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Collection de 




Canadian institute for Historical IMicroraproduetions / 

institut Canadian da microraproductions Itistoriquas 

Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes techniques et bibllographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original 
copy availab'" for filming. Features of this copy which 
may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of 
the images in the reproduction, or which may 
significantly change the usual method of filming are 
checked below. 

Coloured covers / 
Couverture de couleur 

□ Covers damaged / 
Couverture endommag^ 

□ Covers restored and/or laminated / 
Couverture restaur^ et/ou pellicula 

I I Cover title missing / Le titre de couverture manque 

I I Coloured maps / Cartes g^ographiques en couleur 

□ Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black) / 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

□ Coloured plates and/or illustrations / 
Planches et/ou illustrattons en couleur 

□ Bound with other material / 
Relid avec d'autres documents 

□ Only edition available / 
Seule Edition disponible 

□ Tight binding may cause shadows or distortk}n atong 
interior margin / La reliure serr^e peut causer de 
I'omnre ou de la distorsion le long de la marge 

I I Blank leaves added during restorations may appear 
' — ' within the text. Whenever possible, these have been 
omitted from filming / II se peut que certaines pages 
blanches ajout^es lors d'une restauration 
apparaissent dans le texte, mais, lorsque cela itait 
possible, ces pages n'ont pas 6\6 f ilm^es. 

□ Additional comments / 
Commentaires suppl^mentaires: 

This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below / 

Ce document est film* au taux de reduction indique ci-dessous. 

lOx 14x 18x 

I I I I I I I 1^1 I 

12x 16x 20x 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire qu'il lui a 
6\6 possible de se procurer. Les details de cet exem- 
plaire qui sont peut-6tre uniques du point d« vue bibli* 
ographique, qui peuvent modifier une image reproduite, 
ou qui peuvent exiger une modification dans la metho- 
ds normale da fibnags sent indkjute cl-dessous. 

I I Coloured pages / Pages de couleur 
I I Pages danraged/ Pages endommag6es 

□ Pages restored and/or laminated / 
Pages restaur^ et/ou pellicultes 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed / 
Pages dteolordes, tacheltes ou piqutes 

Pages detached / Pages d6tach6es 

Showthrough / Transparence 

□ Quality of print varies / 
Quality in^gale de I'impression 

□ Includes supplementary material / 
Comprend du materiel suppl^mentaire 

j I Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata slips, 
I — ' tissues, etc., have been refilmed to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages totalement ou 
partiellement obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une 
pelure, etc., ont 6\6 film^es nouveau de fa^on k 
obtenir la meHleure image possible. 

□ Opposing pages with varying colouration or 
discolourattons are filmed twice to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages s'opposant ayant des 
colorations variables ou des decolorations sont 
film^es deux fois afin d'obtenir la meilleure image, 

22x 26x 30x 

I I I I I I I I I I 1 

24x 28x 32x 

The copy filmed h«r« has bean reproduced thanks 
to tha ganaresity of: 

Br<t{»h Columbia Archives and Records 

Tha imagas sppaaring hars ara tha bast quality 
possible eons'dsring tha condition and legibility 
of the original copy and In keeping with the 
filming contract apacificationa. 

Original copies in printed paper covers ere filmed 
beginning wiih the front cover and ending on 
the lest pege with a printed or iElustreted impree- 
sion. or the beck cover when appropriate. All 
ethjr original copies ere filmed beginning on tfia 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending en the last pege with e printed 
or llluetratad impression. 

Tha last recorded freme on each microfiche 
shall contain tha symbol — ^ (meening "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol ▼ (meening "END"), 
whiefiavar appliaa. 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too lerge to be 
entirely included in one exposure ere filmed 
beginning in the upper left hend corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

L'axemplaira film4 fut raproduit grAca A la 
g4nirotitt da: 

British Columbia Archives and Records 

Las imagas suivantas ont tti raproduites avac la 
plus grand soin. compta tenu de la condition at 
de fa nettett de rexempiaira film*, et en 
conformity avac lea eenditiona du contrat da 

Les exempleires origineux dont la couverture an 
papier est imprimae sont filmis en commencant 
par la premier plat et en terminant soit par la 
darniire pege qui compone une empreinte 
d'impreasion ou d'illuatration, soit par la second 
plet. selon le cas. Toua lea autres exempleires 
origineux sont filmte en commenQant par le 
premiere pege qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impreasion ou d'illustretion et en terminant par 
la dorniira page qui comport* una taUa 

Un das symbolas suivants tpparaitra sur la 
darniire imege de cheque microfiche, salon la 
cas: la symbols signifie "A SUIVRE". le 
symbole ▼ aignifia "FIN ". 

Las cartes, plenches, tableaux, etc.. peuvent etre 
film*s A des teux de reduction diff*rants. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour *tre 
reproduit an un saul cliche, il est filma S partir 
de I'engle supirieur gauche, de geuche A droite. 
et de haut an bas, en pranant la nombra 
d'images nicesseire. Les diagrammas suivants 
illuatrant le m*thode. 










Tlie Vancouver Trust Company 


Telephone 202S V«M?o«ver. B. C. 



.... rre.sHleiit 

Whoksalc nriitftfist ( Retiml i 

D. von CRAMiCR . nmcv and •toa«,i„c Director 

tn StyitKnir Strett. Vnmoiutr. ». c. 
J. S. Ranki.n Vancuver. JJ. C. 

llrukct- ,111(1 Aiictiomcr 

A. H. WAl.i.HRiDr.K . . . \ a,Kouver. H. c. 
S«Ies AKeiit Natiomil Cash Kcuixlfr 

W. V. CORRV. M. I,. . \anc<mver. H. C. 


Thus. R. . . Kane. I'a. r S \ 
Proprietct Kane Roller Mills. Director First n ,„,,, „,,„k 

->n MA.> \aiK()uver, B. C. 


w. M. a V V 


Vancouver. IJ. C. 


•McKav & O Hkian- . . . Vancouver. K. C. 


KiCNi.AM.. .SKwia.i. & Co. Vancouver. B. C. 

Chartered Accountants 


Bank ok Nova Scotia . . \anc<mver. B. C. 

IImwn Aimi r I75s 
1)11. i> \ r I mi: m . i»k : v 

To out' w ho has lived on the shore of hinds 
dis.'overed :ind made known to the worhl hy 
V'aiicouwr. it is a matter of surprise to fiiul how 
wry little is known of the man liimself. 

His valuable and enterprising vo\ jj^a- of dis- 
covery to the North Pacific Ocean and around 
the world, during five years of laborious survey, 
added greatly to the geographical knowledge of 
his country men. The name of V'ancouver is 
sure to be remembered and honoured along the 
western coast of America as long as the Knglish 
lanMUa«:e endures. 

.\t the commencement of the year 1886 there 
was a small villa«:e of 900 souls situated on the 
south shore of Hurrard Inlet, and known as 
(iranville. or by the less euphonious name of 
(ias Town, after a celebrated character called 
{ia.ssy Jack. In April of that year it was incor- 
porated as a city and named Vancouver, after 
the pioneer Captain who, one hundred years lie- 
fore, had explored this Western Coast. 



In June .)» t!if year \HSu Hk vomm^ citv was 
completely uiivd otit In tiit, l,„t „„ its sit. 
thm. now stands a flcmrisliinK an.l 
city, whose popnlation in this vear ( 19(»« > is 
estimated at alM»ut 85.(mm>. 

'»"•» |>ut it niililly. it is iH>t the HHinr dtv I siw 

f.KlU..„ v.ars, an.l uKai,, a few years latCT. J,ut 
w-.Mi.lfrf„l as it is. lK-autif«l an.l luxurious ,,,..1 .u,,,.,...,,,! . 

as It a,.,«. beside your still waltrsau.! uu-k-rxour 
■ '»t sk.fs, I confess duiti- ImtnMy that I i-ani,„t lo/.k at 
ll.y nv as ,t i> for W-lu, tlu. . it i> ^nin^ to W..- 

I amoinrr, ih lobn- St/i, I9>t7. 


Th- Vancouver Trust Company, Limited. - 

The- Cnmpiuiv is incorporated under the British 
Cnlmiil.i.i Joint Stock Companies Act. IS' 7. ami 
^•incndinK Acts with antliorized capital of 
5iJ5..,(.()(..o,». for the purpose of carrying on a 
(ieneral Trust Unsiness in the Province of Hritish 
Coluinl,ia. and establishiuK branches as tlie busi- 
ness of the Company may warrant. 

The Directors tc announce that snl.scrip- 
tions for the Company's Stock will he rcceixcd 
until further notice at a premium of ten per cent. 

Growth of Trust Business in British Colum- 
bia.-During the past few years the marvellons 
advancement which has taken place in British 
Colnnihia has ofiened up avenues for the profit- 
able establislnnent of Companies, and xve 
have only to junnt to the success of the com- 
1> mies already established. That tlr , is rooi ! 
for another Trust Company, founded c-i a sub- 
stantial basis, is readily admitted. 

The Vancouver Trust Company, Ltd.—In 

offering the nrst i.ssue of stock of the Conipanv 
to investors the Directors have determined to do 

so at a preniiuiii of ten per cent., so as to he ahle 
to keep the Capital of the Company intacl from 
its inct ption. The fund created by the premium, 
after all le^ntiniate expense has been provided 
for. will he i)ut into the reserve account for the 
l)urp()se of stren^tliening the financial position 
of the Company. 

The Management. The Vancouver Trust 
Company, Limited, founded on a sound basis, 
with an authorized cajMtal of S23(), ()()(). 00, can- 
not an.\-thin.<j else hut successful, hut in order 
to obtain the results, a capable, shrewd and 
experienced head is nece.ssary. and the Direclors, 
recognizing that facl. are .selecting a man who 
is admittedly fitted for the carr\ in^ on of a lar^e 
financial institution. The combined requisites 
of complete knowledge and experience, business 
.iud.irment. integrity and the capacity for stren- 
uous work, all necessary to such a selection, 
were realized hy the Directors as difficult to 
obtain; however, they find them.selves in a 
po.sition to announce that the Company's organ- 
ization and future management will he in the 
hands of Mr. Donald von Cramer, who is well 
and favorably known throughout the Province of 
liritish Cohunhia. Mr. von Cramer's experi- 
ence, formerly as manager at Chilliwack, Cum- 


If.Tlaiul. and at the Vancouver Kast Und 
IlrancliL'S of tlie Royal Hank of Canada, and 
latterly as nianajjer for Hritisli Colunil)ia of the 
Empire Accident and vSurety Company, has 
eminently fitted him for the position: the neces- 
sary careful financial training: having been 
received in the Hank, and the art of successfully 
meeting the public in the Insurance Company. 
.Mr. von Cramer will have charge of the Com- 
I)any's organization, and tlie selection of men of 
experience and ability necessary to make the 
Company one of the strongest of its kind in 

Profits of Trust Business. -The profits of a 
Trust Company are derived from various sources, 
such as : 

Acting as Financial Agents, 
Acting as Executors and Tru.stees under will, 
Acting as Liquidators and Receivers. 
Acting as Agents for Loan Conn )anies. 
Acting as Trustees for Hond Holders under 

Mortgage and Trust Deeds, 
Acting as Managers of Sinking Funds, 

Acting as Agents for Insurance Companies, 
etc., etc., etc. 

The Company's Prospects. -It is a well 


cstahlishwl fact that a company with available 
c:ii);tal can tMni)l()y it to an extremely profitable 
advantage, and that tlic future i)resents even 
brigliter prospects. By accuniuhitin.u to^etlier 
th'j funds of the investors, the Conii)an\- has 
jjreater scope than the individual investor to 
seize the opportunities as they present them- 

Subscriptions for Capital Stock.— The Capital 
vStock of the Vancouver Trust Company, Lim- 
ited, is Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand 
Dollars, divided into 5.000 shares of S50.00 each, 
of which Fifty Thousand Dollars is offered at a 
premium of ten ])er cent., the l)alance to be 
placed on the market when reiiuired. at a 
premium to be determined l)y the Directors. 

Conditions of Investment. A cash pa\ nient 
of not than 20 per cent, with sub.scription, 
and the balance to be arranged for with interest 
at seven per cent. 

The Directors reserve the right to accept only 
such sub.scriptions and for such amounts as they 
may ap])rove. to advance the premium ai any 
time, and to the sub.scription books without 

Value of Trust Company Stock. The shares 
of the majorit\ of trust companies are held for 


iiuxstiiRMit, and when sales are recorded it is at 
many times tlieir par value, and the most favor- 
able time to purchase trust company stock is 
when it is first put on the market. 

Investment of Capital.- The funds realized 
from the .sale of Capital Stock will he invested in 
safe interest-bearing .securities, according to the 
articles of incorporation. 

Board of Directors. The Directors of tl:e 
Vancouver Trust Company. Limited, are well- 
known. succes.sful business men of ability, who 
will be in close touch with the management of 
the Company's affairs. 

Payments.— CiiKorKs. Dk a i ts, M on i; v 
Okdkks, and other remittances on account of 
subscriptions for stock, must be made payable 
to the Vancouver Trust Company, Limited, 
Vancouver, B. C. 

Trust Companies.— According to statistics 
the first Trust Company to be formed on this 
continent was in Philadelphia in 1812, although 
re.i-iilar trust powers were not granted this Com- 
pany until several years later. The first Trust 
Company formed, specifically for acting as 
Trustee was the Farmers' Loan and Trust Co. 
of New York City in February. 1822. From tlv^u 


until the early eighties tlie KTowtli of Trust 
Companies was not very rapid : after thai period 
there was a sudden and marked increase in the 
fornuition of Trust Companies, until the present 
time, and you will find there is some form of a 
Trust Conii)any orj^anization in almost every 
city in tlie I'liited States and Canada : and, as a 
proof of the succL^ss of modern Trust Comi)any 
operations, it may he stated that in tlie esteem of 
public inve.stors no of .securities is more 
highly regarded than Trust Company .shares. 

Market Value of Stock. The avera^^c hid 
price in the open marhet was computed in 1903 
as follows : 

I'et- Cent, 
of |>.ir. 

Xt'W York City 555 

Other New York State Companies J61 

Philadelphia 242 

Pittsl.urjr • 288 

Chii-ajjfo jf^^ 

Hostoii 247 

St. I<ouis 243 

lyouisiaiia 392 

(ieor.yfia 29.^ 

New Jersey 24.T 

Rluxle Islaini 238 

Marylaiul 213 

(ienerally speaking, the shares of Canadian 
Trust Companies are not for sale on the open 


market, and their value ratiks as hij^li and even 
hi^fhei- than tlie majority of the Canadian Bank 

Safety and Popularity of Trust Companies. 
— Trus^ Company methods are mostly trust- 
worthy and failures are of infrequent occurrence, 
which may be attributed to the fact, not merely 
of large capital and surplus funds, but to the 
able management by a number of trained finan- 
ciers as officers, charged with the responsibilities. 
vSuch failures as have occurred have never been, 
with a single exception or two. by rea.son of 
official malfeasance. 

"The Trust Company has been likened to 
the holder of the talents, and its fiduciary char- 
acter and broad .scope make it a most potent in- 
fluence, rendering as it does an account of 
stewardship to the entire financial public. 

" During nearly a century i^ has seldom been 
found wanting at any time, and the healthy 
growth, which is an evidence of the standing of 
the Trust Company in the pubMc mind, as well 
a.s its phenomenal financial .success, indicated by 
tile earnings and volume of as.sets. as compared 
with the banks, make it seem that the prospects 
are limitable only by the future succes.^ of our 
other Kreat economic institutions, among which 
it has its own and important part."