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Holbrook Junior Senior High School 

245 South Franklin Street 
Holbrook, Massaehusetts 02343 

Volume LXXI 

Message from the 

Like you, four years ago I entered Holbrook High 
School, and, like you, 1 had hopes, expectations 
and concerns. We have accomplished much. It 
has been a good four years — a time of de- 
velopment and adjustment — for you and for me. 
It has been a productive time for me. For you it 
has been a time when the uncertainties of just 
growing up have been resolved to some extent. 
There will continue to be growth and maturation, 
but it has been during these four years that you 
have established a direction for your life that 
should provide you with the motivation and in- 
centive to succeed and to accomplish those ideals 
that have been instilled in you by your parents, 
your teachers and your education. Much is avail- 
able to you. Hopefully we have provided you with 
the mean by which you may achieve your goals. 

I have especially enjoyed witnessing the growth 
of the Class of 1995 from uncertain freshmen to 
the young adults that you have become. It is my 
hope, and the hope of the faculty that you built 
on the ideals that you have developed here at 
Holbrook Junior/Senior High School to become 
valuable and valued members of society. 

Congratulations and my best wishes to each one 
of you as you enter a world that has as much to 
offer you as you have to offer it. Give what you 
have and there is no doubt that you will succeed. 

David J. Sweeney 


Table of Contents 











Student Activities 




Student Life 


Friends and Family 





Lynda Buttafoco 
Steven Lai 


Mrs. Helen Fitzgerald 
Mr. Thomas Young 



Echos oj the Past 
Perceptions of the Future 



In Appreciation 

We, the Class of 1995, wish to express our gratitude and 
appreciation to two women who, during our years here at 
Holbrook Junior/Senior High School, have become very 
important in our lives. 

Mrs. Fitzgerald, you helped to guide us through our form- 
ative years as an advisor and as a friend. That advice and 
friendship was invaluable to us and to our successes dur- 
ing those years, and it has continued and will continue to 
be an inspiration to us. Thank you for everything that you 
have given and shared with us. 

Ms. Leventhal, your efforts and your caring inspired us to 
the successes that we have achieved over the last two 
years. We truly appreciate those efforts and thank you for 
helping us become what we have become. Thank you for 
your hard work and your dedication. 

With Appreciation, 
The Class of 1995 



“He lives to learn in life’s hard school 
How Jew who pass above him 
Regret their triumph and his loss 
Like her, because they love him.” 

In School Days 

Shortly after the 1 994-95 school year began, a change took 
place here at Holbrook Junior/Senior High School. At first 
it was a subtle change, but as the year progressed it be- 
came more and more noticeable. A very important and very 
caring person was absent from our school, and the absence 
of that person and her smile and her encouragements 
made the corridors — especially in the morning when we 
were first dragging ourselves into the building — a little 
less cheerful. 

Ms. Donna MacDermott is a dedicated and committed ed- 
ucator, one who cares about those around her. She has 
given much to the students here at Holbrook Junior/Senior 
High School and to the people of Holbrook through her hard 
work and her involvement in school and community ac- 
tivities, but, more importantly, she has given of herself. 
She has shared in our lives and allowed us to share in hers. 
She has given us encouragement, advice, and sometimes 
just a special word of sympathy that has made us feel 
specicd and loved. Even on those very few occasions when 
she felt it necessary to try to be stern, there could never be 
any doubt that she cared and still loved us. 

As we prepare to leave Holbrook High, it becomes more 
obvious to us how important a person like Ms. MacDermott 
is to our well-being and happiness. She has made each of 
us feel Just a little bit better about ourselves, often at times 
when we really needed that kind of support. 

And so, we, the Class of 1995 and the Echo staff, recognize 
the achievement of an invaluable and unique woman. We 
acknowledge and thank her for all the memories she has 
given to us, for all the positive elements of humanity that 
she has shown us and especially for being who she is; and 
we proudly and gratefully dedicate this yearbook, the 1 995 
Echo, to a special woman and a special friend, Ms. Donna 


Faculty and Staff 

Row One: 

Mrs. Mary DelSignore, 
Assistant Principal 
Mr. Jack Boyce, 

Assistant Principal 
Guidance Department 
Ms. Carol Zimmer, Secretary 
Mr. Donald Cosgrove 
Ms. Amy McElroy 

Row Two; 

Mrs. Laura McManus, 


Mrs. Diana Hammond, 

Ms. Mary Cavagnaro, Secretary 
Mr. Eric Langenthal, Health 
Mrs. Charlene Doody, 

Paraprof essional 

Row Three: 

Special Education Department 

Mrs. Beth Tolson 

Mrs. Gwendolyn Adams 

Ms. Janet Myers 

Ms. Trade Feeley 

Mr. Phil Lazzaro 



Faculty and Staff 

Row One: 

Mathematics Department 
Mr. Walter Heleen 
Mrs. Linda Sullivan 
Mrs. Maureen Yauckoes 
Mr. Robert Hallisey 
Mr. David Corayer 

Row Two: 

English/Reading Department 
Ms. Phyllis Tanner 
Mr. Thomas Young 
Ms. Rachel Leventhal 
Mr. Frederick Arata 
Mrs. Mary Ann McMahon 

Row Three: 

Mr. John Ghublikian 
Mr. Anthony Baxter 
Music Department 
Mr. Edmund Meyers 
Mr. Michael Herbert 
Art Department 
Ms. Leslie Prescott 



Faculty and Staff 

Row One: 

Science Department 
Mr. Lou Pearlstein 
Ms. Susan Pollock 
Mr. William Bucceri 
Mr. Hans Melder 
Ms. Janet Jacobs 

Row Two: 

Foreign Language Department 
Ms. Christine Smith 
Mr. Roger Labouliere 
Mrs. Nancy Nicastro 
Ms. Chris Liva 

Row Three: 

Social Studies Department 
Ms. Janet Parisi 
Mr. George Sullivan 
Mr. Edmund Hands 
Mr. Michael Montgomery 



Faculty and Staff 

Row One: 

Exploratory Arts 
Mrs. Andrea Cosindas 
Mrs. Kathleen Harvey 
Mrs. Pat Nunes 
Mr. Alfred Perrone 
Mr. R. Earl Stearns 

Row Two: 

Business Department 
Ms. Marybeth Morlarty 
Mrs. Dianne Muller 
Media Specialist 
Mrs. Helen Fitzgerald 

Row Three: 

Physical Education Department 
Mr. Roger Larson 
Ms. Cindy Tozzi 
Ms. Gail Sargent, Nurse 





Row 1: Lynda Buttafoco, Secretary; 
Rachel Leventhal, Advisor; Katie Gol- 
drick, Treasurer Row 2: Donald DeBer- 
ardinis. Vice President; Heath Ericson, 


Executive Board: 

Row 1: Nicole Stone, Erin Hartigan, Stacey Forman, Marissa Grant, Tara McSweeney Row 2: Jill 
Mazzone, Sharon Farrell, Heath Ericson, Donald DeBerardinis, Lynda Buttafoco, Katie Goldrick, 
Laura Valencia, Stefanie Lee Row 3: Deana Milioti, Steven Lai, Jessica Carew, Nathan Fogg, 
Jeanne Gallagher, Scott Mazerall, Karin McDonough, Kelly Doyle 


Lynda Mary Buttafoco 

Lyn 10/3/77 

Newspaper 1-4: Business Manager 1. 2. 3: Editor 4: 
Yearbook 3. 4: Co-editor 4; Exeeutive Board 2, 3. 4: 
Secretary 4. 

Thank you to my best friends — my parents, my 
brothers, and sister — I love you all more than any- 

Julie. Stefanie. Karin. Jessica. Steve. Heath. Paula 
Dirubbo. Bob Qnincy. 

Dual Enrollment at BSC. Prom ’94. Homecoming ’94. 
Physics. SAT mornings. 

■'Never doubt me. " 

To make all of my dreams reality including having 
happiness, health, a family, and a white picket fence 
with a Lexus in the driveway. 


^ i. 

Rebecca Anne Alvarez 

Becky Al^/n 

Mum, Paul, Amy, Grammy, Dad, Erin, 
Chris — I love you! Jana, April, Jen, 
Cindy, Jeanne, Valter, Marlssa, Todd, 
Stacey, Sean, Andrea, Brandy. 

Prom ‘94. 

Kevin Patrick Barrett 

Bev 10/28/77 

Soccer 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Basketball 2. 
To all my family, love you. Remember 
way back when, all the years before? 
Mr. and Mrs. Kapson, Dave Pike. 
Unsung Hero. 

“When you make a promise, you keep a 

To hope that in the future, everything 
turns out the way I want it to. 

Favorite Foods 




Favorite Restaurants 


Chin’s Garden 
Pizzaria Uno 

Favorite Ice Creams 

Chocolate Chip Cookie 

Mint Chocolate Chip 
Peppermint Stick 

Jennifer Christine Barclay 

Jen 9/5/77 

Cheerleading 2, 3, 4 Captain 3, 4; Ex- 
ecutive Board 2; Color Guard 2; News- 
paper 4. 

Harry, Mom, Marion, Auntie, Brian, Me- 
lissa, Thanks — Love you. 

Brandy, Andrea, Cindy, Jana, Kelly, 
Rebecca, Marissa, Jeanne. 

Halloween dance. Prom 1994, Semi- 
formal, Homecoming parade and dance. 
“I'm an outgoing competitive individ- 
ual, with a desire to earn a better than 
average salary.” 

Michelle Bolger 



Jessica Carew 


Executive Board 1-4; National Honor So- 
ciety 2, 3, 4; Color Guard 1-4; Volleyball 2, 
3: Prom Committee 3; Yearbook 4. 

Mom, Dad, Nick and Kris — thanks for 
everything — Love you all! 

Lynda, Julie, Stefanle, Karin, Bobby St. 
Peter, John McEnelly, Robert Lombardi, 
Steven, Heath, Steve Conrad. 

Junior Prom, Dual Enrollment, Homecom- 

To fulfill my dreams and achieve my goals. 

Colin Michael Chestnut 


Soccer 1-4, Captain 4; Baseball 1, 2; 
Student Council 3, 4; National Honor 
Society 3, 4; 

Eric, Jim, Greg, Tom, Tom Lee, Steve 
Pavidls, Matt, Marc, Eric, T.J., Sean, 
Dan, Mike, Jamie, Brian, Rich, Marc, 
Jeanne Pearce, Bill Barron. 


“To be successful in life and to live my 
life to the fullest.” 

Derek P. Chiasson 


Library Aide 3, 4. 

Mom, Dad, and Ricky — Thanks for 
your support, I love you guys. 

Heath, Pat, Brian, Kevin, Kathleen, 
Meredith, Shaun, Mike, Wesley, Dan, 
Kevin, Donald, Pat, Steve, Fred and 

Prom ‘94, Library Crew. 

“Once 1 went to a fight, and a hockey 
game broke out.” 

To pursue a career In law enforcement. 

Julie M. Chirillo 

Jules 9/15/77 

Executive Board 1,2; Chorus 1,2; Library 
Aide 1-4. 

Mom, Dad, Robin, Kim, Anthony, Joshua, 
Michael, thanks for everything, 1 love you 

Lynda, Michael Feeley, Brian Jeanette, 
Jim Costa, Stefanle, Mikel Bowman, 
Heather Rossi, NUes Perry, Freckles, El- 
liot, Kerri Jameson, Erin Fuller, Chuck, 
Tangy, Chapman, Ms. Pollock, Mr. Le- 

Prom ‘94. Homecoming. Semlformal ‘92. 
To succeed in everything 1 do. 

Daniel Clark 


Newspaper 1-4; Musical 3; Band 1,2. 
Thanks, Dad for putting up with me. 
Heather, Michelle, Sharon, Melissa, 
Kim, Ms. Tanner, Linda, Stefanle, John 
Dress-up day. 

To be a dancer. 

Favorite Movie 

Wynona Ryder 
Sharon Stone 
Julia Roberts 

Favorite Movie 

John Travolta 
Jim Carrey 
Christian Slater 

Favorite TV 

Ellen Degeneris 
Christina Applegate 

Favorite TV Actors 

Matthew Fox 
Tim Allen 


Patrick Cotton 

Pat, P.C. 12/20/76 

Baseball 1-4. 

Mom, Dad, J.J., Debbie, Thanks for 

Derek, Wes, Kevin, Donald, Mike, 
Shaun, Fran, Casey, Meredith, Dan, 
Brian, Pete, Kevin, Billy. 

The whole nine yards. 

Kim V. Dang Doan 

Vui 1/22/73 

Special thanks to Mom, Gene, N2 who 
have supported me throughout my ed- 

Trlnh Diem Uyen. 

To study as hard as 1 promised my mom, 
and to go to school to become a phar- 

Donald Francis DeBerardinis 


Basketball 1, 2, 3; Executive Board 2, 3, 4; 
Vice President 4; Prom Committee 3; Stu- 
dent Council 4; Newspaper 2. 

To all of my family, thank you for all of 
your support. I love you all! 

Shaun, Erin McLean, Kevin, Pat, Wesley, i 
Michael, Francis, Mrs. and Mrs. Connolly, 
Mr. and Mrs. McLean, Mr. Hallisey, Brian, . 
Derek, Heath, T.J., Eric, Nathan. 

Prom ‘94. 

"A wasted youth is better by far than a ' 
wise and productive old age.” 

Heather Olivia Dingledy 

Dinger, Bucky 7/8/77 

Bancri-4; Stage: Softball 1, 3, 4; National Honor 
Society 3, 4; Vice President 4: Newspaper 1-4: 
Editor 4: Academic Bowl 4: Environmental Club 

Thank you so much for everything you've done 
for me and all you’ve helped me become. 

Alicia, Dan, Michelle, Sharon, Melissa, Chuck, 
Andrea, Lisa Romero, Nathan, Katie, Derek, 
Steve, Amy, Stacey, Kristin, Chris. 

Prom. Concerts. Parades. Football games. Fame. 
Semi-formal. Graduations. Softball. 

"The longest journey is begun with one small 

To be the best that 1 can be. 

Kelly Ann Doyle 


Basketball 1, 2, 4: Yearbook 4: Cheerleading 
3: Executive Board 1-4: Secretary 3: Prom 
Committee 3: Newspaper 3, 4. Mom, Shan, 
Gramps, thanks. 

Kristy, Jill, Sharon, Stephanie, Stacey, Kelly, 
Marie, Michelle, Katie, Melissa, Kathy, Matt, 
Marc, Dan, Eric, Colin, Stephen Pavidis, Greg 
Hannon, Greg, Mike, Jamie, Tom, Jim. 
Homecoming '94. Prom ‘94. 

“The fellow whose verdict counts most in 
your life is the one staring back from the 

To mind my own business, and help other 
people to learn to mind theirs. 

Edward E. Dubay 

Ed 4/22/77 

Wrestling 3, 4; Football 3: Cross Coun- 
try 2, 4. 

Heath, Rob, Tom, Sharon, Kelly, Mr. 
Pearlstein, Mr. Steams, Jen. 

‘‘Love it, live it or leave it behind.” 

To be an engineer. 


Heath William Ericson 


Soccer 1-4; Executive Board 1-4; President 3. 4; 
Student Council 1-4; Spirit Coordinator 2, 4; 
Prom Committee 3; Yearbook 4; Concerts 1. 4; 
Library Aide 3. 4; Chorus 1 . 

Thank you for your love and support throughout 
the years Dad, Mom, Brett and Nana. 

Derek, Brian, Steve. Laura, Kevin, Jeanne, Me- 
lissa, Lynda. Karin, Marc, Tim, Erin, Stefanle. 
Jim, Eric, Dan, Colin, Matt, Donald, Katie, Scott. 
Mike, Jessica, Wes. Mrs. Fitzgerald, Mr. Halllsey, 
Ms. Leventhal. 

Junior Prom. School concerts. Homecoming. Soc- 
cer Tournament. MASC — Hyannls Conference. 
“You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." 

To be a Federal agent and work for the FBI. 

Sharon Rachelle Farrell 


Soccer 1-4; Captain 3. 4; Softball 1-4; Captain 4; 
Executive Board 1-4; Prom Committee 3; NEASC 

Mom, Dad, Linda, Jim, Marlene. Jim — 1 love 
you. Thanks for everything. Vegas, Calvin (cat. 
dog) Mary-Jo (Joyce) — you're my favorite. 

Jill, Kristy. Kelly, Melanie Plotrowlcz, Jodie 
Marx, Traci Gunther, Kelly. Michelle, Katie, Ma- 
rie. Lindsay, Amanda, Karen Mann. 

Freedom Trail. Prom '94. Homecoming '91, '94. 
"Love means never having to say you're sorry." 
To get married, have children and make a dif- 

Nathan Evan Fogg 

Nate 11/5/76 

Newspaper 1, 2; Musical 1-4; Chorus 1- 
4, Treasurer 2, President 4; Executive 
Board 1-4, Vice President 1, President 
2; Band 4; Prom Committee 3. 

Mom and Jim — Thank you for your 

I Dori Bryan, Rachel, Tara, Mike Warner, 
Ms. Pollock. Chuck, Erin, Laura, Katie, 

! Jenny, Diana, Donald, Leah, Scott, 

1 Matt. 

Prom ‘94. Chemistry. Homecoming. 
iFame. Into the Woods. 

Stacey Ann Forman 

Forms 4/13/77 

student Council 1 , 2, 3; Executive Board 1-4; 
Softball 1-4; Soccer 1-4. 

Mom. Dad, Erica, Mike, Michelle, Mlkey, 

Melanie Plotrowlcz, Traci Gunther, Kelly, Jill, 
Sharon, Michelle, Kelly, Marie, Kristy, Jana, 
Cindy, Eric, Neville Neil, Jacqueline Dupree, 
Greg, Colin, Jim, Jerry, Dan, Matt, Marc, 
Mark, Steve, Jamie, Mike, Amy, George. 
Homecoming. Prom. Senior Reception. Grad- 

"To be or not to be, that is the question." 

To be successful, and never let my dreams 

Jana-Marie Faustrum 

Jana 12/3/77 

Cheerleading 4; National Honor Society 
3,4; Exeeutive Board 1 . 

Thanks Mom, Grandma, Auntie — I 
love you! 

Becky, Cindy, Jen, Marissa, Andrea, 
Brandy, Jeanne, Kelly, Stacey, Tara 
O’Neil, Jamie. 

Prom ‘94; Halloween Dress-Up Day ‘94. 
To always be me and only me. 

Favorite Types of 

R and B 
Rock and Roll 

Favorite Music 

Boyz II Men 
Green Day 

Favorite Female 

Lita Ford 
Whitney Houston 
Mariah Carey 
Courtney Love 

Favorite Male 

Billy Joel 
Eddie Vedder 
Steve Miller 



Danielle Fusco 

Fusco 7/1/76 

Love you Mom, Dad, Jennifer, Mike and 
Duchess. Love you. Dawn. Always 
thinking of you. 

Dawn, Rosemary Foley, Chrissy Camp- 
bell, Cyndi McElaney, Dennis Mikkola, 
Devin Walsh, T.J., Fran, Marissa, Car- 
oline, Sara, Kelly, Cindy, Danielle, An- 

To live life to the fullest. 

Favorite Talk Show 

Ricki Lake 
Oprah Winfrey 
Richard Bey 

Favorite Late Night 

Saturday Night Live 
Late Night with 
David Letterman 
Tonight Show 

Favorite Soap 

General Hospital 
Days of Our Lives 
One Life to Live 

Favorite Sitcoms 


Mad About You 

Married With Children 

Jeanne Marie Gallagher 

Gal 11/14/77 

Student Council 1-4; Vice President 4; Executive 
Board 1-4; Local Student Advisory Council 4; Prom 
Committee 3; Newspaper 1-4; Yearbook 4. 

Mom. Daddy, Terence. Brendan — Thanks for every- 
thing^, I love you guys! Michele. Andrea. Becky. Bran- 
dy. Cindy, Jana. Jen, Jill, Kelly, Marissa. Casey. 
Meredith. Kathleen Brundige, TJ. Eki. Donald. Kacy, 
Michelle King, Sara Calitrl, Amy, Kathy. Michelle. 
Mr. Cosgrove. Mr. Sweeney. Helen Fitzgerald. 
Marybeth Morlarty. Heath. Steven. Melissa. Tara. 
Jimmy. Freedom Trail. Prom. Reception. Homecom- 
ing ‘93. MASC Conference. Chefs. Geometry. School 
Mascot (bulldog). "Through good times and bad I 
never lost my sense of humor and zest for life." 

To be successful. 

Caroline Gay 


Mom, Dad, Richie thanks, I love you. 
Mark, Sara, Lindsay, Amy, Vanessa 
Munn, Jamie, Kelly, Danielle, Danielle, 

Graduation ‘95, Senior Reception. 

To have a successful career, get mar- 
ried, and raise a family. 

James Michael Gavin 

Jim 6/22/77 

Soccer 1-4; Baseball 1-4; National Honor 
Society 3, 4. 

Love you Mom. Dad, Jeff, Sean, Kevin, 
Steve, Den, Kerry and Ryan. 

Dan, Eric, Colin, Greg, Tom Lee. Greg 
Hannon, Steve Pavidls, Tom, Matt, Marc, 
Brian, Jamie, Eric, Kurt Cobaln, Kristy, 
Kelly, JUl, KeUy, Marie, Katie, Michelle. | 
Junior Prom. Soccer game vs. Norwell. ^ 
“To survive it is often necessary to fight, 
and to fight you must dirty yourself." I 
To cure cancer! ■ 

Andrea Marie Giachetti 


Softball 2. 3, 4; Volleyball 2; Executive Board 
1. 2, 3. Secretary 1. 2; Newspaper 1-4; Lit- 
erary Magazine 1-4. Mom, thanks for every- 
thing. I love you. Dad! You’ll be with me for- 
ever. Thanks, Joyce! Love you, Jason. 

Steve. Brandy, Jennifer, Cindy, Jana, Kelly, 
Marissa, Jeanne, Jamie, Caroline, Becky,: 
Sara, Danielle, Dawn, Fran, T.J., Mr. Lover - 1 
in, Mrs. Lomp, Mr. Baxter. j 

Freedom Trail, Prom ‘94. j 

To make it big and be happy. \ 



Georgeena Marie Giunta 

Geena 8/28/77 

Barbara, Deandrea, Mercedes Alpia. 

To raise my daughter as best 1 can. 

Elizabeth Frances-Rita 

Liz 10/4/76 

Thanks Mom and Ed for helping me get 
this far. Thanks Dad and Judy, Shane 
and Chris, I love you Travis. 

Matt Levreault, Johanna Gilmore. 

To go to college and live a comfortable 

Katherine Marie Glynn 

Katie 4/7/77 

Basketball 1, 2, 4; Softball 1, 2; Executive 
Board 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 3; Prom Committee 

Mom, Dad, Amy, John, Duke, Arnold, 1 love 

Michelle, Kelly, Maria, Traci Gunther, Me- 
lanie Piotrowicz, Stacey, Sharon, Kelly, Jill, 
Kristy, Valter, Matt, Marc, Dan, Colin, Tom, 
Jerry, Jamie, Mike, Jim, Steve Pavldis, Tom 

Semi-formal 2, 4. Prom ‘94. Homecoming 2, 
3. 4. 

“Always wave at children on school buses.” 
To own my own bowling alley. 

Catherine Frances Goldrick 

Katie 2/20/77 

Musical 2. 4; Library Aide 2. 3. 4; Executive 
Board 2. 3. 4, Treasurer 4; Prom Committee 3; 
Student Council 4. Harvard Model Congress 4: 
Newspaper 4: Yearbook 4. 

Mom. Dad, Scott, Dan, Jim, Griffins, Goldrlcks 
— I love you! Amy, Casey, Nathan, Laura, De- 
andrea, Heath, Donald, Lynda, Heather, Andrea, 
Erin. Chuck. Scott, Dan. Deana, Karin. Melissa. 
Stefanle, Nicole. Tara, Dudley (dog). Mr. Hands. 
Mr. Baxter, Mr. Hallisey, Mrs. Fitzgerald. Junior 
Prom. Chemistry. Leadership Camp. Homecom- 
ing. London. 

To be happy and successful as a lawyer. 

Marissa Alcyne Grant 

Rissa 5/20/77 

Executive Board 2, 3. 4; Prom Commit- 
tee 3. 

Mom, Dad, and Nlccl — I love you. 

Josh Silva, Jessica Marhsall, Stephanie 
Norton, Stefanle, Jen Roberts, Cindy, 
Kelly, Jana, Brandy, Jennifer, Andrea, 
Becky, Jeanne, Danielle, Jamie, Sara, 
Nicole Martini, Kathy, Danielle, Dawn. 
Junior Prom ‘94, Senior Reception ‘95. 
“Be happy” 

To be comfortable. 

Favorite Old 

Breakfast Club 
National Lampoons 

Ferris Beuller’s Day Off 

Favorite Old Dramas 

Gone With The Wind 
An Affair To Remember 
Dirty Dancing 

Favorite New 

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 
Dazed and Confused 
A Low Down Dirty Shame 

Favorite New Dramas 

Forrest Gump 
When A Man Loves A 
Pulp Fiction 


Danielle Marie Hallisey 

Nellie 1/25/77 

Cross Country 

Ma, Thank you for your understanding 
and love. Uncle Ray, you will always be 

Brian Hanley, Dawn Smith. 

“1 will survive.” 

To become a better person, a wonderful 
wife and mother. 

Erin Hartigan 


National Honor Society 3, 4; Prom Com- 
mittee 3; Executive Board 1-4; Color 
Guard 2, 3, 4; Lab Aide 4. 

Mom, Dad, Kris, Kait, Tim — I love you! 
Nicole, Pete Mateo, Kristin, Karin, 
Stefanle, Lauren, Donald, Scott, Kacy 
Grindle, Katie, Nathan, Ms. Pollock, Ad- 
rienne, Taylor Manlgold, Deana, Laura, 
Bill Stavros, Mike Dltllllo. 

Prom ‘94. Homecoming ‘94. Seml- 
formals. Chemistry class. London ‘92. 

Favorite Sports 

Favorite Professional 



Favorite Male Athletes 

Shaquille O’Neil 
Cam Neely 

Favorite Female 

Kim Zmescal 
Oksana Baiul 

Favorite Professional 



Favorite School Sports 



Kelly Lynn Johnson 

KJ 6/15/77 

Executive Board 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1,2, 
4; Prom Committee 3. Mom, Dad, Bry- 
an, Auntie, Maureen — thanks! Love 
you! Michelle, Katie, Marie, Traci Gun- 
ther, Melanie Plotrowlcz, Kristy, Kelly, 
Sharon, Jill, Stacey, Valter, Tom, Matt, 
Michelle Loeb, Dan, Marc, Stephen 
Pavldls, Greg, Colin, Mike, Jerry, 
Jamie, Jim, Tom Lee. 

Prom ‘94. Seml-formal 2, 4. Homecom- 
ing 2, 3, 4. 

Clifton A. Jacob 

Chuck, Cliff 7/25/77 

Band 1-4; Academic Bowl 4. 

Thanks, love you, Sarah, Brian, Katie. 
Chris, Christine Ferrara, Karin, 
Carolyn McDonough, Nathan, Stacey, 
Kristin McDonough, Kristin Cantln, 
Kristie Mahoney, Rachel Grasso, 
Amanda Smith. 


Sara Ann Johnson ij 

Sajay 4/26/77 !j 

Thanks Mom and Dad. Love you. Matt |] 
and Mandl. '! 

Steve, Caroline, Jamie, Amy, Vanessa || 
Munn, Lindsay, Kelly, Danielle, | 
Danielle, Dawn. ! 

Graduation ‘95. Senior Reception ‘95. i| 
To get a good Job, get married, and raise ^ 
a family. To live a successful life. ! 


Michelle Ann Lindsey 

Shelly 10/2/76 

Prom Committee 3. 

Mom, Mark, Nana and Grandpa, I love 
you. Thanks for all you’ve done for me. 
Kelly, Katie, Marla, Melanie Plotrowlcz, 
Traci Gunther, Sharon, Kristy, Kelly, 
Jill, Stacy, Jerry, Greg, Jimmy, The 
McManuses, Colin, Jamie, Tom, Tom 
Higgins, Dan, Mike, Tom Lee. 

Freedom Trail. Semi-Formal ‘92. Prom. 
“Always wave to crosswalk patrol 

Gregory Gordon Lofgren 

Greg 3/21/76 

Soccer 1-4; Student Council 1; Chorus 1, 
2, 3. 

Mom, Dad, sisters, brother, Nana, Dennis, 
Ryan, I love you and thanks a lot. Kara, 
you mean so much to me. 

Eric, Tom Lee, Colin, Jim, Steve Pavtdis, 
Tom, Shawn, Matt, Marc, Mike, Jamie, 
Sean, Marie, Jill, Sharon, Kelly, Kristy, 
Michelle, Katie, Kelly. 

Prom. Norwell soccer game. Office deten- 

To fulfill my dreams, and to grow wise, not 

Stefanie Evelyn Lee 

Steffy 2/1/77 

Executive Board 3. 4: Yearbook 4; National 
Honor Society 4; Prom Committee 3. 

Mom, Dad, Janelle, Grandpa, Grandma, Mil- 
lie — 1 love you! Thanks for everything. 
Karin. Marlssa, Nicole, Lynda, Jessica, 
Steven. Deana, Erin. Heath. Barbara. Julie. 
Laura. Kristin. Brian, Katie, Dan, Melissa. 
Prom '94. Homecomings 
"Walk not upon the beaten path; blaze your 
own trail.” 

To graduate from college, have a successful 
career, and a family. 

Barbara Lora 


Volleyball 1, 2; Cross Country 4; Prom Com- 
mittee 3. 

Thanks for always being there, 1 know you al- 
ways tried Maml and 1 love you. Lenin. Rosanna, 
and Deja, love you always. 

Benjamin D. Gates. Mercedes Alpla, Geena, 
Samantha Hutcheon. Nessa Thompson, LaAtoy, 
Deandrea, Kerri Bohan. Kerri. Jose Perez, Steven 
Leonard, Felix Luyo, Valter, Nllton Pina, Mr. 
Gervals, Mr, Boyce, Stefanie, Eric. 

1 1th grade semi-formal. Junior Prom. Office De- 
tention. SAT's. 

"1 am woman. Hear me roar." 

To do everything I've always wanted, and to be 

Steven Keith Lai 

Steve 3/7/77 

student Council 1-4. Treasurer 2. President 
3. 4: National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, President 
4; Academic Bowl 3, 4. Captain 4; Executive 
Board 1-4; Stage Band 2. 3, 4; Concert and 
Marching Band 1-4, Treasurer 3; Library 
Aide 3. 4. Mom. Dad, Dave, Phil, Melissa — 
thank you for your support throughout life. 
Lynda, Jeanne, Heath, Stefanie. Jessica. 
Karin, Kerri, Lauren. Meredith. Maura, 
Casey. Brian, Andrea, Karlem, Joshua, Mrs. 
Fitzgerald. Mr. Heleen. Mr. Sweeney. Prom. 
Seml-formals. Homecoming. Dual enroll- 
ment. MASC Hyannls. Advisor. 

"Records are made to be broken.” 

To live life to the fullest and to enjoy all that Is 
to come. 

Favorite Teachers 

Favorite Male 

Mr. Baxter 
Mr. Hallisey 
Mr. Heleen 

Favorite Female 

Mrs. Cosindas 
Ms. Jacobs 
Ms. Pollock 


Thomas Lynes 

T.J. 9/1/76 

Football 3. 

Thank you, you’re swell, you’re pretty 
cool Ma, and I love you. Dad, Colleen, 
Dave, John, Stephanie, Love you all. 
Greg, Eric, Fran, Jason, Jamie, Colin, 
Pat, Donald, Tom, Jim, Shaun, Lind- 
say, Kathy, Andrea, Deana, Matt and 
Marc, Danielle, Kacy, Jeanne, Marlssa, 
Dawn, Caroline, Nikki, Michelle, Jenny. 
Bonfire. Avon Basketball game. Home- 

Brandy Ann MacMillan 

Bran 2/3/77 

Wrestling 1, 2, 3; Bulldog 1-4; Literary 
Magazine 1-4. 

Mum, Dad, Danny, Paula, and Eric, I 
love you so much, thanks for putting up 
with me. 

Andrea, Jen, Cindy, Marlssa, Jeanne, 
Kelly, Jana, Becky, Eric Almon, Ryan 
Davis, Mr. Kwash, Mrs. Lomp. 

London 1992. Freedom Trail 1993. 
Prom 1994. Halloween Dance 1994. 
Senior Reception 1995. 

Favorite Books 

Catcher In The Rye 
Flowers In The Attic 

Favorite Cartoons 

Beavis and Butthead 
Lion King 
Bugs Bunny 

Favorite Cartoon 

Mickey Mouse 



Favorite Comic 

The Far Side 
Calvin and Hobbes 

Sharon Magner 

Sha-Sha 2/15/77 

Environmental Club 4. 

Family, thanks for being there. 

Melissa Mahoney, Dan, Heather, Su- 
san, Jenny, Kim, Michelle, Alicia, Di- 
ana, Katie, Katie, Andrea. 
Environmental trips. 

Jason C. Magnarelli 

Jay 3/13/77 

Soccer 1,2; Football 2, 3; Basketball 1. 
Mom, Dad, Kim, Angelina, thanks for 
putting up with me. I love you. 

Valter, Jamey, Mike, Tom, Greg, 
Shaun, Eric, T.J., Chris, Ben, John, Re- 
becca, Mr. Boyce. 

Office Detention. The Prom. 

Scott Clement Mazerall 


Chorus 1-4: Band 4: Jazz Band 4: Musical 1-4; Wres- 
tling 1-4, Captain 2, 3. 4: Cross Country 1, 2: Soccer 
1: Executive Board 1-4: Student Council 3, 4: News- 
paper 3. 4: Seventh Grade Adviser 3. 

Mom. Dad. and Shaun: Thank you for all of your 

Matt. Kristin Connelly. Diana. Rachael. Mike Ham- 
mond, Jen Lynch. Mike Warner. Tara. Jenny. 
"Judge yourself before you judge others." 

To be happy, no matter what others think about me. 


Jill Marie Mazzone 

Jillian 3/25/77 

Soccer 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Executive 
Board 1, 2, 4; Newspaper 1, 2, 4. 

Sharon, Kristy, Melissa, Kathy, Kelly, 
Stacey, Katie, Marie, Kelly, Kathy, 
Michelle, Jeanne, Valter, Tom, Greg, Ste- 
phen Pavldis, Eric, Dan, Matt, Marc, Jim, 

Freedom Trail. Homecoming. Prom ‘94. 

"Life is just one darn thing after anoth- 

To be successful in art and to have my 
own Porsche. 

Tara Marie McSweeney 


Executive Board 1-4; Chorus 2, 3, 4, 
Vice President 2. 4; Musical 2, 3, 4. 
Mom, Dad, Kelli, Thanks for every- 
thing, 1 love you! 

Rachael, Leah, Diana, Kristen, Scott, 
John, Krlssy Fortin, Matt, Mike, Na- 
than, Sarah, Shannon, Maura, Jeanne. 
Prom. Fame. 

To be happy. 

Danielle Marie McCarthy 


Thanks, Mom and Dad. Love you, 
Alice, Mary, Linda, Daniel, Sam and 

Chris Walsh, Kelly, Sara, Dawn, 
Marlssa, Cindy, Jamie, Caroline, 
Mrs. Tolson. 

Junior Prom ‘94. Graduation ‘95. 

To be happily married. 

Deana L. Milioti 


Musical 2, 3, 4; Executive Board 1-4; 
Prom Committee 3; Yearbook 4; News- 
paper 4. 

Mom, Dad, Anthony — Love you! 
Laura, Stefanle, Karin, Rob Parke, Sue, 
Lynda, Katie, Nathan, Heath, T.J., 
Donald, Nicole, Erin, Kara, Tim, Telly, 

Homecoming ‘94. Football. Prom. Hal- 
loween Dance. 

“Joking Is serious, and seriousness Is a 

Karin Elizabeth 


Executive Board 1 -4: National Honor Society 2, 3. 
4: Secretary 4; Color Guard 1-4, Captain 2. 3, 4: 
Student Advisory 3, 4, Chairperson 4: Student 
Council 3. 4: Volleyball 2. 3; Academic Bowl 4: 
Yearbook 3, 4: Newspaper 1-4, Prom Committee 

Mom. Dad, Kristin, family — thanks for every- 
thing. I love you all! 

Stefanle. Lynda, Brian, Derek. Jessica. Heath. 
Steve. Melissa. Nicole. Erin, Melissa. Laura. De- 
ana. Chuck. 

The Band. Library. Dual Enrollment. Homecom- 
ing. Prom. Musicals. Concerts. “Time is a terrible 
thing to waste, make the most of it.“ To make all 
my dreams come true. 

Favorite Events 

Favorite Holiday 


Favorite Days of the 




Favorite School 
Spirit Days 

Halloween Dress Up Day 
Sweats Day 


Cindy L. Monfils 

Cin \ 130177 

Executive Board 1,2; Newspaper 4. 

Ma, Dad, and Jamie — Love you all. 
Jana, Kelly, Marlssa, Brandy, Andrea, 
Jen, Jeanne, Becky, Jamie, Danielle, 
Sara, Tara O’Neil, Verna Grant, Jeanne 
Thibeault, Danielle. 

Junior Prom ‘94. Senior Reception ‘94. 
“The more you suffer, the more It 
shows you really care, but I will sur- 

To have as many pairs of shoes as 
Imelda Marcos. 

Jamie Nee 


Mom, Dad, Dave, Chris, Rob, Dee, 
nieces and nephews, I love you all very 

Kelly, Sara, Caroline, Marlssa, Danielle, 
Andrea, Brandy, Cindy, Jennifer, 
Danielle, Dawn, Todd Mason. 

Junior Prom. 

To become a police officer, get married, 
and have children. 

Timothy James Morrison 

Tim, T.J. 7/1/77 

Soccer 3, 4; Basketball 3; Prom Com- 
mittee 3; Executive Board 1-4; Student 
Council 3; Band 1-4; Stage Band 1-4. 
Mom, Dad, Tammy, I love you. 

Danny, Marc, Heath, Eric, Brian, De- 
ana, Laura, Pat, Adam Shleb, Greg 
Hannon, Donald, Ralph DeBerardlnls. 
Prom ‘94. Homecoming ‘94. Wood 1-4. 
“Life is like a box of chocolates, you 
never know what you’re gonna get.” 

To live life to the fullest. 

Amy Kay Nihtila 

Arne 8/26/77 

Cross Country 1 -4, Captain 1 -4; Basketball 1 , 
2, 4; National Honor Society 3, 4. 

Family, thanks for everything, especially go- 
ing to my games and meets. 

Rachael, Andrea, Stacey, Caroline, Hillary, 
Barbara, Lauren, Lindsey, Lauren, Heather, 
Andrea, Brad, Casey, Kathryn, Andrea, 
John, Laura, Christina, Amy. 

Homecoming bonfire. Walk-a-thon. Pep Ral- 
lies. Sport Awards ceremonies. League and 
State Cross Country Meets. Basketball 

"Work hard and never give up.” 

To go to college, play sports and get a good Job. 

Deandrea Murchison 

Dee 6/26/77 

Chorus 4; Executive Board 4; Volley- 

Jamone and Family, I love you. 

To be a pre-school teacher. 

Brian Patrick O’Neil 


Band 1 -4, Vice-President 4; Stage Band 
2, 3, 4. 

Family — Thank you for having con- , 
fidence in me. 

Heath, Derek, Pete, Jim, Tim, Eric, Col- 
in, Steve, Wes, Mike, Dan, Marc, Eric, 
Tim, Pat. 

Bonfire. Homecoming. Football games. 
Christmas parades. Every Concert. Pep 
Rally ‘94. 

To be able to provide a comfortable and 
happy life for myself and my family. 



Patrick Orlando, Jr. 

Pat 11/12/76 

Soccer 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 1 . 

Ma, Dad, family — love you, thanks. 
T.J., Adam, Tim. 

World of Difference seminar at the Bos- 
ton Garden. 

To end prejudice. 

Valter M. Pires 

Valdy 3/7/76 

Footbml 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1-4, Captain 
4; Cross Country 4; Newspaper 3, 4. 
Thanks for being there for me. Mom, 
stay healthy, love you. 

Chris, Jamie, Jason, Rennie Cato, 
Dyvall Carr, Shawn Parker, Phil Har- 
grove, Jill, Sharon, Kristy, Melanie Pl- 
jotrowlcz, Anne Bryan. 

Basketball game. 

“You have to live it and not dream it.” 
To major in criminal justice and have a 
‘ good paying job. 

Eric Michael Pearce 

Pearcie 1/4/77 

Soccer 1-4, Captain 3. 4; Baseball 3, 4; Executive 
Board 2, 3, Vice President 3; Newspaper 4; Prom 
Committee 3. 

Ma, Dad, Chris, Dan, Kody, Ralph, Oul — Love 

Greg Hannon, Colin, Marc, Matt, Mike, Tom, 
Valter, Steve Pavldls, Tom Lee, Greg, Jim, Jill, 
Sharon, Kristy, Katie, Marie, Melanie Plotrowlcz, 
Stephanie, Kelly, Nicole, Kathy, Melissa, Lind- 
say, Laura, Amanda, Jamie, Sean, Jerry. 

Prom '94. Homecoming '94. Christmas Dance 
'93. Seml-formals. 

". . .1 dream things that never were and say why 

To rid the world of wasteful materials. 

Adam A. Parks 


Family, love you all. 

Pat, Tim, Pat, Derek, Brian. 

To work hard to get what 1 want. 

Adrienne Michelle Rorick 


Basketball 1,2; Color Guard 1, 2, 3; Vol- 
leyball 1,2. 

Mom, Dad, Angle, Amy, Alexandra, 
thank you for your support. 

Taylor, 1 love you — Mom. 

Erin, Kristen, Nakleya Kemp, Nicole, 

Semi-formal. Sewing. Basketball. 
Homecoming. Library 4th period. 

To do the best I can with what I’ve got. 

Favorite Fast Foods 

Fish Sandwich 


Favorite Fast Food 

Taco Bell 
Burger King 

Favorite Candy Bars 


Reese’s Peanut Butter 
Kit Kat 


Thomas Santry 


Mom, Dad, thanks for dealing with me. 
Love you. 

Colin, Matt, Jill, Mike, Jamie, Sharon, 
Jay, Greg, Katie, Valter, Sean, Eric, Kel- 
ly, Ben, Tom Lee. 

Favorite Clothing 

Contempo Casual 
Bob’s Stores 
Village Uniform 

Favorite Brand 




Favorite Sneakers 




Kristy L. Slaven 

Slaven 1/21/77 

Soccer 1-4; Basketball 1-4. 

Mom, Dad, Jody, David, Nicole — I love you! 
Sharon, JiU, Kelly, Kelly, Katie, Michelle, Me- 
lanie, Piotrowicz, Traci Gunther, Marie, 
Stacey, Kathy, Melissa, Amanda, Michelle, 
Kathy, Stephen Pavidis, Greg Hannon, Eric, 
Dan, Jimmy, Colin, Matt, Marc, Valter, 
James, Greg, Eric. 

Homecoming. Semi-formed. Jr. Prom. Recep- 
tion. Basketball games. 

“Friends are forever” 

To accomplish my dreams euid live a happy 

Kelly Jeanne Thibeault 


Newspaper 4. 

Mom, Kathleen, Heather, Shiela, Keith and 
Brian, I love you. 

Thanks for everything. 

Jamie, Cindy, Marlssa, Caroline, Sara, An- 
drea, Brandy, Danielle, Jen, Danielle, Dawn. 
Junior Prom. Senior Reception. 

"1 took the road less travelled by, and that 
has made all the difference." 

To never let myself down. 

Nicole Lee Stone ; 

Nicole 9/30/77 J 

Yearbook 4; Executive Board 1-4; Prom I 
Committee 3. j 

Mom, Dad, Amy, Gram, Gramp, Debbie, :| 
and Scott — Thanks for everything. 1 1 
love you. 

Erin, Kristin, Stefanle, Lauren, Deana, 
Bill Stavros, Pete Mateo, Katin, Katie. | 
Jr. Prom ‘94, Homecoming, Seml- 
formals. 1 

To be happy and successful In whatever 
I do. 1 

Laura Amy Valencia 


Executive Board 2-4; Prom Committee 3: Year 
book 4; Musical 4. 

To my family — 1 love you! Eric and Chris — 
Thanks for always being there. 

Kara-Lynn, Heather. Senorlta Smith, Deana, Ka 
tie, Donald, Nathan, Scott, Karin, Heath, Tlrr, 
Danny, Stefanle, Tommy. Angela, Jackie. Mai 
Erin, Lucky (dog). ' 

Prom '94. Homecoming. Halloween. Mid-terms i 

To be the best at everything 1 do and to ur: 
derstand the meaning of my life. 



Alicia A. Vasiliu 


Dad, thanks for being there for me. 
Natalie Furstaalla, Jose DaJesus, 
Stephanie Rodriguez. 

Kevin E. Walsh 


Baseball 4; Newspaper 1 . 

Francis, Derek, Pat, Heath, Adam, 

To become a journalist. 

Jason Stanley Welch 

Jay 8/9/77 

Chuck, Mr. Perrone, Paul Busa, Andrew 
Michard, Nathan Busa, Donald Stew- 
ard, Billy Spathanas, Margaret Morad, 
Patty Comaletti. 

Francis Patrick Whitney, II 

iFran. Eli 3/13/77 

Basketball 2, 3, 4. 

iMom. Dad, Rich, Jean — I love you even if 
1 don’t always show it. 

Eric, Gus Winqulst, T.J., Kathy, Michelle, 
Shawn, Donald, Pat, Andrea, Rich, Dave, 
Mike, Tom, Matt, Mark, Brian Buckley, 
Brian Clancy, Greg, Steve Wright, Jay Kel- 
lly. Scion Jackson, Jeanne, Jill, Danielle, 
Dawn, Nicole Levine, Anne, Michelle Sul- 
livan, Trevor Kelsh, Jeremy Kelsh, Shar- 


.Freedom Trail, Mr. Halllsey, Mr. Hands’ 
(third period class ‘94. 

Eric Christopher Winquist 

Wlnkie, Gus 11/3/77 

Baseball 1, 4; Basketball 1-4; Football 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Roberta, Joyce, 
Pam, Susan Jenny, Jimmy, T.J., Fran, 
Jason, Jamie, Kacy, Michelle, Kathy, 
Lindsay, Kristy, Jana, Colin, Matt, 
Valter, Eric, Jim, Mark McKean, Brian, 
Sean, Shawn, Donald, Chris. 

Bonfire, Proms, Homecoming ’94. 

To be successful at whatever I do. 

Favorite Sayings 

“I know!” 

“I’m all set.” 

Favorite “In’* Words 




Favorite School 

Chicken Nuggets 
Macaroni and Cheese 
American Chop Suey 



Done Most For Class: 

Nathan Fogg, Katie Goldrick 

Most Captivating Smile: 

Donald DeBerardinis, Katherine Glynn 

Most Likely to Succeed: 

Steven Lai, Heather Dingledy 

Class Flirts: 

Patrick Orlando, Stacey Forman 



Most Bashful: 

Brian O’Neil, Amy Nihtila 

Nicest Eyes: 

Eric Pearce, Jamie Nee 


Most Athletic: 

James Gavin, Sharon Farrell 

Most Musical: 

Scott Mazerall, Heather Dingledy 

Most Unpredictable: 

Derek Chaisson, Jeanne Gallagher 

Class Clowns: 

Thomas Lynes, Jeanne Gallagher 

Most Absent Minded: 

Patrick Orlando, Katherine Glynn 

Most Artistic: 

Donald DeBerardinis, Jill Mazzone 




Best Sense of Humor: 

Derek Chaisson, Tara McSweeney 

Class Cuties: 

Heath Ericson, Jennifer Barclay 

Most Class Spirit: 

Heath Ericson, Jeanne Gallagher 

Most Original: 

Daniel Clark, Brandy MacMillian 









Best Buddies (male): 

Kevin Barrett, Donald DeBerardinis 

Most Fashionable: 

Valter Fires, Deanna Milioti 


Most Courteous: 

Kevin Barrett, Laura Valencia 

Best Buddies (female): 

Brandy MacMillan, Andrea Giachetti 

Most Academic: 

Steven Lai, Heather Dingledy 

Most Talkative: 

Nathan Fogg, Marissa Grant 

Class Angels: Most Dependable: 

Edward Dubay, Nicole Stone Lynda Buttafoco, Heath Ericson 





Row 1: Kathleen Robins, Treasurer; Melissa 
Lai, President; Amanda Cosindas, Secretary. 
Row 2: Fred Perrone, Advisor. 

Not photographed: Daniel Pearce, Vice Pres- 

Executive Board: 

Row 1: Julie Breen, Shaun Flynn, Kathleen Robins, Melissa Lai, Amanda Cosindas, Wesley Wong. 
Row 2: Andrea Woelfel, Rachael Carney, Catherine McColgan, Peter Galuardi, Lori Demilt, Miche 
Baker, Kaitlen McGillivray, Lindsay DiTullio. 

Row 3; David Schmitt, Leslie Rowell, Maura McNealy, Molly Kennerson, Michelle McCarthy, Kathle 
Nihill, Michelle Warner, Michael Johnson, Daniel Hathaway. 


Michelle Baker 
John Berger 
John Bissett 
Kerri Bohan 
Julie Breen 

Robert Bryda 
Diana Byrne 

Melissa Cantin 
Rachael Carney 

Diane M. Caton 
Kimberly Condon 

Jenny Conley 
Ralph Cooke 

Amanda Cosindas 
Karen Crowe 
Anthony DeGrazia 
Lori Demilt 
Cheryl Dickie 

Lindsay DiTullio 
Jacquelynne Dupree 
La Atoy Fields 
Daniel Flynn 
Shaun Flynn 


Peter Galuardi 
Patrick Gavin 
Kenneth Gill 
Christopher Gleba 
Charissa Hanson 

Daniel Hathaway 
Courtney Hobbs 

Sarah Jacob 
Michael Johnson 

Stephanie Jones 
Linda Jordanek 

Kimberly Kapson 
Molly Kenerson 

Michael Kingham 
Thomas Kunan 
Melissa Lai 
Jamey Lemire 
Christopher Lydon 

Michelle McCarthy 
Catherine McColgan 
Kaitlen McGillivray 
Matthew McManus 
Maura McNealy 


Brian Molloy 
Kristina Monteiro 
Alicia Murphy 
Kathleen Nihill 
Christopher Norman 

Lauren Nubar 
Daniel Pearce 

Jackie M. Preston 
Kristen Rayner 

Maria Keen 
Kathleen Robins 

Leslie Rowell 
Danielle Sadek 

David Schmitt 
Danielle Silvia 
Matthew Trainor 
Thomas F. Tynan 
Michelle Warner 

Barry Williams 
Andrea Woelfel 
Wesley Wong 
Amy Yaras 
Meredith Yerkes 



Sophomore Class 


Row 1: Kerri Paris, Vice- 
President: Shannon Ryan, 
Secretary; Andrea 
Richards, President. 

Row 2: Janet Jacobs, 

Not photographed Leah 
Carney, Treasurer. 

Executive Board: 

Row 1: Kerri Paris, Shannon 
Ryan, Andrea Richards. 

Row 2: Janet Jacobs, 
Mariann Colclough, Kristin 
Hartlgan, Christine Spicuzza, 
Lauren DlTullio, Christine 
Campbell, April Rossi, 
Christian Sheehan. 

Row 3: Brett Ericson, Erica 
Bachofner, Lori Malinowski, 
Linda Whitcher, Amy 
Yetman, Lisa Romero, Kerri 
Watson, James McKlnnies. 

Alisa Anderson 
Erica Bachofner 
Joseph Barakat 
James Brown 
Christine Campbell 

Michelle Campion 
Leah Carney 
Ellis Chan 
Mariann Colclough 
Jonathan Cooke 


Paul DaSilva 
Michelle de la Vega 
Andrew Dingledy 
Lauren DiTullio 
Michael Donahue 

Amanda Dresser 
Robert Dubay 

Telemachus Emmanuel 
Brett Ericson 

Kelly Fitzpatrick 
Joseph Graham 

Melissa Gray 
Kristin Guizzardi 

Kristin Hartigan 
Steven Johnston 

Edward Julian 
Edward Kelley 
Matthew Knowlton 
Kevin Land 
Kara La Placa 


Jessica Lloyd 
Melissa Mahoney 
Daisy Malek 
Lori Malinowski 
Jessica Mao 

Julie Mavilia 
Ronald McCluskey 

James McKinnies 
Marc McManus 

Michael Mezzetti 
Brian Nelson 

Kelley O’Connor 
Tara O’Keefe 

Kerri Paris 
Jennifer Parrish 

Frederic Pegurri 
Harold Pettersen 
Gregory Prasnal 
Lisa Rhuda 
Andrea Richard 


Michael Robins 
Lisa Romero 
April Rossi 
Paul Rouse 
Shannon Ryan 

Christian Sheehan 
David Slaven 

Christine Spicuzza 
Kenneth Terrill 

Kristina Tobin 
Anne Louise Tudor 

Marc Henri Tudor 
Takisha Turner 

Lissette Vargas 
Kimberly Visalli 

Kerrie Watson 
Linda Whitcher 
Richard White 
James Winders 
Amy Yetman 





Row 1: Angelina 
Magnarelli, Vice- 
President; Erin Duffy, 

Row 2: Katie Ford, 
Treasurer; Erin Mohan, 
Secretary; Andrea 
Cosindas, Advisor. 



Row 1: Erin Mohan, 
Angelina Magnarelli, 
Erin Duffy, Katie Ford. 
Row 2; Christina Daly, 
Amanda Caffrey, 
Kathleen Carroll, Molly 
Higgins, Jessica 
Lemire, Laura Yerkes, 
Katherine Graham. 




1 . 

Sally Andrade 
Samantha Annis 
Peter Anttila 
Ronald Balcius 
William Barrett 



Randy Beatrice 
Devon Brown 
Sean Bryan 
Amanda Caffrey 
Kathleen Carroll 

Jennifer Chew 
Robin Chirillo 

Andrew Christianson 
Edward Clark 

Christina Daly 
David DaSilva 

Curtis Davco 
Erin Donovan 

Erin Duffy 
Katie Ford 

John Glynn 
Scott Goldrick 
Debra Gould 
Katherine Graham 
Patricia Graham 


Kari Griffith 
David Griffiths 
Joshua Heffernan 
Molly Higgins 
Kelley Hoover 

Gina lerardi 
Brian Jaeob 

John Janus 
Brian Jenkins 

Kathryn Johnson 
Heather Kershner 

Jessica Lemire 
John Lynes 

Angelina Magnarelli 
Simon Malek 

Katie Mastrogiacomo 
Donald Mather 
Michael McKeen 
Brendan McNally 
Stephen McNeely 


James Monfils 
Matthew Nelson 
Brad Nihtila 
Jennifer O’Neill 
Sharon Poirier 

Cindy Provencher 
Catherine Rafferzeder 

Heather Rubino 
Shawn Sampson 

Bonnie Simmons 
Steven Steinmetz 

Joseph Trenouth 
Patrice Tudor 

Kevin Tynan 
Jennifer Walsh 

Matthew Walsh 
Jessica White 
Melissa Winders 
Jamie Yarnold 
Laura Yerkes 




8th Grade 


Tammy Ryan, Vice- 

Amy Lewis, President 
Kendra Jackson, 

Julianne Nee, Secretary 



Row 1: Tammy Ryan, 
Amy Lewis, Julianne 

Row 2: Stacey Berger, 
Jessica Tucker, Amy 
Dieso, Kendra Jackson, 
Maria Spicuzza, 
Kathleen Callahan, 
Caroline Clements 

Andrea Abbott 
Shawn Anderson 
Mark Bailey 
Francis Baird 
Amanda Balcius 




Stacey Berger 
Jennifer Bicchieri 
Jeanna Buccini 
Kathleen Callahan 
Jennifer Cameron 

Nicole Candelora 
Robert Cartwright 
Dominic Casna 
Caroline Clements 
Kevin Coffey 

David Cohen 
Leanne Condon 
Keith Cotter 
Kerry-Anne Culhane 
Joseph Damore 

Melissa Dec 
Catherine Decker 
Francis DiBlasi 
Amy Dieso 
John Doherty 

Patricia Dominique 
Elizabeth Dubay 
Robert Dube 
Dawn Dupree 
George Emmanuel 

Christopher Erickson 
Michael Feeley 
Andrea Femino 
Christina Fuentes 
Katherine Giunta 

Daniel Goldrick 
Kristina Gorsuch 
Kelliann Guppy 
Jason Hagan 
David Hathaway 




Russell Hathaway 
Erik Heffernan 
Kerri-Ann Heffernan 
Adam Holbrook 
Wayne Ip 

Kendra Jackson 
Jennifer Jessen 
Cheryl Johnston 
Amanda Kapson 
John Kunan 

Christopher Lade 
Kristin Learned 
Jason Levesque 
Amy Lewis 
Rebecca Lindsey 

Wendy Eisan 
Robert Maccallum 
Melissa Malonson 
Jennifer Martin 
Bonard Mathurin 

Mark Mavilia 
Shaun Mazerall 
Heather McColgan 
April McGee 
Jane-Marie McGrath 

Melanie McGrath 
Robert McKinnies 
Alison McMakin 
Kevin McNamara 
Erik McNeice 

Richard Messia 
Steven Morgan 
Daniel Monahan 
Timothy Morelli 
Kerrianne Morris 


rfii' ' 

Julianne Nee 
Courtney O’Keeffe 
Nicole Olson 
Joseph Parrish 
Nicholas Pawlowski 

Ryan Piotrowicz 
Justin Politano 
Jeffrey Prasnal 
Scott Quigley 
Nicole Richard 

Nicholas Roselli 
Todd Rossi 
Tammy Ryan 
Brian Sarofeen 
Paul Schell 

Bonnie Schenck 
Nicole Slaven 
Latoya Smith 
Anne Marie Snell 
Jorge Solde villa 

Maria Spicuzza 
Michael Stawowy 
Amy Stone 
Nikolas Sullivan 
Ryan Sullivan 

Robin Tlasek 
Jessica Tucker 
Kwame Tull 
Jena Walsh 
Julie Wilson 

Carrie Winters 
Joni Yaras 
Christopher Young 



7th Grade 


Samantha Sumner, President 
Joanna Yi, Vice-President 
Jennifer Yerkes, Secretary 
Beth Mastrogiacomo, Teasurer 


Executive Board 

Row 1: Joanna Yi, Samantha Sumner, Jennifer Yerkes, Beth Mastrogiacon 
Row 2; Peter Jardim, Michael Watson, Nicole Daly 


Joseph Acker 
Richard Acker 
Justin Averill 
Paul Bachofner 
Nick Balboni 

Daniel Bonin 
Robert Bonin 
Paul Brennan 
Brynne Butterfield 
Michael Callinan 

Lisa Campion 
Richard Carney 
Michelle Carter 
Nicole Cavagnaro 
Walter Chisholm 

Andrea Cianfarini 
Kerri Conners 
Victoria Coury 
Charlene Craig 
James Curley 

Teresa Curreri 
Jeffrey Curtis 
Nicole Daly 
Nichole Dansky 
Jill DaSilva 

Julie DaSilva 
Heather Decker 
Michelle Delaney 
Kenneth Dickson 
Robert Dinsmore 

Keith Disharoom 
Shannon Doiron 
Jennifer Donovan 
Lisa Donovan 
Crystal Dresser 



Stephen Duquette 
Andrew Durfee 
Thomas Federico 
Eric Fisher 
Ryan Fitzgerald 

Paul Franke 
Thomas Gainey 
Terrence Gallagher 
Michael Gleba 
Daniel Goodwin 

Elizabeth Graham 
Benjamin Griffith 
Thomas Grodin 
Jason Hair 
Kaitlin Hartigan 

Richard Heiek 
Nicole Higuera 
Michael Hobbs 
Julie Holman 
Jason Hughes 

Peter Jardim 
Ryan Kershner 
Brian Kingham 
Debrah Krueger 
William Kulas 

Daniel Lee 
Janelle Lee 
Nicole Leitao 
Melanie Lloyd 
Michael Lynch 

Stephanie Lynes 
George MacDonald 
Michael Maclain 
Beth Mastrogiacomo 
Jessica Meagher 


Shannon Melchionno 
Robert Montgomery 
Nicole Monteiro 
Jeff Mullins 
Hillary Murray 

Angela Nelson 
Jennifer Nicholson 
Tanya O’Toole 
Rachel Perry 
Heather Petitpas 

Michael Pittman 
Shawn Pitts 
Derek Powers 
John Poirier 
Kevin Richard 

David Ross 
Stephen Spadorcia 
Raymond Steele 
Alexandra Stigas 
Samantha Sumner 

Erin Tan- 
Mark Teixiera 
Matthew Teixiera 
Kimya Tull 
Nicholas Vanelli 

Felicia Vargas 
Michael Watson 
Cherane Wilkerson 

Jennifer Yerkes 
Joanna Yi 
Michael Yunits 


Band and Majorettes 



Row 1: Michelle Baker, Tammy Ryan, Jenny Conley, Scott Mazerall, April Rossi, Brian Jacobs, Anthc ; 
DeGrazia, Timothy Morrison, Steven Lai, Nathan Fogg, Ellis Chan, Mr. Edmund Myers Row 2: Ji ; 
Wilson, Shannon Ryan, Brian O’Neil, Wesley Wong, John Janus, Michelle de la Vega, Clifton Jacob, Del i 
Krueger, Rachel Perry Row 3: Molly Kenerson, Lisa Romero, Heather Dingledy, Melissa Lai, Da li 
Schmitt, Courtney Hobbs, Kristen Rayner, Michelle Carter, Nicole Leitao Row 4: Kerrie Watson, Chi 
topher Gleba, Richard White, Molly Higgins, Andrea Woelfel, Rachel Carney, Erin Hartigan, Jessica Car r‘ 


Row 1: Julie Wilson, Michelle Baker 
Row 2: Tammy Ryan, Molly Kenerson, 
Shannon Ryan Row 3: Kerri Watson, 
Lisa Romero 


Junior High Band and Color Guard 

Junior High Band: 

Row 1: Julie Da Silva, Teresa Curreri, Bonnie Schenck, Mark Texiera, Thomas Gainey, Matthew 
rexiera, Ryan Kershner, Shaw Pitts, Jason Hair, Leanne Condon, Elizabeth Dubay Row 2: Wendy 
Sisan, Michael Hobbs, Mr. Edmund Myers 


High School Chorus 


Row 1: Leah Carney, Tara McSweeney, Heather Kershner, Mr. Michael Herbert, Amy Yaras, Kan 
LaPlaca, April Rossi Row 2: Devon Brown, Julie Breen, Deandrea Murchison, Scott Mazerall, Pau 
Rouse, Christopher Gleba, Sally Andrade, Alicia Murphy, Christine Spicuzza Row 3: Laurei 
DiTullio, Jennifer Conley, Diana Byrne, Donald DeBerardinis, Nathan Fogg, John Berger, Mer 
edith Yerkes, Jessica Lloyd, Christine Campbell, Kristen Rayner 


Diana Byrne, Secretary: Christine Campbell, Treasurer; Nathan Fogg, Presidit 
Tara McSweeney, Vice President | 

Jr. High Chorus 

Jr. High Chorus: 

Row 1: Nicole Leitao, Lisa Campion, Nicole Cavagnaro, Jena WaJsh, Charlene Craig, Debra Krueger, Mr. Michael 
Herbert Row 2: Jill DaSilva, Shannon Melchlonno, Beth Mastrogiacomo, Jennifer Yerkes, Michael Hobbs, Paul 
Brennan, Heather McColgan, Maria Spicuzza, Melanie Lloyd, Alison McMakin Row 3: Marci PIcardi, Julie Wilson, 
Amy Dieso, Jessica Tucker, Alexandra Stigas, Francis Baird, Robert Montgomery, Michelle Carter, Jennifer Martin, 
Christina Fuentes, Bonnie Schenck Row 4: Julieanne Nee, Amy Lewis, Kendra Jackson, Stacey Berger, Heather 
Petitpas, Robert Cartwright, Mark Bailey, Julie DaSilva, Wendy Elsan, Latoya Smith, Kerry-Anne Culhane 


Jessica Tucker, Amy Lewis. Kendra 


National Honor Society 

National Honor Society: 

Row 1: Amanda Cosindas, Michael Johnson, Steven Lai, Heather Dingledy, Karin McDonough, J( n 
Berger, Kristin Rayner Row 2: Rachael Carney, Kathleen Robins, Daniel Hathaway, Jessica Car \ 
Any Nihtila, Kaitlen McGillivary, Erin Hartigan, Stefanie Lee, Michelle Baker Row 3: Christop r 
Gleba, David Schmitt, Colin Chestnut, James Gavin, Mr. Edmund Hands, Advisor 


Row 1: Steven Lai, President; Heather 
Dingledy, Vice President Row 2: Mi- 
chael Johnson, Treasurer: Karin 
McDonough, Secretary: Mr. Edmund 
Hands, Advisor 


Academic Bowl and Harvard 
Model Congress 

Academic Bowl: Steven Lai, Heather Dingledy, Karin McDonough, Mariann Colclough, Andrea 
Woelfel, Ellis Chan, Clifton Jacob, Mr. Edmund Hands, Advisor 

rvard Model Congress: 

'K 1: Jessica Mao, Kristin Rayner, Katie Goldrick, Linda Jordanek, Michelle Baker, Erica 
:hofner, Mariann Colclough Row 2: Kathleen Robins, Christopher Gleba, David Schmitt, Peter 
uardi, Mr. Edmund Hands, Advisor; Wesley Wong, Daniel Hathaway, Meredith Yerkes, Amanda 




Newspaper Staff: 

Row 1: Lynda Buttafoco, April Rossi, Alicia Murphy, Stacey Forman, Sharon Farrell, Katie Goldrick, Heathe 
Dingledy Row 2: Jason Hair, Deana Milioti, Jill Mazzone, Kevin Walsh, Kathy Nihill, Brandy MacMilliar 
Cynthia Monfils, Andrea Glachettl, Jen Barclay, Ms. Tanner, Advisor Row 3: Jeanne Gallagher, Valter Fire: 
Kelly Thibeault, Kelly Doyle, Amanda Cosindas, Christopher Gleba, Daniel Clark, John Berger 


Row 1: Ms. Tanner, Advisor; 
Lynda Buttafoco, Heather Din- 
gledy, John Berger Row 2: Kelly 
Thibeault, Brandy MacMillan, 
Cynthia Monfils, Andrea 
Giachetti, Jennifer Barclay, 
Jeanne Gallagher 


Environmental Club 

Row 1: Katie Goldrick, April Rossi, Andrea Woelfel, Heather Dingledy, Michelle Baker, Kristin Har- 
tigan, Andrea Richard Row 2: Katie Mastrogiacomo, Linda Jordanek, Jenny Conley, Lisa Romero, 
Andrea Giachetti, Brandy MacMillan, Michelle de la Vega, Mr. Edmund Hands, Advisor Row 3; Ellis 
Chan, Catherine Rafferzeder, Sharon Magner, Daniel Clark, Jeanne Gallagher 


Library Aides and Laboratory Aides 

7 ’ 

Library Aides: 

Row 1: Latoya Smith, Jennifer Parrish, Steven Lai, Karin McDonough, Katie Goldrick, Hez i 
Ericson Row 2: Mrs. Fitzgerald, Derek Chaisson, Patrick Orlando, David Schmitt, Julie Chiril . 
Melissa Lai, Mark Bailey 

i ^ 

r \ 

r / 

Laboratory Aides: 

Sharon Farrell, Karin 
McDonough, Erin Harti- 




student Council 

student Council 

Row 1: Michael Lynch, Laura Yerkes, Kathleen Carroll, Erin Duffy, Molly Higgins, Heath Ericson, Katie Goldrick, Christine Spicuzza, 
Nicole Cavagnaro, Andrea Richard Row 2: Meredith Yerkes, Robert Montgomery, Shannon Ryan, John Kunan, Joannna Yi, Beth 
Mastrogiacomo, Alison McMakln, Amy Dieso, Maria Spicuzza, Tammy Ryan, Christina Daly Row 3: Steven Lai, Scott Mazzerall, Terence 
Gallagher, Brett Ericson, Lauren DiTulllo, Erin Mohan, Amy Lewis, Kerri Paris, Christine Campbell, Nathan Fogg, Maura McNealy Row 
4: Donald DeBerardinis, Karin McDonough, Michael Johnson, Kathleen Robins, Amanda Cosindas, Melissa Lai, Jeanne Gallagher, Colin 
Chestnut, David Schmitt 


Row 1: Jeanne Gallagher, Vice President; Maura 
McNealy, Secretary; Meredith Yerkes, Treasurer 
Row 2: Steven Lai, President; Ms. Christine 
Smith, Advisor 



Homeroom Collec- 

Row 1: Jeanne Gal- 
lagher, Jill Mazzone, 
Kelly Doyle, Katie 
Goldrick, Stefanie Lee 
Row 2: Steven Lai, 
Lynda Buttafoco, 
Karin McDonough, 
Melissa Lai 


Tuesday Night Meetings 

Row 1; Stefanie Lee, Lynda But- 
tafoco, Laura Valencia, Katie Gol- 
drick Row 2: Nicole Stone, Steven 
Lai, Jeanne Gallagher Not Photo- 
graphed: Heath Erlcson, Melissa Lai, 
Karin McDonough, Deana Milioti 

Row 1: Lynda Buttafoco, Steven Lai, Ed- 
itors-in-Chief Row 2: Mr. Young, Mrs. 
Fitzgerald, Advisors 






Coach Vicki Davco, Mariann Colclough, Diana Byrne, Sarah Jacob, Jana Faustrum, Amanda Cosindas, 
Jennifer Barclay, Lauren DiTullio, Erica Bachofner, Leah Carney, Jessica Lemire, Meredith Yerkes 


Cross Country 

Girls’ Cross Country 

Row 1; Barbara Lora, Maria Spicuz- 
za, Nicole Slaven, Caroline Cle- 
ments, Hillary Murray Row 2: Coach 
Mr. Langenthal, Stacey Berger, Amy 
Nihtila, Heather Petitpas 

Boys’ Cross Country 

Row 1: Ryan Piotrowicz, Edward 
Dubay, Kevin Tynan, Michael Lynch 
Row 2: David Schmitt, Keith Cotter, 
David Slaven, Robert Dubay, Coach 
Mr. Langenthal 


Varsity Team 

Row 1: Patrick Orlando, Kevin Barrett, James Gavin, Eric Pearce, Colin Chestnut, Gregory 
Lofgren, Heath Erieson Row 2: Coaeh Mr. David Pike, Nicholas Rosseli, Robert McKinnies, 
Matthew McManus, Mark McManus, Shaun Flynn, James MeKinnies, David Griffiths, 
Shawn Mazzerall, Daniel Pearce Row 3: Timothy Morrison 

Junior Varsity Team i 

Row 1; Jeffrey Prasnal, William Barrett, Thomas Federieo, Joseph Parrish, Nikolas Sullivu 
Miehael MeKeen, Adam Holbrook Row 2: Robert Bryder, Brett Erieson, Michael Robins, Bilic 
Nihtila, Randy Beatriee, Timothy Morelli, Thomas Grondin, Paul Rouse, Scott Mazzone I 


Girls’ Soccer 

ATsity Team 

ow 1: Kathleen Carroll, Daniel Silvia, Diana Byrne, Sharon Farrell, Kristy Slaven, Kristina Tobin, 
[iristina Daly, Michelle de la Vega Row 2; Coach Gordon Dillard, Jamie Yarnold, Lindsay DiTullio, 
manda Caffrey, Maria Keen, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Andrea Woelfel, Lori Malinowski, Erin Duffy, Laura 
;rkes, Michelle McCarthy 

imior Varsity Team 

ow 1; Nicole Olson, Jessica Tucker, Shannon Melchionno, Kaitlin Hartigan, Nicole Daly, April 
ossi, Jessica Lemire Row 2: Jennifer Yerkes, Heather McColgan, Amy Dieso, Kristin Guizzardi, 
ichelle Campion, Linda Whitcher, Shannon Ryan, Jill DaSilva, Coach Paul Guizzardi 




Row 1; Alisa Anderson, Kristen Rayner, Michelle Baker, Melanie McGrath, Jessica Mao, Patri i 
Graham Row 2: Coach Mr. Ken Turner, Victoria Coury, Teresa Curreri, Daisy Malek, Jenni: 
Nicholson, Linda Jordanek, Lisa Romero Row 3: Julie DaSilva, Erin Tarr, Andrea Abbot, Stepha i 
Lynes, Janelle Lee 


Row 1; Joseph Damore, David Hathaway, Thomas Tynan, Daniel Hathaway, Michael Callinan, 
Jeffrey Curtis Row 2: Nicholas Palowski, Christopher Young, Scott Goldrick, Robert Bryda, 
Edward Dubay, Kevin Tynan, Coach Mr. Ken Turner 

Boys’ Basketball 



Varsity Team 

Row 1: Valter Pires, Matthew McManus 

Row 2: Coach Mr. Langenthal, Francis Whitney, Michael Robins, Jonathan Cooke, James McKinnies, 
Jonathan Glynn, Matthew Trainer, Jamey Lemire, Joseph Barakat, Paul Rouse, Barry Williams, Eric 
Winquist, Coach Joseph Shirley 

Junior Varsity Team 

Row 1: Timothy Morelli, 
Keith Cotter, Sean Bry- 
an, Paul Rose, Robert 
McKinnies Row 2: 
Randy Beatrice, Michael 
Robins, Christopher 
Norman, Brad Nihtila, 
Telly Emmanuel, Coach 
Joseph Shirley 

r V ^ ~ 

1 ^ cfiSSSv A 'OLBROOf I ^ V'' 1 

L 1 1 



Girls’ Basketball 

Varsity Team 

Row 1; Kelly Fitzpatrick, Christina Daly, Kristina Tobin, Danielle Silvia, Andrea 
Woelfel, Maria Keen Row 2: Amy Nihtila, Amy Yetman, Katherine Glynn, Michelle 
McCarthy, Kathleen Nihill, Kelly Doyle, Kelly Johnson, Kristy Slaven, Coach Mr. 
Michael Connell 

nior Varsity Team 

w 1; Stacey Berger, Hillary Murray, Molly Higgins, Nicole Daly, Patricia Graham, 
inifer Yerkes, Kathleen Carroll, Katherine Graham Row 2; Coach Mr. Michael 
ntgomery, Kendra Jackson, Maria Spicuzza, Amy Lewis, Kathleen Callahan, Jill 
Silva, Julie DaSilva 



Row 1: Derrick Hoover (’94), Jerry Nee (’94), Kevin Barrett, Patrick Cotton, Michael Cocomazzi (’94), James 
Gavin, Scott Beatrice (’94) Row 2: Eric Pearce, Kevin Walsh, Christopher Bryan (’94), Kenneth Christianson 
(’94), Coach Mr. Michael Connell, Charles McKinnies (’94), Matthew McManus, Edmund Hagerty (’94) 

Junior Varsity 1 

Row 1: John Martin, Thomas Colclough, William Barrett, Randy Beatrice, Edward Dubay Row 2:i 
Michael Gangemi, Michael Robins, Brendan Gallagher, Jamey Lemire, Daniel Bates, Coach Mr.i 
Michael Montgomery i 


I Softball 


Row 1: Angelina Magnarelli, Erika Pascarella (’94), Sharon Farrell, Kathleen Tolson, Leslie Rowell, Lori Malinowski 
Row 2: Coach Ms. Janet Jacobs, Elaine Pascarella (’94), Alana Winders (’94), Anne Clements (’94), Lindsay 
DiTulllo, Amanda Cosindas, Lauren DiTullio, Michelle Warner, Alicia Murphy, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Heather Dingledy 

Fanior Varsity 

tow 1; Andrea Giachetti, Michelle Baker, Michelle McCarthy Row 2: Melissa Molloy, Erica 
iachofner, Andrea Woelfel, Jessica Mao, Kimberly Visalli, Laura Yerkes, Jennifer Huntington 
tow 3: Assistant Coach Jennifer Winquist, Kathleen Carroll, Julie Breen, Christine Campbell, 
Vmy Yetman, Linda Whitcher, Molly Kenerson, Kerri Paris, Coach Mr. Ken Turner 






We had homework? 

Rotating schedules 

Taking notes 


Two minute cram 




Pep Rallies 

Bulldog vs. Masked 

Steven’s — “Fish, Duck, 

Team competition 


The Band 

Girls’ soccer 

Boys’ soccer 

Cross Country 





Back in the 80’s 

Haunted House 

King John 


A Shower 



Black Cat 

Ghost & Goblins 






Banner Contest 

Winners — The Class of 1995 


Homecoming Court 

Kelly Doyle 
Sharon Farrell 
Katherine Glynn 
Erin Hartigan 
Jill Mazzone 
Heath Ericson 
Steven Lai 
Gregory Lofgren 
Valter Fires 
Thomas Santry 

King: Steven Lai 
Queen: Sharon Farrell 

Where is the 
“Football Team”? 



Life in the 

Tasty Rib Dippers 

Lunch Lady Land 

Yummy Turkey with Gravy 

Hot Fluffy Rice 

Delightful Chicken Nuggets 
with BBQ Sauce 

Bulldog Burger 

Lunch Ladies 

Gossip! Gossip! Gossip! 

Hot Rolls 


Peanut butter cookies 

Behind the green line 





We*ve Got Tonight 
May 13, 1994 

The Court 


Erin Hartigan 


Sharon Farrell 
Katherine Glynn 


Eric Pearce 


Donald DeBerardinis 
Scott Mazerall 

Coronation Dance 

Grand March 


Mugs & Wine Glasses 

Dresses & Tuxedos 




Carmen Diaz 

Miss Sherman 

Miss Bell 

Jose Vegas 

The FAME School 

Building the sets 
“Pray I make P.A.” 

Mabel Washington 

Dori and the cast 

April vacation rehearsals 
Mr. Myers 

Hummm . . . Hummm 








Friends and Family 



In Memory 

Charles L. Lee 

To honour our grandaughter 
Stefanie E. Lee 
Class of “1995” 

On a job well done 




We asked you to reach for the sky and 
you touched the stars. 



Mom and Dad 


You are as lovely as a flower, 
whose petals are glistening 
with the droplets of water, 
which holds your future 
crystal clear. 


Mom, Dad, Janelle and 



Congratulations ! 

We will always love and support 
you. May all your dreams eome 


Mom and Dad 


Never stop reaching for the stars — 

they’re within your 


Mom, Dad and Kristin 


Congratulations and Best Wishes 

to the 

Class of 1995 

for memorable yesterdays and bright tomorrows, 
for fulfilled dreams and successful aspiration 

Athletic Boosters Club 


Diana Hammond 
Susan Mann 
Paula Gavin 

Athletics: to develop the body 

Music Parents Association 

Vice President 

Carolyn McDonough 
Cliff Jacob 
Anna Janus 
Marie O’Neil 

Music, the arts: to enrich the soul 



to the members of 

TLe Class of 1995 


The Class of 1 996 
The Class of 1997 
The Class of 1 998 


Chinese Polynesian Cuisine 

Tel. (617) 857-1300 

Open Hours 

Tues. thru Sun. 4 P.M. to 1 A.M. 
Closed Mondays Except Holidays 

201 N. Quincy St. 
Abington, MA 

Brookfield Shopping Center 
at Holbrook-Brockton line 

Holbrook Travel 

Full Service Agency Meeting all 
Your Travel Needs 

• Vacation Planning 

• Corporate Travel 

• Cruises 

• Ticketing/Air/Rail 

• Hotel Reservations 

• Tour Packages 

Whatever your travel needs, consult Holbrook Travel. 

We offer a professional, courteous staff and use the latest automated 
equipment - all to ensure efficiency in your travel planning. 



Ask about our Senior Citizens disccunt 

Across from Dunkin' Donuts 
3 South Franklin Street 
Holbrook. MA 02343 



Charles Lee Disposal, Inc. is a family-owned minority company conveniently 
located in South Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1975, we have established a superb 
reputation for service at the most competitive rates in the Rubbish Disposal Industry. 

Our wide variety of equipment, some of the most state-of-the-art in the area, allows us to 
serve the needs of both small and large commercial clients from office buildings and 
condominiums, to some of the largest hospitals, hotels and municipal buildings in 
Boston and vicinity. 

We would be happy to provide a prompt estimate of your rubbish disposal needs at 
no obligation to you. Or, if you require a formal bid for short- or long-term contracts, our 
experienced professional estimators will submit a detailed proposal. 

Contact us when you want to dispose of your rubbish removal headaches. 

• Container Sizes 2-30 yards (all steel) 

• Roll-Off Service 

• Stationary Waste Compactors 

• Rear End Loaders 

• Radio Dispatched Service 


Corporate Office: 

One A Ellery Street • South Boston, Massachusetts 02127 
Telephone (617) 361-3900 • Fax (617) 268-2890 






> -.ri 


f ‘