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Full text of "USPTO Patents Application 09804625"

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*-rebycarti*y tharthis paper or fee is being _ £) r zt f^o. CI 516QC 

oosxted wrth the United Ststes Postal Senua^ 

:< P ress Mail ^^'°^^J^m Declaration and Power of AiKy 

ider 37 CFJU. 10 on the data indicated ab&m j 
ted to the Commtsaioner of Patents 

irks. v»8i*jfe6to^xamm I hereby declare that: 

to my name. 

Trademarks. v%«*>tf^^iwm^3Rvenior f l nereoy aeciare mat: 

My residence, post office address, and citizenship are as stated below next 

I believe I am toawtigs^^^ or an original, 

first and joint inventor (if plural names are listed below) of the subject matter which is claimed and 
for which a patent is sought on the invention entitled; 


the specification of which; X__ is attached hereto, 

was filed on as 

Application Serial No. 

and was amended on . 

I hereby state that I have reviewed and understand the contents of the above-identified specification, 
including the claims, as amended by any amendment referred to above. 

I acknowledge the duty to disclose information of which I am aware which is material to die 
examination of this application in accordance with Tide 37, Code of Federal Regulations, § 1.56(a). 

I hereby claim foreign priority benefits under Tide 35, United States Code, §119 of any foreign 
application(s) for patent or inventor's certificate listed below and have also identified below and 
foreign application for patent or inventor's certificate having a filing date before that of the 
application on which priority is claimed; 

Prior Foreign Application(s) 

Priority Claimed 

Numl^r Country Dav/Month/Year Filed Yes/No 

I hereby claim the benefit under Tide 35, United States Code, § 120 of any United Stztts 
Application® listed below and, insofar as the subject matter of each of the claims of this application 

^disclosed in the prior United States application in the manner provided by the first paragraph 
of Tide 35, United States Code, §1 12, 1 acknowledge the duty to disclose material information as 
defined m Tide 37, Code of Federal Regulations, § 1.56(a) which occurred between the filing date 
of the prior application and the national or PCT international filing date of this application: 

Application Serial No, 

Filing Date 


14 March 1990 


11 July 1989 


8 April 1988 


12 September 1989 


20 March 1987 


17 December 1986 


1 July 1986 


14 February 1991 



IKS'. Patent No. 







j.Jcciorauon ana i-'pwcr or /\u icy 

rage ^ 

I hereby appoint the foil^fe^ attorneys to prosecute this applicatic^j^make alterations and 
amendments therein, to reSve the patent, to transact all business in the Patent and Trademark 
Office connected therewith, to file any International Applications which are based thereon under the 
provisions of the Patent Cooperation Treaty and to act on my behalf before the competent 
International Authorities: Bruce M. Eisen, Reg. No. 22,847; SsasM^^ 

Luann Cserr, Reg. No. 31,822; and Ellen J. Kapinos, Reg. No. 32,245; Thomas DesRosier , Reg. 
No. 30,168; and Patricia McDaniels, Reg. No. 33,194 

Address all correspondence to . Genetics Institute, Inc., Legal 

Affairs Department, 87 CambridgePark Drive, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140, telephone 

I hereby declare that all statements made herein of my own knowledge are true and that all 
statements made on information and belief are believed to be true; and further that these statements 
were made with the knowledge that willful false statements and the like so made are punishable by 
fine or imprisonment or both, under Section 1001 of Title 18 of the United States Code and that 
such willful false statements may jeopardize the validity of the application or any patent issued 

Full name of sole or first inventor Elizabeth A. Wang 

Inventor's signature ^f/^U^ 6 C(P<^ 

Citizenship us u j D atg 
Residence ^6 Wolf Rock Road, Carlisle, Massachusetts 01741 
Post Office Address (if different) 

Full name of second joint inventor John M. Wozney 

Inventor's signature ^klij^ ^7 UlcSzutes 

Citizenship us Date 

Residence 59 Old Bolton Road, Hudson, Massachusetts 01749 
Post Office Address (if different) 

Full name of third joint inventor Vicki A. Rosen 

Inventor's signature VuMa. fu<;^ 

Citizenship US JDate 

Residence 127 Kilsyth Road #3r, Brookline, Massachusetts 02146 
Post Office Address (if different)