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Full text of "USPTO Patents Application 10086819"

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In the United States Patent and Trademark Office 

Mailed4§9 EJZJ^lZj^t 

Box Patent Application 
Assistant Commissioner for Patents 

Washington, District of Columbia 20231 - 

,VO ■ 

Sir: Dg 

Please file the following enclosed patent application papers: °o"^g<n 


Applicant #1, Name: M//'l£ /ASf Sf^^?Sn/tf 

Applicant #2, Name: 

H Specification, Claims, and Abstract: Nr. of Sheets _ ^ V * 

$ Declaration: Date Signed: ^ — /<& ~ Q 2- 

Drawing(s): Nr. of Sheets Enc: Formal: & Informal: Q 

J3 Small Entity Declaration of Inventor(s) □ SED of Non-Inventor / Assignee / Licensee 

□ Assignment enclosed with cover sheet and recordai fee; please record and return. 
n Check for $ J*<?5~ *%r. 

j& $ ^ j££lL for filing fee (not more than three independent claims and twenty total claims are presented). 

□ $ additional if Assignment is enclosed for recordai. 

□ Disclosure Document Program reference letter. 

JSf Pursuant to 35 U.S.C. §119(e)(i), applicant(s) claim priority of Provisional Patent Application Ser. Wv do^/^ ^ 

filed (!( ^//5~/o X . 

JET Return Receipt Postcard Addressed to Applicant #1. 

j8 Request Under MPEP § 7Q7.07(j): The undersigned, a pro se applicant, respectfully requests that if the Examiner finds 
patentable subject matter disclosed in this application, but feels that Applicant's present claims are not entirely suitable, the 
Examiner draft one or more allowable claims for applicant. 

Very respectfully, 

Applicant #1 Signature / Applicant #2 Signature 


Address {Sendiftrrespondence Here) Address 

Express Mail Label # ( ) ; Date of Deposit 199 . 

I hereby certify that this paper or fee is being deposited with the United States Postal Service using "Express Mail Post Office to 
Addressee" service under 37 CFR 1.10 on the date indicated above and is addressed to "Box Patent Application, Assistant Commis- 
sioner for Patents, Washington, DC 20231 ." 



Form 10-1: Patent Application Transmittal Letter 

In the United States Patent and Trademark Office 

Mailed v> * £~ <?2- 

Box Patent Application 

Assistant Commissioner for Patents 

Washington, District of Columbia 20231 

Fee Transmittal 


First-Named Applicant 

Title of Invention: ' ^i^t^^ (AlLdL J£l&a2**^ -J^a/ A^&e^ * 

Toiai Payment Enclosed (From Calculation Below): $ ^^&ST V JStChecT □ Money Order 


Enclosed is ihe following small entity filing lee for the above patent application: 

Fee Code Fee Description A 0 / 4iLala /^h^^r * Fee($) J ^C5 ~ 

21 4 Provisional Pat. Appn. Filing Fee 4 

201 Basic Utility Appn. Filing Fee 
206 Basic Design Appn. Filing Fee 

Subtotal (1) 

203 Total Claims: / - 20 = ; X (fee for each claim over 20) 

202 Tot. Indep. Claims <D - 3 = ;X (fee for each indep. claim over 3) = 

Subtotal (2) 

Total Payment Enclosed [Sum of Subtotals (1) and (2)] 

Very respectfully, 

Signature of First- 

Print Name of First-Named Applicant ' ( 

(First-Named Applicant 
Addre& // 

Form 10-1A: Fee Transmittal