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Full text of "USPTO Patents Application 10086819"

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Appl. No. XX/YYY,YYY 
Amdt. dated Jan. 15, 2004 
Reply to Office action of Oct. 16, 2003 


In the specification, the paragraphs [0021] and [0045] have been amended to 
correct minor editorial problems. The new paragraph [0075. 1] added after paragraph 
[0075] discusses in general terms the features taken from Example 4. 

In amended Figure 2, the previously omitted element numeral 13 has been added. 

Claims 6-10 and 12-13 remain in this application. Claims 1-5 and 1 1 have been 
canceled. Claims 7 and 8 have been withdrawn. 

The examiner has acknowledged that claims 6 and 9-10 are directed to allowable 
subject matter. Claim 7-8 have been withdrawn as the result of an earlier restriction 
requirement. Claim 13 adds an additional feature from Example 2 in the specification. 

In view of the examiner's earlier restriction requirement, applicant retains the 
right to present claims 7-8 in a divisional application 

Applicant respectfully requests that a timely Notice of Allowance be 
issued in this case. 

Respectfully submitted, 


By J>/ 4 /*e J 

Martin J. Gallagher 
Reg. No. 99,999 
Tel.: (101)555-2345 


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