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Applicants: J. Bednorz et al. 

Date: December 15, 1998 

Serial No. 08/479,810 

Group Art UniM405- / 7 JT / 

Filed: June 7, 1995 

Examiner: M. Kopec 


The Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks 
Washington, D.C. 20231 



I, Thomas M. Shaw, being duly sworn, do hereby depose and state: 

I received a B.S. degree in Metallurgy from the University of Liverpool, Liverpool, 
England and a M.S. and PhD. degree in Materials Science (1981) from the University 
of California, Berkeley. 

I have worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the Material Science Department of 
Cornell University from 1981-1982. I worked at Rockwell International Science Center 
in Thousand Oaks, California from 1 982-1984 as a ceramic scientist. I have worked as 
a research staff member in Ceramics Science at the Thomas J. Watson Research 

YO987-074BZ 1 

Center of the International Business Machines Corporation in Yorktown Heights, N.Y. 
from 1 984 to the present. 

I have worked in the fabrication of and characterization of ceramic materials of various 
types, including superconductors and related materials from 1984 to the present. 

Attached is a resume of my publications. I have reviewed the above-identified patent 
application and acknowledge that it represents the work of Bednorz and Mueller, which 
is generally recognized as the first discovery of superconductivity above 26°K and that 
subsequent developments in this field have been based on this work. 

That all the high temperature superconductors which have been developed based on 
the work of Bednorz and Mueller behave in a similar manner, conduct current in a 
similar manner and have similar magnetic properties. 

That once a person of skill in the art knows of a specific transition metal oxide 
composition which is superconducting above 26°K, such a person of skill in the art, 
using the techniques described in the above-identified patent application, which 
includes all known principles of ceramic fabrication known at the time the application 
was filed, can make the transition metal oxide compositions encompassed by the 
claims in the above-identified application, without undue experimentation or without 
requiring ingenuity beyond that expected of a person of skill in the art. This is why the 



work of Bednorz and Mueller was reproduced so quickly after their discovery and why 
so much additional work was done in this field within a short period of their discovery. 

The general principles of ceramic science referred to by Bednorz and Mueller in their 
patent application can be found in many books and articles published before their 
discovery. An exemplary list of books describing the general principles of ceramic 
fabrication are: 

1) Introduction to Ceramics, Kingery et al., Second Edition, John Wiley & Sons, 
1976, in particular pages 5-20, 269-319, 381-447 and 448-513, a copy of 
which is attached herewith. 

2) Polar Dielectrics and Their Applications, Burfoot et al., University of California 
Press, 1979, in particular pages 13-33, a copy of which is attached herewith. 

3) Ceramic Processing Before Firing, Onoda et al., John Wiley & Sons, 1978, 
the entire book, a copy of which is attached herewith. 

4) Structure, Properties and Preparation of Perovskite-Type Compounds, 
F.S. Glasso, Pergamon Press, 1969, in particular pages 159-181, a copy of 
which is attached herewith. 

An exemplary list of articles applying their general principles of ceramic fabrication to 
the types of materials described in applicants' specification are (these references are 
cited on applicant's 1449 form submitted August 5, 1987 and in PTO Form 892 in 
Paper # 20, Examiner's action dated August 8, 1990): 

1) Oxygen Defect K2NiF 4 - Type Oxides: The Compounds La 2 . x Sr x Cu04-x/2 + 6, Nguyen et 
al., Journal of Solid State Chemistry 39, 120-127 (1981). 

2) The Oxygen Defect Perovskite BaLa 4 Cu 5 -0i 3 .4, A Metallic Conductor , C. Michel et 
al., Mat. Res. Bull., Vol. 20, pp. 667-671, 1985. 



r ■ - 

3) Oxygen intercalation in mixed valence copper oxides related to the perovskite, C. 
Michel et al., Revue de Chemie minerale, p. 407, 1984. 

4) Thermal Behaviour of Compositions in the Systems x BaTiOa + (1-x) Ba(Ln 05 B 0 .s) 0 3 , 

VS. Chincholkar et al. Therm. Anal. 6th, Vol. 2., p. 251-6, 1980. 

Sworn to before me this 

Thomas M. Shaw 
day of flfifi&nbfaL , 1 9 

1 Notary Public 

- </ 


Notary Public. State of New York 
r?« ah,,ed ,n Westchester County , 
commission Expires July 5, 




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