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Application No. 


Notice of Allowability 

09/848 616 



Art Unit 

Mary E. Mosher, Ph.D. 


- The MAILING DATE of this communication appears on the cover sheet with the correspondence address- 

All claims being allowable, PROSECUTION ON THE MERITS IS (OR REMAINS) CLOSED in this application. If not included 
herewith (or previously mailed), a Notice of Allowance (PTOL-85) or other appropriate communication will be mailed in due course. THIS 
NOTICE OF ALLOWABILITY IS NOT A GRANT OF PATENT RIGHTS. This application is subject to withdrawal from issue at the initiative 
of the Office or upon petition by the applicant See 37 CFR 1.313 and MPEP 1308. 

1 . IS This communication is responsive to 12/21/2004 . 

2. [3 The allowed claim(s) is/are 86 and 90-112 . 

3. ^ The drawings filed on 04 May 2001 are accepted by the Examiner. 

4. □ Acknowledgment is made of a claim for foreign priority under 35 U.S.C. § 119(a)-(d) or (f). 

a) □ All b) □ Some* c) □ None of the: 

1. □ Certified copies of the priority documents have been received. 

2. □ Certified copies of the priority documents have been received in Application No. . 

3. □ Copies of the certified copies of the priority documents have been received in this national stage application from the 

International Bureau (PCT Rule 17.2(a)). 
* Certified copies not received: . 

Applicant has THREE MONTHS FROM THE "MAILING DATE" of this communication to file a reply complying with the requirements 
noted below. Failure to timely comply will result in ABANDONMENT of this application. 


INFORMAL PATENT APPLICATION (PTO-152) which gives reason(s) why the oath or'declaration is deficient. 

6. □ CORRECTED DRAWINGS ( as "replacement sheets") must be submitted. 

(a) □ including changes required by the Notice of Draftsperson's Patent Drawing Review ( PTO-948) attached 

1) □ hereto or 2) □ to Paper No./Mail Date . 

(b) □ including changes required by the attached Examiner's Amendment / Comment or in the Office action of 

Paper No./Mail Date . 

Identifying indicia such as the application number (see 37 CFR 1.84(c)) should be written on the drawings in the front (not the back) of 
each sheet. Replacement sheet(s) should be labeled as such in the header according to 37 CFR 1.121(d). 

7. □ DEPOSIT OF and/or INFORMATION about the deposit of BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL must be submitted. Note the 

attached Examiner's comment regarding REQUIREMENT FOR THE DEPOSIT OF BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL. 


1. □ Notice of References Cited (PTO-892) 

2. □ Notice of Draftperson's Patent Drawing Review (PTO-948) 

3. [Ji Information Disclosure Statements (PTO-1449 or PTO/SB/08), 

Paper No./Mail Date _2//^C^/ 

4. □ Examiner's Comment Regarding Requirement for Deposit 

of Biological Material 

5. □ Notice of Informal Patent Application (PTO-152) 

6. □ Interview Summary (PTO-413), 

Paper No./Mail Date . 

7. M Examiner's Amendment/Comment 

8. □ Examiner's Statement of Reasons for Allowance 

9. □ Other . 

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office 

PTOL-37 (Rev. 1-04) 

Notice of Allowability 

Part of Paper No./Mail Date 20050225 

Application/Control Number: 09/848,616 

Page 2 

Art Unit: 1648 

The terminal disclaimer filed on 12/21/2004 disclaiming the terminal portion of 
any patent granted on this application which would extend beyond the expiration date of 
10/050902 and 10/050898 has been reviewed and is accepted. The terminal disclaimer 
has been recorded. 

Any inquiry concerning this communication or earlier communications from the 
examiner should be directed to Mary E. Mosher, Ph.D. whose telephone number is 571- 
272-0906. The examiner can normally be reached on M-T and alternate F. 

If attempts to reach the examiner by telephone are unsuccessful, the examiner's 
supervisor, James Housel can be reached on 571-272-0902. The fax phone number for 

the organization where this application or proceeding is assigned is 703-872-9306. 

Information regarding the status of an application may be obtained from the 
Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) system. Status information for 
published applications may be obtained from either Private PAIR or Public PAIR. 
Status information for unpublished applications is available through Private PAIR only. 
For more information about the PAIR system, see Should 
you have questions on access to the Private PAIR system, contact the Electronic 
Business Center (EBC) at 866-217-9197 (toll-free). 


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