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PuRoui University 

Fort Wayne 

he Communicator 

i Classic Film Review 

Boogie Nights offers 
up-front entertainment 

i SGA Elections 

Upcoming elections 
offer students chance 
to vote online 

i Hit Daiga Hit 

In All Directions 
examines the anatomy 
of a team player 

Volume 36, Issue 25 

16 Pages, 2 Sections, Free 

News Briefs 

HR 4437 

As the United States Senate 
begins to hear debate over 
new (ough laws against illegal 
immigration. hundreds of 
thousands have taken to the 
streets in protest. These new laws 
arc designed to punish companies 
that employ illegal workers in tin-. 

In Los Angeles, an area where 
the bills would strike especially 
hard, an estimated 2 1 , 975 students 
took to the streets to peacfully 
protest these new laws. They 
were in protest of aspects of the 
laws that would carry very harsh 
pen.illics fur workers, hiring 
of illegal workers and smuggling of 
humans into the nation. Despite 
the massive crowds and traffic- 
stopping marches, the protests 

stayed peaceful. 

Committee, meanwhile. 
passed legislation that will 
allow currently- illegal aliens to 
obtain citizenship without going 
through the proper channels. 
The legislation will also prevent 
criminal penatlies for illegals 
found in America. The issue goes 
to vote in the full Senate on March 

Hefner field 
vandal found 

vandalized by a vehicle doing 
donuts in the grass. On March 
24 the soccer fields were avenged 
when Derrick Allen Ott of 2723 
Northgnle Blvd. in Fort Wayne 
pled guilty to driving his vehicle 
around the fields. This class A 
misdemeanor carried a one year 
suspended probation and a fine 

the IPFW police department. On 
has never attended IPFW. His S7, 
377.62 fine will be split into the 
$5000 reward that led to his arrest 
and $2,377.62 to repair the da nugc 
done to the fields. 

3/29- 4/4 ► 


What a healthy time 

her face and a promist 
her results would be t 
within the next week. 
This experience 
like so many others a 
bustling Walb Student Union 

n Wednesday lor IPFWs IT 1 -' 

Sue Todia walked into 
/alb Student Union with annual Health Fair. Student; 
ne goal in mind; to get her Community members am 
scoured the booths 
away Irom u,h;ip 
the booth with i 

looked with readily available 
representatives lining the 
aisle ways. If you followed 

by Andrew C. Hoovei / iiewv ''iplw.-n u 

'We got our coach back' 

by Dan Vance I djvanceftfipfwcommunicatoi.ofg 

Chris Paul (foreground) was promoted from interim coach to full-time head coach of the //'Ml 
women's basketball team by athletic director Mark Pope (background) on March 22. 

Kowl linns room at Gates Center. 

"Chris' term as the interim 
coach, in my opinion, merited the 

other candidates. 

Paul led IPFW to a 5-1 record 
in the final six games, all against 
tellow Independent programs. I he 
ending game was a victory 

Nearly one year to the date of 
hiring men's basketball coach 
Dane Fife. IPFW athletic director 
Mark Pope made another hiring 
announcement - this one for the 
women's side of the coin. 

Pope named interim head coach 
Chris Paul the full-time IPFW 
women's basketball coach in a 
March 22 press conference in the 

Paul's contract has not been 

linali/cd lull a deal will be reached 
within the next couple of weeks. 
Pope said I'aul^ deal would In- multi- 
year- probably lour years. Pope said 
lie received roughly r >u .ipplkaiiuns 
lor ihc position ,ind interviewed two 

n 2005. 

Paul was 6-14 alter his l.iihcr-in 
law Bruce Patterson stepped down 
from the head coaihing posh ion on 
Dec. 21, citing a loss of passion lor 
coaching. Paul was promoted from 
coach position. 

Paul a 


run but IPFW was beginning 

I attended every game, with the 
exception of one and watched tl'.ml! 
grow from interim head coach lo a 
person who should be considered as 
a serious candid. ite.' Pope said. 

IPFW players stood in the back 
of the Hoval Dons room during the 

► PAUL: PageA2 

Science fair teaches, dazzles 

By David Gray 

The Gates Sports Center was bustling with 

competitors and spectators this past Saturday 
morning. One side of die bleachers was extended 
and Tilled mostly lull Willi eager parents, family 
members, and friends. The concession stand was 
open with frequent visitors corning and going. 
Meanwhile the competitors were on the court 
nervously awaiting their big moment. 

No, thiswasn'i.i h.iskctli.ill or volleyball game -it 
was the 51" annual \orihe.isic-rn Indiana Hcgional 
Science and Engineering Fair. 

TWO hundred and nil let \ lour student s from eiglll 
surrounding counties - Allen. Whitley. Kosciusko, 
Miami, Wabash, Huntington. Wells, and Adams 

- descended upon il'IW's campus lo display their 
projects and to compete for a spot in the Indiana 
State Science and Engineering Fair al DcPauw 
University in Greencastle on April 1". 

The students, ranging fn 
the way Up through seniors 
3 spot in the regional amies 

( i.iri 

chonl, earned 

icing through 

eir respective 

Home-schooled students earned spots by 

special home-school competitions. 

r division (grades 6-8), and 15 from the 

senior division (grades 9-12). 

Exhibits progressed noticeably in difficulty 
ihrotigh age groups .is kindergarten ,md lirst grade 
projects included "My backyard birds' favorite 

► FAIR: Page A3 


Indiana-Purdue Student Newspapers, Inc. 
Walb Union, Suite 215 
2101 Coliseum 8l»d. East 
Fort Wayne, IN 46805 

Newsroom: (260)481 -6584 


Advertising Dept.: (260) 481-6583 


Ppinion A4 Sports... 

Arts & Entertainment .A6 


The Communicator 

■ lllffl HI =f !ffl!l 

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Jamie Miller 

Managing Editor 

j millerOlpfwcom 

Lana Mabbitt 

Advertising Manager 

Amy Dunnuck 

Copy Editor 

odunnuc k « ipl 

Eugene Harding 

Photo Editor 

e h a rdin g Oipfwc o m m imicator. 

Nick West 

Sports Editor 

n we s te i plwco m m u n i co t Of . o rg 

Andres Ponle 

Design Editor 

Andrew C. Hoover 

News Editor 

Doris Reynolds 


IPSN Inc. 

Walb Union Suite 215 
2101 Coliseum Blvd. East 
Fort Wayne. IN 46805 

Woman first, Latina second 

The audience was treated 
to a discussion with a panel 
of 6 upstanding and very 
strong Latin 

personal lives. 

The questions were vei 
personal, focusing in on ra< 
and getting used I 

On March 27 ,h . a group of 29 
faculty and students gai tiered 
in the Walb Student Union for a 

nififit id insightful C 

The IPFW Department of 
Women's Studies hosted the 
video and discussion. Women 
of Hope: Latinas Abriendo 
Camin as part of Women's 
History Month. 

The event opened up with 

excellent Mexican food was 
served to the group. 

Once some food was eaten 
and everyone had acquired 

Foster. Berenice Garcia, Emily 
Guerrero, Lyndy Guevara, Luz 
Piedad Ostognai, and Noemy 

Each woman is a leader, 

groundbreaking reformer of 
the Fort Wayne community at 

life here in America < 
general as a woman of color. 
The very first question of the 
night was about personal 
discrimination that they might 
have felt. 

SulIi questions received very 
personal, and often touching. 

All of them 
the life and role of the Latina. 
both professionally and 
personally, along with all other 
I .Minns in general. 

From working with the Allen 
County United Way to being a 
simple banker, each strives to 
improve their world. The Panel 
was asked to answer questions, 
given to them ahead of time. 
about the movie and their 

The women did not hesitate 

reveal their souls and really 

improve open up. In a time of agenda- 

heavy forums or witch-hunts, 
was a very refreshing change to 
have such open dialog. 

A common theme of the 
night was that diese women 
were just that, women, Qrst and 

While all of them identified 
themselves as Mexican or 
Colombian or just Latina, 
they all agreed that woman 

more often than not. Their 
touching stories focused on the 
hardships of a woman in their 
backgrounds and career, race 

This common theme made 
the women a common force, 
a unified wall, and made 
their accomplishments not 
just those of a minority, but 

a short span of t 
questions, which lead to a call 
from one gentleman to protest 
the new anti-immigration 
laws currently on the floor in 

A packet of Latina short 
story, essay and poetry was 
passed out to the crowd, and 
some poems were read aloud. 
By the end, members of the 
crowd came to the panelists 

press conference, many of them grinning 

"We are happy," sophomore guard 
lohnna Lewis- Carl isle said. "We got our 
coach back. We're pretty excited about next 
year. The way we ended, I think that's 
mainly why we're excited to see what's 
going to happen next year." 

The only drawback of the 5-1 finish 
was that there wasn't more basketball to 
be played and the team was finally finding 
a rhythm and having fun while playing, 
. IPFW will have to wait eight months before 
getting back on the court for regular season 

"You still have that winning streak kind 
of going on and you just want to continue 
it," Lewis-Carlisle said. "But you get back in 
the gym and maybe we can have some new 
people in and get some new stuff going." 

Paul won his second game as coach then 
lost 12 straight before the impressive finish 
over the final six games. He said it took the 
players time to adjust to his styleof coaching 
because it differs from that of Patterson's. 
Paul emphasizes a more up-tempo style of 
offense with the fast break and a 3-2 zone 

right now truly believe they can beat 
anybody. Sometimes the scariest team to 
play against is the team that doesn't believe 

drieiiMve scheme. 

often on the halt- 
lo-man defense. 

"We're here to win," Paul said. "We are 
not going to accept not working hard, we 
are not going to accept lack of discipline. 
We are going to have accountability for 


IPFW won 27 games in four years under 
Patterson, but Paul has set a goal of 15 wins 
for the 2006-2007 season. The program's 
' s inception 

j Division I in 2001 is nil 

in the 2002-03 season. 

IPFW returns all five tops. 

d All- 


"Success breeds 

I hese kids 

Independent Second Team players Ashley 
Johnson and Lewis -Carlisle. 

Paul said he will retain .issisi, i nts 
Middleion and Alan Buck but hire b. 
full-time assistants to his staff. He and 
Middleton will travel to the women's NCAA 
Final Four in Boston, MA this weekend to 
search for c; 

Campus m 

Engineering Education Section 
Conference: WU, 1 1 a.m.-6p.m.; al 
April I. Fur information, call 16344. 

Arts and Sciences Distinguished 
Lecture: '\h (_ up oi Combinatorial 
I ea," Peter Hamburger, professorof leal Mitncis; CM I 5s 1 . 1: JOp.rc 
I 16160. 

c Events: Men's Tennis vs. 
i Michigan. 1 p.m.; Men'sand 
is I ennis vs. Huntington 
Sity, 4 p.m.; Men's Volleyball^ 

Culture Break: Featuring Sudanes 
and entertainment, WU Ballroom. 
5-s> p.m.: Brian Steidle will speak a 

Muilcnt Discussion Series (ASAP!): 
WU 02 1, noon, lor in formation, call 

ACCS Event: Job Search and U orkplaee 
Ivsucs lorCulturalK Diverse Students. 
WUG2l.noon-l p.m.; RSVPio 1(^21. 

This ad courtesy of the Office of the Chancellor 

Please recycle this paper 



Enjoy writing? 

Interested in a career 
in journalism? 

Enjoy taking and 
editing photographs? 

Maybe you just want to 
have a voice in your 
campus newspaper... 


Every position on the editorial board 

of The Communicator is available at 

the end of the term. 

The board of directors of Indiana-Purdue Student Newspapers is 
currently taking applications for the positions of: 




If you are interested in the possibility of defining the voice of 

IPFW's only student publication, 

send a letter of interest and your resume to: 


ATTN: Jennifer Bosk 




Interviews will be conducted Wednesday, April 19, at 2 P.M. 


w Kj:/ 

News Briefs continued 

Employment law causes riots in France 

There have been riots in France over a new 
labor law called Coritrat Premiere Embauche. 
The law allows employers to lire workers under 
the age of 26 without advanced notice within a 
two-year trial period. 

18-25 a 

The Prime Minister of France, Dominique de 

Villepin. planned most of rhe legislation. 

The purpose of the law. according to the 
government, is to get young people off the 
streets and in a job by lessening the risks lor the 

This created the controversey of the polity. 
Rioters fear this will ruin the already grim job 
market for the younger age group. Critic^ say it 
would damage workers' rii;liis and job security. 

In Paris, around 120.000 youths protested 
and around >no.(ii)t] prntcsicd against the policy 

throughout the country. 

At the march in Paris cars, buses, and shops 
were damaged. 167 people were arrested and 
S2 injured. Of the 52 people hurt, 18 were 

High school students have also rebelled. 300 
high school students in southern Paris threw 
fire, although i 

i strike. Students blockaded t 
chairs and tables. 

French unions and student groups have 

should be shortened and thai businesses should 
have to explain why they fire workers, but there 
has been no response. 

Faculty recieve awards from Indiana U. 

ThreelPFWfaculrymembershavebeenpicked commitment to teaching, learning through 

for the 2006 Faculty Colloquium tin l-\c ellence in self-evalutaion, course preparation, research, 

Teaching award from Indiana University. Tiff instructional skills and student impact. The 

Adkins, Marcia Dixson and Irwin Mallin have FACET ceremony will be held May 19 - 21 in 

been selected to receive this prestigeous award. Angola. 

They are the 463. 464. 465'" winners of the award For more information on FACET, go to www. 

respecfully. or call the FACET office at IUPUI 

FACET awards are given to IU faculty only. 317-274-0086. 
These faculty are rewarded for exceptional 

your nose to the Walb ballroom, 
the smell of garlic led you to 
Chef Michael's booth where a 
crowd had gathered. 

As you walked around 
campus you would not have 
known that so much activity was 
going on inside the building. 

The planning for this 
lively fair was done by Judy 
Tillapaugh, a dietician in the 
IPFW/Parkview Health and 
Wellness Clinic. With this large 
undertaking on her shoulders, 

nune t 

tods. They 
could even have their blood 
screened, vision checked, or 
gather information about local 


she beamed 
of being able to share a little of 
what has taken up much of her 
year. "We really hope to help 
people learn more about their 
health so they can individually, 
personally, find v 


of steps people take in the 
community and reach one 
million miles, which in turn will 
improve the health for people 
around the Fort Wayne area. 

Students of IPFW and 
community members could 
enjoy belly dancing, yoga and 

i about how to defend 
themselves in a rape situation. 

Sergeant Jeff Davis, while 

standing behind his booth with 
a welcoming smile, pointed out 
that, "It is important for women 
to feel empowered." He leads 
self-defense classes for that 
, "Because," he adds, "the 

Students and Faculty 
can sign up for R.A.D. classes for 
free while community members 
pay a fee of $25. 

There were also booths 
had specific, disturbing 

information about addicts, 
including students 
college age level. 

counselor there, said their 
reason for participating in the 
fair was because, "Prescription 
pain killers are a huge problem 
on College Campus' and I don't 
think people are aware of the 
damage it does to the brain." 

people a week 


on a volunteer level. Nerissa 
Fogle worked for extra credit 
for one of her classes at the fair. 
While closing her cell phone 
she mentioned that the fair is 
important because people are 
too busy to worry about their 

For diose who are concerned 
about their health and wellness, 
the IPFW Health Fair is a 
every year. The 

focuses on treatment for people 
with addictions to prescription 
drugs. Robin Spencer, a 

vs. Distance." A fourth or fifth grade project 
examined "H,0 electrolysis." 

The kindergarten and first grade students 
were sometimes comically sidetracked while 
waiting for their projects to be judged. The 
easily distracted younger participants passed 
the time by spotting ilieir l.tmily members in 
the bleachers, playing handheld games, or by 
simply watching the fans spin on the gymnasium 

Regardless of the age of participants, Carol 
Dosial, the director of outreach programs for the 
SchoolofEngineerini: let linnlogx.and Computer 
Science and also the NF.IRSEF Director, believes 
that the students learn a lot by participating in 

t real -life 

"It has taught students ; 
research concerns," explains Dostal. 

Projects were judged based on five criteria 
including creative ability and scientific thought, 
each worth 30 points; thoroughness and skill, 
each worth 15 points apiece; and clarity, which 
was worth 10 points. siieiue, mathematics, medicine 
and health, microbiology, physics, space science, 
and zoology. 

particular stood out at this 

year's event: Abigail Hi ties, who is home- schooled 
and Jacob Liechty of Leo. Both students will he 
competing at the Intel International Science and 
Engineering Fair which will be held May 7-13 in 
Indianapolis I his will mark the third time that 
Hines will be competing in the event. 

Dostal believes that participating in science 
fair helps students in several ways. She says dial 
first of all. students gain knowledge of the whole 
research process. Other benefits include growth 
in their ability and creativity; a heightened interest 
in science and engineering-related fields: the 
possibility of winning awards, monetary awards, 
and scholarships: and finally participation looks 
great on their college admissions applications. 

The awards ceremonies for the three dh isions 
are scheduled to be broadcast by channel 56 on 
March 25" 1 . I he elementary program is currently 
scheduled for 3 p.m. but it is unclear whether it 
will be aired due to technical difficulties during 
taping. The junior/senior awards program is 
scheduled for 4 p.m. 

Donors for this year's event were Huntington 
University, Raytheon Systems Company, 
Internal I nick and Engine < orporation, and 
Eaton Corporation. 


: affl ! 

Photo Courtesy of Louisa Danielson / news@ipfwco 

i transformed into a city of tri-fold posterboards and science 

IPFW Development Office 
welcomes two new members 

On March 1 two additions 
to the IPFW development 
office were appointed. 
Kristina lohnson-Funk and 
Rose Costello were welcomed 
to the office by Linda Ruffolo, 

become r 
is going on here on campus 
and encourage activity 
participation from the 

She has joined us after 
being a director of resource 
development for SCAN 
Fort Wayne and is 

Kristina [ohnson-Funk is 
now the director of major gifts. 
In this position, lohnson-Funk 

major contributions. 

According tolohnson-Funk, 
these major contributions are 

building that v 

clinical classes 
students to c 

works by sending 
is well as doing four 
iipaigns a year to 
ims and encourage 

the education experience a 
great one. If we all give back 
and support IPFW we all 

Along with the annual fund 
she works with the class gift. 
This includes donations from 
graduating seniors. 

Many monuments are 
located on campus that state 
1 donated by this 

In the current works for 
funding are the new student 
services complex (which 
will connect Gates, Helmke 
Library and Walb Union), the 
building of a pedestrian bridge 
connecting the IPFW campus 
with the Heffner Soccer Fields 
and a new medical education 
Id allow for 
well enable 
plete their 

herein the Fort Way ne area and 
allow for a positive building of 
our community." 

Along with lohnson-Funk 
is the appointment of Rose 
Costello. Rose joins IPFW as 
the new annual fund and class 

previously worked 

Girls ( lub of Adams County. 

donation from 
Lany Lee of Leepoxy Plastics 
of $5 million will be going 
to create a new indoor track 
as well as other projects. 
Lee donated the money per 
Johnson-Funk in the mindset 
of building "The Local 
University" to encourage 
growth and building of the 

Johnson-Funk mentions 
that her job is to "cultivate 
the relationships between the 
campus and contributors to 

one and that "it's like coming 

Where Johnson-Funk is 
geared to the building up of 

been a student I understand 
the student perspective," 
and this helps her to work 
with graduating students 

i get 

$25 before 
graduating or $50 after 
graduating. The donation goes 
to help support the campus. 

In return, the student gels 
a brick with their name and 
class year engraved on it. 
Bricks purchased by former 
seniors can be seen near Walb 

Costello would like to 
encourage "seniors about to 
purchase their 

t where a table 
will be set up. Support your 
Alma Mater and show IPFW 

Any questions can be 
directed to the development 
office or by visiting (heir Web 
site at htlp://www.ipfw.e(lii/ 
develop/ . 

Canterbury Green 

74e 0*tfy 7V<Uf, to live! 

• Next door to IPFW 

• Less Restrictive Lifestyle 

• Choose your Own Roommates 

• Wi-fi Accessibility 

• Daily Social Activities 

• Rent Starting at $300 per Student* 

• Washer/Dryer in every Apartment Home 

• Pet Friendly 

• Pools, Tennis Courts, & 18 Hole Golf Course 

Don't wait... 

place your 

deposit today! 








'Certain Restrictions Apply 

Canterbury Green 

261 3 Abbey Drive 
Fort Wayne, IN 46835 


Monday-Friday 9a nv 7pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, & Sunday Noon-5pm 
Email us at: 


THF G'IMMl 'NIC Al'i >H 

tone MfclMmgmg Echo 


Opinions • Editorials 

'I can't do that' epidemic hindering society 

Staff Column 

When I look hack al r 
shori-livt-d lift' of 24 years I a 
proud and I feel thai I ha 

Those simple words sound 
to me as II someone is taking 
their nails down a chalkboard. 

The simple Fact thai when 

people say "I can't 
do this. I can't do that," makes 
me wonder what they are 
keeping from us as a society. 

What arc they hindering 
our society from actually 
accomplishing by saying "I 
can't." whether that is in regards 
to a class, a paper, a particularly 
hard challenge ai work or wiihin 

The "I can't" can not only 
stand in the way of their 
dreams, but also in the way of 
possible betterment of society 
as a whole. 

I think the biggest problem 
I have is that I am a strong 

the "impossible" and saying 
"1 can't" is one of the most 
negative behaviors our society 
has created defeating this. 

Looking back through 
history there are many people 
thai if they would have said 
"I can't," we as a society 
would be lacking so much in 
our technology, sciences and 
the basic understanding of 

Epidemic, according to is "spreading 

infection and affecting many 
individuals in an area or a 
population at the same time." 

Typically this is used in 
the medical field in regards to 
outbreaks or disease. 

However, 1 feel thai the "I 
can't" epidemic has been 
created and can continue 10 
grow at rapid rates throughout 
our society, f ask myself daily 
if it is merely an individual's 
laziness or the lack of wanting to 
put an effort into accomplishing 

Now let me be frank in 
saying not everyone seems to 
have this because we still have 
a great deal of the "impossible" 
happening in our daily lives. 

To this 1 say thank you to 
all those who put so much 
effort into making their dreams 
come true and continue along 

'Those who choose to fail 
will, but those who choose to 
succeed will only grow stronger 
from failure." 

Thisissotrue in manyaspects 
of my own life. I have not only 
grown stronger from obstacles 
and the sense of failure, but 
I have also learned so much 
more not only about myself, 
but about life in general. 

Being a college student, 
I feel, is one of the most 
challenging things one can ever 
go through; at the same time 
it is also one of the best life 

of being here at 1PFW and I can 
see how much of a change has 
taken place within me due to 
my learning and experiencing 
here on campus. 

I would like to encourage 
everyone who reads this to help 
not only encourage yourself 
against the "I can't" epidemic 
but others you encounter as 

If you would happen to 
have a solution for the "I can't" 
epidemic, volunteer it and let 

in our dreams, abilities and 

Next time you're thinking 
about saying "I can't," look at 
the reason you're saying this 
and judge for yourself honestly 
as to whether you really can't. 

IRS selling your private tax 
information; claims to be safer 

Screaming from the Left 

By Andrew C. Hoover 

CNN. MSNBC and even 

This ' 'trivial" matter is a new 
bill that would add a single 
line Id your tax forms. That 
single line is the difference 
between private and public. 
The new line is a signature line 
of consent to allow the IRS to 
sell all your lax information to 
advertising agencies and data 

(ioUiCjorigk'.iiidiypi' ii 

'II 1 1 i I ■ i r 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 . > r . 

The IBS, by selling everything 
about you to advertisers, 
is making thai data safer. 
Everyone knows that the more 

He just pimped your ass. 
And once a company buys 
something, they have the right 
to do whatever they want with it. 
They could, in theory, mail your 
tax information to everyone 
alive just for shits-and-giggles. 
Once your information is sold 
lo one person, they can trade 
it around, selling you and re- 
selling you to anything with 

Nothing is more personal 
than your tax information. 1 
will gladly loll you the size of 
my penis before I calk about 

payments, your charities, your 
deductions, children, tuitions, 
address and debt levels. 

Your taxes, which are 
required for you lo do by federal 
law, are going lo be used by 
other companies lo make vast 
amounts of money whoring 
you our If this passes, and I 
might be extreme here, you 
going lo be the whore of 
IRS. I hope they are gentle y 

time I cried before 
you about my taxes, i will, with 
joy and happiness, tell you the 
most embarrassing sex-story I 
can think of before I talk about 

And yet. that most private of 
mluriiMikJii is for sale 

As a member of the press. I 
must remind you of your duly 
now. Please, keep die IRS from 
doing this. There is only one 
way ... write your government. 
E-mail, letter, whatever! 

For the last section of this 
column I am going to include 
the e-mail addresses of every 
senator and house member for 
northeast Indiana at the federal 
level. If they get enough letters, 
they will stop this fleecing from 

Photo Illustration by Jam 

secret forms you fill o 
every year will rem 


That generic form will 
any House member. 

U.ishmgiun. D.C. 20510-1 
1202) 224-4814 

ultra- Please, \ 

I to make sure Mark Souder - soudenff r r 

'tiing his i's like hpus .e,gov 

Oiher Indiana Ho 

-iMNh.'WfbM aill . htm 
email, he has a nice web-form) 
I Russell Office Building 

I.20J! ,'2.1-%,'i 

Parents who don't 
deserve the right to 
have children 

Pasquali's Ponderings 

ByAngie Pasquaii 


/ you are ready for it. 
re ready for another 
stories about stupid 
people. Well, your wish has 
been granted, my friends. 

My mom has always told 
me, "The world is full of stupid 
people, just get used to it." 1 
would never understand the 
real validity of ilfis statement, 
..until.j' started, paying more 
attention to the news around 

Obviously, we all begin to see 
that people are idiots once we 
acquire our driver's license, but 
that is just because no one else 
knows how to drive properly. 
I know, we all think the same 
thing in the car, "No one else 

charged with child abuse for 
smoking marijuana near her 
1 1 -day-old baby girl. The 

thought her baby could handle 

t jail, the woman is quoted 
saying, "1 just feel I have been 
really inconvenienced for 

the dumb < 
that slip out of people': 
and we may not becoi 
of them at first. 

After a while, we spot 
brainless individuals 

everywhere. With some of the 
stupid things others say and do, 

it out of their house alive, fully 
clothed and without a helmet 

Now that I have somewhat 
vented about the dimwitted 
people of our society, it is story 
time! Story number one comes 
from New Hampshire. 

A 50-year-old cafeteria 
manager at a school in the town 
of Hampstead is being accused 
of stealing lunch money for the 
past two years. Seriously, she 

The school system has an 
electronic card system where 
the parents place money, and 
the kids just swipe their card 
every time they go to pay for 

on cafeteria food. 

Nicely done lunch lady; let 
us hope you enjoy the cafeteria 
food in jail. 

How about a story of a bad 
parent from Florida? There 

child, or else 1 would be worried 
about her breeding, moron. 

My third stofy of the week 
comes from that big state we 
cannot seem to get enough of. 
Full of the Cowboys, Astros, 
Stars and other garbage sports 
teams, Texas is a huge part of 
the western United States. In 
the town of Killeen, a soldier 
and his wife are being held in 
the county jail for injury to a 

According to police, the 
couple told their three-year-old 
daughter to beat up a five-year- 
old boy of a friend they were 
babysitting, while videotaping 
the whole thing. 

The father is on tape 
commanding the daughter to 
knock the boy down, hit and 
kick him in the face. A fight 
club for toddlers, ingenious. 1 
wonder why someone did not 

Oh yeah, I know why - 

because we all have an IQ rating 
above "freaking idiot." 

I feel bad for the children 
in the three stories I have told. 
These poor kids are surrounded 
by people without a brain and 
will most likely grow up with 
something wrong thanks to the 
poor influences around them. 

The one I feel the worst for is 
the 1 1 -day-old baby. The child's 
lungs are not fully developed 
yet, but his stupid hippie of a 



[don't know who 

Voices on Campus 

Who are you voting for in student-government elections? 



i:^\'!-:';/ . 

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free 
excercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the 
people peacably to assemble, and to petition the government for redress of grievances. 

Vote online for IPSGA elections 

Staff Editorial 

Next week, starting April l" 1 
and ending April o L, \ the IITW 
Student-body Government 
elections will be held. 

It i 


s yt 

nu excuses. as ihe vole will lie 
available online. lakea moment; 
give ;i vole. [Jut lei us he the first 
to advise you not to vole stupid. 
The Student Government 
Offices a re located mi the second 
floor of Walb, right across from 
the Computer Lab. 

before 6pm and ask questions 
of your available, and friendly, 
st uuYni -finds government. 

We suggest it. 

Ask the questions you care 
about, ask about the groups vou 
want to see supported, and dare 
to ask aboiii their platlomi and 
about student-run farm plots 
for profit. And don't hesitate in 
email them, call them, and find 
out about your Government. 

suggest you do too. 

Come by our office al anytime 
dm ing the il,i\ Uigi'l dim -opinion 
or just the facts, we have both in 

This year some offices are 

uncontested, which is a shame. 
ihe Student-government needs 


The importance ol exercising 
dim right to vote is paramount. 

lespunsihilly i>l the individual 
is to vote. 

1PFW has a special 

uppnrtuniiy to vote lot a Student 

Cartoon by Andres Ponte / aponte@ipfwcomm 

Letter to the Editor 

Evidence that PAS does exist 

post-abortion syndrc 

their attention by signs posted o 

Campus Hope Studei 

As the professors' kinr noted, posi -abortion 
responses are positively or negatively .iffecied 
by demographic, psychosoi and religions tut ■ 
. However, to be fair, psychologist 

r. Someofthei 
for a number of reasons. 

First, despite the professors' promise to "make 
people aware of the scientific evidence" that 
refutes post-abortion syndrome, they did not 
offer any statistic, reference or citation to sup- 
port their statements. 

As a reader, I want to believe what writers 

not generalize women's reactions after abortions 
addressed Do all post-abortive women struggle with psy- 
chological difficulties? No, and to say so would 
unfairly characterize women's post- abortive 

-and especially i 

experience- Hot in the light of: 
state that abortion is only harmless or benebcial 
10 women is an unfair generalization. Doctors 
would do a great disservice to suffering post 
abortive women by idling iheni, '"ion had prob- 
lems before," or even worse, 'lis all in your head 
— it's just made up!" This would further isolate 
the women anil invalidate any grief ihey might 
have about their abortions Additionally, doc 
i ignore the possibility of psychological 

scientific verificati 

n that casts se 

ions doubt 

on some of the professors claim 

My letter 

attempts to rectifys 

ame of those stai 

factual evidence or 


Second, the let 

er misleadingly 

slated 'the 

majoriry of women 

who have had abortions ... 

experience few long-lasting effects 

As the let- 

ter correctly noted 


eactions in 

i show high rates of relief immediateh 
following the procedure. However, long-term 
studies have shown much higher rates of psy- 
chiatric disorder in women who have had abor- 
tions, including increased risk of depression. 
For example, a 20U3 study conducted by the 
Elliot Institute collected data from Ihe National 
Longitudinal Study of Youth (NLSY), a 21 year 
study that annually assessed 1,894 women. The 
date showed that women who have abortions 
are 65 percent more likely to experience clinical 
depression than those who carry iheir pregnan- 

diol nines women late after abortions do their 
preguani clients a disservice in educating them 
about all their options — another issue brought 

The professors' position on this point calls into 
question their stance on abortion education, as 
then letter ini|ilic- that calm .King women about 
possible post-abortion consequences is more 
dangerous than le.u ing her with nn knowledge of 
what she might experience days, months or even 
years after an abortion procedure. 

In the article Infec lions Associated with 
Mifepris tone-Induced Abortion," found in ihe 
Dec. 2005 issue of the "New England Journal 

n find tl 

this letter from peer-reviewed journals accessed 
through the IITW library online One Search and 
the Internet.) 

Third, the psychologists' letter confusingly 
stated "no scientific evidence exists to support the 
\ alidiiy of (post -abortion) syndrome." despite the 
existence of the 2003 study and others that show 
higher rates of negative psychological effects 
on post-abortive women. The profe: 

o scientific' 

support" PAS, but they spent much of their letter 
describing adverse reactions some women expe- 
rience after abortion. Such a ie< separation 
in terms leads to the following problematic claim 
in the letter. 

Fourth, the professors over-generalized the 
causes of psychological ditticuky some women 
experience after abortion. They alleged "for die 
most part, these women (who experience some 
psychological difficulties altei abortion! suffered 
from the same ivpcol dilfu ullics belore they had 
abortions." This position is refuted by research 
recendy published in ihe Ian. JOl'Jfi issue of the 
"lournal of Child Psychology and I'sychiairy." 
Researchers found in a J r >ye.n longitudinal study 
that women "having an abortion had elevated 
rates of subsequent menial health problems 
including depression, anxiety, 

ol Medicine." researchers note that "iplaiienls 
should be informed of this risk (death) before 
(abortion by Mifepristone, also 

Beyond this scientific evidence of serious 
physical risks to women having abortions — 
another fact denied by the professors in their 
letter — it seems that medical professionals are 
encouraged to inform women about possible 
physical hazards. Why, then, do five IPFW psy- 
chology professors believe women considering 
abortion should be denied information about 
possible psychological hazards? 

One of the purposes of being an educator is 
to provide a fair and balanced perspective to 
students so that those students can actively and 
knOWledgabl) engage ill ihe pursuit of truth. As 
such, it worries me when educators fail to sup- 
port fair and balanced education for women 
in crisis pregnancies, especially when evidence 
siippoiis ihe possjlulny ol terlain consequences 
like psychological difficulties When a woman 
must make a decision about an unplanned preg- 
nancy, the greatesi gift she can receive is to be 
informed of all of her options and an honest, 
sensitive appraisal ol die consequences ol those 
options. By being educated about the possibility 
of post abortion difficulties prior to an abortion, 
a woman can be empowered to understand and 
identify emotional pain she might feel and to 
ieek guidance and siippnn -.honld she need it. 

s might be psychological i 

: the letter I simply liunk thai in any schol- 
arly debale, a fair appraisal ol the issue should be 
the desire of all participants. After all, isn't that 

what Ihe educational endeavor is all about? 

facjo_rs (emphasis ininel" (i'syclNIO Database 
Record). These self-acknowledged pro-choice 
researchers found ih.n "the higher rate of subse- 
quent mental problems" in post abortive women 
explained by any pre-pregnancy il 

Daylight savings time 
unnecessary and confusing 

Staff Column 

Ah, Daylight Savings lime. 
The one reason why I stuck 
around Fort Wayne so long was 
to avoid this whole concept of 
Daylight Savings Time. 

Yes, it provided a bit of 
confusion at times when my 
relatives from Ohio came to 
visit. We always had to double 
check to make sure that when 
we said meet in an hour, it was 
on Indiana time and not Ohio 

That sounds pretty stupid, 
huh? Well, sometimes they 
would forget to subtract an hour 
from the time on their watches, 
which is understandable. 

This whole concept of 
moving the clocks forward an 
hour in the spring is bogus. 1 
liked the fact that we didn't 
have to worry about it in Fort 
Wayne because it was everyone 
else's problem and not mine. 
The one thing that gets to me 
going ti 

can't lose that extra hour. 

Daylight Savings Time 
originally used as changeover 
time because it wa 
and minimized disru 
fewest number of t 

True, but why change the 
time to begin withi 1 Here's a 
thought: keep the time the same 

have to worry about having t 
conflict with trains and peopli 
not being home to switch (heir 
clocks forward or backward. 
So exactly what is i 

to pick it up a few mouths lalei 
I don't need the hour a fev 
months later when I really neei 

many people travel during day 
time and people do errands 
during the day time so il will 
help prevent crime. 

I must say that this is quite 
interesting. My only thought 
is that many people do these 
things anyway without the 
help of moving clocks forward 
and backward. The sun is still 
going to come up no matter 

think it is necessary to have 
to move forward and back the 
clocks. It is just one more thing 

government Is going with this, 

the day slarl 
not. People 
davlighl no i 

t affect when the sut 
c up and when the sui 
So the whole point is K 

wants to utilize the day t 
get up earlier. 

So one of the pros to Dayligh t 
Savings Time is that there will 
be longer "synthetic s 

nd, we would still get the 
te amount of sun light than 
e changed the time. 

Age, etiquette and communication 

Staff Column 

19 and that is how old I look. 

I was carded last weekend at the movie theater. 

I had to dig through my purse and find my 
driver's license. 1 handed it over to the ticket 
guy and he studied it, like it was difficult to see 
if I was old enough. Maybe the math was too 
difficult, l-inallv he nodded, handed it back and 
took half my ticket. 

Whew, I passed securiry. I didn't even have 

...... 1 19. Thanks. 

Now I know it is supposed io be a compliment 
to look younger. But only to a point. 

When I'm 50 I want to look like I'm 40, but 
whenl'ml9Iwanttolooklikerm I 1 '. Comparing 
sophomore in high school (my little 


I happen to ihint is incredibly rude. Pur 
your phone on vibrate and text away, but stop 
interrupting the professor with your phone. If I 
was that professor i would have told her to shut 
off her phone or leave the class, but that's just 

brother is that old) S 

On to another story. A 
sitting in my sociology 
phone kept going off. 

lol like a 

Accidentally forgetting to turn offyourphone 
is one thing, but having it continually go off is 
another. Proper etiquette and how it lias gone 
downhill quit kl\ is a whole other topic in itself. 

We now have all of this new technology 
available: Internet communication, e-mail, cell 
phones, text messages and even those walkie- 

>sages and 
communication? You can't really tell e 
You can't see a person. How can you truly tell 
how a person is feeling? 

. Shew 

t getting a phone call, just a t< 

i taking us forward c 
taking us back? 

I guess it's all relative. What is bad today 

and da» itanding/major or title fit applic 
s lor length, grammar, style, and clarity. l< 




Arts & Entertainment 

Wednesday, March 29. 2006 

Neko Case releases new album, best of 2006 

Album Review 

It's easy in say thai amihing ton. lied In ah country rock singer 
Neko Qisc turns to unlit, lis also easy 10 say lhat her currcni 
stance in the indie i<» k genre will only progress and become more 
and innreinspiringtoallothcr aits who share the Stage. 

I i.iii say these things because ihcyare true and I hey are clearly 
evident on every single niece of musii she is incorporated with 
K you are a f.m of Maow or Hie Weasels, then you have heard her 
' " r hack-up hand called I lie Boyfriends. 
"the stage with such acts 

Case is a genuine and outstanding musician She released her first 
album in 1997 and since then released three more studio albums, 
along with a livedisL. Her fourth and most recent album, called 
"Fox Confessor Brinu,s the flood," displays her musical talents at 

The album brilliantly creates several vibes but never goes 
outside the lines of alternative, country rock. "Margaret vs. 
Pauline" has an Aimee Mann teel with a rising piano line and 
much focused vocals, the single. ' Mold (In, Hold On," is one of the 

each musical odyssey she takes 

Show me an artist who puts 
out the same record every three 
years, and I'll show you an artist 
who isn't going anywhere. 

"Fox Confessor Brings 

i the dark side on Irac ks such .is "Dirty Knife" and the 
album's title track, while "lohn Saw lhat Number" is a straight-up 
hluegrass song with a country-bar piano line and snappy, cheery 







Anti-Flag does 
not hold back 
on fifth LP 

Album Review 

punk h.uid signed wilh HMt./Ut A But alter taking 
a listen l» the recently released disc, my attitude has 

l hi band has been in existence for IH years 
(going on seven with ihe current members) and 


Records with the 

following three on 


r * 

before this major 

5*" ••** 

label release. 
One of the 

v # s 

the band and 

frontman Justin 

*V^ >f* ««» 

Sane made known 

when they signed 

the deal was lhat 

they would not allow t 1 

eii rei urd label to censor 

their work. And 1 really think this disc proves 

that Ami- Mag, above all 

'Ise. arc true to ihemselve- 

and their music. 

While I do not think 

enio\ tins .ilhuin as inuci 

as 1 did their l.tsi two releases." [he [error State" ant 

Mobilize, ii does li 


nine serious upside. 

► ANTI-FLAG: Page A? 


Classic porn portrayal 
proves interesting 

Movie Review 

As I was fretting about what film to watch 
for this review, 1 came to the startling revelation 
that 1 am, in fact, quite poor. Because of this 
groundbreaking eye-opener, I also realized 
that I have no disposable income in which 
to use money for a trip to the movies. "What 
the heck am 1 going to do," 1 think to myself. 
Then, as 1 was talking about my dilemma with 
my boyfriend, he said, "Watch an old movie 
i." This guy's 


i lenl a film t< 

I've never, in .ill my > ear- of obsessing over 
movies, seen Mark Wahlherg's Horever known 
to me as Marky Mark) porn-star portrayal in 
"Boogie Nights." I know, 1 know; it's quite 
unbelievable. But, if you keep in mind thai 
I was 14 when it came out and my parents 
wouldn't lei me see it. it's noi so crazy a noiion. 
So, I took his copy home and popped it in the 
DV'1.1 player. Wow. ii was an interesting loojile 
of hours for me. 

In a film that spans a little over a decade 
during the early days of pornography. Marky 

i heard a million ti 
kid has a rough home life, runs away, tries to 
make it, inevitably 'makes n," falls from grace, 
then returns. \,,wn. It's an old tale with a Hen 

Dirk was 

found a star. Then, he 
asset. You see (and, at the end, you do see) 
Dirk has a very large appendage, something 
that Jack wants in his films. And, with Dirk's 
control -crazed mother, a world that's as free 
as the one Jack's offering looks very good. He's 
opening the door to drugs, sex and money 

that Dirk can have ' 

wants. Without a doubt. Dirk's hooked. 

lnhisfirstyear,Dirkisaninstantstar. Hewins 
several pornscars (which is a word I made up 
that means "porn Oscars"). Less than 10 years 
later, though. Dirk's a cracked-out has been. 
He's too strung out to work, so Jack fires him. 
He decides 

► BOOGIE: PageA7 

Courtesy photo by Todd Wojtoi 

Bringing Dashboard Confessional a 
great idea by Student Government 

adVANCEd Notice 

Weezcr a couple nt summers ago bai.k in ( hicagn, it was 
pmhably one of I he must tun and relaxing live shows ! 
have ever been too And at that point. I did not even know 
the hand or their inusii eery well at all. Now 1 am a huge 
Ian and looking forward in seeing them again. 

Last week was one of my happiest n 

Amidst the growing tiredness ol ,i deadline night, 
great news; the IPSGA is brining in Dashboard 
Confessional lor i he spring concert. 

For those of you who don't know who Dashboard 
Confessional is, well, shame on you. If you do, then you 
are as excited as me to find out about this concert. While 
last year's Good Charlotte, Simple Plan and Reliant K 
concert was decent, it was a little too TRL-rific for me, 

Dashboard, however, gives oft a whole different mood 
and is a very relaxing band. Their cool, sing along and 
melodic music is the best to come to Fort Wayne in some 
time. And, whether ii draws in a huge crowd or not, it is 
the right choice for ll'l-VV. It will compare somewhat to 
the OAR. concert of tuo years ago mood- wise and I have 
to say, the lack of screaming wannabe punk teenage girls 
will be enjoyable. 

When I saw Dashboard Confessional opened for 

Emotional rock (emoi nm si, is he, omingmorc popular 

these days, but the more poppy version 

(aka Ashley Parker Angel. Ryan Cabrera and 

solid foundation 
for such. 

In 2002 lie won the MTV2 award, but has 
very prevalent in the mainstream world sine 
the moderately-hyped release of the group's las 
Mark. A Mission, A Hrand, A Scar." 

I personally hope to see a good crowd i 
n April 24 for this show, a 

the best fi 

Dashboard Confessional is 

For those of you who do know, 1 am sure yo 
eagerly awaiting lo tolas and enjoy some great r 



ll is a show thai realh m,ik>v you wrong and how they 

think. Not only do you have (o think by others, 
about these people and society in It is difficult for i 

generaJ, it makes you think about represent the entire black 

your own actions, if they are right or race, so a lot of the 

perceived subjective, but Ice < ube does not 

try to hide that fact. Instead, he 

family to embraces it. That honesty helps 

past Anti-fla^ work, 
Sane and Chris w2 is very 
unique and will draw any 
punk hand to the work of 
the album. The two show 
range in their abilities 


"I Trillion Dollai 

still stays true with their 
pounding guitar work 
from Chris #2 and Chris 

)le may be turned off 
horter tracks, I think 


The newspaper of IPFW since 1969 
is now available at the click of a mouse. 

Standards compliant 

programming - it works 

great in any browser, PC or Mac 

Easy to access, searchable 
archives of past issues. 

Another example of how the best way to get 
your IPFW news keeps getting better. 

definitely help get 

they embody the same 
principals of the original 
punk hands, especially it 
how hard, fast and loin 
their instrumental lam 
vocal) work is. 

"State Funeral" and 

"Confessions of an 
Economic Hitman" are 
most like tracks from 

albums. Their message record deal. 

The disc is one, as 
are all Anti-flag albums, 
thai any fan of true -punk 

"Hie man gel them dmvn" 
and being themselves 

Heather Graham. 
Don Cheadle, John C. 
Riley, Philip Seymour 

thrilled with Marky 
Mark, the others were 

Moore gave, whai 

"Boogie Nights" 

Starring: Heather Graham, 
MarkWahlberg, Burt Reynolds 
Directed by: Paul T.Anderson 
Rated: R (1997) 
especially : RunTime: 156 minutes 

i intoxicating display 

Marky Mark is, wilhnul 
much doubt, one of the 
most laughably dreadful 
actors Hollywood has 
proclaimed a star. His 
delivery was horrific. 
Nothing about his 
depiction could be 
taken seriously. With 
thai being said, does ihe 
phrase "awesomely had" 
mean aiiyihinglo you? It 
should, at leasl if you've 

She's one who either thrills me or bores out almost 10 ) 

me. She vacillates between the two in released in IHH'i 

every film, ii seems. In I his one, I hough. either). Howevei 

she was amazing as an absentee mother my parents were 

beyond belief, delighted i 

The Communicator, along with Confluence l 
magazine (a division of ArtsGroup) and the Department 
of English and Linguistics presents: 

"Dear Salvador Dali" 

by Sarah Sandman 

The lady bugs swooped down around my face. 

Instantaneous hallucination. 

Damn, not again. Why is this happening? Blink. 

It's the small things that turn first. Bricks become 
fish become faces become lady bugs. 

My therapist says its paranoia. If she only knew 
she had horns in her blonde hair. 


T A 7TT A'T'.Siibmit a short story of exactly fifty (50) w 
VVX~Lr\l .CommuniciKit behveen now and Saturday, April 1. Best 
story [judged on development ofwriiing. style, plot, and i haractersbya 
panel consisting ol si aft members oil he ( ouunumi .nor, t onfluence, and the 
Department of English and I inguistii s) wins 550, sei >md place wins $25, and 
third place wins SI 5 All three winners will he published m the April 26 issue 
ofTheCommunieaioi and in t on I luence magazine, 

org. Please int lode vmtr name, major lit applii able), , 


is open to all readers ul flirt ommunicator, an 
• excludes staff of I lie < ouunuriKalor, officers of ArtsGroup, 
and faculty ill die Department of 1 nglish and I aiguisiks. Multiple 
submissions are ennmraged. hut mily one story per person can be a 

T A 7TT "ClVr* Deadline for submission is SATURDAY, APRIL 1. 

VV XlIZtlN .Winners will be announced in I he Communicator's April 

For additional information or with any questions, please 

contact Dan Vance, arts & entertainment editor. 

Phone: (260) 481-6584 / Email: 




Beachy overcoming 
the pressure, stress 

■ IPFW's lone senior on [he field struggles to find her bat and deals 
with tribulations of leading a youthful Mastodon Softball team 

By Megan Yoder 


As the lone senior on a drirn.nii.illv 
inexperienced team, lenua Beachy Stands al a 
vcrydillVient position from even i wo years ago. 

mannered personality and I 
allowed her to pile on the hit; 

As a freshman, she posted 
halting average 

then she was one of lour soph, 
six freshmen jnsi a year hehind her. 
she alone captains the team with 
i.l injured senior Heather DeVore anil with only 

hersell lour times. In 2(lfl r .. she again raked in 25 

is and led the team in hits. 

This year, ihcrnleol< aptain.thelnssof lleVorc 

This season, and the pressure that has ensued lias brought out 

the support the competitive side of Beachy. Disappointed 

three of those freshmen still i 

■ performance so far, Beachy is pushing 

to obtain the same level of excellence that she 
has had the previous three y 

h the help of ihe underclassmen i 
the most sin cestui year since ihe learn bee ame 
Division I. It's a new role, yet He.ichy is ready to 
step up to the challenge. 

"I have to make a lot ol hie. decisions ibis 
year." she said. "1 am used to kind of being a 
follower, and 1 have to be more vocal than 1 ever 
have in the past." 

Always an obvious threat i 

I luld I 

ally this year," I isher said. 

I will come. Your bat will 

you will start hitting like you are 


bat, her coach 
Keith Fisher recruited her in 2002 for her Beachy'spositi 

impressive hitting statistics in high school. _ "She plays 


A lot of pressure for a lone ! 
admits in the stress. 

"Thus Tar I have put a lot of pressure on 
myself; I just need to go out there and have fun." 
she said, "looking back 1 want to remember this 
nol as a job, hut something I truly enjoyed." 

ly disappointments haven't stopped 


th a lot of heart," Fisher said 
"Jenna was a great hitler." he said. "We have "She is very emotional, and vet regardless ol what 
surround ourselves with grind hitters. She happens, whether or r 
s outstanding in high school, so we were very has been very positive. 
happy to recruit her Site was also .\n outstanding 

■t she is jnsi bailing, she 

il her. She w 

student, which helped." 
Upon joining ihe team 

12003, Beachy's mild- 

20 games already completed in the long 
son, Fisher expects that pressure to diminish 
freshmen are beginning to back the five 

o by Dan Vance I djuance^ipfweom 

WAITING: IPFW senior Jenna Beachy crouches in anticipation of a ground ball 
against Wright State on March 24. 

upperclassmen on the roster. rain and snow all day in Cleveland when we 

"These past few games, „ur defense has been relumed home from the Rebel Games," he said, 

better," he said "Offensively, I think that the "1 think that our bats overall will continue to 

vounger kids have started lo hit (he ball, couple improve with the weather." 

othomeruns by the freshmen. It is a surprise, but With the improving strength of Beachy and 

a good thing." the talent of the freshmen class, Fisher sees only 

The team has really stepped up going 2-2 good things from here on out. 

in it's last four games. Fisher has noticed the "Beachy is that kind of player that never is 

improvement and hopes the better results to going to give up or be satisfied with not doing 

continue. well," he said ' When she is gone, we'll miss her 
"We have played it 

11 Illinois, Coulson, Bartleheim. 
h Miller and lessica Vervynckt 
matches in straight sets. The 
d Vcrvynckt's were awarded by 

: the Leathernecks \ 


Hartelheim was key in the viciory over llll'UI 
because her singles win river Tessa Williams in 
three sets secured IPFW's victory. She won 6-3, 
1-6 and 7-5, 

IPFW hosts I liiniington I Iniversity on April 1 
al 4 p.m. at the ll'l W hums court on campus. 

I he Mastodons lost 5-2 to Wei 
6-1 to Northern Illinois, the firs 
Conference match of the season 

Mastodon Stomp 

The 11th Annual ll'l W Mastodon Slump will 
take place on April 1 at 9 a.m. on the IPFW 
campus, starling at Gates Center. 

The events are the SK ill milel Run and Walk. 
1 Mile kids Stomp lor children ages 7 through 12. 
and 100 meter dash for kids sis and under. 

The event is open to the public and the entry 
fee is S15 for adults and S5 for children and 
students. The proceeds will benefit the IPFW 
cross country arid track and Held programs. 

Registration begins al 7:30 a.m. 

Awards will be given lo first place male and 
female college students, first place male and 
female tollege employees and first place male 
and female IPFW alumni The (oji three finishers 
in the I Mile Kids Stomp for the boys and girls 
age groups 



r Kids C 

e IPFW's only point: 
Kuschke won his singles match against 

Northern Illinois lor his first i.ireer MA( victory 

The final score was I -6. 6-2, 10-8. 

IPFW hosts Northern ( oluradoon March 31 at 

I p.m., then hosts MM leant Western Michigan 

on April I at 1 p.m. arid Huntington University at 

4 p.m. on the same day. 


The IPFW baseball team's record now stands 
at 8-10 after losing two out three against Iowa 
over the weekend. 

IPFW split a doubleheader on day one and 
lost 11-1 on day two against Hawkeyes 
picked to be in the top three of the Big Ten 

Fisher said. " I his team has more enthusiasm 
and is more cohesive than any other since I have 

In the second outing of the day. sophomore 
Jenna Connelly took the mound for the 
Mastodon-, anil In Kl the liulldugs s, tireless until 
the sixth. Then with three runs off of three 
hits. Butler began to pull aw 

:r then. Right now she is in the off-s 

Last Saturday was Moore's first outdoor track 
icet. She broke the 100 meter dash and the 200 
leter dash record. Yet she's never been a 100 
tcter runner. She likes the 200 and 400 better, 
ut she says that she probably 

ii dash. Moore a 
the 100 meter dash i 
the time she got up h 

I her head. Moore 

in 21 at- bats with five walks. 

After this weekend, the team stands 3-17. 
Rainouis against MIPIIl. Michigan Stale and 
Dayton has hampered ll'l W over the past eight 

IPFW will host Mn hi gan Stat ei n iluublel leader 
action on Wednesday. March jn and hit the road 
for a doubleheader against Valparais 

get faster. 

"That's the whole point of running 

commented Moore "I just waul to gel better." 

Another goal is qualifying for the NCAA 
regionals. Moore said that if she competes 
well enough to qualify, n would be ama/.ing to 
compete sand he on television. 
needs to run 11.75 in the 100 meter dash and 
23.96 in the 2111) meter dash Right now she is at 
12 .4^ and 2.0.. 12 respectively. Irucbey mentioned 
that his hopes for Moore for the rest of the season 
IS to work 011 cpialihine, for tegionals. lie (eels 
that she has the opportunity to compete for this 
because she's close enough. 

Fruchey mentioned that Moure helps take ihe 
pressure off AugiiSuel. another sprinter, of being 

this space reaches up to 
5,000 readers each week 

call Advertising Manager Lana Mabbitt 

The night before, the Mastodons tied the 
record with a 3-0 130-22. 30-14, 30-211 victory 
over Mercyhurst. It was the second victor)' of 
the year for IPFW over Mercyhurst. 

Macias and senior Serdar Sikca each had 10 
kilK in the win, but setter! olin Lnndeen was an 
all-around leader for the Mastodons, topping 
the team in digs along with Brock Ullrich and 
Mike Morici with three I undeen also led the 
match in assists with 36 and total blocks with 
seven (five assists and two solo). 

Sikca had six block assists on Friday. 


Mercyhurst combined for 21 attack t 
against only 35 kills IPFW had 4 
nine attack errors lor the match. 

"Against lesser teams we are doing a heitei 
job ol lust playing our game on our side of the 
court and not playing to their level," Macias 

Closing in on the record, Daiga stepped up it 
the serve in the third game and rallied off nim 
points, including all four of his service aces.Thi 
streak lor Daiga now gives him five total s> 

s for the season. The Maslodons h 

"There were a couple of stretches that were 
kind of shaky, Macias admitied of how the 
energy on Saturday night affected the team. 
"When Coach started putting other guys in, we 
started playing harder for them." 

"As far as not getting too excited to the point 
e beyond that. 

Mastodons break the streak. 

Defense was key in the first two games lor 
IPFW. helping them to 30 digs on the night. The 

lis averaging I (J. I 1 pet game on the season 

2-6) in the final game before Clarke mounted 
a small comeback Ihe Mastodons got point 
2'i on a kill from Viinr ( Hivcira. hut proceeded 
to drop the next (our points before ending the 
game and die man h with a Steve Rogers kill. 

Ball's team improves to 16-5 (7-2 in the 
MIVAl while the loss drops ( larke to 12-9 and is 
their first loss in conference action (4-1). Next 
week the Mastodons host I ewis and Ohio Slate. 
They lost to Lewis in their first meeting. The 




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■ ■ '. i_ ■ 

Getting witty around the ranks of Division I athletics 

Witty Banter 

With Skip Hooligan and Trip McFeeley 


k for another arousing issue or Skip 

Skip: Once again we are t 
and Trip. The article that tu 
pleasure-meter, right Trip? 

Trip: Confirmative. Skippy. lis like a 21st century version C 
American Bandstand, without the ageless Dick Clark and weir 
dance moves. 

Sldp: Correct indeedy. We had a Chuck Norris-sized week c 
sports last week, didn't we? 

Trip; We are pn kini; nprmnnii-. nil like N'.i/i Germany picked off 
European countries in ilic first two years of World War II. Fourteen 
wins in a row, a school record. I tip my i oorvoisier cognac to Arnie 
Ball and his army. 

Skip; From a slow start they i 
several ranked teams, including f 
State and Muncie. 

Trip: Those hacks from Muncie > 


five regular- season matchups a: 
OSIJ and Penn State. 

Skip: True, since they knocked u 
last year. But v 

made to look like 
And hey, our last 

iiu luilmgagainst pesky 

Sldp: Yes 1 \ 

r analysis ,,i the highs and lows is 
our agenda for this week? Did we 
n that Doug Noll mi.'inplnyniiin aikenisement? 
is on it. I hear he is rumored for the 1U job. I think 
r the big hiring this iveek. a rccord-hreuking sircak 

r guys e 

e sporadic talk about our baseball ; 
Softball teams. Anil we shall cover the upcoming switch to Daylight 
Savings Time and how it's going to l"k everything up. 

Trip: Good call. Ah. the luring ol I liris I'aiil as head women's 
basketball coaih. What a sweet, sweet day. 

Skip: 1 know; finally our A.D. gets something right. Therefore 
I shall not mention his name in a negative way. But Paul has 
long been our favorite for the |oh. Willi iviummg talent in Ashley 
Johnson, lohnna Lewis-Carlisle and Hilary O'Connell, among 
others, they return a solid nui litis of players. 

Trip: And they are familiar with how Caul operates and you 
could tell they were very happy to have him sinking around. 

Skip: I agree. Maybe he can give Dane Fife some pointers on 
how to be classy. 

Trip: It would be nice if we can hit double-digits in wins next 
season. 1 see it happening with Paul as coach. 

Skip: Me too. Hopefully he can pick up some bigger athletic 
girls to at company our strong outside play 

Trip: That was where we just couldn't compete inr the t 

this past seaso 

n - on the boards. IVing idle lo ;_vt bettei physical 

play on the inside is key. 

Skip: 1 con 

ur, unless we shoot lights out and play excellent 

defense. But o 

r congratulations ml hris Paul a nil stall, a job well 

deserved. It's! 

so bad they can't touch the Skipster in Pop-A-Shot. 

Trip: Or m 

in skee-hali. They wont go back to lokcns and 

Tickets with u 

ever since we emharassetl them [fad losers il you 

allegedly coming in next sea 

Skip: 1 hear Greg Oden is skipping basketball and pulli 

Ball and corning here on a volleyball scholarship. 

Trip: He would be our defensive specialist; he 
to play up front. 

Skip: I know, and dunking isn't allowed in volleyball either. 

Trip: Speaking of baskeiball, when is Indiana going to hire a 
coach:' Hopefully before Midnight Madness. 

Skip: It's a new name each week. Irom Handy Wittman and 
Steve Crapford to John Calipari and Bill Clinton. 

Trip: The longer it takes, the more players might consider 
transferring because they are being left out to dry. D.J. White in an 
IPFW uniform in two years? 

Skip: Along with ( cm Mini Who do you think they'll hire? 

Trip: 1 believe they will hire Handy Wilini.m, but I don't agree 
with it. I'hev need an established young up-uud-comer. 

Skip: I like the mid-major route bin it's always risky. 1 don't 
really know who they will pick, bin Win man is a distinct possibility. 
If I had my choice I'd pi> k up licilem Irom West Virginia. 

Trip: 1 would have to go with Calipari from Memphis or Zippy 
O'Toole from the New lersev Institute ol Technology. 

Skip: /ippv O' loole is the man! I hear he would bring in Don 
Gihh and Henry Winkler as assistant coaches. 

Trip: Anyone who leads die I ightin Nerds into Hi vision I needs 


Trip: Speaking of I'ope and the i .ales ( enter, who do you think 
is die biggesi drinker up there? 

Skip: Brian Miller. I hear. I le loves die Christmas time of year. 

trip: 1 would have In go wuh Coat hGernon. If the baseball team 
hits 30 wins I think we should throw a double kegger in his honor. 
A close second would be ( oach lite. Him and Tom Coverdale 
could perhaps rival us in the game, "lake a shot everytime you 
hear SIOMI' play a crappy song." 

Skip: We'd be wasted by the firs I hour, ihen Speaking ol hours, 
what do you think about the upcoming move in Daylight Savings 
lime on Sunday? 

Trip: 1 have been looking torward to it since it was decided to 
switch. Another hour of daylight m the summertime Is another 
hour of pre-di inking before our sohball games at 'turners. 

Skip: Yeah, hut on the flip side, an hour ol waking up earlier in 

3 beg 

Skip: So how are our hats looking so lar this year, Tripster? 

Trip: Well, clue to insane Indiana weather, neither our baseball 
nor sohball teams have yet to play a game at home. The baseball 
team is fl-10 and just picked up a huge win at Iowa. While the 
softball team is struggling at 3-17. Maybe the softballers need their 
own Blue and Brew Crew. 

Skip: Let's slip Pope a 50 and see if we can get a coaching 

Well, anything else we need to cover this week? 

Trip: 1 don't think so. Inst the f.n i that I won money aplenty in 
", pools.. Party at Skip and Trip's this weekend, I Inlimited 
and Smirnoffs on us! 

he signing off from the ai 

Trip: Is the Department ol Homeland Security getting too close 
to your trail and you have to move on? 

Skip: Yes they are; the countless smuggling Irom the Canadian 
borders is making me feel the heat. So I will he bidding adieu to all 
my laithhil readers. 

Trip: How can yon do this to our plethora of fans? 

Skip: I have to; it's for the best. But I have found a durable 
replacement in Flip l-antastito to take over for me. 

Trip: I'm familial iviih flip Wasn't lie lining time for indecent 
exposure down at I eavenworth? 

Sldp: That was his brother, Drip. 

Irip: Oh, ok. Well, it has been a wild ride, Skip, Drop by in the 
column every so often when you can. 

Skip: You know I will; larewell to all of our readers. 

Trip: 1 will keep your excellent oratory alive. Farewell my 

e and flip, we will see you n 

Patriots shock Penn State 

■ Battle for EIVA heats up as George Mason knocks offNo.9 Nittany 
Lions to pull within a game of the top spot 

Lions' level of play dropped 
off, which proved disastrous as 
George Mason's play steadily 

PARK, Pa. - On March 26, 2004, 
the Penn State men's volley b^U. 
team dropped a four-game 
match to Rutgers- Newark in 
the Scarlet Raiders' home gym. 
Since then, though, the No. 
9 Nittany Lions had not lost 
against an EIVA team. 

But on Saturday, almost 
two years to the day, the Lions' 
streak against conference u 

l-l (30-26, 
18-30, 22-30, 21-30) loss 
hands of No. 15 George Mason, 
in Fairfax, Va. 

The Patriots {18-5, 7-1 EIVA) 
had been trading blows with the 
Lions (13-7, 9-1) atop the EIVA, 
until Penn State cemented itself 
as the top team in 3-0 victory on 
Feb. 25. With the win, George 
Mason again ties things up at 
the top in the conference. 

"I think [the loss is] a sign 
of mortality," Penn State men's 
volleyball coach Mark Pavlik 
said. "And I think in the long 
run that helps. There's no room 
for complacency." 

After winning Game 1, the 

Lions and 
past them, thanks to the likes of 
standout outside hitters Shaun 
Powell and Hudson Bates. 
Powell finished with a team 
high in kills (17) on .387 hitting. 

George Mason to .432 hitting, 
while the Lions hit only .165. 

"We walked into the gym 
thinking it was an EIVA team, 
we should easily beat them," 
freshman outside hitter Matt 
Anderson said. "They just 
outworked us. It kinda looked 
like we gave up. They picked up 
their game a lot more." 

Anderson was one of only 
two Lions to hit double digits 

Pacing the Lions' offense 
was sophomore Luke Murray, 
who dished 47 assists. Murray, 
who only stands at 6 feet, has 

Against the Patriots. Murray 
led with three solo blocks and 
as a team, Penn State only 

managed eight blocks. 

, George !" 

IPFW will host Penn State 
on Friday, April 14 at the 
Hilliard Gates Center. 

IPFW stays No. 12 in AVCA polls 

After a pair of victories this past weekend, 
ll'l-W will not move in the most recent NCAA/ 
AVt ,\ I American Volleyball (.oat lies Association) 
polls and will remain in 12th as of the polls 

Cal State Nori bridge moved up Irom sixth to 
fourth as I'epperdineCitld and long Uracil Slate 

[la h) car h dropped a spot in the new pulls. I'enn 
Male dropped two spots after the Nil tally I. ions' 
weekend loss to deorge Mason, the Patriots 

meanwhile mined up from 15 

Ohio State was I he only other significant 

as they dropped two spots 

of senior middle hitter Malt 
Steinfurth. Steinfurth, one of 
leading blockers, 

"Some oft heir players played 
t of their minds," senior co- 
ptain Nate Meerstein said. "It 
a point in the third and 

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Notice from the Board of Directors 

Indiana-Purdue Student Newspapers, Inc. 

is accepting applications from 

members of the IPFW student body 

for a seat on the Board of Directors. 

Interested individuals should 

contact Tracy Warner by 

April 17 at the following address: 

Tracy Warner 

President, Board of Directors 


2101 Coliseum Blvd. E. 

Fort Wayne, IN 46805 

The Communicator, along with Confluence literary 

magazine (a division of ArtsGroup) and the Department 

of English and Linguistics presents: 

by apaneUonsisiingo: 
published in the April 2 

office. Walb Union Si 

\ A /TIP R P • " l '""" ''"""" '" ll "' ' """"""" "'" " , ""'' Wjlt: 

VV n.XjX\JZ(.djvance#lprwcommunJcalor,org.P!caie include 

linKuMics Multiple Milmiiss 


niilyont'slorv per |uT^mc; 

In All Directions 

I Itchl I ln'\ .in' III.' person win) i'. < .ilni .niil 

til.' kii am! "I! iln- -unit, jiisi happy lo hi* pari 

i| ihi ii .mi win or lose. 

Poi tin." Mi ■!>'■ volleyball team, thai pi i ion 

■ Mike Daiga 

■■■ I'. >ii',i li.r. Mi-n Ins idli- i;:< li.i .1 

il> straight v.'.ii li would bi a fru iti ig I 

.■ >M, bin I'o i I i.iih-i 'i .ill nl' "Ilins; with llit- 

imiiii in', .mil in, i playniR the game that he loves. 

'mil ih.. i is ad able 

. ,i In played ipiiie a hii .ind as a 

■ ■ li»' iniiil ..'■! <■! JS names, recording 

i higii kill (119), ienrfceeces 115). solo blocks 

snirielhine, Ih 

■|lir-ir. . 

•.pond really vm'II in hmli 

reai ted the same way showing q lot i>C love and 
suppitn ('ir their senior leader as (hey jumped 

aiouiiil nn Iln .nlrlnii '. il ii; I l,ii l; ,i's ihlld-L'.liiie 

gtroai oj points. 

lis only lair his team rallies behind him 

I ven i »iu' in put himself hist, hi' miked sn piuloiinilh .mil 

two (unilh uf his i earn mates and iheh i;niwah, mauiriiv 

l bis and client ism \nd ihai speak- volumes of (he kind 

of person thai Mike Daiga is. 

Photo by Eugene Harding ' eharding@ipfweomi 



APRIL 10-14 

Find out more 


S.O.L.D. plans upcoming events for students 

S.O.L.D., Student Organization Leader 
Development, met on March 23 in theWalb Union 
Building in room G2 1 . They gathered 

The meeting was not just lor student leaders 
and their fellow club members, but it was open 

to any student who was intcriMed in leadership 

their discussion. 

The first thing that was to be discussed was 
the Student Achievement Celebration which 
would be held on April 4. 

There have also been additions to the Student 
Achievement Celebration in which people can 
see who have been nominated for it as well as 
who was selected. 

All types of leaderships and student 
organizations will be recognized in this event 

variety of foods. Those going to the celebration 
are encouraged to dress in a professional manner. 
If a student leader is not able to attend you may 
have someone else in your group attend. 

The next thing they discussed was the Fourth 
of July Fundraiser. 

This year they will reopen the event at the 
campus, and student groups can raise money by 
having food and drink booths. Choices for the 
types of food are not limited, but vendors here 
on campus will need to be contacted and be sure 
that they will be open the July 4. 

In the past, the types of foods that have been 
chosen were hot dogs, nachos and cheese and 
water. If any student leaders are interested, all 
they have to do is Fill out an event form, submit 
it to Audrey, and let the people in charge of the 
event know if you have any electrical needs. 

After the Fourth of July discussion, they talked 
about the Red Cross Blood Drive. It is going to 
be on the Wednesday of Spring Fling, and will 
be sponsored by the student organizations' time 
and blood. The group that has the most students 
and faculty will win a monetary prize. 

There are sign up sheets to register for the 
event, and at next meeting Audrey will be passing 
out tickets for those who want to participate in 

the drive. 

The fourth thing they talked about was the 
Senior Stampede. Senior Stampede is a fun nighi 
for students who are graduating, and inert is i.ilk 
thai it might become a tradition. 

There will be hands-on events, a l)| and food. 
This event will occur on the Wednesday night ut 
Spring Fling. 

After talking about the stampede, they 
discussed tho Spring I L-adiTsliip Retreat which 
would be held on April 9 during 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. 
in Walb Union. 

The activities that the students do at these 
retreats change every year. They have had 
scavenger hunts that helped build teamwork, 
and come up with brainstorming ideas to solve 

Some of the things in which they hope to 
cover (his year aro rei roiling lot -liniuues, what to 
and not to table, retention of ideas and keeping 
members invigorated. 

They also try to do at least one community 
activity per gathering. David Kelly will be the 
speaker, and he has offered a variety of things to 
see which would best suit the students. These 
activities fell into four categories: leadership 
training, tabling, membership and recruiting. 

IhuTi' will he oil hi giu^lv in luciliiiito tho event. 
Catering for the event is still undecided, but 
Miggcstinns lor mini iinluded .Nine's, Chinese 

I-reenies. such as beach towels and possibly 
disposable cameras, will lie given out I here also 
might he the best picture award tor Spring I ling. 
Dn Monday (here will he events as well as the 
showing ol tin- movie Animal House ' luesday 
will have events occurring from 11 to 2. These 
events include T" 

ol the Nerds." Wcilnesilay will have three e' 
tarot reading, the scavenger hunt which will 
be from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and learning to holly 
dance will he IJ to 1 p.m. I hursday's movie is 
"Bill anil feds lAcellent Ailventnro", and there 
will boa List Hash Harbcijuc going on that day as 
well from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Friday will have tho battle of the bands which 
starts at 5 p.m., and from 1 to 5 p.m. there will 
be a music fair. Saturday is the Kids Carnival, 
freedom day and the prom. 


Center of 



IPFW is proud to announce 
that a new Center of Excellence 
was opened on its campus on 
March 20 of this year 

The new center is the Center 
for Industrial Innovation and 
Design (CUD) which was 
dedicated early last week. 

The CUD is a unique 
chance to expose IPFW 
students to real-world, pratical 
applications of industrial and 
design problems. 

Buisnesses will be able to 

The CUD is run by the 
schools of engineering, 
technology, and computer 

of three-dimensonal modeling, 
CAD, rapid prototyping, 
fabrication and testingr-real-- 
time rendering, and apackage 
andwebdesign. GerardVoland 
is the Center's director. 

For more information on 
this dynamic and exciting 
Center, please call 260-481- 

Theater for 
Ideas 'best 
of tribute 

the "best of" tribute t 
Theater for Ideas. 

The Theater for Ideas is a 
theatrical forum that tackles 
current news events, like the 
feature stories "Let Them Eat 
Cake" and "Stan Over" which 
chronicle the life of a family 
devastated financially by 
Katrina who rebuilt their lives 
in Garrett, Indiana. 

The Theater for Ideas Tribute 
will show programming from 
2002 all the way to brand new 
2006 performances. 

The all-day tribute will 
include the six pan anti-Iraq 
War series from March of £003 
and the three part special 
marking the closing of the old 
library auditorium. 

Other programs will include 
"Has the American Dream 
become a Nightmare?" from 

from 2002 and "The Bully c 
the Block" from 2002. 

Channel 57 will begin the 
daylong specia" 


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i; oi*Bicdiovi»!Ciwn^sneawuwUlndhJ»Halopl*«»S{iEeiflilkcjll SpaetfTfrfKu 

provil fjqu'fW t30 Mirtlioi Iw *.!5«Qu.pmein charge lea Fuwnnadmw l« 
<akaxa*)*r.i<t * '-, m* »*y Ujijeroun*!) uplo the r»ec f^rnni/e Urn* 
kj lor reWiB Drowuiritt •Will** Spear/Tall, capable hanUiBi reaurs) SpwdT* 

■ Beachy 

Senior leader is 
stepping up for softball 
program. PAGEB2 


Skip & Trip look around 
college athletics in this 
week s adventure. 

Two-sport Mastodon star now shining on the track 



Freshman Nanyamka Moore 
is sofi spoken and humble. She 
doesn't tike lo brag about her 

winning the tOO meter dash on 
March IB. she showed that she 
was a great competitor. Fruchey 

quick lhal no one should beat 
her down the baskelball court. 

"(She's) a spark lo the 
sprinting group." Fruchcy said. 

Head basketball coach Chris 
Paul added that Moore is a 

Originally from Detroit. MI, 
Moore came 10 IPFW on a full 
scholarship for basketball. Ever 
since eighth grade. Moore has 
done both basketball and track. 
Even then basketball and crack 
interfered wiih one another 
because she did AAU basketball. 
Former coach Bruce Patterson 
had referred Moore to Fruchey. 

"I've always done track to 

stay in shape," said Moore. 
"Basketball has always been my 
first love." 

Running track helps her to 
stay in shape for basketball, plus 
she likes running track. She 
began to like track 

she stan< 

ng baskei 

shape for track and 
vice versa because at basketball 
practice they did things 
unning drill 
believes th; 
out with a Division Is 
basketball has helped increase 
her overall strength. She didn't 

she does more now. She 
believes that conditioning from 
basketball has helped her with 
her physical condition. 

Fruchey agrees that the stuff 


The most difficult thing 
about doing two sports is not 
getting as much rest as she is 
supposed to. She has injuries 
that she is dealing with - an IT 
band on her left knee and her 

Moore said that her schedule 
is pretty unique. Monday, 
Wednesday and Friday her days 

a mandatory study table. And 
still she finds she often still has 
time for friends. 

Moore said that people think 
she's crazy for doing two sports, 

had problems with her 
■ Iimnij. imih at first. 

Fruchey findsthatcompeting 
in two sports back to back has 
tough demands on the athlete's 
body. But he also thinks that by 
switching sports, it adds mental 

of the athlete," 
said Fruchey. 

Paul agreesthat participating 
in both track and basketball is 
beneficial for Moore. 

Mooredoesn't travel a lot with 
the track team. Her basketball 
coach will not allow her to miss 
any classes since she's on a 
basketball scholarship. Moore 
added that she is not the kind of 
student who falls behind. 

She mentioned that in a way 

basketball and track seasons 

conflict. She doesn't participate 

► MOORE: Page 82 

IPFW goes 2-2 in last four games 

■ Mastodons starring to find a rhythm as freshmen mature 

But IPFW won its secoi 
game of the season 
impressive fashion on Mar 

2-1 when Kayla Vargo hit a gra 

slam in the eighth inning t 

i he Mastodons to victory. 

Against Butler, die fresh 

anddefensively. Onthemound 
for the Mastodons, freshman 
Katie Aspegren held Butler 
scoreless and eventually gave 
up only five hits in the seven 
innings she was on the mound. 
Offensively, freshman Kayli 
Vargo and Michelle Meighen 

Sports Wrap 

Men golfers tie for 
fourth place spot 

IPFW lied .for fourth in the compel 

W lied lor lourth 

By Nick West 

Butler Spring Invitational on 
March 21, just 11 shots off 
from the winner, University of 

The Mastodons finished 
with a score of 311 and tied 
with Northwood University 
after one day of play. Day r 

called after 
day because of inclement 
weather conditions. 

Nicolle Geyer led the 
Mastodons with an 86, good 
for 20th place. Alison Rathsman 
and Abbey Waltke both shot an 
1(7 and tiedfor23rd. 

Stephanie Hoppes shot an 
1 Jacque Speece shot a 

Ball State took top i 

a inclement with a 

and seventh, but consistent 

by Dan Vance / djvance@ipfwcc 

GRAND: Freshman Kayla Vargo hit well against Wright State and had a game 
winning grand slam in the 8th inning. 

hitting from Meighen as well away with a sound victory at have really stepped up their 
as junior Jc-ssica Mast kept the the bottom of the seventh 8-4. level of play." IPFW coach 
runs flowing. IPFW pulled "Offensively the freshmen > SOFTBALL Page 82 

I'.m-ia Kelley led IPFW ^ 

and Zach Buchan (79) finished 
in 18th and 21st place. 

Patrick Leffers had an 80, 
Alex Corbin an 87 and Craig 

and Saturday, April 1 

Butler Spring Invitational i 

IPFW's next competition 
is April 3 through 4 at the 
University of Cincinnati/ 

Tennis team now 14-10 

IPFW continued its 
impressive season compiling 

weekend road matches. 

The Mastodons lost to 
Bradley 5-2 but downed Western 


Ashley Coulson and Lisa 

matches but Bradley took the 
doubles point and four singles 
matches for the victory. 

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