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Full text of "Delmar's new, revised and complete classified trades directory and mercantile manual of Mexico, Central America, and the West India Islands .."

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West Indies. ^0,0 


New, Revised and Complete Classified 

Trades Directory 




. M^XiaO, / 



Leading Merchants, Dealers, Planters, Mine Owners, Professional Men 
and others in the Principal Cities and Towns of 


Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua, San Salvador, 

Cuba, Jamaica, Porto Rico, Santa Croiz, St. Thomas, 

Antigua, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Trinidad, 

New Providence and Demerara. 

V \ 


Author <?/" Delmar's Business Directory of Central and South America,^' How to Secure 
Trade with Spanish-Ainerica,'" " A Winter in the Tropics," etc. 


PRiai^ - - - SIS.OO. ( Kif 3 1889'']) 



1' u in, I s II !■: R s. 



Soon after the publication of my last South American Directory, ir> 
1887, some rascally and unprincipled speculators procured copies of the 
same, from which they prepared MSS. and type-written lists of names, 
boldly stolen from my work — which these scamps elaborately padded 
with many bogus names to swell the lists — and palmed off these 
alleged lists of foreign addresses as original, charging the foolish pur- 
chasers for a small list four or five times the price charged for my 
entire work. 

I hereby notify these pirates and frauds, that, if this thing is again 
attempted, I will prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. And 
I caution the public, in this country and Europe, to refrain from pur- 
chasing these stolen lists of addresses. 


a^"To find anything and everjrthing, always CONSULT THE 





The object of this work is to present to the mercantile com- 
munity a thoroughly practical, comprehensive, instructive and 
useful Commercial Guide and Classified Business Directory of 
the countries named. I have endeavored to present a work 
which will afford the greatest amount of useful information in the 
briefest and most direct manner possible. 

In compiling this work for business men, I decided to eschew 
all unnecessary historical and political statistics and other 
useless twaddle, of little or no interest to the business com- 
munity, confining myself solely to such statistical and general 
information as will prove useful to business men seeking or 
desiring trade relations with the countries named in this work. 

Besides a practical commercial guide book, this work presents 
a full, complete and strictly reliable, recently compiled Classified 
Business Directory of Mexico, Central America and the West 
Indies, giving the names and addresses of all merchants, dealers, 
planters, mine owners, professional men, and others who are 
buyers of and dealers in American and English goods. 

I also point out, from my own long experience in those coun- 
tries, the best and most practical methods of trading with the 
natives — how to secure their patronage, and how to trade with 
safety and profit. 

In a work of this magnitude and complex character, especially 
wh(;n treating of foreign countries, there; may l)c: foiiud a lew 
uiiiniijortant errors, and, possibly, omissions; but. as a wliole, 
this work is perfectly reliable and rRusiwuRrin', and our 

( "5 ) 


patrons may rest assured that the names herein contained are 
bona fide — Hve, active merchants, dealers and professional men. 

This work is compiled and revised up to January, 1889. 

In offering- this Business Directory to the public, I do not 
represent it as containing every insignificant town, village and 
hamlet in the countries named, nor does it contain the names of 
every little shopkeeper, barber, milliner, boarding-house, cigar- 
shop, tavern or bar-room, or any trades or professions that are 
in no way interested in or of interest to our manufacturers and 
merchants. I have endeavored to include all the leading whole- 
sale and retail merchants and dealers, and all professional men 
who deal in or who require American or English manufactures 
and products. 

I present an interesting, plain business talk on the value and 
importance of Mexico and the West Indies as a profitable and 
ready market for the sale of American, English and Canadian 
products and manufactures, showing how you can work off your 
surplus stock to advantage in the above-named markets ; 
fully and clearly explaining the customs, character and wants 
of the people of Mexico, Central America, Cuba, Porto Rico and 
the other West India Islands, their manner of doing business, 
and how American merchants and manufacturers can successfully 
compete with Europeans for the valuable trade of the above 

If the patrons of this work will devote an occasional leisure 
hour to a careful perusal and examination of the contents, they 
will find many items that are not only instructive but of consid- 
erable business importance, the study of which will well repay 
the time and trouble of investigation. 

E. H. Delmar. 

Chicago, April, 1889. 



General Contents. 


A Brief Introduction ..-.-. 9 

A Business Tour through Mesico and Cuba - - 11 

About Passports _..-......-- 2G0 

About Samples of Merchandise ----- 259 

Advantages in Mailing Circulars, etc. 257 

American Goods Suitable for the Markets of Mexico, Cuba and West Indies - 35 

American Trade with Cuba ---------- 263 

Along the Line of Mexican Central Eailway ------- l-i 

Allegations of Lawlessness in Cuba ---------18 

Antigua, Trades Directory ---------- 210 

Arrival at Havana - - -- - 21 

Attractions for American Tourists - -19 

British West Indies Customs Tariff - - - - 485 

Business Hints and Pointers -- 37 

Business Opportunities in Cuba 258 

Caution ------ 2 

Commercial Travelers in Cuba - - - 17" 

Commercial Data -- 272 

Costa Rica, Trades Directory - - - . . 119 

Cuba, Trades Directory 150 

Custom House, Havana ----- 21 

Cuban Custom House TaritT -i^l 

Drummers' Samples --- 2(50 

Demerara, Trades Directory 21'-^ 

Exports to British Honduras - 284 

Exports to British West Indies - - '-^'^^ 

Exports to Central America - - - -^^ 

Exports to Cuba '"" -^"^ 

Exports to Danish West Indies 300 

Exports to Dutcli West Indies 302 

Exports to French West Indies ^^^ 

Exports to Hayti - - - -•'^ 

Exports to Mexico - - - *''■* 

Exports to Puerto Rico - -"'"I 

Exports to San Domingo - - - --'^ 

Exports to United States of Colombia 3(U 

Explanatory Notes - ^^J 

Foreign Weights an<measurcs "'•* 

French West Indies, Customs Tarid "^^^ 

6 Index to Genekal Contents. 

i PAGE. 

Getting Ready for the Trip - - - - -20 

Gold and Silver Coin, Imports and Exports ---.... 306 

Guatemala, Trades Directory --- 221 

Havana and its Attractions -- 17 

Hotels, in Spanish America - - - 21 

Horse Cars and Stages, Havana --------- 23 

How to Sell Goods . 257 

Honduras, Trades Directory 227 

Imports from British Honduras - - 283 

Imports from British West Indies ---...... 288 

Imports from Cuba --------.... 285 

Imports from Danish West Indies ......... 299 

Imports from Dutch West Indies --....... 301 

Imports from French West Indies ----..-.. 297 

Imports from Central America ----.--... 280 

Imports from Hayti -.--. 293 

Imports from Puerto Rico ------..... 271 

Imports from San Domingo --........ 295 

Imports from United States of Colombia --...... 303 

Jamaica, Trades Directory ..-..-.... 217 

Mexico, Trades Directory ----.-.--..41 

Mexican Cigar Industry ---.----... 263 

Mexican Money -- 273 

Mexican Tariff -------...... 315 

Mexican Weights and Measures 327 

Mexican Maritime and Frontier Custom Houses ...... 328 

Nassau, Trades Directory ----.---..- 222 

Nicaragua, Trades Directory ---.-._... 230 

Packing and Shipping Goods --...-.-.. 261 

Pointers on Cuban Railway Travel ---.--..- 33 

Political Outlook for Cuba --------... 34 

Preface ..-.-... -3 

Puerto Rico, Trades Directory --...-.... 224 

Republics of Central America ----....... 265 

Selling Goods in Spanish America - - . 260 

Sending Out Commercial Travelers ---.-.--. 258 

Speaking the Spanish Language --------- 39 

Steamship Lines from the United States to the Countries named in this Directory 254 

Supplementary Mexican Tariff ----.--... 435 

San Salvador, Trades Directory - - - - ' - - - - - 147 

Santa Cruz, Trades Directory ------...- 234 

St. Thomas, Trades Directory ------.... 236 

Santo Domingo, Trades Directory 235 

St. Lucia, Trades Directory 237 

St. Vincent, Trades Directory .-.-.--.._ 239 

Steamship Connections in Cuba - - - - 37 

The West India Islands -----...--. 269 

Traveling in Cuba -----.---.... 38 

Trinidad, Trades Directory ........ . 240 

United States of Colombia, Trades Directory ....... 235 

Values and Classification of Imports from and Exports to the Countries named 

in this Work - - - - - 209 





With comparatively few exceptions, the wholesale and "jobbing" merchants 
marked ("general"), the importers and the " warehousemen " in almost all the 
Central and South American countries, are buyers and dealers in every description 
of foreign merchandise and manufactures, from pins to machinery, powder, fire-arms, 
toys, lumber, provisions, beer, pianos, organs, medicines, hardware, carriages ; also 
wines, flour, groceries, dry goods, novelties, oils, varnishes, paints, hats, boots and 
shoes, etc. As a rule, wholesale houses do not handle watches and jewelry, that 
line of goods being confined to the retailer. The commission merchant also 
imports and deals in general merchandise, but usually on consignment or com- 


In addressing Spanish letters, the following rules should be observed: Place 
before the name, if in the singular, Sr. Don; if in the plural, Sres. The^j- Ca., means 
6- Co. The words at the end of some firm names : e Hijo or Hijos, Hermano or 
Herma?ios, Sobrino or Sobritios, Viuda de, mean, respectively. Son or Sons, Brother 
or Brothers, Nephew or Nephews, and Widow of. 

Before the Portuguese names (Brazil only), place Sfir. for the singular, and Shrs. 
for the plural, the Don is not used. The words Irmao or Irmaos, Filho or Filhos, 
Sobrifiho or Sobrinhos and Viuva, mean also : Brother or Brothers, Son or SonSy 
Nephew or Nephews, and Widow of. 


It is of great importance to manufacturers and merchants that the circulars 
and price-lists they send abroad should be short and to the point, and in the lan- 
guage of the countries to which they are addressed ; otherwise they will waste time 
and money, since it is obvious that a merchant receiving a circular in a language he 
does not understand will take but little notice of it. 


The rate of postage to Cuba, Mexico, Central and South America is five cents 
#per half ounce, sealed letters, and one cent for two ounces or less printed matter 
(opened), all of which must be prejjaid by stami)s. 


Postal Kau-s, Unk-.l S.ntes to M«i.„ an- .h- sanv as 



We do not undertake to give the rating or responsibility of any firm named in 
this Directory. In dealing with parties in foreign countries, of whom you know 
nothing, the usual, and likewise the safest, way is to politely request your corre- 
spondent to send you a reUable New York, Boston or London acceptance, at sixty 
or ninety days, the usual time asked. This is customary, and no respectable firm 
in Central or South America, Cuba or Mexico will refuse this reasonable request. 

In most instances, after you have mailed your circulars, catalogues and price- 
lists to the merchants in the countries named, these merchants will send their orders 
for your goods through some commission house in New York, Boston or London, 
and, in that case, you look to the merchant here for the payment of your bill. 


Examine well edich. column of names under appropriate headings, before jumping 
at the conclusion that the name you are seeking is not in this Directory. In com- 
piling and arranging the names and addresses from the original MSS., we found it 
difficult to classify the various names in strict alphabetical order. But the name of 
every merchant, now in business, will be found here all the same. 

In order to be better understood by Americans and Englishmen addressing 
names from this work, the addresses in this Directory are, as a rule, arranged with 
tho ''given" name first and surname following, as "John Smith," instead of "Smith, 
John," as is usual with our Directories. Write the addresses just as they are here 
printed. Following the names are the street addresses. 


Recollect that this work is divided into three separate and comparatively distinct 
departments, combined in one volume, namely: A .Mercantile Manual or 
Guide; A Classified Business or Trades Directory, and the Custom House 
Tariffs and Regulations for the countries named. To find what you want, 
always consult the Index pages for each Department. 


The eminent success and universal popularity attained for the last edition of my " Classified 
Business Directory of Mexico, Central and South America, Cuba and Porto 
Rico," published in New York in May, 1887, and which was highly indorsed by the press and 
public, and by the accredited ministers of all the countries represented in the work, induced me to 
prepare a new, revised and greatly enlarged CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY AND 

This new work is most thorough and complete in all its details, embracing every city and town 
in all the countries named, besides furnishing the CUSTOMS TARIFF and the shipping laws and 
regulations of each and every country mentioned in the work, together with valuable information 
and instructions for shippers and commercial travelers, and other interesting commercial data of 
importance to merchants, manufacturers and others trading directly or indirectly with those 


The author of " Delmar's Business Directory and Mercantile Manual of Mexico, 
Central America and the West Indies," spent the past fourteen months (from September, 
1887), and nearly $6,000 in moneyj traveling the countries named, and, in most instances, person- 
ally supervised the canvass of these addresses. In each town visited, he employed a number of 
local agents to go from house to house, procure the names, and then classify them under their 
different business headings, paying these agents from four to five dollars each per day for their 

j;^" The United States Consuls at the various cities and towns contained in this Directory 
were empowered to supervise the work of the local agents who were employed in canvassing for 
the names in this work, and these Consuls guarantee the genuineness and perfect reliability of the 
names and addresses as published. 


Among the many important, useful and valuable commercial features of this work are : 

Firstly — A reliable classified Business or Trades Directory, enabling merchants, manu- 
facturers and others to mail circulars, price-lists, samples, etc., direct to the merchants and 
consumers in the countries named. 

Secondly — A thoroughly comprehensive and instructive Commercial Manual or Guide 
Book, giving every desired information relating to the class of goods most desirable and salable in 
the markets of the countries named ; how to trade successfully witii the natives ; how commercial 
travelers or agents should conduct themselves and their business while traveling ; how to pack and 
ship goods, and how to make your business and your goods favorably known. 

Thirdly— The complete Customs Tariff and regulations of every country named. 

Fourthly — Shipping directions and routes to all the countries mentioned. 
, ^r Every merchant and manufacturer having, contemplating, or desiring business relations 
with the people of the countries to which attention has been called, and every commercial traveler 
or agent who contemplates visiting any of those countries will save many a dollar and avoid many 
vexatious annoyances, and perhaps loss, by purchasing a copy of this important and indisjiensable 
commercial work. 

It may here be mentioned that DELMAR'S commercial works arc not untried experiments, 
but ESTABLISHED FACTS. They have been before the public in all i>arls of tlie United 
States and Euroi^e for the past five years, and have received the cordial approval and indorsement 
of the United States Government and of the governments of all the countries reiirescnled in the 
work, by their resident ministers in the United States, besides the approval uf nierth.ints, manu- 
facturers and shippers everywhere. 








The only STANDARD GAUGE RAILWAY from the United States to Chihuahua, Santa 
Rosalia, Jimenez, Lerdo, Fiesnillo, Zacatecas, San Luis Potosi, Aguas Calientes, Encarnacion, 
Lagos, Leon, Silao, Guanajuato, Irapuato, La Barca, Guadalajara, Celaya, Queretaro and City of 

CARS from the Rio Grande River to City of Mexico. 

This road — constructed with steel rails, iron bridges and stone culverts, and located along the 
high table lands of Mexico, and at no point less than 3,700 feet above sea level — is equipped 
with first-class rolling stock and motive power, and offers to shippers and passengers the safest, 
pleasantest and most expeditious route to all principal cities in the Republic of Mexico. 

By this route, carload shipments of freight from the United States may be forwarded in same 
car from itiitial point of shipment to destination, thereby avoiding risk of loss and damage occa- 
sioned by transferring from one car to another. 

For the purpose of facilitating the importation of goods into Mexico, and reducing the cost of 
such service to a minimum, this Company has estabhshed an IMPORTING AGENCY AT EL 
PASO, TEXAS, in charge of T. J. Woodside, Customs Agent, who will cheerfully furnish all 
information relative to duties, custom house formalities and brokerage charges. All goods con- 
signed in his care will receive quickest possible dispatch through the Custom House, and prompt 
forw^arding to destination. 

For further information, rates, maps, time-cards, etc., apply to or address 

M. H. KING, Genl. Western Agt., 

236 So. Clank St., Chicago, III. 

G. W. KEELER, Genl. Eastern Agt., 

261 Broadway, New York. 


Asst. Genl. Fnt. and Pass. Agt., Genl. Fnt. and Pass. Agt.» 





To those American and English tourists and travelers who have never visited 
Mexico, the famed " land of the Moutezumas," we would say go, and " stand not 
upon the order of going. " 

To all intelligent people, especially those who appreciate the value and advan- 
tages of foreign travel, who admire the grand, the beautiful and the picturesque in 
nature, we earnestly and conscientiously recommend an early visit to ]\Iexico. 

In that grand, famous and historical country, now so conveniently near and 
accessible to Americans, the tourist will find no end of pleasant and agreeable 
surprises. A mild, uniform and healthy climate, the grandest and most superb 
scenery, elegant cities, quaint and picturesque towns and a quaint and picturesque 
people. Rean Campbell, in his bold, dashing, gossipy style of writiug, thus describes 
a recent trip to Mexico : 

It has always seemed a far-away country, and so it was, when the tedious monot- 
ony of a long sea voyage must be endured before one could even reach the bounil- 
aries of Mexico; but now, when one may step into a palace car at New York, 
Chicago or St. Louis, and get out of it at the City of Mexico, it does not seem such a 
foreign land, but more of a next-door neighbor, especially to the American traveler, 
who i.s used to stretches of long-distance travels in his own country. 

Another thing which reduces the distance is the constant change of scene that 
obtains on the all-rail journey that is denied the ocean voyage of otlnu- days ; for, 
after St. Louis, there is something new in almost every mile, the routes leading through 
a comparatively new and most picturesque country, either along the high blulTs of 
the Mississippi, through Arkansas and Texas, or the Indian Territory to El Paso, 
the gateway to Mexico. 

(11 ) 

12 Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

I have said that one might travel from New York to Mexico in a single car. This 
on special excursions. On regular every-day trains from almost any important city 
the tourist need leave the cars but twice, at St. Louis and El Paso, the cars 
running between those cities without change, and from the latter to the City of 

For a journey to Mexico, no other preparations need be made than would be for 
any part of this country. Passports are not required. As to money. United States 
gold and currency are worth a premium in Mexico, and American bankers there will 
exchange it for the coin and currency of the country. Letters of credit and bills of 
exchange on New York, Chicago and St. Louis, are readily cashed. At Paso del 
Norte the ^lexican customs ofiQcers examine baggage (have your keys ready). The 
officers are extremely courteous, and the ordinary contents of a traveler's trunk are 
passed under rules that are fair and liberal. 

It is not possible on a continuous journey to see all the country between El Paso 
and the City of Mexico by daylight, but stop-over privileges are allowed on first-class 
through tickets, and stops may be made anywhere on the line. 

Baggage must be rechecked at El Paso. One hundred and fifty pounds are 
allowed on each ticket from points in the United States; on local tickets in Mexico 
only thirty-three pounds are carried free. Other passenger regulations are about the 
same as in this country. 

A day can be most pleasantly passed at El Paso and Paso del Norte ; but the first 
place of importance on the line is Chihuahua, the capital of the State of the same 
name, a city of 20,000 people, where there are very many attractions to induce the 
first request for a stop-over check. 

A branch of the Mexican mint has long been established here, and considerable 
capital has been acquired in mines and mining. The building occupied by the mint 
was formerly a church, and from its tower, where he had been confined, the patriot 
Hidalgo was taken to execution July 30, 1811, on the spot now marked by a simple 
monument of white stone. The cathedral, so famous for architectural beauty, was 
built with the proceeds of a special tax on the product of the Santa Eulalia silver 
mine, situated about fifteen miles south of the city. There is a handsome plaza and 
an aqueduct of some 220 years' standing. Leaving Chihuahua, the train winds 
around the beautiful " El Coronel " mountain, and runs through the valleys of the 
Concha and San Pedro, reaching, a little before noon, Santa Rosalia, famous for its 
sanitary hot springs, and pronounced by foreigners who have visited it to be, as to 
the quality of its waters, probably the finest health resort in America. 

Fresnillo, once a great mining town, contains now 20,000 people. Its overflowed 
mines are waiting the magic touch of capital to bring to light their hoard of untouched 
silver, and reawaken the old busy life. 

Zacatecas, a city of 75,000 souls, capital of the State of Zacatecas, is reached by a 
sharp rise through the mountains, and is of great commercial importance. All 
around it lie piles of rich slag, openings into hills, square inclosures, tall chimneys 
indicating its ancient and present industry, which is silver mining. The coinage of 
the mint here located is exceeded only by that of the City of Mexico. Zacatecas is a 
point of great interest to the tourist. It is situated about half way between Paso del 
Norte and the City of Mexico, and is wedged so closely into its narrow valley that it 
has foamed over the edges and crept up the hillside in terraced clusters of adobe. 
Its cathedral is a marvel of stone carving, and its people are of the true and ancient 
Mexican type. The road now descends rapidly through the hills to the broad, culti- 
vated valleys of the State of Aguas Calientes. 

Aguas Calientes (Hot Waters), a city containing 40,000 inhabitants, and justly 
reputed one of the most attractive places of the Republic, takes its name from the 
hot springs in which the region abounds. Its luxurious baths, clean streets and 


beautiful buildings combine to make it interesting for the tourist who spends a few 
days here. 

Silao is situated in the midst of a beautiful and highly cultivated valley, and con- 
tains large flouring mills. This is the supper station, going south, and the junction 
point of the branch line to 

Guanajuato — a city among mountains, a fortified place set upon the side of 
heights so steep that the houses seem to be fastened to the rock rather than resting 
upon it, and a misstep on the dizzy uppermost level of the narrow, steep streets, 
would precipitate the unlucky one into the midst of some plaza three or four hundred 
feet below. A lovely, bewildering spot, full of lanes and archways, and winding, twisted 
market places with a crowd of picturesque people selling every oddity under the 
sun and a screen of matting, with a crossing and interlacing of narrow paved ways 
which give at every ten steps the effect of a kaleidoscope, with a vista of infinite 
beauty and novelty at each turning. 

The upper balconies of the many really beautiful houses are gay with bright 
awnings and marvelous flowers ; the old Church of the Jesuit is magnificent in fine 
arches of soft pink stone and wonderful carvings fine as strips of lace work ; the over- 
hanging hills topple against the deep blue sky; and through a hundred different 
arches some vision of softly frescoed, slender-pillared inner courts, bright with blos- 
soms and fresh with greenery, flashes out, no matter how swiftly one passes. And 
into this ravishing spot we are whirled without any more warning than the corners of 
a few sharp mountain spurs could give us. 

Queretaro, the next point of interest, has a population of 40,000, and is the capital 
of the State of Queretaro. On a hill north of the city are three crosses, marking the 
spot where Maximilian, Miramon and Mejia were shot, June 19, 1867. It is a fine 
city, located in a fertile valley, and contains much of interest to the traveler. 

San Juan del Rio has a population of 18,000 people, active and enterprising. As 
the train climbs the low mountains to the south, we have a lovely view of the valley, 
the distant mountains and the great haciendas scattered along the plains. Upward, 
through the broken and picturesque country, across the broad plain of Cazadero, 
and over the summit at Marquez, the train goes down into the Tula Valley, amid 
timber and foliage, and evidences of approach to the tropics. The towns through 
which we now pass are full of interest to the student of antiquity, and contain many 
relics of Toltec civilization. 

Through the celebrated Tajo de Nochistongo, the great Spanish drainage cut, 
dating back to the seventeenth century, we enter the Valley of Mexico, than which 
nothing in the world can be more lovely, and on through fertile fields to the capital 
and largest city of the Republic. 

The City of Mexico is justly entitled, by reason of its population, intelligence, 
culture, beautiful location, healthful and even climate, historical, political and com- 
mercial pre-eminence, to its reputation as one of the celebrated cities of the world. 
It is well lighted, supplied with pure water, has a police force uniformly polite, 
attentive and efficient; abundance of public carriages at reasonable rates, under 
careful city regulations; fine hotels, conducted on the European plan; restaurants, 
cafes, gardens, baths, theaters, public library, nuiseums, art galleries, fine houses 
and public buildings. Its colleges and schools are large and thoroughly organized. 
The National Palace, the City Hall, the great Cathedral, and many of the churches 
are grand in proportions and architectural and artistic effects. The suburbs are 
attractive and easily reached. In about twelve hours one can reach the eternal 
snows of the summit of Poi)Ocatepetl, or the trojjical heat and fruits of the " tierra 

At the further end of ilic I'aseo rises th(! liill ami Castle of Chapultopcc, surrounded 
by a forest of cypress, which is not surpassed for magnilicenco on this continent. 

14 Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

The grand old trees, most of which must date back over twenty centuries, rise in 
somber majesty above those of ordinary growth, lilie a race of giants among pigmies, 
and the dim aisles beneath their lower branches are made still more beautiful by the 
almost intangible softness of draperies of gray moss festooned and swaying from limb 
to limb. 

Through this wood, shadowy as twilight even at midday, the carriage road winds 
and mounts to the summit. 

Standing on the terrace, whence rises the grand old castle, one looks across the 
Valley of Mexico. Surely, of all beautiful outlooks in this beautiful world, the most 
wondrous is this ! 

With the remembrance strong upon me of other scenes in other lands which have 
inspiration and delight, with the memory of the Yosemite in its blended aspect of 
mystery and majesty, still foremost in thought, this heavenly landscape loses nothing. 
Even the glamour which ever surrounds the past fades before the reality. From this 
beautiful spot one looks across a valley fair as a dream of paradise, with soft green 
fields and waving hedges and avenues of lofty trees outlining gray country roads that 
fade into azure distance. A faint line of pale blue mountains, purple sometimes 
with deep shadow, rest like brooding and watchful spirits around the dim horizon; 
and farthest of all, beautiful with that sublime sense of remoteness and awfulness 
which belongs only to them, the solemn presence of Popocetapetl and Ixtaccihuatl 
rise like radiant clouds against the serene heaven above. Everything we had before 
known of mountain scenery becomes secondary in the imagination compared with 
these wonderful heights ! The great serenity of the plain, the softly chnnging greens 
which cover its entire extent, and the undulating, exquisite line of hills, like the 
frame of some rich jewel, is something unspeakable when contrasted with the grand, 
solitary state of these twin monarchs who dominate them all. If no more of loveli- 
ness than this view can give were added to one's inner life, the journey to Mexico 
would be fully requited. 


El Paso, Texas, one of the most enterprising and interesting cities of the South- 
west, with new and comfortable hotels, is the connecting point of the Mexican Cen- 
tral with the railways of the United States, passengers and baggage being transferred 
directly from car to car at the Union Station. Starting southward, the train crosses 
the Rio Grande River and enters the Republic of Mexico at Paso Del Norte, a long, 
narrow town extending along the river, with a population of 6,000, and stops for 
supper at the company's station, a fine structure, built of adobe, around an open 
court, with ample verandas, upon which open the offices, waiting-rooms and restau- 
rant. Here the Mexican customs officers will examine baggage. Passengers must 
have their keys ready, and those who have only the ordinary effects of a traveler 
need fear no annoyance on either side of the river, as the rules are fair and liberal, 
and the officers are gentlemen desiring only to do their duty with courtesy, celerity 
and propriety. The special checks given for baggage at El Paso, Texas, must be 
surrendered at Paso Del Norte, and the baggage rechecked to its destination on this 

A day could be pleasantly spent here in seeing the old church, with its parchment 
records antedating the settlement of the United States, and the fertile farm and vme- 
yards along the river. The train passes through the country south of the Rio Grande 
in the night, along valleys walled by low mountain ranges, through the rich pastures 
of San Jose, Galego, Encinillas and Sauz, arriving for breakfast at the flourishing city 
of Chihuahua, capital of the State of the same name, finely located upon the Chubiscar 

Aloxg the Line of the Mexican Central Railroad. 15 

River, near its juuctiou with tlie Sacramento, a well-built and cleanly city of about 
20,000 people, with the good order and thorough police organization characteristic of 
all Mexican cities. 

Its cathedral, so famous for its architectural beauty, was built with the proceeds 
of a special tax on the product of the Santa Eulalia silver mine, about fifteen miles 
south of the city. 

The government mint was formerly a church, and from its tower, where he had 
been confined, the patriot Hildago was taken to execution, July 30, ISll, on the spot 
now marked by a simple monument of white stone. The city is amply supplied with 
pure water by the great Spanish aqueduct, and in the plaza, in the center of the city, 
is a handsome fountain. South of the plaza is a beautiful alameda and drive shaded 
by gigantic cottonwood trees. Leaving Chihuahua, the train winds around the noble 
" El Coronel " mountain, and I'uns through the valleys of the Concho, San Pedro and 
Florida, and the towns of Santa Rosalia, near which are some of the finest hot 
springs in the world, and Jimenez, fifty miles west of which is the great mining dis- 
trict of Parral. Dinner is served at Jimenez. The famous " Laguna Country " is 
reached by night, and supper is taken at Lerdo, a few kilometers from the city of 
Villa Lerdo, a prosperous town of 10,000 inhabitants, and the emporium of the 
Laguna cotton district, which now yields 30,000 bales a year, all of which goes south 
for consumption. The soil and climate are so favorable that the plants need renewal 
only every fourth or fifth year, and, with improved machinery and presses, greater 
areas would be brought under culture, and the ratio of production largely increased. 
Durango, capital of the State of that name, lies 150 miles west. It may be reached 
by stage from Lerdo and also from Fresnillo. It is a handsome city of 35,000 
inhabitants, and located in a great silver and iron district. 

Leaving Fresnillo, once a great mining town, having now 20,000 people, about 
ten kilometers to the west, waiting with its overflowed mines for the magic touch of 
capital to expose their hoard of untouched silver and reawaken the old busy life, 
the train reaches 

Zacatecas by a sharp rise through the mountains which surround it, a city of 
75,000 souls, the capital of the State, and of great commercial importance, its interests 
being mainly those of a raining and distributing center. The coinage of its mint is 
exceeded only by that of the City of Mexico, Its cathedral is a marvel of stone carv- 
ing. Located high up on the uneven valley between the mountains, its streets are 
narrow and tortuous, but full of life and animation. From the railway station street 
cars run to all parts of the city. The road now descends rapidly through the hills to the 
broad, cultivated valleys of the State of Aguascalientes. Here great quantities of corn, 
wheat, barley, and wool are raised, and the horses are famed for size, style and 
beauty. The train stops for dinner at the capital, also called Aguascalientes, a city 
of 30,000 people. Its clean streets, fine buildings, hot springs, luxurious baths, salu- 
brious and delightful climate throughout the year, and the fine country around it, 
conspire to make this one of the most delightful places in Mexico. Among its thriv- 
ing industries is the manufacture of fine woolens, serapes, etc. 

At Encarnacion, the train crosses the largest bridge on the line, 150 feet above 
the stream, and soon arrives at Lagos, a well-built manufacturing city of 40.000 

Guadalajara lies 150 miles west, with a population of 100,000; a great connner- 
cial city located in the midst of a fertile country and celebrated for its educational and 
charitable institutions. The city of San Luis Potosi, the briglit and enteri)rising cap- 
ital of the State of the same name, with its 50,000 jxtpulation, lies 200 miles to the 
east. Tlic Pacific ])ranch of tlio Mexican Central will i)ass tlirough Guadalajara, and 
its Tampico l)ranch through Saii Luis I'otosi. Hotli l)rancl)(!3 are in active! construc- 
tion. At present i^otli ])()ints are readied 1)y first-class stage lines from Lagos. 

16 Delmar's Teades Dieectort and Meecantile Ma^^'ual. 

Leon, a city of 100,000 people, is largely engaged in the manufacture of leather, 
cotton and woolen goods, saddlery, hats, cloth, boots, shoes and cutlery, and is sur- 
rounded by cultivated valleys. It has a fine theater and public buildings, and is an 
important center of trade. 

SiLAO, the supper station going south, is a pretty city of 30,000 people. It has 
large flouring mills, and is the junction point of the branch line to 

Guanajuato, the capital of the State, a city of 75,000 inhabitants, mainly devoted 
to mining interests, twenty-four kilometers east of Silao. There is great charm in the 
novelty and picturesqueness of its scenery, architecture and bustling life. The 
" patio " process for extracting silver may be seen daily. Guanajuato resembles 
Zacatecas, but is 1,500 feet lower. From Silao, the line runs through a magnificent 
agricultural country, and, in the midst of the great grain and stock haciendas, the 
train reaches, successively, the thriving towns of Ieapuato and Salamanca, hav- 
ing each over 20,000 population, mostly interested in farming, with some growing 
manufacturing industries. 

Celaya, population 30,000, has extensive cotton and woolen mills and bleacheries. 
A short distance below Celaya, the line is crossed by the " National " (narrow gauge) 
Railway, and connection is made for Morelia and other points on that hne. Quee- 
ETAEO, population 35,000, capital of the State of the same name, is a fine city, 
located in a charming valley. Three crosses mark the spot on the small hill north of 
the city where the Archduke Maximilian and Generals Miramon and Mejia were shot, 
June 19, 1867. South of Queretaro, the train I'uus under the massive aqueduct which 
supplies the city with water. 

Passing Hercules, where there are extensive cotton mills, supplied with modern 
machinery and power, turning out yearly great quantities of cloth, we enter the 
valley of Sajst Juan Del Rio. The city of that name has a population of 18,000, 
active and enterprising. As the train climbs the low mountains to the south, we 
have a lovely view of the valley, of the distant mountains, and the great haciendas 
scattered along the plains at their feet. Upward through the broken and pictur- 
esque country, across the broad plain of Cazadero, and over the summit at Marquez, 
the train goes down into the tropics. Tula is full of interest for the student of anti- 
quity, and has many relics of the Toltec civilization. It is a growing city of about 
10,000 inhabitants. 

On through the celebrated 

Tajo de Nochistongo, the great Spanish drainage cut, dating back to the 
seventeenth century, and we enter the Valley of Mexico. Passing over the hill of 
Barrientos, and across the broad, fertile fields and the numerous irrigating canals, 
we reach the end of our trip at the City of Mexico, the capital, and the largest 
and most important city of the Republic. It is justly entitled, by reason of its popu- 
lation, intelligence, culture, beautiful location, healthful and even climate, historical, 
political and commercial pre-eminence, to its reputation as one of the celebrated 
cities of the world. It is well lighted, supplied with pure water, has a police force 
uniformly polite, attentive and efBcieut, abundance of public carriages at reasonable 
rates under careful city regulations, fine hotels conducted on the European plan, 
restaurants, cafes, gardens, baths, theaters, public library, museum, gallery, fine 
houses and public buildings. Its colleges and schools are large and thoroughly 
organized. The National Palace, the City Hall, the great Cathedral, and many of 
the churches are grand in their proportions and architectural and artistic efi"ects. 

The suburbs are attractive and easily reached. In about twelve hours one can 
reach the eternal snow of the summit of Popocatepetl, or the tropical heat and fruits 
of the ** tierra caliente. " 





Thousands of Americans, anxious to escape the rigors and penalties of the severe, 
inclement and health-trying Northern and Western winters, make annual pilgrimages 
to the sunny clime of Florida, there to breathe the " fragrant aroma of the orange 
groves, and inhale the health-laden odor of the pine woods " — while taking in a 
sufficient quantity of miasma and malaria with which to inoculate the entire system 
for years to come. These tourists would do well to take in the island of Cuba while 
in the vicinity, and compare its attractions as a delightful and charming winter resort 
with those of Florida. A short run over to Havana will surprise the average tourist, 
and delight the invalid. They will be enchanted with its many attractions, and 
especially pleased with its balmy and healthy winter climate, where malaria, coughs, 
colds and bronchial affections are unknown, and which, if carried with you, disappear 
in a day or two as if by magic. 

Florida, now the Mecca of the American winter tourist and pleasure seeker, may 
be a very delightful and attractive winter resort to some ; but, with all the alleged 
manifold attractions of that much-advertised laud of flowers (?), the tourist is liable to 
soon tire and weary of the never-changing monotony of sand-hills, swamps, pine trees, 
"'gators," orange groves, and visionary Utopian Edens, which exist mainly in the 
fertile brain of the Florida land speculators and hotel proprietors. 

Comparatively few of the tourists, invalids and pleasure seekers visiting Florida 
ever consider the interesting fact, that, within the sliort distance of 100 miles, or 
twelve hours' pleasant steaming from Tampa, there lies, almost at our very doors, one 
of the richest, most beautiful and most interesting lauds on the face of the globe. 

Cuba, " The Pearl of the Antilles," is famed as the first abiding place of 
Columbus; famed for its beautiful women and its gallant gontlomeu ; famed fDi- its 
glori(JUS, health-invigorating winter climate, ts incomparable natural resources and 
wealth, its great commercial importance, its innnenso manufactures of cigars, sugar 
and toljacco; its ancient churches, convents, colleges and institutions of loaniiug; its 
large, elegant and attractive theaters and bull rings; its licautiful shops, stocked with 
the richest goods and wares; its magnilicent private rcsidcMices, many of tlium veri- 
table princely palaces; its extensive and grandly e(|uii)|)ed sugar and tobacco plan- 
tations, and its cultivated, refined and most hospitable inhabitants. 


18 Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 


This rich and beautiful island, which has suffered so severely from a prolonged 
and most disastrous civil war, is trying, by every effort, to recover its commercial 
prosperity. The merchant and the planter, measurably aided by the government, 
are striving in the most commendable manner to regain lost ground, and, by putting 
forward great energy and effort, repair the injuries and losses incurred by the late civil 
war. While the inhabitants of the island are engaged in these praiseworthy efforts, it 
is both unjust and cruel that citizens of the United States, and more especially certain 
portions of the American press, should adopt a course calculated not only to retard 
the improvement of affairs, but to Injure American shipping and commercial interests 
■engaged in Cuban trade, by promulgating untruthful sensational reports regarding 
the social and political condition of the island. During the past winter, certain 
American x^apers published absurdly sensational stories regarding the political 
and sanitary condition of Cuba — tales of brigandage, murder, assassination and 
pestilence. These have originated in the imagination of the writers, and never 
occurred in fact. Among the many injurious results produced by these publications, 
was the preventing of hundreds of Americans from visiting the island — not more 
than ten per cent, of the usual number of tourists visiting Havana the past winter. 
But a still greater loss was that inflicted on the commercial prosperity of the island 
and on American merchants, shippers and ship-owners having business relations with 
the natives. As an instance of the disastrous effects produced by the reports referred 
to, the following letter from the general manager of the Plant system of railway and 
steamships to Havana speaks for itself: 

Tampa and Havana Steamship Line, | 
Tampa, Fla., February 23, 1888. f 

Messrs. Laivton Bros., Agents, Havana, Cuba. 

Gentlemen — I herewith inclose extracts from New York Telegram and other papers of 
recent date. Articles, evidently from the same hand, are appearing in different newspapers, very 
much to the injury of our business. Can you put us in a position to contradict tthe whole or any 
part of these statements? At all events, please let me know just how far they are true ; also, as to 
the real danger tourists would incur from exposure to small-pox, as this is being made a great 
deal of to keep people from going to Havana this season. 

Very truly yours, 

H. S. Haines, 

General Manager. 

In order to dissipate the bad impression which these sensational newspaper arti- 
cles conveyed, the writer called upon the American consul-general at Havana, and 
urged him to officially deny them. But, while fully alive to the injimous character 
of these reports, and while personally acknowledging them to be false and 
misleading, he declined to take official action in the premises, on the ground that the 
rules and regulations of the service forbade public action without the sanction of the 
State Department at Washington. Failing to obtain a proper public denial from 
this source, and urged by many prominent American and Cuban merchants to 
endeavor to secure an authoritative statement from some source such as would carry 
conviction to the minds of the American and English public interested in Cuban 
affairs, the writer sought the British consul-general, Mr. DeCapel Crowe, and from 
him obtained the following interesting statement, in the form of an interview : 

" Mr. Crowe said it was neither his duty nor inclination to make official statements 
with respect to the sensational articles which had lately appeared in American papers 
on crime in Cuba. His reports were reserved for his own government; but, in the 
general interest and information of his own countrymen desirous of visiting the island, 
he had no objection to giving an opinion on the present state of Havana and other 

The Commercial Traveler and Tourist in Cuba. 19 

scaiDorts in the island. It was not true, as reported, that a reign of terror, in any 
form, existed in the city of Havana, and that ' robhery, brigandage and murder are 
openly and daily perpetrated in the streets of the capital,' or other cities. Such sen- 
sational statements not only do great injury to trade generally, but prevent many of 
our countrymen from coming here to enjoy the splendid and healthy winter climate. 
A considerable amount of crime does exist in the towns, the result of a long civil war, 
the emancipation of 300,000 slaves and the commercial decadence consequent upon 
the late civil war. From these, among other causes, a defective prison system and 
the poverty and mode of life of the lower classes, there is doubtless a considerable 
percentage of crime; but from such crimes as murder, arson, or indecency, as men- 
tioned by the American press articles, the cities of Cuba are singularly free. 

" It is not to be expected that a heterogeneous urban population of blacks, Chinese 
and poor Creoles in the tropics should behave with quite the same propriety of manner 
as better educated natives of colder climates; but, apart from untidiness, there is 
nothing to offend the eye of the most fastidious foreigner — nor need the fear of the 
^terrible reign of terror,' depicted by the journals in question, prevent any sensible 
person (not especially in search of adventures) from coming here as heretofore. 
From the end of November to April he will be less exposed to disease, and not more 
exposed to the dangers of the streets, than he would be in many parts of Xew York 
or Loudon; moreover, he will enjoy an unequaled climate, with an immunity from 
all lung diseases. What the private life of the individual or that of the native may 
be, how the natives are treated or governed by the Spanish authorities, is no concern 
of ours ; but we may reasonably expect a certain amount of pubhc decorum, and in 
this respect Havana compares favorably with many larger capitals. Travelers com- 
ing here, content to mind their own business, can, with ordinary precaution, lead a 
very healthy, pleasant and secure life during the four or five months indicated. 

" It is not necessary to speak here of the interior portions of the island. Brigand- 
age, sequestration and other crimes occasionally occur, but people of a nervous tem- 
perament need not go there. If they will keep to the lines of railways and to the 
towns, they will run but small risks. Both in town and country, tourists will find the 
inhabitants friendly and willing to serve them, and even a small share of politeness 
and interest on their part will meet with a ready return. In the capital (Havana) 
there are good hotels and most of the conveniences of cultivated life. I can really 
see no serious reason why travelers should keep away." 


To many people Cuba has been only the scene of filibustering expeditions, of a 
protracted and sanguinary civil war, waged between the natives, under the banner 
of •' Cuba Libre, " and their Spanish oppressors, perhaps as a scene for a romantic 
novel, the memory of a geographical lesson, or the place from whence good cigars 
come. To the average American traveler and tourist, Cuba, which is only " across 
the road " from Florida, might be 5,000 miles away, for it seems to many a far-off 
land, a land that comparatively few Americans over get to, but, when once visited, 
always to be remembered with pleasure and profit. 

One of the most interestingly graphic descriptions of a wintcu- tour in Cuba is 
given by the " Pointer, " which we hero reproduce. 

How TO GET tiirre.— Tlio points of departure of the direct lines from tlic Tnited 
States to Cuba arc New York, New Orleans and Tampa, respectively, as to length of 
sea voyage, the cost of travel from interior jxiints lieing al)out the same, e.xcei)t those 
I)laces nearer the place of debarkation; hence it i.s impossible to name a rate hero. 
The steamer rate fn)m New York to Havana an<l return is $00, from New Orhvins 
li'OO, from Tampa $30, from Punta Gorda $30. from C-dar Key .flO, wliifii include.^ 
meals and state-room bortli. 

20 Delmak's Trades Dikectoey and Mercantile Manual 

From New York the direct steamers sail due south, and after forty-eight hours' 
sail, come to summer weather, transition from winter being gradual and altogether 
pleasant, and the voyage being less conducive to sea-sickness than many others that 
are shorter. The ships are staunch and reliable, with excellent accommodations for 
passengers, cozy state-rooms and an ample menu which includes the delicacies of 
American and Cuban markets. The ships' officers and attendants are courteous and 
attentive to travelers. The route is down the coast of the United States, passing the 
Bahama Islands, coming to Cuba at Havana. 

From New Orleans the ships sail down the Mississippi, passing the sugar, cotton 
and rice fields of lower Louisiana, out through the jetties at the mouth of the great 
river, crossing the Gulf of Mexico to Cedar Key or Punta Gorda and Key West, and, 
after a sail over a summer sea, comes to Havana. These lines are the oldest in the 
trade from any southern port, and tourists always profit by the long experience of the 
officers and agents. 

From Tampa a new and most excellent service has been established, operating a 
schedule with frequent trips over the shortest route, touching at Key West on going 
and returning, landing at Havana after a sail of twenty-four hours. The ships are 
newly built, of iron and steel, with every modern improvement for safety and com- 
fort, with appointments of cabin and excellence of cuisine that is not surpassed on 
any steamer afloat. 

To all these ports passengers may proceed in through palace cars, and, as the 
passenger agents delight to say, with only one change to Havana from almost any 
prominent city in the United States. 


When a journey to foreign ports is to be made, a passport must be thought of. 
But when the destination is Cuba, that state paper is wholly unnecessary. So says 
the Queen Regent of Spain in a royal decree promulgated July 30, 1887, and the only 
protective document needed is the certificate of a notary public that the bearer is an 
American citizen, and he may have the freedom of the island, to go where he listeth, 
and depart on the homeward journey when he will, with no one to question or require 
msecl papers. 

Money is a passport most anywhere, and a most valuable and convenient one 
everywhere, and in Cuba, as other places, is essential, though not more so than 
elsewhere, the hotel and traveling expenses not being above the average tariff". 

It is not necessary to buy Spanish gold or Cuban paper before starting, because 
the bankers on the island will pay the highest prices for greenbacks, American gold, 
or New York exchange, and the tourist may suit his pleasure or convenience as to 
what shape his funds are in, and, after arrival at destination, can deposit his home 
money in an American banker's vaults, and draw the Cuban currency or Spanish 
gold, as it is needed for daily use. A letter of credit from reliable bankers in the 
United States will also be honored by American bankers in Cuba. 

Hotel bills and railway fares are payable in Spanish gold, or its equivalent in 
Cuban paper; purchases in stores or shops are charged in gold or paper, the infor- 
mation being announced with the price. Cab fares, tickets to theaters and places 
of amusement, are priced in paper; also cigars and liquid refreshments have a paper 

The paper currency is very much depreciated; one American dollar will usually 
l)uy two and a half in Cuban paper — our dollars and cents translate to pesos y centa- 
vos in Cuban ; in Spanish gold (oro Espahol) an onza is worth $17 ; half onza, $8.50; 
a centen, $5.30; a dohlon, $4.25; an escudo, $2.12, of American money. 

Postage to the United States is five cents (cinco ccntavos) per ounce or frac- 

The Commekcial Traveler axd Tourist in Cuba. 21 

tion of an ounce. Cablegrams to New York, tifty cents per word, with a correspond- 
ing tarift" to other cities. 

The tourist will find it to his interest to call on an American banker soon after 
arrival, and post himself financially as to rates of exchange, etc. The bankers will 
be found to be most courteous and obliging, and ready to assist their compatriots at 
all times. 

THE arrival at HAVAKA. 

A ship not sailing under the Spanish flag, cannot enter the port of Havana 
between sunset and sunrise,, a custom long enforced by the government, 
which, if it was intended for the tourist's pleasure, could not have suited him 
better, because the ships' schedules are so arranged that arrival is made at sun- 
rise, and when she sails up under the guns of Morro Castle, with the brightening day- 
light tinging the eastern sky and showing the frowning walls of Morro and Cabana, 
and, behind them the distant hills through whose crowning palm trees the earliest 
sunshine is streaming, the picture is wonderfully beautiful, and a look to the starboard 
shows the city just awakening, and ready to give you the warmest welcome. 

At the entrance of the harbor on the east side is Morro Castle, just back of which, 
on the same side, is Cabaiia Castle ; on the other side, opposite Morro, is La Punta, 
the forts constituting the defense of the city from attacks by sea. Sailing past these 
forts, the ship comes to an anchor in mid-stream ; no foreign vessel ever goes to a pier 
at Havana. 

The " doctor's boat " comes alongside just after the ship has entered the harbor, 
and, by the time anchorage is made opposite the Custom House, the health and port 
officers have examined the papers, and given permission for the passengers to disem- 

In the meantime there have come out to meet the ship what seem to be a hundred 
country wagons, afloat with their wheels under the water — these are the boats that 
are to take the passengers ashore — boats with bowed awnings, for all the world like 
a country wagon down in Tennessee. These are propelled by oars or sail (I mean the 
boats, not the Tennessee wagons), and the fare to the Custom House is twenty-five 
cents. There have come out, also to meet the tourists, agents of the various hotels, 
agents polite and attentive without being obtrusive, speaking English and Spanish, 
and, unless one is posted or speaks the language, it is well to select your hotel and 
turn your baggage over to him, as some of the hotels have their own boats and carts 
for transfer of baggage. The rowing to shore is but the work of a few moments, 
and the novel ride winds up at the stone steps of the 


Here all baggage must be examined by the customs officers, who are most liberal 
and courteous gentlemen — you declare your baggage, that there is nothing but 
your personal eflects and no dutiable articles, a hasty look to carry out the law, the 
thing is done, and you may proceed to your hotel— there are no delays, except when 
there is a crowd of tourists, then, if desired, keys may be left with the hotel agents, 
and the travelers go on to 


The tourist, especially he who has listened to the yarns of the old-time travelers, 
will be agreeably surprised when he discovers the many excellciu'cs that per- 
vade tlio best hotels in Cuba, in parlor, dining-room and bcd-chaniher. All of the 
old objectionalile customs and arrangmnoiits have Ixhmi done away with, imd very 
many iiuiovations introduced that brings thorn very near the modern standard of the 
American hotel. 

TluMo is a register, of course, and you are expected to write more of your per- 
sonal history than usually appears on the register of your native land. The book is 

22 Delmar's Trades Dieectory and Mercaxtile Manual. 

ruled ic columns, aud each has its heading; the first is Fecha de Entrada, date of 
arrival; the next is Nombres, names; then the Naturalidad, or nationality ; next Resi- 
•dencia, residence ; then the one that ladies, at least, should not he required to fill out, 
the one which shows Edad, age of the guest ; the next is also peculiar, it is Estado, 
the state of arrival, married or single, I suppose, as the average is sober. Then fol- 
lows the Profesion column, to show your profession ; after that is the one showing 
Procedencia, whence you went; then Fecha de Salida tells date of departure, aud the 
last column is Niimero de Orden, giving the number of guests. 

These columns are not now imperatively used, but in the days of wars, revolu- 
tions and insurrections, when they wanted to know all about everybody, they were 
required to be filled out, but the war taxes remain the same, and a revenue stamp 
must be placed on the register opposite each name. 

Bell-boys are plenty, and very properly do not wait in the office, but on the floor 
where they attend; so, when you ring, he does not have to tramp up four flights to 
find out what is wanted, tramp down, and then back to your room. The Cuban bell- 
boy waits near the annunciator on each floor ; ring your bell, and he is at your door in 
a moment, aud not with a pitcher of ice-water — -they don't drink ice-water in Cuba 
— at least Cubans don't; an earthen jar, very porous, so that the water does not get 
too warm, is placed in each room, and kept filled with fresh water, so that only 
Americans call for ice-water, and that is brought in a glass, as it is not supposed 
that anybody wants much ice-water. 

An early morning ring from the average room means coffee, in Spanish cafe, but 
from the American occupied room it may mean " cocktail," for which there is no 
Spanish word, and the American one is adopted and understood, and, I may say, well 
made. Cofiee is served at any hour desired, in your room or in the dining-room; 
breakfast from nine till noon; dinner from five to eight p. m. ; aud in the dining- 
room is where the most grateful surprises await the tourist. The menu is ample, aud 
the dishes nicely prepared. There are many familiar ones, and some mysterious, but 
I was never disappointed in one, and soon was not afraid or suspicious. The vege- 
tables and fruit were fresh aud crisp — no hot-house forcings or stale importations, 
but just in from the gardens. The fish were superb, being taken direct from the 
water to the frying-pan, it being against the law to sell a dead fish. They must be 
taken alive, and kept in floating coops till sold. The meats were sweet and well pre- 
pared, the poultry young and tender. This was my experience wherever I stopped. 
Ice is an expensive luxury in Cuba, and all productions must be consumed at once, 
nothing can be kept in the market. Eggs must be new-laid always, or no sale. 
Milkmen don't drive wagons, and can only water their stock in the way provided by 
nature — give it to the cows to drink — and when he sells milk, he drives his herd 
around town and milks at the door of his customer, and the out-put is immediately 

The rates at Cuban hotels are about the same as at the same class houses in 
America, and are conducted on both plans, American and European; but it is best to 
understand the terms when you register — which is a good rule in this country as 
well. The figures are from $3 to $5 per day, wines extra. The price includes room, 
coffee and fruit in the morning, breakfast aud dinner. Families aud parties can have 
suits with private parlors and dining-rooms. English-speakiug chambermaids are 
in attendance on the ladies' apartments, and all toilet arrangements are complete on 
each floor. 

Every hotel has its corps of interpreters, who are courteous and obliging, and will 
attend parties to theaters and on sight-seeing tours — these gentlemen are on the 
hotel staff, but it is customary to remunerate their service — it must be left to the 
guest's appreciation of the service to say what the amount will be — but I will say that 
in most cases the money is well earned. 

The Commekcial Traveler and Tourist ix Cuba. * 23 

Now tliat the tourist is comfortably bestowed in one of the excellent hotels of 
Havana, he must see the city— nobody walks, it must be done ix a cab. There are 
thousands of them, easily found night or day in any part of the city; each cab is a four- 
wheeled Victoria, equipped with one horse and one driver, and generally speaking, all in 
good condition, capable of making good time, and at a rate of fare that is astonish- 
ingly low — the fare to any point east of Belascoain avenue is only 40 cents, in paper, 
for one or two persons, equal to IG cents in United States money; for three persons 
the fare is 50 cents; beyond the avenue the fare increases to 50 and 60 cents. 

If there are several places to visit, the cab had best be secured by the hour, at 
$1.35 for two or $1.85 for three persons per hour — if so engaged, say "j;er/iora " 
when you get in, and tell the driver where to go. 

How ? 

Oh, you don't speak the language? Just call the name of the place, it is not 
necessary to fatigue yourself by translating the phrase " drive to ; " the driver will 
imderstand the situation. If you get in and say " Correo," he will " drive to " the 
post-oftice, or La Pimta, the point opposite llorro at the terminus of the " Praclo ; " the 
Cateclral, La Merced, San Augustin, if you are going to church ; or " Plaza de Toros " 
if your taste carries you to the bull fights the cab will — or if to the theater say 
*' Tacon," Irijoa (ery-ho-a) or Albisu. To the railways, " Fcrro Carril de laBahia,^^ 
" Ferro Carril de la Habana, " or " Ferro Carrildcl Ocste. " If to any particular street 
call the name of it, and look out for the number of the desired address. If you get 
muddled beyond the hope of extrication, and your vocabulary is exhausted, call the 
name of your hotel, go back, get the interpreter to speak for you, and start out again. 

The best way to call a cab in Havana is to whistle for it (if you can), and, when 
you have attracted the driver's attention, motion with your hand for him to go away, 
and he will drive right up. (This reminds me they do many things upside down in 
Cuba; the key-holes in the doors are made that way.) 

In driving through the streets, it is easy to become confused ; but, if you will 
remember that the streets are so narrow that a city ordinance requires to drive down 
certain streets and up others — so, if your driver does not go down the one desired, 
don't be alarmed, he will go down the one next to it, and come up the other. 

At the end of the trip, or the time the cab was taken for, pay the driver, or he will 
wait at the door and count time on you, an imported trick from the United States. 

These cabs of the Victoria pattern are an innovation in Havana on account of 
the narrow streets; they were introduced some time ago to supplant the unwieldy, long- 
shafted and hard-to-turn-round volante — an easy-riding vehicle, propelled by one 
horse in shafts, and another buckled alongside to carry the driver, or rather, postilion, 
as he rides the other horse, but both horses travel so far ahead of the volante tliat 
very few of them could get into any one part of town at a time, and, in case of a lilock, 
must have gone to the country to turn round. The increase of business down town 
drove the volante from Havana, but they might be used to great profit and pleasure in 
the parks and drives, and it is a wonder some enterprising liveryman does not 
re-introduce them. Every American would take a ride in a volante just to talk about 
it at home. Volantes are used now only at Matanzas for excursions to the ^■lllllun 
Valley and the caves of Bella Mar. 

Besides cabs and volantes, there are other and cheaper methods of locomotion in 
Cuban cities. I refer to the incvitabh; and irrepressil)lo 


The fares are ten, twenty and thirty cents in paper, according lo tiio distance 
traveled. One lino at Havana leads out Charles III. .nciiiie to the lMit;inical garden.s, 
base ball grounds, and \\w plaza de loros (hiill-iiiig), another to Cerro. mie along tlio 

24 Delmar's Trades Directory axd Mercantile Maxual. 

shore in front of the city, another to the famous Henry Clay cigar factory. Cars start 
from Plaza San Juan de Dios every fifteen minutes from 6 a. m. to 10:30 p. m. 

The stages have a uniform fare of twenty cents in paper, which is higher in 
proportion than the cabs, being about eight cents in American money. Starting from 
the Plaza de Armas and the Castillo del Principe, they run to Jesus del Monte and 
the Cemetery. 

There are no " bob-tail " cars; you are not to be trusted to " put the exact fare 
in the box." A uniformed conductor punches in presence of the passenger. 

There is another way to see the city which involves still less outlay of capital — 
that means of going which was in fashion in the days of Adam. The walks about 
Havana are attractive, but they must not be long walks, and are most pleasant in 
the evening. Walking in Havana is not popular at oest; the sidewalks are not 
built that way, many of them are scarcely three feet wide, and some in the business 
district are less than two, while in the new city there are some that will compare 
favorably with other cities. It is said that the curbs in the old portion were originally 
laid only to prevent wheels from defacing the walls of the buildings. 

In the Campo de Marte, on the Prado, in Central Park, are excellent promenades. 
On certain evenings of the week fashionable Havanese drive to Central Park, stop 
opposite the statue of Isabella, and listen to the music of the military band, and 
promenade up and down the plaza. Here you may see la Cubana in all her dark-eyed 
beauty, with snowy laces and mantillas falling gracefully over head and shoulders. 
The carriage stops at the curb, in an instant it is surrounded with cavaliers, dark and 
black mustached. La Seiiorita enjoys the homage so gallantly paid; the duenna, I 
think, often pays strict attention to the music, to give the girl a chance ; but, if she 
left the carriage, the duenna went also, perhaps with watchful eye, and ear only half 
turned to the music. The Central Park is one of the places to walk in the evening 
when the band plays ; but, if you want to sit and rest, chairs are twenty cents each. 
Another walk in the morning, is along the Prado from the statue of India to La 
Punta, all the way under the laurels that shade the street. 

From any of the hotels one may also walk to the theaters. Havana has elegant 
places of amusement that would ornament a greater city. The Tacon is the third 
largest theater in the world, La Scala, at Milan, and the theater at Seville, in Spain, 
only being larger. The Tacon is the home of opera in Havana. There are five 
tiers of boxes, one above the other, extending all around the house. These boxes 
seat six people, and are patronized by the elite — always in full dress. Behind the 
boxes is a wide passage-way, through which one may pass from one box to another, 
or serves as a promenade between the acts — and between the acts the lobbies are 
filled with promenadors, with visitors and with lookers-on through the Venetian 
blinds into the boxes occupied by some especially brilliant party — and it is said that 
boastful belles brag on the size of the crowd that assembled behind the box and 
watched the beauties within. 

The Albisu is the theater of the Casino — the swell club of the city. Every Cuban 
city has its Casino club, noted for its balls and entertainments. 

The Irijoa (e-ry-hoa) is called the summer theater because it is arranged with 
Venetian blinds from the roof to the foundation, instead of solid walls, and by a simple 
turning of the slats admits the breezes that nearly always blow in Cuba; this theater 
is surrounded by a garden into which the audience empties itself to drink penales, 
eat ices, or smoke between the acts, and are recalled to the auditorium by a bell like 
unto that on a locomotive. 

Managers of Cuban theaters are particular as to music, it must be good; the 
orchestras may be mixed as to race of the performers, but their performances are 
satisfactory; often in third-class theaters one hears as good or better music than in 
the best American theaters. 

The Commercial Traveler and Tourist ix Cuba. 25 

Each performance at a place of amusement has its president, appointed by the 
municipal government; his duties are to settle diftereuces between the audience and 
the performers and to preserve order. A Cuban audience is critical, Insists on the 
granting of encores when demanded, and goes behind the scenes between the acts; 
this is their prerogative. It is told of a prestidigitateur, who advertised the decapita- 
tion act, but whose wires and paraphernalia were so disarranged by his visitors 
behind the scenes that he could not illusively cut oft' his own head, and was dis- 
posed to cut that part of the programme, as be could not carry it out actually 
without physical discomfort to himself; the audience insisted; the president decided 
for the audience; the illusionist was in despair, but did not lose his head; he 
went to work, repaired his traps, and did the trick amid the applause of his 

At every theater, or other place of amusement, a box decorated with the coat of 
arms and colors of Spain is reserved for the Captain-General, and remains vacant 
unless he attends or sends a representative. Seats are also reserved for the press, 
and names of the papers are pasted on the seats. 

The prices of admission are about the same as American theaters; the price at the 
Tacou is $5 and $6 in paper; at other performances $3 to $4 is the figure. Some thea- 
ters sell a seat for a single act for a dollar; and at most theaters the general entrance 
is only $1 to $1.50, but does not include a seat. Seat coupons are collected by the 
ushers prior to the opening of the last act. Speculators sell almost the entire house 
on the sidewalk, though reserved seats may be bought beforehand. It is best not to 
pay a speculator the first price asked, as he always tacks it on, and will reduce the 
price before he will miss a sale. 

After the opera is over the audience vacates the theater with a rush, and, coming 
out, unanimously holds a handkerchief over the nostrils to prevent them breathing 
the night air; some get into carriages and are whirled home; but many gentlemen and 
ladies frequent the cafes and enjoy ices, coffee, and other refreshments. 

The gala days for theaters and other amusements are Sundays and church feast 
days; then are they all filled to overflowing, to standing room only, as are the cock 
and bull fights. These take place on Sundays only, and both are popular sports in 
Cuba. The cock fights are of minor importance compared to the other. They take 
place in a pit very much like the wheat and stock pits in a Chicago or New York 
exchange, and the calls of the betters are about as intelligible in one as the other. 
Around a ring twelve feet in diameter are arranged seats like imto a circus — here sit 
the lookers-on. The owners of the birds and the betters are everywhere, in the ring 
and out of it, on the seats and under them. On a balance suspended from the roof 
arc hung bags, each containing a chicken — they must balance exactly — which is the 
only fair part of the fight. They are taken out of the bags, and with long, keen 
knives fastened to their spurs they are placed in front of each other— it is not a ques- 
tion of courage or endurance, but as to wiiich gets the first strike — one fowl is always 
killed, and often both, and it takes only a minute to settle the difiiculty — the dead 
cock is removed, and two fresh birds introduced with the same result all day long. 

At the Plaza de Toros, or Bull Ring, the progranmie is pretty much the same, 
only on a larger scale. Bull fighting is to Cuba and Spain what base ball is to the 
United States, and the " bloods " of that country become amateurs at that sport as 
tlH-y do at ball in this — and also, as in this country, the stars and the company are 
imported; also the bulls. 

In the season of 1S8G-7 :^Iazzantini came from Spain witii liis Ixoidcrillcros and 
picudorcs, nud brought eighty thoroughbred bulls. Bulls an^ bred in Spain for their 
fighting qualities, as race-horses arc in Kentucky for their speed, .ind ilu! groat 
matador was paid .$40,000 for thirteen performances. 

About the first thing an American tliinks of on lauding is where to got a cigar, and 

26 DELiiAE's Trades Directory axd Mercantile Manual. 

nine times out of ten his first smoke in Cuba rivals in bitterness the first of his life. 
A good cigar to the Cuban would seem vile to the smoker from the United States, 
and those on sale at the stands are not intended for other than Cubans. Ninety-nine 
per cent, of Cubans smoke, but none chew tobacco — I mean ninety-nine per cent, of 
the men. Cigarettes are charged to the ladies, but the act of smoking never came 
under my observation, though they do not object to smoke. The men smoke every- 
where and at all times and under all circumstances. 

Cigars are made for all nations, and a difi"erent cigar for each nation; hence do 
not buy a cigar till you know where to get one made for this country, or you will lose 
faith in the reputation of Cuba's chief product. Difterent nations require difterent 
sizes as well as qualities — Europeans using the largest, and Americans the smallest 
cigars. The eight-hundred-dollar-gold-wrapped Soberanos of the Henry Clay factory 
is twice the size of any American cigar, and would cost $1.50 each — not much sale 
here — these go to the nobility of England, while the dainty little Bouquets or Per- 
fectos come to America. There are stands where you can buy cigars you will like, 
and for half the money they cost at home; but it is best to go to the factory and buy 
a supply for two or three days' smoking ; any of the factories will sell a single box, 
and the proprietors will be found to be most courteous gentlemen; and, when one finds 
what elegant cigars can be sold for very much less than home prices, one becomes a 
free trader at once, no matter how much of a protectionist before. The laws of the 
United States do not allow the traveler to bring a single cigar past the custom house; 
if the officer passes a few dozens, it is purest courtesy; the fallacy of " 49 " or " 99 '^ 
being admitted free of duty has no foundation in the statute, and, when an American 
smokes a cigar in Cuba, it is with a peculiar satisfaction at the thought that he is 
beating the government out of the duty, and I believe all smokers are free traders 
after one trip to Havana ; and to make a returned tourist vote against the tariff, it 
will be only necessary to puff the fragrant blue smoke in his nostrils. 

All smokers in Cuba do not smoke cigars, nor is the pipe seldom ever seen ; very 
many indulge in cigarettes. But they are not the rank, dudish thing of America. 
The Cuban cigarette is made of the same fragrant tobacco that has made the island 
famous the world over. Cigarettes are made by hand and by machinery, with paper 
wrappers and tobacco. One factory has a single machine that turns out a hundred 
thousand cigarettes every day — "La Honradez," of Havana — and the output is 
nearly half a million every day. I can't describe the wonderful machine, the inven- 
tion of a Virginian. The tobacco is thrown into a hopper, passes through a tube 
onto a ribbon of paper a mile or two long, like the paper of a telegraph ticker; the 
paper, with the coil of tobacco resting on it, passes into another tube, and is curled up 
and pasted around the tobacco, is cut off at proper lengths, and drops into a basket 
"just as easy." It all seemed simple enough, as I saw two small boys stand by, 
shovel in the tobacco, turn on the bands, and make the wheels go round. 

In riding about the city, the churches must not be forgotten. The Cathedral is 
the principal one, but not the oldest. San Augustin was formerly a monastery, and 
was built in 1608, and the Nunnery of Santa Clara in 16-14, while the Cathedral was 
not commenced till 1656 and completed in 1724. One of the numerous tombs of Colum- 
bus is in the Cathedral; here the ashes of the great discoverer lie beneath a bust of 
himself, the tablet bearing an inscription in Spanish, which, being translated, means 

O, remains and image of the great Columbus, 
A thousand Ages endure preserved in this Urn, 
And in the remembrance of our nation. 

The fashionable church of Havana, " La Merced," built in 1746, is attended by 
the elite of the city, and is a place of special interest to tourists; the decorations are 
superb, and there are some fine paintings. High mass may be heard at the Cathedral 

The Commercial Tkaveler and Tourist ix Cuba. 27 

and any of the churches on Sundays and feast days at from 8 to 9 a. m.; they are 
always open, and visitors cordially welcome. 

The others are Santa Catalina on O'Reilly street, where repose the bodies of the 
martyrs Celestino and Lucida, brought from Rome as relics. The Nunnery of Santa 
Clara and the Monastery of Belen are places of interest. 

There are no pews or seats in Cuban churches. The people kneel on the floors 
while the prayers are said, there being no long, tedious sermons to listen to. Some 
■worshipers bring a small cushion to kneel on, or a small camp-stool. 

It is permitted to visit the different forts and fortifications; the principal one is 
MoRKO Castle, and the next Cabana. Visitors are admitted only by permit from 
the military authorities, w'hich is easily obtained through the hotel agents, or the 
American Consul can put you in the way to get the necessary papers. Drive to the 
Muelle de Caballeria and take a boat (at a cost of 25 cents each) to the east side of 
the bay, less than a mile, present your papers to the very civil military gentleman in 
charge, who will courteously send a soldier with you, and you will be glad you came. 
The bay you have just crossed is smooth and calm as a mill-pond, but just at the 
base of the castle's north walls the sea is as wild as the mid-Atlantic. The tower of 
Morro Castle is a lighthouse, showing a flash-light of exceeding briUiancy fifteen 
leagues to seaward. The view from the ramparts is a magnificent one. To the west 
the city of Havana lies spread out, to the southeast the palm-covered hills extend 
away to the mountains, to the north the boundless ocean lies, the waves washing in 
and out way out to where they meet the skies. Morro Castle is connected witli the 
other forts on the same hill by a tunnel under ground. 

All the forts and castles may be visited, and there is no word of particular advice 
to give except to bear the necessary papers, and while in the forts avoid making 
notes, as the act might be misconstrued. 

There is one thing that must not be forgotten ; a visit to the markets. They are 
all attractive ; the best time to go is early morning. The Tacon is the leading mar- 
ket, and there is none finer anywhere ; the Colon has been recently completed, and 
the Christina is the oldest. Step into a cab and drive to either, dismiss the cab, for 
an hour or so may be most pleasantly spent ; there is everything for sale in the 
Havana markets, fish, flesh and fowl, dry goods, hats, boots and shoes ; chickens are 
cut up and sold in pieces; if a whole one is not wanted, you can buy a drumstick or 
wing— anything from a piano to a banana ; there are fresh vegetables in December 
as we see them in New York in July, and every variety of tropical fruit at surpris- 
ingly low prices, and there are some fruits that many Americans never heard of. 
There is a special market for fish, which should by all means be visited ; tlio fisli 
are kept in coops, so to call them sunk in the bay, and it is a good market regulation 
that no dealer is allowed to sell a dead fish ; he (the fish) must be " alive and kicking" 
when the sale is made ; ice is too high for use in the fish market. By all means 
include the markets in your tour of the city, so you can tell at homo of seeing green 
peas, beans, green corn and lettuce in the open market in January: that you saw 
wagon loads of pine-apples ofl'ered at five cents a piece, and oranges, with tlic Umncs 
yet green on the stems, for a cent. The markets are good places to get cheap 
souvenirs to take home with you. 

In driving about the city, one will not be impressed by the exterior of the Cuban 
residences. There are several palaces in Havana, belonging to Si)anisli iiolilcnH'n, 
which, if you are fortunate enough to obtain ihc entree, will prove a most iiiincsiiiig 
feature of your visit. Tlie average! Cul)an I'e.sidcnce does not make nuu-li display on 
its exterior , and many are not i)ai-ti<ni]ar as to who their neighbors are, or wliere the 
hjcatioii. 'J"lic line is diawn between llieir homes and the world by the street wall, 
and whatever may be outside that wall has nothing t<» do with the inside: outside 
may be a dirty, squalid street; a peep through an archway will show a coint, white 

28 Delmar's Trades Directory and AIerca:n"tile Manual. 

and clean, -n-itli marble floors and stairs, playing fountains, growing plants and 
flowers. Cane and willow furniture is used exclusively; there are no carpets, only 
rugs laid on marble tiles; the chairs in the parlor are arranged in a hollow square; 
there is no getting off In a corner, or tete-a-tetes in quiet nooks. The entrance is 
through a wide, high archway, which closes both by iron gratings and heavy doors ; 
an attendant sits in this archway at all times, combining the services of guard and 
porter. The bright interior, amounting many times to even luxuriousness, sets one 
to wondering as to the inmates and how they appear at home. This is hard to know, 
but one day I did — I called by mistake at the wrong door; the old colored servant 
could not be made to understand, and went back and forth to some one inside, and^ 
finally, that some one had to come and direct me where to go; there came from the 
innermost recesses of that court to the grating door, a woman in the white, airy cos- 
tume of the land, a perfect vision of beauty, tall, and shaped like a Yenus, with a 
fortune of raven black hair, eyes that sparkled when she spoke, with a voice of 
exquisite loveliness. If I could I would have insisted that I was then at the house I 
was hunting for ; but I had to go, and after that, in my dreams I was a Spanish cav- 
alier and serenaded beneath her casement — but I only do this in dreams. The lady's 
direction was correct, and I found a man, but had time to glance quickly at a Cuban 

The family carriage and coupe is kept in the archway that leads from the street, 
but the horses in the rear of the court. In the center of the court was a playing 
fountain with rich flowers blooming under its sprinkling waters ; all around this court 
were wide galleries whence came the song of birds, and onto these galleries opened 
the family rooms — marble floors everywhere. The grand saloon parlor walls were 
hung with rich paintings, on the marble tiles were Oriental rugs, in tlie center a large 
one, about which the light fancy-wood chairs were placed in a hollow square. There 
was every evidence of luxurious ease within, but outside, the low walls might be taken 
for such as inclose a warehouse or cotton yard. But when one comes to the suburbs 
of Havana, then does the ideal tropic home come to view in all its luxurious loveliness. 
The Captain-General has a summer residence in the surburbs, where he resides from 
May to December, and the drive there is especially fine. While you are inspecting 
these villas, drive to Vedado, the Cerro and Tulipau, the fashionable residence dis- 
tricts, and, after these, extend the ride to the beautiful city of the dead. The ceme- 
tery is usually the last place you drive to, but I will bring it in here as one of pleas- 
ure, seeing there is to be no procession. The entrance to the cemetery and the chapel 
within the gates, are the most exquisite pieces of architecture of the kind to be found 
anywhere, and the whole cemetery is filled with tombs, monuments and statues that 
would adorn a Greenwood or a Spring Grove. The grounds are located on the hills 
west of the city, and besides the local beauty of the place command a fine view of the 
island and the sea. 

When one has seen Havana, it is not all of Cuba by any means. The tourist, in 
justice to his own pleasure, must do Cuba by rail. First the suburban railways; a 
" dummy" train leaves from the sea front near La Punta. and runs along the shore to 
the suburbs, and extends to the cemetery. 

The Marianao Railway extends west from Havana fifteen miles to Marianao 
{Mamj-ah-now), a pretty little city of over 5,000 people, where there is a fine beach 
and excellent bathing, and near which are the famous Toledo sugar plantations, that 
may be visited by securing a permit from the manager in Havana. 

The suburbs of Tulipan, Cerro, Ceiba, Buena Vista and Quemados, are all reached 
by the Marianao Railway. 

La Prueba Railway and a branch of the Bahia Railway lead to the city of 
Guanabacoa, six miles east of Havana, cross by ferry to Regla, thence trams run half- 
hourly. Guanabacoa is one of the oldest towns in Cuba, and has a population of 

The Commekcial Traveler and Tofrist ix Cuba. 20 

42,000. One of the places of interest to visit is the garden " Las Delicias, " a private 
garden, ph^nted for the amusement and pleasure of its owner — strangers are always 
welcome. Cut flowers and plants may be bought, and there are all kinds known to 
the tropics. On the commutation trains between Havana and Guauabacoa you may 
buy a brass check instead of a ticket, drop it in a box, pass through a turn-style and 
get on board. There are no conductors. 

The station of the Bahia Railway in Havana is at the Muelle de Luz, from whence 
passengers cross in ferry-boats, not unlike those in New York, to Kegla, where there 
iS a nice station, from which trains leave for eastern points in Cuba, and the ride is a 
most attractive one. The full name of the road is " Ferrocarril de la Bahia de la 
Habafia, " meaning literally the " Railway of the Bay of Havana," and my notes say 
good track, good cars and fast time; and, if I remember right, a seat on the left-hand 
side is the best, but on both sides there is much to see. The road runs through a 
rich valley, with rolling hills covered with palms and cocoa trees on each side, rising 
to high mountains, that lift up in fantastic shapes like oldPolonius' clouds in Hamlet, 
like a camel, or backed like a weasel, or like a whale — or hke the old man of the 
mountains in the Catskills, all blue in the distance sometimes, and sometimes near at 
hand. Near the road are the low, thatched houses of the country people, built of 
palm logs, thatched with i^alm leaves, and weather-boarded with palm bark, with 
here and there the white house of the planter's home, or that of his manager. 

The train makes fast time, and comes to the stations in rapid succession, stopping 
at each one, and, before it starts, a Chinaman stands on the platform and rings a 
dinner-bell, which is the Cuban for '* all aboard. " This same Chinaman acts as 
train-boy, and passes through the cars offering guava jelly and native cheese spread 
on plantain leaves, but no morning papers or yellow-back novels. 

When the whistle sounds for Matanzas, a seat on the left will show the best view 
of the city, and, on the high hill beyond, the church of Montserrat, which overlooks 
the valley of the Yumuri, which, with the caves of Bella Mar, form the chief 

The railway station at Matanzas is a fine building, and a much nicer station than 
is usually found in towns of the same size in America ; by the way, you will read the 
signs in Cuba, and may not know what they mean. " Bolctines " is over the ticket 
oflBce, " Equipages " over the baggage-room, " Senoras " is over the door to the 
ladies' room, and " Seuores " over that for gentlemen. Tickets are shown on entering 
the stations at Havana, punched by the conductor, and taken up by the gateman at 

Matanzas is eighty-five miles from Havana, located on the bay at the junction of 
the San Juan and Yumuri Rivers, a city of the pure Cuban type, with narrow streets 
opening into plazas, low buildings, luxuriant trees and gardens, and good hotels 
withal. One goes to Matanzas to see the caves and the valley of the Yumuri. The 
journey may be made from Havana, and return to that city in a day, allowing time to 
visit the valley and the caves. A longer stay is desirable, but the average American 
is in a hurry, and this story is written to suit him. Consult the schedules of the 
railways without relying on this, for schedules change sometimes, even in Cuba. 

Interpreters of the various hotels meet the trains on arrival at IMatanzas, and will 
secure the volantas while you are at breakfast or securing rooms. The volanta is 
the easiest riding vehicle in the world; it rests on two wheels, the body of the 
volanta suspended on leather tliroughbraces, like a stage coach ; long shafts of elastic 
wood connect with the horsi;; another horse, ridden l)y the driver, is attached out- 
side the shafts. With this rig a ride over the hills of Cuba is the event of a lifetime. 
The horses start off at a full trot, and keep it up all tlie way, \\\^ liill and down. 
Leaving the hotel, the route is through the city, past the Plaza, tlie Palace, and the 
Casino, then through long, narrow streets of low houses to the hills outside the city, 

30 Delmak's Teades Dikectory and Meecaxtile Manual 

where a long, white road leads to the highest, on the top of which is the Church of 
Moutserrat overlooking the beautiful valley, than which there is no more lovely view 
in all my world of travels ; it is worth all the journey to Cuba to go and look at it ; 
one does not drive through the valley, but to the hills that hedge it in, and enjoys 
the enchantment that distance lends. 

The church stands on the top of the hill ; and but for the stone walls that sur- 
round it one might fall and roll down the steep sides hundreds of feet ; far below the 
little Tumuri river runs, no bigger than a brook ; the white road winds about through 
the palms and up the hills on the other side ; looking from the east wall, the city of 
Matanzas is in the near distance, the bay beyond, and further on the hills where the 
caves are. 

The Church of Montserrat enjoys the fame of many miracles, and the grateful 
pilgrims who have sojourned here, and been cured, are numbered in legion ; you 
may purchase a charm or .relic at Montserrat that may have a talismanic effect on 
your future fortunes. The church is not an imposing structure ; it is of a greenish 
hue, built of stone, surmounted by a cross ; in front, under the trees, are four statues, 
with the inscriptions : Ledida, Taragona, Barcelona and Gerona. Inside are glass 
cases, containing relics and offerings made by pilgrims. On the walls are curious 
pictures; one depicts the wreck of a passenger train, the cars rolling down an 
embankment, reminding the traveler of the uncertainties of life, even on the best 
regulated railways. 

This is one of the places it is hard to get away from ; but, if we go back to Havana 
this afternoon, we must hurry on to the Caves of Bella Mar. The route is back through 
the city again, but by different streets. Passing over a bridge across the St. John, 
the road comes to the sea-shore, skirting the bay, and passing some beautiful subur- 
ban residences and the local summer resorts — then climbs the hills, ajjout three miles, 
to where the caves are. I do not know whether the boundaries of the infernal regions 
come nearer the earth's surface at any one place ; but, if they do, it must be near 
Bella Mar, and the caves may be a disused side entrance ; the weather in the caves 
is of that summer nature to make one ask questions. Ladies, remove your wraps ; 
leave them at the entrance. Gentlemen, tlje ladies will excuse you ; take off your 
coats, and, unless your collar is celluloid, or you have an extra one, divest yourself of 
that too — because it's warm enough for you down-stairs — but, withal, a wonderful 
underground journey. 

Guides with torches precede you down a flight of stairs. Thence on for a mile or 
so it is easy walking, through lofty chambers, dazzling in their decorations, ceilings 
hung with glittering stalactites, varying in size from my lady's finger to tons in 
weight, and like diamonds reflecting from their crystals a thousand hues. These are 
in fantastic shapes ; some from their resemblances have acquired names — there is a 
" Mantle of Columbus; " a " Guardian Spirit; " and a piano composed of a series of 
small stalactites of different lengths, which, on being struck, give forth a melodious 
chord. There is a "Monkey Salon," suggesting a convention of frozen monkeys, 
evidently not frozen in the cave, though. There is a pool of water called the " Baiio 
de la Inglesa, " from the fact that an English lady tourist once bathed in its waters. 
The caves have never been fully explored; there are other chambers — at a point on 
the route is an opening, where a stone being thrown can be heard bounding from 
side to side till the sound is lost in the distance; and the guides say they never have 
gone as far as it is possible through the different openings. It is a mammoth cave 
that will compare with Kentucky's or Virginia's Luray. 

Now, those who wish may return to Havana, and those who wish proceed to Car- 
denas, the very youngest city in Cuba, and its growth is something wonderful, there 
being now nearly 25,000 inhabitants. The city is located on a fine bay, is backed by a 
most fertile country, and contains a sugar refinery and other manufacturing inter- 

The Commekcial Traveler axd Tourist in Cuba. 31 

ests.. The train which leaves Eeghx (opposite Havana) in the morning, arrives at 
Cardenas about noon, a fast train over a good road, and passing through a country 
totally unlike any other I ever saw; a country of rolling hills with fertile sugar val- 
leys in between; high mountains, not in long, continuous ranges, but sharp, abrupt 
peaks, whose sides appear almost perpendicular. Cardenas is the first city in Cuba 
to erect a statue to Columbus; this is, perhaps, because the ashes gave out; so many 
cities could not have ashes, and so Cardenas must have a statue. The journey by 
rail may be continued on through middle Cuba to Santo Domingo, Sagua, Santa 
Clara and to Cienfuegos, either of which cities may be reached by a twelve-hours 
daylight ride, that will show the American tourist more newness than he can get in 
any twelve in his own country. Starting from Havana on morning trains of either 
the Bahia or Havana Railroads, arrival can be made at either of the places before 

The railway system of Cuba extends over the central portion of the island, trav- 
ersing the fertile interior, touching the juorthern coast at Havana, Matanzas, Car- 
denas and Concha, and the southern shore at Batabano and Cienfuegos. 

La Linea de la Compania de Caminos de Hierro de la Habana is a long name, 
meaning the Havana Railway. 

The road starts from Villa Nueva station, Havana, runs eastward to Matanzas and 
Union, connecting there with other lines for interior and coast cities. It is a fine 
railway, and well equipped. Tourists who have not time for further rail journeys, 
should go over one line to Matanzas and return by the other. This company has a 
line west from Havana to Guanajay, and southward to Batabano and the south coast, 
crossing the island at one of the narrowest parts, being only thirty-one miles. The 
run from Havana is made in one hour and twenty minutes ; i)retty good time, consid- 
ering the ten stops and the slow entrance to Havana, where it is required that a man 
on horseback must ride between the rails in front of the engine from the limits to 
Villa Nueva, the city station. Batabano is the port where the steamships sail for 
Santiago de Cuba, The Isle of Pines, Vuelta-Abajo and other ports on the south 
coast on regular days, which change sometimes, and the sailing dates will not be 
written down. 

The Isle of Pines is about seventy-five miles from Batabano, and requires about 
eight hours' sail. Trains leave Havana in the morning, arriving at Batabano an hour 
and a half later, arriving per steamer at the Isle of Pines in the afternoon. The island 
is noted principally for its fine woods — mahogany, redwood, ebony, rosewood and 
other valuable timbers; pines, of course, hence its name. It is truly the most trop- 
ical place within easy American reach: all tropical birds, animals and reptiles abound 
in the forests. There arc mineral springs on the island which enjoy a local reputa- 
tion for their curative qualities. From the Isle of Pines also comes a valuable marble 
in various colors. Altogether a most interesting tour to make. 

Santiago de Cuba is the chief city of eastern Cuba, and is the capital of the State 
of Santiago de Cuba, and, of course, the residence of the civil governor and the 
church lunctionaries, located on the south shore on one of the finest bays, in the midst 
of a fine coffee and sugar region, for which it is the shipping point. Near Santiago 
are also the celebrated iron ore beds and copper mines, most favorably known for 
their excellent qualities; ores which are shipped to the United States and other parts 
of the world. The metal deposits are pronounced very ricli, and are attracting tho 
attention of our capitalists. Tlie mines are worked now by native companies, but not 
to their fullest capacity nor to tho best advantage. 

As yet, Santiago de Cuba cannot be reached l)y rail from Havana; the tourist 
for that point must sail from lJ;:tabano, Cienfuegos or from Havana and around tho 

Tho line running west from Havana is called (lie Fcrmcarril del Ocstc. Trains 

32 Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

leave Cristina station, Havana, in the ruoruing, and, returuius in the evening, give 
the hurrying American time to make the tour in a day, and travel through the 
famous tobacco regions. It is a curious fact that all the finest tobacco in the world 
should be grown in so small a country as Cuba, but still more curious that it should 
be confined to so small a portion of that country — -and it is well worth, while to make 
the little trip necessary, to see where grows the weed the fragrance of whose blue 
smoke is the delight and talk and solace of two hemispheres. 

Morning trains from Havana connect at Paso Real with stages and volantas for the 
mineral springs and baths of San Diego de los Banos, noted for wonderful cures of 
rheumatism, paralysis and diseases of the blood. The resort is called the Cuban 
Saratoga, and is largely patronized by wealthy natives both for health and pleasure; 
there are ample hotel accommodations. The stage or volanta ride is only nine miles 
from Paso Real on the main line of the West Railroad. 

The scenery along the line is lovely in the extreme, and the added attractions of 
the tobacco regions give another subject to talk on at home — you can tell them you 
saw where the cigars grow. 

After ''doing" the capital and near-by cities the tourist should recollect that 
Havana, with its 300,000 inhabitants, is not the whole island of Cuba, which is nearly 
750 miles in length, and contains a population of 1,000,000 souls. Besides a number 
of small towns and villages, there are fourteen cities with populations exceeding 20,- 
000 each. 

The manners and customs of the Cubans are in many cases peculiar, but always 
pleasing. They have maintained a good name for courtesies and kindness to 
strangers. If you admire anything that belongs to a Cuban, he says it is at your 
service ; if you call at his house, he says, in his words of welcome, " this house is 
yours;" but it would hardly be proper to ask him to make out the deeds till you call 

Cuban ladies possess a beauty above the average pretty woman, and are modest 
withal. They do not go out alone or receive gentlemen unless in the presence of a 
duenna or older member of the family. 'Tis well ; for it always seemed to me that 
those great black eyes and long lashes, drooping on pretty cheeks with such lips as 
theirs, could do a world of mischief, and, if left alone and untrammeled, break up 
whole families. Their costumes are most bewitching, all light and airy. They wear 
no hats or bonnets, but, instead, the lace mantilla, hanging in graceful folds from 
their inky hair — a black mantilla for the street, and a white one for the theater — 
bless 'em for that one fact alone — no hats at the theater. The milliner's is an undis- 
covered art in Cuba, and she would starve to death if she depended on the patronage 
of the ladies there. 

I have often wondered how a Cuban lover ever got a chance to say his pretty talks 
and tell his sweetheart what was his opinion of her; but, when I went to a ball and 
saw the " Banza, " I ceased to wonder. In the maneuvers of that slow and peculiar 
dance he has the best chance in the world, a man can dance the Danza with but 
one woman at a time, and tlie Danza is danced by the hour. I think its duration is 
only measured by the endurance of the musicians. TheDanza is not a polka, nor a 
schottische; more of a waltz, with the time and steps divided by about eight; it is 
hardly even a dance, but a slow walk around, and, though not fatiguing, with frequent 
stoppages, I think not to rest, but to talk. The positions of the dancers are the same 
as in a waltz, and give ample opportunity for extended embraces to slow music, and 
here it is that I have figured it out that the Cuban lover has his opportunity. 

The fetes and balls are largely attended, and the people seem to devote their 
energies to complete enjoyment, and they last till sunshine dims the gaslight. The 
people go to church early in the morning, but the balance of the day is devoted to 

The Commercial Traveler and Tourist in Cuba. 33 

The ladies go shopping on ^vheels, and do not, as a general thing, get out of the 
carriage at the stores, the goods behag brought out for their inspection, and, if satis- 
factory, the goods are taken home, and, I suppose, the bill sent to Papa. 

Business men take coffee at home in the morning, breakfast down town about our 
lunch time, and dine at home after business hours ; it sounds queer to go into an 
office at noon and be told the party inquired for has gone to breakfast. 

On account of the climate, I suppose, nobody seems in a hurry in Cuba, and many 
people look tired; I saw a cart backed up to a front door, it was loaded with brick, 
a negro piled up four bricks in the end of the cart, and waited for a Chinaman to 
carry them in, and thus after a while unloaded his cart. I suppose some man in the 
back yard (like Paddy's man at the top of the scaffold, where he carried bricks) did 
all the work. The average costume of the laborers is a knit shirt and a pair of over- 
alls, whether it's December or May. 

Everything goes in and out the front door of an Havana house. Marketing goes in 
and garbage goes out. Horses and carriages use the same entrance the guests do. 

Horses carry instead of draw their burdens. If you see green objects coming down 
the street, don't imagine that " Buruham wood has come to Dunsinane." There are 
little horses under those piles of green fodder. 

I saw tandem teams of eight horses and donkeys to one two-wheeled cart. Mules 
and horses wear heavy woolen head-dresses of tassels as protection against the sun, 
and oxen wear their yokes on the back of their heads just aft the horn, and some of 
them do business as switch engines in the depot yards. 

People get " broke " in Cuba just as they do here at home, perhaps more so, as 
the government undertakes to do the pawnbroker's business; so, if you have anything 
to put up, the Queen of Spain will act as your uncle, or, more properly, your aunt. 
Money would seem hard to get in Cuba, and also that many people desire to get it, 
as it is common to see armed soldiers in the entry and the corridors of the bank — 
but perhaps they are only there to look after the cashiers ; that would be a good idea 
in some American banks, and likely reduce the tide of travel to Canada. 


The different railways publish folders or time cards in Spanish, but it is easy to 
understand them — the names of stations of course are the same in English, so are 
time figures ; then it is only necessary to know that manana means morning, and 
tarde, afternoon ; tarifa is the tariff, and precios the price of tickets, both terms being 
used; hora is the hour, and minutos the minutes; Irenes means the trains and 
liiiea the line ; now take the folder and read it, the lesson is easy. 

There are first, second and third class cars with a different rate of fare for each 
car, for instance, the first-class fare from Havana to Matanzas is $4.25 ; second, 
$3, and third, $1.75. 

Tickets must be purchased before entering the cars. Conductors punch the tickets, 
but do not take them up ; the agent at the destination does that. 

On all the main lines, there are good accommodations, the track is good, and the 
trains make fast time. The following are some rules in force : 

The sale of tickets will be closed five minutes before departure of trains. 

Tickets only good for date stamped on. 

Babies free. 
Children to seven years old will pay half-fare, employes to decide the ago. A 
child without a ticket will pay full fare. 

Passengers nuist show their tickets as many times as so exacted by the con- 

Passengers without tickets will pay one-third additional for first tract, and tho 
total afterward, from point of departure. 

34 Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

If trains do not arrive on time, passengers can desist from their trip, price of tickets 
being refunded. 

Employes of the train can eject passengers without tickets, unwilling to pay their 
fare, or behaving improperly, and, in case of resistance, to be delivered to the authori- 

Passengers losing a ticket must pay its price till justification of loss. 


The political situation improved apace since the advent of the Liberal party in 
Spain to power, under the leadership of Sagasta. The autonomic aspirations of the 
natives are, however, far from realization. The right of assembly, a free press, 
religious toleration, civil registration and marriages, and complete emancipation from 
priest rule on the question of burying grounds, are no longer a myth but realities. 
A civil Governor-General is likely soon to be appointed to supersede Marin, whose 
usefulness has terminated. Native civil judges have also been recently appointed to 
preside over the courts where trials by juries are to be had, though on a more 
restricted scale than in Anglo-Saxon countries. The war issue of currency, amount- 
ing to ten millions, is to be canceled from the proceeds of a loan negotiated for the 
purpose in Madrid by the government. The electric light for streets and parks will 
soon be in operation, under the management of the Spanish Gas Light Company. 
The unfinished Vento Aqueduct is under wayjOXid, when finished, will endow the city 
with an excellent and unlimited water supply. 



The inexperienced American who desires to open trade with South and Central 
America is naturally anxious to know what are the most desirable and suitable goods, 
of our manufacture, for those markets. For the benefit of such inquirers we have 
prepared the following list of articles, which, among some few others, will almost 
always find a ready sale in the above countries : 

Agricultural implements and tools. 



Brushes — toilet, clothes and horse. 

Biscuits and crackers. 

Baby carriages. 

Boots and shoes, mainly for ladies and misses. 

Billiard tables. 

Brads and tacks. 

Bells, for churches and plantations. 

Butter, in earthen pots and tins. 

Beef, salt and smoked. 

Clocks, all styles and grades. 

Carriages, buggies, victorias, phaetons. 

Cutlery, all kinds. 

Chairs and rockers. 

Canned goods, oysters and meats in particular. 

Corrugated iron. 

Cotton goods. 
" prints. 
" sheeting. 
" shirtings. 

Chemicals, general. 

" photographic. 

Crackers and biscuit. 

Drugs, prepared, ground and fluid extracts. 

Druggists' glassware. 

Drills, for mining and blasting. 

Dental instruments and supplies. 

Electric apparatus and supplies. 

Fire-proof and burglar safes. 

Fire extinguishers. 
" engines, hand and steam. 


Farinaceous preparations. 

Furniture, every description. 
" school. 

Fish, salted. 
" smoked. 

Gas fixtures. 

Gas-making machines. 


36 Delmae's Teades Dikectory and Mercantile Manttal. 

Guns aud pistols. 
Hay, in bales. 

Horses, stylish, for family carriages. 
Horse cars. 

Hams, bacon, tongues. 
Ink, printing. 
" writing. 
Iron ships and boats. 
Jewelry, cheap grades. 
Knitting machines. 
Kerosene oil, in cans. 

" lamps. 
Leather and morocco. 
Lumber, every description of pine. 
Lard, in earthen jars and cans. 
Locomotive engines. 
Machinery, all descriptions. 

" and lubricating oils. 

Nails, all kinds. 
Oysters, canned. 
Patent medicines. 
Pianos and organs. 
Pails, wooden and paper. 
Paints, dry and mixed. 
Paper, for printing. 

" writing and wrapping. 

" bags. 
Printing presses. 
Pork, salted. 
Provisions, general. 
Railway cars and supplies. 
Sewing machines. 
Saws, straight and circular. 
Scales, weights and measures. 
Saddlery hardware. 

Stoves, cooking, oil and coal. 
Shooks and headings. 
Steam pumps. 
Surgical instruments. 
Soap, family. 

Tobacco, plug, chewing and smoking. 
Tools, hand and machine, all kinds. 
Tubs and pails, wooden and paper. 
Type and printers' material. 
Wagons, for farming and mining. 

Washing machines and wringers. 
Woodenware and brooms. 
Watches, gold and silver. 



PLANT STEAMSHIP LINE from Tampa, Fla., tri-weekly, connecting with through 

express trains from New York and all important cities. 
WARD'S LINE from New York, weekly, direct to Havana. 
SPANISH TRANS-ATLANTIC LINE,' New York to Havana, every week. 
MORGAN'S LINE from New Orleans to Punta Gorda, Cedar Key, Key West and 

Havana, every two weeks. 



TRANS- ATLANTIC CO. — Lopez Line — Leave Havana 5th and 25th of each month 
for Cadiz and Barcelona ; 15th, for Corurna, Santander and Havre — San Juan, 
P. R., being a port of call. Agent, M. Calvo, 28 Officios street. 

FRENCH MAIL S. S. CO. — Leave Havana 15th each month for St. Nazairc ; call- 
ing at San Juan, P. R., and St. Thomas. Agents, Bkidat & Co., 23 St. Iguacio 

ROYAL MAIL — English — Leave Havana every four weeks for Jamaica, connect- 
ing with steamers for Southampton; calling at San Juan, P. R., and St. 
Thomas. Agent, G. R. Ruthven, 16 Officios street. 


HERRERA LINE — Leave Havana 10th, 20th, 30th each month for St. Thomas ; 
calling at Santiago de Cuba, San Domingo, Ponce, Mayaguez, Aquadilla and 
San Juan. Steamer on the 10th goes via Porto Plata, and, returning, calls at 
Port Au Prince. Agents, Ramon de Herrera, 26 Pedro street. 


TRANS-ATLANTIC CO. — Formerly Lopez Line — Leave Havana the latter part 
of each month; calling at Nuevitas, Gibara, Santiago do Cuba, IMayaguoz, 
San Juan, Ponce, LaGuaira (Caracas), Porto Cabello, Savanilla and Cartagena. 
Agents, M. Calvo & Co., 28 Officios street. 


TRANS- ATLANTIC CO. — Formerly Lopez Line — Leaves Havana 19th each 
month for Santiago de Cuba, Cartagena and Colon; returning via Savanilla, 
Porto Cabello, La Guaira (Caracas) and Santiago dc Cuba. Agents, M. Calvo 
&c Co., 28 Officios street. 


TRANS-ATLANTIC CO.— Lopez Line- Leav<" Havana 10th, 20th and 30th each 
month for Vera Cruz; calling at Progreso. Agents, M. Calvo cV Co., 
28 Officios street. 

( 37 ) 

38 Delmak's Trades Dikectory aicd Mercantile Manual. 

FRENCH MAIL S. S. CO. — Leave Havana 6th of each month for Vera Cruz- 

Agents, Bridat & Co., 3 Amargura street. 
ROYAL MAIL — Enghsh — Leave Havana monthly for Vera Cruz, Agent, G. R. 

RuTHVEN, 16 Officios street. 


ROYAL MAIL — English — Leave Havana for Kingston every fourth week from 
January 25th. Agent G. R. Ruthven, 16 Officios street. 


COASTWISE LINES — Leave Havana every few days for Cardenas, Sagua, 
Caibarien, Nuevitas, Port Padre, Gibara, Mayari, Baracoa, Guantauamo and 
Santiago de Cuba ; also every Saturday for Bahia Honda, San Gayetauo and 
Malas Aguas. 


COASTWISE LINES — Leave Batabano Sundays for Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Tunas, 
Jacaro, Sta. Cruz, Manzanillo and Santiago de Cuba; Wednesday, for Cien- 
fuegos, Trinidad and Tunas; Thursdays, for Colon, Punta de Cartas and 
Bailenny Cortes ; Saturdays, for Colona and Colon. 

STEAMER — Leaves Batabano for the Isle of Pines every Sunday. 


FRENCH S. S. LINE — Leaves Santiago de Cuba first of every month for St. 

Thomas and the French Islands; calling at Jacmel, San Domingo and San 

Juan, P. R. 
SANTIAGO DE CUBA AND GUANTANAMO, semi-weekly, on Sunday and 


Passengers traveling in Cuba are only allowed, free, a hat-box, vahse or satchel 
24 inches long, by 12 wide and 9 high. All other baggage to go in the baggage-car 
paying freight. 

Traveling on the platforms strictly prohibited. 

No animals allowed on the first-class car, except fighting cocks in their baskets. 

In other cars, muzzled dogs and six chickens are tolerated, paying freight. 

Fire-arms to go in the baggage-room. 

No colored persons allowed in the first-class cars. 

No packages allowed containing fish or ice in such a state as to annoy passengers. 

The delivery of baggage will be made upon presentation of the check by order of 

$50 will be paid for a trunk lost, $20 for a valise or satchel, and hat-boxes $4. 

The fractions of money will be charged as wholes by the company. 


The Custom House Officials are very liberal and courteous gentlemen, far 
more so than the average American custom house inspector. You declare your 
baggage — which is opened on long forms or counters, instead of on the floor, as is 
customary here — state, orally, that there is nothing but your personal efiects, and 
nothing dutiable, a hasty look at contents of baggage, to carry out the law, no maul- 
ing and spilling of your effects, the thing is done, and you may go on your way rejoic- 
ing. There are no delays at the Custom House examining office, the officers being 
always on hand to examine and pass passengers' baggage as expeditiously as possible. 

Hotels — There are several excellent and commodious hotels in Havana, the lead- 

Cuba, Mexico, Ce>7tral America and the West Indies. 39 

iDg hotels being the Grand Hotel Telegrafo, the Grand Hotel Fasaje, and the Grand 
Hotel Inglaterra, with three excellent second-rate houses, known respectively as the 
Perla de Cuba, the Saratoga and the Mascotte. At the three leading houses the very- 
best accommodations, with modern improvements, and unusually excellent fare, can 
be obtained at reasonable prices, the rate per day, including meals and attendance, 
being from $3 to $5, gold, according to size and location of room. 

The attendance at the Havana hotels is very prompt, and generally excellent. 
Chambermaids are never seen, that is, by the male guests, men being employed for 
that service. Of course, there are female servants who attend on the lady guests of 
the house. The Cuban bell-boy is quite an institution. He is usually very bright, 
always prompt and very useful. The bell-boy does not wait in the office, but is 
located on the floor which he attends. When you ring he does not have to tramp up 
four flights to find what you want, tramp down and then back again to your room. 

Coflee, with biscuit and fruit, is served, in your room or ui the dining-room, from 
early morning until breakfast, which is on fi*bm nine until twelve o'clock. Dinner is 
served from five to eight o'clock. Only two regular meals per day. The dining- 
rooms of the best hotels are spacious, elegantly fitted up and very invitingly located 
on the ground floor, open to the street, and surrounded with tropical plants and 

The bed-rooms of the Cuban hotel are a novelty. The floors are tiled, with soft 
rugs in front of the bed, dresser and toilet stands. The bedsteads are usually of 
brass or iron, highly ornamented. Hair mattresses, or in fact upholstered mattresses 
of any kind, are the exception, not the rule. The beds are furnished with close- 
woven wire mattresses or springs, over which a comforter is laid, and with snowy 
sheets, coverlet and long bolster instead of pillow, your bed is made. Everything is 
kept clean, nice and orderly at all times. 

As a rule, the waiters and servants in the best Cuban hotels, unlike those in our 
country, do not expect, and are not continually on the qui vive for " tips; " and it is 
just as well not to create by encouraging the desire. The Cuban hotel waiter (the 
majority of whom, by the way, speak English and French as well as their native 
tongue) is content to serve you well, and await your pleasure in compensating him 
when you take your departure. At the close of your sojourn at the hotel, if you feel 
disposed to compensate your waiter or your bell-boy (who is also your chambermaid 
and general servant), you need not tax your generosity beyond the sum of one dollar 
to each, which amount is considered a liberal " tip." 


The commercial traveler who visits any Spanish-American country and cannot 
converse freely in the language of the country labors under the greatest disadvantage. 
He may employ an interpreter, but the interpreter will prove of but little or no prac- 
tical assistance, as it is impossible for one to expatiate to advantage on the merits 
and quality of one's goods and wares, unless the salesman is able to do it himself 
directly to the buyer. 

If you cannot speak the language you will perhaps get along quite as well, if not 
better without the services of an interpreter, trusting to chance that your customer 
speaks English, which many of them do, and especially will this bo found the case 
among the larger dealers and more prominent inorchants. 

Make it a point to ask more for your goods than you expect to receive, as the best 
merchants are sure to barter with you and beat you down, oven if you were to oiler 
your goods at bottom prices at the start. The same rule holds good in buying of 
them ; they never expect you to pay the price they ask. 



Trades Directory 



Central America and West Indies. 




Delmar's Trades Directory. 



Acapulco CO 

Aguas Calientes CO 

Campeche •-C2 

Carmen 65 

City of Mexico 45 

Chilpanzingo GO 

Chihuahua 62 

Cohma -- 64* 

Chiapas ----- 65 

Cordoba G6 

Cuernavaca -C6 

Coahuila 67 

Ciudad Guerrero CS 

Durango CS 

Guaymas -69 

Guadalajara - - 70 

Guanajuato - - 73 

Hermosillo 70 

Irapuato ' ''^ 

Jimenez - 77 

Jalapa 77 

Leon 7S 

Matamoros -. 80 

Florida 80 

Morelia 8^5 

Monterey 84 

Mazatlan S(i 

Oaxaca 87 

Orizaba 87 

Paso del Norte - . . <j() 


42 Index to Delmak's Teades Directory. 


Pachuca 90 

Puebla --.-...93 

Queretaro ------ gg 

Salamanca - .-.99 

Saltillo - - 100 

San Juan Bautista ------------ 101 

Salvatierra - - 102 

San Luis Potosi -- --. io3 

Toluca -------- 106 

Vera Cruz ----- 207 

Valle de Santiago ----- HI 

Villa Lerdo ----- m 

Zacatecas 113 


San Jos6 -- --..- 119 

Alajuela -- 121 


Guatemala - 121 

Quezaltenango .._ 126 


Amapala -.... 128 

Comayagua -- ....._ 127 

Tegucigalpa - 127 

Trujillo - - - 128 

Yuscaran 128 


Chinandega - 132 

Grenada 133 

Leon - - 130 

Managua -- 130 

Rivas - - - - 130 


Bogota - 135 

Cartagena .-- 141 

Medellin - 142 

Panama - - 144 

Socorro 146 


City of San Salvador 147 

San Miguel - 148 

Santana -- 149 


Index to Delmak's Trades Dikectoey. 43 



Cardenas 1G3 

Cienfuegos ----.-.-....-- 166 

Gibara - - - - 168 

Guanabacoa - 169 

Guantanamo 171 

Havana -- 150 

Manzanillo 172 

Matanzas - 173 

NeuTitas ----- ...... 176 

Pinar del Rio -... 177 

Puerto Principe .--- 17s 

Sagua la Grande ISO 

San Juan de los Remedios .-... isi 

Santa Clara - - - - 1S2 

Santiago de Cuba IS-t 

Planters and Plantations of Cuba 186 

AXTIGrA 210 

DEMERARA - - - 212 

JAMAICA - - 217 


PORTO RICO - - 22-4 

Aguadnia ----- - 227 

Arecibo .----• - - 228 

Guyama- - - 229 

Mayaguez .--. 230 

Ponce 231 

San Juan r 224 


SANTO DOMINGO - - - - 235 

ST. THOMAS - 236 

ST. LUCIA 237 

ST. VINCENT - •• 239 

TRINIDAD ----- 240 

c-rArvi^ 1 r^. 

The population of the following cities in the Republic of Mexico 

should read : 

City of Mexico, 





■' Metamoros" should read Maiamoros, 




Population, 255,000. 

Agricultural Iiiipleineiits. 

(See also Hardware and Tools.) 
Carlos Becerer, 2 Balvanera 
Roberto Boker y Ca., 4 Pte. Espiritu Santo 
Bowes, Scott, Read, Campbell & Co., 13 San 

Charreton Hermanos, 24 Revillagigedo 
Alberto Malo y Ca. , 6 Puente Santa Ana 
Rapp Sommer y Ca., 4 Palma 
Jose Maria del Rio, 6 Palma 
A. Guthiel, 13 Palma 
Hoffmann Hermanot, 10 Donceles 
Leffmann y hijos, 12 Palma 
S. Lhose, 12 San Augustin 
Wexel y Degress, 5 Plateros 

E. Badoin y Ca. , Delicias 
Hulvershorn y Ca., i and 2 Monterilla 
Alijandro Jacot, 4 Plateros 

Jose Maria del Rio, 6 Palma 
D. Ulrick y Ca., 22 Juan Manuel 
J. Arce, I San Francisco 

F. Adams (successor of), 45 de Mayo 
Guillermo Dorn y Ca., 5 de Mayo 
German Garth, 19 Tlapoleros, T. 324 
Guillermo Lhose y Ca. (successors de), 9 Palma 
N. Y. Plow Co., Plaza de Guardiola 
Charreton PLios, 24 Revillagigedo 

Juan White, 4 Revillagigedo 

Ales and Beer. 

(See also Groceries and Provisions.) 
Roberto Blackmore, Exacordada 
Bernardo Bolgard, 5 Segunda Fila Seca 
Carlos Frendenhagen, 12 Rinconada de S. Diego 
Felix Barrey, Callejon de Aranda 
Elias Durand, 4 Alconedo 
Federico Ilerroys, Plazuela de la Candelarita 
Vicente Landin, 20a de Guerreso 
Drehcr y Ca. 
F. Herzog 

Arms and Ainnniuition. 

Alfredo Boche, i}i Espiritu Santo 

C. Carrion, i S. Bernardo 

M. Mendiola y Ca., S. Josd el Real 

C. Morel, 11 Refugio 
Fernando Pagliri, 9 Zuleta 

D. Sanchez, 10 liaivanera 
Urbarrcna y Quinlana, St. Clara 
Wexel y De Gress, 5 Plateros 


Anns, Etc. — continued. 

Patricio Aizpuru, 16 S. Agustin 
Ramon Alva, 26 Alvarado 
'■ Joaquin Alvarado, 4 Avenida Juarez 
Modesto Alvarez 

.-Vntonio Andrade, 26 Arcos de Belen 
Jose Anzoutegai, 3 Empedradillo 
Manuel Aranzubia, 26Acequia 
Joaquin Arena, 8 S. Lorenzo 
Alejandro Argandar, 13 Cadena 

Army Contractors. 

For Arms, Ammunition, Clothing, Shoes, Etc., 
for Federal Army and National Guard, Etc. 

T. L. Garcia, 15 Pte. San Francisco 
Juan Llamedo, 15 San Agustin 
Ignacio Pombo, 7 San Felipe Neri 

Architects, Etc. 

Juan Agea, 23 Acequia 

Ramon Agea, 23 Acequia 

Luis Anzonera, 6 Aguila 

Manuel Alvarez, 22 Chavarria 

Angel Angeuano, 4 Santa Ines 

Juan Bustillo, 7 San Francisco 

Manuel Gargollo, 10 San Andres 

Refugio Gonzalez, 2 Primera San Roman 

Ignacio Dosamantes, 2 San Cosme 

Manuel Fernandez, 3 Cordobanes 

Francisco Garay, 11 Independencia 

Juan Cardona, 5 Alfaro 

Manuel Conto, 11 Primero Sto. Domingo 

Manuel Calderon, 20 San Felipe Jesus 

Jose Collado, 15 San Agustin 

Kmilio Dondc, C y 7 Canoa 

lunique Grifos, i San Juan de Dies 

Fusebio de la llidalga, 12 Mariscala 

Ignacio de la Hidalga, 12 Puente Mariscala 

Ventura Ilcredia, 11 Prinicra San Ramon 

Ramon ll)arr()la, Colonia Anjuilectos 

J. M. Iglesias, l-'.n Pucbla 

Manuel Llcra, 2 Ilunibolt 

Vicente Mancro, 6 Pcr])etua 

Kluterio Mcndez, 3 Nuevo Mexico 

Miguel (). (jDrnian, 15 Tadre Lecuona 

Manuel Palino, 20 Gulcta 

Francisco I'aredos, i Santa Clara 

Manuel Rincon, Gueirero 

Jose liego, 5 lOsiamjja de la Merced 

Francisco Sonicra, 9 Santa Clara 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Maistual. 

Architects, 'EXc—continuc-d. 

Mariano Soto, 6 2a Indio Triste 

Toriga Tones, 6 2a India Triste 

Mariano Tellez, 8 Violeta 

Apolnio Tellez, 15 Arcos San Agustin 

Francisco Vera, 7 Escalerillas 

Estanislao Velazco, Secretaria de Fomento 


Banco de Londres Mexico y Sud America 

Banco Nacional de Mexico 

Banco Hipotecario Mexicano 

Banco de Empleados (Official Clerk's Bank) 

Monte de Piedad (Loaner's Bank) 


Barron, Forbes y Ca., 9 la S. Francisco 
Bermejillo y Ca., 10 Capulhinas 

E. Benecke y Ca. (Successor), 7 Capuchinas 
P. Martin 

Benfiel y Brecker, 2 Iturbide 

Struk Bone y Ca. , 10 San Agustin 

J. R. Cardena y Ca. (Successor), 1-2 Betlemitas 

Viuda de Escalante, i 2a San Francisco 

Escandon hnos., 11 Capuchinas 

Bedsteads, Iron and Brass. 

Leonardo Fortuny, 22 Tacuba 

F. Gandry, 6 Gante 
LuisLinet, 14 Spiritu Santo 
Mata Antonio Lopez, 11 Ortega 
Eutimio Zapata, 4 Pte. del Correo Mayor 
Manzaneda y Inestnllas, S 2a de la Monterilla 


P. Bermejillo, Hotel Agustin 

G. Boyrie, 3 Independencia 
Juan Buclon, i Independencia 
Manuel A. Gonzalez, 13 San Francisco 
Iglesias y Ca. , San Francisco 

C. Recamier, Hotel San Carlos 
Schesneau y Ca., 14 Coliseo Viejo 
Zivy y Ca., Hotel de Iturbide 
S. Clemente, 3 Tacuba 
George Delahaye, Independencia 
Heclion Clare, Coliseo Viejo 
Velez y Velazco, 20 Escalerfllas 
Ambrosio Sanchez, Gante 7 S. Fco. 
Uhink hnos y Zahn, 9 San Francisco 

Blacksmiths, Etc. 

Lorenzo Aguilar, 16 San Andres 
Gregorio Aguirre, 1 Canoa 
Geronimo Alguisira, Misericordia 
Manuel Avilla, 15 Vizcainas 
Juan Baez, 13 Espl. de S. Andres 
Felipe Balderrama, 3 Katas 
Manuel Blancas, 2 Alconedo 
Juan Bonilla, 30 Pte. Quebrado 
Jose Claire, 4 Guatimotzin 
Juan Claire, 11 Guatimotzin 
Julian Calzada, 8 S. Juan de Dios 
Claudio Codean, 25 Lopez 
Filomena Diaz, 27 Aguila 
Julian Dieguez, 6 Arco de S. Augustin 
Mateo Flores, S. Lorenzo 
Cornelio Fonte, 6 Pte. de Gallos 
Manuel Garcia, i Cerra da de Jesus 
Simon Garcia, 12 Nuevo Mejico 
Francisco Garrido, D. Amargura. 

Pedro Gaudry, 7 Gante 
Angel Gonzalez, 13 Montialegre 
Luciano Guzman, 4 Alconedo 
Pedro Hernandez, Puerta Falso de St. Do- 
Antonio Jimenez, 3 de S. Pablo 
-Martin Jimenez, 4 Correo Mayor 
Pedro Leprince, 6 Nuevo Mejico 
A. Lopez, Mata, 29 Ortega 
Lorenzo Martinez, 8 del Degollado 
Pascual Mondoza, 3 Estampa de San Andres 
J. M. Mercado, 8 Carzuela 
Luis Morales, 5 Cerrado de Jesus 
Desiderio Naranjo, 14 Cocheras 
M. Ogamachea, 4 Parque del Conde 
Florentino Oliver, 6 Chiquihuiteras 
Miguel Ordonez, 6 Quemada 
Francisco Pozo, 22 S. Lorenzo 
Sucesor de Richaud, Zuleta 
Vicinte Rodriguez, 2 Providencia 
Jose Maria Romero, 8 Estanco de Mujeres 
Viuda de Rossemberg, 13 S. Francisco 
Roque Ruiz, 2 Perpetua 
M. G. Salgado, 5 Mina 
Francisco Sanchez, 4 Comonfort 
Joaquin Silva, frente la Academia 
Ventura Solis, 13 de S. Pablo 
Prospero Torrejoh, 25 Zaragoza 
Domingo Vargas, 3_J^ Estampa de Balvanera 
Espiridion Vasquez, 6 Puesto Nuevo 
J. M. Vergara, de Amargura 
Manuel Zuiiiga, 22 Misericordia 

Boolisellers and Stationers. 

Vincente Martinez, 4 Monterilla 

Gregorio Palacio, Cinco de Mayo 

Jose Ramirez, 3 Espiritu Santo 

Ricardo Saenz, 3 Plateros 

C. Sanchez, 7 Pte. del Espiritu Santo 

Fedrico Vaugier, 9 S. Francisco 

A. Bernard, 9 Tacuba 

Guillermo Dorn, Cinco de Mayo 

Mariono Galvez, 11 la Sto. Domingo 

Kauser y Martin, 7 Espiritu Santo 

Fredrico Ludert, Profesa 

J. Ortega, 11 Santo Domingo 

Treuber Hermanos, 14 Cadena 

Francisco Abadiano, 17 Escalerillas 

Aguilar y Ortiz, 6 Primera Sto. Domingo 

Andrade, Viuda de, 4 Portal de Agustinos 

Andrade y Soriano, 10 Joya 

Ballesca y Ca., Callejon de Amor de Dios 

N. Budin, 2 Segunda S. Francisco 

Juan Buxo y Ca. , 4 Portal del Aguila de Oro 

M. Cambeses y Ca. , 8 Tacuba 

Ramon Cueva, 3 Seminario 

Nabor Chavez, Portal del Aguila de Oro 

Dublau y Ca. , 3 Segunda Plateros 

L. Duarta, 8 San Jose el Real 

Jesus Herrara, Portal de Agustinos 

J. F. Jens, 22 San Jose Real 

E. Murguia, 18 y 19 Flamencos 

Rafael Ortega y Vasquez, 11 Primera Sto. 

Valdes y Cueva, 3 San Jose el Real 
Vicente Villada, 8 Primera Reloj 
Juan Canals, 3 Portal de Agustinos 
Carlos Buret, 14 Cinco de Mayo 
Carlos Tamborrel, 9 San Ildefonso 
Francisco de Leon Diaz, 18 San Jose el Real 
Juan de la Parres Fuente H Chiguis 
Adrian de Garay, 6 Pepetua 

The City of Mexico. 


• Booksellers, 'EXC— continued. 

H. p. Hamilton, i Vegara 

Antonio R. Urrea, 6 Cinesde Mayo 

Carlos Vincourt, 5 Espiritu Santo 

F. P. Hoeck, 13 San Francisco 

Joaquin Nicolau, 5 Espiritu Santo 

E. Portu, Cincode Maj'o 

Jose Rioy Revira, 14 Puente Quebrado 


Anionic Arroyo, Sj4 Perpetua 

Jesus Calvillo, Esclavo 

Andres Castillo, 16 S. Jose el Real 

Alejandro Freire, 8 Moneda 

Mariano Galvez, 16 S. Lorenzo 

M. Guerra, 4 Cinco de Mayo, 4 

Celso Jara, 15 Zuleta 

Jesus Machuca, 21 Medinas 

Filomeno Mata, S. Andres 

Parres y Ca. , Independencia 

Jose Rodriguez, 7 Cordobanes 

Ricardo Sainz, 4 Plateros 

Miguel Torner, 6 S. Lorenzo 

C. Vargas Machuca, 3 Reloj 

Leon F. de Diaz, 10 Callejon Santa Clara 

Alejandro Marcue, 18 Tiburcio 

Boot and Shoe Dealers, Retail. 

Andres Acevedo, 10 Coliseo 

Jorge Araujo, 7 Reloj 

A. Arellano, 10 Seminario 

Pablo Carrillo, 11 Ortega 

R. Castellanos, Victora E. 

Gabriel Chacon, 1 1 Coliseo 

F. Davalos, ii Seminario 

Agustin Delgado, i S. Juan 

Felipe Flores, 7 S. Francisco 

Jesus Gonzalez, 18 Sta. Clara 

Salvador Guardarrama, 8 Vegara 

A. Hurtado, 6 Portacoeli 

Jesus Leite, 8 Monterilla 

Diego Leon, 10 Seminario 

Alejandro Mendez, i6 Vergara 

Jesus Nuiiez, 4 S. Juan de Dios 

Pedro Ordoiiez, 17 Vergara 

M. Pascual, 3 Espiritu Santo 

Santa A. Pietra, 10 S. Hipolito 

Luis Portron, 16 Refugio 

J. Huenrostro, 7 Segunda Reloj 

Saldino Nunez, Damas y Ortega 

Pichardo y Ca., 19 Santa Clara 

Santa Maria y Ca., i Primera Indio Triste 

M. S'.'gura, 19 Aguila 

Sevilla y Villagran, Segunda Reloj y Monte 

Canute Sigales, 7 Vergara 
Sobrinho y Garcia, Vergara y Cinco de Mayo 
Francisco Trejo, 6 Segunda S. Francisco 
Miguel Valencia, 2 Hospital Real 
Ignacio Valle, 3 Estampa Jesus 
R. Jiorga, 2 Primera Jndio Triste 
Manuel Briseno, 24 Ortega 
Isidcro Castillo, 12 Coliseo Viejo 
Ildefonso Espinosa, 8 Coliseo 
Juan Lopez, 15 Ortega 
Guadalupe Monroy, 14 Coliseo 
Marcos Pefia flor, 7>^ Correo Mayor 
M. Hormigo, letra F Vergara 
Juan Alfaro, del Reloj 
Lorenzo Almazan, Pucnto de Monzon 
Prisciliano Alvide, 3 Mayor Corrc dc Ptc. 

Jose M. Anaya, 7 de la Pilaseca 
Junan Arevalo. 24 Lorenzo San de 
Guadalupe Balderraina, 1 1 Neri Felipe San 
Vicente Barranco, i Santo Domingo 
Josefa Becherel, 7 de Mesones 
Vincente Belmont, i Balvanera 
Emili G. Beiiitez, 10 Viejo Coliseo 
Antonie Bermeo, 12 San Francisco 
Abrahana Bermudes 18;^ Clara Santa 
Ramos Angel Bernal, 1 1 '4 Vergara 
Jose de la Luz Bernal 4 San Ramon 
Alberto Bucardo y Ca., 14 Viejo Coliseo 
Felicitas Carmona, 6 Rebeldes 
Epitacio Cardenas, 9 Puentede Monzon 
Ignacio Cardoso 2 de la Granada 
Rafael Casillas, 8 Joya 
Teofilo Celada, 8 Del Reloj 
Enrique Cervantes, 4 Portacoeli de Bajos 
Gabriel Chacon y Ca., 15 Vergara 
Juan M. Davalos, i Coliseo 
Francisco Davo, 21 Tacuba 
Jacinto Daza, Sur al, A Venero 
Santos Delgado, 13 Portacoeli 
Policarpo Diaz, A 3 de San Ramon 
Jesus Diaz, 13 Refugio 
Fortino C. Diosdado, 11 A Jose de Gracia 
Juan J. Domingnez, 6 San Francisco 
Elugio Espinosa, 4 Parque del Conde 
Sabino Estevez, 7 Indio Triste 
Rita A. de Fernandez, 7 Arcade San Agustin 
Elugio Figuero, 4 Alegria 
Dionisio Gallegos, 4 Portal de Agustinos 
Francisco Garcia, 26 Tacuba 
j German Gonzalez, 8 Cerea de San DoaLngo 
M. Gonzalez, 15 Maurique 
Amalia Gonzalez, 33 Ortega 
I Juan Gonzalez, 5 Indio Triste 
I Catalina Gonzalez, 3 Santa Catilina 
J. Goroztiaga, 14 San Hipolito 
! E. Iturriaga, 6 del Reloj 
Ignacio Izunza, 7 Sapo 
Braulio Zaramillo, Amagura al Norte 
Hilario Juarez, 6 Calle Verda 
Jose Langot, 16 Coliseo Viejo 
Larrea y Gonzalez, 9 Vergard Maria Lopez, 11 San Lorenzo 
Luis Lopez, 4 San Felipe Feri 
Gregorio Lopez, 8 Correo Mayar 
Ignacio Lopez, 7 Santa 
Francisco Llamas, 2 Mariscala 
Adolfo Martinez, 7 Parcpiedel Conde 
Concepcion Martinez, 10 Puente Quebrado 
Mayorga Justo, i Calle de las Bonitas 
Luis Mejia, 2 Puente de la Lena 
Higin Mcndoza, 4 dc Mesones 
Hilario Molina, 10 Sepulcros Santo Domingo 
Angel Montano, 9 Jesus Nazareno 
Lazaro de Oca Montes, 15J4 San Juan 
Antonia de Oca Montes, 8 del Rastro 
Liicas Mcjralcs, 2 Bajos de San Agustin 
Ana Maria Moreno, 3 San Juan 
Abraham Munn/., 3^^ Sapo 
Juaiia Nava, 13 Alfaro 
August ina Naval, 4 del Factor 
Aga])ita Nunez, 3 Bajos de Portacoeli 
Jacobo Ocainpo, Guerrero 
Guadalupe Olguin, 16 Balvanera 
Manuel de J. Ortiz, 14 Panpie del Conde 
Tcodosio Ortiz, 14 Panpie del Conde, al Sur 
Refugio Hernandez y I'ardinas, (Juesadas 
Petra Perea, 5 de Mesones 
Juan Perez, 5 Bajos de Portacoeli 


Delmae's Trades Directory ais^d Mercantile Manual. 

Boot and Shoes, Ketail- 


Suarez y Perez, 5 Vergara 

Felix de la Portilla, 13 Calle Ancha 

Agustin Portocarrero, 6 la Damas fior Ortega 

Eusebio Ramirez, 9 San Felipe Neri 

Ramirez L, 4 Jesus Nazareno 

Manuel Raso, 7 Balvanera 

Cirilo Rellat, i de las Damas 

Apholonio Reyes, 2 de San Francisco 

Domingo Rincon, 4 Estampa de Balvanera 

Felipe Kivera, 8 Acequia 

Rodriguez E., 8 Arco de San Agustin 

Casimiro Rojas, 18 Parque del Conde 

Concepcion Romanes, 6 Jesus Nazareno 

Soledad Rosas, 3 Bajos de Portacoeli 

Manuel Ruiz, 11 San Pedro y San Peblo 

■L. S. Santamaria, y Ca., 16 Jose el Real 

Marciano Sarmiento, 4 del Indio Triste 

G. Segura, io>^ Sepulcros de Santo Domingo 

Julio Siegel, 24 >^ Medinas 

Santos Sigales, 24 de Mesones 

Albino Somera, 2 Portillo de San Diego 

Masia Soto, 5 del Reloj 

Masia Refugio Suarez, 21 Santa Clara 

Luis G. Tafua, 19 Chavania , j c . 

Francisco Tapia, 11 y 12 Mercado de Santa 

Encarnacion Tellez, 17 Vereno 
Luciano Tinoco, 15 Cuadrante S. Miguel 
Antonio Torres, 3 Talavera 
Anselmo Troncoso, i Nuevo Mexico 
Tomasa Uribe, 4 del Reloj 
Angel Urosa, 2 Puerta Falsa de la Merced 
Maria de Jesus Torres, 15 Coranzon de Jesus 
Pedro Vargas, 4 de la Pilareca 
Jose Victoria, 9 Puente de Peredo 
Torres y Villaseca, 2 de San Francisco 


Apolonio Castaneda, 14 S. Ramon 
Pablo Gutierrez, Chilpa 
J. M. Herrerias, 5 Pte. de Santo Tomas 
J. M. Morales, Colonia de Buenavista 
Bonifacio Olvera, B. de los Reyes 
Vidal Rivero, Barrio de Santiago 
Jacinto Silva, Chilpa 
Manuel Vivar, Barrio de Santiago 
Francisco Zuiiiga, 6>4 Sto. Tomas 
Vicente Gutierrez, Calzada del Campo Flondo 
Jesus Patino, Colonia Arquitectos 
E. Salgado, Tlaltelolco 
Atilano Vargas, Callejon Vivero 
Francisco Zuiiiga, 6 >2 Puente Sto. Tomas 
Brokers and Manufacturers' 
Pedro Arriaga, No. u Sta. Ines. 
Ignacio Beltran, 4 Estampa S. Lorenzo 

Miguel Beltran, 2 Sto. Domingo 

Sebastian Berra, 15 Chiquis 

V. Cosio, I Moscas 

Pedro Diaz, 14 Doncelas 

J. M. Echeverria, Hotel de San Carlos 

Ignacio Esquivel, 5 Ratas 

Manuel Gil, 9 Puerto Nuevo 

Vicente Guillen, 10 Montealegre 

Angel Islas, 16 Zuleta 

Gregorio Lauda, i Agustinos 

Miguel Laso, 2 S. Agustin 

Manuel Miranda, 6 de Sta. Clara 

Julian Montiel, 22 Mesones 

J. Amberg, 16 Capuchinas 

Francisco Perez, de Cara 

Juan Perez de Leon, i Palacio 

Manuel Armijo, 16 Cocheras 

Francisco de P. Azpe, 6 Sta. Isabel 

Simon Baeza, 13 Escalerillas 

Felipe Bala, 10 Zapateros 

Jose Julian Baron, 712 San Lorenzo 

David Bache, 8 de Tezontlale 

Jesus Benavides, 8 Calle Nueva 

Rafael Benavides, 7 Apartado 

Octaviano M. Betancourt, 13 Escalerillas 

Ignacio Boisso, 10 de Toribio 

Juan BorboUa, 14 Tacuba 

Antonio Bravo, 10 Nuevo Mejico 

Jose Breier, 5 Tiburcio 

Manuel Bulnes, 21 Medinas 

Jose Maria Calero, 4 Cazuela 

Manuel Campos, 9 Jesus 

Rafael Cancino, 2 Angel 

Narciso Carreno, 6 Capuchinas 

Longinos Cesar, 21 Hospicio de San Nicolas 

Manuel Cordoba, 6 del Carmen 

Pablo Cordoba, 11 Ortega 

Alberto Crombe, 2 Esclavo 

Luciano Cueto, 2 Angel 

Alberto Chastanier, 17 Don Juan Manuel 

Mariano Duran, 25 Medinas 

Adolfo Durruty, 6 Seminario 

Domingo Durruty, 9 Capuchinas 

Pascual Eguia, 4 R. de Jesus 

Vicente Enciso, 6 Capuchinas 

Tomas Enriquez, 1 1 S. Andres 

Vortino Espana, 17 D. Juan Manuel 

Manuel Espejel, 2 de la Condesa 

Ramon Fajardo, 4 de Santiaguito 

Alberto Fribolin, 20 D. Juan Manuel 

Luis Friesch, 5 Coliseo Viejo 

Emilio Froger, 6 S. Agustin 

Farciso de la Fuente, 20 S. Cosme 

Salvador de la Fuente, 1 1 Capuchinas 

Crescendo Galvan, 17 Moras 

Manuel Galligo, 20 Mesones 

Joaquin Gamboa, 5 Buenavista 

Antonio Garcia, 9 S. Lorenzo 

Estanislao Garcia, 20 Don Juan Manuel 

Amado Garduno, 26 Donceles 

Desiderio Gariel, i Monterilla 

Antonio Gonzalez, 13 Dolores 

Joaquin Gonzalez Cardenas, ii Alfaro 

Juan Goyhenne, 12 S. Agustin 

Gustavo Guichenne, 4 Ocampo 

Valeriano Gutierrez, 3 D. Juan Manuel 

Jose Maria Haro, 5 Portal de las Flores 

Tomas Herrera, 5 San Felipe de Jesus 

Ignacio Hinojosa, 6 S. Miguel 

Hurtado, 5 de Tezontale 

Manuel Ibarrola, 4 Angel 

Alfredo Labadie, Via de S. Cosmo 

Jose de la Lama, 23 D. Juan Manuel 

Avelino Lamadrid, 10 Rosales 

Daniel Lazo, S. Bernardo 

Enrique Ledoyhen, 20 Alcarceria 

Vicente Martinez, Segunda de Monterilla 

Isidor Maciel, 20 Aguia 

Jose Mangino, 4 Monterilla 

Manuel Martinez, 5 Seminario 

Jose Maria Mendez, Real de Santa Ana 

Jose Mendoza, 12 Manzanares 

Juan N. Monterubio, 10 Corazon de Jesus 

Jose Maria Montes, 2 Reloj 

Casto de la Mora, 3 D. Juan Manuel 

Antonio Muller, 4 S Jose el Real 

The City of Mexico. 


Brokers, Etc. — continued. 

Jose Maria Xajera, Balvanera 

Juan Munar de la Tone, 1 1 Balvanura 

Fernando Noriega, 8 Ruemada 

Joaquin Ortiz de la Huerta, 4 San Francisco 

Nianuel Orvananos, 2 bajo de Portacoeli 

Gregorio Palacio, 3 S. Agustin 

Placido Pastor, 15 Venero 

Enrique Pena, 9 Reloj 

Ignacio R. Piquero, 7 Regina 

Enrique Pomier, Espiritu Santo 

Narciso de la Puente, 20 S. Cosme 

Jose Maria Revelo, 11 Ansinas 

Jose Maria Rico, 16 Chavarria 

Paulino Richaud Monterilla 

Herman Rosier, 5 Cadena 

Francisco Reriz Torres, 2 Cocheras 

Jose Maria Salas, 3 de Sta. Sues 

Florencio Saldana, 10 Estanco de Mujures 

Agustin Salguero, 9 Balvanera 

Telesforo Sanroman, 17 S. Bernardo 

Jueto Santamarina, 9 S. Agustin 

Agustin Santiago, 13 Don Juan Manuel 

Juan N. Sevella, 4 Plateros 

Leon Stein, 3 Angel 

Francisco Vega, 20 Don Juan Manuel 

Francisco de P. Suarez, 4 Tarasquillo 

Cayetano Tellez, 4 Aduana Vieja 

Rodolfo de la Torre, 21 Don Juan Manuel 

C. Vazquez, 9 Don Juan Manuel 

Jose Maria Veraza, 7 Tacuba 

Ignacio Napiain, 3 Cadena 

Ricardo Perez, 2 de la Santisima 

Martiniano Pino, 19 Santa Clara 

Carlos Pina, Colonia de Colon 

Jose Ruheda, 8 de Tierra 

Ricardo Sandova, Escalerillas 

Ignacio Solares, 13 Lopez 

Leandro Teija Senade, 4 S. Lorenzo 

Antonio Trigueros, 8 Veronica 

Maximino Zozaya, 16 Donceles 

Guadalupe Romero, 1 1 Victoria 

Santamaria y Ca, i Indio Triste 

M. Segura, 19 Aguila 

L. Sevilla y Villegran, Reloj 

Canuto Sigales, 7 Vergata 

Sobriny Garcia, Vergara y 5a de Mayo 

Dolores Soria, 4 Factor 

Francisco Trejo, 6 S Francisco 

Miguel Valencia, 2 Hospital Real 

Ignacio Valle, 3 Estampade Jesus 

Isauro Arsinas, Ausente 

Guerra y Joaquin Valle, 6 la de la Merced 

Mariano Naveda, en Toluca 

Maximo Zozava, 16 Donceles 

Brokers, Financial, Stock and 

Jose Auyano, 5 Aduana Vieja * 

Baron Forbes y Ca., 9 S. Francisco 

Delgado y Camacho, 274 Pte. de Curtidoris 

Juan Duefias 19 3a del Cinco de Maye 

M. Gutierrez, 9 Puente de S. Pedro 

Leon .Salazar y Mont, 9 I'',ni])eihill(> 

I£. Pereilo y Ca., 15 Dun Juan Manuel 

J. Pinzon, 5 Inditas 

V. Rivero, i A. Manuel Gonzalez 

Domingo Sanches, 16 'I'ilnircio 

Francisco F. Sancliez, 4i<S liscalcrillas 

Beneke y Ca. (successors (jf), 7 Capuchinas 

Cardeiia y Ca. (successors), 12 Bellemitas 

J.' Escalante de Contreras, 16 Puente del Circvo 

J. P. Dueiias, 5 Victoria 

Francisco y Manuel Diaz, i Plq. de Palacio. 

Antonio Escandon, 4 Estampa de Jesus 

Angela Garduiio, i PI. de San Pablo 

Guadalupe Garduiio, 3 las Moseas 

Jose Gargollo, 5 la Independencia 

Bruno Guerrero, n Parque del Conde 

Manuel Gutierrez, 9 San Pablo 

Carlos Hagenbeck, 5 Codena 

Bernado Honig, 7 San Andres 

E. Humana, 6 Puesto Nuevo 
Manuel Ibafiez, 2 Capuchinas. 

F. G. Jaurigui, 14 Escalerillas 
Dolores Lopez, 2 Arcade San Agustin 
Ciriaco Llorente, lo^ Callejon de S. Innes 
P. Mortin y Ca., 21 Cadena 

Luis Migoni. 3 las Damas 

Monroy y Morales, 6 Escalerillas 

Pedro Mutio, 8 Corazon de Jesus 

Guadalupe Olvera, u Maravillas 

Huerta R. de la Ortiz, 22 Tiburcio 

Agustin Pacheco, 3 Cuevas 

Jose C. Pinzon, 5 Inditas 

Agustin Portocarrero, i Porteria Regina 

F. M. de Prida, 5 S. Agustin 

M. Ramirez, 17 la Merced 

Rapp, Sonimer y Ca., i Ocampo 

F. P. del Rio, 9 Zuleta 

Vidal Rivero, i Avineda Manuel Gonzalez 

A. Roldan, 9 Seminario 

M. de la Rosa, 4 del Factor 

Enrique M. Rubio, 16 San Augustin 

R. M. Salgado, 5 Portalde Sto. Domingo. 

Nicolas Serrano, 4 Cerradade S. Teresa 

Ignacio Sevilla, 5 Ortega 

H. Scherer y Ca., 8 Don Juan Manuel 

Nicholas de Teresa, 4 Lerdo 

Francisco Torres, 5 Canoa 

Jose Uribe, 4 Callejon del Espiritu Santo 

Paula Vargas, 9 Quemada 

Jesus P. Vega, 6 Santa Teresa 

H. D. Watermeyer, 18 Cadena 

Rosa Vera, 3 .San Pedro 

Maria Zenteno, 2 Golosas 

Brokers— General Merchandise. 

Who sell by sample only, for merchants, manu- 
facturers and others. 
Alcantara y Carrasco, la de Santa Catarina, 2 
Demetcno Barenque, 8 Arcode S. Agustin 
Benitez, Landa y Ca, 7 Tiburcio 
Luis Borel, 2 Lerdo 

Agustin Bornemann, n Don Juan Miguel 
German Bossier, 4 Angel 
Cabusut y Derbesy, 6 Cincode Mayo 
Fedrico Caine, 10 Refugio 
Castello, Gutierrez y Ca., 16 Cadena 
F. Coblentz, 11 Palma 
Diego Corral, 2 San Agustin 
Jose Christen y Ca., 7 Pte. del Espiritu Santo 
I'^dmuntlo Dalnaus, 13 Palma 
Darque y Perez, 2 Tiburcio 
.S. Diego Dunl)ar, 9 Don Juan Manuel 
M. During, 13 I'lcfugio 
Eugenio Frev, 8 Zuh-ta 
Luis Frisch y Ca., 11, 21I ile Plateros 
Jose Maria Gast<jn, 7 Gante 
Gonzalez llernianos, 22 San Feli[ie Neri 
Moriz Horner, 2 Angel 
Vicente Ibarra, 10 San Bernado 
Martin de Irigoyen, 8 San Agustin 
Mcstas y Garcia, 2 D(jn Juan .Manuel 


Delmae's Trades Directoet axd Mercantile Manual. 

'Brokers— (ron(in)ied. 

Prida, Navarro y Ca., 5 San Agustin 

Federico Ritter y Ca., 9 Capuchinas 

Gil Rico, 15 Cadena 

Jose F. Riva, 11 Mariscala 

Rafael Salcido, 13 San Francisco 

Francisco Sanchez de Tagle, 6 Seminano 

Rudolfo Schwarzer, 7 P. del Espiritu Santo 

G. M. Stankiewiez, 10 Alfaro 

Simon Thonika, 4 de Mesones 

Rodolfo de la Torre, 21 Don Juan Manuel 

Trueba Hermanos, 14 Cabena 

Juan Ulibarri, 3 San Agustin 

Francisco del Valle, 16 San Agustin 

Willkomen, Sittig y Ca., 17 San Bernardo. 

Carriage and Wagon Dealers. 

Roberto Boker y Ca. , 8 Betlemitas 

Masseron y Seres, 27 Sapo 

Felipe Nava, 2 Pte. San Pablo 

Agustin Olaez, 9 la Magnolia 

Jose G. Ortego, Alconedo 

M. Pascal 

Andres Vent 

Avineda Balderes 

Gabriel Martinez Suarez, 2 de San Pedro 

Juan Ramirez, 3 Rebeldes 

Joaquin Ceasar, Chiquihuiteras 

E. Decastraque, 27 Sapo 

Valentin Elcoro, 4 Comonfor 

J. Maza, 5 Amargura 

J. Moricard, I Rinconada de Santa Ana 

Victor E. Orozco, 4 Real de Santa Ana 

Hugo Wilson, Tercera del Sapo 

Tomas Wilson, y Ca., Ex-convento de San 

Adolfo Risser, 13 la de San Francisco 
Wexel y De Gress, 5 ladePlateros 

China, Crockery and Glassware. 

Miguel Albear, 19 Escalerillas 
Aguirre y Hermanos, Cinco de Mayo 
J. M. Del Rio, 6 Palma 
Guillermo Dorn y Ca., Cinco de Mayo 
M. Espejel, 5 Portal de Agustinos 
Tose Gomez de la Vega, loa Santo Domingo 
E Hillebrand y Ca., 4 Plateros y Epemdradillos 
Tomas del Pino, 5 Portal de Agustinos 
Rigal Lubet y Ca. (successor). Portal de Agus- 
Nestor Gutierrez, 10 Portillo San Diego 
Mariano Aranjo, 14 Soledad de Santa Cruz 
Alberto Caisseiller, 15 Refugio 
Camilo Avalos, 2 Plazuela Zaragosa 
Mariano Olea, 11 Santo Domingo 
Carmen Bravo, 13 la Merced 
Antonis Derflinger, 1 1 Tacuba 
Rufo y Ca., 14 San Francisco 
Juan M. Dupont, 2 Bajos de Portacoeli 
Miguel Zimenez, 28 la Merced 
Francisco Mendez, 11 Bajos de Portacoeli 
Agustin Ocampo, 3 La Cadena 
Antonio M. Priani, Santo Domingo 
J. Sarraille, 18 Callejon de Santa Clara 
M. del Rio Uriarte, 3 Encarnacion 

Chocolate Factories. 

T. Aranguren, 5 Bajos San Agustin 
S. Fernandez, 22 Tacuba 
Ignacio K. Ferrer, 19 Tacuba 
Franco y Ca., 4 Moras 

Juan Gavito, 19 Tacuba 
Francisco Iturria, 10 Acequia 
C. Maurique, 6 Pelaseca 
P. Manquia y hijos, 8 la Merced 
Alonzo Noriega, 7 la Merced 
F. Rafals y C, San Lorenzo 

Coal, Wood and Fuel Dealers. 

Ignacio Capetillo, 5 Primera del Reloj 
A. Guerrero y Ca., 16 Cuanhtemotzin 
Feliz Ortega, I Puente Pipis 
F Sequeiro, 4 y " Matadero 
Frejo y Zormoza, 16 Cuantemozin 
Julian Arechavala, 2 P. San Lorenzo 
T M. Hernandez, 8 S. Barbara 
Ignacio Mora de Arroyo, 5 EscobiUera 
Remejio Noriega 
Diego Ortiz, Plaza San Lazaro 
Jose Rodriguez, 10 Matadero 
Jose A. Roldan, PI. San Lazaro 
Jose Ramos Sanchez, PL San Lazaro 

Commission Merchants, Importing 
and General. 

Julio Albert y Ca., 4 Monterilla 

Benneke y Ca., 7 Capuchinas 

Bermejillo Bros., 10 Capuchinas 

Ebrard y Ca., San Bernado 

Fourcade y Goupil, 8 Plateros 

G. Gathz, 19 Tlapaleros 

GuerinyCa., 11 Monterilla 

LavieyCa., 3 Ocampo 

Levy y Martin, Monterilla 

Martinezy Ca., 2 Angel 

Roves y Ca., i Capuchinas 

Ignacio Noriega, 5 Angel 

Pedro Pelaez, 16 Cadena 

Richaud Aubert, y Ca., 12 Empedradillo 

Juan N. Sevilla, 3 Plateros 

SchultzeyCa., 19 Monterilla 

The Seeger & Guernsey Co., 5 Calle de ban 

Suinaga Bros., 20 Cadena 
Nicolas Teresa, 4 Lerdo 
Uhink y Ca., 22 Don Juan Manuel 
Watermeyer y Ca., 2 Angel 
Watson, Phillips y Ca., 10 Don Juan Manuel 
Santiago Lohse, 4 D. Juan Manuel 
Guillermo Lohse y Ca., Sucesor de 9 Palma 
J Ollivier v Ca., 5 y 6 Septima Monterilla 
Portillay Hijos, 13 Capuchinas 
Ignacio Aguirre y Hermanos, Cmco de Ma>o 
Abascal y Perez, Corres Mayor 
Vicente Alonzo, 4 San Bernado 
Basagoite y Posada, Plateros y Alcaicera 
Maximo Cabrera, 7 Puente de la Lena 
C. Duverdon, 2 Puente del Espiritu banto 
Genin (Viuda) 3 Plateros 
Larco Hermanos, i Coliseo 
Mancina Hermanos, 9 Independencia 
Alonso Noriego, 7 Puente de Jesus Maria 
Brehm y Ca., 7 Don Juan Manuel 
Max. ChauvetyCa., 19 San Bernado 
Robert Boker y Ca., 4 Puente Espiritu Santo 
Balloneau, Casson y Ca. , i Lerao 
Pablo Bonnerue, 9 Refugio 
T. Castaiieda, 12 Palma 
A. Cambaluzier, 5 Plateros 
Eugenio Delarue, i Plateros 
Diehly Ca., i Flamencos 
Elcoro Lopez y Ca., 24 Cadena 
Lohse y Ca., 9 Palma 

The City of Mexico. 


Gouimissioii Merchants — cotitimwd. 

Jose Azcona, i6 Escalerillas 

Alax A. Phillipp )■• Ca. , Empedrillo 

-Marcial Pezana, 19 Refugio 

Ponton Hermanos, 3 Rejas de Balvanera 

Kamon Ponton, i Portacoeli 

Agustin Rovalo, 3 Reloj 

Trueba y Calleja, Estampa de Jesus 

Jose Guerra Torriello, 2 Jesus Nazareno 

Isadoro de la Torre Hermanos, S Reloj 

Ambrosio Sanchez, i San Francisco 

Santo, Munuzuri y Ca. , Santo Domingo 

Rafael Salcido, 13 San Francisco 

Rapp, Sommer y Ca. , 4 Palma 

Jose Maria del Rio, 6 Palma 

Martinez y Ca., 2 Angel 

F. P. de Portilla Hijos, 13 Capuchinas 

i'eliciano Rodriguez, 10 Puente de Palacio 

M. del Rio Uriarte, 10 Empradillo 

Uhink y Ca., 22 Don Juan Alanuel 

Uhink Hermanos y Zahn, g San Francisco 

Schultzey Ca. , 9 IVIonterilla 

Signoret, Honorat y Ca. , 8 Monterilla 

Tron y Ca., i Portal de las Flores 

V. Viadero, 4 San Agustin 

Watson, Phillips y Ca., 10 Don Juan Manuel 

Simon Weil y Ca., i Plateros 

Francisco Zepedia, 7 San Francisco 

Shemidt y Baujeau, 23 Don Juan Manuel 

M. Gutierrez, 3 Don Juan Manuel 

Daniel Levy, 2 Cinco de Mayo 

Simon Thomka, 8 San Jose el Real 

Formento y Ca., 20 Coliseo Viejo 

Salvador de la Fuente, 1 1 Capuchinas 

Antonia G. Guerra, 14 Capuchinas 

Adolfo Torre, 24 D. Juan Manuel 


Finamori y Amelio, 16 Arco S. Agustin 
Julio Nev^, II San Juan de Letran 

Corn Mills. 

Alberto Bracho, Parados 
Estanislao Caballero, Puento Solano 
Manual Caballero de los Olivos, 3 Beas 
Carlos Ditner, 2^ 2a Deiicias 
Felix Garibay, Magueyitos O. 

Cotton and Woolen Mills. 

Jose M. Carballeda, 13 de Belen 

Agustin Villegas y Ca, lo San Cipriano 

Joa<]uin Lara, Garrapata 

Arena y Hermanos, PI. de Madrid 

R. Nariega, San Antonio 

Suinaga, Hnos, 2 Caliejon de Basque 

J. Viadero, Puente de Jamaica 


Benito Acuna, 20 Refugio 

Tijera y Blessel, 13 Refugio 

Emigdio Carillo, S. Francisco 

Ricardo Cromlje, 12 Plaleras 

Mariano y Iguacio Cliacon, 13 Refugie 

Hassel, i Puente San Francisco 

Antonio Rocjue, 11 Santa Clara 

JosC- Soriano, 50 de Mayo 

W. H. Keller, 7 Espiritu Santo 

R. Aristi, 13 la San l-'rancisco 

F. Landecho, i Scgunda dc San Francisco 

R. Rico, 9 Empcdradillo 

R. Sevilla, 13 1^ de San Francisco 

Drugs, Chemicals, Etc., AVhole- 

Miguel Bachiller, 2 Espiritu Santo 

Enrique Biester, 13 Refugio 

.\ifonso A. Brilo, 4 Empedradijlo 

Henry B. Carman, i Puente Sart Francisco 

Carmona y Aparicio, 5 Cerea Sto. Domingo 

Agustin Chorne, 24 Meesones 

Serafina C. Daumy, Hotel Colon 

J. Falero, 22 San Jose el Real 

Ignacio Gallardo, 22 San Lorenzo 

Justo Z. Gudiiio, i Balvanera 

Pedro Hinojosa, 69 Moctezuma 

Miguel E. Leiter, Puente del Espiritu Santo 

Z. M. Perez, 5 Profesa 

Josejih Spyer, 3 Palma 

Luis Tejera, 13 Cadena 

.\ndrea y Soriano, 10 Joya 

Bennet y Ca. (successor of), i Cordobanes 

Jose E. Bustillos (estate of), 8 Tacuba 

Drogueria Universal, i Puente Espiritu Santo 

Farine y Sanders, Lerdo y Refugio 

C. Felix y Ca., 4 Profesa 

Uhelein y Ca. (successors of), 3 Coleseo 

A. Vargas y Ca., 2 Espiritu Santo 

Druggists, Retail. 

Jos^ Abeleira, 8 Pte. de Jesus 

Evaristo Bustillos, 7 Tacuba 

juan Bustillos, Tacubaya 

Jose Maria Carmona, 4 Segunda de Sto. Do- 

A. Silva Cervantes, 9 Leon 

Agustin Franco, Botica de Santa Ana 

J. B. Gaona, 6 R. de la Concepcion 

Isidoro Gomez Tagle, S. Hipolito 

Julian Gonzalez, 3 Homeopata, Cinco de Mayo 

Agustin Guerrero, S. Gosme 

.M. Iriarte, Sto. Domingo 

h'rancisco Kasca, Espiritu Santo. 

Jose Lasode la Vega, 12 Reloj 

Francisco Lelo, i Reloj 

Francisco Llamas, i Coliseo 

Crescencio Marin yCa. , 17 S. Hipolito 

K. Oca de Montes, Niiio Perdido 

Ricardo Navarrete, Hospital de Jesus 

[oacpiin Aguilar, 30 San Cosme 

I'l. Aguilera y Ca., 23 Necatitlan 

Baez Hermanos, 13 Guerrero 

Beguerisse y Ca., 16 Puente San Francisco. 

Francisco Bernal, 4 Moriscala 

Antonio Bermudez, 13 Aduana Vieja 

Hermudez y Ca., 7 Santa Catarina. 

Felipe F. Oropeza, 10 Avenida de Lerdo 

Carlos Patino, de Villamil 

Francisco Patino, 7|4 AndrtJs 

.Severiauo Perez, 7 Rio de S. Cosmo 

Franciso Rio de la Loza, Segunda de Vancgas 

Isaac Rio de la Loza, Hospital Real 

.Maximino Rio de la Loza, 4 Primera dc Sta. 

Manuel Sanchez, Portacoeli 

Salvador Tricio, 6 Damas 

Manuel Urbina, 1 S. Juan 

Bernardo del C. Uruela, 15 S. Francisco 

I(jse ^L^ria del Rio, 6 P.alma 

Agustin Coronado, i Olmeilo 

.\. D. Gon/alez, Toribio 

I'Vancisco ]. Boez, Primera dc Guerrero 

I'Vancisco IJernai, 6a de Guerrero 

C.-irlos Margaiii, csmiina del Apartado 

I arios ftiargam, csmiina del j\\ 
Jesus Gonzalez, 3a Cinco dc Ms 


Delmar's Trades Directory axd Merca^jtile Manual. 

Druggists, 'Retail— coHiinued. 

Juan de I. Caiias, 13 Verdeja 

Enrique C. Corral, ii Juarez 

Carlos Cortes, 17 Soto 

Roman Diaz, 9 i)on Toribio 

Agusto Duclana, 8 Amaqura 

M. Flores y Ca., Plaza Juan Jos^ Baz 

Agustin Frias, 4 Avineda de la Paz 

Ignacio Gonzalez, 10 San Juan 

Joaquin M. Gomez, 8 Talevera 

Francisco B. Gordilla, 5 Alhondiga 

Antonio Guerrero, 9 Manzanares 

Florintino Guerrero, Puente San Pedro. 

Miguel Guerrero, 56 Guerrero 

Herrera y Ca. , 6 Factor 

Vicente Licea, 19 San Felipe Neri ♦ 

Benjamin Liz, Mexico y Dolores 

Clara Lefort, 5 Nino Perdido 

Agustin Martinez, 3 Soledad Santa Cruz 

A. A. Mayer, 25 San Lorenzo 

A. Mena, 37 Magnolia 

Jesus Mercado, 4 Puento de Alvaredo 

Jesus Onate, 5 Rejasde Balvanera 

Lorenzo A. Ortega, Zapateros 

Guillermo Portilla, 10 Espiritu Santo 

Rafael Rio de la Loza, 4 Santa Catarina 

Manuel A. Salazar, 7 del Rastro 

Carlos J. Silva, 7 Quemada 

Manuel Torres, i de Mina 

P. Verdugo, 2 Moneda 

Maximo Villagran, 17 San HipoHto 

Juan G. Zubieta, 2 Sapo 

Dry Goods (Importers). 

Vicente Algara y Ca., 6 y 7 Flamencos 
Coria Alvarez, 2 Flamencos 
Manuel Bauche, Segunda Monterilla 
Telesforo Castillon, 14^ San Bernardo 
A. Coria, i Portacoeli 
Simon Coronado, 20 y 21 Flamencos 
A. del Castillo, 10 Puente Palacio 
Manuel Gonzalez, 14 San Bernardo 
L. Espinoza Hurtado, Puente Palacio 
Monterde y Hermanos, 2X San Bernardo 
Anastasio Olveria, 16 y 17 Flamencos 
Luis Ortega, 5 San Bernardo 
Trinidad Quintana, 25 Niiio Perdido 
Feliciano Rodriguez, 10 Puente Palacio 
A. Rullo, 13 y 15 Mercado 
Cerefino Torres, 6 Flamencos 
Jose Velasco, 4 y 5 Flamencos 
Angel Villar, 8 San Bernardo 
Zaldivar Hermano, 879 Flamencos 
Felipe Zaldivar, 7 San Bernardo 


Pedro Cordoba, 6 del Espiritu Santo 
Filomeno Mata, 7 Betlemitas 
Muguia Bustamante, 8 Merced 
Pedro Llagostera, 7 Nuevo Mejico 

Electric Liiglit Co. 

Samuel Knight, Prest., 5 Providencia 

Fireworks, Dealers. 

Valentin Guardiola, 3 Cuevas 

Maximo Pereira, 8 Rosales 

Valentina Guardiola, 3 Callejon de Cuevas 

E. Mata, 5 Peralvillo 

Maximo Pereyda, 44 Magnolia 

Dario Torres, 7 del Topacio 

Fire Insurance Agencies. 

A. Levy y Martin, 3 Ocompo, agents for " La 

Confiance " 

Robert Boker y Ca. , 4 Puente del Espiritu Santo, 
agents for "North British" and "Mercan- 
tile " of London 

E. Benecke, 7 Capuchinas, agent German Ins. 
Co. of Stettin 

H. Scherer y Ca. , 8 Don Juan Manuel., agents 
"London Assurance Co." 

Flour and Corn Mills. 

Benfield, Breker y Ca. , S. Carlos 

Charreton Hermanos, 24 Revillagigedo 

Fortino Aguslar, Calxada del Campo 

Sixto Arroyo, Soto y Magnolia 

Jose Maria Echenique, 25 Arcos de Belem 

S. Fernandez, 27 S. Cosme 

Alberto A. Bracho, 12 Estanco de Hombres 

J. M. Caballero, 3 Callejon de Beas 

Gervasio Clotas, Puente de Salano 

Carlos Dettmer, 3 Delicias 

Jose Maria Garibay, 32 Puente del Zacate 

Joaquin Lara, 3 Calle de Munoz 

M. Sanchez, i Pueblita 

Casto Villademoros, 4 Espalda Misericordia 

Flour, Grain and Seed Merchants. 

Charreton Hermanos, 24 Revillagigedo 
Bernardo Monasterio, 11 Merced 
Alberto A. Bracho, 2 San Jos^ el Real 
Vicente de P. Castro, 9 Callejon de la Olla 
J. Ceballos, 7 Migueles 
Enrique Diffonty, 9 Gante 
G. Galnares, 13 Alhondiga 
Juan Llamedo, E.x. Convento 
Miguel Pacheco, 3 Puente de Molena 


Bandoin y Ca. , 2 Delicias 

J. Brandi, 19 Ortega 

Luis Dantan, 17 Zuleta 

Finanmore y Ca., Arcos de San Agustin 

Antonio Fusco, 34 Ortega 

Neveu Hermanos, 64 S. Juan de Letran 

J. M. Pascuali, i Ortega 

Furniture and Cabinet Ware. 

Victor Aldama, i Independencia 
Lazaro Urrutia, 24 Donceles 
Carlos L. Velasco, 23 Sta. Clara 
Jose Barrera, 10 Vergara 

B. Benac, i S. Francisco 
Eusebio Delgado, Cinco de Mayo 
Pedro Fontaine y Ca., 12 Sta. Clara 
Jose M. Garnica, 5, 6 y 9 Canoa 
Francisco Arteaga, 4 Canoa 
Cornelio Carrillo, 21 San Jos6 el Real 
Juan J. Chavarri, Santo Domingo 
Jesus M. Garrido, 29 Donceles 

Juan Herrera, 13 Canoa 

Eduendo M. Kuhn, 6 Angel 

Adrian Lara, 9 Canoa 

Miguel Martinez, 25 Medinas 

Porfiria Mondragon, 10 Canoa 

Antonio Olvera, 5 Canoa 

Quintana Hermanos, 7 Coliseo Viego 

Faustino Reynoso, 5 Puente Correo Mayor 

Lorenzo Rico, 12 Canoa 

C. Bias Rodriguez, 28 Donceles 
Enrique Sanchez, 5 Canoa 





Gemral Commercial Guide Book 



Designed for European Circulation, and as a Useful, Practical and 

Reliable Guide for Merchants, Commercial Travelers, Tourists, 

Emigrants, and Others Visiting on Contemplating 

a Visit to the United States for Business, 

Pleasure, or as Actual Settlers. 

DF^rLIC^ES, - - SX.OO. 

The object of this interesting and useful work — which is arranged upon an 
entirely different, more practical, more comprehensive and useful plan than the 
average traveler's " Guides " or " Hand-Books " — is : 

First — To acquaint the traveling public with all Hotels, of the first and second 
class, in all parts of the United States and Canada, with their terms, etc. 

Secondly — Giving a synopsis of all Railway and Steamer Lines, with distances 
from point to point, fares, and other information of value and interest to travelers. 

Thirdly — Pointing out the true advantages and disadvantages of various por- 
tions of the United States as places for residence, pleasure, travel, sight-seeing, or in 
which to settle, whether as merchant, skilled mechanic, farmer, clerk or laborer. 

Fourthly — Pointing out the snares, swindling schemes and other pit-falls into 
which strangers are liable to fall. 


Author of " Delmar's Business Directory of Central and South America,''^ " //<w to Seiure 

Trade with Spanish-America," " Delinar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual 

of Mexico, Cuba and the West Indies,'" " ./ Winter in the Tropics,'' etc. 

u 1 1 I (• .\ ( ; () : 






La calidad tan superior de esta famoso Levadura sf ha probado en milliones de familias y por 
mas de vientecinco anos. Es usada por el gobieriio de los Estados Unidos, y esta endorsada por los 
profesores de todos las grandes universidades, estando la mas fuerte, mas pura y mas saludable. 



H libra, 4 de 6 doc en caja 
6onzaS|4 " 6 " " " 




6 " •• 

2,4" 6 " " 

2,4" 6 " " 

1 " " 

1 " " 


J^ lb. 4 or 6 doz. - $1.40 

6 oz. 4 or 6 doz. - 2.00 

% lb. 4 or 6 doz. - 2.60 

Ji lb. 2, 4 or 6 doz 3.90 

I lb. 2, 4 or 6 doz. 5.00 

2% lb. 1 doz. - - 12.00 

4 lb. 14 or I doz. 18.25 

5 lb. % or I doz. 22.75 




En Neuva York, 
Chicago 6 St. Louis. 

- - - $1.40 doc. 

- - - 2.00 " 

- - - 2.60 " 
■ - 3.90 '■ 

- - - 5.00 " 

- - - 12.00 " 

- - - 1825 " 

- - - 22.75 " 

These prices are 
deliverable f. o. b. 
in New York, Chi- 
cago or St. Louis. 

Trade Discounts 

made known on 





The superior e.\cellence of this unequaled Baking Powder has been proven in millions of homes 
for more than a quarter of a century. It is used by the United States Government, and indorsed 
by the heads of the great Universities as the Strongest, Purest and Most Healthful. Dr. Price's 
Cream Baking Powder does not contain Ammonia, Lime or Alum. Sold only in Cans . 

The City of Mexico. 


Furuiture, 'Eitc.—co7i(i}:ued. 

Ines Villaverde, 27 Donceles 
Placedo Zendejas, 22 Donceles 

Gas Fixtures, Lamps, Etc. 

Aguirre Hermanos, 10 y 1 1 Pte. del Correo Mayor 
Juan A. Bennet Siicesores, la Santo Domingo y 

Roberto Boker, Purente Espiritu Santo y Cadena 
Felipe Cejudo, 10 Esclavo 
J. M. Del Rio, 6 Palma 
Guillermo Dorn, Cinco Mayo 
Elcoso Lopez y Ca., i Cadena y Angel 
J. J. Finlay y Ca., Mina 
Agustin Gutheir, 4 Palma 
German Garthz, 19 Tlapaleros 
Izquierdo y Garibay, 4 Cinco Mayo 
Martin Leffman y Hijos, 12 y 13 Palma 
Lhose y Ca., Sucesores, 9 Palma 
A. Philip Max, Cinco, Mayo 
Eduardo Roa, 10 Vergara 
Valdes y Rufo, 10 y 12 Cinco Mayo. 

Glass Dealers, Plate and Mirror. 

Ignacio Aguirre, loy 11 Correo Mayor 
Luis G. Arnaldo, 6 Profesa 
G. Dorn y Ca., Santa Clara 
Miguel Jiminez. 28 Merced 
Hillebrand y Ca., i Priniera Plateros 
Jose Azcona, 12 Escalerilla 
Alfonso Dabat, 3 Portal de Agustinos 
Agustin Martinez, 45 y 46 Plaza Mercado 
Martinez y Ca., Portals de Portacoeli 
J. Serreille, 7 Callejon Santa Clara 
N. Wissel, 6 San Agustin 

Groceries and Provisions, Whole- 

Torre Hermanos, 8 Reloj 

Uhink Hermanos y Zahn 

Uhink y Ca., 22 Don Juan Manuel 

Vicente Alonzo, 4 San Bernardo 

Basagaiti y Posada, 2 Plateros 

Maximo Cabrera, 7 Puente de Lena 

Larco Hermanos, i Coliseo 

Mancina Hermanos, 9 Independencia 

Trueba y Calleji, Estampa de Jesus 

Ranon Ponton, i Portacoeli 

Ambrosio Sanchez, i San Francisco 

Santo, Munuzuri y Ca., i Santo Domingo 

Abascal y Perez, Rejos de Balconera 

Mendoza M. Cortina, i Tiburcio 

H. Deverdun, 2 Puente del Espiritu Santo 

Gomez y Hermano, Tacuba y San Jose el Real 

Lavie y Ca., 7 Juan Manvel 

Remigio Noriega, Cinco de Mayo 

Ignacio Noriega, 5 Angel 

Ponto y Hermano, 3 Kigas de Balvanera 

Agustin Kovalo, 9 Puente de Jesus 

Jos6 Guerra Torrielo, 2 Jesus Nazareno 

Viuda Genin, 3 Segunda Plateros 

Francisco Zej)eda, 7 2a S. Francisco 

Formento y Ca. (sucesor), 20 Coliseo Viejo 

Hardware and Tools. 

Rol)crto Baker y Ca, 4 Espiritu Santo 

H. Cuats Nueva Cinco de Mayo 

Bizet Hermanos, 7 Angel 

M. Candil, 20 Tlapaleros 

Josd- M. Del Rio, 6 Palma 

K Delarrue, i Segunda Plateros 

G. Dorn, Cinco Mayo y Santa Clara 
Elcoro Lopez y Ca., Cadenay Angel 
A. Gutheil y Ca. , 4 Palma 
German Gahrtz, 17 Tlapaleros 
Izcpiierdo y Garibay, 173 Plaza Mercado 
M. Leffman y Hijos, 12 y 13 Palma 
Lhose y Ca., Sucesor de, 9, 10 y 11 Palma 
S. Lohse y Ca., 4 Don Juan Manuel 
M. Mendiola y Ca., San Jose el Real 
-Marcial Pezana, 19 Refugio 
I'ascual Soto, 4 Primera Factor 
fogno y Ca, 9 Espiritu Santo 
Kaiser y Martin, 7 Espiritu Santo 

Hardware, Tools and Notions, 

Ignacio Aguirre y Hermanos San Jos^ el Real 
Billoneau Cassou y Ca. , i Lerdo 
Roberto Boker y Ca., 4 Puente Espiritu Santo 
Pahlo Bonnerue, 9 Refugio 
T. Casteiieda, 12 Palma 
V. Cambaluzier, 5 Plateros 
Kugenio Delarue, i Plateros 
Deihl y Ca. , i Flamencos 
Elcoro, Lopez y Ca, 24 Cadena 
I'lerman Gahrtz, 19 Refugio 
Miguil Gutierrez, 11 Puente de Palacio 
Hulvershorn y Ca, i Monterilla 
Lohse y Ca. (successors of) 9, Palma 
Santiago C. Lohse, 4 Don Juan Manuel 
Max A Phillipp y Ca., Empadrallo 
Marcial Pezana, 19 Refugio 
Rapp, Sommer y Ca, 4 Palma 
fose Maria del Rio, 6 Palma 
M. del Rio y Uriarte, 10 Empedradrillo 

House Furnishing Goods and Tin- 

H. Aburto, 5 Zuleta 

N. Aschart, 7 Canoa 

J. Ballesteros, 2 Donceles 

Gil Bonilla, 10 Chiquis 

M. de laTorre, 7 Tiburcio 

.\ntonio Escanden, 14 San Ramon 

J. Garcia, 15 Zuleta 

[uan Martinez, 10 Moras 

Manuel Pinto, 2 Angel 

\^ Sanchez, 6 San Ramon 

Victoriano Vazquez 


Hotel de Bilbao 

" de la Bella Union 

" Comonfort 

" Contabro 

" Colon 

" Cafe Ingles 

" del Comercio 

" Espiritu Santo 

" Las Estrella 

" Espanol 

" Gilluw 

" Humbolt 

" del Havre 

" del Jardin 

" <le Oriciite 

" San Agustin 

" del Seminario 

" del Turco 

" Americano 

" de I'.iiropa 

" de Vergara 


Delmar's Trades Directory axd Mercais^tile Manual. 

Hotels — continued. 

Hotel del Refugio 

" Continental 

" de la Gran Sociedad 

" del Bazar 

" Iturbide 

" de San Carlos 

" Grandiola 

" Nacional 

" Central 

" La Universal 

Horse and Mule Dealers. 

Domingo Martinez, 2 Tenexpa 
Antonio Quintanilla, 6 Don Juan Manuel 
Juan C. Ramirez, 3^ Revillagigedo 
Zubieta y Murua, 4 Escondida 

Ice Manufacturers and Dealers. 

Aguirre, Ignacio, Hermanos, 10 y 11 Correo 

Juan Gonzalez, i Puente del Padre 
Harrsch y Goettig, 18 Refugio 
A. Fulcheri, 18 Refugio 
Carlotta Mayen, 22 Santa Clara 
Juan Minetti, i Portal Mercaderes 
Marcos Montero, 4 Tacuba 
Antonio Amarini, 2a Plateros 
Augustin Raso, i Indio Triste 
Josefa Sanchez, 6 Manrique 


(See Commission and General Merchants.) 

Instruments, Surgical and Dental. 

Andrade y Soriano, 10 Joya 

E. Bustillos Sucesores, 7 y 8 Tacuba 

Calpini, 12 2a de S. Francisco 

Carlos Felix, 4 Profesa 

Jorge Henning y Ca., 3 Cinco de Mayo 

Carlos Joransson, 3a S. Francisco 

Julio Labadie, 5 Profesa 

Leiter Sucesores, S. Jose el Real 

Philipp A. Max, Emperadillo 

Maximo Rio de la Loza, 20 y 21 Merced 

Iron Merchants. 

Charreton Hermanos, 10 Cadena 

Elcoro Lopez y Ca., Cadena 

Juan Petherie, 8 Ortega 

Alfredo Bourlou, 3 2a de la Providencia 

A. Gutheil, 4 Palma 

M. Leffman y Hijos, 12 y 13 Palma 

G. Lhose y Ca., Sucesores, 9, lo'y n Palma 

S. Lehose, 4 D. Juan Manuel 

J. M. Del Rio, 6 Palma 

Bizet Hermanos, 7 Angel 

Spaulding, Cadenas 

Togno y Ca., 9 Pte. Espiritu Santo 

Jewelry, Watches and Silverware. 

Adolfo Ducommun, 4 Plateros 
Tomas A. Hernandez, 6 San Francisco 
Alejandro Jacot, 4 Plateros 
German Lane, 12 S. Francisco 
Francisco Vasquez, 8 S. Francisco 
Bernardo Villareal, 5 Plateros 
Lagyarrigue y Ca., Empedradillo Plateros 
Muiron y Ca., ii Plateros 
M. Shaffer, 11 Plateros 

Schrieber y Ca. , 3 S. Francisco 

E. Sommer, 11 Plateros 

Gabriel Zivy y Ca. , 7 Plateros 

Jesus Velarde, 24 S. Felipe Neri 

Luis Zapffe, 10 Vergara 

Diener y Rothacker, 14 Plateros 

Agustin Diener, 11 Plateros 

Ricardo Klein, 2 Plateros 

Luis Lagarrigue, 4 Empedradillo 

J. Llopp, I Plateros 

Jose Santibanez, Empedradillo 

Van Rooten y De Broe, i Espiritu Santo 

A. White, 3 Espiritu Santo 

Lamps, Fixtures, Etc. 

(See Gas, Etc.) 

Life Insurance Agencies. 

Montes de Oca y Crocker, Vegara y Cincodi 

Mayo — " The Equitable," New York 
Thomas Horncastle, 15 Refugio 

" The Mutual," New York 
John Davis, H Calle Gante 

" Neiv York Life " 
Ricardo K. Allen, i Puente de San Francisco, 

" Bankers and Merchants' of U. S." 

Lithographers . 

Maximo Fernandez, 23 S. Jose el Real 

Hesiquio Iriate, 23 Sta. Clara 

M. Moreau, 6 Tarasquillo 

Murguia y Hijos, 50 Puente Quebrado 

Gregorio Palacio, ii S. Salvador el Seco 

Salazar y Ca., 3 Del Raton 

Secretaria de Guerra, Palacio Nacional 

J. L. Revuelta, 27 Balen 

Looking Glasses. 

Francisco Arce, 3 S. Francisco 
Hillebrand y Ca., i Plateros 
Pellandini, 10 S. Francisco 

Lumber Merchants. 

Jose Arrasti, 4 Escobillera 

Anastasio Baez, 5 Recabado 

Manuel Cobos, i San Lazar 

Pedro Estanol, 60 Magnolia 

M. Fabre, Plaz. San Lazaro 

Jose Franco, de Mina 

Manuel Guerrero, PI. San Lazaro 

G. Guerrero, 4 Matadero 

Trinadad Hidalgo, Mina 

Adolfo J. Jimenez, 6 Juan Carbonero 

Nicolas de Meca, Estanco de Majeres 

Diego Galindez, M. de S. Lazaro 

Antonio Huerta, 20 Matadero 

Manuel Guerrero, 16 Guatimozin 

Palacios y Ca. , 3 Providencia 

Francisco Romero, 2 Chaneve. 

Enrique Sanchez, de Villamil 

Isidro Valle, i Necatitlan 

M. Villar, 14 Mosqueta 

Luis Monterde, Salto al Agua 

Ponca y Aranzabel 

Francisco Romero 

Juan de la Sancha 

M. Trejo 

Isidro del Valle 

Machinists and Machinery. 

S. Adormo 

Uinips IE PIetiil Pebfokhdhs. 


Molinos de aceite, de semillas, de Algodon. Molinos de Arroz, 

Refinerias de Azucar, Alambigues. Molinos 

para Fosfatos y Abonos. 

Planchas y Cilindros de acero y Hierro para pasar Mineral, 

Carbon, Piedra, Fosfatos, etc. 


Separadoras, Descascaradoras de maiz y todas clases de maquinaria para limpiar, 
grano. Tambien para haciendas de beneflcio y concentraciou. 

Obras de agua y gas. Molinos de Papel, Lana, Harina y Aceite. Percoladores 
Coladores, Ventiladores, etc. 

Cribas Giratorias, Recondas y Exagonas. Cribas 6 surejados para minas de placer. 

Cribas para laterias de pilones de todas clases y dimensiones. 

Cribas mineras para todas clases de minerales. 

Lata y Laton de todas tamanos. 

Hierro, acero, cobre, laton y zinc perforados a cualquier tamano y de cualquier 
espresura que se requieran. 


The Harrington & King Perforating Co. 


224 & 226 CALLE UNION (NORTE), 

CHICAGO, ILL., E. U. de A. 

The City of Mexico. 


J^Iachinists, Etc. — contmitcd. 

Carlos Blakesley Laubley 

N. Campa 

Pedro Cordova, 6 del Espiritu Santo 

Charreton Hermanos, 24 Revillagigedo 

G. Gahrtz, 19 Tlapaleros 

Leffman y Hijos, 12 Palma 

Santiago Lhose, 9 Palma 

J. White, 4 Revillagigedo 

Boudain y Ca., Delicias 

Roberto Baker, 4 Puerta Espiritu Santo 

J. M. Del Rio, 6 Palma 

Dorn y Ca., Calle Santa Clara 

Elcoro Lopez y Ca. , Cadena y Angel 

Agustin Guthal, 13 Palma 

Hofiiman y Hermano, 10 Donceles 

M. Ibarrola, 4 Angeles 

G. Lhose y Ca. , 9, 10 y 11 Palma 

Acuiia Claudio de la Sanz, 25 Arco de Belen 

Vanduin y Ca., 2 Segunda de las Delicias 

Wexel V De Gress, Sucesores 

Merchants, General. 

(See Commission and Wholesale Merchants, 

Mining Companies and Pi'onioters 
of Mining Enterprises. 

Compania del Real del Monte, 11 S. Bernado 

Compania de San Rafael, i Encarnacion 

George D. Barron, 6 Cinco de Mayo 

J. Campero Vega, 3 San Agustin 

Celso Acevedo, 12 S. Lorenzo 

Trinidad Acuna, 14 Real 

Bias Balcarcel, 6 Cerca de Sto. Domingo 

Agustin Barroso, Ministerio de Fomento 

A. Castillo, 19 Donceles 

Pedro Espejo, Zacatecas 

Luis Espinosa, Zumpango 

Francisco Guheni, Guanajuato 

Ignacio Haro, Mejico 

T. L. Laguerennu, Tacubaya 

Pedro Lopez, S. Luis Potosi 

Jesus Manzona, Pachuca 

Carlos Medina, 13 Arsinas 

Francisco Morales, Mejico 

Francisco Palacis, Tabasco 

Santiago Ramirez, 15 Buenavista 

Manuel Rivera, S. Cosme 

Sebastian Segura, Mejico 

Manuel Urquiza, Mejico 

Francisco Zarate, Zacatecas 

Juan Bar(iuera, Mextitlan 

Giiberto Crespo, Ministerio de Fomento 

Mariano Leon 

Luis I'ozo 

Mariano Barcena, 2 Santa Ines 

Eduardo Garay, 9 Donceles 

Tito Rosas, 13 Chavarria 

Musical Instruments, Pianos, Etc. 

Jose L Espinoza, 2 San Ramon 
Cipriana Granados, 22 la Merced 
Manuel Hidalgo, 8 San Ramon 
Tomas Hernandez, 7 del Reloj 
Jesus Ofiali, 9 San Kamun 
J. B. Sanchez, 10 Canoa 
Romulo Solano, Puentc dc Jesus 
IJeizct y Hnos. , 4 Cadena 
Jos(j Fernandez, 27 Ortega 
H. Nagel y Ca., Sucesors, 5 Palma 
Wagner y Lcvien, 15 Colisco Viejo 


(See Publishers and Printers.) 


Calpini, Sucesor, i2 2aS. Francisco 

Julio Favre, 4 2a de Plateros 

N. Jhoranson, 3a S. Francisco y Callejon del 

Espiritu Santo 
Cipriano Trujillo, 8 Portal de Mercaderes 
A. Whitte, Espiritu Santo 

Outfitters, General (Retail). 

Dealers in Dry and Fancy Goods, Cheap 
Jewelry and Ornaments, Pictures, Furniture, 
Hardware, House Furnishing Goods, etc., etc. 

Cayetano de Abiega, 3 Santa Calarm 

Antonio Maria Aburto, 13 Donceles 

Jose Aguirre, 7 Soledad de Santa Cruz 

Altuna Hernanos, 9 Vegara 

Victor Aldama, 3 Calegio de Niiias 

Ramon Alonso, i-2a de Vanegas 

Altuna Hermans, i San Hipolito 

Luis Arenal, 6 Bajos de San Agustin 

Fernando Ayllon, 31 Ortega 

Manuel Barcena, 2 Plaza tie Madrid 

Ramona Barsurto, 12 Don Taribio 

Angela Becerril, 2 Consuelo 

Esteban A. Becerrie, i de la Pilascea 

Jose Miria Berruecos, 7 Conaa 

Luis Bose, i de San Ramon 

Santos Bastillos, 7 Plazuela de Madrid 

R. Butron, 10 Santa Clara 

Rosa de J. Camba, 27 Merced 

Rafael Campillo, 3 Pte. de Misericordia 

Federico Ceballos, Estampa de Jesus 

Angela S. Contreras, 9 Canas 

Feclencio Cortes, 3 Calle Real de Santa Ana 

Juana B. Chavarria, C. Cando 

S. Dozal, 3 Santa Catarina 

Vicente Espinosa, Plazuela de Carbonero 

Gregoris Fernandez, 3 Puente de Leiia 

Felipe Flores, 7 San Francisco 

Alonzo Garcia, 6 de la Magnolia 

Francisco Garriko, Portal de Santo Domingo 

Juana Gayoso, 10 Venero 

Vicente Goiia, 4 Alfaro 

Manuel Guterrez, i la Merced 

Julian Gutierrez, 2 Colosio Viejo 

Jose Guzman, 14 la Regina 

Hermosa Hermanos, 3 Santisema 

Angel Junco, iSCamarones 

Braulio Junco y Ca., 38 Nino Perdido 

Eduardo Larque, 19 Santa Clara 

Jose Lezameta, 7 Puente de Tezonttale 

Porfirio Lianas, zz Merced 

Francisco Llo]), 7 Santa Clara 

Vicente Manilla, 16 Jesus Nazareno 

Mateo Mejia, ad de San Juan 

G. Milla, 15 Avenida Ledro 

Manuel Moyeda y Ca., 6 Santo Domingo 

Juan R. Ortiz, i Bajos dc I'ortacoeli 

Manue! G. Perez, Puente de Jesus 

Jose Perez, 12 Victoria 

Joaquin Poo, 3 Ohncda 

Manuel Pumariega, i la Merced 

G. Ramirez, 14 Aveneda Lerdo 

Antonio Rivera, l .Stc. Domingo 

Nicasio Kodrigo, 6 Pie. Santo Domingo 

Antonio Rodriguez, 21 de Merced 

Hafal! Tacnz, 7 I'^sclavo 

Viceiiic Surdo, 5 IManzuiadc Carbonero 


DELiiAE's Trades Directory axd Mercantile Manual. 

Outlitters, General— <v«//««c7/. 

Juan Pablo Soto, 3 Santa Catarina • 

Jose del Torno, 4 de la Merced 

Jose Uribe, 8 Santo Domingo 

Juan Urrutia, 8 Aducina Vieja 

Amado Varela, 2 Merced 

Domingo Verdeja, 3 Hospital Real 

Pedro Via y Sobrino, i Factor 

Alejandro Villegas, 12 Medinas 

Jose Zalboro, 12 Nahnattato 

Jose B. Zapata, 18 Santa Clara 

Francisco Zarala, 6 Portal Santo Domingo 

G. Zyas y Ca. , i4Coloseo Viejo 

Antonio Zepeda, i Manzanares 

Paints, Oils and Varnishes. 

(See also Druggists, Wholesale. ) 

Timoteo Ayala, S}4 Cerca de Santo Domingo 
Pedro Balling, g'/i Santa Isabel 
.Jose del Barca, Hotel Vergara 
Benito Castro, 7 Gachupines 
Jose Maria Carmona, 7 Espalda San Lorenzo. 
Felix Flores, 9 Misericordia 
Regino Garcia, Colonias de Tepito 
Francisco Guadarrama, 9 E. S. Lorenzo 
Vicente Hernandez, Callejon Ratones 
J. B. Hernandez, 3 E. San Juan de Dios 
J. M. Mondragon, Colonias de Tepito 
Angel Morales, 15 Medinas 
Andres Padilla, 3 Pte. Cramen 
Luis Rosas, Tlapaleria 
Jesus Vanegas, 9 Misericordia 
J. M. Villegas, 2 Espalda S. Juan de Dios 
Eutimio Zazaya, 8 2a San Lorenzo 
Lorenzo Zazaya, 8 S. Lorenzo 
Nicanor Arce, 4 Pte. S. Tomas 
Mariana Green, i Calvario 
R. Velasco, 15 Puente de Cuevo 

Paper Warehouses. 

Guillermo Dorn, 5 de Mayo 
Kauser y Martin, 7 Pte. del Espiritu Santo 
Remirez y Ca., 3 Espiritu Santo 
Trueba Hnos, 14 Cadena 

Paper Boxes, Manufacturers. 

Amado Barroso, 5 Cinco de Mayo 
Rafel Paez, 6 Cinco de Mayo 
Valdes y Cueva, Providencia 
Carlos Gonzalez, 8 Sta. Teresa 

Paper and Paper Hangings. 

Luis Arnaldo, Segunda San Francisco 
J. M. Del Rio, 6 Palma 
E. Delarrue, i Segunda Plateros 
Carlos Felix, 4 Segunda San Francisco 
Julio Labadie, 5 Segunda San Francisco 
Lehman y Hijos, 12 Palma 
Tellez y Bauche, 13 Refugio 
Federico Vaugier, 7 Segunda S. Francisco 
Vanden Stein Wingaert, Plazuela del Espir- 
itu Santo 
Wirlanti, Cinco de Mayo 
A. Bernard, 6 Tacuba 
Pedro Cordova, Cinco de Mayo 
Federico Ludert, Profesa 

Perfumery and Toilet Articles. 

(See, also, "Outfitters, General") 
Luis Arnaldo, 5 Profesa 
Jesus Acosta, 15 Coliseo Viejo 

Benct, Sucesor, Cordobanes 
Cuats y Ca. , 10 y 12 Cinco Mayo 
P. Claverie, i Coliseo Viejo 
J. M. Del Rio, 6 Palma 
Carlos Feli.x, 4 Profesa 
Julio Labadie, 5 Profesa 
Leffman y Hijos, Palma 
P. Saint-Marc, Calle S. Clara 
Tellez y Ca. , Primera de Plateros 


Jesus Alvarez, 8^ Correo Mayor 
Antonio Calderon y Ca., 4 San Francisco 
Cruces y Campa, 4 Empedradillo 
Agustin Campa Figuerea, 5 Plateros 
Gove y Nortt, 7 Espiritu Santo 
Luis Manero, 16 de Francisco 
Francisco Iglesias, 3 Sto. Domingo 
N. Mayo, 7 Vergara 
Guadalupe Suarez, 3 Chiconautla 
Valleto Hermanos, 4 S. Francisco 
Luis Weraza, 15 Balvanera 
Ameira Vanez, 11 S. Francisco 
Guerra y Ca., 11 S. Francisco 
Valleto Hermanos, 4 la S. Francisco 
Luis Veraza, 15 Balvanera 

Vanez Ameneyra, 1 1 2a S. Francisco * 

Gomez, Flores y Pacheco, 7^ Pte. del Correo 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

Francisco Buenrostro, Tlalpam 

Camilo Calderon, 5 Trompete 

Ignacio Capetillo, 5 Reloj 

Manuel Carmona, 21 S. H. de S. Nicolas 

Trinidad Carmon, 4 Indio Triste 

.ArLgel Carpio, 5 Pte. de Leguizaneo 

Francisco Cerda, 27 Quebrado 

Crescendo Colin, 11 S. Felipe Neri 

Juan Collantes, 6 Montealegre 

Miguel Cordero y Gomez, 44 Santa Clara 

Pablo Cordoba y Valois, 13 Tiburcio 

Agustin Coronado, 7 S. Felipe de Jesus 

Jose de la Cueva, 11 S. Hipolito 

Francisco Chacon, 13 Sto. Domingo 

Ignacio Chavez, 5 Tercera del Rastro 

Genaro Alcorta, 3 Aguila 

-Vlr.nuel Alfaro, 5 Damas 

Fernando Altamarino, 4 Aduana Vieja 

Minuel Alvarado, io)4 Canoa 

Jesus Aranjo, 11 Olmedo 

Manuel Aveleyra, 7 Alfaro 

Jiise Maria Bandear, i Factor 

Miguel Barbachano, 11 S. Jose el Real 

Jose Barragan, Hospital de Jesus 

Ernesto Below, 14 S. Francisco 

L. de Bellina, 18 Tacuba 

Ignacio Berrueco, 11 S. Ramon 

Francisco Bla-guez, 2 S. Diego 

Francisco Buenrostro, 10 Mesones 

Pedro Diaz de Bonilla, 4 Sta. Catarina 

Manuel Dominguez, 10 Chavarria 

Ricardo Egea, 5 Monterilla 

Alberto Escobar, 3 S. Agustin 

Maximiliano Galan, 10 Refugio 

Jose Galindo, 19 Sta. Catarina 

Jose Gama, Patoni 

J. A. Gamboa, 3 Dolores 

L. Francisco Garcia, 7 S. Juan 

Angel Gavino, 5 S. Pedro y S. Pablo 

Amado Gazano, i Sexta del Reloj 

Antonio Gomez, 21 S. Hipolito 

The City of Mexico. 


Physicians and Surgeons— com/mu-j. 

Joaquin Gomez, izManzanares 
Regino Gonzales, 6 Escondida 
Manuel Gordillo, Hospital Militar 
JuanN. Govantes, 2 S. Jose de Real 
Marcelino Guerrero, 19 10 Puerto Nuevo 
Angel Gutierrez, 21 P. Alvarado 
Manuel Gutierrez, 10 Primera de Mesones 
Joaquin Huici, 11^ P. de San Diego 
Francisco Hurtado, Maternidid 

Francisco Iberri, 23 Cocheras 
Ramon Icaza, 10 Correo Mayor 

Ricardo Jubera, 3 Resales 

Francisco Larrea, 8 Toza 

Rafael Lavista, i Pte. de S. Francisco 

Francisco Leal, i Pte. Zacata 

Jose Leal, 9 Pte. Gallegos 

Jesus Lemus, 4 S. Lorenzo 

Vicente Licea, 6 Sta. Catarina 

Eduardo Licega, 4 Andres 

Jos6 Lobato, 13 Sta. Catarina 

L. Lucio, 25 Aguila 

Jose Marie Lugo, 4 Leon 

Ramon Macias, 7^ Correo Mayor 

Fernando Malanco, i S. Ramon 

Ignacio Maldonado, 12 Reloj 

Miguel Martel, 7 Jesus 

Anastasio Martinez, 7 Santisima 

Ignacio Martinez, 17 Pte. Quebrado 

Demetrio Mejia, 15 Rebeldes 

Vicente Morales, 11 Nuevo Mejico 

Miguel Muiioz, 2 Puente de Santo Domingo 

Tomas Noriega, 3 Hospital de Jesus 

Tobias Nunez, S. Factor 

Jesus Onate, 7 Nahunartato 

Francisco Ortega, 3 Medinas 

Lazaro Ortega, 6 PI. de San Domingo 

Manuel Ortega, 7 Cordobanes 

Domingo Orvananos, 3 Tercera del Nastro 

Ramon Pacheco, 2 Quinta de la Magnolia 

Porfirio Parra, 4 Parque del Conde 
Carlos Patiiio, PI. de Villamil 

Ramon Pena, Hotel de S. Carlos 

Manuel Perez, S. Cosme 

Manuel Poza, 4 Pte. de Jesus 

I-smael Prieto, i Violeta 

Andres Quijano, 12 S. Felipe de Jesus 

Jose Ramirez, 374 PI. de la Concepcion 

Juan Jose Ramirez Arellano, 2 Moneda 

Nicolas Ramirez y Arellano, 2 Moneda 

Roman Ramirez, 3 y 4 PI. de la Concepcion 

Pedro Range), 8 Salto del Agua 

Agustin Reyes, 13 D. Juan Manuel 

Joaquin Rivero, i Damas 

Juan Rodriguez, 9 Jesus 

Sotero Romero, 10 (^uesada 

Alfonso Ruiz, 14 S. Pedro y San Pablo 

Nicolas San Juan, 30 Ortega 

Adolfo Schmidtein, 3 Ocampo 

Gil Servin, 8 Parque del Conde 

Manuel Soriano, 13 Portal del I'ejada 

Manuel .Suarcz, 92 Moras 

Cristoforo Tamayo, i^^ ]'I. de Buenavista 

Antonio Velarde, 5 Alhondiza 

Antonio Velasco, 21 S. Miguel 

Joaquin Vertiz, 2 Sta. Clara 

Jesus Vicliagran, 18 Sta. Teresa 

Augustin Villalobos, 4 Damas 

Miguel Wilson, 4 Caleras 

Estcban CaJderon, 13 Amargura 

F'ernando Escobar, I'rimera Damas 

Juan Fenelon, 7 Tatuba 

Francisco Galvan, Hotel San Augustin 

Miguel Hurtado, 6 Calle de 51 

Ignacio Magana, Hospital Jesus 

Joaquin Martinez, Fabrica S. Fernando 

Rafael Miranda, 3 Callejon Groso 

V. Poli, 12 S. Juan Letran 

Silvino Reguelme, 6 2a Damas 

Federico Semeleder, S. Esclavo 

Antonio Teraazas, 4 Eitanco Mujeres 

.Alejandro Uriba, 2 Cadena 

Eduardo Vargas, 11 2a Sta. Catarina 

Pomposo Verdugo, 6 Bayos S. Agustin 

Ricardo Verti.s, 10 Cordobanes 

Miguel Wilson, 4 Caleras 

J. S. Zubieta, 2 Sapo 

Carlos Aguilera, 59 Magnolia 

A. Aizpuro, iS San Agustin 

Francisco Alvarez, 8 del Reloj 

Ponciano Arriaga, 7 Puente de Santa Ana 

NVinter A. Barredo, 11 Santa Isabel 

Francisco Bernaldez, 3 Alliondiga 

Juan Siller y Cabello, 8 del Reloj 

Waldemaro G. Canton, 6 Rejas Concepcion 

Fnrique Carrera, 7 San Ildefonso 

Lucas Castro, 15 Arco de San Agustin 

Jose M. Contreras, Moneda Ex Arzobispado 

.A.gustin Chacon, 2 de las Damao 

Aparicio Lovenzo Chavez, 5 Academia 

Barriga Jesus Diaz, 13 Cocheras 

Carlos Echagaray, 3 Espiritu Santo 
Ortigosa Fernandez, ii>^ Santa Isabel 
Nicolas A. Franco, 7 Real de Santa Ana 

J. P. Gayou, 7 Calle de Santa Teresa 

.-Mljerto Gomez, 23 Aguila 
Romero Alberto Gomez, 14 Jesus 

.\bel F. Gonzalez, 8 Machincuepa 
J. Gustine, 6 Corpus Christi 

.\lfonso Helguera, 3 Tiburcio 

Eduardo Hickman, 30 Puente de Alvarado 

Manuel S. Izaquirre, 19 Don Toribio 

Ferreol Labadie, 5 Profesa 

Jose M. Leal, 10 Costado de la Sta. Veracruz 

Jose Huenta Lopez, 2 Merced Estampa 

Fernando Lopez, 17^ Corazon de Jesus 

Rafael Lopez, 9 Triste del Indio 

Mucio Maicot, de Mina 

Jose Mangino, 9 Pilaseca 

A. Mantienzo, 9 Ex-Seminario, vivienda 

Francisco Mendoza, 3 Perjietua 

Matilde Montoya, 18 Medinas 

Vincente J. Morales, 5^4 Nuevo Mexico 

Vincente Moycelo, 17 San Hipolito 

Marcelo Ihucel, 3 Ratas 

Jose Cayllet y Neira, 14 Cosme 

E. Nicolin, lo Vcrgara 

Luis Ocampo, 4 de Sta. Catarina 

Jose 01 vera, 8 de Vanegas 

Gregorio Orivc, I de San Juan 

Lorenzo M. Ortega, 4 Zajiateros 

Cristobal Ortega, 3 ^ledinas 

A. W. Parsons 1 Puente de San Francisco 

Pomposo Patino, 14 Jesus Nazareno 

Manuel Bibbins Perez, 12 Juleta 

Francisco Pulido, 2 Rcgina 

Plotino Rodakanaly, 10 Callejon de l.i Santa 
Vera Cniz 

Manuel Roman, 10 Chapitel de Monserrale 

Alcyandro Ross, 17 Don Toribio 

Enriijuc Rubalcaba, 10 do Santa Catarina 

I'erado J. y Scgura, iS Santa Teresa 

Guillermo Lenisson, 4 de la Montevilla 

Ciabriel Silva, 13 de Guerrero 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manijal. 

Physicians aud Surgeons — continued. 

Jesus Tojonar, 17 Ortega 

Luis Alcala Troconis, 11 Chickonantia 

Jesus Valenzuela, i de Mecatitlan 

J. L. Vallejo, 6 Lopez 

Vaquie, 4 Gaute 

Legorreta O. Vazquey, 8 de Santo Domingo 

Manuel Villada, 24 Aguila 

Miguel Wilson, 4 Caleras 

Ruperto Zamora, 2 Chiconantla 

Juan G. Gubieta, lyi Safco 

Physicians, Homeopathic. 

Francisco A. Aguilar, 3 La Cadena 

Jesus Aranalde, 3 Ciegos 

Juan N. Arriaga, 10 Buena Muerte 

Panfilo Carrauza, 7 Corpus Christi 

Antonio Caroillo, 6 Delicias 

Rafel U. Castro, 3 Puente del Cuevo 

Enrique C. Corral, 11 Benito Juarez 

Antonio Dromundo, 1 1 San Lorenzo 

Esteban Frias, 19 Hospicio de San Nicolas 

Pablo H. Fuentes, 5 Nenero 

Julian Gonzalez, 17 Cinco de Mayo 

Juaquin Gonzalez, i Cinco de Mayo 

Manuel M. Legarreta, 21 Buena Muerte 

Jose Moran, 5 Factor 

Antonio N. Munoz, Ex-Leminario 

Salvador B. Perez, 8 Machincuepa 

Teodoro Quintana, Avinida de la Paz 

Benito Quintana, 40 San Cosme 

Miguel Ramirez, 6 Colon 

Manuel D. Ruiz, 2 Puente del Fierro 

Antonio Blanco y Salas, 6 Neuvo Mexico 

Ambrosio J. Vazquez 14 Alfaro 

Pianos and Organs, Dealers in. 

Bizet Hermanos, 24 Cadena 

Sucesores de Nagel, 5 Palma 

Sanchez Barquera y Hijo, 10 Canoa 

Emilio Sittner, 6 Seminario 

Leandro Urquiola, 7 Joya 

A. Wagner y Levien, 44 Zuleta 

Carlos Wisseman, 23 Donceles 

Emilio Wisseman, 6 Seminario 

Adolfo Lednatz, 5 Palma 

J. Guzman, 9 Chiquita Regina 

Plumbers and Gas-Fitters. 

Iglesias y Nalazi, 19 Zuleta 
Antonio Lari, i Segunda de las Delicias 
Guillermo Mora, i Nuevo Mejico 
Paterson y Henderson, 6 Primera de Id-Provi- 

Printers and Publishers. 

J. M. Ortiz Aguilar, 3 i Sta. Catalina deSena 

Jos^ Barbedillo, 15 Montealeagre 

Isidor Berthier, 5|^ S. Juan de Latran 

Ignacio Cumplido, 2 Rebeldes 

Francisco Diaz de Leon, 3 Lerdo 

Dublan y Ca. , S. Cosme 

Escalante y Riesgo, i S. Juan de Letran 

Gonzalo Esteva, 6 S. Juan de Letran 

Gonzalez, Cerrada de Jesus 

J. Guerra y Valle, 29 Merced 

J. F. Jens, 22 S. Jose el Real 

Lopez, II Escalerillas 

Filomeno Mata, 8 Betlemitas 

Epifanio Orozco, 19 Escalerillas 

Ireno Paz, 2 Independencia 

Jose Vicente \^illada, 8 Reloj 

Petra Zuniga, 16 S. Jose el Real 

Barbier, 32S Apartado 

Fernandez, 12 Zuleta 

Pedro J. Garcia, 7 Escalerillas 

Lara y Bustos, 3 Pte. S. Domingo 

Francisco Lugo, Ex-Convento Santa Brigida 

Enrique G. Fernandez, I2 Zuleta 

Galindo, Martinez y Ca. , Pte. San Domingo 

E. Haegeli, 4 Rastro 

F. P. Hoeck, 8 Gante 
Parres y Ca., 21 Independencia 
J. Abadiano, 17 Escalerillas 
Juan B. Acosta, 20 Escalerillas 
V. Agueros, 20 Mesones 

Berrueco Hermanos, 20 San Felipe Neri 

John W. Butler, 5 Gante 

Juan Canosa, 3 Tacuba 

Jose Correa, 12 San Lorenzo 

Eduardo Dublan, 3 San Cosme 

E. Dufuez, 6 Colisco 

Imprenta del Gobierno Federal (Government 

Imprenta de El Combate, 20 Cinco de Mayo 
J. Largaza, 12 Venero 
Jesus A. Laguna, 2 Puente del Santisimo 
Mariano Lara, 3 Callejon del Raton 
Leal y Vega, 23 Mesones 
Alfonso E. Lopez, 21 Escalerillas 
Juan R. Mata, 11 Escalerillas 
A. Mena, 37 Magnolia 
Jose Moreno, 18 Providencia 
Department of Interior, printing office 
Carlos Paz, 8 Factor 
Juan de Dios Peza, 4 Plazuela de Regina 
Antonio C. Ramirez, 2 San Juan de Dioz 
Daniel R. Salazar, A. Escondida 
Jose G. Sanchez, 4 Chavaria 
Wm. H. Sloan, 10 Santa Isabel 
David C. Smith, 10 Vergara 
Miguel Tornel, Espalda de la Concepcion 
Francisco Villagrau, 9 San Bernado 
Atanasio Villanueva, 11 Arsinas 
Antonio Venagas y Arroyo, 10 Encarnacion 
Guillermo Peterson, 11 Alvarado 
Miguel Tornel, 6 Segimda San Lorenzo 
R. Velasco, 5 E. de Balverna 

G. Veraza, 6% Canoa 

Pedro Zubieta y Ca., San Jos^ el Real 

Printing- Materials, Dealers in. 

P. Cordova, 5 de Mayo 
P. Llagostera, 7 Nuevo Mejico 
Guillermo Lhose, 9, 10 y 11 Palma 
Santiago Lhose, 4 Don Juan Manuel 
Filomena Mata, Esquina de San Andres 
Munguia y Bustamente, 8 de la Merced 
J. S. Ponce de Leon, Cuarta Reloj 

Public Libraries. 

National Library 
Library of the 5th of May 
Library of School of Jurisprudence 
Library of School of Engineers 
Library of Geographical Society 

Saddlery and Harness. 

Mariano Aguilar, 19 S. Bernardo 

G. Arroyo, 9 Vergara 

Juan A. Balleteros, Medinas y Esclavo 

Manuel Castro, 9 Balvanera 

D. Lozano, 7 Tiburcio 

The City of Mexico. 


Saddlery and Harness— fofttt/uted. 

Miguel Martinez, 49 San Fernando 
Francisco Ruiz, 8 Cerca Santo Domingo 
Reynaud y Salles, 6 Jesus Nazareth 
Eduardo Ruiz, 10 Gante 
Vasquez, 16 Escalerillas 
Amedo Zepeda, 17 Capuchina 

Saw Mill. 

Leon Buhatt, Iturbide 

Scientific Instruments. 

Andrade y Soriano, 10 Joya 

Evaristo Bustillos, 7 y S Tabuca 

N. Calpini, 12 2a San Francisco 

Carlos Felix, 4 Profesa 

Jorge Herming, 3 Cinco Mayo 

Carlos Joransson, San Francisco 

C. Leiter Sucesores, i6 Nueva Cinco Mayo 

Philips, Max, Empedradillo 

Taussaint y Ca., San Jose el Real 

Maximino, Rio de la Loza, 20 y 21 Merced 

Sewing Machine Agents. 

Francisco Adam, Sucesor, 4 la Cinco de Mayo 
Roberto Boker y Ca., 4 Espiritu Santo 
Alejandro Jacot, 4 Primera Plateros 
Lhose y Ca., Sucesores, 8 Refugio 
Uhink y Ca. , 22 Don Juan Manuel 
Julius Bacmeister, 4 Espiritu Santo 
J. L. Kehoe, 15 Escalerillas 
Oscar R. Graham, 6 Vergara 
Rapp, Sommer y Ca., 10 Refugio 

Ship Chandlery. 

J. Enriquez, 15 Don Juan Manuel 
Vicente Lozano, 21 Don Juan Manuel 
Theodosio Villagra, Santa Catalina 

Telegrapli Companies. 

De Jalisco, Oficinas 8 Monterill 

Del Comercio, Oficinas 10 Refugio 

Del Ferro-carril de Morelos, Oficinas 14 S. 

Del Ferro-carril de Toluca, Oficinas 12 Cadena 

Del Ferro-carril de Vera Cruz, Oficinas 11 

Del Gobierno federal, Oficinas 5 Del Espi- 
ritu Santo 

Telephone Companies. 

Del Centro Telefonico Oficinas generales, 2 

L. G. Wiley, i Balderas 
Cable Submarine, Oficinas en M^jico 


Ascorbe y Ca., 7 Gante 

J. Carmona y Ca., 6 San Jos6 el Real 

Gayosso y Ca., de Mayo 

G. Moctezuma, Encarnacion 

M. Trevino, Santa Clara. 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Manuel G. Aragon, 4 Corazon de Jesus 

Romulo Escobosa, Rastro de Cuidad 

Emilio Fernandez, •j)4 Victoria 

Miguel Garcia, 7 Calzada del Penetenciaria 

Jose L. Gomez, 11 Estampa de San Andres 

Manuel Granados, 10 San Miguel 

Jos6 E. Mota, 4 Empedradillo 

Emilio Navarro, i Pachito 

Manuel Pefiunuri, 8 Rivera 

Enrique Santoys, 3 del Rastro 

Agustin Torres, 14 Balvanera 

Luis Villasenor, Rivera de San Cosme 


Delmae's Trades Directory akd Mercaxtile Manual. 


Population, 4,000. 


La Providencia 
La Sabana 
El Potrero 
Egido Viejo 
Dos Arroyos 
San Marcos 
Egido Nuevo 

Principal Merchants. 

Alzuyeta Hermanos y Ca. 
P. Arumela y Ca. 
R. Pimental 
Antonio Pintos 
Ignacio Gonzales 
Angel Oribe 
Tinto Hernandez 


Roberto S. Posada 
Antonio Butron 

There are in this district four steam cotton presses and one steam oil mill. 



Population, 7,000. 


Alberto Rodriguez 

Miguel Parra 

Juan Cruz Manjarrez 

Principal Merchants. 

Tomas Rodriguez 
Alberto Rodriguez 
Gabriel F. de Cells 

Rafael A. Campos 
A. Reyes y Hermano 
Jose M. Cabanas 
Castulo Salazar. 
J. M. Villamar 
Manuel Patino 


Alberto Morales 
Juan Cruz Manjarrez 


Population, 40,000. 

Agricultural Implements. 

Books and Stationery. 

(See also Hardware and Tools.) 

Aguilar Hermanos 

Aguila Hermando 

Cleto Davilla 

Martin L Pilon 

Boots and Shoes. 

Ales and Beer Dealers. 

Cruz Alvarez 

Eugenio Craumont 

Mariano Nunez 

Refugio Reyes 

Monico Parga 

Bazin de Viuda 

Manuel Trejo 

Pedro Cornou 

Banks and Bankers. 

Reyes Duson 

Aguilar Hermanos, Agentes del Banco Nacional 

Simon Jiminez 
Francisco Masson 

J. Rufujio Guinchard 


Carriage and Wagon Dealers. 

Vicente Berber 

Chaves Hnos 

Luis Maguin 

Pedro Santiago 

Wasson y Ca. 

Antonio Navarro 



Coniinission Merchants, General. 

Agiiila Hermano 
Refugio Guinchard 
Eugenio Graumont 
Emeterio Palacio 
Elizondo Valera y Ca. 
Viuda de Chavez y Hijos 
Vicenne Berber 

China, Glassware, Oils, Etc 

Andres Bernal 
Margarito Castaneda 
Francisco Espino 
Bonifacio Iturbide 
Emeterio Palacio 
Carlos Sagredo 
Pedro \^aldes 
Valera Elizondo y Ca. 

Drug-gists and Chemists. 

Luis de la Rosa 
Alcibiades Gonzalez 
Juan Marin 
Miguel Sandoval 
Cleto M. Davila 
Carlos Sagredo 
Valera Elizondo Ca. 

Dry Goods, Wholesale. 

Pedro Corpu 
Reyes Duron 

Engineers, Civil and Mechanical. 

Mariano Davalos 
Locadio de Luna 
Tomas Ugarte Medina 
Perez Maldonado 

Flour Merchants. 

Manuel Anteago 
Quirino Diaza 
Francisco Rosa Flores 
Francisco Sandoval 

Flour Mill. 

Jose Bolado 

Hardware, Cutlery and Tools. 

Andres Bernal 
Margarita Castaneda 
Francisco Espino 
Espino Hijo 
Esperidion Gonzalez 
Florentine Herrera 
Emetrio Palacio 
Esteban Perez 
Pedro Valdes 
Nicanor Ventura 
Vicente Berber 
Refugio Guinchard 

House-furnishing Goods and Tin- 

Florencia Aguilar 
Eduardo de Ta Cruz 
Atanasio Hernandez 

Iron Merchants. 

Vicente Berber 
Refugio Guinchard 

Jewelry, Watches and Silverware. 

Ricardo Romo 
Victor Robles 
Juan Sancedo 
Bonifacio Iturbide 
Carlos Sagredo 
Ricardo Von Faber 


Nestor Davalos 
Trinidad Pedrosa 

Lumber Merchants. 

Manuel Azco 

Machinery Depots. 

Philon R. Martin 

Merchants, General. 

Vicente Berber 
Eugenio Gramont 
Refugio Guinchard 

Merchants, Dry Goods. 

Hermanos Aguilar 
Leantand y Barbaroux 
Cleto Maria Davila 
Leon Diaz 
Jesus Gonzalez 
Severino Martinez 
Manuel Martinez 
Martin Pilon 
Antonio Puga 
Guillermo Puga 
Elizondo Valera y Ca. 

Mining Engineers. 

Leocadio de Luna 
Thomas Medina Ugarte 
Jesus Perez Maldonado 

Perfumers, Etc. 

Cleto Davila, Primcra Reloz 
Carlos Sagredo, Primera Relox 
Elizondo Valera y Ca., Portal Allende 


Antonio Chavez 


Luis Maguin 
Jos6 Astev 
Isidro Calera 
Refugio Gamarena 
Loon lie Diaz 
Mariano D.nvalos 
R()(lsig(j Gasibay 
Salusnino Gonzalez 
Portugal Gomez 
Carlos LojKV, 
Francisco Maldonado 
Janacio Masin 
Fr.mcisco Macias 
Francisco Murtoz 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 


Salvador Correa 
Arnulfo Chavez 
Paul Fesniza 
Alcibrades Gonzales 
Trinidad Pedsoza 
Epigmenio Pasgo 
Eduardo Ortega 
Aldana Carios Sanchez 
Raul Ferniza 

Provisions and Groceries. 

Vincent Berber. 
Santiago Enriquez 
Ciprian Enriquez 
Antonio Roman 
Florentine Torres 
Leonardo Torres 

E. Gonzalez 

Refugio J. Guinchard 

Eiigenio Gramont 

Pianos and Organs. 

Cipriano Avila 
Angel Garcia 
Rafael Garcia 

Sewing Machine Agents* 

Elizondo y Ca. 
Chavez y Ca. 
Felipe Parra 
M. Valera 

Wall Papers. 

(See Stationers.) 


Population, 15,000. 

Arms and Ammunition. 

Zaldivar y Castillo 


J. M. Arjona 
Juan Porez 


Manuel Espinola 
Manuel Lanz 
Agustin Leon 
Pedro Lavalle 
Olivier Lopez 
Pedro Ortega 
Pedro Reyes 

Mercliants, General. 

E. Barron 

F. Berron Berron 
Berron Hermanos 
Juan de Dios Bujia 


Castellot, Guttierrez y Ca. 
Jose Castellot 
Costillo y Zaldivar 
Manuel Diaz Campos 
Estrada McGregor y Ca. 
Francisco Otero Ferren 
Jose Ferren 
Ferren y Jose Fur 
Francisco Superano Ferren 
Jose Hilario Lavalle 
Pedro Ortega 
Jose Zuloaga Regil y Ca. 


Joaquin Benglio 

Domingo Duret 

Angel A. Gurdiano 

Patricio Nueva 

Jose Rosario Hernandez 

Juan Perez 

Antonio Velazco 


Population, 20,000. 

Agricultural Implements 

Jos6 Lerma 
Ramon Amendari 
Luis Fandoe, Sucesors 
Ketelsen y Dejetao 
Felix F. Taseira 
Juan Serraga 


J. M. Brittinghaus 
H. 0. Reinhardti 
Narciso Balderran 
Lynch y Ca 

Architects and Builders. 

Enrique Esperon 
Pedro y Yrigoyen 




F. Macmanus y Ca. 


Casino, Calle del Progreso 
R. Fernandez, Callejucia 
H. Harlow, Plaza Principal 
Reisura y Ca., Calle de la Libertad 
Jose M., Calle de Ojinaga 


Donato Miramontes 
Manuel Altamirano 
Domingo Puchi 
Rembez y Bezaury 
Enrique Norwald 

Boots and Slices. 

Dario Coriche 
Policarpo Ortegon 
Jose Martinez 
J. T- Molina 
J. Williams 
Matias Vidal 
Mariano Zeldivar 
J. A. Larrang 
Jose Perchoz 

China and Glassware. 

Ernique Creel 
Eduardo Rutiaga 
Mathias Vidal 


Juan Lerma 
Lynch y Ca. 

Commission Merchants. 

Trinidad Castro 
Francisco Ruiz 
Anastasio Vega 

Drug-gists, Retail. 

Urbano Burmudez 
Francisco Indico 
L. Emilio Lafon 
Evaristo Ordaz 

Dry Goods, Wholesale. 

J. Genaro Chaves 
Felix F. Maceira 
Pedro Minagoren 
Hermanos Navarro 
Anastacio Vega 
Arrelano, Serrano y Ca. 
Trinidad Castro 

Furniture Dealers. 

George H. Anthony 
Ketelsen y Dejetao 
Lynch y Ca. 
Enri'iue Norwald 
Rembez y Bezamy 

Flour Mills. 

Paschal y Marshal 
Juan Mauiiel Azunzolo 
Enrique Esijeron 
Celso Gonzalez 
Manuel Ilcrrera 

Gas Fixtures. 

Hooper y Ca. 


Estados Unidos 
American House 
San Juan 

Jewelers and Watchmakers. 

Antonio Alguin 
Enrique Hogland 
C. Zalvaza 
Hermanos Chacon 
Serrlano Arellano y Ca. 
Zabalza y Pina 
N. Gautier 

Machinists and Machinery. 

Enrique Esperon 
Manuel Garneros 
Rafael Jaurrieta 
Manuel Marino 
.\ngel Persa 
Ignacio L. Roig 
Primitivo Saaenz 
Juan B. Solis 

Mine Owners and Mining En- 

Manuel Gameros 
Rafael Jaurrieta 
Manuel Marino 
Angel Persa 
Juan B. Solis 
Enrique Esperon 
Ignacio L. Roig 
Primitivo Saaenz 

Merchants, General. 

Manuel M. Altamirano 
Arellano Serrano y Ca. 
Ramon Armendario 
Juan M. Azumolo 
In.. S. Aldana 
Bembez y Berauri 
Felix Bessauri 
Enrique C. Creel 
Genaro J. Chaves 
Ketelsen y Dejetao 
Luis Fandoa 
Hooper y Ca. 
M. Lorenzo 
Carlos Loya 
F. Macmanus y Hijos 
I'ed ro M i nagorcn 
Silvino Mufioz 
Hermanos Ncvarro 
Norwald y Ca 
Hermanos Partida 
Puig y Domingo 
Francisco Kuiz 
Miguel Salas 
Jose Maria Sanhez 
M. Scluisster 
Juan Tcrraza 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Machinists, General— com inucu. 

Anastasio Vega 
Antonio Azrinzulo 
Gonzalez Trevino Hermanos 
Domingo Leguinazaval 
Felix F. Maceyra 
Gustavo Maye 
Benigno Navarro 
J. Stalfordt 
Refugio Tejeda 
Guillermo Venmehren 


Victor Moreda 

B. Velardi 
Addis y Hijo 


Francisco Echeverria 
Canuto Elias 
Antonio Lafon 
Miguel Marquez 
Daniel Munoz 
Jesus Munoz 
Luis Muiioz 
Francisco Paschal 
Andres Romero 
Ignacio Torres 

C. L. Robertson 
M. B. War 

J. B. Lowe 
F. Rubio 

Pianos and Organs. 

Gregorio Inostrosa 
Jose Perchez 


Del Comercio 

Del Gobierno 

Del Progreso 

El Obrero 

Viuda de Carmona y Hijcs 

La Mariposa 

Jos^ de la Luz Navarro 

Abraham Eriberto Perez 

Jose Dolorez Solis 

Gomez Del Campo 

Paints and Varnishes. 

Anastasio Vargas 
Adalberto Irigoyen 
Jose Vargas 
Jesus Carrasco 

Sewing Machines. 

Ketelsen y Dejetao 
Enrique Norwald 
M. Adler 



Population, 30,000. 

Ales and Beer Dealers. 

(See Groceries and Provisions.) 

Bankers and Importing Merchants. 

Jose ^L Alcarez 
Guizar y Ca. 
Oethling y Ca. 
Flor y Kofani 

Billiard Halls. 

Portal de Medelhn 
Alonso Francisco 


Francisco C. Cuera 

Ignacio Fuentes 

Agustin Morril 

Crescendo Orozco 

Cosmo Suarez . 

Agustin Moni 


Jose M. Garcia 
Rafael Ponce de Leon 

Groceries and Provisions (Whole- 
sale and Retail). 

Gregorio Alvarez 
Antonio de la Calleja 

E. Diaz 
Flor y Kofani 
Esteban Garcia 
S. Gomez 

Dolores Guizar y Ca. 
Keve, Vanderlinden y Ca. 
Alejandro Oetling y Ca. 
Oetling Hermanos y Ca. 
Jorge Oldenbourg 
Alberto de la Plaza 
Francisco de la Plaza 
Manuel Rodriguez 
Francisco Vargas 

Hardware, etc. 

Manuel Rodriguez 
Smith y Madrid 
Agustin Eschacht 

Merchants, General. 

J. Ma. H. Alcaraz 
Enrique Almeyer 
Gregorio Alvarez 
Rios Antonio Alvarez 
Miguel Barreto 
Antonio de la Calleja 
Alberto de la Plaza 
Enrique de la Plaza 
F-ancisco de la Plaza 
Epifanio Diaz 
C. Flor 



Merchants, General— ^<;«/^;"/<^-('. 

Aristeo Gomez 
Salome Gomez 
Dolores Guisard 
Kebe, Vanderlinden y Ca. 
Cenobio Madrid 
Alejandro Oetling y Ca... 
Oetling Hermanos y Ca. 
J. Oldenbourg 
Antonio E. Orosco 
Francisco Perez 
Riensch, Held y Ca. 
Manuel Rodriguez 
Jose Maria Romero 
Agustin Schacht 


Salvador Abad 
Pedro Altamirano 

F. de P. Arriola 
Francisco J. Cuera 

G. Hurtado 
Jose E. Murillo 
V. Megia 

Crescencio Orozco 
J. E. Palacios 
Isadoro Revera 
Gregorio Vazquez 


La del Estado 
I. Fuentes 



Population, 6,500. 

Agents and Attorneys. 

Eduado L. Castillo 
Anastasio A rand 
Luis P. Choza 
Rudolfo Navarette 


A. Ibarra 
Manuel Lagunera 

Civil and Mining Engineers. 

Alejandro Marcin 
Juaquin Musel 
Luis Choza 

Principal General Merchants. 

Burgos Hermanos 
Benito Aniza 

B. F. Colarelo y Ca. 
Felipe Ferrer 

Carmen has a large steam mill for extracting and grinding dye stuffs, one flour mill, one do. 
coffee, one do. cocoa, and two iron foundries. 

Jose Otero Ferrer 
Quirino Hernandez 
Manjarrez Hermanos 
Domingo, Perez y Field 
Juan Luis Ropeto 
Juan Slovero 
Antonio Martinez 
Nieves y Ca. 
Francisco Pallas 
Esteban Paullaada 
Juaquin Quintana 
Policarpo Saens 
Willms y Ca. 
Antonio Zaldivar 
Jose Poveda Escribano 


Tomas Cano y Aznar 
Francisco B. Campos 
Herculano Menesis 


Population, 10,500. 

Business Agents and Attorneys. 

Ignacio Armendares 
Juan Balboa 
Lauro Cartas 
Francisco Castellanos... 
Miguel Castillo 
Lucio Dominguez 


Chanona Domingo 
J. C. Gonzalez 

General Merchants. 

Agusto Lazos 
Vinccnte Farrcra 
Benedict o Ramos 
WeiiccsJac) Parriagua 
Romualdo Fhjrcs 
Narciso (iuirao 
Refugio Solorzano 


P. Florcs 

Josd C. Gonzales 

Bcrnado Martinez 


Delmak's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 


Population, 15,000. 


Antonio Ortega 
Albino Leal 

Chemists and Druggists. 

Daniel Linion 
Francisco Arenas 
Carlos Rois 

Billiard Halls 

El Casino 
Vicente Sarmiento 
Dionisio Mantilla 
Pedro Diaz 
Aspra y Noriega 

Coffee Warehouses. 

Manuel Abascal 
Jose Gomez Dias 
Rafael Aragon Benito 
Carlos Fagoaga 
Luis Lopez 
Cirilo Mingo 
"Manuel Mateos 
Victor Yzquerdo 

Clothing and Tailoring. 

Rafael Aragon 
Raymondo Carretero 
Camilo Lopez 
Basilio Iraola 
Antonia Ortiga 
Lauro Bonilla 
Antonio Leal 

Chocolate Factories. 

Manuel Labogne 
Mariano Valdez 

General Stores, Retail. 

Tranquilino Calima 
Bauper y Ca. 

Noriega Aspray 
Lucas Cordova 
Pedro Costafreda 
Pedro Diaz 
Rufino de la Torre 
JoseCamacho Fernandez 
Jose Diaz Fernandez 
Enrique Galan 
Ramon Garay 
Rafael Hernandez 
Herrero y Ca. 
Junque y Isidro 
Anselmo Lopez 
Francisco Jimenez 
Moral y Port ilia 
Francisco Natali 
Victor Louistalot 
Gregorio Lopez 
Antonio Rodriguez 
Ramon Rodriguez 
Francisco Cordova Quevcdo 
Mariano R. Valdez 
Ramon Tavares 

Hardware and Housefurnishing. 

Manuel Abascal 

Calleja y Ca. 

Jos6 Tresgallo 

jose Maria Salamanca 

Cortes Hermanos 

Guadaloupe Hernandez 

Rafael Vargas 


Juan Barral 
Faustino Moral 
S. Vargas 


Enrique Herrera 
Cuthberto Pena 
Jose F. Elguera 
Alfredo Russell 
Ramon R. Rodriguez 

There is a railway and a telegraph station in this town, 
flourish and abound in this vicinity. 

Coffee and all kinds of tropical fruits 


Population, S,ooo. 



" La Merced " 

" La Providencia " 

Botica de Argandar 

Botica de Miguel Cruz y Cano 

Clothing, Hats, Shoes, Etc. 

Manuel Fiz 

Honorato Teissier y Ca. 

Ramon Hernandez 




Suininistramos pianos y contratamos para Fabricas completas 
de Cerveceria, Alambiques, Almidon, Glucosa y Vinagre. 


Segun los m^todos mejorados y mas recientes. Estamos prepaiaaos a guarantizar resultados. 

Vendemos a precios bajos, maquinas de vapor, calderas, bombas de aire y de vapor, valvulas 
y ajustes. Tuberia, Tubos, de goma y Correas de Poleas, de las que tenemos surtidos completos 
en nustra sucursal en Villa Lerdo, Mexico, donde nuestro agente el Sr. Ernesto Fuchs, tendra 
gusto en cotizar precios, etc. 



Chicago, Ills., e. u. de a. 

TaMs He Pila de Dianiagli! de BolM 

Explotar y Desarrolla 


Agujeros perforados a cualquier Angulo y a cualcjuier profundidad rcquerida, sacando un ANIMA 

Construimos 15 Tamanos y Estilos de Taladros desde mdguinas para fuerza de Sangre hasta las 
maguinas mas grandes para sondar pozos. 


Y TAMBORES desde 2 pi&, hasta 30 pies de Diametro. 


Desda 50 Iiasta 2,000 caballos. 




Frederick Stearns & Co., 


Establecidos en 1855. 

DETROIT, MICH., E. U. de A. 


Ofrecemos al Comercio Surtidos Comtletos de los sigiuentes productos de 
nuestra manufactura. Extractos Liqtjidos (exsatados), oficial y no oficial. 

ExtractosS6lidos(exsatados), Blandos, en polvosysacariflcados (extractos). 

PiLDORAS T Granulos, cubiertas con azucar, gelatina y Perla. Granulos colo- 

Medicamentos Segtjros — Liquidos, alcallticulos, alcalimetricos, alcalizados. 

Elixirs, Yinos, Tinturas (ensayadas), Soluciones, Unguentog, Ceratos. 

Capsulas, Rellenas duras, Blandas y vacias. Confecciones, oleatos. 

Drogas en Polvos, Ensayadas y Garantizadas. Extractos y Preparaciones de 

SiROPES, Medicinales y medicos. Preparaciones de aceite de hlgado de 

CoxcENTRACiONES (Resinosas), Oleoresinas, Cordiales concentrados (conveni- 

Preparaciones Granulares fermextosas, Galas. 

Pastillas, Hechas, a mano y Comprimidas. Lapizes e Inhaladores de Menthol. 

Pastillas y Pildoras comprimidas. Pildoras Hipodermicas. Pastillas de 

Pepsina, Pura, Cascara, Azucarada, Lactinada, Sacarino puro. 

Saxoline, Simple, Perfumada, Medicinal, sus preparaciones y combinaciones. 

Parches en RoUos, Porozos, Tafetan, Ingles de Cirujano. Preparaciones nar- 

Sazonadores — Extractos concentrados, Jugos de Frutas, Sabores para Agua 
de Soda, etc. 

Perfumes — Para panuelos, Aguas para el tocador, Polvos para el cutis, etc. 
Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc. 

Pidase nuestro Catalogo Farmac6utico, 100 paginas, 1,000 ilustraciones. 


Fueron originadas por nosotros hace mas de trece anos, y son simplemente recetas 
preparadas para usos caseros, farmaceuticamente preparadas sin secreto ni fraude. 
Reemplazan enteramente los medicamentos falsos y privilegiados, con provecho al 
vendedor y satisfaccion al consumidor. Nuestro Catalogo Ilustrado No. 84 
trata ampiiamente sobre el plan, precios y condiciones. Libre al pedirlo. " The 
New Idea," un periodico mensual de la Verdadera Farmacia, como opuesta al 
secreto y Falsedad en la Farmacia. Precio 50 centavos anuales. Copias de muestras 

Nuestra Especialidad es la preparacion y envase de formulas particulares, las 
que podemos hacer mejor, mas baratas y con mas elegancia que el mismo vendedor 
Pidanse precios. 



• General Stores, Retail. 

*' La Nina," Vinda de F. Azcarate 

" El Pabellon Mexicana," Aramburo Hermando. 

" El Vapor," Juan Pagaza 

"La Poblana," Luis Kios Bustamente 

" La Liiz del Dia, " Francisco Sobriiio 

"La Geratimoe," Jose Barquin 

" El Trumfo," Agustin Muiioz 

" Panaderia del Cazador," Felipe del Sol 


Jose C. Marquez 
Gustavo O'Farrell 
Victor Blay 
Miguel Cruz y Cano 


" Porfirio Diaz," seating capacity, 1,200 



Population, 6,000. 

Business Agents and Attorneys. 

Pedro Radriquez 
Tomas Berlanger 
Antonio G. Carrillo 
Santos Davila 
Manuel Flores 
Bruno Garcia 
Miguel C. Gomez 
Patricio Gonzalez 
Jose Maria Muzquiz 
Trevinio Fernandez 

Pianos, Music and Sewing Ma- 

Francisco Villanueva 
F. Francesconi 
Maricino Grande 

Machinery and Agricultural Im- 

Estorg y Hayer 
Mazo y Hermano 
Guillerrao Purcell 
Bernado Sato 

Insurance Agent. 

David Zainora 


Banco Comercial 

General Merchants. 

Bernado Sola 
Guillermo Purcell 
Marcelino Garza 
Eusebio Calzada 
Mariano Grande 
Rumulo Garza 
Josd- Negrete 
Damaso Kodriqucz 
Pulido Ramos 


Carillo y Garcia Fuenlcs 
Mauricio C. Barrcda 

S. De la Fuente 
Jose Figureo 
Hilario Hernandez 
M. Warremosch 

Clothing, Shoes, Hats, etc., Retail. 

Antonio Aguirre 
Mazo Hermanos 
Florencio Llaguna 
Jose M. Huici 
Donato Volpe 
Jose Maria Ramos 
Benito Goriba 
Acencio Molina. 


Jos^ Maria Barreda 
Anastasio Carrillo 
R. H. L. Bebbee 
Ramon Davila 
Jose I. Figueroa 
Dionisio Fuente 
Jesus M. Gill 
Jesus Fuestes 
Mauricio Garcia 
Santiago Smith 
Matias Forth 

Dry Goods, etc., Retail. 

Hayer y Estorg 
H. Hernandez 
Dolores Maria Rios 
Carlos Martinez 
Siber Perez 
Juan Sandrez 

Ales, Beer, etc. 

Haussen y Ca. 
Perez y Hcrmanc 


Sevcro li"ernandcz 
Gonzalez l'"ucntcs 
Simon I'cna 
Mariano Cardenas 


Delmar's Trades Directory axd Mercantile Manual. 


Population, 10,000. 

Boots aud Shoes, Retail. 

Tomas Mejid 
Manuel Siller 
Agustin Vergard 

Clotliiiigr and Tailoring. 

Vicente Ruiz 
Francisco Sanchez 

Chemists and Druggists. 

Martin Gonzalez 
Antonio M. Fernandez 
Carlos Winslow 

Commission Merchants. 

Crescencio Soltero 
Lorenzo Yafiez 
Manuel Ramirez 

Dry Goods, Hosiery, Etc. 

Jose Ruiloba 
Volpe Hermanos 

General Stores. 

(Wholesale and retail.) 
Joaquin Flores 
Juan Manuel Flores 
G. Canales 
Guillermo Garza 
E. Guitierrez Garza 

Porfirio C. Garza 
Emeterio Gonzalez 
Anastacio Gutierrez 
Encarnacion Gutierrez 
Juande Dies Gutierrez 
Cadena Gutierrez 
Victor Salazar 
Justino Sada 
I. Saldafia 

Manuel Ramirez Vela 
Erasmo Villa 

Hardware, Housefurnishing, Etc. 

Marcelo Chavez 

D. M. Hughes 

I. Saldafia 

Juan de D. Gutierrez. 


Erasmo Martinez 



Agustin Gonzalez 
Gillermo Garza 

Mining Engineers. 

Luis Gorand 
Teodoro Santa Cruz 


Rafael V. Garza 


Population, 86,ooo. 


Maximiliano Danum 
Doorman y Ca. 
Juambeltz Hermanos 
Stahlknecht y Ca. 

Commission Merchants, General. 

Francisco Alvarez y Ca. 
Juan Belz Hermanos 
Julio Doorman y Ca. 
Viuda y Hijos de Grimaldo 
Gurza Hermanos y Ca. 
Guillermo Moller 
Pedro del Rio yCa. 
Salcido Hermanos 

Druggists, Retail. 

" Del Carmen " 

" Del San Agustin " 

" Universal " 
Manuel de Avila 
De Guadalupe 
Eusebio de Ostolaza 
Carlos Leon de la Pena 
Jesus de San Martin 
Manuel Santa Maria 
Arcadio Tabison 

Dry Goods and Groceries. 

Juan Alvarez 
Andres Bastera 
Bose y Schmidt 
Toribio Brancho 
J. Castillo 
C. Clarke 
M. Damin 
Doorman y Ca. 
Hengcler y Deras 
Tulia Hildebrand 
jambelz Hermanos 



Dry Goods and Groceries- continued. 

Lowre Hermano 
Juan B. Olagaray 
C. Rodrigues 
Stahlknecht y Ca. 

Flour Mills. 

Francisco Alvarez y Rafael 
Gavielan y Guerrero 


Juan N. Flores 
Cerro del Mercado 
Compania Americana 


Francisco Flores 
Miguel Gomez 

Merchandise, Brokers. 

Benito Arritda 
Julio Delino 
Francisco Fernandez 
Jacinto Gomez 
Luis Mijaris 
Jesus Vazquez 

Merchants, General. 

Maximiliano Danum 
Juan Belz Hermanos 
Julio Doorman y Ca. 
V'iuda y Hijos de Grimaldo 
Anezaga y Ca. 
Bengoechea y Ca. 
Gurza Hermanos y Ca. 
J. Hildebrand y Ca. 

J. Lopez Rangel 
Guillermo Moller 
Jambelz Hermanos 
Stahlknecht y Ca. 
D. Arguelles 
Fernandez Hermanos 
Clementi Garcia 
Faustino Gomez y Ca. 
M. Jaquier 
Francisco Ortigosa 

Vargas Hermanos 
Vazquez y Dias 

Mining- Engineers. 

A. Luis Lavie 
J. Patoni 


Librado Castillo 
Felipe Gavilan Perez 
Mariano Herrara 
Francisco A. Lazalde 
Juan A. Loaeza 
Juan de Dios Palacios 
Ambrosio Sanchez 
J. Contreras 
Jose Reyes 
Jesus San Martin 
Carlos Santa Marina 
Fernando Sarraga 
David Rios 


Carlos de la Mariposa Gomez 


Jose S. Rocha 


Population, 6,000. 

Agricultural Iniplenients. 

(See General Merchants.) 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Tauzi y Ca. 

Bookbinder and Printer. 

Miguel Castelan 

Commission Merchants. 

V. M. Gr.-iy 
Ricardo Laborin 
.Sandoval y Hijos 
Matias Tamayo 


A. Wallace, 94 Principal 
Luis G. Davila, 86 Principal 

Dry Goods and Notions. 

Seiner y Von Borstel 

Jewelers and Watchmakers. 

J. Seiner 
Fclide Misa 

Merchants, General. 

Aguilar, .Sucesores 
Dominiciano Baston 
W. Iberri 

Kiesnciback, Moller y Ca. 
G. Sandoval y Hijt) 
Seklner y Von Borstel 
Camon Hermanos 


Casca y Garcia 
I'riciliano Figucroa 
Aguslin A. Roa 
Tonias Spencer 


Delmae's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 


Population, 100,000. 

Ales and Beer Dealers. 

Ignacio Solorzano 

Pablo Torres 

Placido Guerrero 
Juan Ohoner 
Benito Rebollon 

Vallejo Hermanos 
Juan Vallejo 
Ramon Villareal 

A. Coiffier 

Miguiel Gutierrez 


Arms and Ammunition. 

Francisco Mendez Padilla 

Francisco Ponce de Leon 

(See Hardware, Etc.) 

Guillermo H. Rigger 

Architects and Builders. 

Francisco P. Leon 
Felix Castillo 

Antonio Arroniz 

Pablo Comacho 

David Bravo 

Jose M. Rones 

Gabriel Castanon 
Castaneda Hnos 


Manuel Gomez 

Manuel Arreola 

Jesus Lomeli 

Jesus Cortis de Ocampo 

Manuel Quevedo 

Alejo Garcia Conde 

Antonio Esteves Gutierrez 

Boots and Shoes. 

Jacinto Montano 

Jose Maria Arias 

Jesus Montano 

Espiridion Arrieta, Loreto 

Etiquio Murillo 

Silvestre Castro 

Vicente Ochoa 

Petronilo Gomez 

Lorenzo Ornelas 

Alberto, Nava y Ca. 

Carlos Perez 

Jos^ Maria Portillo 

Lazaro Perez 

Antonio Rodriguez 

Xicolas Puga 

Viuda de Rodriguez 

Jose Maria Romo 

Ciriaco Torrez 

"Nicolas Tortolero 

Jesus Gomez 

Vidal Torres 

Enrique Weitenauer 

Commission Merchants, General. 

Carlos Zuluaga 

Castafieda Hermanos 

Emilio Ascher 

Jesus Alvarez del Castillo 

Juan Montano 
Lazaro Perez y Hijo 
Fernando de los Rios 

Julian Camarena 
Evaristo Iniquez 

Jesus Ascenio 

Torres y Tapia 

Rafael Lopez 

Dry Goods and Notions. 

Dionisio Mead 

Ramon de la Mora 

Jesus C. Arce 

Enrique de la Pena 

Julio Jurgensen 

Ignacio Rasura 

Viuda y Hijos de Lacroix 

Vudriffed Hermanos 

Mauricio Rohde 

Renito Barroso 

Juan D. Muiioz 

Chavez y Guido 

Runchaldt y Rose 

Juan Galvan 

-Vntonio Alcarez 

Gustavo Gravenhorts 

Aracio y Ca. 

Placido Guerrero 

F. Arevalo 

Francisco Infante 

Jose Juan Babadilla 

Jose M. Infante 

Hannafoux, Fortoul y Chapuy 

Luis Infante 

Casadevant y Garselon 

Edurado Iturbide 

Francisco Celso 

Salvadore Maconzet 

Feliciano Corona 

Loreto Martinez del Campo 

Corona y Ca. 

Atansio Mier 

Cogordan Gas 

Manuel Montano 

Jose Gasibe 

Santiago Ortiz 

ignacio Gomez 

Epifanlo Oseguera 

Amado Gonzalez 

Gabino Oseguera 

Vicente Gonzalez 

Ramon Ramirez 

Honoraf, Pelester y Saldini 

Jose J. Retana 

Lagnette y Brihuega 

Nemesio Ruiz 

Lebre, Barriere y Ca. 



Dry Groods and 'Motions— coudaue^. 

Cayetano Melendez 
Santiago Mendoza, 
Juan D. Munoz 
Xestor Navarro 
Pedro Navarro 
Canute Romero 
Julio Rosse 
J--duardo Romero 
Ramon Ugarte 
Jose Maria Zuloaga 

Express Company^ 

Wells, Fargo & Co. 

Flour Dealers. 

Canedo y Valdivieso 

Apolonio Garcia 

Matias Gomez 

F. Simon del Llano 

Torres, IMorfin y Hermano 

Maximiano Valdovinos 


Octaviano Aldava 
Jose Cano 

lose Procopio Cassillas 
Aliguel Cassillas 
Antonio Garciadiego 
Teodoro Gomez 
Antonio Orozco 
Bonifacio Romero 
Jose Maria Cano 

Gas Companies' Agents. 

Santiago Alvarez 
Nabor Gallegos 
Lucio Robles 
iN.afael Sanchez 
Francisco Valencia 

Groceries and Provisions, Whole- 
sale and Retail. 

Jose Felix Agraz 

Santiago Alvarez 

Angel Arch 

Florentine Badial 

Lucas Barron 

Castillo y Zuniga 

Jesus Chavez 

Apolonio Cedeiio 

IJonaciano Corona 

Celso Cortes 

Jos6 IsaVjel Cortes 

Antonio Covarrubias 

Tomas Cruz 

Dernongin y Victor Hermano 

Ambrosio Uiaz 

Librado Escamilla 

Fernandez y Ca. 

Jos6 G. Fernandez 

Ochoa J. Galiardo 

Joaquin Garcia 

Ramon Garibay 

Ignacio Garibay 

Francisco Garibay 

Miguel Garibi 

Tos6 Maria Gomez 

Felipe Gomez 

Polomar B. Gonzalez 

Ramon Gomez 
Ignacio Gudino 
Julian Gutierrez 
Priciliano Hernandez 
Alberto Jiminez 
Evaristo Moncayo 
Tomas Molina 
Hiliano de la Mora 
Ignacio Navarro 
Jacobo Navarro 
Valerio Nunez 
Mariano P. Oruelas 
Abraham Oseguera 
Conrado Osegeura 
Gonzalez de Perez 
Pedro Quiroz 
Rafael Rios 
Robles y Vizcaino 
Mauro Rodriguez 
Antonio Romero 
Jose Maria Romero 
Felipe Romero 
Ponciano Ruiz 
Metamoros Portal 
Manuel Sainz 
A. Aldama Sanchez 
Ignacio Valdez 

Hardware, Cutlery, Etc. 

Agustin Bontholly 
Benito Gonzalez Palomar 
Julio Jurgensen y Ca. 
Adolfo Niemann 
Mauricio Rohde 
Juan Zuluaga 
Mauricio Rohde 
Augustin Blume 

House Furnishing-, Tinware, Etc. 

Ignacio Aranda 
Hipolito Granados 
Jos6 Maria Guerrero 
Sebastian Mariscal 
Jose Sandoval 

Jewelry, Watches and Silverware. 

Andres Beha 
Leal Hermanos 
Xicolas Sanchez Aldana 
Jacinto Torres 
[uan B. Torres 
Kustasio UUoa 
Francisco P. Vallasta 
Antonio Winterhalder 
Sabino Aguilar 


Anciray Hermano 
Jose Maria Iguinig 
J. Antonio Izaguirre 
Alberto Rodriguez. 

Lumber Merchants. 

Octaviano Aldapa 
Jose Cano 
Jose Casiilas 
Miguel Casiilas 
Antonio Garciadiego 
Thcodoro Gomez 
Antonio Orozco 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Machinery Depots. 

Jose M. Castillo 

Carlos Z. Dieznez 

Emilio Hachar 

Juan S. Escobedo 

Wm. Jameson y Hermano 
Juan Kip 

Espinosa Monroy 

Jos^ Maria Frenoso 

Juan N. Baulista 
Kosalio Briseno 

Salvador Diego Garcia 
Silverio Garcia 

Pedro Carillo 

Ignacio Godinez 

Francisco Leon 

Manuel Guemez 

Felix Martinez 
Antonio Valovinos 

Luis Hernan 
Eduardo Ibarra 

Mercliants, General Wholesale. 

Jesus Larios 
Rafael Mendez 

Alfonso Heyman 

Lopez Miguel Mendoza 

Antonio Alverez del Castillo 

Emigdio Nuno 

Blume y Ca. 

Juan Oliva 

Castaiieda Hnos 

Martin Polanco 

Eduardo Colignon y Ca. 

Topete Justo Pastor 

Manuel Corcuera y Hijos 

Manuel Rey 

Manuel Fernandez del Valle 

Jose Maria Reynoso 

Fernandez Somellera y Ca. 

Gregorio Rubio 

Agustin Gil 

Raul M. Serrano 

Miguel Hermosillo 

Vidal Torres y Tapia 

Teodore Kuhnhardt 

Juan Zavala 

Rafael Lopez 

Carlos Zuluaga 

Nicolas G. Lemus 

Francisco M. Padilla 

Francisco Martinez Negrete 

Ficolas Puga 

Ramon Miravete 

Fausto Uribe 

Moreno y Palomar 

Julio Cordova 

Oetling y Ca. 

Jesus Avelar 

Palomar Hermanos 

Bonifacio Morales 

Lazaro Perez y Hijo 

Mariano Cortes 

Genaro Sanchez 

Mucio Cortes 

Somellera Fernandez y Ca. 

Reyes G. Flores 

Francisco Ugarte 

Gutierrez J. Macias 

Santiago Camareno y Ca. 

Antonio Ornelas 

Librado Escamilla 

Gonzalez Olivarez y Hermano 

Pianos and Organs. 

Negrete F. Martinez 
Pablo Navasotlo 

Ed. Cullignon y Ca. 

Francisco Grande 

Mauricio Rohde 

Gustavo Gravenhort 

Claro Tome Villasenor 

J. Maconzet y Hermano 
J. Morellon y Ca. 


L. Oruna y Hermanos 

Francisco Arroyo 

Manuel Solorozano 

Federico Echeverria 

Jose Maria Iguinig 

Perfumery and Toilet Articles. 

Loreto Ancira y Hermano 

Jose Cabrera 
Suarez Martinez 
Jose Maria Robles 
Jos^ Maria Vargas 

Ventura Diaz 
Viuda de Lacroix 
Viuda de Paez 
Cruz Ramrez 


Publishers and Booksellers. 

Carlos A. Barriere 

Francisco Ahedo 

Ramon G. Fuentes 

Carlos Bouret 

Pedro Magallane- 
Octaviano de la Mora 

Neveriano Gal van 

Jose Gomez Daniel Garcia 

Espalda y Portal 

Francisco Nigrete Martinez 

Refugio Ibarre de Diaz 

Moreno y Mora 

Carmen Mufioz 


Nicolas de Pena 

Josefa de Cortes Rubio 
Eusebio Sanchez y Ca. 

Abundio Acevez 

Teofilo Alvarez 

Crispiniano Arce 
Fortunato Arce 

Sewing Machines. 

Antonio Arias 

Emilio Hachar 

Jos^ M. Benitez 

Alfonso Heymann 

Perfecto G. Bustamante 

Julio Jurgensen 

Jose M. Carmarena 

Dionisio Meade 

Salvador Camarena 

Mauricio Rohde 

Jesus Castillo 

Julio Rose 



Tanners and Leather Merchants. 

Vincente Banales 
Viuda de Carmona 
Sixto Monteon 
Emilio Peinado 
J. Fernando 
Manuel Stampa 
Maximiano Valdovinos 


(See Furniture.) 

Wholesale Dealers in Native 

Pablo Comacho 

Santiago Camarena, Sta. Teresa 

Felix Castillo 

Florencio Chavez 

Carlos Garcia Sacho, 29 Aduana 

Gonzalez Olivares Hermano, 2 DegeDado 

Albino Martin 

Marcelino Morfin 

Clemente Munguia 

Liberalo Munguia 

Pablo Navarrete 

Francisco Padilla 

Exiquio Ponce 

Jesus Maria Rubio 

Domingo Salcedo 

Ricardo Villegas 



Population, 65,000. 

Agricultural Implements. 

(See Hardware Merchants, General.) 

Ales and Beer Dealers. 

Antonio Camacho 
Ernesto Ruger 
Juan Irigaray 

Arms and Ammunition. 

(See also Hardware,) 
Xarciso Nunes 
Francisco Manriquez 
Castulo Villegas 

Assayers and Chemists. 

Dario Abanez 
Leoncio Lobato 
Abraham Lozano 
Eugenio Lozano 
Roberto Philipo 
Francisco M. Sardaneta 
Jos6 Velez 
Pedro Belounzaran 
Jose Marsa Cantero 
Ildefonso Gomez 
Oca de Monies 
Miguel Pezquera 
Gabriel Montes de Oca 


Banco Mercantil 

Banco Nacional Mexicano 


Jos(- Gilbert y Ca. 
Rosalio Lara 
Trinidad de la Torre 



Eugenio Corono 
Pedro Parres 
Augustin Serrano 

Books and Stationery. 

Carlos Bouret 
Pedro de la Fuente 
Pedro Ripollez 

Boots and Shoes. 

Ignacio Gomez 
Francisco Manriquez 
Castulo Villegas 

Jesus Alvarado 
Margarito Arias 
Enrique Bernard 
Emetrio Duarte 
Francisco Heredia 
J. Maria Machuca 
Felipe Madrid 
Ceferino Pedroza 
Francisco Rodriguez 
Catarino Rodriguez 
N. Soria 
Francisco Vilannueva 


Magdaleno Dominguez 
Feliciano Guzman 

Commission Merchants. 

Fuentes y Romero 
Enrique Meyerberg 
Narcisco Nuiiez 
Manuel Reinoso 

Copper Goods. 

Ramon Alvarez 
Antonio Bonifacio 

Crockery and Glassware. 

Diego Abascal 
.Santos Acostas 
Caloca y Ca. 
Luis Caudra 


Delmae's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Crockery and Glassware— conHnned. 

Gas Manufacturer. 

J. Fuentes 

Juan M. Conteras 

Felipe Gomez 

Hermanos Obregon 

Groceries and Provisions. 

Monico Oilego 
Enrique Palasson 
Francisco de P. Pedrosa 

Florencio Arteaga 
Manuel Valadez 

Francisco Zarrate 


Espiridion Martinez 

Hardware, Cutlery and Tools. 


Diego Abascal 
Alcazar y Ca. 

Felipe Aragon 

Luis Goerne 

B. Arreguin 

T r- 

Enrique Langenscheidt 

Jesus Gasca 

Hermanos Osante 

Elias Villafuerte 

Rodriguez y Ca. 

Tomas Fonseca 

Gasca y Ca. 

House Furnishing Goods and 

Leal y Ca. 


Francisco Lopez 

Marquez y Ca. 

Alfonso Damen 

Sirio Maicote 

Enrique Palasson 

Jose Ruoda 

Pablo Duran 

Vincente Salcedo 

Hilario Flores 

Carlos Sotura 

Hilario Flores 

Ignacio Vazquez 

Tiburcio Delgado 

Villanueva y Ca. 

Antonio Moron 

Narciso Flores 

Dry Goods, Wholesale. 

Ricardo Reina 

Ignacio Vazquez 

Luis Goerne 

Bruno Alvarez 

Enrique Langenscheidt 

Modesto Frias 

Hermanos Osante 

Alcazar Stalfort y Ca. 


Engineers, Architects & Builders. 

Hilario Gaidan, Guanajuato 

Agustin Ajuria 
Julian Antillon 

Magdalen Garcia, Meson Santonio 

Concepcion Gimenez, Alonso 

Ponciano Aguillar 

Miguel Bravo 

Ice Dealers. 

Pedre Belauzaran 

Roman Navarro 

Juan N. Conteras 

Bartolo Penaflor 

Luis Campa 

Juan N. Garcia 
Francisco Glennier 

Importers and Warehousemen. 

Anda Luiz Gutierrez 

M. Ajuria 

Ignacio Ibarguengoitia 

Alcazar y Ca. 

Enrique Martinez 

Luis Goerne 

Francisco Manriquez 

Enrique Langenscheidt 

Vicente Mana 

Narcisco Munoz 

A. Mendoza 

Cipriano Rodriguez y Ca. 

Luis Muro 

Severe Navia * 

.Jewelry and Watches. 

Pablo Orozco 

Manuel Ortiz 

Gabellon Galacion 

Pedro Otero 

Alejandro Hernandez 

Joaquin Parres 
Francisco Reinoso 

Antonio Perez 
Antonio Villalpando 

Guadalupe Reinoso 

Federico Wieland 

Ignacio G. Rocha 

Hernandez y Hijo 

Francisco Sardaneta 

Luis Laux 

Miguel Septien 

Federico Gerilant 

Flour Mills. 


Antonio Anaya 
M. Coz 

Faustino Laureto 

Pablo Zepeda 

Lumber Merchants. 


Sucesores de Benito Herrera 

Antonio Bonifacio 

Trinidad Lopez 

Juan Jaunoud 

Rafael Alvarado 

Obregon y Herman© 

J. M. Anda 



Merchants, General, Wholesale. 

Manuel Gonzalez 

Jose Hernandez 

Abascal y Ca. 

Romulo Lopez 

Miguel Arvizer 

Antonio Macias 

Caiie Andriffred y Ca. 

Manuel Mena 

Caloca y Ca. 

Vicente Mena 

Margarito Castro 

Ambrosia Olivares 

Luis Cuadra 

Francisco Robles 

Antonio Cuellar 

Vicente Salcedo 

Amado Delgado 

Francisco Salgado 

Alfonso Denne 

Abraham Santabanez 

Victorino Espinosa 

Andres Telles 

Ignacio Fernandez 

Indalecio Wario 

Fuentes y Romero 

Jose Wesleyr Herrera 

Luis Goerno 

Manuel Moreno 

Felipe Gomez 

Jose Palacios 

Ventura Gomez 

Manuel Ruiz 

Jesus Gonzalez 

Trevino Ruiz 

Lino Gutierrez 

Andres Tellez 

Juan Herrera 

Ortega Hernandez 

Luis Hugelstein 

Francisco Lara 

Pascual Marmol 

Pianos and Organs, 

Muiioz Torres Hermanos 

Obregon y Hermano 

Enrique Langenscheidt 

Palasson Hermanos 

Enrique Meyerburg 

Francisco Pedraza 

Antonio Vil'lapando 

Roman Robles 

Juan Romero 
Jose Velazquez 


Evaristo Villaseiior y Ca. 
Pablo Zepeda 
Florencio Alferez 

Francisco Onate 
Justo Palencia 

Aguerre Hermanos 

Francisco Rodriguez 

Oton Bollmeyer 
Guillermo Brockmann 

Joaquin Hernandez 
Jos6 Palencia 

Juan B. Cassaneve 
Modesto Cos 

Sewing Machines. 

Oetling Droege y Ca. 

E. Palasson 

Margorito Castro 

Stallforth, Alcazor y Ca. 

Jesus Herrara 

Enrique Palasson 

David Wininburg. 

Paints and Varnishes. 


Geronimo Hijar 

Ship Chandlers' Goods. 

Antonio Santoyo 
Flopencio Arteaga 
Manuel Valdez 

Manuel Castro 
Santos Cepeda 

Francisco Zorate 

Refugio >Iorales 

Lorenzo Rodriguez 


Telegraph Companies. 

Hermano y Obregon 

El Federal 




Vicente Contreras 

Inigo y Ramirez 

(See Furniture.) 


Wall Paper. 

Manuel Arraya 

(See Stationers.) 

Eduardo Armendariz 

Jose Bribiesca 


J. M. Bribiesca 

Tomas Casillas 

M. Ajuria 

Tomas Chavez 

Alcazar, Stalfort y Ca. 

Jesus Chica 

.\rango Bros. ' 

Alfredo Duges 

Jesus Flores ' 
Narciso Munoz ' 

Dimas F lores 

Vicente Gomez 

Capriano Rodriguez 


Cuba, Mexico, Central America and the West Indies. 


Population, 6,000. 

Agents, General. 

Luis Rodriguez 
Eduado Castaiieda 
Jose M. Eucisas 
Leonado Euciso 
Florencio Velasco 
Manuel Escalante 
Cristobal Serrano 

Merchants, General. 

Ramon Ayon 

E. Goblentz y Ca. 

Jose M. Miranda 

Juliana Noriega 

Eduardo Duran 

A. Majocchi 

Gaudara Hermanos 

Jose Porto 

Rafael Ruiz 

Manuel Mascarenas 

Ricardo Diaz 

Juan N. Castro * 

Carlos Nanetti 

Antonio Calderon y Ca. 

Filomeno Loaiza 

Carmelo Echeverria 
R. Rodriguez 
Vicente V. Escalante 
Juan Marcos 


Botica Alemana 
Botica Mexicana 
Botica Nueva 


Eugenio Pasqueira 
Gabriel Monteverde 
Fernando Aguilar 
Alberto C. Carbo 


Roberto Bernal 
Imprenta del Gobierno 

Boot and Shoe Dealers. 

L. Boido 
J. E. Yepez 

Salviano Sainz 



Population, 12,000. 

Ales and Beer. 

Miguel Almanza 
Pedro Dumas 
E. Sanchez 

Agricultural Implements. 

Juan Vargas y Hermanos 

Billiard Halls. 

Juan A. Gaytan 
Mariano Perez 


Nicolas Hernandez 

Commission Agents. 

Vicente Aguilerd 
Manuel Bocanegra 
Librado Lopez 

Crockery and Glassware. 

Genaro Acosta 
Trinidad Betancourt 


Aguirre Gondalez 
Ignacio Canal 
S. Galvan 
Miguel Orozco 
Apolinar Revea 
E. Sanchez 

Dry Goods. 

Vincente Diaz 
Antonio Flores 
Gabriel Vega 

Express Company. 

Wells, Fargo cS: Co. 

Flour Mill. 

Agustin Moussier. 

Hardware and House Furnishings. 

Genaro Acosta 
Gabriel Vega 
Antonio Rangel 
Guadalupe Alvarado 




mas perfeccionado en el 

Fuerte y durable. Permutable y perfecta en todas sus partes. Cerrojos que no sueltan, y no son 
€xperimentos. Arados en tres tamanos, 7, 8 y 9 pulgadas. Pidase catalogo. Dirigirse, 




Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company's 




Milwaukee, Wis., U. S. A. 





KNOWN TO THE ARTS for aU Mining, Railroad 
Work, Rock and Stump Blasting. 
FusB, Caps, Battkries and Electric Mining Goods. 
Hercules Powder Co., 40 Prospect St., Cleveland, O. 
J. W. WIIiliABD, Gcn'l Manager 


Maquinas y Calderas DE Vapor, 

de todas clases y tamanos, y a precios muy l)ajos. Mas de 9,000 do nucstra mdquinas en 
uso. Pidanse catalogues. Dirigirse, 


BUFFALO, N. Y., E. U. de A. 



Milwaukee, Wis., E. U. de A., 

I, Emiioteilailor y EMiailoi 







" Pilsener," " Tivoli," " Wiener" 
y "Private Stock." 

Emeotelladas expresamente 



Ha recibido los primeros premios por todo 

El Universo. 


Milwaul<ee, Wis., U. S. A., 









Eduado Guerrero 

E. Betancourt 

Vargas Hernanas 

Francisco Arroyo 

Francisco Montenegro 

3Iechamcal Engineers. 

Miguel Orozco 

Enrique Reynoso 

Ignacio Gonzales 

Antonio Retana 

Manuel Magallanes 

Pianos and Instruments. 

A. Cosio 

Mineral Water Factories. 

Simeon Gonzalez 

Francisco A. Gonzalez 


Ignacio Chagogan 

Miguel Castro 

Alejandro Fajardo 

Vicente Cervantes 

Music Store. 

Wholesale Warehouses, General. 

Jose Barquin 

Jacobo Marmolejo 

Genaro Acosta 

T. Betancourt 


Nieves Castro 

Nicolas Fernandez 

Francisco Fajardo 

Jose Rivera 

Lanuza y Lanuza 

G. Ramirez 



Population, 6,000 

Merchants, General. 

Torres y Subia 
Carlos Flores y Hijos 
J. P. Baea y Hermanos 
Matias Balderrama 


Hotel Mexicana 


Manuel Ramos 


Population, 15,000. 

Agents and Attorneys. 

Pedro Dominguez 
Enrique Zimenez 
Joaquin Aguilar 
Angel Rivera 
Mariano Rivadeneyra 

Chemi.sts and Druggists. 

Perez y Redondo 
Antonio Crespo 
M. Gutierrez Lozada 
Juan Pozo 
.Senoritas Martinez 
Virginia Pastrana 
Idelfonso Trigos 
Manuel Quiroz 

Cigar Factories, Wholesale. 

Ignacio Betancourt 
Carlos Florida 
Manuel Rocha 

Dry Goods, Haberdashery, Etc. 

Luis Cordero 
Carlos Bonchez 
Sucesores de Milan 
J. A. Rodriguez 

General Stores, Retail. 

Francisco Pastorisa 
Francisco Guevara 
Vinda de J. Franchechi 
Mariamo Romero 
Jose Maria Teran 
Ramon Zuhieta 
" La Kavorila " 
"La KslrclIadeOro" 
Escrihano y Ca 
Juarez y Nieto 
Aragon y Martinez 
Angel Cordera 
" La Diana " 


Delmar's Business Directory axd Mercantile Manual 

General Stores, Wholesale. 

Francisco J. Guevara 
Francisco Pastoresa 
Jose Maria Teran 
Ramon Sulueta 
Escobar Hermanos 


Pedro Baez 
Juan Pasalgas 

Machinery Warehouses. 

Carlos Bonchez 
Luis Cordero 

Manulacturers of Preserves, Etc. 

' El Dique," Agustin Cerdan 
" Lucas Martin," Carlos F. Garcia 
" La Providad," M. Emelio y Ca. 
Antcnio Sayago 

Mechanical Engineers. 

Jose A. de la Pefia 
Juan A. Perez 

Soap Factories. 

Pedro Luelmo 
Jose Maria Rech 


Population, I2,CXXD. 

Agricultural Implements and 

Jorge Heyser 
Luz Alvarado 

Ales and Beer, Dealers. 

Roberto Huitch 
Julio Cornu 
Roque Verneuil 

Arms and Ammunition. 

B. Rembez 
Ramon del Olmo 
Eufemio Berumen. 

Billiard Saloons. 

Juan Aranto 
Pedro Espinosa 
A. Guerroro 
Louja Mercantil 


Cardona Hermanos 
Jose M. Monzon 
Zeferino Rocha 


Portillo y Guemes 
Jesus Izquierdo 
Rafael Villalobos. 

Boots and Shoes. 

Valente Barbora 
Juan Maldonado 
Agustin Jaqueres 
Teodaro Ruiz 
Lauro Segura 

Cigar Factories and Tobacconists. 

Amado Delgado 
Baltasar Gonzalez 
Manuel Malacara 
Miguel Segura 
JSIorberto Trueba 

City Railway Company. 

Epigmenio Yedra, director 

Clothing, Etc., Betail. 

Bessonart y Apesteguy 
Angel Bustamente 
Santiago Barbier 
Echeagaray y Ca. 
A. de Leon Garcia 
Gonzalez y Ca. 
Carlos Obregon 
Lorenzo Thomm^ 
Jose Mufiatones 
Rafael Villalobos 
Sabino Mena 

Clothing, Hats, Etc. 

Sebastian Avila 
Carlos Carpio 
Jose Chavez 
Amado Delgado 
Baltasar Gonzalez 
C. Hernandez 
Lopez y Hermano 
Ildefonso Lopez 
Santiago Manrique 
Manuel Malacara 
Serapio Manguia 
E. Munoz 

Victoriano Ramirez 
Pascual Salgado 
Fernando Puente Salas 
Jesus Segura 
Norberto Trueba 
Pablo Aldana 
Juaquin Flebe 
Luis Haglestein 

Commission Brokers and Agents. 

Hernandez y Alvarez 
Salvador Zimenez 
J. de la Luz Alfaro 
Juan S. Lopez 
Miguel F. Segura 



Crockery and Glassware, Liaiups, 

Bittrolff y Manini 

Serapio Munguia 

J. A. Perez 

Fernando Martinez y Hermano 

Juan P. Rico 

Jesus Seguara 

Fernando Puento Salas 

Ramon Olino 

Jose Perez 

Dealers in Native Produce. 

Fuentes y Pina 
Echeagaray y Ca. 
Manuel Madrazo 
Santiago Manrique 
Bezaury Rembez 
Jesus Valazquez. 


Patricia Padilla 
Felipe Gonzalez 

Dry Goods, Clothing, Etc. 

Antonio Oiler 

Lopez de Nava y Ca. 

Fisch y Bischoff 

Fernando Martinez y Hermano 

Polhs y Guedea 

Portilla y Guemes 

Juan P. Rico 

Fernando Puente Salas 


Juan N. Castro 

Pedro Acosta 

Miguel Espaiia 

Antonio Espafia 

Luis Gonzalez 

Francisco Aguerro Gonzalez 

Leal y Ca. 

Petronillo Ruiz 

Jose Ortiz 

Express Company. 

Wells, Fargo & Co. 

Fancy Goods, Laces, Haber- 
dashery, Etc. 

Fuentes y Pina 
Pedro Esteves 
Echeagaray y Ca. 
Amado Hermosillo 
De Nava Lopez y Ca 
Antonio Oiler 
Pohls y Guedea 
Portillo y Hayser 

Flour Merchants. 

Santiago Manrique 
J. M. Gonzalez 
Juli(j Revnaud 
Manuel Sierra 
Elulalio Torres 

Flour Mill. 
Jorge Gray 

Furniture Dealers. 

Fuentes y Pina 
Ramon Olmo 
KemLicz y Bezaury 

General Commission Merchants. 

Fisch y Bischoff 

Fernando Martinez y Hermano 

Fuentes y Piiia 

Luz Alvarado 

Hernandez y Alvarez 

Francisco C. Garza 

Juan Savedra Lopez 

Miguel Gomez Luna 

Cleto Mena 

Miguel Segura 

S. Munguia 

Hardware, Cutlery, Etc. 

Fernando Martinez y Ca. 
Bittrolff y Manini 
Ramon Olrao 
Felipe Robles 
Jos6 Perez 


Lopez de Lalande 
Santiago Aranjo 
Pascual Hourcade 

Pianos and Musical Instruments. 

Ramon Del Olmo 
Juan P. Rico 
Pohls y Guedea 
Rauron Olmo 
Bittrolff y Mauini 


Elias Castillo 

Jos^ Maria Pacheco 


Juan N. Castro 

Pedro Acosta 

Francisco Aranjo 

Octaviano Gal van 

Felipe Gonzalez 

Velasco Rosendo de Gutierrez 

Jesus Soto 

Angel Trujillo 

Ezequiel Torres 

Garcia Saavedra 

Jose Ortiz 

Francisco Leal 

Jesus Jimenez 


Daniel Camacho 
Gomez y Hijo 
Jos6 M. Munzon 
Jesus Villalpando 


" El Dablado 

Watches and Jewelry. 

Luis Long 
Rembez y Bezaury 
Pascual Barroso 
Francisco Gray 

Wool Exporters. 

Diego Manrique 
Ramon Munoz 
Francisco Cortina Garza 
K. Munoz 
Antonio Oiler 


Delmar's Trades Directory axd Mercantile Manual 


Population, 13,000. 


Francisco Bali 
Bahnsen y Ca. 

V. E. Brayder 

Barreda y Liana 

Eduardo Bremer 

Bremer y Scholtz 

C. Braider 

Ambrosio Cantu 

Manuel Cantu 

Dry Goods, Notions, Etc. 

Jose Maria Cardenas 

Jose A. Cardenas 
Jacobo Berhein 
Burchard y Hermano 

Rafael Crespo 

Jose de la Mora 
Antonio M. Erhard 

Francisco Fernandez 

Julio Eversmann 

Lorenzo Garibay 

Jose Fernandez y Ca. 

Manuel F. Fernandez 

Groceries and Provisions, Retail. 

Jose Gutierrez 
Santiago Iturri 
W. J unco 

Antonio Davila 

Juan Gamboa 

J. Lira 

Francisco Davila 

Eduardo Longoria 

G. Garcia 

Manuel F. Fernandez 

M. F. Garcia 

Lopez de Lara y Ca. 

A. Gonzalez Garza 

Gaspar A. Lynch 

Montemayer y Ca. 

Adolfo Mar 

Tiburcio Punente 

Tomas Marquez 

Manuel Salazar 

Daniel Milo y Ca. 

N. Torres 

Antonio Mireles 

Leocadio Munoz 

Hardware and Tools. 

H. Nilson 

Federico O'Boile 

A. Doulet 

Antonio Prado 

Miguel Madrazo 

Octaviano Reyna y Hermano 

Marcelino Rougier 

Manuel Sierra 

Juan Sansat 

Julio Smag 

Francisco A. Soni 

Jewelry, Watches and Silverware. 

Melquiades Torrez 

Jose A. Hinojosa 

Enrique Trevino 
Manuel Trevino 

Belemberg y Quast 

H. E. Woodhouse y Ca. 

Merchants, General. 

Julio Zandei 
Ramou Zepeda 

Diego Abad 
Adolfo Alarez y Ca. 


Francisco Amendariz, Sues 

Ponco Fernando 

Jose M. Amendariz 

W. Welsh 


Population, 30,000. 

Agricultural Implements. 

(See Hardware and Tools.) 

Ales and Beer. 

(See Groceries and Provisions.) 


Felipe Montilla 

Boots and Shoes, Retail. 

Munoz C. Arestegui 
Pedro Camara 
Juan Gonzalez Carvajal 
Basilic Carrillo 
Benito Carrillo 
Espejo Ciriaco 
Euladio Cayoe 
Juan'de D. Hernandez 
Mateo Hernandez 



Boots aud Shoes, Retail— co>iii>ii(cd. 

Guadalupe Mendoza 
Joaquin Preng 
Lucas Rubio 
Castillo Ruiz 
Domingo Ruiz 
Martin Salazar 

Cotton Mills. 

Juan A. Urcelay 


J. M. Gilkey 
Eduardo Rodriguez 


Santiago Aguilar 
EI Refugio 
Jose Font 
La Catedral 
La Mejorada 
Parque Central 
Carlos Perez 
Pedro Troncoso 
Eduardo Casares 

Francisco Negron 

P. P. Pinto Perez 
Abelardo Ponce 
\V. Ponce 
Rivera y Ca. 
Miguel Villamil 

Engineers, Mechanical. 

Jose A. Ensenyat 
Evia Alfonso Lopez 
Leopoldo Perdones 
Carlos Ramirez 
Gonzalo Ruiz 
Juan Villamil 

Furniture and Cabinet Ware. 

Leopoldo Alberto 

Groceries and Provisions. 

Manuel Almeyda 
Juan Aragon 
Daniel Argona 
R. Atocha y Ca. 
Faustino Avila 
Adolfo Bolio 
Hermanos Bolio 
Joaquin Camps y Hijo 
G. Canto 
Jose C. Carrillo 
Magdaleno Carrillo 
Juan B. Castillo 
Pedro Castillo 
Cervera y Ca. 
Miguel Concha 
Espinosa y Ca. 
Bartolome Fuentes 
Fuentas y Ca. 
Francisco Fuentes 
Manuel J. Gallareta 
Francisco Gonzalez 
Jos6 de Midalgo 
Jos<i Millet Hubbe 
Gabriel Lujon 

Melquiades Mena 
Isidro Mendicuto 
Gregorio Milon 
Tiburcio Mota 
Ortiz y Ca. 
Palma y Hermanos 

Hardware, Tools, Etc. 

Crasemann y Ca. 
Ricardo Gutierrez 
Gregorio Diego Ayroa 
L. Gutierrez 
Gutierrez y Ca. 
German Ravonburg 
Leopoldo Albertos 
Alveraz y Ca. 
Manuel Donde 
Antonio Esenat 
Ramon P. Juanes 
Nicolin Hermanos 

House Furnishing Goods and 

Jose D. Burgos 
Bosenito Rivas 
Jose Ruz Sanchez 
Domingo Valencia 

Ice Merchants and Manufacturers. 

El Pabellon Mejicano 
M. Almedia. 

Jewelry, Watches and Silverware. 

Luis Claudon 
Enrique Dellemberg 
Paulino Aragon 
Barcelo y Mateo 
Joaquin Basulto 
Juan E. Basulto 
Euladio Cabrera 
Loreto CarriUo 
Carlos Dominguez 
Tiburcio Flores 
Juan C. Monforte 
Elgio Quen 
Jose D. Ramirez 
Policarpo Rosel 
Francisco Rodriguez 
Saturnio Rodriguez 
Mateo Sanchez 


Santiago Bolio Quijano 
Ricardo B. Caballero 

Merchants, General, Importing and 

Marcelino Gandarillas 
Luis Gutierrez 
Ricardo Gutierrez 
Ilaro y Concha 
I laro y Pena 
Hoffman y Dominguez 
Ibarra y Ca. 
Miguel Laviada 
Pedro Seal 
F. Lizarraga y Ca. 
Gregorio ^Iilall 
Sergio Padron 


Delmar's Teades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Merchants General, etc.— continued. 

Palma y Hermanos 
Alfredo Peon 
Perez y Ca. 
Ponce y Ca. 
Viuda y Hijo de Regil 
Pedro Rotger y Ca. 
Manuel Rucio 
Celestino Ruis del Hoyo 
Francisco Ruis del Hoyo 
Viuda de Toledo y Ca. 
Manuel Zapata y Hijo 
Luis Bros. 
Rodolfo G. Conton 
Francisco Alvarez 
Agustin Alcina 
Nicanor Ancona 
Benito Azzar 
Aznar, Perez y Ca. 
Eduardo Bolio 
Camilo Camara y Hijos 
P. Camara y Ca. 
Amado Canton 
Pedro Cicero 
S. Crasemann y Ca. 
Manuel Donde Camara 
E. Escalante y Hijo 
Dario Galera 
Miguel Laviada 
Felipe Molina 


Pedro Guerra 
Guzman y Ca. 


Juan P. Aguliar 
Manuel Arias 
Waldemazo G. Canton 
Marcial Cervera 
Manuel Donte Preciat 
Juan Pio Manzano 
Eugenio Milan 
Florencio Narvaez 
Juan Nicoli 
Agustin O. Horan 
Jose Talomequi 
Patron Dolores 
Joaquin Rendon 
J. Ricardo Sauri 
Jose Maria Tappan 
Estabara Vargas 
Rafael Villamil 
Joaquin Alcevedo 
Domingo Amabilis 
Rafael Andrade 
Clotilde Bagueiros 
Manuel Bolis 
Gregorio O. Buenfil 
Manuel Barrero 
Roberto Buenfil 
Alvarez Capetillo 
Fernando Caceres 
Gerardo Castillo 
Jose J. Lopez Castro 
Vargas Esteban Cirio 
Domingio Evia 
Elias Febles 
Jose Maria Zappan 
Severaino Gongora 

Duarte Gonzalez 
Solis Guzman 
Severo Lara 
Leocadio Lara 
Francisco Garcia Lopez 
Francisco Loza 
Joaquin Maldonado 
Feliciano Mauranilla 
Duarte Manuel Medina 
Braulio A. Mendey. 
Francisco de P. Montalvo 
Luis Augusto Molina 
Castulo Palma 
Jose D. Patron 
Jose Conterras Peon 
Federico Pedrera 
Galvez Perez 
Maranda Perez 
Cisneros Ramos 
Juan Rio Manzano 
Figueroa Rivero 
Jose Maria Roca 
Francisco Rubio 
Pastor Solis 
Francisco Valencia 
P'abian Vallado 
Aniseto Villalobos 
Sabas Vega 
Juan Pablo Zapata 


Gil Canto 
Del Comercio 

N. Rubio 

De la Libreria Meridana 

Eraclio G. Canton 

De la Libreria del Estado 

Espinosa y Caballero 

Heredia Erguelles 

J. F. Molina 

Guzman y Hermanos 

" La Revista de Merida " 

Alfonso Lopez 

" El Eco del Comercio " 

Paints and Varnishes. 

(See Merchants General, and Druggists.) 

Saddlery and Harness. 

Nestor Castillo 
Antonio Flores 
Pedro A. Lavadores 
Casimiro Mendoza 
Juan de D. Pindo 
Juan Antonio Pinzon 
Mateo Rosado 


Cervera y Ca. 
Jose Coba 
Selverio Coba 
Leonido Culloch 
Francisco Gengota 
Marcelino Perez 
Angel Zolozar 
Marcos Zalazar 




Population, 30,000. 

Agricultural Implements. 

(See Hardware.) 

Boots and Shoes. 

Jesus Garcia 

El Botin de las Damas 

La Urgencia Michoacana 


Jesus Calderon 
Vicente Manjarrez 
Pedro F. Rodriguez 

China, Crockery and Glassware. 

Victor J. Morera 
Epifanio Oseguera 


Q. Lorenzoeria 
Izquierdo Ortiz 

Druggists, Retail. 

Manuel Montano 
Juons Vallejo 
Teodora Arrega 
Merando Burgos 
Andres Cervantes 
Ciraco Gonzalez 
Anastasio Mier 
Nicanor Ortiz 
Genaro Padilla 
Silviano Martinez 
Ricardo Angondar 
Miguel Otiz y Cano 
Miguel Gutierrez 
Silviano Martinez 
Manuel Montano 
Juan Vallejo 

Dry Goods, Notions, Etc. 

F. G. Alba 

Bose, Garcin y Hermanos 

Castaneda y Ca. 

T. Cortes y Ca. 

Infante Pelat y Ca. 

Pedro Quiros 

M. Villagomez 


Juan Vclez 

Hardware, Cutlery, Tools, Etc. 

Epifanio Oseguera 

Kl Mosaico, Juan Rangel 

El Fcrro-carril 

F^l Topocio 

La Jalapena, Loreto Martinez 

La Palma, Plddido Gucrero 

La Paz, Burgo y Ca. 

Las Rovedado, Ponce dc Leon y Ca. 

Hides and Leather. 

Juan Bermudez 
Antonio Garcia 
Josd M. Ibarrola 
Nicolas Ortiz 
Agustin Sachez 
Ignacio Tapio 
Ausencio Breiia 

Ice Dealer. 

Bernab^ Vazquez 

Jewelry, Watches and Silverware. 

Onesimo Humbert 
Felix Goyzueta 
German Goyzueta 
Onesimo Humbert 
Antonio Marquez 
Mariano Ramirez 

Merchants, General. 

L. Diezde Bonilla 

Herculano Ibarrola 

Juan B. Lozano 

Sacramento Murguia 

Carlos Solorzano 

Jesus Villarreal 

Ramon de la Vega 

Jose Maria Zapien 

Antonio Colimote 

Pedro B. Chavez 

Antonio R. Garton 

Francisco Hidalgo 

Loreto Martinez 

A. Ocequera 

G. Paramo 

R. Perez 

Tomas Puente 

Salvazar Cruz 

Francisco Silva 

Ferando Sosa 

Hilario Tapia 

Gustavo Gravenors 

Angel Velez 

Andiffred Hermanos 

Benito Barroso 

Basagoiti y Ca. 

Izidoro Burgos 

Chavez y Guido 

Dueiias Luis Espino 

Juan Gal van 

Gustavo Gravenhorst 

Placido Guerreso 

Francisco Infante 

Jose Maria Infante 

Luis Infante 

Eduar<lo Ilurl)ide 

Agustin Luna 

Salv.ador Macousct 

Loreto del Campo Martinez 

Antanasio Mier 

Kaniiro Manuel Montano 


DELiiAR's Trades Directory a:si> Mercantile Manual. 

Merchants, General — continued. 

Santiago Ortiz 

Gabino Oseguero y Epifanio 

Gil Jose Maria Perez 

Ramon Ramirez 

Jose J. Retana 

Nemesio Ruiz 

Ignacio Salorzano 

Arroyo Pablo Torres 

Valejo Hermanos 

Juan Vallejo 

Ramon Villareal 


R. Manriquez 
Gutierrez y Ca. 


Jose Arevalo 
Angel Carreon 
Eduardo Carreon 
Faustino Cervantes 
G. Domingo 
Mateo Gonzalez 
Francisco Iturbide 
Luis Iturbide 
Rafael Montano 
Antonia P. Mota 
Antonio Perez 
Antonio Puente 
Z. Ruperto 
Francisco Torres 
Jose C. Marquez 

Gustavo O. Farrill 
Victor Blay 
Miguel Cruz y Cano 
Miguel Arriaga 
Manuel Ramirez 
Floriencia Flores 
Amado Brule 
Mariano Carrillo 

Pianos and Org-ans. 

Felix Alba 
Manuel Cardenas 
Joaquin Estrado 
Alberto Gomez 
Manuel Lozano 
Jose Maria Novoa 
Ramon Ramirez 
Ignacio RejTioso 
Mucio Espinosa 

Printers and Stationers. 

Ignacio Arango 
Octaviano Ortiz 
Del Gobierno 
De Aranjo 
Jesus Calderon 
Vicente Manjarrez 
Pedro F. Rodriguez 

Saddlery and Harness. 

Francisco Navarete 


Juan Velez 


Population, 42,000. 


Wells, Fargo & Co. 
Patricio Millmo 
Francisco Martinez 
V. Rivero 
Pedro Maiz 


A. Vilarax 

Bookseller and Stationer. 

Francisco Grim 

Boots and Shoes. 

Allegro y Ca. 
Jose Maria Franco 
Thomas Ortiz 
Francisco Z. Trevino 

China and Glassware. 

V. Laustroff y Ca. 
Ancira Hermanos 
R. Dressel y Ca. 


Clothing, Etc., Jobbers. 

P. Doud y Ca. 

Arvele y Olivier 

Elizondoy Fox 

Mariano Garcia 

Carlos Holke 

Hernandez Hermanos 

Valentin Rivero 

Hilario Rodriguez 

Cardenas Martinez y Hermanos 

Fernando Martinez y Hermanos 

Clothing, Hats, Etc., Betail. 

Hesselbart y Ca 
.\rvele y Olliviere 
Patricio Doud 
Fernando Garza 
Elizondo y Fox 
Hernandez y Hermanos 
Hilario Rodriguez 
Lorenzo Gonzalez 
Lozano y Ca 
Jacinto Galindo 
Bernardino Garcia 
Praxedes Garcia 



Clothing: Hats, Etc., Retail— rcw/</. 

Juan B. Gonzalez 
jose Gutierrez 
Martinez Cardenas 
Patricio Milmo 
Pederico Palacios 
Emilio Pautrier 
Esteban Reel 
Francisco Tre%'ino 
Zambrano Hermanos y Ca. 
Francisco Armendais 
Roque Barrios 
Jose Calderon 
Digatan y Garcia 
Elizonda y Ca. 
S. Jamie 

Desiderio Jiminez 
Pedro Maiz 
Valentin Rivero 
Francisco Oliver 
Silvestre Treveiio y Ca. 
Roque Varrios 


Bremer y Ca. 
Franciso Bello 
Joaquin Cortazar 
Agustin Cantu 
Ramon Garcia Perez 
Felipe G. Gonzalez 
Antonio Lafon 
Lazcano y Ca. 
Jose O. ^largain 
Mean y Hermanos 
Juan H. Mears 
Ramon G. Perez 
Manuel Seda 
Jesus Sanchez 
Vicente Sepulveda 
Antonio Garcia 
Tomas Hinojoso 
Emilio La font 
Eusebio Rodriguez 
Martinez y Echartea 

Dry Goods and Notions. 

D. Brainard y Ca. 
Rudolfo Drenel 
Carlos Ayala y Ca. 
Inocencio Lozano 

E. Pautrier 
David Rios 
Juan Reyes 
Salvador Jarrier 
Ayala y Ca. 

Express Company. 

Wells, Fargo & Co. 

Hardware and Tools. 

Ancira Hermanos 
R. y C. Dressel y Ca. 


El Iturbide 

House Furuisliingr Goods. 

Ancira y Ca. 
Prudencio 'Irujillo 

Jewelers, etc. 

Carlos M. Ayala 

Lumber Dealers. 

Fernandez Martinez y Hermano 

Merchants, General Wholesale. 

Boot y Royt 

Brach Sconfield y Ca 

Victoriano Castro 

Clausen y Ca. 

L. G. Coindran 

Uegatan y Dose 

V'iuda de Farnava y Ca. 

Guilbeau, Hermann y Ca. 

-Salvador Jarie 

Ramon Lafon 

Madera y Ca. 

Patricio Milmo 

Jose Morrell 

Tomas O'Farrell 

Oliver y Hermanos 

Palacio Arguelles 

Rivero y Ca. 

Schonian y Dressel 

Weber y Ulrick 

Jose Calderon 

P. Maiz y Ca 

Merchants, Wholesale Commission, 

Bruno Ayala 
Reynaldo Bernard! 
Adolfo Cantu 
Francisco Artichi 
Elizondo y Ca. 
Martinez y Hermanos 
Pedro Maiz 

Mining- Enffineer. 

Francisco Leonides Mier 


Nicolas Mauro Rendon 
Lagrange Hermanos 
Nicolas Rendon 


Carlos Ayala 

.Antonio Garcia 

J. Eleuterion Gonzalez 

Tomas Hinojosa 

A. Lafon 

Jose Maria Lozano 

D. Martinez 

E. Martinez 

Jose Martinez Ancira 
Eusebio Rodriguez 
Juan de D. Trevino 
E. Zamora 
Jose A. Martinez 
Lorenzo Sepulveda 
Bernado Sepulveda 
C. Villarcal 
Epilacio Ancira 
Jose J. Mears 
J. MacMasler 

Piano.s and Organs, Dealers in. 

Zamlirana y Ca. 


Delmar's Teades Directory axd Mercantile Manual. 


Lagrange Hermanos 

" Literaria " 

" Del Gobierno " 

Warehousemen and Wholesale 

Davalos y Hermanos 
Mariano Garza 

Marin Perez 
Ramos y Hermanos 
Zambrano y Ca. 

Watches and Jewelry. 

Viuda de Ayala 
Bogue Varrios 
Valintin Rivero 
Martinez y Hermanos 


Population, 5,000. 


Melchers y Echeguram, Sucesores 

Business Agents and Attorneys. 

Angel Bonilla 
Antonio Canalizo 
Jose Maria Iribarren 
Pedro Padrilla 
Albino A. Pulido 
Daniel Arce Perez 
Jesus Rio 
Francisco Salcedo 
Jesus Maria Tavison 


Luigi Canobbio 
Dionisio Canobbio 
Angel Podesta 
Federico Koerdel 
Benjamin D. Restes 


La National 

El Hotel Sinoloense 

Hotel Iturbide 

Merchants, General. 

Bartning Hermanos y Ca. 

Farbet y Meyer 

Francisco Pina 

Calisher, Charpentier y Renaud 

Jesus Escobar 
Gallick, Goldsmith y Ca. 
Haas y Almada 
Heymann y Ca. 
Hernandez, Mendia y Ca. 
Melchers, Peiia y Ca. 
Somellera Hermanos 
Tames y Elorza 
Vega Hermanos 


Guillermo L. Zuber 
Bevan y Mondaea 


J. \V. Rogers 
Fortunate Randich 
A. H. McHatton 
Benjamin Carman 
Juan J. Valades 
Mariano Runiga 
Felipe S. Martinez 
Vicente Tonseca 


Miguel Retes 
Campuzano y Ca. 
Ira Valades 


Ramon Alvarez 
Abraham Ibarra 
Florencio Lopez 
Urbano Bonsigner 
Miguel Estravillo 




Population, 10,000. 

Coiiiniercial Ageuts. 

Antonio Falcon. 
Santiago Cruz 
Jose M. Castro 
Jose Guerrero 
Antonio Prado 
Juan T. Bravo 


Jose A. Alvarez 

Ramon Bolailos 

Pedro Bustamente 

Amado Zurita 

Amado Santaella 

Estate of Francisco Loaeza 

Estate of Juan J. Vasconcelos 


Hotel Nacional 
Hotel de la Paz 
Hotel Diaz Ordaz 


Ramon Bolaiios 
Jose A. Alvarez 
Francisco Ringon 
Francisco Hernandez 
Jose Palacios 
Agustin Dominguez 
Aurelio Barsalobre 
Leonides Castellanos 
Manuel Gornez 
Jesus Campos • 
Manuel Ramos 
Fernando Sologuren 
Manuel de Esesarte 

Jose A. Alvarez 
Aurelio Valdivieso 
Constancio P. Idiaquez 

Principal General Merchants. 

Constantino Ricars. 
Enrique Hinricles 
Juan N. Jimenez 
Jose Larraiiaga 
Manuel Peralta 
Ignacio Esperon 
Allende y Sobrino 
Quijano y Ca. 
Jose Zorilla 
Gustav Stein y Ca. 
Viuda de Trapaga Lopez 
Julian Gonzalez 
Manuel Caballero 
Felix Marquez 
Mariano Esperon 
Camilio Tolls 
Pascual Portillo 
Juan Cabo de la Pena 
Gregorio Fuentes 
Vicente Gallado 
Ramon Ibanez 
Vicente Osorio 
Frieben Hermanos 
Luis Herrera 
Jose B. Camacho 
M. Orozco 
Lorenzo San German 


Gabino Marquez 
Juan T. Bravo 

Natural Products — Gold, silver, copper, lead, iron, quicksilver, etc. 
cocoa, sugar cane, and various kinds of grain. 

Also, cotton, rice, 


Population, 26,000. 

Agricultural Iniplciucut.s. 

(See Hardware, Tools, etc.) 

Ales and Beer. 

Carense y Ca. 
Carlos M. Argumedo 
Diego Espinosa 
Donacaino Morales 

Arms and Aniniunition. 

Primitivo LImos 
Juan K. Rufficr 

liaiiks and Hankers. 

Mazon Hermanos 

'Agencia del Banco Nacional 


Valentine Fernandez 
Adcrnas Lay 


Francisco Cabo 
Juan Gonzalez Ccnon 
Dcmetrio Range! 

Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Boots and Shoes. 

Anastasio Camiro 
Francisco Cruz 
Crescencio Jimenez 
Francisco Munoz 
Francisco Gaston 
Guadalupe Ramos 
Vicente Ramirez 
Jose de Jesus Saldano 
Cipriano Gaetan 

Commission Merchants. 

Tiburcio Gomez 
Facundo Sota 
Adolfo Verea 
Berea Hermanos 

Commission Agents and Brokers. 

Diego Espinosa 
Tiburcio Gomez 
Jose M. Laredo 
Vicente Roman 
Facunda Sota 
V. Eulogio 

Coffee and Tobacco Broker. 

Plutaro Rodriguez 

Copper Merchants. 

Bonifacio Blanco 
Juan Brando 
Juan Mercadanti 
Francisco Teilhe 

Dealers in Hides. 

E. Cerilla 
Ignacio Cueto 
Mariano Saldana 


Luis Azcarate 
Eduardo Pablos 
M. Roberto 
Fructuoso Tellez 
H. F. Timm 


Miguel Mendizabal 

Viuda de Anaud 

A. Bustamente 

J. E. Bustillos 

J. Mendizabal 

Leopoldo Rin9on 


Ismael Talavera 

Juan Diaz 

Jose Bustamente 

Jose M. Isagurri 

Rafael Potas 

J. Manuel Valverde 

Carrillo Cartabuena Joachin 

Dry Goods and Notions. 

S. Bustillo 
Enrique Escudero 
C. Fernandez 
P. Garragori 

Gomez Sota 
Villa y Ca. 
Estevas Vivance 
Jose Fondevila y Ca. 
Teofilo Gross 
Rafael Islas 
Sigori y Ca. 
Ricardo Rogna 

Flour Mills. 

Francisco Flores 
N. Guevera 
Jos^ Sanz 
Francisco Sota 
Isidoro Sota 
Severino Sota 
Gabriel Torre y Ca. 
Torres y Ca. 
Luis Guevara 

Furniture Warehouse. 

Teofilo Grosse 

General Merchandise Brokers. 

Carlos Arg-jmedo 
Ramon Baturoni 
Jos6 Bravo 
Diego Espinosa 
N. Mendizabal 
Agustin Morillo 
Jose M. Naredo 
Manuel Rodriguez 
Ramon Pimentel 
J. M. Penasco 
Facundo Sota 
Ambrosio Tejada 
Ramon Valverde 
Eulogio Victorino 
Castillo Coss y Ca. 

Groceries and Provisions. 

Jos^ Antonio O. Gomez 
Ignacio Orosco 
Agustin Alvarez 
Pascual Aguilar 
Tomas Alvarado 
Ignacio Baldvia 
Francisco Campos 
Timoteo Castillo 
Jose Dominguez 
Maximo Espinola 
Jose Maria Garces 
Antonio Gimenez 
Cortes Ismael Gomez 
Tibercio Hernandez 
Pedro Lopez 
Julian Porras 
Basilio Rivera 
Pedro Riquelme 
Sabino Rivera 
Rojina y Ca. 
Plutarco Rodriguez 
Angel Toledano 
Antonio Vivanco 
Jose Aguerrela 
Maximo Espindola 
Ramon Garcia 
Merodio Pedro Diaz 
Joaquin Romero 


Hardware, Tools, Etc. 

Paper Manufacturer. 

Jose M. Avila 

Escandon Hermanos 

Patricio Carmona 

Epitacio Lopez 

Paints and Varnishes. 

Rafael Merino 

Juan Minchaque 

(See Hardware and Merchants, General.) 

Encarnacion Ojeda 

Felipe Perez 


Hermanos Carrillo 

Rafael Islas 

Manuel Castillo 

Jose Sanchez Vega 

Lucio Diaz ' 



Marcario Ahumada 

Manuel Calleja, Puente de la Border 

Ernesto Arzamendi 

Juan Manpome, Puente de la Border 

Francisco Carrillo 

Viudade Stuvembol, Puente de la Border 

Nicolas Diaz 

Manuel M. Fernandez 

House Furnishing Goods, Etc. 

Manuel Jofre 

Luis Buendia 

Juan Kremeser 
Miguel Kubieza 

Abraham Manon 
Amado Rosette 

Francisco Marron 
Gregorio Mendizable 

Ice Dealer. 

Roberto Meredy 

Luis Meza 

J. J. Limon. 

Leopoldo Pedroza 


Ismael Talavera 


Juan O. Gonzalez 

Juan Aguilar 

Machinery and Foundry, 

J. Zenon Gonzalez 
Margarita Rosete 

Vivanco y Estevez 

Teofilo Grosse 

Saddlery and Harness. 

Ligori y Ca. 
Miguel Hernandez 
Pedro Fougeras 
L. Pimental 

Antonio Martinez 
Miguel Cerrilla 
Ignacio Cueto 
Manuel Perez 

Lumber Dealers. 

Anastasio Solis 

Antonio Castillo 

Sugar Merchants. 

Maria Guadalupe Cortez 

Josd Maria Bringas 

Gargollo y Parra 

Merchants, General Wholesale. 

M. Guevara 

Camarillo y Teller 

Watches and Jewelry. 

Castro Fernandez 

Mazon y Hermanos 

Andres A. Arenjo 

Juan Aguilar 

Jos6 Maria Mayor 

Isidoro Sota 

Felix Palacios 

E. Vitorero 


Gabriel Barranco 

Jaramillo Ismael 

T. Grosse. 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 



Population, 6,000. 


General Merchandise. 

Miner's Bank of Chihuahua 

Francisco Armendias 

Commission Agents. 

Jose Maria Flores 
Manuel Lucero 

Dusing y Ca. 

Inocente Ochod 

Joaquin D. Chichester 

Jesus Perez 

Ketelsin y Degetan 

E. Provencio 

Klien Hermanos 

Flores y Alarcon 

0. Maheary 

A. Gonzalez 

Kalin y Oliver 

Mariano Sa.naniego 


Enrique C. Creel 
Luis Terrazas 

G. Witte 

E. Alexan 



Mariano Samaniego 

Wells, Fargo & Co. 

Emelio Alexan 


Population, 24,000. 

Agricultural Implements. 

(See Hardware.) 

Ale and Beer Dealers. 

Marguivar & Co. 
J. Larraiiaga 
Juan Alegre 
Carlos Greenfield 
Jose Renaud 

Arms and Ammunition. 

(See Hardware, etc.) 


Trinidad Aguirre 
Adelberto Gomez 
Jaime Jari 
Wells, Fargo & Co. 


Carlos Grenfield 

Jose Reynaud 

A. Maciel 

Pedro C. del Castillo 

Cruz Ortez 

J. Scoble 


Earisto Pastrana 

El Instituto Literario 

Jose Zuverano 


Jesus Chavez 
Vicente Ortiz 

Boots and Shoes, Retail. 

Carmona de Badillo 
Gumersindo Corchado 
Lorenzo Garcia 
Vicente Garcia 
Grisanta Hermosillo 
Soteral Hidalgo 
Antonio Maldonado 
Pablo Maldonado 
Trinidad Muges 
Vicente Ponce 
Antonio Rodriguez 
Sostenes Zepeda 


Mariano Laracilia 
Pastrana Ibaiiez 
G. Pastrana 


Felipe Guerrero 
Angel Conteras 
Fernando Lescalle 
Norberto Moreno 
Elizondo Martinez 
" El Refugio " 
Jose Montenegro 

El Famoso Cerveza, 




Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co., 











Pabrica de Cerveza 

es como 

600,000 BARRILES 


E. U. de A. 

THE CONTRACTORS' PLANT 3IFG. CO., Buffalo, N. Y., E. U. de A. 

Poseedores de patentes 
y Fabricantes de cabres- 
tantes que funcionan por 
medio de fuerza de sangre 
para uso de construct- 
ores de ferrocarriles y 
puentes, canteros y 
trabajos de minas. 

Es maquina sencilla 
de poco peso, compac- 
ta, duradera, de facil 
manejo y gran resis- 
tencia, estando constru- 
ida enteramentede hierro 
y acero si exceptuamos la 
mesa de apoyo. Basta 
un solo operario para 
hacer funcionar las pal- 
ancas. Se engrana y des- 
engrana mientras este en 
movimiento. Nose 

usan garras en ella. Es cabrestante bastante poderoso para elevar un cubo 6 peso de 700 libras 
setenta y cinco pies por minute, mientras que el tambor tiene la capacidad de 500 pies para arriba 
de cuerda de acero de ^ pulgadas de diametro. 

Se enviara el catalogo ilustrado " gratis " a los que lo deseen. 

Los Sres. MAXIMO A, PHILIPP y CIA., 137 Apartado, Mexico. 
La maquina se desarma con la mayor facilidad, bastando mulas para su transporte. 


Classified Business Directory 




Can be had on application to E. H. DELM AR, cane of Messrs. Belford, 
Clarke & Co., Chicago, III. 

r':E=^iOE, sio.oo i=Ei=L cdcd:e^^z'. 

N. B. — The new edition of the above work will be issued in 1892. 

Bullock Diamond Drills 


AND COAL Lands. 

Holes bored at any angle to any required depth, taking out a CYLINDRICAL 
CORE showing the EXACT CHARACTER of all Strata Penetrated. 

We make 15 sizes and styles of Drills, from 
Hand and Horse Power Machines to the 
Largest Well-Koring Machine. Also LANE'S 
from two feet to thirty feet in diameter. 

Bullock CORLISS Engines 

Fifty to 2,000 Horse Power. 
Write for Circulars and Prices. 

M. C. BULLOCK Manfg Co., 

138 Jackson Street, Chicago. 

DIAMOND i;rr. 




Clothing and Tailoring. 

Fernando Escudero 
Imbeit y Mauriso 
Juan Langier 
Mecheyer y Hermanos 
Mariano Aguilar 
Jose Martinez Castro 
Valentin Chavarria 
Antonio Gonzalez 

Dry Goods and Notions. 

Fernando Escudero 
Alejandro Garcia 
Mercheyer Hermanos 
Sangier y Ca. 
Ramon Alfaro 
Maurice Bloch 
Bonavit Hermanos 
Francisco Gutierrez 

Engineers, Mining and Mine 

Juan B. Blasquez 

Ramon Almurez 

Arcadia Ballesteros 

Antonio Caso 

Jose Maria Cesar 

Juan Cuataparo 

Antonio Uominguez 

Joaquin Gonzalo 

Antonio Domingo Gutierrez 

Manuel Icaza 

Atilano Manriquez 

Miguel Montafar 

Rodolfo Munoz 

Luis Lozano Murillo 

Ignacio Ortuno 

Felipe N. Parres 

Angel Romero 

Guillermo Seguro 

Jose Serrano 

Manuel Palacios 

Juan Fleury 

Manuel R. Veytia 

Furniture, Dealers in. 

Felix L. Hernandez 
Felix Herrera 
Jesus Guerrero 
Gregorio Rivera 

Flour Dealers. 

Albino Hernandez 
Refugio Leon 
Albino Gareia 

General Stores, Retail. 

Tomas Alfaro 
Reyes Alvarez 
G. A nay a 

Trinadad Carmona 
Guadalupe Carmona 
Morales y Santin 
M. Rangel de Osorio 
Paula Perez 
Martin Reyes 
Francisco E. Tellcz 
Felipe Vazf]ucz 
Jesus Arias 
Alvarado y Rayon 

Juan Andrade 
Trinidad Angeles 
Manuel Bustamente 
Moises Canejo 
Ciprano Garcia 
Dolores Guevara 
Pilar Esparza 
Feliciano Escobar 
Simon Campo 
Jose P. Campo 
Luciano Gomez 
Rafael Gomez 
Jose Luis Islas 
Antonio Islas 
Jesus Islas 
Marcial Islas 
Ignatio Viente Islas 
Luis Lara 
Luciano Romo 
Francisco Rosales 
Isaac Palaez 
Jesus Ordaz 

Morales y Ramon Santin 
Felipe Ramos 
Juande Dios Samperio 
Manuel Torres 
Benito Trejo 
Maricano Velez 
Julio Zarco 

Groceries and Provisions, Whole- 

Viuda de Antonio Boule 
Aranzabal y Gueidi 
Reyes Alvarez 
Francisco Cacho y Ca. 
Jacinto Gonzalez 
Jose Gonzalez 
Maquivar y Ca 
Antonio Tafolla 
Gabriel Urquijo 


Domingo Altenori 

Hotel S. Carlos 

Hotel Diligencias , ' 

Hotel Bafios 

Hotel Refugio 

Hotel Itabide 

Hotel El Paraiso 

Jewelers and Watchmakers. 

Fernandez Gonzalez 
Arelio Andrade 
Luis Cervantes 
Francisco Pena 
Vidal Reina 
Julian Soria 

Lumber Merchants. 

Rodriguez Diaz 
Mateo Hidalgo 
Franciso Rozalcs 

Merchants, General. 

Alvarado y Raynon 
Juan Andrade 
Trinidad Angeles 
Jesus Arias 
Manuel Bustamente 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Merchants , Oeiieral— ^t? mi n iwa. 

Jose P. Campo 
Simon Campo 
Feliciano Escobar 
Pilar Esparza 
Cipriano Garcia 
Luciano Gomez 
Dolores Guevara 
Jose Luis Islas 
Jesus Islas 
Antonio Islas 
Jesus Islas 
Marcial Islas 
Vicente Ignacio Islas 
Luis Lara 

Morales y Ramon Santin 
Jesus Ordaz 
Rangel de Osorio 
Isaac Pelaez 
Felipe Ramoz 
Luciano Romo 
Francisco Cacho y Ca 
Reyes Alvarez 
Aranzabal y Guridi 
Jacinto Gonzalez 
Maquivar y Ca. 
Antonio Tafola 
Antonio Boule (Viuda) 
Gabriel Urquijo 
Francisco Rosaleses 
Juan de Dios Samperio 
Manuel Torres 
Benito Trego 
Mariano Velez 
Julio Zoreo 


Castillo Garcia 
Luciano Ortiz 

Mining Companies. 

El Progreso 
La Pfovidencia 
La Purisima Chican 
La Luz 

Paints and Varnishes. 

Carlos P. Garnica 
Justo Pastor Nava 
Antonio Robles 
Luis Seguri 


Andrade Nemorio 
Joaquin Alatriste 
Nemesio Andrade 
Angel Contreras 
Edurado Corral 
Francisco Guerrero 
Elizondo Martinez 
Rodrigo Ramirez 
Santiago Robles 
Manuel Roman 
Fernando Ponce 
Miguel Varela 
Cenobio Viniegra 
Fernando Lescalle 
Felipe Rangel 
Francisco Martinez 
Jos^ Montenegro 
N. Rosano 
Agustin Navarro 
Manuel Luna 

Pianos and Organs. 

I. Aguilar 
I. Montenegro 
M. Rodriguez 


Refugio Camacho 
Imprenta del Gobierno 
Guillermo Pascoe 


There are two railroad companies, one city and 
suburban, and one to Hidalgo. 

Saddlery and Harness. 

Roman Carpintero 
Refugio Espinola 
Luis Lopez 


(See Furniture.) 

Watches and Jewelry. 

Fernando Gonzalez 
Julian Soria 
Aurelio Andrade 
Luis Cervantes 
Francisco Pefia 
Reina Vidal 




Population 72,000. 

Agricultural Iinpleiueiit.s. 

(See also Hardware and Tools) 

D. Valdes 
Acedo y Hijos 

Ale and Beer Dealers. 

M. Gumesindo 
Eduardo Financio 
Mateos y Gatoir 
J. Poyoulet y Ca. 

Arms and Ammunition. 

Glockner y Ca. 
Nicolas Leon 
Donaciano Ruiz 
Manuel Morroquin 


Banco Nacional, Agency of 

Banco Mercantil 

Banco Nacional de Monte de Piedad 


Bauer y Ca. 

Berkembuch Hermanos 
Contollen y Ca. 

E. Fernachon 

L. Garcia Teruel 
A. Hernandez 
Jose Maria Saldivar 
E. Velacio 

Billiard Rooms. 

A. Bouvet 

S. Magloire y Ca. 

Sabino Mugica 

Miguel Quifiones 

Ignacio Ramirez 

Juan Bordegaray y Ca , 4 Carniceria 

Francisco Limon, 18 Victoria 

Juan Oyhenaset, C. del Teatro 

Jose Maria Peralta, 16 Mesones 

Juan Traslosheros, 6 Zaragoza 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights. 

Antonio Es]5inosa, 5 Sta. Teresa 

Bernardo Galindo, i5Carros 

Juan Lecony, 3 Dean 

J. M. Leon, 23 Sta. Catalina 

Jose Maria Manzano, 8 Dean 

Juan Polo, I Coralillo 

Josd De Jesus Romero, 23 Sta. Catalina 

Josd* Maria Mazano, 8 Dean 

Juan Polo, I Corallillo 

Josd- De Jesus Romero, 2 Sta. Catalina 

Dcjnaciano Ruiz, 11 Porfirio Diaz 

Francisco .Sanchez, 16 Raboso 

Isid'To Sosa, 3 .S. Judas 

Ant'-"'''J Tapia, 3 Cruz dc Picdra 


Benjamin Lara 
Joaquin Rodriguez 
Miguel Tello 
Miguel Villegas 
Antonio Galicia 
F. Viralo 
Antonio Camacho 
Joaquin Rodriguez 
Miguel Tello 
Miguel Villegas 
Antonio Galicia 

Books and Stationery. 

Alberto Angulo 
Nacriso Baslois 
Ramon Laine 
Mateo Tagle 
Jos6 Villegas 
Manuel Espino Barros 
Enrique Beguerissa 
Pantaleon Lara 

Boots and Shoes, Retail. 

Doroteo Arce, 9 S. Pedro 

Arnaud y Sailer, 5 S. Pedro 

Jose de Jesus Diaz, S. Luis 

Jos6 Madrid, 6 Porfirio Diaz 

Francisco Paz y Puente, i Cuarta de S. Jos6 

Ignacio Rodriguez, 2 S. Pedro 

Santiago Sosas, 8 S. Pedro 

Guadalupe Baes 

Isidro Corro 

Pedro Domerq 

.Mejandro Franco 

Nicholas M. Gomes 

Hilario Manzano 

Luis C. Mateos 

Rafael Ochoa 

Perez y Ca. 

Luis Ramirez Gonzaga 

Josd de la Luz Urico 

Carriages, Buggies and Wagons. 

Jos^ de Jesus Angulo, Ce de Alatriste 
J. M. Brito, 2 Huertas 
Cecilio Camacho, Solar de Castro 
Mariano Delgado, 12 Belen 
Kleuterio Golzarri, 2 Solar de Castro 
Antonio Rodriguez, 7 ]5elen 
Valenzuela y Ca., 2 lilonton 

Commi.s.sion Merchants. 

Manuel Thomas y Tcran 
Gustavo Arrioja 
U. M. Calderon 
Mariano Fernandez y Ca. 
Luis Tesnel Garcia 
Antonio S. Miura 
Harl)ollu Ortiz 
.Salazar Perez 
Librado Kosales 


Delmar's Trades Directory axd Mercantile Manual. 

Commission M.evchsiuts—c-o>iii'i!u-t/. 

Guillermo Tunibull 
M. Thomas y Teran 
Doroteo Vazquez 
Von der Beck y Ca. 


Jose Bello, i Cholula 

Juan Bifano, 4 Cruces 

Rafael Mercadante 

Antonio Caraneo, 20 Muradores 

Miguel Esparragora, i Iglesias 

Jose Panza, i Miradores 

Crockery and GlasswarCo 

Miguel Banuelos, 4 Sta. Clara 

Antonio Palacios, 6 Segunda de la Merced 

Miguel Toguera, 4 Zargoza 

Fernandez y Ca. 

Eduardo Colombres 

Cenobia Fernandez y Ca. 

Mariana Oropesa 

Manuel Rojos 

M. Oropeza 


C. Portillo, 7 Mercaderes 
Alejandro Besse, 6 S. Pedro 
Valadie Benne, 3 Herreros 
Miguel Earracilla, 7 Cruces 
Jose M. Cabrera, 12 Victoria 


Romulo Castillo 

Gregorio Encinas 

Placido B. Diaz 

M. San Martin 

Delfino Arrioja, 10 Moreles 

Joaquin Arrioja, 1 1 Segunda de Sta. Teresa 

Maria de J. Andifred, S. Luis 

Paulino Bautista, 8 Sto. Domingo 

Pedro Beguerisse, 2 Carniceria 

Santiago Beguerisse, 4 S. Pedro 

Botello y Ca. , 8 Compaiiia 

Vibiano Carrasco, Hospital de San Pedro 

Guadalupe Coriche, 8 Miradores 

Luis Crespo, 7 Guevara 

Antonio Fernandez, 22 Herreros 

Pascual Gonzalez, 33 Aduana Vieja 

Joaquin, Ibanez y Lamarque, 8 Carniceria 

Luis Inchaguaregui, 1 1 Sto. Domingo 

Manuel Mena, 5 Obispado 

Angel Rangel, 8 Zaragoza 

Rafael Rodriguez, 7 Guevara 

J. Hanez 

G. Lamarque 

Marcus Cal 

Luis Campos 

L. Crespo 

R. Gomez 

Mariscal y Ca. 

Jose M. Barrios, 8 Miradores 

Antonio Gil 

Vicente Lichaurregui, 10 Portal Morelo 

Manuel M. Maldona 

Jose Reinal 

Aguiles Rojano 

Jose Maria de la Torre 

Carlos E. Barros 

Deodora Suarez 

Jesus Toquero 

Dry and Fancy Goods, Wholesale, 

Carlos Charles, 2 Hidalgo 
Dichel y Ca., 2 Guevara 
P. Garcia 
Guthiel y Ca. , i Carniceria 

A. Lopez 

Hernando Perenz y Ca., 3 Hidalgo 

Antonio Rosales, 13 Primer de Mercaderes 

Villaret y Duttner, 7 Primera de Mercaderes 

Manuel Teruel 

Velasco Hermanos 

Ignacio Rivero 

Alberto Quijano 

Santos L. Lopez 

Juan Matienzo 

Rafael Mora 

Borpillo Ortiz y Huos 

Manuel Peon 

Felix Perez 

Ballo y Cabrera 

Benitez y Hermanos 

Manuel Conde 

Gavito y Hijo 

Gutierrez y Palacios 

Engineers, Architects & Builders. 

N. Aguado y Jesina 

Ismael Alvarez, 6 Porfirio Diaz 

Juan Blazquez 

Angel Cabrera, 3 Sto. Domingo 

Luis Careaga, 1 1 Sta. Teresa 

Miguel Espino 

N. Kassian, Sacrista de Capunhinas 

Antonio Lorenz, 6 Miradores 

Juan Meza, 8 America 

Eduardo Morales, 8 Raboso 

Juan Pardo, 10 Chihualmo 

Ignacio Ramirez, Calera de Ramirez 

Emilio Rodreguez, 7 Cuarta de San Jose 

Herculano Santa Maria, 29 Carros 

Pedro Senties, 8 Cruces 

Feliciano Tello, 2 Guadalupe 

Eduardo Valie, Colegio del Estado 

Manuel Carrasch 

Joaquin Cora 

Guillermo Hay 

Jose Domianguez Iglesias 

Alberto Ibanez 

Jose Maria Pacheco 

Carlos Revilla 

Refugio Rodriguez 

Eduardo Tamaria 

Fancy Goods and Notions, Jobbing 
and Retail. 

J. de Arrioja 

M. Arce 

E. Arrioja y Valverde 

B. Azla 

Cardoso Hermanos 
Chaiz Hermanos 
Lions y Ca. 
Moreno y Ca. 

Flour and Corn Mills. 

Carlos Baez y Ca. , S. Diego 

Miguel Benitez, Molino de Huezotitla 

Berges de Zuniga, Sto. Domingo 

M. Garcia Teruel 

Florencio Gavito y Hijo, Sta. Cruz. 

Juan Haquet, Molino de S. Antonio 



Flour and Coi*u '^IiU.s—co7tiini/ed. 

Tomas Larie, Molino de Sta. Barbara 

A. Leblanc, Molina del Volcan 

Clemente Lopez, Molino del Carmen 

Mauret Hermanos, S. Mateo 

Sebastian Miez, Molino de San Francisco 

S. Pardo 

Juan Perez, Molino del Puente 

Francisco Amaniscar 

Jose de J. Tuta 

Hernandez Gil 

Laureano Islas 

P. Vellegas 

Tomas Furlong 

Emilio Benitez, Hnixotitla ' 

Francisco Conde, Santo Domingo 

Francisco Diaz, San Francisco 

P. M. Gonzalez, Costado de San Agustin 

Tomas Latorre, Santa Barbara 

A. Montiel, Esquina de Marquez 

Jose Rafray, San Antonio 

Francisco de la Rosa, 13 Huertas 

Flour Merchants. 

Manuel Macias Calderon 
Becerra Manuel Calderon 
Mariano Charles 
Francisco Diaz 
Pascual Lara 
Trinidad Beyes 
Luis Torija 
^liguel Toquero 


Fauesto Acedo, 5 Estanco de Hombres 
Miguel Esparragoza, i Iglesias 
Tomas Marshall, 11 Sta. Ana 
Jesus Toquero, 8 Segunda de Tepetlapa 

Furniture Warehouses. 

Juan Leroux, 3 Dean 

Jose Maria Manzano, 8 Dean 

Francisco Sanchez, 3 Porfirio Diaz 

Gabriel Alvarado, 7 Cruces 

M. de la Luz Arana, 6 Santa Teresa 

J. de L. Baces, 14 Estanco de Mujeres 

Vicente Cano, 11 P. de Santa Cativina 

Francisco Denetro, 5 Correo Viejo 

Anastosio Domingo, 10 Santa Domingo 

Andres Gomez 

J. de J. Guevara 

Santiago Gutierrez 

Jesus Huesca 

Francisco Lara 

Jorge Rosano 

Luis Ros»no 

Claudio Valdez 

Joaquin Arraiga 

Jos6 Costo 

Ignacio Sanchez 

Rafael Sanchez 

Juan Pablo del Rio 

Jose Maria Aguilar 

Jos6 Baez 

Andr<js Gonzalez 

Jesus Gueverra 

Francisco Gueverra 

Luis Rosano 

Jorge Rosano 

Claudio Valdes 

Jorge Rosario 

Gas Fixtures, Etc. 

Jose Bueno 

Juan Castillo 

Francisco Fernandez 

Miguel Fajardo 

A. Martinez 

Jose Maria Mendez 

Albino Lopez, PI. de S. Pablo 

Guadalupe Medina, 21 Zambrano 

Juan Ramos, S. Antonio 

Francisco Reyes, 17 Rinconda 

Glass and Crockery. 

Miguel Palacios, 19 Pte. de Belen 

Javier Paluisee, Tecali 

Jose de J. Santillana, 2 Canoa 

Van den Bussche y Ca., 12 Corralillo 

Cenobio Fernandez 

Miguel Banuelos 

Miguel Toquero 

.Mariano Oropeza 

Manuel Rojas 

G. de M. Fuentes 

Groceries and Provisions, Whole* 
sale and Retail. 

Rafael Anaya 

Jose Aldas 

Agustin Becerra 

Ponce y Mufioz 

Jose Caldena 

Ramon Cortina 

Rubin Diaz 

Perez Diaz 

Antonio Maria Dominguez 

Juan Escobar 

Francisco Fernandez 

Garcia Hermano y Ca. 

Mucio Hernandez 

Hernandez Hijos y Ca. 

Manuel Labarcas 

Jose Maria Mendez 

Manuel Maria Mendez 

Jose Naval 

Jos6 Nieva 

]os6 V. Olivares 

Vicente Olivares 

Luis Ochoa 

Jose Pastor 

Cirio Perez 

Manuel Diaz Perez y Hermano 

Jose de Jesus Ponce, 2 Mesones 

Jose Maria Portillo 

Adolfo Quevedo 

Quevedo y Hernandez 

Rafael Quintana 

Joaquin Rosete 

Jos6 Maria del Rio 

Pedro Hoyo del Ruiz 

Rivero Ismael y Ca. 

Sabinon y Rivas 

Jose de la Luz Sosa 

Valentin Toraya 

Eduardo Valverde 

Jose Tanez 

Josefa Calderon 

Eara Carlos Fernandez 

Jesus Hernandez 

Adolfo Montiel 

Jose Maria Osorio 

Ana Torrcblanca 

Viuda Hernandez y Hijos 


Delmar's Trades Directctry and Mercantile Manual. 

Hardware, Cutlery and Tools. 

Paz Garcia, Porfirio Diaz 

Guthiel y Ca., Carniceria 

Antonio Lopez, i Pte. del Toro 

Manuel Martinez 

Glockaer y Ca., 9 Primera Mercaderes 

Francisco Traslosheros, 2 Carniceria 

Miguel Ruiz 

Antonio Rosales 

Blumenkron y Bravo 

Carlos Charles 

Hides, Wholesale. 

R. Acho 

Franciso Arrioja, 7 Aduana Vieja 

Leonardo Barriga, 4 Cruces 

Teresa Domerge, 2 Carniceria 

Furnbull, Strybos y Mora 

Garcia Beiran 

Nicolas Gomez y Ca., 3 S. Pedro 

Bernabe Martinez, 4 Coliseo Viejo 

Jose Maria Montiel, i Santisima 


Del Roncal 

Del Cristo 



Jon Juan Nepomuceno 


House Furnishing Goods. 

Jose Maria Careago, 3 Molina 
Rafael Cisneros, 5 Santisma 
Agustin Cisneros, 9 Lafragua 
Manuel Cueto, Santa Teresa 
J. Medina, Estanco de Hombres 
Francisco Reyes, San Pedro 

Ice Dealers. 

Jose Maria Barranco 
Franca Castillo 

Jewelers and Watchmakers. 

Julio Gauthier, Segunda de Mercaderes 

Carlos Herchman, 2 Sta. Clara 

Rodolfo Jacobi, 9 Guevara 

Andres Shiverer, Primera de Mercaderes 

Bravo Blumenkron 

Glackner y Ca. 

Manuel Marroquin 

Mendivil y Ca. 

Juan Ochoa 

Rafael Otafies 

Eduardo Patino 

Nestor Rangel 

Feliciano Ruiz 

Rafael Anzurez 

Francisco Carretero 

Jose Maria Liar 

Miguel Palacios 

Feliz Guerrero y Hijo 

Miguel Beristain 

Manuel Espinosa 

Ignacio Soriano 

Jesus Guerrero 

Jose Mora 

Jose Ochoa 

J. Ruiz 

Lumber Merchants. 

Jorge Berkembv.rchs, 9 Sta. Catalina 
Francisco Fernandez, 13 Sta. Catalina 
Gabriel Ferrer, 3 S. Agustin 
Eduardo Friera, 7 Alguacil Mayor 
Eduardo Garcia, 23 Chiquero 
Justo Leon, i S. Luis 
Teodoro Palafo.x 
Manuel Pastor, 5 Porfirio Diaz 
Ibarra Fernandez, 13 Porfirio Diaz 
Francisco Traslosheros, 12 Porfirio Diaz 

Manufacturers* Agents. 

Agustin Lamy, Sta. Clara 

Manuel Marroquin, 5 Primera de Mercaderes 

Manuel Rojas, 17 Compania 

Ramon Alvarez, 12 Infantes 

Jose Maria Anaya 

Pedro Arcos, i Carniceria 

Gregorio Avalos, 16 Gallos 

Jose Blanco 

Alejandra Fajardo 

Luis Gomez, 4 Cholula 

Paz Gomez, 12 Dean 

Mariano Manzano, 8 Estanco de Hombres 

Agustin Melendez, 6 Sto. Domingo 

Andrian O'Farril, 6 Torreblanca 

Miguel Olivares, 5 Infantes 

Joaquin Perez, 3 Romero 

Mateo Porras, 6 Capuchinas 

Miguel Zamora 

Monica Zapata 

Machinery Depots and Dealers. 

Gutheil y Ca. 
Rosales y Doremberk 
Domingo Valdes 

Merchants, Grcneral, Wholesale, 

Ramon Acho 
Arnan Salles 
Adolfo Arrioja 
Luis Bello 
["rancisco Cabrera 
ios6 Caloca 
^lanuel Conde 
Jose Maria Contoline 
Chaix y Ca. 
Jos6 Diaz 
Diehl y Ca. 
Luis Garcia 
Manuel Garcia 
Florencio Gavito 
H. Gomez 
Hernandez y Ca. 
Ramon Laine 
J. B. Lyons y Ca. 
Marroquin y Gauthier 
Mier y Conde 
Felix Perez 
Antonio Rosales 
Francisco Traslosheros 
Dionisio Velasco 
J. Buttner 
C. Charles 
Jose Rubio Diaz 
Ligero M. Gomez 
A. Gutheil y Ca. 
Apolonio Hernandez 
Antonio Lopez 
Felix Perez 



Merchauts, General, 'Etc.— co^i/i'n/ec/. 

Eugenio Reyes 

Rueda y Ca. 

M. Soquero 

Carlos Vonderbeck y Ca. 

Native Produce. 

R. Ajura 

Alani y Ca. 


X. Bastida 

M. Bermudez 

Carral Carrillo y Ca. 

G. Encina 

Jose Salgado Sota 

Paints and Varnishes. 

Castulo Padilla, i Chito Coetero 
Cayetano Padilla, ii Correo Viejo 
Francisco Morales, 8 Raboso 
Jose Andres Lopez 
Luis del Carmen Lozada 
Ignacio Peralta 


Jose Barreal, i Sta. Teresa 
Lorenzo Beccerril, 3 Mosones 
Benito Gerciu, Sto. Domingo 
Joaquin Martinez, 3 Santa Clara 
Jesus Pacheco, 5 Estanco de Hombres 
Del Monte, Hermanos 
Abraham Cabrera 


Francisco Arrioja, 7 Aduana Vieja • 

Joaquin Arrioja 

Placido Barriga 

Jose M. Calderon 

Jesus Diaz 

Manuel Diaz 

Pedro Espindola 

Carlos de Ita 

Esteban Lamadrid,3 Aduana Vieja 

Francisco Marin, 5 Sta Clara 

Samuel Morales 

Manuel Neva 

Miguel Ramirez 

Ignacio Rivadeneyra 

Miguel Salas 

Luis Zaragoza 

Carlos Amezcua 

Delfino Arrioja 

Aurelio Avalos 

Francisco Bello 

Jesus Botello 

Pedro Biasquez 

Juan Calderon 

Manuel Calva 

Leonardo Cardona 

Eduardo Ceron 

Daniel Chavez 

Gonzalez Dias 

Francisco Dias 

Placido B. Dias 

Miguel Durango 

Jesus de Espindola 

Joaquin Ibaiiez 

Jos6 Ita 

Jos6 Justo Jofre 

Jose M. Marin 
Manuel Noriega 
Alberto O'Farrill 
Gustavo O'Farrill 
Miguel Arenas 
Rafael Ohea 
Carlos Orosco 
Francisco Sanchez 
Agustin P. Salazar 
Dommguez A. Salazar 
Secundino Sosa 
Ignacio Rivadeneyra 
Baltazar Uriarte 
Ignacio Gil Gomez 
Manuel Ceron 
Calva y Zamudio 
Guillermo Davila 
Antonio Dominguez 

Pianos and Organs. 

Jose M. Romero 
Jose Cuevas 
Felipe Gracidas 
Felix Olmedo 
Francisco Velazquez 
D. Espinosa 
Agustin Polo 


J. Gonzales 

Joaquin Martinez 

Ignacio Monedo 

Dario Ortiz 

Isidro Romero 

M. Boetar 

Pedro Alarcon, 22 Carros 

Miguel Corona 

Ismael Macias, 5 Sto. Domingo 

Jose Maria Osorio, 6 Sta. Clara 

Miguel Pastor, Carniceira 

Francisco Ruiz, Bovedas de la Compania 

Tamariz Hermanos, 12 Mesones 

Tomas Neve, 3 Sta. Clara 

Alberto Angulo 

Isidoro Bochler 

Jos(^ de J. Franco 

Saddlery and Harness. 

Antonio Dovantes 
Herlindo Franco 
Juan J. Juarez 
Esteban Lopez 
Ignacio Sanchez 
Alberto M. Turnbull 

Sewing Machine Agents. 

Antonio Resales 
Guillermo Corn y Ca. 
Agustin Gutheil y Ca 
Rafael Anzurez 
Clokner y Centurion 
Antonio Lopez 
Manuel Marroquin 

Sugar Merchants. 

M. Colosia 

Rafael Illcscas, 11 Herreros 

Marron y Ca. 

R. Kaniora 


Delmar's Teades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Trunks, Ba^s, Etc. 

Teresa L. Domeneck 
Nicolas M. Gomez 
Lorenzo J. Osorio 


(See also Furniture.) 
Juan Pablo del Rio 

Wall Paper. 

(See Stationers.) 


Population, 36,000. 

Ales and Beer. 


Ignacio Galeanco 

Alfonso Maria Brito 

Victor Morgenthaler 



Bonifacio Carmona 

Banco National 

Gabriel Carrillo 

Banco Mercantile 

Manuel Cabo 

Banco Monte de Piedad 

Aurelio Diaz 

Alberto Guerrero 


F. de Jauregui 

Guerro Ignacio Gomez 
Fermin Casino Rodriguez 

Miguel Arnulfo 
Juan Septien 
Esteban Vera 


Engineers, Mining. 

Federico Espinosa 

Carlos Alcocer 

Epifanio Garcia 

Adolfo Casperovi 

Manuel Jiminez 

Francisco G. Cosio 

Trinidad Santelices 

Mariano Gorraez • 

Adolfo Isla 

Books and Stationery. 

Eduardo Isla 

Mandel Pastor y Cevallos 

Antonio Chavez 

Alonzo Mariscal 

Gonzalez y Ca 

Jose Maria Romero 

Ricardo Plageman 

Antonio J. Septien 

Boots and Shoes. 

Jewelers and Watchmakers. 

Ignacio Ballandra 

Julian Richarte 

Alberto Dominguez 

Nemesio Manilla 

Hilarion Diaz 

Mariano Altamirano 

Antonio Saldafia 

Sinecio Monfont 

Manuel Flores Muiiez 

Pedro Pereira 

China and Glassware. 

Merchants, General. 

Manuel Alday 

Demetrio Aguilar 

Andres Arias 

Amando y Martel 

Antonio Gonzalo 

Bernardo Borja 

Kosendis Desiderio y Ca. 

N. Escudero 

Jose Maria Rivera 

Jose Garcia 

Jos^ M. Mendez 

Gonzales y Legarreta 

Fernando Olvera 


J. Plagemann 

Arnaud y Martel 

Jose Maria Rivera 

Teofilo Irdrac 

Rivera y MacGregor 

Dionisio Marcel 

Carlos Rubio 

Mendez y Hijos 

Gregorio Vargas 

Mayrant y Richaud 

Native Products. 

Commission Merchants. 

Andres G. Arias 

Andres G. Arias 

Antonio Loyola 

Luis MacGregor Rivera 

Dionisio Maciel 

Jos6 Maria Rivera 

Baltazar Ugalde 


Paiuts aud Varnishes. 

Sevilla Reyes 

Paper Box Maker. 

Carlos Bremer 


Teodoro Balvanera 
J. Gomez 

Ignacio Flores Munoz 
Antonio Ruiz 


Antonio Aguirre 
Jose Maria Bocanegra 
Bonifacio Carmona 
Jose Esquivel 
Ponciano Herrera 
Luis Serafin Jimenez 
Ricardo Nandin 
Manuel Septien 
Jose M. Suirob 
Manuel Jiminez 

Antonio Maldonado 
Jose Puente 
Santiago Torres 
Geronimo Torres 


Vicente Bastida 
Melchor Olivera 
Nicolas Torres 
Arnaud y Eartel 
Manuel Alday 
Jos(^ M. Mendez 
Jos(§ M. Rivera 

Pianos and Organs. 

M. Arcos 
Trinidad Mendoza 
Manuel Mosquera 
Miguel Romillo 


Gonzalez y Ca. 
Frias y Soto 
Frias y Herrera 



Ales and Beer. 

De Guadalupe 

Camila Medal 

De la Union 

Manuel Portusac 

General Merchants, Retail. 


Juan Medrano 

Asuncion Martinez 

Jos^ Jayrne 

Altagracia Calzada 

Antonio Gaminio 

Zarandena y Pacheco 

Billiard Halls. 

Regino Gamiiio 

Juan Sanchez 
Marcos Herrera 

Tomas Solache 

Ramon Granados 

Mariano Granados 

Boots and Shoes. 

Luis Rojas 

Rivera y Ca. 

Francisco Rojas 

Eduardo Flores 

Crescendo Mares 

Z. M. Martinez 

Serapio Nunes 

Epigmenio Rojas 

Cigar Factories and Dealers. 

Rafael Arredondo 
Antonio Puente 

Eduardo Hernandez 

E. Figuroa 

Jose M. Rivera 

Jorge Sanchez 

Tomas Solache 

Andres Perez 

Jesus Rojas 

J. Dolores Gonzalez 

Modesto Castillo 

Clothing and Tailoring. 

Josd M. Patino 

Epitacio Garcia Refugio Farfan 

Thofilo Chavez 

Santana y Medina 
Marcos Garcia 


Anecedo Rangel 

Tomas M. Moreno 

Commission Merchants, General. 

Kid Glove Factories {Quite Famojts.) 

Ismael Domezain 

Modesto Gomez 

Manuel Portusac 

Luis Freyrc 


Manuel Ahoytes 
Miguel Campos 

De la Salud 

Josc' M. Andaluz 

De San Jos6 

Antonio Vidal 


Delmar's Trades Directory axd Mercantile Manual. 

Machine Shop. 

Esteban Castillo y Hijo 


Luciano Roa 


Diego Reynoso 
Julio D. Vera 

Eduardo Partida 
G. de la Gruyere 
Carlos Santander 
Ricardo T. Garza 
Florentiiio Lopez 


Ismael Domenzain 
La Penetenciaria 



Population, 25,000. 

Agricultural Implements. 

(See Merchants' General.) 


Banco Comercial 

Bankers and Brokers. 

Valeriano Ancira 

C. Francisco Puentes 

Juan Jose Rodriguez, agentedel Banco Nacional 

Pedro Aguero 
Eusebio Moy? 
Francisco Muarras 
Franquilino Ortiz 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Antonio de la Fuente 
C. Bouret 


Salvador Jove 

Luis Letona 

Simon de la G. de Pen 

Pricilliano de la Rosa 

Billiard Rooms. 

Faustino Cepeda 
Fritz Gerard 
Augustin Gonzalez 
Hausen y Michlean 
Felipe Rodriguez 


Jesus T. Montes 
David Montes 
Damaso Rodriguez 

Boots and Shoes 

Antonio Aguirre 
Juan Garcia 
Ascenio Molina 
Felix Salinas 
Porfirio Valdez 
Juan Sanches 

Drug-gists, Retail. 

Hilario Hernandez 
F. de Pena 
Jesus Rodriguez 
Sostenes de la Fuente 
Mauricio G. Barreda 
J. D. Carothers 
Jose L Figueroa 
M. Warremosch 

Flour Merchants. 

Arispe y Ramos 
Gabriel Flores 
Guillermo Paurcell 
Juan Valdes 

Flour Mill. 

Ramon de Leon y Aragon 


Blumenthal y Cordt 

Hardware and Tools. 

Eusebio Moya 
Francisco Muarras 
Franquilino Ortiz 
Antonio Valverde 
A. Berlanga 
Jose Cardenas 
Manuel Myjica 
Timotheo Hernandez 


El Filopolitano, Calle Juarez 
San Esteban, Calle Victoria 

House Furnishing Goods. 

Jesus Agirre 
Juan Alvarado 
Geronimo Cenicero 
Felipe Ortiz 
Simon Charles 
Damosa Rodriguez 
Felix Maria Salinas 



Jewelers aucl Watchmakers. 

Juan Castilla 
Rosa Peiia 
Venture Uibina 
Carlos Camacho 
Carlos Flores 


La del Gobierno 

Luiiiber Merchants. 

Jesus Maria Martinez Ancira 
Marcellino Garcia 
Pablo A. Lopez 


Mariano Cardenas 
Severo Fernandez 
Francisco G. Fuentes 

Simon Pena y Hno 

Merchants, Wholesale, General. 

E. Davila y Ca. 
Marcelino Garza 
Romulo Garza 
Florencio Llaguno 
Cnrlos Martinez 
Mazo Hermanos 
Jose Negrete 
Porth y Sieber 
Guillormo Purcell 
Jose Maria Ramos 
Bernardino Rendon 
Damasco Rodriguez 
Francisco Rodriguez 
Jos Juan Rodriguez 

Merchants, Wholesale, General. 

Daniel Salas 

Juan Sanches y Hermanos 
B. F. M. Seixas 
Eusebio Calzada 
Mariano Grande 
Bernado Sota 

Paints and Varnishr 

Aujel Martinez y Hijos 


Jose Maria Barreda 
Mauricino G. Barreda 
R. H. Bibbi 
Ramon Davila 
Jose T. Figueroa 
Dionisio Fuentos 
Jesus Fuentes 
R. Logan 
Ismael Salas 
Santiago Smith 
J. Wadsworth 
Atanasia Carrillo 
Jesus Maria Gill 
Mauricio Garcia 
Matias Porth 

Pianos and Organs. 

Casimiro Medrano 
Villaneuva y Francesconi 

Sewing Machine Agents. 

E. Blumenthal 
Estorey y Hayes 
Hermanos Mazo 



Boots and Shoes. 

General Merchants. 

Reyes y Heredia 

Romano Hermanos 

Jimenez Aguilar y Hermano 

Salvador Serralta 

Bernadino Espindola 

Bulnes Hermanos 

Geronimo Flores 

M. Bartcaga y Ca. 
Mosquera y Ca. 

Clothing, Hats, 


Ruiz de la Peiia Hermanos 
Graham y Vidal 

Jos(5 Maria Diaz 

Jamet y .Sastre 

Esteban Sanque 

Maldonado y Hijos 

Jose Miralda 

Oliver Hermanos 

Jose C. Garcia 

A. Barranco y Ca. 

August in Perez Leon 

J. Pulido y Hermans 

K. Alvarez 

Juan Piiia 

Francisco Nieto 

Isadoro M. Diez 



C. del Portillo 

La Rcforma 

Caldcron Buenaventura 

Antonio Penaro 


Fernando Mendez y Ca. 

Lumber Merchant. 

Manuel T'ons 

Policarpo Valunzuela 


Delmah's Trades Directoey and Mercantile Manual. 


Manuel Mestre 

Antonio Soler 

Francisco Pulido 

Adolfo Castanares 

Watches and Jewelry. 

Felipe Cherizola 

David Hunter 

Fernando Formento 

Elias Nelson 

M. Pellecer 



Ales and Beer Dealers. 

Clemente Aguilar 
Pio Gama 
G. Zamudio 


Francis L. Rivera 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Francisco L. Rivera 
Juan de la Fuente 

Cigar Factories and Tobacconists. 

Juan Taledo 
Jesus Ramirez 
Tomas Gomez 

Clothing, Hats, Etc., Retail. 

Jesus Bolanos 
Rafael Nieto 
Hilario H. Carrera 
Leandro Escobedo 
Lucas Lira 
Maximo Miranda 
Adolfo Fabre 

Commission Merchants. 

Jesus Saldaiia y Ca. 
Encarnacion Ramirez 
Casildo Capetillo 
Jesus Arias 
Primitive Estrada 


Antonio Ceballos 
Alberto Gomez 
Luis Anaya 
Trinadad Sanchez 
Jose Leal Moreno y Ca. 

Flour Merchants. 

Juan D. Argumedo 
Santiago Scanlan 

General Merchants, Retail. 

Jose Maria Calderon 
Francisco Guzman 
Juan de la Fuente 
Rafael Diosdad 
Trinadad Campos 
Lucas Lira 

Guadaloupe M. Rivera 
Viuda de B. Capetilio 
Prudenciano Ramerez 

Francisco Rodriguez 
Francisco Paramo 
Rafail Nieto 
Almanza Cayetano 
Mariano Abanto 
Francisco Barriga 
Manuel Cruz 
Gabriel Castillo 
Ignacio Calderon 
Jose Dios 
Francisco Lira 
Apolonio Martinez 
Pablo Mendez 
Nicolas Munes 
Camilo Niiio 
Francisco Rodriguez 
Felipe Ruiz 
Jesus Soto 
Jose Maria Toledo 
Manuel Valesco 
Antonio Villalobos 
Ignacio Izaraga 
Jose M. Castaneda 
Jesus Sotomayor 
Tedoro Avila 
Ignacio Hernandez 
Jesus Barajas 

Hardware and House Furnishing. 

Jos^ M. Guisa 
Eugenio Balandra 


Francisco Dias Barriga 
Casildo Capetillo 


Antonio Reyes 
Pasenal Guisa 
Penasal Coria 

Liumber Dealers. 

Vicente Aragon 
Maximo Miranda 
Juliano Esparza 


Santiago Scanlan (sugar) 
Aniceto Soriano (sugar) 
Juan D. Argumede (flour) 
Francisco Campos (flour) 
Luis Ayala (chocolate) 
Jesus Soto (chocolate) 
Manuel Maldonado (sugar) 






Vicente Aragon 
Francisco L. Paramo 
Benito Soriano 
Ramon Ruiz 

Temoteo Ruiz 
Francisco Balandra 

Sewing- Machine Agencies. 

J. Leal Morens y Ca. 
G. M. Rivera 


Population, 47,000. 

Agricultural Implements. 

(See Hardware, Etc.) 

Ales and Beer Dealers. 

Jose Otahegui 
Pedro Pons 
Nicolas Zapedt 

Arms and Ammunition. 

(See Hardware, Etc.) 

Banks and Bankers. 

Banco Mercantil 

Banco Monte de Piedad 

Banco Nacional 

Banco Enrique Aristi y Hermano 

Banco Ignacio Muriel 

Banco Saberon M. Hernandez 


Santiago Couttolene 
Francisco Fabre 
Manuel Muno 
Agustin Ondarza 
Feliciano Palacios 


Antonio Cabrera 
Diego Fonseca 
Carlos de los Rios 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Carlos Bouret 
Antonio Babrera 
Castulo James 

Boots and Shoes, Retail. 

Pascual Berrones 
David Borrego 
Nemesio Garcia 
Andrds Gonzalez 
Jos6 Lopez 
Pomposo Ramirez 
Manuel Reyes 

China and Glas.swarc. 

A guerre y Ca. 
Santiago Dcliz 
German Gcdovius 
Felipe Gonzalez 

Agustin Gutheil y Ca. 
H. de Lara Manrique 
Philip A. Max 
Antonion Reyes 

Commission Merchants and 

Cruz Hermanos 
Eduardo Dauban 
Jose Maria Grande 
Ronnaldo Anaya 
Ildefonso Armida 
Juan Diaz Barriga 
Fernando Bolado 
Felipe Cortes 
Lorenzo Galvan 
P. Gallardo 
S. Garcia 
Marcelino Gomez 
R. Gonzalez 
Froilan Guerrero 
Daniel Lazo 
Jose Marmolejo 
Jose Maria Nieto 
Isabel Reyes 
Urquidi & Boleaga 
Viramontes Hermanos 
Aristi y Hermano 
Hermanos Farias 
Joaquin Heredia 
Soberon M. Hernandez 
Larrache y Ca., Sucesores 
Marty y Vegambre 
Meade y Hermano 
Pittman y Ca. 
Varona v Ca. 

Copper Goods. 

Dommgo Bueno 
Ramon Vasquez 

Manuel Sierra 
H. V. Warner 



Mariano Hermosillo 
Francisco Limon 
Nicolas Mascorro 
Antonio Mena 
Scveriano Vega 
J. M. Villasenor 
Luis G. Crespo 
Antonio Lopez 
N. Outanon 


Delmae's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 


Ulabarri y Bustamante 

Otero y Altamirano 

Villegas y Ca. 

Rafael Rodriguez 

Groceries and Provisions, Whole- 

Ismael Salas 

sale and Retail. 

Jose M. Valdes 
Julio Mauro 

Caledonio Alva 

Dr. Alejo Monsivaio 

Balmori Hermano 

Muiioz y Fonnegra 

Ramon Calvillo 

J. Salas 

Chavez y Pazzi 

Leon Desidero de Diaz 

Dry Goods and Notions, Jobbers. 

Santiago Dilis 

Clemente Hermosillo 

Aristegui y Ca. 

Herculano Lara 

Casanova y Munoz 

Francisco Lascos 

Cosio y Herreria 

Hilario Nieto 

Hernandez Soto 

Eugenio Nuiiez '' 

Laguera, Muriedas y Ca. 

Antonio Ortiz 

Michel y Foustoul 

Apolonio Rangel 

Nacero y Ca. 

Antonio Reyes 

Rucabado y Ca. 

Rivero Cantolla y Ca. 

L. Poagori 

Jesus de la Torre 

Varona y Otaria 

Francisco Viramontes 

A gust in Gallardo 

Carolina Leanteaud 

Hardware, Cutlery and Tools. 

Julian Tolsa 
Vida de Salazar 

Elcoro Lopez y Ca. 
German Gedovius 

Engineers, Mining and Civil. 

Felipe Gonzalez 
Nestor Gonzalez 

Adrian Aguirre 

Leffman y Hijos 

Aguirre y Fierro 

Anastasio Alcocer 

Francisco Avalos 

Aristi y Hermano 

Camilo Bros. 

Barrenechea Hermanos 

Luis Gonzalez Cuevas 

Larache y Ca. 

Espinoza y Cervantes 

Emetrio Lavin 

Espinoza y Cuevas 

Manuel Macias 

Rafael Espinosa 

Marti y Vegambre 

Campo del Gomez 

Pitman y Ca. 

Herrara y Lazo 

E. Shroeder 

Miguel Mayora 

Zorzoza Hermanos 

Eduardo Meade 

Felipe N. Gonzalez 

Antonio Rayon 

Gutheil y Ca. 

Jacobo Urtetegui 

Angel Argueta 

Dimas Castaiieda 

Flour Merchants. 

Ricardo Gomez 

Anastasio Alcocer 
Domingo Bustamente 

Importers and Warehousemen. 

Julia Davila 

Balmsen y Ca. 

Francisco Goribar 

Juan Barajas y Ca. 

G. Meade y Hermano 

F. Cabrera 

Jose Maria Otahegui 

Chabot Hermanos 

Manuel Othon 

Davies y Ca. 

Cayetona Parra 

Gedorius y Langenscheidt 

Furniture Dealers and Importers. 

Miguel Gonzalez 
Federico Gresser 

Miguel Lazo 

Gutierrez Castillo y Ca 

Cruz Lopez 

Matias Hernandez Saberon 

Jesus Rojas 

T. Labadie 

G. Godovieu 

Fernando Larrache 

Agustin Gutheil 

Mayor de Parra y Caloca 

Philip A. Max 

Martinez Hermanos 

Bias, Praia y Ca. 

General Manufacturers' Agents. 

Pitmar y Lynch 

Tomas Caloca y Ca. 

Ruiz, Perez y Ca. 

Manuel Castello y Ca. 

R. Santos de Aguirre 

Dili y Lavin 
Larcos y Ca. 
Mijares y Diaz 

Simpson y Pitman 

Stephan y Ca. 

Jacobo Ulibarri 

Felix Muriel 

Iron Merchants. 

Ignacio Noriega 

Gregorio Perez 

Eicon y Ca. 

Apolino Rangel 

Francisco Valladolid 



Jewelers, Watcliinakers autl 

G. Gedovius 
A. Gutheil 
Ernesto Heffter 
Francisco Mougarez 
Simon Aviles 
Nicolas Lopez 
Muriedas y Ca. 
Antonio Reyes 
Liefia Rivero 
Arcadio Narvaez 
Miguel Gutierrez Sanchez 



Esquivel y Salas 
Ramon Munoz 

liUinber Merchants. 

Cruz Lopez 
Marcelino Muriel 
Pedro S. Navarro 

Macliinery Dealers. 

Farias Hermanos 
Jacobo Ulibarri 

Manufacturers of Brick. 

Jose Maria Grande 
Enrique Winfield 

Merchants, General Wholesale. 

Aristi y Ca 

J. H. Bahnsen y Ca. 

Balmori y Ca. 

Lounzo Campa 

Campob y Gomez 

Carlos Danne 

Jose M. Davalos 

Juan Eguillor 

Gastinel Auber 

Geodowins y Ca. 

Macedonia Gomez 

A. Gutheil y Ca. 

J. Heredia 

Herculano M. de Lara Hermanos 

Sucesores de Larrache 

Lavin y Dilig 

Marti y Bede 

Moro y Tena 

Muriedas y Ca. 

Manuel Noriega y Ca. 

Ignacio Noriega 

J. M. Otahegui 

Juan Jose Otlermin 

Calcdonio Perez 

Pittmon y Ca. 

Pons Hermanos 

Jos6 Rodriguez 

Matias II. Soberon 

Tenay Galindo 

Varoiia y Ca. 

Agucrrc Hermanos 

Artolnzaga y Ca. 

Caire y Texier 

Antonio Renteria Delgado 

Gedovius y Ca. 

Maccdonio Gomez 

Ceferino Navarro 
Andres Salinas 
Matius H. Soberon 

Paints and Varnishes. 

(See Hardware, and Merchants, General.) 

Pianos and Organs. 

Aguirre Hermanos 
Max y Ca. 
Sixto Espinasa 
Antonio Leija 
Eduardo Sierra 


Mariano Nieto 
Alberto Orozco 


Gregorio Barroeta 
Juan Cabral 
Jose M. Coca 
J. M. Davila 
Juan N. Diaz 
Francisco Estrado 
Francisco P. Gallardo 
Ignacio Gama 
Jose Gama 
Buenaventura Paz 
Joaquin Lopez 
Manuel Lopez 
Esteban Olmedo 
Buenaventura Paz 
Flaviano Romero 
M. Schaffner 
Antonio Soso 
Alberto Hermosa Lopez 
Gustavo Hermosa Lopez 
Juan N. Losa 
Boca F. Martinez « 
Jesus Monjaras 
Alejo Monsivais 
Miguel Otero 
Gustavo Pagentecher 
Ventura Paz 
Ricardo Salinas 
Leon Villasenor 


Jos(i Maria Davalos 

Secundio Gaudara 

Escuela de Artes para Hombres 

Escuela de Artes para Mugeres 

Bruno Garcia 

Silverio Velez 

Sewing Machines. 

Aguirre y Ca. 
1 )avid Borrego 
C'lements y Clark 
( lennan Gcdcjvius 
Nal)cjr Macias 
Ernesto Thiss 


Carlos Bouret 
G. Ged(^vius 


Delmae's Business Directory and Mercantile Manual 


Cruz Lopez 
N. Sanchez 

Wall Paper. 

G. Gedovius. 
Felipe Gonzalez 
Gutheil y Ca. 


Population, 17,000. 

.\gi-iciiltural Iniplements. 

(See Hardware and Tools.) 

Ale and Beer Dealers. 

Santigo Graff 
Telesforo Valdes 
Mariano Avib 

Billiard Halls. 

Fernando Rosenberger 
Hotel de la Gran Sociedad 
Ramon Diaz 
Jesus Rivas 
Telesforo Valdes 


Roberto Alba 
Juan Mirando 

Books and Stationery. 

Gordillo Gonzalez 
Fernando Salazar 
Jos6 Velazquez 

Boots and Shoes, Retail. 

Jos6 Barbosa 
Pascual Legorreta 
Juan Maya 
Justo Oca de Montes 
Jesus Moreno 
Jesus Rivas 
Gil Robles 
Mariono Goroztieta 

China and Glassware. 

Jos6 Lopez 
Ignacio Urbina 
Antonio Pliego y Cruz 

Copper Goods. 

Anabrosio Gratecat 


H. Carrillo 
Cecilio Garcia 
Adolf o Morales 


M. G. Jiminez 
Ignacio Urbino 
Alberto Gutierrez 
Calixto Morales 

Luis Ortiz 
Arevalo Palomares 
Juan Rodriguez 
Agustin Vargas 
Fernando Fernandez 

Dry GkKxls and Motions, Retail. 

Ramon Ballina 
Caviedes Hermanos 
Cienfuegos Hermanos 
Tomas Navas 
Francisco Pichardo 
Benigno G. Rojas 
Antonio Lopez 

Flour Dealers. 

Cresanto Avalo 
Gonzalez Dias 
Fernando Garduno 
Pedro Mondragon 
Luciano Richardo 

Furniture Dealers. 

Anacleto Nava 
Jos^ Cortina 


and Provisions, 
and Retail. 


Jesus Barrera 

Joaquin Cortina y Hermanos 

Andres Garcia y Hermanos 

Santiago Laiseca 

Jos6 Lopez 

Benigno Rojas 

Davio Valdes 

Joaquin Alaniz 

Bias Dias 

Fermin Garcia 

Tomas Gutierrez 

Jacinto Sanchez 

Hardware, Cutlery, Tools, Etc. 

G. Ballysteros 
Agustin Ayala 
Jos^ Gallegos 
Jos^ Lapoz 
Adolfo Stein 
Santo Almeida 
Abundio Betancourt 
Vicente Heras 
N. Vazquez 
Gonzalez y Benavidez 




Miguel Licea 

Francisco Colon 
Fernando Rozenzweig 
Gargollo y Ca. 
Manuel Pelaez 
L. Pliego 

Jose Ramos 
Juan Rodriguez 
Isaac Vazquez 
Manuel Villada 
Enrique Villela 
Santiago Zambrano 

Ice Dealers. 

Mariano Avila 
Jose M. Sanchez 

J. Estrada 
Eduardo Navarro 

Pianos and Organs, Dealers. 

Jewelry, Watches, Etc 

Cresencio Inclan 
Cruz Medina 

Jose Maria Carrasco 

Jose Montalvo 

Jesus Almazan 

Mariano Orcoz 

Luis Frausto 

Guadalupe Rodriguez 

Pascatio Mena 
Juan Olmedo 


Jesus Barron 
Ramon Santin 
Agustin Monteil 

Pedro Martinez 
Benito Quitano 
Juan Quitano 

M. Quiros 

Fenando Salazar 


Saddlery and Harness. 

Felipe Renteria 
Pedro Martinez 

Antonio Petino 
Ramon Vieyra 

liumber Merchants. 

Sewing Machines, Agents. 

Babiano Gastro 

Jose Lopez 

Pascual Castano 

Adolfo Stein 

Sostones Vilches 

Jose Gallegos 


Augustin Ayala 


Daniel Alva 

Jose Cortina 

Torres y Mejia 

Pedro Trevilla 


Eugenio Plata 
Treville Hermanos 

Emelia Arenas 
Juan N. Campos 

Wall Papers. 

Carlos Chairx 

Pascual G. Gonzalez 

Ramon Espejo 
Gonzalez Diaz 

Jose M, Velazquez 

Urbina F. Gonzalez 


Alberto Gutierrez 
Antonio Hernandez 

(See also Furniture Dealers.) 

Mariano Hernandez 

F. Fernandez 

Nicolas Inigo 

Ignacio Guadarrama 


Population I5,cx)0. 

Agricultnral Implements. 

(See ILirdware, Etc.) 

Ales and Beer. 

(See also Merchants, General.) 

Jesus Elvisa 


Esteban, Bencke y Ca., 12 Tcrccra del 5 <le Mayo 
H. D. Oleire y Ca-.^^g Flores 
Neron Hermanos, 503 Primora dc .San Juan 
Manuel Oliver, 4 Benito Juarez 

R. C. Ritter y Ca., 29 Independencia 
Torres y Fisher, 228 Cuarta de la Playa 
Velasco Hermanos, 128 Principal 
Villa Hermanos, 221 Segunda de la Playa 
Wetinez y Ca., 264 Priinera San Juan 
Cos, Castillo y Ca., 10 IndcpcMKlcmia 
A. Doussine y Ca. , 9 Benito Juarez 
Landero, Pasjuel y Ca., 31 Navas 
C. A. Martinez y Ca., 11 S. de la Playa 
J. F. Mufioz y Ca., n Indepcnciencia 
F. M. Pricla, Sucesor es de 10 Navas 
Waternjeyer y Ca., 11 S. de la Playa 
Zaldo Hermanos y Ca., 20 Salina 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 


Damaso Ballejo 
Joaquin Loera 

Book Stores and Stationers. 

J. Carredano 
Paso y Ca. 
Rafael Rodriguez 

Boots and Shoes. 

Serapio Aguero, 20 Arista 

Paulino Carbonell, 48 Independencia 

Juan Cuneo, 9 Zaragoza 

Julian Diaz, 95 Independencia 

Francisco Font, 78 Independencia 

Juan Lopez, 28 Independencia 

Jose D. Gonzalez, 57 Cinco de Mayo 

Bernardo Horro, 38 Independencia 

Juan Lopez, 28 Independencia 

Bedro D. Mantecon, 25 Vicario 

J. M. Moll, 44 Independencia 

Bias Ramos, 8 Plaza del Triguero 

Basilio Roque, 23 Vicario 

Alejandro Sanchez, 42 Cinco de Mayo 

Guadalupe Valdes, 28 Cinco de Mayo 

Commission Merchants, Importing- 
and General. 

Aladres y Ca., 5 de Mayo 

Codes y Ca., PI. del Muelle 

Pedro Cortina, Vicario 

Pedro del Paso 

Vicente Reyes, Salinas 

Rivas Hermanos, Independencia 

Zaldo Hermanos, Salinas 

Jorge Barnet, 277 Segunda de la Compania. 

Bonne, Ebert y Ca. 560 Primera de S. Juan 

Brehn y Ca., 509 Segunda de San Agustin 

Busing Metengs y Ca. , 112 Primera del 5 de 

Calleja Hermanos y Ca. , 117 Segunda de la 

Salvador Carran, 138 Segunda de la Parroquia 
F. Civert, 577 Pescadera 
Lorenzo Codez, Garcia y Ca., 661 Segunda del 

Cos, Castillo y Ca., 211 Segunda de la Caleta 
D. Oleria y Ca., 569 Portal de Flores 
During y Ca. , 131 PI. de Armas 
Fernandez y Ca. , 465 Segunda de la Pastora 
Galaimena y Ca., 235 Primera de la Compaiiia 
Gassier y Reynaud, 562 Primera San Juan de 

Gomez Velasco, Martinez y Ca., 126 Principal 
M. Guilaron y Ca., S. Agustin 
A. Gutheil y Ca., 127 Principal 
Jose Rafael Herrera, 481 Primera de Nava 
A. Hoffman, 205 Primera de la Pastora 
Jauffred y Oliver, 120 Segunda de Caleta 
L. Jon Blanc, Playa 
Kroncke y Ca. , 568 Portal de Flores 
R. S. Lamadrid, 206 Segunda de la Compania 
Landero, Pasqual y Ca., 474 Primera de Nava 
Julio Levy y Ca. , 122 Primera de la Pastora 
Markoe y Ca. , 514 S. Francisco 
C. A. Martinez y Ca. , 220 Segund de la Playa 
Menendez y Ca., 18 Tercera del 5 de Mayo 
Meson y Hermano Wittinez y Ca., 563 Primera 

de S. Juan de Dios 
Pedro G. Millan, 606 Maria Andrea 
Leon Minvielle, 616 Primero de la Alhondiga 

Francisco J. Muiioz y Ca., 617 Primera de la 

Manuel Oliver, 129 Principal 
Palomo Fernandez y Ca, 622 Plaza de Armas 
Pedro A. Paso y Troncoso, 784 Salinas 
Francisco Maria de Prido, 489 Segunda da de 

R. C. Ritter y Ca. , 204 Principal 
Rivero y Hijo, 273 Merco 
Juan Manuel Sevilla, 483 Premera de Nava 
Stucke y Ca., 516 S. Francisco 
Torre, Fincher y Ca. , 228 PI. del Muelle 
Velasco Hermanos, 128 Principal 
Viya Hermanos, 221 Segunda de la Playa 
Watermeyer, Wichers y Ca., 125 Tercera de la 

Wittenez y Ca., 264 Primera de San Juan 
Zaldo Hermano y Ca., 675 S. Vincente 
Guillermo Busin y Ca. 
A. Cantero 
Cos, Castillo y Ca. 
H. L. Desmarets 
Salvador Diez 
Formento y Ca. 
Garcia y Ca. 
Grimaud y Ca. 
Alberto Hackmack 
R. Laine 

Llarena Hermanos y Ca. 
Leon Mineville 
Luciano Muiiez 
J. de Olizaga 
Ollivier y Ca. 
R. Sierra Aermanos 
C. Temprana 
Torres Fisher y Ca. 
Wells, Fargo y Ca. 
Fernandez y Ca. 
Fernando Garcia 
Garcia de la Lama y Ca. 
Garcia Wolf y Ca. 
Rafael Garcia 
Gomez y Ca. 
Hoyos Braulio 
P. I. Izazola 
Luciano Joublane 
Luciano Leycegui 
Manuel Oliver 
Manuel Pastor y Valdes 
Petit, Juan Porte 
Torres Vincente Reyes 
Gil Rico 

Yendrell y Villerave 
Wittenez, Villa y Ca. 
Francisco J. Ultuarte. 


Paulino Arrondo, Meson del Buza A, 
Manuel Emilio Isaac, Independencia 
Desiderio Rojo, Zamora 


Daniel Alandi, 114 Primera de Caleta 

Ramon T. Alverez, 475 Pescaderia 

Luis Campos, 97 Cuarta del 5 de Mayo 

Jose Capdevila, 133 Primera de la Parroquia 

Jaime Capellero, 290 1^ Quinta de la Compania 

Jose Diaz, 287 Primera de la Alhondiga 

L. Arnaul 

Jose Manuel Carrilo Zamora 

Adolfo Follenveire, 650 Vicario 

Luis Hoyos, Zaragoza 



Dl'Ug'gistS — continued. 

Landero y Ca., Independencia 
Carlos Mariscal, 629 Maria Andrea 
Muller Vicario 

A. Perez Redondo, 199 Principal 
J. Valdes y Ca. , Belen 

Antonio Verela y Ca.,. Independencia 

Carrillo y Ca., 24 Zamora 

Guillermo A. Esteva y Ca. , Independencia 

Carlos Mariscal 33 Zamora 

Miguel Reyes Marquez, Cinco de Mayo 77 

Artuso del Rio, Marced 26 

Gonzalo Sanchez, Independencia 42 

Rafael Rossel 

Sanchez y Ramos 

Dry Groods and Notions. 

Ader y Ca. 
Brien Hermanos 
Codes y Ca. 
J. H err era 
J. Larroni 

X,arrinaga y Gorostega 
Eugenio Marque 
Muriel Ulibarri y Ca. 
Victor Rivera y Ca. 
Socasa y Ca. 

B. Vandesoel Salde 

Engineer, Mechanical. 

Enrique Diaz del Pino 

Furniture Dealers. 

J. I. Izazola 
Jos6 J. Zarate 

Oroceries and Provisions, Wholesale. 

M. Guilleron y Ca. 
Martin Garcia y Ca. 
Martinez y Gonzalez 
R. Sierra y Hermano 
Maximo Dorantes 
Enrique Fince 
Rafael Gonzalez 
Juan Ortega 
Joaquin Ruiz 

Class and Cliina Ware, Lamps, Etc. 

Segundo Alonso, 571 Pescaderia 

J. Palomo 

R. C. Ritrer y Ca. , 204 Principal 

Zeriner y Ca. 

Francisco Ribera 


Enrique Lanoy 
Benito Mirayes 

Hardware, Etc. 

Dallhaus y Ca., 197 I'rimera dc .Sto. Domingo 
Ducring y Ca., 131 ]'l. de Armas 
Agustin Gulhcil y Ca., 127 Princijial 
German Kroncke y Ca., 568 Porta! de Flores 
K. Varela y Ca., 613 Primera de Maria Andrea 
Rodriguez y Lopcz 


Jose Avila, Vicario 

Murrillo y Barros, Bohorges 

Rebattu y Ca., 126 Principal 

Eugenio Samara 

M. Valdes, Independencia 

Warnholtz y Ca., Portal de Flores 


Cuervo Mantecon y Ca., Independencia 
Juan Diaz, de Mayo 
Gabrial Mantecon, Independencia 
Joaquin del Paso y Ca. , Independencia 

House Furnishing Goods. 

D. Hurri 
M. Hernandez 
J. Lorenzana 
Victor Rendon 
J. M. Tenorio 
Sabas Zetino 
Luis Acosta 
Aniceto Alcade 
Emilio Brousset 
Lazaro Cabrera 
Gregorio Leon 
Antonio Lestrade 
Angel Montero 
Juan B. Roldan 

Ice Dealers. 

J. Fizmosis 
Llarena Hermanos 

Jewelry and Watches. 

Luis Melendez, 140 Primera de Sto. Domingo 
Carlos Huguenin, Independencia 
Manuel Miron, 19 5 de Mayo 
Constantino Werle, 576 Portal de Flores 
Ramon Barcaz 
Julian Fuentes 

B. Guerolo 
Manuel Cosio 
Jose Medina 
Juan Vidal 

Leading- Cigar Manufactories. 

" La Prucba," R. Balsa y Hermanos 
" La Union," J, Fuente 
" I>a Nacional," F. Rendon y Ca. 
" La Union Nacional," Blanco y Ca. 
" El Arte," Cappa de Villa 
Gabarrot y Ca. 

C. Benito yCa. 

Lumber Merchants. 

Felipe Abascal, Extamuros 

Madrazo y Ca. 

H. Rodriguez, ex-convcnto de San Agustin 

Merchandise Brokers. 


J. Aspe 

J. Canals 

Diaz Miron 

Dousine Fernandez 

Maurice Fixt 

J. Font 


Delmae's Tkades Directory a:nd Mercantile Manual, 

Merchandise ^roi^ers— continued. 

C. Gomez 

C. O. Gonzalez 

T. Cardillo Hidalgo 

Isidro Incera 

J. Leon 

Martinez Hermanos 

Montero de Castro 

B. Penelas 

M. Perea 

F. Prida 

Ortiz Rodriguez 

Sinseco y Mas 

M. Salas 

Soto y Ramos 

J. Uriarte 

Merchants, General Wholesale. 

Julio Ascorbe 

R. Baka 

H. Ritter y Ca. 

Viuda de Carredano 

Castillo y Ca. 

J. Cuseinera y Ca. 

During y Ca. 

Ficher y Ca. 

Galainena y Ca. 

Gomez y Ca. 

Guillaron y Ca. 

Kronte y Ca. 

Landero'y Pasquel 

Landero y Ca. 

Pasquel y Ca. 

Luis y A. Hoyos 

Madrayo Hermano y Sucesores 

Markoe y Ca. 

Martinez y Ca. 

Del Paso 

M. Robert y Ca. 

Torre y Ca. 

Velasco y Ca. 

Villa Hermanos 

Weber y Rojo 

Witenes, Vila y Ca. 

J. Abocal 

Daniel Alundi 

Bernardino Barros 

Brunet y Ca. 

Cipriano Bueno 

Ciriaco Calleja 

Guillermo Cano 

Jaime Capallera 

Miguel Carreno 

Emeterio Cuesta 

Manuel J. J. Font 

Garcia Martin y Ca, 

Giminez y Ca. 

Juan Masa Gomez 

M. Guilleron y Ca 

Manuel Hernaiz 

Laisequilla y Ca. 

Jose Lopez 

Martinez y Gonzalez 

Martinez Macho y Ca. 

Victor Niiio 

Antonio Nouriega 

Victor Palacio 

Francisco Pelaez 

Manuel Pelaez 

Jose Verduga Perez 

Jose Ponso 

Toedoro Ruiz 
Jose Sanchez 
Jose Sanchez y Ca. 
Jose Santiesteban 
Sierra y Hermano 
Jose A. Soler 
Sordo y Ca. 
Torres y Ca. 
Manuel Villamia 

Musical Instruments. 

C. Dahlhausy Ca., 197 Primera de Sto. Domingo. 
Viuda de Carredano, 201 Principal 


A. G. Alexander 


Rafael Artigas, 780 Salinas 

Manuel Cabrera, Independencia 

M. Egowesch 

Jose A. Gamboa, 522 Juarec 

Manuel Garmendia, 614 Maria Andrea 

Rafael Gomez, 5 de Mayo 

Carlos Heinemann, 824 C. de Flores 

Miguel Heras, Playa 

Anastasio Iturralde, 625 Maria Andrea 

R. Zacarias de Molina, 22 5 de Mayo 

Antonio Mosquera 

Vicente Ordozgoiti, 6 5 de Mayo 

Jose De la Pinta 

Ignacio Pombo. 675 Segunda del Vicario 

M. Reinoso 

M. Roldan 

Daniel Ruiz, Independencia 

Jose Sanfelin y Bernal, 484 Nava 

Jose Maria Sellallo, 173 Segunda de la Merced 

Ignacio Vado, 674 Vicario 

Alfred Velasco 

Domingo Avil 

Peiia Garcia 

Ernesto Hegeroisch 

Enrique Palazuelos 

Juan F. Rio 

Narciso Rio 


J. M. Blanco 

Juan Carredano 

F. B. Jordan 

Jose Ledesma, 784 Salinas 

J. Sanchez 

Rafael de Zayas, S. Francisco 

Manuel G. Mendez 

Perfumery and ToUet Articles. 

A. Carral y Ca. 
Delpaso y Ca. 

B. Dominguez 
Martinez y Diaz 
Perenz del Molino 
F. Rivera 
Nicolas y Ca. 

Saddlery and Harness. 

Rio Riveia 

Victornino Torres 



Seed, Grain and Plant Dealers. 

Bazanes y iMartinez 
Fernandez y Gomez 
Gallareta y Ca. 
Garcia Hermanos y Ca 
Guillaron y Ca. 
Masolives y Ca. 
J. U. Remmec 
Zoerilla y Ca. 

Steauislilp Ag-ents. 

Guillermo Busing y Ca. 
Calejas Hermanos 

Cos, Castillo y Ca. 

A. Fournier 

Llarena Hemianos y Ca. 

Trunks and Bags. 

Cuervo y Ca. 
Cuesta, Conjeo y Ca. 
Luis Salvador Diaz 
Gabriel Mantecon 


Tomas Castro 
Andres Mendez 


Population io,ooa 

Comniercial Agents. 

Rafael del Rio 
Antonio Guerrero 
Juan Garcia Maravilla 


R. Alvarez del Castillo 
Pascual Bravo 

Flour Mill. 

Carlos Deseloche y Hijos 


Andres Ortega 
Francisco Brebiesca 
Ignacio Rangel 

Principal Merchants, General. 

Ramon D. Ropero 
C. Saavedra 
Demetro R. Gomar 
Alvarez del Castillo 


Population, ii,ooo. 

Agricultural Implements and Ma- 

R. Dresel y Ca. 
Goodman y Schmidt 
H. Franke y Ca. 

Ales and Beer Dealers. 

P. Villalobos 
Aguilar y Mclendez 

Banks and Bankers. 

Banco Nacional (agency) 
H. Franke y Ca. 
Hernandez Angel 
Francisco Aguilar 
Wells, Fargo & Co. 

Billiard Ilalls. 

Manuel Domingucz 
Sebastian Vera 
]os6 Gutierrez 

Biscuit Bakery. 

Grcgorio Sanchez 

Books and Stationery. 

Luis G. Alva 
Cresoforo Garcia 

Carriage Makers and Dealers. 

Jos^ Alanes 
Albino Gandara 
Magdaleno Garcia 

Clothmg, Hats, Etc., RetaU. 

Calderon y Leal 
Jesus Calderon 
Garcia y Calderon 
Goodman y Schmidt 
Caspar Gutierrez 
Angel Hernandez 
Martin Martinez 
Pedro Calderon 
Mariano Odriozola 
Vicente Reyes 

Commercial AgentSt 

Aguilar y Melendcz 
Franke y Ca. 
Santiago Gonzalez 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Commercial Agents— <:ontinued. 

Miguel Alva 
Carlos Bravo 
Luis Gamboa 
Francisco G. Alvarez 

Crockery and Glassware. 

Martin Martinez 
Victor Michaud. 

Dealers in Native Products. 

Pedro Calderon 
Jesus Calderon 
H. Franke y Ca. 
Fuentes y Pina 
Goodman y Schmidt 
Hernandez y Ca. 
Victor Michaud 


Manuel Avila 
Casimero A.- Hernandez 
Viuda de J. Reyes 
J. E. Underwood 
M. Gonzalo Jimenez 

Dry Goods, Etc. 

Rodolfo Dressel y Ca. 
Fuentes y Piiia 
Rosendo Peiia 
Victor Michaud 

Express Company. 

Wells, Fargo y Ca. 

Flour Mills. 

H. Franke y Ca. 
Francisco Favela 
Manuel Manso 
Gabino San Miguel 


Roman Perez 

Furniture Dealers. 

H. Franke y Ca. 
Goodman y Schmidt 
Fuentes y Peiia 
Victor Michaud 
Trinadad Urguiza 
Leandro Urrutia 

General Dealers, Retail. 

Antonio Baez 
Guadaloupe Alva 
Pedro Calderon 
Juan Bajar 
J. Sancedo 
Crescencio Soria 
Antonio Cano 
Gregoria Garcia 
Crisoforo Garcia 
Canuto Gamboa 
Antonio Lopez 
Martin Martinez 
Mariano Odriozola 
Vicente Sanchez 
Juan Taj an 
Antonio Valles 

Casimero Gonzalez 
Rafael Reyes 
S. Arellano 
Miguel Mancilla 

General Merchants, Wholesale, 

H. Franke y Ca. 
Francisco Alvarez 
Aguilar y Melendez 
Jesus Calderon 
Goodman y Schmidt. 
A. Hernandez 
Martin Martinez 
Victor Michaud 

Hardware and House Furnisliings. 

Pedro Calderon 
Rudolfo Dressel y Ca. 
Fuentes y Piiia 
Francisco Reyes 
Francisco Aguilera 
Albino Gandara 
Cecilio Herrera 
Juan Villa 
Miguel Herrera 
Luis Ortega 


El Comercio 



Insurance Agents, 

Rudolfo Dressel y Ca. 
H. Franke y Ca. 

Perfumery, Etc. 

Victor Michaud 
Luis Jimenez 


Agustin Vegara 
Valeriano Gonzalez 
Jose Reyes 
Federico Fischer 
J. E. Underwood 
Maria G. Jimenez 

Picture and Picture Frames. 

Rafael Gonzalez 
Abraham Aguado 
Hipolito Gallado 
Abraham Oviedo 
Antonio Cano 
Guillermo Wranga y Ca. 

Printers and Publishers. 

E. Parga 

El Boletin de la Gendarmeria Fiscal 

El Iriciador 

El Tlahantilo 

Saw Mills. 

Abraham Aguado 
Angel Coronel 



Sewing Macliiiie Agencies. 

Jesus Calderon 
Rodolfo Dressel y Ca. 
H. Franke y Ca. 
Angel Hernandez 

Goodman y Schmidt 

Watches and Jewelry. 

Miguel San Miguel 
Juan Garces 



Population, 64,000. 

Agi'icultiii-al Implements. 

(See Hardware, Etc.) 

Ales and Beer, Dealers. 

Martin Diaz 
Antonio Castellanos 
Jacobo Wiltman 
Domingo Perez 


Banco Nacional 
Banco Mercantil 


C. Gregoire 
Domingo Perez 


Pablo Carra 
Eugenio Castillo 
Severo Moreno 
Luis G. Zubillaga 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Carlos Bouret 
Tomas Cortina 
Godoy Hermanos 
Manuel Rodriguez 

Boots and Shoes. 

Bernardo Alvarez 
Juan Busson 
David Mercado 
Esleban Vazquez 

Dealers in Native Produce. 

Aguero y Elisondo 
Arteaga Hermanos 
Campuzano y Ca 
Martin Diaz 
Escobedo Hermanos 
Antonio P'rias 
Mufioz y Peral 
M. Parra 
M. Silva 

Jos(j Maria Torre 
Manuel Veyna 


Manuel Alfaro 

L. Carbo 

N. 'I'. Her win 


Hipolito Bovis 
P. Carrillo 
Ignacio Hierro 
C. de la Caja 
Adrian Larre 
Rafael Villalpando 
C. de la Arribu 
Agustin Alvarez 
Luis Gonzalez 
Basilio Moreno 
Pedro Ponce 
Adolfo Scholtz 
Guillermo Valle 
Lorenzo Villa 

Engineers, Mining, and Mine 

J. A. Bonilla 
Hermenglido Campillo 
Luis G. Cordoba 
Luis Correa 
Pedro Espejo 
Lorenzo Floreci 
Ignacio Hierro 
Rivero J. Lorenzana 
Jose A. Noriega 
Agustin Preciado 
Luis Pozo 
Miguel A. Rico 
Enrique Wist 
Francisco Zarate 

Flour Merchants. 

Alberdi y Ca. 
Perfecto I. Aranda 
Corvera y Hijos 
Juan Fernandez 
Inocencio Isasi 
Julien Ibarguengoita 
Benigno Soto 

Furniture Dealers. 

Simon Acosta 
Alljino Aldania 
Felix Aldama 
Cayctano Carilla 
Pedro Rodriguez 

General Dry Goods Merchants* 

Campuzano y Ca. 
S. Armida 
Cayelano Castaneda 
M. Juancluito 
Marcias y Ca. 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Goods — co7ititiued. 

General Dry 

Maderia y Ca. 
Silvely Echegaray 
Alberto Thio y Ca. 
Escobedo Hermanos 
Munoz y Peral 
M. Silva 

Groceries and Provisions, Whole- 

Alberdi y Camacho 
Arena Pio y Ca. 
Julian Ibarbuengoita 
Oscar Lorenzent 
Ramon Ortiz 
Benigno boto 

Hardware and Tools. 

Sras. Bustamente 
Leonidas Tenorio 
Frieben y Ca. 
Krieglestein y Ca. 
Carlos Storek 

Hides and Tallow, Wholesale. 

Santa Ana Benitez 
Gabriel Esparga 
Pedro Mora 
Antonio Salazar 
Jesus Valdes 
Julian Zesati 



House Furnishing- Ware. 

Ramon Azuna 
Matilde Diaz 
Camilo Macias 
Dionisio Macias 
Jos^ Maria Macias 
Matias Macias 
N. Macias 

Jewelry, Watches and Silverware. 

Guillermo Brunet 
Desiderio Lebre 
Guillermo Bruchner' 
Rodriguez Hermanos 
Tomas Gonzalez 
Rafael Perez 
N. Amador 
Tirso Arteaga 
Julian Davalos 
Carlos Folte 
Ignacio Godina 
Severe Olague 
Jose Maria Villa Senor 


Nazario Espinosa 

Merchants, General, Iniiiorting and 

Alberdi y Pilon 

Alexander y Ca. 

Higino Cevallos 

Genaro de la Fuente 

Antonio Gomez 

Guadalupe Gomez 

Julian ibarguen 

Ramon C. Ortiz 

Oscar Llorente 

Mariano Llaguno 

Anacleto Escobedo 

Cayetano Escobedo 

Daniel Escobedo 

Jose Maria Escobedo 

Esteinn Hermanos 

Genaro de la Fuente, Sucesores 

Antonio Gomez 

Julian Ibarguengoytia 

Oscar Lorenno 

Juan Olivier 

Roman, Ortiz y Ca. 

Julian Petit 

Petterson y Hermanos 

Kimball y Alverdi 

Tellezere y Ca. 

Viadero y Ca. 

Alejandro Aguilar 

Juan B. Alatorre 

Jos6 Campuzano 

Mariano Diaz 

Ignacio Dominguez 

Miguel Dominguez 

Benig:io Elias 

Elisondo Hermanos 

Cayetano Escobedo 

Tomas M. Escobedo 

Gorcia y Cabasas 

Marcos Garcia 

Gonzalez y Gonzalez 

Gilverino Lopez 

G. Lopez y Hermanos 

Manuel Munoz 

Tiburcio Munoz 

Apolonio Salas 

Vicente Salinas 

Segura y Larran 

Cosme Torre 

V. Chacon * 

Manuel D. de la Serna Diaz 

Manuel Guerra 

Cruz Diaz 

Pascual L. Velarde 

Andres Lopez 

Tomas Martinez 

Vicente Martinez 

E. Parra 

Mariano B. Real 

Jos6 Solorzano 

Jose M. T. Escalante 


Agustin Barraza 
Manuel Orozco 
Manuel Velasco 

Pianos and Organs. 

Fernando Kerber 
Jesus G. Vazquez 




I. Aviles 

Ismael Bonilla 

M. Brena 

M. Espinosa 

I. Hierro 

Luis G. Gonzalez 

J. Lares 

Luis Mora 

A. Padilla 

J. Pani 

V. F. Ponce 

F. Solis 

J. Torres 

M. Torres 

Rosario Torres 

Jesus Hayos 

Castillo de Mora 


Del Gobierno 
Mariano Mariscal 
Nestor de la Reva 

Canute A. Tostado 
Mariano R. Esparza 
Nazario Espinoza 
Tomas Lork 
Mariano Mariscal 
Norberto Raigosa 
Francisco Villagrana 

Sewing" Machines. 

Agustin Davalos 
Ernoulf y Ca. 
Enrique Krieglestein 
Ricardo Meade 
Juan Petit 

Rodriguez Herm mos 
Rodriguez M. Sanchez 

Felix Aldama 
Simon Acosta 


Wall Papers. 

(See Stationers.) 


Trades Directory 







Population, 54,000. 

Agi'iciiltural Iniplenients. 

(See Hardware and Tools; also General Mer- 

Ales and Beer Dealers. 

(See General Merchants.) 

Banks and Bankers. 

Banco Anglo-Costariense 

Banco Nacional 

Banco de la Union 

Le Lacheur, Dent y Ca. 

Tinoco y Ca., see heading " Coffee Planters^'' 

Books and Stationery. 

Guillermo Molina 
Morrell y Ca. 

Coffee Planters and Exporters. 

Bonilla Bermanos 

John Brealey 

Bruno Carranza 

Jose Maria Castro 

Alfonso Cavit 

Compaiiia Frankfort de las Paves 

Echaudi Bros. 

Esquivel Hermanos 

Ramon Herran 

Francisco Marfa Iglesias 

Francisco Montealagre 

Mariano Montealagre 

Saens y Montoya 

Tinoco y Ca. 

Leoncio de Vars 

E. Tarrer 

William Witting 

Rafael Berroeta 

Remigio Quizes 

P. Saoorio 

Jose Maria Orozco 

Antonio de Jesus Soto 

J. Soto 

Jos6 Duran 

Francisco Echeverria 

Fernandez y Tristan 

Jaime Guefl 

Demetrio Iglesias 

Francisco Iglesias 

Alijo Jimincz 

Pedro Manan y Ca. 

T. N. Millet 
Francisco Peralta 
Otto von Schroter y Ca. 
Tinoca y Ca. 
A. M. Velasquez 

Druggists and Chemists. 

J. Bansen 
Bruno Carranza 
Jose Maria Castro 
Moises Castro 
Durau y Nunez 
Lordly y Wemen 
Juan Padilla 
J. A. Pinto 
Francisco Quesada 
J. Saenz 
Juan Ulloa 
J. Valverde 

Fiu'niture Dealers. 

(See General Merchants.) 

Groceries and Provisions. 

Manuel Carazo 
Alfonso Carit 
F. Chacon 
Esquivel Hermanos 
Piza, Maduro y Ca. 
Morel y Mason 
Juan Serrano 
F. Pinto 
Tourette y Ca. 
Alfaro y Dent 
Duprat, Allard y Ca. 
Jaime Guell 
Andres Marsicano 

Hardware, Tools, Etc. 

M. Arguello 
Manuel Carago 
Morcll y Ca. 
Jose Muiios 
Dent y Ca. 


Hotel Frances 
Hotel Montane' 
Hotel de Roma 
Hotel Victor 
Hotel ViJlanave 



Delmae's Teades Dieectoet and Meecantile Manual. 

Ice Dealers. 

Juan Aguerro 
Jose Chaves 

General Merchants, Wholesale and 

Alfaro y Dent 

Piza, Maduro y Ca 

M. A. Robles 

F. Soto 

Alberto Verdean y Martin 

E. Soto 

Manuel Arguello 
Carazo Beche 

J. R. Carazo 
Manuel Carazo 
Alfonso Carit 
M. A. Adolfo Carit 
Bruno Carranza 
Jaime Carranza 
M. Carranza 

F. Chacon 
Dent y Ca. 
Jose Duran 
Juan Echevarria 

M. D. J. Veuta Epinde 
Aniceto Esquivel 
Esquivel Hermanos 
Tomas Farrer 
Fernandez y Hijos 
Joaquin Fernandez 
Garcia Hermanos 
Guillard, Naute y Ca. 
F. Hernandez 
Huffer y Grytzel 
Juan T. Jorge 
Adolfo Knohr 
Juan Knohr 

Juan Federico Lahmann 
Lelacheur y Ca. 
Isidro Leorico 
J. Mamneck 
Alvarado Marsilio 
Montealegre e Hijo 
Montealegre y Salazar 
Mateo Mora 
Arturo Morrell 
Morrell y Mason 
J. Naucelt 
Francisco Peralta 
Concepcion Pinto 
F. Pinto 
Jaime Pyle 
F . Robert y Ca. 
Schrenta y Ca. 
Juan Serrano 
Mompon, William y Ca. 
Tinoco y Ca. 
H. Tournon y Ca. 
Tourette y Ca. 
Van Dyke y Ca. 
Van Nuffel y Ca. 
Leoncio de Vars y Ca. 
Von Shroter y Ca. 
Jose de Ycasa 
Juan Acasta 
Mariano Acosta 
T. Alfaso y Ca. 
David Alpizar 
Maurillio Alvarado 

Merchants, General. 

George Andre 
Cruz Brenes 
F. R. Brenes 
Brenes y Echandi 
Juan Castro 
Theodosio Castro 
Caatro y Andres 
Rafael Dengo 
Juan Dent 

Duprat, Atlard y Ca. 
Carlos Echeverria 
Fernandez y Tristan 
Juan Hernandez 
Otto Hubbe 
Alfred Lavventhal 
Pedro Manan y Ca 
F. M. Millet 
Mariano Monje 
Otto von Schroter y Ca 
Esteban R. Smyth 
Pedro Terrez 
Thompson y Ca. 

Newspapers and Printers. 

" El Correo Espaiiol " 
" El Ferrocarril" 
" La Gaceta " 
" La Replica " 
" The Reporter " 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

Cruz Alvarado 
J. Bansen 
Juan Bonnefil 
Bruno Carranza 
Jose Maria Castro 
Moises Castro 
N. Duran 
R. Heine 

F. L. Lordley 
N. Michand 
J. Nufiez 
Juan Padilla 
J. A. Pinto 
J. Saenz 

J. Rucavad 
Juan Ullra 
J. Valverde 
Leopoldo Wesner 


De Carranza 


La Paz 

Imprenta del Istmo 

Imprenta del Pueblo 

Sewing Machines, Agencies. 

G. Molina 
Manuel Arguello 
Piza Maduro y Ca. 

Undertakers' Supplies. 

(See General Merchants. ) 




Population, 12,000. 


Caja de Ahorros 
Caja de Descuentos 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Francisco Padilla 

F. Soto 

Jose M. Toledo 

General Merchants, Wholesale. 

Mariano Acosta 
Alfaso y Ca. 
J. Fernandez 
Garcia y Ca. 
H. Tinoco y Ca 
Miguel Lopez 
Eustaquir, Perez y Ca. 

Piza, Madulo y Ca. 
Manuel Sandovel 
Filadelfo Soto 
Trijos y Ca. 
Zamora e Hijo 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

Francisco Padilla 
J. Toledo 
E. Uribe 

Planters and Exporters. 

Piza, Eaduro y Ca. 
Pedro Sabario 
Jesus Soto 
Jose Maria Soto 



Population, 55,000. 

Ales and Beer Dealers. 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Cerveceria Alemana 

F. Alpirez 

Cerveceria Francesa 

Bertrand y Ca. 

Emilio Goubaud 

Agricultural Implements. 

Antonio Partegas 
F. Matheu 

(See General Merchants.) 

Sanchez y Ca. 
Norbeto Ziza 

Juan Capella 

Banks, Bankers and Importing Mer- 

Marchado, Irigajen y Ca 


Adriano Paez 

Banco Colombiano 


Banco Internacional 

Tranquilino Dorante 

Banco Nacional 
Bamaso Angelo y Ca. 

Genaro Fuentes 
Mariano Solarc 

I. Francisco Aguirre 

Luis Asturias 

Boots and Shoes, Wholesale and 

Braulio Novales 


Ramon Asturias 

Antonio de Aguirre 

Toribio Alvarado 

Pedro .S. de Tyada 

Felix Aristondo 

Angel Pefia 

Bernardo Bargas 

Juan F. Aguirre 

.Salvador Bersian 

G. Angulo y Ca. 

Victor Brau 

Pedro Barros 

Simeon Cabrera 

Benito y Ca. 

Mariana Cordova 

Pablo Blanco y Ca. 

Daniel Coronado 

0. Blculer 

Jaqicr Coronado 

Jose M. Escamilla 
Braulio Novales 

Martin Paz 

Domingo Diaz 

J. M. Samayoa 

Pedro Escobar 


Delmak's Trades Directory and AIercantile Manual 

Boots and Shoes — continued. 

Liberate Farfan 
Salvador Fernandez 
Cupertino Flores 
Simeon Franco 
Anselmo Galvez 
Casimiro Garcia 
Carlos Gonzalez 
Francisco Granados 
Manuel Guzman 
Manuel Lafuente 
Tomas Larquet 
Anastacio de Leon 
Juan C. Lopez 
Juan Marroquin 
Florencio Meono 
Andres Mendoza 
Eugenio Mendoza 
Jose Maria Milan 
Fernando Morales 
Alejandro Naiarro 
Baltasar Ortiz 
Jose Pepio Farfan 
Mariano Perez 
Leopoldo Pulle 
Vicente Ramirez 
Dioniosio Rendan 
Camilio Resales 
Juan Rosales 
Saturnio Salazar 
Cleto Sanchez 
Esteban Saro 
Braulio Silva 
Ignacio Ariola 
Juan Silva 
Rafael Silva 
Sebastian Trejo 
Santos Vazquez 
Jorga Vega 
Jose Maria Valezquez 
Mecario Aguilar 
Pedro Arrazola 
Agapito Ayala 


Pedro Berduo 
Domingo Contreras 
Jose Maria Chinchilla 
Barbaro Garcia 
Cornelio Garrido 
Ignacio Granado 
Vicente Herrera 
Pedro Iriarte 
Higino Lopez 
Pantaleon Marroquin 
Serapio Minera 
Juan Ortega 
Manuel Jose Palomo 


D. Castillo 
Jose Diaz 
J. B. Triersen 
Felipe Banaza 
Francisco Corso 
Luis Estrada 
F. Ucles 

Dnig-gists and Chemists, Retail. 

Vicente Aravalo 
Eduardo Bendfeldt 

Domingo R. Castillejo 
Ladislao Cordero 
Secundo Diaz 
Jose Maria Escobar 
Jose Maria Galvez 
Pedro Galvez 
Rafael Gallardo 
Francisco Garcia 
Ramon Garcia 
F. C. Herbruger y Ca. 
Celestino Hernandez 
Vicente Herrera 
Mariano Lara 
Juan Losa 
David Luna 
Leopoldo Mancilla. 
Carlos Molina J 
Manuel Monge 
Manuel M. Montenegro 
Federico Morales 
Manuel Orellana 
Jacinto Pacheco 
Manuel Quevedo 
Anastasio Rodriguez 
Domingo Samoya 
Miguel Sanchez Moreno 
Salvador Saravia 
Isaac Sierra 
Joaquin Solares 
Jose Maria Vides 
Salvador Arevalo 

Dry Goods, Notions, Haberdashery, 
Etc., Ketail. 

Valentin Aceytuno 

Antonio Avila 

Ladislao Avila 

Manuel Avila 

Clemente Aviley 

Francisco Barrera 

Juan Barrera 

Ciriaco Beteta 

Florencio Bobadilla 

Marcelo Borrajo 

Jose A. Castro 

Miguel Castro 

Jose Maria Caballos 

Luis Corado 

Francisco Flores 

Concepcion Galvez 

Jose Angel Galvez 

Jose Maria Galvez 

Pablo Galvez 

Leandro Garcia 

Jose Maria Garrido 

Dorateo Gonzalez 

Terero Guzman 

Catarino Lara 

Eugenio Lara 

Juan Leiva ' 

Vicente de Leon 

Albino Loi^ez 

Justo Lopez 

Secuadino Lopez 

Juan Lima 

J. Megin 

Magdalena Megicano 

Domingo Menco 

Julian Molina 

tose Maria Merales 

Gregorio Ortiz 

Gregorio Penagos 



Dry Goods, 'E,tC.—co7itinued. 

Francisco Pena 
Jose Maria Perez 
Pedro Quintero 
Eustaquio Reynosa 
Rosalio Reynosa 
Jose Rodriguez 
Santiago Rodriguez 
Rosalio Roja 
Feliciano Ruiz 
Juan de Dios Salvatierra 
Manuel A. Solares 
Juan Tobar 
Manuel Tobar 

Fireworks Dealers. 

Geronimo Aldana 
Manuel Barrientos 
Lucio Garcia 
Manuel Garrientos 
Jacinto Guerra 
Teodoro Guerra 
Jose Maria Mendez 
Lazaro Monzon 
Remigio Quinones 
Pedro Ramirez 
Juan Robles 

Fountlries and Machinists. 

Benbenuto Archila 
Miguel Archila 
Rafael Bautista 
Manuel Carrillo y Hnos 
Lanreano Enrique 
Casimiro Espiiioso 
Jose Maria Figueroa 
Domingo Flores 
Aquilino Garcia 
G. W. Fernando Goez 
Manuel Gomez 
Ruperto Gonzalez 
Jose Maria Menco 
Manuel Mendoza 
Manuel Ortiz 
Trinidad Osaeta 
Carlos Schmidt 
Teodoro Useda 
Jose Maria Villalobos 
Jose Maria Villatoro 
Gregorio B. Yela 

General Merchants, Wholesale. 

Manuel Cardenas 

Duran y Ca. 

Pedro J. Barrios 

Julian Batres y Hijos 

Batres y Hermanos 

Francisco Camarcho y Ca. 

Compania de Agencias de Guatamala 

Eduardo y Ca. 

Eduardo Hall 

¥. C. Herbruger y Ca. 

Hockmeyer y Ca. 

Goethos y Vendepute 

Joso Thomas Lanahondo 

W. Friedman y Ca. 

Martinez y Ca. 

Jorge Prado 

Rafael Quinones 

Juan Rodriguez 

Juan Aparico 

E. N. Bolander 

F. Duran 
Enrique Fisher 
P. Barros 
Benito y Ca. 
Betran y Ca. 

Gustavo y Bernardo Haas 

G. Kler 

T. Mattheu 
Ocitz y Herminos 
Bosner y Ca. 
Sanchez y Ca. 
A. Sinibaldi 
M. Sirigier Suarez 
Uruella y Hermanos 
T. Valenzuela 

General Merchants, Wholesale and 

Antonio Agurre 
Juan Francisco Aguirre 
Manuel Aguirre 
Ramon Aguirre 
Francisco Alvarez 
Luis S. Andreu 
Rafael Angulo 
Salvador Arevalo 
Pedro Anechea 
M. Arroyo 
Raymundo Arroyo 

E. Ascoli y Ca. 
Luis Asturias 
Rafael Asturias 
Xavier Asturias 
Augener y Cassebohm 
Manuel S. Ayau 
Mercedes M. de Ayau 
Rafael Aycinena 
Pedro J. Barros 
Julian Batres y Hijos 
Luis Batres y Hermanos 
Vicente Beltranena 
Benito y Ca. 
Bertrand y Ca. 

Pablo Blanco 

Jorge Bramma 

Francisco Camacho y Ca. 

Juan Capella 

Ildefonso Castellanos 

H. Chiguero 

Cristobal Cifre 

Miguel Coloma 

Compaiiia de Agencias de Guatemala 

Eduardo David y Ca. 

Leona David 

Jos6 Descalzi y Ca. 

A. E. Donelly 

H. Domer y Ca. 

Xavier l)u Fiel 

J. M. Escamilla 

Valentin Escobar 

Vicente Fonseca 

Eduardo Geering 

Goethoes y Vendpute 

Emilio Goubaud 

Jose Guardiiila 

Eduardo Hall 

Emilio Herbruger 

F. C. Herbruger y Ca. 
Manuel Hcrrcra 
Hockmeyer y Ca. 
Jorge Klee 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Oeneral Merchants, Wholesale and 

Retail— rt);///;/«cv/. 

Buenaventura Baubrir 
Lara, Pavon y Zollikofer 
Jose Tomas Lanahondo 
Julio Lovventhal 
Joaquin Macal 
Antonio Machada 
Machado, Irigj'en y Ca. 
Manuel Machado 
G. E. Magee 
J. Magee 
Federico Matheu 
Juan Matheu 
Matheu y Ca. 
S. McNieder 
Juan Mejicano 
J. Minondo 
Manuel M. Monge 
Jose Monteros 
Manuel Monziols 
Ulisses Monziols 
Braulio Morales 
Ramon Murga 
W. Nelson y Ca, 
Luis Noverto 
Francisco S. Orrellano 
Manuel Ortega 
F. Ortiz y Ca. 
Manuel Ortiz 
Antonio Partegas 
Pedro Ramas 
Jose Revelo 
Juan Rhimer y Ca. 
Rittscher y Ca. 
Rivero y Valerdi 
Francisco Rohrmoser 
Rafael Romafia 
Rosenberg y Hennings 
Juan M. Ruiz 
Viviano Salvatierra 
Domingo Samayoa 
Doroteo Samayoa 
Jose M. Samayoa 
Dionisio Sanchez 
M. Sanchez y Ca. 
Pedro N. Sanchez 
Salvador Saravia 
Henry Scholfield 
Isaac Sierra 
Alejandro M. Sinibaldi 
Dolore C. de Sinibaldi 
Julian Sinibaldi 
Rafael Sinibaldi 
S. B. Storms 
Rafael Teran 
Hormanos Tielman 
Miguel Tinoco 
Horacio Ubico 
Francisco Urruela 
Gregorio Urruela 
Hermanos Urruela 
Jose Urruela 
Juan Francisco Urruela 
Miguel Urruela 
Salvador Urruela 
Felipe Neri Valdez 
Hermanos Valentine 
Jose Valerdi 
J. Vasquez y Jaramillo 
Vasquez y Ulrico 

Pablo Vazen 
Jose A. Vega 
.Vlanuel Vega 

E. Widmar 
Frederico Widmar 
.\. Zadickz y Ca. 
Vicente Zebadua 
Miguel Zepeda 
Norberto Zinza 
Antonio Zirion 
Juan Aparicio 

F. N. Bolander 
Hermanos Bramma 
Manuel Cardenas 
Duran y Ca. 
Enrique Fisher 

W. Friedman y Ca. 
Casimiro Guillard 
Juan Pablo Maldonado 
Martinez y Ca. 
Mermanos Meyer 
J. Nimanda y Ca. 
Jorge Prado • 

Rafael Quiiiones 
Guillermo Rodriguez 
Juan Rodriguez 
E. Rosenberg y Ca. 
Carlos Schultz 
Jacobs, Wolfe y Ca. 


Gran Hotel 
Hotel de Europa 
Hotel del Globo 
Hotel de Guatemala 
Hotel Nicole 
Hotel del Teatro 

House Fiirnishmg, Tinware, Etc. 

Estanislao Aragon 
Mariano Gonzalez 
Gregorio Iriondo 
Juan Iriondo 
Pedro Lo])ez 
Ramon Molida 
Eufrasio Moran 
Pedro Moraii 
Ramon Poggio 
Alberto Rivera 
Nazario Rivera 
Valeriano Santa Cruz 
Francisco Sta. Maria 
Sebastian V. Storm 
Pedro Villalobos 

Iron Foundry. 

Juan Klee 

Jewelers and Silversmitlis. 

Marcelo Argueta 
Antolin Caceres 
Bartolome Castilla 
Fulgencio Estrada 
Santiago Estrada 
Gregorio Grageda 
Asencion Jardin 
Salvador Minera 
Dolores Munis 
D. Madero 
Jose Maria Sosa 
Miguel Mancilla 
Federico Widmer 




Jose Cividanes 
Bibiano Salvatierra 

Militarj' Goods. 

Manuel Alvarez 
Casimiro Estrada 
Manuel Gomez 

Newspapers and Printers. 

" El Guatemalteco " 

" El Horizonte " 

" El Medico Cirujaano Centro-Americano " 

" El Progreso " 

Paints, Varnishes, Oils, Etc. 

Cayetano Arroyo 
Francisco Bertonin 
Felipe Caballeros 
Sinforosa Caballero 
Julio Cestilla 
Paulino Ceballos 
Adolfo Chenal 
Jose Maria Diaz 
Pedro Gallardo 
Carlos de Leon 
Rafael de Leon 
Antonio Letona 
Manuel Letona 
Francisco Monterroso 
Ramon Morales 
Felix Ovando 
Felix Rogel 
Bibiano Salvatiorra 
Cecilio Soto 
Santiago Valenzuela 

Perfumery and Fancy Groods. 

Rafael Aranda 
William Beecher 
Adolfo Grace 
Mariano Guerra 
Fernando Morales 
Salvador Morales 
Francisco Ortiz 
Luis Ory 
Julian I'az 
Tomas Sanchez 
Francisco Santa Cruz 
Alejandro de Sevilla 
Isodro Villalobos 
Felix Zavala 

Pianos and Sewing Machines. 

Rafael Aranda 
Manuel Marof|uin 
Gabriel Velenzuela 
M. Guerra 


Emilio Ilciburjer 
Feliz Muniz 
Bibiano Salvatierra 
M. H. Soinclliani 
N. J. Zaguirre 
F". Hcrl>urger 
Wolfcnstein y Libes 


Francisco Abello 
Jose Antonio Acebedo 
Nicolas Andrade 
Luis Andrino 
Nicolas Angulo 
Manuel Apariclo 
Carlos Aragon 
Felipe Arana 
Camilo Arevalo 
Segismundo Arriaga 
Manuel Arroyo 
Gregorio Avalos 
Teodore Avila 
Eligio Baca 
Felipe Barrasa 
Jose Berchtinger 
Enrique Bermudez 
Francisco Bogran 
Carlos Bonilla 
Juan Brau 
Manuel Carranza 
Francisco Castellon 
Carlos Castro 
Moises L. Castro 
Victor Colon 
Simeon Contreras 
Esteban Cruz 
Rafael Cruz Meani 
Joaquin Diaz 
Miguel Diaz 
Remigio Diaz 
Eduardo Estrado 
Manuel Estrada 
Jose Maria Estupinian 
Jose Farfan 
Jose Maria Gallardo 
Manuel Gallardo 
Francisco Gemera 
Ramon Garcia 
Juan German 
Dario Gonzalez 
Ramon G. Gonzalez 
Juan Jener 

Buenaventura Lambuz 
Luis Laso 
Jose Cuna 
Simon Magana 
Dario Mazariegos 
Edurado Mendoza 
Carlos Molina 
Jacinto Molina 
Julio Molina 
Pedro Molina 
Manuel Molina Milla 
Cornelio Moncada 
Alejandro Montalvo 
Jos(5 Menteros 
Jose Maria Montes 
Francisco Nunez 
Bernardo Nunez 
Juan Crollano 
Juan Ortega 
Valentine Ortiz 
Otto Stoll 
Agustin Pacheco 
Juan Padilla 
Mariano Padilla Matute 
N. Pagaoga 
Apolonio Palma 
Fernando Palomo 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual, 


Jose Maria Palomo 
Augustin Pasos 
Luis Perez 
Basilio Pineda 
Juan Quitona 
Raul del Pino 
Francisco Roquero 
Manuel S. Samayos 
Maximo Santa Cruz 
Juan Climaco Solares 
Enrique Soto 
Francisco Tejada 
Nicolas Tiferiano 
Nazario Toledo 
Salvador Trequeros 
Fabrico Uribe 
Manuel Valdes 
Valentin Fernando 
Trinidad Valladares 
Mariano Valle 
David Vazques 
Jose de T. Velazques 
Jose Maria Vides 
Joaquin Yela 
Rafael Zaldavar 


(Local Address.) 
Ramon Aguirre 
Luis Astunas 
Anstides Bertliolin 
J. M. Escamilla 
Manuel Gonzalez 
Jose Guardiola 
M. M. Herrera 

Emilio Lopez 
Ricardo Lopez 
Vitalino Lopez 
Guillermo Rodriguez 
Juan Rodriguez 
Domingo Samayoa 
J. M. Samayoa 
Doroteo Samayoa 
J. M. Samayoa 
Jose Vega 

Printing' Establishments. 

Tipografia " El Progreso " 
Tipografia de Abraham F. Padilla 

Steamship Lines and their Agents. 

Campagnie Generate Transatlantique, A. Bertiolin 
Pacific Mail Steamship Co., Benito y Ca. 


(See Furniture, also Hardware.) 

Wholesale Merchants and Im- 
porters, General. 

A. M. Sinibaldi 
Matheu y Ca. 
Frederico Matheu y Ca. 
Hockmeyer y Ca. 
T. Kriemler y Ca. 
Betrand y Ca. 
Benito y Ca. 
P. N. Sanchez 
M. Urruela y Ca. 
R. Aguirre y Ca. 



Banco Internacional de Guatemala 

G. A. Frierson 

M. Aguilera 
Jose Ramos 
Doroeta Cayas 




Jose Leon 
Gabriel Oltramare 

General Merchants, Wholesale. 

Jose Aguilar 
Pomposo Castro 
Mariano Enriquez 
Doroteo Gutierrez 
Bernardino Herrate 
Martin de Leon 

Cinilo Lopez 
Geronimo Martinez 
Tadeo Pacheco 
Hermanos Paganini 
Manuel Pelaez 
Francisco Sanchez y Hijos 
Roman Villagran 
Whitney y Hawley 


Francisco Cayas 
Alberto C. de Castro 
Jose M. Martinez 

Printing Establishments and News- 

Tipogrofia de la Industria 
" El Bien Publico " 

Sewing Machine Agents. 

La Compaiiia Fabricante " Singer," Eudecia 
Diaz, Agent 

Republic of Honduras. 




Population, 10,000. 

Merchants, General, Wholesale and Retail. 

Pedro Leitzeler 
Bernhard y Hijo 
Manuet Denis & Co. 

Jacob Baez y Ca. 
Victarino Berlioz 
Castillo y Hermanos 
Fiallos y Hermanos 
Trinidad Hernandez 
J. M. Inestrano 
Raimundo Valenzuela 
Pedro Abadie 

Pedro Leizeler 

Pedro Morris Jule y Ca. 

Arias y Bustillos 

Jose Maria B. Valenzuela 

Juan Ramon Valenzuela 


Population, 15,000. 

Driigg-ists and Chemists. 

J. Aguelera y Ca. 
M. Angulo 
S. Angulo 
Pedro Arias 
E. Bernard 
Dias y Morales 
Manuel Vijil Molina 
M. Streber 
J. Ucles 

Hardware, Tools, Etc. 

Julio Balette 
Jose Mari Reyna 
Jos6 Lazo Sotero 
Zelaya Hermanos 

Merchants, General, Wholesale. 

Jacob Baez y Ca. 
Geo. Bernard 
Catillo y Hijos 
Diaz Hermanos 
T. Figueroa 
R. Streber 
Zelaya Hermanos 
Agurcia y Soto 
Vicente Ayestas 
Felix Bonilla 
Francisco Castillo 
Cordova y Q"'"<jncs 
Florencio Cuellar 
Kemijo Diaz 
Francisco Planas 
Marcial Molina 
Salvator Diaz 
Jacob Estrada 
Jesus Estrada 
Benito Fernandez 
J. J. l""crnandez 
Jesus Fiallos 
Juan Fiallos 

Dionisio Galinda 

Ramon Jerez 

Samuel Laines 

Luis Laddizabal 

Lazo y Ca. 

Doula Loanzo 

Enrique Midence 

Ramon Midence 

Perez y Lazo 

Pio Ucles 

Leopoldo Servilla 

R. Streeber 

Marrin Ucles 

Tomas de Ugarte 

Ugarte y Hermanos 

J. Zelaya 

Zelaya y Hermanos 

Miguel Zuniga 

Rafael Camilo Diaz y Hijos 

Martin Ucles 

Fortin y Bonilla 

Ramon Vigil 

Julian Fiallos y Hijos 

Gutierrez, Lopez y Ca. 

Newspapers and Printers. 

" La Gazcta " 

" La Paz " 

" La Republica " 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

A. Bernard 
Joaijuin Diaz 
Eslavan Ferrari 
Manual Juan l<"iaIlos 
Vijil Manuel Molina 
E. Toledo 
J. Ugarte 

Print inj^ Estahlishnicnts. 

Nacional TiiJografia 


Delmar's' Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 


Daniel Fortin 
Alecio Fortin 
Monico Cordova, padre 

Merchants, General. 

Santiago Moncada 
T. Gradiz 


J. Font 

Binney, Melhado y Ca. 

P. Castillo 

Merchants, General. 

Jose Julio 
Juan Lafitte 


Merchants, General. 

Pedro Abadie 
Bernard Hermanos 
Manuel Denis y Ca. 
J. P. Gattorno y Hijo 
E. Herran 
A. Dubon 

P. Juhl y Ca. 

Pedro Leitzelar y Ca. 

Morris y Ca. 

Remigio Padella 

I'he Ampala Co. (Limited.) 

Jose Rossner 


M. Guegllin 

J. M. Zelaya 

F. Calis 

S. Meza 

Juan Castell 

Afe Vega de Cedros 

P. Inestroza 

Merchants, General. 

T. Malute 

T. Zelaya 

G. Gardela 

Torrez y Hernandez 

P. Bert rand 

C. Fortin 



Debrot Hormanos 
Gedirico Debrot 

A. Ruiz 
W. Merilees 



Parting y Ca. 
Ph. Arnoux y Ca. 


Republic of Hoxdukas. 



Yuscaran Mining Company 

Address, Yuscaran 
Santa Eleana Mining Company 

Address, Yuscaran 
Gibraltar Mining Company 

Address, Yuscaran 
Rio Chiquito Mining Company 

Address, Santa Lucia 
San Antonio Mining and Milling Co. 

Address, San Antonio 
Paraiso Reduction Company 

Address, Yuscaran 
Honduras Mining Co. 

Address, Yuscaran 

Santa Lucia Mining and Milling Co. 

Address, Santa Lucia 
(N. B. — For New York address of the foregoing 

companies see New York City Directory.) 
New York and Honduras Rosario Mining Co. 

Address, San Juancinto 
Zelaya Mining Company 

Address, Tegucigalpa 
Santa Cruz Mining Company 

Address, Santa Cruz 
Platero Mining Company 

Address, Yuscaran 
Los Angeles Mining Company 

Address, Valle de Los Angeles 


Delmar's Teades Directoet axd AIeecaxtile Manual. 



Population, 15,000. 

Bankers, Etc. 

Francisco Gomez Rivas 
Hirchen y Ca. 

Drug-g-ists and Chemists. 

Rafael Cabrera 
Gomez L. D. Luciano 

General Merchants, Wholesale. 

Antonio Cabrera y Ca. 
Cabrera Delgadillo 
Gabriel Espinoso 
Francisco Gomez Rivas 
D. J. Hirchen y Ca. 
S. D. Mozia 
Ascension Rivas 
D. Rodriguez 
M. D. Sanchez 
James Simpson 
Federico Solorzano 
J. B. Thomas 

Tiserino Hermanos 
J. C. Bengoechea 
F. y S. Bermudez 
Calesto Cesar 
F. Chamoro 
J. de la Paz Cuadra 
Teodoro Delgadillo 
Miguel Espinoza 
Daniel Frixione 
L. Gomez 
H. E. Low y Ca. 
Viuda de Martinez 
Jose A. Robleto 
F. Solorzano 
Salvador Solano 

Newspapers and Printers. 

" La Nacional " 
" El Porvenir " 
" El Semanal " 
" Gaceta Oficial " 


Population, 8,000. 

Narciso Arguello 
Hutago de Bustos 
A. Cardenas 
Pedro Chamorros 
G. W. Cole 
H. Goodman 
Leonidas Guerra 
A. B. Hurtado 

General Merchants. 

Lopez y Maliaiio 

J. Maliaiio y Hijos 

M. Maliaiio y Hermanos 

Francisco Martinez 

L. y N. Martinez 

M. L. de Runnels 

Francisco Torres 

Tose Vicente Urcullo 


Population 25,000. 

Ales and Beer. 

(See also General Merchants.) 
Jos6 J. Palacios 

Agricultural Implements. 

(See Hardware and Tools.) 

Republic of Nicaragua. 



Coronada A. de Morin 
Justo Midence 
Espiridion Orosco 
Manuel Perez 

Boots and Shoes. 

Federico Aguero 
Modesto Balladares 
Antonio Bustos 
Francisco Carbajal 
Jose M. Cortez 
Nicolas Chacon 
Ramon Chavarra 
Francisco Delgadillo 
Cipriano Delgado 
Juan Fonseca 
Marcelino Giron 
Clemente Iglesias 
Pastor Macias 
Boque Medina 
Juan Medrano 
jose Melendez 
Trinidad Melendez 
Bernardo Mendez 
Manuel Montes 
Tomas Pantoja 
Rosendo Pineda 
Rafael Puintana 
Benito Ramirez 
Antonio Saenz 
Cipriano Salgado 
Alejan Sequeira 
Rafael Syto 
Toribio Soto 
Francisco Valle 
Vicente Vaquero 
Pedro Vargas 
Manuel Zapata 

Commission Merchants. 

Pedro E. Aleman 

Carmen Belladares 

Deshon y Murazan 

Martin, Gutierrez y Ca. 

M. Salazar y Ca. ' 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Julio Castro 
Luis Cruz 
Cosme Chevez 
Teodoro Fassmer 
Basilic Marin 
Desiderio Pablais 
Tomas Telleria 

Founcli'ies and Machine Shops. 

Pastor Lindo 
Vicente Osorno 

General Merchants, Wholesale and 

Almeda y Ca. 
Pedro E. Aleman 
.Simon Altamirano 
Frederico Alvarado 
Pedro Alvarado 
Eliodoro Arana 
Carmen Balladares 

Lino Balladares 

Manuel Balladares 

Francisco Boquin 

.Salvador Cardenal 

Mariana J. Castellon 

B. Condhur y Ca. 

Luis Cruz 

Emilio Chesnay 

Ramon Chica 

Luis Debayll 

Deshon y Morazan 

Gabriel Dubon 

Salvador Dubon 

Florke, Notter y Ca. 

Miguel G. Granera 

Guerrero y Montenegro 

Camilo Gutierrez 

Esteban Gutierrez 

Alberto Herdocia 

Gordiana Herdocia 

Rosa Icara 

Gabriel Lacayo y Hijos 

Narciso Lacayo 

Panfilo Lacayo 

Coronado A. de Marin 

S. B. Marin, Gutierrez y Ca, 

Fulgencio Mayorza 

Midence y Ca. 

Manuel J. Montealegre 

Mariano Montealegre 

Jose F. Mmiez 

Navarro, Villa y Ca. 

Vicente Navas 

Juano Ocampo 

Desiderio Pallias 

Jos6 Pineda 

Prado y Arguello 

Mariano Salazar y Ca. 

Domingo Salinas y Ca. 

Norberto Salinas 

Jose Sania 

Benitio Sarria 

Otto Schiffman 

Schubert y Paten 

Alejandro Sequeira 

J. R. Sevan 

Thomas Telleria 

Manuel T. Teran 

Manuel Zuniga 

Aguilar y Sanchez 

Aleman y Salzar 

David Arguillo 

Ignacio Aguillo 

Pedro Arguillo y Hijos 

Juan Bapes 

Juliano Buitraga 

Ramon Chica 

B. Conduhr y Ca. 

Eduard R. Deshon 

J. J. y F. B. Deshon 

P. Eisenstuck y Ca. 

Guillermo Federich 

Concepcion Garcia 

Eduardo Garcia 

Castullo J. Gurdian 

Hazera y Ca. 

Leonardo Lacayo 

Alejandro J. Manning 

Ajiolonio Marin 

Salvador Marin 

Luiz de Viuda Marin 

Cleto Mayorga 


Delmar's Trades Directory axd Mercantile Manual. 

General Merchants, 'E,t<i.—cjntimit:d. 


Rafael Mayorquin 

Antonio Aguilar 

M. J. Midence 

Juan F. Aguilar 

Geo. A. Morris 

Luis Aguilar 

S. D. Pallais 

Santiago Arguello 

Cayetano Peralta 

Trinidad Palladares 

Dolores Ramirez y Ca. 

Julian Castellon 

Jose de J. Rojas 

Julio Castro 

Macario Romero 

H. Fassmer 

Rafael Salinas 

Jose Guerrero 

John R. Swann y Ca. 

Miguel Guerrero 

A. H. Teller 

Rodolfo Herdocia 

J. R. Teran 

Rafael Icasa 

James Thomas 

Leocadio Juarez 

Timoteo Juarez 

Hardware and Tools. 

Francisco M. Lacayo 

Benito Ardila 

Juan Lacayo 

Gregorio Banegas 
Trinidad Calderon 

Julian Lacayo 
Basilo Marin 

Leopoldo Cisne 
Luciano Leon 
Salvado Mungua 

Juan Midenque 
Venancio Montalban 
Francisco Montenegro 
Desiderio Pallais 

Hides and Leather. 

Roberto Sacasa 
Manuel Sedilez 

Paula Balladares 

Tomas Tolleria 

Desiderio Baneto 


Sebastian E. Escorcia 

Felipe Granera 

Constantino Gross 

Salvador Gutierrez 

J. C. Gurdian 

Coronado Mayorga 

Benito Hernandez 

Venancio Montalban 

Antonio Orue 

Vicente Oseps 

Joaquin Ruiz 

Sinforoso Valle 

Sewing Machines. 


(See Commission Merchants.) 

Leon de Oro 


Paints and Varnishes. 

(See Hardware.) 

Demetrio Molina 

Manuel Zapata 

Tinware and House Furnishing. 

Antonio Breneo 


Sinforiana Robelo 

Manuel Godoy ^ 

Nazario Soliz 

Alejandro Lazarenco 
Roman Perez 

Undertaker's Supplies. 

Samuel Sedilez 

(See Commission Merchants.) 


Merchants, General. 

Seiior I. T. de Callejas 
Callejas y Callejas 
Francisco Cardenal 
Antonio Casineli 
Julio Cesar 
Emilio Chesnay 
J. B. Gorlero Hermanos 
J. B. Gorlero y Hijo 
Juan de Dios Guerra 
Camilo Gutierrez 

Alberto Herdocia 
Carlos Halmann 
M. Montealegre 
Mariano Montealegre 
Francisco Morazan 
G. A. K. Morris 
Angel Navarro 
Pantaleon Navarro 
Francisco Orrico 
Hermanos Zeferino 

Republic of Nicaragua. 



Population, 25,000. 

Agricultural Iniplenients. 

(See General Merchants.) 


Salvador Arana 
Chamorro y Zabala 
Santiago Morales 
Manuel Urbina 
Juan Vargas 

Drug-g-ists and Chemists, Ketail. 

Francisco Alvarez 
Alfonso Guerrero 
Horacio Guzman 
Alberto Lacayo 
Agustin Pazos 
J. Ignacio Urtecho 
Pedro Vargas 

General Merchants. 

Jose Arguello y Ca. 
Luis Arguello 
Mariano Arguello 
Agustin Aviles y Ca. 
Bermijillo y Ca. 
Jose I. Bermudez 
Fernando Chamorro 
.S. H. Hamburger 
Jesel de Leslie 
F. y M. Lacayo 
Panfino Lacayo 
F. Lacayo y Ca. 
Gabriel Lacayo y Hijos 
Pastora Lacayo y Hijos 
Federico M arena Hermanos 
Manuel Mejia y Ca. 
Luis Mejia Hijo 
U. y J. Quadra 
Ascension Rivas 
Felix Romero 
Hilario Selva 
Marcos Tefel 
Teodoro Tefel 
Rosario Vivas 
Rosario E. Vivas Hijo 
Juliana S. de Abaunza 
Jos6 Arce Arguello 
Arguello y Avilez 
Benard y Vivas 
David Castrillo 
Chamorro y Zavala 
Juan M. Ciambrino 
J. L. Costigliolo 
Costigliolo y Guevara 
Costigliolo y Guzman 
Costigliolo y Zavala 
Exefjuiel Cuadra y Salvador 
Manuel Cuadra y Ilermano 
V. Cuadra y Joaquin 
R. ]'-S])inola y Ca 
Gonzalo Espinoza 

Sebastian Espinoza 
Daniel Lacayo 
Fernando Lacayo 
J. Lacayo y Ca. 
Panfilo Lacayo 
L. Palazio 
Roberto Lacayo, Sr. 
F. A. Fellas 
Quiros Hermanos 
P. R. Ramirez y Ca. 
M. Salazar y Ca. 
Benjamin Sandoval 
Concepcion Sequeira 
F. de Abaunza Silva 
Eduardo Teran 
Juan Vargas 
Serapio Vela 
Leandro Zelaya 


Hotel de los Leones 
Hotel Sirena 


Francisco Alvarez 
Joaquin Arguello 
Alfonso Guerrero 
Horacio Guzman 
Virgilio Gurzman 
Alberto Lacayo 
Jose Lejarza 
I. Morales 
Agustin Pasos 
Pedro Vargas 
A. Falla 
N. Guerrero 
G. Guzman 

Planters, Generah 

Faustino Arellano 
Rito Baez 
Agustin G. Berard 
Costigliolo y Zalala 
Fernando Guzman 
Daniel Lacayo 
Fernando Lacayo 
Vicente y Joaquin Quadra 
Leandro Zelaya 

Planters, Sugar. 

Costigliolo y Zabala 
Espinola y Ca. 

Planters, Cocoa. 

Josd* Arguello 
Chamorro Hermanos 
E. Menier 
U. y J. Quadra 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Maijual. 

Planters, Coflfee. 

A. Aviles 
Jose T. Bermudez 
Hermanos Brown 
Francisco Espinola 
Daniel Lacayo 
F. y M. Lacayo. 
Tomas Lacayo 
Desiderio Roman 
Vagnan y Hermanos 
|uan Vega 


Jos^ de Jesus Cuadra 
Anselmo H. Rivas 
Miguel Romero 

Watches and Jewelry. 

Martin Chamorro 
P. Ramirez y Ca. 
Roberto Lacayo 
Felipe Ryas 
Jose Lacayo 

United States or Colombia. 




Population, So,ooo. 

Ag^riciiltiiral Iniplenients. 

(See also Hardware, Tools, Etc.) 

Ferreteria de Pacho 
Pereira, Gamba y Ca. 
Isaac Diaz 

Ales and Beer, Dealers. 

A. Alford 
A. B. Cuervo 
Cayetano Cuervo 
jM. Montoya 
Pizarro y Restrepo 
Salvador Rcias 
Octavio Sayer 

Banks and Bankers. 

Banco de La Armistad, Norte 27 Occidente 

Banco de Bogota al Occidente, Calle 3 Num 90 

Banco Caja de Propietarios 

Banco Columbia Oriente 151 Norte 

Banco Credito Hipotecario 

Banco Nacional 

Banco Popular (Banco Hipotecario) 

Banco Prendario 

Banco Union 


Daniel Boada 
Valerio Cabrera 
Evaristo Encisco 
Indalecio Gomez 
Adolfo Gonzalez 
Ismael Gonzale 
Manuel Gonzalez 
Antonio Samudio 
Francisco Torres Amaya 

Books and Stationery. 

Antonio Miguel Caso 
Lorenzo Chavez 
Pimitivo Delgadillo 
Nicolas Esqucrra 
Garcia Rico Vayas y Ca. 
Libreria Americana 
Rafael G. Mogollon 
Frederico Patino 
Ldzaro Maria Perez 
Fidel Pombo 
Manuel Pombo 
Hermanos Ruiz Ramos 
Saldevila y Curriols 
Hermanos Zalamca 

Boots, Shoes, Trunks and Leather 

Jose Alvarez 
Agustin Alva 
Higinio Bunch 
Angel M. Gomez 
Federico Pardo y Ca. 
Hermanos Pardo 
Pedro Preciado 
Jose M. Quintero 
Jose M. Scavedra 
Buenaventura Foleso 
Jose M. Vega 

Cabinetmakers and Furniture 

Rafael Archill 
I. Bastida 
Julio Charles 
Antonio Clopatoski 
Carlos Duirne 
Aldemar Dosenville 
Rafael Espinel 
E. M. Gavisia y Ca. 
Teodosio Leon 
Francisco Paniagua 
Cruz Sanchez 
Ramon Torres 

Commission Merchants, General. 

Comancho Roldan y Tamayo 
N. Esquerra y Ca. 
Francisco Groot 
Rufino Gutierrez 
Lazaro Maria Perez 
M. W. Quintero 
Restrepo y Arteaga 
R. Silva y Hijo 


Florido y Ca. 
Gregorio Foreso 

Crockery and Glassware Dealers. 

Roman Acero 
Rita Caballero 
J. Leocadio Comacho 
Carmage y Ca. 
J. Cubillos 
Simon Huertas 
Jesus Jimenez 
Nicolas Leiva 
Aurelio Moncada 
I'"redcrico Montoya 
Fusel )io Olaya 
Luis Pardo 


Delmar's Trades Directory akd Mercantile Maxual. 

Crockery and Glassware— con^imwd. 

J. Paul y J. de Brigard 
Gregorio Riano 
Nepomuceno Ricon 
Luis Ulises 
Luis Umana 
Jose de Jesus Fonseca 
Posada y Diaz 
Gregorio Salas 


Manuel Abello 
Julio C. Buitrago 
R. J. Cabrales 
Carazo Lancano 
Rafael J. Corrales 
G. V. Craper 
G. Crowther 
N. Chaguceda 
G. Chambero 
Francisco Escobar 
Ignacio Gomez 
Juan B. Velila Arango 
Ricardo Berraza 
J. A. Hermida 
Indalecio Losada 
Moreno y Vermaya 
Francisco Quintero 
R. Roa Ospina 
Frederico Rosas 
Marco M. Rozo 
A. Salcedo 
Rafael Lamayo 

Dnigrgists and Chemists, Wliole- 

R. M. Acero y Ca. 
A. Aparacio 
L. Barreto 
Carlos Contreras 
Hugo Blester 
Bigot, Prada y Ca. 
Buendia Herrera y Ca. 
J. D. Herrera 
Lombana y Ca. 
Medina Hermanos 
Osorio y Castaneda 
P. Pizarro 

Antonio Samper y Ca. 
Uribe St. Croix 
Ignecio Carrizosa 
Mariano Gawia 
Miguel A. Madero 
Ramon Pereira 

Drug^grists and Chemists, Retail. 

Ricardo M. Acero 
Arroyo y Maldonado 
Ignacio Berberi 
Leoncio Barreto 
Hugo Blester 
Bigott, Prada y Ca. 
Botica Alemana 
Botica Militar 
Buendia y Herrera 
H. Buster 
R. Canales 
C. Contreras 
Rafael Franco 
Rodolfo A. Froez 
J. David Herrera 

Alejandro Lezaca 
Medina Hermanos 
L. Mendez 
Jesus Glaya L. 
Osorio Castaneda 
Ospina Hermanos 
M. C. Pena 
G. E. Perdomo 
Policarpo Pizarro 
E. de J Roca 
Rodriguez y Valez 
Martiniano Rodriguez 
Frederico Rosas 
M. M. Rueda 
Nemesio Sotomayor 
Uribe y St. CroLx 
Francisco Barreto 
Buendia, Rocha y Garcia 
P. P. Cerrantes 
Samuel Fayardo 
David Herara 
Santos Lezaca 
Pizarro y Asparicio 
Putnam y Ca. 
Carlos Quijano 

Engineers, Architects and Builders. 

Elsi Castro 
Lorenzo Codazi 
Luis Lleras 
Francisco Olaya 
Manuel H. Pena 
Manuel Pons de Leon 
Nepomuceno Santamaria 
Julio D. Vallasino 

Flour Merchants, Wholesale. 

Roberto Bruce 

Juan Caldos 

Pompilio Lozano 

Aurelio Moncada 

Emilio Moncada -. 

Genaro Osorio 

Manricio Quijano 

Flour Mills. 

Molino de Campuzano 
Molino de Sarmiento 
Molino de Quijano 


Jorge Bunch 
Samaca de Fundician 
Manrique y Codazi 

Glass and Glassware. 

Compaiiia Vildriera 
Benjamin Garay 
Elias Garay 
Gregorio Salas 
Thorin Hermanos 

Hardware and Tools. 

Isaac Diaz 
Ferreteria de Pacho 
Ferreteria de la Predera 
Ferreteria de Samaca 
Gonzalez Benito Hermanos 
Jorge Vergara 
Rafael Paris Nieto 

United States of Colombia. 


Hardware and Tools— <-on/ifi/u- J. 

Pereira, Gamba y Ca 
Ramon Salgar 
Hermanos Thorin 
Hermanos Zalamea 


El Afanador 

Virgenia Fernandez 
E. Gracia 
Gran Hotel 
Hotel Bogotano 
Hotel Columbia 
Hotel Cundinamarca 
Hotel Frances 
Hotel Panama 
Hotel La Paz 
Hotel MalakoflF 
Hotel Victoria 
Hotel Violet 
Filomena Lozano 
Ana Joaquina 
Eduvigis Vanegas 
Hotel Bolivar 
Hotel Santander 
Jockey Club 

Iron Merchants. 

Isaac Diaz 

Gonzalez Beurito Hermanos 
Periera, Gamba y Ca. 
Antonio Samper y Ca. 
Jorge Vergara y Ca. 

Jewelers and Watcliniakers. 

Francisco Alvarez 
Mariano Alvarez 
Pablo Baquero 
Julio Dardelin 
A. Hidalgo 
Francisco Alvarez 
Santiago Baur 
Enrique Bradock 
Nazario Galindo 
Rafael Nieto Paris 
Domingo Ortega 
E. Piechacon 
Francisco Plata 
Leon Rosez 
Alfredo Rossez 
Basilio Saenz 
Jos^ M. Hidalgo 
Kirkpatrick Brothers 
Antonio Llafia 
Quint in Navarro 
Rafael Paris Nieto 
X. Ortega 
Alexandro Pizarro 
Demetrio Rey 
Manuel B. Rodriguez 
Madero Hermanos 
Diego Madero 
Emeterio Madero 

iost: M. Madero 
I. Ortiz 
Luis Maria Pena 
Ricardo Quijano 
Gumersindo I'ozo 
Rafael Torres 

Leather and Findmgs. 

Calndio Alba 
Hermogenes Duran 
Gazon Gaviria 
Jose Maria Rosas 
Jorge Santamaria 


Daniel Ayala 
Demetrio Paredez 
Julio Rascines 
Antonio Rodriguez 
Leon F. Villoveces 

Machinery Depot. 

J. M. Callejas 
Rafael N. Paris 
Pereira, Gamba y Ca. 
D. Predratrita 

Merchants, General, Wholesale 
and Ketail. 

Abadia y Ca. 
Isaias Abadia 
Enrique Acosta 
Aepli Eberbach y Ca. 
Elias Aguedelo 
Antonio M. Angel Hijo 
Ana V. de Aranjo 
Aranjo y Hijo 
Francisco de Arboleda 
Carlos Balen 
Felipe Bonet 
Bengoechea y Lopez 
Valerio Berrio 
Paulina Billy 
Bonnet y Ca. 
Jose Bonnet 
Carlos Borda 
Luis M. Borda 
Juan de Brigard 
Cleofe Buenaventura 
Carlota Caloo 
Carlos Camacho y Ca. 
Camargo y Ca. 
G. de Caicedo y Ca. 
Joaquim Campuzano 
Genoveva Cardenas 
Gregoria Cardenas 
Antonio Caarasquilla 
Carlotta Carrasquilla 
Nicolas Casas 
Castrillon Gregorio 
Concepcion Cervantes 
A. Collar 
A. Collar 

de G. Elena Corena 
Marie Cortes 
German, Cubillos 
Lorenzo Cuellar 
Primisto Delgadillo 
Carlos Deumue 
Isaac Diaz 
Laura Diaz de G. 
.Santos Diaz 
Juan do M. Duarte 
I )umaine y Dubois 
Francisco Duque 
Goiizalo Du(jue 
.Mariano Ducjuc y Ca. 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Mercliants, General— <:ofiiimu'd. 

Durftn Cuellar y Ca. 
Guillermo Escobar 
Antonio Espinosa 
Mariano Ester 
Nicolar Fajardo 
Eugenio Fernandez de C. 
Emilio Ferguson y Ca. 
J. M. Forsegas y Ca. 
Leopoldo Torero 
Benjamin Garay 
Jose T Garbrois 
Cecilio Garcia 
Theodoro Gaste 
Gavuria y Hijos 
M. Gomez Calderon 
Gomez Saiz Hermanos 
Gomez Benito Hermanos 
Felix Gonzalez 
Luis Gonzalez 
Narciso Gonzalez L. 
Segundo Goinalez 
Santiago Gooanzae 
Leopoldo Guevaro 
Bartolome Guiterrez 
Jesus Maria Guiterrez 
Rufino Guzmas 
Heckle y Treese 
Juan Heller 
Hermine Kuhne 
Nicolasa de P. Herrera 
Janant y Fajardo 
Emiliane Jaramillo y Ca. 
Ruperta Gimenes 
G. Kilpatrick 
Koppel y Schrader 
A. Knoppel y Ca. 
Koppel y Schloss 

S. Kranochmar 
Marcelino Laurens 
Theodosio Leon 
Idaleclo Lievano 
Victoria Lopez 

Luis Babin Fety y Ca. 

Tadeo F. Macharaviaya 

Dolores Maldodado 

Mallarino y Perez 

Medina Hermanos 

Jose M. Mejia 

Mendez y Tobar 

Primitive Molano 

Frederico Montoya 

Jose Maria Murcia 

P. Navus Muero 

Agustin Nieto 

Francisco Noguera 

Luis D. Noguera 

Sebastiano Obregon 

Alejandro K. Osorio 

Juan C. Otalora 

Padilla y Ca. 

Demetrio Padillo 

Palan Corrales y Ca. 

Emilio Pardo 

Manuel M. Pardo y Hijos 

Santiago B. Pardo 

T. Paredes 

Pa. is y Ca. 

Alejo Patino 

Luis Patifio 

Pedro Patino 

F. F. Paul y J. de Brigard 
Perez y Ca. 
J. Joaquim Perez 
Lazaro Maria Perez 
M. Antonio Perez 
Leonidas Posada 
Uldisiao Posada 
Posse y Silva 
Leon, Posse y Salas 
Antonio Pulezio 
Manuel Quesada 
Trinidad, Recaredo 
Restreppo Eusse y Silva 
Felix Riano 
Luis Maria Robles 
Faustino Rodriguez 
Francisco Rodriguez 
Jose Maria Rozas 
Patrocinio C. de Rozas 
Eduvigio Rubio 
Francisco Saenz 
J. N. Salamanca 
Anna Maria Slaazar 
Antonio Samper y Ca. 
A. Saumer 
Joaquim Serrano 
Silva y Ca. 

R. Silva y Hijos 
Carlos Tanco 

D. Telu 

Thorin Hermanos 

F. Torres Ancaya 

Ucros Hermanos 

Gabriel Ujueta 

Guillermo Uribe 

Juan de Dios Uribe 

Luciano R. Uribe 

Manuel Uribe Toro 

Carlos Vallarino 

Vargas Hermanos 

Francisco Vargas y Hermanos 

Isidros Vargas e Hijo 

Marcelino Vargas 

Vicente Vargas 

Antonio E. Velez 

Braulio Velez 

Jorge Vergara y Ca. 

Wilson, Caidedo, Munoz y Ca, 

Julio Yerles 

Zalamea Hermanos 

Antonio Zapata 

Aguirro y Ca. 

Antonio D. Alvarez 

Hermanos Alvarez 

Nepomnceno Alvarez 

Antonio Maria Angel 

Aquilino Angel 

Manuel Antonio Angel 

Araujo y Hijo 

Daniel Arboleda 

Gonzalo Arboleda 

Luis M. Azcuenja 

Luis Bermudez 

Francisco de Prula Borda 

Ricardo Borda 

Elias Gomez Caceres 

Gomez Manuel Calderon 

Sinforso Cairo 

Roldan Hermanos Camecho 

Hermanos Carrizosa 

Carrizosa y Parda 

Castellanos y Carral 

United States of Colombia. 


'Merchants, General — conHnned. 

Ricardo Portocarreso 

Benito G. Posado 

Edmundo Gasuello 

Posado y Diaz 

Castello y Kopp 

Quitana y Cebazos 

C. Castro y Valencia Hermanos 

Miguel W. Quintero 

Chastel y Maguine 

Hermanos Ruiz Ramos 

Casonare de Cia 

Carlos B. Rash 

San Martin de Cia 

Aparicio Reballedo 

Cortez y Suarez 

Euse y Silva Restrepo 

Currea e Hijo 

Julio Restrepo 

Evaristo Delgardo 

Ruperta Restrepo y Hijos 

M. A. J. Demme 

A. y Manuel Ricaurte 

A. Debois 

Felix Ricaurte 

Jose Diaroni 

Luis G. Rivas 

Dordelly y Varjas 

Antonio Rivera 

Hermojenes Duran 

Ridriguez Ugarte y Ca. 

Lizandro Duran y Ca 

Jacinto Maria Puiz 

Elutesio Echeverria 

Ramon Salgar 

Nicholas Esguerra y Ca. 

Alejandro Salcedo 

Fajardo y Mora 

Eustacio Santamaria 

Eladio Ferro 

Ferro Jose Maria Sera via 

Joaquin B. Ferro 

J. A. Schlesinger 

Valentin B. Ferro 

Otero Hermanos Silva 

Juan J. Fonnegra y Ca 

Ricardo Silva 

Juan Maria Fonnegra 

Soldevila y Curriols 

S. M. de Francisco 

Juan Sordo 

Jose Maria Garzon 

Vellamizar y Ca. 

Bestrepo Gomez e Hijos 

Leopoldo Panco 

Francisco Groot 

Mariano Panco 

Francisco Gutierrez 

Hermanos Loro y Ca. 

Pantaleon Gutierrez 

Fustaco de la Torre 

Herran Mendez y Ca, 

Francisco de la Torre 

Bernardo Herrera e Hijos 

Jose Maria de la Torre 

Herrera y Ca. 

De la Torre y Rivas 

Holguin y Arboleda 

Carlos y Alejandro Ucros 

Nenceslas Ibanez 

Diego Uribe 

V. Jaramillo e Hijos 

Jose Pablo Uriba 

Indalecio Lievano 

Uribe y Hijos 

Fajardo Lozano y Ca. 

A. y P. Velanzula 

Lorenzana y Montoya 

Hortensia A. de Vasquez 

Bruno Maldonado 

Roberto Vela 

Hermanos Manent 

Gabriel Vengoechea 

Guillermo Marco 

Jose Vallafranca 

Carlos Martin 

Patricio Wills y Hermanos 

Basilio A. Martinez 

Antonio Jose Mejia 

Newspapers and Periodicals. 

Guzman Rafael Mogollon 

" El Anolador " 


" El Bien Social » 

Marcellino Murrillo 

" El Cachaco " 

Hermanos Nieto 

"El Debate" 

Paris Rafael Nieto 

" El Deber " 

J. A. Obrojon y Ca. 

" El Diario de Cundinamarca " 

Antonio B. Ortega 

" El Diario Oficial " 

Ortega y Castello 

" El Pasatiempo " 

Osorio y Castello 

"El Relator" 

Osorio y Castoneda 

" El Reportorio Columbiano " 

Hermanos Ospina 

" El Zipa " 

Rafael G. Padilla 

" La Discusion " 

Joaquin Paramo 

" La Justicia" 

Eugenic Parado 

" La Mujer " 

Felix Maria Pardo 

" La Reforma " 

Hermanos Pardo 

" La Situacion " 

J. Ma. Pardo 
Pardo Veiez 

Paints and Varnishes. 

Frederico Patino 

Vicente Bastida 

Miguel Jose de Paz 

Jose Maria Es]iinosa 

Gamba, Pereira y Ca. 

Genaro Figueroa 

Jos<- Piard 

Santos Figueroa 

Flavio Pinzon 

Ramon Jimenez 

Pinzon y .Saeuz 

Josii Larramendi 

Hermanos L. Pomba 

Pantaleon Mendoza 

Rafael y Antonio Portocarreso 

Cipriano Rubiano 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Paints and Yurnishes— consumed. 

Julian Rubiano 
Alberto Urdaneta 

Perfumery and Toilet Articles. 

Buendia Herrera 
Osorio Castaiieda 
Adolfo Collas 
Echevarria y Hijo 
Gilede y Ca. 
Lopez Vengoechea 
Medina Hermanos 
Luis Moret 
Lazaio Maria Perez 
A. Lampere yCa. 


RIcardo Silon 

Aquilino Casas 

A. Faccini, PL de Bolivar 

Emilio V. Mendoza 

Osuna Hermanos 

Demetrio Parades 

Julio Racines 

E. Garcia 

Rosa de la Vorgas 


Abraham Aparicio 

Leoncio Barreto 

Francisco Bayon 

Jose Maria Buendia 

R. Enrique Camacho 

Roberto Canales 

Juan de Dios Carrasquila 

Gabriel Casteneda 

Saturnio Castillo 

Pedro Pablo Cervantes 

Angel Maria Cespedes 

Julio F. Convero , 

Daniel E. Coronado 

Rodrigo Chacon 

J. Tomas Enao 

Bernardo Espinosa 

D. Amico Florez Arteaga 

Luis Fonegra 

Jose Gomez 

Aosias Gomez 

Aristides V. Gutierrez 

Alajaadro Herrara 

Juan David Ferrara 

Pacafico Lara 

Guillermo Leon 

Domingo Lopez 

Joaquin Maldonado 

Bernardino Medina 

L. Jesus Olaya 

Cristobal Ortega 

Nicolos Osorio 

Enrique Pardo 

Manuel C. Pefia 

Guillermo Perdomo 

Vicente Perez Rubio 

Policaroo Pizarro 

Manuel Plata Azuero 

Carlos Putman 

Elberto de J. Rocha 

Jose F. Rocha 

Daniel Rodriguez 

Juan de la Cruz Santamaria 

Nemesio Sotomayor 

J. Vicente Uiibe 
Jorge Vargas 
Antonio Vargas Vega 
Pedro Vera 
Jose Antonio Vergara 
Liborio Zerda 
Francisco Barberi 
Francisco Barreto 
Julio Francisco Convers 
Samuel Tajardo 
P. Gomez 
Santos Pegaca 
Antonio J. Mufios 
Ignacio Pereira 
Pio Renjifo 
Rafael C. Rocha 
Chacon Rodrigo 


H. Andrade 
Ignacio Borda 
Capallero y Paniague 
Liborio Cantillos 
Caro Hermanos 
Castro Peralta 
Echevarria Hermanos 
Jose Benito Gaitan 
A. M. Galan 
Luis Gonzalez 
La Lux 
M. Merchon 
Agustin Nuiiez 
Ochoa y Ca. 
Ricardo Ordonez 
Nicolas Ponton 
Quintafia y Ca. 
La Reforma 
Medardo Rivas 
Silvestre y Ca. 
Francisco Torres Amaya 
Zalamea Hermanos 
Gomes Amaya 
Federico Ferro 
J. Mantilla 
Fernando Ponton 
N. Salamea 

Railway Companies. 

Compania De Antioquia 
Compania De Bolivar 
Compania Del Cucala 
Compania De El Dorado 
Compania De Giradot 
Compania Del Magdalena 
Compania De Panama 
Compania De la Sabana 
Compania Del Cacua 

Saddlery and Harness. 

Pascuel Castillo 
David Obando 
Pascual Rodriguez 
Antonio Sanchez 

Sewing Machine Agencies. 

Domestic Sewing Machine Co. 

Rafael Nieto 

Nicolas Pereira 

Remington Sewnng Machine Co. 

Ramon Salgar 

Singer Machine Co. 

UxiTED States of Colombia. 


Sewmg- Macliiue Agencies— conthnu-,/. 

Ucros Hermanos 

White Sewing Machine Co. 

Stationery and Wall Paper. 

E. Castro Peralta 
Rafael Chavez 

P. Delgadillo 
Gomez Calderon 
Manuel Pombo 
El Portico 

F. Pombo 
Torres Caicedo 
Deositeo Vargas 
Pacifico Echevarria 
Emilio y Ca. 
Elias Garay 

Benito Gonzalez y Hermano 
Koppel Schloss 
T. Lievano 
Salustiano Obregon 
Alejandro Osorio 


(See Furniture, also Hardware.) 

Tinware and House Furnisliinj 

Rafael Amaya 
Ramon Barriga 
Pablo Cevova 
Abelardo Cuellar 
Lino Espinosa 
Sebastian Espitia 
Miguel Gaitan 
Laureano Mayorga 
Juan Neiro 
Andres Noval 
Francisco Propice 
Indalccio Reina 
Emeterio Rodriguez 
Felipe Rosillo 
Cipriano Rubiano 
Fermin Torres 

Trunks and Bags. 

Genara Gomez 

Wall Paper Dealers. 

Pacifico Echeverria 
Elias Garay 
Indalecio Lievano 


Population, 20,000. 


Banco de Bolivar 
Banco de Cartagena 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Julian Aguirre 
Vincente A. Garcia 
Roman e Hijos 
Villarel e Hijos 

Merchants, General. 

Alardete Simon y Ca. 

Antonio Amador 

Eduardo Amador 

Fernando Aranjo 

Joaquin Aranjo 

Santiago Aranjo 

Jos6 Maria Arrazola 

Benjamin Baena 

Francisco Xavier Balmaseda 

Enrique Benedetti 

Juan P. Benedetti 

R. y S. Benedetti 

S. W. Benedetti 

N. Bonolial y Ca. 

Rafael del Castillo 

E. C. Delvalle 
Juan Eckart 

L. V. de Emiliani 
Gabriel de la Espriella 
Justo M. de la Espriella 
Eladio Ferrer 

F. y A. Franco 
Vicente A. Garcia 
Manuel Gomez y Ca. 

Juan Manuel Grau 
Jorge Henriquez 
Henriquez y Garcia 
G. Manuel, N. Jimenez 
Bias de Leon 
Bernarde B. Lopez 
Marcia y Hijo 
Bossio Bartolome Martinez 
Bossio Manuel E. Martinez 
Alberto Mathin y Ca. 
Manuel G Merlaiao 
J. V. Mogollon 
Francisco A. Morales 
Pedro A. Navarro 
Manuel A. Nuiiez 
Luis M. de Ochoa 
F. S. Paz y Hijos 
Jos^ Ignacio de Pombo 
Jose Joaquim de Pombo Jr. 
Fernando Porras 
Eduardo Roman 
Ricardo P. Roman 
Federico Romero 
Ramon Leon Sanchez 
Fulgencio Segera 
Juan Stevenson 
Federico Terrill 
Aureliano Velez 
Veiez y Hijos 
Joavuim F. Vilez 
Manuel L Vilez 
Pedro Vilez 
J. Villa del Carmen 
Manuel Villa del Carmen 
Manuel Villa 
Nicholas Zubiria 


Delmar's Trades Directory a^td Mercantile Manual. 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

Rafael Calvo 
J. A. Gomez 

Froilan Manjarres 


Antonio L. Araujo 
Donaldo Gran 
Hernandez y Hijos 
Ruizy Hijos 


Population, 30,000. 

Agricultural Implements. 

(See Hardware and Tools.) 

Ales and Beer Dealers. 

A. R. Cuervo 
Constantino Martinez 
Ospina Hermanos 
Restrepo y Arango 
Vicente y Pastor Restrepo 
Charles Wright 

Banks and Bankers. 

Banco de Antioquia 
Banco de Medellin 
Banco Popular 
Banco del Progreso 
Botero, Arango y Hijos 
Restrepo y Ca. 
Vicente Villa y Hijos 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights. 

Jesus Davila 
Gabriel Garcia 
Marcelino Rendon 
Alejandro Villa 


Jliginio Acevedo 
Francisco Restrepo 
Emilio Roynel 
Gregorio Tabares 


Felipe B. Gomez 
Jesus Lopez 
Lorenzo Marquez 
Frederico Martinez 
Eduardo Perez 
Fernando Retrespo 
Luis G. Restrepo 
Elias L. Uribe 
Victorino Velilla 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Escobar y Uribe 
J. P. Gallo y Hijos 
Isaza y Escobar 
Frederico A. Pena 
Perez y Hijo 

Piedrahita, Villegas y Ca. 
Andres Posada Arango 
J. J. Quevedo 
Retrespo y Pelaez 
Uribe y Delgado 
Pedro Antonio Uribe 
Enrique Villa 

Rodolfo Zea 
Camilio Botero 
Jose Maria Escobar 
Jenaro Gutierrez 
Podro Herran 
Justiano Montoya 
Julio Ospina 

General Merchants, Wholesale and 

Alonso Angel 

Jorge Angel 

Arango y Fernandez 

Leocado Maria Arango 

Botero y Hijos 

Jose Maria Botero 

Luis Botero 

Jorge Bravo 

Cordova y Arango 

Corral y Toro 

Rudesindo Echevarria y Hijos 

Echevarri Llano y Ca. 

Francisco Echevarri 

Clestino Escobar 

Justiniano Escobar 

Etienne y Heiniger 

Julio F. Fernandez 

Teodoro Gast 

Juan A. Gavira y Hijos 

Jaramilo Zapate y Hijos 

Gabriel Lalindey Hermanos 

Alejandro Lopez y Hijos 

Manuel Maria Mclguize 

Lope Montoya y Hijos 

Teodosio Moreno y Hijos 

Olarte y Lince 

Bartolme Perez y Hijos 

Piedrahita Villegas y Ca. 

Retrespo y Ca. 

Restrepo Hermanos 

Eduardo y Francisco Restrepo 

Fernando Restrepo y Hijos 

Marcelino Restrepo y Hijos 

Santamaria y Lalinde 

Alejo Santamaria y Hijos 

Manuel Santamaria y Hijos 

Toro y Jaramilho 

Victor Todo 

Uribe Hermanos 

Lisandro Uribe y Hijos 

Manuel Uribe 

Mariano Uribe y Hijos 

Tomas Uribe 

Julio Uribes 

Del Valie Hermanos 

Eduardo Vasquez 

Manuel Maria Velez y Ca. 

Villa y Hernandez 

United States of Colombia. 


General Mercliauts, 'EXc— continued. 

Villa y Toro 

Indelacio Villegas 

C. Amador 

Francisco Botero y Hijos 

Cesareo Z. Castro 

Jose Miguel Cordova 

J. M. Uiaz y Hijos 

Felipe Etienne 

Zapata Zarmillio y Hijos 

Tomas W. Jaramillio 

Herinanos Lopez y Ca. 

Juan de J. Martinez 

Luis ma Mejia 

Modesto Molina 

Montoya y Hijos 

Abraham Moreno 

Athanasio Restrepo y Hijos 

Fernando Restrepo y Hijos 

Manuel O. Restrepo y Hijos 

Restrepo y Pelaez 

Vicente Restrepo y Pastor 

Victoriano Restrepo 

Manuel Barrientos Santamaria 

Hermanos Toro y Ca. 

Uribe y Gavira 

Mariano Uribe y Hijos 

Manuel A. Vale\icia 

Miguel B. Vasquez 

Vincente B. Villa y Hijos 

Gold Mining Companies. 

Compaiiia del Zanendo y Savaletas 
Compania de Sitioviejo y Titiribi 
Compania Minerva Antioquia 

Gold and Silver Assayers and 

Ospina y Hermanos 
Restrepo y Escobar 
Julian Vazquez y Hijos 

Hardware Goods, Etc. 

M. Molina 
.'V. Restripo y Hijos 
Y. M. Cordoba 
Tomas Jaramillio 

Jewelers and Watchmakers. 

Garcia y Navarro 
Jose Maria Calle 
Manuel Escobar 

Felipe Etienne 
Rito Gomez 
Daniel Salazar 
Victoriano Vellia 

Mining- and Mechanical Engineers. 

Estaban Alvarez S. 
Enrique Haensler 
Luis Johnson 
Gandido Molina 
Joaquin Pinillos 
Jose Maria Villa 


Francisco A. Arango 
Ramon Arango 
Rafael Campuzano 
Joaquin Castella 
Julian Escobar 
Ricardo Escobar 
Pedro D. Astrada 
Frederico A. Pena 
Rafael Perez 
Andres Posado Arango 
Jose Ignacio Quevado 
Tomas Quevado 
Alejandro Restrepo 
Julio Restropo Arango 
Manuel Vicente de la Roche 
Ricardo Rodriguez 
Avelino Saldagarriaga 
Angel Manuel Uribg 
Francisco Antonio Uribe 
Juan de Dion Uribe 
Rodolfo Zea 


Gonzalo Gavria 
Emiliano Mejia 
Mesa y Latorre 


Angel Maria Diaz 
Imprenta del Estado 
Imprenta de la Libertad 
Imprenta Republicana 
Nazario A. Pineda 


Wenceslao Naranjo 
J. Fernando Respreto 
Meliton Rodriguez 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 


Population, 22,000. 

Ales and Beer Dealers. 

(See Groceries and Provisions.) 

Agricultural Implements. 

(See Hardware and Tools.) 

Arms and Ammunition. 

Alfaro Hermanos 
Pedro Aguero 
Salmon y Ca. 
G. Gasadeval 


Planas, Kelly y Arango 
Henry Ehrman 
Piza, Piza y Ca. 
Samuel Piza y Ca. 
Juan B. Paylo 

Boots and Shoes. 

Ramon Arias 
Hermanos Alfaro 
Camprubi y Cucalon 

Crockery and Glassware. 

Alfaro Hermanos 
Nicanor Obarrio 
D. Berlina 


Erastus Wilson 
N. Henriquez 

Druggists, Wholesale. 

Guenero De Amador 
Domingo Lopez Lindres 
Preciado Mora y Ca. 
Roman E. Reicher 
Hartung y Ca. 
D. W. Waidelin 

Druggists, Retail. 

Coroalles, Amador y Ca. 
B. Manuel Espinosa 
F. Fernandez y Ca. 
Arturo Kohpeke 
Pedro del Oro 
Preciado Mora y Ca. 
B. Vallarino y Ca. 

Furniture Dealers. 

Fedbrico Boyd y Ca. 

L. A. Fernandez y Hermanos 

S. L. Isaacs y Asch 

E. N. Martinez 

Vallarino y Zubeieta 

Gas Company. 

Director, Adolfo Stefans 

General Merchants, Wholesale and 

E. Alfaro 
Ascoli Hermanos 
Aepli, Salmon y Ca. 
Pedro Aguero 
Alfaro Hermanos 
Aquilino Alvarado 
Amador Guerrero Hermanos 
Ramon Arias 

Arritola y Ca. 
Florencio Arosemena 
Arosemena Hermanos 
Rosendo Arosemena 
Jose Batalla 
Beruarchina y Reiter 
S. Bernascosi 
Boston Ice Co. 

F. Boyd y Ca. 
John Brakemier 
Pablo Brauca 
Brandon Bros. 
Juan Bravo 
Camprubi y Cucalon 
Juan Casselly y Ca. 
M. J. Cucalon 
Santiago, Dellatore y Ca. 
J. B. Delvalle y Ca. 

S. B. Delvalle 

Dias Bertina 

Eugenio M. Dias de Jovane 

Pedro A. Diaz 

Duque Hermanos 

Henry Ehrman 

L. A. Fernandez Hermanos 

J. Fidanque y Ca. 

Furth y Campbell 

Luis Galbrois 

D. Goldsmith 

Leonardo Gonzalez 

Guardia Quelquejen 

Heliot y Ca. 

Henrique y Ca. 

Pedro Higuero 

M. Heurtematte y Ca. 

S. L. Isaacs y Asch 

Manuel Jean 

F. Javier y Ca. 
Leona de Lecn 

G. Lervis y Ca. 

R. Linares Estor ' 

Alfredo, Liiido y Ca. 

Lunan y Guardia 

Maduro y Hijo 

Juan Mazola 

Ramon Medrano 

Menotti Hermano 

Noreiga de H. Florencio 

Obarris y Ca. 

Nicanor de Obarris 

Samuel Pizy Ca. 

J. B. Poylo 

Preciado y Mora 

Preciado, Mora y Ca. 

J. N. Recuero 

United States of Colombia. 


General Merchants, 'EXc—c-oiUinKed. 

Naval Stores and Ship Chandlery. 

Teresa Perez Kecuero 

Hermanos Arosemena 

Julian Ribbio 

Guelfus y Fink 

R. Rivera y Ca. 

J. McCook 

Manuel Rivera 


Robles y Lindo 
Felipe Rosa 

" El Cronista " 

" El Hispano-Americano " 

Federico Sampson 

" El Precusor " 

F. Sanchez y Hijo 
Sasso y Hijo 

" Gaceta de Panama" 

" Star & Herald " 

Manuel Sosa 

Vallarino y Zubieta 

Paper Warehouses and Paper 

Jose Vazquez Alvarez 


Villalaz Hermano 

Wing Wo Chong y Ca. 

Preciado Mora y Ca. 

Zumbine, Lyming y Ca. 

Nicolas Remon 

Groceries and Provisions, Whole- 



M. Amador Guerrero 

Juan A. Cantero 

Begatini y Brunca 

M. B. Castellanos 

Carlos Borbua 

Manuel Corvalles 

Isaac Brandon 

Antonio D. Haucourt 

Brilli y Ferrari 

A. U. Gallol 

Tomas Carranza 

Rodolfo Halstead 

S. Dellatorre y Ca. 

C. C. Hoheb 

Domingo Jiminez 

A. Carlos Icasa 

S. L. Lansbury 

Jose Kratohwill 

Tomas Pinon 

Giovani Lombard! 

J. M. Recueso y Hemanos 

Quint in Miranda 

W. de Roux 

N. Montalva 

Julio Ruiz 

Manuel — . Mora 

Teodore J. de Sabla 

Santiago Moya 

Francisco Sanches y Hijo 

Nelson Welfred 

H. Schuber y Hermano 

W. Daniel Quijano 

Manuel Tallafero 

G. Burchard 

Mateo Iturralde 

Hardware and Tools. 

Manuel Jose Paredes 

Bernardo Vallarrino 

Aepli Salmon y Ca. 

E. Lyonsy Ca. 


Henry E. Cooke 

Otto Limeon 

E. N. Martinez 

Juan Casselly y Ca. 



Aquilino Aguirro 

Star and Herald Company 

Cirand Central Hotel, Shuber y Hermano 

M. R. de la Torre y Hijos 

Hotel de Francia y Inglaterra, C. Dumele 

Hotel Hispano Americano, Natalia Vitalia 

Telegraph Companies. 

Hotel del Universo, S. Menotti 
Grand Hotel 

Centraz y South American Telegraph Co. 
West Indian Panama 

Cosmopolitan House 

Jardin del Paraiso 

Watches and Jewelry. 

La Independencia 

Valparaiso Hotel 

E. M. Diaz 

Marcus A. Asch 

Lumber Dealers. 

Oreste Padron 

Eugenio Coulin 

Fero R. Arias 

Julio J. Diego 

Federico Boyd 

Hermanos Menotti 

Francisco A. Hurtado i 

Dutiue Hermanos. 

Nicanor Obarrio 

lieury Ehrman 


Delmar's Business Directory and Mercantile Manual. 


Population, 12,000. 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Hugo Biester 
Hermanos Billafrade 
Jacinto Leon 
Matthews y Enciso 

Merchants, General. 

Telesforo Acevedo 
Narciso Cadena 
Santos Alejandro Gomez 
Antonio Moreno 

Domingo Moreno 
Leon Mujica y Ca. 
Luis Otero 
Wilches, Vargas y Ca. 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

Rodrico Chacon 
A. Encisco 
Pablo Gonzalez 
Guillermo Leon 
Jacinto Leon 

REPrBLic OF San Salvador. 




Population, 35,000. 

Agricultural Implenieut.s. 

(See Hardware.) 

Ales and Beer. 

(See Groceries and Provisions.) 

Banks and Bankers. 

Banco Internacional 
Blanco y Trigueros 
Banco Lozano 
Miguel Lagos 
Pilor Lagos 
Jose Resales 
Emeterio Ruano 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

M. Anguelo 
Anselmo Cousin 
Manuel Herrara y Ca. 
Mathias Hermanos 

Boots and Shoes, Wholesale. 

Aguilar y Serrano 
Cirino Morales 
Jose Sagrera y Ca 
Preto, Hermanos y Ca. 

Carriage and Wagon Manufacturer. 

Catrolier de Sera 

Commission Merchants- 
Bianco y Lozano 
Blanco y Trigueros 
Carlos Cromeyer 
M. Cohen y Ca- 
G. C. Duke 
Dorantes y Ojeda 
Galiardo y Orosco 
Miguel Lajos 
Gustavo Miiller 
J. M. Fernandez 
Neebecker y Ca 
M. J. Morales 
Roberto Schoenemberg 
Daniel Domingues y Hermanos. 


Artislides Arango 
Alcandro Cromeyer 

Druggists and Chemists. 

M. Arguyo 

Cdrlos Bonilla 

Felicito Duena 

Manuel Berrera 

Ambrosios Mendez 

Jos^ M. Vides 

Otto Von Nievecker 

Antonio Li^bano 

Ambrosio Mendez 

Daniel Palacios 

Manuel Rivera y Hermanos 

General Merchants, Wholesale 
and Betail. 

J. M. Alcarte 

Daniel Anguelo 

Angulo y Salazar 

Emilio Ballettee y Goens Belismelio 

Augusto Boineau 

Pabio Bousquet 

M. M. Cohen y Ca. 

Anselmo Cousin 

Gustavo D. Aubuisson 

Deltour y Salinas 

Dorantes y Ojeda 

A. Liberti y Ca. 

Manning Moffatt y Ca. 

Matheu Hermonas 

C. G. Mathiesy Ca- 

Rafael Montis y Ca, 

Gustavo Miiller 

Isidro Rodriguez 

Sagrero Hermanos 

Roberto Schoenemberg y Ca. 

Blanco y Lozam 

Blanco y Merlos 

Blanco y Trigueros 

M. Bustarnaite Hermanos y Ca. 

Juau Carazo 

CArlos Cromeyer 

Dorautes y Ojeda 

(lauricio J. Duke 

Galiardo y Orosco 

M. y B. Haas 

Korn, Adams y Ca. 

Miguel Lagos 

Pilar Lagos 

Encarnacion Mejia 

Manuel E. Melendez 

Dionisio Mcndoza 

Antonio Pcralta 

J. M. Pcralta 

Aguilar y D'Amduisson 

Aguilar y Serrano 

Francisco Bozen 

(3rturo Bustamento 

Felix Dardano 


Delmak's Trades Directory and Hercaxtile Ma^tual. 

Geueral Merchauts, Etc. — contijiued. 

Jose Maria Fernandez 
Gustavo Lozano 
Manuel J. Morales 
Neebecker y Ca. 
Luis de Ojeda 
Emeterio Reuna y Ca. 
Joaquin Salazar 
Prieto Hermanos y Ca. 
Jose Rotales 

General Merchants, Wholesale. 

Ruano y Aguilar 
J. M. de Vrioste 
Yudice y Ca. 

Groceries and Provisions, Wliole- 

Antonio Agacio 

Daniel Anguelo 

Bustarneute, Hermanos y Ca. 

Prieto, Hermanos y Ca. 

Aguilar y Serrano 

Alberto Adeler 

Constantino Ambroji 

Juan Badice 

Euardo Bogen 

Francisco Casas 

Perez y Parraga 

Fedenco Pi ado 

Andres Puig 

Jose Sagrera 

Erasmo Salazar 

Serrano y Aguilar 

Hardware, Cutlery, Tools, Etc. 

Francisco Aguilar 
Sullo Ralette 
D. Aubuisson y Ca. 
Dorantes y Ojeda 


Hotel Aleman 
Hotel de Europa 
Teodora Kreitz 

Mail Steamship Companies. 

Royal Steam Packet Co. 
Pacific Mail Steamship Co. 

Planters, General. 

Manuel Aguilar 
Emilio Alvarez 
Francisco Boguen 
Bustamente Borgia 
A. Cellier 
Felix Dardano 
Rafael Zaldivar 
Dorantes y Ojeda 
Cruz Lozano 
Emetrio S. Ruano 
Cruz Ulloa 


Emilio Alvarez 
Camilo Arevalo 
Manuel Bertis 
Francisco Guevara 
Julio Interiano 
Rafael Izaguirre 
Jose Maria Pena 
Francisco Sagrini 
Salvador Trigueros 
Jose M. Vides 
Francisco Bonilla 
Francisco A. Garcia 
N. Leiba 
Jose M. Trabanino 


Agustin Somelian 

Newspapers and Printings Estab= 

Imprenta Comercio 
Imprenta de la Juventad 
Imprenta Nacional 


(See Hardware, Etc.) 

Watches, Jewelry, Etc. 

Carlos B. Gazati 
Marcos Glaser y Ca. 


Population, S,ooo. 

General Merchant.?. 

Francisco Arguelara y Ca. 

Jose M. Melendez 

G. M. Duke 

Jose Arguello 

Marcelino Arguello 

J. J. Auerbach 

Brizuela y Charlaix 

Merlilla Duke de Bucaro 

M. Bustamente, Hermanos y Ca. 

Manuel Calvo 

Ambrosia Canesa 

Cavetano Canesa 

Cuellar y Padilla 

Pedro Dardono 

Luis Duke 

Hugentobler, Haltmayer y Ca. 

Jacinto Mendoza 

Merino, Imbert y Ca. 

Jose Molina 

Carlos M. Prieto 

Feliz J. Quiroi 

D. Rosales 

Luis Schlesinger 

Juan Schonenberg 

Simon Sol 

Cipriano Suay 

Eepublic of Sa^ Salvador. 



Population, 8,000. 

General Merchants. 

Marcos Aguilaz 
Maria Alvarez 
Daniel Angulo y Ca. 
Emilio Belismelis 
Narcisco Aviles 
Bertrand Matheu y Ca. 
P. J. Escalon 
Elias Cienfuegos 
Manuel Cabrera 
J. M. Gutierrez 
H. Interiano 
A. Liberti y Ca. 
Dolores Lopez 
Francisco Martinez 
Matheu Hermanos 
C. G. Mathies y Ca. 

Tomas Medina 
Joaquin Medina 
F. Pena y Ca. 
Rafael Qufiones 
Romos Hermanos 
Miguel Ramos 
Carlos Segui 
Urvela Hermanos y Ca. 
Jose Valle y Andres 
Jose Antonio Zaldivar 
Virginio Quinteros 

Steamship Companies. 

Hamburg American Steam Packet Co. 

Sewing Machines. 

Marcos Glaser y Ca, 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 



Population, 300,000. 

Agricultural Implements. 

(See also Hardware Dealers.) 

Abrau, Malza y Ca., 74 Oficios 
Martinezy Hijos, 16 Obrapia 
Planas, Petirona y Ca., 20 Govellanos 
Alfonso y Millet, Marianao 
Jose Alvaro, 48 San Jos6 
Jose B Diaz, 25 San Nicholsa 
Garraido y Montero, go Coneortia 
Vega y Flores, 70 Galiano 
S. Martinez, 150 Comportela 
Francisco L. Quinofies, 83 Obispo 

Ale and Beer Dealers. 

(See also Groceries and Provisions, Wholesale.) 

Bustamente y Hermanos, 157 C. de Monte 
Tenville, Hermanos y Ca., 527 C, del Cerro 

Architects and Builders. 

Nicomedes Adam, 4 Chacon 

E. Arteche, 297 Jesus del Monte 

I'omas Bartalot, 21 Luz 

Luis Bardot, 50 San Ignacio 

J. Baeza, 65 Mercaderes 

Jo.-,e Blanco, 78 O'Reilly 

Juan Benite, 166 Lealdad 

Clemente Bretones, 200 Jesus del Monte 

Miguel Bustamente, 97 Mercaderes 

Vicente Calderon, 4 Perseverancia 

E. Caslilzo, 80 San Rafael 

Manuel M. Campos, 35 Mercaderes 

Claudio Catala, i Lucena 

Manuel Civera, 37 Calon 

Jose Cali, 1 1 Sumaritana 

Santiago de la Cruz, i8 Jesul del Monte 

S. Crespo, 39 Alambique 

Bernardo Delones, 97 Jesus del Monte 

Rafael Diaz, 22 Alcarantilla 

Jorge Desarge, 160 San Miguel 

Antonio Dolz, 159 Ancho del Norte 

Emelio Dolz, 194 Corciles 

Pedro Dominguez, 90 Sitios 

Juan Dominguez, 68 Alambique 

Adrien Camolin, 31 Mercaderez 

Diego Downing, 53 Amargura 

Luis Engel, 73 Zulueta 

Leandro Fabels, 51 Bernaza 

Daniel Fernandez, 156 Compostela 

Jose Fernandez 84 Factoria 

Francisco Ferran, 81 Habana 

Jose Ferreira, 21 Alcantarilla 

Francisco Fonseca, 57 San Nichola 

C. Felchere, io6 Amistad 

Antonio Garrido, 182 Vives. 

Antonio Garduna, 22 Zanja 

A. M. Glynn, 34 San Isidro 

Jose Gomez, 51 Merced 

Andalio Gomez, 85 Jesus Maria 

Maximo Gomez, 25 Amistad 

Carlos Gonzalez, 178 San Nicolas 

Bamon Izquierdo, 3 Jesus Perizerino 

Adolfo M. Dago, 105 Suarez 

Bruno Lavielle, Ancha del Norte 

Manuel Lopez 116 Rapo 

Lopez y Gomez, 47 Obrapia 

Francisco Marcotegui, 155 Aguila 

Manuel Marques, 52 Dragones 

Antonio Martinez, 68 Revslfazizedo 

Eduardo Martinez, 30 Merced 

F. Martorell, 14 Santa Clara 

E. Masino, 11 Neuva del Cristo 

Antonio Medero, 24 Amistad 

A. Madrano, 30 Sitioe 

Santiago W. Mellor, 12 Mercaderes 

Juan Mora, 344 Ppe. Alfonso 

Benito Navarro, 142 Ancha del Norte 

Lazaro Neilson, 12 Rastro 

Jos^ Ocampo, 133 Reina 

Oliva Pedro, 49 Blanco 

Olivera Agustin, 102 Maloja 

Paradela P'rancisco, 155 Ancha del Norte 

Pardo C. y Moreno, 6 Zanja 

Pardinas Jose, 28 Nueva del Cristo 

Paz Juan, 22 Alcantarilla 

Parez Ramon, 55 Penalver 

Pena Andres, 128 Ancha del Norte 

Peddomo Felipe, 212 Ppe. Alfonso 

Perez Roman, 74 Merced 

Pimienta Eugenic, 59 Aguila 

Pina N., 72 Ancha del Norte 

Perez Juan, 106 Lealtad 

Pifion Jose, 187 Compostela 

Pita Ramon, 7 Refugio 

Pouchin Maurico, 50 San Ignacio 

Pujals Jose, 22 Anto Recio 

Quintana Salvador, 57 Villegas 

Quinones Francisco, Placido, 76 Luyano, Jesus 

del Monte 
Rodriguez Bernabe, 52 Virtudes 
Rodriguez Miguel, 295 Aguila 
Rosello Jose, 103 Habana 
Francisco Sampera, 146 Ancna del Norte 
Miguel Sanchez, 4 Colon 
Juan Torrens, 9 Concepcion de la Valla 
Andres Vailla, 40 Revilagigedo 
Jose Varela, 57 Alambique 
Santiago Vazquez, 30 Alcantarila 

Arms and Ammunition. 

Bias Obiolo, 264 Ppe. Alfonso 
Agustin Regalado, 11 Zanja 
Rosendo Rivas, 93 Teniente Rey 
J. Sabau, 103 Egido 
Llano y Castellanos, 176 Calzada 
Francisco Matori, 22 Sol 
Tomas Merino, 69 Belascoain 

IsLAXi) OF Cuba. 


Arms and Amnmuition—contimwcl 

Francisco Montero, 5 Estivez 
Manuel Caparo, 115 Vivcs 
Angel Costales, igTenerife 
Gardner, Martinez y Ca., 124 Amistad 
Francisco Arroyo, 192 Ancha del Norte 
Ignacio Bigas, 469 Ppe. Alfonso 
Antonio Blanco, 123 Esperauza 
Francisco Borras, 21 Obrapia 
Francisco Cuxart, 123 Monserrete 
Lucio Diaz, 104 Salud 
S. Dominguez, 23 Prado 
Pedro Espada, 85 Merced 
Juan Espinosa, 60 Ancha del Norte 
J. Fernandez, 14 Arsenal 
Juan Guijarro, 2 Monserrate 
Jose Martinez, 73 Monserrate 
Martorell y Pena, 14 Santa Clara 
Antonio Perez, 89 Ilabana 
Pedro Peluqui, 114 Aguila 
S. Pinedo, 106 Merced 
Francisco Portero, 33 Egido 
Jose Rosello, 103 Habana 
Sellen y Bosch, 103 Habana 
Torrello y Ca. , 42 San Ignacio 
Florentine Vento, 55 Fernandina 
Francisco Zarazua, 108 Aniuas 
Ignacio Vigas, 469 Ppe. Alfonso 
Joaquim Royo, 65 Aguacate 

Bauks and Bankers. 

Banco del Commercio, 36 Mercaderes 

Banco Espanol de la Isla de Cuba, 81 Aguiar 

Banco Industrial, 3 Amagura 

Banco y Almacenes de Santa Catalina, 22 

Banco Territorial Hipotecariode la Isla de Cuba, 

I Amagura 
J. M. Borjes y Ca., 2 Obispo 
J. A. Bances, 21 Obispo 
J. Balcells y Ca., 43 Cuba 
Juan Conill y Hijo, 60 Teniente-Rey 
Narciso Gelats y Ca., ic8 Aguiar 
Luciano Ruiz, 6 O'Reilly 
Hidalgo y Ca., 35 Obrapia 
«H. Upmann y Ca., 64 Cuba 
Todd, Hidalgo y Ca., 25 Obrapia 
Lawton Bros. , Mercaderes 


Horoson y Heinen, 1 1 Obrapia 

Jos^ Domingo Frias, 29 Tenente-Rey 

Viuda de Escariz, 49 Cuba 

C. Fernandez, 37 Obispo 

Francisco Garcia, 88 O'Reilly 

Tomas Hovvson, 19 Obrapia 

Viuda de Mereloy Hijos, 36 Emj^etlado 

T. Navarro, 119 Saluda 

Ramon Pardo, 168 Habana 

Antonio Serrano, 49 (Jbrapia 

Federico V. Hernandez, 85 Obispo 

Torroella, Perez y Ca., 27 San Ignacio 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Alvarez K., 55 Ricla 
Arliaga Luis, 8 Neptuno 
Aso y Alvarez, 5 C. del Monte 
Castro y Gutierrez, 78 San Ignacio 
Chao A., 54 O'Reilly 
Molinas y Juli, 30 Kayo 

Jose Turbiano, 50 O'Reilly 

Abraido Jose Maria, 63 Obispo 

Alarcia Anselmo, 44 Ricla 

Baraudiaran, Hermano y Ca. , 39 Mercaderes 

Chao Alejandro, 54 O'Reilly 

Cueto Anselmo, 43 Obispo 

Fernandez Arango Jose, 49 Ppe. Alfonso 

Fernandez y Ca., 34 Obispo 

Garcia Francisco y Vazquez, 48 Obispo 

Guitierrez Baldomero, 84 Obispo 

Gutierrez Jos6 y Ca., 2 Salud 

Gutierrez y Naredo, 89 Ppe. Alfonso 

Heinen H. E., 11 Obrapia 

Lopez .Santiago, 67 Ppe. Alfonso 

Merckel Leopoldo, 106 Obispo 

Merino Jose, 137 Obispo 

Navarro Toribio, 14 San Rafael 

Pozo Eduardo de, 9 Bernaza 

Poso Jose, 84 Aguiar 

Rueda Bustamante Jose, i Ppe. Alfonso 

Soler Vuida de y Ca,, 40 Ricla 

Voldepares Jose, 61 Ricla 

Villa Miguel de, 50 Obispo 

Wilson Tomas, 43 Obispo 

Boot and Shoe Dealers, Wholesale. 

Bernado, Alfonso y Hermano, 113 Habana 
Antonio Aedo, 19 Lamparilla 
Alonso y Ca., 36 Tinente-Rey 
H. DelmanyCa., 115 Ilabana 
Ferran y Hermano, 31 Ricla 
Finestas, Bordoy y Ca., 25 Amagura 
Fontanals, Llampallas y Ca., 23 Lamparilla 
Gelats Hermanos, 108 Aguiar 
Antonio Gutierrez, 28 Amagura 
Juan Marino y Pau, 104 Aguiar 
Ramon Martinez, 80 Cuba 
Martinez y Suarez, 78 San Ignacio 
Palacio, Garcia y Ca., 46 Teinente-Rey 
Pons y Ca., 34 Amargura 
Quintana y Suarez, 63 Aguaeate 
Soldevila Hermanos, 21 Lamparilla 
Vidal Hermanos, 65 Cuba 

Boots and Shoes, Retail. 

('i^W^'^'fi''-^ f'-'^fi reversed, surnames given first.) 

Alonzo Manuel, 124 Ppe. Alfonso 

Alverez Jose, 379 Ppe. Alfonso 

Ambizear Isidore, 112 Obisjx) 

Barnes Cristobal, 57 Escobar 

Hori Adt)lfo, 77 Ricla 

Cofmo Barrera y Ca., 88 Aguiar 

Canea Juan, 35 Reina 

Canoura y Hernandez, 87 Galiano 

Cardenas y Piris, Ricla 

Cardono y Perez, i Ricla 

Carranza Julian, 102 Coinjiostela 

Cruz Antonio de la, 37 Salud 

Cuervo Fernando, 128 Galiano 

Diaz Rc)l)ustiano, 2 0ficios 

Diazy Hijo, 83 Neptuno 

Duena Garcia Antonio, 6 Salud 

Durano J. y Ca. , 62 Aguiar 

lilscanilon Servanda, 192 Real Mariano 

Fistranay Hermanos y Ca., 91 Ricla 

Ferran y Hermano, 81 Ricla 

Ferrer y Hermanos, 73 Aguiar 

Fontanals, Llamj alias y Ca. , 85 Aguiar 

Garcia Alonzo Juan, 4 Ppe. Alfonso 

Garcia Bonifacio, 79 NeiHuno 

Garcia Jose, 39 Teniente-Rcy 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Maxual. 

Boots and Shoes, Retail— continued. 

Garcia Palacio y Ca., 46 Teniente-Rey 

Girones Wenceslao, 39 Mercaderes 

Gomez y Pelaez, 5 Bernaza 

Gonzalez Nicolas. 62 Sol 

Gonzalez Manuel y Ca., 16 Salud 

Guerra Jose, 122 Ppe. Alfonso 

Gutierrez Alonso Manuel, 124 Ppe. Alfonso 

Gutierrez Francisco, 6 Ppe. Alfonso 

Hevia Silverio, 128 Compostela 

Jiminez Francisco, 70 M. de Colon 

Junco Uomingo, 104 Industria 

Lopez Fernando, 89 Galiano 

Lopez Salvador, 37 Cuba 

Llieteras y Ferrer, 201 Aguila 

Malda Ceferino, 89 Ppe. Alfonso 

Marino Juan, 85 Neptuno 

Martin Fabian, 261 Aguila 

Martinez Ramon, 52 O'Reilly 

Martinez Severino, 83 Jesus INIaria 

Martinez Ramon y Ca. , 7 Bazar Habanero 

Martinez y Suarez, 78 San Ignacio 

Masens, Boada y Ca. , 213 Aguila 

Maurin Manuel, 82 Crespo 

Medino Lucio, 79 Belascoain 

Migolla Francisco y Ca. , 40 Compostela 

Olivella Juan, 22 Obispo 

Ortiz Jos6, 90 Aguiar 

Ortiz y Ca., 35 Ricla 

Pascua Eusobio, 42 Neptuno 

Pila Jose y Ca., 213 Aguila 

Polo Diego, 127 Neptuno 

Prat y Pica, 16X Ricla 

Quintana y Suarez, 81 Ricla 

Rodriguez Ramon, 14 Ppe. Alfonso 

Sanchez Mariano, 48 Dragones 

Santa Moriana Jose, J3 Ricla 

Terreda Mariano, 53 Manserrate 

Varrano Jose, 182 Real, Mariano 

Verdu y Martinez, 37 Obrapia 

Victorero Manuel, 76 Ricla 

Vidal y Ca., Carlos, 221 Aguila 

Carriage and Wagon Makers. 

Antonio Bello, Oquedus 
Juan Rabionet, 254 C. del Monte 
Juan Sallaberry, 18 Belascoain 
Dominquez y Diaz, 150 San Rafael 
L. Belthoise y Ca., 150 San Rafael 
J. Biscayard y Ca., 131 Industria 
Pedro Casamayor, 24 Belascoain 
Simon de Frau, 10 Salud 
Juan Peniche, 89 San Jose 
Santiago Polo, 161 Real Mariano 
Agustin Regalado, 2 Geneval Casas. 
Manuel M. Sanchez, 16 Real 
Atanasio Soto, 679 Cerro 
Jose M. Berris, 104 Aguila 
Juan P. Bonoza, 254 Ppe. Alfonso 
Antonio Ferrer, Oquendo 
F. Navarro, 391 Ppe. Alfonso 
S. Paz, 266 Ppe. Alfonso 
Ramon Soler, 278 Ppe. Alfonso 
Venta y Ca. , 413 Ppe. Alfonso 
Juan German, 97 Industria 
Angel Llanos, 385 C. del Monte 
Rosello y Ca., 9S Zanja 
Antonio Polo, 125 San Jose 
E. Santiuse, 32 Belascon 

China, Glassware, Lamps, Etc. 

Alonzo Abascal y Ca., 38 Obispo 

C. Canedo, 57 Galiano 

Martin Diaz, 49 Reina 

Juan Felin, 37 O'Reilly 

Garcia y Gomez, 21 Reina 

Gomez y Ca. , 85 Ricla 

Hermoso y Ibarra, 33 Obispo 

M. Martin, 113 Obispo 

Maruri y Ca. , 17 Obrapia i 

Antonio Munoz, 81 Escobar 

Ortiz y Hermano, 113 Ppe. Alfonso 

Pages y Ca., 24 Mercaderes 

Ignacio J. Sainz, 134 Ppe. Alfonso 

P. Sirven y Ca. , 25 Mercaderes 

Ignacio J. Sainz, 134 Ppe. Alfonso 

Torres y Gutierrez, 12 San Rafael 

Oscar de Castro, 81 Escobar 

Ibarra, Hoyo y Ca., 35 O'Reilly 

Lombide y Ca., 26 Tacon 

Carlos Martinez, 58 Galiano 

Enrique Mesino, 49 Aguiar 

Noriega y Hijo, 37 San Ignacio 

Manuel C. Ortiz, 113 Monte 

P. Ortiz yCa., 107 Ricla 

Luis Pardo, 15 O'Reilly 

Pareday Ca., 85 O'Reilly 

V^ictoriano Pajizo, 24 Mercaderes 

Pedraja y Planilla, 16 Mercaderes 

Jose Sanz, 75 Galiano 

Isidoro Solla, 115 Obispo 

Zabalary Ca., 19 Ricla 

Zulta, Pereda y Ca., 123 Galiano 

Cigar Manufacturers, First Class, 
and their Principal Brands. 

[^S'JVames here given are reversed front our 
regular order, the sur navies being given first. ) 

.A.costa J. y Ramirez, " La Huelvana," 147 Cam- 

Alonso Valentin, "Alonso Fernandez," 39 Mer- 

Alvarez Jose, 19 Fjuras 
Alvarez Casimiro, 67 Macias, Santiago de la$ 

Alvarez Julian, " Henry Clay," 9 O'Reilly 
Alvarez Gercia y Ca., "Romeo y Julieta," 87 

Allones Antonio, " El Rey del Mundo," 27 

Allones R. y Ca., " Flor Extrafina," 129 Ani- 
Amat M. y Ca. , " La Gloria," no Lealtad 
Arango Francisco, 7 Aguila 
Arango Rasael, " La Hija de Cuba," 17 Salud 
Arango Valentin, " La Cautiva," 20 Factor'i' 
Armand E. y Ca., "Flor de Joaquim Ortiz," 69 

Ppe. Alfanso 
Azcano Sebastian, " Flor de Sebastian Azcano," 

75 Sitios 
Bancells J. y Ca.. "Florinda," 72 Sierra, Santi- 
ago de las Vegas 
Bances Francisco G., " La Mejor, " 8 O'Reilly 
Bances yCa. , "Flor de Tabacos de Partagas," 

160 Industria 
Bances y Suares, " La Carolina," 100 Animas 
Bango Ramon, "La Dalia, " 142 Salud 
Baacelo y Bowey, Sierra, Santiago de las Vegas 
Barruete Beonicio, "La Flor de Fumar," 41 

Island of Cuba. 


Cigar 3Iauufacturers, First Class, 
audtlieir Principal Briiuds—<ronfi/. 

Bastarrechea Leonarda, " La Flor de Bastar- 

rechea," SS Merced 
Beci M. y Harmanos, "La Antonica," 51 San 

Bejar Ulpiano, "La Ultamariana," 190 Cam- 

Bajar y Alvarez, " El Rio Sello," 178 Neptuno 
Bengochea y Fernandez, "La Comercial," loi 

San Rafael 
Bock y Ca., " Aguila de Oro," 85 Lagunas 
Boher y Hermano, "La Barcelonesa," 15 Teni- 

Busto Celestino del, "El Meteoro," iC2 Es- 

Busto y Ca., " La Veguera," 68 Maloja 
Cabal F. y Cabal, " Flor de Cabal y Cabal," 42 

Cabanas y Carbajal Hijo de, 4 Dragones 
Carbajal y Ca., 22 Ohrapia 
Carbajal Leopoldo, 320 Ppe. Alfonso 
Caruncho Antonio, "La Intimidad," 34 Belas- 

Catellanos M. y Hernandez, "La Montana," 70 

Calzada de Arroyo Naranjo 
Castro Marcos de, "La Dulzura Cubana," 14 

San Ignacio 
Celorio Benito, " La Oportua," 93 San Rafael. 
Codina Hijos de Jaime, "La Odalisca," 53 Es- 

Codina Jaime, " El Cinto de Orion," 19 Estrella 
Conill Juan, " Flor de las Vegas," 71 Teniente- 

Cortina y Suarez, " Estrella," 39 Tenreife 
Corujo Luis, " Flor de Corujo," 34 San Nicolas 
Costales Bernardo, "Flor de Mayo," 6 Amar- 

Cuervo y Hermano, "La Republica," 129 Re- 

Dias Antonio, " No me Divides," 135 Gervasio 
Uias Lazo Luis, " Modelo de la Antiguedad," 32 

Fernandez Fernando, 2 Dragones 
Fernandez Garcia Antonio, "Guardian, "4 Belas- 

Fernandez Muri Antonio, 168 Maloja 
Fernandez Rafael, Compostela 
Ferreira Francisco, "La Election," 71 Za-ja 
Garbalosa Juan, Amargura 
Garcia Gumesindo, " Flor de Manuel Garcia 

Aionso," 40 Refugio 
Garcia Jose Antonio, " La Ingenudad," 28 Rayo 
Garcia Pefecto de Jesus, " Las Bervas," 39 Mer- 
Gonzalez del Ralle Her-nano Martin, 4 Dragones 
Gonzalez Jose, "La Paz,"' 292 Escobar 
Gonzalez Perfecto, "La Afn.ana," 26 Manrique 
Genzalez Riao y Ca., " La Granadina," 64 Dra- 
Gutierresy Fernandez, "La Islena," 117 Sitios 
Incian Francisco, "Flor de Inclan," 2$^ Con- 
Jane M. y Ca., " La Mojagua," Prado 
Lopez Antonio, " La Paz de China," 159 Nep- 
Lopez Manuel, " La Corona," 93 Galiann 
Libre Miguel, "La Favorita," 39 Obrapia 
Marinxs Manuel, "Flor de Marinas," 144 Ger- 
Martinez y Ca., 95 Habana 

Mate P. y Campo, " Pureza de Mato, " San de las 

Menendez Francisce, " EI Indio," 113 San Miguel 
Menendez y Suarez, " Flor el Todo," iiS Man- 
Morales yCa., "Flor de Morales," 127 Galiano 
Moreira Francisco, " Flor de Moreira," Ten- 
Mosqueira Domingo, " La Renus," i Concepcion 
Murias P. y Ca., " La Meridiana," 53 Corrales 
Obeso y Cueto, " Flor de Naves," 31 Maloja 
Olmo Ignacio, " El Comercio," 6 Angeles 
Ortiz Joaquin, " Flor de Joaquin Ortiz," 69 Ppe. 

Oseguera Pablo, "La Voz de Cuba," 188 

Parea y Ca., " Punch," 138 Gervasio 
Perez del Rio y Ca., " La Legitimidad," 
Perez F. y Ca., " El Gil Bias," 64 Amargua 
Perez y Perez, "La Igualdad," 152 San Nicolas 
Perez y Relez, "El Brillante," n Sitios 
Piiiera Rosendo y Hermano, " La Resolucion," 

129 Salud 
Queipo Jose, 67 San Rafael 
Queipo Campillo y Ca., "La Industria," 70 San 

Ravell R. y Ca., 37 Amargura 
Rivero Oyarzabal y Ca., " Por Larraiiaga," 58 

San Miguel 
Rodriguez Andres, " Flor de San Juan y Mar- 
tinez," 39 Dragones 
Rodriguez Antonio, " B. B. B.," 35 Estrella 
Rodriguez Antonio Lopez, " La Sociedad," 138 

Rodriguez Jose Antonio, " La Infancia," 70 Jesus 

Rodriguez Rosendo, " Flor de Rosendo Rod- 
riguez," I Carmen 
Roger P. y Ca., " Flor de Pepilla," 9 San Jos^ 
Romero Juan B., " La Espanola," SS Prado 
Sanchez y Hermanos, " La paz de Espana," 6 

Soto Emilio, " El Mapa-Mundi," 52 San Nicolas 
Sosa Jose Alfonso, " El Unico," 47 Macias 
Unanue, Hermanos, "Arroyo-Hondo," 76 Con- 

Upmann y Ca., " H. Upmann," 85 San Miguel 
Vail y Ca., " Flor de Cuba," 96 Virtudes 
Valle J. y Hermano, " Flor de Murias," i Zanja 
Vega Jose, " La Abundacia," 155 Malojo 
Vidal Viuda de, " La Perfeccion y Guerrarabella," 

39 Maloja 
Viejo, V. y Ca., "La Integridad," 104 Cam- 

Vilaro Valentin, 33 Sol 
Villar, Viuda y Villar, " Villar y Villar," 174 

Zumalacarregui, Juan M., " Flor de Zumalacar- 
regui," 20 Oficios 

Cig-ar Manufacturers, Second Class. 

Alfonso Agustin, 4 Picota 
Alvarez, Manuel L., S5 Suarez 
Alvarez Pedro, 37S Jesus del Monte 
Amat Manuel, 116 Lealtad 
Araiigo Valentin, 20 Factoria 
.Azcano Sebastian, 75 Sitios 
Balbin J. y Ca., 21 Neptuno 
Barcanela, Eusebio, 109 Compostela 
Bamp, Bernadio, 48 Zanja 
Barrcutc, Leonce, 6 Mercaderes 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile ^^Ianual. 

Cigar Mairfrs, Second Class— co/Uim/ei^. 

Bastarrechea, Leodardo, 88 Merced 

Boher Francisco, 141 Obispo 

Cdceres y Ca., 537 Teniento-Rey 

Camps Francisco, 82 Compostela 

Carrillo Pedro, 214 Real Marianao 

Castillo R. Rafael, 550 Jesus del Monte 

Castillo Ramon, 65 Luyano 

Chamorro y Ca., 6 Inquisidor 

Diaz Ildefonso, 409 Jesus del Monte 

Diaz Ramon, 389 Jesus del Monte 

Dozal Martin, 141 Neptuno 

Espanogas Loreto, 9 Colon 

Fernandez Fernando, 176 Industna 

Fernandez Manuel, 100 Compostela 

Fernandez Pedro, 102 Estrella 

Figueredo Jos^, loi Boina 

Fuentes Jose, 126 Aguila 

Galuzo Leon, i3 0ficios 

Garcia E. y Brito, 118 Salud 

Garcia Julian, 209 Salud 

Gerard Jose J., 69 Maloja 

Gonzalez Eusebio, 6 Factoria 

Gonzalez Marcelino, 171 Campanario 

Gonzalez Miguel, 80 Consulado 

Gonzalez Rafael, 7 Industria 

Hernandez Tobar Jos6, 2 Herrera Puentes 

Hernandez Juan, 65 Lagunas 
Iber Vicente, 33 Corrales 
Igesias Jose, 24 Indio 
Jordan Antonio, 197 Ancha del Norte 
Lopez Cecilio, 97 Real Marianao 
Lopez Jose, 90 Gervasio 
Lopez y Garcia, 9 Sitios 
Lucas Ramon, 118 Sitios 
Luango Antonio, 253 Jesus del Monte 
Luna Domingo, loi San Nicolas 
Martinez Josd, 7 Carcel 
Menendez Julian, 125 Escobar 
Mato Juan, 32 Colon 
Maza Jose de la, 25 Obispo 
Menendez Jos6, 109 Salud 
Minilia Domingo, 137 Habana 
Pastrana Ignacio G. , 45 Perseverancia 
Paulin Pedro, 69 Estrella 
Palaez Manuel, 20 Obrapia 
PeruUero Jacinto, 54 Velascoain 
Pico Hermenegildo, 2 Picota 
Pons Pablo, 40 San Isidro 
Presmane Juan, 5 Esperanza 
Quintero Francisco, 24 Salud 
Rendueles Manuel, i Teniente-Rey 
Rivero Manuel, i8o Manrique 
Key Julian, 77 Mercedes 
Rodrigues Nazario 66 San Isdro 
Rodrigues Rafael, 317 Ppe. Alfonso 
Rojo Jose, 49 Jesus del Monte 
Rubio Antonio, 76 Cienfuegos 
Ruiz Regino, 86 Corrales 
Sanchez Francisco Gabriel, 154 Manrique 
Salcedo Pedro M., 53 Lealtad 
Sotelongo Mauricio, Ppe. Alfonso 
Suarez Juan Hermanos, 14 Sol 
Torre Jose Maria, 52 Animas 
Trasancos Manuel, 40 Acosta 
Valdes Josefa, I Industria 
Valenzuela Zacarias, 21 Egido 
Valerie Florentino, Inquisidor 
Valledares M., 36 Tenerife 
Valle Jose Fermin, 58 Emperado 
Varele Agustin, 149 Ppe. Alfonso 

Varela Joaquin, 39 Virtudes 
Vega Antonio, 183 Compostela 
Villari A. y Villar, 174 Industria 

Coopers and Cooperage. 

Arocha y Ca., 102 Vivcs 
Jos^ Canero, 142 Ppe. Alfonso 
Juan Gion, 220 Ppe. Alfonso 
Manuel Guell, 50 Jesus Peregrino 
Juan Llano, 235 Ppe. Alfonso 
Juan Solor, 152 Ppe. Alfonso 

Crackers and Biscuit. 

(See Groceries and Provisions.) 

Custom House, Merchandise and 
Railway Ticket Brokers. 

Ezequiel Anja, 89 Galiano 

Victoriano Calatayud, 84 oficios 

Angel Castro, Ppe. Antonio 41 

Jos6 B- Diaz, 114 Animas 

Justo Echevarria, 89 Reina 

Serafin Gallado, 501 Jesus del Monte 

J. Gomez y Ca. , 16 Mercaderes 

Lucas de la Guardia, Paradero de Villanueva 

Ricardo Ibaiiez, i Concordia 

Federico Lopez, loi Sal 

Antonio Macia, 40 Lealtad 

Pablo Macia, 112 Aguacate 

Fermin Marquiaran, 25 Obispo 

German Martin, 20 San Carlos 

Felipe Martinez, 364 Jesus del Monte 

Aniceto Mendezabal, 241 Archa del Norte 

Mesa y Chamorro, 39 Obispo 

Ramon Montiel, 59 Tejadillo 

Francisco W. Pulgaron, 14 Dr;igones 

Candido Ramos, 19 Oficios 

Gellermo Roch, Paradero de Villaneuva 

Victoriano Suarez, 1 1 Cuba 

Francisco Urutia, 59 Zanja 

Caspar Valledor, 14 Obrapia 

Jos6 Villazon, 113 Concordia 


Adolfo Betancourt, 108 Aguacarte 

F. Rey, 107 Habana 

Jose Valdez y Malina, 98 Reina 

Arturo Beaujardin, 50 Neptuno 

M. Calvo, 34 Lamparilla 

Juan V. Garcia, 23 Zulenta 

M. Arino, 122 Aguiar 

Carlos Baron, 37 Habana 

Z. Emelio Barrena y Zaja,s, 96 Aguila 

Pedro Calvo, 54 Obrapia 

F. Chaguaceda, no Aguiar 

F. de P. Chaguaceda, 10 Ayuntamento 

Florencio Cancio, 99 Obrapia 

Ramon Echegaray, 18 Luz 

Francisco N. Justiniani, 46 Salud 

F. P. Nunez, no Habana 

Jose Francisco Pair, 08 Luz 

Jose A. Valdez, 7 Galiano 

J. Warner, 90 Habana 

Francisco P. Rodriquez, 113 Manriqe 

Ramon Rodriguez, 230 Corales 

Ramon C. Valdez, 57 Galiano 

Ignacio Rojas, 74 Lamparilla 

Miguel R. Vieta, 55 Obrapia 

Andrew G. Weber, 44 Obrapia 

Erastus D. Wilson, 94 Habana 

Island of Cuba. 


Dentists — continued. 

Cirilo A. Yarini, SS Campauaiio 
^I. Gutierrez, 55 Rafael 
Jose Y. Rabell, 45 Sol 
R. Valerio, 75 Aquacarte 

Druggists, Wholesale. 

Antonio C. Gonzalez, 106 Aguiar 

Alam y Ca., 47 Reina 

Jose Gordano y Ca., 60 Dragones 

A. Lobe y Ca., 33 Obrapia 

Jose Sara y Ca. , 41 Teniente-Rey 

Domingo Yungsug, 91 Teniente-Rey 

Druggists, Retail. 

Antonio M. Aguilera, 64 Diagones 
Martin Arnanto, 66 Ricla 
Ramon Botet, 13 Reina 
Jose Brunet, 31 Ppe. Alfonso 
Pedro Consuegra, 2S0 Jesus del Monte 
Viuda de Valintin Catala, 27 Obispo 
Pedro N. de Castro, 181 Ppe. Alfonso 
Anselmo Castells, 28 Empedrado 
Jose Diaz, 412 Ppe. Alfonso 
Jose C. Estevez, 62 Suares 
Francisco A. Figueroa, 16 Lealdad 
Ricardo Fina, 37 Animas 
Julio Z. Formel, 11 San Rafael 

A. Gonzalez, 106 Aguiar 

Antonio C. Gonzalez, 44 Ppe. Alfonso 
Jos6 Cordano y Ca. , 34 Industria 
Felix Hernandez, 99 Salud 
Ramon M. de Hita, 71 Salud 
Rafael de Leon, 18 Mercaderes 
Agustin Leon, 41 Galisno 
Jos6 Alacan, 435 Jesus del Monte 
Francisco Alvarez, loi Galiano 
Arturo Barinat, 12 SoL 

C. Bonald, 99 Ricla 
Alfredo Bosque, 86 Drajones 
Benjamin .Brito, 344 P. Alfonso 

B. Domas, Maloja 

Rafael R. Ecay, 53 San Ignacio 
Joaquin Fraile, 448 Jesus del Monte 
Jose L. Marquez, 145 Neptuno 
Justo L. Martinez, 75 Ricla 
Ildefonso de la Maza, 44 Amagura 
Eduardo Palu, 52 San Rafael 
Alfredo Perez, 233 Neptuno 
Viuda de Ruiz, 4 Bernanza 
Jos6 Rovera, 67 Amistad 
De la Pena Sainz, 34 Industria 
Miguel de la Maza, 307 Ca. Del Monto 
Marin M. Perez, 212 Neptuno 
Ricardo Reyes, i6i Salud 

D. R. Rodriguez, 53 San Ignacio 
Jos6 Sarra, 41 Teniente Rcy 
Tirso Valdez, 14 Belascoain 

Eligio Natalio Villavicencio, 24 Salud 

Frias y Cintra, 17 Tacon 

M. Johnson, 53 Oljispo 

Antonio Torralbas 138 Ppe. Alfonso 

Belen VaKk-z, 47 Mauricpie 

Manuel Villicrs, 125 S. Rafael 

D. Yungsug, 10 Teniente-Rey 

Juan Zamora 

Ricardo Consuegra, 280 C. del Monte 

Felipe Fontanills, 18 C. d-l Monte 

Julio Formell, u San Rafael 

Jose Z. Gardaiio, 34 Industria 

Juan M. Gomez, 33 O'Reilly 

Domingo Hernando, 215 Ancha del Norte 

Juan T. Jimenez, 7 Picota 

Francisco Luis, 38 Perseverancia 

Tomas Martinez, 91 Neptuno 

Miguel Montejo, 37 Lagunas 

Jorge L. Nufiez, 7 Aguacarte 

Mariano Pruna, 38 Tejadillo 

Abelardo M. Rodriguez, 161 Campostela 

Miguel Romen, iii Gloria 

Ricardo Saez, 4 Estevez 

Manuel Guzman Sell, 44 P. Alfonso 

Ernesto Suarez, Lealtad 

Agustin Tremolada, 19 Belascoain 

A. Tremols, 115 Industria 

Carlos Ulrici, 103 S. Miguel 

Maximo Zardozo, 24 Alcontari'.la 

Dry Goods and Notions, Wholesale. 

A. Alvarez y Ca., 128 Aguacate 

Angel, Arcos y Co., 46 Obispo 

Argumosa, Gutierrez y Ca. , 19 Amagura 

V. Ant ram y Ca., 6 Amagura 

Bolivar Vina y Ca. , 26 Mercaderes 

Barbon, Hermanos y Ca. , 26 xVmagura 

Baibin, Martinez y Ca., 78 San Iguacio 

Benito Bustamente, 863 C. del Cerio 

Bustamente, Guel y Ca. , 42 Mercaderes 

Casamityana, Hermanos y Ca., 93 Aguir 

Benito Castro, 150 Amistad 

Juan Casusa, 82 Compostela • 

J. M. Casuso y Ca., 37 Mercaderes 

A. G. Cavanzon y Ca., 11 Ricla 

Clarke y Ca., 38 Mercaderes 

Cubria y Gonzalez, 59 Cuba 

A. Docarrete y Ca., 55 Cuba 

Del Val y Ca., 5 Amagura 

Diaz, Garcia y Ca., 16 Ricla 

Falk, Rohlsen y Ca., 96 Cuba 

Z. Fargas, 4 Amagura 

Fernandez, Arenas y Ca. , 96 Cuba 

Fernandez, Junxuera y Ca. , 73 Cuba 

Fernandez, Martinez y Ca. , 76 Cuba 

Fuentoville y Ca., n Teniente- Key 

Galan, Cuesta y Ca., 35 San Ignacio 

Galinde, Sobrinho y Ca., 33 San Ignacio 

Garcia Legimdo, 07 Aguiar 

Garcia, Sobrino yCa. , 12 Teniente-Rey 

Garcia Villasuso y Ca., 82 San Ignacio 

Gilledo, Cabanas y Ca. , 33 Mercaderes 

Jos6 Gomez y Hermano, 76 San Ignacio 

F. Gonzalez, 44 O'Reilly 

Gutierrez, Sobrino y Ca., 50 Ricla 

.\ders Alberto y Ca., 10 Mercaderas 

Aluarez y Hermano, 39 Ricla 

Josd- Bustamente do Rueda, 37}^ Mercaderes 

Calvo Francisco, 20 Blanco 

Corujo y Solirino, 112 Compostela 

Corujo Francisco, 09 Compostela 

Dudic Mingucl, 103 Obisio 

Dufau L. y Ca. , 31 Obispo 

Espinosa A. y Ca. , 10 Riola 

Faez Lopez y Ca. , 72 San Ignacio 

Fernandez Arenas y Ca. , 96 Cuba 

Garcia Corjedo Hermanos y Ca. , 28 Ricla 

Garcia Luis, 115 Compostela 

Gonzalez y Alvarez, 58 Ricla 

nia Pujol y Ca., 32 Mercad'-res 

Izquierdo y Ca. , 124 Aguiir 

Jimenez MussCt y Ca., 9 Teniente-Rey 


Delmar's Business Dieectort and Mercantile Manual. 

Dry Goods, Etc., Wholesale— continued. 

Lacazette Seraan y Ca., 40 Obispo 
Martinez Ablaneda, 03 Ricla 
Maseda Pedro, 102 O'Reilly 
Monte Guilermo del, 102 Villejas 
Placio Tarracena y Ca. , 61 )4 Cuba 
Sanz y Peinado, 32 Ricla 
Serrapiana y Canela, 99 Aguiar 
Saurez Ramon y Ca., 68 San Ignacio 
Herrera Cosme y Sobrino, 14 Teniente-Rey 
Herrera Jose V. y Ca., 39 Mercaderes 
Hurtado Jose y Ca., 72 San Ignacio 
Jimenez Musset y Ca., 9 Teniente-Rey 
Lenzano Cobo y Ca. , 70 San Ignacio 
Lopez F. y Ca., 14 Amargura 
Lodero Pedro y Ca., 27 Ricla 
Lucius y Ca. , 66 San Ignacio 
Maribona Suarez y Ca., 34 Mercaderes 
Maristany Rosendo y Ca., 38 O'Reilly 
Martinez Galan y Ca., 61 Cuba 
Masfera y Ca., 72 San Ignacio 
NazabalOcha Perez y Ca., 56 San Ignacio 
Orden Roig y Ca. , 23 Ricla 
Osorio y Herrera, 71 Ppe. Alfonso 
Paez Manzanedo Antonio y Ca., 45 Merca- 
Paz Juan A., i Amargura 
Pena y Sobrinos, 19 Ricla 
Perez Cespa y Ca. , 77 San Ignacio 
Prendes y Ca. , 62 San Ignacio 
Regalado Pedro, 70 Compostela 
Rendules Manuei y Ca., 40 Amargura 
Rodriguez Alvarez y Ca. , 40 Mercaderes 
Rodriguez Forencio, loi Compostela 
Rodriguez Hermanos M., 12 Amargura 
Rodriguez Solis J., y Ca. , 14 Amargura 
Ruiz V. y Ca. , 5 Inquisidor 
Saiz, Miguel y Ca., 41 Mercaderes 
Salas y Ca., 10 Amargura 
Sanchez yCa., 13 Teniente-Rey 
Santos Villaverde, 33 San Ignacio 
Sobrado y Ca. , 33^ San Ignacio 
Soliz Martinez y Ca., 67 Cuba 
Suarez Castaiieda y Ca. , 72 Ricla 
Sueyras Pedro y Ca. , 8 Amargura 
Ulcia Francisco, 18 Ricla 
Ulcia Sebastian, 13 Ricla 
Ubarri Ignacio y Ca., 12)4 Ricla 
Valdes Alvarez y Ca., 7 Ricla 
Valle Jose de y Ca. , 54 Ricla 
Valle y Rivera, 68 Cuba 
Rillalba Feliciano, 2 Cardenas 
Rillalba T. y Ca. , 15 Amargura 
Zabala Hermanos y Ca., 74 San Ignacio 
Xamora Heredores de Gonzalo, 43 Cuba 
Zarraluqui J. M. y Ca. , 31 San Ignacio 

Electrical Apparatus. 

Francisco Girard, 30 Obrapia 
F. Moure, 23 Obrapia 

Foundries and Machinists. 

Escobar y Cisneros, 63 San Isidro 
Tomas J. Bartalot, 36 Peregrino 
Jose Mandurell, 135 Vives 
Juan J. Orbea, 7 Vedado 
Francisco A. Sauralle, 26 Regla 
Vandevvater y Ca., 99 Ancha del Norte 
Zuleuta y Sobrino, Casa Blanca 
Ambrosio Tomati, 8 Industria 

Furniture, Wholesale. 

Florenteno Castillo, 118 Gallano 

Juan Rigal, 89 Galiano 

N. Perez, 11 Bernanza 

Antonio Armentero y Ca., 47 Ppe. Alfonso 

Mariana Gonzalez, 136 Habana 

Bahamonde, Barballa y Ca. 

Furniture Dealers, Retail. 

Antonio Armentero, 47 Monte 

Alvarez y Ca., 9 Ppe. Alfonso 

Carlos Betancourt, 42 Bernaza 

Juan Baquila, 29 Galiano 

Jose M. C. Diaz, 47 Galiano 

F. Fernandez, 67 Corrales 

Bartolome Garcia, 20 Bernaza 

F. Garcia, 66 Villegas 

Huerta y Blanco, 65 Galiano 

Antonio Masuet, 5 Industria 

J. Maxencha, 33 Reina 

Vicente Pardo, 109 Galiano 

Antonio Rivera, 224 Jesus del Monte 

Jose Saloria, 62 Galiano 

Jose Comas, 33 Galiano 

Juan C. Fernandez, Bazar Habenero 

Cayon y H. Fernandez, 52 Galiano 

Francisco Fernandez, 89 Villegas 

P. de la Presa Fernandez, 113 Habana 

Gaudara y Ca., 88 Cuba 

J. Hourcade y Ca., 54 Galiano 

Esteban Hundain, 67 C. del Monte 

George L. Lay, 50 Obispo 

Lavaru y Ca., 100 Galiano 

Ricardo Lopez, 21 Galiano 

Nemesio Perez, 39 Bernaza 

F. Quintana y Ca. , 63 Concordia 

Jaime Riera, 33 Galiano 

Juan Rigol, 91 Galiano 

Inocencio Sanchez, 3 Ppe. Alfonso 

Pardo y Hoyo, 94 Galiano 

Manuel Suarez, 1 1 1 Compostela 

Victorio Tuero, 84 Sol 

Jose Vidal, 114 Galiano 

Miguel Albo, 103 Concordia 

Francisco Alonzo, 247 Ppe. Alfonso 

Jos6 Alvarez, 90 S. Nicolas 

Ramon Gallon, 62 Galiano 

Manuel Fernandez, 15 Reina 

Pedro Fernandez, 132 Amistad 

Benito Fuero, 37 Neptuno 

Miguel Garcia, 94 Galiano 

Gomez y Ca., 53 Obrapio 

Juan Lourcade y Ca., 54 Galiano 

Nicolas Rodriguez, 71 Corroles 

Salorio y Gonzalez, 76 Galiano 

Sanchez y Calleja, 81 Sol 

Inocencio Sanchez, Bazar Habanero 

Manuel M. Suarez, 122 Compostela 

Bernardo Tuera, 84 Sol 

Francisco Vazquez, 21 Neptuno 

Andres Zapata, 125 Galiano 

Groceries and Provisions, 

M. G. Abello y Ca., i Baratillo 
Perez Aballi y Ca. , 4 Oficios 
Aedo y Ca. , 19 Oficios 
Juan Aguirre, 265 Ppe. Alfonso 
Salvador Aguirr, 21 Obrapia 
Miguel Aleman y Ca., Justiz 
Benito Alonso, 177 Ancha del Norte 

Island of Cuba. 


Groceries, Etc., ^yl\olesale — cofititiued. 

Francisco Aionso, 29 Obispo 

Vicente Aionso y Ca., 41 San Ignacio 

Almirall y Ca., 19 Obrapia 

Luis Alvarez y Ca., 82 San Ignacio 

Fernandez H. Alvarez, 5 Ricla 

Maning Alvarez, 2 San Pedro 

Nicolas Alvarez, 87 Sol 

Alvarez y Fernandez, 42 Belascoain 

Revuelta Arce y Ca., 56 Ricla 

Aresta y Hermano, 2 Baratillo 

Goicochea Arechaga y Ca., 6 Enna 

Arroyo y Ca., 4 Sol 

Nemesio Asto y Ca., 845 Ppe. Alfonso 

Bagiier y Hermanos, Ricla 

H. de Alendy Beche y Ca. 22 O'Reilly 

Dionisio Bedoya, 121 Ricla 

Berengiier y Hermano, 25 Obispo 

Boscli y Ca., 5 Obrapia 

Nonell Brunei y Ca., 3S Oficios 

Solder Brunet y Ca. (en liquid), 10 Lampailla 

Francisco Busquet, 11 Concordia 

Alejandro Bustamante, 40 Dragones 

Marcelino Arango, 121 Ricla 

M. Averhoff, 2 Empredado 

J. Blanco y Sobrinho, 94 Lamparilla 

Rodriguez Bencochea y IVIanticon, 2 San Pedro 

Benilla y Ca., 86 Obrapia 

BilMano Bustillo, 10 Bernaza 

S. Capella y Ca., 29S Aguila 

Careaga, Zubiaza y Ca., 12 Oficios 

Colly Ca., Baritillo 

Coro, Quesada y Ca., 17 Obrapia 

E. Echezarreta y Ca., i Lamporilla 

Pedro Fargas, 19 Obrapia 

L. de Gabanche, 2 Obrapia 

Pasenal Galvez, 9 Teniente-Rey 

Abello Garcia y Ca., i Baratillo 

Cue Garcia y Ca., 5 Oficios 

Garcia y Gutierrez, 8 Oficios 

Gili, Cuadrena y Ca. , 28 Oficios 

Giral y Ca. , 32 Oficios 

Gonzalez y Abalti, 95 Consulado 

Benigno Guerendian, 24 O'Reilly 

Gutierrez y Ca., 55 O'Reilly 

Alej Hernandez, Neptuno 

Herrara y Ca., 79 Oficios 

Garcia Isizar y Ca., 207 Poseo Tacon 

Lauza, Polanca y Ca., 9 Baritillo 

Larrea, Eguidazu y Ca. , 6 Teniente-Rey 

B. Lesoja, 105 Ricla 

Dosa, Perez y Ca., 6 Baratillo 

J. Loredo y Ca. , 97 Sol 

Marcos y Ca., 40 Oficios 

J. Mataro y Ca., 8 Lamparilla 

Mauri y Ca., 180 C. del Monte 

A. Mendey Ca., 22 O'Reilly 

Menendez y Mujica, 5 Teniente-Rey 

Mesana y Ca., 18 Oficios 

Miro y Otero, 27 Obrapia 

Morcdo y Ca., 84 Ricla 

Nonell, Labrada y Ca. , 35 Oficios 

Otamendi, Amiel y Ca., 26 Mercaderes 

Antonio Perez y Ca., 5 Obrapia 

L. Pinan y Ca., 96 San Ignacio 

Pino, J. L. , 109 Ricla 

Pumaricja y Gonzalez, 134 C. del Monte 

S. Ral>asayCa., i 01>ispo 

Komillo, Hermano y Ca., 5 Obispo 

M. Sanchez y Ca. , 54 Oficios 

Suarcz y Perez, 77 Miguel 

Tabermilla y Sobrino, i Inquisidor 

L. Varela, 9 Amazura 
Villaverde y Ca., san Ignasio 
Vice y Moncalian, 38 Amagura 

General Coinniission and Import- 
ing- 3Iercliants. 

E. Aguilera y Ca. , 26 Obrapia 
Alberti y Dowling, 22 Sta. Clara 
C. E. Beck, 2S Obrapia 

E. Balencourt, 52 S. Ignacio 
Bjeselmann y Schroder, 18 Lamparilla 
.\. Boving 78 Cuba 

Faustino Cabrera, 16 Oficios 

F. Caine, 28 Obrapia 
Juan Fatges, 36 Obrapia 
Ramon Garcia, 69 Aguiar 
Samuel Giberga, 7 Baratillo 

M. Gonzalez y Ca., 2 Mercaderes 

Hamel y Ca., 2 Mercaderes 

Hings y Ca., 9 Baratilla 

George Hyatt, 23 Cuba 

Lawton Bros, (.\merican House), 35 Mercaderes 

Lange y Ca. 10 Amagura 

H. Leonhardt, 37 Cuba 

Enrique Liron, 4 Vedado 

Antonio Lopez, 37 Obispo 

Lopez y Ca., 92 O'Reilly 

Antonio Marcias, 20 Obrapia 

.Malvido Hermanos, loS Habana 

Jose R. Marquette, 120 Cuba 

Rafael Menendez, 12 Cuba 

H. Millinton, 50 S. Ignacio 

Rafael B. Pegudo, 2 Tacon 

Rafael S. M. Perez, 16 Obispo 

Ricardo Perkins, 37 S. Ignacio 

Pons, Orta y Ca. , i Empedrado 

A. Richtering y Ca., i Mercaderes 

Ross, Asman y Schnyder, 10 Mercaderes 

Rodrigo Saabedra, 16 Mercaderes 

Gustavo Salomon, 57 P. Alfonso 

Schival y Filonal, iS Amargura 

Schmidt y Ca. , 3 Mercaderes 

J. Seidel, 4 S. Ignacio 

Leoncio Serrano, 19 Sr Clara 

Someillan y Hijo, 21 Obispo 

Juan Tapia, 10 Mercedes 

Traite y Ca., 84 S. Ignacio 

li. Upman y Ca. , 64 Cuba 

A. Verastigui, 50 S. Ignacio 

Hardware, Cutlery, Stoves, Tools, 
Etc., Wholesale. 

V. Alvarez y Ca., 55 Reina 

H. Aionso y Ca., 20 Lamparilla 

Araluce y Uresandi, 32 Lamparilla 

F. De Arriba, 15 O'Reilly 

Fernando Blanco, 225 Aguiar 

-Mvarez y Santillana, 20 Obrapia 

Gabriel de Amcnabar, iS Oficios 

Ignacio Alvarez, 33 San Ignacio 

Aguilera, Garcia y Ca., 27 Mercaderes 

Canarto y Ca. , 13 Obrapia 

Ignacio Escalante, 21 Damparilla 

Jorge Ferran, 8 Barratillo 

A. Gutierrez y Ca., 7 Lamparilla 

S. Luna y Iturralde, 30 Mercaderes 

Marino, Laca y Ca., 5 Lamparilla 

V^iuda de Martinez Aija, 16 Obrapia 

Domingo Martinez y Ca. , Pontales de Luz 

Viuda de Mencia, 17 San Ignacio 

Mendiguren y .Sobrino, 32 Lamparilla 

Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Hai*dware, Etc., Wholesale— coHi'd. 

Olaquibel y Lopez, 76 Oficios 
Orbea y Ca., 45 Obrapia 
Pedraya y Planellas, 52 San Ignacio 
Ricardo Perez, 21 San Ignacio 
Ramos y Castillo, 18 Obrapia 
Rodriguez y Ca., 25 San Ignacio 
Soto y Ca., 80 San Ignacio 
Tijero, Hermano y Ca., 17 Mercaderes 
Jorge Toulet, l Marquez Gonzales 
S. Uribarri y Ca., 21 Mercaderes 
F. Zapata, 117 Obispo 
Zarrolegui, Quintana y Ca., 9; Ricla 
Bengiiria y Fernandez, 32 Galiano 
Builla y Ca., 11 Lamparilla 
Casus y Ca., 11 Teniente-Rey 
Jos6 M. Cabezon, 102 Habana 
Carlos M. Carrillo, 67 Ricla 
Conejo y Velis, 503 C. del Monte 
Diaz y Ca. , 511 Jesus del Monte 
Dominguez y Ca. , 20 Obrapia 
George Ferran, 7 Baratillo 
Ganeara y Primo, 30 San Rafael 
Francisco Gonzalez, 120 O'Reilly 
Larrazabal y Ca., 97 Ricla 
Morino y Cagigal, 18 Oficios 
Francisco de la Maza, 369 del Monte 
Maning Muifio y Ca., 5 Lamparilla 
R. Ortiz, 36 Belascoain 
Pardoy Hoyo, 104 Galiano 
R. Palacio, 16 Tacon 
Jose F. Pazos, 25 Mercaderes 
Perez, Inchausti y Ca., 46 Galiano 
Presa y Torres, 10 San Pedro 
Prieto y Ca., San Ignacio 
Quintana y Ca., 95 Ricla 
Jose Tamo, 12 Belascoain 
Uresandi, Diaz y Ca. , 3 Monte 
Urquiola, Diaz y Ca., 7 Lamparilla 
Uriate y Ca., 15 Mercaderes 
S. Urquijo, 27 Teniente-Rey 
Gregorio Uludaja, 107 Neptuno 
Maning Vila y Ca., 117 Galiano 
Martin Zapata, 193 C. del Monte 
Urribarri Isasi y Ca., 21 Mercaderes 


" America," Aliart Maria del Rosario, Monser- 

rate y 20 Teniente-Rey 
" Arbol de Guernica," Aguirre Garcia y Lozano, 

45 Mercaderes 
"Aurora," Narviso Portas, i Dragones 
" Buena Vista," Abril S. y Galceran, 37 Cuba 
" Cabrera," Severto Portos, 10 Ppe. Alfonso 
"Cubano," Bolsino Ramon, 15 Teniente-Rey 
" Europa," Manuel Souto, 2 Lamparilla 
" Inglaterra," Marcos y Parrondo, 123 Prado 
" Lisa," Gomez Joaquin La Lisa, Marianao 
" La Mascotte " 

"Navarra," Caracedo M., 74 San Ignacio 
"Paris," Julio M. Maulini, 136 Industria 
" Passajes," Linares, Manuel, Prado 
" Pas," Rosa Aliart, 2 Egido 
" Perla de Cuba," Rodriguez Alvarez y Ca., 137^^ 

" San Carlos," Castaneda Muhoberas J. M., 35 

"Telegi-afo," Batet J. y Morel, 136 Armistad 
"Union La," Barcia Manuel y Ca. , 63 Lam- 
" Villanueva," Arias y Blanco, 12 Dragones 

" Vascongada," Capetillo Manuel, Mercederes y 

" Habana," Teniente-Rey 
" Hispano- Americano," 112 Prado 
" New York," 102 Galiano 
" Luz," 35 Oficios 
" Neuvitas," 7 Dragones 
" Flor Catalana," 75 Teniente-Rey 
" La Saratoga " 

-A.lberdi y Lastra, 27 Mercaderes 
Bernardo Alvarez, 222 Monte 
Marina y Cajigas, 18 Oficios 
Martinez, Diaz y Ca., 3 P. Alfonso 

Ice Dealers, Wholesale. 

Frederico Dubos, 142 Consulado 

Felipe Suarez, 9 Dragones 

Juan Zorrilla, 86 Cuba 

Compania Habanera, Infanta y San Jos^ 

Jewelry, Watches and Silverware, 

Borbolla y Ca., 54 Compostela 
Esteban, Dufan y Ca.. 31 Obispo 
Gustavo Jensen y Ca., 11 Mercaderes 
W. F. Grumbach, 77 Cuba 
Martinez, Calan y Ca., 61 Cuba 
Hierro y Ca., Oliispo 
Ignacio Misa y Hermanos, 121 Habana 
Enrique Schochlin y Ca., 10 Mercaderes 
Ortiz y Ca., 36 Belascoain 
P. Roman, 43 Concordia 
Palacio, Taracena y Ca., 74 Obispo 
Joaquin Sanchez, 37 Muralla 

Jewelry, Etc., Retail. 

Alonzo y Ca., 57 Compostela 

Bahamonde, Borbolla y Ca., 56 Compostela 

Miguel Carmona, 22 Muralla 

Manuel A. Cores y Hermano, 69 San Miguel 

Mario Fernandez y Ca. , 24 Obispo 

Pedro Fernandez, 114 Manrique 

Ramon Guerra, 135 Habana 

Juan Irben, 120 Ppe. Alfonse 

Enrique Luengo, 36 Obispo 

Marinas y Hermanos, 16 Obispo 

Aurelio Maruri, 66 Obispo 

Pedro Masedo, 192 O'Reilly 

Vicente Moreno, 78 Ppe. Alfonso 

Juan B. Prentice, 40 Amargura 

Joaquim M. Sanchez, 37 Ricla 

F. Alvarez y Ca., 15 O'Reilly 
Alvarez y Masson, i Teniente-Rey 
Gabriel M. Callaco, 86 San Miguel 
Jose Y. Dopico, 15 Bernaza 
Vicente Fernandez, 76 O'Reilly 
Enrique Fischer, 12, Mercaderes 
Jose Garard, 15 Mercaderes 

Cueva M. Fernandez, 13 Teniente Rey 

M. Hierro, 27 Neptuno 

Ibern y Brito, 120 Ppe. Alfonso 

Roberto Kamer, 115 Obispo 

Alberto Lamerano, 53 Obrapia 

Tomas Lancha, 100 Aguir 

Oviedo de Santa Cruz, 49 Luz 

G. Springel, 28 Teniente-Rey 
Francisco Valles, 60 Obispo 
Manuel Gil, 199 Aguila 

Pablo Gonzalez, 233 Ppe. Alfonso 
F. Gimenez, 17 Mercaderes 

Island of Cuba. 


Jew.elry, Etc., Retail— continuet/. 

F. Gomez y Ca. , 121 Obiapia 
K. Ramer, 105 Obispo 

Lamps and Gas Fixtures. 

Juan Dominguez, 12S Aguila 
Frederico Dorado, 69 liabana 
A. P. Ramirez, 75 Amistad 
Rio y Perez, 26 San Rafael 
Cabellero y Hernandez, 39 Concordia 
Pedro Alfonseca, 95 Lealtad 

D. Antunen, 6 Romay 
Manuel Baloira, 100 Obispo 
Francisco Cabellero, 37 Concordia 
Garcia y Sanz, 105 Neptuno 

Pio Garcia, 495 Ppe. Alfonso 
Antonio Gili, 99 Neptuno 
Gonzalez y Rodriguez, 615 C. del Corro 
Lopez y Alvarez, 45 Bernaza 
Manuel Marquez, 50 Dragones 
Enrique M. Masino, 49 Aguiar 
Jos^ Papiol, 71 O'Reilly 
Jose Pardinas, 44 Compostela 
Juan Pariagua, 238 Ppe. Alfonso 
Jose Portas, 26 San Rafael 
Pedro A. Ramirez, 75 Amistad 
Dolores Ruffin, 79 O'Reilly 
S. Subirana, 40 Teniente-Rey 
Manuel C. Valnerde, 66 Empedrado 
Charles P. Weeks, 90 O'Reilly 
Villadoniga y Castrillon, 105 Aguiar 


Jacinto Abello, 128 Amistad 
Marcellino Abello, 89 Compostela 
Abadens y Colso, 12 Reinca 
Jacinto Trello, 128 Amistad 
J. V. Cuseta, 40 Obrapia 
Guerra y Rodriguez, 50 Mercaderes 
Ricardo Hernandez, 132 Aguila 
A. Lagriffoul, 35 O'Reilly 

E. Lamy y Hermanos, ii Mercaderes 
Lastra Hermanos y Ca., 87 Obisjx) 
Lastra y Barrera, 37 Mercaderes 

A. J. Morn y Ca., 124 San Nicolas 
Ricardo Caballero, 14 Mercaderes 

C. J. Guerra y Ca. , 35 O'Reilly 
Mor6 Garcia y Ca., 124 San Nicolas 

D. Azopardo, 138 Consulado 
Jos6 Cinta, 122 Aguila 

Diaz, Alvarez y Ca. , 234 P. Alfonso 
Manuel Estevez, 93 Monserrate 
Santos Fernandez, loi Monserrate 
Francisco Lanza, 113 Monserrate 
Patricio Laurido, 3 Corrales 
S. G. Lopez, 79 Ppe. Alfonso 
Salvador Molus, 54 Neptuno 
Moncunil, Sola y Ca. , 12 P. Tacon 

Lumber, Lime and Building 

Jos(- Albazzi, 87 Prado 
Harreras Antonio, 83 Prado 
Crespo y Ca., 361 P. Alfonso 
Garcia y Longo, 19 Carcel 
Guell y Ca. , Calzada de Cristina 
Juan Cristobal, 200 Ppe. Alfonso 
Lando y Ca., 113 Prado 

B. OrtollyCa., 8 Laccna 
Pons Francisco, 5 Romay 
Pons Ignacio y Ca., 4 Egido 

Rio y Perez, 73 Prado 
Telleria A. C. 61 Prado 
Vila Antonio, 75 Bela.scoain 


Delgado y Toro, 37 O'Reilly 
Jose Calvet, 67 Reina 
S. A. Conner, 62 O'Reilly 
Fredricks y Daries, loS Habana 
.•Vntonio Herrera, 11 1 Jesus Maria 
Rafael Lopez, 49 O'Reilly 
Fsteban Mestre, 63 O'Reilly 
Narcisco Mestre, 19 O'Reilly 
Petit y Mestre, 45 O'Reilly 
J. A. Suarez y Ca., 64 O'Reilly 
N. E. Maceo, 75 O'Reilly 
F. Pumariega, 63 O'Reilly 
Jose Soroa, 80 Prado 

Pliysieians and Surgeons. 

(tff'A^ames here are surnames first ) 

Andre Claudio, 8g Jesus Maria 

Agileia Manuel, 30 Villegas 

Aragon Gustavo Luis, 220 Real, Mariana 

Arango Jos6 Francisco, 40 Campanario 

.Argumosa Jose, i Maloja 

Arrufat Eduardo, 26 Maloja 

Arteaga Serapio, 109 Villegas 

Bango Manuel, 56 San Isidro 

Beato J. y Dolz, 33 Jeses Maria 

Keltran J. A. 232 Real, Marianao 

Brito P. Maria, 127 Animas 

Bueno Rafael, 17 Inquisidor 

Burgess D. M., 23 Obispo 

Caballero Domingo, io6 Merced 

Caballero Pedro, 479 Ppe. Alfonso 

Cabrera Hernandez Domingo, 86 Jesus del 

Cabrera F. y Sanchez, 95 Cuba 
Camara Pedro de la, 6 Ricla 
Caiitzares Manuel, 158 San Miguel, Vedado 
Carbonal Y. y Rivas, 16 Teniente-Rey 
Castanedo Valentin, 66 Oficios 
Castell Jose Francisco, 81 Salud 
Castro R., 129 Industria 
Castano y Polo, 336 Ppe. Alfonso 
Chaple Ramon L., 185 Manrique 
Chaple Ramon Mazario, ill Concordia 
Chavez Manuel, iii Sol 
Chiappa Juan, 128 Suarez 
Cisneros Lui.s, 118 Manrique 
Clairac Jose, 82 Estrella 
Comoglio Jose de la Luz, 26 Aguacate 
Cordoba Frederico, 77 Campanario 
Cordoba Julian, 42 Cardenas 
C6rdoba Luis, 103 Merced 
Cordova Ramon, 68 Sol 
Cowley Luis Maria, 125 Cuba 
Cowley Rafael, 47 Aguiar 
Diaz Albertini Antonio, ill Haljana 
Diaz Albertini Jorge, 108 Manrique 
Diaz M., 207 Pjjc. Alfonso 
Donoso Carlos, 145 Cuba 
Doran Juan, 551 Animus 
Echarte E. y Alfonso, 84 Cuba 
I'.scarras J. Ricardo, 37 Bompanario 
Esjiada Montancjs Juan, 29 Lamparilla 
Fernandez Cubas Domingo, 60 Reina 
Fernandez de Castro Manuel, 17 Luyano, Jesus 

del Monte. 
Fernandez Francisco, 64 Acosta 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Physicians and Surgeons— <ro)iiintted. 

Fernandez Pedro, 129 Suarez 

Figueredo Felix, 157 Neptuno 

Finlay Carlos, 65 Obrapia 

Figueroa Bernardo, 64 Prado 

Fleitas R. y Lamos, 306 Ppe. Alfonso 

Franca M. y Mazor'-a, 60 Prado 

Frias Francisco, 883 Cerro 

Freixas Patrocinio, 45 San Miguel 

Gandul Manuel, 36 Salud 

Garcia Juan de D., 32 Neptuno 

Garganta R., 10 Amargura 

Gaston Ricardo, 41 Ancha del Norte 

Gavalda Enrique, 33 Inquisidor 

Giralt Felix, 87 re Pado 

Gomez de la Maza Francisco, 7 Emprorado 

Gonzalez Antonio, 106 Aguiar 

Gonzalez del Valle Ambrosio, 120 Aguacate 

Gonzalez de la Torre Ricardo, 128 Consulado 

Gonzalez Fernando, 8 Villanueva 

Gordillo, Miguel, 10 Estrello 

Guardia, Vicence, 62 Prado 

Gutierrez, Nicolas J., 64 Oficios 

Hernandez, Jose de la Luz, 22 Neptuno 

Hernandez, Pedro, 27 Apodaca 

Herrera, Pablo, 324 Jesus del Monte 

Hoya, Tomas de la, 32 San Jose 

Landeta, Adolfo, 59 San Miguel 

Landeta, Juan Bautista, 37 Campanario 

Lopez, Jose, Joaquim, 166 Companario 

Machado J. Pantaleon, 128 Manrique 

Marill, Francisco, 59 Salud 

Marquez, Juan E., 82 San Nicolas 

Martinez, P. y Sanchez, 38 San Nicolas 

Meneses Rafael, 115 Escobar 

Menocal, Raimundo, 45 Amistad 

Mestre, Antonio, 26 Jesus Maria 

Montalvo, J. R. 18 Virtudes 

Montaner, Luis, 67 Prado 

Montemar, Carlos, 95 Teniente-Rey 

Morales, Julian, 116 San Nicolas 

Munoz, Francisco de Paula, 66 Acosta 

Noriega Narciso, 13 San Isidro 

Nuiiez, Emiliano, 11 Galiano 

Nufiez, Miguel, 116 Consulado 

Obregon, F. y Mayol, 9 Galiano 

Obregon, F. y Serra, 107 Cuba 

Penichut, Francisco, 304 Ppe. Alfonso 

Perez, de Utera Antonio 77 Teniente-Roy 

Perez, F. Betancourt 64 Estevez 

Pla, Eduardo, 109 Campanario 

Plasencia, Ignacio, 83 Galiano 

Plasencia, Tomas, 29 Aguiar 

Ponce, J. y Abrante, 47 Rayo 

Porto, Enrique M. 123 Compostela 

Prendes, Faustino, 50 San Ignacio 

Pujol, Juan B., 74 San Nicolas 

Puledo P. Jose, 226 Aguila 

Quesada Francisco, 98 Aguila 

Rainery Francisco, 59 Campanario 

Raimirez J. M. y Fabor, 210 San Nicolas 

Ramos, Jos6, 123 Manrique 

Redondo, Jose, 39 Amargura 

Redondo, Pedro, 163 Virtudes 

Regueira, Francisco, 132 Campanario 

Reyes, Manuel de los, 70 Virtudes 

Rodriguez, Ecay A., 53 San Ignacio 

Rodriguez, Segundo, 37 Industria 

Ruiz, San Romain Emtlio, 46 Luyano, Jesus del 

Saaverio, Anastasio, 69 Compoztela 
Santos, Fernandez Juan, 62 Neptune 

Sirvens, Faustino, 7 Damas 
Torralbas, Jose I., 44 San Nicolas 
Torrellas Francisco, 82 Mision 
Torrens, Pedro, 28 Trocadero 
Torres M., loS Aguacate 
Trujillo, Jose, 114 Aguacate 
Valdespino, Andres, 3 San Nicolas 
Valdespino, Jose, 70 Campanario 
Valencia, Pablo, 58 Neptuno 
Valera, Alfredo, 126 Estrella 
Vilardell, Gerardo, 61 Merced 
Walling, Guillermo, 19 Crespo 
Yarini J. Leopoldo, 55 Ppe. Alfonso 
Zayas, Francisco, 29 Real Puentes Grandes 
Zayas, Juan Bruno, 24 Reina 
Zuniga, Julio, 97 Aguila 

Pianos and Musical Instruments. 

Tomas J. Curtis, 90 Amistad 

Esperez y Hermano, 127 Obispo 

Avelino Pomares, 1 13 Habana 

Carlos Ackerman, 11 Tejadillo 

Federico Aspiazu, 32 Cuba 

Carlos Bordas, 16 Aguacarte 

Carlos G. Champaigne, 68 O'Reilly 

Juan Noriega, 76 Aguila 

Bahamonde, Borbilla y Ca., 56 Compostela 

Preserved Meats, Canned Goods, 

J. Cano y Ca., 19 Oficios 
Barraque y Ca. , 48 Oficios 
Freixas, Pratt y Ca., 6 Lamparilla 
Frederico Giraud, 9 Obrapia 
Mayner y Ca., 7 Obrapia 
Otamende y Ca. , 36 Oficios 
J. Pedro y Ca., 2 Amagura 
F. Sanchez y Ca., 54 Oficios 
Tapia, Eguilor y Ca., 15 San Ignacio 

Machinery, Importers Of. 

H. Alexander, 19 San Ignacio 
Arnat y La Guardia, 74 Cuba 
Cail y Ca., 13 San Ignacio 
J. B. Cotiart, 15 San Igr.acio 
George W. Hyatt, 25 Cuba 
Kragewski y Pesant, 92 Aguicar 
Lawson Bros., 35 Mercaderes 
James Smith, 69 Cuba 

Paper, Stationery, Etc., Whole- 

Alvarez, Gonzalez y Ca., 55 Muralla 

Barandiaran, Hermanos y Ca., 29 Mercaderes ■ 

Castro, Fernandez y Ca., 23 Muralla 

P. Fernandez y Ca., 17 Obispo 

Ramon Gomez, 14 Mercaderes 

J. Hernandez Gonzalez, 100 Habana 

Howson y Heinen, 9 Obrapia 

Miguel Costas, 9 Obrapia 

Pahiras, Gutierrez y Ca., 28 Mercaderes 

M. Ruiz y Ca. , 18 Obispo 

Thomas Wilson y Hijo, 45 Obispo 

Printers and Newspapers. 

Imprenta del Gobiernio, 23 Teniente-Rey 
Viuda de Barcina, 6 Reina 
J. Cerda, 20 Obispo 

IstAXD OF Cuba. 


Printers, Etc. 


Rosendo Espina, 34 Rayo 

H. E. Heinen, 11 Obrapia 

Pedro A. Martinez, 90 Villegas 

Federico de Armas, 366 Ppe. Alfonso 

A. Calvet, 140 Neptuno 

Fernando de Casanova, 23 Lamparilla 

Z. Casona, 34 Obispo 

" El Egerciio," 20 Rayo 

Jose Uoroteo, 106 Lamparilla 

Juan Guerrera, 28 Mercaderes 

"The Havana Weekly Report," 10 Empederado 

Rafael Lasua, 61 San Miguel 

N. Lopez, 100 Amistad 

Saturnino Martinez, 58 Ppe. Alfonso 

Victor Perez y Ca., 24 Obrapia 

" La Correspondencia de Cuba," 24 Obrapia 

Jose Pulido y Ca. , 30 Amazura 

Jose ]\L Ruiz y Hermano, 29 San Ignacio 

Jose Simon Sanchez, 77 Amazura 

Alvarez Saler, 40 Muralla 

N. Torre, 61 O'Reilly 

Carlos J. Valdez, 63 Estrella 

Salvador Videl, O'Reilly 

Jose Villa, 149 Manrique 

" Avisador Comercial," 30 .-vmazura 

" Baletin Comercial," 10 Empredado 

" Diario de la Marina," 89 Riela 

" El Ego Mititar," 20 Cuba 

" El Espaiiol " 

" Gaceta de la Habana," 23 Teniente-Rey 

"La Lucha," 24 Obrapia 

" El Pais," 39 Teniente Key 

" El Popular," 92 Habana 

" El Radical," 28 Zulueta 

"The Havana Herald" 

Saw Mills. 

Julian Ferrer, 2 Universidad 
M. Gonzalez, Puente Grande 
Juan M. Lafon, 34 Puente Grande 
Diaz y Alvarez, 234 Monte 
Juan Maria Lafont, 74 Real 
OrtoU, Alegret y Ca., 8 Lucena 
Antonio Vila, 76 Belascoain 
Rio y Ca., 99 Calzada de Vives 

Sewing Machine Agencies. 

Alvarez y Hinse, 123 Obispo 
Juan Mazon, 51 O'Reilly 
Jose Gonzalez, 74 O'Reilly 
Jose Sopefia y Ca., 112 O'Reilly 
Felipe E. Xiquez, 106 Galiano 
L. Salares, 98 Ricla 
Jose M. Garcia, 19 Ppe. Alfonso 

. Stoves. 

(See Hardware, etc.) 

Stationery, Wall Paper, Etc. 

Barandiaran, Sobrinos y Ca., 29 Mercaderes 

Barcena y Ca., 45 Ricia 

R. Gomez, 15 ^Iercadcrcs 

Castro Hermano y Ca., 35 Mercaderes 

\\. Arviery Ca., 16 Mercaderes 

Arturo Codczo, 134 Aguiar 

licrnardo JJuran, 59 O'Reilly 

Gucrra y Rodriguez, 28 Mercaderes 

B. Gutierrez, 83 Oijispo 

Jose Gutierrez y Ca., 2 Salud 

Gutierrez y Naredo, 89 Ppe. Alfonso 

Benito Izaguirre y Ca. , 30 Obispo 

R. Mascuhana 23 Bernaza 

Mario Menendez, 4 Reina 

Leo Merchel, 106 Obispo 

P. Rodriguez y Ca., 15 Mercaderes 

Jose de B. Rueda, i Ppe. Alfonso 

M. Ruiz y Ca. , 18 Obispo 

N. Torre, 18 O'Reilly 

Uriarte y Ca., 78 San Ignacio 

Thomas Wilson, Obispo 

Cerda y Ca. , 22 Obispo 

C. Fernandez y Ca., 17 Obispo 

Miranda, Uiaz y Ca. , 74 San Ignacio 

Juan Rivero, 43 Ricla 

Jose Torralba, 30 Obispo 

Steamship Companies and Ship 

French Mail Steam Packet Company ; J. H. 
Durruty y Ca., 23 San Ignacio 

New Orleans, Florida and Havana Mail Steam- 
ships ; Lawton Hermanos, 35 Mercaderes 

New York and Havana Direct Mail Line ; Mc- 

Killar, Luling y Ca. , 76 Cuba 

New York and Cuba Steamship Company ; Law- 
ton Hermanos, 13 Mercaderes 

North German Lloyd; H. Upmann y Ca., 64 

Spani^h Mail Steamers de A. Lopez y Ca. ; M. 
Calvo y Ca., 28 Oficios 

Spanish Mail Steamers de R. de Herrera ; Ramon 
de Herrera, 68 Oficios 

Spanish Steamers (between Habana and Spain) ; 
J. Demestre y Ca. , 88 Cuba 

West India R. Mail Steamships (between Havana 
and Southampton) ; G. R. Ruthven, 16 

Jose N. Baro, 10 Paula 

Victoriano Cusi, 24 Inquisidor 

Davila y Ca. , 66 Oficios 

N. Deulofeu y Ca., 48 Oficios 

Llanderal, Avendaiio y Ca., 24 Inquizidor 

Mata G. L. de la, 50 San Ignacio 

Menendez y Ca., 82 San Ignacio 

Soler y Ca., 48 Oficios 

Tobacco Leaf, Wholesale Mer- 

(t^ Names here arc the surnames Jirsl, Christian 
iiafiies folloioitig. ) 

Suarez Hermano, loi Principe Alfonso 

Tabares, Bustamenta y Ca. , 117 Ppe. Alfonso 

Tarapa, MasyCa. , io6 Estralla 

Alfonso, Francisco, 176 Ppe. Alfonso 

Arco, Juan tlel, 225 Ppe. Alfonso 

Arduengo, Feli.x, 167 Ppe. Alfonso 

Argudin, Manuel, 1 10 Dragones 

Arguelles Ramon y Ca. , 46 Ppe. Alfonso 

Bacallas, Antonio, 12 Trocadero 

Bances, J. A., H Figuras 

Barcena Nicoliis, 32 Ppe. Alfonso 

Bedoya y Rodriguez, 122 Aguila 

Bejar y Alvarez, 168 Ncjituno 

Bengocheo Jos^, 54 San Miguel 

Colero, Juan Bautista, 84 Esicvcz 

Carbajal, l^eopoldo, 318 Ppe. Alfonso 

Cosals, Jose, 38 Ppe. yVlfonso 

Casanova A. y Padron, 4 Empedrado * 

Castineiras y Sobrinos, 59 Ppe. Alfonso 


Delmar's Trades Dikectoky and Mercantile Manual. 

Tobacco Leaf, Wholesale Mer- 

ChautS — continued. 

Celaya y Rodriguez, 74 Ppe. Alfonso 

Cernuda y San Julian, 154 Ppe. Alfonso 

Coll, Freixas y Ca. , 12S Amistad 

Conill, Juan, 69 Teniente-Rey 

Diaz y Suarez, 20 Ppe. Alfonso 

P"oio, Ramon, 45 Suarez 

Fernandez, Gabino, 136 Ppe. Alfonso 

Fernandez, Isidro, 142 Lealtad 

Fernandez, Cadenava y Ca., 50 Ppe. Alfonso 

Font Luis, 6 Ppe. Alfonso 

Fontanillas Pablo, 227 Aguila 

Fontanillas y Gonzalez, 133 Ppe. Alonso 

Franchi Juan Bautista, iii Ppe. Alfonso 

Garbaloza, Domingo, 199 Ppe. Alfonso 

Garcia, Francisco, 71 Empedrado 

Garcia, Modesto, 57 Ppe. Alfonso 

Garcia F. y Cuevas, 164 Ppe. Alfonso 

Garcia y Medel, 27 Estrella 

Gonzalez Busto Benito, 25 San Rafael 

Gonzalez, Diaz Ramon, 116 Ppe. Alfonso 

Gonzalez y Fernandez, 23 Ppe. Alfonso 

Grau J. y Hermano, 32 Bernaza 

Huelguero, Manuel, 106 Ppe. Alfonso 

Ibarrondo, Ramon, S3 Nueva del Cristo 

Lopez, Jos^, 53 San Miguel 

Luege, Manuel, 277 Ppe. Alfonso 

Mantecon y Ca., 94 Ppe. Alfonso 

Martinez, Antonio, 7 Barcelona 

Martinez y Hermano, 114 Ppe. Alfonso 

Menendez, Manuel, 223 Ppe. Alfonso 

Menendez y Ca., 36 Ppe. Alfonso 

Miranda B. y Ca., 168 Ppe. Alfonso 

Muniz Jos^, 229 Ppe. Alfonso 

Muniz, Prendes y Ca., 100 Aguila 

Muiiiz y Ca., 227 Ppe. Alfonso 

Oteiza, Jos^ Antonio, 22 Ppe. Alfonso 

Palicios, Gregorio, 14 Eserella 

Pascual, Enrique, 56 San Miguel 

Perez Hermano, 105 Ppe. Alfonso 

Puente J. de la y Fernandez, 203 Ppe. Alfonso 

Ricardo Vesi, 232 Manrique 

Rivero Hermanos, 17 Revillagigedo 

Rodriguez Puentes Jos6, 211 Ppe. Alfonso 

Roig Juan, 172 Ppe. Alfonso 

Salazar Vicente, 98 Galiano 

Sanchez Benito, 140 Ppe. Alfonso 

Serra Enrique, 22 Tenerife 

Suarez Bias, 171 Ppe. Alfonso 

Suarez, Celaya y Ca., 74 Ppe. Alfonso 

Suarez, Genaro y Ca., 139 Ppe. Alfonso 

Suarez Manuel, 39 Figuras 

Theaters, Etc. 

Albisu Theatre, Comedies and Light Opera 
Cervantes Theatre, Variety and Ballet 
Tacon Theatre, Grand Opera and Drama 
Plaza de Toros, Bull Fights 
Circo de Gallos, Cock Fights 

Besides the above, there is in fJavana a Base 
Ball Park and several concert halls. 

Undertakers and Funeral Supplies. 

Manuel Campos 

Viuda de Barbosa, 63 Aguacate 

Roman Campos, 54 Revillagigedo 

Tomas R. Giralt, 129 Anchadel Norte 

Ramon Guillot, 72 Aguiar 

Carlos Hernandez, 33 Concordia 

Matias Infanson, 79 Zanja 

Serafin Lopez, no Zanja 

Leandro Lozano, 184 Habana 

Adolfo Ramos, 48 Estevez 

Dorotea Ramos, 95 Estevez 

Jos6 de los Reyes, 30 Sol 

T. Rodriquez, 52 Neptuno 

Camilio Suarez, 102 Suarez 

C. Urrutia, 108 Zanja 

Rafael Urrutia, in Zanja 

Felicia Villagas, 109 Zanja 


Jos^ Alamo, 132 Lealtad 

Francisco de la Cueva, 34 Arimas 

Juan Guillardo y Imberuo, 6 Concordia 

N. Ortega, 31 Nueva del Cristo 

Esteban Pichardo, 104 Merced 

Jos6 F. Rodriguez, 228 San Nicolas 

Rafael Rodriguez y Rodriguez, 228 San Nicolas 

Domingo Saavedra, 94 San Miguel 

Jos6 Salazar y Hernandez, 21 Concordia 

Simon Valdez de la Torre, Animas 


Santiago Abascat, 2 San Ignacio 

Jose Ramon Ariza, 152 Neptuno 

Juan Casasu, Vendodo 

Enrique y Ordoiiez, 22 San Ignacio 

Pascual Galvez, 9 Teniente-Rey 

Pedro Garcia, 26 Galiano 

Giiell y Ca., i Calzada de Cristina 

Francisco Miro, 11 Oficios 

Perez y Ca., 5 Obrapia 

Marcelo Ruiz, 4 San Ignacio 

Island of Cuba. 



Population, 20,000. 

Agricultural Implements. 

(See Hardware, Tools, Etc.) 

Ales and Beer Dealers. 

(See also. Grocers, Wholesale.) 

Manuel Anduiza 

A. S. Mendez 

E. Howeta y Ca. 
Francisco P. Carbonell 

Architects, Builders & Surveyors. 

B. E. de Biart, 137 Laborde 
Jose Martinez Lopez, 140 Laborde 
Salvador Vidal 

Arms and Ammunition. 

Alberto Giralt, 85 Obispo 
Domingo Hernandez 

Banks and Bankers. 

Surcusai del Banco Espafiol 
Juan Martinez 
Rojas y Bacot 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Jose Alvitos, 43 Real 

A. Triay, 23 Real 

J. Serra y Capdevila, Jenez 

Jose Soler, 44 Calvo 

Bernardo Suarez, 104 Ayllon 

V. Suarez y Puerta, 132 Jenez 

Julio Tonley, 83 Coronel Verdugo 

Juan Turro, Plaza de Mercado 

Turro y Toledo, 136 Calvo 

Urbistondo y Hermano, 91 /^ Ayllon 

Benito J. Valdes, 154 O'Donnell 

Jose Villar, 150 Vires 

Jose Zabala, 452 Janez 

Boots and Shoes, Wholesale and 

Juan Basilio, 6g Ayllon 

Pedro Casaiias, 103 Ayllon 

Benito Castro, 24 Ruiz 

Jose Fonnodona, 49 Real 

Paudencio Gauneta, 88 Industria 

Francisco Acbedo Gomez 12 Salud 

Domingo Gonzalez, 25 O'Donnell 

Vega Gonzaiczy, 12 Ayllonz 

Juan Gfjrdillo, 166 Real 

\'iuda de Juan Hardiria, 167 Ruiz 

Rodriguez Antonio Hernandes, 186 Calvo 

Alejandro Lo])ez 

Viuda de Martinez, 12 Real 

Fuire y Paz, 94 Coronel Rerdugo 

Anseimi^ del Pino y Ca., Laborde 

Fcderico Rivas, 77 Real 

J. Vicens, 73 Real 

Coal Merchants. 

M. V. Lezcano, 62 Pinillos 
Jose Portilla, 197 Espriu 

Crockery and Glassware. 

M. Gonzalez y Ca. , 71 Real 
Elizondo, Orihucla y Ca. , 33 Real 
Lizonda, Laurnaca y Ca., 20 Real 
Francisco Llaca, 75 Real 


Ramon Beldady, 73 Ayllon 
Jose M. Carreiio, 37 Real 

Druggists, Retail. 

Francisco Barrinat, San Juan de Dioz, 93 Real 
Juan Figueroa y Padre, Ntra. Sra. de Regla., 

34 l<eal 
Carlo.? Jose Quin, Nueva de San Agustin, 133 

Ramon Leon Ruiz, La Marina, 42 Real 
B. Herrero, 89 Real 

Dry Goods, Retail. 

A. Alonso, 126 Ayllon 
Manuel Alvarez y Ca. , 128 Real 
G. Fernandez 

Hilaiio Fernandez, 96 Real 
Fernandez y Ca. , 185 Real 
J. Garcia y Alvarez, 109 Real 
Gemez Calleyd, 159 Ruiz 
Gutierez Ca., Coronel Verdugo 
Lloniz y Ca., Coronel Verdugo 
Loredo y Ca., 79 Real 
Mazo y Hijo 12 Ayllon 
Fernandez, Pelaez y Ca., 76 Real 
Villasante Ruiz, 119 Real 
Nicolas Sanchez, 141 Laborde 
Felipe Garcia Suarez, 78 Real 
Severino Suarez, 114 Real 
.Suarez y Ca., 79 Real 
Suarez y Hermano, 88 Real 
Dionisio Torre, 220 Real 
M. Vivanco y Ca., 84 Real 

Fancy Goods. 

Altuzarra y Bastranica, 102 Real 

German F. Bujan, 29 Real 

.Maria del Rosario Bustamantc, 143 Real 

Pedio Dama, Laborde 

Diaz y Conijo, 80 Real 

Lopez y Ca. , 56 Real 

J. Pages y Hermano, 46 Real 

Luis Pages, 74 Real 


J. Artigas, 95 Laborde 
A. Madruga y Freire 
Tonias Magin 
Villa Rivas y Ca. 
N. Bahamonde 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

General Merchants, Wholesale 
and Retail. 

Bazco Aedo, 56 Princesa 

Antonio Aguilera, 48 Cossio 

Folgueras Pedro Alvarez, 32 Obispo 

Garcia Faustino Alvarez, 143 O'Donnell 

Juan Alvariiio, 175 Jenez 

Andiarena a Ca. , 40 Ayllon 

Saevedra Andres, Concha 

Antonio Garcia Arua, 70 Laborde 

Francisco Barges, 55 Industria 

F. Cabarcos y Hermanos, 156 Real 

L. Cambo y Pineira, iiS Ruiz 

Santos del Campos, 127 Calvo 

Castilla y Diaz, 189 Real 

Cobrelias y Ca., 95 Real 

M. Collia y Estrada, 225 Ruix 

Colo y Ca., 18 Laborde 

Benito Davio, 97 Ruiz 

Francisco Diaz, 38 Laborde 

Jose Diaz, 187 Real 

Bf nignB; L^\iran, 282 Jenez 

J. Ferriandez y Hermanos, 105 Ayllon 

Pedro N^ Flaquer, 61 O'Donnell 

Juaii-Nadad Flaquer, 225 Ayllon 

Manuel Flores, 227 Ruiz 

B. Font y Rosello, Navarro 

Dionisio Fragas, J2 Cossio 

F. Fuerro y Gonzalez, 91 Velazquez 

Galan y Gonzalez, 109 Jenez 

Andres Garcia, 81 Aranguren 

Perez Garcia, 570 Real 

Garriga y Gay, i8 Hector 

Joaquim Jimenez Gomez, 9 Espriu 

Leopoldo Gomez, 170 Real 

Gomez y Corral, 20 San Jose 

Pedro Llera Herrera, 32 Raal 

Evarista de la Incera, 40 0't)onnell 

Antonio Garcia Inclau, 135 Vives 

Jamet y Hermano, 78 Ruiz 

Janetti y Ruiz, 8 Plaza de Mercado 

A. Junco y Otero, 33 Vives 

Angel Laborde, 124 O'Donnell 

Geronimo Llano, 149 Vives 

Francisco Larranz y Ca. , 29 Laborde 

A. Ledo y Garcia, 14 O'Donnell 

Jose Buch Llort, 203 Jenez 

Jose Rodriguez Lopez, 9 Hector 

Magin y Rosch, 55 Real 

Francisco G. Manzo, 37 Anglona 

Bartolo Marquez, 272 Laborde 

F. Martonell y Roca, 9 Anglada 

Juan Rico Fernandez, 293 Laborde 

Juan Pascual Miro, 59 Obispo 

Mitzaus y Cruts, 143 Laborde 

F. Montelo y Perez, Plazo de Mercado 

Montes y Gallico, 69 O'Donnell 

Moya y Hermano, 152 Jenez 

Muiiiz y Rivero, 48 Ruiz 

J. Niella y Sola, 27 Laborde 

Sebastian Rodriguez Olivera, 166 Calvo 

Frederico Torriente Palacio, 1S2 Real 

Jose Cristobal Perez, 20 Jenez 

A. Piiiero y Viiia, 58 Pinillos 

Antonio Pla, 15 Laborde 

Luis F. Prats, 12 Jenez 

J. Pruneda y Gafort, 29 Laborde 

Jose A. Pulido, 85 Calvo 

Jose Casellas, Rabassa, 198 Real 

Maria Fernando Rios, 22 Ruiz 

Antonio Roan, 70 Laborde 

Juan Ronca Roca, Nazareno 

Vicenta Gonzalez Rodrigues, 7 Soumerville 
L. Rodriguez y Martinez, 199 Ayllon 
Rodriguez y Ca. , 17 Obispo 
Silverio Rubiera, Plaza de Mercado 
Segundo Saez, 9 Cristina 
S. Salas y Gali, 50 Pinillos 
Jose Salviejo, 132 Calvo 
Francisco Gomez Sanchez, 19 Calv 
Sebastian Sanchez, 82 O'Donnell 
Santos y Lastre, iS Laborde 

General Commission Merchants. 

J. Balsells, 16 Real 

G. Cazimajon, 4 Ayllon 

Crabb y Tria, 82 Pinillos 

A. Gon y Ca., 6 Real 

Pedmonte y Ca. , 88 Pinillos 

Rabely Ca., 18 Real 

Rojas y Pacot, 24 Real 

Tellado, Barrera y Ca., 70 Pinellos 

Ice Dealer. 

Juan B. Hamel, 72 Real 

Groceries and Provisions, Whole- 
sale and Retail. 

Bermudez, Braga y Ca., 108 Pinillos 

Alzugaray y Ca., 13 Laborde 

Roig, Arango y Ca. , Pinillos 

Arechabalay y Pillar, 72 Pinillos 

Arena y Ca., 90 Pinillos 

Bardia y Ca. , 84 Pinillos 

Ferro, Bermudez y Ca., 28 Real 

Bustamante y Ca. , 18 Real 

Goto y Ca., 18 Laborde 

Ometa, Diaz y Ca., 11 Laborde 

Enrique Dima, Coronel Verdugo 

Vidal, Garcia y Ca., 102 Pinillos 

Mederos, Gomez y C, 94 Pinillos 

Bernardo Llano, 140 Real 

Echenique, Llerandi y Ca., 102 Pinillos 

Domenech, Mendizabal y Ca. , 102 Pinillas 

Perdemante y Ca., Ayllon 

Francisco Otero Peiieda, 113 Real 

Roca y Ca., 78 Pinillos 

Segrera y Ca., 2 Real 

Manuel G. Soto, 16 Pinillos 

Ruiz, Suarez y Ca., i Real 

Alonso Valle, 69 Obispo 

Bermudez, Suarez y Ca., Pinillos 

Hardware, Tools, Etc. 

Cabezon, Cobo y Ca., 13 Real 
Gregorio Fuentes, 130 Real 
Larrauri Larrousoe y Ca., 3 Real 
M. Linares Martinez, 86 Pinillos 
Agesta Maribona y Ca., 12 Real 
M. Torre y Ca., 104 Pinillos 
Torre y Framil 76 Real 

House Furnishing Goods. 

Luis Garcia, 23 Ruiz 
Agustin Sanchez, 62 Real 
Salvador Vidal, 145 Real 
Francisco Gafa, Real 

IsLAXD OF Cuba. 


• Jewelry and Silverware. 

S. Pineda, Si Real 

Aguayo y Ca., 102 Real 

Matias Bourgeois, 131 Real 

Secundino Cesta, 97 Real 

Altuzarra y Cambronero, io2 Real 

Jose Carol, Ayllon 

V. Riestay Gallego, 81 Real 

Enrique C. Salvart, Nerdugo 

Jose Soler, 77 Ayllon 

Antonio Vidal, 97 Real 

J. Matteos, 145 Real 

Agustin Mota, 109 Coronel Verdugo 

Lumber and Steam Saw Mills. 

E. Guerendian y Ca., Hector , 
Vicente R. Vila, O'Donnell 

Machine Shops. 

F. Rico Alvarez, 72 Calvo 
Juan M. Corzo, 96 Princesa 
F. Petit, 53 O'Donnell 

Oil, Lamps, Etc. 

Manuel Martinez 

Rodriguez y Olivera, 30 Cossio 

Paints and Varnishes. 

(See Hardware and Druggists.) 


Juan Busto, 211 Laborde 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

Francisco Aday, 24 Ayllon 

Manuel Alvarez Laborde 

Antonio Mir Barrinat, 72 Laborde 

Alejandro Biast, 137 Laborde 

Enrique E. Casabuena, 155 Jerez 

Juan Mir Codina, 109 Coronel Verdugo 

Ramon Elcid, Ayllon 

\'alentin Alcaraz Fernandez, 120 Ruiz 

Gutierez y Quiros, 32 Daniel 

Antonio Hay de la Puente, 41 Ruiz 

Engenio N. Herrero, Aranguren 

Lorenzo Hevia, 58 Obispo 

Fernandez Menendez, Coronel VeVdugo 

Ciriaco Navarro, 12 Ayllon 
Antonio Jose Pacetti, 75 Laborde 
Dionisio Saez, Real 

Theaters, Etc. 

Teatro Otero 
Teatro Asiatico 


Jose Puig, 60 Real 

Tomas Dais y Nunez, 116 Real 

Enrique Trujillo 

J. Puente, 15 Princessa 

" Diario de Cardenas " 

" La Cronica" 

Saddlery and Harness. 

Tomas Delgado, 157 Real 

Jose Hernandez, 44 Real 

Manuel Mederos Hernandez, 151 Real 

Sewing Machines. 

Bastarrica y Cendoya 
Alberto Giralt 
Nadal y Ca. 
Domingo Viti 
R. Villaneva 

Trunks, Bags, Etc. 

Abajasy Ca., 68 Real 

Castilla y Ca., 117 Real 

Alejo Diaz, 108 Real 

Diaz y Ca. , 108 Real 

Suarez Diaz, 102 Ayllon 

Sanchez Fernandez y Ca. 

Manuel Gonzallez, 109 Real 

Serra Gran y Ca., 60 Real 

A. Lopez y Gutierrez, Plaza del Mercado 

Prieto y Albajas, 68 Real 

Silva Ruiz y Ca 

Villanueva, Vetti y Ca., 83 Real 


Hipolito Cabezola, Verdugo 

Juan Madruga, Ayllon 

Juan Rivas, 93 Labode 

Jose Bernal Rodriguez, Industria 


Delmar's Trades Directoryand Mercantile Manual. 


Population, 21,000. 

Anns and Animunition. 

(See also Hardware.) 

Luis Diaz 
Andres Grandilla 

Agricultural Implements. 

(See Hardware and Tools). 


Sucursal del Banco Espanol, 29 Santa Clara 
S. Fernando 

Billiard Halls. 

Jesus E. Alvarez 
Manuel Borrato 
G. Castellanos 
Jose J. Cienfuegos 
Fernandez y Cruz 
Herrera y Gonzalez 
Juan B. Hormoza 
Vidal y Serra 


Anselmo Garcia, Arguilles 
Muniz y Hermano, Santa Isabel 

Boots and Shoes, Retail. 

Cruz Aguero, Horruitinier 
Antonio Ayona, La Capitana 
Bergo y Hernandez, Santa Cruz 
J. Cauteiia y Hermano, D'Clouet 
Carreras y Tutzo, D'Clouet 
Alejandro Carala, Arguelles 
Domingo Cruz, Castillo 
Ferrer y Garcia, S. Fernando 
Magin Fonts, D'Clouet 
Jose Guel, S. Carlos 
Caridad Niebla, Cuartel 
Jose Quintero, Santa Cruz 
J. Rodriguez y Salas, Dolores 
Gabriel Rosello, Marcillan 
B. Vargas, Castillo 
J. Sans y Acebedo, Santa Cruz 
Salvodor Sorbonet, Dolores 

Building Materials. 

Gil Cano y Ca. , Castillo 

Miguel Colon, Castillo 

J. Fernandez y Fernandez, Castillo 

Francisco Lorenzo, Castillo 

Jose Maria Menica, Castillo 

Francisco de Virella Paula y Ca., Castillo 

Perez y Ca. 

Juan Roig, Castillo 

Gomez y Ca., Castillo 

Carriage and Cart Manufacturers. 

Felix Calderon 

Joaquim Angel, San Fernando 

Juan Tenorio Rodriguez, Vires 
Pagola y Ca. 


B. Panza y Maimon, Castillo 
Nicholas Schittino, Castillo 

Crockery and Glassware. 

Lorenzo Perez, Arguelles 
Felipe Quesada, 10 D'Clouet 


Adolfo C. Betancourt 
Enrique Grau 
Diego Lopez 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Isidro Castineira 

Jose F. Ferry , 

Figueroa y Velis 

Fernando Frias 

Ramon Novoa 

Saler y Mendez 

R. Figueroa y Marti, Nuestra Sra. de Regla 

Frias y Cintras, La Central 

Francisco G. Gonzalez, San Anacleto 

Dry Goods. 

Josd M. Alonso, San Fernando 
Lorenzo Alvarez, San Carlos 
D. Aya y Fernandez, San Fernando 
Janer Blanco, San Fernando 
Campa y Hermano, Castillo 
Jose Campoamor, 27 D'Clouet 
Castrillon y Hermanos, Castillo 
Braulio, Coteron y Ca., San Fernordo 
Grazes Conceyro y Ca., 13 Santa Isabel 
F. Diaz de Villegas y Arce, San Carlos 
Antonio J. Fernandez, 102 San Carlos 
Angel Forcelledo, 30 San Carlos 
Jose Gutierrez, 26 Santa Isabel 
Jose Maria Menendez, 21 Santa Eleua 
Hermanos Posada, San Fernando 
Manuel Rivero y Ca., 26 San Fernando 
F. Rodriguez y Ca., D'Clouet 
Sanchez y Ca. 

Trerilla y Ca., San Fernando 
Laureano Villa, Santa Isabel 

Exchang-e Brokers. 

Felix Ballina 
Muruelo y Trelles 

Electrical Apparatus. 

Manuel Solis 

Furniture Dealers. 

Hipolito Larcada 
Jacinto Manticon 
Jose D. Martinez 
Carlos Sardinia 
Villapol y Fernandez 

Island of Cuba. 


General Commission Merchants. 

Aviles y Leblanc, 6 Dorticos 
Fowler y Ca., Dorticos 
Federico Hunihe, La Mar 
Cardona, Hart y Ca. 
Castanoy Intriago 
G. Castillo 
Garcia y Ca. 
Gustavo Gravan 
Ricardo Hova 
Minendez y Ca. 
Tomas Terry y Ca. 
Hermanos Torriente 

Groceries and Provisions, Whole- 

Gandara y Hermano 

Manuel Menendez 

Planas y Sanchez 

Manuel Traviesa 

Alvarez, Llano y Ca. 

Garcia y Ca., D'Clouet 

Granda y Ca., San Fernando 

Pons y Ca., Santa Isabel 

Sanchez y Ca. 

Cardona, Artarancaez y Ca. 

Castaiio Intriago, Manuel Mendez 

Hardware, Tools, Etc. 

Perez y Hermano 
Perez y Olascoaga 
Arruebarrena y Trujillo, D'Clouet 
Lloivo y Ca. , San Fernando 
Lorenzo Perez, Santa Isabel 
A. Copperi y Ca. 

House Furnishing, Tinsmiths, Etc. 

Sabino Abello y Ca. , Castillo 
Josefa Campo, Castilla 
E. Fernandez, Santa Isabel 
D. Lamoglia, Castillo 

Lamps, Oils, Etc. 

Eduardo Munoz 

Jose Romero, D'Clouet 

I. Romero 

Lorenzo Perez 

Perez Hermanos 

Lumber and Brick Dealers. 

A. Cabezo Garcia y Ca., Paseo de Arango 
Hermanos Garriga y Nuro, Paseo de Arango 


Jacinto Cotera, 37 San Carlos 

J. Carbonell, 4 Chamat, San Fernando 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

Manuel Aguiar, San Carlos 
Isidoro Castinira, San Fernando 

Ramon Mazzarredo, Santa Clara 

J. Pertierra y Albuerne, San Luis 

Rafael Saboride, Santa Cruz 

Juan A. Vila, Arguelles 

Antonio Balbaiiia 

Lorenzo Acevedo 

Jacinto Cotera 

Manuel Ferreyro 

Jose Frias 

N. Vieta Garcia 

Juan Hildalgo 

Gabriel N. Lauda 

Joaquin P. Marti 

Federico Mazarredo 

Octavio Ortiz 

Luis Poma 

Printers and Lithographers. 

J. Jose Andreu, Santa Isabel 
Nicolas de Gamboa, Horruitinier 
Manuel Muiiiz, Santa Isabel 
A. Muir, La Aurora San Fernando 
V. Vila 

Sewing Machine Agents. 

Jose Alonso 
Q. Capalleza 

Surveyors and Architects. 

Manuel Torre O'Bourke 
Jose A. Alvarez, Santa Cruz 
Nicolas de Gamboa, Horruitinier 
Rey y Barro 

Trunks, Leather Articles, Etc 

Aedo y Hermano, Castillo 

Antonio Bernes, Santa Cruz 

Juan Bustamante, D'Clouet 

Carreras y Touso, D'Clouet 

J. Miranda, 18 Santa Cruz 

Cristina Clarilla, Santa Cruz 

R. Gener, D'Clouet 

Francisco Martinez, D'Clouet 

Jose Quiros, 18 San Carlos 

A. de la Torre y Harmano, 28 San Fernando 


Juan Oriol, Santa Cruz 

J. Rabassa y Verges, Santa Isabel 

Watchmakers and Jewelers. 

Juan Amal, Santa Isabel 
Carlos Basset, Horruitinier 
LuLs Fino, D'Clouet 
Gestlry U. Fritz, San Carlos 
Tomas Martin, Santa Cruz 
Yraredra Meras, D'Clouet 
Saturnino Ortega, D'Clouet 
A. Rigot, D'Clouet 
Manuel Solis, D'Clouet 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 


Population, 25,000. 

Agricultural Implements. 

(See Hardware.) 

Ales and Beer. 

(See Groceries and Provisions) 

Arms and Ammunition. 

(See Hardware Dealers.) 

Boots, Shoes and Leather Goods. 

Victoriano Martinez, Gloria 
Ramirez M. Toledo, P'ortaleza 
Miguel Torres, Fortaleza 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Juan Gomez, " San Jose " 
Castor del Moral, "Fortaleza" 
Eduardo Gonzalez 

Dry Goods. 

Bolivar y Ca., Fortaleza 
Sartorio Fernandez y Ca. 
Benito Langoria, Fortaleza 
Demetrio Langoria, Fortaleza 


Victor L. Casamora, San Isidore 
Joaquin Pomposo, San Isidore 

General Merchants. 

Hermanos Garrido, Fortaleza 
Antonio Gutierrez, Fortaleza 
Gutierrez y Beltran, Cementerio 
Manuel Aja Martinez, Fortaleza 
Mendez y Alvarez, Espana 
Francisco Montadas, Cementerio 
Muniz y Garcia, Espafia 

Garcia Rebelgo y Ca. , Espana 
Sainz y Hermano, Fortaleza 
Torre Necino y Ca., Fortaleza 
Vidal y Hermanos, Felices 
Anguela y Driggs, Mariana 
Padiemo, Garcia y Ca. , San German 
Hidalgo, Gueri y Ca., San German 
Munilla, Longoriay Ca., Mariana 
Amat Manus y Ca., Fortaleza 
Juan Martinez, Mariana 
Riancho, Federica y Ca., 
Rodriguez, Silva y Ca. , P'ortaleza 
Torre, Vecino y Ca., Fortaleza 

Groceries and Provisions. 

Rufino del Rusal, Rosario 
Agustin Barciela, Fortaleza 
Jose Naval Diaz, Gloria 
Modesto Lopez, Fortaleza 
Francisce Montada, Clarin 

Jewelers, Etc. 

Lafont y Lambret, Fortaleza 
A. Marquez, Fontaleza 
Rafael G. Vicedo, Fontaleza 


Antonio G. Avia, Mariano 
Lucas Calderon, Fontaleza 
Peiia Garcia, Calixto 
Ricardo G. Longaria, Marino 
Calixto G. Pena, Herman Cortes 


Rafael Lopez Cuesta, San Marmeto 


Francisco Rodriguez, San German 

Island or Cuba. 



Population, 25,900. 

Ales aud Beer Dealers. 

(See also Groceries and Provisions.) 

Ayats y Romaguera 
Rafael Anedo, 30 Cardenas 

Agricultural Iniplenients. 

(See Hardware Dealers.) 

Arms and Amuiiiuition. 

(See Hardware.) 

Boots aud Shoes, Retail. 

Jose Area y Remus, 220 Corral Falso 
Andres Cabrera, 191 Corral Falso 
Jose Carreras, 169 Corral Falso 
Joaquin Espinosa, 93 Palo Blanco 
Jose Carvajal Fernandez, 32 Ppe. Antonio 
Jose Ferreiro y Maril, 207 Corral Falso 
Eusebio Borges Farcio, 205 Corral Falso 
Candido Gomez, Ppe. Antonio 
Pedro Guach Martin, Concepcion 
Cristobal Villarosa, 4 Concepcion 


Ramon Cueto 
Juan Castella, 79 Venus 

Aleman Hernandez y Francisco, 82 Santo Do- 
Jose Jurado, 52 Calzada Regla 
"Francisco de la Piedra, 66 Campo Santo 
J. Rico y Alvarez, 75 Delicias 
Domingo Vilela, 73 Concepcion 
Agustin Martinez 


Luis Aguera 

E. Ualman, 13 Candelaria 
Tomas Bello 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Juan T. Figuerra 

F. Josar y Hernandez 

Espinosa y Sardina, 200 Corral Falso 
Antonio E. Gonzalez, 10 Candelaria 
Ramon Fuentes, 43 Concepcion 
Juan Suarez, 65 Palo Blanco 
Suarz y Miranda 

Dry Goods, Ketail. 

Manuel Camcn, 26 Candelaria 

Manuel Cafiedo, 9 Pejie Antonio 

Maximino Canedo y Ca. , 34 Pepe Antonio 

Rafael Cofiedo, Pepe Antonio 

Manuel Diaz, 14 Animas 

Juan Arenas Fernandez, 30 Polo Blanco 

Antonio Fons, Concepcion 

t'eliciono Garcia, Animas 

Felix Salas Gonzalez, 13 Pepe Antonio 

Melchor Gurdiel, 6 Real 

Manuel Luzarraga, 212 Corral Falso 

Jose Ruiz, 30 Pepe Antonio 
Dionisio G. Solaris, 167 Corral Falso 
Mariano Urieta 
Gumersindo Venero, 29 Candelaria 


Ramon y Francisco Cueto, 14 Real 
Ramon Guanche 

Groceries and Provisions, Whole- 
sale and Retail. 

Jaime Adue 

Beraza y Ca., 18 Candelaria 

Matilde Acosta, 54 Santa Maria 

Jose Adue, 25 Palo Blanco 

Antonio Adroe, 2 Corona 

F"elix Alberti, 25 Pepe Antonio 

Braulio Albeino, 79 Real 

Albuerno y Ca. , 32 Obispa 

Francisco Alfonso, 5 Santa Maria 

Camilo Alvarez, 113 Corral Falso 

Solis A. Alvarez, 34 Gleria 

Ignacio Amaya, 25 Palo Blanco 

Miguel Ayats, 9 San Antonio 

Maria Jose Babeda, 181 Corral Falso 

Manuel Barroso y Ca., 104 Palo Blanco 

Marcelino Batalon, 14 Division 

M. Bello y Tamago, 9 Delicias 

Beraza y Ca., 18 Candelaria 

Antonio Blanco, 58 Cerreria 

Manuel Bobeda, 57 San Antonio 

Tose Bulfill, 47 Division 

jose Cayon, 98 Real 

Juan Campos, 36 Fuente 

Jose Carrio, 2 Candelaria 

Juan Casariego, 77 Venus 

Jose Castillo, 77 Molinos 

Caiias y Ca., 25 Palo Blanco 

Corbera y Soto, 46 Concepcion 

Antonio Crosas y Ca., 15 Samaritana 

fose Cuanda, 16 Jesus Maria 

Pedro Cuerdo, 109 Concepcion 

Cuervo y Garcia, San Antonio 

Juan B. Cueto, 42 Delicias 

Jose Diaz, 133 Joaquim 

Juan G. Diaz, 80 Amargura 

J. Esuvir y Ramos, 18 Candelaria 

Domingo Fernandez, 2 Santo Domingo 

Kusebio Fernandez, 107 Venus 

Antonio Mayor Fernandez, no Concepcion 

]. Mayor Fernandez, 7 Corrales 

M. Fernandez y Hermano, 41 Corrales 

Ramon Fernandez, 36 Soledad 

Jose Fortuni, 43 San Antonio 

Francisco Gaily, 67 Cereria 

Francisco Garcia, 56 Palo Blanco 

Jose R. Garcia, 32 Juan Jose 

Juan Garcia, 23 Beguer 

Rafael Garcia, 44 Real 

Ramon Garcia, 7 Padilla 

Benito Gomez, 351-2 Real 

Vicente Gancz, 45 Barreto 

Juan Gonzalez, 80 Amargura 


Delmar's Trades Directory a^^d Mercantile Ma^jual. 

Groceries and Provisions, Wholesale 

and Jtetail—i^oniifiiied. 

Ramon Gonzalez, 33 Obispo 

Grana y Ca., 15 Cardenas 

Felipe Quino, 22 Santa Maria 

Pedro Herrera, 215 Corral Falso 

Divisio Infiesta, 12 Camarera 

Ignacio Binares, 184 Corral Falso 

Sebastian Llorens, 75 San Joaquin 

Manuel Mahr, 31 Amenidod 

Juan Martinez, Pepe Antonia 

Manuel Maseda, 61 Real 

Jose Medio. 20 Luz 

Medio y Hermano, 55 Corral Falso 

Francisco jNIenendez, 35 Animas 

M. Moner y Pi, 42 Jesus Maria 

Manuel Montaoev, 84 Division 

Santos Nieto, 181 Corral Falso 

Benito Nogue, 75 Corral Falso 

Juan Noriega, i Real 

Joaquin Pasper, 16 Santa Andres 

Juan Perez y Ca., 11 Cadenas 

Lucas Perez, Plaza de Justiz 

Claudio Perque, 75 Corral Falso 

Felix Presas, 98 Concepcion 

Joaquin Pinera, 82 Caniposanto 

Modesta Pineiro, 13 Lebredo 

Agustin Pujol, 69 Concepcion 

Jose Pujol, 31 Cadenas 

Manuel Puerna y Ca., 115 Palo Blanco 

Ramon Ramis, 57 Amargura 

Francisco Real, 12 Animas 

Cefernio Rodriguez, 35 Asuncion 

Fernando Rodriguez, loS Corrales 

Jose Rodriguez y Hermano, 15 Plaza Vieja 

Manuel Rodriguez, 28 Pepe Antonio 

Rodriguez y Ca., San Jose 

Antonio Ribot, 80 Cereria 

Claudio Rivas, 92 Corral Falso 

Pastor Sains, 70 Animas 

Jamie Salas, 40 Delicias 

Servio Salas, 20 Santo Domingo 

Miguel Soler, Cruz Verde 

Juan Suarez, 41 Lebredo 

Manuel Suarez, 195 Corral Falso 

Salvador Surida, 22 Cruz Verde 

Josede la Torre, 51 Jo.-quin 

Manuel de la Torre, 42 Samantana 

Ramon Vazquez, 19 Real 

Vazquez y Machado, 19 Real 

Jaime Vidal, 42 Cocos 

Jamie Vila, 44 Aguacate 

"Miguel Vila y Ca., 41 Animas 

Jacinto Villamil, 24 Padilla 

Mariano Yaiio, 55 Palo Blanco 

Antonio Yolasano, 63 Cruz Verde 

Jose Muiliz, 7 Corral Falso 

Antonio Neida, 42 Luz 

Hardware, Tools, Etc. 

Enrique Casas. 

Serafin Alio, 42 Pepe Antonio 

Baltasar Arronte, Versalles 

Jose Jurado 

Francisco Piedra 

Rico y Alvarez 

Juan Trujillo 

L-amps, Oils, Etc. 

Juan Bada 

Domingo Vilela, 73 Concepcion 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

Mariano Domenech, 37 Animas 
Enrique G. Gonzalez, 871-2 Corral Falso 
Jose Antonio Parraga, 56 Concepcion 
Juan Manuel Prieto, 41 Concepcion 
Francisco Rivero, 19 Pepe Antonio 
Jose Gutierrez 
Francisco M. Hector 
T. Moreno Ceballos 
Ricardo Morillas 
Francisco Vidal 
Rufino Vidal 


Belisario Garceran, 28 Real 

Jose Huguet y Belarza, is Pepe Antonio 

Juan Manro, 79 Concepcion 

Saddlery and Harness. 

Francisco Sirra, 139 Corral Falso 

Sewing Machines. 

(See Dry Goods.) 

Trunks, Leather Goods, Etc. 

Serafin Alio, 42 Pepe Antonio 
Evaristo Zabala Diaz, 16 Animas 
Bernardo Gonzalez, 124 Cardenas 
Manuel Serra I^Iigolla, 140 Corral Falso 
Manuel Noriega, 40 Palo Blanco 
Francisco Sanchez, 6 Real 
Pablo Vila, 48 Concepcion 


Jos^ Casado, 50 Division 
Felix de la Cruz y Ca. , 60 Palo Blanco 
Carlota Molina, 16 Verte Marte 
1 Cirilo Chassagne 


Island of Cuba. 



Population, 7,000. 

Agricultural Implements. 

(See Hardware Dealers. ) 

Ales and Beer. 

(See Groceries and Provisions. ) 

Arms and Ammunition. 

Prospero Gamir 
Prospero Juanneau 
Salvador Perez 


J. Baro y Hermauo 
Brooks y Ca. 
J. Bueno y Ca. 


Francisco Conovaca, 24 Concha Baja 
Lesaum y Ca. , 23 \'orgas Baja 
Vincente INIico, 7 Real 

Crockery, Glassware, Lamps, Etc. 

Callico y Ca. , 2 Valdes Alta 


Ernesto Martin 
Sebastian Lacavaliere 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Jose Lacavalerie y Ca., 4 Valdes 
Ambrosio Quintana, 27 Valdes 
Esteban Jierra 

Dry Goods. 

Bertran Arara y Ca., 15 Concha 
Brunet. Carreras y Ca. , 28 Valdes 
Mestre y (jorgas, Real 
Padrol y Ca., P. de Arnias 
Jose Pascual, P. de Arnias 
RoldcSs y Ca., g Concha 
Hermano Ros^s y Ca., Real 

General Merchandise, Wholesale. 

Bertran, Arara y Ca. , 15 Concha 
Hermanos Rosillo Arce, 12 Maujon 
Bertran y Hermano, Santa Catalina 
Bertran y Mirel, 15 Concha 
Callico y Ca. , 12 Valdes 
Brunet, Carreras y Ca. , 28 Valdas 
Bandillo Gallart 
Agustin Hernandez, 6 Maujon 
Jose Jacas y Ca., i Concha 

Jose Castro 

Miguel Collantes 

Francisco Dubos 

Vincente Ereiia 

Ramon Gonzalez 

Francisco Iglesias 

Mestre y Ca. 

Jose Mompo 

Pedro Monte 

Antonio Puente 

Jose D. Seis 

P. Soler y Ca. 

Vestu y Ca. 

Mestre y Gorjus, 34 Real 

Mariano Mila, 26 Santa Catalina 

Morlote y Solcines, 26 Maujon 

Hermano Roses y Ca., Real 

Jewelers and Watchmakers. 

Jose Gaulhiac 
Jose Polanco 
Daniel C. Aimable 
Garcia y Ca. 
Florencio Valero 

Merchants, Commission. 

G. Branet y Ca., 36 Real 
Brooks y Ca., 47 Real 
Bueno y Ca., 44 Valdes 
Emilio Sanchez 

Physicians and Surg-eons. 

Joaquin Botey, Real 
Manuel Granda, Concha 
Faustino Garcia 
N. Sobrino, Hotel Comercio 
Luis M. de Castro 
Joaquin Ros 

Printers and Newspapers. 

" La Voz del Ganso " 
Francisco Castellanos 
Mendoza y Ca. 
" El Echo del Comercio" 
Luis Lamarque 

Saddlery and Harness. 

Juan Bautista Carrey, 27 Valdes 
Cosme Forment, 23 Valdes 
Eduardo Jalonasky, 2 Santa Catalina 
Jorge Lalonne, 2 Campana 
Maria Luisa Mcna, Campana 


Delmae's Trades Directory a^td Mercantile Manual. 


Population, iS,ooo. 


Ales and Beer. 

(See Groceries and Provisions.) 

Agricultural Iiiipleiuents. 

(See Hardware Dealers.) 

Boot.s and Shoes. 

Zacarias Arenal, Real 

Jose Carbonell, 65 Angel 

Wenceslao Castro, Real 

M. Fernandez y Hermano, 22 Comercio 

Gonzalez y Ca., 17 Comercio 

Emilio Vigas, 20 Comercio 


Elario Aguilera 

Calisto Betancourt, 30 Cristina , 

N. Herman 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Pedro Tomas Cespedes, 26 Cristina 
Ramon Sanchez, 51 Comercio 

Dry and Fancy Goods. 

Silverio Cangas, 45 Real 
Ramon Garcia, 23 Cristina 
Perez Nuiiiz y Ca. , 51 Zeal 
Riega y Ca., Real 

General Merchandise, Provisions, 

Almiral y Llopis, Angel 

Castro, Boeras y Ca., 25 Real 

Eusebio Camino, 46 Real 

Fuentes y Sanchez 

Jabel y Ca. 

Luis Matas, P. de San Jose 

Saturnino Mennendez, 36 Real 

Antonio Morales, 42 Real 

J. Nufiiz y Ca. , 19 Comercio 

Pedro Pardias, Real 

Planas y Hermanos, 65 Real 

M. Rabentos y Ca., Santa Ana 

Riera y Ca., 8 Santa Ana 

J. Sanchez y Ca., 53 Iglesia 

Feliciano Sisa 

Solis y Ca. 

M. Suan y Ca. 

Tabel y Ca. 

Vallejo y Ca. 

Jose Tasis, 25 Iglesia 

Vallejo y Ca. 

Jose Velasquez, 29 Real 

Hardware, Tools, Etc. 

Jose Bruneli, 13 Cristina 

A. Riera y Ca., 56 Santa Ana 

Treserra y Ferrer, San Pedro 

V. Roca y Hermanos, 20 San Pedro 

Merchants, General, Wholesale. 

Sebastian Comas, Santa Ana 
Mari Ferrer y Ca., 18 Comercio 
Ferrer y Ca. , 5 San Juan 
Ramirez y Oro, 15 Marina 
Roca y Ca. , 55 Iglesia 
C. Rovira y Ca. , 20 Marina 
Treserra y Ferrier, 14 San Pedro 
Jos6 Venecia, 6S Sariol 

Paints and Varnishes. 

(See Hardware, also Druggists.) 


Ramon Garcia, 38 Christina 
Elias Ibaiiez, Balmaseda 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

Jose Badia, 4 Salas 
P. Francisco Codina, Iglesia 
Joaquin Espinosa, 16 San Juan 
Antonio Maria Lastres, 16 Sariol 
Francisco Muiioz, Comercio 
Gongora S. Rodriguez, Salas 
Diego Tamayo, Santa Ana 
Manuel F. Forment, 17 Salas 
Victor A. Zugaste 

Printing Establishments. 

Martin y Ca., 10 Real 
Francisco de B. Bertol, 61 Sant<= 
Alberto R. Segrera, 10 Sierra 


Prorisions, Etc. 

(See Merchants, General.) 

Saddlery, Trunks & Leather Goods. 

Juan P. Espinosa, 23 Comercio 
J. Arenal, 14 Comercio 
Vicente Comas, 53 Real 
Hernandez y Hermano, 22 Comercio 
Gonzalez y Ca., 17 Comercio 
Emilio Vigas, 20 Comercio 
Bonifacio Celsis, 19 San Juan 

Saw Mill. 

V. Roca y Hermano 

Sewing Machines. 

(See Dry Goods.) 

Island of Cuba. 



Population, 35,000. 

Ales and Beer Dealers. 

(See, also, Wholesale Grocers and Provisions.) 

Acebal y Ca., 14 Azuntamento 
Jose Gonzalez, 27 Borde 
Robert A. Finlay, iS Contreras 
Pablo Hernandez, 50 Terry 
Manuel Mascarrieto, 15 Cuba 

Arms and Aninmnition. 

(See, also, Hardware.) 

Jose Maria Mon, 7 Manzaneda 
Antonio Rodriguez, 26 San Senerino 

Baiiks and Bankers. 

Branch of Banco Espafiol de Cuba 
Belleo Bea y Ca. 

Boots, Shoes and Leather Goods. 

Alonzo y Corrales, 55 Ricla 
M. Alvarez y Ca. , 69 Ricla 
Antonio Anes, 18 Dos de Mayo 
C. Borges y Horta, Ricla 
Comas y Canellas, 48 Ricla 
I. Garcia y Ca. , Contreras 
Eloy Haedo, 37 Ricla 
Juan Parera, 351 Contreras 
Juan Pages, 23 Dos de Mayo 
Aedo Preciado y Ca., 87 Ricla 
Justo Rodriguez, 61 Ricla 
Eduardo Sanchez, 18 Dos de Mayo 
Margarita Serra, 5 Oiia, 
Berros I. Solis, 40 Ricla 
Antonio Sotolonga, 34 Tirry 
Francisco Suarez, 16 Ricla 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Luciano Carreno, 19 Ricla 
" La Aurora," 28 Medio 
" La Primera," 26 Ricla 
Adolfo Estevez, 9 Azuntamiento 
Sedana y Hernandez, 41 Ricla 

Brokers, Money and Exchange. 

Llama y Ca., Bajo Palacios 
Lsidor Ojoda, 60 Gelabert 
Vidal Hermano, 41 Gelabert 

Makers and 

Carriage and Wagon 

Juan B. Browert, 44 Sta. Isabel 

Harljouro y Hermanos, 18 Tirry 

JosiJ Lascano, 68 Eslcban 

Carricaljuro y Hermanos, 20 Jovcllanos 

Juan Borga, 22 Tirry 

Jose Guardiola, 11 Ayllon 

Antonio Mon, Sabordc 

China and Glass Ware. 

Ampudia y Fuentes, 10 Ricla 
Ampudia y Marones, 88 Ricla 
Menendez y Ca. , 24 Ricla 
Rivas y Ca., 30 Ricla 


J. F. Almirall y Ca., 4 Comercio 
Simon Capo, 3 Comercio 
Itumalde y Ca. , 6 Refugio 
Ledesma y Ca.. 16 Zaragoza 
Sainz y Ca., 6 Comercio 


Isadoro Bonelli Zayas, 25 Contreras 
Jose D. Anieva, 63 Contreras 
Alfredo Carnot, 65 Gelabert 
Ricardo Gordon, 70 Gelabert 
Victor Normand, 76 Medio 
Carlos W. Ruffo, 42 Contreras 
Manuel B. Trelles, 98 Gelabert 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Artis y Zanetti, 15 Ricla 
E. Alvarez y Ca., 51 Gelabert 
Bartolome Casafias, 25 Ona 
.\ntonio Betancourt, 94 Daviz 
Juaquin Boffil y Felin, 23 Sta. Teresa 
Pedro Ginoulhiac, 42 O'Reilly 
Juan Michelena, 121 Ricla 
Rafalde Vargas Ruiz, 11 San Vicente 
Eugenio Ginonlhiac, 40 O'Reilly 
Domingo Lecuona, 123 Ricla 
Diego Marchena, 35 San Jeande Dios 
Miguel Montego, 115 Cuba 
Ernesto Triolet, 49 Gelabert 

Dry and Fancy Goods, Wholesale. 

Bango y Menendez, 9 Ricla 
Garcia, Garcia y Ca. , 3 Ricla 
Helguera y Nova, 49 Ricla 

Dry Goods and Notions, Retail. 

Aguirrc y Arrastia, La Brisa, 5 Ricla 

Alsina Joaquin, Juanita, 130 O'Reilly 

Alvarez Juan, La Primavera, 16 Cuba 

Alvarez Selzo, La Diana, 22 Culia 

Angulo y Gil, Andres, La Central, 32 S. Am- 

Barquin Juan, La Primera, 90 Tirry 
pKizar Parisien, 70 Medio 
Bclarmiro Antonio, Temblor, 6 Ona. 
Blanco y Barf|uin, 122 y 124 Manzano 
Caos y Ca., Manuel, ICl Niagara, 113 Manzano 
Cortiis Basilio, El Niimcro Uno, 30 I'irry 
Cubillas Manuel, Princijie Alfonso, 8Sto. Tomds 
Cuervo Ventura, La Mar, 4 Santo Tomas, 

frente al 
Deliz Josd" Maria, La (Tucmazon, 30 Dos de 

El Pasajc, Villa del Rey. Campos Scrvando 


DELiiAR's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Dry Groods, Etc., 'Retail— co/iii^ucJ. 

Fernandez Rosendo, La Fisica Moderna, Medio, 

esquina'a Ayuntamiento 
Fuente Marcelino de la, 144 O'Reilly 
Garcia Bernardo, Flor de Cuba, 72 Tirry 
Garcia Juana, Angel, 19 Cuba 
Caspar y Ca. , El Bazar, 70 Ricla 
Gomez Ramon, La Cubana, 33 San Vicente 
Haza Jose de la, Ea Oriental, 43 y 89 Ricla 
Haza y Murillo, Precios fijos, 9 Ricla 
Helguera y Nova, La Norma, 49 Ricla 
La Mia, 10 Sto. Tomas 
Lamadrid Ruviera y Ca., La Marquesita, 144 

Lombana, Canellas y Ca. , El Boulevars, 48 Con- 

Longar Evaristo, El Huracan, Plazo de Santo 

Luis Domingo, Los Locos, 58 O'Reilly 
Llanes Remigio, El Recreo, 9 Santo Tomas, y 

frente al, 4 y 5 El Trovador 
Llorian Fonseca y Ca., Las Novedades, 61 Ricla 
Hachin Hermanos y Ca., L. Gallo de Oro, 52 

Menendez Manuel, El Clavel, Plaza Santo Tomas 
Menendez Manuel, La Numancia, 24 Dos de 

Menendez Grande Jose, La Primavera, 146 

Montoto Ramon, Mi Esperanza, 16 Dos de Mayo 
Muiiiz y Ca., La Filosofia, 67 Gelabert 
Nuiiez Emilio, 141 Ricla 
Pajares Manuel, 65 Tirry 
Perez Ramon Diana, 20 Cuba 
Perez Bernardo, El Vesubio, 23 San Antonio 
Piiion Jose, El Fuego, 12 Magdalena 
Quiza Carlos, La Sultana, 16 Cuba, y Aguila de 

Oro, 146 O'Reilly 
Riego Feliciano del, La Lealtad, 11 Ricla 
Riego Laureano del, El Uracan, 6 Sto. Tomas, 

frente al 
Riego Nicanor del. La Villa de Madrid, no 

Rivas Almirall Jose, Cruz Verde, 33 Tirry 
Rodriguez Jose, i y 2 Sto. Tomas 
Rodriguez y Ca., Tomas R., La Primera, 104 

Ruiz Pedro, La Perla Cubana, 36 Ricla 
Samper Blanco, L. Boulevard, 48 Contreras 
Sanchez Hermano y Ca., 15 Gelabert 
Tamargo y Ca., Gumersindo, El Cielo Cubano, 

7 America 
Valladares y Ca., Ricla 
Venero Casimiro, La Hija del Pueblo, 55 Tirry 

Furniture Dealers. 

Alvarez y Martinez, 64 Ricla 
Bethancourt y Hermano, 17 Gelabert 
Marcial Rosell, 51 Ricla 
Servia Hermano, 82 San Juan 
Valentin Villa, 92 Ricla 

Gas Company. 

Matanzas Gas Light Company 

General Commission Merchants. 

G. Diaz, 39 Ricla 

Beracierto y Pancorbo, 40 Gelabert 

Vicente Foruo, 13 Versailles 

Juan Oliva y Raya, 17 Contreras 
Pancorbo, Vega y Ca., 59 Ricla 
Riradulla y Castaiieda, 194 Contreras 
Jose A. Rodriguez, 19 Gelabert 
Julio Yarini, 18 Manzano 
Fredrick Drinkwater, 4 Contreras 
L Gonzalez, 42 Ricla 
Juan Mir, 3 Pavia 
Eduardo A. Sanchez, 9 Magdalana 
Dally y Ca., San Ambrosio 
Juan Hernandez, 117 Ricla 
Jaime Marzol, 5 Ayllon 
Fedrico Pereda, i Ayuntaments 
Francisco Fernandez, 13 Manzano 
J. Fernandez, 18 America 

General Importing and Exporting 
Wholesale Merchants. 

Peralta Almirall y Ca., 4 Commercio 
Amezaga y Ca,, 19 Ricla 
G. Amezaga y Ca. , 12 Tirry 
Bellido Bea y Ca., 
Brinkerhoff y Ca., 17 Contreras 
Joaquin Castaiier, 8 Comercio 

F. Castello y Ca. , i Caminar 
E. Crespo, 35 Gelabert 

J. M. Clark, 19 O'Reilly 

John J. D'Acosta, 18 Contreras 

L. Deetgen y Ca., 20 Matanzas 

Robert A. Finlay, 18 Contreras 

A. Galindez y Aldama, i Recurso 

Garcia, Bangoy & Ca., 3 Ricla 

Heidegger y Ca., 30 Contreras 

Melville y Ca., 24 Contreras 

Mir y Ca. Muelle 

Pablo Purcalla y Argui, 4 Tirry 

J. Sainz y Ca., 5 Comercio 

J. Suris y Ca. , 14 Ricla 

S. T. Tolon y Ca. 4 Contreras 

A B. Zanetti y Ca., 15 Ricla 

Zanetti, Dubois y Ca., 5 Contreras 

Groceries and Provisions, Wholesale. 

Amezaga y Ca., 17 Ricla 

Bea, Bellido y Ca., 30 Gelabert 

L. Cancela y Ca., 2 Matanzas 

Gomez y Ortiz, 112 O'Reilly 

Grande y Ca., 294 O'Reilly 

La Perla del Pueblo, 76 Tirry 

Larragoiti, Ugarte y Ca., 33 Contreras 

Martinez, Burel y Ca., 105 Ricla 

Juan Martinez, i Pavia 

Martinez, Perez y Ca. , i Ricla 

G. Suris y Ca., 14 Ricla 

Hardware, Cutlery and Tools. 

Hipolito Alvarez, 12 Ayllon 
Alegria y Hermano, 3 Matanzas 
Bea, Bellido y Ca. , 28, 30 Gelabert 
Pedro de la Fe, 2 Ricla 
Francisco Fernandez, 18 Cuba 
E Iturraide, 8 Dos de Mayo 
" La Campana," 28 Tirry 
Candido Mancebo, 103 Ricla 
J. Oti y Ca., 7 Ricla 
Juaquin Pefia, 9 Ricla 
Urrechaga y Alonzo, 58 Ricla 




El Louvre 
Hotel Frances 
La Glorieta 
El Caballo Blanco 
La Lonja 

Housefurnishers, Tinware, Etc. 

Salvador Amigo, 133 Ricia 
Jose Blanco, 22 Ricla 
O. P Fernandez, 18 Cassillas 
C Martines, 140 Sta. Rita 
Pedro Martoret, 117 Campostela 
Pablo Saladrigas, 221 Animas 

Ice Factories and Dealers. 

Agustin M. Fernandec, 77 Ayuntamento 
Enrique Mendes, Embareadero Blanco. 
Luis Velasco, 13 Ayuntamento 

liuniber and Building- Materials. 

Amezaga, Garcia y Ca. , 12 Tirry 
Galindez y Aldama, 2 Caminar 
Fernando Malberti, 2S Medio 
Pablo Percalla, 6 Tirry 

Lamps, Oils, Etc. 

Antonio Campos, 39 Gelabert 
Domingo Cejas, 22 Ricla 
Andres Fernandez, 1 1 Ayuntamiento 
Frederico Loredo, 91 Ricla 
Antonio Ordoiiez, 72 Gelabert 

Musical Instruments, Pianos, Etc. 

(See also Importing Merchants.) 

Bea, Bellido y Ca. 
Diego J. Maitinez, 5 Ricla 
Jose Figueras, 92 Contreras 
Manuel Hervia, 22 Tirry 

Newspapers and Periodicals. 

Deario de Matanzas (daily) 

Boletin Oficial de Matanzas (daily) 

La Comercial (daily) 

El Ferro Carrii (weekly) 

La Aurora del Yamuri (weekly) 

La Pluma de Oro (weekly) 

La Propaganda Literaria (weekly) 

Machinists and Machinery. 

Juan Apolinario, 158 Merced 
John Dally, Sta. -Teresa 
Carlos Hughes, 9 Tirry 
Marques, Noriga y Ca., 14 Tirry 
J. Marot y Sabrino, 44 Sta. Isabel 

Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Etc. 

(See Importers and Druggists.) 


Molla y Mencndez, 65 Ricla 
C. Kuiz de Castro, 47 Contreras 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

Severino Abascal, 11 Ricla 
Julian R. Baracean, 5 Jovellanos 
Jose B. Betancourt, 31 Contreras 
JBenito Bordas, 127 Gelabert 
Jose M. Camejo, 82 Ricla 
lose M. Caraballo, 97 Gelabert 
B. Carbonell y Padilla, 85 Gelabert 
Pedro M. Cartaya, 42 Gelabert 
V. Casalins, 132 Ricla 
E. Collado, 129 Ricla 
Antonio Ferrer Sanchez, 15 Ricla 
Antonio Fons, 95 Ricla 
Santiago Garay, 28 Zaragoza 
Ricardo Garcia, 18 Sta. Teresa 
Miguel Guitart 

Florencio Hernandez, 69 Navia 
Jose E. Lopez Jimenez, 83 Gelabert 
Adolfo M. Llorach, 94 Ricla 
Domingo L. Madan, 15 Contreras 
Roberto Mandan, 24 Contreras 
Juan Mas, 62 Sta. Rita 
Emelio Naranjo, no Ricla 
Julio Ortiz, 36 Contreras 
Octavio Ortiz, 21 O'Reilly 
A. del Portillo, 50 Manzaned 
Elijio J. Puig, 81 Tirry 
Prudencio Querol, 70 Manzano 
Julio M. Rodriguez, 37 San Juan 
Manuel Q. Sanchez, 143 Manzano 
Alberto Schmeyer, 39 Rio 
Vicente A. Tomas, 92 Gelabert 
Luis D. Tapia, 74 Contreras 
Andres Ulmo, 119 Daoiz 
Antonio Utrilla, 34 Espirito Santo 
Felix Vera, 100 Contreras 
Justo Verdugo, 81 Gelabert 
"Manuel N. Zambrana, 94 Manzano 


Diario de Matanzas, i Matanzas 
Pedro Fulla, El Ferro Carrii, 93 Ricla 
Estebau Labastida, El Nacional, 69 Gelabert 
Pio Campuzano, 6 Gelabert 
Sedano y Hernandez, 53 Ricla 

Saddlery and Harness. 

Jose Artili, 114 O'Reilly 
Manuel Dacosta, 26 O'Reilly 
Eduardo Estin, S3 O'Reilly 
Juan Soler, 60 O'Reilly 
Jose Tremol, 102 O'Reilly 

Sewing Machines. 

Simon Castanedo, 18 Dos de Mayo 
Antonio Fernandez, 72 Ricla 
Manuel Salguiro, 79 Ricla 
J. Venero y Ca., 67 Ricla 

Ship Chandlers and Naval Stores. 

Francisco Fernandez, 13 Mauzano 
Bea, Bellido y Ca, 7 Ricla 
Juan Fernandez, 18 America 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Rafael Abril, 77 San Luis 
Juan Balber, i Tirry 
Juan Cariszueta, 18 America 
Juan Carreres, 22 San Luis 
Salvador Casanovas 
Francisco Condon 
Bonifacio Gomez 
Basilio Izquierdo 
Bonifacio Martinez 
Ramon Perez 
Adolfo Perez 
Salvador Ramirez 

Watches, Jewelry, Etc. 

Francisco Cabral, 22 Dos de Mayo 
Agustin Calderon, 52 Dos de Mayo 
Simon Castaiiedo, 18 Dos de Mayo 
Rufino Alvarez, 45 Ricla 

Ramon Caballero, 63 Ricla 
Camesanas y Rodriguez, Dos de Mayo 
M. Fernandez y Ca., 36 Gelabert 
Jimenez Becera, 42 Ricla 
Justo Perez, 71 Gelabert 
Jose Illas, 15 Ayuntamento 
Simon Rodriguez, 42 Dos de Mayo 
Juan Templeman, 19 Ricla 
N. Vuilleumier, 26 Ricla 

Wall Papers. 

(See Stationers.) 


Ricardo Arrais, 65 Daviz 
Jose Perez, Sta. Teresa 
Solano, 30 Ayuntamento 
Valderrama y Quibus 


Population, 6,000. 

Ales and Beer. 

(See Groceries and Provisions.) 

Agricultural Implements. 

(See Hardware Dealers.) 

Boots and Slioes. 

Carlos Anglada, Sol 
Eugenio Cabral, San Francisco 
Gil Quizada, San Francisco 
Juan Sellen, Bonora 
Tomas Varona, San Jose 


Americo Silva, San Jose 
Antonio Maja, 6 San Jose 

Dry Groods. 

Huerto, Alvarez yCa., San Jose 
Justo Alzago, Jan Jose 
Marsella y Ca. , San Jose 
Mazuri y Hermano, San Fernando 
Baldomero Miranbell, San Jos6 
Francisco Ruiz, 24 Marina 
Ramon Suarez y Ca. , San Jose 

Furniture Dealers. 

Miguel Bonora 
Juan Borreo 
Bartolome Ferrer 
«Jose M. Formosa 

General Merchants. 

Eduardo Aluija, 2 Marina 
Santiago Arias, Bonora 
Antonio Barran, San Francisco 
Felix Berenguer, Paradero 
Francisco Berenguer, Sol 

Castro y Besoley, Marina 
Aua Dinuendigo, San Fernando 
Jose Antonio Fleites, Mariana 
Juan Formosa, San Francisco 
Pimo Gispert, Sol 
Marano Lernio, Concepcion 
Enrique Masjuan, San Francisco 
Juan Mateu, San Miguel 
Felix Pons, San Francisco 
Jose Rabentos, San Francisco 
Salvador Sabatella, Concepcion 
Andres Soririlla, 24 Marina 
Agustin Torres, San Francisco 
Ricardo Gibbs y Ca., Marina 
Ruperto Cazares, 30 Marina 
A. Roberts y Ca., 7 Marina 
Rodriguez, Martinez y Ca. , 26 Marina 
Hijos de Sanchez Dolz, 5 Marina 

Groceries and Provisions. 

Andres Arguelles, San Jose 
Ruperto Casares, 30 Marina 
Formosa y Ca., 7 dan Fernando 
Jose Hipolit, Bonora 
Juan Hiriart, Marina 
Robert y Ca. , 16 Marina 

House Furnishing Goods. 

Ramon Cordori, Concepcion 
Angel Hernandez, Marina 


Gregorio Aguro 

Trunks and Leather Goods. 

Baudilio Cordori, Concepcion 
Angel Hernandez, Marina 


Bartolo Ferrer, San Jose 

Island of Cuba. 



Population, 6,ooo. 

Ales and Beer. 

Primo Campo y Ca. 

Carriles, Cabo y Ca. 

(See Grocers and Provisions.) 

Jaime Cervera 

Ramon Colvado 


Juan Carona 

Manuel Cortina 

Ricardo Fernandez y Ca. 

Manuel Escobar 

Jose Maria Gil y Ca. 

Daniel Estelles 

Juan Gonzalez, Hermanos y Ca. 

Agustin Fernandez 

Fernandez, Guerra y Ca. 


Marcelino Fernandez 

Ramon J. Fernandez 

Ricardo Fernandez y Ca. 

Ricardo Fernandez y Ca. 

Juan Gon 

Julian Galeterrera 

Jales y Hermanos 

Carlos Garcia 

Jose M. Gil y Ca. 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Gonzalez, Hermanos y Ca. 

Ignacio Iglesias 

Marcos Mijares 

Lopez y Ca. 

S. Fornaqueros 

Nicolas Lopez 

Jose Martinez 

Cigar Factories. 

N. Mazon 

Jose Mendez 

Alea y Fuentes 

Daniel Mijans 

Francisco Alvarez 

Manuel Naveda 

Miguel Ascuy 

Nicto y Castillo 

Bernabe Gonzalez 

Esteban Ovaya 

Jose Nieto 

Bernardo Port ilia 

Sordo y Ca. 

Recasens y Rodriguez 

Ruiz, Sanches y Ca. 

Dentists. ^ 

Sanchez Hermanos 

Salarez y Ca. 

Ramon Muiiia 
Manuel Rey 
Garedes Velez 
Alberto Sales 

A. Sordo y Ca. 
Viquera y Ca. 
J. Zabalo y Ca. 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Hardware, Tools, Etc. 

Dominguez y Legoburo 

Jaime Barba 

M. Rodriguez y Ca. 

Juan B. Baylac 

Tito Vila 

Demetro Martinez 

Jose Puig 

Dry and Fancy Goods, Etc. 

Francisco Seres 

Guerra, Costales y Ca. 


Ramon Buergo 

Manuel Gonzalez 

La Nueva Reforma 

Ambrosio Munoz 

L. Sanchez 



Agustin Anton 

Manuel Alonso 

Guillermo Doiz 

G. Diaz 

Carlos Fortera 

Gonzales, Hermano y Ca. 

Juan A. Gandara 

Francisco Urrutia 

Eduardo Mont-Ros 

Francisco Ramos 

Groceries and Provisions. 

Antonio Rubio 

Jose de la Trinchera 

Augustin y Patricio 

Manuel Alea 


.\vendano y Ilermano 

Josd Blanco 

Jos6 Comba 

bominjo Bosch 

Marquez y Rivas 

Cabo y Ca 

Jose Salazar 





Population, 40,000. 

Agricultural Implements. 

(See Hardware Dealers.) 

Ales and Beer. 

(See Groceries and Provisions.) 

Arms and Ammunition. 

Juan Baylac Recres 
Baltasar S. Quinones, 43 Esteban 
Antonio Ruiz, 22 Soledad 
Manuel Solis, 5 Comercio 
Kamon Villamyl, 50 Veina 

Boot and Shoe Dealers. 

Francisco Aleman, 74 Santa Ana 
Higririo Agaudo, 23 Comercio 
Pedro Cammano, 74 Santa Ana 
Sebastian Cassi, i3Candelaria 
Francisco Cueto, 36 Soledad 
Carlos Guerra, no Reina 
Martin Iriarte, 67 Reina 
Liberio Lazo, 146 Reina 
Ramon de Quesada, 19 Soledad 
Joaquin Raspall, 46 Soledad 
Julian Vasquez, 15 Mayor 
Luis de Zayas, 34 Soledad 
Gonzallez, Morena y Ca., 29 Comercio 
Jose Herrera, 10 Comercio 


Alfredo Batista, 17 San Diego 
Diego y Betancourt, Candelaria 
Emilio Batista Escobar, 5 Cristo 

Druggists and Chemists, 

S. Mendes, 84 San Ramon 
Enrique Herrera, 20 Comercio 
Fernando Betancourt, 33 Soledad 
Pedro N. Marin, 32 Santa Ana 
Jose Nicolas Rodriguez, 43 San Juan 
Ernesto Suarez, 23 Soledad 
Manuel Valdez, 63 San Juan 
Emilio Xiques, 37 San Diego 
Francisco Ramirez, 56 Reina 
R. Valdez, 22 Comercio 
S. Varona, 23 Soledad 
Manuel Xiques, San Diego 

Dry Goods and Notions. 

M. Alvarez y Ca., 19 Comercio 
Flores Alvarez y Ca., 8 Comercio 
Vicente Alvarez, 28 Comercio 
Constantina Argudin, 22 Comercio 
Lorenzo Arrazalain, 5 Soledad 
Bernardo Espinosa y Ca., Comercio 
S. Garcia, 79 Reina 
Alvarez Garcia, 10 Comercio 
Manuel Parnas y Ca., 24 Comercio 

Domingo Perez, Comercio 
Manuel Revilla, 24 Candelaria 
Revilla y Lotorre, Soledad 
Arsemode la Hoz, 2 Comercio 
Bernardo Menendez, 29 Candelaria 
Garcia Riego, 79 Reina 
P. Sarundona, 29 Candelaria 
M. Suarez, 10 Comercio 


Vincente Barreto, 66 Santa Ana 
Buenaventura Salia, 33 Candelaria 

Groceries and Provisions, Whole- 

Alegria y Ca., 51 Soledad 
Belas Cazares, 7 Santiago 
Carreras y Ca., 14 Comercio 
Cells Juan Gonzalez, 39 Santa Ana 
Mersella Gonzalez y C., 60 Reina 
Juan Mandri y Ca., 27 Soledad 
M. Esvas, 25 Soledad 
Leucia Hermanos 
M. Mas 
Jose R. Vidal 

Isaac Rodriguez, 70 San Diego 
S. Sjrra y Ca., 26 Candelaria 
Antonio Valladres, 10 Astillero 
JuanVanquez, 71 Caridad 
Vilardell, Rovira y Ca. 

Hardware, Tools, Etc. 

Melliton Castello, Candelaria 
Corejuela y Ca., 5 Comercio 
E. Garcia y Ca., 19 Soledad 
Marcella Gonzalez y Ca., 58 Reina 
Marti y Pages, 21 Candelaria 
Obregon y Ca., 2 San Ignaci 
Jose Rodriguez y Hermano, 18 Comercio 
Silverio Valez, 22 Comercio 

House Furnishing Goods, Etc. 

Miranda Teopilo Acosta, 76 Candelaria 

Pedro Esquirel, O Candelaria 

Miguel Estrada, 3 San Ignacio 

Alvaro Marin, San Ignacio 

Jose Maria Marin, Reina 

Justo Olazabal, 114 Reina 

Bartolme Pinarez, 38 San Ramon 

Ignacio Porro, 45 San Fernandez 

Anrique Rodriguez y Rodriguez, 29 Soledad 

Calixto Sebada, 65 Santa Ana 


" Cuatro Naciones " 
" El Telegrafo " 
Manuel Flores 

ISLA^vD OF Cuba. 


Jew«lers, Silversiuitlis and Watch- 

Antonio Barios 

Lafon y Ca., 20 Comercio 

Manuel Seijo, 17 Comercio 

Enrich Jose Fabresch, 23 Comercio 

Aguiles Delatre, 6 Comercio 

Leonardo Sonnier, 2 Comercio 

Jose A. Vilaseca 

Jose Ferres, 23 Comercio 

Andres V. Perez, 9 Comercio 

Francisco Chames 

Angel Gorrita 

Jose Moret 

Paints and Varnishes. 

(See Druggists.) 

Pianos and Music. 

S. Machado, 21 Soledad 


Rafael Delmonte, San Diego 
Antonio Naranjo, Candelaria 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

G. Z. Aguero 

Juan Arteaga, 10 Pobres 

Melchor Bernal 

Anacleto Betancourt, 52 Candelaria 

Joaquin Roura 

Antonio Fernandez, 35 Mayor 

Jose S. Diaz 

Juan Guzman 

Esteban Moreto 

Miguel Ramirez 

Printing Establishments. 

Montolier y Ca. 

Luis Perez, 6 Candelaria 

Puerta Rafael Zaldivar, 13 Mercederes 

Saddlery and Harness. 

Jose Argudin, 16 Comercio 
Juan E. Bastian 13 Comercio 
Blayy Ca., io)4 Comercio 
Manuel Cardenas, 3 Santa Rita 
Antonio Criado, 131 Reina 
Juan Dulon, 20 Santa Ana 
Melchor Guerra, 64 Reina 
Fidel Lazo, 7 Ignacio 
Sebastian Saez, 14 Comercio 
Manuel Socarres y Ca., 11 Comercio 

Sewing Machines. 

(See DYy Goods.) 

Trunks and Traveling Articles. 

Jose A. Alonso, 70 Reina 
A. Chavaney, 30 Comercio 
Garcia y Gomez, 20 Soledad 
Jose F. Miranda, 29 Candelaria 
Rodriguez Hermano, iS Comercio 
Sanchez y Crespo, 23 Candelaria 
Julien Vasquez, 15 Mayor 
Silveiro Velez, 22 Comercio 
Jose Alvarez 
M. Cabada y Ca. 
Covada y Hermano 
Juan Dolon 
Moreno y Hermano 
Rijes, Papes y Sanchez 
Lorenzo Torres 


E. Bourge 

Ramon Beltran, 24 Santa Ana 

Claudio Cotifla, 23 San Diego 

Jose Rodriguez Espinoso, 2 San Pablo 

Luciano Gonzalez, Santa Ana 

Ramon Gonzalez, 75 San Francisco 

Esteban Hidalgo, 144 Reina 

Manuel Hidalgo y Losada, 51 Contadund 

Libores Lazo, 24^ San Martin 

Juan de Matay Lastre, 21 Soledad 

Agustin Ramirez y Ca., 80 Santa Ana 

Buenaventura Salis, 23 Candelaria 

Bruno Noriega 


Delmar's Trades Directory axd Mercantile Manual. 


Population, 19,000. 

Agricultural Iinplenients. 

(See Hardware Dealers.) 

Ales and Beer. 

(See Groceries and Provisions.) 


Agency, Banco Espaiiol 


Arronte y Ca. 
Lopez y Ca. 
Gonzalez y Cardenas 
Faruoso y Alonso 
Jose Fernandez 
Angel Noriega 
Andres Pita 
Manuel G. Pumariega 
Juan A. Uriarte 

Boots, Shoes and Leather Goods. 

Pedro Gelabert, 23 Estrella 
Pons, Magins y Ca. , 55 Colon 
Ripoll y Ca., 3 Gloria 
Rivas y Ca., I Ramirez 
D. Tomasion, 74 Colon 

Carriage Manufacturers. 

Pedra Biscaisac 

Luis Maria Alfonso 

Felix Maria Arenas, Progresa 

Hilario Gaiiellen, Colon 

Daniel Nuret, Ramarez 

Juan Uriarte, Tacon 


Guardiola y Tejedor, 18 Colon 
Joaquin V. Lavie, Linea Ferrea 
Ajuria More y Ca., Isabela de Sagua 
Ofia Mor^y Ca., Isabela de Sagua 
Joaquin R. Pita, Isabela de Sagua 
Soniellan y Ca., Isabela de Sagua 


Jose Arcadio Ausley, 84 Colon 
Fernandez J. Guizola, 16 Oriente 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Alfredo Figueroa 
F. Gutierrez 
Abraham H. Iglesias 
Luis F. Lopez 
Machado Roa 

Dry and Fancy Goods. 

Manuel Alonso, 25 Plaza del Mercado 
Anido y Hermano, Gloria 
J. Gomez y Ca. , 30 Estrella 

Jose A. Lopez, 10 Gloria 
M. Martinez y Ca., 99 Real 
Menendez y Ca. , 22 Gloria 
Fariciano Pulido, Estrella 
Indaiecio Ramos, 19 Estrella 
Miguel Ramos, Estrella 
Ramos y Hermanos, 71 Colon 
Alvaro Rodriguez, 29 Estrella 
Eugenio Rodriguez y Ca., Gloria 
Martinez, Sarria y Ca., Colon 
Somonte y Ca. , loi Colon 
Villamil y Lamadrid, 68 Colon 
Fernandez, Valdez y Ca., 63 Real 
Manuel Alenso, Mercado 
Juan Buenrostro, Mercado 
Jose Cabeza, Mercado 
Florencio Elola, Mercado 
Manuel Gonzalez Mercado 
Infiesta y Ca. , Colon 
Tomas Lopez, I Ramirez 
Rafael Montero, Marcado 
Falriciano Pulido, Amistad 
Jose M. Pulido, Mercado 
Modesto Sastres, 70 Colon 
Claudio Vidal, Mercado 


Pedro Carreras, 8 Gloria 
Jose Font, 3 Progreso 
Pedro Rivas, 6 Estrella 

Groceries and Provisions, Whole- 

Blanco, Fort y Ca. 

A. Menendez y Ca. 

Tanset, Arenas y Ca. 

M. Fernandez y Ca. , 8 Cruz 

Uriarte y Mijares, Gloria 

Hardware, Tools, Etc. 

Antonio Bustello 

Jose E. Alba 

E. Dieste y Ca. 

Pedro Carbonell, 15 Estrella 

Lopez y Castillo, 52 Gloria 

Juan Toscano 

Jewelers and Watchmakers. 

Ramon Asing 

M. Cancier y Hermano, 17 Gloria 

Eduardo Pola, Estrella 

Luis Willenmier, 4 Gloria 

Jewelry, Etc. 

Jose Diaz y Alvarez 
Enrique Llunot 

Lumber and Brick Dealer. 

Llacuna, Pratt y Ca., 40 Merced 

Island of Cuba. 


Merchants, Wholesale. 

Maribona, Laya y Ca. 
Mora, Oiia y Ca. 
More, Ajuria y Ca. 
Sordo, Huertas y Ca. 
Vilar, Castellanos y Ca. 

Merchants, Wholesale, Commis- 
sion, Etc. 

Amezaga y Ca. 
Larrondo y Ca. 
P. Lopez y Ca. 
Diego Llacuna 
Francisco Machado 
Lopez y Castillo, 52 Gloria 
Rodriguez y Hermanos, 44 Gloria 
Uriarte y Alijares, Gloria 

Paints, Oil, Varnishes. 

(See Druggists.) 


E. Alvarez 
J. Villa Lopez 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

Nicolas P. Bustillo 
Nicolas Ealo 
Manuel Manero 
Francisco Martinez 
J. G. Bisbal, Colon 
Jaime Bonet, 50 Colon 

Pedro Garcia, Isabela de Sagua 

Manuel Iglesias, Esperanza 

N. Manant, Cruz 

Joaquin Planas, Colon 

Antonio Zamora Reyes, 33 Amistad 

E. F. Rodriguez, Calabasa 

Printing Establishments. 

Francisco Ballester, " El Comercio," Colon 
Guardado y Pozo, "La Illustracion," 67 Amistad 
M. Martin, 2 Cruz 
Miguel Ramos, " La Armonier," 20 Estrella 

Saddlery and Harness. 

Artolo y Hermano, 18 Gloria 
Francisco Fernandez, 8 Estrella 
Manuel Lopez, 46 Colon 
Guardiola y Tejedor, 78 Colon 
Joaquin V. Lavie, Linea Ferrea 
Laureano Pequefio, Caraliatas 
Someillan y Ca., Isabela de Sagua 

Sewing Machines. 

M. Carnicer, 25 Estrella 

Trunks and Travelers' Articles. 

(See Boots, Leather Goods, Etc.) 


Chavez y Parayuelos 
Tomas Praderas 
C. Zayas Vagas 


Population, 15,000. 

Agricultural Implements. 

(See Hardware Dealers.) 

Ales and Beer. 

(See Groceries and Provisions.) 

Boots, Shoes, Trunks and Leather 

Bernardo Bidegaray, Jesus Nazareno 

Bidegaray y Ca., 20 Gloria 

Ramon S. Hernandez, 20 Gloria 

Meliton Veti, Amargura 

Villa- Hermano y Ca. 

Adolfo Palacio y Ca. 

Jose Robasti y Ca. 

Abraham Perez 

Andres Garzon 

Ramon Garzon 

Ramon Hernandez 

M. Tr.rres 

China, Glass and Lamps. 

A. NoEJega, 41 San Jos6 
Palacios y Ca. 


E. M. Garcia 

Amador Morales, 53 Amagura 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Esteban Paget 

Luis Laredo Escobar, 43 Mercaderes 

Dry and Fancy Goods. 

Juan Madrid 
Jose Moran 
Penabad, Ricgo y Ca. 
Pcrtierra Hermanos 

Adolfo (^uintana 

Jewelers, Etc. 

Ramon Fernandez 
Francisco Marin 
B. Perez 


Juan Naricga 

Antonio I'ercz, .San Jose 

Antonio Villa, San Juan de Dies 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Groceries and Proi-isions, Wholesale. 

Alvarez y Pando 

Jose Maria Gomez, 26 Mercaderes 

Fraga y Rey 

Jose Piedra 

Seigle y Hermano 

Casimero Alvarez 

Manuel Alvarez 

Couto y Ca. 

Rafael Duyos 

Hardware, Tools, Etc 

Juan B. Noriega, 41 San Jose 

Jose Gonzalez y Sobrino, P. De Armas 

Rodriguez y Ca., i San Juan de Dios 


Lorenzo Duyos 
Juan Fernandez 
Juan Pineiro 


Abelardo Barcedo, Sol 

Miguel Seigle, Amargura 

Physiciaus and Surgeons. 

M. Bru y Gras, i Pastora 
Paul Elizalde, i Aurora 
Oria Rojas, 30 Gloria 
Juan J. Dominguez 
Fernando Gonzalez 
D. Lagomasino 
Jose H. Martinez 
Jose M. Nuiies 
F. Ramos 
Jose Rojas 

Sewing Machines. 

(See Dry Goods.) 


Alejandro Testar, Jesus Nazareno 
Testar y Evers 



Population, 20,000. 

Agricultural Implements. 

(See Hardware Dealers.) 

Ale and Beer Dealers. 

(See Groceries and Provisions.) 

Boots, Shoes, Trunks and Leather 


Santiago Ote 

Jose Maria Caribero, P. Mayor 

P. Fernandez y Hermano, Santa Elena 

Isidro Subirano, Santa Elena 

D. Ulacia y Hijos 

Crockery, Glassware and Lamps. 

Arias y Hermanos, Santa Elena 
Pablo Bestard, Santo Espiritu 
Bengochea y Ca., 6 Calon 


Florencio de la Barreia, i Cuba 
M. V. Lopez 
Damian Silva 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Francisco Canizares 

Jose F. Acosta 

J. N. Cristo, "La Salud" P. Mayor 

Rafael Fleites, Santa Elena 

Rafael Silva, " Santa Clara," 57 Santa Elena 

Dry and Fancy Goods. 

Amador Aklay, 49 Santa Elena 

Aramburo y Landaluze, Santa Elena 

Mariano Campos, Cuba 

Dunet y Ca. , Carmen 

Manuel Gari, Santa Elena 

Jose Ibaceta, Santa Elena 

Inclan y Ca. , 2 Colin 

Martinez y Ca. , Calvario 

Natalio Melendez, Calvario 

Rafael Solar, Santa Ana 

Isidro Subirano, 35 Santa Eleana 

Victoriano Torre, Santa Elena 

Jose Usal, Colon 

Antonio Anido, Santa Elena 

Florentino Muro, Calvario 

Indalccio Muro, Santa Elena 

Santiago Oti, Calvario 


Manuel Primo Arias y Ca. 
P. Castellanos 
B. Perez 
Moras y Ca. 
Santos Suarez 

General Merchandise, Retail. 

Maria Alarcon, Santa Blena 

Santiago Abarracin, Calvario 

Salvador Aleman, San Agustin 

Francisco Alvarez, Carmien 

Modesto Alvarez, San Francisco Javier 

M. Alvarez y Cueto, Santa Clara 

Manuel Arias y Hermano, San Jose 

Ramiro Armayor, Colon 

Juan Arilta, Santa Rosalia 

Sebastian Bello, Santa Elena 

Francisco Carta, Condada 

Ramiro Casonova, San Juan Bautista 

Frederico Castellon, San Francisco Javier 

Island of Cuba. 


Gen'l Merchandise, Retail — continued. 

Aquilino Castro, San Isidro 

Genaro Cayo, Sancti Spiritus 

Santiago Chamorro, Union 

Jose Corteguera, Condado 

Sabina Coya, 1 1 Santa Clara 

Theodoro Diaz, Santa Elena 

Antonio Diepa, Union 

Dominguez y Pedraza, San Francisco Javier 

Perfeceo Duran, Condado 

Mariano Farias, Conyedo 

Juan Fernandez, San Miguel 

Luis Fernandez y Hermano, Santa Elena 

Eulogio Fuentes, San Francisco 

Jose Gari, Colon 

Desiderio Garcia, Condado 

Filomeno Garcia, San Francisco 

Gaibno Garcia, Calvario 

Jose Garcia, i P. Mayor 

Martias Garcia, Condado 

Pola Jose Garcia, San Miguel 

Garcia y Sixto, San Jose 

Sebastian Sato, Santa Rosa 

Cipriano Gonzalez, Santa Rosalia 

Estanislao Gonzalez, Colon 

Ramon Gonzalez, Colon 

Gonzalez y Ca., San Francisco Javier 

Bernardo Hernandez, Cuba 

G. Hernandez Garcia, Colon 

Hoz y Ca. , San Francisco Javier 

J. de Leon y Fleites, Santa Clara 

Pedro Lleros, San Francisco 

Carlos Lopez, San Juan Susau 

Manuel Lopez, San Agustin 

Eduardo Machado, Sancti Spiritus 

Juan Marreo, Condado 

Benita Marti, Cuba 

Faustino Martinez, San Juan Bautista 

Jose Mendez, Condado 

J. Muniz y Garcia, San Miguel 

Ceferino Munoz, San Agustin 

Juan Olma, San Mateo 

Manuel Ortiz, San Francisco 

Jose Pages, Sancti Spiritus 

Miguel Polacio, San Jose 

Saturio Peguero, Cuba 

M. Pozo y Valdez, Colon 

Gabino Pupo, Cuba 

Antonio Quintana, Sancti Spiritus 

Antonio Quifiones, Carmien 

M. Rodriguez y Gonzalez, San Miguel 

Ramon Rodriguez, 2 Mayor 

J. Ruiz y Perez, Santa Rosalia 

J. Sanchez, San Jose 

Matias Sastre, San Francisco 

Manuel Serrana, San Josd 

Ramon Vidal, San Miguel 

Paints and Varnishes. 

(See Druggists.) 

Hardware, Cutlery, Tools, Etc. 

Gregorio Bauguelo 
Ignacio Lima 
Alejandro Rodriguez 

Jewelers and Watchmakers. 

Valentin Charro, Santa Elena 
Fernando Lama, del Busto, Calvario 
Fernando Camas 
Jose Solar, San Juan Bautista 
Jose Maria Tobio, San Jose 


Antonio de Leon 
Jos^ Antonio Rojas 
Jose Hernandez 
Jesus Quifiones 
B. Velero 

Printers and Jfewspapers. 

Antonio Bacaro 

Dominguez Hermanos 

Manuel Pichardo 

P. Bestard y Danla, Santo Espiritu 

" Boletin Oficial" San Jose 

" Eco de las Villas " Santa Ana 

"El Orden" Calvario 

Manuel Muiiiz, San Jos^ 

Manuel de Sed, San Francisco Janier. 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

Francisco Aday 

Jos^ Cornides 

Arturo Ledon 

Rafael Trista, 16 Santa Clara 

Rafael Martinez 

Gabriel Pichardo 

Saddlery and Harness. 

Gabriel Ayala, San Juan Bautista 
Mariano Demonech, Calvario 
Florencio Muro, Calvario 
Isidro Subira, Santa Eleda 
Pla Valdds, Diego 


B. Perez, San Francisco Javier 
Teresa Perez, San Francisco Javier 

Wall Paper. 

Antonio Anido, Santa Elena 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 


Population, 42,000. 

Agricultural Inipleinents. 

(See Hardware Dealers.) 

Ales and Beer. 

(See also Groceries and Provisions.) 
Crori y Mestre 

Arms and Ammunition. 

Jos^ Duran 

Pedro Galiano, 4 Gallo 

Juan Moumas, 2^ Gallo 


Sucursal del Banco Espaiiol de la Habana 


Bosch y Ca. 
Brooks y Ca. 
Jose Bueno y Ca. 
J. F. Ferrer 
Mas y Ca. 
E. Ross y Ca. 
Claudio G. Saenz y Ca. 
Schumann y Ca. 

Billiard Tables. 

Sebastian Mestre, 84 Pazo del Rio 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Juan Perez Dubrill 
Torres y Ca. 
B. Carona 

Boots and Shoes, Wholesale. 

Marabent y Ca. 

Espina yCa., 13 San Francisco 

Flaquer y Ca., 12 Santa Tomas 

Rio y Hermanos, 5 San Juan Neponuiceno 

Bricks, Cement, Etc. 

Alfonso Dugnesse 
Angel Girandy 
Martin Leon 
P. Martinez 
Tomas Vega 

Coal Depots. 

Estenger, Mesa y Gallego 
S. L. Ros y Ca., 24 Mariana 
Schumann y Ca., 31 Marina 


Emilo Hereau, Barracones 
Felipe Ugas, 55 Enramadas 

Crockery, Glassware, Lamps, Etc. 

Font y Ca., Calvario 


Juan Beisert, 1 1 Gallo 


Nicolas Armado 
Ignacio de Arce, 24 Enramadas 
Idelfonso Bravo, 9 Fermin 
Demingo Ferrer, 41 San Geronimo 
Eugenio G. Flamaud, 5 San Felix 
E. Nicolae, i Trinadad 
Tomas Ortiz, 50 San Francisco 
Antonio Pizarro, 12 San Pedro 
Nicolas Sanderval 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Luis Carlos Bottino, 43 Marma 

Frederico Arce, 2 Enrimadas 

Miguel Millan, " La Trini'd," San Francisco 

Jaime Padro, " Rus Dolores," 29 Enramadas 

Tomas Padro, 65 Santo Tomas 

Theobaldo Trenard, " La Reunion," 26 Marena 

Causse y Ca., Santo Tomas 

Dry Goods, Wholesale. 

Sanchez, Hermanos, 9 San Francisco 
Herrera, Rodriguez y Ca. 
Hill y Casas 
Serradel y Ca. 

Dry and Fancy Goods, Retail. 

Miguel Baringola, 67 Santo Tomas 

Jose Bastard, 41 Gallo 

Batlle y Hermano, 15 Santo Tomas 

R. Cadilla y Hermano, 2 Providencia 

Rafael Gener, 2 Barracones 

Antonio Gias, Providencia 

Pedro Macary, 15 San Pedro 

Mas y Casanovas, 5 Santo Tomas 

Mirabent y Sobrino, 11 Providencio 

Montane y Hermans, 76S Santo Tomas 

Musons y Primes, 67 San Pedro 

J. Pages y Ca. , 9 San Juan Neponuiceno 

Pages y Via, 15 San Tadeo 

Planas y Coll, 41 San Tadeo 

Francisco Robert, 2 Enramadas 

Jose Robert, 3 Santa Rita 

Rafael Robert, 3 Santo Tomas 

Juan Rosses, 74 Santo Tomas 

Manuel Socias, 35 Gallo 

J. Soler y Boscli, 9 Providencia 

M. Soler y Boschi, 76 San Felix 

Soler y Pimo, Enramadas 

Vives y Felin, 4 Santo Tomas 

Angelino Burges, 3 Gallo 

Ana Codina, 55 San Francisco 

F. Janer yCa., 3 Enramanda 

Agustin Lopez, iS Gallo 

Bartolome Mestre, 4 Santo Tomls 

Juan Mestre, 11 Santo Tomas 

Francisco Montane, iS Gallo 

Juan Roses, 74 Santo Tomas 

Tomas Sague, 51 Gallo 

Schumann y Ca. , 2 San Geronimo 

Paulino Seguin, 25 Gallo 

Engenio Sola, 6 Enramadas 

Island of Cuba. 


Fiiriiiture Dealers. 

La Barcelonesa 
Santiago Valet 

Groceries and Provisions, Whole- 

Abascal y Ca. 
Almirall y Ca. 
Antonio Bruna 
Jose Berenguer 
Cristobal Bory 
Jose Maria Eguillor 
M. Ferret 
Jaime Font 
Lluhi y Ca. 
Mas y Ca. 
Manuel Planas 
Saenz y Ca. 
Sala y Fornells 
Vinas y Ca. 

Hardware, Tools, Etc., Wholesale. 

C. Branet y Ca. 
Arturo Inglada y Ca. 
J. Llovet y Ca. 
Marques, Hermanos y Ca. 
Sarda y Ca. 


Hotel del Telegrafo 
Hotel Hispano Americano 

Jce Factory. 

Alfredo Reaud 

Jewelers and Watchmakers. 

Antonio Armas 

Bernado Calvo 

Mariano Pena 

Jose Rey 

Pedro Casadesus, 14 San Tadeo 

Daniel Gramatages, 19 Enramadas 

Euis Anders 

Johanes Otto 

Pedro Yeras 

Paints and Varnishes. 

(See Druggists.) 


Antonio Desquiron, 68 San Geronimo 
Miguel Serra 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

Enrique Caminero, 7 Catedral 
Federico Carhonell, 7 Euramada 
Urhano Guimcra, 9 San Garonimo 
Filipe Hartman, 5 San Basilio 
Jos6 Ortis Ramirez, 6 Carniceria 
F^duardo P. Kos, 24 Marina 
Luis Ros, 35 San Pedro 
Magin .Segarra, 14 P. Dolores 
Manuel Ycrn, .San Basilio 

D. Vera y Arnaz 
Josd- Maria Aviles 
Jos^ BisVie 
Antonio CampiRa 

Joaquin Castillo 
Silvestre Castillo 
Ernesto Defaix 
Federico S. Garcia 
A. Portuondo Grillo 
Pedro Echavarria 
Manuel Jiminez 
Miguel Migares 

Eduardo G. Padro 

Luis F. Portuondo 
Manuel Salazar 
Girado Vilardell 

Printers and Newspapers. 

" Bandera Espaiiola," Marina 
.\ntonio Maria Casannas, San German 
Gabriel Dias, 31 Enramadas 
" El-Boletin Eclesiastico " 
■' El Constitucional," 8 San Geronimo 
'' El Progreso," 25 Enramades 
Bernardo Martinez, 25 San German 
C. Mestre, 14 Santo Tomds 
Ravelio y Hermano, i Santo Tomas 

Machinery and Machinists. 

Manuel Aragon 
Cardona Hermanos 
Manuel Cespedes 
Marcos Madariaga 


Ferro-Carril Del Cobre 

Ferro-Carril de Juragua Iron Company 

Ferro-Carril de Sabanilla y Maroto 

Sewing Machines. 

Rio Hermanos 

Ricardo Valiente 

Teresa Padreu, 18 Enramedas 

Shipping- and Commission 

C. Branet y Ca. 
Brooks y Ca. 
lose Bueno y Ca. 
Estenger, Messa y Gallego 
Mas y Ca. 
L. Ros y Ca. 
Saenz y Ca. 
Schumann y Ca. 

Steamship Agency. 

Bueno y Ca. 

Sugar Dealers. 

Galo]ie y Hermanos, 3 Cristina 
Antonio Norma, 37 Jaguey 


Casamor y Ca., 11 San Felix 
Luis Felipe Ruiz 
Francisco A. Bravo 

AVall I>aper. 

Torres y Ca., 11 San ]""rancisco 
J nan E. Revello, 13 Enramadas 


Delmae's Trabes Directory axd Mercantile Maxual. 


( The names here are arranged luith the surnames first.) 


Name of Owner. 

P. 0. Address. 

Name of Plantation. 


Abad Jose 

On the estate 

Santa Olalla 


Aballa (heirs of Francisco) 



San Francisco 


Abreu Francisco N. 



Abreu Manuel 




Abreu Juan G. 


Abreu y Leon Jose A. 


Santa Rosalia 


Abreu y Montes de Oca 




Acea Nicolas S. 


Dos Hermanos 


Acebedo Jose Antonio 




Adam y Arteaga Luis 

Puerto Principe 


Puerto Principe 

Agramonte Francisco 

San Jos6 


Aguiar Francisco A. 




Aguiar Tomas Francisco 


San Antonio 

Aguilera Gabriel 



Aguirre Juan Santiago 

Habana, Oficios 

San Agustin 

San Claudio 


Alamo de Mojardin Josefa 




Alberini Herederos de Salva- 


Albir de Sarria 




Albornez Juan 

Habana, Consulado 

Albuerne Tristan 



Alcalde y Morrondo 

San Isidro 






Aldama Miguel de Merca- 

deres, Estate of 


Santa Ana 

San Antonio 

Alentado Jose Prudencio, 


San Jos^ 


Ales y Aldecoa Agapito 




Alfonso de la Guardia, de M 


Habana, Prado 

San Miguel 

Alfonso de Moliner Julia 

Habana, Cerro 


Alfonso Anacleto 

Tres Palmas 

Bahia Honda 

Alfonso, Herederos de Gon- 



San Silvestre 

Alfonso Herederos de Ricardo 




Alfonso Herederos de Ro- 





Alfonso y Madan Joaquin 

Habana, Cuba 




Alfonso Herederos, de Julian 


Alfonso Rafael 

Aljaza, Herederos de Jos^ 

Almagro Juan Antonio 

Habana, Lamparilla 

Almagro - Cochinata 

Bahia Honda 


Pepilla, Avalos 


Almeida Manuel 



Almendares Herrera 




San Jose 






Alonso de Farres Herederos 

de Josefa 




Aloy de Sarria Maria del 




Island of Cuba. 


• A'awe of Owner. 

P. 0. Address. 

N'ame of Plantation. 


Altes y Bailie Federico 

Cardenas, G arnica 

Mra. Sra. del Carmen 


Alum Luis 

San Jose Graibacoa 

San Antonio 

Alvarez Benito 

Manaca Iznaga 


Alvarez Cordoba Jose 


Ntra. Sra. del Pilar 

Pinar del Rio 

Alvarez Herederos de Ana J. 

Habana Cerro 

Santa Ana 


Alvarez Isabel 




Alvarez Pedro 

Habana, Concordia 

Alvarez Robles 

" " 



Alvarez Sanchez Dolores 

" Reina 


Pinar del Rio 

Alvarez Sardena y Ca. 

San Francisco 


Alvarez y Campos 



Alvarez y Guillen Lucas 

Nueva Felicia 


Amaro Ramon 

San Antonio 


San Antonio 

Amoros Crego y Ca. 




Amoros Herederos de Jos6 

Matanzas, Contreras 

San Jose de Bagaez 

Nueva Paz 


Sa. Ma. del Rosaricv 

Amoros y Alemany 

Matanzas, Contreras 



Andren Jose 

Habana Real, 17 Ma- 




Angulo Antonio y Herederos 

de Amoros 

Matanzas, Contreras 



Apodaca e Hijos Isabel de 

Habana, Bnos Aires 

41 Cerro 

San Francisco de Asis 


Arango Domingo y J. Kiessel 

Habana, Cuba 123 



Arango Herederos de Felix I. 

Penas Altas 


Arango Julian 

Habana, San Fran- 




Araoz y Ca. Herederos de 


Habana Tejadillo 



Araoz y Rodriguez 

Sagua, Colon 



Aranjo A. G. y N. Hernandez 



Arcosy Herederos de Manuel 

Habana, Aguila 123 


de Leon, Marques de 

y S. Rafael 

Jesus Maria 


Arche Manuel 


Santa Julia 


Arguelles Dias Carlos 

Habana, Cerro 


Santa Isabel 


Ariosa Agustin 

Habana, Amargura 

San Agustin 

Ariosa Gutierrez 

Habana, Amargura 

San Fe 


Armas Agustin y Florencio 




Armas de Plasencia Socorro 



Armas y Cabrera Jos^ 

Santa Rosalia 


Armas y Hermanos 

San Miguel de Caobas 


Armenteros Francisco de 

Habana, Pena Pobre 



Armenteros y Castillo Pedro 

Habana, Manrique 



Armildez de Toledo Condesa 

Ansente, Aguiar 



Arozarena Herederos de Max- 

Galiano, 105 



Habana, Mercederes 

Merced ta 

Bahia Honda 

Arrastia Viuda de Juan de 

Habana, Sol, 54 

Dos Hermanas 

Pinar del Rio 

Arrechea Simon 



Arriaga Virragarse y Ca. 


San Esteban 


Arrieta Francisco 

Habana, Ptes. 


Flor de Cuba 


Arroyo y Ca. 

Habana, Sol, 4 

San Lorenzo 


Arteaga y Cervantes Isidore 

Habana, Chacon, 19 



Arruerabena Francisco 

Santa Rosalia 

Arruerabena y Trujillo 



Asca y Terry 


Aveille Concurso de Pedro 

A. Sagua 



Arerhoff Herederos de Mari- 


Habana, Prado, 94 



Aviles y Loblac 

Habana, Dorticos 




Ayme y Hermanos 



Azcuy Manuel de Leon 

Jesus Maria 

Neuva Paz 


Delmak's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 


Name of Oioner. 

P. 0. Address. 

Nafjte of Plantation. 


Baez Manuel 




Bages Juan 

El Corojal 

Puerto Principe 

Bango N. 

San Pablo 


Bango y Avellanal 

San Francisco 


Bannatyne yAstiils Roberts 



Balsinde Ramon 

Habana, Prado 



Baralt Joaquin 

Habana, Aguila 104 

San Marcos de Jagua 


Barberia de Lasa Rita 

Habana, Ppe. Alfonso 



Barberia Jose Ramon 


Bardaji Julian 

Habana, Po. de Tacon 

Santa Barbara 


Bai-nadas G. y Muro R. 

San Francisco 


Baro y Blanchart Salvador 



San Miguel 


Barreto Conde de Casa 

Habana, Oficios 76 

Rio Hondo 



Sa. Ma. del Rosario 

Barroso Fabian 



San Vicente 


Barroso y Amaro 



Barroso y Sanchez 

Ingenio, Central 

La Caridad 


Bassave Pedro R. 

Habana Salud 




Batista Jose Santos 

Santa Margarita 


Bauza Estraton Luis y Man- 





Bauza Francisco G. 

Ricla 6, Cuba 28 



Belanstegoitia Domingo 




Bell Sucesion de J. Alejandro 



Benitez Concurso de Antonio 

San Laureano 

Benitez y Hermanos 

Habana, Cerro 627 

Fenix, El 


Berants Juan 



Berenguer Antonio 

La Pastora 


Bernal y Sanchez M. y J. E. 

El Congreso 

Puerto Principe 

Betarte y Arenas 

Sagua, Colon 54 

Vista Hermosa 


Buenza y Cartaya 



Biard Beauregard Juan 




Bishoff y Compania 




Blanco Manuel 



Blanco Quiebra de Pedro 


Salvador (a) Bottino 


Bocalandro Jose Francisco 



Bofill Magdalena 




Bofill y Setien 



Boher, Menendez y Ca. 

Habana, Reina 

San Lorenzo 





Bolivar y Ca., J. M. 


Felicia y PuentaFelipe 


Bombalier Carlos y J. Brito 



Bonifax Ramon 

San Jose 


Boril de Fabre Antonia 

Habana, Habana 



Borme Herederosde Luis vi 

San Rafael 

San Antonio 

Borrego Jose Aurelio 



Borrell Federico y Eloy 



Borrell Ramon 

Habana, Oficios 

San Isidro 


Borron Hermanos Silvestre 


Dos Amigos 

Borruci Francisco 

Central Recuerdo 


Borzon, Gazmui y Hermano 

A polo 

Bou y Marill Herederos de 

Habana, Aguiar 

La Paza Molas 


Boyd Herederos de 



Bravode Castillo Antonia 

San Rafel 


Brooch, Hermanos y Ca. 



Brook y Ca. Herederos de 


San Sebastian 


Brunet Conde 

San Nicolas 


Brunet de Hemely y Ca., 

Catalina C 

San Pedro 


Brunet y Ca., C 



Island of Cuba. 


• iVa/Hi.' of Oioiwr. 

F. 0. Address. 

A'anic of Plantation. 


Bruzon Dolver, Viuda de Por- 


Ilabana, Cuba 

Santa Rita 


Buchpalal y Soler 



Bueno Sucesion de Jose D. 

Habana, Monserate 




Bueno y Ca., Juan 

San Miguel 


Biudes Herederos de Ramon 

Habana, Monserate 

Euro pa 

Santa Rita 


Bulver Manuel G. 

Santa Rita 


Burgness e Hijos B. 



Bustamante G. y Herederos de 






Cabanilla Carmen 
Cabello Felix 

Cabrera Dionisio G 
Cabrera Ramon C. 
Cabrera y Hernandez 

Caurez Zacarias 
Cairo AndreS 

Caithness Maria 

Calero Sebastian P. 

Calichs Jose 

Calvo Aguirre Manuel 

Calvo Fernando 

Calvo Herederos de Catalina 

Calvo Ignacio 

Calvo y Herrera Pedro 
Calvo y Laserie 
Camacho Mercedes 
Cameron Herederos de Pedro 

Camino Eduardo del 

Caneda Pedro A. 
Canal Herederos de 
panya Salvador 


Campo Alegre Conde de 
Campo-Florido Marques de 

Campo Manuel 'iAzx'xz. 
Campo Santo Marques de 

Vizconde de la Torre 
Campos Antonio Maria 
Camijos y Francisco 
Campos y Dir.2 Jos<i Maria 
Campos y Marroqui Damso del 

Campos y Kivas Domingo 
Carljoy Canto Jose 
Carboncll Antc^nio y E. Sierra 
Carb(jncll Josd- 

Carboncll Herederos de Josefa 
- Dcpositario M. C. Blanco 
Cardcnal Manuel 

Cardenas Herederos de Isabel 
Cardenas Hcrecicros de Josefa 

Cardenas Herrera Francisco 



Habana, S. Nicolas 


Luisa y Antonia 




Habana, Principe Al- 

fonso 322 




Habana, Aguacate 


San Vicente 


Habana, Oficios 

Santa Catalina 


Santa Teresa 


Aguacate 42 



Habana, Aguiar 98 





San Luis 


Habana, Cerro 613, 

Oficios 19 



Habana, Cerro 625 



Sagua, Progreso 2 

Flor de Sagua 





Matansas, Santa Te- 


San Sebastian 





San Jose 



Pinar del Rio 

Santo Tomas 


Habana, Oficios 13 

San Lorenzo 


Habana, Paula 2 











Ilabana, Habana 200 

San Francisco 

Nueva Paz 



Blanco 36 

Casa Blanca 


Habana, San Fran- 

cisco 3 

Santa Maria 



Santa Catalina 









San Cristobal 



Ilaliana, O'Reilly 



Ilaljana, Cuba, 


Dominguez 4 




Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

A'ame of Owner. 

Cardenas Luis 
Cardenas Nicolas de 
Cardenas Simon de y E. Diago 
Cardenas y Ortega Nicolas 
Carol y Artigas Jose 
Carrera Hijos de Jose J. 

Carret y Hermano Jose 

Carrillo Andres 

Carrion Joaquin de 

Cartaya, Herederosde Cata- 

Cartaya Micaela 
Carrajal y Cabanas Francisco 

Casa Calderon Marques de 
Casalcos Ramos Miguel 

Casanova Antonio 

Casanova Inocencio 

Casanas Antonia, y J. R. 

Casanas Frederic© y Bartolome 
Casas y Ca. Julian F. 

Castaneda Luis Miguel 
Castaner Salvador 

Castaner y Ca. 
Castill-Florit Marquesa de 

Castro y Amerhazurra 
Castro y Arguelles 
Castro y Rabasa, Ignacio 
Catasio Hermanos y Ca. 
Caturla Jose de 

Cause, sucesor de Juan Bau- 

Cavarroca Felix 
Cejas Leandro 
Cejero Serajiro 
Cespedes Clara 
Cespedes Emilio 
Cespedes EmOi y Rosa 

Civico Domingo 

Clemente Manuel 

Colome Herederos de Juan A. 

Compte y Sule 

Confligny y Ortiz Hermanos 

Contreras Rosa Viuda de 

Pedro N. Abrue 
Coppringer Cornelio C 
Cordoba Bernardo 
Corlina y Aldera Juan M 

Crespo de la Serna J. Luis 

Crespo y Calva 

Crespo y Laborde 

Crullas Miguel 

Cruz Francisco de la 

Cruz Juana Vin de la Roldan 

Cuesta Hermanos Bonifacio 

F. 0. Address. 

Calzada del Cerro 480 
Calzada, Cerro 546 
Calzada, Trocadero 

Habana, Oficios 74 

Habana, Pena Pobre 

Cardenas, Real 
Marianao 70 
Sto. Domingo 
Habana, Oficios 70 

Habana, Hotel Ingla- 


Matanzas,Contreras 9 
Habana, Ancha del 

Matanzas, Gelabert 

Habana, San Pedro 


Cardenas, Ayllon 
Habana, Escobar 105 

Remedios, PI. de Ar- 
mas 2 

Matanzas, O'Reilly 20 


Habana, Prado 94 



Habana, Enna 2 
Matanzas,0'Reilly 41 
Matanzas, Prado 72 

Cerro 871 
Habana 68 

Matanzas, Gelabert 35 

Habana, Agiiiar loi 

Name of Pla7ttatio7i. 


Dos Hermanos 
San Rafael 
Santa Rita 
San Pablo 
Boca Chica 


San Vicente 


San Juan de Dios 




Dos Rosas 

Central Victoria 



Santa Rosalia 


Santa Elena 


Central San Juan 


Santa Elena 

Rio Grande 







Carmen (a) Jardin 

San Salvador 

San Juan Nepomar- 

Santa Catalina 
Dos Hermanos 
San Francisco 
Santa Teresa 
San Juan 
San Vicente 
Tomas de Barreto 
Santa Elena 
Santa Clara 







San Antonio 










Bahia Honda 


















San Cristobal 










San Antonio 







■ Name of O'inicr. 

P. 0. Address. 

Xante of Plantation. 


Cuesta y Terga, Pedro de la 



Cullen Jose Diego 


Neuva Paz 

Culloda Juan 



Cutting Roberto 

San Juan de Wilson 


Chacon Juan de 

Habana, Cerre 795 



Chamberlain Francisco 


Dos Rios 


Chapman Guillermo 


Santa Maria 


Chappotin Francisco 

Habana, Ancha del 

Norte 34 



Chavez Maria Regla y Do- 

San Francisco de 


lores G 



Dardallo y Matos 

Davalos y Garcia Nicolas 

Davalos y Maza 

Delcourt Teodoro y Agustin 

Delgado Ciriaco 

Delgado Enslaquio 

Delgado e Hijos Ramon 

Delgado Felipe A. 

Delgado Francisco 

Delgado Herederos de Bal- 

Delgado Jose de Jesus 
Delgado Lorenzo 
Delgado Luis 
Delgado Urbano Francisco 
Delgado y Hernandez R. 
Depestre Herederos de Ed- 

Depestre y Hermano 
Deschapelles Elena B. 
Deville Eduardo 
Diago Ramon y Enrique A. 

Diaz Antonio 

Diaz Antonio G. y Teodosio 

Diaz Marcos J. 

Diaz Mariano 

Diaz Pieflro Francisco 

Diaz Suiza Francisco 

Diaz Urzurun Luis 

Diaz Villegas J. Sucesores de 

Diaz de y Ca., J. 
Diaz y Ca., J. 

Diaz y Ramos 
Dihigo y Juan Pedro 
Dihigo y Mestre 

Ca., Manuel 

Dols Jacinto 
Dominech y 

Dominguez Alfonso Eugeno 

Dominguez Bernardo 
Dominguez Francisco J. 
Dominguez y Fi.mero 
Dominguez y Lacalle 
Dorticos Pedro E. 
Dos Hermanos Marques de 
Drake y Hermano Carlos 
Duany Calixto y Octaviano 
Duany Condesa de 
Duarte Bernardo 

Matanzas, O'Reilly, i 

Sagua Progreso 
Santo Domingo 

Cardenas, Garnica 
Habana, Acosta 78 

Habana, Justiz 3 
S. Miguel 51 
Matanzas, Gelabert 20 

Ingenio, Luisa 

Matanzas, Galabert 
Habana, Compostela, 

Sagua la Grande 

Habana, Prado 47 
Habana, Empedrado 

Habana, San Ignacio 

Matanzas, Gilaberto 

Habana, Prado 35 

Habana, Aguiar 59 

Virgen Maria 

Reunion Deseada 
San Francisco 
San Felipe 
San Antonio 

Maria Josefa 
San Jose 
Santa Lucia 
Santa Emilia 
Santa Gertrudis 


Eden Park 

La Paz 
San Jose 
San Pedro 
Jesus Maria 
Arco Iris 

Santa Rosa Domin- 

San Lorenzo 

Ntra. Sra. de Regla 

Santo Domingo 

San Josd 


San Francisco 

Nueva Esperanza 





S. Geronimode Jagua 

El Carmen 




























Bahia Honda 






Delmar's Trades Directory axd Mercantile Manual. 

Name of Owner. 

P. 0. Address. 

Name of Plantation. 


Duarte Herederos de Antonio 

Habana, Cerre San 

' Guanajay 
' Villaclara 

Elias 12 


Duarte Ignacio 

Calzada del Cerro 


Duarte y Betarte 

Zaragoza, 23 Cerro 



J)u-Bonchel Herederosde Bkb 

Tacon 2 



Ducoman Quiebra de 



Duenas Jose y Concepcion 



Duenas y Ca., Juan 

San Josede Caridad 


DuC^uesne Marques de 

Habana, Habama 198 


Sta. Maria Rosario 

DuQuesne Rita 

Habana, Habama 198 


- Adiniracion 



Duran y Borras Arturo 

San Nicolas 118 

San Antonio Alegre 
f Antonio 


Duranona Herederos de Fran- 

Habana, Oficios 36 

1 Dos Adelas 



Habana, Marianao 

■{ Pilar 

San Francisco 




Echarte Dolores 
Echegoyen Hanchol Pedro 
Echenique y Ca. 
Echevarria y Martinez Do- 
Elizalde Juan Bautista 

Elizalde y Hermanos Salva- 

Elgnea Francisco 

Elosegui Pedro 

Emard Juan y Gonzalo Mo- 

Emerson Herederos de 

Escarza Sotero 

Esnard Herederos de Juan 
Espino Herederos de Juan y 

Espinosa Dolores 
Espinosa Jose de la O. 
Espinosa Remigio 
Espinosa y Hermano 
Espinosa y Nocedo 
Estevez Herederos de Juan 




Habana, Paula 
Habana, Vedado 

Matanzas, O'Reilly 


Habana, Ancha del 

Habana, Cuba 98, y 

Acosta 21 

Sagua, Gloria 26 



San Jose Valiente 

Cualro Pasos 




Arbolde Guernica 
San Jose 




Bella Vista 



San Fernando 

San Cristobal 








San Antonio 








Fabio y Hermano 

Cential Batalla 


Fabre Eugenia 



Fabregas Joaquin 

Sagua Amistad 53 



Fanjul Juan 



Farebo Juan 



Fanra Sucesion de 

Santa Fe 


Febles y Flores, Jose y Juan 

Jan Jose y Animas 


Fernandez Castellano Fer- 




Fayta Jose 

La Ceiba 


Fernandez Criado y Gomez 




Fernandez Criado y Gomez 

Habana 66 

Ntra. Sra. de Neda 


Habana, Aguiar 108 J^ 


Fernandez de Castro Pedro 

Habana, Prado 90 

Ntra. Sra. del Car- 



Fernandez de Lara Toaquin 

Habana, Aguacate 122 


San Antonio 



• A'aine of Choner. 

P. 0. Address. 

Naffie of Pla7itatio7t. 


Fernandez Uelgado Jose R. 



Fernandez Herederos de Jose 


Habana, Paula 3 

Santa Ana 


Fernandez Herederos de J. 




Fernandez Herederos de Vic- 





Fernandez Jose 

San Jos^ 


Fernandez Lopez 

Sagua, Gloria 42 



Fernandez Manuel I. 

Habana, Companario 




Fernandez Mederos Jos6 Maria 



Fernandez Mercedes 

Palma Cubana 


Fernandez Mourat F. 

El Salvador 
San Miguel 

Henra Paz 

Fernandez Pastora 



Fernandez Pedro Lamberto 

Habana, San Ignacio 




Fernandez Piloto Francisco 

Cardenas, Ayllon 

Dos Hermanas 


Fernandez Rafael 




Fernandez Rubalcaba ]o%€ 




Fernandez Tomas 

Saira Familia 


Fernandez Valentine 


San Antonio de 


Fernandez Vallin Antonio 

Ofo de Agua 
Vista Hermosa 


Fernandez y Valdes 

Central Destino 


Fernandina, Herrera Garo j 

Habana, Mercade- ) 
res, 4 S 



Jose Maria Condede \ 

Santa Teresa 


Ferranz Francisco, Lorenzo 

y M. Pulido 


San Pedro 


Ferreira Jose Maiia 

Lealtad io6 



Ferrer Benigno 



Ferrer Casto 



Ferrer Castulo 


Ferrin Juan 




Fiol Juan Agustin 

Habana, Tejadillo 

Jesus Maria 


Flaquer Antonio 

Sagua, Gloria 107 

San Antonio 


Flores Apodaca Roman 

Habana, Galiano 122 



Flores Hernandez, Dolores 



Fouriner y Cases 

San Jose 


Font Herederos de Juan 

Font Ramon 

Habana, Salud 28 



Font y Suris Jose 



Forcade Gabriel 

Habana, Cuba 52 



Fornaris y Corral Felipe 

Habana, San Nicolas 


J^sus Maria 


Fornaris y Corral Manuel 

Habana, Tacon 2 



Fortun Jose Maria 

Marques de Placetas 


San Andres 


Fowler Guillermo 

San Tranguilimo 


Fresneda Manuel 

Habana, Campanario 


Fresneda Mercedes 

Habana, Amistad 54 

Nucva Empresa 


Freville H de 


Fritze y Ca. 

Huena Vista 
Las Breas 


Fuente Lazaso 



Fuentes Jos6 

Habana, Galiano 26 

San Antonio Bejucal 

Fumero Josefa 

,S. Jose dc la Caridad 


Fumero Juan Bautista 

San Rafael 


Fumero Pablo / 

Matanzas S. 

Santa Teresa 


Fumeroy Hcrmanos Jose A. ^ 

Juan do Dios 66 

San Jose 



Delmae's Trades Directory ajjd Mercantile Manual. 


Name of Owner. 

P. 0. Address. 

A'ame of PlantatioJi. 


Gaitan Emilio 

Habana, Habana 



Galainena Herederos de Carlos 



Bahia Honda 

Galan, Jose 





Galarraga Matias 

Habana, Tulipan i6 




Galofre Pablo y Juj^n 



Galvez y Herman© 

Matanzas, Gilabert92 

Dos Mercedes 


Galvez y Zanetti Jesus Benigno 

Habana, Aguacate 


San Jose de Cannabo 


Gallart Jose Nicolas 




Gandara y Lomba Ramon 

Santa Elena 


Garay y Ca., Santiago 

Matanzas, Contreras 


Santa Cristo 


Garcia Angarica Joaquin 



San Antonio 


Garcia Antonia 

Garcia Barbon Luciano 

Habana, S. Ignacio 76 


San Antonio 

San Luciano 


Garcia Carlos 

Habana, Aguila 60 

San Rafael 


Garcia Cartaya Jose Belen 



Garcia Chavez Francisco 

Matanzas, Gelabert 24 



Garcia Chavez Hermanos 

Matanzas, Contreras, 




Garcia Fabian 




Santa Rita 


Garcia Francisco Antonio 


Na. Sa. delos Dolores 


Garcia Herederos de Fulgen- 




Garcia Milian Lorenzo 

Matanzas, Contreras, 


San Ramon 


Garcia Milian Pablo Maria 

San Florencio 




Garcia Ofia Enrique y A. 

Matanzas,©' Reilly 34 

San Luis 


Garcia Ona Recardo 

M a tanzas, Gelabert 47 



Garcia Pablo Maria 



Garcia Sardina Ignacio 

San Juan 


Garcia Sardina Pantaleon 

Santa Facunda 


Garcia Sebastian 



Garcia y Ca., Beatrix 

Ntra. Sra. delRosario 


Garcia y Garcia, Enrique 

Habana, Prado 47 

San Jose 


Garcia y Hermano, J. Belen 

Habana, Bartillo 

Santo Domingo 


Garcia y Hermanos 

Buena Vista 


Santa Ana 


Garcia y Hermanos 

El Tiempo 


Garralde Viuda de Pedra 



Garri y Fernandez, Angel 

Habana, Ancha del 

N. 104 

Angel de San Antonio 


Garrido y Hermanos 



Gatke L Larraque 

Viuda de E. F. 

Habana, Cuba 26 



Gay Francisco de Paula 

Habana, Cuarteles42 

Ntra. Sra. de la Luz 


Gay Josefa Calderon de 

Habana, Cuba 

Santa Rosa 


Gerome de Mora Maria 

Habana, Merced 16 

San Antonio 


Gil Herederos de Jose 




C;illedo N. 

Habana, Merced 16 


Cnialt y Madrazo Jose 

Habana, Chacon 3 

El Doctor 


Girard Sucesion de Gustavo 

San Agustin 


Giraud Mercedes Viuda de 


Habana, Amistad 98 



Gleam Francisco R. 



Gobel y Hermanos Mariano 

Habana, Lamparilla 




Godinez Francisco G. 

Habana, Cerro 442 



Goicoechea N. 

San Jose 


Goicoechea Pascual 

Habana Principe, Al- 

fonso 45 



Island of Cuba. 


. A^ame of Chutier. 

P. 0. Address. 

Name of Plantation. 


Gomez Aranjo Antonio 



Gomez Mederos y Ca. 

Por Fuerza 


Gomez y Cepero Martin 

San Abraham 


Gomez y Hermano Julian 

Matanzas, Ricla 31, 



Contreras 34 

San Andrian 

San Antonio 


San Cayetano 

San Miguel 


Gon. Francisco 


San Antonio 

Gonzalez Abun Diego 

El Rubi 

La Quinta 


Gonzalez Abun Herederos de 


Habana, Amistad 104 

Santa Catalina 


Gonzalez Abun Herederos de 





Gonzalez Abun Juan y Rafaela 

Habana, Prado 6S y 




Gonzalez Abun Vincente 

San Antonio 

Santa Clara 

Gonzalez Carballo R. 


1- Cardenas 

Gonzalez de Larrazabal A. 

San Manuel 

Gonzalez G., Conde de Pala- 

tino y L. Alda 

Habana, Cerro 795 

San Miguel Rosario 

Pinar del Rio 

Gonzalez Herederos de Anto 




Gonzalez Herederos de Guil- 




San Nicolas 


Gonzalez Jose Maria 

Central Perla 


Gonzalez Lara Jos^ 

Habana, Merced 45 



Gonzalez Larrinaga, Herede- 

Habana, Reina 63 


Pinar del Rio 

ros de B. 


,- Jaruco 

Purisima Concepcion 

Gonzalez Manuel 


Pinar del Rio 

Gonzalez Rodiles Jos6 

Nueva Luciana 


Gonzalez Rosa Maria Ruiz de 

Purisima Concepcion 

Gonzalez Rosario 


San Luis 


Gonzalez Sebastian 



Gonzalez y Arango Francisco 

Habana, S. Indalecio 


El Cristo 


Gonzalez y Bolanos Herederos 




Gonzalez Dominguez J. 



Gonzalez y Quinonez Higinio 



Gonzalez y Ramos 

Vinda de Hilario 

Habana, Merced 26 

Purisima Concepcion 


Gorostiza Barberia y Ca. 

El Pan 


Govin y Dominguez Felix 

Central Louisiana 


Govin y Pinto Felix 

Habana, Manrique 





Goytizolo y Lizarzabun Agus- 

Purisima Concepcion 


San Austin 


Gran Azucarera en liquidacion 

Habana, Oficios 


San Martin 


Granda, Cantero y Ca. 

Santa Rita 


Gran y Junco 



Groso de Anido Natalia 



Guardado y Hermano Here- 

deros de 




Guell y Rente 



Guerra Laureana 



Guerrero Marqueti Vicente 


Cerro 552 

Santa Maria 


(juillo y Restoy 




Guma Gregoire y Antonio 


( Angelita 
\ San Ramon 
( Santa Sofia 





Gutierrez y Casal Concurso de 

Habana, San Pedro 2 


Gutierrez y Hermanos 

Herederos de Jose 

Santo Domingo 




Delmae's Trades Directoetand Mercaij^tile Maxual. 



of O'o 

Hatton y Soran 

Haza y Cubellas Jose 

Hermennay y Batt 

Herederos de 

Herrera Herederos de Fran- 
cisco y Leon or 

Herrera Jose Mariano 

Herrera Juan Francisco 

Herrera Leonor y Miguel de 

Herrera Maria Francisco 

Herreia Maria Josefa 

Herrera Melgares Herederos 

Herrera y Carter Miguel An- 
Herrera y Cardenas L. Maria 
Hernandez Armas Jose 
Hernandez Capote Manuel 

Hernandez de Hernandez A. 

Hernandez de la Cruz y Her- 
mano J. 

Hernandez Dominguez E. 

Hernandez Herederos de Belen 

Hernandez Herederos de Dgo. 
y Mo. 

Hernandez Herederos de 

Hernandez Jose 

Hernandez Josefa 

Hernandez Marcos 

Hernandez Maria Gregoria 

Hernandez Morejon Here- 
deros de F. 

Hernandez Morejon Here- 
deros de P. 

Hernandez Otero y Hermano 

Hernandez Piloto Juan 

Hernandez Rafael 

Hernandez Rodriguez F. 

Hernandez Rodriguez S. 
Hernandez Serapio 

Hernandez Tomas 
Hernandez Trinidad 
Hernandez y A. G. Aranjo N. 
Hernandez y A. Monies E. 
Hernandez y Gonzalez N. 
Hernandez y Giuria 
Hernandez y Rios Pablo 

Hernandez y Rios Pastor 

Heria Roma y Pedro Cerro 

Heria S. y J. P. Abren 

Hidalgo Jose Maria 
Hoyos de Perez Hijolita 

P. 0. Address. 

Name of Plantation. 




Tres Hermanos 


Estados Unidos 

San Jorge 


Habana, Cerro 4S0 





Aguacate 112 


Pinar del Rio 

Teniente-Rey 39 

San Francisco 

Pinar del Rio 

San Jose 

Pinar del Rio 

Habana, Salud 79 


Pinar del Rio 

Tacon 2 





San Luis 


Santa Maria 


San Ignacio 


San Antonio 


San Cristobal 

San Jose 

Nueva Pax 

Habana, S. Miguel 




Habana, Galiano 



Matanzas, Gelabert 


Santa Catalina 


Maria Louisa 

San Antonio 

Santa Ana 


Habana, Ancha del 

N. 122 


San Antonio 

Amistad 56 

Santa Ines 


San Rafael 





San Jose 




Santa Isabel 


Matanzas, Santa Te- 

resa 21 

San Francisco 


Matanzas, Ricla 71 


Matanzas, Burriel 


El Carmen 





Matanzas, Contreras 

San Fernando 


San Juan 


Cardenas, Industria 

Santa Rosa 



Isabel, I. Versalles 



Sagua, Colon 45 

Santa Clara 


San Jose 




San Rafael 


Dos Cecilias 


San Jose 


Matanzas, O'Reilly 





Matanzas, O'Reilly 


Santa Rosa 


Habana 61 S, Merca- 

deres, 12 

Santisema Trinidad 

San Antonio 

Habana Sol S7 

Triunfo (a) Concep- 










Name of Chuner. 

Ibanez Francisco F. , Conde 
deCasa Ibanez 

Ibarra y La Guardia, Rita y C. 
Iglesias y Hermanos 
Ilia y Ruiz 
Illareta Joaquin 
Innevarich Santiago 
Isasi Marques de 

Izaba y Fernandez Hilario 

Izaguirre Ildefonso 

Iznaga de Acosta Natividad 

Iznaga de Cantero Herederos 

de M. 
Iznaga de Riquelme Barbra 

Iznaga de Sanchez Maria C. 
Iznaga Juan A. 
Iturralde Juan 

/". O. Address. 

Habana, Cuba 5 

Habana, Prado 87 
Sagua, Esperanza 14 

Habana, Justiz 2 

Sagua, Gloria 42 
Habana, Oficios 62 
Amargura 23, A. del 
N. 221 

jVaine of Plantation. 



San Joaquin 


San Ignacio 

Santa Tomas de Alba 

Ntra. Sra. Remedios 




San Ignacio 





San Fernando 




Delicias Magnas 





Bahia Honda 





Bahia Honda 



San Cristobal 
Sancti Spiritu 




Jenks Jose Matias 

Jibacoa Conde de 

Jimenez Francisco 
Jimenez Rojo Isidro 
Jimenez y Ayla 
Jimenez y Eslevez Ramon 

Jimenez y Mahy Leon 
Jimenez Fuentes J. M. y F. 

Jorrin Gonzola 

Jova y Hermanos Federico 

Jova Ricardo 
Jovellar y Cardona 
Jover Herederos do Juan 
Juda Jose 
Junco Guadalupe 

J unco Leandro del 
unco Morejony Ilermano W. 
Junco y Morejon Gabino 
Jurda Jose 
Justiz Manuel 

Matanzas, Magda- 
lena 15 

Habana, Jesus Maria 

Habana, Virtudes 2 

Matanzas, Contreras 

Matanzas, Contreras 

Habana, Cerro 
Principe, Alfonso 
Tacon, 46 Sagua 
Santo Domingo 

Matanzas, Gelabert 10 
Matanzas, Burriel 


San Ignacio 

Buena Vista 


San Francisco de Asis 

Nueva Cecilia 

San Rafael 
Vista Hermosa 
San Jacinto 
San Ildefonso 
Aurora Zayas 
San Gabriel 
San Vicente 
Santa Rosalia 


San Antonio 








Santa Clara 











Kessel Emilio 
Kinderland y Ca., Juan 

Habana, Empedrado 


Bahia Honda 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 


Name of Owner. 

Labarrere Mateo J. 

Laferte Goitia Francisco 

La Guardia de Ponce Merced 

Landa Gabriel Maria 

Landa Martin 

Landa y Ca., F. 

Lanz Herederos de Juan Bau- 

Lara Roque de 

Lara de Cantero Monserrate 
Larrondo Ignacio 
Larrondo y Ca. , Jgnacio 
Lasa Carlos de 

Lasaga Virgilio y Recio Mora- 
les Jos6 
Lasarte Manuel 
Lastra Maria de la Cruz 
Lastra Ramon 
Lastre y Ginart, Joaquin 
Lavin Domingo 
Lavin Ildefonso 
Lavin Juan 

Lavin Juan y C. Herrero 
Lavin Juan,' en Concurso 

y Santiuste N. 
Lawton Herederos de Jaime 

Ledesma R. U. y J. Bardaji 
Leonard Herederos de 

Juan Bautista 
Leon y Ceballos 
Limonta Sucesor de M. 

yE. Brooks 
Linares Dolores 
Lombard y Hermano 
Lombiel Tomas 

Lombillo Jose, Conde de 
Lopez del Campillo y Her- 
mano D 
Lopez J A 

Lopez Lage y So. Manuel 
Lopez Silverio Llias 

Lopez Silverio Rafael 

Lopez Trigo Ignacio 

Lopez Tringo y Ca. 

Lopez Villavicencio Teofilo 

Lopez y Farragut 

Lopez y Hermanos Demetrio 

Luire y Alberdi Herederos de 

Lugo Vinas Nicasio 

Llanos Viuda de Cespedes 
Llera y Rodriguez 

P. 0. Address. 

Name of Plantation. 


Habana, Empedrado 






Habana, Prado 



Habana, San Miguel 


A fan 


r Habana, Mercade- 
' res II 

Santa Rosa 


Habana, Mercade- 
t res 1 1 



Habana, Compostela 



San Carlos (a) El Que- 




Guina de Soto 


Sagua, Colon 87 



Sagua, Colon 87 








Santa Maria 





Santa Rosa 


Habana, Habana 35 







Cardenas Pinillos 




Cardenas, Real 24 





Habana. Mercaderes 


Santa Rosa 


Monte Sano 




Santa Leocadia 









Habana, Consulado 


Habana, Empedrado 

San Gabriel 

Bahia Honda 





Habana, Reina 119 

Santa Ana 

San Antonio 

Habana, Ancha del 

N. 153 

Santa Lutgarda 



Santa Clara 

Habana, Vedado 

Ntra. Sra.del Carmen 


Jesus Maria(a)Ramos 


San Claudio 





San Rafael 


Sagua, Colon 179 



Sagua, Santa Domin- 


San Andres 


R. de Matanzas, Ricla 

Buen Suceso 


Igenio Destine 


Santa Clara 



Island of Cuba. 



Name of Owner. 

P. 0. Address. 

Name of Plantation. 


Mac Culloc Herederos de Juan 

Estados Unidos 






Macias Herederos de Jos6 



Machado Eleuterio 

Santa Ana 


Machini Hermano Manuel 

Santa Maria 


Madan Cristobal F. 

Habana, Cuba 80 

La Rosa 


Madan de Alfonso Herederos 

Habana, Cuba 84 



de A. 



Madan de la Guardia Rosa 

Habana, Prado 62 



Madan Guillermo y Avelino 

San Antonio 


Madrazo y Hermano Narcisco 



Malpica Felipe 

Habana, Prado loi 



Mallet Maria 

Santa Ana 


Mantecon N. 

Santa Rita 


Manrique Roque 

Habana, Oficios i6 



Maragliano Benito 

La Benita 


Marcellan Herederos deAndres 

Santa Isabel 


Marcos Jos6 

Matanzas, Santa 


San Jose 


Mariscal del Holjo Rafael 

Sagua, Tacon 80 

San Rafael 


Marquetti Herederos de J. y 

A. M. C. 

Habana, Obrapia 

Santisima Trinidad 

San Antonio 

Marquetti y Gonzalez 

Habana, San Miguel 

Central Dolorita 


Marquez Antonio 


San Miguel 


Marquin Fermin N. 



Marroquin Cajigas y Ca. 

Habana, Barcelona 8 

S. Francisco de Paula 

j Guines 
\ Nueva Paz 


Habana, San Ignacio 


Martinez Catalina 

Santa Catalina 


Martinez Herederos de An- 




Martinez Isabel Viudade Pab- 

lo Perez Zamora 


Las Vegas 

Martinez Jose Antonio Abad 

Habana, Salud 



Martinez Juan Manuel 



Martinez Martin 

San Jose 


Martinez Campos Mercedes 

Paris, Christofle 




Martinez Campos Serefina 


Santa Rita 


Martinez Mesa y Ca. 

Sagua, Amistad 



Martinez Rafael 

Vista Hermosa 


Martinez Rico Jos6 

Habana, O'Reilly 

Ntra.Sra. del Carmen 


Martinez Rico Heroderos de 

j Santa Teresa 



\ Santisima Trinidad 


Martinez Valdiviose Hered- 

( Aurora 

eros de N. 

Habana, Habana 

X Monserrate 


Martinez Valdiviose Josefa 

( San Antonio 
San Isidro 

\ Matanzas 

Martinez y Hermanos 

San Ignacio 

Dos Hermanos 


Martinez y Sobrino Francisco 



Masforroll, Trenard y Ca. 



Masvidal y Ca. Nuevitas 

Central Redencion 


Maten Antonio 

San Antonio 


Maurin Herederos de Jos6 

San Isidro 

Las Vegas 

Mayner Jaime 

Habana, Obrapia 

Mercedes a Aurrera 


Mayor y Ca. 

San Jose 

Maza Evaristo 



Maza Jos6 

Central Anita 


Maza Munoz Juan de la 

Habana, Inquisidor 



Maza y Hermanos 

Habana, Empedrado 


Bahia Honda 

Mazorra Herederos de Jos(l' Pio 

Habana, Domingucz 



Santa Clara 


Medina Antonio 




Medina Ramon H. 



Medina y Montero 



Melgares N. 

Atrivido Sta. Maria 

Mena Aguslin J. 



Mena Hernardo 




Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Name of Owner. 

P. 0. Address. 

Name of Plantatioti. 


Mena Maria Francisco 



Mena Meneses Juan 

San Juan 


Mendez Herederos de 



Mendez Valladares Rafael 

San Juan Bautista 


Mendive Herederos de 


Bahia Honda 

Menendez Ramon 

San Jose 


Menendez Teresa 

Habana, Oficios i6 

Santa Isabel 


Menendez y Sobrino 

Santa Rosa 


Meres Herederos de Josefa 



San Antonio 

Mesa Herederos de 

Dos Felices 


Mesa y Herederos de Galar- 

Habana, Tulipan 8 

raga Luisa 




Mesa y Compania Antonio 

Sagua, Amistad 



Mildestein Guillermo 




Milian de Garcia Herederos 

Mantanzas, Gelabert 



de Petrona 


San Narcisco 


Mitjaros Concurso de Bartol- 



Pinar del Rio 

Molina Fernando 

Habana, Compostela 

Santa Teresa 


Molina Ignacio y Ricardo 

Habana, Cerro lo 



Moliner y Hermanos Adolfo 

Habana, Tulipan 9 




Mons D'Orbigny Herederos 

de Luis de 

Santa Victoria 


Montalvos Dolores R. De 



San Lino 


Montalvos Encarnacion 

Habana, Campana- 

rio 127 



Montalvos y Cablvo Herederos 

Habana, Habana 198 

Jesus Maria 


de Ignacio Conde de Casa 



Montalvo y Calvo Herederos 

de Ramon 

Cuba, 40 



Montalvo y Rodriguez Lino 

f Habana, Amargrua 



Montelo Herederos del 

\ Habana, Baratillo 

La Rosa 


Marques de 

Matanzas, Arpen- 

San Cayetano 



San Jose 


Monterro e Hijos Francisco 

Habana, Bernaza, 29 

San Jose delas Ciegas 


Montes Lorenzo y Hernandez 



Nombre de Dios 


Montes de Oca y Torres Man- 


Guines, Carmelo 



Montes Victor 

S. Antonio, Real 47 


San Antonio 

Mora Agustin S. 



Mora Cone, de Jos^ y A. 

Habana, San Ignacio 




San Joaquin 


Mora CuUado Pedro 



Mora de Arangurer Dolores 

Habana, San Ignacio 



Mora e Hijos Vicenta de 



Mora Gabriel 



Mora Jacinta 

San Jacinto 


Mora Jos^ Maria 

Hab'na,San Celestino 



Mora Justa Vinda de Palacio 

San Isidro 


Mora Mamerto 



Mora Oha y Ca. 

Sagua, Merced 47 



Habana, Merced, 49 


" 1 

Morales Alejandro Conde de 

Habana, Cuba 



Morales Armentero Herederos 

de Pro 

Habana, Salud 



Morales Armenteros Vidal 

Habana, Galiano 



Morales Guerra Antonio 

San Rafael 


Morales Herederos de Ramon 

Habana, Compostela 

Santa Teresa 


Morales Manuel A. R. Marques 




de la Real Proclamacion 


Ntra. Sra. de las 




More Ajuria y Hermano 

San Isidro 


Morey Ajuria | Habano, Obispo 







Name of On'tier. 

F. 0. Address. 

Name of Plantation. 


More y Ping Manuel B. 

Habana, J. del Monte 

Purisima Concepion 


Morejon Ambrosio 



Morejon HerederosdeP. 

Matanzas, Rick 



Morejon Manuel 

Habana, Zaragoza 



Morcero Pumariega y Compa 

San Joaquin 


Morell Carlos 




Muise Hijos 

Dulce Nombre 


Muller Eduardo Maria 

El Bamo 


Munoz Heredero de 

San Ramon 


Munoz Izanguirre y Hermano 


Bahia Honda 

Munoz San Clemente Here- 

deros de 



Munoz y Ca. Juan J. 

Santa Susana 


Munoz y Hermanos 

San Joaquin 

Bahia Honda 

Muro Rosario y G. Barradas 

San Francisco 


Muro Sainz y Ca. 

Cardenas, Garnica 

Dulce Nombre 


Naranjo Jesus 
Naranjo Marcelina 
Navarrete de Rodrigues 

Navarro, Casas y Ca. 
Navarro y Pedraja Bernardo 

Ninninger Herederos de Juan 
Nicolas Jose y Baro Herederos 

de Amalia 
Nicolas Juan Jose 

Nicolas y Frennor Jos^ R. 
Nodalas Eusebio 
Norma Antonio 
Noreiga, Olomo y Ca. 

Nunez Benito 

Nunez Fernando 

Nunez, Herederos de Juan J. 

Nunez Juan 

Nunez Manuel 

Nunez Rita Micaela y Juana 

Nunez Vega Jos6 Manuel 
Nunez y Ca., Domingo 
Nunez v Hermanos Bernardo 


Habana, Aguacate 

Sagua, Colon 
Matanzas, Contreras 

Habana, Oficios 

Habana, Prado 
Matanzas, Jovellanos 
Matanzas, Jovellanos 

Habana, Cuba 

Sagua, Merced 


Sagua, Amistad 
Sagua, Intendente, 


El Rosario 

San Isabel 


j Santa Isabel 

\ Victoria 
San Luis 

San Jose R. Gomez 

San Juan 
Santa Clara 

Nueva Empresa 
San Francisco 
















San Antonio 



Ocampo y Arredondo 
O'Fairill Herederos Josefa 
O'Farrill Jos6 Ricardo 

O'Farrill Jos6 Ricardo 

O'Farrill Ricardo R. 

O'Farrill Vicente 
Olano y Molina Jos6 
Olivera Hermanos y Ca. 
Olivera Manuel 
(31mo Frade y Ca. 
O'Nagten y Orozco Juan 
Oramas Lucas 
O'Reilly Conde de 
Oria Juan 
Orta y Lleria 
Ortiz Antonio 

Habana, Industria 
Habana, Sahul 
Habana, Cuba 

Habana, Cuba 

Habana, Colon 

.Matanzas, O'Reilly 
Matanzas, O'Reilly 

Habana, Compostcla 

Habana, Oficios 
Sagua la Grande 


Luis O. Je Rita 


San Luis 






-San Antonio 

San Rafael 






San Ignacio 


San Jose 



Buen Amigo 






Santa Lucia 


Bufon Antonio 








Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Name of Owner. 

P. 0. Address. 

Name of Plantation. 


Ortiz Cabana y Ca. 
Otamendi Baltasar 
Otero de Tolon Dolores 
Owens Herederos de Tomas 
Oxamendi Vicente 

Matanzas, O'Reilly 

San Antonio Polo 
Santa Isabel 
San Jos4 Valiente 
Santa Barbara 

Pinar del Rio 


Padron Justo y Herederos de 


Penar del Rio 


Paso Real 

Palacios Herederos de Lazaro 

Paso Real 


Palatine Gregorio Gonzalez 

Habana, Cerro, P. 


Pinar del Rio 

Conde de 




Nueva Empresa 




Palnia y Nieto 

Sagua, Gloria 

San Rafael 


Pallimonjo y Sobrino 

Cardenas Princesa 

San Pablo 


San Vicente 


Parera de Sotolongo Aurora 

Habana, Aguacate 



Pasalobos Damaso 



Pascual Enrique 



Pasinal Maria 

Santa Rosa 

Santa Clara 

Pedro Herederos de Francisco 

Habana, Amargura 



Pedro Jose 



Pedro Lorenzo 

Habana, Industria 

Buen Hijo 


Pedro y Roig Juan 

Habana, San Ignacio 


Pinar del Rio 

Pedroso Maria Luisa y A. 

H abana, Amargura 2 1 




y 23 

Des Hermanas 


Pedro y Echevarria Herederos 

Santa Gertrudes 


de J. 

San Joaquin 


Pedroso y Hermanos Carlos 

Habana, Bernaza 

Ntra. Sra. del Rosario 


Pedroso y Pedroso Francisco 

Habana, I. del Monte 

San Cayetano 



San Gabriel 

Pinar del Rio 

Pelayo Matilde G. Viuda de 



Pelayo Vigil Francisco 


San Joaquin 


Pella y Caso 



Penalver Concepcion 

Habana, Tejadillo 

Santiago Canas 

Pinar del Rio 

Penalver Sebastian de 

Habana, Tacon 



Penalver y Sanchez Herederos 

de J. 

Habana, Sol 

San Gabriel a Zayas 

Pinar del Rio 

Penate Jos^ 

Sitio, Grande 

San Jos6 


Pequeno y Ca. L. 

Habana, Acosta 

L. Pequeno 


Peraza Francisco 

Sagua, Colon 

San Lorenzo 


Peraza Juana 

Central Granja 


Peraza Manuel 

Habana, Escobar 

Maria Teresa 


San Juan 


Perera Jos6 



Perez, Aguin y Ca. 


San Ramon 


Perez Candida 


San Antonio 

Perez Carballo Francisco 



Perez Felipe 

Habana, San Ignacio 



Perez Herederos de Jos^ Ra- 

fael J. 



Perez Teran y Hermano C. 

Cardenas, Princesa 

Jesus Maria 


Perez Tomas 



Perovani Elvira Viuda de 

Habana, Ricla 

San Andres 



Santa Elvira 


Perez Herederos de 

Maria S. J. de Dios 

Bahia Honda 

Pers Gabriel 

Habana, Paula 



Pezuela e Hijo Jacobo de la 

San Luis 


Pichardo e Hijo Rafael 

Sagua, San Valentine 



Piedra Andreas Viuda de Diaz 

Bella Amistad 

San Antonio 

Santa Ana 

San Antonio 

Piedra Bartolome 


Pinar del Rio 

Piedra Juan Antonio 


San Antonio 

Piedra y Ca. 

El Felix 


Pineira y Tapia Adriano 




IsLAiTD OF Cuba. 


Name of Owner. 

Pla Julio 

Pla e Hijo Jose 

Planas Sucesion de Jose 

Plazarola Ureta Fernando 
Poey Herederos de Juan 
Polo Francisco V. 
Polledo Joaquin 

Pombert Elias 

Ponce Marcial 

Ponce Patricio 

Ponce y Hermanos 

Pons Fernando 

Pons Gabriel 

Portila, Jose de Jesus 

Portilla Herederos de Jose de 

Portillo, Isabel 
Portillo y Bermudez, Manuel 
Portuondo y Barcelo, Manuel 

Prado Ameno y Herederos de 
Maria Isabel de Cardenas 
Marques de 

Prendes y Fernandez Juan 

Primilles, Juan Manuel 

Puente y Toledo 

Puig y Sanchez, Juan Jose 

Puig Luis 

Puig y Amigo Manuel 
Pulido Mamerto 
Pumaldo Jose Maria 
Pumareda y Compania Edu- 

Pumariega Juan 

P. 0. Address. 

Name of Plantation. 


Concepcion Santiago 


Habana, Oficios 



San Manuel 






Habana, Cuba 



Habana, Compostela 



El Siglo 


Matanzas, Magdalena 



San Ramon 



Villa Clara 


Villa Clara 



Santo Domingo 






San Bias 


Santa Maria 


La Perseverancia 


Habana, Cerro 

Santa Matilda 


La Palma 




Matanzas, Gelabert 

El Molino 


j Quemado 
{ Santa Cruz 


Habana, Aguial 



Matanzas, Daoiz 

Sta Catalina 



La Fortuna 


Santa Rosalia 




Habana, Maloja 

Habana, Reina 



Habana, Cuba 



Habana, Aguair 

San Antonio 

San Antonio 

San Jose 



Central Oriente 





Querol y Bello Vicente 



Quevedo e Hijos Francisco 

Dos Hermanas 


Quevedo y Ca. 

San Antonio 


Quiam Jos6 Maria 

Cardenas, Real 



Quintana de Frias Bernardo 

Sagua La Grande 



Quintana F. Marques de 





Quintero Gabino y Antonio 

Habana, Cuba 

San Antonio 


Quintero Jos6 

Sagua La Grande 

Santa Rosalia 


Quintero y Coloma 


S. Juan Nepomuceno 


Quintero y Hermanos Con- 

curso de 




Quinones Ana Jos^fa 

Santa Ana 


San Jos6 


Quinones de Alfonso Concep- 


Habana, Animas 



Quinones Manuel 


Bahia Honda 


Delmak's Trades Dieectoky axd Meecaxtile Manual. 


Na7HC of Oivner. 

Ramirez Estenoz Juan 
Ramos Izquierdo Manuel en 

Ramos Laureano 
Rancolo Juan 

Rancell Hermano y Ca. 

Real Proclamacion Marques 

de la 
Rebolledo Agustin 
Recio de Morales Manuel A. 
Redo L. y A. Lescaye 
Redondo Manuela 

Rud y Ca. 

Reguera Francisco y Antonio 

Reguera Javier 

Rinaldo e Hidalgo Pedro 

Rendon Marques de 

Reunion Conde de la 

Rivella y Calvo 

Rey Sucesion de Antonio R. 

Reyes Bacallao Belen y A. 
Reyes Miguel 
Riancho Federico G. 
Ribalta Herederos de Pablo 
Ribalta Tomas 
Rionda N. 

Rio Roque del 

Rios Gonzalez Jos6 T. 

Rios Manuela 

Rios Miguel 

Rios y Hermanos 

Risech Jaime 

Rivero Castillo Josd 

Robreno y Delgado 

Roca Carlos de la 

Roca Manuel Antonio 

Roca y Compania 

Rodriguez Ana 

Rodriguez Cantera Maria de 

los Angeles 
Rodriguez de Arenas Teresa 
Rodriguez Francisco 
Rodriguez Lopez y Hermano 


Rodriguez Lopez Santiago 
Rodriguez Manuel 
Rodriguez Maria del Rosario 
Rodriguez Ricardo 
Rodriguez Silva Concepcion 
Rodriguez Somante Manuel 

Rodriguez y Ca., Laureano 
Rodriguez y Grande 
Rodriguez y Hermanos G. 
Rodriguez y Hermanos, 

Rodriguez y Villar 
Rojas Manuel y Jos^ de 
Rojo Francisco 
Rojo Herederos de Sixto 

P. 0. Address. 

Name of Plantation. 


Habana, Gervasio 

Dos Hermanas 


San Jose 


San Juan Bautista 


S San Carlos 


\ San Vicente 

Habana, Habana 





Central Loreto 


Habana, Paula 



San Antonio 


Habana, Cerro 

j Capricho Carmen 
\ Progreso 



Central Redencion 

Puerto Principe 






El Triunfo 




Habana, Aguiar 

Dos Hermanos 




Habana, Cerro 

Paz de San Juan 






Santa Marta 


Santa Teresa 



China Central 




San Juan 


Las Nieves 







San Cristobal 




San Cristobal 


San Pedro 




Sagua, Colon 

Bella Luisa 


Sagua, Malpaez 



D. PelayoyJ. Miguel 




Sagua la Grande 





Habana, Prado 



Sagua, Gloria 

Santa Rita 
Tres Hermanos 


Habana, Prado 

Flor de Cuba 


San Antonio 





Bella Rosa 




Cometa San Manuel 



Sagua, Tacon 

Orient e 


Matanzas, Ona 

Santa Ana 


Sagua, Viana 



San Ramon 


Sagua, Tacon 


Sauga, Samaritana 

San Rafael 


Sagua, Indte Ramirez 



Habana, Colon, 107 

y 109 



IsLAXD OF Cuba. 


Xame of Oioier. 

P. 0. Address. 

Name of Plantation. 


Rojo Nicolas 

Santi Rita 


Rolando Herederos de Fran- 

cisco G. 



Roldan Antonio 

Habana, Justiz 

Santa Rita 


Romay, Pedro y Jos6 

Habana, Cuba 

San Luis 

Nueva Paz 

Romay y Navarrete Here- 

deros de C. 



Romero Conde de Casa 

Habana, San Ignacio 



Roque de Casuso Julia 

Habana, Dragones 



Roque Gonzalo 

Rancho Veloz 
San Gabriel 


Roque y Ca. Viudade 


Rosa y Vede, C. de la y 

Herederos de Angel Her- 


San Pablo 


Rosell, Sucesion de Manuel 



Rosell y Malpica 

Habana, Baratillo 



Habana, Cuba 

San Salvador 


Ruas Jose de la 

Habana, Cerro 



Rueda Gertrudis Dominguez 

Habana, Mercedes y 





Ruiz Coboz Manuel 

San Juan 


Ruiz de Rodriguez Josefa 




Ruiz Francisco J. 

Matanzas, Gelabert 



Ruiz Herederos de E. y Ca. 



Ruiz Herederos de Martin 

San Miguel 


Ruiz y Hermano 

Cardenas, Hector 

San Bias 


Ruiz y Hermanos Jose E. 

Dos Amigos 


Ruiz y Hermano Modesto 




Ruiz y Perez Felipe 

Habana, Principe Al- 



San Antonio 


Saez Herederos de Santiago 

Salas Alejo 
Salas Pedro 

Salazar y Echevarria Vicente 

Salazar y Justiz Juan Fran- 

Salom y Garcia 

Salva Munoz Manuela 

Sama Viuda de Garcia 
Munoz Emilia 

Sanchez Benitez y Alfonso 

Sanchez Diego J. 

Sanchez Dols Pedro 

Sanchez P'erriera Miguel 

Sanchez Herederos de Rafael 

Sanchez Luisa 

Sanchez Pedro R. 

Sanchez Salvador Teodoro 

Sanchez Toledano Jos6 M. 

Sanchez Toledo Juan 

Sanchez Chavez Martin 
Sandoval Marquis de 

San Ignacio Herederos del 
Cunde de 

Habana, Cuba 




V Sagua 

Santa Fe 


San Juan 

Bahia Honda 

San Rafael 



Isla de Pinos 

2do. Guines, Santa 






V Cuba 




Arroyo de Agua 


Habana, Aguiar 

San Francisco 

Nueva Paz 

San Antonio 


Habana, Cuba 

Habana, i y Chacon 



Habana, Virtudes iii 

Santa Lutgarda 




Habana, Oficios 



Campo Alegre 


Santa Lucia 



Pinar del Rio 

Com bate 


Santa Sofia (a)Coloso 


I'iedra Blanca 


Habana, Ancha del 



San Antonio 

Habana, Salud 

Santa Rita 


Santa Clara 

Dos Hermanos 

I'iiiar del Rio 



San Antonio 


San Antonio 

San Jacinto 

Pinar del Rio 


Pinar del Rio 

Paseo Tacon 


San Cristolial 

San Ignacio 

Pinar del Rio 

Santa Teresa 

I'inar del Rio 


Delmae's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Name of Qivner. 

San Miguel Marques de 
Santa Cruz de Oviedo Here- 
deros de 

Santa Cruz Herederos de 

Dolores de 
Santiago Condesa de 
Santos y Fonseca 
Santovenia Conde de 
Sardina Alejo 

Sardina Cesareo y Prospero 
Sardina Felix 
Sardina Marcos 
Sarria Joaquin 
Sarria Jose Manuel 
Sarria y Albis Domingo 
Satorre e Hijos Jose 
Sanvalle Carlos 

Schmith Guillermo 

Scull Plerederos de Rosario 

Scull y Marcel ]os€ Francisco 
Secada Francisco G. 

Selden de Morgan Maria Luisa 
Sentelles Juan 

Serra Seriva y Gonzales 
Serra y Ca. Apolinar 
Serrate Herederos de Jos6 

Servia y Hermanos Manuel 

Setien y Hermano 

Sewart Guillermo H. 

Siere y Bottino Pedro 

Sierra y Toscano 

Silva Francisco 

Silveira y Quintana Francisco 

Smith Juan H. 

Smith Sucesion de Ricardo D. 

Smith y Ca. Liquidacion de 

E. G. 
Socarras Francisco 
Sola Francisco 
Soler Juan 

Soler y Hernandez Juan 
Soler y Morell Juan 
Soler Leandro 
Solis Manuel 
Solier y Ca., Jose S. 
Soncerie Eduardo 
Soto Andres 
Sotolongo Desiderio de 
Sotolongo Herederos de 

Sotolongo Mateo 
Sotolongo y Abren Francisco 
Sotolongo y Ca., Lorenzo 
Sotolongo y Zas Agustin 
Stockes Luis F. S. 
Suarez Argudin Jose Antonio 

Suarez Chaveaux Angela 

Suarez del Villar Herederos de 

J. R. 
Suarez Herederos dejos^ Ilde- 


P. 0. Address. 

Name of Plantation. 


Habana, Cuba 






Jesus Maria 


San Jose 





Pinar del Rio 

Habana, San Ignacio 

Santa Teresa 




Cardenas, Hector 





Dos Hermanos 


Santa Petrona 


San Ignacio 


Jos^ de Jabacoa 






Santa Cruz de los 


Balestina Rangel 

Pinar del Rio 



Habana, Mercaderes 


Nueva Paz 

Habana, Prado 


Santa Teresa 


Habana, Mercaderes 



Cardenas Ruiz y Cos- 

Pedro Lorenzo 





Santa Agustina 



Vera Versalles 

San Francisco 


San Francisco 




San Antonio 





Matanzas, O'Reilly 








San Leon 




Matanzas, Gelabert 





San Ricardo 


Santa Ana 



Las Pozas 

Bahia Honda 



Habana, Cuba, Es- 

quina a Luz 

Santa Filomena 






Habana, Cuba 

Santa Rita 




Sagua, Sebastopol 

San Fernando 




Habana, Aguiar 





Habana, San Igna- 



San Antonio 

San Mateo 


Habana, Oficios 





Nmo Jesus 


Sagua le Grande 

Santa Rita 


Habana, Mercaderes 



Nueva Teresa 

Bahia Honda 

San Juan Bautista 



San Antonio 

La Nina 



San Ignacio 

Suriman | 


Island of Cuba. 


.Name of Owner. 

Suarez Vigil Miguel 

Suarez y Gonzalez 

Suarez Ruiz de Villa 

Surias Francisco y R. Celaya 

P. 0. Address. 

San Ignacio, Ricla 

iVarne of Plantation. 

El Siglo 


Pinar del Rio 
Puerte Principe 


Taltvull Josd P. 
Tapia Eguillor y Ca 
Tapi Pablo 
Taylor Herederos de 
Tauler y Ca. Jos^ 
Tejada de Torrijos Irene 

Tejedor Gregorio 
Tellechea Jeronimo 
Tellechea Viuda de 
Terry Andres 
Terry Tomas 

Thomdike Herederos de Israel 
Thompson Herederos de Ana 
Thompson y Macomb 
Tintore Herederos de Fran- 
Tirso de Rodroquez Maria 
Tora Josa Ricardo 
Torices y Ca., Rafael R. 

Torre Caridad y Mariana di la 
Torres Agustin 
Torres Antonio 

Torres Vendrell Jaime 
Torriente Celestino di la 

Torriente Francisco Maria 

Torriente Herederos deCosme 

de la 

Torriente Herederos de J. G. 
de la 

Torriente Herederos de Fran- 
cisco de la 

Torriente Hermanos Sucesion 

Torriente Juan A. de la 




Toscano Isabel Blain Va. de 
So. Tomas 7, Cerro 

Trenard y Pesant Simon 

Triana y Hermanos Benigno 

Troncoso y Ca. N. 

Truffin y Ulmo 
Trujillo Cabrera Jos6 
Trujillo Jos(:- R 
Tuero Antonio 

Habana, Bnos-Aires 

7 Cerro 
Habana, Consulado 

Habana, Cuba 

Sagua la Grande 
Estados Unidos 

Sagua, Colon 

Habana, Habana 

Sagua, Colon 
Sagua la Grande, 

Habana, Carlos iii, 

Habana, Ancha del 

Matanzas, O'Reilly 


Habana, Habana 


Habana, S. Ignacio 

Habana, Mercaderes 
Habana, Contreras 
Habana, Contreras 

Santa Amalia 




San Dionisio 






Santa Ana 





La Merced 


San Jos^ 

San Jos6 de Ramos 



Central Maria 

Buen Suceso 


Laura O. Tosca 

Santa Maria 




A mist ad 

Puray Liupia 

Santa Isabel 
Santa Cecilia 
.Santa Elena 
San Rafael 
.San Juan 
Santa Rosa 
.San Antonio 
San Josii 







Nueva Paz 





























Delmar's Trades Directory axd Mercantile Maxual. 


Name of Owner. 

P. 0. Address 

Navie of Plantation. 


Uggate, Bardia y Ca. 

San Carlos 


Uggate Claudio 

Habana, San Nicolas 



Ugarte de Sotolongo 

Habana, Oficios 

Buen Amigo 



San Miguel 


Ugarte Herederos de Jose 



Sa. Ma. Rosario 

Ugariza y Ca. Jose Maria 

Santa Rita 


Habana, Ricla 



Ulacia Sebastian 





San Rafael 


Ulloa Josede Jesus 

Bella Vista 

Bahia Honda 

Urbizu Joaquin 

Habana, Amargura 

San Antonio 


Ureta Tomas y Herederos de 


Santa Lucia 


Vaillant Mariano 

Vaillant y Sucesion de J. Colas 

Valdes Alvar^ez y Ca. 

Valdes Jos6 y Emilia 
Valera Ernesto 
Valera Galvez y Zayas 
Valera y Cano Jose Maria 

Valera y Cano Nicolas 
Valero de Urrutia Marques de 
Valladares Herederos de Jose 

Valle Antonio Maria del 

Valle Miguel del 

Valleliano Conde de 

Varela Herederos de Manuel 

Vega Claudio de la 

Vega de Alzugaray Casimira 

Vega Juan 

Vega Nieves de la 

Vega y Corripio Manuel 

Veguer y Flaquer Juan 
Venecia Jos6 

Vergara Jose ; 
Vergara Ramon 
Veitia y Zayas Antonio 
Vila y Torrens Francisco 
Villagelm Jacinto 
Villaitre Marques de 
Villaba y Ayllon Marquez de 
Villar Gabriel del 
Villiers F. M. de y Sanchez I. 

Vinent y Gola Santiago 
Vives Pablo 


Habana, Ricla, Esqa. 
a Inquisidor 

Matanzas, O'Reilly 

Matanzas, Ayllon 
Habana, Compostela 
Marianao, San Fran- 
Habana, Aguiar 

Habana, Cerro 


Habana, Cerro Za- 

raga. y Atoclia 
Habana, Oficios 

Habana, Amistad 
Santa Clara 

Habana, Mercaderes 



Alpes Australia 
San Jose 
San Antonio 
San Juan 

San Agustin 
San Francisco 
San Miguel 
El Corojal 

Xueva Luisa 




Adela y Convenio 

Vista Alegre 


San Francisco 


Vega Grande 



Palma Sola 

Vestio Hermosa 












Puerto Principe 

















Welsh S. y W. 
Wilson Augusto 

Estados Unidos 



IsLAXD OF Cuba. 



Navte of Owner. 

P. 0. Address. 

Name of Plantatio7i. 


Yanez Manuel 
Yera y Rodregiiez 

Sagua, Colon 


Santa Clara 


Zabala Jose 

Zaldivar y Pedroso Julian 

Zambrana de Chorros Juana 

Zanolletti Jose 

Zayas Fernando A. 

Zayas Herederos de Martin 

Zayas y Dominguez 

Zayas y Zayas, Herederos de J. 

Zequeira Socorro 

Zozaya y Ca. 

Zuaznavar Benito 

Zuaznavar Herederos de Fi- 

Zulueia Concurso de Salva- 

Zulueta Herederos de Julian 
de Marques de Alava 

San Jos^ 




San Pablo 







Matanzas O'Reilly 

Pura y Limpia 


Marianao, Real 

San Francisco Ja\der 


El Pilar 


Habana, Cerro 

San Jos^ 


Habana, San Ignacio 

San Felipe 






San Jose 


Habana, Obrapia 



Habana, Amargura 



Santa Elena 


Habana, Aguiar 














Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 



Population of the Island, 35,000. 


Agricultural Implements. 

A. T- Comache & Co. 
McDonald & Co. 
Geo. M. Bennett & Co. 
D. W. Ramier&Co. - 
Geo. Davis 
Manuel Gomes 
James McDonald 

Ale and Beer Dealers. 

Murdoch & Co., wholesale and retail 

Wm. Forrest " " 

Wm. H. Moore " " 

A. J. Comache & Co., wholesale and commis- 

Geo. W. Bennett & Co., wholesale and commis- 

Manuel Gomes, wholesale and commission 

McDonald & Co., " " 

James McDonald, " " 

Banks and. Bankers. 

Colonial Bank, Limited 

BDliard Booms. 

Globe Hotel 
Recreation Co., Limited 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

John Bridger 
W. W. Malone 

Boot and Shoe Dealers. 

Murdoch & Co. 
Delos Martine 
Mads wick & Co- 
W. H. Moore 
John Bridger 
Louisa Thibon 
A. McAdam 
Warnford & Co. 
Gardner Bros. 
S. Galbraith 
Wm. Forrest 
Robert Pigott 
Thomas Pigott 

Carriage or Wagon Dealers or 

Henry White, maker and repairer 

C. P. St. Luce " 

Geo. W. Bennett & Co., dealers in commission 

McDonald & Co. " " 

Coal Merchants. 

Geo. W. Bennett & Co. 
A. J. Comache & Co. 
Manuel Gomes 


Samuel Taylor 
John Bridger 

Dry Goods Dealers. 

Murdoch & Co. 
Delos Martine 
Madswick & Co. 
Wm. H. Moore 
Louisa Thibon 
A. McAdam 
Warnford & Co. 
S. Galbraith 
Wm. Forrest 
Thomas Piggott 
Robert Piggott 

Furniture Dealers. 

A. McAdam 
Wm. H. Moore 
Murdoch & Co. 

General Merchants, Wholesale Im- 

Archer & Co. 
James McDonald 
A. J. Comache & Co. 
Geo. W. Bennett & Co. 
Manuel Gomes 
Jeremiah Gonsalves 
De Lusa Jardine Bros. 
McDonold & Co. 
A. R. Mendes 

Groceries and Provisions. 

Murdoch & Co. 
Wm. H. Moore 
Delos Martine 
Louisa Thibon 
John Bridger 
A. McAdam 
Wm. Forrest 
Thos. Faussett 
Mrs. T. Thibon 

Hardware and Tool Dealer. 

Murdoch & Co. 

Delos Martine 

A. McAdam 

Wm. Forrest 

A. J. Comache & Co. 

Manuel Gomes 

Geo. W. Bennett & Co. 

Geo. Davis 

Scotland, Lucas & Co. 

D. N. Ramier & Co. 


Globe Hotel 
Holliday's Hotel 

Ice Merchants. 

Globe Hotel 



Iron Merchants. 

James Maginly 

A. J. Comache & Co. 

Manuel Gomes 

Geo. W. Bennett & Co. 

John Maginly 
Alex. McAdam 
James Rocke 
W. H. Edwards 

Jewelry and Watches. 

Leeward Islands Produce Co. 
Wm. H. Moore 

John Bridger 

Wm. Goodwin 

S. Galbraith 

James Goodwin 

Wm. Forrest 

J. Sutherland 

Sir Oliver Nugent 

Liumber Merchants. 

Oliver Nugent, Jr. 

A. J. Comache & Co. 

T. Romney Guiness 

Geo. W. Bennett & Co. 
Manuel Gomes 

Saddlery and Harness. 

McDonald & Co. 

Geo. W. Bennett & Co. 

D. N. Ramier & Co. 

D. N. Ramier & Co. 

Geo. Davis 

Manuel Gomes 

Scotland, Lucas & Co. 

G. McAdam 

Wm. Forrest 

Machinery Dealers. 

Murdoch & Co. 

Geo. W. Bennett & Co. " 

Schools and Colleges. 

A. J. Comache & Co. 

Antigua Grammar School 

Antigua Wesleyan School 

Musical Instruments. 

Antigua Girls' School 

S. Galbraith 

Wm. Forrest 

Sewing Machine Dealers. 

Warnford & Co. 

S. Galbraith 

John Bridger 

Wm. Forrest 


Delos Martin 

Antigua Standard 

Sugar Estate Stores, Dealers in 

Antigua Observer 

Geo. W. Bennett & Co. 

Antigua Churchman 

A. J. Comache & Co. 
Manuel Gomes 

The Colonist 

D. N. Ramier & Co. 


Geo. Davis 

Wm. H. Edwards 

Scotland, Lucas & Co. 

A. E. Edwards 
A. G. McHattir 

Telegraph and Telephone Com- 

G. Gabriel 


John Freeland 

West India Telegraph Co. 

A. A. Mackir 

F. Pierez 

Trunks and Travelers' Outfits. 


Murdoch & Co. 

Thos. Faussett 

W. H. Moore 

Delos Marline 


A. McAdam 

Wm. Forrest 

S. Sedgwick 
T. D. Foote 


Geo. Holborow 

John James 

C. A. Shard 
E. G. Lane 

Wall Paper Dealers. 

John Freeland 

Wm. Forrest 

Victor Gaffroy 

A. McAdam 

James Burns 

John Bridger 

H. O. Bennett 

Murdoch & Co. 

A. J. Comache 

Wm. Moore 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual, 


(British Guiana.) 

Population of the Territory, 340,000. 

Attorneys at Law. 

Abraham E. A. V. 
Behnonte J. B. C. 
Dalton E. H. G. 
Hinds G. W. 
Alton M. P. 
Abraham F. 
Cameron U. S. 
Forshaw G. A. 
M.urdoch J. A. 
Parnell C. G. 
Woolford J. B. 

Banking Institutions. 

British Guiana Bank — Directors: B. V. Abraham, 
chairman; R. J. Kelly, B. Howell Jones, 
G. A. Forshaw, J. W. Davson, I. M. Gar- 
nett. Manager, G. L. Davson; accountant, 
E. J. N. Thomas. 

Colonial Bank— Manager, M. R. O'Maley; ac- 
countant, E. M. Sanderson. 

Barristers at Law. 

Belmonte B. E. C, LL. D. 

Clark Wm. 

Davson C. S., Crown solicitor 

De Groot R. J. V. R., New Amsterdam 

Hutson D. M. 

Lynch E. F. N. 

Payne C. L. 

Brandon David 

Dargan P. 

De Sonsa L. 

Lewis W. E. 

McKinnon N. R. 

Nehlett R. R. 

Phillips T. W. 

New Amsterdam 

Chemists, Druggists and Tobac- 

Alty & J. D. 

Cendrecourt C. 

Coronel & Co. 

Hannays G. E. L. 

Kerr W. B. 

Lobo Isaac 

Mathews H. T. 

Newsam W. R. 

Van Norten & Co. 

Amson H. 

Cendrecourt H. 

Davis H. 

Jordan & Co. J. 

Klien & Co. Joseph 

Main Street Dispensing Co. 

Max & Co. E. L. 

Scott & Co. 

Virtue & Co. 

Chinese Merchants. 

King Cheong & Co., fancy gouds, Chinese gro- 
ceries, etc. 

Kwong Tai Lung & Co., general Chinese mer- 
chandise and tabacconists 

Lee & Yhap, dry goods 

Wo Lee & Co., merchants and importers 

Contractors and Builders. 

Bugle Michael 

Evelyn J. D. 

Evelyn J. T. 

Hannays G. H. 

La Penitence Woodworking Company 

McDavid W. A. 

Pratt R. B. 

Mussenden H. C. 

Sharpies & Co. J. B. 

Smith & Oldfield 

Sproston H. & Son 


Applewhite John 
Gaskin & Co. 
Booker Bros. & Co. 
Richards H. 


Dr. James Spaight 
Dr. W. C. Home 

Dry Goods and Clotliing. 

Bethencourt & Co., G. 

Collier & Son, wholesale and retail 

Currie & Co., Donald 

Fogarty & Co., wholesale and retail 

Kaufman & Co., R. T. , drapers and fancy ware- 

McGowan & Co., D. H., proprietors Grand Cen- 
tral Clothing and Notion Depot 

McGowan & Co., R. J., proprietors "Granite 
Stores " 

D'Oliveyra E. , wholesale and retail 

Playfair & Co. , general dry goods and variety 

The Caledonian Warehouse, dry goods and cloth- 
ing. Robert Crawford, proprietor 

The Guianese Cash Store, dry goods and mil- 

Foreign Consuls in Georgetown. 

France — Henri Ledoux, Vice-Consul 

German Empire and Portugal — Arthur Weber, 

Netherlands — Elias D'Oliveyra, Consul 
Sweden and Norway — Jacob H. de Jonge, Consul 
United States of America — Major W. T. Walt- 
hall, Consul ; James Thomson, Vice-Consul 
Venezuela — M. L. R. Andrade, Vice-Consul 



Fire and Liife Insurance Agencies. 

Barbados Mutual (life) — Agents, Ramsey, Hill& 

Commercial Union (fire) — Agents, George Little 

& Co. 
Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United 

States of America — Agent, Jacob A. de 

Guardian (fire) — Agents, Sandbach, Parker & Co. 
Liverpool, London & Globe (fire) — Agents, 

Sandbach, Parker & Co. 
London Assurance Corporation — Agent, A. Barr. 
London and Lancashire (fire) — Agents, George 

Little & Co. 
Mannheim Marine Insurance Company — Agents, 

A. W. Perot & Co. 
Marine Insurance Company — Agents, Garnett 

& Co. 
Marine and General Mutual (life) — Agents, Gar- 
nett & Co. 
New York Life Insurance Company — Agent, J. 

North British and Mercantile (fire) — Agent, A. 

Northern Assurance Company (fire and life) — 

Agents, Davson Bros. & Co. 
Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society ; agents, 

H. Ledoux & Co. 
Phoenix Fire Office; agents, Sandbach, Parker 

Queen of Liverpool (fire); agents, George Little 

& Co. 
Royal Insurance Company (fire and life); agents, 

Booker Bros. & Co. 
Standard (life); agent, G. A. Forshaw 
Sun (London) Fire; agents, Garnett & Co. 
The Imperial (fire); agent, Thomas H. Glennie 
Underwriting and Agency Association, Limited, 

of London; agents, J. Tengely & Co. 


Demerara Foundry; R. Buchanan & Co., pro- 
prietors. B. J. Godfrey, attorney; R.Allan, 

Demerara Railway Foundry ; S. R. Starage, en- 

Sproston Dock and Foundry Co. ; A. Sproston 
& Son, proprietors 

General Merchants, Importers and 

Abraham B. V., merchant 

Birch & Co., commission and general merchants, 
importers of live stock and lumber, and ice 
contractors to the government 

Bagot Walter, merchant and estates' town 

Booker Bros. & Co., merchants, importers and 
exporters and estates' agents ; general whole- 
sale and retail dealers 

Cameron I). C. , estates' attorney and town agent 

Cameron Wm., commission merchant and ship 

George Chapman, ship l^roker and commission 

Colonial Company, limited, merchants and town 
agents ; T. II. Glennie and R. J. Kelly, at- 

Conrad H. & Co., general merchants and im- 
porters, dealers in china and glassware 

Currie & Co., Donald, importers and commission 

Davson Bros. & Co., estates' and insurance 
agents and commission merchants 

DeFreitas & Co., J. F. , provision merchants and 

Dejorge & Smith, general merchants ; agents for 
Thom & Cameron, of Glasgow Scotland 

Demerara Crushed Feed Co. ; James Watson, 

D'Nobrega M. F., general provision merchant 

Farnum &; Culpeper, estates' attorneys, town 
agents and commission merchants 

Fernandez Joas, heirs of, wholesale provision 
and liquor dealers ; J. G. Henriques, at- 

Garnett & Co., estates' attorneys and town 
agents, commission merchants and agents for 
the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company 

Gonsalves & Co., M., general provision mer- 
chants and grocers, wholesale and retail 

La Penitence Stores, estates' supplies and agen- 
cies ; manager and attorney, A. Barr 

Le Drux & Co. H., ship brokers and commission 

Macquarrie C. J., wine and cigar merchant and 

McLeod Edwin, shipping and commission mer- 
chant and importer 

Park & Cunningham, importers of and dealers 
in hardware and house-furnishing goods, and 
cabinet makers. 

Perot & Co., A. W., general commission mer- 
chants, and shippers of colonial produce 

Pitman & Grant, estates' town agents and mer- 

Ramsay, Hill & Co., general commission mer- 
chants and agents 

Rodriguez & D'Amil, provision merchants and 

Sandbach Parker & Co., general merchants and 
estates' town agents 

Smith Bros. & Co. , importers of, and wholesale 
and retail dealers in, dry goods, hardware 
and general provisions 

Teugely & Co., J., commission merchants and 
ship brokers 

White, E. T., commission agent, and importer of 
breadstuffs and provisions 

Wieting & Richter, general commission mer- 
chants and importers. Proprietors Demerara 
steam bakery 

Wakefield, Conrad & Co., commission merchants 

Geo. Little & Co., general merchants and pro- 
vision dealers 

Government Medical Practitioners. 


Dr. F. H. Anderson, city health officer. 

Dr. F. C. Fisher, surgeon to Almshouse, also 

private practitioner. 
Dr. W. F. Law, assistant resident surgeon 

Colonial Hospital. 
Dr. A. T. Ozzard, supernumerary medical officer 

Colonial Hospital. 
Dr. J. R. Reid, .supernumerary medical officer 

Colonial Hospital. 
Dr. E. D. Rowland, resident surgeon Colonial 

Dr. A. D. Williams, medical inspector, British 



Delmar's Teades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Golds mitlis, Watclunakers and 

Abraham J. & B. V. 
Fraser G. A. 
Green L. G. 
Peppiette & Co. C. W. 
Archer R. 
Gale C. Harold 
Jacelon C. F. 
Schiller & Sons J. A. W. 
Small Richard 

Hotels and Boarding Houses. 

Mrs. Baynes, Boarding House, Murray street 
J. B. Buttery, Grand Central Hotel 
S. H. Clarke, Criterion Club 
Mrs. Forbes, Boarding House 
Town Hotel, Mrs. Isador C. Murray, Proprie- 
Victoria Hotel, Mrs. Spooner, Proprietress. 

Insurance Companies. 

The Hand-In-Hand Mutual Guaranteed Fire 
Insurance Company of British Guiana, Lim- 
ited—Chairman of board of directors, B. V. 
Abraham; secretary, F. A. Conyers; as- 
sistant secretary, ^neas D. Mackay; in- 
spector, F. A. R. Winter. 

British Guiana Mutual Fire Insurance Company, 
Limited — Chairman, R. P. Drysdale; man- 
ager and secretary, John S. Hill; assistant 
secretary, James A. Hill; Berbice agent, 
Wm. Ingall. 

Land Surveyors. 

Anderson C. M., Crown Lands Department 

Chalmers W. 

Hill Luke M., Town Superintendent 

Perkins H. I. Crown Land Department 

Thomson Wm. F 

Chalmers E. 

W. J. Fowler, sworn 

McQuirk Michael Kalacoon, sworn 

Prass J. P., sworn 

Wight T. G., Crown Surveyor 

Licensed Auctioneers. 

De Jonge Jacob H. 
Jaco\)S Joseph 
Macquarrie C. J. 

Livery Stable Keepers. 

Birch & Co., High Street Stables 
Gonsalves A., Werk-en-Rust Stables 
Wieting & Richter, Georgetown Stables 

Manufacturers of Aerated Waters. 

AUy & Co. J. D. 
Fernandes, executors of Joao 
John Virtue & Co. 

Miscellaneous Corporate Institu- 

Georgetown Gas Company, Limited — Principal 
office, London, England; director at 
Georgetown, R. P. Drysdale; manager, 
T. B. Younger; secretary, F. A. Conyers. 

Georgetown Tramways Company. Limited — 

Chairman G. A. Forshaw; manager, W. F. 

Nunn; secretary, C. S. Davis. 
Demerara Railway Company — Principal office, 

London. Demerara directors : Fred A. 

Mason, A. J. Pitman, M. Garnett, W. H. 

Sherlock, J. J. Dare. General manager, 

F. A. Mason ; goods supermtendent, G. C. 

Collins ; assistant, A. Phillips. 
British Guiana Building Society, Limited — G. A. 

Forshaw, chairman ; James H. Jones, 

secretary and accountant ; David Smith, 


Municipal Officers City of George- 

Mayor and president of Town Council, James 
Thomson; town clerk, J. C. R. Hill; assistant 
town clerk and bookkeeper, P. P. Fairbairn; 
town superintendent, Luke M. Hill; clerk of 
markets, W. T. Binnie; engineer of Water 
Works and assistant town superintendent, 
J. B. Craig; superintendent of fire engines, 
N. Cox; senior inspector of police, W. C. 

Newspapers and Other Publica- 

"Argosy," weekly newspaper; J. Thomson, ed- 
itor and proprietor 

"British Guiana Blue Book," annually by au- 

" British Guiana Directory," annually; C. K. Jar- 
dine, publisher 

"Catholic Calendar," monthly; printed by the 
" Argosy " press 

"Daily Chronicle;" C. K. Jardine, proprietor; 
R. Offord Sherrington, editor 

" Echo," weekly, Plaisance Village; W. H. Hinds, 
editor and proprietor 

" Mercantile Intelligencer and Price Current," 
semi-monthly; Baklwan & Co., publishers. 

" O'Portuguez," weekly; J. M. Pacheco, editor 
and proprietor 

" Official Gazette," bi-weekly; by C. K. Jardine, 
government printer 

" Royal Gazette," daily; Thos. Watt, editor and 

"Timehu," semi-annually, journal of the Royal 
Agricultural and Commercial Society; J. J. 
Quelch, editor; James Thomson, publisher. 

Piano Dealers and Tuners. 

Barnard W. F., tuner 

J. S. Belasco, dealer and tuner 

T. Browne, dealer and tuner 

Colbeck W. R. 

Strong H., piano dealer and importer 


Siza Julia A. 
Siza Henrique 
Stevens & Co. U. 
Read H. 


Private Practitioners. 

Dr. U. Brebner 
Dr. J. E. London 
Dr. M. M. Gonsalves 
Dr. Pereira 
Dr. J. Teixeira 



Sail Makers. 

Chambers J. A. 
Green F. A. 
DeVillier W. 
Phillips W. E. 
Wilson E. 

Saw Mills. 

Bugle jSI. & Son 

Georgetown Saw Mill Co. 

Kingston Saw and Planing Mill, Georgetown 

La Penitence Wood Working Co. 

Ship Chandlers. 

Bayley B. S. 
Smith A. J. 
Smith Bros. & Co. 
Smith & Oldfield 

Stationery, Bookbinding and Job 
Printing Establishments. 

Baldwin & Co. 

Guiana Church Book Depository 

Thomas Watt, Royal Gazette Establishment 

Crombie & Ashton 

Jardine, C. K., Public Printer 

James Thomson 

Sugar Estates. 

Adelphi — Canje Creek, Berbice County ; propri- 
etors, non-resident ; attorney, A. Barr ; 
town agents, S. Davson & Co. 

Albion — Corentyne Coast, Berbice ; proprietors 
and town agents, The Colonial Company 

Annandale — Demerara ; attorney and town agent, 
W. Bagot 

Anna Regina — Essequebo ; attorney and man- 
ager, A. R. Gilzean ; town agents, Booker 
Eros. & Co. 

Aurora — Essequebo ; proprietor and attorney, 
W. Craigen ; town agent, William Smith 

Bath — Berbice ; proprietors, A. & T. M. Hunter ; 
town agents, S. Davson & Co. 

Bel Air — Demerara ; proprietor, Bel Air Com- 
pany ; attorney and town agent, A. Barr 

Belle Vue — Demerara ; attorney and manager, 
Wm. Elliott ; town agents, J. P. Farnum, 
Jr., and S. A. H. Culpeper 

Blairmont — Berbice County ; proprietors, Davson 
Bros. ; attorneys and town agents, Davson 
Bros. & Co. 

Blankenburg — County Demerara ; attorney and 
town agent, M. Garnett 

Blenheim — Leguan Island ; town agent and part 
proprietor, A. Barr 

Caledonia — Wakenaam ; town agent, A. Barr 

Canefield — Canje Creek, Berbice; attorney, P. H. 
Nind; town agents, Brooker Bros. & Co. 

Cane Grove — Demerara; proprietor, J. McConnell 
(non-resident); town agents, Booker Bros. & 

Chateau — Margot; Demerara, attorneys and town 
agents. Pitman & Grant 

Clonbrook — Demerara ; proprietor and attorney, 
J. 15. W. Clemcntson; town agent, W. Bagot 

Coffee Grove — Essequebo; proprietor and man- 
ager, B. Winter 

Cornelia Ida — Demerara County ; proprietors, 
Cornelia Ida Estate Company; attorneys, W. 
Craigen and W. Smith; town agent, W. 

Cove and John — County Demerara; proprietor 
and manager, Hon. C. J. Bascam; town 
agent Wm. Smith 
Cuming's Lodge — Demerara; proprietor, the Bel 

Air Company; town agent, A. Barr. 
De Kinderen — Demerara; proprietors, A. T. 

Stokes and Q. Hogg; attorney and town 

agent, A. Barr 
De Willem — Proprietors, non-resident; attorney, 

Hon. J. J. Dare; town agents; Booker Bros. 

& Co. 
Diamond — Demerara; proprietors, non-resident; 

town agents, Sandbach, Parker & Co. 
Dunoon — Demerara; proprietor, B. A.Robertson; 

town agents, A. W. Perot & Co. 
Enmore — Demerara; attorney, J. J. Dare; town 

agents, Booker Bros. & Co. 
Enterprise — Demerara; proprietors, non-resident; 

attorneys, E. J. Borman and J. J. Dare; 

town agents, Booker Bros. & Co. 
Enterprise — Leguan Island; proprietor, H. McN. 

Greene; town agent, D. C. Cameron 
Farm — Demerara ; proprietors, non-resident; 

town agents, Sandbach, Parker & Co. 
Friends — County Berbice; attorneys, R. J. Kelly, 

and T. A. Glennie; town agents. Colonial 

Friendship — Wakenaam Island; proprietress, Mrs. 

Mary Cameron; attorney and town agent, 

D. C. Cameron 
Goedverwagting — Demerara; attorney and town 

agent, Ale.x Barr 
Golden Fleece — Essequebo; proprietors, non-res- 
ident; attorney and town agent, A. Barr. 
Good Success — Wakenaam Island; part proprie- 
tor and Manager, John Pendleton; town 

agent, Wm. Smith 
Greenfield — Demerara; proprietors, J. A. Booker 

and J. J. Dare; town agents, Booker Bros. 

& Co. 
Hague — Demerara; attorneys and town agents, 

Pitman & Grant 
Hamburg — Essequebo; attorney, and manager, 

Henry R. W. Greig; town agents, George 

Little & Co. 
Hampton Court — Essequebo ; attorneys, R. J. 

Kelly and T. A. Glennie; town agents. Colo- 
nial Company 
Helena — Demerara; attorney and manager, Ed- 
win Morgan; town agents, George Little & 

Herstelling — Demerara; attorney, Wm. Craigen; 

town agent, Wm. Smith 
Highburg — Berbice; town agents, Garnett & Co.; 

attorney and manager, Andrew Miller 
Hope — Demerara; attorney, B. Howell Jones; 

town agent, F. Grant 
Houston — Demerara River; proprietors, B. How- 
ell Jones and others; town agent, F. Grant 
Industry — Demerara; proprietors. The Belair 

Company; attorney and town agents, A. Barr 
Johanna Cecelia — Essequebo; attorney and town 

agent, A. Barr 
La Belle Alliance — Essequebo; attorney, A. R. 

Gilzean; manager, H. S. Ilumj^lireys 
La Bonne Intention — Demerara; attorney, J. J. 

Dare; town agents, Booker Bros. & Co. 
La Jalousie — Demerara; attorney and town 

agent, A. Barr 
La Penitence — Demerara; proprietors, Bel Air 

Company; attorney and town agent, A. Barr 
Leonora — Demerara; proprietor, non-resident; 

town agents, Sandbach, Parker & Co. 


Delmae's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Sugar Estates — cofitimied. 

Lochabar— Berbice; attorney, P. H. Hind, town 

agents, Booker Bros. & Co. 
Lusignan — Demerara; town agent, A. Barr; pro- 
prietor and manager, Hon. W. A. Wolseley 
Mara — Berbice; proprietors, Colonial Company; 

iow-n agents, Colonial Company 
Ma Retraite — Berbice; attorneys, R. J. Kelly & 

T. H. Glennie; town agents, The Colonial 

Maryville and Bellefield— Leguan; attorneys, 

Hon. B. H. Jones and Wm. Cameron; town 

agents, Farnum & Culpeper 
Melville— Demerara; attorney, J. J. Dare; town 

agents, Booker Bros. & Co. 
Met-en-Meerzorg — Demerara; attorney and man- 
ager, F. E. James, Jr. 
Mon Repos — Demerara; attorney and manager, 

A. Brand; town agents, A. Ledoux & Co. 
Montrose — Demerara; attorney, P. H. Nind; 

town agents, Booker Bros. & Co. 
Nismes— Demerara; attorney, Carl Wieting; 

town agents, Wieting & Richter. 
Nonpariel— Demerara; proprietor, QuintinHogg; 

attorney and town agent, A. Barr 
Peters Hall — Demerara; proprietors, Colonial 

Company; attorneys, R. J. Kelly and T. A. 

Philadelphia— Demerara; manager, D. A. Ainge; 

attorney and town agent, D. C. Cameron. 
Port Mourant — Berbice; attorney, J. J. Dare; 

town agents, Booker Bros. & Co. 
Providence — Demerara; proprietors, non-resi- 
dent; town agents, Sandbach, Parker & Co. 
Reliance — Essequebo; attorney and town agent, 

A. Barr 
Rose Hall— Berbice; town agents, Booker Bros. 

& Co. 
Ruimveld— Demerara; attorneys and town agents, 

Sandbach, Parker & Co. 
Schoon Ord— Demarara; attorneys, B. H. Jones 

and Wm. Cameron; tovra agents, Farnum & 

Skeldon— Berbice ; attorney, Hon. J. J. Dare ; 

town agents, Booker Bros. & Co. 
Smythfield— Berbice ; attorney, Wm. Ingall 

(New Amsterdam); town agent, Wm. Ingall 
Spring Hall— Demerara ; town agent, Walter 


Success — East Coast ; Demerara; proprietors, 

Colonial Company ; town agents. Colonial Com- 

Success — Leguan ; proprietors, A. Sproston & 
Son ; planting attorney, D. C. Cameron ; 
town agents, Sproston Dock and Foundry 

Taymouth Manor — attorneys and town agents, 
Pitman & Grant 

Turkeyen — Demerara ; proprietors. The Bel Air 
Company; attorney and town agent, A. 

Uitolugt — Demerara ; proprietors, non-resident ; 
town agents, Booker Bros. & Co. 

Versailles — Demerara ; attorneys and town 
agents, Pitman & Grant 

Vive-la-Fource — Demerara ; proprietors, Hon. 
Thos. Mulligan and F. A. Mason ; town 
agents, Booker Bros. & Co. 

Vriesland — Demerara ; attorneys, M. Garnett 
and T. Mulligan ; town agent, M. Gar- 

Vryheids Lust and Better Hope— Demerara ; at- 
torney, P. H. Nind ; town agents, Booker 
Bros. & Co. 

Windsor Forest — Demerara ; proprietors. The 
Colonial Company; attorneys, R. J. Kelly 
and T. A. Glennie ; town agents, The 
Colonial Company 


Lord G. N. 
Playfair & Co. 
Rieck estate of M. N. 
Robinson J. S. 
Thompson Saml. 
Wallace & Paul 


Croal C. C. 
Hart H. F. 
Neblett J. E. 
Thorpe G. A. 
Gaskin K. M. 
Howard J. A. 
Keese J. C. 
Whitehead J. C. 

IsLAXD OF Jamaica. 




Population of entire Island, 380,000. 

AgTicultuial Inipleiuents. 

Emanuel Lyons & Son, Kingston 
Arnold L. Malabre & Co., Kingston 
David Henderson & Co., Kingston 
I. W. Middleton & Co., Kingston 
Martin & Spicer 

Ales and Beer Dealers. 

West India Brewmg Company, Kingston 

I. Wray & Nephew, Kingston 

Peter Desnoes & Son, Kingston 

Daniel Finzi & Co., Kingston 

Simon & Co., Kingston 

I. E. Kerr & Son, Montego Bay 

A. L. DaCosta, Port Maria 

I. E. Kerr & Co., Port Maria 

M. Solomon & Co., St. Ann's Bay 

I. H. Levy, Brown's Town 

Banks and Bankers. 

Colonial Bank, Kingston 

People's Discount and Deposit Co. (Limited), 

Government Savings Bank, with branches 

throughout the Island, Kingston 
Penny Savings Bank, Kingston 
Colonial Bank (branch), Sav-la-Mar 
Colonial Bank (branch), Montego Bay 
Colonial Bank (branch), Falmouth 
Colonial Bank (branch), Annatto Bay 
Penny savings banks are now being established 

throughout the Island 

Billiard Rooms. 

Commercial Billiard Rooms, Kingston 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Aston W. Gardner & Co., Kmgston 
De Cordova & Co., Kingston 
Arthur Hyltou, Kingston 
Justin McCarthy & Co., Kingston 
McCartney & Co., Kingston 
Rouse & Co., Kingston 
Wesleyan Bookstore, Kingston 
Mortimer C. de Souza, Kingston 
I. W. Kerr & Co., Kingston 
Alfred F. Aarons, Kingston 

Boot and Shoe Dealers. 

John Cassis, Kingston 
J. C. Silburn, Kingston 
Nathan & Co., Kingston 
Alfred Pansey, Kingston 
Wm. Malaljre & Co., Kingston 
I'innock & Bailey, Kingston 
Parks & Burrows, Kingst(jn 
R. Rccivcro & Co., Kingston 
Dick & Abbott, Kingston ■ 
Ellis (S: Co., Kingston 
Henry Lindo, Kingston 

Ellias C. Dazevedo, Kingston 

A. H. Morales, Kingston 

Jacob Brandon, Kingston 

Joseph Burrow, Kingston 

John Milo Burke, Kingston 

Joseph Bewley, Kingston 

Daniel J. Motta, Kingston 

Hepburn, McCarthy & Co., Kingston 

Charles Millingen, Kingston 

Thomas Largood, Kingston 

Leoniel M. Mordecai, Port Antonio 

David S. Gideon, Port Antonio 

J. H. Levy, Brown's Town 

"M. Solomons & Co., St. Ann's Bay. 

Robt. Nunes, Falmouth 

Leyden & Farquharson, Black River 

Neilson & Co., Sav-la-mar 

Nathaniel Henriques, Annatto Bay 

A. L. Da Costa, Port Maria 

I. J. Mordecai & Co., Morant Bay 

Carriage and Wagon Makers and 

G. I. de Cordova, Kingston 
Reginald de Lonza, Kingston 
Alfred Brent, Kingston 
Martin and Spicer, Kingston 
Turnbul, Mudon & Co., Kingston 
Wales Bros., Kingston 
G. Goring, Kingston 

A. Hunt, Kingston 

Coal Merchants. 

Sontar & Co., Kingston 
J. H. McDowell, Kingston 


F. A. Dunand, Kingston 
Comer & Miller, Kingston 
John A. Carpenter, Kingston 
Reginald W. Bird, Kingston 
Ernest Sturridge, Kingston 
I). L. Levett, Kingston 

B. H. Dias, Kingston 

F. A. Duannie, Kingston 

There are no dentists in the interior parts. 
Several of the above dentists make regular tours 
throughout the Island. 

Dry Goods Dealers. 

Pinnock, Bailey & Co., Kingston 

Turnbul & Co., Kingston 

Finke & Co., Kingston 

Frederick Alexander & Co , Kingston 

W. G. Young & Co., Kingston 

Jacobscn & Anderson, Kingston 

Will. Schiller & Co., Kingston 

Win. Malabre & Co. , Kingston 

W. R. McPhcrson &Co., Kingston 

N ithan & Co., Kingston 

Jacob Brandon, Kingston 


Delmae's Trades Directory and Mercajttile Main^ual. 

Dry Goods Dealers — contmned. 

Joseph Bewley, Kingston 
Alfred Pansey, Kingston 

D. J. Motta, Kingston 
Ellias C. Dazevedo, Kingston 
Dick & Abbott, Kingston 
Henry Lindo, Kingston 
Maduro, Brandon & Co, Kingston 
Ellis & Co., Kingston 

Parks & Burrows, Kingston 
Joseph Burrows, Kingston 
A. H. Morales, Kingston 
Thomas Sargood, Kingston 
John Milo. Burke, Kingston 
Hepburn, McCarthy & Co. , Kingston 

E. A. Ledward, Kingston 

S. M. DaCosta & Co., Kingston 
Charles Millingen, Kingston 
Judith Aarons, Kingston 
Hyman Cohen, Kingston 
Chas. S. Barrow, Kingston 


E. D. Kindkead, Kingston 
Alfred Pansey, Kingston 

J. M. Croswell, Kingston 

W. G. McPherson & Co., Kingston 

P. E. Anveay, Kingston 

L. M. Mordecai, Port Antonio 

David L. Gideon, Port Antonio 

A. Escoffrey, Port Antonio 

I. J. Mordecai & Co., Morant Bay 

Cresser & Co., Morant Bay 

R. W. Crawford, Port Morant 

Carter & Co., Port Morant 

F. C. Henriques, Annatto Bay 
A. L. Da Costa Port Maria 
Goffe& Co., Port Maria 

A. L. Sweetland, Port Maria 
Bravo Bros. & Co., St. Ann's Bay 
M. Solomon & Co., St. Ann's Bay 
Silvester Cotter, St. Ann's Bay 
Solomon Isaacs, St. Ann's Bay 
I. H. Levy, Brown's Town 

E. P. Delgado, Brown's Town 

Robert Nunes, Falmouth ^ 

Delgado Bros., Falmouth 

I. E. Kerr & Co., Montego Bay 

G. L. P. Corrinaldi, Montego Bay 
Neilson & Co. , Sav-Ia-mar 
Leyden & Co., Sav-la-mar 
Herbert Jones & Co., Sav-la-mar 
I. S. Segree, Sav-la-mar 

Leyden & Farquharson, Black River 
Lionel Isaacs, Mandeville 
R. B. Braham, Mandeville 
Robert Beverland, Dry Harbor 
Nash & Co., Dry Harbor 
Santfleben & Co., Lucea 

Furniture Dealers. 

Alexander Berry & Son, Kingston 
Turnbull, Mudon & Co., Kingston 
Thomas H. Aguilar, Kingston 
Mark C. Hendricks, Kingston 
George L. Facey, Kingston 

General Merchants, Wholesale and 

Lascelles de Mercado & Co., Kingston 

F. Correosso & Co., Kingston 

Davidson Colthirst & Co., Kingston 
Solomon Ashenheim & Co., Kingston 
Archibald Munro, Kingston 
John C. Fegan & Co., Kingston 
Henry H. lies, Kingston 
G. I. de Cordova, Kingston 
A. Mordecai & Co., Kingston 
Moses M. Alexander, Kingston 
Hermann Stern, Kingston 
Gomes, Casseres & Co., Kingston 
Thaddeus J. Alexander, Kingston 
Bravo Bros. & Co., St. Ann's Bay 
J. H. Levy, Brown's Town 
Kerr & Co., Montego Bay 

Groceries and Provisions. 

Pinnock, Bailey & Co., Kingston 

Andrew Delisser, Kingston 

S. M. Da Costa & Co., Kingston 

Uriah Delapenha, Kingston 

J. Watscm Scott, Kingston 

Alfred Morrice, Kingston 

Richard White, Kingston 

Joseph Millingen, Kingston 

Charles Grant, Kingston 

J. J. G. Lewis, Kingston 

H. W. Cody, Kingston 

A. McMillan, Kingston 

E. D. Kindkead, Kingston 

John M. Croswell, Kingston 

W. G. McPherson, Kingston 

P. E. Amray, Kingston 

Delgado & Co., Kingston 

D. Stevenson & Co., Kingston 

Moses Levy, Kingstpn 

A. B. Hart, Kingston 

Horatio Abrahams, Kingston 

George A. Campbell, Kingston 

Fred. L. Myers, Kingston 

G. Eustace Bevike & Bros., Kingston 

Emanuel X. Leon, Kingston 

D. P. C. Henriques, Kingston 

G. Boetcher & Co., Kingston 

G. C. H. Lewis, Kingston 

Charles Levy & Co., Kingston 

John J. Hart, Kingston 

Lascelles de Mercado & Co. , Kingston 

I. J. Cunningham, Port Antonio 

I. C. Dias, Annatto Bay 

J. E. Kerr & Co., Port Maria 

A. L. Da Costa, Port Maria 

J. B. Goffe & Co., Port Maria 

Marchalleck & Co., Morant Bay 

Robert Nunes, Falmouth 

J. H. Levy, Brown's Towti 

C. P. Delgado, Brown's Town 

M. Solomon & Co., St, Ann's Bay 
L. L. Fraser, St. Ann's Bay 
J. E. Kerr & Co., Montego Bay 
Herbert Jones & Co., Sav-la-mar 
Hendricks & Co., Black River 
Melhado Bros. & Co., Old Harbor 
Delgado & Co., Old Harbor 
Browne & Co., Lucca 

Hardware and Tool Dealers. 

Emanuel Lyons & Son, Kingston 

D. Henderson & Co., Kingston 
Arnold L. Malabre tS: Co. 

J. W. Middleton & Co., Kingston 
Martin & Spicer, Kingston 

Island of Jaaiaica. 



Park Lodge, Kingston 

MvTtle Bank, Kingston 

Brook's Hotel, Mandeville 

There is a company formed who are building 
hotels on a large scale; they are called the 
American Hotels Company in Jamaica 

There are many private lodgings throughout the 

Ice Merchants. 

Kingston Ice Making Company, Kingston 

Iron 3Iercliants. 

Emanuel Lyons & Son, Kingston 
Arnold L. Malabre & Co., Kingston 
David Henderson & Co., Kingston 
J. W. Middleton & Co., Kingston 
Martin & Spicer, Kingston 

Jewelry and Watches. 

J. H. Milke, Kingston 
J. O. Milke, Kingston 
Martin & Spicer, Kingston 
John Millholland, Kingston 
Chas. T. Burton, Kingston 
J. W. Whitbourne, Kingston 
Frederick Alexander, Kingston 

Lumber Merchants. 

Arnold L. Malabre & Co., Kingston 
Alexander Fuertado, Kingston 
Emanuel Lyons & Son, Kingston 

Machinery Dealers. 

Emanuel Lyons & Co., Kingston 
David Henderson & Co., Kingston 
Arnold L. Malabre & Co., Kingston 
L W. Middleton & Co., Kingston 

Musical Instruments. 

Louis Winkler & Co., Kingston 


"Daily Gleaner," De Cordova & Co., Kingston 
"Tri- Weekly Gleaner," De Cordova & Co., 

" Tri- Weekly Budget," C. L. Campbell, Kingston 
"Colonial Standard," George Levy, Kingston 
" The Electric Messenger," J. Maynier & Ross, 

" Gall's News Letter," James Gall, Kingston 
"The Evening Express," W. B. Hannan, Kings- 
" The Jamaica Gazette," Government, Kingston 
"The Police Gazette," Government, Kingston 
" Jamaica Christian Chronicle, "Revd. J. Roberts, 

"Jamaica Prices Current," De Cordova & Co. , 

" Methodist Messenger," Revd. W. C. Murry, 

"Jamaica Churchman," Revd. Wm. Simms, 

M. A., Kingston 
"The Baptist Reporter," Revd. D. J. East, 

"The Jamaica Witness," Revd. Alex. Robb, 

D. D., Kingston 

" The Wesleyan Chronicle," L C. Carver, Kings- 

"The St. Michael's Magazine," Revd. P. G. Am- 
brose, Kingston 

"The Jamaica Post," J. W. Kerr & Co., Kings- 

"Monthly Journal of Commerce," Chas. E. 
de Mercado, Kingston 

" The Trelawny, " H. G. Delisser, Falmouth 

"The Falmouth Gazette," J. W. Henry, Fal- 

"The Nineteenth Century," D. A. Corinaldi, 
Montego Bay 

"The St. Elizabeth Messenger," A. G. Levy, 
Black River 

"The Record," Revd. E. J. Worthy, Port Aa- 


Louis Winkler & Co., Kingston 
John C. Fegan & Co. , Kingston 
Alexander Berry & Son, Kingston ' 
Martin & Spicer, Kingston 


L B. Valdes & Co., Kingston 
I. N. Marby, Kingston 

0. Bavastro, Kingston 

1. W. Cleary, Kingston 

There are no photogi'aphers at any other point 
of the Island. 


C. B. Mosse, C. B., M. R. C. S. Eng., Kingston 

F. H. Saunders, M. R. C. S. Eng., Kingston 
W. H. Strachan, L. R. C. P. Lon., M. P. C. S. 

Eng., Kingston 
1. Leslie Cox, L. R. C. P. Edin. L. R. C. S. 

Edin., Kingston 
A. B. Ewart, M. B.C. M., Kingston 

G. E. Cheyne, M. R. C. S. Eng., Kingston 

M. P. C. McCormack, L. R. C. S. Edin., Kings- 
I. W. Anderson, M. D.,. Kingston 
C. Gayhard, M. R. C. S. Eng., Kingston 
James Scott, M. R. C. S. Eng., Kingston 
James Olgilvie, F. R. C. S. Edin., Kingston 
J. C. Phillipps, M. D. Edin., Kingston 
A. R. Saunders, M. R. Lon. F. R. C. S. Eng., 

E. E. Bronstorph, L. R. C. P. Lon., Kingston 
G. F. A. da Costa, B. M. M. S. Aber., Kings- 
Henry Knaggs, army medical staff, Jamaica, 

James Neish, M. D. Port Royal 
John Breakey, inspector general hospital R. N., 

Port Royal 
J. Cargill, M. D.,L. R. C. P. Lon., St. An- 
G. C. Henderson, M. D. Lon., M. R. C. S., M. 

R. C. P. Eng., St. Andrew 
Y. T. G. Moore, L. R. C. P., St. Andrew 
G. T. Martin, M. R. C. S. Edin., Spanish Town 
H. J. Minchinton, M. R. C. S. Eng., L. R. C. 

P. ICdin., Spanish Town 
J. A. Wegg, M. D., Ohio, Spanish Town 
J. II. Peck, L. R. C. S. Edin., Linstead 
T. M. Drunimond, M. D., St. John's 
C. R. Gillard, M. R. C. S. Eng., Old Harbor 
J. E. W. Ilolwell, M. D., Old Harbor 


Delmar's Trades Directory axd Mercantile Manual. 

Physicians— coniimtc'd. 

R. C. Gibb,M. R. C. S. Eng., L. R. C. P. Lon., 

H. L. Clare, M. B., Vere 

B. M. Beckwith, M. D., Mile Gully 
S. M. Logan, M. D., New Port 

George Cooke, L. R. C. S. Irld., Mandeville 

E. L. Grant, M. B. C. M., Siloah 

J. H. Clarke, L. R. C. S., M. R. C. P. Edin., 

Santa Cruiz 
J. A. Calder, M. B., M. R. C. S. Edin., Black 

J. Adolphus, M. R. C. S. Eng., Black River 
i;. C. Harvey, M. D., Sav-la-mar 
K. S. Harvey, M. U., Sav-la-mar 
Z. Mennell, L. L. A. London, Sav-la-Mar 
John Delcon, M. R. C. S. Eng., Lucea 

E. H. Cooke, M. B., Lucea 

F. A. Sinclair, M. D., Montego Bay 

I. Wilson, M. D., Aber., Montego Bay 
A. G. McCatty, M. D., Montego Bay 
M. D. Hart, M. D., Montego Bay 
S. T. Vine, M. D., Good Hope 
S. P. Madden, M. D. Falmouth 

C. T. Dervar, M. D., Swanswick 

A. W. T. Steer, M. D., Ulster Spring 

W. H. Miller, M. D., Brown's Town 

J. C. E. Roberts, M. D., Moneague 

H. S. Maunsell, M. B., M. R. C. S. Irld., St. 

Ann's Bay 
V. F. Mullen, M. D., Port Maria 
T Pringle, M. B., Belfield 
T. Clarke, M. D., Edin., Annatto Bay 
L. Gifford, M. B., Annatto Bay 

D. M. McPhail, M. D., Buff Bay 

C. A. Mosely, M. D., Port Antonio 
Keitch, M. D., Port Antonio 

L. E. Delmege, L. R. C. S. Irld., Manchioneal 
A. C. Neyland. M. D., Bath 

E. W. Major, M. R. C. L. Eng., Bath 

J. L. Gerrard, M. R. C. L. Eng., Morant Bay 
Thos. Manners, M. R. C. L., Moran Bay 
W. I. Calder, M. B. Edin., Malvern 


M. C. Morgan, St. Andrew 

D. I. Davis, St. Thomas 
James Harrison, St. Thomas 
Richard Evans, St. Thomas 
Charles Hode Levy, St. Thomas 
C. E. Scudamore, St. Thomas 
\V. L. Richards, St. Thomas 

R. Valdes, Portland 

W. B. Epnet, Portland 

G. W. Middleton, Portland 

11. Edwards, St. Mary 

I. C. Melville, St. Mary 

F. H. Barker, St. Mary 

W. Macdonald, St. Mary 

Henry Braham, St. Mary 

Wilmot Westmoreland, St. Mary 

John Cameron, St. Ann's 

Joseph Shearer, St. Ann's 

H. P. Thompson, St. Ann's 

Richard Todd, St. Ann's 

Richard Young, St. Ann's 

Wm. Cover, Jr., St. Ann's 

I. Sine, Trelawny 

Wm. Gentles, Trela\vny 

W. Kerr, Trelawny 

F. R. Coy, Trelawny 

W. Ogilvy, Trelawny 
G. R. Dewar, Trelawny 
L. C. Shriley, Trelawny 
George Robertson, Trelawny 
H. I. Kerr, Trelawny 
T. W. Parkin, St. James 
"D. B. L. Heaven, St. James 
I. W. Fisher, St. James 
John Lawrence, St. James 
George Robertson, St. James 
C. D. Willingham, St. James 
A. C. Fouchen, St. James 

C. W. Sterling St. James 
I. McFarlane, St. James 
G. L. Phillips, St. James 
.A.. Charley, St. James 
Wm. Ew^en, St. James 
Dutton Trench, St. James 
A. E. Cooks, Hanover 
John Hodson, Hanover 

I. M. Mills, Hanover 
Fred. Topper, Hanover 

D. T. Mudie, Hanover 
H. Davies, Hanover 

T. H. Clark, Hanover 

E. J. Sadler, Hanover 
Wm. Farquharson, Hanover 
H. Davidson, Hanover 

H. A. Vickers, Westmoreland 

H. Clark, Westmoreland 

]. Hudson, Jr., Westmoreland 

Thos. Cridland, Westmoreland 

Wm. Hill, St. Elizabeth 

I. M. Farquharson, St. Elizabeth 

John Calder, St. Ehzabeth 

Arthur James, Clarendon 

J. W. McKenzie, Clarendon 

Q. Logan 

R. C. Gibb, Clarendon 

H. T. Ronaldson 

Thos. Ellis, Clarendon 

J. Dingwall, Clarendon 

J. Fox, Clarendon 

John McGregor, Clarendon 

E. C. Elliott, Clarendon 
W. Jurmp, Clarendon. 
John Scully, Clarendon 
J. W. Kemp, Clarendon 
J. Grinan, Clarendon 

W. G. Ramsay, St. Catherine 

F. R. Hall, St. Catherine 
John McPhail 

E. C. Bather, St. Catherine 
D. Campbell, St. Catherine 
Wm. Gles, St. Catherine 
J. Scarlett, St. Catherine 

Printers and Publishers. 

Mortimer C. De Souza, Kingston 

J. W. Kerr & Co., Kingston 

W. B. Hanan, Kingston 

C. L. Campbell, Kingston 

De Cordova & Co., Kingston 

James Gall, Kingston 

George Levy, Kingston 

Aston W. Gardner & Co., Kingston 

Railway Companies. 

Jamaica Government Railway, extending to 
Spanish Town, branching off into Porus 
(Manchester), a distance of 50 miles, and into 

Island of Jamaica. 


Railways— conii;n/t'i/. 

Ewarton in another direction, a distance of 
34 miles. An American syndicate are now 
in treaty for the purchase of this railway. 


Spanish To\\Ti 

Old Harbor 




May Pen 

Four Paths 

Clarendon Park 


Bog Walk 

Bushy Park 

Grange Lane 

Cumberland, Penn. 

Saddlery and Harness. 

John McDonald, Kingston 
Henry Sinclair, Kingston 
T. Agton, Kingston 
M.. P. DaCosta, Kingston 

There are many small shops at different points 
of the country where harnesses may be repaired. 

Schools and Colleges. 

St. Mary's Industrial School, Kingston 

Gunvale College, Kingston 

Lady Mico's Charity, Kingston 

Wolmer's Free School, Kingston 

Calabar College, Kingston 

St. George's College, Kingston 

Mary Villa College, Kingston 

Middle Grade School, Kingston 

Grammar School, Kingston 

Church of England High School, Kingston 

Divinity School, Kingston 

Jamaica High School, St. Andrew 

Wesleyan High School for Boys, St. Andrew 

Wesleyan High School for Girls, St. Andrew 

Jamaica Female Training College, St. Andrew 

Trichfield Free School, Port Antonio 

Moerwick's Charity, Buff Bay 

Moravian Female Training College, Bethabara 

Moravian Training School, Fairfield 

Ludford's Bequest, St. Catherine 

Buckford & Smith's School, St. Catherine 

Vere and Manchester Free Schools, Alley 

Munro & Dickinson's Free School, St. Elizabeth 

Rusea's Free School, Hanover 

Manning's Free School, Sav-la-Mar 

Sewing- Machine Dealers. 

Gomes, Casseress & Co., Kingston 

Maduro, Brandon & Co., Kingston 

R. Recuero & Co., Kingston 

Nathan & Co., Kingston 

Bravo Bros. , St. Ann's Bay 

L. M. Mordecai, Port Antonio 

J. H. Levy, Brown's Town 

J. E. Kerr & Co., Montego Bay 

Neilson & Co., Sav-la-Mar 

Leyden & Farquharson, Black River 

A.'L. DaCosta, Port Maria 

Steamship Companies. 

Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, A. de Mon- 
tagnac, Acting Agent 

Atlas Steamship Company, W. Peploe Forwood 

West India and Pacific Steamship Company, 
James H. McDowell 

Anchor Line, Leonard Wiley and Chas. Hannay 

Clyde Line, E. A. H. Haggart 

Honduras and Central American Steamship Co., 
Solomon Ashenheim & Co. 

Caribbean Line, Davidson, Colthir & Co. 

Royal Mail Company, Davidson Colthirst & Co. 

Kerr & Co's Line, I. E. Kerr & Co. 

Bell Line, Jamaica Fruit & Co-operative Co. 

Hart Line, Jamaica Fruit & Co-operative Co. 
Several chartered Steamers calling here prin- 
cipally for fruit for the U. S. 

Telegraph Companies. 

West India and Panama Telegraph Company, 

Post Office Telegraph, with offices throughout 

the Island 

Telephone Company. 

West India Telephone Company, Kingston 

Wall Paper Dealers. 

John Milo Burke, Kingston 

Nathan & Co., Kingston 

W. R. Macpherson & Co., Kingston 

Walls are generally painted or calcimined in 
this country; therefore the importation of wall- 
paper is very small. 


Alexander Berry & Son, Kingston 
Thomas N. Aguilar, Kingston 
Turnbul, Mudon & Co., Kingston 
Marck C. Hendricks, Kingston 

222 Delmar's Trades Directory a:n'd Mercantile Manual. 



Population of the Island, 40,000. 

Ale, Beer and Wine Dealers. 

Adder ley Geo. B. 
Alfred John 
Farrington R. W. 
George J. S. & Co. 
Henry C. S. 
Henry W. J. 
Roker Joseph 
Someillan & Co. 
Weech W. J. & Son 

Agricultural Implements. 

The General Hardware Co. 

Bank and Bankers. 

(None. Public Bank failed in 1S83.) 

Billiard Rooms. 

Alfred John 

Royal Victoria Rooms 

Someillan & Co. 

Bookseller and Stationer. 

Moseley Percy J. 

Boots and Shoes. 

Holmes A. T. 

Builders and Contractors. 

Aranha Francis J. 
Bascom N. J. 
Cox John A. 
Dorsett Thomas 
Dupuch Jos. E. 
Johnson Enoch 
"Styles Thomas 

Cigar Manufaeturers. 

Clark Isadora 
Gomez Henry 
Pierce W. F. 
Saudo & Bros. 

Coal Merchants. 

Darling T. & Co. 
Rahrning H. T. 


Cheesebrough A. H. 
Russell Herman T. 
Webb Edwd. Y. 


Albury Jos. B. 
Bahamas Dispensary. 
Bannister Robt. H. 
Sears R. J. 
Public Dispensary 

Dry and Fancy Goods. 

Armbrister W. E. & Co. 

Armbrister A. S. & Co. 

Burnside & Brother 

Brice D. A. 

BuUard Francis 

Culmer & Russell 

Curry W. H. 

Depot General Merchandise, B. M. Smith, 

Hall E. S. 
Harris B. 
Higgs & Brother 
Higgs Geo. R. & Co. 
Holmes & Son 
Jones Emeline A. 
Kemp Edwd. C. 
Kemp Mary E. 
Knowles C. C. 
Knowles M. C. 
Knowles Theodore 
Lightbourn J. H. 
Lofthouse T. H. C. 
Mac Donald D. 
Mac Donald D. J. 
Menendez & Son 
Menendez W. J 
Menendez Brothers 
Moore Thos. P. 
Musgrove R. N. 
Necks Eliza F. 
Perpall C. R. 
Pyfrom Wm. R. 
Pyfrom R. W. 
Rattray J. S. 
Rivers Mrs. H. 
Russell Effie 
Sands Chas. T. & Go. 
Sands Robt. T. 
Sands W. P. 
Saunders Henry R 
Sturrup B. P. & Bro. 
Thompson J. A. & Co. 
Turtle & Sands 
Weech, W. J. & Son 
Whitehead P. M. 
Young & Higgs 

Furniture Dealers. 

Fitzgerald F. A. 
Johnson J. S. 
Bascom N. J. 
Elliott N. S. 
Lightbourn Wm. 

City of Nassau axd Island of New Protidexce. 


General and Commission Mer- 

Darling T. Co. 
Rahming H. T. & Co. 
Johnson & Brother 
Sawyer R. H. cS: Co. 

Groceries and Provisions. 

Alburv Hilton C. 
Albur'y W. F. 
Alfred John 
Brown J. H. 
Bosfield & Brothers 
Christie Geo. F. 
Dupuch J. E. 
Fitzgerald F. A. 
Grist John F. 
Henry Copeland S. 
Henry Wilmore J. 
Johnson Geo. H. 
Johnson T. 
Lightbourn Henry W. 
Malcolm Alfred 
Malcolm W. 
McCuUoch Alfred 
Pinder Saml. G. 
Pritchard Brothers 
Rae S. H. C. 
Roker Joseph 
Sands J as. P. & Bros. 
Saunders Mrs. J. B. 
Saunders Pembroke 
Smith Henry T. 
Sweeting J. A. & Sons 

Hardware Dealers. 

George John S. Co. 

Rae C. S., manager of The General Hardware 


Corson House, S. F. Corson proprietor. 
Curry House, R. H. Curry, proprietor 
Royal Victoria Hotel, S. S. Morton, proprietor. 
American Hotel, Mrs. M. Wall. 

Ice Merchants. 

Nassau Ice House, J. H. Brown, proprietor. 
Pritchard Brothers 
Sands Jas. P. & Bros. 

Jewelry and Watches. 

Brown & Musgrove 
Demeritt John 
Minns A. C. J. 
Minns A. T. S. 
Thompson H. J. 

Livery Stables. 

Charlew J. R. 
Grist J. F. 
Johnson James 
Maura W. J. 
Nicolls J. W. B. 

Liumber Dealers. 

Hall Edwin S. 
Rohrning H. '1". & Co. 
Lawyer R. H. & Co. 
Dupuch J. E. 


The Nassau Guardian, P. J. Meseley, propr. 
Tlie Nassau Times, C. H. Kemp, propr. 
The Freeman S. Theus Smith, propr. 


AlburyJ. B. 

Jackson W. J. 

Kemp G. T. R. 

Maclure, W. M. G. 

Mill William 

Robinson William * 


Sweeting Richard 


Brown John 
Johnson Joseph S. 
Lightbourn Henry C. 
Nicolls J. W. B. 
Roker Joseph 
Sands Charles T. 
Burnside Alfred 
French N. J. 
Fitzgerald, Chas. T. 

Shell Dealers and Manulaeturers. 

Camplejohn G. C, Jr. 
Evans Mrs. R. H. 
Florance G. 
Edgar E. 
Thompson H. J. 
Saunders S. P. & Son 
Thompson Thos. H. 


Aranha Francis J. 

Bethel Albt. J. 

Brown J. R. 

Cooper S. A. 

Evans G. 

Fernander Philip 

Higgs G. W., proprietor of "Marine Railway." 

Ramsay John 

Rodgers J. A. 

Soda and Bottling- Works. 

E. N. Murphy, proprietor 

Sponge Dealers. 

Adderley G. B. 
Brown J. B. 
Hall E. S. 
Higgs Geo. W. 
Johnson & Brother 
Lightbourn H. W. 
Saunders S. P. & Son 
Sawyer Robt. H. & Co. 
Treco P. A. 
Young & Higgs 
Dupuch Jos. E. 


Bridgcwater J. A. 
Hail W. L. 
Jonson W. E. 
Lightbourn Wm. 
I'earcc R. A. 
l?ascom N. J. 
Elliott, N. S. 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 


(Spanish West Indies.) 

Population of the entire Island, 750,000, of which 450,000 are whites. 


(The Capital of the Island.) 
Population, 25,000. 

Agrricultiiral Implements. 

(See General Wholesale Merchants, also Hard- 
ware. ) 

Ales and Beer. 

(See Wholesale Merchants, also Groceries.) 

Banks and Bankers. 

Banco Credito Mercantil 
Cabrera Hermanos 
Sabrinos de Ezquiaga ■ 
Fedderson y Ca. 
Mullenhorff y Korber 
J. Sala y Ca. (successors of) 
Jose T. Silva 
Vijande y Ca. 

Billiard Halls. 

Juan Carreras 
Francisco Ferrer 
Luis C. Labrador 
Pablo J. Lopez 
Ramon Quintana Miyar 

Biscuit Bakers. 

Jaime Barcelo 
Juaguin Pacheco 
Pedro Ramon 


Jose J. Acosta 
J. Anfosso y Ca. 
Francisco Furnaguera 
Gonzalez y Ca. 
Jose Gonzalez 
M. A. Lynn 
Jose M. Villilla 

Boots and Shoes, Wholesale. 

Bordoy y Ca. 
Peza Hermanos 
Sierra, Martinez y Ca. 

Chocolate Factories. 

Carbonell, Ribas y Ca. 
Jose Balmes 
Dorado y Ca. 
Juan Esoler 

Cigar Factories. 

Ballesteros y Ca. 

Miguel Amilibia 

Beneto Baquero 

Guillermo I3ausa 

Antonio Cauvet 

Pedro Carre 

Jaime Cervera '^ 

Jose Cordovo 

Andres Cueto 

Diaz y Lavandera 

Francisco Font 

Jose R. Fuentes 

Gandara Hermanos 

Jose Garcia 

Gomez Hermanos 

Jose Maria Gonzalez 

Gonzalez y Ca. 

Jose Pacheco Gonzalez 

Gonzalez y Perez 

Pedro J. Jaca 

Landran Hermanos 

J. Lopez y Ca. 

Manuel Luengo 

E. Martinez 

Mendez, Vegueta y Ca. 

Novella y Ca. 

Francisco Novella 

Andres O'Reilly 

Padin Hermanos 

Felix Pardo 

Domingo Perez 

Miguel Pons 

Portela y Lomba 

Renta y Rodriguez 

Cecilio Rodriguez 

Juan Rivera 

Eusebio Rodriguez 

Manuel A. Sanchez 

Paulino Somahano 

Manuel Sordo 

Alejandro Storer 

Fidel Jenajero 

Francisco Trapaga 

M. Vidal y Ca. 

Jose E. Vidal 

Celestino Villamil 

Manuel Villamil 

Paulino Villamil 

Mullenhoff y Kober 

Orcasitas (successors of) 

Palacios y Ca. 

Joaquin Pena 

Piza Hermanos 


Cigar Factories— couiinucd. 

C. Pratto y Ca. 
Eulogio Rivera 
M. Roman y Ca. 
Rubert y Hermanos 
Claudio G. Saenz y Ca. 
Sainz, Cerra y Ca. 
J. Sala y Ca. 
Serra y Ca. 
Silva, Ferrer y Ca. 
B. Simonet y Ca. 
Vicente G. Troncoso 
Vicente y Ca. 
Vijande y Ca. 
Zalduondo y Valle 

Clothing and Tailoring. 

M. Audrillon 
Jacinto Coco 
P. Gonce 
Moneny y Ca. 
Angel Carmides 
S. Catalan 
Manuel Cerda 
Agustin Cordoba 
Francisco Diaz 
Luciano Esturio 
Ramon Figueroa 
Julio Lopez 
J. D. Menendez 
P. Nieto y Ca. 
Jose Provisi 
Jose Rodriguez 
Jaime Tomas 

Commission Merchants. 

Aguilar, Delgado y Ca. 
Cerecedo, Hermanos y Ca. 
Mullenhoff y Korber 
Bemado Ponce 
Jose T. Silva 
Vijande y Ca. 

Crockery and Glassware. 

Francisco Armas 

Ramon Gardon 

Antonio Jauregui 

Manuel Roman 

B. Simonet , 


E. D. Mangara 

E. Martinez 
Jacinto Naranjo 
J. Luis, Salicrup 
Prisco Viscarrondo 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Jose M. Blanco 
Juan B. Daubon 

F. Guillermetz 
Gallardo y Ca. 
Ledesma Hermanos 
Juan E. Saler 
Pedro del Valle 

I>ry Goods, Hosiery, Textiles, Etc. 

.-Vrrabal y Ca. 
.\liumada y Ca. 
Chavarry y Ca. 

Chavarryy Mendizabal 
Echevaria y Ca 
Elizalde y Guerro 
Feddersen y Ca. 
Font Vidal y Ca. 
Hernaiz y Ca. 
S. Melon y Ca. 
Orcasitas y Ca. 
Juaquin Peiia 
A. Raynat y Ca. 
Sainz, Cerra y (3a. 
Jose Siges 
Zalduondo y Ville 

Furniture Dealers. 

Masjuan y Ca. 
Noa y Valle 

General Wliolesale Merchants. 

(Importers and Exporters.) 

Alonso Hermanos 
Jose J. Acosta 
Armas y Jimenez 

F. Arrabal y Ca. 
Arrillaga y Ca. 
Ateca y Ca. 
Severo Baston 

G. Bolivar y Ca. 
Bozzo y Canevazo 
Cabrera Hermanos 
Caldas y Ca. 

M. Campoamor 
Castillo y Ca. 
Cerecido Hermanos 
Crosas y Finlay 
Chavarri y Ca. 
Chavarri y Mendizibal 
Evaristo Chevremont 
Dorado y Ca. 
Elezalde y Guerero 
Ezquaga Sobrinos de 
Faura y Ca. 
Feddersen y Ca. 
Font, Vidal y Ca. 
Jose R. Fuentes 
Ramon Gardon 
Jose Q. Gonzales 
Hermaiz y Ca. 
Iriarte, Hermanos y Ca. 
Antonio Jauregui 
Latimer y Fernandez 
Lopez, Villamil y Ca. 
V. Luifia 

Llaneras, Uria y Ca. 
A. Mayol y Ca 
S. Melon y Ca. 

Groceries and Provisions, Wholesale. 

Castillo y Ca. 
Cerecedo Hermanos y Ca. 
Faura y Ca. 

R. Gonzalez y Heimano 
Lopez, \'illaniil y Ca. 
Alejo Mcndcz 
Oliver y Ca. 
Andres O. Kelly 
Narciso Ribot 
Kodriguez y Ca. 
Suarcz y Troncoso 
Vidal y Ca. 


Delmar's Trades Directory akd Mercantile Manual. 

Gas Company. 

Mullenhoff y Korber, general agents 

Hardware, Tools, Etc., Wholesale. 

Evaristo Chevremont 
Jose Quixano 
iVIinon Hermanos 
Francisco Ramirez 
Rodriguez, Mareno y Ca. 
M. Roman y Ca. 

B. Simonet 
Armas y Jimenez 
Julian Martienzo 


El Universe 
Hotel de San Juan 
Ea Nueva Estrella 

House Furnisliiiig- Goods, Tinware, 

Alejandro Barlela 
Tomas Diaz 
Pablo Fuentes 
Gregorio Eaguna 
Jenaro Eippo 
Domingo Reyes 

Ice Dealers and Manufacturers. 

Gioco y Ca. 

Jewelry, Watches and Silverware. 

N. Alberti 
Boschetti y Schira 
Jose Claudio 
Eentine y Ca. 
Victor Arroyo 
Enriqui Dominguez 
D. Esturio 
Vicente Furiati 
Juan Palma 

C. Ramon 
Angel Rivera 
Bias Sechini 
Facundo Tizol 
Enrique Kerman 
Evaristo Laloma 
Jose M. Roig 
Tinaud y Ca. 

Lamps, Oils, Etc. 

B. Fernandaz 
Santos Filippi 


A. Morris Lynn (successors of) 
Herman Rodeck 

Lumber Dealers. 

Crosas y Finlay 
Daubon y Ca. 
Latimer y Fernandez 
R. Margary y Ca. 

Machine Shops. 

Francisco Abarca 
Portilla y Ca. 


Merchandise Brokers. 

Eugenio Corton 
Bernado Ponce 
.Segundo Sety 
Francisco M. Turull 
Javier de Zequeira 

Military Equipments. 

Jose Claudio 
Juan Matens 

Millwrights and ]>Iill Supplies 

J. Perez 

Armas y Jimenez 

Native Products. 

Santiago Echeveste 
Esmoris Hermanos 
Bernado Ponce 

Newspapers and Periodicals. 

El Boletin Commercial (daily) 

El Boletin Eclesiastico 

El Boletin Mercantil (daily) 

El Buscapie 

El Clamor del Pais 

El Creterio 

La Draga 

El Eco del Comercio 

La Gaceta Oficial 

La Inslruccion Publica 

La Integridad Nacional 

La Nacion 

La Opera 

El Ilustrado Puerto Rico 

La Revista de Agricultura 

Paper and Stationery, Wholesale. 

Jose J. Acosta 

F. Anfosso y Ca. 

Gonzalez y Ca. 

Jose Font Gonzalez 

A. Moris Lynn (successors of) 


Feliciano Alonzo 
Pedro Catinchi 
J. R. Ingles 
Eduardo Lopez 

Physicians and Siu-geons. 

Jose M. Baralt 
Jose C. Barbosa 
Jose Maria Cueto 
Gabriel Ferrer 
E. Cabrera Garcia 
Pedro G. Goico 
Jose B. Gomez 
Juan Hernandez 
Ricardo Hernandez 
Emelio Lazaro 
Fernando Z. Nuiies 

A. D. Paniagua 
Antonio Font y Pastor 
Pedro Puig 

Ricardo Rey 
Calixto Romero 

B. Robert 



Physicians, Etc. — continued. 

Jose Casenave Saldaiia 
Pedro Salicrup 
Jose J. Tizol 
Francisco del Valle 

Pianos and Musical Instruments. 

Jose AguUo 
Pedro Delgado 

Plantation Superintendents. 

Heraclio Cordero 
Bernardo Ponce 


Jose J. Acosta 
J. Anfosso y Ca. 
A. Cordova 
Manuel Fernandez 
Gonzalez y Ca. 
Jose F. Gonzalez 
Imprenta Militar 
A Moris Lynn 
Francisco Valderramas 

Railway Companies. 

Compania del Oeste, Jose Penade Chavari, 

Compania de San Juan a Rio Piedras, Pablo 

Ubarri, Prest. 

Sewing Machines. 

S. Melon y Ca. 

Viuda de Rodriguez 
Julian Silva 

Ship Agents and Brokers. 

Sobrinos de Esquiaga 
Feddersen, Wddink y Ca. 
Menendez y Ca. 
Mullenhoff v Korber 
C. Pratt y Ca. 
Sala y Ca. 
J. T. Silva 
Vijande y Ca. 

Ship Chandlers and Jfaval Stores. 

Crosas y Finlay 
Latimer y Fernandez 

Steamship Agents. 

Larrinaga y Ca., Catalan Steamship Co. 
Ezquiaga Sobrinos, Lopez line to Cadiz 
Jose 1'. Silva, French Transatlantic line 
Rubert Hermanos 
Iriarte Hermanos, Caracena y Ca. 

Submarine Telegraph. 

The West India and Panama Telegraph Com- 
pany (Limited). 


Tomas Aquino 
Carambot L. Llanger 
Mesa, Moreno y Ca. 


Population, 7,000. 

Agricultural Implements and 

Fiu-nitiu'e Dealers. 


Juan Belfors 

(See General Merchants.) 

Jose B. Call 

Antonio Morales 

Coffee Merchants and Exporters. 

Antonio C. Arana 

General Merchants, Wholesale and 

Felipe Arana 


Sebastian Colon 

V. Acevedo y Ca. 

Serapio Feo 

Juan Arbona 

Gillermo Frontera 

Canals, Coll y Ca. 

Pablo Luigi 

Agustin Carl)onell 

Miguel Marqu6 

Juan Castaner 

Oliver y Delgado 

Garbino Garcia 

Antonio Delgado 

Felipe Gonzalez 

Domingo Paoli 

Tomas Gonzalez 

•Santiago Torres 

Nicolas Lacaroz 

Viella Hermanos 

Marquez y Ca. 

Coflfee Cleaners. 

Miguel Marquez 
Braulio Martinez 

M. Marquez y Ca. 
Suan y Ca. 
Vilella Hermanos 

Mayol y Suan 
Aurelio Mendez 
Justo Mendez 

Ramon Novoa 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Pedro Rios 
Suan y Ca. 
Juan Torres 

Jorge M. Navas 

Iturrino Hermanos 

I'.iblo Vidal 

Salvador Picornell 

Vilella Hermanos 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

General Stores, Retail. 

Santiago Torres 

Francisco Vergara 

V. Acenedo 

Pedro Aramburo 


Juan Arbona 

Ines Castro 

Santiago Robles 

Sebastian Calon 

Antonio Collazo 

Jewelry, Etc. 

G. M. Cordova 

Luis Gonzaga 

Francisco Enseiiat 

Pedro Aramburo 

Garbino Garcia 

Aurelio Mendez 


Justo Mendez 

Miguel Marguez 

Francisco Blanes 

Mayol y Suan 

Juan Vicente Gonzalez 

Ramon Novoa 

Pedro M. Yordan 

Manuel Palenpue 

Salvador Picornell 


Population, 20,000. 

Agricultural Implements 

(See General Merchants.) 


Druggists and Chemists. 

Carlos Hijalmarson 
Manuel Perez 
Jose Ramon Rivera 
Rafael Gabino Silva 

General Importing Merchants. 

Benigno Balseyro y Ca. 

Ahumada y Ca. 

Bahr y Ca. 

G. Ledesma y Ca. 

Ruperto Muro 

Nones y Ca. 

Roses y Ca. 

M. Rupert y Ca. 

Groceries and Provisions,' Whole- 

Galanes y Garcia 
Francisco Ledesma 
Jose Morales 
Pericas y Ca. 
M. Rupert y Ca. 
Ramon Villamil 


La America 
La Castellana 

Iroiunongery, Etc. 

Estelban Castro 
Jose Martinez 


Agustin Cambell 
Alejandro Salicrup 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

Cayetano Coll 
Francisco Perez 
Rafael del Valle 
L. Zeno 

Ship Chandlery and Naval Stores. 

Ahumada y Ca. 
Nones y Ca. 
B. Balseyro y Ca. 
Ruperto Muro 


Juaquin Gonzalez 
Jose Angel Pereira 
Juan B. Perez 
Christino Rojas 
Juan Soler 


Jose Lopez 
Juan Pereira 




Population, i2,ocx). 

Agents for Plantation Estates. 

Jose Pratts 
Maximo Saunion. 
Juan Vieta 

Agricultural Implements, Etc. 

(See General Merchants.) 

Ales and Beer Dealers. 

(See Groceries and Provisions.) 


Amoros Hermanos 
Cano y Ca. 


Nicholas Graner 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Castillo y Luzunares 
Jose Capo 


Castillo y Luzunares 


Mateo Amoros 
Cano y Ca. 
Juan McFarland 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Carlos Bruno 
Julio S. Bruno 
Nicolas Bruno 
C. Dominguez 
Tomas Dominguez 
Juan B. Massanet 

Dry Goods, Hosiery, Etc. 

Tomas Balbas. 
Juan Ignacio Capo 
Manuel Cevedanes 
Jose Ensefiat 
Rafael Fuster 

General Importing Merchants. 

Tomas Cano y Ca. 
Jenaro Cantino 
Vicente Fernandez 
Antonio Grau 
Manuel Lopez 

Morazani Hermanos 
Jos<^ Sanguinety 

Groceries and Provisions. 

Francisco Bernier 
Antonio Berrios 
Nicolas Colon 
Jos^ Esteve 
Jose Figueroa 
Juan Franco 
Mateo Fulladosa 
Cayetano Fuster 
Gaya y Ca. 
Dionisio Gely 
Jose Moreta 
Santiago Nieto 
Juan Ortiz 
M. Vazquez 

Hardware, Tools, Etc. 

Juan Caussade 
Girod y Ca. 
Francisco Rovira 


Hotel Espanol 

Ice Factory. 

Ignacio Diaz 


Juan B. Blondet 
Eugenio Grau 
Francisco Rendon 
Joaquin Sabater. 


Castillo y Luzunares. 

Sugar Merchants and Shippers. 

Juan Ignacio Capo 

Luis P. Cabassa 

El Conde Garcia de la Palmira 

Gual Hermanos 

Francisco Lopez 

Julian Lopez 

Felix Masso 

Clemente Moret 

Jesus Maria Texidor 

Rafael Vazquez 

Jauquin Villodas 

Pedro Virilla 

Juan Vives 


Delmar's Teades Dieectoey and Meecaxtile Manual. 


Population, 12,000. 

Agricultural Implements and Ma- 

(See General Merchants. ) 

Ales and Beer Dealers. 

(See Groceries and Provisions. ) 


M. Badrena y Ca. 
F. Bages y Ca. 
Barahona, Blaines y Ca. 
Cuyar, Pratts y Ca. 
Boothby & Co. 


E. Vinas 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Mantilla y Ca. 
Enrique Dick 

Chocolate Factories. 

Antonio Gomila 
Oliver y Rulan 
Eugenio Peltaint 
Victori, Pelegri y Ca. 

Clothingr» Hats, Etc. 

F. Bages y Ca. 
Jaime D. Barbena 
Francisco Blanes 
Cancio y Lopez 

S. Castaner 
Cuyar, Pratts y Ca. 

Dealers in Native Produce. 

M. Ahedo y Pena 
Jose R. Castro 
Mendes Vigo 
Cuevas y Grappe 

G. Homar 
Martinez Hermanos 
Mendez Vigo 
Miguel Quinones 


Alfredo Crist i 
Jose G. Garcia 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Manuel Manzano 
Gatell y Ca. 
Carlos Monagas 
Gillermo Mulct 
Saliva Hermanos 

Dry Goods, Hosiery, Etc., Whole- 

Miguel Ahedo y Pena 
F. Bages y Ca. 
Jaime Barbena 

Cancio y Lopez 
Sebastian Castener 
Jacinto Caco 
Pablo Gonze 
Ramon Martinez 
Pablo Pietri 
Pedro Ramirez 
Revera y Rodriguez 
Sancho, Sard y Ca. 
J. Sitjes y Ca. 

Furniture Dealers. 

Pablo Berga 
Jose Castro 

General Merchants, Importing" and 

J. Aduana 

Boothby y Ca. 

Bages y Ca. 

M. Badrena y Ca. 

C. Barahona 

Blanes y Ca. 

Francisco Blanes ' 

Cuyar, Pratts y Ca. 

Esmoris Hermanos 

Fernandez y Ca. 

Antonio Gomila 

Francisco Molina Guio 

Haws y Ca. 

Felix Infanzon 

Kraemer y Ca. 

Lopez, Gonzalez y Ca. 

Moral Gonzalez y Ca. 

Guillermo Mulct 

P. Nieva y Ca. 

Pluja y Bravo 

Adolfo Roberts 

Sancho, Sard y Ca. 

Schultz y Ca. 

J. Torrabells y Ca. 

Victori, Pelegri y Ca. 

Groceries and Provisions, Whole- 

M. Bengoa y Ca. 
Martinez Hermanos 
Guillermo Homar 
Miguel Quinones 
Jose Garcia Rodriguez 

Hardware, Tools, Etc. 

Blanes y Ca. 
P. Nieva y Ca, 
Mendes Vigo 


Sandalio Dalmann 
Jose Gonzalez 
Rudolfo Gautier 

Ice Factory. 

Lopez, Besosa y Ca. 



Insurance Agencies. 

Alfredo Falbe 
Jacobo M. Monsanto 
Moral, Gonzalez y Ca. 
Manuel Sama 

Jewelry, Silverware and Watches. 

Antonio Rivera 
Tomas Grau 

H. Rodek 


Lumber Dealers. 

P. Fomabels y Ca. 
Isidro Vidal 

Newspapers and Periodicals. 

El Anunciador Comercial (daily) 

El Imparcial 

El Liberal 

El Progreso 

La Unidad Xacional 


Rudolfo Alonso 
Eduardo Lyon 


Fernando Ruiz 
Martin Travieso 
T. Vazquez y Rivera 
Julio Andinot 
Francisco Basora 

Salvador Carbonel 
Jose de la Cruz 
I, de J. Dominguez 
Agustin Feliu 
B. Gaudier Texidor 
Adolfo Martinez 
Jesus Monagas 
Miguel Pons 


Domingo Arecco y Hijos 
Martin Fernandez 
Antonio Jimenez 
Benito Monje 
Tio Segarra 

Steamship Agents. 

Playa y Bravo 

Tobacconists, Etc. 

Felipe Arias 

Jose Fuentes Rodriguez 

M. Sojo 

Carlos Capr^ 

Jose Carrero 

Pedro Luna 

Manuel Moncayo 

Federico Neuadich 

Juan Ortiz 

Roberto de Santana 

M. M. Sajo 


Andres Berga y Ca. 
Jos^ Gutierrez y Ca. 
Jose Marcias y Ca. 


Population, 21,000. 

Agricultural Implements, Etc. 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

(See General Merchants.) 

Olimpio Otero 

Manuel Lopez 

Ale and Beer Dealers. 

Jos(5 Melendez 

(See Groceries and Provisions.) 


Architects and Builders. 

A. Campius 

Luis Revera 

Lorenzo Vizcarrondo 

Adolfo Runger 

Francisco Vails 

Brick 3Iakers and Dealers in 

Ramon Coll 

Building Material. 

B. Pericas 

Hilarion Vigo 

Narciso Arabia 

Salvador Bigay 

Banks and Bankers. 

U. Gonzalez 

Caja de Ahorros 

Salvador Pigen 

Armstrong y Ca. 

Gandaria, Brigaroy Ca. 

Carriage and Wagon Makers. 


Graham y Ca. 

Casino de Ponce 

Francisco Perez 

Centre de Recreo 

Querejeta llermanos 


Delmae's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 

Chocolate Factories. 

Francisco Barnes 
Isidoro Arroyo 
Cortara y Ca. 
Pedro A. Puig 
A. Simonpretri 

Coflfee Cleaners and Shippers. 

Ramon Cartada 
Gandaria, Bregaro y Ca. 
E. P. Salazar y Ca. 
Sauri, Subira y Ca. 

Commission Merchants. 

Armstrong y Ca. 
Lazaro Martinez 
Salazar y Ca. 
Gandarias, Bregaro y Ca. 
Pedro Hedilla 
Mayoral y Ca. 
Sauri, Subira y Ca. 
H. Geradino 
T. Laguna 
Eugenio Vivas 


A. Arrastia 
Roberto Ponte 
Gaudia Ruiz 
Emelio Toro 
A. Valdes 

Druggists and Chemists. 

Ferrer y Reyes 

Francisco Giol 
Ferrer y Sobrino 
Jose Henna 
Jose Pon 
J. Porras Ruiz 
N. Rodriguez 
Balbino San Antonio 
Monge, Arrillaga y Ca. 
Ferrer y Rulan 
Francisco G. Texidor 
Juan B. Pon 
Rodriguez y Gonzalez 
Cancio Valle 

Druggist, Wholesale. 

Arillago, Monge y Ca. 

Electrical Apparatus. 

J. Vidaurre y Ca. 

Foundry and Machine Shops. 

Graham y Ca. 

(2) Querejeta Hermanos 

Furniture Dealers. 

Pedro Carreras 
Miguel Coda 
B. Pericas 
Vigo y Rivera 

General Merchants, Wholesale. 

Armstrong y Ca. 
Gandaria, Brigaro y Ca. 
Pedro Hedilla 
Juan Mayaral y Ca. 

Salazar y Ca. 
Sauri, Subira y Ca. 
P. Batistin 
A. Luchetty 
J. O. Otero 
Pellegrini Hermanos 
H. Rivera 
Francisco Lagrona 
Schuck y Ca. 
R. Toro 
Torres y Hijos 
Valdecilla y Ca. 
Mirandes Hermanos 
A. E. Molinas y Ca. 
Simon Pierluicci 
Jose Pujadas 
Vidal y Ca. 

Groceries and Provisions, WTiolesale. 

Fernando Angulo 
Jose Canto 
Codo y Ca. 
Mayal Hermanos 
Leon y Garcia 
M. Morales 


Hotel de America 
Hotel de Marina 
Hotel del Leon de Oro 
Hotel Isabel Castro 

Ice Factory. 

Otto Hoffmann 

Insurance Agencies. 

E. Salazar 
Eduardo Asensio 

Jewelry, Silver, Watches. 

Pedro Ventura 
A. Ludwig 
Jose Melendez 
Pedro Guberne 

Lumber Merchants. 

Perez, Guerra y Ca. 
Hedella y Ca. 
Porrata, Doria y Ca. 

Pianos and Musical Instruments. 

M. Aspiroz 
P. G. Carreras 
Pedro Castiner 
O. Otero 
Jose Forns 


Martin Corchado 
Luis Aguerrevere 
E. Carronas 
Juan Genebrieras 
Manuel Iglesias 
Eduardo Lacot 
Elias Lamonte 
Gustavo Moret 
Miguel Pagani 
M. Portero 
Rafael Pujals 
N. Reveron 
Esteban Vidal 

Island of Puerto-Rico. 



M. Molina 

Printers and Publishers. 

El Comercio 
El Vapor 
L. R. Velazquez 
Manuel Lopez 

Ship Chandlery and Naval Stores. 

Gandarias, Bregaro y Ca. 
Salazar y Ca. 


F. Bustamente 

Rodriguez y Fuentes 
U. Casals 

Wall Papers. 

(See Stationers.) 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Eusebio Molina 
Roman Nieto 


Pedro G. Carreras 
Antonio Santa Maria 
Antonio Toro 


Delmar's Trades Directory akd Mercantile Manual. 




Population of the Island, 20,000. 

F. G. Phipps, provision dealer and estate supplies 

Armstrong & Co., provision dealers and estate 

Bartram Bros., provision dealers and estate sup- 

Jas. W. Roche, provision dealer and estate sup- 

W. A. Creagh, provision dealer and estate sup- 

C. R. Jacobs, provision dealer and estate sup- 

\V. H. Heyliger, hardware 

Branch of McDougal & Co., of St. Thomas, 

Thos. Moore, hardware 
H. B. Stubbs, dry goods 
C. Gautier & Co., dry goods 
W. B. Woods, dry goods 
H. Iwersen, dry goods 
A. Paladan-Muller, drugs 
L. Faber, drugs 
Russell Bros., fancy goods 
R. G. Bell, groceries 
P. E. Kalmer, physician 
L, Neumann, physician 




(Spanish Negro Republic.) 

Population of to\\-n and district, 12,000. 


Agricultural Implements. 

Heinsen & Co. 

Ale and Beer. 

Cosme Batlle 
C. Kliisener & Co. 
Diego Loinaz 
G. Chiodi & Co. 
Gineira Hermanos 
Manuel Cocco 


El Banco de la Compania de Credito 

Bookseller and Stationer. 

Manuel Castellano 

Boots and Shoes. 

B. R. Puyans 
Gineira Hermanos 
G. Chiodi & Co, 
M. G. Amabile 
Vives & Caballero 

C. Simpson 


Virgilio Barranco 
G. \V. Jones 


C. A. Fraser 
Botica San Jos6 
T. G. Levy 
Botica del Mercado 

Dry Goods. 

C. Kliisener & Co. 
Cosme Batlle 

B. R. Puyans 
Barrera Hermanos 
G. Chiodi & Co, 
Gineira Hermanos 
M. G. Amabile 
Vives & Caballen 

General Merchants. 

Cosme Batlle 

C. Kliisener & Co. 
G. Choidi & Co. 
Gineira Herm. 
Manuel Cocco 

Groceries and Provisions. 

Barrera Herm. 
B. R. Puyans 
Cosme Batlle 

C. Kliisener & Co. 
Diego Loinaz 

E. Piola & Co. 
Felipe Mir 
Genelra Hermanos 
G. Chiodi & Co. 

H. J. Manecke & Co. 
J. H. Colson 
J. Tsl. del Canto 
Manuel Cocco 
M. G. Amabile 
M. Piola & Co. 
Vives & Caballero 

Hardware and Tools. 

Heinsen & Co. 
G. Chiodi & Co. 
Genelra Hermanos 
Vives & Caballero 


Journal of Commerce 


P. M. Garrido 
U. Lellundi 


Lithgow Bros., " Central Santa Maria " 
Genelra Herm., "La Yndustria " 
H. Shultz, "La Rosa" 

F. Barranco, " La Ubaldina " 
Manuel Boitel, " La Aurora " 


Manuel Castellano 
H. A. Taylor 

Sewing- Machine Dealers. 

C. Kliisener & Co. 
B. R. Puyans 
Gineira llermanos 
Cosme Batlle 

G. Chiode & Co. 
M. G. Amabile 
Vives Caballero 

Soap Manufacturer. 

J. L. Compart 

Telegraph Company. 

Compania Tclegrafica de las Antillas. M. 
Rousell, agt. 

Trunk Manufacturer. 

Y. Mella Brea 


Delmar's Trades Directory and Mercantile Manual. 



Population of the Island, 15,000. 


Bank of St. Thomas 

Colonial Bank 

St. Thopas Savings Bank 

Bookseller and Stationer. 

Charles E. Taylor 

Boots and Shoes. 

L. Gomez & Co. 
R. D. Senior 

Cigars and Tobacco. 

¥. Drejer & Co. 


James Gordon 

Distiller of Bay Oil. 

R. M. Hassell 


A. H. Ruse 

Dry Goods, Wholesale and Retail. 

W. Broiidsted & Co. 
Thomas Pearson & Co. 

Dry Goods, Ketail. 

M. Fidanque 

G. Beretta 

Carty & Co. 

A. Gaspard 

J. Miiller & Co. 

R. Senior & Co. 

Dd. B. Delvalle 

J. H. Beverhoudt 

Fratelli, Copello & Co. 

J. Levin 

William White 

M. Van Eps & Co. 

W. B. Caslello & Co. 

Delvalle & Co. 

J. H. Souffront 

Gas Company. 

St. Thomas Gas Company 

General Provision Merchants, 
Wholesale and Ketail. 

J. H. Fechtenburg & Co. 
Klingberg, Krebs & Co. 
D. G. Fonseca 


McDougall & Co. 
Cameron & Co. 
Jos. Levi and Sons 

Hotel Turco 
Commercial Hotel 


Ice and Wholesale Provision 

Raven & Co. 

Jewelry and Watches. 

A. de Lagarde 

Money Brokers. 

J. B. M. Monsanto 

B. Bornn 


Daily Bulletin 

St. Thomas Tidende 

Panama Hats. 

Ch. Delinois & Co. 


A. Giglioli 


C. Krebs 

F. Erichsen 
J. H. Wissing 
R. Villavicencio 

N. Auguste 

Provisions and Groceries, Retail. 

A. Burnet 
O. Ffrench & Co. 
A. Vance & Co. 
J. Fidanque & Co. 
David Pretto & Co. 
S. H. Toledano 
L. Delinois 
A. Lugo & Co. 
Louis Berg & Co. 
Russell Bros 
H. Michelsen 
H. Toussaint 

Ship Brokers and Commission 

G. W. Smith & Co. 
Lamb & Co. 

Jas. T. Abbott & Co. 
Bache & Co. 
J. F. D. Jurgens & Co. 
J. Sala & Co. 

Ship Chandlers. 

Wharam & Co. 

Steamship Companies. 

United States and Brazil Mail 

West India and Pacific Mail 

Harrison S. S. Co. 

Don Ramon de Herrera 

Hamburg American Packet Co. 

Royal Mail S. S. Co. 

Compagnie Generale Transatlantique 

Telegraph Company. 

West India and Panama Telegraph Company. 





Population of the Island, 30,000. 

General Coinuiission Merchants. 

Wiewall & Co. 
Ch. Aug. Brewer 

General Merchants. 

AgostiniA. G., Castries, architect and land sur- 
Augier John, Castries and Soufriere, ale and beer 

Augier Jules, Castries, dry goods merchant 
Barnard, Peter & Co., Castries, Soufriere, Chois- 
eul and Vieux Fort, dry goods, provision, 
wine and spirit, lumber and general mer- 
chants, shipping agents and steamship owners, 
importers and dealers in coal 
Belmar C, La Curieux, Soufriere, dry goods mer- 
Belmar & Sons, Castries, dry goods merchants 
Castries Club, Castries, G. Grof, secretary 
Chastanet Chs., Castries, Vice Consul for France 
Chastanet E., Castries, dry goods dealer 
Celestin Pelage, Burner}', provision dealer 
Clavier Fernand L. , Castries, dry goods dealer 
Clavier & Co., Castries, grocers and druggists 
Colonial Bank, Castries, Alexr. Richard, mana- 
ger ; London office, Bishopsgate St., within 
London, E. C. 
Dennehy Dr. Chas. , Castries, colonial surgeon 
DuBrulay & Co., Castries, dry goods mercliant 
Edmund W. H., Dennery, wine, spirit and pro- 
vision dealer 
Eudoxie Luc, Castries, ale, beer, grocer and 

provision dealer 
Galgey Dr. Otho, Castries, assistant colonial 

Gordon T. D., Castries, schoolmaster Lady Mico 

Gouin Mde. A., Castries, billiard saloon and hotel- 
Granger Paul, Castries, billiard saloon and hotel- 
Homy C., Castries, chemist and druggist 
Laugellier Athenase. Castries, tobacco dealer 
Lastic R. & Co., Castries, ale, beer, wine and 

spirit merchant 
Lawrence Frederick, wine and spirit merchant, 

Lestrade Dr. C, Dennery 

Macfarlane Junior & Co., Castries, Soufriere, 
Choiseul, Laborie y Vieux Fort, provision, 
lumber and general merchants and shipping 
Macfarlane, Moffatt & Co., Castries, Soufriere 
an'l Vieux Fort, dry goods, liardware and 
general merchants, ale, beer, wine and spirit 
MacHugh R. G., Castries, printer and pub- 
Margaud Eugene, Castries, dry goods and pro- 
vision dealer 
Margaud Robert, Anse La Rayc, provision and 
general dealer 

Marius F. W., Castries, druggist and dry goods 

Meagher C I., C. E. Castries, architect and 

Medouze W., Laborie, grocer and provision 

Minviile& Chastanet, Castries and Soufriere, dry 
goods, hardware and general merchants and 
shipping agents, ale, beer, wine and spirit 

Moffatt John D., Castries, Vice-Consul for Ger- 

Monplaisir Adolph, Castries, general dealer 

Myers Mde. Chas., Castries, hotel keeper 

Norton Dr. H., Castries 

Osborne Samuel, Castries, builder and undertaker 

Peter Frank, Consul for the Netherlands and 
Consul for Venezuela 

Peter William, Castries, Consular Agent U. S. A. 
and Consul for Sweden and Norway 

Proctor Dr. S. F., Soufriere 

Quinlan W. C, Soufriere, school master, Lady 
Mico School 

Quinlan J. C, Castries, architect and land sur- 

Rabier Victor, Dennery, ale and beer dealer 

Roger, Langellier & Co., Castries, dry goods, 
hardware and general merchants, ale, beer 
and wine and spirit dealers. 

St. Lucia Ice Factory Co., Ld., Castries; R. G. 
MacHugh, secretary 

St. Lucia Steam Conveyance Co. , Ld., Castries, 
steamship owners ; Charles Chastanet, man- 
aging director 

Troja Julien, Castries, printer and bookbinder 

" Voice of St. Lucia," Castries ; R. G. MacHugh, 

Williams Dr. S., Vieux Fort 

Zepherin Mark G., Castries, provision dealer 


Agard E., la Rosi^re Estate, Castries 
Alphonse A. Belle, Veu Estate, Laborie 
Ambrosio Laurent, Cuinbar Estate, Vieux Fort 
Andre Mde. V., Foyeaux Estate, Vieux Fort 
Angel L. , Pipe Rois Estate, Micoud 
Auguste J. M., Calbasier Estate, Micoud 
Azor Rene, Esperanco Estate, Vieux Fort 
Baptiste W. Jean, Moreu Laure Estate, Micoud 
Barnard S., Sans Soucis Estate, Castries 
Bernard Edwin, Hope & Beausejour Estate, 

Vieux Fort 
Blanchard A., Belle Vue Estate, Micoud 
IHanchard D., Greuno Estate, Vieux Fort 
Bonnie F. Louis, La Rochelle Estate, Gros Islet 
Cadet L., Jalousie Estate, Laborie 
Charles A. J., Valmont Estate, Vieux Fort 
Charles J., Morue Bay Estate, Micoud 
Cliastanct, Clis. . Ann Galet I'-state, Soufriere 
Clavier Fernand L., Guixlin I'lstate, Gros Islet 
Constable J no. A., Boauchamp Estate, Micoud 
Cooper Justin, La Blanche Estate, Laborie 


Delmae's Tkades Dieectoey axd Meecantile Manual. 

P laut e rs — contin ued. 

Cooper Pascal, Hel^ne Estate, Micoud 
Dacretin E., Riviere Mitant Estate, Gros Islet 
Darcheville, Mde. A. Malgr^ Ca. Estate, Choi- 

DeBreltes Charles, Union Vale Estate, Soufriere 
DeBreltes, Mrs. H. Cap Estate, Gros Islet, and 

Palmiste Estate, Soupriere 
DeCharleroy A., Mont Lizard Estate, Choiseul 
DeGaillard Jno., Beausejoin Estate, Laborio 
DeLanbenque Joseph, Malgretout and Jalousie 

Estate, Soufriere 
DeLanbenque Leon, Ruby Estate, Soufriere 
Deligny Mde. P., Beranger Estate, Laborie 
Dennery Factory Co., Dennery; A. Mathieu, 

Devaux E. Morne, Courbaril Estate, Soufriere 
Devaux Henry, Reduit Estate, Gros Islet and 

Fond Doux Estate, Soufrere 
DuBoulay Alexr., Troumassee and Mondesir Es- 
tates; Micoud and Pearl and Diamond Es- 
tates, Soufriere 
DuBoulay, Mrs. B., Dauphin, Robert and Sou- 
friere Estates, Soufriere and Anse Ivrogue 
Estate, Choiseul 
DuBoulay Jules, Anse Mamin and Anse Mahaut 

and Mont Plaisant Estates, Soufriere 
DuBoulay, Mackay & Co., trustees of Canaries 

Estate, Soufriere 
Dunoyer Mde. C, MorueDoudon Estate, Castries 
Elliott Francis, Belle Vue Estate, Vieux Fort 
Etienne E., Ratoon Estate, Laborie 
Fadlin Auge, Belle Vue Estate, Laborie 
Fontenelle A., Garnier Estate, Laborie 
Gabriel Jacques, Prosperity Estate, Laborie 
Gillespie A. M. & Co., trustee of Cannelles Estate, 

Giraudy Chas., St. Urbain Estate, Vieux Fort 
Glace Mde. Chas., Morue Vert Estate, Laborie, 
and Industry and Esperance Estates, Choiseul 
Goodman Mrs. J., Reunion and Fond Estates, 

Goodman J., heirs of Chateau Belair Estate, 

Guillette Mde Chas., Cardinal Estate, Gros Islet 
Hippolite Felix, Delandreau Estate, Choiseul 
Hunt J., La Choisiers Estate, Micoud 
Husselin P. , Gentilly Estate, Laborie 
Irmise Mathurin, Felin Estate, Laborie 
Isaie Civil, Providence Estate, Choiseul 
Jeremie J., Morue Doudon Estate, Castries 
Joseph A. , La Grace Estate, Laborie 
Joseph Flavieu, Moulin a Veut and Fayole Estates, 

Gros Islet 
Joseph Fontenelle, Le Riche Estate, Choiseul 
King Mrs. L., Belle Plaine Estate, Soufriere ; and 
Belle Vue Estate, Vieux Fort 

Lartigue L. , Belle Air Estate, Castries 

Laure Mde. J. F., Justin Estate, Laborie 

Laurencin A., Marquis Estate, Micoud 

Lewis A. E., Reunion Estate, Choiseul 

Lloyd Alex. , Cafeyer, Riviere Doric, Desgatiers, 

Laforgue, and DeBreuil Estates, Choiseul 
Lynch Mrs. H. E., Pare Estate, Choiseul, Tour- 
ney Estate, Vieux Fort and Fond and Volet 
Estates, Micoud 
Lynch Mrs. L., Point Sable Estate, Vieux Fort 
Macfarlane Jas., Balembouche Estate, Choiseul 
Macfarlane, Junior & Co., Mont Paisible Estate, 

Mallet J., Fond La Toque Estate, Castries 
Marcel M., Belle Vue Estate, Laborie 
Marie Leon, Jr., Fonds Estate, Laborie 
Marucheau F., Retraite & Resourse ' Estates,, 

Vieux Fort 
Marucheau P., Belle Vue Estate, Vieux Fort 
Melville Mrs. S., Savannes, Black Bay, and Anse 
Noir Estates, Vieux Fort, and Monplaisir, 
Japhir, and Herelle Estates, Laborie 
Michel Edmond, Beausejour Estate, Gros Islet 
Minvielle & Chastanet, Marquis Estate, Gros 

Modeste Auguste, Valois Estate, Choiseul 
Modeste C, Chouvallier Estate, Vieux Fort 
Moffatt L. M., Bois d'Orange Estate, Gros 

Molinard Fils & Cie.. Anse Canot Estate, Den- 
Montoute E., Belle Vue Estate, Gros Islet 
Nelson Alfred, Vigil Estate, Micoud 
Newton Lawrence, Union Estate, Castries 
Pambar B. Mde., Daly Estate, Gros Islet 
Pascal Edward, Mont Jean and La Penseo Estates, 

Peter A. G., Delcer Estate, Choiseul 
Pibot Reine, Beranger Estate, Laborie 
Puiel A., Labot Estate, Laborie 
Puiel F., Delomel Estate, Micoud 
Puiel Xavier, Petit Morue Estate, Micoud 
Rosiete Jules, Belle Vue Estate, Laborie 
Salmon J. T., New Field Estate, Choiseul 
Sedwen J., Sedwen Estate, Castries 
St. Helen Mde. Ve., Belle Vue Estate, Laborie 
St. Jean Daniel, La Clairie Estate, Castries 
St. Louis Louisy, Gentilly Marguerite Estate, 

St. Lucia Central Sugar Factory Co., Ld., Grand 
Cul de Sac Bay; Theo. Rousselot, manager 
St. Lucia Nimes & Estates Coy., Ld., Roseau and 

Vieux Fort; E. du Boulay, manager 
St. Prix A., St. Prix Estate, Gros Islet 
Verneuil A., Mouripos Estate, Laborie 
Verneuil Mde. C, La Rochelle Estate, Laborie 

St. Vixcext, W. I. 




Population of the Island, 42,000. 


Colonial Bank 

Builder and Contractor. 

John G. Nauton 

Commission Merchants and Gen- 
eral Agents. 

Jno. I. Hughes & Sons, agents of the London 
Fire Insurance Corporation 

Wm. E. Hughes, resident consular agent of the 
London Fire Insurance Corporation, chair- 
man of the Standard L. A. Company, Edin- 

Weston James Shearman, Consul resident of 
Venezuela, agent Whittington L. A. Com- 
pany, London 

Commission and General Agent and 
Proprietors of Sugar Estates. 

Jno. H. Hazen, Sons & Co., agents Barbados 
Mutual L. A. Society ; agents Northern Fire 
Insurance Co., London 

Commission and General Agents, 
Dealers in Sugar Plantation 
Supplies, Lumber, Etc. 

C. J. Simmons & Co., agents Royal Insurance 
Co., London 

H. U. Croney 



J. B. Proudfoot 
W. J. Durrant 
B. K. Biddy 
D. A. Abbott 

Dry Goods Dealers. 

W. C. Dalrymple 
H. A. Hazen & Co. 
Thos. Lawlor & Co. 
Glover Bros. 
B. K. Biddy 
J. B. Proudfoot 
Eliza Moss 
Arthur Sheppard 
Thomas F. Linby, Jr. 


J<jhn Young 

Genei-al Dealers and Importers 
Sugar Plantation Supplies, Lum- 
ber, Etc., Proprietors Sugar 

D. K. Porter & Co., agents Lloyd's direct line of 
steamers, London and West Indies; Sun Fire 
Insurance Co., London; Standard L. A. Co., 

Ice and Billiard Saloon. 

R. H. Romney 


Sentinel, Weekly. 

Provision Dealers and Grocers. 

W. C. Dalrymple 
Corea Bros. 
Soachim Corea 
G. B. Corea 
Julien Learmond. 
John Sardine 
Antonio Despassos 
A. S. Benyun 
H. A. Hazen & Co. 
Samuel Boxice 
J. A, Van Romoudt 

Physicians and Surgeon. 

Wm. F. Newsam, colonial surgeon and Mexican 

Geo. Finlay 
J. V. Young 
John Kirkpatrick 
Martin O. Canoe 
Sanford Arnott 

Planters, Sugar Growers and Ship- 


Wm. Smith 
Geo. Smith 
.Vlexr. Smith 
C. E. Cloke 
Henry King 

B. T. King 
E. A. Hadiey 
Geo. Roberston 
J as. R. Waith 

C. Cowie 
Frank Coull 
Wm. Hutchinson 
Wm. Parsons 


Delmar's Business Directory akd Mercantile Manual. 



Population of the Island, 160,000. 

Ales, Beer and Porter. 

Campbell, Hannay, Campbell & Co., St. Vincent 

wharf. Port of Spain 
Clairmonte & Co., Marine square. Port of Spain 
Schorner & Co., South Quay, Port of Spain 
Turnbull, Stewart & Co., West End, Port of 

Gordon, Grant & Co. , St. Vincent wharf, Port of 



F. I. Scott & Son, St. Vincent street. Port of 

W. Norman, Marine square. Port of Spain 
Andrew Hamilton, St. Vincent street, Port of 

A. I. Eckstein, Abercrombie street, Port of 

W. E. Tyrer & Co., Almond walk, Port of Spain 
James Drennan, San Fernando, San Fernando 


The Incorporated Society of the Colonial Bank, 
Port of Spain and San Fernando 

Barristers and Advocates. 

Hon. S. H. Gatty 

Hon. M. M. Philip 

Hon. George Garcia 

A. W. Anderson 

Robert Guppy, M. A. 

L. E. Agostini 

I. B. Hutton 

I. F. A. Farfan 

Vincent Brown 

L. J. Lamy 

H. A. Alcazar 

L. M. Power 

R. A. Archer Warner, B. A. 

A. E. Hendrickson 

L. A. Wharton 

W. E. Chaver, B. A., LL. B. 

A. I. L. Maingot 

Eugene E. Coryatt 

D. de Freitas de Silva 

J. R. Warner 


William Games, Tragerete road. Port of Spain 

J. Young, Richmond street, Port of Spain 

Farr Bros., St. Joseph road, Port of Spain 

L. Brice, Corbeau Town, Port of Spain 

A. McComie, Corbeau Town, Port of Spain 

J. Williamson, St. Ann's road. Port of Spain 

Breadstuffs and Commission Mer- 

A. Gumming «S: Co., Marine square. Port of 

Campbell, Hannay & Co. , St. Vincent wharf. Port 

of Spain 
Gordon, Grant & Co., St. Vincent wharf. Port 

of Spain 
Schoner & Co., South Quay, Port of Spain 
Julian H. Archer & Co., Marine square. Port of 

Schjolseth & Holler, South Quay, Port of Spain 
Jules E. Attale, Lowery Hy. street. Port of 

Jas. Atwell, Marine square, Port of Spain 
Futriner & Ramsay, Marine square. Port of 

M. H. Smith, Lower Hy. street, Port of .Spain 
Rodriguez Sons & Co. , Marine square, Port of 

Turnbull, Stewart & Co., West End, Port of 

W. Norman, Marine square, Port of Spain 
Singuineau & Co., Almond walk, Port of Spain 
Eugene Boissiere, Almond walk, Port of Spain 
J. M. Ortiz, Almond walk, Port of Spain 
Jules Cipriani, Almond walk. Port of Spain 
W. S. Robertson, San Fernando, San Fernando 


Harry Spooner, St. Ann's road. Port of Spain 
E. Luce, Henry street, Port of Spain 

Boots and Shoes. 

Wilson & Co., Marine square, Port of Spain 
G. Goodwille, Marine King street. Port of Spain 
Gait & Co., Frederick street, Port of Spain. 
H. Monceaux, Frederick street. Port of Spain 

Carriage and Wag^on Makers. 

Alfred Court, Steam Works, West End, Port of 

Farr Brothers, St. Joseph Road, Port of Spain 
P. St. Laurent, Frederick street. Port of Spain 
Henry Court, Queen street, Port of Spain 
Joseph Bonis, Cumberland street, Port of Spain 

Chinese and Japanese Goods. 

Lu Lum & Co., Charlotte street. Port of Spain 
Quang Lee, corner of Charlotte and Queen streets, 
Port of Spain 

Cocoa Merchants. 

Leon Centeno, Lower Charlotte street and S. 

Quay, Port of Spain 
Llanos & Co., St. Vincent street, Port of Spain 
Edward Louis & Co., Henry street. Port of 

Charles Fabien & Son, Henry street. Port of 

W. Kernahan, South Quay, Port of Spain 
C. Leotaud, Marine square. Port of Spain 
Houghton & Co., St. Vincent wharf, Port of 


Teixidad. W. I. 


• Cocoa 3IercliautS — continued. 

Anduzi & Co., St. Vincent wharf, Port of Spain 
C. Prada & Co., King's wharf, Port of Spain 
Ganteaume, Tinoco & Co., Marine square, Port 

of Spain 
Jose Drago & Co., Marine square, Port of Spain 
Borde Bros., Columbus square. Port of Spain 
Cipriano Ponjados, Columbus square. Port of 

Leonard Carry, Almond walk, Port of Spain 

Cocoanut Estates. 

Cucasa Valley, W. Tucker 
Hicar, I. Alfred 
(j^^onstancio, F. Agostini 
Chautevelo, J. S. C. Bernard 
Columbia, S. B. Waith 
Carlisle, A. Wupperman 
Irvis, C. F. Wallmeyer 
Carlisle, A. Wupperman 
Nariva, Brought Council 
St. Joseph, F. A. Gauteaunne 
St. Bernard, F. Urich & Son 
P. J. Pierre, Plaisance 

Cocoa Estates and Owners. 

La Reunion, L. Centuro 

Mon Kepos, L. Centuro 

San Juan, L. Centuro 

San Joaquin, L. Centuro 

El Retire, L. Centuro 

Verdant Vale, C. Cleaver 

Willow Vale, C. Cleaver 

La Chaguramas, L. Centuro 

La Soledad, L. Centuro 

La Nives, L. Centuro 

Mores, L. Centuro 

Hermitage, L. Centuro 

La Victoria, A. V. Gomez 

Caroni Farm, H. Borde 

Forest, F. Hernandez 

El Carmen, A. Basso 

L' Hermitage, E. Winnett 

Montrose, Geo. Fitt 

Phillipine, E. Prean 

San Pablo, Cipriani 

San Pedro, Uabadi 

San Salvador, G. Fitt 

San Jose, L. Joyeau 

San Jtian, F. Agostine 

Solo Consuelo, A. Schuelt 

El Retire, J. Eligon 

El Corazol, D. Brice 

Tortuga, L. a de Verteuil 

Esperanza, L. a de Verteuil 

Maraval, J. Devenish 

El Reposo, B. Devenish 

La Carmelite, P. Rolingston 

Santa Clara, j. Ponco 

El Dorado, J. A. Peschier 

San Philip, D. Brice 

El Paraioso, P. Gonzales 

La Victoria, Labastido 

La Gloria, du Putron & Booth 

San F"ernando, L. Centuro 

San Antonio, L. Centuro 

San Jose, L. Centuro 

La Trinidad, L. Centuro 

Torricelia, F. Strickland 

San Bartholemy, F. Klanos 

Spring Bank, G. Francis 

Ortinola, C. Tennant 

Trafford, A. M. Moller 

La Reconnaisance, Elida La Coste 

San Francisco, I. P. Zepero 

San Juan de Cerro, I. A. Priets 

Las Cuevas, A. Augeron 

El Carmen, C. Fabien & Son 

El Calvario, " " 

La Soledad, 

La Mara villa, " " 

San Souci, G. W. Houghton 

Santa Barbara, C. Fabien & Son 

St. John, " " 

Mon. Plaisir " " 

Cumana, Mrs. C. Pautin 

Commission Merchants. 

T. A. Finlayson & Co., St. Vincent street. Port 

of Spain; Tennants agency, San Fernando 
Colonial Co., Limited, South Quay, Port of 

Spain; Turnbull, Ross & Co., San Fernando 
C. Schock & Co., St. Vincent street, Port of 

Spain; Leoland Kno.\, San Fernando 
George Alston & Co., Marine .square. Port of 

W. S. Ross, Edward street. Port of Spain 
E. J. Wainwright, Queen street. Port of Spain 
Robert Stiven, St. Vincent street, Port of Spain 
G. Lambie, St. Vincent street, San Fernando 

Contractors and Builders, Etc. 

Turnbull Stewart, West End, Port of Spain 
N. F. Graham, Corbeau Town, Port of Spain 
Carl Saurmann, Belmont, Port of Spain 
J. J. Johnston, Park street. Port of Spain 
J. Worrell 


Charles Daly, corner of Queen and Abercrombie 

streets. Port of Spain 
H Archer, corner of Frederick and Queen 

streets. Port of Spain 
A. Grausant, Park street. Port of Spain 
J. Ramsay, Brunswick square, Port of Spain 
C. Penida, Abercrombie street, Port of Spain 

Dressmaking^* Etc. 

Misses Cotton, La Violette, Port of Spain 
Mdlle. Anais Merlen, Frederick street, Port of 

Dry Goods and General Dealers. 

Wilson, Son & Co., King street. Port of Spain 
Wilson & Co., King street. Port of Spain 
George Goodwille & Co., King street. Port of 

Smith Bros., Frederick street. Port of Spain 
James Miller, Frederick street. Port of Sjxain 
James S. Keoch, Frederick street. Port of .S]-)ain 
Johnston &Co., Fretlerick street. Port of Spain 
Delorme & Co., Frederick street. Port of Sjiain 
Perreira «& Co., Frederick street. Port of Spain 
Paul Innis, Frederick street. Port of Spain 
Lafargue Bros., Brunswick square. Port of Spain 
E. Watronville, King street, Port of Spain 
Jules Lamy & Co., King street. Port of Spain 
Boissieri; & Park, corner of Henry and King 

streets, Port of S]iain 
Arnold Lamy, King street, Port of Spain 


Delmar's Trades Directory and ]^Iercantile Manual. 

Dry GrOOClS, Etc. — continued. 

J. M. Blanc & Co., King street, Port of Spain 
J. G. D'Ade & Co., Frederick street. Port of 

Gait & Co., Frederick street, Port of Spain 
Cunningham, Thompson & Co., San Fernando, 

San Fernando 
L. Geoffroy, King street. Port of Spain 
J. Alcazar, King street, Port of Spain 

Foundries and Machine Shops. 

James Wishart, Corbeau Town, Port of Spain 
C. Malcomie, Corbeau Town, Port of Spain 
Patrick Este, Frederick street, Port of Spain 
I. Read, Chacon street, Port of Spain 

Glassware and Crockery. 

James Todd & Sons, Frederick street, Port of 

Traveno & Perez, Frederick street, Port of Spain 
Arnold Knox, Frederick street, Port of Spain 
J. E. Deiroses, Marine square. Port of Spain 
H. Bourdon, Charlotte street. Port of Spain 
Leon, Mathieu &Co., Henry street, Port of Spain 

E. Borberg, Frederick street, Port of Spain 

L. Doyon, cor. Henry and Queen streets, Port of 


C. L. Haley & Co., corner of King and Aber- 

crombie streets, Port of Spain 
Muir, Marshall & Co., King street, Port of Spain 
J. A. Rapsey, Frederick street. Port of Spain 
McGruer & Yuille, Brunswick square, Port of 

Arnold Knox, Frederick street. Port of Spain 
Frank Bro%vn, Abercrombie street. Port of Spain 
Querino Baptista, King street, Port of Spain 


F. Urich & Son, South Quay, Port of Spain 
F. Zurcher & Co., South Quay, Port of Spain 
Ceroid & Sherer, South Quay, Port of Spain 
George Fitzwilliam & Co., Marine square. Port 

of Spain 
Leon Mathieu & Co., King street, Port of Spain 
P. B. Andre, South Quay, Port of Spain 
Arnot & Co., King street. Port of Spain 
L. Nestor, corner of Queen and Frederick street, 

Port of Spain 

Hides and Horns. 

F. Zurcher & Co., Port of Spain 
F. Urich & Son, Port of Spain 

House Furnishing' Goods. 

J. G. D'Ade & Co., Frederick street, Port of 

D. Monceaux, Frederick street, Port of Spain 
James Todd & Sons, Frederick street, Port of 

James Miller, Frederick street. Port of Spain 
Arnold Knox, Frederick street. Port of Spain 
Perreira & Co., Frederick street. Port of Spain 

Jewelry, Etc. 

James Todd & Co., Frederick street, Port of 

Traverio & Perez, Frederick street. Port of Spain 

Alexander Donnetieu, Marine square. Port of 

Alexander Decle, Frederick street, Port of Spain 
Barcaut Bros., Frederick street, Port of Spain 
Leonidas David, Frederick street, Port of Spain 
M. Aumatre Beaupatre, Marine square. Port of 

Charles Renaud, Frederick street, Port of Spain 
J. B. Marcano, Frederick street. Port of Spain 

Journalists and Printers. 

T. R. N. Laughlin, Chacon street. Port of Spain 
Joseph Lewis, Abercombie street, Port of Spain 
Philip Rostant, Chacon street. Port of Spain 
Samuel Carter, San Fernando, San Fernando 
W. E. Tyrer & Co. , Almond Walk, San Fernando 

Local Companies, Etc. 

Tramways Co., Limited, St. Vincent street, Port 
of Spain 

Trinidad Chocolate Manufacturing Co., St. Vin- 
cent street, Port of Spain 

Trinidad Ice Manufacturing Co., St. Vincent 
street, Port of Spain 

Trinidad Telephone Co., Frederick street. Port of 

Trinidad Tucker Valley Estate Co., South Quay, 
Port of Spain 

Trinidad Match Manufacturing Co. Limited, Ma- 
rine square, Port of Spain 

Trinidad Belmont Chocolate Manufacturing Co. , 
Belmont, Port of Spain 

Trinidad J. G. B. Siegert& Sons (Angostura Bit- 
ters), King street, Port of Spain 

Trinidad Sr. Batala e Hijos, Armago, George 
' street, Port of Spain 

Lumber Mills. 

Turnbull, Stewart & Co., West End, Port of 

N. F. Graham, Dorbeau town, Port of Spain 
Government Mills, St. Joseph road, Port of Spain 

Medical Practitioners. 

Thomas Murray, M. D. 

Henry Mitchell, M. D. 

L. A. D. de Vertiuel, M. D. 

Richard Mercer, M. D. 

J. V. de Boissiere, M. D. » 

J. H. Inwey, M. R. C. S. 

E. J. Hammond, M. R. C. S. 
R. Knaggs, M. R. C. S. 
Thomas Murray, jr., M. R. C. S. 
I. Leonard Crane, M. D. 

L F. Chittenden, M. R. M. C. S. 

R. Francis Black, M. R. C. S, 

Jas. A. de Wolff, INL D. 

Charles F. Knox, M. R. C. S. 

N. Claude Burgoyne, Pasley, ]\L R. C. S. 

Arthur Woodlock. 

Louis Fabien, M. R. C. S. 

Domingo Montbrun, ]\L D., M. R. C. S. 

F. A. de Vortiuel, M. R. C. S. 
Alex. W. Wight, M. R. C. S. 
Albert Boucaud, M. B. 

Rob. Hy. Edward Knaggs, M., R. C. S. 
John C. Cleaver, M. D., M. R. C. S. 
James Wilson Eakin, M. B. 
H. McCaul Alaton, M. B. 
Gervase R. Percy, M. D. 

Tkixidad, W. I. 


Medical Practitioners— av/z/wz^cv/. 

Josepli L. Boussingnac, M. R. C. S. 

Edward Inskip Read, L. R. C. P. 

George Sain'l Lescombe, M. R. C. S. 

J. Edgar Joseph, U. R. C. S. 

Sam'l Campo, M. R. C S. 

R. C. Bennett, jNI. B. 

T. B. Gravelv, U. R. C. S. 

Sam'l Weeks Fitt., M. R. C S. 

Beaven Neave Rake, M. D. 

Ed. A. Dovle, M. R. C. S. 

H. M. Kel'lv, M. R. C. S. 

P. L. de Montbrun, M. R. C. S. 

D. A. de Montbrun, M. R. C. S. 

G. D. Knox, M. R. C. S. 

Edgar Sicaro, L. S. A. 

Aldric, Perez 

J. Darwent 

Merchant Tailors. 

M. H. Herbert, King street, Port of Spain 
George Goodwille, King street. Port of Spain 
James Miller, Frederick street, Port of Spain 
Philip Gonzales, Henry street, Port of Spain 

Pianos and Musical Instruments. 

H. Monceaux 
Perreira & Co. 
J. G. D'Ade & Co. 
James Todd & Sons 
H. Strong 


J. Morin, Brunswick square, Port of Spain 
C. Cazabon, Brunswick street, Port of Spain 
L. Micheaux, Queen street. Port of Spain 


H. W. Armstrong, Corbeau Town, Port of 

William Thwaites, E. Wharf Improvement, Port 

of Spain 
James Harvey, E. Wharf Improvement, Port of 

J. Tronchin, E. Wharf Improvement, Port of 

J. Charbonier, Corbeau Town, Port of Spain 

Sugar Estates and Owners. 

Bonaventiire, Tennant, Sons & Co. 
Brechin Carblo, Gregor Turnbull 
Camden & Exchange, J. Gumming 
Caracas, J. Henderson 
Concord, C. Tennant Sons & Co. 
Edinburgh, L. Latour 
Endeavour, B. de Verteuil 
Esperanza, W. F. Burnley 
Felicite, A. C. Miles 
Caroni, Gregor Turnbull 
Miltoii, C. Tennant, Sons & Co. 
Mon Plaisir, F. Ziirchcr 
Mun Salonic, (,). Kelly 
Mount Pleasant 

Fijrest Park & Cedar Hill, A Devenish 
<")range Field, L. Peraw 
Perseverance, A. C. Miles 
Pcr.severancc, I. Gumming 

Petersfield, J. Rugros 

Phoenix Park, W. F. Burnley 

St. Clair, F. Zurcher 

St. Helene, Gregor Turnbull 

Adela, J. E. Coryatt 

Trafalgar, Ambard & Cadet 

Waterloo, J. Gumming 

Reform, J. E. Coryatt 

Aranguez, A. Blasan 

Bavrataria, A. Blasan 

Champs Elysees, Dr. de Boissiere 

Duisley, T. C. Pile, 

El Socoro, Colonial Company 

Garden & Bonavi, A. McLean 

Golden Grove, F. W. de Blanc 

Lavantille, J. E. Coryatt 

Laurel Hill & Cane Farm, F. Zurcher 

Macoya & Eldorado, A. McLean 

(3range Grove, W. F. Burnley 

Paradise, Campbell Hannay 

River & Cascade, W. F. Brunton 

St. .Agustin & Cheatham Lodge, Leon Agostine 

St. Claire. I. R. Olton 

Valsayn, Paul Guiseppi 

Woodbrook, W. F. Burnley 

Bellevue, C. Tennant, Sons & Co. 

Benlomond, C. Tennant, Sons & Co. 

Bronte, M. Lennon & Shine 

Broomage & Bueniutendo, C. Tennant, Sons & 

Cedar Grove, James Lamont 
Concord, Mrs. de Vertieul 
Corial, Price Brothers 
Craiguish, G. Liddlelow 
Cupar Grange, M. Lennon 
Esperance, Paul Vessing 
Fairfield, Gregor Turnbull 
Garth, Thompson, Hawkey & Co. 
Glenroy & Malgretonto, C. Tennant Sons & 

Harmony Hall, Colonial Co., Limited 
Hermitage, C. Tennant, Sons & Co. 
Hojie, Peter Mcintosh 
Hindostan, C. O. McLean 
Inverness, C. Tennant, Sons & Co. 
Jordan Hill, M Lennon 
La Resource, Gregor Turnbull 
Lotliians, Gregor Turnbull 
New Grant, C. Tennant Sons & Co. 
Palmille & Caanan, James Lamont, 
Paradise, Mrs. Gomes 
Philipine, James Lamont 
Plcu Palais, W. L. Johnson 
Plaisance, Gregor Turnbull 
Elswick, J. Palmer 
La Fortitudo, Price Bros. 
Reform, T. A. McQuaid 
Retrench, Robt. Wilson 
Santa Margarita, F. Brash 
Taruba, Col. Coy., Limited 
Guion & Marabella, A. P. Maryatt 
Wellington & Picton, J. Gumming 
WiUianisville & Brothers, Col. Co., Limited 
Sr. Madden, Col. Co., Limited 

Trunks, Etc, 

Edward Guy, Belmont, Port of Spain 
I. Louisy, Charlotte street, Port of Spain 






PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY, for Central, South American and 
Mexican ports, via Isthmus of Panama, every Monday. 

anzas and Sagua, Cuba, and Vera Cruz, Mexico. Sailing days, Wednesdays and 

ATLAS STEAMSHIP COMPANY, for Jamaica and Hayti, connecting with 
steamers for all West India ports, sailing every Saturday. 

QUEBEC STEAMSHIP COMPANY, for St. Kitts, Antigua, Dominica, Martin- 
ique, St. Lucia, Barbadoes, Grenada and Trinidad, sailing every Thursday. 

Rico, Vera Cruz, and Progresso, Mexico, and ports in Central America, sailing every 
two weeks. 

NEW YORK AND JAMAICA STEAMSHIP CO., for Jamaica, sailing every 


MORGAN STEAMSHIP CO., for Havana, Vera Cruz and Central American 
ports, sailing every two weeks. 


PLANT STEAMSHIP COMPANY, for Havana, Cuba, via Tampa and Key West, 
every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, from November 1st to May 1st, and every 
Monday and Thursday, from May to November. 


PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY, for Pacific ports of Mexico and 
Central America, everv week. 



Mercantile Manual 


Business Guide 



Central America and West Indies. 



Many very intelligent and successful American and English merchants commit the 
grevious error in supposing that business can be conducted pretty much the same 
way in all parts of the world. 

To suppose that a plan or system which they have followed with marked success 
at home, should be equally successful abroad, is, to say the least, expecting rather too 

Every country has its own ways and customs, commercial as well as social, and 
more particularly is this noticeable in Spanish-American countries. 

The Spanish race everywhere is deeply wedded to old customs, habits and ways, 
and it requires considerable time, patience and perseverance to effect any radical 
change from their ancient, time-honored customs, to our more modern, progressive 

With these facts before us, the merchant who desires to open successful trade 
or commercial relations with the people of Mexico and Spanish-America, will 
do well to abandon some of his own ideas and defer to the advice of those who have 
had extensive practical experience with these people; and, by following the advice 
and iilain course of sailing which we respectfully submit for your information and 
guidance, we think you will be sure to consult your own best interests in the prem- 


In the first ijlace, and as a [)reliminary step, we cannot too strongly urge the 
necessity and importance of mailing circulars, catalogues and price-lists (always in 
Spanish) to those merchants in Mexico, Central America, Cuba and Porto Rico who 
deal in or handle your goods. 

A great many commission, export and shipping houses, especially those in Now 
York, will advise, even urge you, not to follow our advice in the above respect. 
Some of these foreign commission houses go so far as to strictly forbid American 
maimfacturers mailing or even inclosing circulars, catalogues and price-lists in the 
packages containing goods which they have purchased of you for shipment abroad. 

The reasons for these arbitrary restrictions must be patent and very apparent to 
any intelligent mind. These commission middlemen wish to retain all the foreign 
trade in their own control, and monopolize this valuable l)usincss to the exclusion of 
the manufacturers and direct producers. 

For nearly one hundred years tlie iinmensoly profitable import and export trade; 
between this country ami Spanish America, Hrazil and tlie West Indies, has been 
monopolized Ijy a limited numbei- of shipping and commission houses, mainly in New 
York, Bo.ston and Baltimore, all of whom have realized immcnst; fortunes out of the 

Till! |)olicy of all these commission houses has been to put every obstacle in the 
way of (UrcrA trade between the merchants and manufacturers of tlu; United States 
and tin; people of Spanish America. Hy this means these exi)()rt commission houses 
have maintained the exclusive monoi)oly of this valuabhi trade, and consequently 
have limited our commercial relations and intercourse with the people of Spanish 
America. (-^7) 

258 Delmar's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 

By mailing your circulars, as we suggest, you not only introduce your goods, but 
also your house; and thereby pave the way for more intimate and profitable future 
commercial relations. 

Be assured that, in mailing your circulars, catalogues, etc., direct to buyers abroad, 
you are wasting neither time, printing nor postage, for the merchants of Mexico, 
Central America and the West Indies, are always pleased to receive price lists direct 
from the manufacturer or first hands, and these they carefully preserve for future 


Having made your business and your goods known to the trade abroad, as sug- 
gested above, and having received some direct orders or inquiries in relation to your 
goods, it may prove advisable and profitable for \ou to send out an agent, or com- 
mercial traveler, to represent your house and take orders by direct solicitation. 

It is very easy to decide upon sending out an agent, but not quite so easy to 
decide upon or secure the services of a competent, qualified man to represent your 
business successfully in those countries. ■ Your best, most experienced and most 
successful salesman, if he has never before visited Spanish America and cannot speak 
the Spanish language fluently, will prove anything but a flattering success in those 

The traveling agent who attempts to sell goods in Spanish-America, without 
having had any previous experience with the ways, manners, customs and language 
of the people with whom he expects to trade, will encounter more obstacles, and 
meet with more reverses, than he anticipates, and he is liable to " throw up the 
sponge, " even before he has fairly begun his work. 

Your representative, being unfamiliar with the country, the people and the lan- 
guage, as before stated, fails to secure many orders, and leaves the country in disgiftt, 
after involving his firm in a heavy bill for expenses, besides fines and other penalties. 
The result is, the manufacturers and merchants of the United States put the people 
of those countries down as swindlers, as never intending to pay for goods ordered, 
when it is really the fault of the manufacturers, or their representatives, in not first 
informing themselves as to the law and customs and points necessary before shipping 
the goods. Then, again, many American manufacturers, after such an experience 
as above described, become disgusted and dissatisfied with their first venture, and 
declare that the South American trade is a fraud, and that all the brilliant promises 
held forth by press and public regarding the value of that trade are but a " delusion 
and a snare." 

To do business in Spanish America properly and successfully, the American mer- 
chant or manufacturer must first advertise his goods by means of circulars through 
the mails, then secure the services of an experienced commercial traveler, who is 
thoroughly familiar with the language, customs and country, and who has had several 
years' practical experience trading with the people of South America. A German, or 
an Englishman, who enjoys the advantages above enumerated, is by far the best man 
to employ. After your representative has traveled the country thoroughly for one 
season, and thoroughly introduced your goods to the people, then your next step is 
to establish a permanent branch house or agency of your own, in some centrally 
located city of the country, where you propose selling your goods. Try the above 
plan one year, and it will be found to pay. 


There are excellent business opportunities in Cuba for enterprising merchants and 
capitalists, that many Americans know but little of. Besides an active demand for 

About Samples of Merchandise. 259 

goods of American nmnufacture, there are many openings for the safe investment of 
American capital and the employment of American skill and enterprise. Notwith' 
standing the high tariff exacted by the Spanish government on most goods 
imported from countries other than Spain, there is a steady and constantly 
increasing demand for certain kinds of American goods, such as provisions, tools, cut- 
lery, fire-arms, builders', carriage makers' and shelf hardware, nails, lumber, clothing, 
printing paper and ink, shovels, spades, hoes, rakes, sewing machines, railway rolling 
stock, fire extinguishers and apparatus, machinery, especially for sugar plantations, 
canned goods, paints, oils and varnish, kerosene and lubricating oils, pianos, organs, 
and musical instruments, books, such as reprints in Spanish, carriages, patent med- 
icines and medicinal specialties, patented novelties, trunks and valises, harness, and 
windmills. By the introduction and general adoption of improved American 
machinery, a more careful, economic and scientific cultivation of the sugar estates is 
now being developed. Cuba to-day is, therefore, enabled to outrival all other lands 
in the quantity, quality and price of sugars. But there are thousands of acres of the 
most valuable sugar lands of the world yet undeveloped, which, if taken up by enter- 
prising capitalists, employing skilled labor and labor-saving machinery, would readily 
pay 100 per cent annually on the investment. 


In the first place, it is best to carry as few samples as possible, especially those of 
a heavy or bulky nat ure, and try to confine your samples to one ordinary traveling 

There are hundreds of small cabs in Havana, but no local baggage wagons, or 
" baggage transfer " companies. Your baggage is conveyed to your hotel, if of small 
dimensions, in your cab; if too large for the accommodation of the cab, you must hire 
a dray, and wait the pleasure of the drayman to deliver it at his convenience, if deliv- 
ered at all. 

If you carry but a limited amount of samples, and carry such in an ordinary trav- 
eling trunk (not a huge sample case), you will have no dilficultyin passing your bag- 
gage, samples included, at the Custom House. 

If you carry several sample trunks, more than is usually carried as ordinary per- 
sonal baggage, you will be required to enter such baggage, and declare the samples 
on the manifest of the steamer on which you are a passenger, and you will be 
required to enter the same at the Custom House as merchandise, giving bonds for 
the re-shipment of such merchandise, and a guarantee that such merchandise or sam- 
ples are not to be sold in the country. 

By arranging your samples in limited ([uantity and compact form, as before sug- 
gested, so as to carry them easily, Shs 2Jersonal baggage, you will avoid all the trouble 
and annoyance above described. 

The purser of the steamer on which you journey to Havana will ask you to make 
a declaration as to the nature and character of your luggage and belongings. It will 
be as well to tell him you have nothing but your personal ertbcts; say nothing about 

Where you carry samples of heavy goods, such as iiardwaro, tools, etc., you will, 
perhaps, find it tho best jjlan to carry such samples in a separate package, and not in 
the trunk with your personal efiects. Trust to chance that tho Custom House ofiB- 
cers will pass such samples without trouble ; you will find the chances in your favor. 

Never ofier a bribe to the Havana Custom House officers, or, in fact, to any Spanish 
official — unhiss the occasion demands tliat tlic britx; should bo a large one. You can 
em|)loy a $') or $10 ('('(; to good advantage in Mexico, on almost any occasion; l)ut 
don't try it on at Havana. Tho conse([uences may bo annoying. In tho latter city, 

260 Delmae's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 

■evefy' of&oial is- a sort of spy on liis brother official; and, if you once begin the 
bribery business, you may have to go through the entire list, from high to low, other- 
wise you may find yourself in an embarrassing position, to draw it mildly. 


As a rule, the merchants of Cuba, or, in fact, any Spanish country, will rarely call 
at your hotel to examine your goods. While they are always polite and courteous to 
agents calling on them, they, as a class, not being afflicted with any remarkable 
degree of energy, or anxious for any unusual effort outside of their own places of 
business, prefer that you wait upon them rather than that they should be put to the 
trouble of waiting upon you. 

Before offering your goods or attempting to make sales, you should first call on 
the trade and politely introduce yourself and your business, then make a regular 
business appointment, specifying the day and hour when you will call and show your 
goods. Always recollect' that you cannot successfully transact business in Spanish- 
American countries as expeditiously as you can at home. The Spanish race are 
never in a hurry, and you must consult their convenience and time, besides cultivat- 
ing a considerable degree of patience, if you would succeed with them. 

If you strike a Spanish merchant with the right goods at the right time, and you 
succeed in making a favorable impression, you can sell him readily, and he will buy 

After making out a memorandum of the names and addresses of the merchants 
you desire to interview, get your samples ready and call a cab. For such occasions 
be careful to engage your cab by the hour (por horaj, the tariff being $1.50 per hour 
in local paper money (called ^^ Billettes "), equivalent to about fifty cents American 
money, at the present rate of exchange. Tou need not understand Spanish to direct 
your cabman. They are usually intelligent fellows. Write the name of street and 
number plainly on a slip of paper, and give it to the cabby; he'll carry you straight 
enough. In all Spanish countries the number of the house always foUows the name 
of the street, as "Obispo 51," instead of 51 Obispo street. The word street, or 
" Ca?/f, " is never used. 


The same rule and advice for commercial men which we recommend for the 
observance of those visiting Cuba on business, apply also to. Mexico, only more so. 
The custorn house regulations of Mexico, as regards travelers' baggage and samples 
of merchandise, are usually more stringent than those in Cuba. 

We would suggest that commercial men should try to get along with as few 
samples as possible, and those should be carried in very compact form, avoiding bulk 
and weight, where the nature of the goods will allow, and use as few sample cases or 
trunks as you conveniently can. 

We would recommend commercial travelers to carefully read what we have to say 
regarding " Samples of Merchandise, " in Cuba, which will be found elsewhere in this 
Commercial Guide. 


Passports are no longer required in visiting Mexico, Central America, Cuba or any 
place in the West Indies. At the same time it will do no harm for one to provide 
himself with a passport, simply as a matter of identification, and, in case of need, a 
possible protection. 

Packing and Shipping Goods. 261 

According to a royal decree of 1SS7, the passport system, once very annoying, 
onerous and expensive, was abolished as regards the Spanish Islands of Cuba and 
Porto Rico. But, while no passport is required to land in Cuba, you are not per- 
mitted to leave the Ishiud without a consular certificate. 

The new regulations provide that every foreign citizen, wishing to leave the 
Island of Cuba, and also that of Porto Rico, must apply to his consul, who will pro- 
vide him, free of cost, with a certificate setting forth his nationalitj', profession or 
occupation and general respectability. This consular certificate must be presented^ 
in person, to the civil governor of the town from whence you take your departure, 
Avho will indorse the document (on payment to him of thirty-five cents specie) when 
you may go your way rejoicing. 


There are two highly important matters to be considered, and which should never 
be neglected, in shipping goods to Mexico or any South American market. Firstly, 
the styles, patterns and quality of the goods shipped should conform strictly with the 
kind ordered, and, secondly, great care should be taken in manifesting and in pack- 
ing the goods to be shipped. 

One of the reasons why the English have succeeded in establishing a large and 
prosperous trade with the countries of Spanish-America is due, in no small degree, to 
the fact that they make themselves thoroughly acquainted with the wants and tastes 
of the people, and, as a rule, keep faith with their customers in those countries. They 
are frequently advised, by resident agents, as to the condition of the markets there, 
and they usually send just such goods as are oixlered. Americans too frequently send 
goods quite different, in quality and style, from those ordered, because they happen 
to have such other goods on hand, thinking a different article will suit or answer the 
purpose quite as well as the kind ordered. But it should be remembered, that, if 
people down there ordered painted goods, they don't want to receive varnished goods 
instead. They know just what they want, and order it, and, when something difter- 
ent is sent them — no matter how trifling the difference — they feel disappointed and 

The following amusing story, related by an experienced South American mer- 
chant, will illustrate how ridiculous are the prejudices of some of the ignorant 
natives : 

" We were in the habit for years of shipping out what we call soft tallow candles, 
' dips.' The only purpose for which they were used was to gre^^se the niggers' heads; 
a nigger would step into the store and buy one of these dips, and then go out and rub 
It over his head and body. That is all they were used for. Well, we bought these 
candles for years from one manufacturer, and they always liad on the boxes a yellow 
label, giving the manufacturer's name in Spanish, and all about it. Finally he got 
out of labels, and had a new batch made, and he altered the color, and had the labels 
made blue. Our next shipment went out with blue labels, and every single lot was 
thrown on our hands, and they said, as the labels were blue, the candles were bogus. 
All we could do was to have a lot of yellow labels made, like the former, and sent out 
there, and pasted on the boxes, and then they were sold. " 

\\\\<ix\ we say that it is absolutely necessary to conform to the tastes and usages of 
the natives in selecting, packing and shipping goods to South America, wo refer to 
staple goods, sucli as provisions and all kinds of eatables, laundry articles, hats, 
shoes, cotton and woolen fabrics, toilet articles, etc. In the' matter of machinery, 
agricultural implements, tools, patented articles, pianos, organs, etc., they, of course, 
must and do conform to our ideas. 

One of our largest shipping merchants complains of the careless manner in which 

■262 Delmar's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 

some of our manufacturers pack their goods for foreign markets. He says : " They 
pack their goods here very carelessly, as if goods were going to be shipped on a train 
a short distance, whereas they are handled several times, getting aboard the steamer 
and getting off the steamer, and then on the train or mule backs, and the goods arrive 
in a damaged condition." 

Speaking of the importance of invoicing goods correctly, an old shipping merchant 
remarks : If the United States could have an influence upon the Grovernment of Mex- 
ico to so alter its custom-house regulations, it would not be so difficult for our 
merchants in filling orders for that counti'y. Every shipment made to Mexico requires 
an enumeration of the articles in detail, three copies to be made. Then, if there is 
an erasure or a blot, there is a possibility of a fine in the custom-house. If there is 
ii mistake in the weight or in the figuring, although it may not be of any importance, 
there is a fine for that. 

In regard to the matter of packing boxes used by American shippers, the same 
merchant says : 

" They (the American shipper) do not care ; they go to work and knock up a box 
with boards an inch thick, and they will fill it with nails, and put all kinds of heavy 
cleats and straps on it, and that box will weigh very heavy. The English have an 
advantage over us in that respect ; they use a wood over there that is a finer wood ; 
they can make a box out of one-half or one-quarter inch stuft' that is stronger than 
our stuff" which is an inch thick. They use a different quality of nails from what we 
do ; they use a round nail made of wire ; the French use them very much, too. Then 
they use much lighter wood than we do " 

As Mexico and many of the South American governments levy duty on the gross 
"weight of the package, it is very important that the package should be made up as 
light as possible, consistent with proper strength, and care should be taken to give 
the correct weights and numbers in applying for a consular invoice. Says one mer- 
'Chant on this subject: 

"You take for instance, Carthagena, in the United States of Colombia They 
have a tariff with about six clauses in it, divided into six clauses, and there is a dif- 
ferent duty levied on each clause, but it is on the gross weight. Now, we are obliged 
here to make out what we call a consular invoice ; every case has got to have a num- 
ber on it, and, without a number, we are liable to a fine. We have to 
describe, in that invoice, the kind of goods that are in the case, then to 
give the gross weight of each case, and then, the total gross weight of all 
the cases, and this has to be reduced to kilograms. That is all right ; it is a 
right of the country to demand consular invoices, indicating the contents, 
and stating that the goods are what they purport to be. But, getting their 
duties as they do on gross weights, they exact a fine for every 10 per cent, difference 
gross weight on arrival and the gross weight as expressed in the invoice. Well, you 
can readily see that, in the hurry of getting off our goods, errors will creep in. We 
go round to the different houses here and buy a lot of goods, and want the gross 
weight of those goods; the young man in the store weighs the goods, and the goods 
may weigh 250 pounds, and they put it down 150; we take their weights and make 
out our invoices, and, when it gets out there, there is a variation of 10 per cent., so 
they fine the receiver of the goods for having made mistakes in the United States." 

While the manufacturer here has little or nothing to do with the tariff and duties 
in South American ports, as such matters pertain to, and are arranged by, the con- 
signee or buyer, yet our people would greatly facilitate and increase our trade 
relations with Spanish America if they were to aid and assist the buyers for and in 
those countries, by conforming to the commercial rules and usages of those countries, 
as above related. 

American Trade tvith Cuba. 263 


Perhaps no portion of Spanish-America is so well and so favorably known to 
Americans as the " Ever Faithful Isle " of Cuba, with its population of 1,800,000 souls. 

The great wealth and natural resources of Cuba are proverbial. The natives are 
highly educated and intelhgent, and they are as industrious and enterprising in busi- 
ness as they are advanced in intelligence and culture. 

The three great products and sources of wealth of Cuba, namely, sugar, tobacco 
and cigars, find a ready and advantageous market in this country. Probably nearly 
two-thirds of the entire product of Cuba is sold in our markets, and in return the 
Cuban merchants invest very liberally in our manufactures. And, were it not for the 
existing onerous Spanish tariflF, and the many trade restrictions imposed by Spain, 
there is little doubt but that the Cuban merchants (especially the natives) would, as 
a matter of preference, purchase in our markets nearly everything that they are now 
compelled to buy in Europe. 

Our exports of domestic manufactures and commodities to Cuba are usually very 
considerable, exceeding in value the combined amount which we export to all the 
other West India Islands. 

Recently there has been a considerable falling off in the amount of our export 
trade to Cuba, which is accounted for by reason of the unsettled state of the market, 
caused by the unsatisfactory condition of the commercial relations now temporarily 
existing between oui* government and the government of Spain, owing to the failure 
of Spain to live up to her treaty agreements and commercial stipulations as regards 
trade with her West India colonies. 

There is little doubt but that the Spanish government will see the necessity of soon 
renewing the commercial treaty of ISSi, and grant to Americans even better and more 
advantageous trading facilities with Cuba and Porto Rico. This country affords such 
an advantageous and profitable market for the sale of all the products of Cuba and 
Porto Rico that Spain can hardly afford to quarrel with us, and maintain, forany length 
of time, the onerous trade restrictions which have, for a short time, somewhat impeded 
our business relations with Cuba. The Cubans absolutely need our markets, and they 
also need our goods. One is as indispensable to them as the other, and it will always 
be so. 


Tlie manufacture of cigars from native tobacco as a regular commercial industry 
in Mexico, is now begimiing to assume considerable national importance and pro- 
portions ; and, from present indications, this industry bids fair to become, at no 
distant day, quite a formidable rival to the Havana cigar trade. 

The manufacture of cigars in Mexico for export, is at present confined to the city 
of Vera Cruz, where it has flourished, more or less, for the past twenty years. The 
trade began to attract foreign attention and gain in commercial importance in 1879, 
in which year the Havana tobacco crop was bad, and the output of Havana cigars 
comparatively small. 

There are now some twenty cigar manufactories in Vera Cruz, which give employ- 
ment to nearly 3,000 skilled operatives, mostly Cubans. 

The Mexican cigars compare favorably with the medium grades of Havana, while 
tlio prices are much lower. Besides the cigar factories above alluded to, there are 
ill \'(;ra Cruz several extensive cigarette factories. Both i)roducts are extensively 
shipped to England and France. 



CENTRAL America. 



The Central American States, or those Spanish-American countries lying south of 
Mexico and north of Venezuela, comprise the Republics of Guatemala, Spanish Hon- 
duras, Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the United States of Colombia. 

Taking these Republics in point of territorial size, they may be enumerated in the 
following order: Guatemala, United States of Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa 
Rica and Salvador, the smallest. 

All the Central American Republics are extremely rich and prolific in mineral and 
agricultural resources. In point of fact, the undeveloped wealth of these rich and 
fertile countries is almost fabulous, and only awaits the pleasure of enterprising 
Americans and Europeans to develop this latent wealth, and reap a rich reward for 
their enterprise and trouble. 

With the exception of small portions of lowland territory {tierra baja), or that 
laying contiguous to rivers, the chmate of all the Central American countries is gen- 
erally healthy and salubrious. The temperature is uniform and agreeable, being 
neither cold nor excessively hot, the thermometer ranging from 70° to 90° all the year 

The Central American Republics are now, and have been for some time past, in 
a comparatively pacific and progressive condition politically and commercially, and 
life and property is about as safe in those countries as in most other communities. 
To quote the language of Seiior Don Miguel Velascovy Velasco, minister resident of 
Salvador to the United States: " The Republics of Central America, being free from 
degrading despotic governments, have entered into a new life and prosperity efiective 
in every respect." 

The staple agricultural products of the Central American States are cofi'ee, cocoa, 
indigo, tobacco, rubber, cotton, sugar, dye-woods, hard woods, medicinal plants and 
fruits. All of these articles find a ready cash market in this country and in Europe. 
The three first-mentioned articles, namely, coffee, cocoa and indigo, are the prime 
and most valuable staples, and upon which depends the main commercial wealth of 
these countries. 

Gold and silver abounds in almost all portions of these countries, and, with proper 
modern appliances, can be mined in greater and better paying quautities than in any 
part of the United States. 

These Central American countries are being rapidly developed in their agricul- 
tural, mining, and commercial resources. Railways, telegraphs, telephones and mod- 
ern appliances and improvements of every description, are being introduced in every 
section, and emigration, and cai)ital from Europe aud the United States, is flowing 
rapidly toward these most promising " El Dorados." The most important and most 
valuable estates, as well as most of the internal improvenumts now in progress, art^ 
mainly owned and controlled by the Englisli, French, Americans and Germans. 
These settlers are very hospitable, live well, and, as a rule, are possessed of consider- 
able wealth, which they have made in the country. 

With enterprise, energy and a small capital, almost any of the Central American 
Republics (offers very tempting inducements for Americans who desire to " grow up 
with the country." (-07) 

268 Delmar's Mercantile Manual axd Business Guide. 


The Central American Diet, recently held in G-uatemala, agreed to a treaty of 
friendship and commerce between the five Central American Republics. The citizen 
of any one of the fire Republics will hereafter be a citizen of all, no matter in which 
of them he may have been born. This convention provides for the fullest liberty of 
commerce and navigation between the. different States, for the friendly iuterveutiou 
of all in any political disputes, and the observance of strict neutrality in the event of 
armed contests between the different States. Provision is also made for joint action 
in any case in which any one of the States should find itself involved with a foreign 
power. Arrangements are also made for the adoption of similar weights and meas- 
ures, and a common civil and criminal code, the abolition of the death penalty, and 
the assimilation of constitutional principles, such as that which declares the necessity 
of periodical changes of, all officials. Lastly, it contains a basis for the re-establish- 
inent of the Central American Union. 




West India Islands. 



As our readers are probably aware, the Islands of the West Indies embrace or 
include as many as eight different nationalities, as follows: English, Spanish, French, 
Danish, Dutch, Haytien (French negroes), and Dominican (Spanish negroes). The 
most important in point of size, population and commercial greatness, are the Span- 
ish Islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico. Next in commercial importance, population 
and progress are the British Islands of Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbadoes, Antigua, 
Dominica, Tobago, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Bermuda, Turks Island, New Providence, 
and numerous small Islands in the Bahama group. 

Then come the French islands of Alartiuique and Guadeloupe, the former of 
which is of considerable commercial importance, being in a high state of cultivation, 
while its inhabitants are very intelligent, industrious and progressive. Saint Pierre, 
the capital of Martinique, is a very attractive and delightful little city, and its people 
are highly cultivated and most agreeable entertainers. 

The Dutch (Hollanders) control the rich and prosperous Island of Curagoa; the 
Danes are masters of the Islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix, while the large and 
fertile Island of Santo Domingo, divided into the two negro Republics of Hayti and 
Dominica, is of very little agricultural, commercial or political importance under its 
present rulers. 

Owing to limited population, and consequently limited consumption, circumscribed 
territory, more or less national prejudices, and, last but not least, a lack of regular 
and systematic business canvassing or " drumming," our trade with the West India 
Islands — with the important exception of Cuba — has never been as large and 
important as it should and could be. 

All the islands of the West India group procure the bulk of their provisions and 
breadstuffs from the United States, while but a limited amount of hardware, tools, 
machinery, furniture, shoes, woolen and cotton fabrics, of American manufacture, find 
a market in those small but prosperous communities. 

This is all wrong, and entirely at variance with the laws of trade and the geograph- 
ical contiguity of these Islands to the United States. They find a ready and usually 
a profitable market with us for the bulk of their product, and there is no good and 
substantial reason why we should not supply them with anything and everything in 
manufactured articles that they require. 

The only plausible reason that can be assigned for this disparity of American 
trade with the West Indies is due mainly to the fact that but few American merchants 
and manufacturers have sought direcA trade, while those merchants or traders, resi- 
dent in tlio United States, who represent, or atlect to control, the trade between the 
United States and the West Indies, are foreigners imbued with strong national prcju- 
dicfs against Americans and everything American, except American dollars. 

'I'he writer has traveled extensively throughout the West India Islands, and has 
had considerable l)usiness relations with the i)eoplc of those Islands, and we can 
assure our readers that there are no more intelligent, ready, reliable, responsible and 
hf)norable merfliants, as a rule, in any part of the world, than can be found in the 
British and French West Indies (Hayti excepted). In those Islands a merchant 


272 Delmar's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 

must be eminently responsible and reliable or he must go under and leave the place. 
His business peers and associates will not tolerate a man who is or who may become 
a reproach to the honored credit of the place. As a consequence, you are pretty sure 
to get your pay for all goods you may sell in the British or French Islands of the West 

Mail your circulars and price lists direct to the merchants of the West Indies, then 
follow it up by sending out a competent agent, or commercial traveler, and you will 
soon be satisfied that there will be found a good and profitable market for your goods. 


As this book is purely a commercial work, designed only for the purpose of afibrd- 
ing merchants such commercial information and data as will prove useful and advan- 
tageous in their business, we do not propose takingupthe time of our patrons and con- 
fuse them with any further unnecessary platitudes and essays regarding the beauties of 
the countries and matters under consideration, but, instead, we shall proceed direct 
and to the point, by giving such commercial data as will prove most interesting and 

With the foregoing object and purposes in view, we now place before our readers 
the latest official tables, prepared by the Bureau of Statistics of the United States 
Treasury, which will show the extent, importance and value of the trade between the 
United States, Mexico, Central America and the West India Islands, the countries 
under consideration in this volume. 

Mexican Money. 



Table showing the equivalent of foreign coins with the Mexican dollar, which is the 
monetary unit of the Republic. 


Argentine Republic 



Bolivia , 


British North America 

Central America 



Colombia, United States of. 






Great Britain 


German Empire 



Italy , 

Japan , 


Norway , 




Puerto Rico 


Saint Thomas 

Sandwich Islands 





United States, N. A , 


















Pound Sterling. 







Florin , 






Rouble , 


Dollar , 






Patacoii , 



Gold and silver 


Gold and silver 





Gold and silver 


Silver , 

Gold and silver 




Gold and silver 


Gold and silver 


Gold and silver 


Gold and silver 


Gold and silver 







Gold and silver 


Gol<l and silver 
Gold and silver 



(71 lid and silver 


Gold and silver 

rt c u 












Delmae's Mekcaxtile Manual akd Business Guide. 

Foreign Weights and Measures, with United States Equivalents. 


Where used. 

United States equivalent. 



Arratel, or libra. 

Artal . 
Candy . 

Catty. . 





Kilogram, or kilo. 



Libra . 

Liter. . 
Livre. . 

Picui .' 





Tonde (ton). 




Portugal and Brazil 

Spain and Buenos Ayres 

Spain (wine) 

M orocco 

Argentine Republic and Mexico. 




China. . 


Java, Siam, Malacca 




Darmstadt and Zollverein 

Denmark and Norway 







Belgium and Holland (dry) 

England, for dry malt 









Metric , 

Metric (cubic) 

Metric (square) 




Borneo and Celebes 

China and Sumatra 


Java (Batavia) 

Hemp of Manila, Philippine Islands. 
Sugar of Manila, Philippine Islands. 

Argentine Republic 





Buenos Ayres 

Castile, Chili, Mexico, Peru 





Cura9oa,>Cuba and Peru 

4.422 gallons. 
7.6907 bushels. 

1. 01 1 pounds avoirdupois. 
32 . 3S pounds. 

25 .36 pounds. 

4.26 gallons. 

1 . 12 pounds avoirdupois. 

20.07S7 gallons. 

560 pounds avoirdupois. 

500 pounds avoirdupois. 

124.7036 pounds avoirdupois. 

1 . 333 pounds avoirdupois. 

1 .31 pounds. 

1 . 35 pounds. 

2. 12 pounds. 
127.5 pounds. 
1 1 7. 5 pounds. 
110.24 pounds. 
no. II pounds. 

112.43 pounds. 

113.44 pounds. 

123.5 pounds. 

1 . 54728 bushels. 
140 Castilian pounds. 

15 .432 grains avoirdupois. 
26.417 quarts. 

2 . 2046 pounds avoirdupois. 
0.621376 miles. 

85. 134 bushels. 

82.52 bushels. 

112.29 bushels. 

7,100. grains troy 

1 .014 pounds avoirdupois. 

1 .0267 quarts. 

1 .0791 pounds avoirdupois. 

82. 285 pounds avoirdupois. 

28 pounds avoirdupois. 

25 pounds avoirdupois. 

39.37 inches. 

1 . 308 cubic yards. 
1,550.0 square inches. 

2 . 7235 pounds avoirdupois. 
3.0817 pounds avoirdupois 
2.83418 pounds avoirdupois. 
1 35. 64 pounds. 

^SSVi pounds. 
130 pounds. 
135. 10 pounds. 
139-45 pounds. 
140 pounds. 
0.9478 feet. 
0.91407 feet. 
27.9 inches. 
S.252 bushels. 

130.06 pounds avoirdupois, 
loi .42 pounds avoirdupois. 
101.61 pounds avoirdupois. 
220.47 pounds. 

590-75 grains troy. 
3.947S3 bushels. 
0.914117 yard. 
375 inches. 

























1— 1 
















t— 3 






















>— 1 












1— 1 






































































1— 1 



























°^ t 9 


ON M rv M po -i-co 0^ roco m On 

^ M- 


l' N 

^ C^iOO 


^ rovo M '-^ ooo 00 M mvo 

Q -ij-- M t^'s-r-N.-^ON-^u^t^ 


in m « N '^ in^ ^o vo --J- « 

. ON w _^^_^,«.^^ 

in -^ 

ON roNO in w c^ tC in rCNO ^o" tC 


M M 

VO On t^ » 

ro « ^"O 

) in o '^ o^ o "^00 vo vo « «o 

n-i ON '^ C 00 "•" '^ 


» OnnO 

O\oo in I 
a o^ ^ ■ 
■o onO 'i--*rH (>ro"ror^r^ON 
mvo >-' ON^r ~ ~ " 

VO 00 ON ro^D C^ t^ ' 

•H M cT cT w" ( 

Os\Ci \0 

) On (n fOMD g 00 •'^ O t^ »^'0 00 rr r-O 

) CO o\ -v moo NO ■-' o 
'^ w 00 -<_ moo c* 

I « 

noo t^ 

S = 3 3 

Kt3 O 

^ 3 

o c o 3 

o u :i c 
CJ rt =^ = 

ooo -^inM ONC O 

■ O oo r^ tN. "j- 

1 ^o "O r^ ■ 

) VO O "* ' 

O tN -i- 

1 On 0\ O 00 C^ > 

• in N o t^"^ CO moo f^ 

m H -^VO ON O w -N Oi 
in ON H NO M 00 NO t^^c 

■)-r NMrocTwcT'^^ 

O O i^-^O t^O '^h-^w o in^ ■<*• in'O m 

■ ■^ 01 N 00 m M -< r^NO o »-' oo -^ in'O co m 

■ o\ -^NO t^ cj N r^ M On r^oo on in »-i m t^o 

in \r^c6 1:0 O^ On N ■^No" Onoo" n" pT OvnO W Oo" 

M mt-i N t>.cs ■^mmmm mvo in m m -^i- 

(J ^s in 00 on"0 t^ 
^ in On in On --^ M 

<^ tC m" m m t^ u^ -- 

^ \0 t^OO NO ^ (N MD -H 

O m ON N t-N O ^ 

in r-- ■^ O moo h 

o -H Tj- m M a 
m '<i- t-*oo t-^ f 

O "O r^ > 

1 VO t^OO O t^ 1 
■>. in t^ On t~^ M M 
jN in in w M inoo 
n in\o ON M in mvo no c 

I o "O r^. I 

H VO M 00 O 

_ . ._i mvC r — - 
o rv,No c vo o t^ c 

■ moo mvo rnNO 

M -^ m cnvo 

> 00 t>. On -^ Onno moo On (n O^vO 

c^in-^r^O inc^ onm ono 

I r^ ON ON -4- I 


o in m o-'^o inNO m . 
no3 Onno nO r^^ On - 

roo c vo" <>oo" tCtCTfNo"cr-i^infOC 
^ -<*• M mvo 000 o T)-mmwNONo i 

O 00 t-^ in tN. ro H. 


.int^coi-i N inONO On 
■^■X) VO o t^ t-- inoo t^ M m 

) NO 6\ 000 m"oo''no~'0 cT 0" 











ON ^ 




m in 




u , 




w On 



M r-^ 

Tj- f 










^ w 



in M 



m cT 



m tJ- m 










^<i -^ 


o -^ M M 00 o^ w mvo -^cc 00 


m t^ o '^ mvo o «-" (^ f^vo N 
M M -^ iJ'vo" in m m tC « 00 


H W K M 


00 VO M On t^NO Ot^i-'OO-tOO'-O 
inONMVo ONONmo 0\i-vo c w m m 
On t^oo r^w -t-inr^'-' t^-^-r^Cvo 

mo mvo 
On m rj- cj 

^ ^ * " 

a> 10 Ul 


(N mON-^O Ot^^M (NO^•*'-fm 


^ m N CO 

tr, u-nc 

■* « 0) 10 N vO 

) M N VO VO 

2? o w 

1 tx OnOO CO o, < 

c t^vo mvo w 

m ** N t^ M ON t 














a«vo 00 









M M 







■"I- >i- 

m m 











OT 00 





















'^^ *^. 



u-1 o>^0 






[-^ hs. ■^vO NO 

moo o ■" N t^ m m On -^oo b t-i ti 
1 f. 00 N M moo^ o^ Onno^ ^ ^ ^ ^«> On o >n OS o^'rCt 

M cT cT N mvo' vo' 00" oi m tCoo" S o ^ 4- • 

. m onoo 00 t^ 

• ■* On Tj- w m 

; -n- m c 00 m 
; oo'vo* m Onvo' 

M m 'j-No ^vo m m, ^ I 

■ m On tv ■<(^ — Tf On 
m M Onoo m vo 
) w g" On m" n rn in 

oi N «_ ro 10 « U-, q_>o o\ tv m ^ f, c3^^2^ g-"^ « * f^ ii" 

^ g o vjvo'g -o S vS" S. K. K. R S lei's. t<S. 25 " N f^ ■«■ >o«o ivco 


Delmar's Meecajjtile Maxual AST) Business Guide. 




































a c 
S 2 

rO i- 00 CO Tj- r^ C\ mvo vO vO OO N O vO ON t^vO ONCNOOvNCOMt^ "^OO 
'o 'T "^ CJS30_ 'JOO^ O OnO i-i\0^ on— r^u->u-iN "^N I'NOO 00 i-t tJ- O ONOC 00 
•-. rovo O fOOO d'o i-T ©"vo" i^ On n'^o'vcT ■^0'r~^OC^rCl-^ rCv^T rC t-~^ c?. (> 
o= OOO rO'+M N Nr^CNrO— O O r^'tt^ioOi^^O^O i-vo t^~vO:/0 — ts 

j^ i-T roo'vcT «'" J' « fl n CO •<? ^ 'f "-^ '^ "^ ^ ^ rC:;<5'oo co~ cfs c> d rf rC 

1 O O :<: OO CCN^—OOO'-O t-^O rOvC — — O N ■1 ON r^vO O ro t-~. 

\Cq —OOO OvO OnO P) ■" O ^r^"->P)0 t^w^Q roiJ^O -^Cm^O ro^ 

►-1 w-> O CO NO tS rO -^CO CNC^ONO"^r)r~~>-q_Oi-i ■>:i-NO u-l N OO VO N On 

; "-T o^ ^ rCco" o' f^ t^ ^ t^00~ ro O ONO uor'>c5"CNC\TfffTfcrTfc5NCN- 

Tj-00 000000 t^M '-' N i^OnO i^t^vj-iro rooo N CO r^ — ^ N CnnO w u~, 

>-< N OnOn— r^— N ts roONM lorot^r^uito u^co Cn N N t^ on r^ t^ 

'^ « '^ u^ '"" « « « ci rf lO 

N»«io-<*-N>-iOOi-iro u-ico -"^O -rt O romO rO"^"* "^nO ro N N On r'^ O 
C\i_ii_iwTtNON:^TJ-ONN"nNNCOCN"^N>-OON r^OO VO O N iJ^ O 
nt^TtO roCNOONO^ mCO t^ O "^ "~> CNCO VOCO ONt^Mt^O ^t^ON — NO 
— cTi-ToMt^NNo" cTno" i-^no' Cn >-<^ ^no" r^ ro t^ ^f oo On C?- — M Cn w-iCO t^ 
O O w-lNO VOOOOO O r^M O t^t~-t^M •i-'+rOulM O N CN'^^LO— roro 
MM M MMMNMroroN-riN'i-cOrf'^t^'^rnTj-u-, 

— M O O ro O t^ t^NO CO ON r^ w) u-ivo t}- r-~CO vO O I'l 

• . ul Tj-O "-o O ONNO r^CO ON O t^ I^ N rOCO O '-' O t^ 

'P M o ij-i -^ "-1 -^nD ro roco CO ON O ■* N >J-)CO r^ N rOCO 

~ voHTroi^NO 'J^co 

ON t>. 

t^ ro 

t 9- 

ON >-i 

t^co Tt r^ o CO 
I'N ■+ O r-. — C- 
M NO uo M Tj- o 

POM OnOni-i tJ-OnNOO rot^M- •*nO no "^ — po ^Vj O 
OnvO »rN o 00 >- ONCO OnOO 00 OO t^ r^NO t^ O no u") >-o O 
■^0 •^CN'^-^q^P) r~-CN'5l- t^co p^nO^ t^ 'f t^NC_^ J^ ■* 
!5iNO NO u-> pT pT ro u-ico' xo u-i cJn « On M l-TcO P) t1- PI P) 
t^NO v: -' i- — O CO r)-00 CO PO O M Tl-NO roco 

ON rONO NO CNO ^ PO i^ t^ PO r^ t^CO Nt^r^POOP)"M^'*OO'-'ONO30 
• o poco r^— — O ONroCNPJr^O -co t1-vo T^O CMorot^MCOCO 'i-Pl ^ 
^ ro POCO iv-i O CO ONNO t^— —VO OSOnO uii-Ou-ir^ OnO iopOloNOOO ONt^ 
O m" C?. 1-0:0" Cn Pr ■->" t^ ■* T? rC 1/-AO M ■^ "^ tF iJ^OO pono' •* 
t^ plONrOioi-i"-iONON"^t^POP10NON'-iPO— M 
« M P) >-i N « i-i 

PI ir^ « ON rONO O ■-'•*■- NO rONO POONO'-'OOO OnOJ u-i O O r^ '-i P) 
j: Tj-rO"-not^PON -^P) ^1^0 ON— Oco PiCO 1-OnO ■* — N r-^ Cnu^ ponO :^ 
C NO 00 "^ 000 00 o O POCO ■* ■* POO >- CO vo ^no r^ O n '^ t^NO t^ r^ T^ — 

u-ivD CO -" r^ N NO lOCO NO "~i O ■* ro •^ M rONO CO CO ONOO P) rO On PO vo P) — 
u-i O PO t^ -^ 10 p) -^nO — poooOno •tJ-O O CnnO ro— r^Or^"^P) N CDn — 
to P) M CO N ■* PONO PO 1^ P)^nO C\ ONOO P)CO — t^- tJ-mCO OnO^ON tJ-NO Tt 

^^ MMpr 

ON O CO O CN to O t^NO t^ — NO O O — tr) 
■^rOrhCNP^ u-i'^Pl M u-i^r^i^ONr-^ONt^ 
Tj- ro O NO ro rou-i ON Tt-NO PI — NO t^NO r^ t^ 

•CO PJ — CNOr^— rotoPir^u-it^ ■^NO ro — 
to— O rotoCNr~»t^O r^— •^mO 00 Onco no 
to to t^-^ OCO C^ZC ro N ON M •>iJ-NO -OP) 

!cO t^'^MCo'OpfpriJ-iTtto— C?.NO Q ONNO 

.CO "^ POOO O P) PO PO t^ M tONO toPOtONO o 

MMM mmm — mpo ^NO OnvO ^^ ^ tJ- 

O — N PO >+ tONO r^CO On O — N PO T}- tONO t^CO On O — P) ro -^ tONO t^CO 
OnONOnDnOnOnOnOnO^O r-^t^t^t^t--.t~»t^t^t^ r-~CO COOOOOOOOOCOOOCO 

o ^ 
















O C o 

^ to to 

NO « Tl- 

rt rt ri 





^ CO 

^ I 












ji to 


Lo O 


w DO u-) u") n t^^ N I^vO -t N O ro t^ " M C>vO "" Onc/3 — 
"H "■iX O^ -00 u-iO:c r^O «ooo o n loo"-i "^ao o- 
vo rfvO rj-:/3 i-o« rOLO" LoO^^^ w^O -• "IM rof) r^N — 
t-^ 'J c^yz no' cc •* pT 'f o' cT rC no" Tt t^ t-^ vj^ ro lo ^ovo" 

•:: r^ o" 


r-^ N 3C Tj- 1^30 OnOviivO vr^N M On rOvO O >- r^ O "^ O ■* 
-" ^ Ov N O Ov O mvo t^r^iivo N •*:y3 Lot^o O ■-< nr^ 

d" O* ::o N c> ^ t^ o" d^ lA n" cf> n oo" -"vo" t^ rC -^ tC tC u^ tC 

"^ - N ■+ O O Lo "ivo O r^vo N Cv>D CO f^r^x; t^ - r^ O 

f~ON OvO roONiriN roOvCN-^cOvD r^Loirii-i^ tncvr^ 

<~0» N vO — p» —"so' roroOvdvrOpTowi^cfi'^u^ 

« W - N "H 1-1 

r^O '+■*>- loO r^i-oN vox tJ-vo r^ t^oo cn OvO ""r^T^O OnO«Oi^ 
. N I- CvQ M-r-^O'^mt-^O Tj-rororor^Tj- OvvO uor^r^N M « avO> ■^00 
1? ""^ *"; 1^ '^^ vq^— vO v^"^N r^'^rJ-jO rot^O r^r^ ■+CO N — r^ O vo CTv 
h» rox vi-ix vd^o" OC<r vo ro rovo' ro i~^vo' rf •- Ov fO t-^ vo ^yS^ vn pf rTvo" t-^ ■^ 
<:vO 'i-t^i-ivO NXvOCO t^"" OOO N -« —t^N N tJ-""C/:vO O Ot^ OnvO 
-;j -,_ro — «««« «««f^f)(^r<M.,„ts) 

•-i N ONCNt^r^N N O O^OONO -" rOTfvnvo r^oo O "i "- ^t r^ t-o ■^ tJ-vo a\ 

OroONCSvONvi-jvo— ->X On voO ro N ro O "< N I^CO CO t^ vo -^CO M 
O ro-^ N r^"-i iivo O — t^— r^Mvo t^vo—vor^r^voN OvO Cn'J'O "O 
c, NOCO "I t^O O Onm « ror„N voo >-i OvOv'^OnO r^vo-rt-Q vovorj-r^ 
5 r^CNN t^voOv'^l-C rox" C?- vp,x" O o" cT x"co" i- c5\ C?. rO rOOcT tF cT ro pTvo" 
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2 M-,„i-i » n j^i_ tO'^-rfCNQNOON 


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t^ voco N ■-■ CO^X On CS_ N CW ON N t-;CO -^ tJ-CO to^ •<*• O vo 

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COrO-^vo T^-T^N-"•^^vO"1 tJ-nO CO no CO toco vo r^vO vo vo 


fO- — - r^vo r^ r^ — M vo ►^ to cJn voco •« voco" pT On o to 

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Q — PI ro -+ lovO r~»-yo On O "" pi fO •+ vovO I^CO On O — P» to •* vovo r^OO 
vOnOvCOnOnOnOnOnOvo r^t— i^t^t->.l--.r--.t--.i-^i-^y;cocOCOC»00000CO00 



Delmar's Mercantile Manual axd Business Guide. 








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;Qo'T?dNCNroc>N^'-^"- u^MO^ "'^D •& d •+ C^ '■r, Qc/S' rnco" w^o" tC:/? rn O o' 
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i 1-1 C\ t}-0 P) TJ- roco Osi-OO POO ON" t^ M POX 

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lo lo r^O P) r^ O POX O ■- t^vO -^ N C\ P) OO O ■* pOnO On 
t^ONVoCNP) NXX r^X P) NO X t^NO PO i-c t^NO ponO On t)- 

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•-iP4P4NN-<d-'*P)P)NNPO'>;J-'<;f''*NOPO'^ i- 

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t^ w rO POX >-c >- PO N CnX X no no P) 
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d" tC cT 'if NO pC Tf tC >-r lo d^NO On d pT 

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PO >- vo Tj- P) X tJ-nO 1-1 PO PO •* t^-nO vo 

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r}-— P) NPOpOvoOO — vo-hOCON — OtJ-vovovovo 

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" Onx'^'^'no" pTno' vo ro -i^ ^\acc no" •& pTco" pf d^ r^ vo 1-" x' 
• NO v^ t-^NO vovoNOOXNOXN 1-11-1 O voce J^ T^ tJ- 
wi-iMi — «p)rl-Tj-MNPOPOP)Pli-ii-i"i-i 

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rt O "3 O vo vo vox 11 Tj-t^Pico O vopopi roONr-.POt^ 

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rj- O X NO pOnO "ii^OO'iO'i-OON PONO rj- 

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q_ t^ vo vo N "^ ^t ^„ " O^ 'J-X P^ w ^ p) «!>,». 
1 1- NO d t^ NO no"" NO no" no' rC po d -^ 

O ■-' N PO 't vovO I^CO On O n N PO tJ- vono t~^X On O *" N PO tJ- vonO P^X 
nO'OnOnOnonOnOnOnOnO t^t^t^t^r^t^t^t^t^t^XOOXXXXXXX 











r^.^ 't •<*• l^ ox; O ONr^O rOOsi- OnN N Tl-TfrJ- roiO N O N rj- ro t^ N 

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On ■* On O OnjO O M v^O MiO"^i-'OONCi-ivO"tJ-iO 
N tC '^CO rTroO i^dNCNCN"Cr rfix" o" -^f o' " C^ u^ 
O ^ — O N M rOO ONOO ^t lO O r^ w^ -" — 1^00 On "-O 
r^ O ro vo "" rO ONiC •* rO\0 <~0>. On ~ M \0 Cn^ >0 O 

«' hJ" i-T cT cf fT nT hT 1-^ « i-T i-T « m' pT cT i-T 


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M ONTfroio— "to r^O NOO r^t^O CnQ Oni^pIOC 
rt-vO t-^ O NO O "- On!>0 Tf- ro On O "^ ONO Ln o "- ■" 

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'tro-rl-'tN ^- t^O O — ONO Onn i-^'J. t~~ \J-.\0 -t 

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r^^Co ON rO^ O N 'tCO O r^; -+ - PI, 'J "t °. ""C? " "T' "^ 
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OnX no 00 I^CO »-~. t^NO "^ t-- t^cO '^"^^OPi^'-^'tPJ^ 


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i^nO O "X ►- t^>" nt^POP) rO"~iw^rf>-i >-< "-}00 r')0""P)'-'t>OND PI 

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•t ir-tyS'-O rf pT « rC CJN i-T « -tCO no" ~ PONO' « pT d 'f 'Jno" ir^ lA r- O CO O 

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N P) C P^r^PJNONO LnO OnnO rOir^— Cn'^tJ-'^'- CnI^ r^CO On On PO "i^ 
ly-l u-l t^ PI On t)-nO l^ PO POnO u-i p) I^ p) Tj- "^ POCO lo I^ " NO i-^CO^ " "?^ "T r? 
PI O t^ PO PI PO N OnOO p) r^'tONO O 'tPiNO irirOTl--tTh t1-x "T O 




ON— "^M iy-iTtPOONr~.LO'+ i^X> P) POCO N lo^O P^O PI^nO r-;— 5^S^ 
LO On PI PI t--NO On On -t PI ""iX nO 1-- " PI tCO O O t- mCO OnnO pO N no N 
p) PI t-^ On PI 'I i^nO CO O pi PO pi inNO rO Tt- 't t-;CO^NO_, *"; '^ ^ ^ H^^^ ^ ^ 
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Pl»« i-iLnr'ir<-)LnpO'>tM'-'P<^P^N'''POii^t^PO ■^nO t^ t^ r^ O I^ lond 


•X u'l-NO PI O ox ONt^" OnO OCOCO t^ND OnnO u->ON'*PI OnPI " t>'~_ 
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pT pTco" pT o" " PO poNo" pT oi o*" c> c> N «-"■ V;j^ pT 4no ^ r; f> ^ 

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OnionO — OnO O OO XD PI rt-NO On i- "^ " On On On ^ no PI ^I VT' 
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vo t^ 1-1 PI 'I POCO 'tco 11 PO •+ •* "^nO O n 00 po pi vr^NO r^ ^t- O O po pO ^ 

.OCOW-I— - OnO ONt^-^X5 0"^'^'+MnO —no PI NCO Tf-PON PO" On-T 

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:; O I- 1/^ w-i PI POX ox PO pOnO I^OnOCO 1-1 >OvnO O "OO ONPI POPOONpl 
5 On 11 NO POCO POXi CO OnnO t^ t^ O Xl PO PO PO "^ PI PI i-O PO •-<__ PO !->. PI 00^ Pl_ 00 
C « pf pq" ^ -T « i' i" « i' " Pf N pT «-* 

Oni^'OO — O 'tPI OOOu^OnOCO pi OnOO 1-1 mCO PI w-lPOir^PICO PINO PO 
O CO lO -tX >j^nO O •-•lo>Oi-'CO — u^o po OnnO r^nNO i- v^u-i— t^w-iPI 

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Tt't"^N"i-'"i-'fOPOPON'-i>-" — i-ii-iPOPONN>-'>-P0 

«- PI O N O •- POCO OpON Qi-tNO N 0nP00»O U-IVO N PO POOO N >- t^ ii 
in O t~» OnnO Piu^i-i CN>-iOt^0 pOnO OnOO nO_ O ■^ On i-^ M CO OnnO_ r;» pO to 
u-^ ur> -< On 1^ I^ PO 't 't "- X I^ ' ' — - - 

LTiOO t^ On PO "^nO 't po u^ "^ "-i PO O 

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5 SO POvO X PI On PI On CnO on -1 On t^NO "-i N NO Tf t^ ONNO -" t l~^NO 't PI Ix 

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I w-i ro r^cO -tNO NO 'tONPOPOPI loi- O t^l^PlOO PO 
^NO O O N 1-1 1-1 PO POCO Tt 't PO 1- 1- 't ro M CO N lO 

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O >- M PO "+ >'^nO I^CO Cn O >-■ N po rt lOvO t-^CO O O i- N ^O "t ^onO t^X) 
vOOnOnOnOnOnOnOnOnO l^t^I-^I^I^t^r^l-^r-» t^CO COOOCOCOCOOOCOOO 
Xi CO CO C/0 CO VO CO Xj CO CO CO CO 00 CO CO C/5 CO CO 00 C/0 CO CO CO CO CO 00 00 CO CO 


Delmak's Mercantile Maxual axd Business Guide. 














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lO t-^ Tj- N OnvO O Tl-r) rorJ-VD O « 0^vO O ^ fl O 

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.vo fOr^Loir^OVD *-< >-< r^t^ONt^"-" On »-C>0 O O^nO 

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1^ m r-^ in r^ rovo i^ « r^ ro o mvo i^t t-~ t^ cn rj- o ct 

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PcOu^i-nM CncnO f) — —LoO'O-t'i-t^i-i Tt-"-co 
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~ pToo'' o CO Lo M pf -rf no'co' ro -+'-0 C^ u^ rC i-i 1-^ ^<5 
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~ O V3 NO LO P) m OnCO tJ-CO .+ pi 00 -t t^CO CO CO t^ O^ 

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p) O ro t^ r^ r^ PI ro t)- u-)0 c/D '-' O P) Onco On P) -^ 

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cox TtOt^t-^" - CO" N P) ONt^-tN O CO ON 

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" CS Tj-w " CONNOX "VOX cox "^ cox Tt 




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<-; V3 O r^O N •- O^'Ji '-' •* r^c/D r^-^Tj-t^r^Tj-M O 

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iJ « « t^vo '-' u^O OXVO CNN t^vo— i^u-)"-0 iJ-i 


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^ M rfNO r^O f) t^— '*•— i^f) LoCNLoM loi- u-irf 

^ x' CJN ro r^ Lo " Lo - rf " w^ o' N »? C> ro r^ n" co rC 

^ i-iNNf^-^C^^-Nr^ r^vO \0 " X vo u-iX VO 



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•^ O ON" N >^M Tf-rj-ror^roo OO rOLort-- roio 






On NfONrorOf^cO"^ •<j-NO lo ■^ lo ui rf "^ w~.nO 

•J. w^u-ii-i N CnN I^"^i-i Cni-O" NnO I^" •<j-rON ON 

•>X ro- O M r^rON - ■^- OncO-X -^O OX li- 


0^ Tj-NO t^fOO "- i-X Orot-^LOTl-u^M. CNiot^O 


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^ n « ro ■* rt Tj-NO Lo L<-i t^x O CnX O O On « n lo 
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On 6 i-i N "1 >4- i/^O r^X On " N fO 't "InO t^X 
vO 1^ 1^ 1^ i^ 1^ 1^ t^ r^ 1^ t^X XXXXXXXX 


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Delmar's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 

2 < 

ci « C 

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OC/0 N u-i O O N -« O t^O u^X! ro t^ CO "I N r^vO 
^ -< tJ-co O 00 O N «3 t^ i^ r^c/D r^ O tJ-oo ui t^ t^ u-) 

o! Tt- rO M rOvO M 00 N VO "^ VOCO M -T O t^O "" fOvD 
<; Tf N u-i On OnC/D t--. On on N m r^vO VO O " t^ "^ On N 


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TOO Tj-OO "^O "-)"-) M i^r^Tj-o LOLo Ln:yO t^ Pi ii 
S -^rriri O Pi OVC>; Tfuo — O u-i 'to O »J^ uo ro O 

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. Tj- ro "- \0 r^ u-i r^VD OC<3 O" Mu-)« ON^t^Mt^ 

5300 CNi-i OC?>i--^"^i-i rOvoc5ovi-r ^^ vo" -t t-^ f r i-<~ "-I 
:^ N ON O CO ONCO ro On "- O '- M ^"Xi rONO NO Tf-NO ro 

^'OOO'JC/Dno OnOO O Tl-Tt-O O ro 'tNO O - ro " 't 
;;NO^~-OC^O^t^O 0''')PI'^cOfl-"0 Of^'tCN"^ 
l:^ CTmo' ~ i^.nO*^ rC u-) li-N "4-00 u-i rf '"O r^ c5 rCc/5^ C/f NO' NO 
> NO M On t^O ri n ro -tNO OnOCOCO On"" ONr~» ir^co 
^ „«„«„t^MHf4Nn rOJ>.\0 "^nO On 

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r" J^ r^ '-I CO >-" t^M c/j lo lo t i^c/5 rooo t~~ lo N Onno 

:: o I/-) t o NO m:/: vy-iu-ionooo onn ■-< rooo " 

S^ n C?. d^ (5 >- -t 1~~^ Pr — nO*^ vT pf CD On lA cf On pT ro lo 

7? ro ro r^ O v; w%no i^i t^co '■Of')>-<"^OPOONO O 

rN -' --,„„p,„«^^p) 

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" PI PI O ON'^fPl OO r-~.Or^—ij-iP) p^no lo t-~. 
u-) CnnO roONr^ONO t~~.u-iO OnO P) O On-^Onu^ 

1 Tt — ro PI u-j — Tj- VD t^ PI On r-^ O t^ ro t^ lt) ro 

O r^ On tJ->C/0 C/3nOC/5X)nD ONONONLorOfOt^i-i On 
NO ONt-^rt-ONPl t^ O Vj r^NO On t^ "+ ^O " t1-nO fO 

'■O — NO 
. _ _ . " Oi ro 

lOO PINO t-^>-rirOTj-0 PI OnOn "too On 't >-' fO PI >-i 


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S p. 

lOPJCO O ro-ti-OLoPI PI ror^LO — c/; P) pinOOO pO 

On O '-' P) '■O •rt- vriNO r^OO On O "" P» p^ Tj- u-inO t^CO 

















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ra a^roroO^"- NSO O ro^o 


::2 »il vy^ •.*00 rOvO « i^ iO 

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jr •*30 " '^yS "< "^CO 

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r 00 mc><-oO C\r^"-CiO 

^2 d" ^ 0" - 0' 0" -^o 6 ^ 

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j: t^ On <-0 r^ Tf t^OO n i-t 

J >- ON^O <^c/3 IJ-) M 

S N t^:« ■^c^) :« ^ '-^ ^„ '^ 

^ On 10 rC ^f d~ C? d"^" '■'i 



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«-i ro a\ u^O ■* ro r^ ■-■ rl 


t,"vO CnpoOOO Mt^t--«t^ 


^ vo t^ On OnnO I~~ On t^ 00 


Svd---^t-^ddNNCO ONOO 


~^ C(0 u-)OC t-~ ro t^ CO ON On 
nh' fT M fT •-<" rf " "H 




V*- ,- t/3 

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■^ .~^ ^ 

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::— y 3 

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P Li-j ro ro M w-iOO N O " O 


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::> lA i-T tj^oo " li^No" rC n •- 

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"rt - C ^ 

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gcOLOu-lCnrJ-w 1-1 


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. NO CnnO tJ- ro onnO On iri On 

>> N ^t^O w^roONCNi-i 

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5 On OncO on TJ-OO u-i t^ 00 

(T '^ t-^OO Lo « « 

• cyo r^NO NO ON >-< t^ ■»*• 
^"00 Mw-i-iOOt^Miy-iu-iLO 

S 3 

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1^ •-" N T? d" fTvO*" un — no" On 

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t- IJ 

. 1- Tj- t^co U-) N l^ rot-» 

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^ rJ-OO rfOO N rONO O NO "I 
~ N^"^'^P)NO M roi/^w 

S " ONON"Tfroa>d^ i^co" 

_^5 NO Tl- u-,no . On ro t~» m tJ- ro 






•— > 




On "^ N "^ ■* lONO t^CO 

t^co cococooooooooo:>o 

CO VD y; CO CO 00 00 CO c/j '-0 


Delmak's Mercantile Manual and Bttsiness Guide. 


































































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n N CNrot^-i-fiOM 'i- 


. NCO LO— "DC u-i-^rOOS 

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5 J5 J OJ 

5 Xi uo uoOO T? " O C^ tJ-vcT 

"n t^ tj .;£ 

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rt -y; &i i3 

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"^ t! OJ 1; .!i 

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P) M N »« UIO O CO O "^ 

.vC u-iOOO rOTi-rocs - M 

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C p tJ .!£ 

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>» ON r^ I^ OnC/D " u-lNO Tt- M 

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. nc po ro u^ On:X " ::C r^ ro 

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:^ LT) Ln>0 t^ t^vO O NO O VO 


O rot^-NO O On-^C^ O 

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;:^ N N -ttu^rOcorON N « 

Tt- "I W-) t^ -. «- rf T^oO On 

, ■ ii rONO ON LO TfNO t^ O t^ 


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M t1-nO M O "- ■^ fO N « 


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5 On d !> ci pT O" On On d lO 


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■^ " i-i 1-1 >- 1-1 


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.2 .;2 rt £. « 

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■■- ^ ■*— ' ^ 

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c^ " S 

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ri TtNO O "-1 U-. - O On -"^ 

.►-t^-voi^OOCO ^nO 

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"p u-) i^ r^ vi-i ro ui uinO CO m 

S N NO~ rC 00 pT u^ lo CO tC rT 

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c 5 ^ 

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NO Pi N n '^l-NO M t^ « NO 

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■--, CO CNCO M T^ o lo LT) t^ 1^ 


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Cn O -H N ro Tf i-nvO r^co 

t^co cocooococooocooo 


















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X. " c% T^ t^ t^oo m ro^c -^^o m tj- 

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:;[--* Ti- "Tf- tN,.oo t^ t^oo M c>f<iroo ■ij-wvo' 
^ r^ r^o r^Noog MO -^wo in >^oo 
"i* rN.u-iiN 'fl-inooo o\o -to -^ in >-. on 

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r2-- 1- inp) 0^^sC^ OnCvO 

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IN N -d-int^ino woo a\o •« n t>.m 

in -^ ino" in 0" «" o" C 00" ^\6 in cv co" 
^'^tN'^'*;in-c^o q_N r^in-j-o cn 
(N m^fvo inrnrnro-t'ro-.fpnininin 

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:i - CO in in^o oovO mrnrvino mn- 
-TO ^0 r^oo N i^ Os m^ in fo^c rn 

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2: 2.^ rproN a>a»in^ t^ onoo m 
T ^°S minr^c r-^t^h-co moo 

^_M30c»s.Nm^o cit^ino '*'-'_^ 
T^ c'^^" tC i-T tPo" in cr, M c>* pi" ctn in t* 

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no mom M CO « -i-M 
300 N fj w r^omo 

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? oo_so_ 1^ ~ mo m - f ^ 5 

"^ ISS =■ 

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rjoo ■<^ o> [ 

t*^ o N CO c '<^ 

O CO o 00 

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m -*vS M o- -^ R ^cS IT 

■•t-vO '^tC-rrfON T?fr-<? 


m Q t^vD N <:> 

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rn t^ m ^ Tfoo -^ t^ 
r^mw N mt^r^M cm 
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-4- c m t^ r^ in '^^o 
■^ina^fnc^-" m 

rovS 00 CO 

r^ a» C?\ (^ M MO 
CO N -f c^ - 00 « 

t^ C^ tT ^ 0> M 


00 o\ t^^o 00 '^ m c 
moo Oico t^ 

f^ OiOO 

r^ t^ N t^vo" in 
0\ N m -^ o^ CTi 'T 

p* 00 ..»■ N o-i m 

zo cJv'^eTinM pT 
m -"S- -^ in^o yf -^ ^ 

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mo m 0" t^ in ■«= 


■«• m M N invo f^co 
rn N m r^ rt-vo vo 00 t^ 
0> in -«t-\0 00 O On t^vo 
M in o" w" O* *^ ro J'vo" O* fni 
o\ moo minM«o mf^mo 
o^ o 00 ^ ^ '* i-i r^oo fo ON 

O »n r% m « o> 
' 00 r%oo 0\ « 


-00 in 

1 O O 

) « N m f invo rN.00 0» Q « « ro ••f mo 1^00 
■Hr^is,|N»t>.r*t>*iN,r^ r^oo ooooooooooooooca 



Delmae's Mercaxtile Maxfal and Business Guide. 




3- r^ 


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.r^M-o •*i^O ^O rOI^>-i fOO t^ ■* "* O 
^1 On ro lO N 00 Ttc<)^\0 vO 'i-CO O t^ M ui O -* 
~ O' fTo" OnVj'co" rT rC ro ro ro N i-T cf vo" i-To" 
>NMw"->-N«>-i>-iNN>-i wNw-H 

.irir-^N N T}-t-^O0OCC NOOOO OnO •-'£» »^ 
^ O O Tf t^\0 ii-1 N N ro "1 Tj- "^vo OO i-o 1-1 ^D 

«; •- ■^00 vDt^t-~.coooN'-i N 1-1 <-oo o ^o cn 

^ ':)-C?vt-^rO'-i t^r'iQr^rO ro-yo •>? o" "J^ •^yf 
^ c, -^ M f) H- N ro O ON " N r^ t^ ON 0^ >^i ro 
C5^rorOMrO"^M>-i "M «>- 

• ro fO "H O t-~. ON ro O CO 0\0 "-i t^ N r^ ir^ r^ 
. On "* cr\ "-lO >-0 ro I>.0 O O <^CO O O ^ — 
i -^N MCO OO u-)r^:o l>.ONt^mrorooLn 

^ ro^d" « i-T lO roco " rTN'''-iC«'co'"rou-)OCN 
^i-r)LO<"OT}-ONt--.LoO u^roO rnxi N fOvO CO 

O t^ N tJ- O "^ i^vo cONr-.N"VONr<^CNro 
N t^ t^ >- ^ Tl- u-) TJ-CO 1-1 t^ 'i- t^ -d- N M M 

n Nvouoococo N M ij-)>o "^ 1* roco "-. ^i- 

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Cnvo M 0\^ r^ N r^ CT>CO t-^ N u-1 ro r^ -i u~i 

•^ ON O 0\ ro -" ^ r^ ro 1-1 O ro 11 00 ro i-n ri 

i-" " " " " w " « w w* « N ci 1-' •- « 

. ■ vo ^ ro u-iO ON >-OCO t^ N O ro^ O vO ^ M 
ri-0''Oror-.rots\o cr\"00 OnOn-*" MCO O 
~ O, '\:-^„ ^^1^Ti-0^0 rONr^O M O OnOco 
■5 tJ-o^ "COff-^I-^rofOCNTfcTtCoN'-'o" 

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• O roOO roo r^O O f^t^i^i-i flON OnCO •- 
jrot^Mr^NvriTtu-iONN O ro ro^o O O t"l 
5 1-1 On Omj^ "" N CnVJ O O Ov u"jX CO On\C t"l 

SStCrCrTrfcDiNTfNOO'i-iv-i rCo i-T rf m 
^ t~~ u^\0 -^VO t^ l^O OnO On OnO O •^ '•''. " 
~A N 1-1 M ro cs -H 

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v>0 "- --l-CNN LOC O MnO t^f) l-^roi-OV^CO 
5 ^f) O O i^iot^rv.rovy->CNCNOON"CO >j~i 

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u^ -^ f) 1-1 f) "^ ro '^vo r^-^o Nco N ror^ 
■^ r^sO rj- u-i O t^ i-o N CO t}-vO -^ i-ooo vO CO 
'^TflJ-iu-)^o'd^^~00 ON'd-'J^O'^CO'-co I-^'? 
u^O ■!j-t^"~ir^"+0N0*O O ON t^NO CTn ON On 

;^ >- r^ N NO ^ 1-OnO m 1-1 rJ-NO nO — nO tJ- li-) r^ 
Su-it-CrrTfo i-"-*" tC rONO rC •>+ t^ N i^ t^ 
>i-iONi-iONM>J-)rJ-rOCONN':)-M I^vO (^CO 

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■ M Mr^Ln^O ""uir^rON O^Oi-it-^NCO 
^ ij-)>D NO OnOnC^N ■^Oi'l OO -t — 1-1 iri t^ 
; O ONN O 1-1 ONt^ONO^M LON CsrOTj-O t^ 
^ NO On lOCO tC rO mnO M >^ O « no'co" O XTi'jS 

^no r^"^i-i r-^M t^N NNOoo "Noco rOM 
I^ ro Tj-vO NO "^NO CO CO CO NO i^ ■«i- 1-1 

M ro tI- u^nO t^CO On O 1- N ro t1- uanO t-^CO 






X 2 

rt -J 

oi O rC •^ r^:iC «^ ~s -T uo •<:? -^ ro cf vc" d^O ro 
5J "^ O O w-i •:^ t^v; roNO roO - O O 'S-'-O 
:i C/3 n — r^,y; roCNl^N rn " — C^O ^"^O 

0\ — O X vo r^ wivo vO O "-iv: r^O OOO r^ 
t^"" Cr^'^-"'-OC) rOO tOt^ r^V; Cn N Tf Tj- 

< -ir 





' ^ "^ X-' ^iv "^ "rt ^J^',.'^^r.'*^*ir^'^x.'^^ ^ "i 


C^OvOO^ f~l ^Cn>- u-iCm-o r^O 00 r^ C^ 


P rt 

vc VD ri vo O o r) p) o o ui ^o t)->d cci O n 


CO M •* "- t^O O u-1 ro f O CO "^ fO M ro rf r^ 


IM >-l M 




'J SJ 

- r^vC O ro ro ro « roo r'-^v: C u-i ON O rt- 


■^ .« 


!=: rt 


O i^t^u-iO CMJ-i« Ti-rTiu-ir^N cnOoo •* 


O — t^OO CO O O O PI Cn r~.0 vO >« M ro M 


r^ 'U 

Os ^ \0 « O r^ropi c>Oi^ioi-rir^O *-■ r~^ 

t^ E3 


pTii-iiri-fprNi-i fAOd>^-^Oy^OOO\ 



— rt 






2 00 voo P) t^ LT) u-> Tj-vo t-'^ CO ro O ^ "-• O ^O 
S rC r^.z/TyS 'f i-^ '^ -rx" p f ro d^ ■^ -^ pT cfs ij^ 

3oc<:o; — — o i^OLoo Ov3 "rj-r^p) o po 
;^ ij-i M -. ro — PJ C^00 r^OPOTf — OO 'OrOPl 

,• O N V3 i^ N PO Cn CvOO PO "I O PI 00 :/3 On^ 
P rou^Pl t}-PI Tl-u^t^O>P^ POO t^ lo Cmj^ PO 
2t^>-0Piv0 0'-'O CNtC CO C^ •* O "- ^ "-1 

Tj- 1-1 ro " "- vO ro r-. u-i PI o PI O OD CD vO pO 


r:t->.ii_ii_«VDO'-'N\0 -+0 v; O N O PO 
r^M CN"" P) PI rOPOvorO"- Lo^t^t^C^P) 

po p) \o PI o rt- — povo u^ Cn:>0 ■- •-■ pi r-~ po 


r - - :>, 

k C\r^>J^>-OPO'5l-"- PI OVO OnO C rf n "-> !-■ 
~ O t^ CM^ •rt-O CsN N t^POw-nria\0 pO'^}- 
■5; >^ P^ cf d^ O' >JO " >J^ Pi" O^ C>^'^ Cn "- 00~ On lO 
^ CTnvo a<03 O r^-^r^Loroi--'^-^'"-^ .«~-, 

. LO -^ u-iO ^^ PO 

jv vo PP) I-' O t^OO C^!>3 OOvO i-ivOO r^P) 0^0^ 

<: o" iTizcvS t-^ cnx Q CO ON vo po o" cf'OO c>oo 

~ PI iJ^ PO C5 M PI "^ O Cn ■* PI O O I^ ■* o -^ 

^ pT po po po rf po pf N N po ci po p? ef ^f N N 

PI fl -t i/-,o r^V3 Cn Q ►" P) PO "4- m^O 1^00 
1^ »^ r^ i^ i^ «^ r^ t-^V5 V5COOOC/2C/DOOCOCO 
V^ VO V5 Vi V: CO CO VD V5 00 CO VD CO CO 00 CO CO 


Delmae's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 





1— I 










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O OOO C^<■O'■oOv0V0 u-)Nvo r-,Nvo « O C\0 

• ^^ M O rOvO Q M " 'O O CN Q -^CO « >- t>0 CO t^ '^l- 


LT' rt . 


--^ <U 

_^ M rorOLorOTt-roN •^r-,O^N tJ- •^vO " ro r'j qn O 

^ y ■"£ 

<- u-l uo o^^ "* CO rio M t1- w-jC/D O •^ rO ONO "^vC i-O 


a, oj 'o 

^ u-i -^ r) TJ-M3 ^ loroc)^ w-ji^M^o t^r^ <^:o u^ u-) 

Q;OMOt^C\rorf)Tf roo lo r^ ir^o ^c<3" C\ O C^ "- M 

'" r- 

e; " 

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.«-vO"^NM«-iCy3N\Or~>OC'3*^'-'ON ■^o ro r^ iri 

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P ro CO ro i-H On O O O lo lo t^o u~; '■■O rl- l^oD vo t|- N 

O ^ .'. 

li LnLor~.-:tr<-)CS rOTt-i-i rO" 0'*-N'J^>-i •*'*0 M 


^O '*T)-rt-— >j-iN^o r^u-iO r^^o^OCNN roco N ro 


U r^ 

> vo r^ M f 1 M O t-^-yj r00C0u->0c/5Ni-irOM'-'^ 

O a; ■■> 

(1^ u-i LO u-)0 O i-^ r^^ vO^vOCO ^'~l"*"'^""t't 


. U-) -< r^ N -^ w-j^ CO rO iri^ rOt^rOrOu-lOC/OCO rO 

•^ 20 M rOO N rOi- m u-ju-iw tJ-i^uiu-, m p- t^vo CO 


•V t^ ■r}- OMJ-) a^\0 M r^ r^ uo M VO LTi PI N fl t^ t^\0 M 

<: CO fO 'J^cT C?>^0 f^t-^i- rorCl-^-^rocf^frCripTcf 


■> O N ^O u-iCO t^J^vr)0N0r^CTN'-''10i'^0 -+0 O 


^" """" 

. t^ w^ n 'O u^u^JO PI -"^CO N VO ro O u^CO >0 u-)0 t^ 

"p coCTni-iCO OnQi^ OnCO rt-MMOcOvOC^w^ u-lOO ro 


r- CO ^ u-^ t^ ^ w-ivo r^co -^ \j^ ^ *-< O vo CO t^vC w-i ui 



<: vO t^ "^ LOCO l^^t^>- OnOnO^O " NOO O^ -rJ-vD 
> O O N T^\0 rOf) >- LOO It^loOnC^-' C7>On — CO O 


-WI_«I_IW»H«»,«W « « w 




. ^O ro O l^O i-0« •+On~ O ON'^u-iO i-Olo-* coco 

;-' t^ LO r^ TOO U-, C) LO t^ O " M O '"O f1 u-l Tj-CO '-' M 



;; U-) u-ico O CO <-n'yj Lo C^ ■* 1- vo fO roco N ro ►-' O 


<; c5~ rCvO rorC Nco n co t-To roco cf (0 lo d">o' i-" »- 

1^ 1- CO MO t^rOLOCO u-l 5 CO TfvO ^O u-)iON w - N M 




ON On r^co CO MO lo •* t^cO rO O O lo O Os OnCO CO lo 

»~ _J 

-1 " O ONI- O '- «*Tt-LOT)-mi-c ON'*Om~~OnM^O On 
k u-i t^ O NO rONO 'T " r^NO OncO rocO N O no ro ro On 



< rCTtCT>rotCd'^ -^no' lo Tt d" t^ cTno' (Dno'co' prNo" 
■> CJnnO no "^ N On '"O rj-SO t>»CO Lor-^O OOO OnN " rO 



c/: ^ 

j-;^ ^„no^ On t^ On t-~ tJ-CO CJ^CO ►- tJ ro Cn On o^CO O lt) On 





. rOrJ-rOLT," O I- 'd-m'^NNOLr>>-COLororo roCO 
^ ^ O ro Tt OnnO ro -^ rt- r>) OnnO CO rOOO On rONO M ►-■ 




^ MCON "-"-loOnCScOCO ■^CO O-'-t^OCOTj-M 

^ "S w 


<5 roco i-iQ'-iNON'*lo«nO>-m lonO ro O PI OnnO 
^^««0'-'00NflN0N0N-"T^I^N V-OCO '-> •& •^NO 

of all 


j-v; N M rororOi-i rON rOro-^i-OTj- OncO ro N ro ro r^ 

■ r^co wj tJ- ro Lo i^NO CNCjNONroONLororhrJ- tJ-no ro 


r- NO t^ '-' N On Tj- — t^CO t-^NO ■-• rONO CO m i-i CO ON 

r- ro On <"0 On On -' lonO t^ "-o rocO OCO N ^ i-cu-ju-iu-i 

I^nO r-.0 rO-NOCO rONO Tf u-i " Tj-NO CO LOCO " M ro 


^ O ro rooo rOT±N ^^OnO rO" OncO PI CO ►- ro O lo 




. OCO ^P) >- O -'NO PIO "-LOLorOrt-i-'CONOLoCN 


? rt rt 

]r> «-iLOPlLo-"LO>-ct^roC3NPOONLOPlCOOONp)Mro 

;i •* O P) PO PI O fONO CO ONNO — NO Lo>D PI ro "" "" t^ 


Ss N C^r^O ONPlLo-NO Oi^Lor^MCO " pino On- 


-''O >^ 


1-. P rt r- 


j^'^'^'^^.M I-I 1-1 P) — P)i-irOLOTi-':J-LO 


. PI LO LO t^ OnnO nO-J-loONPII^tI-OloOOnpOPI 

>-"g "5 

^ LO t^ T)- ONCO PO O O t^ C7n lonO pi pi loco Tt OnnO PI 

a NO NO NO P) t^ r^ ONCO t-~cO NO Cn Tt i-i N O ON lovD 00 


« 2 S 

;> OnCn'OI^loO " -^CO ropi PI "I O PO-" pololoO 
^ t^t^t^i-i Olo— Lor^OCO — i^CNLOM Tt-w -tPO 


















0> O " PI fO ri- LONO r^CO On O i-> P) po r}- lonO t-^co' 
NO r^r^f-»i^r^r^t^t^r^ t--oo cocooooococococo 

^1 o 

S u 3 

1 ^1 





:2 yf 

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O 3 

t-> lO O CTi>3 •^ ' 

j/ \0 -> O O ^ <~OiO i-i u-l OO CN "^O N r^ ON O t^ r^ VT) 
~; N N O 00 "" wTiX vO rooo r^ r^ tJ- U-) i-o ro O r^O l^ 
5; 1-1 o tovo'oif tT i-T roo' i^ ij-i u-ico" u^ i-T r^ t-^ t-C r? >j-i 

^ C:^l-'Ot^■*O•-'-•00OON■^■<i- vnvo ro t1- ro « 

■v: c?x ■* Tj-30 vc'oo rood" t-^ >j-) o u-ioo" tj^ 1-^ o" " •<*- "+ pr 

u-1 Tj- On OnvO 0\ rh N N N 

« C^ „ « « 

t." -^O N t^ C\ co:/5 w r^ tJ- 1-1 11 CO r^ r^o t^o to 0\ 
■ Ou-nj-)«>«p)OCT\"-i>H1^0>J^t^ro -^O N VO CO 
^O-^OiNt^-NO 10\0 N Tl-ioCNvy^T:fioi-i tJ-C« 

^. O o CO c^Vj r^ i^o _-. .-. . , 

lO t^^ t^ t^O ^ vo t--*vO O u-)vo t^O ^O IT) u-j lo uo to 

<_• t^ Cs too CO ro U-) — rj- O ii <00 CO N <00 n O CN 
:/ f) i-^ i-o -J- r^ u-ico O ONNt^ioiorO" O 0^■>3 
5 ^^ JO t^i ^ c^ -^-^^ " '^ '^•^ Nt^i-iCO N N Tt-OC\ 

^ O OiM OO LoOvO N>o OnO vOOsOO'OroO'O 
(> O lo t-^ C?\ r^ ^ rovO ro>-'t^O"^cO>-i l-lOOO^^O^ 

NM Nof^f^^cfp^^^cT■HP^pfN^^^^l-^p^f^•-^ 

■ lovO XrorONCMOrONi-ONOCOr^N roo rO 
<; t^ lO rOO lOVON vou-lt^M lOM rorOnCOOO C^^O^ 
;»iCO -^CnCnN O rOii O (Ot}-Cn C>vO O 1-1 t^ lO h CO 

L •-dvQ>ifOt'ON'T?Tto"'-<" rOVO*" « rf CO~ rf CO C?. pT 

~ to >« O N lO tJ-VO -^ »- tt-vo to i+vo r^ O " 'i- O lo 
:5 (■OTj-Ti-Tfrororo^rorocorOrfrorO'1-Tj--*fOTl- 

ro " to 0\0 >-iO>oONi-it>.0>J^ >O00 to t^ to r^vo 
to 't^ VC "" Tj->-CO i-iOCO -' toxoid"" 1-1 "CO o 
-< O l^tou-ltov; »Ow^Cni-i OOOvO t^OO tJ-O Cs 
O O iC Ttco'co'^ N M vo" lo n" M C?N rC tooo~co" ro rC to 
11 ■* ri- toco r^toCN"-CO II O N ION r~-ONtOi to 
>0 "+'^-*"^'i-':}-Tl-tOtOtOtOiOtOtON N tON N 

^ O lOO C> t1- M to t) to u-> t^CO CO TJ-VO M 1-1 O O VO 

< :/; vo vo n CM^ to to to uo r) \o "^ ^j- to i^ -^o o -^ 
;o vo r^ to lOO I^ t1- -" lOCO >- wi rj-co to o <o t^ t^co 

■ vO "^ O N OnCO ■+ 'J- N N 0\ 11 w-)CO P) u-i^ O >0 VO 
)?I^OCOC10tOOO C\vO N N tOtOfOl^" OM-OON 
^ I^rJ-Tj-11 fON^vO N O" r^ioto w^vO O O •^ to 

■^ O to 11 o'co c5" -+ to ■* C?i CJnCO O rC tCyT cn cf O tC 
^. t^CO r^ •+ 1^ I^ r^ 1-. f O ON M lO to ON -^ -)-\o 00 M On 

Q\ tOtO-4--tM N -^tOittOTj-fOtOC^ N tO" M N N 

- I 

P o 
si ^ 

V3 CO Vj 00 '/:i CO C/j v: CO C/5 V3 V3 CO VD VD C/D CO CO CO C/5 


Delmar's Mehcantile AIaxual a^'d Business Guide. 




H S 









00 CO ■* M t^v; u-l ir^ u-i -« vO V3 Tl-O ro Tj- c^o 'i- ro 


00 m r^ "^ r^ LT}^ roo O ro^.rl-O lo i- t^ r) O fO 


^ onm '^"^•^'^'t^'t^'t'^",'^^", '^^-, " ^.- "^ 

-p^ -J-. ,■ .:£ 

0= O :/3 O u^O roirifl C OO Cv^O •<^"" CI r)-« 

K 0\yS ^vi t^ ^-^ t-^X t^ r^O t^sc CO oo'x r^ t^o t^ 

O "^-OO ON'*— r^rot^N u-)0 OrOw O O t^r}-LO 


O "^Ti-M 1/-10 CvC^i-or) "^i^t^t-^mt^o N r^M 

^ ^ d 

^ 1^ On tTO vC v: Tj-O unl^OCOu-iOLoOO rf-u-i 

"rt w M .■ ■- 1 

S w CO i^ »^ iv-ico -I r<-)ij->f^r^r^r^r^oo r^co M — 

Ki o CNON'''>OOt~.MCO ■-' "- — tn — \o On'^OcoO 

CO tJ-vjO ro rO r-^CO MCO On^-CO uirON Tfa^C^CC/3 


N CO N N N CNViJ •* O r^ O t-^O Cn M ^ « O f". « 

X "^ .i:^ <^ 

!,• N M C^ CNCO CC VO CO C>0 rovl ulMvO N MO C O 

£ N r^ rt- T}- r^ r^ r<)0 Cn N "^ OCO ■* " eo ro ri u-i o 

'^ ^ o o; ;:; 

o- o CO o « ly-^vc CO cr> -H CnCO ■^ i-^ M ■* u-lO -> o •-n 

■< -<OCOO -& -r)- 1-r- -^ 1J-) r<^ tJ-co -COMIOOn--^^ 

Q Chco CO CO t^ r^ t^X r-. t^vo O co t^co CO o r^O t^ 

t^roCNOcO MCO CNTfOO Tfi^O O - OVC - Cn 


vo M « O O CN r^; w-iCO ro O O CO ^ O Cn>^ Cn Ot^ 

a; a; 

^ • — 

>; ro r^ OO t^O On <^ TfO O tOCO MO ro O "- ^ N 

<- CO r^ t-^ t^ ONO mOloOOMMmoO r^O O r^ 


^ rt 

^ O r-~. r^ t^O t^O r^ t^ t-^O CO CO On roco O O On O 

^ u 




•^ i^ M O "- tJ-CO t^ - i^ r^O -" O O - ON ON O 



O "*cO rfO O O •^ CO - CO -rr-yj « ^1 u-1 « O 'to 

— .' w- 

t,' OO Tl-Lor^M u-i^i-OM "" -^ 't'D'J-O "^t^O 


15 ro OnoO u-> on O u-)X; roo t^ ON t^co i- t^O "-■ r^ r^ 

■— ; -- c/5 

-<: " O O "->0 O N ro ■^t ON u-1 CNO t~- M w^ u-i M M LO 

C Ji 
rt 3 

'v. CNO r^ t^ u-i t-^ t^ r^ l^o O u-io t^ CNCO O O O t^ 


^ s- 


rr, O On O cc t^ i-nO O •^O ro O " i- >- O 'tO t^ 



rt- "I -« Lo roco 1- t^O u-it^Tf-rot^t^OO lOCO O 


!," 'd-'-O"" Oco LoO r^ro uio OOOO «>-"'■'";•* 


;; O O O M ON t^ oco t^ r^y M ro O O '■'> "lO MOM 

<-OCOO t^-'trf-^'tfO^rO'trOM M t-^CO O — M 







COu^'HOMr-vi-O Ot)- OnO r^O i^CNt-^TtCN" 

r^Lororo- MOO OnO COMMOO"00 loco 

o -:> . . 

<^ ly-iCO r^ vn O On i^cO O X O O t^co t^ i^ on lo On n 



5 wO OO T)--0 t^CNt^ON CNO O r^O tj-50 •tJ- O 
O-O u-)~ t^M rii^r^M ^-u") lOCO r^ >H o 11 CO t-^ On 


•-^NMrONMMMNMM"""" — NMMw-iw 




H S- 




O r-« r^ r^ O CO On ONCO O rO "10 N lO M "h N M oo 


ror^roioi---" M O roO O u-iiHOO " uoo rj- O >- 

5 •§ s . -2 

•-; >H On t^ ON OnX; O M tJ- O t^O O rOO r') t^ On -• C/3 

•;^.:2 rt >- o 

S O CnO COM>hv;"~iO'J^"-COXMu-, Tf r^ic O cO 


<: MCOOCOiJ-iiJ-iCN'"')M riyD CO 'tO O M ■^VJ O O 

> ^rt rt '5 

"-^ t^O ON -t — ro -t u-iO r-l -1 M u^ ir^O vo rf M MO 

2 S g-^ 2 

Ph 8 « ^ 

CS „' „' - „' J- «' « - .-' „' „' «' - ^' - .' „" „' „' „- 

ro-HMt^"«"-t^C 'o:o M ^O "^^ M CNi-ri— >- 

r^ r^ M-CO i^CN— C ^OOO "- —O Lnt^ij-ii-.u-iO 


(, u^O ^ f O •^CO ON O ri iJ-i M CJN — O O CO -^ i^ 

b « m' cf. ^o'co" m" ro o" 6 fO M o' Tt m" iv^ fT) o" o' On 
.^ 1-1 tJ-iY-iu-i"« t^"- 1^, ONt^mMCOOOCO OiJ^O rr, rn 







1— > 









ON O " M ro 't >J-lO l^y: O O - N ro ^t- LT-.O t^CO 
O r^r^t^t^t^t^t^r^t^ r^co cococococococ>3co 



o 'j^^^ ^^„ ^ ''^ ^ '^ " "^ ''2-'^ N o — cz; o t^io 

»J^ Ot^ O O iO u^iC OS r^iC t^OC t^vo ^ N ro r<^ ro 

^ ^ '^"5, '^ "^^ ^ O Tf O N t^ ^J->X O CO ro T^ >-i ro 
<i CO •^O O "^ m\0 O CNrorj-ior^r^N "vo t^O O 



Cn f~0 -*vO r^ r^ r^ O >-00 ■<:fO i-«CO r-^l^'^rOfTON 










: — — 3 


O Cs u-io I- CN 0) "* oi i-^ rj-o O •^ roo r^ •<+• o ro 
. lO ■* -^O ro >« CO Os LO — voco 0\ t^ Gn i^vO 'J- OCO 
^ O ^1 '^ t^ O t^^ t^ r^CO__^ CO >^CO tJ- Tj- M voo r)- 
►; t-CrON~1^0TtrOroiod'Tfro O^ tC c5~ rf rf ^T n 
N. O CO "J^ P) r^co " 1^ O O CO '^^ ■-< r^ On o OO " 
^ rj w ^ ro OCO O '-' "^^ '^ t'-'i "^T ^^ "" "^^ "^ 

N rn r^'^ Tt- ^ ri tJ- — ro C> "^ <^- fO I^ r) On mco O On 
O -^ "^ "^ ^^ N ro ro M -^ O t^^O roo lO "^CO tJ- 

<-ju-i-H >->yj O "" "COX)' r^co c^ONTi-r^r^i-iwij-) 

h lAo" lorCoN'^rft^QO^CNfTvocfi-rTfro^roio 
•<J r^^OsO "COOO Gnlt) t)-sO « Tj- ro '- CO « CO 
■> -^O '-' N r-^u-iO"^-" rO"" r-oi- OCOno nco n O 

I- N M M 

\OCO roiOThror^r^Q t^O "^rO'd-MCO rOM kvo 

• vo NCO fOi^t^^roOO i-i "N ONNCO N<-o>-o 

5 O Cn"^lot}-— ONON'^ONOt-^Or-.rOO Cn CnvO ro 

S no" CJN c5\ r~^ 0<^ ro CS lONO N CO CnnO co" iri On u-> ro >-0 

>» -^mc/DnOnO t^i-iCO Onij^loON" t^ ■*M rOT^i_ on 

^ o^ 1-1 mxi '-' N q^ t^ '*^„ ^'"^'^'^'^'^^ ONrooN 

^1 roO mmroioro'^r^"- Ont)-"0O rOMCO O t^t^ 

*^ CO o -^ O r^co mvO i-iro-Hmi-i ro"-i>- NNt^ON 
C5 ^nNo" tCoo" li-if^'^rTrorOcorocrrorou-i^rorOfr 

ro N m t^o nO O lo^C no rn " t^ \j-> O ^tco CO M On 

O CO CO Tt- 1-1 !>. >- ^co CO r^NO Tt t^ t^ P) OnOO M O 

• '"^ t,^„^ " ^^""^ O CO Tj- •^vo r^/ OnnO r^ 30 O no so 

-S oo ONONrCi-i fii^r^'S-ri-r^^y^Q(^a\c^tnrn 

:; « O — O roo N u-> m N o r^r^NO rj-oo On O ^ in 

:; ■^ r^ P^ i-^NO^ '^ 0_ -^ t-^ O t^0O_ N r^ CN CO r^ O 'tvO 

_5 " cf O rC M co" d" d" pT rn ^ ro o'co" roco" O^ ro J" lA 

S " I? 2""^ M ON - l-~NO r^c^ CO ir) t^CO ro iJ-> On ro »< 

t-^ t^ " O ro Tt-CO t^ C NO On t^ OnnO — « r^ O 1-1 fO 

-«-,«mi-iO<'nrOTt-Mt^'+ r^NO no m "^ r^ t^ on 

i^'COno ro>nM mM Tj-QNONO -^OnO ON'^rONNO t^ 

S in inNO no' pT rC t? o' roco co"co invO rC On o" O fn cT 
-SN-Ht^T}-Tt rONNwiiNN wi-irOTi- invO 


— in OnX 1-1 O Cn n ro rn "" O ^-nO i-i t^ t}-nO O "^ 

■^ rj- On in i-^nO no in>D CO O ON r~- Q inNO NO O ON t^ 

<^"\0 t^minroCNinON"- O i^O mO rt-Tj-in-" inro 

h; co^ t^ On rf f r d"co o" fri di M cioo~ in o" rONo" >-<' ■rf 

-C: P4 M "" On t^ i-< riNO ""i-OCO'^ NOini-iN 

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►H vO O •-• ■* t)-nO COnOnO OsrONNOND t^CO in N On 
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O I ~. 1^ 1^ 1^ «^ r^ 1^ r~» t^ t^iyi cc co co co co co co co 


Delmae's Mekcaijtile Manual and Business Guide. 



















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i-oco CO O -to vOLOOvO M Nl^Or-^ LDO O ^ Cn 
vO " vO t^ roo -*0 roON"*ONN lorot^NCO u-iO 
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• cr'->-rorCdoo''i-(D N^co'txT N ro ro « rf co" tJ- 4^ 
;cO'*N00i-irO>-i'*Tj-Ni-i i-iN« 

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' t^ONON>-iOI-^POLr)-" Tj-OCO lOrOPOO N N CNN 
;0 — COOOO N >- «CO VOO GO t^ O t^ rOCO lT) N CO 



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^", I — r^ r — r^ i — I — r^ r — r — i — -o -^ '•^\ r^\ -^ r^ ^^ ^y^ -^ 








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1^ t^ ON q q^O_ ro -_c<;^ t^:<3^ t^ ro t^ vri On ro ■*nO_^ I--. On 

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u^nO N rf on O tJ-CO no i^nO -^ « ■* u-i i- « vnNO On 


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(s. ro c?N -^co -1 r^ i^no ■<^ f) (^ "-) onvj on m- r^ 1- on lo 


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^ N N N 1* CNOO '^ 0„ O,^, <^ "^ "^ >^ '^ ^„ <^ " "^ '^ 



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t, in in in"/D no n « O •■+ w ^vc/D r^ m O :>; oo n Onco 

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5 « rn-X) i-^X) in -1- rONO 1- NO m O M -^CO f-> N -^ on 

r? 1-1 1^ N v: — t^ inco noonOno CNinONCs o O t-^co 

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•v5 w cT OnOO" ro rn invf cj tC pT oo" rT .^ '■O rp rn in c5n rn 

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5 ^ 'I "^^^ 'C "? T ^ 't'^^ '^ 't •"; 1 1 1^. '^ "^ "^ 

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:^ •<4^ tC WNO" On o' 't in O" m" •^ d^oo'co no' " rl rf rn On 
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Q « m m m fn rn -J-no no oo no ►- o — n t>.oo ►- oo o 

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ON O 1-1 N '^-t ino t^c/3 C- '-' N rn ■<l- inNO t-^c/D 


n5 i-^ i^ j- t-~ 1-^ i^ 1^ 1^ i^ i^co CO oo 00 CO CO cr co co 
c75 00 CO CO CO CO yj CO >: -o 00 oo CO CO CO 00 co co >; co 


Delmae's Mekcaxtile Manual axd Business Guide. 








'+CT^C>ro-' ON roO -1 I/-) JO 00 •rl-w 0\t^OCOw-i 

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--=/=J o 

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--. O ro N T)-vo " •*>J^r)-« " 0\0 OO -tO TO •^ 

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I,' OO '-' ■'J- ►- ir^O >-■ i-^vO N u^ij-)N ror^u^io^" in 

rA '•^- '^. <A . 

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;? -TO O X cox "00 '^Tt^Ort-cON NX rf-X CO 


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J OX <nX O C0»0 t^t-,u->r^cONvO >-< NX OX " 

i N O O CO uo COX COX Tj- N ■* <*X t^ t-. N O O O 

•^NNI^'i-O"'-''^ COX OO mX UO N iv-lX O O 

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i:^ „w«H.NNNNN"NN"""N"i — N 

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bc^ OO OCO^^^J■TfcOT^"Ht^ t^X X t}- 11 ly-1 O O 

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rx O" N N>-oO"1N N Tj-X 'TX O CO u-1 CO "^ Tj- 
i •* ■* O "- t^ -*X O COu-iU-iOlJ-lN N coo CO CO 



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^' X ^ N -^ r^ coo N O'^hcON O'Tt-OX " O f- 


; — Ot^l:~^0t~-0 NX vo COO CO CO O coX N >-i i-i 


<:r-~voN Tl-N 1^-^voOO ■^Tj-i-i o cot^t^OcoO 

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C;« CON cO'^vot^ t^O t^ vo voo -^ ■* CO ■* Tl- -^ vo 


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; I:^Ot--Tl-"« COvovONX " 1^5 t^ coo I-' O ^ O 

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. — coo •"■ N r^ "^ t^ O ^^y^ tJ- ^ Ml CO 
iv rf c^o' Oso" 'f d" ■^00 t^ CN " O O On 

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•o" ^O n COCNTt-QOO Tt-O tJ- lO N O O 
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<vo'^tCr-^""'*coioC?'TfoMoOO ■-; O 

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cocoio^o c^ >^co N^ "^ Cr^!^ 

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CO CO Omo r-O " ■*'^f^\£^'^VOS i 
« 00 ^ O co>3 OO t^oo r-O 00 O O •^ 
; CO " ■4 m "^00 "^ f^ ^^ "^ '^^„ ^ "^ "^ 
■ CO CO N ■^OO' « "? -h" " On N N -^ d" CO 
•Oiof-.^« ONN O O^Ti-C^co COX) rj- 
: „ « - N C^ N Tj-O O " N CO CO " N 

CO O OM^ t^ i-i O coco 0^ COO ■* >£> N 
O CO r^ N CO " rt-CO CO tM^ T}- M On Ov 
• O C^ N N CO N ^'^^ ^ '-L "^ '"^^ ^ ^ 
■^ NcorCi-rc?spfcft-^t^^>-. o" coco Tt- CO 
SOOO t~»cqO C^CO CO — OO Q N ""'O'^ 
ao iiOO N C\" O ■^N O^^O^O^f^ 
:J rT'.+ '^lOVOt-^O lOO'' r^ M C^ On N 

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■5 rFONlJ^'^lOt-^C^N NVOCO lOOO lO T? 
■^0'*000'<i-C^COCOt^N tJ-micO 

(■ LOO t^V3 On O •-■ M CO -^ VOO t^CO 
, 1^ 1^ t^ t^ I-~'jO cooocooocoooooco 


Delmae's Meecaxtile Manual akd Business Guide. 










































.VD t^Tj-rj-u-iu-)Tt-0 •*'*0 M O u-ir^ 

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■CO N CO o "^-co Tj- r^ vo N N ii-1 r^ 

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:^ 11 mnOOO O O "^Tj-row-itsNONO 

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, 1^ 1-. I^CO CO ■>-. CO 00 00 CO 00 CO 

' " — "I x CO CO yj CO 

CO 00 CO CO ■/: CO 00 


Delmar's Mercantile Manual axd Business Guide. 







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N CMJ^ t^^ -tT Cn r^. M "~.>3 O ^ O 

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Cn O — O t^O u-i^ fO C^ O -1- CNO 


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c-r O '■O — -^ T? ro i-o s^vcT ro ■4-0<;'^C?\ 
■* i-^:/0 O u") CjN Tj- ro r^vo vO t^ t^ >JO 

voO Cn" rO"" M<0 '+'^ f^yC/; O rO 
CN C> -> ^:y: O " O O -:^ P) TOO >-« 

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r^ « u-i i-r ro M ri I^ ro -*0 ^ ^oo 

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•5 rf ! rO cT 1^ -T rCvo" I ■^O ''') ro 

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t^ r-« t-^ t^ r^O) oooooooooooooocpO 
















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iv t^ w^vj <00 O O ON CNX; r^Tj-u-iTJ-rOCNO ■* 

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^ O >j^./0 t^ r^ '^ N 1^ r^ CNOO t^ r^ lo o ■* CO ro 

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VO t^O tJ-.oa t^OO CTn'^Cn" O O r^^io- r;> 

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i t-^O ^1- -^ -t CO O N ^t 1 "-l ^ ^i. ° ^ ^ ^ ''^ 
^o'o'x'o" - - p? »? CO ~ oo" rr « o" t-C i-To" " 
^roO " lOM "" O ONt-^t^t^ OOO f-VO ^ >ovo 

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? 00 O >-i CO 't CNC/D •.^MONOC^Q^ONt^M 
i ►- rj- t-^vO O ON ■* >OC<3 't ON O CO CO OnvO^ N 

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^l^u-iT+M ""NOOO CO TtvO >0 rOOO 00 CO •* O ON 

C;vO t^-d-M lOrON cO'J-'tcOuriCOCOCON lOCO 

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~ ^ to t^ r^ CO cOMD O ■+ t^NO a\ lONO CO 0\ 't o^ 

■^ rTt^cTd'codN't cooo' 5>N£r vo d" c?. -^ N ■* n 

r? 00 cooo ioTl-« -ION ONioP) rocON N "^no 

oi lo coo cooo O O coo "O t^i-j "L'^C-^^t- 

k « N X) O CO I- -to 00 O "O coco "* rt O l^OC 

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■-^ 't 1-^ d^ ■- lo N NiT 'f ro CO tC o\oo r^o r^ lo C 




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fvo CT\« o r^oo Tj- -d- r~~ "O P) co r^O On O O cc 

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C^ « <S - " 



2 o lo >o:o o CO CN| CO Ti- CO ON « onoo >- ^ ro « 
■^ i-T rT pT -S-:/£ co'tcoi-TirNvocT'o ox on pTo 

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'Ovo CncoNO COP) Pliorop) cocON N " N « 


.; r^ O 00 CO ^CO On lo •* On O Onco co p) 00 O n 
So OnO lororJ-ioroiO'OCO'tON t^O >0 co „ 

~00 On -+>D O N coo O OnO " O O CO__X O^ ro 

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r? P) PI On t^ « lOO 00 CO 't « r-. CO Tj- vo-O 00 jj^ 
^ro-^-" P1-«"«P)NP)P)P)P)'-''^P» 



lOO CO 't On 'to On On t^co O ONO OO lo p) vo 
ON ■* POCO Tt LO -< »0 iO>3 NCO«COdOt^N 

1, CO "- "locopoi^ioioco loo '-1 O "t Onco 

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5 'too "-0 ►" "" vor^ONP) t^^i-^t^Tt'tiOTtO 

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5,o"od' ro « lo ■<? PO CO 'i-o" 'to lOO do lo ~ 

hO Ov p) Ono 00 .O >0 'tCO O •- I-I lo CO CO "H 

>^ CO '<t O >- lOX .OPJOOco— >ON00u-iP) — 

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■^o" w pT d .* i-T rC ~ o" po pT 

1-1 P) CO "t "^O t^co On O 1-1 PI ro 't lOO r^oO 
t^ 1^ t^ t^ t-^ 1^ r^ t^ r^co oocooooooooooooo 



Delmar's Meecantile Manual and Business Guide. 





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u^M P) I^OvO On^^O M OnO On O r^ 'T ■* 
t}- "- NO On cOnO nooO ►" i-ivy-iLOONi-i u^CO i-i 

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. rONO 1-1 t^co t)- NO NO NO rO On O O t^ lOCiO On ro 
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Ln ro ■-< i-i NO " Looo -^i- CJn rONO N i-^ N ■^ r^ "* 

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■<; 1-1 1-1 a\ut Q^ ■^ u^\0 —' ij^nO t->.C<3 U-) \r^ u^ \n rf- 

•-> an t^ui'd-wirou^N O J~^>-> Tfi^i-i iri roCiO 00 


tJ- Tj- On Ti-NO w O NO N t^ r^ u-inO N CO 00 00 
N N 1^1-1 N t^t^N t}-00 Tj-t-^rO-^r^u^lO 

LOCO t-^co «-iCO 1-1 ^LoO Lor^>-i •^r^Pl poon 
NO OnCO O N •'i- lT) m On t^CO On Lo «^ I^ i-o O On 
O I-I Looo u-)i-it^o O O 0^^^ Onpo^oO t^n 

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to LO N CO 1-1 t^ POCO CO POnO r^OO LONO 1-1 M tJ- 

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r^t--.r^t->.t^t-^t->.r>. r^co cocococooooooooo 






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■ vo O On Cn O I^30 N vO Cs N O t^ t^X u^>3 r^ ro "^ 

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■vjMNNNNMfiNM — i-iC^i-i-ip-ii-.i-ii-i m 

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-^ t^OrNXiJ-)><J-N » CN'^rnmOCC OM OO ■^O 

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ko fO ro m ON t^ m r^o On^loc^i-c O^O t^O'^0 
-:;: crNd'Tfr3~crvc'~cr"*i~--'-n'*rrfr i-CvO rf)vc c« 
^ OnO O O •- LO Tj-O O NO vO rou-iu-ioovo ro 't N fO 

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s [1 «! ;3 

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~.nO i-ii-oO f^ •- "1^1^ i^nO mrOTj-" Ot^Omro 

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^ rococo N rOLOTj-Tj-fOTj-ro-« rOM wiTt-rOM i-i >« 

1^ -^ O "-I "^ t^NO m rOX "" mx NO lO'^Omi-i I^T}- 
J. M t-~.X 00 N N NO NO i^X r^O u-)t^o O " i-iioi-i 
^ t^ t^NO CJN M t^ O X t^NO O rox NO ^ O "^NO m O 

■^ tC t^" t-C CD cf OnO i-T ro w" fO rn u^ ►« ff no" c" -i- ■-Tno'" 
^ f, " tJ- O tJ-nO rot^Or^"^0>J^OOt^'^c^ OO 
QNM'irO'^LnrO"" ii tj-X t^ t^ m ro m n 

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T' ■^NO r^ t-- i^ u->nO r'^NO O O >" O OX tn OnO oOnO 
gOO^i-i '^•^■^'^ON"^ '^<^„ " '^ O,^ N N X u-l O I-" 
;>* t^ i^nO O mX fC u") rf vo 1-^ C?N O pIx' 'O r') •.J- r^NO" 
^r^ i-iNmnOOii CCNOXroONfOroroi^ 

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■V i^ Lo o r^O^nt^X ^nO 

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OO fO P4 'tX 0>J-i« 

O NO 'O NO .^ wi-y; t^ OX tJ- 1/1 M mx t-^ N " t^NO 
ro w-i OX -^.NOt^XNO O •^nOX O O^ (^ tj-n i-vo 
(^ l^ r^ O On O o f^X Tj- OX W) Tj- lo t^vo O rh O 


O O "" f< fO "i- 1/inO t^X O O " N rn ■^ iriNO t^X 
NO l^ t^ I^ 1^ t^ r^ 1^ 1^ f^ t^C>5 IXCO00XC/5O0CO00 



Delmar's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 















■<i- r^oo i-i t>^ r~»o t~~vo >-<ciOi-iNCON""ij-iro 

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r^O ONi-iCOvO Osrot-^CS •^ — CO — "^■^u-iO ON 

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i/^ M 00 NO OnnO rOOoooo li-iroror^N roONN vnoo 

On t^OO 'J- 1000 -^LOOCO u-lLOTtt^M Tl-C/5 On rO 

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OnO M •*u-)0 N Tj-MC<3 t^OO t^OON"Hiv-)i/~, 0"-l 


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ON n M NO uo r^ « u-lMO 00 M ro PI Ti- r^OO w-1 :^ rooo 

C/D ONOO t-^ ON ONOO 00 OnnO nO 00 On t^ 10 u->no lo 10 10 


NO t^OO t^vO "^ ■* t^03 rO ONOO t^i-i rJ-N rOM i-hno 


00 — 00 >- t~^NO ro ►- ro "" »o roo NO N O >- t-^NO 

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t^rO^J-i-cNONO N N t^OO i-i rONO 1- N -^00 I- 00 

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X) nO t-» On rOOO 00 00 n O) N •rf NO N NO t^ ui N r<) 

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vy-i N ON N - ONOO OOt^N " O\N00 OnN ON" " 


N N 11 r^oo r^ON"NONOO0r)M — nt^r^ OnnO « 

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i^no Tj-vnO "^Ooo mONM r^rON uit^i-i r^ON'^ 


m Lo •* rooo NO u^rnu^Tl-Tj->J-i'<i-ri-roc4 roN en -^ 




TJ-NO N t^r--ON'^ONONO N MCO u-i:» M CO OnCO t^ 



rO N t-~NO OnOO On OnOO r^t^Tj-t^ulTfrOO ■*i-^ 



r^ On 1- r^ 'J- r^oo O -> <-> rOirir~-i-i ri t^NO «- 00 O 

u-ii^ t^ u-iO yO "~i^J^ t^NO N iJ^OO 00 '■00 t^ rovO 

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Tj-ONrO— rOtriM MOO M >-■ 1-" rTNO >- N >- O >J^ 

OnOO OOnO LOfOrO'^'-i M "H ON1-" TfNO «- 00 OnO 


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ro i/-> — On r-^00 " NO TfNO ""(SnOi^P)'^"'* 



•^ i/M/^ u-) r^ lonO ■* r'^NO "j^no N tJ- iri ro -^ cs no 



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tJ- t^NO 00 11 rKXl t^NO NO N T)-03 N ir^oO t^O -^t t^ 

Tf « r^ u^ i^ t^ O^00 '*O0 r^ir^ONO w->OnO N 


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O-nO W)Ti-r<-)ONrnroON'^ t^NO NOoO i^OnO f'lO O 


rO0N0N"->0 N rlroj^i-i N OnOO t^ f^NO vo I--. 







t-~O0 Tj-t^t^ONO>J->T)-N N - O\N0 N M Tt- ro t^ 0\ 

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i-i " PO rONO r) NO NO M M ■* r^ N — no OnnO N 
ro ■* iJ-> t^NO M ON->d-0 M 0N^c>0"-iTtrO 

roi^'- "OO NNO ro>-i OnOn" O "-J^N MnO ONt^ 



NO 10 00 -^OO CO Tj-rOMNO ■- pTO OnOO CO 00 On O 



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m 'too OncO 00 NO OnvO t^ u^NO 00000 "00 -tu-iO 


CO — :^t->.rOM r^ONLnw-iiO"-)i-i Onu-jm t^cs moo 


Tj-<^M Lr)'t<'O"^-tMNOO0 ONNO VT) M 00 u~, \j~i t-^ r~n 

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ON « N rO tJ- u-inO r^OO On « N ro ■* tJINQ t-»00 


NO t^t^r^r-~t^r-.r^r^r^ t^oo cooooooooocoooao 




















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5 ■* t^ 0_ rO:/D I--. O N ro O 0^ O^>0 ■^ «^:0 O Cn On N 
^ iC O r^ <^ •^vC 'JS ro N "^ ri Tj- OvO I^ On rf O "^ On 

■^ ■^ Lo<5 O t^ N "^ "^ LOO ZC U-, -^LnrON roro-* 

^- OnvO O on "- rO u^ ON rOO On lo On '"<-iO ro Om^n roO 
.•\0 rou-ir^O r^-^fOriaD rON 0N'tCN'*:XC<100 Tf 
S -" ONX ■* O O tI-nO 'toe N O 00 lO I- I- LnvO ro ro 

^vO tCcNM c5"dN"t>-vO Lr)«^ roOO On u-i ro C?> Cf ^ri N 
t M u^ O CnO 11 io:/3 ts Nvor0"0 i-iu-)>- ONO O 

O N0C:/3O rOLOi- ■* ^nO t^x lOrO'+NNMNf-O 

■ vo 1-^ t~~v5 SO O Nv;:/5r^ioONO ►it-^ro— roo-t^ 
^ O t^ t^X Tj-X ONCNro^ON O r^ON-rj-'Tj-i-nONON'^ 
;; On r'lO roritJ-OOrot^MCNroroONN'-'^ O 

<: cT NO M -<" rf >^\o'" 'to' NO -t o" " i-T CO 

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N ■*■*■< Ln««o OO -"Lo-^O « voo t^ ui ro Lo 
<^ r-- (S 'to <^ r^ rt t^co u~, r^oc O t^ O X O lOco 
SvXOON'-'OONN'trO— "-"NNOn OnKO N O O 

<; t-^oo' On «^ O" fT iri u^ N o" cTo Oo' lo "O 'f rC q" n' 
■> 11 CIX ror^N O ON— rO't LOCC 1 O t^ ON O O O 
-<- — « — niiiiiirOMNNrorO'^ 

.O ONfOfOi 't^oN Lniy-iNCO r^ "to lo n On OnO 

u-iO -" OO CN'tNLoO^O ON JC t^ O X) ro ro Tt rD 
S « m' n - « - «' -" n" «-" - « 

t^ Looo ON M M On <^ ON r^ r^/O coo co N O oo O cx3 
LO O f O t^ t^ 1^00 '■'jr^'tLnO Onhc/D n « ■^r^vo 
O X N 1 VO roo roo roror) cni^o ror^O r^i 

_c- 't Ln t~»>0 00 1 ron O 'tN t^^mrO'tN r^N rON 

8't -^O O r^O O "^O CO —OO N "tONONnl^N 
N ■^ ON r-^ 1^ r^oo O "-1 rot^u-jn m— r^O t^O 

k O "^ w O rOO ON ro O N On 't rOO 't <-0 u^ to n C<j 

"S otf O 'tx^ rixT o" fOc<r rf -^yS o^^^lorCN'o^rCdN 
^ r^ r-o N On -to u-)t^-*ri von 5 u-, xt-ZC X u-j ro "t 
^ « « ro 'to n ONO OnO <~00 MX MX 'tO 't t^ 

. 'tX OOOXt^rO«Mt^ — O — MMO LOX O 
^ On O OnX ri t^ « t^X t~^ N ro O M r^ O t^ t-^ n t^ 
k MO_^l^'tX t^r^M ■^ ONO O "tMO ONr^t^XO 
S: 1^ ONO O O '^ cT 'f (^o" Lo Lo m" O 11 "t tCx LT) u-i 
^ O t-~ U-) j-^c<0 ON u-)X M-HOr-^rONONiMONt^'t 
rv^f"!::'" '^ n — Mro—M 

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; -^ \y^\3 ro 'to rorOTt"-MONN_ ._ .__. 

XX O O t^ ro rOX OMnMOMONMrON— t^ 

O O '"O r^ ro 't 1 ro t^ 't u^ '"'^ Lo 1 o d n 

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X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 


Delmar's Merca2s"tile Manual akd Business Guide. 















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(3 CO^O T}-C<1 U-) t^ u-iCO " OO i-O N lOOO M O '^ "-i ^ N 

•^ '? '^ ^ ^ "~.^ •* M ONvo O ro t^ '-I ON lonO r^ O O 

"> o>j-iod''^u-)cf.w T? :<r o' d" fo t^ " N d ro -^^ ^ 

~ 1 ^^ " ^* M r^ N r^so CO '-I «- •*(» 00 •"^ "^ On ro 
5; n •-■u-iroor^i-i OnoO On O " i^ N f'OCO Th ro ir^^C 

fN I-IM|_|_ M^Hwww t^ONO 

j^ ., ^ \-n\J~i O roON"" 1- >- On'O fO r^OO N u-i On ro ►- 

■ ^ O ro i-o On li-,\0 vo CO fO — CnOO m m O co ■-< O O 

5 N -^ ''^ "^ '^ ^ '*^ Tj- N vO Lo ONOO « i-c ro\0 wi M 

■^ ' ^ " '^^ ^ dod c/j" Ncf'fNOi-or^i/iinu^i-rt-C 

^ N ro ri i^vo NO i-nc<; t1-»jiN m '■'^>-oONMc<oir)Ti-'<d- 

Q, ro M C/D On M •- t^^ OCn" rOO ii -rl-NvO 

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•-iNOr^'-'i-iOONO OncO OnN O Qi^l^i-' rt-t^ONO 
'^ On ■* On l^co rOLoroioONO NC/0 w^t^N CnM O "^ 
^ O lonO ro lOVO "^OO "^ "^ 1-OnO OOOnO rOQ f> t^*^ 
"> tC t^NO vcT N «-" rf irjc/T OnnO^ OCcTu-ii-I^'^dN'^d On 
rv « ■^OO NO -^N •^l^-^rOrO'^t'^roN rO'^ro 


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■^ UIVO 0>-nONN r^C/DOOu-lONM N "t^iO'd-ONM"^ 

'v ro CNV3 On CO u-l O M t^OO "- tn LOQO o "^ ^^ O •* 

^ rOLot^'^cO'-H M i^"^ u^nO no "hvo ro^ roONNOO 

^ w rC d" t-^ " CO 0\ rC p-T CO iJ^ pT ■4-no" r^, irioo tC "" O 

< w N M N '*cot)-N con cococo ■^oo <^^ OO O r^ 



"■ CnnO OnO O) (^"^■^O ""NO O^ coC/0 coo —I C-1 i-i r) 

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"> Lo O no" c5nOO o'^ >^ cono" lO •^no'^OO' r^ On tC On O- COnO 
,< O ONOCO rou-iO Ono -^vo 00 co n tj-co no co -^ r;. 

kN NO CO C^ M i_ ^ w-i\o >-OC/0 NO l/^ CO N CO 'T CO 

'-I CO •* "-> ONOO CO'+N O COO t^N t)-nO "^C(0 N O ^ 
k i-cvo "-iP) N rj-ONCJN— i^co OO — coN — OOnOn 
^ ONcot^NNO 'd-O M ri O On« onOncoO ^^oO i>^ i-^ 
~^ rfcTr^coco-^d^'^ i^vo" oc>-tCi-<^vodco ONt^'^ 
c/D N lONO rj- f) rj O CONO TfNO N ■^u-icOi-1 r^ON^o 

-^ ^j Vi u jvi^ ^ 1.1 VI v^ 

tZ OnO "NO I'lt^t^O "lO" COON"" coOn ionO 00 CO 
. w) CO On 't lOCiO c« O cOnO rJ-cOTj-"-i "- On — CO O "■ 
§ OnnO O no t^ t^ M O N cooO t-^NO 'd- f4 C^ ^-'^ ^ ^ 

::^ »r^rrd\cot^"-' cnno' m" d^ "^ on -^ co on ^^no" "^ on 

■i r^ioO t-^"- uir^ t~^NO NO ON — CO O COO^COOC/3NO 

ON O CO t-^NO Tl- CO t-» COnO loco CO lO CONO Np CO — tJ- 

d^ lo rC cT ^ O NO NO locoOiot^Ti-o ■^<-o d^No" t--^ 
►H "-"-if)MCO"-NOr<C^LoOCO OnnO O "-• CO 

►1 f) C^ "-C N "« 

J^ CO M C/D lO O^nO CO -tj- lO i- O iOnO I^ P) M "« OnCO NO 
•V COO^»-| ■rl-CO'J-ON LOCO M "^nO OnOO CO On On t^nO "h 
^\0 ►" M M cor^ON"" CO lOOO CO On N tJ- lo t^ t^ TJ-00 

"^ lo T? co"^ t^ "^ ►- NO O d"NO fj co'~ CO t^ r^ coNo' r^ t-^ tC 
rs NLO"H "H ■>tLO'<a-cOM f4 TtNO OloO^-OOnOOn 

<-> P) ""NO M COCO"" ONt^ioO ""CO OnO MNO r^"" PI 

k r^ t^ •*co u^t^CNP^oo i^mnono ONrf-^oo t^oD 
^ r^ O -" "" M CONO lowii-i t^iocoo t^""CO LO"" ON 

■> co" lonO* CO n r^ pT fT t? d~ 0\ t? CO prNo' 'f rf o' p^ pT 
—- cor^ON'^O "" OCO t^P4 t^p) pi t^OvO Cjn-" lO'^ 

.NO ►" t^O "" Ononis t)-cO i^iopi T}-'>d-0NONPI ""lo 
^'PInOtH^OOOP) i^nO ONCO LOO ■+t-.r^^POr^ 
j; c/3 "" CO r^ OWi^ •tj- r^ CO Lo t^co t^i-c "" t^LoONTj-Lo 
1^ 00 OO"0O t^ pT t-^ CO CO pT 0>nO O i>0 O On "-^no'^Oo" pT ►- 
^lO"""" Nt^LOTj-COPtTJ-'^COTj-rt-COP) ^)-NO tJ- 

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On O "" N CO tJ- lonO 1^00 On O "" N CO ■* lonO t^OO 
NO ^^t^^^t^t^^^r^r^t^ t-^co oooooooooooooooo 































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I r>, Tt On N rj- ^tOO vo m >- Ost^ •< O 

On "- "J-i:/; t^oo CN O o f O O f o •- (^ OncO ro ■r)- C3NCO 

§ ^^v:'~ rf cf rOvo~ M c-r O i^xT t-^ royfco" « ro cT ■* ro 

~v. m u->0 'i- r-~0 rO 1-0 M CN CI r'-.cO O VO 00 00 00 '-' M 

N I- O •+ ro N Tt- O O Tt- vo fl ro Tj-::o ro ui tJ- « O 

— CNN •-< O 'i-CN^^^ "+vo 00 N O tJ- r^ t^ OsvO >i 
i-ovn"i O r^u-iTtOO Mvo r^r^ roco tJ- ir^ lo r- m 

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5 "^ c>.^" d^^ rovo" rC cT ►- (Sm dNCrC\'^i~^^'~orO 

^ O OnX) r) m O N CO On rO ►" pi " M t^ '-' r^ M <:^ On 

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^"Nt^O-t-OONO" r^oo r^ O O r-.0O ^CO 
• CO VO O CO O P) M t--vO ro tI-OO CO tJ- -:)-^ ^ ^ r-.CO 
r; On t--. o ■+ ON iJ-iO t-^ 1^ « "^vO r^oo i-^ O On o o_^ 

■-2 i^=£. " «NO00 ro'to « onOnton Onco o ^ rr-co 

T^ O "-' OnO tJ- roco "1 N PJ N r^vO N N >-< pOI-^ On 
. O -^O "" O Niou^u^rONCO O ON'-'t~~-PO"^'-' ^ 
;-> u^NO rO On -^ CTn O On t^\0 rONO wn pi PI O 00 ■* " "^ 
5 ci^pTu-NCDvO^PrrCt^fO^rni/vprONp t^ D t^ ^ 5^ 

vo "I O ro ir^vo CO ON-+P) ►- l^rorOONi-' O Onu-iQ 
^' NO CO On pOnO rt-CO t^PI r^PlNOCO 11 O O'PJnO ^O 
kNO ON" PI OnOnpino LOlJ^O^T|-l^"^PO^-~T^lO'■<-)P^ 

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T}- O NO CO NO NO OnnO CO ThPOThu-iONONi-i •rhi-ico ro 
r0Loi-''-iP)C0N0P>''O0'-i "^NO CTn i-ri t^ " NO ■i 
cT (D rCco NcT OnncTcO rCprrO'^"rCi-<"od-> i-^.no" O 

rJ-NO POPInO — CO PI " >-■ O t^ONON" O ON'rl-Tt-PI 

"HPJP)" — P) HHWl-II-l «-■- l-lMl-l 

u^ O ■-■ O CO O NO rONO PO r-»NO 't "^ ■-< no O pocO "d- 
. • CO ONO O '^ r^NO NO PO PO'O On t^ "1 !-■ tJ-CO PI On P) 

1^ PI --)- ono ■i CO CO o CO NO 00 NO >-■ " PONO n PO ■+ ro 

J; CO ^NO'cirTNO" ■<? CO co" i^No" ■<? lono'no'" on lo ro OnnO tC 

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;^ u-iI^CTNM O r-^ONfOLOfOPI ONi^t-^"u^f^ POvo '-' 

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Onno rt ro 1/1 -I rOCO 1^ OnnO COO'-'t-.roi-ir^PIrh 
. Onco " PI 000 'i-'tON'-iNO •-• On^'-' fO PONO ^ t^ 
;-> PI "H PI CO uOnO pi 'tONOCO i-i t^LDI^uoPICO ON-+ 

^ NO t^NO CTnCO ON'-'COnOnO t--Lou-)0 On "J^nO "^ u^nO 



Delmar's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 






















































































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<-> "O onvO T)-cof) O Oco ■rl-ocoi^'d-'^i-i r) O coco 

k '-'C/0 M MM3CO)-00 MCOVO M COO O^OO 0"^C<l 
^ 1-^ CO^O U1 >- ^O lO M ^ N r^^ l^t^M O i-i Tf^N 

■^ O CO d\ -^y^ rTco 

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t^CO P) Tt- Tl- LO rt- 

■^ »- VO ON r^ M COC/D i-i COU^u^uM^r^r^t^T^COM ■LTi 
!^ t^ M 1-. 11 CO O r^C<0 CO >- iri N CO ONV3 rj- t^ Tj- O CO 
~ tJ-O """^i,"" t-^u-iTl-i-i OCO M COO M COt-^ONO 

-~^ cT d~i 1- in c5> i-<^ ctn^cTvo' >j^ tCvo CO -cf rT coc/f CO c-r in 

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k^ww wwwi-iMi-i(ST^^rtN COVO OO t^ CO 

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f) -* On on CO r-~ l _ _ _ - . ._. . , 

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w t^cocNic/D •*"- t^t^inON"" oco in r+co 


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NO -+ J^CO CO M O ON O CO t-.NO " O T)-:0 t^-CO « Tf- 

in>-i i^t-^coM O ^t^"NO loco Q t^ coco OnnO r-. 

On ►- in CS O ON inco t^NiOt^MO'+LOMVOi-in 


■^ 00 ND CO n CO in n no \d^ rC rT rT >- on rToo^NO^No" rf p-T 


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Thco >- O On OnnO m ONCg i^CO co ^ tJ-CO O t^CO CO 


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1-coocO) "-C/D r-i-ico N t^coo Oncs onO mONi^i-c 

in T? rC ff p-^ « inNo' 'f N rC o t;Cco''co'" o'no" pF cJn •«? 


►Hin-* OnQnO^p) r^co co no no lono M On o t^ 



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ON O M M CO t)- i/^NO t^CO On O ^ N co tJ- ionO t^OO 
NO t^r^r^r-~i^r^t^t^t-~. coc/3cocooooococx3 




















































































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■ CC OO ^C r^ ■'t I- O t^ -t 
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O OO T^ r^ CO Ln vj^ -^ i'^ 

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Tf t^;^ loo 'O 0\0 CO Tf c^ o i~~-co "" O O in >-< in 
■ rtC^roln►-c -^^tN in rnvo i^\0 in O Cn On O m M 
r O CJ> in O O roo CMr^'-'vO N ■'tO M Ommt^in 
te rodNrnd>inNf5'co"cOTfTfrnciNrn-4~tCi-rrnd 

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OioOOm-^NNOt^OO'-'OTr— ^Jt^^Ttin 
. c^vO rno — ■* rn m C\ O -^CO ■* Tl-CO ro r^ t^ OCO 
P rn ^ invo CMnroN ^t— •^t^Mm rovo O M M O 
■a rC ro in in i-^ M vo^ d^^o^-^fnln'->'dlnTfln^^rn"- 
>* ■* O in rn ■+ CN^ m On On T)- in r^ O t^^ N \0 •^- On 
gCO^OrONN «M«NN ,^;o CO On O t^ 

'I ^ "^ ^ " *^ ^ "^ ° "^ " ^ " CO in Tj- OnvO m O 

rC rC>dco M _inco rn >-r\d'0~co rn c?> •? ovd pF d ■^ 

■ com^Or^OOOO 
r inON'-' m^mO Om 
5 CO d^d — rC cf\ doo' — 

:> t^ invO Cn rn O NO rO 

^ « « - « N « 

N nO_ 

N CTn 

t^v3 O m CN M CO •-< 
O r^ O O <■"-■* O N 
in rn ■^ t^ in On M NO 

O — rONiri"-! roi^t^C\CN 

I^ CTn M O M O vo ro O O ■- 

CO inNO M « in t^ "« t-^vo O 

•-I d Cn<^On ivo ONCOCO'oio'dN'-'rnd'-cfv 

" ^"^ '^ ~ r-; ON ■+ in N N CO ONticO M 

^^^y^M p-iMOOM 




Delmae's Mercaktile Manual and Business Guide. 











































































q_ q_ q_ q_ q^ 

CTn O O On r^ 
« O O T}- O 
CO C]^ ui uo 1>N 

§■0 vo 

O « O 
^ 0^ O 
0^ M LT) 

N CTs 
m O 

O O O »^co t--. lo O 
ro C> On r^vo 0> rOCO 
IT) "" vo rj- >- On N 

Tt CO 

O u~.'0 
O "-1 M 

M On 

C\ O i-i N ro •* vnvO r^CO On 






No. 3.— Statement showing the Values of IMPORTS of MERCHANDISE 
States during the Year ending June 30, 1888, to the Spanish West 
Indies, Mexico, the Central American States, the United States of 
Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, the Argentine Republic, Chili 
and Peru, respectively, compared with like IMPORTS and EXPORTS 
from and to the same Countries, into and from the United Kingdom 
during the Calendar Year 1887, and into and from France, Germany 
and Spain during the Calendar Year 1886. 




Into the 

Into the 




Into Ger- 
many, a 


Asphaltum or bitumen, crude 
Chemicals, drugs and dyes . . . 

Cocoa, crude 


Copper, and manufactures of. 

Fruits, including nuts 

Hides and skins 



Leather, and manufactures of. 

Spirits, distilled 


Sugar and molasses: 



Tobacco, and manufactures of 


Manufactures of 

Wood, and manufactures of. . 
All other articles 



































' 16,898 
















a Imports from total West Indies. 


b Not specified. 

Chemicals, drugs and dyes 
















Copper ore 

Flax, hemp, jute, and other vegetable 





Hides and skins 


Silver ore 





Tobacco, and manufactures of: 










Manufactures of 



Wood, and manufactures of 

All other articles 








a Not specified. 

b Classified as " Ores of precious metals." 

c Includes the imports into Germany from Central America. 


Delmak's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 

No. 3.— IMPORTS AND EXPORTS of DoxMestic Merchandise, etc.— Cont'd. 



Into the 


Into the 

























Fancy goods: Feathers, ornamental. . . . 
Hides and skins 


Suf^ar, brown 

I ".365 


Wood, and manufactures of 


All other articles 





«i, 187,146 



a Imports from Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras. 

b The imports into Germany from Central America are included with the imports into Germany 
from Mexico. 


Breadstuffs : Wheat 

Chemicals, drugs and dyes. . . . 



Cotton, raw 

Fruits, including nuts 

Hides and skins 

India rubber and gutta-percha. 

Silver ore 

Tobacco, leaf 

All other articles 

























1 14,386 




1,294,500 4,900,742 




a The imports into Germany from the United States of Colombia are not separately stated. 


Chemicals, drugs and dyes. . . 



Copper ore 

Cotton, raw 

Hides and skins 

Wood, and manufactures of. 

All other articles 





















a The imports into Germany from Venezuela are not separately stated. 

Bones, hoofs, horns, etc 


Chemicals, drugs and dyes 



Cotton, raw 

Fancy goods 

Flax, hemp, jute, and other vegetable 


Fruits, including nuts 


Hides and skins 

India rubber and gutta-percha 


































a Not specified. 



No. 3.— IMPORTS AND EXPORTS of Domestic Merchandise, etc.— Cont'd. 



Wheat flour 

All other 

Chemicals, drugs, dyes and medicines.. 


Copper, and manufactures of. 

Cotton, manufactures of , 

Earthen, stone, and china ware 

Fancy articles 



Flax, hemp, and jute, manufactures of . . 


Glass and glassware 

Iron and steel, and manufactures of.. . . , 
Jewelry, and manufactures of gold and 


Leather, and manufactures of 

Malt liquors , 

Paints, and painters' colors 

Paper and stationery 

Provisions, comprising meat and dairy 



Silk, manufactures of 


Spirits, distilled 

Umbrellas and parasols 

Vegetaljles, including pickles, etc 


Wearing apparel 

Wine '. 

Wood, and manufactures of 

Wool, manufactures of 

All other articles 



From the 





























1. 253.714 


From the 























many, rt 



































a Exports to total West Indies. 


b Not specified. 

Agricultural implements 





1, 0:56,462 







Chemicals, drugs, dyes, and medicines. . 






Cotton, manufactures of 




Earthen, china, and glass ware 

Fancy articles 

Fish . 



Flax, hemp, and jute, manufactures of.. 



Gunpowder and other explosives 

India rulibcr and gutta-percha, manu- 
factures of 



Instruments and apparatus for scien- 
tific purposes 

b Exports from the United States to Mexico are defective, embracing only exports in vessels. 


Delmae's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 

No. 3.— IMPORTS AND EXPORTS of Domestic Merchandise, etc.— Cont'd- 

MEXICO— Continued. 


Iron and steel, and manufactures of. . . . 

Jewelry, and manufactures of gold and 

Leather, and manufactures of 

Malt liquors 

Musical instruments , 

Mineral, refined 

All other 

Paper and stationery 

Provisions, comprising meat and dairy 


Silk, manufactures of 

Spirits, distilled 

Sugar, refined , 

Tobacco, leaf 


Wearing apparel 


Wood, and manufactures of 

Wool, manufactures of 

All other articles 

Total 9,242,188 


From the 















From the 























^960, 330 








a Includes books, b Not specified, c Includes the exports from Germany to Central America. 






























Chemicals, drugs, dyes and medicines. . 

Flax, hemp and jute, manufactures of.. 

131. 517 


Gunpowder and other explosives 

Iron and steel and manufactures of. . . 



Jewelry, and manufactures of gold and 

Leather and manufactures of 



Oils: Vegetable 

Paper and stationery 

« 1 3, 854 

Provisions, comprising meat and dairy 











Wood, and manufactures of 

Wool, manufactures of 


All other articles 









a Includes books and engravings /' Not specified. cThe exports from Germany to Central 

America are included with the exports from Germany to Mexico. 



No. 3.— IMPORTS AND EXPORTS of Domestic Merchandise, etc.— Cont'd. 



From the 

From the 





















32, in 







Carriages, horse-cars and cars for steam 








Chemicals, drugs, dyes and medicines. . 


Cotton, manufactures of 






Earthen, china and glassware 

Fancy articles 



Flax, hemp and jute, manufactures of. . 

Gunpowder and other explosives 

India rubber and gutta-percha, manu- 
factures of 




Iron and steel, manufactures of.. 




Jewelry, and manufactures of gold and 

Leather, and manufactures of 



Malt liquors. . 

Oils : Vegetable 


Paints and painters' colors 

Paper and stationery 






Provisions, comprising meat and dairy 

Silk, manufactures of .... 




Spirits, distilled 



Sugar, refined . . . . 

Tobacco, and manufactures of 

Wearing apparel 





Vegetables, including pickles, etc 

Wood, and manufactures of 



Wool, manufactures of 


All other articles 








a Includes books. 

b Not specified. 

c The exports from Germany to the United States of Colombia are not separately stated. 

Mexican Tariff 








The Money, Weights and Measures of Mexico are as follows: 
The money consists of gold and silver. 
The gold coins are $20 and $16 pieces, and are worth in U. S. gold about $19.65 and 

and $15.65, respectively. 
The silver consists of dollars, halves, quarters, dimes and half-dimes. 
The sUver doUar is worth about 86c. U. S. money. 


_,, . , S For Wine =3i Imperial Gallons. 

Ihe Arrooa j po^. on =2| Imperial Gallons. 

The Square " Vara" =1.09 Yara=l Yard. 

The Fanega =li Imperial Bushels. 


The following are the approximate values: 

1 Metre is equal to 3 feet 3-lOths of an Inch. 

1 Decimetre = 4 Inches. 

5 Metres =1 Rod. 

1 Kilometre = 5 Furlongs. 

1 Square :kletre = lOJ Square Feet. 

1 Hectare =2i Acres. 

1 Cubic Metre = i Cord. 

1 Litre = 1 Quart. 

1 I [cctnlitrc. =2^ Bushels. 

1 G r.uuuw. = 15i Grains. 

1 Kilogramme = 2 1-5 Pounds. 






Matamoros, Tampico, Tuxpam, Vera Cruz, Coatzacoalcos, Frontera, Isla de 
Carmen, Campeche aud Progreso. 


Soconusco, Tonala, Salina Cruz, Puerto Angel, Acapulco, Manzanillo, San Bias, 
Mazatlan, Altata, Guayamas, La Paz, Cabo de San Lucas, Bahia de la Magdalena 
and Todos Santos. 


Tijuana, Quitovaquita, Nogales, Sasabe, Palominas, Ascencion, Paso del Norte, 
Presidio del Norte, Piedras Negras, Laredo de Tamaulipas, Guerrero, Mier and 




Soto la Marina (*Tampico); Tecoluta, Nautla, Alvarado, Tlacotalpam, Sante- 
comapam (Vera Cruz); Tonala (Coatzacoalcos); Tenosique (Frontera); La Aguada, 
Villa de Palizada (Isla de Carmen); Champoton (Campeche); Celestum, Isla de 
Mujeres, Isla de Cozumel (Progreso). 


Tecoanapa, Zihuatanejo (Acapulco); Chamela (Manzanillo); Maria Madre (San 
Bias); Topolobampo, Perihuete, Teacapam (Mazatlan); Agiabampo (Guayamas); 
Mulege San Jose del Cabo (La Paz); Isla de Guadalupe (Todos Santos). 



Las Vacas. Pacuacbe (Piedras Negras); Reynosa (Matamoros). 
* The name in parentheses refers to the maritime or frontier custom house on 
which the place named, preceding it, depends. 





General Rules for the Commence of the Republic- 



Art. 1. The ports and the maritime and the frontier custom houses of the United 
Mexican States are open to the commerce of all the nations of the world and their 
recognized possessions. 

Art. 2. The importation, exportation, re-exportation and transit of goods will 
be subject to the conditions contained in this law, in the custom house regulations 
and treaties now in force. To which the importers, exporters, consignees, captains, 
supercargoes, crews and others, charged with conducting and keeping the goods, as 
well as the vessels, cars and other means of transportation, will be subject, and that 
relating to the payment of the duties and fines imposed for their violation, from the 
moment they enter the territory or the waters of the nation. 

Art. 3. The importation of foreign goods of any kind into the Republic is not 
prohibited. The importation of war materials may temporarily be prohibited by the 
Executive of tlie Union, and regulated by the War Department at their introduction 
into the country. 

Art. 4. The importers of foreign goods can determine tlie designation of the 
goods in tlio Republic, the transit through the national territory, the deposit, or the 
re-exportation. Tlie carrier of goods can ti'ansfcr them from one vessel to another 
in the waters of the Republic. All these operations are subject to the laws now in 

Art. 5. When any nation is at war with the United Afextcan States, the privileges 
granted in tlie foriuci- articles will ])e snsptmdcd in respect to that nation. 

Special decrees fruni iIk,' Executive will dci'lai't- and i-c^ulale tlie inaniun' of making 

this interdiction. 


320 Delmar's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 

Art. 6. The refusal to obey the Federal Government wherever there may be a 
maritime or frontier custom house, or the occupation of the place by rebellious 
forces, will cause the place to be closed to legal traffic, and thereafter no federal office 
will authorize the dispatch of merchandise for the place mentioned by this order, nor 
receive any coming from such place, until its submission to the federal power. The 
goods on the way to this closed custom house will be received at any custom house 
in accordance with the provisions of this law. Any persons violating the same shall 
be punished as are contrabands under this law, but such punishment shall not render 
them less liable to the other punishments provided for in such cases. 

Art. 7. I. Foreign goods imported into the Republic in foreign vessels shall pay 
the rates, assigned in the tariff of this ordinance, or in their stead those fixed on 
them according to the rules established by this law. 

II. Foreign merchandise imported in national steam or sailing vessels shall enjoy 
the difference in the import duties, according to the law of December 12, 1883, pro- 
vided they have complied with the requirements there indicated. 

III. Of all the import duties there shall be delivered monthly to the Municipal 
Government of the ports or places where the custom houses may be situated, one and 
one-quarter per cent, granted by this law to the said corporations. 

Art. 8. No change in the rates of this tariff or in the system of applying them to 
the goods which have no rate mentioned, can go into operation until after the time be 
fixed by the law which may establish them. The same will be observed in respect to 
all changes which increase the obligations or fines established. 

Art. 9. On the subject of importation, exportation, re-exportation, and transit, 
the Federal Executive power will have, besides its constitutional powers, those detailed 
in the present law. 

Art. 10. The Treasury Department is the only one legally authorized to transmit 
to the Federal custom houses the orders for the exemption of duties, as well as all 
classes of dispositions relating to this law. 



Art. 11. The powers conferred upon the Federal Executive, on the subject of im- 
portation, are the following: 

I. To declare free from the payment of duties all kinds of merchandise which 
come expressly for the public use of the Federation, and of the several departments, 
provided that any of them order the goods from some functionary or Federal employe 
abroad, and that he shall be the direct shipper. 

II. To make also the declaration of the exemption of duties, when a citizen com- 
missioned by the Executive makes the purchase abroad, and in this case the goods 
sbould come consigned to the Executive, or some of the departments. Contracting 
with persons or corporations for the free entry of foreign goods, even when they are 
intended for the direct use of the Federation, is prohibited. 

III. To declare exempt from the payment of duties armaments and materials of 
war for the States, provided the Governors solicit the exemption from the Federal 
Executive and in accord with the Legislatures of the States which they represent. 

IV. To authorize in exceptional cases, and when extraordinary circumstances 
demand it, that the importation of the goods may be made at different custom 
houses from those to which the goods were intended. 

Mesicax Tariff axd Custom House Laws. 321 

■ V. To establish by means of decrees for general observance, which the Execu- 
tive cannot change, fixed rates which the goods imported and not included in the 
tariff must pay, and that the rates shall be imposed to correspond with those on 
goods rated. 

These rates will be the results of the operation made in accordance with the 
provisions of the articles of this law relating to the subject. 

VI. To decide, in case of controversy and disagreement of experts, in accordance 
with the requirements of this law. 

VII. To define the articles of this tariff by means of explanations, definitions 
and all that may be thought necessary for the easy comprehension of the rules that 
may be established, so that the meaning given to the law will be the same in all the 
oflices where duties are collected; besides taking into consideration that the rates 
fixed in this tariff will not be modified. 

The decisions which the Executive may give will be published by means of a 
decree, without which requisite they will not be considered legal. 

VIII. The index or vocabulary annexed to the tariff, which embraces the names 
of the different kinds of merchandise, with the numbers by which they are found, will 
be modified by the Executive when in the course of the fiscal year there are modifi- 
cations made which make it necessary, and they will be published by means of 
decrees, placing in the vocabulary all the names of the merchandise which may have 
been added in the previous year. 

IX. To prohibit temporarily the importation or transit of war materials when, 
under the circumstances, it may be deemed necessary. Special decrees will declare 
and abolish this prohibition. 

Loading of Vessels in Foreign Ports. 


rules to which foreign shipments will be subject and the duties 
which they are to pat at mexican ports. 

Art. 12. Vessels of all kinds and nationalities in ballast or loaded with merchan- 
dise, coming to the United Mexican States, should be cleared for some of those ports 
which the Federal Executive has ready for the commerce of the high seas. 

Art. 13. Steam or sailing vessels, national or foreign, can carry passengers, 
mail and cargo, for one or more ports of the Republic, and for foreign ports, or for 
these only, as long as the cargo is entered according to this law at Mexican ports. 

Art. 14. Vessels in ballast coming from a foreign port, and which come with the 
object of fishing or diving on the Mexican coast, or with the purpose of receiving 
and taking passengers and mail, or loading live-stock, wood, or any other national 
product, will go to ports open for the traffic of the high seas, that from some of them 
they may clear for their destination. 

Art. 15. When a ves.sel in ballast requests permission to go and load national 
products at a port where there is no custom liouse cstalilished, the collector may 
grant jjcrmission, provided it comi)lies witli llu; reciuisites expressed in Article 270 of 
this law. 

322 Delmar's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 

Art. 16. Foreign and national vessels can come freely to the ports of the Repub- 
lic to winter, to get water, replenish stores or repair injuries, without being obliged to 
pay tonnage or any other duty, with the exception of pilotage, which foreign and 
national vessels shall pay only when they solicit the services of the pilot; being sub- 
ject to all the provisions of this law. 

Art. 17. National or foreign merchant vessels, steam or sailing, are subject to 
the payment of pilotage, which will be collected by the Captain of the Port, in 
accordance with the orders promulgated by the Department of War and Navy, which 
may be in force at the time of entering. They shall also be subject to the payment 
of light-house taxes when these exist. Said tax shall be as follows: 

I. For steamers loaded with merchandise $100 on arriving, and the same on 

II. For saihng vessels loaded with merchandise $25 on arriving, and the same on 

III. Foreign vessels which, sent out with ballast, arrive directly at some port of 
the Republic in order to load national products shall pay, on leaving, a light-house 
tax of $100 for steamers, and $25 for sailing vessels. 

IV. Vessels which carry merchandise consigned to one or more ports of the 
Republic shall pay the light-house tax but once ; having done this on their entrance 
into the first port where such a tax is collectable, the same shall not again be levied 
at any of the other ports which may be touched for the purpose of unloading the 
rest of the cargo; a proper certificate proving the payment of said tax shall be fur- 
nished, and the custom house receiving the tax shall officially notify the other ports 
at which said vessels propose to stop of said payment. 

Art. 18. Foreign vessels bringing merchandise from abroad, with the exception 
of coal, will pay but once, at the first port which they may touch, the tonnage duty 
which may exist, at the rate of $1..50 for the tons measured, determining the number 
of tons according to the respective regulations of the War and Navy Departments. 

Art. 19. Foreign vessels which come from abroad destined to ports of the Re- 
public, and conducting merchandise and coal, will only pay tonnage dues on the num- 
ber of tons occupied by the merchandise. In order that the ton- 
nage dues, which vessels referred to in this and the previous article must 
pay, may not be charged them again at other national ports, to which they may go 
with any object whatever, the captains will obtain from the custom house which col- 
lected the duty a certificate to prove the payment of said duty. 

Art. 20. The following are exempt from tonnage dues : 

I. Vessels referred to in articles 14 and 16 of this chapter. 

II. Steamships. 

III. Foreign sailing vessels which arrive at the ports of the Republic bringing 
coal only. 

IV. National vessels. 

V. Foreign men-of-war. 

Art. 21. National or foreign vessels after having discharged the merchandise 
which they brought and having paid the corresponding duties are considered as ves- 
sels in ballast, according to Articles 14 and 15, and can engage, under the same regu- 
lations, in the same operations, but the foreign vessels will be subject to the pilot 
dues, and the national vessels only when they apply for a pilot. 

Art. 22. National and foreign merchant vessels, from the moment they enter the 
waters of the Republic, are subject to the vigilance, examination and visits which the 
Mexican Federal custom houses may deem necessary to exercise over them. 

Mexican Tariff axd Custom House Laws. 323 



Art. 23. The captain of every vessel inteudiug to sail to a Mexican port with 
merchandise is obliged to form a general manifest of the merchandise, according to 
form No. 1, found at the end of this law, with others cited in it. The general manifest 
mentioned must contain: 

I. The name of the Mexican port to which the vessel is bouud, the name of the 
captain, the class, nationality, and name of the vessel, the number of tons burden 
expressed in figures and writing, and the name of the consignee of the vessel. 

II. Marks, counter-marks, and numbers of the packages, quantity of packages, 
their class and their corresponding gross weights (expressing tlie quantity in figures 
and writing), kind of merchandise, name of remitters or shippers of each lot, and 
their respective consignees, and the total number of packages expressed also in 
figures and writing. 

III. The name of the port where the merchandise was loaded, the date, and signa- 
ture of the captain, together with a certificate by him according to form No. 1. 

Art. 24. The captains of vessels consigned to order will be considered as con- 
signees of them if they do not designate any person resident at the port who may act 
as such within twenty-four hours after the entering of the vessel in port. Within the 
same time captains can name a consignee resident at the port for the merchandise 
that they have brought to order . If this is not done, the custom house will proceed 
as in the case where no consignee is mentioned, according to Article 44 of this law. 

Art. 25. Should interlineations, erasures or corrections appear on the manifests, a 
fine shall be imposed which shall not be less than $10 nor more than $50. The fol- 
lowing cases shall form the only exceptions : 

I. When they have been altered by the interested parties, with explanatory notes 
placed at the end of the documents before obtaining the certificate mentioned in 
Article 61. 

II. When, notwithstanding the corrections, the several copies of the same docu- 
ment are found to agree. 

III. When the interlinings, erasures, etc., are or fall on matter of no import- 
ance in the liquidation of the duties. 

Art. 26. The captains will present for their certification to the Mexican consul, 
consular or commercial agent residing at the port where the vessel loads, four copies 
of the general manifest of the merchandise which they carry to any port of the Repub- 
lic, leaving three copies of this document at the Consulate or x\gency, and receiv- 
ing from the Mexican functionary the other copy with its respective certification and 
corresponding receipr. 

This copy and receipt captains will bring with them for the purpose mentioned in 
Article 70, Fraction II. 

Art. 27. Should there not be, at the port where the cargo is loaded, any Mexican 
oflBcial authorized to certify a general manifest, the captains shall prepare three cop- 
ies of this document, two of which they shall deposit in the postofiice of the place, 
duly certified or especially recommended to the postmaster, and addressed respect- 
ively, the one to the Secretary of the Treasury in Mexico, and the other to the Col- 
lector of the Custom House of the port of destination; they shall receive therefor the 
receipt proscribed Ijy Fraction II, of Article 6 of the Postal Union, and this, annexed 
to the third coi)y, they shall ])resent at the Mexican custom h(.)use where the vessel 
may unload. 

324 Delmar's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 

Art. 28. In case the vessel Ccarries freight for two or more ports of the Republic, 
the captains vrill form the corresponding manifests for each port in accordance with 
the formalities mentioned in the previous articles. 

Art. 29. The captain is obliged to deliver to the representatives of the custom 
house as soon as these come to visit the vessel before anchoring: 

I. The general manifest of the merchandise which he has for the port he pro- 
poses to enter, with the respective consular receipts or the postal receipts, and cer- 
tification referred to in Articles 26 and 27. 

II. A statement of the packages of samples which he brings in his care (Model 
No. 2). 

III. A hst of the passengers, if he has any (Model No. 3). 

IV. A minute declaration of the stores left, and other articles which he may have 
on board for the service of the ship (Model No. 4). 

Art. 30. I. Should the manifest and consular receipt be entirely wanting, the 
following fines shall be imposed : When the vessels are loaded with merchandise, the 
fines shall be not less than $25, nor more than $.500. When they carry simply ballast, 
it shall vary from $5 to $100, at the discretion of the collector. 

II. The absence of the postal receipt mentioned in Article 27 shall be punished 
in the same manner as though there were no manifests whatever, unless, at the time of 
presenting said manifest, there is found in the custom house of the place to which 
the vessel is destined a corresponding copy of the same. 

III. The failure to deliver the manifest and consular or postal receipts to the cus- 
tom-house official, immediately upon the boarding of the vessel for the purpose of 
searching the same, shall be punished by a fine of from $5 to $25. 

IV. The failure to present any of the other documents mentioned in fractions II, 
III and IV of the preceding article, shall be punished by a fine of from $1 to $10. 

V. All the fines which for the foregoing reasons may be imposed by the custom 
houses remain subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury. 

Art. 31. When the captains comply with the presentation of the general mani- 
fest and the consular or postal receipts with the respective certification, and the cus- 
tom house has not, as yet, received its corresponding copy, the collectors will insist on 
seeing the log-book of the ship, the bills of lading and any other documents that may 
be needed to compare the date of sailing of the ship with the custom house docu- 
ments. If the documents agree as to dates, there will be copies made of the manifest 
presented so as to be able to proceed with the discharge of the cargo, and notice shall 
be given to the Treasury Department so that the cause of the delay may be inquired 
into by the consulate. 

Art. 32. If there should be a difi"erence between the dates of the sailing of the 
vessel and the mentioned documents, and it is not sufficiently proven that the unfore- 
seen events had been the cause of the difference, the collectors will proceed to invest- 
igate what had taken place during the passage, making the passengers (when there 
are any), and the crew of the ship, declare what took place during the trip, giving 
immediate notice of what transi)ired to the Treasury Department for its knowledge 
and resolution. 

The irregularities mentioned in this article will not impede the discharge of the 
cargo nor the sailing of the vessel, if it should be solicited ; provided, always, that the 
captain or his representatives give a bond to the satisfaction of the collector, and 
promising to comply with the decision of the Government. 

Art. 33. When the captains do not present the copy which they should bring; 
and those of the custom house and Treasury Department have been received, the col- 
lector will furnish the captain, at his expense, an exact copy of that in his possession, 

Mexican Taeiff and Custom House Laws. 325 

\vh4ch copy, signed by the captain, will take the place of the one which should have 
been presented on entering the port. 

Akt. 34. The formalities expressed in the previous articles are obligatory on the 
captains even when their vessels come in ballast to the ports of the Republic ; but, in 
case they conduct merchandise to a foreign port, the captains ought to comply with 
the provisions of the following article : 

Art. 35. The captains of vessels carrying merchandise for national and foreign 
ports shall, during their stay, deposit in the custom house of each Mexican port, at 
which they stop, the respective manifests of the other cargoes which they may have 

Aet. 3G. The documents which the captains of the vessels should present accord- 
ing to this law shall be written in Spanish or in the language of the nation to which 
the ship belongs. ' 

Aet. 37. The manifests dated before the sailing of the vessel carrying merchan- 
dise will be considered null by the collectors, who will proceed, in consequence, the 
same way as if these documents were missing. 

Aet. 38. The captains will take care that packages containing samples for Mex- 
ican ports are mentioned in a separate document from the general cargo which they 

Aet. 39. It is the duty of captains to preserve in good condition the seals which 
the custom house ofQcers may place on the hatchways and bulkheads ; the breaking 
of these seals, except when the same shall be proved to have been done without any 
one being to blame, shall be punished witli a fine not exceeding $200 : this fine shall, 
however, be no bar to such other punishments as may be provided for the acts which 
may have been committed. 

Art. 40. It is the duty of captains to show their log books, the bills of lading 
and all other documents which the collectors may require for the purpose of over- 
coming the difficulties; and to treat with due respect the officers which the custom 
house sends on board to watch what takes place on the ship, and consider them as 
first-class passengers. 

Art. 41. During the discharge of a vessel, the captain shall form a ticket of the 
packages discharged and loaded on the launch, giving the details mentioned in Model 
No. 5. This ticket shall be duly numbered and shall be delivered to the man in 
charge of the launch which carries the cargo. 

Art. 42. In the absence of a captain, the persons who legally represent him are 
responsible and have the same obligations as mentioned in tbis chapter. 

obligations of snirrEKs or transmitters. 

Art. 43. The shippers or remitters of merchandise to any port of the Republic 
are obliged to form invoices of the goods wliich they send, even when those are in- 
tended for the public service of the Federation, or of tlio States, or when it refers to 
those articles which this law exempts from duty; the shippers or remitters should 
make one separate invoice for each one of their consignees, forming tluMu in triplicate 
or fiiiadiuplicate, as the case may bo dcterminiMl by this law; they must Ijo in accord 
with ]Modi!l No. 0, and shall contain th(! following: 

I. The class, nationality and name of the vessel, the name of the captain, of tho 
consignee, of the goods, and of the port to which the vessel is bound. 

326 Delmae's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 

II. The marks, countermarks and numbers of the packages. 

III. The number (expressed in figures and letters) of bales, boxes, barrels, or 
other kinds of packages in ■which the cargo is contained, together vrith their re- 
spective gross 'u-eights, which shall also be expressed in figures and letters. 

IV. The net or legal weight (also expressed in figures and letters) of the mer- 
chandise which is to pay duty according to said weights. 

V. The numbers (also expressed in figures and letters) of the pieces, pairs or 
thousands of such goods as are taxed by the piece, pair or thousand. 

VI. The length and breadth (in figures and letters) of the goods which are taxed 
according to the measurement. 

VII. T he length, breadth and weight of the square metre of woolen cloth accord- 
ing to the quality of each lot. 

VIII. The name, kind and class of merchandise mentioned in the manifest 
according to the nomenclature of the tariff or vocabulary, if they are mentioned 
therein ; even more in detail when such mention is not made. 

IX. The nation where the goods are produced, their corresponding values and 
the sum total of the packages. 

X. Name of the place where the invoice is made, the corresponding date, the 
signature of the shipper or remitter affirming to the truth of what he declares, and 
that he proceeds with fidelity and good faith. 

XI. To the end that shippers may intelligently form their invoices, they must 
take into consideration, in declaring the goods, the dispositions established by this 
tariff for the payment of the import duties. 

Art. 4ri. "V\Tien the shippers or remitters omit to express on the consular invoices 
the consignee or consignees of their merchandise, or when they are consigned to 
order, and when the captains of vessels do not make use of the facilities afforded 
them in Article 24 of this law, the collector of the port will be considered as con- 
signee, and will discharge said duty according to the following rules : 

I. The collector of the port will name a person in whom he has entire confidence, 
who will act as provisional consignee of the merchandise, without a consignee, or to 
order. He will see that the general rules of this ordinance are complied with, and in 
the meantime he will wait for the consignee to present himself, until the time for the 
sale of the goods. 

II. The owners of the goods consigned to order, or who have not mentioned a con- 
signee, should present themselves to the collector within twenty-four hours from the 
moment in which the vessel entered port, to prove their indentity, and exhibit the 
corresponding documents, and manifesting, by written declaration, that they accept 
the consignment of the goods. The said time having expired, the above declaration 
will not be accepted, and the collector shall proceed to name a consignee. 

III. If the owners or consignees reside away from the port, they can make it 
known to the custom house by telegraph, and present themselves to verify their 
indentity and right within fifteen days, counting from the day after the custom house 
has taken charge of the ship bringing the goods, in order to folio n^ the custom house 
proceedings from the point at which they are left by the provisional consignee pre- 
viously appointed before the discharge was ordered. 

IV. In all cases where the name of the consignee does not appear on the manifest 
of the ship, or is consigned to order, or when the consignee named or the collector of 
the port has taken charge of the consignment, the discharge of the ship will be made, 
and the goods shall not be stored without a previous examination of them to prove 
their agreement with the consular invoice of the custom house ; should the custom 
house not have received said invoice, the description of the goods shall be reduced to 
writing, as provided in the next section. 

MEXicA>r Tariff a^'d Custom House Laws. 327 

Y-. The examination spoken of in the previous fraction will be made by the officer 
appoinred by the collector, who will witness this examination, and, besides the 
collector, or the officer appointed in his stead, the provisional consignee, and the 
captain of the vessel which brought them, should he desire it, making a declaration 
in triplicate, which they will sign, as to the result of the examination. Immediately 
after they will proceed to close and tie the packages with wire, and seal them with 
leaden seals in such a way that they cannot be opened without destroying the seals, 
and they will store them separate from other goods in store. 

YI. All expense incurred by the examination, sealing, unloading, transit, etc., 
will be for account of the consignees or owners of the goods, should these have to be 
sold in accordance with the provisions of this law. 

Art. 45. Shippers of goods may unite into a single package a number of bales, 
boxes, bags, bundles, or other kind of packages containing the same kind of stuffs, 
provided that in the consular invoice the number of said packages be set forth. 
Should the latter be wanting, and should the error not be corrected within the time 
allowed the consignees by Art. 109 of this law, double duties shall be charged upon 
the goods contained in the packages not appearing on the manifest. 

The following are excepted: 

I. Merchandise naturally bulky and generally tied together, as iron bars, metal 
plates or sheets, shingles for roofs, shooks or other similar goods. 

II. Boxes containing petroleum or coal oil, olive oil, and other like goods which 
generally come in, large cans. 

III. Pieces of dry goods in bales or boxes, bottles, vessels and flasks containing 
alimental substances, drugs, perfumery, etc., and in general small packages, bags, 
boxes, or any class of packages under one cover. 

Art. 4G. On the consular invoices, the gross and net weight of packages of mer- 
chandise containing different kinds of goods, or differently packed, shall be sep- 
arately expressed. Neither shall bundles containing dry goods, nor cotton, linen, 
woolen or silk stuffs, be united into a single lot, if the difference in weight between 
some of them exceeds ten (10) kilogrammes. 

Unless the consignees claim the benefit of the exemption of Article 109, the viola- 
tion of the present article shall be punished by the imposition of double duties upon 
such goods as may be contained in the package or packages improperly declared 
in the manifest. 

Art. 47. Neither shall the average width of dry goods paying duty by the square 
metre be used, if the ditlerence between tlie same exceed five centimetres. 

Tlie violation of this provision shall be punished by the imposition of double 
duties upon that portion which is improperly declared; provided, always, that 
the interested party shall not correct the same within the time allowed by Article 109. 

A UT. 48. Interlineations, erasures, corrections or amendments shall not be allowed 
in the consular invoices subject to a fine of from $5 to $50 for each violation of this 

These mistakes will only l)e tolerated in tlic following cases : 

I. When they have been correct(Ml l)y the interested parties, with notes 
explaining them, which will be placed at the cud of the document l)cfore obtaining 
the certification treated of in Articles 01 and 02. 

II. Wiien, notwithstanding the corrections, the diHrrcnt copies of the same 
document are found to agree. 

III. When said interlineations, erasures, vXc, affect matters which in nowise 
relate to or may bo used in fixing the amount of the duties. 

328 Delmar's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 

Art. 49. The shippers of merchandise, when they remit in one package several 
kinds of goods paying different duties, besides declaring in the consular Invoice the 
gross weight, will also declare the exact net weight of each of the articles which 
the package contains, to the end that the distribution will be proportional between 
the tare of the merchandise contained in the packages. Should any one or more of 
these requirements be lacking, there shall be charged upon the weight of the whole 
package the duty corresponding to the article paying the highest tax, unless the 
consignee in due time correct his declaration. 

Art. 50. The remitters of packages containing samples will not need the consular 
certificate on their invoice. It will be sufiBcient to express on them whether they have 
value or not, the class of the goods, the gross weight of the packages, their marks and 
numbers, and the name of the consignee. (See Model No. 7.) 

In case said samples, so sent, belong to that class which by this law are made sub- 
ject to the payment of import duties, if the consignee fail to declare in the invoice 
the class, quality, and other details descriptive of said goods, the same shall be con- 
sidered as wanting on the invoice, and shall be subject to the payment of double 

Art. 51. The shippers of goods will present, before the sailing of the vessel, four 
copies of each invoice to the consul, consular or commercial agent of Mexico resident 
at the port from which the goods are shipped, or from the port where the vessel loads, 
leaving three copies at the consulate, and receiving the other from the consul with 
its certification and corresponding receipt. This copy of the consular invoice and its 
receipt should be sent to the consignee of the merchandise, that he may be able to 
comply with the requisites of this law at the Mexican port. 

Art. 52. The impossibility of having the consular invoice certified at the place 
from which the goods are sent, on account of there not being a Mexican consul at 
that place, will be substituted by the certification by said officer at that port where 
the goods are shipped, and in case there should be no Mexican consul or commercial 
agent at either of the places named, the custom house will proceed as provided in the 
following article. 

Art. 53. In places where there are no Mexican consuls or commercial agents 
the shippers will form their consular invoices in triplicate, and in other respects in 
accord with the previous rules, sending them the same day by registered letter, or 
recommended by the postofiflce of the place (fraction II, of Article 6, of the Postal 
Union) one to the Treasury Department, and the other to the custom house at the 
port or ports to which the goods are sent. 

The sender will take care to exact from the postmaster the corresponding receipt, 
which he will send the consignee at the port where the goods are remitted, that he 
may present it, with the other copy of the invoice, when he asks for the dispatch of 
the goods. ^ 

Art. 54. The omission of the consular invoice, which the consignee of the goods 
should present, together with the receipt attached to it by means of the seal of the 
consulate, will be punished by the imposition of double duties upon the goods 

Art. 55. If the consignee should present his consular invoice, with the receipt 
attached, and the custom house has not received its copy, there will be a copy of it 
made by the custom house to place on file; but if he does not have it to present, and 
the custom house should have its copy, the omission shall be supplied by the con- 
signee obtaining a true and exact copy of the one found at the custom house, sub- 
scribing the same with his signature and placing thereon a stamp of the value of 
fifty cents for each page of the ordinary size, which shall be canceled by the custom 

Mexican Tariff axd Custom House Laws. 329 

house when the corresponding presentation and certification of the document is made. 
These cases shall all be reported to the Treasury Department. 

Art. 56. "When goods come from a place where there is no Mexican consul or 
consular agent, and the vessel conveying the goods also comes from a port where 
there is no Mexican representative, the presentation of the postal receipts is indis- 
pensable, and it can only be overlooked when the custom house and the Treasury 
Department have received their corresponding copies. In case the invoice presented 
to the consignee of the goods be not in accord (either by reason of addition or sub- 
traction) with those in possession of the custom house and Treasury Department, 
there shall be imposed a fine of double duties upon such articles in respect to which 
said differences exist in said invoices. 

Art. 57. In case of the omission either of the custom house invoice, or of that 
of the interested party, or of the Treasury Department, the custom house will proceed 
in same manner as with the consular invoices. 

Art. 58. The custom house invoices should be written in Spanish, or they can 
be made out in any other known language when the shippers are totally ignorant of 
the oflBcial language of the country. 

Art. 59. Any mistake committed on the consular invoices will be punished by the 
collectors with the penalties established by the articles relating to them. 

Art. 60. The consignee of ships will be responsible, accordiug to law, for the 
mistakes made by the shippers or remitters of merchandise. 



Art.. 01. The duties of consuls or consular agents of the Republic in foreign coun- 
tries in matters relating to the observance of this law are as follows : 

I. To receive the four copies of the manifest for their certification before the sail- 
ing of the vessel, and not after; to examine if the total number of packages is cor- 
rect, and if all the copies agree, if they have properly explained at the end of any cor- 
rections, interlining or erasures, or if the signatures are alike. 

II. To certify each of the four copies directly under the last line written, declar- 
ing that they have been received, the name of the captain who signs the manifest 

the number of packages on the manifest, the number of pages the manifest consists 
of, the date of presentation, that it has the seal of the consulate, and if it has any 
notes, and in what number, date and signature, at the end. (Model No. 8.) 

III. One of said four copies of the manifest shall be returned to the interested 
party with a receipt attached thereto, made out in the form indicated by model No. 
1, and which is made a part of this law. Said receipt should contain the serial 
number corresponding to said manifest, the date of its delivery and the seal of the 

IV. The Mexican consuls and consular agents are obliged to show this law to 
any ])ci'Kon asking Ibr it, and to give tlic cai)taiiis and 8hii)pers all the data and 
information ])()s.sil)]c iT'gardiiig the laws of llic ('(111111 1\ and tlic rciniisites exacted 

by the nation in its international connuerce. 

\. The consuls are authorized to stamps, with blank spaces to bo filled in 
writing, as long as they inform the Treasury Department of it, and send an impres- 
sion of the stamp they have adopted. 

330 Delmar's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide, 

Art. 62. The obligations mentioued iu the previous articles respecting the mani- 
fests of vessels which the captains present to the consuls to certify are applicable to 
the invoices which the remitters or shippers present to him. 

Art. 63. The three manifests and invoices which, iu compliance with this law, 
the captains and shippers should leave with the consuls, they will dispose of as fol- 

I. They will form t^o collections, subdivided in groups, including in each one 
the manifest and the invoice corresponding to the same vessel and to the merchandise 
intended for the same port. These groups of manifests and invoices should be sent 
registered, through the postoffice of the place and by the vessel to which the docu- 
ments refer, provided this be a steamer, to the Treasury Department and to the 
collector or collectors of the custom houses of the ports for which the vessel carries 
merchandise. If the vessel carrying the merchandise is not a steamer, they will 

avail themselves of the first direct mail to make the remission of the documents. 

II. With the third copy ol the manifest and the third lot of invoices they shall 
form two dispatches, in which those documents shall separately appear iu the same 
order as is followed in the stub books. 

Art. 64. The consuls are strictly prohibited, under the responsibilities and penal- 
ties mentioned iu Article 381, from certifying manifests or invoices after the sailing 
from the port of the vessel or merchandise to which those documents refer. 

Art. 65. The consuls are also strictly prohibited from giving copies of manifests 
or invoices which they have certified, under the penalties included in the article pre- 
viously menti oned. 

The only certificate which a consul can give is that which certifies that the mani- 
fests and invoices were duly presented, or that the corresponding receipts had been 
given, or auy other act registered iu the consulate ; these they can give at all times 
to the interested i)arties, stating the number of the manifest, invoice or receipt to 
which the certificate may reter. 

Art. 66. For the fulfillment of Fraction II, of Article 61, and for other similar 
uses, the consuls will have a special stamp, which will say, " Consulate of the United 
Mexican States at . " 

Art, 67. The consuls will charge for the certification of the documents which the 
captains and shippers of goods may present them the following rates : * 

I. For certifying a manifest referring to a vessel carrying merchandise to the 
Republic, $10. 

II. For certifying a manifest referring to a vessel going in ballast, $4. 

III. For certifying each set of custom house invoices, $4. 

IV. For any certificate which they may give to the captains or shippers, $2. 

Y. When the certificates referred to in the previous fraction are required in 
duplicate, triplicate, etc., they will charge for each extra copy $1. 

The amounts collected by the consuls or consular agents for certificates of all 
kinds should be paid at the time of certification, in the current coin of the country 
in which said consuls or consular agents reside — reference being had to the 
accompanying table, at the end hereof, which fixes the value of the various foreign 
moneys as compared with the Mexican dollar, which is the monetary unit of our 

Art. 68. The consuls should place exactly the same certification on each of the 
four copies of the manifest or invoice, without charging more than the rates mentioned 
in the previous article. 

Mexican Takiff and Custom House Laws. 331 

Art. 69. The Mexican consuls are also obliged : 

I. To inquire into all the circumstances of importance respecting the mercantile 
expeditions directed to ports of the Republic, especially those proceeding from the 
place Tvhere they reside. 

II. To send to the Treasury Department a monthly statement of the number of 
vessels cleared for Mexican ports, with the number of manifests and invoices cor- 
responding to each vessel, as is set forth in Model No. 9. 

III. To send also a notice of the number of vessels arriving at the port where 
they reside from Mexican ports, together with all the details set forth in Model No. 10, 
and such others as he may deem of interest. 

IV. Lastly, to send to the Treasury Department, on the first days of the mouth, 
the notices mentioned in fractions II and III of this article, and duplicate notices of 
the prices current of the merchandise at the place where they reside. 

A copy of the current prices should be dispatched to the collectors of custom 
houses whenever there are documents to be sent. 


Duties of Captains of Foreign Vessels and Their Consignees at Mexican 

Custom Houses. 


aerital and discharge of vessels coming from foreign ports. 

Art. 70. The duties of the Mexican Federal custom house at ports open to traffic 
of the high seas, respecting vessels, will begin from the moment these enter the ports, 
and immediately after the visits of the health ofQcer and captain of the port, made in 
compliance with the Naval Ordinance. The custom houses mentioned will observe 
the following rules on the arrival of the vessels: 

I. As soon as the ship nears the anchoring place and the doctor of the board of 
health and the captain of the port make their visits, the employes of the custom 
house will go to the ship and remain near by until the i^epresentative of the above- 
mentioned ])oard declares the ship free. Having received this information, the cap- 
tain of the port and the employes of the custom house whom the collector has 
selected will board the ship under a commander or any person acting as such. 

II. The commander of the said custom house officers, or the person acting for 
him, shall collect from the captain of the vessels the documents enumerated in Article 
29 of this ordinance, for which shall be executed the corresi)()nding receijjt (Model 
No. 14). This done, whenever the same may be considered practicable and advisable, 
he should at once order the hatchways and bulkheads to be closed and sealed; whicli 
having been doue, he shall thereupon retire with his aids, unless unforeseen circum- 
stances refjuire that, for greater security and vigilance, said employ6s remain on 
board, in which case the captain of the vessel, at the request of the connnander, shall 
consent to their remaining on board, and shall show them all the attention which 
Arlii-li' 10 pi'cscribes. 

111. Jnuiiodiutely upon returning ashore, the counnander of the custom house 
officials, or the i)er8on who has been acting Ibr hini, shall proceed to make a detailed 
report of all that may have occurred during the said visit, delivering the said report 

332 Delmar's Mekcajsttile Manual and Business Guide. 

personally to the collector, together with the documents received from the captain of 
the vessel of (Model No. 12.) 

IV. The documents required by this law having been delivered to the custom 
house, and being found in accordance with it, the discharge of the cargo will be per- 
mitted as soon as it is requested, according to the provisions of this chapter. If any 
document is missed, or any of the requisites have not been complied with, the collector 
will request the captain of the vessel, or its consignee, to appear at the office, for 
the purpose of informing him of the mistake or mistakes found, and the legal means 
by which they can be remedied or lessened, and the fines which this law imposes, 
proceeding in this matter according to the rules established by it, 

V. If the vessel, during the voyage, should meet with accidents which caused 
diminution of the cargo expressed in the documents, as the throwing overboard or 
sale on account of having to put into any port, the captain will inform the boarding 
ofiScer as soon as he visits the ship. The officer will immediately take copy from the 
log-book of these facts, which he will certify, requesting the passengers and crew, or, 
in their stead, three or five persons, to present themselves before the collector as soon 
as possible, to enable him to make the corresponding investigation. 

In case it shall be necessary to sell the cargo at a port where the vessel has been 
obliged to put in, the captain will deliver to the custom house a certificate from the 
authorities of the port where the sale took place, making affidavit to that effect, and 
have it certified by the Mexican consul at that port, if there is one residing in it. 

The directors will make a record of the investigation which he makes, examining 
separately the captain and each one of the passengers and crew designated. If, in 
his judgment, he thinks that, by the testimony and investigation, the accidents which 
took place were accounted, he will so declare it, informing the Treasury Department 
of his decision, and will proceed to discharge the vessel, without charging duties for 
the merchandise sold or thrown overboard; but, in case the collector thinks that the 
course taken by the captain is not proved to his satisfaction, judging by the documents 
or from any other cause, he will send all the information he has in the case to the 
District Court, for it to know and decide the case, placing, at the same time, the cap- 
tain of the vessel at its disposition. 

VI. In the cases mentioned in the two previous fractions, the collector of the cus- 
tom house will allow the discharge of the cargo, provided the captain will give bond 
to assure the fiscal interests. In the same way the collector can allow the sailing of 
the vessel after the custom house officials have made their last visit, provided the 
case has not been submitted to the District Court, in which case he will not give the 
said permission without first receiving it from the said court. 

VII. The collector shall remit to the auditor's office the document delivered by 
the captains, giving thereby a commencement of the proceedings contemplated by this 
law. The auditor's office shall enter in a book, to be provided for the purpose, all the 
details indicated in Model No. 13. 

In case one book Is not sufficient, owing to the increase of work at the custom 
house, there shall be two books kept, and the numeration shall be divided, giving one 
the even and the other the odd numbers. 

Art. 71. The regular discharge of the vessels arriving at the ports will be made 
according to the following rules : 

I. The captain or consignee of the vessel whose discharge is asked will petition 
the collector, according to the form indicated by Model No. 15, accompanying two 
copies of the general manifest in Spanish, and two copies, also in Spanish, of the 
samples on board. 

Even when the copies mentioned in this fraction do not accompany the request, 
the collector should allow the immediate discharge of the packages containing inflam- 

Mexican Takiff axd Custom House Laws. 333 

mable materials, and, if lie should think it convenient, he will allow, under the same 
circumstances, the discharge of the samples and goods which the vessel carries, but 
in this case the consignee will give bonds to procure the said copies in the time which 
the collector may think prudent, ivhich should never pass beyond the time actually 
necessary, that the discbarge of the vessel may not be retarded. 

II. The collector, having received said copies, shall remit the same to the auditor 
for the purpose of having them compared with the original manifest and papers; if 
they appear to be in accord, he shall so certify over his signature, placing on each 
copy the number corresponding in proper order of the vessel. 

The copies presented with corrections of any kind will be returned and replaced 
by new ones. Those found correct will be passed by the auditor to the collector, so 
that, at the time of giving his consent for the discharge of the vessel, he may order 
that they be sent to the commander of the guards and the warden of the warehouses, 
for the purposes indicated in the following fractions: 

III. Immediately after the commander of the guards receives the permit referred 
to in the previous fraction, he will appoint, with the approval of the collector, one or 
more inspectors, as they may be needed, to go on board the vessel to be discharged, 
in union with the commander or the officer appointed in his stead, to open the 
hatches, to begin or continue the discharge ; the inspector or inspectors will remain 
on board during the hours of the day required to perform said operation, and will 
certify, if correct, the tickets made and signed by the captains, of the goods sent 
ashore in the launches. (Model No. 6.) 

If there should be any difference, they will so express it on the tickets. Having 
finished or suspended the discharge of the vessel, they will again seal the hatches, 
and return ashore with the officer who went on board to place the seals. In case the 
hatches cannot be sealed, or it is suspected that there are packages concealed outside 
of the hatches, or on account of any other circumstances, the collectors will order 
that one or more inspectors remain on board the ship until the discharge is com- 
pleted, or until such a time as he deems proper, that they may guard against the 
landing of merchandise without the knowledge of the custom house. 

IV. The tickets mentioned in the previous article will be numbered in order 
from one up, and with special numeration for each vessel. These tickets will be 
given the man in charge of the launch which carries the merchandise ashore, who 
will deliver them to the custom house officer in waiting at the wharf. 

V. The officer commissioned, and the inspector or inspectors placed on the wharf 
to receive the merchandise, will compare them with the tickets, and, finding them 
arranged in quantities, marks and numbers, the first inspector will declare that they 
are in " accord," and will sign the ticket, and one of the others will declare, by sign- 
ing the ticket, that " all has been complied with ; " but in case it should not be cor- 
rect, they will so declare it on the ticket, and inform the commander of the guards, 
who will immediately proceed to investigate the reasons why the ticket is not correct, 
and will inform the collector of the result of his investigation, that he may proceed 
as ordered for such cases. 

VI. It shall be the duty of the commission, composed of one or more inspectors 
as circumstances may require, to inspect the marks, countermarks and the number 
of packages of unloaded merchandise, having present the copies of the general mani- 
fest and of the account of samples remitted by the collector to the commander. Said 
commission shall separate, and order to have placed ai)art according to consignees, 
such packages as contain inllamiiialjlc substances, such as are declared to contain 
samples, and all such as the consignee may have obtained permission to keep out of 
the storehouses, as i)rescribed in the next article. 

This commis.sion has also the power to detain, for the time it deems necessary, 
before its despatch or before all suspected i)ackagcs are sent to the stores, those pack- 

334 Delmar's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 

ages the importation of wMcb this law prohibits, or for having greater weight than 
is declared, or on account of their not being on the manifest, or on account of any- 
other circumstance requiring a thorough examination. 

These proceedings having been terminated, said commission shall note at the foot 
of the copy of the manifest all matters worthy of mention, making a resume of the 
packages containing inflammable substances, of those containing samples, of those 
which have not been sent to the store and of those which have been placed in the 

Art. 72. When it would not be convenient for the interested parties to have the 
goods sent to the custom house stores on account of their quality, weight or bulk, the 
collector can permit their dispatch on the wharf, attending to it personally or by 
means of a commissioner, in union with an appraiser and commander of inspectors; 
but in no case will this be allowed with linen, cotton, wool, silk, fancy goods and 
other kinds of merchandise requiring a scrupulous and thorough examination. 

Art. 73. When in the same shipment there are found packages having the same 
marks or numbers upon them, the said third commission of inspectors shall note the 
same on the copy of the manifest, notifying the collector immediately of the fact, to 
the end that he may take such steps as he may deem proper. 

Art. 74. All inflammable or explosive materials which by themselves or by their 
contact with others, and those which are liable to corrode, whose detention in the 
stores might cause a fire or other damages, should always be kept out of the stores, 
and under the immediate vigilance of the collector, and in a place selected for that 
purpose by him. 

The consignees of this class of merchandise, from the moment that the unloading of 
the vessel is solicited, are bound to present to the collector a declaration respecting 
them, setting forth the marks, countermarks and number of packages containing 
the same. (Model No. 15.) The consignee neglecting to comply with this provision 
shall be punished by a fine not less than fifty nor more than five hundred dollars. 

Art. 75. The packages of samples mentioned in the corresponding statement 
may be unloaded immediately upon the first inspection of the vessel, and the col- 
lectors shall forthwith authorize the discharge of the same, if the parties interested 
should so desire. In regard to the packages of samples which come declared in the 
manifests, these shall, for the purposes of unloading and discharge, be considered in 
the same manner as any other merchandise. 

Art. 76. When the inspectors on board, or on shore, or when the warden of the 
stores find any packages broken, with signs of having been opened, or with any other 
suspicious marks, they will immediately notify the collector, either verbally or by 
writing, who will order the package examined on the spot, in the presence of an 
appraiser, whom he will select, and of the interested party, and taking, without loss 
of time, the necessary steps to discover the fraud, if there should be any, and to 
cover the interests of the Treasury and the interested party. 

If the interested party and the custom house should be satisfied with the contents 
of the package or packages opened, they will be closed so as to dispatch them in 
their turn. 

Art. 77. When the captain of a vessel does not present his manifest according 
to article 29, the third commission of the guards at the discharge of the vessel will 
take the weight, numbers, marks, countermarks and classes of the packages, so that 
by this means the auditor may proceed to form the manifest. 

For the compliance of the provisions of this article, the collector, on giving the 
permit for the discharge of the vessel, will state, by a note, that the vessel is without 
its general manifest. 

Mexica:n^ Tariff and Custom House Laws. 335 

Art. 78. The commauder of inspectors is obliged to go on board of the vessel 
when they discharge, whenever it is necessary, to open, close and seal the hatches, 
watch and arrange the fiscal service. 

The seals with which the above mentioned operations are made will be in charge 
of the collector, who will order them to bo delivered to the commander whenever he 
needs them. 

Art. 79. Having finished the discharge of the vessel, the commander of inspectors, 
with one or two persons of his staff, will go on board to make a thorough examination 
of the vessel, to see that all the merchandise that the vessel had for the custom house 
has really been discharged, and, in case there should be other merchandise on the 
ship which was not manifested, the custom house shall proceed in the same manner 
as with cases of contraband. 

Of this examination he shall immediately advise the collector, reporting to him 
the result, and annexing the documents which were used in the discharge of the 
vessel (Model No. 16). 

Aet. 80. The discharge of the vessels will be made in order of entering, and in 
accordance with their respective dates, and the discharge will be made as soon as 
possible, and without interruption ; the mail steamers, and all those which have fixed 
dates for sailing, will have the preference. 

The collectors will have the right to allow or suspend the discharge of a ship 
whenever they think it necessary. 

Art. 81. The discharge of vessels will not be made except by daylight, and never 
on days considered by law as holidays. 

The collectors will so arrange the discharge of the vessels that by nightfall all 
packages taken from a ship will be in the places assigned them. 

Art. 82. The collectors are empowered to order and concede, on special occa- 
sions, the discharge of a vessel by night and on holidays, whenever they think it indis- 
pensable, or when they are obliged to do so on account of some unforeseen event. 
Whenever these discharges are allowed at the request of the consignees of the ships, 
they will accompany the request with a petition of a majority of the consignees of the 

Art. 83. It is the duty of the commander of the guards to watch, in all cases, 
the discharge of the ship, with the officers of his staff, the route which the goods take 
until they are (Jeposited at their proper place according to the rules previously estab- 

Art. 84. In places where peculiar circumstances oblige vessels to anchor outside 
of the bar, or at a long distance from the ports, the commauder of the guards will 
leave on board, on visiting the ship, one or two inspectors as guards to watch it, the 
discharge being made according to the rules previously established. 

Art. 85. In ports where a bar exists, and wliere the shallowness of the water will 
not permit the entrance of vessels without unloading part of the cargo, the custom 
house will observe the following rules: 

I. As soon as a vessel is sighted coming toward the port, the commander of the 
guards will go to the bar, accompanied by two officers, so that as soon as the vessel 
iinchors they may proceed to visit it. If the ship sliould not be able to cross the bar, 
the custom house olli(;ers will remain near by until she can do so with safety; but if 
the bar can be crossed without unloading part of tlie cargo, the commander will make 
his visit at the entrance of the channel, and proceed to discharge the vessel according 
to the rules established in this chapter. 

II. "When it is found imjjossible for a vessel to cross the bar without unloading 

336 Delmak's Meecaxtile Manual and Business Guide. 

part of the cargo so as to enter the port, the captain will ask permission to do so 
from the collector. The collector, being assured of the necessity of this operation, 
will permit it to be made, according to the rules mentioned in article 71 for the regu- 
lar discharge of vessels, and only a sufficient part of the cargo vriU be discharged as 
will permit the vessel to reach the port with safety. 

The commander of the guards, or the person acting in his stead, will witness the 
unloading of the cargo, closing and sealing the hatches in his presence as often as 
they are opened. 

III. In cases when it would not be advisable to delay the unloading of part of 
the cargo without endangering the ship and the cargo, the discharge will be made at 
once, giving notice immediately to the collector that he may issue such orders as the 
urgency of the case may require, and, as well in these cases as in the ordinary 
ones, the captain of the vessel and the consignee shall subject themselves to the pro- 
visions relating to the arrival and discharge of vessels. In the same manner shall 
the merchandise taken from the vessels remain under the inspection of the employes 
of the custom house, and be subject to the formalities of discharge and storage. 

Akt. 86. The custody and vigilance of the ships anchored in the ports, or near 
them, especially when the ships are discharging, will be intrusted to the shore wardens 
and the water patrol. 

The rounds, whenever the weather permits, should be made by day and night 
when it is necessary to watch vessels anchored at a distance from the ports. 

Art. 87. The employes who will perform the duties of the collector, auditor, 
commander of the guards, and the man in charge of the custom house stores, will 
assume these responsibihties. 



Art. 88. The persons designated as consignees on the manifests of ships will be 
considered as such for vessels arriving at Mexican ports, or the persons whom the 
captain may name on his arrival at the port, and within the twenty-four hours 
allowed by this law. (See Art. 24.) 

The choice of consignee made by the captains, within the time allowed by this 
law, will be delivered in writing and in duplicate to the collector of the Federal cus- 
tom house. (See Model No. 17.) 

Art. 89. Persons mentioned on the manifest of a ship as consignees of merchan- 
dise, will be regarded as such. It will, however, be considered as proof to the con- 
trary should the consular invoice mention another person, and when that person 
presents the invoice which the remitter received from the consul. 

In cases where the person named on the manifest, or consular invoice, as con- 
signee is not known at the port, or the shipment comes to order, the custom house 
will permit the jjerson presenting the consular invoice, duly certified, to act as con- 
signee, and in that case will require the person presenting the invoice to declare, at 
the end of each copy of the invoice he presents, and that which the custom house 
has, that he takes charge of the merchandise mentioned in said invoice, and will be 
subject to the provisions of this law. 

Art. 90. The consignees of the ships will be the only persons the custom house 
shall recognize as the legitimate representative of the captains, furnishing them the 
documents of the ship whenever it may be necessary, granting them whatever they 

AlExiCAX Tariff a^*d Custom House Laws. 337 

ask in accordance ^vith this law, and informing them of the fines which captains 
incur when they cannot appear when summoned. 

The consignees of ships should sign all documents and copies of them in the name 
of the captains, being responsible by law for the mistakes made by their constituents, 
pr ovided they cannot prove satisfactory their inculpableness. 

Aet. 91. The consignees of merchandise are the only persons whom the Federal 
custom houses, the Government, or any other authority, will permit to discuss sub- 
jects relating to custom house operations. 

Aet. 92. The duties on merchandise correspond directly to the Treasury, as well 
as the fines and pecuniary penalties incurred by their consignees, without their being 
able in any case to allege any law against this obligation. 

Aet. 93. Every act agreed to or signed by the consignees of vessels and mer- 
chandise will be final in its effect, as this law does not empower any authority to 
make any alterations in any act authorized or signed by them. 

Aet, 94. The collectors of the custom house will take care, under their respon- 
sibility, not to admit in any of the custom house operations any other person or sig- 
nature except that of the consignee of the merchandise, unless the mentioned 
consignee gives the right to some other person, or at least gives him power, as 
attorney, to attend to all his custom house affairs, and in these cases the consignee 
will abide by all that his attorney may do, sign and approve, as long as he does not 
revoke the authority which he had conceded him, and make it known at the custom 


eenouncement of consignment. 

Aet. 95. The consignees of vessels have the right to renounce their consignments 
within forty -eight hours, counting from the moment the correspondence of the ship 
has been received on shore, and before asking the discharge of the vessel. The 
renouncement will be presented to the collector written, in duplicate, and expressing 
some cause. In case they do not renounce the consignment in the time indicated, or 
after having asked the discharge, the custom house will consider then as consignees, 
and will not admit the renouncement. 

Aet. 9G. When the consignees of a ship have renounced the consignment in time, 
the custom house will notify the captain, so tbat ho may, within a certain time 
allowed by the collector, name another consignee. 

Aet. 97. In case the captain does not name a consignee in the time allowed him, 
the collector will name one, who will take charge of all the work done, without being 
responsible for any mistakes committed before he took charge of the consignment, 
and for which the captains of vessels will be responsible, and they will not be allowed 
to .'•ail from the port until they have paid all duties, fines and expenses which they 
may have incurred. 

Aet. 98. The consignees of merchandise have also the righi to renounce their 
consignments, in the same time of forty-eight hours, counted liom the moment the 
correspondence of the ship has been brought ashore, 'i'lie renouncement will bo 
made before the collector, in writing, acc()m])anying the renouncement with the con- 
sular invoices and the ])ostal receipts, if they liav(! them. 

Aet. 99. When it is proved that the; ownc^r of the goods is a Mexican citizen, the 
collector will ai^point a consignee cliosen fiom the merchants of the port. 

338 Delmar's Mercantile Manijal and Business Guide. 

Art. 100. If no one accepts the consignment, and the goods are of such a kind 
as cannot be kept without loss or damage, the collector will immediately order them 
to be sold at public auction, according to the provisions in Chapter XVI, before they 
are dispatched. 

Art. 101. When the goods are not of such a kind as in the case mentioned in the 
previous article, they will be deposited in the custom house stores, or the place 
selected for that purpose by the collector, for the time allowed by this law ; the col- 
lector will make known what has occurred, both in this case as well as in the previous 
article, to the consul or functionary who certified the documents, and will order it 
pubhshed by the press, that it may in this way reach the interested parties. 

The time fixed by law having expired, without any one appearing to claim said 
merchandise, so deposited, the custom house shall proceed to dispose of the same at 
public sale, reference being had to the provisions of Chapter XVI. 

Art. 102. In cases where the consignee renouncing the consignment is only a 
commission merchant, and the custom house has positive information that the owner 
of the goods resides in the country, he will be the one recognized by the custom house 
for all the operations which this law requires, and he can, if he does not reside at the 
port, name a consignee to represent him at the custom house through which the 
importation is made, precisely according to the terms of this law. 

Art. 103. When the collector of the custom house knows the shipper of the goods 
whose consignment is refused to be a foreigner, he will officially inform the consul or 
consular agent representing the nation of the shipper, in order that he may signify 
his intention whether he will receive the consignment or not within the term of three 
days. If he does not accept it, or should allow the time mentioned to pass with- 
out accepting it, the custom house will proceed in the same way as if the shipper 
were a Mexican. The collectors will proceed in the same way as provided in these 
articles when they do not know the nationality of the shipper, or when, in case it is 
known, there is no consul, vice-consul or consular agent representing the nation of 
the shipper at the port. 

Art. 104. Consignees of goods, when they do not renounce a consignment within 
the time allowed by Article 98, will be considered as such by the collectors. 

Art. 105. The term having expired during which it is permitted the consignees 
to renounce, and these having neglected to present, according to the provisions of 
Articles 123 and 124, their respective petitions asking for the dispatch of the merchan- 
dise, the collectors will proceed as mentioned in Articles 100 to 104 inclusive, but 
charging the person appearing as consignee the total amount of expenses and duties 
paid for the goods, and the fines which they may have incurred, excepting when the 
party interested shall conclusively prove that he has had no knowledge of the con- 




Art. 106. The consignees of vessels have the power to add to or rectify their 
manifests and statements of samples within forty-eight hours, counted from the time 
when the custom house officers made their visit to the ship bringing the goods. This 
time will be limited to two hours after the whole of the cargo of the ship has been 
landed on shore, when the discharge is made before the forty-eight hours have passed, 

Mexica^'^ Tariff axd Custom House Laws. 339 

for'which purpose the time will be mentioned on the ticket when the discharge is 

Art. 107. The additions and rectifications spoken of in the previous article will 
be certified by the collectors, according to the following dispositions : 

I. The increase will be admitted by the collectors, without imposing fines, x^ro- 
viding it is proposed to add to or rectify the manifests in some part which will not 
increase or diminish the number of packages indicated by the manifest. 

If. These shall also be exempt from fine. The addition or omission of packages 
is included when they have been mixed up with those of other shipments in the trans- 
fers, or in the loading or unloading of vessels, if such a case can be completely proved 
to the satisfaction of the collectors. In case there should not be sufficient proof, the 
Government alone, previously informed by the collectors, shall or shall not admit the 
increase, the packages in the meantime being detained by the custom house. 

III. When, at the time of discharging, there appear more packages than are 
mentioned in the manifest, which, however, are covered by their respective consular 
invoices, the collectors shall permit these to be added, imposing upon the captain a 
fine of from one to twenty -five dollars for each of said additional packages. 

IV. When packages in excess of the proper number do not come under the pro- 
visions of the two preceding sections, the captains shall i^ay a fine of from five to fifty 
dollars for each package not included in the manifest, and, in addition thereto, 
the duties to be paid upon the merchandise in said packages contained shall be 
doubled. Except as provided iu Section II, the coiTcctious in the manifest of one or 
more packages shall be permitted only in case the consignee of the goods prove by 
the certificate of the proper consul, placed at the foot of the invoices, that such 
and such packages appearing iu the manifest of the vessel were not shipped, but, in 
such a case the party interested shall not be permitted to renounce the consignment 
of the remaining goods covered by said invoices. 

Art. 108. In cases of jetson, sale on account of having been forced to enter a 
port, or on account of other superior force, the same can be rectified on the manifest j 
but they shall proceed as provided in this law in such circumstances. 

Art. 109. The consignee of goods have the right to increase or rectify their con- 
sular invoices within ninety-six hours, counted from the moment the custom house 
admits the ship bringing the goods. The time is limited to the moment the consignee 
presents the application for the discharge, if he makes it, as the law requires, before 
the ninety-six hours. 

Art. 110. Consignees of merchandise have the further privilege of examining the 
class or quality of the goods before presenting the corrections, subject, however, to 
the following conditions: 

I. They will present an ap])lication in triplicate to the collector of the custom 
house, indicating the class of package or packages which they wish examined, their 
marks, countermarks, numbers, luime of the ship bringing them, the reason for 
making the application, the fact that they have been consigned to them, and pre- 
senting for examination the consular invoice. 

II. The examination shall extend no further than to one of those contaiuiug the 
doubtful goods. 

III. For this examination the collectors shall appoint an appraiser to witness it, 
in connection with the warden of the warehouses, if tiie goods have been stored, or 
of a commander of the guards, if the examination is made before their storage, the 
consignee of the goods, the collector or a person representing him. These omployds 
shall c)nly witness the examination, and in no case, or for any reason, shall they give 
their opinion, even when consulted by the interested parties. 


IV. The examination being made, the pacl^ages shall be carefully closed and 
tied with wire, on the ends of which there shall be a seal of lead placed in the pres- 
ence of the interested party, to avoid the stealing or changing of the goods. 

V. All expenses incurred by the examination shall be for account of the inter- 
ested parties, and the workmen employed in the examination should be those in 
whom the collector has entire confidence. 

Art. 111. The additions and corrections made by the consignees of merchandise 
on their consular invoices shall be admitted without the imposition of a fine by the 
collector, in all cases when the following data is not involved : 

I. When the amount of merchandise declared in the invoices is diminished, the 
import duties suffering a diminution at the same time, the liquidation shall be made 
on the basis fixed by the consular invoice. 

II. When the amoimt of merchandise declared in the invoices is augmented, 
increasing thereby the import duties, the goods thus corrected shall pay an additional 
duty of ten per centum. 

III. Should the length, width, weight, number of pieces or thousands be want- 
ing when the goods pay duty accordiug to such data, the duty to be charged upon 
the same, when a correction has been made, shall be increased by fifteen per centum. 

IV. When the kind or nature of the goods declared in the invoices is entirely 
changed, the corrected articles shall be charged additional duties to the extent of 
twenty per centum. 

V. When the name, kind or class of the goods does not appear, or when the 
manifests are vague and ambiguous, as for instance. Merchandise, Goods, Cottons, 
Linens, Wools, Silks, Parisian Articles, Groceries, Fancy Goods, Drugs, Cloths, etc., 
the duties on the corrected goods shall be liquidated, adding thereto twenty-five per 

VI. When in the consular invoices the declaration of any merchandise is entirely 
-omitted, it may nevertheless be added, the duties being increased fifty per centum. 

VII. The correction mentioned in the preceding section having been admitted, if 
it should appear that the goods to which reference has been had come hidden so that 
they might pass without being noticed at the time of discharging, said corrections 
ehaU be null and void, and the goods referred to shall be subject to the payment of 
double duties. 

Art. 112. Consignees of goods who do not take advantage of the privileges 
granted to them by Section I, of the preceding article, shall be fined no less than one 
dollar, nor more than twenty-five, for each error appearing in the invoices. 

Art. 113. The term fixed by Art. 109 having expired, if the consignees of the 
goods have not corrected or made proper additions to their invoices in the manner 
referred to by Sections II, III, IV, V and VI of Art. Ill, there shall be imposed 
upon the merchandise improperly declared the fine of double duties. 

Art. 114. The additions made by the consignees of ships, as well as those of 
merchandise, shall be made in writing, quadruplicate, without abbreviations, defects, 
corrections or erasures; they shall be written in a plain hand, that there may be no 
doubts, and shall have horizontal lines from the end of each paragraph written on 
the margin. In case they do not have all the points mentioned, the custom house 
shall not receive them, but request that they be made over again, with the corres- 
ponding corrections. 

Art. 115. The collector or, in his stead, the auditor shall personally receive 
the additions, having the date and hour of their presentation placed on them imme- 
diately, and in the presence of the persons presenting them, when he shall sign each 
leaf of the copy. The collectors, in accord with the auditors, shall make, on the same 

Mexican? Tariff a:st) Custom House Laws. 341 

day of their presentation, and before the closing of the office, the corresponding- 
classification of the admission or rejection, having previously compared the four cop- 
ies, and making the interested parties compare them as vrell, when they do not agree, 
and keeping always, as original, the copy which has the corresponding stamp, which 
shall be of twenty-five cents. 

Akt. 116. The act of presenting the dispatch papers shall entirely close the time 
for making additions; consequently, when the merchant should present his petition, 
the additions shall be classified immediately, if he has done so, and before the com- 
parison of the application for dispatch. 

Akt. 117. The consignee cannot modify in any way the elucidation or addition 
which he has made, except in case an error has been committed in the addition, evi- 
dent without doubt, in which case he can correct it within the time allowed by this 
law for additions, and the Treasury Department shall decide as it thinks convenient. 

Art. 118. The consignees of merchandise can, when they are not satisfied with 
the classifications which the collectors may make of their additions or elucidations, 
apply to the Treasury Department, that it may decide as it thinks best, provided 
it is done immediately, with the understanding that if the consignees do not pre- 
sent to the collector their protest within the twenty-four hours after its making, they 
»hall be considered as satisfied. 

Art. 119. In case the collectors reserve the classification of the additions or 
elucidations for the Treasury Department, they shall consult it immediately, and 
they cannot order the dispatch of the merchandise except when, calculating the 
maximum of the duties and fines that may result from the decision of the government, 
the consignees shall agree to make the corresponding payment without losing their 
rights to the return of the excess. These requisites shall bo required to order the 
dispatch of the goods, in case the consignees apply to the Treasury Department on 
account of inconformity in the classification of their additions. 

Art. 120. The four copies of tho additions, duly compared and certified as 
provided by this law, shall be distributed as follows: The collector shall immediately 
deliver the copy with the stamps, another without stamps, to tho auditor's ofiQce, to 
be compared with the petition for dispatch and with tho account remitted to the 
general treasury, and the copy of which is retained at tho custom house ; another 
copy will be sent, certified, through the postofiice the same day, and by tho first mail, 
to the Treasury Department, and the fourth copy shall be kept for the purpose of 
reference with the corresponding applications for dispatch. 


Dispatch of Foreign Goods, Analogy, Decision of Experts, Sannples, 
. Passengers' Baggage and Damage of Merchandise. 



Art. 121. The dispatch of samples and foreign merchandise for consumption 
shall be made according to the dispositions in tlic ])r('sent chapter. 

Akt. 122., The consignees shall present in tiiplicatc a petition Ibr the dispatch 

342 Delmar's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 

of their samples, which they can do as soon as these are brought on shore, subject to 
all the provisions contained in Section IV of this chapter. 

Art. 123. The consignees of foreign merchandise, in the case mentioned in 
A rticle 72, are obliged to x)resent their applications for the dispatch of the merchan. 
disc the moment the ship bringing them begins to discharge ; the collectors are author- 
ized to store the goods and collect the storage from the interested parties imposed by 
Arti cle 303, when the said applications are not presented before the conclusion of the 
discharge of the ship that brought the merchandise. 

Art. 124. The consignees of foreign merchandise, not referred to in the previous 
article, are obliged to present to the collectors the application for dispatch of their 
merchandise precisely within the fifteen days after or before the discharge of the ship 
bringing them, as otherwise storage shall be charged them according to the rate 
specified in Article 303, and, if necessary, the collector shall proceed as the case may 
require, according to the provisions of Fractious I and II of Article 4r43 of this law. 

Art. 125. These applications by which the merchandise shall be delivered to the 
consignees shall be presented in quadruplicate, all of which shall be alike without 
abbreviations, mistakes, corrections or erasures ; should be written in a plain hand 
that there may be no doubts, each horizontal line to be written from the end of the 
last paragraph to the termination of the line, in such a way as to leave no space for 
later corrections. Each permit shall have sufiBcient space on the margin for the use 
of the custom house. In cases where they do not contain all that is required the custom 
house should not accept them, but should see that they are replaced by others hav- 
ing the requisite degree of clearness. 

The consignee shall see that his application sets forth whether the delivery of the 
goods shall be made subject to the giving of a bond properly executed and to the sat- 
isfaction of the collector, or whether the duties shall be paid down in cash, before the 
delivery of the goods. (See Model No. 18.) 

Art. 126. The applications shall have the stamps required by law, excepting 
that of the paper used by the custom house. 

Art. 127. The applications for discharge shall contain the same information 
exacted for consular invoices (Art. 43 and its fractions.) 

Art. 128. The consignees shall present with their applications the consular in- 
voices duly certified according to the articles for the formation of consular invoices 
contained in this law, and besides, an account in duplicate, signed by them, containing 
the number of the packages, their marks and countermarks and the total number of 
packages mentioned in their applications. (Model No. 19.) 

Art. 129. The consignees of foreign merchandise are obliged to make separate 
applications for the packages they wish dispatched outside the warehouse, according 
to the facilities conceded them by Article 72. 

Art. 130. The collectors having received the applications for discharge shall pass 
them to the auditor's office, to be there compared with the manifest and invoices, 
corrected by the additions or corrections which the consignee may have made. If 
the application difi"ers in any part from the corrected consular invoices, the auditor's 
office shall be careful to mention it in the column for observations. (Model 18.) In 
the corresponding place it shall mention the mistakes which the invoice contains, in 
case this latter has not been corrected or added to. 

Art. 131. The auditor's office, having found the four copies of the application to 
be alike, and according to the manifest and consular invoices, shall certify them 
according to the following rules : 

Mexican Tariff and Custom House Laws. 343 

I: To place ou each copy the number in order corresponding to the apphcation 
and seal of the auditor's office, and recording in a book, which it shall have for that 
purpose, the number of the apphcation, the register of the vessel, the name of the 
consignee, name of the ship, its class, nationality and the date of entering. 

The numeration of the petitions shall be consecutive, beginning each year with 
the first document dispatched in the month of July. 

In case one book shall not be sufficient, owing to the great amount of work at the 
custom house, there shall be two books, dividing the numbers into even and odd. 

II. When an application is composed of several leaves the employe raakhig the 
comparison shall arrange them in pages, placing on each one of the corresponding 
number his signature and the seal «f the office. 

III. Each copy of the application shall also have the signature of the employe 
that made the comparison, giving it its corresponding number, the number of pages 
it consists of, and if any of the documents required were missing the auditor shall 
declare them correct, if so, and manifesting whether or not the duties are secured by 
bond, or if the payment of the duties is to be made before the delivery of the goods. 

The deposition mentioned in Article 132 should be signed by the employe who 
made the com parison with the application, declaring it to be correct, and the audit- 
or's Yo Bo (=0. K.) " all right," with the seal of the office. 


Art. 132. The documents for dispatch having been certified by the auditor's 
office, according to the form indicated, they shall be passed to the collector, who 
shall say at the end, " Allow the dispatch with the intervention of Appraiser C " 

Three of the applications should be sent with the corresponding deposition to the 
appraiser designated, and the other copy of the application l)e kept for the purpose 
of being sent to the Treasury Department. The separate copies of the applications 
to be sent to the Treasury Department shall be sent by the collectors through the 
postoffices, certified, the same day that they have been certified by the auditors office. 

Art. 133. Before the appraisers begin the examination of the goods they shall 
inform the collector that he may give them whatever special instructions he may 
have, and they should not commence the dispatch without his consent and without 
the presence of the interested parties or their legal representatives. (See Art. 9-4.) 

Art. 131. Merchandise in the warehouses of the custom house shall not be 
delivered by the warehousemen until they receive from the appraiser who made the 
dispatch, the deposition referred to in Art. 128, giving notice to the appraiser when 
the goods have been delivered, and to get from the consignee of the goods the cor- 
responding receipt at the end of the deposition when the appraiser lias ordered the 
delivery. The ojjerations mentioned in this article serve as vouchers to the ware- 
housemen, and other employes of the custom house charged with the delivery of the 

"When goods are dispatched outside of the warehouses, the deposition mentioned 
shall be given the employ6 watching the goods remaining outside, that ho may per- 
form the same operations as the warehousemen, and the aforesaid deposition shall 
li;i\f the " correct" of the appraiser of dispatch to permit the removal of packages 
from tlie x)lace where the dispatch is made, and the signature of the party receiving it. 

Tl)cse operations shall serve those to whom they corrosixmd, to prove that the 
packages that were not stored were received by the interested parties. 

Art. l.'J.j. The examinations made ])y tlic ai)praisers shall \w in accordance with 
the following rules: 

I. They shall compare with the application, as a preliminary examination, the 
•quality, class, weight of the packages, their marks and outside ai)pearances, and par- 
ticularly if the provisions of Articles 45 and 40 of this law Lave been complied with. 

344 Delmar's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 

The examination of the gross weight shall be made whenever the goods are quoted 
by gross weight, and besides in cases in which, even when these circumstances do not 
exist, the appraiser deems it convenient. 

II. They shall examine the net weights of the merchandise which pays the net 
weight, the number of pieces of goods quoted by the piece, pair, length, width, etc., 
attending particularly to the classification, when any of these items make a differ- 
ence in the rates. 

III. To rectify or add to the applications for dispatch, annotating and making 
clear on them all items incorrectly or ambiguously manifested, expressing also the 
packages examined and the date when the dispatch was made. 

When goods have not been declared they shall" be examined together, every pack- 
age containing them being opened, so that the appraiser may give in the application 
all information required to justify the quotations and make practicable the adjudica- 
tion of the duties. 

The corrections or additions made by the appraisers shall be written in ink on the 
principal copy of the three remitted to him by the custom house, and immediately 
after each examination, writing the date of dispatch immediately after. (See Art. 

Art. 136. The number of packages that the appraiser shall order to be opened 
for inspection, even when the subjects of examinati(m are free goods, or are among 
those enumerated in Article 11, Fractions I, II and III, shall be at least ten per cent, 
of each lot specified in the application. 

If the employes have a suspicion that there is intention to defraud, they can 
extend the examination to the other packages, with the permission of the collector, 
and even all the packages embraced in the application. 

Art. 137. As the appraiser finishes the examination of the merchandise which 
he is dispatching, he shall have the packages which have been examined marked by 
the employ6 named by the collector for that purpose. 

Art. 138. If, for any reason, it is not possible to examine at once all the pack- 
ages mentioned in an application, the appraiser shall order the packages examined 
to be delivered to the interested parties, stating on the margin of the application, 
opposite the corresponding lot, the number of packages which have been delivered; 
and he shall make a declaration, which he shall sign, giving the date on which the 
packages were delivered, and the reason for the suspension of the dispatch. 

Art. 139. jfho appraisers are empowered to divide, with the consent of the 
collector, a dispatch of merchandise into several lots, when so required by the nature 
of the examination they are making, or the quantity of the packages embraced in one 
application, or for any other important reason which required the division indicated. 

Art. 140. The wardens of the warehouses, and other employes acting in that 
capacity, are obliged to receive from the collectors and appraisers the merchandise 
which they indicate at the time of the dispatch, annotating the corresponding rela- 
tions, and receiving from the interested parties their approval in writing when goods 
are re-stored after having been brought out for dispatch. 

Art. 141. The examination of the merchandise must be done publicly, and all 
persons who wish can be present. 

Art. 142. Any difference of opinion that may occur in the examination between 
the appraiser and the interested party shall be decided immediately by the collector, 
or the person acting in his stead. 

Art. 143. The dispatch having been made of all the goods on one application, 
the appraiser who made it shall proceed, when he has time, to place on the three 

Mexicans Tariff and Custom House Laws. 345 

copies of the application the notes and corresponding rates, making an extract of 
the principal copy, if he thinks it convenient, in the book which each appraiser shall 
have for that purpose. 

This extract or copy, as well as the three copies aforesaid, shall be dated and 
signed by the appraiser, who shall declare them to be " in accord," if so, in the cor- 
responding space for observations, so that said copy shall be exactly like the original. 

The operations treated in this article should be concluded within three days fol- 
lowing the dispatch of the goods, and, once terminated, the appraisers are obliged 
to dehver to the collectors the applications annotated, with the quotation of the 
goods, and already coi^ied in his book, or to present in their stead a justifiable excuse 
for not presenting them. 

Art. 144. All notes relating to ratifications, doubts, etc., which the appraiser 
may note on the appUcations, they shall make a separate report of in triplicate, which 
they shall send to the collectors together with the respective applications. In said 
reports, and signed by the interested parties, they shall signify their conformity with 
those observations or give the reasons why they are not satisfied. 

Aet. 145. Of the three copies of the applications delivered by the appraisers to 
the collectors, two shall be sent to the auditor's ofiice that the operations of adjudi- 
cation and collection of duties may be proceeded with, the third copy being reserved 
for that provided in Article 120 relating to the fourth copy. 

Aet. 146. Respecting the reports mentioned in Article 144 the collectors shall 
proceed, within the seventy-two hours after receiving them, according to the rules 
specified in rules XIV and XV of this law. 

Art. 147. Only at the time, and in consequence of the dispatch of the goods on 
which they are giving rates or are examining, shaU the collectors, or the persons 
acting in their stead, as well as the appraisers, be allowed to express their ofiflcial 
opinion about the class, quality or any other particular relating to the packages which 
they are examining. Outside of this case, all the employes of the custom house are 
prohibited from giving their opinion to the interested parties about any circumstance 
that takes place. 

Art. 148. The collectors, or the persons commissioned by them, have a right to 
witness the dispatch of merchandise made by the appraisers, and to make them 
comply with the provisions which may concern them. 

Art. 149. The collectors, or the persons who may represent them, should have 
before them, when they witness the examination of merchandise, one of the copies of 
the application for dispatch, making the observations which they may deem convenient. 
The collectors can have re-examined some or all of the packages that have been 
examined, and order the examination, as soon as the appraiser finishes, of those 
packages which he did not think necessary to examine. This right of the collectors 
shall be exercised before the interested party and the appraiser making the dispatch 
for some cause existing before the classification and delivery of the goods. 

Art. 150. The appraisers shall not give their consent for the delivery of the 
goods to the interested parties, not even under their personal responsibility, if the 
application for dispatch docs not have at the end tlio note assuming the payment of 
the duties on the goods; and, in case this has been paid before their delivery, they 
shall only give the order for delivery when the consignee presents the receii)t of the 
cashier declaring that he has received the amoimt of the duties authorized by the 
collector and auditor. 

346 Delmae's Mercantile MAirtJAL ajstd Business Guide. 

Aet. 151. Merchandise not included in the nomenclature of the present tariflf, or 
in the annexed vocabulary, will pay the rate assigned ttose which they resemble, 
subject to the provisions of the following chapter. 

Aet. 152. The appraiser to make the adjudication of the duties caused by the 
merchandise, shall do so in accordance with the following rules : 

I. In order to fix the duties on goods quoted by gross weight, the weight of 
woolen, clay, glass or other kind of box or wrapping in which the same are contained 
shall be included ; but the weight of these latter shall not be included when the goods 
are quoted by net weight or measure. 

II. Packings not mentioned in the previous fractions are subject to the payment 
of the duties assigned to them, according to its class and material, when the pay- 
ments of the duties is by net weight or measure. 

In cases where the merchandise pays by gross weight the greatest duty shall be 
applied between that assigned the packing and the merchandise, even when this latter 
is free. 

III. The inside coverings of goods and articles of cotton, linen, wool and silk 
shall be exempt from the payment of duties, provided they do not exceed ten 
square metres and that in the tariff their class is quoted up to 13 cents per square 
metre. When its texture has a high rate assigned, or if it exceeds the ten square 
metres, they shall pay duty as provided by the law without even discounting the ten 
metres that this fraction allows. 

IV. Any difference in excess in the length, width, weight or number of things be- 
tween that declared and that examined, even when it is insignificant, they shall in- 
form the collectors in writing that these may proceed as the law determines. 


dispatch of goods by analogy. 

Aet. 153. The assimilation or establishment of rates by analogy shall be made 
use of whenever there is merchandise not considered in this tariff or in the 
annexed vocabulary, and in this case the custom house shall fix the rate according to 
that ordered in Article 154 to 161 inclusive, and the Executive, through the Treasury 
Department, shall establish the final rate, observing the provisions herein mentioned. 

Aet. 154. The assimilation shall be made according to the following rules : 

I. The appraiser who finds merchandise not quoted in the tariff, shall proceed to 
give it a rate by analogy, taking into consideration especially the material, the use, 
the properties, and other circumstances which show its similarity or analogy to some 
of the goods quoted in the tariff, hearing the opinion and observation of the consignee 
of the merchandise, and immediately informing the collector, that he may examine the 

II. The collector will examine the merchandise in question, and if he is of the 
opinion that it is a case of assimilation, and if he agrees with the appraiser and im- 
porter, the merchandise shall be dispatched, applying to it the similar rates corre- 
sponding to it. 

III. If the interested party should not be satisfied with the assimilation made by 
the appraiser, the collector shall consult other appraisers, and in places where there are 
but one, that of the auditor, and if he thinks convenient he can consult with one or 
two experts on such material, either merchants or any other persons of the place, 
afterwards giving his opinion, without being obliged to follow that of the majority; 
but he must always bear in mind the allegations made by the appraiser making the 
dispatch and the importer. 

Mexican Tariff axd Custom House Laws. 347 

TV. In cases requiring it, the collector can take twenty-four hours to decide to 
which fraction of the tariff the merchandise in question corresponds. It being decided 
which is the fraction of the tariff corresponding to the goods in question, he shall 
notify the consignee of the merchandise and the appraiser making the dispatch, and- 
if one of them is not satisfied, he shall inform them of their obligation to select an 
expert to decide according to Article 159, making known in this act all the incidents 
that may occur; and of all the steps taken in cases of assimilation there shall be a 
record made, in which shall be stated the opinions and propositions of those who 
have taken part in the classification, and in these cases the custom house cannot 
deliver the merchandise, not even when the consignee offers to pay the duties, until 
the Treasury Department decides which rate the merchandise shall pay. 

V. In all cases of assimilation there shall be a record made in triplicate, stating 
the opinions of those taking part in it. 

YI. Even when there have been goods of one kind dispatched in a custom house 
by assimilation, he shall not be relieved from proceedings in other cases of the 
importation of the same kind of goods in the proper manner established for deter- 
mining the similarity, but giving as a rate the same one agreed on the first case of 
assimilation of the same kind of goods. The proceedings shall be continued until the 
government, by virtue of its powers, declares by decree the final rate agreed upon. 

Art. 155. From the merchandise quoted by assimilation the appraiser shall take 
three samples, so as to send one of them to the Treasury Department, and the other 
two to be kept at the custom house in charge of the employe designated for that pur- 
pose by the collector. 

The samples shall remain packed and sealed in the presence of the interested 
party, who shall place on them his private seal and signature. 

The custom house shall send to the Treasury Department one of the samples, 
with a special communication, a copy of the corresponding record, and any further 
information needed to form an exact judgment of the merchandise. 

Art. 156. In case the sample sent to the Treasury Department is lost, the custom 
house shall send another with dupUcate communication and copy of the correspond- 
ing documents. 

Art. 157. When, owing to the cost, the size, or other circumstances of the goods 
in question, it is not possible or easy to separate the samples previously treated of, it 
shall be so stated in the communication, and the collector shall order a minute 
description of it to be sent with the decree, even drawings, if it is considered indis- 
pensable, that a proper judgment of the merchandise may be made. 

Art. 158. When the consignee of goods assimilated, from which there can be no 
samples taken, asks that it be remitted to tho capital of the liepublic, he can be 
entirely relieved from furnishing the samples, provided always that the remission is 
made for his account and exclusive risk, and by the custom house, which shall keep 
sufQcieut information to know the class and quality of the goods quoted. 

For the provisions of this article the collector shall order that at the time of the 
dispatch of the merchandise the packages containing all or part of the goods assim- 
ilated to be sent to the Treasury Department be closed, arranged, and sealed, and in 
this state placed in tho warehouses until they are sent to the said department. 

Art. 159. It is tho duty of tho consignees of goods quoted by assimilation, in 
case they are not satisfied with the decision of the collector, to name an expert at the 
capital, subject to tho provisions of Art. 1G3 of this chapter, who may represent them 
at the Treasury Department, to illustrate the case when the rate is to bo placed on 
the goods by analogy. 

The appointments, to be of use, .should be mentioned on tho records of tho pro- 

H48 Delmar's Mercantile Makual and Business Guide. 

ceedings made on the assimilation, or they should be presented in writing to the col- 
lectors within the twentj'-four hours conceded bj^ Art. 154, Fraction IV, that within 
the following twenty-four hours the documents relating to the doubts or controversy 
may be remitted to the Treasury Department. 

The appointments made after the expiration of the time shall not be accepted by 
the collectors. 

Aet. 160. Samples of commercial value which have served for the purpose of 
classifying and quoting the class or quality of doubtful or disputed merchandise shall 
be kept at the custom house, and shall be delivered to the interested parties, or to the 
persons whom these may authorize to receive them, as soon as the Treasury Depart- 
ment has settled the doubt or question of which they served. 

The documents and samples which the custom houses send to the Treasury De- 
partment, referring to the assimilation of goods, doubts and controversies occurring 
in the examinations, should be sent registered through the postoflBce of the place, and 
when it is impossible to do so they shall send the samples by the safest way. 

These samples of value not claimed by their owners during the six months follow- 
ing the decision of the Treasury Department shall be considered as abandoned mer- 
chandise, and the custom houses shall proceed in consequence to sell them, according 
to the rules established in Art. 443, Fraction IV, of this law. In case the Treasury 
Department or the custom house, with its approval, thinks necessary to keep the 
samples that have a commercial value, they can do so by paying the interested party 
their value. 

Art. 161. The employe of the custom house who has charge of the samples 
treated of in the previous article, shall keep a record of them, in which shall be stated 
the date they were received from the appraiser, the name and description of the 
object, its value, and all the information required by Model 20. 

Art. 162. Every year, before the month of July, the Treasury Department shall 
request the municipahty of the City of Mexico to furnish a list of one hundred per- 
sons to be selected from the merchants, brokers, agriculturists, artizans, professors of 
arts and sciences, artists and mechaiiics resident at the capital, capable of being 
experts in their respective branches ; and the Treasury Department shall print and 
circulate this list sufficiently, so that by the 1st of July there shall be in each mari- 
time custom house through which foreign goods are legally imported, copies of it, 
which shall contain, besides the names of the persons designated as experts, their 
professions or occupations, and their residences. 

The Secretary of the Treasury shall signify the number of persons of each occu- 
pation or profession which the municipality is to appoint, and who shall serve for the 
term of one year with the privilege of being re-elected. 

Art. 163. Only one person mentioned on this list can serve as legal expert on 
the case of assimilation treated on in this chapter, as well as the judgment of experts 
mentioned in the following, and the employes of the custom house as well as the con- 
signees of goods are at liberty to select from this list the experts they may desire. 

Every three months the municipality shall of their own accord, or at the request 
of the Treasury Department, replace with others, on the previously mentioned list, 
those persons who, by resignation, death, or prolonged absence from the city are 
unable to serve as experts. 

Art. 164. As soon as the Treasury Department receives the docket relating to 
the assimilation mentioned in the previous article it shall give it in charge of one of 
the expert appraisers connected with the department, that he may proceed to study 
it along with experts designated by the respective custom house and by the consignee 
-of the merchandise in question. 

Mexican Tariff and Custom House Laws. 349 

•Akt. 1C5. In the report -which these experts make to the Treasury Departruent 
they shall give all their opinions, ^vhether they agree or not, with their reasons for 
the same. 

The experts shall present their report within five days, and the Secretary of the 
Treasmy is the only person who can extend the time, whenever it is necessary for 
some good reason. 

Aet. 166. The Secretary of the Treasm-y shall definitely decide the rate corre- 
sponding to the goods, whether his opinion be in conformity with that of the experts 
or cout rary thereto ; but if the opinion of the secretary does not agree with that of 
the experts, or if the opinions of the experts disagree, the department shall have a 
consultation with the other experts assigned as appraisers, and even with other com- 
petent persons who shall have only an informal vote. 

Art. 167. The Secretary of the Treasury can, in no case, establish a new rate, 
but shall assimilate the merchandise to some other item of tariff without increasing 
or diminishing the existing rate. 

Art. 168. The Secretary of the Treasury can declare that the case treated is not 
one of assimilation, as the goods are quoted in the item of the tariff which especially 
mentions it. In this case the decision of the department governs all subsequent cases 
that may occur, without causing any innovation respecting the adjustment of the 
duties made by assimilation in the custom house in accordance with the corresponding 
provisions of this law. 

Art. 169. The Treasury Department shall decide, as soon as possible, all the 
doubts on comparison with the corresponding decrees of fixed rates, and when it gives 
its decision the dispatch of the merchandise shall not be suspended, proceeding always 
in accordance with the provisions of tbis chapter. 



Art. 170. In the doubts and controversies which may arise over the dispatch of 
the merchandise, between the appraiser and consignee as to the class of some mer- 
chandise which is included in the tariff", the collector shall be called, if he is not pres- 
ent to proceed immediately according to the proceedings herein expressed : 

I. The collector shall try to get the consignee and the appraiser to agree, if he 
thinks the opinion of the latter is just; otherwise he shall order him to make the dis- 
patch in accordance with the opinion of the consignee, without disregarding that 
expressed iu the following item. 

II. In case the consignee is not in accord with the opinion of the appraiser, con- 
firmed by the collector, or that the appraiser insists upon his opinion contrary to that 
of the collector and consignee, there shall be samples of the merchandise taken in 
the same manner as provided for the assimilation of goods in Articles 155 to 160 
inclusive, complying exactly with what is expressed in them. 

III. In case the consignee of the goods at the port and the appraiser making the 
dispatch disagree, there shall be a record of the proceedings made, in triplicate, in 
which shall be expressed the opinions and ])ro])()siti()ns of the ajjpraiser and consignee, 
as well as the decision of the collector. The collector shall notify tlie consignee of 
his oblij^Mtioii to name three exjjerts at the capital, accoi'ding to Articles U)'2 and 163. 
The aiipiaiser making the despatch shall also be notified. 

IV. Of the experts named, the seconds and thirds shall act successively and 

350 Delmae's MeecajvTile Manual and Business Guide. 

respectively in the cases of absence, sickness, impediment, or excuse of the first or of 
the seconds. 

In case that the three experts named by the appraiser or by the consignee do not 
accept the appointment, due notice shall be given to the custom house, that it may 
notify the interested parties so that they may name other experts. 

V. As soon as the docket relating to the controversy between the consignee and 
the appraiser of the custom house is made up, and has been submitted to the Treasury 
Department for approval, the two experts aforesaid shall, before proceeding to 
exercise their functions as said experts, unite in naming a third expert who shall act 
as referee, and in that capacity decide all cases. If they, the aforesaid experts, do 
not agree upon the said appointment of a third expert, then the Treasury Department 
shall appoint. At all events a third person shall be appointed before proceeding 
with the case. 

VI. In all cases in dispute, the expert appraiser, as representative of the 
TreasLu-y Department, can give, if so requested by the experts named by the appraiser 
of the custom house and the consignee, an opinion respecting the class and quality of 
the merchandise in question, but he cannot take part in the discussion on the subject, 
if not requested. 

VII. If the experts named by the appraiser and the consignee, after having 
examined the docket and the samples shown them, agree upon a decision, it shall be 
regarded as final, and the department shall inform the interested parties. If, on the 
contrary, the experts differ, their opinions shall be passed, together with the docket 
and the samples, to the referee, so that in view of what has taken place he may give 
his decision, which shall be the final resolution of the case. 

VIII. If, from the examination made by the experts of the merchandise in ques- 
tion, it shall appear that there was no reason for such proceedings, and that it is a 
case similar to those mentioned in Article 378 of this Ordinance, the Treasury Depart- 
ment shall instruct the respective custom house to immediately inform the consignee 
of the result of the investigation, and he shall apply the fines according to Article 
388, and besides he shall make him pay the expenses of the experts who took part in 
the investigation. 

From the decision given by the experts in accord, or by the referee, there can be 
no further appeal. These decisions shall be pubhshed in the " Biario Oficial, " ( Official 

IX. The experts appointed and the acting referee shall receive compensation for 
their work, which shall be paid, in all cases, by the Government, except when the 
final decision of the experts may be contrary to the consignee of the merchandise, 
when he will pay all the expenses which may have been incurred. 

In cases where the opinion of the appraiter is found to be indiscreet or capricious, 
the Government shall be reimbursed for the expenses incurred, making the Treasury 
Department collect them from the appraiser, and, if the collector approves the 
capricious opinion of the appraiser, the expenses shall be charged to both of them, 
besides the penalty or fine which the Treasury Department may impose on them. 

X. The decision made by experts, according to the previous rules, shall only serve 
to determine the case treated of, without being considered as precedents for subse- 
quent cases. 

Mexican Taeiff and Custom House Laws. 351 



Aet. 171. All small parts of merchandise, or the whole of the merchandise in- 
tended to be introduced, shall be considered as samples, and the permits for such shall 
be granted for their unloading and dispatch, even when they have a commercial value, 
if thevcome under the conditions provided for them. (Art. 71, fraction 1, paragraph 

Art. 172. Several objects of one class shall not be considered as samples when 
they come together, and in such a manner as to show that they are intended for sale 
or presents. 

Art. 173. The samples shall pay the same import duty as the merchandise which 
they represent, and they shall be charged according to the corresponding fixed rates. 

Art. 174, When cases of samples of fancy goods or hardware arrive containing 
articles subject to different rates, and the weight of each class cannot be determined, 
the whole shall pay according to the highest rate corresponding to the articles 
contained in the sample case. 

Art. 175. Samples of linens, textures and other goods coming in small lots, either 
separate or on paste-boards, and which are readily seen to have no commercial value, 
but that they are for the purpose of describing the class of the merchandise, shall be 
admitted as samples without value and free of duty. 

Art. 176. When remnants of pieces of more than twenty centimeters in length or 
width, or handkerchiefs or extra-sized handkerchiefs, shirts, or any other entire object 
come as samples, they shall pay the corresponding duties, or they shall be branded so 
as to lose their commercial value and still retain their condition as samples. 

Art. 177. If an importer has an interest in preserving for re-exportation the 
samples in question, they shall be admitted without the payment of duties, provided 
the custom house can identify them at their re-exportation, and, in such a case, the 
collector shall require a bond for double the duties to which the goods may be liable, 
fixing a time up to six months within which the samples shall be re-exported. If, 
during the time granted, the interested party desires to pay the corresponding 
duties, he shall pay the same as if they had been paid at the time of entering ; but, if 
the samples are not re-exported within the time mentioned, or the duties paid on 
them, the bond shall become liable for double the duties. 


passengers and their baggagb. 

Art. 178. Passengers are obliged to present their baggage to the employ6 of the 
custom house charged with their examination, and if they bring any goods which are 
liable to duty they shall inform the officer in writing, giving all necessary details, so 
that he can fix the. rate of duty on them. 

Art. 170. I. The baggage of a passenger, for which duty should not be charged, 
includes his clothing, if it is not excessive in quantity, and the qualification is loft for 
the discretion of the collector, according to the means of tlic i)a.ssengcr. 

II. The articles which passengers have upf)n tliciii, nr for their use, such as 
watches, chains, ])uttons, canes, etc., oik; or two braces of lire-arms, eciuipmeuts, and 
up to 100 charges, arc allowed duty free. 

352 Delmae's Mercantile Manual and Business Guide. 

III. If the passengers are professors or artizans they can bring books, instru- 
ments or tools most essential or indispensable in the exercise of their profession or 

IV. Besides the exemption referred to in the previous fraction the collector can 
aUow each adult passenger the free introduction of ninety-nine cigars, forty packages 
of cigarettes, and one-half kilogramme of snuff or chewing tobacco. 

Art. 180. If the passengers are artists or any opera company, dramatic, comedy, 
circus, etc. , besides the exceptions conceded in general in the previous articles, it is 
permitted them to introduce free of duty their properties and scenic adornments, under 
the condition that they shall be re-exported within a year, and under the following 
conditions : 

I. The manager or representative of the company shall present to the custom 
house a detailed declaration of the dresses, ornaments, etc., which they may bring, 
and also expressing in the declaration the special marks or signs which each article 
may have. 

II. The custom house shall proceed to examine and appraise the properties 
according to the taritf of this Ordinance, exacting from the representative a bond 
for the total amount of the duties on the properties. 

III. In case the manager of the company declares that the exportation of the 
properties shall take place by another custom house, the collector will inform the 
custom house selected by the manager for the export, and remit to it immediately a 
certified copy of the entry, so that the merchandise may be compared on their expor- 
tation. » 

IV. If the exportation of the merchandise is made by the same custom house where 
they were entered, there shall be a close examination made of the objects, and if 
found correct, permission shall be given for their exportation, and returning to the 
representative of the company the bond previously given. If the exportation is 
made by another custom house, the dispatch of the goods shall be made as indicated, 
and the custom house shall give the representative a certificate in which 
shall be stated that the goods have been exported ; and it will advise the custom 
house at which the entry was made of the result of the examination and at the same 
time remit to it a copy of the goods exported, so that the representative of the com- 
pany or his agent may have the bond canceled. 

V. Any object wanting according to the inventory shall pay the corresponding 

VI. When the collector of the custom house notices among the goods imported 
objects not included in the above concessions, he shall proceed to form an invoice and 
charge the corresponding duties, and he can, in cases where the goods show wear, 
reduce the duties, according to the condition in which the goods may be. 

Art. 181. All goods which, in the judgment of the collectors, have not been in 
use, and are included in the tariff", are subject to the payment of duty, even when they 
are brought by passengers with their baggage, and also to the provisions of this law, 
if they are intended to be sold. 

Art. 182. When passengers bring with them furniture, or any part of their 
household goods which show that they have been in use, the collectors are authorized 
to reduce the duty on them, taking into consideration their state or condition. 

Art. 183. Small articles intended for gifts or for personal use brought with the 
baggage by passengers shall be exempt from making a consular invoice, if, on their 
arrival on the national territory, they make the verbal manifestation of the articles 
which they bring, but always before examination of their baggage, and the collector 
can, in case it is solicited by a passenger, grant him twenty-four hours for the pre- 

Mexican Tariff and Custom House Laws. 353 

sentation of the statement, provided, always, the goods are deposited to the satisfac- 
tion of the collectors in the place where they may select. 

Aet. 184. VThon a passenger declares that there is some package in her baggage 
which she does not think proper for male employes to examine, it shall be examined 
by a female appointed by the collector. This person shall be properly paid by the 
treasury, and shall enjoy the benefit of such smuggled goods which she may discover. 

Art. 185. The examination of the persons of the passengers, and especially the 
females, shall only be made in exceptional cases, and by a person of the same sex, 
when there is a specified complaint, or when owing to some good cause it is suspected 
that fraud is intended, and in no case shall the examination of a person proceed with- 
out the collector being informed thereof. 

Art. 186. The packages belonging to passengers should correspond in numbers, 
marks and countermarks to those mentioned in the statement presented by the cap- 
tains of vessels or the conductors of railroad trains; if not they shall be considered 
as irregular, and the collectors shall immediately proceed to make the necessary 

Art. 187. The employes of the custom house shall be careful to inform passengers 
that they are not to pay for the examination of their baggage, excepting the payment 
of the duties on the goods or the sealing, in case they request it as authorized by this 


Art. 188. The examination of the baggage shall be made in a commodious and 
safe place gradually, and each passenger respectively, without distinction and in his 
turn. Notwithstanding this the collectors shall hurry the examination as much as 
possible, so as not to detain passengers any longer than is necessary. 

Art. 189. When passengers coming from abroad go to the capital of the Repubhc, 
or any other interior place where there are counterguards or federal customs offices, 
they shall be allowed to have their baggage examined at those places instead of at 
port of arrival, as long as the railroad companies, stage hues, or the passengers them- 
selves give bonds, to the satisfaction of the collector, that in case said baggage may bo 
dutiable the duties shall be paid at the place of examination. 

Art. 190. Similar concessions can be made, provided the transportation of the 
baggage is made l)y some special company called express, which in all cases must be 
solvent to the satisfaction of the collector. 

Art. 191. In cases mentioned in the previous article, the importation of mer- 
chandise can only be allowed without examination after the passenger has made the 
manifestation in acc(jrdance with Article 178 of this chapter, or the person conducting 
the Ijaggage, when the passenger is not present. This being done, the packages will 
be bound with wire and sealed with lead in such a manner that they cannot be opened 
before their examination ; and the conductors are held responsible under bond, and 
the penalties of the law, If the said seals are found destroyed or opened. 

Art. 192. When railroad companies, conductors of trains, or express companies, 
charged ^<■ith conducting the baggage, receive the same from the passengers who may 
not accompany said baggage, they shall ask them for the keys and all information 
necessary for complying with the jjrovisions contained in tlie previous article. If, for 
.some reason, this notice is not presented, tlu; l)aggago shall be deposited in somo 
place in the custom liouse, and the time liaving exijji'cd in which goods can bo dis- 
j)atched, they shall bi- considered abandoned, and tin; custom house oHicials shall 
proceed as directed in such cases. 

Art. 193. All inferior employes engagf.-d in the dispatch of baggage are forbliklen 

354 Delmar's Meecantile Majs^ual axd Business Guide. 

and strictly prohibited reading tlie private papers of tlie passengers, professional 
diplomas or titles of property, books and accounts either private or of any commercial 
or industrial firm or society ; and superior officers are cautioned not to tolerate or 
permit such violations. The examination of such things shall be limited to indis- 
pensable cases, when it is necessary to ascertain that there are no dutiable goods 
among them. 

Art. 194. The collectors of customs shall be careful to see that the employes 
under them treat with aU politeness and decency the passengers who arrive in the 
Eepublic ; to inform them, before examining their baggage, of the custom house rules 
with which they are to comply, and not allow any inferior employe to make the exam- 
inations except under the orders of a suiDerior. In cases where a passenger has to pay 
duties on the goods which he brings, an appraiser shall fix the rates to be paid thereon, 
having previously applied for their dispatch according to this law. The federal 
employes shall also see that passengers do not commit the ottense of inattention to, or 
disrespect for, the country in which they are, or the Government represented by said 
employes, and they can send the passenger committing the offense to the local 
authority, that he may be punished according to law. 

Art. 195. The examination of the baggage shall be made without disarranging 
the same, and when passengers desire to make the examination themselves it shall be 
allowed, provided the employes are satisfied that there are no other articles in the 
baggage except those shown by the passengers. 

Art. 196. The baggage brought by foreign ministers accredited to this Govern- 
ment are exempt fi'om examination and duties according to the laws relating to 

Art. 197. The collectors are authorized to allow the landing of the baggage at 
the same time with the passengers, if the captain has delivered the statement of 
their baggage, and they can also dispatch them at extra hours, provided the passen- 
gers have to continue their trip and the packages are not numerous, or contain goods 
which require a long and minute examination. In general the collectors shall favor 
the passengers with all possible concessions, provided no harm is done to the fiscal 

Art. 198. When passengers bring with their bagggge trunks having double bot- 
toms or any other secret apartments with evident intention of defrauding the Gov- 
ernment, when they are known to be smugglers, and when they make frequent trips, 
or there are other circumstances attendant upon their arrival in j)ort, the collectors 
have the right to limit the privileges granted in this chapter, and they shall inform the 
Treasury Department of what they have ordered, and of the reasons which they have 
had for doing so, without suspending the order. 

Art. 199. The mail, mail agents, civil and military employes, on entering the 
country, are subject to the same rules as other passengers. The federal employes of 
the custom house can examine the rooms assigned to mail agents, at the same time 
respecting every letter, mail bag or box containing mail matter that may be duly 
closed and sealed. The mail bags can also be examined by an employe appointed 
for that purpose by the collectors. This examination can only be made inside the 
postof&ce, in presence of the postmaster or the person representing him, according to 
the provisions of the Postal Ordinance, and without opening or in any way injuring 
any package containing mail matter. 

Art. 200.' The custom house collectors shall have this chapter printed in English, 
French, German and Italian separately, the same, respectively, being an exact trans- 
lation of the Spanish, that they may serve as notice to passengers coming to the 

Mexican Tariff and Custom House Laws. 355 

•Art. 201. The collectors shall also have these notices posted in public places, 
especially in the place where the examination of the baggage is made. 

These notices shall also be distributed on board steamers which make regular trips 
to the country, as well as on railroad trains or express conducting the baggage, so 
that the passengers, if possible, may have them before they arrive in national terri- 



Art. 202. Damage will be considered reduction in value which merchandise im- 
ported by sea may sufler on account of storms or other unforeseen events at sea, such as 
wreckage or other similar events caused during the voyage of the vessel, that is 
to say, from the port of departure to the port of destination, and in such cases mer- 
chandise will have a reduction in duties in proportion to their depreciation. 

Art. 203. Accidents which may occur to merchandise during the discharge and 
transportation of them in ports where, on account of particular circumstances, vessels 
are obliged to anchor outside the bar, or at great distances from it, shall also be 
considered as damage. 

Art. 204. ]\Ierchandise damaged by any other way shall not enjoy any reduc- 
tion in duties. Alerchandise not injured by contact with water shall not enjoy the 
above privilege, such as metals in bulk, materials, packings or accessories, even 
when these may have sufiered leaving the merchandise in good condition. 

Art. 205. To prove any damage caused by bad weather during the voyage, the 
captain is obliged to present within twenty-four hours after the arrival of the vessel 
in port, to the collector of the custom house, a statement of the causes of the accident; 
which shall also be strengthened by an examination of the log-book. 

Art. 20f>. The damage to the merchandise being justified, the custom house shall 
proceed to examine the merchandise, separating that part in good condition from the 

Art. 207. When the collectors deem that the said merchandise is in a condition 
calculated to imperil the public health, and the consignee is in accord with this 
opinion, it shall be destroyed by custom house employes, in a place designated for 
that purpose. If it is doubtful that the merchandise may be injurious to the i)ubUc 
health, or if the consignee is not willing to abandon it for destruction, the collector 
shall inform the municipal government, or the board of health, where there is one, 
to decide the case, then the merchandise shall be destroyed without further appeal. 

Art. 208. In cases of salvage, damage on account of bad weather, jetsou, or 
forced arrival at a port by stress of weather, and when the captains ask for the sale 
of the merchandise which tliey may have for foreign ports, the collectors shall refer 
such cases to the judge ^)i' the district, so that he may proceed and decide as is deemed 
best according to the laws, the custom house remaining charged with the collection 
of the import duties, of the storage of the part of the cargo saved, and of the auc- 
tions, sales, and discharge of the goods. 

Art. 200. For cases of partial damages conceded by this law, the reduction to bo 
made of the duties shall Ijc (jualilied in th(! following manner: The appraisers shall 
name an expert for the custom house and the consignee of the merchandise shall do 
likewise; both experts, before giving their opinions, shall luime a third, as referee, to 
decide in cases of disagreement as to the damage. If they fail to agree upon a person 

356 Delmak's MEKCA^'TILE Manual and Business Guide. 

to serve as referee, the collector of the custom house shall name one, and the decision 
given shall be final, even in cases that the two experts agree in the classification, as 
well as when the third expert is obliged to give a separate opinion owing to the non- 
agreement of the first two in the entire matter. 

Art. 210. Whenever merchandise is declared damaged, there shall be a record 
made of the proceedings so as to verify the reduction of the duties. There shall be 
four copies of this document made, and signed by all who took in the qualification, 
and with the Vo. Bo. (0. K. or correct) of the collector. 

Of this document a copy shall be sent to the Treasury Department, to be 
attached to the corresponding dispatch papers, and the other three copies shall be 
attached to the respective applications. 


Adjudication and Payment of Impont Duties. 

APwT. 211. The operations of the appraisers being completed, they shall deliver to 
the collectors, or to the persons whom they may appoint, three copies of the applica- 
tion for dispatch, duly certified as ordered. The collector, or some employe in his 
confidence, shall see if the three copies are rated alike and have no alterations or 
modifications made before their presentation. Two of the copies shall be delivered 
to the auditor's ofiice for the adjudication and collection of duties, as indicated in the 
following articles, and the third shall be kept to form a docket of the dispatches 
made by the appraisers, and for the purpose of comparison in the event of doubts 
ansmg, based on the contents of the other copies. 

Art. 212. The auditor shall keep a book in which shall be written the entry 
and departure of the documents which the auditor's oflice may have, the number, in 
order corresponding with each document, of the manifests belonging to the ship 
bringing the merchandise, and the name of the consignee of the merchandise ; and 
these books shall have corresponding columns to annotate, at the proper time, the 
number of the bill ready for payment, the date, and amount of the duties paid. 
(Model No. 21.) 

Art. 213. .Immediately after the two corresponding entries have been made in 
the aforesaid book the two copies of the apphcation shall be passed to the bm-eau of 
adjudication. This bureau shall be careful, in making the calculation of the duties, 
to examine if the rates are correct ; and if the applications do not have any irregular- 
ities which are inconsistent with the provisions of this law, or other circumstances 
which indicate or justify suspicion of fraud, they shall give immediate notice to the 
auditor that he may inform the collector. On making the calculations of the duties 
the employes of the bureau making the same shall be careful to have them examined 
by others, and each shall sign the calculation that he made, either of the adjudica- 
tion, the duties or the revision. 

Art. 214. The copies having been returned to the collector, he shall pass them 
to the bureau in charge of the revising and the applying of the duties, which shall : 

I. Eevise and compare all the copies of the applications to see that the rates 
have been justly arranged, if the calculation of the duties is correct, and is the same 
on the two copies. 

II. To state, at the end of each application, the arrangement of the duties 
according to that determined by the law, and entering in a book which the custom 
houses are to have for that purpose, authorized by the Treasury Department, all the 

Mexican Taeiff axd Custom House Laws. 357 

details required by said book. This book shall be arranged according to Model No. 
22, and each application shall have placed the seal of the respective desk and also the 
signature of the employe who made the revision and the arrangement of the duties; 
any observation which this employe has to make about the operations contained in 
the application shall be made to the auditor, who shall immediately inform the col- 
lector, who shall, if he considers the omission or error of any importance, order that 
the remarks be made in writing, so as to proceed as the law requires. 

Art. 215. The same bureau shall make out a bill for payment by the responsible 
consignees, which shall contain the exact copy of the said liquidation, and it shall 
pass with the respective application to the auditor, who shall put his " correct " upon 
it, if found to be so, and he shall pass it to the collector for his signature, and it shall 
then be remitted to the consignee that he may pay within the time indicated. 

Art. 216. If the mterested party, on receiving the liquidation made by the 
custom house, makes some observation about it, these shall be taken into consideration 
by the collector and auditor, so that together they shall approve or not of the same. 
In case the application of the claimant is just, the difference shall be expressed in the 
corresponding column of liquidation, without changing in any way the first amount, 
neither reducing nor increasing the sums caused by said operation. 

Art. 217. If the interested party is satisfied with the bill made out by the custom 
house, he shall pay it, obtaining from the cashier the corresponding receipt, which he 
shall take from a stub-book kept for this purpose, and stating on the stub, as well as 
on the receipt, the details marked according to Model No, 23. . This receipt shall have 
the signature of the cashier, the " correct " of the auditor, and the Vo Bo (0. K., all 
right) of t