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April 18,2007 



The Kachmann gallery is ^ ^H» Check out Tab's new energy 

"Tzwitsr semors w MmS drink ,or women ' PAGE 3 

News Briefs 

Gunman opens fire at Virginia Tech 

+ Luncheon Lecture SeriesKT 
G46. noon— 1 p.m. For info, call 

♦ History of Rock and Roll." 

+ Hospitality and Tourism 
Management Program Dinner 
Series, "Mardi Gras," 6:30 p.m. 
Orchard Ridge Country Club. 
For tickets, call 48 1-66 19. 

♦ Saxophone Quartet and 
Choir Recital. Neff Recital Hall, 
7:30 p.m. For info, call 481-6714. 

♦ "Job Searching for LG- 
BTA Students." KT G98. noon-1 
p.m. For info/call 481-6595. 

+ University Religious 
Forum. "Reformation Roots of 
the Modem State?" \VU G2 1 , 
noon-1 : 1 5 p.m. For info, call 

♦ Microsoft Access 2003 
Relationships," lOa.m.-noon; 
Mandi Witkovsky, instructor. K1 
205B. To register, call 481-6030. 
+ "Adobe Connect 
(Breeze)." KT205B, 2-3:15 
p.m.; Scott Vitz. instructor. To 
register, call 481-6030. 

+ French Poetry Recitation 
Contest, WUBallroom,7p.m. 
For info, call 48 1-6836. 

+ Panyard Steel Orchestra 
Concert in conjunction with 
<ekionga Middle School and 
3unche-Towles Montessori 
Schools; WU Ballroom, student 
:linic 4 p.m., concert 7:30 p.m. 
"or information, call 436-9219. 
+ Opening reception for 
spring Senior B.F.A. Exhibition, 
kachmann Gallery, 6-8 p.m. For 
nformation, call 481-6705. 
* Graduation/Alumni 
deception, Arlington Park 
:iubhouse, 5:30- 7:30 p.m. For 
eservations, call 48 1-6351. 
4- "An Evening of Opera," 
PFW Opera Ensemble, NF Re- 
ntal Hall, 7:30 p.m. For info call 

+ "An Evening of Opera," 
IPFW Opera Ensemble, NF Re- 
cital Hall, 7:30 p.m. For infonna- 

At least 31 students win.- killed on 
the Virginia Tech campus in Black- 
ford, VA Monday when an unknown 
shooter opened fire in a massacre 
some are now dubbing "The College 

At 7:15 a.m. two people were shot 
.mil killed in Aiiihk-r Johnson Dormi- 
tory, and two hours later, at least 29 
including the shooter were gunned 
down in Norris Hall, on the opposite 
side ol campus Thirteen .ire still re- 
portedly hospitalized. 

It has been speculated that in ad- 
dition to the gunshot injuries, other 
students or laculiy summed injuries 

as a result of jumping out ol Norris 
Hall's second-story windows. 

Police are still trying to positively 
identify the victims as well as the 
shooter in what is being called a 
"gruesome" and "terrible tragedy." 
Bodies are reportedly scattered 
throughout Norris Hall, the scene of 
the majority of the murders. 

There is much speculation regard 
ing why students were not notified in 
the two hours between the first and 
second shootings, 

"There has been B great outpour- 
ing ol support, bui we ask dial people 
continue to pray.' said Virginia attor- 
ney general Bob McDonnell. 

The massacre conies on the heels 
of at least two bomb threats to the 
School of Science and Hngmecnng. 
and whether liierc is a connection be- 
: threats and the shootings. 

Investigators are also questioning 
whether the two shooting incidents 
are connected, citing thai the first 
-hooiuii] appeared to be "domestic in 
nature" and thai the authorities had 
reason to believe thai "the shooter 
had left campus and possihly the 
state," said Wendell Flinchum, Vir- 
ginia Tech police chief. 

The first incident occurred at 7:15 
a.m. in Ambler Johnson Hull, a dumi 
that houses 895 students, and two 
hours later, more shots rant out. this 
time in Norris Hall. 

"The first thing I saw was the police 
taking their guns out. Then I knew 
this was serious," said Jamal Albarg- 
houti, a student who videotaped 27 
gunshots on his cell phone camera. 

The still unidentified shooter is 
believed to have taken his own life, 
but had been spoiled wearing a hul- 

lcl|irool |.i, kcd. tiling eilliei a semi 
automatic or automatic weapon, 

According to McDonnell, "At this 
point there are more questions than 
answers. Local and state police urc 
on the scene with all the resources 
we've got," 

There is much speculation regard- 
ing why students were not notified in 
the tWO hours between the first and 
second shootings. 

Authorities say that in Q tragedy 


nesses and good Samaritans. The 
second and "most deadly shooting 
in U.S. history" was unexpected be- 
cause, according to Chief Flinchum, 
"No reports ol suspicious behavior 
were reported between shootings one 

IPFW Dental Hygiene Students (left to right) Josh Vega, Britney L 
early final exam Monday night in Helmke- library. 

+ IPFW Community 

Orchestra NF Recital Hall. 7:30 

p.m. For information, call 481- 


+ Philosophy Club presents, 

"Discussion of the Theory of 

Knowledge," KT246, noon-l:15 


+ 12 O'clock Scholars 

Brown Bag Series, "What is 

Blended/Hybrid Learning?" KT 

234, noon-1 p.m. 

Graduation Boot Camp, 
ion TBD, 1 1 a.m.-l p.m.; 
also April 25 and 26. For infor- 
sn, call 481-6595. 

Local, national treasure 
Vonnegut dies at 84 

By Ben Garman „, , ., 

1 States, Vonnegut attempted to sup- 

port a family and cope with the hor- 
rific experience of fighting in World 
War II. After several unsuccessful at- 
tempts al a regular career, he decided 
to write full time. He later published 
books such as Player Piano, The Si- 
rens of Titan, Cat's Cradle and God 
Bless You, Mr. Roscwatcr. 

It was this masterpiece. Slaughter- 
house-:! that senl him to the forefront 
of American fiction. He went on to 
write many oilier acclaimed works 
such as Breakfast ol Champions. Jail- 
bird. Slapstick, and most recently A 
Man Without a Country. 

This past week, Kurt Vonnegut Jr 
died in his New York apartment. 
Oddly enough, it did not come from 
any complications of his habilual 
smoking or drinking, but i risk ad from 
brain injuries suffered from a fall. 

And thus, one of the great minds 
in our time was laid to rest. Our loss 
exceeds all words and the debt that is 
owed Mr. Vonnegut is substantial. 

How does one repay an artist for 
Ins invaluable contributions'.' Perhaps 
it is to give him tits final say So. Kun 
Vonnegut, ynu asked for it . . . 

If I should ever die. God forbid, 

let this be my epitaph: 



On February 13, 1945, an estimat- 
ed 135,000 people died in Dresden. 
Germany by the Allied Forces' fire- 
bomhings Dresden was not a mili- 
tary stronghold by any stretch of the 
imagination, hut was instead a city 
housing many refugees that were 
ileeing from the Russian army and 
many Allied POWs. 

Not only were there an incredible 
number of people* (mostly civilian) 

a Mecca for European Culture and 
Arts. Amidst this destruction of Art 
and human life, one artist happened 
to survive this slaughter. 

On November 1 1 . 1922, Kurt Von- 
negut Jr. was bom in Indianapolis In- 
After graduating from college, 
Vonnegut enlisted in the United 
Stales Army in 1943 and was trained 
as a mechanical engineer. 

During the Battle of the Bulge, 
Vonnegut was then taken to Dresden 

This is where Vonnegut's story 
could easily have ended, as just one 
of the many casualties of the attack 
on Dresden. Fortunately, he man- 
aged to survive the bombings in a 
meal packing plant with a few other 
POWs. Like the legendary Phoenix 
bird, art, culture and life were reborn 
from the ashes. 

After returning to the United 

h .a in : r ■ >■■ ■ ■ 

I Inc. Walb Union, Suite 215 
2101 Coliseum Blvd. East 

Fort Wayne. IN 46805 





Newsroom: (260) 481-6584 
Fax: 1260)481-6045 
Advertising Dept.: (260) 48 1 -658? 

L/n.iilconlacH" ipiV-comini 

So you think you re 
ready to waCk? 

ByZach Hunsinger 

The Graduation Ceremony is less 
than a month away. The ceremony is 
on Wednesday May 9. in the Memo- 
rial Coliseum Arena. Students who 
have not completed the application 
process for graduation need to do so 
immediately. The deadline tot grad- 
uation applications has passed; how- 
ever, one may still apply. 

Please visit the Registrar's Web site., and click 

tin Gradual « ikirmation. The CX- 

pecled graduates may need tti ctuilacl 
their department for more informa- 
tion. To be considered for gradual ion 
from an IPFW program, an applica- 
tion must be submitted. 

To be eligible for graduation the 
following is a list of requirements ev- 
ery student must achieve. The- list is 
nor entirely comprehensive as some 
degree requirements may have ad- 
ditional demands. Some variations 
exist, ask an academic adviser for the 
esact requirements in one's field of 

1. The plan of studying must 

be completed including for an asso- 
ciate degree the complete of at least 
32 credits and at least 15 credits in 
courses applicable to major Bache- 
lor's degrees require the completion 
of at least 32 credits at the 200-level 
or above, including at least 15 credits 
at the 300-Ievel or above in courses 

applicable to the major. 

2. Typically the final yearn 
be completed at IPFW. However, 
remaining requirements may be c< 
plctcdat another college or univcr 
with school/division approval and il 
the resident credit requirements have 
previously been attained. 

3. A graduation GPA of 2.00 
better is necessary to graduate. 

4. Registration as a cant 
date in the desired degree is also i 

Failing to register by the posted 
deadline may result in no consider- 
ation for honors, the absence til tin 
applicant's name in the program, anc 
the degree may not be available a- 

Patrick McLaughlin.lPFW Regis 
Irar. expressed that "the Registrar'' 
Office bends over backwards to fa- 
eilitalc and help graduates celebrate 
their achievements " The office does 
its best to ensure that late applicant- 
names appear in the program and tin 
degrees are available al Commence- 
ment. However, there is only so 
much the office can do, and w 
student may be able to walk during 
the ceremony, the student's dipli 
may not be present. 

There is a point when the office 
can not ensure that diploma's will be 
available if die appheani applies .iltci 
the deadline date. 

For more information, visi 
Commencement ceremony web: 

Podium 3 

Arts & Entertainment... .4 
Sports 6 

Keep graduation close, advisers closer 

As grad season looms, be sure you have requirements squared away.. 

Contact Us I Editorial Board 

By Stephanie Samples 
Chief Reporter 

strength and real world possibilities" 

graduating within the next 

to know to apply for grad 

Students should nol complete!) 

semester before they want 

■ Many students become over- 
whelmed with Ihcir list of things to 
do before reaching graduation Not 
mil) du students need in be concerned 
with their grades, but they have to 
make sure 1 hey .ire on enrolling in the 
right classes 

If a student is ri 
hud in Ihcir finals. 
class thai is not an 



t careful they can 
neslerthey need a 
iplJOtl In order to 

muilh their aiklsci as Ihey hold the 

"Some students are skilled and 
kiiimk'd^e.ilik' almiil rci|iiircmcnts 
and self -disciplined about making 
sure the 'lV arc crossed Some like 
to work with a faculty member ever) 
semester or every year Definitely 
check in periodically" said Simon 

ling t 

Any student who is unhappy with 
their adviser can speak to their depart- 
ment and ask for a new one Howev- 
er, if a student is moved to a different 
adviser they will be addressed after 
of all of their new advisers students, 
so unless there is a large problem I Ins 
is not recommended. 

Students who arc unsure of their 
current status can also speak to a de- 
partment secretary to view their re- 
cord, and where ihey stand in their 
process of graduating 


Walb Union Suite 215 

21(11 O.I i scum Blvd East 
Fort Wayne, IN 46805 


Official Web site 

"Students work together with their 

many student) and part of h 
to help students achieve edl 

Flexible Hours to Fit Your Class Schedule! 

United Art and Education^ 


I Work part-time »»w/f uU-tmt in the summer 

I MieS iffCM »rder filling ( includes some moderate lifting up to 70 lbs ) 

I Starting st $7.59 

Contact Tom: 
(260) 478-1121 Monday- Friday 


I Art and Education | l 
4413 Airport Expressway 







Said El-Dajani 
Managing Editor 

Mike Webb 
Features Editor 

Jessie Ruckman 
News Editor 

Kira Schowe 
Sports Editor 

Kelly Jones 
Design Editor 

Nic Pyle 
Photo Editor 

Andy Boesch 



Hidi Moore 
Copy Editor 

Andrew McMillen 
Web Manager 

Stephanie Samples 
Chief Reporter 

Dorie Reynolds 

Campus m 


ACCS Diversity Series: "Ion Searching 
for LBGTA Students," KT G98. noon- 
1 p.m. For information, call 16595, 

French Poetry Recitation Contest: 

WU Ballroom, 7 p.m. For informatio 

Athletic Events: Mini's lennis 
Northern Illinois. 3 p.m.; Softba 
Stale, 3:30 p.m. For information 

i. I- or inlormaiitin i 

I it ,..ill |i>3<iii 

CS Graduation Boot Camp: 

i.m.-noon or noon-1: also April 25. 
□ April 26, 11 a 

.iplw eda'acesoroill Ih5 l )5 
i. Bowling 


2 p.m. For informatio 

SPEA Graduation/Alumni Rcceplio 
(.call 16351. 

UliiMinuM.-. 5-311-7:311 p it 

i Hiillriioni. i 

mlomulinn. call 16705. 

Concert: "An Evening of Opera," IP! 
Opera Ensemble, Nl : Rceiial Hall, 
7:30 p.m.; also April 21. For informal 

ASAP! Year of Achie 
n: WU1 

II 16608. 

Study Abroad Information Session: SB 
176, noon. For information, call I64V4 

Campus Ministrv Event: Guest speaker 
Eva Kor, survivor of Auschwitz and the ev r ^nmenis;v/U 
Ballrmim. 7-8:30 p.m. for information, 
call 16992. 

Upward Bound Event: College Prep 101. 

WlGllS. 7 Vpm l-nr iiit'oniijiiim. i-.ill 

This ad courtesy of the Office of the Chancellor 


Job Fair emphasizes appearance 

A Sample of What I 

By Stephanie Samples 
Chief Reporter 

Summer Internship , 


campus. This 
was the firsi 
job fair that 

sume, printed 
out some of 
my previous 
articles, and 
made a list of 
references. I 
also made 

speak with as many employers as 

Entering the job fair, there were 
many posters about appropriate 
dress code. There was even a sign 
that stated "Would you hire this per- 
son?" There was an arrow pointing 
to a full length mirror. I assumed that 
this was so each student that passed 
could make sure their appearance 
was appropriate bet ore slipping into 
the ballroom and meeting potential 

I was very nervous ol my appear- 
ance, because like most mornings I 
was in a hurry, yet I did manage to 
put myself together and make sure 
I was in appropriate business attire. 
I was also nervous about the small 
whether my inexpe- 
are professional held 

perfect in dress or speech, but I do aspect of our appearance, whether it 
feel that I was well prepared, being is gender, race, hair color, weight, or 
that it was my first fair. in this case what we are wearing- all 
I do not think thai it is at all nee- can alter someone's first impression, 
essaiy to have designer clothes for Observing this made me wonder. 
the interviews, but sweat shirts and What does our appearance say 
sweat pants were not appropriate. I about us'.' ! completely disagree with 
by no means intend this as an insult judgment or discrimination on any 
to anyone, because trust mc, I come individual lor something they cannot 
to school in the stereotypical "college control, and although I think it is un- 
dress code" jusl as much as anyone.. fair to be judged on appearances, it is 

bin lor the job lair, n is different. 

A part of me thought, "well, 1 am 
sure lhat sonieofihecmployerswillun- 
ilersiand why some students were not 


u p 

Willi Id show 

■ t had 

Oiiiimmiiuhir. Hct was drCSScd 

'"■"" '" [""/'^^'"'i ^ m appropriate 

The fair 
started at 10 am and I was one of the 

tirst students there. I did this inten- 
tionally so thai while 1 had time to 

jobs belore. but I have not had a job 
that 1 would consider pursing as a ca- 
reer, except working with the news- 

A few interviews went well, and 
as I was silting idling out an applica- 
tion. I began watching as more and 
more students entered the ballroom. 


It would be nice to be able to be 
indeed completely on your experi- 
ence and knowledge ol tlic held you 
are pursuing- this 

How serious is an employer !?„" 01 lllc ro , all,y 

because . ., . r ' When applying 

aflcr a ii, going to take you if it appears for „ Job , thc em _ 
many of you have only been awake for pioyer is thinking 

us were fifteen minutes?" about how you 

coming would represent 

by the their company. 

job fair This is not un- 

in-bctween classes. Yet, after watch- reasonable. Students will someday 
ing the way employers were respond- have to put away their sweatshirts, so 
tug to el 1 1 lei en! individuals before the maybe I lie sooner the better. 
students even spoke, it became clear As I was thinking about how 

that we were all being judged belore some might judge me. I did the re- 
even saying a word. verse and thought about what I gel 

I am sine that every once in a while it 
1 don'l check my sell il may happen, 

and this is something we have to look 

out for. 

Here is a thought: think of the 
tirst day of a semester. Your profes- 
sor walks in and is wearing business 
clothing and appears put together. 
Then think ol thai same professor 
and put he or she in n sweatshirt and 

Which of these linages provides a 
more structured, and even intimating 
person? The answer should be clear. 
Although nit i u i idation may not be the 
goal in your field of work, but to be 
taken seriously should be. 

Let's be honest. How serious is an 
employer going io lake you if it ap- 
pears you have only been awake for 
liUccii minutes'.' Luckily professors 
are more forgiving than future em- 

Jusl don'l forget that these are the 
people you might need for references. 
You don'l want wonderful comments 
aboul your dedication and intellect to 
DC overshadowed by the lack of im- 
pressive remarks on how you present 

I am by r 

Should we question stupidity today? 

By Nicki Daly 

How is it that people get dumber 
and dumber all the time? It seems 
as though lately my face has been 
plastered with that "Are you kidding 
me?" look. (And no, they're not.) 
Sometimes I skim through the advice 
columns in the local paper just to see 
what problems are currently plagu- 
ing today's society. 

Last week, some girl wrote in to 
say that she was newly and happily 
married, with only one problem - 
that they met in a rundown bathroom 

fills , 

whenever people ask where 
met, people laugh. Of course thi 
it's funny! Either get a sense i 
mororjust tell people that you i 
that town! Another woman wr 
to ask why men sleep on arm i 


during the day nine. Ahby responded 
that Ihey were probably tired. Good 
job, ladies. I'd say that you should 
pal yourselves on the back, hut really 
you need to ship yourself across the 
face tor hemg so incredibly dumb. 

And why are there so many talk 
shows out there'.' People jusl love 
talking to other people about their 
problems. I would gamble that Tyra 
Banks is not going to answer any 
questions for you thai you couldn't 
have figured out yourself. 

I'm probably not the best person 
to complain about this, since I gen- 
erally write my articles about people 
that annoy me But I'm pot asking tor 
help, I just want Io put it out there. I 
sleep a hole easier ai nighi knowing 
that maybe a couple people have read 
my column and will realize exactly 
how annoying they are and may lone 
it down a bit. 

The more 1 think about all ol this. 

I realize that I should have majored 
in psychology. Willi the rale at winch 
people arc increasing in extreme stu- 
pidity, I'm sure thai there arc plenty 
ol jobs open oul there. 

You don'l even really need a de- 
gree, jusl confidence. Look at Dr. 
Phil no degree just that confident 
smile Whoever would have guessed 
lhat an overweight man would hit il 
big selling weight loss books? 

So, Communicator readers- 
please pick up a book lor this news- 
paper 1 .! and learn a little something 
today. Though I know that common 
sense cannot be taught through word 
bill ral her through lite, a little readme 
never hurt anyone. 

Take a litlle time to evaluate 
things belore asking tor help. I know 
that your grade schools teachers said 
lhat ihere arc no dumb questions- hut 
that's a huge lie. 




Tab Energy drink 
formulated for the 

Said Said Something 

By Said Ef-Dajani 

You know Ihc game thai consists 
of a bunch of dots arranged in col- 
umns and rows, where the objective 

would initial 

■ The end re- 
sult looks 
like a skirt 
you would 
unless you 
read Braille. 
What if I 
told you 

Sold EL-Dajuni il a ill- ^ c Coca 

iiior Grjpliit Design Cola Com- 

iri.ijtir iinJ wnlc- S.iid p ar ,y made 

''"' ( "j"" llM an energy 

,,. .,,,, ,, , „V V . „ ir ,h drink geared 

agree widi ih.isc of ihc towards fe- 
newspaper. males, de- 

signed like a 
quilt your grandmother made, with 
colors Paris Hilton would sport on 
her underwear? 

Tab energy is Coca Cola's at- 
tempt al linking the bridge between 
sevualily and energy by creating 
a beverage you 
could look good 
drinking. Why 
would a young 

to be caught 
drinking a black 
can wiih Steven 
Seagal on it when 
they can indulge 
their drained bod- 

that compliments 
they're wearing?Tab 
just an energy drink 
fashion statement. He 

Upon visiting Tab's website, I 

quickly realized thai I wasn't far from 
cvlieiiiely right- which lei! good' I lie 

every quality lhat is "fabulous," the 
feel and very delinition of this prod 
uel. Whal is fabulous? According to 
Coca Cola, its style, fashion, grace, 
ability, and success. These words are 
the essence of the women who will 

i lab. its look, i 

ergetic purse slap of a buz/.. 

But does this drink taste like il 
looks ' Or does il sound like its sing- 
ing in its voice using someone else's 

The drink is lightly carbonated, 
which is key to llie delicale taste buds 
thai women apparcnlly have. The 
sensation of ihis drink is right on tar- 
get, but in retrospect, the lasle is con 
fusing, Instead of savoring of fruit, il 
tasies like what the color red would 
laste like if red were a pink cupcake 
that dentists used as fluoride, but you 
actually enjoyed il. 

(Tab does no! whiten your tcclh.) 
Let's not forget lhat women, for 
the mosl part, are health conscious. 
Tab would not be a drink specifically 
geared tor women it it wasn't a low 
live calorie drink Available in single 
10.5 oz. cans or four packs, Tab is 
an energy drink anyone can enjoy. 
Whether your a testosterone driven 
male or a flossy female, ihis drink 
definitely brings oul 
the tab in fantabu- 


e the opinions of The Comm 

Ihe cipimoiisespre-sed ..In iml in.. .■■ :;::!■. ■ i PFV I ...■■■■.■ ri1 llklenl 

lln:( ommunicatot welcomes responses Letters to the Editor musi be signed dated and accompanied by a current ni.k.r-.> i.i.',.ho,i ' .-, nd \ ;tanding/ majo ill 

net not meeting these requirements will not be considered for | licaiion ■-' ■ ■ ' ■■ r ■ ■ " ■= ■ i ■ ■■ ' ■>:.. ■.,.<■■■. ill ■ verified by pho a nd tel ion 


lubmissionsmu3lbeiyped,aruInomoi ban 700 rds i ■, Utorial board fTbe Comraunicnior reserved the right to edit all submission nmaj 

lecnicd potential I) libelous bj [he editorial bo I tilt not be published Undei uv, ir.-i.m-. < ■ 

Arts & Entertainment 

Viewing 'The 
Faerie Queene' 
through a 
different lens 

By Mike Webb 

Arts & Entertainment Editor 

ll has been said that poets reveal 
aspcels of their personality in their 
works. It is iin interesting poet that is 
able to intrigue Ihc public and keep 
llicm guessing as 10 his or her person- 
ality traits and intentions for over 400 
yean. Such is the case with Edmund 

For this reason, the IPFW Eng- 

of Edmund Spenser's great poetical 
work "The Faerie Quccne." 

Hilc-Uiissell earned her PhD from 
(he University of Kansas in 20tJ4. 
Her speeialty is early modem Brit- 
ish literature, so this prcseniaiion will 
show her within her elemeni. She 
will be looking at Spenser through 
the lenses presented by artists which 
include Louis du Guermci. William 
Kent, and Henry Fuseli. 

The presentation will lake place 

i the Clu* 

room 144. Reft 


•nts will be pro- 

Don't miss 


opportunity to 

gain insight in 

interesting and 

elusive literary 

Gallery hosts 
seniors' finest 

By Mike Webb 

Arts & Entertainment Editor 

From April 20 through May d, 
visitors at the Kachmann Gallery 
will have the opportunity to view 
the work of the IPFW Department of 
Visual Communication and Design's 
graduating seniors. 

This year's exhibition will dis- 
play projects in web design grapha. 
design, photography and 3-D anima- 

Thesc senior projects represent 
i he culmination of the hard work by 
both students and faculty alike, and 
are a glimpse inio the bright I mures 
of these graduating seniors. 

The graduates include Kiel Ly, 
Leslie Bickis. Sarah Fucsime, Zaek 
Forbing. LaDawn Schneider, An- 
drew Gamian, Dan Dcuicli. Lindsev 
Hess, Ryan Steffcn. Scott Sarvay, 
Scott Scheele, Mavvete Pereira, Jes- 
sica Norton. Ashley Bumgardner, 
Jennifer Woodruff. Tara Spencer and 
Shannon Goldncr, 

Admission is free, and the gallery 
will be open lucsdav through Satur- 
day, 12 pm to 4 pm. 

For more insinuation, eoniac I the 
Department ol Visual Communica- 
tion and Design at 260-481-6709 or 

'Rocky Balboa' is still the champ 

Stallone sends the beloved movie icon out with dignity 

By Mike Webb 

Arts & Entertainment Editor 

As a child in the 80s, 1 had 2 
goals in life: To be Rambo. and to 
he Rocky Just how I was going to 
accomplish this I was never quite 
sure, but it just seemed like il need- 
ed to happen. 

To say that I was a fan of Syl- 
vester Stallone movies would be 

he made contained the elements 
that a little boy like me would look 
al as awesome. And everywhere he 
wem, things exploded! 

That is why 1 was worried 
when it was announced that Stal- 
lone would be revisiting the char- 
acter of Rocky in "Rocky Balboa." 
I was pretty sure it would destroy 
the eliildhoml magic ihat I've been 
carrying around for 20 years. 

After all, Stallone is 60 years 
old! Is it realistic to make a movie 
iibout a 60-year-old professional 
bo\cr? Luckily, that isn't really 
what the movie is about, and after 
watching n on DVD, my child- 
hood magic is more intact than it 
was before. 

The story picks up with Rocky 
living alone m Smith Ph illy. Adrian 
is dead and Rocky is dealing with 
being a widow and aging alone. 
His son has a successful business 
job and has little time or desire to 
be around his lather who has always 
east a larger than hie shadow. Rocky 
spends niosi of his time visiting the 
cemetery and humoring guests in his 

h.uilc between the 2 boxers is ar- 
ranged as an exhibition match, and 
the training begins. 

Seriously, (he fact that it culmi- 
nates in a boxing match is the least 
important part of the entire movie. 
In past Rocky movies, that is what 
you waited for. You watched to see 
him beat the unbeatable opponent. 
In "Rocky Balboa", he boxes Dix- 
on, but the opponent he's lighting 
is life. 

Stallone's acting is superb. He 
was always comfortable portray- 
ing the character of Rocky (under- 
standable since he created it), but 
he was never this easy to relate to 
as him. There is truly an exeep- 

opnienl that t 
needed to tal 
end the series 
By the t 


Alter, [computer simulated hosing 
ateh between Roek> (in his prune l 
d the uiiTcni heavyweight champi- 
i Mason The Line" Dixon predicts 

"By the time he makes the 

decision to fight again, you 

will understand what would 

bring him to that point..." 

tempt to prove 
to himself that 

. with true dignity. 
: he makes the deci- 
lgain, you will under- 
stand what would bring him to that 
point, and you won't find it corny 
at all. It dodges ihe ridiculous bv 
being age-appropriate. Rocky isn't 
pretending he's 30 again, he's ac- 
cepting the fact that he's not and 
hitting his enemy head-on to prove- 
to himself that life will not trample 

There are people in this world 
who don't grow complacent and 
let life roll over them. Rocky was 
always portrayed as that sort of 
person. Perhaps that's why I al- 
ways wanted to be him. After seeing 
this movie. I still do (just without the 

Rocky himself sums up the movie 
and life best when he says: "It ain't 
about how hard you hit, it's about 
how hard you can get hit and keep 
moving forward." 

If you skipped this one in the the- 
ater, check it out on DVD, It's worth 

A little 
food for 

By Kira Schowe 
Sports Editor 

You have been working -hkc the 
age of 15 some since the age of 14. 
Now you are in eollege, bills are pil- 
ing up and you need help. 

You hear from a friend thai col- 

lege students car 

to help with thei 

You think 

eive food stamps 

your self, easy 
een paying taxes 
u can remember. 

there should be no probli 
you getting some help just so 

n your degree and s 

■| a goiul lull 
a easy tix, is 

What you bcli 
nothing of the sort. 

Asafull time siiuleiil applv nig lor 
lood stamps you nuisi work at least 
2tl a week Ihe government believes 
that you should spend 2-3 hours on 
homework [>er hour spent in class. 

That averages out to 12 credit 
hours niulli hv > brings us to 36 hours 
ol homework, plus on top ol that 20 
hours of working. That equals out to 
56 hours u week spent working and 

There are 168 hours in a week. 

The government also recom- 
mends 8 hours ol sleep a night. But. 
add into the equation that time you 
aetuallv need to spend in the class- 
room which averages about 5 hours a 
day for a full lime student. 

After all is tallied up your grand 
total of "free time" equals out to 
about 4 hours a day. Now. add in 
showenng. getting ready for the day. 
eating, preparing for 

'God of War 2' is the ultimate swan song 

By Mike Webb 

Arts & Entertainment Editor 


In 1989, a game called "Prince of 
Persia" was released lor ihe Apple 2. 
Mosi people did not have an Apple 2. 
and yet they still played the game in 
some form. That is because over the 
next several years, the game would 
be ported to nearly e\ery formal con- 
ceivable. Even-one had the chance lo 
experience "Prince of Persia." 

After some not so successful se- 
quels, a company known as Ubisoft 
got the formula right and released 
"Prince of Persia: The Sands of 
Time." Third-person action games 

So why speak of the "Prince of 
Persia" series in a review lor "God of 
War 2?" It's because there would be 
no "God of War" without these influ- 
ential games. The truth of the matter 
is, "Prince of Persia" made the third- 
person formula work well, and then 
"God of War" made it nearly flaw- 
Now "God of War 2" is officially 
here, and as it comes neanng die end 
of the PS2"s virtual life, it is posed 
to be one of the games that people 
remember the system for better or 

The first "God of War" followed 
a man known as Kralos. Being the 
greatest mortal warrior in the world 
gained him the attention of the Greek 

After traumatizing events that 
would send anyone over the edge, 
Kratos turns against Are-, and a buttle 
between mortal and god ensues. The 
end result is that Kralos becomes the 

In "God of War 2." Ihc battle is 
even more epic than before. Wiihoin 
going loo much into the storyline, 
"God of War 2" is god vs. god on an 
even more epic level. In this game. 

would have to be 
through the roof, and they are. 
"God of War" stretched the PS2 

to its limits, the sequel shatters any 
preeonceived notions as to what the 
PS2 is capable of. I just didn't think it 
eould produce visuals this good. 

The gameplay mirrors the origi- 
nal in many wavs. but the amount of 
available moves 
the controls tit possible) 
more light and responsive 

fore. This is a nearly flawless gaming 

Like its predecessor, "God of 
War 2" earns its mature rating. This 
game is for adults and for good rea- 
son. Some of ihe things depicted here 
are still surprising to see outside of 

For those who never played the 
original, there has never been a better 
time to see what you have been miss- 

If this is the game series that 
people remember the PS2 by, it will 
surely be remembered fondly. 

Has there ever been 
anything 'More 
Fun than Bowling* 

By Mike Webb 
Arts & Entertair 

Theatre has a way of mixing comedy and 
drama together in such a way thai the outcome 
for many is far more engaging than other me- 
dia-based methods of performance. Perhaps 
that is why it remains relevant and respected 

Taking this into account, the IPFW Depart- 
ment of Theatre will perform "More Fun than 
Bowling" by Stephen Dietz in Williams The- 

Directed by lane I'lir-.e-Wicdenlioeft. "More 
Fun than Bowling' incuses on Jake Tnnilmson. 
a bowling alley owner who has lost 3 wives. 
Two of his wives were lost in freak bowling 
accidents and the third ran out on he and his 
daughter. Willi the prophecy of his own death, 
and some rather initioiing cnmimlcrs, Tomhii- 
son finds hiniscll pliiliiMjplii L all\ pondering Ins 
own life over the graves of Ins dead wives. 

Greg Boyles will helm the role of Jake Tom- 
liuson. with other east including Jessica Sisson. 
Julie Donnell, Brett Tubbs and Tamara Riek- 

The perfo 
take place April 20.21.26. 

27 and 28 at 8 pm. The final 
performance will take place 
April 29 at 2 pm. The April 
26 performance will include 
sign language inlerpreta- 

Admission with a valid 
IPFW student ID is free, 
$14 for adults. $10 for se- 
niors, $12 for faculty, staff, 
alumni or arts advocates 
and $8 for all other students 
with a student ID. 

Call 260-481-6555 for 
more information or visit 

'Jonny Lives!' but lacks direction 

By Mike Webb 

Arts & Entertainment Editor 

How main hand- arc eonlklcni enough in 
ihcir muMcal \ahdtl> thai they put an exclama- 
tion poini in their name ' 1 would guess that the 
number is quite low, hut there is one band thai I 
know of. and they are Jonny Lives! 

Consisting of Jonny Dubowsky (vocals, 
guitars), Jon Weber (drums, vocals). Christian 
Langdon (guitars, vocals) and Tommy USA 
ihass. vocals). Jontty Lives! have just released 
their debui record "Get Steady" and they axe 
read\ to obtain some recognition. 

"Gel Steady" is an,interesiing debut mainly 
because it doesn't seem to have ,i clear musical 
theme. The records sound is very diverse, and 
though [lie hand's inlhicnces can be heard quite 
clearly, its almost as il each individual song 
could have belonged to a different band. 

.Songs like "Outside" sound a lot like Oasis. 
while oilier songs sound eerily similar lo the 
Rolling Stones, Jet, The Killers, and the Bea- 

Luckily for us, the aforementioned bands 
all have a lot in common with one another, so 
while their influences are heard individually, 
it is not nearly as distracting as il would have 
been if one song sounded like The Beatles and 

the next sounded like Lamb of God. 

Also, though the songs arc very differ- 
ent, they are all well crafted. This makes 
tor an enjoyable listening experience even 
if it is somewhat disjointed. 

This band seems to be looking for an 
identity that will really work for them, 
and. from a new band, that should be ex- 
pected to an extent. This is a difficult in- 

"Get Steady" is recommended for those 
who are in to music that is fun with tinges 
of dirty rock and roll. For many however, 
the fun won't be quite fun enough and the 
dirty won't be quite dirty enough. 

Hopefully on their next release, they 
will develop in a more distinguished way 
so their passion level can rise. This is a 
hand to watch lor in the future. 

Single parent °nd ° 

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The crowd celebrates with IPFW's Freshman Matt Pliske after IPFW won against Rutgers-Newark at Hilliard Gates, Friday 
April 13, 2007, IPFW's Men's Volleyball team plays next against Mercyhurst College for the MIVA Quarterfinal, Saturday April 
21, 2007, at 7:00PM, at Hilliard Gates. 

Cleveland State sweeps 
IPFW softball 5-2 and 7-0 

By Kira Schowe 
Sports Editor 

After nearly two weeks of "beautiful In- 
diana weather" leading to postponements of 
games, the IPFW softball team suited up. oiled 
their mitts, polished their cleats and headed 
out to the IPFW Softball Field for their dou- 
ble-header against Cleveland Stale. 

Unfortunately for the 'Dons. Cleveland 
d up sweeping both games 5-2, 7-0. 

>r the ladies wasn't one 
that could have been predicted in the lirsi in- 
ning. Abby Lidcn. second basemen, 
game off with a single up the middle. She then 
advanced to second on a wild pilch, bul didn't 
stop there. Liden was able 10 advance to third 
on a single hit by Tara Mickelson. right fielder, 
after which Liden made a break for home on 
the throw to put the Mastodons ahead for the 
first and last lime during the day. 

s though the Lady Masl- 
it be having a lucky day, 
n H h.ijijicni.'d.i.'ven jmuIici ' 

nightmare--in the second inning Cleveland 
Smie's short slop, Coppus, bit 

li was all downhill from there on. 

In the fourth inning Cleveland State ad- 
vanced (heir second baseman, Houchin, from 
first to third on a wild pitch and a passed 
ball. She then went on to score when Coppus 
grounded out to shortstop Ty Lambert.