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le Paperwork Reduction Act of 1S 

10 persons are required to respond 



Address to: 

Commissioner for Patents 
P.O. Box 1450 
Alexandria, VA 2231 3-1 450 

PTO/SB/122 (11-08) 
Approved for use through 1 1/30/201 1 . OMB 0651-0035 
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE 
a collection of information unless it displays a valid OMB control number. 

Application Number 

Filing Date 

June 26, 2002 

First Named Inventor 

Examiner Name 

Attorney Docket Number 

John Moore Jain Macllwinen 

Please change the Correspondence Address for the above-identified patent application to: 



State | Zip 



I Email 

This form cannot be used to change the data associated with a Customer Number. To change the 
data associated with an existing Customer Number use "Request for Customer Number Data Change" (PTO/SB/124). 

I am the: 



Assignee of record of the entire interest. 

Statement under 37 CFR 3.73(b) is enclosed. (Form PTO/SB/96). 
Attorney or agent of record. Registration Number 58,744 

Registered practitioner named in the application transmittal letter in an application without an 
executed oath or declaration. See 37 CFR 1.33(a)(1). Registration Number 

/Cynthia W Dashiell/ 

Jynthia W. Dashiell 

Date August 5, 2010 21 4-750-5666 

re Interest or their representative(s) are required. Submit multiple 

'Total of 1 forms ar 

This collection of information is required by 37 CFR 1 .33. The information Is required to obtain or retain a benefit by the public which is to file (and by the USPTO 
to process) an application. Confidentiality is governed by 35 U.S.C. 122 and 37 CFR 1.11 and 1.14. This collection is estimated to take 3 minutes to complete, 
including gathering, preparing, and submitting the completed application form to the USPTO. Time will vary depending upon the individual case. Any comments on 
the amount of time you require to complete this form and/or suggestions for reducing this burden, should be sent to the Chief Information Officer, U.S. Patent and 
Trademark Office, U.S. Department of Commerce, P.O. Box 1450, Alexandria, VA 22313-1450. DO NOT SEND FEES OR COMPLETED FORMS TO THIS 
ADDRESS. SEND TO: Commissioner for Patents, P.O. Box 1 450, Alexandria, VA 22313-1450. 

If you need assistance in completing the form, call 1-800-PTO-9199 and select option 2.