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id Life Iwiatioii 






KST'D 1871. 


It is ENTIRELY FREE f , ee from all conditions 
and. restrictions irom data of isBue. 
2. It is AB-OLiUTELiV and automatically non-torfeitab!e after 
two years. 

Full Information furnished upon application to tho Head Ofllco, or the Vlotorla Ofllco, 





WANTK"— Furnished house (small): Jurnes 
Hay proforred. Address Paul A. p. Arm 
felf, box 229, Nanaimo. B. O. Ja26 3t 

WANTED— Photographio Cumora, to take 
81nxl01n pictures with or without usual 
acceBsorlos. Apply Paul A. O. Armfolt. box 
229, Nanaimo, B. G. ja2|!3t 

WANTED by a young man— Steady employ 
inent of any kind; used to horses; a good 
driver; beon In the city twolvo years. Address 
It. H . Colonist ofllco. ja2ti .It 

WANT1CD— Partner with small capital to 
tako half Interest in good paying manu 
faoturlng business, with knowledge of machine 
ory. Tho owner woul<i sell tho business on 
good torms. P. M , Colonist) Ollleo, Viotoria. 

ja2G 2t 

WANTED— To buy equaro ompty coal oil 
litis; snmo muse have boon bought full 
at tho l lino from tho Paragon Oil Co. horo. 
Cans will only bo bought from grown-up 
people Stadthagon & Garland, lu'oi Douglas 
street. tja2fl lc 

T OST-On Friday, Jan 
Jj handled umbrella. ' 
lor a favor and bo reward 
at Colonist ollleo. 

19, an oxodized silver 
The lln'lor would con- 
by leaving sumo 

rpO LKT— A five-room furnished cottago.throo 
1 blocks from post office; rent cheap. Ad- 
dress " H." ColoniHt Glllco. ja20-3t 


PRONOUNCED by all leading bakers the STRONGEST AND BEST 

in the market. 

Produces 30 POUNDS MORE BREAD per barrel of 196 pounds than 

any other Manitoba flour. 
From actual tests excels in quality for Pastry, Cakes, etc. 
Ask your grocer for OGILVIE'S NEW FLOUR. 
Bags sewn with Red, White and Blue Twine. 


' ' Jy23 , 

Keep your feet Warm and 

T}OOK3 bought, sold and oxcjiangod ; novels 
Jj sold at half prico ; novels exchanged for 5 
cents each; daily papers at Sampson's Hook 
Exchange, 97 Douglas street. ju20-lt 

mo BE SOLD-Two appropriations in tho 
X Vancouver Building; Society ; :! housoa on 2 
lots at a great bargain. Apply S. VV., ColonlBt 
Olllcu. ja2G-5t 

SUITS that suit. Remember one thing: Cam- 
eron's clothes tit.. The Cash Clothier and 
Furnisher, 55 Johnson St. ju2li it 


LondoD Hospital Couch Cure 



Solo Agonts, Cor. Yates and Douglas Sts 


French Troops Occupy Timbnctoo— 
United States Intervention In 
Brazil Discnssed. 

Vaillant Will Certainly lie Executed 
—The Parish Connclls Bill 
in England. 


Get a Pair at 


Cor, Government and Johnson Streets. 

Note to Remind You- 

Q| C* t~ O is refreshing and— necessary 
OLC d i our night clerk, therefore, gets 
his refreshing sleep flu ring the day limo. 

Result: Ho is on hand at all times during 
tho night— and widoxwake, too. 

Phybiclans' prescriptions a specialty, at 

Tubs C entrai, Drug Stoke, 
Clarence Block, 
ja'.'lj lm Cor. Vv a and Douglas Strcots. 

Victoria Theatre Co., Ltd. 

The annual general meeting of shareholders 
of tho above Company will be held on Monday, 
tho 5th February, IS91. nt 11 o'clock a. m„ at 
tho Council Chambers of the B. O. Hoard of 
Trade. M. STHOUSS, 


Victoria, D. C, 25th January, 1891, td 

Housekeepers' Headquarters for Everything in 
the way cf Staple and Fancy Groceries. 
Table Delicacies, Wines, Liquors, Etc. 

That SAUNDERS is the Name 
and 39 and 41 Johnson St 
are the Numbers. 




Gold Label $l.CO per lb. 

Yellow Label - 70 per lb. 
Green Label.. .. 50 per lb. 









Poulet, PereetPils* BEAUNE. 




BEN HUR: A Talo of The Christ. 
Illustrated. Seventy Views on Canvass 21x21 

By the HON. J, W. FAIRBANKS, of Seattle, 

To bo given in tho 

Pandcra Avenue, undor tho Auspices of tho 
Kpworth Leaguo. 

Monday Evening, January 29 

Commencing at 8 o'clock. 

^.iDnviirssroxsr, 25 crs 

Canadian Pacific Navigation Co., 

Seven per Cent. Debentures. First 
Annual Drawing. 

The following aro tho numbers of tho deben 
teres drawn for repayment at par on and after 
tho 15th day of February next, interest there- 
on ceases on tho 15th fay of February, ibid 
Fifty Debentures. Numbers: 

























2i; 2 























Fifty debentures of S,7X) 00 each §25,000,00 

Tho above mentioned debentures will bo paid 
on and after tho !5th day of February next, on 
presentation of the debentures at the Bank of 
British Columbia, Victoria, (J C. 

For tho Canadian Pacific Navigation Com- 
pany, Ltd. 

R. P. RITHET Chairman. 
I'". VV. VLnCENT, Secretary. 



Victoria, I). 0„ Notnry Public. 
Wharf St.. Victoria, Li. C. January, 1831, 

ja20 td 





G. Preller & Co., ST. E1IILI0N. 



Gi. Preller & Co., 




GSoIe Aereiits) 
Jameson's IRISH. 
H. Walker & Co.'s IMPERIAL, 
CLUIi and RYE. 







This first-class Prlvato Family Hoarding 
House, centrally ultuatod, within extensive 
grounds, is opon undur now management for 
guests, by tho day, week or month, at modor- 
uto rates. A fow tablo boarders can bo accom- 
modated. Electric Hghls and all modorn con- 
veniences. MRS. J. ECKlCRbLiCY. 


James Bay Bridge, ■ Government stroet. 
J. II King. Monagor, on Deck. 
Tho best Wines, Liquors and Cigurs on hand. 
At tho bar can be soon a great curio— half pig, 
half dog, born at Cadboro Ray. Also a i hina- 
man only six Inchoa high. js23-lm 

Razors and a comploto lino of shaving arti- 
cles at Fox's, 78 Government streot, 



Without reserve by ordor of John Dennett 
at his Btnblos, Princess avouuo, 

On Friday, February 2nd, at i p. m. 


Draught and Driving Horses, 

HAY MyRK NEL.LIK— 5 yrs, 181 lids, 1,550 Its 

IIAY HORaiC MACIC -U yrs. 10 lids, 1,600 11,3, 
One of the best truck tonniH in the city. 

HAY HOKrilC I)l(!IC-7 j rs. 15J lids. 1,110 It.s. 

GREY MARE NICLLIh"— 8 yia 15J hds, 1,300 
Its. very usoful animals In all gears, 

QRKY HORSE PRINOE-8 yi>, 15} hds, A 
very tine driver and will work Binglo or double. 

QREY HORSE CHARLEY— 10 yrs, IfiJ hds. 
One of tho best known dray horses in town. 

All the horses are sound and used to city work. 

Largo Onouoncck Truck to carry sovon tons. 

Largo Goosoneck Truck to carry two tons, on 
springs, useful lor all kinds of work. Two tops 
for ditto. 

One Dray on springs to carry two tons. Ono 
Capital Spring Driving Cart. 
ONE COW in milk. 

Two sots of Team Harness, two sots Dray 
riarness, two sets Buggy HarnosB, largo haul- 
ing sleigh nearly nil Iron, ono small wood 
sleigh, saddles, bridles, stable tools, two pair, three truck covers, blocks, tickles and 
ropes, 100 foot li chain, new clipping machlno, 
chest of tools, ono jack. 

Soven.Tons of Hay. Small Quinilty of Oats and Straw 




Intervention in Itrnzll. 

Bio Janeiro, Jan. 2-i.— Rear-Admiral 
Bonham to-day had two long intorviowB 
with Admiral da G»mu on board tho cruisor 
San FrunciBCO, on tho subject of arbitration. 
Roar-Admiral Bonham does not spoak hope- 
fully of tho result. 

Parish Councils Kill. 

London, Jan. 25. — In tho House of Lords 
to-day the Mur(|uia of Ripon, Secretary of 
Stato for tho Colonies, moved tho second 
roading of tho Parish Councils bill. 

Icismunk the Idol of the Germans. 

BERLIN, Jan. 25. — Tho report curront 
this morning that Prince Bismarck would 
reach tho city to-day caused thousands of 
persons to assemble in the Unter den Lin- 
den and at tho railway station where ho 
was expected to arrive. They wore disap- 
pointed, as tho Prince did not como. It is 
now stated the l'rinco will probably arrivo 
this evening. 

Tlmbactoo Taken. 

PARIS, Jan. 25. — A dispatch from St. 
Louis, Senegal, states that a French military 
column entered and occupied the city of 
Tinibuotoo without resistance. 

Ill I lie Shadow of IJcath. 

Pauls, Jan. 25. — Tho court of cassation 
to-day retuuod tho appeal in tho ouso of tho 
Anarchist Vaillant. Ho will thereforo be 

Railway Accident in Russia. 

Samara, Russia, Jan. 25. — By the collis- 
ion of a passengor and freight train on a 
railroad connecting Orenburg and Samara, 
fifteen peopln were killed. Some cars whicli 
were loaded with petroleum caught fire, 
burning tho wrecked cars, and many of 
those whoso lives wore lost were burned to 

dermaii F.illtor Imprisoned. 

Kiel, Jan. 24.— Herr Stroobel, editor of 
tho Volks Zeitung, tho leading Socialist 
organ, has boon sentenced to imprisonment 
for one month at hard labor /or asserting 
that tho captain of tho German ironclad 
King Wilhelm punished marines by sus- 
pending them from tho masts as if crucified. 
Stroobel based his assertion of what he said 
on tho sworn testimony of the ship's carpen 
ter. Tho court held that tho story was un- 
true, otherwise- tho victims would have made 

filr Gerald Portal Dead. 

London, Juu. 25. — Sir Gerald Herbert 
Portal died of typhoid fever hero to day. 

(icniinn Unemployed. 

Berlin, Jan. 25.— Two thousand of tho 
unemployed workingmen of this city attend- 
ed a meeting in Friedricabane on Tuesday, 
and 200 policemen were present to preservo 
order. Anarchist Brandt declared that the 
polico bribed him in November lust to in- 
form them in regard to anarchists arming 
Ho also said that the polico warned him on 
January 11 not to attend the meeting fixed 
for the 18th, as there was a strong feeling 
against tho polico and accidents might 
occur. Tho speakers soon began to use 
violent language, and the meeting was dis- 
solved by tho police. 

A French Hnrqals In Trouble. 

Paris, Jan. 25. — Tho court of Appeal has 
confirmed tho judgment of tho lower tri- 
bunal, placing the affairs of the Marquis de 
Mores in tho hands in tho hands of a 
trustee in order to prevent his contracting 
debts or entering business without their 

Against the Abors, 

Calcutta, Jan. 25. — Tho expedition 
against the Abors is meeting with success. 
An engagemont botween the advancing 
column and tho Abors wiis fought Sunday. 
Two of tho government force wero killed 
and twenty-one wounded. The Abors lost 
a large number of killed and wounded and 
the town of Dumbak was burned. 

building. Tho exploaaon was, however, 
purely accidentol. A largo quantity of 
dynamite, to be used in blasting for the 
now harbor works, had been set oil" care- 
lessly by a workman. Two workingmen 
woro killed and groat dumage was done to 
property near tho sceno of tho explosion. 


A Minor Misunderstanding With the Khedive 
Causes Talks of Impending War. 

London, Jan. 25. — It was reported this 
afternoon that tho Duko of Connaught, com- 
mander at Alderahot, had received orders to 
preparo to diapatch u body of troops to Egypt. 
Tho report wos without foundation in fact. 
Tho Duko of Connaught was out all day 
with tho troops on a divisional route march. 
II any men bo aont to Egypt they will bo 
merely drafts to fill the vacancies left by 
changes in tho Britise forces in Egypt. Th» 
English and French dailies which' comment 
on the Khedive's behavior agree, with few 
exceptions, that tho Khedive's recent criti- 
cisms of British military drill in Egypt have 
no international import. Mr. Lubouehere's 
Egyptian, published in Cairo, says that the 
matter was not of a sorious nature and has 
been satisfactorily arranged. Tho Khedivo 
apologized to General Kitchener, of the 
Egyptian war department, and bosought 
him to rotuin his post. General Kitchener 
consented to remain in office. 

Lord Roacbory, secretary of state for 
foreign affairs, deems this apology insuffi- 
cient, and has directed L-ird Cromer, tho 
British diplomatic agent at Cairo, to demand 
that tho Khedive publish a formal retrac 
tion of his strictures on tho army, and issue 
an order pruising its conduct, and that he 
romovo Maher l'uaha, tho assistant minister 
of war, who iB charged with inciting the 
Khedive to make his hostile criti- 
cisms. Tho Marquis do Rovorseaux, 
French representative in Cairo, sup- 
ports Lord Cromer. Raizo I'usha, the 
Egyptian premier, will meet tho Khedive 
at Luxor, and there will draw up tho apology 
which is to bo published. Thero has been 
no hitch in Lord Rosebery'a programme, 
and thero is not likely to bo any, heuco tho 
mention of war or transportation of troops 
to Egypt is absurd. It is probable that 
only a handful of militia will go to protect 
foreigners in Cairo, where native riots might 
occur if tho Khedivo should not submit to 
Lord Cromer, un event far from likely. The 
general expectation is that he will sign at 
once the apology to be submitted to him at 


Birnler Twiue Manufacture at Kiue;8- 
ton Penitentiary— Home Kiilo 
for Ireland Meeting. 

Canadian-Australian Steamship Ser- 
Yice— What Managing- Owner 
Huddart Requires. 




The Civil Governor Shot by nn Anarchist, Who 
Was Promptly Arrested. 

Barcelona, Jan. 25. — Ramon Marrull, 
an anarchist workman, triod this afternoon 
to assassinuto R. Larroca, Civil Governor of 
Barcelona, Tho Governor loft tho prefec- 
ture as usual at 4 :.'i0 o'clock. Ho had en- 
tored his carriago and was giving orders to 
the footman, but, as tho footman was 
about to mount, Marrull puahod by 
him, drew a revolver, and thrusting 
in his arm (ired twico at tho Governor. 
The Governor was struck in tho loft arm by 
a bullet, but did not loso his presence of 
mind. Pushing open the door, hrt shouted 
to his coachman : " Arrest that scoundrel !" 
Tho few pedestrians on the street hurried to 
usnist tho driver, but before they reached 
him, tho coachman jumped from tho box, 
and, with tho help of a policeman, seized 
and disarmed his muster's assailant. Other 
policemen, who had been attracted by the 

hooting, took charge of tho man and locked 
him up. Ho gavo his namo us Macon, and con- 
fcsBod that he waa an anarchist. Hia object 

n shooting Senor Larroca, ho said, was to 
avengo Pallas, tho anarchist who wus shot 
for having tried to kill Generul Martinez 
do Campos. Later ho admitted that ho was 
Ramon Marruel, but refused to givo the 
name of tho man who was with him in front 
of tho Prefecture and ran away after the 
first shot. The Governor was taken into tho 
Prefecture and tho bullet waB extraotod from 
his jaw. His wound is not dangoroua. 
The nows of tho ahooting spread through- 
out tho city beforo dark and half tho popu- 
lation came out to discuss it. While tho 
general uneasiness was moat perceptible a 
tremendous report was heard in all parta of 
tho city. Tho harbor district was shaken 
as if by an earthquake. Muoh alarm was 
manifested by the peoplo as thoy supposed 
that the anarchists had blown up a public 

of tho Action for Divorce In the 
Courts of Franco. 

Paris, Jan. 25. — The hearing of tho action 
of tho Princeas Colonua against her husband 
for legal separation, began to-day, after 
soveral postponements. M. Dubuit, advo- 
cato for tho princeBa, was pleading in an- 
other court,' and M. Deveillo requested that 
a further postponement bo granted. M. 
Dcsjardines objected to any further delay, 
and tho court ordered that the case be pro- 
ceeded with. M. Desjardines said that tho 
children hud not been allowed to be tuken 
to seo Princo Colonna, despite the 
order of the court granting him 
privilego, on tho pretoxt that 


ho was living at a hotel. Is not tho Prin- 
cess, he aakeuV living at a hotel? Ho re- 
cited the history of the marriage, which 
took placo in February, ISS9. Tho wife's 
property, he said, formed a separato estate 
under her own control. This was according 
to Itulian law, but contrary to European 
custom. Mr. Mackay, the stepfather of tho 
PrinceBS, had not given her a dowery. Ho 
had aimply granted her an allowance. The 
illustrious family of Prince Colonna was 
not without fortune. The Princo had 
recently inherited a considerable sum of 
money from an uncle. 

M. Desjardines argued that the rights of 
foreigners huving domicilo in their own 
country were inalienable and could not bo 
attacked by the French courts. He dis- 
cussed tho plea of tho Princess that ainoo 
hia marriage tho Princo had lived in Puris, 
virtually abandoning Italy, and that, there- 
fore, tho action could be brought against 
him here. M. Desjardines quoted from tho 
official certificate issued in December lust to 
show that the PrinoeSB undoubtedly remains 
an Italian citizen. Tho registrar of tho 
Naples law courts had furnished tho do- 
feuco with a certificate showing that tho 
name of the Prince appears on the jury list 
and ho is a member of tho Naples military 
club. Tho census of tho department 
of tho Seine states that his domi- 
cile was in Naples. Thero were 
various deeds signed by tho Princess beforo 
notary public proving that his principal 
domicilo was in Naples, and that ho merely 
had a residence in Paris. 

(From our own Corroaoondont.) 

Ottawa, Jan. 25.— Mr. Craig, M. P., is 
hero in interest of tho peoplo of Port Hopo 
to induce tho Government not to establish a 
binder twine factory at tho Kingston Peni- 
tentiary. Ho was told that ho was too 
late, tho Department having sanctioned tho 
expenditure. Tho combino will shut down 
the factory at Port Hope, although there is 
enough demand to keep all the factories in 
Canada going. 

Jamos Huddart, managing owner of the 
Canadian-Australian Steamship lino, sailed 
from England for Canuda today. The 
object of his visit is understood to bo to 
discuss with ministers the trade prospects 
between Canada and Australia. He thinks 
the Government ahould do something in tho 
wuy of appointing commercial agents in tho 
principal citiea of Australia. Ho also 
desirea thut Canada bo officially represented 
at tho Tasmania Midsummer Exhibition, 
which opens atHobart in November next. 

Don. Edward Blake addressed a largo and 
representative gathering hero to-night on 
the subject of Home Rule for Ireland Hon. 
John Costigan presided. 



Tho Manufacture of Incandescent Lumps No 
Longer URestrlcted. 

New York, Jan. 25. — Judgo Ricks, of 
tho U. S. Circuit oourt in Ohio, has just 
rendered u docision in the suit of tho Edi- 
son electric light company against the Buck- 
oyo elcotriccompany, holding that tho Edison 
incandescent lamp pat ent expired on Novem- 
ber 10 of last year whon the English patent 
for tho sumo invention expired. ' Ho holds, 
in subatanco, that tho correction of tho 
patent made by tho patent office, at tho re- 
quest of tho EJison company, limiting tho 
American patout to tho term of tho Eng. 
lish patent, constituted a dedication to tho 
public of tho remainder of tho torm of the 
American patent afr.or tho Eaglish patent 
expired. Ho further holds that tho Edison 
onipnny is estopped by prncuring this cor- 
rection from claiming that tho American 
patent runs longer than tho English putent. 
Tho effect of this, it is said, ia to throw tho 
manufacture of incandeacont iampa open to 
tho publio. 

Ash Your Friends 

Who hnvo takon Rood's Hp.raiparilln what 
t.hoy think of it, and tha r plies will bo posi- 
tive in its favor. Simply what Hood's Sarsa- 
parilla does, that tolls tho Btory of i.s merit. 
Ono has been cured of indigestion or dyspepsia, 
another llnds its inaisponslblo for Blck hend- 
acho or biliousness, while oihors report rc- 
markablo cures of scrofula, catarrh, rhouma- 
tibin, salt rheum, otc. 

Hood's Tills aro purely vcgotablo. 

A "fow" of tho80 elogaut pictures at SI. 75 
and $2.25 romain at Woiler Bros.'; but will 
not remain long after you catch sight of 
thorn. • 

(Special to tho Coi.onibt.1 

Election In Month Lanark. 

Toronto, Jan. 25. — Owing to the resigna- 
tion of Dr. McLonaghen, M.P, for South 
Lanark, a new election for the vacant seat 
in the Legislature will be held. Tho nom- 
ination is fixed for February 9th, and poll- 
ing on the lQth. 

North West School Act. 

Montreal, Jan. 25.— La Patrio says that 
despito the denials of tho Conservative 
press, it is certain that, a committeo of tho 
Executive council charged with preparing a 
report on the disallowance of the North 
WeBt School act has decided not to recom- 
mend its disallowance. 

Klcctrlc Hallway Accident. 

Montreal, Jan. 25. — Yesterday an elec- 
tric railway car on Craig Btrocc ran into a 
sleigh occupied by Joseph Bolt Small, a con- 
tractor. The man was injured so seriously 
that he died in a fow hours. 

It. Governor Clutpleau. 

Qukiiec, Jan. 25. — Lt. Governor and 
Madame Chapleau have gone to New York 
for ten days or a fortnight. 

Liquor License Reduction. 

Hamilton, Jan. 25.— Tho City Council 
has recommended a reduction of tho liquor 
license from §95 to ?75. 

Fire at Clinton. 

Clinton, Ont., Jan. 25.— Fire partially 
destroyed tho Victoria block, tho storeB of 
Jns. Turtishell, boots and shoos ; Jackson 
Bros., tailors, and the Sons of England 
lodge-room waa budly damaged. Tho loss 
is heavy ; partially insured. 

Fnst Atlantic Service. 

Ottawa, Jun. 24.— C. N. Armstrong, of 
Montreal, a prominent railway man and re- 
lated to Sir Hector Lungevin, has been here 
in tho interests, it is said, of a Liverpool, 
England, concern to obtain information re- 
garding the establishment of a fast Atlantic 
line of steamers between Canada, England 
and France. He refused to give the name 
of the company which he represents, but he 
is reported to have suid thut if the terms 
given by tho Dominion are satisfactory they 
aro prepared to sign a contract at onco, aa 
they will have no difficulty about the capi- 
tal. The subsidy offered by Parliament is 
$500,000, hut Mr. Armstrong sayB his com- 
pany would not touch the schemo unless 
this was raised. He saw Sir John Thomp- 
son and Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper. 


Ofllcera Elected by the Hamilton Convention— 
Proposal to Establish n Branch 
In Montreal. 

Hamilton, Jan. 25. - (Special)— The after- 
noon and evoniDg sessions of yesterdoy'a 
Protestant Protective association convention 
were taken up with tho election of officers. 
The contest for the presidency and vico- 
prcaidency waa hot. Tho candidates were 
J. H. MacConuell, of Windsor, tho retiring 
incumbent, Vice-President Madill and Mayor 
Fleming, of Windsor. Tho following were 
the chief officers elected : Grand President, 
Rev. J. C. Madill, Belwood ; Grand Vice- 
President, Joseph Kimersley, Toronto ; 
Grand Seorotury, Jackson Little, Toronto ; 
Grand Treasurer, E. J. Roberts, London ; 
Grand Chaplain, Rev. E, R. Ghent, Hamil- 

Toronto, Jan. 25 — (Spocial) -Tho Mail's 
Montreal correspondent says he has been 
informed by u high official of tho Orango 
Order in the Province of Quebec that a 
movement iB uow undor way in Montreal to 
organize a branch of tho P. P. A, Once a 
parent lodge iB formed, stops will bo tuken 
to form a branch order in every Protostunt 
centre of the Province. 

Tho best medical authorities say tho propor 
way to treat catarrh Is to take a constitutional 
lomcdy liko Hood's SarsaparUla. 

Blank, legal and duty forms at Illbbon & 

Prof. Cozens is making private phreno- 
logical examinations at tho Balmoral hotel 
all this week. (Jt. 


HAGYARD'S Pectoral Balsam cures coughs, 
coldB, hoarseness, bronchitis, asthma, 
whooping cough, and all bronchial and lung: 
troubles. Prico 25o. por bottlo, orilvo for §1.00. 

Shcflleld Cutlery Store. 

Pockot knives, tablo cutlory. shears nnd 
razors in groat variety at Fox's. 78 Govornmont 
Btroot. • 




Provincial Dairymen's Association Or- 
ganized — Fruit-growers Elect 
Their Annual OHicers. 

Another Canning Company Foriuiug- 
New Slocan Gold Proapects 
— Leud Dollars. 

(Special to Lho Colonist.) 


Vancouver, Jan. 25.— A now cunning 
company is hoing organized in the city, to 
bo known aa tho " Montroal Packing Co." 
Capt. J. L. Anderson ia at tho head of the 

The Coqualitza homo for Indian children 
is about comploted in Chilliwack, 

Lead dollars havo made their appoarance 
in Vancouver in great numbera. 


New Westminster, Jan. 23.— Steamor 
Capilano arrived this 'morning from the 
north with 45,000 poundB of halibut for the 
Westminster Fish Co. Tho trip occupied 
over two weeks, tho vessel boing dotuined 
by anow storms and heavy galea. The 
company shipped a carload of hulibut to 
New York to-day, and GO tona to the Sound. 

The new Burnaby Bchool opened on Mon- 
day with twenty-fivo pupila, and thirty 
were present tho following day. Tho at- 
tendance has fully equalled tho expectations 
of tho truatoes, and thoy are highly pleased 
with their splendid start. 

Tho meeting of tho Fruit Growers Asso- 
ciation closed this evening. A number of 
papora were road on fruit and orchard 
mutters and much useful information was 
given in thorn. Each paper waa diacuasod 
by tho meeting. J. R. Anderson, of Vic- 
toria, and R. M. Palmer, inspector of fruit 
pesta, were present and assisted in tho 
deliberations. Tho following oliicera were 
elected : Preaident, John Kirkland, Lad- 
nera ; First Vico-President, William Knight, 
Popcum ; Second Vice-President, J. R. 
AndorBon, Victoria ; Socrotary-Treasurer, 

A. H. B. MacGowan, Vancouver. The old 
board of directors waa re-oleoted, with tho 
addition of J. R. Anderaon, Victoria ; viz : 
W. J. Moggridgo, Halls Prairie ; Theo. 
Trigge, Salt Spring Island ; Andrew Olcaon, 
Victoria ; Thomas Marshall, Cowichan ; J. 

B. Cade, Mission ; J. M. Browning, Van- 
couver ; E. A. Wells and H. Kipp, Chilli- 

A meeting was hold last night of gentle- 
men attending the Fruit Growers' Conven- 
tion, at whioh the Dairymen's Association 
of Britiah Columbia was organized, with the 
following officers : Preaident, W. J. Harris, 
Port Hammond; 1st Vice-President, G. T. 
Corfleld, Corfield; 2nd Vico-President, H. 
F. Page, Matsqui; Secretary-Treasurer, A. 
H. B. MacGowan. A board of directory 
numbering twenty-five was also elected. 


(From tho Koalo-Slocan Examlnor.) 
Three proapeotore from Trout Lako have 
been in town this week endeavoring to ne- 
gotiate the sale of threo very good prospects. 
The specimens which they brought with 
them contain Bulphurets of Bilver of a rich 
character, some of it running to over §100 to 
tho ton. 

Some partieB just in from the north end 
of the lake report that a good gold prospect 
haa been struck in that vicinity. The rock 
shows iron pyrites and decomposed red 
quartz which, as everyone versed in mines 
knows, is a very sure indication that gold ia 
present in paying quantities. 


A Rich Company Formed of Western Men 
Who Havo Confidence In tho Country. 

(From tho Miner.) 

Carl Kloinschmidt, tho Montana capitalist 
who was through West Kootenay aomo 
months ago, haa returned after a trip to 
New York and the Pacific coast. 

Aa a result of thia trip a very wealthy 
company haa been organized to work in thi8 
section, the headquarters of which will be in 
Nelson. Tho title of tho company is 
the St. Mary's Mining and Develop- 
ment company, and its capital stock 
ia set at §1,000,000. Gen. Charles W. 
Turner, of Seattle, has been elected 
preaident, and Carl Kleinachmidt, vice- 
preaident and manager. A resident agent 
will bo appointed for Nelson, to bo chosen 
when operations are commenced. The new 
company will proceod to develop tho Badger 
claim on tho line between East and West 
Kootenay, a few miles north-east from Pilot 
Bay. A bond waa secured on this property 
las6 year by Kleinachmidt, which becume 
due and was taken up last month. The 
Badger carries gold, silver and copper, uud 
from several aBaaya which have been made, 
it ia expected to carry $H0 in gold, 35 ounces 
in silver and between aoven and eight per 
cent, copper. 

There are four or five locations adjourn- 
ing the Badger which the now company has 
acquired, as well aa aomo gold quartz 
properties on tho Salmon, tho worth of 
which the company will demonstrate. It is 
the intention of the company to get to work 
at once, and if it is found to be practicable 
grub will bo sent into tho Badger and men 
put to work tunnelling. Tho company will 
alBO havo fivo or six miles of road to build, 
or rather convert as many miles of trail into 
wagon road. 

Tho Salmon river placer properties held 
by Kloinschmidt will bo worked on a lurgo 
scale as soon as spring opens by a different which Kloinschmidt ia at tho 
head. Arrangements have been made for 
the putting in of a oaw mill to cut whp.t 
lumber ia required, and do what cuatom 
sawing may bo demanded. 

The group of quartz claims hold by Messrs. 
KleinBchmidt, Malloy, Gray und Roster a 
few miles out of Nelson, is not included in 
tho properties turned over to tho nowly 
organized properties, Theso will recoivo 
tho attention of tho ownors in the springy 
Micbaol Roator, who ia in thia syndicato, is 
a partnor of Kloinsohmidt, and holda stock 
in each of tho othor companies. His homo 
ia in Freebury, WiaconBiu. 

» 1 

anco in the speculative temper occurred 
until about one p.m., when the " bears " 
took measure? to frighton tho Bmall 
tradors into selling. Thoy had in thoir 
favor tho Btatoment of the St. Paul road for 
December 1893, Bhowing a decrease of $757, • 
443 in tho gross earnings, and §470,958 In 
net earnings, aB compared with the Barns 
month uf the previous yoar. Reports of tho 
sharp cutting of rates on grain 
by tho Atchiaon, Rock Island and 
other companies also influenced mattors. 
Tho market closed weaker attholowostprices. 
CloBing bids : Atchiaon, Topeka & Santa 
Fe, 11$; Burlington & Quinoy, 7Cg ; 
Canadian Pacific, 69i ; Contral' Pacific, 
15 ; Chicago, Columbus & Cincin- 
nati, 34| j Delaware & Lackawanna, 1G5 ; 
Erie, 144 S Wella Fargo, 124 ; Groat North- 
ern, preferred, 102; Lako Shore, 120.}; Louis- 
ville & Nashville, 44^ ; Miaaouri Pacific, 
23 ; Now York Central, 100J ; Now 
England, 1G ; North American, 4 ; 
Northorn Pacific, 4J ; do., preferred, 16 ; 
Northwestorn, 103J ; Oregon Navigation, 
20 ; Oregon Improvement, 13 ; Pacific Mail, 
10i ; Reading, 19J ; Rock Island, 67i ; 
Southern Pacific, 22J ; St. Paul, 58g ; Texas 
Pacific, 8} ; Union Paoific, 19| ; Western 
Union, 84|. Bar Silvor, 67|o. por ounce. 
Money on call, 1 to H. Foroign exchange, 
sterling, 4 85Jt for sixty days ; 4.874 on 
demand. Union Pacific firsts, 1896, 108J 
bid ; Centra! Pacific firstB of 1895, 109* bid. 


Great Activity in Shipping Ore-Kaslo 
Becoming a More Active 

Civic Elections— Railway Bridge Con- 
struction — Supplies for Mining 
Camps -Fire Protection. 

Kaslo, Jan. 22.— (Special) — For several 
days last week tho sleigh road to tho mines 
v/vs blocked completely by a couplo of snow 
slides, whioh tho mild weather of tho week 
previous had brought down. Tho hauling 
of oro for shipment from this point was 
thorefore stopped for the time being, but ia 
now resumed with renewed energy. About 
forty tone por day are now arriving, and the 
ateamboata arc kept busy transporting it to 
Five Mile Point, where it ia loaded on 
board the Fort Sheppard Railwuy cars for 
transport to tho Bmoltors. 

Kaslo iB now a more active town in a 
buainesB way than it hia over been, and tho 
proBpocts for tho future are very bright. 
The merchanta, among whom aro a number 
of thoroughly live and entorpriaing firms, 
are getting thinga ahapod to clap on a lot of 
additional auil in the spring, in anticipation 
of a great Bummer'e buaincsa. Among tho 
new concorna about to bo 8tarted is a whole- 
sale and retail liquor houao. 

The civic elections resulted in something 
of a aurpriso, Mr. R. F. Groon having been 
defeated by Mr. Georee T. Kane, in the 
mayoralty contest, by a majority of eight. 
It waB cloao, but the Green party expected 
to come out with 50 to tho good, at leaat. 
Tho miatake was probably that they woro 
too confident. However, Mr. Kane, the 
new mayor, although without experience, is 
on energetic man, and the people, it ia satis- 
factory to see, now that tho fight is over, 
are disposed to turn in and work heartily in 
his support. 

Tho wrecked steamer Idaho is gradually 
boing got on to the ways. She ia not greatly 
damaced, and tho intention is to have her 
roady to go on the route again, between 
Kaslo and Uonnor's Ferry, aa 80on as tho ico 
breaks up in Kootenay river. 

Engineeer McMillan, of the Kaslo 
&. Slocan railway, took out a con- 
siderable force of men last week to 
begin work on the foundation of tho rail- 
way bridges, six in number, between here 
and Bear Lako. After tho foundations aro 
in, tho tiu.bors for the superstructures will 
be hewn und got on to tho ground ready for 
putting in place aa soon aa tho anow goes 
off in the spring. About twenty miles of 
right of way is now cleared und tho remain- 
der will bo done before the snow is off in 
the spring. 

Some of our citizens have started a mock 
parliament. They debated a resolution tho 
othor night on the free coinago of silver. 
Sovera! spnakors handled the silvor 
question in a very dexterous mannor, and 
doubtless Borne time will bo heard on the 
real as well a! the mimic platform. 

Tho weather here just now iB very cold, 
the thormometar registering 10° below. 

Tho incoming steamers are bringing im- 
mense cargoes of eupplicB for the mining 
camps. These supplies aro almost wholly 
handled by KaBlo firms, of whom tho Byera 
Hardware Co., Green Brothers, H. Gieg- 
rich, T. A. Garland, McKcnzio and tho 
Balfour Trading Co. aro tho leading onea : 

Everybody here ia just now in dread of 
tho fire fiend, for if a lire once got sturted 
fairly in our business centre, it would work 
terrible havoc among tho frame buildings on 
tho main streets before it could be checked. 
There havo been a couple of alarms recently, 
one of them having been caused, it is sus- 
pected, by tho uct of un incendiary. For- 
tunately tho fire in oach case waa discovered 
before it had got headway, and was quickly 
quenched. A drunken Chinaman was 
burned to death in an isolated shuck last 

Kaslo is now fuvorod with two mails a 
week from the outaido, and thoro is tolor- 
ablo regularity in the service 

A movement ia on foot for tho establish- 
ment of a hospital hero. Tho urgent neces- 
sity of such an institution haa beou ahown 
by scvoral pitiful cuBes of sickness and 
injury by accident thia winter. 


Tho "Bulls" Had the Market for Homo Time 
But at tho Close the Lowest 
i'rlccs Obtained. 

New York, Jan. 25. — Extromo dullness 
characterized dealings at tho Stock Ex- 
change during tho greater part of tho day. 
The saloB reached tho small total of 155,115 
shares, and tho great bulk of tho business 
was in a few Blocks ; St. Paul, Sugar, Bur- 
ltngton & Ciulnoy, Western Union, and 
Louisville k Nashville figuring for over 100 . 
GOO Tho " bulla " hud the markot well 
under control until a lato hour, the absence 
of tho pressure of " long " stock enabling 
thorn to advance prices \ to 1 per cent in the 
ontiroltat.theGrangersand Sugarleadmg the 
upward movement. No change 01 import- 

Or La Grippe, though occasionally epi- 
demic, is always more or loss prevalent. 
Tho best remedy for this complaint 
is Ayor's Cherry Pectoral. 

" Last Spring, I was taken down with 
La Grippe. At times I was completely pros- 
trated, and so illfllcult was ray breathing 
that my breast seemed as if confined In an 
Iron cage. I procured a bottle of Ayor'a 
Cherry Pectoral, and no sooner had I began 
taking It than relief followed. I could not be- 
lieve that the effect would he so rapid and tho 
cure so complete. It is truly a wonderful med- 
icine."— W. H. Williams, Crook City, S. D. 

Cherry Pectoral 

Promptto act, sure to cure 



Scrofula ia a tuintod 
'and Impure condition 
of tho blood, oausing 
soros, swellings, ulcers, tumors, rashes, 
oruntioiiH and sltiu cliBeasoe. To remove 
it, tho blood must bo thoroughly cleans- 
ed and tho uyRtom regulation and 
stronythonod. B.B.B. is tho strongest, 

pnrlflor and euros all scrofulous dis- 
orders rapidly and surely. 

" t was ontiroly cured of a scrofulous 
ulcer 011 my unldo by tho use of B.B.B. 
and Burdock Healing Ointment." 

Mre. Win. V. Boyd, Brantford, Out. 

Advertisements under the heads of Lost, 
Found, For Sale or To Let and Sanations 
Wanted will be inserted at the rale of one 
cent a word each insertion. Payment 
always in advance. A'o advertisement 
rectived for less than twenty-five cents. 



ANTKD— A situation as chambermaid In 
hotel. Address M. M„ Colonist ollico. 


WANTED— A dental student. .Apply to T, 
J. Jones, L D. 3., over tho Bank of H. 0., 
Victoria. ja25 Ot 



„™. . (Incorporated by Royal Charter, 180'i.) 

CAPITAL (With power to Inoroaso.) £600,000, $2,920,000, 

HESERVE £270,000, $1,314,000, 



Iw Bsitibh Columbia — 1 In tub United STATES- 

NflLSON (Kootenay Lake). | SEATTLE and TACOMA. 


OANADA— Canadian Rank of Commorcn, Morohants Bank of Canada, Tho Molsons Bank, 
Imporlol Bank of Canada, and Bank of Nova Scotia. IN UNITED STATES— Cana- 
dian Bank of Commorco (Aganoy) Now York. Bank ot Nova Scotia. Chicago. AUS- 
TRALIA and NEW ZEALAND— Bank of Australasia. HONOLULLT-Blshop & CO. 

QAVINH^ RftUK IlFPflRTMPNT DhdobIUj rooolvod from 31 upwards, and inherent allowed 

onrinuo pitnift ucranimtm. (pr080nC rat0) aC 3i PER cent, per annum. 

KJJ.I.V* AY13. 

Espialt &]mm R'y 


To take effoct at 8.00 a.m. on Thursday, October 
12th, 1893.. Trains ran on Paolflo 
\ Standard Tirno. 

S5 - 

jg s. S S 3 3 S 9 K «J 8 $ S 3 S3 S jj 


Gold dust pnrchaBod and erery description of Banking business transacted. 
Victoria. B.O.. July 1. 1893. apis GEO. GILLESPIE, Manager. 













WANTED— By in English woman, situation 
as kenoral servant ; plain cooking. Ad- 
dress B. ColoniBt oillco. ja21-3t 

WANTED -By a practical farmer and wife, 
situation us manager on a farm; experi- 
enced in all its branched; buit of references; 
distance or place no object. Address X. Y.Z., 
Colonist oillco. jaZJ-dflt-wlt 

ANTED— 590 steady customers, with tho 
f j cash to buy tho old reliable WolllnRton 
Coal, weight and quality guarantied. Apply 
to Hall. Uoupc' fe Co jail 

GENTLEMAN ovor two years rosldont In 
Victoria, having four or fivo hours daily 
at Mb disposal, would bo willing to devoto 
samo to hookkooplng or collecting at very mod- 
orato salary; good oxporlonco and first-class 
reforonccs, with a knowledge of shorthand and 
typewriting. Apply "W," Colonist ofllco. 

WANTED— Good, llvo, actlvo ropresoutatlvo 
in this ol'y and viciniry, to tnko agency 
for our Koallno Fuol Savor and Fumigntor. A 
rollablo article Good profit, factories, hotola 
and families readily uso this compound. Ad- 
dress, with stamp, Tho Koallno Fuel Co., 
Windsor, Out. no25 

STAMPS WANTED— Old Canadian, British 
Columbian and oihor stamps as UBod 25 to 
40 yoars ago, for many Ip*y?l to $5 oach. 
Goorge Ljwo, 348Spadlnn avonuo, Toronto. 


nnO LET— Four-roomed well furnished cot- 
_L tngo with bathroom and pantry in James' 
Bay closo to car lino. Apply at l.romwcll 
Houoo, 103j Govornmont stroot. jn'Jo lmo 

TO LET OR LEA8K— $20 par month, two- 
story houso, with stono cellar and modern 
improvements; N'o. 21 Queen's avonuo. Apply 
J, U. Turnhull, 185 Douglas utreot. jq211m 

rpO LET— furnished rooniB at 121 Suporlor 
_L street, James Bay. J .23-121 

ufli uuiuiui?u'.kj .uuiiid, nunviw i^J 

J_ light housekeeping; 12 Johnson street. 
Apply to J. O. Voss, En.piro ResUiurunt, John- 
son stroot. in21-lm 

IO LET— Neatly furnished front rooms, with 
_ use of kitchen if required. 139 Michigan 
street, James Bay. jal02w 


A FARM of 218 i-oros to lease; throe-roomod 
houso and barn; "Oacres under cultivation; 
to a responsiblo party this Is nn excollont 
chanco. Apply J. K. Crane & Co., No. 30 Broad 
street, jaKi-tf 

MIO LET— A farm of 200 acres: also one two 
_1_ year old colt for salo. Apply to Slromncss 
Farm, Burnsiuo road, or Colonist ofllco. jal-lm 

rpO LET — Furnished rooms ilttod for light 
1_ housrikeoping; uee of kitchen stovo. 7!) 
Fort stroot. jall-3t 

rpO LET— Furnished rooms, with board. 12 
J. Monzies stroot. (all-lr 

TO LET OR POR LEASE— 23 rooms In tho 
Victoria Theatre building, formerly occd 
pied by Messrs. Rudon S: Hartnngol. For par 
ticiilars apply to M. Stroma, II Fort stroot. 

10 LET OR LE ASK— Hotel with 20 rooms 
_ and naloon license; bar and bar fixtures 
complete; central location. Apply 1G Trounce 
avonuo. jafi-tf 



Messrs. Brayshaw & Dargarno havo much 
pleasure in nnnounclng that thoy havo leased 
for a numbor of yoars tho promises lately ocou- 

Blo t by J. F. Book ». Co. and R. Rnv, corner of 
roughton and Gordon stroots, Victoria, as 
carriage butldora and liorseHhoorH, and by strict 
attontlon to tho trade In all its branches hopo 
to Bccnro a share of public patronngo. Jobbing 
of ovory description turned out In first class 
stylo. Hoi scs carofully and scientifically shod. 
All work guaranteed. jn20-3m 

alO LET— Now house Bltuated on Esquimau 
Road, adjacent to harbor nnd naval sta- 
tion; fifteen roomi-; fully furnished through' 
out and fitted with all random conveniences. 
For rental and particulars imply to John J, 
Austin, 32 Fort s root. Fivo Sisters Block ju5 fit 

TO LET— Two elegantly fund.- hod rooms, 
bed-room and Hitting room; suitablo for 
two gentlemen. Yates street, 201. lal-tf 

T)OOM TO LET — Front, comfortably fur- 
Vj nished, in private family; convenient to 
business conlro. Apply "M," this office. 

rpO LET— House and an aero of ground ; 
_L water front, Gorgo road ; stables, otc.; 
hot and cold water; 20 minutes from tram; 
rent $22.60, Apply to 8 winerton & Oddy. del? 

TO LET -Eight-roomed houso; all modorn 
Improvements; fivo minute's walk from 
poptofflco. Hoistormau & Co., 75 Govornmont 
strcot. oc3 12 

TO LET— Throo 5- roomed cottagcs.bathrooms; 
Bridgo stroot; ?13 .50; wator paid. Ono 
6 roomed houso, Victoria VVest; good situation; 
$12; water paid. Six- roomed cottago, Monzies 
street, James Bay; §l(i; water paid. Nino-roomed 
hoiiBo, Suporior stroot, Jnnios Bay; $20; wntor 
paid. Fivo roomed cottago and Btablo, Alfred 
stroot, near Cook and Pandora; $10; wator 
paid. Ono 5-roomcd house, John stroot; $10j 
water paid. Four-roomed cottago, John street; 
$7; water paid. Swincrton & Oddy, 108 Govorn- 
mont stroet, up-stairs. Place your houses to 
let on our list, ub wo ofton havo onquirors wo 
cannot suit. i do2 



Two-Btorey houso, 5 rooms, on FranceB avo., 
at $875, on tern b to suit purchaser. 

An improved farm noar Mcpherson's station; 
1G0 acres, houso and barns; $1100. 

10 acres 14 miles from Cobble H1U station; 
house insured for $200; prico $100; cosy torme. 

A. W. MORE & CO., 

Insurnnoo Agents, 70 Douglas Stroet, 



I am proparod to fill orders for all kinds of 
Hair Jowolry. such aa Goats' Vost Chains, 
Fingor Rings, Brncolots, Ear-rings, oto„ also 
momontos mado up with vory short hair. 

LADIES— Bring your Sulto and make thorn 
whiluloarnlngtholatcstsyBtomof drcsscuttlng. 
Rooms, IB Calodonlnn Avonuo, on oar lino. 



J|I B § i 

oia mj 'bim i -""aaaasassaaa 

8 a 


On Saturdays and Sundays 

Return Tickots will bo issued botwoon all 
points for a faro and a quarter, good for return 
not lator than Monday. 

Return Tickets for ono and a half ordinary 
faro may bo purchased dally to all points, good 
forsovon days including day of Ibsuo. 

No Return Tickots issued for a faro and a 
quarter whore tho slngio faro is twenty-fire 

Through rates botwoon Victoria & Comox. 

Mileage and Commutation Tickets can be 
obtainod on application to tho Ticket Agent, 
Victoria Station. 


Prosldont. Gon. Supt. 

myl Gon. Frolght and P ■'songor Agt. 


Wholesale Druggists 

Established 1858. 


Wo havo ready this yoar a 
largo quantity of 



Vlotorla, BritiBh Colombia 



Wines and Liquors. 

Wholesale Dry Goods 



FOR SALE— Plans (cabinot upright grand); 
noarly now; Bcoorior tone; first-class In- 
strument; a bargain. Addross X., Colonist 
ofllco. ja23-3t 


FOR S ALE — Japanese Pug Bitch, black and 
white, aged ono yoar; raro brocd; prico 
modorato. Apply E. H., ColoniBt oillco. ja'2t)-2t 

FOR SALE — New two-storoy house; ton 
rooms; largo eollar; oloctric light and 
belle; with ono aero of ground. For terms an- 
ply "J.H.," P.O. Bo* 2S6. . jal9-Ct 

FOR SALE— Tho loaso. goodwill and furni- 
turo of a first-class road house. Tolmio 
Land Co., 1G Trounco avenuo. ja'J-lmo 

FOR SALE— Lots in Denvor. Colorado, also 
ranch near Donvor; or will trado for land 
In B.C. E. Dundordalo. 100 Govornmont stroot. 


ITIOR SALE— 13 acres lond on Mayno Island, 
} Plumpor Pass;: 8 nores cleared, partly 
fenced anil ready for cultivation; one-roomed 
houso nnd appurtonnnooB; threo minutes' walk 
from gonoral storo and Point Comfort Hotel 
and \ mllo from public wharf nnd post ofllco; 
good homo for working man with family; prico 
$500: easy terms. II. isaacklin, Plumper Pass, 
1. ja23 

FOR SALE— In tho City of Brandon, Mani- 
toba, planing mill and plant, now. very 
complete;, cost ot buildings nnd slto $1,000, 
machlnory $8,000 ; also ilrst-claes Bteam brick 
plant and yard (good clay). 10 horses, wagons, 
oto., all in good shape. Ollors will bo roceived 
for all or any part ot" tho machinery or chattels. 
Specially favorablo terms for cash or for pur- 
chase on bloc. Lists and full particulars on 
application to J. Arthur Green, Dundee block, 
Winnipeg, or P.O. Box 924. ialO-lm 


Apply to Goo. CaBsady & Co., 




ovory kind of proporty in all parts of the 
world. from Lohs or Damage by Firo. 

Moro than £10.000,000 in dlschargo of clalmB 
for Losses by Firo, has boon paid by this Com' 
pany since its establishment. 

Prompt cash payments and full power to 
Bottle all Lossrs and Claims, without roforrlng 
to tho Head ofiico in London. 

THOS. C. NUTT ALL. Agont, 
Govormont Stroot,, 

Ovor Bank of Montroal 
Establlshod'ln Vlotorla in 1861. 



FRANK HALL, 71/. D. 
Ofllco Theatre Block, cornor of Douglas and 
Vlow Stroots. 

O Telephone No. 120,- 





Ask Your Grocer for it. Have No Other, 


Red Crown Roller Mills, 




No. 5 Government St. ia23 at 



This old established Collego, known through- 
out tho Province, stando in ovor an aco of 
land, situatod on tho highest part of tho city. 

A largo school room, with suitablo class- 
rooms, has been built. Internally tho whole 
building has boon romodolled to adapt it to 
modern requirements, both as a day and board- 
ing schools 

Tho work of toachlng is cirrlcd on by tho 
Principal. Miss Kitto, assisted by Miss M. 
Kitto oud Miss D. Kitto and an efllciont stall' 
of MaBtors and Mistresses. 

Tho household nnd boarding arrangomonts 
aro undor tho management of Mrs.; Kitto. 
Special care is tckon to givo tho boarders tho 
comfort and training of a well ordorod homo. 

Full particulars on apolication to MRS. 
KITTO, Angela Collego. Tho Collego re-onons 
Tuesday, January 23id. do30 eod-lm 


will re-opou their 



31 Moars street, on Thursday, January 11. 
Addross P.O. Drawor 30. jaG-lm 




For tonus apply at tho Studio, 101 Vanoouvor 
street, core or Pandora. so30 



Has roturnod to Victoria, and Is proparod 
givo lossonB in Vocal Music. 

Roorca, 63 Gov't St., Upstairs. 

au31 lm 


Pitman's SyBtom, taught *ln twonty-flvo les 
Bonsfcr §25. Prodcloncy Guarantood. Aprly 
C.D.S., 62 John St., Rook Bay. npH 


In keioby eivon that tho B. C. Southern Ral 
way Company will apply to tho Legislature of 
tha Province of British Columbia, at its noxt 
session for an Aot to consnlldnto and amond tho 
sovoral Acts relating to tho Company; also for 
power to onnH'ruot a branch lino, commencing 
at a point on tho main lino at or noar tho forks 
of Michol Crook; tlionoo by way of Michol 
Creek to Mhi .Crook. 
Datod this 7: » Uocombor, 1833. 

de9 Solicitors for tho Applicants, 


Ib horoby glvon tlint a Special General Mooting 
of tho stockholders in tho South fork Hydraallo 
& Mining Company, Ll'nlted Liability, will bo 
held at tho ofllco ot tho President of tho Com- 
pany, QuoBnelio Forks, Cariboo, on Monday, 
tho lDth day of Fobruary, A.D. 1891, at tho 
hour ot 11 o'olock in tho foronoon, for tho pur- 
poaoof considering tho expediency of Boiling 
tCo whole or such portion of tho proporty of 
tho Company as may bo agreed upon at such 
meotlng, and if agrood upon, passing resolu- 
tions authorizing any such proposed Bale to bo 
carried Into effect. 

Prosldont of tho South Fork Hydraullo 
& Mining Company, Limited L ability. 
Quesnollo Forks, tho lUth day of Decombor, 
1803. deSMm . 


From and after tho first of Fobruary 'Joseph 
Hanoy will conduct tho Truck and Dray busi- 
ness of tho undersigned at tho old Btand, 18 
Yates street, until further notico. 


Thos. F. Oaken, Henry C. Payno, Honry C. 
Rouso, Receivora. 


Pullman Sleeping Oars 

Elegant Dining Cars 

Tourist Sleeping Cars 


St. Paul 




Grand Forks 

i rookston 


Htdena and 



New York, Boston and all Points 

East and South. 


Speed 1 
19 knots I 

8.8. ' CITY OF KIN08T0H" 



7.00 pm] Ml 
0. 15 pm 23 
12.30 am| 72 

. Port Townsond . 
Ar t... Victoria Lv 



3.30 pm 
1.15 pm 
10.30 am 
7.30 am 

Steamer City of Klngstm makoi connection 
at Tacoma with Northorn Paclflo trains to 
and from points eabt and south. 
* Daily except Sunday, 
t Dally oxcopt Monday. 

E. B. ItHt'KWOOD, 

Freight and Passonger Agont. 

Victoria, B. C. 

Asst. Gon. Pas. Agont, 
121 First stroot, Washington, Portland, Or. 



Passengers for Chicago can take Sleeping Car 
at Seattle Through Without Change. 

Pasiengorj leave Victoria dally at 7t30 a.m. for Spokane, 
St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, Winnipeg. Mil- 
waukee, St, Louis and the East, 

Running Bultot Cars, with bath loom, bar- 
ber shop, easy c.haira. observation windows, 
library, writing and card tables, smoking rooms, 
otc., and Palaon Sleeping nnd Dining CarB. 
Family TourlBt Sloepors, and first amfsocond 
class Coaches. 

Diroor connections mado nb Wonatohoo with 
steamers to and from L-iko Cholnn and tho 
Okanagan country. At Bonnor's Forry with 
Btoamors from Kaslo, Ainsworth, Nelson, and 
ether points in the Kootenai mining district. 
At Jonnlngs with Btoamer for Fort Steolo. At 
Sholby Junction and Havro for Groat Falls, 
Uolona and Butto. 

Crosse tho ''aacadoand Rocky Mountains In 
r" ayltght. FlnoBt Bconery in Amorica and a lino 
froo from dust. 

For information or publications apply to 

Gonoral Agont, 

No. 1 Adolphl Block. 
Govt. St., noxt to-Postofllco. Viotorla, B. C. 

Gon. Pnsa. & Tickot Agt, 

St. Paul, Minnesota. jyl 


The following named street 
is closed to public traffic till 
further notice, viz.: Stanley 
Street, from North Chatham 
to Bodwell Street. 

jau-tt City Engineer. 




Fourth Session of Hio Sixth Parliament; 

Thursday, January 25, 1S9L 
Tho Speaker took the chair <u 2 p.m. 
Prayers by tho Bight Rev. Bishop Porrin. 

The following petitions wero read and re- 
ceived : 

From U. G. Major and others, for a, pri- 
vate bill to incorporate "The Delta and New 
Westminster railway company." — Mr. 

From "The British Columbia Southern 
railway company," for a private bill to con- 
solidate their corporate acts. — Mr. Smith. 


~Dk. Watt moved, " That an humble ad- 
dress be presented by this house to the 
Lieutenant-Governor, praying him to again 
move the Dominion government to incroaBO 
tho per capita tax on Chinamen doming into 
tho Dominion to $100 each ; at the samo 
timo expressing Btrongly tho opinion of this 
house that threo-fourthB of all moneys re- 
ceived at British Columbia ports from tho 
proposod higher tax, or (if such higher tax 
bo not imposed) from tho prosent tax of S50, 
should bo paid to this province, as tho ohief 
injury from tho presence of theso Chinamen 
is sustained by this province, and not by tho 

Tho movor said such a resolution was 
unanimously passed at the last meeting of 
the houso, and ho had no doubt this would 
bo similarly received. Ho emphasized the 
non-desirability of the Chinese, who camo 
here practically as slaves brought by tho 
largo companies who deal in Chineso labor, 
and contributed practically nothing to tho 
welfare of tho province. 

Hon. Mr. Davie Haid ho thought no one 
would disagree with tho latter part of the 
resolution, which had been tho subject of 
strong representation on his part when ho 
visited Ottawa in tho fall of 1S92. It was 
quite true, as stated in the resolution, that 
the province suffered tho chief inju.-y from 
ths presenco of Chinese, and this was 
especially noticeablo in connection with tho 
administration of justice amongst them, 
tho whole expense of which hud to bo borno 
by tho provinco. It seemed but right ths>t 
the Dominion government should adopt 
some prohibitive plan to prevont tho influx 
of large numb ;rs of an undeBirublo element. 
Many years elapsed before tho provinco 
could get them to take action by tho 
imposition of a tax, which, when im- 
posed, doubtless had had the effect 
of preventing tho country becoming flooded 
with Chinamen. Ho was pleased to seo 
that thero had been a diminution of tho im- 
migration of Chinese during tho past year, 
and though this decreased tho revenue h 
would not 1)3 sorry to see this Bourco of 
revenue ceaso altogether. He believed if 
the tax wero higher fewer Chinamen would 
come in. Tho resolution now proposed was 
moderate and reasonable, and ho had 
much pleasure in supporting it, as ho 
had done with sirnilur resolutions 
on previous occasions. He thought 
tho mover was entitled to tho sin 
cere congratulations of tho houso for having 
taken up the matter, and he hoped, as he 
felt sure it would, that tho resolution would 

Hon. Mr. Beaven hoped more attention 
would be paid to this resolution than ap 
peared to have been given to the previous 
resolutions on this subject. He referred to 
efforts ho had mado to havo the legislature 
put into their own statutes relating to largo 
works for which labor would bo in demand, 
a prohibition of the employment of 
Chinese, and until they did this he 
did not see how they could expect 
tho Dominion to pass prohibitive legisla- 
tion. He thought that while thero were 
thousands of white peoplo out of employ- 
ment there were hardly any Chinese in this 
position. Though the Chinese laugh at our 
laws and our religion and everything wo 
hold most dear, wo continue to give them 
employmont and thus onoourago them to 
come. It seemed to bo very difficult to got 
the Dominion government to look at this 
matter in a proper light, for they appeared 
to think that tho matter of trading with 
China and Japan was of more importance 
than wero the interests of this provinco 
which suffered through it, and he feared 
also that tho influence of tho great railway 
company who owned the line of steamships 
was too much for the Dominion government 
to resist. He thought if tho government 
and legislature and peoplo of the province 
would act in concert to prevent the employ- 
ment of Chineso they could bring about tho 
change desired, 

Mr. KEITH spoke in supporl of the reso- 
lution, expressing regret that tho legisla- 
ture had not included prohibition of the 
employment of Chinese in granting public 
franchises in connection with private bills. 
He suggested a tax on every person who 
employed Chinese, say of §10 u he^d per 
annum on every Chinaman. 

Mr Hall thought that tho utility of 
auoh a resolution was very questionable, as 
ho did not think the D 'inmion paid very 
much attention to the annual representa- 
tions on this Bubject. Bo was prepared to 
vote for any legislation lot the entire pro- 
hibition of Chinese if it could bo shown that 
we could substituto whi o lubor for all the 
Chinese now at work. T:iis waB not the 
case, however. In Lillooot and Cassiar 
gold mining would bo an absolute impossi- 
bility without tho Chineso, and tho money 
they take out of the mines is clear profit to 
tho provinco. All the white miners there 
and all tho farmers wero agreed that they 
were a distinct benefit in those sections. 
Without Chineso labor tho Bulmon canneries 
would have to close down, as the margin of 
profit wub too small to permit of 
tho payment of living wages to 
white men for tho work now done 
by Chinamen, and the white peoplo now em- 
ployed in all tho higher positions would bo 
thrown out of employment. Ono reason 
why tho East did not feel Chinese competi- 
tion was because white men and women 
worked for starvation wages, which we in 
this province would bo ashamed to offer 

Mr Horne Bpoke in favor of tho resolu- 
tion, claiming that without Chinese the 
white population would double. 

Hon. Mr. Turner said ho heartily 
favorod the proposition that tho province 
Bhould receivo three-fourths of tho tax. He 
did not think, however, that to increase the 
tax to §100 would have very much effect in 
the way of exclusion, und ho agreed with 
tho remarks of Mr, Hull when ho said that 
without tho cheap Chinese labor some im- 
portant industries would ha^o to Bhut down. 
This would bo the caso with tho salmon 
canneries. It was the deairo of tho canners 
to introduce whito labor as much as possi- 
ble, but there was ono part of tho work now 
dono by tho Chineso on contract which 
white men absolutely could not do at the 

Erico and no higher prico could 
o paid. It quite true that 

tho Chineso sent a largo sum 
of money out of the country every 
year, but on tho other hand thero had been 
this year, for instance, two million 
dollars brought into tho provinco in connec- 
tion with the salmon business alono, which 
would not havo corns had it not been for 
Chineso labor, and the greater purt of this 
money wus paid to whito peoplo. 
Mb. Hunter suid that it had been forced 

upon him during the past fsw dayB that, 
the general elections being dangerously 
near, it was the duty of every member to 
place himself on record on Buch important 
questions. (Laughter.) Ho felt particular- 
ly bound to express himself on the Bubjcot 
baforo tho house, as ho found ho was billed 
as a candidate in an important section 
where the Chinese question is a very grave 
one. (Renewed laughter.) Of course ho 
was in favor of tho resolutions — under the 
circumstances ha could not bo otherwiso. 
As to the suggestion that persona employing 
Chinese should be taxed, he had only to say 
that he hoped when this was done the mem- 
ber proposing it would bo mad% tho tax 

Mr. Kitchen stated that on the Colum- 
bia river ono of the largest canneries em- 
ployed whites exclusively, and ho asked 
why the canners on the Fraser could not do 
tho same. He wanted to know also how 
it was that the number of canneries was in 
oreasing if the profits wore bo Bmall. 

Mr. Hall replied that tho onditions of 
tho catch in the two places wero not the 
same, but apart from this tho Columbia 
river canners had tho grea 1 ; advantage of 
free access to tho markets of tho Unitod 
States. As to the incroaae in the number of 
canneries, Mr. Kitchen must know that 
thore was a groat amount of capital in tho 
world seeking investment, and the capital 
iats wero too often in tho position Mr, 
Kitchen appeared to havo occupied during 
tho recess, hunting round as a paid agitator, 
waiting for someone to kick him. 

Mr. Stoddaut thought it tho duty of tho 
members of the legislature to take a broad 
provincial view of this subject, and it 
being in tho interest of the whole provinco 
he favored the resolution. 

Mr Forster spoko in favor.of the reso 

Mr. Rooers suggested that tho proceods 
of too Chinese tux should be usod for bring 
ing in whites. 

Mr Sword favored tho resolution but 
opposed tho proposition of the loador of tho 
opposition that the employmont of Chinese 
labor should bo prohibited by legislation 

Mr. Smith thought that so long as any 
class of mon wore in tho country they must 
be afforded an opportunity of earning an 
honest living, therefore ho did not favor for- 
bidding tho employment of any one. 

Hon. Mr. Davie said somo of tho hon. 
gontlomen opposite seemed to havo implied 
by thoir remarks that if the provincial gov- 
ernment really favorod the exclusion of Chi- 
noso they could bring tho Dominion authori- 
ties to seo as they did in tho matter. Tho 
loador of tho opposition had said Bomothing 
to this effect, but though that gentleman 
was a momber of tho provincial government 
for eight yearB, and certainly was unremit- 
ting in his attention to tho subject, notwith- 
standing tho porsistent efforts then made, 
tho Dominion took no action in the mattoruu- 
til after that provincial governmenthad given 
place to another ono. He thought the present 
government Bhould be accorded by the op- 
position tho samo justice as that which ho 
gavo to tho former ono just referred to. 

Hon. Mr Heaven said that what he 
chiefly blamed the government for was for not 
making it quito apparent to the Dominion, 
by legislation forbidding the employmont of 
Chinese, that the people of the provinco 
wero in earnest in their representations on 
this matter. 

Hon. Mr Davie replied that when tho 
men aro horo they have got to work or steal, 
and therefore cannot be denied employment. 
It was quito a mistako to say, however, that 
not many Chinese are now unemployed iu 
this city ; he knew that thero wero a con- 
siderable number in this position. Person- 
ally, whatever work he had had to havo 
dono he had given to whito men, and ho had 
dono what little ho could in this respect. 
Many of those, however, who talked so 
much about giving no employment to 
Chinese, hook no steps to provide work for 
white men either, and it wua such people as 
this, who employed no ono, who wero tho 
chief agitators. 

Mr Cotton Baid the reapon the immigra- 
tion of Chinese had fallen off during the past 
year was because of tho dullnets in tho labor 
market, as tho agencies in China were quito 
well informed as to tho condition of uffairs 
in this province. 

Dr. Milne said he would voto for tho 
resolution, as ho had voted for similar reso- 
lutions in previous sessions. Ho did not 
ugreo with the proposition that no white 
man should employ tho Chinese, for when 
they wero in the country it was a necessity 
that they should have work in order that 
they might not have to steal. It 
wjb a fact that thero were in Victoria at 
present moro Chineso in want than thero 
had been for many years, and in the 
matter of relief, as these men had paid uu 
import tax on coining into this country ho 
thought they had a just claim upon the 
community for help. He thought, how- 
ever, that the Dominion should help to bear 
tho burden of this. 

Mr Se.^i lin dealt particularly with tho 
proposition to have a groator proportion of 
the poll tux paid to tho province, which he 
thought it wus not very wiso to coupla with 
tho other part of tho resolution, lest tho 
Dominion authorities should think that the 
revenue question was the most important. 

Dr Watt, in answering some of the ob- 
jections which hud been made to the ro olu- 
uou, Baid that its it was not proposed to 
drive out the Chinese, but merely to pro- 
vent their further importation in such num- 
bers, ho thought it possiblo that whito labor 
might be gradually substituted for tho Chi- 
nese now necessarily employed in tho canner- 
ies und elsowhoro. 

The resolution was unanimously adopted. 
return PRESENTED. 

Hon. Mr DaVIE presented a return to 
an order of tho house for copies of all cor- 
respondence between himself and Mr. H. C. 
Beeton (agent-general) between Juno, 1S'J3, 
and the present. 


Mr. Smith moved "That an order of 
tho houso bo granted for a return of all 
correspondence between tho Honorable tho 
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works 
and Mr. Uauvreau and Cupt. Moore, regard- 
ing tho management of tho Gauvreuu ex- 
pedition in the northwestern portion of the 
provinco in the year 1892." 

Motion ugreod to. 

lieut. • governor's SPEECH. 

Hon. Mr. Turner moved "That tho 
speech of His Ho nor the Lieutenant-Gov- 
ernor at tho oponing of tho present session 
bo tuken into consideration on Friday 

Motion agreed to. 

provincial health hoard. 

Mr. BROWN moved "That a respectful 
address bo presented to His Honor tho 
Lieutenant-Govornor, praying him to cause 
to bo sent down to this houso a return 
showing in detail : (a.) All appointments 
mado to the provincial health board since 
July 1st, 1802; (b.)Sala.ies and allow- 
ances paid to persona so appointed." Tho 
mover explained that in asking for this in- 
formation ho was Bimply following out hia 
work of last session. 

Hon. Mr. Davie seated that, as tho house 
was awaro, tho aot in question was to lie 
dormant until put in forco by an order in- 
counoil, Tho government had not thought 
it necessary to iasuo a proclamation to that 


Continued on pane Seven. 

37 Government Street, Corner of Broughton, 


Real Estate Agent, Conveyancer and Notary Pnblie 


Loans Effected, Rents and Income Collected, Deeds 

Prepared, Etc., Etc. 


About 1000 Acres of which is Ploughable Prairie of First-class Quality. 

T on T-Tf=>ar1 (more of loss) Cowa, Stoors, 2-year olda, etc., etc., (about 60 or 
1 ZU JTACciU moro to calvo thia Bpring,), 1 pedigree ^Hereford Bull (rising 
3 years. 

7 IVIareS ^ n f ° al t0 a S ° 0tl atallion )' 1 HorEO > ^igB, Chickens, etc. 

"PlrMirrUo "H" o ft- rx-ixrc Rea P or - Fanning Mill, Wagon, Slods and usual 
JTlOUgnS, narrOWS, Farm Implements. 

"P^z-Miklo Woi-t-.oec Chain Harnoaa, Bull Chaina, Saddloa (ladiea 1 and 

uouDie narness, KO nt's), Bndioa, etc. 

Blacksmiths' Bollowa ' Anv '* an< * Toola antl Carpentora' Toola. 

n T? r\r\ rrt Unncfi (ahlnglo roofod; Stablo for 10 horses, with hay loft 
y-±VUUIIl IlUUbC abovo; Stono TRoothouae, Store Buildinga, Dairy, 
Cow Sheds, etc., etc. 

, TV/TIIpc ( a k° ut ) Standing Foncoa, In good order; Oorralla, 10 miloa barbod 
T- AVJ.11CO w i re an d ataploa; ^about 2,500 Posts on tho ground, ready for use, 
etc., etc. 

Small Lot Household Furniture, gXT^t2£5 

Crockory, etc., etc. 

TViie "Pt-r4T-\Qt-f \t Is within eaay dlatanco of many of tho moat Important 
1 Illb iropcily Goia, silver and Coal Minos in West Kootonay, The 
population of this district will incroaao this year by at leaat 10,000; tho area of farm 
land ia very limited, and from this it may bo fairly assorted that beef and all classes 
of farm produco will find a ready and lucrative market. Tho soil is tho best bottom 
land, and tho locality ia ono of tho fow placoa in tho Provinco whore bo largo a piece 
of good farm land can bo found in one block. A river runa through tho proporty, and 
rainbow trout are plentiful and afford capital aport. Deor abound in considerable 
numbers. Bear, Wolf, Coyote and other large game are to bo found in tho hills. 
There aro two creeks rocordod and belonging to tho ostato, ono Hows all tho year 
round. Limoatono and brick clay are to bo had in tho valloy. 

Thp r^afflp ar6 wel1 brod > a muoh larger hord could bo farmed with the 
1 IlC V_rd.LLIC place, Tho bunch .graaa on tho hills In tho vicinity covers 
many thousands of acres, and is available to tho fow land owners in tho valleya. 
All buildinga and fences about tho farm are 1 , a good order, and farming ope- tlona 
can bo gone on with at once ; about 180 acroa of ploughing have been, so far, pro- 
vided for this year's work. 

TLp CMtmatT 1 ' B not BOVOro > tne l an< * being about 1,100 foot abovo boa 
J. IlC V_^llIIld.lC level; tho atation was for many yoars tho winter quarters 
nf tho H. B. Co.'s pack trains. Thero ia a weekly express in and out. Gooda and 
Buppliea at wholoealo can bo procured on ordor and delivered in 48 hours. 

TUp Tit/I p ls °y g rant ir °m the Crown, and la free of all encumbrances. 
* Ll-yZ XI L1C Immediate posaoaaion can be given. 

Imnnrhnf - "RailwiV worka aro row Jn progress within moderate 
J.111JJU1 iclllL J.Vd.11 Wcly diBtanco, and two railway lines havo been run 
to pass cloao to or through tho estate, which can bo reached in tho apring in three 
daya' journey from Victoria. 

The South West Kootenay District, g^-SgJ 

from the actual ore products of the mines thla winter, ia destined in tho next year 
or two to bocomo one of the richest and moBt important mineral contrea in the 
world. Statiatica show, that although the district is in its primary stage, the 
mines have developed oro veins rich enough to warrant the investment of over 
million dollars. When these minoa come to bo worked systematically, thero 
will be an 

Tnfliiv nf Pnnnlafinn whlch wiI1 ro( l uir0 beof and farm P r °- 
innUX OI JTOpUldtlOn, duce m large quantities. The limited 

quantity of really good farm land In tho district to supply these requirements 

makes this 

To any person or corporation having the capital and knowledge necessary to develop and work this estate. 

and blacksmith shop could be run in connection with the farm. 

A stc 


3?_ O. BOX 188. 


3I1HCI M.tM IH S. 

Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul By, 


Of tho Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Rail 
way and note its connections with all trans- 
continental linca at St. Paul und Omaha, and 
remember when going oast that its traiim nro 
lighted with ub-ctricity and heated bv ateam. 
Its equipment is superb. Elegant Buffet, Lib- 
rary, Smoking, and Sleeping ca,-s, with free 
reclining chairs. Each Flceplng car berth has 
an olectric rending lamp, and Its dining 
cara aro tho beat in the world. Somo other 
lines aro longer than this, but nono are ahortor, 
and no other oll'ora tho above luxurious accom- 
modations. These aro auillcient reasons for 
tho popularity of " Tho Milwaukee." 1 oupon 
ticket agonts in every railroad oilleo will givo 
you further informat ion, or address 

C. J. EDDY, General Agont, 

J. W. CASEY, Trav. Pass. Agent, 



Yoo Yick Co. havo removed from 11 Cormor- 
ant, street to 27. Business will bo carried on as 
before, and after this day all chequoa, receipts 
and orders will bo signed by 1110 

MAP. CHAN, Manngor. 

Victoria, Jan. 5, 1801. jaC-lm 



They Prevent Draughts. 
They Save Fuel. 
They Protect Your Health. 

Order oarly. Sold and flttod by 


10 Broughton Street 

g and Land Co., Ltd. 





Usod principally for Gas and Domoatlo purposes.) 

{Steam Fuel.) 

Houso and Steam Goal.) Are mined bv this Company only. 

THE N ANAIMO" COAL gives a large poroenbngo Gas, a high Illuminating power, uneqnallea by anr Otiiir Bitmmlnono Gas Coals In 

the world, and a suporlor quality of uoko. 
THE "SOUTH 'FIELD" COAL lsnownaort by all tho loading BteamBhip Lines on the Paolflo, 

THE " NEW WELLINGTON " COAL which was introduced oarly in tho prosont yoar, has already beooma a favorite fuel for domestic 
purposos. It is a oloan, hard coal, makos a bright and ohoorfnl Are, and Its lasting Qualities raako It tho nicBt economical fuel 
tho market, t 

The Boveral Minos of tho Company aro oonnootod with their Wharves at Nanaimo and Departure Bay, where ghipa of tho lnrgoat tonnage Ml 
loaded at all Btatso of the tide, Speolal dlBpatoh is given bo Mall and Oooan Stoamors, 



Will bo given to any porson or por6ons giving 
Buch information ns will load to tho arroat and 
conviction of any party or parties injuring or 
doatroylng the nowly plontod ehado trees in 
Beacon Hill Park, or wilfully damaging other 
Corporation proporty In said Park, 
By ordor. 


C. M.C. 

City Clork's Ofllco, 

23rd January. 1891. ja23 

0Y3TER8 in ovory stylo, 
ant. Opon all night. 

Empiro Rostaur- 


reporters and dealors In 

Chinese and Japanese Fancy Goods 

No. 31 Cormorant Stroot, 
P.O. BOX 569. Jy20tl VICTORIA, BC 


P. T. Johnston & Co. offor for salo a largo and 
varied stock of Fruit Troos, Ornamental Trooa 
and Shruba, Bulbs, etc As thoy wlah to clear 
a portion of thoir Nursory quickly, parties pur 
chasing for cash boforp tho ond of October, can 
obtain great bargains!" 

Nursory, St. Charlos Stroot, off Cadboro Bay 
Road. Sood SLuro, 52 Douglas stroot. 
Inspootlon solloltod, Catalogues on applloa 




ITaving purchaned tho bankrupt stock of tho 
Victoria Marble Worka, 1 am prepared to soil 
Monuments, Headstones. Tablets and all kinds 
of Comotory Work choapor than any doalor 
north of San Francisco. JOS. E, PHILLIPS, 

oo2tl-lm G ranlto und Marble Workl. 

MATERNITY (late Samaritan), Homo, ro- 
moved to largor promises at 10 Blan- 
chard, cornor of Rao stroot. Applicants please 
npply at tho Homo or to Mrs. Higgins, Cadboro 
Bay road, or tolMrs. Flumorfolti Gorgoroad' 



Offloe, Bowman's Livery Btablca 1,87. Real 
donee, 100 Cadboro Road, tel. 537 Jn."3 



IFRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 1891.1 


The Colonist Printing & Puiilihiiinq 
Company, Limited Liamlity. 

W. n. Ellis, i a. Q. Baroison, 

Managor. | Secretary. 



Per year (poutago freo to any part of 

Oanada) 510 CO 

Parts of a year at tho samo rate. 
Per week (if delivered) 25 

Per year (postigo free to any part of tho 

Dominion or the United Hiatus) § 2 00 

Six months 1 2,3 

Threo months 75 

Bub'criptlons in all cases aro payable strictly 
in advance. 


Regular Commkroial Advertising as dis- 
tinguished from everything of a transient char- 
acier— that is to say, advertising referring to 
regular Morcantilo and Manufacturing Hnsi- 
ncss, G vernment nnd Land NoticOb— published 
at Lhe following rates: Per lino, solid non- 
pareil, the duration of publication to bo spool- 
tied at the time of ordoiim? advertisements: 

More than one fortnight and nut more than 
ono month, 50 cents. 

Mora than ono week and not more than ono 
fortnight, 10 cents. 

Not more than ono week. 30 cents 

No advertisement under this classification 
inserted for h'ss than S2.50, and accepted only 
for every day insertion 

Theatrical advertisements, 10 cents per lino 
each insertion. 

Advertisements unoccompanied by specific 
instructions inserted till ordered out. 

Advertisements discontinued before oxplra- 
tion of Bpeelal period will bo charged as if 
continued for full term. 

Liberal allowance on yearly and half-yearly 

Transient Advertising— Per lino solid 
nonpareil:— First insertion, 10 cents; each sub- 
sequent consecutive insertion, 5 cents Adver- 
tisements not inserted overy day, 10 cents por 
line each insertion. No advertisement inserted 
for leas than 81.50 

Weekly Advertisements — Ton cents a 
lino solid Nonpareil, each insertion. No adver- 
tisement inserted for less than §2. 

Where cuts aro inserted thoy must bo ALL 
METAL— not mounted on Wood. 


In the Legislature yesterday Mr. Kitchen 
Bought to weaken the ell'ect of tho exposuro 
made the day boforo of his strange conduct 
with respect to certain documents found in 
his possession, by denying the accuracy of 
tho Colonist report of tho incident ub it 
came up in the House. Though no confirma- 
tion appears to be necessary, as the matter 
was so clear to all who heard tho discussion, 
it iB interesting to notice that tho report in 
the TimoB, tho local organ of Mr. Kitchen's 
party, corroborates the COLONIST on the 
points disputed. Our report said : 

With these two paperB he found tho ono 
on " British Columbia's defamers," and 
thus it camo into his possession without the 
Premier intending that no should see it. 

The Times report is : 

Mr. Kitchen — When the Attorney-Gen- 
eral said that I purloined the document ho 
know that he was saying what was not true. 
He knew that he placed that document in 
my hand himself, whether intentionally or 
not I do not know. 

Alleging that he said nothing of anything 
having been given in mistake, Mr. Kitchen 
also disputed this pasaago in tho Colonist 
report : 

Mr. Kitchen claimed that the report 
which he read in tho Barkorville post oilico 
was handed to him by the wife of tho post- 
master, who asked him what it meant, ns 
sho had got it instead, she supposed, of an- 
other paper called "Facts and Figures," 
which had been circulated there. 

The Times report is : 

What I reading when he camo in and 
interrupted mo was a minute of un Order- 
iu- Council on the mainland petition which 
he hud given to Mrs. Stone in mistake at 
tho public meeting for a document called 
" Facts and Figures" that he was circu- 

It seems that tho accuraoy of a nova- 
paper report is no safeguard against its be- 
ing challenged by members of tho Opposition 
who feel that the publication of tho facta 
is prejudicial to their political interests. 

In contrast with tho reports from which 
the abovo extracts are made, tho News- 
Advertiser of yesterday attempts to deceive 
its readers by a gross misrepresentation of 
tho facts, and notwithstanding Mr. 
Kitchen's admission as to how ho got tho 
document, and his subsequent statement 
that he had no reason to suppose that Mr. 
Davie knew it was enclosed in tho volume 
of the Public Accounts which he handed to 
Mr. Kitchen, the Vancouver organ publishes 
the following : — 

To make a point Mr. Kitchen roao and 
demanded of Mr. Davie if ho did not give 
him tho document? Mi. Davio denied it 
but Mr. Kitchen proved that Mr. Davio had 
handed him the document at Chilliwack in 
a public meeting in tho presence of many 
people and Mr. Davio did not venture 
again to deny it. 

The fact is that Mr. Davio, as tho other 
reports Bhow, did givo an unqualified denial 
to Mr. Kitchen's statement. It will bo no- 
ticed that tho Nows-Advertisor makes no 
mention whatever of tho fact, which even 
Mr, Kitchen docs notdisputo, thut what was 
handed to him to read was merely a volume 
of tho Public Accounts, between tho leaves 
of which this private document had heon in- 
serted by its ownor. Tho Advertiser's re- 
port bearB internal cvidonce of having boon 
"cooked" by the accommodating eavesdrop- 
per who primed Mr. Kitchen for his com- 
plaint of yesterday afternoon. 


Tho rovolations that were made in tho 
Legislative Asssmbly on Wednesday will 
not raiso Mr, Kitohon in tho OBtimation of 
tho pooplo, oithor as a private citizon or a 
public man. Mr. Kitchon's own confession 
showed that ho is capable of reading a docu- 
ment that ho know waB not intended for his 
perusal and which camo into his possession 
by tho miatako or inadvortonco of a politicul 
opponent. Tho plain course for an honor- 
able and a manly man to pursue whon ho 
found in tho book lent him by a political 
opponent a document of any kind, would be 
to hand it back to him immediately without 
rending a single word of it. Mr. Kitchen 
had tho opportunity to do thiB, but it is 
clear that ho does not posBess tho instinct 

which would have impelled him to restore 
it to its owner then and there unoponod. 
Not only did Mr. Kitchen retain 
in his possession a document that 
it was never Intended ho should see, but 
when in hiB opinion tho propor time hod 
arrivod, ho ondeavored to use it to the pre- 
judice of the gentleman from whom it waB 
taken. Tho meanness and tho dishonor- 
ableness of Buch a proceeding must bo evi- 
dent to overy man who possesses a spark of 
right feeling. 

But Mr. Kitchon succeeded only iu show- 
ing what hia intontious wore, and in making 
it abundantly plain that he ia Badly*want- 
ing in right principle Tho document 
being a draft of a letter written by Pcomior 
Davio himsolf, was of no ubc to anyone but 
tho writer, and its appropriation by Mr. 
Kitchen was a matter of vory iittlo conso- 
iiuonco ouly in so far as it showod what 
manner of man ho is, and to what meanness 
ho cuu descend to mako what ho considers a 
point against a political opponent. Mr. 
Kitchon's evident uuconaoioinness that 
ho had done anything mean or dishonorable) 
or unworthy a gentleman, makes, as far as 
ho is concerned, tho matter all tho worse. 
It is vain to expect honorable and manly 
conduct from a man who shows by his acts 
that ho does uot know what is unmanly 
and what is dishonorable. 

We cannot but think that whon this mat- 
ter of tho appropriation of a stato papor 
that was inadvertently hnndotl to him, and 
tho attempt to mako uso of the property 
thus appropriated, como to bo known by tho 
honest electors of New Westminster Dis- 
trict, they will not bo proud of their repre- 
sentative. Sorao of them will bo pretty 
suro to aak if there were a twenty-dollar 
note in the bonk, would Mr. Kitchen bo 
justified in appropriating it, and in making 
what ho considered tho moat profitable uao 
of it ? There can bo but one answer to that 
queBtiou. The courso to bo pursued in such 
a caao is so evident that no ono will hesitate 
to condemn the man who would not pursue 
it. Yot tho document which Mr. Kitchen 
appropriated might havo been worth to Mr. 
Davie many twenty-dollar notes, for uught 
Mr. Kitchen knew to the contrary. 


Wo havo seen that tho United States 
deficit for the current year is expected to 
bo between thirty and fifty millions of dol- 
lars, or, roughly, botwoen six and ton mil- 
lions Bterling. This very largo deficit, 
although it is allowed to bo unpleasant and, 
to a cortain extent, embarrassing, is not re- 
garded by the American pooplo as Borious. 
That it is not expected to aflect tho crodit 
of tho country is Been by tho terms on 
which tho Secretary of tho Treasury expects 
to got his $50,000,000, and it is said that ho 
can get §200,000,000 on tho same terms if he 
needs the money. 

But tho anti-liritish nows-mongor aB 
soon as he hoard that a considerable 
British deficit was apprehended raised 
tho alarm and tried to frighten tho world 
with a terribly dismal story. Tho exhibit 
at tho end of nine months of tho British 
fiscal year was not encouraging, certainly, 
but neither tho actual nor tho expected 
deficit can be, in amount, at all compared 
with that of tho United States. The actual 
deficit is not ten millions of dollars, and it is 
expected by somo that at tho end of tho 
fiscal year the deficit will have slightly 
diminished. Tho Daily News, which sup- 
ports the Government, does not expect that 
the doficit at tho end of the year will exceed 
two millions sterling. The Standard takes 
what is admitted to ba a pessimistic 
view of tho situation, and places tho 
deficit at two millions and a half. 
Tho highest of theso estimates is not much 
more than one-third of the lowest figure at 
which the American deficit is placed. Tho 
principal decrease in tho British revenue is 
from stamp3. Comparod with tho receipts 
of tho corresponding nino months of luat 
year there is a deficiency of .£1,279,150; tho 
customs deficiency wa8 £209,109, .and that 
of the excise £.'537,731. There have been 
increaaea in tho property and incomo tax in tho 
Poat OfEco revenue, and iu the receipts from 
tho telegraph service. A deficit of ten, or 
at most twelve milliona of dollars in Great 
Britain cannot bo moro formidable to that 
country than a deficit of thirty or fifty mil 
lions of dollars in the United States. Thoeo 
who read the diamal American accounts of tho 
stato of the British rovenuo would never 
suspect thut tho American deficit will be 
between three and four times as great as the 
ono which tho British expect. But Amori 
cane are in tho habit of saying tho best that 
can bo said of their own country, while tho 
British have a fashion of speaking of their 
public affairs in a way the roverso of 
cheerful. For inBtanco, tho British nows 
papora are exceedingly molancholy ovor the 
approhonded deficit of two or two and a half 
millions, whilo many American journals 
conaider their country'a deficit of threo or 
four times that sum so trifling as to bo 
hardly worth mentioning. 

WILL IT pass:- 

No ono appears to know what tho WilBon 
Tariff Bill will bo like whon it is presented 
to tho President for signature. It is pre- 
dicted that it will not got through the 
Sonato unless it is greatly modified in some 
important respects, Many Democrats aro 
as Btrongly oppoBod to somo of its reforms 
as aro tho most rabid of tho Republicans. 
This is what Harpor's Wookly, which is 
mugwump with a decided loaning towards 
the Domocrats of tho Clovoland school, says 
of tho tariff as it left tho hands of tho 
Wuys and Means committoo : 

Tho Wilson bill is not tho ideal of a tariff 
reform measure It vorifioB the propheoios 
of thoso who, in the campaign of 1892, pre- 
dicted that when intrusted with power the 
Domocrats would, with' regard to tho tariff, 
bo upt to bo rather too halting and timid 
than too radical. But tho "WilBon bill, at 
any rate, points in tho right direction, and 
if it oomes out of tho deliberations of tho 
two Houses with its principal foaturo 

preserved — the free admission of raw 
materials and a corresponding redtio 
of the duties on manuf tcturod urti 
clos — its effoot upon the industries 
as well as tho commerce of tho United 
States will be quiokening in u high degree 
If Btripped of thiB feature, its economio 
value will be gone, and its political value 
too, for it would prove the Democratic 
majority to bo a rabble of incompetents who 
cannot bo intrusted with important uil'aira. 
Tho Domocratiu demagogues who seek to 
prevent the putting of raw materials on tho 
free list becauso those raw materials are 
produced in their States should bo treated 
as enemies to their party. Aud those who 
insiat upon burdening down tho tariff bill 
with legislation providing for an incomo 
tax, aro enemies no leaa dangerous, for 
tho chances aro ten to ono that 
a tariff bill so freighted will never pass. 
Tho adoption of tho Wilson bill essentially 
as it stands, ia the only possibility tho Dem- 
ocratic party has of continuing ita existence 
as a potent fuctor in American politics for a 
long timo to come. Without it tho Dem- 
ocratic party will stand boforo tho pooplo as 
an imbucilo and cowardly crowd. 

From Lhis it will bo seen that an iutolli- 
fient and well-informed obaorver regards tho 
rejection of tho Wilson bill as not an im- 
possible contingency. If it is rejected, it 
will owe its failure to thoDemocratic party, 
That party has tho command of both 
branches of the Legislature and it ia pledgod 
up to tho handle to tariff roform. If it fails 
to carry out its pledges it will fall bouoath 
contempt, both at homo and abroad. 


The attempt which was made by somo of 
tho persons who now form the Opposition, 
to injure the credit of the Province on tho 
London Stock Exchange shows to what 
lengths unprincipled uud unpatriotic men 
will go to gain a point. Their intention in 
circulating falsi/hoods about members of tho 
Government and untrue statements relative 
to the financial standing of tho Province is 
so plain that ho who runs may read. But 
tho statement made by Mr. Duval, ono of 
tho leading separationist advocates, makes 
assurance doubly sure. He let tho cat out 
of the bag whon he said in a Bpeech deliv- 
ered in April last : "Even if tho appeal 
did not succeed, they would gain their chief 
point, as they would show the London 
financiers that it was a poor timo to lend 
money, and so for want of funds tho work 
would have to come to a stop," Happily, 
tho traitorous conspirators were foiled in 
their attempt to ruin tho credit of tho 
Provinco in London, but they havo shown 
tho "cloven foot" bo conspicuously that 
thoeo who trust them hereafter will have 
only themselves to blame if they are be- 


The Rov. Mr. Maxwell, when ho finds 
how eagr- his lato friends and co-agitators 
aro to repudiate hia Btatenients, must see 
how hollow aro tho profeasions of regard 
and eatoem of demagogues and trading 
politicana. Not ono of those who applauded 
his Bpeoches when they were delivered has 
tho courago to defend him when the accurucy 
of the statements ho made is called in ques- 
tion. It is quito probablo that tho men 
who wero last year most eager to calumin- 
ato tho members of tho Government and to 
poison hia mind against them, aro now tho 
loudest in their assertions that they had 
taken no part in spreading tho slanders. 
Tho Rev. gentleman has now good reason to 
know that the saying of tho French cynic, 
"The absont is always in tho wrong," is 
only too true. 

SPECIAL faoilitics for making blank books. 
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From 10 o'clock a.m. to 1 p.m. 

All tho pajntings aro orlglnnls, mostly from 
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Hale or I*nlnllnKH at easy terms. Next dis- 
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Any of theso pieces are well adapted for oitlicr 
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Real Kstato Brokors, Accountants and Notarlos 

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COLONIST block. 




For tha Benefit of the Poor of Victoria 

11Y TliE 




— ON" — 

Wednesday, 31st Jan,, 1894 

Tickots, admitting lady and gentleman, §1 50, 
can bo procured from Watson & Hall, grocors; 
Bonn & Crydorman, druggists; o/llco of Kurtz 
&Co.; It. Jamieson, bookstore; O, K Jones, 
druggist; Geo. 3. Kussoll; T. N. Hibbon, book- 
store; H. Waller, clothier. Or of tho follow- 
ing committeo: St. J. Conlin, F. LcUoy, H. B, 
Hondoll, Tho*. Wntson, K. B. Loason, F. M, 
Orydonnan, Geo. S. Kussoll, 0. 1'. Myers, G.K. 
Gilbert, Chas. Bush. 

Treas. Chairman. Sec'y. 




During this month wo will soli all our Stoc 
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Tenders will bo rccoivod at tho office of tho 
undorsigned until Monday next, tho 29th Inst., 
at! p. m., for printing and bindlDg 300 copies 
of tho annual report of tho Corporation for 
tho year 1593. 

Specifications may be seen at tho ofllco of tho 

Tho lowest or any tender not necessarily 

By order. 

City Clork's Ofllco, 

Victoria, B. O., 21th January, 1894. ja25 


Tenders will bo rccoivod at tho ofllco of tho 
undersigned until Monday, tho 29th day of 
January inst., at i p. m„ for supplies to tho 
Homo for tho Aged and Infirm for tho year 

Forms of tondor nnd copies of specification 
may bo obtained at tho ofllco of tho under- 

Tho lowest or any tondor not necossarlly ac- 
By order. 

City Clerk's Ofllco, 

Victoria, 21th January, 1S91. 


Tonders will bo received at tho ofllco of tho 
undersigned until Monday, tho 29th day ol 
January inst., at 1 p. m.. for tho construction 
of sidewalks for tho Corporation for the year 

PlanB and specifications may bo seen and 
form of tender obtained at tlio olllce of tho City 

Tho lowest or any tondor not necessarily ac- 
By order. 

City Clerk's Oflleo, 

Victoria, 21th January, 1891. ja25 

Notice to General Contractors. 

Tenders are required and will bo rocoived up 
till 12 o'clock noon of Tuesday, January 30, for 
tho erection of a two-storey finmo hotel build- 
ing at Swan Lake. Flans and specillcations 
can bo seen at my ofllco. 

Tho lowest or any tender will not noccssarlly 
bo accepted. 


391 Government streot. 
January 23, IfOl. ja23 


Soparato Soalod Tenders, addressod to tho 
Postmaster General, will bo rocoived at Ottawa 
until noon, on 23rd e cbruary, for tho convey- 
ance of Her Majesty's Mails on proposod con- 
tracts, for four years in each case, each way, 
botwoen Beaver and Hallway Station, 
Gabrlola Lland and Vvharf, New Westminster 
nnd Railway Station, Ottor Point and Victoria, 
Whonnock and Railway Station, from tho 1st 
April next. 

Prlntod notices containing furthor informa- 
tion as to conditions of proposed contracts may 
bo seen, and blank forma of tondor may bo ob- 
tained at tho post otllcos of Beaver. Gabriola 
Island, Now Weatminstor, Otter Point, Vic- 
toria, Whonnock, nnd at this ofllco. 


Post Ofllco Inspector. 
Post Ofllco Inspector's ofllco, S 
Victoria, B.C.. j 

12th January, 1891. 



Australian Producers' and Manufacturers' 


Oorrospondonta In Sydney, Molbourno and 

tST Advances made against consignments of 
Salmon, oto., to tho Australian Markot, no 


Highest of all in Leavening Power. — Latest U. S. Gov't Report. 

Jan 30— Furniture. IT. Cuthbort. 


TirK Premier did nob conueot with tlio 
Canadian PaciBo express yesterday. 

Professor Cozens has decided to remain 
in Victoria and continuo hia plironolofiical 
lectures throughout next week. 

Tin; St. John's miustrela held their first 
rehearsal last evening for a performance to 
bo given at The Victoria during Easter 

The contract for the Craigflower road 
bouse has been awarded to Messrs. Moor & 
Whittington by tho architect, Mr. Gerhard 
Tiarks. ( 

Tin: Calhoun opera company, 'numbering 
thirty-seven people, came over on the 
Premier last evening and are at tho Now 

Thomas King has been servod with a 
summons requiring him to attend at tho 
Polieo court and explain why and wherefore 
ho removed certain bulletins displayed at 
Campbell's corner. 

The special revival services conducted by 
Rev. Joseph Hall in the Centennial Meth- 
odist church, this v.eek, have thus far been 
very successful. Tho meetings are well 
attended and tho work being accomplished 
is encouraging. 

The Ladies Aid Society of the Metro- 
politan Methodist church elected tho follow- 
ing officers at their annual meeting on Tues- 
day evening last : Mrs. H. Siddall, presi- 
dent; Mrs. MeCulloch, vice-president; Mrs. 
Jenkins, secretary; and Mrs. Berridgo, 

Anyone desiring to mako donations of 
refreshments for tho charity ball of the 
KnightB of Pythias can leave them with 
■George Russell, 48 Yates street, or notify 
him, when arrangements will he mado to 
tako caro of such gifts, and ensuro their 
safo delivery at the proper destination. 

Thomas Dunn & Company, limited lia- 
bility, are to be incorporated under tho act 
to carry on tho business of Thomas Dunn 
and Peter Tait Dunn, as hardware mer- 
chants of Vancouver. The incorporators 
are the two first named and Geo. YV. Phipps, 
book-keeper. The capital is stated at 

At tho annual mooting of tho First Pres- 
byterian church, held last evening, matters 
were shown to be in a generally satisfactory 
condition, tho hard times notwithstanding. 
Tho income for tho year crossed the §5,000 
mark, and there wore no floating debts. 
With the exception of J. Mcintosh and J. 
Lake, tho retiring managers wero re-elected. 

Fhineas Manson, whose wifo died on 
Wednesday morning last and who waB him- 
self so severely censured by tho coroner's 
jury in their finding, has been since tho in- 
quest a prisoner at polieo headquarters. He 
will bo charged this morning, under tho 
new code, with having habitually illtreatcd 
and neglected hia wife, an offence punish- 
able by imprisonment for a term of years. 

A MEETING of those specially interested 
in the reopening of the Y.M.C.A. rooms 
will be held this evening, when tho matter 
will be thoroughly discussed. The com- 
mittee who have been collecting the neces- 
sary fuuds for the reopening have, it is un- 
derstood, been successful in their efforts, 
and it is more than expected that the rooms 
will be opened at oneo. 

Tickets for the matinee by tho Calhoun 
Opem Company, at which the Mikado ia to 
bo presented, will bo on salo all day to-day 
(Friday) and up to noon to-morrow (Satur- 
day) at Jamieson's bookatoro, and at half- 
past one on Saturday at tho theatre box 
office There will ba no reserved seats. 
Prices for entrance, adults or children 50 
cents; gallery 25 conts. 

The Golden Hospital society seek incor- 
poration under tho Benevolent Societies act, 
for tho establishment of a privato hospital 
for the treatment of disease. The first 
trustees, who are to hold ollioo until tho let 
of August next, ara \V. G. Neilson, Beaver ; 
J. C. Pitts and A. Dentnan, Donald ; F. P. 
Armstrong and C. A. Warren, Go'deu ; VV. 
C. Wells, Palliser ; M. Carlin, Field ; R. 
A. Kimpton, Windermere ; J. Brady, 
Thunder Hill ; N. Hanson, Wasa, and R. 
L. T. Galbriith, Fort steelo. 

The Gulf of Georgia Canning Company, 
limited liability, give notico of incorpora- 
tion for the purpose of carrying on the busi- 
ness of fish packers and canners, with capital 
of 8100,000 and head quartors at Vancouver. 
Tho incorporators are Chas. S. vVindsor, A. 
H. 15 Macgowan and Wm. C. McCord. 
Tho Montreal Canning Company, limited 
liability, also with head quarters ut Van- 
couve, and capital of §200,000, ask incor- 
poration, tho promoters namod being H. 
Rhodes, JaB. L. Andorson, Robert Dickie, 
A. Judson Paterson and Joseph E. Miller. 

Preparations for tho sixth annual show 
of the B. C. Poultry Society are now well 
advunced and a good time is expected by 
fanciers here. Tho ontry forniB for both 
poultry aud dogs aro ready and can bo pro- 
cured from the secretary, F. W. Teague, 
134 Government streot. A number of iino 
birds havo been imported lately and visitors 
will see some fine exhibition fowls. Tho 
dog exhibit will bo fully up to that of past 
years. Tho society is ropresentod in Na- 
naimo by Mr. J. E. R. Tagart, Beoretary of 
tho Nanaimo society, who is doing good 
work among tho fanciers thoro. Tho list of 
special prizes has received several additions. 

The Diocesan Society hold a very ploas- 
ant meoting in tho Tomporaneo hall last 
evening, when tho proceedings took tho 
shapo of a Bmoking conoort. Thoro was a 
good attendance, among thoso present be- 
ing His Lordship tho Bishop. Tho pro- 
gramme was as follows : Banjo solo, Mr. 
William Groig; recitation, Messrs. Boyd 
and Allen ; comio song, Mr. W. W< Walla ; 
Bong, Mr. W. E. Buck ; song, Mr. Rosa 
Munro ; duet, Messrs, Buck and Aspland ; 
comic song, Mr, Skene : song, Mr. Floyd. 
Mr. Greig also gained tho thanks of tho 
audience for tho ability with which ho filled 
tho important position of accompanist. At 
tho closo the Bishop spoko of tho gratifica- 
tion ho felt at being presont. Next Thurs- 
day evening tho sooioty will diBCuaa tho 

land question, and it is likoly that eomo an- 
nouncement will be mado regarding the 

>taining of some place tho socioty can call 
its homo. 

A .meeting of the oxecutive of tho lacrosse 
club was held yesterday afternoon, whon 
fiaances and other matters of detail wero 

The snowfall has been so groat at Alberni 
that the contractors on the Golden Eagle 
mine at China Creek havo boon obliged to 
atop work, but will resume at tho earliest 
opportunity, which will probably not bo for 
two months. Tho tunnels already driven 
have given very promising roaults so far. 

Constable Abel returned from the Main- 
land last evening bringing with him Ed- 
ward Gray, who is to bo tried hero on tho 
chargo of stealing an overcoat, and tho 
pocket book, cheques aud other papers 
which it contained, amounting in valuo to 
§140. The property stolen belonged to 
Robert Stevenson. 

In the City Polieo court, yesterday, 
Robert Lowe, for tho larceny of an over- 
coat from the Oriental hotel, was sentenced 
to nine months' imprisonment at hard labor. 
Georgo McAlpine, charged with having 
stolen properly in his possession, and John 
McNeill, arrested for vagrancy, wero re- 
manded until this morning, when it is prob- 
ablo that they will be jointly charged with 

The ladies who attended the parlor social 
at the residence of Dr. and Mrs. McGregor, 
Macluro street, yesterday afternoon, wore 
well entertained. A selection from the 
"Man Wonderful" in the "House Beautiful" 
was read by Mrs. Jenkins early in tho after- 
noon, and this was followed by another 
reading of an original paper by Mrs. E. C. 
Foot. Bjth readings treated on heredity 
and hygiene, nnd wero profitably and pleas- 
antly discussed, as were also questions for 
relieving tho distressed poor in tho city. 
Tho concluding features of tin social wero a 
delicious repast and a voto of thanks to the 
genial hostess. 


Tho Veteran Judge Receives tho Congratula- 
tions of the Bar— Adams v. Duck 
Appeal Allowed. 

Fuel Court: Present, Sir M. 13. Begbio, 
C. J., Urease, W'alkomaud McCreight, J. J. 

A very pleasing ceremony took placo yes- 
terday morning before the formal business 
of the Full court commenced. In 
view of tho roturn of His Lordship tho Chief 
Justice to tho bench, the major portion of 
tho bar was present to welcome him back. 
Tho venerable Chief Justice has entirely re- 
covered his health, and looks much better 
for his holiday. To tho Attorney-Geueral, 
Hon. Mr. Davie, fell tho duty of expressing 
the sentiments of tho Bar on this occasion, 
and ho did so briefly but gracefully, express- 
ing their congratulations at His Lordship's 
safu return, aud their anxiety for him during 
hisabsenco from among them. On behalf of 
tho Bar the Hon. Attorney-General said 
they hoped that Sir Matthewwould long bo 
spared to administer justice in British Col- 
umbia in the spirit of fairness and impar- 
tiality which had characterized his actions 
for tho lust thirty-four years. 

In reply His Lordship briefly thanked tho 
Bar for the feelings manifested by them, 
and at which ho was deeply moved. His 
chief anxiety while away, however, was 
tho inconvenience that wus necessarily ex- 
perienced from tho state in which matters 
stood when he left. Ho felt deeply grate- 
ful for tho sontiments conveyed to him, 
which he felt were sincero. 

Tho first case called was that of Adams 
(appellant), plaintiff, v. Duck (respondent), 
defendant. This waa an appeal from the 
decision of the Hon. Mr. Justice Drake in 
an action in which the plaintiff claimed a 
large Bum for work porformcd under a con- 
tract for tho construction of a block known 
aa the Duck building, on Broad street, Vic- 
toria. The point raised on tho appeal was 
as to a sum of §870 claimed by Mr. Duck aB 
demurrago for delay in the completion be- 
yond the period specified in tho contract. 
The contractor contended that the 
delay had been occasioned by the fault 
of the owner in not giving him 
possession of a certain portion of tho build- 
ing at the timo necessary to have it in order 
to proceed with tho work, and also in omit- 
ting to furnish plana f';r an elevator re- 
quired for tho building. It was contended 
that this default of tho owner disentitled 
him to uny relief whatever by way of pen- 
alty, on tho ground of tho non-completion of 
the work at tho time specified. 

Their Lordships decided in favor of thiB 
latter contention, aud allowed tho appeal 
with coats, varying tho order of tho court 
bolowl by directing that a sum allowed to 
Mr. Duck at tho trial of tho action for de- 
murrage should bo deducted, making a dif- 
ference in tho umaunt recoverod by Mr. 
Adams, and in hiB favor, of a Bum of §720. 
Mr. Ernest V. Bodwell and Mr. H. Dallas 
Helmoken appeared for tho appellant, and 
Mr. S. Perry Mills for respondent. 

Attractive Windows, 

Tho very attractive display of beautiful 
goods in tho window of Lange & Co. 'a jow- 
elry store, on Douglas street, combined with 
the oxtromoly low prices, is drawing crowds 
of purchusors. This is the best placo to 
securo Christmas presonts, aa everything is 
being sold at great reduction. * 

HUNDREDS aro interested in Prof. Cozons" 
freo ontortainnients at Institute Hall and 
attend tho meetings. Subject to-night, 
"What shall wo do with our boys and 
girls V" Examinations at Balmoral hotel. 

altmuetiieii disappeared. 

Gentlemen.— About two months ago 1 waa 
nearly wild with headaches. I started taking 
B.B.B., took two bottles and my headaches 
have now altogether disappeared. I think It a 
grand medlcinu. Kva Finn, 

MaBSoy Station. Ont. 

Tako tho Canadian Pacific Railway for all 
points east and south oast. Through sleep- 
era daily, touriot cars daily to St. Paul, 
Tuesdays to lloston via Montreal, Saturdays 
to Toronto without chango. Tho tourist 
cars of the Canadian Pacific Railway aro 
upholstered and furnished with mattresses, 
bedding, Linen oto, and aro in charge of a 
competent pprtor. Tho rates via this routo 
aro S5 and §10 choapor than via any othor. 
All Atlantio Steamship Co's. represented. * 

Frcnoh China Tea Sots at Cheapside. * 


Charitable Victoria Citizens Willingly 
Aidiug- Their More Uufor- 
tuiiate Brethren. 

Suggestions for Giving - Work After 
the ilost Pressing- Needs Are 

'Toe number of dlstrossed people, 
principally unemployed men Booking 
work who have applied to tne eecretary 
at his office during the last wools or two 
alone, havo embraced in their ranks 
painters, plasterers, clerks, laborers and 
one druggist. Very many ol these people 
appear to have come to Victoria seeking 
a livelihood from either the American 
aide ot the Sound country or the Main- 
land of British Columbia. Some are mar- 
ried, but the moft of them single. I am 
of the opinion that it has become abso- 
lutely necessary that the attention of the 
Government thould be directed to the 
subject at once, before we shell bo with- 
out the means to cope with it. For it Is 
but too fully apparent that the subscrip- 
tions we receive from only a few of the 
public are not enough to meet the re- 
quired help to our resident poor, far less 
to the dostltute and unemployed coming 
here from other placos, some or them ab- 
solutely stai ving. I nood not say that if 
the Society Is to keep up that reputation 
for usefulness which it has" enjoyed lor 
the last twenty-two years, the utmost 
eltons of those Intertsted In its welfa- e 
and tho benevolent purposes which It Is 
itB object to carry out, must be put for- 
ward to increase and establish Its finan- 
cial strength."— Extract from President T. J. 
Humes' report to the annual meeting of the 
llriti.sli Columbia Benevolent Society. 

Tho good work goes on, slowly but surely, 
the second day having added to tho fund 
$108.00. In addition to tho "cash" "A 
Friend" kindly sent to Secretary Mason a 
collection of groceries and clothing; twenty 
loaves of bread came over from tho Drill 
hall, aud Mrs. Lavender sent in more gro- 
ceries. The cry is still for "work" many 
fine young men visiting the oflico of tho 
Benevolent Society daily with the same sad 
appeal — "For God's sake give us something 
to do." 

Suggestions aro freely offered, and all con- 
tain merit. One correspondent Buggests 
that the unemployed b^ given the work of 
putting in order tho old cemetery on Quadra 
streot. Another urgea that tho City 
Council como to tho rescue by 
at once proceeding with aewerago con- 
struction. Other hints are volunteered and 
all, no doubt, are good — but the fact re- 
mains that while the matter is being dis- 
cussed and the various suggestions weighed 
and considered, tho people aro hungry. 
First of all help relievo tho immediate dis- 
tress — then discuss tho necessary measures 
for more permanent relief, Tho list ia still 
open and tho funds in hand are very low. 
Tho Benevolent Socioty is careful to see 
that only deserving cases aro relieved. Let 
tho subscriptions to tho fund to-day equal 
Wednesday's and yesterday's together. 
Surely this can bo done. 

Yesterday's results show that tho people 
aro not forgotting tho suffering at their very 
doors ; the kindness of heart that prompted 
the employes of Spencer's Arcade in passing 
a list among themselves will not soon bo for- 
gotten by tho deaerving recipients of their 
handsomo contribution. 

yesterday's subscriptions. 

W. & J. Wilson § 20 00 

" A Friend " 2 00 

B Borthwlck 5 00 

Mrs. G. Mason 2 CO 

" A Carpenter" 50 

0. E. Kedfem 5 00 

Cash 1 00 

A. F. Montelth — , 2 00 

Employes Snonoer'a Arcade 2.'! 00 

"A friend" 5 00 

" A Friond" 1 00 

"A Friend" 2 00 

"AIoDuff" 5 00 

"A Friend" 1 50 

T.I) 20 00 

1. G. D 1 00 

H. A. D 1 00 

VV. B. D 1 00 

"A Friend to president Burnes" 10 00 

Previously acknowledged 88 70 

Total lor Wednesday and Thursday..S19U 70 


To tiik Editor: — The startling report of 
Mr. Hurues uervos me to write this letter, 
so aB to place before you a Buggostion which 
I think it is possible to carry out in these 
hard times. Tho old cemetery on Quadra 
street is in a dilapidated condition, and the 
monuments erected to thoso brave young 
seamen who wero stricken down, thirty 
yeara ago, whilo serving thoir country's 
causo, are fast going to docay for tho want 
of a little labor and attention. This little 
spot of God's aero might bo mado a boon 
and a blessing to many residents in this 
city, if a good fence was put up, paths laid, 
soats fixed and the earth clothed with 
choice flowers. A drinking fountain in tho 
centro would not cost very much, und. as 
far as possiblo, tho grave-stones might be 
renovated. By so doing I bolieve weshauld 
be honoring tho departed. Tho money at 
present being collected for the men who 
cannot find work could not bo better spent. 
Thoro may bo more popular suggestions 
than mine; but in tho manner proposed tho 
poor would recoivo something in roturn for 
their labor, and tho honest workiugman 
would feel hotter satisfied, knowing that he 
had earued what ho received. An appeal to 
the City Council for part of tho required 
funds and to tho captains of H. M.'s ships 
to do somothing, in tho shape of a concort, 
towards renovating tho graves of their de- 
parted comrades would not, I beliovo, be 
mado in vain. Galilee 

Juu. 23, 1894. 

A LECTURE will be eivon in tho St. An- 
drew's und Caledonian Society's hall this 
ovening by Rov. Dr. Campbell. 

The marked benefit which pcoplo overcome 
by That Tired Feeling derive from Hood's Bnr- 
iparilla,. conclusively 
ss that this medi- 
cine " makes tho weak 
strong." J.B.Emerton, 
a well known merchant 
of Auburn, Maine, says: 
"About ilvo years ago 
I began to suffer with 
very severe pain in 
my Stciuncli, grad- 
. A „ unlly growing worse. I 

sf-TSSZ. *° k ?° I od ' s Sar ? apn : 

rilla, lining convinced 
that I was troubled with Dyapopsia compli- 
cated -'''th Liver nnd Kidney troubles. I 
Improved atonoe and am certainly very much 
better and feel more like working. 

Hood's Sarsaparilla 

always gives me rebel and great comfort. It 
in it flod-nend to any one Buffering as i did." 

HOOD'8 PILL8 cure Habitual Conitlpntlon by 
restoring poriatalUt) action of iliu ullmuutiiry canal. 




As usual at this soason ol tho year, and prior to stock-taking, In ordor to 
clear out Winter Stook, wo oiler goods at greatly reduced prices. 


Direct from tho manufacturers, and only on hand slnco tho 3lBt ult., having 
boon delayed on route. 

$7.60 Quality Reduced to §4.00 I 812.50 Quality Reduced to §8.50 
810.00 Quality Reduced to 80.50 | 817.50 Quality Reduced to 810.00 

Imperial Waterproof from 83.50 to $7.50, worth regular price from ?G 50 to 
312.50, and otlioru lu proportion. All of tho ab jvo are of lateat stylo and ilnlah, 
but havo to bo sold to make room lor Spring Goods. 


44 -inch All- Wool Dross .Serges, 75c. and 00c Reduced to 50c. 

44-inch All- Wool Dress Serges, 81.25 Reduced to 90c. 

51-inch Tweeda, 82.25 Reduced to 81.25 

51-inch English All- Wool Tweeds, 81.25, 81.40, 81.75. . ..All at 00c. 
27-inch Dress Twills, 25c Reduced to 9 yards fur 81.00 


All Black Goods and Colored Cashmeres 20 per cent, off 

50 doz. Ladies' Wool Vests, 75c. and !)0c Reduced to 50c. 

20 doz. Ladies' Wool Vests, assorted, worth 75c. to 81 . . .All at 40c. 
.'30 doz. Misses' and Children's Ribbed Vests At 37 Ac. each 


Drab Sateen, good quality, 7.3c, 
worth 8l.25por pair, Black, extra, 
OOc, worth §1 50. 


Embroidered Hand korch'fs, worth 
25c each, S for §1.00. Children's 
Handkerchiefs, 25c. dozen. 


20 yds. White Cotton. .for$l.00 

15 yds Flannelette for 81.00 

20 yds. Fast Color Print for81. 00 

Eider Down Quilts. . . .for 85 00 

Comforter Quilts from OOc. 

White Blankets from 82.25 pair 

And other goods in proportion. 






ielrMiiitrtiitirit'eitt-kltirtot c tttt-tiiiitti-trttif 

These goods will be sold at the 
following prices DURING THE 
SALE ONLY: 35c, 40c, 45c. and 
50c per yard. 

Great Bargains in CARPETS, 

The ea\e closes on Wednesday 

D. SPENCER, Proprietor. 

Havo always secured tho HigheBt 
Awards: wherever oxhihitod. 

OVER 10,000 IN USE. 






Tho stock in trodo, fixtures, oto.. formerly In 
possession of John Robert Kerr, at 45 Govern- 
ment streot, aro offorod for salo. Tho stock 
can bo InBpoctod on tho promises, where full 
information will ho furnished by Mark W.Glrt. 
attorney in fact for Josoph K. Gill, mortgagee. 

Tho tale will bo mado under a power con- 
tained In a eortaln chattol mortgage from tho 
said John Roborc Kerr to tho said Joseph K. 
QUI. and duly filed In tho Land Rogtstry Oflico 

In the City of Victoria, B.C. 

ja23 tf JOSEPH K. GILL. 


Now that tho rush is over aftor the Holidays 
wo havo timo to sor out certain lines which 
wo aro prooarod to clear out roasonablo; novor 
mind about cost. 

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A good ar- 
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aro still soiling at 
§1.75 each. 


Two more cases last 
week; some singlo 
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Twoed3 and Worsteds. 

II A I IQCQ If you aro going to"tho 

VMLIuLO Fair you want a Trunk 

or Valiso. We havo a good assort- 


You will 
W ant a 

pair of Rubbers, or perhaps Gum 
Boots. Bee Shoo Store next door 


35 AND 37 10HNS0N STREET. 



,1, NEW YORK™ 

S. u : BERLIN Fobruary 7, (1:30 a.m. 

s.s. CUKSTBR ....Fobruary 10, 9:00 a.m. 

S..S. I'AItls February 21, (1:3(1 a.m. 

8.6. BERLIN February 28, 8:00 a.m. 

For full particulars apply to 

GEO. L. COURTNEY, General Agent, 

Cor, Government and Fort Sts, Victoria, B.C. 

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Paperhanger, Tinter and Kalsomincr, 

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Tho undorslgnod will mako loans from $1 to 
$1,000 on any approved soeurlty, 


133 Govornmont Street. 
Private ontranco on Pandora Stroot. 00I8 

LP. FISHKR, Newspaper Advertising 
. Agent, 21 Merchants' Exchange, San 
Francisco, is our authorized Agont. This papor 
Is kopt on file in his oflico. 108 



1134 Douglas Stroot. ap!8 

of Broad stroot and Trounoo avonuo. 
Established 1802. fol 


Legislative lllock, Govornmont Buildings, 

James Bay. foia 


Smith & Co, 5" Fort streot. Factory 01 
Niugura street. P. O. Box 2S9. Telophono col 





72 YatCB Stroot. 


. Morchants, 131 Govornmont street, P.O- 
Box 318, Victoria. Agonts Samuel Samuel & 
Co., Rico. Silk and Curios, London, Yokohama 
and Kobe; and Tho Tokio Leather Papor Mills, 
Japan; Chas. Cammoll & Co., Ltd., Cyclops 
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Btroot. Yards, oto., cleaned. Ordors loft 
at Munro & Hughos, 82 Douglas Btreot ; J. P. 
Matthows', cor. Douglas and Fort j or W. 
Blair, cor. Monzios and Michigan, will be 
promptly attended to. do3 


1, A. F. & A. M., B.C.R.-Rogular Com 
munlcation first Thursday oaoh month 
at Masonic Tomplo, corner Douglas and 
Flsgard streots. at 7:30 p. m. 8ojourning breth- 
ron cordially invited. 

ja28-tf C. DUBOIS MASON. 

JL —Court Cariboo, No. 743, moots on tho 2nd 
and 4th Wednesday of oach month In 86, 
Goorgo's Hall, cor. Government and Bastion 
Bts. Visiting brethren welcomo. R. Douglas, 
C. H., A. L. Campbell, R. S. odd 

O TY." Socioty moots in Calodonia Hall, 
Blanchard stroot, on tho first Friday in oyory 
month. Visiting brethren are Invited to at- 
tend. E, C. Smith, Secrotary. my4-lm 

33 Guitar instruo- 
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Orders loft at Hibbon's Bookstore ana 
Waltt's Music store. * Jail) 

"Vr 0TICK is hereby given that at a mooting 
IN of tho stockholders it was doclded to closo 
out tho buslnoss of Yick Yuon Co, opium and 
mcrchanrtiso doalors, of Nanaimo, on Decem- 
ber 1, 18!M. and they will soil all thoir goods 
and buildings occupied by thom and pay all 
croditors and stockholder In full, Thoy aro 
closing up bocauso W. Hip Kwong will loavo 
Nanaimo for China by tho noxt stoamor. 
Signed. W. Hip Kwong, mnnagor of Yick 
Yuen Co. ja20-lw 



Accountant & Agent, 






Our Cities After Dark— Tho Right of SeU 
Protection— Matrons or Twenty Looking 
Out For Girls of Forty— Tlio Code or 

(Copyright, 1891, by American Press Associa- 


FRIEND of mine whoso 
business compels him to 
travel a good deal, al- 
' though ho is not that spe- 
cies of commercial agent 
k. vulgarly called a "drum- 
mer," camo to see mo tho other day, and 
in speaking of his travels I asked him 
what seemed to him tho distinctive fea- 
tures of some of our principal cities. 
His answer was peculiar. 
"Tho thing that has struck mo most, 
forcibly of late," said he, "is the differ- 
ent aspects after dark of tho cities I have 
last visited. In Now York under tho 
gaslight certain forms of vice and dan- 
ger stalk abroad almost; as boldly us in 
London or in San Francisco. In tho up- 
per part of tho town the streets are quiet 
enough, but what few prowling figures 
you seo suggest garroters or highway- 
men of oue sort or another, while down 
town tho pickpockets, watch snatchers 
and similar gentry jostle each other on 
every curbstone. Not a month ago a 
gentleman from tho provinces inspect- 
ing our 'Yankee towns,' as ho chose to 
class New York, told mo that, strolling 
across Madison squaro one evening, he 
was accosted by a well dressed man, 
with a very conspicuous watch chain, 
who quietly said, 'Give mo your pocket- 
book and watch, or I'll call that police- 
man over there and swear you were try- 
ing to snatch my watch!' 

"My friend was, to bo sure, alittlo ver- 
dant, but ho was brave, and drawing 
back he gave tho fellow a blow in tho 
jaw that certainly silenced him for 
awhile, and spitting out a tooth or two 
he made off just as the policeman strolled 
that way, and, hearing tho story, told my 
friend such attempts at blackmailing 
were not uncommon and very generally 
succeeded with a quiet or timid sort of 

"Now, that," pursued my friend, "is 
New York. In St. Louis, where I was 
last week, tho streets after dark seem de- 
serted. A few men loaf around tho cor- 
ners, and some tipsy boatmen frolic and 
sing around tho riverside, but you never 
see a lady unattended. In fact, you sel- 
dom see a lady on foot, with or without 
an escort. But in two other cities, some 
distance apart — Detroit and Boston — 
quite a different set of conditions obtain, 
In both these places tho streets aro 
thronged quite as much after dark as 
beforo and with much tho same class of 
persons — quiet, respectable citizens go- 
ing about their business or pleasure and 
taking very little notice of eacli other. 

"In Boston especially I noticed ladies, 
or at any rate very ladylike and quiet 
women, hoth young and middle aged, 
walking tho streets quite unattended 
and apparently quite unmolested — in 
fact, I saw several both como in and go 
out of tho theaters, sometimes two or 
three together, but sometimes quito 
alone. Speaking of this to a Boston 
woman, she said she should not bo afraid 
to traverse any part of tho city where 
sho should bo likely to go at any hour of 
the evening." 

"Which proves Boston to bo very much 
of a country village," remarked I, with a 
little sneer, for I much prefer New York 
to Boston myself, but my traveled friend 

"Oh, not at all! Country villages aro 
apt to bo very wicked little places, or at 
least whatever wickedness there is comes 
to tho knowledge of every inhabitant, 
and villago ladies aro always very par- 
ticular about having an escort if they go 
beyond their next neighbor's. They say 
they're afraid 'somebody will speak to 
them,' a phrase which always moves 'one 
to inquire, 'What aro you afraid they 
will say?' 

"No. I think that tho air of Boston 
and Detroit and Philadelphia moro than 
any other cities on this continent is 
adapted to tho coming woman, and that 
tho 'unprotected female' is going out of 
fashion in those places, Tho new idea 
(and why isn't it a good idea?) is that a 
woman is not necessarily tho ward and 
appendage of somomanwho must guard 
her from tho attacks of other men, and 
also from the follies of her own feeble 
brain, but that sho is an individual of 
equal dignity and responsibility with tho 
man and able to protect herself from 
whatever dangers may assail her — not 
with her fists, to bo sure, but by her own 
dignity, and if need bo by appeal to tho 
officers of tho law." 

"Strong minded!" suggested I. 

"Well, you don't think it's nico to bo 
weak minded," retorted my friend, with 
a laugh, and so wo parted. 

Now, is his theory correct? Do tho 
women of a few of our cities already feel 
tho wave of progress that is slowly roll- 
ing around tho world to this extent? If 
so, is it not a foreshadowing of what is 
to come? 

: There has been a great deal of talk in 
tho last few years of women's rights 
and a great deal of discussion as to what 
those rights consist in. But f hero is no 
solvent of knotty questions of a social 
nature like time and also experiment. 
I Woman's right to work was pretty 
easily conceded, for as a general thing 
whatever a woman undertakes to do sho 

does well and intelligently, especially if 

she is spurred on by a determination to 
show that sho can do it as well as a man. 

Moreover, women have always con- 
sented to work for less wages than men 
can command, and it is only very lately 
that Homo fair minded and logical em- 
ployers have practically assented to the 
proposition that tho samo amount and 
quality of work should command tho 
same amount cf wage, let it be done by 
a man or a woman. Then comes tho 
right of standing up in tho cars, a right 
which men themselves invented and con- 
l-'rred upon tho mothers and wives of 
lither men, although their own mothers 
and wives when subjected to similar dis- 
cipline from other men probably explain- 
ed to their own mankind how injurious 
they found it. 

And tho right of franchiso is being 
gradually torn and dragged from tho un- 
willing hand of man, and I for 0:10 am 
very doubtful if it will not prove a very 
perplexing white elephant when it has 
been fully captured. 

But what concerns us just now is 
woman's right to protect herself, and it 
seems by my friend's report that this 
right is on trial in somo of our cities 
protty extensively. 

Now, it seems to mo that this is a very 
legitimate and sensiblo kind of right, 
and also one which will develop by its 
exercise the very ^>est and most valuablo 
traits of the woman of tho future. If 
sho is to stand for herself instead of run- 
ning behind her big brother at every 
alarm, sho must acquire, or rather prac- 
tice, dignity, firmness, self respect and 
courage, not tho courage of the prize- 
fighter, but of tho monarch, tho queen, 
who feels that she is safe among her sub- 
jects by tho simple right of her queen- 

Now let us get back to tho pith of 
this little screed and consider whether 
our girls do really need chaperons, or if 
tho old colonial custom of maids and 
matrons going whither they would, by 
sunlight and moonlight, in company with 
their brothers, their fathers, their cous- 
ins or their uncles, as the caso might be, 
or without them, just as it happened, 
was not really nearer the proposed era of 
woman's rights than the world has been 
during the last half century. Of courso 
wo all know that in the beginning these 
United States, or rather tho society of 
tho new nation, was by preference and 
choico opposed to tho traditions of tho 

Etiquette and formality reigned su- 
premo at the courts of Versailles and St. 
James, so let us despise etiquette and 
formality and bo as patriarchal and 
pastoral as possible. President Jeffer- 
son, I believe it was, who complained of 
the cumbrous ceremonial of the White 
House and stripped the servants of the 
modest livery George Washington had 
instituted, and when ho gave a state din- 
ner to tho English plenipotentiary and 
his wifo took somo other lady to dinner. 

But as the country grows in wealth 
and luxury, as Americans moro and 
more spend their holidays abroad and 
keenly observe tho manners of other peo- 
ple, a change has crept over the prime- 
val simplicity, Anglomania has suc- 
ceeded to anglophobia, and whether the 
White Houso servants may be liveried 
or not half the coachmen and grooms of 
New York are, and the etiquette of vis- 
iting cards has been found worthy of 
several elaborate treatises showing how 
wo may by these magic bits of paste- 
board pretend to those friendly visits 
which our grandmothers honestly made 
to each other. 

Along with the other importations of 
conventionality has come tho system of 
chaperonage, and it is as artificial as all 
the rest. The original idea is good. A 
very young girl should go into society 
with her mother, just as the parent bird 
when the fledgling begins to try its 
wings accompanies its feeble flight, 
chirping encouragement and showing 
how to guide tho tremulous course and 
how to find the early worm or the glit- 
tering grub. But so soon as tho young 
bird has strength and sense enough to fly 
alone, tho mother goes about her more 
important affairs and leaves the daugh- 
ter to make practical use of tho lessons 
she has learned. 

But the conventional improvement up- 
on this idea is that the young bird never 
becomes a responsible bird with tho right 
of self guidance until sho is mated, and 
that tho most venerablo and proper and 
demure old maid sparrow must never 
try to fly or to pick up that early worm 
unless sho is under tho protection of 
swine little flirty, flighty hen just married 
to some jaunty little cock sparrow no 
oliier than herself. 

I hope the similo is not insulting, but 
I I cannot help thinking of it 
when I seo a lady of uncertain age, who 
has ripened by tho experience of some 
score of seasons in society, entering tho 
room under convoy of a rosy, curly, 
fresh young bride- who was in her cradle 
when the spinster was a debutante. 

Now, this absurdity arises from a rem- 
nant of tho old barbaric idea that all 
women are fools and all men are brutes, 
for that is the coro of tho old code of 
chivalry, of the institution by Arthur of 
tho Knights of tho Round Table and a 
great deal more of tho pretty and the 
impossible state of things people some- 
times pretend that they would liko to 

What were tho duties of tho Knights 
of tho Round Table? They wero to ride 
up and down the land rescuing tho dames 
and damsels who wero being carried 
away by wicked knights, or who, being 
married to other wicked knights, wero 
being dragged about by their hair, turned 
out to starve and otherwise maltreated. 
They wero also to take and keep a vow 
of such self control and decency of life 
as is now expected of every man, bu5 in 
that day was the exception and not at 
all the rule. 

Well, under such a condition of af- 
fairs chaperons for singlo women be- 
came a necessity, for tho married wom- 
an, however young and silly herself, 
posfused a husband whose duty it would 
bo to fight not only for his wifo, but tho 
helpless creature under her and his pro- 
tection. If they went to ride in tho 
green wood, he and his men at arms 
would prevent tho predatory knights, 
who always seemed to bo prowling 
around, from swooping down and carry- 

ing off the women, and if they went to 
a ball at Camelot or somo other fash- 
ionable resort the fear of tho chaperon's 
husband would prevent those open and 
insulting protestations and proposals 
which apparently overy man was ready 
to make and overy woman perfectly help- 
less to resist. 

But those noblo days of chivalry aro 
past, and the world has moved on sev- 
eral degrees upon that enormous orbit 
which they tell us encircles Borne un- 
known center around which our ontiro 
eystem revolves. Men havo learned to 
cultivate their brains and their pockets 
instead of simply their passions for mur- 
der aud rapine. They aro no longer^con- 
tent to be simply tho malo animal of the 
genns homo. If they aro still formida- 
ble to tho safety and honor of women, 
it is only when tho woman cqnrts tho dan- 
ger and would not for tho world havo 
any Galuhads and Percivals interfering 
in her littlo amusements. And women 
aro no longer fools, nor babes, nor tho 
helpless prey of her destroyer. Sho has 
as a sex grown out of childhood into 
youth and has developed an amount of 
character and a wealth of promiso that 
have fairly made tho tradition mongers 
and conservatives stand aghast and stam- 
mer in dismay: "Stop! Stop! Where 
aro you going? 

Does not it seem probablothnt this ex- 
traordinary growth and maturity of 
womanhood is to make its mark upon 
society, as it has upon labor and upon 
politics and upon public thought? If 
women aro showing themselves compe- 
tent to earn their own living, to think 
their own thoughts and to express them 
in literature and out, if they already 
largely govern tho school boards and are 
reaching out toward the helm of state, is 
it not time that they should leain to pro- 
tect themselves from insult and to guide 
their own steps with discretion? 

A young fellow going into society does 
not take his father along to guard him 
from the snares and follies most young 
men aro at least tempted to. In fact, 
these dear boys would resent, with a 
very formidable wrath, any suggestion 
that they could not take care of them- 
selves, and also of their sisters if need be, 
nor indeed aro they loath to propose them- 
selves as the guides, protectorsand cham- 
pions of other men's sisters if not of 
their wives. But why is the hoy of 20 so 
much more responsible and trustworthy 
than the girl of 18, and why, if one is to 
take care of the other, does not she take 
caro of him? for I really think if the girl 
had been brought up with a sense of bet- 
own responsibilities sho would bo the 
stronger of tho two. 

Do not suppose, however, that I am 
advocating the complete emancipation 
of young girls from parental control. 
No, for I think nothing more disagree- 
able than the independent and almost in- 
sulting tone adopted in theso days by a 
good many girls toward their fathers 
and mothers. No, my idea is simply, let 
the girls be trained while still children 
to such true and womanly self respect 
and self reliance that they w uld no 
more misbehave themselves in society 
than their mothers would, and lot them 
as they grow older show their right to 
freedom by their moderation and wis- 
dom in using it. 

But if some weak or ill advised sister 
really need a guardian in going among 
people, let her at least select some one 
uld enough to bo her mother instead of 
a bride fresh from boarding school. 


Condition of tun Wrecked " Norway"— News 
of the Water Front. 

The wreck of tho lumbor schooner "Nor- 
way" lies with her storn about twenty feet 
from Bhoro at Jordan river. Both anchors 
are down and fast to the schooner. Tho two 
musts are still in her, but aro hang 
ing over the stern. A lot of 
lumber still remains in her, but 
moro hi on the bench. She alao has her 
mainsail still on and hor ensign is flying. 
Her deck is quite open und tho deck houso 
is gone. 


Tug Lirno loft for Tacoma with the bark 
Coromandel in tow last night, the latter 
having been chartered by Hobt. Ward & 
Co. , Ltd , to load grain at tho City af Des- 
tiny for the United Kingdom. The Lome 
bad just returned from tho Capo yesterday 
rmrning after towing out tho ship Gb ry of 
tlio Seas. 

Steamer Mystery left for Alert Hay yes- 
torday afternoon for supplies for Mr. Spen- 
cor, her owner's, store, and also withanum- 
bor of men for the Haddington Island stone 

Steamer Barbara Boaoowitz is receiving 
an extensive overhauling at Spratt's wharf. 
Her masts aro beiDg considerably shortened 
and her rigging ia also being altered. 

Tho littlo Amerioin steamer Enterprise 
arrived in from Everett yesterday afternoon 
with over G.'-'OO demijohns on a scow, for the 
Hudson Bay Company. / 

Tho North Pacific was late again in arriv- 
ing from tho Sound yesterday. It is expect- 
ed sho will lose a day yet betoro tho week 
is out. 

The steam yacht Vuchio camo in from 
some of tho neighboring islands yesterday. 


. Promlor from Vancouver. 

North Pacific " Port Townsond. 

Mybtory " Alert Hay. 

Daisy " Nannlmo. 

Alert " 

TnisLlo " Comox. 


. Promlor for Vancouvor. 

North Pacific " Port Townsond. 

Alorc " Nanatmo, 

Daisy " 

Mystery " Alert. Hay. 

Thistle '• Comox. 

Thin or gray hair anil bald heads, so die- 
pleasing to many pcoplo as murks of ago, may 
bo avortod for a long time by using Hall's Ilair 

When Baby was nick, wo gavo her Castorla. 
When sho was a Child, sho cried for Custorla. 
When sho becamo Miss, sho clung to Castorla. 
When sho had Children, sho gavo them Cuutoria. 


Cheap dinner Bets at CheapBide 

The Townsite Company have entered into a contract to build a wharf to deep water 
at lowest stage, at the foot of Victoria avenue. This will cost about $4000. 

The C.P.R. Telegraph Company are building their through line from Revelstoke to 
Nelson, Nakusp and Kaslo via LARDEAU CITY, where the office for the Lardeau and 
Fish Creek Districts will be situated. It is expected that this line will be opened in a few weeks. 

A Mining Recorder is stationed at LARDEAU— a convenience for the prospectors of 
this region. Many rich strikes have recently been made on Fish Creek, a few miles from 
LARDEAU. A steamer calls three times a week at LARDEAU. 

The charter for the Lardeau & Kootenay Railroad has its commencement at LAR- 
DEAU CITY. This line will undoubtedly be built in the near future, as it is the only route 
to the famous Lardeau Mines on Trout Lake and the shortest and easiest pass to Kootenay Lake. 

Prospectors and capitalists visiting the Lardeau Country will find the best Hotel Ac- 
commodation in West Kootenay at LARDEAU CITY. It is the entrance point to the 
Lardeau, Fish Creek and Duncan River Mines, and will save tima, labor and money to pros- 
pectors who desire to visit these sections. 

LARDEA.U CITY has much in its favor. It is affected by the prevailing dullness 
at present, but its situation is such that it must become an important trading point, and grow 
into a considerable town. 

Investors in West Kootenay should seek particulars about LARDEAU and the District 
tributary to it. Any information will be furnished upon application to the undersigned. 

ROBT. IRVING, Trustee, 





Notlco Is heroby Riven that tho twenty-first 
annual meeting of tho Bubsorioors to tho nbovo 
Institution will bo hold in tlio commir.too room 
at Uib City Hall, Victoria, on Tuesday, 
January 30th, 1801, at 8 p m„ to rccoivo thj ro- 
rorUof tho retiring officers, to elect a Commit- 
too of Management for tho ensuing ye,r, and 
for tho transaction of any other businoes that, 
may lawfully bo brought beforo such meeting 

Uonntions and subscriotions for 1SII3 forward 
ed to tho Honorary Treasuror, Mr. James 
Hutoheson, on or beforo 'Monday, tho 20th in- 
stnnt. v 11 bo acknowledged in his renort, 

,l'a23 Honorary Secretary, 


Notick is hereby given that application will 
bo made at tho ensuing session of tho Logisla 
ture of British Columbia, on behalf of tho Na- 
tional Klectric Tramway and Lighting Com- 
pany. Limited, for a Prlvato bill changi- g tho 
name of tho Company to tho " lotoria iClectrio 
Railway and Lighting Company, Llml ed, con- 
solidating tha Acta and By-laws under which 
the Company exists and declaring nnd defining 
the powers and privileges of tho Company. 

Presidont N. B. T. & L. Co., Ltd. 
Dated this 27th day of December, 18J3. 
de29 flw 


Notice Is hereby Riven that an application 
will bo mado to His Honor Tho Lieutenant- 
Govrnor in Council to havo tho titlo of tho 
National Klectric Tramway & Lighting Com- 
pany, Limited Liability, changed aa follows : 
Instead of Nutional Klectric Tramway & Light- 
ing Company, Limited Liability, tho titlo to bo 
tho Victoria Klectric Railway & Lighting Com- 
pany, Limited Liability. 

President N. K. T. & L. Co., Ltd, 

Victoria, Doc. 28, 1893. do2!K5m 


I havo this day admitted Mr. K. Blooming- 
dale, Of San FranciBco, as a partner in my busi. 
ness at Victoria, B.C., which hereafter will bo 
continued undor tho firm namo of Simon 
Lrlser & Co. 

Victoria, B.C., January 1st, 1891. ja3-lm 

Victoria, B.C., January 23, If 91. 
Having purchased tho stock of S. L. Kelly & 
Co , wo are prepared to soil at lowest prices a 
tlno lino of Heating Stoves and Ranges; also 
Tinware, Copnorwaro, etc. Jobbing and re- 
pairing strictly attended to. Hoping for a 
continuance of favom given tho old firm. 
Yours, etc, 

S. I), KELLY & CO., 
jn63-lm 21 Yates street. 

Spokane Falls & Northern Ry 





Dally, oxcopt Sunday, between Spoknno 
and Marcus. 

7:00 a.m. Lv... SPOKANE ..At. 5:30 P.m. 

Commencing January 8, on Wodnosdaya and 
Saturdays trains will run through, arriving at 
Nolson at 5. JO p.m., ranking clooo connection 
with tho steamer Nolson for Kalso and all luko 
points, arriving at Kalsoat8:00 p.m. Bamodays. 
Kot.u'-ning passoDgors will lnavo lako points 
and Nelson on Tuesdays aud Fridays, arriving 
nt Spokano at 5:3U p.m. samo days. jail 

C. P. NaWgalion Co., Limited. 


Takes offeot; Novorabor 1st, 1S93. 

Vancouver Route : 

Victoria to Vancouver— Dally, oxceptJMondaj 

at 2 o'clock a.m. 
Vancouvor to Victoria— Dully, oxcopt Monday, 

at 13.15 o'olock, or on arrival of C.P.K. No, 1 

train, , 

New Westminster Route : 

LEAVE VICTORIA for New Westminster, 
Ladror's Landing and Luln Island— San. 
day at 23 o'clock: Wednesdays and Fridays 
at 7 o'clock, Sunday's etoamor to Now 
Wostmlnstor connects with 0. P. R. trair 
No. 2 going cast Monday. 

For Plumpor's Pass— Wodnosdaya and Frldayt 
at 7 o'clock. 

For Moresby and Pondor Islands— Friday at 7 

For Sidnoy— Wednesday, at 7 o'clock. 

— Mondny at 13 o'clock; Thursday and Sat 

urday ot 7 o'clock. 
For Plumpor PaBS— Thursday and Saturday ai 

7 o'clock. 

For Pondor and Moroaby Islands and Sldnoy- 
Thursday at 7 o'clock. 

Northern Route : 

Steamships of this Co. will loavo for Fori 
Simpson and Intormodl.ato porta tho 1st and 
15th of each month nt 13 o'clock. Whon suf- 
ficient inducements offer will extend tripe- 
to West Coast points and Quoon Charlott* 

Barclay Sound Route: 

Stcninor Maudo loaves Victoria for Albernl 
and Sound Porta tho 1st and 16th of oaol' 

Tho Company rosorvos tho right of changing 
this Tlmo Tablo at any tlma without notlflcu' 

JOnN IRVINO, Managor 
G. A. CARLETON, Genoral Agent. 
Victoria, Oct. 31st, 1893. 


days for San Francisco, carrying Hoi 
Majosty s mails, from Outer Wharf at 5 p in 

Walla Walla 

Jan. 28 

R. P, RITnET & CO., 

mch2fi Agonta 




le North-Western Line 

la tho host routo in ovory rospoot to 


and nil points East, 


nnd all points South, Direct connections in 

&,&l D T u fr VrstibuTcd Trains 

Dining Cars on ovory train. All ticket agent? 
can soil you to your desination over "Tho 
North- Western Line." 

jalO Pugot Sound Agont, Senttlo. 



of all kinds, from a " NbsdLB to an Anchor 
is speedily and cheaply executed at 


Merchants and citizens in general i 
should sec samples and get prices. « 

Is tho bCBt routo In ovory respect 
to all polnta 

East and South-East 

Through Firsi-class Slooping Cars to St. Paul 
and Montreal without chango. 

Direct connection in Union Depots in eithor 
Minneapolis or St. Paul with all lines 



$5.00 TO $10.00 


An uninterrupted sorvico to 

New York, 






'J'oro to, 
Kansas Oity, 
Jvi inneapolie, 
St, Paul. 

Tiokotssoldtoand from all points in 1 ho world. 
For rates, tickots and all particulars apoly to 

Dist. Pass. Agent, Genoral Agent, 

Vancouvor. Victoria. 





On and after March 22nd, !893 c . 

Tho Stoamor JOAN will sail as follows, 
calling at Way Ports as Freight 
and Passongors may offor: 
Loavo Victoria, Tuosday, a. m. 

" Nanaimoj for Comox., Wodnosday, 7 o.rn, 
" Comox for Nnnntmo, Friday, 7 a.m. 
" Nanaimo for Vlotorio, Saturday, 7 a.m 

For freight or atato rooms npply on board, or 
nt tho Company's tlckot ofllco, Viotoria Station, 
Storoatroot. tel 


<»TOffl08 0ver SPBNOHR'B AHOADK. Gotv 
trnmont fitrest, u 



Contin lied from pa(jc Three. 

effect, aa the province was not threatened 
with the approach of any epidemic, and 
therofore it was conBidored advisable not to 
incur the expense of putting the aot in 
force. A keen lookout would be kopt, as 
during the past year, and tho government 
are prepared to put it in force as soon as 

Motion agreed to. 


Mr. Sword asked, "Upon what terms 
•was tho timo for commencing tho aotual 
■work of construction on the Canadian 
Western Central railway extonded to the 
iBt August, JS91. 

Hon. Mr. Davie— In granting tho appli- 
cation uf the railway company for an exten- 
sion of time for commencing the aotual work 
of construction, no new terms wore imposed. 

Mr, Sword asked : " Has tho bond 
given by the Canadian Western Centra), 
railway company, us soourity that $50,000 
would bo expended within a year in surveys 
for the purpose of locating tho railway, beon 
declared forfeited ? " 

Hon. Mr. Turner— No liteps have been 
taken in the matter. 

Mr Sword asked : " What Bums have 
been diverted to newly formod municipali- 
ties between tho preparation of tho esti- 
mates last year and tho present timo, as 
stated in clause 13 of the address in reply to 
the speech of His Honor tho Lieutenant- 
Governor ? " 

Hon. Mr. Turner — Tho ostimato of 
amounts derivable from proporty taxes was 
based on a calculation from tho rolls of 1892, 
tho assessment of which was mado in 1S9 1, 
consequently nil Bums diverted to munici- 
palities formed in 1S02 affect tho estimate 
of reveuuo made for tho fiscal year ending 
30th June, 1S03. Tho sum bo diverted 
amounts approximately to $40,000, in the 
following municipalities : New Westmin- 
ster district— Sumus, Nicomen, Dewdnoy, 
South Vancouver, Mission, Burnaby, aud 
Matsqui. Yale district— Spallumchem and 

lodgers relief hill. 

The house went into committee on the 
lod^ors relief bill, Mr. Booth in the chair. 

Hon. Mr. Beaven aBked why the bill did 
not simply Bay that lodgers' goods should 
be exempt from seizure for dobtB due by tho 
direct tenants. 

Hon. Mr Davie ropliod that this would 
not give the superior landlord any opportu- 
nity to collect whatever the lodger owed to 
the tenant who had made default in his 
rent, and it was only just the landlord 
should have this right. 

Bill reported from committee. 

partnership dill. 

Hon. Mr. Davie mjved tho second 
reading of the partnership bill. Ho said 
it had been biought in principally at tho 
request of tho boards of trade. It was 
divided into throe parte, the drat reluting 
principally to the law relating to partner- 
ships ; the second to limited partnerships ; 
and tho third to tho registration of general 
partnerships ; this being something new in 
the province. 

Bill read a second timo and considered in 
committee of tho whole, Mr. Sword in tho 
chair. The first two parts were agreed to, 
with a few verbal ohangos, and the commit- 
tee reported progress. 

witnesses and evidence bill. 

Hon. Mr. Davie moved tho second read- 
ing of tho witnesses and evidence bill. The 
object of this wae, ho said, to set at 
reat several points which commonly were 
matters of contention before tho courts, 
and the effect would bo to shorten the con- 
duct of legal investigations, and to consider- 
ably cheapen and simplify the proceedings. 

Bill read a second time ; to bo committed 


Mr. Kitchen complained that he waa re- 
ported in the Colonist to havo made ad- 
missions which ho now deqied having mado 
about the draft copy of the "Reply to British 
Columbia's dofamerB," of which he had 
mysteriously becomo possessed. Ho read 
from what he called "a short-hand roport," 
which he eaid he had got someono to make 
for him, a very brief passage of his lengthy 
explanation made on the previous day, and 
offered this aa evidence that he had not ad- 
mitted that ho know tho document in quea- 
tion was unintentionally given to him by 
the Premier. Ho also denied that he had 
said anything about the draft report of the 
executive council having been given out at 
Barkerville in mistake for "Facts and 

Hon. Mr. Davie said the Bo-called short- 
hand report — procured from some sourco 
not even stated, at best, u mere eaves- 
dropper — was no evidence whatever 
cf what occurred in tho house, and aa a 
matter of fact every member present knew 
that Mr. Kitchen did distinctly give tho 
house to understand that ho (Mr. Davie) 
had given him tho document by inadvert- 
ence and was not made awaro of the fact 
that he had given it. If Mr. Kitchen 
stated anything contrary now, ho Btated 
what was uot true. It was in consequonoo 
of this admission that he (Mr. Davie) had 
Btated that the action was simply dishonest. 
Mr. Kitchnn had no more right to keep and 
use tho document which he found inside the 
volume of the Publio Accounts handed to 
him than ho would have had to keep and use 
for his own purposes a S100 noto if ho had 
found one there. Whether or not whoever 
wrote the. alleged "short-hand report" hnd 
taken it down, everyone heard Mr. Kitchen 
malui the admission. 

Mr. Brown spoke in defence of Mr. 
Kitchen's action in koeping the il'ioumest, 
and claimed that he hnd acted in an honor- 
able way, because ho had uot made use of it 
publicly until tho return was laid boforo tho 

Mr. Eberts presented a petition from P.. 
A. Anderson and others, relating to the 
construction of a telegraph lino botweon 
Nanaimo and Brownsville. 


Mil. Speaker called to tho attention of tho 
government and tho houso that tho room 
formerly occupiod by tho privato 
bills committoo was now in use for 
tho purposes of tho library, and that 
it was theroforo not desirable that 
tho mootings of the committee should bo 
hold there. He hoped another room could 
bo provided. Tho fact that thoy wero so 
pressed for accommodation for tho commit- 
tees waa one of tho many evidences of the 
necessity for the now buildings. Another 
matter ho wished to call attention to, that 
all concerned might hoar and bear it in 
mind, wus that under tho now rules it was 
provided that any private bills found to bo 
irregular will bo charged double foes. This 
rulo would for tho futuro bo strictly en- 

Hon, Mr. Davie said it was not in con- 
templation to uso tho library for tho meet- 
ings of tho privato bills committee, for 
whom another room would bo provided. 

Tho houso adjournod at C:50 p.m. 


Hon. Mr. Turner— On Monday next : 
For loavo to introduce a bill ontitulod " An 
act to consolidate and amend the acts re- 


"Natural Chemical 
Processes are the only 
perfect ONES, and the 
popularity of Apollinaris 
Water is chiefly due to its 
irreproachable character." 


speuting the provincial board of horticul- 

Mr. Horne— On Monday next : Whereas 
by un act entitled "An act authorizing tho 
transfer of certain public proporty to tho 
provincial government, chapter 7, 54 and 55 
Victoria, tho Governor Goneral-in-Council 
may by such instrument as he authorizes for 
that purpose transfer without pecuniary 
consideration to the provinco of British 
Columbia all tho intorests of Hor Majesty 
in the rights of Canada to tho foreshoro and 
bed of ovary or any stream, river, luke, har- 
bor, bay, open sea, or other territorial 
waters of Canada within tho limits of this 
province ; and whoreaa tho corporation of 
tho city of Vancouver is deairouB of obtain- 
ing for publio purposes all that portion of 
False Creek lying to tho oast of Westmin- 
ster avonuo in tho city of Vancouver, to- 
gether with tho tidal lands of tho samo and 
tho right to dam aud drain tho said portion 
of Falso creek ; 

Bo it therefore resolved that a reapeetful 
addross bo presented to His Honor the 
Lieutenant Governor, praying His Honor to 
take such steps ns he may deem necessary 
to havo that portion of False creek aud tidal 
lands referred to transferred to tho province 
of British Columbia for the purpose of hav- 
ing the said tidal lands conveyed to tho cor- 
poration of tho city of Vuncouver. 


By Mr. Kitchen— On Monday next : To 
aBk tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and 
Works— What portion of Vancouver island 
is includod in tho " Coast district " ? 

By Mb. Kitchen— On Monday next : To 
aak the Finance Minister— On what dato 
and on what terms or consideration was 
$20,000 grantod to tho Island Mountain 
Quartz Mining Co.? 

By Mr Kitchen— On Monday next : To 
ask tho Chief Commissioner —What orown 
grants have beon issued for mineral claim; 
under both mining acts (mineral and placer) '! 

By Mr. Kitchen— On Monday next : To 
aak the Financo MiniBter — What taxoa have 
been paid on crown granta isaued under 
mineral and placor mining acta? 

" RUMOllS." 

To the Editor:— I was considerably 
puzzled at reading in your Wednesday's 
issue, under a prominent heading, the 
" rumor " of a parliamentary ticket, headed 
by Mr. James Punsmuir, for Nanaimo, 
which "ticket" had been selected to contest 
a number of provincial constituencies, and I 
must confess to much dulness of compre- 
hension in failing to perceive that tho an- 
nouncement of the ticket was a " little 
joke " until I read your leader in this morn- 
ing's paper, stating that such was the caao. 
1 would BUKgest to your "valued contri- 
butor" that tho next time ho porpotruteB a 
"little joke" in your columns, he Bhould 
give diBtinct notice of the fact, so aa to take 
no one unawares. 

Theodore Dayie. 


To the Editor :— Will you permit me 
to offer a suggestion towards remedying the 
present distress. It iB not a new one ; on 
the oontrury it has been carrir.d into effect 
successfully in various parts of tho world, 
particularly in New Zealand and AuBtralia. 
I do not believe our ruling closses aro aware 
of the extent of the present distress, nor do 
people know how much has been done in a 
quiet way to relieve the existing poverty 
amongst people who never knew what want 
was before. Tho present effort, thereforo, 
bo thoughtfully initiated by you will meet 
cases that have been dealt with so long by 
charitable people that they aro quite 
unable to do moro. 

Tho point, which Beems to be overlooked, 
ia this : Where is the prospect of employ- 
ment in the near future 1 \\ o muBt face 
this dark aspect of tho question, and what 
is moro, our ruling classes will havo to face 
it sooner or later. Interest on mortgages or 
rents must be met, and the store- 
keepers cannot exist as things go 
at present; thoir debts cannot bo mot. It is 
something moro than present needs ; debt is 
piled on debt ; and how is it to end ? The 
suggestion is this : Take this sido of tho 
city us an example. We have hundreds of 
acres of good laud untouched by tho hand of 
man, yielding nothing but the unoarned 
increment. We also have hundreds of as 
honest, hardworking, and efficient workmen 
ua can be found anywhere— idle. Ono and 
all express their readiness to go on tho 
vaoaut land to clear and improve it for tho 
moro keep of themselves and families. 

Tho unemployed that I know are miser- 
able in their idleness. They want work 
and they do not want charity. And, air, 
hhey know that charity, if it is given long 
enough, is a euro destroyer of the noblest of 
thoir manly instincts. The case being thus, 
aro wo to remain sitting in our chairs like 
bo many helpless and unreflecting children 
and see tho land idle, our peoplo idlo and 
their characters gradually being undor- 
mined '! It ia our bounden duty 
to bring the land and tho people 
togethor ; and Hub oan readily bo done by 
the Government, who might at onco pass a 
short act to appropriate, at a fair valuation, 
certain lands for tho purpose of (first) pro- 
viding employment for tho willing workorB, 
and (Becond) of opening up the area around 
Victoria for production, tho absence of 
which is tho true causo of all our troubles. 

Tho Government would take measures to 
provido a general store, and tho men would 
be paid in kind and porhaps a small weekly 
salary, to moot interest on mortgages, rents, 
etc, Very little money would bo required, 
the Government issuing bonds, which would 
bo mot only when the improvements realized 
their value. The wholo Bcheme might bo 
put upon co-oporutivo principles, and tho 
men, in working on it, would look forward 
to the timo when their labor would bring 
them a full return, benefitting themBelves 
and the whole community. Lot tho Gov- 
ernment boldly stop into the breach, and 
failing, then tho city. 

W. H. P. Ardon. 
St. Mark's church, Cloverdalo. 

SORE TllltlHl (JUBF.ft. 

Dkah Sins.— I had a vory soro throat for 
over a wook and tried several medlcinos with- 
out relief until I hoard of Dr. Wood's Norway 
Pino Syrup, which I tried with great buoccbs. I 
think It a lino mcdlcino for soro throat, pain 1b 
tho chest, asthma, bronchitis, and soro threat 
and lung troubles. Maria Middixton, 

Bobcaygoon, Ont. 

I X L Carving Set at Cheapoide. • 


Balance Sheet, December 31, 1893. 


Water Works Loan By' 
law, 1873 S 

Wator works .amendment 
Act, 1875 

Wator Works Loan By- 
law. 1877 

Corn'a'tion loan By-law, '78 

Publio Lighting By-law, 
1885 ... 

Drainage By-law, 1885 .... 

Water Worka By-law, 1880 

Streotsaud bridgo By-law, 

Johnson Stroet Sower By- 
law, 1888 

Wator. Works By-law, 1888 

Streets. HrldRes and Com- 
otory Ily-law. 1880 

Water Worka 370.000 By- 
law, 1889 

Water Works §00.000 By- 
law, 18S!) 

Pleasure Grounds By-law, 

Firo Department By-law, 

Flour Mill Bonus By-law, 

City Hall Addition By- 
law, 1890 

Cetuotory By-law, 18!K).... 

Howorngo By-law, 1890 

Publio Market Slto By- 
law, 1890 

Publio Market Building 
Bylaw, 1890 

Crematory Bylaw, 1890 . . . 

Agricultural Association 
By-law, 1891 

Loan, City of Victoria Act, 

Street Loan By-law, 1892.. 

Surfaco Brains By-law, 

Educational Loan By-law, 

City of Victoria Act, 1892, 

debentures on hand 

Municipal Taxes and Fcos 

Land and improvement 

Board of Health bi ucial 

Trades' HconaeB 

Firo Insurance tax 

Wator rents and rates.. 

Market rents, otc 

Liquor Licenses 

Cometoty fees 

B.C. Land & Investment 
Loan, City of Victoria 


B.C. Corporation, Ld.— 

Crematory loan 

J. Gosnoll 

Bank of B.N.A.- 

Goneral account 

Seworago Loan By-law, 


Soworago Loan By-law, 
1891, Deposit account.. 
Educational 1 ' Loan By- 
law. 1833 

Contract dopoBitaccnunt 
Surface Drains Loan By- 
law. lbl)3 

Board ot Health fund . . 

CaBh on hand. . . 

Corporation of the City of 
Vlctoiia. being excess of 
liabilities over asset* 

01,220 25 ' 

•11,000 15 

10,510 20 
13,180 25 

5,380 35 
1,081 70 
12,193 60 

3.1G3 60 

2,116 20 
1,131 15 


0,059 85 

5,198 JO 

2,161 25 

1,275 25 

1,163 51 

3.120 12 
1,113 25 
8,321 10 

1,218 35 

1,525 32 
657 51 

1,101 80 

6,800 00 
161 05 

1,257 00 

377 00 
9201,915 21 

6,000 00 

10,518 8 

11,919 02 
1,575 00 
1,025 00 
10,072 91 
328 20 
100 00 
52 50 

71,592 03 

10,513 SO 
59 93 

130,106 So 
3,015 96 

1,298,218 97 

§1,721 flH 37 

Certified correct. 

JAS. h. RAYMUR, Auditor. 
Victoria. B.C., January 5, 1891. 


Wator Works, 1873 ? 

Water Works, 1875 

Water WorkB. 1877 

Corporation, 1878 

Pub io liglnlng. 1885 

Drainage 18>5 

Water Works, 1886 

Streets and brldgo, 1880 .. 
Water Works, §70 000, 1889 
Water Works, gtiO.0,.0, ICS!) 
John-on street Bowor, 1888 

Wator Works, 1888 

Ploasuro grounde, 1889 

Fire department, 1839 .... 
Streots, bridges and come- 

tery, 18*9 

Flour mill bonus, 18S9 

City Ball addition, 1890... 

Comotery, 1890 

Bowerag \ 189S 

Publio Market slto, 1690... 
Publio Market builalng, 

1890 7. 

Crematory 1890 

Agricultural Association, 

1891 25,000 i 

Cityof Victoria Act, 1892.. 188,000 I 

Street loan, 1892 25,000 i 

Hurfaco drains, 1893 125,000 I 

Educational, 1893 85,000 I 

92,500 ' 
60,000 i 
20,000 i 
Y0.000 I 
16.000 I 
5,000 I 
75,000 l 
50 000 I 
70,000 i i 

30,000 I 
20,000 i 
25,000 I 
15,000 i 

15,000 I 

10,000 i 

35.000 i 
12,500 I 
300 IKXJ I 
■15,000 I 

55,000 i 
10,000 I 

Doposlts for uso of streets 

Contract deposit account. 

Bank of B.N.America— 
City of Victoria Act,1892 

Water Works current ac- 

Interest coupouna not pre- 

Unllnlshed contracts- 
Board of Health 1,251 

Surface drains 31,281 

Contracts let for side- 
walks, streot crossings 
and signs, and flro on- 
glno repairs 1,920 

-§1,509,000 CO 
190 00 
5,180 91 

6,158 13 
105,110 5S 

31,101 25 

S1.721.P12 37 

CHAS. KENT. Treasurer. 

Receipts and Expenditure, 1893 

From 1st January to 31st Decombor, 1893. 

Cash on hand January 1, 1S93 § 63 35 

Balnnco at Bank of Hrltish North 

America January 1, 1893 1,375 35 

Land and Improvement Tax 180,910 58 

Water Ronts aud Kates 51,041 

Trades Licenses 20,5^7 

Liquor Licenses 18.81" 00 

Kovenuo Tax 13,33: 

Fire Insurance Co 's Tax 10,125 00 

Polico Court Fines and Feos 1,581 50 

Road Tax 3,601 fo 

Cemetery Fees 3.078 00 

Dog Tax 188 70 

Pound Foes 511 00 

Provincial Government Refund under 

Section 109. Municipal Act 1892 1,250 26 

Provincial Government In aid of Flro 

Deparmiont' 250 00 

Provincial Govornmont Education 

per capita Grant (six monthB) 8 099 81 

Market Hunts and Fees 2 188 10 

Interest from Investment of Sinking 

Funds 0.803 73 

Interest on Contract Deposit Account 21313 55 

Miscellaneous Receipts 2,701 30 

§335.198 88 
. 65,6118 87 
03 90 

Board of Health Fund 

Interest on Board of Health Fund. 

§(01,871 05 

City Hall, January 4, 1891. 

Ciias. Kent, 
Certified correct, Treasurer. 
Jas. L. Raymur, 


Summary ot Expenditure from 1 January to 
31 Decembor, 1893, 

City Debt S112.778 71 

Municipal Council 5,253 12 

Civic Salaries 71,300 70 

City Institutions, (mainten- 
ance) 17,911 11 

V. Buildings and Surveys 6,101 19 

VI. Streets. Bridget* and Sidewalks. 24,110 01 

VH. Miscellaneous 25.282 15 

V1H kducation 82,748 87 


333 619 58 

IX. Boaid of Health, special fund. 17.159 33 
6380.678 91 

City Hall. 1 January, 1891. 

Certified correct. Treasurer. 
Jab. L. Raymur, 


Statement Showing tho Expenditure for 1893 
as Brought to Account in tho Treasury 
or tho City ot Victoria from 
January 1 to Decem- 
ber 31, 1893, 

I. City Dkiit— 

Intoresr, on Debentures. . . .§ 70,102 90 
Interest under Annual 

Loan By-law, 1893 2,169 17 

$ 78,272 07 

Payments to Sinking 
Funds § 27,379 18 

Interest accrued from tho 
Investment of Sinking 

Funds 0,865 73 

31,215 21 

Brokorago and Exchange. 201 13 

§7l2,778 71 

II. Municipal Council— 

Tho Mayor 8 2,000 00 

Tho Aldermen 3,258 12 


III. Civic Salaries— 

Treasurer's ofllco 

City Clerk's ofllco 

Assessor's ofllco 


Tomporary nsslstanco — all Depart- 

Water Works 

Public WorkB 




Flro Dopartmont 



Homo for tho Aged and Inllrm 

Publio Markot 

Streot Lighting 

4,580 00 
3.101 73 
2,7(tO 00 
780 00 

505 50 
. 4,920 00 
. 11,178 25 
. 1,109 00 
810 00 
. 23,230 85 
. 13,117 43 
780 00 
915 00 
000 00 
960 fO 
. 4,020 00 

§ 74,300 70 

IV. City Institutions (Maintenance)— 

Wator Works § 16,121 85 

Comotory 282 97 

Pound 01 95 

Park 660 13 

Polico. , 4.999 80 

Citi/ Institutions {Maintenance)— Continued 

Flro Dopartmont, 6,938 55 

Library 177 85 

Street Lighting 0,71177 

Homo for Aged and Infirm 3,227 08 

Publio Market 31:9 35 

Soworago 5,909 30 

Soworago Flush Tanks 2,350 91 

§ 17.911 II 

V. Buildings and surveys— 

City Hall Ropaira § 103 61 

Market Prop. rty 282 20 

Firo Halls 209 12 

Klectrlc Light Building 35 00 

Furniture 175 91 

Doflnlng Si roots and City Boundaries 457 35 

City Hall Addition 5.979 27 

Ross Bay Houso Repairs 1,161 00 

§ 9,101 49 

VI. Streets, Bridges and Sidewalks— 
For all purposes § 20.110 01 

VII. Miscellaneous— 

Election Kxponscs § 993 71 

Advertising and Printing 5,070 01 

Stationery 907 3; 

Postago 287 4c 

Telegrams 59 7; 

Tolephono Sorvico 1 261 "( 

Fuel and Light 2,068 30 

Carriago and Express Hire Kit 5C 

Flro Insu'onco 1,297 0C 

Legal Advisors Annual Retaining 

I'^eo 500 OC 

Lega 1 Kxponscs 1 173 5 

Refunds 492 92 

Charitable Aid Fund 501 5C 

Fun 1 to Aid Provincial Royal Jubilee 

Hospital 2.000 0C 

Celebration of Qneon's Birthday 1,000 01 

Prolimina' y Expenses Locil Improve- 
ment By-Law 1212," 

Victoria City Official Map Act 776 6C 

Commission on Revonuo Collections. 1,270 it 
B C. Agricultural Associai ion Grant 
in Aid of an Exhibition to bo Held 

in 1893, at or Adjoining to tho City. 3.0P0 Ct 

Miscellaneous not Dotalled 1,972 05 

VIII. Education— 

Amount Payable to Provincial Gov- 
ornmont to 30th Juno, 1893 § 7,8f 59 

Board of School Trustees 9,530 28 

Teachers' Salaries lat July to 31st 
Decembor, 1S93 ^ 15,110 00 

\ § 32 710 87 

IX. Board of Health— 

Salaries § 3,223 20 

T, F. Sinclair Contract for Removal 

of Garbage 8,395 00 

Darcy Island Station for Lopnrs 577 01 

S'ub-Sectiona5l-5, Section 25. Victoria 

District 9,350 00 

Isolation Hospital Buildings, Furni- 
ture, Fencing. Hydrant, Clearing 

Land, Grading, &o 10,050 28 

Sanitary OIllco 850 Id 

For all other Purposes 5,700 88 

Details of Miscellaneous Rocoipta in Revonuo 

Streot Lines, Grades §105 00 

Pensions from throo Inmates of 

Homo for Agod and Indrm Ill 87 

Rent of Land " A. C. Howo," 75 00 

Ront of Land W. M'Dowoll 20 00 

Daroy Is, and Lepers— 
Depart mont of Agriculturo,§l,000 00 

City of Vancouvor l'.X) 23 

Provincial Govornment.... 20 80 

I 217 03 

Saloof Catalogues, otc.. " Library,". . ' 30 00 

T. Doasy, Saloof Homos 01 50 

A. McBean, Damage to Streets 40 00 

Mount Baker Hotel Co., for L,oad 

and Fane 116 00 

Saloof Hay fro'n Park 77 (X) 

falo of Tents to E. B. Marvin & Co, 382 50 
Penalty under Seo. 71, Municipal Aot. 

M. Millor §50 00 

J. Bakor 50 00 

A. Hondorson 50 00 

■ 150 00 

Corporato Seal 3 00 

Searching Minutes 25 

Scrap Iron Bo.d Victoria Iron Works. 36 10 
Cash found on body of W. Dnyell, do- 

ceasod (buriod at exponso of city) . . 4 05 

Wages duoR. McDougall. deceased 

(buriod at oxponso of olty) 16 00 

Drivers' Llconsos 30 00 

Registration of Vehlclos 109 00 

Plurabors' Llconsos 5 25 

42 7J 

Cash withdrawn from Bpeclal deposit 
for " Homo for tho Aged," 

Loan undor authority of tho Crematory By-Law. 

Jan. 1— Bnlanco on hand this date... §10,410 10 
Accruod interest 633 46 

§11 QI3 Mt 

Certified corroct. 

Jas. L. Ravmuh. 


Paid interest on Coupons \ 

llalanco on hand 31st Decembor, '93. 

510 00 
10,843 80 

City Hall, 1th January, 1894. 

CiiAB. Kent, 



Loan undor authority of tho Saworogo Loan By-Law, 1891. 

Jan. 1— Balarcoon hand 'his da'o .. . §18.801 10 
Cash received und*r author- 
i'y of tho City of Vlctoiia 

Act, 1892 603 00 

Accrued iutorcst 331 12 

§19 804 57 

Certillod corroct. 

Jas. L, Raymoh, 

Kxoendituroto31stDocombor, 1S93.. §19,711 37 
Unlnnco on hand 31st Decembor, 
1893 90 20 

City Hall, 4th January, 1591. 

CiiAs. Kent, 


Loan undor authority of tho City of Victoria Act. 1892 


Jan. 1— Bnlanco on hand this dato...§ 3,367 70 

Accrued Interest 17 69 

Dec. 31-Balanco duo Bank of B. N. A. 6.U8 13 

§ 0.813 52 

Expondituro to 31st Doc, 1893, undor 
authority of Sub-dec A, Sec, 2, 

City of Victoria Act, 1892 § 0,257 30 

Expenditure to 31st, Doc , 1893, under 
authority of Sub-Sen. C, See. 2, 

City of Victoria Act. 1892 82 00 

Expondituro to 31st Dec, 1893, undor 
uut.hority of Sub Sec. E, See, 2, City 

of Victoria Act, 1892 133 20 

Bnlanco on doposit, B. C. Land & In- 
vestment Aguncy. Doc. 31, 1803 370 DO 

S 9.813 52 

Debentures to the amount of §G,000, boaring dato 15th Decembor, 1S93, havo beon issued 
under authority of the City of Victoria Act, 1892, and aro atill in tho hands of tho City Treasurer. 
Certillod correct. City Hall, 1th Jan., 1891. 

Jas. L. Raymur, Ciias. Kent, 

Auditor. Treasurer. 

Loan under authority of the Street Loan By-Law. 1892. 

Jan. 1— Balnnco on hand thia dato. 12,221 77 
Accrued Interest 61 35 

S 12 2*7 12 

Certified Correct, 

Jas. L. Raymur. 


Expenditure to 31st Dec, 1893 § 12,287 12 

§ 12,287 12 

City Hall, 4th Jan., 1891 

Ciias. Kent, 


Loan under authority of tho Educational Loan By-Law, 1893. 

Amount of bonds sold §35, ono 00 

Acciued interest 752 17 

Cortifloa correct. 

Jas. L, Raymur, 


Discount on bonds § 667 19 

Expondituro to 3lHt Doconibor. 1893.. 39,812 32 
Bolanco on hand 31st Decombor, 1893 . 45,272 OB 

City Hall, Jan. 1, 1891. 

Cir.vs. Kent, 


Loan nndor authority of tho Surfaco Drains By-Law, 1893, 
Amount of bonds sold §125,000 00 I Diaeount on bonds 

Plpo sold. 
Accrued intorost. 

Certified corroct, 

Jas. L. Raymur, 


52 71 
2,20il 50 

8127,313 21 

„ — , o Qrj o* 

Expondituro to 31st Decembor, ISO,') 07 Wi ns 
Balance on hand 31st Deceinboi. NQjl 58,371 06 

§127.313 21 

City Hail, Jan. 4, 1891. 

Ciias . [ 


Balance Sheet, Broad Street Local Improvement;, Dec 31, 1893. 



B. C. Land Investment Agoncy § 1,091 92 

Bank B. N. America 3^8 73 

Corporation ot Victoria boing oxcess 
of liabilities over osaota 9,337 35 

310 788 00 

Certified Coiroot. 

Jas. L. Raymur. Auditor. 

.§ 10,788 00 

§10.788 00 

Victoria, B. C. January. 5. 1891. 

Ciias. Kent, Trcasuror. 

Broad Street Local Improvement Assessment By-Law, 1892. 

Received from salo of debentures $ 10,788 00 

assessments 2,510 12 

Accrued Interest 73 05 

Cortifled correct. 

Jas. L. Raymur, 


§ J17 78 

Discount on debentures 

Total costof extension ot Broad n't root 

from Pandora toCormorantatreet 10,958 9 

Intorost on debentures 511 41 

Balanco on hand Dec. 31, 1893 1,150 6; 

§ 13 371 7', 

City Hall. Jan. 4, 1894. 

Crus. Kent, 



To expropriate certain real property for tho 
purpose of diverting and improving a por- 
tion of Oak Iiiy Avenue, being a publio 
streot situato within the City of Victoria. 

rpiIE Municipal Council of tho Corporation of 
tho City of Victoria enacts as follows: 

1. It shall bo lawful for tho Corporation of 
tho City of Victoria to oxproprlato and the 
said Corporation 1 oroby expropriates, for tho 
purpose of diverting and improving a portion 
of Oak Bay Avonuohoing a public streot situato 
within tho City of Victoria, all that picco or 
parcel of land being part of Lot 31 of a sub- 
division of sub-lot 1, Fern wood Estate, Section 
75, Victoria District, which eaid piece or parcel 
of land ia moro particularly described aa fol- 
lows : 

Commencing at tho south-oast cornor of lot 2 
of said sub-division ; thenco southerly across 
lot 31 on a production of tho lino betweon lota 2 
and 3, forty feet, moro or leas, to tho north lino 
of Oak Bay Avenue ; thenco westerly along tho 
north lino of Oak Bay Avenue flfty-thrco feet, 
moro or less, to tho south-west cornorof said lot 
2; thenco nortli caBtorly along the lino botweon 
lots 2 and 31, twenty-nine foot, moro or loss, to 
thoplacoof beginning, and by ad- 
measurement flvo hundred and fifty-six. square 
feet moro or less. 

2. It shnll be lawful for tho Corportlon to en- 
ter upon, oxpropriato, break up, tako or uso 
tho Bald proporty without tho consent of tho 
owner thoreof, subject to tho restrictions men- 
tioned In'sub-sectlon (107) of section 101 of tho 
"Municipal Act, 1892." 

3. This by-law may be cited as "Tho Oak 
Bay Avenuo Expropriation By-Law, 1893," 

Pa-scd tho Municipal Council tho 20th day of 
Decombor, 1893. 

Reconsidered, ndoptcd, and finally passed by 
tho Council, the 29th day of December, 1893. 

•. „ Mayor. 
Wellington J. Dowler, 

O. M. C. 


Tho ahovo Is a truo copy of a by-law passod 
by tho Municipal Council of tho City of Vic- 
toria on tho 29th day of Decombor. A, D. 1893, 
and all porsons aro hereby requirod to tako 
notico that anyone desirous of applying to havo 
such by-law, or any soctlon thoreof, quashed, 
must mako his application for that purposo to 
tho Supromo Court within ono month noxt 
aftor tho publication of this by-law in tho 
British Columbia Sazotto, or ho will bo too lato 
to bo hoard in that bohalf. 

jaO C. M. C. 


Rooms 44 and IS Five Sisters' Block, Govern 
mont Stroet, Viotoria, B. O. 

G. A. Koofer. M.I.C.E. H, D. Smith, M.r.O.B 




^OTICE la hereby given that tho timo limit- 
-Ll ed by tho Rulea of tho Houao for receiv- 
ing Potitions for Privato Bills will explro on 
Thursday, tho first day of February, 1891. 

Privato Bills must bo presented oa or boforo 
Thursday, tho olghth day of February. 

Dated this 1st day of January, 1891. 

JttS Clerk of tho Houso. 

The Nicola Valley Railway Company. 


This company has scoured a block of land 
near tho junction of tho Coldwntor, and Nicola 
Rivers, for tho purposo of a townsito, nnd so 
soon as tho contract for tho work of construc- 
tion of this Railway is entered into it is pro- 
posed to lay out this land ns a town, and placo 
a portion of tho lots upon tho markot. 

The only station in tho vicinity of tho junc- 
tion of tho Coldwator and Nicola Rivors will 
bo placed within tho boundaries of this block, 
and tho town (surrounding it will bo called 


Vancouvor, B.C., Doo. 27, 1893, de29-lm 


Funeral Director ^Embalmor 


Tho largoab and best appointed Under- 
taking Establishment In tho Provinoo. 

Chimney Sweeping and Carpet Beating 

Grates sot and dofoctlve fluos fixed, oto. A 
work guarantood. Addrosa 

WM, Nln.A.L, 


LClty Bill Poster, Si Quadra St 


ITbe Colonist 

FRIDAY, JANUARY 28, 1891. 


Victoria. January 2'j, 1891. 

8un risea 7:3fi a.m. I Sun sots — 1:18 p m. 

Moon rises.. 11:33 p.m. | Moon Beta. . .10:01 a.m. 
Day of tho year— 2(ith. 

N.B.— Tho abovo calculations aro based on 
moan solar time, which Is 13m. 32a. slowor than 
Victoria Btandaril time 

1 a. m.. 



S a. m.. 

lO 1 

a. m.. 



1 p. m.. 



5 p. m.. 




9 p. m.. 



Kbquimalt Station, Jan. 25, 1891. 
Roporb for 21 hours onding 9 p.m. 

Tho velocity and 
direction of tho wind 
wore as follows ; 

5 a.m.— Calm. 

1 p.m.- 1 N. 

9 p.m.-8 3. W. 

Rain-, 13 

t Avorago stato of voather— Cloudy. 

Sunsbino, Ih. 18n>. 

K, Baynks Rkkd, Observer, 


Donald, Jan. 25 -(Special)- alxteon o'clock— 
Weather Cloudy and mild. 10° abovo. 

KaSLO, Jan, 25.— (Special I— Throe inches of 
anow fell this afternoon, and it is still snowing: 
thormomotor 25 abovo. 

Lardeau. Jan. 25.— <3pooial)-It is cold, and 
Bnowing hard. 

REvaTjrroKE, Jan. 23. — (Special)— Snowing 
and colli. 

Nakiup, Jan. 25- (Special)— Calm, with snow- 
storm, tin nlnK soft. 

NklboN. .Iuii. 25 —(Special)— Cloudy, oontinu 
ed snow, light north, north-east wind. There 
wore about four inohes of new ehow to day. 

KAMLOOl'3, Jan. 25. — (Special) — Cloudy. 
Half an inch of snuw fell during the lust :l 
hours. Thermometor— Maximum, 27: mini- 
mum. 15 


Per steamer Louise from New Westminster— 
Mrs Sturdy. Rev Mr MaoRao, Mrs MaoRao. 
Miss Harvey. W llooaen. J Auchtorlonlo, J 
Brady, J Monro, S Homons, Gin Hauck, J Sea- 

Per Steamer Premier from Vancouver— 
Capt J McAllister, Robert Cray. K Dunderdale, 
U Mo^and, W II Gallagher. K Davles, O A 
Scooley, J W Worth, A Aldorshaw, Olllcor 
Abel, J Olnrk, J. B. llobaon, S Withrow, Rev 
G O King. Mra EoDougall. W Duncan. A H 
Hawkins, llliaa VVilaon, A 1' Cummins, C E 
Renouf, and Calhoun Opora Co. 

Per steamor Louise from New Westminster— 
Mrs Spencor, John 'l'olliek, L Uonuaero. I) K 
Chilkneas, F F Raltte. J Jackson, Baker & Son, 
H & K, K B Pomborton, 1! C Co, A VV Knight, 
F J Harding, II M Cowen, L Dickenson, VY 

Per Steamer Premier from Vancouver— 
Tai Ley. Agent MuJmu Kept, A J Rowbotham, 
Ramsay Bros, Rov D MoRao, B C Baker, Uoin 
Exp Co, 


Western Manufacturers Meet, Bullyrag Each 
Other anil Dissolve Their Association. 

CiilCAuo, Jan. 2y. — The Tribune this 
morning says : "The Western Wheelmakers' 
Association is a tiling of the past. The re- 
presentatives of every lirm in tho Associa- 
tion met at tho Auditorium yesterday and 
voluntarily disbanded tho organization. 
With its dissolution went all hope of form- 
ing a wheel trust, for a year or two at least. 
Tho Association represented a capital of 
§5,000,1)00. It included sixteen firm?, be- 
ing all the leading ones in the West. When 
the wheelmakers got together yesterduy 
they accused eneh other of cutting prices, 
and after spending three hours in trying to 
patch up matters they gave up tho task us 
hopeless. Then they framed tho resolution 
in which they unanimously resolvod to dis 
solve at once." 


It Will he Opened on Saturday— (! rand Parade 
and Public Holiday— The Exercises. 

San Francisco, Jan. 25. — Preparations 
aro nearly completed for tho ceremonial 
opening of the Midwinter Exposition on 
Saturday next. A large number of visitors 
have already arrived in the city and a great 
influx is expected to-morrow. Aa the 
Governor has declared the day to be a holi- 
day, there will be a complete suspension of 
business. Many merchants have purchased 
tickets of admission in quantity for their 
cmp'oyes, -the object being to swell the 
attendance at the grounds. Tho parade 
proceedings have the promiso of beine; the 
largest and finest ever seen here. Bishop 
Nichols, of the Episcopal diocese of Cali- 
fornia, will open tho exhibition with prayer, 
Governor MarUham will deliver un address 
and Director Do Young will declare the 
exposition open. 


A. Floyer, of Oitor Point, is at the New 

E. Dunderdalo returned by tho Premier 
last evening. 

C. E. Renouf came home by tho Premier 
last evening. 

Rev. G. U. King was a passenger by the 
Premier last night. 

E. H. Heap, Vancouver, and L. Cullon, 
Tacoma, aro guests at tho Oriental. 

Charles Wilson same down from West- 
minster last evening to attend the sittings 
of the Full Court. 

W. M. Chudley was able to bo down 
town yesterday, the first time in somo 
weeks, owing to sickness. 

Wm. liothune, purser of tho steamship 
Manitoba, and Capt. James McAllister, 
master of the steamship Alberta, aro guests 
at the Driatd. The vessels mentioned bo- 
long to the C. P. Steamship line on the 
Great Lakes. 

Mrs. A. McDonald, proprietress of tho 
Windsor hotel for tho past ten years, bus 
moved to her private residence on Third 
Btreet, Richmond estate ; Mr. McDonald 
still carries on the business. He haa an ex- 
tended lease of the hotel. 

GueBts at the Driard : W. H. Gallagher, 
Vancouver ; John M. Taylor, Toronto ; ,). 
B. Hobson and C. Wilson, Vancouver ; S. B. 
Robbins, San FranciBoo ;JH. A. Simpson, M, 
Wolfe, Nanaimo, and G. H. Cross and H. G. 
Wilson, New Westminster. 

Tho Windsor Hotel, Nanaimo. Tho 
Cuiaiuo is excellent. lm 

Squire packages of note paper for 25c. at 
Ilibbon & Co.'b. 

Perfection granite iron waro utensils of 
all kinds can be had of Weiler Broa.' « 


DEAR SIRS.— Two years ago I had a bad 
attack of biliousness and took ono bottlo 
of Burdock Blood Bitters, and can truly recom- 
mend it to any suffering from that complaint 
Mrs. Charles Brown, Toronto. 

New coiling decorations, a speciality, at 
Weilor Bros.', for tho spring trade. * 


How They Tried to Prevent the Sale 
of Provincial Bonds in 

Steps Taken By the Government in 
Preservation of the Public 

The completo correspondence on tho sub- 
ject of tho attempt of tho mainland agita- 
tors to prevent tho salo of provincial bonds, 
by circulating defamatory reporta on tho 
London atock exchange, waa presented to 
tho house yesterday, in compliance with tho 
motion passed at tho provious sitting. Ab 
then stated by Mr. Davie, tho correspond- 
ence contains nothing further than that 
given in tho " Reply to British Columbia's 
defamera " laid on tho table on Monday, 
with the exception of tho last letter. Tho 
series of communications speak for them, 
selves us follows : 


London, October 25, 1S93. 

Dear Sir :— I beg to call your attention 
to tho enclosed from Mr. H. R. Beoton, of 
MessrB. Woolaton & Beeton ; my reply to 
this communication was to the etfeot that I 
believed the proprietor and editor of tho 
"Daily News Advertiser " to bo a leading 
member of the Opposition in tho Assembly, 
that you had recently boon addressing 
political meetings on the Mainland, and 1 
supposed that tho individual in question, 
with others, hud descended to tho low level 
of scurrilous abuso by way of a rejoinder to 
your speeches on behalf of the Government, 
that the best way to deal with such abuse 
was for tho Government to confront the 
editor on tho Uoor of tho House, with this 
communication addressed to me, and so 
demonstrate to tho country this gross in- 
stance of party warfare and want of 

I know no ono better able than yourself 
to do justice to tho Government case. I 
hope you concur in this view. 

I sent the other day a copy of the Im- 
perial Institute Year Book, alao a copy of 
tho Royal Commission Ollieial Catalogue of 
tho BritiBh section at the World's Fair, sent 
to me aa a member of Baid Royal Commis- 
sion, H. C. Beeton, 

Agent General for B C. 

London, OjL I t, 1S93. 

//. G. Beelon : 

My Dear Sir, — My attention has been 
called by dealers in tho Colonial market to 
the issue of tho Vancouver Daily Mows-Ad- 
vertiser of 24th September last, reporting a 
meeting on the previous day for the purpose 
of appointing delegates to a "Constitu- 
tional" convention, to be held at Kamloops 
this month, for the purpose of considering 
the relations of the Island and the Main- 
land. From theae proceedings it appeara 
that tho Rev. G. R. Maxwell stated that 
the members of tho Cabinet of B. C. were 
found druuk about hotels in Vancouver on 
the oceision of their visit, and that, what is 
moru important, a Mr. Ker stated that since 
1SS7 there had been a regular deficit 
in '.he budget of §200,000, and 
that Mr. Turner, [in the Montreal 
Gazette," had tried to refute thefact by stat- 
ing that whenever there was a deficit they 
borrowed money in tho English market, 
and kept tho accounts in so simple a manner 
that they had no capital account, but put 
all tho money they had obtained to the rev- 
enue account, thus causing Provincial ruin; 
with more criticism in the same Bense. 

I need scarcely say that such statements 
appearing in the press of the Province, 
even after allowing for tho heat of party 
feeling, are very damaging to tho Provin- 
cial credit, and I should be glad if you were 
able to write mo any comments on the mat- 
ter which would have the effect of allaying 
the suspicion thuB occasioned. 

H. R. Beeton. 

tiii: premier to the agent -general. 

Victoria, B. C Nov. 27, 1893 

My Dear Sir,— I am much obliged for 
your letter of 25th October, and acjompany 
ing letter from Mr. H. R Beoton. I have 
had printed, and now encloso you (ri) copy 
of petition to tho Governor-General setting 
out the grievance against the government 
urged on behalf of the Mainland, {!)) copy of 
a minute of the British Columbia govern- 
ment in reference to such potition, (c) copy 
of a letter written by Hon. Mr. Turner to 
the "Montreal Gazette," dited May 10, 
1893; {<!,) interview with the writer, pub 
fished in the " Toronto Empire." 

Tho documents ('<), (c), and (d), you will 
find to contain a sufficient answer to the 
statements of the petition and lo what, was 
said at the meeting mentioned by Mr. H. R. 
Beeton. I do not allude to the personal 
Blanders of tho clergyman, Mr. Maxwell. 
An intimate acquaintance with my col- 
leagues, and myself, of many years stand- 
ing, will enable you to appreciate the 
remarks of that reverend defamer at thoir 
true worth. 

Theodore Davie. 

Victoria, B. C, Jan. 19, 1894. 

Mr Dear Mr. Beeton :— I attended to 
your letter of the 25th October, and en- 
closures, immediately upon my return from 
tho mainland, where I have lately spent a 
great deal of my time attending to assize 
work and other ollieial matters, and on tho 
27th November I wrote you a letter which 
you will obiervo amongst the enclosed docu- 
ments, but there has been a great deal of 
deluy in sending tho matter off, due, prin- 
cipally, to the fact of my very frequent trips 
away from Victoria. 

You will observe that I have had your 
letter to mo, with Mr. H. R. Beoton'B letter 
enclosed, and my letter in roply, printed, 
together with u copy of tho potition to the 
Governor-General containing charges of n is- 
goverument, tho reply of tho executive 
council then to, copy of the original letter 
of Hon. Mr. Turner to the Montreal Gazette 
(presumably the letter reforred to by Mr. 
Ker in his remarks at the meeting of the 
24th Septomber), and copy of an interview 
with tho writer, published in tho Toronto 
Empire on tho 13th June, 1893. 

These documents ure all set up together, 
and copies will bo laid on Monday next on 
the desks of members in tho house of assem- 
bly, and, being done up us olliuial papers, 
will bo printed with the sessional papers of 
British Columbia. 

I shall aend you 100 copies of tho docu- 
ments, which you can distribute in such a 
way as you think beat calculated to meet 
the Blandora which havo been circulated 
concerning the province. 

Theodore Davie. 

OOBED I5Y A cow. 

A flno colt belonging to Mr. Peter Lindsay, 
of Nixon. Ont., waa badly hooked by a cow. 
Two bottleB of Hagynrd's Yellow Oil cured it. 
This invalu bio remedy should bn in ovory 
houso. It cures cuts, Hpraina, bruises, burns, 
and all pains and achos in man or boast. 

Now chenille tablo covers at Weiler 
Bros,'; pretty, good and cheap, * 


Highly Successful nnd Acceptable Presenta- 
tion of " Tho Black Hussar "-Picturesque, 
Tableaux— A Splendid Performance. 

The Calhoun Opera Co. openod thoir en- 
gagement at The Victoria laBt ovening, pre- 
senting Milloeokner'a " Black Husaar " to 
an audience that occupied almost every 
available scat between floor and ceiling. 
The bill waa now here, and tho tuneful little 
opera proved very acceptable. Even tho 
vurietios introduced in tho third and last 
act, and which marred the continuity of the 
opera and seriously injured its finale, were 
accepted with good humored approval, tho 
dunce of the wooden shoo brigade and the 
grand fancy drill of the chorua being heartily 

Of the opera itsolf it may be said that it 
ia written for tho male voices, and doeH not 
give tho ladies a fair opportunity for tho 
diaplay of their vocal ability. It 
iB, however, full of military vigor 
and impetuoaity, tho uniforms ot throo 
armies being avuilablo for picturesque 
tableaux, and the wearers of the black and 
whito furnishing heroea aa romantic as ever 
lovely maiden Bighod for. Foremost of 
thoso iB the new tenor and leading man, Mr. 
Georgo Lyding, a worthy successor of the 
late and lamontcd Mr. Paoho. To tho pos- 
session of a clear and charming voice he 
adds a decidedly pleasing personality and 
considerable dramutic ability. Hia friond 
and companion in arms, W alderman (Mr. 
William Schuster) was every inch a soldier 
— big and brusquo, and with a largo, musi- 
cal voice which told magnetically tho pleas- 
ures and glories of tho life of a gay Hussar. 
The comedy element waa divided between 
tho pompous magistrate, Hackenback (Doug- 
las A. Flint), juat as gonial, rotund 
and harmonious aa of yore, Mr. 
ICirtland Calhoun, eccentric and entertain- 
ing, and Mr. Otia 15. Thayor, grotesque and 
also amusing. Of tho prima donnas, Miaa 
Laura Clement and Misa Julia Calhoun, all 
too littlo waa seen on tho opening night. 
Tho twain appeared together in tho intro- 
ductory act in a charming dialogue duet 
which prefaced tho liiialo of tho act, the 
latter decidedly well sung by Missea Cle- 
ment, Calhoun and Cornish, and MessrB. 
Lyding, Schuster and Flint. The develop- 
ment of the climax reached with tho fall of 
the curtain on thia first act may bo men- 
tioned as the best featuro of tho opera, from 
the picturesque as well as the musical stand- 

"Tho Black Hussar" abounds inn for- 
tuuato abundance of good aoloa, duets and 
quartettes, as well aa well-balanced and 
harmonious choruses. Misa Clement's de- 
lightful soprano was heard in a solo which 
did even this popular favorito infinite credit, 
and alao in a Russian ditty in the second act 
which waa very prettily sung. Miss Cal- 
houn waa not, heard in a anisic individual 
number, much as the audience would have 
liked to have heard "Sw iuging on the Grupo- 
vine Swing," which elaewhero haa been 
made a third act feature. 

Were any reference to laat night's per- 
formance to stop here tho public would de- 
mand satisfaction, tor Miss Sylvester 
Cornish would not havo received 
the meed of praise which her Bar- 
bara richly earned. In her own 
choice and Jexpressivo diction, | "Barbara's 
good ! " The glimpse of a flno voice was 
also given by this young lady in the last 
act, in a dragged in but tuneful trio with 
Mr. Flint and Mr. Calhoun. On the whole, 
tho Black Huasar showed the Calbouns' 
1S91 company to have plenty of available 
good material, well handled. The princi- 
pals fit their places well, the chorus is tuffi- 
ciently strong and carefully trained, the 
orchoatrion ia sullicientandthestage fixtures 
bright and picturef que. 

To-night the full Btrength of the company 
will be utilized in the presentation of the 
ever-delightful Bohemian Girl, for which 
the principal parts aro distributed thus : 

Count, Von Arnhelm, Governor of Pres- 

burg Wm. Schuater 

Thaddeus, a proscribed Polo George Lyding 

Florestein, nephew of the Count 

Otis B. Thayer 

Devllshoof, chief of thu Gipsies 

Douglas A Flint 

Captain of the Guards Alexander Thompson 

Arlino, daughter of tho Count .Laura Clement 

Hilda, her attendant Louis Haahaw 

Queen of the Gipsies Sylvester Cornish 


''All Patriotic, Germans Glad to See tho 
Kaiser and Prince .Shaking 

Berlin, Jan. 25 —If hia health permits. 
Prince Bismarck will arrive here to-morrow 
afternoon. It ia possible that he will return 
home on Friday evening to avoid tho 
birthday festival, which might overtax 
hia strength, Tho Emperor William 
hopes strongly, however, that tho Prince 
will be able lo attend the gala performance 
at tho Royal Opera houso and occupy the 
box with threo German sovereigns — King 
Albert of Saxony, King William of Wurtem- 
hurg and King William of Prussia. The 
plans for Bismarck's journey aro not yet 
definitely known. The LokaL Anzeiger Bays 
that tho Prince will arrive at the Leheite 
station at 1 1 o'clock. Tho Emperor will be 
at the station to meet him. 

The Staatsburger Zeitung Bays of tho 
reconciliation "It is the dearest wish of all pa- 
triotic Germans to tue Emperor William and 
Princo Bismarck shaking hands. The featal 
day will bo cololuated throughout tho Em- 

Tho Post aays that tho entiro national 
press unitea in welcoming tho event. 


The President of Haytl Shot at by a Re- 
vengeful Prison Ollieial. 

New York, Jan. 25. — Walter F. Kin- 
naird, a coffee planter of Jaomel, who 
arrived from Hay'i yesterday, brings 
word that an attempt to assassinate Pre- 
sident Hippolyte was mado on tho 12lh 
instant. The President went to Jao- 
mel to setllo somo trouble at the prison, 
the prisonors having complained they were 
cruelly treatod. While tho President was 
talking with two or threo prisoners in the 
court yard a bullet passed within an inch of 
hia head. Ono of tho prison officers, Luis 
Gagnon, admitted ho fired the shot, and 
said ho waa sorry ho had only one bullet. 
Ho wanted revenge for tho shooting of hia 
father and brother last Soptembor by order 
of tho President. 


Sias — I h9Ve been greatly troubled with 
headache and bad blood for ten or twolve 
jeara. 1 started to take Burdock Blond Bit- 
ters In July, 1S!)2, and now (January, 1893) 1 am 
perfectly cuiod. Hugh Drain, 

Norwood, Ont. 

Singing Lessons (Italian school) and Elocu- 
tion, by W. ltdgar Buck, gmduato with 
Manuel Garcia. London . 

French Lhsbons, prlvato and In claaeos, by 
Madame Hon-ictto Buck, natlvo of Paris, 
holding diploma. Studio— 85 Pivo Sleiora 
Block, Fort street. 

The British Columbia 


CAPITAL PAID UP, $300,000.00. 

RESERVE, : : : $80,000.00. 





Kesult of tho Championship Fight Yesterday 
—The Defeated Man's Formal Acknowl- 
edgment of Defeat. 

Jacksonville, Fla., Jan. 25. — Tho fight 
for tho world's championship took place hero 
in tho presence of about a thousand specta- 
tors. After fighting threo rounds, lasting 
in all nine minutes, Mitchell was carried out 
of tho ring in a helplesB condition, Corbett 
boiug declarod winner of tho match aud 
champion of the world. Petting waa 100 to 
•10 on Corbett at tho beginning of tho con- 
test. Corbott and Mitchell were afterwards 
arrested and placed undor $15,000 bonds. 
The Bghcers met in tho court room this 
evening and cordially shook hands, Mitchell 
mado a speech in which he expressed his ro- 
gret for having uttered many bitter sayings 
against Corbett, and said ho waa glad to ilo- 
claro then that ho had been whipped by a 
man in every way worthy of championship 
honors. It is not thought the court pro- 
ceedings will bo more than formal. 


Serious Accident Whilo Coasting— Ball In 
tho Opera House a Dig Suceess. 

Nanaimo, Jun. 25.— (Special)— The result 
of a coasting accident last night in tho out- 
skirts of tho town waa that four children 
wero badly injured. One girl is in a critical 
condition, a boy has his shoulder broken 
and the other two were badly bruised. 

Tho Burns' anniversary ball in tho opera 
houso to-night waa a grand affair. There 
waa a largo attendance. A danco is also in 
progresB at Northfield'and Wellington. 

Mounted and unmounted protographsof Vic- 
toria and O.P.R. at llibben & Co.'a. 





Under instructions from William Kwing, Hsq., 
at tho residence, corner Uook and North 
l J ark streets, on 


At 2 p.m., comprising 

IN DININC ROOM-Solid oak sideboard with 
Carved panels and over work, etc.. hovelled 
plalo glass back ; 6 oak dining chairs, exten- 
sion tablo with 1 extra leaves, massive tolid 
oak contro table, rope tablo. Raymond sowing 
machine in perfect order, glassware, '_' engrav- 
ings, 2 etchings, rattan rocker, extra large 
rockor, very lino Brussels carpet (10 yards), 
solid nali ourUiu poles, otc, 

III PARLOR— Elegant parlor set (3 pieces) in 
solid carved walnut frames and upholstered in 
salmon, bluo and golu silk brocatille; very lino 
solid oak centre tablo, polished oak whatnot, 
gilt chair Bolid carved oak rockor in plush, 
vary handsome Brussels carpet, :i pictures, otc. 

very lino polished and carved oak hall stand, 
hovelled glass back, for hats, cloaks and um- 

BEDROOMS— Massive oak bed sot with carved 
decorations and cheval glaaa to bureau, sup 
erior hair box mattresses, very handsome 
toilet service, :s pairs blankets, oak roeker, wal- 
nut occasional table, t wo line tapistry carpels, 
curtain poles, etc. 

KITCHEN AND OUTSIDE-"Kitchon Witch" cook- 
ing rango, with patent hot water connections ; 
oilcloth, tables and chairs agate waro, cook- 
ing requisites, sot of dishes (HP pieces), cruet, 
ho o piping, garden tools, moat s ifc, step lad- 
der, etc., etc. 

The auctioneers desiro to draw tho attention 
of their patrons and friends to tho superior 
quality of tho furnishings in thia sale. They 
wero all bought now only four months ago and 
aro in splendid condition. Tho carpets aro 
specially worthy of nolo. All to bo sold with- 
out reserve. Terms spot cash. 


)a'23 heading Auctioneers. 





AT 11 A.M. 
By order of tho Supremo Court of B, C. 

I will sell at. my salesroom, Wharf street, 
Victoria, Lot clx. Russell atrcet, Victoria West, 
being a subdivision of aero lota 31, 36, and 38, 
Springfield, estate being part of section XXXI, 
Ei-quimalt District, together with cottage 

For furthor particulars apply to J. P. Walls 
Has Ion Squaro, vendor's solicitor. 

1a2S G. BYRNES, Auctioneer. 


On security of Improvod 
Real Kstalo. Apply to 

ortgaeee's Notice. 

Notico iahcreby given that wo Tho Brackman 
U, Kor Milling Company Limited Liability did 
on tho 4th day of January A. 1>, IS!) 1 undor, nnd 
by virtue of the powers contained in a certain 
bill of Biiln dated the 21th day of Foburary A.D 
1893, and filed in tho ofllco of the Registrar of 
Titles on tho. 27th day of Foburary A.D. 1893, 
take poaaesslon of the goodH. and obaltles of 
William Jordan, situated at tho Victoria West 
Stoam Bakery in tho city of Victoria. And 
that we will, under tho powor* in said bill of 
salo containod, toll tho said goods and chatties 
to satisfy tho money secured by tho same. 

Dated at Victoria this 25th day of January, 
A.D. 1891. 


Paper and cloth cdltioriB of Whltaker'a Al 
mnnacks at Hibdon & Co.'a. 

NOTICK— I will not bo responsible for ony 
bills or dobt 8 contracted In ms nnmo with- 
out a written order, (Slgnod) Maurlco balmon. 
ja20 2t 

a? Jri 33 1ST TJ8E3 




Reindeer" Brand 
Condensed Milk. 

For Purity, Flavor, Richness, Keeping Qualities, and as a 
Food for Infants and Invalids, the "Reindeer" Brand is un- 
surpassed. All good grocers keep it from Halifax to Victoria. 




Doan & Crydorman, 

Victoria, British Columbia, 
Gentlemen. — Was troubled with Rheuma- 
tism so bad I could hardly walk, and waa cured 
by using your Marvelous Rheumatic Curo, 

Now York Hotel. 

Dean & Crydorman, 

Victoria, British Columbia, 
DEAR Bras.— Had a bad sprained anfelo. usel 
Marvellous Linimont and w*8 entirely cured 
in threo days. 


Stoitz' Reataurant. 

Victoria, B. C, Jan. 17, 1893. 
To Doan & Crydorman, druggists, 

Gentlemen,— With much pleasure I add my 
testimony to your valuable Marvellous 
Rhonmntlc Curo. For throo months I ouMored 
torrlblo pain. Could not movo only by tho aid 
of two stloka. I havo only takon two bottles ot 
tho medicino and two of tho liniment, and I 
can now go without Bticks. and hopo after tho 
third bottlo to go to work. 

Yours vory thankfully, 

No. 48 Oswego street, cornor Michigan Btreot, 


Corner Yates and Broad Strests, no u Victoria, B. O. 


Agricultural Implements of all Descriptions. 






O'Advances Made Against Consignments.TE* a&S