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Application No.: 09/870,801 PATENT 
Final Notice of Related Litigation Customer No. 22,852 

Attorney Docket No. 7451.0001-18 
Intertrust Ref. No. IT- US 

On February 23, 2004, Microsoft also filed a Notice of Motion, Motion and 
Memorandum in Support of it's Motion for Partial Summary Judgment of Invalidity of the 
Asserted Claims of the '181 Patent (Anticipation). See Tab 2. 

The parties subsequently settled and, on May 5, 2004, filed a Joint Stipulation of 
Dismissal with Prejudice. See Tab 3. 

Tab 4 is a copy of the press release announcing the settlement and indicating 
that Microsoft has taken a comprehensive license to InterTrust's patent portfolio for a 
one-time payment of $440 million. 


Applicants encourage the Examiner to carefully review the attached documents, 
and let Applicants know if any additional information is desired. 

With this Notice, Applicants have provided copies of some of the exhibits referred 
to in the provided papers. However, due to the large quantity of documents referenced 
by these papers, all attachments and exhibits have not been provided. For example, 
the exhibits to the motions provided at Tabs 1 and 2 are not provided because they 
have inconsequential, if any, relation to the patentability of the instant claims. These 
exhibits are not necessary to understand the motion, and are not relevant to the Office's 
review (e.g., they are directed to issues specific to the '900 patent, they pertain to 
Microsoft's products, they contain Microsoft's Attorneys-Eyes-Only information that we 
cannot disclose, etc.). 

As always, if the Examiner believes that any document referred to in these 
papers and not yet submitted may be helpful in resolving an issue before him and would 


Application No.: 09/870,801 
Final Notice of Related Litigation 

Customer No. 22,852 
Attorney Docket No. 7451.0001-18 
Intertrust Ref. No. IT- US 

like to review that or any other document, Applicants invite the Examiner to contact the 
undersigned at (650) 849-6643 so we may provide such document. 

Applicants submit this Final Notice Regarding Related Litigation in fulfillment of 
their duty to disclose information potentially material to patentability under 37 C.F.R. 
1 .56. This submission does not constitute an admission that any of the listed 
documents are material or constitute "prior art." 

If there are any fees due with the filing of this Notice which have not yet been 
paid, please charge the fees to our Deposit Account No. 06-0916. 

Finnegan Henderson Farabow 

Garrett & Dunner L.L.P. 
1300 I Street, NW 
Washington, D.C. 20005 
(202) 408-4000 

Respectfully submitted, 


Dated: October 21, 2004 

Andrew B. Schwaab 
Reg. No. 38,61 1