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Volume I 

R. Bessner 



Volume I 

R. Bessner 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2018 with funding from 
University of Toronto 


These materials are not to be considered as published. They 
are for the sole educational use of students of the Faculty of 

Law, University of Toronto. 


Table of Contents 

Volume I 

1. Children's Rights 

2. Child Witnesses 

a) Psychological Studies on the Reliability of Children's Testimony 

b) Competency Rules for Children 

c) Corroboration for Children's Testimony 

d) Apphcabihty of the Hearsay Rule to the Statements of Children 

e) Accommodation of the Child Witness 

3. The Legal Representation of Children 

4. Child Abuse 

a) The Duty to Report 

b) Limitation Periods 

Volume H 

5. State Intervention in Pregnancy 

6. Child Pornography 

7. Education 

8. Young Offenders 

9. LFnited Nations 


Volume I 

1. Children's Rights 


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2. The Child Witness 

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3) Corroboration for Children's Testimony 

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(5) Accommodation of the Child Witness 

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3. The Legal Representation of Children 

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4. Child Abuse 

(1) The Duty to Report 

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(2) Limitation Periods 

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Volume II 

5. State Intervention in Pregnancy 

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6. Child Pornography 

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7. Education 

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8. Young Offenders 

The Young Offenders Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. Y-1 
1995 Amendments to the Young Offenders Act 
Bill C-3, 1999, Youth CriminalJustice Act 

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9. United Nations 

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