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H OECD economic surveys 1998-1999: Turkey. (Special Feature: Reforming Social Security) 
Date: June , 1999 
25/6 : K/1 (Item 1 from file: 148) 

1 1588295 Supplier Number: 55727990 (USE FORMAT 7 OR 9 FOR FULL TEXT ) 
OECD economic surveys 1998-1999: Turkey. (Special Feature: Reforming Social Security) 

June , 1999 

Word Count: 48321 Lhie Count: 01030 

...need to engineer a shift in resources towards problems and regions where 
health outcomes are currently the weakest and where high returns in 
improved population health can oe expected. 

The privatisation programme needs to be completed 

An important message of the Survey is thai wide-ranging structural 
reforms are needed both for restoring macroeconomic balance and improving 
...physicians and pharmacists, and, in the case o? the SSK, by restraining 
expenditures in its own hospitals. 

Unemployment protection 

The ambitious scope of pension and health coverage 
contrasts with the lack of social insurance to protect against loss of 

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income due to unemployment. Unemployed Individuals receive only severanc 

payments, a minimum level of which is mandated by 

labour law but Is often more generous under collective agreements. If they 

...the informal economy up until the age of thirty. The cap on the 

replacement rate could also be raised to 1 GO per cent to further 

reward working beyond the minimum retirement age. Pensions 

awarded after less than the minimum contribution period, 

■conditional on the minimum retirement age having been reached, should 

likewise earn the same yearly accrual rate. By... 

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□ An overview of benefits for the public sector: Not on the fringes anymore 
Date: Summer 1998 
25/6, K/2 {item 2 from file: 15) 
01743191 03-94181 ' 

An overview of benefits for the public sector: Not on the fringes anymore 

Summer 1998 Length: 18 Paaes 

Word Count: 9275 


...taxes from employees and employers are used to pay benefits to current 
retirees. Perhaps more Importantly, the related Medicare (along with 
private Medicare supplemental insurance) program offers some 
degree of insurance against the remaining major life expense thai, individu 
als face: health care. Medicaid, a program for 
providing medical care for the poor, is extensively used for 
nursing home care by the elderly. This is not limited to just the elderly- 
poor, but includes. ..Providing income for the individual employee in 
retirement is not the sole concern of pensions. With retirement projected 
to iast from ten to twenty years, health care is also a concern. 
Many individuals see medicare as a basic, minimum 
level of service. Supplemental health insurance and 
long-term care insurance (home health care and nursing home 
coverage) may be included in ongoing employee benefits packages. Family 
concerns prior to and during retirement are also important matters. Many... 
a Herzbergian dissatisfier (Barber, Dunham, & Formisano, 1992). 

The motivational value of extrinsic rewards can be enhanced by 
incorporating intrinsic recognition and growth aspects into these 
awards. By turning a tangible reward into a special 
prize, it takes on added trophy value. As a trophy, a clock or television 
set constantly reminds the individual and others of... 

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P Glossary of program terms 
Date: 1994 

25/6.K/3 fitern 3 from file: 1 5) 
00935363 95-84755 

Glossary of program terms 

1994 Length: 26 Pages 
Word Count: 14182 

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...;n i960 permits individuals aged 65 or older to fiie for Medicare 
without applying for Social Security benefits. These indiviauais are nor 
counted in the award data until they actually apply for Social 

Bend points-- The dollar amounts defining the average monthly 
earnings or AifvIE brackets m the benefit formulas. See taDie 2.A1 1 . 

Beneficiary (OASDI)-A person who has. ..not automatically eligible for HI, 
either as beneficiaries who receive monthly cash payments or under the 
transitional provisions, but enroll voluntarily in the Hospital insurance 
program and pay a monthly premium. 

Enrollment (Medicare-SMD-Persons eligible for Supplementary 
rJedicai insurance who elect to enroll in the Sfvl! 
program and agree to pay the monthly premium or have it paid on 
their behalf by a relative, friend, or organization, and persons enrolled 
by a. ..a specmc number of quarters, depending on his or her date of birth 
or oeath and on the widowferVs a ate of birth. A minimum ot tn 
quarters of coverage is required. 

Intermediate-care facility Services (fvledicaid)-AII services provided oy an 
institution furnishing health-related care and services to 
individuals who do not require the degree of care provided by 
hospitals or skilled-nursmg facilities as defined under Title XIX. 

' For mentally retarded-Refers to intermediate-care facility services tor 

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