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Full text of "USPTO Patents Application 06942666"

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Applicants wish to thank Examiners Tou and Brown 

for the courtesies they extended the undersigned during an 
interview held on October 21, 1987. 

New claim 11 is supported in the application on 
pages 12 to 13. 

Applicants wish to call to the Examiner's 
attention a copending application of theirs. Serial No. 
877,656, filed June 23, 1986, allowed June 4, 1987. 

paragraph rejection, the Examiner's attention is directed to 
a very recent Board decision, namely In re Hirsch , BNA PTC J, 
Vol. 24, No. 850, October 8, 1987, pp. 588-589 (Bd. App. & 
Int. 1987) . 


With respect to the 35 U.S.C. 112, first 

Respectfully submitted, 


Richard S. Barth 
Reg. No. 2 8,180 

6 00 Third Avenue 
New York, NY 10016 

1 hereby certify that this corrfeapbhetencii, 
is being deposited vi'K t-V>c United States 
Postal Service-* Fivf; '-'--s ma 51 in an 

(212) 661-0520