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In re application of: 
SEBBEL et al. 

Appl. No. 09/848,616 / 

Filed: May 4, 2001 

For: Molecular Antigen Array 

Confirmation No.: 6018 
Art Unit: 1648 
Examiner: Mosher, M. 
Atty. Docket: 1 700.0 1 80002/JAG/B JD 

Amendment and Reply Under 37 C.F.R. §§ 1.111 and 1.121 

Commissioner for Patents RECEIVED 
P.O. Box 1450 U 
Alexandria, VA 22313-1450 A(JG 1 ^ 

sir: TECH CENTER 1600/2900 

In reply to the Office Action dated February 7, 2003 (Paper No. 11), Applicants 
submit the following Amendment and Remarks, hi accordance with 37 C.F.R. § 1.121, this 
Amendment is provided in the following format: 

(A) Each section begins on a separate sheet; 

(B) Starting on a separate sheet, a complete listing of all the claims: 

in ascending order; 
with status identifiers; and 
* - with markings in the currently amended claims; and 

(C) Starting on a separate sheet, the Remarks. 

It is not believed that extensions of time or fees for net addition of claims are required 

beyond those that may otherwise be provided for in documents accompanying this paper. 

However, if additional extensions of time are necessary to prevent abandonment of this 
08/08/2003 STEUMEL1 00000024 09848&16 

01 FC:2202 

02 FC:2201 

180.00 OP 
84.00 OP 

- 2 - SEBBEL et al. 

Appl. No. 09/848,616 

application, then such extensions of time are hereby petitioned under 37 C.F.R. § 1.136(a), 
and any fees required therefor (including fees for net addition of claims) are hereby 
authorized to be charged to our Deposit Account No. 19-0036.