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\3 Biodiversity 

Icones plantarum or figures, with brief descriptive characters and remarks, 

of new or rare plants, selected from the author's herbarium. 

London :Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, & Longman, etc.1837- 

v.18 (1887-88): 

Page(s): Text, PI 1701 

Contributed by: Missouri Botanical Garden 
Sponsored by: Missouri Botanical Garden 

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Plate 1701. 


BuPHOECiAGEJE. Tribe Crotoneje. 

Folydragma, Hook, f, (gen. nov.). Flores parvi, dioici, apetali, 
raeemosi, racemis axillaribus. Fl. $ . Alabastra globosa. Sepala 3, 
lata, concava, valyata. Stamina perplurima, hlamentis basi in 
phalanges 6 connatis, superne Hberis ramosissiniis, et in capitnlum 
globosum antherarum desinentibus ; ant hero minutae, peltatae, 2-loco- 
Iares, didymfe, connectivo supra loculos obducto. Visiillodium 0. Ft. ? • 
Sepala 5, iiuequalia, lanceolata, erecta. Ovarium globosum, granula- 
turn, hispidum, 3-loculare ; styli 3, elongati, erecti, subulati, intni 
papillosi ; ovula in loculis solitaria. Fructus deest.— Frutex v. arbas- 
cnla. Folia altema, ellipHco-oblonga v. obovata, acuminata v. longe 
cuspidata, penninervia. Racemi gracillimi. 

P. mallotiforme, Hook. f. in Fl. Brit. Ind. v. (ined.). 

Hab. Malay Peninsula, at Perak, Father Scortechini. 

Branches slender, terete, woody, both branchlets and racemes finely 
pubescent. Leaves 6-9 in., membranous ; nerves 5-6 pairs, very slender; 
petiole ^-2 in. ; stipules small, subulate. Male racemes spiciforw ; 
pedicelB 3-bracteate. Sepals membranous. Fern, racemes 3-4 in., 
slender, erect, lax-flowered. 

The position of this genus is evidently near Homonoia, Lour., from 
which it differs m habit and in the stamens.— J. D. H. 

Ll ™S» f^ er8, ?„ & V Se ? arate anthere - 6 ' ? flo ^r. 7. Ovary. 8. V* 
tical section of ditto. All enlarged. 




Pglydragr alloliformis. Ill