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Qsteroe Kessler 
Goldstein Fox 

Robert Greene Sterne 
Edward J. Kessler 
Jorge A. Goldstein 
David K.S. Comwett 
Robert W. Esmond 
Traty-Gene 6. Duricin 
MicneleA. Cimbala 
Michael B. Ray 
Robert E. Solcohl 
Eric K- Steffe 
Michael Q. Lee 
Steven R. Ludwig 
John M. Covert 
Linda E. Alcorn 
Robert C. Millonig 
Donald J. Featherstone 
Timothy J. Shea, Jr 
Lawrence B. Bugatsky 
Michael V. Messinger 
Judith U. Kim 

Patrick E. Garrett 
Jeffrey T. Helvey 
Heidi L. Kraus 

Eldora L Ellison 
Thomas C. Fiala 
Albert L. ferro* 
Donald R. Banowit 
Peter A. Jackman 
Teresa U. Medler 
Jeffrey S. Weaver 

George S. Bardmesser 
Daniel A. Klein 
Jason D. Eisenberg 
Michael D. Specht 
Andrea J. Kamage 
Tracy L Muller 
Jon E.Wright 
LuAnne M. DeSantis 
Ann E. Summerfield 
AficW. Ledford 
Helene C. Carlson 
Cynthia M. Bouchez 
Timothy A. Doyle* 
Gaby L. Longsworth 
Lori A. Gordon 
Nicole D. Oretar 
Ted J. Ebersole 
Jyoti C. Iyer 

Aaron L. Schwartz 
Michael G. Penn* 
Shannon A. Carrot!* 
Wesley W.Jones* 
Matthew E. Kelley* 
Nicole R. Kramer 

Michael J. Mancuso 
Bryan S.Wade 

Michelle K. Hotoubek 
Simon J. Elliott 
Julie A. Heider 
Mita Mukherjee 
Scott M.Woodhouse 
Christopher J. Walsh 
Liliana Di Nola-Baron 
Peter A. Socarras 
Jeffrey Mills 


Kendridc R Patterson 

Registered Patent Agents* 
Karen R. Markowia 
Nana J. leith 
Mattfiew J. Dowd 
Katrina Ymian Pei Quach 
Bryan L Slcelton 
Robert A. Schwartzman 
Teresa A. Colelta 
Jeffrey S. Lundgren 
Victoria S. Rutherford 

May 23, 2005 

Vincent L. Capuano 
Brian J. Det Buono 
Virgil Lee Beaston 
Theodore A. Wood 
Elizabeth J. Haanes 
Joseph S. Ostroff 
Frank R. Cottingham 
Christine M. Lhulier 
Rae Lynn R Guest 

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(202) 772-8525 

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Kenneth C. Bass lit 
Evan R. Smith 
Marvin C. Guthrie 

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* Admitted only in Virginia 
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Federal Agencies 

Commissioner for Patents 

Mail Stop Issue Fee 

PO Box 1450 

Alexandria, VA 22313-1450 

Re: Allowed U.S. Utility Patent Application 

AppL No. 09/848,616; Filed: May 4, 2001 
For: Molecular Antigen Array 
Inventors: SEBBEL et al 
OurRef: 1 700.01 80002/BJD/SJE 

In response to the Notice of Allowance and Issue Fee Due dated February 28, 2005, the 
following docimients are forwarded for appropriate action by the U.S. Patent and Trademark 

1 . Issue Fee Transmittal (Form PTOL-85B); 

2. PTO-2038 Credit Card Payment Form for $1 ,730.00 to cover: 
$1,400.00 Issue Fee for Large Entity; 

$ 30.00 Advance Copies of Patent; 
$300.00 Publication Fee; 

3. Notification of Loss of Entitlement to Small Entity Status 
Under 37 C.F.R. § 1.27(g)(2) When Issue Fee is Due; and 

4. One ( 1 ) return postcard. 

It is respectfully requested that the attached postcard be stamped with the date of filing of 
these documents, and that it be returned to our courier. 

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is hereby authorized to charge any fee deficiency, 
or credit any overpayment, to our Deposit Account No. 19-0036. If extensions of time under 
37 C.F.R. § 1.136 other than those otherwise provided for herewith are required to prevent 



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Commissioner for Patents 
May 23, 2005 
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abandonment of the present patent application, then such extensions of time are hereby 
petitioned, and any fees therefor are hereby authorized to be charged to our Deposit Account No. 


Respectfully submitted, 

Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox p.l.l.c. 

Attorney for Applicants 
Registration No. 42,473 



Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox p.LLC : 1100 New York Avenue, NW : Washington, DC 20005 : 202.371.2600 f 202.371.2540 :