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(1 1 )Publication number : 59-01 3708 

(43)Date of publication of application : 24.01.1984 

(51)Int.CI. A61K 7/00 

(2DApplication number : 57-122729 (71)Applicant : SHISEIDO CO LTD 
(22)Date of filing : 14,07,1982 (72)Inventor : SHIMADA TADAHIRO 



PURPOSE: To provide a cosmetic containing amino sugars. N-acetylamino sugars or 
their salts existing in the crust of insects and crustaceans, and giving smoothness and 
moist feeling to the skin, and luster and finishing effect to the hair. 
CONSTITUTION: The cosmetic contains 0.1W5.0wt% of one or more compounds 
selected from N-acetyl-D-glucosamine, N-acetyl-D-galactosamine, D-glucosamine, 
D-galactosamine, their hydrochloride, sulfate, etc. The cosmetic has moistening 
effect, emmolient effect and skin activating effect, and gives smooth feeling, 
springiness and luster to the skin. It is also effective to moisten and soften the hair, 
and improves the combing property of the hair. The above compound can be obtained 
by decomposing the chitin of the crust of insects and crustaceans such as crab, 
mucopolysaccharide and sugar proteins, etc. of animals and vegetables, etc. with acid, 
alkali, enzyme, etc. 


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