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The Hills Are Alive ... 

wrril Baii*ri(ige £5> 



T>neb. Gbe*r*>* 

ttxjdsvdi^ — 1 ' e ” ! Poe 

_ . -n-i oVi 

junior Tis®»« 


Reel Big Fish 



Bey George 

Merril Bdrbndge^a^ Shagg/ 
Moodswings fexhitgNsr^Cherry 

Bsibaps, fteihaps, Ibihaps 
There Is Nothin' Like A Lame 
I Cain’t Say No 
Vfelocne to Your Lite (Wxp, Inbcp) 
I Got You Babe 
Bali Ha'i 
Log's Life 
You'll Never Walk Alone 
Climb Lv'ry Mountain 

RobinS J 1 

Peggy Wood ^ftrxtrtbncrriMixb/ Jiii^ Vasquez/ ^ 


executive album producers: 



ROD MYIBK $HS§ pfW|TR Df‘ ' Motion Picture Artwork and Artwork title ©1998 Austialjojt,,Film Finance 

. j: "T- t „ t ; y * Corporation Lirn*fed/6oidwyf» Entertainment CcSnpift^^The Big Red Ply. 

I irnited/New South Woles Film mid Television Office/South Australian Film 

.■: F v : 

t pt I yrsffx „ * > * ^ . POt ft ^-'rTfdMRW ©© 1998 Universal Records Inc. 1755 Broadway/New York, NTTO019. 

Distnbuted by Universal Music &~VicFeo Distribution, Inc, All Rights Reserved 
Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. Panted in the .USA. 

WiiM BARI^mnpby » TtieHi n sA[e Alive " from rbe Sow/OfvMus/c copyright © 1958 (Renewed) 
. ji&IJTODVIBt^wStfflWSHpt by Richard Rodflere and OscqiHitniiTieRtem II. . 

-r stew r, : 

r“ . -<g / - p ,_v- 

original motion picture sound track 

Pe rhap s, Pe rhap s, Pe rhap s 
Performed by Cake 

Written by Joe Davis/Osvaldo Farres [Southern Music Publishing Company, Inc. 

Produced by Cake 
Cake appears courtesy of Capricorn Records, L.L.C. 

(p) 1996 Capricorn Records, L.L.C. 
By arrangement with PolyGram Film A TV Music 

There is nothin' Like A Lame 
Performed by Reel Big Fish 

Written by Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II [Williamson Music (ASCAP)] 

Produced by Jay Rif kin A John Avila 
Reel Big Fish appear courtesy of Mojo Records 

Performed by Chumbawacnba 

Written by Chumbawamba; Contains elements of "For What It's Worth" written by Stephen Stills 
[Chumbawamba Songs (BMI); Cotillion Music, Inc. (BMI), Ten East Music (BMI), Springalo Toones 
(BMI) and Richie Furay Music (BMI) all rights o/b/o Cotillion Music, Inc. (BMI)/Ten East Music 
(BMI), Springalo Toones (BMI) A Richie Furay Music (BMI) administered by Warner-Tamerlane 

Publishing Corp. (BMI) all rights reserved.] 
Produced by Chumbawamba 

I Cain’t Say NO 

Performed by Poe 

Written by Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II [Williamson Music (ASCAP)] 

Produced by Rupert Hine 

Poe appears courtesy of Fishkin Entertainment, Inc./Atlantic Recording Corporation 

Welcome To Your Life (Woop, Woop) 
Performed by Boy George 

Written by George O'Dowd, R. Stevens, Ian Dench [Special Friendship Music (BMI)/Copyrignt 
Control/Warner/Chappell Music Ltd. (PRS); Administered by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. 


Produced by Boy George A Drumhead 

I Got You Babe 

Performed by Merril Bainbridge featuring Shaggy 

Written by Sonny Bono; [Cotillion Music, Inc. o/b/o itself A Chris Marc Music (BMI)] 

Produced by Siew 

Co-produced by O. Bolwell A S. Melamed 
Mixed by Mark Ingram 

Merril Bainbridge appears courtesy of BMG Australia Ltd./Gotham/Universal Records 
Shaggy appears courtesy of Virgin Records Ltd. 

(p) 1998 BMG Australia Ltd. 

Bali Ha*i 

Performed by Moodswings featuring Neneh Cherry 

Written by Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II [Williamson Music (ASCAP)] 

Additional rap written by Neneh Cherry and Cameron McVey [EMI Virgin Music Ltd. c/o EMI Virgin Songs, 
Inc. (BMI) and EMI Virgin Music, Inc. (ASCAP)] 

Produced by Grant Showbiz; engineering and programming by Andy Peak 
Additional production by Cameron McVey and Paul Simm 
Grant Showbiz appears courtesy of Moodswings/ETC management 
Neneh Cherry appears courtesy of Circa Records Ltd. 

Log's Life 
Performed by eels 

Written by E [Almo Music Corp./Sexy Grandpa Music/ (ASCAP)] 

Produced by E and Jon Brion 

eels appear courtesy of DreamWorks Records 

(p) 1998 SKG Music L.L.C. 

You’ll Never Walk Alone 
Performed by Robin S 

Written by Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II [Williamson Music (ASCAP)] 

Produced by Junior Vasquez 
Mix engineer: Marc Goodman 
Programmer: Gomi 

Background vocals: Janice Robinson and Robin S; vocals arranged by Robin S 
Robin S appears courtesy of Big Beat/Atlantic Recording Corporation 

Climb Ev'ry mountain 
Performed by Peggy Wood 

Written by RichardRodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II [Williamson Music (ASCAP)] 

Post Production and mix by Junior Vasquez 
Programmed and Engineered by Tom Salta 
Mix engineer: Marc Goodman 

Courtesy of the Rodgers A Hammerstein Organization/The RCA Records Label of BMG Entertainment 
(p) 1997 Rodgers A Hammerstein Organization 

I Cain’t Sa ;j No 
Wfekxrce to Your Liie (fibqp, Wxp ; 

I Got You Babe 
Bali Ha’i 

You 11 Never Walk Alone 
Climb kv’rj mountain 

original motion picture sound track 

I D-53123 

l© 1998 Universal Records Inc. 

155 Broadway, New York, NY 10019. 

Itributed by Universal Music & Video Distribution, 
I. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication 
a violation of applicable laws, 
otion Picture Artwork and Artwork title © 1998 
Australian Film Finance Corporation Limited/Goldwyn 
Entertainment Company/The Big Red Pty 
Limited/New South Wales Film and Television 
Office/South Australian Film Corporation