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2. A system including: 

By "Stefik," reference is made to each Stefik et al. reference 
cited in the asserted TnterTrust oatents (c.c USP 5,634,012, 
issued May 27, 1997) and to USP 5,715,403, issued Feb. 3, 
1998; further reference is made to all related methods practiced 
at Xerox PARC and/or ContentGuard prior to InterTrust's 
alleged or actual priority date. 

(a) a first apparatus 

E.g., a computer. Repositories, for example, '^provide a core set 
of services for the transmission of digital works." (*012 13:43) 
C403, '012 Figs. 1-4B, Glossary). 

(1) user controls, 

See '403 14:16-38 (the hardware embodiment of a repository 
comprises processing and storage means, and external 
interface); '403 14:16-15:4 (repository operating system etc.); 
*403 16:62-6 (repository interface may include keyboard etc.). 
'403 8:34-39, '012 8:23-28 (''Examples of a rendering system 
may be a computer system, a digital audio system, or a 
nrintpr *40? 1 S''^4-46 TreDOsitories can be workstations^ 

rpnn<iitnrv cnmmunications Dort for transmission of digital 
works etc. 

(3) a processor, 

repository processor. 

(4) a memory storing: 

repository memory storing: 

(i) a first secure container 
containing a governed item, 
the first secure container 
governed item being at 
least in part encrypted; the 
first secure container 
having been received from 
a second apparatus; 

"secure container" is indefinite, but as used by InterTrust in its 
3-1 Statement would include the "digital works" described in 
Stefik, such as movies, digital certificates or other authorization 
information, {see e.g. '403 cols. 9-11, 22:65-23:1, 41:52-55, 
44:52), "and any accompanying interpreter (e.g. software) that 
may be required for recreating the work." (*403 6:48-54). 
Content may be compressed or encrypted ('403 9:60 and Table 
2), and the digital works may be objecL-oriented.^ See, e.g., '403 

in*^1 'mo '\C\'AC\ /'"Tt xi/z'MilW Kp nntiirsil tn rfnrf^QPilt frtntpnt aQ 
iU.Ol, UX^ lU.HU \ 11 WOU-iU DC ntiLUral WJ ICJ^'J cacilL UUlll-CIJ L do 

objects.") Works, in particular composite works, can be 
organized in hierarchies or other "acyclic" structures. ('403 
6:52-54, 9:21-23 and cols. 9-12 in both '012 & '403, '403 32:5- 

(ii) a first secure container 
rule at least in part 
governing an aspect of 
access to or use of said first 
secure container governed 
item, the first secure 
container rule having been 
received from a third 

"secure container rule" is indefinite, but as used by InterTrust in 
its 3-1 Statement, this element would include "usage rights," 
certificates, and repository and rendering system software. 
Usage rights are written using a usage rights grammar, and can 
come from a 2"^ 3"*, 4*, or n'^ source. See e.g. Stefik '012 
6:42-47, 18:52 et seq., Glossary and Fig. 15. Controls (which 
InterTrust alleges is synonymous with "rules") can be associated 

^ It was thus obvious to use any known object oriented techniques, such as in Smalltalk, Bento, OpenDoc, or 
OLE/COM, in connection with disclosures of Stefik. (Likewise for CNl/IMA 94, Choudhury/Maxemchuk, 
TygarA'ee, Blaze, etc.) (5ce e.g. Microsoft's prior '683 PLR 3-3 Staicmeni for full citations). See, for example, W. 
LaLonde, J. Pugh, Inside Smalltalk (Prentice Hall 1990); Harris ct al., Apple Bento. Specification v l.QdS (July 
1993); Peter Coad, "Object Oriented Patterns" (Comm. of the ACM, Sept. 1992); OLE 2 Proa-a mmers Reference 
vol. 1 (Microsoft Press 1994). For example, using the observer design pattern or model view controller or broadcast 
pattern, objects can initiate notifications regarding embedded objects, e.g., objects may be saved to secure data 
stream and transferred to other controls. Another example is the COM Service Control Manager.