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Full text of "USPTO Patents Application 09848616"

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Inventor One Given Name : : Peter 
Family Name:: Sebbel 

Postal Address Line One:: Schulstrasse 36 
City: : Zurich 
Country: : Switzerland 
Postal or Zip Code:: 8050 
Citizenship Country:: Switzerland 
Inventor Two Given Name:: Nicolas 
Family Name:: Dunant 

Postal Address Line One:: Malzgasse 14 
City: : Basel 
Country: : Switzerland 
Postal or Zip Code:: 4052 
Citizenship Country: : Switzerland 
Inventor Three Given Name:: Martin 
Family Name:: Bachmann 

Postal Address Line One:: Tachlis Brunnenstrasse 

City: : Winterthur 

Country: : Switzerland 

Postal or Zip Code:: 8400 

Citizenship Country: : Switzerland 

Inventor Four Given Name:: Alain 

Family Name:: Tissot 

Postal Address Line One:: Brauerstrasse 78 
City: : Zurich 
Country: : Switzerland 
Postal or Zip Code:: 8004 
Citizenship Country: : Switzerland 
Inventor Five Given Name:: Franziska 
Family Name:: Lechener 

Postal Address Line One:: Froschaugasse 12 
City: : Zurich 
Country:: Switzerland 
Postal or Zip Code:: 8001 
Citizenship Country: : Switzerland 


Correspondence Customer Number:: 26111 
Fax One:: 202-371-2540 


Title Line One:: Molecular Antigen Array 
Total Drawing Sheets:: 27 
Formal Drawings?:: Yes 
Application Type: : Utility 

Docket Number:: 1700.0180002 
Secrecy Order in Parent Appl . ? : : No 


Representative Customer Number:: 26111 


This application is a:: NON PROV. OF PROVISIONAL 

> Application One:: 60/202,341 
Filing Date:: 05-05-2000 

Source:: PrintEFS Version 1.0.1