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Application/Control Number: 09/998,152 
Art Unit: 2168 

Page 2 


1 . Claims 2-7, 9-20, 25-31 , 33, 35 and 37 are pending in the present application. 

2. Claims 1 , 8, 21-24, 32, 34 and 36 have been cancelled. 


3. The drawings were received on March 25, 2008 and March 12, 2008. These 
drawings are acceptable. 

Allowable Subject Matter 

4. Claims 2-7, 9-20, 25-31 , 33, 35 and 37 are allowed. 

5. The following is an examiner's statement of reasons for allowance: 

In the Office Action mailed December 12, 2007 claims 2-7, 9-20, 25-31, 33, 35 
and 37 were noted as allowable. The prior art of record fails to teach automated 
aggregation and authentication of asset documents as cited in independent claims 2, 
25, 31 , 33 and 37. Specifically, inventorying an asset document into an associated 
record in a database on a flow basis, analyzing contents of the asset document to 
ensure compliance with a standard pursuant to securitization of multiple assets, wherein 
at least one of the multiple assets comprises a commercial mortgage loan, providing 
specific information on demand, and generating common information and/or missing 
data is not disclosed as claimed. Regarding independent claim 30, the prior art of record 

Application/Control Number: 09/998,152 Page 3 

Art Unit: 2168 

fails to teach means for aggregating the information of a commercial mortgage loan 
wherein the means for aggregating has an asset analysis means for determining if the 
commercial mortgage loan is prepared for securitization; and extracting aggregated 
information pursuant to securitization of the multiple assets and alerting the user if any 
aggregated information is missing as cited. 

Any comments considered necessary by applicant must be submitted no later 
than the payment of the issue fee and, to avoid processing delays, should preferably 
accompany the issue fee. Such submissions should be clearly labeled "Comments on 
Statement of Reasons for Allowance." 


6. The prior art made of record and not relied upon is considered pertinent to 
applicant's disclosure. 

Philip et al. US Patent 7,1 81 ,422 B1 

Jannah et al. US Patent Application Publication No. 2002/0055905 A1 

7. Any inquiry concerning this communication or earlier communications from the 
examiner should be directed to Greta L. Robinson whose telephone number is 

(571 )272-41 18. The examiner can normally be reached on M-F 9:30AM-6:00PM. 

If attempts to reach the examiner by telephone are unsuccessful, the examiner's 
supervisor, Tim T. Vo can be reached on (571 )272-3642. The fax phone number for the 
organization where this application or proceeding is assigned is 571-273-8300. 

Application/Control Number: 09/998,152 Page 4 

Art Unit: 2168 

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system, call 800-786-9199 (IN USA OR CANADA) or 571-272-1000. 

/Greta L. Robinson/ 

Primary Examiner, Art Unit 2168 

June 11, 2008