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( * o/i e'm 1 Offices 

315-317-319 “The J^OOKERY,” 


IN 1886. 











Harrison 7X rms. 

Western Manager, 

Secretary and Treasurer, H, O. 

\l\L, T\. Yacer. 





614 W Jefferson St, Louisville, Ky 1518 N Broadway, 


598 Greenwich St.. New York. 

J S. Gilbreath, 

130 Christian Ave. 


Cheyenne, Wyo Ter. 


STock Yards, Kan 

C J. Murray, 

Fort Collins, Col. 



East Buffalo, N Y. 




St. Louis 

Indiana po lis 

sas City 




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-r' “a- 

O UR Experience in the shipping of Horses since the organ- 
ization of this Company, the success which has attended all 
shipments in our cars, and the assurance we have from the 
many shippers and breeders who have extensively used the 
same, warrants us in the belief that we have, in every respect, 
a practical and complete Car for the convenient, safe, humane 
and economical- transportation of all grades and classes of Horses, 
and makes us free in recommending our cars to all shippers for the 
following indisputable reasons : 

First. Our cars are well and substantially built, this being one 
of the principal points of consideration with this Company in the 
letting of contracts for construction, thereby rendering injury to 
animals next to an impossibility, on account of frail construction, 
weak partitions or insufficient support, and assuring to horses and 
owners almost the same sense of safety that would be experienced 
were they in a finely appointed stable. 

Second. It is a well established fact, denoted by experiments 
and observation, and conceded by scientists, that the proper way to 

place a horse, whereby the fatigue of the journey will be reduced to 
the minimum, is squarely crosswise of the car, and we have in the 
construction of our car, attained this one great point, and are enabled 
to offer to our patrons a car that will land horses at destination after 
a run of ten to twelve days, in as good condition as when loaded, and 
making the delay and expense of “fitting” horses for market after 
reaching destination, a thing of the past. 

Third. Owing to the above facts mentioned in construction, 
and the perfect manner of ventilation in our car, the manner of sup- 
plying light and air, together with the perfectly natural ease of the 
horse, while car is in motion, prevents the average horse, and 
especially the nervously disposed horse, from fretting himself into 
a dripping perspiration. We overcome at once the great danger of 
contracting disease from improper drafts and poor ventilation, and at 
the same time overcome the stifling closeness that is experienced in 
the tight car, and also as before mentioned, the equal peril of the 
slat car. 

Fourth. By the readiness with which all classes of horses 
accustom themselves to our car, and the perfect ease with which the}' 
overcome the longest journey, it becomes an injustice to unload them 
for feeding and rest, thereby relieving shippers from this great 
anrtoyance and expense, which fact, taken into consideration, reduces 
our service charge to the minimum, and lays bare the argument that 
“Palace cars cost too much,” and not mentioning the fact, dear 

reader, that horses shipped in any other manner require days of 
“fitting”, which, of course means large feed bills and great expense 
before they can be made presentable for sale. 

W ith the above strong arguments, which we defy any person to 
gainsay, it gives us infinite pleasure to present to your kind considera- 
tion the arms palace horse and stock car, which now pre- 
sents the best four year old record, being no longer an experiment, 
after four \ ears of labor, of which the shipper has derived no 
small share of the benefits. We invite your attention to the fol- 
lowing detailed description of our car. 

— 8 — 

The above cut is probably familiar to all shippers of horses, 
showing the exterior of our regular line car. In appearance these 
cars are very attractive, being forty-six feet in length and painted a 
rich yellow. The largest portion of this equipment is supplied with 
Westinghouse Freight Air Brakes, thereby assuring to shippers the 
best and fastest runs. 

We have made it a point in construction to provide our car with 
the best trucks and most perfectly adjusted elliptic springs obtainable, 
whereby a light or a heavy load ride equally as easy, which is a point 
to be taken into consideration by all shippers, as being a great 
advantage over the ordinarily equipped cars. 

Our cars all have eighteen stalls, which are twenty-nine and 
thirty-one inches in width. 

9 — 

The following cut shows horses as thev stand loaded in car. 


Cars are provided with ample facilities for carrying feed and 
water, there being a water tank extending under manger, which is 
accessible from center of car, and having a capacity of three hundred 
gallons; also a bin extending under other manger holding thirty 
bushels of grain. There is also a space in center of car six by nine 
feet, which is intended for attendant and enough baled hay for entire 


Our perfect system of ventilation makes cars equally as desirable 
for shipment in warm as in cold weather. Ventilators are three feet 
in width, extending the entire length of car, and are made of galvan- 
ized iron slats, which can be opened or closed by a lever worked from 
the center of the car, the ventilators being covered on the outside by 

galvanized wire cloth, which is a guard against flying cinders from 
the locomotive. We have al ; so provided in front of the horses on the 
inside of car, heavy galvanized iron shutters, affording additional pro- 
tection in extreme weather. 


The above cut shows general interior of one end of car. with 
two partitions swung. There are nine partitions in each end of car. 
all of which swing around to the manger, making loading a matter of 
great ease, it only being necessary to lead the horse in. swing the 

— I I — 

partition around in place and latch it, which is accompanied by as 
little labor as leading a horse into a stable, and thereby overcoming 
the great difficulty experienced in some cars that require horses to be 
backed into position. Stalls are well padded both in front and 
behind horses, making it impossible for horses to bruise their knees 
or hocks. 


An accurate idea of the position of horse standing in stall and 
showing our manner of hitching, which is by a chain on each side of 
horse, which is supplied with a snap, and slides on an iron rod 


twenty-four inches long, giving a horse perfect freedom of his head, 
but preventing him from biting his neighbor. 

There is also shown in cut, a beam extending the length of car, 
which is dropped down and readily adjusted to hang a few inches 
above and directly over horses rumps, making it impossible for horse 
to raise up and kick over partition. 

These cars are in general use throughout the United States, 
Canada and Mexico, and can be obtained by shippers at any point 
or at any time, by applying to local Railroad Station Agent, or upon 
application to our general offices, or any oi our agents. 

Rates will be cheerfully quoted for single shipments or for cars 
by the month, and we are always glad to correspond with shippers 
and give them any information required. 



We have just completed and placed in operation a number of 
the above cars, which are built expressly for the shipping of horses 
in passenger service or by express, and are especially adapted to the 
campaigning of racing stables, or trans-continental shipments, where 
shipping by freight becomes impossible or impracticable. They are 
also models of convenience for the transporting of family 


As will be seen by the above cut, these cars are built in design 
similar to the ordinary passenger coach. They are supplied with 
every appliance necessary for passenger service over any railway, 
having the best improved passenger trucks, both the Miller and 
Janney Coupler and the Westinghouse Complete Air System, 
including the Air Whistle Signal. It is, therefore, with pride and 
pleasure that we offer to our friends this car, as being the most per- 

— i4— 

fectly appointed and complete car ever put before the public for the 
transportation of racing and family stables. 


The cars are divided into four sections of four stalls each, the 
above cut showing one section, making accommodations for sixteen 
horses. All stall partitions are strong and substantially built, and 
are so arranged that a section of four stalls can with the greatest ease 
be changed to make three single stalls, one double and two single, 
two double stalls, or one box stall, or the stalls can be removed 
entirely and the space utilized for luggage. We also have for lug- 
gage and stable accoutrements, large boxes under the car, which also 

•5 — 

give ample accommodation for feed or for the storage of stall par- 
titions when not in use. C'ars are also supplied with two water tanks, 
which are easy of access and a great convenience. 

These cars are forty-four feet in length; the stalls are ample in 
size, both in length and width, and the spaces at the doors between 
the sections are unusually large, being six feet in one end of car and 
ten feet in other, and the doors in one end are ten feet wide, through 
which a carriage can be run without taking off the wheels. 

Stalls are generously supplied with padding, which is of superior 
material, and very easy for horses. There are also large feed boxes 
which can be very readily arranged, and when not in use are stored 
under car. 

There is also, for further convenience, a passage leading from one 
end of car to other, which being just the width of stall, a horse can 
be led from one end of the car to the other, but the door when closed, 
makes a solid wall. 

In the ventilating of these cars we think we have reached the 
acme of perfection, and the ventilating facilities are such that, while 
there is always an abundant supoly of fresh, pure air, the danger of 
draughts is overcome. 

Any further information regarding these cars or our regular line 
cars will gladly be furnished from the General Office, and we solicit 

Address all communications to the Secretary. 



Boston, Feb. 25th, 18S9. 

IV. A. Yager, Sec' y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir:— I wish to send you heiewith my unsolicited testimony of the desira- 
bility of the Arms Palace Horse Car in the shipment and transportation of horses for 
long or short distances. I have used them for several years, and my experience with 
them has given me great satisfaction. During the past year I shipped over six thou 
sand horses from the several Western States, fully three-quarters of which were 
shipped in your cars, and all of them arrived in good condition, without injury to 
hocks, hips, knees or eyes, that are incidental to the shipping of horses in common 
cars, and allowing s'ock to arrive in a healthy sta'e and excellent condition for mar 
ket. Especially have I noticed this during rough or stormy weather. My shippers 
all speak of your car in the highest terms, staling that the opportunities for the care 
of stock while in transit are the best. I should very much dislike to be obliged to 
use common cars after having had the satisfactory experience I have with the Arms 
Palace Horse Cars. Very truly yours, J. C. RICHARDSON. 

Combination Sale Stables, 243 Friend St., Boston, Mass. 

Belvidere, 111 ., Jan. 24, 1889. 

II'. A. Yager, Sec'y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — We wish to make arrangements to use your cars another year. We 
have been handling horses for thirty years, shipped to Albany, N. ¥., Pittsfiecb 
Mass., St. Paul, Minn., Denver, Col., and other points occasionally. Have used your 
cars since they came in use with good results. Have used others when we could not 
get yours, and did not like the change. The Arms Palace Horse Car fills the bill. Do 
not think it necessary to try to better them. With them you can keep getting there 
and take care of the stock about as well as you can in the barn. There are several 
advantages in using them that more than make up the extra charge. Please give us 
rates to the above points, also from here to Chicago, we sometimes ship there, and 
though it is but a few miles, it is better to use your cars, as the first run is the hardest 
on stock, and in open cars they jam about, get heated, and are liable to take cold, 
and many are lost that way. Respectfully yours, 


Boston, Mass., January 25th, 18S9. 

IV. .-/. Yager, Sec ' r Arms Palme Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — We have used the Arms Palace Car extensively in our business ever 
since the same has been known to the public. The fact of so doing is better evidence 
of our opinion of it than anything we can write. Accept our thanks for prompt atten- 
tion always given orders for cars, and wishing you continued prosperity, we remain, 
Very truly, CHARLES H. & EDGAR SNOW. 

Mass. Sale Stable, jj Emiicott St. 

New York, Jan. 23d, 1889. 

IV. A. Yager, Sec'y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — I take pleasure in recommending the Arms Palace Horse Cars, and 
would recommend them highly to horsemen in particula" and the public in general, 
requiring cars for transportation of valuable horses any distance, for safety, conven- 
ience and time saved in reaching destination. Horses shipped in Arms Cars do not 
show any signs of wear or fatigue. When unloaded they come out fresh and in 
healthy condition. Having had occasion to use the Arms Palace Horse Cars, I know 
from experience the benefits derived from them. 

Yours very respectfully, 1 . H. DAHLMAN. 

Waveki.Y, Iowa, Jany. 21st, 1889. 

IV. A. Yager, Sec’y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir :— I consider the Arms Palace Cars the most practical horse cars in use, 
having used them nearly every week for the past six years, shipping as high as 700 
head per week to C. H. Hansone & Co., Lowell, Mass., and have never lost one 
horse on the road. My horses arrive ready for market and work, and v'e used to 
think we couldn’t offer a horse for sale until rested several days, and we think we save 
money by using them. Respectfully yours, E. KNOTT. 

Worcester, Mass., January 22d, 1889. 

IV. A. Yager, Sec’y Arms Palace Ilorse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — I run the first Arms Palace Horse Car that ev er came into the state 
of Massachusetts. I have never used any other since. During my business career I 
have shipped over 22,000 horses; the last 5,000 I have shipped in your Arms Palace 
Horse Cars. The horses are ready for sale when they arrive here, and I must say 1 
would not dispense u ith the use of them if it cost three times as much as it does. 

Very respt’y yours, T. S. SLOAN. 


- Columbia university 


Boston, Mass., Jan. 22, 1889. 

H . A. Yager , Sec'y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — We have used the Arms Palace Horse Cars ever since they first came 
in use. We have seen several other patent cars for horses, but have never seen any 
that we think equal the Arms Cars. We think a car of horses shipped in an Arms 
Car with a good man in charge, is worth $300 more than a load shipped in a common 
stock car. The expense is but little more, as what is saved from feed bills on the 
road will nearly pay for the use of the Arms Car. We have some large horses that 
we could not get to market without the use of a Palace car. In the spring of 1888 
many green horses died in Boston of typhoid pneumonia. We lost but very few com- 
pared with other dealers, and we think it was because we shipped in your cars, for 
this disease was caused by exposure in the common stock cars. 

Yours respectfully, E. HAM <Si CO. 

Tilsonburg, Canada, Jan’y 22d, 1889. 

IV. A. Yager, Sec'y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — We have been using your car for over three years, and we are greatly 
pleased with it. We ship quite largely to Manitoba, and our horses come out of your 
cars at end of route looking as well as when they went in, after a trip of eight to ten 
days. We loaded two of them here on the loth inst. for the Northwest. Could not 
think of shipping horses in ordinary cars after using the Arms Car. 

Yours truly, SCOTT & MULLER. 

La Porte, Ind., Jan. 21, 1S89. 

IV. A. Yager, Sec’y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir: — We have been using the Arms Palace Horse Car ever since they have 
been in use in shipping our horses from this place to Boston, and have always had 
good luck; we never having unloaded but once, and then only' for an experiment, and 
on all occasions my horses came out of car looking and feeling as well as when first 
loaded. We have seen all the late improved horse cars and know of none so handy 
for feeding and taking care of horses when on the road as the Arms Car, and if stock 
is looked after and properly cared for, no one will have any trouble in getting their 
horses through in good shape, and we take pleasure in recommending this car to all 
horse men. We have been shipping constantly since 1862, and of course had to use 
the old slat car up to the time the Arms Car came out, and we don’t feel like going 
back to the old style car again, as we can save much time, and time is money, and 
the quicker we can get our horses to market is what should interest all shippers. 

Yours respectfully, J. P. DUNSMORE & SON. 

— 1 9 — 

Lena, 111 ., Jan. 22, 1889. 

W. A. Yager , Sec'y Arms Palace Ilorse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — I received your letter all right this morning, anti in answer will say 
that you can say most anything in favor of the Arms Palace Car, and I will sanction 
it, for 1 think is the best car in use for shipping horses. We use no other. 


West Troy, N. Y., Ian. 30, 1889. 

IV. A. Yager, Sec'y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir: — In shipping horses from Ohio to this point I have patronized the 
Arms Palace Horse Car ever since they were put in use, and I have found them to 
meet every requirement of the business. For convenience and safety in the transpor- 
tation of stock over a long distance without the necessity of unloading, they are cer 
tainiy far ahead of any car now in use for that purpose, and I have always found im 
stock in good condition upon arrival at destination. 

Yours truly, PHILIP WAMMES. 

Boston, Mass., [an. 29, 1889. 
iV. A. Yager, Sec'y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — We have used your Palace Car for four or five years, and think B 
the best car there is made for shipping horses. Do not see how we could get along 
without it, as the stock is so much fresher looking than by being shipped any other 
wav. Yours truly, WELCH A HALL 

New York, Jan. 25th, 1889. 

IV. A. Yager, Secretary Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — 1 write to congratulate you on the success of your Palace Horse 
cars. I have been using them ever since you introduced them on the road, and 1 
must say my horses come through from the west in as good shape as when they were 
loaded, and are fit to be shown as soon as they arrive. I have been shipping horses 
from the West to sell on this market for the past thirty five years, and I must say, 
since I began using your cars I do not know what it is to have a sick horse after 
shipping, as in former years. I also ship a good many imported draft stallions from 
this city to the West. Have had them on the road for points in California and Ore 
gon for twenty-three days in your cars, and they were unloaded at destination feeling 
as fresh as when we shipped them. Respectfully, 

United States Bonded and Sale Stables, ROBERT STODDART. 

ygS-600 Greenwich St., N. Y. City. 

2 0 

Mr. Joy, Pa., Jan. 21st, 1889. 

IV. A. Yager , Sec'y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir: — Regarding the Arms Cars, I desire to say that 1 have used your cars for 
my shipments from Peabody, Kansas, through to Lancaster, Pa., and that I am more 
than pleased with them, and the benefits derived from their use more than repay me 
for the extra charge made for service of cars, my stock when unloaded after a run of 
1500 miles, being ready for market and not requiring any rest. I can recommend 
their use to all shippers and would advise all who have never used them to give them 
a trial, and can assure them that after having once used the Arms Car they will never 
go back to the old way of shipping. I shall start west in a few days and shall want 
you to supply me with three cars in Kansas for my next shipment. 

Yours Very truly, J. M. ERB. 

Pittsfield, 111 ., Jan. 26th, 18S9. 

IV. A. Yager, Sec'y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, 111 . 

Dear Sir: — We take pleasure in s lying that we have used the Arms Palace 
Horse Car for a period covering about four years, and pronounce it the very best car 
for the purpose of shipping horses in use to day. We are fully satisfied that it is 
money in our purse every time we use this car, and cheerfully recommend it to all 
shippers of horses. Very truly yours, BINNS & DOW. 

New York, Jan. 24, 1889. 

IV. A. Yager, Sec'y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — We have used your cars for more than five years, and we find them 
very satisfactory, and the best of any that we have used, for long as well as short 
shipments. We also think that they cannot be recommended too highly, as we have 
had extra good luck since we have used them. 

Yours Respt., J. H. WHITSON & SON, Agents. 

East Saginaw, Jan. 21, 1889. 

IV. A. Yager, Sec'y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — Having used your cars for shipping horses the last three years for 
my shipments from points in Canada to this city, and the good success which has 
attended all my shipments in your cars, never having met with a loss or sustained an 
injury to a single animal, compels me to say that I consider the Arms Palace Horse 
Car the most practical car now in operation, and I cheerfully recommend the same to 
all shippers of horses. Yours truly, HARRY BATES. 

Cj i.vki and, Ohio, January 291I1, 1889. 

II . I. ) </ger, Sdc'y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Pear Sir : — For the past four years I have superintended the shipping of the 1st 
Cleveland d roop’s horses in your Palace Cars, to and from Chicago, Columbus and 
other cities, and consider them a great comfort, both for the horses and the shipper. 
I lave loaded eighteen horses in fifteen minutes, and have never taken a horse from 
the car with even a scratch on him. 1 certainly recommend your cars as superior to 
any I have ever used for comfort, safety, ventilation, feeding facilities, in fact, every 
convenience — would be at a great loss without them. 

Yours very truly, \Y. BRUL 1 NG. 

Manager IVi/son Art Hiding School and 1st Cleveland Troop Horses. 

Danbury, Conn., January 22d, 1889. 

II - . A. Yager, Sec’y Arms I'alace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — I have been buying and shipping western horses east for about 20 
years. I used the common cattle and stock car until I heard of the Arms Palace 
Horse Car, about five years ago. I tried one and have used no other since, and never 
will. I can not afford to as a matter of business, let the cost be what it will. Book 
me for the Arms Car every time when I have a lot of horses to ship, particularly a 
long distance. The difference is, in one case you have a lot of horses jammed and 
banged all up, and sick on your hands; with the Arms Car, at your journey’s end, 
your horses are all in good shape, ready to hitch and drive, use or sell. No other 
than the Arms Car for me. Very truly yours, HAWLEY BRADLEY. 

Rondout, N. Y., Jan. 22, 1889. 

IV. A. Yager, Sec’y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — We have been shipping horses for over thirty (30) years, and we find 
the Arms Palace Horse Car the most economical and convenient for carrying horses, 
feed and water, that we know of, and we would recommend them to all who are in 
the horse business. We remain, Yours respectfully, 


Port Coi.i.ins, Colorado, January 23d, 1889. 

IV. A. Yager, Secretary .Inns Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — It affords me pleasure to say that your Palace Cars have given me 
the greatest satisfaction. I have long since recognized their superiority over other 
cars of the same class, consequently I have used them exclusively during the past two 
years. The manner of ventilation and controlling of drafts is simply perfect. 

Yours very truly, JESSE HARRIS. 

22 — 

De Kalb, 111 ., January 24, 1889. 

//' A. Yager, Esq., Secretary Anns Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — Replying to your favor of recent date, will say that we have used 
vour cars quite extensively during the past three or four years, and have always 
found them very satisfactory. The plan upon which they are constructed admits of 
easy and rapid loading and unloading of stock, as well as proper care and feeding 
while in transit. We have used other live stock cars, but can say truthfully that we 
have never seen anything that pleases us as much as the Arms. 

Very truly yours. W. L. ELIAVOOD. 

Napoi.eon, Ohio, March 16, 1885. 

//. Arms Co., Toledo, Ohio. 

Messrs .: — Enclosed find New York draft for one hundred dollars, in payment 
for use of Your Palace Horse Cars from New York to Blackfoot, Idaho. Permit me 
to say that I am more than pleased with your car. We used it on a journey of about 
three thousand miles, and during the coldest weather last winter. Several times the 
mercury was below 30 0 yet we had no trouble. It would have been impossible to 
have made the shipment in the ordinary car and saved my horses. The qualities of 
vour car can be put to no more severe test than I gave them. I unloaded my horses 
direct from the steamer into the car and transported them from New York to the 
west side of the Rocky Mountains, during the severest weather of the winter without 
loss, accident, trouble, or even annoyance. May all your patrons have similar experi- 
ence, and share with me my high opinion of the car. Most truly, 

J. N. HIGH, of High & Stout. 

Normal, 111 ., Jan. 21, 1889. 

IF. A. Yager, Secretary Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — We have been shipping horses more or less for over thirty years, 
having used many different patterns of cars. We have used your car and no other 
since 1884. We consider it superior to any car now in use. We use it exclusively to 
ship our stock to the fairs. We can ship stock in better condition than in any other 
car wf ever used. We made the first shipment in your regular line cars, they being 
the first of your car ever offered the public. This shipment was from here to the 
New Orleans Exposition, and we hope we shall never be compelled to use any other 
car. Yours truly, DILLON BROS. 

Oskai.oosa, Iowa, Jan. 21, 1889. 

II'. A. Yager, Set' y Arms Palme Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — As importers of French draft horses, we desire to express our satis 
faction, not only in the use of your cars, but also at the prompt and gentlemanly wax 
we have been treated in every respect by your company. We have used for a num 
her of years past, the Arms I’alace Car, and we find them convenient and comforta- 
ble. Can load rapidly, are well ventilated and suitable for shipping in any season. 

Yours very truly, SPRING A WILLARD. 

Importers anti Breeders of French Draft Horses. 

Winfred, Lake Co.. I). T., Jan. 26, 1889. 
Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Gentlemen : — 1 take pleasure in recommending to any who may have horses in 
course of transportation, the Arms Palace Horse Car. We have used it exclusively, 
and have yet to report the loss or damage of any animal. We have had horses on 
the road, without unloading, for thirteen or fourteen days, from Boston here, and 
horses came out of the car looking fine. Yours truly, 


New York, Feb’y 12th, 1889. 

IY. A. Yager, Sec’y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — We have been using your Palace Car now for about two years, and 
as we promised you that we would let you know, after a fair trial, what we thought 
of them, we now beg to give you our experience. We first used the common car, 
believing it unwise to pay an additional charge, but found our horses were delivered in 
bad condition. We then tried your car, and one or two others, and decided in favor 
of your car. Our experience has convinced us that we acted wisely in doing so, 
because, in addition to the general health of the horse on his arrival being good, his 
weight has been sustained through the long trip from Cheyenne here. As a matter 
of fact, 100 horses weighed at Cheyenne and in New York, showed a loss of less than 
ten pounds apiece. We therefore feel it due to you to say that we think your car is 
the best in use, and that any concern, in our judgement, shipping horses, would save 
money by using it, to say nothing of the convenience of loading and unloading. 

Very respectfully yours, 


Leander Watf.rbury, Sec’y. 

— 24 — 

Lexington, Ky.. Jan. 25th, 1S89. 

IV. A. I tiger, Sec'y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago , III. 

Dear Sir: — We have used the Arms Palace Horse Car for several years, and 
consider them the best cars for shipping stock in that we have ever used, and cheer 
fully recommend them to the public. Very resp’y, l'RACEV & WILSON. 

Pittsburg, Pa., Jan. 22, 1SS9. 

IV. A. Yager, Sec'y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — During last season I used your cars especially designed and con 
structed for the transportation of horses, and found them convenient and comfort- 
able, easy riding and well equipped. Very truly yours, 


Cleveland, O., Jan. 21, 1889. 

IV. A. Yager, Sec'y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — Wishing to express my good feelings toward the Arms Palace Horse 
Car, for the benefit I have derived from their use by such shipments as the one from 
Valley Falls, Kansas, to Randall, Ohio, with twelve brood mares and six foals b\ 
their side, they all arriving in good condition, which was more than I expected for so 
long a trip, and with so young stock. Also my trip to Columbus, Georgia. Having 
started from Randall in a good freight car, Mr. Fuller was obliged to transfer to one 
of your cars after reaching Cincinnatti. Also my second shipment to Brantford, 
Ont., which gives me the worth of my money in the condition of the stock in transit. 

Yours truly, C. F. EMERY. 

Boston, Ian. 25th, 1SS9. 

IV. A. Yiger, Sec'y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir : — I have used the Arms Palace Horse Car for a number of years, and 
consider it not only a good thing, but a necessity in shipping horses in safety. 

I remain, Yours truly, JOHN R. GRAHAM. 

Troy, Ohio, Jan. 21, 1889. 

IV. A. Yager, Sec'y Arms Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir: — It is with pleasure that we testify to the merits of the Arms Palace 
Horse Car. We have found them all one could wish, and for the safe transportation 
of valuable horses we regard the Arms Car indispensable. Wishing you success with 
them we are, Yours truly, DYE & STILLWELL. 

— 2 5 — 

Kalamazoo, Jan. 21st, 1889. 

IV. A. Yager, Sec'y Arms Palace I/arse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir: — W’e have used the Arms Palace Horse Car from date of its introduc- 
tion, and can cheerfully recommend it to shippers of horses and cattle as a substantial, 
convenient, easy riding and well ventilated car, and also recommend the company 
for their prompt and efficient service to their patrons. 

Very truly yours, S. A. BROWNE & CO. 

Buffalo, Erie Co., N. Y., |an. 21st, 1889. 

IV. A. Yager, Sec'y .Inns Palace Horse Car Co., Chicago, III. 

Dear Sir: — We have used your cars between our stock farm at East Aurora, V 
Y., and Cheney, Kansas, (a distance of 1200 miles) and they have always given us 
the very best of satisfaction. You can refer to us at any time, anil we shall be 
pleased to recommend them in the strongest manner.