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Full text of "USPTO Patents Application 10077174"

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Status of Claims 

Claim 15 has been canceled without prejudice or disclaimer. Claim 14 has been amended. 
Claims 2-14 are in the case. 
Rejections Under 35 USC ยง112 

The Action rejects claim 2-14 as being indefinite for failing to particularly point out the 
subject matter which Applicants regard as the invention. 

Applicants have amended claim 14 to more clearly express the subject matter that 
Applicants regard as the invention without altering the scope of the claim. Applicants 
respectfully request withdrawal of the rejection of claims 2-14 based on the amendment. 

The only other rejection of record is a rejection of claim 15. As claim 15 has been 
canceled, that rejection is moot. 

The claims are now believed to be in condition for allowance and such favorable action is 
respectfully requested. If the Examiner has any questions or comments that might expedite 
allowance of the claims, a telephone call to the undersigned at 512.542.8446 is welcomed. 

First City Tower 

1001 Fannin, Suite 2300 

Houston, Texas 77002-6760 


Date: December 19, 2007 


Timothy S. Corder 
Reg. No. 38,414 
Agent for Applicant 

Vinson & Elkins L.L.P. 

Austin 796675v. 1