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Full text of "USPTO Patents Application 08479810"

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IXut !Kt IS urn 

F icJ June 7 l<A55 

hvi HWRVOKDVi U\\ ii)\U\)l \OS HW HKiH H< WnI HON 

1 ru^od Mdtes P<i{<.nt haJtin isk Ofilce 
P.O. BoK 1450 

Please charge any fee necessar\' to enter this paper and any previous paper to deposit 
accouot 09-0468. 



Decisjoij an Appeal dated 09/17/2009 

Rcspct lib! K subsviitict-i 

L)r Dm^A P Morns K^:; 

1 eaJ Ait(»ne\ 

Inteltectua! Property Law Dept. 
PO Box 2 IS 

Vorkfovvr? HeigK?s, Ne\\ York I05'>H 


fin ?.i 

PRIOR HisHm\ r^''*: \i'n \i 

' ^Wkw Non.^s \i\ .^'s^ 

ovins'jsvr'^^ ^Icva 

l/:SC'.S. <5 ii ?, appellants' discbsm^ was not 

thu'NO \K^lKd n-i ?ho a^s LiO\ lo Jo^si;:* ro^^ 

niOn^ 10 ^0 lOliS l^>Ou^J!^ jbO 5^0^ 

H OMF; ^ i i?^-^ o-Hv* ar 

fvS^aiivu xvac^ .^lYirokxi K>;x!^o ari\J.$>si.N 
felled to show thai tbe teachmgs embodied iti 

. x>KI n . N \ 

- -|v> jcs, :5>c J IciKVh. rian!'i'\ 
sng. '-kilkxl divt-rgesri., vaiiaUoii, movabk^ psis- 

5!!sn! -acdlx >l;k\Vt* 
c«5isomh?g5, sallslactory 

yiHIj FafenI claims j^ay be Ioq broad to the 
pojsu of bwalidit}- by reason of rcadmg on sig- 
TVillcani .uumbe.r& of iBoperaiive embodiments. 

/Vi, < jSj:ws >|S\ (/,Si\j?i>*fn ^ 

Offke as well as courts decidiTig mBii-jge- 

' h'!.!k^ oliK!^ >ncoJx kiciuNC 0 $oayf~ 
sums!kit!.a .ouoibors:-! iooperaiive ^^pecies. 

\v Xx V ^ ^ s i 

sVal-.o d■\'■^ n^^i ru-xoot .ilS'^'-vjru.c oi bo-ad 
o;i$s?os, wheo tlio: exaoiaier sets Ibrth reasonable 
>o .nv!^;h-^~ sa s\-s v-oN^vvK^oo d.a5 ss^ 
>i * aos . I ojt! ^ n\ix rc td ^■'-^ i^^^pc; Ksxi- sub- 

the approxsoKUe ares where opemdveBes;s i-ias 

> iialkos,. Oii\v.r b\ \'i^5O5-Ni<>0 y^f jopiON 
tadve. evkleace. or by persuasive argurneuis 
based on kr^owo laxvs of physics snd chen-iisiry. 

Pisre^fr > C7«^fm- <l 5/.fr:'<-pr\'Wl«>,*f5 > £>o- 
abiemem' Requiremenf > €ieneri)ii Owrvkw 
Patent Lan' > Jumdivihm iSi Renew > Sui^Ject 
MMtef- JHrisdkni.m > Appeais 
Fmeni lan^ > .?<^'i.mahHomm$s > Eiemems i& 
feUi > Ordinun: SkU! Stamk^rd 

\n ^ s V. 5N t 

numbers of irsoperatrve erufeodirneots in the 
j'.^'at ocnse th; e ?xi i-'on 'ke.v's-- 
whkd> oiust be presurr^ed to be xvitbk'j the k-vei 
; ouJsnasx shU tu^ .05 ■.^;xd o^^^ ^<5-c ussl 
00 orobodd-neois so \-v"!rk:b sueh fbetors rrsay be 

bovl^no,<ot-? inopc>;ltr^e Us-v^t, o^ n<Hbuv x\o^'\e 
tbo; NO !^■ng as a wouki bo obwa.N U^ esse 
el vi^^JnroN -^-kdl so Ike R'b'^^ OH rs b^A^ \^ 

t|v .--.obodr.oeoi operatoe faoser ds iu o>opv.o.> 

Fiir^e??^ .l0w Cii^ims Si Spevifivin'hns > De- 
srTff^t^^^^? .l?ef/«*^lf-si^f;i<rf«' > <«\ffer«-/ f^v^rv^Vn^ 
,fV«<s*?? aIj^s*^ > ../«nkr/k'tiofs <f /sk'VfVn' > Ss^ct/et.t 
3fj^.r/er Jmisdlenfm > /l/:J/?s?«ik 

The "s-i>v!>>u-'- ^ r.ndof o.'^ ; « ' ^ ; 
//2 >^K.sOi^ thai dioNO 4dk\; 0. .of id I 
bn!>o hox\ ox ditteroisne orou> wahvoa ku\-oa 

O ■> 0 . V V V 0 ~ V .V J .X. x> > >^ 

ressoBabie el:f<>rt. 

Pafeni Ian' > <7r.oo?n *S S>i?<:*/or«?k>o\v f>e- 
vriffVfJO 4Vij'j«>omefO~ - ^^V^^e^^'o^' «-kefwV!4- 
.Pjf/e^sr £.«so > ir^r/5i/k'.rd-.J0' ,A'r>vkoi^' ■> >SVxo*):/eer 
Mi^/rer i«m(/rcr/r.>0' > ..d,r^f'4-.'s?i.v 

5971 CCFA IJ-KIS 3751 VS*? SJ.S.P.Q, sBNA) 29Ss 

|liN6| jJ l/S:c!S I /i2 fequifes iKJt that the 
V -^r^ ;vc?~- s\ v\ ho\s i!-- the 

rrus. sn Aict tinsblirsg. 

col \Nri ; If .;ff,-j<V .»>>.^^< 

.'■■>. ^ ^ . ^ ^ ^ 


P*?30| I"* 1 0491 I 

avid FORD, Judge, ^^ 
RKJK Judge, dellve . 

58 c;;,C,P.A. *; 439 F.2d 73(i, **; 

ol'toe Fait^nt. CrUlce Btuuxl of Appeals atllrmlng 
thj; sxamffiefs fqjectkjn of I ■■2? in ap- 

^opionskr l'o\ V'h^^? <>biC!.u\Co of 
l.'ho hiveolion 

1 bo uioc!> J .iso f*>i .^fSi^^^cJU isr- 

p <>^oJ !v^r. o! ivirocufir kiO^I <.>f "opuCvfi 

^ . ^ s ^ ' \ 

' . loi^ ^CinPh> i\ oac so, ^^hiC^! fs>o IxwJ 

I ^^,5.* .w^suv^i^ V!.roo ..-o;osK 

P'\"!^ fii \<u> UK NO,-Je vO uv- iu^ago v\uhom 

^ N \ o ^ 0 

io> Ss-ai E->?cn!-^- i> ibo ou\ot ono of 

ohich 5-- vsxsaiiy movable h^-i l<KUMng piu'p^>?o^ 

of which aio axial I y movable to pmduce tte 
■/oomiog ellect,. and ihe binomiost one of which 

iN . . . ^ ^! 0 ' ; N SN > O ' On 5!0 OX' 

s;i.rvb v,uuri.!lo\ b'osn fhc ^.tflioal Jc^i.^i"; x-ksnJ- 
ps-5in: fx'^ -b\ c\-ci!pbN soi fonb bi .cppoHaniN 
N ^ J V ^ V y over 

•■no bundrcd related parameter':;. The rejeckid 
^:L^bo-^; rccit-v- 0Jc?1;bn s\!,s5i.^blp^ ani^'O;:; rohs- 
I \ :bv s-ni.di cwoK*; o^' fbs,-^-x •*;ira50!Cli;'S> the 

vo'cr ubKM I V Nofv, shv b,(-sapo oro\ iJcd by 

Ulv X ^\ \ In n ^ \ 

Iccyff). can he varscd xv.ithoui cxpcnonoiioi an 
.!KK0O^>v.b1\ bsx;! dopjoo s>i Oi\ipo f. H-^'Knia^ 
n-^ p-' ni a" 1 s !>$op,o 

! Aoooniirsg to appeLbi;>ts~ ffTJcf. "dc^ 
ssgnoT.s have heen hereioibre unahkt io 
dcsigis a lesis havbag both adeqtiate cor- 
coo^^;oaa! p''>H\";^^~ ^ at.1 a . !.\aoo»i; KO!i.'v. 

nn V ^ a s N , < ^ 
s\".al leanih." \p-p<.K,nUN o\rapk^v Use 
opoi;n>\. ao^v o^' vvhsch r^^s bo-.-.^ 
oKakai;,lod. aic of kav^ .las ,a^ahON in 
^xhkP fb- oooaaa,o ? c?co -o ^vS; K> 
vuo I hen- IS no toidoicc ra tl o ux*\fd U.j 

>^ !, S S ^ ! !. ! ! < 

six to oris h.aa soi heretofbrt; been. p«s>si" 
hk, bui v.hcdKa o? 001 •-l $n tu^*, ^.s .amr 
poTlarst. No poor art being rehed on, ap- 
por.^ao? had r. > Uuco v>f k\ uaj^o a> xdtw 
dve indicia, of oanobviooaness- Wbethor 
' 5a>; n aaphvan-- n .v.ahe\ i ^\ to 
a>ako ^tue> -*»^r5 l:aoO nsob^xa'O a^ 
da: i.N^^oc before on 

""^^ ^ I I aa-i ' d o.Na a'\v > ^ 
* \^ V ( N N a I 

( is ^>! shs.- iNfo baxiap felatiNofs nua<-Jdv. 
UK-i>sKa-s v^bart'ip the oqoa.alcni b\ad ion.pab 
of die ol'\va\c ^\a bo >.>oaaa->a\K vva^^.l 
^ ^a\f\> e .a. i oa ^ * 

p-^^NUhiU die in^jpo t>lc>>x>, es^nveu.; b>i 
apherk-al aad chroa'saiic ahemaiisns, ca»aui., 

i V id I ! 


a eoavergeat first member vvhich lor a 
^ V ^ ' as ^N ^ s as 

aa axafd^ oa>x.d>ie di•5^.r^.alU second a>- 
bcT brii'ad lb.*; fa si a>cnfacr h.*Map o^\a^ i- a? 

^ s a N. ^ I ^ t x^ 5 ' 0 
^ aaa"--^ d^o ^.da^ ^n' fai, asto fan 
ov^usvakaa focd Icagda ^a 

5ho v\i>rj JViCsus-.; iMv;>5>; c>|Ui\.>Joni 

ibe total axkl movement of tbe third mem- 

tbe c^-ai\ .^Icui bx\»l lonuib of die obie>>- 
; ^e ^ viies f'^^o i\*h x^n^.eo ^,!,s,!0 s 

:hc hX^X.ihjO \- SV- S.t -;0(,05>J 5S;etul\r ,o5*- 

Jsent wHh its surlbces convex lo iJie feiit and a 
os\ei\;esn ^v^u^nvr^d cosooont-Si! sujij^ij s^s^h 

Tn.^ s ;i d-.ibb,t conHH^oooi ha'-nx; n's frosu 
sutbace concave to Ibc lioTsi with radius of eut-- 

i h-. Rc-.cib>si 

fbcfo ni> Tcjceboo ^^n prior .ui I ho 0\ 

^><niitbe lim sjsd -X'.-on.i |\5r.5;.irapb ^ i>i ob'* / M 
I he bojrd alTin>iod bodi 5\x\-^'oo.^ It -\ 
e^e* vH osal o;,> Xv;e dv ^ un^ ^ d.o. 

. * . N ^.i. so ! ^ V 

ond paragraph of | i/^ [***5| were "prior to 
ibe s.ou?r'5 d.C!.os?o$i-= >S! Robn-i= |<V; >• ^ A\ -X-^-^ 
.bCb b> / :o'Ob /toi o-e,\\ 

b ' n ^ > ' ; \ ' 

.'K^b * r'-*~~f''s, bs f o /.b<b-, . ?; ^ ^ s J vbi" 

-^^ -^bb „\/ / / / 1>" V "v ■> I ; V . . .$nd 
b? re ^f^^be/JeM 57 C:x:bbl b22 b:2i/ #b7; 
> : ^„bN , V >i ;/ ^u«c I sb.n I Osb^\ vve 

^ i > V S.O - - V. , i - 
.sLileoi- xt v\o $o^e^^o rbo >\i.-co*»-$ uebe: dx^ 
^vCOOd Oi5aj!K5|il ot .x^ ^b' > ' ! 'bo ^X>-'- 
of U;t' .ih>^ve-eitod i,a^xs 

h\o diMuxt xtboo.fie> vjrc .ii^ix^i..;;! dx-^ 
rei^.a^-sn K k-^^^ nud> r dx^ fn-^' p-susxi^spb ^ 

S ! ^ s O , > s V I 

^ . " Xv N - i ^ b ^ ^ ^ 
svtosxb-' b>r 5 'ibdkxl sciv dc^^n-'55er. ^x^rbbio 
xvxb Shi' ax! of .1 cosx?putOf lo .X l -o 'b:^o ip.e 
^ ^ . X s -^w s \o < J k^>?N 
,*vvo,^d^ odx^^ d^ 50 bx^ >\ ^pvv,..<.oK dx- 

cb\W\1 bi'COod, 5p|Xdi.«xb di^eixvOSO v.^t-;: ,N,bd 

- O - " ^ ^ S X ^ ' ^ ^ 

js>ipk> .-ue fx>l R-|'sx-xn!viioe of dx^ roi j.^.^ x> 
s \ 0 X" - ' ^ i ^ ' 0 


5S C,C.P,A. 1049, 439 F.2d 730, 

l'^- 1 052 1 dkl nt>t give a .sallsikctary expkv 
5Mjors of [***6j Che ofigiii of the rasige limita- 

^sik^u;!ie^ iu lern, 

A. Diflkully of designing aii operative em- 

ll \eenK to have bst:en agriHua by ab eon- 
eorood that the dosign of eomToorciaiiy satbfac- 
.--v^oto ^^ o-t the kiiui iouiluNi hea- ^.e . 
" . i-o »U s ei'"^o-^! ^ 0^ e\;s"e;oel,^ 

e^*oe>f,^ . od u'lK \oU>es*^j>ve opes it^oo, c\>u 
wfd5 04> Od o| ri«>.;c!n <.v5nfsUcr K-'.hok|\K.--, 
I'buS; quits apsit Ifom jippeOnnta' teachings, st 
vvoeid take o k^ns designer seuiog out io ciosigrj 
.V i v\n ~ .COS of f\s\ t\pe in.5f\\ irooff-s-;, or 
oven ycar.s, to eeine up with i5 rnarketabk^ k^os 

c! o>e Uio > oo.N !-v,,U;: po^*-dooo «o.^'\-s' hi 
kio J, ^ns;u 3 oovv hos- iO>k\k, 0^ $he OvkOt 
ihi :o,kr o. oioofnipN .okl TiOw c.'Jcokosoo.N o> 
i r xH--^iio>s'i 0"<0) ieoNci. ihe> oes\ even heve 
--ioce .xoJ ^-f,, Osoe aqu^oe Who do 
eh-oioi i\5 bovt- done is have diseovered a siso 
pie «et of s-ektiooslkps; aoioog soine of the 

;-:oorn ^on;5e:^ wliieh, if respeeied, vvill ro'^uhJ io 
^•■i>ooi 'eo;N ijs^ierohhes whicb xvHi be eapabie of 
!i ^. kso^ s/h . \x Oe^ " o-joi;. doo5 

pj«viou$ zooo:^ k\oses vvitheut expericr.oing an 

^ ^fo\ Oi d.^oe > ' ^ V 

aoy p>>ao ns titco saoees xO o\,ieri foeal 
■e!ii;.;ih xao.^noo, Iho^ sfo ooss, a soeus^ ?o us, 
-^MO•.^M^;U in ihe po^i*t$on of ^xopvos»'n> 
bridge i-.n.d[def ivbo has discovered dial o-sain- 
i.aining eertaln relationships between the height 

V. V ^ s , ! K s V ^ s 

- ^ . . X V y -S. V \ ^ 

bv die bridge boii-Je? of this TehoJon- 
ship would certainly ftot solve all the tk^ie- 
eonsunnog problems of bridge designing or 
boildhig. bul ii vx^oibi, \xe diiuk. ».nahk -oiv 
person skilkxl no (he ari to practice d"\c inven- 
tion. N ^ " we e M ^ V 

s \ ■'NX < ^ O \i b 5 i X 

V ee > e V X <^ ^ - - * 
s^y-leiv n Oiuehl ^buNO \l ki<-.i a the ao h^xv 
in ' 
ek^aotd wo-h'-oi: endoe ekbn fiie -e-^u.^i- 
kv;e.^\■e ^^asv^os V ^ONO^tKiJ eo I as oaoNuie 

E, d'sppojt for UK f o\ee lanurjoUs in Ps 

Idle ^second preblerro bowever. is rofn'e dii- 
s>,Kt \pf kar?. jvc-ek-v Noee!§>. e\ .-o 
V V e s s^ ^ "^"-b 
^xv. . \ ^ ^e . i! \\i I > V. 

in tenns of broad .raagt^s within whieh va.rioroi 

paoianelers shall lid.b wbieh sr^eiudc hur. also* g;.; 

far beyond the specific examples. The exarn- 

uies !,faaUeoged foe hw\idrb ot 

[*I053J appellants range.s, ?isking. ^liow 
Cv^iiM ;hc>~.. ^■. oh) kiv- vK\^i;.in six;>!it\cu5!t,e tor 

ihc value:^ ihat can be chosen whiyn the 
bu\^e ne*>, ^ .e^l ^k"b. ;*.h;*i: VM 
tioisal espboalsos * * * to tjxplaln the bs'eadth 
oS ihx. ;urc^e^.'' .'v- farao can detcfesisie iVosn 
ih-c:. abbseviatCiJ record hi this case, appersams 
! r\s^; ^> o\.v1s\1 Moh Vix.1 ^-ion.*! <;\plK\Uu^^, 
e-'snesrun: 1v\'se-xKo\ wuh .!S4iappor$e>l as-xr- 
ih^^u^ sn x.u-^i^.J jn ihisal aeiKHu ih.U d^i 
raof e hmuaiions 

'2 § V ^ \-^xi'-^i 5he^^ m s\! have eeree to 
evphanisjL' she orn.isn o§ the hi 

51 noil ni i-ion^ h\ .^ss* =s her kev^'h.Nrkn\i- 
V.'S ihe hvaul N vku5sk^e, Ih^f!, 

"|,\pps-!han'^"M ho- |h!5\v-''| m hi^ 
[dieh-?| possession a stack of paper three 
^eei "h. \.h v>>\i.5sxl v^hih ■..akuiauvris 
whkh resiihed io the defsoitirm of the 
mnges set forth in the speciikation," 

* * eoopeime with (>ne another to form a. 
eosTsplete combinatiori, such that sutlleiently 
^.^w; iONohs.av aes^i;.\i.xi. h^; .di >.dues 
v\l n >l o Ncx\~»f'x-i ia;>iN^^ \a;ns\^n 5r> 
dishlea? pararvKHers, to produce die desired im- 
provemera over ktjowii obieetivcs, provided of 
v:oursc rlu-n d-e desigoer makes apprciprj&te use 
^M!,;e r.e-e~\^it} x-s dv ^n>r> of >xsen>on ge^?- 
eral kr?e-vvicdge Vvb.ieh alt experts have." 

On that record, the board affirmed the ex- 
.ir>r>ed- siKvix*si 1br suh\nn>dad^ ihc reaMsns 
stat:ed by the Esarninerf birt made addi- 
; d pxn-\ P\ uotsnc 

Fsge 7 

. 43<j F.2d 710. 

\^'e consider the reasons v^hseh pronepi ihe 
e:esnal ^l hj.xiPl ^.losn^ tx> a ^-hesnscx' Cv^ojpound. 
x^r a oroxov^ ds.e ;s Kicked on a ^-apV 
diseiosed e.Katnple are rs)ore tharr applicable 
V ^ e V V o'vHO^^^N ^ coon- 
poonds nixolxc .is snanx p.n.anxlCis o^ a^' a 
high degree [as high a degs^ee?! of ps^eisioo as 
.\iOciK\d the ^ .\e uc - y.v of a 

Ihx ^vinied resells .ite muxh ies- fean \vouPi be 
present in most ehcmicai reactions. 

Appciiarils rely oo ibis coust's dccisicjn in /fs 
^. ( ^V'^ ^ V- < \ bi 

claims hi a meehaiucal leading on oil weli 
pumpmg apparatus m which two valves svere 

vO ' > , - s - - J 

appcdaat^ ^P'-.v.u'.v.itsN'' dovt^vvxl .ixleUxil oi' 
die IV o \ .d^e.-> b\ diOVreni po.txa.s I k <-.\.a 
ne-r Kie \i.iKxi ihal hi * ^ h^^o -x^l a.acx\;$ 
akb e\\id' lo ban hxHv h.-p^ \a ^os eoxiPt he 
leniaicd b^ 5 N.axfe p\no'i .nid Ui.xs ap'^l .aeo 

^ . f Ov\ h^ K x>. o 

atYnaied. --^sattoc. x is pararhrasx.\; .n fv opirio.-x 
of ibis eoxjsu ".as i ntreh. idsks .k-' .nxt en 
obvious eoiistrrictioo liom that shows In appeh- 

ON - O O! oKiei 10 eoanot fae v d'^ es bv x >eie 
psNUm lb!\ xMnri staioxl shai u v-is 'noah;e k> 
xx^ivxir ai ihe \x-*\v x^-"' ibe ^^dsoc.-^ d ai apox 
hens .^pe^itKMlion ^tocs n.a snx;-iM ih a ^ * 
[both valves! eoid.d be operated p*?34i by a 
\ ^ ^ ^ '\ vO V \ I is 

phiinly suggested in appidtanis' specifK-f-aio.e 
that tbe accimulator piston alone oiay operate 
iio ^ d\i- an fae jnnpo^ ^b-~-1^ in iv xo 

[*K)54] accepted fbe expiai-jatmn offered 

M<>^v.xo5 too i'psOv^^u ii^ \ K'\OS> il^VN not. 
slop Ok"\. U ^i>s•)00oc^ o-^so's^; Na noi .io.saco 
^ i-o vU,-o-^t;oo ; o <i! lo oouo^^^l lor 
O00^'-.^;sot-i lo ^v:K«hc? Ihc uU^ifkslN of 
P.aori niiK^- h.i^c 4^noon!> lo foico^ a ^foa^^ 
\ 4' ? snciol\ fii.$uso 0 E>$.$\ io\.ro;x''>M 554vr» 

s $h.\v k-sJ i- h -i^!ih^^f S\, Shi- hofdoo X^.is OT? 

.\ ?\-;<uo^\ - |v .ioJ '^^i o;' ^s^. 

\, \ joosvUirv^ \iO!. Joi-e ,sh\5,iii-- \jn.50'<.^S! 
of .fx^!c-o>I $v^^> rsMoo ^ .KHssatisx^ 
vua-~o co.oi -^.4 vn - > \n o^.- fee 
f-siv! ; «>"Kvv L.iJ K>^s ^3aK\1 bJKks! Ac- 
wOiii 4J\. sl J ^svsi orr'^^foiSo f..i.J suf-p-TUxl 

^,J, foOO) I0< ckliO.s'.d -ipr-^'-^^^J^ 

\ 'Ck^iN vUC'J in if>o Xfsrso.i^ of r.isens r\~ 
ainining Proeedore, | 7{56.CB(Z), for the propo- 
N ihr "hi u\\li«Vi..s^ "i\c^\ bs-vi.i-i ihsK*5 
i > pi\>;*-rS\ fs -!ipn<.*n\\1 0\ a -osl-sc !o~ao !.>f 
ao .ippvii^Oi-s so NtE\!ciuro Tbo: v^.^H-nx^ni ,5s 
s!\ x'-oi\!-.i>J VwU no vik ;e <.Kcr>K\ii 
cases'' that ''the dbclosure of a sbigte specses 

ts5-:uallv do«s TH5I. provkk a.n adoi|uaie basis to 
support generic ciaims * "* * becaiise io ciKni-sis- 

sisre of oise xpecies, what, olhe? species \*viH 

tii see deoomioalcd a diehoto.fn> belvveeo pre- 
dicbabie and anpredietable faetors in iisiy an 
unboi tbaa 'vn\o*-o ' oa ^ baa. OiS csVn' and 
-,0^ V tov.^ bee . . V b^ ; !, 5 . ~ a .i . 
of i!:a arjiooKn? bv-ro .^ppoiiaao; ooiaer.ojre 
ti-ail bieK ;ai< erUifKal b> dseir broad oiaa^a^ hv 
\inaa <>f ^ siaelo opara.oxs o^aaiaie 
dils i-^ a "a^coiuiaical caac" v\ibic fee ^dioika 
ccTaoitds that appeliairb: are ofttitkxi ooiy to 
^hna- fe.iJnsp oo ok^s fa^oooO.t oor>:\ba-.c5~'N 
aad obvioasiy opemiive variatioos thereof 

brcbroiaanK. ii ;d\^uid -k sasd faai ^^^ 
regard the "question raised by coaaaei" and is-.-ft 
ofvo M fas^ c^xju iu ibo Mekef\ c iso to 
aud?orily of the Paterb Office tr> rejoci broad 
^.iaios.s iocrat^ bi.a.aoa s !■-> seat --o o^a or 
■ rsare inoperadve species, aa beeo a.o- 

V, V \ \ i f < ! N \ S ^v. 

y Ns. N ^ - s ^ " s 

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5Ko;- '1i8Vf: ?i■.iL^^O:■hy Co roject a broad clahii 
nicrely because it * * * [reads on a slgnilk&nt 

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ol' ^^>K»re I |!x~bi\K\^ a 

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presejst wliicb are BOt present during Cl>e 
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urooruis in support of bii? ccnlcbjsifKi dsat 
ao anplicanfs clabiv^ may read on iaop- 

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not boeo chalienged or rcl'^ot d^.e exanv- 
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of represemative evbience, in re Har- 
waad fiupra 920, i9o /■b2<;l or M'x 
(^■'' <^ \7\^ or h^ pof^o,!s>^o af" 

arjd chemisiry. i?r re C~/5itoH'.¥l:v, dJ 
br/*.d 775, 7^2, 222 F 2*2 ^^5 7. y02. 

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erative orTsbodinKnits in vbe trivial .sense 
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skid hs the artf' ,/n rc ,Strh-¥rft 27 d'bYbl 1202, 

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and read on cnibodiax^nis in whjcii 
such iaetors may be included In sooh a manner 
as to nialvc the ernbodhnonts inoperative, 'fhcre 
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be .d^^^^e^^ >^!^o of OS bji.ry -^kdl d\^ udo 

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SYUinner a« to roakc the es-sibodirnont opcoaivc 
ralhor than inoperative. Ibid.. See also (}ooO- 
snan,-p ebc, u^Xv ^< .ir ^18. i ^ o4>v-;n of oi 
nrjte 3 at 7 1 9, 

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"f.sofui" a-^ a .xvn-^ tens sr i;^ .<os-. ot 2.^ < 
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used' \, V \ ^ 
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ar|\dlani-5 c<uucsid ss Ibat ccnaio of =>soh fosss- 
member Ions assemblies will bo oso&l as Eoom 
les^ses i^'-'^hS] (.indeed, thai they wsU be .suoe- 
. leiM -•no -on^e to n^'^os as? ssvs> 

1971 CCPA l;..EXIS 376, 169 U.S.F.Q, iBNA)298 

^.fedm^rarwMli'ih^ H^^^^ ^^^^ which led us to rejea the 

^eoom loBS, Compare M 5? CC;::Fi Mst pamgmph o,t |i i Z 

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(leiemiine utility without having to build asd bisviisg been chisilsBgod to «fc so by tbe exam- 

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uaiiou, while routiiie, could bo very tsmo- smbodlmeMs to be found, t?ot oidy t:5eaf the sisj 

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5 See Jatdcbe, i^ateot Djsclosurc ~ Some broader claiiJied ranges, which would he opera- 
s' .d-^\^;oN seo vu\r5 Iw^le-nveK o\. xpoci o\N av^pco n c' J\^v > i0..d 
;\et n s Kli c o^.odth o i>:v:>^s;a . i^tei iMoo^ ui\ch >\>ol r> do -ie; -^t 

!0| the Tckdionsbip betweeu lack of i' they never produced those cidcuiadons to sub- 

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■ * . . , ' ^ . ;i . ; reasouafelY chidiengeo to do so by tr^e exam- 

since -St aeema to^oe eonceoeu Umi a porsois ^^^^^ tbat'"the Fstsjnt Office pioperly 

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i Or nC AI <;BJK<.:ilVES OF V.4RiA^?J-: 
5\Ql:SVA5.i\Nl" FOCAL. IJ-NCiTH 

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ill; Aspi No.; l5:2,aS4 

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ayi^iicstioss Ssr. Ho. SOs, Slkd Sep-;. S fi, 11*65, !ss«fssb«fs<>c:i;a?s-i5ig wte Jh« e^vis-^'aseS? ?oc<sS isrssjti-i of 

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It is c«rJ:i.Fls5d Eihat fi-^rror iippsars Is <:ha above-- ;;<isiKs:if lad |!at5?«t 

f\saip;r>@g; Tr-e Hank Organ! sat ioy- Limited 

Signed ami ;?eaied this 27tb. day oC Noveii^ber 1973.