. 

The Boston Book Company^ 

83-gi Francis St., Back Bay, Boston, Mass. 



Volume i-wo of the Bulletin of Bibuography 
is completed with this issue, and the title and 
index is herein included as a part of the number, 
yet easily removable without injury to itself or 
the number. Ten quarterly numbers constitute 
the volume. 


It is now five years since we began the publi- 
cation of the Bulletin of Bibliography, and we 
take this opportunity of publicly thanking our 
many library friends for the manner in which 
they have received our publication. We especi- 
ally wish to thank those whose contributions have 
made it possible to keep the Bulletin up to the 
standard originally set for it. Nor can we forget 
our gratitude to those who by ordering freely 
from our advertising pages have made possible 
the quarterly issue of the Bulletin of Bibliog- 
raphy during so long a period. 

We intend to continue the publication, and ask 
your cooperation to the extent of a careful exam- 
ination of the advertising pages when the numbers 
arrive, and before they are filed. 

We try to mail the numbers so that the whole 
United States will have an equal chance to secure 
desired items, and we have now adopted the plan 

of putting on the cover page of every number the 
day of issue, that all may be sure their numbers 
have not been unduly delayed. 

We are sure that we can be of much service in 
the field of Periodicals to all libraries, and were 
not New Year's resolutions so soon broken, we 
would venture to suggest that you make one to 
write us whenever any point about a magazine 
comes up for answer, — peculiar paging, extra 
plates, supplements, titles, price or scarcity, any- 
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We have a large experience, nearly fifteen years, 
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The Boston Book G^mpany's 

Vol. 2 No. 10 


A Bibliography. 

By George 

Gottfried, Johan Lodewijk. Wijtberoemde Voyagien der 
Engelscn. Leyden. folio. 

Ellis, Capt. John. Kort Berigt van Mr. Ellis, . . . 
Reijs door de Slraat van Magellanes in't Jaar 1593. . . . 
Mitsgaders Engelse Reijsen na de Bermudas of Sum- 
mer-Eijlanden [etc.]. Deel i (1706), no. 1 1. 1 1. + 7 
+ [i] pp. I map. 
NoTB. — Set alto Aa, Pieter van der. 

Great Britain — Parliament. Parliamentary Papers. Lon- 
don, folio. 

Papers relating to the West Indies. Ordered, by the 
House of Commons, to be printed, 12 July, 1815. 

1815, vol. — (no. 478). 189 pp. 
NoTS. — Extract from a letter of Governor Sir James Cockbum, 

dated Bermuda, ist February, 1812, to the Eiarl of Liverpool; 
with an enclosure, giving answers to eleven questions con- 
cerning slavery in the island, p. 96-98. 

Colonial laws respecting slaves. Ordered, by the 
House of Commons, to be printed, 5 April, 1816. 

1816, vol. — (no. 226). 193 pp. 
NoTB. — Two Bermuda laws on the subject are given on p. 

38-40 — An Act to repeal an Act, intituled, "An Act for the 
security of the Subject, to prevent the forfeiture of life and 
estate ujjon killing a Negro or other Slave " [17th July, 1789I, 
p. iS ; and An Act to regulate the emancipation of Slaves, and 
to disable Free Negroes and persons of Colour from being 
seized of Real Estate [9th August, 1806], p. 38-40. 

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pondence respecting the revival of the College of St. 
Paul [Bishop Berkeley's] in Bermuda. 1852-53, vol. 
65, (no. 937). 4 pp. 

Bermuda — Commissioners to Inquire into the Origin of 
the Epidemic which lately prevailed at Bermuda. 
Report. 1855, vol. 37 (no. 16). 160 pp. 
NoTB. — This document relates to the yellow fever epidemic of 

185^ and is largely made up of answers to questions given by 

ranous persons and vestries. 

Bermuda — Commissioners to Inquire into the First 
Appearance and Spread of Yellow Fever at Bermuda 
in iS$6. Report. 1857-58, vol. 41 (no. 105). 262 
pp. I map. 
Great Brjtain — Parliament, i860. Further papers 
relative to the convict establishment at Bermuda. 
i860, vol. 45 (no. 2700). 9 pp. 

NoTB._ — "From the years 1824-1863 some 9,000 English 
criminals were sent to and employed in the islands, the num- 
ber at one time being over i,soo, after the emancipation of the 
slaves had made forced labor more valuable." — Lucas, f/it- 
torical Geography 0/ tkt Brititk Colonitt, vol. 2 (Oxford, 
1890), p. 23. 

Bermuda — Commissioners to Inquire into the Origin 
and Spread of the Yellow Fever, by which Bermuda 
was visited in 1864. Report. 1866, vol. 49 (no. 
477). il2-|-[2] pp. I ma/ and l diagram. 

Berkeley, George, Bishop., and others. Letters (March 
4, 17220. s. to July 20, 1730) [referiing to his proposal 
for the establishment of a college at Bermuda]. 1878- 
79, vol. 40 (no. — ), p. 241-244. 

NoTB. — lliis volume forms the seventh Report of the Royal 
Commission on Historical Documents; Part 1. Report and 
Appendix. In a letter dated "1722-3, Mardi 4, London" 
appears the first reference to his project. He says " It is now 
anout 10 months since I have determined to spend the residue 
of my days in Bermuda, where I trust in Providence, I may 
be the mean instrument of doing great good to mankind. 
— p. »4«. 

Watson Cole. 

[Green, John.] New general collection of voyages and 
travels. London. 4°. 

Barker, Edmund. Voyage to the East Indies in the 
year 1591. Vol. I (1845), p. 235-241. 
Note. — This collection of voyages is usually known as Astley's 
collection. Barker gives an account of May's shipwreck on 
the Bermudas, December 17, 1593 on p. 239-241. 

Grisebach, A. H. R. Flora of the British West India 
islands. London, [i 859-] 1864. 8°. xvi -|- 789 pp. 
Note. — I have been unable to find any direct reference to the 
Bermudas in this work, but, as the flora of those islands are 
largely West Indian in their character, the student of the 
botany of Bermuda will naturally make much use of it. 
Lbfroy, in his Botany of Bermuda, says: — "Grisebach 
notes about i8 West Indian plants as natives of Bermudas in 
his flora of the British West Indian Islands, \'ib\, but had 
evidently very im]>erfect information before him." — p. 45. 

Hakluyt, Richard. Principal navigations, voyages, 
traffiques, and discoveries of the English nation. Lon- 
don, folio. 

Barker, Edmund. Voyage with three tall ships ... to 
the East Indies, ... . Vol. 2 (1599), p. 102-110. 
Note. — On page log mention is made of Bermuda. 

May, Henry. Briefe note of a voyage to the East 
Indies, begun the 10 of April, 1591. Written by 
Henry May, who in his returne homeward by the 
West Indies suffered shipwracke vpon the isle of Ber- 
muda, whereof here is annexed a large description. 
Vol. 3 (1600), p. 571-574- 

Note. — For account of the wreck see p. 573-574. Reprinted 
In Leproy's Memorials, vol. i, p. 7-9. 

Barker, Edmund. A voyage with three tall ships . . . 

to the East Indies. 2d edition. Vol. 2 (i8io), p. 586- 

May, Henry. Briefe note of a voyage to the East 

Indies [etc.]. 2d edition. Vol. 4 (Lond., 1811), p. 

NoTB. — The portion relating to Bermuda is on p. 55-56. 
JoURDAN, Sil. A discovery of the Barmvdas, otherwise 

called the lie of Divels : by Sir Thomas Gates, Sir 

George Sommera, and Captayne Newport, with diuers 

others. 1610. 2d edition, vol. 5 (181 2), p. 551-558. 

HORTOP, Job. The trauailes of lob Hortop, which Sir 
John Hawkins set on land within the bay of Mexico, 
after his departure from the Hauen of S. lohn de 
Vlloa in Nueua Espanna, the 8. of October 1568, 
Vol. XIV;— America, Part 3 (Edin., 1890), p. 226- 


Note. — In 1570, when retumhig to Europe, Hortop pasted 
near the Bermudas and saw for tne first time the protoype of 
the great American sea-serpent. His description, which 
occurs at p. 240, is as follows : — 

"When we came in the height of Bermuda, we discouered a 
monster in the sea, who shcwd himsclfe three times vnto vs 
from the middle vpwards, in which parts hee was proportioned 
like a man, of the complection of a Mulato, or tawny Indian. 
The Generall did commaund one of his clearks to put it in 
writing, and hee certified the King and the Nobles thereof." 

JOURDAN, Sil. A discovery of the Barmvdas, otherwise 

called the He of Divels. 16 10. Vol. 15 — America, 

Part 4 (Edin., 1890), p. 181-190. 
May, Henry. A briefe note of a voyage to the East 

Indies [etc.]. Vol. 15 — America, Part 4 (Edin., 

1890), p. 270-278. 

Note. — Account of his wreck upon Bermuda, p. 276-278. 

January, 1902 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


Hakluyt, Richard. A selection of curious rare and early 
voyages. London. 4°. 

JoURDAN, Sil. A discovery of the Barmvdas [etc.]. 

1812. p. 763-770- 

NoTB. — This volume contains all the matter reprinted in the 
5 volume edition of 1812 (vol. 4, p. 393-612 and vol. 5, 595 
pp.) not contained in the original eaition of Hakluyt, and was 
evidently reprinted in this form for the convenience of those, 
who, possessing the original edition, did not care to buy the 
whole of the reprint. 

Hakluyt society. Publications. London. 8°. 

Champlain, Samuel. Narrative of a voyage to the West 

Indies and Mexico in the years 1599-1602. Vol. 23 

(1859). 3I. -I- 4 -j- vi.-f xcix. + 48 pp. 

NoTB. — Mention is made of Bermuda, near which Champlain 

sailed on his return voyage, at p. 46-47. This passage is 

quoted by Lbfrov in his Memoriais, vol. 2,ij. 572. The text 

calls for a figure of Bermuda, the first of which we have any 

record, unfortunately this is lacking in the original. 

Markham, Sir Clements R., editor. Voyages of Sir 
James Lancaster, Kt., to the East Indies during the 
seventeenth century; preserved in the India Office. 
Vol. 56 (1877). 

Note. — Barker's narrative of the first voyage of Sir James 
Lancaster, p. 1-24. May's narrative, p. 25-34. Both these 
narratives contain references to Bermuda, p. 20, 32-34. 

Lefroy, Sir John Henry, editor. The historye of the 
Bermudaes or Summer Islands. From a MS. in the 
Sloane collection, British Museum. Vol. 65 (1882). 
[viii.] + xii. -\- 327 pp. 3 plates, i woodcut, and I 

Note. — Lefroy was of the opinion that this work was written 
by Captain John Smith. It is entered under " Smith " in the 
British Museum Catalogue with this note : "Attributed in 
the introduction to John Smith, but written by Captain N. 
Butler." Butler was one of the early governors of Bermuda, 
under the Bermuda Company, and from his knowledge of the 
islands was much better qualified to write concerning them 
than Captain Smith who never visited them. In 1802 " Mr. 
Edward Scott, keeper of MSS. in the Museum, while cata- 
loguing the Sloane collection, came upon a MS. in the same 
handwriting as 750 [the above " Historye of the Bermudaes "], 
signed by Nathaniel Butler. This MS. [is] numbered 758 . . . 
A comparison of the two MSS. establishes the fact of the 
identity of the handwriting." — Atkenceum, Dec. 24, 1892, p. 
891. Thus the authorship of this work it definitely settled. 

Vespucci, Amerigo. Letters and other documents illus- 
trative of his career; [translated and edited] by 
Clements R. Markham. Vol. — (1894). [viii.] -j- 
xliv. + 121 -f- 16 pp. 

Note. — The editor attempts to disprove Varnhagen's theory 
that the island of Ity, mentioned in Vespucci's first letter, 
was Bermuda. Fiske in his Discovery of Atnerica{)io%X., 
1892) vol. 2, p. 52-92, supports Vamhagen. 

Hardwicke's science gossip. London. 8°. 

Vegetation of Bermuda. Vol. lo (no. no, [February, 
1874]), p. 44. 

NoTB. — Comments upon H. N. Moseley's paper, on this sub- 
ject, to the Linnean Society. 

KirroN, F. Bermuda tripoli. Vol. Ii (no. 127), July, 

187s), p. 160-161. 

Note. — Bermuda tripoli is a polishing powder obtained at 
Bermuda Hundreds, Va. In the laws of the Bermuda Com- 
pany, passed February 6, 1621 o.s., Section 212, it was pro- 
vided that in view of the scarcity of land in Bermuda a grant 
should be made to the Bermuda Company of land in Virginia. 
" This arrangement is still commemorated by the name of the 
Bermuda Hundred, Chesterfield County, Va." — Lbfroy's 
Mttnorials, vol. i, p. 228. 

Harleian miscellany ; or, A collection of scarce, curious, 
and entertaining pamphlets and tracts. London. 8°. 
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carried on by Seignior Gondamore, for advancing the 
popish religion and Spanish faction. 1679. ^o\. 8 
(1810), p. 231-249. 

NoTB. — At page 241, Gondomar is made to say : " therefore I 
crossed whatsoever intendments were projected [by the Eng- 
lish] for Virginia or Bermudas, because they may be hereafter 

really helpful unto them," etc. For further information re- 
gardmg Gondomar and his reports to the King of Spain 
regarding Bermuda, see Brown's Gerusit of tfu United 

Harper's Bazar. New York, folio. 

W., M. H. Qub news. Vol. 33 (no. 10, March lo, 

1900), p. 215. I portrait. 

NoTK. — An account of the formation and work of the " Nine- 
teenth Century [Ladies'] Club of Hamilton," with a portrait of 
its president, Mrs. S. S. Ingham. 

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Note. — Also in her Poetical works ; Household edition (Host., 
1890), p. 247-249. 

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otheca; or, A complete collection of voyages and 
travels. London, folio. 

Account of the firft Plantation of the Bermudas or 
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Country; Extracted from the Memoires of Captain 
Smith, Mr. Richard Norwood, William Strachie, Efq., 
with fome others. Vol. i (1705), p. 848-850. 
Note. — See also p. 837. 

Account of the firft Plantation of the Bermudas [etc.]. 
Vol. 2 (1845), p. 240-243. 

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contemporaries. London. 8". 

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Note. — A reproduction from J. O. Halliwell-Phillip's reprint, 
London, 1865. 

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Amsterdam. 4°. 

Beschrijvinghe van Virginia, Nieuw Nederlandt, Nieuw 

Engelandt, en d'Eijlanden Bermudes, Berbados, en S. 

Chriftoffel, [Vol. 2], ([no. 3], 1651). 88 pp. i 

map, and 6 woodcuts. 

Note. — Volume i was published in 1648. The above and 
some other publications were without doubt destined to form 
the second volume. See Tiele's Mtmoire bibliographigut 
sur les jourttaux des navigateurs niedlandais (Amst., 1867), 
p. 18. This is a reprint of some parts of the " Vertoogh," and 
of the second edition of De Laet. Bermuda p. 77'-%3, with 

Harvard College — Museum of Comparative Zoology. 
Bulletin. Cambridge. 8°. 

Lyman, Theodore. Ophiuridse and Astrophytidae of the 
exploring voyage of H. M. S. "Challenger." Part i. 
Vol. 5 (July 25, 1878), p. 65-168. 

Note. — Six species were taken off Bermuda, all of which were 
new to science. At Station 33, in 435 fathoms : — Ophiottttt- 
siunt cancellatum, sp. nov., p. 111-112, plate i, figs. 17, 18; 
Ophi4)pyren longispinus, sp. nov., p. 134-135, plate 7, figs. 
176-178; Ophiotnitra chefys, p. 152-154, plate 9, figs. 230-241 
(Same as Ophiacantha chelysVfyy. Triom. Voyage of Chall. 
Atlantic, N. Y., 1878, v. 2, p. 63, figs. 16, 17) ; Ophiacantha 
Troschtli, sp. nov., p. 142-143, plate 9, figs. 222-224. At 
Station 56, m 1,075 fathoms: — Ophiacantha sezesta, sp. 
nov., p. 141-142, plate 10, fig. 271. OS Bermuda, in 750 
fathoms: — Ophioglypha lepida, sp. nov., p. 70-71, plate 3, 
figs. 71-73. 

Lyman, Theodore. Same. Part II. Vol. 6 (no. 2, De- 
cember 25, 1879), p. 18-83. 

Note. — Four species are here recorded from the vicinity of 
Bermuda, one of which was new. At Station 56, in 1,075 
fathoms: — Amphiura duplicata, Lym., p., 31-32 (Safne'vx 
Illus. Cat., no. viii., pt. 2, p. i^). At Station 33, in 435 
fathoms : — Asiroschema branchtatum, sp. nov., p. 67, plate 
17, figs. 462-465. At Station 36, in 32 fathoms : — Ophiothrix 
violacea, Miill and Trosch., p. 53 ; O. Suensonii, Ltk., p. 54. 

Agassiz, Alexander. A contribution to American Tha- 
lassography. Three cruises of the United State* 
Coast and Geodetic Survey steamer " Blake." Vols. 
14-15 (1888). 


The Boston Book GDmpany's 

Vol. 2 No. 10 

NoTK. — The " Blake " did not touch at Bermuda, but references 
to these islands may be found in vol i, p. 8o, 93-44. 1 17-1 19 ; 
vol. 2, p. 28-29. "The 'Bermuda sea-serpent/ .^*^a&r«« 
Jenttii, was seventeen feet long and swam with great velocity 
through the surf, and dashed itself on shore." — p. 28. 

Harvard College — Muuum of Comparative Zoology. 
Memoirs. Cambridge. 4°. 

Allman, George J. Report on the Hydroida collected 
during the exploration of the Gulf Stream by L. F. 
De PourtalSs. Vol. 5 (no. 2). 

Note. — Here is described the Aglao^kenia ramosa (p. 39-40, 
plate 23, figs. 1-4), a specimen of which was obtained at Ber- 
muda by the " Challenger." In his report on Hydroida in the 
" Challenger " expedition reports (Zoolo^, Pt. 7, voL 7) 
the author contents himself by simply referring to the descrip- 
tion contained in this report. 

Heilprin, Angelo, and others. The Bermuda Islands : a 
contribution to the Physical History and Zoology of 
the Somers archipelago. With an examination of the 
structure of Coral Reefs. Philadelphia, 1889. 8°. 
[viii.] -1-231 pp. 

Note. — " My main object in visiting the islands was to satisfy 
my mind on certain points connected with the structure and 
physiognomy of coral reefs, to the study of which the Ber- 
mudas offer s{>ecial advantages. I contemplated but little 
work in zoology, and that which was accomplished may be 
considered supplemental to the plan of the work originally 
laid out." — p. [v.]. The zoological matter, independent of 
that given below, may be found as follows : — Mammals, p. 
78-80; Birds, p. 81-83 ; Reptiles, p. 83-84 ; Sponges, Corals, 
and Echinoderms, p. 94 ; Actinizoa, lo species, p. 98-103 ; 
Alcyonaria, 8 species, p. 103-10$ ; Holothuria, p. 136-142, 
94, 6 species, of which 4 are new : — Holothuria abbreviata, 
p. 137-138, plate 12, figs. 5, 8, 8a ; Semperia BermudensU, 
p. 138-139, plate 12, figs. 2, 2a, 3 ; Stichopus diaboli, p. 139- 
140, plate 13, fig. 1, la, lb, 2 ; Stichofiut xanlhomela, p. 140- 
142, plates 12, fig. 1 ; 13, fig. 3. Asteroidea, a species, p. 142- 
143 ; Ophiuroidea, 6 species, p. 14^-144 ; Echinoidea, 6 
species, p. 144-145 ; Crustacea, 27 species, p. 146-1(2, 90-91 ; 
Mollusca (p. 166-184, 85-87, 89-90, p. 86 giving list of 11 
species peculiar to Bermuoa), 202 species, of which 12 are 
new: — Octoput chromatus, p. 184-185, 167, plate 15, figs. 1 ; 
Cythara (PUurotomd), p. 170; Atlysia aquorea, p. 185- 
187, 176, plate 15, figs. 2, 2a, 2b ; Chronudoris zebra, p. 187, 
176, plate 15, figs. 3, 3a; Onchidiutn (OnchiditUa") trans- 
Atla$Uicum, p. 187-188, 184, plate 15, figs. 4, 4a ; Emarginula 
dtntigtra, p. 188, 175, plate 17, fig. 7 ; E. pileum, p. 189, 175, 
plate 17, fig. 6 ; Ctrcum termts, p. 189, 172, plate 17, fig. 5 ; 
Chama Bermudtnsu, p. 189, 178, plate 17, ng. 1 ; Macoma 
tborta, p. 189-190, 178, plate 17, fig. 2 ; Mysia pellucida, p. 
IQO, 179, plate 17, ng. 3; Cythera Penisteni, y. 190, 178, 
plate 17, fig. 4. Notes on the recent literature of coral reefs, 
p. 202-231. 

McMuRRlcH, J. Playfair. The Actinology of the Ber- 
mudas, p. 105-135. 2 plates. 

NoTB. — Ten species ar« here described, three of which are 
new, viz.: — Aiptatia.vp.'i p. 106-108, plate 10, figs. 1-2; 
Oulactu fascioulata, n. sp., p. 112-115, plate 10, fig. 5 ; Di- 
plactu, gen. nov., Bertnudtntis, n. sp., p. 115-119, plates 
10, figs. 4, 6; II, figs. I, 2. 

Uhler, Philip H. Observations on the Insects of the 

Bermudas, p. 152-158. 

Note. — Fifteen species are here described. " But few insects 
have hitherto been recorded from this group of coral islands, 
and much arduous collectinE; is still needed to gather a full 
series of the insects settled there. ... It is therefore with 
earnest solicitude that we await the time when some acute col- 
lector will undertake to solve the problem of insect settlement 
which lies deeply buried in the history of this little group of 
islands." — p. 152, 153. Set alto p. 91-93. 

Marx, Dr. George. A contribution to the knowledge 
of the Spider Fauiu of the Bermuda Islands, p. 159- 
1 62. I platt. 

Note. — Seventeen species are named, including the six de- 
scribed by Blackwell. Twelve species were collected by Pro- 
fessor Heilprin's party, of which one, Lyceta Atlantica (p. 
161-162^ was new. " It seems that the spider fauna of the Ber- 
mudas IS more American than anything else, for out of the 
seventeen species now known, only four [Epeira graciliptt, 
Blackw. ; Xytticut pallidui, Blackw. ; Salticus divtrtut, 
Blackw. ; and Lycota Atlantica, nov. spec] are original (so 
far) to these Islands, and nine are found also in the limits of 
tlu United States." — p. 161. St* aiso p. 93-94. 

BOLLMAN, Charles H. Notes on a small collection of 
Myriapods from the Bermuda Islands, p. 162-165. 

Note. — Five species onl^ " have as yet been reported from the 
Bermudas," one of which is new : — Julus MoreUti, Lucas, 
p. 164 ; Mecisiocepkalut Guildingii, Newport, p. 164 ; Litho- 
iius lapidicola, Meinert, p. 164-165 ; Scolependra tubspi- 
nipes ; and Spirobelus Heilprini, sp. nov., p. 162-164. Sit 
also p. 94. 

PIL5BRY, Henry Augustine. On the Helicoid Land 
Mollusks of Bermuda, p. 191-201. i plate. 

Note. — Deals chiefly with the Poecilozonitts. It describes 
six species: — Pactlozonitts Bermudensis, Pfr., p. 196-197, 
108-199, plate 16, figs. E, c ; P. Nelsoni, Bland, p. 197-198, 
plate 16, fi^. J, K, L ; P. Reinianus, Pfr., p. 198, plate 16, 
ng. 1 ; P. Rtinianus, Pfr., var. Goodei, Pilsbry, [n. var.], 
p. 198 ; P. circumfirtnatus, Redfield, p. 199-200, plate 16, 
ng. F ; Helix {Micrepkysa) hypelepta, Shuttleworth, p. 200- 
aoi. The above papers, with the exception of that by P. H. 
Uhler, had previously appeared in vols. 40 and 41 of the Pro' 
ceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences op Phila- 
delphia. See also p. 87-89. 

Hotten, John Camden. The original lists of persons of 
quality, . . . and others, who went from Great Britain 
to the American Plantations; 1 600-1 700. London, 
1874. 4°. 580 pp. 

Note. — "X° Junij 1635. Theis vnder-written names [125 in 
all] are to be transported to the Bormoodes or Somer-Islands, 
imbarqued in the Truelove de London, Robert Dennis M'.," 
p. 85-87. "Tricessimo die Septembris 1635. Aboard the 
Dorst, John Flower Mr, bound for ye Bormodos" [95 names 
in all], p. 689-690. Both lists are reprinted in Lbproy's 
Memorials, vol. i, p. 687-690. Other references to Ber- 
muda may be found on pp. 156, 157, 164, 163*, 164*, 165, 166, 
165*, 166", 167, 168, 167*, 301-313*, 350, 354, 375, and 408. 

Hurdis, John L. Rough notes and memoranda relating 
to the Natural History of the Bermudas. By the late 
John L. Hurdis, formerly Controller of customs and 
navigation laws in those islands. Edited by his 
daughter, H. J. Hurdis. London, 1897. 8°. vi. -\- 
[ii.] -}- 408 pp. 

Note. — Mr. Hurdis lived in Bermuda from October, 1840 to 
May, 1855. The "notes" forming this volume were taken, 
mainly, from September, 1846 to the time he left the islands. 
They were made use of by him in J. M. Jones's Naturalist in 
Bermuda (London, 1859), p. 56-97. Captain Savile G. Reid 
had the use of the manuscript in compiling his Birds 0/ Ber- 
muda (Washington, 1 884), which appeared as Part 4 in Bulletin 
No. 2j (p. 163-279), of the U. S. Natiomal Museum. This 
work IS especially valuable to the student of Bermuda orni- 
thology as It contains much of the original information made 
use of in all later works relating to the birds of these islands. 
" The work is in journal form, and is written somewhat after 
the style of White's Selborne ; and if it lacks the charm of 
that classic, this can hardly be considered a fault on the part 
of the author." — Nature, vol. 55, p. 604. He enumerates in 
all 178 species, p. 303-314. He also enumerates about 130 
species of the "Trees, shrubs, and plants of Bermuda," p. 
364-372. While these notes relate largely to birds — over 300 
pages of his book being taken up with his field-notes on this 
subject, — there is much information upon a variety of other 
subjects, as Butterflies and Moths, p. 314-324; Insecta, 0.324- 
330; Mammalia, p. 330-339; Whales, p. 339-341; Fishes, 
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Note. — Remark* upon birds observed at Bermuda, p. 48, 50- 

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Note. — Contains 21 photographic views of the Bermudas. 

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January, 1902 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


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NoTB. — This paper describes a little shell from the Bermudas, 
which the autlior believes to be the first of its species described 
from the nortliem hemisphere : the Carditella Smithii, n. sp., 
p. \ir-iT, plate i, fig, 4. 

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Note. — Two species are described from the Bermudas : — 
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low water; Corticiftra sp. ?, p. 473-475, Taf. 4, figs. 1, a, 
shallow water. 

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200 pp. 10 zooodcuts and i map. 

NoTK. — " The first account ever submitted to the public of the 
Natural History of the Bermudas." — Preface, p. v. This 
work is divided as follows : — Geology, p. i-io ; Zoology, p. 1 1- 
130; Botany, describing over 75 species, "with but few ex- 
ceptions from the pen of Mr. Hurdis," p. 131-143; Meteor- 
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This book deals almost entirely with the land animals and 
plants of Bermuda. 

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Note. — Describes 151 species, 

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NoTB. — Enumerates 79"species. The following are described 
at some length : — Sky Lark of Europe, A lauda arvensis ; 
Rice Bird, Dolichonyx oryzivora ; Cardinal Grosbeak, Piiy- 
lus Cardinalis ; Blue Bird, Sialia IVilsoni ; American 
Golden Plover, Charadius martnoratus ; American Snipe, 
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Note. — " Printed bjr Jas. Bowes & Sons, Halifax, Nova 
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History " of the islands, occupying the remainder of the 
volume, is divided as follows: — Geology, p. 118-121; Zo- 
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Zoology contains the following lists : — Mammalia, 8 species, 
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placed in the collection of the British Museum," p. 131-136 ; 
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plates and I map. 

Note. — This volume is BidUtin No. 25 of the United 
States National Museum, published under the direction 
of the Smithsonian Institution. It is well indexed with a 
separate index for Lefroy's monograph. Both indexes refer 
to all synonomous names of species. 

Jones, John Matthew. Introduction, p. ix.-xxiii. 

Note.— Gives an account of Bermuda and describes its various 
localities. " Mr. Jones has collected in Bermuda for several 
winters, between 1859 and 1876, and has become the standard 
authority in matters relating to the natural history of the 
islands." — Pre/ace, p. vi. 

Rice, Prof. WilUam North. The Geology of Bermuda. 
Part I. p. 1-32. 5 plates. 

Note. — " The result of a careful reconnaissance during a six 
weeks' visit in the spring of 1877." — Pre/ace, p. vi. The 
author discusses the subject under the following headings : — 
History and literature of the subject ; Physical geography of 
Bermuda; Is Bermuda an atoll? The coral limestone and 
its varieties ; Movements of elevation and subsidence ; Ha» 
Bermuda subsided within historic times? Erosion; The 
" Red earth " ; Phenomena resulting from the unequal hard- 
ening of the limestone ; Non-calcareous rocks and minerals ; 
Fossils. The author enumerates about sixteen different 
minerals (p. 20-30) found by various observers in the " titan- 
iferous sands " and other sources, at various localities along 
the shore. He also gives, on p. 31-32, a list of twenty-two 
fossils which have been found in the beach-rock in several 

Lefroy, Sir, John Henry. The Botany of Bermuda. 
Part II. p. 33-141 and i leaf of errata. 

Note. — A list of twenty-five species found exclusively or almost 
exclusively in the Waisingham tract, p. 40. List of 1 50 species 
regarded as native (inclumng those of the Waisingham tract), 
p. 41-42. This work gives the names of 945 species, divided 
as follows : — native, 150 ; naturalized, 166 ; mtroduced, 629 — 
of the latter 215 species are included which are "of horticul- 
tural but not of botanical interest, . . . [and which are] in- 
serted . . . tocompletetheviewof the vegetation of Bermuda, 
as related to climate, and as it presents itself to the visitor." 
p. 43. Of this work Hemsley says: "Unfortunately the 
editing leaves much to be desired, the same plant, in several 
instances, being repeated under different synonyms ; others, 
by some slip, appear under false generic names, and some are 
enumerated under wrong natural orders." — Challenger 
Expedition. Report on the Botany of the Bermudas, 
p. 129. 

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Part III. p. 143-161. 

Note. — " One of the monographs, which will probably never 
be extended unless by the addition of certain species of 
whales." — Preface., p. vii. Nine species are described: — 
Scotophilus noctivagans, Lee, "Silver-haired Bat, p. 145; 
Lasiurus cinereus , Allen," Hoary Bat, p. 145-146 ; Eubaltena 
cisarctica, and others. Common Whale, Right Whale, Cape 
Whale, Hump-back, etc., p. 147-153 ; Physeter macrocepha- 
lus, L., Sperm Whale, Spermaceti Whale, Trompe Whale, p. 
153-156; Sorex ? p. 156; Mus decuntanus, Pallas, Nor- 
way Rat, Brown Rat, p. 156-157; M. rattus, L., Black Rat, 
p. 157 ; M. tectorutn, Savi, Tree Rat, p. 157-161 ; Af. mus- 
cvlus, L., Common Mouse, p. 161. Also issued separately 
with cover title. 

Reid, Captain Savile^G. The Birds of Bermuda. Part 
IV. p. 163-279. 

Note. — The author who was in Bermuda from March 30, 1874 
to June 3, 1875, describes 186 species. " No species has as 
yet been discovered peculiar to the islands." — p. 167. 
" That fresh species will from time to time be added to the 
present list is more than probable ; in fact it is possible that 
the whole migratory avi-fauna of North America may even- 
tually be recorded a-s Bermudian. When such diminutive 
flyers as the Ruby-throated Humming-bird, Trochilus colu- 
bris, and the Blue Yellow-backed Warbler, Parula atneri- 
cana, can find their way across 600 miles of water in safety, 
where is the line to be drawn?" — p. 166-167. This essay 
" is the final result of the labors of Jones, Hurdis, Wedder- 
burn, and others. . . . Much of the completeness of this list is 
due to the labors of . . . Mr. John T. Bartram, of Stock's 
Point, whose little museum is full of interesting material." 
Preface, p. vii. 

Merriam, Clinton Hart. On a Bird new to Bermuda, 
with notes upon several species of Rare or Accidental 
Occurrence. Part V. p. 281-284. 

Note. — The birds here enumerated are as follows: — Melo- 
spiza fascinata (Gmelin) Scott, Song Sparrow, p. 283 ; Py- 
ranga rubra (Linn.) Vieillot, Scarlet Tanager, p. 283 ; Pelio- 
netta perspicillata (Linn.) Raup., Surf Duck, p. 283 ; and 
Cymochorea leucorrhoa (Vieillott) Coues. Leach's Petral, p. 
284. Also issued separately with cover-title. 


The Boston Book Company's 

Vol. 2. No. 10 

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p. 285-303. 

NoTB. — " Five species of reptiles are all that are known to be 
found on the Bermudas. Only one of the five, Eumeces 
longirostrU can be claimed by these islands as their own." 
— p. 287. The five species are as follows : — Eumeces lonH- 
rostris Cope, Bermuda Lizard, p. 287-289; Erettnochelys 
imbricata, Fiti., Hawkbill Turtle, CaretjJ. agg-joo; Thalas- 
sochelys caouana, Fiti., Loggerhead Turtle, Caouane, p. 
300-301 ; Cheltmia mydas, Schw., Green Turtle, p. 301-303 : 
Sphargis coriacea. Gray, Trunk or Leather Turtle, p. 303. 
General remarks and early accounts of Bermuda turtles, p. 
289-199. The Green Turtle and Hawkbill are the common 
tunles of the islands, the Leather Back and Loggerhead being 
only occasional visitors. 

Webster, H. E. Annelida from Bermuda, collected 
by G. Brown Goode. Part VII. p. 305-327. d plates. 

Note. — Gives 26 species, of which 13 are new. Hermodice 
caruHcuiata, Kinberg, p. 307, plate 7, figs. 1-5 ; Eurythai 
macrotricha, Baird, p. 308, plate 7, figs. 6-9 ; Bhawania 
Goodei, n. sp., p. 308-309, plate 7, figs. 10-15 ; Halosydna, 
ItMcohyba, Schmarda, p. 309-310, plate 7, fig^. 16-18; 8, figs. 
19, 20; Fallacia proctochona (Schmarda) Qtng., p. 311 ; plate 
8, fig. 21 ; Podarke obscura, Verrill, p. 311 ; Nereis Batrdii, 
n. sp., p. J12-313, plate 8, figs. 22-28 ; N. gracilis, n. sp., p. 
313-314, pUte 9, figs. 29-35 ; Eunice mutilata, n. sp., p. 315- 
316, plate 9, ngs. 36, 36 a-d, 40; E. denticulata, n. sp., p. 
316-317, plate 10, figs. 4t, 41a, b-45 ; E. longiselis, n. sp., p. 
317-318, plate to, figs. 46, 46a, b-45; ^' ^<"»if*^"^'*'<*i "• sp., 
p. 318-319, plate 12, figs. 75-80 ; E. violacea, Grube, p. 319 ; 
Marpkysa acicularum, n. sp., p 319-320. plate 10, figs. 50- 
53 ; Nicidion Kinbergi, n. sp., p. 320-321, plate 12, figs. 81- 
88; Arabella opalina, Verrill, p. 321 ; CEnone diphyllidia, 
Schmarda, p. j2i, plate 12, figs. 89-91 ; Anthostoma ramo- 
sum, Schmarda, p. 321 ; Ophelina maculata, n. sp., p. 322, 
plate II, figs. 54, 5S; Arenicola cristata, Stimpson, p. 323; 
Cirraiulus tenuis, n. sp., p. 323, plate 11, figs. 56, 57 ; Tere- 
bella magnifica, n. sp., p. 324, plate 11, fig:s. 58-60; Enoplo- 
iranckus sanguineus, Verrill, p. 324; Prolulides, n. gen. 
eUgans, n. sp., p. 325-326, plate 11, figs. 63-74; Sahella 
melanostigma, Schmaroa, p. 327 ; HydroieUs dianthus, 
Verrill, p. 327. 

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NoTS. — A summary of a lecture, bjr Prof. A. E. Verrill, de- 
livered, the previous evening, in the ShefiSeld Scientific School 

Journal fiir Ornithologie. 

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Herausgegeben von Dr. Jean 

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seln, nach Wedderburn und Hurdis, mit getheilt von 
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p. 211-226. 

Note. — This is a review of Jones's Naturalist in Bermuda. 
The 151 species of birds given in that work have been re- 
arranged by families as follows : — Rapaces, 13 ; Itisectivoree , 
31 ; Gramnivora, 16 ; Coraces, 2 ; Scansores. 2 ; A Icyones, i; 
Tenuirostres, i ; Chelidones, 6 ; Columbinee, 3 ; Gallintt, i ; 
Grallatores, 44 ; and Natatores, 40. The last 3 or 4 pages 
are taken up with a general summary and description of the 

Journal of botany, British and foreign. London. 8°. 

Hunter, Robert. Bermudian Ferns. Vol. 15; new 
•eries, vol. 6 (no. — , December, 1877), p. 367. 

Note. — Gives a list of ten ferns collected by the author In Ber- 
muda, from August, 1863, to May, i86( and determined 
by Mr. Baker, r. L. S., of Kew : — Adiantum Capillus- 
yentris, Linn., variety? ; Pteris aquilina, L., var. caudata. 
L. ; AspUnum Trickontants, L. ; Nephrodium (l.astrea) 
Patens, Dcsv. ; Nepkrolepis exaltata, Schott ; Polypodium 
(Gi>niopterii) tetragonum , Schwartz? ; P. pectinatum, L. ; 
Acrestichum (Chrysodtum) aureum, Presl. ; Osmunda 
cinnantcmea, L. ; O. regalit, L, 

Hemsley, William Bolting. Two new Bermuda plants. 
Vol. 21 (no. — , April, 1883), p. 104-105. 

Note. — " The following are the only probably endemic flower- 
ing plants in the Bermudas": Erigeron Darrellianus, n. 
sp. and Statice Le/royi, n. sp. Both are fully described. Of 
the Utter the author says : This is probably the tame plant 
identified as Static* Carolintnsis, Natt, by Dr. J. Rein." 

Hemsley, William Botting. Bermuda plants in the 
Sloane Collection, British Museum. Vol. 21 (no. — , 
September, 1883,) p. 257-261 . I plate and 2 wood-cuts. 

Note. — " The Bermuda plants in the Sloane Collection are 
only seven in number, yet among them are my Erigeron 
Darrellianus t.nA a species of Carex [Bermudiana, Hemsley] 
hitherto undescribed ; the others being Sisyrinchium Bertnu- 
diana ; Verbena urtici/olia ; Afelilotus parviflora ; Eri- 
geron canadense ; E. linifolius ; also a leaf labeled Eufato- 
rium Bermudense lalifolium Jlosculis pallenscentibus. Silver- 
weed nostratibus vulgo ; and a Conyza uriici/ul, which we 
have been unable to identify." 

Hemsley, William Botting. Sisyrinchium Bermudiana. 
Vol. 22 (no. — , April, 1884), p. 108-110. 

Note. — This article gives an account of the literature of the 
subject and shows that there is a diversity between the North 
American Sisjrrinchium and the Bermudtan species, of which 
Lefroy says : " The flowers, which begin to appear in April, 
are as dear to the Bermudian as the primrose to the English- 
man." — Botany of Bermuda, p. 113. 

Masters, Maxwell T. The Bermuda Juniper and its 
allies. Vol. 37 (no. 433, January, 1899), p. l-li. 

Note. — An exhaustive notice of the Bermuda Cedar, giving the 
literature of the subject in full from the earliest mention of it 
by May down to the present day. A complete synonomy it 
also given. 

Journal of education. Boston and Chicago. 4°. 

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Note. — The following species, obtained by the " Challenger " 
expedition from Bermuda and now in the British Museum, in 
the same bottle as some A malia gagates from the same island, 
is described : A griolimax laevis (sens. lat.). "It is 
possible that this slug is native in Jamaica, and that the 
Jamaica and Bermuda specimens may all represent a distinct 
West Indian race." — p. 4. 

Kew Royal Gardens. Bulletin of miscellaneous informa- 
tion. London. 8°. 

Bermuda. [Chief fruits grown in Bermuda.] Vol. for 
1888 (no. 21, September, 1888), p.216-217. 

Note. — Twenty-one fruits are named as growing in Bermuda. 
There is a Ubulated list of 19 varieties, giving name, season, 
and local prices. No fruits are exported except bananas, 
avocado pears, loquats, strawberries, and melons. 

Minor industries in Jamaica and Bermuda. Vol. for 
1894 (no. 94, October, 1894), p. 352-353. 
Note. — Raising spring onions and young potatoes for the New 
York market, lily bulbs for the United States and Europe, 
and arrowroot are among the industries attributed to Ber- 
muda. " Altogether its small industries in 1893 iuniished ex- 
ports to the value of nearly ;^ 110,000." 

CVNODON Dactylon, Pcrs. Vol. for 1894 (no. 95, Novem- 
ber, 1894). p. 377-378. 

Note —"This is the plant called 'Bermuda Grass' in the 
United States and elsewhere." — Hemsley. 

Fungi ExoTicL I. Vol. for 1898 (no. 138, June, 1898), 
p. II3-I36- 

Note. — Bermuda, p. 133-134. Four species, all collected at 
St. George's, are given, of which i is new: — Peroncspora 
Lamii, De Bary ; Epiclinium Cumminsii, Massee (sp. 
nov. ) ; Uromyces striatus, Sclirot. ; and Graphiola Phoeni- 
cis, Polt 

[Krebs, Th.] The West Indian Marine Shells, with some 
remarks. A manuscript printed for circulation be- 
tween collectors. By *»■*. Nykj0bing, Falster, 1864. 
sm. 8°. I 1. 4- [iv.] + 137 PP- 

January, 1902 

Bulletin of Bibliography, 


NoTK. — The following species, which I have arranged under 
the names of the writers to whom they are credited, are as- 
cribed to Bermuda: — Adams, C. B. — Tritonium antiUa- 
rum, d'Orb., p. 22 ; T. chlorostomum, Lmk., p. 23 ; T. 
cynocephalum, Lmk., p. z-\ ; T. nobile, Con., p. 23 ; T. 
/iliare, L. & Lmk., p. 24 ; Purpura trapa. Bolt., p. 27 ; Co- 
lumbtUa tnercatoria, L., p. 29; C. ocellata, Gml., p. 30; 
Catsis Brmvne tuberosa, L., p., 35 ; CyproecassU testtculus, 
^•> P- 35 ; Oliva liiterattt, Lmk., p. 39 ; O. oryza, Lmk., p. 
40 ; O. reticularis, Lmk., p. 40 ; Natica canreua, L., p. 66 ; 
Pyramidella dolabrata. L., p. 71 ; Ntrita peloronta, L., p. 
76 ; Neretina viridis, L., p. 78-7^ ; Calcar catlatttt, Chem., 
p. 81 ; C. Tuber, L., p. 82; Telltna magna, Spgl., p. 102 ; 
Chama macrophylla, Ch., p. 117; Area noae, L., p. 125; 
Modiolus americana, Tarvart d Herbig^ny, p. 128; Pecten 
nodesus, L., p. 134; Spotidylus fimbriatus, Meusch., p. 135. 
Rbdpibld — Strombus accipitrinus, Mart., p., i ; S. costoso- 
muricatus. Mart., p. 1-2 ; S. figaSj L., p. 2 ; Cerithium lit- 
teratum, Brug., p. 49; Telltna btmaculata, L., p. 100; T. 
interrupta, Solander, p. 102 ; T. laevis, Ch., p. 102 ; T. 
radiata, L., p. 103 ; Capsa coccinea (Cardium), Martyn., p. 
loj ; Cardium citrinum, Ch., p. 115 ; Lucina tigerina, L., 
p. 121. Kkebs — Tritonium lanceolatum., Mk., p. 23; 
Turbo pica, L., p. 80. Adams and R. Swift — Chiton pic- 
*us, Gml., 23 April, 1858, p. 90. 

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nished to the Board of Agriculture, in response to an 
advertisement offering prizes for descriptions of the 
history of the Spiral Snails and the most efficacious, ex- 
peditious, and economical methods to effect their ex- 
termination. Hamilton, [1891]. sm. 8°. i 1, -f 22 
pp. and cover-title. 

Note.— Essav by Rev. William G. Lane, p. 1-8; Mr. Theo- 
philus Roache, p. 9-13 ; Wor. Morris A.M. Frith, jj. 14-18 ; 
O. T. Middleton, Esq., p. 19-20 ; Miss Annie Peniston, p. 
ai-22. The two plates and map referred to in Mr. Lane's 
essay were not printed but were deposited by him in the Ber- 
muda Library, at Hamilton, where they may be examined. 
The plates display thirteen species. 

L. A. W. bulletin, (The) and Good Roads. Boston. 8°. 
Jeffcott, R. T. a puzzle-tree. vol. 29 (no. — , April 
14, 1899), p. 518. I illustration. 

Note. — The " monkey-puzzle" tree, so-called, is in the Public 
Garden at St. George's, Bermuda. 

Lefroy, Sir John Henry. List of plants grown in Ber- 
muda. [Hamilton?], 1873. folio. 16 folios. Pri- 
vately printed. 

Note. — Arranged alphabetically by scientific names, followed 
by popular name and place where found. It was deposited in 
the Public Library, by General Lefroy, for general information, 
with a view to its extension. 
" The foundation of this list is one that was kindly made for 
Governor Lefroy by the late Mr. Perot in 1871 of the West 
Indian and other tromcal plants growing in his own Garden, 
or known to him. This was much extended by the Hon. 
J. H. Darrell. It has subsequently been added to and cor- 
rected by Mr. Middleton, Gardener at Mount Langton [the 
Governor's residence], and by enquiries in various quarters in- 
cluding a comparison with the plants enumerated by Mr. J. M. 
Jones, in The Bermuda Naturalist (1859) so that it is hoped 
that . . . nothing very material is omitted." — lea/i. 

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P- 578-579- 

Note. — " Habitat in Bermudis." 

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(no. 77, October 17, 1874), p. 313-316. 

Note. — The algje collected by Mr. Moseley, of the " Challen- 

?;er" expedition, while at Bermuda were submitted to Pro- 
essor Dickie for determination. They numbered 44, of which 
I was new: — Haliseris Justii, Lamx. ; Padina Pavonia, 
Lamx. ; Zonaria varitgata, Lamx. ; Z. lobata, Ag. ; Dictyota 
Bartyresiana, Lamx. ; D. ligulata, Ktz. ; D. dichotoma, 
Huds. ; Asperococcus sinuosus, Bory ; Mesogloia virescens, 
Carm. ; Polysiphonia exilis, Harv. ; P. subtilissima, Mont. ; 
Dasya Tumanowiczi, Gatty ; Laurencia obtusa, Lamx. ; L. 
gemmi/era, Harv. ; Melobesia pustulaia, Lamx. ; Gracilaria 

cervicornis, J. Ag. ; G. con/ervoidet, Grev. ; G./erox, J. 
A^. ; G. Poitei, Lamx. ; Hypnea cornuta, J. Ag. ; Eucheuma 
isifornu, J. Ag. ; Peyssonelia Dubyi, Crouan ; Liagora va- 
lida, Harv. ; Galaxaura lapidescens, I^mx. ; G. rugosa, 
Lamx. ; Scinaia /urcellata, Bivona ; Kallyntenia reni- 

formis, J. Ag. (?); Chrysymenia halymenioides, Harv. ; C. 
Agardii, Harv.; C. dichotoma, J. Ag. (?); Centroceras 
clavulatum, Ag. ; C. Cryptacanthum, Ktz. ; Caulerpa clavi- 

fera, Ag. ; C. mexicana, Sonder ; Udotea conglutinata, 
Lamx. ; Rhipilia longicaulis, Ktz. ; Codium totnentosum, 
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C. turgida, var. elegans, Del. ; as well as one or two others ; 
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{To be cotUinued. ) 


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Co-operative Housekeeping. Los Angeles [Cal.] Public 
Library Monthly Bulletin, Oct., 1901. 

Drawing. Manchester [N. H.] City Library Bulletin, 
Nov., 1901. 

Edinburgh. Salem [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, Oct., 

Egypt. San Francisco [Cal.] Public Library Monthly Bul- 
letin, Oct., 1 90 1. 

English Drama. Portland [Ore.] Library Association Our 

Library, Oct., 1901. 
Fiske, John. Salem [Mass.] Public Libary Bulletin, Sept., 

. Somerville [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin^ 

Oct., 1 90 1. 
Hallowe'en, Ghost Stories for. Kansas City [Mo.] Public 

Library Quarterly, Oct., 1 90 1. 
Hawthorne, Nathaniel, Best Editions of. The Boston 

Book Co.'s Bulletin of Bibliography, Oct., 1 90 1. 
Italian Fiction. Boston [Mass.] Public Library Monthly 

Bulletin, Oct., Nov., 1901. 
Latin America, General Works on. Grosvenor Library 

[Buffalo, N. Y.] Bulletin, Oct., 1901. 
Latest Phases of Things. Somerville [Mass.] Public 

Library Bulletin, Nov., 1901. 
Le Conte, Joseph, Writings of. San Francisco [Cal.] 

Public Library Monthly Bulletin, Sept., 1901. 
Meynell, Mrs., Books by. San Francisco [Cal.] Public 

Library Monthly Bulletin, Oct., 1901. 
McKinley, William. New Bedford [Mass.] Free Public 

Library Monthly Bulletin, Oct., 1901. 
. Osterhout Free Library [Wilkesbarre, Pa.] 

Library News-Letter, Oct. 1901. 


The Boston Book Company's 

Vol. 2. No. 10 

. Somerville, [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, 

Oct., 1901. 

Missions. Cincinnati [Ohio] Public Library Bulletin, 
Sept., 1 901. 

Music, A Few Books on. Carnegie Library [Pittsburgh, 
Pa.] Monthly Bulletin, Nov., 1 90 1. 

Norwich, Conn., Books Relating to. Otis Library [Nor- 
wich, Conn.] Bulletin, Sept., Nov., 1901. 

Opera. Kansas City [Mo.] Public Library Quarterly, 
Oct., 1901. 

Painting. Manchester [N. H.] City Library Bulletin, 
Oct., 1901. 

Presidency, The. New Bedford [Mass.] Free Public Li- 
brary Monthly Bulletin, Oct., 1901. 

Roosevelt, Theodore. New Bedford [Mass.] Free Public 
Library Monthly Bulletin, Oct. 1901. 

. Salem [.Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, Oct., 


. Somerville [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, 

Oct., 1 90 1. 

, Books by. San Francisco [Cal.] Public Library 

Monthly Bulletin, Oct., 1901. 

Russia. Somerville [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, Oct., 

1 901. 
Schley Inquiry. New Bedford [Mass.] Free Public Library 

Monthly Bulletin, Oct., 1901. 
Science for Children. Kansas City [Mo.] Public Library 

Quarterly, Oct., 1901. 
Sculpture. Manchester [N. H.] City Library Bulletin, 

Nov., 1901. 

. Salem [Mass.] Public Uihxdxy Bulletin, Sept., 1901. 

Shakespeare, William. Fitchburg [Mass.] Public Library 

Bulletin, Nov., 1901. 
Short Stories. Salem [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, 

Nov., 1901. 
Strikes and Arbitration. San Francisco [Cal.] Public 

Library Monthly Bulletin, Sept., 1901. 

Thanksgiving Day. Los Angeles [Cal.] Public library 

Monthly Bulletin, Nov., 1901. 
Trusts. Salem [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, Oct., 190X. 
Webster, Daniel. Salem [Mass.] Public Library Bulletin, 

Oct., 1901. 
Whaling Industry. New Bedford [Mass.] Free Public 

Library Bulletin, Nov., 1901. 




{To be continued quarterly.) 

N. B. — The Editor will be glad to know of any omission or corrections, since January, 1900, not 
noted, for inclusion in the next issue, and will esteem it a favor to be notified of new periodicals by 
any librarian who may receive a sample number. Reports of deaths will be gratefully received and 

X. New Periodicals. 

AT.AMKDA Public Library Monthly Bullitin. Ala- 
meda, Cal., mo., 8vo, vol. i, no. i, Aug., 1901. 

American BLACKi..MiTH. 210 Pearl .St., Buffalo, N. Y., 
mo., 4to, illus., vol. I, no. i, Oct. 1901. loc, Jd.oo. 

America.n Callityper. New York, N. Y., semi-mo., vol. 
I, no. I, May, 1901. Il.oo year. 

American Debaier. Workman Blk., Los Angeles, Cal., 
mo., 8vo, illus., vol. 1, no. i, Oct., 1901. loc., $1.00. 

American Elkctro-Therapeutic and X-Ray Era. 
Chicago, 111., mo., 8vo, vol. 1, no. i, June, 1901. 

Amkrican Trade Review. 123 Liberty St., New York, 
N. Y., mo., vol. I, no. I, June 15, 1901. ji.oo year, 

Angil Food. 218 Franklin St., Los Angeles, Cal., w., 
vol. I, no. I, Aug. 21, 1901. Ii.oo year. (Bibelot.) 

Answers. World Bldg., New York, N.Y., mo., vol. i no., 
1, May, 1901. $1.00 year. 

Archiv fOr Papyruskor-schung und Verwandte Ge- 
BIETE. Leipzig, 8vo, bd. i, he(t 1, Feb., 1900. 

Art Study. 26 W. 33d St., New York, N. Y., mo., ex- 
cept July and Aug., 410, illus., vol. I, no. i, Nov., 1901. 
15c., 5i.c». 

Artistic Book-Plates. 1135 Broadway, New York, 
N. Y., quar., illus , vol. i, no. i. Autumn, 1901. 75c., 

BiBLiouRAPHiA Medica. Paiis, mo., 8vo, torn., I, no. I, 
Jan., 1900. 


Landesbibliothek. Bern, mo., 8vo, jahrg. I, nr. i, 

Jan., 1901. 
BiOGRAPHiST. 163 World Bldg., New York, N. Y., mo., 

vol. I, no. I, July, 1901. 5i.oo year. 
Bird Club of Princeton University, Bulletin of the. 

Princeton, N. J., irreg., 8vo, vol. i,no. I, Sept., 1901. 

$1.00 each. 
Blatter fOr Volksbibliotheken und Lesehallen 

Leipzig, mo., 8vo, jahrg. 1, nr. i, Jan., 1900. 
Boys of America. New York, N. Y., w., fol., illus., vol. 

I, no. I, Oct. 5, 1901, 5c., I2.50. 
California Register. California Genealogical Society, 

San Francisco, Cal., quar., vol. i, no. i, April, 1900. 

52.00 year. 
Chic. 103 Bryson Blk., Los Angeles, Cal., w., vol. i, no. 

1, Oct. 5, 1901. 52.00 year. 
Chinese Weekly Herald, hi Nassau St., New York, 

N. Y., w., vol. I, no. I, Feb., 1901. 5c. each. 
Chronique des Livres, La. Paris, semi-mo., 8vo, no. I, 

25 Juin, 1900. 
Church Music Review. 21 E. 17th St., New York, N. 

Y., mo., 8vo, vol. I, no. i, Nov., 1901. 50c. year. 
Commentator. 788 Broadway, New York, N. Y., mo., 

vol. I, no. I, Oct., 1901. 5i.oo year. 
Comrade. 28 Lafayette PI., New York, N. Y., mo., 4to, 

illus., vol. I, no. I, Oct., 1901. loc., Ji.oo. 

January, 1902 

Bulletin of Bibliography* 


Country Life in America. 34 Union Sq., New York, 

N. Y., mo., fol., illus., vol. I, no. i, Nov., 1901. 25c., 

Countryside, The. Lowell, Mass., mo., fol., illus., vol. i, 

no. I, Aug., 1900. IOC., Ii.oo. 
Craftsman, The. Eastwood, N. Y., mo., 8vo, illus., vol. 

I, no. I, Oct., 1901. 20c., ;$2.oo. 
Dorthy Maddox Magazette. 1 2 14 Filbert St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa., semi-mo., no. i, June 1-15, 1901. ;$i.oo 

Economista, Et. 49 Wall St., New York, N. Y., semi- 
mo., vol. I, no. I, Sept. 15, 1901. J3.00 year. 
Evening and Morning Star. Independence, Mo., mo., 

vol. I, no. I, May, 1900. 25c. year 
Freshwater Yachtsman. Cheland Bldg., Detroit, Mich., 

mo., vol. I, no. I, Sept., 1901. ;Ji.oo year. 
Geologisches Centralblatt. Leipzig, semi-mo., 8vo, 

bd. I, no. I, Jan., 1901. 
Good Luck. White Plains, N. Y., mo., i6mo., vol. i, 

no. I, Nov., 1901. IOC, ili.oo. 
Goose Quill. Auditorium Bldg., Chicago, 111., mo., izmo., 

illus., vol. I, no. I, new series, Nov. i, 1901. lOc, 

fl.oo. (Bibelot.) 
Hardware Merchant. 16 Lake St., Chicago, 111., irreg., 

i2mo., illus., no. i. Fall Season, 1901. (To the trade 

Harvard Summer School Bulletin. 26A Brattle St., 

Cambridge, Mass., w., vol. i, no. i, July 5, 1901. Free 

to members of school. 
How. Dartford, Wis., quar., vol. I, no. I, April, 1901. 

50c. year. 
Liberty Boys of " 76." 24 Union Sq., New York, N. Y., 

w., no. I, Jan. 4, 1901. $2.50 year. 
Library Record. Melbourne, Aust., quar., vol. i, no. i, 

April, 1901. los. year. (Organ of Library Association of 

London Old Boy. 1312 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb., mo., 

8vo, illus., vol. I, no. i, July, 1901. J5S2.00 year. 
Man. London, mo., Svo, no. 1-14, Jan., 1901. 
Men's Magazine, The. 309 Broadway, New York, N. Y., 

mo., vol. I, no. i, July, 1901. 50c. year. 
Monthly Guide to Periodical Literature. London, 

mo., fol., no. I, Jan., 1900. 
National Electrical Contractor, The. 44 Whites- 

boro St., New York, N. Y., mo., Svo, illus., vol. i, no. i, 

Nov., 1901. 5c., 50c. 
New Shakespeareana. Westfield, N. J., quar., vol. i, 

no. 1, Sept., 1901. 75c., 52.50. The Shakespeare So- 
ciety of New York. 
New York University Bulletin of the Medical Sci- 
ences. Lancaster, Pa., quar., Svo, vol. i, no. i, Jan., 

1 901. 
Non-Partisan Voters' Union Bulletin. Washington, 

D. C, mo., vol. I, no, i, Aug., 1901. 50c. year. 
Notes Critiques, Sciences SiociALS. Paris, semi-mo., 

Svo, annee i, no. i, 10 Janvier, 1900. 
Nutmeg Idler. Torrington, Conn., mo., vol. i, no. i, 

June, 1 901. 50c. year. 
O. S. U. Naturalist, The. Biological Club of Ohio State 

University, Columbus, O., mo., Svo, vol. i, no. i, Nov., 

Old China. Syracuse, N. Y., mo., Svo, illus., vol. i, no. i, 

Oct., 1901. IOC, $1.00. 
Osteopathic Physician. 601 Marquette Bldg., Chicago, 

111., mo., Svo, vol. I, no. i, Oct., 1901. loc, iSi.oo. 
Pluck. 106 La Salle St., Chicago, 111., mo., 4to, illus., 

vol. I, no. I, Sept., 1901. 5c., 50c. 
Prosychedynamis (God's Vindicator.) Fitzgerald, Ga., 

bi-w., 4to, vol. I, no. i, Oct. 5. 1901. ;pi.5oyear. (Re- 

Quality, iio Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y., mo., 4to, 

vol. I, no. I, Sept., 1901. $1.00 year. (Comic.) 

Quarterly Record, The. Albany, N. Y., quar., Svo, 

vol. I, no. I, March, 1900. (Reviewof Charitable Work 

in New York state). 
Retail Advertiser. 356 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111., 

mo., vol. I, no. x, April I, 1901. $2.00 year. 
Revue d'Histoire Ecclesiastique Publi^e [par I'Uni- 

versite Catholique de Louvain]. Louvain, quar., Svo, 

annee i, no. i, 15 Avril, 1900. 
Revolution. Little Rock, Ark., mo., vol. i, no. i, Jan., 

1901. 1 1. 00 year. (Progressive philosophy.) 
Rubric. Studio Bldg., Chicago. 111., bi-mo, 16 mo., illus., 

vol. I, no. I, Oct., 1901. IOC, 50c. (Literary.) 
Southiand, The. Asheville, N. C, mo., vol. i, no. i, 

May, 1901. ^i-ooyear. 
Swapper, The. 194 Greene St., New York, N. Y., mo., 

vol. I, no. I, Oct., 1901. 50c. year. 
Timely Topics. Danville, Va., mo., Svo, vol. i, no. i, 

Oct., 1 901. JPi.oo year. 
Today and Yesterday. 135 Fifth Ave., New York, 

N. Y., mo., narrow 4to, illus., vol. i, no. i, Nov., 1901. 

15c., 51.50. 
Toheki, The. Kyoto, Japan, quar., Svo, vol. i, no. i, 

April, 1901. (Organ of the Kausai Bunko Kyokai, or 

Western Library Association.) 
Torreya. 41 No. Queen St., Lancaster, Pa., mo., Svo., 

illus., vol. I, no. I, Jan., 1901. 
University. 619 F. St., Washington, D. C, mo., vol. i, 

no. 1, Nov., 1901. 75c. year. (Columbian University). 
Washington Record. Loan and Trust Bldg., Washing- 
ton, D. C, semi-mo, vol. i, no. i, Sept, 2S, 1901, i!l-00 

Washington, (State) University of. Bulletin of the. 

Seattle, Wash., quar., i6mo., illus., series i, no. i, June, 

What's The Use. East Aurora, N. Y., mo,, Svo, vol, i, 

no. I, June, 1901. lOc, 5i-00. 
Young Citizen. Cedar Falls, Iowa, mo., Svo, illus., voL 

I, no. I, Sept., 1901. Ji.oo year. 
Zeitschrift fur Deutsche Wortforcshung. Strass- 

burg, quar., Svo, bd. i, heft i, Mai, 1900. 

n. Changed or Discontinued. 

American, The. Philadelphia, Pa. Discontinued Dec. 
8, 1900. (Correction of October No.). 

American Academy of Political and Socul Science, 
Publications. Not discontinued. (Correction of Oct. 

Anglo-Saxon Review. Discontinued with vol. 10. 

Bibliotheca Philologica. Gottingen. Discontinued 
Dec. 1897. (Correction of Oct, No!). 

Child-Study Monthly, The. Chicago, 111. Changed to 
the Journal of Childhood and Adolescence, became 
quarterly, and published in Seattle, Wash. Changed 
about Sept., 1901. 

Engineering Review and Engineering Index. New 
York, N. Y. Changed to Engineering Index, March, 

London Old Boy. Omaha, Neb. Changed to Interna- 
tional Old Boy, with No. 2-3. 

Modern Quarterly of Language and Literature, 
The. Changed to The Modern Language Quarterly, 
July, 1900. 

New York Education. Albany, N. Y. Changed to 
American Education from Kindergarten to College, 
Sept., 1901. 

Penny Magazine. New York, N. Y. Changed to the 
Unique Monthly, Nov., 1900. 

Putnam's Historical Magazine. Salem, Mass. Changed 
to Genealogical Quarterly Magazine (The) and Maga- 
zine of New England History, and changed from 
monthly to quarterly, April, 1900. 

J 62 

The Boston Book Q)mpany*s 

Vol. 2. No. 10. 


During January we offer Libraries the following volumes and sets at prices 
which will ensure immediate sale. Should you need periodicals not on this list 
we will quote them on request. 

American Annual Register. 8 vols, all pub- 
lished, old binding ..... ]|li2.0O 

American Engineer, Chicago, vols. 3-9, 1 1-14, 

1882-87; 1 1 vols, half calf .... 15.00 

American Qeographical 5ociety Journal, 

vols. 10-27, 18 vols, unbound . • • • 27.00 

American Journal of Microscopy, New 

York. vols. 1-6, 1875-81, 6 vols, unbound. . 4.50 

American Machinist, New York, vols. 8-14, 
1885-91,7 vols, half roan (vols. 11-13 want 
index) ........ 12.00 

American Magazine, vols. 2-9, 1885-88, 

8 vols, unbound 8.00 

(Vols. 2-5 called Brooklyn Magazine) 

American Monthly Microscopical Jour- 
nal, vols. 2-13, 15, 1881-94; 6 vols, bound, 
rest unbound, 13 vols. ..... 8.00 

American Notes and Queries, Philadelphia. 

vols. 1-5, 1888-90, 5 vols, unbound . . 9.00 

American Philosophical Society, Pro- 
ceedings, Phila. vols. 15-34, 20 vols, unbound 27.50 

American Register. 1806-10, 7 vols, old 

binding ....... 3.00 

Architecture and Building, 410 New York. 

vols. 12-25, 1890-97, 14 vols, unbound • • 25.00 
(vol. 16 lacks 1 number, vol 24 lacks 
title and index.) 

Art Interchange, 4to, New York, vols. 15-18, 
21, 23-32, 1885-94; 13 vols, half sheep, re- 
mainder unbound 15.00 

Babyhood, vols. 1-7, 1884-91, 7 vols, unbound; 

scarce. ........ 11.00 

Baptist Review, Cincinnati, vob. 1-14, 

1879-92, 14 vols, unbound .... 15.00 

Boston Journal of Chemistry, 4to vols. 
1-19, 1866-85, '9 vols. (vols, i-io in 3, half 
roan, rest unbound 22.00 

Californian, vols. 1-6, 1880-82, 6 vols, un- 
bound, all published 12.50 

Californian illustrated Magazine, vols. 1-5, 

1891-94, 5 vols, unbound, all published . . 12.00 

Choice Literature, New York, vols. 1-3, 

1883-84. 3 vols, in 2, clolh .... 3.00 

Coming Age, vols. 1-2, 1899,2 vols, unbound 1.75 

Connecticut Evangelical Magazine, I, vols. 
1-7, 1800-1807; II, vols. 1-8, 1808-1815 ; 15 
vols, old binding 10.00 

Continental Monthly, vok. 1-6, 1862-64 

6 vols, all published, unbound. . . 6.00 

Current History, vols. 1-9, 1891-99, 5 vols. 

cloth, 4 vols, unbound 8.00 

Davenport Academy of Natural Sciences, 
Proceedings, 8°, Davenport, Iowa, vols, i, 2, 
1868-78,2 vols, cloth $5.00 

Dial, Chicago, vols. 1-26, 1880-99, 13 vols, cloth, 

rest unbound ....... 60.00 

Essex Institute Bulletin, vols. 1-25, 1869-93, 

25 vols, unbound ...... 25.00 

Qlobe, Philadelphia, vols. 1-6, 1889-96, 6 vols. 

unbound 5.00 

Goldthwaite's Qeographical Magazine, 

New York, vols. 1-5, 1891-93, 5 vols, unbound 7.50 

Oranite Monthly, Concord, New Hampshire, 
vols. 1-27, 1877-99, and index of vols, i-io; 
well bound, two styles, ..... 60.00 
This set is very scarce, and contains much New 
Hampshire material, historical and bic^raphical. 

Harper's Bazar, vols. 1-32, 1867-99, 19 vols, 
bound, rest unbound, a fine set of this well- 
known weekly at a great bargain . . . 26.00 

Harper's Monthly, vols. 1-95, 1950-97, vols. 

1-77 bound, rest unbound. .... 60.00 

Harper's Weekly, vols. 1-42, 1857-99, vols. 

1-30, bound, rest unbound .... 150.00 
(This set is guaranteed perfect, except that some 
of the titles and indexes are missing. Usually, 
sets lack all these and many supplements 
besides. Considering the condition this set is a 
bargain compared with the ordinary set, uncol- 
lated, at Jioo.oo.) 

Hours at Home, (Predecessor of Scribner's 
Monthly), ii vols. 1865-70, all published, 
8 vols, bound, rest unbound. .... 11.00 

Household Companion, Boston, 4to, vols. 
5-18, 1882-95, 14 vols, half morocco, (lacks 
titles and indexes) 5.00 

Ladies Home Journal, vols. 4-10, 1886-93, 

7 vols, unbound 7-00 

Manhattan, New York, vols. 1-4, 1883-84,4 

vols, all published, in 3 vols, half morocco . 12.00 
A scarce Poole set. 

Massachusetts Board of Health Reports, 

1870-88, 1892, 30 vols, all but 7 vols, in cloth. 22.00 

Massachusetts Board of State Charities 
Reports, 1865-98, vols. 1-15, cloth . 7.00 

Mining and Statistic Magazine, New York 
8°, vols, i-io, 1853-58, and index of vols, i-io 
II V'lls. cloth 11.00 

New England Magazine, Boston, n. s. vols. 

1-22, 1889-1900, 22 vols, unbound. . . 24.00 

Pennsylvania Historical Society, Me- 
moirs, 1S55-76, 8 vols, cloth . . . 24.00 

Putnam's Monthly Magazine, New York, 

16 vols. 1853-70, all published, unbound. . 9.50 



January, 1002. 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 




We offer the following British 
January : — 

sets to our Library Customers during 

Analyst, London, 8°, vols. 4-23, 1879-98, 20 
vols, all but one vol. in half sheep . , 
A set from vol. 4 of this scarce periodical, com- 
plete except title and index of vol. 23. The 
price is a purely nominal one. 

Annals of Philosophy, [Thomson], London, 
1813-26, I vols. i-i6, II 1-12 ; 28 vols. 

Antiquary, London, 1873-74,4 vols, all pub- 
lished ; half calf 

This is a very scarce " Poole" set 

Badminton Magazine, London, vols. 1-7, 
1895-98, 7 vols, unbound .... 
The English " Outing" Magazine. 

Biblical Review, 8°, London, 6 vols. 1846-50 
half calf, all published. Scarce. . 
One of the small " Poole" sets not often avail- 

Boolcworm, London, 1888-94, 7 vols, publisher's 


This is the continuation of Bibliographer and 
Book Lore. We can quote either of these also if 
desired . 

Boolcwomi, (Berjeau) 1866-70, 5 vols, all pub- 
lished ; cloth ....... 

British Archsological Association Jour- 
nal, 8°, London, vols. 1-38, 1845-82, and index 
of vols. 1-30, 39 vols, unbound 
This price should allow even the smallest library 
to have the Standard English Archselogical set. 
We can secure the volumes to bring the set to 
date if desired. 

Building World, fo., London, vols, i-io, 1895- 
1900, bound in 5 vols, cloth . 

Cavendish Society, Handbook of Chemistry, 
by L. Gmelin, 1848-71, 18 vols, and index 
complete set, cloth 

Christian Observer, London, 1802-77, 77 
vols, old half calf, all published. 
Sets with the final volumes are not common 

Classical Journal, London, 40 vols. 1810-29 
half calf, all published .... 

Coates' Herd Book, 8°, London, vols. 1-33 

1846-87 ; 33 vols, boards 
Cosmopolis, 1896-98, vols. 1-12, complete set, 

4 vols cloth, remainder unbound 
This periodical has contributions in English, 
French and German, by the best authors. 

Ecclesiologist, 8°, Cambridge [England], vols, 
1-26, 28, 29, 1841-68, 28 vols, in 26, irregular 

Edinburgh Botanical Society, Transac 
tions, Edinburgh, 1836-93, 19 vols, in 16. 
Price on application. 

Edinburgh Qeological Society, Transac 
tions, 1868-87, vo's- i~5» 5 ^°'s* unbound 

Fine Arts Quarterly Review, 1863-67 

5 vols, unbound, all published. " Poole set' 











Oeographical Journal, London, 1893-1900, 

vols. 1-16, 16 vols, unbound .... {30.00 
This is the only present publication of the Royal 
Geographical Society. Sets are not as easily 
obtained now as formerly. 

Qeological Society of London, Quarterly 
Journal, vols. 1-55, index of vols. 1-50, 1845- 
Aug. 1899, 56 vols, unbound .... 87.00 
Vol. 2 lacks 3 plates ; otherwise, the set is com* 

Qood Words, Edinburgh, vols. 1-40, 1860-99, 

40 vols, unbound ...... 32.00 

Hardwicke's Science Qossip, 8°, London, 
1865-93, vols. 1-29, the first series complete 

in publisher's cloth, 29 vols 30.00 

(This set will be indexed in Poole's Index.) 

Home and Foreign Review, London, 1862- 
64, 4 vols, half calf old ; all published ; a 
scarce Poole set. 

Howitt's Journal, 1827-28, 3 vols, half mo- 
rocco, complete Poole set ... . 6.50 

Journal of the Camera Club, 4to, London, 
vols. 1-8, 1886-94, 4 vols, publisher's cloth, 
rest unbound , II.OO 

Knowledge, London, 1881-99, vols. 1-22, 22 

vols., all but 5 bound in cloth .... 40,00 
This set edited by R. A. Proctor, deals espe- 
cially with popular astronomy. 

Library, London, 10 vols. 1889-99, complete 

set of the monthly series. . , . . 30.00 
This is the official organ of the Library Associ- 
ation of the United Kingdom. 

Literature, Lond, 1897-1900, 6 vols, cloth 9.50 

Longman's Magazine, 1882-97, vols, 1-30, 

unbound, ....... 18.00 

Mind, London, 1876-96, vols. 1-21, 21 vols, half 
calf. Scarce 

Murray's Magazine, London, 1887-91, 10 

vols, all published, half morocco . . . 14.00 

North British Review, 1844-71, vols. 1-53. 
Old but sound binding, 53 vols, all published 
Regular price, jf 53.00; If sold from this Bulletin 40.00 

Notes on Books (Longmans & Co.), London. 

1-8, 1855-97, 3 vols, bound, rest unbound . 8.00 

Pearson's Magazine, English and best edi- 
tion, vols, i-io, 1896-99, 10 vols, unbound . 10.00 

Photogram, London, 8°, 1894-1900, vols. 1-7 

7 vols, cloth 1 2.00 

Popular Science Review, London, 1862-81, 

20 vols, cloth 25.00 

Royal Historical Society, Transactions, New 

Series, 1-13, 13 vols, cloth, 1884-99. • • 39-00 

(Issued to members only) 

Royal United Service Institution, Journal 
London, 8°, 1857-94, vols. 1-38, 1 5 vols, bound, 
remainder unbound. 

Society for Psychical Research, London. 
Proceedings, 1882-1900, 15 vols.. Journal, 
1 884-1900, 9 vols. In all 24 vols, cloth. 




THE GREEN BAG for February, 1902, will contain (among other articles) a dispassionate legal 
review of The Schley Court of Inquiry, by Charles E. Grinnell. 

THE GREEN BAG (illustrated) containing a variety of such historical, biographical, antiquar- 
ian, critical and humorous literature as is especially interesting to lawyers, — is also interesting for all 
thoughtful readers — and for the Reading Rooms of Libraries. 

A bound set of THE GREEN BAG is an Encyclopaedia of legal biography, history and por- 
traiture. Being indexed in Poole, it should be in every library. 

Subscription to the QREEN BAQ, annually, $4.00. Single numbers, each, SO cents. 
BOUND SET, I889-I901, 13 volumes, half-morocco, - - - - $65.00. 
BOUND SET, 13 volumes, Reprint Edition, half-cloth (until exhausted), $32.50. 



THE CONTEMPORARY REVIEW is soon to be one of the scarcest modern reviews. 
We have an unbound set of volumes 1-78, 1866- 1900, which we will sell for $1 10.00 

Please remember that while we make special efforts to have in stock all the less com- 
mon periodical sets, we also have on hand at very low prices sets of the most popular 





Prices vary according to condition, whether bound, or unbound. As a sample we 
offer CENTURY from 1881, vols. 1-37, unbound for 3 cents a number ($6.66), to the 
library ordering and mentioning this offer. 




We have, placed in our hands for sale, a unique set of Scott, of the imprint of Robert Cadell, 
Edinburgh, in the early forties. The set comprises 

5 VOLUHES OF NOVELS, 537 Plates, a Plans, 3 Pages fls., 
I VOLUHE POETICAL WORKS, 88 Plates, 1 Page of Hs., 
I VOLUriE LIFE OF SCOTT, 139 Plates, i Page of Hs. 

In all nine thick volumes, in half calf gilt, red edges. The binding is worn, two volumes hav- 
ing hinges cracked. 

" This copy cost over ;^2oo. Nearly every place or castle mentioned is reproduced from authentic plates, as well 
as photographs of notabilities of those times. Some of the plates are very rare, and special permission has to be ob- 
tained to use them from their owners, the lords, etc., of the castles, referred to. The compiler did two copies, one of 
which was sold in London for ;^I30." 

This set is for sale by us for ;^25o.oo. If not suitable for your library, would not one of your 
rare-book-loving trustees be glad to know of such a chance ? Address 

THE BOSTON BOOK CO., 83 to 9 J Francis St, Back Bay, Boston. 



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