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READ THE SUPPORT MATERIALS AT: PLEASE CALL 1-800-835-8326 BEFORE RETURNING We will help you correct the problem, or will THIS PRODUCT. supply instructions for returning the unit. 


Thank you for pLrchasing I ncf CAPTURE. Enjoy your rTa/vvideo(wth aucio) capture device and software 

• Witedo/vn I nci CAPTURE'S saiaJ rxrrber. 

• Regster It^C^njREat 1±iefdlcwng URL wAwtcRoaT^reg strati cn. 


This eqJpnrert has been tested and found to carpi y with the I i nits far a Class B dgtal device pursuant 
to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These Units are designed to provide reasonabe protection against harnrful 
i rtoference i n a residential installation. This equprre^ generates, uses, and can radi ate rado frequency 
energy, and, if not installed and used in accadarcewlfiti^inEtiijcticns, may cause hamrfU irterference 
toradoccrnrrriicaticns. however, there is TOguar^rteeirterferencewll not occur in a particular 
installation. If this equiprnmt causes harrrfij irteieieme to radio or television reception, which can be 
deterrrined by 1ijti 1±^equ prrert cff end cr\ the use" is enacuragad to try to cored: the i rteference 
by one or rrcreof the fd lowing rreasures: 

- Reorient cr relocate the receiving antenna. 

• I rxreaselxie separation between the equiprnent and receiver. 

• CbrredztheecMprrert irtoanoutietona drcUt dffererlzfromthat 
to which the receiver is ocnnected. 

• Cbr^t the deal ercr an experienced radc/TVtechridanfcr help 

A~y changes cr rrodficaticns should be approved by the party respcra defer corrplianae with FCC 
Rules. QheAAise, the user leses aul±rri1^tocpeateti^equprnB~t. 

scnoii: IISBITUimiCN a. 

SB01CM2 : /WC9CF1* SKDABZ is 




I nd CAPTURE is a high qLBlity\iideo(wth auclo) captLiede/ice capable cf capturing fU I qualityO/D 
readyvideoirtoyxr PC CaptxiefrrrriyoLr CErmcrde; \/CR, "TV cigital carrera crvirtjual I yary device 
wth an anal eg video output. 

SAjEMXRHX If yxjnaedtoshiplnclC^PTlJREbackto 
TtX sand it packaged in thecriginal box(if possible). 
TtKcamct assure I iabi I ityfer any damage I ncfG^PRJRE 
sustains duing shiprnB~t PI ease use the safest pcssible 
manna- to ship Indi CAPTURE backtoTEK 

2 I ncf CAPTURE : hfercKAar^Scftwarc QLi de 


INDIE CUiry the c*i\/g- installation process, 
yxj rraybeasted toinset tneWrcfcxAE 
installaticn dsc. 

If yctr ccrrpUter doesn't already have the correct cMver installed, a WhdcxAS new haroware detecti cn 
wndcwwll appear cn your screen after the LBB cable has been ccnnected If the newharcUare detecti cn 
wrdcwdoes ret appear, skip to 'NINETTE mCSCJn"Sa=TW^RE'' sedden If iTeNayvhBroware 
detection wndew appears, fd lew the steps bdewthat apply to ya^ ccrrputers cperating system 

If vol*- c|3eic*ing systemis V\ftTdbv\s >4 3 ; 

X. ijaadtrielrtJC^PRJREScftvvarelnsr^ 

2. If tineArcScft software installaticn screen appears, dickits CANCEL iDurJton. 
• The "V^ccrretothe Ftxnd INewhBrcwareNAfcarcT wndcwwll open. 

h'HVilip.m'i hi ll >. ■ ii.iiiiI h ifw 

HRrctoar-y WiT^d 

3. Sdect "Install frcma list cr spedfic loeatien (Advanced)". 

4. Qick l\EXT 

• The "H ease cheese your search and installaticn cpti ens" wndcwwll cpen. 

houH r%wl-lirniiii Wvml 



nan Mlihiiih!! 

II 1 

1 hnrlu ^nl. -M Ir^n.ln h..,y ■. 

Mi J | c^i | 

5. Sdect "Search fcrthe best driver in these I ecatiens", dned<"lrxdLdethis loeatien inthesearch", dick 
the BROASE buttcn and navi gate to the " I nci CAPTURE LBB Diver" fdder, I ocated cnthelnci CAPTURE 
Software Installaticn Dsc 


• "The "Gbrrpleting the Found New hhraware \AfearcT ' wndcwwll open. 

4 InJOFIUFE : HarcManE/Scftv\ans Qj de 

DmpJahnq ttw I qund Hnr 
Hnrdvrarn Wirad 

. ■ i -I ILtii. 

"7. Q i ck R NSH to ccrrplete installaticn. 

If vol*- operating systemis V\frxJDV\E 2000t 

X. Lead the I ndi CAPTURE Software I nstal I aticn Dsc irlzoy^ 
2. If the ArcScft software installaticn screen appears, dickits CANCEL button. 
• The ccrre to the Rxnd l\ew hhroware \Afeard" wndcwwll open. 

■ ■J-iia ten 


• The "Install harcware Da/ice Divers" wndcwwl I open. 

4. Select "Search fcr a su tad e driver for rrydevice(reocrrrrEnded)''. 

5. dick l\EXT 

• The "Locate Dive" Rles" wndcwwll cpen 

.li :«*u 

li ra ■+ rfUui -UlI im I-.-j. hi riHi^i .ttuytiv. -at r-to* a-. 

■ Hap 

I ^ I 

6. Check "Specify a Iccaticn". 
V. dickl\EXr 

• The "Insert the rrarTi/actLrer's installaticn cisc into the drive . . . " wndcwwll cpen. 

bnl himlBaniiHataBilt akil^ln I rm I 
__J «M •rjl--.rtar* |T I , 3 


a Oickthe BFOAEE buttcn and navigate to the" I ndiC^PTURE LBB Diver" f elder, located en the 

I ncl CAPTURE Software Installaticn Dsc 
SL dickCK 

• The "Diver Rles Search Results" wndcwwll open. 

vMubulihiiiniKi lY.-uiti*™ u an- hu 

IrriCPPlUFE : hterchAang'Scftvxare QJ de 

3CL Qick I\ElXT 

• lne''Ccrrpleting the Fcrnd Nbjv h-Brdv\are XAfearcf ' wndcwwll open. 

LiiniqUpnrq Fialfld ftfrW 

H.-tiIvj.iiii W^yirJI 

"~ - ~ ■■ ■■— — 

lai.hW hi—pppj rhrk rnaVi 

™-1 1 

XL. Q i ck R NSH to cenndete installation. 

If vol*- operating sysbemis WncbtAB SB 

X. UsadthelndCPPTU^Scftware^ 

2. If theArScft software installaticn screen appears, dickits C^CB_bLttcn. 
• The''VVndcw5 has f cmd the f d I cw ng newharck/vare" wndcwwll open. 

3. Select "AJtcrratic search for a better driver (Reccmrrended)". 

4. aickrsExr 

• The "Wndcws w 1 1 search fcr new drivers in its driver database ..." wndcwwll open. 

■"-MIIwIbF-I HYI-f H 'Jri VrW| ■bUBI 

Ftj.4i.Pacv EM*] H I 

JJ-j^/nJ-EtflE-.^ I.*— 1 
r h-- r M.dlii»ini» 

SBCnaMX: Installaticn 

a. Select "Search for the best ctfverfcr your device (Reccrrrr^nded)'', check "Sped fy a location", dick the 
BRQASE button and navigate to the "IndiC^PTURE UBB Diver" fdder, I coated on the I nd CAPTURE 
Software Installation Dsc 

a Qick MzXT 

• The "WncfcxAe diver file search fcr the device" wndcwwill open 

Mriln ■ K-r-Hkl-k Klrill MM frll 1k 
6-jr • mJ tmr tiki ■ ~ 

I dick l\EXT 

• The"WrdoA6 has finished instal I ing the newharck/vare device" wndcwwll open 

m* Kwm II ■ 


' I 

XL. a i ck H N SH to conrplete installation 


X. If ycu haven't dene so already lead the IndGAPTURE Scftv\are Installation Dsc intovcur ccrrputer's 

• NAftHncnerrinute after the program dsc has been inserted, an installation screen should appear. 
2. raicwthecn-screen prcrrpts to ccrrpletei retaliation 

If "tHe ii ■JcJIaticn gcreBn does not at in t^jcaUyappBa^ finllowll Ese She| ez 

X. Doubled ick'^Q^nputer 1 '. 

2. Rc^did<thedscdnveirt:oWidnyDu ir^ 

cheese "E>pl ere", 
a Dxidedick-'SetupLee?'. 

4. raicwthecn-screen prcrrpts to ccrrplete installation 

I ncf CAPTURE : hfercKAar^ScfbAarc QLi de 

ForaddedfleMblitv; I rd CAPTURE has mi tiple anal og video and audo inputs. 


• CROUP 2: MD3D2; AJD02 (UR) 




© J 

here's an overview of I nd CAPTURES video and audo inputs: 






"Video 1" 


Composite Video 






"Audio 1" 

White, Red 

L/R Stereo Audio Pair 


"Video 2" 


Composite Video 


"Audio 2" 

White, Red 

L/R Stereo Audio Pair 


Vdeo and audio can be simJtanecusly captured. \Ahen capturing video into a 
GTOJP 1 video input, audo nrust be captured irto the AJDOl inputs. \Ahen 
capturing video into the MD3D 2 input, audorrust be captured irtothe/MJD02 

TOCMl: Installation 


HM3 ■ CTOiPUnoVi 

I nci CAPTURE arres wthanaudc/victeocabeas shcvvn bdcw. 
White (Left) Audio Plug 

Red (Right) Audio Plug 

White (Left) Audio Plug 

Red (Right) Audio Plug 


1 Gcnrect cnecf the inducted cable's "yd lew plugs to a source device's video output. Gcnnectttee 
cables ether yellcwbug to IndlC^PTURBs vellcwN/fCEOl input 

2 Gcnrect cne of the cabers red plugs and cnecf its whi te pi ugs to the scurce ctevicefe analog audio 
outputs. Connect the cablets ether red d ug and its ether white p! ug to Ind CaptlRPs red and Wite 
AJDOl inputs. 

3D InciC/nUFE : HsTTcMareyScftwareGUcie 


1 Gcnnect cnecf the inducted card e?s veil cwplugs toa source 
deuce's video output Gcnnect the cable's other veil cw plug to 
I rti CAPTURE'S yellcwVICB02 input 

2 Connect cnecf the cab e's red plugs and cnecf its \Ahiteplugs to 
the scurce device's anal eg audio outputs. Gcnnect the code's 
other red pi ug and its other v\b te pi ug to I ndi G^PTURBs red and 
\Abte^UD02 inputs. 


IrclCPPRJFE: hbndwai^Scftware Glide 

lOMX: Installaticn 


ISOE CUetoCSIirritaticns, fi le sizes camct 
e>ceed 2GB cn FAT 16 parti tiered hard drives and 
4GB cn FAT 32 partitioned hard drives. These 
lirritatiens do net apply to INTTF5 fen-ratted hard 


This Scftv\are Click Glide provides instructiens for usirg ArScft ShcxABiztocapliJ^fociage(indudng 
audio) wth I ndi CAPTURE. It alsoindudss basic instruct] ens fcr creating videos and phcto si i deshcxAe. For 
additicral irfcrrraticn: 

• Read AcScffs deztrcnic hdpnraterials, supplied in FCFforrrat cn trie I rd CAPTURE scfbAare disc 

• Check out the "Shcv\Biz Basics" help, v\hich can be accessed by d i eking trie "B" block LQjL' located 
at the top of the PLAYER wi ndew i n trie Sho/\Biz application. 

• IvbLiseo^virtuallyanypart of trie Shc\ABiz user irtzerfaoa right dick and select HELP to see tire 
help rrateials pertaining to that part of the i rterf ace 

14 IrrfOFIUFE : hrarcKAar^Scftware GU de 


a icking the TEXT EFFECT^ IVELTA and TRANBTTICNB tabs changes ttedsdayad ALBUM type prcvidng 
access to theselected feature A burrs certain tburrbnai Is, v\hich napnssert ecrrpenerts that can be 
added to volt rrrvie D^ggingatirunrbnail freman ALBUvltotireS10=CYBCPRDorTlv^ 
theoanTJcnert toyour rrcx/ie Individual ojrrpcrerts cr1±ieentirerrowiecsri be previewed inthePLyVH^ 

SBC1IOM2 : AtScft ShowBiz 15 

To anAtScft ShcwEtzz 

1_ In WndoA6, dickSTT^RT 


□txide dick the ArScft SrxxAfiiz desktop icon if available 

The PL/VER is sadden cnli^n^n scream \Ahe^yxr rrcMe archer n^eccrrpena^ts are 
dsplayad and previev\ad BdcwthepreviewwrxfcwwthntheF^ 

fordfferent preview nrcdes, and ad ting options. /te>we1i^wndcw are buttons fa- togging view 
modes, aswdl as a button that laurches ShoABiz Basics hdp 


= RghtdickananythLirtanail inthelVBHA 
album and sd act H-fcVIEWIvEEIAto pre^e/vthe 
fi I e i n the PLAirm wi ndo/v 

mzwe For the quickest results, suppcrted 
files can be (dragged d rectiy frcm any 
Wndcws fdder intotheTIVBJI\E cr 
STCRYBCATDviaA/ It is not necessary to first 
add fi les to a ShcwBiz IVBDAal bum 

UewMxies lndudel\brrral (the default vievv&. Large (takes up the enti re program screen v\hi I e still 
slno^rgtheplaybackcadrrcls), and FUJI (takes up the erti re screen). 
Haytedk controls irxJudeFL/VROLffiand SKJ». 

F^eviewlvtxJes: lndudeHV«lREIvo4E(p]ays backall STCKYBCmL7TIVHJr\E view^ 
sequentially) and^Cll\iEClJP(plays back aiyocrrpenert thafs currertiysdected in the 
STCKyBQQRD cr T1 IVBJ l\E vi a/v&. 

AlVHDAalbLmis a cdleddcncf files (video audoand/cr still irmges). Files from any MED A al bum 
can beadded to an/ ShcvvSzprqect by draggi ng and dneppi ng. To sr^ organized you rraywant to 
createa new |VB3Aalbumeach time you begin a Shcw3iz project, /fter creating a IVHDAalbum you 
can capture arT^crinrpcrt madia files into it. 


X. Run ArScft ShcxABiz. 

2. a ick the IvmAtab. — * 

3L aickthefflBCTABU^pUldoArL \J 

4> Rrrnthepuldcwn list, sdect <l\EkA«3LBLJvi>. 

"INJEwAbuml" cr sim I ar text should appear inthetext baxnext totheSH FO"ALBUVIpUldcwn. 

16 InciCWIURE : l^ri^Aar^ScftwareGLide 

5l If you wish to change the newal bunds name, single dick en the text box; type the desired name 
and si ng] e d i ck the SH-BCTABLJvipul I devvn to cenfi rm 


AncScft SftDwbiz provides IndC^PTURE's capturing interface Audoand video are si nrUtanecusly 
captured ard saved as a single IVPB& 2 a- IVFBSl fi 

To cspbLne footage GnduJng auric) ftcmanodEmal scirce into a IVBSAalkum 

1. Conrad: the vi dao soLrce devi ce to I nd CAPTURE as described in the installation section of 
this User's Glide 

2. ArScft Shcv\Biz 

3L Q i ck the GPRRJRE buttcn 3 


By default, AcScft Sha/vBz captures video 
inthelvpB32fcrrrat with CMD quality settings. 

• TheCaptureXAihdcwWII open. 

4. CTneckthe\4raoard^jnobx>es. 

5. aicktheDES/ICE pJIdcxAns and sdect IrxiCAtmjFtasthevictoandaudosajXDe 

6. aickthelivi 3 urbuttcnthat's located i n the video sectiencf the Capture Wndcw (ThelrNRJT 
buttcn that's located i n the audio sectiencf the Capture Wndcw is irtenti anal lyd sab ed.) 

i If a red strike iccn appears cn arr/ 
tnurrbnail in an alburn it rreans that the file 
linked tothethLrrbnail was rrcxed, renamed, cr 
dde^afta-tiTefilexAasacOadtDthealbum Such 
thurrbnails are dead links and canrct be used It is 
a good idea tostcreyaur rredia files in d rectories 
that will net be deleted crrro^d 

• The Input Wndcwwll open 

IOSI2: APScftShcwBz 1l7 

INOIE Start pi a^Dad<cf the \>ida3SCLJTje device 
wdl loefcrethesecticnyauj wish to capture will be 
d splayed This will allcwtirretocorpletethe 
leccroing seiurj process bdore the desi red footage 
is cf splayed 

NOSE: Byddault, captured files will be saved to 
the M/Vfdeas fdde - , located in r^Cocurna-ts. "lb 
dnange the o^aJt save locaticn, dick the Savers 
V\iridcWs file icon | " ". , sdect a ciffe"ert fdder 
ard dickOC 

INDIE After captLri ng video, you rrayccrtinue 
pre* ewi ng the i nocrri ng vi deo f ram the source 
de^cebydid<ir^ tte Capture V\i^xicWs LIVE 

IMDIE If thesaLrcedeuiae's video cUtpUt is 
connected to I nciC^TlJRzs S-MCBDcrN/CBDl 
input, ccnrect the source de/i ce's aucfooUtpUtsto 
IrxfG^PRJRBSAJDOl inputs. If thesoLrce 
deuce's video output is corrected to 
lrclC^PTlJRBsMCBD2 input, correct the source 
devices aucio outputs to lrxiC^PTlJRBS^Ua02 
inputs. (Seethe I nstal I ati en section cf tfis Lfeer"s 
GLidefcr ircTeirfcrrraticn.) 

"7. IntJnelrpLi: sdect I nd CAPTURE'S input to \Ahidntt^scLrce device is cenredzed. Chocse 

S-V CEO if the source device is cenreztod to I rrj CAPTURE'S SA/cteo input- CfrjcseOOVPCaiE 1 if 
tbe source device is cenneried tolt^CAFTlJRPs X/CEOl input. OT0CBeOCIv / PCaTE2 if thesource 
device is corrected to I ndi CAPTURE'S MCE02 input. 

a aickOC 

a Press Fiyventtie video source device 

• Ire videof torn 1±^victeo source de^cewl I bepreviewed inttTeC&pLij^Wndcw 

□a Q id<1i^ Capture WrdcvVs RBOCRDbuttcrL I * I 

l/ j ■ E hjL ■! 

■ ■■ *r -ml r*^ | 

• The Save /te Wndcwwll open 
XL In the Save /te Wndo/v type a namefcrthedipand LBettiepUldcw^tosdec^ 

tinecaptureddipwll be added lnttiee>enrpleabove, \Ae sd acted tfe''Sc/oct BQips" album 

we'd previcusly created, but sdeddng <TvOA//MJ3UM>\ao^ 

• TheCaptxre Wrdcwwll disdaythe video Wile it is be ng eaptxrod to volt corrputer's hard 

13. \Ahm tbectesired segrnmt has ercted, did<1±eCap1xre WndcWs S1CF» * button to step 

1A QicktneCaptT^NAitxteWs COVE buttcn to d cse the Gaptxre Wndcw 

18 IrrfCWn-FE: IdaixMai^ScftwareGLide 

SBCHONI2: AcScft ShcwBz 19 


Ate- a file has bean added to an ArSoft Sfcv\Bizrrecia alburn the file can be used in aryShcv\Biz 

To irrpcrt a file into a IN^QAalbun 

1. Run ArScff ShoABiz 

2. Q ick the IvmAtab. — 

3L ltetJTeSBLBCTAJ3UMpJldcv\nLj to 
4Qickthe/sCDbuttcn. '. . 


INDIE Far instrudticns cn making a na/v\/icleowth 
file5frcmthelVHZIAalbLrr) see tine "Creating 
\Adecs and PhdtoaideshoAs" section cf this User's 

• TheCpen wncfcwwll cpen. 
5. l\^ gate to desired file and dick CPB\I 


• Thefilewll be added to the sdedzed IvmAal bum 

2D IndGPFTUFE : IHandiAar^ScftwareGLide 






AjdoN/deo Interlaced (/\A). These are video files that rraycortainaucia 


IVPBS1 Rrcryam Stream These are video files that rreyecrtain audio 


\XZL>ajrpliant video files. These are video files that may certain audi q 


|vpB3nrviecr an maticn These are videofiles that rrEyccrtain audio 


WhdoAS MgcJa video These are video files intfierBtiveWrdcv^>^vicleoforrinat 

* asf 

These areA/ videos ocrtaining DvX encoded video 

* nrov 

QjckTTmemcvie These are videofiles that nraycontain audio 


WVE files. These are audi ofiles. 


IVPBS 1 AxJ o Layer 3. These are audi o fi 1 es. 


These are image files. 


Targa files. These are image files. 

* .pcx 

These are i rragefi 1 es. 


Btrrap. These are i rragefi les. 


J PEG (J art Phctogaphics E>fDerts Oeup). These are image files. 


ArScft Shcv\Bz pro^ife BathvieAS 
serve the same purpose but dsdayitderrraticn cifferertly B/dickng the appropriate tab 
(STCRii^OQRDcrTlvmiNE), you can swt^ 

Tr^VvM IhvH^ ■ - - r. 

SKZRvBQDRDview Ifs basic and dean 


~nivBJI\Evievu video, audQ te>t and effects can be seperatdy adjusted f rem this vie/v 

ICM2: AcScft ShcvvBz 2X 

l-fene are details c n f h eccrriacrerlsc f lh eHIVHJISE\ieu\i 

"fed: Trade This track ci spl ays te^ efTecte that ha^ebeanadd^totJTeTTmEline aickand drag text 
ecrrpenerte to desired positions cntheTTmeline Ri ght- dick a text ecrrpenert to view avail able 
options. Chocse "Extend to al ion. . . " to change the d spl ay ti nre cf a text effect to match a spedfic 
videocr still i rrage ecrrpenert, cr to day1±rcijc/Taut the end re rrtxyie Aternatdy dick cn the edges 
cfl±iete^ cenrpenent and drag to the desired length. You can ddeteal I Text effects added to the 
Tin-el ine by right-dick ng a text effect andsdecting "Delete A I Text." 

Hfecls Trade This track displays ncn-text effects that have been added totheirrrei i ne aickand 
drag effect ecrrpenente f remthe EFFECTS al bum to desi red positions cntheTTrreline Right- dick an 
effect ccnipenert to vi ew avail ad e options. Chccse"Extend to align ■ ■" to change the d spl ay ti nre cf 
an effect to natch a spedfic videocr still image ecrrpenert, crtoplaythrcughcuttheertirerTD^ 
Aternatdy dick the edges cf the effect and drag to the desired length You can ddeteal I Effects 
added totheTTnrelirebyright-dickng an effect and selecting "Delete A I Effects." 

MdaoTradc This section d spl ays videos, still images, and transitions that have been added to the 
TTmdine Right- dick video and still image components and cheese" Properties" to view irfemratien 
cn the component Ycu canal so rigrti-dickarvccmpcnent i n this area to c^ete the component. The 
d spl ay time for still images and transitions can be adjusted by di eking and dragging the right edge 
cf the component. Thecisplaytirrefcr a video can be shortened (cr lengthened back to its original 
length) bythe same means. You can ddeteal I of the ecrrpenente on the video Track (still images 
and videos) byric^ dicking a ccnipenert and sd acting "Delete A I \/ <deo Track Gcrtert.'' You can 
ddeteal I transitions byright-dickng a transition and sdecting "DdeteAl Transitions." Cr, sdect 
"^pplyTransiticnTbAI" to fill every avai I abe location wth the ciJTertiysdected transition You can 
qJcWyadd rarxtrn transitions trrcughcut a project by right-di eking and sdecting ''Randcm 
Transition to A I." 

Ado l&2Tracks These seed ens d spl ay ardo tracks that heve bean added to IT rrd ine Oick 
and drag audio tracks to desi red locations cntheTTrneline Right- dick a aucio track and sdect 
"Properties'' toviewfileirfcrrraticn. You can add LptotwoaudotracksfcrsimUtanecus playback 
at anytirreinti-errcvie You can ddeteal I content en en Ajdo Track by ric/i:di eking a errrpenert 
and sdecting "Delete A I Ajdo Track 1 (cr 2) Content.'' You can have the programtrim audio 
ecrrpenente to end wth spedfic dips. To do this, ri ght- dick the audi o ecrrpenert and sdect "Aign 

Scale Gartrds: These cpti ens widen cr compress the TTn^ ine so that you can vie/vrroecr less cf it 
at onetime 

Tnrdire Thetin^itneat 1±ebcfe acrcss it. Use the arrows at other end of the 

timeline to send I trrcLigh the ccmponerts. Qiydothis when net all cenrpcronte fit cn the screen at 

Trre rtrter: This yd lew vertical I i ne moves across the TTrnel ine as a rrcviecr cenrpenent is played. 
You can d i ck and drag the TTrre ivferker to a desired location. 

Hfect Locking: You can lock added effects and audio to a spedfic ecrrpenert of the video Track 
This applies to both Ajdo Tracks as v\dl asspedal and text effects. Snrply right- dick the desi red 
cenrpenent and cheese the "bDckto vfded" cpticn This option will vary fcr the dfferert ecrrpenerfcs 
(fcr special effects, it will say "Leek Effect To VI ded'; fcr text effects, it will say''LcckTe^To vlded'; 
etc). If an added ecrrpenert is locked toa spedfic video ecrrpenert yen can freely drag end drop the 
video ccngDcnmt about 1±eTTn^i new ti^cut dsasscdating the locked effedz. The effect will rrcve 
al cng with the vi deo ecrrpenert wrieres^ yeu mcve it. 

Ater files have been captured arxRr imported into a ShcwBiz WHD A alburn you're ready 
to begin werkena newcreaticn 

To create a video cr drato slides! rani 

3. RunAcScft ShcwBi z. 
2.QickthelvmAtah ~ »™=E — 

3. aicktherreda albjmpUldcwn and sdect the madia album that certains the desi red 
file(s). U 


4. DTagtinelhLrrtnail cf the desi red file (video still i rrage cr audo) f remthe IVEDIA 
al bum to the STCTfrBOQRD view 

= Still irrages and \* deo files can be used 
together i n the same prqecL 

• The file is new pert cf the layout. 

SOICN2: AcScft Sho/vBz 23 

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 \jrta I all desired files have been added totheSTO=CirBCA3Dview 

• The file playback sequence can be charged byrearrangrgthecrdercf thethunrbnails in the 
SICJ-(YBO^M^crTIVHj|\E\/iew Tbnraea tnurrbnail, dick and drag. 
CLTopreviewycLrertirevideo, dicktneFLAi^'SHvmreiN^XIEbuttcn, dickREk/MIND _!L, and dick 


"7. If no further adjustnrents are needed, dickFFCJBCr »VEandfdlcwthecrvscrean pncrrpts to 
save vour prqect file (.SBZfcrrrat). 

• Fd low the ret set cf instruct: ens to nmda-yxr video cr phctoslideshcwas a finished rrevie 

r |J luloslicfestxs/vas afii"islTBcJ fixx/iec 

X. If your prqect isn't alread/cpen, run AeScft ShcwHz and open the prqect (. SBZfcrrrat). 

• If the ''Save the currert prqect" wndo/v appears, fd lew the crv screen prcrrpts tosaveyxr 
prqect (.SBZfcrrrat). 

I j m-ar 

II- TP 4um 

1 rmmi- 



• TheSA^ wndowwll qpen 

3. FrorritheFO^IVl^pUlcbw-i list, select the desired rertderingepti cn fervour video (Seethe 
renderi ng opti ens tab e f cr detai I s cn the chd ces.) 

• If desired, change the I cx^cnen your harden be saved. 

• Advanced users criy Qickthebfcl IIISCBbuttcn tofire^1xre1f^t^Tdeirg settings. 

24 InciGapIURE : hferdvvar^ScfbAare GLide 

4. aickCJCto begin rendering. 

5. Wat whileycur finished rrovieis rendered to the sdected fcrrrat 

• As shown intheirragebdew the rerrai ni rg ti rre requ red to carpi ete 1±e nmderi ng process is 
d spl ayed at the top of the PLAfER wi ndow 

IMUIE Video rerderinc/experting is a time 
censuring process. AeScft ShcvvBzccrrpletesttiis 
process faster than rrcst ether appl icatiens, but 
lericjthyvideas can still take a longtime to 
render/expert Ycer eorrpUters spedficatiens also 
affect rerdarincye*porting times. 



Mcrcscft A/I Rle 

Saves intheA/l fcrrrat Induces several caipressian cptiais. Ai na> compressed 
/\A has very good quality but largefilesizs ShcwB zdefaul ts to the Mcrcscft Vdeol 
/\A cerrpresscr, previdrg rrerdLrnqualityard ccrrpressicn Ddivos srrccth playback 
cn rrcst systerrs. 


Saves inthefJI qual i ty EX/carrrxrder fcrrrat has high quality and largefilesizes. 
Lfeefcr aJputti ng to O/tape 


OTers good quality and ccrrpressicn fcr playback cn rrcst systerrs. IVBry quality 
cptiens sre avail able 

video CD Rle 

Spedal IVPEG 1 vi deof errrat. Useif you pi an to create a \CDd sc. 

MdeoEnrail Rle 

This cpticn creates a sdf-rxinring video file (EXE) that indudes a built-in player. It 
will run cn rrcst Wncfcws systerrs. ( Use Qj ckTrnre instead fcr ivac) This fcrrrat 
effers appropriate file sizes fcr email. It is si rrrde to use because the red pi ert will 
not need an/sped al software to viewthe video 


The Wndcws Mad a Vfdeof arret (VWM is prinrarily used fcr stream ngx^deocn the 

Dfferert corpressicn cptiens are offered fcr defir^dewd cad speeds. WA/is 
al so an al ternati ve fcr video E- rrai 1 , provicfngsrrall filesizESthat canbeplayadcn 
rrcst Wndcws systerrE. 


MD^fiiescfferrrany quality and ccrrpressicn cptiens. Developed by Apple MO/files 
aresuppcrted cn al 1 ivad ntcsh and most Wndcws systerrE. This is a popular 
alternative to IVPB3 TfetsXickTTrreplaver is avaladefrrrn/^pplds V^ft>site 


Crfers e<:d 1 ert video cpj^ it/ arxJ carpressienqoti Prinraryappl icatiens induce 
output fcr LXOand SVCCJ 


Thequalityhereis between M-BandEX/Q Ycifd typically bum thistyp^ 
crCOPWFcr playback cnSvCD pi aya^ andscrreCMD players. Check with the 
rrErx/actrrer cf ycur ID^playa^fcr irYcrrraticn cn its corrpatiblitywthCC^FVPW 
ci scs and the SNODfcrrrat 


Hgh quality Fcr playback cn CXXD players/drives. 

ICM2: AeScft ShcwBz 25 

To render you- video or photo shdeshowas a firislTBdnrciuie&lxrnitcirBCtlytolXD(nac|Lires 
optional QDtimer): 

X. If yxr project isn't already open, ixn AcSoft ShcvvBzand open the prcject (.SBZfcmrat). 
2. dickCFBS^, BflSCdD 

• If 1te''Save1±ecLrrert: prqed:" wtecwappeers, fdlcwltecrvscreen prcrrpts tosaveyxr 
prcject (.SBZfcrTTBt). 

• The CREATE BASIC D^/Dwndcwwll open 

3L Verify that your D^lxrner is sd ected intheSR BEfiEP^CE pUlda/\ri 

4. To indude chapters anyxrCX/Q I eave the CREATE CHAPTERS bcx checked. Sdect \Ah^ther 

chaptersshoUd be created aLizoTBti or 

v\hetrer they should be created LBINGMCBD CLIPS INTEESTCRYBOARQ 
SLTdsdecta nrenustyle leave 5H RETA D>/D |VB\U STYLE checked. Then sdect a stye using the 

pU I dewn box d lb the I eft and ri ght arrows. 
& Q i ck SWKTto beg n the rerderi ng and record ng process. PI ease be patient as the process may 

take a Wile 

To render volt video or photo shdeshowas a firid^diri3uie&lxxnitcirecjdytoCD(Rec|J' 1 B5 
optional CDbunsr. ReoandstoVCX> ft jiii riL ): 

3- If volt prcject isn't already open run AoSoft ShcvvBizand cpen tine project (.SBZfcrrrat). 
2. dickCFBH^, CCyvCD 

• If 1te''Savettecurrad: prgedr" wndew appears, fdlcwthecrvscrGm prcrrpts tosaveyxr 
prcject (.SBZfcrrrat). 

• The M^KE CDwndcwwII cpen 

26 IrrfCWIUFE : HandiAar^ScftwareQLicie 

3L Verify that your CD bLrner i s sd ected i n tteSBLBCTEEv/ICE pUldcv\ri 
4. Q ickCJCto beg n tine rendering and reocroSng process. PI ease be patient. 

M3IE: Video CD (VCE} ciscs can be placed in rrBrr^ 
but net all hare placers. Chackyxr CXO 
placer's deajn^tatienfer inferrratien cn 

This secti cn certains instructiens fcr custcrrizingyDLr creations. 

ToaddauJo nxEic or sound dBads to yxr project: 

• Q^theciesiredfilefrcmttelvmAalb^ 

• LTag ttefilefrrmanyWrxE>/\s fdder toti^STCRYBC^RDcrTIIVBJ|\E vievv 

X. ln1i^SfCKYBO^E)crTIIVBJ|\E view dicken the desired videodip 
2.aickantfne^jnORB3a»buttjm '■■* fremthe editingepti ens beneath the PLAYB^. 
3L In the REQERDAUDOwrdcw type a file rwrefcrlTeaudoabcut tote 

4. a icklf^BRQAffi button and sdect the sa\>e location 

5. Creek 1te/CDTO/5I^U^ box and cheeses albLrri to \Ahich yxr rmcrded filewll be 

6. cjded<tteivuiEaivixj7isBrjuB\^^ 

encoded in the video file 
"7. aickRBCXM>tobegin reccrdng. 
& a ickSICP\Ahenyxi've finished recording. 

Toclwi^tlnedLratiori1orv\nlcha^bll image is displayed 

1. Add the still irrage to yxr layout by dragging its tteirbnail from the MEE1AAEBUM to 

2. Sdect theTIIVBJI\Eview(if natal ready sd ected) and d ick cn the i mage's Ifxrrbna I in 
the TIIVBJINE view 

• VNhmttethLrrbnail is sd ected, a ydlcwcutJinewll appear aroLrd it 

3. Oi<d<cn1teydlcwcUdir^cn1tericrt sited r 1te1±xrrbnal and drag. (Erag right to 
irxreasettedu^cnfcrWic^ tedisplayad Etag left to decrease the 
cLraticrifcr\Arichtheirragewll bedsdayad.) 

z In the Player, if AZnVEOJP is sdected, 
auclowll bereo^rdadfer tinecure^ysdedied 
ccrrpcna~t in the S^CKYBO^FOcr "TIIVBJINE vioA/ If 
BNTTTRE MOkAE is sd ected, an audio track fcr trie 
ertirerrcMewill bereccrded. 

= Yolt WncfcxAS audo rri>s^ settings rrust be 
cenfi gured to al I cw reccrcl ng tinroughyxr 
corrputers soundcard. 

Tbtrim(changja tne start arcfor end point of) a video dipt 

X. aickcnttedesiredvideodipintf^STCKYBOQP^ 

2. a ick and drag the SOTOTgeen) and HSD(pink) markers to set the beg mi ng and end 
parts cf the videodip 

X. a icken the desired audodip in1teSTO^YBC^RDmTIVBJI\E\^evv 
2. aickandd3gtheSI7SRr(green) and HSD(pink) rrarkcrs to set the beg mi ng and md 
pd nts of the audi o d i p 

+ :=: 

= Aterdi eking cn an audodip inthe 
S^CKYBO^FOcrTllVBJINEvievv y^u can check the 
BOCE I N archer ROCE GuTboxs to make the audi o 
d i p's \xi lite snxcthl yfade i n at the begi nri ngcf 
the d i p ancycr fade cut at the end cf the d i p. 

SGICN2: AcScft Shcv\Biz 27 

X. a icktheTEXTtab to qoen tine TEXT album 


IMZJIE Transitions are visual effects that srrocth 
the change f rem cne vi dao d i p to ancther. 
TfansiticrB must be placed ba^v\aantv\o video 


■- V 

| In. |k ■ m 





2. In theTEEXTalbLTT) dick the desired text 1±xi~irbnai I and drag it to the desired location in the 

• IheTEXrmTir^CJ^CTsB wrdcwwll open. 


3LTSpe the desired text irto the ENTER TEXT HERE box 
• Adjust the other settings as desired. 

loacJcJci trcS t3i lien to you" project 

3. QicktheTIVlsmiClSBtabtocjpentheTRmHTCrsBalb^ 

K C 

+ On 

1 U.MJ 


2 IntheTRASBITasBalbLfT) d ick the desired transition thunrbnai I and drag it to a location between 
twodips in1±TeSTO^yBOQRDview 

28 IncfC^FTURE : HarcUareyScftwareQjde 

ShowBiz can autcrratical ly go through an existi ng video d ip and separate it based on scene 
changes. The program locks for changes in the dips scenery and creates bockrrarks to those 
locations. Thunrbnails that have been separated wil I d splay a fd der icon within thei r respective 
albums The scenes are ret separate files; they are references made bythe program so that you can 
easily sdect Lric^canpcnerts frrrritr^ larger video dip. 

3. InthelVEDAalbum right dick the desired thunrbnai I and select 
-IheSCHXE CETBTnCN wndcwwll open. 

2\AiththeBrSCHVsECr4^rSbCKched<ed dickOC 

• Scene detecticn will run It rraytakea wH I e to ccrrplete processing. 


\/deodips can also be split. In ether words, a video dip can be manually separated into two 
different scenes. The scenes have the same characteristics as files that have been run through scene 

To split a clip 

X. InthelvmAalbum ric^ dick the desired thurrbnai I and sdect* 
2. I n the edting options section, adjusttheslidertothepcsiticn where you would I ike the split to 

3L a i ck the SPLTTbuttcn to sd i t the d i p. 

"To mcta a split or scene < Hh. Ba t 

•R^did<thethurTbnail and sdect 

To access and ise dip corrpenerts that have been created vutii split or v\itt~is 

X. InthelVEDAalbum d i ck the fd der iccncntfebcttcm right side cf the desired thurbnai I that 
has been split. You nxEt dick d recti yen the fd der icon 

•TheMCEOSEQVENTS wndcwwill open 

= "lb save a prcject (.SBZfilefcrrrst) wthcUt 
exporting a final vidaofile dick PRQBCI7 SAC 
£G> than type a file name and dick SA£ "lb 
iesLrrev\orkcnthepndect, run AcScft Sho/\Biz, 
dickPRQBCT CPHSI brcxAse to the file's location, 
d i ck cn the fi I e name and d i ck C 

2 Add arT/segrrert to your layout by dragging itsthurrbnail fromtheMCEOSEOVEINnSwrxto^to 

SBCHCN2 : AcScft ShcwBiz 


X. W^is I, SceneDelBCtiGrl , arclWvwxJcll v\arttDieeit? 

Scene detection is great fcr separati ng vidacs in your alburrE Wthcut actually breaking apart the 
video file The program seardnes tircugh the video and M bod<rnErks'' scene changes. 

Bysegregating scenes Wthin a video you caJd download cr CE0xre1±^ertirevideoat cnetirna and 
tavelineprag^TnaLiicrratic^lybrGE^ it ljd into dfferent carper/arts. Ycxj can then add each scene 
totheStayboarayTTrTdineWti^ Its basically a great time- saver. 

2. Is tine "SfcJiE ' ocrmra nd basically a nmd scene cfetecticn ocrmra ncP 

Yes. Tre only difference is that "splitting" cri y separates the selected video i rto two parts. Ycu can 
select thecivisicn part however. Asq vcu can perfcrma "split" en already separated (bcd<rTarked) 
ecrrpenerts. This is great if you'd I i ke to stricrJy define the separaticn parts ina video 

3. VNnatif I v\ar£torerirc>uettescux£rackfh^ 

You" 1 1 basically need to reccrrpletherroviewththeaud 

Stcryboard and then resave it Wth the vdurre slider all the v\ay down to zeto 

You can al so ccnseAye space envcxr hard <±iveb/lov^t^ 1i^qu^ib/cf liTeauciQ depending on 
your save fomrat. Chad<1±^pncpeties cf volt savefcrrrat and dnEr^ge to tine etedute lowest audo 

4. Can I save nry prefects for later e d B n^ 

/ted Utdy Ycu can save your \Aork-i n- progress cr completed projects for further ad ting at a late- 
date aick1±^Sa\>ebUr±cnfrom1±TePiX3ect buttons group. 

A standard Save/te dalcg wll appear, lettingvcusdectthesa\elccaticnandsettn^ 

volt project. These files Wll be stored as ShcwBi z Project ( BIZ crSBZ) files. These files can only be 

used with ShcwBiz 

Tdcpen a previously saved project d ick the Cpen button from the Project buttons group. INavigateto 
the d rectory that ccntai ns the desi red BIZcrSBZfile thm doubled ick the file to open the project. 

5. HawcbessauingtoadGjtal video tape wa-k? 

Its sirrple Chceyour rrcvieis ready no^e yxr rrcuse cuar the Expert button. Choose 'To LVlapd' 
f rcmyDur avai I ad e apti ens. 

The program Wll first carp I evcur nrovie Chce its finished, a WndcwWII pcpupWtha preview 
screen and seme navigation ccrtrds. 

Use the r^gaticn control s togo to the spot on vour video tope Wiere vcu" d liketo insert the nrovie 
vcu created in ShcwBiz Chce you 1 ve reached the desi red location dick the "Save To Tape" button. 
YaJII seethevicteoreccrdngcnvour D/de^ce screen 

30 IncKZWlUFE : HandiAar^ScftwareGLicie 

Gl hbuvcanl extract tine atciofrDma video file? 

Lfeethe"Extract Ajdd' cenrrrard: 

1. Sdect the album that contains the video 

Z Chcethere right:- dick the desi red \>ida3l±Turrbnail. 

3. Fromtine drop-down Wncfcw dick on "Btract Ajda" 

4. The program Wll extract 1±^scurx±rack as a VW file and pi ace it into1±^ajrent album "The file 
name wll bethesarreasthevideofilefrcmwhich it was extracted 

"7. hfcwcbl krnA#v\HchsavefctrrattoLBe? 

This heavi ly depends on the i rtended use of the nrcvie There are dfferert savefcrrrats fcr dfferent 
uses. Fcreerrple you'd ptobab y want to save in 1±e\A^^f arret if you intend on having the video 
as a stream ng nrcvie en the V\^b for Wndcws users. If vcu plan on usingthenr>/ieprirrarilycn 
ivad ntcsh systems, you" 1 1 want to consider the MD^/fcrrrat. 

\Ahen you 1 re saving your rrovies, ncticethe M Descripticrf' area in the Sa\e Wncfcw It Wll list scrre 
detai Is about the current save fcrrrat. 

8. 1'mhauingja hard time lining 143 effects. Wefccanl cc? 

□tn't forget about yxr right dick functions cntheTTrreline These functions can save you lots of 
tinreand frustration. If you wart to line up an effect so it storts cr erds atthebegrrirg cr end of a 
spedfic video cr still image first I ire it upas best as vcu can You den't need to be too accurate just 
scrreWnere d cse 

Once you 1 veebne that, right-dickthe effect ivpweyxr mouse o^ "E>terd"IoAign." You'll seeafew 
dfferent options at this part. Oxxse to aligri the effect at the start of therroviecr desest dip, cr 
attineendof 1±enroviecr desest dip These options Wll help vcu perfectiyali cj~i your text and 
spedal effects. 

a hfcwcbl acjLEtthecLvaticncfastill image? 

TdaoJusttheduraticncntheTrmEline d i ck cn the ri c^ edge cf the respeotive still image Thm, 
drag to the desi red length, rrakngthedspiaytirreslnater cr longer. Use the tinrd ire along the 
bottom as a guide 

1CL Can I act! more ttwitwo si mJLx fc&JLE auclo tracks? 

No Ycu can cri y add 1^ao audo tracks for simJtarecus playback at ary part in time in a project, 
however, there is a waytoccrrpileintiriteaudolnacks. Ycu can save yxr rrouie and then add the 
finished nrovie to the Stcryboard by itself. A: this part, you'll have two blank audo tracks. Youcan 
fill up the tracks, resave the nrovie and repeat the process. Ycu can do this an inrinterxrrber cf 
times. [3d this to bend mJtiplescngs, add narration, cr I aver any spedal sound effects. 

IX Hwvcanl d Tang e fine name of cnecf nry alkcnr^? 

Its simple Al you need todois dickWtrinthebcxthat dsday^ 
existing text 

12. htawcan sorreone |Jay rryviefeo wtfri the least amut of effort? 

By savi rag ycur videos intheEXEfilefcrrrat, WhdcxAS users will not need any sped fie cr sped al 
software to viewyour rmie The E><E f crrrat autcrratically includes a built-in placer. Al you need to 
do is dcuble-dicktnefiletoplayit. IXbaddticnal software is needed 

ivbst current ivhd rtcsh systems should have /^pple Qj cklTrre already installed. If you dan en 
sharing your rrcvies with h/rad rtcsh users, you shoJd save1iTernin1±^(^d<Trrre (ivcv) fcrrrat. 
ivad rtcsh users will net be able to view EXE files. 

33. It talcs a long time to rencfetyes^crt projects* Is tret ncrrral? 

Yes, it is ncrrral. Rerx^r^e^pcrting a large video file rray e^en take hcurs. PVBn/ factors affect the 
anrount of tine it takes to renae^e>*DCrt video files. "The factors indude Yolt caaputeri s pnocesscr 
speed hard drive speed, availadeiwroy treduratiencf the video file thearrcLrt cf effects (such 
as transit: ens and t&t), thefilebt rate frarre size and tferiurrber and lerigthcf indudedaucio 
files. You may prefer to render I erg videos overnight Lfei ng your corrputer f cr ether tasks while video 
is being rendered sIcxas dewntt^naadering process. PI ease be patient 

32 IncfOTTURE : Haixi^r^Scftwar^GLide 




• Thedsc is prcbabl y ccpy protected and cannot be captured. Please respect irtellecbual property 


• Verify that the vic^inau^ 

• \>erify that the video cable is pneperly cennected to cnecf IrxJC^PfLRE's video inputs and tocnecf 
the source devices vidaa outputs. 


• \>erifythat the audioinput to which the scurce device is cennected is selected inthescftware 

• \>erifythat the audio cabe is preperiyoennected to I rad CAPTURES audo inputs and to the scurce 
device's audo outputs. 

• Ajdonrust be captured with video 


• \>edfy that the ccrrect input is selected inthe software 

• Verify that the video cable is propsriyecrnected to cnecf IndC^PTURE's videoinputs and tocnecf 
the source devi cefe vi deo outputs. 

• Press the source device's PLAf button to start video playback 

• ivnke sure brightness and contrast setti ngs are at racrrral levels. 

• Check mnitTxrrnsystoanrecMr^aa^Tts. 

AjaoiscurcF smmz vmthyicbodlwi ise pl/%bpck: 

• Capture the video again 

/JPPOMUXA: TraJdeshodting 


i ovi^ r«sD/5LaocR/5ixiOFRa^^ci^ sfg«<o* 

• N^fythat both of thecabefe audo plugs are property ccrriected to I nci CAPTURE'S aucio inputs and to 
the source de^i c^s aud o outputs. (TnereshcUd be 1^/\o aud o connections from source da/ice to 

I nd CAPTURE Q^ccrriecticn carries trie left spea^ 
right speaker's sound.) 

• N^ifytnat your ccrrputer speakers are prcperiy connected to your ccrrputer's soundcard. 

• N^ifytnat your WhdoAS audio rrbe-settir^ are correct 


• Press the source! s PLAf button to start video playback 


• l\b problem I rxi CAPTURES universal 7- pi nS- video pat is ccrrpati be wth^dnS- video cabes. 


• Sore video sources wil I cause ncticeabe scan I ines. This is rcrrral, but rrcst televisions reredythe 
issue cn playback 


• If I rci CAPTURE is connected to a l.BB 1.1 pat, |VPB32 video capture wil I net be real time Real time 
IVPEG-2 capturing requires a LBB ZO connection. 

34 IrriOFIUFE : HarctoanE^Scftware QJ cte 




• Erred ng is real ti nrewhen connected to UEB 2 O pot; may net be real ti rre when cennezted to USB 1. 1 pert 

• Supports CBR (constant bt rate) <5* VBR (variabebt rate) files 

Up to 72D x480 (\Aben connected to LBB 2.0 pot) 
Up to 352 x 240 (when connected to LBB 1. 1 pert) 

dspizty Format 


/\A, EV Real Mscfa™ &\AKndcws IVeda Tr 

Sboracja RBCfJrcmertsE 

■ 2 hours 

. 30 mins 



■r, ,5 ' no 


'Ohnnrc A hnnrc' 

'30 mins 

'2 hours 


4 hours' 


ATOOXB: Sped ficati ens 

IncfGcPRJRE : Haroware'Software QJ de 


GneYear United VWrartyfcr Ebroware 

TEKBedrcrics Qrpcraticn ("TCK') warrants to the a^usa- customs' that this data storage product, exdusivecf 
software (refared to had n as "hferckAare" cr "Product") will befreefromaa^ects in material and wcrkrranshipfcr a 
peicd cf cne(l) yaar from date cf purchase If TEKrecaves ndticecf any such defects duri ng the \Aarrarty peicd, TEK 
will, at its cpticn, ether naoair a- r^acetheFTOouct wrich itfirrfe to be defective at no charge (exjoptfcr shipping and 
insurance). FVapaircf aH^ecti\/a FTOduct may be wth atha" newer rebuilt replacareTt parts that wll be \Aarrarted f cr the 
nerraindercf thecriginal warrarty period Any e>changed parts urderthis warrarty wl I becrrretheprcpatycf TEK 
Replacement Prcdudt rray heather newer naccrxiticnad. If the Product is cfsccrtinued and no lenga- available then it 
rray be replaced wth Product detamnad by TEK to be cf si rri I ar val ue and pafcrrrance 



Any software other than TEK Software inducted wth the Rroduct is supplied on an "AS IS' basis and without any 
representation crwan-arties cf any kind, whether express cr implied, inducing but not United to t±Teirrplied warranties 
of maxhartability fitness for a particular purpose, title and nor>irfringerna~t Reeeei-efer to any Documentation 
inducted wth such software for your rights and obligations with respect to that software 

TEK does not warrant that trie cperatian of tine FYcduct will be uninterrupted cr error free This Li nited V^rrarty dees net 
apply to defects resulting from (1) acts cf God, aeddert, misuse abuse negligence abncrrral, cr unusually heavy use; 
(2) irrproper installation, operation, testing cr rrairtenance; (3) power failure or connecti onto inpnaper\Adtage supply 
cr (4) atterrpted repair byanypaityctha-thanTEK This United V^rrartydces net apply when the rralfuncticn results 
fromtheuseof tre Product in conjunction with other products, software, or accessories, cr whae it is detanined by TEK 
that there is no fault with the FTOduct itsdf. This United VWrartyis invalid if the factory applied serial nurrberhas 
been altered cr removed from the FTOduct 

This United V\arrarty extends only to the original end- user custcrrer and is not transferable to any subsequent 
purchaser. This United VAarrartyis valid only within the United States. For areas outside the United States, contact the 
authori^d dealer frcmwfrrnycu purchased the FTOduct to deterrrine what warranty if any applies. 

In aria- to cbtain warrarty savice you rrust ddix/a-theFTOoud: toTTJKfragft prepaid in ether its original package cr 
packaging providing a degree of protection eqJN^erttothatcf the original packaging along with proof of purchase 
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