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ian speedway; 

Golden State МХ 
desert enduros 
locals and more 


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amateurs; Florida Winter-AMA; 




the Navy grabs for land; 


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January 30, 1985 GHM IEB 





Erik Buell says he’s ready to deliver Buell RW750 road racers for $15,900 
including a spares kit. The water-cooled, rotary-valve, two-stroke square- 
four is eligible for AMA Formula One in 1985 because it first ran prior to 
1980; bore and stroke are 66.4 x 54mm for 748cc. Features include a 
six-speed transmission, Dymag wheels, Buell laminated steel/aluminum 
brake discs, monoshock rear suspension, electro/ pneumatic anti-dive, 
magnesium forks and 163 bhp at 10,500 rpm. Send your checks to Buell 
Motor Co., S64 W31751 Highway X, Mukwonago, WI 53149, 414/392- 


Jay Gleason rode a fleet of 1985 
Yamahas at Baylands Raceway in 
Fremont, California recently and 
came back with a fleet of quick 
and fast times for stock motorcy- 
cles. Riding a V-Max, Gleason 
turned 10.33 sec. @ 129.87 mph; 
on an FZ750 he turned 10.78 sec. 
@ 124.13 mph. Times for the 
Maxim XJ700X were 11.32 sec. 
@ 116.58; the air-cooled Maxim 
XJ700 went 11.81 sec. 9 110.29 
mph; the FJ600 went 11.78 sec. 
Q 111.38 mph. 

'The AMA has announced a complete 
Grand National Championship Moto- 
cross Series schedule for 1985 which 
will consist of 22 races: 12 Super- 
crosses and 10 outdoor Nationals. 
Тһе AMA will also sanction two 
GPs, with the 500cc event again at 
Carlsbad, California, and the 250cc 
event in New Berlin (Unadilla), New 

. York. Series sponsorship is to be 

announced shortly. The schedule 

АРЫСЫН ЫТ pe (SX) San Diego, СА 

2/80 3: sees > (SX) Seattle, WA 
2/29 АРАБ ло. (SX) Atlanta, СА 
CL АДЫ al (Nat'l) Gainesville, FL 
Ag un. (SX) Daytona Beach, FL 
S s. (Маг!) Sacramento, CA 
4/13-14 ...... 25: (SX) Pontiac, МІ 
Ал ауа (SX) Houston, TX 
4/27 .. ... (SX) Dallas, TX 
5/4... .. (SX) Orlando, FL 
БИТЕ (SX) Pasadena, СА 
РВ Лт (Nat'l) Mt. Morris, РА 
VS cies ses olea (Nat'l) Atlanta, GA 
ARS cce lone (SX) Chicago, IL 
Ооо (№аг1) Denver, СО 
GP LS ЧАИ (Nat’l) Los Angeles, CA 
6/30. аи (GP) Carlsbad, CA 
WAT . (Natl) Buchanan, МІ 

.. (GP) New Berlin, NY 

CU nur 226255 (Nat'l) Binghamton, NY 
ЗУ suus (Nat'l) Millville, MN 
8/18... (Nat']) Washougal, WA 

The mysterious aluminum box lo- 
cated near the carburetor on the 
new works 250cc Honda is now 
rumored to be a battery holder. 
The battery supplies juice for an 
electronic ATAC system. After 
every race, the battery takes about 
20 minutes to be recharged and is 
very similar to batteries used in 
remote-controlled cars. 

Contrary to a rumor circulating in 
several parts of the country, all U.S. 
helmet manufacturers have not lost 
their product liability insurance en 
masse. А few companies experienced 
a problem when their insurance car- 
rier folded, but replacement coverage 
was quickly obtained. 

A delegation from Tientsin, China 
has purchased the bankrupt West 
German Zundapp factory and will 
ship the entire operation to China. 
А team from Iran also bid on the 
plant, but its offer did not reach 
the government-appointed receiver 
in time. The Chinese paid 16 mil- 
lion Deutschemarks (about $6 

Kawasaki sponsored a remake of Peter 
Starr's Take It To The Limit; the 
new version of the movie is called 
Taking It To The Limit and includes 
new film featuring Jeff Ward and 
Wayne Rainey, as well as drag racers 
Nigel Patrick and Russ Collins. The 
film debuted in Corpus Christi, Texas 
and Long Beach, California recently. 

The Cicero, New York Town Board 
recently unanimously voted to fire 
patrolman Joseph Barrett for en- 
gaging in a high-speed, dirt-road 
pursuit. The problem was that Bar- 
rett was in pursuit of a 12-year-old 
boy riding an ATV, and that he 
gave chase in a full-size police car. 
Both the boy and Barrett were 
slightly injured when the ATV 
struck a stone-covered culvert, 
launched into the air, and crashed 
through the cruiser's windshield. 
Fortunately, the boy escaped ser- 
ious injury by being thrown clear 
of the collision. Damage to the 
police cruiser's windshield and un- 
dercarriage was estimated at 

Kawasaki's Team Green privateer- 
support program will have a truck at 
the Huron, Hollister Hills and Lake 
Madera rounds of the CMC/Skoal 
Golden State Series in California. 

Phoenix Road Racing Organization 
(PRRO) has just announced their 
1985 officers. Returning as presi- 
dent is Kevin Elliott; Jeff Ander- 
son is vice president; Doug Lind- 
say secretary; and Tom Krause 
treasurer. Board members at large 
for the new term are Greg Wing, 
Randy Bechtel and Nick Nicolini. 
All PRRO officers are also racers. 

Тһе NMRA's drag racing schedule is 
still in the works according to 
NMRA's Jim Harris. “What we have 
finalized is what we will run Pro 
Stock. only at six National Hot Rod 
Association Nationals during the 
year," said Harris. “Plans right now 
do not call for any Top Fuel or 
Funny Bike competition to be run at 
car nationals. We are still working on 
a lot of things including a schedule 
for our all-bike meets." 

The Dirt Diggers North Motorcycle 
Club will host amateur sportsman 
motocross at Hangtown on March 
30, the day before the March 31 
Pro races. Entries are limited and 
the only entry form will be pub- 
lished in Cycle News issue #6, 
dated February 20. 

Ken Maely, famous maker of dirt 
track steel skid shoes, cannot make 
the Houston Astrodome Camel Pro 
Series opening round due to injuries 
suffered last year. Maely, who has 
attended every Houston race, still 
hasn't regained his eyesight since the 
June 1984 accident, so he can't deliver 
steel shoes to the event. More infor- 
mation is available from Maely at 

Kawasaki will provide a KLT110 
three-wheeler to be given away at 
each of the remaining Great Amer- 
ican Motorcycle & ATV Shows. A 
Yamaha V-Max will be up for a 
free drawing at Atlanta, San Fran- 
cisco and Philadelphia. At the Chi- 
cago Show, Suzuki has provided a 
V-4 Madura for a special drawing. 
At several shows, local dealers 
will use motorcycle drawings to 
attract showgoers to their booths. 
The consumer show series con- 
tinues in Atlanta January 18-20, 
бап Francisco January 25-27, Chi- 
cago February 15-17, and Phila- 
delphia March 15-17. 

Construction is near completion on 
new riders' lounges, including show- 
ers, at Willow Springs International 
Raceway. The lounges should be 
ready for the first ARRA road race of 
the season. 

Pat Owens of Los Angeles Trade- 
Technical College is quick to point 
out that Yoshimura R&D of Amer- 
ica mechanics Don Sakakura and 
David Wolman, seen in Cycle 
News, December 19, are graduates 
of the college's motorcycle repair 
program. Owens also proudly 
names Trade-Tech graduate Bill 
West, recently hired by Husqvarna 
Motor Co. And according to 
Owens, motorcycle labs and lec- 
ture rooms at the college have 
new paint and the latest posters in 
place for the semester starting this 
month, and that's as good a reason 
to select a college as anything. 
More information is available from 
the college at 400 West Washing- 
ton Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015. 

SCORE International and High De- 
sert Racing Assn. (HDRA) will coop- 
erate on a desert-race series in 1985; 
points toward series championships 
will be paid at three SCORE and 
three HDRA events. More informa- 
tion is available from HDRA at 702/ 
361-5404 or SCORE at 818/889-9216. 

The Laverda Owner's Club (U.S.A.) 
will hold an 80-mile road ride start- 
ing at the Howard Johnson's motel 
at І-95 and Rt. 92 in Daytona 
Beach, Florida on March 9 at 1:00 
p.m. The ride will be followed by 
dinner in an Italian restaurant and 
а club business meeting at the 
Day's Inn at 839 S. Atlantic in 
Ormand Beach. More information 

S а 

Cagiva's 1985 500cc road racer features numerous changes from the 
1984 model raced by Jimmy Adamo of Team Leoni, including a new 
box-section frame, 16-inch front and rear cast magnesium wheels with 
hollow spokes and new rear suspension with an Ohlins shock. The front 
fork has 40mm stanchion tubes and anti-dive; four-piston Brembo calip- 
ers and 310mm discs are mounted up front. The square-four, water- 
cooled, rotary-valve two-stroke engine runs 36mm Mikuni carburetors 
and has electronically-controlled guillotine-style exhaust powervalves. 

Claimed dry weight is 240 pounds with claimed horsepower at 130 bhp. 

is available from Ron Millard at 

A representative of Vanson Leathers 
will be holding an open house at 
Motorcycles Unlimited, 5776 Para- 
dise Dr., Corte Madera, California 
on Friday, February | and Saturday, 
February 2 to display Vanson's line 
of road racing and touring leathers. 
Professional measuring and design 
help will be available. More informa- 
tion can be had by calling 

Laguna Seca Battle of the Twins 
winner John Williams will cam- 
paign Ducatis owned and prepped 
by Dale Newton on the entire 1985 
BoTT road racing circuit. 

Bates Industries has expanded their 
racing contingency program for 1985 
AMA dirt track and road racing events. 
Included in the $35,000 program this 
year are provisions for Pro-Am class 
road racing and Junior class dirt 
track Nationals. For more details, 

"contact Bates Industries, 636 West 

16th St, Long Beach, СА 90801, 

This year's Daytona Speed Week 
will include the Fifth Annual His- 
toric Grand Prix for vintage racing 
motorcycles. For 1985, the Light- 
weight division has been divided 
into four sub-groups, and two new 
classes have been added for pre- 
1950 racers and early to mid- 
1970 Formula 750 four-strokes. 

For entry and rules information, 
contact the AMA, Amateur Activi- 
ties Dept., P.O. Box 141, Wester- 
ville, OH 43081,614/891-2425; 
for info on the Formula 750 class, 
contact Rob lannucci at 

Тһе Association of American Motor- 
cycle Road Racers (AAMRR) will be 
using a computerized rider entry and 
scoring system at all future events to 
record race entry data, provide grid 
sheets, and produce final results. The 
AAMRR is making the software avail- 
able to other racing organizations 
who may be interested. For more 
informauon write AAMRR, 268 East 
St., Hebron, CT 06248, 203/228-3863. 

Don'tleave home without it: Dun- 
lop will soon be offering through 
its dealers the “Dunlop Service 
and Tire Card.” Motorcyclists will 
be able to use the Dunlop card like 
aconventional credit card to charge 
tire, service and accessory pur- 
chases at participating Dunlop 
dealers. For more information, see 
your local Dunlop tire dealer. 

Riders wishing to participate in the 
Wednesday, March 6, AMA CSS 
Amateur road race program at Day- 
tona International Speedway during 
Cycle Week should note the event is 
pre-entry only. For entries contact 
AMA CSS, P.O. Box 447, Skyland, 
NC 28776, 704/684-4297. 

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E: а 

Rare bike: this prototype, 1000cc three-cylinder BMW never madeit into 
production — instead, the four-cylinder K100 was built and sold. 

Before deciding on the five-valves-per-cylinder inline-four FZ750 engine, 
Yamaha engineers experimented with this seven-valves-per-cylinder V- 
four with eight spark plugs and four double-barrel carburetors. The engine 
revved to 20,000 rpm and featured an alternator positioned between the 
cylinder banks. The close-up view shows the top of the cylinder head, with 
the cam cover and camshafts removed. 

January 30, 1985 GHM IAB 

January 30, 1985 УВ 

America's weekly 
motorcycle newspaper 

Sharon Clayton, Publisher 

Mike Klinger, Comptroller 

Skip Johnson, Associate Publisher 
National Sales Manager 

Caroline Gendry, Executive Secretary to 
the Publisher 


John Ulrich, Editor 

Kit Palmer, Associate Editor 

Matt Hilgenberg Associate Editor 
Rex Reese, Feature Editor 

Terry Pratt, Sales Manager 

Mike Spencer, Sales Manager 
Tim Ryan, Sales Manager 

Linda Brown, Advertising Coordinator 
Nancy Wastell, Advertising; Editorial 

Graphics and Production 

Lori Tyson, Graphic Artist 

Larry Gill, Graphic Artist 
Marion Hatashita, Typesetter 
Sheila Larsen, Typesetter 

Dennis Greene, Lab. Tech. 
Accounting /Data Processing 
Donna Bryan, Accounts Receivable 

Geneva Repass, Assistant 

Fran Hamwey, Credit 

Rheba Smith, Manager 

Sarah Taylor, Assistant 

Lyna Hood, Assistant 

Dealer Sales and Service 

Bob Elliott, Dealer Sales Manager 
Want Ads 

Judy Hilgenberg, Want Ad Sales 
Service and Support 

Chris Aitcheson, Receptionist 
Gregory Hanson, S&S 


2201 Cherry Ave., Long Beach, CA 
90806, P.O. Box 498, Long Beach, CA 

(213) 427-7433; L.A. Line (213) 636-8844. 
4190 First Ахе., Tucker, GA, 30084, Р.О. 
Tucker, GA 30085-0805. 

Cycle News West (USPS 141-340) is pub- 
lished weekly e xcept the first and last week 
of the calendar year for $25 per year by 
Cycle News, Inc., 2201 Cherry Avenue, 
Long Beach, CA 90806. Second class pos- 
tage paid at Long Beach, CA. 
POSTMASTER: Send form 3579 to 
Cycle News, P.O. Box 498, Long 
Beach, CA 90801-0498. 

Subscription rates: One year, second class 
mail, two years, second class mail, 
$45; three years, second class mail $68; 25 
weeks, $13. Foreign rates available on 

Cycle News welcomes unsolicited editor- 
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photos, etc. Such material, if published, 
becomes the exclusive property of Cycle 
News. Such accepted material is subject to 
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accompanied by a self-addressed stamped 
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handled with reasonable care, however, 
Cycle News assumes no responsibility for 
the safety, loss or damage to such material. 
Reprinung in whole or part only by per- 
mission of the publisher. Advertising rates 
and circulation information will be sent 
upon request. See S. R.D.S. 

Copyright® Cycle News, Inc. 1985. 
Trademark Cycle News registered U.S. 
Patent Office. АП rights reserved. 

ON THE FRONT PAGE: For an in- 
depth look at Honda's RS500D TT 
engine, the same kind as found in 
Ricky Graham's national-winning 
TT bike, see page 16. Photo by 
Dale Brown. 



ng, Lechien, Fisher top GSN 

Amateurs invade Golden State at Sand Hill Ranch... 

Winter-AMA Florida MX Series round two 
TRAINING: Brad Lackey’s training tips 

STORY: Uphill from the track 

NEW PRODUCTS: Up-to-date ‘goodies , i 
TECHNICAL: Honda's TT machine ..... 
RIDING IMPRESSION: Chris Crandall's B- to- у- winning - 

ENDURO: FRA/CRC desert enduros .... 
POLITICS: Navy's proposed land grab .. "T 
SPEEDWAY: Racing heats up in Australia ... 

LOCAL: Who smoked who 

MX benefits 

I am well aware of the dangers of 
motorcycle racing, as I have four sons 
who race. 

As a doctor, I have seen many 
a motorcycle accident and injury. 

But this sport of motocross racing 
has many more advantages than dis- 
advantages. The positive outlet that 
it gives toour youth cannot be empha- 
sized enough. The athletic prowess, 
the confidence it builds, the sports- 
manship, the knowledge of mechan- 
ics, the knowledge of economics, and 
the responsibilities involved, are all 

I for one do not worry about drugs, 
bad habits, or lack of discipline with 
my sons. The drive for goal orienta- 
tion is superbly filled by this fine 
sport, and the striving for goals is 
what this country had been founded 
on and what has made it great. 

None of my sons expect to be pro- 
fessional racers, but the discipline 
required to be just barely adequate in 
this sport is again a positive in my 
book of values. 

My 16-year-old son has been se- 
verely injured twice in his racing 
career. His latest injury last month 
will probably keep him from com- 
peting in this sport forever. But the 
lessons learned were still worth it: 
Ask him. 

Yes, there have been tragedies, but 
is this not true also in football and 
other contact sports? All physical 
endeavors require some risks. Any- 
thing of value requires a risk. 

Saddleback Park has become an 
institution is our sport. The mechan- 
ical innovations; the levels of skill 
developed; the boy’s club atmosphere; 
the comradery; the development of 
young men to be proud of at Saddle- 
back Park, are all positives. 

This country was founded on find- 
ing the solution to problems, not 
shutting down because of them. 

The unfortunate tragedies which 
occured at Saddleback Park can never 
and should never be erased. But in the 
spirit of our founders and forefathers, 
let us find an adequate solution. 
Turning our backs on a problem is 
not in the best traditions of our great 

Signed — A parent in favor of the 
re-opening of an American institu- 


Los Angeles, CA 

Dr. Schultz wrote this letter to Mr. 
Ronald Hooven of the Irvine Com- 
pany in response to the closing of 
Saddleback Park, located on Irvine 
Company land in Orange, Califor- 
nia... Editor. 

One main event 

I'd have to agree that one main 
event is all that's needed in Super- 

cross. Look what happens at the 

Carlsbad USGP when two riders fin- 
ish each of the two motos with the 
same score. No one knows who won 
the race until someone tells the fans 
over the P.A. system. By then most of 
the fans are on their way to the park- 
ing lot without knowing who won 
апа are confused. On Wide World of 
Sports they had to explain the results. 
It seems every time the AMA is 
involved everything gets confusing. 
Look at road racing for example. 
Тһеу either run one-leg or two-leg 
events in the same series. Now that is 
confusing to fans and racers alike! 

Newbury Park, CA 


Roxy Rockwood tells us in the 
January 9th issue of Cycle News that 
tapes of the 1984 San Jose Mile and 
Anglo-American Match Races are now 
available through our Honda deal- 
ers. ABC's Wide World of Sports, 
which aired the San Jose race last 
spring, was alsoat the San Jose Short 
Track National the night before the 
taped footage of that race too. What 
happened to that? Do you know if 
they have plans of televising it? Since 
both San Jose Nationals were won by 
Shobert on Hondas, will Honda make 
the short track tape available too? 

I would also like to know if anyone 
has a good video tape of the 1983 
Houston Nationals — including the 

Junior Invitationals. Either short 
track or TT or both. Since my son, 
Charlie, won the Junior short track 
event and placed second in the ТТ, 
this is what I'm most interested in, 
although Terry Poovey’s ride in that 
short track National from row three 
to take the win would always make 
great viewing. 

If anyone has a good tape, or 
knows who does, please contact me. 

1207 E. Union Bower 
Irving, TX 75061 

The Honda tape includes San Jose 
short track coverage . . . Editor. 

Utah riding 

In the wake of the Great California 
Wilderness Disaster, I think it would 
be safe to say, “Dirt riders don't get 
no respect." Well; if we can't earn 
respect, maybe we can bwy it! Utah's 
congressmen understand money; write 
to them and tell them you'd spend it 
here if there wasa great place to come 
and ride. 

There is! An area with hundreds of 
miles of abandoned uranium explo- 
ration roads, sand washes, 1000-foot- 
deep canyons, narrow cracks barely 
handlebar wide and acres and acres of 
steep smooth slickrock. 

A year ago I proposed to Utah's 
congressmen that this area, the 40 by 
60 mile San Rafael Swell in 
southeastern Utah, should become 
the first national ORV Recreation 
Area. One senator replied, “*...innova- 
tive" and, ..."Iwould havenoproblem 
considering your proposal." Of course 
the enviro-whackos want to take away 
one quarter of a million acres of the 
best riding and make it into wilder- 

So now it's time for you to decide: 
more wilderness or more riding. Are 
you going to sit on your thumbs and 
let this opportunity go by or are you 
going to write one (or more) simple 
letters(s) saying that the needs of off- 
road users should be recognized, that 
we need a national recreation facility, 
that the бап Rafael Swell should 
become that facility and that you 
would come to such a facility and 
spend the almighty tourist dollar? 
Senator Jake Garn, SD, 505 Dirksen 
Senate Office Bldg., Washington, D.C. 
20510. Senator Orrin Hatch, 135 Rus- 
sell Senate Office Bldg., Washington 
D.C. 20510. 

Let’s turn the tide and start de- 
manding the national recognition 
that our sport deserves. Right now 
the wimps in their waffle-stompers 
are walking (literally) all over our 
turf! You don't have hair if you don't 

P.O. Box 1211 
Huntington, UT 84528 

Published letters do not neces- 
sarily reflect the position of 
Cycle News, Inc. Letters for 
publication must be typed and 
double-spaced; short, concise 
letters stand a better chance 
of being published; due to the 
volume of mail no letters can 
be returned or acknowledged. 
Send letters to Voices, P.O. 
Box 498, Long Beach, CA 





HN апа more... 


Broc Glover (4B) captured the holeshot at the start of the first 250сс Pro moto. Jeff Ward (2), Johnny O'Mara (1) 

and Ronnie Lechien (6) follow. Lechien eventually won both motos. 


Pat i «ай d. 

A.J. Whiting leads Mike Healey, 
Craig Canoy and Larry Brooks. 

CMC/Skoal Bandit Golden State 
Nationals: Round 3 

Sunrise GSN wins 
to Whiting, 
Lechien, Fisher 

By Kit Palmer 

The third round of Continental Motosport 
Club's/Skoal Bandit Golden State Nationals 
moved to southern California at Sunrise 
Cycle Park. Not even Team Honda's Johnny 

O'Mara could stop А.]. Whit- 
ing and Suzuki from winning 
the 125cc Pro class, for the 
second week inarow. Whiting 
used a 2-1 combo to top O'Mara's 1-3 
tally. Whiting's teammate, Erik 
Kehoe, went 3-2 for third overall. “1 
felt really good out there,” said Whit- 
ing. “We got the bike working great 
between motos and that helped make 
the difference.” 

The 250cc class was full of national 
superstars including Golden State 
newcomers Bob Hannah, Billy Liles, 
Danny LaPorte, Alan King and Micky 
Dymond. Most of the riders were 
preparing for the Supercross opener 
in San Diego next week. Broc Glover, 
who has topped the 500cc class dur- 
ing the first two rounds of the Golden 
State Nationals, and Keith Bowen, 
who has been riding 125s during the 
first two rounds, switched to the 250cc 
class this week. But it was factory 
Honda rider Lechien who emerged 
with the win. Kawasaki's Jeff Ward 
pressured Lechien in both motos but 
came up short. “I've been trying to 
shake a bad cold all week," said 
Ward. “I just ran out of energy.” 

With Glover moving to the 250cc 
class, the 500cc class win was up for 
grabs. Honda's Mike Fisher made his 
debut appearance at the GSN and 
easily won both motos. Another Hon- 
da rider, Mike Larson, rode consist- 

ently and placed second each outing. 
125cc Pro 

Kehoe shot to the front of the pack 
at the start of the first 125cc Pro class, 
closely followed by O'Mara, Suzuki's 
Whiting and Mike Healey, Honda's 
Larry Brooks and Kawasaki rider 
Craig Canoy. 

Before the end of the first lap, 
O'Mara had slipped past Kehoe, while 
Whiting began pressuring his team- 
mate. А few turns later, Whiting 
nipped Kehoe and tried to catch 
O‘Mara, who was riding a produc- 
tion CR125. O'Mara managed to pull 
a slight lead by the third lap, while 
Brooks crashed in the whoops. Brooks 
quickly recovered but had already 
lost five positions. 

Meanwhile, O'Mara enjoyed about 
a seven-second lead on Whiting, but 
at that point, O'Mara's lead dwindled 
to only a few seconds. “Не (O'Mara) 
went off the track, and I caught up to 
him a little bit," said Whiting, "then 
I just stayed with him." 

From then on, O'Mara held on to 
his slim lead to take the win. Follow- 
ing O'Mara to the checkered flag 
were a trio of Suzuki riders: Whiting, 
Kehoe and Doug Dubach. Brooks 
finished fifth ahead of Brian Manley 
and Canoy. 

“I felt like I was riding good,” said 
Whiting, “but the bike just wasn't 

working right for me to catch Johnny. 

I'm really going to try and beat him 
next time. 

"My arms pumped up pretty bad 
by the third lap," said Kehoe. "After 
Johnny and А.). got by me, I lost the 
coordination in my fingers from my 
arms pumping up. I dropped off the 
pacea little bit towards the end of the 
moto. But a few laps from the end, 
they. loosened up, and I started feel- 
ing better. I don't think he (O'Mara) 
is unbeatable. I think I can beat him 
in the second moto." 

Тһе second 125cc moto saw Whit- 
ing claim the holeshot, while Brooks, 
O'Mara, Kehoe, Willie Surratt and 
Fred Andrews followed closely. 

Within a few laps, Whiting and 
Brooks had pulled away from the rest 
of the pack while engaged in a duel 
for thelead. However, Whiting started 
to pull away from Brooks slightly. 
Then Brooks crashed very hard in а 
fast section of the track. As a result, 
Brooks suffered a compound frac- 
tured wrist. With Brooks out of action, 
O'Mara and Kehoe moved into third 
and fourth. A few turns later, Kehoe 
put the move on O'Mara. ''I passed 
him in a rough straightaway. I had 
better momentum coming out of a 
turn, while he hit the choppy stuff 
and slowed him down.” 

Halfway through the race, Whit- 
ing held a commanding lead, while 
Kehoe stretched his advantage over 
O'Mara to about five seconds. After 
about a 15th place start, Dubach had 
worked his way up through the pack 
to fourth, ahead of Surratt, Suzuki's 
Russ Wageman and Yamaha’s Eddie 
Hicks. At the finish, Whiting had a 
safe 17-second lead over Kehoe, who 
had about seven seconds on O'Mara. 
Dubach finished fourth ahead of 
Manley, Wageman and Surratt. 

“I felt really good,” said Whiting. 
“We changed the shock between motos 
and the bike worked perfectly. I gota 
good-sized lead and settled down.” 
250cc Pro 

Glover and his close-to-production 
YZ250 Yamaha beat all the works 
bikes and the rest of the pack into the 
first turn at the start of the first 250cc 
moto, but the race was red-flagged 
because the starting gate didn’t fall 
correctly. On the restart, it was once 
again Glover with the holeshot, pur- 
sued by Lechien, Suzuki's Scott Burn- 
worth, Ward, Suzuki's George Hol- 
land, Honda rider Jeff Hicks and 


Glover maintained his lead for а 
lap-and-a-half before Lechien mo- 
tored past. Ward, a few seconds behind 
Glover, began to work his way closer 
to the leaders. During the fourth lap, 
Ward passed Glover in a sharp left 
turn, but Glover retaliated a couple 
of turns later. Then Ward once again 
passed Glover and made it stick. 

Near the end of the moto, Ward 
had reeled-in Lechien, then dropped 
a few bikelengths. Ward came back 
again but came up short at the finish 

“Т felt real good,” said Lechien. “I 
tried to stay real smooth, but I screwed 
up once and almost went down, and 
he (Ward) caught up to me. So, I just 
gassed it a little harder and pulled 
away from him." 

“I got too hot," said Ward. "I'm 
trying to get over a cold and my 
throat got real dry, then I couldn't 
swallow. It was pretty easy to catch 
up, but it's that much harder to pass. 
I'm just not 100% yet. This cold really 
drains me.” 

Mark Barnett, who rode a new 
works Kawasaki for the first time, 
finished fifth: “I felt good and the 
bike worked real good,” said Barnett. 
“But I felt a little stiff... tense." 

Barnett's teammate, Goat Breker 
had terrible luck. “I hit the starting 
gate wide open and endoed when the 
gate didn't drop right. It ruined the 
pipe, radiator and a bunch of stuff. I 
didn't get a chance to ride the re- 

Glover finished third ahead of 
O'Mara, Barnett, Hannah, who came 
from almost dead last, Johnson and 

Burnworth and his brand-new 
works Suzuki captured the second 
moto holeshot ahead of Glover and 
Ward. However, through the first set 
of double jumps, Gloverjumped them 
and Burnworth didn't — Glover took 
the lead, then Lechien slipped passed 
Burnworth. Ward, Holland — also 
on a new works Suzuki — O'Mara, 
Barnett, Breker, Hicks and Canadian 
Ross Pederson (Suz) followed. 

By the second lap, Ward had moved 
into third, then second after passing 
Glover. Ward, once again, reeled in 
Lechien, and the two leaders pulled 
away from the pack. Then Glover 
and Burnworth duked-it-out over 
third while pulling away from Hol- 
land. O'Mara, Barnett and Hicks. 

"Mr. Міке” Fisher survived a crash to win the first 500cc Pro moto, and he 
easily won the second to capture the overall. 

Glover (4B), Lechien (6) and Scott Burnworth battle for the lead at the 
start of the second 250cc moto. Glover finished third, Burnworth fourth. 

Lechien and Ward battled closely 
for the remainder of the race, but 
Lechien stayed tough and held Ward 

at bay. Burnworth tried a last-second 
pass on Glover for third but failed. 
Holland finished fifth ahead of 
O'Mara, Johnson and Jim Holley. 

"Ididn't have enough energy — it 
got hard to hang on," said Ward. 
“This one section I would pull on 
him, and in the back, he would pull 
on me. He must have had a couple of 
good lines. It wasn't until the last lap 
I felt I couldn't get him. I overshot a 
berm, and he pulled maybe three 
seconds on me. Since it was the last 
lap, I didnt' want to push it over my 
head. It's really easy to get off out 
there and it wasn't worth it.” 

"] obviously didn't have the sus- 
pension set up right," said Glover, 
"though, those other guys went really 
fast. Two guys went faster than I did, 
today — I think that's what hap- 
pened. It's my first ride this year on a 
250, and I’m not really on the pace, I 
guess. We changed the shock and 
forks between moto, 'cause I didn't 
like them — we went the wrong 
direction. We made it softer and и 
ended up bottoming five or six times 
a lap, definitely not the thing to do 
—it limits how fast you can go." 

"Going into the final turn, " said 
Burnworth, “I had him (Glover). But 
there wasn't a line over the double 

jumps, and I couldn't get by. But I'm 
happy with the way I rode, 'cause I've 
ridden so crummy lately." 

500cc Pro 

Making his first racing appearance 
aftera leg injury, Mike Fisher returned 
to the 500cc class and ran away with 
an easy sweep. In the first moto, 
Fisher exited the first turn in the lead 
but was quickly passed by Honda 
rider Mike Larson, who was followed 
by Eric McKenna, Greg Zitterkopf, 
Jim Ellis, Larry Dashiel and Jon 
Nelson. But a half-lap later, Fisher 
found his way back into the lead. He 
than started to extend his lead to a 
comfortable margin. About halfway 
into the race, though, Fisher crashed 
but managed to maintain his lead 
over Larson. After Larson brewed a 
tough battle over third between Zit- 
terkopf, Ellis, Joey Schlag, Dashiel, 
Phil Larson and Scott Manning. 

At the finish, Fisher won by about 
15 seconds ahead of Mike Larson. 
With Phil Larson safely in third, the 
battle for fourth ended up in a two- 
rider duel between Manning and Ellis. 
However, the duel ended when Ellis 
got out of shape in a rough, top-gear 
straight. Ellis was ejected off his 
Yamaha — he and his bike sailed off 
the track and into some spectators. 
Luckily, only one spectator was 
shaken up, but Ellis dislocated his 
right shoulder. Phil Larson finished 

Neither Bob Hannah (B25) nor Rick Johnson had a very good day. Hannah 
finished sixth in the first moto and DNF the second. Johnson took sixth. 

(Left) Whiting lost the first 125cc Pro moto to Honda's Johnny O'Mara, 
but Whiting came back to win the second and take the overall. (Right) 
Lechien spent both 250cc motos dicing with Ward. 

third ahead of Manning, Dashiel, 
Willy Simons, Ron LaPointe and 
Rick Burgett. 

Burgett led from the start in the 
second moto, while Fisher passed him 
a few turns later. Fisher then jumped 
out to а huge lead. By the third lap, 
Mike Larson had worked into second, 
while Manning and Zitterkopf battled 
for third. Zitterkopf passed Manning 
in the whoops and started to pull 
away, but the rear suspension on Zit- 
terkopf's M-Star broke, dropping him 
out of the race. At this point, Fisher 
had a huge lead over Mike Larson, 
who had a huge advantage over Man- 
ning, who had a huge advantage over 
Simons. For the next five laps, posi- 
tions remained the same. Fisher won 
with 24 seconds to spare over Mike 
Larson. Manning finished third, Si- 
mons fourth. 

80cc Expert 

Kawasaki rider Lowell Thompson 
led from start to finish in the first 
80cc Expert moto, and easily won the 
second to claim the overall. Thomp- 
son's nearest competition was Honda 
rider Kyle Lewis and Scott Brown. 
Lewis finished second in the first 
moto and took fourth in the second, 
while Brown finished fourth n the 
first moto and took second in the 
second. After Thompson, the overall 
went; Brown, Lewis, Mike Pascarella; 
(5-5), Colin Karcher (6-9) and Shaun 
Wooten (7-10). 9 


80cc EXPERT: 1. Lowell Thompson (Kaw) 1-1; 2. 
Scott Brown (Hon) 4-2; 3. Kyle Lewis (Hon) 2-4; 4. 
Mike Pascarella (Yam) 5-3; 5. Colin Karcher (Yam) 
6-8; 6. Rick Simmet (Hon) 3-11; 7. Shane Trittler 

(Yam) 8-7; 8. Shaun Wooten (Yam) 7-10; 9. Sean 
Blanchard (Kaw) 10-9; 10. Nicky Pounds (Suz) 16- 
5; 11. Steven Kotajarvi (Kaw) 11-14; 12. Mike 
Wiese (Yam) 14-12; 13. Wes Parker (Yam) 12-15; 
14. Chris Neal (Kaw) 9-18; 15. Paul Vlach (Kaw) 
15-13; 16. Brian Elder (Kaw) 13-16; 17. Rob Gor- 
don (Kaw) 17-7; 18. Shaun Kalos (Hon) DNF-6. 
125cc PRO: 1. A.J. Whiting (Suz) 2-1; 2. Johnny 
O'Mara (Hon) 1-3; 3. Erik Kehoe (Suz) 3-2; 4. Doug 
Dubach (Suz) 4-4; 5. Brian Manley (Hon) 6-5; 6. 
Willie Surratt (Hon) 12-7; 7. Russ Wageman (Suz) 
14-6; B. Ray Sommo (Kaw) 11-10; 9. Doug O'Don- 
nell.(Kaw) 10-11; 10. Terry Fowler (Suz) 9-12; 11. 
Drey Dircks (Suz) 8-13; 12. Craig Canoy (Kaw) 7-14; 
13. Eddie Hicks (Yam) 17-8; 14. Rodney Harriger 
(Kaw) 16-9; 15. Mouse McCoy (Hon) 15-15; 16. 
Larry Brooks (Hon) 5-DNF; 17. Jeff Cloutier (Suz) 
19-18; 18. Gary Smith (Kaw) 21-17; 19. Kenny 
Clifton (Suz) 20-19; 20. Billy Frank (Kaw) 13-DNF. 
250cc PRO: 1. Ron Lechien (Hon) 1-1; 2. Jeff 
Ward (Kaw) 2-2; 3. Broc Glover (Yam) 3-3; 4. 
Johnny O'Mara (Hon) 4-6; 5. Scott Burnworth (Suz) 
8-4; 6. Rick Johnson (Yam) 7-7; 7. Mark Barnett 
(Каму) 5-9; B. George Holland (Suz) 10-5; 9. Jimmy 
Holley (Yam) 13-8; 10. Billy Liles (Kaw) 9-13; 11. 
Jeff Hicks (Hon) 12-12; 12. Jim Anderson (Yam) 
14-11; 13. Keith Bowen (Yam) 11-14; 14. Ross 
Pederson (Suz) 16-10; 15. Gordon Ward (Yam) 18- 
20; 16. Robert Mason (Kaw) 21-18; 17. Glen Bell 
(Yam) 20-19; 18. Robbie Hadlock (Kaw) 25-16; 19. 
ME Style (Hon) 17-24; 20. Danny LaPorte (Hus) 

500cc PRO: 1. Mike Fisher (Hon) 1-1; 2. Mike 
Larson (Hon) 2-2; 3. Scott Manning (Yam) 4-3; 4. 
Phil Larson (Hon) 3-6; 5. Willy Simons (Hon) 6-4; 6. 
Scott Sargent (Kaw) 9-5; 7. Larry Dashiell (Hon) 
5-8; B. Rick Burgett (Hon) 8-9; 9. Jon Nelson (Hon) 
10-10; 10. Ron LaPointe (Yam) 7-13; 11. Troy Brad- 
shaw (Yam) 12-11; 12. Rusty Ott (Yam) 13-12; 13. 
Scott Johnson (Hon) 16-14; 14. Greg Torgerson 
(Hus) 15-16; 15. Rick Kirk (Kaw) 18-19; 16. Paul 
Bickers (Hon) 19-17; 17. Jeff MacDonald (Yam) 22- 
19; 18. Hunter Carothers (Yam) 20-21; 19. Gerry 
Lattimer (Kaw) 25-28; 20. Mark Banks (Hon) DNF- 


125 PRO: 1. A.J. Whiting (228); 2. Doug Dubach 
(200); 3. Erik Kehoe (188); 4. Larry Brooks (176); 5. 
Eddie Hicks (154); 6. Bobby Moore (153); 7. Rodney 
Harriger (151); 8. Willie Surratt (146); 9. Mike Hea- 
ley (125); 10. Terry Fowler (123). 

250 PRO: 1. Jeff Ward (232); 2. Ron Lechien 
(224); 3. Rick Johnson (209); 4. George Holland 
(188); 5. Jim Holley (165); 6. Scott Burnworth (163); 
7. Johnny O'Mara (162); 8. (Tie) Ross Pederson/ 
Jim Anderson (157); 10. Jeff Leisk (128). 

500 PRO: 1. Mike Larson (224); 2. Scott Manning 
(182); 3. Larry Dashiel (175); 4. Willy Simons (170); 
5. Phil Larson (166); 6. Broc Glover (164); 7. Scott 
Sargent (155); 8. Ron LaPointe (148); 9. Mark 
Banks (138); 10. Troy Bradshaw (133). 

January 30, 1985 

January 30, 1985 900841429) 

Бел; Е -e z 

(Above) Terry Bostard won the 125cc Intermediate class. (Below) Phil 
Palfreyman and Perry Mellilo almost won the first sidecar moto. 

CMC/Skoal Bandit Golden State 
Amateur Series: Round 2 

Myers, Maybery and 
Bostard take overall 

By Troy Scott 

The second round of Continental Motosport 
Club's Skoal Bandit Golden State Nation- 
als for the amateurs was held at Sand Hill 
Ranch in Brentwood, California. Near zero 

visibility due to heavy fog com- 
pounded the difficulty of the 
event, leading to some fierce 
racing and keen competition. 

Yamaha-mounted Scott Myers, and 
Jeff Mabery with his Kawasaki were 
able to overcome conditions and net 

divisions one and two. 

For the first division of the 250cc 
Intermediates, the first moto saw 
Myers take the holeshot. The field 
rounded out with Pat Sparks (Hon) 
апа Eric Marnoch (Hon) in the second 
and third slots. Myers kept the heat 
on, and by the second lap had.widened 


kt ue ышы 

Mark Easley used а 1-2 score to 
win the 80cc Jr. 12-16 Mini class. 

onds. Racing was still going on for 
third, and Kevin Fringer (Yam) was 
able to slip by Marnoch. Kawasaki- 
mounted Frankie Brundage was also 
putting the heat on for third, but 
Fringer was able to hold off both rid- 
ers to the finish. At the end of the 
moto it was Myers with a decisive 
first, Sparks for second and Fringer 
finishing third. 

Тһе second moto opened with an- 
other Myers holeshot, only to have 
him overcook it, go wide, and fall 
back to fifth place. Sparks and Brun- 
dage took advantage and diced back 
and forth for the lead, with Myers in 
hot pursuit. Myers put in a remarkable 
performance, making up time every- 
where on the track, and by the second 
lap had moved into second place, 
bumping Sparks into third. Myers 
was then able to pass Brundage 
ona rough stretch for the lead. When 
the checkered flag fell, it was Myers 
taking the win and the overall. Second 
went to Sparks, and third to Brundage. 

For 250cc Intermediate division two, 
the first moto got underway with Jeff 
Matiasevich snagging an early lead, 
and rapidly putting ground between 
him and second place Doug Gillette. 
Bob Milani moved up through the 
pack and slipped by Gillette for the 
number two slot, followed by Kawa- 
saki-mounted Jeff Mabery. Mabery 
continued to put the heat on to take 
second at the finish, with third going 
to Tony Strangle (Kaw), and Bob 
Milani taking fourth. 

Mabery took the holeshot for the 
second moto, followed closely by Mike 
Elsberry (Yam). Elsberry tried an un- 
successful pass on the doubles, and 
was then passed himself by a charg- 
ing Matiasevich on the downhill 
stretch. Matiasevich then put the move 
on Mabery, and the two swapped the 
lead several times. Mabery made the 
final and decisive pass, holding the 
lead to take the checkered. At the fin- 
ish line it was Mabery, Matiasevich 
in second, Elsberry in third, and 
Honda-mounted John Ensign finish- 
ing fourth. Mabery's victory in the 
second moto netted him the overall 

In the 125cc Intermediate division, 
racing got underway with Jeff Capt 
(Kaw) taking the holeshot, followed 
closely by Bruce Jackman (Suz) and 
Gilbert Valdez (Suz). Capt then sur- 
rendered the lead to Jackman, with 
Valdez holding tight on third. Some- 
thing happened to Jackman's bike, 
dropping him back, allowing Valdez 
to take the lead. Moving into the 
third slot was Yamaha-mounted 
Tommy Seidel, who then went on to 
capture the lead when Valdez boggled 
on some rough track. Kawasaki- 
mounted Terry Bostard then charged 
through to take first, closely followed 
by John Willard. Valdez wasn’t able 

overall wins in the 2Oce Intermediates | «his Jead 19 а, comfortable seven. S&G a sh » 20 лесохеть and.atthesfinish it was 

Bostard taking the checkered, with 
Willard in second and Seidel third. 

For the second moto, Bostard 
jumped into an early lead, running 
away from Mabery and Steven Ken- 
dall (Suz). Mabery moved up and put 
pressure on Bostard for the lead, but 
was unable to slip by. Mabery kept 
the pressure on for two full laps, and 
finally slipped through on the out- 
side to take the lead. At the end it was 
Mabery, Bostard and Kendall finish- 
ing third. Bostard's second place fin- 
ish netted him the overall win. 

Тһе first moto of the Vet Masters 
division was capped with a runaway 
win by Gary Jones (Hus), followed 
by Jon Miller (Yam) and Steve Fer- 
roni (Yam) Sunday. For the second 
moto, Phil Gribnaul (Yam) took the 
holeshot followed by Ferroni and 
Bob Dunn (Hon). Ferroni started to 
pressure Gribnau to get by for the 
lead. Jones, recovering from a bad 
start, was now in fourth place and 
made a spectacular move on the inside 
to pass both Dunn and Gribnau. 
With that, Jones went to work on 
Ferroni for the lead. Dunn was run- 
ning hard for third, but lost ground 
and was overtaken by Jon Miller. 
Miller kept on charging, and was 
able to slide by Ferroni for the second 
place spot. Jones was completely out 
of reach, and went on to take first and 
the overall win. Miller took a comfort- 
able second and second overall, with 
Ferroni third and third overall. 

In the sidehacks, Phil Palfreyman 
and Perry Mellilo holeshot moto one, 
with John and Victor Palfreyman in 
second ahead of Pete and Scott Whit- 
ney. The Palfreyman/Mellilo team 
led a battle for second. When Pal- 
freyman and Mellilo got stuck in a 
rut, Whitney and Whitney took the 
lead and the win. Palfreyman and 
Mellilo recovered for second ahead of 

In moto two, Whitney/Whitney 
led, then Palfreyman and Mellilo 
passed for the lead. They got stuck 
again, and the Whitneys assumed 
control. On the white flag lap, Pal- 
freyman and Mellilo bailed hard and 
DNF, allowing the Whitneys the vic- 
tory over the Palfreyman team. e 

Results : 

60 0-8: 1. Jeff Willoh (Kaw); 2. Pablo Lara (Kaw); 
3. Brad Schultz. 

60 9-11: 1. Jesse James (Hon); 3. Pete Piantan- 
ida (Kaw); 3. Jacob Swain (Kaw). 

80 BEG: 1. Shane Pestana (Yam); 2. Jeremy 
Albreecht (Kaw); 3. Danny Grelle (Yam). 

80 JR 9-11: 1. Mike Corry (Suz); 2. Robert Naber 
(Kaw); 3. Tyler Hummel (Kaw). 

80 JR 12-16 DIV 1: 1. Pat Weide (Yam); 2. Brian 
Gipson (Yam); 3. Larry McGee (Kaw). 

80 JR 12-16 DIV 2: 1. Mark Easley (Kaw); 2. Mike 
Reilly (Yam); 3. Matt Moffitt (Kaw). 

80 INT 9-11: 1. Buddy Antunez (Каму); 2. Jimmy 
Button (Hon); 3. Ronnie Densford (Kaw). 

80 INT 12-16: 1. Chris Young (Yam); 2. Jimmy 
Gaddis (Kaw); 3. Terry Swanson (Kaw). 

125 BEG DIV 1: 1. Alex Teno (Suz); 2. Chris Rod- 
zinski (Hon); 3. Michael Loftus (Kaw). 

125 BEG DIV 2: 1. Brian Yortan (Hon); 2. Wayne 
Simpson (Yam); 3. Darin Driscoll (Suz). 

125 JR DIV 1: 1. Jimmy Lewis (Kaw); 2. Craig 
Hamilton (Kaw); 3. Danny Barnett (Hon). 

125 JR DIV 2: 1. Todd Saylors (Kaw); 2. Lance 
Homes (Kaw); 3. Scott Stone (Kaw). 

125 JR DIV 3: 1. Chris Ward (Kaw); 2. Dax Billings 
(Yam); 3. Jeff Wenger (Kaw). 

125 INT DIV 1: 1. Mike Kiedrowski (Kaw); 2. Jeff 
Matiasevich (Kaw); 3. Ward Bassett (Yam). 

125 INT DIV 2: 1. Terry Bostard (Kaw); 2. John 
Willarp; 3. Ty Davis (Hon). 

250 BEG: 1. Joe Madison (Hon); 2. David O'Bleses 
(Hon); 3. Chuck Hagenas (Hon). 

250 JR DIV 1: 1. Morgan Murphy (Hon); 2. Mike 
Neff (Hon); 3. Greg Hunter (Hon). 

250 JR DIV 2: 1. Ritchie Haseldon (Suz); 2. Stacy 
Magorlan (Hon); 3. Alex Chellew (Yam). 

250 INT DIV 1: 1. Scott Myers (Yam); 2. Pat 
Sparks (Hon); 3. Frankie Brundage (Kaw). 

250 INT DIV 2: 1. Jeff Mabery (Kaw); 2. Jeff Mati- 
asevich (Kaw); 3. Mick Elsberry (Yam). 

OPEN BEG: 1. Jeff Bragia (Yam); 2. David Gentry 
(Hon); 3. Bill Coates (Hon). 

OPEN JR: 1. Terry Woody (Hon); 2. Jeff Healey 
(Hon); 3. Steve Lawler (Yam). 

OPEN INT DIV 1: 1. Kenny Wolcott (Hon); 2. Mick 
Elsberry (Suz); 3. Jim Dallara (Hon). 

OPEN INT DIV 2: 1. Eric Marnoch (Hon); 2. Kevin 
Maas (Hon); 3. Aaaron Pipes. 

VET JR: 1. Karel Kramer (Yam); 2. Mark Arthur 
(Suz); 3: David Knapik (Suz). 

VET INT: 1. Tim Kennedy (Yam); 2. Larry Noel 
(Yam); 3. Kenneth Yarnall (Hon). 

VET MSTR: 1. Gary Jones (Hus); 2. Jon Miller 
(Yam); 3. Steve Ferroni (Yam). 

OT JR: 1. Robert Fox (Hon); 2. Gary Meluin (КТМ); 
3. Wayne Howard (Hon). 

OT INT: 1. Fred Cameron (КТМ); 2. Geoffrey Lare 
(Kaw); 3. Marc Goade (Yam). 22... j 

American Honda announced its offi- 
cial motocross team lineup for the 
coming year: Tommy Croft, Rich 
Eierstedt, Pierre Karsmakers and Mar- 
ty Smith. 

'The AMA announced the payoff from 
its point fund for the top racers of 1974. 
Kenny Roberts received $7876.83; 
$1687.70 was awarded to Roger De- 
Coster; and $585.54 went to factory 
CZ pilot Zdenek Velky. American 
motocrossers Jimmy Weinert and 
Gary Jones received $1239.89 and 
$1711.23, respectively. 

Moto-progress marches on: Reports 
from therecent Anaheim, California, 
motorcycle trade show mention the 
debut of “the most technically sophis- 
ticated”’ sidecar produced by a '*well- 
known purveyor of fairings," Craig 
Vetter. Also at Anaheim were several 
new Norton-Triumph street bike 
models featuring electric starting. 
Contributor John Ulrich's photo- 
graphs showed the latest advances to 
come from the shop of Don Jones, 
father of 250cc National MX Cham- 
pion Gary Jones. Trick MX stuff 
included air/oil forks with a balance 
tube (to keep both legs equalized), a 
high-revving Cam-Am with a triple 
exhaust port, and a "snail pipe” that 
wraps up over the cylinder head, thus 
reducing instances of toasted legs. 

Maico-mounted Jim West duelled it 
out with “Rocket Кех” Staten (Mai) 
at CMC's Irwindale night motocross. 
West won the first two 500cc Pro 
motos, only to have his front wheel 
collapse in the third, giving the win 
to Staten. Staten encountered bad 
luck in the first two motos, however, 
to score fourth overall. Second overall 
went to Jeff Jennings (CZ). Also at 
Irwindale, Will Harper (CZ) was the 
250cc Pro victor, while Mike Bell 
(Hon) aced the 125cc Pros. 

Тһе Four Aces М.С. staged their 25th 
annual Moose Run Hare and Hound; 
this year it was held near Adelanto 
instead of Fremont Valley. Ron 
Wright (Yam) took the lead early on 
and finished the winner, first 
Heavyweight Expert. Ron Bebo (Yam) 
was second overall; Jim Wotring 
(Yam) was third, first 250; Dean Mod- 
esett (Pen) claimed first 175cc class 

Mike Minnig (Yam) had just cele- 
brated his 14th birthday when he 
won the 125cc Expert flat track main 
eventat Corona Raceway. He defeated 
Mike Tidwell (Yam) and Eddie Law- 
son (Yam). Winner of the 250cc Ama- 
teurs was Dorothy Rowe (Yam), ahead 
of Dave Johnson (Yam) and Stan 
Kemp (Hon). 

Kevin Hasten took his CZ 400 to vic- 
tory in the Desert Racing Associa- 
tion's (DRA) California City hare 
scrambles, beating out Jim Fishback 
(CZ), Benny Padilla (Yam) and Wayne 
Cook (Hon). John Dykstra (Yam) 
was first Beginner, followed by Bob 
Bell on a Hindall-framed Triumph 
650. Can you say ground pounder? 

This is 
positively, your first, 
last and probably only 
chance to see the wildest, 

most outrageous motorcycle 
action movie ever made. 

Tonight, anyway. See the all-new "TAKING IT TO THE LIMIT"— 
90 minutes of sizzling celluloid you'll never forget. But don't forget —It's 
for one night only. Brought to you by Kawasaki and your Kawasaki dealer who's 
got discount coupons good for $2.50 off the $7.50 admission price. Hurry! 

Get your discount coupons and go! Е 
а. Kawasaki 


ТА К, 1 NG IT 10 Т Н Е LIMIT ан өртелді rie 
is being shown at: 

LAS VEGAS, NV. — Tues., Jan. 29—8 PM. SHREVEPORT, LA. — Tues., Jan. 29—8 PM. 
Las Vegas Cashman Center Theater Shreveport Civic Center Theater 
WACO, TX.—Thurs., Jan. 24—8 PM. BATON ROUGE, LA. — Wed., Jan. 30—8 РМ. 
Waco Heart 0’ Texas Fairgrounds Baton Rouge Riverside Centroplex Theater 
DALLAS, TX. —Fri. & Sat, Jan. 25 & 26—8 PM, SAN DIEGO, CA.—Fri,, Jan. 25—6:30 & 9 PM. 
Dallas Tower Building— Texas State Fair San Diego State Universily 
EL PASO, TX.—Fri, Jan. 25—8 PM. OCEANSIDE, СА. — Sat., Jan. 26—8 PM. 
El Paso Civic Theater Oceanside Community Center 
ODESSA, TX. — За, Jan. 26—8 PM. LA MIRADA, CA. —Mon., Jan. 28—8 РМ. 
Odessa Holiday Inn Center La Mirada Civic Theater 
FORT WORTH, ТХ. — Tues., Jan. 29—8 PM. FRESNO, СА. — Thurs., Jan. 31 —8 PM. 
Fort Worth Tarrant County Theater Fresno Convention Center 
WICHITA FALLS, TX. — Wed., Jan. 30—8 PM. William Saroyan Theater 
Wichita Falls Memorial Auditorium LAWTON, OK.—Thurs., Jan. 31—8 PM. 
Lawton McMahon Auditorium 

Broc Glover Wine 
Round One & Two 

Golden State Nationals 
| with PLL OF 

Look for PJ1, it is the sign of the world's finest oils and lubes. All PJ1 products are 
race tested and proven on the world’s most demanding Grand Prix and Motocross tracks. 


January 30, 1985 93953 X371) 


Brad Lackey's 



By Dean Miller and Len Weed 

This and future installments are excerpted from Championship Training, 
featuring Brad Lackey, by Brad's personal trainer, Dean Miller, and Len Weed. 
All first person comments are by Dean Miller. 

Be aware that many areas of sports medicine, training, and nutrition do not 
offer black-and-white answers. Training is as much an art form as it is a science. 
In many ways, preparing an athlete is similar to tuning a racing engine. It's part 
study, part experiment, part dreaming up new approaches, part trying different 
combinations. It's putting past results and present ideas together, searching for 

something that works better. 

Research often suggests answers but conclusive evidence may be lacking. And 
continuing research sometimes questions or invalidates principles and ap- 
proaches previously accepted. Differing views, where applicable, will be men- 
tioned along with indications of new research that may change prevailing views. 

pO n и ити ЕЕ ——Á———————— —Á—Üá— 'Ü 

The motion system 

Тһе body utilizes different kinds of 
tissue to function as a motion ma- 

Bones form the sketetal system of 
the body. Bone size is genetic but, to 
some extent, bones can be strength- 
ened or at least made more resistant 
to fracture with proper nutrition and 

Muscles, by contracting and relax- 
ing, activate motion. Three kinds of 
muscle are found in the body: skele- 
tal, cardiac, and smooth organ. The 
predominant type is skeletal muscle 
which makes the bones move around 
their joints. 

Tendons are connective tissues that 
join muscle to bone. Tendons don't 
move bónes, they allow contracting 
muscle groups to pull on them. 

Ligaments are connective tissues 
that hold two bones together in a 
joint. A large capsular ligament usu- 
ally surrounds a joint. 

Cartilage, a tough, spongy, shock- 
absorbing tissue, is present in many 
joints to keep the bone ends from 
grinding on each other. 

Fasciae are protective tissues that 
envelope other body tissues. Fasciae 
(singular: fascia) help absorb pres- 
sure on joints and muscles. 

Skin is the outer envelope, the sur- 
face tissue that keeps the package 
together and protects it from outside 
elements. Skin thickness ranges from 
one-thirty-second to one-eighth of an 
inch. There are two main layers, the 
surface epidermis and the dermis. 
The average body's skin weighs from 
six to 10 pounds and covers an area of 
about 20 square feet. The skin also 
helps regulate body temperature, 
offers sensory perception, and allows 
perspiration and body oil (sebum) to 
be released. 

Тһе human body contains 206 

bones, distributed as follows: 

Skull — 29. 

Ribs and breast bone — 25. 

Vertebrae — 26. 

Shoulders, arms, and hands — 64. 

Pelvis, legs, and feet — 62. 

Some bones, such as those of the 
skull, ribs, pelvis help protect organs 
while others, such as those in the 
arms and legs, provide leverage for 
motion. Bones also store minerals, 
mostly calcium and phosphorus. Тһе 
bone marrow within some bones also 
produces both red and white blood 


О Muscle consists of about 22 per- 
cent protein, 70 percent water, 
and eight percent lipids (fats) and 
other tissues. 

О Muscle accounts for 40 to 50 per- 
cent of body weight in the average 
adult male. The figure is about 25 
percent for females. 

О There are three types of muscle. 
Skeletal muscle contractions cre- 
ate lever motion by the bones at 
thejoints. Cardia muscle pumps 
blood. Smooth organ muscle 
controls movement in the inges- 
tion and processing systems such 
as digestion, circulation, and 

D The body has over 600 muscles. 
More than 400 of them are skele- 

D Theaverage body contains an es- 
timated six billion muscle fibers. 

О Each muscle fiber has an ability 
to support up to 1000 times its 
own weight. 

D The thickness of muscle fiber 
ranges from approximately one- 
tenth to one-hundredth of a milli- 

О The longest muscle in the body is 
about 30 centimeters (about 12 

O The number of muscle fibers in 

each body is believed to be genet- 
ically fixed. The body cannot gen- 
erate new muscle fiber, it can only 
increase the strength and endur- 
ance of the given fiber. (Recent re- 
search indicates that new fibers 
may be generated by the division 
of existing fibers.) 

Muscle is composed of hair-like fib- 
ers, orderly strips of protein. 

Each fiber consists of numerous 

Each filament contains two kinds 
of myofibrils — actin and myosin — 
arranged in an alternating parallel 
pattern with their ends overlapping. 
Dark bands or stripes (known as stri- 
ations) are formed where the myofi- 
brils overlap. 

During contraction, the myofibrils 
slide over each other in a telescopic 
manner, a chemical ratchet action 
that shortens and thickens the muscle. 

Fast and slow twitch fiber 

Two major types of fiber are found 
in skeletal muscle — fast and slow 

Fast twitch fiber is burst muscle. It 
contracts as much as 10 times quicker 
than slow twitch muscle. However, 
because it utilizes fuel supplies within 
the muscle itself, fast twitch fiber 
fatigues quicker. 

. Slow twitch fiber is endurance mus- 

cle. It's slower to contract but, because 
of its capacity to use oxygen, is more 

Athletes with a high percentage of 
fast twitch fiber are best suited for 
speed and strength activities. Sprint- 
ing. Lifting weights. Hitting a base- 
ball. Any short duration, high inten- 
sity activity. А sprinter may have 
more than 75 percent fast twitch 
muscle fiber. 

Athletes with a high percentage of 
slow twitch fiber tend to take up or at 
least have a better chance for success 
with endurance sports. A distance 
runner may have as much as 80 per- 
cent slow twitch fiber. 

Slow twitch fiber is often referred 
to as red fiber (because it contains 
more muscle sarcoplasm which is 
reddish in color) while fast fiber is 
referred to as white. However, this 
simple white/red classification is not 
universally accepted. 

Some research indicates there may 
be at least a third type of fiber — fast 
twitch but more fatigue-resistant. 
Other studies indicate several varia- 
tions of fatigue-resistant fast twitch 
fiber. At least one study suggests 
eight or more classifications of mus- 
cle fiber. 

Muscular contractions 

Contraction signals from the cen- 
tral nervous system to the muscle 

travel over nerve fiber at speeds up to 
about 200 miles per hour. The mes- 
sages slow to about 15 feet per second 
(about 10 miles per hour) within a 
muscle group. 

Each muscle fiber either contracts 
fully or doesn't contract. The greater 
the number of contracting fibers, the 
greater the speed and strength of the 
resulting movement. 

As fiber contracts, a muscle gets 
shorter and thicker. The classic ex- 
ample is the bicep. Generally, a con- 
tracting muscle can shorten up to 
one-third of its resting length. 

Тһе speed of a complete contrac- 
tion and relaxation cycle may be as 
quick as a hundreth of a second (with 
some eye muscle) or as slow as a 10th 
of a second. 

Muscle fibers contract in an orderly 
sequence. Theamount of force needed, 
not thespeed of contraction, controls 
fiber recruitment: 

(1) Slow twitch fibers fire first. 

(2) Fast twitch fibers are recruited 
(the most fatgue-resistant first) if more 
force is needed. 

Contraction sequence 

Filaments within each muscle fiber 

slide over each other during contrac- 
tion causing the muscle to thicken 
and shorten. Exactly how this happens 
has not been verified, but the follow- 
ing explanation is generally accepted. 
(The book, Тһе Sweet Spot in Time 
by John Jerome, details the process.) 

О Muscle fibers consist of two pro- 
tein filaments — actin and myo- 
sin — which overlap slightly. 
АТР is stored in the crossbridge 
area between the two types of 

О The actin filaments have bind- 
ing sites (something like ridges 
on a bumper jack) placed at 
intervals along their length. 

D The myosin filaments have pro- 
trusions (heads) that reach toward 
the actin binding sites. 

О Muscle activity is initiated when 
motor nerve contraction signals 
are received by the fibers. 

О Calcium stored around the mus- 
cle filaments is released. This 
electrochemically charges the fil- 
ament crossbridges. 

О The linking of the crossbridges 
activates the creation of a tem- 
porary protein — actomyosin — 
which triggers phosphate release 
from ATP present in the muscle. 

О The energy from the phosphate 
release allows the myosin heads 
to swivel toward and bind with 
actin binding sites inaratcheting 
process (like a bumper jack). This 
pulling or sliding of filaments 
contracts the muscle, moving the 

ПА relaxation signal from the 
nervous system withdraws the 
calcium and the contraction ends. 

О ATP, which releases phosphate 
(phosphoricacid) and energy as it 
breaks down, is replenished by 
creatine phosphate also stored in 
the muscle. This replenishment 
allows ATP to maintain the elec- 
trochemical charging of the fil- 
ament crossbridges. (Muscles will 
lock if ATP resynthesizing is 
insufficient. This is what causes 
rigor mortis, muscle rigidity in a 

Muscle pairs 
Muscles can pull, but they can't 
push. So, to produce lever-like bone 
movement at a joint, skeletal muscle 
groups work as a team. Each assumes 
one of two roles, the opposite of its 
partner during any movement. 
О Agonist — contracts to move а 
О Antagonist — relaxes to allow the 
bone to move. 
The coordinated movement of mus- 
cle pairs eliminates what would other- 

wise be jerky and imprecise move- 

Muscle pairs then swap roles to 
reverse the action. For example, the 
bicep (agonist) contracts as the tricep 
(antagonist) lengthens to allow an 
arm curl. Then the tricep contracts to 
straighten the arm as the bicep relaxes 
and lengthens. 

Curling a weight requires flexion 
and extension activity by the involved 
muscles. These, however, are not the 
only roles played by various muscles: 

D Flexion. A flexor muscle moves 
two connecting bones toward 
each other. 

О Extension. An extensor muscle 
straightens thealignment of two 
connecting bones. 

О Abduction. An abductor muscle 
moves a limb away from the 
center of the body. 

D Adduction. An adductor muscle 
moves a limb toward the center of 
the body. 

О Rotation. A rotator muscle turns 
a bone ina circular motion at its 

Some muscles serve more than one 
function. For example, the thigh 
muscles straighten the leg at the knee 
(knee extension) and bend the upper 
leg (hip flexion) toward the body. 

Muscular growth chemistry 

(1) Stress. Contracting muscle 
against resistance initiates chemical 
response that stimulates future 
growth. It is believed the increased 
production of creatine phosphate 
triggers the production of additional 
contraction protein within the fiber. 

(2) Rest. Recovery time after stress 
allows for the repair of minor tissue 
damage and the growth of thicker 
fiber (hypertrophy). 

(3) Nutrition, a balanced diet pro- 
vides the nutrients necessary to both 
fuel the stress exercise and nourish 
muscle growth. 

Thicker muscle fiber is stronger 
muscle fiber, just as an inch-thick 
rope is stronger than a half-inch rope. 

'The capillary network within the 
muscle also grows, increasing the 
local blood supply. Muscular growth 
also stimulates an increase in myo- 
globin (used for oxygen pickup) as 
well as the storage of muscle glycogen. 

Use it or lose it 

Unfortunately, muscles are not like 
money. You can work hard, deposit 
your dollars in a bank, collect inter- 
est, and use your cash at any time in 
the future. With muscles, however, 
the depositor loses his principal. 
Rather rapidly. 

Lack of stress leads to muscular 
atrophy, the loss of blood volume 
and contracting proteins. This mus- 
cle shrinkage can begin after four 
days of inactivity. In a year’s time, 
totally inactive muscle can lose as 
much as 75% of its volume. 

It is estimated that a two-month 
layoff can harm the efforts of years of 
training. That's why serious athletes 
are urged to use some form of off- 
season training to maintain muscle 
tone or minimize atrophy. 

Muscle may shrink, but it does not 
turn to fat. Muscle is muscle. However, 
more fat may be stored above shrink- 
ing muscle, especially if an athlete 
doesn't reduce his calories as he re- 
duces his exercise. е 
Championship Training, by Dean 
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(To be continued next week) 

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January 30, 1985 (949531439 



January 30, 1985 (HMB 

Billy Liles (7) and Jo Jo Keller (55) got second and third overall in the 
250cc Pro class. Rodney Barr went 1-2 to win the 125s (Below). 

Honda/Scott USA Florida Winter AMA 

MX Series: Round 2 

Barr, Stafford, Martin 
shine in Florida 

By Mike & Anne Adair 

Kawasaki Team Green's Rodney Barr and 
Steve Martin, along with R and D Suzuki- 
supported Scooter Stafford, took Pro class 
wins in the second round of the series at 

Wheelsport MX Park. 

Riders not accustomed to the 
torture of Florida sand tracks 
enjoyed the relatively fast and 
smooth black dirt of the south Flor- 
ida circuit. Barr, who took over the 
125cc Pro class point lead from Suzuki 
rider Jeff Frisz, said, "Last week (at 
the Gatorback round in Gainesville) 
I had some bad luck, and I guess it 
was Jeff's turn.” 

Scooter Stafford had to “ride the 
wheels”’ off his Suzuki to top Kawa- 
saki's Billy Liles and Bettencourt 
Honda's Jo Jo Keller for the 250cc 
class win. 

Тһе '84 Japanese 250cc National 
Champion, Steve Martin, in his home 
state on a "holiday," clinched the 
500cc class overall win with a strong 
final moto over Keith Oelerich and 

Barr settled the first moto dispute 
in turn one by out-accelerating 
Michael Jones, John Greaves, Jeff 
Frisz and Mark Crozier, then pulled 

12 ahead with a comfortable lead. Frisz 

needed only three laps to find his way 
into second behind Barr, while fel- 
low Suzuki riders Clay Hoenshell 
and Terry Tinney charged from a 
back-of-the-pack start. 

Frisz slowly closed the gap until 
lap 13, when his bike locked up and 
pitched him over the bars. “Something 
jammed the chain," said Frisz. “Тһе 
chain stopped the transmission and 
over I went. I thought that I could 
take Barr too.” Barr won, while Croz- 
ier held second over Jones, Tinney 
and Hoenshell. 

Pennsylvania's Jones ruled the start 
of moto two with Mike Crane, Eric 
Yarnell, Hoenshell and Carroll Rich- 
ardson in tight pursuit. Crozier and 
Frisz were mid-pack, while Barr was 
at the bottom of a pile-up. ''I didn't 
think that I would ever get out of that 
pile," said Barr. 

Crane displaced leader Jones on 
lap four, only to find himself bumped 
to second on lap eight by Richard- 
son. Yarnell, Jones and Hoenshell 
disputed the third place spot. Frisz 
and Barr were on the gas, and Frisz 
was in third two laps later with Barr 





Scooter Stafford (58) won the 250cc Pro class with another 1-1 score. 

Kenny Keylon (37) was second in moto one, but crashed out in round two. 

Yarnell crashed out, Crozier's 
Honda seized, Richardson dropped 
out, and Frisz put his WKR/Gear, 
Simpson-sponsored Suzuki ahead for 
the moto win. Barr bumped Steve 
Burdette out of second to take the 
overall win for the day. 

"I joined a Nautilus fitness center 
in Daytona and have been running 
three times a week," said Barr. “That 
conditioning really helped me come 


Stafford maintained his tradition 
of leading every 250cc moto thus far 
in the series and left Kenny Keylon, 
Liles, Todd Harrell, Dan Hafner and 
Troy Smith following his point. As 
the moto progressed, two intense bat- 
tles raged: one between Stafford and 
Keylon for the lead; and another 
between Liles and Harrell for third. 

Liles dispensed with Harrell and 
made it a three-way scrap for the lead. 
Ina thrilling move, Keylon and Liles 

in tandem passed Stafford, and the’ 

moto ended in the same order. 

“Billy was right there behind me," 
said Yamaha/Bell/Gear-sponsored 
Keylon. “It really was a good battle 
for a while." Yamaha support team 
manager Clark Jones, was one of the 
first to congratulate Keylon. 

Liles said, “I had different lines 
and should have tried to take Stafford 
and Keylon sooner. I had the speed, 
but time ran out." 

Stafford had Honda-mounted Tom 
Carson for company in the first turn 
at the start of moto two and the pair 
paced Keylon, Tim Ealy, Steve John- 
son and Keller as Liles struggled at 
mid-pack. Keylon got alongside Car- 
son, crashed, then remounted. Car- 
son hung onto leader Stafford's fender 
until Keller pried him off on lap 10. 

Keylon crashed on the tunnel jump 
and spent four minutes unconscious 
before being revived by the emer- 
gency medical technicians. “І don't 
remember much,” saida groggy Key- 
lon later. 

Keller, on the Savage Racing-pre- 
pared Honda, closed on Stafford but 
Stafford won. “I played the waiting 
game,” said Keller, “But he didn't let 

Liles, who was close enough by the 
end of the moto for a stab at the win, 
finished third for second overall. “т 
here to get in shape," Liles explained. 
“Му Kawasaki works bikes are being 
shipped from Japan to California. 
When they arrive there ГИ have to 
leave the series and head west." 


Stafford beamed in the pits after- 
ward. “I did everything to hold them 
off me. When my dad put the dollar 
sign on the pit board I found a little 
more energy.” 

'Tom Rice, a perennial series con- 
tender, missed the opening round 
and said, “1 trashed the transmission 
on my van on the way down from 
New York. I had to borrow a truck 
while mine is being repaired." Rice 
jammed into the first turn with Steve 
Martin, Keith Oelerich, Fred Vertucci, 
Tim Dohm, Keller, Mark Murphy 
and Alan Crum in the hunt. Martin, 
on an Alan Saari-prepared Kawasaki, 
took a turn at the lead but Oelerich 
and his Honda blitzed by on lap two. 

Keller moved in on Murphy and 
the pair exchanged third several times. 
“I kept falling and having to catch 
up," explained Murphy. Murphy's 
quest ended with a hole in his expan- 
sion chamber, forcing him to settle 
for third behind winner Oelerich and 
Keller. Martin took fourth. 

Oelerich said, “І worked all year, 
bought my own bike, and hope to 
win this series." 

In moto two, Texan Dennis Haw- 
thorne led Martin, Oelerich, Vertucci 
and Keller, with Murphy digging out 
from a so-so start. Martin rolled ahead 
on lap three as Murphy caught up to 
Oelerich and Hawthorne, with Keller 
off the pace with apparent problems. 

Murphy charged up on lap 15 and 
took over second from Hawthorne, 
but had to watch Martin dance to the 
win. “Не got away from me too soon 
and I couldn't reel him in," said 
Yamaha/Malcolm Smith-sponsored 

Oelerich, who took fourth behind 
Hawthorne, said, “I felt strong in the 
first moto but a fall took all my 

Asoverall winner Martin celebrated 
with his fiancee, Randi Roberts, he 
smiled and said, "I still don't feel 
completely at home on the Kawasaki 
but I'm getting more used to it every 
week.” e 

125cc: 1. Rodney Barr (Kaw); 2. Clay Hoenshell 
(Suz); 3. Michael Jones (Kaw); 4. Steve Burdette 
(Suz); 5. Terry Tinney (Suz); 6. Greg Randa (Yam); 7. 
Jeff Frisz (Suz); 8. Carroll Richardson (Kaw); 9. 
Mark Crozier (Hon); 10. Robert Delgado (Hon). 

250cc: 1. Scooter Stafford (Suz); 2. Billy Liles 
(Kaw); 3. Jo Jo Keller (Hon); 4. Tom Carson (Hon); 5. 
Tony Gallardy (Hon); 6. Kenny Keylon (Yam); 7. 
Kevin Foley (Yam); 8. Todd Harrell (Suz); 9. John 
Collins (Suz); 10. Fred Vertucci (Hon). 

500сс: 1. Steve Martin (Kaw); 2. Keith Oelerich 
(Hon); 3. Mark Murphy (Yam); 4. Jo Jo Keller (Hon); 
5. Dennis Hawthorne (Kaw); 6. Tom Rice (Kaw); 7. 

Fred Vertucci (Hon); 8. Tim Dohm (Yam); 9. Ron 
Dunfee (Hon); 10. Greg Randa (Yam). 


See Hannah and every champion 
when Za Supereross rocks 

Anaheim Stadium February 2 

invades Anaheim Stadium for round two of 
the 1985 AMA-sanctioned Insport Supercross 
Series on Saturday night, February 2. 

Rider rally 

Bob “Hurricane” Hannah is prob- 
ably the most anxious of any rider to 
take the supercross championship 
this year. He is hungry for another 
title; and wants to take the honors 
during the last year of his contract 
with Team Honda. Fully-recovered 
from wrist and foot injuries sustained 
last season, the “Hurricane” is ready 
to blast Anaheim in what could be 
his last appearance there before ru- 
mored retirement next year. 

At age 28, Hannah has a lot to 
prove. Hailed as the winningest mo- 
tocrosser of all time, Hannah will 
apply his best racing techniques to 
the Anaheim track on February 2. 
“То win, a rider has, to develop an 
arsenal of skills that will put him 

‘ahead of his competition," explained ' 

Hannah. “One of the most elusive of 
these skills is power to the ground. 
It’s not enough to just attack the 
course all-out 100 percent. Sometimes 
backing off just a little here and there 
can make you faster.” 

For the past three years, the rider 
who has taken the checkered flag at 
Anaheim Stadium has ultimately 
taken the supercross championship 
title. Donnie Hansen won the opener 
in 1982 and became the '82 Supercross 
Champion; David Bailey did the same 
in 1983; and Johnny O'Mara followed 
suit in 1984. All three were also 
aboard Team Honda — can the “Ниг- 
тісапе” and Honda do it again in '85? 

Many feel that Team Kawasaki 
veteran, Jeff Ward, is the one to beat. 
After many years without even one 
supercross win, Ward took three 
checkered flags in the series last year 
— Seattle; Pasadena and Los Angeles; 
and also is the reigning 125cc National 
Champion. New teammate, Mark 
Barnett, has switched from Suzuki to 
Team Kawasaki; and is a good one to 
watch this year along with Goat 

Team Yamaha’s Rick Johnson, the 
current 250cc National MX Cham- 
pion, and Broc Glover, who won the 
1984 Miller Masters Challenge wear- 
ing pink leathers, are both prime 
candidates to win the Anaheim Super- 
cross — yet neither has ever won a 
race at Anaheim before. 

Team Honda creates more competi- 
tion. David Bailey, the defending 
500cc National Champ; and Johnny 
O'Mara, the 1984 Supercross Cham- 
pion, both boast blistering wins at 
the past two Anaheim events. Add 
Ron “Тһе Machine" Lechien, whose 
riding style is often compared to that 
of Bob Hannah's, and the “Ншті- 
сапе” has a pretty tough force to beat 
even among his own teammates! 

Scott Burnworth and George Hol- 
land will ride Anaheim under the 
banner of Team Suzuki; and many 
more of your supercross favorites 
such as Team Tamm’s Alan King, 
and privateers like Warren Reid, Jim 
Holley, and Jeff Hicks. Reid broke 

his leg at Anaheim last year, but will 
be back to conquer the course on 
February 2. 

New race format 

Not only will Anaheim fans thrill 
to the competition in the 250cc Pro 
class at the MILLER HIGH LIFE 
SUPERCROSS, but also to the addi- 
tion of the 125cc Support class which 
is open to Pro-Am and Junior Pros 
this year under the new AMA race 
format. With 60 riders in the 250cc 
class and 40 riders in the 125cc class, 
there are actually 100 chances for the 
checkered flag at Anaheim! 

Іп the 125cc Support class, 40 riders 
will compete in two six-lap qualifying 
heat races of 20 riders each; and one 
10-lap main event final of 20 riders. 

Тһе 125cc-class riders will have black 

number plates with white letters, and 
the 250cc-class riders will have white 
number plates with black letters on 
their motocross bikes. 

Same great track 

PERCROSS at Anaheim Stadium 
boasts the same awesome track as last 
year — the one the riders said was the 
beston thecircuit! Six-hundred truck- 
loads of dirt will be hauled into 
Anaheim Stadium, transforming the 
Ram's playing field into a massive 
battlefield of spectacular jumps, pits, 
berms, whoop-de-doos, and hurdles; 
including the infamous Miller Moun- 
tain and the Coca-Cola Catapult. 

One new obstacle has been added 
to the course this year — the 18- 
Wheeler Screamer! Watch the best 
factory Pros and privateer riders 
wrestle with three 25-foot semi- 
trailers buried in the dirt! Partially 
concealed from sight, these eight- 
foot-wide trailers are nestled side-by- 
side to create a menacing jump. Test- 
ing the abilities of even the most 
courageous of riders, daredevils will 
jump like Evel Knievel over this 
spectacular track obstacle! 

Easy stadium access 

Stadium Motorsports Corp., pro- 
ducers of the MILLER HIGH LIFE 
SUPERCROSS, is concerned about 
traffic problems for fans going to 
Anaheim Stadium. They are working 
with the City of Anaheim and the 
California Highway Patrol to have 
extra officers directing traffic in the 
stadium vicinity on February 2 to 
help spectators get in and out of the 
area quickly. They are even looking 
into hiring a Sikorsky Sky Crane 
Helicopter to patrol the freeways and 
literally pick-up and remove any vehi- 
cles that might be jamming or block- 
ing the freeway due to accidents or 
mechanical problems! 

Take a moment to study the dia- 
gram of Anaheim Stadium and sur- 
rounding area. While you are prob- 
ably used to taking a certain route to 
the stadium, you will notice that 
there are several freeways with various 

= Se SEN 

18 WHEELERS 75: 


€ Lots of Stadium 
and Neighborhood 

@ Easy Freeway 

(714) 999-8990 

off-ramps; plus numerous side streets 
that will take you to the facility. 
There are probably even ways to get 
to the stadium that you didn’t know 
about! You might consider a few of 
the alternate routes that will give you 
other choices should your usual way 
become congested. Many surrounding 
businesses are also opening their 
parking lots for supercross spectators. 

For those who want to get to the 
supercross ahead of the crowd, a free 
Toyota Early Entry Pass lets you 
avoid the traffic and watch the Pros 
practice before the race begins. Along 
with your regular supercross admis- 
sion ticket, a Toyota Early Entry Pass 
lets you in the gate at 4 p.m. on race 
day. Simply stop by any participating 
Toyota dealer and get a Toyota Super- 
ticket, which gives you five supercross 
bonus coupons: a free ND Spark 
Plug gap gauge offer, a $2 discount 
ona 12-pack of regular or diet Coke, a 
$3 discount on a souvenir jersey, a $1 
discount on a souvenir program, an 
entry in the am-pm Mini Market/ 
Coca-Cola Sweepstakes, and your 
Toyota Early Entry Pass! 
Spectator specials 

Sign-up at participating area am- 
pm Mini Markets, Toyota dealers, or 
at the stadium on race day for your 
chance to win a prize in the am-pm 
Mini Market/Coca-Cola Sweepstakes! 
One lucky race fan will win the grand 
prize of a Toyota 4x4 SR5 Xtracab 
Sport Truck! But that's not all! You 
can be one of the many winners to 
receive a prize. Ten one-year supplies 
of music from Wherehouse Entertain- 
ment, ten one-year supplies of Coca- 
Cola, ten Nippondenso Spark Plug 
gap gauges, and one-year subscrip- 
tions to Dirt Bike, Motocross Action 
and MOT Ocross magazines will be 
given away in the am-pm Mini 
Market/Coca-Cola Sweepstakes. 
There are lots of chances io win, so be 
sure to enter. 

Join the fun at the KMET party! 
KMET Radio is hosting an afternoon 
of entertainment for supercross fans 


at Malibu Grand Prix located just off 
the 57 freeway, on Katella, next to the 
stadium. KMET will be hosting the 
party on race day from noon 'til 6 
p.m. for a regular admission price of 
$6 per person, and a special discount 
price of $5 for those with a supercross 
admission ticket. The price of admis- 
sion entitles you to three laps in a 
Malibu Grand Prix car plusunlimited 
video game playing! There will be 
party concession stands, KMET 
music, and disc jockeys Cynthia Fox, 
Rich Lewis, Frasier Smith, and more! 

See motocrosser Art Oliver and his 
dog, Banzai, the world's greatest 
moto-mutt, in action at the Anaheim 
Supercross. Banzai flies off jumps, 
absorbs the whoop-de-doos with his 
front legs, leans into the corners, and 
barks at any rider in the way as heand 
Art ride the track! 

Plan to be at Anaheim Stadium on 
Saturday night, February 2 for the 
CROSS! Find out if Bob "Hurricane" 
Hannah can win — his last victory at 
Anaheim was in 1977! This sensation- 
al event has been a sellout for the past 
six years, so get your tickets early. 
Tickets are available at Ticketron 
outlets — including Sears and Tower 
Records — at Super Shops, at the 
Anaheim Convention Center Box 
Office, and through the chargeline 
—213/410-1062, 714/634-1300, 619/231- 
3554. Ticket prices are $8, $10, $12, 
$15, and $18; Children 10 and under 
are half-price. Toyota Early Entry 
gates open at 4 pm; regular gates 
open at 6 pm; and racing starts at 8 pm. 

SMC is offering a “money back 
guarantee" to supercross fans. On 
race night, if you are not satisfied 
with theshow after the first qualifying 
heat, take your supercross ticket stub 
to specially-marked ticket windows 
and receive a full refund for the 
amount of admission paid. 

There will be amateur racing оп 
Sunday, February 3. For more infor- 
mation contact the California Racing 
Club (CRC) at 213/830-7519. e. 

January 30, 1985 (gj 


January 30, 1985 HAAB 


Uphill from the track 

By Dave Klakovich 

Sunday morning is when the local moun- 
tain roads in southern California are invaded 
by canyon racers. Riders who, not having 
found a place on the track, do their brand of 

racing in the canyons above 

the city. Drawn by the hot, dry 
air above three thousand feet, 
we stream up from the low- 
lands. The pavement in the moun- 
tains is clean and unoiled, and the 
road itself is only partially revealed as 
it climbs ahead. 

On the coastal side of the moun- 
tains the mornings are damp and 
cool, with low clouds and fog. At 60 
miles per hour on the freeway, I was 

bundled against the cold, looking . 

ahead to the mountains. Twenty cold 
miles brought me to Pasadena, at the 
foot of the San Gabriel range. My 
Suzuki 750 rumbled through the still 
sleeping streets with its four-into-one 

I made a right turn on Angeles 
Crest Highway, and in two miles was 
leaving the last few houses behind 
Here the road began to climb in earn- 
est. No more houses or gas stations, 
just unobstructed dry pavement, 
formed magically into long, sweep- 
ing curves, climbing into the moun- 
tain morning. After a few miles the 
overcast was left behind, and I emerged 

into a warm, sun-washed world. On 
the track, a green flag begins the 
competition. In the mountains, the 
blinding clarity of blue sky and 20- 
mile visibility signal the start of the 

As the tires heated up, I fell into a 
familiar rhythm. The simple thrill of 
being alive coursed through me. My 
senses were filled with the engine's 
song and the rush of the broken yel- 
low line as it raced to meet me. I 
began to use up ground clearance, 
and various parts of the Suzuki's 
underside began to touch down, leav- 
ing a metallic trail in the lane. The 
folding rubber footpeg and sidestand 
on the left were further modified that 
morning, as well as the footpeg and 
centerstand on the right. 

Unlike his counterpart on the track, 
the canyon racer must contend with 
the added hazard of unexpected ob- 
stacles in the road. I dived into a 
blind corner, right on line, only to 
find a football-size rock directly in 
my path. I levered the Suzuki further 
to the inside to miss the rock, and in 
doing so, aimed the bike into a patch 
of sand near the shoulder, causing 

the rear wheel to slide. I corrected by 
steering into the slide. When the bike 
finally stopped moving sideways, I 
was around the rock and back on my 
original line. I took a deep breath, 
made a mental note about rocks and 
opened the throttle. Ahead of me the 
road opened in silent invitation. 

The first few miles of that particu- 
lar road were designed, I feel certain, 
for the amateur road racer. There is 
more than just a civil engineer's solu- 
tion to the problem of crossing that 
section of mountain terrain. There is 
a beauty about that road, a magic 
beyond numbers, a conspiracy (among 
whom?) to entice the rider beyond 
reasonable speeds. Is it safe to charge 
through those corners on a clear 
Sunday morning beyond reasonable 
speeds? Not really. Does it produce 
the experience most riders, including 
myself, ride for? With a certainty. 

I let the tach needle drift back to 
6000 and picked my way through a 
difficult section. I had ridden this 
road more than 40 times, and I felt I 
knew it. The road seems to have 
moods a rider can sense. Too many 
variables exist in mountain racing to 
allow the kind of certainty that must 
be present in professional racing. In 
place of certainty, the rider learns to 
trust his sense of the road. On the 
track, through sheer repetition, the 
racer becomes intimately familiar with 
each corner. He knows when to start 

braking, when to accelerate, which 
line works best. By contrast, a canyon 
racer rarely goes through a given 
corner more than once or twice in one 
day, and often the corners are blind. 
This gives rise to a different kind of 
racing, less knowing, more trusting. 
Definitely more dangerous. 

With the difficult section behind, 
the road leveled out and cut straight 
acrossa gorge. If the mood of theroad 
could be put into words that day, they 
would have been: “Welcome. Have 
fun." I felt I should oblige it. 

Traveling 10 miles per hour in 
excess of the national speed limit, I- 
passed a T-intersection which led up 
to a different pass, and down the 
backside of the mountains into the 
high desert. That morning, though, 
my path led straight ahead, into the 
higher elevations of the San Gabriel- 
mountains, where the road runs for a 
time above 6000 feet. 

Ahead of me, I saw another bike 
disappear around a blind corner. My 
left foot moved from the footpeg and 
clicked the shift lever down twice, in 
one motion. Theengine immediately 
raced to 8000 rpm and I turned my 
attention from the mountain vegeta- 
tion back to the road, concentrating 
опа point 30 yards ahead of the front 
tire. The corner came up and I dove 
into it with throttle half-open, and 
front brake slightly on, not knowing 
which would be appropriate when 
the corner opened. More throttle was 
appropriate. I caught third gear at 
redline, the Suzuki came up straight, 
and I was away clean.— 

We were in a fast downhill section 
and I was closing on the other bike. 
Soon I caught the acrid odor of two- 
stroke racing oil and could see the 
bike was an RD400. One hundred 
yards ahead of me, the rider glanced 
over his shoulder, and I knew he had 
seen me. А fresh cloud of light blue 
smoke shot from his exhaust, mark- 
ing a downshift. Still I closed. The 
greater horsepower of the Suzuki and 
the fast, open corners allowed me to 
gain on the smaller Yamaha. I felt 
like a World War I fighter pilot, 
inexorably closing on the small, buz- 
zing enemy. When he was 50 yards 
distant, I could see he had reached the 
limit of his skill. Pulling up directly 
behind him, I centered him in my 
cross-hairs, preparing for the kill. 
The fatal button "was pressed, my 
turn indicator came on, and with the 
sound of four cylinders howling 
through a megaphone, I pulled ahead. 

My heart rate seemed to be equal to 
my engine rpm. To my right, just off 
the shoulder of the road, a cliff fell 
vertically 1200 feet to a rocky stream. 
I took the edge off my speed and 
savored the victory. 

In mountain racing there is very 
little bike-against-bike competition. 
The logistics of the road make it fool- 
ishly dangerous, so the one-on-one 
contest that really defines a race is 
actually missing. But there is an 
experience in the mountains that is 
not available on the track. It’s the 
experience of being alone in'a world 
of silence, and filling the silence with 
the sound of your passage. It's the 
experience of piloting а flash of color 
at high speed through a world made 
up of blue sky and green earth. 

'The Yamaha was no longer visible 
behind me. The road scaled a steep 
face, passed through a long cleft, and 
emerged on the back side of the 
mountains, 5000 feet above the high 
desert. I pulled into a turnout to look 
at the view. On the front side of the 
range, at lower elevations, the air is 
hazy and the predominant vegetation 
is scrub oak. On the back side, the air 
has a pristine quality, and the addi- 
tional precipitation at higher alti- 
tudes allows for the growth of pine 
and spruce, climbing straight in the 
clean air. Here also, shadows fall 

sharply to ground through the thin 
air, and the silence reaches from 
horizon to horizon. 

As I looked at the view, the Yamaha 
came up behind me, passed the turn- 
out, and continued on. The drone of 
his exhaust, rising and falling, sound- 
ed like an angry insect. The sound 
faded until it was part of the silence. 
Having no thought to catch the 
Yamaha, I left the turnout and went 
on, falling again into an easy rhythm. 
Riding in that way, very quickly, but 
in control, brought about a singular 
clarity of mind. My attention was so 
focused on the road, that nothing, 
save it, and my experience of being 
there, existed. No space remained for 
superfluous thoughts. It was a cleans- 
ing process. Only the road and the 
bike seemed real. The miles rolled 
away from the rear tire, and my 
thoughts were quiet. 

I recalled a small diner up ahead, 
noticed my hunger, and suddenly the 
bikeand road were of secondary impor- 
tance. The diner was recessed into a 
small space bordering the left side of 
the road. This was to be my last stop 
before taking the turn-off back to the 
city. Parked in a row in front of the 
cafe were about 15 other bikes, includ- 
ing the Yamaha. I motored to the far 
end of the row and parked. When the 
engine stopped, the silence returned. 

Other bikers stood outside, talking 
in pairs. Inside, I ordered breakfast 
and saw the Yamaha rider across the 
diner, talking to a waitress. I thought 
of going over to say, “Hello,” but 
really had nothing more than that to 
say, and decided against it. The wai- 
tress brought bacon and eggs. 

Finishing the meal, I stood up to 
go. The Yamaha rider nodded and 
smiled at me. I smiled back, and in 
that instant I realized that Sunday 
morning in the mountains was the 
same for both of us. 

Outside, I stopped to take a closer 
look at some of the bikes. One thing a 
canyon racer notices about a bike is 
how much footpeg, sidestand, cen- 
terstand, etc., has been worn away 
during enthusiastic cornering. The 
more metal worn away, the better the 
rider is presumed to be. Next, the tire 
tread is checked. Squatting down 
behind the RD400 showed the bike 
had been leaned over far enough to 
feather the edge of the tire tread. 

Canyon racing is at least as much a 
test of nerve as of skill, therefore, 
speed doesn't necessarily correspond 
to skill. There are no clear-cut win- 
ners, hence feathered tires and 
ground-off footpegs take the place of 
objective lap times, and form the 
criteria for winning. 

Standing up from behind the 
Yamaha, I sniffed the clear morning 

air with approval. It was time to go. ` 

In another hour I would be back in 
thecity. By that time these same roads 
would start to fill with Winnebagos 
and Honda GL1000s. Still, some of 
the best riding lay ahead, in the next 
few miles. 

Тһе reliable Suzuki started with a 
touch. I motored away slowly in first, 
giving the cooled engine a moment 
to fully wake up. While thinking 
about how potentially dangerous this 
mountain racing is, the tach needle 
traced its familiar arc toward the red. 

Тһе warm air rushing under my 
helmet to be inhaled was the same air 
diving through the engine intake. 
Taking a deep breath, the danger no 
longer seemed real. Though there 
would be no checkered flag, the race 
was on. I automatically caught second 
gear as the tach needle entered the 
red. The hard shift and full throttle 
lightened the front end for an instant. 
The danger was gone completely. My 
peripheral vision was a blur of ever- 
green and granite. Ahead of me the 
road was perfectly motionless and 
still climbing. е 

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The President Jacket from Esprit is 
designed for casual wear as well as for 
riding. Made from double A grade 
dress leather, the Italian-designed 
garment features longer sleeves with 
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January 30, 1985 GMAB 


January 30, 1985 ЗВ 


Honda's for-sale short track and ТТ race engine is based on the XL600 and 
sells for $2300 complete with ignition system. 

RS500D's good power output and broad powerband is due to hemispher- 
ical combustion chamber and radially-positioned valves, says Rob Muzzy. 


The RS500D engine comes as a left-hand-shifter, but can be converted to 
right-hand shifting. Transmission has five speeds. 

Split intake port works with a specially-shaped intake manifold (not 
shown) supplied with each engine. Note angles of valve guide holes. 

Headed for Houston: 

Honda's RS500D 
dirt track engines 

By John Ulrich 

The idea, says Team Honda dirt track man- 
ager Gene Romero when talking about the 
40 for-sale Honda RS500D engines, is that a 

guy can buy one engine and one frame and 

run both TT and short track 
races with one motorcycle. ТТ 
events allow 600cc singles; short 
tracks have a 500cc limit. So the 

RS500D engine comes with a 600cc 
conversion kit included in its $2300 

7444. нома овен че ar AC e 

То date, 32 of the 40 engines have 
been sold. АП are based оп the XL600 
engine with four valves radially dis- 
placed around the hemispherical 
combustion chamber. Honda calls it 
Radial Four Valve Combustion 
(chamber) and team engine builder 

Rob Muzzy says it's theneatest, most- 

vetro 6 TETTEN 

efficient combustion chamber he’s 
ever worked on. 

Along with the engine, Honda 
delivers a list of sources for parts like 
the frame, wheels, forks, shock, etc. 
needed to produce a complete race- 

Compared to the XL600 engine on 
which it is based, the RS500D engine 
has a different cylinder head with 
more fins and modified ports, an 
ART-forged racing piston, a balancer 
shaft with a solid gear (vs. the XL's 
spring-loaded, split-gear to reduce 
gear noise), a non-racheting cam chain 
tensioner, an oil pump with a larger 
scavenge side and a restrictor on the 
feed side, a machined-from-billet 
clutch hub and center and associated 
parts sized to accept an extra friction 

and an extra steel plate, a heavier. 

flywheel, and side cases machined to 
accept the larger flywheel on one side 
and the deeper clutch on the other. 
Тһе engine is sold with ignition 
but without a carburetor and exhaust 

system (Honda recommends a Mikuni 
40mm carb and a Kerker exhaust de- 
veloped for Honda's 1985 dirt track 
racing program by Steve Johnson of 
Kerker); as delivered, it weighs 90.4 

Honda claims that the 498cc ver- 
sion of the engine produces 54.2 bhp 
@ 8250 rpm and 39.8 Ib.-ft. of torque 
at 6000 rpm. With the 600cc kit 
installed — the kit includes piston, 
rings, cylinder, gaskets and camshaft 
— actual displacement is 589cc with 
59.2 bhp @ 8000 rpm and 44.3 Ib.-ft. 
(9 5000 rpm. The figures apply to 
engines fitted with the recommended 
carburetor and exhaust system. 

As for the remaining engines? 
They're waiting for buyers, and inter- 
ested parties can contact Keith Reeves 
at Team Honda, 213/604-2545. 

Everybody else can show up at the 
Houston Astrodome on February 8-9 
and see how Honda's RFVC RS500D 
engines fare in the hands of Team 
Honda's Ricky Graham and Bubba 
Shobert and a herd of privateers. € 

В$5000 cylinder head has more finning area than stock XL600 head; dual 
exhaust ports are retained in race version. 

RS500D pistons are forgings made in Japan by ART and carry three rings. 
On left is 100mm 589cc piston; on right is 92mm 498сс piston. 

Two views of the RS500D flywheel, with extra weight added by welding 
ona steel cover. Heavy flywheel makes engine more tractable for control- 
lable slides and strong drives off corners. 

TT engine kit increases RS500D bore from 92 to 100mm and displace- 
ment from 498cc to 589сс. Camshaft and gaskets are included. 

Cutaway view shows the details of the RS500D engine and oiling system. 
It'S based on the XL600 RFVC engine with radially-positioned valves. 

Honda 500 

Engine type Air-cooled 
SOHC single 
Bore x stroke 92x75mm 
Compression ratio 


40mm Mikuni 
54.2 bhp @ 
8250 rpm 

Valves per cylinder 
Intake valve size 
Exhaust valve size. 
Intake lift .. 

Honda 600 

Engine type Air-cooled 
SOHC single 
Bore x stroke . 100x75mm 
Compression ratio 


40mm Mikuni 
59.2 bhp @ 
8000 rpm 

5000 rpm 

Valves per cylinder 

Intake valve size 

Exhaust valve size 

Intake lift .... 

Exhaust lift 

Intake valve timing ..... 35-659 

Intake valve timing 

Exhaust valve timing ... 35-609 
(mesuring pt.) 




Gear ratios 

*Geared for Houston TT 

Exhaust valve timing ..... 

(measuring pt.) 
Ignition . 

Gear ratios 


January 30, 1985 (99910513 


Impression: АТК 560 

Chris Crandall's 
winning thumper 

By Larry Langley 

When an АТК four-stroke ridden by Chris 
Crandall, won the 1984 Barstow-to-Vegas 
Hare and Hound, many people could not 
believe that a four-stroke was capable of win- 

ning a desert race. Sure, maybe 

four-strokes could win a long 
distance race like the Baja 1000, 
but not a Hare and Hound 

against the best desert racers in the 

But there it was, with a full two- 
minute lead over Scot Harden's water- 
cooled, single-shock 500XC Husky. 

Two weeks later, we met Crandall 
at Indian Dunes to ride the ATK. Just 
what is an ATK? It's the creation of 
Horst Leitner, the creator of the A- 
Trak Torque Eliminator, a system 
of drive-chain rollers that Leitner 
says eliminates torque effects on the 
suspension. Leitner designed the ATK 
frame and suspension and kept it 
simple. While Leitner went to a sin- 
gle shock setup, he designed it to be 
mounted in an unconventional man- 
ner, on the left side of the swingarm. 
Obviously the swingarm has to be 
extremely beefy and rigid to with- 
stand the stress but the idea has been 
proven — BMW mounts their shock 
in a similiar manner (although on 
the opposite side). 

Тһе double-downtube, chrome- 
moly frame is built by C&J to Leitner's 
specifications and incorporates an 
oil tank for the dry-sump Rotax 
engine. The frame and Cal-Fab alum- 
inum swingarm have an A-Trak 
device built in. 

Тһе engine is а 562cc, four-valve 

single-cylinder Rotax producing 44 4) 


claimed 47 bhp — it is basically the 
same engine as in the KTM and Can- 
Am four-strokes. 

So what's it like to ride? Swinging 
a leg over, the claimed 37.5 inch seat 
height seems reasonable — combined 
with the spring sack caused by the 
rider's weight, the rider's feet can 
touch the ground. The ATK is sur- 
prisingly compact for a “Бір” four- 
stroke. Everything fits. Footpegs are 
mounted high which Crandall says 
keeps the rider's feet out of the rocks. 

Starting the 562cc Rotax motor is 
easier off the bike, kicking with the 
right foot ala Husky style. The big 
single kicks through fairly easily and 
placement of the piston just past top 
dead center is not as critical for start- 
ing as it is with some big-bore four- 
strokes. А compression release is fit- 
ted to make it easier to kick over. 
Once fired up we realized how loud 
the bike is. The twin exhaust pipes 
funnel into a “silenced” megaphone 
which lets anyone in the area know a 
booming four-stroke is around, A 4- 
inch Supertrapp is optional and we 
would recommend it on the basis of 

Our first easy ride brought to light 
a jetting glitch in the 38mm Amal 
carb. The bike blubbered off idle 
slightly before cleaning out. Cran- 
dall hardly noticed it because he rides 
mostly with the throttle full on, and 
one size leaner on the pilot jet would 
probably clear it up. Other than that, 

| > 

EL ls 

Atalmost $4000, the ATK 560 may not be for everybody, but it's got good 

suspension, excellent handling. (Below) Rear end uses A-Trak Torque 
Eliminator system, which reduces shock squat when the gas is turned on. 

the bike carbureted cleanly and pro- 
duced linear power; lots of it. There 
didn't seem to be any powerband, 
just turn the throttle and go. 

Fast. Very fast. The big thumper 
ate up terrain very quickly. The 
abundance of usuable power hooks 
upand the bike accelerates. It doesn't 
have the. quickness of a big two- 
stroke but it definitely puts the power 
to the ground. 

Power doesn't mean much if the 
bike doesn't handle but there the 
АТК shines. The Showa front forks 
have 43mm tubes; a White Power 
shock with attached reservoir is 
mounted in the rear. 

Production ATKs usea KTM front 
wheel with drum brake but Cran- 
dall's bike has a Honda disc brake 
set-up. He prefers the disc and so do 
we — it is excellent. 

While the bike weighs more than a 
big-bore two-stroke (249 lbs. dry), the 
weight doesn't hinder the handling 
that much. But let's be realistic. The 
extra weight would be a handicap in 
a really tough race. Crandall is 
extremely strong (his nickname 
among the other racers is animal") 
and is less bothered by the extra 
weight than most people would be. 
But make no mistake. It is the best 
handling four-stroke we have ridden. 
Тһе unusual (and single) rear sus- 
pension works and works well, with 
no linkage; the shock is easily access- 
able. - 

Тһе bike is fun to ride. It would 
make an excellent enduro bike with 
the addition of an odometer (and the 
quieter exhaust). It can be moto- 
crossed and on certain tracks might 
even work better than a two-stroke. 
But it was designed as a cross-country 

Engine type Air-cooled 
SOHC single 
Bore x stroke 
Compression ratio 
@ 8000 rp 

Valves per cylinder 
Intake valve size 
Exhaust valve size 
Intake lift 
Exhaust lift 
Included valve angle 
Intake valve timing .. 45.5°-7.5° 
Exhaust valve timing . 74.5°-30.5° 

(measuring pt.) ......... Omm 
Gear ratios 

Dry sump 

2.375:1 (76/32) 
3.200:1 (15/48) 
0.913:1 (21/23) 

motorcycle and works best in that 
environment. The bike is extremely 
stable over high speed whoop-de- 
doos and is confidence inspiring. 

Weran it down a very tight canyon 
figuring that the ATK would founder 
like most top-heay four-strokes. It 
didn't. Just put your weight forward 
on the tank and it turns. Now. Not at 
all like the mushy-turning manners 
of, say, an XR500 от a TT600, or 
even a modified XR. We were 

То keep the internals of the Rotax 
engine clean, a custom airbox houses 
a K&N filter. The airbox on Cran- 
dall's bike was designed for the desert not set up to keep water out. 
Modifications may be needed to keep 
water out of the air cleaner if ridden 
in wet conditions. 

Tires used by Crandall at Barstow- 
to-Vegas were a 3:00 x 21 K139 Dun- 
lop up front and a 4:50 x 18 Metzeler 
providing the traction in the rear. For 
our ride a 5:10 x 18 Dunlop was fitted. 

1.118:1 (19/17) 
1.400:1 (21/15) 
2.000:1 (24/12) 
2.909:1 (32/11) 

Front suspension .. Showa forks 

Fork tube diameter 

Front wheel travel 

Rear suspension... Single Shock 


Rear wheel travel 

Front brakes .. (1) 238mm discs 

Rear brakes Double leading 
shoe, 5.1 in. 

Front wheel 

Rear wheel 

Fronttire . 3.00-21 Dunlop K139 

Rear tire . 5.10-16 Dunlop K490 

Dry weight 


Fuel capacity 

Ground clearance 

Seat height 

Retail price 

Rotax motor has strong midrange 
and top-end power. 

Clearance on the Cal-Fab aluminum 
swingarm is minimal. Some tires 
may not fit. 

At $4000 retail the ATK is not 
cheap. But if you can afford it, you 
can have the best handling four- 
stroke available along with a certain 
amount of exclusivity: There aren't 
that many out there. е 

АТК riding 

Ву КИ Раітег 

I've never been much of a four- 
stroke fan. I mostly race moto- 
cross, and I tàke it seriously. 
When Гм not racing, I ike fast 
play riding in the desert or canyons, 
and my impression of four-strokes is 
that they are all generally heavy, slow 
and under-suspended for my kind of 
riding. But since riding Chris Cran- 
dall's Barstow-to-Vegas-winning 
ATK 560cc four-stroke, my opinions 
have changed . . . somewhat. 

When I first hopped on the ATK, I 
was impressed with the power, except 
down low where four-strokes are 
supposed to have gobs of torque. 
Since Crandall had the ATK jetted 
for wide-open desert racing, low end 
was severly lacking. The bike blub- 
bered, coughed and came close to 
loading up at low rpm if much throt- 
tle was used. Beyond that, the ATK 
hooked up well and accelerated 
smoothly. The ATK hit hardest in 
the middle of the powerband and 
continued to pull strongly on top. 

The ATK is heavy and it feels 
heavy, too. However, its suspension 
almost makes up for the weight. 
Unlike most four-strokes I've ridden, 
the ATK doesn't bottom harshly and 
the rear end doesn't kick straight up 
or out to the side when hitting large 
bumps at speed. Тһе back end worked 

Up front, the Showa fork is dialed 
in nicely, and I couldn't find any 
fault. It soaks up the jolts and never 

The ATK turns typically four- 
stroke-ish — precise, stable, but not- 
so quickly. It turns real well either 
using or not using a berm, as long as 
the turn isn't too tight. In hairpin 
curves, the ATK likes to drift to the 

Brakes work just okay, while the 
bar/peg/seat relationship is comfort- 

I like the ATK 560cc four-stroke 
more than I thought I would, because 
it has good power and handles. It 
makes an excellent desert bike and a 
decent motocrosser. But for basic trail 
riding, forget it — it doesn't have 
enough low end, and it can't turn 
tightly enough. But that's okay, be- 
cause the ATK isn't a playbike . . . it 

1-15 a race bike -— and а good one.- - e: =- - 


19th Annual Motorcycle Championships. Opening Rounds of the 1985 Camel Pro Series 

FRI., FEB. 8 

SAT., FEB. 9 
Short Track 

The largest gathering of former #1 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS will be at the 
Astrodome for the Premier Camel Pro races. One of the Past Champions will be 
elected the GRAND MARSHALL of the Houston races. Cycle News readers choose 
the GRAND MARSHALL through the Cycle News ballot in this issue. VOTE TODAY! 


Tickets On Sale At The Astrodome Box Office And All Ticketmaster & Ticketron Outlets 
And Participating Houston Area Honda Dealers 

CHARGE BY PHONE* On Mastercard or Visa 
*Phone Orders Subject To Service Charge (713) 799-9555 

Don't miss Honda's RICKY 
GRAHAM battling to defend his 
#1 plate against every winner of 
1984's 25 Dirt Track Nationals. 
Eight former Houston winners and 
five former #1 Grand National 
Champions are entered. See 
RANDY GOSS'first National Race 
on a Honda! 

The World's Largest Consumer 

Show Comes to the Astro Arena 
(Next to the 'Dome) 

Fri., Feb. 8 — 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. 
Sat., Feb. 9 — 10 p.m. to 8 p.m. 
Sun., Feb. 10 — 11a.m. to 5 p.m. 

The Choice 




Race Info: (713) 526-7666 

и notification 

Order from a 
For application 5 subie 

Send self-addressed, stamped envelope for free decal and brochure. 
2850 E. 29th St., Long Beach, CA 90806-2399 (213) 426-3498 

January 30, 1985 (93953 


January 30, 1985 (89910373 


А” С 

y Fo 





2550 Denali St., Ste 1601 
Anchorage, AK 99503 

(907) 278-9224 


22773 Hwy. 18 

Apple Valley, CA 92307 

(619) 247-2582 

P.O. Box 3098 

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(916) 342-8622 

1432 McHenry 

Modesto, CA 95351 

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6229 Eastside Road 

Redding, CA 96001 

(916) 241-1832 

2955 N. Wilson Way 

Stockton, CA 95295 

(209) 463-2912 

240 S. Loara 

Anaheim, CA 92802 

(714) 991-7210 


5958 S. Road 106 
Alamosa, CO 81101 
(303) 589-6461 


407 Auburn 

Colorado Springs, CO 80909 
(303) 574-6399 

P.O. Box 805 
Hotchkiss, CO 81419 
(303) 872-3444 


Box 1198 

Billings, MT 59101 

(406) 252-9341 

Box 162 

Clyde Park, MT 59018 

(406) 686-4921 


1923 Hwy. 50W 

Carson City, NV 89701 

(702) 883-6111 



313 Louisiana St. 

Albuquerque, NM 87108 

(505) 256-9587 


4303 Cache Rd. 

Lawton, OK 73505 

(405) 355-1808 


4127 W. 34th St. 

Amarillo, TX 79109 

(806) 355-2921 

5218 34th St. 

Lubbock, TX 79407 
(806) 797-7449 


748 Harrison Lane 

Hurst, TX 76053 

(817) 268-6875 



6601 S. State 

Salt Lake City, UT 84107 
(801) 263-2600 

602 N. Main 

Layton, UT 94041 

(801) 544-0717 


125 N. Central Ave. 
Kent, WA 98032 
(206) 852-8670 



P.O. Box 415 

Green River, WY 82935 
(307) 875-9205 

2616 Cowgill Rd. 

Cody, WY 82414 

(307) 587-2454 


the Lion-Hearted 

A lot has happened in the thirteen years 
there have been Can-Am motorcycles. 
The capture of Bonneville land speed 
records. The 1-2-3 finish in the 1975 
National 250 Motocross Championships. 
Jimmy Ellis' incredible Supercross sweep 
in 1976. Can-Am's enviable collection of 
ISDE gold. 

And it goes on! With new ISDE gold 

from Geoff Ballard, who also happens 
to be one of three Can-Am mounted 
National Hare Scrambles champions. With 
NETRA and ТНРТРА titles. А 0-37 Overall 
Desert Racing crown. Three National 
Enduro titles in Canada. As well as a Pro 
Formula 2 road-racing championship. 
At the heart of all these Can-Am 
successes you find the same awesome 
device. A Rotax engine. Rotax has the 
ability, year after year, to extract amaz- 
ing power from a given displacement. 
That's why it's the engine of choice for 
Serious go-kart racers, TT riders and 

Formula 250 
roadracers around 
the world. 
But what is truly 
amazing is that 
Rotax achieves this 
performance while 
delivering a level of 
reliability only 
dreamt of by other 
This unique com- 
bination helps make Can-Am the ideal 
privateer's bike: a powerplant whose out- 

put has been carefully 
Shaped to deliver 
maximum performance 
for the competition 
at hand, without the 
frequent repairs and 
rebuilds some engines 
find necessary. 

Other motorcycle 
makers look with 
envy at Rotax. Many 
would like to own it. 

Can-Am already does. 

"ІНІ could 
personally test 
every Can-Am 
we ship, I'd be 

happy ” 

| Twice World 

500сс MX Сһат- 

ріоп Jeff Smith 
is Can-Am's 

а manager 

"In any kind of motorcycling en- 
deavor, development is everything. 
You must continually strive to be 
better and faster." 

"For most motorcycle builders, 
that development goes in fits and 
starts. Because, when mass produc- 
tion begins, problems that haven't 
been solved must live on until next 
year." ; 

"Because every Can-Am is virtual- 
ly hand-made by the craftsmen at 
Armstrong in England, we have 
something of an advantage in this 
area. Development goes on as it 
must, continuously. Whether it's 
knowledge gained from our exten- 
Sive test-riding program or through 
tough competition, when we find 
something we can make better, we 
do it. Then." 

"We don't build many Can-Am 
motorcycles each year. But what 

Since the violent suspension revolu- 
tion of the late '70s, the pace of 125 
and 250cc motocross development 
has slowed. Every year riders get a. 
little faster. Bikes get a little better. 
It's a kind of inevitable evolution. 
What's been going on at Can-Am, 
on the other hand, is heavy-duty 
evolution. With each bike now hand- 
built by British craftsmen and 
Can-Am designers freed from long 
production deadlines, the climate 

year, the improvements are truly 

Performance of both the Can-Am 
125 MX and 250 MX engines has 
been increased dramatically with 
the new R.AV.E. automatic variable 
exhaust port from Rotax. A new 
seat/tank combination allows a 
lower center-of-gravity for the fuel 
and a further-Forward cornering 
position for the rider. Both the 
front and rear brakes have been 
revised for better stopping power 

with a double leading shoe arrange- 
ment up-front on the 250 MX. 

The alloy swingarm is longer for 
better high speed stability. The new 
airbox gives increased volume. 

And Can-Am's Quad Link rear sus- 
pension system has been revised to 
give an easier ride all ‘round. 

Yet, with all this change for the 
better, Can-Am МХ-егѕ still do what 
they've long done best: promise, 
and deliver, rock-solid reliability. 

we do build, we build well!" 

for development is ideal. And this 

New TT head makes 
more thump than ever! 

The way to build the best 
motocross bike is pretty ob- 
vious. Put the best engine 
in the best chassis. 

As expected, this rule 

holds true for 4-stroke moto- 

crossers as well. Can-Am has 
the proof. 

Behold the Can-Am 560 
Sonic MX! Its tough, light- 
weight Reynolds 531 frame 
is hung with loads of attrac- 
tive new hardware. Dual 
leading-shoe front brake. A 
compact, new exhaust 
system. Massive 5.50 x 18 
Metzeler rear knobby. And 
Can-Am's superb new Quad 
Link Il rear suspension. 

Now, think! What's the 
fastest, most successful 
500cc 4-stroke engine on 
the dirt? None other than 
the Rotax dirt-track TT en- 
gine. This powerplant and 
the Sonic MX engine share 
the same roots. 

Now they share a lot 
more. Like the same large- 
valved, charge-flowed 
cylinder head. And the 
elimination of the engine 
counter-balancer for whip- 
lash throttle response. 

The best chassis. The best 
engine. Guess what that 
makes the Can-Am 560 
Sonic MX! 

Martin and Ballard 
have often 
been clean, but never 
this neat! 

Having a clean scorecard 
or finishing 1-1 is what it's 
really all about. But looking 
great while you're doing it 
definitely runs a close sec- 
ond. John Martin (nylon 
mesh racing pants with 
Can-Am T-shirt) and Geoff 
Ballard (satin-finish Antron 
pants with Can-Am jersey) 
demonstrate a couple of 
ways to go about it. 

Your Can-Am dealer has 
lots more including hats, 
gloves, jackets; even a can- 
vas Can-Am duffel bag. 


The explosive Can-Am 

500 MX has an arsenal of 
new features that help 
make it mightier than ever. 
More horsepower from its 
reliable Rotax reed-valve 
engine. Double leading-shoe 
front brake. A fat Metzeler 
5.50 x 18 rear knobby. 

Can-Am's new Quad Link II 
suspension. A bigger gas 
tank mated to a longer seat 
that allows a better rider 
position for tight cornering. 
And to help keep the front 
wheel within 90 degrees of 
the horizon. 

New R.AVE. valve 
from Rotax 
reshapes exhaust 
flow as you ride 

It’s no secret that small changes in a 
bike's exhaust system can make a 
big difference in the way its engine 
performs. The system that delivers 
peak, charging-down-a-straight 
power is not the same system that 
pumps out maximum torque for 
blasting out of slow corners. 
A Thats why 
most bikes 
come with a 
road pipe: not 
ideal at top 
speed, but not 
hopeless at low. 

Now Rotax has added a remark- 
able device to the new Can-Am 125 
and 250cc liquid-cooled power- 
plants. It's called the Rotax Auto- 
matic Variable Exhaust. 

" в RAVE 
changes the 
flow pattern of 
your exhaust 
System as you 
race. Automati- 

At high engine speeds (FIC. A), 
РАМЕ. offers the high-volume and 
effective extraction properties of a 
peak power system. 

At lower engine speeds (FIG. B), a 
guillotine valve, mounted in the 
port and activated by exhaust pres- 
sure, progressively closes to help 
maintain the flow velocity necessary 
for good extraction. 

R.AM.E. is a highly effective, yet 
remarkably simple device. And 
there lies its advantage over other 
designs. There are no complicated 
linkages to break, no delicate 
mechanisms to carbon up. 

Simply excellent performance. 
At any engine speed. 

The ASE's from Can-Am 
just keep getting better 

Meet the 200 ASE 
from Can-Am, a 
new enduro bike 

"that is going to 

create a significant 
swing in the on- 
going class strug- 
The Can-Am 
175 ASE was an ех- 
ceptional bike. But, 
every time they 
competed on it, 
Can-Am riders 
were giving away 
25cc to the class 
The new Can-Am ШЕШЕ 
200 ASE puts an 
end to all that unfairness. Those 
extra 25cc's are no ordinary cc's. 
They're from Rotax. And they were 


The ideal dirt bike suspension 
should react perfectly to everything 
from ripple bumps to stutter - 
bumps to whoops... to absorbing 
the force of a high altitude landing. 
Working with just a few inches of 
suspension travel and some neat 
tricks of lever mechanics, the best 


produced, not by opening out the 
old 175, but by sleeving the over- 
square, rotary-valve 250. The result 

any real suspension can do is cover 
that part of the surface deflection 
range the designer thinks is most 

Take some other popular suspen- 
sion designs. They're Real Comfort- 
able on lesser bumps but “look out 
below" when you land a jump. 

On the other hand, last year's Can- 
Am suspension was built to swallow 

is an engine that 
is incredibly 
strong, as well as 

Handling has 
been improved 
too, with the new 
Quad Link Il rear 
suspension and a 
lighter, alloy 

In the toughest 
woods sections 
or the fastest 
hare scrambles, 
Can-Am's new 
200 ASE is going 
to make a big dif- 
ference. In 

greater rider comfort, in lower 
point scores. And in results columns 
all across the country. 

almost any landing short of atmos- 
phere re-entry. 

Now, new Quad Link 1 offers the 
best of both worlds: exceptional 
rider comfort and heavy-duty disas- 
ter protection: 

It’s on every new Can-Am moto- 
cross and enduro bike. And it will 
make a noticeable difference 
wherever you ride. 


How to turn the 

deepest woods into 

unsprung weight. 
But there's a lot 
more you notice 
when you ride these 
bikes. The gentle but 
positive action of the 
new Quad Link Il rear 
suspension. The 
power of the double 
leading-shoe front 
brake on the 500 ASE. 
The improved com- 

a motocross track 

The Can-Am liquid-cooled 
250 ASE L/C is the ultimate 
in built-to-win enduro 

It is, in effect, a motocross 
bike with a few refinements 
to make it suitably civilized 
in the woods — 6-speed 
gearbox, medium-weight 
flywheel, odometer, lights 

restriction spark arrestor/ 

The 250 ASE L/C is амай- 
able only on special order 
from your Can-Am dealer. _ 

When you get it, you roll it 
straight out of the box and 
into battle. And the only ex- 
tra you'll have to buy is the 
trophy case. 

From New England forests to 
California deserts, Can-Am 
ASE's have had an impressive 
season across the country in 
the hands of both factory 
riders like John Martin and 
Geoff Ballard as well as hun- 
dreds of 10096 privateers. 
What all those riders liked 
best about the ASE's is still 

there. But dozens of improve- 

ments have-been made that 
will make ASE performance 
even better. 

Some of them you can 
see just looking at the bikes. 
Air-deflector wings and por- 
cupined cylinder fins for bet- 
ter cooling. Answer products 
muffler/spark arrestor for 
improved exhaust efficiency. 
New alloy swingarm for less 

fort and cornering and an Answer products low- 
potential of the new - 
seat/tank combination. Р 
All these things 
make the new ASE's 
| better ASE's. But 
| they'vestill got what 
Martin and Ballard 
and every other Can- 
Am rider likes best: 
the kind of bedrock 
reliability that lets you com- 
pete every weekend without 
a teardown every other 
Rotax reliability. It's the 
heart of these new Can-Am 
ASE's. And the logic behind 
your next successful season. 

Two world-famous engines CAN-AM 
inspire two new trials bikes WINNING FORMULA 

| A winning trials engine must Winning equals talent, plus 
| deliver exactly the perform- ( a hefty dose of technology. 

ance the rider calls for, at 1 Nowhere is this more true 

any speed, pulse by pulse. 2 , than in Formula 250 road- 
| Two of the best such en- f racing. And in Formula 250, 

gines in the world are built 2” 4 + Can-Am packages the tech- 
ig by Can-Am's own Rotax / j ж nology that's winning the 
| division. So Can-Am has 1 Ф ] 4 world. It's called the 250RR 
designed a pair of bikes that ) еу man. and awesome is too sissy a 
will use the Trials 240 and | word for it. в: 
the "Jumbo" 350 to the | 4 р, Its power comes from SE > 
peak of their potential. \ ; Rotax. Rotary-valved, liquid- light (7 Ibs.) апа appropri- 

. With their light weight, _ ] cooled, dual contra-rotating ately expensive. 

fine balance, rugged durabil- crankshaft exotica. Its If you have the talent (and 
ity and surgically precise handling and performance the sponsor) necessary to 
performance, the new Can- come from superb design. win іп Formula 250, see 
Am 240Т and 550Т have Including a frame fabricated your Can-Am dealer. And 
everything it takes to win. from carbon fiber that is Stock up on the right 
Except you. А amazingly strong, incredibly technology. 

; MODELS 125MXL/C  |250MXL/C = | 500МХ < (56050МІСМХ | 200ASE 250 АЗЕ 250 АЅЕ ШС |500 АЗЕ 240TRIALS — |350TRIALS | 250 ОАО RACER ! 
7 DISPLACEMENT 123.7 cc 248 cc T|aB23cc ^ 5621 cc air cooled 1 99.5 cc 248.4 сс 248 cc ] 482.5 cc 254 cc 349 cc 247.3 сс 
| liquid cooled liquid cooled air cooled four-stroke air cooled | liquid cooled liquid cooled air cooled air cooled air cooled inline twin 
BORE 54mm 72mm 85mm [89 mm 64.5 mm 72mm | 72mm 85mm 72mm 82mm | 54 mm 
! STROKE 54mm _| 61mm 85mm 1794 mm 61mm 61mm | 61mm 85mm 57.5 тт 66 тт 54 mm 
1 IGNITION Motoplat Kokusan CDI Nippondenso CDI | Bosch CDI Bosch Bosch Motoplat 
ШАҚ LUBRICATION Premix 40:1 Premix 25:1 Oil pump Premix 40:1 | Premix 25:1 Premix 40:1 | Premix 20:1 
| FUEL Premium unleaded Premium 
(98 octane) 
Я T 
CLUTCH 6 plates 7 plates 8 plates 5 plates 6 plates 7 plates 8 plates 6 plates 7plates 6 plates (dry) 
| n | ML oe 
: TRANSMISSION 6 speed 5 speed 5 speed 5 speed 6 speed 6 speed 5 speed 6 speed 5 speed 6 speed 
STARTING Primary kick 
CARBURETOR Mikuni VM-54 Bing 40 тт Mikuni 38 mm Mikuni VM-34 Bing 40 mm Amal Dell'Orto 36 x 2 
VaL, se : 
AIR FILTER Twin air foam Foam N/A 
SPARK PLUG TYPE Bosch NGK Bosch NGK Bosch Bosch 
EU set ul | 
SPARK PLUG W300TZ W275TZ D8ES W300TZ W275TZ W300TZ W275T2 N/A М/57025 
` ENGINE SPROCKET 13T 147. 7T 14T |15Т 14T 18T 15Т 17Т 
WHEELBASE 151.1 ст 1505 ст ` 151.1 ст 130.8 ст 133.55 cm N/A 
(59.5") (59,57) (59.5") (51.5) (52.57) 
ЗЕАТ НЕСНТ 96.5 cm (38^) Safety seat 74.93 cm (29.5") 76.2 cm (50^) 
"GROUND CLEARANCE | 35.5 ст (14”) 37.4 ст 114.75") | 55.5 ст (14) н 37.5 ст (14.75") | 35.5. ст (14) | 31.1 ст(12.25") 15.2ст(6") 
FUEL CAPACITY 11.8L 10.45 L 15651. 10.451 13.651 8.651 24.51 
(2.6 Imp. gallons) (2.5 Imp. gallons) | ($ Imp: gallons) (2.51mp. gallons) | (3 Imp. gallons) | (1.9 Imp. gallon) (5.4 Imp. gallons) 
(5.12 US gallons) (2.76 US gallons) | 45:76 US gallons) (2.76 US gallons) | (5.6 US gallons) | (3.6 US gallons | (2.28 US gallons) 16.47 US gallons) 
WEIGHT, DRY 92.55 kg 98.88 kg 109.77 kg 113.85 kg 1.15 kg 102.96 kg 100.69 kg 111.5kg 88.9 kg 90 kg 104.32 kg 
(204 pounds) (218 pounds) (242 pounds) (251 pounds) 3 pounds) | (227 pounds) (222 pounds) (246 pounds) | (196 pounds) (200 pounds) | (230 pounds) 
SUSPENSION, front | 40 mm, ; db 35mm o Marzocchi with 
Marzocchi with Piffero damping; Teflon bushings Ы Marzocchi adjustable damping 
TRAVEL 50 ст (11.87) % r 16.5 cm (6.5) N/A 
SUSPENSION, rear White Power; compression and rebound adjustable; ауд Marzocchi DeCarbon rising 
Quad Link Il progressive reaction system rate 
TRAVEL 32 cm (12.6) 31.97 cma2597] 52 ст (12.6”) | 15.24 ст (6”) N/A 
FRAME Reynolds 531 tubing 
ue $ 
SWINGING ARM Heat treated aluminum Reynolds 551 Heat treated 
А Tubing aluminum 
FRONT TIRE Metzeler Michelin Michelin Wets 
3.00 x 21 : Е 2.75х21 10/64-18 
RIMS Akront с Campagnolo 
REAR TIRE Metzeler Metzeler Е Metzeler Metzeler Metzeler Metzeler Michelin Michelin Wets 
4.50x 18 5.10x 18 4.50x 18 5.10x 18 4,50 x 18 5.10 x 18 4.00 x 18 15/66-18 
STEERING HEAD ANGLE | 28° 279 269 
BRAKES, front 140 mm drum 125 mm drum Twin 260 mm 
Brembo Disc 
BRAKES, rear 440 mm drum 125 mm drum Single 250 mm 
Brembo Disc 
CHAIN EK. 520 H 
; REAR WHEEL SPROCI 50T | 46T 40T 34T 
SPECIAL FEATURES Rotax engine with rotary valve induction. Kickstand. Resettable odometer. Quick service airbox. Muffler/spark arrestor. t Е to 
ASE SERIES Quick detach rear wheel with snail cam chain adjustment. Enduro lighting. road racer only 

à Bombardier Inc. reserves the right at any time to dis- 
- continue or change specifications, designs, features, 
models or equipment without incurring obligation 

480-439500 Litho'din Canada ®*Registered Trademark of Bombardier Inc 

Losing only 27 seconds on the 70-mile-long course, Mark “Cuddles” 
Wiechmann took top honors in the FRA's Frosty Cactus Enduro. 

FRA Enduro 

Wiechmann wins 
FRA Frosty Cactus 

By Mike Klinger 

Mark Wiechmann used a new 1985 YZ250 
Yamaha to zeroall 11 checks in the first-ever 
Family Racing Association (FRA) Frosty 
Cactus Enduro. Duralube, Scott Goggles, 

Banzai Brothers and IMS all 
shared in sponsoring the Frosty 
Cactus, the first enduro of 1985. 
The organizers of the event 
stated that if they drew around 300 
riders the enduro would be a big suc- 
cess. Well, riders and spectators pour- 
ed into the old Charlie’s Place pit 
area to the tune of almost 400 entrants. 
Many enthusiasts were on hand to 
help including CORVA and several 
search and rescue teams. Barstow- 
to-Vegas winner Chris Crandall rode 
the event along with Team Hus- 
qvarna’s Mark Blackwell. 

At 8:00 a.m. Sunday morning the 
first riders hit the turf. Under cloudy 
skies and some sprinkles, Scott Samp- 
son, David Lemaster Jr., Scott Jacob- 
sen and Chris McCarrell were the 
first riders to make tracks on the vir- 
gin course. They traveled south to- 
wards Red Mountain in the open 
desert and approached the first spe- 
cial test, a 30-mph section that had 
everyone hustling for the three-mile 

Kawasaki-mounted and Jones Gog- 
Scott Jacobsen turned in an outstand- 
ing score — losing only 3.0 seconds, 
over the six-check loop one. Jacob- 
sen’s arch rival, Yamaha rider Mike 
Chamberlain Jr., placed second to 
Jacobsen with a score of 33 seconds. 

Both riders topped the hotly-contested 
Mini A division. Third overall went 

to Women C rider, Sandy Vance 
(Hon) who narrowly edged out Brent 
Bainbridge (Yam) and Bill Ostrom. 
Ostrom won the Beginners class with 
his fifth overall, the largest class 
entered with 23 riders. 

Loop two proved to be very chal- 
lenging for a majority of the riders 
although five hotshots did manage to 
zero the entire event. Starting at the 
same location as loop one, the riders 
hit the gears beneath the huge FRA 
banner that made it look as if the 
ISDE was happening. Again heading 
for Red Mountain the loop included 
five checks, of which three were tie- 
breakers including the finish check. 
The Frosty Cactus finally had some 
good uphills and some breath-taking 
downers, natural in the Red Mountain 
area. The loop ended at 30 mph 
through the moon rocks. ` 

When the dust had settled — sorry, 
there was not any dust — ''Cuddles" 
Wiechmann had completed the 70- 
mile course losing only 27 seconds. 
Four other riders gave Wiechmann a 
real run for the gold. Honda-mounted 
Scott Sampson lost the overall by 13 
seconds with a score of 40 seconds. 
Robb Mesecher was five seconds off 
the pace set by Sampson on a bor- 
rowed scooter. Sunday morning 


Mesecher pounded his kick starter 
and could not get his new CR250 
to fire. He borrowed Randy Kemp's 
new CR250 and placed third overall. 
When the event was over, Mesecher 
suddenly remembered the rag that 
was stuffed in the air box! 

Enduro ace Bill Fullmer Jr. (KTM) 
had the enduro won except he must 
practice his trials riding. Coming 
into the finish tiebreaker check, 
Fullmer was too hot and had to actu- 
ally trials-ride the KTM into the 
cards and lost valuable seconds. 
Fullmer finished one second behind 
Mesecher. Kurt Butler (Yam), riding 
250 AA, also had his eyes on the top 
position but a burnt check dropped 
him to 33rd overall. American Hon- 
da’s Grant Palenske put his 250 in 
fifth overall with the last and final 
zero score on the day, 0.49. Rounding 
out the top 10 was sixth overall Mark 
Cook (KTM), Garner Palenske (200 
Kaw), Rick Daniel (Hus), Jack Sim- 
merman (Yam) and finally John 
Owen (KTM). Simmerman's score of 
1.72 was outstanding considering he 
was the top B rider. Suffering from a 
smashed foot, Harry Keast (Mai) 
managed 22nd overall, a score of 
1.115 and received the overall class 
win in the Super Senior division for 
young men 46 and up. Chris McClel- 
land (Yam) turned in the best time of 
the day. for all the C riders entered, 
3.185. Answer Products’ rider Dana 
Bell (Hus) again topped all the women 
riders and most of the men. 

OVERALL: 1. Mark Wiechman (Yam); 2. Scott 
Sampson (Hon); 3. Robb Mesecher (Hon); 4. Bill 
Fullmer Jr. (KTM); 5. Grant Palenske (Hon); 6. Mark 
Cook (KTM); 7. Garner Palenske (Kaw); B. Rick 
Daniel (Hus); 9. Jack Simmerman (Yam); 10. John 
Owen (KTM). 

MINI А: 1. Scott Jacobsen (Kaw); 2. Mike Cham- 
berlain Jr. (Yam). 

BEG: 1. Bill Ostrom (Yam). 

WOMEN C: 1. Sandy Vance (Hon). 

B: 1. Jack Simmerman (Yam). 

SUPER SR: 1. Harry Keast (Mai). 

C: 1, Chris McClelland (Yam). 

WOMEN: 1. Dana Bell (Hus). 

CRC Enduro 

Williams wins CRC 
Frosty Desert 

By Bill Herndon 

Open AA rider Steve Williams 
took advantage of an almost 
dust-free course to top 340 riders 
and take the overall win at 

California Racing Club's 1985 enduro 
season opener. 

This event was the first CRC three- 
looper in a while, and offered no late 
points on the first loop for two and 
three loopers. 

The first loop headed south paral- 
lel to Trona Road, then broke into 
the Spangler Mountains. Due to lack 
of checkers, tiebreaker check two was 
tossed. But a fun supercross section 
wiggled around for 7.5 miles into the 
next tiebreaker check three, at seven 
miles. This check was not very well 
hidden, as several sharp riders spotted 
it in time for perfect 30's. The 10- 
minute reset was too long for most 
riders. But dropping into Painted 
Canyon for a mile, then out across 
the open desert for four miles, and 
finally under the railroad tracks at 
the 20-mile marker to Old Rade- 
macher mining area, there was plenty 
of terrain variety. Running two more 
tunnels (not the headscraper variety), 
anda return to Teagle Wash brought 
the completion of loop one at 32.8 

miles. ( : 
After a 19-minute break, riders 
headed north near Trona Road. 

Heading oüt through old Charlie's 

Place, check two hid at 6.3 miles and ` 

was the “check-in” to the Special Test 
at 24 mph. Check-out came at 10.4 

miles, but again, many alert but early 
riders saw the cards, as they were not 
obscured well. At the reset, several 
riders said the speed in the rocks 
should have been set at 30 mph, 
because there were too many zeroes. 
Also, that the 10-minute reset at 11.2 
miles was too long. The course re- 
sumed through open desert, then 
into a rocky section that was used 
backward a week before by the FRA 
Enduro. Dropping down into a 30 
mph sandwash had everyone banzai- 
ing all the way to the railroad tracks, 
up and over them, then another 1.6 
miles to the home check at a 24 mph 

It was in the above 30 mph section 
that there was a monster road-crossing 
rut that could have caused instant 
endos for anyone not tapped out. It 
had a down arrow danger sign. But 
being right at the lip, there was no 
time for rider reaction. 

Loop three started after another 
short 16-minute break, and provided 
no Zero scores. 

Starting off southbound near where 
loop one had started, it seemed to go 
at a seemingly-easy 24 mph. Wrong! 
Riders soon found their hands full 
with the challenging and undulating 
camelback hills and off-camber and 
tight turns. 

One of the best-placed enduro 
checks ever, at 3.6 miles, came in this 
section, only about 20 feet over a 

‘ridge, and on a fairly steep downhill; 

there was simply no way to sluff or 
gain speed. This wasalsoa tiebreaker, 
and the check-in to the third loop 
Special Test section. With a 4.6-mile 
duration, the last three miles jumped 
to 36 mph. 

The check-out, also a tiebreaker, 
was up т a canyon in the Spanglers. 
It wasn't hidden well at all, and it 
didn't need to be: Everyone was late! 
Then, 0.4 mile after this check, there 
was а 10-minute reset up at the top of 
the mountain. This time, most of the 
riders felt it was a good length rest. 

Remounting, riders jumped into a 
long sandwash road, turned left up a 
big hill and opened out into some 
virgin enduro terrain for about one 
and a half miles. The go-for-it third 
loop course then dropped down into 

Teagle Wash, doubled back up the - 

Spanglers one last time, all the way to 
the top, down the back side into open 
desert to a sign saying “Boogie — No 
More Checks.” Some more virgin ter- 
ritory at 24 mph brought riders back 
to the finish of a creative loop three, 
and the finisher pin crew. 

Тһе biggest problems of the day 
proved to be marking, or lack of it, 
and not enough check personnel. 
Open A Vet Heath Hibbard, who put 
himself out of class-win contention 
when he burned a check by only one 
second, said, “Тһе best thing about 
the event was lack of dust, but they 
could have used twice as much rib- 
bon as they did." Bruce Boring, 250 A 
Vet, echoed nearly everyone's senti- 
ments: “They gotta have more checks, 
even if it is а three-looper.”’ 

The long-distance award might 
have to go to Fresno's incredible high 
school Junior, Donnie Simmone. 
While Don Sr. had the misfortune of 
shearing the lower shock eye on his 
250 KTM in the loop three challenge, 
Donnie took his KDX200 to second in 
class, fourth overall, only 23 seconds 
behind the overall winner Williams. 


OVERALL: 1. Steve Williams, Open A (1.71); 2. 
Kent Perkins, Open AA (1.81); 3. Phil Williams, 
200A (1.89); 4. Donnie Simmone, 200A (1.94); 5. 
Mark Cook, Open АА (1.99); 6. Don Dudek, Open A 
Vet (1.103); 7. Mike Hastings, 250A (1.104); 8. 
Randy Pretzer, 250A (1.107); 9. Everett Angles, 
Open AA (1.113); 10. Jim Bollingmo Jr., Open AA 
4-St. (1.117). 

TWO LOOPS: 1. Rob Peters, 2008-1 6 (0.0); 1. Bill 
Lapworth, 250C Vet (0.0); 3. Dana Bell, Women A 
(0.01); 3. Christy Hamner (0.01); 5. Terry Huff, 200C 
VET (0.02); 5. Scott Daw, 250B-16 (0.02); 5. Bob 
Мен 125C Vet (0.02); 5. Kathy Labram, 2005 





Red Alert! 

The great Navy land 
grab of 1985 

By Rex Reese 

For the past several months the United States 
Navy has been on maneuvers in the middle 
of California's Imperial Valley. They aren't 
using aircraft carriers or submarines, and 

nobody’s called in any tactical 
air strikes — not yet, that is. 
What the Navy's done is that 
they've thrown up a bureau- 
cratic smoke screen and have dived 
deep beneath a sea of paperwork and 
Federal inter-agency competition in 
an attempt to “withdraw” a total of 
315,164 acres of land in the Imperial 
Valley area for their own uses. And if 
the Navy gets their way, they will 
have closed down some of the most 
important and popular off-road rid- 
ingareas in the country, places which 
include the Plaster City open riding 
area and the famed and fabled Gla- 
mis sand dunes. This massive planned 
acquisition by the Navy would eat up 
just about every useable acre of riding 
turf in Imperial County. 

Тһе repercussions from the Navy 
withdrawal — if it goes through — 
would be serious. Closing off the 
many popular riding areas in the 
Imperial Valley, including the pro- 
posed Ocotillo Wells ORV add-on 
area and the San Sebastion Marsh 
would result in literally hundreds of 
thousands of off-road motorcycle and 
ATV riders being deprived of, in 
some cases, the only riding land they 
have access to. Тһе Glamis dunes, for 
example, were visited by approxi- 
mtely 400,000 ORV users in 1984, ac- 
cording to BLM figures. Also, much 
of the landat stake has been acquired 
and developed over the years with 
BLM and California State “Green 
Stickie" monies. 

But the loss of all of this land 
wouldn't affect just ORV users; there 
would be а “trickle down" effect as 
well. Businesses in the local cities of 
Brawley, El Centro and Imperial 
would feel the pinch as the money 
spent by off-road recreationalists dries 
up. In particular, the handful of 
motorcycle and accessory store deal- 
ers, without any sport to support 
them, would most likely go out of 
business; dealers in neighboring San 
Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, 
Orange and Los Angeles counties 
would suffer to varying degrees as 
well. The Navy land withdrawal 
would probably be severe enough to 
create a ripple effect that would see 
off-roading across the country hurt 

Other land users besides off-roaders 
can expect to be displaced or other- 
wise affected by the proposed Navy 
land grab. A major group of victims 
would be local companies which ex- 
tract minerals and other raw materials 
from the ground for the construction 
and chemical industries. One com- 
pany in particular — National Gyp- 
sum — may end up getting thrown 

. out of its own mining facilities. In 

the same area are geothermal and 
natural gas sources which could be 
exploited to provide power to local 
communities — but the withdrawal 
would probably limit their use prim- 
arily to the Navy. In addition to 
these, the Navy land withdrawal 
would also disrupt local agriculture, 
archeological sites, natural forma- 
tions, and the habitats of rare anim- 

als and plants. 

The situation has created some 
strange alliances; organizations which 
never got along with each other before 
are now banding together in the face 
of a common enemy. District 38, 
which does virtually all of its racing 
activities in the Plaster City area, and 
the local Sierra Club chapter are now 
in agreement that something has to 
be done to stop the Navy from taking 
away half of the Imperial Valley. And 
if that weren'tall, San Diego Gas and 
Electric is taking sides with the racers 
and environmentalists because they 
have hundreds of miles (read mil- 
lions of dollars) of high-power lines 
strung up through the proposed with- 
drawal area. 

Even the Bureau of Land Man- 
agement stands to come out on the 

short end of the Navy land grab if it - 

goes through. According to BLM 
documents, valuable lands and re- 
sources would be lost to the Navy 
which would then manage said pro- 
perty as it sees fit, meaning that an 
estimated $394,000 a year which comes 
from various mineral use leases and 
other agreements would be lost. And 
private landowners in the proposed 
withdrawal areas would simply be 
denied access to their own land. 

So there you have it. Not only does 
the Navy land withdrawal seem unbe- 
lievably large (because it is), but, 
according to D-38 President Otis Fud- 
pucker, “It’s managed to offend 
everybody — off-roaders, the Sierra 
Club, local industry and utility com- 
panies, hunters, and even the BLM.” 

'The Navy wants to withdraw two 
large parcels of land, one called The 
Westside (Parcel 1); the other called 
Тһе Eastside (Parcel 2). Not count- 
ing the approximately 100,000-plus 
acres that the Navy currently controls 
(which is leased to them from the 
Bureau of Reclamation), BLM fig- 
ures reveal that The Westside would 
make up 110,944 acres under the 
withdrawal, while The Eastside would 
be another 96,650. 

Beside affecting the riding areas 
already mentioned, the two parcels 
would include several other riding 
areas, utility sites and even a couple 
of highways. Parcel 1 would also 
swallow up the Ocotillo Wells pro- 
posed add-on ОКУ area, all National 
Gypsum mining facilities and sec- 
tions of Highways 78 and 80. Parcel 2 
would include a BLM ranger station, 
the Gecko campgrounds, a portion of 
railroad belonging to Southern Paci- 
fic, portions of several geothermal, gas 
and oil leases, a portion of a local 
airport facility, and a segment of 
Highway 78. 

With the current testing facilities 
available to the Navy, their proposed 
land withdrawal has left many observ- 
ers puzzled, to say the least. 

Still, in light of the vast amount 
of land that the Navy's currently 
using, the withdrawal of an extra 
300,000 acres doesn’t seem to make 
much sense. The best guess, says 
Fudpucker, is that the Navy is plan- 

ning a new test program. of some 

type, but he isn't sure what itis. BLM 
documents state, however, that the 
withdrawal plan calls for using the 
land for the establishment of live 
bombing target areas, low-flight ap- 
proach paths, and safety boundaries. 

One of the most plausible reasons 
for the withdrawal, says Mark Ander- 
son of the Motorcycle Industry Coun- 
cil (MIC), is to keep the land in 
government hands one way or ano- 
ther. The land that the Navy wants in 
the Imperial Valley, in fact, involves 
three Federal agencies — the BLM, 
Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), and 
the Navy. 

Apparently, the Imperial Valley 
situation works out something like 
this: Some of the land that's being 
asked for under the Navy withdrawal 
plan belongs to the Bureau of Rec- 
lamation; other parts are leased from 
the BOR to the Navy, and still other 
land parcels are leased from the BOR 
to the BLM to manage. Apparently, 
some of the BOR land that the Navy 
wants is about to have its lease expire 
atsome time in the future; if that land 
isn't re-leased for withdrawal, it then 
reverts back to the public — the 
BLM. Тһе BLM, іп turn, wouldn't 
want to give up that land, and (as 
mentioned earlier) they don't want to 
lose the land they already have. So, to 
keep the land “useful” for any future 
expansion without having to bother 
with long delays and lots of paper- 
work, the Navy is putting forth its 
withdrawal now. The land the Navy 
gets would be theirs for a minimum of 
two years, but they could possibly have 
it for an indefinite amount of time if 
they play their cards right. 

Another reason, according to local 
newspaper reports, is that the Navy 
land scoop is allegedly a scheme to 
upgrade the El Centro Naval Air 
Facility to a full-fledged naval base. 

How the Navy is going to useall of 
that land is almost as mysterious as 
the history of the land grab itself. 
But, according to Fudpucker, Cali- 
fornia ORV lobbyist Bob Ham and 
BLM documents, the Navy would 
have its land right now had it not 
been for a couple of accidents. 

After almost six years of studies to 
determine its land-use requirements, 
the approval for the land withdrawal 
in the El Centro area was made April 
17 of last year. In August, the Navy's 
Real Estate Division in San Bruno, 
California, filed a withdrawal appli- 
cation with the BLM and said lànds 
were plotted a couple of months 
later. At about the same time a local 
rod and gun club in the El Centro 
area applied for a land withdrawal 
with the BLM so it could establish a 
target-shooting range — on the very 
same land that the Navy was plan- 
ning to withdraw. Just before Novem- 
ber the conflict was discovered and 
the Navy's paperwork wás brought to 
light. Local BLM officials — who up 
until then were completely unaware 
of what was happening — kicked the 
application back to the Navy due to 
some improper descriptions of the 
lands requested for withdrawal. 

Despite all their work, a fluke was 
all it took to make the Navy's plans 
suddenly come undone. But they 
weren't finished. In a matter of weeks 
a new application with the proper 
descriptions had been written up and 
was ready for resubmittal, but it was 
too late. The news of the Navy’s deeds 
had stirred up a hornet’s nest of 
indignation and anger — that was 
enough to stop them dead in the water. 

Since then, a flurry of letter-writing 
and telephone calls have been made 
by outraged off-roaders, Sierra Club- 
bers, hunters, miners — just about 
anybody you can think of — to the 
BLM and the Navy. Congressman 
Duncan Hunter (R-45), who's a mem- 


-..berof.the House Committee on Armed 

Ре т р и ее eo | 

Services, is apparently doing his best 
to get the Navy to change its mind. 
Тһе BLM, according to El Centro 
Area Manager Roger Zortman, is try- 
ing to get the Navy to sign a memo- 
randum of understanding (MOU — 
also known as a “cooperative agree- 
ment") which would let them use the 
lands in question while still allowing 
other uses at the same time. Local 
ORV groups, such as District 38's 
San Diego County Sports Committee 
and the San Diego Off-Road Coali- 
tion have been working hard to keep 
the pressure up. 

The latest round in the dispute 
between the Navy and those who 
want to keep the Imperial Valley 
open was recently staged before the 
Imperial Valley Planning Commis- 
sion. (which is chaired by Mr. Don 
Brown, who happens to be an avid 
ATV rider, by the way). According to 
those who witnessed the proceedings, 
the Navy presented an apparently 
straight-forward argument for its 
cause. But, when spokesmen from 
the El Centro Naval Air Facility were 
asked specific questions about their 
reasons for the land withdrawal, they 
began taking evasive manuevers. 

Тһе major reason for the withdra- 
wal of so much land, the Navy is 
reportedly saying, is safety. The with- 
drawn land would be divided up into 
zones to accomodate various military 
activities, some of which would in- 
volve the use of live weapons and 

Zone A land, for example, is desig- 
nated for targets and weapons use 
which would automatically preclude 
any consideration for civilian use of 
any nature — in other words, off- 
limits! Zone B land is for approach to 
that target areas and arming of wea- 
pons and other related devices. Ac- 
cording to BLM documents, weapons 
may have to be ejected into Zone B 
areas due to equipment malfunction 
and/or safety reasons and would also 
be off-limits to civilians. Zone C land 
would serve as a safety boundary for 
Zone A and B areas as well as provid- 
ing room for maneuvering Naval air- 
craft. Zone C land, could be open to 
civilian use with some restrictions 

However, the most serious aspect 
of the Navy plan are the areas desig- 
nated for Zone B use. The corridor 
which runs from the Plaster City 
area, through Naval Air Facility land, 
to Ocotillo Wells falls into this cate- 
gory. Additionally, there are two 
patches of land on NAF land which 
would receive Zone B designations 
—a sand dune riding area south of 
Superstition Mountain and a dry 
lakebed. The closure of these three 
areas would effectively shut down all 
District 38 racing. 

Still, the Navy assured those pres- 
ent at the Commission meeting that 
there "would be no conflicts" of 
usage under the withdrawal. The 
Navy maintains that though the land 
would be under their control, “со- 
usage” (as they call it) for civilian use 
would be allowed. 

Until February 5, the Navy land 
grab is in a holding pattern of sorts. 
That’s just enough time to become 
apathetic about what's happening 
and forget about it until it's too late. 
It's also enough time for the Navy to 
get its act together to make a strong 
argument about why it needs to with- 
draw the huge amount of land that it 
wants. And it would be a shame if 
they got away with it. 

For it's own part, the Navy has 
been very quiet about the whole mat- 
ter, probably hoping that it will just 
go away. The current plan is that 
Navy representatives will meet with 
BLM officials February 5 at the BLM's 
Riverside, California office to work 
out details; it wasoriginally intended 

to be a public hearing, but now it's 
scheduled to take place behind closed 
doors. It can only be guessed that an 
МОП will be signed, the Navy with- 
drawalapplication will be submitted 
(meaning the BLM must accept it), or 
the Navy will back down altogether 
(doubtful). But what will actually 



happen is anybody’s guess. iC 
If the Navy decides that withdraw- o0 
ingall that land in the Imperial Valley с 
is too much hassle and packs its bags, — 
then everybody's home free. It will " 
have been one of those rare cases co 
where everybody has put aside their eo 
own interests to pull for a common >. 
cause. к S 
Much more probable is that the a 
Navy and BLM will sit down and = 
sigman MOU. It won't be perfect, but c 
at least the Navy will have had to ei 
compromise. “ОКУ and other user = 
groups and interests may face a few 
restrictions, but it will be better than 
nothing at all. 
The worst possible situation will 
be if the Navy submits its withdrawal 
application. Once the paperwork is 
published in the Congressional Reg- 
ister, the land in question will belong 
to the Navy in 30 days and remain in 
their posession for a minimum of 
two years. Any and all land use 
would be subject to the discretion of 
the El Centro NAF Commanding 
Officer. According to some observers, r ^ 
getting permission to use withdrawn W Friday, 4 РМ-8РМ Februa 8- 10 Motorcycle enthusiasts 
land would be difficult, if not impos- Saturday, 10 AM-8 PM ry can see two great shows in 
sible, to do. Sunday, 11 AM-5 PM one weekend — the 
Тһе latest BLM communications W Appearances by Houston Astro Houston Motorcycle & 
report that the Navy will “re-evaluate” Motorcycle Racers, ATV Expo and the National 
its study of the withdrawal plan and Playboy Playmates & Championship Motorcycle 
modify certain parts of its proposal. Houston Oilers Races! 
It's anticipated that at the February 5 m Have ап АТС Ride Show-goers will get an 
meeting the BLM will ask the Navy E Р арче аара 
to amend its proposal, which would Se ee: — Dade 5 а < 
then make it subject to public com- в Exotic & Record- nori Te eee 
ment (hearings) at some time in the Breaking Bike Displays dirt motorcycles, as well as 
future, an Environmental Impact W Displays by Honda, ATVs, accessories and 
Study (EIS), and then perhaps more Yamaha, Kawasaki, apparel. 
public imput. This could possibly Suzuki, BMW, Shop for the best deals, 
delay the Navy's planned withdrawal Harley-Davidson and enjoy the special demon- 
for some time, perhaps years. But more! strations, and meet top 
that's no excuse not to act now. racers and celebrities all in 
Time is rity Pears our pelore one place — the Houston 
the Navy and BLM meet on February 
5 ю decide the fate of the Imperial ЕЕ ЕН. 
Valley. Here are the names, addresses 
and phone numbers of those indi- 
viduals and agencies involved; call 
and/or write to let them know how 
you feel, before it's too late. 
Bureau of Land Management, Mr. (нв/) 
Gerry Hillier, District Manager, 1695 Е m 
Spruce St., Riverside, CA 92507, 
714/351-6394. and Conferences 
Captain B.F. Montoya, U.S.N., Na- For information, call 

val Facility Engineer Command, 900 
Commodore Drive, San Bruno, CA 
94066, 415/877-7100. 

Commanding Officer, Naval Air 
Facility El Centro, СА 92243, 

Honorable Duncan Hunter (U.S. 
Congressman), 366 South Pierce St., 
Е! Cajon, СА 92020, 619/579-3001. 

Honorable Pete Wilson (U.S. Sena- 
tor), United States Senate, 450 Golden 
Gate, San Francisco, CA 94120, 

San Diego Off-Road Coalition, Mr. 
Lynn Brown, P.O. Box 1687, Chula 
Vista, CA 99010. 

AMA District 38/San Diego County 
Sports Committee, Attention Fud- 
pucker, 250 Kennedy, #6, Chula Vista, 
CA 92011, 619/427-5759. 

BLM El Centro Resource Area, Mr. 
Roger Zortman, Area Manager, 333 





January 13, 1985 

CMC Golden State Nationals #2 

1st 125 Pro: A.J. Whiting, Suz 
1st 80 Exp: Scott Brown, Hon. 

South Waterman Ave., Е] Centro, СА 
92243, 619/352-5842. 

Imperial County Planning Com- 
mission, Mr. Don Brown, Chairman, 
929 Main St., El Centro, CA 92243, 

Riding R & D Prepared Machines 
Team Suzuki Selects Maxima Again for 1985 

Imperial County Board of Super- MAXIMA RACING LUBRICANTS 
visors, Supervisor James Bucher, 929 7 à d 1444 Pioneer #7, Е! Cajon, CA 92020 
Main St., El. Centro, CA 92243, 619/442-9723 
619/355-2601. - ioe | 


‘January 30, 1985 9983378 



Bobby Schwartz faces keen competition in Australian speedway racing. 

American speedway 
racers in Australia 

By Peter Baker 

“Some fun in the sun and a chance to win 

some money," 

was how Bobby Schwartz 

described his sixth successive trip Down 
Under during the Northern Hemisphere 


Accompanying Schwartz is 
Shawn Moran, on his fourth 
trip to Australia, and first-time 
visitor Rick Miller. 

Former British Lions captain Nigel 
Boocock is helping to organize meet- 
ings for the trio. Particularly with 
Schwartz involved, "selling" Ameri- 
can riders to Australian promoters is 
not difficult. Even in the present de- 
pressed state of the Australian solo 
scene, American riders — Schwartz in 
particular — invariably provide keen 

Тһе original intention was for the 
American trio to commence their 
tour with two weeks in Perth, but 
their equipment was misrouted to 
Sydney and the costs of transporting 
it across Australia ruled out the West 
Coast dates. Their tour actually com- 
menced with a hectic 2175-mile trek 
for meetings on consecutive nights at 
Adelaide, Broken Hill and Mildura. 

At Adelaide (December 14), the 
Americans met Phil Crump, Rod 
Hunter, visiting Englishman Mike 
Spink, and local stars headed by 1983 
European Junior Champion Steve 
Baker in a series where all riders had 
four starts. 

Throughout the meeting Crump 
had trouble getting off the starting 
line, but this invariably led to some 
spirited racing as he pulled off rousing 
passing maneuvers to score maximum 

Bobby Schwartz, in top form all 
night, lost just one heat to Crump 
—after having led for three of the 
four laps. 

Similarly, Shawn Moran had three 
wins and a second to Crump in a 
classy display, but strangely, Moran 
and Schwartz did not meet in direct 

Those two Americans had pre- 
viously ridden at Speedway Park, 
which has a very heavy clay content 
and this was something Rick Miller 
had trouble adjusting to. Nevertheless, 

his two seconds and two thirds was a 
good performance; the only riders to 
outscore him were Hunter and Baker. 

Leading scorers for the outing were 
Crump with 12 points, Schwartz at 
11, Moran with 11, Hunter at 10, 
Baker with eight and Miller with six. 

The top six scorers then contested а 
feature event which was eventually 
won by Crump, ahead of Schwartz 
and Baker. Moran had been running 
second before being forced out with 
mechanical problems. 

At Broken Hill (December 15), the 
Americans again battled Crump and 
Hunter ina five-heat series where one 
rider sat out each race. Schwartz 
opened proceedings with a decisive 
win over Crump, and in the process 
set a new four-lap record time. The 
next heat saw Crump win over Moran, 
with Hunter in third ahead of Miller. 

Heat three proved a great contest, 
with Schwartz managing to pass 
Miller in the shadow of the finish line. 
Unfortunately, this event was Miller's 
last of the evening; his throttle 
jammed wide-open going down the 
straight and forced him to bail off. A 
sore wrist and bent frame were the 

Moran managed to beat Crump in 
the next race, but the two remaining 
Americans trailed both Aussies in the 
final heat. At the end of the series, 
Crump had 12 points from five rides 
(he replaced Miller once), while 
Schwartz and Moran got seven each, 
and Hunter four. 

Finale of the night was a seven-lap 
feature race (it should have been six 
laps, but the flag man got mixed up). 
Schwartz led for half the race before 
Crump worked his way past to take 
the win. Hunter finished third ahead 
of Moran. 

At Mildura (December 16), organiz- 
ers constructed a series similar to the 
previous night's meeting at Broken 
Hill. Riders were kept on their toes, 
as there was no easy heat. 

Тһе first heat had to be restarted 
after Schwartz was brought down on 

the first turn. When the dust cleared, 
each of the first three heats fell to 
Crump, beating the trio of Americans 
in one and lowering the four-lap 
record in another. That record had 
stood since January 1982 to the credit 
of Bruce Penhall, and is the only 
track record listed at Mildura that 
Crump did not hold prior to this 

Heat four was a good one for 
Schwartz, as he bested both the Aus- 
sies, and then went on to finish ahead 
of Miller and Moran in the race that 
Crump sat out. 

Miller battled on well after the 
mishap of the previous night, and his 
best effort came in the last heat as he 
gradually came to grips with the 
track. Moran had a few bright mo- 
ments, and was never far behind 
Crump or Schwartz in any of the heats. 
Points at the end of the heats were 
Crump with 11, Schwartz eight, 
Moran six, Hunter three (never a 
threat to the top three of the night) 
and Miller two. 

Again, a six-lap feature ended the 
program. Schwartz and Moran had 
only a very brief break since their 
final heat, whereas Crump had a gap 
of seven events before the feature race. 
This difference appeared to be the 
telling factor; in the end Crump 
pounced on a tiring Schwartz, while 
Moran just held Hunter off. . 

Bobby Schwartz narrowly es- 
caped injury in a crash at Round 
three of the series, held at Liver- 
pool City Speedway. 

Тһе first heat saw a close tussle at 
the first corner between Shawn Moran 
and local rider Billy Sanders. Sanders 
was able to hold the lead and take the 
win, setting the stage for the second 

Schwartz got a good jump at the 
start of the second heat, and held a 
narrow but comfortable lead over 
locals Ray Palmer and Dave Mills. 
Moran lagged behind with clutch 
trouble — never far behind the front 
runners, but never posing a threat. At 
two and three-quarter laps the three 
leaders were still in a tight pack when 
Schwartz's bike shed its chain, locking 
the wheel and throwing him over the 
handlebars. Palmer had no time to 
evade the spill and plowed into the 
downed bike, clipping Schwartz's hel- 
met on the way by. Miraculously, 
Schwartz escaped with only minor in- 

Тһе Scratch final was a superb race 
between Sanders and the two Ameri- 
cans. Miller won the start, and for 
three and one-half laps Sanders was 
in the awkward position of trying to 
attack Miller while under seige from 
Moran. Miller finally went too wide 
entering the back straight, letting 
Sanders get underneath for the win. 

Miller, still with a sore hand fol- 
lowing last week's spill at Broken 
Hill, had spent considerable time 
straightening his frame and overhaul- 
ing the engine prior to this meeting. 
That effort paid off in the pursuit 
race, where he started off 10 meters in 
front of Sanders and Moran. On the 
second-to-last corner, Miller moved 
Palmer high on the track to grab the 
lead, while Moran was fourth just 
behind Sanders. 

Sanders again triumphed in the 
final, ahead of Palmer, Miller, Dole 
and Moran. Suffice it to say that 
Sander's advantage over the Ameri- 
cans in the heat and final was all 
gained at the start. 

Talking to Schwartz 36 hours after 
the meeting, he said that his aches 
and pains from the crash should be 
gone within the week. He is confident 
of being able to ride the first of the 
three meetings upcoming in Brisbane 

Latest Poop 

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Preliminary work опа new section of 
track at Pennsylvania's Pocono Inter- 
national Raceway has been finished. 
A new section has been added to 
change the entrance to the infield 
portion. The change eliminates the 
former barrier-lined entrance and the 
ultra-slow second turn. 

Nippondenso is offering a $100 
U.S. Savings Bond to the winners 
of club-sanctioned road races, mo- 
tocrosses, dirt tracks, desert 
events, enduros and ATV events. 
To be eligible, riders must use ND 
spark plugs and take first place; 
registration forms are available 
from Team ND, Box 55578, Riv- 
erside, CA 92517, 714/682- 

In memoriam: Herbert Litch, 70, 
died January 6 at San Bernardino 
Memorial Hospital following brain 
tumor surgery. Litch was an expert 
machinist who worked for .former 
Baja racer Al Baker, Parnelli Jones, 
and the late Bill Bell at Long Beach 
Honda. Services were held January 8 
near Litch's home in Apple Valley, 
California; he is survived by his wife 
Jeanie, two sons and a daughter. 
Cards and letters can be sent to Mrs. 
Jeanie Litch, 24174 Pala Lane, Apple 
Valley, CA 92307. 




Retired As of January 16, U.S. 
Suzuki Motor Corp. Vice President of 
Operations Dick Orth, after 17 years 
with the company. 

Hired л Account Manager for 

Motorcycle Industry Shopper, Deb- 
bie Winkler, effective February 1; 
formerly the top phone sales person 
for Nichols Motorcycle Supply of 

Scheduled л california ott- 

Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation 
Commission meeting in South Lake 
Tahoe City Council Chambers, 1900 
Lake Tahoe Blvd., South Lake Tahoe, 
on January 25; subjects will include 
development of Martin Ranch as an 
ОКУ recreation area, potential ORV 
projects and introduction of new Dep- 
uty Director for Off-Highway Vehi- 
cles of the Department of Parks and 
Recreation, Lee Chauvet. 

To double тһе беа sales 
forces of Vetter Products, Inc., of 
Rantoul, Illinois, from the current 10 
people to 20 during 1985, according 
to a release from the firm. 

Filed By Bell Helmets, Inc., a law- 

suit against Griffin Products, Inc. in 
federal court, alleging trademark in- 
fringement and false advertising and 
seeking damages, injunctive relief 
and destruction of all Griffin Pro- 
Line motocross helmets and molds 
related to their production; docu- 
ments filed by Bell with the U.S. Dis- 
trict Court for the Central District of 
California in Los Angeles call the 
Griffin helmet “а cheap, shoddy imi- 
tation and copy of Bell’s Moto 4 

Wadded 41985 Yamaha Е|600 

test bike, by Motorcyclist magazine 
Feature Editor Dexter Ford, on Latigo 
Canyon Road in the Santa Monica 
Mountains of California; Ford hit 
gravel on a blind corner but was 

Received Over 150 entries in 

the Ms. Harley-Davidson contest, the 
finalists to be seen during Daytona 
Speed Week and the winner to be 
crowned prior to the Daytona 200. 

Scheduled Demonstration 
rides for the public, by Harley-David- 
son Motor Co., at the northwest corner 
of Daytona International Speedway in 
Daytona Beach, Florida, March 4 
through March 9; a fleet of 40 Harleys 
will be available for test rides. 

Opened Swallow Tires' fourth 

national warehouse, in Mobile, Ala- 
bama; grand opening scheduled for 
February 15. 

Purchased Two Harley- 

Davidson FXRP motorcycles, by the 
German Red Cross, to patrol sections 
of the Autobahn superhighway be- 
tween Munich, West Germany and 
Salzburg, Austria. 

Ready To race a Buick Regal 

stock car, two-time Daytona 200 win- 
ner and former AMA Formula One 
Champion Dale Singleton, in the 
ACRA 200 at Daytona International 
Speedway; the car is prepped by White 
Crown Engineering and is sponsored 
by Beaulieu Carpets and Sun Floor- 
ing. e 

Bell Sports formed 

Phillip Matthews, President of 
Bell Helmets, announced the 
formation of Bell Sports, Inc. 
This comes with the acquisition 
of four aftermarket firms in the 
motorcycle and automotive fields: 
Vetter Products, its subsidiary The 
Bagman by Vetter, Marsee Products, 
and Racestar, a manufacturer/distri- 
butor of safety suits for auto racing. 
The move diversifies Bell from its 
current manufacturing base into clo- 
thing and accessories for motorcycles 
and ATVs. Matthews said that even 
though the five companies would be 
headed up by a parent firm, “each 
unit would be working independ- 
antly." And, referring to Craig Vetter 
and Rex Marsee, Phillips added that 
theoriginal owners/founders of each 
unit would be retained. 

Bell Helmets is highlighting its '85 
product line with the Eddie Lawson 
Signature M2 high-performance/ 
racing helmet. It comes in the same 
red and white color pattern that's on 
the helmet of the reigning 500cc 
World Road Racing Champion and 
features a facsimile of Lawson's sig- 
nature. Other new models joining 
the Lawson M92 is the streamlined 
GT Royale and the “luxury edition" 
Star LTD II for street/touring, and 
the open-face Mag 4 helmet for off- 
road riding. 

Marsee is maintaining its current 
product line of riderwear, featuring 
touring pants and jackets for men 
and women, riding gloves, and cold 
weather gear. 

^. Vetter/ Bagman includes its popu- 
lar street fairing, electronics and soft 
luggage lines. But new products 
include the Vetter Fiber ATX ATV 
helmet; a Vetter ATV fairing with 
optional АМ/ЕМ/сазеце stereo; Bag- 
man АТУ tank and rack bags; and, in 
recognition of the growing scooter 
market, Vetter and Bagman hard and 
soft scooter luggage. е 



We've hidden the keys to a brand new 1985 Kawasaki Ninja 600 somewhere in Southern California. Clues to the keys' 
location and contest rules are at the following Kawasaki dealers. New clues are posted every week. All you have to do to win 
the Ninja 600 Treasure Hunt is follow the clues and find the keys! For more information, listen to "Motorcycle World with 
Larry Huffman” every Sunday night from 9 to 10:30 PM on 50,000-watt KWVE, FM 107.9 
Long Beach Kawasaki Arvil Sparks Sales 
2441 Long Beach Blvd. Kawasaki 

Long Beach, CA 90806 607 W. Katella Ave. 

(213) 427-8941 Orange, CA 92667 
(714) 639-2886 

Whittier Kawasaki 
14043 E. Whittier Blvd. 
Whittier, CA 90605 
(213) 945-3494 
(714) 994-1670 

Santa Ana Kawasaki 
1850 E. Edinger 
Santa Ana, CA 92705 
(714) 541-5217 

Champion Kawasaki 
1980 Harbor Blvd. 
Costa Mesa, CA 92627 
(714) 642-2311 

Motorcyle World is America's only all-motorcycle talk program aired on commercial radio. Guests include world road 
racing champion Eddie Lawson, 125 national MX champion Jeff Ward, Bob Hannah, Kenny Clark, John Ulrich, Keith 
Code, Terry Vance and more. KW VE covers Southern California from San Diego to the San Fernando Valley. Besides the 
latest news from the World of Motorcycling, you'll also hear the Race Report; Warren Reid's ‘Inside Lines" (what's 
really happening in the motorcycle industry) sponsored by Mike McKenna's South County VW /Isuzu; regular weekly 
training advice by Jeff Spencer, author of “Total Training" and “Total Taping”; and the weekly feature, “Stump the Stars,” 
in which you call in and—if you can stump Huffman, Reid, Spencer and guests—you win the prize! 

FROM 9 TO 10:30 PM 1-800-228-5249 or 
ON 50,000-WATT KWVE, FM 107.9 714-661-1962 

Sponsored in part by: Kerker, Honda, The Home Club, and On-Dirt Motorsports News/Magazine 

Mugen Hi-Performance Camshaft — 
Special one piece billet cam developed for 
the XR500 and XL600 RFVC head, increases 
horsepower and the special grind of the 
cam gives a big punch to the mid-range. 
Used with stock valve springs & guides. 

Baja Winning Megaphone — Give your 

1983-84 XR500 & 
1984 XL600 PARTS 
1984 CR 125 MUGEN 

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Gaskets; Hardware, etc. Now Only $249.00 


First time in USA. The cartridge unit which 
makes your forks work like “THE WORKS.” 
Limited Quantity for 1985 CR 250 and CR 
500. $280.00 

ХВ500 needed increased top-end horse- 

power and performance for long, high speed 
races. Easy bolt-on application, using stock 
mounting hardware. $69.00 

UNLIMITED PERFORMANCE, P.O. Box 4010, Culver City, CA 90231-4010 

el Wi 

s Garden Grove, O'Neal, Kerker, 213) 473-3006, 
CA 92640 (213) 863-4801 M. Smith OAOD Sirer ae 
‚ (714) 530-6681 Dealer Inquiries Invited W. L.A., CA 90025 

1985 CR 125 Engine Power Kit Available Soon! 
For Information Call (213) 649-6563 

TV's All New Motorcycle News Magazine 
With Your Host Larry Maiers 

New Show 
Thursday, January 31 — 7:30 PM (P.S.T. 
Thursday, January 31 — 10:00 PM (P.S.T.) [В] 
Sunday, February 3 — 12:00 AM (P.S.T.) [R] 

Next New Show 
Thursday, February 28 — 7:30 PM (P.S.T.) 

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Brought to 


Sales, Parts, Service 
Also Street, Service Repair 
Yoshimura, Metzeler, EBC, 



racing gasoline 


12787 Nutwood CENTER 

ide Ih, dodi reda tap dye ud iyd i 

‚ 1985 04953 

‚ January 30 


" January 30, 1985 GHM 




(Above) Jim Vreeke on the AMA Six-Hour-winning Team Lockhart Ninja. 
(Below) Bernd Koegler (4) and Todd Griswold dice in PRRO sprints. 


Team Lockhart 
takes AMA 
endurance opener 

By John Arthur Burrus 

They told everybody at the rid- 
ers' meeting 15 minutes before 
round one of the AMA-sanc- 
tioned 1985 U.S. Endurance 

Series that the bike leading the first 
few laps almost never leads at the end 
of the six-hour race. And they were 
right. Only Lockhart President Wen- 
dell Phillips and teammate Jim Vreeke 
were not listening, because they had 
started to lap the field by the 30- 
minute mark, and despite slowing 
considerably in the final half hour to 
nurse a thread-bare front tire on their 
900 Ninja, Team Lockhart finished 
two laps ahead of the second-place 
entry. Actually, their ability to ride fast 
and avoid crashing in turn 12 had 
quite a bit to do with the early lead. 

Тһе tower turn (12) at Firebird 
makes a transition from concrete to 
the asphalt as it enters the main 
straightaway that also begins the drag 
strip portion of the race track. It’s 
bumpy, and the chemicals applied 
for burnouts make the surface slick. 
Roughly half the 21 teams entered in 
the Championship Cup Series crashed 
in this turn during the first hour. 
Even the leader had a minor spill 
here on the way into the pit, but most 

everybody got back up and into the 
fray. Team Pork (Kevin Elliott, T'odd 
Griswold and Scott Scherer), how- 
ever, got off in turn four some time 
into hour five and had to settle for 
10th overall. 

Team H.A.M.E.R. (Norm Bene- 

;dum, Bob Eaton and Nick Nicolini) 

also encountered bad luck. They even 
had a45-minute engine change. After- 
wards, there was a note on a Seca that 
belonged to Nicolini's neighbor — it 
read: We borrowed your rear motor- 
mounts; don't leave until we finish. 

Atthe40 minute mark, Bruce Haupt 
of Team Roadburners went down in 
turn 12, the rescue causing a red flag. 
'Team Lockhart was back in front at 
the restart, and a real battle began to 
shapeup between Team Double Down 
(Henry Tecza, Nigel Gale and Jim 
Cox, sponsored by Nevada Yamaha 
and Moto Pro) and Team Spirit (Bruce 
Sassand Tom Marquart from Woody 
Wheel Works, Vickery Sports and 
Denver Used MC Parts). Both teams 
were on FJ600s, and both were very 
interested in the contingencies put 
up by Yamaha. Team Double Down 
had crashed twice and lost laps but 
were running strong and wheel-to- 
wheel with Team Spirit in the final 
hour. Although too late to file a writ- 
ten protest, the Double Down man- 
ager noticed that they had been 
marked (in error) as losing another 10 
laps or so in the final hour. 

All the way from Pennsylvania, 
Dr. John's Moto Guzzi (John Wittner, 

Noel Portelli, Gregg Smrz and Larry 
Shorts) ran consistently to take third 
overall for sponsors Moto Guzzi and 
Quadrifoglio. They had 245 laps, com- 
pared to the winner's 256 and second- 
place Team Spirits 254 laps. Right 
behind Dr. John was Team TNT 
(Тот Krause, Tom Dahl and Randy 
Bechtel on a 550 Suzuki from TNT 
Total Performance Engineering) with 
240 laps. 


6 HOUR: 1. Team Lockhart (256 laps); 2. Team 
Spirit, (254 laps); 3. Team Dr. John's Moto Guzzi 
(245 laps); 4. Team TNT (240 laps); 5. MPE Endur- 
ance; 6. Tam Procrastination; 7. Team Double 
Down; 8. Team Blind; 9. Team No Name; 10. Team 

Lance tops 
PRRO sprints 

By John Arthur Burrus 

Day two in Arizona's biggest 
weekend of motorcycle road 
racing was featured as a chal- 
lenge between Phoenix Road 
Racing Organization (PRRO) and 
the American Federation of Motorcy- 
clists (AFM), but before it was over, 
clubs from Texas, Nevada and Colo- 
rado had joined in to compete for a 
purse of over $2,000.00. In prepara- 
tion for the final match race that 
would determine the purse split, 10 
sprints were held for the 237 entries 
in 20 categories, including Vintage 
and Over 40. Тһе match race was ап 
open event for the day's fastest riders 
in each club. 

In the opening race, Superstreet A 
and B, Ottis Lance from Lone Star 
Suzuki took the first-lap lead on his 
1000 Suzuki followed closely by Scott 
Gray (750 Suz) from Kosman Racing, 
Jack Redmond and Healdsburg Cycle, 
and Greg Wing on a 900 Ninja. Wing 
crashed twice in the second lap, once 
in turn three and once in turn four. 
AFM rider Scott Gray took over on 
the next lap, and by the end of the 
sprint had acquired a huge lead as 
well as a new lap record, shaving 
about 2.5 seconds off the old mark at 
Firebird. Lance took second in Super- 
street A, and PRRO's Todd Griswold 
was third on a 900 Ninja from Motor- 
cycle & Marine, Moto Pro and TNT 
Total Performance Engineering. 

Bruce Sass, оп a Yamaha FJ600 
sponsored by Vickery Motor Sports 
and Dunlop, ran away with Modified 
Production C while Earl Roloff and 
Dan Turner battled back and fourth 
over second and third place. Roloff 

(FJ600) finished ahead of Turner's | 

550 Kawasaki. 

With 23 bikes entered, Formula 2 
competition belonged to Bernd Koeg- 
ler and his Honda 750. Aaron Turner, 
ona 77250 from Castle Rock Yamaha, 
started from the middle of the pack 
and by the white flag lap was in 
second just ahead of Keith Kiyota on 
a TZ250 sponsored by K&K Racing. 
Kiyota passed Turner in the closing 
seconds for the runner-up spot. 

Scott Gray (FJ600) led Mod Pro- 
duction A racing all the way from the 
second lap. Second overall was Earl 
Roloff on a 900 Ninja, and third 
overall was Mike Williams (750 Suz). 
Williams' performance earned first 
place in Mod Production B, and Ty 
Piz was second on a 500 Yamaha. 

Formula 1 and Formula 3 bikes 
competed in the next sprint, and des- 
pite displacement differences, one of 
the little guys was fourth overall — 
Dwayne Chung won F3 on a TZ250. 
Ottis Lance led the first two laps in 
Fl, then it went to Scott Gray for a 
while, but the ultimate winner was 
Bruce Sass. 

In the final match race to decide 
who would take home the money, the 

format was changed to 10 laps, and 
there were no equipment restrictions. 
Sass took a commanding lead as he 
had in every other race but managed 
to crash in lap seven, spoiling any 
chance at the money. That left two 
other fast men, Lance and Gray, in 
the 1-2 positions. Chung earned 
third-place money, with Bobby Burk- 
ler fourth, Koegler fifth, and PRRO 
favorite Willie Adams in sixth. Mike 
Williams, PRRO number-one rider 
last season was in seventh place. 


SUPER STREET B: 1. Bobby Burkler (Hon); 2. 
Bernd Koegler (Hon); 3. Mike Williams (Suz). 

SUPER STREET А: 1. Scott Gray (Suz); 2. Ottis 
Lance (Suz); 3. Todd Griswold (Kaw). 

SINGLES: 1. Bob Russell (Rtx); 2. Loyal Ream 
(Hon); 3. Bob Wilson (Hon). 

OPEN TWIN: 1. Thomas Moore (Duc). 

750 TWIN: 1. Michael Johnson (Yam); 2. Stephen 
Wickland (Hon); 3. Charlie Wallace (BMW). 

STK PROD D: 1. Scott Willock (Yam); 2. John 
Hopperstad (Yam); 3. Norman Meyer (Yam). 

ROD C: 1. Peter Carrok (Yam); 2. Ottis 

Lance (Suz); 3. Dan Turner (Kaw). 

STK PROD B: 1. Mike Wallace (Suz); 2. David 
Wright (Hon); 3. Ty Piz (Yam). 

STK PROD A: 1. Scott Gray (Yam); 2. Earl Roloff 
(Каму); 3. Curtis Adams (Yam). 

MOD PROD D: 1. Norm Meyer; 2. John Hjelm 
(Yam); 3. John Hopperstad (Yam). 

VINTAGE: 1. Kirk Mitchell (BSA); 2. Leslie John- 
son (Norton). 

OVER 40: 1. Loyal Ream (Hon); 2. Jim Huffman 
(Yam); 3. Bruce Hendrick (Hon). 

MOD PROD C: 1. Bruce Sass (Yam); 2. Earl Roloff 
(Yam); 3. Dan Turner (Kaw), 

FORM 2: 1. Bernd Koegler (Hon); 2. Keith Kiyota 
(Yam); 3. Aaron Turner (Yam). 

MOD PROD А: 1. Scott Gray (Kaw); 2. Earl Roloff 
(Kaw); 3. Michael Hunter (Hon). 

MOD PROD B: 1. Mike Williams (Suz); 2. Ty Piz 
(Yam); 3. Mike Johnson (Yam). 

SUPERSTREET C: 1. Marty Vogel (Каму); 2. Earl 
Roloff (Yam); 3. Ed Ragle. 

SUPERSTREET D: 1. Brian LeFevre (Yam); 2. 
John Hjelm (Yam); 3. Greg Smith (Yam). 

MATCH RACE: 1. Ottis Lance; 2. Scott Gray; 3. 
Dwayne Chung; 4. Bobby Burkler; 5. Bernd Koegler. 

Schlag super at 
Sand Hill 

By W.H. Spencer 

Joey Schlag got a new Open 
class Honda from sponsor Con- 
tra Costa Honda and smoked 
the troops at Sand Hill Ranch 

in preparation for the upcoming 
Golden State Series. Іп 250cc Pro 
action, Rich Mythen and Andy Ттез- 
sor put on the show with Mythen 
ending the day as a double winner on 
his Suzuki. 

Schlag got away early in both of 
the Open Pro motos with Wayne 
Archer hanging on to his rear tire in 
the first moto, but finishing second. 
Archer didn't hold up so well in the 
second round on his Berkeley Yamaha 
YZ. Devon Joos held the pair of 
threes for third overall over Clayton 
Blood and Tom Sweeney. 

Craig Hamilton ached both ends 
of the 125cc Junior show on his KX 
with Jeff Nicholson combining a 3-2 
for second over Jesse Britain's 2-4. 

Mythen's Suzuki performed flaw- 
lessly in both 250cc Pro motos as he 
was closely pursued by Andy Tressor 
on the ABC Body Shop special. Mike 
Scott finished third in rounds to top 
Tony Richards 6-4 tally. 


80 INT/EX: 1. Todd Hicks (Kaw); 2. Jimmy Clay 
(Yam); 3. Todd Enke (Yam). 

OT MASTER: 1. JoJo Castro(Yam); 2. Hank Wes- 
sel (Suz); 3. Glenn Pruitt (Yam). 

VET MASTER: 1. Phil Gribnau (Yam); 2. Steve 
Law (Mai); 3. John Handelin (KTM). 

80 NOV/JR: 1. Danny Roberts (Kaw); 2. Scott 
Schroeder (Kaw); 3. Kevin Cordura (Hon). 

OPEN PRO: 1. Joey Schlag (Hon); 2. Wayne 
Archer (Yam); 3. Devon Joos (Hon). 

125 PRO: 1. Ty Earl (Yam); 2. John Dauth (Hon); 3. 
Garvin Andrews (Hon). 

ОРЕМІМТ: 1. Mike Renner (Hon); 2. Jack Azevedo 
(Hon); 3. Bill Rowland (Hon). 

OPEN JR: 1. Mike West (Hon); 2. Kirk Smith 
(Yam); 3. Craig Thomasiah (Hon). 

125 JR: 1. Craig Hamilton (Kaw); 2. Jeff Nichol- 
son (Suz); 3, Jesse Britain (Kaw). 

25 NOV: 1. Sergio Fernandez(Hon); 2. Rick Bry- 

ant (Kaw); 3. Mitch Cook (Yam). 

250 PRO: 1. Rich Mythen (Suz); 2. Andy Tressor 
(Hon); 3. Mike Scott (KTM). 

250 INT: 1. Jack Azevedo (Hon); 2. Hector Alcala 
(Yam); 3. Roger McCoy (Kaw). 

250 JR: 1. John Matalamaki (Kaw); 2. Ken Small 
(Hon); 3. Mike Harriman (Hon). 

250 NOV: 1. Joe Madison (Hon); 2. Joel Christi- 
ansen (Hon); 2. Dave Shapiro (Hon). 

McCoy wins at 
Indian Dunes 
By Chris Boice 

Team Honda's Mouse McCoy 
dominated both 250cc Pro mo- 

tos today on a well-prepared 

Shadow Glen track at Indian 
Dunes Park. 

In the first combined 125 and 250cc 
Pro and Intermediate moto, McCoy 
took the lead and was not seriously 
challenged for the whole 13-lap race. 
On the third lap Paul McLain (Hon) 
pulled up to within striking distance, 
but got out of shape in a corner, losing 
valuable seconds and letting McCoy 
increase his lead. Kawasaki-mounted 
Scott Robertson and FMF-sponsored 
Yamaha rider John Posca had a good 
race going for third. By the seventh 
lap they were joined by Answer Pro- 
ducts-sponsored Mike Watson. Wat- 
son stayed right on Posca's rear fender 
for the entire moto, but was never 
able to make the pass. By the eighth 
lap McCoy had a 15-second lead, 
with McClain still in second. With 
twolaps remaining Robertson began 
closing in on McLain, while McCoy 
was just cruising out in front. Time 
ran out for Robertson and he had to 
settle for third place. McLain held on 
to second with Posca and Watson fin- 
ishing fourth and fifth. 

McCoy took the lead right off the 
line in the second moto. McLain was 
again firmly in second and began to 
pressure McCoy by the end of the first 
lap. Robertson and Watson rounded 
out the top four. Halfway through 
the third lap McLain slipped inside 
McCoy оп а corner and took the lead 
away. With an enthusiastic cheering 
section offering support, McLain led 
for one lap until a hard bail on the 
back set of doubles took him out of 
the race. McCoy was again in charge 
with Watson moving to second and 
Robertson running third. McCoy in- 
creased his lead while behind him a 
real battle was taking place between 
Watson and Robertson. After riding 
right on Watson’s tail for seven laps, 
Robertson was able to make the pass 
and stay ahead until they crossed the 
finish line. McCoy took the easy 
overall win. Robertson's 3-2 netted 
him a second overall and Watson's 
5-3 got him a third. 

The 125cc Intermediate race was 
the most hotly contested of the day. 
In the first moto Kawasaki rider and 
Kal-Gard-sponsored Eric Casas led 
until Jason Davenport (Hon) got 
him on the fifth lap. Casas then had 
his hands full trying to maintain 
second and hold off a hard charging 
Paul Blomquest (Kaw). Blomquest's 
charge lasted four laps. He powered 
by Casas and set his sights on Daven- 
port, who was leading by several 
seconds. Time ran out for Blomquest 
and he had to settle for second. 

Davenport was first off the gate in 
the second moto. Blomquest was right 
behind him until he sixth lap when 
he slipped his Kawasaki by Daven- 
port’s Honda. What followed was 
seven laps. of fender-to-fender com- 
bat. In the end it was Blomquest who 
came out the winner by inches. His 
2-1 finish gave him the overall. Da- 
venport finished second and Casas 
was third. 

The 250cc Intermediate class was 
led from start to finish in both motos 
by D&D Racing’s Chris Boice. 

80 BEG: 1. Duane DeArman (Yam); 2. Nick Mai- 
rose (Yam); 3. Kelley Black (Kaw). 

80 INT: 1. Denton Campbell (Suz); 2. Jeff Orth 

125 BEG: 1. Brad Beaman (Hon); 2. Paul Hazard 
(Kaw); 3. Michael O'Brian (Suz). 

125 INT: 1. Paul Blomquest (Kaw); 2. Jason 
Davenport (Hon); 3. Eric Casas (Kaw). 

125 PRO: 1. Roger Hensley (Suz); 2. Scott Under- 
wood (Kaw). 

250 BEG: 1. James Alexander (Yam); 2. Jim 
Hagen (Kaw); 3. Ken Scovill (Suz). 
cane JR: 1. David Jennings (Hon); 2. Bob Friel 


250 INT: 1. Chris Boice (Hon); 2. Mike Dawson 

250 PRO: 1. Mouse McCoy (Hon): 2. Scott Robert- 
son (Kaw); 3. Mike Watson (Hon). 

500 ВЕС: 1. Scott Graham (Hon); 2. Fred Smith 

VET JR: 1. Greg Rogers (Hon). 

VET INT: 1. Jim Draves (Hon). 

VET EX: 1. Scott Freeman (Hon); 2. Alan Olson 
(Yam); 3. Marino Bastionell (Suz). 

winner at DeAnza 

By Nate Rauba 
Suzuki Country's Brian Mayer 
left the entire Intermediate class 
in his roost today at DeAnza 
Racing Club's Sunday MX, 

winning both motos on his new 
RM125. His victory wasn't exactly 
easy though, since he had to work by 
the big bores in each moto. 

Greg Traver (Honda of Indio) and 
Sammy Ramirez (Yamaha of Red- 
lands), both aboard 250s, lead the 
start of the first moto with Mayer 
(250cc) Ruben Alvarado (Suz), and 
Johnny Bonacci (ЕМЕ/195сс Suz) 
trailing. Ramirez took the lead from 
Traver on lap two, and Mayer dropped 
him to third on the next lap. Mayer 
trailed Ramirez for two laps before 
slipping into the lead, and Alvarado 
dropped Traver back to fourth. At the 
halfway point, Mayer began pulling 
away, while Ramirez fought off Alva- 
rado for second. Alvarado kept the 
pressure up for several laps until 
Ramirez fell in a tight turn. Mayer 
kept up his fast pace and finished the 
race with a huge lead and was the 
only Intermediate that the Pros didn't 
lap. Bonacci was second, and Alva- 
rado third and first 250 ahead of 

Open Intermediate Vincent Gon- 
zales (Kaw) grabbed the holeshot in 
moto two, with Alvarado, Bonacci 
and Mayer following. For the first 
few laps, Bonacci held Mayer back 
until Mayer fooled him into giving 
up third: Mayer had been going to 
the outside of the finish line turn, but 
on the fourth lap Bonacci thought 
he'd take his line when Mayer sud- 
denly dove to the inside and passed 
him. Alvarado also fell to Mayer's 
charge on the same lap, and on the 
next go-'round, the Suzuki pilot was 
close to Gonzales. After eating the 
Open bike's roost for a few laps, 
Mayer found a way by and imme- 
diately began to leave the pack. The 
race was Mayer's, but second was yet 
to be decided as Gonzales, Alvarado 
and Ramirez began to get close in the 
last few laps. They all battled down 
to the checkered flag, but nobody 
could make a pass and they finished 
in the same order. Alvarado was the 
overall 250cc winner, and Gonzales 
took first in the Open division. 


PEE WEE: 1. Chris Wheeler (Yam); 2. Scott Tink- 
ham (Yam); 3. Vincent Gonzales (Yam). 

MINI ВЕС: 1. Todd Smith (Kaw); 2. Jason Hut- 
chinson (Hon); 3. Randy Hathaway ІІ (Kaw). 

MINI NOV: 1. Scott Martin (Yam). 

MINI INT: 1. Larry Sayeg (Kaw); 2. Wesley Klein 

MINI EX: 1. Mike Fitzgerald (Yam). 

125 BEG: 1. Jerry Jetton (Suz); 2. Roger Haupt- 
man (Yam); 3. Brady Schmidt (Hon) 

125 INT: 1. Brian Mayer (Suz); 2. Scott Davis 
(Suz); 3. Johnny Bonacci (Suz). 

125 PRO: 1. Todd Baldwin (Suz); 2. Alex Lopez 

250 BEG: 1. David Spencer (Kaw); 2. Ron Mowry 
(Hon); 3. Andrew Trotter (Yam). 

250 NOV: 1. Johnny Socco (Hon); 2. Rick Merrill 

250 INT: 1. Ruben Alvarado (Suz); 2. Sammy 
Ramrirez (Yam); 3. Greg Traver (Hon) 

250 PRO: 1. Eddie Michetti; 2. Rusty Hannah 
(Suz); 3. Colin Ryan (Yam). 

OPEN BEG: 1. George Garcia (Yam); 2. Mark 
Baczkowski (Hon). 

OPEN INT: 1. Vincent Gonzales (Kaw); 2. Robert 
Temple (Yam). 

OPEN PRO: 1. Scott Wilkinson (Hon). 

VET JR: 1. Lee Bunstan (502); 2. Paul Snider 
(Yam); 3. Bob Ziegler (Yam). 


ce Ё b = "ach Sl 

Suzuki-mounted Jerry Jetton (340) won DeAnza's 125cc Beginner class 

over Roger Hauptman (22). (Below) Eddie Michetti won the 250cc Pros. 

VETINT: 1. Kitty Mayfield (Suz); 2. Richard Bealer 

VET SR: 1. Larry Lowen (Suz); 2. Peter Dill (Hon). 

WOMEN: 1. Brenda Conner (Hon) 

Green guns down 
Oregon Pro 
Indoor ST 

Ву Clay Light — 
Randy Green gunned down 
the 250cc and Open Pro main 
events at the biggest indoor 
short track race of the year in 

the northwest at Benton County Fair- 
grounds in Corvallis. Green took 
home a healthy chunk of the purse 
with his wins at the annual Richard 
Winningham Memorial All Pro 
1/20-mile short track. An added fea- 
ture Old Timer main was topped by 
Ken Celorie. 

Green dominated the series. of 
scratch and preliminaries heats, earn- 
ing direct transfers to the 250cc and 
Open mains as did runners up Ron 
Adams (Bul) and Mike Sullivan 
(Yam). Rookie Expert Ryan Fisher 
(Yam) also rode impressively, taking 
the second sets over Frank Word III 
(Yam). AMA Junior Pro Bob Klum 
controlled the consolation to finalize 
the 10 rider 250cc Pro main event. In 
the three lap Dash for Cash races it 
was Word and Green battling for top 
250cc honors with Green slipping 
inside to win over Word and AMA 

Junior Marty Zirbel (Yam). The 500cc 
portion was also led by Green, riding 
in amazing style, but Green surpris- 
ingly stalled, which put Zirbel into 
the lead to the flag over Rookie 
Expert Mike Oglesbee (Hon). 

The 250cc Pro main resembled a 
AMA Pro regional, pitting seven AMA 
Expert Pros, two Juniors and one 
Novice for the 20 lap final. Green sat 
on the pole and launched his N-D/Hi- 
Point/Simpson/American Honda- 
supported CR 250-based short tracker 
into the lead over Zirbel and Adams, 
but the red flags flew putting an end 
to the race. On the restart it was Word 
putting his outdated Pauls Sports 
Center Yamaha into the lead with 
Green in second but again it was the 
red flag syndrome and a restart was in 
order. On the final take, Word pulled 
an incredible holeshot, while Fisher 
rode second and Green was stuck 
mid-pack. Green worked through 
traffic to move to second early in the 
main and battled with Word for five 
laps, until grabbing the lead and 
motoring away with the race in fine 
style. He took it all the way to the 
checkers to beat Word, Sullivananda 
hoarde of Experts consisting of Del 
Schnitzer (Hon), Travis Babcock 
(Hon), Adams and Fisher. 

Oglesbee (Hon) led the Opening 
lap parade of the Open Pro main, but 
again Green was in the right place 
and shot into. the lead. This time 
there was no one to race with the 
national speedster who's only prob- 
lem was maneuvering around lapped 


. January 30, 1985. 




Pee Wee rider Dan Chambers (19) gets outflanked by 125cc Beginners 
Rob Knemeyer (34) and Jacon Rutt (12) at Corona Raceway. 

riders. Green kept the chilled crowd 
in awe for the entire 20 laps with 
Oglesbee running second ahead of 
Sullivan, who crashed and put Zirbel 
into third. Zirbel got around Ogles- 
bee to settle into distant second where 

` he would finish ahead of Schnitzer, 

Oglesbee, Ryan Fisher, Bob Ingel 
and Sullivan at the flag, well behind 

OPEN PRO: 1. Randy Green (Hon); 2. Marty Zirbel 
(Yam); 3. Del Schnitzer (Hon); 4. Mike Oglesbee 
(Hon); 5. Ryan Fisher (Yam); 6. Bob Ingle (Yam); 7. 
Mike Sullivan (Yam); 8. Mike Huffman (Yam); 9. 
Scott Miller (Yam); 10. Bob Klum (Hon). 

ore 1. Randy Green (Hon); 2. Frank Word Ш 
(Yam); 3. Mike Sullivan (Yam); 4. Del Schnitzer 
(Hon); 5. Travis Babcock (Hon); 6. Ron Adams (Bul); 
7. Ryan Fisher (Yam); 8. Bob Klum (Hon); 9. Rex 
Fisher (Yam); 10. Marty Zirbel (Yam). 

OT PRO: 1. Kenny Celorie (Bul); 2. Jeff Celorie 
(Yam); 3. Randy Scott (C-A); 4. Nick Nelson (C-A); 5. 
Randy Webb (Yam). 

ОТВ: 1. Dennis Fromm (Suz); 2. Mike Thompson; 
3. Doug Moore. 

Keller, Nordin 
Medford Expo SX 

By Clay Light 

Honda-supported Rodney Kel- 
ler devastated the Open Pro's 
money final at the first of two 
nights of supercross in the 
Medford Expo Park arena. Keller 
controlled the evening with his sweep 
of heats and matching main events, 
also winning the 250cc final convinc- 
ingly. Fellow Honda rider Dave Nor- 
din took the final by storm as well 
over 1300 spectators looked on. 

Over 100 riders jammed into the 
infield in the massive facilities for the 
best race yet in the young 1984-85 
supercross season at the Expo Park, 
and all on hand got to witness sensa- 
tional riding by many out of the area 
riders. One such rider was Honda- 
mounted John Naylor, coming all 
the way down from Hillsboro to run 
away with the 13 rider 125cc finals. 
Locals Andy Dixson and Suzuki- 
mounted Robby Pearce could do 
nothing to stop Naylor, who took the 

Eighteen riders lined up three rows 
deep for the Open final which saw 
Honda 500 pilot Nordin motor away 
with the race from start-to-finish 
holding off the advances of AMA flat 
track National number 70 Jeffrey 
Campbell aboard a Yamaha TT 500 
built by Pro-Tech. Campbell rode 
consistently throughout the 20 lap 
main to finish runner-up, followed 
by Devin Madison (Hon) and Bob 
Klum (Hon) at the completion. 

The 250cc final also saw 18 riders 
line up for an all-out swapfest on the 
gnarley Rich Word-prepared course. 
Keller clobbered the field right from 
the start to lead an all-star cast around 
the whoop-de-doo-lined course with 
МХ Pro John Woodley (Hon) being 
the Eugene area riders main competi- 
tion. Ted Perreard (Suz) and Steve 
Croucher (Hon) rammed from behind 
but the Pro duo proved to be too much 
and finished in the 1-2 spots. 

Keller’s final task of the evening 
was to win the Pro money main 
event, with machinery ranging from 
125cc to 600cc. Keller’s 250 seemed to 
work the best as the 18-year-old 
launched his CR into the lead fol- 
lowed by 10 fast comrades. Campbell 
(Yam 500), Madison (Hon 500), flat 
track Pro Bob Ingle (Hon 480) and 
TT specialist Jeff Harsha (Hon 250) 
led a front pack war, but again it was 
Keller in complete control, dazzling 
the near capacity crowd with his 
tricks learned on the 250cc National 
circuit. Woodley made a charge only 
to drop back and leave Campbell in 
second to hold off Madison to the 
finish and end the first of two nights 
of racing. 


OPEN PRO: 1. Rodney Keller (Hon); 2. Jeff Campbell 
(Yam); 3. Devin Madison (Hon); 4. Bob Ingle (Hon); 
5. Jeff Harsha (Hon). 

OPEN: 1. Dave Nordin (Hon); 2. Jeff Campbell 
(Yam); 3. Devin Madison (Hon). 

250: 1. Rodney Keller (Hon); 2. John Woodley 
(Hon); 3. Steve Croucher (Yam). 

125: 1. John Naylor (Hon); 2. Andy Dixson (Yam); 
3. Robby Pearce (Suz). 

80: 1. Hank Peterson (Suz); 2. Wayne Frampton 
(Yam); 3. Kristin Cowan (Yam). 

60: 1. Ryan Huffman (Kaw); 2. Jason Mathews 
(Hon); 3. Joe Don Ireland (Hon). 

McCay claims Mini 
win at Corona 

By Nate Rauba 


A qualifier for the amateur 
supercross to be held at Ana- 
heim Stadium on February 3, 
brought outa rather large crowd 
tonight at Corona Raceway. The Mini 
classes were full, and the Beginners 
and Novices played a decisive role in 
the outcome of the Intermediate class, 
won by Robert McCay. 

Novices lined up with the Inter- 
mediates, and at the start of the first 
moto it was a Novice, Robbie Perez 
(Rincon Kawasaki), who stole the 
holeshot from Intermediate Kevin 
Bussey (Best Ever Termite/Kaw). Guy 
Deckert (Kaw), a Novice, was in third 
ahead of McCay (PVK). After two 
laps Perez was pulling away from 
Bussey, while McCay was losing 


ground to Deckert. On the third lap 
Perez got hung up in Beginner traffic 
which allowed Bussey to pass, but 
Perez stayed right on his rear fender. 
Soon they hita big pack of Beginners, 
and, although Bussey emerged still 
in the lead, Perez, Deckert апа McCay 
were close behind. On the next lap, 
McCay began to move and was into 
second when the white flag flew. 
McCay tailed Bussey into the hills, 
and took the lead when Bussey got 
stuck behind a slower rider. They fin- 
ished in that order, with Perez taking 
third and the Novice win ahead of 

Bussey grabbed the holeshot in the 
second moto but was pushed outside 
and went over the large berm. Deck- 
ert was there to take over, as Novices 
Dan Humbach (Kaw) and Mike Alli- 
son (R&D Suz) held back McCay. 
Allison went down on the first lap, 
and McCay was there to put the heat 
on Humbach. For over half the race, 
these three kept one another in sight, 
while Perez held down fourth a ways 
back. McCay kept the pressure on 
Humbach, but on lap five, he went 
down trying to pass a Beginner. He 
got up in time to retain third, then, 
on the last lap, Humbach went down 
and McCay took second. Deckert was 
gone on his way to the win and 
Novice overall, so McCay had to set- 
tle for second but still took the Inter- 
mediate overall. Perez also went by 
Humbach to take third in the moto 
and second overall in his class, and 
Humbach got up in time to hold 
onto third overall in the Novice class. 
David Wodaszewski (Kaw) was the 
second Intermediate to cross the fin- 
ish line to lock up second overall in 
that class. Bussey was third overall 
with a 2-4 score. 

PEE WEE: 1. Ryan Doty (Kaw); 2. Dan Chambers 

MINI ВЕС 12-: 1. Steve Mock (Yam); 2. Jeff Lewis 
(Kaw); 3. John Ward (Hon). 
MINI BEG 13*: 1. Kaboose Massam (Yam); 2. 
John Peterson (Kaw); 3. Ken Weesner (Kaw). 
MINI NOV: 1. Guy Deckert (Kaw); 2. Robbie Perez 
(Kaw); 3. Dan Humbach (Kaw). 
MINI INT: 1. Robert McCay (Kaw); 2. David 
Wodaszewski (Kaw); 3. Kevin Bussey (Kaw). 
125 BEG I: 1. Matt Blevins (Kaw); 2. Rich McCoy 
(Ноп); 3. Steve Fields (Suz). 
125 BEG И: 1. Robert Briney (Hon); 2. Chuck Col- 
lins (Hon); 3. Glenn Tucker (Kaw). 
125 NOV I: 1. Brian Calhoun (Kaw); 2. Jeff Gores 
(Kaw); 3. Mike Kennedy (Hon). 
125INT: 1. Roy Chambers (Yam); 2. David Church 
Бойы 3. Billy Nielson (Hon). 
PRO: 1. Wafer Schaeffer (Hon); 2. John 
Kalis. (Hon); 3. Trey McFarland (Yam). 
250 BEG I: 1. Marc Visser (Yam); 2. Tad McAnally 
(Hon); 3. Jeff Henrich (Hon). 
250 BEG 11: 1. Philip Wurster (Hon); 2. CB Hen- 
dricks (Hon); 3. David Fox (Hon). 
250 NOV: 1. Jeff Rutt (Yam); 2. Jim Kuntz (Suz); 3, 
Aron Briggs (Hon). 
250INT: 1. Paul Tomorie (Hon); 2. Michael Edson 
(Hon); 3. Ron Lawson (Hon). 
250 PRO: 1. Dave Graff (Hon); 2. Scott Mapes 
(Kaw); 3. Sean Corcoran (Suz). 
OPEN BEG: 1. Bob Robinson (Suz); 2. Rob Pan- 
dratz (Hon). 
OPEN NOV: 1. CB Hendricks (Hon); 2. Robert 
Wetnern (Yam). 
OPEN INT: 1. Mark Jones (Hon); 2. Chris Lance 
VETS: 1. Bob Krah (Hon); 2. John Huegel (Hon); 3. 
Greg Johns (Mai). 

Yamaguchi, Pierce 
shoot to 'Dunes 
MX wins 

By Terry Rezek 


Kevin Yamaguchi rode his 
Kawasaki to a 1-2 moto score to 
top the 125cc Beginner class at 
California Racing Club's (CR C) 
first motocross of the 1985 season at 
Indian Dunes Cycle Park. The 250cc 
Intermediate class win went to Alan 
Pierce (Kaw), who flew to a 1-1 over- 
all win; Rick Grant was second. 

As usual, the 125cc Beginner class 
was one of the biggest. Yamaguchi 
apparently decided to avoid the crowd 
and parlayed the holeshot into a 
going away win. The action was back 
in second. Aaron Wood and Michael 

Lucas fought over that spot until lap 
three when Lucas made a nice jump 
pass for second. Then, before the lap 
was over, Mike Finch had taken it 
away from him. At the end of moto 
one; it was Yamaguchi, Finch, and 

In moto two, Brad Beaman smoked 
off the start line right to the moto 
win. Again the fight was over setond 
but this time Lucas and Finch had to 
contend with Yamaguchi. Lucas held 
the spot for most of the moto but 
Yamaguchi reeled him in on the last 
lap to finish second and get the best 
combined score for the day. 

Chris Cole looked like a shoo-in 
right from the start of the 125сс Inter- 
mediates. Jerry Wert and Jason 
Davenport were running second and 
third for most of the race. Tom Holt 
came from back in the pack, picking 
off at least one rider per lap, including 
Wert and Davenport. On lap five, 
Cole disappeared and finally showed 
up in last, barely moving. Holt cruised 
in for the moto win, followed by Wert 
and Davenport. 

In moto two, Holt took an immedi- 
ate lead and did not relinquish it. 
Todd Hayes and Cole were right 
behind him fora short while but both 
DNF and Wert took over second. Eric 
Clausen worked his way upand passed 
Wert in the last part of the race. Holt 
had the best combined score, with 
Wert second and Clausen third over- 

Pierce kicked everyone's rear knob- 
bies in the 250cc Intermediates, run- 
ning away with both motos for an 
easy overall victory. Tim Wahlberg 
tried valiantly to catch him during . 
moto one but finished Second, 20” 
seconds behind Pierce. Rick Grant 
did the same in moto two and got a 
little closer, but still no better than 
second. At the final tally, Grant had 
one point better than Wahlberg and 
took second overall. 

In the 500cc Beginner race, Michael 

^ Sheldon was the early leader with 

Scott Graham getting by him mid- 
race to take the first-moto win. Shel- 
don again took the lead in moto two 
and held off Graham. Graham DNF 
and Sheldon took the moto win and 
first overall. 

The Veterans class is almost the 
exclusive property of Marino Bastio- 
nell and today was no exception as he 
went 1-1 for the overall. He was fol- 
lowed by Vet Expert Ken Kulluson in 
both motos; third overall went to 
Errol Lewis, who took first Interme- 
diate. е 


PEE WEE: 1. Robby Hammond (Yam); 2. Tony 
Catalde (Yam). 

60 ВЕС: 1. Judd Scanlan (Каму); 2. Lanny Turner 
(Kaw); 3. Robby Hammond (Kaw). 

60 NOV: 1. Jarrett Austin; 2. Mark Birkenback 

60 INT: 1. Craig Decker (Kaw). 

BOSTK BEG: 1. Dean Dill (Kaw); 2. Mike Farzaneh 
(Hon); 3. Scott Connelly (Kaw). 

80 STK NOV: 1. Duane Веппег (Ноп); 2. Bjorn 
Lofstrom (Yam); 3. Joel Tokarsky (Kaw). 

BO STK INT: 1. Erick Hilton (Yam); 2. Jimmy But- 
ton (Hon); 3. Robert Shipman (Kaw). 

80 MOD NOV: 1. Brian Gipson (Yam); 2. Duane 
Benner (Hon). 

80 MOD INT: 1. Jimmy Button (Hon); 2. Erick 
Hilton (Yam); 3. Bubba Erickson (Kaw). 

5 BEG: 1. Kevin Yamaguchi (Kaw); 2. Brad 

Beaman (Hon); 3. Michael Lucas (Kaw). 

125 NOV: 1. Doug Allen (Kaw); 2. Gary Carivau 
(Kaw); 3. Dennis King (Suz). 

125 INT: 1. Tom Holt (Kaw); 2, Jerry Wert (Kaw); 
3. Eric Clausen (Yam). 

250 BEG: 1. Jeff Minderhout (Yam); 2. Bob Dem- 
sey (Yam); 3. Kirk Puerner (Yam). 

250 NOV: 1. Mike Hawks (Yam); 2. Tony Mercier 
(Kaw); 3. Dutch Weibel (Kaw). 

250 INT: 1. Alan Pierce (Kaw); 2. Rick Grant 
(Yam); 3. Tim Wahlberg (Yam). 

500 BEG: 1. Michael Sheldon (Suz); 2. Duane 
Achziger (Kaw); 3. Ron Baker (Hon). 

500 NOV: 1. Mike Hutton (Yam); 2. Craig McCon- 
nachie (Yam); 3. Craig Hitch (Yam). 

500 INT: 1. Mike Musson (Hon); 2. Jeff Clausen 
(Hon); 3. Robert Moore (Yam). 

VET JR: 1. Walt Hard (Hon); 2. Steve Roberts 
(Yam); 3. Mick Mistretta (Suz). 

VET INT: 1. Errol Lewis (Suz); 2. Robert Cooke 
(Hon); 3. Bill Dennis (Hon). 

VET EX: 1. Marino Bastionell (Suz); 2. Ken Kullu- 
son (Suz); 3. Steve Clark (Yam). 

125 PRO: 1. Gary Ybarra (Kaw). 

250 PRO: 1. Jeff Schumacher (Үат); 2. Bart Shi- 
flett n 3. Brad McLeod (Hon). 

PRO: 1. Dave Foltz(Hon); 2. Don Cline (Kaw). 


Final 1984 

Points Standings 
Nigel Gale 176 
Bob Reinen 174 
Jim Vreeke 169 
John Thornton 158 
Steve Dilallo 158 
Tony Matthews 155 
Chris Crowell 153 
Marty Sharpe 152 
Harold Bohrer 152 
Alex White 135 
Kenny Kopecky 129 
Fred Eiker 126 
Ear! Roloff 121 
Andy Leisner 109 
Gary Tatsumi 107 
Scott Johnson 107 
Todd Brubaker 106 
Keith McKibben 104 
Bill Cain 103 
Kirby Real 103 
Dennis Fryer 97 
David Morris 93 
Marty Vogel 93 
Chris Mencher 87 
C. Whitehouse 85 
Russell Miquel 82 
Bruce Mangels 82 
Chris McNellis 82 
Jim McNellis 82 
Shawn Leipold B1 
Joe Solis 80 
Bill Fennessy 77 
Frank Mazur 77 
Al Ross 76 
Frank Calinicos 76 
S. Dougherty 75 
Chris Grabau 74 
John Glover 74 
Jay Tanner 72 
Dan Brown 72 
Peter Carroll 72 
Charles Wallace 71 
Larry Ferguson 66 
Thomas Fowler 65 
Steve Biganski 65 
Rick Seaver 64 
Willi Sarzi 63 
Burke Steed 63 
Glen Senecal 62 
Bill Walsh 60 
Craig Beecher 59 
Matt Smith . 58 
Paul Van Zuyle 56 
Gary Patton 54 
Mick O'Field 53 
John Penner 53 
Eric l'Anson ; 52 
John Littau 52 
Bruce Anderson 52 
Tyler Turley 52 
Dennis Kunster 48 
Robert Dewitt 47 
James Schmidt 47 
Darren Fulce 47 
Dennis Rustigian 45 
Keith West 44 
Kevin Clark 43 
Jeff Kratka 42 
Marcus Falley 42 
Richard Scoular 42 
Paul Banitch 40 
Robert Cobb 38 
Joe Randazzo 38 
Craig Huber 37 
Charles Morton 37 
Henry Rodarte 37 
Scott Strehlow 36 
John Harvey 36 
Mike Haller 36 
Doug Mcintosh 33 
Jim Gianatsis 31 
Dave Scrima 30 
Bill Burton 30 
Kenny Green 30 
David Harris 30 
Eric Van Marter 29 
Mark Shelton 29 
Tony Murphy 28 
Dwight Fuller 28 
Mark Capell 28 
Rye Hefley 27 
Kevin Smith 27 
Doug Stephens 26 
Mel Blaney 26 
Joe Yates 26 
Kirk Schreffler 26 
Marv Thompson 26 
Larry Shorts 26 
James Dickenson 25 
Trevor Dunne 25 
Hi-Point Golden 
State Enduro Series 
1984 Results 

Jeff Henning 100 
Jeff Irwin 94 
David Bertram 81 
Grant Palenske 51 
Tim Crowder 50 
Scott Sampson 44 
Tom Webb 43 
Wayne Smith 36 
Robb Mesecher 33 
Dan Neilson 30 

Brian Beattie 71 
Richard Adan 67 
Greg Newland 63 
Ken Markling 49 
Greg Furguson 48 


Tim Crowder 
Grant Palenske 
Scott Sampson 
Wayne Smith 
Duke Lambert 

Steve Shoemaker 
Todd Johnson 
Mitch Lenz 
Dwayne Bansemer 
Don Hoagland 

Roger Toubeaux 
Cliff Glidden 
Todd Cornish 
Mike Haney 
Vernon Gabbert 

Frank Showers 
Ron Fry 

Walt Peterson 
Don McNamee 
Morris Norman 

1984 District 37 

Enduro Points 


Ron Fry 

Harry Keast 

Joel T. Parker 
Don McNamee 
Morris Norman 
Bill Hutton 
Donald H. Litton 
Bill Fullmer Sr. 
Ross Termin 
Harold Holsted 
Gerald Savelle 
Art More 

Ed Mazenko 
Dennis L. Tooman 
Dennis M. Scammell 
Bud Goosen 
Norman Wykoff 
Don Nelson 
Michael R. Happer 
Jim Ingersoll 

Art Jensen 

Gerry Urban 

Bill Greene 

Neal Keith 

Bill Adams 
Roger W. Alves 
Robert G. Jones 
Lon Williams 
Paul Leos 
William Daniel 
Paul W. Freund 
Tom Bristol 

Larry Langley 
Clarence M. Willis 
Edward G. Butler 
Bud Hendrick 
Raymond Throckmorton 
Joe Capucci 

Lee H. Schulz 
Dave Baker 

Roy Matson 
Richard L. Hale 
Jim Daleo 

Dale Brassfield 
Kenneth Gee 
Wayne Embree 
Phillip Bellows 
Jim Abbitt 
Armand T. Fidanza 
Pete Markese 
Charles R. Lanzi 
Tom Dana 

Jim Seulke 

Tony Ankersen 
Doyle R. Pipins 
Ronald May 
Wayne D. King 
James Grace 
William J. Main 
Rick Hammel 
Stan Smith 

Paul Brakebill 
Robert Bortree 
Robert Goodrich 
Art Whitney 

Lou Saunders 
Doug Johns 

Ed Chombeau 
Robert L. Hanna 
Antonio Folchi 

Robb Mesecher 
Greg Newland 
Rick Daniel 

Rick Arnold 
Roger G. Toubeaux 
David Keith 

Ken Markling 
Ben Stark 

Mike Wokal 
Lindsey Pickens 
Sam Bell 

David Babroff 
Randy Daugherty 
Dan Worley 
Mike Bouvy 
Charles Brown 
Phil Vanwey 
David Sweeney 
James L. Janzen 
Patrick J. Souza 
David M. Johnson 
Lawrence Weber 
Steve Peters 
Roger S. Cooper 
Larry Kinkel 
Ronald N. Platt 
James Bortree 
Bruce N. Orr 

Dennis Perrin 210 
Doug Clark 210 
Dave Thornberry 180 
Colin Merle Smith 180 
Russell M. Will 175 
Curt Clark 175 
Mark Weichmann 160 
Rick Jones 160 
Don Casey 150 
Brian De La Torre 147 
Randy S. Brown 140 
Stephen M. Coley 140 
Mike Ferro 115 
Larry Jenkins 115 
Craig Gustafson 115 
John McArthur 114 
Chuck Welch 110 
Chris Barnett 108 
Alan Poznoff 105 
Monte Dinwiddle 105 
Gerald W. Winders 100 
Chris Reyes 100 
Jim Martens 100 
Scott Skelton 100 
Steve Platt 90 
Evin D. Planto 48 
Ken McKenney 40 
Buford W. Shipler Jr. 15 
Larry Underwood 15 
Geoff Halstead 11 
Vernon Gabbert 930 
Todd M. Cornish 870 
Michael Haney 830 
Tom Getzfrid 780 
Jim Townsend 720 
John Pomo 680 
Byron Jenson 660 
Gordon Hopkins 660 
Eric Nicholson 410 
Dyno Dan Clark 400 
Douglas Mcintyre 370 
Mark T. Getzfrid 350 
Randy Schwalenbers 270 
Bill Rogers 265 
Lee Johnson 255 
Tim Elliott 240 
Richard E. Marcotte 230 
John Jacobsen 215 
Bill Staley 210 
John W. Barnett 205 
Dirk R. Vandenberg 200 
Roger Hurd 175 
John Ferro 175 
Robert J. Crawshaw 160 
Al Baker 160 
Todd C. Tathwell 155 
Ross Hoecker 135 
Ted D. Lytle 130 
Timothy R. Stoner 120 
Glenn Larson 114 
Paul С. Smith 110 
Jon A. Stillman 100 
Robert A. Wilson 95 
Roger A. Young 90 
John Townsend 90 
Shawn N. McGraw 85 
Dennis Е, Pegelow 80 
Mineshaft 80 
Troy Raynor Jr. 60 
Tim Hibbard 60 
Dave Whelden 55 
William P. Roope 50 
Brian R. Littlejohn 50 
Kerry L. Woodworth 45 
Gregg Turk "35 
Steve Evers 35 
Daniel Kruger 30 
Steve Wampler 30 
Joe Tabush 25 
250 DIV 
Grant A. Palenske 970 
Randy Kemp 170 
Kent B. Perkins 820 
Scott Sampson 780 
Mike Garrett 740 
Jamie Litton 720 
Steven M. Fry 710 
Tim Crowder 690 
Robert Burtis 615 
Clyde Litton 580 
John McCormick 470 
Jim Tripp 470 
Tim Moore 430 
Russ Jones 420 
Stan Potter 410 
Steve Jensen 400 
Karel Kramer 360 
Don Lewis Jr. 340 
Randy Pretzer 330 
Kurt Butler 320 
Brad McKay 310 

(Continued next week) 

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2 and 4 cycle, ATV's, 
Motocross, Street, 
Drag & Road Race 

* Call for your FREE 
1985 Motorcycle/ATV 
Piston and Accessory Catalog Today! 


7201 Industrial Park Blvd., Mentor, OH 44060 

1-800-321-1364 (USA) 
1-800-362-1368 (OH) 

1390 Flynn Rd. F, Camarillo, CA 93010 
1-800-237-3173 (USA) 
1-800-445-7334 (CA) 

178 Ingersoll Rd., PO Box 383 
Woodstock, Ont. N4S 7X6 

112-800-265-1029 (B.C.) 

Dealer Sales 

(213) 427-7433 

1985 RZ 500 N 

Street Racer 

Now taking Deposits 
for Feb.-Mar. Delivery 

Р.О. Вох 411, Eganville 
Ontario, Canada КОЈ 1TO 
Days 613-628-2725 Nancy 
Evgs. 613-628-3729 Don 

3:00x21, 4:10x14R; 100/90, 4:10x18; 4:50x18 
4:50x17, 4:50x18R, 5:00x18, 5:00x17 

3709 1059 

Now Available For 
KX-60s & 80s + YZ-80s 
Used By Mini MX Stars 
Damon Bradshaw and Ronnie Tichenor 


3709 W. Erie Ave., Lorain, OH 
2650H Mercantile Dr., Rancho Cordova, CA 

Cycle News - Weekly news, 
not monthly history. 




«айд» Ry жазу 
Tu Gee Enterprises 

731 E. Cypress 
Monrovia, CA 91016 

HOT LINE (213) 359-2415 

‚ January 30, 1985 GEE 


January 30, 1985 903149) 



-$20 entry fee, 
2 days 

$10 entry fee, 
1 day 





; -A 

FREE overnight camping at track 

for O.T. & O.T.H.G. only 
1 moto (no entry fee) 

ambulance on grounds 

Ua A 



6th Annual Winter National 

DeAnza Cycle Park 
Feb. 9th & 10th, 1985 

10 miles east of Riverside on Hwy. 60 to Theodore exit... 


$7 for racers 
$5 for spectators 

Race & Membership 



Bob De Miranda 
Days (213) 945-3742 
Eves. (213) 699-2869 

Western U.S.A. 


Hap Jones Distributing Co. 
P.O. Box 32368 
San Jose, California 95152 


CMe Race With The Best 

Carlsbad Raceway — 1st/2nd/3rd/4th Sunea. mo. 

indian Dunes — 2nd/4th Sun. ea. mo. 
Sunrise Cycle Park — 2nd/4th Sun. ea. то. 




P.O. BOX 46 



MOTOCROSS (213) 868-8112 

(714) 261-6116 

NORWALK, CA 90650 


Attention clubs and promo- 
ters! Get your event listed 
іп the Cycle News Calendar 
section for free! Just fill out 
the Calendar listing form in 
this week's Calendar sec- 
tion completely and mail it 
in today to the attention of 
the Calendar editor. Make 
sure you include an infor- 
mation phone number too! 

SRA | Schedule 

Jan. 27 — New Year G.P. 
Indian Dunes 
Feb. 24 — Riverside G.P. 

Motocross JAN. 27 
Perris Raceway 

Grand Prix FEB. 17 
Perris Raceway 

Info: (714) 371-6333 


24 НВ (714) 495-2542 



Feb. 17 ( 

2 Separate Tracks VM 

INFO. (916) 223-5600 

(714) 828-1358 


Calendar listings are a free service for Cycle News readers and race 
promoters. All information is the responsibilty of the promoter. We 
suggest calling to confirm details before traveling to an event 

1985 Tentative 
Camel Pro Series 
2/8-9 Houston, TX 
3/4-10 Daytona Beach, FL 
3/30 Gardena, СА 
4/13 Sacramento, CA 
5/4-5 San Jose, CA 
5/11 Gardena, CA 
5/18-19 Somona, CA 
5/26 Springfield, IL 
6/1 Louisville, KY 
6/7-9 Elkhart Lake, WI 
9 TBA 
6/15-16 Loudon, NH 
6/21 Hinsdale, IL 
6/22-23 Pocono, РА 
6/29 Lima, OH 
7/13-14 Monterey, CA 
7/21 Du Quoin, IL 
8/3-4 Lexington, ОН 
8/11 Peoria, IL 
8/24-25 Indianapolis, IN 
8/31-9/1 Brainerd, MN 
1 Springfield, IL 
9/8 Syracuse, NY 
9/15 San Jose, CA 
9/21 Gardena, CA 

9/28 Sacramento, CA 

1985 AMA 
National MX 
3/3 Gainesville, FL 
3/31 Sacramento, CA 
5/26 Mt. Morris, PA 
6/2 Atlanta, GA 
6/16 \ Denver, CO 
6/23 Los Angeles, CA 
7/7 Buchanan, MI 
7/28 Binghamton, NY 
8/11 Millville, MN 
8/18 Washougal, WA 
1985 AMA 
1/26 San Diego, CA 
2/2 Anaheim, CA 
2/8-9 Seattle, WA 
2/16 Indianapolis, IN 
2/23 Atlanta, GA 
/9 Daytona Beach, FL 
4/13-14 Pontiac, MI 
4/20 Houston, TX 
4/21 Dallas, TX 
5/4 Orlando, FL 
5/18 Pasadena, CA 
6/8 Chicago, IL 
National Observed 
Trials C'ship 
4/13 Muenster, TX 
4/14 Sand Springs, OK 
5/25 Winchester, TN 
5/27 Pigeon Forge, TN 
6/1 East Greenwich, RI 
6/2* East Greenwich, RI 
8/24-25 Donner Pass, CA 
8/31 Butte/Bozeman, MT 
9/2 Salt Lake City, UT 

"FIM World Championship Round 

WERA National 
Endurance Road 
Race Series 

4/13 Indianapolis, IN (6 hr) 
5/25 W. St. Louis, IL (8 hr) 
6/1 Summit Point, WV (8 hr) 
6/15 Long Pond, PA (8 hr) 
6/22 Pueblo, CO (6 hr) 
7/3 Loudon, NH (6 hr) 
8/3-4 Nelson Ledges, OH (24 hr) 
8/17 Braselton, GA (8 hr) 
8/24 Beloit, IL (6 hr) 
9/7-8 Rosamond, CA (24 hr) 
9/14 Faulkville, GA (6 hr) 
10/5 College Station, TX (8 hr) 
11/16 Braselton, GA (6 hr) 

1985 SCORE/ 
HDRA Off-Road 

2/1-3 Parker, AZ 
3/1-3 Laughlin, NV. 

3/29-31 Lucerne Valley, CA 

6/7-9 Baja Internacional 
7/5-7 Barstow, CA 
8/16-18 Riverside, CA 
9/6-8 las Vegas, NV 
11/8-10 Baja 1000 
12/6-8 Frontier 500 
AMA/ Dragbike! 

National C'ship 

3/2-3 Miami/Hollywood, FL 
3/30-31 Atlanta, GA 
4/20-21 Bradenton, FL 
4/21-28 Sacramento, CA 
5/4-5* Roxborough, NC 
5/18-19 Palmdale, CA 
5/25-26 La Rue, OH 
6/1-2 St. Louis, МО 
6/15 Rising Sun, MD 
6/21-23° Long Pond, PA 
6/22-23 Union Grove, WI 
6/29-30 Fremont, СА 
7/13-14 Medford, OR 
7/13-14 Cedar Falls, ІА 
7/21 Kent, WA 
7/20-21* Syracuse, NY 
7/27-28 Columbus, ОН 
8/3-4 Union Grove, WI 
8/7-9 Sturgis, SD 
8/17-18 Redding, PA 
8/25* Carlsbad, CA 
9/2 Brainard, MN 
9/8 Byron, IL 
9/14-15 Lancaster, NY 
9/28-29" Prescott, AR 
10/6-7 Fremont, CA 
10/13-14 Palmdale, CA 
10/21 West Palm Beach, FL 
10/27-28* Atmore, AL 
11/2-3 Houston, TX 
11/16-17** Gainsvile, FL 
11/30-12/1 Phoenix, AZ 
*1/8-mile track 

""National C'ship Finals 

1985 AMA 
National Enduro 

2/17 New Idria, CA 
2/24 Witmire, SC 
4/21 Рого, СА 
5/5 Traverse City, MI 
5/12 Roselawn, IN 
5/26 Tillamook, OR 
6/2 Klamath, CA 
8/11 Speedsville, NY 
8/18 Moorestown, MI 
9/15 Lynnville, IN 
10/20 McArthur, OH 
10/27 Bear, DE 
1985 AMA 

National Hare 
Scrambles Series 


3/3 Lake Wales, FL 
3/17 Olympia, WA 
3/24 Cadiz, KY 
4/14 Redding, CA 
4/28 Hurricane Mills, ТМ 
5/19 Bruceton Mills, WV 
6/16 Hailey, ID 
6/30 St. Johns, PA 
9/1 Milville, MN 
10/13 Sugar Grove, ОН 

Golden State 
Skoal Bandit 
Motocross Series 

1/26-27 Yuba City, CA 
2/2-3 Huron, CA 
*2/10 San Diego, CA 
2/16-17 San Jose, СА 
2/23-24 Fresno, СА 
"Sportsmen only 

AMA Amateur/ 
Youth MX 

National Finals 
8/13-17 Hurricane Mills, TN 

FIM World C'ship 
Road Race Series 

3/23 South Africa 
5/5 Spain 
5/19 West Germany 
5/26 Italy 
6/2 Austria 
6/16 Yugoslavia 
6/29 Holland 

7/1 Belgium 
7/21 France 
8/4 England 
8/10-11 Sweden 
8/1 San Marino 
World C'ship 

Endurance Road 
Race Series 

6/9 Italy 
6/23 Austria 
7/28 Japan 
8/17-18 Belgium 
9/7-8 West Germany 
9/14-15 France 

World C'ship 

TT Road Race 

6/1-7 Isle of Man 
6/29 Holland 
7/7 Portugal 
7713-14 Spain 
8/17 Northern Ireland 
9/1 Belgium 
9/28-29 West Germany 

World C'ship 
Motocross Series 


4/4 Holland 
4/14 Italy 
4/28 Belgium 
8/2 France 
6/9 Yugoslavia 
6/16 Czechoslovakia 
6/30 San Marino 
7/7 Holland 
7/14 Finland 
7/28 Portugal 
8/18 Argentina 
8/25 Brazil 

3/9 South Africa 
4/14 Switzerland 
4/21 Austria 
5/5 Italy 
5/12 Belgium 
5/19 Czechoslovakia 
6/16 France 
6/23 Spain 
7/21 Holland 
8/4 Soviet Union 
8/11 West Germany 

4/14 Austria 
4/21 France 
5/5 Sweden 
5/12 Finland 
6/2 Italy 
6/9 Spain 
6/16 Holland 
7/14 England 
8/4 Belgium 
8/11 Luxemburg 
8/25 Switzerland 

3/31 West Germany 
4/14 France 
4/28 England 
5/5 Finland 
5/12 Sweden 
5/19 Holland 
8/2 Switzerland 
6/23 Belgium 
8/18 Austria 
9/15 Italy 

World C'ship 
Trials Series 

2/24 Spain 
3/10 Belgium 
3/17 England 
3/23 Northern Ireland 
4/14 France 
6/16 Austria 
6/23 Poland 
8/25 Finland 
8/31 Sweden 
9/8 Switzerland 
9/15 West Germany 
CMC Four-Stroke 
7 -.: 


5/5 Carlsbad, CA 
9/1 Perris, CA 

СМС Four-Stroke 


12/1 Carlsbad, CA 
WERA Road 

Race Schedule 
3/23-24 ТВА, TX 
4/6-7 Roswell, NM 
4/20-21 ТВА, TX 
5/18-19 ТВА. TX 
6/2223 ТВА, TX 
7/20-21 ТВА, TX 
8/17-18 TBA, TX 
9/14-15 TBA, TX 
10/5-6 College Station, TX 
10/26-27 ТВА, TX 

Superbike Series 
and Honda 500cc 


Series Road 

3/24 Rosamond, CA 
4/14 Rosamond, CA 
5/26 Rosamond, CA 
6/30 Rosamond, CA 
7/28 ~ Rosamond, СА 
8/18 Rosamond, СА 
3/22 Rosamond, CA 
10/20 Rosamond, CA 
1985 AFM 

Road Race 

2/24 Rosamond, CA 
3/2-3 Зопота, СА 
3/24 Rosamond, СА 
3/30-31 Зопота, СА 
4/14 Rosamond, СА 
4/21 Sonoma, CA 
5/12 Sonoma, CA 
5/26 Rosamond, CA 
6/8-9 Sonoma, СА 
6/30 Rosamond, CA 
7/7 Зопота, СА 
7/28 Rosamond, СА 
7/28-29 Sonoma, CA 
*8/24-25 Sonoma, CA 
8/18 Rosamond, CA 
9/22 Rosamond, CA 
10/6 Sonoma, CA 
10/20 Rosamond, CA 
10/27 Sonoma, CA 
11/22 Rosamond, CA 
"Pro-Am Event 

1985 ARRA 

Road Racing 

2/2-3 Rosamond, CA 
3/2-3 Rosamond, СА 
4/6-7 Rosamond, СА 
5/4-5 Rosamond, CA 
6/1-2 Rosamond, СА 
7/4(6-hour) Rosamond, CA 
7/8 Rosamond, CA 
8/3-4 Rosamond, CA 
8/31-9/1 Rosamond, CA 
10/5-6 Rosamond, CA 
11/2-3 Rosamond, CA 
11/30-12/1 Rosamond, CA 
Other Major 

FIM Events Abroad 

3/2-3 Team Ice Racing World C'ship 
Inzell, West Germany 

3/8 Formula One Road Race 
3/8 250cc Road Race 
3/9 Supercross 


3/9-10Indiv. Ice Racing World C'ship 
Assen, Holland 

3/10 Superbike Race 

6/15 Pairs Speedway C'ship Finals 
Rybnik, Poland 

8/10 Team Speedway C'ship Finals 

8/31 Indiv. Spdwy. C'ship Finals 
Bradford, England 

9/8 Motocross des Nations 
Gaildorf, West Germany 

9/15 Indiv. Long Track C'ship Finals 
Korskro, Denmark 

9/29 Trial des Nations 
nzo, Italy 
9/30-10/6 ISDE 

La Molina, Spain 

January 23 


Baylands Raceway Park, Fremont, 
CA. Just off Hwy 17 at Durham Rd. 
exit. Use south entrance. All classes. 
Gates open 5 pm, races 7. Info 

January 25 

Corona Raceway, Corona, CA. 91 
Frwy Е. from LA/Orange County to 

Pierce off-ramp. Rt on Pierce to Mag- 
nolia, rt on Magnolia to Buchman, rt on 
Buchamn takes you to track. All classes. 
30% trophs to Sptsmn. 15096 Pro pb. 
Gates open 5 pm, prac 6, race 7. Entry 
$10, 415 Pro. Info 714/735-1705 or 


Sand Hill Ranch, Brentwood, CA. 
From hwy 580 take Vasco Rd. N. 17 
miles to corner of Camnio Diablo and 
Vasco Rds. turn right. All classes, 30% 
trophs, 10096 Pro pb. Gate opens 6 
pm, prac 7, race 7:30. Entry $15, $20 
Pros. Adm $15. Info 415/634-3328 
(Tom Anderson). 


Santa Clara P.A.L. Racetrack. Hwy 
237 and Great America Parkway, 
Santa Clara, CA. 33% Sptsmn trophs, 
125% Pro pb. Gates open 5 pm, prac 
6:30, race 7:30. Entry $12. Info 


Rio Bravo MX Park, Houston, TX. 5 
miles east on E. Mount Houston Rd. off 
Hwy 59 №. All classes. Troph thru 6th 
to AM, 100% Ex pb. Entry $8, Swim- 
ming, Showers, game room, grand- 
stands. Info 713/458-0090. 

January 26 


Carlsbad Raceway, Carlsbad, СА. 
Racing starts 3 pm, $1 jackpot at 5 
pm, $5 jackpot at 6 pm, $25 jackpot at 
7 pm, racing ends at 8 pm. $7 admis- 
sion, free pit pass. Info 619/727-1171 


Corona Raceway, Corona, CA. 1985 
Season Opener. № mile and '4 mile 
Free sptsmn entry, Info 714/735- 
1705. 4 


Indian Dunes Cycle Park, Valencia, 
CA. All classes. 100% pb. Gate opens 
7 am, prac 8, race 9:30. Entry $15 
Sptsmn, $20 Pro. No memb. reqd, all 
cards welcome. info 805/257-4700 
or 818/989-5918. 


San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium, 
San Diego, CA. 1985 Miller High Life 
Supercross Kickoff. Toyota early entry 
gates open 4 pm, regular gates open 6 
pm, racing starts 8 pm. Ticket prices: 
$6, $10, $12, $15 and $18, available 
at all Teleseat, Super Shops and Tick- 
etron locations. For more info call 


DeAnza Cycle Park, Sunnymead, 
CA. All classes includ. Pee Wees and 
Vets. 100% Pro pb, 100% trophs for 
Pee Wees, 50% for Vets, 30% for 
Sptsmn plus contingencies. Entry $15 
Pro, $12 Sptsmn. Gates open 7 am, 
prac 8:30, race 9:30. Membership not 
required. Info 714/924-5859, 653- 
5840 or 653-7979. 


Perris Racewayl, Perris, CA. Gary 
Semics MX School. Starts 10 am, lasts 
until 3 pm. Mail entry $40, post $45, 
Mail to 12601 Enramada, Tustin, CA 
92680. Info 714/832-9433. 

January 26-27 


Marysville "E" Street Track, Marys- 
ville, CA. 40 miles north of Sacra- 
mento оп Hwy 70. Take Hwy 70 to 
north Beale Rd, (at south city limits), 
then go over leeve on Shad Rd. Gates 
open 6:30 am, registration 7-8:30, 
late registration 8:45-8:55, prac 7:30- 
8:30, first race 9:30. Entry $20 pre, 
$25 post Sptsmn, $30 pre, $40 post 
Pros. Info 714/261-6116. 

January 25-27 

Waco, TX. 6th Annual Autorama. 
Info 512/834-8459, 


Cow Palace, San Francisco. The 
Great American Motorcycle and ATV 
Show. Info 614/891-2425. 

January 27 


Indian Dunes Cycle Park, Valencia, 
CA. All classes. 100% pb. Gates open 
7 am, prac 8, race 9:30. Entry $15 
Sptsmn, $20 Pro. Мо теті. гед, all 
cards welcome. Info 805/257-4700 
or 818/989-5918. 


Carlsbad Raceway, Carlsbad, CA. 
1-5 to Palomar Airport Rd., east 3 mi. 
All classes. 30% troph. 
Gate 7 a.m., sign up 7:30-8:30, prac. 
8-9, race 9. Entry $10 Sptsmn, $15 
Pro ($10 to p.b.). Info 714/261-6116. 


Rio Bravo MX Park, Houston, TX. 5 
mi. east on E. Mount Houston Rd., off 
Hwy 58 N. All classes. Troph. thru 6th 
to Am., 10096 Ex. p.b. Entry $8. Swim- 
ming, showers, game room, grand- 
stands. Info 713/458-0090. 


Sunrise Valley Cycle Park, Ade- 
lanto, CA. 2 mi, north of town on Hwy 
395. All classes. СМС points. 33% 
Mini/Vet troph., 50% cash p.b. to 
Vet/Ex. Free 0/М parking. Gate 7:30 
а.т., race 9:30. Info 619/245-7339 


Lake Whitney Cycle Ranch, Whit- 
ney, TX. On FM 2960 off Hwy 22, west 
of Whitney. All classes. Troph. through 
8th, $1,170 guaranteed purse. Split 
sched: Nov. 9 a.m., Int/Ex. approx. 
1:30 p.m. Camping $2/vehicle, gate 
$4. Entry $8 Am., $10 Ex. Info 713/ 
482-7593, 817/694-2901. 


DeAnza Cycle Park, Sunnymead, 
CA. 10 mi east of Rive: eun Hwy 60 
to Theodore ex: «y Classes Gate 7 
am, prac, o Nace 9:30. Entry $12 
Sptsm, №15 Pro. Memb. reqd. Info 


Corona Raceway, Corona, CA. Spe- 
cial races for Czechoslaviakian motor- 
cycles plus Vintage MX for bikes 1976 
and earlier. Classes for all, plus a regu- 
lar Sunday MX program for Jrs, Int, 
and Pros (pb). Fifth annual CZ World 
C'ship. Info 714/831-3482. 


Temple City Honda, 9228 Las Tunas 
Drive, Temple City, CA. 50/50 draw- 
ing, trophs for club participation, high 
and low poker hands, long distance 
rider. $6 mail in entry closes 1/20. $7 
entry post. Pasadena M/C Club. Info 


Indian Dunes Cycle Park, Valencia, 
CA. 2 miles west of 1-5 on Hwy 126. 
20% trophs, finisher pins. All classes 
plus ATV/Ody. 0-80сс, Sen-Vets, 
ATC/Ody prac in AM, race in AM. 
81-Ореп prac in PM race in PM. Entry 
$15 mail, $20 post. SRA license reqd. 
Info 714/828-1358 


Soggy Dry Lake, limed from Lucerne, 
CA. All desert classes includ. ATV/ 
1096 trophs, finisher pins. Lemans 
start, 2-38 miles loops (quick and fun). 
Beginners and women Novices go 1 
loop only. Pie plates wecome. 9 am 
start. $16 entry. Info 714/894-4970 
(Scott Oberle), 


Burleson MX Park, south of Ft. 
Worth, TX оп 1-35. South from Ft. 
Worth to Hardgrove Lane, east 2 
miles, Turn right immediately past 
bridge. All classes. Trophs thru 6th, 
$800 purse, paid per moto and overall 
with 10 rider minimum. $1000 if 15 
riders (no Open Exp.). No pit riding or 
late practice. Gate 7 am, Nov prac 
8-8:30, mini 8:30-8:45, 1st race 9. Int 
and Ex prac 1 pm, race 1:30. Gate $5, 
under 10 and over 60 free. Entry $10 
Sptsmn, $15 Exp. Info 817/295- 
8908 or 295-1760. 


Gila Bend, AZ. Classes available for 
all M/C, 3-wheelers and Ody. Plus 
mini races. 35 mile desert course, with 
pits and camping in downtown Gila 
Bend. ADRA. Info 602/252-1900. 


E.L's Pack, 7924 Seville Ave., Hun- 
tington Park, CA. HDOA 4th Annual 
Polar Bear Run. Sign-in 8 am to 10 am. 
Info 213/588-3788. 


Coulterville, CA 50 miles east of 
Modesto. All classes. Trophs, finisher 
pins and decals. Entry $20 pre, $25 
post. Send entries to Marven Stirm, 
519 Nevins, Lodi, СА 95240. F-Troop 
M/C. Info 209/989-2313 or 334- 

South of Tulare, CA. Take Paige 
Ave. 3 miles west, track on north side. 
All classes includ. Minis, Vets and 3- 
wheel. OTHG events also. Gates open 
7:30 am, prac 8:30, race 9:30. Entry 
$12 Sptsmn, $15 Pro. Tulare MX. Info 
209/686-4520 or 688-4062. 

February 1 


Sportsman's Lodge, Studio City, 
CA. For reservations sent $13 per per- 
son by Jan. 15 to Charlee Ho, 15516 
Nordhoff St, #127, Sepulveda, CA 
91343. Trophies awarded to the first 
3 high point riders in each division. 
ribbons to the top ten. For more info 
call 818/894-4793. 

Corona Raceway, Corona, CA. 91 
Frwy E. from LA/Ürange County to 
Pierce off-ramp. rt on Pierce to Mag- 
nolia, rt on Magnolia to Buchanan, rt 
on Buchanan takes you to track. All 
classes. 30% trophs to Sptsmn, 150% 
Pro pb. Gates open 5 pm, prac 6, race 


February 10, 1985 


Amateur Motocross Races 
Leading To Seattle 

Sun., Jan. 27 - Seattle Intl Raceway - Seattle, WA 
9% miles east of 1-5 оп Hwy. 18 - 206. 631-1550 

Тһе Countdown To Тһе Kingdome 
Series Will Advance Ten 125 and 250 
Pro Riders Directly To The Profes- 
sional Event On Friday and Saturday 
Nights Supercross Race. 


EV T! 

17 Miles North of Mojave, CA on 
Hwy 14 at Tokiwas on left 


65cc A, B 

85cc A, B, C 

125cc A, B, C 

250cc A, B, C 

Open A, B, C 
Over the Hill (30-40 yrs.) 
Old Timers (40 yrs. & Up) 

АТУ (Specify Size) 

Amateur Supercross - February 10, 1985 
Racing АП Day Sunday! 
For Pre-Entry Info and Forms Contact: 


P.O. Box 13246 

St. Petersburg, ЕТ. 33733 
813 822-8929 

Race Headquarters & Registration At 
Seattle Ramada Inn, 2140 N 
Seattle, WA 98155 — 2 
Registration: Fri., Jan. 8, 4-8pm. Sat., Jan. 9, 12-4pm 

Prospectors M.C. 30th Annual 

February 3rd, 1985 

At Tokiwas Restaurant, Cinco, CA 

: (Great Food) 

See Cycle News Calendar 
Section For Details. 

Race Photos by 
R and D Action Shots 

AMA District 37 Enduro 

INFO: Nights (805) | 273-1175, Days (805) 251-3790 

CRC Motocross at DeAnza, Sun., Jan. 27 

Anaheim Stadium Amateur Supercross, Sun., Feb. 3 

Over $10,000 іп Cash & Contingencies 

“All Classes* 

Racing Products USA 

January 27 — HMR & DCMC 
2nd Annual Banzai Run 

February 10 — “1 did it with the 
District 38 Sweetharts'' 

Fresents the 5th Annual 
King of the Desert Race 

$1000 First Overall King Class 

24 Hour Race info: (619) 427-5759 

SMX Schedule 

Sun. ý Corona Intl. 
Sun. Feb. Corona Intl. 
Sun. Feb. Perris Raceway 
Sun. b Corona Intl. 
Sun. 5 Corona Intl. 

INFO (714) 831-3482 

Open 7 days — 7 a.m. ‘till dark 
Located 2 miles west of interstate 5 
‘on Highway 126 near Castaic 

(805) 257-4700 



( 7 R( ATV Classes At АП Events 

Jan. 27 — MOTOCROSS Feb. 10 — MOTOCROSS 
DeAnza — Last Qual Corona 

Anaheim Stadium Carlsbad 

(213) 830-7519 

*30% Super Stadium Trophies* 


Over 40? Old Timers race every weekend! 
Classes for all levels of ability. 

$20 Membership. Sign-up at track or call: 
Days (213) 869-0921, 

Eves. (213) 923-5824 

SAT. Jan.26 DeAnza Cycle Park 

SAT. Feb.2 Desert Vipers G.P. 
Adelanto, CA 
SAT. SUN. О.Т. Winter Natis. 

Feb. 9-10 DeAnza Cycle Park 


DeAnza Motocross 
No Membership Required 

Racing Every SATURDAY And 
SUNDAY At DeAnza Cycle Park 

(714) 653-7979 (714) 653-5840 
(714) 924-5859 


FT 1/4 mi, 1/2 mi 

Ody, 3 Whirs 

January 30, 1985 

January 30, 1985 949839378 


ФА! '84's must go 

€ Choose from one of the largest selections 

€ We won't be undersold 

€ Weare one of the oldest and most dependable 

dealers around 

6525 SANTA MONICA BLVD. / PHONE (213) 466-7191 


100/80 V 18 ТЕЛ1 CALL NOW 

160/60 V 17 TG-22 
130/70 V 18 TG-22 
160/60 V 18 TG-22 

uum" д MOTO 
[^ manga ж СЕТЕЛЕ-ЕР. 

413-734:6211 — Outside Massachusetts 800-628-4040 




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California's Newest Yamaha Dealership 

4001 East Anaheim St. 
LONG BEACH, CA, 90804 
(213) 498-6578 (714) 527-9144 

The Oil Authority 

USA Lubricants (213)944-6361 

7. Entry $10, $15 Pro. Info 714/735- 
1705 or 689-1913. 


Sand Hill Ranch, Brentwood, CA. 
From Hwy 580 take Vasco Rd. N. 17 
miles to corner of Camino Diablo and 
Vasco Rds, turn right. All classes, 30% 
trophs, 100% Pro pb. Gate opens 6 
pm, prac 7, race 7:30. Entry $15, $20 
Pros, Admission $15. Info 415/634- 
3328 (Tom Anderson), 


Santa Clara P.A.L. Racetrack, Hwy 
237 and Great American Parkway, 
santa Clara, CA, 33% Sptsmn trophs, 
125% Pro pb. Gates open 5 pm, prac 
6:30, race 7:30. Entry $12. Info 


Rio Bravo MX Park, Houston TX. 5 
miles east on E. Mount Houston Rd, off 
Hwy 59 М. All classes. Troph thru 6th 
to Sptsmn, 10096 Ex. pb. Entry $8. 
Swimming, showers, game room, 
grandstands. Info 713/458-0090. 

February 2 


Carlsbad Raceway, Carlsbad, CA. 
racing starts 3 pm. $1 jackpot 5 pm, 
$5 jackpot 6 pm, $25 jackpot 7 pm, 
racing ends 8 pm. $7 admission, free 
pit pass. Info 619/727-1171. 


Indian Dunes Cycle Park, Valencia, 
CA. All classes. 10096 pb. Date open 7 
am, prac 8, race 9:30. $15 Sptsmn, 
$20 Pro. No membership reqd. All 
cards welcome. Info 805/257-4700 
or 818/989-5918. 


Adelanto, CA. 11 miles north of 
1-15 on Hwy 395/ Minis 0-80сс class. 
Finisher pins, Ist and 2nd place 
trophs. No AMA memb. reqd. race for 
1 hour in town of Adelanto. Race 
starts 3:30 pm. $20 mail entry, $30 
post. Info 714/521-7788 after 6 pm 
weekdays (Charles Sims). 


Anaheim Stadium California Super- 
Cross. For more info contact 213/787- 
3497 or 714/760-0169. 


DeAnza Cycle Park, Sunnymead, 
CA. All classes includ. Pee Wees and 
Vets. 100% Pro pb, 100% trophs for 
Pee Wees, 50% for Vets, 30% for 
Sptsmn plus contingencies, Entry 415 
Pro, $12 Sptsmn. Gates open 7 am, 
prac 8:30, race 9:30. Membership not 
reqd. Info 714/924-5859, 653-5840 
or 653-7979. 


Huron Cycle Park, Huron, CA. Sign- 
up uniti 9:30 am, school starts at 10. 
Riders may come and go as they like, 
in between races, after races, etc. 
Entry $30 pre, $35 post. Info 714/- 

February 2-3 

Adelanto, CA. All classes. Srs, 
Unclassified, OT's, ATC, 0-175 and 
Women, Vets and Minis race Sat. 250, 
OTHG, Open race Sun. Racing Sat. 
starts 8 am, racing Sunday starts 
noon. Mail entry $20, $30 post. 
зні Vipers М/С. Info 714/521- 


Huron Cycle Park, Huron, CA. 50 
miles southwest of Fresno. Take 1-5 
north to Lassen Ave, or south to Hwy 
198 then east into town. Gates open 
6:30 am, registration 7-8:30, late reg- 
istration 8:45-8:55, prac 7:30-8:30, 
first race 9:30 am. Entry $20 Pre, $25 
post Sptsmn, $30 pre, $40 post Pros. 
Info 714/261-6116. 

February 3 


Tyler, ТХ. Exit 69 5 from 1-20. 2 
miles to CR 471, right 2 mi. and turn 
left, signs on road. All classes. Troph 
to 5th. $1005 Ex. purse, 15 rider min. 
class. 100% Pro payback. Conces- 
sions, camping $2/veh., elec hookup, 
gates open all night. Straight thru pro- 
gram. Prac 9:30 a.m., race 11, Entry: 
gate $5, Am $10, Ex $20. Info Bill Law 


Indian Dunes Cycle Park, Valencia, 
CA 1-15 to Hwy 126. All classes. Brass 
for Sptsmn., cash for Pros. Two long 
motos. Gate 7 a.m., prac. 8, race 9:30. 
Entry: $12 Sptsmn., $15 Pro; memb. 
req d. Info 213/830-7519. 


Conroe MX Park, Conroe, TX. 3 mi. 
south of town to San Jacinto River. All 
classes. Troph. or gift cert. to 8th in 
Nov. classes. Concessions, showers & 
bathrooms. Split schedule: prac. 8 
a.m., гасе 10; Int/Ex. race 1 p.m. Entry 

« 48. Sptsmn, $15 -Ex. Gate $4. Info 

712/756-4114 (Conroe Suz), 273- 
2336 (track). 


Вагопа Oaks Raceway, Ramona, 
CA. Hwy 67 to Lakeside, east on 
Mapleview, north on Ashwood, up 
Wildcat Canyon Rd. 1! miles. New 
Beg. class. 0/N camping & conces- 
sions. Sign up closes 7:30 sharp. Entry 
$10, yearly memb. $20. Info 619/ 
565-2406 (Les), 619/571-5531 
(Bruce), 277-2743. 


Tulsa, OK. South of Tulsa interna- 
tional Raceway off Hwy 169 N & North 
36th St. All classes. 33% troph., 
150% Ex p.b. Gate 8 a.m., prac. 9:30, 
race 11. Entry $8 Sptsmn, $12 Ex, $4 
gate. Tulsa Area Motosports, Inc. Info 
918/266-6136 (Rick). 


Mosier Valley MX Park, Ft. Worth, 
TX. АН classes. $804 guaranteed Ех 
purse. No pit riding or late prac. Prac. 
B a.m., race 9; Int & Ex. prac. 1:30 p.m. 
Entry $11 Sptsmn, $18 Ex. Gate $5. 
Info 214/357-4196 


DeAnza Cycle Park, Sunnymead, 
CA. All classes includ. Pee Wees and 
Vets. 10096 Pro pb, 10096 trophs for 
Pee Wees, 5096 for Vets, 30% for 
Sptsmn plus contingencies. Entry $15 
Pro, $12 Sptsmn. Gates open 7 am, 
prac B:30, race 9:30. Membership not 
required. Info 714/924-5859, 653- 
5840 or 653-7979. 


Cinco Station on Hwy 14, 17 miles 
N. of Mojave, CA. (Tokiwas). All classes. 
Trophs, finisher pins. Drawing for 
starts 1/26 at 7:30 pm at Cinco. No 
teams, C riders and B Women go 1 
loop. Prospectors M/C 30th Annual 
Gold Rush Enduro. (See Ad this issue). 
Entry $20 mail, $24 post. 8 am start, 
1.А.А.С. Ambulance Service. (Use 
standard D-37 entry blank). Send 
entry with SASE to Prospectors M/C, 
39510 Armfield Ave, Palmdale, CA 
93550. Sign-ups will be in Tokiwas 
Resturant. Race photos by R&D Action 
Shots. Info 805/273-1175 nights or 
251-3790 days. 


Corona Raceway, Corona, CA. 91 
Frwy E. from LA/Orange County to 
Pierce off-ramp. Rt on Pierce to Mag- 
nolia, rt on Magnolia to Buchanan, rt 
on Buchanan takes you to track. All 
classes, 33% trophs to Sptsmn, cash 
to Pros. 30 minute motos. Gate opens 
7 am, prac 8, first moto 9. Memb. 
reqd. Info 714/831-3482. 


Argyll Park, 11 miles south of 
Dixon, CA on Hwy 113. All classes, 
30% trophs, 100% Pro pb (paid heat 
and overall). Seperate ATC and Ody 
classes. Track slower and more tech- 
nical for the Pros. Entry $15 Sptsmn 
and ATC, $15 plus $5 park fee Pros, 
Watch $5, 6-12 $1. Info 916/678- 

Sand Hill Ranch, Brentwood, CA. 
Take Vasco Rd. from Hwy 580 north 
17 miles to corner of Camino Diablo, 
turn right 1st ranch on right, Pro pb, 
30% trophs. Racing starts 8:30 am. 
Entry $15 plus $5 Pro, $5 watch. Info 
415/634-3328 or 634-6596. 


Cycleland Speedway, 14 miles south 
of Chico, CA, 24 miles north of Marys- 
ville on U.S, 99E and Nelson Rd. All 
classes. Sign-up starts at 7:45, first 
race 8:30, Entry $10, team rider $6, 
spectator $4, under 6 $1. Info 

February 1-3 


Santa Maria Fairgrounds, Santa 
Maria, СА. 8th Annual World of Wheels. 
Info 805/928-9363. 

February 6 


Baylands Raceway Park, Fremont, 
CA. Just off Hwy 17 at Durham Ad. 
exit. Use south entrance. All classes. 
Gates open 5 pm, races 7. Info 

February 8 


Corona Raceway, Corona, CA. 91 
Frwy Е. from LA/Orange County to 
Pierce off-ramp. rt on Pierce to Mag- 
nolia, rt on Magnolia to Buchana, rt on 
Buchana takes you to track. All classes. 
30% trophsto Sptsmn, 150% Pro pb. 
Gates open 5 pm, prac 6, race 7. Entry 
$10, $15 Pro. Info 714/735-1705 or 

Sand Hill Ranch, Brentwood, CA. 
From Hwy 580 take Vasco Rd. N. 17 

= « miles-to corner of Camino Diablo and 

Vasco Rds, turn right. All classes, 30% 
trophs, 100% Pro pb. Gate opens 6 
pm, prac 7, race 7:30. Entry $15, $20 
Pros. Admission $15. Info 415/634- 
3328 (Tom Anderson). 


Santa Clara P.A.L. Racetrack, Hwy 
237 and Great American Parkway, 
Santa Clara, CA. 33% Sptsmn trophs, 
125% Pro pb. Gates open 5 pm, prac 
6:30, race 7:30. Entry $12. Info 


Rio Bravo MX Park, Houston TX. 5 
miles east on E. Mount Houston Rd, off 
Hwy 59 М. All classes. Troph thru 6th 
to Sptsmn, 10096 Ex. pb. Entry $8. 
Swimming, showers, game room, 
grandstands. Info 713/458-0090. 

February 8-9 


Houston Astrodome, Houston, TX. 
First event of the 1985 Camel Pro 
Series. Friday, 2/8, Tourist Trophy, 
Saturday, 2/9, Short track. Time trails 
at 1 pm, racing at 8 pm. For ticket and 
race info call 713/526-7666. 


Seattle Kingdome, Seattle, WA. 
1985 Miller High Life Supercross. 
Gates open 6:30 pm, racing starts 8 
pm. For race and ticket info call 

February 9 


Carlsbad Raceway, Carlsbad, CA. 
Racing starts 3 pm, $1 jackpot 5 pm, 
$5 jackpot 6 pm, $25 jackpot 7 pm, 
racing ends 8 pm. $7 admission, free 
pit pass. Info 619/727-1171. 


Indian Dunes Cycle Park, Valencia, 
CA. All classes. 10096 pb. Gate opens 
7 am, prac B, race 9:30. Entry $15 
Sptsmn, $20 Pro. Мо memb. reqd. All 
cards welcome. Info 805/257-4700 
or 818/989-5918, 


DeAnza Cycle Park, Sunnymead, 
СА. All classes includ Pee Wees and 
Vets. 100% Pro pb. 100% trophs for 
Pee Wees, 50% for Vets, 30% for 
Sptsmn plus contingencies. Entry $15, 
Pro, $12 Sptsmn. Gates open 7 am, 
prac 8:30, race 9:30. Membership not 
reqd. Info 714/924-5859, 653-5840 
or 653-7979. 


Corona Raceway, Corona, CA. № 
mile and TT. For more info call 

February 8-10 


National Guard Armories, Sherman/- 
Denison, TX. 6th Annual Autorama. 
Info 214/422-4236. 

February 10 


Carlsbad Raceway, Carlsbad, CA. 
1-5 to Palomar Airport Td, east 3 mi, to 
raceway. All classes. 30% troph. Gate 
7 a.m., sign up 7:30-8:30, prac. 8-9, 
race 9. Entry $10 Sptsmn., $15 Pro 
($10 to p.b.). Info 714/261-6116. 


Sunrise Valley Cycle Park, Ade- 
lanto, CA. 2 mi. north of town on Hwy 
395. All classes. 33% Mini/Vet troph., 
50% cash p.b. to Vet/Ex. CMC points. 
Free 0/М parking. Gate 7:30 a.m., 
race 9:30. Info 619/245-7339. 


Rio Bravo MX Park, Houston, TX. 5 
mi. east on E. Mount Houston Rd., off 
Hwy 59 №. All classes. Troph, thru 6th 
to Am., 10096 Ex. p.b. Entry $8. Swim- 
ming, showers, game room, grand- 
stands. Info 713/458-0090. 


DeAnza Cycle Park, Sunnymead, 
СА. All classes include Pee Wees and 
Vets. 100% Pro pb. 100% Trophs to 
Pee’ Wees, 50% to Vets, 30% to 
Sptsmn plus contingencies. Entry $15 
Pro, $12 Sptsmn. Gates open 7 am, 
prac 8:30, race 9:30. Membership not 
reqd. Info 714/924-5859, 653-5840 
or 653-7979. 

Corona Raceway, Corona, CA. 91 
Frwy E. Нот LA/Orange County to 
Pierce off-ramp. Rt on Pierce to Mag- 
nolia, rt on Magnolia to Buchana, rt on 
Buchana takes you to track. All classes. 
Brass for Sptsmn, cash for Pros. Two 
long motos. gate 7 am, prac 8, race 
9:30. Entry $12 Sptsmn, $15 Pro. 
Memb. reqd. Info 213/830-7519. 

Carlsbad Raceway, Carlsbad, CA. 
1-5 to Palomar Airport Rd." Approx 4 

14. КЕММУ ROBERTS 1973-74 
15. GENE ROMERO 1970 

LIII е ERE ЕЕ ЕЕ БҰ БЕ БЕ БЕ БЕ Б БР ESE Бе же жн ше не S| 16. GARY 5СОТТ 1975 2 
17. JAY SPRINGSTEEN 1976-77-78 



miles east to entrance. Gth event of 
Golden State Series. SPTSMN ONLY! 
Gates open 6:30 am, registration 7- 
8:30, late registration 8:45-8:55, prac 
7:30-8:30, first race 9:30. Entry $20 
рге, $25 post. Info 714/261-6116. 

Burleson MX Park, south of Ft. 
Worth TX оп 1-35. S. from Ft. Worth to 
Hardgrove Lane, east 2 miles, turn 
right immediately past bridge. All 
classes. Trophs thru 6th, $800 purse 
paid per moto and overall with 10 rider 
minimum. $1000 if 15 riders (no Open 
Ex). No pit riding or late practice. Gate 
7 am, Nov prac 8-8:30, mini 8:30- 
8:45, Ist race 9. Int and Ex prac 1 pm, 
race 1:30. Gate $5, under 10 and over 
60 free. Entry $10 Sptsmnm, $15 Pro. 
Info 817/295-8908 or 235-1760. 


Marysville, CA. Under the Hwy 70 
"E" Street Bridge. Go over levee on 
Shad Rd., one block west of Honda of 
Marysville. All classes includ. OT, Vet, 
Mini, 3-wheel, Parts in pits. Food, 
sand track, pits sheltered by bridge, 
rain or shine. Prac 7;30 am, race 9:30. 
Entry $15 Sptsmn, $5 Pro plus $15 to 
purse. $4 watch. Info 916/695-2727 
(Charlie Sexton) or 695-2088 (Milt 

Stockton, CA. Limed off |-5 and Hwy 
99. Dist. 36 and AMA road rider div- 


Indian Dunes Cycle Park, Valencia, 
CA. All classes. 100% pb. Gates open 
7 am, prac 8, race 9:30. Entry $15 
Sptsmn, $20 Pro. Мо теті. reqd. АН 
cards welcome. Info 805/257-4700 
or 818/989-5918. 


Perris Raceway, Perris, CA. 91 Frwy 
east to 15 south toward Elsinore for 
20 miles to Hwy 74 then left for 8 
miles to Ellis St. Left to Burton, rt. 10 
track. All classes, 3396 trophs to 
Sptsmn, cash to Pros. 30 minute 
motos. Gate opens 7 am, prac 8, first 
race 9. Memb. regd. Info 714/ 


Frank Raines Park, south from Liv- 
ermore, limed from l-5. 580 to right on 
1.5 to Patterson Rd., right to park. Ex, 
Am, Nov, Vets, OT, Women, 4-stroke 
exhibition classes. 8 mile course, 1st 
race of Hi-Point Series. Natural terrain 
and hills. Spark arrestors and green 
sticker reqd. Overnight camping $7 
with hookup, $5 without. Gates open 
6:30 am, first race 8:30. Entry $18, $2 
watch. Info 415/223-3742. 


Limed from Red Mt., CA and Hwy 
395 and from Randsburg. All desert 
classes and ATV. 1556 trophs, finisher 
pins. 36 annual Moose Run/2nd annual 
Fred Ellsworth Memorial. 100 miles of 

Bates open 5 pm, races 7. Info 

February 15 


Corona raceway, Corona, CA. 91 
Frwy E. from LA/Orange County to 
Pierce off-ramp. Rt on Pierce to Mag- 
nolia, rt on Magnolia to Buchana, rt on 
Buchana takes you to track. All classes. 
30% trophs to SPtsmn, 150% Pro pb. 
Gates open 5 pm, prac 6, race 7. Entry 
$10, $15 Pro. Info 714/735-1705 or 


Santa Clara P.A.L. Racetrack, Hwy 
237 and Great American Parkway, 
Santa Clara, CA. 33% Sptsmn trophs, 
125% Pro pb. Gates open 5 pm, prac 
6:30, race 7:30. Entry $12. Info 


Rio Bravo MX Park, Houston, TX. 5 
miles east on E. Mount Houston Rd. off 
Hwy 59 М. АН classes. Troph thru 6th 
to Sptsmn, 100% Ex pb. Entry $8. 
Swimming, showers, game room, 
grandstands. Info 713/458-0090 

Sand Hill Ranch, Brentwood, CA. 
From Hwy 580 take Vasco Rd. №. 17 


The largest gathering of former number one National Champions will be at 
the Astrodome for the premier Camel Pro races. One of the Past Champions 
will be elected the GRAND MARSHALL of the Houston races. Cycle News 
readers choose the GRAND MARSHALL through this special Cycle News 
Ballot. VOTE NOW! 

The rider that receives the most votes from Cycle News readers will be the official Grand Marshall for 
the February 8 & 9 AMA National Motorcycle Championships. 



3857 BIRCH ST. 
SUITE #111 


ision. Free coffee and donuts at start. Four Aces Fun. 9 am start. Entry $16. miles to corner of Camino Diablo and 
Metal pins, 50/50 drawings, door Info 818/998-4935 or 253-3019. Vasco Rds. tum right. All classes, 30% Y X ANDRES 1955 
prizes. Sign-in starts 8:30 to 11 am. trophs, 100% Pro pb. Gate opens 6 . BRELSFORD 1972 
$4 entry fee. Info 209/946-9598 or CMC CALIFORNIA HARE SCRAMBLES pm, prac 7, race 7:30. Entry $15, $20 3. STEVE EKLUND 1979 
951-1563. Argyll Park, 11 miles south of Pro, Adm, $15. Info 415/634-3328. 
Dixon, CA on Hwy 113. All classes. 
сю; FAMILY paws 5. Trophs, contingencies, 75% Pro pb. 4. RANDY GOSS 1980-83 
stow, CA. classes includ. Hi-Point Hare Scrambles Series. Races 5. RICKY GRAHAM 1982-84 
special Beg. class and ATV. 20% start 8:30 ат. Entry $15 Sptsmn, $15 Е г 1 я = 
trophs and finisher pins. CRC Candy Pro plus $5. Watch $5, kids 6-12 $1. eb меху 6 6. МКЕ KIDD 1981 
Ass es be: we inde Info 916/678-3592 or 415/634- 
am. Entry $20 mail, post, non 3328 CALIFORNIA MOTOCROSS 
members add $5. Info 714/689-6114. DeAnza Cycle Park, Sunnymead, 7. MERT LAWWILL 1969 
--- = CA. All classes includ, Pee Wee's and 8. JOE LEONARD 1954-56-57 

CALIFORNIA ROAD RUN Vets. 100% Pro pb, 100% trophs for 

Limed from Johannesburg, CA on February 1 3 Pee Wees, 50% for Vets, 30% for 9. DICK MANN 1963-71 
Hwy 395 rahi дес 35 A pial nup aiii norem VE сы Sptsmn plus contingencies. Entry $15 
classes include ATC. 2nd annual Fred- Pro, $12 Sptsmn. Gates open 7 am, 
die Ellsworth memorial. Finisher pins. CMC NIGHT MOTOCROSS prac 8:30, race 9:30. Membership not 10. BART MARKEL 1962-65-66 
100 miles of four aces fun. Entry $16. Baylands Raceway Park, Fremont, required. Info 714/924-5859, 653- 11. GARY NIXON 1967-68 
Info 818/998-4935. CA. Just off Hwy 17 at Durham Rd. 5840 or 653-7979. 12. ROGER REIMAN 1964 

13. CARROLL RESWEBER 1958-59-60-61 

My vote forthe GRAND MARSHALL of the AMA National Motorcycle Championships in Houston is 

(Vote for one rider only. Only originals will count — no copies of this ballot) 

January 30, 1985 (9983) 


Calendar listings are a free service. Please type or legi 
bly print all information asked for and mail the blank ога 
fascimile thereof to: Cycle News Calendar, PO Box 498, 
Long Beach, CA 90801. All listings must be received by 
noon Thursday to appear in the following week's Cycle 
News. No phone calls, please; we can only accept items 
in writing. You may include an event flyer in addition to 
the Calendar blank 


1984 500/250 M STAR'S 


Location ‘directions 

Next Day Service 

Master Card, Visa 
American Express 

(204 )561-1260 



536 Somerset St 
No. Plfd., NJ 07060 

Sponsoring club/promoter/ sanction 

Classes.trophies ‘purse 

Final '84 Close Out 
Competitive Prices 
Contact Your Local Dealer Now! 
740 East Santa Maria St. 

Santa Paula. CA. 93060 U.S.A 
(805) 525-3364 

Additional info 

Dealer Inquiries Invited 


Distributors of Fine Motorcycle Riding Apparel 

Gate practice ‘race times 

10% Off Sale 

All Parts and Accessories 

Ad must be presented for discount 
10401 Alondra 

. Bellfiower, CA 

Entry fees 

Phone number for 

Your name info (with area code) 

V O2 осела (818) 574-7625 

(213) 925-5097 

0, 1985 ӨШЕДІ 




Help Wanted 

Partsmanager Needed 


N. Main, Santa Ana, CA 92701. (714) 542-0852. 

Parts Manager & Salesperson 
Due to expansion of business, we need experienced 
Yamaha or Suzuki parts manager anda salesperson. 
Good salary, plus commission, plus benefits. Apply 
now. Call Kirk or Brian. (818) 795-4129. (202/03) 
Service Manager 
Service Manager with knowledge of running a 
shop. Experienced only need apply. Pay dependent 
on qualifications. BEAUMONT УАМАМА/КАМ/А- 
SAKI. Contact Jim Hayes (714) 845-6901. 

Partsmanager/ Sales Manager 
Once in a lifetime, ground floor opportunity for 
knowledgeable self-starters — GROW WITH US. 
Parts and Sales Managers. OUTRIDER, 10545 Pico 
Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. (213) 879-3350. Harry. 


Motor Corp. USA 

Responsible for training Kawasaki dealer person- 
nel in the Western states. Based in Santa Ana area. 
Will schedule courses, recruit, instruct and evalu- 
ate students. Presentations include technical pro- 
duct and dealership management courses. The 
successful applicant will be highly motivated, self- 
starting and personable, communicate effectively 
with dealership employees; be professional in 
teaching the operation; trouble-shooting and repair 
of technical products as well as Kawasaki policies 
and dealer management principles; have the ability 
to prepare and deliver detailed presentations with 
minimum supervision; have a strong mechanical 
background and be willing to travel frequently. 
Send resume and salary history to: Marc Nelson, 
Kawasaki Motor Corp., USA, 2009 East Edinger, 
Santa Ana, CA 92705 or call (714) 835-7000. 


H-D Instructor Wanted 

For Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, Phoenix, AZ. 
Three years Harley experience minimum. Leave 
message for Dave Koshollek at (BOO) 528-7995 or 
(602) 582-1724. (202/07NWX) 

Partsperson Wanted 

Experienced partsperson needed for busy Suzuki 
dealer Southern California. Excellent working con- 
ditions and benefits. Pay commenserated with 
experience. Send resume to Dealer, LaHABRA 
SUZUKI, 1200 W. Whittier Blvd., LaHabra, CA 
90631. (202/03) 

Mechanic Needed 

Due to expansion of business, we need a Yamaha/ 
Suzuki mechanic with at least 2 years experience. 
Good commission, year 'round work plus fringe 
benefits. Apply Now. Call Kirk or Brian. (818) 
795-4129. (202/03) 

GOVERNMENT JOBS $16,599 - $50,553/year. 
Now hiring — Your Area. Is it true? Find out now. 
Call 805-687-6000 Ext. R-1299. (102/05) 

Honda Mechanic 

Opening for experienced Honda mechanic. Contact 

HONDA WORLD (Service Department) 208 E. 

Baseline, San Bernardino, CA. (714) 888-7755. 

motorcycles, 3-wheelers, and 4-wheelers. TED 
EVANS MOTORCYCLES (213) 306-7906. Contact 
Doug Sr. (202TFN) 

for HONDA-YAMAHA-SKI DOO dealer. Only cus- 
tomer oriented, quality minded individuals need 
apply. Call or write: Bill in Service, SPORTLAND, 
3001 S. Grand, Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81601 . 
(303) 945-6301 or (303) 945-5977. (302/04) 

Support Riders Needed 

We need support riders for all levels of motocross 
racing. Call or write for application. We manufac- 
ture the highest quality motocross pants available. 
MILLER PRODUCTS, P.O. Box 13328, Spokane, 
WA 99213. (509) 924-5048. (150/03) 

M/C Mechanic Apprentice 

Experience and tools helpful. Must have mechani- 
cal ability and desire to learn. Room for advance- 
ment with busy shop. MOTORCYCLE CITY USA in 
Sunny Mission Viejo (714) 495-3352. (245ТҒМ) 

Honda Partsperson 

Seeking experienced parts and accessories sales- 

person. Top pay, excellent working conditions. 

Salary plus commission. Honda dealership. 29 


ын ay IT PR ey CI EID ІЛЕ ничу 

Тһе # 1 Уоіште КаууазаКі 
Dealership In The USA 

Is looking for — one — highly qualified service 
writer for its fully equipped year 'round shop. Paid 
vacations and holidays, profit-sharing, free uni- 
forms. Join the #1 Kawasaki service department in 
the USA. WHITTIER KAWASAKI (213) 945-3494. 
(714) 994-1670. Ask for Stan Udal. (202/03) 

Honda Technician 

Year 'round position for experienced Honda techni- 
cian. Send resume and references to DESERT 
HONDA, 3545 S. Valley View, Las Vegas, NV 
89102. (702) 362-4636. (103NWX) 

Salesperson Wanted 

Largest Honda Dealer in Oklahoma. Must have at 
least 2 years experience. OKLAHOMA HONDA 
(405) 672-1423. Ask for Speedy. (303/04) 

Professional Opportunity 

For a qualified mechanic. If you are experienced 
and would like to work in a busy modern fully- 
equipped Yamaha dealership with a first class ser- 
vice reputation. Call LaHabra Yamaha (714) 525- 
6200 for appointment. (203/04) 

Need A Racing Mechanic? 

Expert BoTT, Superbike, Vintage builder and mecha- 
nic. Have built championship machines. Serious 
inquiries only! (415) 829-6091. (103) 

Telephone Sales 

Energetic and motivated person needed for expand- 
ing California company. Experience in ATV and 
motorcycles is desirable. Salary negotiable with 
experience. Call Tina for appointment. 8:30 AM 
-Noon. (805) 254-2122. (203) 

dealership. LA area. Experience necessary. (213) 
655-5101. (245TFN) 

Long Beach Honda Motorcycles 
Is Where It's Happening 

We need one salesperson that's got it together. 
Must have motorcycle experience. All company 
benefits, super pay plan to the right person. Call 
Carl Diamond (213) 423-1433. (245TFN) 

Honda Service Manager 

Southern California fast-growing dealership needs 
experienced, qualified service manager. Send ref- 
erences and resume to: Dept H, Cycle News, P.O. 
Box 498, Long Beach, CA 90801-0498. (250TFN) 

Phone Sales 

San Fernando Valley motorcycle accessories manu- 
facturer seeks phone salesperson with one year 
plus experience. Will sell and receive orders from 
domestic and international dealers. Must have 
good written and communication skills. Some mo- 
torcycle industry experience a Must. Benefits in- 
clude paid medical and profit-sharing. Send resume 
or call: Marsha at KERKER, 7900 Deering Ave., 
Canoga Park, CA 91304. (818) 999-3060. (203) 

Salespersons Wanted 

Ixion, an established Distributor/Importer wants 
hard-working sales reps; many prime areas open, 
join a good group of people. Ask for Norm. CA (800) 
821-4989, US (800) 854-%060. (228/TFN) 

Honda/Yam/Kaw Technician 
Immediate year round position for experienced, 
hard working individual. Very large dealer. Arling- 
ton, Virginia. Call Mr. Davis, (703) 525-5005. 

Professional Mtrcycle Salesman 
seeking career employment. One of the oldest 
Honda dealerships in the United States has an 
opening for one professional salesman. Year-'round 
southern California business, modern facilities, 
huge inventory, excellent commissions, excellent 
benefits. Top producers only need apply. Bill 
McLean. KOLBE HONDA, 7514 Reseda Blvd., 
Reseda, CA 91335. (B18) 345-7616. (248TFN) 

H-D Mechanic 

Experienced Harley-Davidson mechanic wanted. 
Send resume or call: H-D RENO, 3180 Mill St., 
Reno, NV 89502. (702) 329-2913 (303/05) 


Yamaha Dealership 

So. Cal. Excellent location. Complete sales, service, 
parts and accessories. $125,000. Contact Brian 
(agent) (714) 774-7773. (103) 

Honda Dealership 

Franchise, inventory, business, building. Must sell. 
Shelton, Wash. Arnold & Smith Realty. (206) 
426-3319. (303) 

So. Cal Franchised Dealership 
Low overhead, blow-out location and lease; Gross 
over one million in 1982... retiring. Call (619) 423- 
0073 days or after 7pm. (619) 479-3209. 


lished. $12-15,000 advertising budget. $30,000 
inventory cost. $10,000 fixtures, tire changer, 
balancer, compressor, cable making equipment. 
1983 sales $130,000. 1984 monthly sales up 15- 
2096. Excellent lease & Southern California loca- 
tion. Computerized sales & inventory software, and 
9,000 customer maillist included. Only $29,000 
cash. (714) 898-3985. (102/03) 

YAM Dir'ship Santa Cruz CA. 

$500,000 gross. $175,000 will handle. (408) 
475-5970. (202/03NWX) 

Napa Cal Kawasaki Dealership 
22nd best selling store in USA 1984. Health forces 
sale. Complete working store. JetSki sales. Close to 
Lake Berryessa on Hwy. 29. $95,000 total cost. 
$25,000 no interest loan may be assumable to 
financially sound buyer, call or write to WESTERN 
KAWASAKI, 3657 Napa-Vallejo Hwy., Vallejo, CA 
94590. (707) 252-0103. (103) 

No. NEV Motorcycle Dealership 
Near Lake Tahoe, Carson City and Reno. Year 'round 
riding. Approximately $250,000 gross and extend- 
ing. Price $78,000 FIRST WESTERN REALTY, Real- 
tor Call Nilva (702) 883-2300. (102/05) 

'85 KTM 250MXC 

5 hours on bike. Too tall for me. Showroom condi- 
tion. $2700. (714) 499-4844. (303) 

'83 Honda CR480 

Looks good, runs great, $1200. (213) eom 

“84 Honda CR500 

Excellent condition, stored last 6 months, $1300 
firm. (714) 827-2817. (403) 

RZ350 Performance Package 

Bolt-on racing chambers, carb kit, and K&N filters, 
$360 complete. Legal for RZ Cup Series. RSC WEST 
(707) 575-8312. (103) 

Hot 1984 KDX200 

Clean, fast, reliable. New tires, one of the best. 
$1200/ОВО. (213) 429-0356. (103) 

Road Racing Sidecar 

Less engine, many spares. Make offer. Reggie 
Pridmore. (805) 648-2895. 1946 Thompson Bivd., 
Ventura, CA 93001. (103/05) 

Ducati Pantah 
New 650cc engines. $2500 each. (916) TE 

82 YamahalT465 $1000/0BO 

Completely rebuilt. (916) 622-7817, (916) 

626-6946. (103) 

Chassis dyno, Model 310. Blower etc. good condi- 
tion, $1500. (916) 927-2656. (103) 

TZ250G $1995 With 11 Races 

Full spares. Also Daytona Special Road Race Champ, 
$750. Need Cash Now. (213) 833-5493. (103) 

*75 Honda 750-4 Kerker Pipe 

Runs Strong $1000 or trade for newer big bore 
Husky or Honda. Also '73 Husky 4OOCR, very 
strong, $350. (408) 462-4764. 

Yamaha RZ500 1200 Miles 

Seal Cowl, never raced. $4500 U.S. (204) 


Race Truck 
Chevy C60. 366ci gas motor. Sleeps 5. Carries 8 
bikes and parts. 115 gal tanks. Rebuilt engine and 
trans. 2-speed rear end. Good tires, brakes, tow 
bar, ramp 15', $7500/0BO. Call (213) 484-9323. 


Racer Series #1 ж The King Ж 

Custom Handmade Airbrush T-Shirts. Brilliant per- 
manent colors. (White) Heavyweight 50/50, $19.95, 
Crewneck Sweatshirts, $29.95, S,M,L,XL. Send 
money orders. Series information, Call or write, 
SPRAY ART, P.O. Box 3894, Vancouver, WA 98662. 
(206) 693-8740. (103) 

'84 Interceptor Honda 
800 miles, road damaged, 7005 Interceptor. 
$900/0BO. Tom Scott, Box 39, Parowan, Utah 
84761. (801) 477-8081. (103/07) 

DOCTOR CARVER on sports medicine for motor- 
cyclists. Only on Motorcycle World with Larry Huff- 
man. Sunday nites, 9 to 10:30, 50,000-watt FM 
107.9: (303/04) 

Never Used Trailers 

Trailers for motorcycles, ATCs, and JetSkis. LOW 

PRICES. For more info call (714) 777-1068. 

New MPS Boost Kit For 

Kawasaki Turbos 

Kit features adjustable boost from the stock 8 PSI to 
an unbelievable 25 PSI. MPS Boost Kit comes with 
all hardware, instructions, boost gauge and mix- 
ture control unit, $169.99. COD or credit card. 
SPECIALTIES, 2433 Adams Ave., Deltona, FL 
32738. (904) 789-5550. (221/23/EOI/TFNE) 

MAGNI-BMW Closeout 

MB2 CHASSIS KITS. Three only, save $1500. 
First come first served. OUT THEY GO! $3500 each. 
SLATER BROS., Р.О. Box 730, Kenwood, CA 95452. 
(707) 833-2622. (249/05E01/NWX) 

Yamaha FJ1100 Owners!! 
CYCLE LINE PRODUCTS has the fairing answer! 
Our new FAIRING SKIRTS blend all existing parts of 
your FJ1100 into an extremely impressive looking 
sport package. Finish the look YAMAHA started. 
Suggested retail: $164.95. Call for nearest dealer 
in your area. (201) 487-5577. (249EOINEX) 

Eurostyle Motorcycles 
Yamaha RD500 L.C. — V-4 
Delivery Now — New In Crates 

Other models available. Call (415) 485-1921. 

1985 Ninja 600: Free 

Listen to Motorcycle World with Larry Huffman 
every Sunday night from 9 to 10:30. KWVE RADIO 
FM-107.9. (303/04) 

Christian Desert Racers 
District 37 club forming. Racers Under The Son. 
(714) 540-4286. р (303) 

Eurostyle Motorcycles 
Ducati 1000 Hailwood Replica 

New in crates. Call (415) 485-1921. (303) 

NEWRIP OFFS allows only clean air into airbox. 2 
per package: $16.25. AT YOUR DEALER, or direct. 
Elsinore, CA 92330. (714) 674-4335. 
(207 /ЕОІ/ТЕМ) 

“84 КХ125 $1100 - ‘84 Ү2250 
"84 Ү2250 $900. Both bikes have too many extras 
to list, professionally maintained, fresh motors. See 
to appreciate. Call Mike (714) 638-7269. Buy both 
and save. (303/04) 

Husky 510 Four Stroke 

Cross country and enduro equipment. Carb, pipe, 
many extras. New rebuilt engine, trans, clutch and 
ignition all done on recall. Low hours, clean. $1395. 
SAVE. (714) 629-1310 evenings. (103/04) 

'84 KX60 And Open Trailer 

Bike excellent condition, $465/OBO. Trailer holds 
up to six bikes or АТУ. $650/OBO. (213) 278-5518, 
(818) 706-2180, (805) 983-0820. (103) 

Weslake Speedway Bike 
Clean, $2195. (604) 594-9533 days or (604) 581- 
8843 eves. (103) 

‘84 Honda XR500R Like New 

$1575. Yamaha TT580 just built, has all White 
Bros. goodies. $875. (213) 546-1887. (103) 

“84 Yamaha IT200 

Runs, looks excellent. The perfect play bike. $1100. 
(619) 252-5383. (103/04) 

age, low miles, spares, consider selling motor or 
frame. (415) 952-6334. (103/04) 

'84 HONDA CR250. Good condition, senior rider, 
Stock. $1350. (213) 923-7807. (103/04) 

ж Want Sponsors For 1985? ж 

Then you need a resume prepared by Rider Re- 
sumes. We prepare resumes for riders at all levels. 
Send $1 for information. RIDER RESUMES, 467 E. 
Pole Rd., Lynden, WA 98264. (103/04) 

POSITION WANTED: Street, off-road rider bikes 
are my life. Would like to make them my living. 
Apprentice mechanic, salesman, all possibilities 
considered. Southern Calif. Urban area undesira- 
ble. (209) 275-3944. (103/05) 

79 Honda XR500 

Street licensed, big bore kit, aluminum swingarm, 

Works Performance shocks, two tanks, $600/0BO. 

Also KX80 with XR80 engine $275/0BO. (714) 



Fox CR250 Honda '80 Like New 

Full Fox suspension, forks, shocks, swingarm. Other 
extras, excellent condition. $800. Call (714) 643- 
8201 after 4:30 weekdays. Ask for Frank. (103) 

XR750 H-D Motor 

38 Del'Ortos, Lawwill cams and ignition, boom box, 
extra pipes, new tranny door, extra rings and pis- 
tons, extra valves and countershaft sprockets. Also 
ARD CDI ignition, extra coils, bearings, gaskets and 
clutch plates and much more. Call John after 5pm 
(414) 835-4354. (103NWX) 

1983 HONDA XR350R, excellent condition, new 
tires and chain, White Bros. shock mods, profes- 
sionally maintained, runs great. $1295/0BO. (213) 

539-4632. (103) 
“83 Yamaha Ү2125 
Completely rebuilt, 38mm Mikuni, ported, shock 

mod, excellent condition, $750. (714) ra 

'83 Honda CR80 

Great beginner's bike, runs excellently, new brakes, 
clutch and handlebars with some extras. 
$550/0BO. Call Shane after 5:30(213) 376-9379. 


'69 Triumph Trident 

Rare European model, nickel-plated frame, 900cc, 
electronic ign. 3-into-1, K&N, trick valves. Clean 
tight and fast. $1950. (303) 443-3379. (103NWX) 

Christian Racers Wanted 
Deserts, GPs, Enduros, fellowship rides. Riders 
Under The Son. (714) 540-4286. 


Banzai Bros. Armor & Apparel 
Make your 2-stroke pipe "bullet proof!" Aluminum 
or 14-guage. Mild steel “Pipe Skid." Fits all 125cc 
through open pipes. $29.95 * $3.00 shipping * 696 
Cal. tax. Jersey $15.95 — T-Shirt $8.95 — Hooded 
T-Shirt $16.95 + $1.50 shipping + 696 Cal. tax. 
BANZA! BROS. RACING, Р.О. Вох 41457, Eagle 
Rock, CA 90041. (213) 256-4922. (203NWX) 

Now In Stock!! Toomey Racing 
^ RZ350 pipes. Orders shipped same day. First rate 
quality, guaranteed horsepower — second to none. 
We pay all freight charges when you buy the com- 
plete kit including special Toomey Racing air box, 
with aluminum battery box, carburetor jet and 
instructions. $360 complete. Use Visa, Master- 
Card, American Express or COD. Call today (213) 
539-6542 or (213) 539-4324. Beware of cheap 
imitation copies! You get what you pay for! (TFN) 

жжх Pogue Machine Жжж 

Pro-Flow Injection for GPz 1100 & 750 Turbo! Tre- 
mendous air flow improvement! $396. Distributor 
for APE, Manley, Wiseco, EGC, Andrews, Grimeca. 
PMC RACING (800) 222-7761 Shipping. 3700 S. 
High, Oklahoma City, OK 73129. (EOI49/03) 

WANTED: Trim, active, attractive lady riding 
partner for touring on my Interstate, dirt biking, 
bicycling, camping, fishing, movies, whatever. I’m 
37, 5'9", 160, affectionate, humurous, happy, 
healthy. Your age, height unimportant. Object: Fun, 
love, adventure. Doug, 12404 Benfield, Norwalk, 
CA 90650. (103) 


83 Honda 750 Interceptor 

4000 miles, excellent condition. $800 worth of 

extras. 82500/ОВО Jeff. (714) 645-4459. 

White Power Shock 

For ‘84 CR250, CR500. Rebuilt. $175. (714) 
772-4893 (103) 

Boring Bar Wanted 

Need boring bar in good condition. Will pay reason- 
able price. Would like to bore from 38mm to 
100mm. Dave. (213) 944-6034. (103/04) 

1983 HONDA CR480, stock, great shape, $900. 
(818) 881-0512. 


ATK Fork 

The hottest and most simple front fork modification 
with multi rate Spring Kit as tested in the May issue 
of Motocross Action and Motocross Magazines. 
The choice of most Pro Riders today. Available for 
33 to 43mm forks. $49.95 Visa/MC or COD. Ask 
your dealer or call, ATK Leitner Corp 2650-C Wal- 
nut Ave., Tustin, CA 92680. (714) 731-5114, call 
toll free outside CA. (BOO) 854-4023. 


Bike Trailer 

3-rail trailer, excellent condition, $325/OBO. (714) 
586-1697. (102/04) 

Bark Busters — The Real Thing 
There are cheap imitations available but for the 
absolute finest in hand protection join the top 
National riders who insist on Bark Busters. See 
your dealer or call PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS, 
P.O. Box 1294N, Lacombe, LA 70445. (504) 882- 
3107. (2/27/ALT/TFNNE) 

Notthe Cheapest-Just The Best 
World Champions 1981-82-84 

wood, CA 95452. (707) 833-2622 

Precise Crankwork 
We are crankbuilders for the Motorcycle Industry! 
We can untwist, true, weld, stroke, regrind or do 
anything else to any crank. When all you do are have to do them right! FALICON 
PERFORMANCE, 2041 Range Rd., Clearwater, FL 
33575. (813) 461-4161, call or write for catalog. 
(245 /ЕОМТЕМ/МЕ) 


cycle World with Larry Huffman: Training tips and 
same-day race results! Sunday nites from 9 to 
10:30 on 50,000-watt KWVE, FM-107.9.(303/04) 

Christian Enduro Racers 
CRC, AMA, desert family rides. Riders Under The 
Son. (714) 540-4286. (303) 

direct. ATLAS RACING PRODUCTS, P.O. Box 628, 
Lake Elsinore, CA 92330. (714) 674-4335. 


660 W. 16th St. Long Beach (213) 435 6551 

for more details see Dealer-Service Directory under 
Riding Apparel in the back of this issue. 


Two Locations To Serve You 

4705 Artesia Blvd. 
Lawndale, CA 
(213) 370-7771 

1503 So. Pacific 
San Pedro, CA 
(213) 548-6874 


Got an opinion? Write а 
letter to the Editor! 


oria = 
by i) 


Two and Four Stroke 
ATV € Karts 6 Jet Skis 
Snowmobiles 6 Road Racers 
8800 E. Compton Blvd., 
Paramount, CA 90723, 
(213) 531-2767 


The Motorcycle Tire 

and Wheel Specialists 
San Fernando Valley Torrance-South Ba 
9025 Sepulveda 26023 S. Western 
Sepulveda, CA Lomita, CA 
(818) 893-7806 (213) 539-4150 

(415) 472-3195 
"Call or Send for 

* Billet cams 

* Needle bearing cams 


Shreveport, Louisiana 
Distributor of Quality 
Motorcycle Accessories 
U.S. — 800/482-8124 
Louisiana — 800/482-8125 

- ^ FORKS 
DB coner $ STEMS & CROWNS 
m "s 


— THE RAZOR'S EDGE — | “ киместен” 
лм рот CRASH REPAIR 1524.4 tnd Park 3e 

‘ovina, CA 91722 
Rides with the Racer's Edge . CA 9! 
Doctor John's (818) 332-1598 


Sales, Service & Parts 
That Can't 

24020 Narbonne Ave. 
Be Beat 

Torrance, CA 90717 
(213) 534-2311 

FREE =. 

48 pages, of the best for street & MX 
including Championship SuperShox, 

TrackPaws, Fox RainSuit, DirtPaws, 
Roost-D-Flector, 'OD' Boots and more. 
send just $1 to cover postage and handling to: 

Moto-X Fox, Dept.CN 


520 McGlin: 

KTM * 
We Race What We Sell 
€ Complete Machine Shop 
€ Welding 
€ Wheel Building & Truing 
€ Race Info 
9 All Dirt Accessories in Stock 
€ Large Parts Inventory 
511 Mayfair Ave. 

UES Dey S.S.F. СА 

melee si 


You meet the nicest people to serve you 
RIVERSIDE, CA 92504 (714) 687-1300 

“We Can Save You 

1984 MODELS 

We're Dealing on '85s 


1801 W. Burbank Blvd. 
Burbank, CA 91506 

(818) 845-8738 

* Racing 
* Street 


Othman Distributing Co. 
Box 356, San Luis Obispo, 
CA 93406 (805) 544-6181 


Available now from Champion Moriwaki USA. 
These carburetor needles allow you to tune your 
GPZ to maximum horsepower output. 

Champion 1980 Harbor Blvd. 

Costa Mesa, CA 92627 
Moriwaki USA m (714) 642-2040 

(714) 989-7070 

California Dealers 

Call Toll Free 

в TIRES ,^;, 
(cere ee ee ”. $ im 
Houston TT/Short Track 
Special Racer Prices 
(415) 368-6259, (415) 364-4004 



1143 Pembina Hwy., Winnipeg. 
Manitoba, Canada R3T 2A3 204/477-1701 

RZ500 V-49 RZ350N 

January 30, 1985 94984084253 



January 30, 1985 ЕЗІЛЕ 


Wood-Rotax 500 & 560 
Race Ready Engines, Frames & 

Complete Rolling Chassis 

Speed equipment for Can-Am & KTM. For info call 

Ron Wood Racing Products (714) 645-0393. 

$ . Londono’s 84 Yamaha TZ250 

Expertly maintained with maintenance and race 
documentation, std. machine with dual discs, Brem- 
bo calipers, factory fairing, genuine fresh motor, 
new top and bottom ends. Spare set rain wheels 
with tires and machine spares. Will strip for genuine 
buyer. $6,500. Will ship anywhere. Also, Dymag 
sets, $250 front, $275 rear, fit TZ250 H,J,K,L. Call 
Santiago anytime, (305) 591-0039/40.(1/1/3NE) 

California Superbike School 
Course fee includes leathers, helmet, boots, gloves 
and SuperTrapp equipped GPz Kawasaki. Riding 
seminar by Keith Code, and 40 miles on the track. 
Up-coming schools: Laguna Seca, Willow Springs, 
Sears Point, Firebird Raceway. P.O. Box 3743, 
Manhatten Beach, CA 90266. (213) 484-9323, 



(Cycle News/West only) 

Per word...... 
Headline in bold type 
Photo...» ero eie енота 

(One photo per ad — Printed image size limited to 1%” 
high, 2747 wide.) 


Per word .. 
Headline in bold type 
РһоЮю ................. 

.. $8 extra 
(One photo per ad — Printed image size [limited to 1" 
high, 214” wide.) 

Blind Box Service Charge ......... $5.00 



WEEKLY RATES (Multiply by number of weeks ordered) 

“85 TY350 Yamaha Trials 
Must sell, perfect condition, Best Offer. (805) 
544-0971. (102/03) 

'84 Husky 500WR 

Like new, low miles, excellent condition $2300. '80 

Husky 390CR, Simons forks, Ohlins, excellent con- 

dition $800. (707) 523-0815, (714) 893-5485. 

жж L.A.'s #1 КТМ Dealer жж 

PERFORMANCE CYCLE WORKS has in stock 1985 
350MXC, 250MX, 250MXC, and 125MXs. Ready 
for delivery. Brand new 1984 125MXs, $1700. 
Parts and accessories shipped UPS daily. 7948 
Firestone Blvd., Downey, CA 90241. (213) 
861-9957. (250TFN) 

'82 Maico 490E 

Excellent condition, many extras, $875. (818) 
246-7805. (102/03) 

Husky's Biggest Western Dealer. 
At least 40 Husqvarnas in stock for immediate 
delivery. We ship parts UP daily. BRITALIA 
MOTORS, 10th & Tully, San Jose, CA. (408) 295- 
4341. (206/34TFN) 

BULTACO PARTS (713) 351-0075 

'83 GPz 750 Lower Fairing 

Red with matching graphics. $125 plus COD. (209) 
251-5462. (302/03NWX) 


1985 GSXR750 

Very limited number available late February. Don't 
delay and don't miss out on this opportunity to own 
the fastest 388 Ibs. Sports 750 Production Bike in 
the World. For more information phone Gary at 
(604) 734-4762. VANCOUVER SUZUKI, Canada. 


Jawa CZ Owners 

Members wanted for Jawa CZ club. For fun days, 
technical information, trail rides, parts swapping, 
etc. For more information write: P.O. Box 3303, City 
of Industry, CA 91744. CZ World Championship 
Jan. 27. See calendar section for details.(250TFN) 

—— —— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —— — — — —À —À —À —À — —— —À —À —À —À —À — — — — — — — — — —À — — — — — — — — 


Cycle News P.O. Box 498 Long Beach, CA 90801-0498 


(Cycle News/W 231 and 

Cycle News/East) 


Per Word. еее o me e ei oS 45€ 
Headline іп bold type ........... $5 extra 
Photos (No larger than 5х7)........... $7 

(One photo per ad — Printed image size limited to 1%” 
high, 2/4” wide.) 


Card Expires 

'84 ZX900 Motor 

Complete motor from wrecked bike. $950. Call Mr. 
Davis, (703) 525-5005. (3/50/3NEX) 

Especially For Interceptors 

Race proven SPONDON disc brake kit includes two 
320mm floating discs, two one-piece No flex cali- 
pers, FERODO pads and mounting brackets. In 
Stock. Only $585. (408) 779-9174. (303/05NWX) 

**** Hodaka Parts **** 
Shipped ANYWHERE! UPS. 24 hour answering 
machine. We'll call back! PHILIPPE SERVICES (714) 

643-8340. 1234/NW/TFN) 

жж “85 Huskys Here Now жж 
Single shock XCs and CRs are in! Don't Delay — Get 
Yours Today! OR — get a new '83 250CR or 5OOCR 
for $1000 less. Call for details. We want tobe YOUR 
Husky dealer! CROSSROADS SUZUKI, 26062 
Bouquet Canyon, Saugus, CA 91350. (805) 255- 
5353. (250TFN) 

WII [áo Ma 2: х 

Dico Trailers 

Cycle, Jet-Ski, ATC Buggy, auto. NEW! Enclosed 12 

to 28 foot trailers, finest quality and design. Huge 

trailer and off road center. OPEN 7 DAYS. Anaheim 

(714) 956-2950. Е! Cajon (619) 449-8282. 

P 2 
* '84 * Inventory ж Reduction 
Brand new 1984 Suzukis at below cost. Must make 
room for '85s coming in. Dealers welcome! Sorrv 
no credit cards. DRTOOE-$675. RM125E-$1399. 
RM250E-$1599. GS550ES-$2399. GS1150ES- 
$3799. LT125E-$989. LT185E-$1249. Limited to 
supplies on hand., Sale ends January 31, 1985. 
SADDLEBACK SUZUKI (714) 770-6701. Laguna 
Hills, CA. Must bring ad for these prices. THE SEN- 


Ads are accepted on a first come first served basis. Cycle 
News reserves the right to edit copy. Any discrepancies 
TION to receive any adjustment. No cancellations after 5 
p.m. Thursday. 

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money order to: Above Address 

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Headline in bold type ... . $8 extra 
Photo (No larger than 5x7) . . $12 
(One photo per ad — Printed image size limited to 1%" 
high, 274” wide.) 

Please run my ad 
Please гип my ad... weeks in East 



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Want Ad minimum...$2.50 

Please fill in your complete account 
number and expiration date 

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— weeks in West 

State Zip 

= с ея = к Е АР а yer Lig 6 7 
"E 8 ^ 9 _ ПО Ses т Жат еды; 1222: As <. e 14 
225) S 15 16 ХАК Weg es 18 Paes ug at в 21 
Е Е 22 z edi PS... gS — 24 d 28 _ 26 E 2227 5.1. 28 
i Quir Dp corren E Mr SH Lc Lob i/i 727 Уст ЧР, ЗИ LEE Eres eee E 
В йл. ДЕНС — 37 id 2 38 за у, с _ 40 MEL e AELE 42 
-~ —- 43 = = num 44 t SE s MÀ, M = — 48. = aL a ee — 48 Sex 49 
50 Iri ri by 52 zoe бат с. 54 | ^ 55 

Cycle News cannot be responsible for illegible phone numbers. Area Code/Phone No. 

a ee a ae ese сып стен fe da sais a а es ER et Sar ШАҚЫ ы ico ari cd 

"84 КТМ 250MXC Rocketship 

Excellent condition, fresh bore and piston, White 
Bros fork springs, heavy White Power shock spring, 
2 Racing pipe, 40mm Mikuni carb. Well-maintained. 
Only $1500. Call after 6 pm. (602) 961-0502. 

XR750 Wood 560 

Complete, new Lawwill, Knight 560 trick Triumph. 
Will deliver. (303) 241-6207. (101/04NWX) 

FZ750 Yamahas 

Reserve yours now, very limited production, small 
deposit holds. (701) 281-0770. (1/48/3E) 

WANTED: Late model 43 or 44mm forks with 
triple clamps. Wheel and brake needed also. T.F. 
Whitlock, 1690 W. 120 So., Provo, UT 84601. Send 
price and description. Days (801) 566-3218. 


CZ Jawa 
Parts and accessories. J B CYCLERY 17468 Road 
25, Madera, CA 93638. (209) 674-4788. (248TFN) 

'84 Ford Diesel Box Van 
14' Grumman box, 7000 miles, work bench, parts 
shelves, tool box and gen. space. Sleeps 2, electric 

toilet, refrig, stereo, plush carpet, TV ant., many 
extras. $21,000/ОВО. (408) 688-9700. (301/04) 

"74 Yamaha Short Tracker 

Champion frame, extra wheels, gearing. Stored in 

dry environment. Excellent condition. Pay for this 

ad and make offer. Jim Sharp. (713) 391-3764. 

“84 KX125 $1000 -'83 CR250 
$975. Both bikes never raced. Also 3-rail motorcy- 
cle trailer, $300. Tom eves. (805) 486-8787. 

1980 XR750 

WXR engine, Lawwill cams, clutch, frame & pipes. 
Marzocchi front and Darcy ignition. Wide rims. Call 
Mike or Woody at (818) 885-4538/ (2/50/ЗМЕ) 

** '85 KTMS Here Now жж 

350MXC, 250MXC, 125MX in stock! Taking depos- 
its on 500MXC. Don't miss out! We want to be 
Bouquet Canyon, Saugus, CA 91350. (805) 255- 
5353. (250TFN) 

RG500 Gamma 
We are now accepting orders for RG500 Gamma. 
For delivery in July. Very limited. For more informa- 
tion phone Gary VANCOUVER SUZUKI (604) 734- 
4762. (249NWXTFN) 

'83 Honda CR250 

Fresh motor, excellent condition, extra desert tank. 
$850. Call Ron (213) 277-9011 or (818) 
769-7245. (302/04) 

Wood — Rotax 500 & 560 

Aircraft quality throughout. $4995 each. (713)641- 
0323, (713) 522-2449. (150/03) 

1980 MAICO 400, 

'84 Kawasaki KX250 

Excellent condition, ridden for 2 months, spares 
included. $1050 firm. (714) 633-8749. (101/03) 

* '81 Maico 490 $750 * 

Ohlins, ATK, extras and spares, excellent condition, 

low hours, consider 250 trade. (805) НО 

like new, $800. (714) 

1982 650 YAMAHA Turbo Seca. Excellent condi- 
tion, 3300 miles, must sell. $2300. Call (316) 
663-6546. (101/04) 

Fairing Screen Gustafsson 

We're back in production and ready to go! Hope you 
all had Happy Holidays. New for 1985 are our 
replacement screens for the Yamaha FJ1100 and 
the Suzuki ED. There will also be plenty of racing 
screens in stock for the '85 racing season. Fairing 
Screen Gustafsson, P.O. Box 3567, St. Augustine, 
FL 32085-3567. (904) 829-2119.  (2/1/TFNNE) 

RSC Performance West 

RZ specialists now in California! Full line of street 
and race accessories! Call for '85 catalog. (707) 
575-8312. (103) 

"73 Husky 400 **Only $225** 
Fresh Piston and cylinder, great playbike, extras. 
Might sell parts also. (805) 646-7677, (213) 645- 
7715. (301/03) 

2 '83 Honda XL200Rs 

Less than 300 miles on each and 3-rail trailer. Must 
take all. $2500. (714) 657-3512. (103) 

Bultaco Pursang & Bandito 
Complete, not running. $100 each. (714) 
739-8008. (103/04) 

'84 Husky 500XC 

Low miles, not used in last six months. Completely 
prepped and ready to race or joy ride. $1795. John 
(213) 595-4791, 7-5. (103/05) 

" 4 
83 YAM Ү2250-'84 KAW 250 
Both like new, well maintained, extras. Asking 
$600 for Yamaha and $900 for Kawasaki/OBO. 
(619) 922-8322. (103/04) 

Daytona '85 
Fully prepared AMA Honda Interceptor superbike; 
Dymags, Michelin slicks & rain tires, Fox shock, 
Wiseco Pistons, Megacycle cams, Spondon rotors 
& calipers, SuperTrapp pipe, very low motor time. 
Could deliver. Must sell for $5,500 OBO. (317) 

842-5408. (1-2/4NE) 

“85 CR125 

Ridden only once, $1850/0BO. (818) 889-6327 

7 4 

85 FJ1100N Never Ridden 
Showroom new FJ1100N, never ridden, must sell, 
best offer. Contact Carl before 5pm. (213) 
697-6750. (102/03) 

'84 Kawasaki Ninja 
Excellent condition, 4500 miles. $3495. (714) 
638-4933. (302/03) 

'85 Yamaha RZ500N 

(714) 638-4933 

2200 Kilometers, $4995. 

жж Pro-Cycle КТМ xx 
— —— We Moved ——— 

So. Cal's #1 KTM dealer has moved! Come see our 
new facility and the "85 KTM's 125, 250, and 350s 
іп stock. Deposits are being accepted оп 5005 (pic- 
tured above) PRO-CYCLE КТМ, 330 'K' E. Orange- 
thorpe, Placentia CA 92670 (714) 524-5441. 
Wanted: Greeves 
Not just any Greeves, a 1965 Challenger, also know 
asa Pelican model. Had one as a 15 yr. old kid. Want 
another for Vintage bike race. Call Pete nites. (415) 
584-9637 (102/03NWX) 

Hallman Racing Gear 
Boots size 11 and chest protector (Pro Armor) All 
brand new. Make offer. (213) 920-2924. (302/03) 

“83 Husky БООХС 

Ridden twice, perfect condition, like new. Extras 
include: Answer silencer, Tank bag, Rear tool bag 
and much more. $1850/ОВО San Diego. Eves & 
weekends (619) 578-8472. Days (619) 561-7375. 


'81 Honda XL500 

$800. (714) 639-9009. 

'83 XR500R 

Good condition, $1325. After 7pm. (714) 
963-7394. (402/03) 

Off Road Bikes Blow-Out 

All new Kawasakis and Yamahas. ‘84 KX250 - 
$1899. ‘84 KX500 - $1999. 84 KDX250 -$1699. "84. 
YZ125L - $1599. '83 МХ100 - 5599. "84 YZ80L 
-$799. YZT250 - 51999. KLT110 - 5849. KLT160 
with reverse - $1199. ҮТ200ЕН with reverse - 
ed Stock on hand. (213) 466-8451. (202TFN) 


Now $165!! 

The same COMPUTER used by every TOP rider in 

the sport сап be yours at a new low price. See your 

dealer or order direct. Performance Products, Р.О. 

Box 1294N, Lacombe, LA 70445. (504) 882-3107. 

January Clearance $39.95 

LOWEST PRICE EVER! Limited quanities on hand. 
Japanese Parts Distributor, 2417 E. Main St., Visa- 
lia, CA 93277. Call collect (209) 734-0457 or (209) 
734-0430. (201TFN) 

'83 Honda CR250R 

Top end 7/84, good condition, Simons forks, O-ring 
chain, many extras. $1200. Also White Power 
super adjuster with Simons link rebuilt 7/84, 

$250. (B18) 445-7459. (302/03) 

'83 Yamaha Y2125 

Trick! Runs great, must sell. (213) 438-5667. 

Dandy And Jaxson Pocket Bikes 

Road racer, $495 retail. Motocross bikes and side- 
cars available. Performance parts, racing suits, 
Rector protective equipment and more. Make great 
pit bikes or let your imagination run wild! Shipped 
UPS daily. Dealer inquiries invited. Call or write: 
R.M.D. Distributing Co., 795 Mohawk Street, Lewis- 

ton, NY 14092. (716) 754-7723.  (1/50/03NEX) 

'83 Honda CR250 $795 

Stock condition, well maintained by vet. Fresh 
motor, good rubber. (714) 797-0766. (302/03) 

All 1985 KXs 

Immediate Delivery. CONCORD KAWASAKI. (415) 
689-5770. (202TFN) 

“82 Honda XR250 

Purchased new October 1983, good shape, fun trail 
bike, asking $700. Must sell, call after 4pm. (213) 
379-9565. (102/03) 

'81 YZ465 

Answer Products silencer, 
condition. $700. (213) 541-3276 

Metzelers, Excellent 

'84 VF500F Interceptor 

4k on warranty engine. Red color. $2000/0BO. 
(408) 728-5193. 


^77 XLCR '83 Stroker 

Street sleeper with all the right stuff. This one was 
builtby the best! Call for details. Faint of heart need 
not respond. Best offer. Serious inquiries only! Call 
Kevin. (404) 925-9395. (350/03NE) 

Blue Camper Shell 
Set up so motorcycles will roll in, $350. (BO5) 
492-3595. (303/04) 

1984 21 FT. U-HAUL, built 7000GVW flatbed 
trailer, elec. brakes, 111 ft. camper, hauls 3bikes/ 

ATVs, load leveler hitch, $2250/0BO. (714) 
794-5082. (102/04) 
'83 XR350 

Perfect. $975/ОВО. (213) 519-0694 (303) 

Stolen: New Italjet 350T 

1983, all green, chassis T3-30954. Expect to show 
up in Texas or New Mexico. Call collect (512) 259- 
0771 ARLETTE CYCLES (203/05) 

'83 RM250 Suzuki 

Perfect condition, $800. (213) 697-5664. 

'83 KTM 

Set up for enduros, $1000. (805) 492-3595. 


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road racing. Plus all the latest news, personalities, bike tests, a weekly 
Calendar section, tons of Want Ads, and much more! 

Save 50% over newsstand price on 

MC £ Visa # 
Expiration Date 

The issuer of the card indentified on this item is authorized the amount shown as TOTAL (together with any 
other charges due thereon) subject to and in accordance with the agreement governing the use of such card 


CYCLE NEWS (1 year). .... ыҚ; ФА ЫШ Жы A, E E $25 

CYELE МЕС oar). о на $45 

CYCLE NEWS NS year). 1: Ser re nape tea неее оз $68 

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Plau BI О О 0d а ааа minim min aO 
1 enclose check or money огаег.............................. О 

Canada and Mexico (1 year) 2nd class $43. Other foreign rates available upon request. Check & 
Money Orders payable in U.S. funds. 


P.O. Box 498 
Long Beach, CA 90801-0498 

(213) 427-7433 


Or Call: 

January 30, 1985 


January 30, 1985 


38 dition. $2250. (714) 995-7829. 

1984 HONDA АТС 200$. Ridden 4 times. $1000. 
(714) 995-7829. (402/03) 

"85 КХ125 

Brand new, ridden once, must sell. $1500 firm. 
(818) 241-0469. (303/05) 

жж '85 Yamaha RZ500R жж 

Aluminum frame model, new in crates. Other new 
and used domestic models not imported to U.S. 
available. To place order and for more information 
call (415) 322-2244. (103/04) 

'82 Yamaha XT200. Excellent condition, 1400 
miles, $900. Best Offer. (213) 591-0526. (403) 


New Fren super high quality waterproof brake 
shoes. Price $11.70 to $26.24. Dealer inquiries 
invited. TMI, (615) 526-4829. 


1200 KAWASAKI FUNNYBIKE blown - injected 
alcohol Karata trans, air-shifter, many extras. $6000 
or trade for late model 4x4 or jeep or motorhome. 
Make offer after 5pm. (702) 456-7314. 

XR750 Owners 

No-Break crankpins in standard, plus .002, plus 
.003 sizes. $45 each. STORZ PERFORMANCE, 
1362 Tower Square, Ventura, CA 93003. (805) 
654-8816. (203/08NWX) 

Wanted: '81 CBX 

New or near new. (213) 519-0694. (303) 

John Lassak, winner of Sears Point Pro-Am. EPM 
wheels, Brembo front brake, many spares, fast and 
reliable. $6200. Call Tracy (818) 346-7651 or John 
(714) 867-7298. (303/04NWX) 

1976 SMUGGLER TRAILER 15 ft. Excellent cc ..- 




Pnn Бес Z5 Re лу 47 АШ. 

ж КТМ ж КТМ ж КТМ x 
Ohlins shocks dealers. BRIGHTON KTM, 327 Wal- 
nut, Brighton, CO 80601. (303) 659-5419. 

Fast “84 Ү22501 Yamaha 

S.D. racing modified engine and reed kit. Forks and 
shocks modified by Kayaba's Ross Maeda. Many 
extras. This bike has low time and has been well- 
maintained. Asking $1500. Call (213) 431-8253 
days. Ask for Mike. (302/03) 

= > 

78 Harley Davidson XR750 
Raced by National #62. Branch heads, Patrick cams 
and pipes, fresh € gearing, wheels, tires, 
spare parts. Also '78 250 Bultaco. Days (918) 347- 

0131. Eves after 5 (918) 321-9402 or (918) 321- 


1983 Suzuki DR125, wife's bike, only 140 Easy 
Miles, perfect condition. $650/0BO. (714) 
688-7898. (103) 

'82 Husky CR500 

*Mint Condition” Six-speed, transmission skid plate, 
XC/magneto, Metzeler on front, exceptionally clean. 
Must sell. $1150/OBO. (209) 688-5485 .(301/03) 

‘63 Triumph 650 Bonneville 

Very original European export model. Good running 
condition, perfect for easy restoration. Asking 
$1400/ОВО. Call after 5 for more details. (805) 
492-1390. (301/03) 


1950s model, recent partial restoration, very nice, 
runs, stored for many years, should be worth at 
least $350. Days (714) 645-1177. Eves (714) 846- 

7414. (102/04NWX) 

1255“. мовору BUILDS 





ovER =F 


115 сс PISTON 
175 сс RINGS 

175 ce CYLINDER 
ны ASSY- 

85 SUZ GSXR750 380 100hp 

You've read about it. Now's your chance to own the 
ultimate street weapon. Quantitites very limited. 
Contact Roy at C.R. Cycle, Maple Ridge B.C. Can- 
ada. (604) 467-2344. (302/03) 

“79 Yamaha RD400 Daytona 

Rebuilt engine and trans, Fox shocks, chambers, 
much тоге. $1250. (818) 340-7088, (102/03) 

“83 Honda Interceptor 

Why buy a 700? when this 750 with 720 original 
miles is available! Kept in storage not a scratch. 
$3650. M-F 8-4:30(714) 241-1304. Nites & Week- 
ends (714) 859-7236. (102/03) 

жжтж Attention Roadracers ЖЖ 
Nikasil and Electro Fusion cylinders repaired. Other 
roadrace goodies. CAL WEST CYCLE, 4297 West 
Oak, Fullerton, CA 92633. (714) 523-8677. 


Yamaha T2750 Engine Wanted 
Running 72750 Ken Boetzer, 376 Hacienda Dr., 
Scotts Valley, CA 95066. Eves (408) 438-5658. 

Suzuki RGB500 Mk8 

Excellent condition, many spares. Ready for Day- 
tona. Will ship. (818) 963-7060. (302/3NWX) 

Spondon Calipers 

Lightweight, one-piece, No flex, superior pad retrac- 
tion. Fits 13" discs. Caliper with FERODO pads, 
$99.50. (408) 779-9174. (303/05NWX) 

Parts for '82-'83 Yamaha 17175 

Some-parts new and others used. Complete set 
front and rear wheels with tires, pipe, Answer 
silencer, cylinder, brake shoes, plastics plus more. 
All for $125. (213) 325-2471. (303) 

'81 Ford 350 Box Van 

Like new 12' box, roll-up door, with bench and 
shelves in back, sleeper bunk, bucket seats, Plau- 
punkt stereo, cruise control, computer, P/S, P/B, 
A/C, new Michelin radials plus two new spares, 
dual tires, big engine. Must Sell! $8000/ОВО. Call 
(213) 539-4324 or (213) 539-6542. (303) 

National #6 Stock Prod. BoTT 
550 Yamaha Vision. Street legal or race ready. 
Many spares and extras. $1800/0BO. ВИ! (213) 
498-6578. (402/3) 

'83 Husky 250CR 

Excellent condition, ProCircuit motor and pipe, 
extras, $1050/0BO. (714) 987-0500. (102/03) 

'83 Husky 500XC 

Ridden twice, perfect condition, like new, extras 
include: Answer silencer, tank bag, rear tool bag, 
and much more. $1850/0BO. San Diego. Evenings 
and weekends (619) 578-8472. Days (619) 561- 
7375. (102/03) 

1968 BSA 250 Starfire 

Stored since death of owner in 1969, absolutely 
original and like new, a very rare find, should be 
worth at least $850. Days (714) 645-1177. Eves 

(714) 846-7414. (102/04NWX) 

Kawasaki KZ1000 МКИ 

Custom paint, new tires, brakes, chain, sprockets. 
Many extras, always covered. Kept maintenance 
records. $2100/Best. (213) 374-9990. (102/03) 

Free Lodging/ Daytona/Mar 85 
In exchange to let old, slow junior ride dirttracker or 
road racer in Speed Week events. | will pay for parts 
used. Randy Wilkerson, (312) 695-0929. 

'84 Honda CR250R 

Race ready, great condition, ridden by vet. Pur- 
chased 8/84, ported, Boyesen reeds, front and rear 
suspension. mods. Fast, extras. $1400. Call Jon 
(714) 824-7066. (303/05) 

Walt Nitto's AFM #1 593 GPz 

* Complete Moriwaki motor, header, Keihin carbs, 
Cal-Fab swingarm, Morris mags, Lockheed, Kos- 
man brakes. A Proven Winner. $2800. Eves. (714) 
683-1791. (102/03) 



For Dealer Directory Info. Call Cycle News 


Bolt Removal Service 

TAP-EX CO. — Broken studs 
disintegrated without damage to 
hole! Also EZ outs, drills, taps, 
etc. U.S. & metric threaded in- 
serts installed. 1 day service, 
most parts. 1825 W. 144th, 
Gardena, CA 90249. (213) 323- 

Brake & Lamp 

321 E. Imperial Hwy., La Habra, 
(213) 691-0553 or (714) 879- 
8252. Quality HONDA sales, 
service, parts & insurance since 
1946. Open 7 days a week. 3 
miles west of 57 Frwy. 

British Parts 

TOLL FREE # — Parts for Tri- 
umph, Norton or BSA. Most com- 
plete stock in USA. Shipped 
same day, COD, MasterCard or 
VISA. Call (800) 527-5544, in 
OK (405) 787-3440. Euro Cycle 
Imports, Inc., 1925 No. MacAr- 
thur, Oklahoma City, OK 73127. 

Crank Shaft Repair 

PROFESSIONAL crank shaft re- 
pair on roller bearing cranks. 
Chrome cylinder repair. 2-stroke 
cylinder & carburetion work. 
- General service & tune-ups. Cal 
West Cycle, 4297 West Oak, 
Fullerton, CA 92633. (714) 

Custom Engine 

PRO-TEC — Go where the fac- 
tories go to accurately match parts 
for max power. Dynamometer and 
flow bench analysis or two or four- 
stroke engines in our complete 
R&D facility. (714) 738-0631, 
(213) 697-6759, 282 Gemini, 
Brea, CA 92621. 

Cylinder work 
Chrome. High performance port- 
ing. Maximum two weeks turn 
around. UPS daily. (Bill Wagner's) 
NW Sleeve and Engine. 903 NE 
Cleveland, Gresham, OR 97030. 
(503) 666-8430. . 

Enduro Rollcharts 

JART — Enduro Rollcharts — 
Easy to read — Used by all factory 
teams — Many options — guar- 
anteed. Any enduro, any place 

(213) 427-7433 

— $5 each day. Club rates. Sub- 
scription service. 4673 
Primavera, Yorba Linda, 
92686. (714) 970-6876. 

Engine Building and 

Cycle installations. Chrome bores 
sleeved. Small Engine Machine 
Works, Inc., 720 Northeast 242, 
— OR 97030. (503) 667- 

Exhaust Systems 

COFFMAN'S has available a full 
line of ATV high performance 
exhaust systems. All guaranteed 
for quality & performance. 39200 
Seraphina Rd., Murrieta, CA 
92362 (714) 676-4100. 

Frame Straightening 

sional collision specialists. All 
forms, front end, swingarm, wheel 
reconditioning. Complete weld- 
ing facility to repair broken cases, 
fins, front end acc. crushed 
frame tubes or ? 11074 Mercen- 
tile, Stanton, CA 90680. (714) 

DR JOHNS — Precision frame 
straightening. Head angle = 
Pro Stock & Desert racing. 

wheels, stems, crowns pe: 
tubes straightened. All model 
ATV's case welding & fin repair. 
1524 "A" Industrial Park St., Co- 
vina, CA 91722. (818)332-1598. 

Helmet Service 

BELL HELMETS — Know about 
their factory Customer Service 
Dept.? Make your Bell Helmet 
look and work like new! Free 
inspection with quote. Call Cus- 
tomer Service Dept. between 10 
a.m. & 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. & 4 
p.m. Mon.- ee are 
or 714/522-8292. 


CALIFORNIA Motorcycle Insur- 
ance Agency means low cost 
m/c ins. We represent various 
ins. co's. Phone or write for our 
lowest rate for your m/c. (714) 
956-5222, (21 Ji 637-0751. PO 
Box 3878, Anaheim, CA 92803. 

Marketing Services 
manufactured Rifle fairings — 
sold nationally. Rifle can help 
design, mfgr & market your pro- 
duct/idea thru top-rated M/C 
dirs coast-2-coast. Rt. 1, Box 8, 
Paso Robles, CA 93446. (805) 

Number Plates 

tom made for motorcycle & 
ATV's. Many dirt track accesso- 
ries. Super service. 1207 Killar- 
ney St., Livermore, CA 94550. 
Call Mary (415) 443-7012. 

Pipe Protectors 

tion for mashed pipe problems, 
the Banzai Bros. pipe skid. Adj. 
to all 125cc thru open pipes, no 
welding, alum. or 14 gauge steel, 
$27.95-$32.95. Ask your dealer. 
Р.0. Вох 41457, Eagle Rock, CA 
90041. (213) 256-4922. 

Racing Fuel 

PRO-FUEL — High performance 
gasoline 108 octane. Legal for 
all racing organizations. Atten- 
tion speedway & drag racers: 
Methanol now available. We ship 
daily — UPS & motor freight. 
(213) 830-4678. 

Radiator Repair 

Repair cracked & bent aluminum 
radiators & oil coolers. We fix 
what others can't. All work pres- 
sure tested & guaranteed. UPS 
daily anywhere. 3227 Producer 
#127, Pomona, CA 91768. (714) 


Dirt, Street, ATC70-250, Odys, 
Tri-Moto 60-225DX, Suz., Moto 
4, jet skis. Parts/acc, full service, 
trailers. Los Alimitos (213) 594- 
8901, (714) 821-1590, Orange 
(714) 771-7390, Azusa (818) 

Riding Apparel 

Everything, from our Touring and 
Racing Leathers to our Fast Lane 
Boots, Gloves and Cold Weather 
Touring Suits, is available at the 
bigger-than-ever Bates Leather 
Shop. Standard and custom siz- 
ing or designs. Shop with the 
Pros, be fitted by the Pros. Men, 
Women, Alterations, Repairs and 
Cleaning. Cycle Accessories on 
display too. Open M-F 8-4:30; 
Wed ‘til 8. Selected Sat. 9-2:30. 
(213) 435-6551. 660 W. 16th 
St., Long Beach, CA. Nr. LB Fwy. 
& Pacific Coast Hwy. 

VERA'S LEATHERS — best per- 
sonal service/ value / delivery time. 
Compare racing apparel/street 
wear /karting. Talk w/design con- 
sultant or check prices. (714) 
592-4735. Repair/alter any 
leather garment. 466 W. Arrow 
Hwy., #К, San Dimas, CA 91773. 

REPAIR — expert resoleing & 
repair all brands of boots. Cus- 
tom modifications & repair all 
brands of pants or shoulder pads. 
Now get extra seasons out of old 
gear or have an extra set! Ormar 

Singleshock Service 

WHITE BROS — 11750 Sea- 
board Circle, Stanton, CA 90680. 
Complete service & set-up on all 
singleshocks, Uni-Trak, Pro-Link 
& Floater & White Power. 1 to 2 
day turn around. (714) 895-1991. 

SCOTT'S — Complete fork & 
shock service on all single & dual 
shocks, Monos, Floater, ProLink, 
Unitrak, Oblins, Fox, Works. 
Porting starts at $40.00. 2627 
Honolulu Ave., Montrose, CA 
91020. (818) 248-6747. 

"Too Tech Racing" will rebuild/ 
revalve your stock shock for 
maximum performance. 1985 CR 
and ATC Mods ready. One day 
service. Rick Johnson, 1933 
Sturgess Dr., Torrance, CA 
90503. (213) 371-3887. 

tory Authorized sales/service 
Ohlins single /twin shocks. Genu- 
ine parts in stock. Rebuilding/re- 
valving. 1 day turnaround. Ohlins 
exclusive U.S, dist. Simons Inc., 
2570 Leghorn St. CN, Mtn, View, 
СА 94043. (415) 962-8899. 

В & D RACING — Triple oil life 
w/hard coated shock body. Elimi- 
nates internal shock wear while 
reducing friction. Complete 
shock/fork service, valving alter- 
ations, cylinder reboring, com- 
plete machine shop capabilities. 
(213) 864-8218. 

revalve production suspension 
components to work better than 
the rest, guaranteed. Complete 
service, custom rate springs, hi- 
tech Spectro suspension fluids. 
3227 Producer #127, Pomona, 
CA 91768. (714) 594-7755. 
PRO-TEC — Custom rider set-up, 
rebuild or repair all single-shock 
suspension. Eliminate suspen- 
sion-caused swap, buck & ill- 
handling. Quick turnaround (714) 
738-0631, (213) 697-6759, 282 
Gemini, Brea, CA 92621. 

Sales and Service 
— M-Star/Maico sales, parts & 
service. Ohlins specialists, full 
line of accessories, race products, 
pipes, porting & Maico modifica- 
tions. 7722 Talbert Ave., Unit E, 
Huntington Beach, CA 92647. 
(714) 841-3258. 

Steel Shoe 

STEEL SHOES — Ken Maely, 
since 1950. Dirt Track $75. Lt. 
Wt. Spdway $85. Send boot. 
Specify race type. 14" lace boots 
$85. Everything for Speedway. 
8580 Bedford Motorway, Cor- 
ona, CA 91720. (714) 735-0540. 


Center. Bridgestone M-22, M- 
23. New Cheng Shin dirt tires. 
Touring buffs — we change tires 
while you wait. 2116 E. Charles- 
ton, Las Vegas, NV 89104. (702) 


custom trailers-build custom/ 
buy from:stock enclosed security 
trailers, attractive, durable all 
steel frame 12"-16"-20" sin- 
gle/ tandem axles, options, open 
7 days. Stop/call, 323 E. Ball 
Rd., Anaheim, CA 92805. (714) 


Akron, OH 

Can-Am/KTM /MotoGuzzi/Du- 
cati/ Ski-Doo/ Montesa /CZ/La- 
verda/Bultaco. UPS /mail order 
parts/service. "Parts our busi- 
ness." 9-7 except Wed. 364 S. 
Arlington St., Akron, OH 44306. 

(218) 253-7455. 24 hr. parts. 


Suzuki sales, service, parts & 
accessories. Insurance. Hard to 
get parts. Mail order parts. 1835 
W. Commonwealth, Fullerton, CA 
92633. (714) 871-2460. 

Garden Grove 

World's largest dirt bike dealer. 
Most complete part and acces- 
sory store for all your hard to find 
items. Open 7 days a week. 13666 
Harbor Blvd., Garden Grove, CA 
92643. (714) 530-7340. 


HUSKY/SUZUKI — 2 stores. 
Bikes /parts/clothing/acces./ 
know how! Porting/boring/shock 
гері. MX/enduro/drag/ATV 
specialists. Big parts inventory, 
ship fast/UPS daily. Suzuki of 
Shreveport/Bossier. (318) 742- 
0218/(318) 635-9731. 

Santa Ana 

RACERS CHOICE — Get the best 
for less. We sell all the latest 
MX, Road Race, Street and ATC 
Accessories at unbeatable prices 

everyday. Call us and compare. 
We ship anywhere. Racers 
Choice, 2330 Ramona, Santa 
Ana, CA. 92707. (714) 754-7305. 

San Diego County 

Honda air shock modifications to 
progressive spring and dampener 
kits, front and rear. Stainless 
steel spoke sets, Sun, 0.1.0. 
Alloy rims, lacing & truing ser- 
vice. Electronic spin balancing. 
Street, dirt, enduro. UPS/Mail 
order parts & service. VISA/ 
MasterCard, COD. Open 10 a.m. 
to 7 p.m. Mon. thru Fri., Sat. 10 
a.m. to 4 p.m. 1155/6 So. Santa 
Fe Ave., Vista, CA 92083. (619) 

Simi Valley 

ha/Suzuki/Husky dirt bike blow 
out. '84 YZ250s in stock. Sale 
"82-83-84 dirt/street bikes. Call 
us before you buy, open Tues-Fri 
til 7 p.m., Sat 9:30-5 p.m. 2902 
Los Angeles Ave., Simi Valley, 
СА (805) 522-3434. 


A & A Racing 
АТУ News ... 
Bates Industries 
Bellflower Yamaha 
Bishop's Cycle... . 
Burbank Yamaha 

Can-Am Dealers 
Champion Moriwaki 
Corona Raceway 
Cycle News Sub. Info. . 
Cycle Racer ... 
Cycle Service ... 
DeAnza Cycle Park 

Double Cross Racing Assn... . . 
Dr. John Frame Straightening . . 
Extrude Hone 

Hi Point 

Hollywood Honda 


Indian Dunes 


Hap Jones Intl. 

Kawasaki Motors . . 

Long Beach Yamaha 

Megacycle Cams . . 
Motion Sports 

Moto One 

Moto Race 


Moto World . 

Moto-X Fox 

Motorcycle Dealernew: 

Motorcycle World . 

етеді Cycle Video 

Old Тітег 5 Assn. , 
Iu Dist: Eo sur eie 35 

Ha Management 
Prospectors М.С. 

Saddleback Motocross 
Samurai M/C Center . 
Malcolm Smith M/C . 
South City Cycles . 

Stadium Motorsports 
Peter Starr Prod. 
Sunshine Cycle 

T & 0 Yamaha 

Trick Enterprises 

Tu Gee Ent. 

Unlimited Performance 
V.P Parts 

Western Scooter st. . 

Wheelsmith Engineering 

Wheel Works 

Wildwood Sports 

Wiseco Pistons 

Yamaha Intl. ........... 30 


City < EN 

Credit Card Number 

Card Exp. Date 

т өз әс к ше ке ее ке ке ке ке кеше ке ке ке ке ке ке ке ке ке | 

ПО MX Cat Comi 

Below, Indicate amount of products and circle the size 
Above, print your name, address and credit card number 

—— Banners 
le Don't Care How The Hell 

ис Book .75 
aC Cole News alls н $6.95SMLXL They Do it in California” $1.00 
le News Bi $16.95 ea. 

10 не 
ac News Patch 291. 50 2"x4" 
15 epe Nonn ” Cycle News 
“Baseball Jersey 810.00 ML XL 
Hz “We Don't Care...” Cycle News 
Baseball Jersey $8.00 5 MLXL 
Soo News Baseball Cap $5.95. 

Product Order Subtotal 

Í | a, 
| MasterCard | VISA 

-6% Тах (CA res. only. 

Los Angeles Co. res. “6/:%) 

Product Order Grand Total 


Cycle News Products Order Form 
Fill in the Visa/Master Charge blank or send check or money order to: 

P.O. BOX 498, Long Beach CA 90801-0498 

ane SS Se ЕЕ 



January 30, 1985 


EMETA G86I ‘OS Arenue f 
b "