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Full text of "USPTO Patents Application 08479810"

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In view of the changes to the claims and the remarks herein, the Examiner is 
respectfully requested to reconsider the above-identified application. If the Examiner 
wishes to discuss the application further, or if additional information would be required, 
the undersigned will cooperate fuliy to assist in the prosecution of this application. 

Please charge any fee necessary to enter this paper and any previous paper to 
deposit account 09-0468. 

If the above-identified Examiner's Action is a final Action, and if the above- 
identified application will be abandoned without further action by applicants, applicants 
file a Notice of Appeal to the Board of Appeals and interferences appealing the final 
rejection of the claims in the above-identified Examiner's Action. Please charge deposit 
account 09-0468 any fee necessary to enter such Notice of Appeal. 

In the event that this amendment does not result in allowance of all such claims, 
the undersigned attorney respectfully requests a telephone interview at the Examiner's 

earliest convenience. 

SeriaiNo.: OS/479,810 

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MPEP 713,01 states in part as follows; 

Where the response to a first complete action includes a request for an interview or a 
telephone consultation to be initiated by the examiner, ... the examiner, as soon as he 
or she has considered the effect of the response, should grant such request if it appears 
that the interview or consultation wouid result in expediting the case to a final action. 

Respectfully submitted, 

/Daniel P. Morris/ 

Dr. Daniel P. Morris, Esq. 

Lead Attorney 

Reg. No. 32.053 


Yeen C. Tham 
Reg. No. 63.169 
(914) 945-2939 

intellectual Property Law Dept. 
P.O. Box 21 8 

Yorktown Heights, New York 1 0598 

Serial No.: OS/479,810 

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