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Full text of "USPTO Patents Application 09870801"

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Enter artifact number below. Artifact number is application number + 
artifact type code (see list below) + sequential letter (A, B, C . . . ). The first 
artifact folder for an artifact type receives the letter A, the second B, etc.. 
Examples: 59123456PA, 59123456PB, 59123456ZA, 59123456ZB 

Indicate quantity of a single type of artifact received but not scanned. Create 
individual artifect folder/box and artifact number for each Artifact Type. 


Artifact Type Code: P 


^ Artifactlype Code: S 

content unspecified or combined | | 

Doc Code: Artifact Artifect Type Code: U 

Stapled Set(s) Color Documents or B/W Photographs 
Doc Code: Artifact Artifact Type Code: C 

CD(s) containing: 

computer program listing 
Doc Code: Computer 
pages of specification 
and/or sequence listing 
and/or table 
Doc Code: Artifact 


Doc Code: Artifact 

Video tape(s) 

Doc Code: Artifact 

Artifact Type Code: F 

Artifact Type Code: V 


Doc Code: Artifact 

Bound Document(s) 
Doc Code: Artifact 

Artifact Type Code: M 

Artifact Type Code: B 

Confidential Information Disclosure Statement or Other Documents 
marked Proprietary, Trade Secrets, Subject to Protective Order, 
Material Submitted under MPEP 724.02, etc. 
Doc Code: Artifact Artifact Type Code X 

Other, description: 

Doc Code: Artifact Artifact Type Code: Z 

March 8, 2004